The Young and the Dramatic: Season Two, is the second season to the semi-popular The Young and the Dramatic: Season One, posted every weekday on, based on the Total Drama series. It continues where the preceding season left off, with the residents of Wawanakwa City dealing with the aftermath of the Duncan Abraham case.


Episode 1: Wawanakwa City Attempts to Recover

The sky was black over Wawanakwa City.

It was a Sunday morning; the day after the worst day yet in Wawanakwa City's history. Not a soul was out on the streets, and the normally busy Wawanakwa Diner had closed for the day in honor for the victims of the terrible crimes.

And close they did.

The Local Paint Shop was also closed; but not for the same reason. The FBI were now investigating the crime scene, surveying for anything they may have missed, since they now knew who the murderer of Gwen Abraham was.

Blaineley O'Halloran.

However, they could not charge the murderer because she was at the moment: lying in the hospital morgue; dead.

They were out of luck there.

Meanwhile, the other suspect was locked up at the police station, refusing to speak to anyone.

Zoey Smith.

While all of this was very unclear, one thing shined out perfectly clear:

The Duncan Abraham case was now finished.

"You want some coffee?"

Bridgette Summers looked up to see Cody Anderson looking down at her, holding a cup of coffee in an outstretched arm.

"Yeah; thanks," Bridgette replied, taking the cup of coffee.

Cody sat down next to her, and the two scanned their eyes around the entire hospital as they watched nurses and doctors run around like complete idiots. It seemed as though nobody was actually caring about what was really at stake.

Duncan Abraham.

"Cody," Bridgette said, looking over to the tech geek, "I'm getting really worried,"

Cody gave her a comforting smile and put his hand on Bridgette's, "Trust me; he'll be fine. They won't let Blaineley get away with murder,"


Bridgette stopped herself. She wanted to say But Blaineley wouldn't suffer if Duncan died. She was dead as well.

Finally, a nurse's voice brought both of them to attention.

"Ms. Summers?" the nurse said. The two of them whipped around, and Bridgette knew what she was about to say, "I have news. But it's not good,"

Bridgette gasped, "O my God; don't tell me,"

The nurse nodded.

Slowly, Bridgette sank to the floor, crying terribly.

Duncan was standing on a cloud.

He looked around; he was wearing a white suit, and his hair had been turned back to black. The green dye was gone.

"Where am I?" he wondered.

"You're here," a familiar voice said.

Duncan turned around to find Gwen happily smiling at him, "Gwen! You're alive!" he rushed towards his wife, and wrapped his arms around her. However, he stopped when he realized that his hands went right through her.

"Why can't I touch you?" Duncan asked, getting frustrated.

A smile crept across Gwen's face.

"You and I are not of the same worlds," Gwen said, smiling, "I am no longer living. Yes, I have moved on,"

Duncan raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

"You have unfinished business," Gwen continued, "And if you choose to finish it, you can return to your life. Or if you wish to leave it unfinished, you can come with me,"

"You mean?" Duncan looked around, "Am I in purgatory?"

Gwen shook her head, "A form. But that's not the case. What is your choice, my Love?"

Duncan gulped, "I love you, Gwen,"

"I know, Duncan,"

"But—I have to help Bridgette. She needs me," Duncan concluded, "I'm sorry,"

Gwen shook her head.

"Do not be sorry. We will meet again one day," Gwen said, smiling.

And then the vision faded.

"This is not good," Hatchet said, as he and Jo were driving in the police cruiser.

"Did we not tell her to go after McLean?" Jo asked, looking out the window.

The cruiser shot down the main road in town to McLean Enterprises with the two inside. They had just come to realization that Katie has decided to go after McLean, as it was very clear that she had a vendetta against the millionaire.

Hatchet sighed.

"Let's just hope she hasn't done anything too stupid," Hatchet said, looking around.

"We can only hope," Jo agreed.

Katie blinked open up her eyes, and looked around. She was in a dimly lit room; the room was lit primarily by the fireplace.

"Where am I?" she asked, looking around.

"Oh thank God," said another female voice, "She's alive. I thought that final blow really knocked her out,"

"I know, eh," said the male voice.

Katie looked around and was surprised to see Courtney and another boy sitting next to her, also tied up. That's when she realized that she was also tied up as well.

"Courtney?" Katie asked, looking confused. Her eyes widened even more when she realized that Courtney's belly was swollen, announcing a baby within days, "Are you pregnant?"

Courtney sadly nodded, "That idiot Chris knocked me up,"

"And he trapped us here, eh," said the prairie boy in the room.

"I'm Ezekiel," he then said to Katie, "I'm Chris's son,"

Suddenly Katie realized who she was, "Wait! You're the guy that wanted to see Chris a couple of weeks ago in the office!" she exclaimed.

Then it hit her.

"Wait a minute; your Chris's son?" Katie asked.

Ezekiel nodded, "I guess Chris tricked you too, eh?"

The sweet girl nodded, "Yeah. I have no idea what Chris thinks he's going to get out of all of this. Having three prisoners? Hatchet will find out about this, and save us,"

A loud chuckle swept through the room, as Chris McLean walked out of the shadows.

"Or so you think," he said, smiling.

Bridgette rushed into the hospital room, where Duncan was still unconscious, and apparently, dead.

"Oh, Duncan," she said, grabbing his hand, crying.

Cody and the nurse stood in the doorway, watching the entire thing.

"Don't leave me," Bridgette said, closing her eyes to fight the tears, "Don't leave us. We just met and everything! Don't let Blaineley win!"

Suddenly, Duncan's eyes burst open, and he let out a loud gasp.

"He's alive!" Cody screamed.

Bridgette backed up, and saw Duncan starting to hop around on the bed as if he were having a seizure.

"We need doctors in here, now!" the nurse cried out the door. She turned to Bridgette and Cody, "You need to go; NOW!"

The two were then pushed out of the room, and Bridgette kept looking amazed.

"He's alive," she repeated, "O my God; he's alive,"

Hatchet looked around, "Keep looking! We have to find something that will help us figure out where they went,"

"You think I don't know that?" Jo snapped.

The two were currently in McLean's office, digging through drawers and shelves to figure out where Chris may have taken Katie or had gone in the first place.

"This is crazy," Hatchet said, finally sinking down into Chris's hold chair, "How are we possibly going to ever find out where they've gone?"

Jo raised an eyebrow as her eyes landed on a sticky note left on the floor with what looked like Chris's handwriting on it.

"I think I found out where they are," Jo said, holding up the note.

On it were the coordinates for Chris's island resort.

