The Ridonculous Race: Season 2 is the 2nd season of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Like the first season, there will be 18 teams and 26 episodes. It now takes place in brand new locations unlike the 1st season.


  • Scarlett and Harold: The Nerdy Siblings
  • Cindy and Isabelle: The Fairytale Princesses
  • Shawn and Danny: The Zombie Hunters
  • Richard and Jamie: The Gamers
  • Melissa and Kami: The Pride Lovers
  • Xavier and Jasmine: The Australian Outbacks
  • Alejandro and Heather: The Arch Villians
  • Anne Maria and Valarie: The Jersey Shore Rejects
  • Darien and Nicholas: The Know-it-All's
  • Noreen and Doreen: The Identical Twins
  • Cooper and Avery: The Allergy Survivors
  • Topher and Dakota: The Fame Mobs
  • Jackson and Kyle: The Skater Dudes
  • Morris and Francesca: The Models
  • Lena and Tyrone: The Ghetto Duo

Episode 1:

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