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The third season in my TDI series!

Everyone dreams of fame and fortune, and in this story, twenty two teens are all getting a shot at the big time. From dramatic plane rides around the world, to celebrity guest stars for some of our challenges, the fun and drama never stops in this story.



  • Roger
  • Celebrity guests from time to time


























Chapter One: Welcome to LA!

“The last time you saw me, I was hosting Total Drama Pandemonium,” Roger begins, “Well, that’s changed. I was stuck in a cruddy summer camp. This time, we’ve brought the contest to a whole new day and age, i.e., Los Angeles! Our brand new twenty-two teenagers have been brought to LA, for the chance of a lifetime. They’re going to get fame, recognition, and for one lucky teen, a huge payoff at the end! Our contestants will put up with autograph hounds, tourists, and, worst of all, each other. However, they will be able to tell us what they’re really thinking in our state of the art confessional trailers! So, why don’t we just relax, and let everything unfold here, on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

The camera shifts from Roger, to a taxi, where Vladimir, Monique, and Terri are sitting. Monique is in the front seat, next to the driver, “So, do you have a name, handsome?” She winks at him.

“Earl,” The cab driver’s voice squeaks.

“And, do you have a girlfriend, Earl?” Monique places a hand on his shoulder.

“… Nope…” Earl replies.

“Would you like one?” Monique draws a circle on his chest with her finger.

“Please let me drive the cab, miss,” Earl stares at the finger on his chest.

“Yo, snob girl, let the guy alone,” Vladimir shouts.

“And what’s your name, hot stuff?” Monique turns to him.

“I’m Vladimir, but most people call me Vlad,” Vladimir answers.

“Vlad… that certainly is a cute name, now isn’t it?” Monique says.

“I don’t like to think so,” Vladimir raises an eyebrow.

“And why not?” Monique questions.

“I’d prefer to be thought of as tough, not cute,” Vladimir replies. Monique shrugs, and turns her attention to Terri.

“You’ve been awfully quiet,” She observes.

Terri turns to her, a stone cold expression on her face, “So?” Monique raises an eyebrow.

“Looks like I’ve found Little Miss Sunshine,” Monique jokes.

“That wasn’t funny,” Terri says.

“What do you find funny? A funeral?” Monique sarcastically asks.

“Yes,” Terri answers.

“… Oh…” Monique’s eyes widen, and she turns her attention back to Vladimir.

The scene shifts to another stretch limousine, with Shirley, Hailey, and Jenna inside, “I can’t believe I’m riding in a limo!” Hailey exclaims.

“Well, that’s what happens when you ride with Shirley!” Shirley grins.

“Say, you look kind of familiar,” Jenna says.

“Well, duh, it’s me!” Shirley points to herself.

“Not you, Shirley. I was talking to Hailey,” Jenna stares intently at her.

“Hm… Well, you might’ve seen my sister on TV,” Hailey says.

“Who’s your sister?” Jenna tilts her head.

“Heather, on Total Drama Island,” Hailey promptly replies.

Jenna begins to squint her eyes, “HEATHER is your sister?” Jenna explodes, “I hate her! She was so mean to my sister, Gwen!! I can’t believe it!! And I bet you’re just like her!”

“I’m nothing like my sister, I promise,” Hailey looks nervous. The scene shifts to Hailey in the confessional, “I hate when people say I’m just like Heather, when I’m not… I hate it so much…” A single tear forms in her eye. The scene shifts back to the limo.

“Don’t try and cover it up with that nice girl act!” Jenna stands up, but the limo runs over a pothole, and she falls over, “I bet that’s a trick that Heather taught you!”

“It’s not! I swear,” Hailey shakes her head, ferociously.

Shirley, caught in the middle of the fire, stands up and attempts to calm them down, “Who wants some gum? Gum always helps me relax!”

“I’ll take some gum,” Hailey says, desperate to get out of the confrontation.

“I won’t,” Jenna glares.

“I’ll get it!” Shirley reaches up for her suitcase. She takes it down, “Heavier than I remember…” she says. She opens it, and Lydia pops out. Shirley, Hailey, and Jenna scream.

“Hi!!” Lydia waves.

“How…” Shirley clutches her chest, “How did you get in there?!”

“Easy! I climbed in when you weren’t looking! I had to see what you were wearing! You’re a movie star!” Lydia laughs.

“I’d really rather you didn’t do that. Ever,” Shirley is still catching her breath.

“Why not?” Lydia rolls around in Shirley’s suitcase. The scene shifts to Maurice, Sue, and Garret in a taxi.

“So, kids,” Sue crosses her legs.

“Yeah, what is it, Sue?” Garret bounces in his seat.

Maurice raises his arms around his shoulders, as if to say, “What?”

“You two want to get ahead in this game, don’t you?” Sue brings their heads in close to hers. Maurice’s head nods. Garret’s head vibrates, “I think the three of us need to form an alliance.”

“Yeah, sure, uh-hu,” Garret answers.

Maurice looks as though he’s still on the fence.

“Oh, come on, mime boy,” Sue puts an arm around his shoulder, “It’ll be fun. It’ll be like a big sleepover, except, of course, we clearly won’t be sleeping together, I wouldn’t want to, and the host won’t allow it, and it’ll be more like grueling labor than fun, but still, you’ll love it.”

Maurice still looks like he’s on the fence.

Sue turns her head to Maurice, “Your resentment is delicious.”

“Come on, Maurice!” Garret pokes Maurice repeatedly, “Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!!!” Maurice slaps Garret’s hand away, and finally nods in agreement.

“Wonderful; Sue has just gotten herself an alliance! How great is this? Could I be in a better position? I think not,” Sue grins in the confessional, “You know what I’ll do if they misbehave? Cane them. Ask anyone on the immaculate sidewalks of Singapore after winning an international cheerleading championship, and they’ll tell you; caning works. Now, I think it’s about time we did a little more of it right here, and to all those naysayers out there that say, ‘That’s illegal! You can’t strike human beings on their bare skin with razor sharp bamboo sticks!’ Well, to them I say, ‘Yes, we cane.’” The scene shifts to a taxicab with Luca, Hugh, Sydney, and River inside.

“Oh, he’s adorable!!” Hugh squeals, as he pinches Luca’s cheek.

“Can you please not do that?” Luca pushes his hand away.

“I would, but you’re just so darn cute!!” Hugh pinches him again.

“This is what I have to put up with, most of the time. Except it isn’t usually as creepy,” Luca confesses.

“Can you both please shut up?” Sydney asks.

“Yeah, dudes, just take a chill pill,” River takes out a small bottle labeled, “Chill Pills.”

“I’ll pass,” Luca says.

“Ooh! Chill pills!” Hugh exclaims, snatching the bottle, and swallowing all of it’s contents.

“Whoa, dude, those were all I had for the whole competition,” River says, “Now how am I going to chillax?”

“I could sing for you,” Hugh volunteers, “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh…” He begins singing. The scene shifts to Aphasia, Kurt, Juliana, and Mason in a taxi.

“Aphasia,” Juliana begins, “Why exactly did you have the taxi stop at a bank?”

“Because, Juliana, that’s where they keep the money,” Aphasia is stroking a wad of cash.

“So you robbed a bank?” Mason asks.

“Let’s just say I had to make a withdrawal,” Aphasia smirks.

“Hey, is that jacket from Alvin Stein’s new collection?” Kurt asks.

“Omigosh, yes! I got it like, a week ago!” Juliana exclaims, “You like Alvin Stein, too?”

“Do I have all the pieces from his summer line?” Kurt asks, rhetorically, “I do.” He answers.

“Me, too! Except from the girls’ line, of course,” Juliana laughs.

“Heh… yeah, mine is totally from the boys’ line,” Kurt tugs at his shirt collar.

“… moving along…” Juliana attempts to keep the conversation moving, “Aphasia, where’d you get that belt? It’s totally cute! I think I have one like it!”

“Hm? Oh, this, uh, nowhere, definitely not from your suitcase,” Aphasia’s eyes dart back and forth.

“Well, just as long as you didn’t steal it…” Mason rolls his eyes.

“I didn’t! I never said I did!” Aphasia’s eyes dart back and forth, again.

“You didn’t have to say it,” Mason glares.

“I think he’s on to me,” Aphasia whispers, in the confessional. The scene shifts to Eleanor, Diego, Buddy, and Emmett, in a taxicab. They are riding in silence.

Eleanor attempts to break it, “You know, I just got a love note from my Rabbi? Is that sweet? Or weird?” Emmett starts to think.

“It’s sweet,” Emmett arrives at his conclusion. He pauses, “I mean weird. It’s definitely weird.”

“Weird,” Diego nods. The taxicab goes back to silence.

“You three aren’t much for talking, are you?” Eleanor asks.

“So?” Buddy questions.

“What? Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it; I was just hoping we could get to know each other a little better, seeing as how we’re going to be spending like, the next two months together,” Eleanor replies, “Why don’t we all say one thing about us? I’ll go first; I’m confident that at some point, I’m going to be huge in Japan.”

“So you’re one of those fame-hungry chicks?” Diego asks.

“You could say that,” Eleanor answers, “These days, being anonymous is even worse than being poor.” She turns to Emmett, “You can go next.”

“Oh, okay,” Emmett thinks for a minute, “I’m the quarterback on my school’s football team.”

“Now, you,” Eleanor turns to Buddy.

“Pass,” Buddy rolls his eyes. The scene cuts to Buddy in the confessional, “I already don’t like this Eleanor chick. She’s too happy.”

“Okay, so Buddy…” Eleanor is in the confessional, “I already hate him. He’s got that, ‘too cool’ attitude, and I hate that in a guy.”

“So, I guess I’ll go now,” Diego says, “I’m going to win.”

“What makes you so sure of that?” Eleanor asks.

“I’m the best one here; I know it,” Diego grins.

“Someone’s a little confident,” Eleanor says, “Let’s just hope your confidence isn’t misplaced, because when an ego comes crashing down, it can be a terrible thing.”

“Says you,” Diego rolls his eyes. The camera shifts to Roger, at the foot of a hotel. The taxicabs pull up, one by one, and twenty-two teens get out, one by one, “Welcome one and all, to the Sparkling Palace hotel, here in Los Angeles, California.” The contestants cheer, except Terri and Sydney, “Now, before we introduce you to your teams we’re going to have a pre-game vote. With three teams of seven, one of you will be team-less, and that one will be decided right here, right now. So, go ahead, and vote.”

“Is there any other choice?” Buddy casts a vote for Eleanor.

“See you later, stalker,” Shirley casts a vote for Lydia.

“I can’t believe they let you onto this show,” Luca casts a vote for Hugh.

“You’re really just a downer,” Kurt casts a vote for Mason.

“I’m sorry I have to vote you out, this early. I wish it could’ve been earlier,” Jenna casts a vote for Hailey.

“You know, I’ve just got here, and I’ve seen several people unworthy of hanging around with me. I’ve narrowed it down to two, Hugh and Mason. Hugh is so fat, but I do love a good she-male,” Sue casts a second vote for Mason.

“I don’t know what your deal is,” Hailey casts a vote for Jenna.

“I better keep you from going out of control,” Mason casts a vote for Aphasia.

“I’m very happy to do this,” Eleanor casts a vote for Buddy. Everyone went up and cast their votes. Roger took everyone to the ceremony.

“This is where the losing team will come, the night they lose,” Roger announces, “You will receive something a little different than in the past. If you are safe, you will receive a film reel, and if you get eliminated, you will be asked to stick your hands into a cement tile for our Walk of Losers, where the losers will walk away from here. The Walk of Losers will be a collection of the cement tiles with handprints of the losers in them. After the losers walk away, they will ride the Private Plane of Shame away from here, and will never be allowed to return. Ever.”

“Get on with it!” Sue shouts, “Enough with the jibba-jabba!”

“Fine…” Roger glares, “The first film reels go to… Diego, Kurt, Luca, Sue, Juliana, River, Emmett, Shirley, Sydney, Maurice, Terri, Garrett, Monique, and Vladimir,” One by one, the contestants get their film reels, as Roger tosses them, “Next film reels are for… Buddy, Hailey, Eleanor, and Jenna,” The three girls, and Buddy, catch theirs, “Four contestants left. The next film reel goes to… Aphasia,” Aphasia catches hers, “Two more reels to give out,” Hugh, and Lydia look nervous, Mason looks confident, “The last two reels are for…

… Lydia… and… Hugh,” Roger tosses the she-male, and the stalker their reels. Mason looks astounded. Hugh throws his around Luca, in joy. Luca pushes him off.

“I can’t believe it!!” Mason throws up his hands, “You know what, I don’t need this show!! I can become famous, and get my views to the world out on my own!!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Roger escorts him to the cement tile, where Mason puts in his handprints, “Time to go.” Mason exits along the Walk of Losers; he gets on the Private Plane of Shame, and leaves.

“So… what are we supposed to do, now?” Shirley asks.

“I’m going to break you into teams,” Roger says, “You guys rode with about half of your team, as it is, so you’ll already have met a couple of people. Team one is… Jenna, Hailey…” Jenna gives Hailey a death glare, “… Aphasia, Kurt, Juliana…” Juliana and Kurt smiled at one another, “Lydia, and Shirley.” Lydia grinned at Shirley, and Shirley rolled her eyes, “You are now going to be known as the Movie Premiers, from now on.”

“I suppose that fits me,” Shirley says in the confessional, “I’ve been to, and in, a bunch of movie premiers before.”

“The next team is…” Roger begins, “Buddy, Diego, Eleanor…” Buddy and Eleanor exchange spiteful looks, “Sue, Emmett, Maurice, and Garrett. You will be known as the Silver Screens, from now on.”

“Well, Sue’s got her alliance on her team! How great am I?” Sue says, in the confessional.

“Now, the final team,” Roger continues, “Luca, Hugh,” Luca grimaces, as Hugh throws his arms around him, again, “River, Sydney, Terri, Monique, and Vladimir,” Monique winks at Vladimir, as he rolls his eyes, “You are now going to known as… the Red Carpets!”

“I can’t believe Roger stuck me with him…” Luca is in the confessional, referring to Hugh.

“We have one more thing to attend to before you guys go to bed. By the way, we have six rooms reserved for you guys, in the hotel. One is for the girls of the Movie Premiers, one room is for Kurt, one room is for the guys of the Silver Screens, one is for Eleanor and Sue, one is for the guys of the Red Carpets, and the last room is for the girls of the red carpets,” Roger says, “We need each team to elect a team captain. Go meet with your teams in the dining room of the hotel. You can decide while you eat. You will be deciding through an election. Bring your votes to me after you’re done. Also, the only people allowed to vote are the people that aren’t running,” The scene shifts to the meeting of the Silver Screens.

“Now, you guys heard Roger,” Eleanor says, “Let’s have an election.”

“Fine by me!” Garret exclaims, as he munches on a bar of chocolate.

“I nominate myself as candidate one,” Buddy volunteers.

“I think I’d make a wonderful team captain,” Eleanor announces.

“If those guys are running, I’d better get in there and run, too!” Diego says in the confessional, “I nominate myself.”

“Very well, so the candidates are myself, Buddy, and Diego,” Eleanor confirms, “I think I’d make a fantastic leader because-“

“Whoa, what are you doing?” Sue asks, “We’re just voting. I don’t want to have to sit here and listen to you guys go on and on about why you’re great.”

“Oh, okay,” Eleanor shrugs.

“Who are we voting for?” Garret asks, in a loud whisper to Sue.

“Diego. He’ll lead this team into the ground, trust me,” Sue replies, in a whisper. She tells Maurice this, too.

“Emmett, who are you going to vote for?” Eleanor asks.

“I don’t know yet. Probably you,” Emmett replies.

“How come?” Eleanor questions.

“Well, the other two guys are pretty much insane,” Emmett answers.

“Good point,” Eleanor nods. The scene shifts to the Movie Premiers election.

“Okay, ladies,” Kurt stands up, “We need to pick a captain, and I’d be honored to run.”

“You’ve got my vote,” Juliana says. Kurt and Juliana grin.

“I’m going to run, too,” Hailey announces.

“Me, too,” Aphasia stands up.

“I know who I’m not voting for,” Jenna glares at Hailey.

“It’s me, isn’t it?” Aphasia asks, “Fine… I’ll give you back your wallet if you vote for me.”

“My what?” Jenna feels in her pockets, “And I was talking about Hailey, not you.”

“Oh, um, forget everything I said,” Aphasia laughs, nervously. The scene shifts to the meeting of the Red Carpets.

“Well, I think it’s clear who the captain of this team is going to be,” Monique says.

“Is it me?” Hugh asks, “Because I’m going to run, too.”

“Ew, no! It’s me,” Monique says, “I know you’re going to vote for me, right Luca?” Monique strokes the side of his face with the back of her hand.

“Yeah, sure, Monique,” Luca drools a little, but immediately wipes his cheek, and blushes.

“You aren’t going to vote for me?” Hugh sits in Luca’s lap, and bats his eyelashes. Luca screams in pain, as Vladimir pushes Hugh off.

“Thanks, dude,” Luca says, “I thought I was going to die. I saw my life flash before my eyes.”

“Don’t mention it,” Vladimir says.

“So, River,” Monique is tussling his hair, “Who are you going to vote for?”

“You, of course, bra,” River blushes.

“And, what about you, Vlad?” Monique struts up to him, and delicately sits in his lap. Sydney and Terri both roll their eyes simultaneously at Monique’s flirting.

“I wasn’t thinking you,” Vladimir glares. The scene cuts to him in the confessional, “She’s just using the guys to get her to a position of power.” The scene cuts to the three teams, seated around Roger. Roger is holding a red ballot box, a silver ballot box, and a gold ballot box, each with votes in them all for team captain.

“First, I am going to read the results of the Silver Screens’ election,” Roger announces, “We have… one vote for Eleanor, one vote for Diego, two votes for Diego,” Roger removes the last vote, “The team captain of the Silver Screens is Diego!!”

“I knew I’d get it,” Diego smirks.

“I didn’t get a single vote?!” Buddy shouts.

“Now, to the results of the Movie Premiers,” Roger declares, as he opens the box, “That’s… one vote for Kurt… one vote for Hailey… two votes for Kurt… the captain of the Movie Premiers is Kurt!”

“Better him than Aphasia,” Shirley shrugs.

“Totally,” Lydia’s is centimeters away from Shirley. Shirley quickly scoots away.

“And, finally, it’s time for the results of the Red Carpets,” Roger announces, opening the final ballot box, “One vote for Monique… two votes for Monique… one vote for Hugh… two votes for Hugh…” He removes the last vote, “The captain of the Red Carpets is… Monique!!”

“What I found strange about winning is how I received three votes,” Monique says in the confessional, “I’d secured Luca’s and River’s votes, but there was no way of getting those girls to vote for me. Then that means…” She blushes, but then turns away from the camera.

“Well, that’s all for the first episode of Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger says to the camera, “Be sure to check in next week!”

Chapter Two: Don't Judge Me!

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants arrived at the Sparkling Palace hotel, in Los Angeles, where they voted out Mason. I split them up into three teams, the Silver Screens, the Red Carpets, and the Movie Premiers, and they each elected captains. The chose Diego, Monique, and Kurt, respectively. What will happen tonight when the teams get their first challenge, right here on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The scene cuts from Roger to Sue, Garret, and Maurice in the hallway, as the wait for Eleanor, Buddy, Emmett, and Diego to get ready so they can go out front to meet Roger for their first challenge. “You know why I don’t trust you as the captain of this alliance?” Sue asks. Garret shakes his head, “Because I don’t trust a boy with messy hair. I can’t escape the image of tiny birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and I find it disgusting.”

“Oh,” Garret tilts his head, “That makes sense, I suppose.”

“And what are you doing, mime boy?” Sue turns to Maurice, who is acting as though he is in a box, “Well, what are you doing?” She glares at him, intently, “Oh, right, you don’t talk. You should work on that.” Sue stands there for a minute and then she says, “You two are boring me now. I think I’m gonna go do something else.” She walks away, and into the girls room.

“Good morning, Sue,” Eleanor stretches, as she gets out of bed.

“You still haven’t gotten dressed?” Sue asks, “You should get up early, ready to attack, or as I prefer, maul, the day.”

“No thanks. I’m not much of a morning person,” Eleanor steps into the bathroom. Sue grabs her bag, and exits the room. She walks down the hall, and pounds on the boys’ door.

“GET UP!!” Sue screeches, “YOU CAN’T SERIOUSLY STILL BE IN BED, CAN YOU?! YOU’RE ALL LAZY, SLOPPY, BABIES!!!” The scene shifts to Sue in the confessional, “I can’t be on a team of sloths. I need to transform them into miniature Sue’s, but how?”

“Chill, Sue!” Emmett yells, “We’re almost ready.”

“Did she call us sloppy babies?” Diego asks in the confessional.

Eleanor steps out of the girls’ room, dressed in a plaid sweater, and a pink skirt with gold stars all over it. Garret sprints over to her, “What up with the gold stars?”

“Well, I often use gold stars as my symbol,” Eleanor explains, “They represent the true star that I am becoming.”

“I use a soccer ball to represent soccer,” Garret says.

“… Clever…” Eleanor smiles.

“Yeah, I like to think so,” Garret replies. He bounces away. Emmett, Buddy, and Diego exit their room.

“Good morning, Emmett, Diego,” Eleanor’s eyes squint when she sees Buddy, “Buddy…” She adds.

“Eleanor,” Buddy nods.

“Well, come on, kids,” Sue says, “We better head on down so that the host guy can give us our, you know, challenge.”

“Who do you think I am?” Diego asks.

“Well, that’s a very good question, since I’ve forgotten most of your names,” Sue replies.

“I’m captain of this team, so what I say, goes. We leave, when I say we can leave,” Diego orders. The contestants stand around for a moment.

“Let’s go,” Sue orders, and the team follows her out.

“WAIT!!” Diego shouts. Everyone turns.

“What could it possibly be?” Sue asks.

“Just, wait,” Diego requests. Everyone pauses, and Diego says, “Now we can go.” The contestants leave. The scene shifts from the Silver Screens, to Kurt fixing his hair in a mirror in the hallway. He knocks on the girls’ door.

“Come on, ladies!” Kurt calls.

“I’d love to!” Jenna replies from inside, “But Hailey stole my purse!”

“I keep telling you, I didn’t touch your purse!” Hailey argues, “Now can I please leave?”

“Not until you tell me where my purse is!” Jenna growls.

“Look, girls,” Kurt says, “Just look around. I’m sure it’s there, somewhere.” Sounds of rummaging come from inside the room.

“We can’t find it!” Shirley shouts.

“Can I please come in, then?” Kurt asks.

“Yeah, sure,” Shirley answers, and opens the door. Kurt walks in, and looks around. He spots Aphasia, eyes darting back and forth.

“Aphasia, did you take Jenna’s purse?” Kurt asks.

“No,” Aphasia quickly responds.

“Are you sure that you didn’t take Jenna’s purse?” Kurt asks.

“Yes,” Aphasia answers quickly, again.

“Well, alright then,” Kurt shrugs. Just then, Aphasia drops something onto the floor. Jenna runs over and scoops it up.

“My purse!” Jenna exclaims.

“You did have Jenna’s purse!” Kurt glares.

“You said ‘Jenna’s purse?’” Aphasia asks, “I thought you said ‘menace horse,’ yeah, I’ll go with that, oh, and I clearly don’t have any horses on my person.”

“Alright, whatever, we have to leave,” Juliana urges. The others nod, and file out.

“I think you owe me an apology,” Hailey says to Jenna.

“I don’t,” Jenna walks away. The scene shifts to the Red Carpets hallway. Luca, Vladimir, and River wait in the hall for the girls, and Hugh.

“How are you girls coming, in there?” Vladimir yells, “We have to be out of here, soon.”

“Don’t be so uptight, Vlady,” Monique calls, “We’re almost ready.”

“Don’t call me Vlady,” Vladimir growls. Sydney steps out of the girls’ room.

“How’s it going, Sydney?” Luca asks.

“Fine,” Sydney gruffly replies, and walks away.

“Whoa, what’d you do, man?” River asks, “She looks totally angry.”

“I don’t think I did anything…” Luca states. Sydney hears the conversation from behind her back, and turns around.

She gives a half-smile, and says, “How are you, Luca?”

“I’m okay,” Luca shrugs, “I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep. Too nervous about the contest.”

“Good morning, ladies!!” Hugh’s voice comes from inside the girls’ room.

“How did you get in here?!” Terri asks, panting.

“Well, I figured I should be bunking with the ladies, since that’s what I am, a lady,” Hugh says.

“In what world are you a lady?” Monique questions, “You’re one of the most male looking people I’ve ever seen. Look at yourself, you’re wearing a wig, and we can see your chest hair. Girls don’t have chest hair!”

“I’m still a lady,” Hugh defiantly states.

“That doesn’t make a difference!! How did you get in here?!” Terri shouts, “We locked the doors!”

“Not your windows, though,” Hugh nods.

“You climbed in through a window?!” Terri screams.

“Well, I just couldn’t stand to be among the boys. It was too rough in their for a little gal like me,” Hugh says.

“You’re many things, Hugh,” Monique glares, “And a lady is not one of them. Well, neither is little, but that’s not the point.”

“Girls!” Vladimir calls, “We don’t have that much time!”

“We’re not done here,” Monique glares at Hugh. Monique and Terri leave. Monique turns her head to face Hugh, “Coming?”

“I’m not decent!” Hugh says, “Let me slip something on!”

“… Fine, but make it quick…” Monique growls. The scene shifts from the Red Carpets, to all three teams, sitting in a large theater, waiting for Roger to come in with news about their challenge. The doors at the rear end swing open, and Roger walks in, and onto the stage. He grabs a microphone off of a nearby stand, and starts to speak.

“Good morning, contestants. I hope you had a nice rest,” Roger starts, “This competition is all about becoming a star, and doing what stars do. That includes singing, dancing, acting, guest appearances, fashion, and dressing yourself well, among other things. For today’s challenge we will be focusing on one of the guest appearance type things that stars do. They guest judge for reality shows, and the like. Today, each team captain will select one contestant to be on a panel of three judges. The team that has the judge that performs the worst will lose the challenge. Team captains, discuss with your teammates who you will be selecting.” The scene shifts to the Silver Screens making their decision.

“Look, Diego,” Sue says, “I don’t know about you, but I think old Sue’s got her name written all over this one.”

“I don’t know, Sue,” Diego responds, “I think I might be better than you at this. I think I’m better than you at all things, too.”

“You can’t stand it,” Sue glares, “You just can’t stand it. You can’t stand to see a woman in a position of power, your psycho-sexual traumas would be fascinating, Diego, if they weren’t so horrifying!”

“What? That has nothing to do with it!” Diego exclaims.

“Doesn’t it, though?” Sue asks.

“I just said it doesn’t…” Diego growls.

“You really can’t win here, dude. Just let her go,” Emmett says.

“Fine, just go do it,” Diego sighs.

“I’m glad you’ve come to your senses,” Sue grins. The scene shifts to the Red Carpets making their decision.

“You know what, bra? I think I could totally rock this,” River says, “I’ve got this, like, mountain of niceness and love for all of the world’s creatures, even if they totally, like, screw up at a performance. So, yeah, I think I could do it.”

“Oh, please, could I do this for us, Monique!! Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please, oh, please!!!” Hugh whines.

“Never!” Monique snaps, “Anyone else want to do this?” Sydney, Luca, Terri, and Vladimir look around at each other, and one by one, shake their head. Monique sighs, “Alright, River, you can do this.”

“Sweet, bra! You won’t regret this!” River smiles. The scene shifts to the Movie Premiers making their decision.

“I nominate myself,” Shirley waves her hand, “I’ve done like, a ton, of this kind of stuff before!”

“I second!” Lydia jumps up.

“Okay, does anyone else want to give it a shot?” Kurt asks.

A chorus of things like, “Shirley can do it,” and “I’d rather not,” was heard.

“Looks like you’re our girl, Shirley,” Kurt smiles. Shirley jumps up and down in joy.

“Okay, if all teams have finished deciding,” Roger states, “Will the person representing each team come up to this table?” Sue, Shirley, and River walk up to the table, and take a seat, “You’re going to see three musical acts. One of you will criticize each act, and then make your own choices as to who did the best. You’re all going to meet together, just to bounce ideas off one another, but still make your own choices.”

“Fine by me. Let’s get this thing started, I’m getting bored,” Sue orders.

“Very well. Please welcome our first act!” Roger introduces, and a group of teenagers walk onto the stage. They stand around for a second, and wait for their music to play. A scratchy record plays in the background, and the group performs a dreadful rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, by Journey.

Sue clears her throat in preparation to speak, “Look, my mother once said, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all,’” She sits back in her chair, and then sits upright once more to add, “But my mother was a senile old fool of a woman. Kids, the truth is, none of you can sing, and none of you will be ever be able to sing. You should all just drop out of the music industry now and go get jobs selling ribbons at JC Penny.”

There is an awkward pause, “Alright, then. Thank you for that, Sue,” Roger steps in to break the silence. The first musical act walks off the stage, and Roger announces, “Please welcome our second musical act.” A small girl walks onto the stage, with her hair in pigtails, and she sings a rendition of ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider.’

“Little dude-ette,” River says, “You’re hair looks like palm trees. I’m diggin’ that,” The theater is silent, “That’s all, bra.”

“Okay…” Roger says, as he shoos the child off of the stage, “And with that odd review, it’s time for our final musical act.” A choir of elderly women files onto the stage, and sing a show-stopping rendition of Aretha Franklin’s ‘R-e-s-p-e-c-t.’ Everyone’s jaw drops, except Sue, who wears a scowl upon her face.

“Okay, you guys look so cute in your outfits!” Shirley exclaims, “You look like little dolls!” She giggles, “Anyway, you guys sounded super good. Your tone was amazing, and your pitch. You guys are the best grandma’s ever! I wish that you were my grandmas!” She blushes, and turns to the camera, and says, “Sorry, grammie. Love you!”

“Alright, get off the stage, girls,” Roger instructs. The grandma’s walk away, “Now, you three judges must talk amongst yourselves, and come up with who each of you thought was the best, and who each of you thought was the worst. If your choice was wrong, in my opinion, then your team loses.”

“Okay, so, I think that the girl with the palm trees in her hair was the best, cause palm trees are cool and stuff, you know?” River says, “I had, like, six palm trees around my hammock back at home. I would like to draw pictures on them, bra. I drew more palm trees, cause palm trees are cool and stuff, you know?”

“I disagree,” Shirley says, “I think that the grandma’s did the best. They had so much sass, and I am big Aretha fan. I was at one of her concerts, and she sounded so incredibly amazing!! She’s got this giant voice, I mean, I wish I could sing like that.”

“Okay, I seriously have no idea what either one of you are talking about,” Sue says, “I really despised all three groups. The teens were terrible, and need to take up ribbon selling. The grandma’s were too old, and that girl was too young. They need to put some kind of age limitation on these things. If I want to be entertained, I should be able to go out to the theater, and not to have to experience skin flapping around, or dentures being flung at me in a barrage of elderly terror, and I should not have to experience baby teeth flying out at me when a child sings, nor should I have to experience the terror of small children crying when they slip on one of their ribbons or ponytails. Seriously, world, these retinas need a break!! Anyway, they all lost, in Sue’s book.”

“Okay…” Shirley turns to River, “I’m sorry, but those teens were dreadful. You and I can agree on that, right?”

“Oh, totally, bra,” River says.

“Cool,” Shirley says, “Roger! We’ve made our decisions!”

Roger quickly walks over to the three judges, “So, then, Shirley, why don’t you tell us your choices, first?”

“Okay, so, I think that the best were the grandmas! You guys rocked! Like, seriously!” Shirley exclaims, “And, sorry, but the worst were those teens. You guys just were not good. River, your turn.”

“Okay,” River shrugs, “Okay, so I’m gonna agree with Shirley on the thing about the teens being the worst, because if you guys sang to my palm trees, they would die. Just totally die. But the best was totally the palm tree girl. She was amazing, because her hair was amazing. Sue, you’re up, bra.”

“Thank you, River,” Sue says, “I think that they were all terrible, for reasons I don’t feel like I want to explain again. That’s it.”

“Well, then, in that case,” Roger says, “The winner’s of this challenge are… the Movie Premiers!!” Shirley and her team cheer, “You all will be receiving complimentary fruit baskets by the end of the day!”

“I love fruit!” Hailey exclaims.

Roger continues, “And, sorry to… the Silver Screens. Sue didn’t even give an answer. So, see you at the elimination ceremony tonight.” The scene shifts to the Movie Premiers sitting around in a lounge, discussing who to vote for.

“I say we vote for Sue,” Eleanor says.

“I agree,” Emmett nods. Buddy shrugs and nods. Maurice shakes his head.

“Sorry, can’t! In an alliance with her! That’d be cheating!! Sorry, bye!” Garret sprints away, over to Sue, “Hey, Sue, guess what? The others are trying to vote for you!”

“I can put a stop to that,” Sue says. She walks over to Eleanor, Buddy and Emmett, “Hey, guys. I heard that you were going to vote for me tonight, and I was just wondering why the heck you would do a silly thing like that.”

“You lost us the challenge!” Eleanor exclaims.

“You’re usually pretty mean,” Emmett adds.

“And you’re totally bossy,” Buddy states.

“Yes, but I have a proposition for you,” Sue says, “You should vote for Diego. He’s mean, he’s bossy, and he consented to putting me in, to represent us. Would a good leader really act like that? I say we get rid of him now, before he gets out of hand.”

“That is a good point…” Emmett says.

“I hate to admit it, but it kind of is,” Buddy agrees.

“What? No, it’s not!” Eleanor states, “I’m not voting for our devoted captain! He does more for this team than you do!”

“What does he do, in all honesty, Emma?” Sue asks.

“My name is Eleanor! He leads this team! That’s a big job!” Eleanor argues.

“All he’s done is make us stay for five minutes so he can give us permission to leave, and allow me to be in a challenge, causing us to lose,” Sue replies, “Seems to me like he’s a dud as our captain.” Eleanor pauses and thinks.

“I still say it’s a bad choice,” Eleanor says.

“Movie Premiers, it’s time for you to vote!” Roger steps into the room. The seven teens follow Roger into the theater, ready to cast their votes.

“I know this is the right choice,” Eleanor casts a vote for Sue.

“By becoming captain, you’ve dug your own grave, pal,” Sue casts a vote for Diego.

“Well, Sue told me to do this, so...” Garret casts a vote for Diego. Roger takes the ballot box, and reads over the votes.

“Movie Premiers,” Roger begins, “I see seven of you in front of me, and six film reels in my hand. One of you will not be receiving a film reel, and will be forced to leave your handprints in one of our cement tiles, to be placed on the Walk of Losers. You will walk away on the Walk of Losers, and take the Private Plane of Shame away, never to return. The first film reel goes to… Maurice,” Maurice pantomimes catching the film reel, only to have the actual reel hit in the head, “Next ones are for… Eleanor, Emmett, and Garret,” The three teens catch their film reels. Garret starts unwinding his, “Now we have one for… Buddy,” Buddy grins and catches his, “Sue and Diego, this is the final film reel. It is for…

… Sue,” Roger tosses Sue her film reel, leaving Diego empty handed.

“I can’t believe it!! You voted me out?! I was going to win!!” Diego exclaims.

“Sorry, Diego, but when you’re captain, and can’t lead the team properly, you were the most logical choice,” Sue says, “I hope to see you really soon, pal.” She places a hand on Diego’s shoulder.

“I’m not your pal,” Diego removes her hand, “I’m not any of your pals! I don’t need this show!! I bet the reason I didn’t win was because this was a loser show and only losers can win!!” Diego storms off, not forgetting to put his handprints into the cement. He boards the Private Plane of Shame. The others watch as the plane takes off.

Roger turns to the camera and says, “Well that’s all for this installment. Be sure to check us out next week for even more drama, right here on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!!”

Chapter Three: New York, and New Deli

“Last time, on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The contestants were instructed to pick one person to represent each of their teams, and River, Sue, and Shirley were chosen. After seeing three musical acts, Shirley and River won the challenge for both of their teams, while Sue lost it, for hers. Sue managed to convince some of the members of her team to vote out Diego, their incompetent captain, over her, and Diego was sent home. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The scene cuts to the Silver Screens at breakfast, “Look, Brady,” Sue says, and nods to Buddy. She turns to Eleanor and Emmett, “Edgar,” She nods to Emmett, “… you,” She says to Eleanor, “All I’m asking is one day a month where you stay inside of your rooms, and not come out. I need a break from all the uglies and fatties. There should be one day a month where I can leave my room, and not be visually attacked. You should just stay inside and watch home movies of a time when you weren’t too hideous for me to never want to look you.”

“I’m not that fat…” Eleanor grimaces.

“You’re not fat,” Emmett assures. The three sit there, glaring at Sue.

“I’m gonna go now. You three are boring me,” Sue walks away.

“You’re not going to get an argument from me,” Buddy says, “As soon as you go, we’ll be content.”

Sue passes by Garret and Maurice, “Mime boy, Garret,” She nods.