"McLean," Katie growled, realizing who it was.

Chris chuckled, "Hello ex-intern. Sorry I had to do what I had to do. But in the end, everything worked out," he sighed, "Only you've somehow managed to slither back into my plan,"

Katie rolled her eyes.

"Your plan isn't going to work," she snapped, "Hatchet and Jo will save us,"

Chris chuckled yet again, although this time it came out as a more evil laugh, "Or so you think,"

The CEO of McLean Enterprises pulled a gun out of his suit jacket, and aimed it at the three.

"If there is anything for them to save," he said, chuckling.

Episode 2: Hatchet Plans a Rescue Mission


Duncan Abraham's eyes fluttered open, and he saw light once more. His vision was fuzzy for a while, but when it cleared, he saw the caring eyes of Bridgette standing next to his hospital bed.

"Where am I?" Duncan asked, leaning to get up, but Bridgette pushed him back down.

"Don't get up," Bridgette replied, "You're in the hospital,"


Suddenly, Duncan's eyes widened, "Oh no; Blaineley! We have to stop her! She's going to—"he blinked, and looked around.

"Duncan, Blaineley's dead," Bridgette finally spilled the beans, causing a look of amazement to spread across Duncan's face.

The helicopter's motor continued to work as it flew over the island resort owned by none other than Chris McLean.

"How can we be sure that McLean's done there," Jo asked Hatchet, who was currently piloting the helicopter.

Hatchet turned to face Jo with a serious face, "Trust me; he's down there. It's nice and inclusive. Remember, McLean's a coward. He's always running off,"

"Amen," Jo nodded in agreement. She pulled out her gun and cocked it, "When I see that monster, he's going to pay,"

"Relax," Hatchet snapped, "We can't kill him. It's not the way of the law,"

"I don't really care at the moment,"

"You should,"

"Blaineley's what?" Duncan repeated with a look of amazement on his face.

Bridgette now took a seat on a wooden chair, and pulled it up next to Duncan's bed, "I shot her. I killed Blaineley,"

"You did what?"

"After you were shot, Blaineley tried to stab me with a knife. But I got her gun, and I shot her," Bridgette announced.

"God," Duncan said, letting the news register. After a few minutes, a smile, "You're OK, Summers,"

"These are the DJ's that I know pretty well," Anne Maria Gallucci said, handing the list to Heather, and then sat down at her desk.

By day, Anne Maria was a wedding planner, and owned her own business. And by night, she was spending time with her jock boyfriend, Lightning. Right now, she was with her two aspiring clients: Heather Carmichael and Justin Foreman.

"I really appreciate you doing all of this," Heather said with a smile.

Anne Maria waved it away, "Oh girl, and its fine! Remember, in the end, you're the one paying me," she chuckled, but then realized Heather and Justin were just staring at her, "Uh, I'm gonna go get some paperwork, OK?"

As she left, Justin turned to his fiancée.

"I'm so glad that we're doing this," he said, taking Heather's hand into his own.

"I am too," Heather replied, causing a huge smile to spread across her face, "I really am,"

Hatchet kicked opens the door to the helicopter, and hopped out, and then grabbed his gun. He looked across the helicopter, expecting to see Jo, but however, she was already charging towards the cabin door.

"What are you doing?" Hatchet shouted, "Get back here!"

"I'm going to kill that little bastard," Jo muttered as she jumped onto the cabin's porch. She then kicked down the log door, and it swung open. Jo stepped in, and Hatchet was right behind her.

However, the door swung shut right after her, locking Hatchet out.

"So how long have I been out?" Duncan asked as Bridgette and he had settled the fact that Blaineley was now gone and dead.

"A couple of days," Bridgette responded, "I don't know what the leads are in the case, but what I do now is that Katie's missing,"

Duncan's eyes widened, "Wait, Katie as in short little Katie?"

"Yep," Bridgette nodded, "Hatchet and Jo are trying to find her,"

"That's sort of strange, don't you think?" Duncan asked, "I wonder where she is,"

Inside the cabin, Jo realized that it was pitch black.

Suddenly, muffled cries and shrieks were heard, and Jo spun around, only to see a light turn on. There was Chris, sitting in a chair, and holding a gun straight at Katie's head.

"Hello there Jo," Chris smirked, "It's lovely to see you,"

Jo groaned, "What the hell do you think you're gaining by doing any of this, McLean?"

"Nothing by killing Katie, of course," he pointed towards one of his hostages, "That really does nothing,"


Chris raised an eyebrow, "But by killing you, of course, that doesn't plenty," he raised the gun, and pointed it straight at Jo.

Before Jo could react, Chris shot the gun, causing her to stumble up against the wall in shock, unconscious. The bullet has gotten her in the thigh, but the impact of hitting herself against the wall had knocked her out.

Outside, Hatchet heard the gun shot, and finally he couldn't take it anymore.

He literally kicked down the door, and ran in only to see Chris still sitting in his chair with the gun pointed at Katie, who was still on the verge of tears.

"Ah, Hatchet," Chris chuckled, "I was wondering when you could join us,"

Justin raised an eyebrow, "Heather, can I say something?"

"Sure honey," Heather smiled.

"I want to get married," Justin said, squeezing Heather's hand, "and fast,"

Heather nearly dropped the file full of papers onto the floor, which would've scattered Anne Maria's papers all over the floor. She gasped, and looked at her fiancé.

"How fast are we talking about?" Heather asked.

"Next week,"

Heather gasped yet again.

"Next week?" she repeated, amazed with what she was hearing.

"Jo," Hatchet said; his eyes widened when he saw that she was leaning against the wall with a bullet in her leg, and unconscious.

"It's too late for her," Chris said, standing up, "And maybe I'll let you live, since we're buddies,"

Hatchet pointed the gun at Chris, "Sit back down. I know it was you. You killed Pam,"

"Oh, don't get ahead of yourself. You were the one who was driving," Chris said, putting a hand on his hip, "You are the killer of your own wife,"

"You hired the man to run into us," Hatchet snapped back.

"Oh," Courtney suddenly let out, letting her appearance be known.

"Sh," Ezekiel said to her, and then looked back up to watch the entire ordeal go on between his father and Wawanakwa's finest.

Hatchet shook his head, "And I'm not going to let you hurt anybody more!" He lifted up the gun, and was about to pull the trigger when Chris pressed his first.

The bullet skidded by Hatchet, almost hitting him. While he was dazed, Chris ran past Hatchet and out the door and into the yard.

When Hatchet regained consciousness, he ran out the door after McLean. Chris had already reached the helicopter, and was climbing in.

