Total Drama: Altso Isle is a season of Total Drama. Please note this takes place in an universe where World Tour doesn't exist, so some no longer accurate relationships will be shown. It is the first story in MamaLuigi22's canon.


Duncan (Team Moron Monkeys)

Courtney (Team Loser Lions)

Gwen (Team Moron Monkeys)

Heather (Team Loser Lions)

Geoff (Team Moron Monkeys)

Owen (Team Loser Lions)

Harold (Team Moron Monkeys)

Leshawna (Team Loser Lions)

Eva (Team Moron Monkeys)

Justin (Team Loser Lions)

Luttrel - Luttrel is a new contestant, and he is ready to win, no matter who he steps on. He is the main antagonist of Total Drama: Altso Isle. (Team Moron Monkeys)

Episode 1:

Chris McLean is standing on a new dock. "Hello, I'm Chris McLean! We are back with a new season of Total Drama! It will take place here, at the abandoned Altso Isle, where 11 teens will compete for the prize of 1...million...dollars! Here they come now!" Chris says as a ship carrying 10 teens pulls up to the island. They walk off.

Chris McLean says "So coming back we have Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Geoff, Owen, Harold, Leshawna, Eva, and Justin!"

Justin says sarcastically "I'm so glad to be back here McLean". Owen, who doesn't understand that it was a sarcastic comment, takes it seriously. "I know buddy! Isn't it going to be awesome?!" Owen says as he hugs Justin. Justin sighs in pain.

Confessional: (Justin) This is going to be a long season.

Heather looks at her opponents "These 9 competitors? This'll be a piece of cake!" She says.

Chris laughs. "Not exactly, we brought in a new contestant" Chris says. "That person better not be like Heather over here!" Leshawna says. "I can hear you thunder thighs" Heather responds. Leshawna is angry. "No one calls be thunder thighs!" Leshawna screams as she jumps at Heather. Chef Hatchet restrains her.

Chris says "Welcome Luttrel!". Another boat with a man named Luttrel pulls up to the island.

Confessional: (Luttrel) this'll be easy. I know all about these competitors, but they know nothing about me! This should be easy.

Luttrel says "Hello guys!" Gwen gives Luttrel a high five, and he sits down.

"Courtney, Heather, Owen, Leshawna, and Justin, you are on team Loser Lions!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Heather) of course we get the crappy names!

"And everyone else, your on team Team Moron Monkeys!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Chris) I gave them all deserving names.

"Anyways" Chris continues "The first challenge will be for each team to make me a cake! Team with the best cake, wins! Go!"

Confessional: (Luttrel) A food challenge. Owen is on the other team! Excellent

Meanwhile, at the loser lions kitchen, Leshawna is carrying Heather. "What about we lock her in the freezer like we did on Total Drama Island? Just for the memories?" Leshawna asks. The teams agrees, and Leshawna and Owen throw her in the freezer. "We'll let you out once the cake is done okay girl?" Leshawna says.

Confessional: (Heather) They locked me in the freezer again?! Ooh they are going to pay!

Courtney is sad. Leshawna walks up to her. "what wrong girl?" Leshawna asks. "It's just that...I'm not on Duncan's team, and Gwen is...I don't want them doing anything" Courtney responds. "Don't worry girlfriend, they wouldn't. Even if they wanted to, they are on television. So if they did, you'd find out eventually!" Leshawna reassures her. "I guess your right Leshawna. Let's get back to the competition!" Courtney responds.

Meanwhile, at the team Moron Monkeys' kitchen. "I'll go use the bathroom, be right back okay guys?" Luttrel says. "Alright, but be back quick! We can't lose this challenge!!" Eva says angrily.

Confessional: (Luttrel) Nows my chance!

At team Loser Lions' Kitchen, they realize they forgot the cherries. "Alright, we'll go look for cherries! Owen, you keep the cake safe!" Courtney says as the team runs out.

Luttrel walks up. "Hey Owen buddy! How's the cake going!" Luttrel says. "Pretty good, I promised not to eat it" Owen responds. Luttrel says "interesting". Luttrel grabs most the cake, and rubs it against Owen's face, covering his mouth with icing. "Wait! It's going to look like I ate the cake!" Owen says. "That's the goal!" Luttrel says as he runs off.

Courtney and the others return. "Okay Owen, we found the cherries and-" the team gasp.

Confessional: (Luttrel) Something tells me Owen's going home tonight!

Confessional: (Owen) Something tells me that Luttrel is a bad guy...

Confessional: (Heather) I saw what happened from the freezer! I have my eye on you Luttrel!

Duncan and Gwen are talking amongst themselves. "So you really came back, after what happened to you at Total Drama Action I didn't think you would!" Duncan says. "It's a million dollars, of course I'd come back. What about you? I thought Courtney wouldn't let you come back, after she thought we cheated." Gwen says. "She doesn't control me" Duncan says. "Hey, if you two would stop slacking, we got a challenge to win!!" Eva screams.

Confessional: (Gwen) Me and Duncan are just friends. So what if he's kind of hot (blushes). Give me the tape! I need it!

Chris speaks over an intercom "Teams, you now have 2 minutes to add any last touches to your cakes, then bring them to me.

Team Moron Monkeys work together, and add their last touches. Chris says "Time!" I will come to each team, and see how their cake is!"

Chris first walks up to Team Loser Lions, who have just let Heather out of the freezer. "Really Owen?" Chris says. "I'm telling you guys, it wasn't me!" Owen says. "you were caught with the cake on you, you probably did not eat it." Justin says sarcastically. "You really believe that?" Owen says. "No!" Shouts the whole team besides Heather.

Chris takes a bite of team Moron Monkeys' cake. "It's terrible" Chris says. The team gasps. "but since Owen ate the other team's cake, you win!" Chris exclaims. The team cheers.

Over the intercom, "Team Loser Lions, today you'll be sending someone home!".

Confessional: (Heather) I know Owen didn't do it. But since I'm here, and no one is really on my side, I'm going to vote for Owen. Because judging by how I treated everyone before, I would be the 2nd choice.

Confessional: (Geoff) We won! Woohoo! And Bridge, I miss you babe

In the cabins, Leshanwa, Courtney, and Justin are talking. "I think we should vote out Heather" Leshanwa says. "What?! But Owen ate the cake and made us lose!" Courtney says. "Well yes, but Owen isn't much of a threat, and Heather is! We should vote her out" Leshawna says. "Don't worry, I'm voting for Heather" Justin says as he leaves the cabin. "Who are you going to pick?" Leshawna asks Courtney. "Um...I don't know yet" Courtney responds.

Confessional: (Courtney) I can't decide who to vote for! Owen ate our food, and could ruin future challenges. But Heather is a good player!

Confessional: (Justin) Of course I secretly voted for Owen. I told Leshanwa I was on her side to gain her trust.

