This story is rated PG-13. There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

One Island, sixteen campers, and dramatic explosions!

Total Drama: Explosion Island is a fanfiction about sixteen campers that arrives on the most explosive island ever. Chris made this island with his new co-host Shawn. Shawn is a camper that partipicated in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Total Drama: Explosion Island will introduce sixteen new character. Ashley, Chloe, Cinderella, Colin, Drake, Gary, Jamie, Kate, Matt, May, Paul, Troy, Serena, Victor, Zero (Nero) and Zoey. They all have a special thing on themselves that makes them a special character. Sweet, naive, mean, evil, dramatic, smart contestants will face challenges, eliminations and more.


(SPOILER ALERT: If you dont wanna see who is eliminated, dont look at this table!!!!!!!!)

Contestants Original
Merge Elimination Episode Place Note Votes against
The Annoying Dude
Camp Nitro A new begin? 16th Voted Out 7
The Swag Dude
Camp Nitro Problem in the Maze 15th Voted Out 6
The Sweet Girl Scout
Camp Nitro The Pregnant Enemy 14th Quits 0
Returns to the game
Camp TNT I Thought You Were My Bestfriend ?!? Returns 1
The Queen Alliance
Camp TNT Electric Enemy 13th Voted Out 5
The Mean Bestfriend
Camp TNT The Revenge of A Villain 12th Disqualified 2
The Sweet Bestfriend
Camp TNT The Revenge of A Villain 11th Voted Out 13
The Silent Gothic
Camp Nitro Camp Nitro Mega Alien Changing Day 10th Voted Out 5
The Sweet Mother-Type
Camp TNT Camp Nitro Second halve of a dirty diner 9th Voted Out 1
The Obsessed-Disney Lady
Camp Nitro Camp Nitro Going Faster, Faster and more Faster! 8th Eliminated 2
The Mistake of All
Camp TNT Camp TNT Camp Heaven 'The Complot.. part two' 7th Eliminated 0
Zero (Nero)
The Psychological Evil
Camp TNT Camp Nitro Devil's Revenge 6th Disqualified 4
The Strange Brainaic
Camp TNT Camp TNT Devil's Revenge 5th Voted Out 6
The Cool Boy
Camp TNT Camp TNT No food, no drink, you sink? 4th Voted Out 3
The Wannabe Girl
Camp Nitro Camp TNT Ex-Contestants Reunion 3rd Eliminated 4
The Dramatic Bigfoot-Fan.
Camp Nitro Camp Nitro Runner Up

in Battle for the million dollars

The Handsome Guy
 Camp Nitro Camp TNT Winner

in Battle for the million dollars



Episode 1 ~ A new begin?

A new begin?
Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired (USA) 8 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp TNT
Eliminated Colin
Episode Guide
"Problem in the Maze"

The episode stars with the contestants in a train. But the train is defect so he will crash and fall of a moutain.So the campers have to choose. Jump out of the train or stay. Only eight can jump out of the train.

Ashley, Chloe, Zoey, May, Zero, Kate, Drake and Paul jumps off the train. But the others stay. They are almost death.But they survive it and Chris deciced the teams. The contestants that jumps off the train are team TNT. The others are team Nitro.This island is 'Explosion Island' made by Chris, so the teamnames are in that category. The first challenge starts. They have to grab eight flags to put them on the color ground. the first team will win immunity. When a team win three times in a row, they stay in a three stars hotel. Team TNT wins. Colin did nothing, only be annoying to his teammates. Gary was afraid for bigfoot, he thought he was in the forest. Cinderella was dancing and singing all the time. Victor did nothing and was quiet. Matt said he won for his team and thought he was the best but actually Serena and Jamie won.

At the elimination ceremony everyone receives a marsmallow except Victor and Colin. They are in the bottom two. Victor, cause he didnt say anything to his teammates and he did nothing in the challenge cause he is not confident. And Colin is in the bottom two cause he was annoying by touching his teammates and telling weird stories. But Colin is going home and is angry about it. But understands it. He is shooting away by the Explosive canon of shame. A new thing what Chris loves. Victor is thankfull.

Episode 2 ~ Problem in the Maze

Problem in the Maze
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired (USA) 9 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp TNT
Eliminated Matt
Episode Guide
"A new begin?"
"The Pregnant Enemy"

When Chris starts the episode, everyone lies on their bed. But not everyone... Zero is walking around and he has weird feelings in his head. He feels dissy... and the screen is in his head.Zero has another personality. Nero. And that is the friendly halve of him.

