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Written & Pictures by Jacky.


Total Drama: Lights Camera Action


Country of Origin USA
Genre Reality TV/Comedy/Animation
Teams Screaming Gaffers
Killer Grips
Created by Me
Directed by Me
Succeeded by Total Drama Divas


This Year Total Drama: Lights Camera Action goes on a set where 12 participants in a recording studio tying to win a million big ones, but they will have to go through challenges they wont expect. Soon when they arrived they were divided into two teams, the Screaming Gaffers and the Killer Grips.


Total Drama: Light Camera Action is my own version of TDA. 12 cast members battle it out to be the winner of TD:LCA. (This story is written in Jacky's point of view)


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Episode 1

Alien Resurr-eggtion

Day 1

Challenge(s) Find alien eggs and bring them back to the trailerswithout getting slimed by Mama Alien.
Winner(s) Killer Grips
Eliminated click to find out
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" N/A "


"Riot on Set"

I was sitting in the front row with the cast of this season. I could see that we were getting close to our destination. I could already sense the drama that awaited. The bus finally stopped and Chris was standing outside by the parking lot waiting for us to come out. I grabbed my backpack and I found my way out, Chris introduced us to the whole world. “Here’s our Season 2 of Total Drama, Lights, Camera, ACTION!” Chris said. I was the first one to get off the bus and Harold was behind when he bumped into me for not looking. Chris made us get into a cart and took us outside of a movie set. Chris was explaining how the rules were the same as the previous season where one team wins and the other one lose. At the end of a challenge the losers would have to go through the Gilded Chris Ceremony. Before we went into the set Chris put us into teams, and I was placed on The Killer Grips along with Courtney, Dakota, Brick, Duncan, and the new guy CJ. As for the Screaming Gaffers the team members were Gwen, Dawn, Leshawna, Harold, Tyler, and Scott. We went into the movie set and Chris explained the first challenge.  “Today movie genre, aliens! So for your challenge, find an alien egg before mama alien finds you,” explained Chris.

We were all in the set walking around looking at our GPS to see if we picked up something. We heard


The Screaming Gaffer react to the noise while Tyler trips.

some weird noise coming from another room and everyone panicked. My team turned around and went the other way; we left the Screaming Gaffers alone. Duncan picked something up on the GPS so we all followed it. We heard one of the Screaming Gaffer teammate yell so we all ran away.  We eventually found the boiler room which the eggs were in so we all grabbed an egg and headed out. We found our way and Chris announced that we won the challenge, and that the Screaming Gaffers had to vote someone out.


Courtney tells Gwen to stay away from Duncan.

Back at the girls cabin, I thought it was my time to try to make some new friends. I was laying in my bed talking to Leshawna and Gwen about how the game works, they were giving me advice to stay away from some people, and then out of nowhere Courtney came barging into the door. “You better stay away from Duncan if you want to see another day” she said. Gwen ignored her and Courtney left the cabin.

At the Gilded Chris ceremony, the Screaming Gaffers sat down and had to vote somebody off. Chris called out the people who were safe, “Dawn, Gwen, and Scott, you’re


Harold, Tyler, and Leshawna in the bottom 3.

safe”. The bottom 3 were Harold, Tyler and Leshawna, eventually Chris called out Tyler and Leshawna. I couldn’t help to think that maybe Scott had something to do with this since he had an evil smile on his face and I find it really strange why Leshawna didn’t do anything to save him….

Well that was my first day and now it’s time to get some sleep because tomorrow, we have another challenge waiting for us. So goodnight.

Episode 2

Riot on Set

Day 2

Challenge(s) Carry equipment up a high hill, set up a film set, and perform the best skit.
Winner(s) Screaming Gaffers
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"Alien Resurr-eggtion "


"Sun Fun & A Hot Mess"



Jacky arguing with Courtney about the game strategy.

  It's morning and Courtney is keeping me and Dakota up so she can talk strategy. Of course Courtney’s list of who to eliminate first is Duncan and Gwen but I thought we should just go for the bigger threats like Scott or Duncan but Courtney wanted it her way and wouldn’t stop begging. Eventually we came down to a decision that we were going to stick together and we just needed one more person in this ‘alliance’ to help us succeed.

Chris called us out for the next challenge. I stood next to the new guy CJ…he’s kind of cute. ANYWAYS Chris said that our first part of the challenge was to bring the set up on the hill, so everyone grabbed something and started to head up. As we were heading up with all our stuff Brick tripped on a rock and the cameras fell down the hill! We eventually got to the top and the Screaming Gaffers were already there. Chris said that the real challenge was just beginning. He explained that we needed to make two different scenes with the supplies we had. My team huddled up as we discussed what we should do. Courtney thought we should do a dramatic movie scene. Dakota with the fame hunger that she has volunteered to be the main star of this film alongside Courtney and CJ. As for the other team, Leshawna, Dawn, and Tyler were going to be in the movie scene. Chris gave us 20 minutes to practice our lines and to rehearse. 



Tyler forgot his lines so he panics.

20 minutes have passed so it was time to record. Dakota, CJ, and Courtney got on set and they got ready. The cameras started rolling and they started to do their scenes. Everything was going great, till Dakota started to get out of character; Dakota was in front of the camera most of the time and wouldn’t let the camera focus on Courtney and CJ! They eventually finished the scene and as for the Screaming Gaffers Tyler forgot his lines so he panicked. Chris looked at both movies and he decided which team was going to win…the Screaming Gaffers won…because Chris said that it turned drama into comedy and he loves comedy. I was kind of scared about my first Gilded Chris ceremony but I know that I didn’t do anything bad I was just on the sidelines for today.

          Back at the trailer Courtney asked me and Dakota to sit down. Courtney said that we need atleast one other person in this ‘alliance’ to help us get rid of Duncan. Courtney told Dakota to go call CJ in here, so she went to find him. While Dakota went to get CJ she got closer to me and told me that we needed to vote her off. I was confused since I


Dakota calls CJ to come to the girls trailer.

thought we were going to stick to this alliance, if she’s going to backstab her like that how can I even trust her and what if she does the same to me. I just agreed and told her I would do it. When CJ came he asked what was going on. Courtney said that we were going to vote off Duncan. CJ and Dakota agreed. CJ left the trailer and Courtney went outside too. I sat next to Dakota and she had this face on her look like she knew she was safe.

          Its close to mid-night, we all went to the Gilded Chris Ceremony. Chris explained the voting process that we need to click the face of the player we wanted to vote off. It was time to vote, I scrolled down the device and found Dakota’s icon. I felt so bad I couldn’t do it so I clicked on Duncan’s face.

Everyone voted.


Duncan and Dakota in the bottom two.

I got the first award! I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it. The next one went out to Brick then CJ. Dakota looked at Duncan and Duncan looked at Courtney. Courtney got the next award. Dakota's smile dropped.  I had a feeling that Duncan was going to get eliminated. The last award went to…Duncan. Dakota was confused and she turned to Courtney and told her that she thought they had an agreement of voting off Duncan. Courtney was insincerely like, "oops sorry". Dakota left the scene and got into the Lame-o-sine.

          We all went back to the trailers and Courtney didn’t say a word to me. I just hopped on my bed and went to sleep. Goodnight.

Episode 3

Sun Fun & A Hot Mess

Day 5


Balance on a surf board machine. Dance Battle.

Winner(s) Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated click to find out
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"Riot on Set "


"Gulag Factor"

          This morning in the shower I asked Courtney why we voted off Dakota and not Duncan. She said it was all part of her strategic plan. I didn’t know what she meant by that but I hope it’s not something heinous. Courtney said that her plan was now that Dakota was gone, that we should eliminate Brick then CJ. I don’t know how this was going to work but I told her it was a bad idea. She soon started to fight back saying trust me it’s going to work. I asked her why she wanted Brick and CJ, and she replied, “You’re a rookie, you don’t know how to play this game baby.” I was like, excuse me, I don’t even like CJ-I don’t know why I didn’t say Brick’s name as well, now it seems like I like him-and since when were you the boss of this team. We were just going back at each other and we just left the room.

          We were at the tent eating breakfast when Chris came in and said that today’s movie genre was beach movies. Like one of those 1950s movies where the kids got up for neat-o fun and the bully kicked the sandcastle in the nerdy guy's face. We went on set, and the set was SOO cold. Our first challenge was to see which one of us could hang on the surfboard the longest. Everyone’s time would be added to see which team has the longest amount of time, Seemed easy.

           Chris flipped a coin to see who would go first. Courtney called taile, and tails it was. Brick volunteered to


Brick getting hit in the face by a seagull.

go first. Brick got on the board and the board started to move. It looked like a piece of cake till Chris started to shoot birds at us! Brick got hit in the face and it knocked him over, it seemed like a good 30 seconds. CJ made a joke about Brick to LeShawna for sucking. Duncan went up and he was nailing it, and he was making good time till he eventually dropped. Courtney went up there with high self-esteem. Literally 10 seconds later she fell…wow way to go. I went up there and the surf board didn’t look to stable. I was scared I was to fall and break my neck. I was thinking the worse at the moment. Chris started shooting seagulls and I dogged about 4 of them till one of them hit me on my stomach and I fell in the water. It was CJ’s turn so I gave

CJ making fun of Brick.

him a pat his back and said good luck. CJ lasted around the same time Duncan did. Our team was done and now it was the Screaming Gaffers turn. Tyler went up and he sucked…no offense but even Courtney did better then you. Gwen was about to go when Duncan kissed her good luck. Courtney looked so furious; LeShawna turned around and told her she needed to chill. Courtney got angry and yelled at her. LeShawna was like oh hell no but Dawn kept her calm. Duncan rolled his eyes and Courtney said, “yeah, keep rolling your eyes, you might find a brain back there”. Duncan was angry and told her to shut up. Gwen was standing waiting for her to start but Chris was too interested in the argument.  

Courtney got so mad she began marching towards to Duncan to hit him. Dawn grabbed Courtney’s arms but that


Courtney sucker punches Duncan and Dawn tries to stop her.

didn’t stop her. She punched Duncan! It was so crazy that the interns came in and separated them. Duncan yelled and said he couldn’t be in this team with a physco ex. Chris thought about it and eventually said fine. “Duncan, you are now a Screaming Gaffer, and Tyler, you’re now a Killer Grip” said Chris. Gwen started and she was doing ok, she lasted around the same time as me. LeShawna and Dawn's turn passed. It was Scotts turn; He got on there with a huge smirk on his face. Scott said that he did this with his pappy back at home. He was doing so well, better then Duncan, he lasted more than anybody. He knew that his team already won so he jumped off.  

“We have our winners for the first part of the challenge, the Screaming Gaffers” announced Chris. We went


Scott nailed the challenge.

out by the beach and he announced the second part of the challenge. We were to have a dance battle, since the sun was setting and Chris wanted to call it a day since he had a emergency and needed to leave, there was only going to be one round. We huddled up. “Who’s going to represent?” said Brick. “I can twerk…” CJ mumbled. We looked at him like, no honey not for this challenge. Tyler said he was in a dance group back at school and he was the best. So we just went with it and let him have a shot. It was his time to shine. Back at the Screaming Gaffers, LeShawna was the one to represent their team. Chris started to play the music. “You’re going down white boy” LeShawna said laughing. LeShawna started to dance but her dancing was too funky, too raw. Tyler went up and started to break dance. It looked like he was doing well till he twisted his ankle. LeShawna was the only one dancing and Chris just stopped the music and said that due to Tyler not dancing LeShawna won it for her team, Great.


LeShawna Vs, Tyler in a dance battle.

Back at the trailers no one was talking to each other. I was kind of getting worried. CJ came up to me and said that we needed to vote off Tyler for sucking. Well of course that was the obvious solution, but would it be enough, and what if Courtney was manipulating Tyler right now and Tyler is close friends with Brick and tells him to vote me off from this morning’s argument.

We went to the Ceremony and Chris was gone, Chef said that he was going to announce the votes. We all grabbed our voting devices and started to vote. Courtney glared at me and turned to Tyler with a smirk on her face. The votes were in.

Chef gave the first award to CJ then to Brick. I looked at both Courtney and Tyler. I was so nervous! The next award went to Courtney. It was down to me and Tyler, now I was extremely nervous. It felt like forever when Chef was about to announce the next person to receive an award. I was biting my nails and I looked over to Tyler and he was sweating. The last awarded went out to…me. Tyler looked bummed but hey, better him then me.

Tyler left. We went back to the trailers and CJ told me if I wanted to go for a walk. It was barely 10 pm so I


Jacky and CJ alone outside at night.

said ok. We sat down at a bench in the woods and the moon looked big and beautiful. I was having a great night, we were both laughing and having fun, his hand accidently went on top of mine and I blushed. It was weird. But I liked it.

It was midnight so we headed back to the trailers and he left me at the door, it was cute. He smiled and said goodnight, I probably looked stupid because my face was still red. I went inside, changed, and laid on my bed. It was a nice day, and I need some rest for tomorrow, goodnight.

Episode 4

Gulag Factor

Day 6


Eat a disgusting meal while locked in a cage; race through a trap-infested yard in a laundry cart with one team member pushing the cart

Winner(s) Screaming Gaffers
Eliminated click to find out
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"Sun Fun & A Hot Mess "


"Princess VS Princess"

I woke up this morning to Chris's loud alarm. We all went outside and there was this girl standing next to him. Chris quickly explained that he was leaving for some event so he’s leaving her niece in charge, her name was Bethany. Chris left and Chef explained today’s challenge, we followed him into the set. It looked like a prison set, so I assumed it was a prisoner theme genre. Bethany said that we needed to pick one player from the other team and make them go into a cage, and then the rest of the team has to make a meal made out of stuff that’s under a blanket and serve it to the other team member. The person selected in the cage will then have to eat what the other team made, the contestant who vomits first will lose. Chef removed the blanket and on top of the table was the most, nastiest, vile, gross ingredients known to man. Ok maybe I was exaggerating but it was pretty gross. 

We got into a huddle and we decided who we were going to pick we looked at the choices and we ended up

The Gaffers were deciding who they were going to put in the cage.

picking Gwen. The other team picked Brick to go up there. Bethany said we had 3 minutes to put in anything in the bowl. The time started so we rushed to the table and grabbed whatever we found was gross. I added old rotten milk and poured it into the bowl. CJ put some mayonnaise and Courtney threw some caviar in it. I couldn’t see what the other team was putting in but I knew it wasn’t so good by the smell of it. Three minutes had passed and Bethany blew the whistle. Courtney gladly went up to Gwen and gave her the bowl.

“You guys have 5 minutes to finish the bowl. The contestant who vomits first looses the first part of the challenge” said Bethany.

Time started and Brick just threw his face in to the bowl, it was pretty gross. Gwen was taking her time

Duncan volunteers himself to push the basket.

chewing down and swallowing it. Scott yelled at Gwen to chug it but Gwen refused to, at that moment Brick had finished the bowl! We had won the first part of the challenge. We all went out on the yard were we saw what seemed to be an obstacle course. “For the next part of the challenge, all but one must ride in the laundry basket while the other person pushes to the finish line” explained Bethany. Courtney decided that CJ should push the basket to the finish line. I didn’t like how bossy she sounded when she volunteered him do it so I asked, why he had to do it?  

“Well miss, if you won’t let the man do it, do it yourself,” said Courtney as she got on the basket. CJ told me it was alright and that he would push it. Duncan volunteered to push the basket himself so the others hopped in.

          Bethany blew the whistle and both Duncan and CJ started to push. The road seemed pretty rocky so it was making Brick's stomach feel sick. He asked to stop and CJ stopped the basket and caught his breath. Courtney

Brick accidently vomits on Courtney while Jacky ducks.

got angry and yelled, “They’re getting past us!” I was already annoyed with her so I yelled back, “If you’re going to be complaining DO IT YOURSELF!” Courtney looked furious. All of a sudden we heard a loud sound coming from Bricks stomach and BOOM, he threw up. Not only did he threw up, but he threw up on Courtney. CJ and I started to laugh while Courtney yelled of disgust. Before we know it, the Screaming Gaffers had already reached the finish line!

          Bethany walked over to them and gave them a shinny shovel. Apparently the next part of the challenge was to dig up a hole and go under a huge wall and escape to the finish line. What we got were spoons! This was never going to work. We started to dig and dig, and we were going nowhere. When I looked over at the Gaffer side, I noticed that they were already deep inside. I threw the spoon to the side and started using my hands to dig. Everyone followed my idea and started to dig.

We were getting so close, I could feel it, when all of a sudden Brick threw up again all over the place and we ran outside for air. When we came back in to finish digging, we finally made a hole to the other side and we saw the Screaming Gaffers had already made it past the finish line.

Bethany blew her whistle and announced that we would be going into elimination today. Courtney yelled and walked away from the scene.

Back at the trailers CJ and I were sitting down at the couch in the trailers when Courtney walked in and sat down with us.

“Ok look, we need to eliminate that cadet failure” she angrily said.

CJ looked at me and nodded. I turn to Courtney and said fine, since it was basically his fault for making us lose. After coming up with a decision we all headed out to the elimination ceremony. When we were walking to the ceremony Brick caught up with us.

“Look, I know this is my fault, but I want you to know that we need to get rid of Courtney before it’s too late” said a nervous Brick.

We got to the ceremony and grabbed our voting devices. Chef came out in a dress which was pretty disturbing. Bethany said it was time to vote. Courtney pressed her vote right away. I stopped for a moment and thought what if this really is our chance to get rid of her. But then I thought of the team. We’re out numbered. We will soon be down to 3 while the other team has 5 players. I knew that keeping Brick would be an anchor to our team.

The votes were in.

“Now to give away the awards” said Bethany.

“The first gilded award goes to… CJ and the next to Jacky”

It was down to Courtney and Brick. Courtney seemed a bit nervous but also a bit confident. The final award went to…



Brick being handcuffed by Chef.