At the bonfire,

"I hold 4 marshmallows on this plate. But there are 5 of you. Whoever does not get a marshmallow must go on the speedboat of losers, and can never come back. EVER. The following contestants are safe. Leshawna" Chris says. He throws a marshmallow at Leshawna who catches it. "Justin" Chris says. Justin catches his marshmallow.

"Courtney" Chris says. He throws a marshmallow at Courtney who catches it in her mouth.

"Heather, Owen, this is the last marshmallow. One of you is leaving tonight. Owen, you ate your team's cake and cost them the challenge" Chris says.

"Did not!" Says Owen.

"And Heather, you have been a jerk to everyone on your team at some point. Pretty good reason to send you home. The last marshmallow goes to..................Heather" Chris says. Chris throws a marshmallow at Heather. "Owen, it's time to go" Chris says.

"Well I've had a fun time here, but be careful, don't trust Luttrel! Izzy I'm coming home!" Owen says as two interns take him to the speed boat of losers. And it drives off.

"With Owen down, so goes the comedic relief!" Chris says "What did Owen mean by 'don't trust Luttrel?', will Heather manage to survive long this season.,.again? And will team loser lions make their comeback. Find out next time on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!".

Episode 2:

Confessional: (Luttrel) So Owen is gone. Great, I need to get someone else. I'm torn between Justin and Eva.

Heather is walking with Geoff and Gwen. "You know, Luttrel is a serious threat. We should eliminate him, he knows more than he seems" Heather suggests. "Ha! No way Heather, anyone who you don't like has to be good" Gwen says. "After all the things you did, no one, certainly me, will ever trust you again" Geoff says. Gwen and Geoff walk off.

Confessional: (Heather) Why is it that I'm the only one who ever notices the things this Guy does?

Meanwhile, at the woods. "So Harold, I brought you out here to propose an alliance. Since all the girls here aren't really interested in me, I thought you and I could become allies!" Justin proposes. "On one condition" Harold says "We never vote out Leshawna". Justin thinks. "Fine, Leshanwa is safe" Justin agrees. "So were a team!" Harold says as he high fives Justin.

"Hello miserable campers, report to the elimination bonfire in five minutes for your challenge. McLean out!' Chris says over the intercom.

Everyone arrives, except Duncan and Courtney. "Where are Courtney and Duncan?" Luttrel asks.

Confessional: (Duncan and Courtney) (Duncan and Courtney make out until Chef opens the door and drags them out

"Alright, now that everyone is here, time for the challenge!" Chris says "Both teams must have a bike race around the island!"

Confessional: (Heather) real original Chris

"Winning team won't lose anyone tonight, losing team will be sending someone home. Go!" Chris says.

The teams run to the bikes.

Confessional: (Luttrel) I knew bringing tacks would be a good idea!

Almost immediately, Eva takes the lead. Justin and Geoff are neck and neck. Justin throws a rock at Geoff, causing him to fall off his bike. Harold follows after.

Gwen and Duncan are at the same speed and rate. "Bet you can't beat me in a race" Duncan says. "Oh yeah!" Gwen says as she speeds up. Courtney sees this, and throws a stick at Gwen, knocking her off her bike. "Whoops!" Courtney says "it slipped out of my hands!" Courtney says as she passes Gwen.

Confessional: (Duncan) Ever since Total Drama Action, Courtney has been suspicious of me and Gwen having an affair.

Leshawna is catching up to Eva. Eva gets angry and punches at Leshawna. Leshawna dodges, and Eva's fist hits a tree. Eva falls off her bike.

Geoff is riding his bike, rather sadly. "Man I miss Bridgette" he says. Heather rides up to him and shoves him off his bike.

Confessional: (Heather) sure shoving Geoff off his bike was a bit mean, but have you taken a look at my team? We need all the help we can get

Gwen is riding, and catching up behind Luttrel. Luttrel drops down a few tacks, and it pops Gwen's tires. Her crashing causes everyone else to crash, and Luttrel purposely crashes, to make it look like it was Gwen's fault.

"Okay...since everyone is crashed, besides besides Leshawna's, and she was the only one to pass the finish line, the Loser Lions win!" Chris exclaims.

The Loser Lions cheer. "Moron Monkeys, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Gwen) I know that little twerp Luttrel put down tacks to make me crash! He's getting off this island

Confessional: (Luttrel) With a little convincing, I think I've managed to make it seem like Gwen purposely threw the challenge.

"Moron Monkeys, there are 6 of you on this team, but five marshmallows on this plate. One will be gone! The people who are safe are Duncan, Geoff" Chris says. He throws a marshmallow at Duncan and Geoff.

"Harold, your safe" Chris says. "Awesome" Harold says as he catches his marshmallow. "Eva, your safe" Chris says. "Good" Eva says as she catches her marshmallow.

"Luttrel, Gwen, this is the last marshmallow. Whoever does not get this must leave on the speedboat of losers" Chris says "The last marshmallow goes to............................Luttrel". Chris throws a marshmallow to Luttrel as he smugly catches it and eats it. "Gwen, it's time to go!" Chris says. Chef throws her onto the speedboat of losers, and she is taken away.

It is revealed that Duncan was watching the elimination ceremony. "No" he whispers sadly.

"With Gwen gone, who is next?" Chris says "Find out next time on Total...Drama...Altso isle!"

Episode 3

"Previously, on Total Drama Altso Isle! The contestants bike around the island. Harold and Justin make an alliance. When it looks like the Loser Lions were going to win, Luttrel sabotages Gwen, and gets Gwen voted off. Now there is 9, soon to be 8, Who's next? Find out right here at Total Drama Altso Isle!"

Justin and Harold are having an alliance meeting. "Harold, I need you to do something for me" Justin says. "What can my mad skills do for you?" Harold asks. "Sabotage your team tonight" Justin says. "What?!" Harold says. "You see, Eva is a big threat, she's very athletic. If you sabotage your team, I can help convince everyone to vote her off" Justin says. "Promise?" Harold says. "Promise" Justin says.

Confessional: (Justin) As if I would vote Eva out! Harold is going to sabotage his team, and then I'll convince his team to vote him off!

Justin brings Luttrel to the same woods where he and Harold were earlier. "Listen, Luttrel, I want to make an alliance" Justin proposes. "Cool, consider me in" Luttrel says. "Alright, let's take out Harold. I got him throwing the challenge. You should do so to, to widen the chances. But then, we convince who's left on his team, Geoff, Eva, and Duncan. I'll work on Geoff and Eva, you take on Duncan!" Justin says. "Sounds like a plan partner" Luttrel says as he walks away.

Confessional: (Justin) good! my back up alliance is set

Confessional: (Luttrel) He'll be expendable. Might as well get rid of Harold

Confessional: (Harold) I'm glad I can use my mad skills to make it to the final two with Justin.

Confessional: (Justin) Harold is going home!

