So this will be the story of how my custom character, Tommy, came to be an evil reality show contestant! Enjoy. We may break the fourth wall a bit, and this will be a short fic.

This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.


Main Characters

Tommy: The innocent kid, who grew up to be a villian.

Jo: Mother of Tommy, from Total Drama.

Scott: Father of Tommy, from Total Drama.

Johnny: Tommy's brother, who grew up to be a kind, honest, reality tv show competitor.

Secondary Characters

"Pappy": Scott's father, and grandfather of Tommy. Likes to kill kitchen rats.

Ezekiel: The guy who wants to be in the story, but is always thrown away by Jo or Scott.


One day, when Scott and Jo had finished college, in their twenties and had jobs (Scott worked at a farm, Jo was a physical trainer), they had seen each other.

"Hey, Jo." Scott said to her.

"Hey, I see you got a human body again." Jo said.

"Yeah, made entirely of medal. Spent for it on Cameron's share of the million dollars." Scott explained.

"I opened a new gym, and I'm the founder, manager, and sometimes physical trainer when I have time." Jo explained.

"I work at a farm." Scott stated.

"Me too, eh?" Ezekiel said, randomly there.

"Why are you here?" Scott and Jo asked at the same time.

"Some dude posted a story about you two seeing each other and getting married, and having a future reality contestant named Tommy. I wanted to be in it. Call me Uncle Zeke!" Ezekiel explained, breaking the fourth wall.

"One, quit breaking the fourth wall, and two, get out of here." Jo commanded.

"Nah-ah! Me staying!" Ezekiel protested.

"Okay, then." Jo said. She then threw him away, literally. Then the garbage man came on took him to the landfill.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Ezekiel screamed in agony.

"So, impressive. Maybe we could try what Zeke said." Scott said.

"Jumping in the garbage?" Jo joked.

"No, going out, and getting married, and having a son named Tommy." Scott said.

"Well, I guess we have to, to make this story work."

They did just that. They dated, got married, and had a child named Tommy. A couple years passed...

Chapter One: Let's cut to the chase and teach him how to be a reality villian.

Tommy had woke up.

"Something's not right, why am I not going to school?" Tommy asked.

"You're staying home from now on. You're being home-schooled-" Scott said, before being interrupted.

"Like me!" Ezekiel said, randomly there.

"Go away." Scott said, then throwing him out the window.

"Anyway, did you know me and Scott competed in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island?" Jo asked.

"No." Tommy replied.

"Well, you're watching the episodes we played in, because you are to follow our footsteps." Jo commanded.

"Do I really have to? I want to live to do anything I want." Tommy said.

"NO, TOMMY. YOU. WILL. DO. IT." Scott said, siding with Jo.

"Fine, I guess." Tommy said, unwillingly.

They had watched episode one, "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!". Tommy didn't really have much to say, because there wasn't really a lot of strategy. Then they had watched episode two, "Truth or Laser Shark".

"For starters, Scott, you're strategy makes no sense. You know that after you pick off you're entire team, If you lose to the maggots just one after that, you're eliminated. Jo, yours is more reasonable, forming an alliance with Brick. However, you have 2 votes out of 6 members, so a third ally helps too." Tommy reviewed.

"Well, I would've stopped around when 4 or 3 of our members were left." Scott retorted.

"Well, I can tell that this won't work, so we will training you differently." Jo instructed.

They had taught him how to form alliances, blindside enemies, and form an alliance within an alliance. He had caught on pretty good, but his parents weren't satisfied.

"You're good with strategy, but unless you win invincibilty, you could get voted off anytime. You need to now focus on winning challenges." Jo said.

"And there's no better practice than staying with "Pappy" for a few days." Scott said.

"But his place is infested with rats, and recently you've said that his health is starting to falter." Tommy complained.

"And that's what makes it challenging. I'll drive you there." Scott said.

Chapter Two: Challenges at Pappy's!

As Scott stopped the rash, red car at Pappy's, Tommy walked out of the car.

"How could you offord that red car? It costs thousands of dollars in Reddude Industries due to the color." Tommy said, referencing Reddude from wikia.

"I just liked the design, but only rich people can buy the red cars from Redflare Industries." Scott stated.

"Those cars have a button that shoots flames out of the engine!" Tommy said, impressed.

"But the best way to win big bucks is to win elimination reality shows. So just see Pappy already!" Scott yelled.

"One more question, where will you go?" Tommy asked.

"On vacation with your mother." Scott said dryly.

"WHAT?!" Tommy shouted, but Scott had drove off.

While walking to the door, Tommy muttered something about staying at a rat infested place, while his parents were celebrating. He knocked on the door.

No answer.

He knocked multiple times on the door.

