Epic Platypi


Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Indiana Mackiewicz and the Temple of Bad Things"
Place 13th
Relationship MacKenzie, Cammy, Chelsey, Elle, Mattie (all attracted to)
Family Parents
Friends Kavren, Antoine, Trick (on Toad's side)
Enemies Elle, Chelsey, MacKenzie, Northworth
Fear Mean Teachers, Bullies, Jocks, People Who Sag
Talent Video Games, Running
Toad is labeled as The Perverted Wimp in Total Drama Revolution. He was on the Epic Platypi team.


Nobody really knows when Toad was born, but he just sort of appeared one day. A Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gamereighty felt sorry for the little shrimpy kid and adopted him. They soon after moved to Carson City, Nevada, where Toad got a job as an accountant at the age of 5 months. He was a horrible accountant, however, for many reasons, one being that he was 5 months old so couldn't talk, walk, read, or write. Mr. and Mrs. Gamereighty then moved to Gary, Indiana. Toad decided to stay there for the rest of his life, and memorized the song "Gary, Indiana", which was from some play that he liked. Toad is twelve-and-a-half now, yet he is still only 3 and a half feet tall. He bought a rabid squirrel, and named it Mr. Peebles. Toad decided to get a real girlfriend, so he auditioned for Total Drama Island. The producers rejected him, so he threw fits. The producers said that the next time he came close to them, they would call the police. So, Toad went back to his normal, docile ways. He is a very wimpy boy, and is deathly afraid of bullies. He also tells jokes almost at all times. Because of this, he has earned the nickname "Never-Shuts-Up Gamereighty." Sadly, he is also very pervy, and enjoys stalking and staring at girls.

Toad joined Total Drama Revolution when Chris wanted to let him in because he felt bad about rejecting him.


  • Toad was the first character thought up for Total Drama Revolution.
  • Toad is the youngest contestant in my series, being only twelve.
  • Before the story, I was temporarily thinking of changing his name to Todd to avoid confusion with me.
  • Toad was in the original version of the story. He was the first character thought up, and he had extremely long and shaggy hair. He went out with MacKenzie and got around 4th place, surprisingly.
  • Toad had a cameo in chapter sixteen of Total Drama Tokyo, where it was revealed that he had joined Mr. Chapman's Whale Club.


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