“Hi, Sue!!” Garret explodes, “I’m trying to teach Maurice how to talk!!” Maurice yawns, and Garret exclaims, “He’s really making progress!”

Sue ignores Garret, and walks up the stairs, to her bedroom, and sees a note on the door. She reads it aloud, “Since your first captain was voted out, the person with the second most votes from the election, i.e. Eleanor, will fill his spot.” Sue pauses, “Who’s Eleanor?” She remembers, “Oh, right. The whiny girl. I guess I better let her know,” She changes her mind, “Nah, I’ll do it later.” She enters the room. The camera cuts to the Kurt, sobbing in Juliana’s arms, sitting on a bench in the hallway. Shirley walks out into the hallway.

“What’s with him?” Shirley asks.

“He just found out that he’s allergic to chinchilla,” Juliana replies.

“There goes my fall wardrobe!!” Kurt sobs.

“How did you guys find that out?” Shirley questions, and sits down on the bench.

“Lydia has a pet chinchilla,” Juliana sighs, “Guess what its name is?”

“It’s not Shirley… is it?” Shirley asks.

“It is!!” Lydia sticks her head out from under the bench, followed by the head of her chinchilla. Shirley screams.

“How do you do that?!” Shirley cries, “Always randomly pop up, out of nowhere!!”

“It’s a talent,” Lydia shrugs. Jenna walks out of the girls’ room, with a grin on her face.

“Is Hailey here?” Jenna asks.

“No, I think she said she had to redo her makeup, or something,” Juliana replies, “I would’ve done it for her, but I don’t usually work with anyone but myself, and her complexion is a lot different than mine. Anyway, why do you want to know?”

“I need to ask you guys a favor,” Jenna says, “The first time we lose, please vote her out.”

“How come?” Kurt sniffles, still recovering from the shock of his chinchilla allergy.

“Because I’m absolutely certain that she’s up to something. She’s too nice. Nobody is that nice, in the real world. I bet that that is some kind of trick that was taught to her by Heather!” Jenna exclaims.

“Hailey wouldn’t do that,” Shirley says.

“How do you know that?” Jenna asks, “She’s got you fooled. Trust me.” The scene shifts to Jenna in the confessional, “I know what I’m doing. Hailey and her mind games must not prevail!” Aphasia and Hailey exit the girls’ room, Aphasia holding a purse.

“Isn’t that Hailey’s purse?” Juliana questions.

“Yes, it is,” Hailey replies, “She stole it, and I decided to let her keep it. I mean, it’s not like it’s worth all the much, right?”

“What? Oh, yeah, no…” Aphasia is rummaging through Hailey’s purse. The scene shifts to Aphasia in the confessional, “Jenna talked to me about voting out Hailey, earlier. I don’t really mind voting her out. I mean, she’s nice, and all, but as long as I have her purse, there’s not a compelling need to keep her around.” The scene cuts to Sydney, and Monique sitting on one side of the hallway, by the girls’ room, and Vladimir, Luca, and River on the other side, by the boys’ room. Sydney stares at the boys on their side of hallway, and sighs, with a rare smile on her face. Her eyes look relaxed.

Monique notices this and says, “What are you looking at, girl?”

“Huh?” Sydney snaps to attention, “What? Oh, nothing!”

“You were staring at one of those guys, weren’t you?” Monique asks, grinning.

“What?! No, I wasn’t!” Sydney defends.

“You were!” Monique sings, “I know that look!”

“I totally wasn’t,” Sydney says, “I don’t get crushes.”

“So, who is he?” Monique asks. The scene shifts to Monique in the confessional, “I know a thing or two about guys, and if I can figure out who Sydney is crushing on, then I can help her get him. That’s when I get them to ally with me.”

“It’s not anyone,” Sydney growls, “I don’t like anyone.”

“Whatever. We’ll talk later,” Monique shrugs. Terri walks out of the girls’ room.

“I had the greatest dream last night,” Terri says, “Can I tell you about it?”

“It’s a free country,” Monique stands up, and walks over to the boys on the other side of the hall.

“It’s pretty great,” Terri says, “I dreamed that it was raining death, and that the stars all exploded, and it was forever night.” Sydney walks over to the boys’ side of the hall.

Hugh bursts out of the boys’ room wearing a belly shirt and a bedazzled mini-skirt, “Oh, hello, boys!!” Hugh sings, and gives a flirtatious wave to them.

“Yo, Hugh,” River waves back. He doesn’t see what Hugh is wearing, because he is leaning back on the wall, with his eyes clothes.

Luca blinks, and looks around, “I think I’ve gone blind.”

“You probably have,” Hugh says, “I’m like the sun. I’m so hot, staring at me will make you go blind.”

“That’s so incredibly not what I meant,” Luca says.

“Are those mine?!” Monique shouts, “Get out of my clothes!!”

“Aphasia gave them to me…” Hugh says. The camera cuts to the teens on a plane. Roger walks out in front of them.

“Good morning, contestants,” Roger begins, “Every other week here on Total Drama: Los Angeles, we will be going around to famous world locales, as apposed to the challenges in LA. These challenges will be inspired by the location. The reason, or excuse, if you will, we are flying around, is because movie stars always are going on tours, vacations, and other stuff, all around the world.”

“So, where are we going, today?” Emmett asks.

“Glad you asked, Eleanor,” Roger says, “Today, you will be visiting New York City.”

“I bet it’s a Broadway themed challenge,” Eleanor excitedly says, “I’m totally ready for my debut.”

“And I’m totally ready for this plane to land so that I can work on building up my calve muscles again,” Sue says, “But we can’t always get what we want, now can we? Well, unless you’re me, because I can.”

“What makes you so sure of that, Sue?” Eleanor asks.

“Well, I’ll tell you, Erma,” Sue says, “I’m not an American citizen. I was born in the Panama Canal Zone, but I managed to get a passport. And I’ve run for office twice. I’ve brought the Republican Party to its knees, begging me for mercy, for the seventh time. I would relinquish them from my contemptuous grasp, if they nominated me as their presidential candidate, but those morons still chose that fool of a man, McCain, and don’t even get me started on Alaskan dimwit, Palin…”

“How is that even possible?” Eleanor questions.

“It really isn’t…” Buddy says

“Anyway,” Roger interjects, “The challenge is running a deli. New York City is known not only for Broadway, and the Statue of Liberty, but also its delis.”

“Since when?” Vladimir asks.

“Since always,” Roger replies, “Each team will be in charge of its own deli. Three people will be chefs, and the rest will be waiters and waitresses.”

“I’m a waitress!” Hugh exclaims, “Calling it now!!”

“Sure, whatever,” Monique rolls her eyes, “But if you frighten the customers we’re voting you out.”

“They would be intimidated, or frightened, as you put it, by my gorgeousness,” Hugh says.

“Oh, believe me, honey,” Monique says, “That’s not what’s gonna frighten them.”

The camera cuts to the three teams entering their delis. Roger enters each one and gives the following instructions, “Team captains, choose your three chefs. Lunch service will begin in a half hour.” To the Silver Screens, he adds, “Remember, Eleanor is the new captain.”

Eleanor smiles, “Alright, so…” She surveys her team, “The chefs are going to be myself, Emmett, and Maurice. Garret, Sue, and Buddy, you will be the waiters.”

“I can be good with that,” Emmett says. The camera cuts to Monique making her decision.

“I’ve decided that the chefs will be Sydney, Luca, and Vladimir,” Monique says, “Hugh, myself, River, and Terri will be the waiters and waitresses.” The camera cuts to Kurt making his decision.

“The chefs are going to be Juliana, Hailey, and Jenna,” Kurt says, “I will be a waiter, and the waitresses will be Lydia, Juliana, and Aphasia.” The contestants distributed themselves to their various locations around the deli. The customers enter. The camera cuts to the Silver Screens’ deli.

“Hmm…” One of the customers in the deli is having trouble making a decision.

“Look, sir, I don’t have all day,” Sue says, “Just make your choice so we can get on with our lives.”

“I’ll have the French toast,” The man says.

“We don’t serve French toast; where on this menu do you see French toast?” Sue scans the menu, “Oh, right here.” She hollers to the back, “One French toast!!”

“She really bothers me,” Eleanor says, as she scrambles around the kitchen, looking for ingredients.

“I wish that they gave us more time to learn about the kitchen,” Emmett says. Maurice is miming stirring a bowl of ingredients with a whisk.

“What are you doing?!” Eleanor asks, “Stop pretending to cook, and go cook!” Maurice frowns, and begins to stir with a whisk. Emmett starts frying the French toast. Eleanor eyes the dial.

“No, no, no,” Eleanor glares, “That is NOT, I repeat, n-o-t, NOT, the right temperature! It needs to medium high, no medium!”

“Chill, girl,” Emmett says, “As long as it comes out fine, that’s all that matters.”

“Oh, no,” Eleanor shakes her head, “I settle for nothing else than perfection in my kitchen.”

“Hurry up in there!!” Sue shouts, “The customers are hungry, and I’m really bored!!”

“We’re striving for perfection!” Eleanor shouts back.

“Come on, Eleanor,” Buddy shouts.

“Yeah, come on Eleanor!! Come on, come on, come on!!” Garret whines, “I’ve been sitting down for three and a half minutes straight!! I need to move around!!”

“Go do some laps, or something,” Emmett says.

“Okay!” Garret jumps up and sprints out of the store. A cyan blurs goes by the front every time he passes by. Soon after, Eleanor slides the French toast out to Sue, who delivers it to the customer.

“This is fantastic!!” The customer consumes the French toast happily.

“Yeah, well, if it’s not perfect, than Eleanor won’t serve it,” Eleanor grins. Garret runs into the restaurant, his clothes are in tatters.

“Um… Garret?” Emmett eyes Garret’s mauled attire.

“You don’t even wanna know…” Garret says.

Emmett nods, “You’re probably right.” The camera shifts to the Movie Premiers’ kitchen.

“This girl took the money from the pocket!!” A customer is angrily pointing to Aphasia.

“I’m sorry ma’am. You’re order is on the house. It won’t happen again,” Kurt says. The woman nods, and exits, “You stole from our customer?!”

“Well… no…” Aphasia says.

“What do you mean ‘no?’ She pointed to you!! And you were the only one that was out there while she was!!” Kurt says.

“Circumstantial evidence,” Aphasia answers.

“Wha- circumstantial… that doesn’t even make sense!” Kurt exclaims.

“You don’t even make sense!” Aphasia argues, “I have customers to attend to.”

Kurt sighs, then he turns to the kitchen, “Jenna, Shirley, Hailey, how are the orders coming?”

“Well,” Shirley calls, “Jenna keeps ‘accidentally’ spilling boiling water on Hailey, Hailey’s treating her burns, and Lydia keeps appearing inside of the cabinets! But other than that, things are going great!” Shirley’s eye is twitching, and her hair is strewn all across her face. She goes to a cabinet, and screams. Lydia is inside, waving at Shirley.

“Hiiiii, Shirley!!” Lydia waves.

“Go tend to the customers!!” Shirley points outside.

“Anything for you,” Lydia’s eyes grow in size, and she gets out of the cabinet. Shirley shudders. The scene shifts to the Red Carpets’ deli.

“Hot stuff coming through, hun,” Hugh winks at all the male customers in the deli, “And I’m not just talking about the food, you know.” The customers simultaneously shudder.

“Hugh! Stop flirting with the customers! Just serve the food, and keep quiet!” Monique orders. She enters the kitchen and walks over to Vladimir, “So, Vlad, how about we ditch work and maybe see a movie.” She winks.

“Didn’t you just tell Hugh not to flirt with the customers? What kind of an example are you setting?” Vladimir says.

“You’re not a customer, now are you?” Monique says, “So how about it?”

“No,” Vladimir replies.

“Why not?” Monique asks, batting her eyelashes.

“We’re working. If we leave, we might lose the challenge for the team, and then they’ll vote us out,” Vladimir says.

“Well, we wouldn’t want to be separated, now would we?” Monique asks.

“Maybe you wouldn’t…” Vladimir says.

“What was that?” Monique raises an eyebrow.

“Oh, nothing,” Vladimir turns around and starts washing dishes. He turns on the faucet, and it sprays him and Monique. Monique shirt is soaked. Vladimir eyes her chest out of the corner of his eye. Monique grins at him. Vladimir blushes and turns away.

“I saw you staring,” Monique smiles.

“I was not,” Vladimir turns his head towards the dishes and scrubs them.

“You totally were, dude,” Luca says. He is standing at the grill. Sydney is sitting on top of the table, next to Luca, smiling, for a change. She laughs.

“Thanks for the support,” Vladimir rolls his eyes.

“Thank you, Luca,” Monique smiles. She turns to Sydney, “What’s got you in a good mood?”

“I’m not in a good mood,” Sydney growls. Monique looks at her, and then at Luca. Her eyes light up.

“I’ve figured it out!” Monique is in the confessional, “She’s totally crushing on Luca! I don’t know why, he’s just a squirt, but she is! If I can get them together, then she’ll trust me enough to form an alliance.”

“Don’t you need to go wait on some tables, or something?” Vladimir asks.

“Will you come with me?” Monique questions.

“I really shouldn’t,” Vladimir eyes his workstation.

“No, go. I can tell how much you want to be with her. I’ll cover for you, dude,” Luca says.

“I do not!” Vladimir blushes, and he and Monique exit the room.

“Yes, he does,” Luca whispers to Sydney. Sydney giggles.

“I can tell,” Sydney says.

“So…” Luca turns around and begins cutting vegetables, “Why do you act the way you do? Always so upset with everyone. You’re really nice, but I didn’t used to think that.”

“Well…” Sydney sighs, “I was really kind of geeky as a little kid.”

“You? I doubt it,” Luca smiles. He puts down the vegetables, and rests his chin on his arm, which is propped up on the table.

“No, really,” Sydney says, “I got my braces at an early age and I had these really thick glasses. I wear contacts, now. Anyway, the kids always used to bully me about it, making me hate people. I act the way I do to push the people away, out of fear that they won’t like me.”

“That’s really sad,” Luca says, “But you shouldn’t push people away. Sure, some people are jerks, or creeps, like Hugh, but most people are really nice.”

“Opening up to Luca was hard, I admit it,” Sydney is in the confessional, “And I’ve never opened up to anyone like that before. I really like Luca,” She pauses, “As a friend. One of the only friends I’ve had in a long time…” She sighs. The camera cuts to Monique and Vladimir, outside.

“This is a disaster!” Vladimir shouts.

“Are you sure you want this, man? It is made of meat, dude,” River says.

“I know it’s made of meat,” The customer says.

“I can’t let you eat a bovine brother, man,” River says, “How about a salad?”

“No, I really want a hamburger,” The customer says.

“No, man, you really want a salad,” River says. Hugh is creeping out the customers in his usual way.

“All food is trivial. The dark overlords will come and conquer all,” Terri says. Her customer leaves, shuddering.

Monique and Vladimir exchange worried looks. The camera cuts to the twenty-one teenagers in the plane.

“Contestants, I have spoken to the customers, and I have determined the winning teams of this challenge,” Roger walks out in the front of the plane, “Basically, you all stunk. But, the two teams that stunk the least were…” Roger pauses, “The Silver Screens,” They cheer, “And… The Red Carpets,” They cheer, “So, Movie Premiers, I’ll see you tonight.”

Jenna leans over to Lydia and Aphasia, and whispers, “Vote for Hailey. I know that Shirley’s going to.”

“Oh, okay!” Lydia grins. Aphasia shrugs.

“I needed one more vote,” Jenna is in the confessional, “But from who?” Jenna’s eyes light up.

“Hey, Juliana,” She leans over to whisper to her.

“Yes?” Juliana asks.

“I have this really cute Aftercrombie and Snitch purse that you would really like!” Jenna says.

“No way!! Is that an offer to give it to me?” Juliana exclaims.

“If you vote for Hailey,” Jenna grins.

“Deal!” Juliana squeals.

Later, at the elimination ceremony…

“Tonight you finally get what’s coming to you,” Jenna votes for Hailey.

“I hope I never see you again,” Hailey votes for Jenna.

“Sorry, but I can’t resist a good purse!” Juliana votes for Hailey.

Roger reads over the votes. In his hand, he holds six film reels, “I have six film reels,” Roger begins, “Only six of you will get one. The one of you that does not receive one will be asked to go down the Walk of Losers, leave your handprints in cement, and board the Private Plane of Shame. The first reels are for… Juliana, Shirley, and Kurt,” The three catch theirs, “Next are for… Aphasia… and… Lydia,” Jenna and Hailey eye each other, “Girls, this is the last film reel. It is for…

… Jenna,” Roger tosses Jenna the reel. Hailey gasps and a tear rolls down her cheek.

“I can’t believe this… I simply can’t,” Hailey cries. She, in tears, places her hands in the cement, “I thought you were my friends. I guess none of you had any sympathy for girl living with unfortunate circumstances. This has been going on my whole life, but now it hurts more than ever because some of you actually showed kindness, and then you just went behind my back and betrayed me.” Hailey gets on the plane, and leaves.

Roger turns to the camera, “That’s all for this episode. Be sure to join us next time, right here on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!!”

Chapter Four: Vile or Style?

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants were put on a plane to New York City, where they were asked to run three delis, one for each team. In a nutshell, they all did excruciatingly awful. Overall, the worst were the Movie Premiers. Jenna was able to convince her team to vote off Hailey, which they did. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The scene cuts to Sue, in the confessional, midway through one of her usual rants, “My team is slowly turning against me, one by one. I’ve already lost the nag girl, Emmett, and possibly Buddy. It’s only a matter of time before I lose Garret and the mime kid, too. They’ll turn against me and vote me off! I can’t let that happen!! If they vote me out, then I lose the contest, and without the contest, I can’t win the money, and without the money, I can’t afford to buy my hovercraft. And I want my hovercraft. Sue always gets what she wants.” The scene cuts to Eleanor, standing in front of the mirror in the girls’ room, holding a hairbrush. She is using the hairbrush as a microphone and singing into the mirror.

Buddy is sitting on a bench in the hall, as Eleanor stands in front of the bench, glaring at him. Buddy glares at her intently, “I still don’t see why you got to be the captain. You only got one vote. I should be in charge.”

“That one vote is one vote more than you got,” Eleanor says.

“… That doesn’t make you better, or more deserving,” Buddy says.

Eleanor looks at him with a quizzical look, “Yes, it does.”

Suddenly, Garret, bursts out of his room. His shirt is ripped off and he is panting. Buddy looks at him and asks, “Garret?”

“Okay, I bet you’re wondering what just happened,” Garret says, between pants, “Well, I’ll tell you. I came to the competition with a panda in my bags. He got kind of hungry and he ate my shirt, so I need some bamboo so he won’t eat anymore of my clothes. Right now he’s eating Maurice’s hat. I need to go find some bamboo!”

“First of all, I don’t think they have bamboo in Los Angeles,” Eleanor advises, “Second, how on earth did you fit a panda in your bag.”

“Yeah, sure, uh-hu,” Garret is staring into the room, “Whatever.”

“I don’t think my team is listening to my leadership. I need to boost their morale,” Eleanor says. The camera cuts to Juliana and Jenna, standing in the hall.

“There was no purse!!!” Juliana screeches, “I voted out Hailey for a purse from Aftercrombie and Snitch!!! Now you tell me that it doesn’t exist!!”

“Sorry,” Jenna says, “But doesn’t it feel good that you voted out such a huge problem on our team?”

“She wasn’t a huge problem!! You’re the huge problem!!” Juliana glares. Aphasia walks out into the hall. There is a purse shaped bulge coming out of her shirt.

“Yeah!! You’re the biggest problem on this team!!” Aphasia agrees. She walks away, whistling.

Juliana looks at Aphasia’s shirt, “We’re discussing that later!” The scene cuts to Kurt and Shirley, in the girls’ room.

“Juliana’s been arguing with her for an hour,” Kurt says, “She can’t win. Jenna is definitely not going to concede the slightest bit.”

Shirley shakes her head in agreement, and says, “Excuse me for a minute. I have to adjust my lipstick.” She walks into the bathroom. Lydia’s face appears outside the bathroom window, and Shirley screams.

“Hi!!” Lydia says. There is an awkward pause, “Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“No!!” Shirley storms out of the bathroom, and sits on her bed, “I’m so sick of Lydia’s random appearances!!”

“Oh, honey, that’s what’s going to happen to all of us, after the show is over, anyway,” Kurt says, “I would’ve thought you’d be used to it, anyway.”

“No!! I’ve dealt with crazed fans before, but I’ve never had to live with them!” Shirley says.

“Well, at least you’ve had fans before,” Kurt says. The camera cuts to Terri, Monique, and Sydney in the Red Carpets’ girls’ room.

“Terri, can I talk to Sydney in private, for a moment?” Monique asks. Sydney raises an eyebrow.

“Yes. Although my dark overlords will come, I must take a shower. My hair must be clean and have a fruity aroma,” Terri says, with a gloomy attitude. Monique and Sydney look at her with a strange expression, “The dark overlords like fruity scents, okay?!” Terri walks into the shower.

“So, what do you want, Monique?” Sydney glowers.

“What I want is to set you up with Luca,” Monique says, “But I can’t, in good conscience, do that without you confirming it.”

“I don’t like him!!” Sydney says, as she storms out of the room.

“I’ve decided that in order for her to tell me, I’ll need to earn her trust,” Monique says, in the confessional, “But I don’t know how to do that. I assume I just need to be nice to her, and stuff.”

“Hey, Sydney,” Luca says, as she walks into the hall.

“Hi, Luca,” Sydney waves.

“Hi, Luca,” Hugh waves, as well. Hugh is wearing a pink mini-dress.

Luca looks away from Hugh and looks at Sydney, “So… I need to ask you a favor.”

“Anything. So, what do you need?” Sydney says.

“You and Monique are friends, right?” Luca asks.

“… Eh, sort of…” Sydney says. The scene cuts to her in the confessional, “I’m totally not, but I think I should find out what Luca wants, first.”

“Great,” Luca says, “So… do you think you could maybe set me up with her? She’s pretty hot, and she seems nice and all.”

“Look… Luca…” Sydney says, as she nervously looks to the side, “No, absolutely not. The truth about her is that she can’t stand you. She really can’t.”

“Oh… well… if that’s the case… then forget it. She was probably out of my league anyway,” Luca sighs.

“I know what I did to Luca was harsh, but…” Sydney pauses, as if she’s trying to think of an excuse, “I can’t see them working out. She would only hurt him.”

Monique walks out of her room, and Vladimir and River exit their room. Monique waves at Vladimir, who rolls his eyes.

“So, what are you doing tonight?” Monique asks.

“Nothing with you,” Vladimir says.

“We should change that,” Monique says.

“No, we shouldn’t,” Vladimir says, “You know I really can’t stand you?”

“I’m not surprised,” Monique says, “There’s a very thin line between hate and love.”

“You make it thicker,” Vladimir growls.

“Dude, I can tell you totally want her, man,” River says. The scene changes to the three teams and Roger.

“Your challenge for the day is fashion design. Two girls from each team will model, and the rest of you will design and create an outfit for them to wear. They need to create a day look and an evening look. Team captains, choose your models now,” Roger instructs, “I will give you further instructions after you have decided.”

“Alright,” Eleanor says, “This one is a no-brainer. There are only two girls on our team, so Sue and I have to model, unfortunately.”

“I hear that,” Sue says, “The last thing Sue wants to do is parade around on a catwalk like some kind of empty-headed fool of a woman.”

“Alright, ladies,” Kurt says, “I’ve decided that the models are going to be Aphasia and Shirley.”

“I think I should model!!” Hugh exclaims.

“Never,” Monique says, “I think I should model, and I suppose Sydney can, too. At least she has a natural hair color.”

“Red and purple is better,” Terri glowers.

“Alright, teams,” Roger says, after they report back to him, “The designers will be given a half hour to brainstorm, and then they will be given a half hour to shop for fabric. Then, you will have until midnight tonight to complete your outfits. The following morning is the runway show. We will have a celebrity guest judge for today’s challenge,” The contestants whispered about who they thought the guest judge would be, “I will be back to get you in a half hour.”

“So,” Emmett says, “I don’t know if any of us really are into fashion and stuff, but we have to pull together to design an outfit.”

“Well, I say that we use this opportunity to our advantage,” Buddy says.

“What do you mean?” Garret asks.

“Eleanor has got a hot body,” Buddy says, “Let’s put her in the hottest outfit we can think of.”

“Okay!” Garret says.

“I don’t know…” Emmett says, “We really shouldn’t…”

“Yeah, we should,” Buddy says, “What do you think, Maurice?” Maurice shrugs, “Then it’s agreed. We put Eleanor in the most mini mini-dress we can make.”

“What do we put Sue in?” Garret asks.

“Ugh, the most covering coat possible,” Buddy shudders. The camera cuts to Jenna, Lydia, Kurt and Juliana discussing outfits.

“Let’s put Shirley in an ‘I Love Lydia’ t-shirt!!” Lydia exclaims.

“Let’s not,” Juliana says, “However, I have a vision of what Shirley could wear. We put her in a black tank top with thin pink pinstripes, a dark pair of jeans, and a pair of pale pink pumps.”

“No! ‘I Love Lydia’ shirt!!” Lydia exclaims, “Let’s put it to a vote.”

“I’m with Juliana,” Kurt says.

“Juliana,” Jenna agrees.

“Now, for Aphasia’s evening dress,” Juliana says, “I was thinking of maroon, possibly sequined, but not cheap, with a thinner layer of a lighter red fabric slightly peeking out from the bottom.”

“Whatever, I don’t care what goes on Aphasia,” Lydia rolls her eyes.

“Okay, so we go with Juliana’s designs,” Kurt says. Everyone nods, except Lydia, who proposes her “I Love Lydia” shirt, once again. The scene shifts to Terri, Vladimir, Hugh, Luca and River discussing their outfits.

“We need organic fabrics, man,” River says.

“We can work with that,” Vladimir nods.

“How about pink?!” Hugh exclaims.

“How about ‘no?’” Vladimir says.

“Let’s get a woman’s opinion,” Luca says, “What do you think, Terri?”

“Black. All black. Nothing but black,” Terri says, “Ripped black fabrics, and only ripped black fabrics.”

“Never mind,” Luca says.

“Why don’t we just make a sweatshirt and pleated skirt for the day look, out of recycled materials, and a black dress for the night look?” Vladimir asks. They nod, other than Hugh. The camera cuts to the three teams, leaving the workroom for the night, with the outfits made. A dark figure slips into the room, and it starts ripping apart the top of the outfit.

“Yes!! Now I get my ‘I Love Lydia’ t-shirt!!” Lydia exclaims. The t-shirt is poorly made and rather trashy. She puts in the place of the old top, and she leaves. The camera cuts to the runway show.

“Contestants, it’s time to meet your guest judge,” Roger says, “Please welcome, Heidi Klum!”

“Who is she?” Emmett whispers to Garret. Garret shrugs.

“Hello!” Heidi says, “I’m very honored to be here, and we can’t wait to see your designs!”

“Without further ado, let’s start the show!” Roger announces. First, Sue comes out in a long trench coat. Then, Eleanor comes out in her short dress. It barely covers her legs. It is the length of a t-shirt. Heidi’s eyes widen. After Eleanor leaves, Shirley walks on the runway in an “I Love Lydia” t-shirt and jeans. Heidi’s eyes widen even more. Next, Aphasia comes out in the pink sequin dress. After that, Sydney comes out in the sweatshirt and pleated skirt. Finally, Monique comes out in the black dress.

Roger says, after the show, “Now, we’re only going to speak to the Movie Premiers and the Silver Screens. Red Carpets, you have won this challenge.” They cheer. The Movie Premiers’ and Silver Screens’ designers look nervously to each other.

“Let’s bring out your models,” Heidi says. Eleanor, Sue, Shirley and Aphasia enter. Heidi says, “First, I’m going to speak to the Silver Screens. Now, you’re day look was far too covering, while your night look was far too revealing. You barely see any skin in the day look, and during the day, it is hot, so nobody would want to be dressed like that. In contrast, the night is cool, and wearing something that skimpy, is not only going to give the girl a reputation as a, um, loose woman, but it will keep her entirely too chilly.” Heidi turns to the Movie Premiers outfits next, “This t-shirt is very poorly made, and it is very trashy, and I’m not even sure who this Lydia is.”

“That’s me!!” Lydia exclaims.

“Anyway,” Heidi continues, “The night look bores me. That is all I really have to say about that.” Heidi pauses, “I’ve made my decision… the team up for elimination tonight is… the Movie Premiers.” The Silver Screens cheer.

“See you tonight, Movie Premiers,” Roger says.

Later, in the Silver Screen’s hotel section…

“I say we vote for Lydia,” Shirley says, “She completely ruined the outfit, and then there’s the whole stalking thing.”

“Agreed,” Jenna nods.

“Hold on!” Juliana says, “I think I’m going to vote for Jenna. She convinced us last time to eliminate Hailey, who says she can’t do it again? She can control us. She’s a threat and needs to be dealt with. Also, she’s really mean.”

“I’m right here!” Jenna says.

“I know,” Juliana shrugs, “So, who’s with me?” There were murmurs among the team. Some people sounded like they agreed with Juliana, some people agreed with Shirley.

Later, at the elimination ceremony…

“I seriously hope they side with me. I’m fed up with you!” Shirley votes for Lydia.

“This is right. I know it,” Juliana votes for Jenna.

“If it’ll keep me from getting out,” Jenna votes for Lydia.

“Contestants, there are six of you here, and I only have five film reels,” Roger begins, “One of you will not receive a film reel, and that person will need to go down the Walk of Losers and put your hands in cement to add to the walk. Then, you will board the Private Plane of Shame and leave. The first film reel is for… Shirley,” Shirley grins and catches hers, “Kurt and Juliana, well done,” Kurt and Juliana catch theirs, “… Aphasia,” Aphasia catches hers, “Jenna and Lydia… this is the last film reel… it is for…

… Lydia,” Roger tosses the stalker her film reel.

“YAY!!” Lydia catches hers and does a dance.

Jenna grimaces and wordlessly walks away. She places her hands in the cement and boards the Private Plane of Losers.

“That’s all for this week,” Roger says, “Join us next time for another exciting episode of Total… Drama… Los Angeles!!”

Chapter Five: Mayan Mania

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants were challenged to put together outfits, while some of their teammates modeled them. Our celebrity judge, Heidi Klum, easily favored the outfits of the Red Carpets and the Silver Screens, leaving the Movie Premiers to vote out one of their own. In the end, it was Jenna who left that competition, after convincing her team to eliminated Hailey through manipulation. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera cuts to Sue, sitting across from Garret and Maurice at a table in a supply closet. Sue says, “Garret, I was wondering what you put in your hair to make it stand up in the front and not in the back.”

“Well, Sue,” Garret says, bouncing up and down in his chair, “I use a special hair gel that is only sold in certain locations around the world. I got mine in Scandinavia.”

“Oh, is that what it is?” Sue asks, “I had assumed it was something far cheaper. Today it looks like you just put lard in it.” Garret feels his hair, frowning.

Eleanor knocks on the door, “Sue, are you, Garret and Maurice still in there?”

“Well, Arlene, if we’re not out there, than we must be in here. I would’ve assumed you could figure that out on your own if weren’t two peeps shy of an Easter basket,” Sue says. Eleanor sighs.

“Can you please hurry up?” Eleanor asks, “We have got to be out of here in, like, fifteen minutes. Buddy and Emmett still haven’t come out of their room yet, and I can’t go in there.”

“Why not?” Sue questions.

“They might not be decent,” Eleanor says.

“Fine, you can take Garret,” Sue growls, “I’ll just wait here in the closet with my little makeup-wearing mime boy.”

“He has a name,” Eleanor rolls her eyes.

“We all have names, Serena,” Sue returns.

“That one didn’t even sound like Eleanor…” Eleanor sighs. Sue swings open the closet door and thrusts Garret out. Eleanor instructs, “Garret, can you please go in the boys’ room get Buddy and Emmett to hurry up? I would do it myself, but they might not be… clothed...”

“Fine…” Garret opens the door and walks in. Eleanor anxiously taps her foot, waiting for the boys to come out. Garret can be heard shouting from inside the room, “Eleanor says to hurry up!!!”

“She can’t tell me what to do!” Buddy yells back.

“She’s the team captain,” Emmett says, “I’ll go tell her that we’re coming.” Emmett’s footsteps are heard coming from inside the boys’ room, and he comes out wearing an undershirt, “We’ll be out in a second.” Eleanor nods. Sue pushes Maurice out of the closet and knocks him over.

“What was that for?” Eleanor asks.

“He wasn’t responding to me. I think he’s broken,” Sue glares.

“He’s not broken, Sue,” Eleanor says, “He doesn’t talk.”

“Clearly, you’ve just chosen to defend my makeup wearing-acquaintance,” Sue says. Eleanor sighs. The camera cuts to Kurt, Juliana and Shirley sitting together in the hall.

“And then there were five…” Kurt says, “We keep losing team members. It’s depressing.”

“Why is it that we can’t win a single challenge?” Juliana asks.

“It’s because we’re a terrible team,” Shirley sighs.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far,” Juliana says.

“No, I’m pretty sure that she’s right,” Kurt says, “There are five of us that are still here, so we need to get our act together very quickly if we don’t want there to be only four of us left, tonight.”

“Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind losing one more,” Shirley says.

“Lydia?” Juliana asks.

“Who else?” Shirley replies.

“Well, what about Aphasia?” Kurt asks, “She’s always stealing from us.”

“What about me?” Aphasia says, as she sticks her head out from the doorframe. Several scarves are protruding from the collar of her shirt. Her pockets are bulging, “Were you talking about me?” She steps forward, and a wallet falls out of her pant leg.

“Yes,” Kurt says, “We need to have an intervention.”

“About what?” Aphasia asks, “Not like I have any kind of problem.” She laughs nervously.

“You do, Aphasia,” Juliana says, “You’re a kleptomaniac.”

“… I have no idea what that means,” Aphasia says.

“You steal compulsively,” Juliana explains.

“That is a lie!” Aphasia gasps, “I am insulted that you would even make that accusation!”

“Of course you are,” Kurt sighs. The scene cuts to River and Terri, standing alone in the hallway, waiting for their teammates.

“So, how’s it going, bra?” River asks.

“Why do you care, mortal?” Terri asks.

“I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure you’re a mortal, too,” River smiles.

Terri continues to glower at him, “You’d be wrong.”

“You’re cool, Terri,” River grins.

Terri raises an eyebrow, “Um, no, I’m not. I never will be, nor do I want to be.”

“You’re all like, ‘Ooh, I don’t care what you, like, think and stuff.’ That’s cool, Terri. You stand up for what you believe in. That’s righteous, bra,” River says. Terri gives him a forced, dry smile. Monique and Vladimir come out of a door down the hall. Vladimir is soaking wet.

“What were you, like, doing?” River asks.

“Well, I wanted to show Vlad the sunrise,” Monique replies, “But it was raining. He went outside first.”

“I hate you,” Vladimir glowers.

“I’m not surprised. There’s a very thin line between hate and love,” Monique bats her eyelashes.

“Yeah? Well, you make it thicker!” Vladimir growls.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” Monique grins.

“I’m going to go change,” Vladimir rolls his eyes, and he heads into the boys’ room. As he goes in, Luca comes out.

“Luca, I need to talk to you for a second,” Monique says. The scene shifts to Monique in the confessional, “In case you’re wondering what I’m doing, I’m going to get him to ask out Sydney.”

“Anything for you, Monique,” Luca sighs.

“Right,” Monique takes him aside from Terri and River, “Listen, I hear that Sydney really likes you.”

“Sydney?” Luca asks. Monique nods. Luca says, “Well, you see… I have feelings for someone else, and I’d love to work things out with them.”

“Why don’t you go work things out with Sydney?” Monique asks. Luca shakes his head.

“Sydney’s a good friend, and I like her, but not in that way,” Luca says.

“What do you mean, ‘that way?’” Monique asks.

“Well, I like her as a friend, but not as anything more,” Luca replies.

“Why don’t you?” Monique asks.

“Well, I just can’t imagine us as anything more than two friends,” Luca says.

“Maybe you aren’t imagining hard enough,” Monique walks away.

“Whoa…” Luca says in the confessional, “Monique is so… hot…” The camera cuts to the three teams, on a plane.

“Contestants,” Roger says, “Today’s challenge is another around-the-world challenge. We will be visiting the Mayan Pyramids of Mexico. Three people, chosen by opposing captains, will represent each team. The goal is to navigate through the pyramids, towards the center, where you will find two rooms; only one team can claim victory per room. In each room is a gem.”

“Gem?” Monique’s eyes light up.

Roger continues, “The three members of the team that make it to one of the rooms will battle it out for the gem. However, the gem is more than a gem. It is also an immunity idol, meaning that, if it is played, it will negate any and all votes towards one person. Oh, and also, the team that does not make it to one of the rooms will have to vote somebody out. Also, that somebody will have to be one of the three people that failed to make it to the room. Now then, Eleanor, you may choose the three people that will compete for Red Carpets.”