Luttrel sneaks by Duncan into his cabin, and cuts Duncan's picture of Courtney with Duncan's knife, and puts it under Harold's bed. "Duncan! Get in here!" Luttrel yells. "What dweeb?" Duncan says. "Look what I found under Harold's bed!" Luttrel says. "What could it...oh hell no" Duncan says as he sees Courtney's picture ripped up. "Harold's going to die" Duncan says as he picks up his knife and walks towards the door. "Wait wait! Maybe instead of murdering him on international TV, what about you vote for him if you lose the challenge!" Luttrel says "and if you are that kind of person, you could throw the challenge to assure his leaving the island!". Duncan looks at the picture and grins "I like the way you think Luttrel".

Confessional: (Heather) I'm pretty sure Luttrel is causing trouble right now, so I'm going to cause my own trouble

Heather walks up to the boys cabin. She pulls out a spray paint can and graffiti tags the cabin.

It reads 'Bridgette is stupid! love Luttrel'. Heather laughs and walks away.

Confessional: (Heather) Alright, if things go according to plan, Geoff will get mad at Luttrel and try to vote him off. Ah, I love tension between other contestants, makes me less likely to get voted off

Justin walks out to Eva and Geoff. "Hey Eva, hey Geoff" he says casually. "What's up dude?" Geoff says. "What do you want Justin" Eva says. "Well I was just going to say that Harold doesn't like you two, and that he thinks your both sorry wastes of skin" Justin says. Eva is growling, while Geoff just stares with his mouth wide open. "Well goodbye you two" Justin says as he walks away smugly.

Confessional: (Geoff) Well I thought Harold was an okay guy, but I guess not

Confessional: (Eva) gah!! Harold is going down! (Eva hits the camera, and it goes static)

Meanwhile, Duncan and Courtney are in a canoe, hanging out. "So big boy, wanna lip wrestle?" Courtney asks flirtatiously. "I'm not in the mood sugar lips" Duncan says.

Confessional: (Duncan) Okay, so I'm a bit bummed out that Gwen was eliminated...don't be like Courtney and immediately assume it's because I'm a cheater, imagine how you'd feel if one of your best friends was voted off

Confessional: (Courtney) Sugar lips?

"Hello campers, make your way to the dining hall for breakfast" Chris says over the intercom.

The contestants arrive at the dining hall. Where they see an all you can eat breakfast waiting. "Mmm, steaming hot bacon!" Leshanwa says. "Hold your horses" Chris says "I just wanted to say that in light of all the torture and drama you guys suffer, we have prepared an all you can eat food bar! Dig in!" The contestants start eating.

Confessional: (Heather) I didn't eat the food. Something tells me there is a catch

Chris comes in. "Hope you had fun eating because you must keep eating and eating until you throw up! First team to have all it's members throw up will be sending someone home. Good luck!" Chris says. He leaves.

All contestants groan. .

Confessional: (Heather) Luckily I didn't eat the food. I should last longer than the others!

All the contestants dig in. Justin looks at Geoff and Eva, who purposely throw up. Luttrel does the same. Duncan does so as well.

Confessional: (Harold) what's up with my team? They aren't throwing the challenge too...right?

Duncan runs up to Harold and kicks him strait in the stomach. This causes Harold to throw up everywhere.

"Okay...I don't know what that was, but the Loser Lions win again!" Chris says. The loser lions cheer. "Gosh!" Harold yells at Duncan as he walks out. "Moron Monkeys, I'll see you at elimination.

Confessional: (Leshanwa) I'm no genius, but something tells me that the other team threw the game...except Harold. Wait a minute...Harold joined an alliance with Justin...they couldn't be...poor Harold

Confessional: (Justin) Sorry Harold, but your gone

At the elimination ceremony,

"Seriously guys, that was just pathetic" Chris says. Everyone glares at Harold "Anyways, Duncan, Geoff, Eva, your all safe!" Chris says. He throws marshmallows to them, and they catch it.

"Harold, Luttrel, this is the last marshmallow. Whoever doesn't get it must go on the speedboat of losers, and can never return. Harold, you've managed to tick off your whole team." Chris says.

"I didn't do anything! Gosh!" Harold says. "And Luttrel, you vandalized the cabin and insulted Geoff's girl Bridgette" Chris says.

"Wait what? When did I do that?" Luttrel says. "No matter, the final marshmallow goes to.................................Luttrel" Chris says. He throws the marshmallow to Luttrel who catches it in his mouth.

Harold whispers under his breath "Justin" as he walks to the speedboat of losers and is taken off the island.

"Who will be next in Justin and Luttrel's path?" Chris says "Will Justin and Luttrel's alliance last? And who will be next? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

Episode 4

"Last time, on Total Drama Altso Isle" Chris says "Justin convinces Harold to sabotage his team to vote out Eva, but he also makes an alliance with Luttrel, and convinces Harold's team to vote him off. Heather vandalizes and insults Geoff's girlfriend and frames Luttrel for it. In the end, Harold is voted off, and only realizes what happened until it was too late. Harsh. Can Luttrel get the team back on his side? How long will Justin's new alliance last? And will Heather ever convince anyone that Luttrel is not who he seems? Find out today on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

Confessional: (Luttrel) I'm glad that Harold is out. Who to eliminate next? I'm going for Heather, something tells me she is aware of my true nature

Luttrel runs out of the confessional to meet with Justin. It is revealed Heather was eavesdropping from behind the confessional.

Confessional: (Heather) I knew Luttrel was bad news! If he's after me, how am I going to survive? I know, I'll get any negative attention towards me distracted by getting Leshawna to look bad

Heather runs to Duncan. "Hello Duncan!" says Heather. "What do you want, don't forget I am still mad at you for the things you did in Total Drama Island" Duncan says. "Listen, from girl to guys, I'm warning you that Leshawna wants you gone" Heather says slyly. "How do I know your not lying?!" Duncan says angrily. "this is how" Heather says as she pulls out a book. "It's Leshawna's diary. I found it open on the ground. I was going to put it back, when I saw your name in it. I was curious, I read it, and I found out that she was sabotaging your team! You and Eva may have puked on purpose, but Geoff didn't! Leshawna slipped something in his drink when he was eating and he threw up! It's right here in the diary." Heather says as she lets Duncan read it. Duncan is really mad.

Confessional: (Heather) ever since Total Drama Island, I wrote a fake diary with a full 100 pages in it, each trash talking the other competitors. Say I have no life all you want, with this baby, I'll keep myself from elimination. Suck on that Luttrel!

"What should we do about that traitor?!" Eva yells. "Well, you could vote for her in the next elimination" Heather suggests. "Good idea Heather, I'll vote for her" Eva says.

Confessional: (Heather) this game is just so easy sometimes

Luttrel and Justin meet up. "You wanna hear my plan Justin?" Luttrel asks rhetorically "You sabotage your team, and get Heather eliminated.". Justin's eyes light up with glee "Great idea, glad I came up with it, Heather is so unpopular it should be easy!" Justin says as he runs away.

Confessional: (Luttrel) I'm playing him like an instrument. He's so easy to manipulate

"Everyone meet by the campfire in 10 minutes" Chris says over the intercom.

