This story is rated PG-13. There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Total Drama: Explosion Action is a fanfiction about sixteen campers that arrives on the most explosive set ever. The previous season was on a explosion island. Chris made this set with his co-host Shawn. Shawn is a camper that partipicated in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He was the co-host in the previous season too. Total Drama: Explosion Action will introduce sixteen new characters. Alexa, Berry, Boy, Daniel, Daphne, Dune, Ellen, Freddy, George, Mary-Ann, Philippe, Pink, Princess, Savannah, Sylvester and Tunder. They all have a special thing on themselves that makes them a special character. Sweet, naive, mean, evil, dramatic, smart contestants will face challenges, eliminations and more. But, now they have to do challenges in movie themes.


(SPOILER ALERT: If you dont wanna see who is eliminated, dont look at this table!!!!!!!!)

Campers Original
Merge Elimination Episode Place Note Votes against
Explosion Island Get Ready! Set? Go! Returns 0
The Mean Queen
Camp Light Zombie Power 16th Voted Out 7
The Bossy Man
Camp Camera The Dramatic Movie 15th Voted Out 5
The Pink-Haired Cheerleader
Camp Camera Bring The Action 14th Voted Out 5
The Most Beautiful Of Them All
Camp Camera Camp Camera Schooling Twist 13th Voted Out 5
The Crazy Evil Boy
Camp Light Camp Light Schooling Twist 12th Disqualified 1
The Next 'Avatar'
Camp Light Camp Light A Endless Fight 11th Quits 0
The Hot Dude
Camp Camera Camp Camera Romantic Love 10th Voted Out 7
The Smart Twin
Camp Light Camp Camera Camp Camera The War Between Genders 9th Voted Out 2
The Flower-Power Girl
Camp Light Camp Light Camp Light Crime, Lies and.. Killers 8th Voted Out 3
The Unlucky Girl
Camp Camera Camp Light Camp Light Camera's In The Pocket 7th Eliminated 2
The Musican
Camp Camera Camp Light Camp Camera The Action Set Five less three is two 6th Eliminated 1
The Childhood Lady
Explosion Island Explosion Island Explosion Island Five less three is two 5th Quits 0
The Britisch Golf-Fan
Camp Light Camp Camera Camp Camera Good times, Bad times 4th Voted Out 4
The Girl That Wants Everything
Camp Light Camp Light Camp Light The Bold and the Beautiful 3rd Eliminated 1
The Living Telephone
Camp Camera Camp Camera Camp Light Runner Up

in Credits to the Winner

The Dumb Twin
Camp Light Camp Camera Camp Camera Winner

in Credits to the Winner



Episode 1 ~ Get Ready! Set? Go!

Get Ready! Set? Go!
Season 2, Episode 1
First Aired (USA) 23 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Light
Eliminated Dune
Episode Guide
"(Season 1) Battle for the million dollars"
"Zombie Power"
Chris walks on a island and looks to the camera. He says that this new season will start at a set with every episode a new movie theme. Then he introduces the new sixteen contestants. He smiles. When everyone is arrived Chris tells them that the first challenge will start now. Everyone makes ready for the challenge. What will happen to them? Chris tells them the challenge. The contestants have to climb a mountain, run on the explosion race and then they have to fly with a private plane. The first eight will be in Camp Light. The other seven will be in Camp Camera. The last contestant that arrives at the finish will going home as first. So everyone have to run fast. Ellen, Savannah, Daphne, Sylvester, Boy, Berry, Freddy, Thunder and Philippe arrives as first and are now team Light! Mary-Ann, Princess, Pink, Boy, George and Daniel arrives after them. Only Alexa and Dune are not arrived. But then Alexa runs there cause Dune wasnt evil enough to stop Alexa for winning. Dune loses and is eliminated. She feels really bad about herself. Alexa is really happy. Camp Light can go to the luxe rooms and can have a party. Camp Camera have to go to the set. With Shawn.. but Dune isnt going home. Cause Dune is going to Explosion Island. She have to stay there till the next eliminated contestant arrives at the island. She have to battle to him/her. The winner will stay at the island. The other is going home. Dune is safe for now.. 

