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The fourth season in the epic Oweguy series! 20 all new contestants head to a nice big beach resort near beaches, the ocean, sports clubs, and more! But they're not here to relax. This resort happens to be owned by Oweguy who has signed them up for an all new season of Total Drama hosted by himself and co-hosted by his gothic wife Marine. They'll compete in all sorts of challenges such as surfing, scuba diving, challenges involving crabs, and more! Also Oweguy has brought back some of his stuff from Total Drama Sci-Fi Action so who knows what's going to happen. Who's going to win it all? Find out on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!



Oweguy - The Main Host

Marine - The Co-Host























Chapter 1: Oweguy's Beach Resort

It was an early morning and the location was a beach and nearby was a big beach resort which consisted many things such as hotel rooms, pools, sports clubs, a boardwalk, and of course the beach that was behind it. With seagulls chirping and the waves crashing everything sounded very peaceful.

“Okay enough of the happy moments!” shouted Oweguy popping in front of the camera who was wearing a Hawaiian like shirt. “Let me begin what I was saying.” He clears his throat and continues. “Welcome to my all new beach resort! This place has everything from sports clubs to a huge boardwalk and it was built just by me!”

“Excuse me but it was us who did most of the work!” shouted a construction intern with more of them looking mad.

“Shhhh!” shushed Oweguy. “I want to viewers to make it like I built it!” He then turned the camera away from them. “Anyway this place will also be the place where I will be hosting the fourth season of my Total Drama series! And joining me as my co-host is my beautiful wife Marine!”

“Hey.” she said standing near him with her hair now completely black and was now wearing a short shirt and short pants as well as sandals. She then blushed and said “Sorry, I didn’t know I would be on camera so soon. It took me a while to get my hair to be perfect.”

“It’s good enough sweetie.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, all the contestants this season are brand new first timers so get ready to meet them!” A taxi then arrives revealing the first contestant who was a nice looking woman in regular looking clothing.

“Hello everyone.” she said. “It’s great to be here.”

“Welcome to Total Drama!” said Oweguy. “And what’s your name?”

“The name’s Margaret and I am a mother of three back home.” she said. “Wow, that’s a lot of kids.” said Oweguy. “Marine and I here only have one kid.”

“We’re not ready to have a second kid yet.” said Marine.

“Take your time.” said Margaret. “They’re hard to take care of at times but they’re also very sweet.”

“Looks like you’re a nice mother.” said Marine.

“Yes I am.” said Margaret. Another taxi arrives dropping off a gothic looking boy who looked upset.

“Welcome to Total Drama!” greeted Oweguy.

“Shut up and leave me alone!” he shouted walking away to where Margaret was.

“Geez, what did I say?” asked Oweguy.

“That was rude.” said Margaret.

“I don’t care.” said the goth boy.

“Drat I should possibly take the cue cards out.” said Oweguy. “Silly me, and here were have Dusk.”

“That’s an interesting name.” said Margaret

“It goes with my dark personality.” he said. Another taxi arrives and they all suddenly hear a burp from it. A fat boy eating a hot dog then comes out.

“Next up is Oran!” announced Oweguy.

“What up guys?” he asked burping a little.

“Disgusting.” said Dusk.

“Looks like you need to lose some weight dude.” said Margaret.

“Yeah, I’ve been trying.” said Oran who started to eat a corn dog. “It hasn’t really been working out though.”

“You remind me of Pat a little.” said Marine.

“Well that’s because I’m his cousin.” said Oran with most of his corn dog already gone.

“Really?” asked Marine surprised. “Because it looks to me like you could be brothers.”

“Nope, we’re cousins.” said Oran finishing his corn dog. Another taxi arrives with an muscular looking guy in athlete clothing coming out.

“Next we have Radley!” announced Oweguy.

“Hey everyone.” he said. “How’s everyone doing?” He suddenly saw Oran and then screamed. “Fat! Fat! Fat!” he screamed.

“What the huh?” asked Marine.

“Sorry.” said Radley calming down. “I didn’t mean to react like that.”

“It’s alright.” said Oran. “I take it you work out.”

“Yep.” said Radley starting to flex. “I’ve been doing sports for a very long time. I’ve take it you’ve been eating for a long time.”

“Yep.” said Oran licking an ice cream cone.

“Where is he getting all that food from?” asked Oweguy surprised.

“Who knows.” said Marine. “Probably the same place Owen gets his food.”

Another taxi then arrives with a blonde girl wearing summer styled clothes coming out.

“Next up we have Kaylie!” announced Oweguy.

“Hello everyone!” she greeted. “It’s great to be here! And I love how this place is right near the ocean!”

“I take it you like the ocean.” said Margaret.

“Oh a ton.” she said. “I’m a marine biologist and I’ve even befriended a family of dolphins and a whale.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.” said Margaret fascinated.

“Do you live inside the whale?” asked Dusk sarcastically.

“Eww no!” she shouted. “But technically I go in it to clean up the grime and filth.”

“Nasty but healthy.” said Radley. Suddenly they hear an electric guitar playing which was coming from the next taxi. Once it stopped a punk looking girl with one half of her hair shaved off and had a guitar came out.

“Please, hold your applause.” she said.

“And this right here is Kenzey!” said Oweguy.

“S’up.” she said.

“I can’t tell if she’s mean or nice.” said Oran.

“Maybe she’s just messing with us.” said Radley. Kenzey then joins the others while another taxi appeared dropping off a short nerd looking guy.

“Next up is Leland!” announced Oweguy.

“Hey.” He said not sounding too excited.

“Aren’t you excited about coming here?” asked Margaret.

“A little but I’m worried about getting bullied.” said Leland. He then tripped on his shoelaces due to them being untied. Radley tried not to laugh. “Why do I keep forgetting to tie those shoes up?” he said. Another taxi arrived dropping off a hunky looking guy.

“And this right here is Romero!” announced Oweguy.

“Pleasure to be here.” he said. “And what a nice group of contestants we have so far.”

“Yeah right.” said Dusk.

“That’s very kind of you.” said Kaylie.

“And you yourself seem very kind.” said Romero making Kaylie smile a little. Suddenly loud music came on again and they saw another taxi arrive. A guy in a disco like outfit and a big afro carrying a jukebox playing dance music came out.

“And here we have Jensen!” announced Oweguy. “And dude! Turn of the music!”

“So totally not cool.” He said. “You guys obviously don’t know that I’m a party guy!”

“Hey, aren’t you the guy that crashed my basketball team win party?” asked Radley looking suspicious.

“The one the only.” said Jensen. “Why do you ask?” A punch sound is heard off-screen with Margaret, Oran, and Kaylie turning away.

“That was for ruining my party!” shouted Radley with Jensen’s face bruised up.

“Sorry.” said Jensen. “I just wanted to add some fun.” Another taxi arrived with a girl with pink hair and licking a lollipop coming out.

“And right here we have Bonnibel!” announced Oweguy.

“Hey that’s my sister!” said Kaylie.

“I see the resemblance.” said Margaret.

“Hello everyone!” she said. “Hello sis!” She then saw Kenzey and she said “Hey Kenzey.” Not looking so happy to see her.

“Hello Bonnibel.” said Kenzey.

“Yeah, she doesn’t like her.” said Kaylie.

“I can tell.” said Romero. The next taxi arrived dropping off an asian girl in a battle suit and had a katana sword strapped to her back.

“And this right here is Akari, a warrior from Japan!” announced Oweguy.

“Greetings Oweguy.” She said bowing. “It’s a pleasure to be here.”

“Great to have you here as well.” said Oweguy. “I’m sure you’ll have fun.”

“I’m sure I will too.” she said who then walked toward the other contestants. The next taxi arrived dropping off a zookeeper girl who had a green bird on her shoulder.

“And this right here is Isley.” said Oweguy.

“Hello Oweguy.” she said. “I hope I have a fun time here.”

“Nice bird.” said Oran.

“Thanks.” said Isley. “I heeled it when it hurt its wing a long time ago and it doesn’t like to be alone so I took it along.”

“You’re in luck.” said Oweguy. “My resort allows pets. The reason why is because the people that have arrived so far have had pets. For some reason one of them was a bear.”

“What?” asked Radley surprised.

“It must be Izzy.” said Marine.

“I have to agree.” said Kaylie. “She’s the only girl I know who’s always shown with a bear.”

“Chris really needs to talk to her someday.” said Radley. The next taxi arrived dropping off a guy with a bunch of art supplies.

“And this right here is Leonardo.” said Oweguy.

“The ninja turtle?” asked Oran.

“No, this guy here is named Leonardo.” said Oweguy.

“That’s right.” He said. “I’m an artist as shown by the art supplies that I have.”

“We can tell.” said Radley. The next taxi arrived dropping off a guy wearing a Mudkip costume.

“What the heck?!” asked Dusk shocked.

“Uh, the next contestant here is…Mudkip?” said Oweguy confused.

“That’s right.” He said. “And just to let you know I’m a huge Pokemon fan and Mudkip is my favorite Pokemon.

“My favorite is Pikachu.” said Kaylie.

“Mine’s Jigglypuff.” said Bonnibel.

“Mine’s Machamp.” said Radley.

“I can see why.” said Oran. “That one’s as strong as you.”

“That’s why it’s my favorite.” said Radley. Mudkip joined the others accidently bumping some of the contestants including Dusk who got mad when he did. Another burp is then heard.

“I thought you stopped eating Oran.” said Kaylie.

“I did.” He said. “It came from there.” The next taxi had shown up dropping off a fat girl. Radley looked a little nervous again.

“Next up we have Ysabelle.” said Oweguy.

“Hey.” She said burping and eating a slice of pizza.

“I still don’t understand where they get all that food.” said Oweguy.

“We will never know.” said Marine. Ysabelle then joined up with the others while the next taxi arrived dropping off a girl in a dress.

“This right here is Gieselle.” said Oweguy.

“Hey.” She said not looking too excited.

“Why the long face?” asked Radley.

“I’ve got a modeling career that totally sucks.” said Gieselle. “I came here just to get away from it.

“Just end your contract then.” said Oran.

“I tried to but it didn’t work.” said Gieselle.

“We’ll see what we can do.” said Radley. The next taxi arrived dropping off a guy wearing a coat and a hat.

“This guy right here is Sherloch.” said Oweguy. “Apparently he’s a skilled detective and has a part time job with the police department.”

“That’s right.” He said. “It’s great to be here.”

“What up?” asked Mudkip.

“Nothing much.” said Sherloch. “I needed a break from my detective work.”

“I can see.” said Oran. “I’m not that good at detective work.”

“Me neither.” said Ysabelle who then burped. The next taxi arrived dropping off a farmer girl.

“And now we have Dixie, a girl who owns a farm and is Pete’s sister.” explained Oweguy.

“Hello guys.” she said. “Everyone here seems nice.”

“Whatever.” said Dusk not caring.

“You seem nice as well.” said Margaret.

“As nice as my brother.” said Dixie.

“My sister and her boyfriend know your brother I think.” said Isley with her bird on her head. “They’re good friends.”

“Yeah, everyone in our family is pretty friendly.” said Dixie.

“I take it you’ll get along with everyone here.” said Oran.

“Yeah right.” said Dusk to himself. While Dixie joined the others the next person had arrived off screen and Oweguy heard heavy breathing behind him. He turned around and saw a boy with Oweguy on his shirt standing behind him with a huge smile. Oweguy then screamed.

“Dude, don’t do that!” he shouted.

“I’m sorry but I never got to meet you before!” squealed the boy. “I’m your biggest fan!”

“Marine is he a contestant?” asked Oweguy.

“Unfortunately yes.” said Marine reading his cue card. “And apparently he calls himself Oweboy?”

“There’s no way you’re going to be my sidekick.” said Oweguy.

“But I’m still happy that I saw you!” squealed Oweboy.

“Just go join the others!” shouted Oweguy pushing him away to the others. “So is that everyone?”

“Nope, there’s still one more.” said Marine.

“Well where is he or her?” asked Oweguy. Suddenly they heard someone screaming the Tarzan yell and they saw a girl wearing loin cloths for clothes swinging on a vine and landing near the other contestants.

“What up everyone?” she asked. “It’s so cool to be here! And just to let you know the name’s Janey and I live in the jungle!”

“Is she a contestant?” asked Oweguy.

“Yes and apparently her name is Janey and she does in a jungle.”

“Awkward.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, that’s all of the contestants so now let’s take a look at your new location!”

“Sounds fun.” said Janey.

“I can’t wait to see what the beach looks like.” said Kaylie.

“I’m sure it’ll look good.” said Margaret. After walking in the contestants, Oweguy and Marine were inside the main lobby.

“This is the main lobby consisting of key desk, fireplace, and a fish tanks for the kids to enjoy.” explained Oweguy pointing out the different things in the lobby.

“Cool.” said Oran.

“And this here is the swimming pool, perfect for swim team ready to practice or for others who don’t feel like swimming in the ocean.” explained Oweguy showing them a pool.

“Cool!” said Radley. “Now I can practice for my next swim track!”

“This here is the sports park.” said Oweguy showing them an area consisting of a basketball court, a tennis court, a football field, a baseball field, and a golf course. “This place is for people to enjoy a good game of whatever.”

“Now I’m really starting to enjoy this place.” said Radley.

“This here is the arcade room where people are welcome to play these games if they’re willing to insert 25 cents into the machine.” explained Oweguy showing them the arcade.

“Totally awesome!” cheered Mudkip.

“Here is the eatery area where you’ll be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” said Oweguy with a bunch of intern chefs behind the food stands.

“This place is making me hungry.” said Oran.

“Me too.” said Ysabelle.

“And finally here are the reserved bedrooms for you guys.” said Oweguy. “The room with the pink door is for the girls and the one with the blue door is for the boys.”

“Yuck.” said Kenzey. “I don’t like pink. It’s too bright.”

“Sorry but that’s all we have.” said Oweguy. Kenzey looked upset.

“Do we get room service to our rooms?” asked Oran.

“No, you’ll have to eat downstairs in the cafeteria.” said Oweguy. “Besides, a lot of our interns ended up in the hospital preparing for the season’s challenges.”

“Ouch.” said Margaret.

“Oh and one more thing to mention.” said Oweguy. “Just to let you know if a team wins a challenge they get to check out all the fun stuff here! The losing team however can’t access them.”

“Crap.” said Kenzey.

“Adios amigos.” said Oweguy. “Go get settled in your rooms and in another fifteen minutes come meet me in the lobby and I’ll form the teams and I will then introduce you to your first challenge.”

“This season is going to be awesome!” cheered Oweboy as he starts to get excited.

“Can someone shut him up?” asked Dusk.

“I wish.” said Radley. Down in the lobby Oweguy and Marine were in there.

“This is going to be the best season ever because for one thing I love how my new resort turned out and the other thing is that I brought back some of my crazy gadgets from last season!” said Oweguy revealing a bunch of his gadgets from the previous season.

“I think this season will either be awesome or end in disaster.” said Marine.

“We’ll see what happens.” said Oweguy. “So viewers, what’s going to happen now that you’ve met all the new contestants? Will they emerge victorious or end up becoming huge losers? Find out next time as we start the first challenge of Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 2: Krusty Krabs

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem we were introduced to this seasons contestants and then showed them the place. A lot of them seemed nice while others seemed a little rude and more were quiet crazy. With the introduction all set we will now form the teams and then they’ll compete in the first challenge of the season in this awesome episode of Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

Fifteen minutes have passed since the contestants got settled in their rooms. Now they were downstairs in the lobby where Oweguy was waiting for them. “Glad you all could make it.” He said. “Now it’s time to form the teams!”

“Do we get to name them?” asked Oweboy.

“No.” said Oweguy in an upset tone.

“Aww.” said Oweboy disappointed.

“I hope they’re good team names.” said Radley.

“Okay, Margaret, Radley, Kaylie, Oran, Isley, Mudkip, Dixie, Oweboy, Ysabelle, and Sherloch are on the first team.” said Oweguy with the people he called standing in one area. “Your team will be called the Sandy Dollars!”

“Wow, that’s totally awesome!” cheered Mudkip.

“I think it should’ve been called the Smart Detectives.” said Sherloch.

“Or Team Oweguy is Really Really Really Really Awesome.” said Oweboy.

“No.” said Radley not happy about what he suggested.

“Okay, the rest of you, Dusk, Kenzey, Romero, Gieselle, Jensen, Akari, Leonardo, Bonnibel, Leland, and Janey, your team will now be known as the Spiky Sea Urchins!”

“Lame but cool.” said Kenzey.

“Oh and one more reminder.” said Oweguy. “That little beach house there is a confessional for you guys to interact about what you think of what’s happening.”

“Is this really a changing booth?” asked Kenzey shocked in the confessional. It then showed a bear putting a bathing suit on with its fur hanging on the wall and it then noticed the camera and covered itself and then covered the camera.

“So that’s that then.” said Oweguy. “Are you guys’ hungry?”

“A little.” said Oran.

“Didn’t you just eat?” asked Radley.

“Yeah but I’m hungry again.” said Oran.

“Well you’re in luck because you’re going to have a seafood dinner!” said Oweguy. “But first you have to complete the challenge first.”

“I’d know there would be a catch.” said Dusk.

“You see, the beach right now is completely covered with crabs so for the first part of the challenge each team has to try and catch as many as possible.” explained Oweguy. “The winning team will get an advantage in the second part which is to cook a crab dinner for me the taste. The team with the best meal ends up winning invincibility. Sound simple enough?”

“I guess.” said Kaylie.

“No problem.” said Dixie. “I’m a good cook.”

“And I’m good at catching stuff.” said Radley.

“So that means we might win!” cheered Mudkip.

“Let’s hope so.” said Margaret.

“Here you go guys.” said Oweguy giving everyone nets and cages.

“What are these for?” asked Sherloch.

“They’re for the challenge.” said Oweguy. “Catch the crabs in the net and then throw them in these cages. Now you’d better get started because it’s almost suppertime.”

“Really?” asked Oran.

“Yep, but you can’t eat until the challenge is over.” said Oweguy.

“Aww.” said Oran. It then cuts to him in the confessional with him saying “I should start to control my appetite while I’m here. It could lead to a problem.” The two teams were now on the beach where they saw that there were crabs everywhere.

“Ha! Easy peasy!” said Radley.

“And begin!” shouted Oweguy watching from the deck.

“Come here you stupid crab.” said Radley. He then swings his net but the crab then pinches his finger. “Ouch!” he screamed with the crab hanging on his finger. “Get him off!” It then shows him in the confessional sucking on his pinched finger.

“Fiesty little crabs aren’t they.” said Margaret.

“Indeed.” said Dixie.

“Hey there’s one!” said Kaylie swinging her net right at it but it hides under the sand when it landed. “Where’d it go?” she asked. A pinch sound came from her foot and she started screaming and holding her foot in pain which was swelling up in pain. “It hurts.” She said.

TDBPM epi 2 teaser

Some of the Sandy Dollars members get attacked by crabs.

“This might be harder than we’d thought.” said Radley with his finger still throbbing. Elsewhere Oran was walking around with his net in hand and something tapped his back. He turned around and saw a gigantic crab behind him.

“What do you want mr. crab?” he asked. It then pinched his net which caused it to break. “I see you don’t want to talk.” He said. “Why don’t we cook you for supper?” The crab then got mad when he said that.

“Bad move dude.” said Radley.

“Oops.” said Oran. He, Radley, and Kaylie started to run away the giant crab that chased them.

“What losers.” said Dusk nearby. “I can’t believe they’re scared of a giant crab.”

“Yeah I’ve seen scarier.” said Kenzey. “And I’m not even scared of anything.”

“Me neither.” said Dusk.

“Hey, shouldn’t you two be catching some crabs?” asked Bonnibel.

“We’ve caught plenty.” said Kenzey with both their nets full with crabs. “Can someone get the cages for us?”

“Uh I’ll get it.” said Leland nervously. He started running toward them but he tripped on a rock and slammed into both Dusk and Kenzey which made them drop their nets causing the crabs to get out. “Uh sorry.” said Leland.

“You idiot!” shouted Dusk. “You made us lose our crabs!”

“Sorry.” said Leland. While Radley, Oran, and Kaylie kept running from the giant crab Margaret, Dixie, and Isley saw the crabs that escaped from the other teams’ nets.

“Look at all those crabs.” said Dixie.

“Should we catch them?” asked Margaret.

“Yeah we should.” said Isley. “We need them to win.”

“Aren’t you concerned about catching and cooking them?” asked Margaret while she and Dixie caught the crabs.

“Nah, there’s plenty of crabs out in the world.” said Isley.

“Well that’s fine then.” said Margaret. Near the water the giant crab still chased after Radley, Oran, and Kaylie.

“How do we get rid of this crab?” asked Oran.

“I know!” said Kaylie getting an idea. “Go in the water!” The three of them go in with the crab wondering where they went. It then digs under the sand going somewhere else.

“That worked great.” said Oran.

“I’ve got chased by a giant crab before and I knew this would help.” said Kaylie.

“That’s smart.” said Oran.

“You guys only have five minutes left!” said Oweguy from the deck. “You’d better keep catching those crabs!”

“How may crabs do we have?” asked Radley.

“We just caught at least twenty or thirty of them.” said Margaret.

“That’s good.” said Oran. Over at the other team Dusk was upset because most of the crabs had got away.

“This sucks.” He said. “Most of the crabs are gone.”

“Wait, I see a bunch over there.” said Jensen who was dancing to Oweguy’s beach music.

“Step aside everyone, I’ll get them.” said Dusk. But before he did an air horn that Oweguy pressed went off.

“Times up!” announced Oweguy. “Let’s see how many crabs you caught.” Dusk looked upset when the time ran out. Dixie and Jensen brought the cages with the crabs in them to Oweguy and he examined them. “Okay, the Sandy Dollars have a total of twenty five crabs while the Spiky Sea Urchins have fifteen so that means that the Sandy Dollars have won the first challenge which gives them an advantage for the second challenge.”

“Woo, that’s awesome!” cheered Oweboy.

“This is your entire fault you know.” said Dusk to Leland who looked nervous.

“Be sure to meet me in the resort’s kitchen in five minutes.” said Oweguy. “I need to set it up for the second challenge.”

“Sounds like fun.” said Janey. The five minutes passed and the contestants were now inside the kitchen.

“Okay guys, for the second challenge you need to prepare a good dinner for me to taste using the crabs.” explained Oweguy. “The best dish will grant the team invincibility while the team with the losing dish will have to vote someone off.”

“Let’s not mess up this time.” said Kenzey.

“Yes.” said Dusk.

“Here are you cooking supplies.” said Oweguy. “You’ve got twenty minutes to make my crab dinner. And since the Sandy Dollars won the first challenge they get some extra supplies to use.”

“I’m sure we’ll finish in time.” said Margaret.

“I hope so.” said Sherloch.

“See you guys in a bit.” said Oweguy leaving.

“So how do we begin?” asked Mudkip.

“We cook the crabs.” said Margaret getting a pot of water. “How about you and Oweboy decide on some side meal to go along?”

“How about some vegetables?” asked Mudkip.

“Perfect!” said Oweboy. “His favorite kinds of vegetable are carrots.”

“Stop stalking me!” Oweguy shouted from the other room. At the Spiky Sea Urchins team they were figuring out what to do while Kenzey started to cook the crabs.

“What’s an interesting side dish to go with the crabs?” asked Akari.

“How about pineapple?” asked Jensen.

“Sounds good.” said Romero. “Kenzey, do you agree?”

“Yeah I guess.” She said. They look in a fridge but there was no pineapple there.

“Uh oh, there’ no pineapple.” said Romero.

“Where did Oweguy last have some?” asked Leonardo.

“I know!” shouted Janey. “He had a pineapple tree down by the beach and they look very fresh!”

“Why does he have a pineapple tree?” asked Kenzey.

“I don’t know.” said Romero. “We’ll be right back.” The rest of them leave except for Dusk who was sleeping and Leland who wanted to talk to Kenzey.

“Can I have a second chance to make you happy?” he asked. “I’m sorry about before. I’ll try not to mess up this time.”

“Okay, you can cook the crabs.” said Kenzey. “I need to use the bathroom anyway.”

“Oh thanks.” He said. He took over what she was doing while she went into the bathroom. Suddenly his phone started ringing. “Hello?” he asked.

“Hey Leland, how’s it going?” asked someone with a nerdy voice on the phone.

“Good dude.” he said. “I’m doing great impressing the other guys. They even made me cook for them.” But while he was telling them about the food a huge cloud of smoke came out of the pot and it then burst into flames. “Well I got to go.” he continued. “See you later.” When he hung up he saw a huge fire on the stove. “Uh oh.” he said. Over at the other team they smelt the air.

“Do you guys smell smoke?” asked Dixie.

“Nah, all I smell is the steamed crabs we made.” said Oran.

“Same with me.” said Ysabelle.

“Food cravers.” said Radley. “That’s all they seem to smell.”

“I agree with you.” said Sherloch.

“Well the food is all set.” said Margaret. “And I promised Oweguy that Oran and Ysabelle can have the leftovers.

“Yay!” they cheered.

“Are the dishes ready?” asked Oweguy from the other room.

“Yep.” said Margaret.

“Bring them out then.” he said. “I’m starving.” Margaret comes out serving their meal.

“Here’s your meal sir.” she said. “Freshly cooked crabs with a side of various vegetables.” Oweguy then takes a bite and had a concerned look which made the others nervous.

“This is delicious!” he said. “This is the best thing I’ve tasted since DJ’s sandwiches! I give it an A+! Now let’s see what the other contestants have made.” Kenzey then comes out with completely burnt crabs and sandy pineapple slices with her face looking very upset.

“Here’s your food.” she said.

“Yeah um, these crabs look like they got burnt.” he said examining it. “And why are the pineapple slices covered with sand?”

“Leland here accidently slammed into the other contestants who got the pineapple when he went to get a fire extinguisher.” explained Kenzey. “He made them drop them in the sand.”

“I see.” he said. “Well since it’s badly burnt and the pineapple is dirty I can’t eat this dish. Therefore, the Sandy Dollars are the winners!”

“What?!” asked Dusk shocked.

“Yes!” cheered Kaylie as the rest of the team started to celebrate.

“In the meantime, the Spiky Sea Urchins must now vote someone off.” explained Oweguy. “Meet me at the elimination ceremony tonight.” He then leaves and the members of the Spiky Sea Urchins glared at Leland angrily which he then smiles innocently. Later the Sandy Dollars team was hanging out inside the resorts’ arcade.

“Wow, winning rocks.” said Radley.

“Sure does.” said Mudkip who was playing a Pokémon game on a DS he brought along.

“I can’t believe I won the first challenge of the season!” cheered Oweboy. “This is so awesome!”

“Oh fan boys.” said Radley rolling his eyes.

“I hope we can keep this up.” said Kaylie.

“I’m sure we will.” said Margaret.

“Yeah, if we keep focusing on the challenge we definitely will.” said Dixie.

“Let’s hope it works.” said Kaylie. Later at the elimination ceremony which was a bonfire near the beach similar to Total Drama Island the members of the Spiky Sea Urchins were waiting for Oweguy.

“Welcome to your first elimination ceremony guys.” he said. “As a tribute to the first season of Chris’ Total Drama series I made the elimination ceremony similar to that one and I’m even using the marshmallows as the invincibility symbols! I have a total of nine marshmallows so if you get one it means you’re safe. If you don’t then you’re eliminated and have to take the Boat of Losers which I made another tribute to Total Drama Island. Except mine’s in better shape. I think.”

“Interesting tribute.” said Bonnibel.

“Okay, the first marshmallow will go to Bonnibel!” announced Oweguy. She looked happy when he said that and she gets her marshmallow. “The next ones go to Janey, Leonardo, Akari, and Gieselle!” continued Oweguy. “Romero and Jensen are safe as well and so is Kenzey! So now that leaves Dusk and Leland. Dusk, you’re in the bottom two because of your mean attitude and Leland you’re in because I’ve heard that you’ve possibly burnt my food.”

“What you said about me was wrong.” said Dusk.

“Sorry about the food.” said Leland.

“Anyway, the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Dusk.” announced Oweguy. “Sorry Leland but you have been voted off first.” Dusk catches his marshmallow.

“Aw man.” he said. “Well I did try my best.”

“You did your best at failing.” said Dusk. Leland looked angry.

“No time for arguments.” said Oweguy. “It’s time for you to ride on the Boat of Losers!”

“Okay.” said Leland sighing. He then walks onto it and it drives off.

“Glad to have him off.” said Dusk.

“I hope we can get a win next time.” said Kenzey.

“I hope so.” said Dusk.

“So that ends the first challenge and elimination.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With more challenges up the road who will be the next one to win and who will be the next one to lose? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 3: Million Dollar Losers

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem the teams were formed and the contestants participated in their first challenge which was catching some feisty crabs. Leland ended up causing trouble for the Spiky Sea Urchins which made Dusk upset and Radley, Oran, and Kaylie got chased by a giant crab! Hilarious! Afterwards they competed in the second part which was cooking the caught crabs into a nice crab dinner. Once again Leland caused trouble for the team by accidently burning their meal which resulted in the team losing and because of what he did Leland was the first one voted off. Who will be the next one to leave the beach resort? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

The sun had risen over Oweguy’s beach resort with the sunlight beaming into the bedrooms. “Morning already?” asked Oran.

“Yep.” said Radley still wanting to sleep.

“Yay, more challenges!” cheered Oweboy. Dusk puts the covers over him due to Oweguy. In the girls’ bedroom Kaylie and Kenzey were the first ones awake who are then followed by Margaret, Isley, and Dixie.

“Day two of the Total Drama season.” said Kaylie.

“Pretty cool.” said Isley with her bird flying onto her head.

“I hope my team wins this time.” said Kenzey to herself. A few minutes later all of the contestants were in the cafeteria room with Chris and Chef Hatchet sitting at one of the tables.

“Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet?” asked Radley surprised. “Why are you guys here?”

“We’re guest at the hotel.” said Chris.

“Izzy blew our houses up so we needed somewhere to stay.” explained Chef. “She’s gonna pay when we come back!”

“Bummer.” said Radley. “Let’s hope you get it fixed soon.” At the Spiky Sea Urchin’s team they were eating their breakfast while Leonardo was drawing in a sketchbook.

“We need to try and win today.” said Romero.

“True.” said Akari.

“Dude, stop drawing and listen to what we’re talking about!” shouted Dusk to Leonardo.

“Hey I’m trying to draw a masterpiece!” said Leonardo upset.

“Whatever.” said Dusk. “Now listen, in order to win we have to try our best at the challenge.”

“Agreed.” said Kenzey.

“But how?” asked Bonnibel. “We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“We’ll just try our best.” said Kenzey.

“I wish our team wasn’t leaded by a mean goth and a punk.” said Gieselle in the confessional. “Someone like me or Romero could lead the team better. The only one I don’t think should lead is Janey. She’s kinda whacked out with poo brain.” It then switches to Janey in the confessional with her licking her leg for no apparent reason. In the cafeteria Oweguy and Marine walked in with the other contestants noticing while Jensen was dancing in the background.

“Good morning contestants.” said Oweguy drinking out of a coconut which was Mr. Coconut.

“Hey did you steal my cup?!” asked Chris suspicious.

“No, they sell these at the store.” said Oweguy. “I picked one up yesterday.”

“Oh.” said Chris. “Good news for me!”

“You mean for us!” shouted Chef.

“No you’re not important.” said Chris. Chef then growls and threatens to punch Chris. “I mean you are important!” he said nervously. “You’re the most important character of the entire series!”

“Much better.” said Chef.

“Anyway, we’re off to the pool.” said Chris with him and Chef walking away.

“As I was saying, welcome to your second day of Total Drama!” continued Oweguy. “After a crab filled day from yesterday’s challenge I’ve prepared another challenge that doesn’t involve getting your fingers, toes and butts pinched.”

“So what’s the challenge then?” asked Isley with her bird eating bird seed.

“You’ll be competing in a three part sports challenge in the sports field!” announced Oweguy.

“Oh yeah, a good challenge for me!” shouted Radley with Margaret and Dixie rolling their eyes.

“I think so.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, two contestants from each team will compete in one of the challenges and the team who wins the most wins during the challenges will win invincibility while the losing team will have to vote someone off.

“Sounds simple enough.” said Margaret.

“This reminds me of that sports challenge from TDA.” said Mudkip.

“I loved that episode.” said Radley.

“Anyway, meet me at the sports park in ten minutes.” explained Oweguy. “I want you to at least finish your breakfast.”

“Well that’s kind and nice.” said Oran eating a huge bowl of cereal. The ten minutes then passed and the contestants were inside a room with a boxing podium.

“Welcome to your first challenge which is a boxing match!” announced Oweguy. “Before we begin please pick who will be go.” The Sandy Dollars then try to figure out who should go.

“Should Radley go?” asked Kaylie.

“No way!” he said. “Save me for last. I want the other team to show how strong I am!” He then starts flexing.

“How about me?” asked Oran.

“Why you?” asked Sherloch. “You don’t really seem to be the type to box.”

“You’ll see what I can do.” said Oran. Over at the Spiky Sea Urchins team they were figuring out what to do.

“Who should we pick?” asked Kenzey.

“How about ninja girl?” asked Dusk with Akari looking upset at him.

“Good enough.” said Kenzey.

“Just to let you know we never practiced boxing in Japan.” said Akari in the confessional.

“Okay so we’ve got our boxers!” said Oweguy. “This match will only be one round so whoever wins is the winner for this challenge! And begin!” The bell then goes off.

“Prepare to lose!” shouted Oran.

“No you’re going to lose but I won’t seriously hurt you.” said Akari. She then punches Oran straight into his belly but he doesn’t feel anything because it was mostly fat.

“I forgot to show you my secret trap weapon.” said Oran. “My fat belly!” Akari looked nervous and Oran then punches her right out of the ring and slamming into the wall. The bell goes off again.

“Due to Akari getting hit out of the arena Oran is the winner!” said Oweguy. The rest of the Sandy Dollars team cheers in victory while Bonnibel, Gieselle, and Romero run over to help Akari.

“Are you okay?” asked Romero.

“Yeah.” said Akari regaining conscious. “Thanks for helping me out.”

“You’re welcome.” said Romero.

“Time for challenge two!” said Oweguy. “Follow me to the next area of the sports park!”

“I hope it’s a dancing arena.” said Jensen.

“Dancing isn’t a sport.” said Dusk not interesting in talking with him.

“It is to me.” said Jensen. Later the contstants were inside another building which contained a swimming pool.

“Welcome to challenge two!” said Oweguy. “In this challenge it’s a swim race and like before two contestants will race against each other and whoever wins will get a point. Now chose who will go.”

“I think I should go for us.” said Kaylie. “I’ve won many swimming races before.”

“I agree.” said Margaret.

“Me too.” said Dixie.

“So do I.” said Radley.

“Perfect.” said Kaylie looking happy. It then pans over to the Spiky Sea Urchins team.

“Who’s a good swimmer?” asked Dusk. Janey starts bouncing up and down repeatedly. Dusk sighs and says “I guess her.”

“Yay!” she cheered.

“So we have our swimmers.” said Oweguy. “You just have to swim one lap to win. And begin!” Kaylie and Janey began to swim to the other side.

“C’mon Kaylie, you can do it!” cheered Oran.

“C’mon jungle girl, help us win so we won’t be losers!” shouted Dusk. Janey suddenly started swimming faster.

“What?” asked Kaylie. “How is she swimming so fast?” It showed her imagining that she was chasing after a fish. She makes it to the other side and then heads turns around back with Kaylie soon following her.

“C’mon Kaylie you’re almost there!” cheered Isley. Janey then gains a burst of speed again and she makes it to the other side before Kaylie did.

“Janey wins for the Spiky Sea Urchins!” announced Oweguy. “This means that the score is now tied!”

“About time!” shouted Dusk.

“Let’s hope we win the next challenge.” said Kenzey.

“Why couldn’t you win?” asked Margaret.

“She was too good.” said Kaylie drying off.

“Must be due to her living in the jungle.” said Radley.

“Well I hope we win next challenge.” said Kaylie.

“We have to.” said Dixie. “If we don’t we’ll lose.”

“I’ll go for the last challenge.” said Radley. “I’ll make sure to grant us a win.” Later they were outside in front of a road used for a track meet.

“Welcome to the final challenge.” said Oweguy. “In this one it’s a race to the finish to win invincibility. Once again one contestant from each team will compete and whoever wins this one will grant the team invincibility while the losing team goes to vote someone off. Now choose who is going for your teams.”

“I’m going for the Sandy Dollars.” said Radley.

“Okay.” said Oweguy. “Now we need to see who goes for the Spiky Sea Urchins.”

“Hey art dude.” said Dusk. “How come you do not want to help?”

“I’d rather work on my drawings.” He said.

“I’ll go for us.” said Kenzey. “I’m a good runner.”

“Fine by us.” said Romero.

“Okay, our runners are all set.” said Oweguy. “It’s time for the last challenge to begin!” He then fires a starter pistol and a beehive suddenly falls on his head with a bee swarm attacking him. “Get them off!” he shouted getting stung. Radley and Kenzey started running while the other contestants except for Leonardo who was drawing started to cheer them on.

TDBPM epi 3 teaser

Radley and Kenzey compete in the last challenge.

“You won’t win today punky!” shouted Radley as they ran down the track.

“You won’t win possibly either!” shouted Kenzey. Suddenly they saw some hurdles.

“Oh, I forgot to remind you about the hurdles.” said Oweguy covered in bee stings. “Be careful.” Both Radley and Kenzey jumped over each set of hurdles with no problem. Radley stumbled at one of them but managed to recover and catch up.

“They’ve been tied for a while.” said Kaylie.

“I’m sure something will happen that will help us.” said Margaret. Near the other team Leonardo kept drawing but suddenly a gust of wind blew by causing his drawings to blow away.

“My drawings!” he shouted.

“Ha!” laughed Kenzey. “I’m sure you won’t win this challenge.”

“We’ll see about that!” shouted Radley.

“The goal is ahead of us.” said Kenzey. “I’m going to try and increase my speed now.” Suddenly Leonardo’s drawings smack into her eyes making her unable to see where she was going. “Get this trash off me!” she shouted. Suddenly she slammed into one of the hurdles causing her to fall down and make Radley cross the goal first.

“Ha, I win!” he shouted.

“Radley wins the track meet!” shouted Oweguy still covered in bee stings. “That means that the Sandy Dollars have won invincibility for a second time!” The others started cheering and Kaylie suddenly hugs Radley as he walked over making him surprised.

“You okay?” asked Gieselle helping her up.

“What caused me to lose sight of the track?” she asked. She then grabs one of Leonardo’s drawings off her head and saw his signature which made her mad.

“I think we should leave guys.” said Gieselle to the others who then nodded in agreement. Inside the hotel pool Chris and Chef were there with Chris floating on a float.

“Ahhh, this is relaxing.” He said. “Nothing can make it bad.”

“Cannonball!” shouted Oran jumping into a pool which caused a huge splash that forced Chris right out of the pool.

“Actually something did make it bad.” said Chris. “Why are you even here?”

“Oweguy allows the winning team to enjoy the fun resort stuff.” Said Oran with the rest of the Sandy Dollars team arriving.

“Well that’s just great.” said Chris. “I’m going into the Jacuzzi.”

“Well at least I didn’t get forced out.” said Chef.

“Cannonball!” shouted Ysabelle with her splash forcing him right out an open window. It then shows a woman in one of the hotel room bathrooms blow-drying her hair after taking a shower and Chef suddenly crashes through the mirror right in front of her scaring her.

“Uh, hello.” said Chef trying to give her a good impression but she then punches him in the face knocking him out. Later at the elimination ceremony the Spiky Sea Urchins were there with Oweguy arriving.

“Two loses in a row?” asked Oweguy pretending to be shocked. “That’s quite pathetic.” Kenzey and Dusk looked upset when he said that. “Anyway, if you don’t get a marshmallow that means you’re voted off and you have to board the Boat of Losers.” Oweguy continued. “The first three marshmallows go to Romero, Akari, and Bonnibel.” The three of them catch their marshmallows with Akari holding an ice pack to her head due to what happened during the boxing match. “The next marshmallows go to Janey, Jensen, Gieselle, and Dusk.” continued Oweguy. “So now that leaves Kenzey and Leonardo and the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Kenzey. Sorry Leonardo but you’ve been eliminated.”

“What?” he asked. “Why me?”

“Two reasons.” said Kenzey. “You’d rather draw than help us and your dumb drawings caused me to lose.”

“That is a good explanation.” said Oweguy. “Now why don’t you take a nice boat ride, aboard the Boat of Losers?”

“Okay.” said Leonardo disappointed. “It was fun but I wish I could’ve gone a little bit farther.”

“So long.” said Bonnibel.

“Good riddance.” said Kenzey quietly. Leonardo then boards the Boat of Losers and it then drives away.

“So that ends another episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Having lost two times now can the Spiky Sea Urchins catch up? Are Chris and Chef going to sue me while the show’s contestants are here? Is Chef still in that woman’s room stuck in the wall? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 4: Carnival of Madness

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, the contestants competed in sports themed challenges. Oran helped his team win the boxing challenge while Janey helped her team with the swimming challenge. The last challenge was a race to the finish and Radley and Kenzey competed in that challenge. Due to Leonardo’s drawings scattering in the wind and hitting Kenzey in the face she lost focus and Radley ended winning making the Sandy Dollars win once more. During the elimination ceremony Leonardo was voted off due to his drawings making Kenzey lose the challenge. Who will be the next one voted off next? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

It was nighttime at the beach resort and the Sandy Dollars team except for Ysabelle were in the lobby watching the TV in there which was showing an episode of Total Drama World Tour. “This place is nice.” said Margaret.

“It is but I wish we would just have a relaxing stay instead of competing in challenges that drive us crazy.” said Radley.

“Agreed.” said Dixie.

“Who wants to share my McDonalds meal?” asked Ysabelle walking in.

“I would.” said Oran.

“Well eat up.” She said as they started eating.

“Those two seem very close.” said Margaret looking happy despite their gross way of eating.

“Maybe they’re dating.” said Radley.

“I wouldn’t ask right away.” said Margaret. “They might not be.”

