Toby, labeled as The Mischief-Maker's Sidekick, is a recurring character and co-host of many of Rhonda's stories, including Total Drama What The Heck? and Total Drama Genesis. Toby is also co-host of the aftermath in Total Drama What The Heck?

Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Relationship None
Family Father, Older Brother, Older Sister, Younger Brother
Friends Jenny, Rhonda (possibly), Eileen
TDWTH:Julie, LeShawana,
Enemies Jenny, Rhonda,
TDWTH:Chef Hatchet, Bradley, Mr. Mackenzie,
Talent Complaining, Sarcasm, Mechanics, Woodworks


Toby has never been a really happy guy. He prefers not talking and being left to his own devices. His overall faith in human has died sometime ago he claims. But, he still finds himself occasionally doing nice things. Toby's past is unclear, and he prefers to not talk about it. He is also a rather good mechanic and woodworker, being able to fix, construct, and repair several things. He enjoys getting lost in those things.

Toby is rarely seen without Jenny, who claims Toby is her 'sidekick'. The two have a 'love-hate' relationship; they love to hate each other. How they met is unclear, as they often argue whenever asked. The two have travelled all over the world and have had several misadventures, which they only get off through pure stupidity.

Jenny and Toby met Rhonda after falling asleep in her yard. The three have an odd friendship that mirrors Jenny and Toby's relationship. It was Rhonda who got them a job on the show, where they half-heartedly co-host.

Toby really doesn't care about this show, so why he agreed to co-host is rather unclear.

Total Drama What The Heck?


  • Toby's skills in mechanics are based on the Sprinklemist character Toby, who was a mechanic. His wordworking skills are based on Nick Offerman. 
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