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One year after Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Chris McLean takes twenty-two teenagers with ages from 16 to 17 years old, to compete in a new season of Total Drama. They'll have to face several challenges at the once successful, now abandoned and mysterious Paradise Falls resort. They will have to survive the challenges, the island, themselves, and the sadist host, Chris McLean, to win the prize money: one billion dollars.



Chris McLean

Chef Hatchet

Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran

Crystal McLean








Danny L.


















Chapter 1 – Arriving at Paradise Falls

Chris Mclean is seen standing on a dock. “Hello! Welcome to another season of Total Drama. I’m your host Chris McLean, this season is taking place at the Paradise Falls resort!” Chris walks around on the docks. “This time, twenty-two new contestants are competing for a huge cash-prize of a billion dollars! Now you're wondering, where are the guys and girls you loved, hated and were rooting for? Well, they are living a normal life, with their family. Sadly, they all sued me, and I had to break their contracts,” Chris says. “Now, I’m bringing new teens to this crappy, semi-destroyed resort. They will be divided into two teams, and will be competing in challenges set almost every day. You know the rest. So, sit down and enjoy the first episode of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

A boat arrives at the island.

“Here’s our first contestant.” Chris says.

A girl with a ponytail, who is wearing a t-shirt featuring a cat steps off of the boat. “Hello Chris. I’m Joanne,” the girl says.

“Welcome to Paradise Falls,” Chris replies.

“Thank you,” Joanne replies.

“Shut up. You're boring,” Chris replies. Joanne blankly stares at him.

Another boat arrives. A guy with black hair and a relaxed look on his face steps from it. “Hey," the boy says, making a "hang loose" gesture with his hands.

Nigel, right?” Chris asks. The boy nods. Nigel walks to the other side of the dock.

“Hi. I’m Joanne,” Joanne waves to the quiet boy.

Nigel doesn't reply.

“Nothing to say?” Joanne asks.

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

Another boat arrives. A skinny, short boy with black hair steps off of the boat.

“This is Benny,” Chris says.

“Hey,” Benny laughs.

“Hello. Welcome to Paradise Falls,” Chris greets him.

“This is where we're going to be staying? It's actually pretty,” Benny says. He pauses for a moment, and then continues, “Pretty bad.” He starts laughing uncontrollably.

Everyone stares at him with a raised eyebrow.

“What...?” Chris asks, with a raised eyebrow.

“I know, I know. I’m hilarious,” Benny replies.

“No, that actually wasn’t hilarious. That sucked dude.” Chris said.

“Agreed,” Joanne says.

“’Yeah,” Nigel also agrees.

Benny frowns, “You guys don’t have any sense of humor.” He walks to the other side of the dock.

“Whatever. So, let’s all meet Catheryn,” Chris says.

A pretty, black-haired girl steps from the boat. “Hello. I’m Catheryn Elisabeth Heidimond,” Catheryn says.

“Hey, are you Richard Jackson Heidimond’s daughter?” Joanne asks.

“The multi-millionaire businessman, owner of the Heidimond Hotels?!?!” Benny is surprised.

“Yes. That's me,” Catheryn replies.

“Girl, you are like a millionaire,” Benny states.

“Yes, I am,” Catheryn says, “And I’m here to win more money.”

“But you already are rich and famous,” Joanne says.

Chris says, “Save the chat for later. We're on a tight schedule.”

A girl arrives. She jumps off of the boat and twirls mid-air. She falls, slamming her chin against the Dock, and then sinking into the water.

“This is Bitsy.” Chris shouts. Bitsy gets out of the water. “Are you okay?” Benny asks. “I am, thanks,” Bitsy replies with a smile. She gets up and in excitement says, “Well, looks, like ponytail twirls don't work in real life. But here I am! This place looks awesome!”

“Welcome to Paradise Falls.” Chris greets her with a smile.

“Chris, the worst villain in the world, since King Goopa Broopa,” Bitsy states.

“Isn't it a character from this nerd game?” Catheryn asks.

“OMG, do you play those games too?” Bitsy excitedly asks.

“No way.” Catheryn says.

“But I do,” Benny says. Bitsy squeals.

“What is that crap, dude?” Chris questions.

Another boat arrived. A young man, with baggy pants and his hat backwards, steps from the boat. “Yo, yo, yo. Danny L. is in da house,” The young man says. “Yo, Danny,” Chris welcomes him. “Yo, C-dawg McLean. Wazzup?” Danny L. asks.

“What’s up with your grammar?” Catheryn asks.

“That’s how gangstas speak, yo,” Danny replies.

“No it's not.” Nigel says.

Joanne raises an eyebrow, “He talks?”

“Yo. Whatevs. I’m here to win the money.” Danny L. says.

Chris looks over and sees that another boat is arriving, “Here comes our next contestant!”

A tall boy with a ponytail and a half-opened eye walks up to Chris. “Hey. This is Cliff, everyone.” says Chris.

“Yeah man.” Cliff replies, “Where’s my cabin? I’m tired.”

“Wait up, dude. We have fifteen more contestants to meet.” Chris replies.

“So, I’ll just take a nap right here,” Cliff says. He lies on the ground and begins to snore.

A boat arrives, with a red-headed girl sporting a Girl Scout uniform. “Here’s Fantine,” Chris says. “Hi,” Fantine waves. She steps off of the boat, “It’s so nice to be here.”

“I don’t want any cookies,” Catheryn says.

“I’m not here to sell anything.” Fantine replies.

“But you are a Scout girl,” Danny L. says.

“Just because she's a Girl Scout doesn’t mean she sells cookies everywhere she goes,” Benny says.

“Thank you.” Fantine says, nodding in agreement.

“She sells chocolates too,” Benny finishes the sentence. Fantine glares at Benny, and sticks her tongue out at him.

“Wow, conflicts. I love it,” Chris says.

“Wow, you're pretty sick and sadistic,” Catheryn says.

Chris glares at Catheryn and continues, “Whatever. Here’s comes our next contestant.”

A young girl wearing a red headband steps off of the boat. She asks, “Isn't that river beautiful?”

“No,” Catheryn replies.

“Hi, everybody. My name is Alice,” The girl says.

“Welcome to Paradise Falls,” Chris politely greets her.

“Thank you,” Alice replies.

Another boat is seen arriving. A girl with black hair featuring red streaks in it steps off of the boat. “Here’s Mona.” Chris says.

Mona makes a ‘rock on’ symbol with her hands and says, “Rock and Roll.”

“Welcome to Paradise Falls,” Chris says.

“Hey everybody,” Mona says, “I’m here to win, so feel free to just quit now.” Mona says.

Mona asks, “This place seems pretty boring. Dude, where’s all the fun? Where's the party??”

“There will be a party if you win,” Chris says, “Save the chit-chat for later. Faustino is arriving.”

A blond guy wearing clothes that are entirely green stands on the boat. He trips from the boat, and falls into the water.

“Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.” Benny laughs, “I’m so funny.” Everybody stares at him with a worried expression. “You have some serious issues, boy,” Catheryn says.

Fantine runs in Faustino's direction, and pulls him onto the dock, “Are you okay?”

“Yes I am, thanks. This happens a lot,” Faustino replies.

“Yeah, in your biography it says that you're not a very lucky boy,” Chris says.

“No. It‘s just that I’m a bit clumsy,” Faustino says. A seagull comes out of nowhere and attacks him. It eventually flies away. Faustino gets up after the attack, with a black eye and missing tooth.

“See. I told you,” Chris says.

“No, it’s totally normal. A person is attacked by a seagull that came from nowhere practically every day,” Mona sarcastically replies.

“Actually, seagull attacks are very frequent,” A male voice says.

“Hey. It’s Lancelot,” Chris says.

“Hello good people,” Lancelot says. He looks around the island, “This place is scary!”

Lancelot trembles in fear and begins to cry, “I want my mommy!”

“You want your ‘mommy’!? Dude, you’ll never get a girlfriend,” Catheryn says, “Or even a friend.”

“You're mean! I'm scared of mean people,” Lancelot cries.

Another boat arrives, who has clothing that is entirely pink.

“Hi everybody,” the girl waves. She steps off of the boat.

“Here’s Mindy,” Chris announces.

“Oh my. So much pinkness. My eyes!” Mona says with sarcasm.

Mindy smiles, and sweetly asks, “How is everyone doing?”

“Good.” Nigel says.

“Yo, gurl. Wazzup with dah pink?” Danny L. asks.

“Oh, I just love pink. So why shouldn’t I wear it?” Mindy replies. Another boat arrives. A tan-skinned, attractive female steps off.

“Welcome to Paradise Falls, Helen!” Chris says.

“Hey Chris,” Helen replies sweetly.

“Damn, yo. Hottie alert.” Danny L. says.

“Oh.. um thanks, sweetheart.” Helen replies.

“Wow. Not too shabby.” Benny says jokingly. He begins guffawing.

“So.. this place seems.. uh interesting.” Helen states.

“Yeah, it's interesting,” Catheryn rolls her eyes.

“Whatever. Here comes Sid,” Chris says.

A muscular guy with a blue mohawk steps onto the docks.

“Yo, dude.” Danny L. says. Sid passes by him, “Yo, homie. Mind shutting up?”

Mona sighs, “You aren't any fun.”

“I told you already, don't talk to me.” Sid angrily replies.

“Remember not to joke with this guy.” Benny whispers to Bitsy.

“Yes. He’s scarier than the zombies on Habitant Devil,” Bitsy replies . “Okay, be quiet please. Here’s the next contestant,” Chris says.

A male wearing a cowboy hat steps off of the boat.

“Hey. I’m Woodrow,” the cowboy says, “It’s so nice to meet y'all.”

“I think I've seen you somewhere before..” Faustino says.

“I'm Woodrow, champion of the National Rodeo for Young Men three years in a row,” Woodrow replies.

“Hey. I was there in one of those contests. I won the ‘Riding on horses’ medal there. Are you that ‘Sheriff Woody’ guy?” Fantine asks.

“Sure am, little lady! That's my career name.” Woodrow replies.

“You're famous!?!?” Catheryn takes out her notepad again, “Finally, someone I'm actually interested in.”

“Actually, I’m not that famous. I’m only known in my hometown,” Woodrow replies. Catheryn frowns and then walks away.

Another boat arrives. It drops a girl with a serious look on her face off and then zooms off.

“This is Lorelai!” Chris says.

“Hi... I'm so excited to meet all of you.” Lorelai replies with absolutely no emotion.

“Hey. Wazzup, gurl?” Danny L. asks.

“I’m Fine,” Lorelai replies. No expression is on her face.

“Uh, looks like the Ice Queen is in dah house,” Benny jokes. He begins to laugh.

“You are not funny.” Catheryn states.

“Actually, that one wasn’t half bad.” Joanne replies.

“...At least compared to some of his other ones.” Mona adds.

A brown-haired male wearing a red-sweater arrives on a parachute.

“Hey, looks like Zachariah has arrived!” Chris says.

“Yo Chris.” Zachariah greets Chris.

Zachariah notices Helen, “Hey, hottie. I’m Zachariah. You probably already know that.”

“Why would we know who you are?” Catheryn asks.

“Because he’s Zachariah Evans,” Faustino says.

“Who?” Catheryn asks.

“He’s the three-time winner of the Ontario’s Extreme Sports Championship. He is an inspiration to many people today,” Joanne replies.

“He's actually famous?” Catheryn asks.

“Yes,” Fantine replies.

“Finally, someone as famous as me,” Catheryn states.

Chris frowns. Catheryn pulls out a notepad and a pen. She asks Zachariah a question, “So, why are you here?”

“Let’s meet the next competitor,” Chris says. A girl wearing trendy clothing, consisting of a cyan scarf and black-skirt steps onto the docks. “This is Yumi,” Chris says.

“Hey everybody.” Yumi replies.

“Yo gurl, mah name’s Danny L,”

“Oh. Hi Daniel.” Yumi replies.

“No, not Daniel. Danny L. Get it right, gurl.” Danny l. replies.

“Okay, 'Danny L'. I like your shoes,” Yumi compliments him.

“Thanks, yo. I like them too, which is why I bought them in da first place, yo.” Danny L. says.

“Hey, nice scarf you have there.” Lorelai compliments Yumi, still no sort of emotion on her face.

“Thanks. I made it myself.” Yumi states.

“You've sure got a talent in fashion designing.” Mindy says.

Another boat arrives with an attractive and tanned male. “Yo Kasey. Welcome to Total Drama,” Chris says.

Most of the girls begin to drool over Kasey upon seeing him.

“Dude, you are so freaking smexy.” Mona states.

“You are so hot I’d eat you with cotton candy!” Mindy is mesmerized by him. Everybody looks at her worriedly. Mindy blushes.

Suddenly, a helicopter lands on the beach. The pilot steps from it. “A pilot? We're going to be competing against an old man!?” Faustino asks.

“No, he isn’t competing,” Chris replies.

The pilot opens the door of the helicopter and sets a large amount of luggage on the docks. A blonde-haired boy steps out of the helicopter.

“This is Orlando,” Chris says.

“Actually it's Orlando Edgar Ogdenbuillt IV.” Orlando replies.

“Hey, you're that spoiled kid who has the super-rich pa! I saw you on TV once,” Woodrow says.

“Don’t talk to me. I’m not allowed to talk to peasants.” Orlando replies.

“Orlando?” Catheryn says.

“Catheryn?!” Orlando looks over at Catheryn. “What are you doing here?”

“The same thing that you are, ‘sweetie’.” Catheryn replies.

“You know each other..?” Mona asks.

Catheryn smiles, “It’s a long story. We used to be best friends, but then his family moved because..,” Orlando quickly interrupts her, “Let's just not talk about it.”

“Someday they’ll have know.” Catheryn smirks.

The final arrives. A brunette girl with relaxed eyes steps from the boat. She doesn’t carry any luggage with her. “Nature is so beautiful, mann. Who’s the monster who built a hotel next to such a beautiful forest?”

“This is our final contestant, Starlight!” Chris says.

“Heeeeeey, brothers and sisters,” Starlight makes the peace sign, “I hope we get all groooooovy, maaaan.”

“Okay, everybody has arrived. Let’s go and see the place.”

“You are ruining our blast, maaaaaan,” Starlight replies. She joins the other contestants in line.

The scene cuts to Chris and the contestants walking inside of the resort, “This is Paradise Falls. A former successful resort,” Chris informs them, ” Then, something happened. Something bad. When I say bad, I mean something absolutely horrifying.”

Lancelot wets himself in fear. Everyone looked at him with disgust.

“What happened?” Mindy asks.

“A bear attack.” Chris says. Lancelot screams in fear.

They stop in front of a wooden door. “This is our Confessional Sauna. All of your confessions will be 'hot'.” Chris snickers.

Lorelai is the first to use the confessional, “This sucks.”

Cliff is sleeping in the confessional.

Lancelot is in the confessional, “I always wanted to go to a sauna. However, it always scared me. But here I am, facing my fear. I’m so brave.” Lancelot proudly says. He then starts to cry, “I want my mommy.”

“Let's just get the teams over with now.” Chris says.

“Can I choose it?” Mindy excitedly asks.

“No. They have already been chosen. Alice, Catheryn, Zachariah, Orlando, Nigel, Yumi, Lorelai, Fausino, Lancelot, Benny and Mindy, you’re the ‘Mad Raccoons’!” Chris throws a blue flag to Yumi.

“Yay. I love raccoons. They are so cute!” Mindy squeals, “EEEEEEEEE.”

“I like raccoons too,” Faustino says. A raccoon then comes out of nowhere and begins attacking Faustino.

“That means that Cliff, Fantine, Danny L., Helen, Sid, Mona, Bitsy, Kasey, Joanne, Woodrow and Starlight are the 'Angry Birds'!” Chris throws a red flag to Helen.

“Angry birds? I love that game!” Bitsy says.

“I love birds. I even have the Barbara Chick doll with that comes with a little cute bird." Fantine states.

“Each team will get two rooms. One for the boys and the other for the girls.” Chris took four keys from his pocket, “The ‘Raccoons’ get rooms 28 and 29. The ‘Birds’ have rooms 30 and 31.” Chris says.

“And where might the rooms be? I’m tired.” Says Cliff.

“On the second floor.” Chris points to the stares. Everybody immediately dashes up the stairway.

The scene cuts to Chris and the contestants entering the resort's restaurant. “So, here’s the restaurant.” Chris says. “And guess what, Chef's back once again!”

Chef grumbles.

“Crap,” Mona dodges an apple that Chef throws at her.

“Now follow me. Let's take a look at what our first challenge will be.” Chris gives an evil smirk.

The twenty two contestants and Chris walk towards the dock.

The scene cuts to Chris and the twenty-two teens on top of a large cliff. “Guess what? All of you are going to be diving from this enormous cliff into the waters below!” Chris states.

“Wow, what an original challenge,” a familiar female voice is heard.

Everybody gasps as they turn around.

“What are you doing here?” Chris asks angrily.

“Dang, I thought you were dead!” Woodrow says.

“I’m not dead,” The woman says. The woman is revealed to be Blainely. “And I’m here to host this show!” She smirks.

Chapter 2 – The Alive Host’s Chest

Chris is shown sitting in a lounge chair wearing sunglasses and sipping a drink from a glass. “Last time on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, the twenty two contestants arrived, and we chose the teams,” Chris says.

Blaineley walks up to the dock. “And then Chris was replaced by me, a way better host than him.” the blonde diva hostess says.

“Get out. This show is only for real hosts,” Chris says, “Anyway, today we are having the first challenge. Who’s will win? Who’s going to be the first to walk the dock of shame? Find out here, on…”

“…Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls,” Blaineley says, interrupting Chris.

“Get out,” Chris says to Blaineley.

(Theme Song)

The campers are seen atop of the small cliff, along with Chris and Blaineley, where they ended last episode.

“What on earth are you doing here?” Chris asks.

“I got a call of the producers, saying that they wanted me to host the show, along with you” Blaineley says.

“But it’s my show,” Chris says

“Well, according to the producers, it’s not anymore.” Blaineley replies.

Chris cellphone rings and he answers the call, “What..?”

“Dude, I’m sleepy. Can we please start the challenge?” Cliff states.

“Yeah. You're the host, so host this freaking show!” Catheryn shouts.

Chris turns out the cellphone, “It was the producers. They informed me that both me and Blaineley will be hosting.. sadly.”

“Finally this show will have a decent host!” Blaineley states.

“Let good ol' Chris host the show.” Chris says.

“Old? We can’t deny that. But good? No way.” Blaineley says in the confessional.

“So, the first challenge is simple: there are a couple of trunks in the lake. One of them has a key inside. You’ll have to dive down into the deep lake, pick a trunk and return back here with it. Then, you’ll have to open the trunk. The team who finds the trunk with the key first will win the first part of the challenge and a prize that will give them a big advantage in the second part.” Chris says.

“This reminds me of one of the mini-games from Nario Feast!” Bitsy says in the confessional.

“There has to be something else. Sharks? Eels? Half-mutant half-cyborg dolphins?” Mona asks.

“Nothing. It’s just a simple challenge. No dangerous obstacles.” Chris replies.

“Really?” Catheryn asks.

The entire group is shocked.

“Yes, really.” Chris smirks.

“Dang! I was looking forward to swimming with sharks, eels and half-mutant half-cyborg dolphins!” Zachariah says.

“Anyway, who’s going first for the Raccoons?

“Me!” Zachariah raises his hand.

“And for the Angry Birds?” Chris asks.

“I’ll go for my team. I’m a good swimmer. I even won a medal for it.” Fantine says.

Fantine and Zachariah get in the position. “Ready.. set... GO!” Fantine and Zachariah jump into the water.

Fantine screams, while Zachariah is seen doing tricks and backflips in the air. They both hit the water at the same time.

“Go Fantine!” Bitsy shouts.

“You can do it Zach!” Mindy shouts.

Zachariah notices a trunk and swim in it’s direction. He grabs it and swims to shore.

“Yeah! Go Zachariah!” Nigel shouts.

“Where’s Fantine?” Woodrow asks.

Zachariah arrives at the top of the of the cliff. “Here I am!” He shouts.

“Let’s open it!” Catheryn says. Zachariah picks up the key, and opens the trunk.

“Look. She’s gettin' out of dah water, yo.” Danny L. says. Fantine runs to the cliff.

“There's nothing in the chest!” Faustino says.

“My turn.” Alice says. She runs and jumps into the water, whilst Fantine arrives with the chest.

“Quick!” Mona says. Fantine takes the key, and opens the trunk, which turns out to be empty.

“My turn. Here I go!” Woodrow shouts. He then jumps into the water.

Alice continues swimming. “Aww yeah little guy!” she says to a fish. Alice then follows the fish as it swims away.

Woodrow hits the water and begins searching for the chest.

The fish swims to a trunk. Alice grabs it and swims back to the shore.

Woodrow sees Alice with a trunk, and continues looking for one. He finally sees one and swims towards it.

Alice gets out of the water and runs to the cliff.

“She's out.” Lorelai dryly states. The rest of the team cheers.

Woodrow gets out of the water just a few seconds after Alice.

“Woody, quick!” Starlight shouts to the cowboy.

Alice reaches the cliff.

“Yay. How did you get it so fast?” Lancelot] asks.

“A sweet aquatic friend of mine helped me!” Alice says.

“Can we please quit the chit-chat and open this darn thing!” Catheryn says.

Woodrow then arrives at the cliff. “Good job, bro.” Starlight says. She kisses him on the cheek.

Woodrow blushes.

Alice opens the treasure chest. It turns out to be empty.

“Haha, my turn!” Benny says. The jokester runs and jumps into the water.

The Angry Birds open their treasure chest, which is also empty. “Who’s next?” Woodrow asks.

“I’ll go!” Helen volunteers. She runs to the edge of the cliff and leaps into the water.

“Woo. That gurl's hawt, yo.” Danny L. says.

“Oh yeah...” Sid replies.

Benny emerges from the water without a chest.

“What?! Where is your chest?” Catheryn is filled with rage.

“I couldn't stay underwater for very long.. sorry.” Benny sighs.

“You're not nearly as good as I am.” Orlando rolls his eyes.

“Okay, if you're so great then you can go.” Benny says. The rich boy jumps into the water.

Helen then arrives at the cliff with a chest, “Here I am.”

“Gopd! Now open it.” Mona says. They open the treasure chest and it is once again empty.

“My turn.” Kasey says. He takes his shirt off. The girls squeal and Joanne faints. The hunk then jumps into the waters.

Orlando reaches the cliff with a chest.

“Where’s the hot boy?” Bitsy asks, worriedly. Kasey then gets out of the water, with a group of fish behind him. The aquatic animals give the treasure chest to him and then swim back out into the water.

Orlando the trunk to the ground. He then opens it, but it happens to be empty.

“This challenge is getting boring.” Yumi sighs in the confessional.

“Time to step it up a bit.” Chris says. A helicopter then arrives and dumps several boxes into the lake. Two sharks get out of each box.

Lancelot screams in the confessional.

“I'll go.” Bitsy gulps. She runs into the water.

“I’m not afraid of any stupid sharks,” Catheryn says. She dives into the water.

Bitsy is seen underwater. She finds a trunk, takes it and swims back to the beach. Catheryn reaches a trunk just as the gamer girl reaches the shore.

“I hate this girl,” Bitsy says in the confessional.

“I’m here!” Catheryn screams as she gets out of the water. Her team cheers.

“Bitsy is here too!” Bitsy says. The two girls run back to the top of the cliff. Catheryn arrives first, with Bitsy very close behind her.

“Quick yo. We've gotta win dis challenge!" Danny L. rushes her.

Chris comes in with Blaineley. “This challenge has been pretty boring, so let’s ” the mean host says.

“Totally. Because sharks eating a group of weird teenagers are so funny,” Blaineley sarcastically replies, rolling her eyes.

“Sharks?” Mindy shouts.

“I know we shouldn’t trust Chris,” Mona says in the confessional.

“Sharks are awesome,” Zachariah cheers, “Woohoo.”

“I prefer bunnies, butterflies, kitties, puppies,” Mindy says.

A few helicopters come from somewhere, each bringing up a box. The boxes fall in the water, releasing a group of sharks.

“My turn,” Starlight says. The hippie girl runs and jumps into the water.

“Let me go again, Chris. Please!” Zachariah says.

“No.” the host replies sternly.

“I’ll go!” Nigel says, and runs. The quiet teen then jumps into the lake.

Starlight is seen underwater. A shark then comes to attack her. She replies at the shark with a smile.

Nigel is seen swimming, looking for a trunk. He then sees something bright, and goes swimming at the mystery object’s direction.

The scene cut out to Starlight riding on the shark. Starlight spots a trunk and makes a “stop” sign with her hands. The ferocious animal stops and the hippie girl gets off of his back. She grabs the trunk.

The scene cuts to Nigel getting out of the water and running towards the top of the cliff. His team cheers. Starlight gets out of the water a few second after the silent skater.

Nigel arrives at the top of the cliff.

“Quick!” Catheryn shouts. Nigel puts the trunk into the ground. The team quickly opens it.

Starlight arrives at the top of the cliff with the chest.

The Raccons’ open their chest, which is empty. “Crap!” Catheryn shouts.

“I hate this challenge,” Catheryn says in the confessional.

The Birds open their trunk. “We found the key!” Mona shouts, as she picks the key and shows it to Chris.

“The Angry Birds won the first part of the challenge.” Chris says.

The winning team cheers.

“Here’s your prize.” Chris says. He hands a bag to Woodrow.

Helen takes a spoon from the bag, “Spoons?!”

“And a map,” Joanne continues.

“What is this? A pirate-eating challenge!” Benny begins bursting out in laughter. Bitsy is the only other person to laugh.

“It would be so cool if it was an eating challenge,” Woodrow states in the confessional.

“Okay, go change your clothes and meet me at the docks in exactly one hour so we can start the second part of the challenge.” Chris instructs.

“And don’t forget to bring the prize with you,” Blaineley adds.

“But I was going to say that..” Chris says.

“Gotta be faster.” Blaineley replies. Chris sticks his tongue out at her.

“They looked like two toddlers fighting!” Mona says in the confessional.

“That was a hilarious fight,” Bitsy says in the confessional.

The scene cuts to Chris, Chef, Blaineley and the contestants standing at the entrace to the dark, eerie forest.

“This place is really creeping me out!” Lancelot says.

“Stay calm, yo.” Danny L. replies.

“In this part of the challenge, you’ll have to find a mysterious treasure chest that I’ve buried somewhere deep in the forest. You’ll have to dig it and bring it to the finish line.” Chris says.

“The team who reaches the finish line first wins immunity.” Blaineley says.

“The losing team will be voting someone out tonight.” Chris adds.

“The treasure chest’s location is on the map that the Evil-Killer-Chickens-Whatever team won.” Blaineley says.

“It's the 'Angry Birds'.” Bitsy corrects.

“Whatever.” Blaineley rolls her eyes.

“So, are we going to get a map as well?” Zachariah asks.

“No. You lost the challenge, you get nothing,” Chris says.

“Aww, what?!” The team shouts in unison.

“But, how will we find Chef without a map?” Faustino asks.

“I don’t know. You guys figure that out.” Chris replies.

“That’s really unfair,” Faustino says in the confessional. A loon enters the confessional and begins attacking Faustino.

“I think a shovel would be more useful than a tiny freaking spoon.” Cliff says.

“Yeah. That would made the challenge easier.. as well as boring.” Chris replies.

“Chris’s not mah bro anymore, yo,” Danny L. states in the confessional.

The Angry Birds are seen walking around in the forest. Helen is ahead of the group, holding the map, while the rest of the team follows behind her.

“I miss my video-games so much!” Bitsy cries.

“I really miss my Barbara Chick dolls..” Fantine replies.

The Mad Raccoons are seen hiding behind a tree. They are sneakily following the other team.

“What on earth are we going to do now?” Yumi asks.

“We're going to continue following them. Duh.” Catheryn replies.

“Why?” Lancelot questions.

“Because they have a map and know where the chest is,” Orlando says in an annoyed tone.

He is then seen in the confessional, “My team is full of idiots.”

“We must be sneaky..and that isn't going to happen with your constant talking.” Lorelai says.

The scene cuts to the Angry Birds. “We are so close.” Helen says.

Kasey is seen standing behind Helen, surveying the area. Bitsy and Joanne are gazing at him. The pretty boy looks at the two girls.

“It’s time to commence my plan,” Kasey says in the confessional.

“Hey girl,” Kasey says to Joanne.

“Oh, hey. What’s up?” Joanne replies. Kasey frowns and walks away.

“Okay, I tried to talk to her.. but she is just so boring,” Kasey says in the confessional.

The scene cuts to the Mad Raccoons, sneakily following the other team.

“Just one question, how we are going to win this? When they find the treasure chest, they’ll dash to the finish line with it.” Alice says.

“We will leave this little hideout and steal the chest from the other team.” Zachariah replies.

“Steal? But, it’s wrong. We can’t do that. Stealing is a crime. We could even get arrested.” Mindy says.

“Arrested? I can’t get arrested. They do really nasty things in prison!” Lancelot says despairingly . He begins to cry.

Zachariah says, “Calm down little boy. They will beat you up almost daily and will force you to…”

Lancelot freezes in fear, “W-what?! I want my mommy!”

“Shut up,” Lorelai slaps Zachariah across the face, “Look what you've done! Also, keep it PG please.”

The camera cuts to the Angry Birds. “And the treasure we're looking for is right here.” Helen points to the ground. “We're gonna win!” Mona says.

A lot of time goes by. The Angry Birds have unearthed the treasure chest. Fantine tries to lift it out of the hole, but fails.

“It’s really heavy..” Fantine says.

“Lucky for us we have five strong and handsome young men on our team..” Helen says flirtatiously. All the boys except Sid immediately pick the chest up from the ground.

“Hey, why aren't you helping us?” Mona asks.

“No,” Sid replies.

“Okay, at least we know who we're voting off if we lose.” Kasey says.

“I don’t care. I don’t want to be here. My mother forced me to sign up.” Sid states.

Catheryn jumps out of the bush she was hiding in, “No, she didn’t. As a future-reporter, I’ve read all of your biographies, and in yours, it clearly says that you auditioned because your family needs the money.”

“Shut it!” Sid shouts.

“Wait. What you were you guys doing behind this bush?” Mona asks.

Catheryn replies, “Well, I was, uh... Ah, forget it. Attack!” The Raccoons members all jump out of the bush they were hiding in.

“RUN!” Bitsy shouts. The Birds run toward the exit. The Raccoons are right behind them.

“Quick! They're getting close.” Joanne rushes them.

Zachariah climbs up a tree, and jumps down on the Bird's boys. He then takes the treasure chest from him and starts to run even faster.

The members of the Birds chase after Zachariah. He jumps and grabs onto a vine. He then swings to the finish line with the chest.

The scene cuts to Chris, Chef and Blaineley all relaxing on a lounge chair. It is sitting close to the finish line.

“What a wonderful day.” Chef says.

“All of the challenges must take place in the forest.” Blaineley says. She sips from the coconut she is holding.

“I told you.” Chris says.

Suddenly, the contestants all arrives at the finish line. They all bump into the staff members.

“We won the challenge?” Benny asks, nearly out of breath.

“Yeah! I arrived at the finish line with the treasure chest,” Zachariah says.

“Yes. But, I think you forgot someone.” Chris says.

“Lancelot!” Zachariah remembers

“That’s right. I said the first team who crossed the line with the chest would win,” Chris says.

“So, who won?!” Catheryn asks eagerly.

“Technically, the Birds crossed the finish line first with the treasure chest.” Chef states.

“Yeah, I guess that does make sense. So, it means that the victory goes to the Angry Birds!” Chris announces.

The Angry Birds cheer.

“As for you guys, well, I'll be seeing you at the elimination ceremony tonight.” Blaineley says to the Mad Raccoons.

“And here is your key to the pool room!” Chris says.

“Pool party,” Mona says.

The scene cuts to the Angry Birds in the pool.

“This is so awesome!” Bitsy cheers.

“Yeah. I've been waiting for a party since my arrival..” Mona says.

“But we arrived today.” Cliff says.

Kasey is seen taking a sunbath on the deck chair. Helen pushes him.

“I know what you're doing,” Helen says.

“What? I’m not doing anything,” Kasey replies.

“Yeah, you are. Flirting with girls to your own benefit,” Helen says.

Kasey replies, “No, I’m n-”

“I’m way smarter than you think I am. Look, if you use your looks in the game and I use mine, we can go all the way to the final two together. What do you think?” Helen proposes.

“Nice plan. I accept.” Kasey says. The two teens smirk,

The girls of the Raccoons are discussing who to vote for.

“It has to be either Zachariah, Lancelot or Orlando,” Alice says.

“Lancelot is the one who screwed up the challenge for all of us,” Yumi says.

“Actually, it was all Zach’s fault.“ Mindy says.

“Right, they may have screwed up in the challenge today, but at least they're nice. Orlando’s just a total jerk. I definitely wouldn't mind if he left tonight,” Alice says.

The members of the Raccoons, excluding Orlando, discuss who they're going to eliminate.

“I’ll vote for Orlando. He’s really rude and just keeps insulting us.” Faustino says.

“Yeah,” Nigel agrees.

“But both of them screwed up badly,” Benny says. He points at Zachariah and Lancelot.

“It wasn't my fault!” Lancelot exclaims.

“So, where's that rich boy? Zachariah asks.

“I’m right here.” Orlando says.

“What are you doing here?” Benny asks, startled by Orlando's sudden appearance.

“None of your business, idiot. Gossiping about me, I presume?” Orlando rolls his eyes.

Benny laughs nervously, “No.. no.. of course not.”

“Shut up. I wasn't talking to you, peasant.” Orlando hisses.

“That guy Orlando is definitely a big jerk,” Nigel says in the confessional.

The camera cuts to the Chris, the two co-hosts and the contestants at the bonfire ceremony.

“These seashells, exclusively found around the beautiful falls of the island, represent your life in the competition. If I call your name, you come up here and take your seashell. If you do not receive a seashell, that means that you are eliminated and will immediately board the boat of losers and leave.. forever.” Chris says.

“Until the middle of the season, when Chris will decide to bring someone back just to make the season longer and get it more ratings,” Blaineley says.

Chris glares at her, “Anyway. The first seashell goes to Alice. Benny, Catheryn, Yumi, Nigel, Faustino, Lorelai, and Mindy, you are also safe.” Mindy gives a sigh of relief. Chris says, “The next seashell goes to Zachariah.” The brunette catches his seashell. “Orlando, Lancelot, one of you will be going home tonight. The final seashell goes to…”

“Orlando,” Chris tosses the seashell to the rich teen.

“I’m sorry Lancelot,” Alice sighs.

“It’s okay. Well, that was a great experience. I’ve faced my fears. That was the greatest experience I’ve ever had,” Lancelot says. He boards the boat of losers. The campers wave at him and he waves back at them as the boat departs.

“So, Lancelot is gone. Twenty-one still remain. Who will it be next? Find out right here, on Total…Drama:…Paradise Falls!” Blaineley says.

“Hey, that's my line!” Chris shouts.

Chapter 3 – Rowing in the Deep

Chris is seen standing at the dock. “Last time on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we had the first challenge. It was really complicated to explain. Orlando insulted everyone, Catheryn talked a lot, Bitsy missed her games, and Lancelot was annoyingly scared. The Angry Birds technically won the challenge. Orlando and Lancelot was the bottom two, but the scared dork ended up eliminated,” the host says. “Wait, where’s Blaineley?”

“She’s taking a beauty sleepy,” Chef says, out of screen.

Chris sighs in relief, and says, “So, find out what’s happening this time, right here on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The Angry Birds girls, except Helen, are seen at their room.

“I can’t believe we won,” Mona says.

“Yes, that was so great,” Fantine says.

“Yeah. We are blasting this game, sisters,” Starlight says.

“Thanks to team work,” Bitsy says.

Bitsy is seen in the confessional. She says, “Something games has taught me is that everything works well with team work. Nario, Weegee and Tsuyoshi; Monkey Donk and Deedee Donk; Ronik the Porcupine and Snails. Those are the best teams ever." A tear falls from her eyes. "I miss them."

The camera cuts to Helen and Kasey sitting together at the beach.

“The place may be crappy, but this lake is a truly beautiful,” Helen says.

“It as beautiful as you,” Kasey replies. Helen blushes, and shays, “Thank you.” They look at each other face, and kiss.

Helen says in the confessional. “Kasey is so amazing. I’ve never fallen in love that fast before, but he’s so…” She sighs, “…he’s just so amazing."

Kasey says in the confessional, “I thought she was smarter than that. But, she failed for the ‘guy in love’ talk.”

The camera changes to the Angry Birds boys at their room.

“That party last night was amazing,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah. That was dah beast, yo,” Danny L. says.

Sid says in the confessional, “Okay, I’m sick of this. The party was good, I admit. But I really don’t feel comfortable with being around many people. I grew up alone, and I like to be alone.” He sighs.

“We need to win today again,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah, that was awesome,” Cliff says. He suddenly falls asleep at his bed, and snores. The others glares at him.

The camera cuts to the Mad Raccoons except Catheryn, at the lobby of the hotel. They are sitting in a couch.

“I still don’t get why we lost last night,” Alice says.

“Partly because ‘Mr.-I-Scary-Everybody’ here,” Lorelai dryly says, pointing to Zachariah.

“That wasn’t my fault. Lancelot was too much of a scaredy cat,” Zachariah defensively replies.

“But you shouldn’t scare him,” Lorelai dryly replies.

“Okay,” Alice says, “Zachariah isn’t the one to blame. He did screw up, but Orlando just insulted everybody. He helped in the challenge, but he’s a jerk.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“Agreed,” Mindy says, “Also, him and Catheryn are planning something together. We must keep an eye on them.” Orlando frowns, and leaves the lobby.

“So, speaking of Catheryn, where is she?” Faustino asks.

The camera cuts to Catheryn hiding behind a tree, spying on Helen and Kasey. She says in the confessional, “Wow. So, sassy girl and hottie-hottie are dating, uh? That is hot stuff.” She takes a notepad, and takes note.

Helen and Kasey walk towards the hotel. Catheryn sneakily follows them.

Fantine, Bitsy and Joanne are seen leaving the Birds girl’s room.

“Where are you going?” Helen asks.

“To the pool,” Bitsy replies. Fantine excitedly squeals.

“Great,” Helen says.

“Yeah, it is,” Fantine excitedly says.

“Thanks for not inviting me,” Helen sarcastically says.

“No problem,” Fantine clueless says.

“She was being sarcastic,” Joanne explains. “Oh. I knew it,” Fantine replies.

Alice is seen at the beach. Mindy and Nigel walks up to her.

“Hey,” Nigel says.

“Hey. You are here,” Alice says.

“Why you wanted us here?” Mindy asks.

“I have a deal for you, guys?” Alice says.

Mindy is seen in the confessional. She says, “Alice wants an alliance against Orlando. Is that the right thing to do? I don’t want to be against anybody here. I know, Orlando’s a jerk, but I think he does have a heart deep inside all of the evilness.”

“So, what do you say?” Alice says.

“Yeah, I’m in,” Nigel says.

“And you, Mindy?” Alice asks.

“I don’t know. I really don’t want to cause any conflicts here,” Alice says.

“Okay. I understand,” Alice says. The nature lover leaves, and Nigel and Mindy leave soon after her. Catheryn gets out of under the dock, after they leave.

Catheryn in seen in the confessional. “The whole team is against Orlando, just because he insulted everybody. Even Alice is doing an alliance against him? That’s definitely interesting. I’ll see what I can do here,” she says, and smirks.

Cliff is seen meditating at the front of the hotel. Starlight walks up.

“Hey,” the hippie girl says. The zen guy doesn’t replies.

“Okay,” Starlight says.

Cliff open his eyes, “Oh, sorry. I was just relaxing.”

“Oh. Listening to Janice Jopolyn always help me to relax,” Starlight says.

“Do you like her too?!” Cliff excitedly says.

“Yeah, man. She’s, like, totally my psychedelic idol,” Starlight says. They both giggle. Time has elapsed, and they both are seen laughing at night.

“You are so funny,” Cliff says. Starlight smiles, and he smiles back at her. They lean to kiss, but are interrupted by Bitsy.

“The girls were asking where you were, Starly,” the gamer girl says, “What’s happening?”

“Oh. We are just talking,” Cliff says. He looks at the sky, and says, “I’m so sleepy. I‘m going back to my room. Good night, girls.”

“Good night, Cliff,” Bitsy says. Starlight blushes, and looks down.

The hippie girl was seen in the confessional. “Woodrow is a nice guy. I really like him. But I found out that Cliff has the same likings as I. He’s a funny guy, also,” Starlight says. She sighs, and continues, “We have just started the show. Just because we are friends, that doesn’t mean that I have to date any of them, right?” She gives a forced smile.

Everybody is seen at the lobby of the hotel. “It is so great when Chris leave us alone, with no challenges and drama,” Faustino asks.

“It’s time for another challenge. Dress up with your swimsuits and meet me at the beach,” Chris says over the loudspeaker.

“That was too good to be truth,” Yumi says. She rolls her eyes.

Chris is seen at the beach, while the contestants are arriving.

“Good morning,” Chris happily shouts.

“What does it have to be so good?” Mindy asks.

“Blaineley is taking her beauty sleep, and she hasn't bothered me yet,” Chris says, “And with happiness and pleasure that I present the second challenge,” Chris shouts.

“You are not gonna do it without me,” Blaineley says.

“Oh crap!” Chris shouts, and frowns.

“Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran is here to host the newest challenge,” Blaineley says.

“I think you meant ‘Mildred’,” Chris mocks Blaineley, and smirks at her.

Blaineley glares at him, and says, “Whatever. You can leave now and let me host this show.”

“I always was the host of the show, and I still am. No way I’m going to give up from this job because of you. Everybody prefers me over you. I’m Chris McLean, the best host TV has ever seen,” Chris says.

“Really? So, why we don’t let the contestants chose who they want to host?” Blaineley says.

Catheryn says, “Blaineley all the way. You rule, girl.”

“Thank you. I’m glad that someone here is a fan of mine,” Blaineley replies.

Catheryn replies, “Oh you are the diva of the...”

“Shut up,” Chris shouts, “So, today’s challenge is the collection of rowing-related challenges.”

“Like the ‘row-your-boats' challenge in season three?” Mona asks.

“No. It’s something new. Anyway, for the first part, you’ll have to get your paddles underwater,” Chris explains.

“I’ll go for my team,” Woodrow says. He looks at Starlight, and smiles. Starlight smiles back at Woodrow. She then looks at Cliff and looks down with a confused face.

“Alice should go. She has the help of the animals,” Faustino says. A beaver comes from nowhere and jumps in his face, attacking him.

Fantine says in the confessional, “I’m feeling bad about Faustino. He doesn’t get along well with animals.”

“Okay, I’ll go,” Alice says.

Chris says, “Right. The challenge starts…”

“NOW!” Blaineley shouts. Chris glares at her.

Woodrow swims in the direction of the paddles. A shark then comes of nowhere and attacks him. He jumps in the shark’s back, and rides in it like a horse.

Alice swims at the paddles’ direction, which was tied in a stone. She unties it, and swims back to shore.

Woodrow is seen in the shark’s back. He sees the paddle tied, and jumps of the shark. He swims at the rock, untie the paddles, and swims back.

Alice gets out of the water, with the paddles.

“The Raccoons wins the first challenge,” Chris says. The Raccoons cheers.

Woodrow then gets out of the water, with the paddles in his hands.

“What will be our second challenge? Who will win this? Find out after the break, right here on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!” Chris says.

Everybody is shown at the dock. The contestants are wearing life jackets.

“In the second part of the challenge, you will have to row in those canoes. There are one flag with the color of the teams in each of those eight buoys. Each team will have to row, and get the flags from the buoys, numbered from 1 to 8. The first team to get all the eight flags, wins the challenge and immunity,” Chris explains.

“And what’s our prize for winning the first part of the challenge?” Yumi asks.

“The Raccoons will get a little advantage of 10 seconds in the challenge,” Chris replies. The Raccoons cheers. “So, go choose your canoes,” Chris says. Everybody runs to their canoes.

In the red canoes, Bitsy, Fantine and Joanne goes on the first one; Danny L., Mona and Sid goes in the second one; Starlight, Woodrow and Cliff goes in the third one; Helen and Kasey goes on the last one.

In the blue canoes, Yumi, Benny and Lorelai goes in the first one; Nigel, Alice and Mindy goes in the second one; Zachariah and Faustino goes in the third one; Catheryn and Orlando goes in the last one.

Chris holds a starting pistol. “So, the Raccoons starts with ten seconds of advantage. After the ten seconds, the Birds can go,” Chris says. “Go!” He shouts.

The Raccoons starts to row. Alice, Nigel and Mindy rows at the buoy with ‘#1’, which was close from the dock. Alice picks the first blue flag. They continue to row.

“…Eight, nine, and ten. Go, Birds,” Chris says. The Angry Birds team starts to row.

Sid, Mona and Danny L. gets at the ‘#1’ buoy, and Mona gets the first red flag.

“Let’s go for the next,” Mona says.

“The game is tied with one flag for each team,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

Catheryn and Orlando are seen sitting in the boat, not even caring for the challenge. “So, I heard that everybody wants to vote for you,” Catheryn says to Orlando.

“Who cares?” Orlando says.

“You care. Because you don’t want to get voted off. If we lose today, you’ll definitely get voted off,” Catheryn says.

“Okay, I get it. What do you want?” Orlando asks.

“So, I have a deal. I can save you for the elimination, but then you’ll owe me,” Catheryn says.

Orlando thinks a little. “Deal,” he says.

Lorelai, Benny and Yumi are rowing in the direction of the buoy ‘#2’. Sid, Mona and Danny’s boat then comes from nowhere, picks the red flag, and leaves. Mona sticks out her tongue at Lorelai.

“Meh,” Lorelai careless says.

“What are you? A goat?” Benny says, laughing. Lorelai glares at him. Yumi rolls her eyes, and gets the blue flag.

Benny is seen in the confessional. He says, “People here don’t have any sense of humor.”

“Two for the Birds, two for the raccoons,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

Zachariah and Faustino are seen rowing around. Zachariah looks sad.

“So, what’s up?” Faustino asks.

“Nothing,” Zachariah says, while turning his head to the side.

“Oh, there are something. You look so sad,” Faustino says.

Zachariah is seen in the confessional. “Okay, I’ve been a bit guilty about Lancelot’s elimination. I’ve been thinking, and it was kind of my fault. If I hadn't scared him, our team would have won,” he says. He then sighs.

