Chris McClean is back hosting the most epic season of Total Drama ever! This season, 12 newbies all shapes and sizes will compete for 1,000,000 dollars. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right here on Total Drama: Back in Action.



  • Chris McClean - The Host
  • Blaineley - The New Host
  • Chef Hatchet - The Assistant
  • Lindsay - The Dumb Intern
  • Ezekiel - The Gold-Digging Intern


  • Muriel - The Senile Old Lady
  • Jake - The Athlete
  • Violet - The Quiet Goth with a Heart
  • Iris - The Hippy
  • Rose - The Tree Huger
  • Roz - The Ghetto Gurl
  • Cynthia - The Big Girl
  • 'Al'bert - The Other Big One
  • Alex - The Antagonist
  • Olivia - The Singer
  • Rio - The Insane One
  • Tyler - The Jock

Elimination Table

Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Place Contestant Status
TBA Cynthia IN WIN
TBA Olivia IN IN
14th Violet IN OUT

Episode 1: Return of the Action

Chris appears on the dock applying hair gel. He suddenly turns to the camera shocked. “Sorry didn’t see you there”, he said putting his hair gel up. “Welcome to the newest addition to the hit Canadian reality series Total Drama. This season, 12 contestants will be competing in many dangerous challenges for 1,000,000 dollars.” He walks over to the campgrounds. “They will be spending 12 weeks in these revolting cabins.” He said pointing to the cabins. “Thanks to a raise in viewers we have enough money for air conditioned cabins this year.” Chris walks to the mess hall. “The worst part about this camp is probably the food. I mean lord, it smells like dead cats in there.” He walks to the campfire pit. “This is where contestants get eliminated and where most of them embarrass themselves crying like little babies.” Chris starts walking towards the dock once more. “There will be much drama this season. Alliances will be made. Relationships will blossom. Enemies will become allies. Friends will betray each other. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out here on "Total Drama: Back in Action".

*Theme Song Plays*

Chris, followed by Chef and the interns, walk down the dock to find a large party boat waiting at the end. It contains contestants of all shapes and sizes.

"Looks like our contestants have arrived", Chris exclaims.

Suddenly an old woman, who needs a cane to walk, steps off the boat and on to the dock.

"Ladies and Gentlemen meet our first contestant, Muriel.", Chris tells the camera while giving the old woman a hug. "Since your a maid, maybe you can clean the nasty kitchen Chef works in".

Muriel takes her cane and whacks Chris in the back of the head and walks towards the island. Before Chris can say anything Chef punches Chris in the face.

"Make-up!", Chris yells as Lindsay and Ezekiel quickly rush over to him and apply make-up to his forming black-eye.

Suddenly a buff boy, in his teen years, steps off the boat to meet Chris.

"Welcome to the Island Jake!", Chris says greeting the athlete.

A dark looking girl steps off the boat, while writing in a notebook. She walks right by Chris without even looking at him.

An orange-haired girl then steps off the boat and puts a peace necklace around Chris's neck. "What the?", Chris yells scared.

"Peace, not war. Peace, not war. Peace, not war", the girl repeats several times as she walks to the island.

"Crazy Hippy!", Chris yells to the girl as he throws the necklace in the water. "Looks like our next contestant is here", he exclaims as another girl steps off the boat. "Welcome Rose!"

"Thanks Chris", the girl says while putting a "tree hugger" pin on his shirt.

"These contestants get weirder and weirder every time", Chris whispers as the next contestant gets off the boat.

"Heyy Gurl-Friend", exclaims the next contestant.

"I'm not your girl-friend! Lord, can you talk right?", Chris tells the girl as he pushes her out the way.

Suddenly the dock starts to shake as a big girl steps off the boat and onto the dock. She smells something coming from the kitchen from far away and runs straight past Chris. The dock shakes again as a big boy runs close behind her to the kitchen.

"There goes Albert and Cynthia, the big 'ol eaters of the season." Chris exclaims watching them run towards the stinky kitchen. "There going to be so disappointed when they find out that Chef's food sucks." he whispers to the camera, with a quiet giggle.

"Watch those fatties run", exclaims a thin contestant hoping off the boat.

"That was a little rude.", Chris tells the boy.

"You think I care? My middle name is rude.", Alex tells Chris. He walks by Chris. "A little too much on the hairspray, dude"

Chris is about to yell something but he stops when he hears the voice of an angel. The voice is very soft in tone and smooth. He turns to find an attractive woman step off the boat, while singing.

"Hi! I'm Olivia", the girl exclaims.

Drool starts running down Chris's face. "I'm. I'm. I'm."

"His name is Chris", Lindsay tells the girl. "I think. Is that right?"

Chef and Ezekiel look at Lindsay and shake their heads in disappointment.

As Olivia walks to the Island Chris is suddenly tackled by a young man. "I'm here!"

"Get off of me you crazy!", Chris says fixing his hair and looking in a mirror.

"I'm Rio!", the boy exclaims.

"Rio? What kinds of name is that?", Chris questions the boy.

"I don't know", the boys tells him. He makes his way to the island as the last contestant arrives.

"Think Fast!" BOOM. Chris is knocked to the ground as a football hits his head.

Lindsay and Ezekiel run to Chris with an ice-pack and a fan. He is unconscious until he gets a wiff on his sweet hair-gel. "Geez, these contestants are cruel little creatures." Chris says getting up. He walks to the island to meet the contestants. "This is the island you will all live on for a few weeks. You will stay in these crappy cabins and eat Chef's crappy food. So pretty much you will have a crappy time. But at least one of you will get 1,000,000 dollars. There are no teams so it's every man for themselves. Unless of course you form an alliance. You may go un-pack and I'll see you all bright and early for your first challenge tomorrow."

