CK presents the third story in his series! Sixteen teenagers are whisked away to a tropical island resort in the South Pacific to win one million dollars. They'll be split up into two teams of eight, compete in questionable challenges, and vote each other out until one contestant remains to win it all. Which of the sixteen "lucky" teens will go big...and which ones will go home?



Chris McLean, host of the Total Drama series




Episode 1: Sigh by the Beach

As the television screen fades in, a recognizable figure wearing nothing but sunglasses and swim trunks appears in a white poolside chair. This man is holding a drink contained in a split coconut with a bendy straw protruding from its surface. Behind him are two moderately sized cottages surrounded by lush palm trees.

"Oh, hello, there!" The figure removes his sunglasses. "I'm your host, Chris McLean, but seeing as you're tuning in to this show, I think you'd know that." He flashes his iconic smirk that emanates nothing but a need for money and ratings. "After we were kindly removed from the film lot in Palau where we hosted last season, the Total Drama franchise has relocated to this wonderful resort in the South Pacific." The camera zooms out to reveal a surprisingly tropical and somewhat beautiful beach environment. A couple of seconds pass, and Chris becomes the show's main focus once more. He sips his drink on-camera. "Refreshing!"

The camera pans to a scene of Chris, fully clothed, walking on a beach. "This season, we're taking sixteen teenagers and generously giving them a new home for the next forty-two days. They'll be divided into two teams of eight, competing in challenges every three days to win invincibility, which saves them from having to vote out one of their own. For the lucky, contestant, that is able to conquer the other fifteen new faces, is one million dollars!"

Chris now re-appears in front of the two cottages. "Where will they be living?" He laughs and points to the two moderate-sized buildings behind him. "In these things! It's the most money we've ever spent on a Total Drama season! Thanks to last season's high ratings as well as a few minor budget cuts, we're actually able to give these people an okay place to lay their heads."

A time lapse reveals that it is now nighttime. Chris is standing over a fire pit by the previously shown pool. "At the end of forty-two grueling days, one contestant will win whatever's inside this!" Chris picks up a metal briefcase. "Which, hopefully, is the aforementioned million dollars. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will even be on this show? That's coming up right now on Total! Drama! South Pacific!"

After the famous (albeit shortened) Total Drama theme music plays alongside shots of the contestants, Chris is shown standing on the beach once again. In the distance, two large helicopters are flying over the ocean towards Chris. "Making their way to this luxurious island resort are the sixteen contestants competing on this season of Total Drama. They are flying towards me in those helicopters along with their teammates." Close up shots of the helicopter are shown.

"The helicopter on the left," a voiceover from Chris announces, "contains the eight contestants on the Ecstatic Eagles team!"

One of these contestants, a tall brunette, is displayed while she receives her own voiceover.

"Looking around, the other contestants around me look pretty useless. All of them just look like...idiots, really," she says. The name Aly is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

A tall, tan, attractive boy suddenly becomes the camera's focus.

"There's a couple of hot chicks here, but they don't really strike me as people I'd hook up with. There are, however, some bros that look like pretty chill people. I can't wait to meet them," he explains. Similar to the previous voiceover, the name Colin appears onscreen.

Another male is displayed on the screen. This one is wearing bright clothes and seems to be bursting with personality; however, he is staring at the ground and mostly keeping to himself.

"Most people here probably won't know who I am," he says as the name Cyrus appears, "but I do have about five hundred thousand people who watch me make videos on MyTube. I run a fabulous daily vlogging channel. Really, anyone who wants to can stalk my daily life." Cyrus laughs. "I don't think it gives me any celebrity value, but it would be kinda cool to meet one of my fans on this show."

The camera zooms out from the helicopter and focuses back on Chris. "Colorful bunch, right? In the other helicopter are the eight contestants who will be known as the Popular Pandas. Take a look!"

Shots from inside the Popular Pandas' helicopter are displayed. There is a focus on a short, thin yet muscular guy with brown hair.

"I consider myself somewhat of an athlete, but that doesn't really give you any sort of an edge in Total Drama," he says as his name is revealed to be Mitch. "I only see one other guy who looks like he does any sort of physical activity, and I bet he thinks he's a hotshot. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and I think he's gonna fall really hard."

The mentioned muscular guy is now shown on screen. His name, Judd, is shown.

"I mean, yeah, I live in Canada now, but I lived in the southern United States for about eight years." His voice is heavy with a thick southern accent. "I just moved back to Toronto last year, I'm literally so out of touch with everything in the world. Like, wanna ride horses? Yeah, didn't think so."

A tall, tan, attractive girl with light brown hair is shown looking down into the ocean.

"There's so many little cute guys here who probably have never been in a relationship before!" She giggles, and her name is shown to be Parvati. "I can see this little scrawny guy who's probably never kissed a girl before. People like that gonna play in perfectly to my game plan." She twirls her hair around her index finger as the camera zooms in on Mitch, who she was referring to.

Chris is now displayed as both helicopters hover over the water. As the doors to the helicopters open, a few contestants peek out.

"Are you gonna jump, or...?" Chris asks expectedly.

Aly stands in front of the open door. "You expect us to do this without a parachute? What are you, mental?"

"I'm not mental," Chris replies, "but you do have to jump out into the ocean if you're gonna play Total Drama! Sorry!" He laughs maliciously.

Out of the Popular Pandas' helicopter, a girl with strawberry blonde hair walks in front of the open door. She faces her teammates. "Well!?" She bears a strong British accent. "Are we gonna jump or what? Get going, people!" She dives into the water.

Chris smiles. "Hey, British girl! What's your name?"

She surfaces from her dive and spits ocean water out of her mouth. "Elizabeth, like the queen herself." Elizabeth looked up towards the helicopter. "And I'm pretty much a queen, so you all had better treat me like one."

"Yeah, okay, sure, whatever, swim over here," Chris says. "Who wants to jump next?"

A fairly mature yet hyper voice booms from inside the Ecstatic Eagles aircraft. "Me! Me! Me! Me!"

Chris raises an eyebrow. "And who are you?"

A tall, pale guy with short, jet-black hair stumbles out of the helicopter door. "Whoa! Oh my god, is someone gonna catch--" He fell in the water.

"I said," Chris begins to get annoyed, "who are you? Like, name?"

The recent fall victim assumes a position right next to Chris.

"How did you get here so fast?" Chris asks.

"Oh my god, hi! My name's Byran! I'm a super huge fan of Total Drama, I do theater, I've been watching Total Drama forever, and oh my god I can't believe I'm meeting you!" Chris begins to back away. "Can I hug you? Is that weird or awkward? I'm really sorry, can I do it anyway?"

Chris shoves Byran away. "Dude! Back off! How much coffee did you drink this morning?"

"Not much, actually," Byran responds. He turns to Elizabeth, who is trying to dry off after swimming. "Hi, Elizabeth!"

"Why should I talk to you?" Elizabeth replies. "We're not on the same team, darling. You're fairly irrelevant to me, honestly."

Chris begins to shout in an annoyed tone. "Okay, it's been like ten minutes, and two contestants have jumped. Can we just land the helicopters?"

As the first official on-screen confessional begins to air, Aly is the one delivering the message. This season's confessional booth appears to be a poolside bar. "Chris making a merciful decision? Shocker."

"Dude, I was so ready to jump into the water, though," Colin says in a confessional. "I swim, so like, I could totally do that. Jumping's kinda scary, but I mean, it's all cool."

The scene cuts away to each team standing in front of their cottage. Chris stands in front of them.

"Welcome to Total Drama: South Pacific!" Once Chris finishes his greeting, the sixteen contestants applaud and cheer. "As you know, the rules of Total Drama include competitions, vote-outs, and other fun things."

"Fun?" An Asian girl asks. "Depends on what you classify as fun."

Chris furrows his brow. "What would your name be, Miss Sass 2014?"

"Karin," she says. "And I'm not really Miss Sass. I'm more of a--"

"Yeah, okay, we'll get to you later," Chris cuts her off. "As you can see, you've been divided into two teams." Chris turns to the team on the left. He begins to speak, but quickly goes silent. "Um... Hold on a second," he says. He takes two small index cards out of his pocket. "Okay, I'm ready. Aly, Byran, Colin, Cyrus, Erik, Karin, Raechel, and Skylia. You guys are the Ecstatic Eagles!" As they cheer, a blue emblem bearing the outline of a bald eagle comes into view.

Erik appears in the confessional area. "I guess you could say that I'm ecstatic to be here." He chuckles. "I hope the first challenge is an art challenge, because I would totally rock that." He points to paint markings on his shirt. "I do a lot of painting and drawing, so that's obviously gonna help my team if the opportunity comes."

"Total Drama is a very stressful and high-strung game, and I can definitely help people out with that," Skylia says in a confessional. "I do a lot of yoga at home. I'm a pretty dedicated yogi, and that helps me keep a really calm mind."

A girl who seems to be of African-Canadian descent appears in the confessional area. "So, on the Eagles team, I spied with my little eye...another famous vlogger!" She begins to smile. "Cyrus should know who I am, too - after all, I vlog too. We're like MyTube royalty. I can't wait to meet him. Just think of it! Catelyn and Cyrus, up there in the final two! That's never happened before."

The scene cuts back to Chris, who is now facing the team on the right. "Angie, Catelyn, Elizabeth, Judd, Matthew, Mitch, Parvati, and Sean! You eight are the Popular Pandas." They cheer as well while a pink emblem featuring the outline of a panda appears.

"Coming onto a show with fifteen other people who I don't know is really out of my comfort zone," Matthew says in a confessional. "I'm already in college, which is surprising for someone my age. I'm used to talking to the same one or two people all the time, since most people at my university are at least two years older than me. It kind of makes me an outcast by circumstance. On this show, everyone is probably sixteen or seventeen, so I don't really have an excuse to not converse with the majority of people. That's going to be difficult."

"People love me because I have a huge personality!" Angie says in a confessional. "I'm a fierce buxom blonde who isn't afraid to be a social butterfly. I belong on the Popular Pandas - because I'm probably gonna be popular! I'm definitely ready to just have a good time and have the most fun I can." She laughs.

Karin appears in the confessional area. "I'm pretty much the social center of my high school. I'm essentially the go-to person for whatever's happening on a Saturday night, and I'm always there at parties or hangouts because I'm that type of girl. That's gonna play out well for me on Total Drama because when it comes time to vote, I'm always going to know what's going down whether the top dogs like it or not." She smiles and winks at the camera.

The scene of Chris standing in front of the two teams reappears. "Now, if you look behind you," Chris says, "you'll see two nice little cottages we built for you to live in. If you hadn't figured out already, that's where you're gonna live this season."

"First, Chris doesn't make us jump out of the helicopter. Now, we get to live in a nice house? Something's up," Matthew says in a confessional. "Chris is never nice."

Chris continues his instructions. "You'll have to cook your own food, which we graciously provide when your fridges are restocked each week. Each house has three rooms and one bathroom. Two rooms are for sleeping, and one is for general conversation. Call it a living room."

Colin raises his hand. "Do guys get to sleep, like, with other girls and stuff? 'Cause, that'd be pretty cool."

"Nope!" Chris says with a smile on his face. "One room is for the not-so-gentlemen, and one is for the ladies."

"Dude, that's lame," Colin replies as he puts his hand down.

Chris clears his throat. "Anyway, if you look behind yourselves, you'll see the white brick path to the pool."

High definition shots of the pool appear on screen as Chris describes what happens by the body of water. "It is there that you guys will vote off the eventual losers. Over by the pool bar, you can give confessionals. These will help us and the audience know what you're really feeling, and they can help you by getting things off your chest. Or, if you really want some alone time." Chris snickers.

The scene returns to Chris and the contestants. "So, your luggage has been...altered a bit, and I'm sure you want to find out what that means. So, you can turn around and get into those houses!"

Everyone cheers as the two teams run into their respective houses.

"Now, I'm a Total Drama expert," Sean says in the confessional area. "I know that I need to be the one to take notes on who's talking around the house. I'm the one to report it here in the confessional. This will help me achieve a Logit rating of Complicated Persona, which is the first stepping stone on the path to victory."

The Ecstatic Eagles burst into their house and rush to claim beds. Karin grabs her luggage, conveniently placed by the door, and crashes into a closed door.

She appears in the confessional area with a bandage on her nose. "Okay, so I was rushing a little bit."

"So, Karin crashes into a door within seconds of entering the house," Aly says in a confessional. "First genius identified," she says as she rolls her eyes.

Aly, Karin, Raechel, and Skylia enter the girls' bedroom. There are four beds in different corners of the room as well as two shelves.

Raechel approaches a bed and puts her suitcase on top of it. "Hi, guys! I'm Raechel. I can't wait to get to know you all over the next few weeks!"

"Weeks?" Karin asks.

Skylia yawns. "Well, she assumes none of us are getting voted off. And that's optimal!" She smiles.

Raechel looks confused. "Voted off? What? What are we voting for?"

Aly smacks her palm against her forehead, and quickly appears in the confessional area. "I don't think Raechel knows what show she's on. I'd like to see the criteria they use to cast this show, because... she probably doesn't even know who Chris is."

The male members of the Eagles, Byran, Colin, Cyrus, and Erik, approaches the guys' bedroom. A camera angle from inside reveals that it looks identical to the other bedroom.

Suddenly, Byran bursts through the door and leaps onto a bed. "I can't believe - like, I literally cannot believe I'm on Total Drama!" He pulls his suitcase onto the bed. "This is insane. I'm so excited. How about you guys?"

Erik raises his eyebrows. "I'd like to know how he got his sugar rush, seeing as we haven't even eaten anything yet," he says in a confessional. "Seriously, this guy is crazy! I love it. But it's gonna get pretty grating."

Back in the bedroom, Colin laughs jokingly at Byran. "Dude, chill out. It's the first hour of Total Drama."

"I know!" Byran exclaims excitedly. "And that's why it's so amazing!"

Cyrus is looking around at his three roommates. "I'm kinda happy that no one has recognized me yet! Whenever I go into a big city, especially in the United States, people are always freaking out because they recognize me. I might be able to play like a normal person now!" He claps. "This is fab."

"So, anyway," Byran says to the other guys, "my name's Byran!" He laughs. "If you couldn't tell, I'm a gargantuan fan of Total Drama. How'd you guys find out about the show?"

After a short silence, Colin says, "I guess I'll go first. My name's Colin, by the way. We watched a few episodes on the way to a swim meet. And I thought it was a pretty chill show. So I applied, and...yeah, man. That's it."

"Well," Erik follows, "I was actually asked by someone to draw their characters for an online Total Drama fan-fiction. I know, kind of loser-y, right? But, yeah, that's how I found out, and I've been a fan ever since."

Cyrus' face lights up. "Wait, are you erik13 from that art website?"

"Yeah!" Erik laughs. "That's cool, I didn't know I had fans."

Cyrus laughs back. "I'm a big internet person. That's also how I found Total Drama, as you could probably deduce. I'm Cyrus."

"Cool," Colin says. "Nice to meet you guys."

The scene quickly shifts to Chris walking along the beach again. "Now that you've met the Ecstatic Eagles, let's take a look inside the Popular Pandas' house!"

Angie, Catelyn, Elizabeth, and Parvati peacefully enter the girls' bedroom.

"Wow, this is so nice!" Angie says.

"Really?" Parvati giggles. "I wouldn't go that far. You haven't even gotten into the bed yet." She giggles again.

Elizabeth glares at Parvati, then rolls her eyes.

"Do you think the guys' bedroom is any different?" Catelyn asks. "Do you think there's, like, footballs and stuff?"

"I don't know, what kind of stuff do guys put in their bedrooms?" Angie asks.

Parvati laughs. "Probably a plethora of trophies and other jock-y, manly stuff." She laughs...again.

"That demon's giggle is going to make me disintegrate!" Elizabeth says in a confessional. "I can't stand it! How am I going to live for three days before I can vote her off?"

The scene switches to Judd, Matthew, Mitch, and Sean entering their gender-specific bedroom.

"It's kinda boring that they won't let us sleep with girls," Mitch says, sitting on his new bed.

Matthew quickly shifts his eyebrows up and down and gives a half-hearted smile while looking down. "I don't think it really matters. We have a third room for stuff like that. Unless they're all antisocial girls, they'll probably be spending time in the living room."

"You never know, dude," Mitch says as he opens up his suitcase. His eyes widen upon opening it.

"Something wrong?" Judd asks. He looks over at Mitch's bed.

Mitch slams his suitcase shut. "All of my freaking stuff is gone except for one change of clothes and a bathing suit!"

"What?!" Judd exclaims as he rushes to open up his suitcase. "Dude! My horse statues are gone! Not cool!"

Mitch snickers. "Horse statues? What are you, some kind of horse whisperer?"

Sean's face lights up, but he quickly appears in the confessional area. "Mitch's horse whisperer comment is definitely going to give his Logit rating a negative tone, meaning he has less of a chance to win if this is consistent. My odds of winning just increased, big time."

"Horses are my thing," Judd replies. "I had pictures, books, everything in here..."

"You probably brought some of their fur, too," Mitch says sarcastically.

Judd glares at him. "Do you mean a sample of the hair from their manes? Because, I mean, that's too darn pretty to just cut off."

Mitch appears in the confessional area, and begins his confessional by imitating a southern accent. "Judd southern's accent is really getting on my nerves, man!" He rolls his eyes. "His horse obsession is frightening. If he doesn't stop talking like an idiotic cowboy, I'm going to break him." He pauses. "Okay, maybe not physical violence, but I'm capable of some really crafty stuff. Just you wait, Judd."

"Yep," Sean says in another confessional. "Mitch will definitely be edited as a minor antagonist. And, Judd's been giving me a lot of first boot vibes. He's really strange and off-putting. Those kinds of people always go first."

Matthew is shown in the confessional area. "So, let's see who I have on my team so far!" He smiles ironically. "I have the really, really annoying horse-obsessed cowboy. I have the guy who looks like he might be a jock, but I do know is that he can't seem to turn off the 'pretentious attitude' switch. Oh, and the weird guy who's just sat in the corner observing us. Fantastic!"

After Matthew's confessional, the Ecstatic Eagles are shown gathering in their living room. There are two blue couches facing each other and a round wooden table between them.

"So, does anyone else do yoga?" Skylia asks.

Raechel smiles. "Yes! I take a class every Saturday. It really helps me maintain my physique. I love it!"

"Oh, that's great!" Byran says while beaming. "We're gonna need that in challenges."

Aly laughs. "You know the first challenge is probably gonna be, like, whoever dies first wins for their team."

Raechel looks concerned. "Die?!" She exclaims. "Can they do that? Is that allowed?"

Aly looks at Raechel, dumbfounded. "Do you actually think--"

"Nope," Cyrus interrupts, "but honestly? I wouldn't put it past Chris. He's sneaky as--"

"Chris?!" Raechel exclaims again, cutting Cyrus off. "Is he playing again? Oh my gosh, he was actually my favorite from Total Drama Islands!"

Cyrus is shown in the confessional area. "You know? At first, I was a bit judgmental of Aly because she was throwing a lot of shade at Raechel. But now that I've found out that she lacks any brainpower? I'm starting to take Aly's side."

"Dude, Chris is the host of this show," Colin explains to Raechel. "He, like, talked to us outside, and stuff."

Raechel's jaw drops. "That was him?! I met my idol and I didn't even recognize him?"

"He looks the same every season," Aly says. "His closet probably has hundreds of the same blue shirt."

"It's iconic," Cyrus follows up.

Raechel is silent.

The scene changes, now showing the Popular Pandas gathering in their living room.

"I still can't believe it, man," Judd says, "they took all our luggage and stuff, man!"

Parvati laughs. "It's fine for me! I brought all my makeup in the front pocket. Chris didn't check that one."

"I didn't carry anything important," Matthew says.

"Wait, Parvati," Angie says, ignoring Matthew, "you still have makeup?"

Catelyn takes out her makeup bag. "I do too, girl!"

"Oh my god, thank you so much, bae!" Angie says as she looks into Catelyn's makeup bag.

Mitch says in a confessional, "I can't believe she just said bae. I didn't even know that was a serious thing."

Sean is shown in the confessional area. "Catelyn coming to Angie's rescue? That's gonna give her a few positivity points. She has to go early, or she could be a huge contender for the winner's edit!"

"Do you have mascara?" Angie asks as she rummages through the small pouch.

"Oh, no, sorry, I don't do eye products," Catelyn replies. "I've been afraid of them ever since I poked my eye trying to apply eyeliner once."

"Oh my god, that's terrible!" Angie says compassionately. "I'm so sorry."

Mitch snickers. "Must be the worst thing ever."

Catelyn turns to him. "Have you ever applied eyeliner? It takes a lot of work."

"How is makeup any form of work at all?" Mitch asks.

"Have you ever applied eyeliner?" Catelyn asks.

Mitch blinks. "No, but..."

"There." Catelyn turns to Parvati. "Parv, you have any eyeliner for him to try on? He needs a bit of truth tea spilled."

"What the heck is truth tea?" Matthew asks.

Judd scratches his head. "Is it some kind of a minty flavor?"

Parvati looks at them and laughs. "It's an expression! You should know it!"

There is a pause as Judd blinks. "So what flavor is it?"

Elizabeth appears in the confessional area looking annoyed. "I swear to God. My entire team is full of bloody imbeciles! You have the vapid, overrated, demonic idiot girls who I despise already. They can't go for a second without asking how their hair looks, or how they should put their makeup on. The guys aren't as bad because they never talk...but when they do, nothing worth my time comes out of their mouths. I almost want to be voted out first!"

Angie appears in the confessional area. "Right now, I just have to play it cool and come off as completely harmless and definitely not a threat. It may not matter to the other girls, but I can tell that at least two of the guys, Matthew and Sean, are going to be big game players. Sean's extremely observant and Matthew always talks like he knows what he's talking about. I have to look like a dumb blonde for now. They can't know what I'm really thinking!" She giggles.

"I don't know what that Angie girl is thinking," Matthew says in a confessional, "because she's acting dumb as a boulder and I can see right through it! The problem is, I don't know how to talk to her. But, I don't know if I want to." He shrugs his shoulders.

Catelyn, Angie, and Parvati are shown exchanging cosmetic products on the couch.

"You have turquoise eye shadow?" Catelyn says to Parvati. "You seriously have everything!"

"I know! It's a talent of mine, not gonna lie," Parvati responds. They both laugh. Soon after, Parvati appears in the confessional area. "I'm getting along great with the other girls. I think that was gonna be a given, seeing as I'm pretty much a Popular Panda in my daily life. And the guys should be easy, too. I'm not ugly, so they shouldn't have an issue talking to me." She laughs.

"I still can't stand her laugh," Elizabeth says in a quick confessional.

Aly, Cyrus, and Skylia are shown together in one of the Ecstatic Eagles' bedrooms.

"So," Cyrus says, "what do you think of our team?"

"I don't know," Skylia says. "A lot of them seem really...intense. Especially Byran."

"Yeah, you were the one who does yoga, right?" Cyrus asks. Skylia nods.

"Sounds like Byran could use some of that," Aly says. "If his mouth produces one more run-on sentence, I'm gonna do some bad things. What about that clueless broad, Raechel?"

"Obviously, her first time hearing about Total Drama was when she looked at the application," Cyrus says. "You'd think the producers would force them to watch a season, but obviously they didn't even take the time to do that."

Aly rolls her eyes. "She probably didn't even send in an application. In the realm of reality television these days, recruits are the new fans."

"Speaking of recruits," Cyrus begins, "I'm, like, ninety percent sure that Colin was only recruited for his body."

"Not gonna lie, he's probably the hottest guy on this show," Aly says.

Skylia's face lights up. "I love Colin!" Aly and Cyrus look at her. "Well, not love, but I love the first impression I got from him. He's so laid-back."

"Let me guess," Aly says, "just like you?" She gasps sarcastically.

Skylia playfully shoves her. "Oh, stop it! I'm not even looking for a relationship."

Aly laughs. "Hey, no one said you were until now."

Cyrus intervenes. "All right, break it up, huns."

"Did you just call us 'huns'? I've never heard a guy say that," Aly replies.

"Oh, shut up!" Cyrus laughs. "It's a stupid thing, I'm trying to work it out of my vocabulary. What do you think of Erik?"

"From what I know, all he's good for is painting. He's about as much of a dud as Raechel in my eyes," Aly explains.

Skylia tilts her head to the side. "He seems like a cool guy! Artists are always really cool. My brother paints, and I pretty much like him better than either of my parents." She turns to Cyrus. "What about you?"

"Well, he might be a huge fan of Total Drama," Cyrus says. "When we were first moving in, he told us that he draws art for online Total Drama fans."

"What kind of online Total Drama fans even are there?" Aly asks.

"Well, it's not like they're all complete hermits," Cyrus starts.

"Then what would they be?" Aly counters. "They sound like the types of people who live in a cave with Wi-Fi."

