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Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns, a story written by Johan aka TDFanFrench


Special announcement

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Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns II (coming soon)


After Total Drama: Revenge of the Island , Chris McLean as been arrested, right after, Chris wanted to proove to everyone he wasn't that mean anymore, he decided to host a new season of Total Drama, Total Drama All Stars, but he then thought, "To who have I been the most mean with?" and the answer wasn't that hard, the interns

2 month after TDAS ended, Chris called 6 of his many interns and asked them if they would like to compete in a show where they could win something they always wanted, Fame, and by fame he meant being the new host of Total Drama 

Now, Blake, Dakota, Drake, Emma, Josh and Shane are all battling to win the game and being crowned new host of Total Drama, and this is TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE INTERNS!

Chapter One - Second Chance

"Hello Teens! Yes, you are maybe wondering A new season of Total Drama, Already? well to be honest, yes, but that season is gonna be a little bit more special than others" announced Chris.

Chris walked on the dock of shame and started to talk "This season, not that much week of competition, and only 6 contestants! Yes it will be very fast, you are may wondering who they are, well, here is the answer.."

a high blonde tanned girl came on the dock, she let her bags down and started " Hi Chris.."

Chris replied " Hello Dakota, nice to see your back" he smiled.

"Yeah, i can't say the same for you. At least the camp isn't mutated at all now, that's a good thing." she replied.

"Hmmm, but don't forget it's still Total Drama, here is one of your new castmaste, say hello to Blake!" he said in a enthousiasmed voice.

a high skinny guy, black haired came on the dock, he looked at Dakota " Hey! are you also gonna compete?" he asked. "I will, yeah." 

"Nice to see you back to normal Dakota!" said Blake

"Wait, we know eachothers?" she asked 

"Of course, i was an intern in Total Drama Revenge Of The Island, you don't remember?" he was chocked.


Chris scares Dakota and Josh.

"The only intern i do remember working with was Emma, we were in the same cabin, she was nice." said Dakota.

Chris comes between Blake and Dakota. He put his arms over them and says " Well you are gonna be happy cause they will all be back!" 

"NO?!" yelled in joy Blake and Dakota.

"I promise this is true." smiled Chris.

Dakota put her hand over Chris forehead, she looked surprised as he didn't had temperature "Hmm you sure you aren't sick? you seems to nice..." asked an afraid Dakota.

"I'm good. Hey there guys!" 

Emma, Shane and Josh, the interns of Total Drama Revenge of The island came on the dock. Emma ran to Dakota and hugged her in joy. 

" I missed you so much! How are you?!" asked an existed Emma.

"I'm so good! Now that i came back to my former body everything is going so well, except for my career." replied Dakota.

"I'm sure you'll have your own spin off reality tv show one time!" 

Dakota thanks Emma.

"Thanks you're too kind Emma." they hugged one more time.

The guys went to Blake and high fived him. Blake then asked " Chris didn't you said we will only be six?" 

"I did, why?" told chris.

"Because we only were five interns during TDRI, that doesn't makes six..." said Shane in a sarcastic tone"

"That's why i added one from World Tour, i'm sure you'll love him, or not i don't know.." Replied Chris in a sarcastic tone as well.

a musculated black guy came out of the boat and walked on the dock. He looked every contestants with an angry face. Josh, came next to him. "Hi i'm Josh, nice to meet you man!"

"I don't think we will be friends, Josh, I do not talk with loosers." replied Drake.

"Hmm ok..." Josh went away.

"So, you are maybe wondering why you both six are here uh?" "It's simple, next year i wanna take a break, take some free time for myself and stop hosting reality tv shows because you get used to it."

"What about Total Drama? if you stop hosting who will host the show?" asked Dakota.

"That's where i wanted to go. If you are all here it's to have the chance of becoming the new host or the hostess of Total Drama future seasons! " smiled chris.

"But that is just awesome! WOOHOO!" yelled Blake.

"I know i'm good now follow me at the campfire ceremony I have something to tell you all" Chris asked.

They all followed Chris to the campfire ceremony. Emma was walking next to Dakota, Shane, Josh and Blake were  walking together and Drake was walking next to Chris. They all sat down except for Chris. He started

" So first of all this season, due to the number of contestants, i decided that they won't be teams it's already the merge time! Second and last thing your first challenge starts now the one who wins it, wins immunity and he can decide who's going home tonight." 

"Ok, but what's our first challenge?" asked Shane.

"It's simple, during the seasons we had a lot of teams, and they all add their own team flag with their symbol on it, well the contestants who founds the flag of The Toxic Rats, The Muttant Maggots and Team Victory wins." 

"Piece of cake" said Drake while rubbing his hands.

"But if we only found one? do we wins something?" asked Emma.

"Nope, but if you found at leat two of them, then yes. Oh and when you hear a gun shot that means a flag as been found, Ok? now go!" chris symbolised the start of the challenge by shooting with a gun in the air.

They where 3 groups, The girls, Dakota and Emma, who were looking next to the camp, Blake, Josh and Shane, who were looking in the woods and Drake who were looking next to the river.

At the camp, Emma was looking next to the cabins. Dakota asked her something.

" Emma, since you are the only person i know here and because we are the only girls, would you like to form an alliance with me?" 

"Of course, I was thinking of asking you to form one. I think we'll be stronger together than alone." said Emma.

"yeah, just face it, the boys are really strong especially that guy Drake." said Dakota.

"I know! but for some reason i think he is hidding something, he looks so secret and evil." whispered Emma.

"If he is hidding something than we need to found what it is!" said Dakota.

a gun shot can be heard.

"Oh no! We need to hurry Emma!" yelled Dakota and started to look forward.

At The River.

" Ahaha, i'm so good at playing that game" said Drake with a smirk on his face and the Team Victory flag in his hands.

Drake was walking and he saw the guys, he hide behind a tree and listened to what they where saying.

"We need to form and alliance and get rid of that Drake!" yelled Blake.

"I know right? Did you saw how he talked to me later?" yelled Josh.

"That guy is such a mix of Alejandro and Scott, he wasn't acting that brave when he was an intern in Total Drama World Tour, right Shane?" laughed Blake

"Shane?" asked in fear Josh.

"Oh god where did he went?" asked back Blake

"I have no idea, he was here two minutes ago!" said Josh.

a gun shot can be heard.

"Wait, what?!" yelled Drake, and then covered his mouth realising he just yelled.

"Guys, guys!" Shane was running to Josh and Blake, he was out of breath. "I..I aaaah I've found.... the flag...aaah!"


The boys found their first flag.

Josh and Blake grabbed Shane and hugged him really hard " Yeah buddy! Good job, one more and we can get rid of that Looser like he says." said Blake

the guys continued to walk to found the other flag.

"Oh you wanna play this uh? you'll pay for that.." said Drake on a evil tone.

Two hours after, a gun shot his heard. 

At the campfire ceremony.

"Welcome to your very first campfire ceremony, well except for you Dakota." said Chris.

"yeah.." said an unhappy Dakota.

"So, that was a long and hard challenge and both of the guys manage to found flags, while the girls didn't found one at all." chris gets interrupted.

"Could you just, stop reminding us we lost ok? just tell who won so this is over!" growled Dakota at Chris.

"Ok.. well in the end it was clear that Drake founded the two flags and by doing  that he won immunity which means he gets to decides who gets homes first this season." said chris dramaticly.

"Great.." sighed Shane.

"So who are you gonna choose, Drake?" asked Chris.

Blake is eliminated.

"My choise is pretty easy, because I don't like people who talks behind the back and especially mine, i'm sending home ................................ Blake." said evily Drake.

" You will pay for that man!' yelled Shane!

" Calm down Shane, it was obvious, but maybe you won this time but don't forget that Josh and Shane are still there and they will drive you down!" said meanly Blake while walking to the dock of shame.

" Will see..." said Drake.

"Oh and one last thing, try to not get eliminated, LOOSER!" smiled Blake at Drake.

Drake throw an evil look at Blake.

" That's all for tonight you can go sleep now, next challenge tomorow, goodnight teens." said Chris while leaving the campfire ceremony.

Chapter Two - Harder Than Ever

"Last Time, we met the new contestants. After introducing them to the new thing they where battling for, they had their very first challenge of the season. The girls, Dakota and Emma team up, but ended with nothing, the guys Shane, Blake and Josh team up as well, but ended up with only one flag, which wasn't that much compared to Drake who had found the two others and Winning immunity. In the end, Drake took his revenge on Blake, after he heard Blake insulting him behind his back. Today challenge is gonna be a a tribute to a very famous one, so stay tooned for TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE INTERNS!" introduced Chris.