The girls make there way to their cabin as the boys make there way to theirs.

"Yuck! These are crappy", Roz exclaims taking a bottom bunk.

Cynthia jumps on the bed above Roz and her mattress falls on Roz.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! Get off me you fat-lard", Roz exclaims gasping for oxygen.

"Maybe I should take the bottom bunk", Cynthia tells the girls.

"You think", they all exclaim to her.

The rest of the girls pick there bed and settle down for the night.

"I call dibs on top bunk!", Rio yells jumping on the top mattress.

"I don't care which one I get. I just need sleep.", Jake exclaims.

The rest of the boys agree and they all settles down.

"The campers are finally sound asleep......for know. What they don't know is that I'll be waking them up at 5 in the morning." Chris exclaims while walking past there cabins. "Tomorrow will be their first dangerous challenge." he says while laughing. "Since I have to wake up so darn early I'm gonna need my beauty-rest. So, stayed tuned for the next thrilling episode of Total Drama: Back in Action!"

Episode 2: Run, Run, as fast as you can!

Chris appears on the dock with Lindsay, Ezekiel, and Chef appear behind him.

"Last time on Total Drama: Back in Action," Chris announces. "all of the the 12 contestants arrived at Camp Wawanakwa for another thrilling season. Alliances were formed, Relationships blossomed, and most of the food has been eaten." he looks at Cynthia and Albert. "Find out what happens next, right here on Total Drama: Back in Action".

Theme Song Plays

The contestants suddenly wake up to the sound of an air-horn. "Everyone report the the entrance to the woods immediately!" Chris announces. The contestants slowly get out of bed and make there way to the forest. "Today is your first challenge campers. The challenge will be plain and simple. You will start here and run all the way to the other side of the island. Good Luck. GO!", Chris announces.

Jake and Tyler begin to run, quickly followed by Alex.

Rio, Iris, Rose, Roz, and Olivia start running. Cynthia, Alex, and Muriel are going less than a mile per hour. There walking like zombies. Violet is busy writing notes in her journal and is forgetting all about the challenge. Lindsay pushes Violet, and she starts running.

Jake and Tyler are running side-by-side with Alex closing in on them. Alex trips over a tree root and falls onto the ground. Rio comes up behind him. "What's up?", Rio asks.

"HELP ME YOU IDIOT!" Alex screams.

"Nah, I gotta do this challenge. Maybe late." Rio replies beginning to run again.

Alex gets up, furious, and begins to run. Iris, Rose, Roz, and Olivia are closely behind Rio and Alex.

Muriel begins fast walking and passes Cynthia and Albert. Violet is writing in her journal. Violet isn't looking, when a squirrel jumps out a tree and attacks her.

"AHHHH!" Violet screams. She falls to the ground and lands on top of the squirrel. Suddenly a squeal is heard, and the squirrel runs off limping. She gets up, picks up her journal, and slowly walks.

Jake and Tyler are running very fast compared to the others. Soon they have sights on the finish line and begin to run faster.

Alex and Rio are closely behind and are running as fast as they can.

The group of girls that contains Iris, Rose, Roz, and Olivia are all jogging.

Suddenly thunder is heard and it begins to rain.

"EWWW! This is some nasty crap. Gurl my designer shoes getting dirty!", Roz shouts while jogging.

Olivia begins to hum and sing at the same time and this helps her jog faster.

Muriel is still speed-walking slowly but Cynthia, Albert, and Violet are still behind.

"Is that the smell of food?" Cynthia asks.

Albert smells the air. "It smells like Roast drizzled in a nice honey sause with a pinch of lemon pepper!".

Cynthia and Albert begin to run and pass up everyone. They run straight past the finish line and head towards the kitchen.

Tyler and Jake pass the finish line closely followed behind Rio and Alex.

"Gurls I see the finish line!" Roz tells the girls.

"Hallehujah, man." Iris replies.

"Yay!" Rose tells the girls.

The group of girls pass the finish line. They are proud of what they've done.

Muriel and Violet are the only ones who haven't passed the finish line. Violet notices this and passes Muriel up.

Suddenly the wind kicks up and Violet's journal falls out of her hands. She dives to the ground and picks it up thankful. Muriel passes the finish line and Violet gets up and passes it also.

"Looks like the winners are Cynthia and Albert! Congrats, you both have immunity from the first elimination." Chris tells the chubby people that are eating. "Everyone follow me to the campfire-pit."

Everyone follows Chris to the campfire.

"You may know vote in the confessional." Chris announces.

After a brief moment of time, voting is over.

"The people who are safe are Cynthia, Albert, Jake, Iris, Rose, Roz, Alex, Olivia, Rio, and Tyler. Muriel....Violet, one of you is going home". Chris announces.

Violet is busy writing notes and Muriel waits in anticipation.

"The last person who is safe is..............................................................................................................................................................Muriel. Violet you have been eliminated." Chris announces.

Violet begins to cry and is taken away by the interns. The contestants cheer for Muriel for staying alive.

"Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Total Drama: Back in Action!" Chris signs-off.

Episode 3: Scared of a little Cliff?

Episode 4: The Mysterious Case of Chris McClean

Episode 5: The Mysterious Case of Chris McClean


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