“Farewell cadet, buy your war ends now,” said Courtney selfishly. Brick got up and Chef put on some handcuffs and escorted him over to the Lame-O-Sine. He got on and left.

The ceremony was over so we started to head back. At the Trailers I was about to fall asleep when Courtney called my name.

        “Hey Jacky,” she said.

        “What do you want?” I mumbled trying to sleep.

        “We need to start looking out for each other, we’re down to three and then soon we'll all be gone. What I’m trying to say is, if we lose, we should work together and vote off CJ” whispered Courtney.

        Of course I knew what she was doing, that rat was trying to get her own butt safe. I just agreed and acted fake to make her think that I was really going to do it.

        “Good, and hopefully we can become friends, I could use a few of those” she turned around the other way and curled up.

        I felt kind of bad for her, but I mean after all this is a game. I’m getting tired so I’m going to sleep.

Episode 5

Princess VS Princess

Day 9


Battle ontop of two pillars; race to the top of the tower to recieve a kiss.

Winner(s) Killer Grips
Eliminated click to find out
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"Gulag Factor "


"The Blurry Side "

Thankfully we had three days to kick back and chill. No challenges, no eliminations, no nothing, just relax. We

Dawn finishing Chris sentences.

were all at the tent eating breakfast when Chris came in wearing shiny armor. I thought it would be a medieval movie genre. Chris hopped off the mule and Dawn said, before Chris could open his mouth, “A glass slipper! Today’s movie genre is fairytales!” Chris replied that if she ever stole his intro again, he was going to boot her off. Chris said that each of the teams was going to pick out a princess for today’s challenge, he didn’t say much but that’s all we had to do for the moment. LeShawna always dreamed of being a Gisney princess so she begged her team to let her be the princess. Courtney elected herself to be the princess without even telling us.

We walked out on set and Chris said that we needed to pick out a dress for our princess to wear. LeShawna ran to the dresses and picked out the prettiest dress. She pulled out a pretty small dress and Courtney said, “Don’t get too excited honey, not all the dresses are going to fit”. Everyone’s face changed and turned to look at her. LeShawna turned around and yelled, “Oh heeeeeeeeeeeell no.” She dropped her dress and walked over to Courtney and punched her! Oh my God! CJ and I ran to LeShawna trying to pull her away from Courtney. Duncan and Gwen were laughing at what just happened. Courtney hit her head pretty hard so she had to go to the emergency tent. It was funny but I mean it wasn’t necessary. Chris said that I had to fill the spot for Courtney in this challenge; I simply went over and grabbed my dress. Meanwhile Chris explained the first part of the challenge; the knights had to get past the toothless troll. The knights had to wear disguises. There was the frog prince, the ugly step sister, sleeping beauty, red riding hood, and one of the seven dwarfs.

Scott was the frog prince, Dawn was the ugly step-sister, Gwen was sleeping beauty, Duncan wore the red riding hood cap and CJ was one of the seven dwarfs. And so the ugly sister approached the toothless troll. “But I

Gwen and Dawn watches from below as the rest of the contestants completes their challenge.

can’t see!” mumbled Dawn with the hair wig in her mouth. “Yeah, in this challenge, you’re all blind” Chris chuckled. I could see everything what was happening from the tower set, the makeup people were here dressing us up and doing our hair. Dawn was up first. Chef started to throw rotten apples at her. Dawn couldn’t see where she was stepping so she slipped off the bridge. She also hit her head a little too hard…Next was CJ. He put on his hat and ran through that bridge. He managed to get past chef and made it to the other side. Gwen got to the starting line and started to stumble across. Chef grabbed a duck gun or something and started to press on it and eggs were being shot out. Gwen got hit in the face and she fell down as well. Scott was next so he put on his hard helmet and just rushed across the bridge. He knocked Chef to the side and Scott made it across. Duncan was next, Duncan was dodging all of Chefs hair whipping and then I noticed he was cheating! He was peeking through the blind fold! Duncan grabbed on to Chefs hair and swung to the other side of the finish line. It was our turn to go on set. As music started to play, LeShawna and I were being lowered down upon two towers. Chris yelled that for

LeShawna hits Jacky in the face with the swab.

the second part of the challenge we had to fight with two big swabs. The last one standing gets to move on to the final challenge. I found this kind of hard since I was in a tight dress. Chris blew the whistle and we got into fighting position. I swung the swab over to try to hit LeShawna but she dodged it. I swung the swab so hard that I made a 360 degree turn. When I restored balance LeShawna jabbed the swab into my face. It knocked down my crown and messed up my hair. I grabbed on the swab and push it as hard at her chest. LeShawna fell down and hit the floor. Chris said that I won the second part of the challenge!

I got on top of the mule and we were moving to the final part of the challenge. We finally arrived; I was to go to the top of the tower. Chris said that whichever team gets to the top and rescues me and gives me a kiss would

CJ finally reached the top of the tower to end the challenge.

win the whole challenge. Oh ok. CJ, Duncan, and Scott started to fight to the top. Scott and Duncan teamed up and grabbed CJ and pushed him off. Scott and Duncan were fighting each other knowing that they were going to win, they both wanted to kiss me. Duncan pushed Scott off the tower. Duncan was already at the top when he puckered his lips Courtney came around from the tower and threw the glass slipper to Duncan. It hit him and he fell down hard. Courtney fainted and fell down. CJ was already climbing and he reached to the top. I knew we had won already. I gave him a quick kiss and Chris announced that we won immunity and that I got my very own princess doll! We were heading back to the trailers carrying Courtney by the arms since she was knocked out right after she threw the shoe. She put her head on the bed and I heard the Gilded Chris ceremony music come on. CJ and I wanted to see so we hid in a bush next to the ceremony.

"Welcome Screaming Gaffers to your second elimination! You know the rules, grab the device and vote because for one of you it’s Na-Na Na-Na-Na-Na Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” Everyone voted already. I didn’t know what would happen, I mean Gwen and Dawn fell off the first part of the challenge. LeShawna lost the important of the challenge. Scott and Duncan failed miserably, so I didn’t know what was going to happen. “The votes are in!” said Chris while grabbing the results. “The first two awards go to…Gwen and Dawn!” Chris gave a long pause “The next award goes to…Scott.” Duncan and LeShawna both looked scared. Chris then gave another long pause. “The final award goes to…”



LeShawna is shocked that she is going home.

         “WHAT? b-but I’m fabulous” said LeShawna in shock.

I didn’t expect LeShawna to go home, I thought Gwen and Duncan might have liked when she punched Courtney, Maybe because she lost the important part of the challenge. Who knows?

Tomorrow we were having the day off. CJ and I went to the back of the trailers where there was a hammock. We laid in it. We were pointing at the stars and saying how much it reminded us of home. Eventually we fell asleep in it. Goodnight.

Episode 6

The Blurry Side

Day 10


Compete in sports challenges.

Winner(s) Killer Grips
Eliminated click to find out
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"Princess VS Princess "


"The Search & The Mystery Train "

We woke up and went to the tent for breakfast. Chris said that we would have the day off today. Courtney sat next to me because well…she didn’t have anywhere else to sit. She grabbed my hair and said that it looked so nice and asked what I use for it.

“It’s just shampoo,” I said awkwardly.

We talked throughout the whole breakfast. She said she wanted to get to

Gwen warning me about Courtney.

know me better since we’ve only recently met. We spent almost the whole day with each other. I had this bad feeling that she might use me or maybe she’s that desperate for a friend. We were sitting on the couches inside the trailers talking. Courtney got up and said she needed to go do something. She left the room. Gwen and Dawn waited for Courtney to leave to go sit with me.

“You better watch it with this one,” said Gwen.

“Why? What’s the problem?” I asked confused.

“Courtney is a snake, you just make sure you-" before Gwen could finish her sentence Courtney walked in.

“You were saying something weird Goth girl” as Courtney raised an eyebrow.

“I know you’re up to something, and-" before Gwen could finish another sentence CJ walked in.

“Am I interrupting something?”

“No, no you didn’t. In fact we were just about to go outside” Dawn said trying to cover their conversation. There was an awkward pause. Eventually we all left the trailers. I sat down at the tables in front of the cabin and Duncan sat next to me. I asked him what he wanted. 

“I need your help. I don’t know who to talk to so might as well be you” sakd Duncan,checking to see if anyone was around.

“What kind of help do you need…” I asked confused. 

“Well…it’s about Gwen, I’m not feeling the same vibe I use to”

“What do you mean?”

He looked around, “be quiet I don’t want anyone to hear us.”

He took a pause.

“I don’t know she’s been keeping her distance, we haven’t been talking since we got here that much…I think I want to break up with her”

I looked up so fast that my head almost snapped off of my body.

“WHAT? Why?”

Duncan looked around again and shushed me.


Duncan is worried that Gwen might hear their conversation.

“BE QUIET” he mumbled.

“Sorry…so what are you planning to do?”

“I’m just going to tell her. I have to let her know” he said while standing up.

“Too late, I heard everything” Gwen said when Duncan was turning around.

I honestly didn't even see Gwen walking over here. I felt bad. I left the table and let them talk it out. I went back to the trailer.

It was midnight and Gwen came back from outside, she seemed upset and was crying. I went to her and Dawn came along. She said that she ended her relationship with Duncan. Dawn put her hand over her shoulder to comfort her. Courtney walked by and grinned. I told Gwen that she should just go to sleep since tomorrow is the next challenge. I went to bed. Good night.

                                                                         Day - 11

We woke up and Chris called us out. We were all standing outside in our pajamas. Chris played the trumpet and other instruments. Chef walked and started to throw spaghetti at us. Chris said that we had a training run to do. We all got changed and went to some field. We ran a 5K. I should have put on some running shoes because these wedges were killing me.

“Today’s competition will involve sweat, guts, heart and sweat,” said Chris. He then pointed to Chef.

“I do not want to push some dummy," said Scott, turning the other way and crossing his arms.

“Oh you’re doing this one. We have to win to destroy the other team,” waid Dawn as she grabbed Scott’s arms. Chris blew the whistle and the Screaming Gaffers started to push. Chef started to make fun of them for not trying too hard. The Gaffers got angry and gave it all they had and pushed him down. As for us we had to run through some tires but they were too small and out feet got stuck. We ended up going under barbwires to get to the other side.

We finally passed those stupid warm ups or whatever and I asked who won. Chris said nobody; it was just too established to see whose playing who for the real contest to follow. The screen selected who was going to play who for the games.

We went to the set and we were in some boxing ring. Chris introduced Courtney and Gwen to play in this event. In this match both players will be wearing marshmallow gloves and box till someone drops. The first person to drop the other player wins. Courtney was pumped. She put on her gloves and glared at Gwen. Chef walked in a bathing suit holding the ‘Round 1’ sign, it was pretty gross. The bell ringed.

“You’re going down” grinned Courtney.

Gwen didn't look like she had her game face on.

Courtney threw the first swing and it hit Gwen. Gwen fell down and stood back up. Courtney swung again and hit Gwen in the face. She fell down and she didn’t get back up. The bell rung and Chris announced that Courtney won the first part. And we headed out to what seemed to look like a tennis court.

“This is a badminton court. There was a movie about badminton and it starred yours truly- me!” said Chris.   Nobody seemed to care as he re-enacted a scene from his movie. In this next event it was me and Dawn. Chris threw a plush bird to dawn.

“You can do it Dawn” cheered Scott.

Dawn threw the bird up high and then realized it was a bird so she didn’t swing.

“Eek, it’s alive,” gasped Dawn.


Dawn puts her game face on.

“It’s stuffed, with a squeaker. Is that ok Chicken Little? Serve to Jacky,” said Chris

I smacked the bird and Dawn missed. I smacked the bird again and Dawn managed to hit it back. The bird was going back and forth back and forth. Dawn got into game mode and started to go faster and faster. I’m not that good at sports so when I was about to hit back I missed and the bird hit my face. Dawn had won that part of the challenge.

We went to another set. Chris came out with a toga dress and said that CJ and Scott were up next. They had to wrestle in the same arena we were at earlier. The only difference, they had to wrestle in a children's ball pit. CJ and Scott got inside and took off their shirts. All the girls giggled. “How long since this pit have been washed?” CJ said in disgust.

“Never, we got them from a local carnival” Chris chuckled.

The horn blew and CJ and Scott went at it. CJ put him in a headlock but 

CJ vs Scott in the third part of the challenge.

Scott managed to get out of it. Scott jumped on him and they both fell on the ground. CJ turned around and put him in another headlock! Scott gave up and called uncle. We won this part of the challenge! One more point and we won the whole challenge. It’s down to CJ and Duncan in the last part of the challenge.

We went outside to a basketball court and it seemed obvious that the last game was a basketball match. The final face off was a slam dunk competition, with point headed to the most creative dunk. Duncan didn’t look too excited. He just grabbed the ball and threw it to the basket.

“What the heck was that?” Scott yelled.


CJ throws the basket ball towards Duncan.

CJ grabbed the ball and started to dribble it and threw the ball. The ball went straight towards to Duncan’s chest! The ball bounced off Duncan’s chest into the basket. Chris said we got the final point so we won the whole challenge! Courtney and I ran up to CJ and gave him a hug. As for the Screaming Gaffers they all turned to Duncan and gave him a mean look.

Back at the trailer Gwen was still being a debbie downer. I told her to suck it up and don’t let her break up ruin her chances to win. Gwen stood up and said that I was right. Dawn said that they had to go to the ceremony to vote someone off. I went with Courtney to the ceremony to watch. Everyone grabbed their voting devices and voted. Chef walked up to Chris to give him the results. The first award went to Dawn, followed by Scott.

Gwen and Duncan looked at each other. Courtney yelled just eliminate them both we don’t want them here. Dawn threw her gilded Chris award at Courtney’s head. The final award went to…


Duncan got up and started to walk to the lame-o-sine. Courtney and I were sitting on the steps watching Duncan

Courtney waves goodbye to Duncan.

pass by. Courtney grinned and waved goodbye. Duncan ignored her and continued to walk.

“Alright guys go get some sleep because tomorrow I got some big news for you!” said Chris.

We all headed back to the trailers to get some sleep. Courtney seemed satisfied while Gwen was still in tears. I went into the trailer and just fell on the bed, I was so tired. Goodnight.

Episode 7 Promo


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Episode 7

The Search & The Mystery Train

Day 12


Walk to Harbor Station, Find two keys & arrive to Lake Harbor and open up a treasure chest

Winner(s) Courtney & Sadie
Eliminated click to find out
Episode Guide


"The Blurry Side "


"Grand Theft Boys "

Chris blew the horn and woke all of us up. We all headed to the Gilded Chris Award Ceremony. We were all sitting down at the bench when Chris said that we were going to have a surprise.

          “As you can tell we made it to the half way point, but due to my contract this season is suppose to last about 14-15 episodes and due to the amount of cast remaining this season is heading for 12,” said Chris. Hes started to pace.

          “Thankfully the production has allowed us to bring THREE new players into the game! Sadly only one made it,” said Chris, walking over to the red carpet.

          From a distance you could see the Lame-O-Sine coming.

          “Here we are with our first new player iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's-Sadie!” Chris announced.

          The doors of the limousine opened.



Sadie debuts in the game.

   “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Squealed Sadie.

          “Oh no, not her!” Courtney sighed.

          “OMG hi guys! It’s so great to be back in the game, but it would have been better if Katie was here” said Sadie as she walked to the bench.

          Everyone seemed annoyed with her voice.

          “So which team am I going to be on?” said Sadie.

          “None, because starting today there will be no more teams” Chris replied.

          “YES” Courtney and I said in excitement.

          “Now for today’s challenge you must walk up to Harbor Station. It’s a 6 hour walk so we will supply you with water, a compass, and a first aid kit, oh and a map too. Follow the map and avoid traps that chef placed. First one to get there wins a prize. So GO!”

          We all ran and grabbed a hiking backpack and a map. CJ and I started to run and Sadie followed. Scott went with Courtney and he was whispering stuff to her. I thought he was up to something, I always thought he was up to something, especially back when Harold was eliminated. Dawn and Gwen were heading their own way.

          I was looking at the map, it was kind of hard to understand since there were two paths on the map but it shows an arrow pointing both ways and they both seem to lead to the Harbor Station.

          “Let’s go left” CJ pointed

          “No! Let’s go right” said Sadie with confidence.

          She grabbed us by our wrist and started walking right.

          I saw Gwen and Dawn walking behind us so I told CJ and Sadie to wait for them, thinking if we all got there at the same time we could all win.

          “Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that Scott and Courtney went walking alone” said Gwen.

          “Yes, Scott just went up to her and whispered something in her ear as they were taking the left path” I replied.

          “I bet they’re up to something” Dawn said as she picked up some rocks.

          We continued to walk and we heard Courtney scream from a distance. Gwen smiled and said that she hopes she doesn’t make it to the station. When we thought we took the right path, CJ stepped on a string and a


Dawn throws rocks to hopefully cut the rope.

net came out of the floor and caught us hanging in the air. I thought maybe the same had happened to Courtney since she yelled. I started to panic along with everyone but Dawn said to calm down. She grabbed the rocks that she collected from the ground and started to aim at the rope. She threw about 3 of them but she missed, one of them hit the rope but didn’t do much. She had one more rock; she closed an eye to aim. She threw it and the rope cut and we fell down. We continued to run. We arrived to the harbor station but Scott was there already. Courtney was coming from behind angry. She walked up to Scott and yelled at him. We looked at each other wondering what had happened.

          By this point the sun was down now, and we waited for Chris for further instructions. He came out of the cabin and gave Scott a key. Chris told him to hold onto it since he’s going to need it later. We walked to the train tracks to board the train when we saw this, musician, hipster, tattooed guy sitting at the end of the train just waving.

          “Ah, he has finally arrived…a bit late” Chris glared at the new guy.

          “Everyone, this is Nestor, he’s the second person to join! The third one is somewhere around, now everyone get aboard!” said Chris. He jumped on the train and walked inside, we all followed.