Later, at the campfire,

"What's our challenge Chris man?" Geoff asks. Heather whispers in his ear, and Geoff meets her by the confessional.

Confessional: (Geoff) What did Leshanwa say about me in her diary? (Starts reading) that little (censored)

Confessional: (Heather) Now I have Eva , AND Geoff's approval! And I'm going to get all the other loser lions in on it to! Gwen, Leshawna will be coming home soon!

Confessional: (Courtney) Heather showed me what Leshawna wrote about me in her diary, she's going down!

"The challenge is a paintball battle! Except the paintballs won't be paintballs, but tranquilizer darts! Ha ha! First team with all it's members tranquilized will be sending someone home tonight!"

Everyone runs to the other ends of the island to pick up their tranquilizer guns.

Courtney meets up with Leshawna. "Leshawna, why did you say I was a no-talented pretty faced (censored) with no hope of ever amounting to anything? That really hurt me" Courtney asks. "Wait what?! I never-" is all she could say before she was tranquilized by a dart shot by Heather. "Who shot that?!" Courtney yells, being the only one who saw it. No one responds.

Confessional: (Heather) glad no one noticed me tranquilizing her. It's nothing personal Leshawna. In fact, the only reason I'm getting her eliminated is because I'm the only who knows about Luttrel's intentions. And if I'm gone, he'll be on this island with no one who knows what his true colors are!

"Okay, Leshawna was shot out by some traitor, so we should contin-" is all Heather can say before she collapses, with a tranquilizer dart in her neck.

Confessional: (Justin) I wonder who shot that? Ha ha ha!

"Who keeps shooting people?!" Courtney yells. "It doesn't matter" Justin says "We must continue before something happens!". Suddenly, Duncan jumps out of a bush an tranquilizes them all.

Confessional: (Duncan) yeah, what Leshawna said isn't going to fly.

"Woah! The Moron Monkeys win!" Chris says over the intercom "see you loser lions at the elimination ceremony".

At the elimination ceremony,

"There is lots of manipulation going on tonight! Anyway, Courtney, Justin, your safe!" Chris says as he throws two marshmallows at Justin and Courtney. "Heather and Leshawna, the one of you who gets the final marshmallow is..................Heather. Chris throws a marshmallow at Heather, and Leshawna is dragged by Chef Hatchet onto the speedboat of losers.

"I'm too lazy to ask rhetorical questions" Chris says "See you next time at Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

Episode 5

"Last time, on Total Drama Altso Isle" Chris says "The contestants are forced to compete in paintball, with less paint, more tranquilizers. When Luttrel plans to eliminate Heather, Heather thinks fast and gets Leshawna eliminated in her place! Who will go next? Find it right here, on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

A alarm goes off, waking up the remaining contestants. They all run to the campfire to evacuate, when they see Chris holding an alarm bell. "What was that?!" Eva Angrily exclaims. "Your wake up call. You teens are sleeping in way too late! You've been in bed for an hour! The day won't wait for you while you sleep in!" Chris says. "What time is it?" Courtney asks. "1:00 AM on the dot" Chris says.

The team groans.

Confessional: (Heather) man I hate Chris

"Today, you'll go on a 6 mile run! Go go go!" Chris yells. The contestants start running.

Confessional: (Luttrel) How did Leshawna get booted last time instead of Heather? Knowing Heather, she probably did something to get Leshawna eliminated instead of her. I wouldn't surprise me, Heather is a good player...which is why she must go today

Luttrel and Justin meet up while they are running. "Justin, I think I know how to get rid of Heather!" Luttrel says. "How?" Justin responds. " You still have a hold on Eva with your body, get her to join the alliance!" Luttrel says. "I can manage" Justin says.

Eva is running. "Hey Eva" Justin says flirtatiously. "Wha-wha-what Justin?" Eva says infatuated. "I was wondering if you would join my alliance" Justin says. "I don't know" Eva says. Justin takes off his shirt and flexes his muscles. Eva decides to join.

Luttrel, Justin, and Eva meet up. "So Eva, will you do everything in your power to get Heather eliminated?" Justin asks. "Don't worry, Heather is gone!" Eva says as she runs.

Duncan and Courtney are running. "I'm telling you Courtney, I did not cheat on you with Gwen!" Duncan says. "Fine Duncan, but if I check the episodes later and see cheating, your dead!" Courtney says. They then passionately make out.

Eventually the teams make it to the finish line.

"So who won?" Geoff asks. "No one!" Chris says.

Everyone gasps.

"Everyone is up for elimination! Nice twist right?" Chris says. Everyone groans.

Confessional: (Eva) I've done everything in my power to make sure Heather is going home. I would've done it anyways, after her getting me eliminated in Total Drama Island! (Growls)

Confessional: (Heather) I know Justin, Luttrel, and Eva are trying to get me eliminated. But trust me, I'm not going home tonight. (Laughs)

At the elimination ceremony,

"I have 6 marshmallows on this plate" Chris says "but 7 of you. Whoever does not get a marshmallow must go on the-"

"Do it already!" yells Eva. "Fine! Way to ruin the moment Eva!" Chris says.

"Geoff, Justin, Luttrel, Courtney, your safe!" Chris says. Chris throws marshmallows at Geoff, Justin, Luttrel, and Courtney.

"Eva, your safe!" Chris says as he throws a marshmallow to Eva as well. "Heather, Duncan, this is the last marshmallow. One of you is going home" Chris says "Heather, everyone hates you, good reason to send you home. Duncan...I honestly have no idea why your here, you haven't done anything wrong".

"That you know of" Duncan says smugly. "Yeah..." Chris says "and the last marshmallow goes to...........................................Heather". Chris throws a marshmallow to Heather.

"What? You eliminated me?" Duncan says "What did I do?". "You know what you did!" Courtney yells. "Wait...what is she talking abou-" is all Duncan can say before he is thrown in a sack by Chef Hatchet. Chef throws the sack onto the speedboat of losers, and Duncan is driven off.

Confessional: (Luttrel) What happened? Wasn't Heather supposed to go home?

Confessional: (Heather) Since I knew it would come in handy, I photoshopped a picture of Duncan and Gwen sleeping together (shows the audience). Thanks to my plan, Duncan is home!

Confessional: (Courtney) That dirty cheater!!!!!!

"Ooh drama!" Chris says "With Duncan gone, how long will Courtney last? Will Heather be able to dodge elimination from Luttrel yet again? And will Eva's alliance keep her? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!

Episode 6

"Last time, on Total Drama Altso Isle!" Chris says "the contestants had to run 6 miles strait. Eva joins Justin and Luttrel's alliance, and they attempt to get Heather. However, due to Heather photoshopping a photo of Duncan and Gwen sleeping together, Duncan was sent home instead! With only 6 contestants remaining, it's time to merge! Find out who will go home today, right here, on Total...Drama...Altso...Isle!"