"As I was saying," Cyrus continues, "they're not all hermits. I used to do a lot of TD fan stuff online. Clearly I don't live in a cave." Cyrus laughs.

Skylia laughs. "Did you just call Total Drama 'TD'?"

Aly snickers. "You got me there," she says to Cyrus, "but seriously, 'TD'?"

"Shut up!" Cyrus laughs.

Judd, Parvati, and Sean are now talking together in one of the Popular Pandas' bedrooms.

"I still can't believe that darn Chris got all our stuff," Judd complains. "I mean, that's not right, y'know?"

Parvati laughs. "I'm fine, because I love these clothes anyway, and he didn't get into my makeup bag. So, that's all taken care of."

"I'm not fine, y'know?" Judd replies. "I had, like, four of my horse statues in there, and a bunch of pictures and stuff!"

"What are you?" Parvati giggles. "Some kind of horse whisperer?"

Judd looks infuriated. "Why does everybody keep saying that? Y'know, it's like havin' a cat or a dog or something," he says. "You're gonna miss 'em when you're gone, y'know?"

"I don't bring cat statues!" Parvati laughs. "I just bring out the claws." She pretends to purr.

Sean looks disturbed. "You bring your cat's claws with you?!" He shudders. "That's mental! Isn't that animal cruelty?"

Parvati laughs...again. "It's a metaphor, silly!"

Judd appears in the confessional area. "I mean, I thought it was a pretty cool idea, but I guess Sean didn't, and neither did Parv, y'know?"

Back in the bedroom, Parvati turns her attention to Judd. "Didn't you say you swam?"

Judd blushes. "Not much. I prefer horseback riding, y'know?"

Parvati rolls her eyes playfully. "I could have guessed that one."

Sean appears in the confessional area. "I hate talking to Judd and Parvati. All Judd does is talk about his stupid horses, and all Parvati does is laugh and flirt. It's annoying as heck! They're obviously pre-merge boots, their edits are gonna be terrible. I hate them already."

"I wonder if the other team has realized their stuff is gone, y'know?" Judd asks. "I bet none of 'em are as heartbroken as I am."

"Are you really heartbroken? Like, it's just horse status." Parvati giggles.

"And pictures!" Judd snaps. "Anyway, it looks like there's a bunch of muscular dudes on the other team, y'know? What are they gonna miss?"

Parvati thinks for a second. "That really hyper guy is gonna miss caffeine dosage." She laughs. "I think seeing Chris will rejuvenate him every morning, though. The kid was freaking out when he saw Chris!"

"Did someone just say my name?" A familiar figure enters the room. The figure is revealed to be none other than Chris McLean.

"Hey, Chris! What's up?" Parvati asks.

"Your first challenge! That's what's up!" Chris exclaims. "Get your swimsuits on and report to the beach in ten minutes!"

The scene now shows both teams, in their swimwear, together on the beach.

Chris is facing the two teams. "So, how'd the first couple of hours go?"

"Terrible!" Judd shouts.

Chris laughs sadistically. "I assume the Popular Pandas have noticed the first of many budget cuts this season?"

Angie looks at Chris angrily. "All of my makeup is gone. That was, like, two hundred dollars worth of mascara!"

"Maybe you can win the money and buy some more!" Chris replies. "Any other complaints?"

"Yeah," Erik says. "What are they talking about?"

"We're talking about how our suitcases got emptied," Mitch answers. "Didn't you look?"

"All of my stuff was there," Skylia says. "Even my yoga mats!"

"You're kidding me, right, Chris?" Mitch looks at Chris, astonished.

Chris snickers. "Luggage for both teams just wasn't in the money this season! Be glad you're sleeping on a real bed."

"Yeah, whatever." Mitch folds his arms and rolls his eyes.

Chris clears his throat. He announces, "Welcome to your first ever Total Drama challenge!" Everyone cheers.

Byran is jumping up and down energetically. "What's it gonna be?! What's it gonna be?!"

"For your first challenge," Chris explains, "we thought that we'd do something a bit...safer than what we normally do."

"Oh, great!" Aly says sarcastically. "Now I only have a ninety-eight percent chance of dying today."

Chris glares at her. "Shut up." He turns to the ocean. "Anyway, if you look over to your left, our unpaid interns are attempting to move two certain boats over here to shore."

The scene shows all sixteen contestants gasping at the sight of the boats, which have not been on screen yet.

"I guess that's where the budget cut came from..." Judd says.

"Are we gonna be safer than those interns?" Mitch asks.

Raechel puts her hand over her mouth. "One of them is gonna pass out!"

"Oh, bloody heck! Get them over here!" Elizabeth complains.

As the episode fades out, Chris snickers. "This is gonna be a wild ride."

To Be Continued...

Episode 2: Loose Lips Sink Viking Ships

Scenes of the sixteen new Total Drama contestants arriving at their new homes display on the screen as Chris begins the first recap of the season in a voiceover. "Last time on Total Drama: South Pacific! Sixteen brand new teens were flown in to start one of our craziest seasons yet! After being divided into two teams, they took up residence in two fairly high budget houses. The guys and girls started to bond with each other immediately, with some bonding over horse statues and others bonding over makeup. The Popular Pandas were super excited to learn that all of their luggage was removed! The Ecstatic Eagles were ecstatic when they realized that theirs wasn't. After a while, yours truly asked everyone to gather on the beach. And that's where we are!" The scene shows Chris on the beach with the sixteen contestants, just like the first episode ended. "Let's find out who will dominate the challenge right here, right now, on Total! Drama! South Pacific!"

As the scene fades in after the shortened theme song, Chris and the sixteen contestants are watching two large boats come into view.

"Holy freak, that's wild," Karin says, gasping.

Matthew looks at Chris with a furrowed brow. "How did you even afford this?"

Chris snickers. "I never said we didn't make a few huge budget cuts this season."

"Those interns are gonna pass out!" Raechel exclaims with concern. "Are they even getting paid for this?"

"It's Total Drama!" Chris says sadistically. "They never do."

"Dude," Colin remarks, "that's way cool."

Chris turns to the ocean. "Here they come!"

"Oh my God!" Byran exclaims. "This is unreal, oh my God! Chris this is so exciting when do we get to start competing is it gonna be like the Sweden challenge in World Tour did I mention I actually love the colors of the Swedish flag?"

The camera turns to the ocean as well, revealing two large viking-style boats approaching shore. Their large sails are color coded to represent their corresponding teams; one is blue for the Eagles, and one is pink for the Pandas. There are three large oars on each side of each boat with a steering wheel towards the bow. The interns who are rowing them look especially tired. A close-up shot of the boat reveals that two interns are passing out.

"So, like, what do we do?" Colin asks. "Dude, that looks mad cool."

"Patience, Colin," Chris says pretentiously. "Patience."

Aly looks annoyed. "They're taking like, eight years to get here. Aren't you on a schedule?"

Chris glares at Aly, and then takes out a megaphone. "Keep it moving, interns!" He snickers in reaction to his amplified command. "I'm not keeping you unpaid for nothing!"

Catelyn appears in the confessional area. "Honestly, I've always wondered why the interns continue to do their jobs for this show. They don't even get compensation! They must be some kind of crazy."

Eventually, the two ships dock, and the tired interns pass out on the beach.

"Are they gonna be okay?!" Raechel says. "Don't you have a doctor for them?"

Chris blinks. "Um..." He furrows his brow. "Nope, I think they'll be fine! We can't afford medical, anyway. You gotta pay top dollar for a doctor these days."

Karin is shown giggling in the confessional area. "Oh my God, that's actually so terrible." She snickers again. "I feel so sorry for those interns."

The scene cuts back to the beach. Erik is admiring the viking ships. "Wow, Chris! I love the art style that production went with these ships! It's like...totally cool."

"Yeah, okay, cool!" Chris says halfheartedly. Erik frowns.

"So what's the, uh..." Karin hesitates.

"Challenge," Cyrus whispers to Karin. "It's called a challenge, doll."

"Challenge!" She suddenly exclaims. "Yeah, what's the challenge?"

Aly appears in the confessional area. "So, today I learned that Karin might be as idiotic as Raechel. She didn't even know what a challenge was."

The camera cuts back to Chris. "For your first ever Total Drama challenge, the task is simple!" Chris points out into the ocean. The magic of editing reveals that Chef Hatchet is on a boat in the middle of the ocean holding two flags.

"You'll have to row, row, row your boat and swim, swim, swim your bodies out to Chef and retrieve your team's flag from his boat. The first team to hand me their flag wins the challenge!" Chris explains. He laughs sinisterly before saying, "The team that doesn't hand in their flag will have to face the ultra dramatic Poolside Elimination!"

Raechel looks confused. "So, I have two questions. First, who is Chef?"

Aly smacks her own forehead.

"Chef is, like, the cook guy that cooked food," Karin attempts to explain.

Raechel's face lights up. "Oh, yeah! Like on that one season at the summer camp."

Karin hesitates. "There were four seasons at summer camps, Raechel."

"Why do you care just let Chris explain the challenge stop being rude so we can get to it already!" Byran says quickly.

"I'm about two inches from throwing the challenge to get Byran out," Aly says in a confessional.

Colin laughs. "Dude, do you ever, like, go to sleep, bro?"

"Let Chris explain the challenge!!" Byran repeats.

Colin holds his hands up. "Hey, it's your call, dude."

As the scene moves to an annoyed Chris, the irritated hosts clears his throat. "Thank you, Byran. What an angel. Now..."

"Honestly, Chris, I wouldn't consider myself an angel because generally angels have already died and I'm still alive but if you think I'm an angel on Earth that's cool I guess but angels are really boring because they tend to be positive forces in life and I met this one guy in a theater class that said he hated me and wasn't sure why I was an actor but he quit the class because no one else liked him so the joke's on him and not me!" Byran takes a big breath, but is interrupted before he can continue speaking.

"You aren't an angel anymore!" Chris yells irritably. "There! Now shut up!"

"Thank you." Aly stares at Chris and smiles. "Thank you. So. Much."

Chris snickers. "My pleasure." He clears his throat again. "Anyway, once all eight team members are in your boat, six team members can take up the oars and start rowing." The camera reveals a red buoy about one hundred meters from the reused Boat of Losers prop from season one. Chef Hatchet, making his first on-screen appearance this season, is relaxing in the captain's room. Two flags are taped to opposite ends of the small, rickety ship.

"One team member must get ready to swim over to Chef once you reach the red buoy to retrieve your team's flag," Chris continues explaining. "Then, they can get back in their boat and start heading back."

"What about the last team member?" Parvati asks. "Rowing is...well, not my thing." She giggles, causing a nearby Mitch to roll his eyes. "And this swimsuit is still in season. I can't ruin it!" She laughs.

"I'm voting her out tonight, I can't even deal with her fake laughter one more bloody second," Elizabeth says in a confessional. "I'm literally about to throw the bloody competition to get this demon out of the game. I'm going mad aggro today."

"Honestly?" Angie says. "My guess is that they steer the boat. Since there's kind of a wheel, and all."

Chris raises his eyebrows. "Wow!" He claps halfheartedly. "Congratulations for having eyes, Angie." He turns to Parvati. "And congratulations to you for not having a brain."

Parvati laughs. "Sorry!" She continues laughing playfully. "I'm just not observant!" After this, she appears in the confessional area. "Okay, so I was a little bit of a dumb broad at the challenge. It works in my favor, though! Now everyone is underestimating me more...I hope."

"So, yes, the last remaining person steers," Chris affirms. "And I'm guessing that's Parvati for the Pandas."

Parvati looks around at her team. "I mean, if no one else wants to!"

"You just stole a whole minute or so of airtime dedicated to you not wanting to swim or row!" Sean bursts out. "You're gonna freaking steer."

"Geez, sorry," Parvati says. "Guess I'm steering!"

"Eagles!" Chris turns to the other team. "Who's steering for you?"

"Not me, dude," Colin says. "I swim, so I think I'm, like, pretty good for the swimming part."

Raechel raises her hand. "I want to do it!" She pauses. "I'm not confident in my rowing abilities, so I think this is the smartest thing for us to do."

Aly appears in the confessional area. "Look at that! She said something intelligent!" She gasps. "I still don't think she's all that bright. At least she can make her own decisions, though."

Over on the Pandas team, everyone is questioning who will swim.

"Guys!" Judd whines. "I can swim! I swim as well as horseback ride! I can do it!"

"Um..." Catelyn begins. "I...don't know how to say it...but you're..."

"We think that your physical strength makes you a better rower than a swimmer!" Matthew says. He winks at Catelyn.

Catelyn, blushing, appears in the confessional area. "Did Matthew just wink at me?" She squeals. "I never thought I'd find love on this show! I mean, he's not my type at all, but if he's gonna vote with me every time we lose, that's actually perf."

"I winked at Catelyn to show her that I'm on her side," Matthew explains in a confessional. "I was trying to save her from having to insult Judd. I think we were thinking the same thing, that Judd isn't really mentally stable. It would be great if Catelyn got the message that I'm her friend. I wouldn't date her or anything, but a friend is a friend right now. If we lose, I don't wanna be the antisocial toast."

Back on the beach, Judd is pouting. "So who swims then? Scrawny Mitch? Hermit Sean? How could Angie swim, anyway, when her chest alone is practically two round life vests?"

"By that logic, I guess she's great at breaststroke," Mitch says. He snickers.

Catelyn produces a half smile. "I can swim, no problem."

Judd looks at her confusedly. "You? Really? Against tall, tan and muscular over there on the enemy tribe?"

"Are you saying that girls can't hold their own?" Catelyn says.

"Not at all..." Judd pauses. "Fine, whatever, go ahead. Let it be known that if we lose, I'm blaming and voting for you because you wanted to swim so freaking badly, okay?"

Sean appears in the confessional area. "Judd's edit is sinking right now. He went from mild lunatic, probably a Hard To Detect Negative logit rating, to Overtly Negative, which is a really bad transition. There's no way he'll make it past the first few episodes with that."

After Sean's confessional, the scene displays Chris in front of the two assembled teams. "So, I assume you have everything sorted out?" Everyone nods their head. "Great! So, we can start..."

There is a pause as Chris fumbles to find something. He searches his pockets frantically.

"What is he looking for?" Erik asks his team.

Karin shrugs her shoulders. "You know...I don't know!"

"Is he itching?" Skylia asks.

"Oh, I brought a cream for itching!" Parvati announces. "It's back at the house, I can get it in a sec."

Chris reveals an airhorn. "Found it!" He uses it to produce a loud, obnoxious noise. "Get in your boats and go, go, go!"

The two teams take off towards their respective boats.

"Okay, so I want to major in some kind of history," Matthew explains in a confessional. "So, I know what a viking ship looks like. The ships that the interns rowed in are too small to be viking ships. These are barely five feet off the ground!"

Angie appears in the confessional area. "Oh my God, it was so gross! We literally had to dodge sweaty, sleeping interns left and right to be able to get into the wooden ship. It was horrible!"

"Fancy that," Elizabeth says to Mitch as they step over interns side by side. "She's stupider than we thought."

"Who, Parvati?" Mitch asks in response.

Elizabeth mocks Parvati's giggle. "Who else would it be? Obviously the girl who splashed out at the makeup counter."

"I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand her!" Mitch says, grinning.

"I can't stand her either," Elizabeth agrees. "She's the biggest idiot I've met."

The Ecstatic Eagles are also making their way into their boat.

"Ow!" Karin says as she climbs onto the deck. "This is mad hurting."

Erik jumps into the boat. "What is?"

"My arm," Karin explains. "I hit it when I smashed into the door earlier."

Erik raises his eyebrows. "Whoa! That's a wicked bruise!"

Karin glares at him as she grabs an oar. "Not helping, Erik!"

"Sorry," Erik says sheepishly. "I, uh, hope it gets better."

"Thanks," Karin says reluctantly. "Where's Raechel? Isn't she supposed to be steering?"

Suddenly, a shriek is heard off-screen. The camera quickly turns to Raechel, who is slowly stepping over the sleeping interns. Her shriek has woken a few of them up.

"How are all of you already up there?!" she asks. "This is gross!"

Skylia sighs. "Just get up here, Raechel. It's not that bad. I mean, we were all able to survive the intern minefield."

The Ecstatic Eagles, all in their boat minus Raechel, are intently watching the girl struggling to make it into the viking ship.

"Come on!" Byran shouts. "They're gonna catch up and then we're gonna lose the challenge and we're gonna vote someone off can you please get up here it's not that hard!"

Raechel appears in the confessional area. "Okay, that was really difficult. The interns were reeking of sweat, so it was impossible to concentrate. Not to mention I had an entire team shouting at me!"

Meanwhile, all eight Popular Pandas members are climbing into their vessel. Catelyn is the last person to make their way into the boat.

"Go, Catelyn!" Judd shouts. "We need you for swimmin'!"

"I know, Judd!" she replies.

Judd appears to be annoyed. "If you know, then why aren't you hustlin' to get in here?"

Catelyn finishes climbing into the boat and shoves Judd as she gets aboard.

Parvati, who is already at the boat's steering wheel, clears her throat. "Everyone, grab an oar!"

Everyone shifts to an oar except for Catelyn, who is lying down between the two rows of contestants.

"Go!" Parvati exclaims. "Row, row, row!" She giggles.

"Hey, Parvatwit!" Elizabeth shouts mockingly. "It'd be real cool if you'd stop giggling and start steering!" She is rowing behind Mitch, who turns around and smiles at her.

Parvati twirls her hair. "We're already, like, going in the right direction right now though. I'll steer when we need to, alright?"

"We're not even rowing in sync!" Mitch complains. "Isn't that your job to guide us too?"

Parvati giggles. "Well, I don't think it's a problem at the moment. We're going pretty fast!"

"Obviously," Elizabeth says in a confessional, "I got the worst luck possible when I got onto this show. I've got a team full of idiots and then there's Mitch. I literally hate everyone else. Don't even get me started on Parvati."

Catelyn, peacefully resting on the deck of the boat, yawns. "They're a little bit right, though. You should at least be doing something to, like, help us."

Angie, rowing considerably slower than the others, says, "She's right, Parv. You've gotta do something!"

Parvati, now leaning on the front of the wheel, replies, "Why do you people dislike me so much?" She giggles. "It's not like I even did anything to hurt you!"

Matthew stutters. "I, uh, think it'd just be better if you just try and lead us and stuff." He pants. "Is this whole rowing thing hard for any of you?"

"None of you even seem exasperated by your rowing!" Parvati says, ignoring Matthew. "Pick up the pace, boys!" She giggles.

"Yeah, c'mon!" Judd whines, exasperated. "Are any of you even tryin' at this point?"

Elizabeth re-appears in the confessional area. "Like I said, our team is all sixes and sevens right now. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up in shambles by the end of the day."

Parvati appears in the confessional area, looking at the ground. "I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now."

Meanwhile, over at the Ecstatic Eagles' boat, Raechel is just barely climbing into the boat.

"Raechel, dude," Colin says, "you really need to, like, get in the boat, man. The Pandas have started rowing already, and it's just, like, not great right now."

"I'm trying!" she exclaims. "In the meantime," she says while grunting, "I think you all should get to an oar so we can start rowing right away."

"So you have the strength to say all of that but not the energy to get into the freaking boat?" Byran asks as he grabs an oar.

Aly appears in the confessional area. "If you've been watching this show closely, you may notice that Raechel isn't the most competent person on the team. I think she's making an effort, though, which is good, but observing her Total Drama track record so far, it'll never be enough."

Erik grabs a paddle behind Byran. "Holy crap, dude!"

Byran turns around and blinks. "Yeah?"

"The craftsmanship on this paddle is amazing!" Erik exclaims with wide eyes and a smile. "I've never seen anything like it!"

A nearby Cyrus laughs. "Only on Total Drama would you find someone who observes the craftsmanship of freaking oars."

Erik raises his eyebrows as he frantically inspects the wooden piece. "It's just this is so remarkable that something like this could be in the budget!"

"I guess you learn something new every day," Cyrus remarks.

Erik appears in the confessional area. "Okay, so I might have been a little bit obsessed with the paddle, but it was just so cool! I can't even get over it!"

Cyrus appears in the confessional area. "Erik seems to be a big Total Drama fan, just like I am. Not only did he draw stuff for the online fanbase, but he was thinking about the budget when he was obsessing over our oars. Potential alliance?" He smiles. "Potential alliance."

Raechel finally climbs onto the deck of the boat and rushes to the steering wheel. "Colin, get ready to swim, because we're gonna be there in no time!"

"Solid," Colin says. He begins to take off his shirt, causing Skylia to look over.

"He's...really hot!" Skylia says in a confessional. "I...didn't think I'd be looking for a relationship on this show, but...oh my God!"

Raechel, unlike the other team's steerer, has two hands on the wheel. "Is everyone doing okay? Are we rowing together?"

An aerial shot of the blue-sailed viking ship reveals that also unlike the other team, the Eagles are rowing in a solid rhythm together.

Colin looks over the edge of the boat where Byran, Cyrus, and Erik are rowing. "Yeah, I think so!"

"Great!" Raechel exclaims. "I think we might be catching up to the Pandas!"

Another aerial shot reveals that the two ships are now side by side.


The camera zooms in on the Pandas' ship, which seems to be falling behind.

"I got a splinter!" Judd whines.

"Judd, can you please keep rowing?" Angie asks between breaths. "I know it's pretty hard, but you've gotta try!"

Judd is currently curled up in a ball, clutching his index finger tightly.

"It's a bloody splinter!" Elizabeth shouts. "Get moving or get lost!"

"Bloody?!" Judd exclaims fearfully. "Is it gonna be bloody?"

"It's an expression, you twat," Elizabeth replies.

Angie sighs. "You'll be fine! Just pull it out after the challenge!"

"Blondie's right!" Elizabeth assures. "Get moving!"

Judd appears in the confessional area. "I didn't know that I'd be on this show with a bunch o' idiots!" He sighs. "How'm I supposed to win when no one cares about m'well being? If this splinter gets infected, I might never ride a horse again!" He holds up his red finger.

"It's been a rough day," Angie says in a confessional. "Having to make friends with Judd isn't my favorite thing ever because he's just so thick skulled! It doesn't really help that our team doesn't like him, either. But if we become friends, then he might protect me if my name comes up when we eventually lose this challenge."

"Fine!" Judd says as the scene returns to the Pandas' ship. He sits up, grabs his oar, and resumes the paddling motion.

Angie smiles. "Fantastic. Now if..." She pauses as the camera pans to a sleeping Parvati. She is leaning on the front of the steering wheel, and her body is slipping to the side.

"She's about to turn us off course!" Angie shouts worriedly.

Mitch rolls his eyes. "It'd be the most steering she's done so far."

"Someone do something!" Angie exclaims. The camera shows the wheel starting to turn.

"Parvati!" Catelyn says as she runs over to her. "Wake up, girl!" Catelyn grabs Parvati and straightens out the wheel. However, the bow of the ship is now pointing to the right.

Parvati opens her eyes. "Huh?" She blinks. "Hey, Catelyn! What's up?" She giggles.

"You fell asleep and almost put us off course!" Catelyn exclaims, frustrated. "That's what's up!"

"Oh," Parvati says nonchalantly. "Did you put us back on course?"

"That would be your job," Catelyn replies. "Not ours!"

Parvati giggles. "Whoops!" She stands up and turns around to face the steering wheel. "Better turn this thing a little bit to the left!"

Mitch appears in the confessional area. "Gee, really!? Turn it to the left? Who would have thought? Man, I want to punch her in the face."

"Hey, how far are we from the ship?" Matthew asks. No one replies. "Parvati?"

"Keep rowing, guys!" Parvati says.

Catelyn, who had returned to lying on the deck of the ship, is now sitting up. "Hey, Parv, how far are we from the ship?"

"Not too far!" Parvati replies. "Thanks for asking, Catelyn!"

The camera reveals that the Boat of Losers is indeed not very far. Chef Hatchet is inside the cockpit reading a magazine.

To the left of the small, rickety watercraft is the much larger viking ship bearing a blue sail, sometimes referred to as the Ecstatic Eagles' boat.

"Stop rowing!" Raechel exclaims. "We're at the red buoy!"

A new camera angle reveals that everyone has, in fact, already stopped rowing.

"We kind of established that one already, Raechel," Aly says.

"Oh, then good," she replies.

Skylia immediately turns to look at Colin. "Hey, Colin, are you ready to swim?"

Colin laughs. "Yep. About to jump in, dude." He dives into the blue ocean and begins swimming towards Chef. Behind him, two black dorsal fins emerge from the water. An onlooking Skylia gasps.

"Colin!" She yells. "Watch out for the sharks!"

Colin appears on screen as his eyes widen. "Sharks?!" He begins swimming twice as fast. "Not cool!"

Byran appears in the confessional area. "I'm so excited and glad and happy and stuff that we picked an actual swimmer to do the swimming for our team in the challenge! If someone else were to be doing this and they hurt themselves because of the sharks I'd hate that because dying on TV is honestly so terrible and that would suck even though that's kinda the stigma of Total Drama have I mentioned that I'm really excited for the dangerous challenges this season I love this show?" An off-screen person, presumably an intern, yells, "Shut up!"