          “Today’s movie genre is the mystery movie! Now for the challenge you must arrive to Lake Harbor and open up a treasure chest. Inside that treasure chest is invincibility! There are two keys to open up the chest. Scott owns one and the other one is hidden throughout this train. The train arrives to Lake Harbor by dawn so if you find your key you must protect it while you sleep…well that's if you sleep. You all have twenty minutes in each train compartment to find the key. Once those twenty minutes are up you MUST proceed to the next train compartment. If you are in the same compartment when twenty minutes pass you will be locked in there till the challenge is over, so search quickly,” said Chris. He left the compartment.

          We all went inside the rooms and started searching between the couch, pillows, and tables, anything we could think of. Dawn was the only one who was standing not searching. CJ and I were searching in the beds, Scott wasn’t too worried since he already had a key so he was hanging around Dawn talking about something. Gwen, Courtney and Nestor were looking in another room, and Sadie…was with us. Sadie was always in between us, it made me angry like gosh, give us some space. But that’s when I realized that I was starting to like him.

          19 minutes passed and nothing, we were waiting by the door to wait for the next compartment to open. The door opened and we went inside, as we went inside the door behind us closed. We were in the kitchen department. We looked inside the oven, cabinets, under the table, everywhere! Dawn was still standing not searching and Scott was still next to her. No luck, we couldn’t find anything. All of a sudden the lights when out. I grabbed onto CJ’s shirt and Sadie did the same on the other side. Scott yelled in pain as if someone had hit him. The lights went back on and Scott was on the floor and Dawn was nowhere to be found. Courtney was next to Scott just standing there looking at him. Scott checked his pockets and his key was missing.

          “HEY, who took my key?!” Scott yelled.


Nestor grabs a magnifying glass to find clues.

          He turns to Courtney. “I know you took my key!”

          “I didn’t take anything!” she replied, walking away.

          “So what are we going to do about Dawn?” said Gwen

         “We are going to search for them” replied Nestor as he grabs a magnifying glass.

Nestor went inside a room when the bell rang. We all hurried to the next compartment room. The doors closed and Nestor got locked in and the compartment disconnected from the train and departed. The timer went on and we all started searching everywhere. The lights went off again and we heard Gwen shout. The lights came back on and she was gone. Sadie was on top of CJ scared. We looked around the room to find Gwen but she wasn’t found anywhere. How could she possibly go missing if the train was moving?      

          The 20 minutes were up and we went to our semi-final compartment. Scott was getting angry that he couldn’t find a key and was glaring at Courtney this whole time. Sadie was following CJ everywhere so I just went my own way to find the key. Scott went up to Courtney and threatened her, telling her to give the key back to him. Courtney twisted his finger and said not to point at her and that she didn’t have the key. Eventually time was up and the bell rang. We were all standing by the door when CJ said he saw something shinning under the couch. He ran back to reach it and the doors had opened to walk into the last room. The doors were about to close and CJ was about to grab the item. When CJ pulled out what seemed to be pennies the door shut closed.

          It was already midnight and we were all tired. Chris came in and said to rest because by dawn we would have to


Sadie jumps on CJ when the lights go out.

get up and search for the key. We all stayed in a room and sat on a bed. Scott was looking to see if the final key was in the room. It was just me, Sadie, Courtney and Scott. I fell asleep and I heard something coming from the room next door. I look to the other side of the room and Scott wasn’t in his bed. I got out of bed quietly and opened the door to see what was happening. I opened the door to where Scott was and he was searching for the last key. He looked at me and stopped. I wondered why he stopped, maybe because I caught him but when I turned around Chris was standing behind me.

          “What are you guys doing up this late?” Chris asked.

          Scott didn’t reply. “Um…I heard a noise and I came to see what it was” I said.

          “You guys should be sleeping and not up wondering off. In the morning both of you have ten minute wait penalty” Chris shouted.

          We went back to our rooms and we fell asleep.

                                                                         Day - 13

          We woke up to finish the challenge. Scott and I were sitting down at a couch for ten minutes thanks so what he did.  Sadie and Courtney were searching all around. The ten minutes felt like forever, and I already wanted to go find that key. It had to be somewhere around here. Eight minutes passed and I was already getting frustrated. Sadie came up and was searching around us. Sadie then put her hand in the cushions in between me and Scott and pulled out the key!

          Ten minutes passed so Scott and I didn’t know what to do since Sadie found the last key and someone took the key from Scott. Eventually the bell rang- we had arrived to Harbor Lake.

          The doors opened and we walked outside. Chris was standing just outside along with Dawn, Nestor, Gwen, and CJ.

          “Congratulations to whoever found the key. Now show me your key so I can let you past this gate so you can begin to walk down this road which will lead you to the treasure chest!” Chris said to us.

          Sadie walked up to Chris.

          “Here’s my key!” Sadie said in excitement.

          Chris let her pass.

          “No one else has the last key?” Chris said while he looked at us about to close the gates.

          “Why yes Chris, I happened to have the last key” Courtney said while walking up to the gate.

          Everyone gasped.

          “I knew you had ambushed me!” Scott yelled.

          “That’s what you get for leaving me when I got stuck in quicksand! I knew that when the lights went out that I had a chance to kick you and take the key,” Courtney laughed, “well now I have the key and you don’t.” She walked past the gate to catch up to Sadie.

          “That little rat!” Scott yelled while making a fist with both his hands.

          Sadie and Courtney walked down the road and had gotten to the lake. They said there was a girl standing


Sadie & Courtney meet up with the last person to debut along with the challenge prize.

behind the treasure chest. Chris went with Sadie and Courtney and said that this was the last girl. He told her to wait at the finish line so he could introduce her to us. Sadie and Courtney opened the treasure chest and inside were two invincibility tickets.

          They came back with the new girl. Chris introduced her. Her name was Diem. She was very beautiful with beautiful blonde hair but, she looked almost too perfect. I’m planned on keeping a close eye on her.

          At the elimination ceremony, we all sat down and waited for Chris to show up. Sadie seemed happy since it was her first elimination ceremony and knew that she was safe no matter what. Chris showed up and told us the usual. Grab our device and vote someone off. I looked at CJ and Sadie and pointed with my eyes at Scott, they nodded. We all voted.

          “I sense tension tonight. Alright on to the results, Sadie and Courtney, you girls are safe” He threw them their Gilded Chris awards.

          “…Nestor, Diem, Gwen, Dawn, Jacky and CJ, Awards for all of you!” Chris passed out the rest of the awards to us. Thank god I was safe!

Scott was shocked and angry. He didn’t really say much but ‘You’ll pay for this’ and left. 

We were back at the trailers and I was about to sleep when Diem was up with the light on brushing her hair. I asked her if she could turn the light off because I wanted to sleep. She said sure, turned the light off, and went to sleep. Finally I went to sleep, goodnight. 

Episode 8

Grand Theft Boys

Day 18


Head to the Heist set to crack a safe to retrieve a bag of cash and a key to to a racecar; then race to the finish line.

Winner(s) CJ
Eliminated click to find out
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"The Search & The Mystery Train "


"Weave Got Cavemen Problems "

              We had another five days to relax and enjoy our time here at the set. It was really nice since we needed a break, and it also gave us time to meet the new guys. These past five days I have been talking to Courtney more and more lately. Courtney, CJ, and I would hang out all night and just laugh and joke around. She wasn’t as bad as she seemed. Nestor is pretty laid back, he’s a good musician and he constantly talked about his girlfriend Melody back from home. Diem still seemed almost too perfect to me. Courtney did call me Ms. Perfect the other day but I mean compared to Diem, oh no.

              Courtney, Diem and I were laying down getting a tan. Dawn, Gwen and Sadie were inside plotting, like always. I get tired of Gwen always warning me to watch out for Courtney, I mean, she


Diem, Jacky, & Courtney having girl time.

wasn’t that bad back in the first season, and she got eliminated unfairly thanks to Harold. I just pushed our arguments behind and got to know her. CJ and Nestor are the only two boys left. We have a good advantage to take them out, but Courtney and Gwen could never work together. Later that day Diem, Courtney and I went for a walk, to talk about girl things. We asked Sadie if she wanted to come along but she said she would rather stay. We were fine with it so we left. We were having a good time, Courtney and I were getting along and Diem was just being her. 

              It was still morning and we knew we had a challenge today. We got dressed up and we were all waiting in the service tent eating breakfast. Chris came in from the roof and said that today’s movie theme is the heist genre. Our first part of the challenge was to head to the heist set and crack the safe to retrieve a bag of cash and a key to start a racecar that’s on top of a hill that we have to race to. Everyone was going to have to crack their own safe. Then once we start the racecar, we have to race down the hill, pass the obstacle and get to the finish line. First place received invincibility.

              We all headed to the heist set. We were all standing in front of our safes. There were three riddles printed on the doors to give you the combination to crack the safe. The first riddle said “I am an odd number, take away one letter and I become even. What number am I?” the next riddle was, “If you take three apples from a group of five, how many do you have?” and the last riddle was, “A woman has seven daughters and they each have a brother, how many children does she have?”

              Chris blew the horn and we all started to guess these riddles to open the vault. I went for the second riddle which seemed super easy. The answer was two so I memorized it. Then I went to the last riddle, a woman has seven daughters and they have a brother…so 14! The first riddle was tricky. I am an odd number…take away one letter and I become even…hmm, five…which is four? I tried in the numbers and it didn’t open. I turned to Dawn and she looked like she had something going on. I heard a loud crack on Nestor’s safe. Everyone turned around and he opened his safe! He grabbed the key and bag of money and headed out. A few minutes later Diem and Dawn opened theirs and they headed out. I was getting nervous. I tried again, I realized that the answer to the first riddle was seven, take one letter out, the S, and you get even! Then the last riddle is eight! Because its seven sisters and one brother. I was positive that the code was 7, 2, and 8. I tried it and I was wrong! Sadie opened the vault along with Gwen and it was only me, CJ, and Courtney. I realized that, if I take 3 apples, how many do I have? Well 3! Because I took 3, I put in 7, 3, and 8 and the vault opened!

              I grabbed the bag of cash and left running. As I left I heard that Courtney and CJ had


Jacky catches Courtney kissing CJ.

opened their vaults, so they weren't that far behind. I realized that I had forgotten my key so I started heading back. I went inside and grabbed my key. I headed to Courtney’s vault and she wasn't in there, she had to be here somewhere. I checked in CJ’s vault and I saw Courtney talking to him, she made eye contact with me and she grabbed CJ and kissed him! In front of me!

              That bitch!

              Courtney stopped and looked at me.

              “CJ what are you doing, I don’t like you” She let go of his shirt.

              CJ turned around and saw me. “What, but I didn't-“

              “Save it” I grabbed the bag of money and ran out, crying like an idiot.

              When I headed out of the set, I noticed there was an obstacle course to get to the hill. Sadie was standing afraid to go.

              “Why are you crying? What’s wrong?” she asked.

              “N-nothing” I continued to walk to start the obstacle.

              CJ and Courtney caught up, Courtney just started the course and CJ stopped next to Sadie.

              “Why is Jacky crying?” Sadie asked.

              CJ explained to her what happened. Sadie was shocked and angry.

              I was finishing up the obstacle course when I could see Diem and Nestor already half way up the hill. Dawn and Gwen were stuck: Dawn was tied in a rope hanging upside down and Gwen had her foot stuck in a tire. I got out and started to run up the hill. I saw CJ running behind me trying to catch up but I kept sped up to avoid him.



Sadie about to slap Courtney.

Eventually we all got to the top of the hill. Chris said that there was another part to this challenge. That we would not only race to the bottom of the hill to the finish line but we would have to try to steal each other’s bag of cash or crash into them and destroy their racecar. We started our engines, Chris blew his whistle and we all accelerated. Sadie went in front of Courtney and then stopped. Courtney crashed into Sadie. Sadie got out of the car and grabbed Courtney out of the car and dropped her on the floor, she got on top of her and started to slap her!

              We all stopped and just watched. Gwen and Dawn were cheering Sadie on when Nestor came and pulled her off of Courtney. Sadie grabbed the cash from Courtney and yanked out her steering wheel and threw it.

              “That’s what you get for messing with my friend!” Sadie yelled as she got back inside her racecar.

              I was shocked, I think we all were. Courtney got up and went to search for her steering wheel. When Nestor had gotten back to his racecar his sack of money was missing.

              “Sorry hun but I got a challenge to win!” shouted Diem as she was going down the hill.

              Nestor jumped on his racecar and blocked Dawn and Gwen from going any further. He turned his racecar around and accelerated and let out a huge amount of smoke. Dawn and Gwen covered their eyes and started to cough. Nestor got out and took their sacks. I was just going down the hill not even worrying about the challenge; I was still upset and angry. Diem crossed first and I came up after. Sadie arrived next. CJ reached over to Nestor and grabbed his two sacks of cash without him even noticing. They both crossed the finish line. Dawn and Gwen came down with dirt all over their face. Courtney arrived last since she was pushing her kart down.

              “That was a bit unexpected of Sadie…but great challenge! Congrats to Diem for wining today’s challenge!” Chris raised Diem’s arms.

              Diem cheered.

              “Not so fast!” CJ walked in front of the line. “I have three bags of cash!”

              Nestor looked behind him and noticed his bags were missing.

              "Well I guess we have a WINNER!” Chris let go of Diems arm and grabbed CJ’s and raised them. “CJ! You have received immunity and are safe from elimination.”

              We all headed back to the trailers. Diem and Sadie were sitting next to me trying to comfort me. I hadn’t spoken to CJ after what happened. It sucked that CJ had won immunity because I would have wanted him to leave. I thought we had something, what really surprised me more was that Courtney lied to me. I was wrong, I knew from the beginning she was a snake. Ever since she backstabbed Dakota I knew she was no good. How could I have trusted her?

              It was elimination time so we all headed to the ceremony. Courtney sat far away from everyone. I grabbed my voting device and I was ready to send her home, I knew with Sadie, Diem, Dawn and Gwen, it would be enough to send her home.

              “Welcome to the Gilded Chris Ceremony! You know the rules grab your device and send someone off the set!”

              We all voted.

              “Alright, votes are in, and it seems pretty unanimous on who is going home! First award goes to the winner of the challenge, CJ!

              Next…Diem!...Sadie!...Dawn!...Gwen!...Nestor…Jacky!” said Chris. 

              Courtney looked as everyone but her received an award.

              “WHAT!?” Courtney yelled in shock.

              “Sorry Court, but your journey ends here.” Chris said as he threw the results.

              “B-but, why me!?” Courtney said as she stood up.

              “Because you don't know anything about loyalty,” shouted Gwen.



Courtney is furious at everyone.

 “Oh I see what this is about, you all voted me off because of the heinous crime I committed” She started to pace. “Well you see, it doesn’t really matter if you vote me off. I have my lawyers on speed dial and they can assure me a spot back in the game. Just you wait” Courtney started to walk to the Lame-O-Sine.

              “Oh and Gwen, watch your back, because when I come back, I’m coming back with vengeance.” Courtney got in the Lame-O-Sine.

              The Lame-O-Sine left.

              Everyone got up and left back to the trailers. I threw my award into the trash can and sat outside. CJ grabbed it and came to sit next to me. He was talking but I turned around and started to put my hair up in a bun and ignored him. Sadie came out of the trailer and told me to come inside since it was already late. I decided to just go inside and go to sleep rather than listen to him. I got up and walked without looking at him, I slammed the door shut.

              “Thank god Courtney left, I knew she was trouble from the start” Dawn stated.

              “Do you think what she said about her lawyers was true?” Sadie asked.

              Diem was brushing her hair next to me and I was getting irritated.

              “No, I don’t think Courtney has enough money to get new lawyers, not this time,” Gwen answered Sadie.

              I was still upset and angry from today, everyone talking irritated me and made me snap. I let 


Jacky releases her anger off on Diem.

out my anger to Diem for brushing her hair.


              Diem stopped and was speechless. Everyone turned at me with disgust. She put her brush on the table, laid in bed and didn’t say a word.

              I’m so done with today, goodnight.

Episode 9

Weave Got Cavemen Problems

Day 20


Make a fire using flint stones Duel an opponent on the opposite team with bones, while atop pillars over a "tar pit."

Winner(s) Dawn
Eliminated click to find out
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"Grand Theft Boys "


"Super Lame Title "

              I woke up in a good mood today. I knew Courtney was finally out of the game so I didn’t have to worry about her scheming anymore. The only thing that I’m still worried about is CJ. I got out of bed and I went to apologize to Diem. She seemed pretty upset about my outburst from last night. I went to take a shower and I found Gwen and Dawn outside the shower room. They gave me this weird look and walked away. I thought it was for being to mean to Diem, I mean I already said I was sorry. 

              I came out the shower and got dressed. We went outside to wait for Chris so he could tell us the next challenge. Chris came out in some Tarzan clothing with a big horn. He blew it out loud and Chef came out with a wardrobe or clothes.

              “Good morning contestants! As you can see today’s genre is the Pre-Historic movies! Chef here brought some wardrobe for you guys to wear! Oh and you MUST wear it! Get changed everyone and meet me in the field in ten minutes!” said Chris.

              We all ran to the wardrobe to pick something out. Nestor and CJ only had two options,


Dawn and Gwen ignored Jacky when she started to talk to them.

a speedo or some type of dress.  I grabbed the cutest one, but sadly they were ugly. We all went inside the trailers to change. I tried to talk with Diem while I was changing but she didn’t really say much. I went with Dawn and Gwen and they also didn’t speak to me. I thought it was for kind of leaving them for Courtney a few days ago when we had a little break. I guess I didn’t really talk to them since I was with Diem and Courtney the whole time- but whatever, like if they have something against me then too bad.

              We all went outside to Chris’s instructions.