Serena and Jamie becomes friends and are talking much about the other teammates. Jamie thinks Matt is too much confident and Serena doesnt like Gary. Gary isnt sleeping at all cause he thinks bigfoot is in the forest, again. Cinderella sings a song for him. But then Chris walks to the contestants and tells them, that they have a challenge right now. They are annoyed by Chris. But they walks to a giant maze. They have to run. The first team with everyone out of the maze will win. Matt is doing bad, same as Gary. But Zero, Drake and May are doing fine. Zoey and Chloe too, but Zoey tells Chloe she have to steal Zero's neckless. Zoey wants it to sell it for much dollar. Chloe steals it and Zero doesnt see anything. Chloe feels sad for him. But Drake, Zero, Ashley and Kate are the first four that arrives. The other team are doing really bad and Victor Cinderella and Gary are the last.

At the elimination ceremony, Matt screams to Victor, Cinderella and Gary. Gary feels bad and Jamie is annoyed by him and says he is wrong. He doesnt care and everyone takes a sit. Everyone receives a marsmallow except Gary and Matt. They are in the bottom two. Matt, cause he is angry all of the time and he thinks he is the star of the show. And Gary, cause he was the worst today. But the person that is going home is .... Matt! Matt is angry. Serena is confused and Cinderella sings an end theme for Matt. But he is angry. Same as always.

Episode 3 ~ The Pregnant Enemy

The Pregnant Enemy
Season 1, Episode 3
First Aired (USA) 10 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp TNT
Eliminated Serena
Episode Guide
"Problem in the Maze"
"I Thought You Were My BFF?!?"
The episode starts with Zoey and Chloe. Chloe has to steal the neckless of May but Chloe doesnt want that. But Zoey is getting mad on Chloe so Choe walk to May's bed and steals the neckless. Zero sees it and smiles then. When everyone walks to the beach for the challenge is Zero away. May is angry cause she lost her neckless somewhere. But she dont know where. Ashley is annoyed by Paul. He is talking about his home and he is a little bit homesick. At the Nitro Camp, Serena feels sick.Chris screams for the challenge of today. It's dodgeball. Both teams has to throw everyone off with a ball. Serena feels really sick and has to go to the medical persons. They see something different. Serena is pregnant. She is scared for it. At the challenge, everyone is doing well. But Jamie wants to win and says to everyone that she have to win for her team, what is really annoying. Cinderella sings and dances, but is out of the game as first cause she is only singing all the time. Zoey and Chloe are doing great, but Zoey is screaming at Chloe. Chloe is getting tired of her, but she wants to be friends, cause she feels right by Zoey. But team TNT wins again. Team Nitro has to vote for someone again. So they are going to the elimination ceremony for the third time in a row. That means that team TNT can stay in the three stars hotel.At the elimination ceremony walks Serena back to her team. Everyone votes. Troy, Victor, Serena and Gary are safe. It's Jamie and Cinderella in the bottom two. Jamie cause she wants to win all of the time and she is really mean. Cinderella is only singing and dancing at the challenges. When Chris wants to say who's eliminated, Serena stands up and says she quits cause she wants to have a baby. She tells everyone that she's pregnant. Jamie is happy but sad cause Serena is her bestfriend. Serena is going home and is happy to make friends.

Episode 4 ~ I Thought You Were My BFF?!?

I Thought You Were My BFF?!?
Season 1, Episode 4
First Aired (USA) 11 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Nitro
Eliminated Zoey
Episode Guide
"The Pregnant Enemy"
"Electric Enemies"