In the girls cabin. Dakota and Emma where sleeping in their bunk beds, Dakota was wearing an pink eye mask, Emma had her hair free. Suddendly, Dakota and Emma woke up in fear.

"What was that?!" Asked Emma frightened.

"I don't know, I heard something like a huge boom, but i can't saw anything.." replied Dakota.

"Hmmm you should take off your mask!" said a surprised Emma.


Dakota woke up on the top of the cliff

Dakota take off her mask, when she openened her eyes and realized they where on top of the cliff she yelled at Chris in anger "Are you serious?! Why the hell are we here?"

"I didn't wanted to woke you up, you where all sleeping it was so cute, ahaha" said sarcasticly Chris.

"So nice from you." Replied Shane.

"Weren't you supposed to be nice with us, uh?" asked Josh in anger.

"Hmmm ahaha... anyway!" said Chris while scratching his head. "Why did you brought us here?" asked Drake.

"It's because today, we are gonna do a tribute to the very first challenge of Total Drama history, jumping of a cliff!" clamed Chris

"I'm not sure about that it looked very dangerous..." said an frightened Emma.

"That is so original from you Chris... I understand why Total Drama needs a new host now." laughed Dakota.

"ANYWAY, this time the challenge will be a little bit different, instead of jumping you'll all have to down the cliff in a bicycle race! Each of you will get a bicycle, with a specific color.

During the race you'll find 4 keys hanging of 3 different trees, while you will be racing, if you manage to take the key of your color you could compete in the second part of the challenge, if you doesn't you will have to wait on the corner." explained Chris.

"Seems pretty hard, we have to race and catch those keys at the same time, that's way harder than the other challenges!" Said Shane.

"Yes,i know. Oh! and because Drake won immunity yesterday, he won't have to compete in the first part of challenge, ok?" said Chris.

"ARGH, Ok, we are gonna rock this challenge Shane!" clamed Josh

"Yes, for Blake!" Replied Shane as he high fived Josh.

"On your marks, ready, set, go!" Yelled Chris.

Dakota, Emma, Josh and Shane started pedaling. Dakota had a Pink bike, Emma a purple one, Shane a yellow one and Josh a red one. Josh was in the leed. As he saw the first tree with the four keys hanging out he managed to catch a key but it was Dakota's key.

"Yay! I catched one!" Smiled Josh.

"Great job bro!" Said Shane.

"Oh no! It's not mine, that key is Pink!" yelled Josh.

"Oh my god Josh! That is my color it's my key! Please give it to me!" yelled an super exited Dakota.

"Why should I do that?" Asked Josh

"Emma and I also want Drake to be eliminated! and if i manage to catch one of your key i'll gave it to you!" replied a determinded Dakota.

"Deal!" said Josh as he threw Dakota's key at her.

"Got it! Thanks Josh!" Smiled Dakota.

They passed the second tree, They all jumped to catch a key, Shane fell down, Emma and Josh didn't catch anything while Dakota catched a new one.

"Shane you are out of the race!" Yelled Chris

"Which color is it?" Asked Emma.

"I hope it's red!" said Josh.

Dakota checked and the key was pink. "It's pink, i'm sorry guys!" replied a sad Dakota.

"It doesn't matter we still have the third and last tree!" replied Emma.

They where about to pass the third tree, Josh looked at the girls we could saw a fierce look on his face, he jumped of his bike, ended up on the tree catched 2 out of 4 keys jumped of the tree and fell down on his bike. The girl was amazed and Drake was in anger.

"That was amazing Josh!" said Emma

They all passed the finish Line and Chris came next to them "That was epic Josh! We already know that Dakota Will compete in the second part of the challenge now let's check the colors of your keys"

Josh opened his hand, they were a purple and a yellow key in it. Drake started to laugh " AHAHAHAHAH! God you're such a looser! I agree this is EPIC!"

Josh glared at Drake "So what those that means?!" yelled Josh at Chris.

"Since you catched Emma's and Shane's key they Will compete in the second part of the challenge along with Dakota and Drake while you'll watch them." replied Chris.

"Awesome..." said sarcasticly Josh.

The contestants where now at the beach, they where all in swimsuits, Chris comes followed by Josh who was still wearing his clothes. Chris started "The second part of that challenge is simple, 4 boxes are hidden underwater one of them as an immunity card, Dakota and Drake have two keys so they can try to open two out of the four boxes, and for the others because you only have one key if you found one of the four boxes you could only try to open one and only one. The contestant who manage to open the box with the immunity card is saved for tonight" explained Chris.

"I got this in the bag!" smiled Dakota.

"Go!" yelled Chris.

The four teens jumped into the water and started to look forward for the boxes. Drake saw a black box but he decided to let another person open that box instead of him. Dakota passed next to that box, she opened it and they where nothing in it!

Dakota came out of the water to take her breathe "aaaaaaah" she breathed.

"Dakota, you only have one chance left!" Yelled Chris.

"Thanks i know.." replied Dakota as she turned back underwater.

Shane found a black box and opened it, nothing was in it. Drake watched him hidden behind some underwater plants.

"I had an idea, I draw a cross on the two boxes with where empty so i could know not to open that ones then i decided to take the boxes and hiden them in another place so the contestants will open those one and loose the challenge. I know i'm good." said evily Drake in the confession cam.

Drake then saw Emma and Dakota going at the two boxes he moved later on, they both took one box and opened them and it was obvious that they where empty.

"Emma and Dakota it's over for you girls! Now it's down to Shane and Drake."

"But Shane already used one of his keys!" yelled Drake "Nope, i founded another key while I was underwater, guess someone didn't noticed he lost it" said meanly Shane at Drake.

The boys went underwater, Shane and Drake both saw a gold box they looked at eachothers angrily and they started to swim. Surprisingly Shane was in the lead, Drake took his gold key and throw it at Shane's head, knocking him down. Drake came closer to the gold box he take back his key and opened the box.

Drake took Shane and came out of the water" I FOUND THE IMMUNITY CARD!"

"And Drake wins again!" smiled Chris.

"NOO!" Yelled Dakota.

"What happened to Shane?!" Asked a worried Josh.

"I think he just knocked himself on a rock, poor him." sarcasticly said Drake.

"Ok, now go cast your votes one of you is leaving the game, tonight.

At the camp fire cermony.

"I'm Sorry but i have no other choise, he needs to leave, if we want more chance to beat Drake" said Dakota in the confession cam.

"She lost today, Sorry but you had more chances than us to win, for that you need to go." said Josh in the confessional.

"So, this year no marshmallows, if you get a flower collar that means you are saved if you don't you are eliminated! First one to receive a collar is Drake" Chris throw the collar at Drake.

"Thanks Chris!" he smiled evily.

"Next collar goes to, Josh!" Chris throw the collar at Josh.

"Thanks Chris!" Said Josh mimicing Drake.

"Emma catch your flower collar you are also saved!" said Chris.

Emma catched her collar and looked at Dakota.

"Now with 3 votes against him, Shane you are out of here." said Chris dram


Shane angrily discovers he is elmiminated.


"What?!" yelled an angry Shane.

"No! Not him!" Yelled Josh!

"Looks like you are loosing all your friends.." said Drake."

"Don't talk to me!" Yelled in anger Josh. "I'll do my best to win buddy!"

"Thanks, i dont wanna saw a new mean host being cruel with the contestants and the interns." said Shane while Walking the dock of Shame.

"So that means you and Shane voted against me?" asked Dakota.

"Yeah, like you and Emma voted on Shane!" replied Josh.

"Maybe but, compared to you, we are two, don't Forget that.." Said Emma while leaving the camp fire cermony followed by Dakota.

"I won't Forget that.." said evily Drake.

Chapter Three - The Curse Of Wawanakwa

"Last Time, on Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns, The contestants had to race down the cliff with bicyles and tried to colect the keys of the same color of their bikes, only 3 of them managed to catch their keys. In the end, Drake won the challenge and immunity at the same time, sending home our poor lovely chubby guy, Shane. Today's episode is gonna be a little bit more different, and something new or someone is gonna enter, all the answers to your questions right here, right now, on Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island!" introduced Chris, like everyday.

"Hello interns! hmm I mean campers! This day is gonna be a special one, found out why by joining me at the campfire ceremony right now!" said Chris in his microphone.