“Let’s just be surprised.” said Radley. Meanwhile the Spiky Sea Urchins team was upstairs in the hotel rooms hanging out in the hallway near the contestants’ rooms.

“Two loses in a row?!” asked Dusk upset. “We should be doing better.”

“Totally.” said Kenzey.

“You shouldn’t concentrate on winning. You should concentrate on having a good time.” said Romero trying to be nice.

“Not interested.” said Dusk.

“Man he is rude.” said Romero in the confessional. “I’d hate to see how he acts back home.”

“I hope we win soon.” said Bonnibel. “I want some of that candy from the candy shop.”

“Me too.” said Jensen. “I love candy. Even though it leads to sugar rushes. That’s why my mom doesn’t let me have it.”

“Well no matter what we should try our best.” said Romero.

“Agreed.” said Gieselle.

“I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a challenge all day.” said Akari.

“Yeah, not since yesterday.” said Gieselle.

“I wonder what’s taking a while?” asked Romero.

“Maybe he ran out of ideas.” said Kenzey jokingly.

“Not likely.” said Dusk. “I’ve heard that he’s got enough money for the rest of the season.”

“Okay then.” said Kenzey. Suddenly the intercom came with both them and the Sandy Dollars hearing.

“Attention contestants.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “Meet me at the boardwalk pier which is where the next challenge will be.”

“It’s about time.” said Kenzey. About five minutes later both teams were on the boardwalk where in front of them they saw a sign that said Oweguy’s Carnival with the carnival a few feet down the boardwalk.

TDBPM epi 4 teaser

The contestants at the gateway to Oweguy's Carnival.

“Is that a carnival?” asked Mudkip surprised and excited.

“I love carnivals, especially carnivals made by Oweguy!” cheered Oweguy looking more excited than Mudkip.

“Oh boy.” said Kaylie rolling her eyes.

“Welcome to my boardwalk carnival!” greeted Oweguy arriving from behind the sign pole. “This place is open to the public and the hotel guests. However for you guys this place is going to be the location for your next challenge! Just like last time you’ll be competing in different challenges and whichever team gains the most points wins while the other team votes someone off.”

“Well how is it going to work?” asked Radley.

“It’s simple.” said Oweguy. “Instead of me choosing which challenge you’ll have this roulette wheel!” He shows them a big roulette wheel with some pictures being a roller coaster, a hit the bell tower, spinning cups, and more.

“Wow, that’s a lot of rides pictured.” said Oran.

“Don’t count on me riding them.” said Sherloch reading a detective book.

“Okay, time to choose the first challenge!” announced Oweguy setting off the roulette which landed on the roller coaster picture. “Looks like the first challenge is the roller coaster!” he continued.

“So who’s going to go for our team?” asked Radley.

“Well this time you won’t be choosing.” said Oweguy. This slot machine will!” said Oweguy with a slot machine that had pictures of the contestants.

“He just wants us to have a miserable time.” said Dusk.

“I hope I don’t get chosen.” said Margaret. “I hate roller coasters.”

“We’ll just have to see what the slot machine says.” said Oweguy setting it off. On one side it stopped at a picture of Margaret and for the other one was a picture of Jensen. “Looks like Margaret and Jensen will be riding the roller coaster!” announced Oweguy.

“I was worried I’d get chosen.” said Margaret nervous. Later Margaret and Jensen were on the roller coaster with Jensen looking excited.

“I can’t wait for this to start!” cheered Jensen. “I love roller coasters!”

“Now here’s how this will work.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever can survive the roller coaster without puking wins a point for their team, got it? Now let’s begin!” He starts the roller coaster as it goes up the track.

“Don’t get nervous Margaret.” said Dixie below. “I know you’ll do okay.”

“You’re right, I shouldn’t worry.” said Margaret. “It’s just a roller…” She then saw the drop part and screamed “Coaster!!!!!!!!!!!” as it went down.

“And there they go!” said Oweguy. “Let’s see how long they last!”

“Woooo!” cheered Jensen. “This is fun!”

“This is horrifying!” screamed Margaret.

“Look!” said Jensen. “Here comes the loop de loop!” Margaret looked nervous as they approached it and screamed when it happened.

“This seems hard for her.” said Isley to Dixie.

“Yeah.” said Dixie.

“This is fun, especially after eating a bag of jelly beans and popcorn!” cheered Jensen. He suddenly ducks over and pukes due to eating that food before he got on.

“It appears that Jensen threw up first so that means Margaret wins a point for the team!” said Oweguy.

“That was close!” said Radley.

“You idiot!” shouted Dusk. “Why’d you eat so much before you got on the roller coaster?”

“I was hungry and suffering from candy withdrawal.” said Jensen who suddenly starts dancing from the sugar. Dusk then slaps his head.

“You did it Margaret!” said Dixie. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“I guess.” She said a little pale from the ride. Suddenly she starts to throw up with Radley and Dixie staring while the puddle of puke started to get bigger as she kept vomiting. A few seconds later they then walk away with Margaret still puking.

“Okay, time for the second challenge.” said Oweguy. “How about we leave Margaret alone for a while until she stops puking?”

“Good idea.” said Kenzey disgusted as Margaret continued to throw up. Later the contestants were back at the roulette and slot machines.

“Time to see what will be the second challenge.” said Oweguy spinning the wheel which lands on a hit the bell tower. “Looks like it’s the hit the bell challenge!” he said. “Now let’s see who’s going to compete in it.” He sets off the slot machine and for the Sandy Dollars side it stopped at Radley while on the Spiky Sea Urchins side it stopped on Kenzey. “Looks like it’s going to be Radley vs. Kenzey again.” said Oweguy.

“Ready for a rematch?” asked Kenzey to Radley.

“Definetly.” he said. “I’m always up for rematches.”

“Then prepare to lose.” she said tauntingly. They then walked over to the bell ringer towers which were very tall and the hammers looked pretty heavy.

“This is how it will go.” said Oweguy. “Whoever can hit the bell the highest will win a point for the team. Very simple so this won’t take too long. Oh and also the hammers are pretty heavy and the towers are very high so that’s the only difficult party. Have fun.”

“Okay, here we go.” said Radley picking up the hammer with no problem and focused a little bit and then hit the target and made the bell ring with no problem. Some of the Sandy Dollars members cheer but Sherloch didn’t look too excited.

“I could hit better than that.” he said going back to his book.

“Beat that.” said Radley to Kenzey.

“Oh I will.” she said picking up the hammer with no problem again and she slams the hard on the target with the force being so powerful that the bell at the top got blown off and it flew straight into the air. The others stare in shock with Sherloch dropping his book.

“Wow, that’s something.” said Oweguy. “But since the bell came off on Kenzey’s tower she wins a point for her team! That means the score is tied once again!”

“I never knew she was that strong!”said Radley in the confessional shocked. “Her muscles don’t really show compared to mine.”

“Darn punk made me drop my book.” said Sherloch upset in the confessional.

“Alright, it’s time for the final challenge.” said Oweguy. “Whoever wins this challenge will win for their team.” Margaret then comes back still looking pale.

“Margaret, you’re back!” said Dixie happy. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” she said. “I just really hate roller coasters.”

“I can see.” said Dixie. “Why is that?”

“Because they go to fast and I get sick on fast rides very easily.” said Margaret. “I was puking for at least five minutes. Just look at my stomach right now.” She showed Dixie her stomach which looked very thin and boney.

“Yikes.” said Dixie freaked out.

“I’m going to get something to eat.” said Margaret. “My stomach is soon to implode.”

“You go do that.” said Dixie. The contestants and Oweguy were soon back to the slot and roulette machines.

“This will be the final challenge so let’s see what it will be.” said Oweguy spinning the roulette wheel which landed on a bumper car picture. “Looks like it’s going to be the bumper car challenge!” said Oweguy. “Now let’s see which contestants are gong.” He sets the slot machine off and the chosen contestants were Sherloch and Janey. “Looks like Sherloch and Janey are the chosen contestants!

“Oh no, no way I am doing that!” said Sherloch upset. “I want to continue my book.”

“Oh yes you are.” said Oweguy. “Anyone who refuses is disqualified.”

“Fine.” said Sherloch. “I’ll do it.”

“Yay I love bumper cars, even though there aren’t really any in the jungle.” said Janey excited.

“I figured.” said Dusk. Later Sherloch and Janey were in the bumper cars with Janey having a huge grin on her face.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” said Sherloch.

“I’ve got a bad feeling that he won’t let us win.” said Radley.

“We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” said Kaylie.

“Okay, here’s how it goes.” said Oweguy. “Whoever can get their opponent out of the ring first will be the winner of the challenge while the loser gets voted off.”

“So it’s like a wrestling match but with bumper cars?” asked Radley.

“Exactly.” said Oweguy.

“Cool.” said Radley looking excited.

“It may be cool for you but not cool for me.” said Sherloch.

“And begin!” shouted Oweguy. Janey’s bumper car starts heading toward Sherloch and then bangs it.”

“Stop it!” shouted Sherloch. “Don’t you know it’s not nice to hurt others?”

“I just love bumper cars.” said Janey as she continued hitting Sherloch’s bumper car.

“Do you want a foam finger?” asked Radley to Kaylie treating like the challenge was a sports event.

“Uh okay.” she said taking a foam finger. “This isn’t baseball you know.”

“I know.” said Radley. “I just do this for all sports.”

“I see.” said Kaylie. “But what the heck, I like these foam fingers and sports.”

“Stop treating this like a sports event!” shouted Sherloch as Janey flies out of nowhere and hits his bumper car many more times.

“This is exciting.” said Oweguy with one of Radley’s foam fingers. Janey continued to smash Sherloch’s bumper car until he came to the point of losing it.

“Enough!” he shouted. “I can’t take this madness anymore!” He then jumps out of his bumper car and off the bumper car arena.

“And with that the Sandy Dollars lose by default so that means that for the first time the Spiky Sea Urchins have won!” The team members start cheering except for Dusk.

“First time?” he asked. “How about just the Spiky Sea Urchins have won?”

“I’d rather just humiliate you guys.” said Oweguy with Dusk looking upset.

“Dude, you totally blew it.” said Radley to Sherloch who walked away.

“Don’t care.” he said. “Let me just get back to my book.”

“So Sandy Dollars guess what?” asked Oweguy knowing what was going to happen. “You guys have to vote someone off your team. See you later at the elimination ceremony.”

“So who are we going to vote?” asked Kaylie.

“I already know who.” said Radley looking at Sherloch. Later at the elimination ceremony the Sandy Dollars team was there with Sherloch still reading his book.

“Welcome to your first elimination ceremony Sandy Dollars.” said Oweguy. “Technically this is the third but it’s the first one with you guys.”

“Just get on with it.” said Radley.

“Anyway, if you don’t get a marshmallow that means you have been eliminated and you’ll have to ride the Boat of Losers. I take it most of you know what to do.”

“Yep.” said Dixie.

“Okay, the first two marshmallows go to Margaret and Kaylie!” They catch their marshmallows with Margaret looking better. “The next marshmallows go to Mudkip, Oweboy, Isley, and Dixie.” continued Oweguy giving them their marshmallows. “Oran and Ysabelle are safe as well so now that leaves Radley and Sherloch and the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Radley!” He gives him his marshmallow leaving Sherloch surprised. “Sherloch, it’s time to board on the Boat of Losers.”

“Good enough for me.” he said. “Serves you guys right for voting off the guy who would most likely help your team.”

“All you did was act like a coward and made us lose the last challenge.” said Radley.

“Whatever, I’m out of here.” said Sherloch walking to the Boat of Losers which soon drives away.

“So we lost our first challenge but I’m sure we’ll win again next time.” said Margaret.

“Yeah because we’re unstoppable!” cheered Oweboy.

“I think you’re over doing it dude.” said Radley.

“Sorry.” said Oweboy blushing and looking ashamed.

“So that ends another episode of Total Drama.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “Is this the only time the Spiky Sea Urchins will win?”

“I heard that?” shouted Dusk offscreen.

“Will the Sandy Dollars catch up next time?” continued Oweguy. “What crazy challenge is in store for our contestants next? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 5: Revenge of the Shrink Ray

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem the contestants competed in challenges in my boardwalk pier carnival! Margaret had to go through a wild roller coaster ride which later made her throw up for a very long time while Kenzey showed her strength in the bell game. Lastly it was Janey against Sherloch in the bumper car challenge and Sherloch chickened out at the last second making the Sandy Dollars lose and the Spiky Sea Urchins win. Due to making them lose Sherloch was the first one voted off on the team. What’s going to happen next? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

It was a couple hours before noon and some of the contestants like Radley, Kaylie, and Oweboy were playing outside while some of the others like Kenzey, Oran, Ysabelle, and Margaret were inside. In one room Oweguy was inside a storage area with a lot of his gadgets from last season stored in there. One of the gadgets he had was his shrink ray which he was cleaning. “You still have that thing?” asked Marine walking in.

“Yeah.” said Oweguy. “It’s very useful. I’ve got more storage space thanks to it.” It showed another storage room with a lot of Oweguy’s stuff shrunken by the shrink ray. An intern then walked by accidently crushing one of the shrunken boxes and when he noticed he left immediately.

“It did cause trouble for me and the others last season.” said Marine. “Remember episode six?”

“That’s exactly why I brought it back.” said Oweguy. “I felt that the new guys should have a taste of what the others did last season.”

“I see.” said Marine. “Well let’s hope that nothing bad happens.”

“Don’t worry.” said Oweguy. “Nothing bad is going to happen. Now how about we get something to eat?”

Marine’s stomach then growls and she says “Sure.” Outside, Radley, Kaylie, Oweboy, and Mudkip were practicing some baseball.

“Watch out Oweguy fan boy!” said Radley. “Here comes a fast ball!” He then pitches the ball.

“I’ve got this!” said Oweboy. He hits the ball but the ball then crashes through a window. It showed Kenzey inside the girl’s room with her area having a lot of space but was also covered in trash. Suddenly the baseball crashes through and wrecks a lot of her area which makes her upset.

“What the hell?” she said. “I was going to trash my area up! Whoever did that is going to pay!” The baseball then kept bouncing around in the hallway and it then ended up in the storage closet where a crash is then heard.

“Sorry.” said Oweboy back outside with the others looking. It then cuts to the confessional with him saying “I’m not really great at hitting baseballs. I once had to pay for all of my next door neighbor’s windows. That wasn’t a good day.”

“Well that’s just great.” said Radley. “Now we have to go find where it went.”

“I’ll tag along.” said Kaylie.

“You know what, I think I’ll stay here.” said Oweboy.

“No way buster!” shouted Radley grabbing him. “Since you hit the ball you’re coming along!” Oweboy gulps and the three of them go into the building while Mudkip stares.

“Oh well, time to continue my Pokémon game.” He said getting a Nintendo DS out. In the hallway where the ball ended up going the three of them had arrived with Margaret in there as well.

“I heard the crash.” She said. “What happened?”

“Mr. Oweboy here hit the ball through the window.” said Radley. Nearby Kenzey had heard what Radley said and she then glares at Oweboy.

“It seems like it ended up in here.” said Kaylie.

“Let’s check it out.” said Radley. Before they opened the door it showed that the ball had landed on the shrink ray causing it to activate and was about to fire a beam. Radley then opens the door. “There it is.” He said.

“Wait, what is that?” asked Kaylie.

“It looks like that ray thingy from that movie with that professor guy and his shrunken kids.” said Oweboy.

“I think that’s what it is.” said Radley getting nervous “And it’s about to fire!” The shrink ray then shot two beams at once with one of them hitting Radley, Kaylie, Oweboy, and Margaret while the other one went somewhere else. Kenzey who was close to what happened managed to dodge in time.

“What happened?” asked Kaylie looking around with everything else really huge.

“We got shrunk!” shouted Radley. “That’s what happened!”

“Calm down dude.” said Margaret. “All we have to do is get back to the shrink ray and return to normal.”

“Not bad.” said Radley. “Even for a size this small. Let’s do it.” Suddenly Gieselle walks by accidently hitting Radley, Kaylie, and Margaret and they fell down the stairway that leads to the lobby and then got blown away by a nearby air vent. Oweboy was the only one that she didn’t hit.

“Phew, that was close.” He said wiping sweat off his forehead. Suddenly Kenzey’s fingers pick him up with him looking nervous. When she brought him to her face he screamed a very girlish scream. It cuts to him in the confessional with him saying “When I see a girl like her as big as Godzilla I get so scared to the point I pee my pants. I’m serious.”

“You’re going to pay for wrecking my room little jerk.” She said.

“Do you accept change?” he asked getting a bag of quarters out of his pocket.

“I don’t mean money.” She said. “I mean very hard exercising and cleaning.” Oweboy then gulps. Meanwhile in another room of the hotel resort Akari was meditating and Bonnnibel was watching while Dusk was just minding his own business.

“How long has she been meditating for?” asked Dusk.

“About a hour.” said Bonnibel.

“Well I hope she wakes up soon.” said Dusk. “I’m pretty sure something bad is about to happen.” Suddenly the other beam from the shrink ray arrived and hit the three of them shrinking them as well. “See what I mean?” asked Dusk.

“We’ve been shrunken!” screamed Bonnibel.

“Did that wake her up?” asked Dusk.

“Nope she’s still meditating.” said Bonnibel with Akari still in a meditation.

“Yo Karate girl!” shouted Dusk using a very loud voice. “Did you know that we’ve been shrunken?!” She did not move or react after he finished.

“That didn’t work either.” said Bonnibel. Dusk then flicks her cheek but she still didn’t change position or react.

“Well that does it.” said Dusk. “She’s frozen in a state of meditation.”

“I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.” said Bonnibel. “Now how do we get back to normal?”

“Find whatever shrunk us before something else happens.” said Dusk. Suddenly a vacuum cleaning suddenly sucks up the three shrunken contestants.

“Oweguy makes more messes compared to the others.” said Marine who was running the vacuum. In the lobby Radley, Kaylie, and Margaret had landed on a soft mat unharmed.

“That was close.” said Kaylie. “Gieselle has to watch out where she goes.”

“Now how are we going to get the other contestants to know that we’re missing and shrunken?” asked Margaret.

“I’m sure someone will know.” said Radley.

“Attention contestants.” said Oweguy on the intercom suddenly. “Your next challenge is to look for your missing contestants who have accidently been shrunken by my shrink ray.”

“Wait, how’d he know that we were shrunken?” asked Radley.

“I read the episode’s script.” said Oweguy on the intercom to Radley which made him confused.

“The other contestants are shrunken?” asked Isley to Dixie.

“So that’s why we haven’t been able to find them.” said Dixie. Margaret then noticed her.

“Look there’s Dixie.” She said. “Maybe I can get her attention if I could get in front of her eyes.”

“You have fun with that.” said Radley as Margaret ran toward Dixie’s leg.

“So what do we do now?” asked Kaylie.

“I’d say stand somewhere where someone would see us.” said Radley.

“But we’re as big as ants.” said Kaylie.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” said Radley. Suddenly the air vent went off again blowing them through the room. “I’m starting to hate air vents now.” He said.

“I only hate them when you’re this tiny.” said Kaylie. They then landed at a table.

“We’re alive!” said Radley.

“That was close.” said Kaylie.

“Wait, what are we on?” asked Radley. They noticed the hot dog they were on. “We should get off.” He said. Suddenly they hear the ground shake and they saw Ysabelle walking toward the hot dog with Oran coming in as well but sitting on the chair near the table.

TDBPM epi 5 teaser

Ysabelle about to eat the hot dog that Radley and Kaylie are on.

“I hope she doesn’t see the hot dog.” said Kaylie.

“Ooh! A hot dog!” cheered Ysabelle noticing it.

“You had to say that.” said Radley. Ysabelle grabs the hot dog without giving Radley and Kaylie a chance to run.

“Ysabelle!” shouted Oran. “Don’t eat that.”

“How come?” asked Ysabelle.

“That was close.” said Radley.

“You forgot mustard.” said Oran.

“Thanks!” she said taking the mustard from Oran. “I almost forgot!” She poured mustard on the hot dog which landed on Radley and Kaylie.

“Well that’s just great.” said Radley. “We’re now covered in mustard and about to get…” Ysabelle bites the hot dog piece they were on and Radley said “Eaten.” In her mouth and she then swallows the hot dog piece, Radley, and Kaylie.

“Delicious.” said Ysabelle. Meanwhile Marine was bringing the vacuum that sucked Dusk, Bonnibel, and Akari who was still meditating up the stairs. Inside the bag Dusk and Bonnibel popped out of a clump of dust and crumbs.

“I’m starting to hate vacuums now.” said Dusk.

“How do we get out of here?” asked Bonnibel. Dusk then saw the zipper at the top.

“There’s a zipper.” He said.

“But it looks too high and we’re too tiny to pull it down.” said Bonnibel.

“Drat.” said Dusk. “Now what do we do?” Bonnibel then saw Akari’s katana blade.

“Why don’t we use Akari’s sword thingy to cut a hole open?” she said.

“Perfect.” said Dusk. He grabs the katana and cuts a hole big enough for them to go through. “Let’s get out of here.” He said. He jumps out first and Bonnibel carries Akari with her and jumps out as well. The three of them were now in the hotel hallway where their bedrooms were.

“I think Kenzey’s still in the bedrooms.” said Bonnbiel.

“Then let’s get to her because I’m sure she’ll return us to normal.” said Dusk. “But compared to how big we are now it’s going to take us at least an hour to get through the hallway.

“Now I know how bugs feel.” said Bonnibel. Down in the girls’ room it showed the shrunken Oweboy on a hamster wheel running and sweating which was shown to be powering a prototype cleaner robot that Oweguy designed that was cleaning the mess he caused.

“Why did you want me to power this robot?” asked Oweboy getting tired on the hamster wheel.

“I couldn’t find a regular generator.” said Kenzey. The robot then stops after all the stuff got cleaned up.

“I’m finished.” said Oweboy regaining his breath. “Can you return me to normal size now?”

“Nope.” said Kenzey. “Oweguy announced that the other contestants have to look for you guys so this would probably make it tricky for them. Plus I’ve got more stuff for you to clean.”

“Aw man.” said Oweboy disappointed. Meanwhile Dixie was still where she was and Margaret jumps onto her leg just before she moved.

“Made it!” she said. “Now how can I get up quicker?” She then saw a spider climbing up a string of silk that was attacked to Dixie’s back pocket. “Perfect.” she said. She then jumped onto the spider as it started to climb up the thread of silk. “If I can get this spider to get to her head I can probably get her attention.” she said. Meanwhile it showed inside Ysabelle’s stomach where Radley and Kaylie fell into it and landed on a chunch of the hot dog she swallowed.

“Gross!” said Kaylie. “How do we get out of here before this hot dog chunk gets dissolved by the stomach acid?”

“Let me think.” said Radley. He thinks for a few seconds and then says “I got it!”

“What’s your plan?” asked Kaylie.

“I’ve got this really heavy ball that will make sure we’ll get out.” said Radley taking out a big iron ball. “Watch out.” he then throws the ball around her stomach which bounces off the walls repeatedly while Kaylie ducked. Outside Ysabelle looked funny as she and Oran were in the lobby not helping the others find their missing team members.

“Why aren’t you helping?” asked Isley.

“We’re gonna.” said Oran. “We’re just hungry right now.” Isley then rolls her eyes and leaves. Ysabelle then hiccups and burps a little. “You okay?” Oran asked.

“Yeah.” said Ysabelle burping again. Inside her stomach things started to shake around.

“What did you do?” asked Kaylie.

“You’ll see.” Ysabelle’s stomach then gurgles and she burps louder.

“Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” asked Oran.

“Yeah.” she said. She then burps very loudly and her stomach starts gurgling a lot.

“What’s happening?” asked Kaylie as everything started to splash around.

“You’ll see soon.” said Radley.

“Oh no, something’s about to come up.” said Ysabelle. She then runs to a different room.

“It takes her a while to admit it.” said Oran. Inside Ysabelle’s stomach Radley and Kaylie were hanging onto the hot dog as a bunch of stomach acid start to blast up Ysabelle’s throat.

“Kaylie, always remember that people kick you out of places when you make a lot of ruckus.” said Radley.

“So that’s why you threw that iron ball against the stomach wall.” said Kaylie.

“Yep, now hang on. It’s going to be a wild ride!” said Radley as they saw Ysabelle’s mouth from above. Outside the bathroom Dixie was there and she heard Ysabelle throwing up in the bathroom.

“Geez, I wonder what she ate?” Dixie asked to herself.

“Yeah I know that our escape was a little disgusting but it was better than staying in there for hours and then turning into you know what but at least we got to a good destination afterward.” said Radley in the confessional. It then showed Ysabelle leaving the bathroom looking pale and Radley and Kaylie popped out of the sink drain.

“That was disgusting but at least we’re safe.” said Kaylie.

“Now we have to find someone to get us to the shrink ray.” said Radley. Meanwhile back near where Kenzey was it showed her holding Oweboy while Dusk and Bonnibel were right near the door with the still meditating Akari.

“How can we get her to notice us?” asked Bonnibel. An intern with tools then walks buy and accidently drops a megaphone in front of them.

“That’s how.” said Dusk.

“So am I done cleaning all your stuff?” asked Oweboy.

“Hmm, I’m not sure.” she said.

“C’mon!” shouted Oweboy. “I cleaned your entire mess, I cleaned the bathroom, I cleaned stuff that I shouldn’t even mention all in a miniaturized state. Can’t you just return me to normal?”

“Well I guess so.” she said.

“Hey Kenzey!” shouted Dusk.

“Uh oh.” said Kenzey. She then threw Oweboy out the window who then lands on Mudkip’s head.

“Hey, there you are!” he said.

“Can you change me back to normal?” asked Oweboy.

“How?” asked Mudkip. “Also, how did you get like this?” Oweboy then looked upset. Kenzey then walked into the hallway.

“Where are you Dusk?” she asked.

“Down here.” said Dusk. She saw the shrunken Dusk, Bonnbiel, and Akari near the megaphone.

“Is that everyone on our team who’s been shrunken?” she asked.

“Yep, now just get us to the shrink ray.” said Dusk.

“I know just where it is.” she said.

“Perfect.” said Dusk. Meanwhile Dixie and Isley met up again in the lobby.

“Well that’s that.” she said. “We’ve looked everywhere but we just can’t find everyone. And what’s worse is that Oran and Ysabelle haven’t bothered to look.”

“I’m sorry but we’re hungry and tired.” said Ysabelle.

“Wait, there’s a challenge?” asked Oran. “Ysabelle, why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Oops.” she said looking ashamed.

“Well let’s hope we don’t lose.” said Isley.

“Something’s tickling my face.” said Dixie.

“It’s me!” said Margaret in front of her eye.

“Margaret!” said Dixie. “Where were you?”

“Climbing up your body to get to your face.” said Margaret.

“Well that’s good news.” said Dixie. “But where’s the others?”

“I found Oweboy!” said Mudkip with Oweboy in his hand.

“Great!” cheered Dixie. “Who else is there?”

“Radley and Kaylie.” said Margaret. “But I haven’t seen them for a while.”

“Hey, over here!” shouted Radley with a high pitched voice. It showed him and Kaylie on a table.

“Perfect, that’s everyone!” cheered Dixie. “Oweguy said that the shrink ray is near our bedrooms.”

“Then let’s go there!” cheered Mudkip. The entire team heads toward there but they then see Oweguy with the Spiky Sea Urchins team and Dusk, Bonnbiel, and Akari who was still meditating now back to normal size.

“Aw man, we’re too late!” said Isley.

“What took you so long?” asked Oweguy. “These guys got here five minutes ago.”

“We had an interference.” said Oran.

“Well guess what?” asked Oweguy. “You guys get to go to the elimination ceremony tonight which means that the Spiky Sea Urchins win again!”

“Crap.” said Radley.

“See you guys later.” said Oweguy leaving and taking his shrink ray with him which still had the baseball on it. Akari then finally wakes up.

“Did I miss anything while I was asleep?” she asked.

“It’s best that you don’t know.” said Dusk.

“What made us lose?” asked Mudkip.

“We’ll find out later.” said Isley. It then cuts to the elimination ceremony where the Sandy Dollars team was soon followed by Oweguy.

“Well today’s challenge wasn’t really that exciting due to it being accidental but still someone has to leave the competition and we’ll find out in just a few seconds.” he explained. “Now I have eight marshmallows and the person who doesn’t get one will have to take the Boat of Losers. First five marshmallows go to Dixie, Isley, Margaret, Mudkip, and Kaylie.” The five of them get their marshmallows. “The next two now go to Radley and Oweboy.” continued Oweguy giving them their marshmallows with Oweboy still looking shook up from earlier. “So now that leaves Oran and Ysabelle.” said Oweguy. “Both of you have a good explanation for being in the bottom two but only one of you will be staying. And the person that is staying is…..”

“Oran.” He then gives Oran his marshmallow. “Sorry Ysabelle but you have been voted off.”

“I see.” she said looking sad. “I guess I’ll see you guys later but I’ll miss you all, especially Oran.”

“Wait!” said Oran interrupting. “I’d hate to see Ysabelle sad so I’m going to leave along with her.”

“Why?” asked Radley. “Is it because you love her?”

“Of course I love her.” said Oran. “She’s my sister.”

“Well that’s interesting but I don’t see why you Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” said Radley shocked.

“Yep, we’re brother and sister.” said Oran. “Anyway, we should get going.” The two then boarded onto the Boat of Losers which then drove away.

“Kind of pathetic that he just gave up a million dollars.” said Oweguy. “But anyway, the rest of you guys are safe. Catch you later.”

“Brother and sister.” said Radley still amazed. “I never knew.”

“Well they do look alike and apparently knew each other.” said Margaret.

“Well I’ve had a long enough day.” said Radley yawning. “I’m going to bed.”

“Me too.” said Kaylie. “And I hope nothing like this happens again for a while.” The rest of the team then leaves with Oweguy still outside.

“Are they sure it’s over for them?” he asked to the viewers closing the episode. “What will happen next for the contestants? Who’s going to be voted off next? Can the Sandy Dollars catch up? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 6: The Aquatic Temple of Doom

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem an accident with a baseball and my shrink ray shrunk some of the contestants resulting in the remaining team members trying to look for them. Kenzey made the shrunken Oweboy clean many stuff that he ended up wrecking earlier which was a pain for Oweboy while Radley and Kaylie were accidently eaten by Ysabelle but they eventually got out by making her throw up. Margaret ended up getting Dixie to notice her and the others but Kenzey found the Spiky Sea Urchins’ team members first making them win again. During the elimination ceremony Ysabelle was voted off for not helping to look for the other contestants but Oran decided to leave as well because he wanted to stay with his sister. It’s pretty shocking that they’re related. Who’s going to win today’s challenge and who’s going to be the next one voted off? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem! In the hotel room lobby it showed Kenzey slacking on the couch with Gieselle walking toward her. “You always seem lazy.” She said. “Why is that?”

“I just like to do it.” She said. Suddenly both of them hear a crash.

“What was that?” asked Gieselle surprised. They saw Janey running past them with Dusk chasing her.

“Darn girl ate sugar!” he shouted.

“Oh boy, this can’t be good.” said Kenzey. Upstairs Radley and Oweboy heard the noise coming from downstairs.

“What’s going on down there?” asked Radley.

“I don’t know.” said Oweboy.

“I think Janey got fed sugar.” said Dixie.

“Why do you say that?” asked Oweboy.

“Lucky guess.” she said.

“None of my kids are like that when I give them sugar.” said Margaret.

“Well this girl is different.” said Radley. “She’s from the jungle.”

“She also chose to go there.” said Isley.

“Well I think that proves that she’s insane.” said Radley.

“You think?!” asked Dusk being dragged by Janey in the hallway resulting in another crash sound in the next room. It then showed inside the woman’s room that Chef wrecked in chapter 3 watching some interns fixing the hole.

“Finally, I got that hole fixed.” She said. Janey and Dusk suddenly crash through it with Dusk screaming still.

“Don’t blame me for wrecking your room!” he shouted. She then looked upset.

“Don’t you leave right now.” She said stopping the interns before they left. They then looked disappointed. After ten minutes Janey had calmed down and Dusk’s hair and clothes were messed up and covered in filth.

“That was some sugar rush.” said Janey. “I’ve had worse, believe me.”

“I’m glad I wasn’t there.” said Dusk not happy about what happened. Suddenly the intercom came on.

“Attention contestants!” said Oweguy on the intercom. “Meet me at the beach for your next challenge!”

“I’m sure the water will clean me up.” said Dusk. It cuts to him in the confessional saying “That girl is worse than that orange haired girl from the original series. If she goes crazy again I’m probably going to go more insane than she does.” Later the two teams were at the beach and at the dock were two subs with the team logos on them.

“What’s with the subs?” asked Oweboy.

“They’re for your next challenge.” said Oweguy. “Somewhere beyond the coral reef in this ocean is a secret underwater temple containing a hidden treasure that’s probably costs a lot of money.”

“What does it look like?” asked Radley.

“No one knows.” said Oweguy. “No one knows what the temple looks like either but someone who’s studied most of the underwater parts has said that it’s located inside a cave. The entrance to the cave is a giant rock with a opening so I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.”

“Will we have to use the subs the entire time?” asked Gieselle.

“No.” said Oweguy. “I’ve heard from the same guy that the temple part has air in it so you’ll be able to breathe.”

“That’s good.” said Margaret.

“So now that you understand what to do I think you best should get in the subs.” said Oweguy. “And before I forget the first team to get back with their treasure wins the challenge while the losing team votes someone off, got it?”

“Yup.” said Oweboy.

“Then get going!” shouted Oweguy. The contestants than ran into their appropriate subs.

“Now I’ve seen what happened back in the first season of Oweguy’s series and I hope none of us argue over the controls just like that bratty guy did.” said Margaret in the confessional.

“I don’t think I can figure out how this sub works.” said Radley. “It’s more complicated than my car.”

“Well for starters, how do we start it up?” asked Oweboy.

“How about that huge red flashing button that says Power On?” asked Isley with her bird pointing to it.

“Oh, why didn’t I notice that?” asked Radley.

“I guess you needed some time to think.” said Isley. Their sub them dives underwater while the Spiky Sea Urchin’s sub still remained at the dock.

“How does this work?” asked Dusk. “This is more complicated than Radley’s car.”

“You don’t even know what his car looks like.” said Kenzey.

“Hey, I just wanted to make a reference to the other team.” said Dusk. “And I don’t really care much about being funny anyway.”

“I see.” said Kenzey.

“Ooh, how about this one?” asked Janey.

“No don’t!” shouted Kenzey as she slammed the button. Suddenly missiles shot out of the sub which hit it causing the entire sub to sink underwater.

“Never let a girl like her toggle with sub controls again.” said Dusk in the confessional. In the coral reef the Sandy Dollars team swims over it with some fish swimming away from it.

“Such beauty.” said Kaylie. “This is why I love the ocean.”

“Now where would that cave be?” asked Radley.

“Is it that?” asked Dixie pointing to an opening of a big rock that was part of the coral reef.

“Wow, good find.” said Radley. “Plus the area that Oweguy mentioned appears to be just sand and seaweed.”

“Well let’s go in.” said Margaret. The sub then goes inside the cave opening. Underwater near the dock the Spiky Sea Urchin’s sub was there after being sunk by Janey.

“This is just great.” said Dusk. “How are we going to get to the temple?”

“Leave it to me.” said Kenzey. She messed around with the wiring which caused the sub to start and move faster than before. “Please, hold your applause.” She said.

“Now let’s get to the temple.” said Dusk.

“Romero and Gieselle, make sure Janey doesn’t get to the controls.” said Kenzey.

“We’ve got it covered.” said Romero with him and Gieselle holding Janey to the wall who looked like she was about to jump to the controls.

“There’s the temple entrance!” said Jensen dancing.

“Then let’s go!” said Kenzey making the sub go into the entrance just like the other team did. Deep inside the underwater tunnel the other team rised out of the water in the cave deep inside the giant rocks. The area was completely filled with air.

“We made it.” said Radley. “Now we have to find that temple.”

“But where is it?” asked Oweboy.

“My guess is that it’s in that tunnel with the torches.” said Margaret.

“Why do you say that?” asked Radley.

“Because it’s the only path that’s there.” said Margaret pointing.

“Oh.” said Radley.

“Well I hope there’s nothing bad on it.” said Isley as they walked down the path. When they got to the end of the tunnel they were in a room with vines and the entrance to the next room required them to climb the vines due to being at the top of a cliff.

“This reminds me of a video game.” said Mudkip.

“I take it we have to climb those vines to get to the next room.” said Dixie.

“No problem.” said Radley. He jumped onto the vine and quickly got to the top and to the next entryway in just a few seconds. “No vines or tricky obstacles can beat me.”

“I’m jealous.” said Oweboy. “I could never climb the rope during gym class.”

“You should probably work out more.” said Margaret. “Now let me climb next.” She grabbed the vine and was soon followed by Isley, Dixie, and Kaylie leaving Oweboy and Mudkip left.

“I don’t think I can do it.” said Oweboy.

“Don’t worry, I can help.” said Mudkip grabbing Oweboy while he climbs up. The two then got to the top joining the rest of their team.

“We made it!” cheered Kaylie.

“Now let’s see if we can find the treasure down this pathway.” said Radley as they went down. Meanwhile the Spiky Sea Urchins’ sub had appeared next to the parked Sandy Dollars sub and they then jumped out of the sub.

“About time.” said Dusk. “I bet the other team has caught up.”

“Well let’s catch up then.” said Kenzey. They got to the room where the vines were but Dusk looked uncertain about them.

“I’m not going to climb those vines.” he said. “Isn’t there an easier way?”

“Ooh, how about this hole?” asked Janey pointing to a hole on the wall.

“I’m not sure.” said Dusk. “You’ve already caused trouble for the sub.

“It looks easy if we crawl through it.” said Gieselle. “Let’s just try it.”

“Fine.” said Dusk. They then crawled through the hole with Dusk bumping his head on one of the rocks and started muttering some angry stuff. On the other side they were in a tunnel that looked like it was made of brick and had moss growing on the walls.

“Interesting.” said Kenzey. “I hope nothing bad happens.” Suddenly the room shook and some of the stone blocks moved away and water soon came pouring out of them.

“You had to say that.” said Dusk. Meanwhile the Sandy Dollars were in another room which was right above a pool of water with waterfalls temple walls, and vines everywhere.

“What do we have to do here?” asked Kaylie.

Margaret looks and says “I see a switch on the other side. I wonder what it does?”

“I’m not sure but someone needs to swing over to get to it.” said Dixie.

“Leave it to me.” said Radley grabbing a vine and then swinging to the other side. Once there he activated the switch causing a bridge to appear that connected the two platforms together and a door to appear. “Bonus points!” he shouted.

“I don’t think I could’ve done that.” said Oweboy.

“I hope the treasure is close.” said Mudkip.

“Calm down water boy.” said Isley. “I’m sure we’ll find it soon.” They then proceed into the next room. Meanwhile in the tunnel that the Spiky Sea Urchins were in the room was now almost completely full of water.

“What do we do now?” asked Romero. “My hair is getting wet.”

“We swim out of here before the entire place is filled with water.” said Kenzey upset a little.

“Wait, Janey’s a good swimmer.” said Gieselle. “Maybe she can help.”

“Good idea.” said Romero.

“I hope she can swim fast.” said Kenzey.

“Why?” asked Dusk.

“Look over there.” said Kenzey pointing near one of the openings on the wall and suddenly a huge school of piranhas swam out looking ready to attack them.

“Crap.” said Dusk. He then grabbed Janey’s leg and shouted “Get us out of here!”

TDBPM epi 6 teaser

Dusk holding onto Janey's leg while the piranhas chase them.

“Okay.” she said swimming very fast and pushed the other contestants out the other doorway while Dusk tried to avoid getting bit by the piranhas but he also kept getting kicked by Janey due to holding onto her leg. They then fell down a waterfall and landed in a pool of water.

“I’m getting tired of this water.” said Kenzey. “My pants and underwear are clinging to my waist.”

“Are we safe now?” asked Bonnibel. Suddenly the piranhas fell down the waterfall and landed into the pool where they were.

“Nope!” shouted Dusk as they continued swimming for their life.

“Ooh, let’s hide in there.” said Janey.

“I’m only going to agree with you to get away from the piranhas.” said Dusk. They went into the pathway and due to the water only being one foot high the piranhas didn’t follow them.

“That was close.” said Romero.

“It can’t get any worse I hope.” said Dusk. Suddenly a bunch of spikes popped out of the walls and at the same time the walls started to close in about to crush them.

“It got worse.” said Kenzey.

“Remind me to beat up Janey if we survive.” said Dusk upset. Meanwhile the Sandy Dollars arrived in a room where at the center was a golden object on a pedestal.

“There’s the treasure!” cheered Mudkip getting excited.

“Calm down dude.” said Isley. “We’ll get it soon enough.”

“Are there any challenges around?” asked Kaylie.

“I don’t think so.” said Radley.

“Well let’s try and get the treasure.” said Margaret.

“Leave it to me, again.” said Radley putting on an Indiana Jones hat.

“What’s with the hat?” asked Dixie.

“It makes me look cool.” He then walked toward the treasure similar to Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and replaces it with a rock. “I got it!” he shouted.

“Woohoo!” cheered Mudkip.

“Now we have to find a way out of here.” said Margaret. Suddenly the place started shaking.

“What was that?” asked Kaylie.

“Wasn’t me.” said Oweboy. Suddenly a bunch of water blasts came out of the ground that started to flood the room very fast.

“This can’t be too good.” said Radley. Back in the spiked wall room where the Spiky Sea Urchins were one of the blasts of waters that lead to the treasure room blasted them out of the room as well as out of the treasure room with only Mudkip noticing as they got blasted out of the temple.

“Looks like their blasting off again.” he said chuckling a little.

“Wait, maybe we can get out of that hole over there.” said Kaylie, however the hole that the Spiky Sea Urchins caused had caused more water to pour into the temple.

“Scratch that.” said Dixie.

“Wait, there’s one that looks like it’s full of air.” said Radley.

“How hard is it to get there?” asked Margaret.

“Pretty easy, because we’re already near it due to the water.” said Radley with the water already rising toward the opening. The other contestants climb through the hole before the entire room got filled with water. Outside the team was now on a small island.