Episode 2 ~ Zombie Power

Zombie Power
Season 2, Episode 2
First Aired (USA) 24 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Camera
Eliminated Daphne
Episode Guide
"Get Ready! Set? Go!"
"The Dramatic Movie"
The episode starts with Dune on Explosion Island. She is waiting and is bored. She is hungry and really wants to eat something. At the set team Light is annoyed by Daphne. Daphne is really mean to everyone and they are not longer happy with it so they wanna vote for her. But Daphne is also one of the strongest players of the team.A few minutes later everyone is scared and afraid. Cause the zombies walks to the set. The two teams has to look out for it cause if they are caught by the zombies they are out of the challenge. Ellen wants to put flowers on the zombies. Daphne knows if she does that she will be caught by the zombies. Sylvester says she has to do it and she is caught by a zombie. Daphne creaps out to him and is really angry now. At team Camera's, Boy is talking with Mary-Ann. He kinda likes her and Mary-Ann looks always to Boy. She is in love with him. And she wants him as boyfriend but she doesnt want to ask. But after all Mary-Ann and Boy wins for their team. And they are so happy. No elimination ceremony. Team Light has a elimination ceremony. It's water vs. fire now. Cause Daphne is really angry and the other team players too. But who is the person that has to leave? That is a secret for now. Chris explains a thing. How more chris statues you get on elimination ceremonies how more change you have to survive the merge game. But the person that is voted off is Daphne. Daphne has to go to the Explosion Island to battle Dune. Will she win it?

Episode 3 ~ The Dramatic Movie

The Dramatic Movie
Season 2, Episode 3
First Aired (USA) 25 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Light
Eliminated George
Episode Guide
"Zombie Power"
"Bring The Action"
At Explosion Island the battle starts between Daphne and Dune. It's exciting cause who will win it. The challenge: a balanca beam. The person that can stand longer then the other will win the battle. The other has to go home. Daphne is acting mean to Dune but Dune wins the battle. Daphne is going home and Dune stays.Everyone can see the duel on the set. And they are happy to see that Daphne lost the battle. Much drama and that is the theme of today. Drama! The two teams has to do two Dutch drama shows. Team Light has 'Kees & Co' and team Camera 'New Kids'. At team Camera, George isnt doing anything cause he thinks New Kids is bad for you. Everyone laughs about him. Princess is looking at the camera every time. And that is really annoying. Boy talks with Alexa and likes her. Mary-Ann doesnt see anything. At the other team everything is doing fine. And maybe they will win the challenge. And yes they did! Team Light wins! Everyone receives a chris statue except George and Princess. They are in the bottom two. George didnt do anything in the challenge and Princess was doing like a princess. But Princess is still the princess of the show cause the Princess is safe for tonight. George is voted off and he isnt really angry. He smiles and goes away. Boy talks a little bit with Pink and he looks interessted in her. But Pink not. Mary-Ann sees it and thinks about it. What can it be?

Episode 4 ~ Bring The Action

Bring The Action
Season 2, Episode 4
First Aired (USA) 26 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Light
Eliminated Pink
Episode Guide
"The Dramatic Movie"
"Fairy, Prince and the Beast!"
It's Dune vs. George. George is really nice to Dune and Dune is happy. Both arent doing their best but Dune wins the battle again. Dune is really happy but feels sad for George. George leaves the island and is going to his childs. At the set Chris tells everyone about the challenge. The two teams has to fight to each other in a action movie. With toy guns they have to shoot to the other team. Then you get points. The team with the most points will win the challenge. Alexa is really annoying and cant do anything right. Princess is shooted 100 times. Pink is playing really good and is in the game. Boy and Daniel are doing their best too, but not that good as Pink. In the other team everyone is working together. And it works cause they won the challenge. Team Light is really happy but team Camera has to go to the elimination ceremony.

