Chapter 1: An All Star Party

Chris: Welcome to the most amazing season of total drama! After 4 seasons and 32 victims-i mean contestants. It is time for a fifth one! Its time for TOTAL DRAMA STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chris: Welcome Back, we just commenced our new season of Total Drama! Only the best of the best managed to make it into the season, and i think i can see them coming!

(bus approaches the runway)

Chris: I don't believe it. It's starting!

Stacey: (comes out of nowhere) Oh hey Chris! Is this where we are starting!

Chris: Oh, ye-

Theodore: Ugh. Why am i here again?

Chris: Hello Th-

Mrs McLean: Hey babe, what do you want me to do!

Chris: Uhh, can you three sit down over there, the bus with the contestants is coming!

Theodore: Why should i care. But fine.

Mrs McLean: Even me hubby?

Chris: Yes, even you. The door is opening! (gasps)

Theodore: Stop being so dramatic.

Stacey: He's trying to embrace the moment! Its fun to host a season!

Chris: Yes, correct Stacey! But anyway, from our new cast, welcome back Jason! Sophia! Marilyn!

(Jason, Sophia and Marilyn step off bus)

Jason: Yay! I can win some more money and make some more friends.

Marilyn: I don't really want to be here- i better get out first.

Sophia: You came back because i did! Now lets make it to the final 2 again! Girlfriends forever!

Chris: Ok, you three, stand to the side as we get our next contestants in, welcome back Joshua, Pierre, Lucas and Hannah!

Pierre: Oui! I get to compete around the world with my best friend! This is awesome!

Joshua: Stop it, its embarrassing.

Pierre: Be happy that you at least got a chance!

Lucas: Speaking of how people got a chance, how did Hannah make it?

Hannah: Shut up. I didn't ask you. Grr, why am i here.

Chris: Were all thinking the same question, but lets introduce our original cast members! Welcome back Attica, Flo and Steph, the hosts of our aftermath!

Attica: Yay! I'm back with my boyfriend Steph!

Steph: Hopefully Wyatt gets in this.

Flo: Oh please, he literally won season 1.

Steph: Gee, thats reassuring.

Flo: Dude, do you ever speak in a non-sarcastic voice?

Steph: No.

Chris: Thats enough of you guys, next up is Wyatt, Richard and Olivia!

Richard/Olivia: Yay! We are both so excited to be here!


Wyatt: I had to deal with that for nearly 2 hours.

Steph: Hey Wyatt! Nice to see you again!

Wyatt: Hi Steph, nice to see a couple that can go a minute without making out.

Richard: Hey!

Attica: Thanks! -I think!

Chris: Now we have Julia, Brett and Brian.

Julia: Woohoo! Brett, are you ready for another season of athleticness! Wait that isn't a word.

Brett: Yeah. Wyatt, Steph, nice to see my bros again!

Attica: Hey Julia, hopefully this time we can make the finals together!

Julia: Sure! (Julia walks to Attica but bumps into Flo)

Flo: Oh

Julia: Uhh

Jason: What is with this tension?

Brian: Have you watched this show before best bro?

Jason: Nah.

Brian: How did you win then?

Brett: Are you sad you didn't win Brian?

Brian: Sorta. (sigh)

Chris: I don't care Brian, there can only be one winner. Make way for Lacey, Nmet and Paul! Our final competitors!

Brian: Yay! Lacey! And no Yasmine!

Julia: Why is Paul out of all people in?

Paul: Hey! Thats not niece i mean nice!

Julia: Paul, you have to deal with that thing.

Paul: Its a speech impediment! I've hay it i mean had it since i was 5.

Julia: Still.

Nmet: Girl, way to be insensitive.

Paul: Its ko i mean ok.

Nmet: Whatever, i wasn't defending you.

Chris: Is that all of you?

Joshua: Yep, Have you forgotten how to count?

Chris: Shut. Up. Josh. Wait. We are missing one thing!

Nmet: Is it Mnet?

Hannah: Get over it girl, she won't make it.

Chris: Like the drama, but don't interrupt. We are missing the- (hears plane propeller in the distance) there it is!

(everyone looks up to see a military plane in the sky, it flies down onto the runway)

Chris: This is the beauty we will be riding across the world this season.

Marilyn: Uhh, did you make that plane out of paper?

Chris: NO! I only made the wings out of paper!

Pierre: I'm not so of being sure that flying with paper wings is safe.

Chris: Too bad, deal with it. If we crash, then we crash.