“I’m just thinking about what I did,” Zachariah replies.

“Oh. The thing last challenge? It wasn’t your fault, man. Lorelai was just caring about Lance. I don’t know why, though. But really, forget it, it wasn’t your fault,” Faustino says.

“Thanks, dude,” Zachariah says.

Helen and Kasey are seen flirting in the boat. “Kasey, I want to tell you something,” Helen says. “What?”

“I really like you. Really, really,” Helen says.

“I, like you, too. You are my sweet foxy,” Kasey says. Helen blushes, and they kiss.

Bitsy, Fantine and Joanne are seen looking at them, in the side.

“Oh, it’s so sweet. They are meant for each other, like Nario and Princess Pear, or Monkey Donk and Sweet Donk. And Slink and Princess Zilda,” Bitsy says.

“Irk. Kisses are gross. Boys are gross,” Fantine says.

“Oh, Kasey’s so sweet,” Joanne says.

The scene changes to a disclaimer. It is seen in it “The following confessional is boring. It may induce sleep. Watch at your own risk.”

Joanne is seen in the confessional. “Kasey is so sweet. And hot. Oh, he is, like, a really sweet and cute guy,” she says.

Nigel and Mindy are rowing, while Alice is seen admiring the nature.

“That’s sure a beautiful lake,” Alice says.

“Oh yeah, it is,” Mindy says, smiling.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“Anyway, I was thinking about what you tell me, earlier,” Mindy says to Alice.

“What?” Alice confusedly asks.

“The alliance, against Orlando,” Mindy replies.

“Oh. The alliance. Look, I understand if you don’t want to join this. I think it's not right to try to vote off a guy that I’ve just met a few days ago,” Alice says. “Actually, I’m joining this. I was thinking, and Orlando was really mean to everybody,” Mindy says.

“Yeah, girl,” Nigel says.

“Oh, you are sweet, Nigel,” Mindy says, and giggles.

Starlight, Woodrow and Cliff are seen close to ‘#3’ buoy. They row at the buoy’s direction. Starlight gets up to tries to pick the flag. The canoe then starts to move. Starlight holds on the flag, and falls on the water.

“Starly,” Cliff shouts.

“I’ll save you,” Woodrow says.

“No, I’ll,” Cliff says.

Both jumps into the water. “Where are you, Star?” Woodrow says, looking for Starlight in the lake.

“I’m here,” Starlight says, at their side.

“How you did it?” Cliff says.

“I can swim, boys,” Starlight says, “But thanks for trying to save me. It was very nice of you both. By the way, I got another flag.”

Helen and Kasey are seen close to the ‘#4’ buoy. They get closer to it, and Helen gets the flag.

“The Birds are leading with four flags against two,” Chris says over the loudspeaker.

“Come on. We are losing? We can’t lose again,” Zachariah says, and gets up, “Let’s win this.”

“Yeah. For the Raccoons,” Faustino says, as he gets up. An eagle comes and attacks him, making him fall into the water. Zachariah looks at the unlucky boy with a worried look. “I’m fine,” Faustino says. Two eels approache Faustino and electrocute him.

Yumi, Benny and Lorelai row at the third buoy’s direction.

“They’ve already picked their flag from here,” Yumi says.

“I’m seeing a red boat right there,” Benny says, as they see the boat of Mona, Sid and Danny is seen in a few miles of distance from their boat. Yumi picks the third flag, and they start to row harder.

“Birds four, Raccoons three,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

The scene changes to Nigel, Alice and Mindy rowing. They see the ‘#4’ buoy a few feet from them.

“Look. Another flag,” Alice says.

“I’ll get it for you,” Nigel says. He jumps into the water, and swim at the buoy. He picks the flag, and returns to the boat.

“Good job, Nigel,” Mindy says. She kisses him in the cheek.

Nigel is seen in the confessional, blushing.

“It’s now tied with four flags for each team” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

The scene changes to Zachariah and Faustino.

“Woo. We tied,” Faustino says.

“And we are still  going to win,” Zachariah says, pointing to the ‘#5’ buoy.

“Yay,” Faustino says.

“The Raccoons are now in the lead with five flags against four,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

“Crap!” Sid shouts.

“I can see anotha' flag, yo'!” Danny L. says. They row at the ‘#5’ buoy. Danny picks the flag.

“It’s all tied again,” Chris announces.

Starlight, Cliff and Woodrow cheer.

“Let’s go. We still can win this,” Woodrow says.

The scene changes to Benny, Yumi and Lorelai. They see the ‘#6’ buoy.

“Look. The sixth buoy,” Benny says, pointing at it.

“Let’s go for it,” Yumi says. They row out of screen.

Mona, Danny L. and Sid see the same buoy.

“I found dah otha flag, yo,” Danny L. says.

The camera zooms in the ‘#6’ buoy. Suddenly, two hands coming from our of screen take each flag. The camera zooms out, revealing the hands to Lorelai's and Mona's.

“What?” Lorelai says.

“Stroke! We need to get the last flag before them,” Yumi shout. They all stroke the canoe harder.

“Both teams got the sixth flag. Only two more flags left,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

The scene changes to Helen and Kasey.

“Kasey, did you listen to Chris? We are tied, and there are only two flags left.” Helen says.

“Yeah, I did. But, let’s stay here. I trust our team, and I know they will win,” Kasey replies.

“Oh. If you say so,” Helen says.

Kasey is seen in the confessional. “I don’t have idea if the team is going to win,” Kasey says, “If we win, great. If we lose, I’ll have the girls to vote for Helen.” He gives an evil laugh.

Helen is seen in the confessional. “Kasey is, like, the awesomenest guy in the world,” she says, and sighs, “He’s so incredible, caring, sweet and hot.” She sighs.

The scene changes to Bitsy, Fantine and Joanne rowing randomly.

“Where are we?” Fantine asks.

“I don’t know. Bitsy told us that she had a inexistent pathway,” Joanne says.

“Hey. I know where we are,” Bitsy angrily replies.

“So where are we again?” Joanne asks.

Their canoe suddenly crashes into something. The girls go check, and they see they just crashed into the ‘#7’ buoy.

“I told you,” Bitsy says to Joanne.

“The Birds has found the seventh flag. One more left for them, against two for the Raccoons,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

Zachariah and Faustino are seen next to the ‘#7’ buoy, getting their flag.

“We found it. Raccoons rules,” Zachariah says, as he does the ‘rock on’ sign with his hands.

“And the Raccoons has found their seventh flag. Now it's a race to see who can get the last one,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

The scene cuts to Catheryn and Orlando.

“Dude, It’s just one more flag left. We better win this time,” Catheryn says.

“And we are,” Orlando says. He points to a buoy, with a ‘#8’ written in it. They row towards it, and Catheryn picks the flag.

“I got it!” Catheryn shouts.

“Everyone, challenge is over. Come back to the dock for the announcement of the winner of this challenge,” Chris says.

The scene cuts to everybody gathering on the dock.

Chris is picking blue flags from the floor. “…five… six… seven… and eight. The victory goes to the Raccoons. And they won the pool room key,” he says. The Mad Raccoons cheers.

Chris turns to the other team, “Angry Birds, meet me at the elimination ceremony in four hours.”

“So close,” Mona says.

“We are voting for Sid, right?” Kasey whispers in Helen’s ear. She nods.

“Muahahahahaha,” Kasey laughs in the confessional, “I’ve already convinced Bitsy and Joanne to vote with me. Bye bye, Helen,” he says, as he waves.

The Angry Birds guys are reunited at their room. “We are going to vote for Helen, guys. She didn’t do anything in the challenge,” Kasey says.

“But, she’s hot. We can’t vote for her,” Danny L. says.

“But it was her fault that we lost. She must go,” Kasey says.

“Whatever. I’m taking a nap before the elimination,” Cliff says.

The scene change to the Angry Birds girls’ room, where they were discussing the vote.

“Who we are voting for?” Bitsy asks.

“I don’t know. What about Cliff?” Joanne asks.

“No way. We can't vote based on challenge performance becuase no one really screwed up in the challenge, so we must choose someone who isn’t likeable enough,” Starlight says, “Any suggestion?”

“I do have one,” Helen smirks.

Joanne and Bitsy are seen leaving the room.

The scene changes to Chris, Chef, Blaineley and the contestants all at the elimination ceremony at the beach.

“Okay. You have voted, and anybody who doesn’t get the special exclusively amazing seashells from Paradise Falls, will walk through the Dock of Shame, and take the Boat of Losers, and will never return,” Chris says.

“Yeah, sure. No one will return. You’ll not bring back someone to the competition just for drama, ratings and money,” Helen sarcastically says. Chris glares at her.

“That’s what I said last elimination. We all know you very well, Chris,” Blaineley says.

“Whatever. The first seashell goes to Danny L.” Chris tosses a seashell to Danny L. “Mona, Bitsy, Fantine.” Chris tosses seashells to the three girls. “Starlight, Woodrow, Cliff,” Chris tosses seashells to the three friends. “Boring Girl.” Chris tosses a seashell to Joanne.

“My name is Joanne,” she angrily says.

“Who cares?” Chris replies. “Sid is also safe.” He tosses a seashell to Sid. “Helen and Kasey. The last seashell goes to…”

“Helen,” Chris says, and tosses a seashell to Helen.

“What?” Kasey confused shouts, “Helen should go. Why me?”

“I’m way smarter than you think. ‘I love you, Kasey, kiss me’,” Helen says, “Yeah, I’m a great actress.”

“You lied to me,” Kasey says.

“You lied to me first,” Helen replies.

“Whatever. You are all going to pay. I’m going to…” Kasey says. Before he can finish, Chef grabs him by his arm, dragging him through the dock and throws him at the Boat.

“I’ll get my revenge. You’ll see,” Kasey screams. Everybody besides Helen looks with wide eyes.

The scene changes to the Raccoons at the pool room.

“Hey, Nigel,” Mindy says to Nigel, who was relaxing at the pool.

“Hey” Nigel replies.

“So. I want to thanks you. We did a good job together. We make a great pair,” she says, but catches herself, “I mean, a great trio. Me, you and Alice, we are great in the challenges.” Nigel smiles, and Mindy smiles back, blushing. They look at each other, and kiss. "I’ll Always Love You" then starts to play.

“What is that?” Mindy asks.

“Sorry, it's me. I’m putting a song here. A good party needs a good song,” Yumi says. Nigel and Mindy laughs.

Chapter 4 – Project Next Top Model

Chris is stands into the dock. He says, “Last time on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, the contestant competed in a rowing challenge, where they had to capture flags from the buoys in the lake. Alice formed an alliance with Nigel and Mindy to eliminate Orlando. Kasey and Helen started to date, as a part of his plan to eliminate her. The Mad Raccoons won the challenge, and Kasey convinced his team to eliminate Helen. They both ended up in the bottom two, but the pretty boy was the one who took the Boat of Losers swearing revenge on his team. That’d sure bring a lot of ratings. Who’s going next? Find out, right here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls.”

“What a long recap. Good hosts do a small recap,” Blaineley says, walking up to the screen.

“Stop!” Chris shouts. “You are so annoying,”

(Theme Song)

The Angry Birds are seen after the last elimination ceremony. Joanne, Bitsy and Fantine are sitting at the logs with their head downs.

“I’ll miss his hotness,” Bitsy says.

“Girls, he was manipulating us,” Helen says.

“The guy’s a sicko. He deserved to leave,” Sid says.

“He didn’t even tried the challenge. He was a lazy jerk,” Helen states.

“Whatever. I’m going sleep. See you guys tomorrow,” Cliff says. He gets up, and walks away.

“Me too,” Danny L. says. He gets up, and walks away, followed by the others boys.

“Okay girls. So, I think we should stick together. I’m sure Kasey wasn’t the only boy who was attracting all the girls to make it further,” Helen says.

“Are you saying we should form an alliance?” Mona asks.

“Yes,” Helen replies.

“No, thanks. I don’t need an alliance. I don’t want to play the game,” Mona says.

“Nice. This way you are going to win,” Helen sarcastically says.

“I’m in,” Fantine says.

“Me too, I love to play games,” Bitsy.

“And you both?” Helen asks to Starlight and Joanne.

“Yes,” Joanne confused says.

“I say no,” Starlight replies.

“Are you sure?” Helen asks. Starlight nods. “Let’s go, girls,” Helen says. She leaves, soon followed by Bitsy, Fantine and Joanne.

Starlight is seen in the confessional. “Helen is obviously trying to eliminate the boys. I don’t hate them. I really like Woodrow and Cliff, and Danny L. is a funny guy. Sid is still a mistery for me, though,” she says.

Mona is seen in the confessional. She says, “Helen seems pretty devastated about Kasey. When she told us last night that he was lying to her, she seemed pretty sad. But I’m not sure if I should be in an alliance with her. She seems mischievous.”

The scene changes to the morning. The Mad Raccoons are seen sleeping at their room.

“Breakfast time. Wake up!” Chris screams over the loudspeaker. The girls wake up. Mindy falls from her bed.

“Argh. What the heck is that?” Yumi asks.

“It’s not What the Heck, it’s Paradise Falls,” Alice replies, screaming.

“No, I meant… Ah, forget,” Yumi replies.

“It’s breakfast. We should go,” Lorelai says.

The scene changes to the boys from the Mad Raccoons leaving their room.

“I loved the party last night. It was awesome,” Benny says.

“We danced all the night,” Zachariah says.

“It was epic,” Faustino states.

“We must win next challenge for the party,” Zachariah says.

“Yes. I’m sure the team wants a party again,” Benny states.

“Yeah,” Zachariah says.

The scene changes to the contestants at the restaurant. The Mad Raccoons is seen in the table close to the kitchen.

“What is this?” Yumi asks, pointing at a brown substance at her plate.

“That’s gross,” Lorelai says in a serious tone.

“No way I’m gonna eat that,” Orlando says.

“Me neither,” Catheryn says.

“At least it’s not alive,” Faustino says. The disgusting meal growls at Faustino, and walks away. Everybody looks at each other with wide eyes.

“That’s what happens when people eat meat,” Alice says.

The Angry Birds is seen in the other table, close to the door.

“Chef’s food is so raunchy,” Starlight says.

“I miss my mom’s food,” Mona says.

“Me too. My mother was a skilled cook,” Woodrow says.

“My mother cooks only vegan food. Save the whales and all the animals in general,” Starlight says.

“Yes. We need to treat animals equally,” Cliff says.

“Are you vegan?” Starlight asks.

“Yeah,” Cliff replies.

Starlight is seen in the confessional. She says, “He’s a vegan too? He’s so outa sight. I’m having a blast time with him.”

“I’d rather eat mushrooms and bananas,” Bitsy says.

“Like a monkey,” Fantine says, and laughs, “My joke was so funny.”

“So funny. I’m laughing out loud inside,” Helen sarcastically says, and rolls her eyes.

“Someone’s having a bad day?” Joanne asks.

“No. I’m just sad with the whole Kasey thing,” Helen says.

“I’ll comfort yo, gurl” Danny L. says, hugging Helen. Helen punches Danny L in the face, and he falls in the ground.

“Sorry, gurl,” he says, as he gets up.

“I’m done. I can eat this more of this,” Mindy says, at the Raccoons’ table.

“Chef could get some cook lessons,” Lorelai says.

“And make food for vegetarians,” Alice says.

“Yeah, whatever,” Zachariah says.

Mindy and Nigel are seen flirting.

Mindy is seen in the confessional. “The kiss was so good. Nigel is a great guy. I think we are going too fast, though,” she says.

Nigel is seen in the confessional. “Yeah. Mindy is great,” he says.

Chris and Blaineley enter in the restaurant.

“Challenge time!” Chris says.

“Challenge? But we just did a challenge two days ago,” Catheryn shouts.

“This is Total Drama, a competition reality show, not vacations,” Chris says.

“And next challenge will not be dangerous,” Blaineley says.

“To this challenge, we are getting three special guests,” Chris says.

“Blaineley is the most special guest you could have,” Catheryn says.

“Thank you,” Blaineley replies.

Blaineley is seen in the confessional. “I hope this Catheryn girl win. She’s my fan. She’s a smart girl, who has good taste,” Blaineley says.

“Two of the three guests are former Total Drama competitors,” Chris says.

“Is that Geoff?” Mona asks. Chris glares at her. “What? I liked Geoff. He was  pretty fun.”

“Anyway, our first guest is a fan-favorite. She was ditzy, and had a boyfriend, but couldn't even remember his name. It’s Lindsay!” Chris says.

Lindsay enters at the restaurant. “Hi, new people. It’s great to be here,” Lindsay says.

“Lindsay! I’m your fan. You are so fashion,” Yumi excitedly says.

“Thanks. I love you scarf,” Lindsay replies.

“You are a hottie,” Danny L. says.

“Oh, thanks. You are so sweet,” Lindsay says.

“So, the next guest is a girl who people loved to hate, and hated to love. She was evil, went bald, then crazy, and ended up with the Spanish guy. It’s queen-bee, Heather!” Chris says.

“I’m just doing that because you are paying well, McLean,” Heather says.

“I don’t care, as longer as you do it,” Chris says. Heather rolls her eyes.

“Hello, Heather,” Lindsay says.

“Hi. What’s up?” Heather asks.

“I don’t know. I’m not a plane,” Lindsay replies. Heather rolls her eyes.

“Finally, the last, and most special guest. She’s a pretty and awesome girl, who has the best daddy ever. It’s… Crystal!” Chris shouts. “Who?” Joanne asks.

Chris snaps, “Shut up, boring girl."

A black-haired girl, with a pink dress enters at the restaurant. “Hello. I’m Crystal,” the girl says, as she waves at the others contestants.

“She’s Crystal McLean. She’s my daughter,” Chris says. Everybody else gasps.

“I didn’t knew you had a daughter, Chris,” Bitsy states.

“Well. Having a teenager daughter make me look old,” Chris says.

“How old are you, Crystal?” Zachariah asks to Crystal.

“I’m seventeen,” Crystal replies.

“I di’n’t know u were married, yo,” Danny L. says.

“I’m not. Her mother is a girlfriend I had in my early twenties’. She left when Crystal was 3, but I was rich, so I didn’t care,” Chris states.

“So, if she was born when you were in your early twenty’s, and she's seventeen, that means you are about thirty-seven,” Mona says.

“Shut up! People don’t have to know that,” Chris states, “Follow me, so we can start the challenge.”

The scene changes to everybody except Chef in the

of the hotel. It has a table and a catwalk in front of it.

“Welcome to the Top Model challenge. Each team will have to do three different designs for Heather or Lindsay. I, Crystal and Chef will judge each design, in a scale of zero to ten. The team with a better punctuation on the rankings won the challenge,” Chris explains. “I think you meant ‘Blaineley’,” Blaineley says.

“Where’s Chef?” Chris asks.

“He’s busy,” Blaineley replies, smirking. She sneakily throws a laxative away.

The front of a bathroom stall is seen. “Argh. You are going to pay for this, Blaineley,” Chef’s voice is heard from the bathroom.

“Someone’s getting a cut from the payment. Whatever, you’ll do that,” Chris annoyed says.

“I’m way better, prettier and awesome than Chef,” Blaineley says.

“Anyway, let’s choose the models. Raccoons, you’ll choose it, since you won last challenge,” Chris says.

The Raccoons has a small debate, and then came to an agreement.

“We choose Lindsay,” Yumi says.

“Thanks, girl. You are nicer than your evil backstabber sister,” Lindsay says to Yumi, and glares at Heather.

“Heather is not my sister,” Yumi replies.

“No? Wasn’t you both from the Asian family?” Lindsay confusedly asks.

“We explain to you later, Lindsay. So, Heather, go with the Birds. I’ll give you enough time to do the three designs. Everything you need is at those rooms, after this door,” Chris says, pointing at a red and a blue door. “Birds go to the red one; Raccoons go to the blue one. I’ll be back in five hours, with my judges.” The three judges of the challenge leave.

The teams enter at their respective rooms. The Mad Raccoons are seen inside the blue room.

“Right. Lorelai and Yumi will be extremally helpful in the challenge,” Alice says.

“Are we going to let the entire job for them?” Zachariah asks.

“They can draw the designs, and the rest of the team can do the rest of the job,” Mindy says.

“As longer as they help us with the rest of the work. Is that okay for you, girls?” Zachariah asks.

“That’s fine, for me,” Yumi says.

“Yes,” Lorelai says, smiling. She catches herself, and quickly frowns. Mindy cheers.

Zachariah is seen in the confessional. “I think I saw her smiling. It may be weird, but she did show any sign of emotions,” he says.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds at the red room.

“Okay. I suck at fashion,” Mona says.

“We are going to lose. They have two fashion girls, and we all suck at it,” Fantine says.

“No way. Our team can’t lose again. We have to try to win,” Woodrow says.

“How?” Sid asks.

“Let me see. Anybody here is good at drawing?” Woodrow asks.

“I’m awesome at drawing. When I’m not playing games or with my friends, I’m drawing fanarts,” Bitsy states.

“Anybody can sew?” Woodrow asks. The team remains quiet. “Anybody?!” Woodrow sighs.

“Well, we can try that. It can’t be hard.” Cliff says.

“Okay. Fantine, Joanne, go help Bitsy with the drawings.” Woodrow says.

The scene changes to the Raccoons at the blue room.

“I finish the first one,” Yumi says.

“Let us see,” Alice says. Yumi turns the sketchbook to the team, revealing the design.

“Well done,” Faustino says.

“Keep up the good work, Yumi,” Mindy says.

Orlando is seen in the confessional. “I can’t believe I, Orlando Edgar Ogdenbuillt IV, is with a bunch of losers, poor, ignorant people,” he says.

The Raccoons are seen working together, while Orlando is sitting in a couch.

“Could you help us, please?” Zachariah asks.

“Don’t talk with me that way,” Orlando replies.

Catheryn walks towards Orlando, sits at his side, and whispers in his ear, “If we lose, you are going home. So, please, help us.”

“I don’t care. I’m too good to leave,” Orlando replies.

“Okay. If you don’t help us, I’m going to tell your secret to everybody,” Catheryn says. Orlando glares at her, and she replies with a smirk.

Back at the red room, Bitsy is sketching the designs.

“Are they done?” Mona asks.

“No. Almost,” Bitsy replies.

“Come on. We have 3 hours left. If we don’t get it done in time, we are automatically losing the challenge,” Woodrow says. Helen smirks.

The scene changes back at the blue room.

“I gotta go at the bathroom,” Catheryn says.

“Why?” Alice asks. “Forget. I don’t want to know that.”

Catheryn walks up, and leave the room. She is seen in the confessional, “I didn’t wanted to go at the bathroom. It was an excuse to spy on the other team,” she says.

“Done!” Bitsy shouts.

“Finally. Let’s work in this,” Woodrow says.

Catheryn is seen spying the Birds, looking through the keyhole of the red door.

“What you are doing?” Helen says, behind Catheryn.

Catheryn slowly gets out her eyes from the keyhole, and turns to Helen. “Eh, nothing. You hair looks so pretty,” she says.

“Get out,” Helen says, crossing her arms.

“Make me,” Catheryn replies.

“Do you doubt?” Helen says.

Alice gets out of the blue room. “Catheryn. What you are doing?” she asks.

“Nothing,” Catheryn says, and walks back to the blue room. She glares at Helen, and Helen glares back at her.

The scene changes to the catwalk, with Chris, Crystal, Blaineley.

“Five hours has passed. Time for the runway,” Chris says over the loudspeaker.

“Wait up,” Woodrow shouts from the red room.

“Yo. Let’s go. Put those clothes on, Heather,” Danny L. says, handing the first clothe for Heather.

“I can’t change with you around. Go,” Heather says. The Birds get out of the red room.

“Are you ready?” Chris asks. The team nods.

“Mad Raccons, are you ready?” Chris asks.

“We are,” Catheryn says, as she gets out of the blue room. She is followed by the others team members.

“Who’s going to do the narration?” Chris asks. Bitsy and Lorelai take a step forward. “Okay,” Chris says. He hands a microphone for each of the girls and a microphone for himself, and continues, “Welcome to Total Drama: Project Top Model. Our first model is Heather, modeling for the Angry Birds.”

Heather steps out, and walks up in the catwalk, with an angry face. She’s wearing a floor length pink dress, white gloves, a deep pink pannier, and a crown with ruby and sapphire jewels. The dress has a blue gem brooch set in gold in the chest area.

“Our model Heather is wearing a look based on the Super Nario series, Princess Pear model, specifically. The pink dress gives an elegant look, and is complete with the golden crown, which makes anybody who wears that looks like a princess,” Bitsy says.

“I’m looking like an idiot,” Heather says.

“Ha. Awesome. I give it an eight out of ten. Judges?” Chris says.

“Seeing Heather suffering is worth of a ten,” Blaineley says. Heather glares at Blaineley.

“Pink is awesome. I give it a ten too,” Crystal says.

“The Angry Birds has twenty eight points. Time for the Mad Raccoons model,” Chris says.

Lindsay steps out and walks up in the catwalk. She’s wearing a blue dress, a black vest, a purple scarf and black sandals.

“The model, Lindsay, is wearing a casual blue dress. The vest gives a charm to the look, and the black fits with any other color. The scarf is a pretty additional detail,” Lorelai says.

“I liked it. It is pretty, simple and right. Nine out of ten,” Chris says.

“Yes. I liked the dress and the vest. I give it a nine,” Blaineley says.

“It is good, but no pink? Sorry, but because of the lack of pink, I’ll give it a eight,” Crystal says.

“The Raccoons has a total of twenty six points,” Chris says.

“What? We did a better job than them,” Catheryn shouts.

“Those judges are freaks,” Zachariah says.

“We should’ve won. Yumi did a great job with this,” Mindy says.

“Thanks,” Yumi replies.

“Time for the second round,” Chris says.

Heather steps out and walks in the runway. She is wearing an aquamarine top, a khaki shorts, and brown boots.

“The model is now wearing a model perfect for archaeologies. It is based on Lana Soft’slook, from Grave Rider,” Bitsy says.

“That was a weird look. It is so normal, and boring. I give it a six,” Chris states.

“It was good. Seven,” Blaineley says.

“No pink, again? Look, this is so not fashion, so I’ll give it a six,” Crystal says.

“The Birds now has a total of fourth seven. Time for the Raccoons,” Chris says.

Lindsay steps out in the catwalk, wearing a pink top, black pants, tanned high-heels, and a black leather jacket.

“Time for judge. It’s a great look, and Lindsay’s not too bad in it. Ten points,” Chris says.

“Agreed. It’s a fashionable look. I give it a nine out of ten,” Blaineley says.

“I love the pink shirt. It’s so fashion, I give it a nine,” Crystal says.

“The Raccons are winning with a total of fifth four points, against fourth seven from the Birds,” Chris says. The Raccoons cheers.

“Thanks,” Alice says to Lorelai and Yumi.

“You’re welcome,” Yumi says.

“Oh no, we are losing,” Fantine says.

“Our next design must be spectacular, or we’ll lose,” Woodrow says.

Helen looks at the other team cheering and smirks. She sneakily enters at the blue room.

“Time for the final round. It’s starting… NOW!” Chris says, as he shouts the word “NOW!”.

Heather steps out and walks up in the catwalk with a blue Chinese dress, white boots, and her hair in a double bun tied by two ribbons, and a large spiked bracelets in each of her wrists.

“Heather’s wearing a qipao, a 20th century Chinese dress. It is elegant, and is so cute. It’s based on the fighter Lun-Chi, from the Boulevard Brawl games,” Bitsy says.

“Well, not bad. I’ll give it seven,” Chris says.

“Chinese dresses are pretty. The bracelets don’t fit with it, so I’ll give it a six,” Blaineley says.

“But the bracelets are the best part of it,” Chris annoyed says.

“No, it’s not,” Blaineley replies.

“Whatever. Give your vote already, Crystal,”

“I give it seven too, just because this is a cute dress,” Crystal says.

“The Birds has a total of sixty seven point. The Raccoons need thirteen points to win,” Chris says.

“Where’s Helen?” Woodrow asks.

“Here,” Helen says, as she walks up back to the group.

“Where yo were, yo?” Danny L. asks.

“At the…” Helen pauses, and quickly thinks about something, “…bathroom.”

“Okay,” Mona says. The scene cuts to her in the confessional. She says, “There’s something suspicious about Helen. I don’t know what. It may be just me, though, as I can jump out in conclusions pretty fast.”

Back at the catwalk, Chris and the contestants are waiting for Lindsay to get out of the blue room. She then leaves the room, with a sailor hat, a purple-shirt with white dots, a ripped-off black skirt, multicolor striped socks up to her thigh, a red sandal in one feet and a blue shoe in the other.

“What the heck is that?” Yumi shouts.

“What did you?” Alice asks.

“But, it’s not the design that I did,” Yumi says.

“Neither I,” Lorelai says.

“That sucks,” Faustino says.

“You know Lindsay doesn’t have the brightest mind ever,” Benny says, “If she was a bulb, she’d be an eternal turned-off bulb.” He laughs uncontrollably.

“Eh, I don’t know what that is. Anyway, I give it a three,” Chris says.

“It sucks. I give it a one, because I’m sorry for you,” Blaineley says.

“Crystal, think about it well. You’ll decide the faith of the teams,” Chris dramatically says. A dramatic song plays.

“It’s weird. I’d obviously give it a ten if you add a single pink. But as you didn’t, I’ll give it a three,” Crystal says.

“And the Raccoons lost the challenge. Birds won. You are having a pool party,” Chris says. The winning team cheers. “Birds, I’ll see ya on the beach ceremony.”

The scene changes to Chris, Crystal and Blaineley and the contestants at the elimination ceremony.

“As you already know, if you don’t get a seashell, you will be eliminated, and will take up the boat of the shame,” Chris says. “The first seashell goes to… Zachariah, Alice, Catheryn.” Chris tosses a seashell to them. “Benny, Mindy, Nigel, Faustino, and Orlando,” Chris tosses a seashell to all of them. “Lorelai, Yumi, you were the responsible for the designs. Most of the team voted for one of you. The last seashell goes to…”

“Lorelai,” Chris says, and tosses a seashell to Lorelai. She takes it with a serious expression.

Yumi looks surprised, “What?” She then looks down, with a sad face.

“It wasn’t her fault,” Lorelai shouts.

“How are you so sure?” Catheryn asks, “Was it your fault, then?”

“No, it, uh…” Lorelai says.

“Yes, it was my fault. It was just a joke. Sadly, it wasn’t funny,” Yumi says. “Anyway, see ya. Bye.” Yumi waves at the contestants, and walks through the dock.

Lorelai runs up to Yumi, before she steps in the boat. “I know it wasn’t you. Whyt do you said that?” Lorelai asks.

“Well, the team would think it was you, and they wouldn’t trust you anymore,” Yumi replies.

“You may have lost the game, but I’m sure you won a friend,” Lorelai says. She smiles, and they hug. Yumi step into the boat, and leaves.

The scene suddenly changes to Helen sitting at a deck chair around the pool, reading a book. It cuts to her in the confessional. She innocently says, “How could they do such a bad design?” She evilly laughs, and points at herself. “Yes. I sabotaged them. Just got random clothes from a wardrobe, Lindsay didn’t even realize,” She smirks at the camera, “I have a gameplay for the whole game. And this is all going to work.”

Chapter 5 – Be A-Mazed!

Chris is seen standing at the dock. “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we had a super modeling challenge, with the help of Lindsay and Heather, as models. Everybody find out that I have a daughter, who helped me with the challenge. The Birds won the challenge, after Helen’s sabotage against the other team. Yumi and Lorelai took all the blame, but in the end, the popular girl got the boot,” Chris says. “And Chef had explosive diarrhea. He laughs. “What’s going to happen? Find out, right here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The Mad Raccoons girls room is seen. Mindy and Alice are sitting in a couch, reading a magazine, while Lorelai is standing in front of the bathroom’s door.

Catheryn. I gotta pee. Hurry,” Lorelai says, knocking at the bathroom’s door.

“Right,” Catheryn says, opening the door, “You can use the bathroom now.” Lorelai glares at Catheryn, and enters at the bathroom.

“Lorerai’s pretty sad with Yumi’s elimination,” Mindy says.

Lorelai is seen in the confessional. She says, “Yumi was my best friend here. She was the only person I could share the love for fashion. I know it wasn’t her fault what happened yesterday. I don’t have idea what happened, but I know it wasn’t Yumi.”

“So, what’s up?” Alice asks.

“Well, I’m fine, thanks,” Catheryn confusedly replies.

“That’s not what I meant,” Alice says, “What’s up with you and Orlando?”

“Me and Orlando?” Catheryn laughs, “You are joking, right?”

“No. You are always talking with him. And what was that last night? You still warning him about the elimination. You don’t want him to leave,” Alice states.

“No. Look, we are just friends. We know each other for a long time,” Catheryn says.

“Yeah?” Mindy says, “Are you, like, BFF since childhood?”

“Yes,” Catheryn says, “He moved at the neighborhood when we were five. There wasn’t many kids at there. Socialites don’t get pregnant.” Catheryn laughs. “We have been best friends since then.”

“He didn’t seemed happy when he saw you when he arrived, though,” Alice states.

“Our fathers had a fight when we were fourteen. We ended up fighting, too. He and his family moved out a week after that. We’ve never saw each other since then,” Catheryn explains.

“Oh. I understand,” Mindy says.

The scene changes to the Mad Raccoons boys’ room. Zachariah, Benny and Orlando are sleeping, with Orlando wearing a sleep mask. Faustino and Nigel are sitting at their respective beds.

“So, what’s up with you and Mindy?” Faustino asks.

“We’re fine,” Nigel replies, “She just thought that we are going too fast. She’s right, anyway.”

“Oh. Someone’s in love,” Faustino says. Nigel blushes.

“Shut up, losers!” Orlando says.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds reunited at the pool.

“I love to win,” Woodrow says.

“Yes. It’s awesome to win. Throwing a party every night,” Mona states.

“I think we should have a Mario game here, though,” Bitsy says.

“Did you liked the party?” Woodrow asks Starlight.

“Yes,” Starlight replies. Woodrow smiles at her, and she smiles back at him. She looks at Cliff, who was sleeping in a desk chair.

“Yo, yo, yo. Let’s shake up all the night today,” Danny L. says.

“Yes. We must enjoy the prize while it’s lasts,” Joanne says.

“We must be positive. We are going to win,” Mona replies.

“We must be realistic. We can’t win every challenge,” Sid replies.

“What a confident team,” Helen sarcastically states.

“Come on. Have you ever thought that we aren’t the best team ever? We can lose anytime,” Sid says.

“Just because you are a sad person, doesn’t mean that everybody else must be too,” Helen says. Everybody stays silent. Sid leaves.

“That was mean,” Bitsy states.

“He deserved that,” Helen replies.

Mona says in the confessional, “Sid isn’t a bad person. He just has a tough life. He told me about his family last night, and he seemed pretty happy. He’s nice and caring inside.”

“Whatever. We should enjoy the rest of the challenge-free day,” Bitsy says.

The scene changes to the contestants waking up at the following day.

“Wake up! Time for the breakfast, stupid teenagers,” Chef annoyed says over the loudspeaker.

“What?” Zachariah asks.

“Crap,” Benny shouts, as he gets up, “I was dreaming with Mia Kooris.”

“She’s so hot,” Zachariah says.

“Angelique Jonnie is way hotter,” Faustino says.

“I prefer Jessica Elliston,” Nigel says.

“And you Orlando?” Zachariah asks.

Orlando rolls his eyes, and replies, “I’m rich, pretty and awesome. I don’t talk about hot girls, because I can have them anytime.”

“Wow, we have a womanizer here,” Benny playfully says, and laughs. Everybody but Orlando laughs.

The scene changes to all the contestants in the restaurant, each team sitting in their respective tables.

“I’m starving. Chef, where is the food?” Mona asks.

“Yeah. I’m gonna die,” Bitsy says.

“Luck you. I expected that, and brought up some cookies,” Fantine says.

“Awesome!” Danny L. exclaims.

“Four dollars, one box,” Fantine says.

“What?!?!” Helen shouts.

“I have to sell at least fifth boxes to get a travel to Ottawa,” Fantine says.

“I have good news!” Chris shouts, while he enters at the restaurant, “The breakfast will finally be served.” Chef enters at the restaurant carrying a cart table, with a delicious banquet in it.

“It’s a special prize for you. You’ve been through a lot since day one,” Chris says.

The contestants run at the cart. “It’s so wonderful!” Faustino states, as he looks at the food.

“Wait. I smell something bad,” Mona says.

“I only smell this delicious food,” Danny L. says, with his mouth full.

“No, Mona is right. Isn’t that suspicious? Chris is being too nice,” Zachariah says.

“Yes,” Helen says.

“What are you planning, McLean?” Sid says.

“What? I’m totally innocent,” Chris says.

“Okay. I know you’d never lie to us,” Helen sarcastically replies.

“See? Helen trusts him. Why would he be lying,” Fantine clueless says. Helen rolls her eyes. The time has passed. The contestants are seen with their belly stuffed at the restaurant.

“It reminds me of the sleep challenge in Total Drama Island,” Bitsy says.

Chris, Blaineley, Crystal, Heather and Lindsay enter at the restaurant.

“I want to get out of here,” Heather says.

“The Boat of Losers is broken. You’ll have to wait until it gets fixed,” Chris says.

“What? The boat’s broken?” Faustino asks.

“So, there’s no elimination?” Catheryn asks.

“I never said that,” Chris says.

“How the ‘chosen’ one will leave,” Woodrow asks.

“I don’t know. Swimming, walking. You’ll leave, anyway,” Chris says.

Catheryn takes her cellphone, and calls for someone. “Daddy? It’s me, Catheryn. Yes, the boat Chris uses to transport us in broken. Can you send something else? Yes, okay.” Catheryn gives her cellphone to Chris, “Daddy wants to talk with you.”

“Mr. Heidimond? McLean talking. Oh, okay. Really? Wow, thanks,” Chris says. He gives the cellphone back to Catheryn. “Good news. No more Boat of Losers. Mr. Heidimond donates a new helicopter to us,” Chris says.

“Cool. Thanks, Catheryn,” Mona says.

“No problem,” Catheryn says, “I have sixteen more at home,” Catheryn says.

“Sixteen helicopters?” Danny L. shouts.

“Yeah. I get one helicopter every year, in my birthday. And a yacht every Christmas” Catheryn says.

“Whatever. Heather and Lindsay, you’ll leave as soon as the helicopter arrives.

“Great,” Heather shouts.

“I love helicopters,” Lindsay says, and squeals.

“Shut up. You both had enough time in the original seasons. It’s time for those guys to shine. You both can stay at the pool while waiting for the helicopter,” Chris says to Lindsay and Heather. Lindsay squeals.

“And me?” Crystal says.

“Well, you’ll be my co-hostess,” Chris says. Crystal squeals.

“Stop squealing,” Helen shouts.

“Anyway, follow me to the next challenge,” Chris says.

The scene changes. The staff members and the contestants are seen standing in front of giant, large, green walls.

“Welcome the a-maze-ingest challenge ever!” Chris says.

“A maze?” Fantine asks.

“No, it’s a rainbow,” Helen sarcastically replies.

“Don’t be so mean,” Fantine replies.

“Anyway, you’ll have to find the way to the exit. The first team with all members at the end of the maze wins the challenge,” Chris explains.

“Easy,” Bitsy says.

“Wait, let me finish. There are traps everywhere. You’ll be able to escape from them if and after you got trapped, but it will take some time, and it may cause your team loss,” Chris completes.

“Okay. Can we go?” Mindy asks.

“Sure. Go ahead,” Chris says. The Mad Raccoons, except for Catheryn and Orlando, runs into different directions. Alice, Mindy and Nigel runs into the right pathway, while Benny, Faustino, Lorelai and Zachariah runs into the left pathway.

“I’m not going with them,” Orlando says. “Let’s keep walking forward,” Catheryn replies. They both steps forward.

“Wait. Let’s go together. So we’ll make sure everybody will cross the finish line together, and we can help if anybody gets into a trap,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah,” Danny L. says.

“Great sense of direction,” Fantine says, pointing to one of her badges, “Follow me!” Fantine goes forward, and the rest of the team follows her.

The scene changes to Zachariah, Benny, Faustino and Lorelai. The former is seen walking ahead, while the others three are following him.

“Let’s go to the right,” Zachariah says. They walk to the right. Faustino steps into a trap, and a cage falls over them.

“Great. See what you have done,” Lorelai says.

“Sorry,” Faustino replies.

The scene changes to the Alice, Mindy and Nigel, walking carefully into random directions.

“Let’s be careful. We don’t want to lose the challenge for our team,” Alice says.

“Yes. We must win this. Especially because of the pool party,” Mindy says.

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

“I wonder how we are going to find the exit,” Alice says.

“I’m sure we’ll find it,” Mindy says, smiling.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds.

“Come here,” Fantine says.

“We are walking for hours,” Bitsy says.

“That challenge is so messed up. We can spend days trying to find the exit,” Helen states.

“Not with me in the leading,” Woodrow says. He winks at Starlight. She blushes, and looks to the side. “Starlight is so great. But she’s acting weird lately. Something’s happening with her,” Woodrow says in the confessional.

“Yo. Go for it, guy,” Danny L. says.

“At least we have someone to blame if we lose,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Yes, whatever. Let’s go ahead, because we have a challenge to win,” Mona says.

“Yeah. Go Birds!” Bitsy shouts. Woodrow walks always, and everybody else follows him.

The scene changes to the Catheryn and Orlando sitting in a rock at the middle of the maze.

“Chris is such a psycho,” Catheryn states.

“Oh, don’t even talk about him,” Orlando says, as he rolls his eyes.

“Anyway, we should go. We must find the exit early, to finish this challenge,” Catheryn says. They both get up, and walk away.

The scene changes to Benny, Faustino, Lorelai and Zachariah still stuck in the cage.

“How we are getting out of this?” Faustino asks.

“I don’t know,” Lorelai says.

“Wait. Remember what Chris said,” Benny says.

“Welcome to Total Drama: Paradise Falls!?!?” Faustino confusedly replies.

“No. He said that we could easily escape from the traps,” Benny states.

“Yes. And I know what we are doing. Let’s push the cage. When it falls, we can get out,” Zachariah says.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds.

“Can we give a break?” Bitsy asks, “I can’t feel my feet.”

“No. We don’t have time. We have a challenge to win,” Fantine says.

“Just a break. We are walking for hours,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah. Just a break. It’s not going to kill us,” Mona says.

The scene changes to Alice, Mindy and Nigel.

“I wonder where our teammates are,” Alice says.

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

A parrot comes from nowhere and lands onto Alice’s shoulder.

“Oh. Who’s this cute little bird?” Mindy asks.

“I don’t know. It sure is cute,” Alice replies.

The parrot then flies through the maze.

“Wait. Don’t go alone. It’s dangerous,” Alice says to the parrot. Alice, Mindy and Nigel run, following the bird.

The scene changes to Benny, Faustino, Lorelai and Zachariah. They are standing in front of a fallen cage.

“Finally!” Zachariah shouts.

“Yes. Let’s continue,” Lorelai says, whipping her jacket.

Faustino is seen in the confessional. “The time I’ve spent together in the cage made me think a lot. And I realized that I’m always at the wrong time and at the wrong place.”

“Okay, let’s keeping going on,” Benny says. They walk away. Faustino steps into a pile of leaves in the ground. He falls on a hole that was hide underneath the pile of leaves. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure,” Lorelai asks.

“Yes,” Faustino replies.

“Should we help him?” Benny asks.

“What do you think?” Zachariah asks.

“Of course we should,” Lorelai says, “Idiots!”

“Okay,” Zachariah says.

Lorelai looks around and asks, after realizing something, “Where’s Benny, anyway?”

“RUUUUN!” Benny is seen running, with a giant boulder rolling behind him.

“AHHH!” Zachariah screams. He jumps into the hole and falls on Faustino. “Sorry.”

Lorelai and Benny run from the boulder. Lorelai sees a pathway to the right. She quickly pushes Benny into the pathway, and jumps into it.

Lorelai and Benny gets up. She glares at him, and states, “We could’ve died in there. What’s your problem?”

“Sorry. I was just trying to find the exit,” Benny replies.

“Whatever. Let’s go help them,” Lorelai says. They both walk back to the hole.

The scene changes to Alice, Mindy and Nigel following the bird.

“Why are we following him?” Nigel asks.

“Chris is evil, and we don’t have idea about where are the traps. Something can harm this cure, harmless birdie,” Mindy replies. The bird lands at Alice’s shoulder.

“Hello, my nature buddy. Where do you come from?” Alice asks. “Squawk!” the parrot replies, and flies away.

“Why you don’t stay with us?” Mindy asks.

Nigel is seen in the confessional. He says, “Mindy and Alice were so worried with the parrot, that they forgot that we were in danger.”

The scene returns to the parrot flying while it is being followed by Alice, Mindy and Nigel. The parrot turns into a pathway to the left. The three turn into the pathway. They see the exit, a giant opening with a checkered flag in it.

“The exit! We found it!” Mindy excitedly says, and squeals. They run into it, and cross the finish line.

“Welcome to the finish line!” Chris says.

“We won?” Alice asks.

“No. The whole team must be in to win,” Chris says, “But the advantage is that if your team loses, you three will have immunity.” Mindy squeals.

The scene changes to Catheryn and Orlando slowing walking through the maze.

“Do you think someone have found the exit?” Catheryn asks.

“Nah. They aren’t that smart,” Orlando replies.

“Believe me, they are,” Catheryn replies.

They look at a checkered flag. “The exit,” Orlando says.

“Finally!” Catheryn states. They run into it, and cross the finish line.

“Welcome Catheryn and Orlando,” Chris says.

“Hello,” Mindy says to Catheryn and Orlando.

“I told you,” Catheryn says to Orlando.

“I wonder where Lori, Zach, Faust and Ben are,” Mindy says.

“Who?” Catheryn confusedly asks.

“It’s the four teammates that haven’t arrived yet,” Alice replies, “Mindy likes to give nicknames people.”

“Yes, Cathy,” Mindy completes.

“Catheryn, please. Cathy is a fat girl name,” Catheryn replies.

The time has passed, and it’s nighttime. The Angry Birds are seen walking through a dark part of the maze with purple walls. Woodrow and Fantine are ahead, while everybody else is following them.

“Where are we?” Joanne asks.

“I think we are lost, yo!” Danny L. says.

“We aren’t lost. I know where we are,” Fantine replies.

“Great,” Mona says.

“Now I know y Chris-bro has served that banquet, yo,” Danny L. says.