Boy and Daniel are talking to each other. Mary-Ann talks with them too. They wanna vote for Pink cause she is too strong and she will be really hard in the merge. Princess and Pink talks about Alexa. She is so annoying she has to go. The two girls talks with Daniel too. But is Daniel voting Alexa or Pink? Both girls are in the bottom two and Pink is the person that is voted out. She cries and dont understand why she is eliminated. The two boys explains it. Princess is really angry.

Episode 5 ~ Fairy, Prince and the Beast!

Fairy, Prince and the Beast!
Season 2, Episode 5
First Aired (USA) 27 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Camera
Eliminated -
Episode Guide
"Bring The Action"
"Is There A Doctor?!?!?"
The sun shines and Pink is going to Dune on Explosion Island. The two huggs each other cause they are best friends. It's hard for them to battle against each other. But Pink and Dune wants to win both. So they are doing their best. And Dune wins again. Pink is eliminated. Dune is kind of happy. Dune has a special reward. She can make the new teams. Team Camera: Mary-Ann, Freddy, Berry, Princess, Philippe and Boy. Team Light: Alexa, Daniel, Sylvester, Ellen, Savannah and Thunder. The challenge is a fairytale. Both camps has to make a fairytale castle and have to make a story with it. Two has to play in it. Team Camera makes that Princess is kidnapped. She is in the castle. Freddy has to rescue her and he did. Team Light makes Belle and the Beast. But it's totally a copy. So Team Camera wins. Finally.

When team Light is walking to the elimination ceremony, Chris runs to them. With special news. Nobody is going home tonight. Someone destroyed the votes. But nobody knows who it is. Chris is in a bad mood and dont want to vote another time. And everyone doesnt know for who they have to vote. So it's a non elimination evening! Party!

Episode 6 ~ Schooling Twist

Schooling Twist
Season 2, Episode 6
First Aired (USA) 28 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Light
Eliminated Princess & Sylvester
Episode Guide
"Fairy, Prince and the Beast!"
"A Endless Fight"
It's morning. Sylvester sits at a table and looks to Freddy and Berry. They are strange. Sylvester knows one thing nobody knows. He was the destroyer of the votes last time. And he is angry it didnt worked. Alexa is really annoying.Team Camera feels weak, they have to win more challenges. Chris tells them the new challenge. A school movie. The two teams has to make a movie about a school. Study etc. Team Light makes a plan. Chris looks angry to Sylvester. Nobody knows why. But Sylvester does... At team Camera, Boy is looking to Princess all of the time. Mary-Ann is getting angry about it. Maybe they will fall in love with each other. Princess is doing as a princess same as always. But it's gonna be annoying. The movie of Team Camera is really bad. So they lose. Thunder and Savannah had the right idea. The Elimination Ceremony... team Light has to come as well. Chris tells everyone that not one person is going home tonight but two! Sylvester is disqualified for now. But he can get a second change if he wins the battle. And the second person is Boy or Princess. Both are in the bottom two. But Princess is voted out so she is going to home. Home? Explosion Island!!!

Episode 7 ~ A Endless Fight

A Endless Fight
Season 2, Episode 7
First Aired (USA) 29 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Camera
Eliminated Thunder
Episode Guide
"Schooling Twist"
"Romantic Love"
The boat with Sylvester and Princess on it is going to Explosion Island. When Dune the two sees she is afraid. How will she beat two people? Sylvester.. Princess. The most evil boy and the beauty queen. It will be exciting! The three are standing and are ready for the balance challenge. As first Princess falls of it and is out. And then Sylvester tries to slaps Dune but he falls. So Dune wins again. She is really happy but Sylvester is angry. Réally angry.On the set it's just boring. And that is why Chris wants some action. The two teams has to fight to each other. Punch each other, kick or slap. Everything is possible. Everyone is afraid for it but they are gonna do it! This is the fight. Thunder tries to use his powers but nothing works. Mary-Ann punches Alexa. She always wanted to do that. Daniel and Philippe are fighting. But when everyone has the feeling, Thunder screams. He quits with the challenge and with the game. He has to load his powers cause he feels weak. And he doesnt wanna play without powers.