Over the radio, he announced, "Better luck next time Hatchet!"

The helicopter's propellers were beginning to spin as Hatchet chased after them. However, a scream was heard from back in the cabin.

"Help me!" Courtney shrieked out in pain.

"What now?" Hatchet shouted back into the cabin, stopping in his tracks.

Courtney's shrieks stopped, and then began again after a few seconds. As Hatchet listened to her scream, he looked back, and then at Chris who was starting to fly away.

"No," Hatchet said, taking glances to both predicaments.

Finally, Chris's helicopter managed to lift off, and soon flew away from the island, stranding the five left on the island.

"Damn it," Hatchet snapped, and walked back towards the cabin, while it was beginning to rain. He stepped onto the porch steps, and leaned against the door frame for support, "What is it?"

While Ezekiel was checking on Jo, Katie was holding a tissue from a box up to Courtney's head.

"It's the baby," Courtney said, looking up to Hatchet, "It's coming,"

Episode 3: Courtney Gives Birth to Her Daughter

Hatchet's heart skipped a beat, and his jaw dropped.

"What do you mean the baby is coming?" Hatchet snapped, "Not now!"

Katie groaned, and stood up, whipping around to look at the police sheriff. She pointed a finger at him, and a glare spread across her face.

"Hatchet, I swear to God," Katie snapped, "If you as so much mutter a complaint about a woman going through child birth, you may not make it off this island alive!"

Hatchet took a step back, and nodded his head.

"Now make sure Courtney's contractions are coming through," Katie said, "I'm going to find some hot towels and water,"

Ezekiel looked up from his spot next to an unconscious Jo, who was still bleeding badly, "Can I get some towels too? I'm not so sure how Jo is going to make it, eh,"

"Got it," Katie snapped, and looked around. Noticing the oil painting of Chris on the mantel above the fireplace, "When I see that bastard, he's dead," she muttered, and left the living room.

"Yeah," Justin said with a nod, "Next week,"

Heather was almost speechless, and looked at her fiancée, "I mean, are you sure? Isn't next week a bit, um, soon?"

Justin shook his head, "I don't care about it being soon or not. We don't need a big fancy wedding. I just want to marry you, my one and only true love,"

"Oh," Heather said, and gulped, "You know, yes. I'd love to get married next week,"

"Perfect," Justin stood up, "I'll tell Anne Maria. Hopefully she doesn't freak out on us," he left the room, causing Heather to let out a deep sigh of relief.

"Things are finally going my way," she said, and then smiled.

The Wawanakwa Mental Hospital was home to the craziest residents of Wawanakwa City. Their newest resident, however, was not crazy; not at all.

Zoey sat in her cell, staring at the wall, with a blank face. Her eyes flicked to the window, where a nurse was looking inside the room. The nurse left after a few seconds of observation, and then a smile crept across her face.

She was not crazy, at all. The only reason why she was acting crazy was because that was what her lawyer had pleaded with the judge. If Zoey was insane, she wouldn't be sent to jail, and would live out her days in the mental hospital.

Zoey was perfectly not insane. It was a mere act.

It was an act that was keeping her out prison.


An innocent voice brought the girl out of her trance. It was the nurse again, who had a comforting smile on her face.

"It's time for your visit to the visiting room," the nurse said, taking Zoey's hand, and leading her from her chair, and out of the room.

They walked down the dimly lit hallways to a screened in room. The nurse sat her down on a couch in the room, next to a tanned boy with spikey hair.

He appeared to be normal as well.

"Hi," he said, blushing when he saw Zoey.

Zoey's eyes lit up, and she smiled back, "Hi there. I'm Zoey,"

"Mike," he said, smiling.

"Push," Katie said, gripping Courtney's hand, who was yelling out in pain.

Hatchet's eyes widened as he saw the baby's head between Courtney's legs. His jaw dropped, and started to look away when Katie snapped.

"For the God's sake," Katie snapped, "You have to look Hatchet!"


Courtney and Hatchet's eyes locked, and Hatchet understood that he had to this for her, and for the baby.

Hatchet reached his hands out, and looked at Katie for support.

"Wait for the baby," Katie said, "I'm going to go find scissors. We'll have to cut the umbilical cord,"

As the sweet girl left, Courtney looked at Hatchet.

"Promise me one thing," she said in between contractions.

"Anything," Hatchet nodded his head, and gave her a weak smile.

"We'll kick Chris's ass when we find him," Courtney snapped, "And I get first dips,"

Hatchet chuckled, and Courtney was about to as well when she let out another yell, and pushed.

More of the baby was beginning to show.

However, something was wrong.

"Oh God," Hatchet's eyes widened again, "It's turning blue. Something wrapped around its neck,"

Several minutes passed as Mike and Zoey continued to chat and talk. Zoey managed to figure out that Mike's parents had brought him to the mental hospital in the first place, and that they had basically abandoned him.

Zoey actually felt very sad for him.

Suddenly, a burning question entered her head, and she couldn't shake it.

"Hey Mike?" she asked.

Mike looked up with his brilliant looking blue eyes, "Yeah Zoey?"

"What exactly are you here for?"

However, before Mike could open up his mouth, the nurse came over, and tapped Zoey on the shoulder, "It's time for you to go," she said.

As Zoey was led away, Mike waved with a smile on his face.

As Heather and Justin left Anne Maria's shop, they walked down the side of the street on Main Street, holding hands. They were talking and giggling, not worrying about anything in the world.

However, there was something sinister being planned.

Out from an alley stepped Alejandro, who had seen the two walk past. He glared at them, and started to rub his hands in an evil way.

"If I can't have her," Alejandro said, rubbing his hands together, "No one will,"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Katie snapped, racing into the room.

Courtney shrieked in terror, and Hatchet pointed to the position that the baby was in, with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.

"You have to hook your finger
around it, and pull it loose!" Katie snapped again, talking Courtney's hand, "Do it now!"

Hatchet and Courtney's eyes locked once more, and Courtney mouthed "Please".

Suddenly, a feeling of courage raced through the sheriff, and he looked back at Jo, who Ezekiel was struggling to keep alive.

If he couldn't save both lives, he would at least save one.

Seconds later, a wail of crying was heard, and the baby took its first breaths. Hatchet leaned back in relief as Katie wrapped the baby in towels, and handed it to Courtney.

"It's a girl," she said happily.

Courtney wiped tears from her eyes, and stared down at her daughter with a happy face.

"What will you name her?" Hatchet asked; his eyes widening.