Cyrus, Karin, and Skylia are watching Colin swim. They appear to be worried.

Cyrus is biting his nails. "This is so dramatic. I'm gonna die inside if he gets eaten by a shark."

Skylia raises an eyebrow, then says, "You mean literally die because it's so unfortunate and not die of laughter, right?"

"Uh..." Cyrus blinks. "What else would I be thinking?"

"I don't know," Skylia replies. "I'd just hate for there to be hatred among our team."

"Yeah, me too!" Cyrus forces a smile, then appears in the confessional area. "Skylia is kind of freaking me out. Aly and I teased her earlier today about having a crush on Colin, but that's quickly doing Dave-level obsessed, and fast."

"I really hope he's okay!" Karin says.

Skylia glares at Karin. "I do too." She then appears in the confessional area. "I saw the worry in Karin's eyes when Colin was swimming. I know she's into him too!"

"What's with the anim..." Karin stops. "Animalos..." She blinks.

Cyrus and Skylia both stop and stare at her.

"Animosal..." Karin furrows her brow.

"Is...something wrong?" Cyrus asks.

Karin blinks. "Animospital?" There is a moment of awkward silence.

Skylia laughs and asks, "Do you mean animosity?"

Karin's eyes light up. "Yes! That's exactly the word!" She high-fives Skylia.

Cyrus laughs as well. "Why were you trying to say it in the first place?"

Karin blinks. "I'm, uh, not sure."

"That's fine!" Skylia smiles. She appears in the confessional area shortly after. "Okay, so she might just be a normal human being with regular emotions, so maybe my concern was misplaced, but I'm still keeping tabs on her."

Colin reaches Chef's boat and clings above water onto the side.

"How ya' likin' them sharks, boy?" Chef asks from the driver's seat.

Colin smiles and replies, "They're no problem, bro. Just an extra incentive." He grabs the blue flag and falls back into the water.

The Popular Pandas' ship has now reached the red buoy.

"Hurry 'n' jump in!" Judd shouts at Catelyn. "The hot..." He pauses, causing everyone to look at him. "I mean, the other guy already has the freaking flag! Go! Go!"

Catelyn, donning a bikini, rolls her eyes before diving off of the boat and into the water.

"Watch out for the sharks!" Judd shouts. "They're brutal, y'know!"

"How do you know there's gonna be sharks?" Angie asks suspiciously.

Judd snickers. "Simple, I was watching the other team. You know, strategy? Gotta look over once in a while if you're gonna win the race, y'know?"

"And not concentrating on your own team's potential success?" Angie replies. "Low blow."

"Oh, c'mon!" Judd whines. "It's not like I completely stopped rowing!"

"Just like you did earlier?" Mitch butts in. "Oh, I've got a splinter!" he mocks. "Get a grip, man."

"It could've gotten infected!" Judd complains, but nobody appears to sympathize with him.

Elizabeth rolls her eyes, then appears in the confessional area. "Judd isn't my cup of tea. I don't hate him, but he doesn't even contribute anything to the all. He thinks he's cracking but he's really more like slacking."

Sean appears in the confessional area, making his first on-screen appearance for quite some time. "If I just stay quiet, my edit can't tank. Everyone else is destroying their shot at the winner's edit by being the most negative people I've ever met. At this point, it looks like I almost have to win this season."

Parvati, still with her back leaning on the front of the wheel, is beaming.

"What are you so excited about?" Mitch asks.

"Does this mean I'm not public enemy number one anymore?!" she exclaims excitedly.

"I never hated you," Matthew replies. "You seem kinda like a nice person, maybe, I guess, possibly, hopefully, I think?"

Mitch rolls his eyes. "Personally, I still hate you."

Parvati sighs. "Guess everyone on this tribe is still attacking me for no reason!" She turns her back to the rest of the tribe.

"What's with her drama?" Elizabeth whispers to Mitch.

"No clue," Mitch replies, "but you can tell her ego is still really intact right now."

"She's not smart enough to have one," Elizabeth says. She snickers.

Mitch forces a chuckle. "Yeah, maybe." He then appears in the confessional area. "Look, Elizabeth and I are friends, but I've never heard her talk positively about someone. She's literally the most negative person ever. Positivity? Not her specialty."

Suddenly, Catelyn returns with the pink flag for her team. She glares at Judd.

"Hey!" Judd whines. "What's with the glare, y'know?"

Catelyn shrugs her shoulders.

Angie steps in by saying, "You were strongly against her swimming, but she was back before we knew it. I think that's what she was trying to say." She then appears in the confessional area. "Right now, I just need to be positive towards everyone. If I can help build bridges and be everyone's friend, that's really good for my game."

Judd crosses his arms and pouts. "She wasn't back before the Eagles' swimmer, okay?"

The camera reveals that the opposing team's blue sail is leaving the red buoy. The scene switches to the deck of the Eagles' ship.

"Yes!" Raechel exclaims. "Great job, Colin!"

Skylia leaves her oar to go hug him. "You did great!"

Colin smiles. "Thanks, man, but you should probably, like, get back to your paddle thing."

Skylia gasps. "Oh, right, sorry!" She quickly returns to her oar and continues rowing in sync with the rest of the tribe.

"Raechel, you're steering us on the right course, right? Because it would be really bad if we lost because we weren't going in the right direction and I'd honestly be really embarrassed because you messed up the team singlehandedly and stuff," Byran says.

Raechel smiles back at Byran. "Don't worry, I've got it all under control."

"Hear that, hyper boy?" Aly says in a confessional. "You can shut up now." She pauses. "At least, that's what I'd like to tell him, but if a target gets on my back, I could be dead in the water."

"I really hope you do," Karin says. "I'd hate to get fifteenth place tonight."

Aly sighs. "Karin, there are sixteen people in the game. You'd be getting sixteenth."

"Yeah...okay," Karin replies.

"Complacent much?" Aly rolls her eyes without getting a reply from Karin.

"Aly's starting arguments," Cyrus says in a confessional, "and that's not one hundred percent great. Constant negativity could be the straw to break this team's camel's back." He pauses. "Wow, that was terribly worded. Can I get a redo? That's why I love vlogging, it's so easy to just redo things..."

"Chicks argue, bro," Colin says in a confessional. "It's hot, but it's not helping our team."

"Karin! Aly! Come on!" Erik says. "We're almost there and the Pandas are catching up!"

"Everyone!" Byran says.

"Wow," Aly says in a quick confessional, "a one word sentence from Byran?! Phenomenal."

"Listen up!" Byran continues. "Row your freaking hearts out right now! We're almost there and if we lose that's really bad because then one of us gets sixteenth - not fifteenth, Karin - and does anyone want to be first boot like the other irrelevant losers that get last place on Total Drama?"

Erik raises one eyebrow. "Well, Ezekiel has a huge cult following..."

"And I love Lindsay!" Cyrus exclaims. "Not to mention that Mikayla's obsession with her hair was actually hilarious."

"Yeah, I could totally relate to that," Raechel agrees. "I was so happy when Mikayla won the season, though!"

Aly rolls her eyes. "She was first boot, genius."

"Yeah, I know!" Raechel says nervously. "I read a, uh, fake season online which had everyone in reverse, so Mikayla won!

"Okay," Aly says with a smirk. "So who would have been the winner?"

Raechel pauses. "The...guy! He had the hair and clothes and stuff. You know who I'm talking about!"

"She's a dud," Aly says in a quick confessional.

"The Pandas are catching up oh my God stop slacking everyone let's go already!" Byran exclaims as the camera pans to the Pandas' pink-sailed viking ship.

"Hurry, guys!" Angie says. "We're..." She stops to take a breath. "Almost there!"

"C'mon!" Judd says in a whiny tone. "Give it your all, okay?"

"Did you think we weren't?" Mitch asks. "No one wants to be first boot."

"I definitely agree," Matthew says while nodding. "Being the first person voted off would really suck."

Catelyn is now standing up instead of lying down. "Mitch knows what's up!" she exclaims. "No one!" she shouts. "No one wants to be first out! Row your arms off, guys!"

"Go, y'all!" Judd says.

Angie appears in the confessional area. "My arms feel like they were gonna fall off. If we don't win this challenge, I'm gonna be two limbs down and up for elimination...both of those aren't favorable scenarios."

Sean appears in the confessional area. "Little does everyone know that my biceps are super-duper strength machines! ...Sorta. I'm just surprised no one called me out on my lack of rowing prowess. The editing is really going in my favor already!"

Elizabeth appears to be exerting herself. Her dark brown hair is flying in the wind with every stroke she takes. "Row harder, you nitwits, we haven't passed them yet! I'm not gonna be the flipping first person voted off of this show so get a move on!"

"Shut up, Negative Nancy!" Judd shouts back. "No one cares about your tea and crumpets, okay?"

Elizabeth glares at Judd before withdrawing her oar from its holding point on the side of the ship and hitting him with it. He falls down and passes out.

"What was that for?" Angie looks at Elizabeth angrily. Suddenly, her eyes widen. "And why are we turned around the wrong way?"

The camera reveals Parvati, asleep, leaning on the side of the steering wheel.

"Parvati!" the Pandas collectively exclaim.

"Wake up, you twit!" Elizabeth shouts as she puts her oar back in the water. "You're turning the ship!"

Catelyn removes Parvati from the steering wheel. "I'll take it from here!"

Parvati awakens as she hits the deck of the ship. "Ouch! That hurt!" She giggles.

"Why the heck are you giggling?!" Mitch asks frustratedly. "You just turned this ship one hundred eighty degrees and now we're out of this challenge!"

"We can still turn back around!" Parvati giggles. "It's not that hard."

Matthew is looking at Judd, concerned. "Why isn't Judd rowing?! More importantly, why is he passed out on the deck of the ship?"

"Because I tried to smack the bloody common sense back into him!" Elizabeth replies in a grumpy tone. "That's why!"

Matthew appears in the confessional area, beaming. "Finally!" He pumps his fist in the air. "Someone acknowledged me!"

"Are we even going anywhere right now?" Angie asks before appearing in the confessional area. "Everyone was too busy arguing to even concentrate on winning the challenge! While we were all bickering and trying to kill each other, the Eagles soared by pun intended."

The Eagles' ship is now the focus of the episode. They are all cheering as they row in unison.

"Yes!" Byran exclaims loudly. "We passed them oh my God you guys we did it I think we're gonna win the challenge I'm not gonna be first boot this is such a good day I can't believe it yes!"

"You're the best steerer ever, Raechel!" Cyrus says happily.

Raechel smiles. "Thanks, Cy! You're the best...other person!"

"Aw, isn't that cute!" Aly says sarcastically.

"Guys!" Karin says. "Once we hit the shore, we've got to all, like, hop out and stuff! So we can give Chris the flag and win before the Pandas do."

The camera's aerial shot now reveals that the Eagles' ship is speeding past the Pandas' on the way to shore. The Pandas' ship is now not pointing forward or backwards, but it is at a complete halt and facing sideways.

"Uh, I don't think that'll be an issue, but thanks for the consideration," Erik replies.

"No worries!" Karin says, smiling. She then appears in the confessional area. "Erik was so nice to me at the challenge today! He let me know that my planning skills are appreciated. It was a great feeling!"

"I hope Karin didn't get the wrong idea," Erik says in a confessional. "I'm not the greatest with words, so she might have thought that I was giving her constructive criticism. Really, I was just being sarcastic. I guess that's more up Aly's alley and not mine."

"The boat's about to beach!" Raechel announces. "Get ready, everyone!"

"I've been ready for a while, bro," Colin says.

Byran puts his hands around his mouth as to replicate a mega-horn. "Beach incoming!"

Everyone jumps out of the viking ship which has now hit the beach, where Chris is boarding a helicopter.

Colin sprints over to Chris and hands over the blue flag.

"The Ecstatic Eagles win the first challenge of the season!" Chris announces loudly. The Eagles all cheer loudly together.

"We did it!" Karin exclaims.

Skylia jumps up and down. "This is the most excited I've ever been! Ever!"

The scene changes over to the Popular Pandas' boat, where they are all sitting and sulking on the deck of the ship. No one is even touching their oar.

Chris approaches them in a helicopter.

"Hey, Pandas, hate to say it, but you lost the challenge!" Chris says sadistically.

"Why do you find joy in telling us this?" Sean asks.

"Because you have to row back. See you at the pool tonight!" Chris flies away in his helicopter while everyone on the pink team groans.

Total Drama's iconic elimination ceremony plays as a zoomed out shot of the pool, stationed behind the two houses where the contestants live, is shown.

A new camera shot reveals all eight Popular Pandas members sitting in poolside chairs. Chris is sitting in the lifeguard chair on the other end of the pool with a whistle around his neck. He blows it loudly.

"Welcome to the first Poolside Elimination Ceremony!" Chris announces with sadistic glee. "Because your team lost the challenge today, one of you will be voted off by your own teammates and will have to take..." The scene shows a strange, small, Asian-looking boat. "The Sampan of Shame!"

"What the heck is a sampan?" Mitch asks.

Chris laughs. "Some kind of Chinese boat thing. It's more fun than the Boat of Losers. Trust me!" He snickers. "Anyway, one by one, I'll call each of you individually over to what some of you may know as the confessional. I personally know it as the snack bar." The scene now shows the confessional area with an employee standing behind the counter. "There, we have an unpaid intern who will present you with eight pictures, one for each member of the team including yourself. There will also be a knife!"

"Knives?" Angie asks. "Doesn't that sound a bit...dangerous?"

Chris smiles. "No worries! You just need to stab the picture of the person you want to vote off. Sound good?"

"That's insanely violent," Catelyn replies.

"Your point?" Chris glares at Catelyn, who turns silent. "Didn't think so! It's time to vote!"

Elizabeth is shown stabbing Parvati's picture. "Piece of bloody work, she is."

Judd, with bandages around his head, is shown stabbing Elizabeth's picture. "Don't ever hit me in the head, ever!"

Matthew is shown stabbing Judd's picture. "I just don't like him."

The scene returns to the eight losers sitting in their pool chairs.

Chris climbs down from the lifeguard chair and returns with a tray with seven coconut drinks, similar to the one Chris was drinking in the previous episode.

"One by one," Chris explains, "I'll call the name of each person who is safe. I'll attempt to throw this coconut drink to you if you're safe. You can either catch it, or get soaked in orange juice. Take your pick. Whoever does not get a drink will be escorted out the back gate," Chris says as the camera reveals a back gate to the pool, "be thrown onto the Sampan of Shame," he says as the camera once again shows the rickety watercraft, "and get out of here." Chris takes the tray of drinks and picks one up.

"Matthew!" Chris throws a drink at Matthew.

"There's someone named Matthew on this team?" Catelyn asks. "No wonder I didn't recognize that one face!"

Chris continues. "Catelyn!" She catches her drink.

"Yes!" Catelyn cheers.

"Sean, Angie!" Chris throws two more drinks. Sean does not catch his, but it misses, so he avoids getting wet. Angie catches hers and begins to sip it.

"Sweet, sweet safety!" Angie says happily.

Chris throws another drink. "Mitch!" Unlike Sean, Mitch's drink spills all over him.

"Dude!" Mitch looks at the new spill on his clothes. "Not cool!"

Chris snickers. "Tough break, kid." He clears his throat. "Now, for the three of you. You all really kinda screwed up at the challenge today."

"Me?!" Elizabeth shouts. "How did I do anything wrong?!"

"You took your oar out to hit Judd in the head. Not a bright idea, Elizabeth," Chris replies. "Nonetheless, you are safe tonight!" He tosses a drink to her. She catches it and sips it while glaring at Judd and Parvati.

"How'm I in the bottom two?" Judd asks.

"You were, like, the worst team player...ever." Chris blinks. "And Parvati, you just sat there and giggled your team right out of the running to win the challenge. Pretty terrible, man!"

Parvati giggles. "Didn't know I'd get so much hate for napping on the job!"

Chris rolls his eyes. "The final coconut drink goes to...

"Judd!" He tosses a drink to Judd.

Parvati's eyes widen. "Wait, really?!" She stands up. "Me?"

"YES!" Elizabeth shouts. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"

"What's up your butt?" Parvati asks.

"Goodbye! See you, you vapid, idiotic, detrimental vermin!" Elizabeth does a dance in her chair.

Parvati giggles. "Whatever!" She begins to walk through the back gate. "See you guys later!" She giggles...again.

"I hope I never see you ever!" Elizabeth waves goodbye with a smile.

The scene changes to Parvati boarding the Sampan of Shame. "Sorry, but, uh, where is this going?" She giggles. The hooded captain shrugs his shoulders as the sampan takes off at a high speed. "Whoa!"

Chris is now shown in his lifeguard chair. "Well, that was drama-licious! I bet you guys can't wait for more of them, but more importantly, more of me. Will the Pandas recover from the first loss? Or will they crash and burn like others before them? Find out next time! On Total...Drama...South Pacific!"

Episode 3: Sandcastle Crashers

Once the scene fades in, Chris appears to be standing on the beach in front of the two team houses. The camera is facing the shore as opposed to the ocean, keeping the blue waves out of view but certainly audible. The blue sky and green jungle of palm trees remain in within view.

"Last time on Total Drama: South Pacific," Chris begins the recap, "our sixteen contestants set sail in the first challenge of the season!" Scenes of the aforementioned event are shown. "We got each team to start steering, stroking, and swimming for the win in the viking race. After the Popular Pandas got fed up with Judd's ego, Elizabeth made a splash when she stopped everything she was doing just to knock him out. Skylia intently watched Colin swim to sweet victory for the Eagles, but not before the Pandas literally spun one hundred and eighty degrees right out of control due to their careless captain, Parvati, falling asleep on the job...and on the wheel!" Chris chuckles. "At the first elimination ceremony of the season, Parvati's ditzy airhead personality irritated her team to the point of voting her out of the game, sparing Judd, who also annoyed his team... a lot." After scenes of Parvati leaving on the Sampan of Shame are shown, Chris is displayed walking along the beach. "With fifteen contestants remaining, will the Popular Pandas continue to be unpopular with each other? Or will the Ecstatic Eagles end up ecstatic that they get to vote someone off? The suspense is building, the tide is rising, and someone's Total Drama game is about to come crashing down! Whose will it be? Find out right now on Total! Drama! South Pacific!"

After the once-iconic theme song, now less prevalent due to having been condensed from a full-fledged intro sequence to a twenty-second vestige of the earlier Total Drama season openings, the scene appears to pick up about an hour or so from where the previous episode left off. The three remaining females on the Popular Pandas team are congregating on the pink couches in the central lounging area of the team's house.

"I just..." Angie says with a twinge of sadness in her voice, "You guys voted for Judd, too...right?"

Elizabeth bursts out laughing. "Are you daft? Of course I voted for Parvatwit," she explains. "She was easily the stupidest twit I've ever bloody met."

Angie rolls her eyes before appearing in the confessional area. "I'm determined to find out who voted for who last night at the elimination. Parvati may not have been the sharpest eyeliner pen in the makeup bag, but she was someone I was looking forward to get to know...and now she's gone." She sips from a glass of some sort of tropical-looking orange drink. "I have to say, I'm really liking the free drinks at the pool bar. Great production move!" She giggles before realizing that she had gone off-topic. "Anyways," she says as she puts the drink down, "a potential friend is a potential ally that I've now lost. Weak people forgive each other. Strong people avoid each other. Fierce people get revenge, and I'm out to strike first. My sights are set on cowboy Judd. Game on!"

"I voted for Judd, I can honestly say," Catelyn remarks as the scene returns to the three female Pandas. "Anyone who wants to tell me I can't swim isn't on my top list of friends at all. He was trying to insinuate that us girls are weaklings, which obviously I didn't appreciate."

"Well," Elizabeth says, visibly annoyed, "I didn't appreciate Parvati being such a bloody dimwit all the time!"

"Okay, hold on," Angie replies, "there's really no need to get feisty about it. Just... talk to me next time you want to make such a bold power play, okay?"

"Hey, Judd's got me wound up, too, don't get me wrong here," Elizabeth continues. "You all saw the row I had with him on the boat, I assume. It's just that I wanted to make sure our team is the strongest it can be, and Partwat wasn't going to help that out."

Catelyn yawns. "I'm getting tired, can we just all agree that Judd has to go next?"

"Sure, let's go with that one," Elizabeth says. "I'm pretty knackered myself after today, too."

Angie blinks. "Knackered?"

Elizabeth sighs. "Tired, worn out?" Angie and Catelyn both blink. "No?" She sighs again. "It's a Brit thing."

As Elizabeth walks towards the girls' bedroom, Catelyn sighs. After watching to make sure that Elizabeth was out of hearing distance, she snickers. "She tries so hard to be British, it's mental." Angie cracks a smile as well.

The scene transitions to Skylia and Colin just outside of the Ecstatic Eagles' residence. Shortly after, Skylia appears in the confessional area. "So, after my nightly yoga routine, I was looking for Colin all over the house...which, really, shouldn't have taken long, because there are only, like, three rooms..." She blinks before refocusing on her original topic. "Anyways, I looked all over the house for him until I finally found him leaning up against the doorway...outside." She blushes. "I had no idea he was an outdoors-y type of guy!"

Colin also appears in the confessional area. "I have to say, dude, that Skylia chick is pretty chill. After she does her weird stretchy yoga stuff, she came out to hang out with me outside. Normally, this should kinda bother me, like, with some girl following me outside at night, but...weirdly, bro, I don't mind at all." He smiles. "...No, no, I don't like her like that." His face appears panicked. "Not at all! all. It's purely paleotonic...or whatever..." He blinks. "Bro."

"So..." Skylia begins to converse with Colin outside of the house. "Great swimming at the challenge today!"

"Yeah, dude, no worries, that's what I,," Colin replies.

Skylia giggles. "You're on a swim team, huh? That's"

Colin appears in the confessional area. "Dude, she's so into me, though."

"I know this one girl who was on a swim team for like, three years, until she pulled a muscle in her shoulder...or something...I think." Skylia temporarily looks away from Colin before refocusing her eyes on him. "Yeah, that's what happened. We actually met, because, uh, she was doing yoga to help the injury...or something." She appears in the confessional area once again. "Okay, so, I might not be the best at talking to guys. Like, even when I don't really like them that much, I just kinda stumble over my words, and I can't help that... Maybe I'm just a little too calm?"

"And it's like," Colin says in the confessional area, "she's so nervous when we talk. She's such a cool chick, she never loses her head, and that's super awesome, but...she can't talk to guys, bro."

The rest of the Eagles are gathered in one bedroom, which appears to be the guys' bedroom.

"Hey, where are Colin and Sky?" Karin asks.

"SKY?!" Byran says excitedly. "Sky the celebrity and iconic finalist from Total Drama season six or five depending on how you view it but nonetheless amazing olympian jock with flaws who everyone was rooting for in the end Canada's sweetheart--"

"Skylia," Karin says with wide eyes and a disturbed facial expression. "I was referring to Skylia. You know, our teammate?"

Byran blushes. "...Oh, yeah...Skylia."

Aly stares at Byran with a deadpan expression. "That's the shortest set of consecutive sentences I've ever heard you say."

"Is that a compliment?" Byran asks. "If so--"

"Please," Karin whines. "Don't finish that sentence."

Byran appears to be offended. "Geez, sorry."

Karin appears in the confessional area. "Okay, so normally I love talking to everyone, but, like, Byran talks way too much. I can barely hear myself exist whenever he tries to socialize with...anyone, really."

"There's another short one," Aly continues. "It's like you're starting to embrace certain parts of your--"

"Okay," Erik interrupts, "but seriously, where are Colin and Skylia?"

Cyrus laughs. "What do you think? Boy goes missing with girl? That's literally the easiest thing to figure out." Afterwards, he appears in the confessional area. "It's obvious that Erik's not as big of a Total Drama fan as he insinuates. Any super-fan of any reality television show would know that when a guy and a girl go off together, it's obviously because they're trying to make sparks fly. I thought Erik would be a potential candidate for a TD fans alliance, but he's obviously not as impressive as I thought he was." He sighs. "He tried."

"Did I hear my name?" An off-screen voice is soon revealed to be Colin, who enters the bedroom where the rest of his team is gathering.

"Yeah, we were just--" Erik begins, but is interrupted yet again.

"You and Skylia were making out, weren't you????" Byran asks excitedly.

Skylia follows Colin as he steps through the doorway. "Did you just say making out?"

"Bro, we totally weren't. Like, seriously, dude," Colin says.

Skylia laughs. "It's the first night, no one's making out."

Byran raises his eyebrows. "Okay but when people were like wondering where you were and stuff Cyrus was like, 'They're definitely making out and kissing and all that, don't you watch television, it's obvious!' So I just kinda thought that you might be--"

"I was making a suggestion," Cyrus says, cutting his rambling off. "What was I even supposed to think? Aren't relationships and drama what the producers live for?"