Chris says he can go but he have to battle to Dune cause that is a rule. Thunder agrees. Cause he is not doing his best on the challenge. But who knows he will win? Thunder will do everything to win not this time.

Episode 8 ~ Romantic Love

Romantic Love
Season 2, Episode 8
First Aired (USA) 30 September, 2014
Winner(s) Team Light
Eliminated Boy
Episode Guide
"A Endless Fight"
"The War Between Genders"
Everyone sleeps on the set. It's 5 AM. Thunder sleeps on the boat and Dune sleeps on a tree. When the boat arrives Thunder walks to Dune. He says he doesnt want to win. The two have a battle and Thunder jumps off the balance thing. Dune wins again. She really wanna go back to the game but still no message for the merge.When everyone wakes up they can have a breakfast for the first time this season. But it is not what it seems like... It's a horrible breakfast. Everyone has to eat it, but it have to be like a romantic movie. So, the teams has to eat disguisting food but have to do as perfect romantic breakfast. The winning team gets immunity. Mary-Ann is still angry on Boy. She thinks, he is playing with all girls. Team Light wins. Who is going home? Boy tries to talk with Mary-Ann but it doesnt help. Freddy and Berry talks about Mary-Ann and Boy thinks Mary-Ann will be voted off tonight.. The elimination ceremony starts and everyone has voted. Everyone is safe except Boy with all votes. Mary-Ann doesnt understand. Boy voted for himself cause he wanted to save Mary-Ann. Mary-Ann cries and hugs him. She will win for him and her. Boy is going to Explosion Island..

Episode 9 ~ The War Between Genders

The War Between Genders
Season 2, Episode 9
First Aired (USA) 1 October, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Light
Eliminated Freddy
Episode Guide
"Romantic Love"
"Crime, Lies and.. Killers"
With much confident is Boy going to Explosion Island to battle with Dune. He cant wait for it. But will he win the battle? Dune doesnt seem happy to see Boy. He is big, fast, strong and friendly. Can she win from him? The two starts with the balance battle. After a long battle, Boy fails to win the battle and is going home. Dune is happy and she knows the merge will be soon. She will make the merge!Everyone is going to the fake beach on the set. Chris tells them the two episodes before the merge will be in new teams. 8 contestants, 4 boys and 4 girls. That means.. boy vs. girls. And Chris has a brilliant challenge. A war! The boys and girs has to shoot the others with fake guns. The team that will kill the other players from the other team wins the challenge and has immunity. It's a real war. Alexa is shooted by Freddy, and Freddy by Savannah. Mary-Ann by Berry and Berry by Ellen. After a hour only Savannah, Daniel and Mary-Ann are alive in the game. Daniel shoots Mary-Ann and Savannah shoots Daniel. The girls wins!

Berry and Freddy has a alliance. They have to vote for Philippe. Berry wants to ask something but Freddy is talking again and again. Philippe and Daniel wants to vote for Freddy or one of them will be eliminated. It has to be fast and good. At the elimination ceremony, Berry is safe. Philippe and Daniel has both 1 vote and Freddy 2 votes. Freddy doesnt understand it. But now it's not difficult to know. Berry wanted to ask who was Philippe. So he voted by accident Daniel, cause he doesnt knew who it was. Freddy is eliminated and is really angry.