"ugh, is Chris serious?! I didn't even had enough beauty sleep." growled Dakota.

"At least even without your beauty sleep you do still look good, not like me.." sighed Emma.

Dakota come closer to Emma "Oh come on! You do sure look great!"

Emma turned around, "Jesus Christ!" Yelled Dakota. "Hmm.. I.. I mean you look.. okay.. haha." said Dakota.

The contestants where now waiting all at the campfire ceremony.

Chris came followed by Chef who was pulling a hufe wodden box.

"Hmm, why is that box moving?!" asked in fear Josh.

"Don't worry Josh, what's in that box is safe, well I hope for you guys.." smiled Chris.

"You said nice Chris, Remember?!" growled Drake.

"yeah." sighed Chris "Anyway, you might all Wonder why I asked you guys to come here, and maybe what is this box hidding."

"Wow, you are such a wizard.. how do you know?" sarcasticly said Dakota.

"Hold your horses Blondie!" yelled Chef.

"Thanks Chef, now let's reveal the thing that I hidden in this box"

The contestants founds unfair that Noah is entering the game.

Chef took a cowbar and opened fiercly the wodden box.

"You serious?" asked Emma

"That is just so against the rules!" yelled Josh

"No way!" cried Dakota.

"Great, more competition to beat now" sarcasticly said Drake.

a young blond haired, clear skinned, musculated guy, got out off the wodden box.

"I present you Noah!" introduced Chris.

"Hi, Noah!" waved Dakota.and she later blushed.

"Hi." replied quickly the guy.

"You may have understood that Noah, is now part of the game because he enters the competition right now-

Chris get interrupted.

"Sorry for the interruption but in my contracts it was clearly written 'Noah Riley M, will enter the TV Show Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island in an helicopter droven by M. Chris McLean' where is that freaking helicopter?!" yelled Noah.

"Budget cuts man, now go sit down with the others." replied Chris.

"Welcome New Courtney.." saracsticly said Josh.

"Haha, sorry I do have this quality of not talking with loosers." said Noah

"I guess you meant New Heather Josh." smiled Emma.

"Tentions, I love it! But keep some more for today's challenge!"

"What is it going to be?" asked Drake.

"Today we are going to give a tribute to "The Hunger Games" said Chris.

"Epic!" yelled Noah.

"I know I'm good" said Chris.

"Hmm-hmm" coughed Chef.

"I mean Chef and I. Anyway, Instead of battling to the death each of you will an elcetric collar that have a on-off button, if you wanna win the challenge ou guys need to turn off all the collars of your friends which will send them an electric discharge knokcking them out , ok? " said Chris.

Everyone replied yes.

"Chef throw the collars and let's get Ready!" yelled Chris

Chef throw the collars onto the neck of the campers.

The log of woods turns into log of metal where all the campers are now standing up on them, wearing costumes and the electric colars.

A huge glass dome comes from the ground and closes immediatly locking the campers inside.

"Wow is this serious!" said an exited Noah.

A voice can be hard from speakerboxes, Chris's voice.

"Welcome Campers, now that you are in the "death area" let me explain you the rules if you don't wanna be immidiatly eliminated. Rule #1 If you get off your logs before the countdown ends you are automaticly off the game."

"Well, bye bye" Emma gets ready to jump off the log.

"Did I forgot to mention you'll get an huge electric discharge too?" says chris.

"I think I am just gonna stay here." says Emma while comming back really fast.

"Rule #2 their is no other rules haha." laughed Chris.

"What a joke, so funny..." replied Dakota.

"Good game and may the prod be in you favor!" ends Chris.

The countdown can be heard "10, 9, 8.."

"This is gonna be so easy" says Noah.

"Why are you that confident?" asks Josh.

"I was an extra in The Hunger Games so I basicly know how to win this." replies Noah

"An extra uh.." thinks Drake.

"3, 2, 1, GO!" The countdown stops and the campers gets off their log.

"Emma hurry Follow me!" yells Dakota while running in direction of the forest.

"I'm comming" says Emma running to Dakota.

Noah jumps on Emma fiercly. " I guess you talked to fast honey" Noah turns off Emma's collar.

"AAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHH" yells Emma being electrified.

A huge BOOM is heard and the picture of Emma can be seen on the glass dome.

"NO!" yells Dakota "They killed my friend, beware of the last girl boys I am going to crush you down one by one!"

Next to the river.

Josh is walking slowly with a wood stick.

"Ugh, I hate this challenge their is so much pressure." says Josh.

noises can be heard behind some bushes.

"Who's there?" ask a scared Josh.

behind the bushes.

"haha" Noah is laughing quietly.

a hand is slowly comming to Noah grabbing his mouth and making him unnable to talk. Noah turn arround scared and push the hands off.

"You wanna play, ugh?!" says an angry Noah.

"Calm down Noah. I am here to make a deal with you." says Drake.

"Deal uh? continue."

"If you let me alone during this challenge, one of us will win and I'll gladly vote out the person you want, deal?"

"Deal" Noah shakes hands with Drake.

Dakota comes behind Josh.

"Oh god Drake look at that!"  says Noah.

Dakota jump on Josh really fastly and angrily turns is collar button off. "That is one more out, I told you to not mess with my friends.

"AAAAAAAGHHHHHH!" yells in pain Josh.

A huge BOOM is heard and the picture of Josh can be seen on the glass dome.

"Damn she is good" says Drake.

"That's why I am not gonna stay here any longer" says Noah while leaving the bushes quickly.

"Hey!" yells Drake.

Dakota look at Drake angrily.

"Uh oh" Drake starts to run.

"Stay here coward! I'm sure you are the one who took Emma's collar off" says Dakota angrily while throwing rocks at Drake.

"No! I swear! Leave me alone now!" says a scared Drake.

one of Dakota's rocks turns Drake's collar button off.

"AAAAAAGHHHHH" yells Drake in pain.

"One more and i'm done with this stupid challenge" says Dakota while making her hair into a ponytail.

at the top of the cliff.

A huge BOOM is heard and the picture of Drake can be seen on the glass dome.

"No, is she joking or what?" says Noah.

Dakota notices that someone is on the top of the cliff. "Noah i'm going to you hottie." she runs in direction of him.

At night . Noah made a fire he is waiting in a tree for Dakota.

Dakota comes some minutes after.

"Where is he now?" asks Dakota.

Noah jump off his tree and touch Dakota's back.

"Right here blondie" smiles Noah at her.

"Hi" says Dakota while blusshing. "Hmm I mean hi." she puts her game face on.

"Looks like we are the last people standing I wonder who will win." says Noah.

"I already know the answer" Dakota throw at Noah a rock.

"Hey watch out!" yells Noah.

Dakota takes a pair of scissors out of her hair and throw them at Noah.

Dakota and Noah are the two last contestants standing.

"You crazy?!" Noah starts to run.

Noah arrives at the end of the cliff, one more step and he falls into the lake.

"looks like it's the end for you Noah." Dakota says and charges at him.

Noah skips and Dakota falls.

"AAAAAAAAH HELP!" Dakota yells in fear while falling.

"Got you!" says Noah while holding Dakota by her colar.

"Aww thanks Noah" says Dakota smiling at hime nicely.

"You shouldn't thank me for this" says Noah.

"Well you cleary savec my life."

"Not really.." Noah turns off Dakota's collar.

Dakota falls and gets the electric discharge. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH".

A huge BOOM is heard and the picture of Dakota can be seen on the glass dome.

Everything turns back to Normal.

"Gongratulation Noah you won the challenge and by that immunity, find me all at the campfire ceremony."

At the campfire ceremony.

"Well, well, well Today's challenge made us clearly see the true nature of everyone here." says Chris

"Right Drake!" laugh Josh.

Drake growls at Josh.

"Anyway, the winner of this challenge was clearly Noah who really nicely played when he tricked Dakota and got her." says Chris.

"Could we just forget about that? Give us the results already!" yells Dakota.

"Yeah." says Drake.

"Sure, oh and I forgot to tell you guys that by today's reward for the winner of immunity would be that he will decides who goes home! No votes." laugh evily Chris.

"Oh god." say Emma.

"Noah, who is it gonna be?" ask Chris.

Drake winks at Noah.

"Well, I will have originally said Dakota." he turned arround

"Drake and I had decided this and Emma and Josh didn't really played the game, but tonight the person I am gonna vote out is.... Drake." smiles Noah.