After some thought, Eleanor says, “I choose Monique, Vladimir and River.”

“Monique, you may choose for the Movie Premiers,” Roger says.

“I choose Kurt, Juliana and Aphasia,” Monique says.

“Finally, Kurt, you may choose for the Silver Screens,” Roger says.

“I choose Eleanor, Emmett and Maurice,” Kurt says. The camera cuts to the three groups of three, at the foot of the pyramid.

“Well, I suppose we should start on in,” Eleanor says. She, Maurice and Emmett enter the pyramid. The other groups do the same. First, the camera cuts to Monique, Vladimir and River.

“So, where do you suppose we go next?” Monique asks, “It’s so dark.” She flirtatiously places a hand on Vladimir’s chest, and she wraps the other arm around him.

“I’m not sure,” Vladimir says, as he removes Monique’s arms.

“Hold up there, dudes,” River says, pointing to something, “There’s some light out that way.”

Vladimir squints and says, “No, that just looks like some variety of fluorescent moss.”

“And how would you know?” Monique asks.

“Easy, when you go out into the wild all the time, like I do, you’re bound to discover…” Vladimir notices that Monique is walking away.

“Let’s go, River,” Monique says. River follows.

“Oh, so it’s two against one now, is it?” Vladimir yells, running to catch up. The three members of the team end up at a lake.

“Okay, so who puts a lake in the middle of pyramid?” Monique asks.

“It’s probably to keep intruders out, so we must be nearing the right place,” Vladimir observes.

“How do we get across?” Monique asks.

“We’ve gotta swim, bra,” River dives in the water.

“Swim? But that’ll spoil my makeup!” Monique exclaims.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” Vladimir grabs Monique’s arm and dives into the water with her.

“That’s no way to treat a lady!” Monique yells. The camera cuts to a clearly exhausted Kurt, Juliana and Aphasia.

“I wish they had told me we were going to be in a cave before I got on the plane. This sweater is Alex McKean,” Kurt complains.

“I feel the same way…” Juliana sighs.

“This is hopeless. This cave is way too big!” Aphasia exclaims.

“I know, right?” Kurt sighs, “We’re going to get lost… and die…” He collapses on the ground. Aphasia does the same.

“Snap out of it, you two!” Juliana exclaims, “I’m sure we’ll make it, and I’m sure we’ll win the challenge!”

“We’ve already lost two in a row,” Aphasia points out.

“So, this is the chance to snap us out of our funk!” Juliana says, “We’ve all been feeling the shame of defeat lately, even me! But, I haven’t given up yet.” She pauses, “You know, back at school, I was a cheerleader. I was really good, too. But we never won a single cheerleading competition. I was really depressed, because even though we kept trying and trying, we never won.” She stops.

“Then?” Kurt asks.

“What? Oh, that’s it. We never won, but I got over the depression. I still cheerlead, you know. You really can’t get discouraged so easily. Just keep trying,” Juliana says. Kurt and Aphasia stand up; Juliana has reached them. The three keep walking. The scene cuts to Eleanor, Maurice and Emmett.

“So, you really can’t talk?” Emmett asks. Maurice shakes his head.

“Emmett… It’s not really a good idea to try and strike up a conversation with someone who can’t talk….” Eleanor sighs.

“You really think so?” Emmett says.

“… Yes…” Eleanor repeats. Just then, the three came across two rooms. Eleanor exclaims, “I think we made it!” She runs into one, and there is a sign on the far wall. She reads it aloud, “Ha-ha, this is a trick room. You still lose. Love, Roger.” Eleanor grimaced. Emmett entered the other one.

“Hey, Eleanor! This one’s not fake!” Emmett called.

“Yeah, but this one’s taken,” A voice says. Emmett looks around, and sees Monique glaring at him, with Vladimir and River standing behind her, “So, beat it.” Emmett frowns, and he walks out. Roger walks in.

“Congratulations, you three! You’ve won invincibility for your team, tonight! Now, onto part two. The three of you need to battle it out for the immunity necklace in the center,” Roger refers to an immunity necklace on a podium. The podium is on a circular pillar of rock, with two bridges suspended on either side to provide a way to get to it.

“Whoa, fighting’s not right, Roger, dude!” River says, “I’m so not taking part in violence, bro.”

“Whatever,” Roger shrugs, “Monique, Vladimir, whenever you’re ready.”

“Sorry, hot stuff, but this is mine,” Monique says.

“I beg to differ,” Vladimir retorts. The two sprint across the bridges. Monique swiftly lifts her leg up and brings it down onto Vladimir’s head. Vladimir collapses, and then he grabs Monique’s leg, causing her to fall. As she tries to regain her balance, she stumbles and falls off of the pillar. Before he grabs the idol, Vladimir dives and grabs her hand. Their eyes meet, but then Vladimir pulls her up. Monique brushes herself off, and then she walks away, “Wait, what about the necklace?”

Monique smiles and says, as she walks away, “Necklace? Oh, take it. It’s yours.”

“Well… okay,” Vladimir snatches the necklace and follows her.

“That was really weird…” River observes.

“That’s love,” Roger explains.

Vladimir punches Roger in the gut and says, “No, it’s not!”

“Oh, totally not,” Monique rolls her eyes. The camera cuts to Aphasia, Kurt and Juliana, the other group of winners, all battling it out for the immunity idol, as Roger watches. Kurt and Juliana are locked in a slap-fight. Aphasia sneaks past them, grabs the necklace. She walks away, smirking and twirling the necklace on her hand. Eleanor, Emmett and Maurice run into the room. Eleanor collapses to the ground, out of frustration.

Roger walks over to them, “Sorry, Eleanor, Emmett, Maurice, I’ll be seeing you three tonight, where your teammates will vote one of you off.”

Emmett helps Maurice up, as the camera shifts to the elimination ceremony. Sue walks up to Maurice and says, “Listen, mime boy, I’ve came to tell you that I’ll be voting you out tonight, and that I’ve convinced the others to do the same. I just can’t have a teammate that can’t talk. It’s depressing. So, best of luck to you, and I hope you learn how to talk, and maybe but a new brand of mascara, because yours is running.” Sue walks away.

“Contestants, please come and place your votes,” Roger instructs.

First is Garret. He says, “Sorry, but this is what Sue told me to do.” He casts a vote for Maurice.

“Sue is right. You are creepy,” Buddy says, as he casts another vote for Maurice.

After all the votes have been cast, Roger walks up to the front with five film reels, “Silver Screens, I have five film reels here with me, and I have six of you,” He notices that Sue is standing, while everyone else has taken their seats, “Sue, please sit down.”

“No,” Sue replies.

“Um, okay,” Roger says, “One of you will not receive a film reel. The one that does not will have to walk down the Walk of Losers, put their hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. Anyway, the first film reel is for… Eleanor. Next… Garret,” The two catch theirs, “Sue,” Sue catches hers with one hand, right before it is about to come in contact with her face, “… Buddy,” Buddy catches his, “Emmett and Maurice… this is the final film reel. It is for…

… Emmett,” Roger tosses Emmett his film reel. Maurice stands up, and pantomimes crying. Sue rolls her eyes. Maurice mopes down the Walk of Losers, puts his hands into the cement, gets on the Private Plane of Shame, and leaves, never to be seen again.

“That’s all for this installment,” Roger says, “Be sure to join us next time for the next exciting installment of Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Six: One Theft Too Far

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants were sent through a Mayan pyramid, where the Red Carpets and the Movie Premiers claimed victory, while Vladimir and Aphasia walked away with immunity necklaces. In the end, it was the Silver Screens that lost, as they sent Maurice home for being seriously creepy. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

“Voting off Maurice… probably not my best strategic move,” Sue says in the confessional, “But I’m confident in myself and Garret; we can conquer this team on our own. In fact, I’ve already sent Garret on an assignment to recruit a third member for our alliance.”

“Sue gave me a really, really cool assignment!” Garret says in the confessional, “I get to seduce Eleanor and get her to join our alliance! Wait… that doesn’t sound cool! Eleanor’s really loud and irritating… not as loud and irritating as Sue, but… Sue’s not going to see this, is she? I hope not. Anyway, I’ve acted in community theatre for years, and I’m sure my mad skills can put together a convincing performance and win her over.” The scene shifts to Eleanor, sitting on a bench in the hallway. Garret walks up to her; his chest is full of air to make him look more muscular.

“Um, hi, Garret,” Eleanor waves a little.

“Hey, Eleanor. I was just on my way to work out,” Garret answers.

“You work out?” Eleanor asks.

“Oh, yeah. All the time,” Garret replies.

“Are you sure? It doesn’t look like you do,” Eleanor says.

“What do you mean?” Garret asks. He sighs and releases all the air in his chest.

“Well, the muscles in your chest just deflated,” Eleanor laughs.

“Listen, Eleanor,” Garret sits down next to her, “I don’t really work out.”

“Oh, you could’ve fooled me…” Eleanor rolls her eyes.

“Shh,” Garret puts a finger on Eleanor’s lips, “Now is not the time for talking. I really like you, Eleanor. I think we should go out.”

Eleanor’s eyes widen, “Um…” The camera cuts to Eleanor in the confessional, “I’ve never been very popular with anyone, really, especially not the boys… and I actually liked someone else back home, but things didn’t really work out between us, and he broke my heart,” She tears up a little bit, “Maybe Garret and I could work out and help me forget about the past…” Eleanor says to Garret, “Okay.”

The camera cuts to Garret in the confessional, and he bows.

“By the way, Eleanor,” Garret says, “Since we’re going out now, you’d be willing to vote with my alliance, right?” Eleanor nods, and Garret says, “Okay.”

“Now that I’ve managed to secure my own team, I decided that the best thing to do would be to spread my alliance to the other teams, for an alliance at the merge,” Sue explains in the confessional, “Just this morning I had a meeting with Monique, the captain of the Red Carpets.” The camera plays a flashback of Sue’s meeting with Monique.

“So, you’re offering me a merge alliance?” Monique asks.

“Yes,” Sue replies.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m not completely persuaded,” Monique says.

“What would persuade you?” Sue asks.

“In case you haven’t noticed, I have a passion for gems,” Monique answers, “And I happen to love the one that Juliana wears all the time.”

“Her necklace?” Sue asks. Monique nods.

“You get me that necklace, and I’ll join your merge alliance,” Monique says. The camera flashes forward to Sue in the confessional.

“So, I had no choice but to make a trade with one of the resident scum-beings, Aphasia,” Sue continues, “In exchange for stealing me Juliana’s necklace, she would get to join the merge alliance.” The camera shifts back into the hallway where Eleanor and Garret are.

“So, when did you want to go out?” Eleanor asks.

“I’m not sure; I didn’t plan that far ahead…” Garret says.

“What do you mean ‘you didn’t plan that far ahead?’” Eleanor asks.

“I mean I never thought you’d say yes,” Garret covers it up with a sheepish smile, “How about tonight?”

“Um, okay. Where?” Eleanor asks.

“If we win the challenge today, I can take you out for dinner,” Garret offers, “But if we don’t, then we’re stuck at another elimination ceremony.” Instantly, Garret’s eyes widen and he begins to vibrate in his seat.

“Garret?” Eleanor asks, “What are you doing?”

“I think I’ve been sitting still for too long,” Garret replies. He gets up, and rushes down the hall to go jogging outside.

“What was that?” Buddy asks, as he steps outside.

“… My boyfriend,” Eleanor answers.

Buddy snickers and says, “I’m sorry did you just say, ‘your boyfriend?’”

“Yeah. Garret is taking me out to dinner tonight,” Eleanor explains.

Buddy bursts out laughing, “That is too funny! You’re dating that vibrating idiot?”

“Yes. He’s cute and sweet,” Eleanor stands up, and turns on her heel, “Neither one of those things apply to you.”

“What doesn’t apply to who?” Emmett steps out of the boys’ room.

“Eleanor doesn’t think I’m cute or sweet, and she’s dating Garret,” Buddy laughs.

“She’s dating Garret?” Emmett asks.

“Yes, I’m dating Garret!” Eleanor exclaims, “Why can’t you accept that?”

“I can, but it’s just surprising,” Emmett replies.

“Why?” Eleanor asks.

“He doesn’t really seem like your type,” Emmett answers.

“Listen, surprising as it may seem, I wasn’t especially popular back home,” Eleanor begins.

“That’s not surprising,” Buddy snickers.

“Anyway, there weren’t that many guys exactly banging down my door for a date, and now that I’ve found one, I can’t say no,” Eleanor says.

“Alright, if that’s what you want,” Emmett shrugs. The camera cuts to Juliana and Kurt, in their hallway. Juliana looks very depressed about something.

“Well, where did you last see it?” Kurt asks.

“On the table next to my bed, before I went to sleep last night,” Juliana says.

“And it wasn’t there when you woke up?” Kurt asks. Juliana shakes her head.

“I looked everywhere for it!” Juliana exclaims, “That necklace was a gift from my surrogate mother! My mom wasn’t able to have kids, so my parents had to get a surrogate to have me. I’ve only met her once, two years ago on my birthday, and she gave me that necklace as a gift. Last year, she died in a car accident. This is the only thing I have from her, and it will be the only thing I ever have from her.”

“I’m sure it’ll turn up,” Kurt assures her.

“I hope so…” Juliana sighs.

Lydia walks out of her room, “What are you two talking about?”

“Lydia… you look normal,” Kurt says, looking her over.

“What do you mean?” Lydia asks.

“Like, you don’t look or seem stalker-ish, at all,” Kurt says.

“Oh, that’s because I don’t see Shirley. When she’s not around, I’m off the clock,” Lydia sits down, “So what were you talking about?”

“Juliana lost a necklace that really means a lot to her,” Kurt explains.

“I’ve searched everywhere for it, and I can’t find it!” Juliana says.

“Oh… Aphasia must’ve taken it,” Lydia nods, “What other explanation could there be?” Kurt and Juliana shrug, and agree with her.

“That girl needs to be stopped…” Kurt says.

“We’ll confront her to get that necklace back, but in the meantime, why don’t we try a little revenge?” Lydia asks, “I’m an expert. I’ve gotten revenge on almost every guy that tells me off.”

“How many is that?” Juliana asks.

“Forty-seven,” Lydia replies, “So do you want to?”

“Oh, yeah,” Juliana nods.

“So, I propose we throw the challenge today, and we vote her out,” Lydia says.

“But she has an immunity necklace,” Kurt points out.

“Have you ever heard the expression, ‘an eye for an eye?’” Lydia asks. They nod. Lydia continues, “How about a necklace for a necklace? Let’s go take her immunity necklace. You can have it, Juliana. She did take your necklace, after all.” Juliana and Kurt grin and nod. Lydia takes out three ski masks, “Put these on!” She hands Juliana and Kurt ski masks.

“Wait, I have to change if I’m wearing this!” Kurt runs into his room.

“Me, too!” Juliana runs into hers.

Lydia sighs, and says, “Looks like this is up to me.” She runs into the girls’ room, and she begins searching through Aphasia’s stuff.

Shirley walks out of the bathroom, “What are you doing?”

“Looking for…” Lydia turns to find Shirley standing there, “Hi, Shirley!!!” Shirley rolls her eyes and walks out of the room. Lydia follows. Aphasia walks out of the room, twirling Juliana’s necklace on her finger.

“I’m on my way to meet with Sue and join the alliance!” Aphasia says in the confessional. The camera cuts to Sue, walking into the Red Carpets’ hallway, where Monique is standing.

“I believe you have something for me,” Monique grins. Sue hands her the necklace, “Very good. I’ll join your alliance.”

“Get others,” Sue orders.

“Whatever you like,” Monique says. Sue glowers at Monique and leaves.

“Hello, Monique!!” Hugh skips into the hall, causing the building to shake.

“Um, hi, Hugh…” Monique sighs.

“I heard about your alliance!” Hugh twirls around in a circle, and then he abruptly stops, “And I want in.”

“You what?” Monique raises an eyebrow.

“I want to join your cross-team alliance,” Hugh repeats.

“Like I have a choice now…” Monique grumbles, “Fine, you can join.”

“Oh, yay!” Hugh twirls around in another circle, his hands in the air. Monique rolls her eyes. Luca walks into the hallway.

“I know this’ll get Sydney mad, but…” Monique says in the confessional. The camera cuts back to the hallway. Monique walks over to Luca and places a hand on his chest, “Listen, Luca, I need a favor.”

“Anything,” Luca drools.

“Join my cross-team alliance. It’ll be great at the merge. You, me, Sue, Garret, Eleanor and Aphasia, oh… and Hugh…” Monique says.

“Cool,” Luca stares at Monique.

“Good,” Monique smiles. Suddenly, Sydney walks out of the girls’ room and spies Monique and Sydney. She gasps and walks over to them. She grabs Luca’s wrist and drags him away from Monique.

“What’s your deal, Sydney?” Luca asks, “I think Monique is starting to get into me!”

“No, she’s not! Monique doesn’t like you!” Sydney exclaims.

“Listen, Sydney,” Luca says, “Monique told me that you like me. Is that true, and are you just getting jealous of her?”

Sydney blushes and looks away, “No! That’s not true, at all! I just don’t want to see somebody unable to return your feelings and then hurt you! Besides, you can do better.”

Luca sighs, “Sydney… I believe you, but… I just can’t give up on her.”

Just then, Vladimir walks out of his room. Monique’s eyes light up and she runs over to him, “Hello, Vlad! How are you this morning?”

“I was doing fine… then you showed up…” Vladimir growls.

“Sounds like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Monique says.

“See, she likes Vladimir,” Sydney states.

“But he doesn’t like her, which is why I still have a shot,” Luca explains. Sydney sighs. River and Terri enter the hallway at the exact same time.

“Hey, Terri,” River waves.

“Um, hi… River…” Terri gives a forced smile.

The camera cuts to River in the confessional, “Terri’s cool.”

The camera cuts to Terri in the confessional, “River’s creepy.”

“Terri… you’re awesome…” River rocks back and forth on his heels, staring at her.

“Um… thanks, I guess,” Terri rolls her eyes. River continues staring at her. Terri raises an eyebrow, “Yes?”

“What, oh, nothing,” River says.

“Listen, ignorant earth-born child, stop staring at me. It frightens me, and when my dark master arrives, I’ll make sure you’re the first to go,” Terri runs a finger across her throat.

“… Cool…” River says. Terri slaps her forehead. The camera cuts to the three teams outside, with Roger giving them their challenge.

“Today’s challenge will take place here, in Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Today’s challenge is one any female needs to master if they want to become a star, the art of makeup,” Several favorable reactions are heard from the girls, and several groans are heard from the boys, “Every team will select two girls who will donate their faces for this challenge. The team will put makeup on their selected girls. Team captains, please choose your girls.”

“I guess it has to be Sue and I,” Eleanor shrugs.

“I choose Lydia and Aphasia as the models,” Kurt says.

“Sydney and Terri will be the models,” Monique says.

“Now, before you begin,” Roger continues, “This trailer,” Roger gestures with his arm to a trailer parked behind him, “Is stocked with all sorts of makeup supplies. All the male members of each team will run into the trailer, and they will take as much makeup as they can carry. The makeup you take out will be the only makeup you can use as the challenge. By the way, boys, you only have twenty seconds to get your makeup… GO!” The boys sprint into the trailer.

“It was unfair that I was the only boy for my team,” Kurt complains in the confessional, “But I do know the most about makeup, compared to my male competitors.”

After the twenty seconds end, the boys run out of the trailer, their arms full of makeup. The camera cuts to Buddy, Garret and Emmett, trying to figure out what makeup to put on.

“Um… what is this?” Emmett asks.

“I think its lipstick,” Buddy replies.

“It’s eye shadow!” Eleanor corrects, “It goes on the eyelids, but be sure to blend it well.”

“If only we still had Maurice,” Garret says, “He wore makeup all the time…”

“Nah, he was too creepy to keep around,” Buddy says, as he and the other boys apply makeup to the girls.

Eleanor picks up a mirror, and she looks at her reflection. She screams and then says, “This is all wrong! Let me fix it!” She grabs the makeup out of Garret’s hands and pushes him over, “Sorry, sweetheart.”

“It’s cool,” Garret pops back up instantaneously. Eleanor, looking in the mirror, fixes the makeup job the boys did, and then goes on to finish Sue. The camera cuts to the Movie Premiers. Lydia winks at Kurt and Juliana as a reminder to throw the challenge. Kurt and Juliana purposely start doing a bad makeup job on Lydia and Aphasia’s faces.

“What are you guys doing? That looks terrible,” Shirley says.

“No, this is fashionable,” Juliana says.

“Trust us,” Kurt adds.

“… Alright…” Shirley shrugs. Juliana, Kurt and Lydia exchange knowing looks. The camera cuts to the Red Carpets doing their makeup.

“Just let me handle this,” Monique says, “It’s clear that the guys don’t know anything about makeup, and Sydney and Terri don’t seem to have much practice with it, themselves.”

“That is true. Makeup is a cover for a weak dying soul,” Terri nods.

“Eh, whatever,” Monique says.

“I’m pretty sure that I can do an amazing makeup job!” Hugh says.

“Trust me, honey, judging from your current state, you can’t,” Monique says.

“I think I can,” Hugh pushes her aside and begins doing the makeup. The camera cuts to Roger, judging the makeup.

He walks by Eleanor and Sue, “Not bad,” He walks by Lydia and Aphasia, “Ew! Hideous!” He walks by Terri and Sydney, “Awful!” He stands, thinking for a second, “It’s clear that the Silver Screens win, as well as… the Red Carpets, which makes it five consecutive wins for you guys!” The Silver Screens and Red Carpets cheer, “Movie Premiers, I’ll see you guys tonight.” Juliana, Kurt and Lydia grin.

“Garret,” Eleanor walks by him, “See you tonight.” She winks. Garret grins. The camera cuts to the elimination ceremony.

“Movie Premiers, it’s time to cast your votes,” Roger begins.

“It’s beyond your time to go,” Kurt votes for Aphasia.

“See ya!” Lydia votes for Aphasia.

“It’ll be so good seeing you go home!” Juliana votes for Aphasia.

“Alright, go take your seats,” Roger continues, “I have four film reels, but there are five of you. One of you will not get one, and that one will have to go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, take the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. Now, before we begin, Aphasia, you won an immunity necklace in the last challenge, would you like to play it?”

Lydia grins and winks to Kurt and Juliana, who grin and wink back.

“Yes, I would,” Aphasia takes it out of her pocket, “I figured you guys would vote for me, once you finally found out I took Juliana’s necklace.” Kurt, Juliana and Lydia drop their grins.

“What?!” Kurt exclaims, “I thought one of you guys took it! I was changing because of that ski mask, so I couldn’t!”

“I was, too!” Juliana says, “I thought Lydia took it!”

“I… got distracted by Shirley!! I thought one of you took it!” Lydia exclaims.

“Well, then who did she vote for? All of us voted for her!” Kurt says.

“You’ll see,” Aphasia grins.

“Sh!! This is all very dramatic, but don’t you guys want to finish the ceremony?” Roger asks, “Anyway, votes against Aphasia won’t count, so… the first film reel is for her. Next one is for… Kurt,” The two catch theirs, “Next is for… Shirley,” Shirley catches hers, “Lydia and Juliana, this is the last film reel, and it is for…

… Lydia,” Roger tosses Lydia hers. She breathes a sigh of relief.

“But, why?” Juliana asks.

“I didn’t want you nagging me for the necklace back,” Aphasia shrugs.

“Can I have it back, before I go?” Juliana asks.

“I don’t have it; Monique does,” Aphasia explains.

“How did she get it?” Juliana questions.

“It’s a long story,” Aphasia sighs.

Juliana hugs Lydia, Kurt and Shirley before she goes, “Aphasia, I hope you get what’s coming to you.” She walks down the Walk of Losers, pausing to place her hands into the cement, and then walks to the Private Plane of Shame, waving as she goes.

“Well, that concludes this episode,” Roger turns to the camera, “How will things pan out next time? Will Aphasia be forgiven, or will she continue to steal? Will Garret and Eleanor’s relationship last? Will the wildly different members of the Red Carpets finally lose a challenge? Find out next time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Seven: The Coldest Game Ever Played

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The teams were put up to a makeup challenge. Some looked beautiful; others did not, those others being the Movie Premiers, who were plotting to vote out Aphasia. However, they did not count on Aphasia’s immunity necklace, which negated all votes against her, sending Juliana home. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera cuts to Eleanor and Garret, walking and holding hands. Eleanor says in the confessional, “I think that my date last night with Garret went very well. It was nice, relaxing, even if he was vibrating the entire time, and after we got back, he ran laps around the hotel.”

The camera cuts to Garret in the confessional, “I know it was my job to just seduce Eleanor to get her to join the alliance, but last night at dinner, I realized that she was really nice, and not just an annoying girl like I thought. I don’t like her or anything, but I can stand the sound of her voice, now.” The camera cuts back to Eleanor and Garret in the hallway.

Sue pokes her head out of the closet and hisses, “Alliance meeting!”

“Sue, why do we always meet in the closet?” Garret asks.

“Because nobody looks in the closet!” Sue exclaims. Garret and Eleanor enter and find Sue, Hugh, Monique, Luca and Aphasia crammed in the closet, “Now, I need updates! Is anyone onto it?”

“Nope,” Monique says, “Nobody has a clue.”

“Nobody knows,” Aphasia says, “But I’m afraid that I won’t be around much longer. My entire team hates me.”

“That’s very true, and I think there are people that aren’t on your team that hate you, too,” Sue says, “And if you keep complaining, then you’re going to make even more people hate you.” Aphasia sits, quietly.

After a long pause, Monique says, “Can we go now?”

After another long pause, Sue answers, “No.” After a third long pause, Sue says, “Now you may go.” Everyone files out of the closet. Buddy walks out of his room and stares with wide eyes at the long stream of teenagers that were filing out of the closet.

“What was that?” Buddy asks Eleanor.

“Nothing,” Eleanor replies.

“No, it wasn’t nothing,” Buddy says, “Why were there so many people in there from other teams?”

“Um…” Eleanor looks away and grabs Luca’s arm as he comes out of the closet, “Luca, tell Buddy what was going on in the closet.” She winks at him.

“It definitely wasn’t a meeting of our cross-team alliance,” Luca nervously says.

“That means it was a meeting of a cross-team alliance. You have a cross-team alliance?” Buddy asks.

“… No…” Luca says.

“Luca… go…” Eleanor gently pushes Luca away. Luca walks away, but as soon as Monique walks by, Luca’s attention goes directly to her. Eleanor rolls her eyes.

“Brody,” Sue nods as she walks by Buddy, “Eliza,” Sue nods to Eleanor as she walks by her.

“Sue, we might have a problem,” Eleanor says, “Buddy knows about the cross-team alliance.”

“Oh, he does, does he? Buddy’s an idiot; he’ll mess it up, somehow,” Sue states, “We have nothing to worry about, Alise.”

Eleanor sighs, “Okay, Sue.” The camera cuts to Aphasia walking into the Movie Premiers’ hallway.

“Where have you been?” Lydia asks.

“The bathroom,” Aphasia lies.

“We have one in our room,” Lydia informs.

“I know, but Shirley was using it,” Aphasia lies. The camera cuts to Aphasia in the confessional, “Being a thief, you have to learn how to lie convincingly.”

“Shirley was using it?” Lydia asks. Aphasia rolls her eyes and nods, “I’ll be back!” Lydia rushes into the room, barges into bathroom and Shirley screams.

Kurt walks out of his room, “What was that scream?” He pauses, “What did Lydia do?”

“… Nothing unusual for her,” Aphasia says. Shirley walks out of her room, shivering in fear.

“Lydia just walked in on my shower…” Shirley shakes.

“She did?” Kurt asks. Shirley nods, still in shock.

“Why did we get put on the team with all the freaks and weirdoes? We had that psychotic goth, and now we’re stuck with the thief and the stalker,” Shirley complains.

“Juliana was cool, though,” Kurt says.

“Juliana was sane, and that’s all that matters to me,” Shirley explains. Kurt shrugs, as the camera cuts to River and Terri in the hallway.

“Why do I always get stuck with you, alone in the hall?” Terri growls.

“It’s like the universe is telling us something, bra,” River steps closer to Terri, who steps away.

“It’s reminding me that you’re a freak,” Terri grimaces.

“Nah,” River says, “Are you sure it’s not saying anything else?”

“… Nothing I want to hear,” Terri walks back into her room. River tries to follow, but Terri slaps him. Sydney and Monique walk into the hallway.

“What was that about?” Sydney asks.

“Looks like somebody’s got a crush,” Monique sings.

“Not me!” Sydney defensively says.

“I wasn’t talking about you, this time. I was talking about River,” The camera cuts to Monique in the confessional, “It’s easier to tell when a guy likes a girl, most of the time. This ‘scent’ wafts off of guys. They’re like cats in heat.” The camera cuts back to River, Sydney and Monique in the hall, “It’s Terri isn’t it?”

“… Yeah…” River says dreamily.

“Why? People here have the worst taste in relationships!” Monique exclaims, referring to Sydney and Luca.

“She’s all in-your-face and stuff… and that’s hot…” River sighs.

“Since when?” Monique asks. Sydney’s eyes light up when River says this. The scene cuts to Sydney, in the confessional, “River obviously likes Terri… All the guys drool over Monique… So, when do I get someone? I need to amp up my feminine charms, if I’m going to win over any guy here. It would also be nice to show Monique that she’s not the only boy-magnet here. You saw how jealous she got when River said that he liked Terri and not her. Imagine how she’d react if I suddenly got all the guys attention. That would be fun… But, I can’t do this on my own. The attitude I can figure out, just by watching Monique, but I’ll need help with my appearance,” She pauses, “I think I know who I can ask…” The camera cuts to Sydney, grinning as she walks down the hall. Luca walks out of his room.

“She’s not even pretty! She looks like the walking dead!” Monique exclaims.

“Monique is the prettiest,” Luca drools. Sydney rolls her eyes as she passes them. She knocks on the door of the guys’ room. Vladimir opens it.

“Can I help you?” He asks.

“I need to talk to Hugh,” Sydney requests.

“Hugh, Sydney wants to talk to you!” Vladimir calls.

“Send her in!” Hugh calls back.

“Why do you want to see him, anyway?” Vladimir opens the door wide enough for him to exit, and her to enter.

“I’d rather not say,” Sydney says.

Vladimir shrugs, “Listen, girl, it’s your funeral.”

Sydney walks into the room, and she sees Hugh sitting atop of a tall pink throne, with rose petals scattered about him, “What can I do for you?” He says.

“Hugh, I need a makeover,” Sydney admits.

“Ooh! You came to the right place!” Hugh jumps down from his throne, causing the room to shake when he hits the ground, “Let me take care of you.” Hugh puts his arm around Sydney and takes her to the bathroom. The camera cuts to the teens boarding the plane.

Roger looks over the contestants, as they sit down, “We’re missing Sydney and Hugh.” Suddenly, Hugh bursts onto the plane.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Hugh announces, “Introducing the beautiful Sydney.”

Hugh sits down, as Sydney enters the plane. She is completely changed. She is clad in a very tight tube top and a very short skirt. She is also wearing very high heels, with her hair beautifully curled. Every guy is ogling her.

“Sydney! Come sit here!” Luca offers her the seat next to him.

“Alright,” Sydney says, as she daintily slides into the seat.

Monique, appalled and jealous of the attention Sydney is receiving from the guys, stands up, “Vlad, come sit here!” She grabs Vladimir as he searches for a seat. Roger gathers the contestants’ attention, pausing to look at Sydney.

“Today’s challenge will take us to the freezing cold continent of Antarctica, so put these on,” Roger tosses the contestants parkas, hats and gloves.

“Ew! These do not match!” Kurt exclaims.

“Deal with it,” Roger says, “As I was saying, the challenge is a cross of dodgeball and snowball fights, which I like to call snodgeball.”

“That sounds painful and disgusting,” Monique remarks.

“Once again, deal with it,” Roger says, “Each team will have their own section of the land, and each team will have five minutes to make snowballs and make forts out of snow. Then, the match will begin. If you get hit with a snodgeball, you’re out. The team that is entirely eliminated first, will be voting one of their own off tonight. The team that has the last member, or members, standing will win a reward. Four people can compete for each team, because the very pathetic Movie Premiers only have four members. Monique, Eleanor, choose who is going to compete for your teams.”

“Sue and the guys will be competing,” Eleanor announces.

“Vlad, River, Terri and myself will be competing,” Monique says.

“Okay,” Roger says. The camera cuts ahead to the three teams, with their forts built. The Movie Premiers’ fort is very poorly made.

“You guys really are pathetic,” Buddy snickers.

“Shut it!” Aphasia retorts. There is a line drawn in the snow to divide the three teams from one another, and each team has a pile of snowballs made.

“Three… two… one… go!” Roger signals the start of the game. Immediately, there is a barrage of snowballs thrown to and from every side. Each teen remains unscathed, “Look at those snodgeballs fly!” Roger exclaims.

Impulsively, River runs into the middle of the battlefield, “Whoa, dudes! Don’t make war, make love!” There is a brief pause, and then Garret throws a snowball at him.

“River, you’re out,” Roger says. Monique slaps her forehead. The crossfire resumes.

“Getting hit with one of these can’t be good for your complexion,” Kurt says.

“Don’t worry about that! We need this win!” Lydia tells him. Kurt nods. Just then, Buddy hurls a snowball at Shirley, “NO!!!” Lydia cries, and throws herself in front of Shirley, “Shirley! I saved you!”

“Gee, thanks…” Shirley says. Abruptly, Monique thrusts a snowball at Shirley. Shirley gets hit directly in the face.

“Lydia, Shirley, you’re out,” Roger says.

“Oh, we are so going to lose…” Kurt moans.

The camera cuts to Sue, leading the Silver Screens with an iron fist, “ONE… TWO… THREE… THROW NOW!!” Sue, Emmett, Buddy and Garret all simultaneously throw their snowballs at Terri, who falls to the ground.

“Terri’s out,” Roger states.

“We need to take out Sue,” Monique tells Vladimir, “She’s their leader. If she goes down, the rest of the team will go down.”

“Hold it, Sue, who put you in charge?” Buddy glowers.

“Do you see anyone else here who can lead a team?” Sue asks, “Because I sure don’t.”

While distracted, Vladimir whips a snowball at her head. Sue raises one hand and catches the snowball, moments before it hits her face.

“Sue is out,” Roger says.

“But I caught it!” Sue exclaims, “I’m still in!”

“No, I never said that,” Roger shrugs, “You’re out Sue.” Sue, wearing a glower, trudges off the field.

“Now, I’m in charge,” Buddy proudly says. A random snowball comes and smacks him in the face. It slides off to reveal a grim expression, underneath.

“Buddy, you’re out,” Roger says.

“I know…” Buddy stomps off the field.

Several more snowballs are thrown, some of them missing, others getting their targets, “Aphasia, Garret and Vladimir are out.” The three exit the field.

“So… it’s down to just me,” Monique says, “I can’t say I’m surprised; I think we all know that I could outlast the others.”

“Oh, my gosh,” Kurt says, “It’s just me. I’m going to lose.”

Emmett picks up a snowball and throws it at Kurt. Kurt ducks, and as Emmett is preparing to throw another, Monique throws a snowball at him. Emmett is hit in the chest, “Emmett is out! The Silver Screens lose the challenge!” Monique throws one at Kurt, and he gets hit, “Kurt is out, too, so that means today’s big winners are the Red Carpets!”

“As usual,” Monique smirks.

“And, as your reward, you get a snowcone machine for your section of the hotel!” Roger announces.

“Lucky us, frozen, colored mush,” Terri rolls her eyes.

“It’s better than nothing,” Roger shrugs.

“I’d rather have nothing,” Terri says.

“Anyway, Silver Screens, I’ll see you tonight,” Roger announces. The camera cuts to Garret, Emmett and Buddy, warming up in their rooms.

“Emmett, I need to talk to you,” Buddy says.

“Sure,” Emmett replies.

“There is a cross-team alliance forming, and it’s big enough to take you down,” Buddy explains.

“Is that a threat to vote me out?” Emmett asks.

“Well, it’s a warning,” Buddy explains, “Are you going to do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen?”

Emmett nods, “I have an idea.”

“Good,” Buddy smirks, and then the camera cuts to him, in the confessional, “Eleanor’s going down.”

The camera cuts to the elimination ceremony, “Silver Screens, it’s time to cast your votes,” Roger says.

“We can’t have you exposing us,” Eleanor votes for Buddy.

“You’re going down!” Buddy votes for Eleanor.

“Buddy’s warning told me just who to vote for,” Emmett casts his vote.

Roger collects the ballots and reads them over, “There are five of you here, now, and I have four film reels. One of you will not receive a film reel, and that one will have to go down the Path of Losers, place his or her hands into the cement, and finally take the Private Plane of Shame away, never to come back. The first film reel is for… Garret,” Garret catches his, “… Emmett…” He catches his, “Sue…” Sue catches hers, seconds before it hits her, “Eleanor and Buddy, this is the final film reel,” Buddy looks confident; Eleanor looks unsure, “It is for…

… Eleanor,” Roger tosses a relieved Eleanor her film reel.

