Wily Tanukis
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Up the Tokyo Tower"
Place 15th
Relationship Casey (former mutual attraction)
Family Parents, Sister
Friends Horatio
Enemies Puck, Flora, Casey, Vivienne
Fear Fingerless gloves
Talent Skateboarding, water polo, doing the Bartman
Thomas, labeled as The Extremely Tall Guy, was a contestant in Total Drama Tokyo who was placed on the Wily Tanukis team.


Thomas is a cool and tall guy. He lives in Michigan and goes to a big school. He goes to the same school as Elle and all those people, but he tends to ignore them. Thomas is not one of the jocks, he mostly hangs out with skateboarders, but many people like him because of his funny ways. Thomas is pretty clumsy, due to his long legs and tall size, but he makes a joke whenever he gets injured.  He is widely considered as one of the funniest guys in school, along with another guy, although that guy's popularity dropped after he won a reality show and got conceited. Although he's well-liked, he does have flaws, mainly being afraid of fingerless gloves and getting hurt a lot.

Thomas joined Total Drama so he could crack jokes and pick up girls, particularly tall redheads.

Total Drama Tokyo

When Thomas arrived to the competition, he tripped over the steps and landed face-first on the ground. He hit it off with Julian and Horatio due to all three of them being musicians. Flying high on the way to Tokyo, he sat next to Casey, who he tried to make conversation with, but he was quickly rebuffed because she didn't think he was popular enough. He was later picked to be on the Wily Tanukis, but they quickly lost the very first challenge. While bonding with his team before the elimination ceremony, he revealed he was a Brony, to the shock and horror of his teammates. This caused him to almost be voted off, but he was spared in favor of Bennett.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, the Tanukis lost the second challenge as well, which made Thomas grouchy. He had another run-in with Casey during the bath house challenge, and although she insulted him at first, the two ended up making out. Thomas was extremely confused by this, and his confusion only grew when Casey and Puck, her other love interest, were swapped onto the Tanukis the day after. Thomas grew more and more frustrated with his teammates, especially Puck, whose antics enraged him. The tension reached a peak during the Tokyo Tower challenge, where Thomas and Casey were paired together, but a jealous Thomas spent most of the time insulting her, Puck, and Casey's idol Chelsey. At one point, he sneezed, fell off the tower, and had to be put in a full-body cast. This caused his elimination, and an incensed Thomas insulted his entire team before limping away.

Thomas appeared in the finale, where he said he hadn't been paying attention after his elimination, and mistakenly thought Flora was in the finals. He reluctantly picked Roz to support.


  • Thomas was originally based on a good friend of mine. His personality was intended to be similar to my friend's, but the two ended up having very few similarities once Tokyo's Thomas became more of a jerk. 
  • Before Tokyo, he was planned to be in a collab story by me and Reddy, although we never really developed the collab. 
  • Thomas' fear and talent are references to "Boombox" by The Lonely Island ft. Julian Casablancas.
  • The fact that Thomas likes redheaded girls, in his biography, foreshadows his interactions with Casey.


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