              “Alright kitties, for the first part of the challenge you must go to a fire pit where there is wood placed in the center, you must run out to find any rocks, sticks, whatever you can find to make fire. Once you have grabbed whatever you need, return to your pit and attempt to start a fire. The first one to do so receives a special advantage for the next part of the challenge. We won't be moving on to the second part of the challenge until everyone lights their fire, so BEGIN!”

              I ran out to find some rocks to rub them together and hopefully make fire. I was running and Sadie was behind me. I waited for her so I had someone to talk to. I asked her why Gwen and Dawn were ignoring me, and she said that they tried to warn you about Courtney but you didn’t listen. I knew it was about that, I had a feeling. I grabbed some rocks from the floor and headed back to my pit. CJ’s pit was next to mine so I had my back facing him since I was still upset. I tried and tried to make fire but nothing was happening.  I turned around and saw that CJ was the first to start a fire. Chris went up and gave him a big bone to hold onto it till the next part of the challenge starts.

              I was getting irritated that I couldn’t start something. CJ was staring over and I sighed. I got up and told him I was sorry for being rude and not listening to him. He accepted my apologized and hugged me. He said that I should use two thick sticks and rub them hard against each other so I can make a spark. I got up and ran to find some and I bumped into Gwen, causing the sticks she was holding in her arm to fall. I helped her pick them up and asked her why she was ignoring me even though I already knew the answer. She said that I took everything she said and threw it away and since I didn’t listen I got what I deserved. I looked behind me and noticed that Sadie, Nestor, and Diem had already started their fire. I left Gwen before she finished talking and ran to go find some sticks. I got back to my pit and started to rub the two sticks against each other. Sparks were coming out so I moved the sticks closer to the center, and eventually I made fire! Gwen and Dawn made theirs minutes later. Chris walked by and handed everyone a bone, much like CJ’s but smaller.

              “Alright cavemen’s-

              “Heeey!” Sadie interrupted.

              “And cavegirls, your next part of the challenge is to battle it out on these pillars with the bones you received! You will have to swing your bones and knock your opponent into the pit of tar. I have picked the order and the match-ups- CJ and Nestor, you guys are first! Following the two will be Diem and Sadie, then Jacky and Gwen, Dawn you will have to wait your turn and play against a loser. Alright boys, let’s do this!” Chris said.

              CJ and Nestor were climbing up to begin the second part. I’m not going to lie, CJ looked pretty…sexy in that speedo. They got into place and Gwen started to cheer for Nestor as did Diem and Dawn. Sadie and I were cheering for CJ. Chris blew his horn and they began. CJ, having the bigger bone, swung first. Nestor ducked and swung his. It hardly even touched him, in fact, I don’t think it was long enough to touch him. CJ jabbed the bone into Nestor’s chest and he fell down into the pit. Nestor crawled out of the pit covered in tar, CJ moved on to the next round. Chris shouted that Diem and Sadie were up next. Diem gave a long look at the pit of tar and started to pace.

              “Come on Diem, we’re up!” Sadie pulled her arm.

              “No, wait I can’t” Diem pulled her arm back.

              We all turned around and looked at her.

              “Why not…it’s just tar” Sadie replied.

              “I can’t…” She took a step back.

              “Just get up there so I can knock you over and win this!” said Sadie, as she pointed at her.

              “Please, just understand that I can’t” said Diem as Sadie was walking up to her.

              Dawn walked up and said, “You do realize that you could lose the challenge and possibly


Dawn and Sadie tell Diem to get over herself and to climb the pillar.

be in the bottom two?”

              “B-but my hair…” Diem whispered as she backed up.

              “Oh my god, you and your hair, IT’S JUST TAR!” I yelled at her.

              “You don’t understand! You don’t know what I’m going through!” Diem yelled at me.

              Everyone’s eyes opened wide. She started to back up and squat down. You could see her eyes getting teary. I didn’t want to seem like a total bitch so I walked up to her and told her that everything was going to be alright, and apologized. She told me it was ok as she wiped the tears out of her eyes. I didn’t really understand what was going on. Diem started to pace again and took deep breaths. She stopped walking and looked at the tar. She let out a big breath. She closed her eyes and took another big breath as she grabbed the top of her hair.

              She took off her wig and looked down.

              Everyone’s mouth dropped.

              “I’ve been keeping a secret for too long and I think it’s about time to let you guys know.” Diem looked at us.

              “I have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer months ago and I’m going through chemotherapy 


The truth about Diem comes out.

right now.” She walked closer to us and turned to Chris. “I’m sorry Chris but, I’m withdrawing from the competition.”

              Everyone gasped.

              “Are you positive that you want to do this?!” asked a shocked Chris.

              “Yes, I had so much fun but, I just got a message from my doctor saying that I have an appointment in three days and I need to fly back to my home town to get the medication I need.” Diem replied.

              “Well…if that’s what you want then fine.” Chris said.

              Everyone walked up to her and gave her a big hug. We all said a little something to her before she left. I told her that I felt remorse for what I said and that I wish her the best of luck with her treatment. I told her she was beautiful and strong and was going to get through this.

              Diem went back to the trailer and changed.

              “I want to thank everyone for being my friend and I will miss each and every one of you. Good luck you guys!” said Diem.

              Diem walked down Walk of Shame and got into the Lame-O-Sine and left.

              “Alright, now that we got that out of the way,” said Chris as he wiped a tear off his face, “It’s time to continue, Sadie and Dawn you girls are up!

              Sadie and Dawn climbed up the pillars. Chris blew the horn and they began. Sadie started


Jacky and Gwen fall into the tar.

to swing like crazy and Dawn threw her bone and it hit Sadie in the face. She took a few steps back and fell in the tar, giving Dawn the win. It was down to Gwen and me now. I could feel the tension. We climbed up and waited for Chris to blow the horn. Chris finally did so and I thought I'd try Dawn's strategy so I threw my bone at Gwen’s face. She dodged it and I knew I was pretty much done. Gwen got a bit closer and swung the bone. It hit me on the side of the head. Ow that hurt. Gwen swung the bone again and I grabbed onto the end of it and pulled on it. Gwen fell forward and I was stupid enough to still be holding the bone so I fell with her. We both landed in the pit of tar.

              “Ha-ha! Alright Gwen, Jacky, you’re both out! Now for our final round it’s CJ vs. Dawn!” Chris shouted.

              CJ and Dawn climbed the pillars. CJ chuckled and smiled with confidence. Dawn was nervous to go up against him. Chris blew the horn and CJ swung the bone, Dawn jumped over it and threw her bone at his private area. CJ fell down to his knees and yelled in pain. The bone had bounced back to Dawns hand. She leaned closer and pushed him off the pillar with her bone, sending CJ down into the tar pit. Dawn had won the challenge.

              “Ouch! That had to hurt! Well congratulations to Dawn for winning the challenge! Now everyone head to the showers, get dressed, and meet me at the elimination ceremony!” Chris said as he walked away.

              I went to the pit of tar to help CJ out. I pulled him out and walked with him back to the trailers.

              “Thanks for pulling me out” CJ said.

              “Oh, no problem” I replied.

              “So…does this mean you’re not mad at me?” CJ asked.

              “Hmm, no but I know that Courtney had something to do with it” I said as I wiped the tar off my face.

              “I hope you believe me that Courtney was the one who came up and kissed me” CJ said.

              “Yeah, I believe you, and I should have trusted Gwen in the first place, I still can’t believe after I gave her a chance she backstabbed me.”

              “Well she’s gone now so we don’t have to worry about that now”

              “Well, I’ll be out in a bit, I’m going to shower and get ready” I said as I opened the doors to the shower room.

              “Alright, me too” He smiled. “I’ll see you in a bit.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek.

              I blushed but since I was covered in tar he didn’t notice.

              I showered, got dressed and headed to the elimination ceremony. I sat down next to CJ and Sadie who still managed to always be with us.

              Chris came out and gave us the usual speech, to grab our voting devices and cast our vote. It was really hard for me to vote since Dawn won the challenge and I couldn’t vote for Gwen since I owed her for not trusting her, Obviously I’m not going to vote for CJ and I can’t vote for Sadie because I need her in an alliance setting. I looked at CJ and I pointed with my eyes at Nestor. he nodded.

              We all voted.

              “Alright everyone, I have the results!” said Chris.

              “The first one goes to…Dawn! Followed up by Gwen…CJ...and Sadie!”

              I looked at Nestor feeling pretty nervous. He gave me the same look back, and I felt a twinge of guilt for just throwing his name under the bus, but that twinge was crushed by the fear of going home.

              “And the final award goes to…




Jacky's journey ends tonight.

I gasped in shock sd did Sadie and CJ.

              “Sorry doll but your time is up here” Chris said.

              I looked at CJ and he frowned.

              “That’s what I would say if this was an ACTUAL elimination! This was a reward challenge and since Diem is gone, we can’t afford two people in one episode!” said Chris.

              I felt my heart drop. I couldn’t believe it. I fell back down to my seat and CJ and Sadie hugged me.

              “Alright guys, it’s time for your bed time since tomorrow we will have a ‘rocking’ day!” Chris hinted.

              We all got up and walked back to the trailers. I knew that Dawn, Gwen, and Nestor voted for me. As for Sadie, I wasn’t sure.

              “That was real scary I thought I was going to lose you back there," said CJ.

              “That literally scared the shiz out of me” I said.

              “Oh my god! That was like real close” Sadie said.

              “I thought you would fly back to California and I would never see you again” said CJ in a worried tone.

              I smiled and grabbed his hand. “It’s ok, if we stick together” I pulled Sadie next to us, “we can take the others out”.

              We eventually got back to the trailers and I was at the boy’s trailer with CJ and Nestor.

              “Sorry that I voted for you, Gwen told me to and well, since I don’t really know you I thought it was ok,” said Nestor.

              “It’s fine really, but you can make your own decisions,” I said.

              I was getting real tired of Gwen talking behind my back and telling others to vote me off.


The chemistry between them starts to grow.

We are going to address this in the morning and it’s not going to be pretty.

              It was already midnight. I was laying in CJ’s bed and I got up to leave to my trailer. CJ told me to stay and sleep in his bed tonight. I didn’t really want to go back to Gwen and Dawn so I sat back down and laid there. He cuddled with me and it helped me go to sleep. I’m really starting to develop feelings for him, I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of anything. I’m off to bed now. Goodnight. 

Episode 10

Super Lame Title

Day 22


Race through a an obstacle course; create a super hero costume.

Winner(s) Nestor & Jacky
Eliminated click to find out
Episode Guide


"Weave Got Cavemen Problems "


"Rock n’ Roll with the Punches "

    I woke up and CJ was still sleeping. I looked over to the other side of the room and Nestor was just waking up. I woke up CJ to get ready for today's challenge. I got up and left the trailer to go to mine. When I walked in Gwen and Dawn were talking to Sadie.  The last thing I heard before Gwen stopped talking was “-want her gone”. Well it was now obvious that Gwen wanted me gone. I just don’t understand WHY it bothered her so much, and it annoys me that Dawn supports her because I thought she was my friend. But I guess there are no friends in this competition. I walked to my bunk to change when Dawn walked up to me.

“I see someone slept comfy last night” As she stared at CJ’s hoodie.

“Yeah, I did” I grabbed my clothes and I didn’t even look at her.

I changed and Sadie walked up to me.

“Oh my gosh! How was last night ?! Tell me, tell me, tell me!” as she leaned forward me.

I looked over her shoulder and noticed Gwen and Dawn staring.


Jacky looks back to see Gwen and Dawn looking at her while she told her story.

“Oh it was great, we had so much fun, we hung out with Nestor, and he sure did like spending time with us too”

I made it seem as if Nestor was becoming my friend so that Gwen and Dawn would be worried that if I got him on my side I could get rid of one of them.

“EEEEEEE! That’s great!” Sadie screeched.

I finished changing and left the trailer with Sadie. We all headed to a city themed set. Chris came swinging from a rope in batman clothing. He jumped in front of us and said that today’s challenge was a super hero theme. Made sense since he was dressed up as batman and made a big entrance.

“Alright kitties, today super-tastic challenge will involve super strength, super thinking, and super awesomeness!”

He walked to the other side.

“as you see, we have a obstacle course you must go through as fast as you can, you first must climb the ladder and jump onto the big trampoline and jump over the building, land in the mattress, then run to catch a falling sack of potato, climb up a pole, run through the wires and jump onto the finish line”

“Pretty easy, huh,” he said, turning to us. 

Nobody said a word and stared at the course.

“Alright, yours truly has selected today’s order and CJ you are up first, followed by Gwen, Dawn, Sadie, Jacky, then Nestor," said Chris. 

We all headed to the starting line. CJ started to stretch while Chris pulled out the stop-watch from his pocket.

“Ok CJ! You need to get to the finish line as fast as you can, if you fall or don’t make it over the props, you will have to start again.”

Chris blew the whistle and CJ started running, he started climbing the ladder and Chef started to


CJ landed safely in the mattress.

throw bowling balls at him. He dodged them, jumped onto the trampoline and soared over the building, landing safely on the mattress. He was running to the next pole he had to climb but then remembered he needed to catch the falling sack of potato. He turned around and dived to catch it. He put the sack down and starting climbing up the pole. He turned to Chef and noticed that he ran out of bowling balls. He started to run through the wires and jumped to the finish line.

“Good time!” said Chris.

CJ sat down on the floor trying to catch his breath. Gwen walked to the starting line.

“Alright Gwen you’re ready!?” Chris shouted. “GO!”

Gwen started to run to the ladder. Chef threw bowling balls and it hit Gwen in the hand. She


Gwen jumps off the board to land in the trampoline.

almost fell down but grabbed onto the ladder with the other. She held in the pain and continued. She eventually made it through.

Following up was Dawn, she also did good but forgot to catch the sack of potatoes so she got some points taken off. Sadie went and….sadly when she jumped on the trampoline…it broke. We had to go to commercial since they had to bring a new one. That was fine with me since I was next and I was extremely nervous.

Nestor and I were waiting by the starting line and everyone was sent to the stage to wait for further


Dawn dodges the bowling balls Chef threw.

instructions. Nestor grabbed out a bird cage necklace and started playing with it. I looked at him but I didn’t really want to say anything. He saw that I looked at him and said.

“It’s my girlfriend’s, she gave it to me for good luck”.

“How cute” I said. I kind of turned my body to the other way.

“Yeah” he chuckled, “if only she was here.”

“Alright kiddos, we replaced the trampoline…Jacky! You’re up” Chris said.        

“Good luck” Nestor smiled.

I was standing by the starting line. I was pretty scared and nervous. Chris blew the whistle and I


Sadie about to land in the trampoline.

started running in zig zag so that Chef could not hit me. I climbed the ladder and jumped. I jumped over the building and landed hard on the mattress. It hurt so badly. I got up and grabbed the sack falling down and of course it landed on my face. I quickly wiped the smashed potatoes off my face and continued running to the other pole. I climbed it and stopped for a moment, seeing that I was pretty high up. I gulped and started to run. I dodged the bowling balls and dived down to the mattress. I had made it. It was exhausting- I got up from the mat and went with everyone else.

Nestor was next. Chris blew the whistle and he started bolting through the course. He was pretty fast. He dodged everything thrown at him and made it to the finish line fast, maybe even faster than CJ.


Jacky lands on the mattress.

Chris told us to wait by the stage while he went for something.

While we were standing waiting for him I leaned my head against CJ’s shoulders.

Dawn and Gwen have been pretty quiet this whole challenge. I looked over to Sadie and she looked 


Nestor catches the sack of potatoes.

disappointed that she didn’t pass the challenge. I looked back to Nestor and he was still playing with his necklace.

“Alright Super Heroes, it’s time to announce the winner of the first challenge” Said Chris as he was walking back to us.

“The winner of the first part of the challenge is…Nestor! You get an extra advantage in the last part of the challenge…which I will explain in a bit.” Chris walked up on stage. “Alright for this next part of the challenge you must create a super hero costume! You will then walk down this runway and I along with two special guest judges, will score your outfit out of ten! The person who receives the highest score wins invincibility! And the lowest score…is automatically sent into the bottom two! So you guys have two hours to create a costume, except for Nestor, who has three for winning the first part of today's challenge. Alright contestants get to work!” Chris then walked backstage and we all ran over to the costume area.

There was fabric, tables, sewing machines, and everything else we would need to make a costume. I had to go quickly if I wanted some of the better items. I thought of a cool Egyptian pharaoh type costume. I grabbed everything that I needed and went to a sewing machine. I looked around and everyone was starting to go to their sewing machines as well. My plan was to sew a skirt for my costume.

Eventually an hour and a half had passed. I was half way done, and just needed to add accessories to the skirt and top. I went back to the trailer to grab my headdresses and some other jewelry. I went under my bunk bed to grab my jewelry box. As I was under there Dawn and Gwen walked, so I decided to hide under my bunk bed and hear what they were talking about.

“Jacky’s costume looks really good so far, what do we do if she wins the challenge?” asked Dawn.

“Oh, well we can’t let that happen. We should go back and cut her outfit to pieces. I know it sounds evil but this way she will to have to start over and won’t have enough time to finish,” said Gwen, she smirked.

“Mother of glob, ok I guess so,” said Dawn. Then she grabbed something off her bed and they both left the trailer.

I got out and brought my jewelry box with me. I was following them back to the stage, but made sure they couldn't see me. They stopped just before getting to the stage, and Gwen turned to Dawn.

“Dawn I want you to go look for Jacky while I go and cut her dress apart,” said Gwen.

Dawn went to go look for me back at the trailers. Gwen was walking to my station and looked around. She grabbed the scissors and I sneaked up behind her.

“Hey Gwen did you lose anything?” I said. 

She kind of jumped and turned around.

“Oh I just needed a pair of scissors…nice costume by the way.” She started to walk back to her station, looking frustrated.

Time was up, and I hurried to put everything together.

“Alright kiddos, time to show off your super powers! The order was randomly selected and Jacky you’re up first, followed by CJ, Nestor, Gwen, Dawn, and then last but not least Sadie. Oh! And let’s give a warm welcoming to our two guest judges! Ladies come on out!” Chris opened the curtains from behind.