“What? Emmett, I thought you voted for her!” Buddy exclaims.

“She was the one with the cross-team alliance? I thought you were talking about yourself,” Emmett admits.

“Why on earth would I do that?” Buddy asks. Emmett shrugs. Buddy, grumbling to himself, walks down the Path of Losers, pausing to put his hands into the cement, and boards the Private Plane of Shame.

Sue, smirking at the events, comes up to Eleanor, “See, Eileen, there was nothing to worry about. Buddy’s an idiot, and he got himself eliminated.”

Roger turns to the camera, “That’s all for this installment. Be sure to join us next time for another exciting episode of Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Eight: A Whole New Host

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The contestants traveled to the frozen wasteland of Antarctica. The Red Carpets continued their winning streak, and the pathetic Movie Premiers won, as well, leaving the Silver Screens to vote someone out. Through an act of pure stupidity of Emmett’s, it was Buddy who took the Private Plane of Shame. What will happen tonight on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera switches to Eleanor and Garret, sitting on a bench in the hallway, “I think going out with you was the best choice I ever made.” Eleanor scoots closer to Garret, who grins.

“Yeah… it was pretty cool of you to say yes,” Garret scoots close to her, and she takes his hand in his.

“I have to admit,” Sue says in the confessional, “Garret can act. He’s managed to convince that nagging witch, Eliza, that he loves her.” She snickers.

Emmett walks out of his room, stretches and yawns, “Good morning.” He walks over to Garret and Eleanor.

“Good morning, Emmett,” Eleanor is resting her head on Garret’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Garret says. Suddenly, Garret’s legs start kicking wildly. One hits Emmett in the leg.

“What was that about?” Emmett clutches his leg.

“When I sit still for too long, sometimes this happens. It’ll stop in a few minutes,” Garret calmly says.

Eleanor says, leaning away from Garret, “Maybe you should go take a jog, or something.”

“Nah, it’ll stop,” Garret assures. Then, his leg smacked Eleanor.

“Let me rephrase that,” Eleanor says, “Go take a jog.”

“Yes, dear…” Garret stands up and runs out the door. Eleanor sighs as he jogs away.

“Why do you like him? He’s like a vibrating mass of annoyance,” Emmett states.

“I admit Garret has some flaws, he has exactly 59 flaws, as of yesterday, but he cares about me, and he is kind, and he is cute. That’s why I like him,” Eleanor explains. Emmett shrugs. Sue walks by, snickering. Eleanor shrugs. The camera cuts to the Movie Premiers. The four of them are standing in the hallway.

“It was so awesome that we won, yesterday!” Shirley exclaims.

“Anything you say, Shirley,” Lydia creepily says.

“I think that the last challenge win was just what we needed,” Kurt says in the confessional, “I think it convinced the others that we’re not just a team of losers and that we can win. Everyone seems much more confidant and excited for the next challenge.”

“I’d forgotten what it feels like to win,” Shirley says, “And let me tell you, it feels great!”

“I know, right?” Kurt says.

“Don’t get too excited. We’ve won in the past, and then the next challenge we just lose, again,” Aphasia remarks.

“That’s not going to happen,” Kurt says, “Because now I have something that we’ve never had before!”

“And that is?” Shirley asks.

“A good feeling about this!” Kurt exclaims. He looks down, and he sees Aphasia, kneeling by his side, slowly reaching her hand into his pocket, “Aphasia, don’t take my wallet.”

“Fine…” She grumbles, and she stands up. The camera cuts to her in the confessional, holding a watch, “Got his watch,” She snickers.

“Kurt, I don’t know if that’s enough to get us the win,” Shirley says, “I think Aphasia might be right. We’re going to lose again…”

“What, no we’re not!” Kurt exclaims.

“I’m with Shirley,” Lydia says.

“Oh, surprise, surprise,” Aphasia says.

“I think we’re going to lose, too…” Lydia continues.

“And just when thought they were getting pumped up,” Kurt says, in the confessional. The camera cuts to Luca, who is sitting on a bench next to Sydney.

“Sydney, you look really pretty today,” Luca drools.

“Thank you, Luca,” Sydney says, as she winks at Hugh, who winks back.

“Do you think I look pretty today, Luca?” Hugh asks.

“No,” Luca answers, “You look as creepy as usual, but Sydney looks very pretty.”

“Do I look pretty today?” Monique steps out of her room. She’s wearing more revealing clothes than usual, and her hair is done up more than usual.

“Yeah,” Luca nods.

“I can’t let her steal away the attention that’s mine!” Monique growls in the confessional, “She’s going down.”

“Would you say that I look prettier than her?” Sydney asks.

“No,” Luca is staring at Monique, just as before.

“Good,” Monique grins, as she walks away. Luca follows.

“Hugh,” Sydney says, once Luca and Monique have left, “I’m still not hot enough.”

“Well, we can fix that,” Hugh says, “But not until tonight. I’m making a fresh batch of my perfume, and it has to sit for eight hours. It’s a sure way to get guys on your tail.”

“Good,” Sydney says.

“Hey, Terri,” River grins.

“Oh, please not this again…” Terri grimaces.

“You know I had to come talk to you,” River says, “We’re drawn to each other, like two magnets, a River magnet and a Terri magnet.”

“Maybe you’re drawn to me, but I am definitely not drawn to you,” Terri says, “You need to back off, or I’m going to call the almighty dark overlords to open the Abyss of Terror to swallow you up, and before you know, you’ll wind up in a pot of soup for goblins and trolls.”

“… Cool, bra,” River grins. Terri groans.

“Hey, Vlad,” Monique walks over to him.

“Hi, Monique,” Vladimir notices Monique’s short cut clothing, “Are you wearing something different?”

“Yes, do you like it?” Monique asks, leaning in close to him.

“I… um… don’t like it. It looks terrible on you; anything would,” Vladimir says. Monique gasps and smacks him.

Luca snickers, and then says, “Dude, she looks hot.”

“Thank you, Luca,” Monique leans in and kisses him on the cheek. The camera cuts to Monique in the confessional, “Some of you viewers might’ve noticed the way I’ve acted to Vladimir, and I’ve decided that that is no longer the case. He can insult me, but when he insults my perfect figure, that is too far. He’s going down.” The camera cuts to the three teams, and Roger, on a bus.

“I thought we visited a world locale yesterday,” Eleanor says.

“We did, Eleanor,” Roger states, “We’re just taking a little field trip to Burbank, today.”

“Why, what’s the challenge?” Vladimir asks.

“I’m glad you asked,” Roger begins to explain, “For today’s challenge, we are going to go to Warren Bros. lot, studio one, where they film the Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“Oh, I love her!” Eleanor says.

“I know her,” Shirley says, “I’ve been on her show like three times.”

“Lucky,” Eleanor says. Shirley smiles.

“Anyway, Ellen and I go way back,” Roger says, “So she agreed to take you guys for the day, do the challenge and elimination ceremony.”

“Cool,” Emmett says, as the bus screeches to a halt. The contestants file out of the bus, behind Roger. The walk into the studio, where Ellen DeGeneres is sitting on a couch.

“They’re all yours, Ellen,” Roger says. Ellen nods, and Roger walks away. She stands, up and the contestants applaud.

“Thank you, thank you! I’m industry’s Ellen DeGeneres!” Ellen says, “All that energy, I’m just going to take it, bake it into a pie, and give it right back to you!” She waves to Shirley, “Hey, Shirley.”

“Hey,” Shirley waves back.

“So,” Ellen says, “Roger has put me in charge of you for the day. So, your challenge is a game that I often play on my show: Blindfolded musical chairs.”

“I played it when I came on her show. It’s a lot harder than it sounds,” Shirley whispers to Kurt.

“Hey! No talking while I’m talking!” Ellen shouts, as she flings a shoe at Shirley.

Shirley quickly moves to the side, “Where did you get that?”

“Nowhere,” Ellen says. Aphasia slowly reaches down, picks up the shoe and puts it under her shirt. Ellen continues, “Anyway, what you do is put on blindfolds, and you play the classic game of musical chairs, and the last people standing will win for their teams.”

“I don’t think you needed to explain… we could tell how to play from the title,” Monique says.

“I’m in charge!” Ellen flings the second shoe at Monique, who narrowly dodges it. Aphasia sneaks over and puts the shoe under her shirt, making a total of two shoe-shaped lumps under her shirt. The camera cuts ahead to the contestants all wearing blindfolds, standing around chairs. Ellen starts the music, and the contestants start to walk around. Instantly, Hugh falls over. He knocks into Terri, who also falls over. She lets out a cry.

“I’m coming for you, Terri!” River dives to the ground and starts crawling around trying to find her. He grabs a hand, grabs it and says, “I found you!”

“That’s not me,” Terri says.

“It’s me!” Hugh exclaims. Ellen stops the music, and everyone grabs a seat, except for those on the ground. Ellen removes chairs accordingly. The camera cuts ahead to there only being seven competitors left in the game, Monique, Vladimir, Sue, Garret, Eleanor, Kurt and Aphasia. The contestants walk around the chairs. Sue is the farthest away from them as the music comes to a stop.

“Sue, you’re so far away; you’re going to lose,” Ellen says.

“I never lose,” Sue says. Ellen looks away, and she looks back to find Sue in a seat, as Garret, lacking a seat, is eliminated.

“How did you do that?” Ellen asks.

“Simple, I never lose,” Sue explains. The music starts up again, as Ellen removes a chair.

The contestants fumble around, hanging onto the chairs, hoping they’ll still be there, next to the chair, when the music stops. Ellen abruptly stops the music, and Kurt is eliminated. Ellen starts up the music, again, and stops it immediately. Eleanor is about to sit in a chair, when Aphasia, still blindfolded, whips the chair out from underneath her, “I don’t have to see to steal,” Aphasia smirks. Eleanor hits the ground and defiantly stands up, and walks away. The camera speeds up through Kurt’s elimination to the final four, Aphasia, Sue, Vladimir and Monique.

Monique waves her arm around, trying to find a chair to hold onto, but accidentally grips Vladimir’s arm, “Get off!” Vladimir exclaims, as he pushes off Monique, sending her to the ground, hard. She lands on her left arm. Monique gasps in pain, and she grabs her arm. Ellen rushes to Monique’s side.

“Should I call an ambulance?” Ellen asks.

“No, let me sit here, writhing in pain!” Monique exclaims.

“Oh, okay then,” Ellen shrugs.

“Yes, call an ambulance!” Monique exclaims. Within minutes, the ambulance has arrived, and Monique is being taken away.

“So, now that that’s taken care of, on with the challenge!” Ellen exclaims.

“Wait, Monique just got taken out on a stretcher, and you want us to keep on going with the challenge?” Eleanor asks, surprised.

“Yes,” Ellen says, “Roger asked me to do the challenge and the elimination ceremony, and I’m not going to let him down.”

“Um… okay,” Eleanor shrugs.

Ellen sets up two chairs, “This round will decide which team has to vote someone off, tonight.” The music starts, and Vladimir, Sue and Aphasia circle around the chairs. Ellen stops the music. Once she has grabbed a chair, Sue pushes Vladimir over, and Aphasia swipes a chair, “So, we have our losers, the Red Carpets!” Ellen exclaims, “Aphasia and Sue, you don’t need to keep competing.”

Sue and Aphasia remove the blindfolds, and they join their teams. The Movie Premiers and Silver Screens cheer, realizing they have won the challenge.

“Red Carpets, see you guys tonight,” Ellen says, walking out of the room and waving goodbye. The camera cuts to the Red Carpets, minus Monique, deciding whom to vote out.

“I say we vote for Monique,” Vladimir says, “Who knows how long she’ll be in the hospital?”

“Agreed, the weak mortal goes,” Terri nods.

“Whatever you say, Terri,” River says.

“I’m not voting for her,” Luca says.

“Me neither,” Hugh says, “Vlad, hun, you should go for being such a meanie!”

“Me?” Vladimir asks, “All I did was put that chick in her place.”

“Her place being the hospital?” Sydney asks.

“Um, yeah, I guess,” Vladimir shrugs.

“Well, I never liked her anyway,” Sydney says, “I’ll vote with you.”

The contestants start to make their way to the elimination ceremony, but on the way, Luca grabs Vladimir’s arm, “Vlad, listen to me. Monique has been nothing but nice to you this entire time, and you’ve been nothing but cruel to her. You need to realize that voting her out is wrong, especially since you put her in the hospital, today.”

Vladimir shakes Luca off, “Don’t waste your breath. She may have helped us before, but she can’t now.”

“Monique wouldn’t have voted for you,” Luca says, “Even if you were in the hospital.”

“How would you know that?” Vladimir asks.

“Luca’s not wrong,” Sydney walks over to them, “Girls are quicker to pick up on these things than boys are. She was so into you,” Sydney pauses, “Or, at least, she was.”

Vladimir starts to walk away from them, but he turns around, “Trust me, I know what I have to do.”

The camera cuts ahead to the elimination ceremony. Monique has rejoined with the Red Carpets, but her arm is in a cast, “I probably won’t be able to take it off for weeks.” Terri, River and Sydney look to Vladimir, just to check if they were still voting her off. He nods to them.

Ellen walks in, “Go cast your votes.”

“I know what I have to do,” Vladimir votes for Monique.

“Jerk!” Monique votes for Vladimir.

“I can’t wait to see you go home,” Sydney votes for Monique.

After the votes have been cast, Ellen continues, “I have six film reels here. Only six of you will receive them. The one of the that does not receive them will have to go down the Walk of Losers, put your hands into the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave,” Ellen says. The camera shifts to Vladimir, who is deep in thought. The things that Sydney and Luca told him echo in his head. Ellen continues, “Vladimir, I understand you have an immunity necklace; would you like to play it?”

“No…” Vladimir reluctantly says.

“Okay, then…” Ellen pauses, before announcing the elimination, “The first film reel is for…”

The camera cuts to Vladimir, in the confessional, “I felt awful. I kept thinking about what Sydney and Luca had told me, and I realized there was only one thing I could do…” The camera cuts back to the elimination ceremony, “Wait!” Vladimir exclaims, “I do want to play it!”

“Alright, all votes against Vladimir will not count,” Ellen states.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Vladimir continues, “I would like to play it on Monique behalf.”

“Okay,” Ellen nods, “All votes against Monique will not count.”

Monique looks over at Vladimir, and he looks back, with a smile on his face. Monique gets up and walks over to him, “You know you’ll get voted out, right?”

“Yes,” Vladimir nods, “But I think it’s worth it. I’d rather get out of this game than let it control me and turn me into some kind of psychotic jerk.”

Monique kisses him on the cheek and sits back down. Ellen continues, “The first film reel is for… Monique,” Monique catches hers with her good arm, “Luca and Sydney…” The two catch theirs, “Terri and River…” They catch their film reels, “Hugh and Vladimir, this is the last film reel, and it is for…

… Hugh,” Ellen tosses the Hugh the last film reel. Hugh emits a high-pitched noise in joy.

“Well, I guess I saw this coming,” Vladimir stands up, with a smile, “Bye, everybody!”

Monique walks over to him, and she kisses him, “See ya.”

“Bye,” Vladimir says. He walks down the Path of Losers, places his hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame, and he leaves.

“That concludes this episode,” Ellen says, “Will the Red Carpets shake off the loss, or is this the beginning of their downfall? What will happen to Garret and Eleanor? What will become of Sue’s alliance? Will I actually get a paycheck for doing this episode? All the questions will be answered, along with many others, next time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Nine: Arts and Rafts

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger says, “The contestants were handed over to Ellen DeGeneres, a colleague of mine, who’s not as famous as me. They played one of Ellen’s favorite games, Blindfolded Musical Chairs. While some teams succeeded, the Movie Premiers and Silver Screens, the Red Carpets’ winning streak came to halt, and Vladimir was voted out, after playing his idol on behalf of Monique. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera shifts from Roger to Garret and Emmett, getting dressed in the boys’ room.

“So, Garret…” Emmett says, “What’s it like dating Eleanor?”

“Well,” Garret replies, “I’m going to let you in a little secret.”

“And that would be…?” Emmett asks.

“I only asked out Eleanor because Sue told me too,” Garret explains.

Emmett eyes widen, “Are you serious?”

“I guess I shouldn’t have told him that,” Garret says, in the confessional, “But I did have something else to add,” The camera shifts back to the boys, “But, that was before.”

“What do you mean?” Emmett asks.

“I think I… kind of like her,” Garret says, “It originally was a plot, but now it’s more. Don’t tell Sue, though! She’ll kill me!”

“Sure, Garret,” Emmett says. The camera cuts to Sue and Eleanor, in the girls’ room.

“How’s your relationship with…” Sue pauses to stifle a laugh, “Garret going?”

“Very well, Sue,” Eleanor cautiously replies. The camera shifts to Eleanor in the confessional, “Sue seems very interested in my relationship, for some reason. It must be because she’s up to something. I better stay on my toes…”

“Here’s the way I see it,” Sue says, in the confessional, “I need to tell Eleanor the truth, so then her heart will be broken, she’ll lead this team into the ground, and then we vote her out.”

“Why do you ask?” Eleanor asks.

“Well, Eleanor,” Sue says, “It’s probably in your best interest to know that Garret doesn’t love you.”

“He doesn’t? What makes you sure of that?” Eleanor asks.

“You know about our alliance, right?” Sue asks. Eleanor nods. Sue continues, “Well, his idea was to seduce you, so that we could get another alliance member. He doesn’t love you.” Sue smirks.

Eleanor’s wary expression melts into a sad expression, “I can’t believe it…”

“Well, believe it, sister,” Sue says, “He doesn’t love you, and he never did.”

Eleanor sits down on her bed, and she starts to cry. The camera shifts to Shirley and Kurt, in the girls’ room.

“So, Shirley, what do you need?” Kurt asks.

“I’m glad you asked,” Shirley smiles, “I’m going to my newest film’s premiere, tonight, so I need help picking out an outfit worthy of the red carpet.”

“Roger is letting you go?” Kurt asks.

“Yeah,” Shirley nods, “Because I’m more famous than him, he practically is forced to let me go.”

“Shirley…” Kurt sighs, “You’re so famous. I’m really jealous.”

“Yeah… I am pretty famous,” Shirley agrees.

“Anyway,” Kurt says, “Why don’t you try this on?” Kurt pulls several pieces out of Shirley’s closet.

“Oh, wait! I bought a new pair of shoes before the competition, for this premier, so I was wondering if you could work that into the outfit,” Shirley requests.

“Sure, where are they?” Kurt asks.

“They should be in the closet,” Shirley replies, as she rummages through the boxes of shoes on the floor of her closet, “I could’ve swore I put them in here.”

The two look at each other and simultaneously say, “Aphasia.”

Aphasia sticks her head through the doorway, “Yes?”

“Did you take Shirley’s shoes?” Kurt asks. Aphasia steps through the doorway, revealing a large lump in her shirt.

“What is that lump under your shirt?” Shirley asks.

“What lump?” Aphasia asks. “The one under your shirt,” Shirley replies. She then walks over to her, and pokes her shirt. Dozens of decks of cards fall out of her shirt, “Are those the complimentary decks of cards that the hotel staff puts in every room?”

“… No…” Aphasia slips out of the room, pausing to pick up several decks of cards.

“Then, if Aphasia didn’t have the shoes, then who does?” Shirley asks.

“Do you mean these shoes?” Lydia’s head pops out from under the bed. Her arm pops out, too, and it is holding a pair of shoes.

“Those are my shoes!” Shirley exclaims.

“Ooh! Those are cute!” Kurt exclaims.

“I know, right?” Shirley says.

“Lydia, why do you want them?” Kurt asks.

“Because they’re Shirley’s…” Lydia then repeats, “Shirley’s…”

“Lydia, I need them for a movie premier I’m going to, tonight,” Shirley explains.

“Oh, okay,” Lydia throws the shoes out from under the bed.

“Easy with those!” Shirley dives to catch them, which she successfully does.

“Now, back to that outfit,” Kurt resumes rummaging through Shirley’s closet. The camera shifts to River, waiting outside the girls’ room for Terri.

Terri walks out of the room, sees River, and begins to walk back in, “Terri, wait!” River exclaims.

“What?!” Terri whips her head around.

“Terri,” River begins, “I think we should go out.”

“Forget it,” Terri immediately answers.

“Are you sure?” River asks.

“Yes,” Terri storms into the girls’ room. Monique and Sydney are putting on their makeup, still competing to be the object of male affection, “Monique, Sydney, I need a favor.”

“What do you want?” Sydney asks.

“Every single day, River comes to me to flirt with me or-“ Terri is cut off.

“I wanted an answer, not your life story,” Sydney says.

Terri glowers, “I need you to get me away from River, somehow. I’ve tried, but he never stops.”

“Alright, Terri,” Monique smiles, “I’ll get you away from River.”

“Thank you,” Terri says, “I’m going to try and give him the message.” Terri leaves the room.

“Sydney, it’s like she was practically begging us for our permission to vote her out, and I say we give it to her,” Monique smirks.

“Are you crazy? She wants us to vote out River,” Sydney states.

“Uh-uh,” Monique shakes her head, “She never said that.”

“She never said that she wanted to be voted out, though,” Sydney retorts.

“She didn’t have to,” Monique shrugs, “Look, Sydney, you can go about this my way, the right way, or you can go about it your way.”

“Fine, I will,” Sydney says. She walks out of the room. Monique begins to tend to her broken arm. The camera shifts to Sydney, in the hall, with Luca. Luca is busy admiring her.

“Sydney… you’re pretty…” Luca says.

“Thank you, Luca,” Sydney smiles, and she tussles his hair, “Listen, I need to ask you a favor. I think we should vote out River, next time.”

“Why? River’s cool,” Luca says.

“Terri wants him gone, and it’s the girl code,” Sydney explains, “Another girl has priority over a guy. Monique doesn’t seem to know that…”

“Why do you say that?” Luca asks.

“Monique wants to vote her out,” Sydney answers, “I was wondering if you would vote with me.”

“I’m sorry, Sydney,” Luca sighs, “But I’m already in an alliance with Monique, so I can’t.”

“Oh, that’s fine, then, I guess,” Sydney shrugs, then she walks away. She heads over to the boys’ room, and she knocks on the door, “Hugh!! I need to talk to you!”

“Coooomiiiiiing!!” Hugh sings, as the sounds of him skipping can be heard from inside the room. He opens the door, “Please, come in.” Sydney takes a few steps in the room.

“Hugh, I need a favor,” Sydney says.

“What can I do for you?” Hugh asks.

“I need you to vote with me, tonight,” Sydney requests.

“I think I’m kind of in an alliance with Monique, but I’ll vote for who I want,” Hugh says, “Don’t tell Monique, though. She scares me…”

“Alright, I’m voting for River,” Sydney says. Hugh shrugs. The camera cuts to the teens on the plane, with Roger.

“Contestants, your challenge today is an international challenge,” Roger begins, “Our location today is Egypt, for a rafting race, in the Nile River. Simply, each team gets their own raft, and the team to get their raft past the finish line last, will lose.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Eleanor says.

“Yeah, what’s the catch?” Monique asks.

“Well, the Nile does have piranhas in it,” Roger shrugs.

“It does?” Eleanor asks, “I didn’t think it did.”

“Oh, we had to put them in there,” Roger explains.

“There’s the catch,” Monique says. The camera cuts ahead to Roger, giving the contestants life jackets.

“That’s very nice of you, Roger,” Shirley says, “I didn’t think you really cared about our safety.”

“I don’t,” Roger says, “These don’t work. Feel them,” Shirley runs her hands along her life jacket, “That’s not padding to keep you afloat; that’s meat.”

“Why is there meat in our lifejackets?” Shirley asks.

“To attract the piranhas,” Roger explains, “Duh!” Shirley frowns and takes off her life jacket. The camera shifts to the contestants on their rafts, at the starting line, “When I say go, you’ll need to start paddling.”

“We don’t have oars,” Luca comments.

“I know,” Roger says, “Use your hands.”

“But… the piranhas,” Aphasia says.

“I know, Aphasia, I know,” Roger says, “Are there any more questions?” Several contestants raises their hands, “Great, no questions! Go!” Several contestants grimace, as they start paddling with their hands.

“How come you aren’t paddling, Monique?” Sydney asks.

“Broken arm,” Monique smirks.

Suddenly, Hugh lets out a squeal. He quickly pulls his hand out of the water. There is a piranha on it, “Ow!! Get it off!! Get it off!! Get it off!! Get it off!! Get it off!!” He screeches.

Terri rolls her eyes and yanks it off of his hand, “There, are you happy?”

“No!” Hugh says. He thrusts his hand in Luca’s face, “Kiss it and make it feel better!”

“Oh, that is so incredibly not going to happen,” Luca says.

“Why not?!” Hugh whines. He puts his hand in front of Luca’s face, but Luca pushes him away, causing Hugh to fall into the water. He flails around, “Get me out!!”

“Trust me, we’re not strong enough,” Monique states. The camera cuts ahead to Roger speaking with a medic. Hugh is on a stretcher, covered in piranha bites.

“So, how long do you think it’ll be until he returns to the competition?” Roger asks.

“I give it a couple of days,” The medic answers, “He’ll be fine. Then, he should be able to return to the competition.”

“Good,” Roger says, “Ratings would plummet if he couldn’t come back. He has a pretty strong fan base, for some reason.” Roger and the medic shudder. Then, the medic takes Hugh’s stretcher and puts it in the ambulance. The camera shifts to the Silver Screens’ raft. Sue is sitting in the back, playing a beat on a large drum.

“Stroke! Stroke!” She shouts, and each time she does, her teammates dip their hands in the water and paddle. Eleanor is glaring at Garret. Suddenly, Eleanor winces and she pulls her hand out of the water; it is red.

Garret slides over to her, “What’s wrong?”

“I just hit my hand on a rock,” Eleanor glowers, “Not like you care.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Garret asks.

“Like you don’t know,” Eleanor growls.

“Well… I don’t… that’s why I asked…” Garret says.

“Hmph,” Eleanor turns her back towards Garret.

“Garret, Eleanor!! Stroke, now!” Sue shouts. Eleanor strokes, Garret slides back to his side and continues stroking. The camera shifts to the Movie Premiers’ raft. Unusually, the members seem to be getting along.

“This is nice,” Kurt says.

“Yeah,” Shirley nods, “It’s nice not yelling at Lydia or Aphasia.”

“It feels weird…” Aphasia says. Just as Aphasia says this, the raft crosses the finish line. The Movie Premiers cheer.

“We did it, Shirley!!” Lydia grabs Shirley in a tight embrace. Kurt and Aphasia jump around, cheering.

“Congratulations, Movie Premiers,” Roger says, “You guys actually won a challenge, for once. Let’s just wait for the others.”

“I see a raft in the distance!” Kurt exclaims.

“Can you tell who’s on it?” Shirley asks. Kurt shakes his head. Sounds of a drum can be heard in the distance, as well as someone rhythmic chanting, loudly.

“That voice…” Kurt says, “There’s only one person it could belong to.”

“Shirley?” Lydia asks.

“No…” Kurt sighs, “Shirley’s right here, Lydia. It’s Sue’s voice, which means…”

“The Silver Screens win the challenge, too!” Eleanor exclaims, as the Silver Screens’ raft crosses the finish line.

“They beat us there!” Monique squints, watching the other two teams celebrate the victories, “At least I know who’s going.” Monique looks at Terri, smirking.

“Yeah, I know, too,” Sydney says, eying River.

The Red Carpets’ raft drifts across the finish line, “Red Carpets, you guys have lost the challenge. I’ll be seeing you tonight. Oh, by the way, you can’t vote for Hugh. To avoid a lawsuit, I’ve decided that Hugh gets immunity every day, until he returns.”

“Ugh…” Luca groans. The camera cuts ahead, to the elimination ceremony.

“I can’t wait to get rid of you,” Terri votes for River.

“Being a member of Monique’s alliance, I have to vote for you. It’s nothing personal,” Luca votes for Terri.

“It was sort of hard to choose, but I you’re just kind of cranky all the time,” River shrugs, and he votes for Sydney.

After the votes have been cast, Roger walks up to address the Red Carpets, “This is your second night in a row here, so as you know, if you do not receive a film reel, you will have to go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave.”

“Wait… how come you only have four film reels?” Sydney asks.

“I’m glad you asked,” Roger says, “This is a first for Total Drama: Los Angeles, but there has been a tie in votes,” He pulls a copy of the rules out of his pocket, “In the event of a tie, the contestants who receive an equal amount of votes will both be eliminated. Now, we go to the film reels. To keep up some suspense, I’m dividing you up into two groups of three. Monique, Sydney and… Terri, move to the right of me, Luca, River, and Hugh, step to the left of me.”

“Hugh’s not here,” River says.

“Good thing,” Monique rolls her eyes.

“I know,” Roger says, “So, to represent Hugh, we’ve brought in a cardboard cutout of Hugh.”

An intern brings in a sloppily made cardboard cutout of Hugh, “Here you go, Roger.”

“That looks horrible!” Roger hisses to the intern, “I thought you said you were good at this!”

“My mom thought I did a good job,” The intern retorts.

Roger rolls his eyes, “Anyway, onto group one,” Roger continues, “The first film reel is for… Monique,” Monique grins and catches her film reel, “Sydney and Terri… this last film reel is for…

… Sydney,” Roger tosses Sydney her film reel.

“Noooo!!” River cries, “I can’t be without Terri!!”

“Then I have great news!” Roger exclaims, “The last two film reels are for spirit Hugh and Luca!”

“So… that means…” River says.

“You’ll get to stay with Terri and all the other losers,” Roger says.

“Noooo!!” Terri cries, “I can’t be with River!!”

“Sorry, sweetheart, you can’t always get what you want,” Roger shrugs. Terri frowns. She goes down the Walk of Losers, places her hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame, and leaves. River follows her at an uncomfortably close pace, and he does the same things she does. Sounds of Terri’s screams can be heard from the helicopter, “Oh, that was a fun twist, wasn’t it?” Roger asks the camera, “That’s all for this installment. Be sure to join us next time for another episode of Total… Drama… Los Angeles!!”

Chapter Ten: Fully Int-Act

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The contestants were taken to Egypt, for a river race on the Nile. So many piranhas bit Hugh that he was taken to the hospital on medical leave. The Red Carpets lost, and with a tie in votes, Terri and River were both sent home. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera shifts to Sue, seated in the hallway, alone. Suddenly, a dog rushes past her, followed by several dogcatchers. Sue, shocked, stands up and grabs one of the dogcatcher’s arms, “What’s going on?”

“There’s a dog loose in this hotel; they don’t allow pets,” The dogcatcher replies.

“What are you going to do if you catch it?” Sue asks.

“There’s a huge overcrowding problem in our animal shelter right now,” The dogcatcher explains, “We’ll probably kill it.”

“Oh,” Sue says.

One of the other dogcatchers runs over to the one talking to Sue, “We can’t find the dog. It might’ve gone down the steps.”

“Alright, let’s fan out on the different floors,” The dogcatcher states. They leave, and Sue is alone in the hallway, once again. Sue sits back down on the bench and puts her feet back. She kicks something, and a small whine is heard from underneath the bench. Sue looks underneath, and sees the dog. It is small and brown.

Sue sighs, “I suppose I should go tell the dogcatchers that I found the dog,” She slowly stands up and starts walking towards the stairs. She stops, “What am I doing? I can’t let them take this dog.” She walks back to the bench; she squats down and says, “Come on, little dog. I don’t want them to find you. Follow me.” The dog stays put, “Please?” The dog slowly walks out from underneath the bench, and sits down next to Sue. She smiles, “I’ll need to find away to sneak you past the dogcatchers.”

The camera cuts ahead to Sue and Garret, walking down the steps to the level of the hotel that belongs to the Movie Premiers. There is a dog-shaped lump under Garret’s shirt. They exit out the stairway, to walk through the hall to the other staircase. Shirley is sitting in the hallway, “What are you guys doing?”

“We’re saving this dog from the shelter!” Garret exclaims.

“You are?” Shirley asks, “Sue is?”

“Um…” Sue says, “No. I just don’t want a dog in the hotel.”

Shirley raises an eyebrow, “How selfless of you…”

“Thanks,” Sue says.

“Hi, Shirley,” Lydia’s head pops out from underneath the bench, “Ooh! What’s that? Is it for me?” Lydia eyes the lump in Garret’s shirt. She takes the dog out, and gives it to Shirley, “For you.”

“Um, no thanks,” Shirley gently puts the dog down.

“Give him back!” Sue exclaims, as she snatches up the dog, “Let’s move, Garret. The dog isn’t safe here.” She shoves the dog back under Garret’s shirt. The camera follows Sue and Garret as they walk down the hall, then down the steps. They arrive on the Red Carpets’ floor. They walk in. Sydney, Monique and Luca are in the hall.

“He’s put on a lot of weight,” Luca whispers to Monique, referring to Garret. Monique rolls her eyes.

“What do you have under your shirt?” Monique asks.

“A dog,” Garret answers. There is an awkward pause.

“… Why?” Sydney asks.

“We’re taking him to freedom,” Garret explains. There is another pause.

“Okay, well good luck with that,” Sydney says.

“Thank you!” Garret exclaims.

“How sweet of you,” Monique steps towards Garret, “I love guys that show affection to animals.”

“She also loves guys who don’t, and even the ones that are sort of in the middle on the subject,” Sydney interjects. Monique glares at Sydney.

“Not that this conversation isn’t interesting,” Sue says, “But I really just don’t care. Let’s go, Garret.” They exit. The camera doesn’t follow them. Monique, Sydney and Luca are alone in the hallway. The camera shifts to Monique in the confessional.

“Now that my mighty team has fallen to three,” Monique pauses, “Well, technically four, Hugh’s just not here, I have to secure my safety. There’s not a huge chance that Sydney will vote with me, and I don’t especially want to be stuck on a team with her, so I have to secure Luca’s vote. He’s very simple; he’ll vote with the hotter looking person, so I just have to make sure I look better than her.” The camera shifts to Sydney in the confessional.

“I have to get Luca to vote with me!” Sydney exclaims, “If I don’t, then I’m done for!” The camera shifts to Luca in the confessional.

“I’m the only boy on a team with two hot girls… nice…” Luca smirks. The camera shifts back to the hallway.

“So, Luca,” Monique steps over to him, swinging her hips ever so slightly.

“Yes, Monique,” He stares at her.

“I was wondering if…” Suddenly, Monique purposefully drops her bracelet. She bends down to pick it up. Luca stares at her butt. Monique looks out of the corner of her eye, to see if he’s looking. She smirks, and then she stands back up, “Maybe you want to band together. There are only three of us left, and I can ensure your safety.”

“Um… I guess so…” Luca says. The camera shifts to him in the confessional, “I’m already in an alliance with Monique, and she’s nice to me, but Sydney has been a really good friend to me for this whole contest and I don’t know if I want to vote her out…” The camera shifts back to the hallway.

“Hey, Luca, can I talk to you?” Sydney asks.

“Um, sure,” Luca says.

“Think about what I said,” Monique kisses him on the cheek. Luca blushes.

Sydney rolls her eyes and grabs him by the shirt collar. She drags him over to a corner of the hallway, “Luca, listen,” Sydney says, “I know Monique is probably tempting you with… well, her, and I can’t over you that. I just want you to recognize that I’ve been a better friend to you than she has. I want you to recognize that she’s just using you for your vote.” Luca nods, “Think about it,” Sydney adds. The camera cuts ahead to Garret and Sue, watching as the dog runs off in the distance.

“Sue,” Garret says.

“Yeah?” Sue asks.

“You did something nice,” Garret snickers.

“I… just didn’t want the dog to poop in our hallway,” Sue lies, “Dogs are gross; they really are.”

“You can try to make this ugly, but we both know that what you did was nice,” Garret smirks.

“Oh, shut up,” Sue rolls her eyes. The camera cuts ahead to the final twelve contestants standing outside the hotel, with Roger.

“Welcome,” Roger says, “Today’s challenge is acting. Each team will be assigned a different genre of play, and you will have to work as a team to write a script, for four characters.”

“Roger, our team only has three right now,” Monique interjects.

“I’m well aware that, Monique, but that’s your problem,” Roger shrugs. Monique glowers. Roger continues, “After you’ve written your script, you will perform it for me, and I will decide a winner.” The teams return to their respective floors in the hotel. The camera cuts ahead to the Silver Screens. There is an envelope on the floor of their hallway. Eleanor walks over to it, but Sue pushes her down, and she bends over to pick it up. She opens it.

“Our genre is western,” Sue says, “That’s stupid.”

“We can make it work, don’t worry,” Eleanor says, “I have an idea for our plot. It can be about a woman who bursts out of a fake relationship and ends up in a western shootout between her and her ex-boyfriend.” She glares at Garret.

“Um… okay!” Garret says obliviously.

“Eleanor, other than the shootout, that doesn’t sound very western,” Emmett points out.