The birds sings and the sky is blue. It seems like a beautiful day for Chloe but when she is awake, Zoey stands there and screams to her. Chloe has to massage Zoey's face. Chloe doesnt want it, but she have to do it.At the other camp, team Nitro is making a strategy. They have to win this challenge, cause they have five team members now insteat of eight like the other camp. Everyone walks to the beach for the challenge. Zoey tells Chloe to steal something from Paul but then Chloe is finally standing up for herself and screams to Zoey that she doesnt steal anything from someone again. The other contestants looks to Chloe with the question: what did she stole from us? Chloe gives everything back and are really angry on Chloe and walks away. Zoey is happy. The challenge is hide and seek in a zombie style. Shawn have to find everyone, and when he get you, you are out. Zoey and Chloe are screaming to each other so they are caught by Shawn. Zoey screams again to Chloe, but Chloe is so much confident now so she slaps Zoey in the face and laughs. At the end team Nitro wins, thanks to Jamie and Troy. Team Nitro is happy, really happy. They won finally. But team TNT has to go to the elimination ceremony...At the ceremony, the bottom two is Zoey with Chloe. Zoey cause she was mean to Chloe. Chloe cause she was mean to Zoey and stole things from the other team members. The person that is eliminated is... Chloe. Chloe feels so confident so she says that she's Zoey. Zero knows that she's Chloe but doesnt say anything. Zoey is really mad and screams that everyone is stupid if they think that Chloe is her. When she said that everyone says that Chloe is Zoey so Zoey is eliminated. Chloe's mission is done and is finally happy.

Episode 5 ~ Electric Enemy

Electric Enemy
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired (USA) 12 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Nitro
Eliminated Ashley
Episode Guide
"I Thought You Were My BFF?!?"
"The Revenge of A Villain"
Everyone sleeps, and when they wake up they are awake in a weird control room. Team TNT awakes in the right side of the room and team Nitro in the left side. They looks weird to each other. On the TV screen they see Chris. He says that everyone is in danger cause they have to find a way out of the room. The first team that is out of it will win immunity.Chloe thinks and she has a idea. She wants to run to the jump and kicking it. Paul and Drake looks to each other and tries it. But Kate looks to the door and thinks. At the other side Troy and Jamie are talking about the challenge. Cinderella is dancing and looks around and thinks she sees a button to get out of the room. But it isnt. It's a self-destruct button so everyone is in panic. Cause Victor pushed on it. But then Troy sees an window above them. Troy lifsts Cinderella and she let her hair sink. Everyone of team Nitro climbs on her hair and are out of the room. The door is open and team TNT is free. Ashley is so angry they didnt win again. May looks to the others and is kind of dissapointed in herself. Ashley says to Paul and Drake that they were useless but they did more then Ashley.Everyone walks to the elimination ceremony. Zero looks angry to Ashley. Ashley looks back to Zero and feels weird. Something is wrong here. Ashley votes Zero and tells Kate to vote Zero to be sure for it. Kate votes Zero. So Zero is in the bottom two with Ashley. But Ashley is the person who's going home. She screams to everyone and even Jamie and Gary hears it. Gary thinks its bigfoot so he is running around. Ashley is shooting away.

Episode 6 ~ The Revenge of A Villain

The Revenge of A Villain
Season 1, Episode 6
First Aired (USA) 13 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp Nitro
Eliminated Zoey & Chloe
Episode Guide
"Electric Enemy"
"Mega Alien Changing Day"

Chris is in his control room and looks to the screen in it. He talks a little bit with Shawn but then someone is walking in the control room and slaps Shawn. He is knocked out. Chris screams and the person runs away. Chris walks to the teams. He says to them that they have to find the strange person. Then they will win.Team TNT runs to the forest and team Nitro runs to the beach. Zero thinks he know who is the strange person but isnt telling something to anyone. Chloe and Kate looks on the tree's and Paul looks on the grass. At team Nitro Gary is afraid. He thinks it's bigfoot. Jamie and Troy are searching and Jamie sees something in the sea. Victor looks to it and is afraid too. But it's just some wood. Cinderella sings and has a bucket. And she sings then, like snowwhite. Jamie looks to Cinderella. At the forest, Paul, Drake and may are looking in the shrubs. Chloe sees a strange person and Chloe screams then. It's Zoey! Chloe and Zoey are fighting. Chloe's team screams to her to catch her. But then Gary runs to Zoey and grabs her cause he thinks she's caught by bigfoot. He brings her to Chris and team Nitro wins. Everyone is angry on Chloe.Zoey is back in the game, and is angry on Chloe. But Chloe is angry at Zoey. The two are in the bottom two at the elimination ceremony, again. And then, Chloe is eliminated. AGAIN. Chloe says she's Zoey again, but it doesnt work. Chloe jumps on Zoey and pushes her. Chris has the right option. When Zoey is on the island, Chloe will return again and again. When Chloe is eliminated, Zoey will return again and again. So he is shooting Chloe and Zoey both.