We were all excited until we saw…Courtney. Of course it had to be Courtney. And there was also this other girl who no one knew. Everyone but Nestor seemed pretty bummed by the reveal. I looked to Nestor and he was practically shaking with excitement, so I asked him if he knew the other girl.

“Yes! That’s my girlfriend Melody!” he replied. He seemed so excited. She was very pretty. I just hoped she wasn’t as stuck up as Courtney.

“Everyone has ten minutes to get dressed up!" announced Chris. 

I went to the back to get dressed. I asked CJ to zip up the back of my top, and looked over and saw Gwen was staring. I didn’t say anything so I turned around. Chris called me on the microphone and I walked up to the stage, well behind the curtains. He gave me a little introduction and I walked out. Since the stage was a catwalk I started to walk that runway fiercely.

"WOW! Look at that costume. Explain what you are and what your super power is,” said Chris. He couldn’t stop staring, but who could blame him?

“Well I am the Queen of the Pharaoh and my super power is that I can hypnotize anybody with my hourglass necklace.”

I pulled out the hourglass from my pocket and showed it. Chris seemed to be pretty hypnotized already. Melody seemed to like it and Courtney’s face seemed like she didn’t care.

“C-Chris?” Melody called him.

“O-oh sorry, yes ok! You may return backstage and you will get your score when everyone has gone!”

I went backstage and CJ said that I did great. They called him up to go next so I went to the sideline to see him go up.

“Alright CJ show us what you got,” sad Chris.

“Well, I’m The Beach Hero. I stop crime at the beach!” He replied.

“Erm, and how is that?” asked Chris. 

“Like this!” CJ pulled out a bucket of sand and laid it on the floor. “Watch this” He kicked the sand and it landed in Chris and Courtney’s eyes while Melody reached to cover her eyes on time.

They both yelled in agony.

“AGH! Ok ok I get your point! Head backstage so we can score your costume and annoying power!” Chris said while rubbing his eyes.

He came back and I laughed for kicking sand at Courtney and Chris. We sat down while we waited for everyone to go.

Nestor was up next, he walked down the runway. He was some kind of birdman? He said that his powers were to call birds, he whistled and birds flew to him and landed on his shoulder. Melody


Everybody in their customs they made.

seemed very impressed and excited. Courtney and Chris looked at each other and laughed. Chris told him to go backstage while they scored him. Gwen was next, she was wearing something…evil like, and she had a long black cape. She kind of looked like a vampire. She walked up and said that her name was Shadow Queen and her powers were doing dark and evil things. Courtney started to laugh and Gwen glared at her. She said evil things await her in the future; then quietly turned around and went backstage.

Dawn was up next. She walked down the runway and everyone stared at her whiel trying to hold in laughter. Dawn's costume was that she had vines and leaves all over herself, and she looked like a swamp monster. She explained that she was Mother Nature and her super power was to talk to plants.

Chris laughed, “I’m sorry but this one is the funniest one yet, talking to plants.” He continued to laugh.

Dawn lifted her hands in the air and started to say something. Within seconds a tree fell down and landed on Chris. Melody and Courtney gasped and Dawn left the stage.

Sadie was the last one to go. She was called up but didn’t show up. Moments later she appeared. She rolled over to the front of the stage. She was in a pig outfit. Everyone started to laugh. She said she was Piglet. Chris asked if that was already taken by Winnie the Rooh. She didn’t really respond so she just explained what her super power was. She said that her super power was to make bacon and throw it in the face of evil. She pulled out a piece of bacon from her pockets and threw it at the judge’s face. She ran off the stage laughing like a maniac.

We all waited backstage for Chris to call us. I leaned against CJ’s shoulder and started to play with his hands.

“Who do you think is going to win this challenge?” Sadie asked as she ate bacon.

“Who knows, but good luck to everyone” Nestor replied.

Dawn and Gwen were quiet the whole time.

Chris called us to the stage so we all went.

“Well we have finished counting the scores and it’s time to announce the winner. Today’s challenge winner with 27 points out of 30 is…Nestor! But it’s a tie! Nestor and Jacky win!”

I started to cheer and jump up and down with excitement.

“As for the loser of the challenge who will be in the bottom 2 tonight is…Gwen, with a total of 18 points”

“WHAT?!” Gwen said in shock.

Courtney grinned at her.

“So this means you will have two votes added to tonight’s elimination so, but still if anyone gets more votes they’re out! So head back to the trailers for dinner and then head to the Gilded Chris Ceremony!”

We all headed back to the trailers except for Nestor who stayed a bit to be with Melody.

On our way back Sadie said that she would talk to Nestor to get rid of Gwen since she already had two votes automatically. She went back to find him so me and CJ continued walking. He grabbed my hands and we held hands on the way back. I felt so…happy.

We all changed and ate, then headed down to the elimination ceremony. Sadie hadn’t returned to tell me anything about Nestor. We all sat down and Sadie sat next to me but didn’t say a word. Nestor sat beside her and Dawn and Gwen were in the front.

“You all know the drill, pull out the voting device and vote next contestant out of here!”

I grabbed the device and voted for Gwen, CJ did the same. I looked down to Sadie and she was still scrolling. Nestor was next to click in his vote, followed by Dawn and Gwen. A bit more time passed, and Sadie finally voted.

“Wow” Chris said when he read the votes.

“Alright- Chris threw the results on the floor “The first award goes to Nestor and Jacky, followed up by Dawn and Sadie.

CJ…Gwen you both are in the bottom.

The final Award goes to…CJ!”

Chris threw the award at him.

“Sorry Gwen, but tonight you’re going down the walk of shame!”

Gwen stood up, hugged Dawn, and left without saying a word.

“So that’s makes you guys the final five!” said Chris.


CJ pulls back Jacky to kiss her.

We all left the ceremony and walked to the trailers. CJ asked me if I wanted to sleep with him tonight, but I told him that I wanted to stay in my bed and get some rest. I also wanted to get the chance to talk to Dawn now that Gwen was gone. He said he was fine with it so I told him goodnight and started to walk away. He grabbed me by the arms and pulled me back to kiss me on the lips. He then left to his trailer. HE KISSED ME, our first real kiss…I suppose. I got those tingles inside my stomach. I went inside my trailer and Dawn was staring out the window.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just calculating when the next full moon will be” Dawn replied.

Sadie looked at me and shrugged.

I asked her if we could talk and she said sure. We sat down at the table and talked for the whole night. Eventually we all went to bed since we were tired. Goodnight.

Reunion Promo


                                             Promo Picture



Episode 11

Rock n’ Roll with the Punches

Day 26


Play an electric guitar on stage; walk through a red carpet obstacle course; trash a hotel room..

Winner(s) Nestor
Eliminated click to find out
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"Super Lame Title "


"28 Days Later "

Yet again we had a few days off to relax and enjoy our time here. I got to talk to Dawn and I really got to know her, sadly I had to wait this long to actually talk to her, but being with Gwen all the time- I just couldn’t. Also, throughout these past few days Sadie has been getting on my nerves a bit. I mean, she’s always around CJ and me…not that it ever was a problem, but she needs to lay off just a bit. I mean I can’t help her throughout the whole competition. Things with Nestor…I think it’s awkward, like we don’t have the same vibe, he’s a cool guy but I feel like we’re on two different planets.

Anyways, Chris called us to the Gilded Chris Ceremony to show us

Everyone waiting to see the ex-contestants exit confessionals.

something. I put on the cute outfit I wore in the last elimination, since he told me I looked cute in it. We got there and there was a huge screen on the stage. We were all wondering what it was for and looked at each confused. Chris came from behind the screen and welcomed us.

“Good morning final five! Once again congratulations for making it far in the competition!” Sadie and Dawn clapped. “Now since we’re almost to the end, I thought I should make things a little more interesting.” Everyone looked at each other, worried now rather than confused. “Oh no, we’re not bringing anyone back, or any new contestants” We all sighed in relief. “I just thought I would show you guys the exit confessionals for all the eliminated players! Haha! That’s right you will hear these losers’ last words and find out the truth!”

FINALLY the truth! I’m just curious to know what Gwen and Courtney said about me before they left.

“Now let’s start with the first person who was eliminated first, Harold!”

[Harold: How was I eliminated first? Did Leshawna vote for me? GOSH! At least I can return to Picky Steve’s Lock Picking Camp]

Nobody seemed to care about Harold, sorry but I'm not sorry.

“The next loser was our friend Dakota!”

[Dakota: I was backstabbed by my so called “friend”! How dare she! Ooooh when I see her again I swear she is going to get it! She thinks she’s going to get away with it; well she has another thing coming! Jacky keep an eye out for her!]

I’m glad we’re on the same page about Courtney, but I am still dying to hear what Courtney said upon her elimination.

“Tyler is up!”

[Tyler: Damn, I got sent home because of my twisted ankle! Ouch! But it’s all CJ’s fault! I heard he was the one who threw my name around to get rid of me! But once we see each other again- oh you haven't heard the last of me! *he accidently tips the chair over* ow!]

CJ rolled his eyes and didn’t really respond.

[Brick: Hello there former teammates, it’s your sergeant Brick! I’m pretty bummed I was eliminated because I accidentally threw up on Courtney’s face! Hope she still ain’t mad about that…well farewell cadets!]

[Leshawna: Hey y'all! It’s your girl Leshawna checking out of TD:LCA! I think I would have stayed if I hadn’t smacked Courtney but the girl had it coming! Girl be jealous of my glorious hump! That skinny no good- ugh! But it’s all fine, I had a blast and now that the show is over, i'm glad I don’t have to see some of these people again. Alright y'all I’m heading out, pretty girl bounce, later!]

“Following up next is Duncan!”

[Duncan: Well I let my emotions get the best of me, but breaking up with Gwen was possibly the best thing I could do at the moment. *He looked straight into the camera* what? There’s a zero chance I’m returning back with Courtney! So don’t even think about it…I’m just worried about the reunion. I hope things don’t get awkward.]

"What a soft boy” Chris laughed.

[Scott: Courtney you little rat! I knew all this time that you had my key! I will never forget this! Hope you get voted off next!]

I knew Courtney was next, I was kind of nervous but not really, I just wanted to know what she would say.

[Courtney: Yeah I kissed her boy toy, yeah I did it because I don’t like her, but Sadie putting her hands on me? She better be expecting a lawsuit! Thanks to weird goth girl, little miss sunshine, and porky pink I went home. Good luck to NO ONE! I will avenge myself! *right about when she’s about to turn off the camera she remembers* Oh and Jacky, I faked being your friend all this time, I don’t really care of this “alliance, friendship” thing, I just used you since you were new to the game, but hey you ended up not being that bad. Just don’t get too attached to CJ, because he’ll just forget about you when he goes back to his town and you go back to yours, just like everyone forgets about you.]

Everyone looked at me as if I was about to blow up. Even CJ slid away from me a bit. I just laughed like if it wasn’t a big deal…because it wasn't. I swallowed hard, hopefully no one noticed.

[Diem: Hey guys, sorry that I had to leave but it was just my time. In the back of my mind I knew coming was a bad idea, but boy am I glad I did. I had a blast, and I'm so glad I got the chance to participate before well…you know. Anyways, good luck everyone! *she blew a kiss to the camera*]

“Awwww,” said Chris.

“Well, on to the last one!” said Chris as he tried to hide his tears.

[Gwen: Well I kind of expected that. Dawn, I’m rooting for you! *she pauses* I really don’t have anything to say about the other people left in the game, especially a certain someone.]

It was nice to finally know what they said, and obviously Gwen still had something against me and Courtney on the other hand…well let’s just say she’s not going to get away with what she said.

“So that was it! All ten of the loser's exit confessionals! Now please meet me at the rock n' roll stadium right now to start the next challenge!” Chris left.

I forgot to change into my challenge clothing, so I just went like this. We all left and went looking for the music stadium. We checked the map for directions but it didn’t say where it was located at. We went walking east to see if it was by where the other settings were. We didn’t find anything, so we headed back to the ceremony.

When we got back to the stage there was a ton of music equipment set up. Chris made us linger around so he could set up the stage. Wow ok.

“Final 5! Welcome to your next challenge!” shouted Chris, “Everyone pick up an electric guitar. For the first part of the challenge, you will be playing my very own version of Guitar Villain. When the game starts, you will look at the screen and play along with your guitar. Hit the same color button because if you miss you will get electrocuted”. Great, just great, because who doesn't love being electrocuted.

“The winner of this part will get an advantage for next challenge!" exclaimed Chris.

“Excuse me Chris, when will we have a non-elimination challenge?” asked Dawn.

“Well that’s today!” Chris replied


Dawn wonders when there will be a non-elimination challenge.

“Really?!” said Dawn, as she approached him with a hopeful look.

“Haha, no!” Chris laughed and pushed her back.

“Everyone look at the screen we are about to begin”.

I picked up my guitar and I didn’t even know how to hold it.

“BEGIN!” Chris shouted.


Jacky's confused and doesn't know how to play.

Within a few seconds I had already gotten electrocuted. So that meant I was out. Sadie and Dawn also got electrocuted within minutes, so it was down to CJ

Nestor VS CJ in Guitar Villain.

and Nestor. Of course the only boys left are in the lead. They both looked so concentrated. Sadie and I were cheering for CJ while Dawn cheered for Nestor. Sadie went up behind him and rubbed his shoulder as a ‘good luck’ kind of thing, but it only messed him up. He accidently missed and got electrocuted. Nestor had won the first part.

“Ah, you made me mess up!” CJ shouted.

“I’m so so so sorry!” Sadie backed up.

“And the winner of the first part of the challenge is Nestor! Now follow me to the red carpet for part two!” said Chris.

We all followed him and arrived to some red-carpet like set, the place where I belong of course. We sat down and waited for Chris to arrive. He left us at the set and went inside some room.

Moments later he came out wearing a tux.

“Time to begin the next part of the challenge! You will start off from the starting point of the red-carpet and you will have to race across the obstacles, making sure to avoid the paparazzi, the groupies and the security. This is a timed event so the fastest time gets an advantage in the final challenge. BUT make sure you look good while running because not only is this be a race, but also to see who can be the most flawless.”

We all sat down on the sideline to watch each other complete the race.

“Nestor for winning the first part of the challenge you get to pick the order of who goes first, as well as twenty seconds shaved off your time.”

“Hmm, alright I pick Sadie to go first, then Dawn, then Jacky, then CJ, and I’ll go last.” Nestor said as he was taking a seat.

“Sadie! You’re up first!”

Sadie went to her spot and waited for Chris to blow the whistle. We all sat down to watch Sadie. Chris blew the whistle and Sadie started to run. She finished the course in two minutes. Dawn went and finished in a minute and 43 seconds. It was my turn, I was about to run in a pair of high heels and a long dress. I had a bad feeling about this, I knew I should have changed. Chris blew the whistle and I grabbed my dress and started to run. Right when the first camera was about to snap I almost tripped on the dress. I fixed my heels and continued to run. I dodged all the groupies and I had gotten to the security guard. I had to use my charms to get me past him which worked and I got by. I finished in a minute and 51 seconds. Well at least I didn’t get last place. It was CJ’s turn, Chris blew the whistle and he went off. He passed all the obstacles that he finished the course in about a minute. Nestor got up and took his spot. Chris blew the whistle and he as well ran the course pretty fast.

Chris called us up to the red carpet to announce the winner of the second part of the challenge. The lucky winner was…CJ. CJ got an advantage for the final part of the challenge.

We headed to our last destination. We were in some hotel room waiting for Chris. The television turned on and Chris appeared.

“Welcome to your final part of this challenge! As you see we are at a hotel room and as any rocker would do they would trash the room! So this final part you have to destroy this room! We will be keeping track of everyone and in five minutes we will ring the bell and you will stop. By the end of the five minutes I’ll announce the winner of the challenge who will be our lucky immunity winner. Oh and CJ you get a three minute head start, so BEGIN!”

We all had to wait outside of the hotel room so that CJ ccould begin. His extra three minutes began and he started to break everything he saw. When his three minutes were up we saw a lot of things already trashed. We came in and everyone ran to anything that was close to them. I went up to a vase and I dropped it and it shattered everywhere. This doesn’t seem to be safe. I ignored it and continued to break more things. Dawn and Nestor were trying to make holes in the walls and then breaking them off and Sadie was throwing mirrors carelessly behind her back that were landing near us. One of them hit CJ in the back and it broke. He arched his back and yelled in pain. I ran over to help and saw he had a piece of the shattered mirror stuck in his skin. Sadie turned around and apologized yet again. As if he hadn’t heard that one before. Sadie tried to pull it put but accidently pushed the shard deeper into his skin. He yelled in pain again. I pushed Sadie away and tried to pull it out with my nails. Dawn and Nestor were still breaking things since we still had two minutes left. I pulled the piece out and cleaned the blood coming out, I grabbed a band-aid that the camera man gave me and put it on his back. He got up and the alarm rang.

Chris walked in the room to survey the damage and declare who won.

“Wow, it looks like a total mess in here, now to announce the winner of the challenge- Nestor! You win invincibility! And as for the rest of the people, you will vote one more person off the show! See you guys in the ceremony in ten.” Chris left the hotel room

I turned to CJ and asked him if he was alright, he turned to me and said that he was fine. We were walking back to the trailer, when Sadie suddenly barged between us.

“Hey CJ I hope you’re doing better, I’m so so so so so sorry about what happened today.”

“It’s fine really," said CJ, in a very sarcastic tone.

“Ok good! Now we can all come together and vote off Dawn! After all she did want you gone Jacky.” Sadie turned her to face me.

“No, I think that was just Gwen” I gave her a fake smile.

“But we're still voting for Dawn right? Ok well that’s our choice for tonight, see you guys at the ceremony!” Sadie gave us a big pat on the back and scampered off.