"Hope," Courtney beamed, looking up, "For hope that one day, she'll never have to deal with the hell we're living in,"

Hatchet stood up, and leaned against the wall, exhausted after delivering the baby. He walked over to the door, limping, and opened it up, showing the dark sky.

It was now night.

"Will they find us, eh?" Ezekiel asked, standing up.

Hatchet turned around to face the unconscious Jo, Ezekiel, Katie, Courtney, and Hope, and sighed.

"We can only hope,"

Episode 4: Lightning is Caught up in Lies

"I'll be right there sweetie," Anne Maria said, hanging up the cell phone. As she did, she turned to look at the photo frame that contained a photo of herself and her boyfriend, Lightning.

She smiled, as a plethora of memories she shared with Lightning from the time they started dating two months ago, to the time now.

Anne Maria came from a full-blooded Italian family, with several brothers. Before Anne Maria could date anyone, they had to meet her brothers, and then eventually their father. The group quickly learned to like Lightning, as he made Anne Maria happy.

And now tonight they would be continuing their long streak of dates. And hopefully everything would go perfectly. At least that's what Anne Maria expected.

Courtney cradled Hope in her arms, smiling down at her. However, everyone else in the room was not as happy.

Hatchet was attempting to keep Jo alive, who has a steady pulse, but was quickly declining. He had managed to stop the blood flow, but Jo had lost too much. The color was quickly fading from her face as she continued to stay unconscious.

"It's worse because she got knocked out," Hatchet determined.

Katie appeared behind him, with a worrisome look on her face, "We have to keep her alive. At least until someone finds us,"

"There's no cell phone reception, eh," Ezekiel noted as Hatchet quickly reached for his cell phone.

"I'm not getting a good feeling about this," Katie croaked, slowly sinking into the couch.

"Please tell me that Hatchet called," Duncan noted as Cody stepped into the room. The tech geek was currently putting his cell phone into his pocket, which Duncan noticed.

Cody shook his head, "I haven't gotten anything from him,"

"Neither have I," Bridgette said, whipping out her phone, "Not even a text message or anything,"

"That doesn't sound like him at all," Duncan explained.

"Something isn't right," Bridgette said, standing up.

"Obviously," Cody said.

Bridgette looked at her phone, and picked out a contact. After dialing it, she pressed it to her ear.

"Dawn…? It's Bridgette," she said, and after waiting a few seconds, "Do you happen to be near the police station?"

Her eyes met Duncan, and she gave him a wink. However, her glance was lost when Dawn replied.

"They're not there? Do you know where they went?" Bridgette asked.

After a few more seconds, Bridgette shook her head, "No it's fine Dawn. We'll be right there," her eyes met both Cody and Duncan's, "All three of us,"

The phone conversation ended, and Cody raised an eyebrow.

"How are all three of us supposed to get there?" he asked, "Duncan can't leave,"

Bridgette's eyes sparkled, "Technically Duncan can't leave. But we're going to bust him out of here,"

Anne Maria clicked her heels as Lightning pulled the chair out for her, and blushed as she sat down. Lightning took his place on the opposite chair, and the two smiled at each other across the table.

"This is really nice," Anne Maria commented; the two were currently eating at the Wawanakwa Hotel, one of the most lavish places in the city.

"Lightning picked it out, straight from the computer," Lightning bragged, "SHA-Lightning!"

Anne Maria giggled and then took a sip of her wine, "I can't believe we've been dating for almost two months now, Lightning,"

"Lightning knows," he replied.

"Oh," Anne Maria said. Time to time, she quickly got annoyed with Lightning's constant bragging, but he was always so good to her, and she couldn't complain there, "So what did you do today?"

"I went to the gym, and worked out," Lightning smiled, "Lightning's got to keep his figure up!"

"Oh, yes you do," Anne Maria rolled her eyes.

Lightning, inherited a wealthy fortune from his father, and lived in the guest house on his parent's estate, so he basically did not have to work. Anne Maria envied him for this, but always quickly got over it.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and Lightning picked it up. His eyes glanced over to it, and they widened.

"What's the matter?" Anne Maria asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, nothing," Lightning said, getting quiet. He put the phone again, and it soon highlighted once more.

Anne Maria raised another eyebrow, "Lightning, what is the matter?" she reached for the phone, but Lightning quickly snatched it away.

As Lightning quickly scrambled to cover the phone's screen, Anne Maria's eyes widened as she saw what it was.

On the screen was a picture of a young girl, with the same shade of skin color Lightning had, lying on a beach chair in a bikini. Underneath it was the caption: Wish you were here!

"What are these photos doing on here for?" Anne Maria asked, grabbing Lightning's phone.

"Break him out?" Cody asked, "Are you crazy?"

"We have to get over to the police station," Bridgette ordered, "Now, are you going to help me get Duncan out of here?"

Cody sighed, "Yes," he said.

Duncan raised an eyebrow as he saw Bridgette turn to him, "So what's the plan, sweetheart?"

"There's no plan," Bridgette said, grabbing Duncan's arm; she ripped the IV out, causing Duncan to yelp in pain.

"Maybe we should have a plan, Princess," Duncan snapped, looking annoyed.

Bridgette chuckled nervously, and helped Duncan out of the bed. An alarm sounded, causing the three to look around.

"They have alarms placed for when patients get out of the beds!" Cody explained, and opened the door, "Now we need to get out of here!"

Duncan started limping as Bridgette held on tightly to his hand. They raced down the hallway with Cody following.

Around the corner, nurses and doctors were beginning to chase them down, realizing what was happening.

"Run!" Cody shouted, reaching to grab Bridgette's hand, which was already holding Duncan's.

"I'm trying, smart one," Duncan snapped.

Cody chuckled nervously, and the three raced out of the emergency exit, causing the alarm to sound yet again.

"Two alarms in one day?" Duncan asked, "I'm coming to respect, you Princess,"

"Shut it," Bridgette snapped, and led the three to her Jeep. Duncan piled into the passenger seat while Bridgette took the driver's seat.

Cody looked around for a seat.

"Take the back," Bridgette ordered him.

"There's no seat!" Cody shouted.

"Your point is?" Bridgette asked, clicking Duncan's seatbelt on, and soon hers. Cody climbed into the back, and Bridgette turned on the engine.

The engine puttered to life, and the Jeep raced out of the parking lot, and down the road.

"That was close," Bridgette said, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Maybe a little too close," Cody replied.

Bridgette swung open the door to Hatchet's office, and rushed in. She scanned the monitors that were on the wall, and almost immediately realized that the helicopter on the roof was gone.

"They left," Bridgette said.