Episode 7 ~ Mega Alien Changing Day

Mega Alien Changing Day
Season 1, Episode 7
First Aired (USA) 14 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp TNT
Eliminated Victor
Episode Guide
"The Revenge of A Villain"
"Second halve of a dirty diner"
It's silent on the island since Zoey and Chloe are eliminated. Zero feels weak cause Nero is going back on him and will be Nero again. And now Nero has his own body. Zero knocks him out and puts him in a weird room. And then he sees the immunity idol, who was hide the whole game. Zero grabs it. Chris picks up Troy, Jamie, Zero and Kate and puts them on other teams.At that moment, meteorites falls out of the sky to the contestants. Everyone is afraid for it. Chris speaks in the speakers and says they have to hide for it cause if you toutch it you are out. This is the challenge of today. And now, aliens comes with the meteorites too. Victor says aliens arent scary at all. May thinks she has a smart idea. Kate, Cinderella, Victor, Gary, Paul and Drake are out of the game after ten minutes. Zero, May, Troy and Jamie are really good in this game. But Zero didnt make it for his team. The new teams are great, actually team TNT feels that. Nitro has a elimination ceremony.It's difficult for the contestants to vote someone out of the game. Zero did everything for his team, Kate is new here, Cinderella is the sweet girl in this team, Victor did nothing, Gary did nothing. Zero and Kate wants to vote Victor. Victor and Cinderella wants to vote Gary. But Gary votes then for Victor so Victor is out of the game cause he didnt did anything. Victor understands and leaves the show in peace.

Episode 8 ~ Second halve of a dirty diner

Second halve of a dirty diner
Season 1, Episode 8
First Aired (USA) 15 September, 2014
Winner(s) Camp TNT
Eliminated Kate
Episode Guide
"Mega Alien Changing Day"
"Going Faster, Faster and more Faster!"

The episode starts with a happy Kate. She is dancing around cause she is happy with her hero team. Gary is heroic cause he is always in a good mood. Well, not always but okay. Cinderella is the heroic animal friend, human friend and is always happy. And Zero, Zero is just Zero. At the other camp Troy and Jamie are really popular. Cause they won previous time with May for their team.It's time for the challenge. Each team has to eat a four-course diner. Breakfast, lunch, brunch and supper. But then the dirty way of it. Team TNT is doing well when the challenge starts. But Gary, Cinderella and Kate not. Kate thinks it's not heroic to eat some ducks, cause the first dish is duck eye. Cinderella doesnt want it too and Gary thinks it's the eye of bigfoot. Zero eats it but the first round is from TNT! The second round is a chicken heart. Again TNT wins it cause Kate isnt eating it. Cinderella thinks about the snowwhite movie about the heart of Snowwhite and the evil queen and Gary thinks it's the heart of bigfoot. Zero is really angry and screams to his team. Kate feels really sad about it and thinks its mean what he did. The third round is turkey with moldy toe nails in it. Cinderella doesnt want to be dirty, Kate thinks it's bad for your body and Gary doesnt trust it. Zero is done with it and is really angry about it. TNT wins their second challenge after the mixed camps.The elimination ceremony is a close one. The two contestants that are safe are: Cinderella and Gary. Zero and Kate are in the bottom two. Kate was too sweet and lost for her team, cause Cinderella and gary tried to eat the turkey. Zero did too mean to the others so Zero is eliminated. BUT. He has the immunity doll. That means that Kate is going home. She feels really sad and hugs everyone except Zero. She is shooting away and cries a lot.

Episode 9 ~ Going Faster, Faster and more Faster!

Going Faster, Faster and more Faster!
Season 1, Episode 9
First Aired (USA) 16 September, 2014
Winner(s) Gary
Eliminated Cinderella
Episode Guide
"Second halve of a dirty diner"
"'The Complot.. part one'"

Everyone is excited cause they know the merge is coming. Chris walks to the contestants to tell them that they are going playing for themselves. BUT. They are not allready in the merge. Everyone looks to each other with the question: what is going on now.The challenge is not that easy. The contestants has to do seven rounds. In each round someone wins and can sit on the merge table and can eat food. The last one will going home. The first round wins Gary. So he has the immunity and can safe someone else. He choose Drake cause they are buddies. Jamie wins the next round and then May. Zero the other and then Paul. It's Troy vs. Cinderella now in the ultimate battle. Who is going home? Cinderella or Troy? The last challenge is to get a tube put a card on it run on the wooden beam and give it to Chris. Cinderella and Troy runs as fast as they can. Cinderella is first on the first halve of the challenge but she strumbles over her hair on the wooden beam and falls in the mud. Troy runs fast to Chris with the tube and has the last spot in the merge.Cinderella crawls back to the others and asks if she can eat something. Everyone says no. Cinderella shakes her head and sings an end song. Then she's falling on a rock and is shooting away. The seven contestants in the merge will face more dangerous challenges.....

