Angry Birds
Team Angry Birds
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member Mona, 3rd place
Lowest Ranking Member Kasey, 21st place

The Angry Birds are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama: Paradise Falls, the other being the Mad Raccoons. The team consists of Bitsy, Cliff, Danny L., Fantine, Helen, Joanne, Kasey, Mona, Sid, Starlight, and Woodrow. The team color is red, and the logo is a angry bird. They get the rooms 30 and 31.

They won both parts of the first challenge in The Alive Host’s Chest, but lost both parts of the challenge in Rowing in the Deep. They voted for Kasey, due to Helen's scheming.The team won the challenge in Project Next Top Model, due to Helen's sabotage over the opposing team.

In Be A-Mazed!, the team lost again, due to the other team being able to find the exit before. That night, they voted for Fantine, while Joanne left together due to an injury. They won in I Survived a 20 Questions Game Show, and once again in Scavenger Manhunt, thanks to Starlight.

They lost the challenge in Super Drama Bros. That night, Starlight left. They lost once again in And Then There Was One, due to Faustino being the only remaining contestant at the challenge. That night, Cliff was voted out.

They won the last challenge before the merge in Wimps’ Olympics, thus making the remaining members safe for one more night. In The Best Part is When We Go to the Whale, Chris merged the teams.

Contestants Eliminated

Name Gender Rank eliminated of team Overall Place Episode voted off Reason voted off
Kasey Male 1st 21st Rowing in the Deep Got betrayed by Helen, who convinced Bitsy, Fantine and Joanne to vote for him.
Fantine Female 2nd 19th Be A-Mazed! Helen thought she was annoying, and just a dead-weight to the team.
Joanne Female 3rd 18th Be A-Mazed! She got injuried in the head, and had to be evacuated for medical recommendations.
Starlight Female 4th 15th Super Drama Bros Asked to be voted off, because she didn't wanted to take somebody else's chance of winning.
Cliff Male 5th 14th And Then There Was One Was voted off by Helen's alliance, because she had a crush on him, which was distracting her from the game.
Danny L. Male 6th 12th The Best Part is When We Go to the Whale Helen flirted with him, and then conviced the girls to vote him off.
Sid Male 7th 11th The One With the Losers The eliminated contestants didn't liked him, because of his rude and angry personality.
Bitsy Female 8th 8th/7th Guess Who? Was Helen's biggest ally, as well as the weakest from their alliance.
Woodrow Male 9th 5th Well Roleplayed Helen found out about his alliance against her.
Helen Female 10th 4th Quest for Chris McLean She was a threat and a dangerous player. After a tie in the votes with Mona, she lost the tiebreaker challenge against Mona.
Mona Female 11th 3rd A Look to the Past After Nigel won the final three challenge, he took Alice to the end due to their friendship.



  • The team's name and logo is a reference to the game Angry Birds.
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