“I knew we shouldn’t trust him,” Sid angrily states.

The scene changes to the Benny, Faustino, Lorelai and Zachariah, with a dirty clothes and messy hair.

“It sucks,” Lorelai says.

“Looks like we got the pathway with the most number of traps,” Zachariah says.

“Or somebody’s here keeps screwing up,” Faustino says, pointing to Benny.

“Woo. Stop. It’s all happening because you are unlucky. You are spreading you lack of lucky to us,” Benny replies.

“Dude, you are the one who activated all the traps,” Faustino says.

“Shut up,” Lorelai shouts.

“I have a plan. First, we have to find out where we are,” Zachariah says.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds. “I’m feeling. We are close,” Fantine says. She then runs faster, and her team quickly follows her. The exit is seen a few miles ahead of them.

“I can see the finish line,” Bitsy says.

“Me too,” Cliff says. They all run at the finish line. Joanne stumbles into a rock, and falls in her team, making everybody losing their balance and falling on the ground. She hits her head at the wall and collapses.

“Joanne?” Helen asks.

“She died?!?!” Mona nervously says.

“No, wait,” Woodrow says. He gets up, and walks to Joanne. “She’s still breathing.”

“The walls are made of a bad type of wood. It was hard enough to make her faint, but not enough to kill her,” Bitsy says.

“We are close to the end,” Starlight says.

“Woodrow, you are the strongest here. Carry her to the finish line,” Mona says.

“Okay,” Woodrow says.

The scene changes to the four Mad Raccoons member, walking at the middle of the maze.

“Gosh. I quit. Chris, let’s save us, because I’m not giving a single step anymore,” Zachariah shouts.

“What? Chris wouldn’t save us. He’s evil,” Lorelai says.

“But we can’t stand it anymore,” Faustino says. He leans against the wall. The wall then rotates 175 degrees, revealing a secret passage to the end of the maze.

“Look. It’s Chris,” Faustino says. The group passes through the wall, and arrives at Chris.

“And the Mad Raccoons wins the challenge,” Chris says.

The Angry Birds finally crosses the finish line.

“What happened?” Chris asks.

“She hits her head at the wall,” Woodrow says, carrying an unconscious Joanne in her arms.

“Emergency!” Chris worried shouts, “Chef, takes her to the infirmary.”

The scene changes to the infirmary room. Joanne is lying on a bed, conscious. Bitsy and Fantine enter at the Infirmary.

“Joanne?” Bitsy says, as she knocks the door, “May we come in?”

“Sure,” Joanne replies.

“Are you fine?” Fantine asks.

“Yes. I’m okay. I’ll be fine to go for the elimination ceremony,” Joanne says.

“Okay. Take care of yourself. Bye,” Bitsy says.

The scene changes to the elimination ceremony at the beach. Joanne is seen with bandages in her head.

“One more elimination. So, you guys know, if you don’t get a seashell, you are out,” Chris says, “The first seashell goes to… Woodrow, Helen, Starlight, Sid, Mona, Danny L., Bitsy, Cliff,” Chris tosses seashells. “Fantine, Joanne. One of you will be out. Who doesn’t gets a seashell will take the Helicopter of Losers. The last seashell goes too…” Fantine and Joanne are seen with a worried look at her face.

“Neither,” Chris says. Everybody else gasps.

“Ho-how? Why?” Joanne shocked asks.

“Fantine is voted out, and the doctor recommends that you’d leave the competition for medical reasons. And you both are boring, so let’s eliminate both,” Chris states.

“Not fair,” Fantine says, with a angry look in her face. Both girls walk through the dock, and enter at the helicopter, with Heather and Lindsay already inside it. Chef closes the vehicle of losers’ door, and it leaves.

Helen is seen in the confessional. “That was way better than I planned. The two annoying dead-weights are out.” She gives an evil laugh.

Chris is seen at the dock, “That’s it. Five’s out, seventeen’s in. Who’s going next? Find out, right here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls.”

Chapter 6 – I Survived a 20 Questions Game Show

“Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls,” Chris says, “We had an a-mazeing challenge.” He laughs, “No, seriously. Well, Joanne hits her head at the wall. Fantine was annoying. And they both leave.” He pauses for a minute, and puts his hand in his chin. “Well, Joanne had to leave because of the injury. Anyway, it’s past. Who’ll be next? Find out, next here…”

Blaineley pushes Chris out of screen, and says, “You’ll see a lot of drama in this whole new episode of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The episode begins with the Mad Raccoons all reunited at the pool.

“Look what a beautiful, sunny day,” Alice, who was inside the pool, says.

“Anything could ruin the day,” Mindy, who is also in the pool with Alice, replies.

“Actually, there’s something that could ruin even the most perfect day… Chris!” Zachariah states.

“I’m glad we were able to win last challenge,” Catheryn says, while she’s sitting in a desk chair, taking a sunbath.

“I wonder is Joanne’s fine,” Alice says.

“And who got eliminated,” Benny completes.

“Well, I haven’t seen anybody from the other team since the challenge ended, yesterday,” Faustino says.

“Whatever. We won,” Orlando states.

“So, I forgot something at the room,” Catheryn says, as she gets up from the chair, “Be right back.”

Catheryn appears in the confessional. “I wasn’t going to the room. I felt something suspicious about Chris, last night. I know he’s hiding something. And I’ll find out what it is!” The scene changes to the Angry Birds girl at their room.

“So, we should stick up together. Since we lost the two girls last night, the boys are totally targeting us,” Helen says.

“Really? I don’t think, so,” Mona says, “They aren’t the type who would make plans against our backs.”

“Remember Milly from that reality set up in Boney Island? She was thought of as nice and sweet, but she was evil,” Bitsy states.

“Sure. But they wouldn’t betray us like this,” Mona says.

“Okay. But we should be aware, and prevent anything,” Helen exclaims.

“But I couldn’t betray the guys this way,” Starlight states.

“Okay. I respect yours decisions. But we’ll be there, if you need any help,” Helen says. She walk away, and leaves the room.

“She’s afraid about what the guys could do,” Bitsy says.

The scene changes to the angry Birds boys’ room. They are all seen sleeping. Woodrow suddenly wakes up. “Wake up, dudes!” The Cowboy shouts.

“Ah, what?!?!” Danny L. looks tired and confused.

“WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?” Sid angrily shouts.

“It’s 10 o’clock. We might be late for breakfast,” Woodrow replies.

Cliff, who’s still sleeping, snores. “WAKE UP!” Woodrow screams. Cliff quickly wakes up, and falls from the bed. Woodrow and Danny L. laughs.

“Ghrunf,” Sid grumbles. He enters at the bathroom, and the lock’s noise is heard.

The scene changes to Chris walking through inside the hotel, while Catheryn sneakily follows him. Chris enters at his room, and takes a hidden elevator, behind his wardrobe. Catheryn enters at Chris’ room, and takes the elevator.

The scene cuts to Catheryn in the confessional, “So, I followed Chris, and found out two secrets. He was hiding it from us the whole time. And I can’t believe we didn’t even find out before.”

The scene cuts back to Catheryn, inside the elevator. The elevator arrives at the last floor, and the door opens. Catheryn carefully steps out, just to find a giant stephouse.

“Hey, sweet. I’m here,” Chris’s voice is heard coming from inside the house. Catheryn walks up to the window, and looks inside the house, while hiding.

“Time to the make-out section,” Chris says. He comes close to a secret, dark figure. Catheryn’s eyes widen, and she gasps.

The scene changes to the Mad Raccoons, except Catheryn and Mindy, in the pool.

“Where’s Catheryn?” Lorelai asks.

“She’s at your room,” Orlando replies.

“She’s not,” Alice says, as she joins the group, “I was there right now, and no sign of Catheryn.”

“Is she missing?” Mindy asks.

“Nah, she must been just walking around, taking some fresh air,” Zachariah replies. “Yeah,” Nigel completes, “She’s fine.”

The scene changes back to Catheryn at Chris’ secret penthouse. She is seen walking around it, without anybody noticing.

“So, he has a pool? And a hot tub?” Catheryn says. “I have lots of that at home.”

Chris voice is then heard whispering something. It then comes louder and louder.

“Chris is coming!?!?! What I’m gonna do?” Catheryn nervously says. She hides behind an artificial box hedge. Chris and the mysterious figure pass through her. She quickly gets out of the bush, and takes the elevator back. She sighs in relief and says, “That was close!”

The scene changes to Starlight and Woodrow at the beach.

“You did a great job last night. You know, leading the team,” Starlight says.

“It’s nothing,” Woodrow replies, “I did it for the team.”

“But it was nice of you. There aren’t many people with team spirit anymore,” Starlight states.

“Well, I guess there aren’t.” Woodrow and Starlight giggles. Cliff joins the group, “So, what’s up, friends?”

“Hey Cliff,” Starlight says, as she smiles.

“Lunch time!” Chris’ voice is heard over the loudspeaker.

“We should go,” Woodrow says. They all left.

The scene changes to the restaurant, which both teams sitting at their respective tables, eating the Chef Hatchet’s special meal. The camera zooms in at the Angry Birds’ table.

“Seriously, that was so unfair when both Joanne and Fantine leaved,” Mona says.

“I know, right? Now we’re outnumbered,” Woodrow says.

“The only thing we can do is try our hardest to win the next challenges,” Starlight says.

The cameras changes to the Mad Raccoons’ table.

“Were you’ve gone, Catheryn?” Benny asks.

“I was just walking around,” Catheryn replies.

“Yeah, I know,” Zachariah sarcastically says.

“What do you mean by ‘I know’?” Catheryn asks.

“Nothing,” the radical guy replies, “nothing.”

“Okay, so,” Catheryn replies. She then appears in the confessional, “It’s obvious that Zachariah is hiding something.”

Lorelai is sitting next to Zachariah. “What are you hiding?”

“Catheryn wasn’t just walking around,” Zachariah replies, “she was at Chris’ room, with Chris.”

“Do you think they are…?” Lorelai pauses and thinks for a moment, “No. That’d be weird, and wrong.”

“No. That’s ridiculous. I meant that Catheryn is probably bribing Chris so she can have some kind of advantage,” Zachariah says.

“Well, she’s pretty rich. She even paid for a new vehicle of losers,” Lorelai states.

“But it doesn’t make sense. Why would she lose money to win money?” Zachariah asks.

“Well. Maybe her father has some sort of agreement with Chris,” Lorelai says.

“We should keep an eye on this girl,” Zachariah says.

Lorelai is seen in the confessional. “Catheryn is doing something suspicious. She better take care of herself, because I’ll find out what she’s hiding, and then, she’ll pay for this.”

The scene changes back to the restaurant. Chris enters at it, along with Crystal and Blaineley.

“Good morning!” Chris says.

“Not so good, right now,” Catheryn replies.

“It’s challenge time. Follow me if you want to win,” Chris says.

“Another life-threatening challenge,” Bitsy says.

“No. It’s just a twenty questions game,” Crystal says.

“It was a secret, Crystal,” Chris annoyed says, “I would scare them all with a fake challenge.”

“You just ruined your father’s joy,” Blaineley says, “Good job!”

The scene changes to Chris, Chef, Blaineley, Crystal, and the contestant at the beach. It has two podiums in opposite sides of the beach, each with a flag of one of the teams in the front.

“The challenge is simple. It’s a twenty questions game. Each team will chose an animal. The other team will have to ask twenty questions, in order to find out what is the animal. The team who guesses the animal from the other team first, wins immunity. If neither of the teams guesses the animal after twenty questions, they’ll have the chance to do one more question, and it will go on, until someone guesses the animal right.” Chris explains.

“So hard,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Anyway, go discuss about your animal,” Chris says.

The Birds are seen together, discussing.

“We need a hard animal that they would never guess,” Cliff says.

“What about the mountain goat?” Bitsy asks.

“Sure. The mountain goat, it is,” Woodrow states.

Meanwhile, at the Raccoons’ side.

“Let me think,” Benny says, “What about dromedary?”

“Sure. Everybody agrees with dromedary?” Catheryn replies. Everybody nods in agreement.

“Done!” both teams say in unison.

“Okay. So, get in your places. Since the Raccoons won last challenge, they’ll be starting this one. Remember, after the Birds answers, they’ll be asking, and the Raccoons will be answering. No lies and cheating are allowed,” Chris explains, “So, let’s gonna start.”

Catheryn raises her hand. “Is you animal a mammal?”

“Yes,” Bitsy answers.

“Birds, your turn,” Chris says.

“Does your animal live in the water?” Starlight asks.

“No,” Benny answers.

“Can your animal fly?” Benny asks.

“No,” Woodrow answers, and asks back “Does your animal have feathers?”

“No,” Benny answers.

“Hmm… Is your animal carnivorous?” Faustino asks.

“No,” Bitsy answers.

“Is your animal herbivorous?” Mona asks.

“Yes,” Catheryn replies.

“Does your animal live at the jungle?” Lorelai asks.

“No,” Bitsy answers.

“Yo, yo, my turn as the asker. Is your animal bigger than a tiger?” Danny L. asks, rapping. Everybody stares at Danny L. with a raised eyebrow. “What? It’s rap.”

“Eh, yes,” Benny answers, and asks, “Does your animal have fur?”

“Yes,” Bitsy answers.

“Is your animal domesticated?” Mindy asks

“No,” Cliff answers.

“Does your animal have colorful fur?” Starlight asks.

“No,” Catheryn answers.

“Is your animal aggressive?” Lorelai asks.

“Yes,” Bitsy answers. Bitsy is then seen in the confessional, “I think it is, at least.”

“Yo, is yo animal a fish?” Danny L. asks.

Helen glares at Danny L. “They said their animal has fur. Do you know any fish that has fur?!”

“Yo, no. I don’t know any fish,” Danny L. replies. Helen facepalms.

“Anyway, the answer is obviously no,” Catheryn states.

“Is your animal a feline?” Benny asks.

“No,” Bitsy answers.

“Is our animal from the canidae family?

“No,” Benny answers.

“Can your animal swim?” Zachariah asks.

“No,” Bitsy answers.

“Is your animal rare?” Mona asks.

“No,” Benny answers.

“Anybody wants to ask something?” Catheryn asks for her team.

“Is your animal omnivorous?” Alice asks.

“No,” Bitsy answers.

“Does your animal lives in cold climates?” Cliff asks.

“No,” Benny answers, “It’s the opposite.”

“Thanks for the tip,” Mona says.

Orlando glares at Benny, and yells at him, “Are you dumb? You can't give them too much info. A simple ‘no’ is all they need. You idiot.”

“How rude,” Alice comments in the confessional.

“Hey. The show must go on,” Chris says.

“Well… can your animal roar?” Lorelai asks.

“No,” Woodrow answers.

“Does your animal live at the jungle?” Mona asks.

“No,” Catheryn replies.

“Is your animal from the African savanna?” Nigel asks.

“No. Does your animal live at the desert?” Woodrow asks.

“Yes,” Benny replies.

“Is your animal a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action?” Mindy asks.

“What the heck?” her team asks in confusions.

“I like cartoons,” Mindy says.

“Well, the answer is no,” Bitsy answers.

“Does your animal have two 'humps' on their back?” Mona asks.

“No,” Benny answers.

Woodrow was seen in the confessional, “I thought their animal was a camel. They tricked us with this one.”

“Does your animal have white fur?” Benny asks.

“Some kinds,” Bitsy answers.

“Is your animal domesticated?” Cliff asks.

“Yes, in some places,” Benny answers.

“Is your animal wild?” Alice asks.

“Yes, kinda,” Bitsy answers.

“Is your animal able to conserve a lot of water?” Mona asks.

“Yes,” Benny answers.

“Can we make a guess now?” Mindy asks.

“Yes,” Chris replies.

“Great. Let’s try,” Catheryn says to her team.

“Is your animal one of the following: bear, giraffe, or lion?” Benny asks.

“No,” Bitsy says, and quickly asks, “Is your animal related to the camel?”

“Yes,” Benny answers.

“Does your animal have a brownish fur?” Woodrow asks.

“Yes,” Benny answers.

“Does your animal have horns?” Catheryn asks.

“Yes,” Bitsy answers.

“We all know the animal. Let’s do the last question,” Helen says.

“Is your animal one of the following: camel, llama, dromedary, or alpaca?” Bitsy asks

“Yes,” Benny answers.

“Let’s try a guess,” Catheryn says, “Is your animal a reindeer?”

“No,” Bitsy answers, and quickly asks back “Is your animal a dromedary?”

“Yes,” Benny answers.

Chris walks up to the Birds, “And the birds are the winners of this weird challenge. I don’t know if anybody understand what happened here, but anyway.” The Birds cheers.

"Thanks to the mountain goat," Bitsy says.

“I told you, we are in a team of losers,” Orlando says to Catheryn.

“Oh, and just for the winners, we have special packages from home,” Chris says. He tosses boxes from each of the Birds’ members. They all open their boxes, revealing that Bitsy received a handheld video-game, Danny L. received a golden chain with the dollar sign, Sid received a knife, Starlight received a headband with peace signs stamps, Mona received a guitar, Cliff received a blanket, Helen received a purple cellphone, and Woodrow received a khaki cowboy hat. “Congratulations. And as always, you’ll get allowed access to the pool, and pool parties. Raccoons, see you at the Elimination Ceremony.”

Mona was seen in the confessional, “Benny’s hint did make it a lot easier for us. At first, we thought their animal was a polar bear.”

The scene changes to the Raccoons’ girls at their room.

“Who are you voting for, girls?” Lorelai asks.

“I’m voting for Benny,” Catheryn says.

“Yeah. What he did in the challenge was pretty dumb,” Lorelai says.

“It was an accident, though,” Alice says.

“Yeah, Alice has a point,” Mindy says.

“So, who you gonna vote for?” Catheryn asks Lorelai.

“I’m not sure, I’ll think about it before,” Lorelai replies.

The scene changes to the boy’s room from the Raccoons.

Orlando is seen yelling at Benny, “Gosh, you’re totally stupid. We had the game in our hands, and you screwed it.”

“It was an accident. I’m really sorry,” Benny sadly says.

Orlando is seen in the confessional, “I hate lower class people. They’re so undeserving to having me on their team.” The scene changes back to the boy’s room. “I’ll go take some fresh air,” Orlando says, as he leaves the room.

“He’s mean,” Faustino says.

“I know, right?” Benny says.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“Let’s take a walk before the Ceremony,” Zachariah says. The boys leave the room. Alice and Mindy both leave their room at the same time as the boys.

“Hey, guys. Where are you going?” Alice asks.

“We’ll take a walk, around the island,” Faustino says.

“Oh, okay,” Alice says. The boys, except Nigel, walk away.

“So, you’re not going with them?” Mindy asks to Nigel.

“Nah,” Nigel replies, “I need to talk with you.”

“I’m going to take a walk, so,” Alice says, smiling. She leaves.

“I still really like you, Mindy. And I was thinking if we could try out again,” Nigel says.

“Well, you don’t think we are going too fast?” Mindy asks.

“Well, yeah. But we can start at the beginning now,” Nigel says.

“Well, I really like you, and I miss you too. But, if you don’t think we’re jumping too fast at it, then I’ll give another chance to us,” Mindy replies. She kisses Nigel in his cheek, and he blushes.

“Oh, my two friends together, so cute,” Alice’s voice is heard, out of screen. Mindy giggles.

The scene cuts to Blaineley, chef and the contestants around the campfire, at the elimination ceremony.

“So, Chris was having some problems with lawsuits from Heather. So, I’ll be taking control from today’s Elimination Ceremony. As you know, if you don’t get a seashell, you are out. The first seashell goes to… Lorelai, Nigel, Zachariah, Mindy, Alice, Faustino, Catheryn.” Blaineley tosses seashells to the mentioned contestants. “The last seashell goes to…” Orlando is seen with a annoyed look, while Benny is with a worried look.

“Benny,” Blaineley says, as she tosses a seashell to Benny.

“I was too awesome to this, anyway,” Orlando angrily says.

“But really, why him?” Catheryn asks.

“Because he’s annoying, and keeps whining about how he’s beter than us, and about all his money,” Alice replies.

“Well, I don’t want to reveal this, but I have to… Orlando’s family is bankrupt,” Catheryn says. Everybody else gasps.

“I told you to keep this in secret,” Orlando angrily says to Catheryn.

“How do you know that about him,” Zachariah says.

“My family lent money to his family. We dated briefly when we were young, but then we broke up because he became a stuck-up, rude guy,” Catheryn says.

“Is that true, Orlando?” Mindy asks.

“It… it is,” Orlando reluctantly says, “and I still love Catheryn.” Catheryn gasps.

“Do you… really?” Catheryn asks. Catheryn and Orlando lean to kiss. Chef Hatchet then takes Orlando by his arm and throws him inside the helicopter. Catheryn waves at him, as the helicopter leaves.

“That ends with another dramatic episode,” Blaineley says, “Admit it, I did a greater job at the elimination than Chris. Well, I hope the producers realize that and replace Chris with me. Find out if this will happen, in the next episode of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls.”

Chapter 7 – Scavenger Manhunt

Blaineley is seen at hotel lobby. It’s seen to be night time. “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls,” she says in a low voice, almost whispering, “The contestants went into a twenty questions game. The birds won with the mountain goat. It was down to Benny and Orlando, but the rich spoiled got the boot in the end.” She grins, and continues, “You may is wondering, where is Chris? Stay tuned, and look at the episode, where everything will be answered, only here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The contestants are seen at the beach together. Bitsy is seen playing her handheld video-game. Benny and Faustino are next to her, seeing her playing.

“Why did Chris called us?” Helen annoyed asks.

Chris walks up. “I have an important announcement.”

“Is this the merge?” Catheryn asks.

“Or maybe someone’s returning,” Woodrow suggests.

“Nah, you’re all wrong. I decided to add a new twist to the show.” A dramatic song plays. Chirs glares at the side, where Chef is seen with a radio, listening to the song mentioned. Chef realizes Chris is glaring at him, and turns off the song. He glares at Chris. Chis look back at the contestants. “As I was saying, I’ve hid immunity idols through the whole island. If you find it, you’ll be able to save yourself from elimination. Remember to use it wisely.”

Catheryn is seen in the confessional. “Interesting!” She smirks.

“Anyway, that’s it! Stay with the activities you were doing.” Chris walks off.

Helen is seen the confessional, with folded arms and an angry look at her face. “I must find the idol!”

The Angry Birds are seen at the pool.

Bitsy is playing her game, sitting in a desk chair. She says, “Now it can be called a ‘Paradise’. I missed you so much, my game.” She hugs the mini-game device.

“It’s pretty epic,” Woodrow replies. He’s sitting in a desk chair next to Bitsy.

Helen walks in, and says “Bitsy, can I talk with you in particular?”

“Sure.” Bitsy gets up, and walks off with Helen. “We should go find the idols, for us,” Helen says.

“Why?” Bitsy clueless asks.

“I’ve heard that they are targeting us. If we lose, one of use is going home.” Helen folds her arms, and rolls her eyes. “Mona and Starlight are in an alliance against us.”

“What?!?!?!” Bitsy shouts in surprise, “I thought they were nice girls.”

“Sadly, it is. But you can always trust me,” Helen says. They hug, and Helen smirks.

Starlight and Cliff are sitting next to the pool, with their feet inside the water.

“So, you have been acting kinda different lately,” Cliff says.

“What?!” Starlight nervously says, “That… that was me.”

“No. That wasn’t you. I know you well enough, and I’m sure you are not this way,” Cliff says.

“I was just worried with my family,” Starlight quickly replies.

“Okay. Sure. I’m worried with my family too.” Cliff gets up, and walks off. “I’m going take a nap. See you later.”

“See you.” Starlight looks down. She is then seen in the confessional. “I’m feeling bad. They both really like me. I’m feeling like I’m playing them.” She looks down, and sighs.

The Mad Raccoons’ boys are seen at their room.

Zachariah is seen standing in the couch. He says, “Guys. I have something to tell.”

“What?” Faustino asks.

“Orlando’s finally gone. And I think Catheryn should be next,” Zachariah says.

“Why?” Benny asks.

“Because she’s planning something behind our backs. I know it,” Zachariah replies.

“I say yes. But we need more votes,” Faustino says.

Lorelai’s in already. We need the others two girls’ votes,” Zachariah states, “Do you think you can convince them, Nigel?”

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

The time passes to night. The contestants are all sleeping. Chef’s voice is then heard over the loudspeaker. “Challenge time. Meet me at the restaurant… NOW!”

The contestants are seen gathering in front of Blaineley, Chef and Crystal at the restaurant.

“It’s three o’ morning. What’s wrong with you?” Sid annoyed says.

“Today, you’ll be playing the detectives. Welcome to the ‘Find a Clue’ challenge,” Blaineley says.

“Not that I care, but, where’s Chris?” Mona asks.

“Chris is having some problems with lawsuits from the old contestants, and had to go to a judgment. He took a helicopter and left the island for a few days,” Blaineley says.

“So, that means you’re hosting this until he gets back?” Lorelai asks.

“Yes. Moi, the best hostess the show will ever have,” Blaineley replies.

“Yes. You’re a diva. You’re epic. You’re my inspiration for life.” Catheryn says.

“Awww. I appreciate that. Glad to know that you’re my fan,” Blaineley says.

“Everybody should be your fan,” Catheryn states.

“I know, right?” Blaineley replies.

“I’d prefer if you just shut up and explain the challenge,” Sid annoyed says. Everybody else nods.

Blaineley rolls her eyes and fold her arms. “Whatever.”

“Please, the sooner the challenge starts, the sooner it’s ending,” Lorelai states.

“Okay. Today’s challenge: a Scavenger Hunt. You’ll be searching for three keys at three locations: the forest, the swamp, and the falls. Then, you’ll have to find the final souvenir, a treasure chest inside the hotel. You’ll use the keys to open this treasure chest. Inside, there’s the immunity pass… and something else,” Blaineley says.

“Could you tell us what’s this ‘something else’?” Catheryn asks.

“You’ll find out later,” Blaineley replies, “So… go!” The contestants run into the forest.

“I’m going back to my sleep,” Chef says, as he leaves. Blaineley thinks for a moment and says, “Me too.” She leaves.

The Angry Birds are seen walking through the forest. They arrive at the a clearing.

“If I was a clue, where I’d be…” Danny L. states.

“I’ve played many games of this kind. They always hide the clue in a place where we’d never find,” Bitsy says.

“The first clue is somewhere in the bush that is as colorful as an apple,” a girly, high-pitched, female voice is heard over the loudspeaker.

“Who’s that?” Cliff asks.

“It’s Crystal. I’ll give hints about where are the clues about where are the keys,” she says.

“Okay. Thanks,” Mona says.

“So, let’s think about it… ‘the bush that is as colorful as an apple’? What could that means?” Woodrow asks.

“I don’t know. I’m just saying what Blaineley told me to say,” Crystal replies.

“So, apples are red. And there’s this red bush,” Helen says, pointing to a red bush.

“Yo, you’re smart… and hottie,” Danny L. says.

Helen says in the confessional, “And I realized that Danny possibly has a crush on me.”

Helen walks to Danny. “Thank you, sweet.” She blinks one of the eyes at him. Danny L. blushes, and smiles.

Danny L. says in the confessional, “Helen likes me, yo.”

“Let’s take the clue,” Woodrow says. He jumps into the red bush. “Here!” he shouts, while he gets out of the bush, holding a piece of paper. “It says, ‘The first key is hanging on’.”

Mona looks up and says, “In that tree.” She points to a tree, where the key is seen tied to a tree branch.

“I’ll take it,” Starlight says.

The scene changes to the Mad Raccoons, arriving at the forest.

“Congratulations,” Crystal says over the loudspeaker.

“Crystal? What are you doing there?” Mindy asks.

“I’ll help you with the challenge. So, the first clue is somewhere in the bush that is as colorful as an apple,” Crystal says.

“So… I didn’t got the clue,” Zachariah states.

“Me neither,” Lorelai states.

“Apple… color… bush,” Crystal says. The Raccoons stares with a worried look. “The clue is at the red bush,” Crystal says with an annoyed tone.

“Oh,” the Raccoons say in unison.

“I’ll catch it,” Benny says. He runs, and jumps at the bush. He gets out with the paper at his hands.

“Read it!” Alice says.

Benny reads the clue, “‘The first key is hanging on’. What does this means?” He confusedly asks.

“The clue is hanging out with its friends. So sweet,” Mindy says, giggling. Everybody glares at her. “Okay, I’ll shut up,” she annoyedly says.

“So, hanging on?” Lorelai asks.

“Think. The key isn’t falling from the sky, or anything,” Alice says. A seagull with a key in its beak lands on her shoulder.

“A GULL! AND IT’S SO FLUFFY!” Mindy shouts.

“Well, thank you, Mr. Gull,” Zachariah says. The seagull flies away.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds at the swamp.

“And here are we!” Woodrow says, “The swamp!”

“The next clue is inside the biggest tree’s hollow,” Crystal announces over the loudspeaker.

Bitsy points to a tree hollow. “I think it’s this one.”

“Lemme catch this!” Danny L. says. He takes a paper from the hollow.

“What’s the clue?” Helen says.

“Read it yourself,” Danny L. says. Helen takes the clue from his hands. “It says, ‘The key is inside the bear’s cave, next to the tree where you found the clue’.”

“Bear’s… cave? Who’s going there?” Woodrow nervously asks. Everybody remains silent.

“Sure, I’ll go. I’m good with animals,” Starlight says. She enters inside the cave.

“Is it bad that I let her go alone?” Woodrow asks.

“Yes,” Helen coldly says.

Starlight runs away from the cave, screaming, with the key in his hand.

“Yo, what’s happened?” Danny L. asks.

“The bear is coming!” Starlight yells. The whole team screams in horror. Starlight stops to run, and starts to laugh. “There’s no bear. I was just playing with you, guys,” she says, laughing.

“That was… funny,” Mona says.

“So, let’s go?” Cliff asks. The team nods. The Mad Raccoons then arrives.

“So, here are you,” Lorelai says.

“Good luck with the key. We already have ours,” Woodrow says. The Birds walks away.

Lorelai rolls her eyes, “Crystal, could you help us, please?”

“Okay. The next clue is inside the biggest tree’s hollow,” Crystal says over the loudspeaker.

“That one?” Faustino says.

“I think. There’s only one way to find out,” Zachariah says. He pushes Faustino at the tree hollow.

Lorelai glares at Zachariah, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Someone had to go,” Zachariah replies.

“I find the clue!” Faustino says out of screen.

“Great. Now get out of there,” Alice says. Faustino gets out of the hollow with bee stings in his face.

“What happened?” Benny asks.

“There’s a hive in this tree,” Faustino replies, “I’m fine. Just some bee stings.”

“What’s the clue?” Catheryn asks.

Faustino read the clue, “‘The key is inside the bear’s cave, next to the tree where you found the clue.’” Everybody looks at Alice. “What? Okay, I’ll go,” Alice says. Alice enters the cave, and quickly gets out.

“That was fast,” Benny says.

“And the bear?” Lorelai asks.

“That’s the funny thing. It’s the bear’s cave, but there’s no bear in it,” Alice replies.

“Anyway, let’s go,” Zachariah says.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds at the falls.

“Now I know why this is called ‘Paradise Falls’,” Bitsy says.

“The clue is inside the bluest shell around the falls,” Crystal announces.

“What does that means?” Helen angrily shouts.

“We should search for a blue shell,” Mona says, “That’s kinda obvious.”

The Mad Raccoons arrives at the falls when the Birds are searching the blue shell.

“The clue is inside the bluest shell around the falls,” Crystal announces. She then says in an angrily tone, “Now find it quickly because I wanna sleep!”

Benny says, “Here is it!” He raises his hands, holding a shell. Helen takes the shell from his hands and says, “Thank you!”

“We got robbed!” Catheryn shouts.

“Wait, we don’t need to find the clue,” Zachariah whispers, “We can follow them, and see where the key are.”

“Good idea,” Lorelai says in agreement.

The Birds are in the forest, close to the falls.

“’The last two souvenirs you are searching are together, in the place where you eat’,”

“The key is with the chest, at the restaurant,” Woodrow shouts.

“Let’s go!” Bitsy says. The Birds runs away.

Zachariah pops out of a bush. “See? That was easier than find a shell,” Zachariah says.

Lorelai pops out of the bush, and says, “Sure. Quick, to the restaurant.” The whole team gets out of the bush, and runs.

Zachariah says in the confessional, “There are three ways to do something: the right way, the wrong way, and the Zachariah’s way, who is the best. It’s almost the same as the wrong way, but epicer.”

The Birds arrives at the restaurant. Crystal pops out from the kitchen. She says, “Congratulations to arriving at the last step.”

“So, any clues?” Bitsy asks.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Crystal says. The Birds runs into the kitchen. The Mad Raccoons arrives at the restaurant.

“Congratulations to arriving at the last step,” Crystal says.

“Thanks,” Mindy replies.

“It’s on the kitchen,” Crystal says. The Raccoons runs into the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, Danny L. is seen looking inside a cupboard. “If I were a treasure chest, where I’d be?”

“I’m so cold,” Crystal shouts.

“Wanna a coat, yo?” Danny L. asks.

“I got it,” Woodrow says. He runs to the fridge. He tries to open the door, but it’s chained.

“The key,” Mona says. Starlight tosses the key at Woodrow.

“We can’t lost again,” Lorelai angrily says. She grabs Zachariah by his hood, and throws him at the fridge. He falls on Woodrow.

“I’m not with the key,” Zachariah says.

“But I am,” Bitsy says. She runs to the fridge, and unlocks it. She takes the chest, and tosses it to Starlight. She says, “Take it, Starlight.” Starlight runs away from the kitchen, and opens the treasure chest.

“Starlight won the challenge for the Birds. You all have immunity,” Crystal says.

“Wow, what’s this?” Starlight asks.

“I must talk privately with the birds, before the Raccoons go to the elimination ceremony. And please, bring the ‘treasure’ with you,” Blaineley says, entering at the restaurant.

The scene changes to Blaineley and the Angry Birds sitting around the pool.

“So, here are we. Inside the treasure, there’s an immunity idol,” Blaineley says. Starlight takes the idol from his back. “Actually, this is not for you. You’ll give the idol to someone from the other team. Choose wisely, because it can change the whole game,” Blaineley explains.

“We’ll think about it,” Woodrow says.

The scene changes to the Raccoons at the campfire ceremony at the beach. “As you know, whoever who doesn’t gets a seashell is out,” Blaineley explains.

“Yes, and will never come back. We all know that,” Zachariah says.

Blaineley folds her arms. She continues, “Anyway, the first seashell goes to… Nigel, Lorelai, Faustino, Mindy, Alice, Zachariah” Blaineley tosses seashells to the mentioned constestants. “Benny, Catheryn. One of you will be leaving today. The last seashell goes to…”

“Benny!” Blaineley tosses the seashell to the Asian boy.

“What? Me?” Catheryn confusedly shouts.

“Bye, bye!” Zachariah says.

“I’m sorry,” Blaineley says.

“Do you really think I’m leaving today?” Catheryn sarcastically laughs.

“What? No, don’t tell me you have-” Lorelai says.

“Yes. I have the immunity idol,” Catheryn says as she takes the idol from her back.

“That was predictable,” Nigel comments.

“So, due to this, Benny’s leaving,” Blaineley announces.

“Oh. But I was doing so great,” Benny says.

“Actually, the author couldn’t think of a better reason to you stay,” Blaineley states.

“Bye guys.” Benny sniffles. “I hope I get to return in the All-Stars.”

“A ‘Worst of the Worst’ season would be more fitting for you,” Catheryn says.

Benny enters at the Helicopter of Losers, and leaves.

Blaineley pops out in front of the camera. “That ends with another rather weird episode, but since I was hosting this, it ended up being the best so far. So, watch the next episode, and don’t forget, send emails to the production to replace Chris with moi.”

Chapter 8 – Super Drama Bros.

“Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls,” Chris introduces, “The contestant went into a Scavenger Hunt with Blaineley, Chef and Crystal. In the end, Benny went home, thanks to the immunity idol played by Catheryn. Yeah, a mostly boring episode due to the lack of moi, but my daughter did a great job.” Chris wipes a tear of his eye. “My little Crystal. She’s following dad’s steps. Anyway, don’t miss this epic episode, of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The episode begins with the Mad Raccoons leaving the elimination ceremony. Everybody is glaring at Catheryn. They enter at the hotel, where the Angry Birds are about to go to their rooms.

“Yo, what happened?” Danny L. asks.

“Benny left,” Zachariah replies. He says in the confessional, “It seems weird that Chris introduced the immunity idols and Catheryn had one right when we were going to vote her off. I still think she has some sort of agreement with Chris.”

“Catheryn played her immunity idol,” Alice says.

Woodrow says in the confessional, “Actually, we gave the idol to Faustino, as he’s the weakest member of the team. Catheryn found the other one by herself. And if she got one, she must be pretty close to a second.”

“Anyway, we should go sleep,” Helen says to Bitsy. “Yes,” Bitsy replies. Both girls leave.

“I’m going to,” Mona says.

“I’ll stay here, a little bit,” Starlight says.

“I’ll stay with you,” Cliff says.

“No, you can go sleep. I’ll stay here with her,” Woodrow says, sitting next to Starlight.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to sleep,” Starlight says. She gets up and leaves. She says in the confessional, “Them both like me. And I like them both too. But I can’t date two guys. I’m kinda cheating them. That makes me feel bad.” Starlight is seen leaving the confessional. Catheryn is seen hiding behind the door. “Another juicy secret,” she says, and evilly grins.

The scene changes to the morning. Mindy and Nigel are seen walking at the beach.

“The sky. It’s so beautiful,” Mindy says.

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

“So… I really like you,” Mindy says.

“Me to,” Nigel says.

They lean to kiss. Alice and Lorelai arrives at the beach.

“Good morning, buddies,” Alice says.

“Oh. Good morning, Alice and Lori,” Mindy says.

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

“Were you about to kiss? Are you a couple again?” Alice asks.

Mindy and Nigel blushes. “Well, not really,” Mindy says. Nigel nods in agreement.

“Oh, come on. You both like each other a lot. And you’re both meant to the other. So stop this ‘we’re going to fast’ excuse and make out already,” Lorelai states.

“Yes. If you both like each other, you should date,” Alice happily says.

“Yeah. I love you, Mindy,” Nigel says.

“I love you too,” Mindy excitedly says. She hugs Nigel. “But, we’re not going too fast,” she completes. Nigel smiles.

Alice wipes a tear from her face. “I love when happy couples get formed.”

The scene changes to the Birds’ guys sleeping at their room, except for Sid, who is looking through the window. He is then seen in the confessional. “I miss my family. My mother, my brothers. They are everything for me. I don’t want to be here, but my family really need the money. I must win this, for them.” He sighs.

Back at the room, Woodrow is waking up. He looks at Sid in front of the window.

“Whatcha’ looking at?” the cowboy asks.

“I… nothing. I couldn’t sleep. The whole competition, it’s too stressing,” Sid replies.

“Yeah. Chris is not a nice man,” Woodrow states.

Danny L. wakes up. “Yo, yo, yo. Good morning, brothas,” he says.

“Hey Danny,” Woodrow says.

“It was such a great sleep, yo,” Danny L. says.

“Whatever,” Sid annoyedly says.

The scene changes to the Mad Raccoons’ girl’s room. Catheryn is at the bathroom with her hair dryer on extremely louder.

“Could you turn that off?” Lorelai dryly says from her bed, covering her ears.

“There are people here who want to sleep,” Alice angrily says.

Catheryn look at the girls. She rolls her eyes, and turns off the hair dryer.

Catheryn says, “Party poppers.”

The scene changes to Lorelai in the confessional. “Catheryn is so going home,” she says.

Catheryn is seen in the confessional, with a bushy hair, with folded arms and an angry look at her face. “Hello, I need to dry my hair. I know I’m extremely pretty, but my hair is a little bit evil.”

The scene changes to the Angry Birds’ girls at their room. They are all sleeping, except for Helen. Starlight wakes up.

“The girls are still sleeping?” she says to herself. She gets up, and enters at the bathroom. Bitsy then wakes up. She stretches, and quickly takes her handheld video-game and starts playing. Mona wakes up with the noises from the game.

“Bitsy?” Mona says, “I was sleeping.”

“Sorry,” Bitsy says, “I’ll lower the volume.”

“Nah. I’m awake now. I’m not going to sleep again,” Mona states.

Helen enters at the room. “Good morning, ‘BFFs’,” she sarcastically says.

“Good morning, ‘bestie’,” Mona sarcastically replies.

“I wonder why Chef hasn’t called us to breakfast yet,” Bitsy says.

“He’s probably plotting a challenge unsafe enough to kill us… or at least injury badly,” Helen says.

Starlight gets out of the bathroom, with a towel around her body.

“If you don’t care, I’ll take a bath now,” Helen says. She enters at the bathroom, and slams the door.

The scene changes to the Mad Raccoons’ boys. Zachariah is standing in his bed, while everybody else is sitting at their beds.

“Gentlemen and gentlemen! There’s something evil surrounding us, also known as ‘Catheryn’!” Zachariah says.

“Catheryn? She may be a spoiled bratty, but I’m sure she’s not evil,” Faustino says.

“But she is, and we must defeat her,” Zachariah says.

“Why she’s evil, exactly?” Faustino asks.

“She’s paying for Chris so she can stay longer at the competition,” Zachariah says.

“But, that doesn’t make sense. She’s giving money to Chris, to win money?” Faustino says.

Zachariah thinks for a moment. “Well… I haven’t thought of that. But I know she’s doing something evil.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“Okay. If we lose the next challenge, she’s gone,” Faustino says.

Chef’s voice is heard over the loudspeaker, “Breakfast time. Be at the restaurant… NOW!”

At the restaurant, the Angry Birds and the Mad Raccoons’ girls are seen at their respective tables. The Raccoons’ boys enters the restaurant.

“G’day, mates,” Nigel says, waving at the girls.

“You are Australian?” Alice asks.

“No,” Nigel replies, “I’m British, actually.”

“Tell more about your life. We’re so interested to hear your story,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Shut up,” Zachariah says. The boys sit at their tables.

“So, everybody’s here now. What do we have for breakfast?” Mona asks. Chef puts a bowl with a green mush on the table.

“What’s this?” Catheryn disgusted says, pointing at the meal.

“I don’t know. But it doesn’t looks good,” Woodrow says.

Faustino tries to take the mush with his fork. The meal grabs his head, and slams it at the table. Zachariah picks a knife, and cut the mysterious dish.

“I’m fine,” Faustino says, and smiles. He is with a black eye, and with a gap in his teeth.

“Faustino, you lost a tooth,” Mindy says.

“Poor little boy,” Starlight says.

Catheryn gets up. She stands at the chair.

“What are you doing?” Lorelai coldly asks.

I’m doing the right thing,” Catheryn replies. She shouts, “Guys, I found out something spicy. Did you know that Starlight is dating Cliff and Woodrow at the same time?”

“What!?” Woodrow and Cliff shout simultaneously.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Catheryn says.

“Is that true?” a devastated Cliff asks.

“Well, not really,” Starlight replies.

“You were playing us all the time?” an also devastated Woodrow asks.

Starlight nervously replies, “No, I-“

“I thought you were a nice girl!” Lorelai comments.

“How could you?” Helen says.

Starlight runs away from the restaurant, crying. She says in the confessional, “I couldn’t have lied to them.”

Chris enters at the restaurant. “Challenge time!” he says.

“Not a good time for this,” Alice says.

Chris looks at the contestants. “Someone’s missing.”

“Starlight,” Mona says.

“Whatever… You all, follow me,” Chris says.

“And Starlight?” Helen asks.

“Well, your team has one more member than the other. Both are even now,” Chris says.

The contestants are gathering around Chris, in front of an obstacle course. Starlight walks up to the group. Everybody glares at her, except Mona, who looks at her with a sympathetic face.

“In today’s challenge, you’ll be roleplaying a famous video-game. Welcome to… Super Nario Bros. challenge!” Chris says.


“The challenge is simple. Each team will have a hero, a princess and a villain. The challenge: both heroes will have to pass through the obstacle course, and reach the finish line. In the other side, the villain from the opposing team will be waiting for the hero in front of a castle. The hero will have to defeat the villain, enter the castle and rescue the princess. Whichever team completes the challenge in the shortest time wins. The rest of the team will slow down the opposing team, throwing turtles into the heroes, with the help of those catapults,” Chris explains, as he points to a pile of plush turtles, and a catapult.


“Anyway, choose the lucky ones,” Chris says.

“Okay. Helen will be the princess, Sid will be villain. I’ll be the hero!” Woodrow says.

Chris nods and says, “Okay! Raccons?”

“I can be the villain,” Zachariah says.

“Sure, go ahead!” Lorelai says.

Zachariah says to Lorelai, “You should be the princess. Rawr!” Lorelai rolls her eyes.

“So, Nigel, you should be the hero!” Alice says.

“Yeah,” Nigel replies.

“As for the princess… it call me!” Alice says.

“You?” Faustino asks.

“Yeah. My dream is being a princess, singing with birds, bunnies and other wonderful woods’ creatures,” Alice says. Everybody stares at her.

“Okay. But first, you’ll have to get in character!” Chris says.

Alice and Helen are wearing a pink, long and fancy dress, with white gloves and a golden crown. Nigel and Woodrow are wearing a fake mustache, overalls, a red shirt, and a red hat.

“Are you kidding me?” Helen says, with folded arms.

“You girls are so cute with those dresses!” Mindy says. She squeals.

“She’s right. You both are definitely adorable,” Chris says.

“I hate you,” Helen annoyed says.

“Anyway, the Birds will go first, since they have won the last challenge,” Chris says. He gives a map to Nigel and Woodrow, and says, “So, get in your places.” Woodrow walks to course. “Are you ready?” Chris asks to Woodrow.

“Yes,” Woodrow replies.

“So… GO!” Chris shouts. Woodrow runs at the course.

“Okay. Let’s shot!” Catheryn shouts. Catheryn, Faustino, Lorelai and Mindy starting hurling the turtles at Woodrow.

Woodrow is walking through the course, with a sad look. He is seen being hit by several plush turtles. Some turtles then hits him harder, making him fall. He looks down, and sighs.

Woodrow says in the confessional, “I… I was thinking about Starlight. I love her, and I’m not mad at her. But I’m really upset with her.” He sighs.

Woodrow looks up. He looks at his team, and sees Starlight with a sad look. He gets up, and continues.

“Obstacles number one,” Chris says, and grins. An intern wearing a brown costume in the format of a mushroom walks up, and jumps on Woodrow, making them both fall.