CJ arched his back and tried not to shout. I turned to Sadie in fury as she skipped back to the trailer. Oh glob I wanted to punch her so bad, but I knew that wouldn't be smart. When we got to the boys trailer I took off his shirt and laid him on the bed. I grabbed a towel and dipped it in warm water. I washed off the dried blood and wrapped him in another clean dry towel. He put his shirt back on and we walked over to the ceremony. On the way over there Nestor came up to us and asked if we were going to vote off Dawn. CJ looked at me and I looked at him.

We got to the ceremony and sat down. Chris came out and told us to vote someone off. Sadie looked at us and winked, we winked back at her. I looked at Dawn and grinned at her. She gulped.

After we all voted Chris looked at the results and looked surprised.

“Well then, I guess it’s time to give out the awards.

The first award goes out to the winner of the challenge, Nestor!

Followed by CJ and Jacky!”

As I caught the award that Chris tossed, Sadie distracted CJ and his award hit him on the side of the head.  

“O M G, you should watch out.” Sadie said as she handed him his award.

“The final award is going to either Dawn or Sadie.”

Dawn was starting to get nervous so she started playing with her hair. As for Sadie she leaned back and waited for her name to be called.

“Dawn!” Chris tossed her award at her.

“WHAT!?” Sadie stood up in shock.

Dawn caught her gilded award and turned to Sadie.

I didn’t really want to say anything but I mean like, I tried helping her and I helped her for as long as I could. I was already getting tired of her clinginess and always being like some kind of third wheel.


Sadie says farewell to the final 4.

Sadie got up and hugged everyone good bye, and while she was doing so she started crying. Once she finished giving out hugs she went running down the Walk of Shame to the Lame-O-Sine. As she was about to leave she rolled down the windows, popped out and yelled good luck to everyone. I actually did feel pretty sad, all in all she was my friend, but I mean after all this is a game, and I’m here to win.

Chris told us to go to bed since tomorrow was our next challenge. We all got up and started walking back to our trailers. CJ and I looked at each other and sighed in relief. In terms of our relationship it's great she’s gone. Sorry not sorry. I still love her but it was her time.

As we were heading back to the trailers, Nestor suddenly spoke up.

“Congrats to everyone for making it this far and for making it into the final four!” he said. We all cheered, I mean it's exciting since we are so close to the final, we just had three more challenges and it was over- there'd be a winner.

We got to the trailers and Dawn and Nestor went inside to go to sleep, but it was still early, it was like maybe 10 pm. I grabbed CJ’s hand and led him over to the top of the hill where we had our acting challenge way back in episode two. We got to the top and saw the beautiful view of the ocean and the stars above us were shining bright.

I brought him up there so we could spend more time together and forget about the competition. I asked him what would happen after all of this was over. He said not to worry, there’s always a way to work things out. We were sitting down and I leaned my head on his shoulder. It felt weird, like I was getting these weird feelings inside my stomach that I hadn’t felt in a long time. He was something different, the way he talked the way he acted, it was just something that I really liked about him.


Jacky and CJ leaves the trailer area and heads to somewhere private.

I asked him how his back was and he said it was getting much better. It wasn’t hurting as much as it did earlier. He smiled and looked at me. I looked back at him and stared into his eyes. I took note of how beautiful his blue eyes were and got lost in them. We got closer and I grabbed his head, pulled it towards mine and I kissed him. I pulled him on the ground with me and we continued kissing. I ran my fingers through his hair while he was playing with my dress. Things were getting real hot.

Just then we heard someone’s voice from below scream our names. It was Nestor, he came up and told us that he was worried that CJ hadn't come back and it was late. He noticed that we were in the middle of something so he said he would just go back down to bed.

“Well I guess I’ll leave you guys alone…and I guess I could stay in the girl’s trailer with Dawn so you guys could have the trailer to yourself” he said. He winked at CJ and left. It was the first time I feel like I connected to Nestor, that was pretty cool of him. 

We got up and followed him back down. We finally got to the trailer and I changed into my pj’s. CJ was laying in bed and I went and jumped on him. I forgot that he still hadn't recovered from his back injury so I apologized, ironically feeling like Sadie for saying that. I snuggled with him and he held me like a baby. He fell asleep and I was falling asleep as well. I got up to turn off the night light and crawled back into bed to sleep.  Goodnight.

Episode 12

28 Days Later

Night 27


Burn the cabin house that was in the movie; then race to the top of the mountain.

Winner(s) No one.
Eliminated click to find out
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"Rock n’ Roll with the Punches "


"Doctor May Eye "

It was still night when it happened. We were all sleeping when the lights from outside turned on. Then the lights turned back off. I kind of got scared so I grabbed onto CJ tightly. I passed out as Chris came barging in the room.

“Wake up! And meet me outside!”

I grabbed one of CJ’s shirts and put it on and walked outside barefoot. I sat down on a trunk next to CJ. Dawn and Nestor were coming out of the other trailer, looking just as confused as us. We saw there was a screen and a Chris came out with a movie in his hand.

“Hello everyone, I woke you guys up to watch a movie” He turned around and put the disk in the DVD played.

“All you need to do is stay up and watch the movie, easy right. After watching the movie I want you guys to head back to your trailers and get some rest for tomorrow's challenge”. Chris played the movie and left.

I found it weird that we had to watch a movie and go back to sleep. It didn’t make sense.

The movie started, the title came up. ‘Evil Dread” It was about some girls who went and vacationed in their cabin, that was in the middle of some creepy looking woods.

I don’t like watching scary movies because I get scared and then I get nightmares, but if I had to watch it, then I would.


Everybody watching the movie.

BANG! Something scary popped up. I grasped onto CJ’s arms as tight as I could and I buried my face in his chest to hide. I looked back at the screen and I saw the killer drag a girl by the hair into his evil room or whatever. She was panicking, yelling, she tried to grab onto something but failed.

The movie finally ended. Dawn and I were behind the boys since we were scared. A second look showed that Nestor was actually hiding behind Dawn. We all got up and headed back to the trailers. Before entering we all stopped. I told them I had a gut feeling someone was watching us. The movie was pretty scary so we all thought we should sleep in the same trailer in case something happened or Chris tried to mess with us. We went into the girls trailer and went to bed.

                                                              Day – 28

Dawn came running inside the trailers to wake us up. She said she was heading to the bathroom when she noticed the place empty. We got up and went outside. Nestor found a piece of paper lying on the floor. He picked it up and read, “Meet mE @ Ceremony”. I assumed this would be a horror movie theme since we just saw one last night. We all walked to the Gilded Ceremony and we saw a large screen with a video that was paused. Dawn found the remote on the floor and pressed play.

“Hey everyone I have some quick announcements! As you can tell the sets are completely empty. That’s because there has been some news lately that a mass murderer has been out on the loose here in this set, so naturally for your next challenge, *he whispers* and hopefully not your last, you will have to race to the same cabin you saw in the movies! That’s right the movie you saw last night was filmed on this very set! Now you must go to the cabin and burn down that creep fest! Then you will have to race to the top of the hill where we had our second challenge, which Jacky and CJ should be pretty familiar with. Once you arrive there will be a room, where I am hidden, and you have to sit in these chairs that are right here by my side. As you can tell there are only three chairs. You must be seated on a seat to be saved from elimination tonight, so last one to arrive who does NOT have a seat will get eliminated. No ceremony, no nothing! Make sure you don’t get caught by the physco killer! You have till midnight to get here! When its past midnight the doors will close so hurry!” The video ended.

We didn’t have a map nor a GPS so we had to find the cabin on our own. Nestor had an idea that we should stick together at all times, to watch out for each other’s back. He mentioned it too late though as Dawn had already began venturing into the woods.

Nestor sighed and left, which left just CJ and I. We went walking into the woods to find the cabin. We stopped for a moment since we heard something in the bushes. He bent down to grab a


CJ and Jacky found the girl they hit with a stick.

stick and I hid behind him. The bushes started shaking more and more. Something was rising up from the bushes and CJ threw the stick and it hit the thing and it fell down. We went to see what it was and there was a girl laying on the floor. CJ bent down on his knees to wake the girl up. She looked like a japanese school girl. The girl woke up and rubbed her head in pain.

“I’m so sorry,” said CJ.

“It's ok,” replied the girl.

“What are you doing out here? How did you even arrive to the set if there are huge gates that are closed. I'm pretty sure the only way to enter, or exit for that matter, is through th Lame-O-Sine?” I asked her.

She stood up and cleaned her skirt. “I was supposed to be one of the three new contestants here! I sat all the way


Saki's flash back of her running away from Chef.

in the back of the bus on my way here! Harold was the last to exit before me and he slammed the door shut! Once the door slammed shut the bus left and I was trapped inside! Not to mention that the bus broke down inside the set on some mountain side and the driver ran away leaving me stranded inside! I was trapped in there for days, but finally I managed to escape…till Chef Hatchet captured me and left me inside the janitor’s room so I wouldn’t sue Chris. But I’m finally freeeeee!!!!  The girl went running off but stopped.

She came running back “By the way, the name is Saki” She went running off again back into the woods.

The sun was coming down and there was no sign of any cabin. We went back to the trailers to see if we could find Nestor or Dawn. Moments later we heard Dawn scream in the distance. We went running to the woods and found Nestor lying on the floor. He got up and rubbed his head and I asked him what happened.

“I was with Dawn when something came out from the bushes and took her away, when I turned around all I saw was a rock flying towards me and it nailed me on the side of the head," said  Nestor, as he rubbed his head.

“Did you see to where the figure was heading?!” CJ asked him.

“And have you seen a Japanese school girl just like, around?” I asked.

“Whoever it was went this way,” said Nestor. He started to run in the direction Dawn went but turned around to answer me. “No, no I haven’t”. He continued to run.

We followed him.

We were all heading deeper in the woods and the sky was getting darker.  We got to a dead end where there was a huge wall covered with plants. I turned around to leave but CJ grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Nestor got closer to the wall and started to poke at it. CJ started pulling the plants apart and we eventually saw through the wall. Behind it was the cabin from the movie! We went through the wall and saw the shadow of Dawn inside the cabin. Dawn turned her head at us and started to shout but she her attempts were muffled by tape that was covering her mouth. The window's curtains then closed.

“What are we going to do?” I asked the boys

“We go inside and rescue her,” replied CJ.

“Or we can just burn the cabin with her in it,” said a voice coming from behind us. 

We turned around and Saki was behind us. Nestor jumped in fear.


Nestor asks Saki who she is.

“I was kidding,” said Saki, taking two steps back.

“Who are you? And what are you doing out here?” Nestor asked her.

“I’m one of the original contestants but I got trapped inside the bus”

“Oh, that explains why Chris said we were short on episodes, so he brought three new people in during the mystery challenge,” said Nestor.

“Ok! What are we going to do?!” I interrupted.

“Let’s go inside and save her,” repeated CJ, and he went running off to the cabin.

We all followed him.

My legs were trembling with fear as we stood outside the door. CJ and Nestor kicked the door opened and we proceeded inside.

I turned on my flashlight and pointed to the front.

“D-Daaaaawn…” I said in fear.

Saki grabbed the flashlight out of my hands and walked inside.

As we were walking inside we saw the scratches on the wall where the girl from the movie was being dragged. I grabbed CJ and wrapped my arms around him. I didn't like watching scary movies, let alone being in them. 

The whole cabin was quiet so we could hear every step we made as we walked. We stopped in the living room, in which there was six doors.

“OK split up,” said Saki as she started towards the first room. .

Nestor, CJ, and I just stood there in fear. We didn’t want to move, let alone split up.

Saki turned to us, “Come on Guys! We ne- as she was talking the door behind her opened and hands came out and pulled her in. The door closed.

I went running outside the cabin while Nestor and CJ were still inside. CJ ran outside to grab me.

“Babe we need to save them so we can set this cabin on fire,” he said. 

I reminded myself that this was all acting, and this was just a challenge. But then I realized that Chris said that there was a phsyco killer on the loose. Come on Jacky, I thought, this is for a million dollars

I went back inside to meet with Nestor but he was gone. I heard the roof above me creak, which freaked me out. CJ told me to wait there. He went running into the kitchen where there was a ladder that led to the roof.

I walked really slowly to where Saki was last seen. I opened the door to find Dawn tied up in a chair. I ran inside to untie her. The door slammed shut and I turned around and there was a man in a suit standing there. He pulled out a knife and walked towards me. I ran to the window opened it and I was ready to jump when the physco killer grabbed my hair and pulled me back. 


What the f**k! This is obviously NOT an actor, and if it is we're going to have some problems.

I fell down to the floor but the man grabbed me by the back of my head. I felt like I was living the movie we just saw. CJ ran down and hit the man in the back with a crowbar and he let go of me. I ran back over to Dawn and untied her. I grabbed her hand and went ran outside the room. CJ blocked the door with a chair so the man couldn’t get out. Nestor came out of another room and pulled Saki out.

We ran outside and poured gasoline all around the house. CJ pulled out a lighter and threw it. We all walked back as we watched the cabin burn down slowly. We heard an explosion in the back of the cabin and we started to run. Within seconds, the whole cabin just blew up.

I fell on top of Nestor, Dawn fell next to CJ and Saki disappeared. CJ got up and picked me up off him. I fixed my dress and helped Dawn up. The sun had already gone down. Saki came out from the bushes and said she found an easier and faster way to get to the top so we followed her.

She let us walk first and followed us from behind. We heard howling coming from somewhere which made us stop to look around if he wasn't following us. We continued to walk, and I was feeling scared so I grabbed CJ's hand. Saki started walking slower and slower and stopped at one point. I turned around and saw her stop walking, when suddenly Nestor tripped on a piece of rope and activated some trap which trapped us in a net.

Great, not again.

“Sorry but I’ve been waiting so long to get into this game, and knowing that you guys sent home the rest of the contestants, I can't take any risks!” She started to run off. Nestor pulled out a pocket knife and cut us down. Nestor got up and started running away, he didn’t have time to wait for us. I guess it was up to us now. Dawn got up and said that it would be best if we just split up and got to the top on our own. She left after that.

CJ got up and grabbed my hand and we started running. I heard something from behind us and I turned my head to see what it was and it was the man who we thought we left back at the cabin! I got so freaked out that I wasn’t watching where I was running I tripped over something and pulled CJ back. The man got closer but CJ picked me up and carried me. He was getting closer and CJ tripped on a rock and we went rolling down a hill. Which was bad considering that we had to go UP the hill! Not DOWN! The man left and CJ hit his head on something hard and passed out. I scraped


CJ opening his eyes to see the man behind Jacky.

my knees and ripped my dress. I crawled to CJ to see if he was fine and he had blood coming down the side of his head. I cleaned it and tried waking him up. I was starting to panic and I checked if he was breathing.

He started breathing and he slowly started to open his eyes. As he was opening his eyes he saw that the man was behind me. I turned around and the man grabbed me and pulled me back. I kicked frantically, trying to break free but the man was strong. CJ woke up and ran towards the man to grab his head and pull him down. I was released and kicked the man right in his private area. He fell to his knees and we continued to run.

We got back on track heading up the hill. I turned around while we were running to see if the man was still chasing us and as soon as I did so I crashed into Nestor and Dawn coming from two different ways. CJ stopped while we all were sprawled on the floor. I have had enough falling for one lifetime. We heard something getting closer to us so we stood next to each other. Saki came running frantically out from the bush. The man came out chasing her!

We all turned around and ran! The man grabbed onto Saki’s hips and her arms went out to grab onto something. She had grabbed onto the back of my shirt and when the man pulled her back she


Jacky right after Saki rips her shirt off.

ripped my top off along with my bra! I fell down to my knees and got back up to cover myself. I had just flashed my BOOBS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. INCLUDING THE CAMERA!! I grabbed my bra and started to run while putting it on. I felt so embarrassed. CJ stayed quiet and I knew it was awkward so it was a silent awkward run. We saw the room to where we had to go! We were so close! I saw that Nestor had entered the room! Dawn was behind us! If CJ and I made it into that room Dawn would be eliminated! We headed as fast as we could. CJ turned his head back and saw the man running behind us! We were so close to the room! I almost fell down twisting my ankle on these stupid high heels! I swear! The things I wear for these challenges are too fashionable! I started slowing down since I was beginning to lose my balance. CJ had opened the door and ran inside! I was right behind him when the man grabbed my ponytail and pulled me back! He dragged me down that hill like I was some kind of rag doll. CJ was about to run out when Chris told him he couldn’t leave. I saw Dawn running from the side trying to get to the room. The man let go of me ripping off my hair tie to chase her. He grabbed onto her leg and she fell down. I ran to the man and kicked him in the face. I let Dawn go ahead and told her that I’d make it inside, that I’d join her in a bit.

I got up from the floor and started running as fast as I could towards the room. Saki jumped from the


Saki pouncing on the physco killer.

roof to attack the man. She started pounding on his head and going crazy. As much as I would havd looooved to stay and watch I ran inside and stood next to CJ as I waited for Chris to speak.

“Alright Chef that’s enough!” Chris opened the door.

Chef had taken off the mask while Saki was still on top of him. He grabbed her and threw her off him.

“Why hello there new girl,” said Chris as he approached her.

“You guys are lucky I didn’t file a law suit against your ass!” she replied angrily as she got up.

Chris nervously laughed. “Well everyone to the gilded ceremony!"

We all left the room to head straight there, but we stopped at the trailers so we could change since we were all dirty from today.

I put on a t-shirt on and left my volleyball shorts on. NO MORE DRESSES after what happened today.

I sat down and CJ came to sit next to me.

“Thankfully today’s challenge is over!” He said. “Well sucks for Saki since she was only here for one night.”

“I know, I guess now it’s the real final four,” I paused.

“Well let’s head to the ceremony, I want to go back to bed since its really late…and my head hurts from all the hair pulling,” I said. I got up and left the trailer.

We had arrived to the ceremony.