Joshua: I can almost smell your stingyness.

Richard: Stingyness is not a word.

Joshua: I wasn't asking yo-

Chris: Anyway, Theodore will be flying the plane! So lets go on a tour of the plane while i explain the rules!

Attica: Wait, before we start. Who was flying the plane?

Theodore: Is someone taking ma job! I don't wanna be homeless again! Gah! (Theodore busts through plane door)

Nmet: Should we follow that thing?

Chris: He isn't a thing Nmet. Theodore is more valuable than you! But yes, lets follow him.

(Chris, Stacey, Mrs McLean and the 19 contestants walk into the plane)

Chris: So, welcome to season 5! Since this season is all stars, we decided to give you a treat!

Attica: As in, flying around the world in a near-broken plane.

Chris: Shut up. We have a busy schedule! So, here is the place we will normally exit for challenges!

Julia: Woo! Yay! Challenges!

Flo: As in the only way you could survive this competition.

Julia: Hey! I could win this season if i wanted to!

Flo: So did you not want to win in season 1,2 or 3?

Julia: You're so annoying! I thought you were better than this!

Flo: Coming from you, you just take a chance to pick a fight whenever you can.

Julia: Gr- (Brett pushes Julia away from Flo)

Brett: Girls. Stop it.

Chris: Thank you, seriously. Down here is where you'll guys will eat.

Wyatt: That isn't a lot of food. Especially for 19 people.

Chris: Do you have to comment on everything! Gosh! Over to my left is where the losers will be staying. Economy class!

Hannah: Eew, i refuse to sleep here.

Lucas: You won't be in the competition long enough to do so.

Chris: Up these stairs is where our winners will spend their time. But speaking of time, we don't have enough of it because we need to do our first challenge!

Joshua: We have to do a challenge on the first day!

Sophia: You gotta be kidding me.

Chris: Anyway, last but not least is the confessional! You know what to do in here!

Lacey: Is it a toilet again?

Chris: Yeah, so?

Lacey: Is this the only place we can do our business?

Chris: Sorry not sorry. But we're taking you around the world, don't forget how expensive that would be. Go make confessionals after the first challenge.

Lacey: Sure. Whatever.






Chris: You may have noticed we are right next to Rogers Centre!

Joshua: No. I didn't.

Chris: Well, we are. Too bad. So to give a twist this season, our episode! Will have an elimination!

(everyone gasps)

Chris: Yep! So, lets get out of this plane, and let me explain it to you losers!

Mrs McLean: What do you want me to do, hubby wu-


Mrs McLean: Is this fair!

Stacey: What will i do?

Chris: Just follow me in, maybe you could partner up with me!

Stacey: Heh, thanks!

Mrs McLean(CONF): That was weird.


(say they went inside Rogers Centre)

Chris: This is Rogers Centre!

Julia: It's its-

Brett: Every sports

Jason: Fans dream.

Julia: Its beautiful!

Brett: (drools)

Nmet: Guys, this is really weird to look at. Snap out of it! (slaps Julia, Brett and Jason)

Chris: Since you are all stars, i don't need to explain how this competition works. So lets explain the challenge! There are 53 thousand seats in this stadium. And there are nineteen gilded chris awards hidden behind any one of those seats! You have to find one and get back to the grounds. Give it to me and you will not be eliminated! Last one to give it to me is out! Got it! Go-

Brian: Wait, so you are saying we have to search through all of THAT!

Olivia: Unfortunately.

Richard: According to my calculations, there is about a 1 in 2800 that we'll find one.

Olivia: (Sighs in love) You are just so smart!

Wyatt: Can we go now? I don't want to hear them for much longer.

Chris: I guess, go go go! (contestants run up stairs.)




Steph(CONF): I think working together in a challenge like this would be smart! I think it could be an opportunity to create an alliance too.

Steph: Wyatt, Attica. How would you like it if us three created an alliance!

Wyatt: Really, you want an alliance?

Steph: Sure! I want to vote with people i can rely on!

Attica: Well, you can count on me! Lets keep looking! (The three walk away while Nmet comes in)

Nmet(CONF): Great. An alliance has already been formed. If i want to at least make merge this time i better improve my game, i don't care how desperate my moves are.

Nmet: (to herself) Come on Nmet, think! Who is dumb enough to be my ally. (sees Paul trip over)

Nmet(CONF): Perfect.

Nmet: Hey Paul! Would you like to team up for the challenge!