“The treasure room was inside this island?” asked Isley with her bird shaking the water off it while she wringed her hair.

“I guess so.” said Radley.

“But the entrance was way over there.” said Oweboy pointing to the coral reef in the water.

“I guess it was mostly underground.” said Kaylie.

“Well now that we have the treasure how do we get back to the resort?” asked Radley. “We left the sub back in the entrance. Suddenly some bubbling water appeared and their sub rose out completely intact.

“It’s our sub!” cheered Mudkip. Kaylie then looked inside of it and saw that the autopilot and a GPS were on.

“Oh, the autopilot and GPS were on so I guess it knew where we were.” she said.

“That’s good.” said Radley. “Now let’s head back to the resort.” The team goes inside the sub and it swims toward the resort. In the lobby Oweguy was walking toward the television but he saw the entire Spiky Sea Urchins team on the ground having crashed through the window.

“Where did they come from?” asked Oweguy.

“I don’t know.” said Marine. “They just crashed through the window and they’ve been there for five minutes.”

“Well it doesn’t seem like they have the treasure.” said Oweguy.

“But we do.” said Radley holding it with the rest of the Sandy Dollars team behind him.

“Excellent.” said Oweguy. “I guess that means you guys win again!”

“Yes!” cheered the team with Radley and Kaylie high fiving and Isley and Mudkip hugging for a short time but stopped when they wondered why they were even hugging in the first place.

“What happened?” asked Dusk regaining conscious.

“You guys lost.” said Oweguy. “That means it’s time for you guys to vote someone off your team.” Dusk looked upset.

“Didn’t you say you were going to punch me?” asked Janey not looking worried.

“No I’m too tired to hurt anyone right now.” said Dusk who suddenly fell asleep on the ground.

“So Oweguy, what is that golden treasure anyway?” asked Kaylie.

Oweguy studied it for a minute and then said “It’s apparently petrified feces that apparently turned gold somehow.”

“Ew.” said Radley, Kaylie, and Mudkip grossed out.

“Don’t worry, it’s now a gold rock.” said Oweguy.

“I’m still grossed out though.” said Radley.

“Can I have it?” asked Mudkip. “I like gold things.”

“No.” said Oweguy. “I’m putting it with my other valuable things that were found previous seasons.”

“Aw.” said Mudkip disappointed.

“Why do you want gold poop?” asked Radley.

“Because it’s gold!” said Mudkip.

“I don’t think I’ll understand him.” said Radley. Later the Spiky Sea Urchins were at the elimination ceremony with Oweguy with them.

“Welcome to your third elimination ceremony.” said Oweguy. “I’m surprised that you managed to win the last two challenges but now you have to vote someone off tonight.”

“I’d wish he’d respect us more.” said Dusk to Kenzey.

“Now I have eight of you here but only seven marshmallows so whoever doesn’t get one is voted off.” explained Oweguy. “The first marshmallow goes to Romero.” He catches his marshmallow. “The next marshmallows go to Akari, Bonnibel, and Jensen.” continued Oweguy as he gave them their marshmallows. Gieselle is safe as well and so is Kenzey so now that leaves Dusk and Janey. Dusk is probably in the bottom two due to his attitude while Janey is in the bottom two due to her craziness. I’m not sure because the votes didn’t give an explanation. Anyway, the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Dusk. Sorry Janey but you’ve been voted off so it’s time to board the Boat of Losers.”

“Oh well, I had fun.” said Janey not feeling disappointed about being voted off. “Goodbye folks!” She then grabbed a vine out of nowhere and swung into a forest close to the resort.

“I’m glad she’s out of the game now.” said Dusk.

“But she’s probably in that woods now.” said Kenzey.

“But at least she’s now off the team.” said Dusk. “I don’t think I could’ve taken any more of her.”

“Well let’s hope we can win next time.” said Kenzey.

“Yes.” said Dusk. “I want to show the other team that we’re better.”

“Can the Spiky Sea Urchins win again or are they going to lose?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “With fourteen contestants left who knows what’s going to happen as we enter more intense challenges? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 7: Snow Problem

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem the contestants had to find a treasure inside a mysterious underwater temple filled with puzzles, water, piranhas, and traps. The Sandy Dollars had an easy time getting around the temple while the Spiky Sea Urchins had a tough time thanks to Janey’s bad sense of direction and taste for danger. Some stuff that happened to them were ending up in a room with water pouring to the top, spiked walls, and piranhas but luckily due to Janey’s good swimming speed they got out but ended up in more trouble. In the end, the Sandy Dollars won and Janey was voted off due to getting her team in many trapped filled rooms but she fled into the woods instead of going onto the Boat of Losers. What will happen next to the contestants in today’s episode? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

On the porch that was part of Oweguy and Marine’s room Oweguy was taking a look at more of his gadgets. Two that he pulled out were the freeze rays from the jelly blob challenge. “Looks honey, it’s the freeze rays from when that jelly blob attacked.” said Oweguy to Marine.

“I’ll never forget that day.” She said thinking about what happened to her when she fell in the hot water. “Hey, I never noticed this.” said Oweguy.

“What is it?” asked Marine.

“I didn’t know that the Explosive Mines started with their freeze ray.” said Oweguy taking out another freeze ray which wasn’t properly built and it was also shorting out a little.

“I don’t think you should toggle around with that.” said Marine.

“Why?” asked Oweguy.

“Because it looks like it’s going to explode.” said Marine getting worried.

“Oh that’s nonsense.” said Oweguy. But before he could finish talking to her it suddenly exploded and the area was engulfed in an icy fog with a beam shooting into the clouds. When the fog disappeared it showed Oweguy covered in ice and frost while Marine managed to dodge in time and wasn’t covered in anything.

“See, what I told you.” She said.

“Okay okay.” He said mumbling due to the ice on his mouth. “Go get some boiling water.” When Marine went into the cabin some snowflakes started to fall from the clouds due to the freeze ray shooting into them. On the beach, Kenzey and Gieselle were sunbathing when a snowflake landed on Kenzey’s bare skin and she shivered.

“Did someone put ice on my belly?” she said. “My little brother does that back home.”

“No.” said Gieselle. “Look up there.” Both of them saw the snowflakes falling from the sky with Radley and Kaylie walking toward them seeing them as well.

“Snow?” asked Radley. “But it’s the middle of summer.”

“I did see a beam come from the top of the building and into the clouds.” said Romero arriving as well. “Maybe that’s what caused it.”

“Can someone please get me some winter clothing?” asked Kenzey. “I’m in my swimsuit for crying out loud.”

“I’ll be right back.” said Radley. Mudkip then arrived and saw the snow.

“It’s snowing?” he said.

“Yep.” said Kaylie.

“Hang on, I’ll be right back.” He said. A minute later he came back and was now wearing a Snover costume.

“I’d thought I should wear something that matches the weather.” He said. “It even has very soft fur inside it.”

“I’d wish I’d had something soft.” said Kenzey. “What about you Gieselle?” She saw that Gieselle was completely covered in snow.

“I think someone should get her inside.” said Kaylie.

“I’ll do it.” said Romero picking her up and bringing her inside. Radley then comes out.

“What did you find clothing for woman wise?” asked Kenzey.

“All I found was this big fur coat and a hat.” said Radley. “The rest of the coats belonged to other people.”

“That’s it?!” she said upset a little. “My hands, feet, and bare legs are going to go numb. Plus I’m still in my swim suit.”

“Where’s your normal clothing?” asked Radley.

“In the wash.” said Kenzey. “Oweboy spilt chocolate milk all over it. I wonder if I can get that shrink ray again so he could wash it by hand.”

“I think the coat is good enough.” said Radley. “Besides, you can barely see your legs and swimsuit thanks to how big the coat is. Just you lower legs and feet which are apparently turning blue.”

“You know, you’re right.” said Kenzey. “Even though my toes are going numb I liked your compliment.” She then gives a friendly fist bump on his arm. “Okay I’m going inside.” she said. “My toes are about to shatter.” After she left Radley just stood there with Kaylie who was covered in snow. Inside the lobby Romero was brushing the snow off Gieselle while Kenzey was in the background and she stepped on a tack and started jumping up and down in pain.

“What happened?” asked Gieselle recovering from the cold.

“You got covered in snow so I helped you out.” said Romero. “I would never let a beautiful girl like you freeze to death.” He then smiles at her with a shine appearing on his teeth.

“Uh thanks.” She said nervously while blushing. “That was very nice of you. I wish I had something to drink.”

“Don’t move, I’ll get you some tea.” said Romero running to the cafeteria.

“That guy sure is dreamy.” said Gieselle in the confessional.

“I’ve seen handsomer boys.” said Kenzey in the confessional. In the lobby the intercom turns on with Oweguy sneezing on before he said what he was about to say.

“Sorry guys.” He said. “Anyway your next challenge will start in five minutes so be sure to bundle up.” He then sneezed again as he got off the intercom. “Should’ve been more careful with that freeze ray.” said Marine giving Oweguy a bowl of soup.

“Yeah yeah.” said Oweguy sneezing again. Later the contestants were outside with it still snowing and most of the contestants bundled up.

“Well I managed to find some snow boots.” said Kenzey to Radley.

“Where’d you get them?” asked Radley.

“Marine’s stuff.” said Kenzey.

“Where’d my snow boots go?” asked Marine looking around her room looking for them. Back outside Oweguy came out wearing snow clothing and his nose was red due to a stuffy notes.

“Hello everyone.” He said with a nasally voice. “As you can see there is snow despite it being summer. The reason of that is that I had a freeze ray that malfunctioned that shot into the clouds causing it to snow.”

“How long will it last?” asked Bonnibel.

“Just about a day.” said Oweguy. “Thanks to being near the beach which gets a lot of nice weather during this time of year the snow will stop and melt quickly and everything will be back to normal.

“Well that’s good to hear.” said Dusk.

“Anyway, because of the snow it gave me a good idea for our next challenge.” explained Oweguy. “We’ll be competing in winter themed challenges and just like the sports and carnival challenges there will be three but instead of picking who’s going or being chosen by roulette everyone will be competing in these challenges.”

“Well that sounds fun.” said Dusk not happy.

“It’s going to be just like Christmas in July!” cheered in Mudkip.

“I think it’s August.” said Isley.

“Whatever.” said Mudkip. A little bit later Oweguy shows the contestants the first challenge.

“Here’s the first challenge.” said Oweguy. “You have to roll these giant snowballs to the goal over there. Due to big snowballs being hard to roll with one person it requires everyone working at once which I’ve previously mentioned before.”

“Yes you have.” said Radley.

“Anyway, first team to get the snowball to the goal wins a point.” continued Oweguy. “Now begin!” He then sneezes again as the contestants get to the snowballs.

“Man these snowballs are heavy.” said Kaylie.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help with my muscles.” said Radley flexing with his muscles really huge. He starts pushing on the snowball hard with everyone else helping as well and the snowball started moving quicker.

“They’re getting faster.” said Dusk. “Let’s speed it up.”

“Hey, where’s Jensen?” asked Romero.

“I think he had to use the bathroom.” said Bonnibel.

“Well I hope he doesn’t take too long.” said Romero. Meanwhile it shows him in a disco room in the resort partying and dancing with a bunch of other teenagers.

“Man this dude is awesome.” said one of the boys.

“Where did you learn those moves?” asked one of the girls.

“I don’t know.” said Jensen. “I just happened to learn it.”

“Well keep it up. You’re doing awesome!” said another boy. Jensen keeps dancing as they started cheering more.

“I’m sure he’ll be here eventually.” said Gieselle.

“Keep up it!” shouted Dusk. “They’re getting ahead!” The Spiky Sea Urchins started going faster.

“Hey guys, watch this.” said Radley. He jumped on top of the snowball and started rolling on it making it faster. “This will help us out.”

“Great idea.” said Kaylie.

“What, isn’t that cheating?!” asked Dusk.

“In my opinion no.” said Oweguy. “To me that’s called creative thinking during a challenge.” Dusk looked upset.

“We’re almost there.” said Radley.

“Push harder!” shouted Dusk to the rest of the Spiky Sea Urchins but before they were able to the Sandy Dollars made it to the end first.

“The Sandy Dollars have won the first challenge!” cheered Oweguy who then sneezed. “That means they’ve won a point.”

“Stupid Oweguy not counting that as a cheat.” said Dusk. “We’ll try and win the next challenge.” Later it showed them at the next challenge which had their huge snowballs.

“Here’s the next challenge.” explained Oweguy. “With your giant snowballs from the next challenge you have to make it into a snow sculpture of some kind. Like before everyone is required to help out because that way the snow sculpture will be done quicker.

“If Leonardo was still here he’d sure help us.” said Romero.

“Yeah but it’s too bad you guys voted him off.” said Oweguy.

“We’ll figure out a way right Gieselle.” said Romero giving her a friendly wink which made her blush again.

“Uh yeah.” she said embarrassed. “We’ll figure something out.”

“Good, now begin.” said Oweguy. He then sneezes again and then says “I need more soup Marine!”

“So what should we make?” asked Radley.

“A Poke ball?” asked Mudkip.

“Nah, too simple.” said Radley. “Let’s just figure something out as we sculpt it.” Over at the other team Romero was thinking of something.

“I know what to do.” said Romero who then whispers to the others.

“Okay we’ll do it.” said Dusk. A few minutes later the teams were almost done. It showed the Sandy Dollars snow sculpture that looked like Gwen’s head.

“We’re almost done.” said Radley. “Just a little more detail.”

“I think it needs some work over here.” said Oweboy. He started patting the snow hard to get it.

“Dude, not so hard!” said Radley.

“Why?” asked Oweboy. Suddenly the entire snow sculpture fell apart.

“That’s why.” said Radley annoyed.

“Finished!” said Romero. It showed the snow sculpture was Gieselle’s head.

“I’m still not sure why we made this.” said Dusk.

“I feel like Romero made that just to make me happy.” said Gieselle in the confessional. “That’s very sweet of him.”

“Okay, so the Spiky Sea Urchins have obviously finished their sculpture and I see that the Sandy Dollars have just a pile of broken snow so that means the Spiky Sea Urchins win a point for this round.” said Oweguy. The team starts cheering. “Now it’s time for the final challenge and let me tell you, it’s going to be intense.

“I don’t like the sound of that.” said Radley.

“I’m still wondering what’s taking Jensen so long.” said Akari.

“Who knows.” said Romero. Back in the hotel it showed him with the teenagers again now in a hot tub with some of the girls flirting with him.

“Tell us more about yourself.” said one of the girls.

“Well I’m the man who was in charge of most of the dances at my schools, I’ve been on the news, and I’ve won awards for craziest dancer at a party.” explained Jensen to the girls who then giggled.

“You need an award for most handsome dancer.” said another one of the girls.

“Oh please, I can have an award better than most handsome dancer.” said Jensen jokingly while the girls giggled again. Back outside the contestants were at a starting line with two big crates near them.

“What’s happening here?” asked Radley.

“Let me explain.” said Oweguy. “Once again the final challenge is going to be a race to the finish, but this time however it’s going to be trickier. Due to the snow it’s going to be a little bit tricky to run but only a little because you’ll need to for this.” Some interns then open up the two crates revealing a Sasquatch and a polar bear in cages roaring at the contestants. Romero and Gieselle then hold each other in shock.

“You just like to make things hard for us.” said Dusk.

“Yep.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, the first team to make it to the end with all of their team members wins invincibility while the losing team has to vote someone off, got it?” Everybody nodded. “Good, now begin!” Oweguy shouted. “And interns, release the beasts!” The interns opened the cages looking scared releasing the Sasquatch and polar bear that soon went after the other contestants.

TDBPM epi 7 teaser

Oweboy running from the Sasquatch and polar bear.

“I hope they don’t catch us!” said Oweboy scared. He then noticed that they were right behind him and he then screamed like a girl.

“Wait, I know what to do.” said Isley. She then pulled a fish out and the polar bear saw it and got excited. “You want the fish?” she asked. “You want it?” The polar bear nodded while drooling. “Then go get it!” She then threw it with the bear going after it.”

“Wow that was impressive but that still leaves the Sasquatch.” said Oweboy with the Sasquatch running toward them.

“Wait, Noah’s imaginary ball trick!” said Mudkip. He then pretended he had an invisible ball which got the Sasquatch excited. “You want the ball?” asked Mudkip. “Then go catch it!” The Sasquatch than chased after it as well.

“Impressive.” said Isley. “You know, we both know what to do when it comes to danger.”

“Yep.” said Mudkip. “That’s because I watch a lot of TV.” Isley then giggles.

“Um guys, I think we should get going again because the other team is catching up.” reminded Oweboy.

“Oh yeah.” said Isley. “Onwards guys!” The three of them continued running later joining up with the rest of the team.

“Ha! Those guys can’t keep up to us!” said Dusk. Suddenly the fish Isley threw landed on his head. “Hey, what the?” he asked. Suddenly the polar bear jumped onto him and attacked him with him screaming.

“I’d hate to be him.” said Oweguy. A cat suddenly appears out of nowhere and attacks him. “Ah! Get it off!” he screamed with the interns just walking away.

“Are we almost to the finish line?” asked Kaylie.

“I can’t tell.” said Radley. “All I see is snow.”

“Well keep running.” said Kaylie. “We have to be close.”

“I hope so.” said Radley. A few minutes later both teams were together but still no sign of the finish line.

“That finish line had better be close.” said Kenzey.

“Uh oh.” said Oweboy.

“What do you mean by uh oh?” asked Radley.

“That.” said Oweboy pointing at the Sasquatch and polar bear which wear running toward them again.

“Oh crap!” said Radley running faster.

“Hey, what’s that’s banner thingy?” asked Bonnibel.

“That’s the finish line!” said Dusk. “Faster!” At that point both the teams were catching up.

“We’re almost there!” said Radley. “We just need to go a little faster.” Even though they were pretty much equal the Spiky Sea Urchins ended up going past the finish line first.

“Yes!” shouted Dusk.

“No!” shouted Radley.

“We’ve won!” cheered Bonnibel.

“Are you sure about that?” asked Oweguy who was covered in scratches and band aids.

“What do you mean?” asked Kenzey.

“It appears you’re missing one team member.” said Oweguy.

“How long has Jensen been in the bathroom for?” asked Dusk getting upset.

“I don’t think he’s been in the bathroom the whole time.” said Oweguy. “In fact, I think I saw him hanging around with some seventeen year olds at the Jacuzzi.”

“What?!” shouted Dusk.

“Anyway, due to you not having Jensen and the Sandy Dollars having all of their team members that means they win the challenge.” The Sandy Dollars started cheering. “In the meantime you guys have to vote someone off.” continued Oweguy. “See you later.” Jensen then walked out.

“Hey guys, what’s happening?” he asked. The rest of the Spiky Sea Urchins glared at him. “Oh, did I accidently miss the challenge?” he asked. The team then nodded and he gulped nervously. Later at the elimination ceremony the Spiky Sea Urchins were there along with Oweguy. Most of the snow had already melted so things were started to get back to normal.

“You’ve all casted your votes so now it’s time to see who’s going home today.” said Oweguy. “Romero, Gieselle, Kenzey, and Bonnbiel are all save. Akari is safe as well so now that leaves Dusk and Jensen. I’m not going to give a reason why they’re in the bottom two because I think you probably know. Anyway, the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Dusk. Sorry Jensen but you’ve been voted off.”

“I saw this coming.” he said. “Oh well, I had fun and I managed to dance a lot and get some new friends. All of the girls that were there I managed to score a date with. Speaking of which, I’m about to hit the road with them.” A car honks nearby with the teenagers that he’d hung out with early waiting. “Goodbye dudes!” he said dancing his way to the car which soon drives off after he got on.

“Is anyone going to use the Boat of Losers next time?” asked Oweguy.

“I’m sure.” said Romero.

“Good, I hope it doesn’t get rusty.” said Oweguy.

“I’m glad the snow is melting.” said Kenzey. “I’ve been in my swimsuit all day.”

“How come?” asked Gieselle.

“Because my clothes were in the wash.” she said.

“Well you had a coat.” said Gieselle. “Who gave you it?”

“Radley.” said Kenzey. “I thought it was very nice of him to do. Yet I keep thinking about him most of the time.”

“There’s someone I think about too.” said Gieselle.

“Who is it?” asked Kenzey. Gieselle then whispers it to Kenzey’s ear.

“Am I sensing romance?” asked Oweguy closing the episode. “With this cold and snowy episode over what’s going to happen next for our contestants? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 8: Marine's Inside Story

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem a freeze ray malfunctioned and it caused snow to fall on the beach resort. Because of this we competed in winter themed challenges. Romero and Gieselle started to sense something between them and Jensen skipped the entire challenge without knowing! Also for the last challenge we added a Sasquatch and a polar bear to make things even more intense! That was hilarious! In the end the Spiky Sea Urchins lost and Jensen was voted off for not competing in the challenge but luckily had some people to hang out with afterward. Who will be the next one to get voted off in today’s episode? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

It was nighttime and the contestants, Oweguy, Marine, and some of the interns were in the cafeteria having dinner. The dinner special that was being served was seafood and egg salad. “Seafood?” asked Radley. “I prefer steak.”

“Sorry but that’s what we were assigned tonight.” said the intern. Radley sighs and then sits down. Marine was the next to come up. “And what do you want Mrs. Co-host?” asked the intern. “Do you want the seafood special?”

“Nah, I’m not eating seafood right now.” said Marine. “I’ll have the egg salad.”

“Okay.” said the intern. He gave her the egg salad. One of the boiled eggs in it looked odd colored but before she noticed she ate it and swallowed it. An hour later the contestants were in their rooms getting ready for bed.

“I wish the cafeteria was serving steak for dinner.” said Radley.

“Technically you should add more seafood in your diet.” said Margaret.

“Not for me.” said Kaylie. “I don’t like to eat things that I like.”

“Me neither.” said Dixie.

“I didn’t bother to eat the egg salad.” said Radley. “It looked nasty.”

“Eggs are healthy too.” said Margaret.

“Don’t tell me what to do with my life.” said Radley getting upset.

“He’s just upset because there wasn’t much to eat for him.” said Margaret. In the other bedroom the Spiky Sea Urchins team members were in their pajamas ready for bed. Kenzey looked ready to play her guitar as Dusk walks by wearing a Dracula like cloak for pajamas.

“Keep it down, I’m about to go to sleep.” He said to her.

“Sorry but I just want to practice this before bed.” said Kenzey. Nearby Romero was telling funny stuff to Gieselle which was making her laugh.

“They look sweet together.” said Bonnibel.

“Eh, I’ve seen better.” said Kenzey playing some guitar notes. She then looked at Akari on her bed meditating once again. “How many times does she meditate?” Kenzey asked.

“At least once a day.” said Bonnibel. “At this time she does it to help fall asleep.”

“I sometimes wonder if she helps us during the challenges.” said Kenzey.

“Yes I do.” said Akari awaking for a brief second and then going back to meditating.

“Okay then.” said Kenzey. “Anyway, I’m going to sleep.”

“Me too.” said Bonnibel yawning. “I’m tired.”

“Then go to sleep.” said Dusk trying to sleep.” The rest of the contestants had fallen asleep as well as Oweguy and Marine. Meanwhile in an unknown area that was barely shown some silhouetted that resembled shrimps and lobster hybrids were talking about something.

“Our prison has been broken.” said one of them. “It’s time to build our secret fortress.”

“Yes!” cheered the others. The following morning had arrived and Oweguy was brushing his teeth and shaving while Marine was still in bed.

“You coming out of bed?” asked Oweguy.

“I’m not sure.” said Marine with a funny tone of voice that sounded like she was in pain. “My stomach feels funny.”

“Maybe you need to use the bathroom.” said Oweguy.

“Good idea.” said Marine. Oweguy waited for her outside and a few minutes later she came back out still looking like she was in pain.

“It didn’t work.” She said. “I think its intestinal blockage.”

“Hang on. Let me go get some help.” said Oweguy. Before he picked up the phone he remembered the time the TDSFA contestants helped the ill Sae and then got an idea and ran off.

“I don’t like the look of that.” said Marine. Meanwhile the contestants were in the cafeteria having just finished breakfast.

“At least this stuff was better than last night’s seafood and egg salad.” said Radley.

“Whatever.” said Margaret upset that he was still complaining about the food. Suddenly the intercom came on.

“Attention contestants!” said Oweguy. “Meet me at the top floor for me to announce your next challenge.”

“I hope it’s a fun challenge.” said Oweboy.

“To me none of them are fun.” said Dusk. The two teams were now outside Oweguy’s room with him waiting for them.

“So what’s happening today?” asked Kenzey.

“Well apparently you know my wife right?” asked Oweguy.

“Yeah.” said Oweboy. “We’ve seen the earlier episodes where she competed.”

“Well apparently she’s having a problem with her digestive tract.” said Oweguy. “I think it’s blockage.”

“Yuck.” said Kenzey. “So why are you asking us?”

“Well remember the shrink ray you guys found?” asked Oweguy to her.

“Yeah.” she said.

“Well this time is when the shrink ray is going to be used in a challenge set up by me.” said Oweguy. “You’ll be going deep inside Marine’s bowels.” Once he said that Bonnibel almost threw up.

“Sorry.” she said.

“How do we get inside her.” asked Radley.

“Giant prize capsule?” asked Oweguy showing a giant capsule that resembled a pill.

“Okay.” said Radley. “Let’s hope all of us will fit.” It then showed them squeezed in the capsule and they had trouble moving due to the crowdedness.

“So here’s how the challenge will work.” said Oweguy. “Whichever team heels Marine’s digestive system first will win while the other team votes someone off, got it?”

“Yes.” said Radley having trouble talking due to being squished against the wall.

“Okay, have fun.” said Oweguy who then shrunk the capsule containing the contestants into the size of a pill. He then went to Marine who was lying in bed. “Why don’t you take this pill?” he asked to her.

“I’ll take anything to cure my stomach ache.” she said. Before she swallowed it she stopped and looked at it but shrugged and swallowed the capsule with the contestants. “You didn’t have anything in that pill did you?” asked Marine.

“No not at all.” said Oweguy. “I’ll just leave you alone now.”

“Okay.” said Marine with Oweguy leaving the room and with her turning the TV on as she stayed in bed. Meanwhile, inside her throat the capsule containing the contestants was sliding down her esophagus with Oweboy and Bonnibel screaming.

“Oh shut up!” shouted Dusk. The pill then goes down a hole and they landed into Marine’s stomach with the capsule opening up as it landed making the contestants spill out.

“Yuck!” shouted Radley. “It smells like the egg salad from last night in here.”

“Maybe it’s because she ate the egg salad which you should’ve eaten.” said Magaret.

“Oh hush.” said Radley with the two turning their backs away from each other.

“So where are we supposed to go?” asked Kaylie.

“The intestines I think.” said Dixie.

“I don’t want to go in there.” said Bonnibel. “I get really nauseous whenever I’m seeing something gross.”

“It must be from the candy.” said Dusk.

“No I don’t think its that.” said Bonnibel.

“Well don’t complain too much.” said Dusk. “I want to try and win today and get out of this stinky place before something bad happens.” Nearby it showed some kind of floating device that had a camera. In another place it showed one of the silhouetted things from early looking at them on a surveillance screen.

“Oh something bad will happen soon.” it said starting to laugh.

“So how do we get to the intestines?” asked Kaylie. “I think if we try and find it then we’ll get burned by the stomach acid nearby.”

“What about that over there?” asked Mudkip pointing to another pathway that said Shortcut to Intestines.

“Oh.” said Kaylie. “I guess we can use that.”

“Hooray! I’m helpful!” cheered Mudkip. The Sandy Dollars team went in first who were then followed by the Spiky Sea Urchins.

“I hope this shortcut isn’t too bad.” said Dusk. But suddenly they looked down and saw that it was a steep fall to the ground. “Crap.” he said as the team slides down the pathway to the intestines.

“This so not fun!” screamed Kenzey. After almost a minute of falling they landed deep inside Marine’s bowels which was pretty dark. Romero managed to catch Gieselle from falling while Dusk landed in something that shouldn’t be mentioned.

“What did I just fall in?!” he asked upset.

“I don’t think you should know.” said Kenzey.

“Thanks for catching me.” said Gieselle.

“No problem.” said Romero. They then shared a brief romantic embrace but they were interrupted by Bonnibel who was screaming.

“Eww it’s gross in here!” she screamed.

“By that point that girl had started to annoy me.” said Dusk in the confessional. “It didn’t help that I fell in something that I tend to step in at the park. I’m not going to get any farther about that.”

“So where do we go now?” asked Gieselle.

“I don’t know.” said Kenzey. “I wonder where the other team is?”

“I don’t see them.” said Romero. “Let’s just move on.” But before they did something came in front of Kenzey.

“Freeze!” it shouted which was shrouded in darkness. “You are under arrest!”

“And what are you supposed to be?” asked Kenzey.

“The guards of our kingdom!” the unidentified guard continued which steps out of the darkness revealing itself to be a lobster / shrimp like creature carrying a trident and had three tongue like things coming out of its mouth. Everyone looked grossed out by its appearance especially Bonnibel.

“That’s disgusting.” she said. She then ducked down and threw up.”

“You’ve just soiled our ground!” shouted the lobster creature guard. “Prepare to see our leader!”

“Oh yeah, you and what army?” asked Kenzey.

“This army.” said the lobster creature guard revealing more guards surrounding the entire team.

“This can’t be good.” said Kenzey.

“Onwards!” shouted the guard with the Spiky Sea Urchins following them unable to escape. However in a dark corner, it was shown that the only one who didn’t get captured was Akari who glares at the guards. Meanwhile in another area the Sandy Dollars were walking up the squishy ground of Marine’s intestines. Kaylie was looking at the walls and saw that the veins were very red and throbbing looking like that there was something squishing them.

“Her intestines look like that it’s in pain.” she said.

“That’s why we’re here.” said Dixie.

“What is it that we’re looking for?” asked Radley. “I’d rather be looking for buried treasure.”

“We’re looking for whatever is giving her this blockage and stomach pain.” said Margaret. “I wish you wouldn’t be so selfish.”

“Hey, I just don’t want to be in here!” said Radley upset. “It’s nasty in here!”

“Wait, what’s that?” asked Kaylie. They then saw a big a big metal castle that appeared to be made out of forks, cans, and other metal objects.

“Where did that castle come from?” asked Oweboy.

“I don’t know.” said Dixie. Kaylie took a look at the castle and looked at the throbbing veins again. She then noticed that the exit to Marine’s intestines was being blocked by the castle which also resulted to the throbbing veins.

“I think that castle is causing the blockage.” said Kaylie.

“So what do we do?” asked Isley.

“We destroy it!” shouted Radley punching his fist.

“Well yes that’s what we should do.” said Dixie. “But I don’t want you to cause an explosion that might damage Marine’s body.”

“I won’t.” said Radley. “You’ll see what I can do.” He then walked toward the castle door.

“I want to see what happens.” said Mudkip.

“Me too.” said Oweboy.

“Let’s just stay here.” said Margaret.

“Agreed.” said Dixie. Radley then ran a doorbell near the doorway.

“What do you want?” asked a voice from inside.

“Pizza delivery man.” said Radley disguising his voice. “We’ve got fresh anchovies.”

“We’ll be right there.” said the voice.

TDBPM epi 8 teaser

Radley, Mudkip and Oweboy get caught.

“That wasn’t too hard.” said Radley. But suddenly the three of them got surrounded by the lobster creature guards aiming a trident at each of them.

“We knew you were lying.” said one of the guards. “Now we’ll take you to our king.”

“I don’t like the sound of this.” said Oweboy. The guards then lead them to the castle but before the doors closed Kaylie ran toward them and managed to let the rest of the team get in.

“Smart thinking.” said Margaret.

“Now let’s get them free before something bad happens to them.” said Kaylie. The girls then ended up in a throne room where Radley, Mudkip, and Oweboy were shown to be in front of the lobster creature king.

“Why must you disturb our home?” asked the king.

“We were sent in here by someone from the outside.” said Radley.

“Yeah.” said Oweboy. “You see his wife whose body happens to be your world was in pain because of where you decided to place your castle. If you stay here any longer it might lead to something bad.”

“If nothing bad happens to us then we don’t care.” said the lobster creature king.

“That’s not fair.” said Mudkip. “We have to help her body by taking care of you guys.”

“We shall not help you outsiders!” shouted the lobster creature king. “You see, we used to live in a nice kelp garden but someone on the service accidently dropped egg yolk overboard and it trapped us in there for a while, until this body’s host ate our prison and it broke us free. Now we’re going to stay in here and cause her body pain as revenge for the outsides trapping us in that egg.”

“That’s not at all good.” said Radley. “What did she ever do to you?”

“She ate us.” said the king.

“Okay that’s one reason.” said Radley.

“Enough of this talk.” said the king getting upset. “It’s time to be exterminated.”

“No please!” screamed Oweboy. While thinking quick Radley used his strength to break out of his cuffs easily and proceeded to knock out most of the guards.

“Quick, it’s safe to go in.” said Kaylie. The girls ran in joining Radley, Mudkip, and Oweboy who got out of their cuffs thanks to Radley.

“Now let’s find a way to get rid of this castle.” said Radley. The team then ran into another room with the lobster creature king going after them. Meanwhile in a dungeon the Spiky Sea Urchins team minus Akari was inside a cell.

“This blows.” said Dusk. “What are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know but I’m tired of Bonnie’s complaining.” said Kenzey. It showed Bonnibel looking very nervous and kept on complaining about the situation they were in.

“She’s been driving me nuts.” said Dusk. “If we lose again I’m planning on voting her off.”

“What I want to do now is escape from this cage.” said Kenzey.

“I hope we get out.” said Gieselle.

“Me too.” said Romero. Suddenly a lobster guard came in.

“Let’s not mention escaping when the guards are here.” said Dusk. But suddenly the guard pressed a button which made the cell open up.

“Why’s the guard letting us out?” asked Romero.

“It’s because the guard is on your side.” said the guard who removes its head revealing that it was Akari in disguise.

“I thought we were missing someone.” said Kenzey. The team gets out of the cell while Akari ditches her disguise.

“Thanks for helping us.” said Romero.

“I guess you’re important to us after all.” said Kenzey having a hard time accepting what she said.

“Thank you.” said Akari. “Now let’s get out of here and stop those lobster creatures. When they got out they saw the Sandy Dollars team run by who were then followed by the lobster king and a bunch of guards.

“I wonder where they’re headed?” asked Gieselle.

“I don’t know.” said Romero. “Let’s follow them.” The team then follows everyone else while the Sandy Dollars end up in front of a door that said Keep Out.

“I think this is where the main controls are.” said Radley.

“Hurry up and open it because those filthy creatures are about to catch up to us.” said Kaylie. Radley quickly got the door opened and the team then hid in there. Inside the room was the exit to Marine’s intestines.

“There’s no way I want to go out that way.” said Radley.

“Unfortunately it’s the only possible way to get rid of these creatures.” said Kaylie.

“Couldn’t the TV rating be higher?” asked Radley. Suddenly the door broke open and the lobster king and guards had caught up. “Oh crap.” said Radley.

“Arrest them!” shouted the lobster king.

“Wait, what’s that?” asked Kaylie. On the intestinal wall nearby was a weird squishy thing that said do not touch.

“That might just save us.” said Margaret.

“Leave it to me.” said Radley. He then punched the squishy thing which caused the entire place to start shaking. The Spiky Sea Urchins team was shown behind the lobster king and guards.

“Why’s everything shaking?” asked Bonnibel getting nervous again. “It’s making me scared.”

“Oh no.” said Dusk. “I don’t want her screaming again.” The place started shaking more.

“Did I cause an earthquake?” asked Radley.

“No, you cured Marine’s intestine pain which means we’re going to have a rough ride.” explained Margaret.

“Let’s hope it cuts to the outside soon.” said Radley. Suddenly the entire castle fell apart and each of the pieces got sucked into the exit. It then showed Marine with the other contestants now normal sized wearing bathrobes and towels and Radley then came out of the bathroom looking like he just took a shower. “Never again am I doing that.” said Radley.

“Can one of you explain what just happened?” asked Marine.

“We cured your stomach ache!” cheered Oweboy.

“That’s right my creepy fanboy.” said Oweguy walking in. “And Margaret has told me that Radley managed to help cure Marine’s pain so the Sandy Dollars have won again!” The team then cheers while Dusk looked upset. “As for the Spiky Sea Urchins, you’ll be going to the elimination ceremony for the third time in a row.” said Oweguy. “See you there.” Dusk looked upset and then looked at Bonnibel who still looked freaked out about what happened. The team then leaves the room.

“I wonder whatever happened to those lobster creatures?” asked Oweboy.

“Probably back to the ocean.” said Kaylie. “They did get flushed down the toilet off-screen.”

“Didn’t have to mention that.” said Radley. “I’m going to watch TV.” He then left the room.

“I’m still not sure what has happened.” said Marine.

“Oweguy will tell you later.” said Marine with the rest of the Sandy Dollars team leaving. Later at the elimination ceremony the Spiky Sea Urchins team was there along with Oweguy.

“So I know you’re a little shook up from today’s challenge but I’m sure some nice marshmallows will help out.” said Oweguy with some of the contestants looking disgusted while Bonnibel throws up. “As usual whoever doesn’t get a marshmallow is eliminated and will have to ride the Boat of Losers. The first marshmallow goes to Kenzey.” She catches her marshmallow. “The next three go to Akari, Gieselle, and Dusk.” continued Oweguy handing them their marshmallows. “So now that leaves Romero and Bonnibel and the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Romero. Sorry Bonnibel but your time here has ended.”

“But why?” she asked. “I wanted more marshmallows.”

“You heard the man, time to go.” said Dusk. Bonnibel then got angry and threw candy at him with Oweguy and Kenzey trying not to laugh.

“You’re a jerk!” she shouted. “Goodbye the rest of you.” She then got on the boat of losers which then drove away.

“I hate candy more that I originally did now.” said Dusk. Kenzey then took some off his hair and started eating some which made him upset.

“So this ends today’s challenge.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “What’s going to happen with our contestants next as we get into more intense challenges? Will Gieselle and Romero kiss eventually? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 9: Surfin' Birds

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem Marine got a very bad stomach ache so I shrunk the contestants and sent her inside her body to find out what was causing it. When they arrived deep inside her bowels it was discovered that she’d swallowed some intelligent lobster creatures that made their new home right inside her and their castle was blocking the exit to her body thus causing blockage in there. Luckily thanks to Radley he got the lobsters and everyone else out of Marine’s body thus making the Sandy Dollars win yet again. Bonnibel in the meantime was voted off because Dusk was annoyed by her constant whining. Who’s the next one to get voted off after today’s crazy challenge? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

It was a nice sunny day at the beach resort and a lot of people, mostly teenagers, were out surfing. Radley, Kaylie, and Kenzey were shown watching. “Surfing is definitely one of my favorite sports.” said Radley. “I’m able to do perfect spins in the air. It’s basically like skateboarding but on water.”

“Interesting.” said Kenzey. “Though I spent more time skateboarding. I have bad luck when it comes to surfing sometimes.”

“How come?” asked Kaylie.

“Well there was a time my mom entered me in a surfing competition and I accidently wiped out.” explained Kenzey. “While I was getting out of the water a piece of coral ripped my bikini off and I accidently showed my chest to everyone when I got back on the board. And the worst part was that the people from the news were filming the competition and it got that exact scene.

“Yikes.” said Radley. “What happened after that?”

“Actually nothing much happened after that but this weird kid kept spying on me and he almost stole my bra at the beach once.”

“Yikes.” said Radley. “Anyway, I wonder when the next challenge is?”

“I don’t know, like I care.” said Kenzey not caring.

“I’ve also noticed that there’s less candy on the floor now.” said Radley. “Why is that?”

“Bonnibel got voted off last night.” said Kaylie disappointed. “I hope she’ll be okay.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine.” said Radley. “She’s probably cheering on you.” His compliment then made Kaylie smile. “Well I’m going to get something to eat.” Radley continued leaving. Meanwhile Romero and Gieselle were on the couch along with Mudkip who was watching TV in the lobby.

“Uh, Romero.” said Gieselle nervously. “I wanted to tell you something.”

“What is it?” he asked. Suddenly a crash sound is heard which interrupted them.

“Get back here with my favorite pajamas!” shouted Oweguy with Oweboy running by.

“It’s my favorite too!” shouted Oweboy carrying Oweguy’s pajamas which had hamburgers all over it and was soon followed by Oweguy.

“Why don’t we talk about it later.” said Gieselle.

“Good idea.” said Romero with the both of them leaving.

“Where are you guys going?” asked Mudkip. “It was just getting to the good part!”

“Dude, the TV’s off.” said Radley walking by.

“Oh.” said Mudkip who then got up and left. Later it showed inside Oweguy’s bedroom where he came in with his pajamas, which were covered in dirt and filth.

“What happened to your PJ’s?” asked Marine.

“Oh Mr. I’m your number one fan came and took them hoping to keep them for himself.” said Oweguy. “I swear, that guy needs to control himself.”

“He nearly stole some of my art pictures that I drew for your art museum as well.” said Marine.

“Well let’s not worry about that right now.” said Oweguy. “It’s time to prepare for today’s challenge.” Fifteen minutes then passed and back downstairs it showed Oweboy wrapped in bandages.

“What happened to you?” asked Margaret noticing.

“Oweguy beat me up.” said Oweboy.

“Why?” asked Margaret.

“I tried to get away with his favorite pajamas.” Oweboy responded.

“Oh.” said Margaret. “Didn’t this happen yesterday?”

“And the day before that and the day before that and shall I go one?” said Oweboy.

“No.” said Margaret. “I think Oweguy is getting upset at you so try to stop.”

“Okay.” said Oweboy. Suddenly the intercom came on.

“Attention contestants.” said Oweguy. “Meet me at the beach so I can announce your next challenge. And make sure to put on your swimsuits. Except for Mudkip I assume.

“Yet another challenge to begin.” said Kenzey.

“I hope its fun.” said Mudkip.

“When its Oweguy. “It’s never fun.” Kenzey continued. Later it showed the contestants on the beach in their swimsuits where Oweguy was shown waiting for them.

“Welcome to your next challenge.” he said. “A surfing challenge!”

“How does it work?” asked Kaylie.