“Fine, then what’s your idea?” Eleanor asks.

“How about…” Emmett begins.

“No one cares what you think,” Sue cuts him off, “I happen to like Eleanor’s suggestion.”

“… Fine…” Emmett sighs, “We’ll use Eleanor’s idea.” The camera cuts to the Movie Premiers.

Kurt bends down to open the envelope with the Movie Premiers’ genre. He opens the envelope and reads, “Our genre is… science-fiction…”

“Seriously?” Shirley asks, “I’ve never done a science-fiction movie before.”

“Shirley’s the only one here with acting experience,” Aphasia sighs, “None of us can act and if she can’t sell it, then we’re doomed.”

“No. Then we’re at a disadvantage,” Kurt says, “We’ve come so far in the competition with just the four of us. We’ve outlasted ten other competitors, and we can totally win this challenge, even if we can’t act.”

“I can act,” Shirley points out.

“We can’t act, except for Shirley,” Kurt rolls his eyes.

“Thank you, and be sure to write in some deeply emotional role that I can play, because I’m certain I can get us the win if you do write one in for me to play,” Shirley says.

“I’m certain you can get us the win, too,” Lydia agrees.

“Um, yeah…” Shirley says.

“We’ll write you a good part,” Kurt assures. Shirley smiles. The camera cuts to the Red Carpets.

“How are we supposed to do this with only three people?” Sydney asks, pacing. She steps on the envelope, and it slides down the hall.

“Oh, come on, Sydney, it’s not too hard to figure out,” Monique says, “One of us will have to play two parts, but it’s just not going to be me. You or Luca can do it.”

“Um…” Sydney says.

“I’ll do it,” Luca volunteers.

“No, I’ll do it,” Sydney says, “See, Luca? That’s what friends do.”

“I’d do it, but my beauty is too great to be squandered on multiple parts, right Luca?” Monique puts her arm around him.

Luca nods furiously. Sydney rolls her eyes. The camera cuts to Sydney in the confessional, “I’m so sick of the way Monique hypnotizes Luca. It’s a pain to me. She’s always got him. She’s going to get his vote, which I need to stay in the game.” The camera cuts back to the three, alone.

“So, what can we use for our plot?” Luca asks.

“I don’t know; I’m not writing it,” Monique shrugs, “One of you can do it.”

“I’ll do it, Luca,” Sydney offers, “Because I’m a good friend to you.”

“It is a good thing for you to do,” Luca says, “And you have been a good friend to me.”

“Oh, Luca,” Monique sits him down on the bench and then sits on his lap, “Friends are nice, but I’m better than a friend.”

“Yeah… I guess so…” Luca says. The camera cuts to Roger, sitting in front of a stage.

“Silver Screens, you’re first,” Roger announces, “Dazzle me.”

The curtain opens, and Sue walks out, in full cowboy garb, including a false mustache, “Well, I’m about to show y’all a story about two- Oh, forget it,” She rips off the mustache and marches off the stage.

Emmett runs on the stage and puts on the mustache, “I’ll tell you a story about two lovers.” Eleanor and Garret walk on the stage.

Eleanor embraces Garret, “I love you,” She pauses, “You’re not huggin’ me back. Why?”

“I’m afraid I, um…” Garret pauses to remember his line, “… don’t love you. I never did, it was all a plot to get your vote.” He pauses, “That’s oddly specific.”

“Stay in character!” Eleanor hisses. She returns to her character, “I can’t believe you! You just wanted my vote!” She slaps him, “We’ll duel, now,” She removes her gun from her holster, “We’ll duel at ten paces.”

“But, I don’t have a gun!” Garret says.

Eleanor starts pacing, “That’s too bad. One, two,” She counts with each step, “Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.” She whips around and shoots him. Garret falls to the ground. The curtain closes, as Roger applauds. Eleanor comes out and bows, followed by the others, excluding Sue.

“Very good,” Roger says, “Now, the Movie Premiers!!”

The curtain goes up, and there is a spaceship backdrop. Kurt, wearing green face paint and silver clothing walks onto the stage. Aphasia, dressed similarly, enters from the opposite side, “Things are not looking good for her, my queen,” Kurt says.

“What did the doctor say?” Aphasia asks.

“Your daughter is fated to die within the hour,” Kurt says, sadly.

“… No…” Aphasia says, “Take me to her.”

“Very well,” Kurt says. The two exit. Lydia rolls Shirley out on a bed.

“How did this happen, princess?” Lydia asks.

Weakly, Shirley replies, “There was a drastic lack of soldiers in our army, so I went out and fought, and led our forces to victory. However, while I was there, the natives shot me. They shot lasers at me, and as you know, those lasers inject poison into the bloodstream. It’s very slow-working poison, but I feel my time is up, soon.”

Aphasia and Kurt enter, “My daughter,” Aphasia says, kneeling by Shirley’s side.

“Mother…” Shirley says.

“Is there anything we can get you?” Kurt asks.

“There’s just one thing I would like,” Shirley says, “The knowledge that safety will come to my people, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. I just want to know that all my friends and family can rest in peace for the remainder of their lives. Mother, can you promise me that?”

“I can,” Aphasia says, “We will win this war. I know it.”

Shirley smiles; she abruptly drops her head, and goes limp. Aphasia collapses in tears, as the curtain closes. Roger applauds them, “Very well done. Finally, the Red Carpets!”

The curtain rises. Luca and Sydney are dressed in fancy clothing, and are walking across the stage, “You should consider yourself lucky, my son,” Sydney says, wearing a hat and false mustache, “Not many people have parents that can afford such nice things.” The two go into an ally. Sydney removes the mustache and hat, and slaps on a necklace, “We love you, son, but please show a little more gratitude for what we do.”

“Okay, mom and dad,” Luca says. Suddenly, Monique jumps out of nowhere, holding a gun.

“Give me your money!” Monique shouts.

“You don’t frighten me!” Sydney says, wearing both the mustache and the necklace. Monique shoots her. She falls to the ground.

“Mom, dad, no!” Luca shouts, kneeling. He glares at Monique, and says, “You just made a huge mistake!” He rips off his clothing, revealing a superhero outfit. He rushes over and punches Monique. Monique falls to the ground, “No criminal is safe while I’m around!” He proclaims, “For I am… an anonymous superhero!!”

The curtain closes. Roger looks perplexed, “Well, I think I know the winners of this challenge… the Movie Premiers and the Silver Screens!” The two teams cheer, “Red Carpets, you might’ve won, for that was a fine skit you put on, but you completely ignored your team’s genre.” Monique rolls her eyes.

“I’m on a team of idiots,” Monique says.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Roger says. The camera cuts to Luca in the confessional. He is still in his costume.

“All day, Sydney and Monique have been pestering me for my vote, and I have to give it to one of them…” Luca says, “They’ve each given me a lot, over the course of the competition. Sydney’s given me friendship, but Monique has an alliance with some others on the other team, so she could secure my safety further in the game. I don’t know…” The camera cuts to the elimination ceremony.

“Sydney, Monique, Luca, time to cast your votes,” Roger says, “And don’t vote for Hugh, because it won’t count.”

“Good riddance,” Sydney votes for Monique.

“It’ll be good to see you gone,” Monique votes for Sydney.

“I hope I made the right choice,” Luca casts his vote.

Roger tallies the votes. An intern brings out the Hugh cardboard cutout for the elimination ceremony. Roger says, “Ladies, gentlemen, and cardboard cutouts of the Red Carpets, this is your third night in a row here, so as you know, if you do not receive a film reel, you will have to go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for… spirit Hugh,” He throws the film reel at the cardboard cutout of Hugh, which falls over, “Next is for… Luca,” Luca catches his. Sydney and Monique exchange death glares, “Sydney, Monique, the final film reel is for…

… Monique,” Roger tosses Monique the film reel.

“Yes!” Monique exclaims.

“Luca, how could you?” Sydney asks him.

“I’m sorry Sydney…” Luca says, “I really am, but Monique gave me safety in the competition that you couldn’t. You would’ve done the same thing if you were me.”

“No, I wouldn’t have,” Sydney walks down the Walk of Losers, places her hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame, and leaves.

“Good choice,” Monique kisses Luca on the cheek.

“That’s all for this episode,” Roger says, to the camera, “What will become of Monique and Luca’s two-man team? When will Hugh return to the competition? What will happen to Garret and Eleanor? Find out next time on… Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Eleven: Scaring is Caring

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants had to put on a scene for me in the acting challenge. The Red Carpets refused to stick with their genre, costing them the challenge. It came down to Luca’s vote in the elimination ceremony, and he voted out Sydney, making the Red Carpets a two-man team, unless you count Hugh, who’s still on medical leave from the contest. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera shifts to Eleanor, sitting in the hallway. Emmett comes out of the boys’ room. He sits down next Eleanor, “Hey, Eleanor.”

“Hi,” Eleanor greets.

“What’s going on with you and Garret?” Emmett asks.

Eleanor says nothing.

“I’m sorry if I’m being too forward,” Emmett says, “If you don’t want me to know, that’s fine with me.”

“No, you’re fine,” Eleanor assures, “What happened was… It turned out that he was only playing me for my vote.”

“… Who told you that?” Emmett asks.

“Sue,” Eleanor replies, “I’m not sure how she found out, but…”

“It was Sue’s plan,” Emmett explains, “Garret was just doing as she told him.”

“Oh, well… that doesn’t make it much better…” Eleanor sighs.

“Garret told me that,” Emmett says.

“I see,” Eleanor says.

“But, he told me something else, too,” Emmett explains.

“And what was that?” Eleanor asks.

“He told me that it was only a plan, at first, but now he actually feels the way he was supposed to feel,” Emmett says, “He… loves you.”

“He does?” Eleanor asks. Emmett nods.

Garret walks out of the boys’ room. He is vibrating, “I haven’t gone for my morning run yet. I need to release my energy.”

Eleanor stands up, walks over to him, throws her arms around his neck, holds him tightly and starts vibrating, as well. She kisses him on the cheek. Garret blushes. The camera cuts to Shirley, Kurt and Lydia, seated next to each other on a bench in the hallway.

“You know what I’m sick of?” Shirley asks.

“It’s me, isn’t it?” Lydia asks, “Please don’t say me… I couldn’t take it, Shirley!”

“Well, yes,” Shirley says, “But I’m sick of Aphasia.” As she says this, Aphasia, pockets full and shirt full of stolen items, darts out of the girls’ room, and heads down the hall, to find other things to steal.

“Me, too,” Kurt says, “Ever since she’s been here, I’ve ‘lost’ my sunglasses, two shirts, a jacket and three pairs of shoes, not to mention twenty dollars cash. At least, she assures me it was lost.”

“Yeah, right,” Shirley rolls her eyes. “How do we get her back?” Lydia asks.

“Simple, we vote her out,” Shirley shrugs.

“Do you want to throw the challenge?” Kurt asks.

“Something tells me we might regret throwing it, if we’re unable to win the next one,” Shirley says.

“Well…” Kurt says, “Why don’t we just let whatever happens, happen?” Lydia and Shirley nod. The camera cuts to Monique and Luca in the Red Carpets hallway.

“So…” Monique says.

“So…” Luca says.

“It’s very awkward with just two left,” Monique says, in the confessional, “With Sydney here, we could at least have conversation… not pleasant conversation, but still, conversation.” The camera cuts back to the hallway. Roger walks in.

“Luca, Monique,” Roger says, “I have some news for you.”

“Is it good news?” Luca asks.

“It depends on how you feel about Hugh,” Roger states.

“The longer he’s gone, the better,” Monique says.

“Then it’s good news,” Roger says, “Hugh recovered from his piranha bites rather quickly, and he would be returning to the competition, today, but he was hit by an ambulance on his way into the hospital. The ambulance knocked him into a pond, which, for some reason, was filled with piranhas. He got bitten by those, too.”

“Piranhas do not like Hugh,” Luca comments.

“No, Luca, no they don’t,” Roger agrees, “Well, Hugh won’t be back for a while.” Roger checks his watch, “Follow me downstairs. It’s time for your challenge.” They exit. The camera cuts to the contestants, on the plane.

“For today’s around the world challenge,” Roger says, “We will be headed to Camp Wawanakwa, Canada, home of Total Drama Island.”

“Ugh, that dump?” Monique groans.

“Yes, Monique,” Roger says, “That dump. The celebrity guest for this challenge will explain your challenge to you for this week.”

Lydia gasps, “Is it Chris McLean? He’s so dreamy!!”

“Close,” Roger says. The camera cuts ahead to the teens and Roger, facing Chef Hatchet.

“Ew! You’re not Chris!” Lydia exclaims.

“You’ve got that right,” Chef growls.

“At least I still have Shirley!” Lydia shouts, as she runs over and attacks Shirley in a hug.

“Quiet down, crazy girl!” Chef orders, “Today’s challenge is one of the most popular challenges from the original Total Drama Island series: the phobia factor!” Several groans are heard from the contestants, “Today, you maggots will be facing your darkest fears! So, let’s get started! First… Eleanor.”

Eleanor’s face goes pale, “Please, no!”

“Oh, yes,” Chef smirks, as he holds up an envelope, “In this envelope is your worst fear,” He opens it, “Your worst fear is… not getting a solo in your school’s glee club,” He pauses, “That’s so dumb! Why don’t you have a real fear that we can work with?”

Eleanor glowers at him and says, “It’s a legit fear.”

“No, it’s not,” Chef says, “Now, since we couldn’t actually bring out your whole entire glee club, we’ve made a video.” Chef walks Eleanor over to the TV, “If you can make it to the end, you’ll get a point for your team.”

“While Eleanor is doing that,” Roger says, “I’ll take Lydia to face her fear, sharks.”

Lydia screeches at the top of her lungs, “Don’t make me do it, Roger!!”

“Yeah, well, I’m going to,” Roger shrugs. He grabs Lydia and takes her to the shark tank, who screams the whole way down, “Lydia, if you can stay in the water with the sharks for thirty seconds, then you’ll get a point for your team.” The tank has three sharks in it.

Lydia squeaks, as she climbs into the water. She remains there for six seconds, “I can’t do it!!”

“And there goes that point,” Roger says. A scream is heard from somewhere else.

Chef has Eleanor slung over his shoulder, “This irritating girl couldn’t do it. The next contestant I will be working with is Monique.”

“Her fear is being poor,” Roger reports.

“You guys all have boring fears,” Chef says, “Monique, in order to get the point for your team, you must burn this dollar.” Chef takes a dollar bill and a lighter out of his pocket.

“I don’t know if I can…” Monique says.

“Come on, Monique! We need this win!” Luca says.

Monique pauses, “Oh, just give me the lighter,” Monique grabs the lighter and dollar out of Chef’s hand. She turns on the lighter, but hesitates before thrusting it at the dollar. She burns the dollar, then turns off the lighter and forces it back into Chef’s hand, “There. Now I get a point.” Chef nods.

“Next is…” Roger says, as the remaining contestants look around at one another, “… Garret! Your fear is… giant killer squids!”

“How are we supposed to get that?” Chef asks. The camera cuts ahead, to Chef, dressed as a giant killer squid, “Oh, come on, now!” He exclaims.

“Just go scare Garret,” Roger pushes Chef in Garret’s direction.

“Raawr…” Chef flails his arm around in random directions. Garret shrieks in a high-pitched voice and bolts in the other direction, “Wuss,” Chef comments.

“Garret fails to get a point for his team,” Roger announces. He points at the contestants and moves his finger around, choosing the next victim. He stops on Kurt, “Kurt, you’re up. Kurt’s worst fear is dry skin.”

“Oh, come on, maggot! You’ve gotta be scared of something worse than that!” Chef shouts.

Kurt shakes his head, “Dry skin is scary.”

“Well, why don’t you go poke Chef and see if you can take the driest skin on the planet?” Roger asks.

“Hey!” Chef exclaims, “Dry skin builds character!”

“I can do it,” Kurt tells himself, “I can touch it.” Kurt begins walking towards Chef, and reaches out to poke him. He quickly withdraws his hand, drops down and curls up into a ball.

“Kurt has failed to complete his task,” Roger announces, “Five fears, down, five to go.” Luca, Aphasia, Shirley and Emmett exchange fearful, knowing looks. Sue remains confident.

“I pick Little Miss Famous for our next victim,” Chef chuckles, pointing at Shirley. Shirley’s eyes widen.

“Her fear is her fame declining,” Roger reports, “For this one, we didn’t have to make something happen. This is totally true.”

“What do you mean?” Shirley asks, shivering.

“According to the online polls,” Roger smirks, “You are not the favorite to win the award you were nominated for, Best Leading Actress in a Drama.”

Shirley bursts into tears, “It can’t be!! I worked my butt off for that award.”

“There, there,” Chef pats Shirley on the back, “If it were up to me, you’d win.”

“Really?” Shirley sniffs.

“No,” Chef says, “It’s not up to me, and I don’t like the movies. Too many annoying kids, you can’t ever watch a movie in peace. They’re always crinkling their candy, and asking to go to the bathroom. Makes me sick.”

Shirley sobs harder, “Moving along,” Roger says, “Our next victim is… Sue!”

Sue raises an eyebrow, “Give it your best shot.”

“Sue’s biggest fear is losing,” Roger announces.

“I never lose,” Sue shrugs, “I’m never going to have to face my fear.”

“We’ll see about that,” Chef squints. He takes six dice out his pocket, “One of these dice is for you, the rest are for me. We both roll our dice, and whoever gets the higher number wins.”

“Okay,” Sue says.

“Let’s begin,” Chef grins. Sue rolls her die, and she gets a six. Chef rolls his dice and he gets a five. His jaw drops, “Lucky break. Again.” They both roll, and the same thing happens. They roll again, and the same thing happens. They roll again and Chef gets four ones and a three, “Heh, seven, I’d like to see you beat me now.” Sue rolls the die and, somehow, it lands on its side between a six and a two, “That’s eight.” Chef stares, dumbfounded, “Again.” The camera cuts ahead to Sue and Chef, still going at it.

“You’re not going to make me lose,” Sue says.

“Then you don’t get the point,” Chef says.

“What? That’s not fair,” Sue gives Chef a menacing look.

“Alright, Sue fails to get the point for her team,” Roger announces, “Moving on to Luca, who’s worst fear is puppets.”

“Oh, no…” Luca’s face turns pale.

Chef walks over to him, with a marionette. He is swinging it randomly and talking for it, “Give me a hug, Luca.” Chef accidentally swings it into Luca.

“No, I can’t,” Luca looks away.

“Luca, if you give that a hug, I’ll give you a hug,” Monique offers.

Luca immediately hugs the puppet, and then runs over into Monique’s arms. She hugs him, “The Red Carpets have two points,” Roger announces, “Which crushes both teams pathetic scores of zero, and guarantees them safety tonight, as Aphasia and Emmett remain, and they are from different teams. Aphasia is up next. Her fear is needles.”

“Fine, bring it,” Aphasia says, “I’m getting this point, if it kills me.”

“Heh, heh, heh,” Chef chuckles. He is dressed in a nurse’s outfit, and is holding a very large needle.

“Give it to me,” Aphasia grimaces, sticking out her arm.

“I wouldn’t even take this shot,” Chef says, “I did once. I had an allergic reaction to it. It turns out most people do.”

“Never mind,” Aphasia retracts her arm.

“So,” Roger says, “The Movie Premiers have no points, so unless Emmett is able to conquer his fear, we’ll have to go to a tie breaker challenge. Emmett’s fear is mutant ninja zombies. I have to ask… why?”

“Those things are freaky, dude,” Emmett says.

“Um, okay,” Roger says, “Chef, if you please.”

Chef comes out dressed as a mutant ninja zombie, “Blaarg.” He flails his arms around.

Emmett screeches and then rushes over to Chef, punches him in the face, pushes him down, steps on him and then runs away, “I guess that counts as conquering his fear… The Red Carpets and the Silver Screens win!” The two teams cheer, “Which means, Movie Premiers, I’ll be seeing you tonight.”

The camera cuts ahead to the elimination ceremony, “Movie Premiers, it’s time to cast your votes,” Roger announces.

“You freak me out,” Aphasia votes for Lydia.

“Good-bye, my little thief,” Kurt votes for Aphasia.

After tallying the votes, Roger walks back up in front of the contestants, “Movie Premiers, you haven’t been here for a while, so I’ll refresh your memories. If you do not receive a film reel, you will have to go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for… Kurt,” Roger says, “Next is… Shirley,” Roger says, “Lydia and Aphasia, this is the final film reel, and it is for…

… Lydia,” Roger throws Lydia her film reel.

“What? Why?” Aphasia asks.

“We’re sick and tired of you stealing all of our stuff!” Kurt exclaims.

“Stolen? I haven’t stolen a thing,” Aphasia lies.

“Yeah, right,” Shirley rolls her eyes, as Aphasia goes down the Walk of Losers, places her hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame, and leaves.

“That’s all for this episode,” Roger says, “Join us next time, for another exciting episode of Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Twelve: A Fair Affair

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The contestants were brought to Camp Wawanakwa, home of Total Drama Island. They were forced to face their darkest fears, and let me tell you, they failed at that. Although they were two members down on the other teams, the Red Carpets won their first challenge in weeks. The Silver Screens also got immunity that night, however the Movie Premiers did not, and they voted out Aphasia. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera shifts from Roger to Garret, Eleanor and Emmett in the hallway. Garret has his hand around Eleanor’s waist. “Garret, since you are, actually, in love with me,” Eleanor says, “You’re going to vote with me, now instead of Sue?”

“Well, um…” Garret’s voice trails off, “I don’t know…”

“What?!” Eleanor steps away from him, “You don’t know whether you’d choose your girlfriend or your bossy, mean leader! We could vote her out, if we lost, but we’d need three votes! We need you!”

“Well, I can’t really vote her out, but she’s not saying were going to vote you out! We could vote out Emmett, he’s not you or her. No offense, Emmett,” Garret explains.

“Gee, how could I be offended by that?” Emmett says.

Eleanor turns her back on Garret and walks away again, “What’d I do, this time?”

Eleanor doesn’t answer. She goes into the girls’ room, “Oh,” Emmett says, “And you just got her back, too.”

Garret sighs, but he is abruptly pulled into a supply closet by a hand, “So, Garret…” Sue says, “You’ve managed to make Eleanor even more emotionally weak, good job.”

“Um, thanks, Sue,” Garret looks down.

“Is something wrong?” Sue asks.

“No,” Garret sighs.

“Great,” Sue says, “If we lose today, I think you already know this, but we’re voting out Eleanor. Got it?”

“Well, that’s the thing,” Garret says, “I can’t vote out Eleanor.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t tell me you actually love her,” Sue exclaims.

“I think I might… could we vote out Emmett, instead?” Garret asks.

“No, it’s Eleanor,” Sue says, “You have a choice to make. You can either vote with me, and stay safe, or vote apart from me and get kicked off next. It’s your choice.”

“When you put it that way… I don’t know…” Garret says, “I have to go for a run.”

“When do you not?” Sue asks. Garret jogs out of the closet, and through the hall. The camera cuts to the Movie Premiers.

“There are only three of us here,” Kurt sighs, “It’s a little bit depressing. I assume there’ll be a merge soon, though.”

“Do you think we might be able to move in with more people?” Shirley asks.

“I hope so,” Kurt says.

“No matter what, I’m going to get to room with you, Shirley,” Lydia says.

“Not true,” Shirley says.

“Even if Roger doesn’t assign us a room together, I’ll get in there to see you, don’t worry,” Lydia assures.

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Shirley sighs.

“I hope that I don’t get separated from you guys,” Kurt says, “You’re, like, the only people I know in this game.”

“Well, even if you don’t get to share a floor with us, post-merge,” Shirley says, “You’re going to make new friends. We all will.”

“Yeah, I guess your right,” Kurt says. The camera cuts to Monique, Luca, and Roger, walking through a hospital hallway.

“Remind me why we have to visit Hugh?” Monique asks.

“Because it’s a good thing to do,” Roger says, “And you’re obligated to. It’s in your contracts.”

“Since when?” Monique questions.

“Since always,” Roger answers, “What’s the room number, again?”

“427,” Luca says, as he scans the numbers next to the rooms on the wall, “It’s the next room.” The trio walks ahead one room, and step inside. There is a normal looking teenage girl.

“Luca, that’s not Hugh,” Monique comments.

“I can tell that! And she’s hot!” Luca exclaims, running over to her side.

“Hola,” The girl says, “Me llamo Marisol.”

“Um, my llamo is Luca,” Luca says.

The girl giggles, “It’s okay; I speak English. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Marisol.” When she spoke, she had a light Spanish accent.

“I’m Luca,” Luca introduces.

“I could tell from your very poor Spanish speaking,” Marisol laughs.

“How come you speak Spanish?” Luca asks.

“I’m from Spain,” Marisol says.

“Luca, Monique,” Roger calls, “I checked, and Hugh is one room down. Let’s go.”

“No, thank you,” Luca says, as Monique exits, “I just met Marisol. She’s hot.” Marisol beams.

“Suit yourself,” Monique shrugs, as she and Roger leave.

“So,” Luca says, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, my father was in a car crash,” Marisol says. Roger walks into the room, after forgetting his bag, and he picks it up.

“I’m so sorry,” Luca says.

Marisol sighs, “But the bills from the hospital… our insurance won’t cover it. We can’t pay it…”

“Gee, I wish there was some way I could help,” Luca says.

“I wish there was, too,” Marisol agrees.

Roger, upon hearing this, walks over, “You might not be able to help, but I can.” The camera cuts to the contestants, standing outside with Roger, “Contestants, before we begin the challenge, I have a big announcement. We have a new contestant. Ladies, gentlemen… meet Marisol!”

Marisol walks out of the hotel, “Hola, everybody!” She has a wide grin on her face.

“Luca, Monique and I met Marisol at the hospital today, when we were visiting Hugh,” Roger says, “I’m allowing her to join the competition to get the money she needs to pay her father’s hospital bill. I’ve decided that she will be on the Red Carpets, because they are down a man, thanks to Hugh’s absence. Now, you’ll learn about your challenge. Many celebrities do things like host charity events to earn money for worthy causes. Today’s challenge will be working at a charity fair. Each team will run a booth. Whichever booth raises the least money will vote someone out, tonight. Now, I have three separate booth ideas. Team captains, come up here.”

Eleanor, Kurt and Monique walk up to Roger, “What do we have to do?” Eleanor asks.

“You will each roll a die, and the captain that gets the highest roll will get to select their booth first,” Roger explains. He hands out a die to each captain. Kurt rolls a three, Eleanor rolls a two, and Monique rolls a five, “Monique, you may choose first.” Roger places a sheet of paper with the three choices on it, on a table.

“Ooh! Kissing booth!” Monique exclaims.

“I figured you’d choose that,” Roger says, “Kurt, you may choose next.”

“I’ll take ski ball,” Kurt says.

“Eleanor, that leaves your team with… the dunk tank,” Roger says. Eleanor, and the Silver Screens groan, “There is a bus parked around the other side of the hotel to take us to the carnival. Your booths will already be set up for you when we arrive. Let’s move.” Roger starts heading towards the bus, and the teenagers follow. The camera cuts ahead to the Silver Screens, at their dunk tank.

“So, who’s going to get dunked?” Eleanor asks, “Not me.”

“Not me,” Emmett says.

“Not gonna be me,” Garret says.

“Oh, you big babies, I’ll do it!” Sue exclaims, marching up to the dunk tank. Sue takes her position on the seat. The camera cuts ahead.

“We haven’t gotten a single customer in an hour,” Eleanor sighs.

“I’ll get us some customers,” Sue says. A man walks by, “Hey, you! Come pay us to throw a ball at me!” The man runs away. A woman walks by, “Hey, lady, you with the weave!” The lady runs away. Another man walks by, “You! Give us money!” The man runs away. This continues for quite some time. The camera cuts to the Movie Premiers, running ski ball.

“I can’t believe how popular this is!” Lydia exclaims, as she deals with many customers. Kurt distributes ski balls to them. The customers roll their ski balls down the lane, scoring various amounts of points. One bounces up, and hits Shirley in the head. She falls down, unconscious.

“Shirley!” Kurt cries, kneeling down next to her.

Lydia points a threatening finger at the boy that threw the ski ball that hit Shirley. “You leave, now! You’re not allowed back here!” She kneels down next to Shirley, “Shirley, dear, are you okay!” There is no response, “NOOOO!!! She’s dead!!!” Lydia bursts into tears.

“She’s not dead, I can hear her breathing,” Kurt explains.

Lydia, obviously ignoring Kurt, cries, “Poor Shirley!! She was so young and promising!!”

“But she’s not dead!” Kurt protests.

“Hush, Kurt! You’re in denial!!” Lydia pets Kurt’s hair, “You’ll come to terms with it, soon! Stay strong, stay strong!” Lydia starts sobbing, again.

“Lydia, she isn’t dead!” Kurt says.

“I know what might revive her! Mouth to mouth!” Lydia bends down and her lips are about to meet Shirley’s, but Shirley springs up.

“I’m fine!” Shirley says.

“AAAH!!” Lydia screams, “She’s back from the dead!! SHE’S A ZOMBIE!!!!” Lydia repeatedly smacks Shirley in the back of the head.

“Lydia, I’m not a zombie!” Shirley exclaims.

“… If you say so!” Lydia gives Shirley a hug, “It’s good to have you back, Shirley!”

Shirley sighs, and Kurt smiles, as he begins dealing with customers, again. The camera cuts to the Red Carpets, and their kissing booth.

Luca, Monique and Marisol are seated at a table. A large bowl, packed with money from kisses, is resting on the table. There is a long line of men for Marisol, and a line of two men for Monique.

“How come she has more customers than me?” Monique asks, “I’m hotter.”

“No, you’re not,” A boy Marisol just kissed says.

“Who asked you?” Monique glares.

“Monique,” Marisol says, “You know what I think it is?” Marisol pauses to kiss a boy. He leaves a dollar in the bowl.

“What?” Monique kisses a boy.

“Sometimes, boy’s are intimidated of very pretty girls. They think they are unapproachable,” Marisol smiles.

Monique reaches into her mouth, and takes out a piece of gum, “Ew!! This isn’t mine!” She throws it on the ground, “Maybe that’s it, Marisol.”

“You’re such a beautiful girl,” Marisol says, “There’s no other explanation.”

“Thank you,” Monique smiles, “But I knew that.”

“No, I don’t think that’s it,” A boy in line says, “It’s just that the Spanish girl is so much hotter.”

“Gracias,” Marisol says, “But you must admit Monique is pretty.”

“She’s alright,” The boy shrugs.

“Alright?” Monique says, in the confessional, “That’s not good! Now that Marisol is on the show, everyone thinks she’s prettier than me! I’m nothing without being the hottest! I’m just… nothing…” The camera cuts back to the kissing booth.

“Monique, you can’t let this get you down,” Luca says, “You’re totally gorgeous, no matter if Marisol is getting more attention, right now.”

“Yeah, right,” Monique says, “I’m nothing, now that I don’t have my looks!” Monique runs away from the kissing booth, in tears.

“Monique, wait!” Luca runs after her, “Keep kissing, Marisol!”

“Okay!” Marisol calls back, as she kisses another boy. The camera cuts ahead to Monique, sobbing behind a bush. Her makeup has run so much that she is no longer recognizable.

Luca runs by, and spots Monique. He doesn’t recognize her, “Excuse me, sir, have you seen a hot girl with shoulder length blond hair run by?” Monique cries even harder. Luca stares at Monique for a second, recognizes her, and blushes, “Oops, I didn’t recognize you with your makeup all runny.”

“Nobody will want to kiss me now!” Monique sobs.

“There are plenty of guys out there who want to kiss you,” Luca says.

“Then why aren’t I as popular as Marisol?” Monique asks.

“Monique, I’ll be blunt,” Luca says, “You aren’t as pretty as Marisol. Marisol has a remarkable natural beauty that very few girls have. You’re beauty is a bit cosmetic, and not as appealing.”

“That doesn’t help!” Monique sobs.

“Let me finish,” Luca says, “That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that don’t find you attractive. I find you attractive, Vladimir found you attractive, River found you attractive, practically all the boys in the competition found you very attractive. There are going to be a ton of people that will find you attractive. You and Marisol are both beautiful girls, and plenty of men will find her attractive and you.”

Monique smiles, and dries her tears, “Thank you.” She hugs Luca and kisses him on the cheek. He blushes. The camera cuts ahead to Roger, addressing the three teams.

“Well, contestants, this carnival raised a huge amount of money,” Roger says, “You should be very proud of yourselves. Now, I will move onto the winner of this challenge. The winner’s of this challenge are… the Red Carpets and their kissing booth! Marisol, Monique, you and your lips just won the challenge!” Monique smiles, as Marisol cheers. Luca smiles at Monique, “In second place are… the Movie Premiers with ski ball! Congratulations! So, that means our losers are… the Silver Screens.” Eleanor, Garret, Sue and Emmett exchange glances, “I’ll see you tonight.”

The camera cuts to Garret in the confessional, “I have an important choice to make, tonight. Eleanor and Sue… want to vote out each other, and they need my vote to get majority, or at least a tie. Eleanor’s my girlfriend, but Sue is a powerful ally that I need, if I want to win. Eleanor… or Sue… Eleanor… or Sue… I don’t know who to choose…” The camera cuts to the elimination ceremony.

“Silver Screens, it’s time to cast your votes,” Roger says.

“Good-bye!” Eleanor casts a vote for Sue.

“I despise you,” Sue casts a vote for Eleanor.

“I know I made the right choice,” Garret says, casting his vote.

After the votes have been tallied, Roger steps up in front of the contestants, “Contestants, there are four of you here and only three film reels. Remember, if you do not receive a film reel, you will have to go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for… Emmett…” Emmett catches his film reel, “Next is… Garret,” Garret catches his film reel, “Eleanor and Sue, this is the final film reel, and it goes to…

… Eleanor,” Roger tosses Eleanor the last film reel.

An enraged Sue stands up, “WHAT?! You voted me out!! I’ll have my revenge!! I’ll get it!!!” She points a finger at Garret and says, “I hope you realize this is a lawsuit, Garret!! I will sue your…” The rest of the sentence is bleeped out, “You guys are nothing but…” The rest of that sentence is bleeped out, too, “I never lose!! This can’t be! I’ll make sure I win, even if I’m out! I will win this pathetic competition! And one thing I can guarantee, I’ll see you all real soon!” Some men drag Sue out to the Private Plane of Shame, and they throw her in.

“Bye, Sue! Sorry about that!” Garret waves to her. Screams are heard from inside the plane. Eleanor walks over to Garret and she hugs him.

“I knew you’d come to your senses,” Eleanor smiles.

The camera pans to Roger, “That’s all for this episode! What will become of the new contestant, Marisol? Will Sue actually get her revenge? Will the teams ever merge? Find out next time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”

Chapter Thirteen: Spite at the Museum

“Last time, on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Luca, Monique and I visited Hugh in the hospital, and met Marisol, who became a competitor to shake things up. The contestants put on a charity fair. The Silver Screens lost the challenge, raising very little money, due to Sue scaring away potential customers. In the biggest blindside of the game so far, Sue was taken out by Garret, her closest ally. What will happen this time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera cuts to the contestants, standing outside the hotel, “What does Roger want from us? Normally we get to sleep later,” Monique complains.

“He probably has something to tell us,” Luca says.

“Oh, I’m excited!” Marisol exclaims, “Maybe we all get manicures!”

“Somebody said manicures!” Kurt’s ears perk up.

Roger exits the hotel and stands in front of the contestants, “After this morning, big things are going to happen here at Total Drama: Los Angeles. First of all, final ten… welcome to the merge! From this moment on, teams are dissolved! It’s every man, woman or Hugh, when he returns, for themselves.”

“Aw, I liked my team. I only knew them for one day, too…” Marisol frowns, in the confessional.

“Secondly,” Roger says, “I have another announcement that is sure to shake things up, especially for you, Garret. After her recent elimination, returning to the game… please welcome Sue!!” There is a simultaneous groan from the contestants.

“Oh, no…” Garret’s face turns pale, “I’m done for.”

“No, you’re not,” Eleanor squeezes his hand, “She’s not that powerful.”

Sue exits the hotel and joins Roger, “That’s right, I’m back. That means bad things for all of you, especially you three.” She points to Garret, Eleanor and Emmett, who are all standing together.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s great, Sue,” Roger says, “Go and re-join your fellow competitors.”

Sue walks over next to Monique, “I haven’t forgotten about our little deal. I got you Juliana’s necklace, and you’d join my alliance.”

“I always honor my promises,” Monique sighs, “Luca’s in on it, too,”

“Wait, can Marisol be in it, too?” Luca asks.

“Fine,” Sue growls.

“Oh, yay!” Marisol exclaims.

“I have one final announcement,” Roger says, “The rooming arrangements will no longer be the same. On the first floor, rooming together will be… Luca, Garret, Eleanor and Marisol,” Garret and Eleanor exchange smiles, as do Luca and Marisol, “On the second floor will be… Sue, Monique, Kurt and Hugh, if he ever returns,” Sue and Monique smirk at each other, “And finally, on the third floor are… Lydia, Shirley and Emmett.”