Confessional: (Luttrel) Now with only 6 contestants left, it may be time to ditch Justin

Confessional: (Justin) Now with only 6 contestants left, it might be time to get Luttrel sent home

"Everyone meet at the bonfire in two minutes! Go!" Chris yells over the intercom. The contestants arrive at the bonfire.

"Today, you guys will run a 9 mile run!" Chris says.

Confessional: (Courtney) Last time we ran 6 miles! Today we are running 9 miles! Chris's challenges are getting old. (Starts sniffling) like Duncan the cheater! (Starts crying intensely)

"But there will be a catch!" Chris says "The teams have merged!"

Confessional: (Luttrel) yes! The teams have merged! It's all uphill from here!

Confessional: (Heather) dang it! I'm not exactly popular, and without a 50/50 chance of being safe, I'm going to have to win a LOT of immunity!

"Everyone open one of the treasure chests in front of you" Chris says "They all have negative results, except one! One has immunity for the night, AND the ability to not participate in this challenge! So open up, and hope you don't die (laughs)".

The contestants groan. Courtney opens one, and is electrocuted. Eva opens one, and is electrocuted as well. Eva gets really mad and destroys the chest. Geoff Justin, and Luttrel open their chests, and are electrocuted. Heather opens hers, and gets a marshmallow inside.

"And Heather wins immunity!" Chris says. "Yes!" Heather exclaims. "Heather! you do not have to compete in this challenge, and will last at least until next episode!"

Everyone else groans.

Confessional: (Luttrel) Why did Heather get immunity! I wouldn't of minded if anyone other then Heather got it!

"Now you all, besides Heather, must run the 9 miles! The person who doesn't make it to finish line will be eliminated! We did this so it wouldn't be like Lindsay's elimination from Total Drama Island" Chris says "go go go!". With that, everyone starts running.

Confessional: (Luttrel) Last one to complete the race will be eliminated. I know who to eliminate

Justin, Luttrel, and Eva meet up while running. "Now that we can't eliminate Heather...yet...we should eliminate Courtney" Luttrel says "now here is my plan, Eva, Justin, you distract Courtney, and I will knock her out with a rock! She won't cross the finish line, and she'll be gone!". Justin and Eva agree.

Confessional: (Eva) Normally, I don't do anything this underhanded, but Courtney kind of deserves it

Meanwhile, Geoff is running, and Heather catches up to him. "You know you don't need to run right?" Geoff says. "Well, Geoff, you see, Eva, Luttrel, and Justin are in an alliance!" Heather says "you, me, and Courtney are the only ones left that aren't in the alliance, they'll certainly pick us off one by one. And something tells me Courtney won't want to join. What about we form an alliance?". "Alright Heather, but only because of what Luttrel said about Bridgette with graffiti" Geoff says.

Confessional: (Heather) I knew that graffiti I made would come in handy!

Courtney is running, and Justin and Eva catch up to her. "Courtney, it wasn't right what Duncan did" Justin says. "I know, it wasn't fair!" Courtney says angrily. "I'll be sure to beat him up when I get home!" Eva says. "You know you guys, I feel a bit better! Thanks for the hel-" Is all Courtney can say before Luttrel hits her with a rock on the head, knocking her out.

"Go guys, go!" Luttrel says as he, Justin, and Eva escape.

Chris is waiting at the finish line. "Here they come now!" He says. Geoff passes, Eva passes, as well as Justin and Luttrel.

"Good job guys! Wait...where is Courtney? You know what that means, Courtney is eliminated!" Chris says. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief.

Later, at the bonfire,

As Courtney is getting pulled onto the speedboat of losers, she says "Luttrel, Justin, and Eva knocked me out!". "No one said that wasn't allowed!" Chris says as Courtney is thrown on the speedboat that is getting driven away.

Confessional: (Geoff) Heather was telling the truth! But I better keep my eye on her, just to be sure

"noooooooo!" Courtney is heard yelling in the background.

"With the merge, Justin's alliance can't last long! Neither can Heather's! Who will go next, find out next time on Total...Drama...Altso...Isle!

Episode 7

"Last time on Total Drama Altso Isle" Chris says "Justin's alliance keeps Eva in, Heather and Geoff reluctantly team up, and due to some planning on the part of Luttrel, Courtney was sent home! With only 5 contestants still going, who will be next to take the speedboat of losers? Find out today, on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

Heather and Geoff are meeting. "How do we get one of them eliminated?" Geoff asks. "Well, we could turn them against one another" Heather suggests. "Great idea! But how will we do that?" Geoff asks. "Well Justin and Luttrel are having a private meeting without Eva" Heather says "I'll just record the conversation, and see what I can use to turn them against one another".

Confessional: (Geoff) I can see why Heather makes it so far most of the time when no one likes her, it's because she is pretty smart and stuff.

Meanwhile, Justin, and Luttrel are having a private meeting. Heather sneaks behind a tree and starts recording.

"Luttrel" Justin says "It's time to eliminate Eva. Let's convince Geoff and Heather to vote her off". "Why?" Luttrel asks. "She's way too athletic, she'll crush us all in the finale" Justin answers. "Your right" Luttrel says "Eva it is!". Heather grins and turns off the camera.

Confessional: (Heather) Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! I got the footage. Say hello to the leader of an alliance with Geoff and Eva!

Heather runs up to Eva. "Hey Eva, look what I found!" Heather says as she turns on the recording. Eva sees the conversation between Justin and Luttrel. "Those backstabbing rats!" Eva yells "I'm going to hurt them!". Eva starts running when Heather holds her back. "Easy! They will go down in time, but for now, join Geoff and I's alliance. No matter what, since we would have 3 members, and they would have two! One of them would have to be eliminated!" Heather says. Eva grins and agrees with Heather.

Confessional: (Eva) Excellent! Luttrel, Justin, you two are going down!

Confessional: (Geoff) Now that Eva is on our side, our alliance is making it too the top!

"It's time to meet over by the campfire for the elimination ceremony!" Chris says over the intercom.

"What?!" The remaining campers yell. "Yeah, I just decided to let the drama grow this episode and eliminate someone at the end, no challenge!" Chris says over the intercom.

The campers cheer and run to the bonfire.

At the bonfire,

"There are 4 marshmallows on this plate, and 5 of you. You know the drill" Chris says "Geoff, your safe". Chris throws a marshmallow at Geoff, who catches it. "Luttrel, your safe" Chris says as he throws a marshmallow at Luttrel. "Heather, your safe too" Chris says as he throws a marshmallow at Heather.

"Justin, Eva, this is the last marshmallow. Whoever doesn't get it will go on the speedboat of losers, and will never return. EVER." Chris says "The last marshmallow goes to........Justin!"

"What?!" Yell Heather, Geoff, and Eva at the same time. "Eva, it's time to go home!" Chris says. "No you can't make me! I hate you Chris, I hate this island!" Eva says as Chef Hatchet throws her onto the boat with a straitjacket on Eva.

Confessional: (Heather) I actually voted for Eva as well, despite what the alliance was supposed to do. I wasn't going to do it originally, but when Luttrel and Justin were talking, I realized they were right. Eva is just WAY to strong to risk having in the final two. Sorry Eva fans!