Episode 10 ~ Crime, Lies and.. Killers

Crime, Lies and.. Killers
Season 2, Episode 10
First Aired (USA) 2 October, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Camera
Eliminated Ellen
Episode Guide
"The War Between Genders"
"Camera's In The Pocket"
The girls are so happy, they won from the boys. But they have to survive the other challenges too, or one of the girls will going home? At Explosion Island, Freddy arrives and looks to Dune. He didnt expected she was still at Explosion Island. He is a little bit scared cause Dune won every battle. The two starts with the balance battle. And the winner is Dune, again. Freddy is going with the boat to home and Chris arrives. He tells Dune she has to survive the last battle tomorrow. And if she win, she will return to the game!The boys are talking with each other. They have to win the next challenge. The boys and girls are going to the beach. Chris is there. He tells them that the team that wins this challenge are going to the merge challenge. Everyone is excited for it. The challenge is a difficult one. It's a horror movie. If the killer grabs you, you are out. But you can trick the other team with lies. And on the island there is a gun. So you can shoot the killer, if he wants to grab you. Welcome to Crime, Lies and Killers! Chris walks away and the killer runs to the contestants...

Mary-Ann and Savannah runs away and hides at the place with the many trees. Alexa climbs in a tree but falls out of it and is killed by the killer. Ellen runs to Mary-Ann and Savannah and the two girls shakes their head. Ellen feels sad and runs away, but she is killed by the killer. The boys are doing well for now, except Daniel. He is killed. Savannah and Mary-Ann have to escape now cause the killer walks to them, but it's to late. They are killed. Berry and Philippe shoots the killer down. The boys are the winners!

The girls are sad. They have to vote for someone. Savannah and Mary-Ann are talking about voting someone off. Mary-Ann remembers something about a chris doll. With eliminations etcetera. They have to vote for Ellen, cause she has many dolls. They ask Alexa to vote for Ellen too and she agrees. And at the elimination ceremony, Ellen is eliminated. Too bad for her, cause she is depressed now. She cries and is going to Explosion Island...

Episode 11 ~ Camera's In The Pocket

Camera's In The Pocket
Season 2, Episode 11
First Aired (USA) 3 October, 2014
Winner(s) Daniel & Dune
Eliminated Alexa
Episode Guide
"Crime, Lies and.. Killers"
"Five less two is three"
It's night and the boat arrives at Explosion Island. Ellen is happy to see Dune and the two hugs each other. They both know this is the last battle before the merge. And one of them will merge. Ellen feels bad for Dune. She did so much for it and maybe she will lose the battle. Ellen wants to return but she thinks Dune has to be it. So when the battle begins, Ellen jumps off it. Dune cries cause she returns to Total Drama: Explosion Action. Ellen is happy for her.Dune is going with the boat to the set. She sees Chris on the beach and walks to him. Chris tells her she is in the merge and she is the first here so she is the winner of the episode. There is a table with much food. Dune eats something of it and waits now for the others. The others are at the other side of the set. With their dolls they have to make pictures. The most beautiful pictures gets points. The awfull pictures are going to the trash. How more pictures how more points. The person with the less points is eliminated.Everyone starts with the challenge. The girls has more dolls then the boys, but the boys are making great pictures. Alexa has too much idols and is making awfull pictures. Berry and Savannah are doing great and arrives at the beach. They see Dune and are surprised. Mary-Ann, Daniel and Philippe arrives later and as last Alexa. When everyone is arrived Chris looks to the photo's. And Alexa has 2 points and the others more then 6 points. So it's official, Alexa didnt made the merge and is eliminated. Alexa is going home and falls with her nose on the boat. She faints and the boat is going away.

Finally the merge with: Berry, Dune, Daniel, Philippe, Mary-Ann and Savannah! And they eating as beasts. They are eating all night and when the night falls, everyone sleeps. Cause tomorrow will be a hard day. Really hard day.

