Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails
Swagged Out Citrus Fruits



Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Maid in Japan" and "Halloweenies"
Place TDT: 9th
TDSS: 21st
Relationship Ari
Roz (former attraction)
Family Parents, cousin
Friends Roz, Ari, Horatio, Julian, Anderson, Kai, Puck, Kavren
Enemies Estrella, Yuri, Trick
Fear Dragons, Liches, Trolls, Swamp Beasts, Giant Purple Worms, Rakshasas, Goblins, Evil Mages, Giants
Talent Role Playing
Tolkien, labeled The Fantasy Geek, is a contestant in Total Drama Tokyo who was placed on the Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails team. He returned for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, and was placed on the Swagged Out Citrus Fruits team.


Tolkien is a dorky little kid who lives with his parents, and his aunt, uncle, and cousin live close to him. Tolkien's favorite hobby is playing Luncheons and Laggins, which is an extremely complicated role playing game. He invites his equally nerdy friends to come over to his house, and he is always the "Luncheon Master." Tolkien is also home-schooled, but his parents have other jobs too and almost never teach him anything, leaving him to play Luncheons and Laggins for more and more hours. He loves comics, too, and collects them, then sells them on Pbay for tons of money and uses the money to buy more comics, repeating the cycle. He goes to a comic shop a lot with his nerdy little friends, but they never buy anything, they just play with the action figures and annoy the grumpy owner of the shop, who swears at them for interrupting his beauty sleep. Tolkien's cousin is often over at Tolkien's house, but he doesn't like to play Luncheons and Laggins, and he is usually disappointed at Tolkien, because they used to play a lot when they were little, but Tolkien ditched him for Luncheons and Laggins. Tolkien's parents are a bit concerned about his obsession with the game, and have taken him to see many therapists, but Tolkien never talks about his "feelings" to the therapists, mostly he just rants about L&L, which makes the therapists mad.

Tolkien's parents eventually signed him up for Total Drama after he was kicked out of his fifth therapist's office.

Total Drama Tokyo

Tolkien arrived to Total Drama asking if anyone there was a fan of Luncheons & Laggins, his favorite card game, but received nothing but negative responses. He instantly freaked out when realizing that he left a rare card of his on the plane, but Anderson revealed that he had the (now in very poor quality) card. He was mistaken for a girl by Isabel, and once Ari arrived, Tolkien instantly fell in love and told Anderson he thought she was his long-lost soulmate. When the contestants boarded the plane to Tokyo, Tolkien attempted to sit next to Ari, but was thwarted by Roz. He then reluctantly sat down with Anderson, who he began to banter with, with Roz joining in later. Roz later picked Tolkien to join her team, the Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candied Fish Tails, and they won the first challenge.

Tolkien began to ask the male contestants on his team, specifically Shawn and Julian, for advice about girls, specifically Ari and Roz, both of whom he had crushes on. While boating to Tokyo, he accidentally crashed his and Julian's boat on an island, and tried to get Julian to play Luncheons & Laggins with him, but he refused. Julian fell asleep, and Tolkien left him and hitched a ride on Estrella and Yuri's boat. Although his team lost the challenge and he became the target of Julian's wrath, he was saved from elimination. Later, he tried to get Anderson to play Groundrim with him, and as usual, Anderson wasn't having it. During the bathhouse challenge, he tried to tell jokes to impress Ari, and later won the challenge. He spent the following challenge attempting to get Ari to notice him as well, but his efforts were shrugged off.

After Anderson left, Tolkien was visibly sad despite Anderson's constant attempts to make him angry. Julian offered to give him some questionable advice about girls, and Tolkien went to Roz for another viewpoint, and she told him to do the exact opposite of Julian's suggestions. While Roz and Tolkien chatted, Roz accidentally revealed that Ari was a closet Luncheons & Laggins fan, and Tolkien began snooping through her backpack, eventually finding an extremely rare trading card. During the Pokemon-themed challenge, Tolkien was assigned to be Togepi, and demonstrated his vast knowledge of Pokemon, which Ari was also secretly a fan of, unbeknownst to him. Tolkien became suspicious about Ari's Pokemon knowledge, and Ari began to tell him but was hit by a foam thunderbolt. At the elimination ceremony, Ari was voted out, and she kissed Tolkien on the cheek and gave him her rare card that he had discovered earlier. 