“Simple.” said Oweguy. “It’s a race to the finish with only one lap, but the race area is very huge so it’s going to take awhile. Also there are a few catches. First, you have to go through this island which has a lot of vicious animals. Second, on the same island, one person from each team has to grab an item that has their team symbol on it. And lastly, you’re going to have this bear on a water ski chasing you!” It showed a bear standing near a water ski growling at them.

“Crap.” said Radley. “Everything gets worse when a bear is added.”

“So did you get the rules?” asked Oweguy. “Basically you just have to get through the obstacles, get your assigned item, and get to the finish. The first team to get all of their team members to the finish wins while the other team votes someone off. Also if your entire team makes it to the finish first but you didn’t get your item then you lose even if you did get first place. Anyway I’m tired of talking so let’s get started already.”

“Sorry but we wanted to know what to do in this challenge.” said Dusk upset.

“Okay, go get your surf boards or whatever you can find and start this race!” said Oweguy. The contestants gathered their surfboards and started paddling toward sea.

“There aren’t really any strong waves.” said Isley. “How are you going to cause some for us to go faster?”

“Easy.” said Oweguy. “Owen? Do you mind?”

Suddenly, Owen comes running out of nowhere in his swimsuit yelling “Cannonball!” and jumps into the water causing a bunch of big waves happen causing the contestants to move very fast.

“There we go!” said Oweguy. “Now this is going to be fun!”

“I’m not sure if I like surfing this much!” shouted Oweboy.

“So where’s this island?” asked Radley.

“Apparently over there.” said Dixie pointing to a very faint dot from where they were.

“Rats!” shouted Raldey. “Are you sure that’s the island?”

“Yep.” said Dixie. “I’m using binoculars.”

“Rats!” shouted Radley again. “I guess we just have to keep swimming.”

“These waves have to pick up because that bear is probably behind us.” said Dixie.

“Don’t worry.” said Radley. “I see a big one!” A big wave soon arrived and the contestants caught onto it.

“I’m gonna hurl!” shouted Oweboy as he was swirling around inside the wave. Suddenly, vomit shot out of the wave with Radley dodging it.

“The sea must be sick.” said Mudkip.

“I wonder what it’s been eating?” asked Kaylie. Oweboy then got shot out of the wave.

“It ate Oweboy.” said Radley noticing. “He should probably take a bath.”

“You’re right.” said Kaylie.

“C’mon, I take at least two baths a week!” shouted Oweboy in the confessional. “I wish Radley didn’t pick on me often.

Suddenly, there was banging on the confessional door with Oweguy shouting “Dude, give me back my underwear!”

“No!” shouted Oweboy. “They’re awesome!” It showed him holding a pair of superhero underwear that was apparently Oweguy’s.

“Where’s that bear?” asked Oweguy back on the beach with Marine who was sunbathing and a female intern who was giving them some lemonade. “I hope he’s going after those contestants. Everyone loves a bear on a water ski.” It showed the bear at a boat shop on a nearby island getting the water ski’s engine checked which was shown to be very rusty.

“Well here’s your problem.” said the man checking it. “Whoever gave this to you didn’t update the engine.” The bear growled in anger. Back on the ocean the contestants were still surfing through the waves and getting closer to the island. Suddenly a bunch of seagulls arrived flying over some of the contestants.

“Arrgh, go away!” shouted Kenzey. “Why are there so many?”

“There are fish in these waters.” said Isley. “The seagulls like to catch them in these areas.”

“Thanks for the science lesson.” said Kenzey upset a little. A drop of seagull poop then landed in her hair and she got angrier.

“I think it’s time we got farther away from her.” said Isley.

“Agreed.” said Radley.

“I’m sorry but I just can’t stand seagulls.” said Kenzey in the confessional. “At the beach they always steal my food, fly over my head, and they especially poop on my head when I make them mad. I’d hate to see what they do to me next.” As the contestants continued on some shark fins suddenly started to come toward them.

“Are those sharks behind us?!” asked Oweboy getting scared.

“I don’t think so.” said Isley. “They could be dolphins.”

“Like that one swimming away?” asked Radley pointing to one of the fins swimming away which was shown to be a dolphin scared of the other fins which all belonged to sharks.

“This isn’t good.” said Margaret. All of them started paddling for their lives as the sharks started going after them.

“What’s going on with them?” asked Romero.

“I don’t know.” said Gieselle. Suddenly Kenzey noticed something.

“That’s why.” she said pointing to the sharks. They started swimming away as quickly as possible as well. “I hope that island is close.” Kenzey continued.

“You mean like that one?” asked Romero pointing to the assigned island which was shown to be a mile away.

“I hope we don’t get eaten by sharks while we try to get there.” said Dusk. Suddenly the sharks picked up a scent and left leaving the contestants by themselves.

“Why’d they leave?” asked Gieselle. It then showed Chef Hatchet swimming nearby.

“This is perfect!” he said. “The water’s nice, the weather is nice, and best of all, there’s no sharks right now!” The sharks suddenly surrounded him grinning. “Why do I always speak too soon?” he asked to himself. The sharks suddenly jumped onto him with him screaming.

“The sharks are gone.” said Radley. “I guess it’s safe to move on.”

“Hey, where’d Oweboy go?” asked Margaret.

“I don’t know.” said Kaylie. “I’m sure he’s nearby.” It showed the sharks again swimming away from Chef Hatchet who was swimming away in screaming and one of the sharks looked fat.

“Who turned out the lights?” asked Oweboy from the shark’s stomach. “I pee my pants when I’m scared and it just happened. The shark then looked sick suddenly and it then cut back to the other teams heading toward the island.

“Let’s hope this island isn’t too dangerous.” said Margaret.

“C’mon, I’ve seen more dangerous stuff in my video games.” said Mudkip.

“But have you seen any in real life?” asked Radley.

“Oh.” said Mudkip nervous.

“Stay cool fish guy.” said Isley. “I’ve been in jungles before and know exactly what to do.” Mudkip then had a silly looking smile on his face when she said that. Isley then rolled her eyes. The Sandy Dollars then swim into the island with a river pulling them through the island.

“I wonder what these fierce animals are that Oweguy mentioned?” asked Kaylie. Suddenly a bunch of screaming monkeys appeared carrying rocks.

“I guess monkeys.” said Margaret. The monkeys suddenly started throwing the rocks at them.

“Why monkeys?!” asked Radley. “They don’t even live where we are.”

“Yeah, those monkeys actually escaped from the zoo.” explained Oweguy in the confessional. “They somehow ended up there and I don’t know how because that island has nothing but water surrounding. Eh that’s nothing to worry about now.”

“Why are these monkeys upset?!” asked Radley dodging the rocks being thrown.

“I don’t know.” said Mudkip eating a banana. More rocks suddenly started to be thrown because of this.

“Where is this object we’re looking for?” asked Radley.

“You mean this one?” asked Mudkip holding something with their team symbol on it.

“Give me that.” he said snatching it from him before something worse happened. “What?” he asked shocked. “It’s just a rock with our team symbol painted on it. I thought it was something more valuable.”

“Like gold.” said Mudkip.

“Why do you always like gold objects?” asked Radley.

“Because it’s gold!” said Mudkip. Radley then slapped his face. The other team was shown behind him.

“Where is this item we’re supposed to look for?” asked Dusk upset.

“Somewhere around here.” said Kenzey.

“Well we need to catch up with the other team.” said Dusk. He suddenly got hit by one in the monkeys. “Who threw that?!” he asked. He saw the monkeys on the trees and they started throwing at him only. “Stop it you stupid monkeys!” he shouted. “Someone please help!” Kenzey, Gieselle, Romero, and Akari started chuckling while also trying not to laugh.

“Some had better get the object we’re looking for.”

“Akari should help.” said Romero. “She’s good at finding things and she hasn’t been mentioned in this entire episode until now.”

“I already got it while you were explaining it.” said Akari holding their object which was a bag instead of a rock.

“Why is it a bag?” asked Kenzey.

“Apparently it’s a fast food meal with the food still in it.” said Akari who covered her nose from the smell.

“Yuck!” shouted Kenzey who almost looked ready to puke. “How long has this been in here?”

“I’d have to say three months.” said Akari. Kenzey then pukes in disgust.

“Enough discussing about gross food, we’ve got to get to the finish.” said Dusk who got hit by a rock again.”

“Okay.” said Romero. The team then continued and at the other side of the island both teams got out.

“I still wonder where Oweboy went?” asked Kaylie. He suddenly arrived covered in slime, starfishes and seaweed and his surfboard had a bite out of it.

“Sorry.” He said. “I got eaten by a shark and then got puked up and shot into a pile of seaweed.”

“Gross!” shouted Radley. “Let’s just get to the goal.”

“And fast.” said Dixie.

“Why?” asked Radley.

“Because that bear is coming back toward us!” Dixie alerted pointing to the bear on the water ski. Everyone else screamed and both teams were going as fast as they could on the water.

“A big wave had better come soon!” shouted Radley. Owen suddenly appeared out of nowhere and jumped in causing a huge wave. “There we go!” Radley shouted. “Let’s get to the goal.” Back on the beach it showed Oweguy glaring at Chris on the beach who was surrounded by a bunch of girls. Chef was also there covered in bandages.

“Man why does he always get the girls?” Oweguy asked.

“You’ve got me.” said Marine.

“Yeah but I don’t see why I don’t have any fan girls.” Oweguy continued.

“Shouldn’t you be paying attention to that giant wave over there that’s a mile away from the goal?” asked Marine pointing to the wave and all the other contestants.

“Oh.” said Oweguy. “We’d better move.” They picked up their chairs so that they wouldn’t be in front of the goal. As they were heading toward the goal some of the contestants started getting cluttered but most of them then went through the goal and into the sand with only Kenzey and Oweboy the only ones left with the bear still heading toward them.

“I think I got sand in my mouth.” said Radley spitting sand out.

“We’ve only got Oweboy and Kenzey left to make it.” said Oweguy. “Whoever passes through first will win for their team!” The seagulls suddenly arrived again and started to fly around Kenzey.

“Shoo you pesky bird!” she shouted.

“No!” shouted Dusk. “Those birds are going to mess her up from winning!”

“Hurry Oweboy, while she’s distracted!” shouted Dixie.

“I’m on it!” shouted Oweboy trying to go faster.

“Stop flying around my head!” shouted Kenzey. Suddenly one of the seagulls flew past her chest and she heard a ripping sound. “That had better be Oweboy’s pants.” She said. But she then looked down and saw that her bikini was gone and her breasts were exposed in front of everyone on the beach.

TDBPM epi 9 teaser

Kenzey loses her top which lands on Oweboy.

“That can’t be good.” said Radley. Chris and Oweguy suddenly signaled their camera crew and when that happened Kenzey quickly covered her chest. In the meantime Kenzey’s bikini that the seagull had landed right onto Oweboy’s face.

“My eyes!” he shouted. “I can’t see!” he suddenly started going the other way and crashed right into the bear on the water ski. Oweboy took the bikini off and saw the bear growling. “Uh oh.” He said quickly putting Kenzey’s bikini back on his face. The other contestants looked away or covered their eyes as screaming and mauling sounds were heard.

“Awesome!” said Oweguy. “That’s two exciting things at once!” Kenzey then went past the goal but her board then hit a rock and she landed and got stuck in a tree with her breasts still exposed. Everyone on the beach and the contestants looked shocked. “So obviously Kenzey got through first and I see that Akari has their team item so that means the Spiky Sea Urchins win the challenge!” announced Oweguy with the rest cheering and Gieselle and Romero hugging. “It’s about time they’ve won.” muttered Oweguy to himself.

“I heard that!” shouted Dusk.

“As for you Sandy Dollars, while we try and get Kenzey out of that tree and get Oweboy’s wounds patched up, you have to vote someone off your team.” continued Oweguy still laughing about Kenzey’s incident.

“It’s not funny!” shouted Kenzey from the tree. At the elimination ceremony the Sandy Dollars were there with Oweboy in a body cast from the bear. Oweguy then arrived with the marshmallows.

“You’ve all casted you votes so now it’s time to see who’s leaving and who’s staying.” He explained. “The first three marshmallows go to Margaret, Kaylie, and Dixie.” He gave them their marshmallows. “Isley and Radley are safe too. So now that leaves Mudkip and Oweboy and the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Mudkip.” He catches his marshmallow. “Well obviously I don’t see Oweboy being able to compete in that body cast after his bear attack as well as getting his head shoved in the water ski engine.”

“Ouch.” said Margaret. Oweboy tried to say something but his voice was muffled.

“Don’t bother.” said Oweguy. “We’ll get you to the boat of losers.” He pushed Oweboy onto boat which drives away with him still trying to say something.

“Well that’s enough with Mr. Oweguy obsessed fan boy.” said Radley. He paused for a few seconds and then said “I miss him already.

“You’ve still got us.” said Kaylie stroking his hair a little.”

“You’re right.” said Radley. “Let’s try and get our winning streak back next time!”

“You think they’re going to do that?” asked Oweguy to the viewers. “With eleven contestants left who’s going to be the next one voted off? What crazy challenge is going to happen next? And am I going to get busted by Kenzey after what happened today? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 10: Oweguy's Diner

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem it was a huge surfing race in where the two teams raced each other and had to find an item to help them win as well as avoid a bunch of obstacles such as our trusty bear friend on a water ski. The race got hilarious near the end when a seagull accidently ripped Kenzey’s bikini top off in front of everyone on the beach which landed on Oweboy which caused him to not see where he was going and ended up bumping into the bear which soon mauled him. Talk about bad luck. In the end, the Spiky Sea Urchins managed to win after a big losing streak and the Sandy Dollars voted Oweboy off for making them lose and for not being able to participate due to being in a body cast. Who will be the next one voted off in today’s crazy challenge? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

On the road very close to Oweguy’s beach resort a bunch of cars with teenagers and young adults inside were heading toward the resort. In the lobby, an intern spotted them and dialed Oweguy on the phone. “What is it?” he asked in his bedroom. The intern explained and Oweguy’s eyes grew big. In his living room Marine was watching TV.

“And that’s why you should watch Total Drama!” said Chris on a TV commercial which Marine was watching.

“What a lame commercial.” She said drinking a can of soda. Oweguy suddenly burst through the door with the door falling out the window.

“Ow, my head!” shouted someone from below.

“The beach parties from the Florida TV Channel are coming here!” Oweguy shouted.

“Why is that a bad thing?” asked Marine.

“Have you seen how crazy they get on beaches?” reminded Oweguy.

“Okay good point.” said Marine shuddering a little.

“I need to figure something out.” said Oweguy who suddenly got an idea on what to do. Meanwhile down at the lobby all the people from the Florida TV Channel were there with Dusk and Romero noticing.

“Where did all these people come from?” asked Dusk.

“Who knows.” said Romero.

“They’re from that TV channel where most of their shows take place on the beach.” said Kenzey arriving from another room.

“How do you know?” asked Dusk.

“I watch their channel often.” Kenzey continued. “I even joined their party once for spring break.”

“Cool.” said Mudkip who appeared out of nowhere.

“How long have you been here?” asked Dusk.

“The whole time.” said Mudkip.

“Hey, cool costume dude.” said one of the guys who looked like a skater. Mudkip then smiles weirdly with Dusk rolling his eyes.

“That guy can be very nusto at times.” he said in the confessional. About an hour later all of the TV people got their hotel rooms but there were still a bunch of people hanging out all over the place. In the halls, in the cafeteria, at the pools, at the beach, and other places that we don’t know about because this place is too big!

“Argh, these people are driving me nuts!” shouted Dusk. “I’m actually looking forward to Oweguy’s next challenge.”

“Check it out.” said Kenzey getting Dusk’s attention. “Mudkip’s trying to hit with one of the girls.” It showed Mudkip talking to a woman in shorts and high heels who looked like she was in her mid twenties.

“So, do you want to go out later?” he asked.

“Dude, I’m married.” said the woman.

“Oh.” said Mudkip frowning.

“Cheer up fella.” said Isley appearing behind him. “I’m sure someday one girl will like you.”

“Yay!” cheered Mudkip running somewhere else.

“Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy. “Meet me at the beach entrance for me to announce your next challenge!”

“About time!” shouted Dusk. “These gothic girls are about to cling all over me!”

“Please hang out with us.” said one of the goth girls.

“We’re not gonna leave until you say yes.” said the other goth girl.

“Crap.” said Dusk. At the beach all the contestants were there with the two goth girls still cuddling Dusk. All the TV people were still on the beaches.

“Now as you can see guys, we’ve got people from a TV channel staying at the beach for a while.” said Oweguy.

“How long?” asked Radley.

“Oh to my calculations, a month so probably not until the show is over.” said Oweguy.

“Rats!” shouted Dusk.

“Hey Dusk, nice chicks.” said Oweguy with Dusk glaring at him.

“Man, Dusk is lucky.” said Mudkip.

“So anyway, on with the challenge.” said Oweguy. “As you know, those people have money. And what’s something those kind of people like?”

“Uh, beach parties?” asked Mudkip.

“Food!” shouted Oweguy.

“Why food?” asked Dusk.

“Because the ocean water makes us hungry.” said one of the Goth girls.

“So yeah since they’re always hungry and they’ve got a lot of money, your challenge today is to run two snack bars from right now until dinner where everyone will eat the cafeteria food. From that time, you’ll have to try and get the most amount of money you can get and the team who ends up making the most money will win while the other team has to vote someone off.”

“Why do you want us to earn money?” asked Radley.

“This woman complained about her room getting damaged all the time.” said Oweguy.

“You mean that woman who keeps appearing in the running gags where her room gets wrecked?” asked Dixie.

“Yeah, that’s her.” said Oweguy.

“Not another fourth wall break.” said Radley.

“Anyway, I hope you have fun running your snack shops.” continued Oweguy about the challenge. “I hope you have some people who can cook right?”

“Yep.” said Margaret.

“Good.” said Oweguy. “I don’t want another cooking mishap.”

“Yes.” said Dusk.

“Now make sure to get lots of money!” said Oweguy walking away and was soon shown to be joining the other TV people at the beach. Out of all of them, only Radley saw but didn’t care. Later the two teams arrived at their snack bars with both of them right next to each other, very small, and poorly built.

“Well this is just great!” shouted Dusk. “He gave us poorly built snack bars.”

“And they’re right next to each other.” said Kenzey.

“Well that’s going to be hard on choosing what’s better.” said Romero. Suddenly a giant crab rose out of the ground with the Spiky Sea Urchin’s snack bar on its back and it moved to another area dropping the snack bar somewhere farther away than the Sandy Dollar’s snack bar. “Never mind.” said Romero. After a couple minutes of setting up, both stands were open for business.

“Let’s hope customers enjoy our food.” said Isley.

“I think they will.” said Margaret. “Someone’s coming right now.” A young teenage girl then walked over toward them.

“Welcome to the Sandy Sea Dollars’ snack bar!” greeted Mudkip.

“Sandy Dollars’ snack bar?” the girl asked. “That doesn’t sound interesting.”

“That’s the name of our team.” said Radley. “We’re on a season of Total Drama which is happening here.”

“You mean you’re that athletic guy on the show?” asked the girl getting interested.

“Yep.” said Radley. “Why, you want an autograph?”

“No.” said the girl. “I’m asking for some money because you’re basketball team accidently broke my window.”

“It wasn’t my fault!” shouted Radley. “It was from the guy who got mad at us and quit. He threw the ball out the window and I guess it went to your house.”

“Oh yeah.” said the girl remembering. “Well no one else on your team payed for the damages.”

“Fine.” said Radley. “How much do you need?”

“One hundred dollars.” said the girl. Radley searched his wallet and said. “The lowest I have is one hundred and twenty.”

“Deal.” said the girl taking the money.

“At least I still have a lot of money left.” said Radley to himself.

“So kid, are you going to buy something?” asked Margaret. The girl’s stomach then growled and she said “Sure. What do you have?”

“Uh, Owe Burgers, Owe Fries, Owe Nuggets, anything else that you can find at a fast food restaurant.” said Radley.

“I’ll try the Owe Burger.” said the girl. “Who came up with those stupid names?”

“Our host.” said Radley. “Anyway, the price is three dollars.”

“Here.” said the girl giving him the money. “I’ll probably bump into you again while I’m at this hotel.”

“Our first pay!” cheered Mudkip.

“Here’s your burger sir.” said Romero at the other counter. They saw that the Spiky Sea Urchins have sold a bunch of food already and had already had a big line waiting.

“What the?” asked Radley shocked. “How did they get so many customers?”

“That girl making the food is great at cooking.” said one of the guys in line.

“She should make my kid’s birthday cake.” said another guy. Radley steps out a sec and saw that the girl making the food very quickly was Gieselle.

“Guys, we have a very good cook as a rival.” said Radley.

“Who is it?” asked Dixie.

“Gieselle.” said Radley. “And because of that she’s managed to make her team get at least ten customers.”

“I guess that means we need a better cook.” said Margaret. “Who’s someone that can cook very well?”

“I can.” said Dixie. “I cooked all the time at home.”

“Well that’s good.” said Radley. “Please help us out.” And with that Dixie got cooking and about a half hour later both stands had a lot of customers. However, the Spiky Sea Urchins had a few dollars more than the Sandy Dollars did. Also, Dixie started to look very tired and exhausted.

“I’m getting a little exhausted guys.” She said.

“Where’s my order?” asked a man.

“I’m so hungry.” asked another man.

“Where’s Old Man Jenkins?” asked somebody else.

“The food’s coming.” said Radley. “I hope.”

“How are you doing Dixie?” asked Margaret. She saw Dixie had fallen asleep and her head soon fell onto the grill with her screaming in pain a few seconds later. She then crashed through the wall and slammed right into a stone wall with a bunch of random objects falling onto her.

“Ouch.” said Isley. Five minutes later, an ambulance was shown taking Dixie away leaving Radley, Kaylie, Margaret, Isley, and Mudkip on their own to cook.

“Well that’s just great.” said Radley. “Who’s going to cook for us now? Dixie was doing a good job until the lunch rush came.

“Well someone should take her place.” said Margaret. “I’m sure she’ll be back later.”

“I’m a good cook.” said Isley. “I work at the snack bar some days during my job at the zoo.”

“And I feed my kids at home.” said Margaret.

“And I can cook well in general.” said Kaylie.

“Okay, you girls handle the food while Muds and I here work the cashier.” explained Radley. The girls then got to work cooking and a few minutes later they were able to get the food to the people waiting.

“Looks like the other team’s catching up.” said Romero.

“Drat!” shouted Dusk. “We really need this win but whenever we’re close we lose to the other team.”

“Don’t worry.” said Romero. “I’m sure we’ll still manage to win.”

“I hope.” said Dusk.

“Alright, here comes our next customer.” said Radley.

“Who is it?” asked Mudkip.

TDBPM epi 10 teaser

Owen decides on his order.

“Hello!” shouted Owen suddenly in front of them with both of them screaming. “I noticed you have food here.”

“Why are you here?” asked Radley.

“I’m spending some time here.” said Owen. “I was here last episode.”

“Okay.” said Radley. “Now what do you want to eat?”

“Uh, one Owe-burger, no two Owe-burgers!” said Owen correcting himself. “Two large fries, uh two packs of Owe-nuggets. Uhh a large shake. Uhhhhhh…..” Radley soon got bored with Owen taking forever. “Did I say two Owe-Burgers and two large fries?” asked Owen. “I meant three Owe-Burgers and three large fries! No wait. Um…” Radley slapped his head.

(Two Hours Later)

“Uh…I can’t decide now!” shouted Owen.

“Here, it’s a meal made especially for Owen.” said Radley giving him a bag of food with Owen’s face on it.

“Wow!” cheered Owen. “I’m famous! Catch you guys later!” He then walks away with his food throwing the entire bag in his mouth.

“Wait!” shouted Radley. “You forgot to pay!” A few quarters, some fuzz, and a chewed up piece of gum landed onto the stand. “This obviously isn’t enough.” Radley said to Margaret.

“Well I’m sure we still have time before…” Suddenly they saw everyone heading inside.

“What are you guys doing in there?” asked one of the TV channel people to the contestants. “It’s pizza night!”

“Catch you later handsome.” said one of the got girls leaving Dusk and going inside.

“Glad they’re finally gone.” He said.

“I don’t think that’s the last time you’re going to see them.” said Kenzey.

“I hope what you’re saying isn’t true.” said Dusk. Oweguy soon arrived.

“Well guys, your time here at the snack bar is over.” He said. “Let’s see how much money you’ve made.” He started counting both teams money.

“I hope we made enough.” said Radley. Oweguy then finished counting.

“Well the Sandy Dollars have made thirty dollars and fifty cents along with three fuzz balls and a piece of chewed up bubble gum and the Spiky Sea Urchins have made Fifty dollars and seventy five cents so that means that the Spiky Sea Urchins win the challenge!”

“What?!” shouted Radley as the other team celebrated.

“I told you we’d win.” said Kenzey to Dusk.

“It was just luck.” said Dusk.

“So what now?” asked Mudkip getting worried. “Is one of us going to be voted off?”

“Not this time.” said Oweguy. “The hospital called about Dixie and they said that she’s going to stay there longer than they planned. She’s got to have some burns on her face treated. So because of that, you guys are safe, for now.”

“Thank goodness.” said Mudkip sighing in relief. Dusk looked a little upset due to no one from the Sandy Dollars team getting eliminated.

“So due to all of us being safe, can we enjoy pizza night?” asked Romero.

“Eh, why not.” said Oweguy. Everyone suddenly tramples him running inside the hotel.

“Ouch dude.” said a guy walking by.

“After this crazy episode, will the final ten be able to face the next upcoming challenges?” asked Oweguy closing the episode while trying to get up.

“Wait for me!” shouted Owen stomping on Oweguy.

“Tune in next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!” he continued in pain. “Ouch! Someone call a doctor!”

Chapter 11: Family Dare Night

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, we had a bunch of guests from a TV channel and they were all over the place. In order to do a challenge involving them, the two teams ran snack bars for the day and tried to make the most money from that time. Dixie got seriously injured when she fell asleep on the grill while it was on and Owen made a guest appearance taking forever to figure out what he wanted. Also, Dusk got two Goth girlfriends but he doesn’t really seem to like them. In the end the Spiky Sea Urchins won and the Sandy Dollars were saved from elimination because of Dixie being in the hospital. With only ten contestants left who is going to be the next one to be voted off as the challenges keep getting harder and harder? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.

It was a regular day at the hotel. While the TV channel people were still there, it has calmed down and they were just basically regular hotel guests now. “Glad to see that madness over.” said Dusk.

“It’s fun at first but it gets crazy when they start partying.” said Gieselle.

“Well, it’s time for me to take an exit to my room.” said Dusk. “I want a break from these people since they arrived. Well at least those girls aren’t bothering me anymore. As he opened the door to his room he saw both of the Goth girls from last episode right on his bet. “What the, what are you doing in my room?!” Dusk shouted.

“We moved in next door and the small guy in the costume let us in.” said the first girl. Mudkip was shown next to the other girl waving.

“I’m going to get you for letting them in.” said Dusk to Mudkip clenching his fist.

“I don’t think we’ve properly introduced ourselves.” continued the first girl. “I’m Slasha.”

“And I’m Sabbath.” said the other girl.

“Interesting names.” said Dusk not too amused. “Now can you get out of my room please?”

“Not until you say your name.” said Slasha.

“Dusk.” He said. “There I said it. Now can you leave?”

“Not until we spend some quality time together.” said Slasha with Sabbath locking the door so he wouldn’t leave. Dusk then sighed angrily. Back downstairs in the lobby Oweguy was watching a repeat of last episode on TV when he heard a bunch of people coming in.

“Well look who it is!” said one of the people. “It’s our old host!”

“Who said that?” asked Oweguy pausing the TV.

“Wow, I didn’t know that TV could pause.” said Mudkip appearing out of nowhere.

“It was me.” said the voice. Oweguy turned around and saw Jake behind him.

“Jake?!” he asked. “But you’re not in this season!”

“Well we needed a vacation.” said Jake.

“What do you mean we?” asked Oweguy.

“Nianah’s with me.” Jake replied upset a little that he said that. Nianah then walked up behind him who to the surprise of Oweguy and Mudkip was pregnant.

“Why are you surprised?” asked Oweguy to Mudkip. “You don’t know her.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know she was pregnant.” said Mudkip.

“Yes, I’m pregnant.” said Nianah. “Six months as a matter of fact.”

“Congratulations!” cheered Mudkip.

“Also, who are you?” asked Nianah to Mudkip. “Aren’t you hot in that costume?”

“The names Mudkip and no, I’m not hot.” said Mudkip. “Uh I mean not like sexy hot.”

“I know what you mean.” said Nianah.

Oweguy then thinks for a moment and then a light bulb appeared over his head. “Mudkip, put that away!” he shouted.

“Sorry.” said Mudkip who was shown to be holding the light bulb.

“Anyway, I just got a good idea.” Oweguy continued. “Someone get me a phone.” Mudkip handed a phone for him and he started dialing while Jake and Nianah watched. Later in the cafeteria Dusk was shown with Slasha and Sabbath.

“Okay so we’ve talked, hung out, and had breakfast.” said Dusk. “Now can you leave me alone?”

“Well, I suppose you can have a little break.” said Slasha. “Besides, we have to use the bathroom.” As soon as they left Dusk went the other direction but bumped into Kenzey.

“Girls still following you?” she asked.

“Yep.” said Dusk. “I wished there was a way I could get rid of them.” Suddenly the intercom went off.

“Attention contestants, it’s time for your challenge.” said Oweguy on it. “Please meet me on the beach.”

“Let’s think about it later.” said Kenzey as they headed to the beach. A bit later, the ten remaining contestants were on the beach where Oweguy was.

“So what’s happening today?” asked Radley.

“We’ll get to that in a few minutes.” said Oweguy. “For starters, I want to tell you something important.”

“What is it?” asked Dusk not amused.

“Since there’s only ten of you left, that usually means that it’s the time for the teams to disband and for the merge challenges to begin. So from now until the end of the season, you’re all on your own.”

“When he means merge challenges, it usually means things are going to get harder.” said Radley in the confessional. “However, since I’m a guy who works out a lot and likes challenges then let me say, BRING IT ON!!!”

“Well, at least me and Romero can still get some time together even though there’s no teams now.” said Gieselle in the confessional. “I still haven’t told him that I really love him.”

“What did you say?” asked Romero outside.

“Uh nothing.” said Gieselle blushing in embarrassment.” It then showed the next confessional video where it showed Mudkip sleeping.

“So what’s next?” asked Margaret.

“Why the challenge of course!” said Oweguy.

“Obviously.” said Radley.

“Here’s how it’ll work.” continued Oweguy. “The ten of your will be competing in a game show based challenge. However, it’s not going to be based off some of the ones you watch.”

“Obviously.” said Radley again.

“This challenge will be similar to Total Drama Island’s pain contest but it has some other stuff added as well.”

“You probably know what I’m going to say.” said Radley once again.

“Most likely.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, it’s going to be the same like that one but we’ve also got some surprise guests.”

“Who?” asked Kaylie.

“Your relatives!” said Oweguy excitedly. “First up is Isley’s sister Nianah!” She then came out waving to the others. Isley looked shocked when she saw her.

“She’s pregnant!” she shouted surprised in the confessional. “Why didn’t she tell me earlier?”

“Your phone battery was dead when she told you.” shouted Jake from outside.

“Oh yeah.” she said embarrassed.

“Some others we’re presenting are Mudkip’s brother Dax, Akari’s cousin Kuro, Romero’s stepcousin Jake, and Dusk’s sister, Raven!” announced Oweguy with the people he said coming out.

“Uh oh.” said Dusk. “Not her.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.” said Slasha near Dusk.

“She’ll be a good person to hang out with.” said Sabbath. Dusk then looked even more upset.

“Wait, Jake is your step cousin?” asked Isley to Romero.

“Yep.” he said. “His aunt married my uncle a few years back.”

“Interesting.” said Isley.

“There’s still more people.” said Oweguy. “Next we have Kaylie’s cousin Bianca, Radley’s brother Murdoch who just got released from jail, Gieselle’s sister Jasmine, Margaret’s younger sister Chloe, and Kenzey’s sister Molly. The rest of the people Oweguy mentioned came out. “Now enjoy your little family reunion and then get let’s start the challenge.” he continued.

“Daxy!” cheered Mudkip.

“Mudzy!” cheered Dax. The two then slammed into each other trying to hug and they fall down in pain. Isley giggles a little but tries not to laugh.

“Of course I like the little costumed fella but I couldn’t help but giggle after seeing him with his brother.” she said in the confessional.

“Hello Chloe!” said Margaret.

“Hey big sis.” said Chloe. “How are things going?”

“Fine.” replied Margaret. “My husband hasn’t been home much. He always has to travel for his job.”

“That’s too bad.” said Chloe.

“How’s your husband?” asked Margaret.

Chloe looks at Dax who was passed out on the floor and says “Fine.”

“Hello Kuro.” greeted Akari bowing to Kuro. “How do you do?”

“I’m doing fine thanks.” he said. “It’s great to be back with the others.”

“Hello little bro.” said Radley to Murdoch who no longer looked like the Joker. “How was prison?”

“Awful.” said Murdoch. “I blame Jerry for bringing me in there.”

“Well that’s why you probably shouldn’t have worked with him.” said Radley.

“He’s still in jail from what I’ve heard.” said Murdoch.

“And his wife?” asked Radley.

“He hasn’t mentioned her but it’s been said that she was unconscious for a while but once she awoke she was released and me and Jerry haven’t seen her since.” explained Murdoch.

“Interesting.” said Radley.

“Hi Radley!” said Molly who looked different then she originally did.

“Hey.” He said. “No one has heard much from you since Total Drama Tourism.”

“I’ve been busy.” said Molly.

“You look different since I last saw you.” said Radley.

“Yeah.” She said. “I grew my hair so I could have a ponytail and got some new clothes.”

“I never knew you were Kenzey’s sister.” said Radley.

“Yeah, but we don’t really talk much.” said Molly. “She likes to be in her own little world.”

“I see.” said Radley. “Well one day, tell her that I think she’s actually pretty cool.”

“I will.” said Molly.

“Hey sis!” said Isley. “Congrats on your pregnancy!”

“Thanks!” said Nianah. “I’ve still got a few months to go.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a nice baby when it’s born.”

“I hope so too.” said Nianah. “Also, it’s kicking right now. You want to feel?”

“Sure.” said Isley feeling the baby kick.

“I wanna feel too!” shouted Mudkip arriving. He then leaned on Nianah’s belly and it then showed Mudkip flying in the air screaming.

“I think it’s probably going to play soccer or football when it’s older.” said Isley.

“I think so too.” said Nianah. It then showed the woman from previous chapters in her hotel room watching TV while eating lunch. Mudkip suddenly crashes through the window and onto the table smashing it and her food.

“My lunch!” she shouted.

“Hi!” said Mudkip. He then got thrown out of the window and landed in the water with Nianah and Isley watching.

“Okay, reunion time is over.” said Oweguy. “It’s time to start the challenge!” It then showed the contestants standing at podiums while Oweguy and the others were standing near a giant roulette wheel. “Here’s how it’ll go.” said Oweguy. “Each of your relatives has submitted challenges for you to face and the deal is to see how long you can survive them. The wheel over there will decide what challenge you will be facing. If you win at that challenge, you get to keep going, but if you lose, then you’re out for the rest of the challenge. The last person remaining will win invincibility while the rest of you have to vote someone off. Is that simple enough?”

“I guess so.” said Margaret.

“Good.” said Oweguy. “Also, the person who wins a challenge will decides who goes next. For the first round however, I’ll decide. And since it’s polite, I’ll make a girl go first. Akari, since you come first in alphabetical order, you’ll go first.”

“I wish I had a name with Z as the first initial.” she said in the confessional.

“Okay then, let’s spin the wheel!” shouted Oweguy as he spun the wheel which landed on a picture of Jake. “Jake’s challenge is to…..walk on boards covered with nails, barefoot!” Everyone looked worried or Akari.

“I’m glad I’m not doing that.” said Mudkip.

“While they worry that I might get hurt, I’ve walked on hot coal barefoot before and I didn’t get hurt much.” explained Akari in the confessional. “Years of doing various breathing techniques help out in situations like these.” It then showed Akari barefoot at the beginning of the long path of spiky boards looking ready to start.

“And go!” shouted Oweguy. She then ran over all planks without saying “Ow” once. Everyone else looked shocked. “And Akari moves on for another challenge!” cheered Oweguy.

“I knew someone would beat that.” said Jake.

“That girl is tough.” said Radley. “I’m starting to wish we had her back when the teams were still around.”

“Akari, who do you want to go next?” asked Oweguy.

She then looked around for a second and then said “Dusk.” He looked upset by that.

“Hey Sabbath.” said Slasha on the beach. “Our man is about to go up.”

“Time to spin the wheel!” said Oweguy who spun the wheel. The person he got was Raven. “Looks like you’re going to do your own sister’s challenge!”

“Oh no.” said Dusk worried.

“I was hoping he’d get my challenge.” said Raven in the confessional. “I’m still mad at him for eating my cookies when I was five.”

“Your sister’s challenge is…..stay in a pool of crocodiles for one minute!” said Oweguy reading the challenge. Everyone looked excited.

“You’ll pay for this Raven.” said Dusk. He then saw the pool of crocodiles and dived deep into the water with the crocodiles following him. Nothing happened a few seconds after that.

“What’s he doing?” asked Radley. Suddenly the pool started shaking around with the crocodiles roaring and scratching sounds kept being heard. Mudkip then covered Isley’s eyes while he put his hood over his eyes. The time then went off and Dusk jumped out with the crocodiles knocked out unconscious.

“And Dusk moves on to the next round as well!” shouted Oweguy. Raven looked upset while Slasha and Sabbath looked happy for him.

“You’ll pay for that younger brother!” shouted Raven in the confessional pointing to the camera. It then showed the wheel spinning again which landed on Nianah.

“This next challenge is for Kenzey who was chosen by Dusk because she saw him giggling after the last challenge.” said Oweguy. “The challenge is…..dress up as a ballerina!”

“Oh no!” she shouted. “I’m not doing that?”

“Okay then you can lose hope in winning the challenge!” said Oweguy. Kenzey then stood thinking for a bit.

“Kenzey, I think you should try your best and keep at it.” said Radley. Kenzey then blushed at him and then said “Okay, I’ll do it.” It then showed her dancing around like a ballerina in the ballerina outfit. Oweguy was trying not to laugh at that moment.

“Okay, what was Radley doing just there?” asked Dusk in the confessional. “Is he starting to like Kenzey? I thought they just had a friendly rivalry.”

“No one seems to want to lose it seems.” said Oweguy. “We’ll see about that as we continue on with the challenge!” It then showed clips of the contestants doing various challenges with Margaret walking on a tightrope with a fish in her mouth and bears in the lake underneath the tightrope, Radley juggling torches, Mudkip arm wrestling the Sasquatch, and Isley carrying a bunch of stuff while standing on a unicycle. After thirty minutes, it showed that Dusk, Akari, Kenzey, Kaylie, and Radley were the only ones remaining while the others were in the stocks from the original TDI challenge.

“Hey Kaylie, I’m glad you’re still in.” said Radley.

“Aw, thanks Mr. tall and strong.” she said.

“Mr. tall and strong?” asked Dusk in the confessional again. “Which girl does he like?”

“Let’s see, five remain.” said Oweguy. “Let’s see who’s going to keep going!” he spins the wheel again which landed on Bianca. “Okay I lost track on the order so I’m going to pick someone at random.” said Oweguy. He ends up pointing at Radley.

“Aww man.” he said.

“Okay Radley, your challenge is… survive the tent of flower scented perfume!” shouted Oweguy. Bianca giggled a little on what she chose.

“I forfeit.” said Radley. “I’m allergic to that brand of perfume.”

“Okay then, your loss.” said Oweguy. Radley then got a stock put over his head and arms trapping him inside.

“Technically I’m not allergic to that perfume.” said Radley in the confessional. “I just don’t like it.”

“Only four remain.” said Oweguy. “Let’s see how you can do.” It showed Kenzey carrying cinder blocks on her back on a narrow bridge for her next challenge and Kaylie trying not to move while covered in bees but she then sneezes and the bees get mad. Afterwards, it showed Dusk and Akari were the only ones left.

“Seeing as you two are the only ones left, I’ve decided to have you two compete against each other for the last challenge.” said Oweguy.

“Interesting.” said Akari.

“And the last challenge is from…..Molly!” announced Oweguy. “And the challenge is…..compete in a rematch against Molotov the bear!

“I had a feeling it was going to feature a bear.” said Dusk. It then showed him and Akari and Molotov the bear on a big log in the pool.

“Molotov has come back to play another game of log rolling with you guys.” explained Oweguy. “However, this time he’s trying to make you lose rather than you trying to beat him. Dusk and Akari have to try and stay on this log as Molotov keeps on rolling it. Whoever falls off it first loses and the other person wins. Ready, and begin!” Molotov started rolling on the log and Dusk and Akari tried to stay on as best as they could.

“I’m definitely going to win this!” shouted Dusk.

“No you’re not!” shouted Akari. Molotov started going faster and soon the log got wet from the water and suddenly Dusk started slipping.

“Oh crap!” he shouted as he slipped and fell into the pool.

“And Akari is the winner of the challenge!” announced Oweguy as the others except for Dusk started to cheer. “Her reward is to spend the entire day with her cousin Kuro!”

“What about the others?” asked Margaret.

“They’re staying here anyway.” said Oweguy. “They’re on vacation.”

“Oh.” said Margaret.

“As for the rest of you guys, you have to go vote off anyone of your choice other than Akari.” said Oweguy. “Later.” The woman whose room got wrecked by Mudkip soon appeared in front of him and gave him a piece of paper. “What’s this?” he asked.

“My bill for room repair.” She said. “You’re going to have to pay for it.”

“Rats!” shouted Oweguy. He then pulled a checkbook out and left. Slasha and Sabbath then arrived and pulled Dusk out of the pool.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“We saw your performance.” said Slasha. “It was great.” Dusk didn’t look impressed.

“I’m going to go dry off.” He said. “And don’t even think about following me.”

“Is there anything we can do?” asked Sabbath.