“Crap,” Woodrow says. He pushes the intern away, gets up and continues, while several turtles hit him. A cardboard turtle appears in front of him. He walks through it, ripping it off.

Chris glares at Chef. “Where are the difficult obstacles?” he asks. Chef glares back at Chris.

“I’m gonna win this!” Woodrow shouts. An intern wearing a rectangular stone costume appears. He chases over Woodrow.

“Get out!” Woodrow says, while running from him.

“Come on. He’s over there. Hit him!” Catheryn says. Mindy hurls a turtle. It hits the intern in the head, making him fall in the ground.

“Congratulations,” Lorelai sarcastically says to Catheryn.

“Shut up,” Catheryn replies.

Woodrow steps in a trap in the ground. A giant black boulder with eyes and sharp teeth appears behind him. Woodrow runs.

“The challenge is getting interesting,” Chris says.

“Creepy sadist,” Woodrow shouts to Chris.

“One minute will be add to your final time,” Chris says. Woodrow glares at Chris.

Woodrow reaches the finish line.

“And Woodrow completed the course. Now he must defeat the main villain,” Chris says.

“You are going down!” Zachariah, dressed as a spiked, large turtle costume, and a red wing. He punches Woodrow in his face, knocking him to the ground.

“Game over!” Zachariah says.

“I wouldn’t count with that!” Woodrow says. He slips under Zachariah, making him fall. He then gets up, and runs to the castle. Zachariah chases over him.

“Come on,” Woodrow says.

“You’re not winning this time,” Zachariah says. Woodrow enters at the castle, and climbs the stairs. Zachariah does the same.

“I’ll not give up,” Zachariah says.

“Me neither,” Woodrow replies. Woodrow reaches a lobby with a door. He kicks Zachariah, making him fall the stairs. He opens the door, revealing a pink bedroom. Alice is seen sitting in a pink bed.

“Your princess is in another castle,” Alice says.

“What?” Woodrow stares at the naturalist girl.

“I’m kidding. Helen is over there,” Alice points to a folded arms Helen behind the door.

“Let’s go,” Woodrow says.

“Why should I?” Helen asks.

“We must go, or we’ll lose the challenge, and you’ll be voted off,” Woodrow replies.

“Enough,” Helen states. They get out of the room.

The scene changes to Helen and Woodrow outside the castle.

“Congratulations,” Chris says.

Zachariah gets out of the castle.

“Dude, you kicked me,” the extreme guy says.

“Sorry,” Woodrow says.

“The results will be revealed at the end of the challenge. Anyway, time for the Raccoons,” Chris says, “Get in your places.”

The next scene shows Nigel in front of the obstacle course.

“Are you ready?” Chris asks. Nigel nods. “Go!” Chris shouts.

Nigel runs through the obstacle course, while being hit by several turtles.

Bitsy says in the confessional, “That’s not right. When Nario gets hit by the turtles, he loses a life. That’s not accurate.” She rolls her eyes.

Nigel runs over the course. The intern with the brown mushroom costume appears, charging at Nigel. Nigel jumps at his head, causing him to collapse. Nigel continues walking, when a cardboard turtle appears in front of him.

“Yeah,” Nigel says. He passes through the cardboard, ripping it off. He continues running through the course, while dodging the turtles. The intern with the stone costume appears. He jumps on Nigel, crushing him in the ground.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Mindy yells.

Nigel gets up and pushes the intern, making him fall off, and continues walking. He looks at the ground, and walks past the trap.

“That’s not fair. He knew that there was a trap,” Woodrow says.

“You should’ve been aware of that,” Chris replies.

Nigel crosses the finish line. He looks at Sid, who is wearing the exactly same costume as Zachariah.

“I have to do this,” Sid says. He grabs Nigel, and throws him in the ground. Nigel crawls between Sid legs. He gets up, and enters the castle. Sid chases over him. Nigel is seen climbing the ladders, followed by Sid. He arrives at the room. He opens the door, and sees Alice at the window, singing with little birds.

“Let’s go,” Nigel says.

Sid arrives at the room. “You’re not going anywhere,” he says. Alice screams. A seagull then flies on Sid’s face, distracting him. Alice and Nigel quickly get out of the room.

“That *BLEEP*ing bird. Did you see what he did?” Sid angrily says in the confessional.


The contestants await for the result of the challenge.

The scene changes to Chris, along with Helen, Woodrow, Alice and Nigel outside the castle.

“Time to see who will win the challenge,” Chris says.

“Chef brings up a cue card, and gives it to Chris.

“Woodrow completed the challenge in… eight minutes and sixteen seconds. With the penalty minute for insulting me, the Birds’ official time is of nine minutes and sixteen seconds,” Chris says. The team glares at Woodrow.

“Nice move, idiot,” Helen says. Woodrow looks down, and blushes.

“The Raccoons’ official time is of… Seven minutes and forty three seconds. The Raccoons are the winners,” Chris announces. The Raccoons cheers. “Birds, see ya at the Beach Ceremony.”

The scene changes to the Birds girls except for Starlight, at their room.

“Oh, well. That sucks,” Mona says.

“Yes. I don’t want to vote anybody out,” Bitsy says.

“Well, there’s Starlight. She’s a coldhearted bi-“ Helen says.

“Don’t say that,” Mona interrupts.

“I was going to say… okay, I was really going to say that,” Helen says.

“Helen has a point,” Bitsy says.

Mona says, “Yeah. The drummer of my band used to have two girlfriends. He said it was something true rock stars does. When they found out, it didn't ended well to him."

“Oh, cool story. Bring the drinks and drugs, because we’re having a rock ‘n’ roll party,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Rock ‘n’ roll stereotypes? You can do better than that,” Mona replies.

“I can, but that’s enough to make you angry,” Helen says, as she smiles at Mona. Mona replies by rolling her eyes.

Woodrow and Cliff are seen at the beach, looking at the sunset.

“So… what’s up?” Woodrow awkwardly asks.

“Fine,” Cliff replies.

“Well… nice,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah,” Cliff adds.

Starlight walks by them. “Guys, could we talk?” she asks.

“You can try, but I’m not sure if you’ll succeed,” Woodrow replies.

“I want to explain everything. And tell how sorry I am,” Starlight says.

“Okay. Why you lied to us?” Cliff asks.

Starlight awkwardly explains, “Okay, man. The time I’ve spent with you, and I loved. We had a gas together. You both are groovy people. And I… I really like both of you.”

“But why did you had to lie to us?” Woodrow asks.

Starlight replies, “Because I liked both of you, a lot. I couldn’t choose only one to date. I didn’t want to crush your feeling, neither. What I did was the pits. I’m not expecting that you guys forgive me, but I wanted to explain everything. What I have to say is: I’m sorry. I should’ve tell the truth to you, guys. Now I’ll take my stuff, and be ready to split from there.” Starlight turns back, and walks away.

“I forgive you,” Woodrow says.

“What?” A surprised Starlight stops walking.

“I forgive you.” Woodrow smiles.

“But… you don’t have to. If I were you, I wouldn’t forgive me,” Starlight says.

“I know what you’ve done. But what matter is that you admit your mistake, and you apologized,” Woodrow says. Cliff silently walks away.

“Could you stay here, with me? I’m going today, for sure, and I want to spend my last day here with you,” Starlight says. Woodrow nods, smiling. Cliff continues walking away.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds at the Elimination Ceremony.

Chris says, “As you all know, who doesn’t gets-“

“Who doesn’t get the seashells is out. We know it,” Helen annoyed says.

Chris glares at Helen, and continues, “Anyway, the first seashell goes to Bitsy, Danny L., Mona, Woodrow, Sid, and Helen.” Chris tosses seashells to the mentioned contestants. “Starlight, Cliff. The last seashell goes to…”

“Cliff!” Chris tosses a seashell to Cliff.

“What?” Cliff and Woodrow shockingly say in unison. “I convinced them to give you another chance,” Woodrow says.

“I asked them to vote for me,” Starlight says, “I got closer to Mother Nature. I lived a great experience. And I’ve made several friends. I don’t care about the money, and I don’t need the money. I know you all need the money, or want it. I don’t want to take anybody’s chances of winning.”

Cliff walks up to her. “Starlight… I forgive you,” he says.

“You don’t have to,” Starlight says.

“But I want. Let’s forget about it,” Cliff says.

“I forgive you too,” Mona says.

“Me too,” Bitsy agrees.

Sid folds his arms. “Meh… I wasn’t even mad at you, so whatever.”

“Yo, I’ll forgive you too,” Danny L. says.

“Good bye,” Helen rudely says.

“Bye, people. It was great to meet you all, and all the experience. I consider you all my friends. Even the other team's members… and Helen,” Starlight says. She walks through the dock, and takes the Helicopter of Losers.

“Bye,” Woodrow says.

“Seeya,” Cliff says.

Everybody but Helen waves at her. Starlight waves back at them.

“I’ll miss all them. But I know we’re going to see each other soon,” Starlight says. She smiles.

Chris is seen at the dock, after everybody left the beach. “Wasn’t that such a heartwarming ending? Well, that ends another episode. More drama, romance, fights, and much more. Only here on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!” He smiles. “I wonder where the world is Blaineley and Crystal. I haven’t saw them for a while.”

Chapter 9 – And Then There Was One

Chris is seen at the dock, in midnight. “Last time on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we had a roleplay challenge, based on a famous video-game. Catheryn found out that Starlight were going out with Cliff and Woodrow. Starlight told everybody what really happened, and everybody forgave her… except Helen.” Chris laughs, and continues, “That girl is dangerous stuff. Anyway, despite everything, Starlight asked to everybody vote her out, and they did. Bye-bye, hippie. With only fourteen contestants left, who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna be voted off? And when is the merge coming? Find out, here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls.”

(Theme Song)

The Mad Raccoons at the pool. Catheryn and Lorelai are taking a sunbath. Zachariah walks up to them.

“Hey, chicks,” Zachariah says.

“You’re blocking the sun,” Catheryn dryly replies.

“Sorry, I’m not in the mood to talk,” Lorelai says.

“Okay. I can see that you are uncomfortable with my presence,” Zachariah says.

Alice and Mindy are playing water polo against Nigel and Faustino. Alice throw the ball into the net.

“Score!” Alice shouts.

“Here’s so fun,” Faustino says.

The Angry Birds are seen reunited at the girl’s room.

“Here is so boring,” Sid grumbles.

“I hate this game,” Helen states.

“Take that,” Bitsy says, while playing her handheld video-game.

“Can I play it too?” Woodrow asks.

“Okay,” Bitsy replies.

“I wanna play too,” Mona says.

“Yo, me too,” Danny L. adds.

Danny L. says in the confessional, “I’ve never played Nario before. I love me some Hip Hop Hero. This game is dah beast, yo. Peace!”

“Yay. We’re going to play together,” Bitsy says.

“Those games are boring,” Sid comments.

Bitsy glares at Sid. “You are a dead man!”

“He shouldn’t have said that,” Mona says.

Helen walks up to Woodrow.

“So, you’re pretty sad with Starlight’s elimination, right?” Helen asks.

“Well, I can’t help but feel sad. But I feel better knowing that she wanted to be,” Woodrow says.

“So, I found out that you’re a rodeo winner, right? Starlight’s a vegan, how would she react to that?” Helen asks.

“I compete at the “Teenager Rodeo” championship. It’s a beneficent rodeo to protect all the farm animals. We ride on mechanical animals,” Woodrow says.

“Great. So, you’re going to be a great couple,” Helen says. She grins.

The scene changes back to the Mad Raccoons at the pool.

“I’m tired. I’ll take a nap,” Catheryn says. She gets up from the deck chair she was lying, and walks out of screen.

Zachariah walks up to Lorelai,

“Hey. Wanna spy on Catheryn to find out about her evil plotting against the world?” Zachariah asks

“I don’t have anything more interesting to do, so, yes,” Lorelai replies.

Zachariah says, “Let’s follow her.”

“Don’t hurry me,” Lorelai replies. She gets up from the deck chair, and they both walk at the same direction as Catheryn.

Zachariah looks at Lorelai’s body. “You’re hot.” Lorelai replies by slapping his face.

The scene changes to the Angry Birds girls reunited at their room.

Helen says, “Girls, we all know the merge is coming. And the guys are obviously plotting against us. They voted off Starlight, and guess who’s next?”

“Me?!” Bitsy clueless replies.

“I’m sure that was a rhetorical question,” Mona says.

“Yes, but whatever. They’ll eliminate us, one by one,” Helen says.

“So, you are trying to make a girl’s alliance? Well, I’m not sure,” Mona says

Mona says in the confessional, “Helen’s not the nicest girl around, but she doesn’t seem that bad.”

Bitsy says, “Girls should stick up together.”

“Okay. I’m in, I guess,” Mona says. Bitsy cheers. Helen smirks.

It is seen to be night. The contestants are together at the restaurant, eating a grey suspicious thing.

“Yummy in my tummy,” Zachariah shouts, as he eats the grey thing.

Catheryn looks at him with a worried look, and asks, “Delicious? What’s your problem?”

“Adrenalin. Chef’s food is radical, bro,” Zachariah says. Catheryn stares at him with a worried face, and leaves the table.

Zachariah playfully says, “Problem?”

Catheryn replies, “Look, despite being rich and hot, I have reasons to be mad. Hot girls have problems too. We’re just like you, except we’re hot.”

“No comment,” Lorelai says.

“No fight. All we need is piece, love, and cute ponies who barfs rainbows,” Mindy says.

Faustino puts her hands at her chest. “I love ponies!” Everybody looks at him with an awkward face. He blushes.

“At least Chef gave us chocolate bars, today. And the food isn’t all bad, to be honest,” Alice says.

At the Birds table, Woodrow is seen looking down.

Mona puts her hands at his shoulder. “Don’t be that way. I’m sure Starlight is in a better place.”

“She’s dead?!?!” Bitsy shouts.

“No. I meant the Playa des Losers,” Mona says.

“They have better food, yo,” Danny L. says. Chef, from the kitchen, gives a death glare at Danny.

Chris, Blaineley and Crystal suddenly arrive at the restaurant. “Good evening!” the host shouts.

“Oh, no. Another challenge,” Helen annoyed says.

Chris dramatically says, “What? I can’t even have a conversation with the prettiest teenagers in the world? The teenagers that make this show awesome? The teenagers-“

“Okay, let’s talk,” Zachariah says.

Chris replies, “Nah, we don’t have time. Now you’ll be doing today’s challenge.” Helen rolls her eyes.

Blaineley begins explaining, “You’ll follow the clues, and-“

Chris pushes Blaineley. “Shhh. That’s my job.” He clear his throats, and continues explaining, “Chef’s hiding somewhere at the island, and you’ll have to find him. There are clues about Chef’s hiding place everywhere at the island. The first team to find Chef will be the winner.” The contestants stand, looking at each other in an awkward silence moment.

Mona breaks the awkward moment, “So, should we, like, go?”

“Yes, go on,” Chris replies. Both teams quickly leave the restaurant. Chris smirks, and says, “There’s something waiting for them.”

The Birds are seen at the second floor.

Bitsy is playing her handheld video-game, next to Helen. She looks at a piece of paper in the floor. “What’s this paper?”

"Yo, I think it’s one of the clues,” Danny L. says. He reads the paper, "You can even find Chef, but you’ll not find your missing teammate." “What does that mean?” Woodrow thinks for a moment.

Helen says, “Bitsy, you probably play a lot of mystery games. What does that mean?” Nobody answers. Helen looks at the side, and sees that Bitsy is missing.

“Where’s Bitsy?!?!” Mona desperately shouts.

“There!” a scared Woodrow says, pointing at a unconscious Bitsy, and a dart at her leg.

“What’s that?” Cliff asks.

Woodrow removes the dart from Bitsy’s leg. He says, “It looks poison. I think she got poisoned!” Everybody gasps.

“Well… so, we have a killer, right here,” Woodrow says. He nervously continues walking, and suddenly falls on the ground. Helen walks to Woodrow, and takes a dart from his neck.

“Another one!” Mona screams in horror.

“We should go look for Chris,” Helen says.

The members of the Mad Raccoons are seen are seen at the pool area.

“There’s definitely a clue around here,” Catheryn says. A dark figure passes around the team.

“What’s that?” Mindy asks in horror.

“We’ll see if there’s anybody around,” Zachariah says. He walks off, along with Lorelai.

The members of the Angry Birds are seen at the restaurant.

“Chris is not here,” Danny L. says.

“He probably knows about the killer,” Mona says.

“We should stay here, together,” Cliff suggests.

“Let’s go to the kitchen, so. It’s safer,” Helen says.

The Mad Raccoons’ remaining contestants are seen at the pool, waiting for Lorelai and Zachariah.

“Where are they?” Alice asks.

“We should look for them,” Mindy says. The team walks at the same direction as Lorelai and Zachariah. The then scene changes to them at the middle of the forest.

“I wonder where they went,” Catheryn says. Mindy loudly screams.

“What?” Alice asks. She turns back, to see Lorelai and Zachariah with an arrow in their chest.

“Somebody killed them,” Faustino yells in horror.

“That’s horrible,” Nigel says.

“We must get away from here,” Catheryn says.

Chris announces over the loudspeaker, “An incident has happened. Go to the docks now. We’ll be leaving the island.”

“Let’s go,” Catheryn says. The Raccoons run off.

The contestants arrive at the dock almost at the same time.

“Oh, the other team. It seems everybody is safe,” Mona says.

“Well, almost everybody,” Catheryn looks down.

“Zachariah and Lorelai… they are dead!” Faustino says.

“And where’s this quiet dude?” Sid asks.

“Nigel!” Mindy shouts.

“No. The killer caught him,” Alice says.

“Where’s Chris?” Helen asks.

“He must be coming, let’s wait inside the helicopter,” Sid says.

“I found Chris!” Faustino says. He points to Chris' and Chef’s bodies inside the helicopter cockpit, with a knife sticking out of their chests.

“We’re not going to survive in here. Let’s get out of this island,” Catheryn says. She pushes Chris and Chef’s bodies off of the Helicopter of Losers, and enters at the cockpit. The rest of the contestants join her at the helicopter.

“Do you know how to drive this?” Faustino asks.

“Totally. I’m an expert,” Catheryn replies. She says in the confessional, “I have no idea how to drive a helicopter."

“Okay, let’s go.” Catheryn turns the helicopter.

Helen says, “What happened?”

“It’s out of fuel,” Catheryn replies. “Killed in a reality show. That’s our fate,” Mona dramatically says.

“Wait… my cellphone’s with me. I’ll call the police, or my father,” Catheryn says. She takes the cellphone from her pocket. “No signal.” She leaves the helicopter.

“Let’s wait for her,” Faustino says. A female voice then screams.

“It’s Catheryn’s voice!” Faustino says.

“You know. I’ll not stay in here. If he doesn’t kill me, I’ll kill him,” Sid says, as he leaves the helicopter.

“We all should get out of here, too. The killer is coming,” Alice says. The remaining contestants leave the vehicle.

Danny L. looks at the side. “Sid and Catheryn. They are dead!”

“There’s still Blaineley, Crystal, and the staff people. I’ll go find them,” Helen says. She walks away from the group.

“No. Don’t go!” Cliff says.

“I have to,” Helen says.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Alice asks.

“I am, but… I have to go search for help."

“We’ll go with you, then. You can’t go alone,” Mona says.

The contestants are standing in front of Blaineley’s room. Mona knocks on the room’s door.

“Who’s there?” Blaineley shouts, from inside the room.

“It us, the contestants,” Faustino says.

“Look, would Blaineley help us? It’s the end for us. There’s no way we could survive,” Helen says.

“Cheer up. There’s always an exit. And we’ll find it,” Mindy says.

Blaineley opens the door. “So… you’re still alive?”

“We are. But our friends… are dead!” Alice dramatically says.

“Okay. What do you want?” Blaineley asks.

“We need your help, or else we’re gonna die,” Faustino explains.

“What are you doing here?” Helen asks.

Blaineley folds her arms. “I was packing up my things to get out of here.”

“Well, the helicopter is out of fuel,” Danny L. says.

“I know it. I was going to leave the island, and let you all and Chris there. There’s another thing we can use to leave. There’s a boat at the boathouse.”

“So, let’s go,” Alice says.

Alice turns back. “Where’s Mindy?”

“Mindy? She and Helen went to the bathroom,” Cliff says.

“What? Are they insane? I thought Helen was smart enough to know that we shouldn’t walk alone.” Mona says.

A female scream is heard, followed by a high-pitched scream.

“I think it was them,” Mona says.

Alice begins to cry. “Mindy! My best friend.”

“And then there were five,” Blaineley says.

“What?” Mona asks.

“Nothing,” Blaineley replies. She leaves her room with a big suitcase.

“To the boathouse!” Alice says.

The remaining contestants, along with Blaineley, are seen at the boathouse.

“Where’s the boat?” Cliff asks.

“I don’t know. I could swear there was a boat, right here,” Blaineley says.

“How are we going to get out of here?” Danny L. asks. The light then turns out. Everyone, except for Cliff, runs out of the boathouse.

Cliff says, “I’m tired of running. I wanna sleep.” He then falls asleep, standing.

Danny L. stops running. “Wait! What about Cliff?”

“I think he’s still at the boathouse,” Mona says.

Danny L. sighs, and says, “He was my friend.”

“I’m sure he’s in a way better place, now,” Mona says, trying to comfort her teammate.

“Hey! I have an idea,” Alice shouts. “Catheryn’s cellphone collection is at our room. We should go there and call the police.”

“Good idea,” Blaineley says.

Faustino excitedly says, “Great. We have a plan now! It can’t get worse.” Everybody looks up.

“Yo, it should be raining now,” Danny L. says.

The contestants are standing at the hotel’s door.

“Now we’ll have to get to the room,” Mona says.

“And don’t get caught by the killer,” Danny L. adds.

“I’m hungry,” Alice complains. “Do you still have your chocolate bar?” Faustino says.

Alice says, “Oh, I do!” She takes the chocolate from her pocket. Danny L. takes another chocolate from his pocket. He raps, “Yo, yo yo. I love me some chocolate.”

“You can’t rhyme,” Mona says. Alice and Danny L. eat the chocolate.

“Do you want it?” Danny L. asks

“No, I’m fine,” Mona replies.

Danny L. and Alice suddenly collapse into the ground.

“What happened?” Faustino yells

Blaineley takes the chocolate bar from Danny’s hands, and examines. “They have been poisoned.” Faustino and Mona gasps.

“Who could've done it?” Mona asks.

“We’re the last three survivors,” Faustino says.

Mona questions, “What about the interns?”

“No one survived. They are all dead,” Blaineley says.

“The killer can’t be me or Mona, because we were with our team when the first deaths happened,” Faustino explains.

Mona says, “So, the killer is…” They both look at Blaineley.

“What? I’m not the killer!” Blaineley says.

“Sorry, but I don’t trust you,” Faustino says. He and Mona run towards the stairs. A dart then hits Mona’s neck.

“I’m not feeling well,” Mona woozily says. She falls.

“Nooooo!” Faustino dramatically yells.

Chris emerges from hallway. “Congratulations, Faustino. You’re the last one remaining. That means you’ve won the challenge for your team.”

Faustino confusedly says, “What? That’s a challenge? But… how… I mean… that’s impossible…”

“No. Let me explain everything. Everybody is okay. They are all in my secret room for the staff. They weren’t killed, just tranquilized. It was just a challenge,” Chris explains.

“And I’m the winner?” Faustino asks in disbelief.

“Yes. I’ll bring back the rest of the contestants, and send the Birds to the elimination ceremony,” Chris says.

The contestants are at the restaurant.

“Nobody really screwed up. We did well at the challenge,” Bitsy says.

“I know who we are going to vote off today,” Helen whispers for Mona and Bitsy.

“We should vote for Bitsy. The only thing she does is play her game and be annoying. If I remember well, she was the first victim at the challenge,” Sid suggests.

“And you’re rude, mean and the only thing you do is complaining,” Bitsy says. She points at Sid’s face. “Ha! In your face!”

“Great. We won again,” Alice says.

“Not because of you,” Catheryn rudely says.

“At least Alice got farther than you,” Mindy defensively says.

Catheryn rolls her eyes, and folds her arms. “Whatever.”

Zachariah says, “Chill out, girl. We won. You’ll be here for at least one more night. Let’s celebrate.”

Catheryn sighs. “Okay. I’m a competitor, like you and everybody else. At least I’m not one of the old contestants.”

“What’s up with them?” Nigel asks.

Catheryn says, “Well, besides the few ones who got a career at the media, they are pretty much regular citizens now. Most of them don’t mind that, but there’s a couple who want their fame back. One of them is even secretly dating Chris.” Everybody gasps.

“Chris is dating a former contestant?” Woodrow says. Everybody laughs.

“I’ll shut up now. I shouldn’t have said that,” Catheryn says.

“Come on. Who’s that? I’m sure it’s Blaineley,” Zachariah says.

“Or Heather,” Alice says.

The members of the Angry Birds are seen at the elimination ceremony. “Seriously, guys? I thought your team was going to be great. I was wrong,” Chris says.

“Shut up, yo. Our team is awesome. We’re just suffering a few misfortunes,” Danny L. says.

“Sure, you’re the best team ever. That’s why one of you will be leaving, once again,” Chris says. “Anyway, I’ll handle the seashells. Mona, you’re safe.” He tosses a seashell to the rocker chick. “Woodrow, Helen, Danny L.” He tosses their seashells. “Bitsy is also safe.”

“In your face,” Bitsy says, pointing to Sid’s face.

“Sid and Cliff, one of you will be leaving. The last seashell goes to

“Sid!” Sid catches his seashell.

“What? Why me?” Cliff asks in disbelief.

“Sorry, Cliff. We’ll miss you,” Mona says.

“Oh, that’s okay. I had a great time here. Bye, guys.” He heads to the Helicopter of Losers, waving at his former teammates.

Helen is seen in the confessional. “Yes, we voted off Cliff. He was a deadweight for the team.” She pauses for a moment, and her eyes get tearfully. “Okay, I… I have a crush on him. It was keeping my concentration out of the game. He had to go.” She sighs, and leaves the confessional.

Chris says, “Well, that’s it. Nine is gone, thirteen is in. And the merge is coming. What’s going to happen? Find out next time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls!” He smiles to the camera.

Chapter 10 – Wimps’ Olympics

Chris and Crystal are together at the docks. “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we had a mystery challenge, where the contestants were killed by a mysterious person. We had a lot of drama, horror, and more. In the end, Faustino won for his team, and Cliff got the boot, thanks to Helen, who revealed that she secretly had a crush on him.”

Crystal continues, “Eleven are gone, thirteen’s still in. What’s going to happen? Find out, right here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!” She smiles to the camera.

“That’s my daughter!” Chris proudly says.

(Theme Song)

The members of the Mad Raccoons are at the restaurant, sitting at their dining table.

“I’m bored, and hungry,” Catheryn complains.

“Where’s the other team? Chef said he isn’t going to serve breakfast until everybody is there,” Faustino says.

“They are still sleeping, perhaps,” Zachariah says.

“They lack interactions, and most of them are lazy bums. That’s why we have more members than them,” Catheryn says.

“Actually, from the eight challenges we’ve had, both teams have won four. They have one less member because Joanne was evacuated due to an injury,” Nigel says. “Yeah, I have a good memory.”

The Angry Birds girls reunited at their room. Bitsy is playing her video-game, Mona is playing her guitar, and Helen is at the bathroom.

“I’m hungry,” Bitsy complains.

“Helen, get out. We want to get breaksfast,” Mona yells, knocking on the bathroom’s door.

“Wait…” Helen replies. She gets out of the bathroom, “Done!”

“Finally,” Mona says.

“Let’s go, I’m hungry,” Bitsy says.

“Wait up… I want to talk about our alliance,” Helen says.

“Okay, quick. What do you want?” Mona says.

“I was thinking about Danny L. joining us,” Helen says.

“But, it’s a little weird. I thought it was an alliance against the boys, because they were trying to vote us off,” Mona says.

Helen says, “But Danny L. is not in that alliance. And I found out that Sid and Woodrow are joining the other team’s dudes in an alliance. They’ll rule the game after the merge.”

Mona says in the confessional, “Helen is kinda confusing… I still don’t know if I should trust her or not.”

Back at the girls rooms, Helen is waiting for Bitsy and Mona’s answers.

“Well, I don’t see any problem with this at all,” Bitsy says.

“Hmm, me neither. Danny L. is a nice guy, I guess,” Mona states.

Someone knocks the door. “Girls, hurry. We’re late for breakfast,” says a voice who seems to be Woodrow’s.

The scene changes to both teams are reunited at the restaurant, eating their breakfast.

“I have the feeling that the merge is coming soon,” Danny L. says.

Chris emerges from the kitchen. “Good news.”

“Oh, the challenge already?” Woodrow asks.

“No, I just wanted to say that this is the last challenge before the merge,” Chris replies. Woodrow facepalms.

“Chris McLean, out!” Chris suddenly leaves the restaurant.

“That was weird,” Lorelai says.

“Oh, well. I don’t want breakfast anymore. I’ll go take a bath,” Catheryn says, as she walks away.

Helen, who is sitting right next to Danny L., whispers at him, “Danny… How did you knew about it?”

“Oh…” Danny L. gives a wide smile. “About what?”

“That the merge was coming soon? You’re a great rapper, and you are smart enough to figure it out? I will tell you a secret… I like smart and talented boys.”

“Well… I’m not that great,” Danny L. timidly says.

“You are. Seriously, I always thought you were a sweet guy. But now, you’re… the perfect man!” Helen flirtatious says. Danny L. blushes. “I was thinking, would you like to be in an alliance, with me, Bitsy and Mona?”

“Yes, yes, yes! I’m in, with sure,” Danny L. excitedly says.

“Nice!” Helen smirks.

Danny L. is seen in the confessional. “Dan-Dan’s here just got the hottie of the season!”

The scene changes to the Angry Birds’ members reunited at the girl’s room.

“Okay, guys. We really need to win this challenge. We can’t lose three times in a row,” Woodrow says.

Helen says, “But what can we do? We’re already doing our best, and it’s not like we’re going to win out of nowhere.”

“Well, that’s true,” Bitsy adds.

“So, we need to make sure that the other team will do worse than us,” Sid says.

Mona says, “Oh… are you trying to say-“

“Sabotage? Yes, that’s what I’m saying,” Sid replies.

“No. We must win fair and square!” Woodrow says.

“Whatever… don’t blame me if we lose once again.” Sid storms off the room, and slams the door.

The members of the Mad Raccoons are seen at the pool. Alice, Faustino, Lorelai, Mindy, Nigel and Zachariah are swimming, while Catheryn, wearing sunglasses, is lying on a deck chair, texting at her cellphone.

“It’s so fun,” Alice says.

“I know!” Mindy says in agreement.

Catheryn yells, “How can you guys relax? We’re having problems. The merge is coming soon, and guess what? The other team is targeting us.”

“I don’t care,” Zachariah says.

Catheryn says, “We must keep together at the merge. The other team already has a plan against us at the merge. They are voting together, and they will eliminate us, one by one.”

“Wow. I knew it! Those guys from the other team are shady,” Faustino says.

“Yes… So, we must win this challenge,” Catheryn says.

“Whatever,” Lorelai says, obviously annoyed by Catheryn.

Chris’ voice is heard over the loudspeaker. “I have an announcement. Please, meet me at the beach, in front of the forest. McLean, out!”

“Well, let’s go,” Zachariah says.

All the contestants are seen at the beach, standing in front of the forest.

“Where’s Chris?” Woodrow asks.

“Here!” Chris says, popping out from behind them.

“What the heck…” Helen snaps.

Chris says, “It’s time for the awesome, the epic, the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious challenge ever! Today, to celebrate the London’s Olympic Games, we’ll have an Olympics challenge!”

“Woo… I’m really happy,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Whatever!” Chris says, rolling his eyes. He continues explaining, “It’s pretty simple. You’ll be competing in eleven different Olympics sports. When you win the challenge, you’ll receive a golden medal. The team with the most number of golden medals at the end will be the winners of the challenge.

“Eleven? I thought you were going to do six sports, and one of us would have to sit out,” Lorelai says.

Chris says, “Oh, well, I wanted a bigger challenge. So, let’s see the first match…” Chef arrives, carrying a giant screen. In the screen, it appears Helen’s head, Lorelai’s head, and a figure of a man swimming. “It’s Helen against Lorelai, at swimming!” Chris announces.

Chris and the contestants are seen at the pool place. Helen and Lorelai are at the edge of the pool, wearing their swimsuits.

Chris states, “Basically, you’ll have to swim to the other side of the pool, and come back. Who arrives here first, wins the first medal. Are you ready?” The girls nod their head. “So, go!” The two girls jump into the water. Helen is seen ahead Lorelai. Lorelai swims faster, and reaches Helen.

“Oh my gosh, I don’t even want to see that,” Mindy says, covering her eyes.

“They are really hot!” Zachariah states. The others guys agree with him.

Helen is seen at the leading. She arrives to the other side, and swims back to the end. Lorelai arrives to the other side right after Helen. Lorelai passes Helen. Helen then splashes water at Lorelai, and passes her.

“Okay, what’s taking so long? The pool isn’t even that big.” Chris comments.

Helen quickly swims to the edge, and finally arrives at the end, with Lorelai right behind her.

“And the Birds get the first medal!” Chris announces. The Angry Birds team cheers. Helen and Lorelai get out of the water. Helen looks at Danny L. and winks. Danny L. smiles and blushes.

“She splashed water in my face!” Lorelai protests.

“It’s not against the rule. Don’t you have the Olympic spirit?” Chris states.

“Don’t worry. We are going to win the next challenge,” Zachariah says to Lorelai.

“Speaking of which…” Chris says. The screen turns on, showing Sid’s head, Faustino’s head, and a figure of a guy running. “Faustino against Sid, at athletics!”

Faustino and Sid are seen in front of a track field.

“Was that thing always there?” Faustino asks.

“I don’t know. Those things appear out of nowhere,” Zachariah replies.

“Anyway, get in your places,” Chris says. Faustino and Sid get in position.

“Go!” Chris shouts. Faustino and Sid runs onto the track. Faustino sprints, and is leading.

“You can do it, Fausti!” Mindy cheers. Faustino then loses his balance, and falls on the ground. He gets up, when a squirrel comes at nowhere and jumps at his face.

“And Sid wins another medal for the Birds!” Chris announces.

“I’m sorry, guys,” Faustino says for his team.

“Anyway, let’s go to the next match.” The screen shows Mona’s head, Zachariah’s head, and a figure of a man playing basketball. “Mona and Zachariah in a Basketball match!”

The scene changes to Chris and the contestants in a sports court. “The rules are simple: who makes three points first wins. So, start!”

Zachariah easily grabs the ball. He runs towards the hoop. Mona takes the ball from him, runs towards the other hoop. She throws the ball at the basket. “Mona has one point!” Chris says.

They return to their position. Mona starts with the ball. She runs towards the hoop and throws the ball at the basket. Zachariah successfully blocks, and takes the ball. He aims at the basket, and throws the ball. “Zachariah has one point!” Chris says.

Zachariah begins with the ball. He runs towards the hoop, and throws the ball at the basket. “Another point to Zachariah!” Chris says.

The ball starts once again with Zachariah. He attempts to throw the ball at the basket from the middle of the court. Mona blocks, and takes the ball. She runs towards the other hoop, and throws the ball at the basket. “And… it’s tied. The next point will be decisive!” Chris says.

Mona starts with the ball. She runs towards the hoop, and throws the ball at the basket. The camera then shows, in slow motion, the ball flying to the basket. It bumps into the hoop, and falls onto the ground.

“Crap!” Mona shouts.

Zachariah grabs the ball, and runs toward the other hoop. Mona charges at him, but he easily avoids the read-haired rocker. He then throws the ball at the basket, making his third and final point. “And Zachariah gets the first medal for the Raccoons!” The members of the Mad Raccoons cheer.

Zachariah says in the confessional, “I’m awesome, you know. I could defeat Michael Jordan blindfolded.”

“Fourth round will start now!” Chris says. The screen shows Bitsy’s head, Mindy’s head and a figure of two men fighting. “Bitsy against Mindy, at boxing.”

“Me? But I’m against violence!” Mindy says.

“Don’t worry, it will be safe,” Lorelai says. Mindy shakes her head.

“Please, Mindy. For the team,” Nigel softly says.

“Okay, I’ll go!” Mindy says. She says in the confessional, “Why am I doing this? I hate fighting.”

Bitsy is then seen in the confessional. She says, “Those years playing fight games have finally proven to be useful.”

The scene returns to Chris, Bitsy and Mindy inside a boxing ring. The two contestants are wearing appropriated boxing equipment.

“Whoever who knock down the other first, wins this medal,” Chris says.

“But, that’s dangerous,” Mindy worriedly says.

“I don’t care. Start this fight… now!” Chris says, as he quickly leaves the ring.

Bitsy attempts to punch Mindy, who easily avoids. “Hey!” Mindy shouts. She then charges at Bitsy. The gamer girl then falls on her knees.

“That… hurts!” Bitsy says, breathless.

“And Mindy wins…” Chris says, “I guess.”

The Mad Raccoons’ members cheer. “You rule!” Nigel says.

“I thought… you were against violence,” Bitsy states.

“Anyway, onto the next match,” Chris says.

The scene changes to Danny L. and Nigel in a fencing piste, wearing appropriated fencing clothing, and holding a fencing sword.

“But… what are we supposed to do?” Danny L. confusedly asks.

“Whoever hits three times the adversary first, wins,” Chris says. “So, start!”

Nigel tries to attack Danny L., who blocks. Danny then hits Nigel in the stomach. “Danny L. has one point.” Chris says.

Danny L. tries to attack Nigel. Nigel avoids, and hits Danny L. in the arm. “And one point to Nigel.”

Danny L. attempts to hit Nigel, but fails. Nigel then hits him. “Nigel has two points.”

Nigel attacks Danny L., who defends. He attacks Nigel back, but Nigel avoids, and hits him.

“And Nigel is the winner!” Chris says.

“Ouch, that’s a mean sport,” Danny L. says

Helen runs towards Danny L. “Don’t worry, you made a good job.” She smiles at him, and he smiles back.

The next scene shows a montage of several matches. Woodrow is seen wearing a red gymnastic leotard, doing several backflips, and then Alice, wearing a light blue leotard, dancing around with a ribbon. Woodrow is then seen with a golden medal. The next scene shows Sid and Catheryn playing Handball. Catheryn scores, and is seen receiving a golden medal. In the next scene, it shows Danny and Zachariah are seen playing soccer. Zachariah strongly kicks the ball at the net. In another scene, Helen is cheering with her team, in a volleyball court.

The montage stops at Mona and Lorelai is a tennis court, holding a tennis racket.

Chris says, “The Raccoons are winning five-four. If they win this match, they will be the winner of the challenge. If the Birds wins, then we’ll play the tiebreaker challenge. Who makes five points first, wins this match.”

“And what’s the tiebreaker challenge?” Faustino asks.

“Surprise… but I’ll tell you it will be epic!” Chris states. “Anyway, start… now!” Lorelai and Mona start playing. The camera shows the ball going from side to side. The scene changes. Many hours have passed, and they are still playing.

“Oh, that’s boring,” Helen says.

“We’re here for three hours, and they are still tied two to two!” Catheryn complains.

“Whatever. Whoever makes the next point wins,” Chris says. The camera closes to Mona and Lorelai’s faces, which are looking determined. They then begin playing harder. Mona burst out of energy, and strongly hits the ball, scoring.

“Okay, Mona wins!” Chris says.

“Call me Mona Sharapova,” Mona says.

Back at the beach, Chris is seen in front of the big screen. “And for the tiebreaker challenge, we’ll have the best sport we’ve ever seen. One of the greatest movies in the history is based on this sport.”

“Let me guess… Badminton?” Zachariah says.

“Zachariah is right. Welcome to the badminton challenge!” Chris says.

“But… we’ve just played tennis. Isn’t badminton almost the same thing?” Faustino states.

“No. Badminton and tennis are too… well, they are pretty similar,” Chris says.

“So, please, a different sport?” Catheryn says.

“Okay. I’ll think…” Chris says. He turns to Chef, “What do we have?”

“Oh, we have a bow and arrows,” Chef replies.

“Okay, that’s it. We’ll have the awesome archery tiebreaker match,” Chris announces. “So please, I need three members from each team.” The teams reunite to make the decision.

“Okay, Who’s there is good at archery?” Helen whispers.

“Not trying to brag about it, but I am pretty good at it,” Woodrow proudly says.

“I hate to admit that, but I had archery at camp when I was a child,” Sid says.

“I am, I am. I play Yii Sports a lot, and Konect Sports,” Bitsy says.

“Okay,” Woodrow says.

“So, who’s going for each team?” Chris asks.

“Sid, Bitsy and I,” Woodrow says.

“And for us, Alice, Catheryn and Faustino,” Zachariah says.

“What? We agreed at you, Alice and Faustino,” Catheryn says.

“Oh, I forgot,” Zachariah sarcastically replies. Catheryn glares are him.

Chris explains, “Okay. The challenge is simple. Each of you has one chance to shoot the arrow at the target. Each ring of the target is equivalent to a certain number of points, just like the sport. The team with the most number of points wins.”

“Oh, great!” Alice cheers.

“So, let me explain how the punctuation works. White rings will give you 1 point. Black rings will give you 3 points. Blue rings give 5 points, red rings give 7 points, and gold rings will give you 9 points. So, the Raccoons can begin.”

Faustino goes first. He aims at the target. He is about to shot, when he sneezes, and shot the arrow to the ground.

“No!” Faustino shouts.

Okay, Catheryn and Alice, who’s next?” Chris asks.

“Rich ladies first,” Alice says.

“Oh, I’m not rushed. You can go,” Catheryn replies.

“Okay… Let’s do it like grown-up people… Odds and evens,” Alice says.

“Okay, I’ll go,” Catheryn says, rolling her eyes.

Catheryn gets in position. She takes the bow and the arrow, and aims at the target. She breathes and shots, hitting the golden ring.

“Catheryn gets 9 points to the Raccoons. Alice, it’s up to you,” Chris says.

Alice gets in position, and takes the bow. “I’ve never played archery before.”

“You’ll do well,” Zachariah says, from the sidelines. “Why did we choose her, again?” He whispers to the rest of his team.

Alice aims at the target, and shots. The arrow hits the black ring.

Chris announces, “And Alice gets 3 points. The Raccoons has an overall punctuation of 12 points. Birds, your turn.”

“I’ll be first,” Woodrow says. He gets in position, and takes the bow. He aims the target, shots, and the arrow hits the blue ring.

“Woodrow has 5 points. Next?”

Sid gets in place, takes the bow. He shoots, without even aiming, and the arrow hits the red ring.

“Sid contributes with 7 points to his team. If Bitsy scores at least one point, her team wins.”

Bitsy gets in position. She takes the arrow and the bow. “Guys… I’ll be honest… I’ve never really played archery. Those video-games aren’t realistic.”

“So, why the heck did you tell us you were good at it?” Helen angrily asks.

“I just wanted to impress you, guys. I don’t have any special quality or talent besides playing games. I was thinking I wasn’t worth of staying,” Bitsy replies.

“Yo, Bitsy, you are a nice and caring girl. You are very supportive. And your talent of playing games is something special,” Danny L. says. Everybody stares at him with wide eyes. “What? My mom is a psychiatric.”

“See? Just trust in you,” Mona says.

Bitsy aims at the target, and shots. The scene then shows, in slow motion, the arrow’s way, and hitting the target.

“Bitsy gets more 9 points to her team. The Birds wins.” Chris says.

“Unbelievable,” Catheryn says.

“But… that looks so fake. But it’s real!” Helen says.

“Yeah, I made it!” Bitsy replies.

“That was kinda predictable. There’s always a lame happy ending, and the author wanted to have both teams even at the merge,” Zachariah says.

“Please, no fourth-wall breaking. That only works at Rhonda’s stories,” Lorelai says.

“Okay,” Zachariah frustrated says.

Blaineley pops out of nowhere. “And the diva has come! And I’m pretty close at taking over this show.”

“Seriously, why don’t you just give up already?” Chris says.

“Chris, I’ll be here forever. I’ll never give up,” Blaineley replies.

“But you are annoying,” Chris states.

Blaineley replies, “Oh, Chris, listen. I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle.”

“What do you mean by that? Chris asks.

“That if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best,” Blaineley replies.

The contestants are seen at the restaurant. The Angry Birds’ members are celebrating.

“We won!” Woodrow says.

“Oh, yeah. That’s so awesome,” Mona says.

“And it was all thanks to Bitsy,” Danny L. says.

“Awww, that was just luck,” Bitsy says.

“I agree,” Sid annoyedly says. He is seen in the confessional, “That girl annoys me. I’m so happy the merge is coming, because I couldn’t stand being on a team with this girl anymore.”

“Finally, we’re out of that craziness. Blaineley appeared out of nowhere, just to make a funny reference,” Catheryn says.

“Let’s forget it, like everybody else will. The question is, I have no idea about who I’m voting off tonight,” Zachariah says.

“I already have my vote… and you will agree with me for sure,” Catheryn says, and evily grins.

The staff members, plus the Mad Raccoon’s team members, are at the elimination ceremony place.

Chris says, “This is the last elimination ceremony as a team. That night, one of you will be voted off. Now I’ll begin calling your names.” He takes a bucket full of seashells. “I have only six seashells. The first seashell goes to… Alice, Mindy, Nigel, Zachariah, and Lorelai.” Chris tosses the seashells to the surviving campers. “Faustino, your bad luck doesn’t help your team. Catheryn, you’re a spoiled bratty, and your team thinks you’re annoying and evil.”

“Oh, what a shock,” Catheryn careless says. “Don’t interrupt me,” Chris shouts. “Anyway, the last seashell goes to…”

“Faustino!” Chris tosses a seashell to the unlucky kid. The seashell hits his head.

“Oh, thanks… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” Catheryn asks in disbelief.

“Oh yeah, time to go. Bye, bye,” Chris says.

“But, it can’t be possible. I told you guys to vote off Faustino,” Catheryn says.

“Look, it wouldn't make sense to vote for him,” Zachariah says.

“The teams will be gone, and he’s the least likely to be a threat at the merge,” Lorelai says.

“Ugh, whatever,” Catheryn angrily says. “Oh, I have some things to say before I go. I’ve been listening to most of your confessionals.”