Drake is schocked to hear that Noah voted him off.

"Yes! Finally!" cheers Josh.

"Wait what? How?!" says Drake surprised." "You just showed everyone how good you were at challenges and even if Dakota nicely played during that challenge I never accept deals that people make. I do deals to people, not them." smiles evily Noah.

"You'll pay for that dude." angrily reply Drake.

"Well time to say good-bye to Drake and time to say good night to our campers, Join us next Time on Total Drama: Revenge Of the Interns!" Chris signs off.

Chapter Four - Betrayers Are Gonna Pay

"Last Time, on Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns, A new contestant entered the game, Noah.The challenge was a reference to The Hunger Games series, new conflicts showed up, a lot of drama happened and in the end the newbie Noah won the challenge and betrayed his "new" friend Drake. Today something new or someone is gonna enter, yeah again! all the answers to your questions right here, right now, on Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island!" introduced Chris.

In the girls cabin.

Dakota is running in circles. "Calm down Dakota, their is no need to worry" said Emma.

"Yes their is! We are 4 contestants left, the guys will never join us, they are both on their own, we are the only one who are working together so we are on the chopping block Emma, we need to do something.." replied Dakota.

Emma stood up "I think an idea." she came next to Dakota "We should convince Josh to vote off Noah promising him that we vote against him next elimination and that one of us leaves which we won't do."

"No that is too obvious, One of us just need to win and then we will both vote Noah off." said Dakota

Chris showed up and started to introduce the challenge "Hello interns!"

"Hey best host of the entire solar system!" cried Noah.

"Aww stop it you" replied Chris while blushing.

"Fake ass" coughed Josh.

"Okay, so today challenge will be a little different, 'cause you guys won't actually participate in this one." started Chris.

"But, how can we manage to win the challenge if we don't play it?" asked Josh.

Chris introduced the helpers.

"Well it's very simple, these guys will do it for yourself" Chris opened up the curtains behind him.

4 known teenagers were behind.

"So here are your helpers!" yelled Chris "Some of them may look familarto you, Here you have the young actress Roxane Miller, known for her role in The Dead Games series I and II." explained Chris.

"Hi" said an not very exited Roxane.

"Oh my god I love you! I'm your number one fan!" exitedly said Emma while jumping.

"Hold your horses, pony face" said Noah.

Emma glared at Noah.

"Then you have the runner-up of Total Drama: Lights Camera Action CJ!"

"Hello everyone" yawned CJ.

"Next to him the famous host and former intern Johan McLean, who does not have anything in common with me.." told meanly Chris looking at Johan.

"Yeah, ahah, well hi.." said an embarrassed Johan.

"and last but not list Austin who had a short role in The Dead Games series I." concluded Chris.

"Hello everyone, and it wasn't that short Chris!" growled Austin.

"Anyway, so each of you will have to pick one of the helper who will complete the challenges instead of you, their is 3 challenges at the end of each the contestant who finishes last is eliminated of the challenge, then when they will be down to 2 helpers the one who manages to make it first wins the challenge for the classic contestant he was helping, all right?" resumed Chris.

"I like the idea so i'm gonna pick-

Chris interrupted Dakota " As the winner of the last challenge Noah gets to choose the order of picking helpers"

"Thanks Chris, don't worry babe it's gonna be all right." said sarcasticly Noah.

"As if.." replied Dakota.

"So, I'll we choose first, then pony face, then Joshoholic and the blondie will get what lefts, as for myself I'll pick Johan!" said Noah.

"Okay good choise!" clamed Chris.

Noah choosed Johan.

Noah came to Johan "I think you and I are gonna work very well.." said evily Noah

"Yeah.." replied an annoyed Johan.

"Pony face who are you choosing?" asked Chris.

"My name is EMMA!" yelled Emma.

"Calm down gosh." said Dakota.

"So? We don't have all the time.." told Chris.

"It's obvious, i'm choosing Roxane!" said an exited Emma.

"Cool, girl power team right?" said Roxane.

"Yeah girl power team! aha" laughed Emma.

Confessional. "Are Roxane and Emma serious? GIRL POWER TEAM?! EMMA AND I ARE THE GIRL POWER TEAM!!" angrily yelled Dakota.

"Josh who you are you choosing? Austin or CJ?" asked Chris.

"Well i don't wanna sound mean but, CJ finished second so he must be very strong so i'm gonna choose him." clamed Josh.

"Good choise" high fived CJ.

"Ugh, so that leaves me the "wannabe" actor that no one knows, great." added Dakota.

"Thanks.. I'll try my best to make you loose." replied Austin.

"Did I said wannabe? Oh i meant the best actor of the world ahah" said Dakota while smiling and hugging Austin.

"Yeah.." he repied.

"So what is the first Challenge about?" asked Noah.

"You see that big totem? it's simple the first three helper to reach the top of this totem wins, alos you have an 8 minutes bomb to make the challenge more fun" smiled Chris.

"You was supposed to be NICE!" yelled Josh.

"I can't help it.." said Chris. "Let's go!" the challenge started.

"Good luck Emma." said Dakota trying to hug Emma.


Dakota warned Emma evily.

Roxane took Emma by the hand "Come on sweetie we have a challenge to win!" she said while taking Emma away.

"Yeah I have to go.." said a shy Emma.

"Okay you wanna play like this uh? You'll get what you diserve.." said meanly Dakota.

Dakota looked arround to see where Austin was "AUSTIN WHERE ARE YOU?!"

"I'm already climbing!" he yelled while climbing the totem being the first to do so.

"Looks like their is tention between the girls.." told Josh.

"That's perfect.." added Noah.

"Okay continue like this Austin we are going to win!" cheered Dakota.

"Don't talk so fast CJ is behind him and he will catch him up really soon.." said Josh "Right dude?"

"Yeah, I'm triying my best!" yelled CJ while climbing.

"Oh and Johan is the first to reach the top of the totem meaning Noah is qualified for the challenge number 2!" said Chris.

"How did he?!" said Emma chocked.

"I told you Johan and I will form a great team, right buddy?" said Noah sarcasticly

"Yes yes we are the best team ever" yelled Johan while hidding the money Noah gave him into his jacket.

Roxane is annoyed at Emma's cheering.

"Excuse me" said CJ while passing over Austin "and finished!" yelled CJ on the top of the Totem!

"CJ qualifies Josh as well, it is down to Emma's helper Roxane and Dakota's helper Austin!" told Chris.


"Yeah don't rush me! I'm doing my best!" yelled back an annoyed Roxane.

"I'm not rushing you! Girl power team forever!!" yelled Emma.

"Yeah yeah.." said an annoyed Roxane.

"Say this one more time and you and I it's over okay?!" growled Dakota

"Say what?" asked Emma.


"OH NO!" yelled Emma.

Two hours after

"It's down to Johan and Austin for the last challenge, a race, Johan is in the lead for now." said Chris

"GO JOHAN! GO!!!" cheered Noah.

"I'm dead!" yelled Johan while taking is breathe back.


"Hey try to do what i'm doing it's impossible!" yelled Austin while running.


Johan falls on the ground.

"Noah i'm sorry i can't continue" Johan fell down on the ground.


"Go Austin go! you can do it run the more you never run!" cheered Dakota.

"I can do it!" smiled Austin while running faster.

"Looks like you are going to loose blondie" pointed Emma.

"Shut up! you finished last at the first challenge with your stupid girly whatever team!" yelled Noah


"Take that" said both Emma and Dakota.

"Now time to say good bye to your helpers, and after this meet me at the campfire ceremony of you is gonna be eliminated but it won't be Dakota." said Chris

"Okay good bye and thanks sorry if i yelled to much" said a worried Emma.

"It's okay, girl power team for ever?" asked Roxane.

"Girl power team forever" replied Emma while hugging Roxane.

"That's it.." said angrily Dakota.

"Okay thanks for everything man, it's okay I think i can handle another elimination ceremony." said Josh

"No need to thank me, I could have done way better, it was nice meeting you" replied CJ.

"Yeah me too" added Josh. "bye!"

They high fived eachother

"Thanks again for winning you aren't that bad finally" told Dakota.

"Thanks, I try to be the best aha."

"Yeah, you try aha" laughed Dakota "I'm joking don't take it bad"

"Oh ok aha, well bye!" Austin went away.

"bye Austin" waved Dakota.

"Sorry Noah, bye man!" Johan came next to Noah.

"Don't even touch me looser" Noah walked on Johan's feet on purpuse.