Dusk thought of something for a minute and then said “There is one thing you can do.” It then showed the elimination ceremony and the contestants were there waiting for their marshmallows.

“Good job on your first day of merge challenges.” said Oweguy. It showed the others looking upset with messed up hair and ripped clothes. “Anyway, your votes are cast and it’s time to see who is leaving and who is staying. Due to winning, Akari gets the first marshmallow.” He throws the marshmallow to her which she catches. “Next marshmallows go to Isley, Romero, and Gieselle.” The three get their marshmallows. “Mudkip is safe too and so is Radley. Kenzey, you’re safe too as well as you Margaret. That now leaves Dusk and Kaylie and the final marshmallow goes to…..”

“Dusk.” He hands the marshmallow to him with the others looking shocked about Kaylie.

“What did I do?” she asked.

“I don’t know but people just voted for you.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, it’s time for you to go off on the Boat of Losers.”

“But she can’t leave so soon.” said Radley.

“Serves you right about losing your girlfriend.” said Dusk.

“Excuse me?” asked Radley. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You were saying lovey dovey stuff to her earlier.” said Dusk.

“Dude, just because I said nice things to her doesn’t mean we’re in love.” said Radley upset a little. “I’m just being nice to her.”

“Oh.” said Dusk. It then cut to the confessional with him saying “Well that was a waste.”

“That was nice about what you said.” said Kaylie.

“Thanks.” said Radley.

“Well, I’d hate to break up the conversation but it’s time for you to get on the Boat of Losers!” said Oweguy. Kaylie then got on with Radley, Margaret, Isley, and Mudkip waving goodbye to her with her following. It then showed Dusk on his own with Slasha and Sabbath nearby.

“Thanks for the help with the votes.” He said.

“No problem handsome.” said Slasha. Dusk then cringed when he said that.

“Looks like things are getting suspicious.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With nine contestants left, is Dusk going to continue messing with Radley’s friends? Is Nianah’s baby going to be a boy or a girl? And am I going to pay off this bill that woman gave me? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 12: A Not So Helping Hand

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, the teams were merged and the contestants competed in challenges made by their own relatives. Stuff got pretty intense after that with everyone facing very challenging challenges. Akari was shown to be very strong in these challenges with the same going for Dusk. The others however wiped out badly and didn’t move on. In the end, Akari won the challenge and Kaylie was voted off for reasons unknown with the main suspect being Dusk who probably voted her off. What’s going to happen next in today’s crazy challenge? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

At the hotel, it showed the contestants relaxing while waiting for the next challenge to begin. Meanwhile, it showed Oweguy inspecting the hotel rooms. “Haven’t seen these rooms in a while.” he said. “The interns have been mostly doing that. I’d better take a look.” He looked at some of the rooms and they looked very filthy. “Yikes!” he said. “It’s like a dump threw up in here.” It then showed Marine watching TV in her and Oweguy’s room when the phone rang.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Where are the room cleaning interns?!” asked Oweguy. “All the rooms look horrible!”

“Oh, they left a few days ago for vacation.” said Marine. “I forgot to tell you that.”

“Why?” asked Oweguy.

“Because you wouldn’t give them a day off.” said Marine.

Oweguy sighs and then says “I’ll figure out what to do with these rooms.” He then thinks for a minute and then gets an idea. Meanwhile in Dusk’s room he was alone but Slasha and Sabbath then appeared next to him.

“Are you still following me?” he asked.

“Of course.” said Slasha.

“It’s because we love you.” said Sabbath. Dusk then gets a disgusted look on his face.

“Okay, even though they’re helping me out secretly, I can’t stand them always following me!” he said in the confessional. Downstairs it showed Radley and Isley watching TV in the lobby with Radley looking a little disappointed.

“Something wrong?” asked Isley.

“Oh nothing.” he said.

“It’s about Kaylie isn’t it?” asked Isley.

“Yeah.” said Radley sighing. “She was like a little sister to me. Dusk is going to get it at one point.”

“I don’t like him neither.” said Isley. “His attitude is rude.”

“Hey guys!” said a boy who looked similar to Mudkip. “How’s it going?”

“I don’t even know you.” said Radley.

“Of course you do!” said the boy. “It’s me Mudkip! My costume is in the wash.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t recognize you for a second.” said Radley embarrassed.

“Its okay.” said Mudkip. He then put his hand in his pocket and pulled out another Mudkip costume with him jumping into the mouth of it and appeared just how he normally appeared in his costume.

“Now I know its you.” said Radley.

“So what do you think is going to be our challenge today?” asked Isley.

“I don’t know but I think it might start right about…” Radley started saying as the intercom came on.

“Attention contestants.” said Oweguy. “Meet me in my office in five minutes.”

“…now.” Radley finished.

“Wow, good timing.” said Isley.

“After being on a reality show for twelve episodes you get used to when the challenge will start.” said Radley in the confessional. Later it showed the nine contestants in Oweguy’s office which was on the first floor.

“I never knew you had an office.” said Romero.

“I go here when I want some alone time.” said Oweguy. “It’s where I’ve got my spare video game systems when Marine plays my other ones.

“I didn’t know your wife hogged your video games.” said Radley.

“She’s playing a game that’s said to be addictive.” said Oweguy.

“You mean Angry Seagulls?” asked Mudkip.

“No, it’s a action game.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, why I called you in here is that the janitor interns are on their vacation this week and they didn’t even bother to tell me and worst of all, some teenagers obviously had a party last night so a lot of the rooms are a mess. You know what that means do you?”

“You’re gonna clean it?” asked Radley.

“No!” shouted Oweguy. “Well maybe in my room, but what I’m saying is that for your challenge, you have to try and clean up as much stuff in the guest’s within’ the hour.”

“Rats!” shouted Radley.

“So you’re telling us to be janitors?” asked Kenzey.

“Not exactly.” said Oweguy. “You’re just picking everything up and putting it in the trash, a bag, the laundry chutes, or anything that you find with space. I would rather call that, the picker upper.”

“It still sounds like being a janitor.” said Kenzey upset.

“Well, I think it’s best to start the challenge now.” said Oweguy. “Explore each floor and start collecting trash. The winner gets a special reward while the losers vote someone off.”

“Oh boy, a reward!” said Mudkip. “What is it?”

“I’m not telling you.” said Oweguy. “You’ll have to find out for yourself.” Mudkip was suddenly gone along with some of the cleaning supplies needed. “Man, mention a reward and he’s gone like a cheetah.” said Oweguy.

“You’re darn right.” said Radley.

“Well, you guys better do the same thing.” said Oweguy. “Here are some brooms, trash bags, spray bottles, and sanitation gloves.”

“Aww man!” said Radley upset. A few minutes later the contestants had split up and Margaret was about to enter her first room.

“Well, let’s see how much of a disaster this room is.” She said. As soon as she opened the door a bunch of trash and dirty clothes and towels fell out and landed on her. “Yep, it’s a disaster.” She continued emerging from the pile.

“You think that’s bad look at mine!” shouted Radley showing that his mess filled the entire hallway.

“Correction, that is a disaster.” said Margaret pointing to Radley’s mess. “Meanwhile, it showed Mudkip arriving at one of the rooms but is stopped by Isley.

“Dude, you need some help.” She said.

“Why?” asked Mudkip. “I can take care of it on my own.”

“Yes but after Oweguy mentioned reward, you’re getting all excited and you’re probably going to mess up and hurt yourself like you did at that birthday party.”

“How did you know about that birthday party?” asked Mudkip.

“It says it on your bio.” said Isley.

“Oh.” said Mudkip.

“Look, really I care about you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.” said Isley. “You’re like a little brother, maybe even more.” Mudkip started smiling strangely and hearts started appearing over his head. “What is that?” asked Isley noticing.

“Oh, it’s just red paint bubbles used with a heart shaped bubble wand that I left near that fan.” explained Mudkip. “I got it last Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh.” said Isley. “Anyway, let’s get this place cleaned up!” Mudkip then smiled. Meanwhile, it showed Dusk dragging his trash supplies to the closest room he could find.

“I hope this room won’t be so bad.” He then opened the door.

“Hello handsome!” said Slasha with her and Sabbath on the couch in the room.

“Oh no!” he shouted. He started to make a run for it but they quickly locked the door so he wouldn’t get out.

“Now that you’re here, can you be a dear and clean up our place?” asked Sabbath. “It smells like a pigsty.”

“Fine, only because I have to in order to win.” said Dusk as he started to clean up the room.

“He looks handsome even when he’s cleaning.” said Slasha with Dusk grumbling after she said that. Meanwhile, Akari found a room that looked like it needed cleaning.

“This looks good.” She said. “I hope it’s not too much of a mess.” As soon as she opened the door a huge pile of trash spilt onto her. “Ow.” she said.

“Hey Izzy, look!” shouted a familiar voice. “It’s the janitor!” the person then dragged Akari out of the trash and the person was revealed to be Owen. “Hello Mrs. Janitor.” He said. “Can you help clean our room?”

“I’m one of the contestants.” said Akari.

“Oh yeah.” said Owen. “Well can you still help clean our room?”

“Who else is there?” asked Akari.

“Well there’s me, and my good friend Izzy who’s right here.”

“Hello!” she said with a goofy face.

“There are also Harold, Cody, Noah, Tyler, Mr. Coconut, a bear, and my lunch.” explained Owen.

“Hi.” said Harold. Akari had a worried face. “Well you’d better get to work.” said Owen dropping Akari into the trash.

“You could’ve just gave her the trash supplies instead of dropping her.” said Noah.

“Oh.” said Owen. He then dropped her trash supplies near her as she still laid in the trash pile. “Now she can get to work.” Noah then slapped his head. Back with Margaret and Radley, the two came out of the rooms with oversized trash bags.

“Who made such a big mess in there?” asked Radley.

“Hey, that’s some of our trash!” said Owen noticing.

“Of course.” said Radley.

“We couldn’t fit it in our room so we just put it in the rooms that were empty along with a few others.”

“My room!” shouted the running gag woman with her room filled with trash.

“Uh oh!” shouted Radley as he and Margaret ran over to her.

“Hey miss, do you need help?” asked Margaret.

“Yes!” shouted the running gag woman. “My room is filled with trash!”

“We’ll fix it miss.” said Margaret.

“I do have a name you know.” said the running gag woman. (Yawn)

“What is it?” asked Radley.

“It’s Carolyn.” She said. “I’m tired of having no name throughout the show.”

“Well Carolyn, we’ll try and get your room cleaned.” said Margaret.”

“Good.” said Carolyn. “I’ll be back later.”

“I wonder how Isley and Mudkip are doing?” asked Margaret.

“Probably as hard as we’re doing.” said Radley. Outside the hotel it showed a garbage truck taking away the trash from the room they just cleaned up.

“That’s the last of it.” said Isley.

“Of the entire hotel?” asked Mudkip.

“Of the entire floor.” said Isley.

“Oh.” said Mudkip. “Does that mean we have to do more?”

“We cleaned up as much trash to cover a landfill.” said Isley. “I think we’re good enough. Besides, there’s only ten minutes left of the challenge.”

“So what should we do now?” asked Mudkip.

“How about lunch?” asked Isley.

“Sounds good.” said Mudkip.

“I’m serious about what I said about me liking him more.” said Isley in the confessional. “He’s both the brother I never got and the boyfriend I never got in high school. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Romero and Gieselle? I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.” Meanwhile, it showed Romero and Gieselle kissing after finishing cleaning up the room they were in.

“Why didn’t you tell me you liked me earlier?” asked Gieselle.

“I wanted it to take its time.” said Romero as they continued kissing.

“Aww, a next generation us.” said Geoff who was randomly there with Bridgette.

“Why are we here?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” said Geoff. They instantly ran away. Suddenly the intercom came on.

“Attention contestants, you only have five minutes left so please wrap things up with your cleaning.” said Oweguy on the intercom.

“Aww man.” said Radley covered in trash. “I don’t think I’m going to finish in time.”

“Let’s at least try.” said Margaret. “Carolyn’s bathroom is almost clean.” Back at Owen’s gang’s room Akari looked very tired as she kept cleaning.

“There, I think I’m done with the first room.” She said. “Now I need to use the bathroom real quick.”

“These candy bars a delicious right Izzy?” asked Owen on the couch eating chocolate bars.

“You said it!” said Izzy devouring hers making chocolate splatter on the wall. Akari then came out and saw that the room she just cleaned was covered in trash again.

“Prepare to run like scared rabbits.” whispered Tyler. Akari then screamed very loudly as Owen, Izzy, Cody, Noah, Harold, Tyler, and the bear ran out screaming with Mr. Coconut getting kicked out by Akari.

“Mr. Coconut!” screamed Owen. He then jumped into the air and grabbed him.

“Nice catch.” said Tyler giving a thumbs up to Owen.

“Thanks.” said Owen. Meanwhile, Margaret and Radley finished the last of the trash to Carolyn’s room.

“Finished.” said Radley.

“Glad to see that my room is all clean.” said Carolyn.

“It took a lot of hard work but we did it.” said Margaret.

“Now don’t even think of you guess messing up my room again because if you do then I’m going to make you do the work and not your host.” said Carolyn. Radley gulped as soon as she said that.

“I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon.” said Margaret.

“You’re right.” said Radley. “Those gags are only in every few episodes and they don’t normally happen to us.”

“How many minutes do we have left?” asked Margaret.

“Attention contestants, it’s time to report back to my desk to show me your progress.” said Oweguy on the intercom.

“None.” said Radley.

“Figured.” said Margaret. Back at Oweguy’s office, the contestants were there with Dusk covered in lip marks and trash.

“What happened to you?” asked Kenzey.

“Don’t ask.” said Dusk.

“You had to clean your girlfriend’s room didn’t you.” said Radley.

“They’re not my girlfriends!” shouted Dusk.

“Oh sure.” said Kenzey sarcastically. Dusk then growled.

“Now then, I’ve counted up the amount of trash you’ve cleaned up from what the garbage man that picked it up told me.” said Oweguy. “For Romero and Gieselle, they’ve collected a total of 275 pieces of trash.” The two of them shrugged. “Akari got a total of 175 pieces of trash.” Oweguy continued with Akari looking upset. “Kenzey got a total of 305 pieces and Dusk got 365.”

“I could’ve gotten more if I wasn’t attacked by two girls who wanted kisses.” said Dusk.

“Ha, you just admitted it!” shouted Radley with Dusk getting upset at him.

“Radley and Margaret got 575 pieces of trash and Isley and Mudkip got 1050 pieces of trash so that means Isley and Mudkip are our winners!” announced Oweguy. Isley and Mudkip cheered with Isley hugging Mudkip which made him smile and blush.

“Aww, that’s cute.” said Margaret.

“Eh, I’ve seen cuter.” said Radley. It cut to the confessional with him saying “And when I do I’m normally sick in bed for three hours.” He then shuddered.

“And now it’s time for their reward.” said Oweguy.

“Oh boy!” said Mudkip getting excited.

“A free fancy dinner in the dining room for employees only!” said Oweguy. Everyone else looked upset by that.

“Oh boy, dinner!” cheered Mudkip.

“As for the rest of you, it’s time to vote someone off.” said Oweguy. “Catch you guys later.” It then showed Dusk sitting at the pool with Owen and his gang swimming there.

“Cannonball!” screamed Owen as a huge wave of water slashed onto Dusk.

“Great, now my clothes are soaked.” He said. “What else do I need?”

“Hello again.” said Slasha with her and Sabbath sitting near him in their bathing suits.

“Of course.” said Dusk.

“Hey, thanks for cleaning our room earlier.” said Sabbath.

“No problem.” said Dusk not sounding very excited.

“Since you did that we’re going to help you get rid of someone you don’t like just like yesterday.” said Slasha.

“Uh, okay.” said Dusk.

“Who’s someone you really hate?” asked Sabbath.

“I can’t target Radley right now.” Dusk thought in his head. “I’ll save him for the final three.”

“So, have you decided?” asked Slasha.

“Yes.” said Dusk. “I really have problems with that girl with the katana blade. Do you think you can target her?”

“Sounds good.” said Slasha. “But you have to do one quick thing for us though.”

“What is that?” asked Dusk.

“Help us fix our toenails.” said Slasha. “We scrapped them on the concrete when we got here.” It showed they were really scratched up and chipped and looked a little infected as well.

“You’re certainly making this hard for me.” said Dusk. Later at the elimination ceremony it showed the contestants there with Oweguy arriving soon afterward.

“Your votes have been cast so now it’s time to see who’s leaving and who’s staying.” said Oweguy. “Isley and Mudkip, since you won the challenge you get the first two marshmallows.”

“Yum!” cheered Mudkip instantly eating his.

“The next marshmallows go to Kenzey.” continued Oweguy as he continued giving them their marshmallows. “Radley and Margaret, you’re safe as well. Romero and Gieselle are safe too so now that leaves Dusk and Akari and the final marshmallow goes to…..”

“Dusk.” said Oweguy.

“Should’ve known.” said Radley. “The villain never gets voted off this early.”

“Sorry Akari but you’ve been voted off.” said Oweguy. “The votes aren’t what caused it too, there were complaints from some of the hotel guests screaming very loudly and you did get the least amount of trash during the challenge.”

“Fine by me.” said Akari. “I’ve got martial art training I need to continue.”

“Good luck.” said Radley.

“Bye Akari.” said Margaret.

“It’s been fun.” said Romero. She then got onto the Boat of Losers which then drove off.

“Well that concludes this trashy episode.” said Oweguy closing the episode. “With eight contestants left, is Dusk going to continue getting rid of the contestants until he’s left? Will Isley and Mudkip kiss? How many questions and I going to ask you? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!” Later, it showed Dusk talking to Slasha and Sabbath again.

“Thanks again for helping out.” said Dusk.

“No problem handsome.” said Slasha.

“Call us again if you need us.” said Sabbath.

“As long as I continue working with them I’ll make it to the final two!” said Dusk looking excited. Nearby, it showed Radley listening and he had a suspicious look on his face and then walked away.

Chapter 13: My Dinner with Lindsay

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, the place was a mess due to the janitors leaving on such short notice so the contestants had to clean the place up to earn a reward. Isley and Mudkip formed a very strong partnership and Margaret and Radley had to deal with a huge ocean of trash. Akari in the meantime had to clean a huge mess caused by Owen and his pals which soon led to her snapping in anger. Also, Romero and Gieselle finally admitted their love! It’s about time it happened. In the end, Isley and Mudkip won a special fancy dinner and Akari was voted off for unknown reasons but one was for the complaints from the guests and the only person who is suspected for the elimination is Dusk. What will happen next as we’re now down to eight contestants left and the challenges keep getting more and more intense? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

It was early morning and the sun shined onto Dusk who was the only boy still sleeping. He then realized something. “That’s weird.” He said. “I’d thought those two girls who are obsessed with me would’ve waked me up by now.” He then went downstairs to the lobby and still didn’t find them. “I wonder where they are.” He said to himself. “Why am I wondering, I don’t really like them.” Radley was shown looking nearby.

“Yes, I found out about Dusk’s plan so I told his two girls afterward that Oweguy’s going to eliminate Dusk if he found out about his plan so they’re now not going to help him with his plan now.” said Radley in the confessional. “I also told them that he really hates them so now they’re upset at him. Talk about revenge.” Meanwhile in the cafeteria it showed Margaret, Romero, and Gieselle eating while Mudkip was shown lying on the table face down.

“How long has he been there?” asked Romero.

“Since last night after his dinner with Isley.” said Margaret. “Something happened that hasn’t made him move since.

“I wonder what happened?” asked Gieselle.

“Let’s find out.” said Romero. He grabbed the fin of Mudkip’s costume and it showed Mudkip with a big smile and a lip mark on his cheek. “I think I know what happened.” said Romero who then whispered to Margaret and Gieselle. Meanwhile, Kenzey was in her bedroom putting on makeup.

“Hey dudette.” said Radley. “What’s happening?”

“Just getting make up on.” said Kenzey. “By the way, I didn’t see you much after the elimination ceremony. Why was that?”

“I overheard Dusk talking to his girls about a secret plan so I then talked to them after Dusk left and now they’re going to give the cold shoulder to him.” said Radley.

“Dusk was cheating?” asked Kenzey shocked. “That’s unfair.”

“Well it’s not going to happen now.” said Radley. “If he continued then Oweguy would’ve voted him off for cheating so I told the girls that so they’d stop.”

“That was a smart move.” said Kenzey. Her stomach then growls. “Well I’m going to get something to eat. Catch you later.” Later, Radley arrived to the cafeteria with the others and saw Mudkip.

“What happened to him?” asked Radley.

“Something happened to him last night that involved him and Isley.” said Romero.

“There’s a kiss mark.” said Radley. “Oh wait I see what happened.”

“Yup.” said Romero. Isley then arrived and saw Mudkip.

“He’s still here?” she asked.

“He’s been there all night.” said Margaret.

“I know how to wake him up.” said Isley. She then kissed him on his cheek which made him wake up.

“What happened?” he asked. “Did I win the gym battle?” He then saw Isley and said “Oh hi Isley!”

“Hey blue boy.” said Isley. “You wanna go for a walk?”

“Sure!” said Mudkip. “The two then walked outside holding hands.”

“What a pairing.” said Radley. “I didn’t expect them to hook up.”

“Me neither.” said Margaret. “I’d suspected they had an attraction but not a relationship.”

“Uh, guys.” interrupted Romero. “I’d thought I’d say something about me and Gieselle.”

“Say it.” said Radley.

“We’re now an official couple.”

“Congratulations!” said Margaret with everyone else talking excitedly.

“I’d know it will happen eventually.” said Radley. “You’ve had an attraction since before the merge.”

“That’s true but we couldn’t hold it in longer.” explained Romero. “We had to admit that we love each other.”

“Well that’s good.” said Radley. “There haven’t been that many relationships this season as of now.

“True.” said Margaret. “I hope they’ll last.” Nearby it showed Dusk hiding in a bush who heard about Romero and Gieselle.

“Oh I’ll find a way to make it not last.” He said. “Even without those two creeps.” Suddenly everyone saw a car stop in front of the entrance.

“Who’s that?” asked Radley.

“I don’t know but whoever’s in it must be well known because people are gathering around to see it.” said Margaret. The person then got out and it was revealed to be Lindsay.

“Is that?” asked Radley shocked.

“I think so.” said Romero.

“Settle down everyone.” said Lindsay. “You’ll have my autograph during my dinner party later!”

“Dinner party?” asked Radley.

“Ah Lindsay, you’re here!” said Oweguy greeting her.

“What was your name again?” asked Lindsay.

“Oweguy.” He said.

“Are you sure that’s your real name?” asked Lindsay.

“Let’s not talk about that now.” said Oweguy. “I need you to help me do something.”

“Oh boy!” cheered Lindsay. “I love helping with things!”

“I think whatever they’re doing involves us doing a challenge.” said Radley in the confessional. A few minutes later Oweguy and Lindsay came back to where the contestants were.

“Glad you could all be here without me telling you.” said Oweguy.

“We just happened to be in the same area.” said Radley.

“Well it’s about time for me to tell you today’s challenge.” continued Oweguy. “As you can see, past Total Drama contestant is here for a visit and she’s going to host a dinner party tonight.”

“How can she afford to host a dinner party?” asked Kenzey.

“It’s from Beth and Tyler.” replied Oweguy.

“Oh, figures.” said Kenzey.

“Anyway, she wants to invite one of you to her dinner party but she can’t figure out who to invite.” continued Oweguy. “So, the two of us have decided that for today’s challenge, you’ll have to get through a challenge that Lindsay has designed herself.”

“Oh no.” said Dusk.

“Oh yes!” said Oweguy. “Here’s how it’ll go. The challenge Lindsay designed is like a treasure hunt. There are a total of eight objects that belong to Lindsay and you’re all assigned to find one that you’re assigned to. The first person to bring their object back wins invincibility and will be invited to the dinner party while the others have to vote someone off.

“Doesn’t that sound too easy?” asked Margaret.

“Oh it’s not easy.” said Oweguy. The objects are located in different areas such as the beach that is filled with pinchy crabs, shark infested waters, dark woods, tide pools filled with sea urchins, and other places that will give you a hard time. Plus they’re very far away.” Everyone groaned. “Here are your assigned objects to collect.” said Oweguy giving them maps of the area with the picture of the object listed on it as well.

“We’re going to have a hard time.” said Radley.

“Better get started.” said Oweguy. “You’ve got at least one hour to look for your object.” The contestants then went outside to look. “For once Lindsay you thought up an interesting challenge.” Oweguy said to Lindsay.

“You came up with the challenge.” She said. “I just used the objects.” Outside Radley and Kenzey were together and Radley was looking at his map.

“Aww man!” he shouted. “Both of our objects are near a quicksand pit in the woods.”

“Do you have a long stick?” asked Kenzey.

“I’m sure we’ll find one.” said Radley. It then cut to Margaret and her object on the map was shown to be near a bee’s nest.

“This is going to be tough.” She said. “I’d better get some protection.” She then ran back into the building. It then cut to Isley and Mudkip and it showed them looking at their maps with Isley’s object in the beach with crabs and Mudkip’s was in a forest of seaweed.

“Well at least mine’s water themed.” said Mudkip. He then jumped into the water and a bunch of bubbles started coming toward the surface. A few seconds later they stopped and Isley then jumped in. She then came back out pulling Mudkip out.

“Next time, take off your costume before diving.” She said with Mudkip coughing up water and seaweed.

“I thought it was waterproof!” he shouted.

“If we’re going to be a couple then he has to learn some stuff from me so he doesn’t get into any trouble.” said Isley in the confessional. Later, Mudkip was shown wearing a scuba suit that resembled a Mudkip.

“My dad made this.” said Mudkip. “He’s a marine scientist.”

“Interesting.” said Isley. “That’s someone from your family I can relate to.” Mudkip then jumped into the water but this time a snorkel came out.”

“Now to find my object.” said Isley. “Lifeguard, keep an eye on him for me okay.”

“Okay.” said the lifeguard. Meanwhile, Romero and Gieselle were together wondering where to go with Dusk hiding in a bush.

“Our objects are in different areas.” said Romero. “I’ll see you back here okay?”

“Okay.” said Gieselle with the two kissing and going to different areas to look for their objects.

“I’ll interfere with their relationship and I know just how to do it.” said Dusk to himself running to their paths ahead of them.” Meanwhile, it showed Margaret arriving at her area wearing a bee protection suit but all she saw was a big tree.

“Hmm, I thought for sure there was a bees nest around here.” She said. She then saw a giant hole on the tree and peeked in but all she saw was a tunnel that led inside the tree. “I guess I have to look in here.” She said crawling in but she suddenly started falling down. Meanwhile, Radley and Kenzey were deep inside the woods.

“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” asked Radley.

“That’s what the compass says.” said Kenzey. Radley then steps in something that made a splat sound.

“Eww!” he shouted. “I hope I didn’t step in animal poop!”

“Nope.” said Kenzey. “You’re stepping in quicksand, and you’re sinking.”

“Crap!” Radley shouted as his leg started sinking into the quicksand. “Help me out!” Kenzey saw a vine and started swinging on it. “Grab my hand!” he shouted. She then grabs him but accidently slides off and lands into the quicksand.

“Well that’s just great.” She said. “How do we get out now?” Radley saw the vine and started pulling on it and he then got out of the quicksand after enough force and got onto the vine. He then landed on the other side of the quicksand.

“Okay, now you!” shouted Radley. Kenzey did the same thing and used the vine to get out of the quicksand. She then swung toward Radley but slipped a little and landed right in his arms. The two then blushed and looked nervous and Radley quickly put Kenzey down.

“Uh, nice catch.” She said.

“Thanks.” said Radley. “Anyway, according to the map, what we are looking for is deeper in the woods.”

“Then let’s go!” shouted Kenzey. The two then kept running. Meanwhile Gieselle was looking for her object while Dusk quickly got ahead of her.

“Dusk what is it?” she asked.

“Oh nothing.” He said. “I was just wondering if you would like something from me?”

“I’m dating someone else.” She said.

“I know that.” said Dusk. “I’m giving you a gift instead that you can give this certain someone.”

“Uh okay.” said Gieselle. Dusk stopped for a second and saw Romero nearby.

“How about I give you a box of chocolates and a pass to the movies.” said Dusk with Romero noticing nearby.

“What the?” asked Romero.

“That’s perfect!” shouted Gieselle. “Thanks Dusk. You’re not so bad after all.” Romero gasped in shock thinking that she was taking Dusk and then quickly ran off with Dusk watching but not Gieselle. “Well I’d better continue with the challenge.” She said. “See you later.”

Dusk continued to watch Romero running away who appeared to have started crying and then said “All according to plan.” Meanwhile, Margaret landed in a dark place and fell on something sticky.

“Where am I?” she asked. “I’d better find a light.” She then got a pocket flashlight out and when she turned it on a bunch of giant bees were surrounding her. She quickly turned the light off as a bunch of buzzing and stinging sounds happened with Margaret screaming. Outside the tree she crawled out covered in honey and swelling bumps from the stings but she had her object. “Got it!” she shouted. “And the object is…” she took it out of the back and looked surprised. “Hair spray?” she asked. “Oh yeah, it’s Lindsay themed. Well I guess I’d better get back to the hotel.” She then ran back. Meanwhile, Dusk was still in the woods.

“Where is that darn object, or whatever it is?” he asked himself. He then saw something sticking out of a tree in the woods. He then looked at his map and it was shown to be his object. “Well that was easy.” He said. He then tried to pull it out but it was shown to be stuck in tree sap. “Crap!” he shouted. “I’ve got to try harder.” He used more force that time and then got it out but slammed into a tree at the same time due to the force of the pull. “Perfect!” he shouted. “I’m definitely going to win this!” He then went back the other way back to the hotel. Meanwhile, Radley and Kenzey were deep in the woods and saw a giant quicksand pit with their objects near it.

“I do not want to get stuck in there again!” shouted Radley.

“Me neither.” said Kenzey. “There has to be another way to get our objects.” She looked around and saw another vine in the tree. “Stand back muscles, I’ve got this!” she shouted.

“Muscles?” asked Radley confused a little. Kenzey started swinging toward the objects over the quicksand pool and after many tries; she got to it and grabbed both without falling into the pool.

“Got it!” she shouted.

“Great!” shouted Radley. “You know, you’re quiet helpful.” Kenzey blushed a little.

“Let’s get back to the hotel!” said Kenzey.

“Agreed.” said Radley. “I’m tired of quicksand.” The two then headed back the way they came. Back on the beach, Isley came back with her object while Mudkip was still in the water.

“Are you done in there?” asked Isley. Mudkip then came out of the water and shot his object out of the snorkel.

“Got it!” shouted Mudkip.

“Attention contestants!” announced Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time to announce the results.”

“Oh boy!” shouted Mudkip. “Outside the hotel, Oweguy, Lindsay, and the contestants were shown waiting for Oweguy to announce the results. Romero was shown glaring at Dusk and Gieselle.

“Okay contestants.” said Oweguy “It’s time for the results. “I see most of you found your objects, but I can’t seem to find yours Romero.”

“I couldn’t find it.” said Romero.

“Well that’s going to put you at a risk for elimination.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, let’s see what you have.” The contestants opened the bags containing the objects and most of them were shocked.

“What the, a comb?” asked Radley.

“Eyeliner?” asked Kenzey.

“An issue of Blonde Fashion Weekly?” asked Isley.

“This is all stuff Lindsay likes!” shouted Radley.

“Why do you think she helped out?” asked Radley.

“I figured it out right away.” said Margaret.

“Well that’s bonus points for you.” said Oweguy. Dusk opened his back and he found a card with a marshmallow on it.

“Is this an invincibility pass?” he asked.

“That’s right!” shouted Oweguy. “That means you’re immune from tonight’s vote.”

“Ha ha!” shouted Dusk to everyone else who looked upset. “I’m invincible.”

“Hey, look what I found!” shouted Margaret with another invincibility pass. “I guess I didn’t reach in deep enough.” Dusk looked upset about that.

“I snuck in two.” said Oweguy. Dusk growled. “Anyway, due to them getting the invincibility passes and for also arriving here first, they win the challenge and they get to enjoy Lindsay’s dinner party!”

“I’d rather be back with those Goth creeps.” said Dusk.

“As for the rest of you guys, meet me here later tonight and we get so see who will be voted off.” said Oweguy. Later, Margaret saw Romero looking sad.

“What’s wrong Romero?” she asked.

“I think I’m having problems with my relationship.” said Romero teary eyed.

“Why?” asked Margaret.

“I saw Dusk and Gieselle talking to each other today and it was about movies and food.” said Romero.

“What?” asked Margaret. “I don’t think she would do that.”

“She seemed pretty happy about going with Dusk.” said Romero.

“Don’t worry.” said Margaret. “We’ll take care of it.” Later at the elimination ceremony the contestants, Oweguy, and Lindsay were there with Lindsay eating from the bag of marshmallows.

“Give me those!” shouted Oweguy taking the bag from Lindsay. She then took some from the bag when Oweguy wasn’t looking. “Okay, you’ve all casted your votes so it’s time to see who’s leaving tonight. Dusk and Margaret, since you won the challenge you get the first marshmallows.” Oweguy gave them their marshmallows which had bites out of them. Oweguy then glared at Lindsay. “Next ones go to Radley and Kenzey.” The two caught their marshmallows. “Mudkip is safe too and so is Isley.” The two caught their marshmallows. “So now that leaves us with Romero and Gieselle and the last marshmallow goes to…..”

Lindsay took the last marshmallow from Oweguy so he got another one and hid the marshmallows from her.

“Romero.” He gave the marshmallow to him who looked disappointed while Gieselle looked shocked.

“Sorry Gieselle but your time is up.” said Oweguy. He then slapped Lindsay’s hand again who was looking for the marshmallows.

“But what did I do?” asked Gieselle.

“Do you have to say that every episode?” asked Oweguy.

“You broke my heart.” said Romero disappointedly.

“What are you talking about?” asked Gieselle.

“You’d rather be with Dusk than me!” shouted Romero.

“That’s not true!” shouted Gieselle. “He was offering us something nice to do.”

“Oops.” said Romero realizing.

“Actually, I don’t have neither one of the things I told you.” said Dusk. “I just wanted you guys to fight and it worked!” Romero then punched Dusk and began hitting him repeatly. Margaret and Radley then held Romero back. “You jerk!” shouted Dusk. “I might’ve lost a tooth!”

“You’re the jerk!” shouted Romero. “You’re trying to ruin our friendships.”

“Well you can’t get rid of me now!” shouted Dusk. “I have invincibility.”

“I wish he didn’t.” said Radley.

“I’m sorry about this Gieselle.” said Romero. “I didn’t mean to vote you off out of jealousy.”

“All is forgiven.” said Gieselle. The two prepared to kiss each other until Oweguy popped up in between them.

“I’m sorry folks but I believe that Gieselle has a date with the Boat of Losers!” he said. Gieselle then got on and waved goodbye with Romero doing as well until he started tearing up again. Margaret then patted him on the back. Later, Margaret and Dusk were sitting with Lindsay at the dinner party.

“I hope the food is good.” said Dusk.

“Here’s your meal folks.” said a waiter. “A nice big chocolate vanilla and strawberry cake with sprinkles and gumdrops!” Dusk looked disgusted by that.

“Yuck!” he shouted. “I’m leaving.” He then got up and left.

“Shouldn’t I tell him that his meatloaf is almost here?” whispered the waiter to Margaret.

“He’ll figure it out in a minute.” said Margaret. Dusk then noticed something as he was walking away.

“Wait a minute, I ordered meatloaf.” He said. He then ran back to the table but saw that Owen had taken his seat and had his meatloaf.

“Sorry, I thought this was an empty seat.” He said. Dusk looked upset.

“Well even though Dusk won, he still isn’t getting what he wanted.” said Oweguy sitting at a table nearby. “With only seven contestants left, is Romero going to continue being in a state of depression? Will Isley and Mudkip kiss again? What about Radley and Kenzey? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 14: Fish and Chicks

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem a familiar face had arrived to the hotel. That person was none other than Lindsay who came to host a dinner party. That’s when we decided to do a challenge with her involvement and the contestants were soon on a hunt for an assigned object. Romero and Gieselle had a problem with their relationship when Romero thought Gieselle was cheating on him and Isley and Mudkip have just recently hooked up. Also, Radley and Kenzey got stuck in quicksand but managed to get out. In the end, Margaret and Dusk won the challenge and Gieselle was voted off after Romero told everyone what happened but Gieselle told him what really happened and the two made up but Gieselle still had to leave. With seven contestants left, who will be the next one to leave? How many more hearts will be broken? How many questions am I going to ask you? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

In the hallway where the contestant’s rooms were, the boy’s room was boarded shut with the words go away painted on it. Romero was heard crying inside the room.

“What are we going to do?” asked Margaret.

“I don’t know.” said Isley. “He deserves a good cry.”

“He didn’t mean to vote her off.” said Margaret in the confessional. “Dusk was just messing with him. “He deserves to go next elimination ceremony.” Meanwhile, Radley was shown in the hotel’s gym lifting weights.

“Dude, you’re good at working out.” said a guy walking buy.

“Thanks.” said Radley. He put the weight back on the bench and headed out while rubbing his sweat off.

“Radley?” asked someone nearby. “Is that you?”

“Who’s there?” asked Radley. He then saw a punk looking guy with a rock band t-shirt and a red Mohawk. “Aero?” he asked. “Is that you?”

“The one the only.” said Aero. The two then high fived each other and shook hands.

“Dude it’s been forever!” said Radley.

“I know.” said Aero. “We’ve been very busy.”

“How’s your rock band?” asked Radley.

“We’re on break now.” explained Aero. “We’ve been performing so much that we’re wiped out so we’d thought we’d take some time off.”

“Sounds good.” said Radley.

“Hey what’s all the chit chat?” asked Kenzey walking in.”

“Sis!” shouted Aero.

“Sis?” asked Radley surprised.

“Big brother!” shouted Kenzey. The two then hugged each other.

“You’re related?” asked Radley.

“Yup.” said Aero. “She’s my younger sister and I’ve been her role model since she was ten.”

“It’s true.” said Kenzey. “He’s the one guy in my family that I respect the most, other than my parents. Why do you think I got this hair style and my interest in guitar?”

“From TV?” asked Radley.

“No, from his band!” shouted Kenzey.

“Oh.” said Radley. “I hope you’ve also shown respect for your sister Molly. She’s a pretty cool girl.”

“Oh I do but I don’t like hanging out with her all the time.” explained Kenzey. “I’m not much of a sports fan but I do like the athletic guys she hangs out with. One of them looked like you a little.

“That was me.” said Radley.

“Oh.” said Kenzey embarrassed.

“You two seem to get along well.” said Aero. “Have you become good friends during your competition show?”

“How’d you know about Total Drama?” asked Radley.

“I watch it all the time.” said Aero. “It’s the best reality show on TV.”

“Well actually, Kenzey and I have become good friends.” said Radley. “We originally started out as friendly rivals but as soon as the merge started we’ve become close friends.”

“Cool!” said Aero. “Maybe once the competition is over we should have dinner at our parent’s house. I will be staying with them after I’m done here.”

“Sounds cool.” said Radley.

“Good.” said Aero. “Well, catch you guys later. I’ve gonna get something to eat.” He then left the locker room.

“Are you sure you meant close friends?” asked Kenzey.

“Why, we’re not close friends?” asked Radley.

“To me I think we’re a likely future couple.” said Kenzey playing with his hair making him nervous. “Well I’m gonna get something to eat. Catch you later.”

“A likely future couple?” asked Radley in the confessional. “What does this mean?” Meanwhile, Oweguy was inside the hotel’s aquarium exhibit checking on the fishes.

“Tropical fish are here.” He said checking the tanks. “Puffer fish are here. Piranha fish are here, and finally the new fishes!” He saw that all the tanks labeled new fish didn’t have any. “Where are the new fish?” he asked. “The truck should’ve delivered them here an hour ago.” He then heard a phone ring. “Hello?” he asked.

“Hey owner!” shouted Carolyn. “I ordered pancakes for breakfast, not a salt water fish!”

“Uh oh.” said Oweguy. It then showed him in his room with Marine.

“So apparently a bunch of teenage boys stole the fish from the guy delivering them and scattered them all over the hotel making it hard for you to find them.” explained Marine.

“What do we do?” asked Oweguy.

“I don’t know.” said Marine. “It’s your problem.” Oweguy thought for a second and got an idea. It then showed him and the contestants except for Romero in Oweguy’s office.

“I’m glad you’re all here.” said Oweguy. “Where’s Romero?”

“He locked himself in his room.” said Margaret.

“Oh well, his loss.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, we just had new fish for the hotel aquarium delivered but a bunch of jerky teenage boys stole them and hid them all throughout the hotel.”

“That sucks.” said Kenzey. “How many are there total?”

“We had seven being delivered so basically you’re all assigned to find one of the tanks of fish.” explained Oweguy.

“But how do we find them?” asked Radley.

“Easy.” said Oweguy. “The tanks have tracking devices on them so just use these GPS maps of the hotel to find them. This hotel is very big so that’s why I’m giving you the GPS’s.”

“If these GPS’s are showing where the tanks are then why don’t you look for them yourself?” asked Radley.

“How else am I going to give you guys a challenge?” asked Oweguy. Radley growled a little. “Okay, now I’ve given you all an assigned tank to look for.” Oweguy continued. “Your GPS shows you where the location is so get going now.” Everyone then left the room. After they left, Oweguy pulled out one of his spare game systems and started playing on it. In the lobby, Radley was looking at his GPS.

“Now where’s the tank I’m looking for?” he asked himself. He searched for it on the GPS and it came up. “Oh no.” he said.

“What?” asked Margaret.

“I’m looking for a shark.” said Radley.

“Yikes.” said Margaret. “I just have to find some tropical fish.”

“Good luck with that.” said Radley. He then ran off to his location. Meanwhile, Kenzey was walking down the hallway.

“Where is that darn fish tank?” she asked herself. She then saw a doorway that the GPS was showing a path too. “Maybe it’s in here.” As soon as she opened the door she saw a whole bunch of boxes, crates, and other supplies. She then screamed loudly.

“Yeah, we have a lot of storage.” said Oweguy in the confessional. In the hallway where the hotel rooms were, Margaret was shown looking for her fish tank. She then stepped on something wet.