“EEEEE!!!” Lydia squeals, as she grabs Shirley in a hug.

“Your luggage will be packed up and moved to your new room assignments,” Roger says, “So, now that all of that has been taken care of, why don’t we all get on the plane so we can fly to today’s destination?” Roger leads the contestants onto a bus that will take them to the plane. The camera cuts to the contestants, on the plane.

“So, where are we going, today?” Eleanor asks.

“I’m glad you asked, because today’s challenge promises to be a fun one,” Roger smiles, “Today’s destination is… the Smithsonian! And, your challenge will be… hide and seek!!”

“Hide and seek inside the Smithsonian?” Lydia excitedly asks, “That does sound fun!”

Roger says, “Now, onto the rules. You will have fifteen minutes to hide in any of the museums, in any of the exhibits. If I find you, you are out. If you are not found in three hours, you have won invincibility.” The camera cuts ahead, to the contestants leaving the plane.

“I’ve never been to the Smithsonian before,” Kurt looks around at all of the different museums, “I wonder where to hide…”

“Just stick with me,” Shirley says, “I know these museums inside and out. I’ve been to many ribbon-cuttings here, among other promotional events.”

“Cool,” Kurt grins.

“Contestants,” Roger shouts, trying to get their attention, “Your fifteen minutes begins… now!” The contestants run off in various directions. The camera cuts to Monique, inside the American History Museum.

“This is a big place…” Monique says, “No, where to hide…” A pair of glistening ruby-red shoes, encased in a small glass box, catches her eye, “I wonder how those would look on me…” She takes off her high heels, and smashes the glass case with them. A loud siren goes off. Monique’s face goes white and she drops her shoes, grabs the slippers, and she runs off-screen. Several security guards dash across the screen. Sounds of Monique’s screaming and yelling guards can be heard. Monique is then dragged across the screen by the guards. The camera cuts to the guards taking Monique outside of the museum. Roger is there.

“Does this girl belong to you?” The guard asks.

“Yes, I’ll pay whatever you want to keep her out of jail,” Roger sighs. The guard whispers a sum into Roger’s ear, “I’m not made of money!” The guard whispers a lower sum into his ear, and Roger writes him a check.

“She’s all yours,” The guard pushes Monique at Roger.

“Thanks,” Roger rolls his eyes. The guards leave, “By the way, you’re out of the challenge.” Monique frowns. The camera cuts ahead to Air and Space Museum. Eleanor and Garret are inside a very small rocket ship. Sue, looking for a hiding place, walks by, and she spots them. Sue smirks. She backtracks towards the entrance.

“I figured that if Roger found me, I could tell him where Garret and Eleanor were, so I could vote one of them out tonight,” Sue says, in the confessional. The camera cuts back and she is hiding in a trashcan, by the entrance. Her head is sticking out. Roger walks in, and Sue coughs to get his attention.

“Sue, I’ve found you,” Roger says.

“Yeah, that’s great,” Sue says, “Anyway, I would check one of the little rocket ships. Take a left, then another left, then a right, and you’ll be there.”

“Thanks for the tip, Sue,” Roger says. The camera cuts to Eleanor and Garret, in the rocket ship. Roger’s footsteps, and his humming, are easily audible to them.

“Garret,” Eleanor says, “Roger’s coming this way. He’s going to find us, and then Sue will vote off one of us. I don’t want to get out.”

Garret pauses, and says, “Eleanor, I have a plan. I’ll get him away from you.” He steps out of the rocket ship. Roger sees him.

“Garret,” Roger says, “You’re out. I’m taking you outside with Sue and Monique. Both of them have been found.”

“Okay,” Garret sighs. Eleanor peeks out of the rocket ship and smiles. The camera cuts to the National Gallery of Art. Marisol, Luca and Emmett are hiding behind various sculptures.

“Oh, man,” Luca says, “I really have to pee!”

“Thanks for sharing,” Emmett says.

“Well, don’t make a run for the bathroom. That’ll probably cost you invincibility,” Marisol says.

“Oh, but I really have to go, Marisol!” Luca whines. He eyes a bowl-shaped sculpture. He unzips his pants.

“Don’t even think about it!” Emmett exclaims.

“Too late, I already thought about it!” Luca calls back, “But, maybe I should just head to the bathroom.” He steps out from behind the sculpture. As soon as he is visible, Roger enters, “Oh, come on!” Emmett and Marisol exchange worried looks from behind their statues.

“Luca, you’re out,” Roger says. He grabs Luca’s shoulder and takes him out of the room. Emmett breathes a sigh of relief. Roger runs back in, “I heard that! Emmett, come with me!” He points a finger directly at Emmett’s statue. Emmett sighs, and comes out. He takes Emmett and Luca out of the room. Marisol stays there, silently. The camera cuts to the National History Museum. Lydia is following Shirley and Kurt. They are unaware of this.

“Shirley, where do you think we should hide,” Kurt says.

“I’m not sure,” Shirley says, “Let’s look around a little more.”

“We can’t wait much longer,” Kurt says.

“He’s right!” Lydia exclaims, “Roger will be here soon.”

Shirley screams, “Where did you come from?”

“Well, my mommy and my daddy decided, one day…” Lydia explains.

“That’s not what I meant!” Shirley says.

“Oh, well I’ve been following you the whole time, if that’s what you meant.” Lydia says.

“What else is new?” Kurt asks, “Now, let’s hurry, before Roger…” The sound of footsteps is heard, “… shows up! We need a hiding place, let’s move!” Kurt and Shirley begin running. Lydia remains there.

“Wait, what?” Lydia asks. Roger enters the room.

“Lydia, you didn’t even attempt to hide…” Roger says.

“Yeah… I guess not,” Lydia says. She cups her hands around her mouth, “Shirley!! Roger found me!!”

“She’s here, too?” Roger asks.

“Um… no,” Lydia lies.

“She is here,” Roger heads further into the museum. Lydia follows. Roger spies Shirley and Kurt, standing together, “Found you two.”

“Sorry,” Lydia whispers.

Shirley groans, “No invincibility, today…” Kurt sighs. The camera cuts to the contestants and Roger, standing amongst the museums.

“Contestants,” Roger says, “We have two winners of invincibility today… Eleanor and Marisol. Tonight, you cannot vote for either one.”

The camera cuts to Sue, in the confessional, “I made sure that Marisol, Luca and Monique knew that we were voting for Garret, since Eleanor had invincibility.”

“Who am I voting for tonight?” Shirley asks, in the confessional, “Lydia, duh.”

“I’m not sure who to vote for,” Lydia says, “I might vote for Emmett. He’s a threat in the long run.”

“I’ve made sure Emmett, Garret and I vote for Sue,” Eleanor says, in the confessional. The camera cuts to the elimination ceremony.

“Contestants, it is time to cast your votes,” Roger says.

“This is what you get for betraying me,” Sue votes for Garret.

“It’s nothing personal,” Lydia votes for Emmett.

“You’ve made my life much worse,” Shirley votes for Lydia.

“We got you out once, we can do it again,” Garret votes for Sue.

“As Sue told me to do,” Marisol votes for Garret.

After the votes have been tallied, Roger gets the contestants attention. The Hugh cardboard cutout is wheeled out by an intern, “Contestants, there are a total of eleven of you left. I have only ten film reels. If you do not receive a film reel, you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reels are for… Eleanor, Marisol and spirit Hugh,” Roger throws the girls and cardboard their film reels. The Hugh cardboard cutout gets knocked over, “Next ones are for… Kurt, Shirley and Monique,” The three contestants catch their film reels, “Only four more film reels left. The next one is for… Luca,” Luca catches his film reel, “Emmett and Lydia, well done. Sue and Garret, there is one film reel left, and it is for…

… Sue,” Sue catches her film reel.

“Like I was going to get out twice in a row,” Sue rolls her eyes and turns to Garret, “You got what you deserved.”

“I guess so…” Garret sighs.

“No, you didn’t,” Eleanor stands up, “You stood up for yourself, after being pushed around by an incredibly mean girl. I’m proud of you, and it she should’ve gotten out, again.”

Garret grabs Eleanor in a hug and says, “Win this, for both of us.” Eleanor smiles and nods. She then throws her arms around Garret’s neck, and she kisses him.

“Awww!” Marisol exclaims. Everyone looks at her, “Sorry…”

“Garret, it’s time to go,” Roger says. Garret smiles and waves goodbye to Eleanor. He goes down the Walk of Losers and places his hands in the cement.

“Bye, Eleanor!” Garret says, before boarding the Private Plane of Shame. It takes off, with him on it.

“That’s all for this episode,” Roger says, “Be sure to join us next time on Total… Drama… Los Angeles!”\

Chapter Fourteen: The Fame Game

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The remaining contestants arrived at the highly anticipated merger. Eleanor, Garret and Emmett were shocked by the return of Sue, as she solidified her alliance with the former members of the Red Carpets, Monique, Luca and Marisol. For their challenge, contestants had to play a game of hide and seek in the Smithsonian. Our big winners were Eleanor and Marisol, and the big loser was Garret, due to Sue getting her revenge. What will happen this time on Total... Drama… Los Angeles?”

The camera cuts to the girls’ room on the first floor of the hotel. Eleanor wakes up and sits up in her bed, and finds Marisol, entering the room with a basket of fruit, “Where’d you get that?” Eleanor yawns.

“I picked it,” Marisol says, “I went on a walk earlier this morning. I usually do.”

“That must be why you always look so good,” Eleanor says.

“Aw, thanks!” Marisol smiles, “Help yourself to any of the fruit.”

Eleanor grabs a mango, “I didn’t think mangos grew in Los Angeles.”

“I didn’t think so either,” Marisol shrugs, “So how are you doing without Garret being here?”

“I’m okay,” Eleanor says, “I’m not happy about it, and I miss him, but I’m managing.”

“That’s good,” Marisol says, “You should probably get ready. Who knows what Roger is going to make us do today?”

“You’re right,” Eleanor stands up, and she heads to the bathroom. Marisol gets up and walks into the hall. Luca is seated there.

“Buenos tardes, Marisol,” Luca says.

“Buenos dias,” Marisol corrects, smiling.

“Oh,” Luca says.

“It’s really amazing to be here,” Marisol says, “Two days ago I was just waiting around for some miracle that would make all those hospital bills go away. Today, I’m out here, competing among nine other amazing teenagers, earning the money for the hospital bills myself. Thank you for getting me here. If I hadn’t met you, back at the hospital, I wouldn’t be here.”

“I’m glad I did,” Luca says, “It is really nice having you here.” Marisol hugs Luca. The camera cuts to the second floor.

“Who goes next?” Monique asks Sue. They are in the hallway.

“Eleanor,” Sue says, “She’s the one that got me out the first time. I just had to take care of that little traitor, Garret, first.” Monique nods.

“I have to admit,” Kurt says, in the confessional, “The merge isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Being stuck on the same floor as Sue and Monique is terrible, because all they do is talk about strategy, and they’re depressing. I wish that Hugh was here. He would definitely make things livelier. I doubt that the girls even know my name...”

“Good morning, girls,” Kurt exits his room.

“Hey, Burt,” Sue says.

“Hey, weird kid,” Monique greets.

“See?” Kurt says, in the confessional. The camera cuts back to Monique, Sue and Kurt. The floor suddenly starts shaking. Kurt’s eyes widen, “What could that be?” The shaking stops. There is a pounding at the door.

“Guess who!” A voice sings.

“It better not be who I think it is...” Monique growls. The door bursts open. Monique recognizes the person, “It’s who I thought it was...”

“I’m back!” Hugh exclaims, “The doctor said that I was good to go!”

“Fantastic...” Monique sighs.

“It’s so good to see you, Hugh!” Sue exclaims, “How was it at the hospital? Terrible, I bet. We’re so glad to have you back!”

“She’s up to something,” Monique says, in the confessional.

“Listen, Hugh,” Sue says, “I’m not sure if you remember, but not too long ago, you agreed to join an alliance with me.”

“I did,” Hugh nods.

“Great,” Sue grins.

“So that’s what she wanted,” Monique says, in the confessional, “As long as she’s on my side, with Luca, Marisol and Hugh, there’s no way I can go down.” The camera cuts to the third floor. Emmett and Shirley are sitting next to each other on a bench.

“So, how do you deal with Lydia?” Emmett asks Shirley.

“Well,” Shirley explains, “You have to make sure to check under your bed, every night, and you have to check every drawer when you go to the bathroom. I check the toilet, too.”

“Why the toilet?” Emmett asks.

“You’d be surprised what that girl can do,” Shirley shrugs.

“Yep, I can do anything,” Lydia has suddenly appeared between the two.

They scream, “Where did you come from?!” Shirley exclaims.

“Rumor has it the stork brought me,” Lydia says.

“A mentally insane stork...” Shirley comments.

“Nope, a sane stork,” Lydia says, “I think. It might’ve been mentally insane.”

“I’m sure it was,” Emmett says.

“Hm... Yeah, probably,” Lydia shrugs.

“She’s very fickle,” Emmett whispers to Shirley. Shirley nods. The camera cuts to the ten teens outside of the hotel with Roger.

“Top ten,” Roger says, “Today’s challenge is not one that you can compete in. I already know who will win invincibility. I already know the results. As a star, it is important to get a good read on your popularity, and that is exactly what I am going to give you.” There is an excited buzz among the contestants.

“I’ve always been somewhat curious about how I appeal to the viewers,” Monique says, in the confessional, “Especially all of the cute guys.” She winks to the camera.

“I’m fairly certain that everyone realizes that I’m the favorite to win this challenge,” Shirley says, “I am the only celebrity here.”

“Contestants,” Roger says, “I will give you rankings and when I call your name, I will give you a brief summary of how the fans feel about you. Then, one of you will win invincibility.”

“I bet the most popular contestant gets invincibility,” Emmett whispers to Shirley. Shirley smiles and nods.

“Now, the least popular contestant is...” Roger says, “Eleanor,” Eleanor frowns, “Eleanor, the fans find you very irritating, and not in the good way.”

“There’s a good irritating?” Luca asks.

“For ratings there is,” Roger says, “Now, the second least popular contestant is... Kurt.”

“Aw...” Kurt sighs.

“The fans don’t notice you enough,” Roger says.

“You are the one that edits the footage for the episodes,” Kurt defends.

“Hey! I just supervise it,” Roger says, “Next is... Emmett. Once again, the contestants do not notice you. They find you plain. The only reason that you’re higher than Kurt is because the girls think you’re cute.”

“Cool,” Emmett smiles.

“Next is... Lydia,” Roger says, “The fans find you to be a one-note character. They found you funny, but only at first.”

“What do I do that’s funny?” Lydia asks.

“I just find it creepy...” Shirley says.

“Next up is... Sue,” Roger says, “While you have some good lines, the fans find you to be too mean.”

“Feh,” Sue says, “Being nice gets you nowhere.”

“Right,” Roger says, “Next is... Marisol. Although the male viewer ship finds you attractive, you’re just too new to have a big fan base.”

“Ha! I’m more popular than her!” Monique exclaims, in the confessional.

“The next one is... Monique,” Roger says, “Once again, the male viewer ship finds you attractive, however you can come across as cruel. Next is... oh, wait. There was a mix up. Marisol, you’re actually in Monique’s place, and Monique you’re in Marisol’s.”

“No! She is more popular than me!” Monique exclaims, in the confessional.

“Hugh, Luca and Shirley remain,” Roger announces, “Anyway, the next contestant is... Luca. The girls find you adorable, but you’re slightly bland.”

“He is adorable, isn’t he?” Hugh skips over, and pinches Luca’s cheeks.

“Get off!” Luca exclaims.

“Hugh and Shirley...” Roger says, “The second most popular contestant is... Hugh, making Shirley the most popular. Hugh, the fans find you to be humorous, but slightly creepy.”

“What’s creepy about li’l ol’ me?” Hugh innocently asks.

“Shirley, you had a very large fan base to start,” Roger states, “So, going in with that, you only gained more fans, making you the most popular.”

“So, for being the most popular, I get invincibility right?” Shirley asks.

“Not quite,” Roger says, “The winner of invincibility is... the least popular contestant, Eleanor!”

“Yes!” Eleanor exclaims, “But why?”

“I don’t know,” Roger shrugs, “I like messing with the fans.”

“Oh,” Eleanor says.

“Contestants, it is time to vote someone off,” Roger says.

Hugh, Monique, Marisol and Luca gather around Sue, “Who do we vote out, now that Eleanor has invincibility?” Luca asks.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Sue asks. The camera cuts to the elimination ceremony.

“Contestants, time to place your votes,” Roger says.

“I can’t wait to see you get out, again,” Eleanor votes for Sue.

“It’s just strategy, nothing personal,” Sue casts her vote.

“I’m sorry it has come to this. I think we might’ve been friends,” Marisol casts her vote.

“It’ll be nice getting away from you,” Shirley votes for Lydia.

After the votes have been cast, Roger steps in front of the contestants, “Contestants, there are a total of ten of you left. I have only nine film reels. If you do not receive a film reel, you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for the winner, Eleanor,” Eleanor catches her film reel, “Hugh, Kurt, Luca, well done,” Roger tosses film reels to the three boys, “Marisol and Monique, you’re good, ladies,” Roger tosses the girls their film reels, “Three film reels left,” Roger says, “Good work, Emmett,” Emmett catches his film reel, “Congratulations, Lydia,” Lydia cheers, but gets hit with her film reel, “Sue, Shirley, there is one film reel left. It goes to...

... Sue,” Roger tosses.

“NOOO!!!” Lydia cries, “Not Shirley!!”

“Down, girl,” Shirley says, “But why?”

“I’d love to explain,” Sue smirks, “You’re too popular, and knowing how commercial this show is, there might be an audience vote to decide the winner. If you were up against any of us, you would win. Ergo, you had to be voted out.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Shirley sighs, “Well, we all have to go sometime. I guess this was my time. Goodbye, everyone!” Shirley says, as she goes down the Walk of Losers, places her hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame, and leaves.

“I can’t survive without her!” Lydia sobs. She turns and looks at Emmett. She immediately stops crying, and says, “Hey, you’re cute.” A smile creeps up onto her face. A scared expression grows on Emmett’s.

“That wraps things up for this episode,” Roger says, “Be sure to join us next time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

Chapter Fifteen: The Pain of Spain

“Last time, on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The contestants were slightly happy to see the return of Hugh, who placed second in the day’s challenge, a contest to rank contestants from least to most popular. Shirley took home the gold for that, but it was the least popular contestant, Eleanor, who got invincibility. Due to Eleanor’s invincibility, Sue’s alliance targeted Shirley, for fear that her popularity would get her to the final two. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles?”

The camera cuts to Eleanor and Marisol, both dressed and sitting in their room, “Why did you team up with Sue?” Eleanor asks.

“I’m not sure,” Marisol answers, “It was because Luca wanted me to join, and so I did, but he only joined because Monique did. He follows her lead, quite often.”

“Well, what do you think of us forming our own alliance, so we can take down Sue?” Eleanor asks, “If we don’t then she’ll pick everyone else off, one by one, including you.”

“Even though I’m her ally?” Marisol asks.

“Yeah,” Eleanor nods, “What do you think? You, me, I bet you could convince Luca, and we could get Kurt, Emmett and Lydia. We can take her out before she takes us out!”

“I suppose that could work,” Marisol shrugs.

“Great! I’ll go talk to Emmett and Lydia,” Eleanor chirps, as she hops up and exits the room, “You work on Luca!” Eleanor calls back.

“Okay!” Marisol calls back. She stands up and walks into the hall. She heads over to the boys door. Marisol knocks on it.

“Coming!” Sounds of Luca running to the door can be heard. The door swings open. Luca is standing there, wearing only his boxers. He sees Marisol standing there and blushes. Marisol’s eyes widen, and she slightly blushes, too.

“He looked so cute, with his little scrawny body. I don’t mean it, like I like him, or anything, but he’s adorable!” Marisol says, in the confessional, as she blushes. The camera cuts back to Marisol and Luca, in the hall, “Not to be disrespectful, but could you maybe put on some pants?” Marisol asks.

“Okay,” Luca ducks into his room and emerges wearing pants, but no shirt.

“And a shirt, too...” Marisol adds.

“Well, you didn’t say shirt,” Luca states.

“It was implied,” Marisol rolls his eyes. Luca runs back into the room and comes out wearing a shirt, “Thank you,” Marisol smiles.

“You’re welcome,” Luca says, “So what do you need?”

“Well, I wanted to offer you an alliance,” Marisol says.

“We already have an alliance,” Luca comments.

“I know that,” Marisol says, “But we need a new one, one without Sue. You, me, Eleanor, and we’re going to try and get Emmett, Lydia and Kurt.”

“I don’t know,” Luca says, “I don’t think I can just betray Monique like that. We were the last members of our team. We have a sacred bond!” Luca repeats, “Sacred bond!”

“I was there, too,” Marisol points out.

“But you weren’t there the whole time,” Luca states.

“True, but we’re not voting out Monique,” Marisol says, “We’re voting out Sue.”

“Well, I suppose I could join, if we are voting out Sue,” Luca says.

“That’s great!” Marisol exclaims. The camera cuts to Kurt and Hugh, in the boys’ room.

“Oh, I love that dress!” Kurt exclaims.

“Thank you,” Hugh says, twirling. His dress flows out in a circle, around his waist.

Kurt’s eyes widen, “Are you wearing a thong?”

“Oh!” Hugh exclaims, “You naughty boy!” Hugh slaps Kurt, “How dare you stare!”

“Ouch!” Kurt grabs his cheek, “You slap hard!”

“Yes, I do!” Hugh snaps his fingers in Kurt’s face. Hugh struts away. He looks over his shoulder and says, “Stop staring!”

“I wasn’t staring...” Kurt says.

“Yeah, right,” Hugh struts into the bathroom. Sounds of the shower, as well as Hugh’s singing voice, can be heard. The camera cuts to the girls’ room.

Sue is still in bed. She suddenly bolts upright, and her tracksuit is already on, “My Sue senses are tingling! They’re plotting to vote me out!”

“Sue senses?” Monique asks, “What you sleep in your tracksuit?”

“Yes, Sue senses! And, yes, yes I do,” Sue repeats, “They’re going to eliminate me. We can’t let that happen! It has to be somebody else. I just got back and I intend to win!”

“You’re probably just making this up,” Monique says.

“I never lie,” Sue says, “I’m like that awful singing puppet; if I lie, my nose grows one inch.”

“Okay, now that’s ridiculous,” Monique rolls her eyes.

“It’s true!” Sue exclaims.

“Well, there aren’t enough people here to vote you out,” Monique says, “We have an alliance of five. There are only four others. Don’t worry, you’re totally safe.”

“Yes, yes,” Sue says, “I suppose you’re right.”

“So, who goes next?” Monique asks.

“That little brat, Eleanor,” Sue answers, “Providing she doesn’t win invincibility, again. If she does, then we vote for Emmett.”

“Okay,” Monique nods. The camera cuts to Eleanor walking up the stairs, to convince Emmett and Lydia to join her alliance.

The main door to their floor is locked, so Eleanor knocks, “Hello! Emmett, Lydia, I have to talk to you!”

There is a small window in the door. Lydia’s eyes creep up from the bottom of the window, so that the top of her head, down to her eyes is showing, “Stay off my man!!” Lydia screams.

“Who’s your man?” Eleanor asks, startled.

“My little cutie, Emmett,” Lydia answers.

“Emmett?” Eleanor asks, “I have a boyfriend, you know!”

“Yes, Emmett,” Lydia says, “And there is no way you, of all people, could have a boyfriend? What’s his name?”

“Garret!” Eleanor answers, “You know him! He was on the show! He was the hyperactive blond kid!”

“Oh, right, right...” Lydia says, “He was cute, too.”

“I know,” Eleanor giggles.

“So then why is he dating you?” Lydia asks.

Eleanor’s eye twitches, “Let me in.” Lydia unlocks the door. Emmett is sitting on the bench.

“Hey, Eleanor,” Emmett says.

“Hi, Emmett,” Eleanor says, “I have an offer for you. We need to vote out Sue. Do you want to join an alliance with me, Marisol, Luca, and Kurt, when I talk to him?”

“Sure,” Emmett shrugs, “Anything to get Sue out, again.”

“I’ll join, but only to keep an eye on my man,” Lydia says, “To keep him away from you, man stealer!”

“I have a boyfriend!” Eleanor exclaims, “We’ve been over this.” The camera cuts to the contestants on the plane. Roger stands up and heads to the front of the plane.

“Contestants, for today’s challenge, we are heading to the heart of Spain, Madrid!” Roger announces.

“Yay!! Spain!” Marisol cheers. In the confessional, Marisol says, “I know everything there is to know about Spain! I’ve got this challenge in the bag!”

“Today’s challenge will be bullfighting,” Roger smirks, as the contestants groan.

“Yes!” Marisol exclaims, “My uncle was a bullfighter!” She says, in the confessional.

“You will be divided into teams of four,” Roger says, “One of you will sit out, and that one will be Hugh.”

“I’m afraid of animals,” Hugh says, “Ever since the piranhas got me!” Hugh starts to sob.

“Yes, yes, it was very funny, Hugh,” Roger rolls his eyes, “He’ll be staying in the plane during the challenge. He gets invincibility, too, just so you know. Each team of four will have four bulls. You will have to get them into their cages, before the other team does. The team that successfully gets all of their bulls into cages first, will get invincibility.”

“Easy!” Marisol cheers.

“Maybe for you,” Monique says. The camera cuts to the contestants, in the bullfighter’s arena. There are two pens set up, with four bulls in each, as well as a cage.

“Now, I’m sure you want to know you’re teams,” Rogers says, “The first team will be... Sue, Marisol, Eleanor and Luca, so that means the second team is... Kurt, Emmett, Lydia and Monique. Teams, head into your pens,” The eight teenagers disperse into their team pens, “And... begin!”

“Come here, little bull!” Marisol taunts, “Eleanor, let me borrow your sweater.”

“Sure,” Eleanor removes her sweater and hands it to Marisol. She waves it in front of the bulls. She is standing in front of the open cage.

“Come and get me!” Marisol says. A bull charges toward her, and she dodges it. The bull keeps on running, and it runs into the cage, “Yes!” Marisol exclaims.

“Moderate job,” Sue says. A bull turns and starts charging toward her.

“Sue, watch out!” Luca exclaims. Sue turns her head and sees the bull. She sticks out her fist and the bull runs straight towards her. The bull runs headfirst into Sue’s fist, but because of Sue’s incredible strength, the bull gets knocked out. Sue lifts the bull with a single hand and throws it into the cage. Eleanor, Marisol and Luca’s mouths drop.

“How’d you do that?” Eleanor asks.

“I’m amazing,” Sue answers. The camera shifts to the second team’s pen. Monique is seen, sitting on one of the fence posts. Emmett, Lydia and Kurt are running away from the bulls, as they are being chased around.

“Why can’t you help, Monique?” Kurt asks.

“Because I’m pretty,” Monique answers.

“So am I!” Lydia exclaims.

“No, you’re not,” Emmett replies.

Lydia laughs and says, “You’re so funny, sweetheart!”

“I wasn’t joking,” Emmett says.

“Oh, stop it!” Lydia playfully pushes Emmett. Emmett rolls his eyes. The camera cuts back to Marisol leading another bull into the cage.

“Yaaah!!” Sue screams, as she lunges at one of the bulls. She wrestles it to the ground and throws it in the cage. The other three watch with wide eyes. Eleanor runs over and closes the cage.

“We win!!” Eleanor cheers.

“That is correct, team one is the winner!” Roger exclaims, “Kurt, Monique, Emmett and Lydia are up for elimination. Let’s head back to the plane.” Roger leads the contestants to the plane. They are shocked to find Hugh sitting on top of a pile of rubble.

“Hugh!! What did you do?!” Roger yells.

“Well, I walked outside, because it was kind of stuffy inside, so I climbed on top of the plane. Then, I sat down and the plane collapsed,” Hugh explains.

“Yep, that’d do it,” Sue says.

“I know, right?” Monique asks.

“We need to get to an airport then,” Eleanor says.

Roger points to an intern, “You, find out where we need to get to, and when, so we can get back to Los Angeles!” The intern doesn’t move, “Now!! We’ll do the elimination ceremony, here and now! Remember who you can vote for, Emmett, Kurt, Monique and Lydia. You have five minutes, then come tell me your votes.”

Eleanor’s alliance meets up, “Who should we vote for? Sue is invincible.”

“Monique,” Emmett says, “She’s second in command.”

“What?!” Luca cries, “I can’t vote for Monique! I’d sooner vote for one of you!”

“Then go ahead,” Eleanor sighs, “We have enough votes as it is.”

“I will,” Luca says. He grabs Marisol aside, “Marisol we can’t vote out Monique.”

“But I made this alliance with Eleanor,” Marisol says, “I can’t back out of it, and we’re voting for Monique. It’s the right thing to do, strategically.”

“Strategically?” Luca asks, “Sure, it’s the right thing to do. Monique is a strong player, and we might not get another chance to vote for her, but is this really the right thing to do? We were all teammates!”

“Like you said, I was only on your team for a day,” Marisol sighs, “I’m sorry, Luca, but I’m voting for Monique.”

“Well, I’m going to go talk to Sue’s alliance, and we’ll vote for one of you,” Luca says.

“Do what you want,” Marisol says, “I just want you to know that I’m still going to be your friend, no matter who you vote for.”

“Same goes for you,” Luca says, as he walks towards Sue, Monique and Hugh, “Guys, the other alliance is voting for Monique. We all have to vote together.”

“We’re voting for Emmett,” Sue says, “But their alliance is the same number as ours,” She then eyes Kurt, standing alone, “For now,” She smirks, “Kurt!”

“Yeah?” Kurt asks.

“How would you like to be a part of an alliance?” Sue asks, “We’ll protect you and take care of you. You’ll be totally safe. We’re voting for Emmett, by the way.”

“I’m not sure,” Kurt says, “I got the exact some offer from Eleanor and Marisol, earlier. I guess it’s just a choice now. Who do I want to see gone more, Emmett or Monique?”

“Contestants, gather around!” Roger has nine sheets of scrap metal and a pen, “Write your votes on these, then give them to me.”

“It’ll be good to see you gone,” Sue votes for Emmett.

“It’s nothing personal, just strategy,” Eleanor votes for Monique.

“I know this is the right decision,” Kurt writes down his vote. Roger collects the scrap metal.

“Contestants,” Roger says, “There are only nine of you here, and after this, there will still be nine, since we can’t legally leave you here, so the person eliminated will come with us, wherever we go, but they will not be competing. Since I didn’t bring any film reels, I’ll pass out the oxygen masks I salvaged from the plane wreckage,” He glares at Hugh, “The first five oxygen masks are for the winners, so... Hugh, Sue, Eleanor, Marisol and Luca, congratulations,” He throws the masks out, “Four of you left, only three oxygen masks. The next mask is for... Kurt,” Kurt smiles and catches his mask, “Good job, Lydia!” Lydia grins, but gets a worried look on her face for Emmett. She grabs his hand, “Monique and Emmett, this last oxygen mask is for...

... Emmett,” Roger tosses Emmett his oxygen mask.

“YES!!” Lydia exclaims, “I couldn’t lose twice in a row!” She is referring to Shirley’s elimination.

“I can’t believe you people!” Monique exclaims, “This is terrible!! How could you choose Emmett, over me?” Monique threateningly asks Kurt.

“I didn’t vote for you,” Kurt says.

“You didn’t?” Monique asks, “Then who did?”

“I did!” Hugh exclaims, “I’m sick of you being a bossy meanie-poo!”

“Meanie-poo?” Monique asks, “Wow, you’re second grade insult matches your intelligence!”

“See?!” Hugh exclaims.

“That’s all for this episode!” Roger turns to the camera, “What will become of our contestants and more importantly, me? Find out in the next exciting, and hopefully cost-effective, episode of Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

Chapter Sixteen: Push Comes to Shove in the City of Love

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “The contestants and I traveled to Spain, where they competed in bullfighting. I divided them up into teams of four, as Hugh sat out. Marisol and Sue led their team to victory, as Emmett, Lydia, Kurt and Monique were put on the chopping block. Two alliances formed, Lydia, Emmett, Eleanor and Marisol, against Monique, Hugh, Sue and Luca. They both competed for Kurt’s vote, and he voted for Emmett, but in a surprise from Hugh, Monique was sent home, after he voted for her. Oh, and one more key event took place... Hugh sat on plane and broke it, so now the contestants and I are stranded in Spain! What will become of us this time, on Total... Drama... Los Angeles?”

“So, what are we going to do? We don’t have a plane,” Marisol says.

“I know, Marisol,” Roger says. Suddenly, an intern hurries onscreen, with a sheet of paper. Roger takes it, “There is a flight back to Los Angeles tomorrow night,” The contestants cheer, “But it leaves out Paris,” The contestants stop. Another intern drives up on a bus, “Everyone get on, we’ll have to sleep on the way to Paris.” The camera cuts to the contestants, asleep on the bus.

Monique sits upright and sighs. Luca opens his eyes and sees her, “You can’t sleep either?”

“No,” Monique sighs, “I just can’t believe I lost. I was so sure I could do it.”

“I’m sure you could’ve,” Luca says, “But you didn’t. I’m sorry Monique, but you’re out, and you’re not going to win.”

“I know,” Monique says, “But I would like to get some revenge on Hugh for turning on me...”

“I can help with that,” Luca volunteers.

“Awesome,” Monique grins.

“Let’s get a cup of warm water, and dip his hand in it, while he’s asleep!” Luca exclaims.

Monique rolls her eyes, “What are you, six?”

Luca looks down, “No, I’m not six...”

“I didn’t think so,” Monique answers, “Let’s sabotage him in the challenge, tomorrow.”

“No, I couldn’t do that,” Luca says.

“Fine,” Monique says, “It’s not that important. I lost, fair and square. I shouldn’t be so upset.”

“That’s the right attitude to have,” Luca says. The camera cuts to morning, with the contestants exiting the bus, one by one. A shriek is heard from inside.

“Ew!!” Marisol screeches, “Hugh peed his bed!”

“I did not!” Hugh defends. Luca pokes Monique in the side with his elbow. She rolls her eyes, but gives him a slight smile. Hugh and Marisol exit the bus, with Marisol keeping a fair distance away from him. Sue storms off the bus, followed by Eleanor, Emmett, and uncomfortably close behind, Lydia. Kurt exits the bus. Finally, Roger gets off.

“Contestants, as you know we have the day here in Paris,” Roger says, “So, I’m going...”

“You’re going to let us explore the city?” Eleanor asks.

“Not quite,” Roger says, “We’re going to have a challenge.” The contestants groan, “We are in the city of love, Paris, so it only seems fitting that we have a little romance challenge. There will be four couples, with three challenges. Each challenge will have one pair of winners, and that pair of winners will not have to compete in any challenges after they win one. Once a pair wins, they will have invincibility. Only one pair will be eligible for elimination. The other six will be responsible for picking one to vote out.”

“Do we get to choose our pairs?” Kurt asks.

“No, I do,” Roger says, “The pairs will be... Marisol and... Luca, Eleanor and... Kurt, Lydia and...”

“Oh, no,” Emmett says.

“Oh, yes,” Roger smirks, “Emmett. Finally, we have... Sue and... Hugh!”

“Not that!” Sue exclaims, “Someone trade!!”

“Forget it,” Lydia glowers, “This one’s mine!” Lydia grabs Emmett.

“I don’t want that one,” Sue says, “Does anyone want to take him?” Nobody answers, “SOMEBODY TAKE HIM!” Once again, there is no reply, “Fine! I’ll make things work.”

“Listen, honey, I’m not thrilled about this either,” Hugh shakes his head. Luca and Marisol exchange smiling looks. Eleanor and Kurt nod at one another.

“Now that you all have gotten acquainted,” Roger says, “I’ll announce the first of three challenges... a kiss!” The contestants eye their partners. Monique breaks out laughing, “The most convincing kiss will win invincibility. You can opt out of the kiss, by the way.”

“Let’s opt out,” Kurt says.

“But, if I don’t get invincibility, then Sue will get me out,” Eleanor says. She grabs Kurt by his shirt collar and kisses him. The contestants cheer.

“No way am I kissing that!” Sue and Hugh exclaim at the exact same moment.

Marisol and Luca blush and look at each other. They kiss each other.

“Forget it!” Emmett exclaims.

“Oh, not quite,” Lydia snatches Emmett by his shirt and kisses him.

“Hm...” Roger pauses to think, “I’d say that the most convincing kiss was Luca and Marisol. Emmett and Kurt were both forced to kiss, which won’t work. They have invincibility.” They smile at each other and join Monique on the sidelines, “Now, we have part two of the challenge. It’s has to do with wedding rings!”

“Wedding rings? I love jewelry!” Monique exclaims, “Can I have one?”