Zachariah says, “What? Oh no, you didn’t…”

Catheryn begins her blabbering, “Yes, I did. Zachariah has a crush on Lorelai. Mindy is a wealthy girl. Faustino has a crush on Bitsy. And Nigel is British, so he’s the only person from this team that I like.”

“Okay, too much. Time to go, Catheryn,” Chris says.

“Oh, and Blaineley is Crystal’s mother,” Catheryn says.

“We all knew it,” Lorelai says.

Catheryn says, “Yes, but… Chris is not her father.”

“You’re not my father?” Crystal asks.

Catheryn continues, “Blaineley and Chris was a young married couple. Then Blaineley cheated on Chris with a supermodel, and got pregnant. Chris thought he was her father, until Blaineley told him the truth, when Crystal was five. Chris broke up with Blaineley, but he loved Crystal too much to leave her. Blaineley agreed that he could stay with her, and then she left to pursue her dream of being a famous celebrity gossiper.”

“How do you know all that stuff?” Blaineley asks.

“I’m your biggest fan. I’ve read all of your biographies. I know everything about your life,” Catheryn replies, putting emphasis on the ‘everything’.

“Okay, do you know what you just have done? You ruined both mine and Blaineley’s career,” Chris says. “Actually, you stayed with a kid that wasn’t yours. That was so sweet,” Mindy says.

“Hmm…” Chris thinks for a moment. “I guess it will make people like me.”

“By the way, Chris’ secret girlfriend is Eva,” Catheryn says. “And she’s still ugly.”

“Get this girl out of here!” Chris demands. Chef grabs Catheryn by the arm, takes her through the docks, and throws her at the Helicopter of Losers.

Catheryn is seen leaving, inside the helicopter. “Bye, Total Drama: Paradise Falls… And Chris, you are gonna get what you deserve… soon.” She takes her cellphone, and looks at something in it. She then evilly smirks.

Chapter 11 – The Best Part is When We Go to the Whale

“Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls,” Chris begins, “We had the greatest challenge in the history of Total Drama: the Olympic Games. We had drama, fights, battle, and girls in bikinis. The girls from the birds decided to team up against the boys, and Helen flirted with Danny L. so he could join her alliance. In the end, the Raccoons lost the challenge, and Catheryn went home, but not before telling some juicy secrets about her teammates, Blaineley and me.” Chris rolls his eyes, “What a bratty.” He smiles again, “We still have twelve contestants, and we have a surprise today. Want to know? Keep watching this whole new episode, of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The members of the Angry Birds teams at the hotel’s lobby, while some loud noises are heard.

“Seriously, I officially hate Chris,” Mona says. “We won last challenge, and we can’t even enjoy our prize?”

“What’s he doing?” Bitsy asks.

“He’s fixing some things at the pool,” Woodrow explains. “And he closed all the pool area, so we can’t go there.”

“Why Chris had to do it now?” Danny L. says.

“It’s typical Chris,” Helen says, rolling her eyes.

Meanwhile, the male members of the Mad Raccoons are at their room.

“Wow… Catheryn’s gone, but she left an impact,” Zachariah says.

“Nigel, how’s Great Britain?” Faustino asks.

“Nice,” Nigel blandly replies.

“Zach, what about you and Lorelai?” Faustino asks.

“What?” Zachariah shouts.

“You like her… I admit, I kinda knew it,” Faustino says.

Zachariah starts sweating nervously, “I don’t… I mean, I … I just… think she’s very attractive.”

“You love her,” Faustino playfully says.

“You like Bitsy,” Nigel comments.

“Oh yeah… you have a crush on her,” Zachariah says.

Faustino smiles and blushes, “I don’t.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

The female members of the Mad Raccoons are walking at the beach.

“Aww, girls. I’m so happy we’re still in,” Mindy says. She says in the confessional, “Final 12. I’m so happy. Me and my friends, we are still in. Yay!”

“So, Lorelai… what about you and Zachariah?” Alice asks.

“What?” Lorelai shouts, “What do you mean with that?”

“You make a cute people,” Mindy says.

“We are not a couple,” Lorelai says.

“Yes, you are,” Mindy says.

“Okay, Mindy. She’s not,” Alice says. She whispers at her cheery friend, “She is!”

Faustino, Nigel and Zachariah walks up to their females teammates.

“Hey girls,” Faustino says.

“Hi boys. We were talking about how good it is that we made that far,” Alice says.

“Yes. I’m having a good time here,” Faustino says. He says in the confessional, “I’ve never been a lucky boy. But now I’m in the final 12. And I’m gonna win this.” He begins laughing, and then falls from the seat.

“So, hey girls,” Zachariah timidly says.

“Hi,” Lorelai dryly says.

“So.. .what’s up?” Zachariah awkwardly says.

“I’m fine,” Lorelai dryly replies.

“So… guys. Let’s take a walk, or something,” Mindy says.

“I agree,” Faustino says.

Sid is seen at the docks, looking towards the ocean.

He takes a heart-shaped locket from his pocket, featuring a photo of him, her mother and his two youngest brothers. He sighs and says, “I miss you all.”

Mona walks in. “Hey, Sid.”

“Leave me alone,” Sid rudely shouts.

“Oh, sorry. I just want to talk,” Mona says.

“Why? Why do you even care about me? I don’t like any of you,” Sid says.

“But I’m just-“ Mona says.

“Get out. Please,” Sid says.

Mona walks away. She says in the confessional, “I was that close of punching him of the face. I’m impatient. I can’t handle these people.”

The next scene shows the nighttime. The contestants are arriving at the restaurant.

“Hmm, what smells so good?” Mindy asks.

“Good evening!” Chris says, emerging from the kitchen. “Congratulations for making that far. As a reward, we’ll have a special dinner: pizza!” The contestants cheer.

Chef emerges from the kitchen, glaring at the contestants, and bringing several pizza boxes with him.

“Are they made by Chef?” Lorelai dryly asks.

“No, I ordered them from the best pizzeria from Toronto,” Chris says.

Chef is seen in the confessional. “My pizza is the best,” he says, clearly offended by Lorelai’s statement.

The scene cuts to the contestants leaving the restaurant, after the pizza.

“Aww, that was a great day,” Bitsy says.

“No challenge, no drama… just lots of pizza,” Faustino says.

“Yes, that was good. Taking a break from everything,” Alice says.

“It’s suspicious. Chris is not a nice guy,” Mona says.

“Oh, well… It’s doesn’t seems to be something Chris would do, but whatever. Let’s just wait and see,” Zachariah says.

The scene cuts to daytime. The contestants are seen sleeping at their respective rooms.

“Attention, your lame excuse for mitochondria. Go to the beach in this exact moment,” Chef calls over the loudspeaker, causing everybody to wake up.

At the beach, the contestants are gathering around the host and his staff.

“Hey campers. I have two announcement today,” Chris says.

“The team’s phase is over, and today is the merge,” Helen says.

“Shut up!” Chris shouts, and continues, “Anyway, from today, it’s every camper for themselves. No more teams. It’s merge time.”

“Oh… but I can’t live without my BFF here,” Mindy says, pointing to Alice.

“You will survive,” Helen says.

Chris says, “Don’t worry. Since you made it to the merge, I decided you deserved to stay at the presidential suites, on the first floor. Girls get room 11, boys get room 12.” Chris handles the room’s keys to Helen and Nigel. “So, go pack your bags, move on to your new rooms, and I’ll tell you when to come back for the challenge.”

Bitsy, Helen and Mona are walking towards their new room.

“New roomates… That’s great,” Bitsy says.

“More people we can’t trust in,” Mona says.

“Don’t be so negative,” Bitsy says.

“I’m just being realist,” Mona says.

Alice, Lorelai and Mindy walk in.

“Helloooo, new roomies,” Mindy excitedly yells, hugging the girls who used to be from the opposing team.

“…” Helen says.

“So…” Mona awkwardly says.

“Hmm… let’s enter the room,” Lorelai says.

The boys are seen at their room.

“Yo, yo, yo… I’m awesome, I’m amazing, and I’m gonna windah thang!” Danny L. raps.

“You can rhyme,” Faustino says.

“He can’t,” Sid annoyed says.

“U r just jelly ‘o mine rap skillz,” Danny L. says.

“Why would I?” Sid asks.

“Come on, let’s not start a fight,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Chris presses an airhorn, causing a loud noise.

“I suppose it’s Chris… Let’s go,” Woodrow says.

The contestants stand around Chris at the beach.

“Welcome to the first challenge after merge.” Chris says. “So, today, you’ll be searching for something extremely precious.”

“Diamonds?” Mindy says.

“No, Marina,” Chris says. “You’ll be searching for the precious whale’s vomit.”

The contestants shudder, and a choir of “Ewwww” is heard.

“That’s… gross,” Alice says.

“That is, in fact, gross. But what you didn’t knew, is that whale’s vomit, or Ambergris, is a precious ingredient used to make perfumes,” Chris explains.

“I’ll never use perfumes anymore,” Helen says.

“So, that’s it,” Chris says. “Go, go, go!”

“But Chris… We don’t have idea about how does a whale’s vomit looks like,” Woodrow says.

“I do. Ambergris is totes radical,” Zachariah says. “Wooohoooo!” He pumps his fit.

“I think I have a picture of this,” Chris says. He checks his pocket, searching for the picture. He finally finds it, and shows the contestants. “Here!”

“But… it looks like a stone,” Helen says.

“I know… now go, we don’t have enough time for challenge,” Chris says.

Lorelai is walking through the woods.

“How am I supposed to find this thing?” she says.

Zachariah walks in. “Hi,” he says.

“Hi,” Lorelai dryly replies.

“So, about that thing Catheryn said…” Zachariah says.

“What?” Lorelai asks.

“So… it’s kinda that… I… well-“ Zachariah awkwardly says, sweating nervously.

“Shh,” Lorelai monotonously says. “Let’s talk about it later. Now excuse me, but I want to win this challenge,” Lorelai says, and walks away. Zachariah sighs.

Helen and Danny L. are walking together through the beach.

“Helen is so hawt, babeh. She’s smoking hawt. She’s a real ladeh, and I want her to be mah babeh,” Danny L. raps.

“Awww. That’s so sweet,” Helen says.

“I could do several rhymes, just for you, baby,” Danny L. says.

“Oh… I love romantic guys, and guys who can sing,” Helen flirtatious says.

Danny L. opens a huge smile. “Oh… great!”

“So… what if we go search for the vomit together?” Helen asks.

“Yeah, baby. Totes. We’re gonna win dis, yo,” Danny L. says.

Alice, Faustino, Mindy and Nigel are seen walking together around the beach.

“I’m not used at that merged thing,” Faustino says.

“Oh, we will get used at it eventually,” Mindy says.

“This whale’s vomit thing is curious,” Alice says, “I love whales… and seals, dolphins, and manatees. I have a friend, Phillip, and he works at an aquarium full of manatees.”

“Oh, great,” Mindy says.

Faustino suddenly slips, and falls on a pit. “I’m fine,” he shouts.

“Look, Faustino… you found a treasure,” Alice says, looking inside the pit.

“I’m rich,” Faustino says, lying on a mount of golden coins and precious stones.

“Should we take it?” Nigel asks.

“Sure,” Faustino shouts.

“But… it’s not ours. That’d be wrong,” Mindy says.

“Well… it may be a lost treasure,” Faustino shouts.

“If it’s lost, that means we found it,” Alice says.

“I’m feeling like a pirate,” Mindy says.

Nigel asks, “So, should we take it?”

“Yes. Why not?” Mindy says.

Sid is alone at the woods, sitting on a stone.

“Why am I even there?” he says to himself. “Why I don’t just give up now?”

“Because you want the money,” a female voice says.

“Who’s there?” Sid asks.

“It’s me,” Mona says, emerging from a tree.

“Oh… that’s you,” Sid annoyed says. “Why don’t you just leave me alone?”

“Oh, I’m not patient. I would have just left you already. But the guys told me about your story. Your dad got arrested, and you must take care of your family now,” Mona says.

“Yes… but who cares, anyway? The world sucks,” Sid says.

“I understand. My father died when I was kid. I miss him a lot,” Mona says.

“I don’t care about my father. He’s just a d-bag. All I care is about my mother and my brothers. They are everything for me,” Sid says.

“Oh, well. That’s why you shouldn’t give up. Your family needs the money. You are here for that,” Mona says.

“Well, I guess,” Sid replies.

“So… excuse me, but I have a challenge to win,” Mona says, as she walks away.

Meanwhile, Bitsy is seen at the beach.

“If I were a whale’s vomit, where I would be?” She thinks for a moment. “Sure.” She begins digging the sand.

Woodrow walks in. “What’s up?”

“I think the vomit is buried,” Bitsy says.

“And why would it be buried?” Woodrow says.

“I don’t know,” Bitsy says. “Chris would try to hide it from us, maybe.”

Woodrow thinks for a moment, “That’s plausible.”

“Yes. Now please, if you don’t care, help me,” Bitsy says.

Woodrow nods, and begins digging.

Helen walks up to them. “Hello, buddies.”

“Oh, hi Helen. Wanna help? We think the vomit is underground,“ Bitsy says.

“No… I’m searching for it with Danny. Sorry,” Helen says.

Woodrow looks around. “I guess it’s only possible if he was with you.”

“Oh… we split up to find it easier,” Helen says.

“Yo,” Danny L. yells, running towards Helen. “I found something here,” he says.

“Great,” Helen says, forcing a smile.

“Look... it seems to be that vomit thing,” Danny L. says.

“It’s… a seashell,” Helen annoyed says.

“Oh… but it looks like that thing, yo,” Danny L. says.

Alice, Faustino, Mindy and Nigel are underground, in front of a pile of golden coins.

“Woohoo! We are rich,” Alice says.

“I feel we shouldn’t be here,” Mindy says.

“But you were the one who told us to come here,” Faustino says.

“I know. I’m just feeling that this may get us in trouble,” Mindy replies.

“Wait...” Nigel says. He takes a coin, and examines. “That’s not gold.”

“What? How?” Faustino asks.

“This is chocolate coins,” Nigel says.

“So, we are not rich,” Mindy says, disappointed.

“But you are already rich,” Faustino says.

Mindy thinks for a brief moment. “Oh yeah.”

“But… wait a minute…” Alice says. She takes a doubtfull, grey-colored stone from the pile of gold.

“A stone?” Mindy asks.

“No. That’s the whale vomit thing we were supposed to search,” Alice says.

“Yeah, great!” Faustino shouts. “Let’s go win this.”

“Sure. But... how are we going to get out from this pit?” Nigel asks.

Meanwhile, Lorelai and Zachariah are walking through the woods.

“I wonder where the vomit is,” Zachariah says.

“Yes,” Lorelai coldly says.

“Do you think someone found it already?” Zachariah asks.

“Yes,” she replies, with the same tone.

“For some reason, I think it’s on the beach. We should go there,” Zachariah says.

“Yes,” Lorelai dryly replies.

“Okay,” Zachariah says. He is seen in the confessional, “Lorelai have been cold with me lately. It seems she hates me after finding out that I… well… like her.”

Chris is seen at the beach, sitting on a deck chair, sipping a drink from a coconut.

Bitsy and Woodrow walk in to Chris, with the Ambergris they were addressed to search.

“We found it,” Woodrow says.

“What? ‘We’? But there’s no ‘we’ in the merge phase,” Chris says.

“But we worked together,” Bitsy says.

“I don’t care. You were supposed to work alone,” Chris says, “We can’t give a double victory in a challenge after merge.”

“But... that happened on Total Drama Action, remember? The spy challenge? Both Lindsay and Courtney won,” Woodrow says.

“Hmm… you have a point. Okay, you both have invincibility,” Chris says. “I should tell the others contestants that the challenge is over.”

Chef’s voice is heard over the loudspeaker, “Challenge is over. Brianna and Wesley wins.”

“Aww, crap,” Helen shouts.

The contestants are at the restaurant, this time divided on girls in one table, and boys in the other.

The girls are silently eating their dinner.

“So, girls. I know we barely know each other, so, what if we, like, talk,” Alice says.

“Oh well. I don’t have idea about who I’m gonna vote for,” Lorelai says.

Bitsy says, “I’m totally voting off Sid today.”

“No. He doesn’t deserve to go,” Mona says.

“But he’s mean, and rude, and is always grumpy,” Bitsy says.

“He’s just misunderstood,” Mona says. “The guy has a rough life. Give him a chance.”

“I’ll think about it,” Bitsy says.

“And I know who we are going to vote off, anyway,” Helen says.

The scene cuts to the Elimination Ceremony.

“Welcome to the first elimination ceremony after the merge. I have eleven seashells for twelve of you. If you don’t receive a seashell, you are out, blah, blah, blah, and you already know everything,” Chris says.

“So professional,” Helen states.

“Shut up,” Chris shouts. “Anyway, the first seashell goes to Bitsy and Woodrow, the winners of the challenge.” Chris tosses seashells to the cowboy and the gamer girl. “Mona, Alice and Nigel are also safe.” Chris tosses seashells to the mentioned contestants. “Lorelai, Mindy, Zachariah, Faustino and Helen. Danny L. and Sid. Oe of you will be out today. The last seashell goes to…”

“Sid!” Chris tosses the last seashell to the punk. “Time to go, Danny bro!”

“Yo, why me? I didn’t nothin’ wrong,” Danny L. asks in disbelief.

“I don’t care. Go,” Chris says.

Danny L. looks down, and walks towards the dock. When he’s about to enter the helicopter, he sends a kiss to Helen. “I’ll never forget about the time we’ve spent here,” he says.

“Oh, that’s… nice,” Helen says, rolling her eyes.

“Yo, yo, yo. Home, here I’m going,” Danny L. says, as he enters the Helicopter of Losers.

Helen says in the confessional, “I thought Danny L. would be useful to my alliance. But I was wrong. I’m lucky the girls were gullible enough to trust me. They really thought he’d be smart enough to be an evil mastermind?” She evilly laughs.

“What an anticlimactic challenge and boring episode. But I’m still gorgeous, and my payment is still high. What’s gonna happen? And why Blaineley and Crystal haven't appeared today? I don’t have any idea. So, stay tunned, and don’t miss the next episode of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

Chapter 12 – The One With the Losers

Chef is standing at the docks. He begins, “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Beach-”

“Paradise Falls,” an unknown male voice whispers.

Chef continues, “-Paradise Falls, the contestants had to search for this whale’s vomit thing. It was also the merge, but they were too dumb to understand it and they got to the search in group. A lot of stuff happened, and that scrawny kid who likes rap left.”

“His name is Danny L.,” the male voice corrects.

“Whatever. Now sit your butt down, and watch this crap episode,” Chef says.

(Theme Song)

The camera shows Play des Losers by outside.

“Hello, wonderful viewers,” a female voice says. “We are here to present the newest episode of Total Drama: Paradise Falls!” Catheryn pops out in front of the camera, revealing to be the female voice. “I’m here on Playa des Losers, to talk with the unfortunate losers.”

“Including you, hahahaha,” someone says out of screen.

“Shut up, Benny,” Catheryn shouts. “Anyway, let’s see how they have been enjoying their time after losing the chance to get rich like me.”

Danny L. and Lancelot are seen inside the bathtub. Catheryn walks up to them.

“Yo, yo, world. It’s me, Danny L.,” Danny says, waving at the camera.

“And who’s that?” Catheryn says, pointing to Lancelot.

“I’m Lancelot,” The red-haired boy says. “First eliminated. Was too scared. Cause your team’s loss. Remember?” “No,” Catheryn replies. “And first eliminated? Seriously? What a shame.” Lancelot looks down.

“Yo, now interview me about my time here,” Danny L. says.

“What? You were eliminated yesterday. You are here for only one night,” Catheryn says.

“Yo, don’t be mad,” Danny L. says.

“What about me? I’m here the longest than any other contestant,” Lancelot says.

“Nobody cares about you. You are like, Ezekiel or Staci,” Catheryn says, and walks away.

“She scares me,” Lancelot says, and begins crying.

Orlando is seen taking a sunbath, wearing sunglasses and a purple speedo.

“Looks who’s over there. It’s my hot boyfriend,” Catheryn says.

“Hey baby,” Orlando says, taking off his sunglasses, “What are you doing?”

“I’m interviewing the eliminated contestants,” Catheryn replies, “So, tell us, how do you felt about your elimination?”

“It sucks. I should be there. I need the money. My teammates sucked,” Orlando says. Catheryn glares at him. “Except for you,” Orlando quickly adds.

“Nice,” Catheryn says, smiling. “And why are you wearing a speedo? I thought people weren’t worth of seeing your body.”

Orlando says, “It was really selfish from me hiding all my sexiness from the world.”

“Good for me,” Catheryn says, biting her lips.

“Now if you excuse me, I’ll continue my sunbath,” Orlando says.

“Okay, my little muffin filled with ego,” Catheryn says, and walks off.

Benny, Fantine, Joanne and Yumi are talking nearby, at the swim-up bar.

“…and this is how I won my first medal,” Fantine says.

“What an inspiring story,” Joanne says.

“That was boring… and that’s coming from one of the most boring contestants,” Yumi says.

“Hahahaha, you are funny,” Benny says.

“That was not boring,” Fantine says, “And you are ugly and annoying.”

“Oh, calling people ugly and annoying? That’s so non-popular. You just lose 100 points on the popularity-metter,” Yumi says.

“You used to be nicer and less boring in the game. And popularity-metter? Who do you think you are?” Joanne says.

“I’m just kidding. I sometimes hate those random changes of heart,” Yumi says.

“Me too,” Fantine says.

Catheryn pops out from inside the bar, “Enough of the boring talk. Tell me. Any juicy gossip? Do any of you have a crush on someone? Why Joanne is so boring?”

“Hey!” Joanne shouts.

Catheryn says, “Okay, I have questions. How do each of you felt about being early-outs, not contributing for the plot, didn’t having any significance to the show, and barely being remembered by viewers?”

“I hated it. My elimination was so unfair,” Yumi says.

“It was all Helen’s fault. I’m here thanks to her, too. How could I trust that girl?” Joanne says.

“Same,” Fantine says.

“Hmm, so you all have the same opinion?” Catheryn says. “No wonder why you are the three most boring contestants.”

“Hahahaha,” Benny laughs.

“And what about you, Benny?” Catheryn asks.

“Oh, I’m here thanks to you,” Benny says.

“Oh, it’s not my fault that I had an immunity idol,” Catheryn says, “And you are annoying as heck, which is worse than being boring.”

“Annoying? I’m hilarious,” Benny says.

“Yeah, okay. I’ll just leave now and interview someone more interesting,” Catheryn says.

Starlight is seen eating an apple in a deck chair, while Cliff is sleeping in another chair next to her.

“Here’s our fan favorite, Starlight,” Catheryn says.

“Hey, man,” Starlight says, making the piece sign.

“Starlight, do you know how much loved and admired you were by your fans?” Catheryn asks.

“Yes. I’ve received many gifts from my fans,” Starlight replies.

“So, tell us some gossips,” Catheryn says, “Do you miss Woodrow?”

“I miss him so much,” Starlight says, “But I’m not sad, and I’m here rooting for him all the way. I love you, Woodrow!”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” Catheryn says, “So, another question… Being on the show is helping you with your environmental projects?”

Starlight replies, “Yes, a lot. I have many supports with all them. My most recents projects, such as ‘Nissim’s Save the Whales’, ‘No More Seagulls Hunting’, and my most supported project, United for Caterpillar’s Rights.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Catheryn says, “I’m sure Starlight’s fans are happy now. It was a nice visit. Thank you all for watchi-“

A male intern walks in, interrupting Catheryn. He whispers something at her ears, and leaves.

Catheryn says, “Oh, we are not done yet. So, now, I’m going to interview…” She looks at a sleeping Cliff. “But… he’s sleeping. Who else can I interview?”

Kasey walks up. “Me!” he says, “Yeah, I’m sexy and I know it!”

“You are not that hot,” Catheryn says.

“What?!?!” Kasey states in disbelief.

“She’s right. I’ve seen better,” Yumi says.

“He’s still very hot for me,” Joanne says.

“He’s above average,” Fantine says.

“Yo, what’s up with rating dudes?” Danny L. asks.

“We should rate the girls,” Lancelot replies.

Benny pops out from behind Catheryn, “Catheryn is hot.” She punches him in the face.

“What a professional reporter,” Yumi says.

“Yo, don’t blame her. That dude is annoying as heck,” Danny L. says.

“I agree,” Lancelot says.

Catheryn’s cellphones rings. “Hello? Chris? What do you want? Okay, okay. Bye!” She turns off.

“Whazzup?” Danny L. asks.

Catheryn replies, “So, Chris decided to do some twists because it was a boring episode… but I’ll save it for later. First, I have questions.”

“Cool,” Benny says.

“So, first, who are you guys rooting for?” Catheryn asks.

“Yo, I’m rooting for my lil’ baby, Helen,” Danny L. says.

“She was using you. She eliminated you. She doesn’t even likes you,” Lancelot says.

“I know you are just jealous that I get a hot gurl and you are single,” Danny L. annoyed replies.

“Anyway, continue,” Catheryn says.

“I’m rooting for Bitsy. She and Joanne were my best friends,” Fantine says.

“Same,” Joanne says.

“I’m rooting for Lorelai. She was the only person who supported me when I got unfairly accused of sabotage,” Yumi says.

“I’ll root for Faustino, he was one of my few friends,” Benny says. “What about you, Starlight?” Catheryn asks.

“Obviously Woodrow, man,” the hippie calmly replies.

“Me too,” Cliff says.

“I think Alice or Mindy should win. They are really nice,” Lancelot says.

“Okay, nobody cares,” Catheryn interrupts Lancelot, Someone else, please?”

“I hope nobody wins,” Kasey says.

Orlando states, “Agreed!”

“Why so downer? That’s why you guys don’t have many fans,” Catheryn says.

“And you, catheryn. Who are you gonna root for?” Yumi asks.

“Oh. I’ll root for… hmm… Nigel,” Catheryn replies.

“Any specific reason?” Kasey asks.

“Not at all. It was the first name that came into my mind,” Catheryn replies.

Crystal McLean suddenly arrives at Playa des Losers. “Hi, people!”

“What… are you doing here?” Catheryn asks.

“I don’t know. But my father told me to go there, and tell you guys about something,” Crystal says.

“What? Tell us already,” Benny says.

“Okay. So, dad thought it would be fun to make the eliminated contestants competing in one special challenge, for a big prize,” Crystal says.

“Are we getting a chance to return?” Benny asks.

Crystal replies, “Surprise. But first. each of you will pick a name from one of the remaining players from this hat.” She looks to the side, “I said ‘hat’!” An intern walks up carrying a hat with eleven pieces of paper inside. “Okay, thanks. So please, pick a name. But don’t show the name to anybody else.” The former contestants pick a name each.

Orlando reads the name, “Can I give up now?”

“No, shut up. Let me explain the challenge. It’s a spectacular Total Drama: Paradise Falls quiz!” Crystal explains.

“What an exciting challenge,” Orlando annoyed says.

“Shut up. So, I’m asking a question about the competition. The first to press the buzzer answer it. The first person to make three points wins. So please, go to your addressed podiums,” Crystal says.

The contestants look to the sides. “Podiums? Where?” Catheryn asks.

“Those ones,” Crystal says, pointing to eleven podiums, with a red buzzer on them, right behind the eliminated competitors.

“But… when did… where did… how?!?!” Fantine confusedly states.

“Please, go to your respective places, and let the challenge begin,” Crystal says. The contestants walk up to the podiums. “Are you ready?” The losers nod. “Okay. Second question: Who found the chest with the reward for the Angry Birds on the first part of the first challenge?”

Joanne presses the buzzer. “Starlight!”

“One point to Joanne!” Crystal announces. Joanne cheers.

“Impressive. How’d you know that?” Starlight asks.

“You know, I have a good memory. Since I was a kid, I-” Joanne says, clearly with an inflated ego.

“Sorry, can you repeat? I got distracted by that butterfly that passed nearby,” Starlight says. Joanne looks down.

“Okay, second question,” Crystal says, “At the rowing challenge, who got paired up with Faustino?”

After a few seconds, Lancelot presses the buzzer. “I think it was Nigel.”

“Wrong!” Crystal says, “So, anybody knows?”

Yumi presses the buzzer, “It was Zachariah.”

“Point to Yumi,” Crystal announces.

“Yay!” The fashionable Asian yells.

Crystal continues, “Third question: who was the first contestant to arrive at the island, on the first episode?”

Lancelot presses the buzzer. “It was...” he thinks for a second, “Bitsy.”

“Point to Lancelot,” Crystal announces.

“Really? It was right? It’s so-” His eyes begin tearing up, “Sorry. It’s just… too much for me.” Everybody stares at him with a raised eyebrow.

“What the heck!” Crystal says. “Anyway, fourth question: In episode 3, Alice made an alliance with Mindy and Nigel. This alliance was against whom?”

Catheryn presses the buzzer. “It was against me! That little son of a –“

“Please, no. Let’s keep it rated PG,” Crystal says. “Anyway, onto the fourth question.”

“Fifth,” Orlando corrects.

“Yes, fifth, whatever,” Crystal states, “In episode 4, which former Total Drama contestants made a guest appearance as part of the challenge?”

Danny L. presses the buzzer. “Lindz and Heathah, yo!”

“Yes, that’s right! Point to Daniel,” Crystal announces.

“It’s ‘Danny L.’! Not ‘Daniel’!” Danny yells.

“Why do you hate to be called ‘Daniel’ so much?” Yumi asks.

“Have you seen a rapper named ‘Daniel’?” Danny L. replies.

“Hmm… okay, good point.”

Crystal asks, “In the same episode, who designed the clothes for each team?” Chris asks.

Yumi presses the buzzer. “Bitsy and I!”

“Point to Yumi, who’s now leading with 2 points,” announces Crystal. Yumi cheers. “Next question: In the Maze challenge, what animal helped Alice, Mindy and Nigel to get to the finish line?”

Benny presses the buzzer, “A parrot!”

“Benny is right!” Crystal announces, “Question: Who my dad was dating at the beginning of episode 6?”

Catheryn presses the buzzer. “It was… Eva!”

“Point to Catheryn!”

“Eva? What’s up with your father?” Benny asks.

“He’s just desperate,” Crystal replies. “Anyway, next question: What’s Zachariah’ last name?”

Joanne presses the buzzer, “Evans!”

“Point to Joanne!” Crystal cheers.

“How are we supposed to know his last name?” Catheryn protests.

“I don’t care,” Crystal replies.

“You used to be nicer,” Cliff says.

“Sorry. But daddy told me that a good host can’t be nice,” Crystal says.

“Yes. Nice guys always finish last,” Kasey says.

“Yes. Nigel is a nice boy, and has an amazing girlfriend, while you are still single,” Yumi says.

“Oooooh,” Catheryn says.

“Shut up,” Kasey angrily shouts.

“Okay, let’s continue the challenge,” Crystal states, “Next question: What caused Benny’s elimination at chapter 7?”

Benny presses the buzzer, “Catheryn was going to be eliminated, but she had an immunity idol, and since I had the second most votes, I got out.”

“Point to Benny!” Crystal announces.

“That’s unfair. How could he forget about his own elimination?” Fantine protests.

Crystal continues, “Whatever. Next question: In episode 8, the challenge was based on what famous video-game?”

Starlight presses the buzzer, “Super Nario Bros.”

“Starligh’s right!” Crystal says. “Next question-“

“Wait up,” Catheryn interrupts, “How many questions do you still have?”

“A lot,” Crystal replies, “It’s only ending when someone get three points.”

“Oh, crap!” Catheryn, Kasey and Orlando shouts.

“Calm down, that may be the last question,” Crystal says, “True or false: Lorelai and Sid were the last two remaining contestants at the horror challenge on episode 9?”

Danny L. presses the buzzer, “False. It was Faustino and Mona, yo!”

“Point to Danny!” Crystal cheers. “Next question: At the Olympics challenge, how many sports were being represented, and what were those sports?”

Catheryn presses the buzzer, “11.” She begins thinking, and answers between pauses, “Gymnastics. Swimming. Handball. Volleyball. Basketball. Soccer. Tennis. Athletics. Boxing. Archery.”

“And…” hurries Crystal.

“I can’t remember,” Catheryn states.

“Five seconds,” Crystal says. Catheryn looks desperate. Crystal begins counting, “Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Answer!”

Catheryn breathes. “Fencing?”

“Yes, right!” Crystal cheers.

“Ha, I win. In your face, losers!” Catheryn says, pointing at the others former contestants.

“Wait up, you only has two points,” Crystal says. “

“Okay,” Catheryn says, “Hurry, give me another question. I can win this game!”

“Okay. What’s the scientific name of the whale vomit that the contestants had to find as a part of the challenge, on episode 11?”

Cliff and Joanne press the buzzer at the same time.

“I pressed first!” Joanne says.

“Calm down. I did,” Cliff replies.

“Let’s see it in slow motion,” Crystal says. The camera shows the scene where Cliff and Joanne press the buzzer in slow motion. It is show that Cliff pressed it a split second before Joanne.

Crystal continues, “Cliff pressed it first. Answer, please?”

“Uh… What’s the question?” Cliff asks.

Crystal slaps her forehead. “What’s the name of that whale’s thing?

“Oh, it’s ambergris!” Cliff calmly says.

“Point for Cliff!” Crystal says.

“Cool,” Cliff says.

“Okay, next question: What was the Angry Birds’ animal on the 20 questions game challenge?”

Joanne presses the buzzer, “Hmm… The mountain goat!” Crystal announces, “It’s… correct! Joanne wins the challenge!”

“Boring challenge, boring wins,” Catheryn says.

"Shut up," Joanne shouts, “What’s the prize?”

“Remember the competitor you were representing?” Crystal asks, “So, yeah, he’s getting invincibility today. And you guys are also voting for the elimination today.” Everybody cheers.

“Can we all vote for Helen?” Yumi asks.

“No. Because I gave her invincibility,” Joanne says.

“Yes, that’s sad. So, please go voting,” Crystal says.

The scene cuts to the remaining contestants at the Elimination ceremony place, at Paradise Falls resort.

“Welcome to a new elimination ceremony,” Chris says. “I have ten seashells for eleven of you.”

“Wait. We didn’t even vote,” Helen complains.

“That’s the surprise,” Chris explains, “Today, Crystal visited Play des Losers. Then, they competed in a challenge, representing someone here. Joanne, who was representing Helen, won, and now you have immunity.” He tosses a seashell to Helen. “Woodrow, Mindy, Alice and Nigel are also safe.”

“Yay!” Alice and Mindy cheer, and hug.

“Mona, Bitsy, Faustino and Lorelai are safe. Sid and Zachariah, for some reason, the losers voted for you. The last seashell goes to…”

“…Zachariah!” Chris tosses a shell to the extreme boy.

“Whatever!” Sid says. “This show wasn’t meant for me.” He walks to the dock.

“Wait up,” Mona shouts. She runs towards Sid. “I wanna be your friend.” She offers a handshake.

Sid confusedly stares at her. “But I-“

“Please, accept. I know I’m not an annoyance like the rest,” Mona says.

“You are right,” Sid says. They handshake.

“Okay, time to go,” Chris annoyed says. Sid enters the Helicopter of Losers, and leaves.

Mindy wipes out a tear from her face, “That’s so sweet!”

“I hope you stay tuned, because next chapter will have more drama, romance, and I hope, good ratings. So, don’t miss next episode of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

Chapter 13 – Picture Imperfect

Chris is standing at the docks. “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we made a quick tour at the losers. Our fellow former contestants Catheryn interviewed the other eliminated competitors. Then they had a challenge with my wonderful daughter Crystal. Joanne won the challenge, and it was revelead that she was giving immunity to one of the remaining contestants, and it was none other than Helen. In the end, Sid was voted off. What’s gonna happen today? Found out, right here, on Total…. Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The girls are seen at their room, waking up.

“Good morning! What a wonderful day,” Mindy joyfully says.

“Yes,” Lorelai says, “Wait… Where are the banging noises?”

“I don’t know,” Helen says.

“I guess all the repairing at the pool is done,” Alice says.

“Oh yeah. I can finally sleep in peace again!” Helen says.

“And the parties are back!” Mona shouts.

“Yay!” Alice and Mindy begins cheering. The rest of the girls join.

Meanwhile, at the boys room.

“Why are the girls cheering so loud?” Zachariah asks.

“They are happy, I suppose,” Faustino says.

“You don’t say,” Zachariah says, “I think they are plotting against us.”

"You are just being too paranoid,” Woodrow says.

“Excuse me? There’s a possibility that the girls teamed up after the merge,” Zachariah says.

“Sure, sure,” Woodrow says, laughing.

Chef yells through the loudspeaker, “Come to the restaurant for breakfast… now!”

The contestants are on the restaurant, sitting at a single table.

“What happened to the other table?” Bitsy asks.

“I dunno,” Chef replies.

“I bet Chris did it so we’d all sit together, and have more interactions,” Lorelai says.

“Speaking of, have you realized Chris hadn’t bugged us for a week or so?” Helen says.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“I can see Chris entering this restaurant right now,” Lorelai says.

“He’s very busy,” Chef says.

“That’s great!” Woodrow says.

“Not that great,” Chef says.

“Why?” the contestants ask in unison.

“You’ll see,” Chef replies. “Muahahahahaha,” he laughs manically.

Alice, Lorelai and Mindy are seen walking through the beach.

“Girls, do you really trust Helen?” Mindy asks.

“I don’t,” Lorelai replies.

“Me neither,” Alice says, “But, why the question?”

“Well, because she’s trying to eliminate all the boys. It’s obvious that she’ll target Nigel at one point,” Mindy says.

“Don’t worry, we’ll never vote Nigel off,” Alice says.

Mindy hugs her girl-friends, “Thank you!”

Helen are at the girls’ room. Someone then knocks the door.

“Who’s there?” Helen asks.

“Bitsy!” a voice replies.

Helen opens the door, and Bitsy enters the room.

“Where’s Mona?” Helen asks.

“I don’t know. Why? Should I call her?” Bitsy says.

“No, no, don’t worry,” Helen says.

“So, why did you call me there?” Bitsy asks.

Helen says, “Alliance stuff. There’s a big treat in the game, who must go!”

Bitsy clueless asks, “Who?” Helen evilly smirks.

Mona is seen at the hotel’s lobby, playing her guitar.

“What’s up?” the cowboy asks.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just feeling a bit lonely,” Mona replies.

Woodrow asks, “What about the girls?”

Mona sighs, “Well, Helen and Bitsy are talking… about their own business. And I’m not really sure if the other girls feel comfortable with me around. Don’t get me wrong, they are alright. It’s just we have very different tastes.”

“I guess I can’t help you with this, so. We don’t see to have anything in common,” Woodrow says.

“I guess we don’t,” Mona says.

Lorelai is sitting at the dock. Zachariah walks up, and sits right next to her.

“Hey,” Zachariah says.

“Hi,” Lorelai dryly replies.

“So, what’s up? I thought you were with the girls,” Zachariah says.

Lorelai folds her arms and says, “They are at the falls, swimming.”

“Oh, nice.” Zachariah scratches her head, and awkwardly says, “Wanna go into a walk?”

“Okay,” she says. They get up, and walk out of screen.

Alice and Mindy are seen returning to the hotel, wearing their swimsuits.

“It was so much fun,” Mindy says.

“I know, right?” Alice says. They arrive at the beach, and see Faustino, looking down.

“Hi Faust. What are you doing?” Mindy asks.

“Oh, hi girls,” Faustino greets, “I’m just thinking about… something.”

“About what?” Alice says.

Faustino sighs. He says, “I, well… I have a secret. Can I trust you?”

“Yes,” the two friends say.

“Okay. Remember the scavenger hunt challenge?” Faustino asks. The girls nod. “So, the other team won an immunity idol as a reward, but they had to give it to someone from our team. And they choose me.”

“Oh, nice,” Mindy cheers.

“That’s great. But use it wisely,” Alice says.

“I will,” Faustino replies.

At the hotel’s lobby, Mona and Woodrow are seen laughing

“Girls, you are hilarious,” Woodrow says.

“I should become a stand-up comedian,” Mona says.

Woodrow says, “I never thought we’d get along so well.”

“Me neither,” Mona says.

Chris calls the contestants over the loudspeaker, “It’s challenge time. Find me at the restaurant, in five minutes.”

The contestants are sitting at the dinner table, on the restaurant.

“I’m hungry,” Mindy says.

“Wanna some chocolate?” Faustino asks, taking a chocolate bar from his pocket.

“I do,” Mindy excitedly shouts. She says in the confessional, “Well, I shouldn’t have accepted this chocolate.”

Back at the restaurant, Mindy is seen jumping up and down, with her mouth covered with chocolate. “This show is amazing. I love you guys. Where’s Chris? Where’s Crystal? Where’s Blaineley? I’m so excited for today’s challenge, I’m sure it will be great!” “Why did you give her chocolate?” Lorelai asks.

“I didn’t know she would go into a sugar rush,” Faustino replies.

Chris and Crystal enters the restaurant, “Challenge time!” the host announces.

“And it’s going to be great,” Crystal yells.

Chris begins explaining, “You’ll each be given a camera, and be sent into the woods. You’ll have to take a picture from each of your adversaries. The first one to do so wins the challenge. But remember, the photos must be in a good quality.”

“YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY,” Mindy begins cheering, jumping up and down.

Chris stares at her with a worried face, “What’s up with her? Well, actually, I don’t care.”

The contestants are seen standing in front of the woods. Chris says, “You’ll have five minutes safe to go to the woods. If someone takes a picture before the time, the person is disqualified. Got it?” The contestants nod. “Oh, by the way, the pool is back, and updated. We now have a bathtub, a TV, and a buffet table and a grill, so you don’t have to eat Chef’s food anymore.“ Chef glares at Chris. “And the time begins... now!” The contestants rush towards the jungle, while Mindy is seen doing some backflips.

Alice is seen sitting on a tree branch. Faustino walks by, and she takes a picture of him. “Yes!” She shouts. The tree branch then breaks and she falls.

“What?!?!” Faustino says. He looks at Alice, on the ground. He then takes his camera, and takes a picture of her.

“Okay, I got you and you got me,” Alice says.

“What if we work together?” Faustino asks.

“Yes!” Alice cheers.

Meanwhile, Mindy is seen running through the woods.

“This is so fun. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she shouts.

She passes through Woodrow, making him lose his balance, and fall.

“What was that?” he confusedly asks to himself.

Helen is seen hiding behind a tree.

“I hope nobody sees me there,” she says.

Alice and Faustino walks by her. The sarcastic girl takes her camera, and takes a picture of the two former teammates.

“Two is down. Seven left,” Helen says. She prepares to leave, but begin listening to the two friends’ conversation.

“And that Helen girl? Mindy thinks she’s kinda shady,” Alice says.

“Oh. Well, she is a little bit rude, but I don’t think she’s evil,” Faustino says.

Alice states, “Me neither, but if Mindy does, what can I do?”

Helen, still hiding behind the tree, looks shocked by the revelation.

Mindy is still running through the woods. She suddenly finds Mona, and collapses right next to her.

“Mindy? Are you okay?” Mona asks, slapping Mindy’s face. Mindy still unconscious.

Woodrow walks up. “Hey, Mona. What’s up?”

“Oh, Woodrow!” Mona exclaims.

“Don’t worry, I’ll not take a picture of you… yet,” Woodrow says. He then looks at an unconscious Mindy on the ground. His eyes widen, “What have you done?”

“Nothing. She was running, and then she collapsed,” Mona says.

“Is she fine?” Woodrow asks.

“I don’t know. We should take her to the infirmary,” Mona says.

Woodrow says, “But what if… she’s dead?”

“HEY!” Mindy shouts, scaring Mona and Woodrow.

“Girl, you frightened us!” Mona says.

“Sorry, that wasn’t my intention. So, what happened,” Mindy says.

“You had a sugar rush,” Woodrow says.

“Oh yeah. I can’t eat chocolate,” Mindy says.

“Well, she’s fine. Let’s continue with the challenge,” Woodrow says. He quickly takes his camera, and takes a picture of both of the girls.

“Hey!” Mona says.

“Sorry. Now I have to go,” Woodrow says, and runs away.

Bitsy is dragging herself at the ground, covering herself with a blanket of grass, camouflaged.

“Who would’ve thought that playing ‘Summon of Obligation’ would be useful?” she says to herself. She then sees Helen angrily passing by her.

“And… picture!” Bitsy says, as she takes a picture of Helen.

Helen sees the flash of the camera. “Who’s there?” Bitsy attempts at making frog’s noises.

“Bitsy, is that you? Well, I don’t care. I’m leaving,” Helen says , and walks away.

“Sneaky!” Bitsy shouts.

Lorelai and Zachariah are walking together, silently.

“Lorelai,” Zachariah breaks the silence, “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, sure,” Lorelai replies.

Zachariah awkwardly says, “Well, I… I haven’t had the chance to say this, and you ended up finding it out in a… eh… weird way.” He blushes. “But I… well… I , I wanna says that I, well… I really like you.”

“Oh, that?” Lorelai says.

“Let me finish. Well, since you found out about it, you’ve been treating me in a coldly way,” Zachariah says.

Lorelai says, “Well. That’s not true. I mean, I-“

“Hello, buddies,” Alice interrupts Lorelai, walking up by them.

“Hey Alice,” Lorelai says. “Anyway, I… have to go now, you know, win this challenge.”

Chris is seen at the control room. “Seriously, nobody is taking this challenge serious? Come on.” he complains.

Woodrow is seen running through the woods. He suddenly stumbles in something, and falls.

“What’s that?” he asks to himself. He looks at the ground, and sees an immunity idol.

Helen walks up to him. “Hmm, hey. What are you doing?”

Woodrow quickly hides the idol at his back. “Nothing.” He forces a smile.

“Hmmm, okay. See you later.” She walks away.

“See ya,” Woodrow replies. He waits for a moment, and sighs in relief. “Now I have to make sure nobody will find out about it.” He puts the idol under his vest.

Nigel is walking. He suddenly steps on a small hill. “Ouch!” a female voice shouts. Nigel looks around, and shrugs. He gives another step, and a female voice shouts again.

“Hey?" he asks. He begins jumping, until the “small hill” begins moving. It’s revealed that it’s actually Bitsy.

“Why did you do that?” Bitsy complains.

Nigel looks at the gamer girl, quickly takes her camera and gets a picture of her. He then runs away really fast.

“That… was… awkward,” Bitsy says.

Chris announces over the loudspeaker. “And Nigel wins the challenge and the immunity for today. Please come back at the hotel, and be ready for the elimination ceremony tonight.”

The contestants are reunited at the beach.