"Dude, just be real," Colin says to Cyrus and Byran. "No one's gonna make out the first night. No one even knows each other! It's, like, totally out of the question, bro."

Cyrus rolls his eyes. "Don't get fresh with me, I'm just trying to be realistic here."

"He's not getting fresh!" Skylia shouts, followed by an awkward silence.

Cyrus snickers. "Of course you weren't making out! This kind of emotional reaction from one of the calmest people I've ever met is definitely not a tell-tale sign of your obvious affection for him."

"What does that even mean, bro?" Colin asks.

"Look, we're all kind of tired, okay?" Erik says. "Cyrus, don't answer him. Colin and Skylia, don't keep instigating the conversation."

"Whatever," Cyrus says. "But I just want to make it known that--"

"Okay," Erik says to interrupt Cyrus, "girls, go to your bedroom; after all, this is the guys' room. Other guys that aren't me, do whatever you want, I'm going to sleep." The camera zooms in on a bed that already features colored marks from pencils, pens and paint.

"Me too, bro," Colin agrees as the camera refocuses on him. "Super tired after swimming."

"It's really difficult trying to keep the peace," Erik says in the confessional area. "With all of the suspicion surrounding Skylia and Colin, Byran's nonstop sentences, and just tonight having Cyrus come out of the woodwork as some kind of chaotic rabble-rouser? This team's a freaking nightmare!" He sighs, then holds up a blank piece of paper. "And there's no time to focus on my art!" He crumples up the paper and throws it off-screen.

Raechel laughs as the scene returns to the guys' room. "Yeah, I just hope we don't have to do any more of those competition game things anymore. Those are so tiring!"

Karin sighs and begins to leave the room. "Raechel, that's the point of the show."

Raechel pauses. "Oh," she says with a blank expression.

Karin appears in the confessional area. "Obviously, Raechel is far from the most aware person here. I don't think she's ever watched Total Drama! But...I am willing to take her under my wing, despite how oblivious of a girl she is. When I was new to the socialite scene, I had to look out for myself and teach myself how to navigate a social gathering. So, like, I just want to make sure that her lack of experience with this show doesn't hurt her experience. You know what I'm saying?"

The scene switches to a time lapse showing the transition from night to morning. Afterwards, the male Pandas are shown sleeping in their room. Suddenly, a loud knock is heard coming from the closed bedroom door.

"Wake up, losers!" Chris yells before snickering. "It's time for your next challenge. Meet me on the beach in five minutes!"

"Shouldn't we be able to get something to, you know, eat?" Mitch asks. "Breakfast is kind of important."

Chris bursts through the door with an orange whistle around his neck. He blows into it, emitting a loud, high-pitched noise. "Hate to break it to you, kid, but we're on island time."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Mitch retorts.

"It means everything you do - including eating - happens when I say so," Chris answers while sadistically grinning.

"Isn't 'island time' that darn time zone that all beaches get?" Judd asks. Mitch sighs.

"You're an idiot," Mitch replies.

"What?" Judd whines in response. "I'm just try'na be helpful, y'know?"

Sean appears in the confessional area. "I've been closely analyzing the behavior of my male teammates in order to pinpoint the fatal weakness that caused us to lose the last challenge. Mitch is being a major Middle-Realm Persona Negative presence right now, further cementing the fact that he doesn't win the season. Judd is continuing to be very unaware of himself, and while his visibility has gone down a bit, I'm sure he's getting a lot of Negative Proxy Visibility from everyone else. So...I'm leaning towards the idea that Matthew's indeterminable logit rating is dragging the team down."

Back in the bedroom, Judd jumps off of his bed and stands up, fully clothed. "Well, y'all heard the guy, let's get outta here!"

"Hey, Judd," Matthew says, "can you..." His voice trails off once he realizes that Judd has already left the room. Matthew then appears in the confessional area with a furrowed brow. "I can count on my fingers the number of times that someone has paid attention to something I've said on this show so far," he explains. "I've tried not to be as introverted and antisocial as I would prefer to be at home and at university, but my recent efforts to integrate into this team's quickly forming social society didn't really do much."

Mitch quietly chuckles as the camera shows that he has changed into his swim trunks. "Did you see him leave in his full clothes? That guy's an idiot. Chris said we were gonna be at the beach again, didn't he?"

As Sean stays silent, Matthew's face briefly lights up. "Yeah...I think so, I think that's what, uh, Chris, he definitely said that, yeah."

Mitch chuckles again. "Yet another stupid move by genius athlete Judd. What a surprise," he says sarcastically.

Matthew then appears in the confessional area. "My efforts didn't do much until Mitch started conversing with me!" Matthew says excitedly. "This is huge. It was approximately twenty seconds of dialogue, but that's definitely enough to help me get social footing here." He starts beaming. "This is just so exhilarating!"

Mitch appears in the confessional area after Matthew's confessional segment has concluded. "I'm not blind, deaf, mute, whatever. It doesn't take a smart guy to see that we only have two sane guys on the Pandas team; myself and Matthew. And unfortunately, Matthew doesn't really talk a lot, so I frequently end up having the pleasant life experience of having to talk to Judd all the time." He pauses before scoffing. "It makes me want to drown myself. Oh, and there's a guy named Sean on our team. That's really all anyone knows about him. Great team."

The scene switches to all fifteen remaining contestants, separated by team, on the beach in front of Chris. Judd, the only contestant to not be wearing swimwear, has an irritated facial expression.

"C'mon!" Judd shouts. "Was I seriously the only one that didn't wear their swim stuff?"

Chris rolls his eyes. "Rough life, dude," he says sarcastically before blowing his orange whistle. The noise produced by the whistle startles the contestants. "Now for some actually important information." He turns to the Ecstatic Eagles. "Eagles, as you can see, the Pandas voted off Parvati last night." He turns back to his original position facing both teams. "Today's challenge, because we've acquired this beautiful island locale in the South Pacific, is a classic beach activity: building sandcastles!"

"Bro, I'm boss at building sandcastles," Colin explains.

"Hah!" Judd shouts. "You may think you're the boss, but I've got--" Suddenly, Mitch puts his hand over Judd's mouth.

"Really, it's in your best interest to SHUT UP right now. You're gonna embarrass yourself if you say anything else," Mitch explains to Judd.

"Tension over in the Pandas!" Cyrus says excitedly. "I might know who's going home next!"

Karin leans in to whisper to Cyrus. "I'd shut up, too."

Cyrus nods before appearing in the confessional area. "Now, normally, I'd be super offended if some random Asian chick told me to shut up out of nowhere. But she's just been so kind and open to socialize with everyone lately! I'm so drawn to her. ...Not romantically. Platonically."

Back on the beach, Chris appears to be irritated. "Now, if you'd kindly stop talking during my designated screen time - which, that's a thing, by the way - I'll explain how today's challenge works." Chris clears his throat. "You'll be racing to build the biggest, baddest, most amazing sandcastle EVER!" Chris laughs. "But there's a twist, which I'll explain after you're done building your masterpieces." He points to his left. "Eagles, build your pretty palace over there." He points to his right. "Pandas, build your masterful mansion over that way."

" tools? No shovels, no buckets, nothing?" Matthew asks.

There is an awkward silence as Chris blinks. "You can, uh, look for them...somewhere...I'm sure we probably fit that into the budget. ...Maybe." Matthew does a fist pump.

"What's got you all excited?" Catelyn asks.

Matthew stammers. "It-it...uh, doesn't concern you...not really." Catelyn shrugs in response.

Chris begins to move his orange whistle to his lips. Some of the contestants cover their ears in preparation for the incoming loud noise. "Start doing your thing in three... two... one!" He blows into the whistle, generating yet another loud noise as the two teams take off in their respective directions.

"Bro, the South Pacific is totally my element," Colin explains while he runs next to Skylia. "If we had to do, like, a marathon thing, I could run as far as I can in the sand."

Skylia giggles. "That's cool. If I can snag a yoga mat or a towel, stuff like Pilates on the beach is really relaxing."

"You're totally into all of that exercise stuff, aren't you?" Colin asks. Skylia nods in response. "That's super chill," Colin continues.

Skylia giggles again and blushes. "Yep! I guess it is super... um, chill." She then appears in the confessional area. "Colin is such a cool guy. He's laidback, I'm laidback, it's perfect. We're gonna be..." Her eye twitches. "Fantastic friends! Yep... Just friends."

"So...where exactly are we gonna build our thing?" Erik asks as his team's running pace slows down. "I've got some great ideas, and--"

"Oh my gosh Erik I can't wait to hear your great ideas because I know art is totally your thing and you love doing artsy stuff and a sandcastle is like a sandy sculpture so we've definitely got this in the bag I'm so excited we're gonna win the challenge again let's go I'm so ready!" Byran grins after finishing his sentence, seemingly uncontrollably.

Karin leans in to whisper to Aly. "Does he ever shut up?"

"I really feel bad for anyone with hearing on this team," Aly replies. "Having to endure his endless tangents is unbearable. Like, seriously, cool it with the sugar for once." She rolls her eyes.

"I definitely agree," Karin replies. "His hyper-ness is the worst." She then appears in the confessional area. "I've been making sure to talk around one on one with my team, even if it's only for a few seconds. I just need them to feel comfortable talking to me so that I can get the truth from them about future votes, which isn't hard. The easiest way to bond with someone is to talk about something or someone that you both find irritating. When your team has its fair share of manics, that's not hard either. Oh, and it helps that I'm basically a people magnet anyways!" She winks at the camera.

"Alright, listen up," Erik says to his teammates, who are all gathered around him in a circle on the beach. "We need to build the best sandcastle we can. It's obviously going to be an aesthetics competition," he says as he takes out blueprints for a sandcastle, "so if we follow these simple instructions, we should have a sandcastle that's as sturdy as it is beautiful. Does everyone get it?"

Raechel raises her hand.

Erik sighs. "What is it, Raechel?"

"What does asthma have to do with us?" Raechel asks.

"Aesthetics. Not asthma. It's like...the visual feel of things," Karin explains to Raechel.

"...Oh, that makes more sense now," Raechel replies. "Thanks, Karin!"

"Thanks for that clarification," Erik says towards Karin with a hint of sarcasm. "Any other questions?"

Raechel raises her hand again.

Erik groans. "What?"

Raechel flinches. "Wow. That groan was really rude of you, in my opinion."

"This isn't a couples counseling show, that doesn't really matter," Erik says irritably. "What's your question?"

"Wait," Raechel says, bewildered. "This isn't Relationship Therapy?"

"Girl, this is a competition show," Cyrus explains. "You have to build this sandcastle with us or else you can't snag the million."

"Is that the name of this show?" Raechel asks. "The Million?"

"Let's just start building now, Erik," Karin says. "Raech can catch on later!"

"Wait, not without me!" Raechel appears concerned. She then appears in the confessional area. "I'm so catching on to these people. I've seen every episode of every season of The Million, but the other people here don't want me to know that I'm on The Million with them. How stupid do they think I am?"

Aly appears in the confessional area as well. "The Million's not a real show. She's an idiot."

Meanwhile, the Popular Pandas are each digging holes in the sand. Everyone is digging their own hole except for Elizabeth, who is standing over Judd, who has barely made any progress digging.

"What the bloody heck are you doing?" Elizabeth shouts. "Don't you want to actually be the victor for once?"

Judd whimpers. "I just can't get these jeans all dirty 'n' sandy, y'know? Don't rush me!"

"I'll rush you as long as I bloody feel like," Elizabeth explains demonstratively. "I'm brassed off with your awful performances in these challenges. How stupid can you be?" She walks away scoffing.

Judd begins to dig faster. "I'll show her," he mutters. "I'll show her real good."

Elizabeth appears in the confessional area. "Thanks to my ace leadership, everyone's digging a hole in the sand so that we have plenty of material for building when the time comes." She smiles satisfactorily. "This sandcastle's going to completely knock the socks off of Buckingham Palace when it's all done. Judd had better bloody believe that!"

"Judd, just dig!" Angie says. "I'm one of the prettiest girls out here and I don't have an issue with this. Why should you?" She giggles.

"Seriously!" Catelyn says, annoyed. "If you want to prove you're the big, strong, manly man who could beat me in a swimming contest, just go!"

Judd whimpers again. "I can't risk gettin' m'pants all dirty! Y'know I only got one pair, right? 'Cause of the whole Chris raidin' our stuff?"

"Then go back and change?" Mitch suggests. "It's not that difficult to freaking change your clothes, and it's not like we even ran that far away from the houses."

"Is Chris even gonna let me do that?" Judd asks.

Mitch rolls his eyes before appearing in the confessional area. "I can't stand Judd at all. I'm voting him off tonight after we lose, because we're going to with him still on our team."

Back at the Eagles' building area, Skylia is scouring the shoreline for seashells.

"Skylia!" Erik shouts. "How many medium-size warm-colored kinda-circular-shaped shells have you found? We need them to decorate the left wing doorway."

"About six," Skylia calmly replies.

Erik's eyes widen. "We only needed five! That's way more than we need."

"It's only one more...I can't imagine it would hurt to have extras," Skylia replies.

Erik groans before appearing in the confessional area. "Being the leader is hard work, even harder than being the peacemaker. I almost regret taking this position, but I can't imagine that anyone else would have the artistic ideas that I do."

"Erik!" Cyrus calls as he meticulously digs a large trench in the shape of a square around the words "SANDCASTLE" drawn in the sand. "I'm almost done with the mock-Cambodian moat, is there anything else that other people aren't doing?" The camera pans to Raechel pointlessly playing in the ocean, Skylia continuing to search for seashells (now with Colin's help), Byran rapidly digging a hole, Karin slowly putting together a pillar of wet sand in the corner of the moat, and Aly nonchalantly putting together another pillar in a different corner.

"It's not a mock-Cambodian moat, it's a legitimate Cambodian moat imitation!" Erik says.

Cyrus appears in the confessional area. "Is there even such thing as a Cambodian moat? Get it together, people! And by people, I mean no one but Erik. I'd love to vote him out next, but when you have massive personality flops like Byran and Raechel on your team, it might be harder to convince people to vote him off than it is to convince Colin and Skylia to admit that they're in love. And I'm not saying that they are, but girl, they're being way too friendly."

"This is the most fun activity I've ever done," Aly says dryly as she smooths out the round top of her pillar.

"This is fun for you?" Raechel, who is now on land, asks as she squeezes the water out of her hair.

Aly locks eyes with Raechel without any facial expression. "Yeah, this is so much fun," she answers impassively.

Byran, whose hole is now deep enough to fit himself completely below the surface, jumps out of his hole with sand all over his body. "Is that what you needed me to do Erik because I think that I did the job pretty well and that I should definitely get to take a break there is a lot of sand here what do you want me to do with it why was I digging this hole anyway did you even ask me to or was it my idea because I can't remember so--"

"It was my idea because I needed sand that was wet but not soupy, if that makes any sense to you," Erik explains. "It'll be perfect for trying to sculpt square-shaped castle buildings since we don't have any molds to use."

"I don't know what that means but okay!!!" Byran says.

Erik halfheartedly laughs. "You should probably start--"

"Digging again?" Byran says before jumping back into his hole. Sand comes flying out of his large pit at an indescribable rate.

"That's...not what I was gonna say..." Erik says disappointedly.

"Hey, Erik, Aly and I are--" Karin begins talking to Erik, but is interrupted when he loudly groans.

"What do you want?" Erik says abrasively, before realizing his negative tone. "...Sorry, what can I help you with?"

Karin begins to back away. "Is now, like, not a good time? I can come back later if you need me to."

Erik rubs his forehead. "Sorry, it's just that I have four people who can't work proficiently and I have a headache and I'm really tired and I'm regretting--"

"You're starting to sound like Byran," Aly interjects. "Get to the point."

Erik appears in the confessional area. "Everything's falling apart for me! Byran can't stop digging when I need him for other things, no one except Karin, Cyrus and Aly wants to work at all, and my dreams of the perfect pueblo-style sandcastle are crumbling! Rapidly!"

Skylia and Colin join the conversation. Skylia's arms are full of seashells. "Erik, we got a whole bunch of decoration shells!" She holds out multiple types of shells in all different shapes and sizes.

Erik groans once more. "I needed ones that were round! I only needed five round seashells and you got a billion extraneous ones. Great work, team."

"Weren't you all about team-wide unity before this, girl?" Cyrus asks. "Literally twelve hours ago you were preaching about how we shouldn't be arguing. Pick a side, hon."

"Where even is Raechel? Shouldn't she be doing something?" Erik asks irritably.

"Over here. What do you need?" The cameras reveal that Raechel has started an attempt to create a square out of sand using the product of Byran's work.

Erik's eyes light up and he begins smiling uncontrollably. "Finally!" He rushes over to Raechel. "Someone who works!" He hands Raechel his copy of the blueprints. "Be the leading architect!"

"You're trusting HER to be the leader?" Aly asks skeptically. "I guess they don't teach you perceptivity in art school."

Erik furrows his brow. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Aly sighs. "Nothing. Let's just build a sandcastle."

"What are we going to do about Byran?" Karin asks, pointing to his hole. He appears to have stopped digging.

"Byran? You in there, bro?" Colin yells towards the hole. "It's too dark down there to see if you're there, dude!"

There is no response.

"...He'll be alright," Skylia says. "He's probably just taking a break."

Everyone else nods.

Aly appears in the confessional area. "Everyone being so nonchalant about the state of Byran makes me wonder if anyone here has any morals. Of course, it is Byran, so I'm not too concerned with him being missing in action."

As the scene changes, Chris is walking along the beach, looking at his watch. He turns to the camera and smiles.

"Dude, we're ready," the cameraman whispers.

"Oh!" Chris flinches. "Well, uh, it looks like time's up for our two--"

Judd suddenly runs by Chris wearing only underwear.

"W-wait, Judd!" Chris shouts. "Shouldn't you be helping out your team?"

Judd stops to talk with Chris. "Okay, well, I didn't want to get my nice plaid shirt and everything all sandy 'n' dirty, so I went back ta' the house to change, that's all!"

"You...changed into your underwear," Chris points out before bursting out laughing. "Please tell me you didn't meant to do that!" He continues laughing, turning more malevolent every second. "That's so embarrassing! Brendan, get a look at this!"

Brendan, assumably the cameraman, zooms in on Judd's underwear before shifting the camera's focus (as well as the on-screen show) onto Judd's face, who is now blushing.

"I thought this was m'bathing suit!" He groans and attempts to head back to the Pandas' house.

Chris grabs his arm to prevent him from running. "Oh," he laughs, "there's no way we're letting you change into something less humiliating. Go back to your team and see what they say about your new wardrobe!"

"G-got it!" Judd starts sprinting off-screen.

Chris stops and looks at the camera. "I wonder if he knows he's going the wrong way." He snickers.

As the scene shifts to the Pandas, Elizabeth is standing directly over Sean, who is meticulously using what appears to be a toothpick to add designs to their sandcastle.

"I'm actually shocked," Mitch says while standing next to Elizabeth. "We actually got this to look like Buckingham Palace. I didn't think that the people on this team could do anything remarkable...ever."

Angie, who overhears his comment, rolls her eyes.

"Well, you can't give them all of the bloody credit, can you?" Elizabeth replies. "If it weren't for fantastic leadership like this..." She pauses before looking straight down at Sean. "If those windows don't look IMPECCABLE when you're know what's coming next," she says forcefully.

Sean mutters a few unintelligible statements to himself in response, although the word "negative" can be heard.

Mitch snickers. "What IS coming next?"

Elizabeth smirks. "Well, you know what bloody happened to Parvati, don't you?"

Mitch raises his eyebrows. "I do, but she actually ruined the entire challenge for us. You can't just go on massive...erm, 'aggro' power trips like this every day."

"Well, what's a nation without a powerful queen, anyway?" Elizabeth replies. "Real dull, that's what."

Mitch shrugs. "You do you."

"I bloody will if I have anything to say about it," Elizabeth replies. She bends down and inspects her supposed Buckingham Palace replica. Multiple attempts at drawing the British flag are evident all around the castle.

Angie is seen talking to Catelyn, who is placing seashells around the border of the castle. "If we lose, how do you think the vote's gonna go for us?"

Catelyn places her last shell and stands up to talk to Angie. "Well, it's pretty obvious that we're on the outs. I'm not really that big on strategy, but I'm sure it wouldn't be impossible to get Elizabeth and Mitch to vote for Judd with us."

Matthew pipes in and joins the conversation as well, although he is visibly nervous. "Yeah, Elizabeth's opinions are like gold."

"...Gold?" Angie asks with a quizzical expression. "Like, they're worth a lot?"

Matthew sighs. "They're extremely malleable. It's not hard to change them." He then appears in the confessional. "I guess trying to talk to people here like I talk to my...uh...acquaintances at home doesn't work so well."

"Well, you're definitely right about that," Catelyn replies. "Why don't we go over to her and ask her right now? It's not like Judd's here."

"No, don't!" Matthew replies concernedly.

Angie laughs. "You're right! Judd's not back yet. What should we say to her!"

Matthew's eyes widen. "Seriously, don't!"

"I don't know, Judd sucks?" Catelyn laughs.

"You guys!" Matthew shouts loud enough so that Catelyn and Angie react. "If you act like we're going to lose, she's going to think that you don't like her Bucking-sand Palace idea and that's going to engender more anger from her than she already gives off."

"I'm not sure what a couple of those words meant," Catelyn replies, "but you have a good point."

Angie sighs. "Yeah. I guess let's just wait and see if we lose or not. Although, I can't wait to throw Judd's stupid cowboy hat in the ocean once he gets the heck out of here!"

"We can do that one together," Catelyn says. She and Angie high-five each other.

Suddenly, Chris walks over to the Pandas. "Nice!" He looks shocked. "This is actually really impressive. I didn't think you guys could pull it together after your awful trainwreck performance in the last challenge. Nice work!"

"Thanks!" Angie replies.

Elizabeth laughs and offers to shake Chris' hand. "It was all my pleasure putting this together!"

Chris recoils. "You think I want to touch ANY of you?" He laughs before taking out a metal bucket. "Hold on to this. You'll need it in a sec."

The scene shifts to the Eagles, who have a considerably less impressive sandcastle. Raechel is once again playing in the water, Skylia and Colin are working on pulling a sandy Byran out of his hole, Karin is hastily putting Skylia's seashells on the sandcastle (which appears to be an awkward, lumpy structure), Cyrus is inspecting the moat, Aly is nonchalantly watching him, and Erik is sleeping on the ground.

Chris, who has approached the Eagles, looks horrified. As the camera pans to Erik sleeping once more, the now-feared orange whistle is blown from off-screen. Erik awakens with a shock.

"What the heck, man?" he asks.

Raechel, still in the water, appears very concerned. "What's the whistle for? Is there a shark?!" she asks worriedly.

"No, Raechel, just get out of the water and come over here!" Karin shouts, clutching her ears.

"...So that man isn't a lifeguard," Raechel says as she comes ashore.

Chris glares at her before taking out a metal bucket, similar to the one he gave the Pandas, as the eight Eagles team members (including Byran) gather around him.

"You guys have produced quite possibly a worse mess than the Pandas did at the first challenge," he says irritably. "What are you doing?! Get it together!"

"Raechel, our fearless leader, decided to go have a bath instead of tell us what to do," Aly explains.

Karin looks worried before appearing in the confessional area. "As weird as it is, Raechel's important to me. People are people. Friends are friends, and as unaware as she may be, she could be pivotal in making it through the first few votes I'm vulnerable in. I need to come to her defense, but seeing as she failed as being our leader, it could cost me big time." The scene returns to the beach. "Yes, Aly, she did fail at being our leader, but so did Erik - twofold."

Erik groans. "Not this again. I gave up every association with being the leader!"

Cyrus rolls his eyes. "To be fair, girl, you elected yourself the leader and quit at it. Then you made the least capable -- no offense, Raech -- person on our team the leader."

"...Girl?" Erik pauses. "You...were talking to Raechel or Aly...right? Or Karin?"

Cyrus laughs. "You should know that I use 'girl' to refer to everyone. Haven't you seen my--...way of people...?" He appears in the confessional area. "That. Was. So close. I almost outed myself as a celeb right then and there! I know I came into this show kind of expecting people to know who I am, since after all, I'm super duper iconic, but now that no one knows, I'd like for it to stay that way."

"My budget doesn't have time for your soap opera!" Chris says irritably. "Just take this bucket and follow me, would you? Seriously!"

Both teams have returned to the beach in front of the two houses, standing in the same formation that they were at the start of the challenge. The Pandas appear to be missing Judd, who fatiguingly walks towards his team from off-screen, still in his underwear.

"Where the bloody heck were you?" Elizabeth shouts.

"I was..." Judd pants. "I thought I was... that way... and then I ran... but I didn't realize..." He heaves for a couple of seconds. "...and then it wasn't that way...and now..."

"You're so bloody done if we lose, you know," Elizabeth replies. She glares at him before returning her attention to Chris.