“Hmm, is that water from the tank?” she asked. She then saw that the water was coming from the boy’s room where Romero was still shown to be crying. “Oh yeah.” She said.

“Hey you!” shouted someone.

“What?” asked Margaret.

“Come over here right now!” shouted the person. Margaret walked over and the person was revealed to be Carolyn.

“Having another problem?” asked Margaret sarcastically.

“Yeah, tell your host not to give me any live fish for breakfast again or he’ll hear from my lawyer.” said Carolyn upset and giving a fish tank with fish to Margaret and closed the door. Margaret looked at the picture of the fish she was looking for on the GPS which matched the ones that she was holding.

“Good enough.” She said. She then headed back to the lobby. Meanwhile, Radley was continuing looking for where the shark was until he bumped into Aero again.

“Hey bro.” he said.

“Hello again.” said Radley. “How long has it been since we’ve seen each other?”

“About an hour.” said Aero.

“Oh.” said Radley.

“Guess what dude.” continued Aero who was excited. “I just snagged a date with two girls!”

“Cool!” said Radley.

“There right here if you want to see them.” said Aero.

“I’ll do that but then I have to get back with the challenge.” said Radley. The two girls came out and Radley was shocked to see that it was Slasha and Sabbath.

“This is Slasha, and this is Sabbath.” said Aero.

“All I can say is that I’m glad Dusk wasn’t in the room at this time.” said Radley in the confessional.

“Hello Sporty.” said Slasha.

“Uh hi.” said Radley nervously.

“We bumped into each other in the hallway and I offered them a date when they were looking impressed with me.” explained Aero.

“Well I’ll see you later.” said Radley. “I have to find this shark for my host.”

“If you’re looking for a shark I saw these jerky teenage boys taking it down to the pumping station downstairs.” said Aero.

“Great.” said Radley upset. “Well I’ll going to be down there for a while. Catch you later.”

“See you dude.” said Aero.

“Bye Sporty.” said Slasha. The three continued walking on until they bumped into Dusk.

“Hey watch it!” he shouted.

“Whoa, someone with attitude!” shouted Aero. “That was just an accident dude.”

“Yeah listen to Aero!” shouted Slasha.

“Slasha and Sabbath?!” asked Dusk shocked. “You betrayed me!?”

“Of course we did.” said Sabbath. “It turns out you were a jerk and you didn’t like us. Aero here however revealed his feelings for us.”

“I’m good with girls.” said Aero. “You should try it and maybe you can get a girlfriend too.”

“Never!” shouted Dusk. “I’d rather be single all my life!” He then slammed the door to the next hallway which made the glass shatter.

“Yikes.” said Aero. Meanwhile, Isley and Mudkip were out at the beach looking for their fish.

“I’d better hope that they didn’t release them to sea.” said Isley.

“Look!” shouted Mudkip. “There they are!” Both their tanks were shown to be between some rocks.

“Those rocks are too slippery and the water is deep compared to the shallow end which will cause the fish to be released if the lid popped off.” explained Isley. “There has to be an easier way to get them.

“Look over there!” said Mudkip pointing to a nearby rowboat on the beach.

“Good thinking!” said Isley. The two jumped on with Isley using the oars. A guy then came out from behind the rocks with fishing supplies and saw the boat gone.

“Aww man!” he shouted. “Why must my boats always get taken?”

“Maybe if you chained it to something than that probably won’t happen.” said a boy walking buy.

“Why haven’t I thought of that?” asked the man. Isley and Mudkip got to the rocks where the tanks were.

“Okay Mudsy, make sure the boat doesn’t tip over while I grab the tanks.” said Isley.

“Will do my ivy rose.” said Mudkip.

“He has such a way with words.” said Isley in the confessional. Back at the rocks she reached carefully to the tanks and grabbed the first one. “Got the first one!” she shouted. She carefully brought it back and reached for the second one. She managed to get that one too.

“We got them!” cheered Sparky.

“Now let’s get back to shore.” said Isley. She took over for the oars while Mudkip made sure the tanks didn’t fall out. When they got back to the beach Isley took the tanks.

“Here’s your boat sir.” said Isley to the man.

“Thank you.” said the man and Isley and Mudkip then headed back to the hotel. “At least these people gave it back unlike those other kids who are taking my boat.” Meanwhile in his office, Oweguy was shown playing video games until Margaret placed her tank in front of him.

“Am I first?” she asked.

“Well seeing as no one else has gotten their tanks in I have to say yes.” said Oweguy.

“Alright!” cheered Margaret.

“I hope you’re hungry for a huge seafood dinner.” said Oweguy.

“I sure am.” said Margaret. “I need the protein. Plus I love fried lobster.”

“I bet you do.” said Oweguy. “The interns fished a really big one so you’re going to have a lot to eat.”

“Cool.” said Margaret looking hungry. Meanwhile inside the hotel pumping station which was located right underneath the hotel’s aquarium, Radley was looking around for the shark.

“So this is where all of the tanks get their water.” said Radley. “Now where is that shark?” He saw a huge pool of water that looked like the main water tank. “Maybe it’s in there.” He peeked into the water real quick and the shark jumped toward him trying to bite him. Radley quickly got out of the way. “Oh it’s on!” he shouted jumping in after it. Elsewhere, Kenzey was in the storage room looking for her tank. The room had gotten a lot messier when she was looking around.

“It’s got to be in here somewhere.” she said.

“Is it that?” asked a guy walking buy outside pointing to her assigned fish tank that was right in the open. She then slapped her face in anger.

“Why didn’t I see that sooner?” she asked herself.

“I don’t know.” said the guy walking away. She then grabbed it and left. Back in the lobby, Margaret was sitting at a table waiting for her food while Oweguy was waiting for the other contestants at the front desk.

“Any day now.” He said to himself. Isley and Mudkip then arrived placing their tanks in front of him.

“Here’s your tanks.” said Isley.

“Do we win the challenge?” asked Mudkip.

“Sorry but no.” said Oweguy. “Margaret got her tank in first so she won but you still get points for getting your fish.”

“Close enough.” said Isley. Kenzey then arrived with her fish tank and placed it in front of Oweguy.

“Do I win?” asked Kenzey.

“Nope.” said Oweguy. “Margaret beat you to it.”

“Rats!” shouted Kenzey.

“We just need Radley, Dusk, and Romero.” said Oweguy. “However, I don’t even think Romero has competed in the challenge. In fact, someone go check on him to make sure he isn’t drowning in the flood of tears he’s created.

“I’ll go.” said Isley heading upstairs.

“Here’s your food madam.” said one of the chef interns bringing out Margaret’s food. “The finest fish meals cooked along with some clam chowder and for the main course, a 10 pound fried lobster.”

“Thanks.” said Margaret. “I’m so hungry.” She was about to take a bite until the contestants heard something rumbling. Suddenly the floor burst apart with water from the pumping station spraying out.

“I just had those pipes fixed!” shouted Oweguy. Radley and the shark got shot out with Radley wrestling the shark, covered in bite marks and his clothes were ripped.

“I’ve got you now shark!” Radley shouted. He and the shark then landed and bounced off Margaret’s dinner crushing it. She just gaped at what happened. Radley then threw the shark who was knocked out onto the desk with the other fish. Kenzey looked amazed at what Radley just did. “Here’s your shark.” Radley said to Oweguy.

“Uh thanks.” said Oweguy concerned about the shark.

“Don’t worry, he’s alive.” said Radley.

“Good.” said Oweguy relieved. “If you killed it you had to get me a new one.” Suddenly a bunch of water came splashing out from the stairway and soaking Margaret’s dinner. “What was that?” asked Oweguy.

“Romero’s tears.” said Isley soaked. A fish tank then floated nearby.

“Oh hey, there’s the tank Romero was supposed to look for.” said Oweguy picking it up. “Now where’s Dusk?” Everyone suddenly heard screaming and Dusk came out with piranhas biting him.

“You just had to give me piranhas to find.” he said upset. Radley started to snicker a little.

“Well that’s all of them.” said Oweguy. “Since Margaret got hers in first she’s won the challenge. As for the rest of you guys, you need to vote off someone tonight.”

“Oweguy, I need new food.” said Margaret.

“Uh maybe tomorrow.” said Oweguy nervously. Margaret then pulled a cell phone out and prepared to dial someone. “Okay okay, I get it done tonight!” shouted Oweguy.

“Thanks.” said Margaret putting her phone away. Later, Radley, Isley, Mudkip, and Margaret were sitting in the lobby.

“I think we should vote off Dusk.” said Radley.

“I’d agree but in my opinion, we should vote off Romero.” said Isley.

“Why?” asked Radley.

“He’s in a state of depression after what he did with Gieselle.” said Margaret.

“He’ll recover in a few days.” said Radley. “But hey, it’s your decision.” He then got up and left. Elsewhere, Dusk was shown by himself.

“I can’t believe those girls betrayed me like that.” he said to himself. “They loved me but they dupe me for this other punk gothic looking boy.”

“You jerk!” shouted someone which caught Dusk’s attention. “I can’t believe you don’t like the same movies as I do!” the person was revealed to be Sabbath who was throwing popcorn at Aero.

“But Attack of the Zombie Interns isn’t exactly my favorite movie!” shouted Aero. “Just come back and we’ll watch it.”

“No way!” shouted Sabbath. “You’re not like the other boy I met! Goodbye!” She then slammed the door and saw Dusk.

“Whoa.” said Dusk. “You’re feistier than I thought.”

“Do you like Attack of the Zombie Interns?” asked Sabbath.

“Whoa, that’s one of my favorite movies, even though Chris is the main star.” said Dusk. “The blood effects are the best part.” Sabbath looked happy. “You know, I think there’s some stuff that I didn’t know much about you.”

“Same here.” said Sabbath. “Hey, do you think we should resume our relationship?”

Dusk thought for a second and said “Okay.” Sabbath then smiled and hugged him with Dusk looking surprised about what just happened. Later at the elimination ceremony, the contestants were shown there waiting for Oweguy. Romero was shown wiping his eyes with a tissue.

“I’ve got six delicious marshmallows here with me which means one of you seven is not going to get one.” said Oweguy. “Margaret, you get the first marshmallow for winning.” She caught it in her hand and ate it instantly. “Isley and Mudkip, you’re safe too.” continued Oweguy. The two caught their marshmallows and through them into each others’ mouths. “Radley you’re safe too and so are you Kenzey.” continued Oweguy giving them the marshmallows. “So now that leaves Dusk and Romero and the last marshmallow goes to…..”

“Dusk.” Oweguy then threw him his marshmallow. “Sorry Romero but it’s time to go. You kinda did miss the challenge in a state of depression.”

“Who cares?” said Romero. “I get to see Gieselle again!” He then ran off onto the Boat of Losers. “Goodbye everyone.” he said waving goodbye. “It’s been fun.” The boat then drove away.

“Um, that was an interesting elimination.” said Oweguy. “Well it’s time to settle in for the night. See you next challenge.” The contestants and Oweguy started to head back but Radley was stopped by Kenzey.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I’d thought I’d give you a gift.” said Kenzey.

“A wrapped gift?” asked Radley.

“No.” said Kenzey. She then kissed him on the cheek which surprised him. “See you later Sporty.” she said leaving. Radley then stood there rubbing his cheek and he then smiled.

“Wow, the relationships are really starting to heat up.” said Oweguy. “We’re now down to the final six and will they manage to survive these next upcoming challenges? How long will the relationships last? When will the lobby be dry again? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 15: Whale of a Challenge

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, some jerky teenage boys stole some fish tanks I ordered for the aquarium and hid them all over the hotel. So instead of me doing it err I mean to give the contestants a challenge they had to find the missing tanks. Isley and Mudkip showed good teamwork when they got their tanks and Radley wrestled a shark to get it calmed down. Aside from that, Kenzey started to look at Radley a different way and Dusk was having jealousy issues. In the end, Romero was voted off due to him being in a state of depression and wasn’t doing the challenge but he didn’t seem to care that he got voted off. With only six contestants left, who’s going to get closer to winning the million dollar prize? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

In the cafeteria, Margaret, Isley, and Mudkip were eating breakfast and they saw Radley eating slowly and looking confused. “Something bothering you Radley?” asked Margaret.

“Something happened last night.” he said.

“What?” asked Mudkip.

“Was it something bad?” asked Isley.

“No.” said Radley.

“What was it then?” asked Margaret.

“Kenzey kissed me on the cheek.” said Radley.

“Whoa.” said Margaret shocked. “She likes you?”

“We’re friends but I didn’t know she liked liked me.” said Radley.

“It’s not that big a deal.” said Isley. “Me and Mudkip were friends earlier in the season but now look at us.” She then played with the fin on Mudkip’s costume and he giggled.

“She did say she like athletic boys.” said Radley.

“Don’t worry about it.” said Margaret. “Let the two of you take it slowly.”

“Do you feel the same about her?” asked Isley. Radley thought and then looked nervous and said “I think I do feel the same about her but I don’t know if I can say it to her.”

“Just take it easy.” said Margaret. “Pretend you’re still friends.”

“Hi Sporty.” said Kenzey walking by making Radley look uncomfortable.

“This might take a while.” said Radley. He then got up and left. Elsewhere, Kenzey bumped into Aero again who was with Slasha.

“Hello again sis.” he said.

“Hey bro.” said Kenzey. “Say isn’t that one of Dusk’s girls?”

“She was but I guess they had a disagreement so she dumped him.” explained Aero.

“He was a jerk.” said Slasha.

“Tell me about it.” said Kenzey. “Say, where’s the other girl?”

“She apparently dumped me, only because I told her that one of her favorite movies isn’t entirely my favorite.” explained Aero.

“Dang.” said Kenzey.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” said Aero. “My stomach is calling breakfast.”

“Bye.” said Kenzey. Aero and Slasha then left. “I don’t think she went to Dusk did she?” Kenzey said to herself. Elsewhere, it showed Dusk with Sabbath with Dusk looking annoyed as always.

“Must you be that close to me?” he asked.

“But I thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend again?” asked Sabbath.

Dusk groaned and said “Fine.” She then started snuggling him. “I’m not sure this was such a good idea.” He thought. It then showed Kenzey walking again and she then bumped into Radley.

“Oh, sorry.” said Radley. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s alright.” said Kenzey. “I wasn’t paying attention myself.” She then grabbed his hand which Radley noticed.

“Kenzey.” He said. “It’s time for me to say something to you.”

“And that is?” asked Kenzey. Radley was about to speak until the intercom interrupted him.

“Attention contestants, it’s time for your challenge!” announced Oweguy. “What else do I have to say to you?”

“I think we should wait until later.” said Kenzey. “It’s challenge time.”

“You’re right.” said Radley. The two of them left to where the others were heading. Outside on the beach, Oweguy was there with three mini subs.

“What’s with the subs?” asked Mudkip.

“They’re for your challenge.” said Oweguy.

“And what’s the challenge?” asked Margaret.

“It’s a treasure hunt!” said Oweguy. “You’ll be using these subs to find a treasure chest in the ocean.”

“But we already did a treasure hunt this season.” said Radley.

“Well I’m doing another one.” said Oweguy.

“So where’s this treasure chest?” asked Margaret. “Is it at the bottom of the ocean?”

“Nope.” said Oweguy.

“In a coral reef?” asked Isley.

“Nope.” said Oweguy.

“In the trash?” asked Dusk.

“No! shouted Oweguy.

“So where is it?” asked Margaret.

“I threw it in the mouth of a blue whale that was passing by.” said Oweguy.

“Great.” said Radley upset. “Do you know how many whales there are in the ocean?”

“It’s not that hard.” said Oweguy. “You just have to search for the first whale you see. It hasn’t swam out that far yet so you’ll be able to catch up to it.”

“It still seems hard.” said Radley. “And why did you throw it into its mouth anyway?”

“Ever seen Pinocchio?” asked Oweguy.

“Oh.” said Radley.

“Now, I’ve paired all of you up into teams.” said Oweguy. “Margaret and Dusk, you’ve got the first sub.” The two looked angry at each other. “Isley and Mudkip, you’ve got the second one.” The two then hugged each other with Isley kissing Mudkip which made him make a silly face. “Radley and Kenzey, you get the third sub.” The two of them looked normal. “Now it’s time to go find that whale and go get that treasure! First team back wins invincibility for the both of you!”

“Nice!” shouted Radley. The contestants got to their subs and Radley and Kenzey looked shocked when they opened it up.

“There’s not enough room in here!” shouted Kenzey. “The two seats are crammed together.”

“These were the cheapest subs I could rent.” said Oweguy. “Now get going!” Radley and Kenzey got into the subs with the two of them looking squished inside. The others looked squished too with Mudkip’s costume taking up most of his and Isley’s sub. “Catch you later guys!” said Oweguy. The subs then swam out into the water and dived below. The three subs were shown going by a coral reef.

“Pretty.” said Mudkip. “I want to take a picture!” He then proceeded to touch a button.

“Mudkip no!” shouted Isley. “That’s the…” The sub then stopped moving and started sinking. “Engine shut off.”

“Sorry.” said Mudkip. The sub landed near a little cave where a giant octopus came out and started to wrap its tentacles on the sub. “What’s that?” asked Mudkip.

“It’s an octopus!” shouted Isley.

“Do something!” shouted Mudkip. Isley pushed the engine start up button and the sub then got away from the octopus. The octopus looked upset after the sub swam off and it then smacked away a shell on the ground.

“That was close.” said Isley. “You’ve got to think carefully Muds or you’re going to get us into trouble.”

“I’ll try to remember that next time.” said Mudkip. “Hey does this make ice cream?”

“Mudkip!” shouted Isley as he pressed the button. The sub suddenly got smaller with the two of them looking very cramped inside. Mudkip then smiled innocently. Elsewhere, the two other subs were in a big area of water.

“Wow, the ocean is so beautiful.” said Radley.

“I know.” said Kenzey. “I wish I could see it more often.” The two looked at it for a few more seconds and Kenzey then remember something. “By the way, what were you going to tell me before we got interrupted?” she asked.

“Um uh er.” said Radley nervous.

“C’mon, you can tell me.” said Kenzey.

Radley gulped and then said “Okay, I just wanted to say that…” Suddenly they heard a loud noise that sounded like a whale.

“What was that?” asked Kenzey.

“Wasn’t me.” said Radley. “I already ate.”

“Look over there!” shouted Kenzey. A blue whale was shown swimming right in front of them.

“Wow, it’s huge!” shouted Radley.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before.” said Kenzey amazed.

“Say, are those coins coming out of its blowhole?” asked Radley. Some coins were shown coming out of the whale’s blowhole.

“I should say so.” said Kenzey. “I think this is the whale we were supposed to look for. So we go and find the chest inside it?”

“No.” said Radley.

“Why not?” asked Kenzey.

“Because it’s already about to eat us!” shouted Radley with the whale coming right toward them and its mouth opening up.

“Uh oh.” said Kenzey. Their entire sub was then sucked into the whale’s mouth with them screaming. Elsewhere, Dusk and Margaret where shown wrestling the controls.

“I’m steering!” shouted Dusk.

“No I’m steering!” shouted Margaret.

“No I’m…oh crap.” said Dusk. The blue whale was shown swimming toward them and their entire sub was swallowed up also. The two of them were screaming until they realized that there weren’t going any deeper inside the whale and were still inside its mouth.

“I’d thought something would happen.” said Margaret.

“Whatever, I’m getting out of this whale.” said Dusk. He turned the sub around toward its baleen but he wouldn’t go through it.

“Dude, we’re not going to get out through there.” said Margaret.

“Drat.” said Dusk. “So what do we do now?”

“We go and find that treasure.” said Margaret.

“Is it in here?” asked Dusk.

“I don’t think so.” said Margaret. “I guess that means we have to go in deeper.”

“Great.” said Dusk. The sub then proceeded to swim down the whale’s throat. Elsewhere, Radley had woken up after getting swallowed by the whale and saw that the sub was in a different area.

“What happened?” asked Radley. He saw Kenzey on the floor of the sub. “Kenzey, wake up!” shouted Radley shaking her.

“Hm, wha?” she asked waking up. “What happened?”

“I think we’re inside the belly of the whale.” said Radley. As they looked out, they saw pools of water everywhere, wood, random objects, and the whale’s giant rib cage on the roof of the stomach.

“This whale swallowed a lot.” said Kenzey.

“I thought it was sperm whales that ate all this stuff.” asked Radley.

“I think it just accidently swallowed them like it did to us.” said Kenzey.

“Now where is that treasure?” asked Radley.

“We just have to look.” said Kenzey. The two got out of the sub and started looking around. Outside the whale, Isley and Mudkip’s sub were still swimming around looking around. The sub was also back to normal size.

“I think we’ve lost the others.” said Isley. “I wonder where they’ve went?”

“Hey look!” shouted Mudkip. The blue whale was shown swimming toward them. “I’m going to take a picture!” He pressed a button which caused the sub lights to turn on. The lights shined right into the whale’s eye scaring it which caused it to swim away.

“Muds!” shouted Isley. “That was probably the whale we were looking for!”

“Sorry.” said Mudkip disappointed.

“We’d better go after it.” said Isley.

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” said Mudkip.

“Why?” asked Isley.

“Because it’s now right behind us!” Mudkip shouted with the whale opening its mouth behind them.

“Uh oh.” said Isley as the whale swallowed up their sub. Back in its stomach, Radley and Kenzey were still looking around for the treasure chest.

“It’s gotta be here someone.” said Radley.

“Hello folks.” said someone.

“Who’s there? asked Radley.

“Me.” said the person who was shown to be an old man with torn clothes. Radley got freaked out by his appearance. “Oh don’t be afraid.” said the old man. “I haven’t taken a shower for a while.”

“How long have you been in here?” asked Radley.

“About a year.” said the old man. “Name’s Chuckles by the way. Ol’ big blue here accidently swallowed me up after I fell out of a boat. Been in here ever since and have been living on krill and fish that the whale swallows up.”

“Interesting story.” said Radley.

“Now mister, we have something to ask you.” said Kenzey. “Have you seen a treasure chest by chance?”

“Oh yes I have!” said Chuckles. “It dropped down in here about an hour ago.”

“Where did you last see it?” asked Radley.

“In that pool of water over there.” said Chuckles pointing to a lake sized pool of water.

“This will be easy.” said Radley. When he got over, he saw that it was really deep and the chest was way at the bottom. “Aww man!” shouted Radley. “Its way at the bottom and it’s at least ten feet deep.”

“Are you good at diving?” asked Kenzey.

“Um yeah.” said Radley.

“Then I volunteered you to go after it.” said Kenzey.

“Aww man.” said Radley. “But next time we face an obstacle you’re doing it.” He then dived in and swam down. At another area of the whale’s stomach, Margaret and Dusk’s sub landed.

“This place is huge!” shouted Dusk. “How are we going to find that chest?”

“How about going to that place where Kenzey and that creepy old man are?” asked Margaret.

“Nah it’s probably not there.” said Dusk. “Let’s search these puddles of water that have these little things swimming in it.”

“They’re called krill.” said Margaret.

“Whatever.” said Dusk. “I’m gonna look anyway.” When he leaned toward the pools, all the krill suddenly jumped onto his face and started to attack him with him screaming. “Get them off, get them off!” he shouted with Margaret rolling her eyes. Back at the big pool of water, Radley came to the surface tossing the chest out.

“Got it!” he shouted.

“Awesome!” shouted Kenzey. “Now we need to find a way out of here.”

“Look!” shouted Radley. “I think that’s the blowhole up there.” The blowhole was shown at the very top of the stomach.

“How do we get up there?” asked Kenzey.

“I can help.” said Chuckles. “See that puffy thing there?” A puffy thing with a hole was shown under where the blowhole was.

“Uh yeah.” said Radley confused.

“That’s a geyser!” shouted Chuckles. “It’s what causes the whale to expel water from its blowhole. And it seems that it’s about to breach so you’d better get going!”

“Thanks for the help.” said Radley. A few minutes later, Radley and Kenzey pushed their sub onto the blowhole geyser.

“Let’s hope you make it back to where you came from.” said Chuckles.

“I wish we could take you with us but we don’t have room for three people.” said Radley.

“It’s okay.” said Chuckles. “I’ve been in here for a year. I’ve learned how to survive in here.” The place started shaking. “Thar she blows!” shouted Chuckles. Margaret and Dusk felt the place shaking and saw Radley and Kenzey with the chest.

“Hey!” Dusk shouted. “They have the chest!” Dusk started running toward them but a blast of water shouted them out of the blowhole and outside the whale, Radley and Kenzey’s sub was shot out with them screaming. On the beach, Aero and Slasha were on the beach with Aero making a giant sandcastle.

“All finished!” he shouted. Radley and Kenzey’s sub suddenly landed on his sand castle crushing it.

“Hi Aero.” said Radley. Aero looked a little disappointed about the sandcastle.

“Well that was quiet an experience.” said Kenzey.

“I wonder where the others are?” asked Radley. Back inside the whale, Dusk and Margaret were about to be shot out of the whale’s blowhole.

“Time to get that chest!” shouted Dusk. Their sub got shout out and Chuckles then saw Mudkip and Isley.

“Is there a treasure chest in here?” asked Isley.

“Nope, someone already took it.” said Chuckles. Isley sighed and then pushed their sub onto the blowhole geyser and got shot out. It then cut back to the beach.

“So Radley, what were you trying to say before we got swallowed by the whale?” asked Kenzey.

“Uh, um, I…” Radley cleared his throat. “I just wanted to say that I l…” Suddenly a boat horn interrupted what they were saying and Oweguy was shown on a whale watch boat.

“Well done guys!” he said. “You got the treasure chest! That means you won the challenge!” Both of them then heard screaming and saw Dusk and Margaret’s sub splash into the water.

“It’s my treasure chest!” shouted Dusk.

“Sorry Dusk but they got it first.” said Oweguy. Dusk growled in anger and then slammed his head on the controls. A button he hit got him shout out of the sub and he landed in the sand with Slasha watching.

“What’s in this chest?” asked Radley.

“Open up and see.” said Oweguy. Radley opened it up but both he and Kenzey looked shocked at what was inside. “It’s just cookies wrapped in gold foil!”

“Yeah, I couldn’t afford actual gold doubloons.” said Oweguy. “But hey, you guys like cookies.”

“Well at least we get something to eat.” said Radley. “He unwrapped one and took a bite but spitted it out in disgust. “Oatmeal?!” he shouted. “Yuck!”

“Keep your chest of cookies.” said Kenzey giving the chest back to Oweguy.

“Oh well, more for me.” said Oweguy eating one of the oatmeal cookies. Mudkip and Isley’s sub then landed on the beach.

“I take it we lost.” asked Isley.

“Yep.” said Oweguy. “See you at the elimination ceremony tonight.” An airbag suddenly popped in Isley and Mudkip’s faces. Later at the elimination ceremony, the contestants were there along with Oweguy. “I’ve got six contestants here but only five marshmallows.” explained Oweguy. “Whoever doesn’t get one will not be moving on to the final five. Radley and Kenzey, since you won, you get the first two marshmallows.” He gave them their marshmallows.

“At least this is better than the cookies.” He said eating the marshmallow.

“Margaret and Dusk, you’re safe as well.” said Oweguy giving them their marshmallows. “So now that leaves us Mudkip and Isley. Both of you had trouble with the challenge today so one of you are very likely to be eliminated. And the final marshmallow goes to…..”

“Isley.” He threw the marshmallow to her. “Sorry Mudkip but it’s time for you to go.”

“But why?!” whined Mudkip.

“I’m sorry Mudkip but you were one reason why we didn’t win.” said Isley crying a little.

“Does that mean you hate me?” asked Mudkip looking like he was about to burst out crying.

“Earplugs anyone?” asked Radley with a bunch of earplugs.

“No.” said Isley tearing up. “I will never hate you.”

Mudkip then smiled and said “Thanks. You’re the greatest person I’ve met here.” The two of them then hugged with Isley crying on Mudkip’s costume and the two then kissed. Everyone except Dusk said “Awww.”

“Alright, it’s starting to get mushy.” said Oweguy looking like he was about to cry. “Time to go Mudkip!”

“Bye everyone.” said Mudkip waving goodbye.

“Bye Mudkip!” said everyone except Dusk. Mudkip then got on the Boat of Losers and left.

“Time to hit the hay.” said Oweguy yawning. “The others then left except for Radley and Kenzey.

“We’re alone now so now we can’t get interrupted.” said Kenzey. “Can you tell me what you were saying?”

“Okay.” said Radley. “Remember last night when you kissed me on the cheek?”

“Yeah.” said Kenzey.

“And when you said you like athletic boys.” Radley continued.

“Yeah.” said Kenzey looking concerned.

“I just wanted to say that, that…” Radley got nervous but then said “I love you too!”

“I love you too Sporty.” said Kenzey. She then kissed him on the cheek again. “Catch you later.” After she left Radley saw Margaret nearby who gave him a thumbs up. Radley then smiled.

“Well that was interesting.” said Oweguy nearby. “We’re now down to the final five! Will Isley recover from her parting with Mudkip? What about Radley and Kenzey’s new relationship? Is someone else going to eat these oatmeal cookies with me? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 16: Fast Final Five

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem the final six went on a treasure hunt with the treasure chest being located inside a blue whale. With the help of some miniature subs, they managed to find the whale and get inside it. Radley and Kenzey worked together well while the others had problems with Dusk and Margaret arguing and Mudkip keep slowing him and Isley down. In the end, Radley and Kenzey got the treasure chest first and won the challenge and Mudkip was voted off for being the reason he and Isley came in last place. With only five contestants left, who’s going to be the next one to not get closer to the million dollars? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

Radley was shown eating cereal in his pajamas in the cafeteria looking tired. The others except for Isley arrived too in their pajamas looking tired as well. “Rough night?” he asked to them.

“Yeah.” said Margaret.

“Same.” said Kenzey.

“Don’t remind me.” said Dusk.

“Isley was crying all night.” said Margaret drinking some coffee.

“I said don’t remind me.” said Dusk upset.

“I wish she could get over Mudkip’s elimination and get back with the game.” said Margaret.

“Might take a while.” said Radley. Upstairs, Isley was shown on her bed still crying until a voice interrupted her.

“Isley.” said the voice in a ghostly tone.

“Who’s there?” she asked.

“It’s me, Mudkip.” said what appeared to be Mudkip in the window.

“Am I hallucinating?” asked Isley.

“No, I’m outside.” said Mudkip “The boat broke down a few miles down so I walked back here. Anyway, I just wanted to say don’t give up and cry all the time. You’re a strong player and you deserve to win for the both of us.”

Isley wiped away her tears and then said “You’re right. Thanks Mudkip.”

“Well, see you back home.” said Mudkip. He tugged on a rope that was holding him and he then fell down with him screaming and a splash was heard. “I’m okay!” he shouted from below. “The pool broke my fall!”

“Oh him.” said Isley. Back downstairs, the others were finishing up breakfast.

“I’m going to do my own things until the challenge starts.” said Dusk getting up and leaving.

“I’m getting tired of Dusk.” said Radley.

“Same here.” said Margaret. “But I’m sure he’ll be gone soon.”

“I wonder what the challenge is going to be?” asked Radley.

“Probably not much.” said Margaret. “We’re now down to the final five so Owe would probably give us something easy to do.”

“I hope so.” said Kenzey.

“I wonder how Isley’s doing?” asked Margaret.

“Hey guys.” said Isley appearing near them.

“I thought you were crying like what happened to Romero.” said Radley.

“Mudkip stopped by and told me that I should keep going for the both of us instead of just crying.” said Isley.

“You sure it wasn’t a hallucination?” asked Radley.

“No, he was outside.” said Isley. “I don’t think he’s here now though.”

“Whatever.” said Radley. “I’m just glad you’re not crying anymore and back focused with the game.”

“Same here.” said Isley. “Speaking of which, when’s the challenge?”

“I don’t know.” said Radley.

“Hey that reminds me.” said Kenzey. “I did see a bunch of interns with construction equipment a couple of hours ago.”

“This can’t be good.” said Radley It then cuts to the confessional with him saying “When you see interns with construction gear, it usually means an intense challenge.” “I’m sure they’re just doing repairs.” said Margaret. “We do keep accidently trashing that woman’s room so they’re just probably fixing that.”

“Then why are they going outside?” asked Radley.

“Oh I don’t know.” said Margaret. “Look, let’s just forget about it and just do our own things.”

“I still haven’t eaten breakfast.” said Isley.

“Here’s some cereal.” said Radley passing it down which she started to eat.

“Thanks.” said Isley eating it. More interns walked by with a bunch of supplies such as wood and metal. Radley looked curious.

“I still think that’s for the challenge.” He said.

“I still think it’s just repairs.” said Margaret.

“Hey have you guys seen that cool race track Oweguy’s building?” asked Aero walking over. “It’s totally sweet.” He then walked away with Radley looking at Margaret.

“Okay it’s for the challenge.” She said upset.

“I knew you had to prove it.” said Radley smiling. Margaret snorted at him. Suddenly, the intercom came out.

“Attention contestants.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “Meet me at the beach for your next challenge.”

“I hope whatever that big racetrack is, it won’t be a hard challenge.” said Oweguy.

“Don’t count on it.” said Kenzey. The five remaining contestants were on the beach with Oweguy with a big pile of junk next to him.

“What’s with the junk?” asked Dusk.

“It’s not junk.” said Oweguy. “It’s materials!”

“For what?” asked Isley.

“For a race!” shouted Oweguy.

“So is that what the giant racetrack is for?” asked Radley.

“Right you are dude.” said Oweguy. “We’ve got a gigantic racetrack all around the hotel and what you’re doing today, is building your own racing karts and racing against each other in a one lap race to the goal.”

“Cool.” said Radley.

“Your materials are here.” said Oweguy. “We’ve got various used car supplies from the beach garage and some other material you can use for decorations.”

“What about engines?” asked Margaret.

“We’ll install your engines once you’ve got your karts built.” said Oweguy.

“Oh, okay.” said Margaret.

“Here are some tools to help you build your karts.” said Oweguy giving them some toolboxes. “Now let’s start building.” A few minutes later, the contestants have gathered some equipment for karts and some tools.

“This will be an awesome kart!” shouted Radley. “I’m going to call it, the Muscle kart!”

“Yippee.” said Dusk sarcastically.

“I’ve already drawn it out.” said Radley. “Check it!” He unrolled a piece of paper and showed a kart design that looked bulky and strong.

“Neat.” said Kenzey.

“Beat that guys.” said Radley. The others looked at each other with Dusk thinking.

“Oh I’ll beat his kart.” said Dusk in the confessional. “But what should I use?” Back outside, while the others were building, Dusk snuck off to the beach garage. He started going through stuff and saw a fresh new engine piece that said Turbo Boost. “Perfect.” He said. Back with the others, Radley had already started to make his while Margaret was still planning hers.

“Some of us are starting to build now.” Radley said to her.

“Sorry but I’m trying to make sure it’s planned out well so it doesn’t fall apart during the challenge.” She explained.

“Well I double checked my blueprints so I think mine is going to be fine.” said Radley. He then got a drill and started drilling pieces onto his kart.

“And what are you making?” asked Margaret to Kenzey.

“This.” said Kenzey showing her blueprints which looked like a rock band car with monster decorations on it.

“Yikes.” said Margaret freaked out. “And what about you Isley?”

“I’m calling it, Mudkip.” said Isley showing her design while sniffling a little.

“Okay.” said Margaret concerned. About an hour later, the contestants had finished making their karts and Oweguy ha arrived to judge them.

“Let’s see what you’ve come up with.” He said. Radley came out first.

“I call mine the Muscle Kart!” shouted Radley showing his finished kart which matched the one in the blueprints and had muscly arms painted on the sides.

“Wow, neat design.” said Oweguy. “Let’s just hope it’ll run well.” Kenzey came up next with her kart. “Wow, that’s quiet an interesting kart.” said Oweguy.

“I call it the rock kart.” said Kenzey.

“Cool.” said Oweguy. Margaret came out with her kart which looked like a normal racing kart. “Yours doesn’t look as decorative.” said Oweguy disappointed.

“I wanted mine to look like a classic racing kart.” said Margaret.

“Well, good enough.” said Oweguy. Isley then came out with her kart that resembled a Mudkip. “Um, interesting.” said Oweguy disturbed.

“I worked hard on it.” said Isley.

“I can tell.” said Oweguy. Dusk then came out with his which looked similar to Radley and Kenzey’s and was covered in skulls and flames. “Whoa, that is quiet a design you’ve got there.”

“Thanks.” said Dusk. “It’s going to give me a win.”

“We’ll see about that.” said Oweguy. “Okay guys, give us a few minutes to install the engines and then we’ll get started with the race.” It then showed interns installing the engines and as soon as they left, Dusk put the turbo boost engine piece on.

“This will surely make me win.” He said. Afterwards, the five contestants were sitting in their carts at the starting post.

“The finish line is on the other side of the beach so you’re going to have a hard time to get from here to there.” explained Oweguy.

“Oh I think we’ll do alright.” said Radley.

“One last thing.” said Oweguy. “This is going to be a sudden death challenge so whoever ends up in first place will win and who ends up in last place will automatically get eliminated.” Everyone except Dusk gulped in fear.

“Oh we’ll do fine.” said Radley. “We’ve been through worse. Now let’s get this race started!”

“On your marks, get set, and go!” shouted Oweguy. All five karts suddenly drove onto the track. “Oh wait, I forgot to tell them something.” Oweguy said to himself. “Ah, they’ll probably figure it out on their own.” The contestants started driving down the race track with Dusk in first, Radley in second, Kenzey in third, Margaret in fourth, and Isley in last.

“This kart isn’t as fast as I hoped it would.” said Isley. “Maybe I should push on the gas pedal harder.” She then proceeded to do that and started going faster but suddenly a trail of oil appeared. “Uh oh!” she shouted. “I gotta hit the brakes!” She then pressed down hard on the breaks but her kart started slipping on the oil and her kart started smashing into the walls.

“This is one of the things I told them to watch out for.” said Oweguy in a helicopter. Isley continued swerving until her kart smashed into a rock wall and it fell apart with Isley falling out.

“I’m okay!” she shouted.

“What was with that oil?” asked Margaret.

“I don’t know but I don’t think it could get any worse.” Suddenly an explosion went off near Radley. “What was that?” More explosions started happening near Radley’s kart. He saw that a bunch of land mines were hidden with the sand. “Land mines?!” he asked shocked.

“I take it you haven’t seen that episode of Total Drama in a while.” said Margaret.

“Oh yeah.” said Radley. “I hope it can’t get any worse.” He suddenly heard a growling sound and saw a bear chasing after him on a motorcycle. “I gotta learn how to keep my mouth shut.” said Radley.

“I’m surprised that bear can also ride on motorcycles.” said Oweguy in the helicopter. “Chris trained that bear well.” Dusk, who was still in first place, saw the bear and the land mines and pressed a button on his kart which made him go faster. Margaret saw what he was doing.

“Dusk is catching up.” She said. “I’ve got to find a shortcut.” She saw an opening in the woods and proceeded to go through. Back with Radley, he was trying to avoid getting caught by the bear while also avoiding the land mines.

“Kenzey, help me out here!” shouted Radley.

“Sorry but I don’t want to be burnt bear food.” She shouted.

“Crap.” said Radley. He suddenly ran into another mine that sent him flying. Oweguy, the bear, and Kenzey were watching Radley getting blown away.

“Do you think he’s going to fall down?” asked Kenzey to the bear. The bear just shrugged and it then started chasing Kenzey. In the woods, Margaret was shown going through and she saw Dusk through and opening.

“Nobody is going to stop me now!” shouted Dusk.

“Guess again.” said Margaret appearing beside him.

“What?!” he shouted.

“You’re not going to win this time!” shouted Margaret.

“No, you’re not!” shouted Dusk making his kart bump into Margaret’s slowing her down. Kenzey started to catch up to Margaret and Dusk and the bear was still on her trail.

“Hey.” said Kenzey to Margaret. “You’d better watch out for that bear.”

“I think the both of us should try and beat Dusk.” said Margaret.

“Agreed.” said Kenzey.

“Say, is that?” asked Margaret. She saw that a few miles down was the finish line with Dusk appearing very close. “It’s the finish line!” shouted Margaret. “And Dusk appears to be close.”

“I’m sure something will get one of us closer.” said Kenzey. She suddenly caused another land mine to be triggered and she was shot up into the air.

“Oh boy.” said Margaret. In the sky, Kenzey saw Radley who was still in the air from when he hit the land mine.”

“Hey.” said Radley.

“Hey.” said Kenzey. She then fell down with Radley falling down after her. Back on the ground, Margaret and Dusk were right behind each other.

“I’ve got you now Dusk.” She said. “There’s no way you’ll win the challenge now!” Radley suddenly crashed in front of Margaret.

“Ouch!” shouted Radley. “That was a painful landing.” The bear then drove by both of them.

“Ha ha!” shouted Dusk. “So long suckers! I’m about to cross the finish line!” Kenzey suddenly landed on the other side of the finish line with her kart unscathed. Dusk looked shocked. “But, but how?!” he asked. Oweguy’s helicopter landed near Kenzey.

“Well, I would have to say that counts.” said Oweugy. “Kenzey wins the race and gets invincibility!”

“Whatever, I’m still going to get second place.” said Dusk. The bear suddenly drives by Dusk before he can start his kart and the bear crosses the finish line.

“The bear gets second place!” shouted Oweguy. Dusk then screamed.

“Who’s last?” asked Margaret.

“Well, let me see.” said Oweguy checking the results. “You.”

“What?!” asked Margaret shocked. “But what about Radley and Isley?”

“Well apparently, Radley and Isley’s karts crashed and they were unable to finish, and since yours is still in working condition and you’re behind Kenzey and Dusk, that means you’re last and you’re out.”

“Pain!” shouted Radley.

“It’s just a couple of bruises.” said Oweguy checking him.

“I’m talking about my butt!” shouted Radley. “I landed hard on my butt!”

“It’ll recover.” said Oweguy. “Anyway, it’s time for Margaret to go.” A few minutes later, The contestants were on the Boat of Losers dock with Margaret bringing her supplies with her. Radley was shown with a pillow strapped to his butt.

“Sorry about your unfair loss.” said Radley.

“It’s okay.” said Margaret. “I did make it to the final five.” She then hugged him.