Tolkien felt "empty" after Ari's departure and contemplated quitting, however this all changed when he was required to kiss Roz as part of his team's challenge. After the kiss, he developed strong feelings for Roz and tried to shrug them off by playing Planet of Battlecraft, but the feelings returned when he and Roz bonded over their mutual love for the game. In the challenge, Tolkien accidentally summoned a Japanese demon out of an umbrella he found in the forest, and found Roz's knowledge of nerdy Japanese subjects to be "hot." With his help, his team was able to win the challenge.

That night, Tolkien had a bizarre dream. He was standing in the middle of a field, similar to the Judgement of Paris myth from Greek mythology, and was faced with three choices: Roz, who promised a fun and exciting life; Ari, who said he was the only boy she had ever actually had a crush on; and the Black Mage from Luncheons & Laggins, who was disappointed in Tolkien for neglecting his cards. Before he could pick, he blurted out "burrito" and was woken up by Julian dangling a burrito in his face. In the challenge, Tolkien reunited with his cousin Kavren, who helped him climb up the Tokyo Tower. After some struggles, Tolkien reached the top and won the challenge, but felt woozy, asking Kavren if he could puke in his shirt.

Tolkien awoke the next morning to find that his cards had been stolen (by Julian, who was fascinated by them) and decided to play video games instead. Later, he ate a KidzTVDinnerz™ lasagna and argued with the others for an extended period of time about how he didn't want to give it to them. He explained that his sour mood was due to another dream he had, that involved him at school with Julian and Ari, who was dating Bennett, but Bennett turned to dust and Ari began to make out with Tolkien. While Roz suggested that it was an omen, he didn't listen. During the challenge, he ate his sushi slowly and went to the bathroom halfway through. While it originally appeared that Flora won the challenge, Tolkien came out of the bathroom at the point that he was the only one left standing, winning for his team. 

At the merge, Tolkien attempted to continue his "alliance" with Julian and met the boys on the other teams, especially Puck, who tried to (unsuccessfully) hit on Roz but was scolded by a jealous Tolkien. The eliminated contestants appeared to watch the challenge, and once Ari was revealed, Tolkien went completely white and started to stutter. Puck helped him out by giving him some emergency ice cubes, which Tolkien choked on. He then faced off against Puck in a wrestling match, and after seeing Ari in the audience, charged at Puck and pinned him down. After the challenge ended, Ari was revealed to be the returnee, and Tolkien immediately started talking to her again. When she complimented Puck on his humor, Tolkien and Puck got into an intense argument about jokes and girls. 

Roz's boyfriend visited the next day to help out with the challenge and started making out with Roz, which made Tolkien uncomfortable. In the next challenge, Tolkien was forced to play a game against one of the Japanese women in the maid cafe, but played Luncheons & Laggins with her instead. After being rejected by Chris, he was handed a game of Maplopoly, which he instantly lost. At the elimination ceremony, he was voted out for being a threat. He approached Ari to give her a hug, and she rejected him. After getting a man-hug from Julian, he moped away. 

Tolkien returned in the finale, where he supported Roz, but Layla picked him as one of her helpers in the final challenge along with Ari. When they got to the portion of the challenge that involved scrubbing old, naked men, a traumatized Tolkien rolled back and forth in a ball and refused to help for the remainder of the challenge. However, Layla won anyway, and Tolkien consoled Roz. He then confessed his love to her, which made Ari uncomfortable, and he kissed Roz on the lips, to which she returned the offer. Tolkien was announced to be a returnee for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, which he was excited about. 

After Total Drama Tokyo

In the two weeks between Tokyo and Superstar Showdown, Tolkien returned home where he attempted to get back into the world of RPGs and card games, but found himself still distracted by thoughts of Ari and Roz. He felt awkward while thinking about Ari and chose to not contact her, but attempted to contact Roz multiple times, to which she never answered. He attempted to create a pre-game alliance with Kavren, and Kavren agreed, on one condition: they let Arthur in. Tolkien, uncomfortable at the idea of interacting with Arthur, declined, but stayed close with Kavren.