Episode 10 ~ 'The Complot.. part one'

'The Complot.. part one'
Season 1, Episode 10
First Aired (USA) 17 September, 2014
Episode Guide
"Going Faster, Faster and more Faster!"
"'The Complot.. part two'"
Troy and Jamie are finally kissing on the girls side. Jamie wanted to kiss him a long time ago, cause hse really loves him. And now she finally did. May sees it and looks very strange. She is gonna sleep then, but everyone wakes up when Chris is screaming. His control room is runed by someone.Chris asks to the contestants to come to the room and everyone looks in the room. He tells someone of the contestants destroyed it to rune the island completly. But it was maybe a mistake. Chris looks to the computers and sees its not a mistake. Everyone has to find who did it. Zero looks to the camera's and May walks to Zero. She asks him for a alliance to keep a secret. She was the one that destroyed it. But nobody knows it. May and Zero have to find some suspects. Paul and Drake walks to the room of May and Zero. Paul sees May then and sees her for the first time close. He falls in love for her and May hates that so she kicks him. Paul feels sick.But then everyone hears another scream. But who is it? It's Shawn cause the forest is destroyed. Someone wanted to get Shawn and the other contestants off the island but who did it? Who? Nobody knows it for now..

Episode 11 ~ 'The Complot.. part two'

'The Complot.. part two'
Season 1, Episode 11
First Aired (USA) 18 September, 2014
Winner(s) May & Zero
Eliminated Paul
Episode Guide
"'The Complot.. part one'"
"Devil's Revenge"

The contestants sits at the table. Drake looks to everyone and says he thinks Troy and Jamie did it. But Drake was always a friend of them. Why shall he say it random? Jamie thinks he was it. But Drake is too dumb for it. May have to make a plan. Zero too, cause if they know May was it they know Zero did something too.Paul, Drake and Troy walks back to the control room to look for some stuff to help. But they dont find anything. May and Zero walks to the other control room and talks about what they have to do. Paul or Drake has to be eliminated so they are gonna vote for Paul as the destroyer. But Jamie and Troy are gonna pick Drake. Drake is voting for Paul, same as Gary. Paul cant do anything against Drake cause it's declared that Paul is going home. He didnt do anything.May and Zero walks back and talks about everything. They have to make another plan cause they are in danger. But they won and that was a nice thing to have. May is doing sweet to everyone now cause she wants to stay. Zero feels weird but has something that May dont know. He still has a camera with everything on it. Will May tric him? Then he is fighting back to her.

Episode 12 ~ Devil's Revenge

Devil's Revenge
Season 1, Episode 12
First Aired (USA) 19 September, 2014
Winner(s) Drake, Gary & Troy
Eliminated May & Zero
Episode Guide
"'The Complot.. part two'"
"No food, no drink, you sink?"
Troy walks around and is looking for Jamie cause she was in the forest but now she is away. May throws some knock out gass to Troy and he faints. Zero draggs him to the destroyed control room and puts him on the wall with ducktape. But then it's black for Zero cause he faints too.May slaps him with a stick on his head and she puts him on the wall with ducktape. He is slowly gonna wake up. May tells him that she is the real villain of this show. Zero is angry on her and wants revenge. May walks away cause the new challenge starts. Zero screams and Troy wakes up. When May arrives at the challenge everyone looks to her. Nobody knows where Troy and Zero are. Jamie is worried. The challenge is sockerball. Boys vs. Girls. May thinks she can do everything cause the brain and the strong man are out. And if they dont come back they are disqualified. May and Jamie loses the soccer game, cause Troy was fast enough to compete in it. Zero wasnt.. so he is disqualified. Too bad. The three other boys won. And they have to vote for one of the girls.But then Zero shows the camera with the scenes from May in the controlroom. When Chris sees this he grabs the voting tickets from the others and writes May. He pushes May and Zero angry away and screams: 'I hate evil persons, i hate villainous and i hate drama' Chris screamed and shoots May and Zero away. He looks then to the final four. Drake, Jamie, Troy and Gary are the proud final four. One of them will win...

