Total Drama: Seasons

Best Season ever!

Picture is by: The Amazing Tdwtwins



Courtney - TDI, TDA, TDA, TDAS


Sierra - TDWT, TDAS

Anne Maria - TDROTI


Jacky - TD: LCA

Diem - TD: LCA

Chloe - TD: S

Anna - TD: S

Kalani - TD: S

Jocelyn - TD: S

Episode 1-5 Teams

Returning Rabbits

Fresh Frogs

Episode 6-8 Teams

Cool Cameras

Awesome Actors:

Theme Song (Shortened)


a camera pops out of a tree. Another out of a plane, and goes down the fake hill from Total Drama Action.

Tell mom and dad I'm doing fine (On island, inside cabins)

Heather and Jo are seen arguing.

You guys are on my mind (In Hawaii, plane from world tour is in the background)

Courtney and Gwen are trying to get through Sierra, who is trying to stop their fighting.

You asked me what I wanted to be (At the pirate ship from the season finale of Total Drama Action)

Jacky and Diem whisper, but Chloe comes and takes pictures like a wacko.

And now I think the answer is plain to see (In New York on the Statue Of Liberty)

Anna accidentally falls on Jocelyn, and Jocelyn falls off the statue into the water.

I wanna beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee famous (At the dock on Wawanakwa Island)

Kalani looks at Anne Maria, who is spraying hair spray in her hair.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous (They sit on the seats from the plane, the background is the island, and they are holding gilded Gilded Chris Awards)

Jo pulls Heathers hair, so Heather punches Jo.

Whistle x2

Jacky whispers to Diem, but Chloe pops up again.

Episode 1: Total Drama Returns 

Chris: Last season on Total Drama, the original cast of favorites came back for another season, trying to get the billion. In the end, Bridgette won, and Heather some how made it in second. Now, we have brought back 6 dramatic girls, and 6 girls you've never met, except for Jacky and Diem! They are our first contestants!

Jacky: I'm here at Wawanakwa!

Jacky (CONF) I was not going to make it due to the Deadly Drama: Season 2. But, it ended and I am back! (CONF)

Diem: Jacky!

Jacky: Diem?

Diem: I-I-I have not seen you in forever!

Jacky: Neither have I!

Chris: Blah blah blah. Next is our fun Hawaiian sweetheart: Kalani!

Kalani: Its really nice to be here. I hope a volcano doesn't erupt, killing my family!

Jacky: Nice to meet you!

Chris: Next is Jocelyn!

Jocelyn: Hi everyone! I'm strong enough for my team to win!

Kalani: What are the teams?

Chris: Wait! Next is Anna!

Anna: Hey everyone!

Diem: Wow. You are beautiful.

Anna: Really?

Diem: Yes.

Chris: Last person on this team is...Chloe!

Chloe: Where is the main cast? I have to meet them.

Chris: Only some are coming. Like Heather or Jo.

Jo: Heather is not here today. She was already in like 5 seasons!

Heather: I am back!

Kalani: She competed in too many season, Chris.

Chris: She causes drama. What can I say?

Jacky: Seriously?

Diem: I know, right!

Heather: Oh, shut up. You can complain all you want! I am winning.

Anne Maria: You dont need to win. You won once already!

Heather: Look! She has a rock on her head!

Anne Maria: Do not talk about my hair like that!

Heather: Oh no! Hahahahaha.

Chris: Next is Sierra, Courtney, and Gwen!

Courtney: Just shut up!

Gwen: I will not work with you!

Courtney: I never said you did!

Sierra: We have bigger problems! Cody is missing.

Gwen: He isn't in this season.

Chris: The teams are returning rabbits and fresh frogs!

Heather: I am on Courtney and Gwen's team again? You did that in World Tour.

Chris: Hey. You caused drama.

Heather: UGGGGG!

Chris: Your first challenge is to go to you cabins.

Sierra: Why?

Chris: Just go.

Returning Rabbits:

Sierra: Lets not talk.

Heather: Why.

Sierra: You and Jo will fight and Gwen and Courtney will fight.

Gwen: Cheater!

Courtney: I made a TINY lie!

Gwen: TINY!? You cheated me out!

Jo: calm down!

Heather: That is it! I am getting out of here! *tries to open door* Its locked!

Jo: You are too boney. Let me try! *Tries to open door* CHHHRRRRIIIIISSSSSSSS!

Gwen: This must be the challenge!

Jo: ok. Team! Let's get out!

Heather: Sorry Jo, but the team agrees with me for being the team leader.

Jo: No they dont! Right guys?

Anne Maria: We don't have time for these games. I got a million bucks to win for some new hairspray! 

Gwen: How can I work with a loser like Courtney?

Courtney: At least I didn't cheat on your boyfriend!

Sierra: I WANT CODY!!!!!!!

Heather: This team is a disaster!

Fresh Frogs:

Jacky: I hear screaming.

Anna: Its the girls. Their fighting!

Diem: Lets find out whats going on. *Tries to open door* Its locked. It must be a part of the challenge. We have to escape!

Jocelyn: Maybe we need to...


Jacky: Chloe, stop eating candy and help us!

Kalani: I think she's having a sugar rush.

Diem: Jocelyn, try to get through that top window. *Points up*

Jocelyn: Ok!

Anna: You can't possibly choose her to do it!

Diem: Let her do it.

Kalani: We we could make a tower. In Hawaii, we made a tower with people. It went pretty high.

Chloe: Oh! Good idea! I will go on the bottom!

Jacky: We got this!

Returning Rabbits:

Heather: We could be working if it wasn't for Courtney and Gwen.

Jo: Heather, how about there is no team leader.

Heather: Good Idea.

Jo (CONF) Wow! She fell for it! Now I just have to make an alliance with the team and vote her off! (CONF)

Heather (CONF) Nice try Jo. You are practically stealing my tricks. You dont know whats coming. (CONF)

Fresh Frogs:

Jacky: Almost there!