“See you later.” said Kenzey.

“Bye Margaret.” said Isley giving her a fist bump.

“Watch out Dusk.” said Margaret to Dusk. “There’s still a chance you’re going to be eliminated sometime soon.”

“I doubt it.” He said. Margaret then got on to the Boat of Loser and it drove off.

“I miss her already.” said Radley. “She always gave some good advice.”

“Well you still got me.” said Kenzey grabbing his arm.

“And me.” said Isley.

“You’re right.” said Radley smiling. “If we continue working together, we can kick Dusk’s butt.”

“Absolutely.” said Kenzey.

“Who’s up for dinner?” asked Isley.

“Me.” said Radley. The three of them then headed back to the hotel.

“Well I hope the contestants had an interesting race during today’s challenge.” said Oweguy. “With only four contestants left, will Radley kick Dusk’s butt? Will his relationship with Kenzey continue? Is Isley still doing fine without Mudkip? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 17: Chef-Wrecked

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, the final five built racing karts and competed in a huge one lap race. Dusk was pretty confident on winning the challenge but Margaret didn’t want him too, and Radley had to avoid hidden land mines while being chased by a bear. In the end, Kenzey won the challenge and Margaret had ended up last place due to Radley and Isley being unable to finish due to their karts crashing which meant, goodbye Margaret. With only four contestants left, who will be not be moving on to the semi-finals? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.

In a nearby forest, it showed the final four contestants lying on the ground asleep. A raccoon started sniffing Radley which made him wake up. “Ugh, what happened?” he asked. He looked around and saw all the trees. “What the?” he asked. “Where are we?”

“Hmm, what’s going on?” asked Kenzey. She saw the forest they were in. “Wait, I don’t remember going to sleep in the woods.” Isley soon work up followed by Dusk.

“Why are we in the woods?!” asked Dusk.

“I don’t know.” said Isley. Suddenly a helicopter appeared from the sky.

“I hope that helicopter is bringing us back.” said Dusk.

“Maybe that’s Oweguy.” said Radley.

“Your Oweguy isn’t here!” shouted a familiar voice from the copter. Suddenly a ladder fell down and the person slid down who was revealed to be Chef Hatchet.

“Chef Hatchet?!” asked everyone shocked.

“That’s right, it’s me, Chef Hatchet!” he shouted. “Your other host and his wife went somewhere else and I was told to do the challenge for you today!”

“I don’t like the look of this.” said Dusk.

“Why are we in the woods?” asked Radley.

“This isn’t just any ordinary woods.” explained Chef. “It’s a forest on a small island!” The camera zoomed out to an overhead view showing the whole island.

“What?!” shouted Dusk shocked. “Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s part of the challenge that I set up!” shouted Chef. “Two teams, one being the boys and the other being the girls must work together to get off this island and back to your crummy hotel. The winners gets their invincibility or whatever and the losers must boot someone outta here!”

“How do we get back?” asked Radley.

“Figure it out yourselves.” said Chef. He then got into his helicopter and flew off.

“Well now what?” asked Radley.

“We figure out a way off this island.” said Kenzey.

“Well first we should get out of this woods.” said Isley.

“Remember, Chef said the boys and girls should work together.” explained Radley. “You two figure out a way out and me and…” He paused. “Great.”

“What?” asked Kenzey.

“I have a feeling me and Dusk are just going to argue this whole time.” said Radley.

“Well try and work together.” said Kenzey. Radley and Dusk walked up to each other and the two stood there quietly.

“You’d better not mess things up.” said Dusk.

“Same goes to you.” said Radley.

“Uh oh.” said Isley.

“What?” asked Radley.

“There are two paths that lead out of the woods.” said Isley.

“Well let’s decide.” said Radley. “Dusk, which path should we take?” Dusk looked at both paths. One looked like a regular looking forest path while another one was mostly dark.

“I feel like the other path is a trick.” he said. “I’d say we take the dark path.”

“I don’t know.” said Radley. “Suppose there are predators in there.”

“Dude, we’re men.” said Dusk. “Predators aren’t a problem for us. I suggest the dark path.”

“Fine, whatever you say.” said Radley shrugging. The two went into the dark path. It then cut to Kenzey and Isley figuring out where to go.

“I suggest the regular path.” said Isley.

“I agree.” said Kenzey. “The dark path looks dangerous.” The two went onto the regular path. “Hmm, so far so…” Kenzey paused when she saw something in front of them.

“What’s wrong?” asked Isley.

“We have a problem.” said Kenzey. “We’ve got a huge briar patch in front of us.”

“Uh oh.” said Isley. “I’m starting to think we should’ve taken the other path.”

“You’re right because normally in stuff like this the safe path could be a trick.” explained Kenzey. “But let’s not argue now, we need to get through and I know how.” She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a Swiss army knife. She then pulled out a big knife for cutting vines.

“Wow, that’s handy.” said Isley.

“Now stand back.” said Kenzey. She started slicing the briar patch vines to make an open path where they wouldn’t get pricked. “Done.” she said.

“Good job.” said Isley.

“Now let’s get going.” said Kenzey. “I’m sure those boys are catching up.” The two then ran down the open path. Back in the dark path, it was so pitch black that only Radley and Dusk’s eyes were shown.

“I can’t see a thing!” shouted Radley. “Are you sure it was best to take the dark path?”

“Hey, at least we haven’t ran into anything.” said Dusk.

“Hey look, I can see the way out!” shouted Radley. The two ran out of the woods and saw a beach.

“I told you this was the way.” said Dusk.

“I’m just glad we didn’t bump into anything dangerous.” said Radley. He suddenly tripped on something and fell on the sand. “Ouch, what did I trip on?” he asked spitting out sand. He looked behind him and saw two coconut shells. “A coconut?” he asked.

“Oh no.” said Dusk. “I think I know what that coconut is.” Radley picked it up and looked at it. He saw one piece had hair and the other had a smile drawn on it. He then pressed the two pieces together and figured out what it was.

“It’s Mr. Coconut!” he shouted. “I wonder how he ended up here.”

“See, after I chopped that coconut up and Chris used it for a smoothie cup, we both eventually got bored with it and threw it into the water.” explained Chef in the confessional. “I guess it just ended up floating to that island. It’s a good thing Owen wasn’t on that island.”

“I’d better hold onto this.” said Radley putting both halves of Mr. Coconut in his pockets. “Owen’s probably looking for him.”

“But if you give it to him he’s just going to go nuts again.” said Dusk.

“You’re right, good point.” said Radley. “Maybe I’ll just give it to Duncan or Geoff or someone who’s not become obsessed with a coconut.”

“Let’s talk about the coconut business later.” said Dusk. “Right now we need to get off this cruddy island.”

“Hey look!” shouted Radley. “I can see the hotel over there!” The hotel was shown to be a few miles away across the water.

“How the heck do we get there?!” asked Dusk.

“Build a raft.” said Radley. “And I know just how to make one.” He started going to the trees and started to collect tree branches.

“While you’re doing that I’m going to take a nap.” said Dusk. He leaned against a tree and then fell asleep. Back on the other path, Kenzey and Isley were still moving on.

“We’re almost out of here.” said Kenzey. They then got out of the woods and onto the beach.

“We made it!” cheered Isley. “And I see the hotel a few miles that a way.”

“What should we do?” asked Kenzey.

Isley saw Radley collect supplies and then said “We should build a raft.”

“That works.” said Kenzey. “I know exactly how to make one.”

“I’ll help gather supplies.” said Isley. The two then ran back toward the trees. Back to Radley, he got a bunch of supplies to help build a raft.

“Okay Dusk, are you going to help out?” he asked. Dusk didn’t reply. “Dusk?” he asked again. He then saw Dusk sleeping. “Who needs him.” Radley said to himself. “I can build this by myself. He started grabbing a bunch of logs until he grabbed a purple looking thing. “What the, I don’t recall picking up this.” The purple thing was revealed to be a snake which hissed at Radley. He quickly put it down and hid from it. The snake then slithered to Dusk and it started hissing at him.

“Be quiet Radley, I know it’s you.” he said. It then hissed again at him. “I said I know it’s you Ra….” he then saw the snake which then bit him in the arm. “Ouch!” he shouted. “Beat it you snake!” he picked it up and threw it somewhere else.”

“Now that you’re up, can you help with the raft?” asked Radley getting out of the bush.

“Um, you’ve got spiders all over you.” said Dusk. Radley noticed the spiders on him and started screaming.

“Get them off, get them off!” He screamed. Most of them fell off as Radley panicked trying to get them off. “Did I get them all off?” he asked.

“The spiders at least.” said Dusk.

“Why, what else is on me?” asked Radley.

“Ticks.” said Dusk. “And they look like they’re about to bite you and give you lime disease. Radley panicked again and ran toward the girls.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kenzey.

“I’ve got ticks on me!” shouted Radley.

“Hang on.” said Isley. “I’ve got tweezers in my pocket.” She started to get the ticks off with the tweezers. “There, all gone.” she said.

“You sure?” asked Radley.

“I’m sure.” said Isley.

“Thank goodness.” said Radley turning around with one tick on the back of his neck with its abdomen very huge.

“Um Radley, you should probably hold still, and consult a doctor as soon as this challenge is over.” said Isley with her and Kenzey looking disgusted.

“Why?” asked Radley. He then saw the tick and it showed a zoom out of the island with him screaming very loudly. Later, it was sunset and the four contestants were shown sitting on the beach. Radley was rubbing the back of his neck which had a rash on it.

“Don’t worry sporty.” said Kenzey. “Isley said you’re going to be fine. It’s a good thing she’s good at tick bites.

“I know, but this rash itches like crazy.” said Radley trying not to scratch.

“At least I don’t have any rash like that.” said Dusk. He suddenly noticed a rash from the snake bite earlier. “Uh oh.” he said.

“It’s getting late.” said Isley. “I don’t think we’re going to finish the rafts in time.”

“You’re right.” said Radley. “Let’s spend the night and then we’ll get out of here tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds good.” said Kenzey. Suddenly her stomach growled.

“Oh man.” said Radley. “I forgot about food. Dusk and Isley, you stay here while me and Kenzey look for something to eat.”

“Will do.” said Dusk. “I need her to check my snake bite!” Radley and Kenzey soon walked into the woods.

“I hope there’s food on this island.” said Radley.

“I’m sure there is.” said Kenzey. “What do you think that is?” They saw a banana tree in an open area.

“What’s a banana tree doing here?” asked Radley.

“I don’t know but it appears to be in a pot.” said Kenzey. The banana tree was shown to be planted in a pot.

“I guess it was some of the interns that placed it here.” said Radley. “Anyway, let’s get some of those bananas.” The two started picking the bananas from the tree. Afterwards, they were shown carrying plenty.

“I think that’s enough.” said Kenzey.

“Yeah, let’s go.” said Radley. They suddenly stopped when they saw a bunch of shadows behind them. It was shown that a bunch of angry monkeys were behind them wanting the bananas they collected. “Monkeys?” asked Radley shocked. “But they don’t live here!”

“See, with the monkeys, there were some of the ones that Chris was going to use for his zoo.” explained Chef in the confessional again. “One cage accidently fell out of the plane taking them to the zoo and they landed on this island. The same goes with the banana trees.”

“What should we do now?” asked Radley quietly.

“Run.” said Kenzey. She then ran off followed by Radley. The monkeys soon started chasing after them.

“I hope we can outrun them!” shouted Radley.

“I think we will.” said Kenzey. Suddenly she got caught on something and she fell down.

“Kenzey?” asked Radley worried. He quickly ran back toward her and saw that her foot was caught in a tree root. “You okay?”

“I think so.” She said. She tried pulling her foot out but she felt pain and it was also stuck.

“I think you sprained your ankle.” said Radley.

“And I’m stuck.” said Kenzey.

“Hang on, I’ve got it!” said Radley. He pulled the root out and Kenzey stood up only to fall down.

“Ouch!” she screamed. “My ankle really hurts.”

“Don’t worry.” said Radley picking her up. “I’ve got you.” She smiled and stayed close to him. The monkeys were shown catching up. “Here, take half!” shouted Radley pouring half of the bananas on the ground. The monkeys looked happy and started eating them. “That worked.” He said. He quickly ran back to the beach carrying Kenzey and the bananas. Back at the beach, Radley and Dusk were eating by a fire while Isley was checking Kenzey’s ankle.

“Couldn’t you have hunted for meat?” asked Dusk. “I’m not much of a fruit lover.”

“I didn’t see any animals other than those monkeys but it was also the first thing I saw.” said Radley.

“Whatever, at least we’ve got food.” said Dusk. Over with the girls, Isley was show with a wet towel which she was about to put on Kenzey’s ankle which was badly bruised and bleeding.

“This won’t hurt a bit.” said Isley.

“Wait, won’t salt water irritate the cut?” asked Kenzey.

“This water is from a water bottle.” said Isley. “I always keep one in my bag.” She then put it on Kenzey’s bruise and wound which made her feel pain a little. She then wrapped it up in a bandage. “It’s not too serious.” Isley explained. “You just twisted it pretty hard and it got cut when you fell on the ground. I suggest you stay off it by now.”

“I was almost monkey meat.” said Kenzey. “But I was saved by Radley.”

“He obviously cares about you.” said Isley.

Kenzey blushed but then said “I feel the same.” She then yawned. “I’m getting tired.”

“Same here.” said Isley. They saw that Radley and Dusk had fallen asleep too and they soon followed. The next morning, they awoke with a bunch of banana peels everywhere. However, Isley soon noticed that Radley and Dusk were gone. “Where’d they go?” asked Isley.

“Where’d who go?” asked Kenzey.

“The boys.” said Isley. They suddenly looked around and saw that Dusk was paddling their raft back to the hotel. Radley was shown to still be asleep.

“Later girls!” shouted Dusk.

“They’re getting away!” shouted Dusk. “Quick, get onto our raft!” Kenzey tried walking but fell again. Isley then dragged her onto the raft. “Alright, paddle!” she shouted. The two started paddling some oars they made together and started catching up to Dusk and Radley.

“No!” shouted Dusk.

“Hmm, what?” asked Radley waking up. “What’s happening?”

“Here, help paddle!” shouted Dusk giving him another oar. Radley shrugged and started paddling. On the hotel’s beach, Chef was shown setting up a beach chair and had some sticky buns.

“Sticky buns!” shouted Owen noticing.

“Oh no you don’t!” shouted Chef. He was about to eat one but Owen swiped it away from him and ate it. Chef then growled. He then saw the contestants at the water. “Ah good, they’re almost here.”

“There’s no way you’re going to win Dusk!” shouted Isley.

“No you’re not going to win!” shouted Dusk. He suddenly hit something with his oar. “What did I just hit?” he asked. A shark then came out and Dusk screamed. “Paddle faster!” he shouted to Radley.

“What did you…” Radley saw the shark looking like it was about to bite and he screamed as well. They got away before it could bite the raft. The shark looked angry and it then whistled making a bunch of other sharks arrive too. They then started chasing both rafts. “This can’t be good.” said radley. Both teams started paddling as fast as they can. One of the sharks bit off a piece of Radley and Dusk’s raft.

“Our raft!” shouted Dusk. “That took a while to make!”

“You didn’t really help.” said Radley. The sharks also attacked the girl’s raft. One bit off the corner while one started to bite Kenzey’s injured leg.

“Ouch!” she shouted. “It’s biting me.” Isley quickly smacked it away before it could bite down any harder. “Thanks.” said Kenzey.

“No problem.” said Isley. Suddenly a bigger shark jumped out of the water and slammed into both of the rafts sending the contestants flying. Radley and Dusk landed right in front of Chef while Kenzey and Isley landed a few feet behind them. Both pieces of Mr. Coconut landed next to Radley when he fell.

“Well, at least we got to the beach.” said Radley with Dusk spitting sand out of his mouth.

“Mr. Coconut!” shouted Owen. “You’re back!”

“Oh no.” said Chef.”

“You look like you need to be put together.” said Owen. “Don’t worry Mr. Coconut. I just need to glue you back together and you’ll be okay.” He then ran off but came back and took the rest of Chef’s sticky buns.

“Now look what you done!” shouted Chef. “You gave Owen his darn coconut and he took most of my sticky buns!”

“Hey, don’t blame us.” said Radley.

“Well since you got to the beach first, you guys are the winners.” said Chef. “But I’m still blaming you for the coconut.”

“I was going to give it to someone else.” said Radley.

“It should’ve been me.” said Chef angrily. “I’ll see you guys tonight.” Radley then walked over to Kenzey with her ankle bleeding from the shark bite.

“You okay.” said Radley.

“I don’t know.” said Kenzey. “My ankle really hurts.”

“Try getting up.” said Radley. She tried standing but fell down in pain when she tried stepping. Dusk noticed and looked interested while Isley looked worried.

“I’m not sure if I can continue like this.” said Kenzey.

“I’m sure if you try hard you can push on.” said Radley. It showed a close up of Radley’s eyes with a tear slowly forming. Isley almost started to cry but then got an idea. Later at the elimination ceremony, the contestants were there with Kenzey’s injured leg resting on a stump.

“There are only three marshmallows here and only three of you are getting one!” shouted Chef. “You two guys, since you won, you’re getting the first two!” He threw them the marshmallows. “Punk girl and zookeeper, you’re the bottom two. And the one who is getting the final marshmallow is…..”

“Punk girl!” shouted Chef throwing the marshmallow to Kenzey leaving her surprised. “Zookeeper, it’s time for you to leave!”

“But Isley, you didn’t do anything wrong.” said Kenzey.

“I voted myself off.” said Isley. “I think you deserve to be here and so does Radley.”

Kenzey looked happy and then said “Thanks.” She gave Isley a hug.

“Bye you guys.” She said to the others.

“Bye Isley.” said Radley. She got onto the Boat of Losers which then drove off.

“So, I guess we’re the final three.” said Kenzey to Radley and Dusk.

“Yep.” said Radley. Dusk just mumbled. “I hope the semifinals aren’t too hard.” said Radley.

“I don’t think it’ll be hard.” said Kenzey. “Let’s have something to eat.”

“Yes indeed.” said Radley. The three of them walked away.

“Oh those final three will have a hard time when they discover that they’re semifinal challenge is hosted by Chris McLean!” said Chris who was watching them nearby. “What challenge are they going to face? Find out next time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 18: Chris Strikes Back

Last time on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem, Chef Hatchet took over as host due to Oweguy and Marine going somewhere else and for his challenge, he dropped them off on a small island while they were sleeping and instructed them to work in teams of two to find their way off the island. Isley proved to be good at medicine and Radley rescued Kenzey from a bunch of angry monkeys after Kenzey injured her ankle. In the end, Radley and Dusk won and Isley voted herself off just to keep Kenzey in the game. We’re now down to the final three and are about to start the semifinals. Which one of the final three is not going to make it to the finals? Find out right now on Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!

Radley was shown waking up in the boy’s room. He looked around and saw it was very empty save for Dusk who was still sleeping. “Wow, it’s very quiet without the others.” He said. “But I should be proud. I made it all the way to the final three and there’s no way I’m giving up now.”

“Can’t you discuss this downstairs?” asked Dusk in a grouchy tone. Radley shrugged and went downstairs. In the lobby, it was very quiet as well.

“There are normally more people here.” Radley said to himself. “I wonder where everyone is?”

“Not here!” shouted Chef Hatchet who was running the cafeteria.

“Chef?” asked Radley. “You mean Oweguy and Marine aren’t back yet?”

“Nope.” said Chef. “They’re apparently working on something important so that’s why they’re not back yet.”

“So are you hosting again?” asked Radley.

“Nope.” said Chef. “You’re getting a different host today but I’m not telling you who it is until the challenge starts.”

“Whatever, I can wait.” said Radley sitting down on one of the tables. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Leftovers.” said Chef with food that looked like it was growing mold.

“I’m glad Oweguy’s interns cook better.” said Radley to himself.

“What was that?!” shouted Chef angrily.

“Nothing.” said Radley looking afraid of Chef. Elsewhere, Dusk had woken up and was walking around.

“It’s the semifinals so I’m sure I could use some help.” he said to himself. “I’d better go see if Sabbath is available to help.” He went to Slasha and Sabbath’s room but he saw a note on the door. “A note?” he asked. He took it off and read it.

“Dear Dusk.” said the note. “I had to join Slasha and Aero on a trip. Slasha wanted me to see Aero’s family. I’m not sure when we’ll see each other again but definitely when you’re done with you show. You’re still the most adorable person I have ever known. Love, Sabbath.”

Dusk looked worried for a second but then said “Why worry? I’ll do fine. I’ve made it this far and I bet I can beat both Radley and Kenzey and win the money. I just hope the challenge won’t be hard.” Downstairs, Radley had some leftover cereal that didn’t look fresh enough. Kenzey soon arrived and joined Radley.

“What’s up Sporty?” she asked.

“Fine.” said Radley. “You’re walking better. Is your ankle healing?”

“It’s much better.” she said. “The doctor here said that if I didn’t irritate it so much it would heal. And that’s what I did.”

“At least its better today.” said Radley. “It’s the semifinal challenge.”

“I hope it’s not too hard.” said Kenzey.

“Oweguy’s still not back but Chef has told me that he’s not the host for this challenge.” explained Radley.

“I hope it’s not who I think it is.” said Kenzey.

“We shall see.” said Radley.

“What’s with the food?” asked Kenzey noticing Radley’s cereal.

“It’s leftovers.” said Radley. “I haven’t even eating a bite yet.”

“I’ll pass.” said Kenzey.

“Good thinking.” said Radley. He then saw something move in his cereal. “Uh, I think something just moved in my cereal.” he said to Chef. Chef then took the bowl and smashed it with a meat hammer. He then gave it back to Radley which was now just crumbs and a broken bowl. “Uh thanks.” he said disturbed. He then got up and left and joined Kenzey in the other room.

“Gave up on the food?” asked Kenzey.

“Yup.” said Radley.

“I wonder when the challenge is going to start?” asked Kenzey.

“I’m not sure.” said Radley. “I think due to it being the semifinals they’re taking their time with setting up the challenge.”

“Hey Radley.” said Kenzey. “I wanted to say thanks for saving me the other day. You were very brave to go back and save me when I was injured.”

“You’re welcome.” said Radley. “I didn’t want you to be lying there hurt and be monkey meat.”

“I sure hope we’re not monkey meat today.” said Kenzey.

“I hope not.” said Radley. Suddenly the intercom came on.

“Attention you maggots!” shouted Chef. “It’s now time for your semifinal challenge! Go and wait at the beach where you will see what the challenge is!”

“Well, it’s time to see which of the two of us will make it to the final two.” said Radley.

“Hopefully not Dusk.” said Kenzey.

“Agreed.” said Radley. Later, the final three were on the beach where Chef soon appeared.

“Follow me maggots!” he shouted.

“I wish he didn’t call us maggots.” Dusks said to himself. They soon arrived to Oweguy’s beach stage.

“Didn’t we already do a challenge on here?” asked Radley.

“This is a different one.” said Chef. “It’s harder than the last one similar like this.”

“This can’t be good.” said Kenzey.

“And now, I present to you your host for the challenge.” said Chef. An intern started doing a drum roll. “The best host of all hosts, Chris Mclean!” A curtain then opened up revealing Chris who was giving his usual grin.

“Hello contestants.” he said.

“Chris McLean?!” asked everyone shocked.

“That’s right.” he said. “Your host Oweguy told me that due to him being away it would be appropriate for me to host the semifinal challenge. Doesn’t that sound fun?” The others didn’t say anything. “Of course it is. And I hope you’re ready for today’s challenge.”

“What is it?” asked Radley.

“It’s a new version of the classic Triple dog dare challenge.” said Chris. “The only difference for this one is that the dares are submitted from this season’s losers and the ones that they’ve submitted are much harder than the other one.”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” said Kenzey.

“Step right up to your podiums.” said Chris. There were three podiums on the stage and the contestants went up to them. “Chef, bring out the wheel!” Chef rolled out a wheel with the eliminated contestant’s faces on them. “You probably remember these faces.” said Chris.

“Half of them.” said Radley. “Some weren’t here for too long so I can’t remember who’s who.”

“Well you’re definitely going to remember their dares.” said Chris.

“So who’s going first?” asked Kenzey. “Is it alphabetical or gender?”

“I’ve decided to go with alphabetical.” said Chris. “Dusk gulped.” “Seeing as you punk girl who remind me of someone that I’ve dated in high school’s name starts with K and muscle boy’s name starts with R, that means Goth boy here is first.

“Crap.” said Dusk.

“Spin the wheel.” said Chris. Dusk spun the wheel which landed on a picture of Akari. “Okay, Akari’s dare is…..sit in a pile of pig manure for a minute.” Dusk looked grossed out.

“I think that’s Akari’s revenge on Dusk for getting her voted off.” said Radley in the confessional. Chef was then shown dumping a pile of pig feces with a pig sitting nearby.

“So are you going to do it?” asked Chris.

“What happens if I don’t?” asked Dusk.

“Then you’re automatically disqualified and you won’t make it to the final two.” said Chris. Dusk then took a deep breath and jumped into the pile. Radley and Kenzey looked a little grossed out the same with Chris and Chef. “Remember the first triple dog dare challenge when me and Chef made a bet on who would not throw up first?” Chris explained in the confessional. “Well me and Chef are doing another one, except I betted more money this time. I just hope Chef pukes first this time.” Dusk then fell out of the pile gasping for breath and started smelling bad.

“Glad that wasn’t me.” said Radley.

“Great job Dusk.” said Chris. “You managed to stay in the whole minute so you win a freebee. Punk girl, it’s your turn.”

“The name’s Kenzey.” she said angrily.

“Whatever.” said Chris. Kenzey then spun the wheel and the picture landed on Oweboy.

“Oweboy’s dare is…..lick the grossest and smelliest part on your body.” said Chris reading the dare.

“Who would want to do that?” asked Radley.

“So Kenzey, are you going to do it?” asked Chris. Kenzey then shrugged and she did the dare off screen. It showed everyone looked grossed out with Dusk almost looking like he was going to throw up. “I haven’t puked yet.” said Chris to Chef who growled. “Anyway, Kenzey wins a freebee!” It then showed her puking in a barf bag in the confessional.

“So I take it I’m next.” said Radley.

“That’s right big guy.” said Chris. “Spin the wheel to decide your dare.” Radley spun the wheel which landed on Janey.

“Steal a pot of honey from a sleeping bear’s cave.” said Chris reading the dare.

“Doesn’t sound so hard.” said Radley. “Well for me at least.” It then showed Radley near a cave with a sleeping bear holding a pot of honey. “Okay this is going to be harder than I thought.” He said. He then started sneaking toward the bear slowly and tried to not wake it up. He managed to get the pot out of the bear’s arms without waking it up. “I did it!” he cheered quietly. He then accidently kicked a rock which hit the wall making a loud noise that woke the bear up.” The bear started growling and Radley started screaming as it showed the outside of the cave. Later, Radley was shown back with the honey beaten up with the bear biting his butt.

“Great job!” cheered Chris. “Here’s your freebie. And we’ll make sure to get the bear off your behind.”

“Please.” said Radley. Chef then pulled the bear off which ripped off some of his pants revealing his underwear. “Aww man!” he shouted. A montage of dares soon played with Dusk swimming in mud, Kenzey getting bananas thrown at her by monkeys, and Radley fighting a crocodile. After a while, they had a lot of freebees with Radley having the most.

“Dusk, you’re up again.” said Chris. Dusk went up and spun the wheel which landed on Mudkip.

“Lick…” Chris began to speak.

“Pass.” said Dusk giving him a freebie.

“Good call.” said Chris. “I bet the audience didn’t want to know what you were going to do.” Kenzey was soon up again and the wheel landed on Jensen. “Drink from a toilet.” said Chris.

“Whatever, the toilets are clean.” said Kenzey.

“I’m not finished.” said Chris. “Drink from a toilet that hasn’t been flushed for days and without any seasoning added.”

“Gross dude.” said Radley.

“So what are you going to do?” asked Chris. “Are you going to face the dare or chicken out and lose?” Kenzey looked at her freebies compared to Dusk’s and Radley’s and she didn’t have many compared to theirs and then said “I’m going in.” It then cut to the bathroom with one of the toilets looking very dirty and filthy. Chef then put a straw in it.

“Bon appetite.” said Chris. Kenzey started to drink from the toilet. She ended up drinking half until she started looking ill. She then ran off and started throwing up everywhere off screen. Chris and Chef quickly ran out so they didn’t have to see it. It then cut back to the stage with Kenzey not back yet.

“Where’s Kenzey.?” asked Radley.

“She’s getting her stomach pumped so we’re taking a short break.” explained Chris.

“She should’ve used the freebee.” said Radley. Later, Kenzey was back looking pale from what happened.

“You’re turn again big guy.” said Chris to Radley.

“It’s Radley.” He said. He then spun the wheel which landed on Oran.

“Eat a pre chewed burger.” said Chris reading the dare.

“Eww.” said Radley. “That’s sick.”

“Remember, if you chicken out you’ll lose your change to get to the final two.” explained Chris.

“Okay fine.” said Radley. Chef then brought out a pre chewed burger and Radley slowly chewed it before swallowing it. He shivered after he swallowed it.

“Good job!” said Chris. “However I would suggest getting checked by a doctor after the challenge.”

“Why?” asked Radley.

“Oh no reason.” said Chris. Dusk then went up again spinning the wheel which landed on Gieselle.

“Dress like a girl.” said Chris.

“Pass.” said Dusk giving him another freebie. Chris looked disappointed by that. Radley then noticed something and leaned toward Kenzey.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I just realized that Dusk is probably going to use up all his freebies for the dares.” said Radley. “You know what that means?”

“What?” asked Kenzey.

“It means when he runs out he might chicken out and lose.” said Radley.

“I like what you’re saying.” said Kenzey.

“Kenzey, your turn!” said Chris. She then spun the wheel which landed on Margaret.

“Do a puppet show.” said Chris reading the dare.

“Well that doesn’t sound hard.” said Kenzey.

“Using your toes to move the puppets and without looking.” continued Chris. Kenzey sighed. It then showed a puppet show stage with a knight puppet on her right big toe and a princess puppet on her other big toe.

“I love you princess.” said Kenzey in a manly tone and then said “I love you too knight” in a girly tone. She then pressed the two puppets together to make it like they kissed. Radley, Chris, Chef, and Owen who was randomly there started clapping with Owen looking very happy. Kenzey sighed backstage.

“Apparently Margaret does toe puppet shows for her kids.” said Radley in the confessional. “That’s what she told me.” Radley was soon up again and the wheel landed on Bonnibel.

“Chew Bonnibel’s used bubblegum.” said Chris reading the dare.

“Why do I keep getting used food challenges?” asked Radley.

“I don’t know.” said Chris. Radley took the bubblegum and started chewing it. He then blew a big bubble and then spat it on the floor. “Well, that still counts.” said Chris. More dares started happening with Dusk still using his freebies to not do the dares, Kenzey wearing a pink dress and a blonde wig, and Radley walking on a tight rope while holding a bucket of heavy objects in his mouth. Dusk went up again but handed up a freebie before he could go. Kenzey then went again with the wheel landing on Dixie.

“Play with farm animals in the mud.” said Chris.

“You’re enjoying this I take it.” said Kenzey.

“Yes.” said Chris. It then showed Kenzey rolling around in mud with a bunch of pigs and sheep. Chris started chuckling.

“I think I know why Oweguy made Chris the host.” said Kenzey in the confessional. “He wanted him to laugh at us.” Radley then went up again and the wheel landed on Sherloch.

“Eat a plateful of liver.” said Chris.

“Eww.” said Dusk.

“Whatever, I eat liver from time to time.” said Radley. He started eating the liver and to everyone’s disgust, he ate it all. “That’s good liver.” He said. Chris and Chef then puked at the same time.

“Ha, it’s a tie!” shouted Chris. “That means we each get half of what we betted!” Chef growled and after handing each other their money they both puked again.

“That’s nasty.” said Dusk.

“Chris had better get a janitor when this is done.” said Kenzey. Dusk went up again and spun the wheel which landed on Kaylie.

“Shave off your bangs.” said Dusk.

“I’ll use a freebie.” He said reaching toward his desk but he then noticed that he had no freebies left. “Uh oh.”

“I told you this moment would come.” said Radley.

“Make sure to wash your mouth later liver breath.” said Kenzey.

“Same for you toilet breath.” said Radley.

“And then we’ll kiss.” said Kenzey.

“Wait, what?” asked Radley.

“I take it we haven’t kissed much.” said Kenzey.

“Yeah, I keep forgetting we’re in a relationship.” said Radley.

“So Dusk, are you going or not?” asked Chris.

“Fine.” said Dusk. Chef then strapped him to a chair. “Wait, why so tight?” he asked nervously.

“So you don’t run away.” said Chris. Chef, bring the razor. Chef came over with a razor and Dusk got nervous.

“No!” he shouted smacking the razor out of Chef’s hand. “I’m not doing it!” The razor then bounced off the wall and landed on Dusk with him starting to scream. Chris, Chef, Radley, and Kenzey watched as hair started flying around. Dusk then got up and was completely bald. “No, my hair!” he shouted. “And my eye!” It was shown that his eye that was under his bangs was blue instead of red.

“Well what do you know.” said Radley. “He’s heterochromatic.”

“So that’s why he didn’t want to shave his bangs.” said Kenzey.

“Looks like I’m not the only one to lose all their hair.” said Heather watching the show at home.

“Well Dusk, looks like it’s time for you to go.” said Chris.

“But I lost my hair!” shouted Dusk.

“Yes but you refused to do it and the shaving part was accidental.” explained Chris. “That means your time here is up.” Dusk then screamed and shouted “You will pay Chris!” Chef then suddenly tied him up and carried him to the Boat of Losers where Chris, Radley and Kenzey joined him.

“Congratulations Radley and Kenzey.” said Chris. “You are this season’s final two!”

“Awesome!” they shouted high fiving. Oweguy and Marine suddenly came out from the hotel.

“We’re back!” said Oweguy. “How’d the final three do Chris?”

“These two did fine but Dusk ended up losing his chance at making it to the final two.” explained Chris.

“It’s about time Dusk was going to lose.” said Oweguy. “Congratulations Radley and Kenzey. You’re definitely going to have an interesting time next challenge.”

“We’ll do fine.” said Radley.

“Same.” said Kenzey.

“I would’ve been in the final two if I didn’t get a dare like…” Dusk started to shout before Chef put tape on his mouth to keep him quiet.

“Take him away Chef.” said Chris. Chef then drove Dusk away on the Boat of Losers. “Can I do the closing this time?” asked Chris.

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. “You hosted the challenge.”

“And with that, we’re done to the final two.” said Chris. “Who will end up winning the one million dollar prize? Find out next time on the epic finale of Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!”

Chapter 19: Beach Party Mayhem

Oweguy was shown standing in front of the hotel wearing party gear. “Welcome everyone!” he said. “I’m glad you all could make it. For this whole time, twenty contestants have been competing at my fabulous beach resort and going through intense challenges. Now we are down to only two contestants, Kenzey, the punk rock star girl and Radley, the strong athletic boy. One of these two is going to win a million dollars while the other will win nothing. Which one is going to win and which one is going to lose? Find out right now on the epic finale of Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.

It was nighttime and Radley and Kenzey were in bed. It showed Kenzey in the girls’ room. “I’d know I’d make it to the final two.” she said. “I’m a strong contestant. However, it’s kind of lonely in here without the others.” It then cut to Radley’s room.

“I’d know I’d make it to the final two.” he said. “And now I have the whole room to myself. No Dusk to annoy me, no crowded bathroom, and no trash from the other boys.” He then got settled in bed. “It is a little quiet without the others.” he said. He then shrugged and went back to sleep. Morning soon came and Radley and Kenzey bumped into each other before heading down to the lobby.

“Hello handsome.” said Kenzey.

“Hello.” said Radley.

“Good luck today.” said Kenzey.

“Same to you.” said Radley. He thought for a moment. “You know, we’ve really had changed since the beginning of this season.”

“Yeah.” said Kenzey. “We have.”

“We were originally rivals and then became friendly rivals and then became friends and now, a couple.” said Radley.

“Yeah.” said Kenzey.

“I’m still going to kick your butt though.” said Radley.

“Same.” said Kenzey. They soon walked down to the lobby and saw that it was very empty.

“I miss everyone else, except Dusk.” said Radley.

“Same.” said Kenzey.

“I miss Margaret the most.” said Radley. “She was helpful for both of us. She was almost like a sister. The same goes with Kaylie.”

“Yep.” said Kenzey.

“But why miss them?” asked Radley. “I bet they’re going to root us on today.”

“You’re right.” said Kenzey. He stomach then growled. “I hope we get a good breakfast today.”

“I hope so too.” said Radley. They walked in and saw a big feast of food. “I guess we were right.” said Radley.

“Look at all the food!” said Kenzey amazed.

“Yep.” said Oweguy walking toward them. “This is a reward for making it to the final two. It’s also going to help you with your strength for the last challenge because you’re going to need the energy.”

“You sure this isn’t a trick so we won’t be tired during the challenge?” asked Radley.

“Nope, I tried that once and I ended up getting sued by the person doing it.” explained Oweguy. “And that particular person happened to be Courtney.”

“Obviously.” said Radley. Suddenly Oweguy’s cell phone started ringing.

“Hello?” he asked.

“You still haven’t given me all the money you owe me!” shouted Courtney on the other line.

“Marine, I need some help with money!” shouted Oweguy up down the hallway where Oweguy’s office was.

“Do it yourself.” said Marine. “I already paid the first half.”

“Stupid Courtney.” muttered Oweguy.

“I heard that!” shouted Courtney on the phone.

“I always forget to hang up.” muttered Oweguy again.

“I heard that too!” shouted Courtney again. Oweguy then hung up.

“Enjoy your breakfast.” he said and left.

“It must be hard for Oweguy getting sued by Courtney.” said Radley. “I think I heard she’s rich now.”

“Yeah, Duncan ended up giving her most of the money that he didn’t spend when he won TDA.” explained Kenzey.

“And I also heard she works at court.” said Radley.

“That explains all the lawsuits.” said Kenzey.

“We’d better eat up.” said Radley. “We don’t want to be hungry during the final challenge.”

“I agree.” said Kenzey. The then proceeded to eat their breakfast. In Oweguy’s office, he was shown doing money related bills while Marine was playing one of Oweguy’s video games that he had in there.

“Stupid Courtney.” said Oweguy. “Why must she always sue when she gets upset?”

“Bad temper?” asked Marine.

“Most likely.” said Oweguy.

“So have you got the final challenge set up?” asked Marine.

“Yep.” said Oweguy.

“Did you invite the others?” asked Marine.

“Yep.” said Oweguy.

“Do you have the prize money?” asked Marine. Oweguy stood silent for a second and then thought up an excuse.

“I thought you were in charge of getting the prize money.” he said.

“Nice try cheapskate.” said Marine.

“Aww man.” said Oweguy. “The check is in the safe.”

“I’m your wife and I could tell you’re making an excuse.” said Marine.

“Sorry.” said Oweguy. “It’s just that I don’t want to give away money after Courtney sued me.”

“How much does she owe you again?”

“Five thousand dollars.” said Oweguy.

“And the prize money is one million dollars.” said Marine.

“Yep.” said Oweguy.

“And how much do we have left?” asked Marine.

“A lot after you won the lottery that one time.” said Oweguy.

“I don’t think you have to worry about losing money.” said Marine.

“But it is fun to have.” said Oweguy. Marine sighed and kept playing her game. Back in the cafeteria, Radley and Kenzey have shown to have eaten all of the food that was there.

“I’m stuffed.” said Radley.

“Me too.” said Kenzey.

“Now we just wait for the final challenge to start.” said Radley. They settled down for about five minutes and then suddenly the intercom turned on.

“Attention final two.” said Oweguy on the intercom. “It’s time for the final challenge. Please meet me at the beach and we’ll explain what you’ll be doing.”

“Well, here goes nothing.” said Radley. “I hope you do well.”

“Same for you.” said Kenzey. She then gave him a kiss for good luck which made Radley blush. They then walked out and saw all the hotel guests waiting for them.

“Yo Radley!” shouted Aero with Slasha by his side. “Good luck on the finale today. Same goes to you sis.”

“I’ll do fine.” said Radley.

“Same for me.” said Kenzey.

“Good luck today kiddies.” said Chuckles.

“Chuckles!” shouted Radley excitedly. “How’d you get out of the whale?”

“Oh I found this old smoky oven in the whale’s belly so I tried it out and the smoke made it cough me out.” explained Chuckles.

“Well, glad you’re here for the finale.” said Radley.

“Hello final two.” said Oweguy.

“Hello.” said Radley.

“As you can see, I’ve invited the hotel guests to watch the final challenge.” said Oweguy. “They’re huge Total Drama fans and they want to see who wins.”

“That’s interesting.” said Radley.

“They’re not the only ones.” said Oweguy. “C’mon out guys!” All of the eliminated contestants then came out.

“Guys, you’re here to support us!” said Radley.

“Hey, it’s not a finale without the losers coming to watch.” said Margaret.

“There’s two peanut gallery seats.” said Oweguy. “One is for people who want Radley to win and the other is for who wants Kenzey to win. Choose your seats.” Kaylie, Mudkip Oweboy, Margaret, Jensen, Ysabelle, Oran, Leonardo, and Bonnibel sat in Radley’s peanut gallery while Akari, Isley, Leland, Sherloch, Janey, Gieselle, Romero, Dixie, and Dusk sat in Kenzey’s seat. Dusk was shown wearing both a hat and an eye patch to cover up his missing hair and his blue eye.

“Nice look.” said Radley teasing Dusk. Dusk growled.

“I don’t like either of them but I dislike Radley more.” said Dusk in the confessional. “That’s why I’m not in his peanut gallery.”

“Now before we start the final challenge, what do you two plan to do with the money?” asked Oweguy.

“I’d throw the biggest party ever!” shouted Owen.

“Owen, you’ve already won a season.” said Oweguy. “Plus, you’re not in this season.”

“I just wanted to shout it out.” said Owen. Oweguy then snapped his fingers calling two interns over that dragged Owen away.

“Now Radley, what do you plan to do with the money?” asked Oweguy.