Episode 12 ~ Five less two is three

Five less two is three
Season 2, Episode 12
First Aired (USA) 4 October, 2014
Winner(s) Philippe
Eliminated Daniel & Dune
Episode Guide
"Camera's In The Pocket"
"Good times, Bad times"
It's merge but nobody feels like they are in the merge. It's boring at the set, there is nothing to do. Mary-Ann is walking around, Philippe is sleeping, Dune is playing with her hair, Savannah is sleeping, Daniel sits and looks around and Berry is writing a book. When Mary-Ann is back she says there is a letter for them. She gives it to Berry. Everyone walks to the group. Berry is reading. "Contestants, you are now in the merge. Today we have a special challenge for you guys. As first, open the box in the front of the set. Get a paper of it and put the name of your bestfriend in it." Everyone looks to each other. Everyone puts a name on it and puts it again in the box. A bird with some paper flies to them.A message from Chris. The contestants has to go to the control room. Shawn sneaks in and grabs the box. He is reading the votes and tells it to Chris. The names: Mary-Ann, Mary-Ann, Mary-Ann, Dune, Philippe and Berry. Savannah and Daniel arent in the box. So they have to battle. And one of them will be eliminated. The others has to go to the immunity challenge. That's a puzzle game. Philippe wins the puzzle game and Savannah wins the elimination game. Daniel is eliminated. And the others except Philippe has a elimination ceremony. Double elimination time.

Everyone has voted. Savannah is eliminated. But Dune stands up and is almost crieing. She has to tell something. Dune is sick, really sick and has a illness. She has to go to a hospital. It happend on Explosion Island, she didnt eat something at all. And she almost faints now. Dune has to quit. Savannah is still in the game. Dune and Daniel are leaving the set. And the final four makes them ready.

Episode 13 ~ Good times, Bad times

Good times, Bad times
Season 2, Episode 13
First Aired (USA) 5 October, 2014
Winner(s) Mary-Ann
Eliminated Philippe
Episode Guide
"Five less two is three"
"The Bold and the Beautiful"
The final four makes them ready for the last immunity challenge. Philippe and Berry has a alliance and Mary-Ann and Savannah has a alliance. Today is a realityshow challenge. It's 5.50 A.M and the contestants has to play in the realityshow. Producer Dan Schneider is on the set today and helps with the challenge. The four contestants has to play a scene. The best will win. Berry begins and is doing well. Savannah is doing less better but isnt awfull. Mary-Ann is doing great and Philippe has a annoying voice. Dan Schneider cant choose, he likes Berry and Mary-Ann. They are both great but one can win of them. So Mary-Ann and Berry has to do another scene. Savannah is really angry about it. She thought she was the best of the show. But no, it is Mary-Ann. Always someone else. Philippe is annoyed by Savannah. And the two has a fight when Berry starts with his scene. He screams to Savannah and Berry and now he failed in his scene while Mary-Ann is doing amazing. So Mary-Ann wins the challenge. And has immunity.

The last elimination ceremony of this season... Philippe, Savannah or Berry is going home. It's a 3-1 vote. Berry is safe but who is eliminated. It's so exciting. Savannah is maybe going home cause she is always mean. And Philippe is annoying with his voice. The person that is going home is... Philippe! So Berry voted Philippe. He doesnt understand anything about it but he leaves with respect.

Episode 14 ~ The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful
Season 2, Episode 14
First Aired (USA) 6 October, 2014
Winner(s) Mary-Ann
Eliminated Savannah
Episode Guide
"Good times, Bad times"
"Credits to the Winner"
When Mary-Ann is awake she jumps and looks to herself on the mirror. She is in the final three and maybe in the finale... and will she make it? Berry wakes up and looks angry to the window. He has to sleep one more hour but he cant. And Savannah is allready awake and smiles like a evil.It's time for a talent show! Berry is dancing, Mary-Ann is singing and Savannah is doing a fashion show. Berry dances and tries to be the best of it. Mary-Ann sings and sings and hopes she is the best today. Savannah is walking around as the fashion girl. But everyone gets a 8.0 score. Except Mary-Ann. It means, Mary-Ann is the first finalist from this season! But who is the second? Berry or Savannah? They have to battle now.