Chloe: Jocelyn, can you climb to the top of the tower?

Jocelyn: Sure! *Climbs* I won! *Opens window and jumps down.

Chris: You have to het your whole team out. 

Jocelyn: I will use a branch! *Grabs branch* Guys! Let me pull you up on this branch! *Pulls up*

Chris: The Fresh Frogs win!


Chris: If I dont call your name, go to the dock of shame. First, Sierra, then Jo. Then Heather, And









































Gwen: What! She cheated!

Courtney: Well, the team thought otherwise!

Gwen: Bye! I HATE YOU ALL!

Chris: Well, our first episode was a hit! And Gwen left. Come next time for Total Drama: Seasons!


Gwen: I think Courtney should have been eliminated. She is way more rude, and Heather and Sierra hate her. How can this be? Well, I guess this isn't my season.

Episode 2: Food Fest

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, The teams met up, and the fighting began. Sierra calmed down the Rabbits, while Chloe made things worse than they needed to be. But,  the Frogs suvived and won. Shocker, considering Heather has been in 5 SEASONS! Jeeze. Anyways, it was between the girls that wouldn't quit it. Gwen and Courtney. And Gwen left. Courtney is confident. Heather and Jo are playing each other. The frogs get along well. That will all end on this epiosde of Total Drama: Seasons!


Chloe: Can you believe we won? This is going on for sure!

Jacky: Is that your website?

Chloe: Of coarse silly!

Jocelyn: Well what do you do on it?

Anna: Yeah.

Chloe: Well...I blog.

Kalani: Blog? Its that killing frogs and bears? They are my friends!

Diem: What?

Chloe: Listen, silly. A blog is a story about your day or week on the internet.

Kalani: Why would you go into a net?

Anna: Do you have updated technology in Hawaii.

Kalani: Not in my area.

Jacky: Now it makes sense!


Heather: Jo, lets talk.

Jo: about what BFF?

Heather: I know your little plan. It isn't working sweetie!

Jo: Plan? What plan?

Heather: After being in 5 seasons, I have experience.

Jo: What?

Heather: You are playing me! Well, you thought you were!

Jo: Uhggghhh!

Anne Maria: You wanna shut it?

Sierra: Yeah! We have a Cody to find!

Courtney: He isn't here ding bat! Just like Gwen.

Sierra: Oh I will get you for that Courtney!

Sierra: Conf I know Cody isn't here. I need to beat Courtney this season, so I'm only playing her, because the others already know when I told them last night! Conf


Chris: Hello guys. This is one of our last days on Wawanakwa! So, going back to season 1, we will eat food!

Chloe: Hope we get good dessert!

Courtney: Conf I can't tell who is crazier. Sierra or Chloe? Conf

Chris: Our first dish is Fish!

Anna: That's not that bad.

Chris: But it will have toe nails and fly legs stuffed in it!


Chris: Ok. Which ever team finishes first wins! Go!


Anne Maria: I would rather not.

Heather: Fine. I will. *BITES* 

Jo: Oh no! *BITES*

Courtney: I wish Bridgette was here! She seemed to make it better last time.

Heather: Don't speak of her!

Sierra: For Cody! *BITES*

Chris: Rabbits have 3!


Chloe: Can I get a bit of Sugar?

Chef: No!

Chloe: Well, my mother always told me I have to eat dinner before I eat dessert so *BITES*

Anna: Ewww! It smells like Jo's socks!

Heather: Nice one!

Kalani: Mmmm! *BITES* Yum! I ate flys and fish all the time!

Jocelyn: remember? Toe nails!

Kalani: I just swallowed it! EWWWWWWWWWW!

Jacky: No!

Diem: Im a fighter! *BITES* ew! Its okay. Its gone!

Chris: So Jacky, you cant participate.

Jacky: Why?

There is only 5 people on 1 team and 6 on the other, you wont be in the challenge.

Jacky: Thank you!

Chloe: Where is my dessert?

Chef: there aint no dessert!

Chloe: I was promissed a dessert!

Chef: No, crazy lady!

Chloe: I WANT DESSERT! *Charges at Chef*

Chef: *Falls over*

Chris: HEY! Rabbits automatically go to elimination for fighting, but Chloe. That was awesome!


Chris: If I dont call your name, you arent safe. First: Anna, Jocelyn, Diem, and Kalani. Jacky, you had votes because you didn't have to do the challenge, but Chloe is at stake because she caused the team to go to elimination. The last person safe is...










































Chloe: Yay! Im going home and blogging about my time, and I will finally get sugar!

Jacky: Sorry.

Chloe: I guess it had to happen and I'm happy!

Chris: This is strange, but she wants to go home! See us next time for more drama on Total Drama: Seasons!

Boat 2:

Chloe: When I get home, I will blog about everything that happened! Too bad I didnt make it much further. But now I can eat as much sugar as I want!

Episode 3: Contestant Craze Maze

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, the teams went into a disgusting war of food, and they didn't like it. Chloe freaked out on Chef, while Jacky didn't need to do the challenge. But, before the 2nd round, I had to disqualify the Frogs because Chloe's little fight with Chef, that sent her home. Now on this episode, the Rabbits act weird around Courtney, and she becomes suspicious, while Jacky and Diem think that Anna is cheating, but why? Find out right now on Total Drama: Seasons!


Anne Maria: I can't believe I didn't have to do it, and Heather had to do it twice!

Heather: It's ok. It shows you I'm not scared around anyone like you, Spray Lady.

Anne Maria: Ohhh. Soooo affensive.

Sierra: Ok guys. Dont tell Courtney the thing.

Heather: It's been 2 days and we haven't said a thing.

Jo: Yeah!

Courtney: *Walks out bathroom* Hey guys, so I think this team needs a leader!

Sierra: What are you proposing?

Courtney: I wanna be the team leader!

Sierra: Uhh sure! You can be the team leader.