"OUCH!!!!!!" yelled in tears Johan.

The final 4 during the elimination ceremony.

At the campfire ceremony

"So ready for voting someone off?" asked Chris.

"Yes!" smirked Dakota looking at Emma.

"Well you guys won't.." said Chris.

"Wait what?" asked a chocked Josh.

"Do you mean that they won't be any eliminations?" asked an exited Emma.

"They will be someone going home but you guys won't vote" told Chris.

They all gasped.

"How are we gonna decide if we don't vote?" asked Noah.


Emma is eliminated.

"Pretty simple, as the looser of the very first challenge Emma was technically "eliminated" so tonight she is the one who is gonna be eliminated." said Chris.

"WHAT?! BUT IT ISN'T FAIR!" yelled Emma.

"It is fair, you diserved what you got" said Dakota.

"but, but.." Emma said shily.

"We don't have time pony face, okay bye it's your time." said Noah

"Good bye Emma!" said Josh.

"Thanks, I don't know what i've done but i'm sorry Dakota, very i'm- Chris interrupted her.

"Okay found us next time in TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE INTERNS!" closed Chris.

"I didn't even finished!" said Emma

"WE DONT CARE" yelled the others.

Chapter Five - Flop Chef

"Last week in Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns, The final four welcomed 4 famous teenagers who helped them in the many challenges they

The final 3 during the recap.

had to face. Some duo worked pretty great, some didn't worked that good, in the end Austin managed to won for Dakota making her safe. In a final twist, Emma who came in last place in the first challenge thanks to Roxane ended up eliminated. It's all down to 3 contestants, Dakota the only girl left of the show, Josh the underdog and Noah the evilness in persona, Who will manage to win? and who will be your finalist? Check everything out in a new episode of TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE INTERNS!" introduced Chris.

Confessional. " I'm in the final 3, like come on, I'm so far from winning it's like incredible, I just can't believe i've made it this far it's just amazing. I'm the last one standing of our group, with Shane and Blake, I need to win for them to proove that the underdogs also have a chance!" said happily Josh.

"Honestly, I always told people I was the best and stuff, but I just can't believe i'm still here! Last season I didn't really stayed that long I think it was due to not being completely in the game but this year I wanna proove to people that the Dakota they discovered last season, the daddy's girl, grew up and that she isn't like this anymore, i'm the last girl standing, I mean we need a feminine touch It's always the men who mangages to win, I wanna be the first female to win Total Drama! And I'll be this girl!" Dakota said fiercly.

"The final is soon here, I can tell that for now I won't get there that is why I need to form an alliance with either Josh or Dakota, once i'll found the biggest idiot, I'll have all the cards in my hands, you always thought that the heroe win in the end but let's face it, this year the villain will win, and this is me!" Noah said smirking.

"Hello final 3! How is everyone doing today?" asked Chris.

"Pretty good actually" smiled Noah looking at Dakota.

"Hmm are you sure you're okay?" asked weirdly Dakota.

"Yes I totally am" replied Noah smiling dumbly.

"Weirdo.." said Josh.

"Okay teens, I don't know if you remember but today is Valentine's day! And to celebrate this day who is full of love your challenge will be to cook a dish for your loved one." explained Chris.

"Yeah, so that means that Samia is the one i'm gonna cook for?" asked Josh.

"IS SAM GONNA COME?!" asked exitedly Dakota.

"I don't have a girlfriend, but things might change, right?" asked Noah looking at Dakota.

"Calm down Kids! No Sam or Samia or no fake girlfriends are going to judge, I'm the loved one, and you'll have to cook for me, duh." exclamed Chris.

Dakota and Josh sighed.

"Okay let's go to Chef's kitchen" Noah started to walk.

"No no no, you'll have to go food your food in a special place I created for this challenge" told Chris.

"A special place uh?" asked Josh.

"Behold the "pink hills" a place full of love and hills where their is like no food to find." smiled evily Chris.

"But how are we supposed to coo, if their isn't any food to find?!" yelled Dakota.

"She's right that is unfair!" yelled back Josh.

"Okay then.. CHEF!" Chef threw a lot of food into a fan blowing arround the pink hills "ugh teens those days no more sence of humor" sighed Chris.

In the pink hills

"Okay let's start my plan" thought Noah.

"You have 45 minutes to found what you need for the next part of the challenge" explained Chris.

"Dakota wait!" said Noah while running.

Noah wanna team up with Dakota.

"What do you want Noah?" asked Dakota upset.

"Would you like to team up for the challenge?" asked nicely Noah.

"Why would you want to team up with me?" Dakota was surprised.

"I wanna be with you" he smiled.

Dakota looked confused.

Confessional. "I don't know what's happening with Noah but he is acting weird this day, but he asn't been mean yet so why would I be mean to him?" explained Dakota.

"Okay then" she smiled back.

Confessional. "Perfect! Now that I have Dakota's trust I'll use it against her to end up in the finale, and my "I failed in love with you" plan is just starting once i'll have made her fall in love i could manipulate her way more easily, making me winning the game, and i'll finish by throwing all her trust down by breaking everything, even her heart. I'm a genius" Noah put his arms behind is neck.

"Hurry up! You only have 15 minutes left!" yelled Chris.

"I have no freaking idea of what to use" said Josh.

"I think i'm gonna go with a desert" exclamed Dakota

"What about a banana split? I love these ones" said Noah.

"Oh yeah great idea! We'll need some fruits" replied Dakota.

"As for myself I'm going with pasta, it's always good and everyone LOVES it, get it?" smiled Josh.

"Yeah what a joke..Oh I see strawberries, this will be perfect, come on Dakota follow me!" Noah runt into the strawberries direction.

"Wait up!" Dakota started to run, she runt into a rock and fall on the ground.

"Are you okay?" Josh came at her.

"Yeah yeah, I just need to catch Noah up." said Dakota.

"You made a wrong choise by teaming up with him.." told Josh.

"He isn't that bad actually he was pretty nice to me all day." answered back Dakota.

"He is just playing a game trust me." replied Josh.

"How can you be so sure of it?" she asked.

"Remember Drake? How Noah manipulated the strongest player of the show was unbelieveble, i'm sure he is actually trying to manipulate you, maybe he already is." exclamed Josh.


Josh warns Dakota about Noah.

"You've got a point, but i'm sure he isn't triying to play me he is just worried 'cause he knows that if he looses the challenge he will be the one going home." replied Dakota.

"I'm just telling you to take care, 'cause that guy isn't safe.." he warned her and went away.

Dakota sighed

Confessional. "Now that Josh told me this I don't know who to trust anymore" said Dakota.

"You wanna play like this uh? Just you wait underdog.." said madly Noah hidding behind bushes.

15 minutes later

"Dakota where were you? I've been looking for you for hours!" said Noah

"Actually it only as been 15 minutes Noah which means TIME'S UP!" yelled Chris.

"I'm so loosing this stupid challenge, I couldn't find any freaking food!" cried Dakota.

"No no no, don't cry, I founded a bunch of fruits here take some!" Noah gave her some of his fruits.

"You serious?" asked Dakota.

"Yes why wouldn't I be?" told Noah while smiling.

"Come on Interns follow me to the last but not least step of your challenge!" said Chris while walking.

"Good luck" winked Noah.

"Thanks" she blushed.

Dakota and Josh followed Chris.

"Wait" Noah took Josh silently and evily by the arm.

"Let go of me!" yelled Josh.

"Shut it down!" said Noah looking really mad.

Josh stopped to talk.

"The little game you started to play against me, well I have to tell

Noah makes Josh keep his plan about Dakota secret.

i'm impress, but i'm just "warning you" like you say so well, if you come again saying things to that dumb girl about my plans i'll make your life a complete disaster, got it?" said Noah.

"Got it" answered an afraid Josh.

"Great, I knew we could end up thinking the same for once" he let him down and followed Chris.

Josh on the ground touching is arm "You are the devil in person Noah."

"Oh that is so nice from you buddy!" smiled Noah while following the others. In the current forest

"So now that you've got all the ingredients you wanted, let's cook! Here you'll find 3 desk with all the cooking items you could need, okay? 3,2,1 Let's cook!" told Chris.

They all runt at one desk.

"Okay, okay i'm gonna list down all what i need to do, first I'll put my pasta at fire while they will be cooked, i'll start cutting my meat in litte slices, then i'll put some tomatoes at the end with the meat and once everything is done i'll just have to put everything together in a bowl maybe a bowl with the form of an heart to remind the valentine's day touch".