"What makes you think that?" Cody asked as he walked in; Duncan limped in behind him.

Bridgette rolled her eyes, "Maybe because the helicopter is gone?"

"Oh, right," Cody said, "Well, where'd they go?"

Duncan groaned, "If we knew that, why would we be here, genius?"

Before anyone could say anything, Bridgette's eyes landed on a piece of paper with written coordinates on it.

"I think we just found out where they are," Bridgette said, grabbing the paper, and holding it up.

Lightning raised his eyebrows in alarm as Anne Maria saw the photo.

"What the hell, Lightning?" Anne Maria asked, throwing the phone back to Lightning, "Are you cheating on me?"

"No," Lightning said on an impulsive move.

"You know what? I don't want to hear it," Anne Maria folded her arms.

Lightning's eyes blinked, and suddenly blurted out, "It's…it's my cousin!"

"Really…?" Anne Maria asked.

"Yeah; they took a vacation to Jamaica, and she and I are pretty close. She's been sending me photos of the vacation!" Lightning finished.

Anne Maria raised an eyebrow, "Really?"

"Really," Lightning responded.

The Jersey Shore reject let out loud sigh, and blushed, "OK Lightning. I believe you. I'm sorry for blowing up on you like that,"

"It's fine," Lightning said with a smile.

Anne Maria could only smile back, as she felt herself fall deep into his eyes.

Cody sat in Hatchet's office, looking around. He said he would stay behind in case anyone came to the office, looking for Hatchet.

In truth, he couldn't stand to be around Duncan.

Cody detested Duncan. He always did throughout high school, and to the moment that he was now.

Being in a helicopter would not help.

"I thought the police only had one helicopter," Bridgette said, looking confused as Duncan quickly navigated the helicopter over the ocean.

Duncan chuckled, "Yeah, that's what you thought. How'd you think I got Gwen and I places?" he asked.

The two fell silent once Duncan brought the Goth up, and Bridgette finally broke it.

"Were you and Gwen close?" she asked.

"Yeah," Duncan said, "We did elope at the end of the summer after all,"

Bridgette fell silent again, "Oh," she said, "Look Duncan, I'm so sorry I dragged Gwen into all of this when it started—"

"Blaineley was after her anyway," Duncan waved it away, "That's fine. You didn't mean too,"

Bridgette shook her head.

"No, I didn't,"

As Ezekiel sat with Courtney, looking down at his half-sister, Katie walked up to Hatchet and looked down at Jo and Hatchet.

"How is she?" she asked.

Hatchet looked up and let out a sigh, "Not well. I managed to stop the bleeding, but we need to get her some help immediately,"

"OK," Katie said, and then backed up to the door, only a loud hovering sound to arrive on the island.

"Is he back, eh?" Ezekiel asked, standing up. He balled his fists, "Because I've got a bone to pick with him,"

Hatchet stood up, and glanced at the door. Katie stepped back, and Hatchet swung the door open.

Standing in the doorway were Bridgette and Duncan with smiles on their faces.

"Miss me?" Bridgette asked with a smile on her face.

As Lightning dropped Anne Maria off that night, he sat in his car, and dialed a number. As it rang, he looked at the photo of Anne Maria on his dash.

It turned it over so the blank side faced up.

"Hey," Lightning said when the phone clicked, "Watch what you send me. I had to tell her you were my cousin. Yeah, yeah. I love you,"

As Lightning hung up the phone, he looked out his car window to stare up at at Anne Maria's house.

And then he hit the gas, and drove off.

Episode 5: Tyler is Shocked at the Truth

As soon as the helicopter touched the parking lot in Wawanakwa City, four things happened.

Jo was immediately put on a stretcher, and raced into the hospital, causing Hatchet, and the rest of the hostages, plus Bridgette and Duncan to worry if she would make it.

Courtney was taken to a room as well, and tests were done on her and Hope to make sure that the baby had been delivered correctly, especially since the umbilical cord had been wrapped around Hope's neck.

Duncan was put back into his room after he lied to the nurses saying that he only needed some fresh air, which the nurses seriously doubted. However, they put him back in his room without any fuss.

And finally, as Ezekiel was about to walk into the hospital's waiting room to wait with Katie and Bridgette (and Cody as well, who had just arrived on the scene), Hatchet grabbed his arm.

"What now…?" Ezekiel asked, raising an eyebrow. When Hatchet put hand-cuffs on him, Ezekiel gasped in surprise, "What's this for, eh?"

Hatchet glared at the prairie boy and slapped the cuffs on his wrists.

"Ezekiel Miller, you're under arrest for being an accessory for murder," Hatchet said.

Alma stood up, and faced her husband who was sitting on the couch.

"That's it," she said, "I can't face it anymore. We have to tell him,"

Richard stood up as well, facing Alma, "No, we can't. He has no part in our daughter's life, Alma,"

"If he has any idea where she went, he'd tell us!" Alma threw her hands in the air.

"Lindsay has been missing for two weeks now," Richard announced, "And she left on her own,"

Richard held up the note that they had discovered in Lindsay's bedroom the morning after her disappearance.

"The kidnapper could've made her write that as he pointed the gun to her head," Alma snapped.

"I doubt that," Richard said.

"What makes you so sure?"

"The security cameras showed Lindsay packing her bags, and eventually leaving the house in her car," Richard explained, and then saw Alma's trembling lip.

Sighing in defeat, Richard bowed his head.

"Fine," he said, "We'll tell him,"

"What happened?" Cody asked as he stepped into the waiting room, "Is everyone OK?"

He stopped when he saw Katie sitting in the chair next to Bridgette, answering his question. He blinked when he noticed several other are absence.

"Where's Hatchet and Jo?"

"Hatchet took Ezekiel to the police station, Courtney had her baby, and Jo's in surgery," Katie quickly said, "Now, please, someone get me a coffee!"

Bridgette scooted over in her seat, "I don't think you need any more caffeine. Your adrenaline is already too much,"

"I don't care," Katie snapped in defense.

Cody raised an eyebrow, "OK then. Where's Duncan?"

"In his room," Bridgette put her hands on her hips, "He's fine,"

"Oh," Cody said, as though he was disappointed, "I'll go get some coffee," he then left, leaving Katie and Bridgette alone.

"He's acting strange," Bridgette mused, and turned to look at Katie. However, she was surprised to see that Katie had a smile on her face.

"What's up?" she asked.

"What's up with you and him?" Katie asked with a giggle.


Katie raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure?" when she realized that Bridgette wasn't responding, she gasped, "Oh, I get it, you like Duncan, don't you?"