Heather: Yeah!

Courtney: Conf Whats up with Heather? And Sierra like hates me. Something is up. Conf


Jacky: Why would someone vote for me?

Diem: Jacky, its ok.

Anna: It wasnt me.

Jacky: Why would you say that?

Anna: Huh?

Jacky: Now you're a suspect.

Anna: Jacky, I didn't vote you!

Kalani: Ok! Calm down!

Anna: Calm down? Shes accusing me of something I didnt do!

Diem: Jacky is just worried.

Jocelyn: Diem, I dont think you just somehow understand how people feel.

Jacky: Dont drag her into this. 

Anna: Into what?

Jacky: *Sighs* Nothing.

Jacky: Conf I am being a little over dramatic, but I do it for the show, you know? Conf

Anna: Conf I think that Jacky and Diem know each other too well. She is acting as if I am the villain! Conf


Chris: As you can see, there is a corn maze set up. You and who ever you are going with will go through the maze. The team with the all of the people at the finish first wins.

Heather: Sierra! Come with me!

Sierra: Sure!

Heather: Conf Sierra is actually the only one I can trust, since she didn't play me and I didn't play her. Conf

Kalani: Anna, lets go!

Anna: Ok!

Jacky: Diem?

Diem: Sure!

Anna Maria: Yo Courtney! Come with me!

Courtney: Um ok!

Jocelyn; I dont have a partner!

Jo: Neither do I!

Chris: You 2 are paired up then.

Heather and Sierra:

Heather: We need an alliance!

Sierra: I guess so. I need someone to back me up.

Heather: Ok.

Sierra: Right or left?

Heather: Stay on the left wall. It will get us there at some point.

Kalani and Anna:

Anna: I hope Jacky will forgive me.

Kalani: For what?

Anna: She thinks I voted her.

Kalani: Well, you didn't. Jocelyn did.

Anna: What?

Kalani: Yeah.

Anna: I have to tell Jacky!

Kalani: Jocelyn stood up for you, so you dont want to ruin your friendship.

Anna: I guess not.

Kalani: Besides, Jacky already has Diem. She doesnt need you.

Anna: Good.

Jacky and Diem:

Diem: You know Jocelyn voted you, right?

Jacky: What? Why?

Diem: She did it as a joke.

Jacky: Why didn't you tell me?

Diem: Because I didn't want to in front of her.

Jacky: I guess that Anna really wasn't the one that voted me.

Diem: If I were you, I would feel guilty.

Jacky: Wow. That makes me feel-Is that Chris?

Diem: We made it back!

Courtney and Anne Maria:

Courtney: Anne Maria, whats going on?

Anne: Huh?

Courtney: Why was Heather nice to me?

Anne: Uhhhh.

Courtney: So there is something!

Anne: Uhhh...yes. Sierra is trying to act like she wants Cody so bad, because she wants to fool you.

Courtney: Vote her out with me!

Anne: Fine!

Jocelyn and Jo:

Jo: Soooo...

Jocelyn: How is your team?

Jo: I hate it.

Jocelyn: Haha. Mine isn't so perfect either, but you guys have been together before, so you are likely fight.

Jo: You seem nice and athletic. I would rather have you on a team.

Chris: Ok! The winners are the Frogs since some of their team got here in the time limit!


Chris: Blah blah blah. You all know the drill. First, Heather, Anne Maria, and Jo. The last person safe is...





































Sierra: What? How is it me?

Courtney: A sweet thing called revenge!

Jo: Sorry...not!

Sierra: Uggg! I will get you back!

Chris: Wow. Those ladies battled to the death! Too bad Sierra left. Nice girl, but she isnt the villain type. Come next time for more drama on Total Drama: Seasons!

Boat 3:

This is weird, but the only person I want to win is Heather. She hasn't been very mean this season. It is Courtney! She will pay. I swear!

Episode 4: Road To The Set

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, Courtney got suspicious about the Rabbits, and Jacky accused Anna of something she didnt do. The contestants were timed to get through a maze, but only 2 Frogs made it and 0 Rabbits, causing them to go to elimination. Courtney, Anna Maria, and Jo voted for Sierra, who was furious about Anne Maria. But who did Heather vote for? Find out now on Total Drama: Seasons!


Heather: Great. You guys got the only trustworthy person out of the game.

Courtney: Trustworthy?

Anne: Yeah. How was she trustworthy?

Heather: I wouldn't talk. You were the one that told the lie. Thats why I voted for Courtney.

Courtney: Its nothing new.

Jo: I didn't tell. I just voted.

Heather: How can I trust any of you?

Courtney: Good one! 

Heather: Gwen should have stayed. She didn't care about Sierra.

Courtney: Neither do I!

Heather: Then you shouldn't have voted her off.


Jacky: Anna, I'm sorry.

Anna: You can say sorry, but I cant trust you. If you cant trust me, I cant trust you.

Kalani: Jacky, you shouldnt have blamed her, because you didn't know if it was her.

Diem: Guys, leave Ja-

Jocelyn: Jacky took the last hot dog, Diem. That hurts us.

Kalani: Not that! Diem, just because Jacky is your best friend, doesnt mean she will always be right.

Diem: Listen, we need to get along if we will win. Anna. Say sorry to Jacky and everything wil-


Diem: Ok. Jacky say sorry.

Jacky: I did.

Anna: Well, I cant forgive you until you can prove it.


Chris: Your time on the island has ended, for now. You must take a canoe to get to the set from Total Drama Action! Each team has a canoe, but since the Frogs won last night, they get a motor on their boat.

Frogs: Yeah!

Rabbits: Awww!

Chris: Go!


Anna: I can drive!

Jacky: No! I can drive!

Anna: Fine!

Kalani: Conf This is really starting to get me mad. I dont want to deal with this anymore! Conf

Jocelyn: Go! Drive!

  • Engine starts*


Jo: Come on! Hurry! Hurry!