Chris, Dakota and Noah looked at him very surprised.

"WOW" said Chris.


"Finally someone who knows what kitchen is!" Chef started to cry.

"Josh looks like he is pretty strong in kitchen, I dind't knew that, wow.." said Dakota.

"Ugh, why is that dumb idiot into kitchen thingy?! And Chris had to wait the final 3 to make a cooking challenge uh? YOU ALL WANT ME OUT OF THE GAME OR WHAT?! GOSH!" yelled Noah.

"I always liked kitchen, I have to confess, my biggest dream was to compete in Top Chef!" Josh smiled happily.

"I'm gonna put my fruits into the blender so then it'll be easier to make it into an ice cream i'll just have to wait then i cut my banana once the ice cream machine is done I'll put my 3 tastes of ice cream and ta-da!" said Dakot while starting to blend her fruits.


Noah doesn't know what he is actually using.

"I'm gonna do like Flop Chef Josh, so okay what do we have here, hmm... a huge.. spoon?... salt...ugh." sighed Noah


"I told you I don't know anything in kitchen things, it's for women" said Noah.

The camera crew who was a female throw her shoe at Noah's face.

"HEY WATCH OUT!" yelled Noah.

she laughed.

"Let's hurry up guys and the only girl 'cause you only have one hour left." reminded Chris.

"Don't forget to make a dish from your heart, it'll count alot in the judging" said Chef.

"I'm trying my best Chris!" yelled Noah while smilling.

"I hope so, I don't wanna eat something disgusting like Chef's meals" said Chris while laughing.

Chef went away angrily.

"I'll try for you Chris, I mean you diserve something as good as you" told Noah.

"Sucker" coughed Josh.

Noah threw his spoon at him.

"OUCH!" yelled in pain Josh.

"Oh I was about to forget, The contestants who manages to make the best meal, will win immunity and like I told you last day they won't be elimination ceremony because the contestants who wins immunity will be able to bring the contestants of his/her choises with him/her to the finale" explained Chris.

"Oh Wonderfull!" smiled Josh.

"No way!" Noah said angrily "If the loving plan doesn't work I need to make Dakota being so disgusted of Josh that she will choose me because having no other choises" Noah thought.

Josh finished first.

"And finished!" said Josh.

"Didn't you said you were gonna use a heart formed bowl?" asked Noah sarcasticly.

"Oh yeah! I totally forgot!" said Josh while looking for other bowls.

"Then I'll guess you won't need this one anymore" he threw this bowl away.

"Yes you're right" he said still looking for a heart formed bowl.

The bowl gets in Dakota's face making her ice cream end up in the pan.

"Ouch!" she fail on the ground.

"Found it! This bowl is way better you were right throwing the other one was a great idea." said Josh.

"Yeah, I'm gonna continue my cooking, for the one who doesn't know i decided to come up with a fruit salad, it's pretty simple but it's tasty, fresh, healthy and always nice to give a girly touch to your loved one." smiled Noah.


Dakota yelled at Josh.

Dakota stood up angrily, she was wearing the bowl on her head "SO YOU ARE THE ONE WHO THROW THAT STUFF AT ME UGH?!" she yelled

"NO WAY I DIDNT!" yelled Josh.

"You just said you did!" she yelled back at him.

"Yeah I have to agree you said it." said Noah.

"Same mate" added Chris.

"You know what, you tried to make me loose the game uh? Okay fine, It's my turn to warn you now, You'll get what you diserve Josh and it won't be pretty." she yelled at him at continued her meal. Confessional.

"PER-FECT!" Noah said while jumping happily.



"That's the game honey" said Josh smiling being so proud of his dish.

"Okay now let's taste those delicious meals, write your names down to know who made which dish." explained Chris.

They all wrote their name on their dishes.

"Done" said both of them.

"You can go to your cabins now, i'll tell you the results tonight at the dock of shame." said Chris.

They all left at their cabins unless Noah who went fast at Josh's plate and wrote down his name instead.


"I had written Josh name on my lame fruit salad, while writting mine down on his, i'm so winning immunity now!" he said happily.

At the dock of shame.

"Okay interns, we had been discusssing a lot Chef and I, honeslty the 3 dishes was very tasty, I had been surprised because I didn't knew you guys will end up doing that well" said Chris.

"Thank you" smiled Josh.

Dakota and Noah glared at him.

"But we had to choose and one meal was at first when we saw it strange but finally it surprised both Chef and I and we had to congrats the contestants for this brilliant idea!" continued Chris.

"The dish we choosed is, the hot and cold banana split, the idea of making the ice creams melt just a little with the banana and the peanuts was such a great idea Dakota that gave a new taste to this desert and we love it!" Chef clapped in his hands.

"WHAT?!" both Noah and Josh yelled.

"Oh really, well thanks!" smiled Dakota.

"This is impossible mine was way better, she didn't done it it's because I threw this bowl at her that made her burn everything!" yelled Josh.

"AH AH! SO YOU ADMIT IT WAS YOU!" said Dakota.

"NO, no it's not what I meant I-

Chris interrupted him.

"So who are you bringing to the finale with you Dakota? asked Chris.

"The answer is pretty predictable, since I have no other choises left I'm bringing Noah against me." said Dakota.

"I'm sorry Josh it's time for you to leave." said Chris.



"Really, leaving now the game is such a shame, plus i'm leaving on the challenge I was sure to win, It's just so sad" he started to cry "I guess their is no chances for the underdog to win in Total Drama, other than that I've made good friends and I won't regret to have participated in this game, I hope i'll have better luck next time in life." he said while having tears crowling down his eyes.

"Good bye Josh" smiled Dakota.

"Bye." he went away.

"Good bye buddy" Noah hugged him and whispered quietly "Thanks for the place in finale man" he laughed.

Josh sadly walks down the walk of shame.

Josh walked down the Dock of shame sadly.

"WAIT!" yelled Dakota.

He turned arround "yes?"

"Even if you I didn't brought you to the finale because of what you done I just wanted to tell you, If you didn't made this I would have choosed you really, you have been so nice and I wish we could have been friends like you've been with Blake and Shane." said Dakota.

"Really you aren't mad at me?" he asked.

"No way" she hugged him.

he hugged her back "thanks bye, I hope you'll win." said Josh.

"Thanks oh and before you go" Dakota came at him and she kissed him on the lips "Bye Josh." she blushed.


Chapter Six - Anything Could Happen

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns, last time was maybe one of our most dramatic episode of the season.

Noah wanted to manipulate both Dakota and Josh but  he ended up working with the former Daddy's girl, Josh tried to warn Dakota about Noah's plan, but failed, as Noah discovered what Josh had tried to do, he then warned him that he'll pay for this by making is life a nightmare, in the end, by manipulating Dakota's feeling Noah got his revenge and Josh's worst nightmare became true, he has to walk down the walk of shame, being eliminated from the competition.

In a final twist, Dakota who had suffered from a lot of emotions threw this episode revealed us that she felt something for the underdog and kissed him before he went home, Today will be be the shortest episode ever, why? Stay here and all your questions will be answered" introduced Chris.

Dakota and Noah were waiting on the dock.

Noah and Dakota waiting on the dock.

"I wonder what Chris meant by " a special annoucment?" wondered Dakota.

"Maybe just reminding us one more time that we are in finale and that i'll be the one winning" replied sarcasticly Noah while mocking Dakota.

Chris came behind them, "I'm not going to remind it another time since my special annoucment is something else, way more important" said Chris.

"What is it? A hint on the final challenge?" asked Dakota

"No. After Josh's elimination, your new boyfriend told Chef, while being driving home, he was at least happy that Chef and I liked "his" pasta, but Chef didn't understood why Josh said pasta since when we judged the dishes the plate with Josh names on it was the fruit salade, so we decided to rewatch the entire episode to see where the problem was."

Confessional. "OH NO!" yelled Noah

"What was the problem then?" asked Dakota.

"During the challenge, just before judging, Noah switched his name and Josh's on their dishes making us think he done the pasta and that Josh made the fruit salad, first we laughed because it was a pretty good idea Noah." winked Chris.

"Oh thanks, I know i'm such a genius." said Noah satisfied.

"Wait what? you cheated!" added Dakota.