The host clears his throat. "Now that I have your attention and you have your buckets, we can start the second part of the challenge."

"Second part?!" Erik excitedly exclaims before appearing in the confessional area. "Okay, as a Total Drama fan, I know that if challenges come in two parts, the second part is generally completely independent of your performance in the first part. Seeing as how some of my team hates me for sucking so much at being an architect, I can and need to totally rock this!" He pumps his fist in the air. "I've just gotta be helpful and positive, and even if the Eagles lose, we can send Raechel packing."

"Yes, Erik," Chris says, "second part. Also..." Chris blows his whistle again, causing the entire cast to recoil. "Don't EVER interrupt me!" He clears his throat again. "Now, I'd just like to point out that the designs and cool parts about your sandcastles are now completely irrelevant. The next part of your challenge is to wash away the other team's sandcastle!"

"My palace?!" Elizabeth shouts concernedly. "...I mean, I was never that bloody attached to it."

Chris snickers. "Anyways, our wonderful interns have set up nice little stands in the sand for you to stand on." Clips of interns laying down blue and pink dots in the sand are shown. "You'll have to fill up your bucket with water here and run it to your teammates in this Total Drama Ultimate Splash Castle Destruction Relay Race!" Chris smiles. "Copyright, me."

Matthew, who is holding the Popular Pandas' bucket, looks at Chris with an alarmed expression. "You mean you expect us to run with a bucket full of water? Sea water's just as viscous as anything, it's all gonna spill over!"

Chris looks around, ignoring Matthew's question. "Any other questions?" There is a silence accompanied by Matthew sighing. "Okay, we'll get started! Along the path to wherever you built your sandcastle, there are nice, big rubber dots, color coded by team, that you'll have to figure out some order to stand in. One person will fill up the bucket here on this beach and run it to the closest teammate, who will run it to their closest teammate. The last person to get the bucket will dump water all over the other team's sandcastle. If you don't know how sand and water work together, well, water makes sand go away."

"We weren't born yesterday," Mitch comments.

"Be quiet when I'm talking! I'm the host here!" Chris glares at Mitch. "So! The first team to completely flatten the other team's sandcastle and give me their bucket will win the challenge. If you lose, you vote someone off tonight at the dreaded dramatic Poolside Elimination!"

"That sounds frightening," Aly replies. "I had nightmares as a child about being eliminated at a pool." She rolls her eyes.

"Wow!" Judd shouts. "You sure musta' been a wimpy girl."

Aly smacks her own face with her palm. "It was supposed to be sarcastic. Glad to know that our opponents all have their PhDs already."

Judd attempts to reply, but Chris blows his orange whistle before he can start talking. "Go!" The contestants cover their ears and start running. "I'm tired of the constant chit chat!" Chris groans. "These people!"

Matthew fills up his bucket with water and attempts to run it to Sean. This is the first clip in a montage of contestants running with buckets, with the occasional fill by Matthew or Erik as well as the occasional dump by Elizabeth or Cyrus. It is made clear that Matthew gets the Pandas' bucket marginally more full than Erik does with the Eagles' bucket.

As Cyrus dumps out more water on the Pandas castle, he appears disappointed that it is not completely flat yet. It has been reduced to a few wet sand lumps.

"We need more water!" Cyrus shouts as he throws the bucket towards whoever is off-screen.

As Elizabeth dumps water on the Eagles sandcastle, the last few remaining shells are washed away.

"The bloody thing is flat!" Elizabeth shouts. "Move it, you twits!"

The Pandas, except for Judd, sprint back to Chris.

"Wait, y'all!" Judd shouts. "I'm still a lil' worn out from m'run earlier, y'know?" He sighs.

Angie complains. "Come on, Judd! Don't you want to actually win?"

"We have a chance to be the winners!" Matthew shouts to Judd. "Come on!"

Mitch runs past a walking Judd and sighs. "Do I really need to carry you?"

Judd laughs. "You're the scrawniest--" Before he can finish his sentence, Mitch lifts Judd off of the ground and starts to carry him.

While this is happening, Cyrus finally flattens what used to be the Buckingham Palace replica. "I did it!" he shouts.

"Go, dude, go!" Colin is heard shouting as the Eagles take off for the beach. Yet another montage, this time a strange close-up video of people's feet running on the beach (assumably comparing the two teams) is shown.

However, by the time the Eagles arrive at the beach with their bucket, the Pandas have already given theirs to Chris.

"The Popular Pandas win!" Chris shouts. "An amazing comeback after their awful performance in the viking challenge!"

Raechel appears to be puzzled while the rest of her team is visibly disappointed. "What does that mean?" Aly smacks her own forehead again.

Total Drama's elimination ceremony theme plays as a zoomed out shot of the pool at nighttime, the exact same as what had appeared last episode, is shown.

Another camera angle shows all eight Ecstatic Eagles members sitting in poolside lounge chairs. Chris is sitting in the lifeguard chair once again.

"Eagles, welcome to your first elimination ceremony of the season!" He snickers sadistically. "Because your team lost the challenge today, one of you will be voted off by your own teammates and will have to take the Sampan of Shame tonight, leave the island and the competition, and never come back."

Aly looks at her fingernails nonchalantly. "I'm so scared."

Chris glares at Aly. "I'd normally have my whistle right now, but it broke because I kept using it to freak you guys out today." He laughs. "One by one, I'll call each of you individually over to what some of you may know as the confessional. An intern will show you eight pictures, one for each member of the team, including yourself."

Raechel interrupts. "Hi, I'm sorry, but aren't pools normally closed after nine?"

"This is the Poolside Elimination!" Chris shouts in an attempt to intimidate Raechel, to no avail.

"Yeah, so what exactly is this? Are we filming Love in the Water 2? I thought that had gotten cancelled after the incident where tiger sharks ate the fan favorites," Raechel asks.

Chris blinks. "You don't know what show you're on?"

Raechel shakes her head.

Chris pauses. "...Well, that's your loss! Anyways, along with the pictures you get will be a knife."

Byran takes a deep breath in preparation for his upcoming sentence. "That's incredibly unsafe Chris I can't believe that the Total Drama producers would let us of all people use super sharp unsafe knives but honestly that is such a Chris McLean move so I can't hate on it honestly I love the idea and--"

"You had gone, like, four hours without you talking!" Aly exclaims exasperatedly. "Those were so wonderful! You're so awful!"

Chris laughs. "If only I had the mean bones in my body," his voice suddenly turns hostile, "to eject you from the game for talking while I'm supposed to be having camera time!" He takes a deep breath. "Anyways, you'll use that knife to put holes in the picture of the person you want to vote off. The person with the most votes is out. You should all know how this works." He claps twice. "Get to it!"

Raechel is shown voting for herself. "That's an awful picture of me. Are there any others?"

Erik stabs Raechel's picture. "I dominated the bucket stuff today. You dominated playing in the ocean. Here's to hoping!"

Karin is shown stabbing Erik's picture. "I really hope this vote saves Raechel. I tried my best to use what connections I have to get this to go through, so if this--"

"Stop talking over there!" Chris shouts from off-screen.

Aly is shown stabbing a picture, but whoever's it is remains unseen. "I couldn't care less which one of you is out, you're both generally incompetent, anyway."

The scene returns to the Ecstatic Eagles sitting in their pool chairs. Chris climbs down from the lifeguard chair and returns with a tray of seven coconut drinks.

"These are the Total Drama: South Pacific symbol of invincibility, safety, and all things worth playing for - the tropical coconut drinks," Chris explains.

"Can't you order those at the snack bar?" Skylia asks.

"Shush!" Chris shouts. "I'll throw these at you and hopefully get the sugary liquid all over your clothes. If not, congrats, enjoy the drink. If I throw one to you and call your name, you're safe. If you don't get a drink, you're done for. You'll take the Sampan of Shame," Chris says as the camera displays the growingly iconic ramshackle boat, "and go home." Chris picks up the first drink.

"Byran! ...Shockingly." Chris throws a drink to Byran, who somehow manages to catch it.

"Karin, Colin, you two are safe," Chris says as he throws them both drinks. Karin's drink misses her while Colin's spills onto him.

"It's all cool, dude," Colin says as he takes off his tank top, catching Skylia's attention.

Chris picks up another drink. "Skylia, you're good." As Skylia is currently watching Colin, her drink spills all over her blue jacket.

"That's all right, too," Skylia says.

"Aly," Chris throws a drink to Aly, "you're safe."

"Thanks?" Aly says sarcastically as she dodges the incoming projectile.

Erik is shown looking anxious.

"Cyrus, here's one for you," Chris says. He throws a drink to Cyrus, who catches it.

"This doesn't taste too bad, actually," Cyrus compliments. "Nice budget this year, girl!"

Chris snickers. "Okay, sure." His face returns to a serious look.

A camera angle of Erik shows him growing more anxious, while Raechel is generally confused.

"Erik, Raechel, you guys both royally screwed up at the challenge today. If your sandcastle was bigger and better, it'd have taken the Popular Pandas longer to dilute the thing. You guys flopped."

"I did flop!" Raechel says proudly. "Did you see me flopping in the water?" She laughs. "I love the beach."

Erik appears to be disgruntled. "I didn't flop, it was my team that couldn't get it together! My blueprints and designs were on point. They weren't. Big deal."

Chris' facial expression conveys the idea that he is disinterested. "Cool." He clears his throat. "I only have one more tropical drink left to give out. Who's it gonna be?"

"Shockingly..." Chris throws a drink to Raechel. "It's Raechel!"

Erik stands up disappointedly. "What?!" he says sadly. "This has been my dream for like, five years, and I'm out second?!"

"You couldn't handle the throne, big guy," Colin says. "Sorry."

Erik sighs. "Whatever. I'm not good at being the leader, anyway."

"Then why'd you make yourself the leader? It doesn't make sense at all and I'm shocked that you don't see the error of your ways like you didn't even tell me to do anything you just let me fall in a hole again and keep digging like did you want me to get out of the game I hate you so much goodbye!!!" Byran says, hyper as always.

"You're lucky you're still here, you know," Erik retorts.

"Look," Karin says, "you drew up the lyrics to your own swan song. You had it coming."

"That's enough for goodbyes, don't you think?" Chris says, smiling malevolently. He blows his orange whistle, shocking everyone, but triggering Erik to run out of the pool area.

"What the heck?!" Aly shouts.

"Bro!" Colin shouts as he covers his ears. "You said that thing was broken, man."

Chris laughs evilly. "I lied!"

Erik is shown on the Sampan of Shame. "I hate that stupid whistle! That's the worst shade of orange I've ever seen!"

Suddenly, the sampan takes off at high speed, just as it did when Parvati was the passenger, catching Erik off-guard. "How fast are you driving this thing?!"

Chris is shown standing in the pool, leaning on one of its walls. "Well, that concludes another dramatic, juicy episode. Did Erik designing his own demise fill in all of the cracks in the Ecstatic Eagles?" Chris laughs. "I really hope it didn't!" He clears his throat. "Anyways, find out next time on Total... Drama... South Pacific!" Chris takes off and begins swimming as the episode fades to black.

Episode 4: Volleyballs to the Wall

Shown on screen is a hand, presumably Chris', holding a blue bottle of what is assumed to be sunscreen. As the camera zooms out, it is indeed a shirtless Chris wearing nothing but shorts, flip-flops and sunglasses, who proceeds to squirt a sizable amount of sunscreen onto his opposite hand and begin to lather his torso. He removes his sunglasses and looks straight at the camera with a smile. "Last time on Total Drama: South Pacific..." Clips from the previous episode begin to play while Chris narrates over them. "Things began to heat up between Skylia and Colin, and when Cyrus called them out on their obvious flirting, both of them hooked themselves on some pretty intense stuff called denial!" He chuckles. "Gotta love relationships. At the sandcastle building contest-turned-sandcastle destroying battle, Elizabeth continued rubbing it in everyone's faces that she's British by forcing her teammates to build a sand model of a British castle. Although the three remaining girls of the Pandas team made a pact to vote Judd off the island if they lost, Erik's leadership skills tanked hard and cost the Eagles the challenge win.  They tanked so hard, in fact, that they got him the boot over a completely clueless Raechel." Chris laughs. "Seriously, you have to mess up pretty badly to be a more favorable option for elimination than that girl."

After scenes of Erik being voted out and leaving on the Sampan of Shame are shown, the current scene returns to Chris applying sunscreen, now being applied to his forearms. "Now, it's time for the cameras to keep rolling!  It's time for more drama, action, tension, and fun in the sun right here on Total... Drama... South Pacific!"

After the fifteen second theme song plays, a shot of the sun shining through the windows of the Popular Pandas' house is shown, specifically in the girls' bedroom, where the white curtains are oddly open.

Angie, shown on screen, squints as the rays of light begin to encroach upon her face.  She audibly whines and puts a pillow over her face.

"Who didn't pull the curtains closed?" Catelyn asks quietly, yet with a twinge of anger.  "Isn't it, like, common knowledge that too much sun exposure while sleeping can cause--"

"I'm tryin' to freaking sleep here!" Elizabeth hisses. "Belt up or I'll make you!"  She can be seen rolling around in her bed, putting a blanket over her face.

Angie takes the pillow off of her face and sighs.  "You two had better thank me later!" She shuts the blinds, securing moderate darkness in the room once again before appearing in the confessional area. "This show is mostly a game of making friends.  I had to be the one to step up and close the curtains this morning!  I mean, yeah, it did take away that extra hour of sleep, but you know?  It's worth it if it means these girls like me a bit more!  And the more well liked you are, the longer you stay." She giggles. "I've got this game down to a science!"

"What are you making all the racket for?" Elizabeth asks as she peers out from under her blanket.  Her face turns red once she realizes that Angie had closed the curtains.  Angie notices her blushing and smirks before crawling back into bed.

Catelyn appears in the confessional area. "Yeah, she got some flak for it because Elizabeth's ego is the size of...Mars, or something, but Angie closing the curtains did all three of us a solid.  She's probably my favorite person here, but it isn't like there was much competition.  I mean, seriously!  Elizabeth's such a fun sponge. She won't even let us enjoy breathing because it's too loud for her royal highness."

The scene switches to Mitch and Matthew lounging in the living room area of the Pandas' house, sitting next to each other on one of the pink couches.  It is still early in the morning.

"When I was alone with Mitch this morning," Matthew says in the confessional area, "I thought it would be an opportune moment for me to work on instigating social interaction.  Mitch is one of the two or three people I've talked to that seem to have taken a bit of interest in my personality, evidenced by...well, he reacts when I talk to him, which is an improvement from what happens when I attempt to converse with some other contemporaries."

"So..." he says, attempting to make conversation, after the scene returns to the living room.

Mitch blinks and looks over at Matthew. "So...?" he repeats, almost with a mocking tone.

After an awkward pause, Matthew replies, "Yep."

Mitch quietly sighs before appearing in the confessional area. "My team sucks.  I mean, we won last challenge, but the social situation here is abysmal.  I'm not really a girly girl, let alone a girl at all, so it's difficult to interact with Angie or Catelyn because -- shocker -- I'm not aware of the major struggle that comes with applying eyeliner.  Judd's an idiot, Sean is Sean, and even though Matthew's cool to talk to, he doesn't talk much in the first place."  Mitch sighs. "That leaves me with...Elizabeth." He chuckles nervously.  "I can kind of connect with her, I guess, but it's only when we have a common enemy.  And no one else really likes her, so that's totally great for me!"  He rolls his eyes. "Not.  Catelyn said she was a fun sponge the other day.  She's actually closer to a fun-sucking vortex with the humongous ego she has."

The scene briefly switches to show the Ecstatic Eagles' house before showing Cyrus, Karin, and Raechel gathering in the living room area, all three with bowls of cereal in hand, sitting on one of the blue couches.

"So," Karin says as she appears in the confessional area, "being the social butterfly that I am, it's not easy for me to miss an opportunity."  She blinks.  "Well, actually, it kind of is, but with Raechel being a valuable asset to my social status and Cyrus being a constant nuisance that I won't have trouble voting out down the road..." She pauses to put her index finger to her bottom lip and looks away from the camera. "Okay, that was a little mean, but I figured if we form an alliance, right there, us three, then I won't have a lot to worry about on this team."

"You know," Karin says as the scene returns to the Eagles' living room, putting her bowl of cereal down on the small table between the two couches, "I feel like the three of us definitely have a strong bond, a lot of chemistry together."

Raechel blinks. "I didn't take chemistry with you, I thought. I was in the class with blue-haired Joey."

Karin smiles, though it is apparent that it is not one hundred percent genuine. "What I'm getting at is that the three of us know, just pledge to look after each other."

"Like," Cyrus says, "an alliance? If so, we'd be one heck of a fierce threesome."

"Yep!" Karin replies. "I guess you could say that it's an," she says before lowering her voice to a playful whisper, "alliance."

Cyrus laughs. "You know I'm all the way in." He turns to Raechel. "Raech? How're you feeling about this one, girl?"

Raechel pauses. "Well, okay, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by looking after each other. Do you mean making sure no one falls down and gets hurt during the next activity?"

Karin opens her mouth to respond, but Cyrus interjects. "Hon, how did you even get on this show without even knowing what an alliance is?" he patronizingly says to Raechel.

"I don't really now a lot about what we're doing," Raechel replies. "Although, I did love it yesterday when we got to play in the ocean for a little while. I just wish we could more fun stuff like that!"

Karin pats Raechel on the shoulder. "That's totally okay!" she says with a smile. "Just...if we have to go back to the pool tonight," she continues as Raechel nods, "don't vote for me, and don't vote for Cyrus if we lose the next..." She pauses. "Activity." She gives an endearing smile.

"You're stooping to her level?" Cyrus says, raising his eyebrows at Karin, who responds with a stern look. Realizing that his remark was out of line, Cyrus is quick to begin laughing nervously. "Kidding, of course!" He pats Raechel on the shoulder as well. "Love you, girl!"

Karin chuckles. "That's what I like to hear."

Raechel appears in the confessional area. "Today, Cyrus and Karin offered me something...I believe they called it a threesome? I'm happy to take them up on their offer, but I'm not quite sure what I'm getting into."

"I'm not Raechel's biggest fan," Cyrus says in the confessional area while sipping an orange drink out of a glass. "She's like, a major broad, which is totes strange. Like, there was definitely a psych evaluation to get on here, and that girl definitely did not pass it." He chuckles.

"Thoughts on the alliance?" Karin continues her confessional segment from before. "It could have gone smoother, but it's no fault of my own. Cyrus has a lot to learn, I think, about interacting with people that aren't around him in his everyday life, which makes it hard for him to get along with Raechel too much. He treats her like some kind of lost puppy, which, yeah, sure, she's a fish out of water right now, but she's under my wing for the time being. I'll get this all worked out." She giggles. "I've worked miracles getting pairs of exes to start dating again. I've gotten two strangers to make out with absolutely no incentive. So, getting those two to agree isn't the most difficult thing I'll have had to do."

"What should we call ourselves?" Karin asks as the scene returns to the newly formed alliance. "I think we should--"

An ear-splitting, bloodcurdling wail is heard from the guys' bedroom. The camera begins to shake violently, presumably a special effect for added emphasis on the decibel level of the deafening shriek.

Cyrus gasps, stands up, and runs towards the door for the guys' room. Karin, while not standing up, does look concernedly in the direction which Cyrus had run off.

Raechel, however, appears completely oblivious, and furrows her brow when Cyrus stands up. "What's his issue?" Raechel asks Karin.

"Did..." Karin blinks, "did you not hear..."

"Oh!" Raechel laughs. "That super loud yell. I get it! Cyrus must love screamo!"

Karin lightly chuckles, seemingly almost out of pity for Raechel.

The scene switches to Cyrus thrusting open the door to the guys' bedroom, only to see Byran curled up in the fetal position on his bed, quietly sobbing to himself.

Cyrus scratches his head. "Byran? You good there, mister?" he asks, almost condescendingly.

Byran's eyes widen as he looks up to notice that the entirety of the Ecstatic Eagles team is standing in the doorway.

"You heard that wow I didn't expect anyone to hear me--" he stops to sniffle quickly, "but--"

"Please stop talking," Aly says, exasperatedly.  "Just once, please, can you answer with a single sentence?"

"What do you want me to answer I don't understand there was never a question posed to me so how can I even really do anything Aly please tell me??" Byran asks, his tone of voice clearly indicating a state of being upset.

"Dude, what's with your weird freakout?" Colin replies.  "That's really all we wanna know, bro."

Byran blinks.  "Oh."  Apparently perfectly fine and in a stable mood without any hint of having been crying whatsoever, he replies, "Well, the issue is that someone, well, maybe it's two people, or three, I'm not sure..."

In the midst of Byran's reply, Cyrus appears in the confessional area. "Honestly, in my honest opinion, Byran pausing during his sentences makes a massive world of difference.  Actually being somewhat understandable?  You go, girl!  Work that coherency!  To be honest, such an influential change."

"...but anyway, one, two, or three, as of now, people," Byran continues as the scene returns to his answer, "are being really, really, really, really, really negative and dragging this team down, and, well, in my life, I just don't deal with that normally, and to have that in my life here, on my absolute favorite show of all time..."

"You know," Skylia says in the confessional area in another intermission, "it was chill when Byran started speaking normally.  ...Until we realized that, unfortunately, he's just doing one of his regular tangents, just with a few pauses between words." She sighs.  "Seriously, what's up with this kid?  He's so high-strung that I feel like I tense up by just breathing the same air as him."

"...and Aly is really the main contributor to that.  That's all!" He takes a deep breath.

An awkward silence commences as the other Eagles look at each other with wide eyes before turning their heads all at Aly. "Glad I got that out of my system!" Byran says, laughing as if nothing had happened.

Aly rolls her eyes. "So you're having a meltdown because of my personality? That's a new one."

"The kid's got a bit of a point, though," Skylia says. "You're kind of a total downer sometimes."

"Like, it's the worst when you're having a good time, and some chick comes over like 'oh, my life sucks right now.' That's really you sometimes," Colin agrees. He smiles at Skylia, who gives a light smile back.

Aly rolls her eyes before the scene cuts to her sitting at the pool bar in the confessional area.  "So I'm just trying to get Byran to get up so we can, you know, win the challenge."  She sighs before rolling her eyes once more.  "It's always so lovely when someone refuses to get out of bed because they hate you.  Of course, Skylia and Colin, everyone's favorite golden couple," she pauses to make gagging motions, "decide it's time to hate me as well.  I hated doing it, but I really couldn't do anything but say sorry and get it over with."

She pauses before sighing. "Whatever, I guess I'm sorry?"

"Don't be sorry, Aly, you just need to change your behavior instead or else this team is done for do you understand this is really urgent!!" Byran replies, clearly back to his old habits in the blink of an eye.

"Okay, maybe you might need to calm down again for a sec!" Skylia says, laughing awkwardly, and putting her arm on Byran's shoulder.

Karin awkwardly giggles in the same fashion as Skylia's laugh moments before.  "Although, Byran, I have to ask...why do you only talk in, like, running sentences?"

Aly begins to open her mouth, but quickly shuts it to allow the conversation to continue before appearing in the confessional area. "So, something that I should have seen coming, Karin makes a stupid mistake when she's talking." Aly shrugs her shoulders.  "And I would have corrected her, but seeing as though Mr. Six-Hour-Energy took the time just a minute before to tell me I'm an awful person, I had to bite my tongue." She lifts a glass of water to her lips and takes a sip before putting it back down. "And that's an incredibly hard task."

Byran squints and looks directly at Karin. "What?"

Karin flicks a strand of hair out of her eyes. At this point, the rest of the team is filing out of the room, save her and Byran.  She sits down on Byran's bed next to him, making him visibly uncomfortable with her encroaching on his personal space.  "You just like...never stop talking.  What's your deal?"

Byran raises an eyebrow before scooting closer to the bottom of his bed.  "My deal?  Karin, I don't really think I have a deal but it's nice of you to inquire about my personal life so I'd really like to--"

"See?" Karin puts a hand on his shoulder, causing him to shudder and push it off; this, however, does not phase the talkative socialite.  "You just talked, a really, really long time all at once.  Don't your legs run out of breath after, like, ten seconds or something?"

"My legs?" Byran asks before taking a deep breath. "Karin, it's not my legs first of all, the organ in the body that controls breathing is mainly the lungs and other related body parts so don't try to be educated about the human body!" He takes another deep breath. "After all, this is Total Drama and it's a really cool show but the human anatomy, something you're not good at, is probably not going to be needed at all unless a biology challenge comes up which is unrealistic given the format of the show pertaining to the tropical location and I know this due to studying every single--"

Karin, at this point, has already left the room. Byran looks around before getting up to leave the guys' bedroom.

"--season..." Byran sighs as he walks through the white doorway. "Because I'm a huge fan."

Back at the Pandas' beachfront cottage, Sean is displayed on one of the living room couches, alone, with sheets of paper strewn all around him as he frantically writes notes on another.