Heather: If I could have a little help! *Paddles*

Anne: Hey. You need to stop witht the attitude!

Courtney: Yeah!

Anne: She isn't the only one!

Heather: Oh shut up and paddle.


Anna: Where is the stupid set?

Jacky: I dont know!

Diem: Just keep looking ahead!

Jocelyn: So east?

Diem: Huh?

Jocelyn: This map says to go east, and it has a compass on it!

Diem: Woah! We passed it! We went west!


Heather: I see something!

Anne: Thats a building!

Courtney: We are almost there!


Diem: I hear Heather.

Jacky: They are probably lost and scared!


Courtney: We made it!

Chris: The Rabbits win!

  • Frogs arrive but the boat tips over*

Diem: Somethings in the water! And my wig!

Heather: Wig?

Diem: No! I said my win! We won right?

Anna: It doesnt look like we won.

Chris: Ok.


Chris: Ok. The eliminated player takes the Limo home. First, Jocelyn. Next is Kalani and...































Jacky: Aww.

Diem: I will miss you!

Jacky: Me too!

Chris: Aww. Shocker! Come back next time for our first action-themed challenge on Total Drama: Seasons!

Boat 4:

I acted crazy this season, though I am normal. I thought a little drama wont hurt. But, I hurt myself in the end. Courtney better not win, along with Anna. Jo seems pretty strange. I vote for Diem.

Episode 5: Aftermath 1

Bridgette: Hey guys! 

Geoff: Whats up?

Bridgette: Me and Geoff really hate each other, so lets get this done! I won in Pahkitew Action, and now we have some new people in the game. First, Gwen was eliminated by Courtney, and Chloe was the first newbie to go. And Sierra wasn't lucky, when she tried to be a villain against Courtney. Courtney has alot of enemies! We have those 3 here today! First, lets welcome Gwen!

Gwen: Hey!

Bridgette: How did it feel to be eliminated first?

Gwen: Well, by Courtney, It was horrible!

Bridgette: Its okay!

Gwen: How? I have no boyfriend, and I'm lonely!

Duncan: Well-

Gwen: No! Uhh Trent?

Trent: Oh my gosh!

Gwen: Can we date?

Trent: Of course!

Beth: Yay!

Bridgette: I understand how it feels to be broken hearted, GEOFF. But its ok! They are back together again! *Starts crying*

Gwen: Whats wrong?

Katie: Have you seen Pahkitew Action?

Gwen: No.

Sadie: Geoff dumped Bridgette.

Geoff: Hey!

Gwen: Why would you be that stupid?

Alejandro: Because he was jealous of me?

Geoff: No!

Beth: Maybe he knew he wasnt good enough for her.

Geoff: STOP! Listen, Bridgette won a million bucks! She should be happy!

Bridgette: I am happy. Now I dont have to share $500,000 with you!

Geoff: $500,000?

Bridgette: Yes!

Geoff: Can we date again?

Bridgette: If you dont mind that I spent all of the money already!

Geoff: Ohh. Nevermind!


Geoff: I am leaving!

Bridgette: Ok. Next coming out is Chloe!

Chloe: Woah. It is like awesome here!

Bridgette: Thanks!

Izzy: Wait. I said Woah this is a different island last season!

Bridgette: So?

Izzy: She stole my line!

Chloe: Did not!

Izzy: Did too!

Chloe: How about we have a battle?

Bridgette: N-

Izzy: Yes!

Izzy: YAAAAAAAA! *Kicks Chloe*

Chloe: You little...*Punches Izzy*

Izzy: I guess we are like the same!

Chloe: Yeah!

Bridgette: Next is...Sierra!

Sierra: Hi!

Bridgette: Where is Cody?

Sierra: He is at his home. We call each other every night!

Bridgette: Nice!

Sierra: But Courtney got me eliminated. That jerk!

Bridgette: I have not really been with her, but she seems like one.

Sierra: Yeah!

Bridgette: Well, it was nice to hear from you eliminated contestants. Come next time On Total Drama: Seasons!

Episode 6: Lights, Camera, Monsters

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, the Frogs and Rabbits had to get to the set in boats. The frogs had gotten a reward for winning the challenge, and they somehow lost. Jacky was eliminated, due to her fighting with Anna. The teams will be changed this episode, but what will the teams be? Find out on this episode of Total Drama: Seasons!


Anna: Poor Jacky.

Diem: This is your fault.

Anna: How?

Diem: You caused her to go insane!

Anna: I wouldn't say she went insane.

Diem: But She did.

  • Someone knocks on the door*

Jocelyn: I got it! *opens door*

Chris: Come outside.


Courtney: We have to-

Heather: Wait. Who put you in charge?

Jo: You did!

Heather: Hey! Shut up!

Jo: Nope.


Anne: Woah!



  • Door Knocks*

Courtney: I got it! *Answers door*

Chris: Outside now.


Chris: Since this is a new place, its practically a new season! So that means new teams!


Chris: The Cool Cameras are Heather, Courtney, Jocelyn, and Diem. The Awesome Actors are Anne Maria, Jo, Kalani, and Anna. Your first challenge on set will be demonstrated by...Lindsay!

Lindsay: Hey guys! Welcome to my Make-up tutorial! Thanks for watching my Youtube channel, LindsayPretty84!

Chris: Not that!

Lindsay: Oh. Well, that creepy dinosaur from Total Drama Action, will kidnap me. You have to save me.

Courtney: Lindsay, you are just going to let it kidnap you?

Lindsay: Why not?

Courtney: You know what. Nevermind.


Lindsay: Ahhh! Help! *Gets grabbed*



Courtney: Heather! Wait!

Cool Cameras:

Heather: I cant believe I am doing this again!

Courtney: Dont...Look...BACK!

Jocelyn: Keep running!

Diem: We need to get to a building or something!

Courtney: Its all fake!