"And with that, there are only 4 left. Will Heather be able to convince Geoff she didn't vote for Eva? Will Luttrel or Justin betray one another?" Chris says "Find our next time, on Total...Drama...Altso...Isle!"

Episode 8

"Last time, on Total Drama Altso Isle" Chris says "Heather recorded Justin's alliance planning to betray Eva, so she convinces Eva to join her alliance with Geoff, just so Heather herself could betray her and get her eliminated! Harsh! There are only 4 left, and there is no way the alliances can last much longer! But who knows? You will if you watch this episode of Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

Geoff and Heather are in a canoe, talking. "Then how did Eva get voted off if you didn't vote for her?" Geoff asks. "Think about it, for all we know, Luttrel could have tampered with the votes. It's happened before" Heather cooly replies. "I guess your right" Geoff says suspiciously.

Confessional: (Geoff) I'm pretty sure Heather voted out Eva...but there is no way to know she did. I guess we'll continue working together until the final 3 at least

"Worthless remaining campers, meet by the cabins in an hour for the final 4 challenge!" Chris says over the intercom.

Everyone heads to the cabins and hangs out until Chris gets there.

Confessional: (Luttrel) I've decided to not betray Justin. He's got us this far. But since I still don't trust him after he got Harold kicked off, I'm probably going to try and avoid him making it to the final 2 with me.

Confessional: (Justin) I'm not going to betray Luttrel. He's got me pretty far in the game, farther than usual

Chris arrives in a jeep driven by Chef Hatchet. "Congratulations on making it to the final 4!" Chris says "Now for the challenge, I have hidden 3 marshmallows around the island! You will all look for them. Whoever doesn't get a marshmallow is eliminated! Good luck!". Chef Hatchet drives Chris away.

"Let's split up Luttrel!" Justin suggests. "Good idea!" Luttrel says as he runs away. Heather and Geoff look at one another for a minute, then begin running too.

Confessional: (Heather) I just told Geoff my plan, and he's going along with it. We will catch up to Justin. I'll distract Justin, and Geoff will take the opportunity no tie him up. Then we both make it to the final three, and then our alliance splits up. So close to the million, I can almost taste it!

Luttrel sees a marshmallow on the ground. "This is almost too easy" Luttrel says as he goes to pick it up. A robot approaches Luttrel. "What?! A robot?!" Luttrel yells. "I thought it be more entertaining if a killer robot guarded each marshmallow!" Chris says over the intercom. The robot fires a missile at Luttrel, who barely dodges it and kicks the head off the robot. Luttrel picks up the marshmallow.

"And Luttrel wins immunity!" Chris says over the intercom.

Confessional: (Luttrel) That was surprisingly easy

Heather runs up to Justin. "What do you want Heather?" Justin asks. "What about I join your alliance with Luttrel, and we eliminate Geoff" Heather asks. "Well I would have to think about it. But maybe you could if-" is all Justin could say before Geoff tackles him and ties him up. "Why did you do that?!" Justin yells at Heather and Geoff. "To break up your evil alliance!" Geoff says as they run off.

Confessional: (Justin) I got played. But it wasn't by Luttrel, like I thought I would've been played by

Heather and Geoff are running. "Look it's the marshmallow! I got it" Geoff says as he runs toward it. A robot shoots lasers at Geoff who runs back. Heather runs off.

Meanwhile, Justin is trying to get out of the ropes. He suddenly breaks through!

Confessional: (Justin) Right there, the spot when I broke out of the rope, that shot right THERE was worth a billion dollars

Geoff rolls under the robot and grabs the marshmallow. "And Geoff has immunity!" Chris says over the intercom "Heather, you better find a marshmallow fast, because Justin just has got untied, and he is back in the game!"

Heather runs over and sees a Marshmallow. "It's mine!" Heather says. "Not yet!" Justin says as he tackles Heather. They fight and roll. The robot approaches them, and fires a missile. Heather rolls away, but Justin doesn't do it fast enough, and is zapped. Heather quickly grabs the marshmallow. "And Heather grabs the last Marshmallow!" Chris says over the intercom. "Yes! I'm I'm the final 3!" Heather says excitedly. "Justin, your going home" Chris says over the intercom.

Confessional: (Luttrel) Kind of glad Heather beat Justin, not because I don't like Justin, but I'm not sure if I would've been able to beat him in the finale! Now, I've got to make sure Heather doesn't make it to the final two...

Confessional: (Geoff) Well it's just me, Heather, and Luttrel left. Too bad I'm the only trustworthy player left. By the way, Bridge, I miss you babe

"And then there were 3" Chris says "will Luttrel last any longer without Justin to help him? Will he EVER get Heather eliminated like he's planned to for pretty much the whole season? And how will Geoff know who to trust when he's stuck with two players like THESE? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Altso...Isle!"

Episode 9

"Last time, on Total Drama Altso Isle!" Chris says "The final three were forced to find marshmallows scattered across the island, guarded by killer robots! Justin and Luttrel's alliance was still going strong, but due to some manipulation from Heather and surprisingly Geoff, Justin was sent home. Will Luttrel last without Justin? Will he ever get Heather out, and will the campers even SURVIVE today's challenge? Find out right here, at Total Drama Altso Isle!"

Confessional: (Luttrel) You know how I've been trying to get Heather eliminated almost all season? And how my alliance has been taken down, thanks to Heather? Well I've found me a solution to both these problems! I have a recording of when Heather framed me for insulting Geoff's girl Bridgette! Something tells me that when I show Geoff this video, he won't be very eager to help Heather anymore (starts maniacally laughing)

Meanwhile, Heather runs to Geoff. "Geoff, what about we use our alliance one last time, we need to crush Luttrel! The you and I can be in the finals" Heather says. "Your right! I'm on your side until the final two" Geoff agrees.

Confessional: (Geoff) Luttrel will pay for for what he did to Bridgette!

Geoff walks out of the confessional, and bumps into Luttrel. "Luttrel! Heather and I are going to crush you! Your done!" Geoff says. "Oh really?" Luttrel says calmly "check out this recording, you've been lied to bro". Geoff sees the video of Heather spraying the insult to Bridgette. Geoff gasps.

"Geoff, this has to end! Let's make sure that Heather losses!" Luttrel says. Geoff thinks for a minute. "Alright Luttrel, Heather is going down!" Geoff says.

Confessional: (Luttrel) Goodbye Heather

Confessional: (Heather) Great! With me and Geoff on a team, this should be easy! Then I'll crush Geoff in the finale! Goodbye Luttrel!

Confessional: (Geoff) I don't know exactly who I should side with...sure Heather insulted my babe, but Luttrel has taken down almost everyone! I don't know who to side with!

"Remaining victims...I mean campers, meet me by the abandoned junk yard. Which is 7 miles away from any location you have been thus far on the island. Ha ha!" Chris says over the intercom.