It's the theme song of the Bold and the Beautiful. Berry is playing a nerd and has to sing with Savannah which plays the beauty. The person that is doing the best will win the challenge and is going to the finale with  Mary-Ann. The two contestants are singing and it is amazing! But Berry is a little bit more better cause Savannah is trying to much. Savannah is eliminated and she is really angry. She screams to everyone and Shawn takes her away to the boat. It's the end for Savannah.

Episode 15 ~ Credits to the Winner

Credits to the Winner
Season 2, Episode 15
First Aired (USA) 7 October, 2014
Winner(s) Berry (Official)
Eliminated Mary-Ann (Official)
Episode Guide
"The Bold and the Beautiful"
Today... the finale! Mary-Ann and Berry are really excited for it. Who is the lucky boy/girl with the million dollars? Chris brings Mary-Ann and Berry to the red carpet. They will play the last challenge there. A lot of fans are standing there and they have to give signatures. Then they have to make a picture with a fan and as last the catwalk photo. Will it be Mary-Ann or Berry?

Berry walks as first and gives signatures. He is doing great and makes a lot of photo's with fans. After that he makes a catwalk photo. And he thinks he has a great change to win. Mary-Ann is walking after Berry. She makes much photo's with fans and makes the most beautiful catwalk photo, before she falls. She screams and is really angry on herself. But maybe she is a sort of diva. But she isnt...

Berry wins Total Drama: Explosion Action, cause he was the best on the red carpet, made better pictures and made nice signatures. Mary-Ann wanted too much and and made horrible photo's with her fans. Berry is really happy and thinks about Freddy. He will share the money with his brother. Mary-Ann is really angry but is happy for Berry.

Episode 16 ~ Celebrity-Special

Season 2, Episode 16
First Aired (USA) 20 October, 2014
Episode Guide
"Credits to the Winner"
"(season 3) See Ya Back!"
"Well, well it's almost 9.00 A.M and the guests from tonight are almost arrived. How is it there, George?" journalist Mercedy McWalles said. "It's great Mercedy, it's a little bit cold at the stage but i will survive it. Are there any guests?" George Drive asked. "No, no. Not yet. But when they are arrived the party will begin!" She answered. It's the evening of the Explosion Action cast members. They will arrive for an exclusive interview and a cast meeting. But that is what everyone thinks. Not only the cast of Explosion Action will arrive tonight. The cast of Explosion Island is on their way too. They will fight for the place in the new season Total Drama: Explosion Tour. But Who is gonna be in it? After a halve hour the sixteen contestants from Explosion Action arrives. Daphne looks happy. "Daphne you look gorge-ous. Amáázing. How did you do your hair beauty?" Mercedy asked to Daphne. "Well, i am always gorgeous. Not only now but i am doing my hair my a excellent hairdresser. Her name is Cindy Waves. Call her sometime.. she can do something for you." Daphne said and walks away. The other contestants are walking around and are talking with other people.

But then.. then arrives Colin. Everyone looks to Colin. Why is he there? "It's Colin from the first generation. Why are you here?" Mercedy said and holds the microphone to his mouth. Everyone looks excited to him. "Just asked." Colin said dreamly. Everyone is shocked. But then everyone from the first generation walks out of the limousines and talks with their fans and other journalists. And Chris McLean arrives later. "Welcome to Total Drama: Celebrity-Special...!" Chris said and pushes Mercedy away. "Today we'll see who is gonna qualificate for the new season of the Explosion series. And that is the running challenge. There are 21 places in the limousine. You have to run to it. That's it." Chris said. Everyone looks to him. Only that? everyone thinks. "No. no. no. Not only running, cause all your fans can huge you, dance with you and .. kiss you. So look out" Chris said then and everyone runs.