Jocelyn: Maybe we could-



Heather: How will we rescue her with that creature on our tail?

Courtney: I dont wanna be in charge. Heather is in charge!

Heather: Conf Courtney basically just jumped off of a cliff by putting me in charge! Conf

Awesome Actors:

Anna: The monster isnt chasing us!

Jo: We need to get Lindsay though.

Anne: I would rather get eliminated than die!

Kalani: Lets make that 2! I wanna go home and see mom!

Jo: Ladies! Shut up!

Anne: Not very nice, are you?

Jo: I dont care. The game isnt about being nice.

Anne: It isnt about being a big jerk, either!

Anna: We can argue later. Right now, Lindsay needs our help.

Kalani: Yeah!

Cool Cameras:

Heather: We will stop and duck on three!

Courtney: What? Are you crazy?

Heather: Just trust me!

Diem: That wont be easy!

Heather: Fine! I wont be crushed! *ducks*

Courtney: *Ducks*

Diem: Ug! *Ducks*

Jocelyn: AHH! *Ducks*

Monster: *Runs and but doesnt see the girls, and keeps running*

Heather: We went right under the crotch!

Courtney: Ew!

Diem: Grow up!

Awesome Actors:

Anne: Why is the monster turning around?

Jo: Why do you think? It sees us!

Kalani: We need to go!

Jo: No! I will climb the fake building, and I will grab Lindsay!

Kalani: What do we do?

Jo: Hawaiian girl will make good bait.

Kalani: Bait?! No!

Jo: Fine! Anna is!

Anna: Nope!

Jo: I will just go! *Climbs wall*


Lindsay: Help!

Jo: *Jumps and rips out some of Lindsay's Hair*


Jo: Dang! I missed her!

Monster: *Starts zapping, and falls in to the water*

Chris: I paid $2,000,000 for that! All teams go to elimination and Lindsay chooses who goes.


Lindsay: Anna is cute, so she stays. Kalani, I like your flower and your dress, so you stay. Heather, you are fine since you werent very mean this season. Same with Courtney. Diem and Jocelyn should stay, but Anne Maria's hair is too hard, and Jo ripped my hair out! So I have no choice but to pick...


























Anne: Yes!

Jo: Why me?

Lindsay: No one rips out my hair!

Heather: Go Lindsay!


Anne: I hated her anyways!

Chris: Ahhhhh. I love when there is a dramatic elimination! Come back next time on Total Drama: Seasons!  

Limo 1:

Jo: Wow. My team was okay with this? They arent very strong, so they wont last! Anne Maria is a freak. Anna causes drama, ALOT. And, well, Kalani may just make it.

Episode 7: Drama, Drills, and Death

Confessionals are different in this episode and the rest of the episodes

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, The new teams competed to save Lindsay from a monster, but they ended up destroying it. So I decided to let Lindsay choose who would leave, and surprisingly, it was Jo. I love endings like that, even when my cool dinosaur gets destroyed! 

Lindsay: Ok everyone! It was nice seeing you!

Heather: Glad you voted Jo!

Lindsay: Ok! Bye! *gets in Limo*

Limo 2:

Lindsay: Well, since I didn't compete this season, there really isnt anything to say, except that Heather wasnt much of a villain!

Awesome Actors:

Anne: Wow.

Kalani: I cant believe our strongest player got eliminated!

Anna: She was rude! She didnt help our team. We can win WITHOUT HER!

Anne: Hopefully...

Cool Cameras:

Heather: The merge has to be today. Right?

Jocelyn: I guess.

Courtney: It's hard to believe you made it far.

Heather: People are saying I am nicer than you!

Courtney: What?

Diem: Ummm its true.

Heather: Yeah!

Courtney: No way!

Heather: You are though!

Diem: It is VERY true actually.

Courtney: I will show you that it isnt true!


Chris: Listen. That escaped man from Total Drama Island is still here, so Im gonna leave. See ya! *Hops in boat*

Courtney: Wait! Come back, jerk!

Kalani: Will you shut up! The killer might hear us.

Courtney: Uhhh no, Hawaiian good girl!

Heather: Oh! Sure! You will totally show us!

Anne: Listen! We need to get to a cabin! That way, it will be almost impossible for him to get us!

Diem: Uhh we should hurry!

Anna: Why?

Diem: Because he's swimming towards us!

Heather: Wa-

Killer: *Grabs Heather's arm*

Courtney: *Turns* Naahhhh!

Diem: Guys! We can beat him! We have to get Heather now!

Anna: How?!

Diem: There is power in numbers! ATTACK!!!!!!

Girls: *Punch and kick*

Heather: Thanks! I owe you Diem.

Anne: We have to get into the trailer!


Heather: Courtney! How could you?

Kalani: Courtney, that was horrible.

Courtney: I didnt save her because its all a game!

Heather: Wait...

Courtney: Yeah!

Kalani: Where is-


Courtney: We should go outside! Im the leader.

Heather: Who says?

Courtney: You did, for Sierra.

Heather: You let me be the leader! We go outside guys. Get any kind of weapon!

Courtney: Heather, you are going down!


Kalani: He has a drill.

Courtney: JOCELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn: Hey guys!

Kalani: Where were you?

Jocelyn: Duh...hanging with Izzy.

Courtney: Izzy isnt here.

Jocelyn: Yes she is! She is wearing a big creepy man costume.

Courtney: What did I sa-

Heather: Shut it Courtney! You arent always right!

Courtney: Yes I-

Kalani: No you arent! You arent perfect, so get over it! 

Courtney: I have heard worse. WAY WORSE.

Kalani: Whatever...

Chris: Dang Jocelyn! You ruined the challenge! Now which team should go to elimination? Oh yeah. YOURS!


Heather: Courtney is going this episode.

Jocelyn: I still dont like Heather.

Courtney: Sorry Jocelyn. Heather cant go just yet.