“Well, that’s a hard decision.” said Radley. “I’d probably use some of it to get into a nice college or get a bigger house. But I definitely plan to use it to make a giant sports stadium.”

“Sounds cool.” said Oweguy.

“That’s not all.” said Radley. “I also plan to use it to by a nice gift to a nice girl.” Everyone awed when he said that and Kenzey blushed.

“That’s sweet.” said Margaret.

“Now Kenzey, what do you plan to do with the money?” asked Oweguy.

“Tough choice.” said Kenzey. “I’d probably use some of it to get a new guitar and use it to get a bigger house just like Radley said. But I might definitely use it to go on a world tour with a band I hope to start soon and use it to throw an awesome party.”

“Parties rule!” shouted Jensen in the peanut gallery.

“I plan to throw a party two.” said Radley.

“Well it looks like you two both want to do similar things with your money.” said Oweguy. “But I’m sure that one of you is going to share the money.”

“Probably.” said Radley.

“So are we going to get to the challenge?” asked Kenzey.

“Yes we are.” said Oweguy. “Here’s how it’ll work. You each get two flags with your faces on it to show which ones are yours. The goal is to get the flag all the way to the finish.”

“Where’s the finish?” asked Radley.

“Way over there.” said Oweguy pointing to the other side of the beach which was miles away.

“Aw man!” shouted Radley. “That’s like something miles away.”

“Yeah it’s about five or ten miles.” said Oweguy. “The goal is over there and whoever gets their flag there first is the winner.”

“Is that all?” asked Radley.

“Not quiet.” said Oweguy. “There are obstacles too.”

“I figured.” said Radley.

“Nothing too serious.” said Oweguy. “There’s a bear, a pool of sharks, a sasquatch, and some other things that I can’t remember.”

“That sounds serious to me.” said Kenzey.

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. “Oh, as an extra bonus. Along with the prize money, the winner gets to have a special beach party so they won’t have to waste the money on their own party.”

“Wow, that sounds cool.” said Radley.

“Totally cool.” said Kenzey.

“Now can we get the challenge started already?” asked Oweguy.

“Whatever.” said Radley. He and Kenzey picked up their flags and stood at the starting line.

“On your marks, get set, and go!” shouted Oweguy. Radley and Kenzey then ran off as Oweguy shouted go.

“I hope they’ll be okay.” said Margaret.

“I bet they will.” said Isley. On the beach, Radley and Kenzey were running.

“So far so good.” said Radley.

“I don’t see any problems yet.” said Kenzey. They suddenly heard something behind them.

“What was that?” asked Radley.

“I’m not sure.” said Kenzey. “It sounds like a…” A bear suddenly jumped out of the bush. “Bear!” shouted Kenzey. The two started running.

“Ha ha, classic.” said Oweguy in a helicopter watching them. The peanut gallery was shown watching Radley and Kenzey on a TV in front of the stands.

“Why is it always a bear?” asked Sherloch.

“Total Drama tradition?” asked Romero.

“Probably.” said Margaret.

“Stay back bear.” shouted Radley. “I’ve got a flag with a pointy poll on it.” The bear then pulled out a chainsaw and roared at them. They started screaming again.

“Maybe we can lose him in that pool.” said Kenzey. They dived in and the bear stopped when it got to there. It then looked into the pool, shrugged and walked away.

“It worked.” said Radley. “Let’s keep going.”

“Wait, didn’t Oweguy mention something about pools?” asked Kenzey. A bunch of shark fins suddenly started circling them.

“Prepare to jump out.” said Radley. The sharks jumped out right at them and they screamed. Kenzey managed to get out of the pool with her flag. She saw Radley was still there fighting the sharks.

“It’s hard when you’re in the final two with your best bud.” said Kenzey. “But when you’re trying win, you’re worried it’s going to damage your friendship/relationship.” Kenzey then moved on leaving Radley behind with the sharks.” Radley then jumped out and saw Kenzey ahead.

“I’ll try and find a shortcut.” he said. He then ran into the woods.

“Well while I don’t personally like using the contestants using shortcuts, I like what he’s planning.” said Oweguy in his helicopter. Kenzey continued running until Radley jumped in front of her.

“Thought you’d lost me huh?” he asked taunting her.

“We’ll see about that.” said Kenezy. Both of them suddenly stopped when they saw a rock wall in front of them.

“I forget beaches have these rocks.” said Radley.

“I think the path continues on the other side.” said Kenzey.

“I’m already starting up.” said Radley who was already near the top.”

“Hey!” shouted Kenzey. “You got a head start.” Kenzey started climbing but then one of the rocks slipped off and she fell back to the bottom.

“I’ve got this in the bag!” shouted Radley. He then got to the top and then jumped down on the other side. He then grabbed his flag. “I bet the finish line is close by.” he said. He then continued on while Kenzey soon landed behind him. It then showed the peanut gallery still watching.

“Those two just keep at it.” said Margaret.

“Who’s going to win this?” asked Isley.

“I can’t see!” shouted Mudkip.

“Yo peanut gallery!” shouted Oweguy in his helicopter. “You’d better get to the goal seats.” The final two are already at the halfway point.”

“How do we get there?” asked Gieselle.

“Boats?” asked Oweguy with some small boats on the water.

“Oh.” said Gieselle. Back with Radley and Marine, Radley was a head but both of them were starting to look tired. They soon bumped into the Sasquatch.

“Please tell me he isn’t going to chase us.” said Radley. It showed that it was standing near a gate and it wanted them to guess what it was doing.

“Um, being a guard?” asked Radley. The Sasquatch shook its head. It then started pretending like it was doing a sport.

“Playing basketball!” shouted Radley. The Sasquatch nodded and allowed Radley to go through. It then stopped Kenzey from going through and then started doing jumping up and down.

“Standing on hot coal?” asked Kenzey. The Sasquatch nodded and let her through. “Watch out Radley.” she said. At the goal, the others were waiting. Some others like Aero, Slasha, Sabbath, Carolyn, and Chuckles joined them along with some other hotel guests and interns.

“You still owe me money.” said Carolyn.

“C’mon!” shouted Oweguy. “I already lost a bunch due to a lawsuit.”

“Look, I see them!” shouted Kaylie. About a mile away, Radley and Kenzey were shown still carrying their flags. Both of them looked very tired.

“I see the goal!” shouted Radley. “Right behind that hill.” He started running toward the goal until he heard a thump behind him. “What was that?” he asked. He then saw Kenzey had fainted from exhaustion. “Oh no!” he shouted. He then ran back.

“What’s he doing?” asked Margaret.

“He obviously cares for Kenzey.” said Kaylie.

“I already found that out.” said Isley. Radley then picked up Kenzey. “You okay?” he asked.

“Go on without me.” she said. “I’m out of energy. Besides, you deserve the money more anyway.”

“I think you should finish the race.” said Radley.

“That’s sweet.” said Kenzey. The two started kissing and everyone awed except Dusk who gagged.

“Aww, our final two are in love.” said Oweguy. The two smiled at each other until suddenly Kenzey smashed her head into Radley’s which made him faint. Everyone looked surprised by that.

“I’m smarter than you think.” said Kenzey. She then picked up her flag and slid down the hill and poll vaulted her flag onto the finish line jumping over the goal in front of the others. They all started cheering once she did that.

“And with that, Kenzey has won Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem!” announced Oweguy. The interns then shot some confetti and streamers into the air.

“But Kenzey, I thought you were exhausted.” said Margaret.

“I faked it.” said Kenzey. “I did that so Radley would go back and I would knock him out so I could get to the goal.”

“Wow, you really are smarter than you look.” said Margaret. The others kept cheering and Jensen accidently bumped Dusk making his hat and eyepatch fall off revealing his bald head and blue eye.

“Hey watch it!” he shouted. The others stopped celebrating and then suddenly started laughing including Oweguy. Sabbath almost laughed a little.

“Don’t you start.” he said.

“Oh, I almost forgot something.” said Sabbath.

“What?” asked Dusk. She then grabbed him and kissed him with Dusk looking shocked. “That, that actually felt good.” he said.

“Make sure you grow your hair back.” said Sabbath. Kenzey then walked back to Radley and picked him up.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Uh yeah.” he said. “My head hurts a little. Man I was worried at first. I thought you weren’t going to make it.”

“It’s called strategy.” said Kenzey. “Besides, I plan to use the money well, future husband.”

“Wait, what?!” asked Radley shocked.

“I’ll explain it later.” said Kenzey. The others then picked her up on their shoulders and Radley then joined them. Later, it was nighttime on the beach and everyone was shown having a beach party by a bonfire. Oweguy then joined them.

“Greetings everyone.” he said. “As you saw today, our winner has been decided. It’s time to present this season’s winner of Total Drama…Kenzey!” Everyone except Dusk started cheering. “Marine, if you please.” said Oweguy. Marine came out with the one million dollar check. “Kenzey, as host and as your reward for winning, I present to you a one million dollar check! You may do whatever you want for it!”

“I’m going to use it well.” she said.

“Like for a party?” asked Jensen.

“Definitely for a party.” said Kenzey. The others continued dancing. Radley then grabbed Kenzey’s hand and they started dancing. Isley and Mudkip and Gieselle and Romero were shown dancing as well.

“Care to dance honey?” asked Oweguy to Marine.

“Mmm, no.” she said. Oweguy just stood there surprised. “Just kidding!” she said and they started to dance as well.

“Winning rocks.” said Kenzey.

“Getting second place rocks.” said Radley.

“And about that future husband thing, let’s do it in front of our parents.” said Kenzey.

“Deal.” said Radley. The two then kissed as fireworks shot into the sky.

“And so, that concludes Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.” said Oweguy. “It’s been an awesome time but we still have some more exciting Total Drama stuff coming soon! Until then, have a fun party! See you next time on Total Drama!” He and Marine then kissed as well.

Chapter 20: The Search for Oweguy

It was showing Oweguy’s beach resort on a nice sunny day. The camera then zoomed in until an intern plastered a sign on it that said Closed, go away. Oweguy and Marine were shown standing nearby.

“Man, I’m tired of those hotel bills.” said Oweguy. “Oh well, this is small compared to our next location.”

“Let’s try and not tell the contestants until we get there.” said Marine.

“I will.” said Oweguy.

“Hey, can we buy this hotel from you now?” asked Chris with him and Chef standing nearby.

Oweguy sighed and said “Whatever, I was planning on demolishing it.” He then gave the keys to Chris who gave him a bunch of hundred dollar bills.

“I’m going to renovate this place good.” said Chris.

“Don’t do those Chris head shaped urinals in the bathrooms again like you did at that other hotel.” said Chef.

“I won’t.” said Chris. “I don’t want another lawsuit.”

“To the airport!” shouted Oweguy. He and Marine threw a bunch of suitcases into a car driven by an intern and then climbed in. The car then drove away. Oweguy looked back at the hotel and saw that people were already going in.

“I’m going to like our new location.” said Oweguy. “It’s been under construction for a while.”

“I think it’ll work well for the both of us.” said Marine. “Now how many interns have been hospitalized during construction?”

“I lost count.” said Oweguy. “But don’t worry. I get plenty of replacements just like Chris does.”

“Yeah but you trick them into thinking it’s a fun job.” said Marine.

“Whatever.” said Oweguy. “Let’s just enjoy the ride.” They were quiet for a few seconds until Oweguy started thinking. “I wonder what the others have been up to. It’s been a few months since we’ve seen them. And it’s been a while since we’ve seen the contestants from the earlier seasons.”

“I’m sure they’re fine.” said Marine. Meanwhile, it showed a news report about Oweguy’s Beach Resort.

“And now, the beach resort that once belonged to Oweguy is now owned by reality TV host Chris McLean.” said the news reporter. “Nobody knows where Oweguy’s headed because he didn’t tell anyone.”

“I think he wants it to be a secret.” said Chris.

“This has been…um what channel is this news station again? asked the news reporter.

“Channel 35!” whispered the camera man.

“Right this has been Channel 35 news.” said the news reporter embarrassed. “Stay tuned for a marathon of incredibly boring shows.” Radley was shown to be watching the news report at a nice looking house. He was shown to be wearing a normal t-shirt, shorts, and wasn’t wearing a bandana.

“That’s interesting.” said Radley.

“What’s interesting?” asked Kenzey who was shown to be wearing a new punk styled outfit and had short purple hair.

“Chris now owns Oweguy’s beach resort and Oweguy’s heading to somewhere that he didn’t tell anyone.” explained Radley.

“That is interesting.” said Kenzey. “I think Oweguy probably wants some alone time.”

“But it’s been months since the finale.” said Radley.

“Good months.” said Kenzey. “We’re a married couple now, I’ve got a new band, we’ve got a nice big house, and you’ve got a wife who loves you daily.”

“I’ll say.” said Radley. “I wonder how the others are doing?” Meanwhile, it showed Nianah and Jake’s house and it showed Nianah and Isley in Nianah’s bedroom.

“And that’s how Mudkip couldn’t open a pickle jar.” said Isley.

“Interesting.” said Nianah.

“So how’s your attorney job?” asked Isley.

“Pretty well.” said Nianah. “The only problem for me is that sometimes I have to be in the same courtroom as Courtney.”

“Yeesh.” said Isley. “That doesn’t sound so fun.”

“Don’t worry.” said Nianah. “She’s probably moving to another building soon.”

“Well that’s good.” said Isley.

“Nianah, Cindy’s got a stinky and someone’s at the door for me.” said Jake in the hallway holding a crying Cindy. “Can you change her diaper for me?”

“Sure.” said Nianah. Jake gave her the baby and Nianah brought her to a changing table with Isley following.

“Someday you’ll have to go through this.” said Nianah with Isley covering her nose.

“Not so soon.” said Isley. “Me and Mudkip are still dating.”

“Have you planned on proposing?” asked Nianah.

“I hinted it at him but I don’t think he’s going to propose to me.” said Isley.

“Why, is he too nervous?” asked Nianah.

“No, I mentioned shiny thing and he now doesn’t know what shiny thing it is.” said Isley. “Some of the things he showed me were a fork and my perfume bottle.”

“I’m sure he’ll figure it out buy you could just propose to him yourself.” said Nianah.

“It’s more fun to have him do it.” said Isley. “He’s like a little brother and it’s fun to watch him learn.”

“Where is he?” asked Nianah.

“At home.” said Isley. “He invited his friend Wentworth over for something.”

“Wentworth?” asked Nianah. “We were in a competition together one time.”

“Interesting.” said Isley. “I heard he’s now working with a game company.”

“Cool.” said Nianah. “Mayble he and Muds and playing one of the games they made.” Meanwhile it a bunch of people pushing Wentworth through the door who was too fat to go through.

“Suck in your gut man!” shouted one of the guys pushing.

“Oh yeah.” said Wentworth. He then breathed deeply and he got pushed into the house crashing into a wall.

“Must this happen every time he comes over?” asked one of the guys pushing as they started walking away.

“Yep.” said another guy. Wentworth stood up rubbing his head.

“You made it in!” cheered Mudkip. “And it only took fifteen minutes this time.”

“Last time it was thirty.” said Wentworth.

“You wanna play that game now?” asked Mudkip.

“Sure!” said Wentworth. The two then started playing. Isley and Nianah then walked in.

“Hey guys, Nianah wanted to see what you guys were up too.” said Isley. She then notice an outline on the wall that was shaped like Wentworth. “Wentworth got stuck again I see.” she said.

“Yep.” said Wentworth.

“I’ll get the paint.” said Isley walking away.

“So, you must be Muds’ girlfriend’s sister.” said Wentworth. “What’s your name?”

“It’s me, Nianah.” said Nianah giggling a little.

“Hello it’s me, Nianah.” said Wentworth.

Nianah giggled and said “I take it you haven’t seen me in a while.”

“Were you that goth girl?” asked Wentworth.

“No, I was the once bossy girl.” said Nianah.

“Are you sure?” asked Wentworth. “She had brown hair and you have black hair and are very nice.”

“I dyed my hair and I’m no longer a grouch.” said Nianah. “My once boyfriend now husband helped me become nicer.”

“Oh yeah, now that I think of it, you are Nianah.” said Wentworth. “Good to see you!” The two shook hands. “Sorry, it’s just that I haven’t been on Total Drama in such a long time I completely forgot about you.”

“Don’t worry.” said Nianah. “Just treat me like I’m someone you never knew.”

“Man, I wonder if there are other contestants that were once mean have become nicer?” asked Wentworth. Meanwhile, it showed a criminal being thrown into a police car by none other than Roxanne who was a police officer.

“Take him away boys.” she said.

“Will do chief.” said the policemen in the car.

“You’ll pay for this!” shouted the criminal as the car drove off.

“Well done Roxanne.” said Sherloch walking over. “That was the fourth criminal you’ve arrested this week. You should get a promotion but I don’t know if there’s a position higher than chief.

“I’m fine.” said Roxanne. “Besides, I’ve got a nice job and a nice partner.” She then squeezed his cheek.

“Stop.” said Sherloch. “Save that for our date tonight.”

“You’re on a date with the chief?” asked one of the nearby policemen.

“Of course.” said Sherloch. “I helped her get this job. Apparently she had trouble remembering what she did before. So, we decided to go on a date because she never game me anything back in return.”

“You lucky dog.” said another policeman.

“Well, I’m getting lunch.” said Sherloch.

“Keep an eye out on people speeding.” said Roxanne.

“Will do chief.” said the two policemen. She and Sherloch then drove off in separate police cars. “I was hoping to ask her out.” said the first policeman.

“I was hoping to as well.” said the second policeman.

“Dude, you’re married.” said the first policeman.

“Oh yeah.” said the second policeman. Elsewhere, it showed a beach and Chad was shown teaching young kids about surfing.

“And that’s what you should do when a shark steals your board.” said Chad. “Just get another one.”

“You’re a smart teacher Mr. Chad.” said a young boy.

“Thanks dude.” said Chad. “Class dismissed.” The kids then left.

“What a nice teacher you are.” said a voice which was revealed to be Kaylie.

“Hello Kaylie.” said Chad. “Or should I say, our best marine biology teacher.”

Kaylie blushed and asked “How goes your surfing school?”

“Pretty well.” said Chad. “The kids have learned how to surf well and so far nothing bad has happened. Except for that one time where this kid decided to hang out inside a shark’s stomach thinking it was a cave.”

“Interesting.” said Kaylie. “Now how’s your girlfriend?”

“Emily?” asked Chad. “She’s fine. She’s been doing a lot of beauty shows with your sister Bianca.”

“That’s interesting.” said Kaylie.

“Due to that she’s been really busy.” said Chad.

“I can tell.” said Kaylie. “We’ve been busy ourselves.”

“At least we’re not doing any Total Drama show right now.” said Chad. “We would be very busy if we were.” Meanwhile, it showed a plane flying and Oweguy and Marine were inside.

“I love private jets.” said Oweguy. “No other people bugging us and we’re in first class all the time.”

“Who do you call those people?” asked Marine. It showed a bunch of interns sitting with them.

“Staff.” said Oweguy. “Hey pilot, how sooner do we get to our location?”

“About another half hour.” said the pilot who was just another intern.

“Great.” said Oweguy. “Then we’ll let the others know.” Elsewhere, it showed a restaurant where Sherloch and Roxanne were.

“That was a nice dinner.” said Sherloch.

“You deserve it.” said Roxanne. “Both of us work hard.”

“So you deserved it too.” said Sherloch. At another table, it showed Murdoch with a girl with a crazy hair style.

“So, do you come here often?” asked Murdoch.

“No, I didn’t know about this place until you invited me.” said the girl.

“So um, what are your interests?” asked Murdoch.

“Didn’t you read my web page?” asked the girl.

“I’m not so used to online dating.” Murdoch muttered to himself.

“Anyway, I have to put some makeup on.” said the girl getting up and went to the bathroom.

“I need to go to the bathroom too.” said Murdoch. He got up and then noticed Sherloch and Roxanne. “Is that, Roxanne?” he asked. He then walked over to their table.

“Can I help you sir?” asked Sherloch.

“Um, yeah, hi Roxanne.” said Murdoch.

“Do I know you?” asked Roxanne.

“I’m sure you know me.” said Murdoch. “We we’re on this show called Total Drama.”

“Never heard of it.” said Roxanne. “And I’ve never met you before.”

“She must have amnesia.” thought Murdoch. “Maybe we can start anew.”

“You seem like you know her.” said Sherloch.

“Um no.” said Murdoch. “I thought she looked like someone else I’ve known. Anyway, allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Murdoch.”

“Hello, I’m Sherloch.” He greeted shaking Murdoch’s hand.

“I’m Roxanne.” said Roxanne shaking Murdoch’s hand. “Now how did you know my name?”

Murdoch tried to think up an excuse and then said “It says it on your card.” Roxanne’s police I.D. was shown sticking out of her purse.

“Darn purse.” she said tucking it in.

“Are you here with someone else?” asked Sherloch.

“Um…” Murdoch said nervously. He then saw that his date was shown talking to a waiter and the two were laughing. “I’m with…”

“Little brother!” shouted Radley appearing out of nowhere. “Nice to see you here!”

“Radley!” said Sherloch.

“And Kenzey.” said Kenzey standing beside him and wrapping her arm around his arm.

“What brings you guys here?” asked Sherloch.

“Kenzey wanted dinner so we decided to do that.” said Radley.

“So how have you guys been?” asked Sherloch.

“Busy.” said Radley. “I’ve been coaching a lot of kids and Kenzey’s been practicing her band at our house.”

“Interesting.” said Sherloch. “We’ve had to arrest a lot of crooks throughout the week.”

“Interesting.” said Radley. “It’s nice to see that you’ve got a full time job as a policeman.”

“I knew I would get the job eventually.” said Sherloch.

“Table for two please.” said a voice. Radley looked.

“Who do you see?” asked Kenzey.

“It’s Dusk.” said Radley. “He looks different.” It showed Dusk with Sabbath and he was wearing a black suit like outfit, had short hair, and wasn’t covering his blue eye with anything.

“I heard he’s working on horror films now.” said Kenzey.

“Let’s just hope he’s not grouchy again.” said Radley.

“Well I’m off.” said Murdoch. He then gave some money to a nearby waiter. “This is for the food.”

“Your brother hasn’t been interacting with people much.” said Kenzey.

“He’s been in prison.” said Radley. “It’s hard to get used to people after getting out for a few months. Outside, Radley was waiting for a cab and a guy wearing a coat and a hat was shown smoking nearby.

“Man, it takes a while for a cab to come around here.” said Murdoch.

“Well hello Murdoch.” said the man in the coat. He took his hat off and the person was revealed to be Jerry.

“Jerry?!” asked Murdoch a little scared. “I thought you were still in prison.”

“I got out, but the police are still keeping an eye on me.” said Jerry. “See this thing around my neck? It’s a shock collar that goes off whenever I do something bad.”

“That must suck.” said Murdoch.

“Now Murdoch, how about we start being pals again?” asked Jerry pretending to be nice. “I know we’ve had some problems since prison but why don’t we just apologize and put it behind our back?”

“Sorry man.” said Murdoch. “Not interested.” A taxi then arrived and Murdoch got on. Jerry then grabbed his cigarette out of his mouth, threw it on the ground and then squished it with his foot.

“Someday he’ll be mine again.” he said and then walked away. Back inside, Dusk and Sabbath were sitting at their table.

“Here’s your meal.” said the waiter.

“Thank you sir.” said Sabbath. “Your meal is here honey.”

“Hang on.” said Dusk using a phone. “I’m putting a good idea for a script in my notes.” He then finished and began eating.

“Hello Dusk.” said Radley not sounding too excited.

“Oh hello Mr. Strong and Handsome.” said Sabbath.

“I call him the same name.” said Kenzey.

“Oh, hello.” said Dusk not sounding too excited as well. “You two seem to be doing fine.”

“We’re married.” said Radley. “What have you been up to?”

“Making movies.” said Dusk. “And Sabbath and I are still dating.”

“You seem to be doing then.” said Radley. “Anyway, we’re off.” He and Kenzey then walked away.

“I wish you interacted with people more.” said Sabbath.

“I’d rather just keep to myself.” said Dusk. “I want to be mysterious.”

“Well we’re heading home.” said Radley to Sherloch and Roxanne. “Thanks for sharing the table.”

“No problem.” said Sherloch. “Have a nice night.”

“Same to you two.” said Radley. They then left with Radley making sure to pay the waiter for their food.

“What a nice couple they’ve become.” said Sherloch.

“Yep.” said Roxanne. “Now let’s just enjoy the rest of the night.” They then shared a toast and drank their champagne. Elsewhere, it showed a hotel near an airport and it showed Oweguy and Marine in bed. Oweguy was shown playing a video game in bed while Marine was reading.

“Could you turn your game down a little?” asked Marine.

“Sorry.” said Oweguy. “It’s more fun to listen to the action.”

“Then wear headphones.” said Marine.

“Fine.” said Oweguy putting headphones.

“So are you prepared to tell the contestants about their trip tomorrow?” asked Marine.

“Yep.” said Oweguy. “They’re definitely going to be surprised.” The next morning, it showed Mudkip and Isley’s house. The two were shown to have fallen asleep on the couch next to each other. Isley woke up first and noticed Mudkip but she didn’t care. Mudkip then woke up and got freaked out when he noticed he was right next to Isley.

“I didn’t make you uncomfortable did I?” he asked.

“No.” said Isley. “It’s like having a dog sleeping next to me.”

“But I’m not a dog.” said Mudkip. Isley giggled.

“Morning.” said Wentworth.

“You came back?” asked Isley.

“I never left.” said Wentworth. “I fell asleep in your bathroom.”

“That’s nice.” said Isley a little disgusted. She then saw a phone on the table and it showed she had a message. “Oh hey, I have a message.” She said.

“From who?” asked Mudkip.

“From Oweguy.” said Isley. “It also appears to be a video.”

“Play it.” said Wentworth. Isley played the video and it showed Oweguy at his hotel room.

“Hello everybody.” said Oweguy. “If you have received this video than that means you are one of the twenty two people that I have chosen to try and find my whereabouts. As you may have seen, I’ve closed my beach resort down and have moved somewhere else. So it’s your goal to work together and to try and find where I am. I’ve set up a special private jet for all of you and it will take you to the place where I am but once it lands, you’ll have to find the rest of your way. Here’s the airport that you will meet at. Have a fun journey!” The video then ended.

“Twenty two chosen people?” asked Isley.

“Is it a contest?” asked Mudkip.

“I don’t know.” If it was on my phone then obviously I’m one of the chosen people to find Oweguy.

“I got the same video.” said Mudkip.

“So did I.” said Wentworth.

“Then we’d better meet up with the others at the airport.” said Isley. The three of them then got to a bus stop and got onto a passing bus that was headed to the airport. Later, it showed them inside the airport and there was a huge line of people near a plane entrance that said for people Oweguy asked to see.

“I guess that’s the stop.” said Wentworth. The three got in line and Isley bumped into a guy with blonde hair.

“Hey watch it!” he shouted.

“Hey it was an accident.” Said Isley.

“Leave her alone meanie!” shouted Mudkip standing in front of Isley.

“Chuck, calm down.” said another girl with glasses and was wearing a librarian outfit.

“Wait, weren’t you a contestant in the first season of Oweguy’s Total Drama series?” asked Isley.

“I don’t really want to talk about it.” said Chuck. “It was a boring time.”

“I was in the first season too so you can talk to me about it.” said the librarian girl. “The name’s Catherine.”

“Oh yeah, I remember you.” said Isley. “You were a strong contestant.”

“Yes I was.” said Catherine. “I just wish I made it farther.”

“I feel you.” said Isley. “I wonder who else is here?”

“I’m sorry sir, no alcohol related drinks on a plane.” said a nerdy plane guard to a guy with sunglasses and a bit of facial hair.

“Aw man!” he shouted and threw away the bottle of beer.

“Who’s that?” asked Mudkip.

“I think that’s Jensen, but he doesn’t look like what he used to be.” said Isley.

“Yeah, more smelly.” said Mudkip covering his nose.

“Hey sis.” said Nianah. “I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Me neither.” said Isley.

“Hey, you probably know my friend Sae here.” said Nianah with Sae next to her.

“Yeah, I met her once.” said Isley. “How do you do?”

“I’m doing fine.” said Sae. “I have a nice home and I’m married to Pete.”

“Sounds nice.” said Isley. “Who else is here sis?”

“A lot of your friends.” said Nianah. “Radley, Kenzey, Gieselle, Margaret.”

“Wow, it’ll be nice to see them again once we’re on the plane.” said Isley.

“Attention everyone, time to board your private plane.” said the nerdy plane guard.

“A private plane?” asked Radley. “Awesome!”

“Let’s hope it has first class.” said Kenzey. They all started to board on. As they were walking onto the plane, Mudkip walked near an Asian girl with a Snivy on her shirt.

“Nice shirt.” said Mudkip. “Are you a Pokemon fan?”

“Definitely.” said the girl. “I take it you are too as shown by your shirt.”

“Yep.” said Mudkip. “What’s your name?”

“Yuki.” She said. “I was a contestant on the first two seasons.”

“Neat.” said Mudkip I was on the fourth.

“I watched your season.” said Yuki. “I definitely noticed your costume.”

“Yeah.” said Mudkip.

“Well, I’ll catch you later.” said Yuki. Everyone soon boarded the plane and got settled.

“This will be fun.” said Radley. “A nice plane all to ourselves.”

“Let’s hope the food and the inflight movie are good.” said Kenzey. The plane then took off. The nerdy plane guard was shown watching and got out a cell phone.

“They’re on their way sir.” He said.

“Good.” said Oweguy on the other line. “I can’t wait to tell them what they’re in store for.” On the plane, Radley was shown drumming his fingers while Kenzey was shown sleeping.

“What’s up Mr. Muscles?” asked someone near Radley who was shown to be Molly.

“Hey Molly.” said Radley. “You were invited?”

“Yep.” She said. “A lot of us were invited. There are at least twenty two of us on here.”

“I can see some of them from here.” said Radley. “I see Kaylie, Oran, Margaret, Isley, Mudkip, and Gieselle on here.”

“There’s definitely more than that.” said Molly. “You should see them later.”

“I will.” said Radley. Over with Margaret and Gieslle, Margaret was shown using a laptop with Gieselle watching.

“Whatcha doing?” she asked.

“Updating my blog for young moms.” said Margaret. “I give people tips in case they’re new moms or are having trouble with something that they’ve asked me.”

“That’s nice.” said Gieselle. “I’m still a housewife.”

“I’m sure you and Romero will have kids’ eventually.” said Margaret.

“I hope so too.” said Gieselle. Near Wentworth and Mudkip, Wentworth noticed Oran.

“Mario, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Huh, oh I see why you’re calling me Mario.” said Oran looking at his clothes. “Sorry I just happen to be wearing similar clothes and have similar facial hair. Anyway, I’m Oran.”

“Hi Oran, nice to meet you.” said Wentworth. “Are you a gamer?”

“Sometimes.” said Oran. “I mostly work on a garden now with someone from my season of Total Drama.”

“That’s neat.” said Wentworth. “Tell her I said hi.”

“I will.” said Oran. An hour passed and everyone was looking tired. About half of the contestants were shown to be sleeping.

“When do we get there?” asked Radley. Kenzey was shown to be sleeping so she didn’t reply. Suddenly the plane shook. “What was that?” he said. “I’d better go check on the pilot.” He went into the cockpit and saw that the pilot was a robot. “A robot?” he asked. “And its battery has drained. Wait a minute, non working robots can’t fly. Non working robots can’t fly!” The plane suddenly started falling. Everyone started screaming.

“Is this the thrill section of the flight?” asked Mudkip.

“I think I know what to do.” said Radley. He grabbed the controls and started to land the plane. He managed to do so and the plane landed safely on a desert like area. “I did it!” said Radley with the others cheering. The plane then crashed into a big rock. “Ow.” said Radley. A few minutes later, everyone was outside of the plane and wondering what to do next.

“Well now what do we do?” asked Isley.

“We walk.” said Radley.

“Sounds boring.” said Chuck.

“Everything’s boring with you.” said Catherine. Chuck growled.

“Don’t worry everyone.” said Radley. “I found a GPS on the plane. I’ll just try and figure out the closest way to civilization.” He inputted a bunch of coordinates and figured it out. “I got it, the closest city is…thirty miles away.”

“I don’t think that’s too bad.” said Margaret.

“By car.” Radley continued.

“Nevermind.” said Margaret.

“Well, we’d better get a move on.” said Isley. The others started walking. Five minutes later, they were in an area that had nothing but sand, cacti, and rocks.

“I need water.” said Mudkip.

“I think I have some.” said Isley. She opened a jug of water but all that came out was steam.

“Aw man!” shouted Mudkip. “How are we going to find Oweguy now?”

“I hope we find a way.” said Isley.

“Hey guys!” shouted Wentworth. “I think I see a huge lake!” From his point of view it showed a big lake.

“Wentworth, wait!” shouted Isley. Wentworth jumped toward it but it turned out to be a mirage and he just jumped into the sand.

“I think the hallucinations are kicking in for him.” said Oran.

“I think I see a party club.” said Jensen who was also hallucinating. He started running toward it but it turned out to be a big rock and he slammed into it.

“I hate deserts!” shouted Chuck. “It’s hot, there’s no water, and I’m getting sand in my shoes.”

“I’m not wearing shoes.” said Kaylie.

“Don’t worry guys.” said Radley. “I’m sure we’ll find our way.” Much later, the contestants have gotten farther but were still in a huge sandy area and they were all lying on the sand feeling woozy.

“I can’t go on any farther.” said Mudkip. “I’m becoming dehydrated.”

“Don’t give up Mudkip.” said a voice.

“Who said that?” asked Mudkip.

“Me.” said what appeared to be a Sandile.

“A Sandile?” asked Mudkip.

“You’ll make it through this desert.” said the Sandile. “You just have to keep going.”

“Thanks Mr. Sandile.” said Mudkip.

“Now I need you do one more thing.” said the Sandile. “Wake up, wake up.”

“Mudkip, wake up!” shouted Isley shaking his shoulder.

“Hmm, what?” he asked.

“You were hallucinating again.” said Isley.

“Oh.” said Mudkip.

“That’s it.” said Radley. “I can’t move on anymore. I guess we’re just going to be lying here in this desert.”

“Wait, look!” shouted Margaret. A jet suddenly landed near them. The door then opened up and Oweguy jumped out.

“Somebody need a ride?” he asked.

“It’s Oweguy!” cheered Wentworth.

“For once, I’m actually glad to see him.” said Radley. They all climbed onto the jet and it took off. A half hour later, they were at the hotel Oweguy was staying at.

“I’m glad you could all be here.” said Oweguy. “Radley, Kenzey, Isley, Mudkip, Dusk, Margaret, Gieselle, Oran, Kaylie, Nianah, Sae, Catherine, Wentworth, Jensen, Sherloch, Chad, Jerry, Yuki, Molly, Chuck, Murdoch, and Roxanne, you are my lucky twenty two people that I have chosen.”

“You never told us what you chose us for.” said Nianah.

“Yeah, I’m curious.” said Wentworth.

“You have all been chosen to compete in my next season of Total Drama!” announced Oweguy. Most of them looked shocked while Mudkip and Wentworth looked happy.

“Why didn’t you say that in the first place?” asked Radley.

“I wanted you to be surprised.” said Oweguy.

“So where is it taking place?” asked Kenzey. “Is it in this hotel?”

“Nope.” said Oweguy. “You’ll see tomorrow when we arrive there. Until then, relax here for the rest of the day. I’m sure you’ve all had a rough trip.”

“Of course we did.” said Radley sarcastically.

“Well, catch you guys’ later.” said Oweguy. “I have a bathroom that’s a temporary confessional.”

“Yes, another season!” cheered Wentworth in the confessional. “This will be so much fun!”

“What’s up moms?” greeted Margaret in the confessional. “Your favorite young mother is going to be competing in Total Drama for a second time!”

“I hope there’s going to be more Pokémon references this season.” said Mudkip in the confessional. “I could definitely use those.”

“Aw yeah, Radley is back!” shouted Radley in the confessional. “This time I’m gonna win!”

“I hope I can be nicer this season.” said Murdoch in the confessional.

“I hope I can do better this season.” said Sherloch in the confessional. “I don’t want to be voted off earlier than last time.”

“This time, I’m not quitting.” said Oran in the confessional. Jensen was then shown sleeping in the confessional.

“Make sure to watch me on TV Jakey.” said Nianah waving to the camera.

“Make sure to watch me on TV Petey.” said Sae waving to the camera and blowing a kiss.

“This blows.” said Chuck in the confessional.

“You’d better watch out because there’s a police girl on this show and she’s going to keep an eye on you.” said Roxanne in the confessional.

“You’d better watch out, because I’m going to beat your butts hard this season.” said Jerry in the confessional. He then got shocked by his collar.

“When you’ve won a season, you’re likely to be invited a second time.” said Kenzey in the confessional. “And I’m going to try and win again this season.”

“I hope our new location has any water.” said Chad in the confessional. “I want to continue my surfing.”

“Let’s hope this place has an aquarium like the last place.” said Kaylie in the confessional. “I want to continue my research.

“See me on TV Kuro.” said Yuki in the confessional.

“My team’s gonna play strong.” said Molly in the confessional. “I’m definitely going to do good this season.”

“I’m definitely going to try and win for us Romero.” said Gieselle in the confessional.

“I’m definitely going to play strong this season.” said Catherine. “I’m definitely going to help my team win.”

“I feel like I was already here.” said Mudkip in the confessional again. It then showed Wentworth again who just stood there and then burped. It then showed Oweguy outside a gate.

Twenty two contestants, one million dollars, and all new challenges.” he said. “Who’s going to win it all. Find out on Total Drama Vegas City!” It then showed a huge city of hotels, casinos, marketplaces, and much more. “This season is going to rock!” Oweguy shouted.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant
17th Ysabelle WIN WIN SAFE OUT
18th Sherloch WIN WIN OUT
19th Leonardo SAFE OUT
20th Leland OUT


  • 1 Oran quit because he didn't want Ysabelle to be sad after getting voted off.
  • 2 Dixie got injured during the challenge and had to leave.


  • This is the first season in the Oweguy series to not have any of the contestants from the previous seasons. However Marine comes back but she is the co-host and not a returning contestants.
  • Oweguy was not originally going to be in this season and Marine would've been the main host but I scrapped that idea and continued to have Oweguy be the main host of the series.

Chapter 2: Krusty Krabs

  • The title is a referance to the Krusty Krab from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Chapter 3: Million Dollar Losers

  • The title is a referance to the 2004 movie Million Dollar Baby as well as the Total Drama Action episode Million Dollar Babies which was also a referance to Million Dollar Baby.

Chapter 4: Carnival of Madness

  • This is one of my favorite chapters along The Aquatic Temple of Doom and Snow Problem.

Chapter 5: Revenge of the Shrink Ray

  • Despite revenge being in the title, this is the first time the new contestants encountered Oweguy's shrink ray.
  • This is the first chapter to include a double elimination. It will also be the only one this season to feature one.
  • Radley saying whaaaaaaaaaaaaat is a quote said by Chris Griffin from Family Guy when he finds out something shocking.
  • Oweguy breaks the fourth wall when he told Radley that he read the episode's script when he told everyone what the challenge was.

Chapter 6: The Aquatic Temple of Doom

  • The Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 and the Indiana Jones movies got me the idea to write this chapter.

Chapter 7: Snow Problem

  • I thought a snow chapter with the setting being a beach would be funny to do.
  • The Sasquatch from the main Total Drama series and the polar bear from TDWT appear in this chapter.
  • In this chapter Mudkip changes his Mudkip outfit to a Snover outfit due to Snover being an ice type Pokemon and there was snow on the beach.

Chapter 8: Marine's Inside Story

  • The title is a referance to the video game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • I got the idea for the plot of this chapter from the Futurama episode Parasites Lost.

Chapter 9: Surfin' Birds

  • The title is a referance to the song Surfin' Bird.
  • Kenzey losing her bra is a tribute to the scene in Total Drama Island where Heather lost her top.

Chapter 10: Oweguy's Diner

  • The unnamed TV channel the people come from is supposed to parody MTV.
  • This chapter took me a while to do because I was suffering writer's block and was busy with school.

Chapter 11: Family Dare Night

  • The title is a referance to Family Game Night
  • The title was originally going to be called Family Drama Night but I changed it at the last minute.

Chapter 12: A Not so Helping Hand

  • This was originally going to be chapter 14 but I pushed it forward to chapter 12.
  • Angry Seagulls is a parody of the mobile game Angry Birds.
  • Mudkip is shown out of his costume for the first time.

Chapter 13: My Dinner with Lindsay

  • The title is a referance to the 1981 film My Dinner with Andre.
  • The chapter was originally called the Return of Her Hotness but I changed it to My Dinner with Lindsay.
  • Lindsay makes a guest appearance in this chapter.
  • The challenge is similar to the one in the TDI episode Search and Do Not Destroy.

Chapter 14: Fish and Chicks

  • The title is a pun on the food Fish and Chips.
  • Aero first appears in this chapter.

Chapter 15: Whale of a Challenge

  • The title is a pun on the saying Whale of a Tale.
  • I originally planned on Kaylie appearing but I replaced her with the old man Chuckles.

Chapter 16: Fast Final Five

  • The title is a reference to the movie Fast Five.
  • The challenge is similar to the one in the TDI episode That's Off the Chain!

Chapter 17: Chef-Wrecked

  • The title is a play on the word shipwrecked.
  • The challenge is similar to both the one in Camp Castaways and the one in Are We There Yeti.
  • Chef is the host in this chapter.

Chapter 18: Chris Strikes Back

  • The challenge is very similar to the challenge in I Triple Dog Dare You.
  • Chris McLean hosts this challenge.
  • Chris and Chef doing another bet is a reference to their bet in the original triple dog dare challenge.
  • Dusk is revealed to have heterochromatic eyes with one being red and the other being blue.

Chapter 19: Beach Party Mayhem

  • The title is a referance to the series' title Total Drama: Beach Party Mayhem.

Chapter 20: The Search for Oweguy

  • At almost twenty pages on microsoft word, this is the longest chapter of the series. The reasons for this is because I wanted it to be similar to an actual one hour special and I wanted to talk about the TDVC contestants.

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