Episode 13 ~ No food, no drink, you sink?

No food, no drink, you sink?
Season 1, Episode 13
First Aired (USA) 20 September, 2014
Winner(s) Jamie
Eliminated Drake
Episode Guide
"Devil's Revenge"
"Ex-Contestants Reunion"

The last four contestants are away from each other. Jamie looks to herself in the mirror, Drake plays with grass, Troy searches Jamie and Gary is in the controlroom to hide for Bigfoot. He is still afraid for him. Troy finds Jamie and they kisses.Chris screams cause everyone has to go to the meet place on the island. Jamie, Troy, Gary and Drake have to do one of the most hatefull and difficult challenges all of the time. The 'no food, no drink' challenge. There is a table with chicken, deserts, frites etc. Everyone is hungry now and if you eat something of it, you dont have immunity. The person that wins gets a second reward. The war is began! .... As first Gary is out cause he wants to eat something. Maybe he will die and then bigfoot can do everything with his body. And then Troy is eating. It's Jamie vs. Drake. Jamie tells him a story about lovely food, mc donalds and chicken. Drake cant hold it and runs to the table with food. And he eats. Jamie wins immunity and everyone has to vote. But the special second reward is... two extra votes. So Jamie can vote three times. And she votes Drake. Drake voted for Gary. But Drake is going home cause the others voted him too.

Episode 14 ~ Ex-Contestants Reunion

Ex-Contestants Reunion
Season 1, Episode 14
First Aired (USA) 21 September, 2014
Winner(s) -
Eliminated Jamie
Episode Guide
"No food, no drink, you sink?"
"Battle for the million dollars"
At Playa Del Losers arrives Drake. He is angry, really angry. The other contestants talks a little bit with each other. Colin thinks he have to return for another season cause he was eliminated by the 'alliance' of Jamie. Drake is angry on Jamie too. Serena isnt mad on her. She sits there with her child. His name is Robin. Serena is the happiest person ever. But she is mad on Troy, he wants everything always.Cinderella thinks everyone is amazing, same as Kate. Kate doesnt like Zero but he knows that. Zero hates Jamie. May and Zero are closed in a secret room. Cause they arent gonna get a new spot in a new season for what they did. Chris arrives at Playa Del Losers and talks a little bit with the contestants. Paul wants Jamie gone and everyone has to vote for someone.It's Jamie that has the most votes. Everyone wants to know why. Zoey and Chloe voted both Troy cause they want him. But Zoey wants that Chloe gets him. And the two hugs each other. They are besties again. But Chris gets Jamie back to Playa Del Losers cause she is ... eliminated. Jamie is annoyed, angry and wants to kill everyone. Serena hugs Jamie and then everything is okay.

Episode 15 ~ Battle for the million dollars

Battle for the million dollars
Season 1, Episode 15
First Aired (USA) 22 September, 2014
Winner(s) Troy (Official)
Eliminated Gary (Official)
Episode Guide
"Ex-Contestants Reunion"
"(Season 2) Get Ready! Set? Go!"
It's morning and the two boys wakes up and looks to each other. They dont believe it. It's the finale. Finally. Eight girls and six boys are eliminated by that two boys. They are talking about each elimination. Colin was annoying, Matt was too much confident, Serena was the best girl ever but had to quit for her child, Ashley was a mean girl, Zoey and Chloe were just... wow. Victor was a strange boy that did nothing at all, Kate was really sweet but to much a softy. Cinderella lived in a musical always and Paul was just very dumb. Zero and May were two evil brains and Drake was just dumb. Jessie was the best female partipicant. But she didnt made it to the final.At that moment Chris arrives with a strange game. He has a turntable with all faces of the ex-contestants from this season. You have to throw a dart to it and who you hit is your partner. Troy thorws it to Jamie. Gary to Zero. Jamie and Zero arrives. Jamie and Troy kisses and Zero looks awfull. He is not really happy to help someone that can have one million dollars. The challenge is to find all pictures of the eliminated contestants. How more pictures you have, how more points you get. The person with the most points wins. But, sometimes you have a wrong picture and it will explode totally.Troy and Jamie looks for the pictures, while Zero is starting to cheat. He grabs all pictures that he can find and puts it on his pants. Jamie sees it and plays a game with him. She steals it and runs slowly away. She gives it to Troy and both runs to Chris they give the pictures and they have 12 pictures. Gary gets a picture but then... ..... it explodes! Gary passes out but wakes up really fast. He looks around and smiles. He thinks bigfoot is not scary anymore. Gary is happy for Troy. Zero not. Why? Troy wins Total Drama: Explosion Island! And he gets one million dollars. Troy is really happy and kisses Jamie.