Diem: Should I vote Courtney or Jocelyn? I vote-

Chris: Congrats to Diem, who doesnt have any votes! Next, is Heather. And last is...

















































Diem: Courtney can learn to not be rude.

Chris: Sorry Jocelyn. Today's episode was frightful, but wait until you see what I have planned for the next episode! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Limo 3:


Episode 8: The Airplane of Doom!

Chloe and Gwen are back! And the merge finally arrives, before the contestants plunge to their death!

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, The 7 finalists were still on teams and there was drama. It was probably the most dramatic episode yet! The ratings are gonna be sooo high! But on this episode, drama will return, along with 2 of our first eliminated contestants!

Awesome Actors:

Anna: The merge HAS to be today!

Anne: I know!

Kalani: I dont think it will be easy being alone.

Anna: I got your back, Kalani. You always stood up for me.

Kalani: I can't believe I have a friend! When I get home, I will surely tell mom!

Anne: Yeah. Were a team.

Anna: You never stood up for her.

Anne: Right, but we worked together.

Anna: Oh.

Kalani: TWO FRIENDS? Someone is going to be the third wheel. I hope it's not me!

Cool Cameras:

Courtney: So the merge might be today.

Heather: It has to be today.

Courtney: I guess.

Diem: Yeah. I wish Jacky was here.

Courtney: Don't worry! You have me.

Heather: Oh please. Stop trying to play people and just play the game!

Courtney: Heather is getting on my last nerves, but she can't go just yet. I wanna play with her mind.

Heather: PFFFF! Like she can fool me. All of these people are playing my own game, and they're losing BIG TIME!


Chris: Congrats! You made it to the final 6! But now its the final 8.

Heather: The final 8?

Chris: Welcome back Chloe and Gwen!


Chloe: I didn't ask to come back! He kidnapped me!

Gwen: I needed to come back. I was voted out unfairly!

Chris: Your challenge is to get onto the plane, and we will take off. Then, you will jump out of it! Last person to jump is eliminated.


Chloe: Maybe if I jump, I can land at my house!

Chris: We are 5,000 miles away from your house.

Heather: I jumped, and I will do it again! *Jumps*

Courtney: Lets make that 2! *Jumps*

Chloe: Chris, you are lying! *Jumps*

Anne: Uhhh that looks a bit scary! I aint going.

Anna: Ok. I ca-

Kalani: I cant do it. Im too scared.

Anna: I will meet you at the bottom.

Kalani: No. I want you to stay here, BFF.

Anna: Kalani should just jump.

Anna: Kalani, Hold my hand. We will jump together!

Kalani: Ok! *Jumps with Anna*

Gwen: I gotta do it! *Jumps*

Anne: Wait!

Chris sorry Anne Maria. You lost. BUT you aren't eliminated! Jump!

Anne: What?

Chris: I will explain in Africa! Jump!

Anne: *Jumps*

Chris: *Jumps*









Chris: YAAAA! *BOOM*

Heather: Oh no!

Courtney: Not-

Gwen: Africa!

Chloe: Calm down! I used to live in Africa!

Courtney: USED TO.

Chloe: And Hawaii, Japan, China, Mexico, Bahamas, Georgia, Alabama, and New York.

Heather: Looks like you were on your own world tour, too.

Courtney: That season sucked!

Heather: I know right!

Gwen: I hated it.

Anna: What happened?

Courtney: You didn't watch it?

Chloe: I did! Heather won against Alejandro, but Heather threw pineapples in the volcano, which somehow made it erupt, buring all the money!

Heather: Yeah. Thanks. And last season, I was real close if it werent for that little Bridgette girl!

Anne: I think Bridgette should have won. You played everyone last season.

Heather: SHE DID WIN!

Anne: Gee. I wonder why.

Kalani: Chris, what are we supposed to do now?

Chris: You will sleep in the plane. Tomorrow, we will do the "Giraffe Challenge".

Kalani: No. I mean who is eliminated?

Chris: No one.

Heather: WHAT?

Courtney: WHAT?

Gwen: WHAT?

Chris: Yeah! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come back next time for our little race to the final 7! And a giraffe will surely be there!

Episode 9: Giraffezilla

When giraffes go bad, so do the girls!

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons,  Chloe and Gwen returned, and Courtney wasn't happy. The girls got to the plane, where we took off. But we weren't in the sky for long, because we jumped! Now, we are in Africa again, but the giraffes don't seem happy, because we landed in their habitat! What will happen next on-

Heather: Chris! There's a lion!


Chloe: HELP!

Anne: Its mouth is red! Why is it red?

Chris: Where is Chef? He was supposed to fly back down here and get us!

Kalani: How are we supposed to know?

Chris: Anyways: Total Drama: Seasons! AHHHHHHHH!

Theme Song

Heather: I can't believe it! Your assistant or chef or whatever *it* is left us here to die!

Chris: He'll be back.

Anna: When? After we die?

Anne: Yeah...

Chris: Well, you challenge is to-

Gwen: Challenge? NO! I am done with challenges. We need to work together and survive!

Chris: Booooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg! Your challenge is to make your own shelter an be able to be comfortable. 

Courtney: How can we lose?

Chris: I will be testing the shelters out. And I am not easy with shelters.

Chloe: Conf He kidnaps me, then he makes me do challenges? Ug! I need to blog more but there is no internet in Africa! Conf

Heather: I think I will use these sticks!

Courtney: Oh I will-

Kalani: Giraffes!

Chris: Abandon the challenge! Run for your lives!


Anna: Eeeekkkk! Someone help us!

Kalani: Where is Chef?!

Gwen: We dont know!

Anne Maria: Chris I could kill you!

Heather: Chris, I will rip you to shreds!

Chris: Dont touch me! I can sue you!

Heather: So can I! You are basically kidnapping Chloe, and leaving is in the wild to die!

Chris: That is Chef!

Courtney: Heather, it wouldn't matter. There is no phone service in this area.