As Katie spoke, something hit Bridgette.

Her mind flashed back to when she first met to Duncan, to the point where they took down Blaineley, and then to when she held his hand as he sat unconscious in his bed. And then finally, she thought about their talk in the helicopter.

It had hit her.

"I think," Bridgette said, "I think I love him,"

"You're making a huge mistake here," Ezekiel growled at Hatchet locked the prairie boy into his cell.

Hatchet spun around and glared at the prairie boy, "And you just give me one reason why I am,"

"My father is one of the wealthiest people in Canada," he spat out, folding his arms.

"Is this the same father that held you hostage in his cabin on a deserted island?" Hatchet questioned.

Ezekiel remained quiet, and glared at Hatchet.

"Blaineley made me help her," he said.

"I'm not buying it," Hatchet said, and then left the police station.

"Thank you for coming," Richard said, as Tyler sat down on the couch, across from Richard who sat in his recliner with Alma standing behind him.

Tyler raised an eyebrow, "What's this all about, Mr. Price? Is Lindsay OK? Did she already…"

"No," Alma stated, "In fact, it's Lindsay we wanted to talk about. Have you heard from her lately?"

"Wait, what?" Tyler asked, looking concerned, "You mean you haven't heard from her?"

Richard looked at Alma, and then back to the jock, "Does that mean that she hasn't contacted you at all?"

Tyler shook his head.

"I haven't talked to her since she told me she was…"

"It's about Lindsay," Alma put her hands on her hips, "She's missing,"

"No," Tyler said in disbelief.

Richard and Alma exchanged another glance, and Alma took something from the side table, and handed it to Tyler.

"This is note Lindsay left us," Alma explained, "Before she left,"

Tyler quickly scanned the note and crumbled it in his hand, causing Alma too slowly, yet quietly, gasps.

"I'll find her," Tyler blurted out as he stood up.

"You what?" Katie said in disbelief.

Bridgette turned to Bridgette, and was about to say something until Hatchet and Cody walked back into the waiting room.

"How's Jo?" Hatchet asked, stepping forward of Cody.

The tech geek handed Bridgette and Katie their coffee's, and listened in on the conversation. Once, he winked at Bridgette, but the surfer chick pretended she hadn't seen it.

"She's fine," Katie said, "That's all we know so far—"

"Are you all with Jo Haverstock?" a nurse asked, stepping forward.

Everyone's heads turned to look at the nurse.

"How is she?" Hatchet asked.

"She's needs surgery," the nurse said, blinking, "Or else she might not make it,"

Katie and Bridgette gasped at the news, while Hatchet sank slowly down into his chair, amazed.

Cody remained motionless, as his eyes flashed back to Bridgette.

"Will she make it, though?"

"There's no telling. I'll give you all updates as the time goes by," the nurse finished, and then left the room.

Everyone remained speechless until Katie spoke once more.

"She'll make it," Katie said, patting Hatchet's back.

"You can't track down our daughter on your own," Richard folded his arms.

Tyler stared hard at Richard, "Watch me," he said, and stood up, "I'll find her. And I'll bring her back to you,"

Alma and Richard glanced at each other yet again, causing Tyler to walk towards the door.

"See you soon," he said, and then left the house.

Episode 6: Eva Gets Caught in the Middle

Courtney looked down at Hope as she sat in the hospital bed, and memories and hopes flooded her mind. She saw herself ten years from now, with Hope being a ten year old little girl, wanting to know about her father.

She couldn't let Hope know what a monster her father was.

And staying in Wawanakwa City, where her father existed, would be the worst decision she could possibly make.

A decision was quickly made, and Courtney called a nurse to collect her bags.

She was leaving.

"Can I see her?" Hatchet asked as he approached a nurse behind a counter.

The nurse shook her head, "No, I'm sorry. She's still in critical condition. She needs rest as well,"

Hatchet's eyes lit up, "So she survived her surgery?"

"We won't know until she comes out of her coma," the nurse said, and then left the station, "Now excuse me, I need to get a cup of coffee,"

As the nurse left, he noticed her leave him a wink.

Hatchet's eyes were immediately drawn to the nurse's coffee mug.

It was full.

"Please tell me you got tickets for the concert," Anne Maria said, tugging on Lightning's arm as they walked into the gym.

They stopped at the counter where Eva was sitting, flipping through a magazine. She raised an eyebrow at the couple.

"Sorry babe," Lightning said, "Lightning doesn't go to concerts,"

"We just went to one last month," Anne Maria reasoned, "You loved it!"

Lightning shrugged, "I checked. They were sold out, babe,"

Anne Maria raised an eyebrow, "No they aren't! I checked last night! They're still plenty of seats available!"

Suddenly, the Jersey Shore reject let out a loud gasp.

"Are you lying to me?" Anne Maria demanded.

Hatchet opened up the door, and stepped into Jo's room, where she laid flat on her bed, as if she were sleeping.

The police chief let out a loud sigh, and approached her bed.

"C'mon," he said, "Keep fighting Jo. Keep fighting for me!"

As Hatchet approached the young girl; she looked so young, and so vibrant. As if she didn't have a worry in the world.

"This can't be happening," Hatchet said, looking down at Jo.

He shook his head.

"You can't die on me," he snarled, "Jo, listen to me! You're not going to die on me!"

Suddenly, as if on cue, Jo's eyes shot open, and her lips curled into a smile, "Geese, how can anybody get any sleep in here with you going around yelling?"

Hatchet gasped in shock, "You're alive!"

"Of course I'm alive, you idiot!" Jo snapped, and sat up, "I was just sleeping!"

Hatchet, however, didn't care and wrapped Jo in a tight embrace. Rather than struggling, Jo accepted.

And the two hugged.

"Lying?" Lightning repeated, "Lightning doesn't lie! He tells the truth!"

"You were lying," Anne Maria said, "And I want to know why,"

Lightning stared long and hard at his girlfriend, and Anne Maria glanced over to Eva, who was casually reading the magazine, and trying to ignore them.

"You," Anne Maria exclaimed, "You can help us, Nova!"

"It's Eva," the fitness buff growled.

Anne Maria waved it away, "Whatever; I saw it on the shows! When couples are having trouble, a third people can help!"

"No," Eva and Lightning said in sheer unison.

"You shut up," Anne Maria snapped at her girlfriend and turned to Eva, "Please! Can you please help us?"

She continued to stare at an annoyed Eva until she finally broke.

"Fine," she said with a sigh.

"Great!" Anne Maria exclaimed.

Eva raised an eyebrow at the two, "So what exactly do you want me to do?"