"This is then what we thought, Chef told me what if we choosed the pasta, because it was really amazing and we discussed a lot between your plate and his, but what if we choosed the pasta, that would have meant Noah would have won immunity when it should have been for Josh, so like we can't make Josh come back because after he had been eliminated he has been selected to compete in the new season of Top Chef France,

Noah is disqualified.

so by his contracts he can't compete in an other tv show or would be immiediatly eliminated, so i'm sorry to tell you this Noah you are disqualified!" explained Chris.

"WHAT?! NO WAY WHY IT'S UNFAIR NO!" Noah went down on his knees.

"I know it isn't fair 'cause that would make Dakota win by forfait so to make things more regular and still have a finale with 2 finalist, because today was actually supposed to be the finale, The production and I decided that Noah could choose anyone he wants to compete at his place against Dakota." exclamed Chris.

"So this means I'm gonna have to battle against one of the eliminated contestants except Josh?" said Dakota.

"Not really, Noah is gonna choose someone who isn't from the cast that hasn't been in any TV shows to make in more fair for you, who are you choosing Noah?" asked Chris.

Noah stood up "I completely hate this decission but I'd like more making someone I know winning then Dakota, so I'm gonna choose my brother Wolfe!" declared Noah.

Wolfe is revealed.

"Thanks, I should've trusted Josh before and voted you off, you liar, beating your brother won't be this hard he must be as bad as you" added Dakota.

"Well there he is" yelled Chris as he showed Wolfe to her.

"Hey, honey" said Wolfe, a very strong man.

Confessional. "I shouldn't have talked this fast, he is like so strong way more than Noah, i'm so loosing this finale now, great.." said Dakota.


Chapter Seven - Race To The Fame "Finale"



"Previously on Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns, well, let's just see a recap..." said Chris


"During the challenge, just before judging, Noah switched his name and Josh's on their dishes making us think he done the pasta and that Josh made the fruit salad, first we laughed because it was a pretty good idea Noah." winked Chris.

"Oh thanks, I know i'm such a genius." said Noah satisfied.

"Wait what? you cheated!" added Dakota.


"i'm sorry to tell you this Noah you are disqualified!" explained Chris.

"because today was actually supposed to be the finale, The production and I decided that Noah could choose anyone he wants to compete at his place against Dakota." exclamed Chris.


Wolfe and Dakota in the recap.

Noah stood up "I completely hate this decission but I'd like more making someone I know winning then Dakota, so I'm gonna choose my brother Wolfe!" declared Noah.

Confessional. "I shouldn't have talked this fast, he is like so strong way more than Noah, i'm so loosing this finale now, great.." said Dakota.



"What now?" Dakota asked

"Since it's almost going be 07:00 p.m we are gonna let you sleep a bit before tomorow big finale, we will meet at the stage tomorow." Chris said.

"What about me?" asked Noah.

"Chef will drive you home in a minute." replied Chris.

Dakota and Wolfe were walking to the cabins.

"Well looks like it's going to be my first and last night here, uh?" said Wolfe triying to make Dakota smile.

"Yeah.. I just hope Josh will be able to come tomorow, Emma as well, I need to apologize to her." sighed Dakota.

"Hmm ok, aha well have a good night!" told Wolfe.

"night." replied Dakota and went into her cabin.

Confessional. "Looks like Dakota, isn't that happy i'm here..." added Wolfe.

The morning after.

(in a speaker box) "Dakota and Wolfe, I'm reminding you to meet me at the stage in 5 minutes and I wish you both good luck for this final challenge which won't be that easy, also make sure to wore your fanciest clothes!" exclamed Chris.

"Make sure to be super fancy in only 5 minutes, typical Chris." sarcasticly said Dakota.

At the stage.

"Welcome finalist, First of all, wow you both look very stunning in those clothes" complimented Chris.

"Thank you!" smiled Wolfe.

"Thanks, It's great to hear some nice words from you sometimes.." thanked Dakota

"Anyway, I also wanted to congrats you both for still being here, even if it wasn't that hard for you Wolfe." laughed Chris.

"I'd like to say, I just have luck in life." smiled Wolfe.

"what a luck.." added Dakota.

"I'm very pleased to see you both, but today I guess they are the one who are surely the most pleased to see you it-


Chris introduces the peanut gallery.

Dakota interrupted Chris " The eliminated contestants?" asked Dakota in joy.

"YES! OUR PEANUT GALLERY!" yelled Chris "Let's welcome back, the shortie also known as pony-head, Emma!, The first one to have been eliminated  this season Blake! A very talented cook and Dakota's boyfriend Josh! Our little chubby intern Shane! The most evil guy of the game before Noah entered Drake! and The former finalist who cheated Noah!

"No need to remind me this Chris.." added Noah.

"Are the finalist happy to see those loosers back?" asked Chris.

"Yes! Josh I love you, and Emma i'm so sorry, I wanted to apologize for everything!" apologized Dakota

"Me too, make sure you win!" cheered Josh.

"It's fine, i'm not mad at you" smiled Emma.

"What about you Wolfe, are you happy?" asked Chris.

"Well, other than Noah, I do not know anyone else so i'll guess i'm happy to see my brother." answered Wolfe.

"You should be." added Noah.

"So, before we start the challenge, I just wanted to ask Josh, how is going that Top Chef competition in France?" wondered Chris.

"I can't really tell, it will be spoiling but, what I can say is that i'm still competiting and thanks to Total Drama: Revenge Of The Interns which made me known, the french show will air soon in the US and Canada, so you will be able to see me on T.V again." explained Josh.

"Great, okay now, I'm just gonna ask the peanut gallery to raises their hand if they wanna see Wolfe winning" asked Chris.

Noah and Drake raised their hands.

"I'm only rooting for Wolfe due to not wanting Dakota to win" added Drake.

"Now who wanna see Dakota winning?"

Emma, Blake, Josh and Shane raised their hands.

"So you guys will be both on Team Wolfe and you guys on Team Dakota" told Chris.

"What about those teams?" asked Blake.

"This is simple,two helpers from each team will participate in the challenge that will be in 3 parts, and in each part a helper will compete to then let the contestant he supports achieve the last part, it's a sort of relay race, got it?" explained Chris.

"Oh yeah, it's clear now" answered Blake.

"As for having only two supporters on his team, Noah and Drake will be Wolfe helpers, as for Dakota i'm letting Wolfe choose who her helpers will be, Wolfe?" asked Chris.

"Why aren't you letting Dakota choose her own helpers, wouldn't it be more fair?" added Josh

"Yes!" exclamed Dakota "Thanks Josh" she blushed.

"It wouldn't be fair for Wolfe either, he just entered and this is his very first challenge compared to Dakota who have achieved a lot already,  so he gets the right to choise." replied Chris. "Who do you choose then?" asked again Chris.

"I'm gonna choose Shane and Emma, It's not to be mean or anything, I just don't want to have too much competition against me, knowing Dakota already has already alot of experience in TD challenges." exclamed Wolfe.

"As If! You picked the weakest member of her supporters team only to make her loose!" yelled Josh.

Emma and Shane glared at Josh.

"No offense" smiled shily Josh.

Confessional. "Why does everyone thinks I am mean? It's not because Noah is evil that I have to be as well, brothers are always very different, don't forget this."

In the forest, in front of muds.

"There will be the first part of this finale challenge, in those muds are hidden two keys, they will be helpfull for the second part of the challenge,

Shane drowns slowly.

the helpers you called first, meaning, Shane and Noah will have to go into the muds and try to found their key, Dakota and Wolfe you won't be able to help them, they will have to do everything on their own. Ready, set, go!" told Chris, a gun shot can be heard.

"Let's do this!" Shane jumped into the mud and started to drown slowly "Not how I wanted to go but meh.."

"Hang on tight Shane" Dakota took a wood stick "I'll help you out"

"Na-na-na, remember the rules, the helpers have to achieve the challenge on their own, they are helping you, you aren't helping them." Chris reminded this to Dakota.

"Okay then." sighed Dakota as she threw the stick away.

"Ouch" Noah got hit in the eye by Dakota's stick causing him to fall into the muds.

"Noah, you okay?!" yelled in fear Wolfe.

"I guess he drowned, too bad.." laughed evily Drake.

"Hey, stop being mean to him!" retold Wolfe.

"I'm sorry to tell you this but it is actually what your brother has been all season with everyone out there." said Emma.

Confessional. "Wow, does everyone hates Noah?" questionned Wolfe.

"AAAGH" Noah got back from the muds "Here take your stupid key" he threw the key at Wolfe's knees.

"Wolfe is in the lead, running to the second part of the challenge." exclamed Chris.

