Mad Raccons
Team Mad Raccons.png
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member Alice, Winner
Lowest Ranking Member Lancelot, 22nd place

The Mad Raccoons are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama: Paradise Falls, the other being the Angry Birds. The team consists of Alice, Benny, Catheryn, Faustino, Lancelot, Lorelai, Mindy, Nigel, Orlando, Yumi, and Zachariah. The team color is cornflower blue, and the logo is a mad raccoon. They get the rooms 28 and 29.

The Raccoons lost the first challenge in The Alive Host’s Chest. That night, they voted for Lancelot. They won both parts of the challenge in Rowing in the Deep. The team lost again in Project Next Top Model, due to Helen's sabotage. They voted for Yumi.

The team won again in Be A-Mazed!, due to them being able to find the exit before the Birds. The team lost the challenge in I Survived a 20 Questions Game Show. They voted for Orlando. In Scavenger Manhunt, they ended up losing the challenge. They voted off Catheryn, but she played an immunity idol, causing Benny, who had the second most votes, to leave.

The team won in Super Drama Bros, thanks to the efforts of Alice, Nigel, Zachariah, and a help from a special guest. The team won once again in And Then There Was One, thanks to Faustino, who was the last remaining contestant at the challenge.

The team lost the challenge in Wimps’ Olympics. That night, they sent Catheryn home. In The Best Part is When We Go to the Whale, Chris merged the teams.

Contestants Eliminated

Name Gender Rank eliminated of team Overall Place Episode voted off Reason voted off
Lancelot Male 1st 22nd The Alive Host’s Chest His wimpness and fears costed his team the challenge.
Yumi Female 2nd 20th Project Next Top Model Helen sabotaged the team in the challenge, and they thought Yumi who did it.
Orlando Male 3rd 17th Project Next Top Model Was rude, and kept insulting his teamates.
Benny Male 4th 16th Scavenger Manhunt Catheryn used an immunity idol, saving herself and eliminating the second most voted, Benny, who was annoying them with his jokes.
Catheryn Female 5th 13th Wimps’ Olympics She was deemed as annoying and evil by her team.
Faustino Male 6th 10th Picture Imperfect The Angry Birds' alliance targeted him for being the nicest guy from the opposing alliance.
Zachariah Male 7th 9th Survival of the Craziest Voted with the opposing alliance, making him untrustworthy.
Lorelai Female 8th 8th/7th Guess Who? Lied to Helen, causing a conflict between them both, and was targeting her.
Mindy Female 9th 6th Fishin’ on a Hole in a Paper Boat Nigel was supposed to be voted-off, but Mindy quit to save him from elimination.
Nigel Male 10th 2nd And the Winner Is... Lost the final challenge against Alice.
Alice Female TBA 1st And the Winner Is... Won the final challenge against Nigel.



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