Tobi, is a contestant labeled The Smart Aleck on Total Drama Forest.                                                            

Tobi (TDF)
Battling Bears
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Mom, Sister, Father
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Trumpet Thingys that say "You're Not Perfect."
Talent Memorizing Random Facts


Whatever you can say, Tobi will have a snarky comeback for it. He is a very sarcastic person, which some find irritating. His remarks can also get him in trouble in school at points. He was introduced to the show by one of his friends, and has been hooked ever since. He applied, but never made it onto Revenge of the Island, and was ecstatic when he found out he was accepted for Forest.

Tobi joined Total Drama because he was a huge fan of the show.


  • Tobi is mostly based on myself.
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