Hatchet soon left the room, and returned to Cody, Bridgette, and Katie who were standing in the waiting room.

"She made it," Hatchet said, with tears in his eyes, "She's alive,"

"Good," Bridgette sighed in relief, "That's a relief,"

As the four conversed about Jo and what a relief it was to see that she was fine, they didn't notice Courtney approaching them with her purse and Hope's baby carriage, with Hope inside.

"Courtney," Cody said, noticing her, "Good news! Jo's alive!"

"That's good," Courtney said with a slight smile.

Bridgette realized something was off with her, and raised an eyebrow, "Is something wrong Courtney?"

Courtney looked up to face the four, "I'm leaving Wawanakwa City," she said, "Tonight,"

"Give us advice to help our relationship, because Lightning keeps on lying to me!" Anne Maria jerked a thumb in Lightning's direction.

"Number one, she was my cousin," Lightning started, "And number two—"

"I don't want to hear it,"

The Jersey Shore reject rolled her eyes, and stomped over to stand next to Eva, "You got to hear us out. He keeps lying to me, and I'm not sure what to do!"

Eva sighed, "Why don't you to go get an actual relationship counselor?"

Anne Maria raised an eyebrow, "Why would we do that?"

"Never mind," Eva said, and grabbed her water bottle, "I'm going to go work out. See you later,"

"Wait!" Anne Maria chased after Eva, leaving Lightning alone. He looked over at Eva's counter, where a photo of Eva was.

He blushed when he saw Eva's face. Shrugging it off, he followed the two.

"You can't be serious," Katie gasped, "You're leaving?"

Courtney nodded her head, and pointed to Hope, "I want to give her a better life. And that better life isn't here in Wawanakwa City,"

"We'll miss you," Cody and Bridgette nearly said in unison.

"Take care of her," Katie referenced towards Hope, and Courtney smiled.

"I will,"

Hatchet looked over at Courtney and smiled, "Take care, Courtney," he stepped up to her, and gave her a hug. Courtney whispered in his ear, "Find him,"

"I will," Hatchet nodded his head, and they parted.

Courtney smiled, "I'll see you all someday," she said, and then left the hospital.

Episode 7: Bridgette Learns of Sierra's Plans

The morning after Courtney's departure from Wawanakwa City, a segment ran on the noon news, with Josh covering it, following Staci's "removal" from the program for reasons unknown.

"This just in," Josh said, "Owner of the Wawanakwa Daily, Sierra Wilkinson, is revealed to be writing a tell-all book based on recently found innocent Duncan Abraham. It will feature never-before known secrets about Duncan Abraham, and what brought him back to the City! What this means and who it will affect will be covered in this upcoming hour. Now, next up—"

Bridgette clicked the TV off, and turned to stare at Duncan, who was speechless as well.

"She can't do this," Bridgette's eyes widened.

Heather awoke in her bed to the sound of the telephone ringing. Pulling off her sleep mask, she saw that it was already 12:00 in the afternoon on the clock. She had slept in all morning, and had forgotten to set her alarm.

Not only was she late for work, but no one had opened the store.

She gasped, and was halfway through putting one sock on when the phone rang. She didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyway.

"Hey, this isn't really a good time—"

"Heather?" Justin's voice came out over the other end, "It's me. Want to meet at the diner for lunch?"

Heather gasped, "I'm sorry Justin, but I can't. I slept in, and forgot to open the store—"

Justin chuckled, "I know. I turned off your alarm last night so you could sleep in. I also took the keys, and I'm at the store now. There haven't been any customers anyway,"

"Really…?" Heather's heart melted, "You did that for me?"

"Sure," Justin chuckled, "Now, how about lunch?"

"A book written about Duncan…?" Cody said, standing up from his chair, "Something tells me that Sierra is only going to reflect on the bad things,"

Duncan rolled his eyes, "No shit, Sherlock,"

"Boys," Bridgette said in alarm, and let out a heavy sigh, "What we need to do now is just make sure that Sierra realizes that Duncan could be ruined if this book continues,"

"What I don't get is the fact how Sierra knows about why Duncan came back," Cody reasoned.

Bridgette sighed, "The police records are for everyone's eyes. They can't restrict Duncan's case either,"

"Which is what led her to look at my case," Duncan groaned.

"Do we have a plan?" Cody asked.

Duncan chuckled.


"You think that you're a part of this," Duncan said, "You're not. This has nothing to do with you,"

Cody raised an eyebrow, "Then why is Bridgette apart of it,"

"She got a part of it when she was almost killed by Blaineley because of it," Duncan said, and before Cody could retaliate, he continued, "And because I asked her too,"

Bridgette was about to say something before Cody beat her to it.

"Fine," he grumbled, and left the room.

Jo watched as Hatchet stepped into her room, and smiled as he sat down in the chair next to her bed.

"You wanted to see me?" Hatchet asked.

"Yeah," Jo nodded, "I need to talk with you about something,"

Hatchet raised an eyebrow, "Like what, Jo?"

Jo cleared her throat, and continued, "The reason why I came to Wawanakwa City was to help you with the case, right?"

Hatchet nodded, although he was unclear.

"Now that the case is over—"

"It isn't; we still have to find Chris," Hatchet interrupted.

"The reason why you asked me to come here was to help you solve the case. Duncan is here and Blaineley, Ezekiel, and Zoey have been caught," Jo said, "The case is done,"

"Jo," Hatchet raised an eyebrow, "What are you saying?"

"I'm leaving Wawanakwa City," Jo said, "Tomorrow,"

"So obviously, I don't think I can leave the hospital again," Duncan said.

Bridgette chuckled, "Yeah,"

Duncan's eyes met Bridgette's, "Which is why you need to go talk to Sierra. Persuade her to not do the book,"

"Me?" Bridgette croaked, "Why me?"

"You are my partner," Duncan chuckled, "Remember?"

"Oh; right," Bridgette said with a loud sigh, and then stood up, "I guess I'll head over there now. Hopefully she'll stop the book,"

"The bitch is going down," Duncan grumbled, punching his hand.

Justin stood up at the booth, and planted a kiss on Heather's lip. The male model looked extra hot in his current outfit, causing Heather's eyes to widen.

"Thanks for coming," he said.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Heather giggled, "So what's up?"

Justin shrugged, "Oh nothing. I called Anne Maria this morning; she's got everything ready for next week,"

"What's next week?" Heather said in an alarmed voice.

Justin raised a questionable eyebrow.

"The wedding is next week," Justin said to surprised Heather.

Hatchet's heart skipped a beat.