Chris came out in his tux like always and standing next to him was Chef with bruises all over his face. Saki started giggling, which prompted Chef to give her a mean look.

“Welcome everybody to tonight’s dramatic elimination ceremony! No voting tonight! It was all based off of last challenge performance.” He looked at Saki.

“Well it’s obvious to who’s tonight loser is” said Chris.

“I know I know,” Saki replied.

She stood up, rolled her eyes, shrugged and happily walked down the bleachers.

Chris smiled as she watched her walk the Walk of Shame. We all stood up to head back to the trailers when Chris told us to wait.

“Whoa whoa whoa there! Where are you guys going? I wasn’t finished!” said Chris. 

We all stopped and looked confused as we went back to sit down. I thought it was going to be some stupid twist like bringing another person into the game or something.

“I did clearly mention that whoever did NOT get a seat in the room would be getting eliminated tonight, no ceremony no nothing. Saki obviously was still outside when the game was over thus making her eliminated. NOOOOW Jacky, little miss Jacky, you my friend, did not have a seat.” he said. 

Everyone gasped, my eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. 


“Therefore…you have been eliminated from the game,” said Chris. He leaned on Chef with a smirk on his face.

Dawn and Nestor stared at me.

I wanted to cry, I was angry. I had let Dawn go first instead of me. How stupid was I to not remember that there were only three seats. I couldn’t help it but cry, I can't believe my time here was over.

Dawn came from behind to put her hand on my back and said that she was so sorry.

I turned around and punched her right in the face till she fell down and I didn't stop punching her.

I’m kidding, that didn’t happen.

…but I kind of wish it did.

I walked down and CJ followed.

We walked to the Lame-O-Sine. Saki was already seated inside.

“I’ma miss you,” he said.

“Me too,” I replied. I frowned, and couldn't stop staring at the ground.

He lifted my chin up. “Its fine, you’re gonna do alright”.

“It’s not that” I whispered.

He stops to think, “Oh…it's what Courtney said...right?”

I nodded.

“Don’t worry about that. I promise that I will come visit you when this is over. I promise,” he said, as he wiped a tear off my face.

I looked up and smiled.

“Good luck,” I told him.

He got closer to me and grabbed the back of my head and pushed it towards his. He kissed me. I was really beginning to like those.

Saki's head popped out from the roof of the limo and aw’d.

Chris threw a gilded Chris award at CJ’s head.

“GET BACK OVER HERE I HAVE MORE NEWS TO ANNOUNCE!” Chris yelled back from the stage.

“Well I have to leave now,” he said.

I let go of his hands.

“Promise that you’ll come and visit me when it’s over?” I asked him right before I got in the Lame-O-Sine.

“I promise” He put his right hand over his heart and waved goodbye with his other.

I got in and closed the door. The car turned on and we starting departing. I saw him still waving as I was leaving.

I sat down and sighed. I was out. In the final four. I was so close to making it to then end but it's over because I accidentally saved Dawn.

Saki sat next to me, “TONIGHT WAS SO MUCH FUN WASN’T IT”


Jacky and Saki ride the Lame-O-Sine.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, staring out the window.

We had arrived to a hotel. The driver told us to get off and to head inside. I grabbed my luggage from the trunk and walked in. Inside was a lady standing with a key on a platter.

We walked up to her and the lady said, “Welcome to Wawanawka Resort, here is your key to your hotel room which you will stay for the remainder of the competition.” I grabbed the key and walked. Saki looked amazed, like she had never seen a hotel before.

We had reached our hotel room, which was on


Jacky and Saki arrive to the hotel to see a lady standing holding a key.

the thirty-fourth floor. It was the biggest room in the hotel, I guess making it this far had some perks. I inserted the key and twisted the knob. I opened the door and I gasped.

                 [to be continued]

Episode 13

Doctor May Eye

Night 28


Race to the hospital then make a antidote that will cure your patient.

Winner(s) Dawn
Eliminated click to find out
Episode Guide


"28 Days Later "


"The Infamous Walk of Shame"

       I opened the door to see every all the eliminated contestants sitting in the living room. Oh. My. God. 

But even worse the face I saw while walking in- Courtney.

I was so anry because I knew I should still be in the game, and I wanted to take it out on her, but I didn’t. I stayed cool, calm, and collective. I looked around again and noticed Diem wasn’t in the room. That bummed me out even more. 

Dakota and Sadie were the first two to come hug me. They were disappointed that I had lost since they were rooting for me. Saki went to jump on the sofa while the others came up to me and welcomed me. Suddenly, Tyler stopped me to tell everyone to look at the TV.


Dakota points at the TV.

When we turned to the TV it was a recap of today’s challenge. I turned to Dakota and asked if she had seen today's episode? She answered yes, and that they get the live feed.


Duncan passed by and patted me on the back. “Well at least you gave me a reason to watch it”.

I turned so RED. Oh my god, they saw. Courtney and Gwen glared at me from across! Like damn girls I'm not trying to steal your man, and if I was don’t you think I would already have him? I thought. I flipped my hair.  

Totally kidding, I wouldn’t go after someone like him. I grabbed my luggage and walked out of the living room to figure out which hallway led to my room. Leshawna told me that I was sharing a room with her. I went over to leave my stuff on the bed and walked back out into the living room.

When I came back in everyone was sitting around the TV. Tonight’s episode had just ended. I looked around and nobody got up. I asked Dakota why they were still sitting, and she said that we had to wait for Chris to come.

Chris opened the door and walked into the living room.

“Let’s welcome our recent losers from the game, Saki and Jacky”.

Everyone started to clap. This felt eerily like an AA meeting and I was the newest person to join the group.

“Well it’s the final three, and the finale is coming! We hope to see all of you guys again on set to watch our final two! And by that I mean you have to. After that, you get to finally go home!” he announced. 

“Now, I need to get going. I have to set up the next challenge.” Chris stormed off the room.

Everyone got off the couch and walked to their rooms to go to bed. With all the excitement I forgot how late it was. I went to my room and sat on my bed. Leshawna was coming in and Gwen followed. They were both laughing and


Leshawna and Gwen come in the room laughing.

talking when they entered. When Gwen looked at me she stopped laughing and her face went dull. Apparently Gwen was also one of my roommates- great. Well at least I wasn't sleeping in Courtney’s room. I changed into my pajamas and was getting ready for bed when Leshawna asked me to come sit with her and Gwen at the little couch we had in the room. I got up and joined them. They were just eating popcorn and chatting and it felt really awkward, but I sucked it up and smiled.

“So girl, that’s sucks that you were so close to the million,” said Leshawna as I grabbed a pillow.

“Yeah, I basically gave Dawn a free pass to the final three,” I replied.

Gwen wasn’t talking, she was just eating and looking at the tv.

“Well at least your boyfriend is still in the game,” she continued.

“Boyfri- oh yeah. Guess so,” I replied. I guess CJ was my boyfriend, but in the competition labels weren't really important. 

“Uh- I’ll be right back. I need to go get more popcorn,” said Leshawna. She stood up and left the room.

Gwen and I were both looking at the TV, and not really acknowledging each other, when we both put our hands in the bowl to grab popcorn and we accidently crashed hands.

“Oh I’m sorry,” she said as she pulled her hand back.

“It’s ok.” I grabbed some popcorn and put it in my mouth.

I noticed from the corner of my eye that Gwen was looking at me. I turned to her and she looked away.

There was an awkward pause.


Really awkward.

“I know what you said when you left,” I blurted out.

"Yeaaaaaaah…it’s a long story,” she replied.

“Look, I know you don’t like me, it’s ok if you don’t, but don’t hide behind the confessional and say all these things if you’re not going to tell them to my face,” I said.

“Wait what?” she replied. She turned to face me with a confused look on her face. 

I gave her the look.

“OH. You thought that I was talking about you?” she said.

“Duh! I know you are. You even said it in the confessional, to the certain someone,” I replied. 

Leshawna had walked in the doorway, but stopped and walked back out when she saw us raising our voices.

She stood quiet and started to turn red.

“I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about CJ…” she replied. 

Uh- what?

“You see, I’ve known him since elementary school and we were in the same English class back in the third 


Gwen talking about knowing CJ since the 3 grade.

grade. We sat next to each other for the whole year…and I liked him. Yeah he would eat the glue or sniff his armpits but it was cute…and when I saw him when we got off the bus I felt like…I’m not sure. It felt strange.”

“Did he even remember you?” I asked her.

“Oh no, I looked completely different back then. I had long black hair, braces and dorky glasses. There's no way he would have made the connection.”

“Then why didn’t you tell him…?”

“Because! I didn’t want him to remember me”

“Well why were you always shooting me a stink eye every time I walked by the trailers?”

“Because…Duncan and I broke up and then seeing you with him just made me angry. I’m sorry that I gave you those looks.” She turned to me again, and it truly looked like she was sorry.

“It’s ok…”

She came towards me and hugged me, and at that moment Leshawna came back in the room.

“So you finally told her?” asked Leshawna.

“Yeah, she knows now” Gwen replied.

“Well that’s good, now we can enjoy this popcorn and watch movies”

So we did.

And it was kind of fun.

When the movie was over I crawled back into my bed, laid down and looked outside the window.  I was


Jacky having trouble sleeping.

wondering if he was looking up at the same stars I was. 

It was getting cold and I snuggled with my pillow. I couldn't stop thinking about giving Dawn that seat. I couldn't stop thinking about how I was out. Finally, I fell asleep. Goodnight.


Day - 29

I woke up to Dakota and Sadie screaming, yelling at me to wake up. They wanted me to go to the pool and hang out. I was still kind of tired from last night, but got up anyways. I put on my bikini and went outside to the pool to lie down and catch a tan. I was starting to fall asleep when someone tapped my back. I took off the towel on my head and turned around to see two big security guards. They told me to get up, get dressed and wait in the


Someone called for Jacky.

front of the hotel. They told me not to ask any questions so I didn’t. I got dressed and began walking down to the lobby. I saw Gwen walking down the stairs from my right side and I looked to my left side to see Courtney was also coming down. We finally got to the lobby and waited for someone to come and tell us what to do next. A black van was parked outside the hotel and three men in black came inside andakws us if we were the ones who they sent down. We looked at each other and nodded. The men then lifted us from our feet and carried us to the back of the van. They tied us up and blindfolded all of us.

The road was getting bumpy and we didn’t know where we were going.

We eventually stopped and the men opened the doors and pulled us out. We took off our blindfolds


Jacky, Courtney, and Gwen were taken away by the security men.

and we were set down outside a…restaurant? We were all confused. One of the men came up to us and said we had to go inside and meet with the waiter.

“This doesn’t look like such a good idea,” said Gwen.

“Who cares, it beats the back of a truck,” replied Courtney. 

We walked in and the waiter told us to sit down at a table. The place was empty. We sat down and the waiter brought a plate with a card sitting on top of it. She placed it on the table and Courtney reached out to get it.

“Welcome Courtney, Gwen, and Jacky, we brought you here today to enjoy this feast that one of our famous chefs cooked for you. After you eat it you will receive another card so dig in!”

The waiter came out with a big plate full of food! Good food!

My mouth was watering, I just wanted to dig in! It was nice to eat food that didn't come from Chef. 

They put the plates down and we all started to feast.

We eventually finished and the waiter came out. She brought a plate with another letter on top.       

Gwen reached out, grabbed it, and read it to us.

“We hope you enjoyed our food, now it’s time for dessert,” she said. 

This was like heaven.

The waitress brought another plate full of chocolate cake, chocolate candy, and chocolate covered strawberries. I wanted to cry, it was the best meal ever.

We all finished and leaned back in our seats. The waitress came out once more to give us a final note. I grabbed it and read it.

“Now that you ladies are done, please follow our waitress to your next destination,” I read.        

We got up and followed her and she led us into another car. We left the resteraunt and were heading some other place we didn’t know. 

Once we arrived, they led us out of the car and into a room. The "waitress" told us to wait patiently and then left.

My stomach was starting to feel a little weird, but I ignored the feeling. The TV turned on and Chef Hatchet appeared.

“Hello girls, I hope you enjoyed my food!”

Courtney wanted to vomit but held her mouth closed. That was cooked by Chef Hatchet? But it tasted good. 

“Now the reason why I brought you three here is because we need you girls to participate in today’s challenge.  You don’t have to do anything but just sit down and let the other contestants…cure you.”

“Cure us?” asked Gwen.

“That door in the back will take you to the next set. I want you guys to go inside and wait for Chris to give you your next directions.” The TV turned off.

Ugh, my stomach was starting to hurt more and more. I started feeling dizzy.

“Oh no, I feel like…” began Courtney, before she started vomiting on the floor.


Courtney threw up in the room.


“Ugh stupid Chef, I knew this was a set up!” said Gwen while she ran to the door to exit. The door was locked and she ended up vomiting on the door.

I started feeling dizzy and tried to walk towards the back door to get to Chris but I ended up tripping, crashing on the floor and passing out.


I woke up to a very bright light. I was lying on some medic bed in a hospital set with my wrists tied to the railings on either side. I woke up and saw Courtney and Gwen on my left side. They were also just waking up.

The TV turned on and Chris appeared.

“Morning ladies, now I know you might be freaking up since you’re tied up and in some hospital set but don’t worry! It’s not like I’m going to tie you girls together to create a super human. You girls are participating in today’s challenge! All you have to do is wait for your ex-competitors to come and take you out of this room and race back to the main set. Then they will have to jump in a big pool of something green that Chef made and retrieve antidotes. Now to make things interesting I threw in a bottle of lethal pills! So make sure you don’t take the wrong medicine or else...there won’t be a tomorrow.” Me and the other girls looked towards each other and gasped. Nothing brings people together more than Chris McLean's torture. 

“Haha! I’m kidding, we couldn’t do that! We would be sued! But your partner will have to dive inside and grab an antidote, then mix it with one of the other antidote bottles waiting at their medical table. They just have to create something that is going to remove your sickness and hopefully not…make it worse. The first person who creates the correct antidote wins! So now…you have to wait for your partners.” The TV turned off.

“But who’s our partners?” Gwen asked.

Courtney noticed a tag attached to her ankle, and on it was Nestor's face.. I checked mine and I had CJ and Gwen had Dawn.

Within minutes Nestor rushed through that door and began searching for which of us he was paired with.  Courtney raised her hand and he rushed over to her and rushed her bed out the door.

Dawn emerged through the doors right after Nestor left and pulled Gwen’s bed out the door.

A few minutes passed and I was wondering what was taking him so long. 

I laid back down to close my eyes and take a nap when I felt a hard push on my bed, I got up in fright and turned around to see CJ pushing me. I turned back around to look straight and I noticed Nestor’s wheel fell off and Courtney had fallen on her face! We passed them and I started laughing, when CJ told me to duck. I looked straight again and got hit in the face with some bar and fell back on the bed. Ow.

I rubbed my head, got back up and saw that we were already reaching the main set.

We got to the main set and CJ ran over to the ladder which he had to bungee jump off to retrieve an antidote bottle. Since Dawn was first she jumped first. She jumped and grabbed two bottles but accidently dropped one on the floor and it broke. She had to work with the one she got and return back to the table. Nestor finally came in and left Courtney next to me and ran up the ladder.

My stomach was starting to hurt. Courtney sat up and said, “Well, at least thi- but before she could finish I accidentally threw up on her face…oops.

Sorry that I'm not sorry.

She wiped her face and began screaming in disgut.

CJ was next to dive in and managed to grab a handful of bottles. He then started to run to the table open books to try and find anything that would help him make the correct antidote.

Dawn went in and grabbed about three or four bottles and returned to her spot.

I still wasn’t feeling so hot and being tied by my wrists didn’t make the situation any better.    

CJ was the first to mix his antidote, and he rushed it to me and told me to drink it. It smelled really gross, and looked horrible.

I drank the bottle, and at first I didn’t feel anything.

Then a few seconds later my throat started burning and I start sweating.

He went back to the table to try again while I grabbed a bottle of water and chugged it down.

Nestor tried next and gave Courtney his own bottle. She drank it, fell back down on the bed and started to twitch intensely. Nestor ran to the table to grab an epi pen and ran back to Courtney, jabbing it in her thigh. Ouch.

Courtney relaxed and then passed out.

Dawn ran to Gwen and gave her what she made. Gwen drank the bottle and vomited it out back in Dawn's face.

Today’s challenge was not cute, everyone was vomiting it was really gross. It would have been nice being the one making the antidotes and not having to try them, but hey can't change it now. 

CJ came back to give me another bottle and this one looked a little better. I drank it and it wasn’t that bad. It actually made me feel better.

I gave Chris the sign that I was fine! Chris then allowed CJ to use the key’s he had gotten in the beginning of the challenge to unlock the chains that were keeping me tied to the bed. We then had to run to Chris to end the challenge.

Piece of cake, all I had to do was run to Chris and CJ would have won. I got up to run but CJ yelled out my name. I stopped running and didn’t know what was going on. CJ grabbed my hands and told me to run this way. I started to rub my eyes while running. We got to Chris and he announced that the challenge was over, we had won!

I started cheering but then Chris came up to me and waved infront of my face. I just stood there staring straight without reacting.

Chris told me to walk to the bed and back.

So I did. I was walking when I tipped over the pool and fell in. I realized that the antidote that CJ gave me made me blind! I couldn’t see.

Chris said that the challenge was not over and I had to return to the bed. Great, more antidotes to try. 

CJ gave me eye drops and it helped me see much better. By the time CJ went back to the table to find the problem, Gwen had already felt better. Dawn untied her and the two girls ran over to Chris. 

The challenge was officially over, Dawn and Gwen had won.

I rubbed my eyes once more to try and fully regain my eyesight and saw that Courtney was choking on the second antidote Nestor had given her. Nestor patted her on back and made her spit out what she drank.

She got angry and wanted to hit him but her arms were still tied up. That was probably for the better.

“GET ME OUT OF HERE ALREADY,” yelled Courtney as she struggled against the chains. .