Tolkien was picked to return due to his likable personality and his various girl-related antics, which the producers figured would lead to some juicy moments. He returned with the goal of wooing Roz once and for all.

Total Drama: Superstar Showdown

Tolkien arrived to Superstar Showdown and was immediately greeted by his cousin Kavren, introducing him to Arthur, who asked if Tolkien was the cousin who wasn't potty-trained until third grade. Upon seeing Roz, he started to sweat, and was later placed on the Swagged Out Citrus Fruits team. In the first challenge, he tried to work with Trick, but expressed skepticism about whether Trick was a nice guy or not. He later voted for Trick at elimination, feeling threatened by his mysterious nature, but Trick stayed in the game. 

Tolkien was revealed to be a sleepwalker, as he cuddled Trick in his sleep that night. After being whacked in the head with a stick, he woke up and confessed that he was having nightmares about Roz. His team lost the challenge again, and a disappointed Tolkien moped about Roz's mysterious new boyfriend Red, and vowed to prove to Roz that he liked her. The next morning, Trick and Tolkien were snuggling in their sleep again, but Trick woke up to a shock and moved away. Tolkien hugged Trick after scoring a point in the challenge, and Trick backed off. Trick spearheaded an attempt to vote Tolkien out that night at elimination, which succeeded. He took his elimination surprisingly well, and attempted to talk to Roz one more time, but all she said was that Ari was still into him. Tolkien waved goodbye and sailed away on the Boat of Losers. He came back on the Boat of Losers in Trick's boot, snuggling with Trick once again as he left the game. 

Roz visited Tolkien in the losers special, who had been, according to Kavren, in his room for the entire time doing little other than sobbing. Tolkien confessed to the camera about his romantic struggles and repeated failed attempts to pick up Roz, and then revealed that he had downloaded Timber but was having very little luck. Roz came in to check on him, and confessed to him that she didn't think the two could be compatible due to their drastically different approaches to romance. Tolkien asked if she wanted something casual, and was rebuffed when she said they could be platonic friends. Roz told Tolkien to contact Ari again, to which he happily obliged. Tolkien exited his room to find that Kavren had been eavesdropping, and after a chat, the two went downstairs to play Clash of Legends together and eat burritos. 

Tolkien returned for the finale, with newly dyed pink tips in his hair. Trick asked him about the change, and remarked that it wasn't "that awful." In the second part of the finale, when the former contestants arrived, Ari sat down next to him and the two playfully bantered while watching the challenge.

Audition Tape

Tolkien is shown in his room, which resembles a typical nerd's lair. "Hi, my name is Tolkien, but you can call me the Luncheon Master," he says. "I like to think I'm pretty good at the card game stuff. After all, I do have a holofoil Black Mage card..." He holds up a rare-looking card. "I think I'd be a pretty swell competitor, since I know tons of battle skills like how to properly wield an electro ball-and-chain! But I mean, I just want to meet some girls who like Luncheons and Laggins as much as I do. At this point, I've kinda just accepted that that'll never happen."


  • Tolkien's name is obviously a homage to J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings series, but he also shares his name - and appearance - with a friend of mine from my camp. Said friend has probably come across this page too. Hey there, Tolkien. 
  • While writing Total Drama Tokyo, Tolkien essentially became an author avatar of myself, with his plots with Ari and Roz. This was lampshaded in Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, especially the losers chapter, where pretty much every line of his was something I could realistically see myself saying. 
  • Luncheons and Laggins, Tolkien's favorite game, is an obvious parody of Dungeons and Dragons.
  • The symbol on Tolkien's shirt is the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda series.
  • Despite his nerdy personality, Tolkien is meant to be one of my more attractive male characters.
  • Tolkien is a favorite character of mine, but was always meant to be early boot fodder in TDSS. I didn't want his plot with Roz to take up too much time, but I did feel bad about the way I eliminated him, which prompted the decisions I made for him in the losers chapter and the finale. 
  • For a while, I wasn't sure whether Tolkien should end up with Ari or Roz, but comparing his personality with Roz's made me realize that the two weren't a very good fit, and I wanted to give the guy a happy ending. I like to think that he and Ari got together a couple weeks after the season ended.


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