No answer.

"Ugh, luckily Scott gave me a key." He opened up the door, and was horrified to see that Pappy's flesh had been eaten up by the rats.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He suddenly stopped. "I think I watch too many movies. Still, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tommy shouted.

The rats had cornered Tommy, but he suddenly grabbed a nearby baseball bat and crushed the rats. He fed himself by taking some food out of the fridge, little by little.

"I'm only seven, what do I do?" Tommy panicked.

He had survived a few more days, and then Scott came back and drove him home. When Tommy finally got to his house and opened the door, he was extremely shocked.

"Met your baby brother, Johnny." Jo said.

Chapter Three: My brother is nice, I'll admit, but Johnny seems to be their favorite.

Tommy sighed. Nine years had passed since Johnny's birth, although he was happy, he shared the same birthday as Johnny, except for the year. However, Scott and Jo heavily put more enthusiasm into Johnny's birthday than his own, and his jealousy grew each and every day.

He compared the birthday.

(In Johnny's part of the birthday)

"Hey, over 20 movies!" Johnny screamed in excitement.

(In Tommy's part of the birthday)

"Happy Birthday." Scott said to Tommy.

"Dummies Guide to Winning a Reality Show? Come on, it's my birthday, and I told you, I don't like Total Drama." Tommy protested.

"Be happy with what you got." Jo responded.

At least he was able to have a good rebound, though. Tommy was going to have a date to dinner with his girlfriend, Carla.

Johnny had decided to patch things up with his brother, by going to tell Tommy's girlfriend to make this date count, and decided to help her.

Later on, Tommy took her to the movies.

"Twilight is so cheesy." Carla stated.

"Yeah, I favor Dracula." Tommy agreed.

Johnny gave Carla the signal, and they almost kissed, until...

"Popcorn, here's you're popcorn here!" a worker told the couple.

"We didn't order any popcorn." Tommy said.

The worker apologized, but strangely after that, the movie shut down.

"How did THAT happen?" Carla asked.


Everyone left the theater but Tommy, Carla, and Johnny. Scott and Jo were outside, and it turns out that they cut the power off, but nobody noticed.

"Step One is done." Jo stated.

"Step Two is to give Tommy a surprise that will shape him into being like we always wanted him to be!" Scott confirmed.

The two laughed and headed inside.


"I'll be right back, I brought you something." Tommy said, and left for a minute.

Johnny went up to thank Carla for her efforts, and little did they know that Jo was hiding behind Carla, and Scott was hiding behind Johnny. They pushed the one in front of them, and Carla and Johnny accidently kissed! The timing was perfect as well, Tommy had just came back with a banquet of flowers, but saw the kiss. Scott and Jo snuck out of the theater.

"This isn't what you think, Tommy!" Johnny said.

"Oh, yes it is!" Tommy said, sobbing. He threw the batch of flowers in Johnny's face, and broke up with Carla.

Back at his house, Tommy stormed to his room, and cried for hours. He felt the hate for Johnny growing inside him, but he didn't care. He needed revenge. He realized that this was similar to Scott and Jo's teachings, nearly a decade ago.

"There, there, Uncle Zeke is there for you. I didn't get a girl until-" Ezekiel said, randomly being there until being thrown out the window by Tommy.

Tommy confronted Scott, as Jo went to sleep already.

"Ah, yes. A pitiful break-up. It would certainly make you less of a man. So to prove your worth, I will personally kick you out of the house until you win a reality show." Scott explained.

Tommy was stunned, but asked what shows he could do.

"Well, there is a series of camps that are all over a camps wiki, called the My Total Drama Series. And, here's a flyer for Stella's Total Drama: Star Kingdom. Now get out!" Scott demanded, and Tommy left.

He decided to go to TD:SK first, because he would be in a different universe, and when he got back, he and Johnny would be the same age. Then he would be in the My Total Drama Series, and when Johnny goes there too, he'll take his revenge. The next day, he posted his audition for TD:SK, and was accepted. He grinned sadistically, and knew he'd make it.

The End... or is it?


  • I had other ideas for Tommy, but they were scrapped. While I planned on Johnny still being his brother, I planned on Tommy being evil from the start with Johnny being the opposite. Later, this was scrapped and I wanted to give Tommy more backstory so you could truly feel sorry for him, and made the final cut.
  • Tommy and Johnny aren't the only characters I have in mind. I have Alvin, Dorothy, Mark, Linda, Billy, Kevin, and Jimmy. I'm developing them one by one, with Tommy and Johnny being the first. After they all are developed greatly, I'll make a reality show against each other, but that's all I'm saying!
  • There will be a sequel to this, but I'm not saying what it's about. You'll have to read it!
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