The wheels on the bed fell off and she tipped over and fell on her face…again.

I started to laugh and got off my bed when I slipped on her vomit and sat directly on it.


Jacky slipped on Courtney's vomit.







I panicked, got back up and tried cleaning the stain off my dress.

“Congratulations to Dawn! You get a pass straight to the finale! Now as for the boys, one of you is going home right now! Fun right?” said Chris. We all gasped as Chris continued. “Jacky, Courtney, and Gwen you three get to decide the next person booted out of this game! You can’t vote for Dawn since she won.”

“I vote for Nestor” I said as I turned to him. “Sorry!” 

“Gwen?” Chris waited for her to answer.

“I don’t know, CJ?” she said.


She replied in an instant, “I pick Nestor!”


Chris told everyone some shocking news.

“Well Nestor, look’s like the end of the road for you," said Chris. 

I went to hug Nestor.

“Alright Dawn and CJ report to the trailers, pack your stuff and get ready for tomorrow’s final challenge! Nestor, the Lame-O-Sine awaits outside!”

Gwen went to hug Dawn and Courtney was cleaning herself.

I gave CJ a quick good luck kiss and the finalists headed out the doors and to the trailers.

Nestor was leaving so we followed him outside, but before we left Chris told us to stop.

“Where are you ladies going? You girls are staying inside here to clean up the mess you made”

Chef came out and handed us mops and brooms. First they torture us, then they make us clean it, classic Chris. 

“Start cleaning! Your ride will be here once you’re done,” said Chris as he was about to leave.

Courtney grabbed her broom and began chasing after Chris.

Gwen and I dropped our cleaning supplies and left, there was no way we were cleaning this up. We called a taxi and headed back to the hotel. 


We finally arrived back to the hotel and walked to our rooms.

Nestor was relaxing inside with the other guys. They seemed like they were having a party, but I was tired.

I went to my room to shower and change. I got out and put on my pajamas to go to sleep.

I sat down and turned off the lights and went to bed. Tomorrow was the finale, so who knew what Chris would have us doing. Goodnight.

Episode 14

The Infamous Walk of Shame

Day 30


Arrange the elimination order using blocks of cement; carry a chest up the hill; stop Saki from stealing the prize.

Season Winner Dawn
Eliminated CJ
Episode Guide


"Doctor May Eye "


"Total Drama: Lights Camera Action Reunion"

Today  was the big day, either Dawn or CJ were about to be a million dollars richer. I woke up at around 7 a.m. to go to the gym and run for a while. I got dressed, grabbed a water bottle and headed down. When I arrived I saw that Tyler and Nestor were lifting weights.

“Good morning guys,” I said as I walked to the treadmill.

“Hey there Jacky, how’s it going?” replied Tyler.

“Lovely,” I said as I turned on the treadmill to start my workout.

Dakota came in the room and was also dressed up in her workout gear.

“Hey Jacky, I felt like going for a run too so I put on my cutest workout outfit,” she said. 

She then pulled out her phone and sat down.

“That’s great,” I said. It's good to see Dakota doing some physical activity.

“Yeah, I’ve been running tons of miles lately,” she said.  

“Wow, that’s really great!” I looked over to her phone and she was playing Temple Run.

“I know, I’m trying to beat my high score”

...I put my earphones on and continued my run.

I looked at the time and thirty minutes had passed. I looked to the side and saw Dakota was still on her phone, and Tyler and Nestor were still lifting.

I was getting so into my run that I started to doze off and daydream about the times I had spent


Chris has a special announcement for us.

with CJ in the competition. Dakota pulled the emergency stop button on my treadmill and I fell down to the floor. I took off my earphones and she pointed to the TV.

Chris was on TV, he had a message to give us.

“Good morning losers, as you all know today is the finale of Total Drama Lights, Camera, ACTION! And we hope to see you there at the finale! Not like you have a choice since at 1 PM a bus will come and pick you guys up to take you to the final set. See you then! McClean out”

I grabbed my towel and headed back to my room to take a shower. After the shower I got dressed, and looked at the clock to see that it was almost 1. I did my hair and everything and walked to the main lobby. Duncan, Sadie, and Scott were already there waiting. I walked next to Sadie and leaned on the wall.

“Wow it’s the finale today!” said Sadie as she leaned next to me.

“I know,” I said.

“Are you excited for this to finally end?” she said as she crossed her arms.

I nodded and walked back my hotel room leaving Sadie behind. I wasn't excited for this to end. I had a blast, and made a lot of new friends, but mostly I was worried about CJ and I, what it would be like after the game. 

I made sure that I had packed all my stuff to leave this place after the finale. Gwen was putting her clothes away and let out a big sigh. I asked her what was wrong, because I guess we were kind of friends now.

“Got in an argument with Duncan this morning, he somehow heard about the situation with me and CJ,” she said.

“What? How did he find out?” I asked.


He said, She said!

   “Well…I told Leshawna and she told Diem and Diem told Nestor and Nestor told Brick and Brick told Harold and Harold told Duncan”

“Wow, it sure did spread like wildfire,” I said as I closed my suitcase.

“I know and now he hates me! And CJ too,” she replied.

I headed back to the main lobby and saw that everyone was already there. 

The bus came and finally picked us up. We all entered and sat down. The bus was really dirty and gross, as if they had picked the worst looking one to borrow.

I sat in between Saki and Scott and across from Duncan and Gwen. She looked very uncomfortable so I got up to sit in between them to talk to Gwen. As I got up to sit next to Gwen the bus hit a bump and I fell right onto of Duncan’s lap. I got up and sat down in between them. I dusted off my dress, and looked around. Leshawana was next to Gwen but was chatting with Sadie.

Saki went to the front to ask the driver how much time was left until we arrived. The driver happened


Saki about to fall on the floor.

to be Chef Hatchet and said that we were almost there. At that moment Chef stepped on the brakes and Saki fell. Then he accelerated and she went flying back. He told her to sit down and stop asking him.

Eventually we had arrived. We were back on the set, it almost felt like Hollywood. Chef told us to sit down in the peanut gallery.  I sat down in the first row in between Dakota and Leshawna. Chris came out and told us that Dawn and CJ would come out in a little. We were all waiting when Harold pointed out that he saw them coming. We all turned our heads to see them both walk in. Most of us stood up and cheered, but some didn’t even bother to flinch.

“Welcome to the finale of Total Drama: LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Your final challenge will consist of using your memory, speed, and strength in order to win the million dollar prize! Your first part of the challenge is to walk over to your designated spot and pick up heavy blocks of cement, placing them to create a road. Now pay attention because every block of cement has the face of an eliminated contestant, and part of the challenge is to place the cement in the order of which they were eliminated. From first eliminated to our most recent loser. Once you finish chef will blow the horn, and if you are correct you move on to the second part of the challenge, if you are incorrect, you must correct it or you cannot pass!”

“Once you finish the road there will be a treasure chest which you will have to drag all


TD:LCA elimination order.

the way to the finish line which is located up this hill. There will be a key waiting for you at the top which you will have to obtain to open your chest. Once you reach the top and open the chest, the game is over, and you have a million dollars in your pocket! Good luck to both of you and BEGIN!”

CJ and Dawn ran to their spots to look at the concrete. CJ picked up two blocks of cement and walked over to place them down in their spot. Dawn sat down to meditate or something, she wasn’t moving or doing anything. CJ was going pretty fast, I was surprise he remembered the elimination order. When he picked up the Courtney block and ran to place it he tripped and the block fell down and broke!

“HEY! You did that on purpose!” shouted Courtney.

“Girl be quiet! That was obviously a mistake” Leshawna replied.

“No it wasn’t!” Courtney stood up.

Leshawna turned around and got up ready to smack her down like she did last time.

“Oh I swear!” as Leshawna was reaching over for Courtney, Nestor and I held her back.

“Don’t worry! Dawn hasn’t even started!” I shotued. 

He looked over at down and she was still not doing anything. He picked up the pieces and placed them even though they were broken.

CJ needed about…five more. I looked back at Dawn and she still hadn't started!

Saki leaned over to Dakota and whispered in her ear. She gasped and turned to me. Dakota leaned toward me to tell me but Courtney interrupted to tell us to keep quiet. At that moment Leshawna grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto the ground.

“Courtney you need to stop being a pain in the butt!” Everyone in the peanut gallery laughed.

Sadie pointed in shock and gasped. We all turned around and Dawn was done with placing the elimination order. CJ turned to her and his mouth dropped. How did that even happen? How did Dawn move all those heavy cement blocks in the span of a minute? Chef blew the horn and Dawn immediately grabbed her chest. She tried to pick it up and failed. She then retorted to just dragging it up the hill. 

CJ finally put the final block of cement and waited for Chef to check it.

He shook his head and said it was wrong.

“Come on! It’s not that hard!” yelled Duncan. 

CJ looked to Duncan and then at Gwen. He realized that Duncan was eliminated before Scott so he switched them.

Chef blew the horn and CJ went to carry the chest and started running.

CJ was catching up to Dawn pretty quickly until he tripped on a rock and fell down. When he fell down he put all his body pressure on his hand and it bent back. He was in a lot of pain so I got


Saki laughs at Courtney.

up and ran to him. Sadie and Dakota followed. Gwen, Scott, and Leshawna also came along to cheer for Dawn up close. Then Brick, Duncan, Harold, Nestor, Scott and Tyler came running just to see what was happening. I reached him and checked his arm, it was pretty red. Chris said we had to stay back. We couldn’t help him. I turned to the peanut gallery and Courtney was barely getting up from the floor and Saki was pointing and laughing at her.

I asked him if he could continue and he said that he could. He grabbed one end of the chest and started to pull. Sadie and Dakota started to cheer


CJ hurts his hand.

for him with me, but by this point Dawn was almost half way up the hill. I turned to see Courtney had gotten up and came walking to us, and just then Dawn's hand's slipped and her chest slid down the hill. Courtney turned around and it crashed right into her. Dawn came running back down to retrieve the chest. CJ was in the lead!

This looked very tiring considering the fact that they had to carry a heavy chest up a hill. Chris told us to all wait at the top of the hill and to let them finish on their own. Chef came in a little bus to take us up there. Once he left us there, there was somebody sitting on a couch. I squinted my eyes to see who it was. When I got a clear view it was Mariah with her son Armando! I gasped and went to say hi.

“Hi! I’m a big fan of yours, you were great on Total Drama All Stars, and the way you punched Chris P. was amazing!” I looked at her son and picked him up. “Hi there”


Mariah and her son Armando Jr. makes an appearance to the show.

“Aw, thank you! That’s very sweet of you,” she replied.

“My name is Jacqueline by the way,” I said as I put Armando down.

I sat down to watch the finale. At this point CJ was struggling with his chest and Dawn was slowly gaining on him. 

Despite that CJ was almost all the way up to the finish line! He just needed to keep going! Gwen and Leshawna were cheering for Dawn. CJ got tired and put his foot at the end of the chest to rest. Dawn was coming up from behind. She took off her sweater and tied one end to her waist and the other to the chest and started climbing. At the point she had reached CJ. They both started climbing side by side.

They were both so close to the finish line it was hard to tell which one was in the lead.


Dawn struggling to carry her chest up the hill.

Eventually, they both passed the finish line.

Chris blew the horn. It was over.

“That was a really close one! But I have to check the footage to see who won.” Chris walked into the service tent to view the footage while I went to wrap a towel around CJs wrist.

Chris came out the tent with a silver case, which happened to be the million dollars.

“Wait, if you have the million dollars, what’s in the chest?!” Dawn asked.

“Oh the chest were just my clothes, hair gel, face products, and such, I needed someone to carry my stuff up here since my van is parked up here,” replied Chris. 

“SO YOU COULDN’T JUST BRING YOUR CAR DOWN HERE?” CJ said furiously as he held onto his injured wrist.

“Nope” Chris laughed.

“So who won?” Brick asked.

“Oh Right”

“The winner of Total Drama Lights, Camera, ACTION IS!”

Everyone leaned forward to hear Chris announce the winner.

“It was a tie!” Chris announced.

Everybody gasped.

“So who keeps the mil?” Dakota asked.

Saki ran to the front and pushed Nestor and I out the way. She grabbed the suit case and pushed Chris to the floor. She hopped in the van and turned it on and drove off.

“The million belongs to me! Mwuahahhahhahahahhahahhahahhahahaha,” Saki maniacally laughed.

“Agh, the money!” Chris yelled.


Saki pushes Chris and steals the case.

 “New challenge, this will be the final part. First one to stop Saki and retrieve the case keeps the money! Now GO!” Chris shouted as he got up.

Chef had his car parked behind the service tent so I ran inside, grabbed the keys and came out back to the car to start it.

I honked the horn and told CJ to jump in. Dawn hopped in the trunk while CJ was getting in. I stepped on the acceleration and knocked Chris's treasure chests down the hill on accident. I turned around and yelled an apology while Chris fell on his knees and yelled.

I was getting close to Saki. I rolled down the window as CJ hopped in the back. He stuck his head out to open the van’s door but it was locked. Dawn popped out from the back seat and freaked me out so much that I almost went off track.

“CJ there’s a blow torch and some safety goggles back here! Use the torch to cut through the van!” said Dawn as she pulled out the safety goggles and a blow torch. 

Dawn jumped to the front seat and CJ put on the safety goggles. He turned on the blow torch and got closer to the van. Saki was making eye contact with the road and me so she wasn’t paying attention to what CJ was doing. CJ cut out a square and it fell


CJ cuts off a piece of the van.

off onto the road.

CJ carefully climbed out the car and jumped in the van and Dawn followed from behind. As Dawn was climbing onto the van Saki saw her from the side view mirror. She took a sharp right turn and cut me off, but went off the road which was a cliff leading to some water. I slammed on the brake and got out of the car to see what was happpening. The van drove into the water and I couldn’t see anything. I saw a hand come out of the water with the case in their hand!

It was Dawn's hand! Dawn had the case, Dawn just won.


Jacky waits to see who caught the suitcase.

I was worried, CJ still hadn't come up. Everyone else came running down to congratulate Dawn. I was taking off my heels when I saw CJ crawling out of a bush. I ran to him and helped him up. I looked back over and saw that everyone had picked up Dawn and were cheering. 

“I’m sorry that you didn’t win” I said.

“It’s fine, I had fun here, and best thing about this experience is that I got to share it with you” he said.

I started to blush. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

He pulled me closer and gave me a kiss. He pulled his head back but I grabbed his head and pulled it back and kissed him harder.

It was my favorite moment being here on set.

Sadie came up and jumped in to say congrats to CJ for getting this far.

I pushed her face out the way and kept kissing him. Once we finished we went and joined the other competitors in congratulating Dawn. 


Jacky pushes Sadie out the way while her and CJ kiss.



We all headed back to the entrance of the set where there was a bus waiting for us. We all had our suitcases. We were all ready to leave.

As we all went in the bus and took a seat, I realized Saki disappeared after the car drove off to the water.

I sat down next to CJ and leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

I dreamed about the competition, and everything I had gotten to do. From battling with bones on top of a tar pit to being a princess. I dreamed about if Diem was ok, and what happened to Saki. I dreamed about CJ, and all of our experiences together, from our first kiss to battling the psycho killed.      








I woke up because CJ was getting out of his seat. I looked out the window and we were parked outside of the airport.

I had to go. I looked out the window to see some of the contestants had gotten their luggage and were headed to their respective terminals to head home. 

CJ had to travel farther south to another airport that would take him to his hometown.

We lived far apart. I lived in California and he lived in Ohio.

I got up and CJ helped me with my things and walked me inside to the airport. I saw Dawn and Gwen scampering off one direction and Harold, Nestor and Brick headed in another. I pulled out my phone and I asked an Asian lady if she could take a picture of CJ and I before I left. She took about three 


The last picture they took together before they left to their hometown.


The driver honked the horn, indicating that CJ had to leave.

I kissed him one last time before leaving. I didn’t want to stop kissing him. I just didn’t…

“I have to go now,” he said

I just stood there and stared into his eyes. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to.

I forgot! I rummaged through my purse and pulled out a pen.

I wrote my phone number on his cast.

“Here, call me when you arrive home,” I said.

“Of course I will,” he replied.

I hugged him. I didn’t want to let go.

The driver honked again. I really had to let go.

I grabbed my things and started walking away as he did the same.

We both stopped and looked at each other.

He smiled at me. Tyler called CJ's name to head back to the van, and he did. 

I kept walking and smiled. 


Finally, I have arrived home.

My mom and sister were excited to see me again. They asked a bunch of questions, if I had won, if I made friends, when they got to watch me. I told them that I would talk about it in the morning. It was night and I was tired, it was a long day.

I went to my room and dropped my stuff on the floor and sat on my bed.

I picked up my phone and checked to see if I had any missed calls or texts…and nothing.

Hours passed and I was still waiting…just waiting.

I was starting to fall asleep.

My eyes were closing









Jacky smiles as she reads her text message from him.



Suddenly, my phone flashed on and lit up the whole room.

It was him.

I grabbed my phone and read his text.

I smiled.






This article/section features Spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

In Total Drama: Lights Camera Action the elimination ceremony happens after every other challenge. The team or players that haven't received immunity will vote off another contestant via electronic devices. The participant who receives the most votes leaves the competition.

# Contestant Team Merge 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
5/4th Saki No Team Yes OUT
6th Sadie No Team Yes WIN SAFE SAFE SAFE OUT
8th Diem No Team Yes SAFE SAFE LEFT
11th Duncan S.Gaffers No WIN LOW WIN WIN LOW OUT
12th Leshawna S.Gaffers No LOW WIN WIN WIN OUT
13th Brick K.Grips No WIN SAFE SAFE OUT
14th Tyler S.Gaffers No LOW WIN OUT
15th Dakota K.Grips No WIN OUT
16th Harold S.Gaffers No OUT


  • Jacky, CJ, Nestor, Diem, and Saki are new to the season.
  • Diem was only person to quit.
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