"What I'm doing," he says in a confessional, "is calculating the overall visible averages of each contestant on my team so far. This way, if we have to vote someone out, I'll know who's been the most visible in the edit just based on their Logit ratings up until this point. Assuming this is the fourth episode, each person will have had three ratings so far, so by addressing each person's individual overall edit, I can make an informed decision on who the editors want me to vote out next!"

"How do you even know what the editors are doing?" an off-screen voice asks.

Sean freezes up before shouting, "I just know!" in the direction that the voice protruded from.

Back in the living room, Judd approaches Sean's fervent scribbling session and stands behind the couch that Sean has positioned himself on.

Judd leans over to Sean, who has been too occupied with his calculations to even notice him, and says, "Hey, bud, what'cha got goin' on there?" He picks up a sheet of paper and looks at what Sean has written on it, only for Sean to snatch it out of his hands.

"Don't snoop like that!" Sean hisses. "Do I try and see everything that you do? No!"

Judd backs off. "Calm yourself there, partner," he says in his signature cowboy accent. "I wasn't gon' try to do nothin' to ya'." He walks off before appearing in the confessional area, shirtless with wet hair, presumably after going for a swim in the nearby pool. "So Sean was hidin' somethin' from me this mornin', and I ain't quite sure what it was...he had a ton o' letters an' numbers strewn all over those pieces a' paper. All I know is he's keepin' a secret, and that's sketchy as all get-out. This is somethin' I can use to get 'em out...but I'm gonna focus on not losin' for now. I ain't no challenge thrower, now! Don't let that fool ya!"

Suddenly, Chris bursts through the door of the Popular Pandas' house with his infamous orange whistle around his neck, blows it, and chucks a volleyball at Judd's head. The volleyball makes contact, resulting in Judd screaming and falling down.

"The heck was that for?" Judd yells while lying on the ground.

Chris stands over him, his shadow covering Judd's face. "That was just a nice little warm-up for today's super duper rad volleyball challenge!"

"Volleyball?" Judd asks.

"Rad?" Mitch asks, now walking into Chris and Judd's general vicinity. "That word died about twenty years ago. I would think you'd know that since you're, like, sixty."

Chris angrily looks at Mitch, who remains unfazed. He points to the orange whistle around his neck. "Hey, Mitch? What do you and this whistle have in common?"

Mitch faintly chuckles. "We both make loud noises when you--"

"I own you both thanks to a binding contract," Chris says slowly, cutting Mitch off. He then blows the whistle again, resulting in Judd and Mitch both instinctively covering their ears. "Get to the beach!"

The scene cuts to both teams, all contestants dressed in their swimwear, standing in front of a volleyball court on the beach on the sidelines facing the ocean. Chris, wearing a grey tank top and blue shorts, smiles as he holds his orange whistle in his mouth and the same volleyball in his right hand. He throws it up in the air before blowing the whistle.

"'Sup, dudes?" Chris asks in his best "surfer" voice; however, it is overtly exaggerated and borderline unbelievable.

"Bro," Colin whispers to an adjacent Skylia, "that's totally phony. No one even talks like that. I don't even, like, surf and I know that." Skylia snorts and giggles in response.

Chris continues, "Get ready for our totally awesome volleyball competition!" Everyone cheers in response. "Now, you guys probably all know the rules of volleyball, so I'm not gonna go over them for obvious reasons."

"Obvious?" Aly asks. "How exactly is that obvious to any of us?"

Chris rolls his eyes. "Airtime. We need to conserve airtime, but now that you decided to extend the episode with your useless comments," he resumes angrily, "I guess we'll go over them!"

Sean looks over at Aly on the other team and attempts to mouth the words "thank you," although it does not appear that she picks up on this. As the camera pans to Matthew, however, he is looking straight at Sean with an eyebrow raised. When Sean turns to look at Matthew, he initially looks surprised. He opens his mouth and begins to stutter before finally admitting, "I... don't know how to play sports." Matthew smirks.

Chris begins to explain the rules. "Here's what's gonna happen," Chris says as he throws the volleyball up in the air again. He catches it with his opposite hand before continuing, "The game will be seven on seven!" As Chris progresses in defining the rules, two-dimensional graphics appear on-screen of a volleyball court with seven dots, color-coded blue and pink to represent the Eagles and Pandas respectively, on each end of the court.

"You'll put four team members in the back of the court and three in the front," Chris continues. "The person in the back right corner of the court will be the one to serve each round. That means you'll be hitting it -- or at least trying to hit it -- over the net. Afterwards, you'll be bumping, setting, and spiking it back over the net." Chris demonstrates bumping by clasping his hands together and locking his arms, setting by putting his hands together and pushing out, and spiking by slamming his right hand down. "If at any time the ball hits the sand within the lines of your side of the court, the other team would normally score. But, because this is Total Drama, instead of being scored on, your team will have to give up a member, putting you at a deficit against the winning team."

"How is that fair?" Catelyn asks. "Seriously? That just makes it even harder to win once you've messed up once."

Chris laughs. "Don't mess up!" Catelyn crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "Anyway, whenever one team wins a point and stays intact, they get possession of the ball for the next point. The first team to lose all of their players will lose the challenge and vote someone off tonight. Understand?" Everyone nods. "Then go play some volleyball!" He blows the whistle at the scene shifts to each contestant in position on the court, ready for the challenge to start.

The Eagles have positioned themselves to have the three guys (Byran, Colin and Cyrus) in the front row with the four girls (Aly, Karin, Raechel and Skylia) in the back row. The Pandas have taken a similar approach; the three girls (Angie, Catelyn and Elizabeth) are ready to go in the front row while the four guys (Judd, Matthew, Mitch and Sean) in the back.

"Since the Pandas won the last challenge, they'll start serving," Chris announces from the referee's position as Mitch is shown with the ball, ready to serve it.

"I still think y'all shoulda' let me serve this one," Judd complains to his teammates. "I'm, like, the strongest person on this team, I really just don't get it..."

"You freaking ride horses," Mitch responds. "Where's the heavy lifting in that?"

"It's volleyball!" Judd whines. "It ain't even a muscle game!"

Mitch throws the ball towards Judd and walks over to assume his prior position. The ball hits Judd in the shoulder and falls to the ground next to him.

"Ow!" Judd cries. "What the--"

"You wanted to serve," Mitch replies with a hint of bitterness. "Go for it." After this interaction, Angie and Catelyn share a look and wink at each other.

"We really want Judd out," Catelyn says in a confessional, "me and Angie. So, any interaction like the one that just happened between him and Mitch is fantastic news for us. He's gotta go, point blank! If someone else dislikes him, that's another vote we have. We only need four."

Back at the challenge, Judd positions the ball on his left palm and gets ready to serve. "Y'all get ready for this," he announces to his teammates. "Game on, Evil Eagles!"

"Ooh, evil," Aly says loud enough for the Eagles to hear but just quiet enough for the Pandas not to. "He really got us there. The creativity is on point."

Elizabeth, shockingly dormant until now, glares at Judd. "Just serve the bloody ball already!"

Judd begins to panic and sweat in anxiety. "Gotcha!" He hits the ball out of his left hand with his right hand balled up into a fist. It flies up into the air and falls right back down in front of him.

"Fantastic," Mitch says sarcastically while slow-clapping. "Marvelous performance. So glad we chose this MVP to start the game off."

Elizabeth bursts out laughing. "What a worthless berk!"

Chris raises his eyebrows in amazement as Judd's face turns beet red. "Wow," Chris says in astonishment. " can you suck so much, dude?" He sighs before energetically announcing, "The Eagles score!" The blue team cheers and high-fives each other. "Who are you gonna give up, Pandas?"

Judd apprehensively looks around at the other members of his team, who are all looking straight at him. "So, uh... Who wants 'ta sit this thing out?"

Catelyn and Angie smirk at each other. "It's pretty obvious," Catelyn says, "you're sitting out." The rest of the Pandas nod to each other.

Judd sighs. "Fine. But don't say I didn't warn y'all! Y'all're gonna lose this one without me!"

"Someone's ruining their edit," Sean whispers to himself in a sing-song voice.

Mitch rolls the volleyball under the net over to the Eagles' side.

"Who's serving?" Chris asks. Karin raises her hand.

"Karin says she's, like, super duper fabulous at serving," Cyrus says. "She's gonna do it."

Karin picks up the volleyball and looks at it uneasily. She gives a forced smile to Cyrus before appearing in the confessional area. "So, let's get this straight. I used to be a waitress and, well...I volunteered to serve the ball first because I thought it might be similar to serving food." She giggles. "I might have been a little wrong! But, they can't know that. They have to think I'm good at serving in volleyball and that I'm pulling my weight. If I'm valuable, I won't be voted off anytime soon!"

"You got this, girlfriend!" Cyrus cheers. "Yes! Slay this serve! Go, hunty, go!"

Karin smirks as she performs the same action as Judd, this time actually being successful. The ball goes over the net, prompting the Pandas to swarm the area where it appears to be heading.

"I got it!" Angie shouts. She uses her hands to push the ball back over the net. The ball, however, is quickly smacked back over the net and down into the sand by Colin.

"Good job!" Skylia cheers from the back of the court.

Colin shrugs and smiles. "It was no biggie."

"Looks like you guys flopped again!!!!" Byran jeers.

Catelyn narrows her eyebrows. "Okay, that wasn't a 'flop' on anyone's part. Chill out!" She turns to her team. "Who wants to take one for the team?"

Sean and Matthew look at each other, knowing that they are the weakest links on the team, especially in a physical competition.

"Rock paper scissors?" Matthew asks.

Sean hesitates before saying, "Let's just do it." He then appears in the confessional area. "I don't like leaving things up to fate, but if Matthew suggests rock paper scissors and loses, that basically confirms his edit is sending him out this episode. It might mean we lose, but my edit thus far has made me the top challenger for the win four episodes running. I can't lose regardless."

"Ready?" Matthew asks. Sean nods.

"Rock, paper, scissors," the two say simultaneously as they each pound one fist on the palms of their other hands, "shoot!" Matthew smiles as he notices that he has flattened his palm to signify paper while Sean has kept his fist closed tightly.

"Paper covers rock," Matthew says.

Sean sighs and steps over to where Judd, who has taken his shirt off and is attempting to tan on the beach, is lying down. Sean takes off his shirt as well, although his strikingly pale skin combined with the sunlight gives off a blinding light that results in all other contestants and Chris covering their eyes.

"Bro." Colin peeks out from under his own arm. "That's like..."

"Fluorescent," Matthew finishes. "How does he even accomplish that?"

Sean notices the backlash from the unveiling of his torso and quickly puts his shirt back on. "My bad." He then appears in the confessional area. "I mean, every Total Drama winner has a quirky moment like that. The shirt thing? That was just mine. This does absolutely nothing to my winner's edit!" He smiles confidently.

Chris, as the scene returns to the challenge, looks over at Karin. "Looks like you're up again, Karin."

Cyrus begins to clap as Karin picks up the ball, which has been rolled to her once again.

"You dominated that last one, Karin," he encourages. "Work this next one!"

Karin, paying no mind to his incessant cheering, successfully serves the ball once again.

"Yes, queen!" Cyrus continues to applaud.

Aly glares at Cyrus. "Okay," she says under her breath, "that's getting annoying." As she finishes her sentence, the ball can be heard being hit over the net by the Pandas. As the scene shows Angie high-fiving Catelyn (who is assumed to have hit the ball back over the net), Karin's voice cries out.

"Raechel!" she calls. "The ball is coming towards you!"

"It is?" Raechel says. She looks up in the air and notices the ball coming towards her. "Oh, wow!" Instead of hitting it over the net, she catches it, causing a few of her teammates to groan.

Chris blows his whistle. "The Pandas win the point!"

"Wait, what?" Raechel asks, obviously confused.

"Honey, you caught it," Cyrus explains. "That's a no-no. You can't do that."

"It's called a carry," Chris continues. "Who's sitting out from the Eagles?" he asks as the Pandas celebrate.

Raechel puts a finger to her lips. "Um, probably me. I don't even know what game we're playing, and besides, I'd rather be doing yoga or something."

Skylia's face lights up. "Raech, you can use one of my yoga mats. They're in my bag."

"Thanks!" Raechel begins to walk away from the court. "What's your name again?"

Skylia blinks. "It's... It's Skylia."

"It's day four," Aly says in the confessional area, "and she doesn't know our names? Who is this girl? Who let her go past Grade 2?"

Skylia sighs as she appears in the confessional area. "Okay, it's not even like... I don't mind letting her use my mats. I don't mind anything, but...she doesn't know my name?"

Chris blows his whistle as the scene returns to the challenge. "Who's serving for the Pandas?"

Mitch raises his hand. Chris throws him the ball.

Once Mitch serves again, a montage of the challenge kicks off; action shots include Byran and Elizabeth spiking the ball over the net at different times as well as Colin walking off the court with a frown on his face. When the montage concludes, the only two people remaining on the Eagles' side of the court are Cyrus and Skylia while the Pandas remain with Catelyn, Mitch and Elizabeth.

"It's two people for the Eagles versus three for the Pandas!" Chris commentates. "Can the Ecstatic Eagles rebound with a comeback victory? Or will--"

"Excuse me," Catelyn interjects, "but if anything, we've got the comeback victory." Mitch nods. "After all," she continues, "aren't we the ones that lost the first two rounds?"

Chris glares at Catelyn before continuing, "Or will the Popular Pandas pull off a comeback victory of their own?"

Cyrus is shown, ball in hand, ready to serve it over the net. "Karin, you're so freaking amazing at this."

"Thanks!" Karin replies happily.

"But...I'm going to be leagues better, honey. Watch out, losers, here I come!" Cyrus actually succeeds in getting the ball over the net; however, it lands out of bounds, causing the Pandas to cheer.

"Out of bounds!" Chris announces. "The Pandas score!" Cyrus frowns and walks over to sit with the rest of his teammates sans Raechel in the sand by the court.

"Finally!" Elizabeth says as she fist bumps Mitch. "I'm so over his chatter, aren't you? What with the," she proceeds in a mocking tone, "'oh my gosh, girl! Slay! Dominate me!' Just be quiet, already."

Mitch smirks in reply. "Yeah, he needs to shut up."

"Guys?" Catelyn says, now holding the ball and ready to serve. "We still have one Eagle left to decimate. We can't just stop for casual convos right now."

Elizabeth rolls her eyes. "Yeah, cool."

Karin appears extremely frightened to be alone on the court.

"One more round," Catelyn says to Mitch and Elizabeth. "Just one more round and we got this!"

"You can do it, Karin!" Skylia cheers.

"You got this, man," Colin says. "...I mean...woman...or whatever."

Chris shushes the peanut gallery to prepare for what could be the final point. "Quiet!" He clears his throat and turns to Catelyn. "Your move, Pandas."

Catelyn serves the ball over the net. Karin intensely concentrates on the location of the ball and successfully hits it over the net.

"I got this!" Elizabeth says as she pushes the ball towards the net with her hands. However, it does not go high enough to go over, causing Mitch, who has been in the back, to bump the ball over with his arms.

Karin, in response, bumps the ball over in the same fashion that Mitch did after sprinting from one end of the court to the next.

Catelyn hits the ball towards the net as it approaches her area of the court; however, the ball instead hits the net and falls to the ground on the Pandas' side of the court, sending the Eagles into a cheering frenzy. The three remaining Pandas sigh.

"Who's it gonna be?" Chris asks the Pandas team. He then looks at his watch. "And, please, make it fast! This has been dragging on for way too long! I have a facial in half an hour!"

Mitch looks at the two girls on his team. "Well...I'm the athlete, pick."

"Are you implying that I can't hold my own?" Catelyn asks.

"It's fine, he's just using his loaf," Elizabeth replies. "But all that being said, I'm confident that we'd do better without you on the court."

Catelyn raises her eyebrows. "Oh, really? You can't just bully me off the court. That's not how it works."

"Okay, whatever, just stop arguing," Mitch says. "I'll sit."

"Let's just get on with it already," Elizabeth replies. She then whispers to Catelyn, "You'd better prove that this was a good decision. Don't look like another scatty fool." Elizabeth points to Judd. Catelyn nods.

"Don't you worry, Miss Brit. I'll show you," Catelyn replies.

Chris blows the whistle as Karin serves the ball successfully. The ball soars right over the net and lands in between Elizabeth and Catelyn, who look at each other, both puzzled.

"I thought you were able to hold your own?" Elizabeth asks. "Figures. What a brilliant idea it was to let Mitch walk off."

Catelyn exhales deeply. "If you think you're too good at volleyball for me to play with you, then prove it." She storms off the court and stands with Angie, who has been fervently watching the game from the sidelines. "Beat Karin."

Elizabeth squints at Catelyn. "I'm coming for you next, you bugger," she says quietly to her self.

Karin, ball in hand, is now sweating profusely.

"Don't worry!" Skylia calls to her. "Just chill out! You got this. No pressure. Just stay calm."

Cyrus then shouts, "Girl, you have to win this! There is no other option other than for you to slay her and dominate this challenge! You could be the most iconic competitor in Total Drama history, hon!"

Skylia looks apprehensively at Cyrus before appearing in the confessional area. "He's a bit too...demanding. Or energetic. Or anxious, or something," she comments in her confessional. "All I know is that he wasn't helping her at all."

"Stay calm," Skylia says to Karin back at the challenge. She gives her a thumbs up. "You can do this."

Karin smiles at Skylia. She then appears in the confessional. "So, who knew I would eventually be the star of this challenge for the Eagles? I mean, this is huge. This has literally been the chance of a lifetime to make sure that my team thinks I'm valuable enough to keep around, even if we lose."

Karin glares at Elizabeth before throwing the ball up in the air.

"Is she gonna spike that thing?" Judd asks Sean, who shrugs.

"How do you expect me to know?" Sean replies.

Karin does indeed attempt to spike it over the net, succeeding in her bold effort.

Elizabeth dashes across the court to set the ball back over the net.

The socialite bumps the ball back over in response. The two teams anxiously watch the game, some biting their nails in anticipation.

The British teenager begins to innovate; she uses her head to bounce the ball back to Karin.

"Wow," Matthew says to a nearby Angie, "that's gotta be painful." Angie does not respond, prompting Matthew to frown. "Not again," he whispers to himself.

Karin, seeing that the ball is going in completely the opposite direction that she is standing, dives across the court to hit the ball. Every member of the Eagles team gasps. Miraculously, it flies over the net.

Elizabeth also launches her body in the direction of the ball, just barely hitting the ball.

"No!" Karin cries. As she has not yet had the chance to get up off the ground, she can only watch with a feeling of dread as the ball comes toward her side of the court.

Elizabeth smirks, although her smile is quickly shattered when the ball lands just barely out of bounds.

"Out of bounds!" Chris announces. "The Ecstatic Eagles win the challenge! What a comeback by Karin!"

The entire Ecstatic Eagles team, cheering and shouting, dashes towards Karin and lifts her up.

"Oh my God!" Karin shouts in excitement. "What the heck just happened?"

"What a queen," Cyrus says, tears in his eyes. "What a queen!"

Elizabeth has yet to even get off the ground.

"Imbeciles," she mutters. "Who even leaves a skinny British girl to carry an entire team?"

Catelyn and Angie look at each other. "We need to talk," they say in unison.

Chris looks in the general direction of the Pandas team, scattered around the beach, sulking in defeat. "Hey, Pandas? You're gonna have to vote someone out tonight. See you by the pool!" He walks off.

The scene shifts to later that evening as Catelyn and Angie sit together outside the Pandas' cottage.

"So, it's still Judd, right?" Angie asks.

Catelyn nods. "We need to talk to Mitch. It doesn't look like he likes Judd's company at all. And where Mitch goes, Elizabeth will follow."

Angie winks at Catelyn, who laughs.

"We're running this team," Angie says. "How crazy is that?"

After the girls' conversation is shown, Angie is then seen approaching Mitch.

"Hey!" Angie says to Mitch, who is eating from a bag chips while lying on his bed.

Mitch looks at Angie. "You literally never talk to me. What do you want?"

Angie laughs. "Funny!" Mitch blinks in response. "Anyways, I noticed today that you and Judd...well, aren't exactly on the best terms." She giggles. "And, well, I don't like him all too much either."

Mitch puts his bag of chips aside and sits up in bed. "You mean you're assuming that I wasn't voting out Judd tonight?" Angie smirks.

"We've got Judd right where he want him," Angie says in the confessional area. "Game over!"

The scene then shifts to Sean, who is now frantically writing on more sheets of paper. He then appears in the confessional area. "Going back to the challenge, although Matthew elected to leave his spot in the challenge up to luck, I realized that if he gets voted out tonight, then it works out for both of our edits," he explains. "He's the idiot who decided to take the superior player -- me -- out of the challenge for his own personal gain, leaving him with an Overtly Negative edit this episode. That wraps his story arc with a bow and paints me in a positive light, something vital for my winner's edit."

Matthew is then shown passing by Sean's pile of papers. Matthew looks around and notices that Sean is nowhere to be seen. He picks up a piece of paper, reads the contents, and gasps.

"So," Matthew says in the confessional area, "I'm Sean's target tonight. Apparently I'm 'too dangerous' due to my 'V type edit.' Whatever that means."

Matthew then is shown talking to Elizabeth.

"Hey, so..." he begins. Elizabeth pays no attention to him. "Elizabeth!"

Elizabeth, who is filing her nails, looks over at Matthew. "Oh, it's you."

"Yeah, it's me." After Matthew's response, there is an awkward silence.

"And what exactly is it that you want from me?" Elizabeth replies.

Matthew hesitates. "I mean, uh...who are you gonna think about voting for?"

Elizabeth snorts. "You have the audacity to ask me point blank? Nice try."

Matthew stutters. "No, it's just--Sean."

"What about the bloke?" Elizabeth asks as she turns to him.

The scene then shifts to Judd and Mitch conversing on one of the couches in the living room area of the Pandas' house.

"I found some papers o' his," Judd explains to Mitch.

Mitch blinks. "And why do I think you're so important? You know, besides you being the star of the show today in the challenge."

"He's definitely plannin' somethin'. He might be votin' you or me out!" Judd whines. "Just...please, listen ta' me!"

Mitch sighs. "You found papers where he was planning something. That's super specific!" He rolls his eyes. "Elaborate, please."

"Well..." As Judd begins his sentence, the scene then displays Catelyn and Angie talking to each other at the pool bar.

"Did Judd just come and talk to you too?" Catelyn asks frantically.

Angie appears to be puzzled. "What about?"

"He wants Sean out," Catelyn responds. "Sean!"

"Sean?" Angie replies. "Why Sean?"

"He thinks Sean's hiding something," Catelyn explains. "What do you want to do?"

"I mean, it's super believable," Angie contemplates. ", I just don't like Judd!" She frowns.

"Well, we talked to Mitch. So...we should be fine," Catelyn says.

"I don't know, Cate," Angie replies worriedly. "I just don't know!"

The iconic elimination ceremony theme plays as the same shots of the pool at nighttime are shown.

Another camera angle shows the seven remaining Pandas sitting in the seven poolside lounge chairs as well as Chris' assumed position in the lifeguard's chair.

"Welcome back!" Chris announces. "You guys should know the drill, but just in case..." The Pandas groan. "I'll explain! You'll all go one by one, put a hole through the face of a picture of the person you're voting for. The person with the most votes will ride the Sampan of Shame and never, ever come back to the island."

"We know," Mitch responds. "We've known for a few days."

Chris rolls his eyes. "Get to voting."

Each contestant is shown using the knife to stab a photo of someone on their team at the pool bar.

Chris is then shown returning from the pool bar to his seat with six bottles of an orange drink. "Because we can't afford to keep killing the island's population of coconuts, we've brought out the big guns: mass production and consumerism!" He laughs. "It saves money in the long run, too. Instead of getting a coconut drink, you're getting...some kind of tropical orange soda." Chris casually shrugs. "I don't know, I don't make these decisions."

"Can you read?" Mitch asks. "I mean, it probably says it on the bottle." Chris ignores this comment.

"Finally," Angie whispers to Catelyn. "I may have caught mine last time, but I was super afraid of getting that on my dress!"

"Zip it, divvy," Elizabeth snappily whispers to Angie.

"It's time to find out who's going home tonight!" Chris announces as he picks up the first drink. "First up..." He glares at the seven potential eliminated contestants.

"Elizabeth!" He tosses one to Elizabeth.

"No surprise there," Elizabeth says as she uncaps her bottle.

Chris grabs two more. "Here's a couple more for Catelyn and Angie!" He tosses a bottle to each of the girls, who high-five each other. "Next up is Mitch!" Mitch watches as the bottle falls right beside his chair, although he does not bother to pick it up. Chris, visibly annoyed by this, says, "Hey, we paid for those, you know!"

"But am I paying to be here?" he asks. Chris once again ignores the sarcastic athlete and looks at Judd, Matthew, and Sean individually.