“How did you do it? I mean, I didn’t even see you at all,” Zachariah says.

“I was just there,” Nigel replies.

“Okay, whatever. I’m gonna take a long bath, and relax before the elimination ceremony” Helen says, as she leaves.

Alice, Lorelai and Mindy are at the girl’s room.

Mindy turns on the radio, and a high-pitched voice is heard singing, “We’ve got the greatest of two planets!”

“OMG! I love Illana Santana!” Mindy shouts.

“She sounds like a chinchilla with stomach ache,” Lorelai says, as she turns off the radio. “Better!”

“But she’s so amazing. She’s an inspiration to many people. She dreams about a happy, peaceful word, and she spreads love messages through her songs,” Mindy says.

Alice’s eyes begin tearing up. “Oh my gosh, that was so beautiful!”

Lorelai looks awkwardly towards the two girls. “Yeah, okay.”

Bitsy, Helen and Mona are seen at the woods.

“Girls, we are voting for Mindy today,” Helen says.

“Why? She’s really nice,” Bitsy says.

“That’s why. She’s so kindly, nice and sweet. That makes her a huge treat,” Helen says.

“Oh, well. You have a good point,” Mona says.

“Yes, but we have a small numbers’ disadvantage. We need at least one more vote against her, and she’s gone!” Helen says.

Mona puts her finger to her chin. “Well, I think I can get Woodrow’s vote.”

“Nice, Mona. That’s just great!” Helen says.

Mona says in the confessional, “I don’t really trust Helen, but she’s playing a really great game. She’s taking control of the game. I can’t be against her, so I’ll stand with her for a while.”

Helen says in the confessional, “It’s obvious that Mona hates me. But she’s smart. She’s still my ally. And I need her. So I must keep her around for a while.”

Faustino and Mindy are in the woods.

“So, what do you want, Faust?” Mindy asks.

Faustino replies, “Well… Helen’s planning to vote you off, because you are a treat.”

“I don’t wanna go home,” Mindy says.

“You’ll not. I wanna give you my immunity idol. All we have to do is vote for Helen,” Faustino says. He handles his idol to the cheerful girl.

“Thanks. But, we need more votes. I don’t think two is enough to eliminate her,” Mindy says.

“Let’s tell Alice and Nigel about it,” Faustino says.

The staff group, a few interns, and the contestants are seen at the beach for the elimination ceremony.

“Final ten, welcome to the elimination ceremony. Please, go to the confessional, and cast your votes,” Chris announces.

Alice is seen in the confessional, “I vote for Helen. Sorry, I have to save my friend.”

Nigel is seen in the confessional, “Yeah. Helen.”

The scene returns to the Elimination Ceremony. Chris takes a bucket with some seashells inside. “I have only nine seashells here, for ten of you. If you don’t receive a seashell, you are out. The first seashells go the challenge winner Nigel,” Chris tosses a seashell to the quiet skater.

“Yeah,” Nigel says, as he takes the seashell.

“Next, goes to Lorelai. Mona. Woodrow. Bisty. Alice. Zachariah.” Chris tosses seashells to the aforementioned contestants. “The next goes to… Mindy.”

“What!?!?!” Faustino and Mindy asks in disbelief.

“What what?” Chris asks in confusion.

“Mindy was supposed to be in the bottom 2,” Faustino says.

“Not according to the votes,” Chris says, “Now shut up. You guys are ruining the Elimination Ceremony.”

Faustino protests, “But-“

“Sit down!” Chris yells. “Anyway, as I was saying, the last seashell of the night goes to…”

“Helen!” Chris tosses a seashell to the mean girl.

Faustino looks down. “This sucks.”

“Wait, Chris, can I give up my immunity idol to save him?” Mindy asks.

“No, sorry. Too late. Faustino, the Dock of Shame is over there,” Chris says.

Faustino walks through the docks, looking down. He then enters the Helicopter of Losers.

“And Nigel, as the winner of the challenge, you get the key for the pool. Congratulations,” chris says, as he gives the key to Nigel.

The contestants are seen at their way back to the hotel.

“I still don’t get it. We had four votes against Helen. Helen probably had Bitsy’s, Mona’s and Woodrow’s vote. It was supposed to be a tie,” Alice says.

“Either Lorelai or Zachariah voted against Faustino. But who?” Mindy asks.

“I don’t know. But we’ll find out,” Alice says.

“Don’t worry, we can find out later,” Mindy says.

“Tomorrow, we’ll just relax,” Nigel says, showing the pool’s key.

Chapter 14 – Survival of the Craziest

Chris is standing at the docks. “Last time, on Total drama: Paradise Falls, we had a challenge that was kinda boring. But some interesting things happened. Mindy had a sugar rush. Nigel somehow won the challenge. Helen’s alliance targeted Mindy for being a treat, then Faustino found out and gave his immunity idol to save Mindy. But Helen was smarter, and in the end, Faustino got the boot. Will that episode be more interesting than the last one? Are we having a decent challenge for once? And where is Crystal and Blaineley? Find out, right now on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

Alice, Mindy, Nigel and Zachariah are seen at the pool.

“Thanks for inviting us over there. This place is awesome,” Alice says to Nigel.

“Yeah,” Nigel says, “It was Mindy’s idea.”

“Thank you, Mindy,” Alice says.

“You’re welcome,” Mindy replies, “Anyway, we need to talk with you.”

“About?” Zachariah asks.

Mindy replies, “I have an immunity idol now, and we have the numbers against the other team. I mean, we need to think strategically, and get rid Helen.”

“That’s great!” Zachariah says.

“So, are you in?” Mindy asks.

“Yes, I am!” Zachariah replies.

“Oh well. I still can’t understand something. How Faustino got voted off? We’re 6, they are four,” Alice says.

Zachariah’s shifts his eyes back and forth nervously.

Zachariah says in the confessional, “I voted for Faustino. Helen threatened me, saying that she had an idol and if I didn’t vote with them, I’d be next. My team can’t find out about it.”

Zachariah walk away, “I’m going to… hmm… the bathroom.” He leaves.

“Anyway… we didn’t tell Lori and Zachariah about the plan to vote out Helen, did we?” Mindy says.

“We didn’t. But it was supposed to be a tie, at least,” Alice says.

“Hmm, yes. Either Lori or Zach voted for him,” Mindy says.

“Yeahh. But, who?” Nigel asks.

“Good question,” Alice says.

Bitsy, Helen and Mona are at their room.

“Okay, girls, tonight, we are voting for Nigel,” Helen says.

“Nigel? I thought Mindy was the biggest threat,” Bitsy asks. “But Mindy has the idol,” Helen says.

“Oh. Nevermind,” Bitsy says.

“And also, Nigel is the biggest challenge threat from the other team,” Helen says.

“Yeah, but what if he wins the immunity challenge today?” Mona asks.

“Then we go to the next option, Zachariah,” Helen says.

“Hmm, okay,” Mona says.

“So, are you in it?” Helen asks.

“I am!” Bitsy says.

“Me too,” Mona says.

“Great!” says Helen, smirking.

Lorelai is seen at the beach. Alice walks up to her.

“Hello, Lorelai,” Alice says.

“Hey,” Lorelai replies, “What’s up?”

“We’re voting for Helen,” Alice says, “Are you with us?”

“Sure,” Lorelai replies.

“If she wins the immunity challenge, then we vote for Bitsy,” Alice says.

“Okay,” Lorelai replies. “But, what if she has the hidden immunity idol?”

“Hmm,” Alice pauses a second to think. “I don’t know. I’ll think about it later, and I tell you what we’re gonna do.”

“Okay,” Lorelai says.

“Oh, by the way, did you voted for Faustino last night?” Alice asks.

“Hmm, no, I didn’t,” Lorelai replies, “Why?”

“Oh, okay. See you later,” Alice says, and leaves.

Alice says in the confessional, “Faustino’s elimination doesn’t make sense. Someone from our alliance flipped last night. Either way, we have a traitor between us.”

Mona and Woodrow are seen at the Hotel’s lobby.

“I’m so bored,” Mona complains.

“Wanna have some fun?” Woodrow asks.

“Eww, what’s your problem?” Mona disgustedly says.

“No, not that kind of fun. We can, I don’t know, go to the beach. Look at the beautiful day out there,” Woodrow explains.

“Oh, okay. Let’s go,” Mona says.

Helen walks up to the lobby.

“Hello, guys. Where are you going?” Helen asks.

“We’re gonna have some fun. Wanna join us?” Woodrow asks.

“No, thanks. I have other things to do. So, have fun,” Helen says.

“Okay,” Mona says.

Mona and Woodrow are walking through the beach.

“Mona, I have something to tell you. Promise you won’t tell anyone?” Woodrow asks.

“I promise,” Mona replies.

“Okay,” Woodrow says. “I found it in the jungle.” He takes something wrapped in a piece of paper from his pocket.

Mona says, “What’s that? Is that…”

“Yes. That’s the hidden immunity idol. I found it!” Woodrow says. They cheer.

“That’s great,” Mona says. “Now you have a free-pass to the end.”

“I was also thinking we could backstab Helen,” Woodrow says.

Mona’s jaw drops. “What?”

“Yes. I mean, Helen’s a great strategist. She has the game in her hands,” Woodrow says.

“Yes, but, we’re allies. She won’t get rid of us now,” Mona says.

“Not now, but after all the enemies are gone, we’re next. We’re in the bottom of her alliance, with Bitsy over us, and Helen in the top,” Woodrow says.

“Oh, I get it. We go all the way to the final 4, then it’ll be Helen and Bitsy against you and me. But, we still have the idol,” Mona says.

“Yeeees! Perfect!” Woodrow excitedly says.

Woodrow says in the confessional, “Mona’s a great girl. I can trust her, so I hope she isn’t lying to me.”

Mona and Woodrow come back to the hotel. Helen is leaning against the door, with folded arms.

“Hello,” Helen says, “What the lovebirds were doing?”

“Lovebirds?” The two friends gasps.

“That’s ridiculous. Woodrow has a girlfriend,” Mona says.

“Yes, we’re just friends,” Woodrow adds.

“Well, okay. Anyway, what you were doing?” Helen asks.

“We’re… exploring,” Woodrow replies.

“Hmm, okay,” Helen says.

Helen says in the confessional, “I don’t trust them. But, I need them for numbers. I can do nothing at the moment.”

Bitsy is playing her handheld video-game at the girls’ room, when the former Raccoons’ female members enter the room.

“Hi, girls,” Bitsy says.

“Oh, hi Bitsy,” Alice says, “Where’s Helen?”

“I don’t know,” Bitsy replies.

“Hmm, Bitsy, do you know if someone has the immunity idol?” Mindy asks.

Bitsy says, “Oh, idol? I… I… She told me to not tell anyone that she has the id- oops!”

“Oh, okay. Thanks,” Lorelai says.

Bitsy is seen in the confessional, “They think Helen has the idol?” she laughs. “Thankfully I’m a good liar. But now they believe we have an idol, I’m pretty sure we’re safe.”

The three former teammates leave the room. A few seconds later, Helen enters the room.

“I’m back,“ Helen says.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Bitsy says, “Good news!”

“Tell me,” Helen says.

“The girls asked me if you have the immunity idol,” Bity says.

“Hmm. So, they thought about the possibility of me having a third idol?” Helen asks.

“Yes,” Bitsy says. “I used my acting skills, and ‘accidentally’ told them that you have the idol. I think they believed it.”

“Nice,” Helen says, “So, they think I have the idol. That puts us in a good spot.”

“Yes, but we can’t trust them,” Bitsy says, “I mean, they may vote for you to flush your inexistent idol or something.”

“No, that’s a risky move. If they all vote for me, and hypothetically use the idol, they’d lose another member, and they wouldn’t have the numbers anymore,” Helen says.

“Hmm, yes. But, we need to make sure they think you have the idol and are not voting for you,” Bitsy says.

“Yes,” Helen says, “I’ll come up with something.”

Chef yells over the loudspeaker, “Come to the restaurant, we have a little surprise here for you!”

The contestants are seen at the restaurant, eating something that seems to be rice.

“I’m so happy. We’re in the final 9! It’s so exciting, that I want to sing a song,” Mindy says. She begins singing, off-key, “Old Macdonald had a farm ee-eye, ee-eye-“

Helen yells, “Shut up, and eat your rice!”

Zachariah says to Lorelai, “Can I talk to you later? It’s really important.”

“Okay,” Lorelai replies, indifferently.

Chris enters the restaurant. “It’s challenge time!”

“Oh, crap!” Zachariah shouts.

“Shut up. Just follow me,” Chris says. He leaves the restaurant, followed by the contestants.

The group of hosts and the contestants are seen on the beach.

“Today’s challenge will be amazing!” Chris announces.

“You just copied it from Survivor,” Blaineley says.

“No, I didn’t!” Chris says. “Okay, next challenge is simple.”

“Simple? I’m sure it’s something life-threatening,” Helen says.

“I’d never do it,” Chris says, smiling innocently. “Anyway, the winner will also get a special reward!”

The contestants cheer.

“What’s the reward?” Zachariah asks.

“Surprise!” Chris smirks.

“I don’t like your ‘surprises’, to be honest,” Lorelai says.

“Let me explain the challenge,” Chris says, “Each of you will stand on top of a pillar in the water.”

“Wow, what an original challenge,” Blaineley says, rolling her eyes.

“Shut up!” Chris shouts. “Continuing, you have to stand without falling, while I throw some random objects at you. Last person standing wins.”

“Nice challenge,” Crystal says.

“I made it,” Chris replies.

“Next!” Bitsy yells.

Everybody awkwardly stares at her.

“Whatever, I still think you copied it,” Blaineley says.

“Shut up!” Chris shouts.

The contestants are seen on the pillar, balancing.

Chris says, “And the challenge has begun!”

Chris begins throwing random objects at the contestants, while they struggle to dodge those objects.

A bowl hits Mindy in the face, and she falls on the water.

“Mindy’s out!” Chris shouts.

“That sucks,” Mindy says, as she swims back to the shore.

Chris continues throwing objects at the contestants. An apple hits Zachariah, and a stone hits Bitsy.

Bitsy is seen in the confessional, “I really needed to win this challenge. Now that their alliance thinks Helen has the idol, I’m obviously the next target.”

Chris shouts, “3 are out. 6 left!”

“6 left!” Blaineley dramatically says.

Chris glares at her, and continues throwing random objects at the contestants. A plush whale hits Alice.

“5 to go! That’s a very exciting challenge,” Chris says.

“So exciting! I’m almost sleeping,” Blaineley sarcastically says.

Chris glares at her once again, and proceeds at the challenge. A basketball hits Mona, a coconut hits Nigel, and a Gilded Chris Award hits Woodrow.

“3 are gone!” Chris says, “Lorelai or Helen? Who’s gonna win?”

“What a boring challenge,” Blaineley says, “So anticlimactic!”

“Shut up!” Chris angrily yells, “Stop annoying me!” Blaineley says in the confessional, “I love when Chris throws a diva tantrum!” She laughs.

Back at the challenge, Chris is still throwing random objects at the contestants.

Bitsy is seen cheering at Helen, while Alice, Mindy and Zachariah are cheering on Lorelai.

“You can do it, babe!” Zachariah yells.

Lorelai looks with wide eyes at Zachariah, “What?” She loses her concentration and her balance, and falls.

“Helen wins immunity!” Chris announces.

The Raccoons’ alliance looks down, while the Birds’ alliance cheers.

“Congrats Helen!” Chris says, “You win immunity, and a special reward: a visit to a karaoke steakhouse, with someone from your choice, and Crystal.”

“Yay!” Crystal cheers.

“Great!” Helen says, rolling her eyes.

“So, who do you choose?” Chris asks.

Helen looks through the contestants. Bitsy is show with a wide smile in her face.

“I choose…” Helen says, “Woodrow.”

Bitsy frowns. “Aroo?”

Chris looks at her with wide eyes, “Aroo?”

Everybody else looks at her with wide eyes. “Aroo?”

Helen says in the confessional, “I don’t trust that Mona and Woodrow’s friendship. I can’t let them both alone. I had to choose one of them to go with me, and I don’t think Mona will try to convince Bitsy to go against me.”

Crystal, Helen and Woodrow are seen at the steakhouse, while a teenager girl is singing a song about thanksgiving on the karaoke nearby.

“So…” Woodrow awkwardly says.

“Yeah…” Helen says.

“Excuse me, I can’t hear that girl singing over there!” Crystal says, “So please, shut up, and eat your rice!”

“…” Woodrow says.

Back at the resort, everybody is at the hotel’s lobby. Alice, Lorelai, Mindy, Nigel and Zachariah are reunited in the jungle.

“Okay, so Helen has immunity. She’s out of question,” Mindy says.

“Well, so we go with Bitsy, right?” Alice says.

“Yes, but what if Helen has the idol,” Lorelai says, “I think she’ll give it to Bitsy.”

“Makes sense,” Zachariah says, “So, it’s Mona or Woodrow?”

“I say Woodrow,” Nigel says.

“Well, Woodrow’s better at challenges, it’s true. But Mona is closer to Helen,” Lorelai says.

“Anyway, I doubt Helen will give up her idol to either of them,” Alice says.

“Come on, Mona is the obvious choice,” Zachariah says, “I think we can make Woodrow flip to our side.”

“I don’t think so. To be honest, Woodrow’s seems more loyal than Mona,” Lorelai says.

“Okay, guys. Can we all agree on Mona?” Alice asks.

Everybody else nods.

“Okay. Mona, that’s it!” Alice says.

Suddenly, a loud yacht horn is heard.

At the beach, a yacht is arrives at the shore. Crystal, Helen and Woodrow step out of the yacht.

“We’re back,” Helen says.

“Oh, man. I thought everyone was there to greet us,” Woodrow says.

“Oh, guys, I loved it!” Crystal joyfully says. “I love you!”

Crystal hugs the two contestants.

“Eh, it was great,” Woodrow says, “I had a lot of fun!”

“Now I’m going. See ya later,” Crystal says, as she walks away.

The former Raccoon’s members walk to the beach.

“Oh, hi. Welcome back!” Alice greets.

“Thank you,” Woodrow replies.

“So, how fun was that reward?” Mindy asks.

“It was… great,” Woodrow awkwardly smiles. “A lot of food, and a karaoke, and people were dancing.”

“Nice,” Nigel says.

“So, where are the girls?” Helen asks.

“I think they’re at the room,” Alice replies.

“Well, guys, I gotta go. I wanna take a shower,” Woodrow says.

“I’m going too,” Helen says.

They both leave.

“Lorelai,” Zachariah says, “Can we talk…”

Everybody looks at them.


Everybody else leaves.

“So, what happened?” Zachariah asks, “We used to be good friend, but now you’re just ignoring me, and treating me coldly.”

“I am not,” Lorelai says, “That’s the way I am.”

Zachariah says, “Tell me the truth. Please.”

“Okay, do you want the truth?” Lorelai says, “I really like you… as a brother. When I found out about your feelings for me, well… It was really awkward.”

Zachariah looks down, visibly upset. “I understand.”

“Sorry,” Lorelai says, “I should’ve told the truth. It’s not your fault.”

“Yes, okay,” Zachariah says, “But… could we be friends again?”

“Okay,” Lorelai says, “Friends.”

“Friendzoned,” a male voice shouts from a bush nearby.

“Shut up, Nigel!” a female voice says from the same bush.

“Get out of here!” Lorelai says.

Alice, Mindy and Nigel get out from the bush, giggling and blushing.

At night, the contestants are seen at the elimination ceremony place in the beach. Chris walks up with the staff crew.

“Welcome to one more elimination ceremony,” Chris says, “One of you will be voted off, walk thought the Dock of Shame, and you can never, never, ever come back!”

“We know,” Helen says, rolling her eyes.

“Anyway, how was the reward at the steakhouse, Helen?” Chris asks.

“Meh,” Helen careless replies.

“I loved it!” Crystal says!

“Nice,” Chris says, “Now I’ll handle the seashells.”

“But, Chris, we haven’t even voted,” Helen says.

“Mah weird!” Chris says, “Alice, you’re up! Go vote!”

Alice gets up and walks towards the confessional.

The next scene, Zachariah is returning for the confessional, and sits on his spot.

“The votes are in,” Chris says, “If you don’t receive-“

“Blah blah blah! We all know!” Blaineley complains.

“Shut up!” Chris says. “Okay, the first seashell goes to Helen. Mindy. Nigel. Lorelai. Bitsy. Alice. Mona. You’re safe.” Chris tosses the seashells to them. “Woodrow and Zachariah! One of you will be voted off tonight. The last seashell goes to…”

“Zachariah!” Chris says.

“Yeah!” Zachariah cheers.

“Wait. Chris, I have the Immunity Idol!” Woodrow says.

Everybody gasps.

Woodrow walks up to Chris, and gives the immunity idol to him.

“This is an immunity idol,” Chris says, “Woodrow is safe. Zachariah, time to go!”

Zachariah sighs. “Bye guys!”

“Thank you for the vote, by the way,” Helen says.

“What vote?” Alice asks.

Helen says, “Didn’t I tell you? Zachariah voted for Faustino with us, last Elimination Ceremony.”

The former Raccoons’ members gasp.

“Why?” Lorelai asks.

“I can explain,” Zachariah says, “Helen tricked me. I had to save my butt.”

“That didn’t work well, right?” Helen sarcastically says, evilly grinning.

“Okay, shut up!” Chris says, “Time to go! Bye!”

Chef grabs Zachariah by the arm, carries him towards the Dock of Shame, and throws him into the Helicopter of Losers.

Mona says in the confessional, “Now that Woodrow’s idol is gone, I’ll stick up with Helen. She’s an evil genius, and everything works for her, somehow.”

Woodrow says in the confessional, “The plan of blindsiding Helen is gone. Staying loyal to her is the best thing I can do for now.”

Chris says to the camera, “Can Helen pull an easy victory from now? Will Mona and Woodrow stay loyal to her? In this battle of the alliances, who’s gonna win? Find out in the next episode, of Total Drama: Paradise Falls!”

Chapter 15 – Guess Who?

Chris is standing at the docks. “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we had a battle of the alliances. Helen convinced the opposing alliance that she had the Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, Woodrow told Mona about the real idol he had. At the challenge, Helen won immunity and a special reward, with Woodrow and Crystal. At the Elimination Ceremony, Woodrow received most of the votes. Though, at the last minute, he played his Immunity Idol, saving himself and eliminating Zachariah instead.” Chris is now seen at the beach, sitting in a deck chair, sipping drink from a coconut. “What’s gonna happen today? Will Mindy play her idol? Who’ll be the next voted off? Find out, right now!”

(Theme Song)

The contestants are seen returning from the last Elimination Ceremony.

“I can’t believe Zachariah betrayed us,” Alice says.

“I don’t blame him. Evil Helen tricked him,” Mindy says.

“Excuse me! That’s just a game,” Helen says, “I’m playing to win. I don’t get why everyone thinks I’m evil.”

Lorelai says, “Hmm, maybe because you’re always talking crap about people, and making sarcastic comments, and just being a negative Nelly?”

“Oh. Well, you’re right,” Helen says.

“I gotta sleep. Good night girls!” Woodrow says.

“Me too,” Nigel says.

“Oh, well, I suppose we all should go sleep,” Mindy says.

The girls walk off.

Helen says in the confessional, “I’m not evil. I know I’m not a saint, but saying I’m evil?” She rolls her eyes.

In the next day, Helen is seen at the pool area, sitting in a folding chair, along with Bitsy and Mona.

“This is marvelous!” Bitsy says.

“Okay, let’s talk what we’re doing next,” Helen says, “We need to get rid of Mindy’s idol, but I’m not sure how.”

“Come on, Helen! Relax!” Mona says.

“Yes, just enjoy it!” Bitsy says.

“Okay,” Helen says.

Mona says in the confessional, “Helen’s getting too paranoid. She needs to chill out.”

Helen gets up of the chair. “I’m gonna go to our room.” She walks away.

“So, Bitsy,” Mona says, “Do you trust Helen?”

“I do… why?” Bitsy clueless asks.

“Well, would you vote her off?” Mona asks.

“No. She’s my ally. I’ll stay loyal to her until the end,” Bitsy replies.

Mona continues, “But, you wanna win, right? Would you vote her off if you need?”

“Nope,” Bitsy says.

“Wow, okay,” Mona says, “You are a good ally.” She smiles. She says in the confessional, “Bitsy trusts Helen so much. I can’t really trust her. What if I tell her about the blindside, and she goes and tells Helen everything?”

At the girl’s room, the former Mad Raccoons’ members are seen doing nothing.

Helen enters the room. “Hello girls!”

“Oh, nice to see you,” Lorelai sarcastically says.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Helen replies, “Anyway, I wanna propose you something.”

“Sorry, I’m not looking for a relationship,” Lorelai says.

“I’ve heard that joke somewhere,” Helen says, “Anyway, what do you think about a girl’s alliance?”

“What?!” Alice, Lorelai and Mindy gasps.

“You three, Bitsy, Mona and I. We get rid of the boys.” Helen says, “What do you think?”

“Hmm,” Alice says, “Can we think about it?”

“Sure,” Helen says. She leaves the room.

“So, girl, what do you think?” Alice asks.

“I don’t know. I don’t trust her, to be honest,” Mindy says.

“Me neither,” Lorelai says, “Anyway, it’s not like they have the numbers.”

“Yes, you’re right,” Mindy says.

“But, let’s pretend we’re her friends,” Lorelai says, “We should keep her as a possible future ally.”

At the boys’ room, Nigel is at his beds. Woodrow enters the room.

“What’s up?” Woodrow says, “I realized we haven’t talked much.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Woodrow says in the confessional, “You know, at that point of the game, anything can happen. I realized that friendships are really important in the game. So, ya’ know, I’ll try to hang out with Nigel, and get on his good side.”

Bitsy, Helen and Mona are seen at the pool. Lorelai walks in.

“Excuse me, Helen?” Lorelai says, “It’s me.”

“Oh, what do you want,” Helen impatiently says, as she folds her arm.

“I wanna tell you that I’m sorry,” Lorelai says, “You know, I kinda overreacted, and I judged you too early. I barely know you.”

“Yes, that’s true,” Helen says.

“So, what if we all hang out. You know, the girls?” Lorelai says.

“Why?” Helen suspiciously asks.

“Well, if we want to be in an alliance, we should know each other better,” Lorelai says.

“Anyway, can I trust you?” Helen says.

“You can bet,” Lorelai says.

Mindy takes an empty soda bottle, and says, “So, let’s play Truth or Dare!”

Mona says, “Sorry, I… gotta go to the bathroom.”

At the beach, Nigel and Woodrow are laughing together.

“Dude, you are a funny man!” Woodrow says.

“Yeaah,” Nigel replies.

Mona walks in, “Excuse me.”

“Oh, hey Mona!” Woodrow says.

“Hey,” Nigel says.

“What are you doing here?” Woodrow asks.

“The girls are so annoying,” Mona says.

“Ok, join us. But we aren’t really the greatest people to talk with,” Woodrow says.

“I can live with that,” Mona says.

“So, what are the girls doing?” Woodrow asks. “They can’t be that bad.”

Mona replies, “They are playing ‘Truth or Dare?’. That’s, like, for stupid pre-teens.”

At the pool, the girls are seen sitting around the bottle. Mindy spins the bottle, and it stops on Bitsy.

“Truth or Dare?” Mindy asks.

“Truth!” Bitsy replies.

“Have you ever… had gasses at public places?” Mindy asks.

An annoyed Helen rolls her eyes. She says in the confessional, “Pathetic!”

Back at the beach, Mona is talking with Nigel and Woodrow.

“Guys, you are amazing!” Mona says.

“Thank you,” Woodrow says.

“So…” Mona begins, “You are a good guy, Nigel. I can tell you that Woodrow and I have a final 2 pact. Would you like to join us, and make it a final 3 pact?”

“Yeah, sure,” Nigel says.

“Okay, so, we can’t vote for each other,” Mona says, “You promise?”

“I promise,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah,” Nigel says, “Excuse me, gotta go.” He gets up, and leaves.

“Ok, I have news,” Mona says, “Don’t let Nigel know. The girls made a girls’ alliance.”

“Oh, my God,” Woodrow says, “Do you know if the first target is me or Nigel?”

“I don’t,” Mona says, “But I doubt they’ll have an agreement. If we get rid of you, the other girls could easily flip back to their original alliance, and vote us off. The same goes if we vote Nigel off.”

“Yes, they aren’t dumb to do that,” Woodrow says, “What can we do?”

“We gotta figure out,” Mona says, “Oh, and Bitsy… she’s loyal to Helen until the end.”

“Oh, so we can’t count on her for the blindside,” Woodrow says, “Meh, whatever.”

Chris calls the contestants through the loudspeaker, “Please meet me at the beach for the next challenge!”

The contestants are gathering at the beach.

“So, where’s Chris?” Woodrow asks, “He was supposed to be here already.”

Chris is seen falling from the sky, with a parachute. He lands right next to the contestants.

“What an amazing introduction,” Chris says, “What can I do? I’m awesome.”

“No, you aren’t,” Blaineley says, coming from nowhere with Crystal and Chef.

“Hello daddy!” Crystal happily says, waving at Chris.

“Oh, nice. Blaineley’s here too,” Chris annoyed says.

“Yay, nice, family reunion,” Helen sarcastically says, “Please, can we just go to the challenge.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Chris says, “Anyway it’s challenge time!”

“I wonder what crappy challenge you have came up with,” Blaineley says.

Chris glares at the blonde, ignores her and continues, “Today, we’ll see how well you know each other. We have several questions. You have to answer those questions in private. Then I’ll tally the results, and we begin the challenge.”

The contestants nod.

“I’ve seen this challenge somewhere,” Alice says.

“Yes, sweetie. Chris is soooo creative,” Blaineley says mockingly.

“Shut up!” Chris yells.

The next scene shows the contestants sitting in bleachers, while Chris and the staff group is standing in front of them.

Chris says, “The votes have been tallied. I’ll now ask those questions, and you have to guess whose name has been answered most often, the name you think most of you has voted. If you do not guess it correctly, you are out. Last person remaining, wins immunity. Got it?”

The contestants nod.

“K, let’s start,” Chris says, “First question: Who is the nicest?”

Mindy answers ‘Alice’, while everybody else answers ‘Mindy’.

“The answer was Mindy, everybody but Mindy herself is right. Mindy, you are out!” Chris says.

“Awww. But this challenge is amazing,” Mindy says.

“Shut up,” Chris says, “Next question: Who mistakenly thinks they are in control of the game?”

Everybody answers ‘Helen’.

“The answer is Helen!” Chris says “Everybody’s right.”

Helen says in the confessional, “Indeed, I am in control of the game. But they are too dumb to realize.”

Chris says “Next question: Who do you trust the most?”

Alice, Helen, Lorelai, Mona, Nigel and Woodrow answers ‘Mindy’. Bitsy answers ‘Helen’.

“Mindy was guessed the most. Bitsy, you are out!” Chris says.

“Awww, man!” Bitsy says.

“Get out!” Chris says, “Next question: Who is the most annoying?”

Alice answers ‘Helen’, Helen, Mona, Nigel and Woodrow answer ‘Bitsy’, and Lorelai answers ‘Woodrow’.

“Bitsy was the most guessed answer,” Chris says, “Alice, Lorelai, you are both out of the challenge!”

“Hey! I’m not annoying,” Bitsy says.

“Yes, you are,” Chris says, “Anyway, next question: Who is the least likely to win the game?”

Helen and Woodrow answer ‘Alice’, Mona and Nigel answer ‘Mona’.

“The most guessed was Helen,” Chris announces, “Everybody’s wrong, no one is out.”

“Damn!” Helen says.

“Next question: Who is the best strategist?” Chris asks.

Helen, Mona and Nigel answer ‘Helen’, Woodrow answer ‘Mona’.

“The answer is Helen. Woodrow is out!” Chris says, “And now, only three left.”

“Go Nigel!” Mindy cheers.

“Shh,” Chris says, “No cheering, please.” He coughs, “Back to the challenge: Who is the most athletic?”

All three of them answer ‘Woodrow’.

“Woodrow is the answer. All three of you advance!” Chris says, “ Who is most likely to backstab you?”

All three of them answer “Helen”.

“You three are correct,” Chris says, “Who knows the least about the game?”

Helen and Mona answers ‘Mindy’, Nigel answers ‘Woodrow’.

“The most guessed answer was… Mindy. Nigel, you are out!” Chris says.

“Yeah, man!” Nigel says.

“Oh my Gosh! You should’ve known that I’ve never seen an episode of Total Drama,” Mindy angrily says.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Blaineley says in the confessional, “Drama!”

“Can you say something else?” Mindy asks.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Mindy glares at him.

Nigel blushes, “I mean… sorry.”

“Okay, so we have only two. This could end the challenge” Chris says, “Who complains the most?”

Both answer ‘Helen’.

“The answer is Helen. You’re both right!” Chris says, “Okay, next question: Who is the dumbest?”

Helen answers ‘Bitsy’, Mona answers ‘Mindy’.

“And the answer is...” Chris says, “Bitsy!”

“Hey! I’m not dumb!” Bitsy shouts, “Stupid people!” She storms away.

“Wow,” Chris says, “Anyway, Helen wins immunity! You’ll be safe from elimination today.”

Helen smirks.

Chris continues, “See you at the elimination ceremony. Prepare for a surprise there.”

“I love surprises!” Crystal says, giggling.

“Go back to do whatever you were doing. I’ll be at my room with Crystal, Blaineley and Chef, receiving a massage,” Chris says.

Alice, Mindy and Lorelai are at the girl’s room.

“So, are we really voting for Nigel today?” Mindy asks.

“No, Nigel is our friend, and Helen is just… annoying,” Lorelai says, “We are voting for Bitsy, since Helen is immune.”

Alice and Mindy nods in agreement.

Outside of the room, Helen is seen next to the door, overhearing their conversation. She gasps.

Nigel is at the hotel’s lobby. Mindy walks in.

“OMG, Nigel, how could you do it?!” Mindy dramatically says.

“…” Nigel says.

“I’m so upset!” Mindy continues.

Nigel clueless asks, “What?”

“You didn’t know that question about me!” Mindy says.

“Well, sorry,” Nigel says.

“Okay, I forgive you!” Mindy happily says. She hugs Nigel.

Helen is seen in the Hotel’s lobby

. Lorelai walks by her.

“Lorelai, excuse me, can we talk?” Helen says.

“Sure,” Lorelai replies.

“So, do you remember about your talk with Mindy and Alice sooner?” Helen says, “So, I heard everything.”

“What talk?” Lorelai confusedly asks.

Helen confronts Lorelai, “That one, where you told them to vote for Bitsy, and that I am annoying, and you weren’t voting with the girls’ alliance.”

“Oh, you did?” Lorelai careless says.

Helen says, “I trusted you. And you turned on me. I don’t understand. I don’t understand!”

“Yes, I did. You know, I like Nigel. He’s my friend. I don’t wanna vote him out,” Lorelai says.

“But you lied to me,” a livid Helen yells. “You know, I’m going. Bye!” Helen leaves.

“Wow. She’s angry!” Mindy says.

“And?” Lorelai says, “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. We are voting for the weakest of them, so in case of a tie, we can easily defeat them on the tiebreaker challenge.”

“Great idea!” Alice says, “But we shouldn’t take the risk.”

“We can try to get Mona or Woodrow,” Lorelai says.

“Well, why would they go to our side?” Alice asks.

“I don’t know, but that can’t hurt, right?” Lorelai says.

Mona is lying in her bed, at the girls’ room. Lorelai walks in.

“Hey Mona,” Lorelai says.

“Oh, hi Lorelai,” Mona says.

“So, are you and Helen tight?” Lorelai asks.

“Hmm, you know, we are allies and stuff,” Mona says.

“Well, think about it. We’ll give you a chance, and spare you tonight,” Lorelai says, and leaves the room.

Mona stares at the beach through the window, thinking.

Woodrow is at the boys’ room. Someone knocks the door.

Woodrow asks, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Mona!” the person at the door answers.

“Oh!” Woodrow opens the door.

Mona enters the room, “Ok, I have a plan. We are not voting for Helen tonight.”

Woodrow says, “But, she’ll freak out.”

“She won’t. You know, just listen, and tell me if you agree” Mona says.

At the bonfire Ceremony, Chris greets the contestants, “Welcome to a new Elimination Ceremony. In my hands, I have six seashells. If you do not receive a seashell, you are out.”

“I’m sorry, Chris, but I think your math is incorrect,” Helen says, “We’re eight. Why only six seashells?”

Chris evilly smirks. “Oh, yeah, remember when I told you to prepare for a surprise at the Bonfire Ceremony?” He says, “So, today, we’re having a double elimination! The two people with the most number of votes will get voted off.” The contestants gasp.

“Drama!” Blaineley says.

Mona and Woodrow looks at each other. Mona gives Woodrow the thumbs up, and Woodrow nods.

“So, I guess it’s time to vote,” Chris says.

Helen votes in the confessional, “Lorelai, you suck! Go home!”

“Ok, the votes are in,” Chris says, “The first seashell goes to Helen,” Chris tosses the seashell to the sassy latina. “Nigel, Woodrow, Alice, and Mona,” Chris tosses seashells to the mentioned contestants. “First person voted off tonight…”

“Bitsy!” Chris says.

“What?!?!” Helen gasp.

“Bitsy received four votes,” Chris says.

Helen folds her arms, and rolls her eyes.

Bitsy sighs. “Well, that’s game over, I guess.” She giggles. “I had a lot of fun. That was the best experience I’ve ever had. See ya’!” She hugs the remaining contestants. “Good luck for you all!”

“Ok Bitsy, wait there,” Chris says, “We’ll see who will join Bitsy.”

Mindy is seen with a worried look at their face, while Lorelai looks indifferently.

Chris says, “Second person voted off tonight…”

“A tie!” Chris says.

“What?” Helen angrily yells.

“We have a tie. Looks like both received two votes against them.” Chris says.

Mindy gets up, “Sorry, Lorelai. I’ll play my Immunity Idol.”

“That’s okay,” Lorelai says.

“And… all votes against Mindy do not count. Lorelai, time to go!”

“Meh, whatever,” Lorelai says, with a frown on her face. “Bye guys! Good luck for you all. For you too, Helen!”

“Thanks,” Helen answers.

Bitsy and Lorelai walk through the Dock of Shame, and enter the Helicopter of Losers.

“Wow, that was a shocking episode!” Chris says. “Will Helen continue with her winning streak? Will she forgive Mona and Woodrow? And how will Mindy and Nigel’s relationship develop? And will Alice get more screentime? Find out next time, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

Chapter 16 – Fishin’ on a Hole in a Paper Boat

“Last time on Total Drama,” Chris begins, “Helen tried to form an all-girl alliance, but Lorelai had others plans. Meanwhile, Woodrow and Mona formed an unexpected friendship with Nigel, and they ended up making a final 3 pact. Lorelai wanted to vote Helen off, but she ended up winning immunity, making Lorelai to target her ally, Bitsy, and tried to take Mona to her side. In the end, moi revelead a twist: a double bout.” He evilly laughs, “I’m awesome! Anyway, Bitsy and Lorelai got the boot, and Mindy played her idol.” He scratches his head, “And that’s what happened last episode. What else is gonna happen? Is Alice having more screentime? I mean, she’s wasn’t even mentioned in this recap. Find out now, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

At the girls’ room, Helen and Mona are lying on their beds, while Alice is braiding Mindy’s hair.

“I’m bored,” Mona says.

“I can braid you hair, if you want,” Alice says.

“Oh, no, thank you,” Mona sympathetically says, “But yeah, we should do something.”

“Oh, let’s talk about the game!” Helen says.

“Come on, Helen! Stop thinking about the game for a second,” Mona says.

“Excuse me, we are in the game. How can I not think about it?” Helen says

“I mean, chill out. Let’s have fun,” Mona says.

“Oh yeah,” Mindy says, “Let’s have a ‘day for girls’ thing!” She squeals.

Alice says in the confessional, “I actually like Mona. She’s a good girl. As for Helen, well, I don’t hate her, but I do think she needs to chill out a bit. She’s too stressed and stuff.”

“K, what are we gonna do?” Alice asks.

“Well, Helen won last challenge. We should all go to the pool,” Mona says.

“K, let’s go,” Helen says.

Mona says in the confessional, “You know, the girls are actually pretty cool. I thought they were annoying and bubbly. I was wrong. Alice is pretty smart, and Mindy is so sweet, and they are really nice.”

Helen is shown in the confessional. “Meh. Mindy and Alice are so cheerful. They are kinda annoying. I don’t hate them, but I don’t like them either.” She says, rolling her eyes. “Anyway, I have to at least convince them I’m not a bad person. I want the girls’ alliance to happen!”

In the boys’ room, Woodrow and Nigel are talking.

“So, how’s you and Mindy?” Woodrow asks.

“Hmm, yeah,” Nigel says, “She’s cute.”

“Oh, come on. You are totally in love with her!” Woodrow says.

Nigel blushes, “Well, she’s… a good girl.”

Woodrow says in the confessional, “Ha! He’s totally in love with that girl.”

The girls are shown in the pool, playing water polo.

“OMG, girls! I’m loving it!” Mindy excitedly says.

“Yes. You both are really fun,” Alice says.

“Oh, you too,” Helen sympathetically replies.

“Breakfast! Be at the restaurant in five minutes!” Chris says through the loudspeaker.

The contestants enter the restaurant. Blaineley, Chef, Chris and Crystal are sitting at the table, surrounded with food, while some interns are serving them. The contestants’ eyes wide.

“Wow, is that for us?” Alice excitedly asks.

“Ehhhh… No!” Chris says.

Alice frowns.

“Well, what are you doing here, anyway? I mean, where’s our breakfast?” Helen annoyed asks.

“As a reward for making it to the final 6, you are gonna have a final 6 feast. You’ll spend the day on a cruise ship!” Chris announces.

The contestants cheer.

“So, go to the docks, and wait for me.” Chris says.

The final 6 walk away from the restaurant.

“Hahaha. That will be funny,” Chris says, and smirks.

The contestants are seen at the docks. Chris and his staff group walk in.

“Are you excited for the feast?” Chris asks.

“Totally!” Mindy excitedly says.

“Here is it,” Chris says.

A destroyed ship with the name ‘S.S. McLean’ arrives at the shore.

“Nice boat, Chris! I expected that,” Helen says, rolling her eyes.

“Hm, ‘S.S. McLean’? I think ‘S.S. Total Drama’ sounds better, to be honest,” Alice says.

“No. It has my name in it, so it’s better,” Chris says.

“The name fits with the ship,” Blaineley snarks.

“Hey! I’m a McLean, too!” Crystal says.

“Oh, my bad!” Blaineley apologizes.

“Can you please shut up and stop hogging all the screentime?!” an annoyed Chris shouts, “Anyway, all aboard the S.S. McLean!”

The contestants plus the staff board the ship.

Helen walks up to Alice.

“Hi, Alice!” Helen sympathetically says.

“Oh, hi. What’s up?” Alice asks.

“You know the girls’ alliance stuff,” Helen says, “Would you join us if we agree to vote Woodrow off tonight?”

“Oh, sure!” Alice says.

“But you have to promise you will not flip back to Nigel and vote me off,” Helen says.

“I won’t,” Alice says.

The two girls shake hands.

“Excuse me, McLean… where’s out breakfast?” Mona asks.

Chris says, “Oh, I forgot to tell you… you’ll have to get your own breakfast!” He giggles.

“What?!?” the contestants exclaims.

“Well, this is your next challenge. You’ll go down into the ocean on boats of questionable quality. Next, you’ll fish. You’ll have ten minutes to fish the most number of fishes. The person with the most number of fishes wins!” Chris explains.

“Catch our own food?!” Mindy says.

“Only ten minutes?!” Woodrow says.

“At least we are not eating Chef’s food,” Helen says.

Chef glares at her.

“Fishing? Sorry, not doing it!” Alice says.

“Why?” Chris asks.

“I can’t harm an animal! I can’t!” Alice replies.

“Meh, I don’t care,” Chris says, “Alice is out. The rest, let’s go to the challenge.”

The 5 contestants enter their boats, and gets into the lake.

“Go fish, go!” Chris says, “Now, let’s enjoy this cruise party!” Chris says.

Mona and Woodrow are fishing next to each other.

“How’re you doing?” Mona asks.

“Great!” Woodrow says, “I feel like I’m gonna win it!”

Nigel is on his boat. Mindy rows her boat towards his. She stops next to him.

“Hey, Nigel!” Mindy says.

“Hey,” Nigel greets.

“Isn’t that romantic? You and me, here, staring at the sunset,” Mindy says. “Yeah,” Nigel says.

Mindy says in the confessional, “You know, Nigel has never said a single romantic thing to me. Sometimes I wish he was more sensible.”

Chris announces over the loudspeaker, “Time’s up! Challenge’s over! Come here!”

“Wow,” Mindy says, “Already?”

Back at the deck of the ship, the contestants are gathering around Chris, Crystal and Blaineley.

“So, the fishes are in the kitchen. Chef is preparing your meal with them,” Chris says, “And the results are in. The winner is…”

“Woodrow!” Blaineley shouts.

“Yes,” Woodrow says, pumping his fists.

“Hey!” Chris says, glaring at Blaineley, “Get out of here!”

“Make me!” Blaineley says.

“Whatever,” Chris says, rolling his eyes.

Chef walks in.

“So, Chef is gonna serve your meal. Bon appetit!”

Chef says, “Bad news! We don’t have any fish.”

The contestants gasp.

“What happened?” Chris asks.

Chef says, pointing to Alice, “That hippie girl sneaked into the kitchen, and threw all the fish into the ocean.”

The other contestants glare at Alice.

“Sorry,” Alice blushes, “But really, those fishes don’t deserve to die.”

“Well, I guess you’re gonna eat Chef’s gruel or whatever,” Chris says, and laughs.

At the dining area, Alice is looking at the sea, with her head down.

Mindy walks in and says, “I’m livid!”

“I said I’m sorry!” Alice says.

“I’m joking,” Mindy says, giggling. “You are my best friend. I can’t get mad at you.”

“Thanks! You are the best,” Alice says, as she smiles. The two friends hug.

“Well, just curious. Why did you do it?” Mindy asks.

“You know, I love animals. It’s like I can understand them. When I saw those fishes, ready to die, I had to save them,” Alice says.

“Oh, I understand,” Mindy says, “You did the right thing.”

Alice smiles. She says, “Thanks for being a good friend.” They hug.

Meanwhile, Mona and Woodrow are in the pool, in the ship’s deck.