Heather, Geoff, and Luttrel walk down. "Luttrel, I just wanted to tell you that me and Geoff are taking you down, not that you had a chance at winning anyways" Heather smugly says. "Don't be so sure" Luttrel smoothly replies as he walks.

"Time for the semi-final!" Chris says excitedly "whoever makes it out of the junk yard last is eliminated! Go!" Everyone runs into the junk yard.

"Geoff, run up there and dump the 19 ounces of junk onto Luttrel, then we'll both make it to the finale!" Heather says. "Sure thing Heather" Geoff says as he runs up.

Confessional: (Geoff) I've picked my side, and let's just say either way, I'm in the finale. And since both people don't deserve the million, it's a win win situation...then matter what I pick, some person who doesn't deserve the million may win it...

Luttrel and Heather are both standing in an area where Geoff could trample them with the 19 ounces of junk. "What are you doing?! Crush him!" Heather yells. "No one sets up the Geoff!" Geoff screams as he dumps the junk on Heather. "Come on Geoff, let's go!" Luttrel yells as he and Geoff run off. "You have got to be kidding me!" Heather yells, with just her head out of the trash.

Confessional: (Heather) That traitor! It is on!

Geoff and Luttrel are running, when a robot from the previous episode blocks them. "Really Chris?!" Luttrel yells. "Come on, you know it's for real by now!" Chris says on a screen "I thought you knew me better!". The robot fires lasers at Luttrel. The robot knocks him down, and is about to kill him when Geoff bashes the robots head open with a bat. "Thanks, now come on! I need to make it to the final two!" Luttrel says as he runs.

Confessional: (Geoff) Is it just me, or did he not say 'we need to make it to the final two'?

Geoff and Luttrel are running, when they are interrupted by a voice from a megaphone.

"Geoff, I'm warning you! Luttrel doesn't care if you died! He only wants the million dollars, and he'll step on anyone to get it!" Heather yells from the megaphone.

Confessional: (Heather) Would I do the same that Luttrel is doing if Geoff was still my ally? Of course, but since I'm not, might as well ruin the other manipulators chances

Luttrel grabs a brick and throws it at Heather. It hits the pile of trash she was standing on, causing it to collapse, with Heather on top of it.

Confessional: (Heather) That was low

Confessional: (Geoff) Luttrel certainly had a over the top reaction when Heather mentioned possible manipulation. Interesting...

Geoff is running. He looks next to him for Luttrel, who has gone missing. "Where is he?" Geoff asks.

Confessional: (Luttrel) I've decided to ditch Geoff, if it came down to a vote in the final two, I would lose against Geoff...but maybe not against Heather

The finish line is in Geoff's sights. "Final two, here I come" Luttrel says as he shoves down a giant amount of junk on top of Geoff. Geoff gasps. "You lying rat!" Geoff yells angrily. "Oh no, I've made Geoff mad" Luttrel taunts "It's really a bummer mister popular won't be in the finale!" Luttrel laughs as he crosses the finish line. "And Luttrel makes it into the finale!" Chris says "one last spot left, who will get it, Heather or Geoff?"

Heather walks up to Geoff, who is under a ton of junk. "Heather! Help me up!" Geoff pleads. "That's funny, I remember a certain person who betrayed me earlier, and he's in trouble. Now what motivation do I have to rescue him that's left?" Heather says. "'t stop me uh..." Geoff stutters. "That's what I thought" Heather says coldly "now if you'd excuse me, I got a million to win, and your in my way". Heather starts to walk off, but Geoff quickly grabs her foot, causing her to lose her balance. Heather bumps into the side of trash heap Geoff is under, and half of it falls off onto her.

"Who will get up first?" Chris says "The pathetic party dude, or the queen of mean herself?".

Suddenly, with a burst of strength, Geoff gets up, and walks towards the finish line. Heather struggles with all her might to get the junk off her, but can't. Geoff then walks onto the finish line.

"And Geoff has made it into the final two! Heather is finally eliminated!" Chris says.

Chef Hatchet grabs Heather, and throws her into a cannon. "Wait! What happened to the speedboat of losers?!" Heather angrily yells. "Well Eva destroyed it in a fit of rage once Justin left, so we got this cannon, so we could give the 3rd place loser a very special way off the island!" Chris says. "You can't do this McLean! I am not about to be shot out of this cannon! You'll be meeting me in court you obnoxious son of a bit-" is all Heather can say before Chris presses a button, sending Heather flying.

"With Heather gone, it's just Geoff and Luttrel for the million dollars! Who will win, the smart evil, or the mentally challenged blonde? Find out next time, on Total...Drama...Altso Isle!"

Episode 10

"Last time, on Total Drama Altso Isle" Chris says "Heather and Geoff's alliance was no more after Luttrel convinced Geoff to join him, Heather tried to warm Geoff, but was too late! Luttrel won immunity, and after a brief tussle with Heather, Geoff made it to the final two, and Heather made it to a cannon, in which she was shot out of. It's the final two baby! Will Luttrel pay for what he's done this season, or will Ahe have his hands full, of cash! Find out today, right here, on Total Drama Altso Isle!"

Luttrel and Geoff are sleeping in the cabin. Luttrel sneaks out of bed, and takes out his journal, and writes something down. He puts it in an envelope, and puts it in the mail from home box outside.

Confessional: (Luttrel) I know Geoff isn't very smart, but I can't take my chances. To distract Geoff from the million dollar challenge, I wrote down a letter saying I was 'breaking up with him' and said it was from Bridgette. Something tells me that he will be off his game.

Luttrel then climbs back into bed and closes his eyes. Suddenly, an air horn goes off, waking up both Geoff and Luttrel.

Confessional: (Geoff) seriously Chris, waking us up with an air horn? Not cool bro

"Good morning worthless scum, meet me at the center of the island for your challenge!" Chris says over the intercom. Geoff and Luttrel groan as they head to the middle. Geoff picks up the envelope Luttrel wrote for him and reads it. Geoff laughs hysterically, and Luttrel just stares at him.

Confessional: (Geoff) as IF Bridgette would break up with me over mail! I know for a fact she's more personal than that. Luttrel, if your going to try and break me, be accurate!

Geoff and Luttrel arrive to the center, to see Chris in a purple tuxedo, by two bleachers that have a sign of Geoff or Luttrel on them. Behind Chris are all the former campers of this season. This includes Owen, Gwen, Harold, Leshawna, Duncan, Courtney, Eva, Justin, and Heather.

"It's finale time!" Chris says energetically "It's Geoff vs Luttrel for the million dollar prize! All the campers from this season are back, unfortunately including Heather".

"Hey!" Heather angrily yells at Chris. "Anyways, there are two bleachers, one for Geoff, one for Luttrel" Chris says "The campers will say who they want to win, and go to the respective bleacher that shows the face of their choice. And to be sentimental, they will say who they want to win in the order they were eliminated."