"Hurry Shane!" said Dakota.

"I'm doing my best" replied Shane.

"Look, isn't that the key?!" showed Emma.

"She's right! Next to those rocks I can see something shinning under the muds" added Josh.

"Thanks Emma" Dakota smiled at her.

"Okay" Shane took his breathe and swam under the rocks.

"I hope he is gonna find it soon, Wolfe as already started the second part of the challenge." added Josh.

Skiping to Wolfe.

"So what I have to do is to crush down the snowmans by throwing snowballs to found the box which is hidden in one of them?" asked Drake.


"Calm down, ASHLEY." said Drake while throwing snowballs at the snowmans.

"Don't ever call me that again." warned Noah.

"Wait your full name is Noah Ashley Middleton?" Chris started to laugh.

Confessional."I really hope that Wolfe wins! I wanna be done with this stupid show!" yelled Noah.

back to Dakota.

"HURRY SHANE" yelled in fear Dakota.

"Got it!" Shane came back from under the muds. "Take it and run!" he threw the key at her.

"Yes!" Dakota grabbed the key and runt to the second part of the challenge.

Emma, Josh and Blake followed her.

"HEY IS ANYONE GONNA HELP ME?!" yelled Shane being left over in the muds.

"Dakota is finally here!" said Chris.

"What do I have to do?" asked Emma.

"You have to crush down the snowmans by throwing snowballs to found the box you wanna open, which is hidden in one of them". explained Chris.

"Okay let's go!" Emma started to throw snowballs.

"Go Emma!" cheered Dakota and Josh.

"Where is Shane?" asked Blake.

"Here!" he yelled being covered in muds "Thanks for helping me."

"Sorry buddy" said Blake.

"You should try to throw them in the head i'm sure it's where they hide the boxes!" told Wolfe.

"As if" said Drake while throwing the snowballs in the middle of the snowmans.

"YEAH I FOUNDED THE BOX! " said Emma while running to get it.


"Hmm are you okay?" asked Noah.

"Yes.." said Wolfe.

Confessional. "Am I turning mean? No way, I can't be" wondered Wolfe.

"AND DRAKE FOUNDS THE BOX, Wolfe and Dakota are back to being tied." exlams Chris.

"What no?" said Dakota while running. "We need to retake the lead."

She stoped to run. "What the hell is this?!" she looked at the huge tower who was standing in front of them.

"This is the final part of the finale challenge, now that you both got the key and the box, you can open them to see what's inside." told Chris.

They both opened " It's a CD?" they both wondered.

"Yes! This CD is more a DVD of the show that you'll be hosting it's a promo that once you'll put it on the DVD player will play itself." explained Chris.

"But where is that DVD Player?" asked Shane.

"On the top of the tower!" said Chris.

"I'm not gonna climb that" told Drake.

"Me neither, not that I'm afraid of anything but no way." added Noah.

"You won't for this final part, Dakota and Wolfe will have to complete this challenge on their own." said Chris.

"It's very dangerous!" exclamed Josh.

"Don't worry Chef tested this challenge and he is good, right Chef?" asked Chris

"Yeah.." said Chef in a wheel chair.

"Take care and please don't fall" said Josh to Dakota.

"Thanks I'll try to remind the don't fall part.." replied Dakota while climbing.

"Wait no it's not what i meant!" yelled Josh.

"It's okay man." said Blake.

"I'm a terrible boyfriend. added Josh.

"Go Wolfe! You have to win this freaking challenge I haven't been covered in mud for nothing!" yelled Noah.

"Yeah yeah, stop talking!" yelled Wolfe while climbing slowly.

"It is very high gosh, I hope everything will be okay, it must be a shame if you are afraid of heights" said Emma on purpuse.

"Shut it!" yelled in fear Wolfe.

Confessional. "I have to say this was the worst moment of my life" said Wolfe.

Dakota wasn't that far from reaching the top, Wolfe was far behind her. "Stop moving like this you are gonna make us fall" said Dakota.

"It's not my fault I'm afraid" said Wolfe in fear.

"You know you can stop if you want, that will be more easy for me and you are a nice guy no?" told Dakota.

"Yeah I am!" said Wolfe.

"Well good friends always let pass their friends first." added Dakota

"You mean i'm your friend?" Wolfe asked.


"Wait! you didn't" Wolfe started to be angry.

"See you later, looser" Dakota started to climb faster she managed to reach the top she looked into her pocket "What no!" she yelled.

"Why don't you put the CD inside the DVD player?!" yelled Josh.

"I DONT HAVE THE CD!" yelled back Dakota.

"WHO HAS THE CD THEN?!" yelled Josh.

"Hmm me aha" Emma showed the CD "Oops" she felt guilty.

"AAGH EMMA! Okay i'm comming to get it" she climbed down the tower.

"Wolfe this is your chance hurry!" yelled Noah.

"I can't go faster" he climbed slowly has Dakota already got back on the tower with her CD.

"You can do it! I believe in yourself!" yelled Noah.

"Go Dakota!" cheered her team.

They both started to climb faster Dakota got back in the lead. "I shouldn't have said you were strong you are weak, like your brother." said Dakota while climbing.

"I AM NOT LIKE NOAH!" yelled Wolfe he started to go faster.

"Oh and Wolfe retakes the lead!" exclamed Chris "Will he manage to be first?!"

"I CAN DO IT! "Wolfe got on the top of the tower, he took his CD and insered it in the DVD player.

"NO!" Dakota threw her CD at Wolfe.

"AAGH" making him fall on his knees and the two CDs being on the ground.

"Welcome back" Dakota was also on top of the tower now.

"Oh what a twist! they are tied again! This finale is making me stressed!" yelled Chris.

"You can do it Dakota!" yelled Emma.

"GO WOLFE, GO WOLFE" cheered Drake and Noah.

They both took their CD and threw them into the DVD player, the CD's where flotting in the air and Dakota's CD's entered first into the DVD player.

"AND THE WINNER IS!" as the promo played Chris said "Dakota!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! YOU'VE MADE IT!"

"Yes! I've made it I'm the first female to win TOTAL DRAMA!!!" Dakota cheered.

"That's my girlfriend!" cheered Josh.

"Congratulation! you've been a good adversaries" said Wolfe.

"Thanks, you actually are a really nice guy" replied Dakota.

"Thank you, Noah is surely gonna kill me but would you like to be friends?" aked Wolfe

"Sure." she smiled at him.

"I Love you Dakota" Josh blew kisses at her.

"I love you more!" she took his kiss.

"Gongratulations to Dakota again, as you saw you'll be hosting a new show called Teenage Adventures, are you glad?" asked Chris.

"Of course I am!" yelled in joy Dakota.

"I'm glad you won but now that you are a host we won't see us until a long time" said Emma.

"And Josh is gonna compete in that cooking competition so we won't see him as well" added Shane.

"It's okay guys at least we are all together now" she hugged both of her team members.

"Once we get home we are gonna talk of this." angrily said Noah to Wolfe.

"Well that's it, thanks for being that much to follow this show, we might come back with a new season, but I'm still unsure about that, see you guys next time! THUS HAS BEEN TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE INTERNS!" Chris ended.

 THE END. (more pictures will be added soon)

Elimination Chart

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Place Contestant Ep 01 Ep 02 Ep 03 Ep 04 Ep 05 Ep 065

Ep 07



Safe Safe Safe Win Win IN WINNER


enters in Episode 06 IN RUNNER-UP


enters in Ep3 Win2 Safe Safe DA


Safe IN Safe IN Out


Safe IN Safe Out3


Win1 Win Out


Safe Out




1: Drake's reward for winning the challenge was to pick who was eliminated. Therefore, there was no bottom two and Blake was eliminated.

2: Noah's reward for winning the challenge was to pick who was eliminated. Therefore, there was no bottom two and Drake was eliminated.

3: Roxane and Emma lost the first challenge and by doing that they had been eliminated since the start without knowing it.

4: Wolfe entered the game to replace Noah due to cheating in the last challenge.

5: This episode was actually supposed to be the finale but it as been shortened and the finale as been moved to another episode.

Color Significance

     BOY: This contestant is a male.

     GIRL: This contestant is a female.

     WIN: Won individual challenge.

     IN: Had their name called at the Campfire Ceremony.

     SAFE: Received the final flower colar(s) at the Campfire Ceremony.

     OUT: Voted out in this episode.

     DA: This contestant has been disqualified.

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