Total Drama Hall Of Fame


This year the winners and runners up Of Total Drama Season 1 to 6 and The Ridonculous Race are back and it is for the most dangerous, toughest and hardest season ever ! Watch our former champions battle against each others for a big prize of 10 millions dollars. Who will be the one to conquer it all the way to the finale ?

Episode One: Drama or Nada


Elimination Chart

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Place Contestant Teams Ep 01 Ep 02
TBA Zoey Survivors IN TBA
TBA Sky Warriors IN TBA
TBA Shawn Survivors IN TBA
TBA Sanders Warriors IN TBA
TBA Owen Survivors IN TBA
TBA Mike Survivors IN TBA
TBA MacAthur Warriors IN TBA
TBA Lightning Warriors IN TBA
TBA Heather Warriors IN TBA
TBA Gwen Survivors IN TBA
TBA Geoff Survivors IN TBA
TBA Cameron Survivors IN TBA
TBA Brody Warriors IN TBA
TBA Alejandro Warriors IN TBA
18/17th Duncan No teams OUT
18/17th Beth No teams OUT
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