“This is great!” Mona says, “This ship sucks, but the pool is amazing!”

“Yeah,” Woodrow says.

“We should throw a party at the pool or something, you know?” Mona says.

“Totally!” Woodrow says.

Helen walks in, “Hello, lovebirds!”

“What?!” Mona and Woodrow shout, with wide eyes.

“I’m kidding,” Helen says. She laughs.

“Oh, good,” Mona says.

“Yeah. We’re just friends,” Woodrow says.

“Ok,” Helen smirks, “So, hmm… please, vote for Nigel. Just do it. No questions.”

“Ok, but-“ Woodrow says.

“I said no questions!” Helen interrupts him.

“Okay,” the cowboy says.

“Thank you,” Helen says. She walks off.

“So, are we voting her off today?” Woodrow asks.

“Well, we should keep her,” Mona says.

“Why?” Woodrow says, “She’s a threat.”

Mona says, “We need her now. Alice, Nigel and Mindy are BFFs.”

“But why were you thinking about voting her off?” Woodrow asks.

“Because I didn’t expect Bitsy to go last elimination,” Mona says, “And even with Bitsy out, we could still try to get Lorelai.”

“True,” Woodrow says, “Oh well, then let’s work with Helen.”

“Yes,” Mona says.

Alice, Mindy and Nigel are seen at the lounge.

“Well, I feel like I’m going tonight,” Alice says.

“Aww, don’t worry. We are even,” Mindy says.

“Yes, but I feel like I’ll lose the tiebreaker challenge,” Alice says.

“Don’t worry. Be positive,” Mindy says.

“Yes, I gotta think positively,” Alice says.

Time elapses, and the ship is seen arriving at Paradise Falls’ docks.

“We are back!” Chris announces.

The contestants leave the ship.

“Aaand… we’re back,” Woodrow says.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Chris walks in, “By the way, be ready for the elimination ceremony tonight.”

“Meh, I should go pack my stuff,” Alice says.

Mindy says in the confessional, “Oh my gosh, Alice is so sad. She doesn’t want to go.”

Alice is at the girls’ room, packing her bags. Helen walks in.

“Knock knock,” Helen says, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure,” Alice says.

“So, Mona and Woodrow are hungry. They want to vote you off, but I have two options: I can go with them, and it’s bye-bye Alice…” Helen says.

Alice raises her eyebrow. “Continue.”

“…Or I can convince them to vote Nigel off. Only if, you vote with us,” Helen says.

“Oh, really?” Alice says.

“Yes. So, what do you say?” Helen asks.

“Well, I… I have to think,” Alice replies.

“K,” Helen says, “You know, actually, don’t answer my question. Just vote. If Nigel’s out, I know I can trust you. If he’s not, then… game over.” Helen walks off.

Alice is seen in the confessional. She says, “I don’t wanna go. And I don’t wanna vote off a friend either. But I need the money.” She looks down, and sighs.

The contestants are at the beach, around the bonfire. Chris walks in with a bucket with 5 seashells.

“Welcome to another eliminations ceremony,” Chris says, “Well, go vote!”

Helen votes in the confessional, “Nigel. Nothing personal. But yeah, I’ve never heard you talking.”

Mindy votes in the confessional, “Sorry, Helen. But you are against me and my friends.”

Chris says, “The votes are in. You are 6, but I have only 5 seashells. If you don’t get a seashell, get out of here immediately.”

Helen looks at Alice. Alice looks at Helen with a forced a smile.

Chris continues, “First seashell goes to Woodrow. Mona. Mindy. Alice. Helen and Nigel, our bottom two. One of you will be out tonight. The last seashell goes to…”

“…Helen!” Chris tosses a seashell for Helen.

Mindy jaw drops, “What?!” She looks at Alice.

“Yeah. Bye!” Nigel says.

“Wait!” Mindy gets up, “Nigel, you deserve this way more than I do. Chris, can I take his place?”

“Are you quitting? To save this guy?” Chris asks.

“Yes,” Mindy says.

“But your fan base is way bigger than his,” Chris says.

“You don’t have to,” Nigel says.

“No, you deserve to be here more than I,” Mindy says, “I’ll be more than proud of leaving the game to save a friend.”

Chris says, “Such a heroic move. I can even see the ratings.” He smiles widely. “Ok. Nigel, take Mindy’s seashell. Mindy, the dock of shame is over there.”

“Thank you for that, Mindy,” Nigel says.

“No problems,” she says, “Group hug?” Everybody hugs Mindy.

“We love you, girl,” Mona says.

Mindy walks though the dock. She waves at the contestants, and takes the helicopter of losers.

The contestants are seen leaving the elimination area.

Alice looks down, and sighs.

Helen stops next to her, and puts her hands in Alice’s shoulder. “Good move, girl.” She smirks.

“Wow, drama!” Chris says, “What’s gonna happen? Will Nigel find out about Alice’s backstab? Can Alice trust Helen? And will Mona and Woodrow do something interesting? Find out, next time, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

Chapter 17 – Well Roleplayed

Chris is standing on the docks, as usual, holding an umbrella, while it’s raining. He says, “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls: the final 6 went fishing. Except Alice. Yes, so overdramatic.” Chris rolls his eyes. “Anyway, Helen finally convinced Alice to join her and Mona into an all-girls alliance. They were going to vote Woodrow off, but after he won the challenge, they had to change their plans. In the end, Nigel was voted off… or at least he was supposed to, because Mindy decided to take his place, and quit. Such a sweetheart. Anyway, What’s gonna happen? And what about this storm? Find out, right here, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

The girls are seen in their room. Mona is playing her guitar and looking through the window, while Helen is in the bathroom.

Mona turns around to see Alice lying in her bed in a fetal position. She stops playing her guitar, and asks, “Are you fine?”

“Yes, I am,” Alice says. She turns around, and looks at Mona. “No, I am not, to be honest. I’m just sad about what happened last night. Mindy was my best friend, and now she’s gone. I betrayed my two friends. I’m a horrible person.” She begins crying.

“No, no. You aren’t,” Mona says, trying to comfort her. “It’s a game, you know. You had to make a move to save your butt.”

“Yes, I know,” Alice says, sobbing. “But friends are more important than money.”

“Don’t worry. Try talking to Nigel. I’m sure he’ll understand and forgive you,” Mona says.

“Ok, I will try,” Alice says. She gets up, and the two girls hug. “Thank you for being such a good friend,” Alice says.

“No problem,” Mona says, “I’m here to help.”

Alice says in the confessional, “Mona’s a nice girl. I thought she was all mysterious and though, but she’s such a sweetheart.”

Helen gets out of the bathroom, “Good morning, girls!” She looks towards Alice with a sympathetic smile, “And congrats! You are now an official member of the girls’ alliance. Now you have our trust. Good job!”

“Yeah, thanks!” Alice says indifferently.

Alice walks in to the boys’ room and knocks on the door.

“Who’s there?” Woodrow asks.

“It’s Alice,” she says.

Woodrow opens the door. “Hey girl! How ya’ doing?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Can I talk to Nigel?” the girl asks.

“Oh, he’s not there. He got up really really early and went to a walk on the beach,” Woodrow says.

“Oh. Ok, thanks!” Alice says. Woodrow smiles.

Helen and Mona are in the main hall of the hotel, sitting on a couch.

“Ok, so Nigel’s totally going next,” Helen says.

“Yes, sure,” Mona says, “But please, can we talk about something else? You sound like a game-bot.”

“Ok. What do you want to talk about?” says Helen. “I dunno,” says Mona.

The girls stay silent for a few seconds, until Woodrow, in his swimsuit, walks in. “Hello girls,” the farm boy says, “Ya know, I’m going to the pool. Do you wanna go with me?”

“Totally,” Mona says, “Let me get my bikini.”

“Yes, I’ll go too,” Helen says.

The girls get up from the couch, and walk towards the stairs.

Nigel is sitting at the docks, staring at the sea. He says in the confessional, “Yeah.” He sighs. “You know, I miss Mindy so much. I can’t believe Alice did that to us. I’m so upset at her. I don’t hate her for that, but I’m really upset at her.”

Alice walks in. “Hey, Nigel. We need to talk.” Nigel stays silent. “Please?” Alice begs. Nigel looks at her, and nods.

Alice sits next to him. “I’m so sorry for what happened. I am extremely sorry, and I honestly feel bad about it. You know, not gonna lie, I was just playing the game. But I feel sorry for betraying my friends.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says, “Do you regret that?”

“No,” Alice says, “I don’t. I’m here to play the game and win. I just regret the fact that it was against my friends.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says, and nods.

“I’m not expecting you to forgive me. I just wanted to open up with you. See you later,” Alice says. She gets up and walks away, while Nigel stays motionless.

The three former Angry Birds’ members are shown at the pool. Woodrow and Mona are swimming, while Helen is lying on a deck chair.

“You know, I wonder why Chris still hasn’t called us today,” Woodrow says.

“Yes, thankfully,” Helen says.

Mona yawns. “You know, I’m tired. I’m gonna take a nap.” She gets out of the pool, and walks towards the hotel.

Helen gets up of the chair, and walks towards Woodrow in the pool. “So, what’s up with you and Mona?”

“What!?” Woodrow clueless says.

“You and Mona. You know, you are so close. Are you two in a romance or something?” Helen asks snidely.

Woodrow gasps. “No, what the heck? We’re just friends.”

“Hmm, ok,” Helen says.

“It’s true! I’m dating Starlight!” says Woodrow. He is seen in the confessional, “Mona and I are just friends!” He folds his arms.

Back at the pool, Helen is seen leaving the area. “Anyway, I’m going. See ya.” She walks away.

“See ya,” Woodrow says. “Thank God!” He whispers to himself.

Meanwhile, at the girls’ room, Alice is seen sitting on her bed. Mona enters the room.

“Hey, girl,” Mona says, “So, did you talk with Nigel?”

Alice looks at Mona. “Oh, yes, I did.”

“How was that?” Mona asks back.

“Great,” Alice says, “I told him everything. I was just honest with him. He just asked me if I regretted my decision. Then he said nothing.”

“Oh. Give him some time. He’ll forgive you,” Mona says.

Nigel is sitting on the stairs in the hotel’s lobby, holding his head. Helen is shown stepping down the stairs. She looks at Nigel, and asks, “What’s up, honey?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m tired.” Nigel replies.

“Ok,” Helen says, “If you need anything, just tell me. I’ll be there for you, my friend.” She winks at the quiet boy.

Nigel says in the confessional, “Fake!”

Mona walks by them, “Hello!”

“Hey!” Nigel says.

Helen continues walking, “I have to go, see ya!” She turns around and walks off, but before she leaves the lobby, Nigel asks Mona, “So, is the Helen thing still up?”

“What the heck?” Mona says in disbelief.

Helen turns around, and looks at them. “What ‘Helen thing’?”

Nigel realizes what he has done, and says, “Nothing, nothing!” He and Mona laugh nervously.

“Ok. Just be aware that I hate when people lie to me, so you better tell me the truth,” Helen says. Mona and Nigel stay silent. “Okay. Sooner or later you’ll tell me, everything. Otherwise, you may be going home tonight,” Helen says angrily, and storms out of the lobby.

Mona disapprovingly shakes her head towards Nigel. “Good job!”

“Sorry,” he says, scratching the back of his head.

Helen says in the confessional, “I gotta find out what’s happening!”

Chef calls the contestants over the loudspeaker, “It’s lunch time. Come to the restaurant. NOW!”

The contestants are seen on the restaurant. Helen is glaring at Mona.

“So, whatever happened, why is Helen angry?” Alice whispers to Nigel.

“I… almost told Helen about Mona and Woodrow’s alliance,” Nigel says, “Now she knows there’s something happening, and she wants to find out.”

Chris enters the restaurant, “It’s time for a new challenge!” The contestants grumble. “Hey, stop grumbling, you will have a challenge anyway. So, please, follow me.”

The scene shows the contestants gathering around the staff group, in the assembly room.

“Chef, bring on the supplies,” Chris says. Chef walks out of screen, and returns with two large boxes.

“What’s this?” Woodrow asks.

“Today’s challenge is an incredible Total Drama Roleplay!” Chris announces.

“Oh, great, can I roleplay as myself?” Helen sarcastically says.

“No,” Chris says. “As homage to original Total Drama, you’ll be roleplaying as the Total Drama Island final 5. Each of you will play as one of the members of the final 5 of Total Drama Island. Chef, Blaineley, Crystal and I will then vote for who we think was the best roleplayer.”

“Yay, I’m so excited for this!” Helen snarks.

Chris rolls his eyes and continues, “Okay, now I’ll address your roles.” He takes a cue card from his back. “Alice, you’ll be Heather. Helen will be Gwen. Mona will be Leshawna. Nigel will be Owen. And Woodrow will be Duncan. Now go take your costumes in the crates.”

The next scene shows the contestants, still in the assembly room, dressed as their respective roles.

“Okay, you have an hour to rehearse,” Chris says, “See you in an hour!” He leaves the room.

“Wow, this sucks,” Helen says, dressed as Gwen, “I did not sign up for this.” She folds her arms, and grumble. Helen says in the confessional, “By the way, Gwen, if you are watching this show, you have bad hair."

“Shut up, weirdo,” Alice says, dressed as Heather.

“And you are an annoying, complaining, spoiled brat!” Mona says, dressed as Leshawna.

Nigel walks in, dressed as Owen. He is also wearing many pillows to make it look like he’s bigger. “Yeah,” he says as his normal self, but quickly realizes and corrects himself, “I mean, woohoo! This is awesome!”

“Ugh, whatever. I hate you all!” Alice complains, “Can’t wait until the show is over. I’ll get my billion, and I will never have to see any of you again.”

“Oh, someone’s a little grumpy today,” Woodrow says, dressed as Duncan.

“Jump on fire!” Alice says. She rolls her eyes.

“Okay, nicely done,” Chris says. “But this is just the beginning. Go outside. Go live your new lives.” He giggles.

“This place sucks. Please, someone take me out of here or I’ll kill myself.” Helen grumpily says.

“Oh, not a bad idea,” Alice says. She glares at Helen, who glares back at her.

“Yo yo! Leshawna’s in da house!" Mona says, shaking her head. “Ok, need more sass.” Mona whispers to herself.

“You suck- Okay, I give up. I have no idea how to act as Duncan,” Woodrow says.

“It’s easy. Just be a douche or something,” Mona says.

“I can’t, though. I’d do much better as Owen,” Woodrow says.

Alice says in the confessional, “Yes, it’s fun to roleplay as Heather. You know, showing the dark side of Alice. That’s something I’ve never done.” She giggles.

Time elapses, and the judges of the challenge joins the cast in the assembly room.

“Time up,” Chris says.

“Wow, you look great, boy!” Blaineley mocks Nigel.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Blaineley says in the confessional, “I told Chris to do a Total Drama World Tour roleplay instead. Who wouldn’t love to roleplay as me, the queen B? But no, he must be a bitter hag and oppose anything I say. Ugh!” She folds her arms and grumbles.

“Alright, time for the action!” Chris says.

“Good luck!” Crystal sweetly says, and smiles widely.

Mona says in the confessional, “I can’t believe that girl is Chris and Blaineley’s love child.”

“Anyway. Lights, camera, action!” Chris says.

Helen, dressed as Gwen, walks in, “This place sucks. Everyone here sucks. Especially Heather.”

“Oh my God, you are so annoying!” Alice, dressed as Heather, replies. She glares at Helen, and Helen glares back at her.

“Yo! Leshawna’s in da house,” Mona, dressed as Leshawna, says.

“You sounded like Danny L.,” Crystal says. She giggles.

“Shh, don’t interrupt them,” Chris says.

“Anyway,” Mona continues, “Heather, can you please shut up!”

“Make me, phattie,” Alice says.

“Oh no, you didn’t!” Mona says, shaking her head, “Do not make me snap my fingers in a z-formation! Hold mah earrings, Gwen!”

Woodrow, dressed as Duncan, walks in. “Rawr! A catfight!”

“You are disgusting,” Alice says.

“Yeah, get out!” Helen says.

“You love me, baby,” Woodrow says.

“Oh, shut up. I’m not supposed to like you until Total Drama Action,” Helen says.

“Oh, you so want me,” Woodrow says. He grins.

Nigel walks, in dressed as Owen, “Woohoo! Awesome!” He hugs Woodrow and Helen, “You guys are the best group of friends I could have!”

“I beg to differ,” Alice says.

“Ugh, I’m so tired of you complaining all day,” Helen says.

“Drop dead,” Alice says.

“Ya, give it a break, gurl, or else we are gonna vote you off soon,” Mona says to Alice.

“Do I have to tell you to shut up again?” Alice asks.

Mona shakes her head and finger, “Oh no, you didn’t!”

“Yes, I did!” Alice says.

“Yeah, another catfight!” Woodrow says.

“Oh my god, this is hilarious because it’s horrible,” Chris laughs, “But okay, can we finish this? Anyway, judges, it’s time to vote.”

Chef holds up a sign with Alice’s face in it, “I vote for the nature girl. She made an amazing impression of that bi-“

“You can’t say that word,” Chris interrupts.

“Ugh, whatever,” Chef says.

Crystal holds up Nigel’s face, “I vote for Nigel because… I like Owen and Nigel is cute.” She blushes and giggles.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“Okay, next,” Chris says.

Blaineley holds up a sign with Helen’s face, “Work it, girl! An amazing Gwen impression.”

“Thank you,” Helen says.

“Cool, I have to break the tie,” Chris says.

“Yes, please,” Blaineley says.

“Ok, I’ve come to a decision,” Chris says, “My vote goes to…” He holds up a sign with Helen’s face in it.

“Yes!” Helen cheers.

“Congratulations, Helen! You are immune from today’s elimination, and cannot be voted off,” Chris says, “See you all at the elimination ceremony,” Chris says. The staff group leaves the room.

“Ok, I’m gonna go, too,” Mona says. She leans towards the door, but Helen grabs her by her arm and pulls her.

“Not so fast! Why don’t you tell me your secret with Nigel now? It’s the perfect time to do so,” Helen says.

“There’s no secret between me and Nigel,” Mona says.

“Oh, please. Just tell me. You are just digging your own grave by denying it,” Helen says.

“Ok, do you really want to know?” Mona angrily yells.

“Yes, I do!” Helen says.

TDPF episode17

Mona tells Helen the truth.

Mona starts yelling at Helen, “I have an alliance with Woodrow. We were trying to vote you since then. That’s the secret. Are you happy now?”

Everyone stares at them in shock.

Helen says, “How could you?”

“Aw, come on!” Mona says, “Don’t play the victim card. You lied to a lot of people. Kasey, Fantine, Danny L.… don’t you remember?”

“Yes, I admit, I was just using them,” Helen says, “But you… I actually liked you. I trusted you. I thought you were my friend. I was going to take you to the final two with me.”

Everyone’s jaw drops.

“I… I don’t even…. Know what to say,” Mona nervously says, “I had no idea you saw me as a friend.”

“Oh, if I just needed someone for numbers, I’d have chosen Danny over you. He was in love with me,” Helen says, “But thank you for telling the truth.” Helen leaves the room.

“Wow,” Woodrow says.

Mona says in the confessional, “I thought Helen just saw me as a paw. She never really showed any signs of friendship towards me.”

Helen says in the confessional, “What a lying *BLEEP*. I thought she was my friend. Oh, I was wrong.”

Mona and Woodrow are walking together on the beach.

“So, what are we gonna do now?” Mona asks.

“I don’t know. Helen probably convinced Alice and Nigel to vote me off,” Mona says.

“But, isn’t Nigel mad at Alice? We could try to convince him to vote her off,” Woodrow says.

“No. He’s just upset at her, not really mad. I doubt he’d vote her off,” Mona says.

“We could at least try,” Woodrow says.

"Ok, if that will make you happy,” Mona says.

“I just don’t want to see you going home,” Woodrow says. He smiles at her, and she smiles back.

Mona and Nigel are in the girls’ room.

“Ok, what am I doing in the girls’ room, again?!” Nigel says.

“Well, I need to talk to you,” Mona says, “Please, don’t vote me off tonight.”

“Eh. Okay,” Nigel says.

“I nee- wait, you just agreed with it?” Mona says surprisingly. “Well, okay. Thank you.”

“Yeah,” Nigel says, “I’m going now. See ya!” He leaves the room. In the hallway, he bumps into Helen, and they fall.

“Oh, sorry,” Helen says, as she gets up. “You wanna a help?”

“No, thanks,” Nigel says, as he gets up.

“Oh, I have something really important to talk to you. Do you have a minute?” Helen says.

“Yes, sure,” Nigel says.

The scene changes to the contestants on the beach for the elimination ceremony, around the bonfire. Chris walks in holding a bucket with some seashells in it.

“Welcome to another elimination ceremony. I have four seashells for five of you. If you do not receive a seashell, you are out for good,” Chris says, “The first seashell goes to Alice.” The host tosses the seashell to the nature lover.

“Thank you!” Alice says.

“The next seashell goes to Nigel. And Helen.” Chris tosses the seashells to the aforementioned contestants.

“I tried my best. Sorry,” Mona says to Woodrow. They hug.

“The last seashell goes to…”

“Mona!” Chris tosses the last seashell to the rocker girl.

“What? How?” Mona says.

“Yeah, I promised you I wouldn’t vote for you,” Nigel says.

“I didn’t vote for you, either,” Alice says.

“Yes, I told them both to vote for Woodrow,” Helen says, “You are a physical threat, dude. Nothing personal.”

“Yeah, it’s okay. I had a great time there,” Woodrow says.

“Time to go,” Chris says.

“I know. Bye!” Woodrow says, as he waves to the remaining contestants, “Well, at least I’ll get back to Starlight. I miss her. And I’m definitely rooting for Mona. She was an amazing friend.” He boards into the Helicopter of Losers.

“Bye, dude!” Mona says, waving at Woodrow.

“Wow, that was a dramatic ending. Will Nigel forgive Alice? Will Helen forgive Mona? Can the girls still work together and take out the sole male Nigel? Find out, in the final four episode of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!” Chris says, closing the episode.

Chapter 18 – Quest for Chris McLean

Chris is standing on the docks as usual. “Last time, on Total Drama: Paradise Falls: The final five competed in a roleplay challenge, where they were supposed to act as the Total Drama Island final five. Helen ended up winning immunity for the millionth time. Meanwhile, Alice opened up with Nigel, and apologized for voting for him in the previous elimination ceremony. But the true climax happened when a devastated Helen found out that her two biggest allies, Mona and Woodrow, were campaign against her behind her back, just to then confess that she actually considered Mona as her best friend. In the end, though, Woodrow got the boot somehow.”

Blaineley suddenly appears out of nowhere, and pushes Chris out of screen. “Now with friendships broken, what’s gonna happen? Will Helen and Mona still work together? Will Nigel forgive Alice? Find out, in this next episode of Total… Drama-”

“Paradise Falls!” Crystal says, jumping in front of Blaineley.

“Hey!” Blaineley says.

“Sorry. I always wanted to do the introduction,” Crystal says, blushing.

“GET OUT!” Chris yells at both of them.

(Theme Song)

The four remaining contestants are seen in the restaurant, sitting at the table, silently eating some green substance.

“Yesterday… wow, what a day! Helen is furious. She’s giving the silent treatment to Mona, like, ignoring her entire existence,” Nigel says in the confessional.

Alice is shown in the confessional, “Ok, that was awkward. Helen hates Mona; Nigel’s still not talking to me. I don’t know what to do. We should all be friends.”

Alice attempts to start a conversation, “So… final four. Congratulations! We did a great job!”

“Yeah, that’s awesome!” Mona excitedly says.

“Meh,” Helen careless says. She gets up, and walks out of the restaurant.

“Damn!” Alice says, and frowning.

Mona says in the confessional, “Helen is mad at me for no reason. Gee, it’s just a game, get over it!” She folds her arms and glares at the camera.

It is now nighttime. Mona is playing her guitar on the hotel’s main hall. Alice walks in, “Hey, girl!”

“Hey,” Mona replies. “So, what about you and Nigel?” the rocker girl asks.

“Oh, we haven’t talked anymore,” the nature lover replies.

“Oh, that sucks,” Mona says, “Anyway, I come here with a proposal.”

“Oh, please, don’t tell me you turned into a gamebot,” says Alice.

“No, I didn’t,” Mona says, “But I gotta save my butt. Helen wants me out. I’m just making a deal with you before she does it.”

“Ok, I’m listening. What do you want?” Alice asks.

“You will not vote for me in the next two elimination ceremonies,” Mona says, “And I don’t vote for you.

Alice rubs her chin while thinking. She sighs. “I… I don’t know. If Helen wins immunity, I’d have to vote for Nigel. And, you know, we’ve been friends since the beginning. And let’s be honest, I haven’t talked to you until the merge.”

“Oh, well. I understand,” Mona says, clearly disappointed.

“It’s nothing personal, ok? I just want to redeem myself with Nigel,” Alice tries to comfort her, “Are you mad at me or something?”

“No, I’m not,” the red-haired girl says, “Well, I guess all I can do now is to win immunity?”

“Good luck,” the environmentalist cheerfully says. The two friends share a hug.

Nigel is seen in the confessional, with a sad look on his face. “It’s been kinda lonely lately. I miss my Mindy.”

He is then shown in the boys’ room, lying on his bed.

“Ugh, I’m so bored,” he complains. “You know what? I’ll go out. The night is beautiful!” He jumps out of his bed, and leaves the room.

He is then seen walking through the beach, until he sees a silhouette sitting in the docks.

“Who’s there?” the skater boy asks.

“Oh,” the mysterious figure gets up, and walks in his direction. “It’s me, Helen.” she says.

“Oh, great,” Nigel says, “I was scared for a second.”

“Oh, don’t be scared. I don’t bite. But I’ll kick your ass if needed,” the latina snarks. “So, what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing,” the cool boy says.

“Hmm, ok,” Helen says, “What about you and Alice?”

“We haven’t really talked anymore,” the skaters replies.

Helen is seen in the confessional, “I’m pissed at Mona. There’s no way I can work with her. My only option is to go with Nigel, so I gotta work my charm on him. I don’t know if he will fall for that, but he doesn’t seem that smart, so why not try?”

The next scene shows Chris standing at the beach along with Chef, Crystal and Blaineley. The final four contestants join them.

“Hello, guys. Welcome to the final challenge!” Chris says.

The contestants gasp in surprise.

“Final challenge?” a shocked Mona asks, “But Chris, we’re still at final four.”

“Unless the finale will be with three people. Or maybe a double elimination tonight?” Alice says.

The host laughs. “No, we’re not. I’m just joking.” He looks at Chef, who nods in agreement.

“Just explain the freaking challenge already, Chris!” Blaineley says.

“Hey, do not start! I told you to not argue anymore,” Crystal says.

The blonde diva folds her arms, and snarks, “I will when your father stops being a son of a -“

“Stop!” the host’s daughter yells, interrupting her mother.

Chris glares at both of them. “So, if you don’t mind… can I host this show?” Crystal blushes, while Blaineley rolls her eyes. “As I was saying,” the host continues, “In this challenge, you’ll be going in another scavenger hunt at the woods.”

Helen states in the confessional, “I hate those challenges in the woods. At least we’re not being tortured. I hope.”

Back at the beach, Chris continues, “Your mission is to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head, hidden in a cave. You’ll have a map showing the exact location of what you are looking for.” The host hands the four contestants maps.

“Are you sure we’ll be able to make it to the cave?” Alice asks.

“Yes. The woods are not dangerous, I assure you,” Chris states.

“Question: after someone finds it, are the rest of us allowed to ‘steal’ it or whoever finds it wins immunity?” Helen asks.

“It doesn’t matter who finds it, you have to bring it back to me to win immunity,” the host answers. “Anyway, you can go.” The contestants rush towards the woods.

“Are you sure they’ll be able to make it?” Chef asks to the host.

“No. But I don’t care,” Chris answers. He removes his shirt, and walks towards the beach.

“Beach day!” Crystal excitedly yells, jumping up and down.

Inside the woods, the four contestants are seen walking together.

“Ok, guys. May the best man win. See you later,” Helen says.

“Wait, what? Are we going to split up?” Alice asks.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

“Why?” Mona asks.

“Well, I think we should team up and go look for it together,” Alice suggests.

“And what would we do after that?” Mona asks.

“I dunno. We can decide later,” the animal loves says, “Isn’t it an amazing idea?” She smiles widely.

Everyone pauses for a moment. “Nah,” Mona says.

“Yeah,” Nigel agrees.

“Wait. That actually isn’t a bad idea,” Helen says.

Nigel asks, “Eh, why?”

“It might be dangerous to go alone,” Helen says. “It’s safer if we go together.”

“True,” Mona says. She then says in the confessional, “Alice has a good plan, but I want to win this challenge, and I don’t think it’s possible if I go with it. I might have to take it out from them and bring It back to Chris by myself.”

Helen is then seen in the confessional, “This challenge is a good opportunity to work on Nigel. I’m desperate for an alliance, or else I’m done.”

The four contestants are seen walking together through the woods.

“Ok, oh… hmm. I’m scared,” Alice says.

“Don’t worry, girl. We’ll be fine,” Mona says, “Chris said the woods aren’t dangerous.”

Helen rolls her eyes. “Exactly. Chris said that. Do you believe him?”

Mona is seen in the confessional, with wide eyes. “Did she talk to me?” She says, surprised.

“You’re right,” the party girl says.

“Be aware,” Nigel says.

“Oh, finally you have something to say?” Helen snarks.

“Yeah,” the skater boy adds, “There might be traps or something. Pay attention to where you walk.”

As Nigel just finishes talking, Alice is seen hanging upside down from a tree. “Help!” she says.

“We should just leave her. One less person to win immunity,” Mona says.

Helen looks at her with a raised eyebrow, while Nigel glares at her.

“I was joking,” the red-haired girl says, “Geez.”

“I’d appreciate if you guys stopped talking and helped me there,” Alice angrily shouts.

“Sorry,” Nigel says. He climbs the tree, and unties the rope that is hanging Alice.

The nature lover says, “Don’t-“ before falling to the ground. “Ouch!”

“Yeah,” the skater boy says, “Sorry!”

“Eh, it’s ok,” Alice says. She quickly gets up. “Ok, let’s go on!”

“Be more careful, girl,” Helen says.

“My bad! I was distracted by this beautiful forest,” Alice states.

The scene then cuts to the contestants arriving at the cave, hours later.

“Oh. We did!” Alice cheers.

“Yeah,” Nigel says.

Alice and Mona enter the cave. Nigel walks right behind them, but Helen pulls him by his arm.

“Ok, Nigel. I truly believe you are one of my better friends here. I think you are the only one here I can trust. Can we talk for a second?” Helen asks.

A confused Nigel replies, “Yeah?”

Helen sighs, “Yes, it’s weird. I know. But, well, Mona is against me, and she’s been close to Alice lately. I’m pretty sure they’ll be voting together, if I don’t win immunity. So, I just want to propose you something.”

“Go on,” the skater boy says.

“We vote together tonight,” Helen says. “If you go with them, I’m out, and it’s over for me. But if you vote with me, then we go to the tiebreaker challenge. That’s all I need. And all I’m asking you is to vote with me tonight, and give me a chance to go to the tiebreaker challenge.”

Nigel thinks for a second, and then states, “I guess we have a deal.”

Helen grins and hugs him. “Thank you so much. Glad I can trust you.”

Nigel is seen in the confessional. “Helen has never talked to me before. That seems fishy. I don’t know what she has up her sleeves, but I shouldn’t trust her.”

Alice and Mona are seen inside the cave.

Alice says. “Oh my gosh, it’s so dark here.” “Yes. Chris should’ve given us lanterns,” Mona complains. “Anyway. So, what do you think they are doing out there?” Mona asks.

“Dunno,” Alice says, as she shrugs.

Helen and Nigel enter the cave.

“Gosh, that cave is gross!” Helen shouts.

“And dark,” Nigel says.

“And creepy,” Mona says.

“Well, we cannot be scared. We have a challenge to do,” Nigel says.

“Yes!” Alice cheers. “Now where is the Chris Head?”

“I dunno,” Nigel says, “It’ll be a hard mission to find it.”

“Hmm, have you guys checked the map?” Mona asks. “Because it shows the exact location of it.”

Nigel and Alice awkwardly stare at each other. Helen facepalms.

“Come on. Let’s go for it!” Mona says.

The contestants are then seen leaving the cave. Alice is holding the McLean-Brand Chris Head

“We did it!” Helen says. She says in the confessional, “I admit, I wanted to sabotage them so I could win this challenge, but those people already want to get rid of me for no reason. If my plan fails, I am not giving them a reason to vote me off.”

“Ok, so, we found it. Now we have to think of a way to decide who will win immunity,” Mona says.

“Flip a coin?” Nigel says.

“There are four people here. A coin has only two sides,” Mona says.

“Plus, we don’t have any coins here,” Alice says.

“We will think of something later,” Nigel says.

Suddenly, a bear leaves the cave, roaring. The contestants run, screaming, while the bear chases them.

“Hey Alice, aren’t you the best friend of animals?” Mona states.

“Yeah, I love animals. But it’s a freaking bear. And we invaded its home,” Alice yells.

Helen says, pointing to a tree hole, “Let’s hide inside it.”

The contestants jump into the hiding spot. They saw the bear running past the tree hole, without noticing them there.

“And he’s gone,” Helen says, “That’s a relief.”

“Ok. The bear is gone. We can continue,” Nigel says.

“Yes,” Alice says, “Except I lost the Chris Head.”

The other three campers look at her with wide eyes, and shout in unison, “What!?!?”

“I accidentally dropped it when we were running from the bear, “ the environmentalist explains, “But I don’t know where.”

“Good job,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Well, let’s go look for it,” Mona says.

Nigel says, “How? Where? This forest is huge!”

Later, the four finalists are seen arriving at the beach, to where Chris was waiting for them. The host is seen sitting in a lounge chair, taking a sunbath.

Mona exclaims, “We’re back!”

“Damn!” The host grouches, “Can’t I rest for a second?”

“But dad, you don’t do anything when you are not hosting,” Crystal says, walking out of the water.

“Shut up!” Chris angrily shouts, glaring at his daughter. He then turns to the contestants, “So, where is the Chris Head?”

“Oh, we kinda, hmm, lost it,” Alice awkwardly says.

“Oh, well. Then no one is immune. Tonight, it’s fair game for anyone!” Chris announces.

Mona says in the confessional, “It kinda sucks, you know. I really wanted to win immunity.”

“Ugh, it sucks,” Helen says. She storms off, going directly to the hotel.

Alice says in the confessional, “You know, I purposely threw the Chris Head away. I knew that whoever didn’t win immunity would feel very upset about it. So, I thought it’d be better if no one won immunity.” She sighs and continues, “Or maybe not.”

Nigel is sitting in front of the hotel. Alice walks up, and sits next to him.

“Hello,” she says.

“Hey,” he says, “So, I want to talk to you.”

Alice says, “Ok. Go on.”

“I want to tell you that, you know, I’m not mad at you,” Nigel states.

“Really?” the animal loves says, clearly surprised.

“Yeah,” the skater continues, “And, I, I’ll accept your apologize, I guess.”

“Thanks. I really appreciate that,” Alice says.

“Oh, and, hmm. I’ll apologize as well, for you know, basically ignoring you,” Nigel says.

“No, you don’t have to apologize. I hurt you with my move,” Alice says.

Nigel replies, “But it’s just a game. I shouldn’t have been so mad at that.”

“Ok. I accept your apologize then,” Alice says. She smiles, and he smiles back at her. She asks, “Can we be friends again?”

“Of course,” Nigel replies. They share a hug.

Mona walks in. “Aw, so cute,” she says, holding her hands over her heart, “Nice to see you guys are friends again.”

“Yes,” Alice says, giggling. She then asks, “By the way, where is Helen? I haven’t seen her since the challenge.”

Nigel says, “Yeah. She seemed pretty upset.”

“I don’t care about her,” Mona says, rolling her eyes.

“But do you know where she is?” Alice asks.

“She locked herself in the girls’ room,” Mona answers.

“Should we go check if she’s alright?” Alice asks. Nigel shrugs. “Ok, I’ll do it,” she says.

Alice is seen in front of the girls’ room. She hesitantly knocks the door.

“Who’s there?” Helen asks.

“It’s Alice,” she replies.

“Let me get in, please, so we can talk,” Alice says.

Helen unlocks the door, and Alice then enters the room.

“What’s up? Why are you here alone?” Alice asks.

“Because I want to be alone. I’m not feeling well,“ the sassy latina says.

“How are you feeling?” Alice asks.

Helen states, “I’m feeling so vulnerable. I’m going today. There’s no way I can change that.”

“Who told you you’ll be voted off tonight?” Alice asks.

“It’s pretty obvious,” Helen answers, “Everybody hates me. From the moment I lost immunity I knew it.”

“Why do you say so?” Alice says.

“Well. I don’t know. Look at Mona, she was against me even though we were allied since the beginning,” Helen says.

“She doesn’t hate you. She’s just think you are a threat,” Alice says. “Anyway, I’m going. Be there for tribal council. See ya!”

“Bye,” the latina replies.

Later, Mona and Nigel are seen gathering at the restaurant.

“I’m hungry,” Nigel says.

Alice enters the restaurant.

“Hey! So, how is Helen?” Mona asks, uneasy.

“I thought you didn’t care about her,” Alice says, giggling. “Anyway, she’s just sad because she thinks she’s going home.”

“And is she?” Nigel asks.

“I don’t know?” Alice confusedly says.

“She is,” Mona says, “You are voting with us tonight, right?”

“Of course,” Alice says.

Next, the four remaining contestants are seen at the beach, sitting around a campfire. Chris arrives, holding three seashells.

“What’s up, guys?” the host says, “The end is coming. Tonight, the final four is turning into a final three. I have only three seashells with me, and whoever doesn’t receive a seashell us out!”

“Hurry, please!” Helen dryly says.

“Calm down,” an annoyed Chris says, “Ok, Alice and Nigel, you are safe.” Chris throws seashells to the two friends. “Mona and Helen, one of you are going home tonight. The last seashell goes to…”

“None of you. We have a tie!” the host announces. The contestants gasp in surprise.

“What? Are you serious?” Helen asks. The host replies with a nod. Helen cheers, and then winks at Nigel, who seems to be confused by the situation.

“Ok, let’s go to the tiebreaker challenge,” Chris says. Chef walks in, carrying two shovels. He tosses a shovel to each of the girls.

“What’s that?” Mona asks.

Chris says, “In this tiebreaker challenge, you’ll have to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head, that is buried somewhere in the beach.”

“Are you insane? This place is huge. We’ll never find it,” Helen says.

“If you want to stay, you better work, girl!” Chris says, laughing.

Helen furiously walks off.

“Eh, what can I do?” Mona says. She shrugs, and walks off.

“I suppose this challenge will take a while, right?” Alice says.

“Nah,” Chris says.

Hours later, Helen and Mona are still digging up at the beach. Meanwhile, Alice and Nigel are has fallen asleep in their seats, while Chris impatiently stands next them.

“Hurry! I’m tired, I wanna sleep,” Chris angrily shouts.

“You could’ve made an easier challenge. It’s your fault we’re still here. So shut up!” Helen shouts back.

The host glares at Helen and says, “Eh, calm down. Are you mad?”

Just as Chris finishes talking, a female voice shouts “I found it!”

Chris looks, at her, and announces…

“Mona wins the tiebreaker challenge! Helen, you are out!” He tosses the last seashell to the red haired girl.

Helen sighs. “This sucks!”

“Sorry girl,” Nigel says.

“Eh, I don’t care,” Helen says. “Anyway, I’ll go now.”

“Wait,” Mona says, “Can I talk to you?”

“You can try, but I’m not sure if I’ll listen,” Helen sarcastically says.

“Eh, ok,” Mona says, disappointedly.

“I was joking,” Helen says. “Go on.”

Mona states, “Ok, so, well. Sorry for the alliance. I mean, I am not sorry for targeting you, but. Well, I’m sorry for hurting you. I didn’t know you considered me as friend.”

“Yes, I did,” Helen dryly says. “Well, thanks for apologizing, I guess.”

“Ok, yeah,” Mona awkwardly says. “See you. Bye!”

Helen walks to the Dock of Shame, and takes the Helicopter of Losers. Mona walks back to her place, and sits in next to Alice.

“Congratulations, final 3!” Chris excitedly says. “You’re almost there. There is only one challenge before the grand finale. A surprise awaits for you there.”

“Oh my gosh, what is it?” Mona asks.

“Can’t say. That’s why it’s a surprise,” Chris says, “Now I’m gonna sleep. I’m tired. Bye!” The host walks off.

Alice and Mona are seen in their room.

“I don’t understand how it was a tie,” Mona says.

“Eh, me neither,” Alice nervously says.

“Someone flipped. I bet it was Nigel,” Mona says.

“Yes, I guess,” Alice says. “But it’s alright now, you’re still here. Let’s go sleep. I’m tired.”

“Ok,” Mona says, as she lies in her bed.

A flashback of Alice voting in the confessional before the elimination is shown. “Sorry Mona, I’m voting for you. This game means a lot for Helen, and, well, she’s pretty upset. All she wants is a chance. I’ll give her a chance, and it’s going to a tiebreaker challenge. And, well, may the best woman win. Good lucky for you both!” She smiles, and leaves the confessional.

Chapter 19 – A Look to the Past

Chris is standing at the beach, near the campfire pit where the elimination ceremonies take place. “Last time on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, tension grew between Mona and Helen, while it ended between Nigel and Alice as they made up. With no allies left, Helen proposed a voting block to Nigel. At the challenge, our final four went into the woods to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head in some random cave, and bring it back to me. They did find it, but Alice lost it when the contestants were being chased by a bear.” He laughs. “Classic. Anyway, in the end, no one won immunity. Expecting her demise, Helen broke down and opened up for Alice, saying it was the first time she felt vulnerable, while the sweet girl comforted her. In the end, we had a tie, with Helen losing the tiebreaker challenge. She left thinking Nigel was her hero, but in reality it was Alice.” Chris laughs. “We’re down to the final 3. Will Mona find out about Alice’s ‘betrayal’? Will Nigel and Alice stick together? Who is going to the final 2? Find out, right here, on-“

“Can I say that part?” Crystal asks, out of screen.

Chris glares at her. He grumbles, “Ok, go on!”

Crystal jumps into the screen. “Total Drama: Paradise Falls!” she shouts.

(Theme Song)

Alice and Mona are seen sleeping at the girls’ room.

Alice says in the confessional, “Can’t believe I made it. The final 3. It’s so exciting!” She looks down. “Now I have to tell the truth to Mona. And apologize. I hope she doesn’t get mad at me.”

Mona wakes up, and gets up, quickly jumping out of her bed. “Good morning, Alice!”

Alice slowly wakes up. She gets up, yawning. “What time is it? I’ve never slept that much.”

“I know,” Mona says, “You always get up pretty early.”

“Yeah,” the animal lover giggles.

“So, I am really confused about last night,” the party girl says.

“You’re aware of what happened, right?” Alice nervously says.

“Of course!” Mona says.

“Oh,” Alice says. “How do you feel about it?”

“I’m angry! How could Nigel do that to me?” the rocker girl says.

“Nigel?!” Alice shouts in surprise.

“Yes!” Mona lividly says. “I thought we were a solid group. I can’t believe he fell for Helen’s charm.

Alice says stuttering. “Oh, w-well… l-look Mona… I-I… W-well…” She takes a deep breath, and continues. “I di-“

Someone knocks the door, interrupting the girl. “Breakfast. Go to the restaurant right now!” Chef shouts from outside of the room.

“Oh, good! I will take a bath before. Will you wait for me?” Mona says, running to the bathroom.

“No, we ne-“ Alice is interrupted by Mona slamming the bathroom’s door. She looks down and disappointedly says, “Oh… okay.”

Mona says in the confessional, “I still can’t believe Nigel did it. I thought he was loyal and I could trust him. I even told him about my alliance with Woodrow back then, and we three had a final three deal, that I thought was a final two deal after Woodrow’s elimination. But no, he’s a liar. He fell for Helen’s charm and betrayed me.” She folds her arms. “He should not be here.”

“I have to tell her,” Alice says in the confessional. “I can’t let her blame Nigel for something I did.”

In the restaurant, Nigel is seen eating alone. He says in the confessional with a sad mood, “It’s been kind of sad here without Mindy. I miss her so much. I mean, I do like Alice and Mona a lot, but Mindy…” he sighs, “Mindy was a great girl. She was so sweet and so full of energy. She could make me happier by just smiling. She knew how to brighten my day.” He then holds his head high, and smiles. “And I’m gonna win it for us!”

Alice enters the restaurant.

“Good morning!” Alice happily says. “Congratulations for us, Nigel!”

“Yeah,” he says, smiling. “So, care to explain last night? I know what you did… unless Mona self-voted, which is unlikely.”

Alice sighs. “I talked to Helen, and she was really upset. She just wanted a chance. She played really hard because she wanted to win. And she was called a villain for that. I felt really bad for her.”

Nigel smiles at her and says, “You have a good heart.” Alice smiles back at him. “How did she react to that?” the boy asks.

“I haven’t told her yet,” Alice says. “I tried, but she didn’t let me talk.”

“Oh, wow. She didn’t figure it out?!” Nigel states.

“Well… she thinks you did it,” Alice says, blushing.

“Oh, wow!” He shouts. “Then tell her already. I don’t want her mad at me.”

“I will,” the girl says. “As soon as I can.”

Mona suddenly enters the restaurant. “Hello, Nigel!” she coldly says.

“Hey,” the quiet boy replies.

“Can I ask you something?” Mona asks.

“You just did,” Nigel jokingly says. Alice giggles, while Mona glares at him. “Sorry. Go on!”

“It’s about last night’s vote,” Mona says.

“Oh, about that. I think Alice has something to tell you,” Nigel says.

“Yes, I do,” Alice says.

“Later. I have to talk to you first, Nigel,” Mona says.

“What I have to say is really important, though,” Alice says.

“What I have to say is also really important,” Mona says.

“You should listen to her before,” Nigel states.

“Just wait a second,” the party girl says. “Why is that so important?”

“Because I-“ as Alice is about to confess, an airhorn noise interrupts her.

“What is that?” Nigel says.

“Meet me at the amphitheater for the next challenge,” Chris announces over the loudspeaker.

Alice says in the confessional, ”Alright, after the challenge, I’ll talk to Mona and tell her everything. She must know the truth.”

The contestants are seen standing on the amphitheater, waiting for Chris.

“Where is Chris?” Alice asks.