A whole new 16 contestants cast, 15 new episodes, the same host & island in a new design and ... more .. explosion. Dont miss season 2! We'll see you soon.

Elimination table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Finale
14 Serena IN IN QUIT
15 Matt IN OUT
16 Colin OUT

1: Jamie or Cinderella was supposed to be eliminated but before the results, Serena quitted.

2: Chloe was eliminated but Zoey screamed to everyone so everyone said that Chloe was Zoey, so Zoey was eliminated cause Chris thought she was Chloe.

3: Zero was voted off but he had the immunity doll so Kate was eliminated cause she had the another vote of the four votes. (Zero had three against him).

4: May knocked Zero out and putted him on the wall with ducktape. He was too late to compete in the challenge and was disqualified.

5: Zero showed the video of May when she destroyed the controlroom of Chris and he putted May's name on every vote ticket.

6: The ex-contestants voted for someone to leave the island before the finale. They choose Jamie.

  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for their team.
  •      WIN: This camper won the challenge for themselves only.
  •      WIN: Was apart of the winning team.
  •      IN: Was safe during the elimination ceremony.
  •      LOW: Was on the bottom two during the elimination ceremony.
  •      OUT: This camper was voted off or eliminated.
  •      OUT: This camper was eliminated.
  •      DISQ: This camper was disqualified from the competition.
  •      QUIT: This camper leaved the island for a personal reason.


  • All OC's are made by: JackyDelRey
  • The names are made by: Loenev, Rose and Lynn.
  • The Zoey and Chloe plot is based on the plot of Amy and Samey in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.
    • Zoey is based on Amy.
    • Chloe is based on Samey.
  • Paul is based on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island's character Rodney.
  • Kate is based on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island's character Jasmine and Total Drama: Island's character LeShawna in a friendly way.
  • Cinderella is based on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island's character Ella.
  • Zero is based on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island's character Mike (Mal).
  • Ashley is based on Recess character Ashley A.
  • The episodes are named after a mix with the challenge/eliminated person/event.
  • Team TNT won three times and then team Nitro won three times. This happend twice.
  • The mixed teams were used for two episodes.
  • Cinderella didnt made the merge cause she failed in the battle. If she didnt fail, she made the merge.
  • Zoey wasnt never voted off or eliminated.
    • Serena and Cinderella were not voted off. The three girls has blonde hair or something blonde in it.
  • The original series has 14 characters and 13 episodes. Here it's 16 characters and 15 episodes.
  • Same as Total Drama: Pahkitew Island there were two double eliminations.
    • At both double elimination ceremonies anyone was disqualified.
      • This were: May and Zoey.
  • Zoey was labeled as the evil bestfriend. But after the action of Chloe, Chloe has to be the evil bestfriend.
  • This season had a lot of antagonists.
    • Boys: Zero and Drake.
    • Girls: Zoey, Ashley and May.
      • Even though Jamie wasnt that nice for her teammates, she tried to win and didnt made a bad thing on herself.
  • On the episode No food, no drink, you sink? You sink is based on you will be eliminated.
  • All of the eliminated contestants pictures were seen in Battle for the million dollars except Cinderella and Victor.
  • It's a boy vs. boy finale.
  • The characters Victor, Drake, Ashley and Paul are a little bit inutile for the storyline sometimes.
    • They are the last four on the original cast list.
      • Jamie, Zero, Troy and Cinderella are the four lead roles.
  • Cinderella belongs to the fan favorite of the show. This happend to Pahkitew Island camper Ella too.
  • The most hatefull character was Matt.
  • It's true that the top three will partipicate in a new season after season two.
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