Owen walks up. "I want Geoff to win" Owen says as he walks to the Geoff bleacher. "I also want Geoff to win" Gwen says as she walks to the Geoff bleacher. "Me too" Harold says as he walks to the Geoff bleacher. "Geoff, Luttrel is fifteen kinds of evil" Leshawna says as she walks to the Geoff bleacher. "Geoff, Luttrel is kind of a jerk" Duncan says as he walks to the Geoff bleacher. "I choose Geoff, but not because I want him to win, but because Luttrel is the greater evil!" Courtney says. "I hate Luttrel, and also I REALLY hate Heather! but since I hate Luttrel, Geoff" Eva says angrily. "Luttrel" Justin says as he walks to the Luttrel bleacher. Lastly Heather walks up. "I'm going...Geoff, but only because Luttrel's even worse!" Heather says grumpily as she walks to the Geoff bleacher.

"Luttrel" Chris says "You are SO lucky this isn't a vote. The challenge is simple, and when I mean simple, I mean deadly! You first have to run over there, and bake a cake, then, you must bike a mile. Then you must run 10 miles, and finally make it through the junk yard from the previous episode!"

Confessional: (Luttrel) Same old sadistic Chris I see

Confessional: (Geoff) this will be hard

Confessional: (Leshawna) Me and everyone are cool now that we've found out that Heather made the diary entrees. Man I really don't like that girl sometimes.

Confessional: (Courtney) Duncan and I have made up since the whole photoshopped photo from Heather thing was solved.

Confessional: (Geoff) I might have taken the wrong person to take the finale. I am in better shape than Heather, but not so much Luttrel

Confessional: (Duncan and Courtney) (Duncan and Courtney make out

Confessional: (Heather) as if my role here is done. I've placed traps all across the course to make it harder for those two traitors to get the million

"Go!" Chris yells as Geoff and Luttrel start running. "Hey Geoff!" Luttrel yells as he runs. "What?!" Geoff yells in response. Luttrel trips Geoff, who falls behind after. "Nothing!" Luttrel says tauntingly. Luttrel starts laughing and starts to run faster.

Confessional: (Geoff) That's low bro

"And Luttrel makes it to the cake bake station first!" Chris yells over his megaphone "but Geoff has just got there too! This'll be a fun finale!".

Confessional: (Heather) Okay, so I didn't leave traps in the cake baking part. But the rest is dangerous!

Confessional: (Justin) I switched bleachers once Luttrel left, but I want him to think that I'm still trustworthy, so I started off at the Luttrel bleacher

Luttrel finishes baking his cake, and he runs off. Geoff finishes his tool and then runs to catch up with Luttrel. Luttrel hops onto his bike and bikes off. Geoff jumps on his bike and heads after Luttrel.

Luttrel is riding in the lead, until a little mechanism throws a rock at him, knocking him off his bike, allowing Geoff to take the lead.

Confessional: (Heather) Ah, that felt so good!

Geoff is in the lead, until a flamethrower shoots flames at him, making him slow down.

Confessional: (Heather) wait, I didn't set up that trap! But who could've done it?

Confessional: (Justin) I'm back baby

Geoff and Luttrel are at the same pace, until Luttrel shoves Geoff off his bike. Luttrel starts laughing, until he runs over a tact, and his bike's front tire pops. Luttrel quickly works to fix it. "I guess cheaters never win!" Geoff says as he bikes away from Luttrel, until his pops too. "Oh come on!" Geoff yells.

"And Luttrel and Geoff both take a pit stop to fix their bikes! Lame!" Chris says as he presses a button. The button makes an explosion that blasts Geoff and Luttrel to the junkyard. Everyone looks at him. "What? Boring finales hurt ratings! But don't worry, there is still plenty of danger at the junkyard!" Chris says.

Luttrel and Geoff both get up. They run into the junkyard.

"And Luttrel and Geoff meet back up with their robot friends! The killer robots!" Chris says over the intercom. "Are you kidding me?!" Luttrel and Geoff both yell. "You know that I'm serious by now!" Chris responds over the intercom.

A robot grabs Luttrel by the neck and throttles him. Geoff tries to run past, but the robot throws Luttrel into Geoff.

Confessional: (Luttrel) My neck!

Meanwhile, the campers have arrived to the finish line at the end of the junkyard, watching Luttrel and Geoff fighting the one thing other then each other that is still in the way of the million.

The crowd cheers on Geoff.

"Where's my support?!" Luttrel yells right before he is punched strait in the face by the robot.

Geoff throws a rock at the robot, who catches it and throws it back at him.

Luttrel gets really mad, and beats the robot into pieces with a baseball bat. He then swings at Geoff, hitting him strait in the face, and knocking him down. Luttrel prepares to hit him again when Geoff gets angry. "What's your deal man? Why do you step on anyone you know just to win?!" Geoff yells at him. Luttrel breaks down crying. "It's because my parents never loved me and say I fail everything I try" Luttrel sniffles "so I want to do anything I can to win, just to show them I am worth more than just child support!". Luttrel breaks down crying even harder than before.

Confessional: (Duncan) That's deep bro

Chris is unsatisfied. "This isn't nearly action packed enough!" Chris says "time for things to get interesting" Chris says a he presses a button. The button causes an explosion that causes a giant hole. Luttrel losses balance and falls. Geoff catches him by the hand and saves him. "Your not dying today!" Geoff yells.

Confessional: (Geoff) With that thing he said about his parents, I had to help the bro out!

Geoff pulls Luttrel up. "Thank you Geoff, let's shake to show we are friends from here on out!" Luttrel says. Geoff grabs his hand. Once he does that, Luttrel be prays him and throws Geoff down the hole. Geoff grabs the edge of the wall in the hole.

"I thought we were friends!" Geoff yells. "Nope, the only friend I need is a million dollars!" Luttrel yells back. "What about the story of your parents, was that a lie?!" Geoff yells back. "Yep, sorry, but it's a million dollars! Who cares if I step on a few hearts. Luttrel evil laughs as he crosses the finish line.

Back at the crowd, everyone is disgusted at Luttrel's tricking of Geoff. "Boo!" The whole crowd yells. "And with that, Luttrel wins Total Drama Altso Isle!" Chris says "all though he doesn't deserve it, a deals a deal. I'm just going to say that that was low Luttrel, even I wouldn't do that."

"Whatever, I still won!" Luttrel says as he snatches the case from Chris. Two boats arrive, one for Chris and the winner, and one for Chef and the losers. Everyone gets on their respective boats.

"Well that was...the cruelest ending I have ever seen...but no matter!" Chris says "Luttrel came here an average man, and left as a millionaire with a dirty conscience. Assuming he can even feel emotions".

"Shut up!" Luttrel yells.

"And for now, I'm Chris McLean" Chris says "and this has been Total...Drama...Altso Isle!".


11th Place: Owen

10th Place: Gwen

9th Place: Harold

8th Place: Leshawna

7th Place: Duncan

6th Place: Courtney

5th Place: Eva

4th Place: Justin

3rd Place: Heather

2nd Place: Geoff

1st Place: Luttrel

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