“Not unless you magically come back into the game, because I’m not letting you have one,” Roger says. Monique sticks her tongue out at Roger, “Anyway, the way this challenge will work is as follows,” He holds up a large white bag, “In this bag, I have several dozen wedding rings. I will allow Hugh, Kurt and Emmett each one chance at selecting a wedding ring. If your ‘wife’ doesn’t like it, you won’t get invincibility. If your wife does like it, then you will. I’ve decided that Hugh will get first choice at rings.” He throws Hugh the bag.

“Oh, this one matches my eyes,” Hugh takes one, “So does this one!” He grabs another, “And this one!” He takes a third, and puts them all on, “I guess that this one is for you...” He picks one out and hands it to Sue. Sue throws it at Hugh, and it hits him in the eye. Hugh screams in pain, “Why did you do that?!”

“Because the ring was ugly,” Sue shrugs.

“No, it wasn’t!” Hugh defends, “And if you don’t like it, then I’ll take it!” Hugh reaches up and grabs the ring out of his eye. He places it on his finger. He passes the bag to Emmett.

Emmett reaches into the bag, and he draws one out at random, “Um... do you like this one?” Emmett holds out a ring.

“Oh, my gosh! I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!” Lydia kisses him, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!” She kisses him again.

“Um... you’re welcome,” Emmett says, frightened.

“And with that, the second challenge goes to Emmett and Lydia!” Roger announces.

“What?! We didn’t even get to pick one!” Eleanor complains.

“Yeah, so?” Roger says, “Sue, Hugh, Eleanor, Kurt, the four of you will be competing in the final challenge for invincibility. It’ll go something like this. As we all know, couples will occasionally break into fights. That is exactly what we’re going to do. The four of you will be facing off in a two on two cage match, Sue and Hugh vs. Eleanor and Kurt. Since we don’t really have a ring or arena or anything like that, the four of you will just fight it out right in the middle of the street.”

A smile creeps across Sue’s face, “Excellent. I’m sure I can take them. Let’s get into position, Hugh.” Hugh nods and follows Sue into the middle of the street. Eleanor and Kurt head into the street.

“And... begin!” Roger shouts. Eleanor shuts her eyes, preparing to be hit by Sue. She waits, then opens her eyes. She is somewhat surprised to find Sue beating up on Kurt, as Hugh dances around.

“AAAAHH!!!” Sue screams, as she kicks and punches Kurt over and over. Eleanor’s eyes widen as Kurt gets knocked out.

“Hugh, sit on her!” Sue orders. Hugh marches over to Eleanor and sits on her.

“Oh, get off, get off, get off!!!” Eleanor sobs, “Please!!” Hugh shakes his head, “Ugh! Roger, we forfeit!”

“Suit yourself,” Roger shrugs. Hugh rolls off of Eleanor.

“I’d rather get voted out than die,” Eleanor explains.

“Kurt and Eleanor are the only ones eligible for elimination,” Roger announces, “Contestants, we’re heading back to the bus. We’ll do the elimination ceremony once we return to Los Angeles.” Roger leads the contestants back on the bus. The camera cuts to Sue, sitting alone. Luca walks through the aisle of the bus. Sue grabs his arm and drags him into the seat next to her.

“Hi, Luca!” Sue says.

“Um, hi, Sue...” Luca says.

“How would you like to vote with me tonight?” Sue asks.

“I don’t know...” Luca says.

“Well, you better like it, because if you don’t, it’ll be you next week,” Sue threatens.

“I don’t want it to be me...” Luca says.

“It will be if you don’t vote for Eleanor,” Sue says.

“I guess I could vote for Eleanor...” Luca says.

“Great, now get out of this seat,” Sue pushes Luca into the aisle. He crawls through the aisle and takes a seat next to Marisol. Lydia walks by Sue, next. Sue grabs Lydia and takes her into the seat next to her, “Vote for Eleanor, I hear Emmett is doing the same thing.”

“Okay,” Lydia gets up and walks away. Sue smirks. The camera cuts to the contestants at the elimination ceremony.

“Contestants, it took about three days, but we’re finally back in Los Angeles, so that means its time for your elimination. Remember, Kurt and Eleanor cannot vote,” Roger announces, “Neither can Monique.” He quickly adds.

“Did you really have to say that? I’m already upset about being voted out,” Monique frowns.

“So, the rest of you, time to place your votes,” Roger says.

“I can’t wait to see you gone,” Sue votes for Eleanor.

“Nothing personal,” Emmett votes for Kurt.

“I’m terribly sorry, but I can’t vote out Eleanor,” Marisol votes for Kurt.

After the votes have been cast, Roger steps out in front of the contestants, “As a quick reminder, if you do not receive a film reel, you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. Okay, Marisol, Luca, Emmett, Lydia, Hugh and Sue, you’re all safe,” He throws the six their film reels, “Kurt... Eleanor... there is one film reel left, and it is for...

... Eleanor,” Roger tosses Eleanor her film reel.

Eleanor breathes a sigh of relief. Sue’s eyes narrow, “Did you vote for her?!” She points to Luca.

“Well, I sort of told Marisol what you told me, on the bus...” Luca admits.

“And I told him that you don’t have enough power to ensure his elimination,” Marisol says.

“Did you?!” Sue points to Lydia.

“Nope,” Lydia shakes her head.

“Why not?” Sue asks.

“Love makes us do crazy things!” She hugs Emmett.

“That has nothing to do with who you vote for!” Sue exclaims.

“Well, Emmett starts with ‘e,’ and so does Eleanor, so I couldn’t really vote her out,” Lydia says. A scowl forms on Sue’s face.

Kurt stands up, “Well, this was fun. I’ve made some friends and some enemies. Overall, it was a good experience.”

“Kurt, Monique,” Roger says, “Time for you to go.” Monique, followed by Kurt, heads down the Walk of Losers, places her hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame, and it takes off, “That’s all for this episode! Be sure to join us next time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

Chapter Seventeen: Talk the Talk and Stalk the Stalk

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “We were stranded in Spain, so we had to get a flight out of Paris. But, to suck all the fun out of being in Paris for the contestants, I turned it into a challenge. I paired them into couples, and three of them won invincibility. Kurt and Eleanor were up for elimination, and it was Kurt that was forced down the Path of Losers. We’re down to seven, so what will happen this time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles?”

The camera cuts from Roger to Eleanor and Marisol in the first floor girls’ room, “Last week was cutting it way too close,” Eleanor says, “We can’t risk losing Luca’s or Lydia’s vote now. We’re too close to the end to let Sue take over the competition.”

“You’re right,” Marisol says, “But I’m fairly certain he’s with us, now. Sue’s not that powerful.”

“I guess that’s true, but she’s Sue,” Eleanor says, “You can never tell what she’s going to do, or who’s been joining alliances with her behind your back.”

“How tough can she be to take down?” Marisol asks.

“Very,” Eleanor says, “It’s still hard to believe that we did it the first time. It was only because I had strong friends and allies on that team. I don’t anymore. Garret’s gone and all I have left are Emmett and you.”

“That’s not true,” Marisol says, “Luca likes you.”

“Really?” Eleanor asks.

“Well... once he told me that he thought you were kind of hot... but I was hotter,” Marisol says.

“Well... that makes me feel a little better, I guess...” Eleanor sighs, “But Sue hates me, Lydia thinks I’m trying to steal her ‘boyfriend,’ and Hugh’s too bizarre to get a read on.”

“Tell me about it,” Marisol says. The girls laugh.

“I’m really glad that I ended up rooming with you, Marisol,” Eleanor says.

“Me, too,” Marisol agrees. The camera cuts to Hugh and Sue, alone in the hall.

“Why didn’t you vote with us?!” Sue has Hugh trapped in a corner.

“Because, honey,” Hugh stands up and pushes Sue back, “I’m not afraid of you. You might’ve had some kind of act going on with the other, but it won’t work on me. That black tracksuit might’ve frightened the others, but not me. I’m too smart for you.”

“What?” Sue asks, “That’s ridiculous; you’re not smart.”

“Back in high school, I was on the honor roll,” Hugh says, “I was the student council president and number one on the best dressed list.” Hugh snaps his fingers in Sue’s face.

“I don’t know which of those is the most messed up,” Sue comments, “But you listen to me. If you don’t vote with me, I can make your life miserable here.”

“You already do,” Hugh says, “And there’s no way I’ll vote with you, ever again.”

“Trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet,” Sue growls. The camera cuts to Lydia and Emmett, in the exact same initial scenario as Hugh and Sue. Lydia has Emmett cornered.

“So, Emmett,” Lydia says, “How much do you love me?”

“Very little,” Emmett sighs. In the confessional, Emmett says, “Lydia’s stalking is getting really awful. I can’t stand it anymore. I have to get away from her, somehow.”

“Oh, stop it,” Lydia giggles.

“Stop what?” Emmett asks.

“Stop flattering me,” Lydia requests.

“Um... O... kay?” Emmett says.

“No, keep flattering me,” Lydia says.

“I don’t think I’m flattering you,” Emmett says.

“Of course you are,” Lydia laughs.

“No, I’m not...” Emmett says. The camera shifts to the seven teenagers outside of the hotel. Roger stands in front of them.

“Okay, contestants,” Roger says, “There are only seven of you left. You are the seven biggest stars of Total Drama: Los Angeles. Because of that, you have the seven strongest fan bases. Now, the downside to this is... rabid fans and stalkers.”

“Hm... used to it,” Emmett says.

“Who is she!?” Lydia cries, “I’ll make her cry!!” Emmett rolls his eyes.

“I’m used to it, too,” Hugh says. He points to Luca, “This one just won’t leave me alone.”

“What are you talking about?” Luca asks.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know,” Hugh winks at Luca. Luca shudders. Marisol pats him on the back.

“Anyway,” Roger says, as seven large trucks pull up, “In these trucks, are your stalkers. You have to fend them off, somehow. The one of you that can drive away the most stalkers will win.”

“I’m like a battling machine,” Sue says, in the confessional, “I can take whatever stalkers they can throw at me.”

“Let’s open Sue’s truck, first,” Roger announces. He unlatches Sue’s truck. Sue takes a fighting stance. The truck opens and nobody comes out.

“What?! Nobody likes me enough to stalk me!!” Sue exclaims.

“Almost,” Roger snickers, as a pale, acne-ridden, slim teen exits the truck.

“Oh... my... goodness! It’s Sue!!” The teen exclaims, as he runs towards Sue. Sue sticks out her fist, and he runs straight into it.

“So... Sue has knocked out all of her rabid fan base. It’s too bad that there was only one,” Roger laughs, “Next, let’s go to Lydia.” He walks over to Lydia’s truck and opens it. A crowd of teenagers rushes out.

“You kids don’t know who you’re dealing with,” Lydia claims. She charges and dives into the middle of them. Lydia’s shouts can be heard from inside the huddle. Quickly, they scatter and head back into the van.

Roger’s jaw drops, “Lydia has cleared out all of her tourists. Now, we can move on to Luca.” Luca gulps. Roger opens Luca’s truck. A massive amount of Luca’s fan girls rush out. Luca emits a high-pitched screech. He is quickly swallowed up by a massive amount of teenage girls.

“He’s so cute!” One girl screams.

“Marry me!!” Another one shouts.

“Watch it! He’s mine!” A third girl announces. An argument rises from the girls about who gets to marry Luca, as Luca quietly slips out of the mob. His clothes are tattered.

“Girls!!” Roger shouts, “Girls!! Back in the truck!! Luca has failed to get rid of his fan base.” The girls, arguing with one another, head back into the truck, “Marisol, you’re up next.” Roger walks over to her truck. He opens it, and mobs of teenage boys emerge. Marisol steps away from them.

“Marisol,” One boy steps forward, “You’re really hot.”

“Hm...” Marisol says, examining him, “Well, you are, too.”

“I know,” The boy says, “That’s all I wanted to hear,” He turns to the crowd of boys, “She thinks I’m hot!!” Marisol blushes, as the crowd cheers. Another teenage boy steps forward.

“Marisol,” The boy says, “Do you remember, back when you guys were still on teams, when you did that kissing booth?”

“Yes,” Marisol says, “Why?”

“Well, I brought this dollar, so...” The boy removes a dollar from his pocket. Marisol grabs him by his shirt and kisses him. The boy blushes him, “That was so great... I’ll give you another dollar,” The boy removes another dollar from his pocket. Marisol rolls her eyes and kisses him again, “I don’t have any more money, but you can have my shirt,” He removes his shirt and holds it out to her.

“Sorry, cash only,” She pushes his hand back. The boy heads back to the bus.

“Hey, I have money, too!” The first boy exclaims.

“Me, too!” A third boy exclaims.

“Okay, if you want to kiss me, make a single file line,” Marisol orders. The boys immediately do as she says. The camera cuts ahead to Marisol kissing the last boy. There is a large pile of cash behind her. Roger and the other six contestants look bored and tired.

“Hurry this up!!” Sue shouts.

“I’m done,” Marisol says, “Don’t worry.”

“Marisol,” Roger says, “You did successfully manage to get all of your fan base away. However, you wasted everyone’s time doing it, so you can forget about winning the challenge.”

Luca walks over to Marisol, “How much money did you make?”

“I’m not sure,” Marisol says, “I’ll have to count it.”

“Okay, now that Marisol is finally finished,” Roger says, “We can move on to Eleanor.” Roger walks over to Eleanor’s truck and opens it. A group of teenagers exits.

“Guys, I just sat through Marisol kissing over a hundred guys,” Eleanor says, “I’m tired and want to get this over with. Can you please just get back on the truck? I’ll send you all autographs.”

The teenagers groan and head back on the truck, “That was really lame, Eleanor. However, you got them all to go back and it didn’t take you long. You and Lydia are about tied for invincibility.”

“Great,” Eleanor smiles and nods.

Roger says, “Hugh, you’ll be next.”

“I’m certain that I can take on all of those admirers,” Hugh takes a battle stance.

“Nope, you can’t take what you don’t have,” Roger shrugs, “You have a fan base, but they were all too scared to come meet you.”

“I’m not scary!! I’m lovable!!” Hugh sobs, in the confessional. The camera shifts back to the challenge, “This can’t be!!”

“Well, it is,” Roger says, “That leaves Emmett,” He walks over to Emmett’s truck, “Prepare yourself!” He opens it.

“Prepare myself for what?” Emmett asks.

A screaming mob of teenage girls, greater than Luca’s, gets off of the truck, “He’s so hot!!” One of them shouts.

“I love you, Emmett!” Another one shouts. They swarm him.

“Ladies, please!” Emmett winks at one. The girl screams.

Lydia’s eye begins twitching. She begins to grind her teeth, “Back,” She takes a step closer to Emmett’s mob, “Off,” She takes another step, “My,” She takes another step, “MAN!!” She screams, diving into the mob. Sounds of Lydia’s battle cries and screams of fear from the girls can be heard. The contestants watch, wide-eyed, including Emmett. The girls scatter back into Emmett’s truck.

“Okay...” Roger says, “I did not see that coming. Lydia has managed to scare off not only her own fan base, but Emmett’s as well. She wins this challenge!”

“Yeah!!” Lydia exclaims and does a dance.

“I’ll see you all at the vote, later,” Roger says. The camera cuts to the contestants walking back into the hotel.

“Eleanor, wait up!” Emmett rushes over to her, pausing to make sure Lydia was at a safe distance from them.

“What’s up?” Eleanor asks.

“I want your alliance to vote for me, tonight,” Emmett says, “I need to get away from Lydia. I can’t take another day of her. And she has invincibility, so we can’t vote her out.”

“I couldn’t do that,” Eleanor shakes her head, “We have a chance to take down Sue.”

“I know, but please, as my friend, vote me out,” Emmett says.

“I can’t,” Eleanor says, “It’s strategy. We have to get Sue out.”

“I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do, I guess,” Emmett sighs, “I could try and put up with her, another day, or two.”

“Thank you,” Eleanor nods. Emmett and Eleanor enter the hotel, and head over to the elevators. A dozen tourists, and Sue, are waiting, as well. An elevator arrives in the lobby, but the tourists crowd it. Emmett and Eleanor both try to enter, “I’ll wait for the next one,” Eleanor offers.

“Thanks,” Emmett smiles.

“No problem,” Eleanor says. Emmett boards the elevator. Eleanor looks to her side, and is shocked to find the only left waiting is Sue.

“What were you and Emmett talking about?” Sue asks, not turning her head towards Eleanor.

“It won’t hurt to tell you anything, as you’re going to be eliminated, again,” Eleanor says, “Emmett wanted me to vote him out, so we could get him away from Lydia.”

“Why don’t you?” Sue asks.

“Because I can vote you out, and he’s been my friend the whole time,” Eleanor explains. Another elevator arrives; Sue and Eleanor board it.

“Sounds to me like you’re being selfish,” Sue says.

“What? No, I’m not,” Eleanor defends, “I’m being strategic.”

“You’re not doing a favor for a good friend, just so that you can get what you want,” Sue says.

“It’s not just what I want,” Eleanor says, “Everyone wants you gone.”

“But they’re all Emmett’s friends, too,” Sue says, “Wouldn’t they help him out?”

“I guess so...” Eleanor admits.

“Why shouldn’t you?” Sue asks. Eleanor remains silent, thinking. The elevator stops on the first floor. Eleanor gets off.

“Thank you,” Eleanor says, from the hallway.

“For what?” Sue asks.

“For showing me what I have to do,” Eleanor says. In the confessional, Eleanor says, “For the first time in this competition, Sue actually made some sense.”

“Contestants, place your votes,” Roger instructs.

“It really doesn’t matter that we had a ‘moment’ in an elevator,” Sue says, “I want you out,” She votes for Eleanor.

“I’ve figured out what needs to be done,” Eleanor casts her vote.

“Eleanor explained what we had to do,” Marisol casts her vote.

“Whether Eleanor votes for me or not, I have to get out of here,” Emmett votes for himself.

“I saw that little meeting in the lobby,” Lydia votes for Eleanor, “Stay off my man!”

After the votes have been counted, Roger steps in front of the contestants, “Contestants, there are seven of you, and I have only six film reels. Remember, if you do not receive a film reel, you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for... Lydia,” Roger throws her a film reel. She pumps her fist, “Luca, Hugh, well done,” Roger tosses them film reels, “Marisol, way to go, girl,” Marisol smiles, as she catches her film reel, “The next film reel is for... Sue,” Sue looks slightly surprised, but catches her film reel as it is thrown. Eleanor and Emmett exchange pleasant looks, “Eleanor... Emmett... this last film reel is for...

... Eleanor,” Roger throws the film reel to Eleanor.

“NOOOO!!!” Lydia breaks down crying.

“Thanks, Eleanor,” Emmett hugs Eleanor. He fist-bumps Luca, and gives a hug to Marisol, “Sue, you were a worth competitor,” He says to her. She gives a slight smile and nods, “Hugh... bye. Lydia, good riddance!” Emmett exclaims. Eleanor gives a slight laugh.

“Time to go, Emmett,” Roger says. Emmett walks down the Path of Losers, places his hands in the cement, and boards the Private Plane of Shame. However, the plane does not take off.

“You can’t take him away from me!!” Lydia chases after him. She dives into the plane. From inside the plane, she calls, “Roger, consider this my elimination!! I don’t care about the money!! I care about love!!”

“There is no love!!” Emmett exclaims, from inside the plane, “Get out!!”

“I’ll never leave your side, Emmett!!” Lydia exclaims.

“NOOOO!!!” Emmett cries.

“Well, looks like tonight was a double elimination,” Roger shrugs, “That doesn’t bother me. It’s better for ratings, too,” He turns to the cameras, “So, that’s all for this episode!! Be sure to join our final five competitors, Eleanor, Hugh, Marisol, Luca and Sue, next time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!!”

Chapter Eighteen: Rising to the Surf-ace

“Last time, on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants were faced with their biggest fans. They had to fend them off. Marisol set up another kissing booth and made a ton of money. Lydia won the challenge by fending off not only her own fans, but also Emmett’s. In a surprising turn of events, Emmett was sent home, due to a strong desire to get away from Lydia. However, it wasn’t going to be that easy. Lydia decided to eliminate herself so she could spend even more time with him, brining the competition down to it’s final five, Hugh, Marisol, Luca, Eleanor and Sue. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out, right here, on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

“It’s kind of fantastic to have made it this far in the competition,” Eleanor admits, in the confessional, “I sort of thought I would, but it’s one thing to think it, and another thing to actually do it.”

“It’s really awesome to still be here,” Luca states, in the confessional, “I’ve gotten past nineteen eliminations to be here, and there are four more to go. I will not be the one to be eliminated in any of them. I have a one in five shot at getting the cash, and I’m not about to let it slip away, now!”

“I expected that I would be here,” Sue says, in the confessional, “I’m a powerful woman. I am Ajax, mighty Greek warrior. Nobody is going to take me down. Not now, not ever.”

“Okay, soooooo...” Hugh begins, in the confessional, “I’m so psyched to be here! Final five! It’s too bad that that nasty Sue has to be here, too... I’m going to take her down.”

The camera cuts to Eleanor and Marisol, in their room. Marisol is counting her money, “So... we’re both still here,” Eleanor says.

Marisol nods, “It’s great. I’m going to go see Luca.”

“Okay,” Eleanor says, “I still have to shower.”

Marisol gets up and walks into the hall. She knocks on Luca’s door. Luca opens the door so abruptly that he smacks Marisol with it. Marisol falls to the ground, “Yes? Hello?” Luca looks around to see who had knocked. He shrugs.

“Down here!” Marisol exclaims. She quickly stands up, “Hi!” She chirps.

“Oh, hey,” Luca says. He pauses then asks, “What were you doing on the floor?”

“Nothing,” Marisol sighs.

“Okay,” Luca says, “So, did you count all the money you made from the last challenge?”

“Nope, not yet,” Marisol says, “I’ll probably get to it after the challenge.”

“That’s cool,” Luca says.

“So, final five, huh?” Marisol says.

Luca nods, “It’s really surreal to still be in the competition at this point.”

“Why? You’re really cute, funny and nice,” Marisol says, “It shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.”

Luca blushes, “Thanks, but I’ve never been really smart or athletic. I just figured the top five would be the five strongest competitors. Now I see that that really is not the case.”

“Since we’re here, then I guess the five of us are the five strongest competitors,” Marisol smiles.

“Hey, yeah, I guess you’re right,” Luca says, “Since the five of us are here then I suppose we technically are the best!”

Marisol smiles and nods. The camera shifts to Hugh and Sue, “You are going down!” Sue shouts.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but the only one that will be going down is you!” Hugh snaps his fingers in Sue’s face.

“I’m afraid not,” Sue slaps Hugh’s hand away.

“I can get the other competitors on my side with my feminine charms,” Hugh strikes a pose.

“You have no charms, feminine or otherwise,” Sue growls, “You have nothing going for you. You’re weak in challenges, and nobody likes you.”

“Everybody hates you, too,” Hugh says.

“Yeah, but I’m a fierce competitor,” Sue argues, “Nobody stands a chance.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hugh folds his arm. The camera shifts to the final five contestants on a plane.

“Final five, today your challenge will be a little Hawaiian surfing competition,” Roger says.

“I’m like a surfing god,” Sue says.

“... Sure,” Roger says, “Whoever can stay on their surfboard the longest will win. It’s that simple.”

“Got it,” Eleanor nods. The camera cuts ahead to the five contestants in their bathing suits. Luca is staring at Marisol in her bikini. Marisol gives a slight smile. Luca then stares at Hugh in his bikini, but for a different reason. Hugh winks at Luca. Luca shudders. Sue has not changed; she remains in her tracksuit. However, for tropical flair, she has a flower in her hair.

“Okay, Eleanor, you’re up first,” Roger, holding a stopwatch, says, tossing a surfboard on the ground. Eleanor cautiously approaches the surfboard and picks it up.

“How do I use it?” Eleanor asks.

“You’ll figure something out,” Roger shrugs. Eleanor takes a deep breath, and then approaches the water. She places the board in the water and steps on. Roger clicks a button on the stopwatch. Eleanor immediately falls of the board. Sue bursts out laughing. Roger clicks the button again, “Eleanor, you reached a total of... one second,” Roger says.

“Surfing was never really my thing,” Eleanor stands up and walks over to the other contestants.

“Oh, you could’ve fooled me...” Sue sarcastically remarks.

“Marisol, how about you go next?” Roger asks.

“Sure thing, Roger,” Marisol, smiling, walks over to the board. She picks it up and rides it out into the water. Roger clicks the button on his stopwatch. Marisol stands up. She rides comfortably for a short while, but a large wave comes and knocks her off of her surfboard. Roger clicks the button on his stopwatch.

“You rode for a total of... one minute and thirty seven seconds,” Roger announces, “You’re currently beating Eleanor, who had no chance, so... good job!” Marisol smiles, “Luca, you’re up next.”

“Okay!” Luca rushes out to the surfboard. Luca jumps onto it, but slips off immediately. There is a pause, then Luca asks, “... Did that count? Please say it didn’t count...”

“Oh, it counted,” Roger says, “So, Marisol is in the lead, and somehow... Eleanor is no longer in last place. Sue, you’re up.”

Sue strides up to the surfboard, and she picks it up, “Watch and learn.” She valiantly strides out to the water and gets on the surfboard. She paddles out deeper and stands up. Roger clucks a button on his stopwatch. She rides the waves very skillfully, until she falls over. Roger clicks the button again.

“Sue rode for two minutes and twelve seconds, so unless Hugh can top that time, Sue has invincibility,” Roger says, “Hugh, you’re up.”

“I’m going to be all kinds of wicked hot on this surfboard,” Hugh says, “Watch me, Luca.” He struts out to the water, and he jumps on the board. As soon as he lands, the board snaps in half.

“Hugh has failed to even get on the board...” Roger says, “And it looks like nobody else ever will, either... Anyway, Hugh loses, so the winner of invincibility, and first member of the final four is... Sue! Contestants, get back on the plane. You will have some free time before the elimination, when we get back to the hotel.” The camera cuts ahead to the contestants, on the plane.

“We’re going to vote for Hugh,” Eleanor tells Marisol and Luca.

“That sounds good to me,” Marisol nods.

“Good,” Luca says. There is a pause.

“I think I’ll count my money when I get back,” Marisol comments, trying to break the silence. Luca and Eleanor nod. The camera cuts ahead to the elimination ceremony. The final five are sitting around Roger.

“Contestants, it is time to cast your votes,” Roger instructs, “And remember, you can’t vote for Sue.”

“I want you gone,” Sue votes for Eleanor.

“It’s nothing personal,” Eleanor votes for Hugh.

“You’re super annoying,” Hugh votes for Eleanor.

“It’s about time you left,” Luca votes for Hugh.

“Okay, contestants, the votes have been tallied,” Roger says, “Remember, if you do not receive a film reel, you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for... Sue,” Roger tosses Sue her film reel, “Congratulations to the next member of the final four... Marisol,” Roger tosses Marisol her film reel. Marisol opens her mouth to speak, but she waits, “The third member of the final four is... Luca,” Luca catches his film reel and puts up a hand for Marisol to high-five. Marisol doesn’t, “Hugh, Eleanor, the final film reel is for...”

“Wait!” Marisol stands up, “The final film reel doesn’t go to either of them, because I’m... leaving the competition.” Everyone gasps, except for Sue.

“But... why?” Luca asks.

“The whole point of me entering the competition was to get the money to pay off my father’s hospital bill,” Marisol says, “The money I made in the last challenge covered it completely.”

“How is it possible to make that much money by kissing boys?” Eleanor asks, “You could make a career out of that.”

“Oh, nice job!” Hugh exclaims, “Where do I sign up?” Sue smacks Hugh on the back of his head.

“I’ve decided that I don’t really need the money,” Marisol says, “We get by pretty well, as it is, and this was the only reason I came to compete. Now that I can pay off the hospital bill, I don’t need to be here.”

“Are you sure?” Roger asks.

“I am,” Marisol nods. She walks over to Eleanor, “Eleanor, you’ve been a great friend throughout this competition. I’m really lucky to have met you.” Eleanor stands up and hugs her.

“I feel the same way,” Eleanor says.

Marisol walks over to Sue and Hugh, “Hugh, I don’t really know you... Sue, I don’t really like you.”

“I feel the same way,” Sue says.

Marisol walks over to Luca, “Luca, you’ve been my best friend throughout the entire competition. I don’t know how this competition would’ve gone if I hadn’t met you.”

“Marisol...” Luca says, “I love you. And not just ‘cause you’re hot! Well, that helps, but you’re really sweet and kind, too. Would you... want to go out with me?”

“Well... I don’t know,” Marisol says, “I’ll have to think about it...”

Luca sighs, “Is that a no?”

Marisol shakes her head, “But it’s not a yes. I’ll have to take some time, then I’ll let you know...”

“Marisol, it’s time to go,” Roger says.

“Okay,” Marisol says. She hugs Luca goodbye. She heads down the Walk of Losers, places her hands in the cement, boards the Private Plane of Shame and leaves.

“That’s all for this installment,” Roger says, “What will Marisol decide? Who will win? Who will lose? Who will make the final three? Join our final four, next time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

Chapter Nineteen: Dancing Scheme

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants were brought to the beach for a surfing contest. To nobody’s surprise, Sue was the big winner of this challenge, but what surprised everyone was that Marisol quit the game. She had made enough money to cover her father’s hospital bills, in the previous challenge, so she no longer needed to compete. We’re down to our final four. Join them up until the every end, right here on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

The camera shifts from Roger to Eleanor in the confessional, “Roger made the four of us move onto one floor, and I can’t stand it,” Eleanor complains, “I was thrilled when I found out I wasn’t going to be sharing a room with Sue, but now I am, all over again!!”

The camera cuts to Luca in the confessional, “So... I’m back sharing a room with Hugh... Yeah, I’m not so thrilled about it...” The camera cuts to Eleanor and Sue, in their room.

“Eleanor, listen,” Sue says, “I’m not too thrilled about this, and I know you’re not, either. In fact, this one of the most colossally awful experiences I’ve had to go through, but we need to stick together. We are the only two Silver Screens left in the game, not to mention the only girls. We have to form an alliance.”

“Forget it,” Eleanor says, “I’ve dealt with you this entire competition. I can’t stand you. You’ve tried to eliminate me, week after week. We’ll never be anything but enemies. Try and form an alliance with anyone,” She pauses, “Oh, wait, you can’t. Everyone hates you, and so do I.”

Sue furrows her eyebrows, “So, that’s how it’s going to be. Very well. I’ve managed through almost the entire merge without any, and I can mange until the end without.”

“Good, because you won’t get one,” Eleanor says.

“I don’t want or need one,” Sue says. In the confessional, Sue says, “She’s... going... down!”

“Standing up to Sue felt so good,” Eleanor says, in the confessional, “I can’t wait to take her down.” The camera cuts to Eleanor storming into the hallway, “I can’t believe her!”

Luca, sitting on a bench, stands up and says, “What happened now?”

“Sue just tried to form an alliance with me,” Eleanor says.

“I take it you said no?” Luca asks.

“Yes, I did,” Eleanor says, “I wasn’t about to accept.”

Luca says, “Maybe you should’ve.”

“Maybe I what?!” Eleanor asks, “You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not,” Luca says, “I really want Hugh to get out of here. He’s freaking me out...”

“But I want Sue out of here,” Eleanor argues, “She driving me nuts.”

“Please, Eleanor?” Luca looks up at Eleanor with a puppy-dog look.

“No,” Eleanor looks up and shuts her eyes. She opens one, to check if he is still looking at her, which he is. She stares at his face, “Fine. I’ll go talk to Sue.” Eleanor trudges back into the room.

Sue looks at Eleanor out of the corner of her eye, “Well, look who it is. Let me guess, you’ve changed your mind and want an alliance, right?”

“How’d you know?” Eleanor asks.

“I can tell,” Sue smirks, “Fine, we’ll have an alliance.”

“Let’s vote out Hugh,” Eleanor says.

“Excellent,” Sue says, “You are dismissed.” Eleanor leaves.

“We’re voting out Hugh,” Eleanor says to Luca.

“Good,” Luca says. The camera cuts to the contestants, outside of the hotel with Roger.

“Final four,” Roger says, “Today’s challenge is a dance-off.”

“Awesome! I’m prom queen, two years running!” Hugh strikes a pose.

“Eh... sure,” Roger says, “The dances will be performed by teams of two.”

“Do we get to choose our partners?” Eleanor asks.

“Yes,” Roger says.

“I pick Luca,” Hugh exclaims. Luca’s eye twitches.

“You can’t,” Roger says, “You’re dance partners will be... the eliminated contestants!” The contestants gasp, “And you also don’t get to choose whoever you want.”

“But, you said we got to pick!” Eleanor exclaims.

“Yes, but at random,” Roger snickers. Eleanor frowns, “Got your hopes up, didn’t I? This is a hat,” Roger holds out a hat, full of slips of paper.

“We know what a hat is, Roger,” Sue glowers.

“This hat is full of the names of eliminated contestants,” Roger says, “Whichever name you draw, will become your dance partner.”

“Okay, let’s get this over with,” Sue steps forward towards Roger.

“Alright,” Roger says, “Eleanor, you can go first.”

“Okay,” Eleanor crosses her fingers, and thrusts her hand into the hat. She moves her hand around in that hat, and she pulls out a slip of paper. Her eyes light up as she reads it, “Garret! Yes!”

“Hugh, you’re up now,” Roger instructs. Hugh skips forward, shaking the ground as he does so. Hugh giggles as he shoves his hand into the hat.

Hugh’s smile melts into a frown as he reads the name, “...Monique...”

“Monique’s going to be here?” Luca excitedly asks.

“Yes, unfortunately,” Hugh frowns.

“Okay, Sue, you’re turn,” Roger instructs.

Sue snatches the hat out of Roger’s hands and pulls out a name, “Mason...” She reads, “Who’s that?”

“Not sure,” Roger shrugs, “He was, like, the first one out, or something. Luca, your turn.”

Luca nods, the steps forward. He reaches into the hat, and he draws out a name, “Sydney! Awesome!” In the confessional, he says, “I get to Monique and Sydney, again!” The camera cuts ahead to Roger driving a bus up to the front of the hotel. The final four contestants wait in anticipation. The door slides open. Garret is the first to sprint out of the bus. He grabs Eleanor in a hug and spins her around. “Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor!!!” Garret exclaims, “I miss you soooo sooooooo sooo sooooooooooooooooo much!!!”

“Ugh, the headaches are coming back,” Sue grabs her head.

“Garret! Put me down!” Eleanor grins. Garret immediately does so, “I missed you, too!”

“I know, me, too!” Garret exclaims, “But, they told me that the reason I was brought here was to dance!” Garret strikes a pose.

“Okay,” Eleanor laughs, “Let’s go practice.”

“Awesome!” Garret grabs Eleanor hand and the two speed away into the hotel. The next person to exit the bus is Monique.

“Monique!” Luca grins, as he runs over to greet her.

“Hey, short stuff,” Monique gives a smile, “It has been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Luca says. He throws a glance in Hugh’s direction, “I’m sorry you have to dance with... that.”

“I’m sorry, too, sweetheart,” She pats him on the head. She then walks over to Hugh, “Let’s get this over with.”

“Sounds good to me,” Hugh says.

“Fine,” Monique says. The two follow Eleanor and Garret into the hotel.

“Next, we have Mason!” Roger says. Mason exits the bus, and he walks over to Sue.

“Who are you?” Sue asks.

“I’m Mason, weren’t you listening?” Mason growls.

“Nope,” Sue says, “I was so bored I fell into a micro sleep.”

“I see,” Mason rolls his eyes, “Look, I’m really not thrilled about this. I’ve watched you make your way to the final four, and I still can’t believe you did it. And I still remember that you voted me out that first episode.”

“Oh, right,” Sue says, “I remember voting out a nerd.”

“Listen, I’m planning on making you loose this challenge,” Mason informs her, “That way, you can get voted out.”

“Good luck with that,” Sue says, “But I don’t think it’ll happen.”

“I’m pretty sure it will,” Mason says.

“Alright,” Sue shrugs, “Let’s go practice.”

“You can practice all you want, but I’m not going to dance,” Mason folds his arms.

“Let’s go,” Sue grabs Mason with one arm, throws him over her shoulders and carries him inside. Luca and Roger watch on, wide-eyed.

“And finally, we have, Sydney!” Roger throws out an arm. Sydney delicately steps off the bus. She is dressed the same way she was when was trying to outdo Monique.

“Sydney!” Luca runs over and hugs her.

“Hi, Luca,” Sydney gives a very faint smile.

“I missed you, so much!” Luca exclaims.

“I bet you miss Marisol, more, already,” Sydney says, under her breath.

“What?” Luca looks up at her.

“Oh... nothing,” Sydney looks away, “I guess we should go rehearse.”

“Yep,” Luca leads Sydney into the hotel, “We can go practice upstairs, where we sleep.” Sydney nods. The two walk into the elevator. Luca presses the button for the first floor. Luca looks at Sydney the whole way up, but Sydney refuses to make eye contact with him, “Are you feeling alright?”

“I’m... fine,” Sydney looks down.

“If you say so,” Luca shrugs. The elevator stops and opens. The pair exits, “Let’s try my bedroom. I share it with...” Luca shudders, “Hugh.”