Chris: Chef better get here soon! The giraffes are already getting closer!

Kalani: Keep running!

Diem: I dont feel good about this!

Kalani: In Hawaii, we were able to survive when bears were chasing us! We will live!

Chloe: I see a plane!

Chris: Chef! Hurry up!


Chris: I am choosing who leaves this episode and its not Diem, Kalani, or Chloe. I guess Courtney and Anne Maria is safe. But sorry to...

























...Heather! You are leaving.

Heather: Me? Why would you choose me?

Courtney: Bye bye Heather!

Freefall 1:


Episode 10: Aftermath 2

Bridgette: I cant take it anymore!

Harold: Calm down!

Katie: She's going crazy!


Dawn: Bridgette, calm-

Bridgette: I will get my revenge!

Dawn: You already won a season!

Bridgette: Sweetie, I will be back! 

Trent: You're scarying the whole audience!

Bridgette: Please. I loved him. Help me plan my revenge!

Duncan: We cant right now, pumpkin.

Bridgette: You think this is funny? I will rip that little mohawk and shove it down your-

Dawn: Ok! Enough Bridgette!

Duncan: She's fiesty. I like it.

Sadie: You are dating Courtney. Or Gwen. Or whoever! Right?

Duncan: I did, before Gwen broke up with me in All Stars.

Bridgette: Jealousy...

Duncan: What?

Bridgette: We pretend to date, and he will be jealous.

Duncan: Alright.

Bridgette: Then it's settled.

Geoff: *Walks in* Hey everyone!

Bridgette: Yeah! Hey! If you guys have not noticed, my new boyfriend Duncan is so cool!

Geoff: Duncan?

Duncan: Yeah. She was single.

Geoff: Oh yeah? Well Beth is my girlfriend!

Beth: I already have a boyfriend!

Geoff: Dakota?

Dakota: Soory, but I only like gamers. Like Sam!

Bridgette: Anyways, we will bring in Heather, Jo, and Jocelyn! Here is...Heather!

Heather: Oh hey.

Bridgette: So how does it feel to be the good person this season?

Heather: It was good and bad. It helped me make it far, but that little Courtney ruined it.

Bridgette: So about Jo...

Heather: Like I care. She was eliminated. She was no threat!

Geoff: Well she's here today!

Jo: Hey Heather! I heard everything!

Heather: I know! Isn't it great? No Duh!

Jo: I dont feel like arguing.

Geoff: Lets bring in...Jocelyn!

Jocelyn: Oh my gosh! I love the way your hair looks Bridgette!

Bridgette: Thanks!

Geoff: Looks like we are out of time! Come back next time on Total Drama: Seasons!

Episode 11: Planes in Paris

Final 7, Final Takeoff...

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, we were trapped in Africa, and our challenge was canceled, but the show still went on when giraffes decided to almost kill us! Stupid Chef...anyways, we have more drama, more action, and more throwing up on this episode of Total Drama: Seasons! But first, its time to see a few confessionals to see how the contestants are feeling!

Courtney: As if I will let anyone make it any further in this game! My list has Gwen first. She is the rudest, nastiest person here. Next is Chloe. Too crazy, like Izzy. Although Izzy actually had common sense. I still dont know how she got in the final 3 last season. Then Kalani. She is way too talented. Diem is next. She is so quiet. Next is Anna. Way too smart, and she will find out. I will keep Anne Maria. She seems like good bait. Not super talented, and should have been gone in episode 2. I have no regrets from elimination in episode 1.

Kalani: I already want this season to be over. Courtney is just a rude snob, Diem wont talk to me, Anna is on her own now, Anne Maria will be out for sure this episode, Chloe is too crazy. Wait. Gwen is the only normal person here! I have to keep her so that I have backup. Of course I will also back her up.

Anna: Little Courtney made it this far? She will not win. Jacky is already an enemy, but Courtney is worse. Kalani is really talented, so if she wins, I wouldn't care. She deserves it!

Anne: I ain't no sucker. I have not gotten this far in Total Drama history! So poor little Courtney wont make it this season. Sorry sweety.

Diem:  I have had enough of this arguing. Can't anyone get along for once? I wish Jacky was here. Atleast she is sane...and she is the only one who knows my secret.

Chloe: Being back on the island at first made me mad. But I dont argue so no one notices me! I may just make it if Courtney and Kalani leave.

Gwen: I don't need Courtney winning, and Heather being gone doesnt help. We may have argued, but she really changed this season. She played it cool with me. Well, when I was here, which wasn't very long!

Anna: So Courtney. Tell me. How did you cheat?

Courtney: Excuse me?

Anna: Well, we all know!

Diem: An-

Anna: No. Courtney can explain.

Courtney: Sorry Andrea. I dont know what you mean.

Anna: It's Anna.

Courtney: I don't know what your problem is, but I dont like it! Get help! And btw, your hair looks like a bird pooped on it.

Anna: Ok Courtney. Go be "The New New Heather"

Courtney: What?

Anna: Yeah!

Courtney: I didn't kiss Trent. I didn't cheat anyone out! I am pure 100% nice!

Anna: You've been rude all season! And in All Stars-

Courtney: It was in the past! Get over it!

Anna: Then come come you couldn't get over Duncan and Gwen?

Courtney: Ugh! *Walks into confessional*

First Class:

Chloe: May I have anything with sugar? Maybe like cookies?

Anne: I think there are some in that bar area.

Kalani: I hope we go to Hawaii!

Gwen: Do you live there?

Kalani: Of course!

Gwen: Right. Stupid question.

Anne: I kinda feel bad for Heather.

Chloe: I guess I do too. I never really talked to her.

Gwen: She is still a villain, guys.

Anne: Well, you have more experience.

Chloe: 4 seasons, actually.

Gwen: Ahhhhhhhhh! *Falls and hits head*

Chloe: Eeekkk! Help! There is water rushing in!