Troy and Boy are the two first in the limousine. They are followed by May, Zero, Sylvester and Freddy. Freddy looks to Berry which is at the begin of the fans. But then Savannah jumps on Freddy. Princess, George, Gary and Thunder are arrived at the limousine too. "10 places left. Hurry up, the plane isnt waiting for hours.." Chris said. When Chloe and Zoey hears plane they think about New York, London, Paris. So they running fast and has Cinderella's hair on their feet. All 3 girls arrives. Serena and Jamie runs after the 3 girls. Berry, Philippe and Pink arrives too. Mary-Ann runs to the limousine and jumps in Boy his arms. They kiss. Daphne is almost at the limousine but Colin jumps on her and jumps then on the limousine. The doors closes and the limousine rides away.

Daphne looks really angry. "Noooooo, a change for 1.000.000 million dollars are away nowww" Daphne screamed. The other contestants that didnt reached the limousine are unhappy too. But the other contestants in the limousine are really happy and excited. "Welcome lucky contestants. You all have now a ticket for the plane 'Chris Da Luxe'. Yes and i'm not kidding. It's really luxe. We are having a world tour and you all will like it. But it's a competition so you have to do your best. Get you all ready for: Total Drama: Explosion Tour !" Chris said and the third season can start finally.

Elimination table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Finale
5 Dune OUT Returns to the game WIN4 QUIT5
15 George IN WIN OUT EX.
16 Daphne WIN OUT EX.

1: Alexa was supossed to be voted out but someone destroyed the votes. Chris was in a bad mood so he doesnt wanted to vote again.

2: Thunder hasnt any powers left and he doesnt wanted to feel weak so he quit with the game to load his powers at home.

3: Boy voted for himself to save Mary-Ann, but everyone voted for Boy so it doesnt matter.

4: Dune returned from Explosion Island and was the first at the beach and won the merge challenge.

5: Dune was injured and felt sick so she left the island cause she had to heal very fast or it ended really bad.

  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for their team.
  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for themselves only.
  •      WIN: Was apart of the winning team.
  •      IN: Was safe during the elimination ceremony.
  •      LOW: Was on the bottom two during the elimination ceremony.
  •      OUT: This camper was voted off or eliminated.
  •      OUT: This camper was eliminated.
  •      DISQ: This camper was disqualified from the competition.
  •      QUIT: This camper leaved the island for a personal reason.
  •      EX.: This camper lost the battle on Explosion Island.


  • Same as previous season there are 16 contestants.
  • Same as the real Total Drama Series the second season is a Action theme.
  • Chris is still the host and Shawn the co-host.
  • Dune is the first contestant that has to go to Explosion Island.
    • She was also the only main friendly person with Boy and Pink.
  • Savannah and Ellen are the only two contestants that were still in Camp Light when the team mixed.
    • In total three times.
  • The story of Pink is based on the Dutch Survivor series: " Expeditie Robinson. "
  • Sylvester is based on Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes.
  • This is the second time in a row a boy wins the competition.
  • Even though Freddy is much smarter then his twin Berry, Berry won the competition while Freddy didnt made the merge.
  • Mary-Ann is the only female contestant for now that reached the finale.
  • Alexa was the most bottom two contestant. She was 3 times in danger.
  • The elimination order is changed after episode 3. Cause Daphne was eliminated first a boy had to go next. The problem, it was planned to place Princess on that place. But Pink was eliminated after her. So George's place was switched with Princess her place.
  • Sylvester is the main antagonist of the show.
  • Dune won all of the battles.
  • Dune is never voted out in her time of Total Drama: Explosion Action.
    • She was eliminated in episode 1 cause she was the last that reached the finish line.
    • She won all of the battles and came back.
    • She quit the game cause she was sick.
      • She had a simple ilness and was better after 6 days.
  • Only 6 people reached the merge. Previous season 7 did.
  • Till episode 14, Mary-Ann was the winner of Explosion Action. But then it was switched and Berry won. Cause Mary-Ann can do a lot of more things when she win. So she wouldnt come back for another season. Berry is dumb, so he spend his money out on dumb stuff.
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