“And where did this amphitheater come from?” Nigel confusedly asks.

The two girls awkwardly stare at Nigel for a few seconds, and then say, “that’s true.”

“I’m here!” Chris says, popping out from behind of the curtain of the stage. “Please take a seat,” the host says. The three finalists sit down on the chairs. “Welcome to the semi-finals! It’s time for today’s challenge!”

“Hello!” Blaineley walks in, waving.

Chris glares at her. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to watch the challenge. I have nothing better to do,” the blonde diva says, folding her arms.

“Whatever,” Chris angrily says, “But please, let me host.” He clears his throat and continues, “Today’s challenge is-“

Crystal pops out of nowhere. “Hi, daddy!” she excitedly says, hugging Chris.

“What the heck?” Chris angrily shouts. “Can’t I host this show?”

“Oh… sorry,” Crystal says, blushing. “I just wanted to see you, dad!”

“Aww. I don’t blame you, I’m awesome!” the host says, laughing.

“Eh, not really,” the host’s daughter says, “I came to see you because I need money.” Chris gives a death stare at her, who awkwardly laughs and says, “I’ll go sit over there.” She then walks away.

“Thank you,” Chris says. “Now, if you let me do it, I will introduce you to the final three challenge.”

“Just tell us already,” Mona snaps. Chris gives a death stare to the girl. “Ok, I’m quiet,” she says.

“Today, we’ll test your knowledge about the game. Welcome to the flashback challenge” the host announces. “I’ll ask each of you a question about some events that has happened this season. If you answer it correctly, you receive a point. If you don’t, you don’t get a point. Simple as that. First to five wins.”

“That’s it?” Mona suspiciously asks.

“Yeah. Why?” the host says.

“Well, this challenge is too safe. It’s not a Chris thing to do,” Mona says.

“She’s right!” Nigel says. “No shock, bears or Chef chasing us with a chainsaw?”

“Nope. I’m here,” Chef says, walking in from behind of the curtains, wearing a pink dress, pink heals, earrings and a pink hat. Chris laughs, causing Chef to glare at him. The host continues, “Alright. Well, there’s nothing dangerous at all. Trust me. It’s a simple challenge.”

“I can’t trust you, though,” Mona says.

“Shut up, and let’s begin with the challenge,” Chris says. “Alice, you are first!”

“Why me?” the girl asks.

“Because your name starts with an ‘A’, and we’re doing it in alphabetical order,” the host replies, grinning.

Alice says in the confessional “I hate alphabetical order.”

“Alright, first question,” Chris says, “Who got removed from the competition for medical reasons?”

Alice thinks for a moment, and answers. “Joanne!”

“Correct. Alice scores!” The nature lover cheers. The host continues, “Mona, your turn.”

“Bring it on,” the rocker chick says.

“Alright. Who got voted off on the horror themed challenge?” the host asks.

“Easy. Cliff,” Mona answers. “I was the last remaining person on my team.” She proudly says.

“Eh, but you didn’t win that challenge,” Chris says. “Still, score for you!”

The girl looks at Nigel and smirks. She is then seen in the confessional. “My main goal is to beat Nigel. I don’t want him in the final two. And it’s not because he betrayed me. But he’s stronger and more athletic than Alice, so I have a better shot against her in the finals.”

“Alright, question for Nigel,” The host says. “Who received an idol from the Angry Birds after they won the Scavenger Hunt challenge?”

“Oh. It was Faustino,” the skater boy says.

“Correct!” Chris shouts. “We’re tied. Everyone with a point. Round two is about to begin.

“Less talk, more action. Please,” Blaineley complains.

Chris shots a death stare at the blonde diva. “Can you shut up? I am the host here.” He says. She replies by rolling her eyes. “Ok, next question!” Chris says. “Who got the final seashell on the first elimination ceremony?”

“Zachariah!” Alice says.

“Correct…” The host says, “…not! The correct answer is Orlando.”

“Oh,” Alice says. “This sucks.”

“Yes, you suck!” Chris says. The brunette glares at him. The host continues, “Alright, next question is for… Mona! Who won the first challenge after the merge?”

“Oh. Woodrow, I think,” she says. “Oh, and Bitsy,” she quickly adds.

“Correct,” Chris says. “Question for Nigel! Which contestants already knew each other before they came on the show?”

“Catheryn and Orlando,” Nigel quickly answers.

“Correct.” Chris says. “We now have Mona and Nigel tied with two points each, while Alice has only one. But anything can happen!”

“I hope so. I’d like to win a challenge,” Alice says.

“Alright, round three. Question for Alice. Which eliminated contestant won immunity for Helen in the losers challenge?”

“I have no idea,” Alice says. “Joanne?”

“That’s correct!” Chris says.

“Oh, what?!” Alice shouts. She says in the confessional, “I totally guessed that. I barely remember who Joanne is.”

The host continues, “Alright, Alice is now tied with Mona and Nigel. You both have to get your questions wrong for Alice to have a chance.”

“So I am not out of the game yet. That’s great!” Alice cheerfully says.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever,” Chris says. “Alright, next question.”

“Bring it on!” Mona says.

“Ok,” The host clears his throat. “Who voted against you last elimination ceremony?” Alice gasps in disbelief, while Nigel hangs his mouth open.

“Easy. Helen and Nigel,” Mona says. She looks at the skater boy and adds, “Yeah, I know what you did.”

“I did nothing,” Nigel says.

“That’s incorrect,” the host says.

“Wait, how?” Mona protests. “That’s the only possible answer. Unless…” She looks at Alice, who is looking down.

“Yes, I voted for you,” the environmentalist says. “Sorry. I’ve been trying to tell you this all the time, but I couldn’t.”

“Why’d you do that?” an angry Mona asks.

“I felt bad for Helen. She knew we were all against her. All she wanted was a chance,” Alice explains.

Mona sighs, and turns to Nigel. “Dude, sorry for doubting you. I should have known you are the trustworthy person here.”

Nigel raises an eyebrow. He says in the confessional, “Wow, what’s wrong with Mona? She did something similar to Helen a few days ago. Why is she mad at Alice?”

“Oh, drama! I love it,” Chris says. “I thought you were a boring bunch, but hey, you are making this challenge much more interesting.”

“Can you stop?” Nigel says.

“Hmm, nope,” Chris says. “Anyway, we have a challenge to do,” Chris says.

“And it’s my turn now,” Nigel says.

“Yeah,” Chris says. “This could be it. If you get this one right, you win the challenge. Question, how many idols were played in this game?”

Nigel thinks for a while before answering. “Two! No, three!”

“Correct! Nigel wins immunity!” Chris announces.

“Good job, man!” Alice says.

“Alright,” Chris says. “Tonight, at elimination ceremony, you’ll have to choose one of the girls to go to the finals with you. The other will say bye to the competition.” Nigel nods.

Mona and Nigel are seen talking, in the woods.

“So, you remember about our deal with Woodrow, right?” Mona says.

“Yes, I do,” Nigel says.

“I assume it’s still up, right?” Mona states.

“I guess,” Nigel replies. “It was a final three deal, though.”

“Well, wasn’t that implied after Woodrow left that it became a final two deal?” Mona asks.

“True,” Nigel says, “Anyway, why are we having this conversation?”

“You know why,” Mona states. She smiles at Nigel, who replies by nodding. Mona walks away, but before she leaves, the boy calls her.

“What?” She asks.

“I think you should talk to Alice,” he says, “Do it. Please.”

The red haired girl looks down. “I’ll think about it.”

He states in the confessional, “Alice and I have been friends from the beginning. We formed an alliance early on, and we got along pretty well since always. I also have a deal with Mona, and she trusts me. But Alice has also betrayed Mindy and I earlier, which I forgave but I haven’t forgotten. Who am I taking to the end with me?” He rubs his chin, and continues, “I think the answer is obvious.”

Alice is in the girls’ room, putting her clothes into her bag. Mona enters in the room.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. Explain,” Mona says.

Alice turns to the red haired girl, surprised. “Okay. Helen talked to me, and she seemed really sad. She said all she really wanted was a chance to survive. I knew it could end up with you being eliminated, but I felt bad for her.” She sighs. “Wow. I’m much more relieved now. I really needed to tell you this”

“Alright,” Mona says, “Thank you for telling me this.”

“And thank you for listening,” Alice says. “By the way, I completely understand if you don’t forgive me.” She says in the confessional, “I’m glad I could tell her everything. I feel much better now.”

The next scene shows Alice and Nigel walking together through the beach.

Alice says, “So, Mona came on and talked to me. She let me explain everything. She was pretty comprehensive.”

“Oh she did? That’s great,” Nigel says, “Did she forgive you?”

“No,” Alice says, “But I don’t really mind. She has a reason to be mad. I’m just glad she listened to me.” She takes a deep breath, and asks, “So, have you made a decision?”

“Yep, I have,” Nigel replies.

The girl says, “Okay. Look, I understand if you decide to take her to the end. I won’t be mad at you or anything.”

“That’s good to know,” the skater dude says.

The next scene shows the three finalists sitting around the bonfire at the beach.

Chris and Crystal walk in. The host is holding a bucket of seashells. He says, “Welcome to our final elimination ceremony. Exciting, isn’t it?” He looks around, and confusedly asks, “Where are Chef and Blaineley?” Crystal shrugs.

“Can we get on with the ceremony?” Mona says.

“Alright, alright. Let’s do it,” Chris states. “Nigel, as the winner of the challenge, you are safe and you have a spot in the final two. And, you have the opportunity to choose who you’re taking to the end with you.” He grabs two seashells from the bucket, and tosses them to the contestant. “You get a seashell for yourself, and you’ll give the other to the person you are taking to the final two with you.”

Nigel stands up, and states, “Alright, it’s a hard choice. I really like both of you, I really do, and I also had an alliance with both of you, so it feels like I’m betraying whoever is not chosen. But I have to make a decision, and I’ve made it. This last seashell goes to…”

“Alice!” Nigel says, tossing the seashell to the dark skinned girl.

“Well. Can’t say I’m not surprised,” Mona says. “But at the same time, I expected that.”

“I’m really sorry, Mona,” the boy says. “I hope you are not mad.”

“I’m not mad at you,” the rocker chick says. “Actually, I’m not mad at either of you.”

“You are not mad at me?!” a surprised Alice says, “Really?”

“No, I’m not,” Mona says. “I was earlier, but now… it’s a game. You did what you thought was the right thing to do.” Alice smiles. The red haired continues, “I’m glad it’s both of you in the finals. You are really nice people.” She smiles, and continues, “Good luck for both of you, and rock on!”

“See ya,” Nigel says, “Sorry about that.”

“Bye Mona,” Alice says.

“Bye,” the red haired girl says. She walks through the dock and leaves in the Helicopter of Losers, while the two finalists wave at her.

Chris pops out from behind of them. He disappointedly says, “What a boring departure.” He then looks at the camera, with a huge smile, “After a very dramatic season, we now have our final two. Who is gonna win? Alice, the nice girl who ended up being a huge backstabber?” The girl glares at him. “Or Nigel, the guy who took said backstabber to the final two with him?” The boy also glares at him. The host continues, “Find out, right here, on the exciting season finale of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

Chapter 20 – And the Winner Is...

Chris is standing in the dock, as usual. “Previously on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, we had a flashback challenge. Mona found out about Alice’s ‘betrayal’, causing tension between the two girls. Nigel won the challenge and took Alice to the end, eliminating Mona. The girl left on good terms with Alice though, as she forgave her in the end.” Chris is now seen standing right on the beach, in front of the hotel, “We now have only two left, but only one will come out with the billion. Who’s it gonna be? Alice, the animal-loving sweetheart? Or Nigel, the quiet, cool skater dude? Find out right now, on Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!”

(Theme Song)

Alice and Nigel are shown walking back to their rooms from the elimination ceremony, in the night where Mona was voted off.

“Thanks for keeping me,” Alice says.

“No problem, girl,” Nigel replies.

“No, I lied to you, I backstabbed you. I put my own game before our friendship,” the girl says in a sad tone as she looks down.

“Eh, it’s a game. The past in the past,” the boy says. “Good night!” He walks off. She sighs.

In the next morning, the finalists are shown sleeping in their respective rooms. Suddenly, a loud horn is blown, waking them up. Chris then speaks through a loudspeaker, “Welcome to the final two! Go to the restaurant for a special breakfast made by Chef. After that, meet me at the beach for the final challenge.”

“Let’s go!” Alice cheerfully says from her room, as she gets up from her bed.

Meanwhile in Nigel’s room, he simply smiles and jumps out of his bed.

In the restaurant, the contestants are sitting at the table, waiting for Chef.

“We are in the finals! Are you excited?” Alice asks.

“Yeah, a lot!” the boy answers.

Alice says in the confessional, “After all, it’s great to be here. I can’t believe I made it this far. I can still win it.”

“I’m here in the final two!” Nigel says. “It’s so exciting. I have a shot at winning this game. Let’s go!” He cheers.

Chef, wearing a tuxedo, walks in carrying a hotel food service cart with a full banquet on it. “Bon Appétit!” he says.

“Thank you!” Alice says. “It looks delicious!”

“Did you make it, Chef?” Nigel asks.

“Yeah,” Chef says.

“I had no idea you could cook,” Alice says. Chef glares at her. “Sorry, no offense!” She replies, blushing. Chef walks off. Nigel shrugs, and they start eating.

They are then shown sitting at the table after eating all the food, with their belly stuffed.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Alice says. “I haven’t eaten like that for weeks.”

“Since we got into the show, do you mean,” Nigel says. He burps, and they laugh.

Alice stops laughing and jumps out of her chair. She says, “Wait, wait, wait. We have to go to the beach.”

Nigel says, “Oh my, Chris is waiting for us!” They both run away of the restaurant to the beach.

At the beach, Chris, Blaineley and Crystal are impatiently waiting for the finalists.

A familiar female voice is head, “So, is it my turn already?”

“No, we need them,” Chris says. Just as Chris finishes talking, the duo arrives. “And finally, here are they!” the host announces with excitement. “Alice and Nigel, our finalists. Welcome to the Total Drama: Paradise Falls grand finale!” Blaineley and Crystal applaud.

“We are sorry, Chris!” Alice says. “We ate too much, and-“

“Shut up, it doesn’t matter!” Chris interrupts the girl. “Now that you’re here, it’s time to the final challenge!” Alice and Nigel smile. “But first, let’s introduce the 20 losers from this season!” Nigel’s smiles gets wider, while Alice’s turns into a frown.

Nigel says in the confessional with a huge smile on his face, “I’m gonna see Mindy! I’m so happy!”

Alice is seen in the confessional, looking down. “That’s one thing I wasn’t looking forward. It’s great that I get to see all of them again, but I haven’t talked to Mindy since I made a selfish move and voted her boyfriend out, which caused her to quit.” She sighs. “I don’t think she’ll be happy at seeing me.”

At the beach, Chris explains the rules. “As always, we have two bleachers: one for Alice, one for Nigel.” Helicopters drop two bleachers behind Chris, one depicts a picture of Alice, the other a picture of Nigel. “As I introduce our lovable losers, they’ll have to choose one of you to give their support. They’ll pick between team Alice or team Nigel.” He smiles to the camera.

“Awesome!” Alice sarcastically says.

“So let’s introduce our first boot. Say hello to Lancelot!” Chris says. The ginger boy walked in, waving at the camera. “So, who do you want to support?”

The boy says, “They are both good people, but I barely interacted with Nigel, so I’ll go with Alice.”

“Next up, the player who got played, Kasey!” The host announces.

The good looking guy walks in, glaring at Chris. “Shut up!”

“Are you mad?” Chris says, laughing. “Yeah, now pick someone.”

“I have no idea who these people are, and I do not care either, but I’ll go with the guy, I guess,” Kasey says. “He looks cool.”

“Alright. Our next contestant, Yumi!” the host shouts. The fashionable girl steps on the dock. “For some reason you have a huge fan base, despite being quite boring,” Chris adds.

“Gee, thanks!” she sarcastically says. “Good to know I have so many fans, though. Can’t wait for my inevitable return at the next all-stars season.”

“Nah, we don’t listen to our fans at all. So no all-stars for you,” Chris says, “But if that makes you feel better, you get to pick one person to support.”

Yumi sighs, “Alright, I’ll go with Nigel, I guess.” Nigel smiles.

“Next up, Fantine and Joanne!” Chris announces. “I have no idea who those girls are.”

“Wow, rude!” Fantine says as she walks in.

“I’m used to that kind of treatment,” Joanne says.

“Whatever, just pick someone to support. We can’t waste our time with irrelevant contestants,” Chris says.

“Ok, I pick Alice,” Fantine says.

“So do I,” Joanne blankly adds.

Chris yawns. “I’m sorry. Anyway, next up we have Orlando.”

The rich boy walks in. “Ugh, I don’t like these people.” He frowns. “I’ll go with Nigel because I remember him being less annoying.” The boy rolls his eyes.

“Hey!” Alice shouts, clearly offended by his statement.

“Ok, next, we have Benny!” the host states.

The jokester steps out of the boat. “Hello, my friends,” he says, waving. “Do you know where do boats go when they get sick? The dock!” He begins to laugh obnoxiously at his own joke, receiving many death stares. He stops laughing and continues, “Alright, alright. I like both of you, but I was closer to Nigel. Sorry, Alice.”

“Alright,” the host continues, “And coming now, Starlight!”

The hippie girl steps into the dock. “Good morning, people!” she says, waving.

Chris says, “Good morning! Care to show your support for one of our finalists?”

Starlight smiles at the two remaining contestants. “Unfortunately I don’t know either of you that much, but I know you’re both groovy people. But I’ll go with the chick,” she says. “She’s a spiffy girl, with the nature and animal support.” She then looks at the camera and says, “Save the manatees!”

“Alright, next we have Cliff!” Chris says. The lazy guy simply walks in, waves at the camera, and then takes a seat at Alice’s bleacher.

“Alright…” Chris says, while looking at the zen dude with a raised eyebrow. “Anyway, that’s interesting. The support has been pretty balanced as of now,” Chris says. “But next, we’ll shake things up. Say hello to the source of 90% of the drama that happened before the merge, Catheryn!” He rolls his eyes.

The rich girl steps out of the boat. She grins at Chris and says, “I’m also the one who told everybody your secret relationship with Eva.”

The host glares at her and angrily says, “Quick, pick one!”

“Alright, alright,” the girl says, “I pick Alice. At least she wasn’t boring.”

Nigel looks at her with a raised eyebrow, “Did you just call me boring?”

“Oops, did I?” Catheryn says, grinning. Nigel rolls his eyes.

Chris introduces another eliminated contestant, “Alright. Coming next, Danny L.!”

“Yo yo yo!” The rapper wannabe says. “I pick mah homeboy Nigel! We bonded after the merge, ya’ know?”

“Ok,” Chris says. “Now, say hello to Sid!”

The punk guys walks in. “Hey,” he monotonously says.

“Go on, pick someone,” says the host.

“I don’t really know either,” the boy states.

“I don’t care!” Chris shouts. “Just pick one.” The blue haired guy sighs, and silently takes a seat on Nigel’s bleacher.

“Next, Faustino.”

The nice boy steps in. He waves at the two finalists and says, “Congratulations, guys! I’m really happy for both of you.”

“Ok, now pick someone,” The host hurries the former contestant.

“Oh, ok. Give me a time to think,” the blond states. “It’s hard, both of them are really good friends of mine.”

“Yeah, but we don’t have time for this. Pick one,” the host says impatiently. “Ok, ok.” Faustino sighs. “I’ll go with… Nigel. I’m sorry, Alice.”

“It’s okay,” the girl replies.

“And we’re all tied again,” Chris says, “But coming next, Zachariah.”

The guy walks in. “Hey, Chris! Hey, everybody!” He looks at both of his former teammates, “Congrats, you two. So, Alice, I love you, but you know Nigel and I are bros. I’ll go with him.” Alice just nods.

“Now, we have not only one, but two. They left together in a shocking double elimination. Welcome Bitsy and Lorelai!” The two girls walk in.

“I’m team Alice all the way!” Bitsy says. Alice smiles.

“Wow, I actually don’t know who to root for,” Lorelai says, “Both of you are my friends.”

“Just pick one already, drama queen!” Catheryn says.

Lorelai rolls her eyes. She walks up to Nigel’s bleacher and sits down next to Zachariah. “Whatever. I’m just glad that both finalists are Raccoons. Good luck, guys!”

“Thank you,” the two finalists reply.

Chris says, “Coming next, the one and only Mindy!”

Mindy walks in, and sits on Nigel’s bleacher. “I’m team Nigel, obviously. But Alice, I don’t have anything against you. You’re still my best friend in the game.”

The nature lover smiles. “This really makes me happy. Thanks, friend!”

“No problem,” Mindy replies, “Good luck for both of you.”

“Whatever wasn’t even expecting drama between those two,” Chris disappointedly says.

Woodrow walks in. “Woodrow, man! Welcome,” the host greets the country man.

“Hello, Chris!” Woodrow states. “Alright, hard decision. Alice is a sweet girl, but Nigel was a really good friend. So, I’ll choose him,” he says.

“Team Nigel is winning with 11,” Chris says, “Let’s see if Alice can get some more support. Coming next, Helen!”

“Hello!” The latina walks in. “I’m team Alice all the way because she was brave enough to make moves. You go, girl!”

Chris states, “Alright. And finally, Mona! Who sadly, isn’t bitter about Alice’s move at all.” He frowns, and continues, “I’m definitely casting meaner people for next season.”

The rocker chick walks in. “I’ll go with Alice, because I am bitter. Nigel should have picked me.”

“Oh. I apologized already,” Nigel says.

“I don’t care,” Mona says from Alice’s bleacher.

“Alright, let’s go on,” Chris says, “I’ll now explain your next challenge.”

“Finally,” Nigel says.

“Alright, it’s now time for the final challenge,” Chris begins. “The challenge is an obstacle course. You’ll race around the island, running throughout the woods and coming back all the way to the beach, while completing three tasks along the way.”

“I’m not looking forward for these tasks,” Nigel says.

The host continues explaining the challenge, “In the first task, you’ll have to climb a rope and collect the key at the top of the rope. Then, you’ll run to the pool area and grab the trunk underwater. You’ll then carry the trunk back to the beach and open it with the key. Inside the trunk, you’ll find photos of the 20 eliminated contestants that you must put in the correct order of their elimination. Once you’re done, you run to the finish line. Whoever crosses the finish line first, win the billion.”

“Seems safe enough,” Alice says.

“Nothing is safe enough on Total Drama, though,” Nigel comments.

“And you’re right. There might be a few surprises in your way to the finish line,” the host states, laughing. “Anyway, we have a challenge to do. Ready, set, go!” Alice and Nigel sprint towards the woods. “Good luck for you two!” The host shouts, before maliciously grinning.

Alice and Nigel are running through the woods.

“It’s so great, man! We’re together in the final 2,” Alice states.

“Yeah, that’s awesome!” Nigel replies.

“Do you think our supporters will matter in the end?” Alice asks.

“Dunno,” Nigel says, “I’d love to have an advantage, though.”

Alice giggles and says, “Yeah, but I’d hate to lose because I have fewer supporters than you.”

“Yeah,” Nigel replies. “May the best win, then.”

The two finalists then arrive at their first task: the rope climbing. Alice starts to climb, but fails a few seconds after.

“See ya!” says Nigel, who starts climbing the rope. He takes the lead, but fails midway through, allowing Alice to pass him, but he quickly goes back to climbing. Alice reaches the top first, grabs her key and climbs down the rope, while Nigel grabs his key right after her.

“Good job, man!” Alice says, while running towards the exit of the woods.

“Both have their keys, but Nigel’s behind Alice,” Chris announces.

“Damn!” Nigel exclaims after climbing down the rope. He then runs away.

Alice is then shown arriving at the swimming pool room, just to find out that the gate is locked.

“Damn!” she shouts. “What the heck, Chris?”

“Did I forget to mention the extra tasks?” Chris says though the . “Alright, question time: How many challenges did your former team won?”

“Alright, let me think,” Alice says. Meanwhile, Nigel arrives at the pool room.

“Hey, what’s up? Were you waiting for me?” the skater asks.

“Nah, there’s an extra task,” the animal lover replies. “I have to answer a question for Chris to unlock the gate.”

“May I know what the question is?”

“How many challenges the Mad Raccoons won?” the host asks.

“Pretty sure it was four,” Nigel confidently answers.

“Correct!” Chris says. “The swimming pool area is unlocked. Nigel may go first for answering the question.”

“This sucks!” Alice says.

“I have a good memory,” Nigel says in the confessional. “Nah, I totally guessed that.”

Back to the challenge, Nigel is shown diving into the pool. He grabs his trunk and dives back to the surface before running away from the pool area.

“Good luck!” the boy says, as he runs past Alice.

“Good luck!” Alice replies, before entering the pool area and diving for her trunk.

Nigel is shown running through the woods with his trunk.

“I can’t believe it. I’m in the lead. I can win it!” he says. A roar is then heard. “I spoke to soon.” He begins running around, while a bear chases him.

Alice is now shown running. “Come on, girl! You can still catch up.” She then sees Nigel being chased by the bear. “I suppose I should help him.” She runs towards Nigel, grabs him by his arm, and drags him to a tree hole nearby.

“What was that?” the boy confusedly asks.

“I saved your life, you’re welcome,” she replies. “Why didn’t you look for a place to hide?”

“Dunno,” he shrugs. “Thank you for this.”

“No problem,” Alice replies. They see the bear running across their hiding spot. “Alright, he’s gone. It’s safe now.”

“Let’s go then,” Nigel says, before they get out of the tree hole. “Alright, see you at the finish line,” he says, before rushing away.

“Hey!” the girl shouts before starting to run.

At the beach, Chris is shown sunbathing, while the eliminated contestants are waiting for the finalists.

“Where are they?” Catheryn asks. “I wanna go back to Playa des Losers.”

“I think they’ll be here soon,” Faustino says.

“Yeah, they should be,” Chris says, “Unless they got eaten by the bear.” “Bear?!” Faustino shouts, jumping from his seat to hide behind the bleachers.

“In the woods, not here,” Chris rolls his eyes. Nigel then runs out of the woods into the beach. “And here is Nigel!” the host announces. “It’s time to open that trunk, and finish the last task.” Nigel nods.

“I’m here to win!” Alice says as she runs into the beach.

“You already know what to do,” Chris tells the girl.

Alice and Nigel are then shown doing the final task in the sand. Nigel is shown struggling at remembering the elimination order, while Alice does it with easy.

Nigel looks at the girl and whispers to her, “You have good memory, girl!”

“Thanks,” she replies kindly. “Are you having trouble?”

“A little bit,” the boy replies. “I can’t remember who left after Danny L.”

“It was Sid,” Alice replies.

“You shouldn’t be helping me,” Nigel says, laughing.

“Eh, I like to be helpful,” she says.

Chris announces over the loudspeaker, “Both are almost done. We’re about to find out who will win the one billion dollars? Isn’t it exciting?” He looks over the peanut gallery, only to see that most of the former contestants have fallen sleeping, while the few others are doing other things, not paying attention to the challenge at all. “I brought you all here for a reason. Show the support to the finalists!” Chris scolds them.

“I’m sorry,” Catheryn, who is texting on her cellphone, says, “It’s just so boring.”

“Yeah. I thought we’d have a bigger role on the finale,” Zachariah says.

“Yeah, but you don’t. You are the losers. Deal with it!” Chris shouts, while putting on his sunglasses.

“I’m done!” Alice shouts.

Chris walks towards her to check her order. “Correct. Now run!” the host shouts. The girl rushes to the finish line.

“I’m done too,” Nigel says. Chris walks to him, checks his order, and gives him thumbs up. Nigel hurries off to the finish line.

“Alice’s in the lead, but Nigel still can make it,” Chris narrates. “Who’s gonna win? We’re about to find out.” He glares at the eliminated contestants, who start cheering.

In the footrace, Nigel is shown almost catching up onto Alice. As they approach the finish line…

…Nigel falls on a pit nearby. “And Nigel fails. Alice can win it all right now!” Chris shouts.

“No!” Mindy shouts in despair.

Alice, who is still running, looks back and stops right in front of the finish line.

“What are you doing, girl?” Helen screams. “Are you crazy?”

The nature lover sighs, and says, “I don’t want to win like this. I won’t put the money over my friends this time.” She runs to the quicksand, and offers her hand to Nigel. “Come on, hold my hands.”

“What are you doing? Go win this game,” Nigel says, while sinking into the quicksand.

“Just do it,” Alice says. Nigel quickly holds her hands and she pushes him out of the quicksand, and they both fall to the ground.

“Wow. I can’t believe you did it,” Nigel says.

“Yeah. Now go, win the game,” says the girl.

“Thanks a lot,” he replies, smiling. “But I won’t do it. We’ve been together from the beginning. Let’s go, together. And may the best win.” He gets up, and offers his hand to Alice.

The girl smiles, and holds the guy’s hand as he helps her get up. “Let’s go!” she says. They begin running together to the finish line.

Chris announces, as they approach the finish line, “And the winner of Total Drama: Paradise Falls is…”

“…Alice!” The girl is shown crossing the finish line second before Nigel.

“What?! I’m the winner?!” she asks in disbelief.

“Yes,” Nigel says. “Congratulations, Alice!” He says. They smile at each other, and they hug.

The losers approach finalists and start cheering on them.

Mindy walks to Nigel, “You did a good job, sweetie.”

“Thanks!” he replies, before they share a hug.

Mindy then let Nigel go, and walk to Alice. “Congratulations, my friend!” she says. “I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Alice says. “I’m sorry for everything I did. You and Nigel were my best friends in this game.”

“Don’t be sorry. All part of the game,” Mindy says.

Chef walks in, holding the one billion dollars. He hands it to Alice. “Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!” she says.

“Congratulations, Alice! You are officially the winner of Total… Drama:… Paradise Falls!” Chris announces.

A RCMP helicopter suddenly lands at the beach, and Blaineley steps out of it.

“Good morning, Mr. McLean,” she says.

“Hey,” Chris confusedly asks. “Can you explain what's going on?”

“Oh, Chris, you’re under house arrest. You shouldn’t be here, hosting this season,” Blaineley says.

“Yeah, but it was all a secret. The RCMP didn’t even know,” the host says.

“Let’s just say someone helped them,” Blaineley says, grinning.

“Wow!” Chris shouts. “Alright, alright. You caught me. I’m going, but before, let me talk to Crystal.”

“I’m here,” Crystal says, stepping out of the helicopter. Chris whispers something on her ears, and she nods in agreement. They hug, before Chris enters the helicopter and leaves with the RCMP.

“Alright, it’s been a great season, and a great cast, that ends with Alice winning the one billion dollars!” Blaineley says, looking at the camera. “Tune in for the next season of Total Drama, with your new host… moi!”

“No,” Crystal says. “My father told me I am the new host.”

“What?!” Blaineley shouts in disbelief. “But, I’ve been working with the RCMP just for that.”

“Sorry, mom,” the young McLean says. “But you can still be my co-host. Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be awesome!” She jumps up and down.

Blaineley rolls her eyes and says, “That’s good, I guess. You are my daughter, at all, so I’ll count that as a victory for me.”

It is then shown the twenty-two contestants, plus Crystal, Blaineley and Chef leaving on a huge yacht party. Chef’s cellphone rings and he quickly answers, and grins.

Elimination Chart

# Contestant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
18th Joanne WIN SAFE WIN OUT1
19th Fantine WIN SAFE WIN OUT
20th Yumi SAFE WIN OUT
21st Kasey WIN OUT
22nd Lancelot OUT

Color Code:

  •   WIN  Won the challenge.
  •   SAFE  Safe at the elimination ceremony.
  •   LOW  Bottom two.
  •   OUT  Voted off.
  •   OUT/QUIT  Left under special circumstances.
  •   WINNER  Winner: won the final challenge and the billion dollars
  •   RU  Runner-up: Lost the final challenge.

1: Joanne was forced to leave for medical reasons.
2: The person with the highest amount of votes played an Immunity Idol, negating all the votes against them, and eliminating the person with the next highest amount of votes or the person with the same amount of votes without going to a tiebreaker challenge.
3: In episode 12, the eliminated players competed in the challenge, while representing a remaining contestant. Joanne, representing Helen, won the challenge.
4: Nigel was supposed to be voted off, but Mindy quit to save him.
5: There was a tie between Helen and Mona. At the tiebreaker challenge, Mona won, eliminating Helen.



  • The story was created in a day where I was bored, and started to draw the cast. I was planning on write a fanfiction a long time ago, but never got good ideas. While I was drawing, the ideas for came up quickly.
  • The season was named after Paradise Falls, a fictional place from the movie Up.
  • All the contestants are between sixteen and seventeen years old.
  • Originally, the story had just twenty contestants. The author later decided with twenty-two. Orlando and Starlight were add to the cast.
  • Joanne's original character was a positive girl, who had a negative twin sister, who was also competing. The idea was scrapped, and her sister was replaced with Catheryn.
  • Lancelot was originally a conceited and mean nerd. The author just didn't like the original idea, so his personality changed to a scaredy-cat.
  • Mindy wasn't in the first version of the story. She replaced a spoiled, annoying, bratty and childish popstar, who was a parody of Hannah Montana.
  • Though it isn't mentioned in the story, the season takes place one year after the end of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Credits goes to Mikey for doing the background template. Thanks, Mikey!
  • Huge thanks to Dylan for fixing grammar in the first two episodes. Thanks, Dylan!

Chapter 1

  • I planned for Joanne and Nigel to be the first two contestants to arrive based on the fact that both of them are relatively quiet characters, Joanne being an average girl, and Nigel being just quiet.
  • King Goopa Broopa, mentioned by Bitsy, is a parody of King Koopa Troopa, from the Mario series.
  • Orlando's arrival is based on Frederick's arrival in the now deleted fanfiction Total Drama Tropics, written by Sprinklemist.
  • The Angry Birds team name is a reference to the game Angry Birds.
  • Chris states that the veterans no longer have their contracts, after winning several lawsuits against him.
  • The Barbara Chick dolls mentioned by Fantine is a parody of the Barbie Girl dolls.
  • Blaineley was introducted because she was one of my favorites canon characters, and I liked her few interactions with Chris. I thought of an interesting plot involving both of them, and decided to bring her into my story.

Chapter 2

  • The title of the chapter, The Alive Host’s Chest, is based on the subtitle of the second movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • The first part of the challenge, where they had to swim to get a treasure chest underwater, is based on a mini-game from Mario Party, Treasure Divers. The second part is based on another mini-game from the same game, Buried Treasure.
    • Bitsy even mentions that the first challenge looks like a mini-game from Nario Feast, which is a parody of Mario Party.
  • Lancelot was eliminated because the author had no plot ideas for him.
  • In the original version of the story, Lancelot placed 18th out of twenty.

Chapter 3

  • The title of the chapter, Rowing in the Deep, is a reference to Rolling in the Deep, a song by Adele.
  • Janice Jopolyn, mentioned by Starlight, is a reference to singer Janis Joplin.
  • When Mindy and Nigel kisses and the song "I’ll Always Love You" starts to playing, the scene was sort of a tribute to singer Whitney Houston. The author was writing this scene when he found out that she died, and decided to add that as a tribute of somewhat.
  • The first part of the challenge is based on the first part of the challenge in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island episode Backstabbers Ahoy!. I had the idea for the second challenge a long time ago, but needed a first challenge before it to have the 10 seconds advantage reward.
  • Bitsy mentions several video-game characters: Nario, Weegee, Tsuyoshi, Princess Pear, Monkey Donk, Deedee Monk, Sweet Donk, Ronik the Porcupine, Snails, Slink and Princess Zilda. They are parodies of real video-game characters Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Doneky Kong, Diddy Kong, Candy Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Link and Princess Zelda, respectively.
  • Kasey was always supposed to be seen as the main villain for the first few episodes, then after trying to backstab someone, end up being backstabbed himself and eliminated, being one of the first vote offs.
  • Helen and Kasey's plot was inspired on Heather and Alejandro's plot on Total Drama World Tour.
  • In the original version of the story, Kasey placed 16th out of twenty.

Chapter 4

  • The title of the chapter, Project Next Top Model, as well as the challenge, are based on fashion-themed reality shows, America's Next Top Model and Project Runway.
  • Yumi saying "What the heck" twice, followed by Alice saying "it’s not what the heck, it’s Paradise Falls,” is a reference to Total Drama What The Heck?, a fanfiction written by Rhonda.
  • The Angry Birds designs are a reference to video-game female characters. Grave Rider and Lana Soft are references to Tomb Raider and Lara Croft. Boulevard Brawl and Lun-Chi are references to Street Fighter and Chun-Li.
  • Yumi was eliminated for plot purposes. I did want her to make it further, but the only storyline I had for her was the friendship with Lorelai. I decided to get it done in this chapter and eliminate her.
  • The Birds were originally going to lose, with Fantine getting voted off. I decided to hold own her elimination for one more episode, and go ahead with Yumi and Lorelai's plot.
  • In the original version of the story, Yumi placed 14th out of twenty.

Chapter 5

  • The title of the chapter was suggested by EnTrey. Thanks, Trey.
  • Mia Kooris, Angelique Jonnie and Jessica Elliston, mentioned by the Mad Raccoons boys, are references to actresses Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, respectively.
  • Catheryn saying Cathy "is a fat girl name" is a reference to Cathy, from Total Drama Insanity, a fanfiction written by DJ Spenstar.
  • Fantine and Joanne both got eliminated because I had no storylines for either.
    • Joanne's evacuation was also because I wanted someone to be evacuated for medical reasons. I decided to use Joanne as a way to give her something unique, due to her seemingly "normalness".
  • In the original version of the story, Fantine placed 17th out of twenty, while Joanne placed 19th out of twenty.

Chapter 6

  • The title of the chapter, I Survived a 20 Questions Game Show, is a reference to the reality gameshow I Survived a Japanese Game Show.
  • "Milly from that reality show set up in Boney Island", mentioned by Bitsy, is a reference to Missy, from the now deleted fanfiction Total Drama: Boney Island, written by Sprinklemist.
  • The author was having trouble writing the scene where Catheryn find out about Chris’ secret penthouse. Mana helped me with that. Thanks, Manatee!
  • Mindy asking if the Birds’ animal was a "semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action" is a reference to Perry the Platypus song, from Phineas and Ferb.
  • Orlando's elimination was to finally end the plot between him and Catheryn. Originally, it would go further in the story, but I felt it would work fine here, and the others characters were all going to be important later in the story, while the whole plot with Catheryn was all Orlando had.
  • Orlando wasn't in the original version of the story.

Chapter 7

  • The title of the chapter, Scavenger Manhunt, is a pun with Scavenger Hunt.
  • Gull makes a guest appearance in this episode.
  • Mindy's reaction after seeing Gull is a reference to a scene from the movie Despicable Me.
  • The addition of hidden immunity idols was just to add a twist to the story. Though, it ended up being a huge addition to the story.
  • Benny was eliminated as I had no plots for him and was running out of ideas for him.
  • In the original version of the story, Benny placed 15th out of twenty.

Chapter 8

  • The title of the chapter, Super Drama Bros, and the challenge, are references to the famous platform minigame, Super Mario Bros and its sequels.
  • Nigel reveals in this chapter that he is British.
  • Blaineley and Crystal's absence from the chapter was because the author simply forgot about them. I decided to leave it that way, and just mention them at the end.
  • Starlight's secret was originally going to be revealed by Helen. While I was writing the chapter, I realized that it would be more fitting for Catheryn to do so, as she hadn't spread any gossip, so I changed it.
  • I was surprised by how well liked Starlight was, both by me and by the readers. I thought about changing her placing, but I decided to eliminate her, and close her storyline already, but adding a happier end for her.
  • Starlight wasn't in the original version of the story.

Chapter 9

  • The title of the chapter, And Then There Was One, is a reference to Agatha Christie's novel, And Then There Were None.
  • The challenge was inspired by And Then There Were None's plot, and by the popular boardgame and movie Clue.
  • Hip Hop Hero, mentioned by Danny L., is a reference to Guitar Hero.
  • Super Nario, a reference to Super Mario, is once again mentioned in this chapter.
  • Catheryn sings a line from the song Hot Problems, by Double Take.
  • The horror themed challenge is based on the fact that every season on canon Total Drama has a horror-themed challenge.
    • Coincidentally, Total Drama Action's horror themed challenge was also in episode 9.
  • Cliff was going to make it further, being voted off after the merge. Though, he was the most expendable, since I had no more plots for him and more storylines for the other characters.
  • In the original version of the story, Cliff placed 13th out of twenty.

Chapter 10

  • The challenge was based on the fact that the chapter was written while the London's 2012 Olympic Games was happening, the author being a huge fan of the Olympic games.
  • Tennis player Maria Sharapova is referenced when Mona tells her teammates to call her "Mona Sharapova", after scoring on the tennis match.
  • Yii Sports is a reference to Wii Sports. Konect Sports is a reference to Kinect Sports.
  • Zachariah and Lorelai break the fourth-wall in this chapter.
    • They also mention user Rhonda the stalker fan! known for making several fourth-wall breaking jokes on her stories.
  • Blaineley quotes Marilyn Monroe.
  • Catheryn was originally going to make it way further, but I didn't have many plots for her in the future. She was also one of the biggest characters in the story, and seemed like she would go far, so I thought her somewhat early elimination would be unexpected.
    • The author greatly regreted that, though, because Catheryn ended up being a huge favorite, of both the readers and the author.
  • In the original version of the story, Catheryn placed 10th out of twenty.

Chapter 11

  • The title of the chapter, The Best Part is When We Go to the Whale, is a reference to one of the lyrics from Nissim Ourfali's Bar Mitzvah's video, that went viral on Brazil.
  • The challenge was thought up after the author saw news about a 8-year-old boy who found Ambergris.
  • Alice mentioning manatees is a reference to the user Manatee12.
  • Helen says "...", referencing PJ, a character from Toad.
  • Danny L. was eliminated mostly because he was the only remaining contestant who had no place defined. I decided to eliminate him to give others more time to develop, and because I had nothing else for him.
  • In the original version of the story, Danny L. placed 3rd out of twenty.

Chapter 12

  • The title of the chapter, The One With the Losers, is a reference to the TV show Friends, where almost every episode was titled as "The One...", followed by an event that happened on the episode.
  • The chapter was originally simply a losers visit special, with no challenges and no elimination. I decided to change that at last minute, and eliminate someone.
  • In the original version of the story, Sid placed 12th out of twenty.

Chapter 13

  • The title of the chapter, Picture Imperfect', is a reference to the movie, Picture Perfect.
  • The challenge is based on a mini-game from Mario Party DS, Camera Shy.
  • Summon of Obligation, mentioned by Bitsy, is a parody of Call of Duty.
  • In the original version of the story, Faustino placed 20th out of twenty, and was the first voted off.

Chapter 14

  • The title of the chapter, Survival of the Craziest, is a pun of Survival of the Fittest.
  • Helen and Crystal saying “Eat your rice” is a reference to a quote by Crystal Cox, a contestant on reality show Survivor: Gabon.
  • The challenge was based on a challenge from reality show Survivor.
  • Chris saying “I made it”, followed by Bitsy saying “next”, is a reference to a quote from the deleted fic, Total ice age, that became a meme between wiki users.
  • In the original version of the story, Zachariah placed 6th out of twenty.

Chapter 15

  • Once again, the challenge was based on a challenge from reality show Survivor.
  • Helen references a scene from my cancelled collab with user Manatee12, Total Drama: The Amazon.
  • In this episode, Mindy says that she has never seen an episode of Total Drama before.
  • Blaineley saying "Drama!" is a reference to a quote said by Maralyn Hershey, from reality show Survivor: The Australian Outback, while Bitsy saying "Stupid people!" is a reference to a quote said by Shii Ann Huang, from Survivor: Thailand and Survivor: All-Stars.
  • Nigel says "...", referencing Toadgamer80's PJ once again.
  • In the original version of the story, Bitsy placed 5th out of twenty, while Lorelai placed 2nd out of twenty.

Chapter 16

  • The title of the chapter, Fishin’ on a Hole in a Paper Boat, is a reference to Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart, a song by Stone Temple Pilots.
  • Alice mentions Manatee12's story, S.S. Total Drama.
  • The author wasn't sure about eliminating Mindy the way he did, but he thought quitting to save a friend would be a good way for her to go, and fitting for her character.
  • The author decided to not include a last kiss between Mindy and Nigel as he thought it'd be too cliché.
  • In the original version of the story, Mindy placed 11th out of twenty.

Chapter 17

  • The title of the chapter, Well Roleplayed, is a pun of the saying "Well Played".
  • Woodrow confirms that he's still dating Starlight.
  • The roleplay challenge is based on the many roleplays we have on the wiki, and also because I thought it'd be interesting to make my own characters act like canon characters.
  • There was a reason behind each contestant's assigned roleplay character:
    • Alice got Heather because of their opposite personalities, with Alice being generally friendly and nice while Heather was ruthless and mean.
    • Being based on Heather, it seemed fit for Helen to play Heather's rival, Gwen. It's interesting to note that Helen shares a few traits with Gwen, such as their deadpan, sarcastic personality.
    • Mona got Leshawna solely for the fight between her and Helen. Since Helen was playing Gwen, I decide Mona should play Leshawna, who was Gwen's best friend, just for irony's sake.
    • Nigel, who is usually quiet and calm, got Owen, who is loud and energetic.
    • Woodrow got Duncan mostly by default, though, it's interesting to note that both were involved in a love triangle.
  • Helen was not supposed to win the challenge. My inital plan was for the girls to stick together, and then after Nigel wins the challenge, they decide to vote Woodrow off. Though, after the fight and everyone else's dislike for Helen, I couldn't think of a plausible way for her to stay other than winning immunity.
  • In the original version of the story, Woodrow placed 9th out of twenty.

Chapter 18

  • In the original version of the story, Helen still placed 4th out of twenty.

Chapter 19

  • The title of the chapter, A Look to the Past, is a reference to the third game of The Legend of Zelda series, A Link to the Past.
  • In the original version of the story, Mona won.
    • Mona was also going to win in the final version, until I thought of the idea of an Alice versus Nigel finale, and thought it'd be more fitting to the plot.

Chapter 20

  • In the original version of the story, Alice placed 8th out of twenty, while Nigel placed 7th out of twenty.
    • Alice was also originally going to get 3rd place in the final version, with Mona winning against Nigel, but I decided to change their placements because of Alice and Nigel's plot.
    • Coincidentally, Nigel and Alice always left consecutively, the difference being that Nigel originally outlasted Alice.

Confessional Count


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