Courtney: *Running* Guys! The plane crashed in a lake, and he locked the doors! We have to get out!

Gwen: My leg! It hurts!

Anne: We have to go Gwen! Put your arm on my shoulder!

Gwen: Im fine! LETS GO!

Anna: Wait! Me and Diem are coming too!

Gwen: Come on

Kalani: What if we die?

Anne: Im really scared! What are we going to do?

Courtney: Stay quiet. Trust me!

Kalani: I want to go home.

Chloe: I need my computer! Where is my computer?

Diem: I think its broken. *Points to half of a laptop*


Kalani: Please calm down!

Diem: Is there some kind of-

Gwen: Hatch! *Points up*

Courtney: Lift me up!

Gwen: The water is getting really high!

Courtney: Oh shut up and hoist me up!

  • Everyone lifts Courtney*

Anna: Now us, right?

Courtney: Wait. Chris! I won! Do I get invincibility?

Chris: No, but nice Courtney!

Courtney: Thanks!

Gwen: H*gargels*ELP *goes under water*

Chris: Get them out!

Courtney: *Helps them out*

Gwen: You backstabbing ugly freak. You tried to kill us!


Chris: You know what happens. The people that are safe are...Chloe, Gwen, Diem, Anne Maria, Anna, and...





























Gwen: Just leave!

Courtney: You will pay, Gwen! And Anna! You too!

Chris: Best episode ever!

Freefall 2:


Episode 12: Paradise Pirates

When the girls get a dramatic surprise, they will want to kill Chris!

Who will return?

Heather, Jo, Courtney, or Sierra?

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: Seasons, the final 7 searched through a sinking plane, which got repaired, and Courtney was the first out! But she didn't help the others until she knew if she had immunity, which she didn't, and she was voted out. Who will come back and who will leave next on Total Drama: Seasons!

Anne: Yes! I cant believe she's finally gone!

Anna: Yeah, but what about elimination?

Kalani: What do you mean?

Anna: I mean, If we are all good friends, then whos next to leave.

Gwen: There may be friendships, but this is a game, and we all need to try and win it. We can't focus on other people, because believe it or not, only one person in this cabin will walk out with $1,000,000. So start thinking about what you will do.

Chloe: I want to go home! My computer! CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Diem: It may be true. We cant really trust anyone here, guys.

Diem: Since Jacky has been gone, I have just been really quiet. I really want to win this thing!

Anne: She's right. 

Kalani: Noooo! We are all friends, and we need to work together!

Anna: Kalani, Chris didn't put this together for us to be all hap-





Anna: Ahh!

Kalani: We're falling!

???: Im outta here!

Anna: That sounded alot like-

Gwen: Lets get out of here! The water cant be far down!

Anne: How do we know its water?

Anna: We don't!

Gwen: *Opens the door and jumps* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Diem: Not again! Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!

Chloe: Maybe I can swim home! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Anna: All of us want to swim home! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!




Anna: *Bursts through the surface* Is everyone alright?

Kalani: Island! *Points to an island with a volcano* Maybe Hawaii!

Diem: It looks too small!

Anne: I'm swimming to it!

Gwen: Me too!

Chloe: Same!

Courtney: Wait up!

Anna: Courtney?

Courtney: Yeah! Ha!

Anne: You were eliminated though!

Courtney: PFFF! Chris said there wasn't enough drama, plus I will be way more nice!

_________________________________________________________ At the island:

Chris: Uhh the plane sort of...broke down...

Courtney: What? Why?

Chris: Because of Chef! Anyways, welcome to Pirate Island.

Diem: I looks pretty nice here!

Anna: Yeah. Is this the new island?

Chris: Yes. Anyways, your challenge is to make your way through the island by racing the other contestants.

Gwen: This is torture, and its totally unfair! You cant just brin Courtney back! Why not Heather?

Chris: Because Courtney had the center of drama. 

Courtney: Actually, I promised to be nice, like in season 1.

Chris: What? Leave the island now!


Chris: Ok. The challenge is off. Go to get some rest in the new cabanas.


Episode 13: Hide and Sneak Around

The last 6 contestants are ready to play some Hide and Seek, but there is a twist...

Gwen, Anne Maria, and Chloe make an alliance.

Anna is the perfect target, but she wins hide and seek

Gwen is eliminated.

Episode 14: I Wanna Be Famous

Everyone has a contest

Kalani does a hawaiian dance in fire, and wins

While Anna falls and hits her head, and later that night, everyone is safe.

Episode 15: Aftermath Aftermayhem

Blaineley talks to Gwen and Courtney

Geoff and Bridgette eat must eat worms

Bridgette smacks Blaineley


Everyone is off for the episode

Anna and Chloe fight...

And Chris surprises them with elimiantion

Where Anna goes bye bye.

Episode 17: The Final 3...A Surprise

Kalani is injured.

Diem quits

Episode 18: Season Wheel of Death

Kalani is eliminated, because Bridgette accidnetally trips her.

Episode 19: How Is This Possible?

Chloe wins.

Episode 20: Losers Palace

The losers tell what happened after they were eliminated

Episode 21: Last Aftermath



Episode 1:

Contestants Voted
Jo Gwen
Anne Maria Courtney
Courtney Gwen
Sierra Gwen
Gwen Courtney


Episode 2:

Contestants Voted
Chloe Jacky


Kalani Chloe
Diem Chloe
Jacky Chloe
Anna Chloe

Episode 3:

Contestants Voted
Anne Maria Sierra
Jo Sierra
Courtney Sierra
Sierra Courtney
Heather Courtney

Episode 4:

Contestants Voted
Anna Jacky
Jacky Anna
Kalani Jacky
Jocelyn Jacky
Diem Anna

Episode 5:

Contestants Voted
Jo Lindsay Picked Jo
Anne Maria

Episode 6:

Contestants Voted
Heather Courtney
Courtney Jocelyn
Jocelyn Heather
Diem Jocelyn
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