“Ew,” Sydney says. Luca nods. The two walk over to the door. Luca opens it. They enter.

“Absolutely not!! You have no idea what you’re doing, you fat excuse for a transvestite!” Monique shouts.

“Well, sweetheart, you’re no prize pig, yourself,” Hugh snaps his fingers.

“Well... at least I’m pretty,” Monique smirks. Hugh’s eyes narrow, and he takes a threatening step towards Monique.

“YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!” Hugh shouts.

“Make me,” Monique eyebrows lower. Luca and Sydney slowly back out of the room. Sounds of a fight can be heard from inside the room.

“Okay... let’s not work there...” Luca says. Suddenly, a high-pitched scream is heard from inside the room. Luca and Sydney rush into the room to find Monique pinning Hugh on the floor. Monique has Hugh’s wig in one hand, and she is clawing at him with the other. Luca and Sydney back out of the room.

“Maybe we could work in the girls’ room...” Luca says.

“Alright,” Sydney says, still refusing to look at Luca. The two walk further down the hall and stop in front of the girls’ room. Luca opens the door, and they peek in. They see Garret and Eleanor making out and immediately leave.

“Let’s not dance here, either...” Luca states. Sydney nods. The camera cuts ahead to Luca and Sydney in the supply closet, “I’m sorry I couldn’t find a better place for us to rehearse. This was the best I could come up with.”

“It’s fine,” Sydney says, looking at the ground.

“Look, what’s up with you?” Luca asks, “You’ve sort of been giving me the cold shoulder since you got here.”

“It’s nothing,” Sydney says.

“No, it’s not nothing,” Luca says, “I can tell.”

“Okay, well, if you really want to know...” Sydney begins, “Marisol told me what you said. We’d never met, but we really hit it off, over at the Loser Hotel.”

“There’s a Loser Hotel?” Luca asks.

“Yeah, it’s alright, but that’s so not the point,” Sydney says, “The thing is... I really liked you, back when I was in the competition. When I dressed the way I did, that wasn’t to outdo Monique, or anything... it was for you, so you would notice me.”

“I didn’t realize...” Luca says.

“No, you didn’t,” Sydney sits down on an overturned bucket, “But that’s fine, I guess. It just made me wonder why you never noticed me the way you noticed her.”

“Well, I don’t know... I guess I never really thought of you the same way I thought of Marisol,” Luca says.

“That’s what I thought,” Sydney stands up, “But it just left me wondering why you didn’t notice me.”

“Well, like I said, I never thought of you as anything more than a friend,” Luca explains, “I mean, you looked hot, there’s no denying it, but I didn’t really think of you that way. Are you still...?” Luca’s voice trails off.

“No, no, I got over you, don’t worry,” Sydney says, “But the whole experience left me thinking that maybe I wasn’t good enough, or something...”

“Sydney,” Luca takes her hand, “I guarantee that there is some boy out there that will see you as more than a friend, and he will love you. I promise.”

Sydney smiles and she says, “Thank you, Luca.”

“No problem,” Luca smiles.

There is a silence, which is broken by Roger’s voice, over a megaphone, “Contestants, join me outside and get ready to show me your dances!”

Luca, wide-eyed, looks at Sydney, “We didn’t make a dance. That means I can’t get invincibility! Oh, man...”

“Luca, don’t worry,” Sydney says, “You won’t get voted out. I promise. We can just tell Roger that we didn’t get the chance.”

“Okay, I trust you,” Luca smiles. The two exit the supply closet. The camera cuts ahead to Eleanor and Garret’s dance. Garret is spinning around Eleanor so quickly that Eleanor’s hair is being whipped around in a whirlwind. The music stops and so does Garret. Eleanor’s hair comes to a complete stop.

Roger is seated behind a desk, he scribbles some notes down, “You guys are in the lead. You’re ahead of Monique and Hugh.”

Monique and Hugh exchange looks of hatred. Hugh is covered in bandages and Monique has a cast on one arm and one on her leg, “Well, I can’t say I’m surprised...” Monique grumbles. Luca and Sydney run out of the hotel.

“Sorry that we’re late!” Luca exclaims.

“Roger, we didn’t get the chance to prepare a dance,” Sydney admits.

“Okay, so Eleanor, Garret, unless Sue and Mason can somehow beat you,” Roger continues, in a loud whisper to Eleanor and Garret, “Which I doubt will happen.”

“I heard that,” Mason says.

“You were supposed to,” Roger says, “Sue, Mason, show us what you got.”

“Come on,” Sue grabs Mason by his leg and drags him onto the stage. The music begins playing, and every fourth beat, Sue lifts Mason up and hits him on the ground. This continues for about five minutes. Once the music ends, the camera pans to reveal the contestants face. Monique is rolling on the ground, laughing. Garret is staring at nearby squirrel. Eleanor, Sydney, Hugh and Luca both look petrified. Roger remains indifferent. He scribbles down some notes, then looks up at the contestants.

“I’ve come to a decision,” Roger announces, “The winner of invincibility is... Sue!”

“What?!” Eleanor exclaims, as she stands up, “How?!”

“I just liked seeing Mason get hit,” Roger shrugs. The camera cuts ahead to the contestants. Eleanor and Garret are in tears, hugging goodbye.

“I’ll miss you!!” Garret exclaims.

“I’ll miss you, more!!” Eleanor sobs.

“I won’t miss either of you,” Mason says, holding an ice pack to his forehead. He boards the bus.

“Thanks for the invincibility, loser!” Sue waves. Mason raises his hand, which subsequently gets blurred out. Sue looks very offended, then picks up a rock and throws it as his head. Mason falls over, into the bus. Garret and Eleanor share a kiss, then he boards the bus.

“See ya, Luca,” Monique kisses him on the cheek, “Too bad I didn’t get to dance with you, instead of... that.” She points to Hugh. Hugh sticks his tongue out, “You’re so mature.” Monique gets on the bus.

“Goodbye, Luca,” Sydney says, “Good luck. I really hope you win.” Sydney smiles. The two hug.

“Bye, Sydney,” Luca says. Sydney follows Monique onto the bus. The bus starts, and then it leaves. The camera cuts ahead to the elimination ceremony.

“Final four, it’s time to place your votes,” Roger says.

“You’ve overstayed your welcome,” Eleanor votes for Hugh.

“Nothing personal,” Hugh votes for Eleanor.

After the votes are cast, Roger steps up in front of the contestants, “Contestants, I have three film reels, and there are four of you. If you do not receive a film reel, then you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. The first film reel is for our winner... Sue!” Roger tosses Sue her film reel. She catches it, “The next film reel is for... Luca,” Roger tosses Luca a film reel. Luca smiles, remembering what Sydney told him, “Hugh, Eleanor, the final film reel is for...

... Eleanor,” Roger tosses Eleanor the last film reel. Eleanor smiles, as she catches it.

“What?! You voted me out! I am the prettiest contestant this show will ever know!” Hugh exclaims. He snaps his finger, then walks down the Walk of Losers, and he places his hands in the cement. He attempts to board the Private Plane of Shame, but gets stuck trying to get on. The Private Plane of Shame flies off, with half of Hugh’s body protruding from it.

Roger turns to the camera, “And with that, please join our final three, Eleanor, Luca and Sue, on the next exciting installment of Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

Chapter Twenty: From Ski to Shining Ski

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our contestants were in a dance-off with former contestants. Luca and Sydney failed to complete a dance, while Monique and Hugh were simply terrible. Eleanor and Garret put together a fairly good dance, but our winners were Mason and Sue. In the end, Hugh was voted out, and it was about time. What will happen this time on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

The camera shifts to Eleanor and Luca in the hallway, “So, we’re here, the final three,” Eleanor says.

“Yep,” Luca says, “It’s kind of surreal to be this far in the game.”

“Yeah,” Eleanor agrees. There is an awkward pause.

“It’s so quiet with everyone gone,” Luca comments.

“Yeah, I wish Garret could’ve stayed here,” Eleanor sighs.

“Me, too...” Luca says, “I mean, but not Garret. Not that Garret isn’t totally cool, but I meant Sydney, Monique or Marisol...”

“I got it,” Eleanor laughs.

“Good,” Luca smiles.

“I can’t believe that Sue got here, though...” Eleanor eyes the girls’ dorm, where Sue is still sleeping.

“Did somebody say my name?!” Sue bursts out of the girls’ dorm, eyeing Eleanor and Luca.

“Um...” Eleanor says, “... no.”

“I thought she was still asleep,” Luca whispers to Eleanor.

“I thought so, too!” Eleanor whispers back.

“I’ll choose not to believe you,” Sue says, “You’re lying to me. What was said?”

“Nothing,” Eleanor rolls her eyes, “I said, um, shoe. I was telling Luca how much I like his... shoe.”

Sue eyes Luca’s shoes, “I see nothing special about these. They’re bland and boring, if you ask me.”

“We didn’t,” Eleanor mutters under her breath. The camera cuts to Roger and the final three contestants on the plane.

“Contestants, it’s time for your semi-final challenge!” Roger exclaims. He pulls out a noisemaker and blows into it.

“Just tell us the challenge and stop boring me,” Sue says.

“Fine,” Roger says, “Today we are heading straight for the Himalayas for a ski race. This challenge is very straightforward. The contestant who scores the shortest time skiing down the slope will have invincibility and the deciding vote, tonight.”

“Booooring,” Sue complains.

“Can you think of a better challenge, Sue?” Roger asks.

“I’m sure I could, but I don’t want to,” Sue folds her arms.

“Alright, whatever, Sue,” Roger rolls his eyes. The camera cuts to Roger and the semi-finalists, dressed in winter coats. Eleanor is at the top of the hill, wearing skis.

“Ready?” Roger asks.

“Not quite yet,” Eleanor replies.

“Yes, she is,” Sue interrupts, as she pushes Eleanor down the slope. Roger quickly starts the stopwatch. Eleanor screams all the way down the slope, but runs into a tree, abruptly ending her run.

“So... Eleanor gets an incomplete...” Roger says.

“Yep!” Sue smiles.

“Sue, would you like to go next?” Roger asks.

“Absolutely,” Sue grabs a pair of skis. She puts them on.

“Three... two...” Roger counts.

“I’m going!” Sue shouts, as she pushes off.

“Okay,” Roger clicks the stopwatch. Sue rides down to the bottom of the slope. Roger clicks the stopwatch again, “Sue has gotten a time of two minutes and 33 seconds. Luca, you’re up. If you can score a better time than Sue’s, you will be in the top two.”

“Awesome!” Luca exclaims.

“Just get set up, and you can do the course,” Roger instructs.

“Okay,” Luca nods, as he puts on his skis. After a minute, Luca says, “I’m ready.”

“Okay, three... two...” Roger counts, “... one... go!” Luca pushes off and goes down the slope. He nears the bottom of the hill and successfully makes it to the bottom of the course. Roger clicks the button on the stopwatch. He picks up a megaphone and shouts to the three contestants at the bottom of the hill, “Luca got a time of... two minutes and... fifty six seconds! That makes Sue the first member of our final two! She also gets the deciding vote, tonight!”

“As I expected,” Sue folds her arms and sticks her tongue out to the other two semifinalists, who both look unsure and slightly frightened of what Sue will decide. The camera cuts to Sue, in the confessional, “To be honest, I’m not entirely sure who I’m going to vote out. Eleanor’s been driving crazy for this entire competition, but Luca is more popular. He’d get more help, if it’s a jury vote.” The camera cuts to the contestants on the plane. Luca and Eleanor are shivering and are holding their bodies.

“Come on, you pansies! Snap out if it! The cold is invigorating!” Sue shouts.

“Sue, shut up,” Roger says, “When we get back, we’ll be having the elimination ceremony, immediately.”

“I’m sorry about this, but I can’t vote for Sue...” Luca votes for Eleanor.

“I greatly apologize; I wish it was us in the finale,” Eleanor votes for Luca.

“I’m confident in my decision,” Sue places her vote.

Once the votes have been cast, Roger heads out in front of all the contestants, “Contestants, I have three film reels, and there are four of you. If you do not receive a film reel, then you must go down the Walk of Losers, place your hands in the cement, board the Private Plane of Shame, and leave. Sue, our winner, this film reel is for you. Welcome to the final two.”

“Thank you, Roger,” Sue smiles, as she catches her film reel. She eyes Eleanor and Luca, who are looking at each other.

“Eleanor... Luca... one of you will be going on to the final two...” Roger says, “The other one will be out of the competition. They will have come all this way for nothing, but a wonderful experience and friends and memories that will last forever.”

“Ha! Don’t make me laugh,” Sue interrupts.

“Thank you, Sue, for ruining this moment...” Roger says, “Anyway, this final film reel is for...

... Eleanor,” Roger announces, tossing the final film reel to Eleanor.

“Oh, my gosh!” Eleanor stands up and jumps excitedly. She runs up and hugs Roger. She grabs the film reel, “I made it to the final two!” She eyes Luca, sadly making his way down the Walk of Losers, “Luca, wait up!” Eleanor runs down the Walk of Losers, “I’m so sorry. I wish that we could’ve been the final two, instead of Sue and me. I’m really sorry this happened.”

“It’s just kind of disappointing that I made it so far in the game, and become so close to getting the money, just to have it taken away,” Luca looks down, “I’ve got nothing.”

“I know,” Eleanor sighs, “But it had to be one of us. And, you know, Roger was right. You seriously can’t say you’ve gotten nothing out of this experience. You’ve made some fans that will last you for life, Sydney, Monique, Marisol, Vladimir, River, Garret, me... I could go on, but I won’t. You’ve had a lot of fun, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Luca answers.

“You’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be famous, and you’ve gotten to see a lot of places that you wouldn’t have seen, otherwise,” Eleanor says, “This has been a really great experience for everyone, I think.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Luca looks up and smiles. He gives Eleanor a hug, which she returns.

“I know I am,” Eleanor smiles.

“Be sure you beat her for me,” Luca says.

“I will,” Eleanor says.

“Hurry up!” A voice from inside the Private Plane of Shame calls.

“Well, sounds like I’ve gotta go,” Luca says, “I’m going to the Loser Hotel. Marisol’s waiting.” He grins.

Eleanor laughs, “Yeah. I’ll see you later.” They hug one last time. Luca gets on the Private Plane of Shame, and it takes off. Eleanor walks back to Sue and Roger.

Roger turns to the camera, “That’s all for this installment. Be sure to join us next time, for the exciting finale! Eleanor versus Sue! Two longtime enemies battling it out in the most epic finale of all time! Be sure not miss it next on Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

Finale: The Winner of Total Drama: Los Angeles is...

“Last time on Total Drama: Los Angeles,” Roger begins, “Our final three contestants were brought out to skiing race. Sue won, no surprises there, and eliminated Luca, bringing Eleanor to the final two with her. Join us, right now, for the epic finale of Total... Drama... Los Angeles!”

The camera shifts to Eleanor in the confessional, “I really can’t believe I’m here,” Eleanor says, “The final two... I’m so close! It’s kind of incredible. If I can beat Sue in the last challenge, today, then I’ll win the money! I just don’t know if I can actually beat her. She’s really tough. I mean, even if I don’t win, I wouldn’t say I got nothing out of this experience. I found some really great friends, I’ve seen some great sights, met some interesting people, I learned a lot, and even got a boyfriend! I would say, that even if I lose today, this experience was worthwhile.”

The camera shifts to Sue, in the confessional, “I can totally believe I’m here. Just one more annoying teenager to eliminate,” Sue says, “This experience has been pretty awful. I haven’t gotten one thing out of it, but that’ll change, today, when I win all that money.” The camera shifts to Roger, standing outside of the hotel with Eleanor and Sue.

“Eleanor, Sue,” Roger addresses them, “We’ve really been through a lot together, haven’t we? It’s been a really great ride, like a roller coaster, hasn’t it?”

“No,” Sue answers.

“That was rhetorical,” Roger says, “I have to say, I’ve never seen a more determined final two, before, nor have I seen a better competition than this one. It’s really been a pleasure to host. I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“Well, that makes one of us,” Sue says.

“Two,” Eleanor corrects, “I really enjoyed it, too.”

“I’m glad,” Roger says, “Well, we should probably start the final challenge.”

“Yeah,” Eleanor says.

“Hurry up!” Sue says, “I want my money!”

“Okay, Sue...” Roger sighs, “Some things never change,” As he says this, a bus pulls up in front of the building, “Final two, I’d like to introduce you to a group of teenagers you’ve come to know very well. Please, welcome the eliminated contestants!” The doors of the bus swing open, and twenty teenagers file out. A blond blur rushes out from among them and surrounds Eleanor.

“Eleanor, I missed you so much!” Garret exclaims, “Like, sooooooo much! I really, really, really, really, really want you to win, today!” Garret grabs Eleanor around the waist and kisses her.

“Thank you, Garret,” Eleanor laughs, “I really want to win, too.”

“Okay, Garret, go join them eliminated contestants, please,” Roger says. Garret sprints back to the others, “Okay, eliminated contestants, I need you to divide up into who you are supporting. Mason, as the first eliminated contestant, you’ll choose first.”

Mason walks over to Sue. He says, “I hate you.” Then, he crosses over to Eleanor.

“Diego, you’re up next,” Roger says.

“Well, I don’t remember very much from my time in the competition,” Diego says, “But I remember you were awful to me. So, I chose the stronger competitor,” Diego adds, “We watched the show from the hotel.” He walks over to Sue’s side.

“Hailey, you can go next,” Roger says.

“Okay, so, I don’t know either of you very well, but Eleanor seems nicer so...” Hailey walks over to Eleanor’s side.

“Jenna, you’re next,” Roger says.

Jenna glares at Hailey and crosses to Sue’s side, “I don’t want to be on the same side as Hailey.”

“Okay, well, that was... predictable,” Roger says, “Maurice, it’s your turn.” Maurice silently walks to Eleanor’s side.

“Traitor!” Sue hisses. Maurice shrugs.

“You’re up, Juliana,” Roger says.

“Okay, so, I don’t really know you guys, but I think I’d get along better with Eleanor,” Juliana walks to Eleanor’s side.

“You’d get along just fine with me!” Sue exclaims.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure,” Roger says, “Buddy, it’s your turn.”

“I hate you both, but I hate Eleanor more,” Buddy says. He walks over to Sue’s side.

“Great. Vladimir, you’re up,” Roger says. Vladimir crosses to Eleanor’s side. Roger says. “Terri, it’s your turn.”

“Well, I don’t know either of you, but Sue’s cruel personality makes me laugh,” Terri says, “Ha... ha... ha...” Terri crosses to Sue’s side.

“River, you’re up,” Roger says.

“I pick Terri,” River follows Terri over to Sue’s side.

“You’re not actually picking Terri, River,” Eleanor explains, “Terri chose Sue, for some reason. If you follow Terri, you’ll choose Sue.”

“I’ll do anything to be with Terri,” River sighs. He walks over to Terri and puts an arm around her. Terri rolls her eyes and removes it.

“Aren’t they a lovely couple?” Roger asks.

“Yes,” River says.

“We aren’t a couple!” Terri exclaims.

“Aw, so sweet,” Roger snickers, “Sydney, it’s your turn,” Sydney walks over to Eleanor’s side, “Okay, Aphasia, it’s your turn.”

“Hm... Eleanor’s wearing jewelry, while Sue isn’t, so I’ve gotta go with Eleanor,” Aphasia says.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Eleanor asks.

“Well... no reason,” Aphasia’s eyes dart back and forth, as she heads to Eleanor’s side.

“Some things never change,” Juliana says.

“Garret, it’s your turn,” Roger says, looking at the contestants. Nobody moves, “Garret, I said it was your turn.”

“I know,” Garret says.

Roger turns around to Eleanor’s side, surprised to find Garret already standing there, “How did you... never mind. Shirley, it’s your turn.”

“Well, my publicist has informed me that it would good for my reputation to support the less popular contestant,” Shirley walks over to Sue’s side.

“Monique, your turn,” Roger says.

“Okay, well, I joined an alliance with Sue, so I should probably stay loyal to that,” Monique shrugs.

“Kurt, you have to pick, now,” Roger instructs.

“Sue seems kind of like a jerk, so, I have to go with Eleanor,” Kurt walks to Eleanor’s side.

“How true,” Roger says, “Emmett, you’re up.”

“Eleanor was one of my best friends in the competition, so I’ll have to stick by her,” Emmett walks to Eleanor’s side.

“Lydia, it’s your turn,” Roger says.

“Well, Roger, the thing is, I don’t really care who wins, so I’m going to stick with Shirley!!” She exclaims and skips and twirls over to Sue’s side.

“I’d like to change sides,” Shirley raises her hand.

“That’s too bad,” Roger says, “Marisol, you’re up.”

“Up until the merge, I didn’t really have a girl I could talk to. Then I met Eleanor, and I finally got what I wanted, so I have to pick her,” Marisol explains, walking to Eleanor’s side.

“Hugh, it’s your turn,” Roger says.

“I want Sue to go down, and I want to be involved in that in any way possible, so I’ll have to choose Eleanor,” Hugh skips over to Eleanor’s side, shaking the ground as he does.

“Finally, we have Luca,” Roger announces.

“I’ve gotta go with Eleanor on this one,” Luca says, as he walks over to Eleanor’s side. He stands next to Marisol, and the two hold hands.

Eleanor sees this and says, “Wait, are you two...?”

“Yep, we’re dating,” Marisol smiles.

“I’m so happy for you!” Eleanor hugs Marisol, “It’s about time,” She says in the confessional.

“Yes, very touching,” Roger says, “It’s time for me to announce the final challenge. This challenge will consist of four parts. Our finalists will only compete in the final part. The other three will involve one representative of each respective cheering section for each challenge participating in that. I’ll let you decide who will be competing in each of the challenges, now.”

“Well, what are the challenges?” Eleanor asks.

“What fun would it be if I told you?” Roger asks.

“Of course...” Eleanor explains.

“You have fifteen minutes to decide,” The camera shifts to Sue’s cheering section in a huddle.

“Okay, so who’s going in?” Sue asks. Nobody says anything, “Come on, you wimps!! Somebody has to compete!”

“River will compete,” Terri shoves River in the middle of the circle, “Anything to get away from him,” Terri says in the confessional.

“Anything for Terri!” River exclaims.

“Great, that’s one,” Sue says, “But I need two more.”

“Lydia will compete!” Shirley shoves Lydia into the middle of the circle.

“Are you kidding? I couldn’t leave your side for something as silly as this competition!” Lydia rushes back to Shirley’s side and throws her arms around her.

“How come it worked for you?” Shirley asks.

“Because mine is afraid of me, and attracted to me,” Terri says.

“Totally, bra,” River says.

“As interesting as this is, if you don’t step up, I’ll choose,” Sue says. Nobody says anything, “Okay, I’ve decided that the ones competing for me will be... Monique and Diego.”

“Ugh... fine,” Monique rolls her eyes.

“No problem,” Diego says. The camera shifts to Eleanor’s circle.

“Okay, guys, who’s going to represent me?” Eleanor asks.

“I’ll do anything for you, Eleanor!” Garret exclaims.

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” Eleanor kisses him on the cheek.

“I’d like to compete, too,” Marisol says.

“Thanks, Marisol,” Eleanor says, “Does anybody else want to?” Booming footsteps can be heard from the outside of circle. Suddenly, Hugh rushes into the circle, knocking over Luca and Kurt as he does so.

“I’m going to compete! I want to crush Sue into the ground!!” Hugh exclaims.

“Thank you, Hugh,” Eleanor says. The camera shifts to Roger, standing with Sue, Eleanor, Monique, River, Diego, Hugh, Marisol and Garret. Everyone else is sitting in bleachers.

“Okay, here to describe and run the first three challenges are our celebrity hosts from throughout the season,” Roger announces.

“That’s right, I’m back!!” Ellen DeGeneres steps out from directly behind Roger.

“Me too, maggots!!” Chef Hatchet walks out from behind Sue’s bleacher.

“And this also includes me,” Heidi Klum walks out from behind Eleanor’s bleacher. She walks up to Ellen, Chef and Roger, kissing them on either cheek, one by one.

“Please welcome back Ellen DeGeneres, Chef Hatchet, and Heidi Klum!” Roger announces. The contestants applaud. Roger continues, “They have all volunteered to run each of the three challenges. Upon completion of each of the challenges, you’ll be given a number. Once you obtain all three numbers, you can use them to unlock a safe. This safe contains a key. This key, like many others, opens a door. Behind this door is the case with the million-dollar prize. I’ll explain more about that, later. I’ll let our celebrity guests take it over from here. Heidi, you can go first.”

Heidi, wearing a brown overcoat that covers her clothes, steps forward and says, “Hello. Your challenge today involves accessorizing.” As she says this, a large truck drives up behind her, and dumps out a mountain of purses.

“Wow!” Monique’s eyes widen, as she gazes longingly at the purses.

“Not for you, my dear,” Heidi snaps her fingers, “Anyway, take a look at what I am wearing,” She removes her overcoat. She is wearing a sparkling purple gown, “I want you to pick a purse that matches this outfit. If I like it and think it matches, then I will give you the number for your safe.”

“Ellen, please explain your challenge,” Roger request.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Ellen exclaims. She pauses, then says, “Okay, my challenge is one of my personal favorites,” She reaches behind her back and removes two boxes from seemingly nowhere, “These are puzzles,” She tosses them on a nearby table, “Guess what they make?” She excitedly asks.

“I don’t know...” Monique sighs.

“I don’t care,” Sue answers.

“They make my face!” Ellen exclaims, “Once you complete my face out of puzzle pieces, I’ll give you my number!”

“That’s what you came up with?” Roger asks, “Of all the challenges you could’ve made, you go with that? Oh, well... whatever... Chef Hatchet, please explain your challenge.”

“Alright, maggots, my challenge is one of my favorites from Total Drama Island,” Chef begins, “It’s the animal capture challenge. I’ll assign both of the competitors an animal, and if you successfully find, capture and bring back that animal, I will give you my number!”

“Thank you, Chef Hatchet,” Roger says, “Sue and Eleanor, decide who among your teammates will be competing for each challenge.”

“I think it would be best if I competed in the purse challenge,” Monique immediately says.

“I agree,” Sue nods, “River, since you have zero brainpower, you can’t compete in the puzzle challenge. You’ll have to compete in the animal capture challenge. Diego, you’ll be completing the puzzle.”

“Eleanor, sign me up for the purse challenge!” Hugh snaps his fingers in Eleanor’s face.

“Alright, fine,” Eleanor says, “Garret, sweetie, I think it would be best if you did the animal challenge, because you run so quickly. Marisol, I’d like you to compete in the puzzle challenge.”

“Sounds good to me!” Garret exclaims.

“Sure,” Marisol says.

“Now that you’re decisions have been made, River, Monique, Diego, Hugh, Garret, and Marisol, please go with the celebrity running your challenge,” Roger instructs. Monique and Hugh give each other a death stare as they walk over to Heidi Klum and her mountain of purses. Diego and Marisol shake hands, as they follow Ellen to her table. River watches in awe as Garret speeds ahead of him Chef Hatchet.

“Whoa... you’re like... awesome...” River says. The camera shifts to Heidi Klum. Behind her is the mountain of purses and next to her are Monique and Hugh.

“Alright, Monique, Hugh,” Heidi says, “Start searching.” Heidi removes her overcoat once again and drops it on the ground, “I want a purse that goes with my dress.”

Monique dives headfirst into the mountain of purses, rooting through them and trying to find one that she thought matched Heidi’s dress. Hugh ran directly at the mountain of purses, jumped on the side, and slid down. Hugh lay on the ground in front of the purse mountain, and then got up after a minute. Hugh took one purse off of the pile, looked at it, deemed it unworthy, and then threw it aside. As soon as it landed, Monique’s head popped out of the pile, “Found one!” She exclaims. She is holding a shimmering silver purse. She rushes over to Heidi, and she gives her the purse.

Heidi looks it over, looks at her dress, and says, “I deem this purse...” The camera shifts to Diego and Marisol, piecing together their puzzles.

“I think you have one of my pieces,” Diego says.

“No, I made sure my pieces were on my side of the table,” Marisol replies.

“I’m pretty sure you have one of mine,” Diego persists, “I’m missing one piece to my puzzle, look!” Marisol looks at his puzzle and nods, “I don’t have it, so you must.”

“Is this the piece you’re looking for?” Ellen pops her head up from behind the table. She places a puzzle piece on the table. Diego takes it and tries to fit into his puzzle.

“... No...” Diego says.

“Is it this one?” Ellen places another piece on the table. Diego tries to place the piece into the puzzle.

“... No...” Diego sighs.

“Done!” Marisol exclaims.

Ellen looks at Marisol’s puzzle, “Here’s your number, my dear,” Ellen hands Marisol a slip of paper with a number on it. Marisol runs back to Eleanor and hands her the number. Ellen looks at Diego’s puzzle, “Is it... this one?” She produces a third puzzle piece onto the table.

Diego tries to fit it in, “... No...” The camera shifts back to Heidi, Monique and Hugh.

“This purse is acceptable,” Heidi says.

“Yes!” Monique exclaims.

“I left the numbers in my overcoat,” Heidi bends over to pick up her overcoat. Heidi is surprised to find it not there.

“It’s gone,” Hugh observes.

“We see that!” Monique snaps.

“Well, I can’t give either of you your numbers until we find it,” Heidi says.

Out of the corner of her eye, Monique notices a figure in Heidi’s overcoat slowly backing away, “There’s your overcoat,” Monique motions over her shoulder. She runs after the overcoat and tackles the person wearing it. She removes the overcoat.

“I was just taking Heidi’s overcoat to the cleaners...” Aphasia says. Monique rolls her eyes and brings the overcoat back to Heidi.

“Thank you,” Heidi says, “And here’s your number,” She reaches into the pocket of the overcoat and gives her the slip of paper. Monique heads back to the others. She hands her number to Sue.

“I found a purse for you, Heidi!” Hugh rushes up to her, holding a deep yellow clutch.

Heidi takes it from him and examines it, “This purse is... okay. I’ll accept it. Here is your number,” Heidi stoops down, removes the number from her overcoat and hands the slip of paper to Hugh. Hugh heads back to the other contestants. The camera cuts to Chef Hatchet, River and Garret.

“Alright, you turnips,” Chef begins.

“Turnips?” River asks, “Righteous.”

“Shut your pie-hole, maggot!” Chef shouts, “Now, hippie kid, you have to find me a chipmunk, and hyper boy, you have to find me a squirrel. Get to it, soldiers! Now!” Garret rushes away in a cyan and blond blur, and almost immediately rushes back, carrying a squirrel.

“Here you go, Chef Hatchet, sir!” Garret exclaims, giving Chef a salute. He handed Chef the squirrel.

“Alright, maggot, here is your number,” Chef reaches into his apron pocket and whips out a slip of paper. He thrusts it into Garret’s hand. Garret disappears, and reappears with the other competitors. He hands Eleanor the number, “Looks like the hyper kid already got his animal. You’d better hurry up, flower power.”

“I’m on it,” River walks over to nearby tree. He removes an acorn from his pocket. He places his back against the tree and holds the acorn above his head, “Come on down, little chipmunk.” A chipmunk scampers down the tree trunk and grabs the acorn. The chipmunk climbs into River’s open and empty palm, “I’ve got your chipmunk, man.” He walks over to Chef and hands him the chipmunk. The chipmunk bites Chef Hatchet’s nose.

“You little rodent!” Chef grabs the chipmunk and throws it onto the ground, “Take your stinkin’ number!” Chef takes out the slip of paper from his pocket and throws it at River.

“Awesome,” River takes it and heads back to the other contestants.

“Good luck, soldier!” Chef salutes River. The chipmunk mimics Chef from the ground and salutes River. The camera shifts to Diego and Ellen.

Diego’s head is in his hands and on the table. Ellen places a puzzle piece on his head, “Is it... this one?”

“No...” Diego answers after trying to fit it in.

“Is it... this one?” Ellen places another puzzle piece on the table.

Diego takes it and successfully fits it in, “... No...” He actually looks at the puzzle now, “I mean, yes! YES! Thank you, Ellen!” Diego takes Ellen and kisses her on the cheek.

“Yeah, yeah, here’s your number,” Ellen gives Diego a slip of paper. Diego heads back to the other contestants. The camera shifts to Marisol, Diego, Monique, Hugh, River and Garret, standing behind Eleanor and Sue. Eleanor and Sue have already collected the numbers.

“Eleanor, Sue,” Roger begins, “The final challenge is simple. It’s just a race to the lockers that are inside the lobby of the hotel. Eleanor’s locker is red, and Sue’s is blue. Once you open your locker is open, then you’ll take the key inside to your door. Once again, Eleanor’s is red, and Sue’s is blue. You should be able to find the doors, quickly. Only one door in the lobby is red and only one is blue. The contestant that gets to the case within and brings it back to me first, will be the winner. That’s all. Now... go!”

Eleanor and Sue rush into the hotel. The camera follows them. Eleanor looks around and spots her red locker. She runs to it and takes out the numbers in her pocket. She inputs the combination, opens it and finds the key. She looks over and finds Sue already heading for her door. The camera now follows Sue. Sue knocks into the blue door, breaking it down. She rushes down the hall and finds a suitcase inside. She picks it up and runs out. Eleanor is already out of her door. The two are now neck in neck, neither one is taking a clear lead. The former contestants are watching, wide-eyed, trying to see who will win. They both rush up to Roger. They both thrust their suitcases into Roger’s hands, however one of them is there before the other.

“Girls, you’ve both fought long and hard for this,” Roger says, “But one of you has given me your case before the other. The winner of Total Drama: Los Angeles and the million dollar prize is...

... Sue! Congratulations, Sue! You are the winner of Total Drama: Los Angeles!” Roger announces.

“YES!!” Sue shouts, “I won!! I mean, I knew I would, but I actually did, now. It just proves what I expected all along,” Sue folds her arms, “I’ll take my money, now.”

“Alright, alright,” Roger rolls his eyes. He walks back to the three celebrity guests, “Ellen, the money?”

“I thought Chef had it...” Ellen says.

“What? Me! I thought you gave the money to Heidi!” Chef says.

“I was never given the money,” Heidi says.

“Are you serious? Where’s the money?” Roger asks. Everyone simultaneously looks at Aphasia.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Aphasia is reaching into Marisol’s pocket, “But it wasn’t me, this time.” Marisol slaps Aphasia’s hand away.

“Well, then who has it?” Sue asks, “I want my money!!”

“I’m just messing with you guys; I had it all along!” Ellen pulls the suitcase out from behind her back. Roger takes it from her and gives it Sue.

“Sue, congratulations. You’ve earned it,” Roger hands Sue the suitcase.

“I won!” Sue cheers one more time, “Go Sue! Go Sue! Go Sue!”

The camera shifts to Eleanor, who is smiling, “Are you upset?” Garret asks her.

“No,” Eleanor shakes her head, “Even though I lost, I’d say I won, anyway.”

“Why’s that?” Garret asks.

“Because I won you,” Eleanor leans over and kisses him.

“Aw, isn’t that sweet?” Sue breaks the two apart, “But you know what’s sweeter? A million dollars!!” Sue does a victory dance. Eleanor sighs and rolls her eyes.

The camera cuts to Roger, in front of the contestants, “That’s all we have for this season of Total Drama: Los Angeles! Be sure to join me next time with twenty-two familiar faces! It’s going to be good, so stay tuned! Join me next time on Total... Drama... Superstars!”

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
12/1 Sue Safe Low Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Win Win Win OUT Low Low Win Win Safe Win Win Win Winner
2 EleanorC2 Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Low Win Win Win Win Low Win Win Win Low Low Low Low Low Runner-up
3 Luca Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Safe OUT
4 Hugh Low Win Win Win Win Win Win Low Safe* Safe* Win Win Safe* Safe Win Win Safe Low OUT
5 Marisol
Debuts in chapter twelve
Win Win Safe Win Win Safe OUT**
6 Lydia Low Win Safe Low Win Low Win Win Win Win Low Win Safe Safe Safe Win OUT**
7 Emmett Safe Safe Win Win Low Win Safe Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Low Win OUT
8 KurtC1 Safe Win Safe Safe Win Safe Win Win Win Win Safe Win Safe Safe Safe OUT
9 MoniqueC1 Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe* Safe Low Win Win Safe Safe OUT
10 Shirley Safe Win Safe Safe Win Safe Win Win Win Win Safe Win Safe OUT
11 Garret Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Win Win Win Safe OUT
13 Aphasia Safe Win Safe Safe Win Safe* Win Win Win Win OUT
14 Sydney Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe Low OUT
15/16 Terri Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe OUT
16/15 River Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe OUT
17 Vladimir Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win OUT
18 Buddy Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win OUT
19 Juliana Safe Win Safe Safe Win OUT
20 Maurice Safe Safe Win Win OUT
21 Jenna Safe Win Low OUT
22 Hailey Safe Win OUT
23 DiegoC1 Safe OUT
24 Mason OUT

*- this contestant earned immunity without winning a challenge
**- this contestant was eliminated by choice

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