"Judd. Matthew. Sean," Chris continues. "One of you got the most votes tonight from your fellow teammates! I'd feel bad, but...I don't." He snickers. "Matthew, you're safe." He throws a drink to Matthew, leaving Sean's eyes wide open in shock.

"What?!" Sean shouts.

"Sean. Judd," Chris says. "One of you is gone." He looks at Sean. "Sean, I'm not sure exactly what you did to get here, but...well, you're here. You're also very weird." He turns to Judd. "You, on the other hand, let your ego get in the way of the challenge and you crashed and burned within minutes of the challenge starting." He laughs. "Yeah, you crashed and burned hard!"

"I tried m'best!" Judd complains.

"And?" Chris replies. "You lost." He clears his throat. "Anyway, the final tropical orange soda-esque drink that--"

"We don't need the whole business," Elizabeth interrupts. "Just get on with it!"

Chris glares at Elizabeth. "You're lucky you already have that safety in your hands. The final drink goes to...

"Judd! ...Again," he says as he tosses the final bottle to Judd. Catelyn and Angie look at each other, eyes wide with astonishment.

"Is this a joke?!" Sean stands up in astonishment. "This isn't possible!" He turns to his team. "Have any of you even looked at the Logit charts this season?"

Everyone looks at him confusedly. "No one ever knows what the bloody heck you're even talking about!" Elizabeth says. "Just get out!"

"Matthew. Is. WINNING." Sean motions to Matthew with his hands. Everyone looks at each other with a puzzled look. "You all are idiots. Complete idiots. This is an abomination of a team!"

Chris yawns. "Are you gone yet?"

Sean growls at Chris before storming out of the Poolside Elimination ceremony. As he boards the Sampan of Shame, he mutters to himself. "I must have been the distraction. There's no way this is happening. Not to me. Not today--Whoa!" His grumbling is interrupted by the Sampan's takeoff from the island.

"What a weird kid," Chris says as he drinks from a half coconut at the pool bar. "Not sure how he got on this show, but...hey, he's gone! And that's another drama-tastic episode in the record books! Who will boost our ratings next? Find out next time on Total...Drama...South Pacific!" He takes another sip as the episode fades to black.

Episode 5: Paddle Royale

The episode opens with Chris sitting with sunglasses on, shirtless, on a beached ocean kayak. "Last time on Total Drama: South Pacific," Chris narrates as clips from the previous episode begin to play, "we had a good, old-fashioned volleyball showdown! The Ecstatic Eagles soared, while the Popular Pandas floundered. And when all hope seemed lost for perennial outcast Judd, Matthew managed to pitch a new plan to Elizabeth and Mitch, voting out Sean and saving himself in the process."

Chris stands up and walks up the beach. "Now, who's gonna sink and swim tonight? Find out right now on Total Drama: South Pacific!"

Due to budget cuts, the fifteen-second adaptation of the Total Drama theme song plays, before an establishing shot of the Pandas' cottage is displayed on screen.

Inside the cottage, Mitch is sitting on one of the pink couches in the main room, massaging his temples anxiously. He then appears in the confessional area.

"Elizabeth clued me in really last minute about the switch to voting for Sean." He scratches the back of his head. "At first, I didn't trust what Judd was saying at all, because...I mean, let's be honest, who would? He's one of the least intelligent people I've even heard of competing on a reality show. He fumbles nine out of ten activities he participates in, and above all, is just plain irritating." He sighs. "But...well, you see..."

Back in the Pandas' living room, as Mitch begins to get up from the pink couch, Elizabeth approaches him.

"So I take it you voted Sean?" she asks, towering above him.

"What does it look like?" Mitch stands up. "He's gone, isn't he?"

Elizabeth smirks. "Good," she says. "So that means I can trust you fully."

"Could you not before?" Mitch asks.

"I's know, you're a good lad and all, I see that, but I mean, like... I can really trust you now," she replies, winking.

Mitch raises an eyebrow. "I still don't get it." He stretches out his arms and looks around. "There's literally no one here, why are you talking like you've got top secret CSIS codes?"

"Oh, I'm talking about making an alliance, you dimwit!" Elizabeth says.

Mitch, in the confessional area, is laughing. "I knew what she was going for, I just wanted her to spit it out. But yeah, I've thought of working with her from day one or so. It's why I let her convince me to vote out Sean in the first place, really. I want her to think this is her idea."

Mitch smiles. "Okay, cool, thanks for dropping the whole cryptic act. I'm in."

"Brilliant," Elizabeth replies. She pats Mitch on the shoulder before walking away. "Just don't let those other girls know!" The scene cuts to the Brit appearing in the confessional area.

"Initially, last night, I was going to vote for Judd, but I was swung last minute by Matthew," she says while sipping on lemonade at the pool bar, "who, by the way, I never in a million years thought would be capable of convincing me to change my vote. But it made perfect sense to get Sean out; the man had a plan, and I'm supposed to be the woman with a plan here." She takes another sip of her drink, smacks her lips, and looks down at her glass. "You Canadians put loads of sugar in these drinks, don't you?" She begins to pour out the lemonade on the ground and walks away, tossing the glass off-screen, where it can be heard shattering. "Gosh, it's probably worse in America..."

Judd is sitting on the edge of the pool, having exchanged his jeans for swim trunks, with his lower legs and feet dangling in the water. He stares at his reflection on the water's surface before leaning too far and falling in.

"Dang it!" He splashes his hands vigorously in frustration. "Aw, shucks, I'm soakin' wet!" He then appears in the confessional area, with wet hair and a towel around his torso.

"Okay, so I might not be havin' the best time here," Judd says while shivering, "but hey, how many people can say they're on one o' the most popular shows on TV? I've gotta be, like, the ultimate underdog or somethin'. People here don't like me too much, but the facts're facts and I keep survivin' these votes. Y'all should NOT count me in!" He pauses. "I'd better count me out!" His face turns to a horrified expression. "I mean, don't count me out! Aw, man!"

As the sun rises over the Eagles' cottage the following morning, Skylia walks out the front door, followed by Colin.

"Beautiful sunrise, huh?" Colin asks.

"You know, you didn't really have to come with me for this," Skylia replies, chuckling.

Colin winks at her.

"Uh," she says, taken aback, "what was that?"

Colin raises his eyebrows. "Just, you know, a quick little sign that I like spending time with you, and stuff."

Skylia laughs. "That's nice of you." She turns around and walks towards the beach to watch the sun rise. "But really," she laughs, "you don't have to wake up early just to see this with me."

"Dude," Colin replies, "it's beautiful. Why wouldn't I?" He smirks. "Besides, it reminds me of someone else I know."

Skylia, still with her back to Colin, begins to smile while blushing, but her face quickly drops back to a neutral expression. She then appears in the confessional area.

"Okay, I do like Colin..." She sighs. "Like, sort of romantically, I guess." She shrugs. "But it's reality television. I'm sure everyone back home in Edmonton is screaming at me to get together with this cute boy, but I'm not here for a relationship..." She trails off and begins to blush. "Oh, but he is really cute." She pauses and her face drops once again. "But I'm NOT here for a boy. Count on that."

Back on the beach, Skylia turns around and makes eye contact with Colin. Colin begins to smile. Skylia, however, does not replicate, and simply blinks. "Well, we should, uh, you know, probably make sure we're ready for today's challenge." She walks past him, bumping shoulders as she walks back up the beach to the Eagles' cottage. Colin simply raises an eyebrow as she scuffles by him.

"Oh, she's definitely playing hard to get," Colin says as he appears in the confessional area, "For sure. Chicks do that all the time when they know there's something special between us." He chuckles. "You know, I'm not gonna call myself an expert, but trust me, not all hope is lost here. She's a super chillaxed girl, of course she isn't gonna be all up in my face."

Skylia walks through the doors of the Eagles' cottage and starts heading back to return to bed. Cyrus, who has been lying on one of the blue couches, notices her entrance and starts to get up and move towards her.

"Hey, wait up, girl," Cyrus whispers loudly.

Skylia turns towards him and smiles. "Hey, Cy, what're you up to? You weren't out here when I left to go see the sunrise."

"Oh," Cyrus says, eyes widening. "So like, I just kinda wanted to get a head check with you, see how you're feeling, you know, about...the boy."

In the confessional area, Cyrus tosses a bottle of orange juice from hand to hand. "Once Colin got up early this morning with literally no explanation, I remembered him talking about how he wanted to watch the sunrise with Skylia a couple days ago." He puts the bottle down on the counter and chuckled. "Girl, y'all at home should never underestimate me. I realized that this would be a perfect time to catch those two, you know... in the act," he says in a considerably deeper voice. "If you know what I mean. I'm worried about those two, because while as a viewer, I LOVE hot showmances like that, but while I'm in the game... no sir, no ma'am. Not today. Not on my Ecstatic Eagles team."

"The boy?" Skylia asks with a quizzical look on her face.

Cyrus laughs. "Oh, honey, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about." He looks over his shoulder cautiously. "How are things with you and Colin?"

Skylia blushes. "Well...I mean, we're just friends. And I really, like, REALLY want it to stay that way... Relationships on TV are super stressful, you know? I don't wanna deal with that."

Cyrus raises his eyebrows. "Really? I'm kinda surprised, girl. I thought the two of you were two peas in the biggest frickin' pod."

Skylia laughs. "You thought so? Well, I guess we're close friends, as close as you can be after only knowing each other this long. But...that's it!"

"Good!" Cyrus smirks. "I mean, it's good that y'all are friends, and not like, mortal enemies. That's all!"

Skylia furrows her brow as Cyrus leans in to hug her. "What was that for?"

"Oh, do you not like being touched, or something? Sorry," he replies, "I'm just like, a really touchy person."

"Alright," Skylia says as she exits his platonic embrace, "I'm gonna go get ready for whatever challenge we have today."

"Girl, same here. Let's rock it today!" Cyrus says enthusiastically.

"Right," Skylia replies. In the confessional area, Skylia appears confused. "Cyrus has been acting really strange around me lately. He's being really buddy-buddy with me, which is not something I'd usually care about, but his spontaneous hug came right on the heels of making sure I'm not crushing on Colin." She snickers. "Either he's trying to flirt with me, or he's just...this way." She pauses. "I think I'd be fine with both?"

As Skylia parts with Colin and enters the girls' bedroom, Colin walks through the front door of the Eagles' cottage.

"Cyrus, bro, you're up early," he says. "Why didn't you come watch the sunrise with me and Sky?"

Cyrus' face goes red. "I was know, sort of hungry and, like, groggy as well, yeah."

"Well, cool," Colin replies, "Hope you got some grub."

Cyrus laughs nervously. "Well, yeah, thanks, I did. I'm going back to bed now!" Cyrus darts off to the guys' bedroom and shuts the door.

"What's his rush?" Colin shrugs.

"Okay, wow," Cyrus says in the confessional area. "Colin really came close to watching me hug his crush, and that would have probably ended my life forever. He'd have come for my edges real fast. Anyways, as an internet sensation, I think my fans would be livid with me if I didn't interact with this season's budding Nemma. It's super vital that I interact with the hot couple a whole lot. I've been to more than enough comment sections on TD fan videos to know that showmances are super popular, and like, it's really important to me that I'm super popular as well."

Later in the day, Angie and Catelyn are lounging on the couches in the Pandas' cottage before a knock is heard on the front door.

"I'll get it!" As Angie opens the door, she is greeted by having a wet life jacket thrown at her, covering her face and eyes. "What in the world?" She finally unmasks herself to see Chris in the doorway.

"Good afternoon, contestants!" Chris' voice is heard from inside the girls' bedroom, causing an in-bed Elizabeth to sit up and start to grumble.

"Not this stupid bugger again," she says in a grouchy tone.

"You know you're gonna be seeing him close to daily, right?" the cameraman replies.

Elizabeth responds by swinging for the cameraman, who dodges the attempted hit, but runs away in the process.

In the Eagles' cottage, Aly stands at the door, unamused, holding two wet life jackets, facing an enthusiastic Chris outside. "Meet me at the beach in five!" Chris shouts before slamming the door shut.

Byran storms into the room and almost hits Aly full force. "Life jackets? Why did Chris give us life jackets? It doesn't totally make sense unless the challenge is going to involve something in the water which isn't unheard of for a tropical themed season but even then I thought volleyball was gonna be a cool shift to land based challenges but really I guess not but maybe we're swimming in deep water tanks and that's why we need life jackets but at the end of the day I really don't care–"

"And I don't care how you're gonna finish that sentence," Aly says dryly. She shoves the wet life jackets into Byran's arms and walks away. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go dry my face off off."

"Wow," a nearby Karin says, laughing half-heartedly. "Harsh much today, Aly?"

Aly rolls her eyes. "Not really. Don't try and pretend you don't find him super irritating."

"Hey!" Byran shouts. "I'm not–"

Before he can continue his sentence, Aly covers his mouth with her hand. "Please, just stop for five minutes. Anything you say is noise pollution at this point." Byran sighs as Aly walks away.

"Hey," Karin says, approaching Byran and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Don't feel too bad. Aly's just got an icy personality. Sometimes, she's funny, and other times, she can be really cold. Don't let it get you down."

Byran looks in Karin's eyes and begins to smile. He opens his mouth to begin talking, but Karin puts her finger to his lips and shushes him. "But really, I think the best thing for you right now is to lay low and don't talk as much. It'll reduce conflict within our team, which, like, helps a lot."

In the confessional area, Karin sips a coffee cup while smiling. "I have a lot of experience with group chats, and when one person's constantly bumping it with text after text after text, soon enough, someone's making a new group chat without them, and that's just a lot of conflict I don't want for this team. See? I'm like, a total team-building expert. Someone really should hire me for this!" She giggles.

The scene cuts to both teams assembled on the beach, each standing on respective blue and pink mats and facing the ocean. Chris stands in front of the two groups, wearing red swim trunks with no shirt to accompany them. A red lifeguard's whistle dangles in front of his chest.

"Welcome to your fourth challenge here in the South Pacific!" Chris announces, motioning towards the sea behind him. "It's good to see you guys brought your life jackets with you." He chuckles. "You know, when you answered the door, Angie, I wasn't convinced you'd remember."

Angie, holding one of the life jackets on her shoulders, rolls her eyes.

"Anyways, for today's challenge, you'll have to scour the one hundred orange buoys floating in the water behind me to look for one of the most beautiful treasures on this planet," Chris announces, smile brimming wider than his botox likely would permit.

Byran's eyes light up. "A mermaid's treasure? Something of the sea oh wow is it the lost city of Atlantis directly under the buoys? Perhaps a key or something I'm just really wondering if that's what–"

"Nope!" Chris interrupts via a megaphone (which seemingly came out of nowhere). He puts the red device down before continuing, "It's not that. It's even better – a golden replica of my head!"

The cast groans in unison, but particularly Byran, who appears in the confessional area shortly after. "Okay, so I know it's not the most logical expectation to have us look for a key or a relic or something cool and shiny from the lost city of Atlantis which I've obsessed over for years entirely in secrecy but like okay come on this show's budget is big enough to find something like that right??"

Karin appears in the confessional area as well following Byran's segment. "It doesn't really bode super well that within minutes of me telling Byran he's got to stop talking like that, he takes up literally everyone on this island's time to discuss...the lost city of Atlantis. If our team can't mesh well for this challenge, we're gonna lose the lead we've got on the Eagles, and that would just, like, reflect really badly on me." She blinks. "I guess it would reflect badly on the team, too," she laughs. "Don't worry. I'm a little ditzy sometimes, but like, I'm not that short-sighted. Hopefully."

Back on the beach, as the cast finishes groaning, Chris chuckles before blowing his red whistle. "Bring 'em in, Chef!"

Chef Hatchet emerges from behind the two teams, carrying two tandem kayaks, colored blue and pink for the respective teams as well as two pairs of kayak paddles. He sets the boats down gently next to Chris before throwing the paddles in the directions of both teams with reckless abandon, nearly knocking over the members of either team as the boating equipment hits the sand. Chef smirks before dusting off his hands and heading back up the beach, out of view of the camera.

"Some safety training this show's got," Mitch says to an adjacent Matthew, who replies with a puzzled facial expression. "What?" Mitch continues, "There's got to be some sort of Canadian television regulations for this, right? Like, do you really mean to tell me that our entertainment industry's workplace laws don't stop producers from intentionally injuring the talent?"

"Uh, have you seen this show?" Matthew asks. "Putting others in danger is Chris McLean's entire brand."

Mitch rolls his eyes. "I guess that's fair."

"Mitch," Angie asks, "who are you talking to?"

Mitch begins to open his mouth, only to be interrupted by Chris. "No time for chit-chat right now, Pandas!" He glares especially at Matthew, who once again puts on a puzzled look, motioning towards Mitch with his thumb. Mitch shrugs.

Chris clears his throat. "You'll each be working in tandem with a teammate to paddle out to sea, look under the hundred orange buoys in the water behind me, locate a Golden Chris Head™ and bring it back to shore without having it stolen from you."

"S-stolen?" Judd asks, a shiver going down his spine at the mere thought of malicious behavior.

Chris offers a sinister laugh. "That's right, Judd, everything out here is fair game."

Judd stomps his left foot. "But that ain't fair!"

Chris rolls his eyes. "Fair, schmair. The first team to personally hand me my own shiny face twice wins. For the losers, you'll have to vote out another team member. Understood?" The thirteen contestants nod, including Judd, whose eyebrows are furrowed with such ferocity that they might just pop off his face.

"Good!" the host says, ignoring Judd, "Even though it wouldn't have mattered, I'm still tickled to see your unwavering support for Canada's hottest televised commodity, me." He turns to face the Eagles. "Ecstatic Eagles, since you have one extra team member, I'm going to have to ask you to pick one team member to willingly sit out of this challenge. Or, not willingly. Whatever gets the job done."

As the team of seven turn towards each other and begin having a group discussion, Karin winks at Byran.

Byran's brow furrows and he begins to open his mouth before Karin puts her finger to her own lips. Byran uses his hand to cover his mouth before raising his hand. The team discussion comes to an unexpected halt, with Aly especially raising a brow.

"So you're sitting out, Byran?" Chris asks. Byran, mouth still covered, nods. He then appears in the confessional area.

"So okay this totally seems like my challenge because paddling is like soooooooo upper arm strength which most people don't know but Karin who I once thought to be totally stupid is actually not an idiot at all so like–" Byran stops to catch his breath, a series first, "–she signaled that I should stop talking and sit out because she thinks it is smart and a good idea for me to be quieter which I don't completely agree with but I'll try it. Like for now." He coughs. "Can I get a glass of water, preferably cold, please no ice, I hate ice?" he asks the cameraman.

Chris chuckles. "Very well, then!" He blows his plastic whistle once more, signaling Chef Hatchet once again, who now carries a straitjacket. "Here's how we'll make sure you can't compete, Byran." Byran's eyes widen as he attempts to run away, but Chef grabs his twig-like arm with relative ease.

"You really thought you could get away from me, boy?" Chef says as he begins to restrain Byran.

"N-no sir I just really thought–" Byran begins to speak, but is slapped across the face by Chef. "Ow!" Byran loudly grunts.

"Honestly?" Aly says in the confessional area. "Keeping Byran stuck in one spot is probably the best thing that's ever happened to this team."

Chef smiles with pride as he finishes putting the straitjacket on Byran. "That should do it. No, no, he won't be moving around for a good long while."

Chris walks over to gleefully give Chef a hug. "Thanks, Chef. I can always count on you."

Chef pats Chris on the back. "I know, I know. I'm dependable. So, how about a raise?" he asks hopefully.

"Maybe someday, Chef," Chris says. The two separate and Chef, visibly somewhat displeased by Chris shooting him down, departs once again.

In response to these events, Raechel turns to Skylia and whispers, "Who's Jeff? Is he on our team?" Skylia sighs.

"At least she knows she's on a team," Skylia says in the confessional area. "Last I checked, she thought this was a couples' dating show."

"Right," Chris says, now having re-assumed his position in front of the two teams, "so, discuss amongst yourselves and let me know who's kayaking first for round one!" Both teams turn towards each other and begin group discussions amongst themselves.

"Look," Colin says in the Eagles' huddle, "not to be like, sexist, or anything, 'cause like, I'm totally not, but I think it would be a super good idea if we put a strong bro like me in the back each round. Just 'cause, you know, we just need some good power in the back. And things like that. Like an engine type thing."

"Sure, girl, whatever you wanna do," Cyrus says. "I can take round two if you want to take round one?" He then appears in the confessional area. "I know my fans are gonna absolutely die when they see me third wheeling this showmance, so I'm just gonna enable whatever that cute surfer boy feels like doing right now. Even if it doesn't make sense!" Cyrus adjusts his glasses. "Like, sis, look around. You want a 'strong bro' in the back of every kayak? You're the only 'strong bro' on this team."

"Alright, awesome," Colin says. "You know, Skylia, if you wouldn't mind, wanna paddle with me this round?"

Aly rolls her eyes at Colin's invitation, but Skylia smiles and nods. "Sure!" she says.

In the Pandas' huddle, the conversation is not going as smoothly.

"So, who wants to go kayaking with who?" Angie asks the team.

"I can go with whoever," Catelyn says. "I'm pretty strong, so if anyone doesn't feel comfortable–"

"Great idea, Cates, and I think you should row with Judd," Elizabeth interrupts. "Here's the deal. The kid swims like dynamite," she begins to glare at Judd, "no matter how irritating he can be, and you're a bang-on swimmer as well. What I think you've got to do is once two of you find a Chris Head, hop out of the kayak so you can swim back on your own. You know, not mess with that stupid boat."

"I love it!" Judd exclaims. "Thanks for recognizin' my talent! It's about time." Catelyn cautiously nods in agreement and makes quick eye contact with Angie. The tall vlogger smiles nervously at Angie, who sighs.

"Hey, Liz, sorry, but I'm not sure if Catelyn seems comfortable with this," Angie says to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth rolls her eyes. "That's real cute of you to act concerned, Ang, but we'll be fine. I personally know that I know best."

"Look," Mitch says, "I know where you're coming from because I really don't trust a lot of decisions this team makes, but I'm sure Elizabeth is on to something here." He winks at Elizabeth, who smiles approvingly.

Angie shrugs and looks towards Catelyn. "I tried," she whispers.

"I don't love the swimming plan," Catelyn says in the confessional area, "but I'm used to Elizabeth going on power trips like this." She sighs. "I just know that at some point, she's gonna mess up royally, and if this is it, Angie and I can convince the team to vote her out because of it. I'm playing the long con here, like a snake in the grass, like a deadly crab in the sand beneath the beach." She laughs. "She won't see me coming."

"Look," Mitch says in the confessional area, "I know what I'm doing here, strategically. Elizabeth is the most domineering voice on this team, especially following her proven success from the sandcastles challenge. I'm probably catching a lot of heat from the other girls, but as long as Elizabeth's a fan of me, I'm a fan of her. It's how an alliance works."

Angie appears in the confessional area and groans. "If everyone's just going to submit to Queen Elizabeth, why am I even here?"

"Okay," Chris announces to both teams, "who's going out this round?"

"Me!" Judd shouts, startling some of the other Pandas. "It's me and Catelyn."

"Okay," Chris says as he turns to the Eagles. "Who's going out on the water for your team?"

"I'm going out with Skylia," Colin says.

Suddenly, Raechel squeals and hugs Colin. "You and Skylia are finally going out? OMG, congrats. I totally saw this coming. It's like we're on Are We the Two! I love dating shows!" Karin sighs in response before burying her face in her hands.

Chris chuckles. "Okay, Skylia and Colin, Judd and Catelyn, get in your kayaks and push them out to sea. You can start searching once both of you are on the water. Don't forget to grab your paddles before you head out. Go!"

The two pairs, equipped with life jackets matching their team colors, grab their kayak paddles before racing towards the ocean kayaks.

"Okay, Judd," Catelyn calls, "you grab the back end and push it out to the water while I pull, okay?"

"Nah," Judd replies. "I got this." He picks up the kayak single handedly and starts running towards the water, impressing Catelyn, whose eyebrows raise.

"What do you know?" Angie says to Mitch back on their team's mat. "He can do something right." Matthew overhears this and smiles.

"Good work, Judd!" Catelyn shouts to Judd, who is about to enter the ocean. Suddenly, Judd trips and falls, dropping the kayak on his feet. He screams in agony.

"Catelyn!" Judd whines. "Come help me!"

She groans as she runs up behind him. "How'd you even trip? You're running on sand."

"Well, maybe I'd have been fine had you been carrying the boat with me," Judd says.

Catelyn rolls her eyes. "You're ridiculous." She shoves the boat out on the water and hands Judd a paddle. "Get on, let's go."

"Good job, Colin!" Skylia says as Colin, who has been carrying both the kayak and both paddles singlehandedly, puts the paddles down and begins to position the kayak for paddling out.

"It's no problem," Colin responds. "What do you want to do from here?"

Skylia blinks. "What do you mean?" She picks up a paddle and starts to sit in the front seat of the kayak. "We only have one thing to do here. Let's go!"