"You're leaving?" he said in an alarmed tone, "But you can't leave! We still have to find Chris, and take him down,"

"Which is why I need to get back to Boney Isles," Jo put her hands on her hips, "It may take weeks, months, even years to find Chris,"

Hatchet raised an eyebrow.

"He's an idiot," he said, "Idiots are easy to find,"

Jo let out a sigh, "You're not making this any easier, Hatchet—"

"It's not supposed to be!" Hatchet snapped, "You need to stay here with me; with everyone else!"

"I need to go," Jo said, "And that's final,"

Hatchet groaned, "Fine," he said, "We'll be in touch,"

Jo's eyes widened, "No, that's not what I meant—"

But Hatchet had already exited the room, leaving Jo to be alone, yet again.

Bridgette stepped into the Wawanakwa Daily's office, and noticed Sierra at the counter, rapidly typing away at her computer. The uber-fan looked up from the screen, and smiled at Bridgette.

"Ah, Bridgette," Sierra exclaimed, "Just the person I was hoping to see!"

"Cut the nice crap," Bridgette grumbled, "What's this I hear about you writing a book about Duncan?"

Sierra chuckled, "So you've heard?"

"Yes I've heard," Bridgette put her hands on her hips, "And I want it to stop. Duncan is a good man, and I don't want people thinking of him as any less,"

Sierra shook her head, "I don't think so. A good man wouldn't have an affair with his English teacher that would eventually frame him for murder,"

"He was a kid!"

"Freedom of the press, my dear," Sierra chided, "The book is going through,"

Bridgette gasped, "You can't do this to Duncan!"

"Oh yes I can," Sierra said, "Now, be a dear, and leave,"

The next morning, before the sun rose over the city, Jo was ready to leave the hospital. She had already requested that her bags be brought from her hotel, so she could leave directly from the hospital.

Jo checked herself out of the hospital, and then walked towards the censored doors. They slid open, and Jo stepped out into the outside.

Walking towards her car, she put the suitcase in the back seat, and then slipped into the front seat, ready to leave the town.

She pulled out onto the main road, and drove until she went past the police station. She was half tempted to stop, and say good-bye to Hatchet.

But she couldn't.

Jo continued to drive down the road, and paused when she got to the sign stating:


Jo sighed, and pressed the gas.

Episode 8: Ezekiel Attempts to Find His Father

Hatchet groaned, "Why the hell did I let her go?"

The police sheriff had arrived back at the police station, and was in his office, thinking about the previous night's events.

He was about to open his laptop when the banging of iron rods came from outside his office. The sheriff stood up, and stepped through the doorway of his office, only to see Ezekiel banging on the bars.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Getting your attention,"

Hatchet rolled his eyes, "Well you have it now. What do you want?"

"I'm bailing myself out, eh," Ezekiel said with a smug smirk.

Bridgette walked into Duncan's room, and threw her purse onto the foot of the bed. She let out a loud groan, and then saw Duncan's confused look.

"What…?" Duncan asked.

"She's going through with the book," Bridgette groaned, and sat down in the chair, "Sierra's being so stubborn about this!"

Duncan groaned.

"Have I ever told you how much I hate the media?" he asked, "When I was first framed, they were all over me. I was constantly in the news,"

Bridgette sighed, "It won't happen again, that's for sure. Do you realize what would happen if it was revealed you have an affair with Blaineley when you were eighteen?"

"I know," Duncan said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, Sierra's not going to do this," Bridgette stood up, and put her hands on her hips, "That's for damn sure,"

"You're doing what?" Hatchet asked in an amazed tone.

Ezekiel chuckled, "Because I can? You see, just because my father ignored me for the longest time, doesn't mean I'm not in his will,"


"I have money," Ezekiel put his hands on his hips, "and I plan to use it to bail me out,"

Hatchet let out a loud sigh, "I guess I have to let you go then,"

Ezekiel smirked in accomplishment, "Exactly,"

Lightning stepped into the gym, and put his hands on his hips. He had his gym bag slung around his shoulder, and he was ready for a work-out.

The last time he had been in the gym had been a day ago, when Anne Maria pleaded with Eva for relationship advice. Eventually, Eva agreed to, but ditched them before Anne Maria could write any tips down.

As Lightning walked towards the locker rooms, he passed the desk, and noticed Eva sitting there, looking bored.

He decided he would take a quick detour.

As Ezekiel handed Hatchet the check, he put his hands on his hips in victory.

"Should I even ask what you're going to do now?" Hatchet asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Sure," Ezekiel said, "I'm going to find my father,"

Hatchet was just taking a sip of his water when Ezekiel concluded, and he spit it out, causing it to create a small puddle on the floor.

"Your father…?" Hatchet asked, and Ezekiel nodded, "You need to leave that to me, boy. You don't need to go around searching for him,"

"I'm going to find my father; whether you like or not," Ezekiel proudly said.

The prairie boy then grabbed a mint from Hatchet's desk, and rounded the corner, and stepped out of the door to the office.

Once Ezekiel was gone, Hatchet sat back down at his desk, and noticed Jo's photo in a frame on his desk.

"Ugh!" he let out, and threw the lamp on his desk onto the floor in a fiery moment.

"Hey there," Lightning chuckled, causing Eva to raise an eyebrow.

"What do you want?" Eva asked, and then looked over his shoulder, "Where's that Jersey Shore wannabee?"

Lightning chuckled again, "You mean Anne Maria?"

Eva nodded slowly, and put her hands on her hips, "Where is she?"

"Not here,"

"Good; she's annoying," Eva growled, and went back to her game of solitaire. Only Lightning wasn't leaving; Eva looked back up, and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you want?"

"To ask you out on a date," Lightning smiled.

Eva's heart nearly stopped.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

Lightning nodded his head. "You heard me," he said.

"But, you're dating Anne Maria," Eva put her hands up in the air, "I am not getting involved with that psycho,"

"Just as friends then…?" Lightning asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Eva hesitated, looking at Lightning. Finally, bowing her head in defeat, she nodded it.

"Fine," she said, "I'll go,"

Hatchet walked over to his filing cabinet, and pulled out a said file. Staring down at it, he sighed, and pulled it open.

"Pam would be proud of you," Hatchet said, looking at the papers, and looked back at Jo's photo.

Sighing, Hatchet stood back up, and put the file back in the cabinet. The file read as followed:

Jo Hatchet.


  • This story is the sequel to The Young and the Dramatic: Season One.
  • Several goofs appear throughout this season.
    • Staci, for instance, was fired from the TV station, but several chapters later was working once more.
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