Colin smiles. "Whatever you say."

Skylia furrows her brow as he takes his seat in the back of the kayak. The pair scoot out onto the water.

"Which way should we go first?" Colin asks.

Skylia responds with a confused look. "What do you mean, which way?" She gives a lighthearted chuckle. "The buoys are directly ahead of us."

Colin smiles. "Cool, so let's go that way. Which area should we start looking in first? Bottom right? Top left? Up to you."

"I don't know if we need, like, a super set plan," Skylia says. "Maybe just go with the flow?"

"Sounds awesome," Colin replies.

Catelyn and Judd are checking buoys. "Nope," Catelyn says as she turns one over, "that one's a dud, too. Ugh."

"Yeah," Judd says, overturning a buoy in each hand. "Nothin' here." He picks up his paddle, which had been resting in his lap, and accidentally smacks Catelyn in the side with it as he attempts to start paddling again.

"Nice going," Catelyn says, loudly.

"Sorry!" Judd shouts. "Real sorry. Didn't mean to do that."

Catelyn sighs. "I know." She then appears in the confessional area. "I'm not exactly having, like, a banner day here. I get shoehorned into some scheme that Elizabeth wants us to pull, paired up with Judd, and now I've got a bruise on my right side to deal with for who knows how long. Not to sound so self centered, but I just don't know how my fans are gonna feel about this...I can't come off like a complete loser on national television, can I? Is that a survivable career move?"

Skylia and Colin are gliding through the sea of buoys. Colin is continuously paddling while Skylia is attempting to check buoys for a Chris Head. However, the ocean kayak is moving too quickly, and Skylia isn't able to check very many.

"Hey, Colin..." Skylia asks.

"Yeah?" he replies.

"Would you mind maybe slowing down or stopping? Just so we can start looking more effectively," she explains.

Colin smiles and immediately stops rowing. "Whatever you say. Do you want me to look, too?"

Skylia appears mildly irritated, but manages to keep a calm tone of voice. "We should both be looking, shouldn't we? Seems like a bit of a no brainer."

Colin nods and places his paddle in his lap. He taps Skylia on the shoulder and points to an orange buoy to his left. "Should I try this one, dude?"

Skylia grabs it and turns it over – nothing's underneath – and places it back down. "Colin, I know you're not necessarily the most driven person, but please, let's try to win this challenge, okay?"

"You want me to just turn over any buoy I can find?" Colin asks.

Skylia smiles, although it seems a bit forced. "Yes. Just try to win as hard as you can."

"Awesome!" the swim-bro says. He starts searching at Skylia's exact pace – for every buoy Skylia flips, Colin flips one, too.

On the shore, Aly and Cyrus sit together and discuss the visible tension building between Colin and Skylia.

"Looks like all might not be well in paradise over there," Aly remarks to Cyrus.

Cyrus blinks. "What do you mean?"

Aly points towards the blue ocean kayak. "Look at how often Skylia has to stop and tell Colin to do something different, or do something new, or to tell him to search faster."

Cyrus laughs. "I guess I didn't notice it before, but, dang, girl, you've got an eye for drama. We should talk more!"

Aly scoots a bit away from Cyrus. "Maybe."

Cyrus scoots a bit closer to Aly in response. "If their whole flirt-mance thing doesn't work out, I'd totally try hooking up with Colin. That is, if guys were his thing."

After a brief pause, Aly cracks a half-hearted smile. "I mean, hey," she says, "if Skylia wouldn't date him, when he's so clearly into her, maybe I'd date him."

Cyrus' jaw drops. "Really? You? Not that you're not a skinny legend, sis, but you don't seem like the relationship-on-reality-TV type."

Aly chuckles. "Maybe not, but out of the show, I'd totally try and date him...if he weren't a total future frat boy."

"Amen, girl, can't have any of that." Cyrus puts his hand up for a high-five, but Aly doesn't budge. He puts his hand down, not seeming upset at all.

Back out on the water, Catelyn is still having no luck finding a Chris Head.

"Are there literally any Chris Heads out here? Is the whole challenge actually just to decapitate Chris and use that as our head?" Catelyn says, irritably.

"Whoa, whoa, that's a lil' extreme, don'tcha think?" Judd says. His paddle has been once again resting in his lap; he picks it up and swings it around, accidentally hitting a couple of buoys. Suddenly, a Chris Head floats to the surface.

"Hey!" Judd shouts. "I got one!" He grabs it out of the water, keeping one hand on his paddle, and puts it in his lap. "Let's go!"

Catelyn raises her eyebrows. "Dang, that was lucky!" She and Judd, as previously planned, jump off the kayak and start swimming to the shore at a breakneck pace. Colin and Skylia notice this, look at each other and sigh, shrug, and start paddling back.

"I can't believe we didn't think of swimming back to shore," Karin says to Cyrus, who is gearing up to go out for round two. "Colin's literally a swimmer, like, wow, we dropped the ball there."

"He is?" Cyrus replies.

Karin laughs. "You mean you didn't know? Or notice?"

Cyrus blinks. "Guess not. Maybe you're just an attentive queen and I'm not."

"Maybe so." Karin smirks.

The Pandas start cheering as Catelyn and Judd run up the beach and hand Chris their token. Colin and Skylia pull their kayak up the beach behind them, empty-handed.

"The Pandas win the first round!" Chris confirms. He turns out towards the sea. "But you're gonna have to go back and get that kayak."

Elizabeth, satisfied with her team's success but annoyed at this wrinkle in her plan, looks at Judd. "I mean, the best swimmer on our team should have no problem going back out."

"No problem!" he says. "I'm full of energy t'day."

The Brit smiles confidently. "That's what I love to hear."

Angie stands at a distance from Elizabeth, arms crossed, biting her lip anxiously. "Oh God, she's a literal dictator!" she whispers to herself before shaking her head. "And I can't believe I have to work with her."

The Eagles begin hypothesizing who they should send out in the second round.

"Okay," Karin says, "Colin, I know you said you wanted a strong guy going out each round, but the reality is that we can't afford to tire you or Cyrus out too much by having either of you compete twice. I'm good to go with Aly unless anyone has objections?" No one raises a concern. "Okay, cool."

As the discussion disperses, Colin and Skylia walk off together.

"So much for my plan," Colin says under his breath to Skylia.

"I thought you said you weren't being sexist?" Skylia replies playfully.

Colin smiles. "I'm not. Just realizing this team's, like, not following my plan. But it's totally chill."

The scene shifts to Angie suiting up to kayak with Elizabeth.

Catelyn taps Angie on the shoulder as the blonde puts a life jacket on. "Good luck with that living power trip. Just keep your mind focused on winning, okay?"

Angie nods. "Girl, this is gonna be hard. Wish me luck." Angie walks over to stand next to Elizabeth by the pink Pandas kayak and grabs a paddle.

"Ready, blondie?" Elizabeth asks.

Angie, straight-faced, replies, "Call me Angie."

"Aly, Karin," Chris starts, "are you ready?" The two nod. "Angie, Elizabeth?" The two nod, but Angie shoots Elizabeth a quick glare.

"The score is 1-0, Eagles leading. Aly, Karin, if you don't win this round and bring me the first Chris Head, your entire team loses this challenge." Chris smiles. "And it's all your fault. But, no pressure!"

"Hey," Karin whispers to Aly, "this is our challenge to lose. No way Angie and Elizabeth work together well." Aly nods.

"On your marks," Chris says, "get set," he brings his red whistle to his mouth, "go!"

The two pairs begin pushing their respective ocean kayaks out to sea. Aly and Karin hit the water first and paddle out together before Angie and Elizabeth get on their kayak, visibly upsetting Catelyn.

"Okay," Catelyn says in the confessional area, holding a glass of water. "I know we weren't losing by the beginning of round two, but it just felt so disheartening to see the other team succeeding. I mean, what does it say about me that somehow freaking Judd was the guy that found the Chris Head during the first round and not me?" She takes a sip of water. "So I figured out how I'm gonna stay relevant on this show."

"Go, Aly!" Cyrus shouts. "You got this, girl! Karin, you're a legend! Kill it!"

Catelyn approaches Cyrus as he cheers on his teammates.

"You're an enthusiastic guy, aren't you?" Catelyn says to him.

Cyrus gives her a quizzical look. "You could say that. What brings you across enemy lines?"

"Just curiosity," she replies. "Because I feel like I've seen you somewhere before."

Cyrus' eyes widen. "Really? That's interesting. I wonder...why that is..."

Catelyn laughs. "Me too." She appears again in the confessional area, still holding her water. "And my plan is to implicate myself in Cyrus' life in this game, because if I can befriend him and form some sort of a...cross-team alliance, let's say, then not only do I put myself in a good position, his fans can become my fans. And then we're good. Genius, right?" She smiles wide as she mixes around the ice cubes in her drink. "They don't call me a social influencer for nothing, you know. I'm about to socially influence the heck out of this game."

"Are you an actor or something?" Catelyn asks Cyrus. "Have you done any commercials or anything? Or like, maybe you model?"

Cyrus is visibly stressed, wringing his hands and trying to pay attention to Aly and Karin's efforts in the challenge. "Uh, no, sis, never, like, this is the first time I've really ever been in front of a camera. For TV. Or for anything, I guess. But, uh, thanks for the compliment...sis."

Catelyn smiles. "Okay, then. Weird, though, you just...I feel like I might have seen you on the internet somewhere. But if you insist I haven't...then I guess I really haven't." Cyrus pensively nods in response.

"So," Cyrus says in the confessional area, "all of a sudden, Catelyn from the Pandas team starts questioning me about, you know, am I an actor, am I famous, where has she seen me before... and it's like, oh, girl, dear God, no. I was hoping no one would recognize me so that no one could vote me out for being a true celebrity, but I guess being relevant and talented and having five hundred thousand MyTube followers all have their drawbacks. Although I'm flattered to have one of my fans on this show, it's just not cute for me right now."

Colin and Skylia are together on the beach, separated from the rest of the contestants. Skylia is lying on one of her yoga mats as Colin does push-ups next to her.

"So, Sky," Colin asks, out of breath, "you like working out at all?"

Skylia is mindlessly playing with a grain of sand between her thumb and index finger.

"Skylia?" Colin asks.

She drops the grain of sand and looks up at a tired and sweaty Colin. "Hm?"

"I, uh, was asking if you liked working out." Colin takes a deep breath. "Just, 'cause, you know, I like working out with people and things like that. Helps, like, morale, and things like that."

"Oh," Skylia says, blushing, looking down at her yoga mat. "I like yoga, as you can probably see. Pilates is great, too."

Colin sits down on the sand, takes his shirt off and uses it to wipe sweat off his face. "That's cool, dude. Never heard of Pilates. Wanna show me sometime?"

Skylia shrugs. "Maybe, I've been tired lately. Especially after that challenge, I don't know how or why you're doing push-ups after that like...intense kayaking."

Colin smirks. "Bro, the grind never stops. No breaks. I stay hustling."

Skylia just gives him a blank stare before appearing in the confessional area. "Okay, I feel bad, but, like, Colin's not that interesting as I used to think he was. Sure, he's cute, but, like...I don't know. Okay, yeah, sure, I was into him. But maybe I'm just not that into him anymore."

Back on the beach, Cyrus and Raechel cheer as Aly and Karin are return with a Golden Chris Head.

"The Eagles score!" Chris announces.

"You're bloody JOKING," Elizabeth can be heard yelling from the water.

The scene cuts to Angie and Elizabeth bringing their kayak in. They both throw their paddles to the ground, toss their life jackets to Matthew and Mitch respectively, and walk away.

"Ooh," Chris says. "Tension's high on the Pandas team. You guys might wanna work that out. Or not."

"Don't have to tell me twice," Angie says, seemingly close to tears.

"Oh, no, girl!" Catelyn says, giving Angie a hug and pulling her to the side. "What's wrong? Was Elizabeth mean to you? Did she bully you like she bullies Judd?"

Angie sobs. "No..."

Catelyn appears even more worried. "Did she hurt you? Or anything?"

Angie sniffles. "Not's just..."

Catelyn pats her shoulders. "Do I need to go fight her for you?"

Angie laughs. "No... we barely talked, I just... I couldn't take that amount of...silence from her or anyone. I really don't think she likes me."

Catelyn chuckles. "Don't worry about it. You're strong. You're better than she is."

"I know," Angie says, wiping a tear from her left eye. "I just don't wanna deal with her anymore."

"Well, you know what?" Catelyn says. "If we lose another challenge, you might not have to deal with her anymore. Okay?" Angie smiled and nodded through tears.

The scene shifts to the beginning of round three.

"Okay, the score is 1-1," Chris explains to the teams. Mitch and Matthew are suited up and ready to go by the Pandas' pink kayak while Cyrus and Raechel are prepared to kayak for the Eagles. "One round left, winners take all, losers lose it for their whole team."

"Why do you keep saying that?" Mitch retorts. "Like, dude, no offense, but losing's basically a team effort."

Chris frowns. "Well," he starts, "if you lose this round, you just so happen to lose the whole thing for the entire team."

Mitch shrugs.

"Okay," Chris continues, "with that out of the way... you guys can take off anytime!"

"Remember the plan!" Elizabeth shouts as the two pairs take off down the beach. "Jump off! Get your legs ready!"

Matthew rolls his eyes as he and Mitch mount the ocean kayak. "We're not really gonna swim back, are we?"

"Depends on if we even find a Chris Head," Mitch says, scooting the pink kayak out to sea. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

Cyrus is dragging the blue Eagles kayak by himself.

"Raech, this chall is a team effort," he says. "Girl, you gotta help me here."

Raechel, who is carrying the two paddles and leisurely walking to the water, drops the paddles and furrows her brow at Cyrus. "I am helping, though. I'm carrying the paddles."

"Sis," Cyrus continues, walking over to Raechel, "it's a competition. We can't waste time." Cyrus takes the paddles from Raechel and throws them onto the kayak. "Help me carry this out to sea, if you're so inclined."

"Oh," Raechel says. "If this is your way of trying to win me over, you're not doing a very good job. We're not the two."

Cyrus blinks. "Raechel, this is a do-or-die competition for you right now. You're gonna get voted off this team if we lose, you know."

Raechel's jaw drops. "Voted off? People don't get voted off of Are We the Two, silly!"

Cyrus raises his eyebrows. "Oh, girl."

Matthew and Mitch are paddling out together and drift into the field of buoys.

"Okay, start looking," Mitch says from the front of the kayak. He looks back at the shore, where Cyrus and Raechel are barely just getting on the water. "Just because we've got a head start doesn't mean we can waste time."

"I wasn't planning on wasting time," Matthew says.

"Good," Mitch says. "Nice to hear." He overturns a couple of buoys. "Nothing here."

Matthew puts a buoy down after coming up empty. "Nothing."

"All right," Mitch says, "pick up your paddle. Let's keep going."

Matthew obliges. "Will do." He then appears in the confessional area. "I feel like Mitch and I are like minded people. You know? Even if I'm not the most important person to this team, he's gonna do what he has to do to get far in this competition, and that involves working with me to win this challenge. It's cool that someone here actually wants to, you know, work with me at all."

"So, like..." Matthew says to Mitch as they search under more buoys. "Just a question."

"Yeah?" Mitch replies unenthusiastically.

"I know Elizabeth is like, the leader of this team, I guess, de facto," Matthew starts. "But why do we all just submit to her rule? Namely, you?"

Mitch is silent for a few seconds, and Matthew sighs. Mitch shrugs. "If I give her enough respect, she'll take me far. And I'm not trying to lose this game by having her dislike me." He picks up his paddle and starts paddling the kayak forward. "She likes you, you know."

Matthew appears shocked. "What? No, she doesn't. No way."

"Yeah, way," Mitch replies dryly. "She only really dislikes Angie and Catelyn. I don't think she gets along well with other girls."

"Huh," Matthew says. "Interesting." He turns over an orange buoy with his left hand and a Golden Chris Head floats to the surface. "Hey, Mitch! Stop paddling!"

"Yeah?" Mitch turns around. "Oh, shoot! Grab that now!"

"Are we swimming?" Matthew asks.

Mitch clenches his jaw. "Ugh, I know you don't want to, but we should."

"Just because her royal highness wants us to?" Matthew replies. "Paddling would be faster, honestly."

Mitch grunts out of frustration. "Just..." He jumps in the water. "Let's go." Matthew shrugs and jumps in the water.

Cyrus and Raechel, who are finally paddling towards the buoys, notice Matthew and Mitch swimming to shore.

"Raech!" Cyrus calls.

"Yeah?" Raechel replies.

Cyrus jumps in the water. "Get in the water!"

"Why?" Raechel says, jumping in the water as well, holding her paddle.

"Let go of that paddle," Cyrus says. "We're gonna steal that Chris Head from the Pandas."

"Steal?" Raechel asks. "Chris Head? I'm sorry, what? I thought this was a kayak date?"

"It's a competition for money, sister," Cyrus says, grabbing her arm and pulling her towards Matthew and Mitch. "Let's go!"

"What are they doing with my kayaks?!" Chris shouts, distressed, from the shore. "They're gonna float away! Forever!"

Skylia pats Chris on the shoulder. "I think it's time to let go."

"Let go?!" Chris exclaims. "Those are rentals!"

"I think you should try yoga, or meditation," Skylia replies. "Very soothing. You don't want to get worry lines."

Chris glares at Skylia. "I'd stop talking if I were you. Wouldn't want the votes know... unexplainably fall your way." Skylia agrees, and slides out of view.

As Matthew and Mitch quickly approach the shore, Cyrus seems to be positioned to intercept them. Raechel, on the other hand, is a few meters behind Cyrus.

"Raechel, hurry, we've gotta stop them both!" Cyrus shouts.

"Trying," Raechel says. "Swimming is hard! I didn't think I'd have to do this on this show!"

"What show do you think you're on, babe?" Cyrus says. "Wait, what?"

As Cyrus was shouting towards Raechel, Matthew and Mitch had already swum past him.

"Are you kidding me?" Cyrus shouts. He violently splashes in the water, which, comedically, does nothing to assist him.

Back on shore, Matthew and Mitch hand the Chris Head to the host as the Pandas cheer loudly.

"The Pandas win the challenge!" Chris exclaims.

"I knew my strategy would work!" Elizabeth says, holding her head above everyone else on her team. Catelyn and Angie exchange a look, as do Matthew and Mitch.

The Eagles, dejected, stand somewhat separated from each other as Chris walks towards them.

"Eagles," he starts, "man, you guys look depressed." He turns towards a wet Cyrus, who still has his life jacket on. "Especially you, Cyrus, you look like you just drowned in your own tears."

"I might as well have," Cyrus says.

"Well, you're all gonna have to vote someone out tonight," Chris confirms. "Your team's going from seven to six. See you guys at the Poolside." He walks away.

Colin and Skylia approach Cyrus.

"Hey," Skylia says to the dejected vlogger, "don't worry. No one wants to vote you out tonight."

"Yeah, bro," Colin agrees. "Besides, like, Raechel totally screwed you over."

Cyrus wipes tears from his eyes. "I know...I just didn't want to lose ever again."

Colin pats him on the shoulder. "At least the vote's, like, obvious."

Cyrus looks up at Colin. "Really? Who?"

Colin laughs. "Are you kidding me? Raechel. Duh."

Skylia nods alongside Colin before appearing in the confessional area. "I never wanted to vote anyone out, either. It's just not in my nature, but... if Colin's going to do whatever I say, if I tell him that I think Raechel should be voted out for a greater sense of team unity, he's going to do the campaigning for me." She plays with a lock of her red hair. "I wouldn't say I'm manipulative, just resourceful."

Cyrus is seen talking to Karin, who is drying off a soaking wet Raechel with a blue towel.

"Okay, y'all," Cyrus says. "Remember our little alliance deal from a few days ago?"

Karin hands Raechel the towel she had been using. "I wouldn't forget that for the world, you know." She then appears in the confessional area. "Full disclosure, I did forget. He hasn't brought it up for, like, three rounds now. But Cyrus can't know that."

"Colin and Skylia want to vote Raechel out," Cyrus says to Karin. Upon hearing this, Raechel perks up.

"Vote for me?" Raechel says. "For what? An award? Am I winning? Are we the two, Karin?" Raechel hugs her socially-inclined friend before being gently pushed away.

"Raechel," Karin explains, "if you get voted out, you'll have to leave the competition. That's not a great thing, okay?" Raechel nods. "Do we have a counter plan?"

Cyrus looks off into the distance at Colin and Skylia. "I think there's someone on this team offering way less than Raech does."

"Who?" Karin asks anxiously.

Cyrus bites his lip. "Sis, it's gonna depend on one girl's vote. Because we're gonna need four."

"Aly?" Karin says, smiling. Cyrus nods. "I'll work on that. Help dry Raechel off."

Cyrus appears in the confessional area. He sighs. "Look, y'all, I don't love Raechel. She lost us this challenge! But an alliance is an alliance. And girl, I'm a super fan of Total Drama. You can't just dump your close allies the first chance you get. I don't mess around. I'm a skinny legend, after all."

Still on the beach in a straitjacket, Byran is watching his team leave the beach. "Hello????? Is anyone gonna let me out???"

Later that day, Karin approaches Aly in the girls' bedroom of the Eagles' cottage.

"Hey," Karin says.

Aly offers one quick look at Karin. "Let me guess, you want to know who I'm voting out."

Karin smiles. "Yeah. No use in hiding that."

Aly sighs. She sits down on her bed. "The only name I've heard is Raechel's. And, honestly, she's so blind to anything happening around her that I don't feel bad about it at all."

"I'd be surprised if you felt bad about anything," Karin says.

"Touché," Aly replies. "Do you know who you're voting for?"

Karin smirks. "Well, it's not Raechel. Because there's someone else here that's not offering anything to the team...offering less than Raechel does, anyways."

Aly raises her eyebrows, although her facial expression does not seem too impressed. "Tell me more. I'm open to anything." She then appears in the confessional area. "I'm not against voting anyone out. It's a game, everyone but me has to go, it's simple as that. I just don't know if I can take Raechel any longer."

The iconic elimination ceremony theme plays, again, as the exact same shots of the pool at nighttime are shown as last episode.

Another camera angle shows the seven remaining Eagles sitting in the seven poolside lounge chairs as well as Chris' assumed position in the lifeguard's chair. Byran remains in a straitjacket.

"Welcome back!" Chris announces. "Hope six of you guys are thirsty, because only six of you are going to get these bottles of orange soda. If I call your name, it means that no one put a knife through your picture when you voted just now at the pool bar. I'll throw you a bottle of soda and that's that. If you don't get a bottle of orange soda, you'll have to leave and board the Sampan of Shame and never, ever come back to the island. Okay?"

Aly rolls her eyes. "Hope I'm safe," she says sarcastically.

Chris lobs an orange bottle at Aly, which nearly hits her in the face. "What the heck, dude?" she asks.

The host laughs. "You are safe! And so are Karin, Skylia and Cyrus."

Raechel begins to look worried, her furrowed brow visible in the light of the cheap tiki torches behind her. Colin appears confident. Byran's mouth is shut with duct tape.

"I've only got two sodas left," Chris announces. "And the loser is...

...Byran!" Chris tosses bottles of soda to both Colin and Raechel. "And I'm so happy we're not getting his unfiltered response."

"Wait, dude, what?" Colin replies, catching his soda in his hands. "What do you mean, Raechel's, like, safe?"

"I said what I said," Chris says. "The votes don't lie, bro. Sorry if you don't like it."

Skylia's face goes pale as she turns to look at Colin. The two both shrug uncomfortably.

A tear begins streaming down Byran's face, but he can't talk. His former teammates apathetically stand up and walk back towards the Eagles' cottage.

"Bye, dude," Aly says, waving to Byran on her way out of the pool area. "Please get your vocal cords removed soon."

"Is anyone gonna help him?" Chris asks.

Karin sighs. "I'll do it."

"What a good Samaritan," Chris replies. "I really do pride our casting team in casting great people."

Karin laughs. "You think we're all great people?" She waits until everyone but Chris and Byran has vacated the vicinity. "I'm about to help Byran into the Sampan of Shame after I'm the reason he's outta here in the first place."

Byran's eyes widen as another tear streams down his face.

"That's a bit of an exaggeration," Karin continues. "But I did vote for you."

Chris laughs sinisterly. "Harsh!"

The scene shifts to Chris drinking out of a coconut at the pool bar. "This cast getting rid of another weirdo? It's more likely than you think." He takes a sip of his drink. "Things should be a little quieter around here from here on out. Savage move on Cyrus and Karin's part. I guess their alliance is finally rearing its ugly head. What's gonna happen next time? I can't wait to find out – so stay tuned on Total...Drama... South Pacific!" The episode fades to black.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant Ep. #
2 3 4 5
15 Erik WIN OUT
16 Parvati OUT

     This contestant was on the Ecstatic Eagles team.
     This contestant was on the Popular Pandas team.

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