Paul: Sure, since Brian isn't here, i don't have that much to do.

Nmet: Brian is here! Maybe he's on the other side of the stadium! But we need to be fast if we both want to make it!

Paul: I will, captain!

Nmet: You want me to be the captain, really!

Paul: Sure, i can't lead a group. Hey i just went an entire conversotion i mean conversation without making a mista- (Brett and Julia walk over Paul) OWW!

Brett: Sorry, but we saw ours straight away and we wanted to win!

Julia: Good luck guys! (Brett and Julia run off)





Flo: Ugh. Come on, where could it be- (Jason runs into Flo)

Jason: Hey! Oh sorry, i just wanted to find one of those statues. Do you have any luck.

Flo: Nope! But i just checked those three rows and there was nothing. Might as well save you the time!

Jason: Thanks, and by the way, why are you so- snappish at Julia!

Flo: I'm guessing you haven't watched this show before.

Jason: No, not really.

Flo: So basically, i played an "antagonistic" game on my first try, and since then me and Julia were never friends.

Jason: Yeah, but you shouldn't hold grudges man, i mean girl.

Flo: I dunno, its just easier to shout at her then laugh with her! Plus, i don't think she wants to be friends either.

Jason: Whatever, you have to stop these arguments! I think i should try and get you two talking.

Flo: Why do you need to worry about Julia and I. Focus on your own game.

Jason: I've already won, so this season i can focus on the others!

Flo: Wow, (blushes) thats really cool of you!

Jason: Speaking of cool, you have really pretty eyes.


Flo: Um, thanks! Wait, i haven't checked this row for statues. Huh, there are 3 statues here!

Jason: Nice finding Fl-


Flo: Yeah?

Hannah: Eeek! Really! Lets go down!

Jason: Um, sure.

Jason(CONF): I think that they could be best friends if they tried! Its my job to get them to at least not scream at each other.

Flo(CONF): I don't know why i just agreed with him. It might have been his hair, or eyes, or smile! He is kinda cute and clearly very nice! But yeah, i think i might have a crush.





Chris: I can see our first contestants coming!

Stacey: So do i just sit and watch?

Chris: If ya want.

Stacey: Seriously, are you sure there aren't any jobs that need doing.

Chris: Yes its fine!

Julia: Uhh, Chris. We have our statues.

Chris: Oh, sorry. Congratulations, Brett, Julia, Hannah, Flo and Jason! You guys will make it to the next episode!


Flo: Shut up!

Jason: Flo, calm down.

Julia: Telling Flo to calm down, oh i like this guy already!

Brett: Whats going on?

Jason: Nothing dude.






Paul: I find a statue! NO!

Nmet: Paul, thats a good thing. And it's found a statue. But, we need to make sure i get my statue first. So hurry up!

Paul: Is this fai-

Nmet: Of course, shut up and keep going. (Paul and Nmet walk away)

Pierre: Agh! I can't find a statue anywhere!

Joshua: Just give up, and start tomorrow. One of us is so getting out!

Pierre: Don't think negatively, for all we know 2 statues could fall out of the sky!

Joshua: Aha, that always works.

Pierre: But none are falling out of the sky!

Joshua: Well in that case, lets keep looki-


Joshua: Pierre, seriously?


Joshua: Dude. There are 2 statues right there.

Pierre: Oh, sorry hombre. Wait thats Spanish.

Joshua: It's ok! But lets go dude!






Sophia: Lets be in an alliance again this year!

Marilyn: Sure!

Lucas: Cool, but is it ok if i work by myself for this challenge! I want to really concentrate when i get the statues.

Marilyn: Sure thing Lucey mcutey!

Lucas: Never call me that again.

Sophia: Ok, well good luck Lucas! (Lucas runs up stairs)

Marilyn: Guess it’s just you and me. (sigh)

Sophia: You seem burnt out, what’s the problem?

Marilyn: I just really don’t wanna be here. I wanted to go to this goth event in Vancouver.

Sophia: Think of what you’d do with a million dollars. You could buy the best goth outfit in the world!

Marilyn: Face it So-So.

Sophia: So-So? You are calling me that now?

Marilyn: Yes. But we are not gonna win!

Sophia: Yes we will! Get up and follow me!

Marilyn: (rolls eyes) Fine.





Olivia: Richard.

Richard: (looking for statue) Yeah Olivia?

Olivia: Do you think that we might be targets, since we just won?

Richard: So what if we are, we will just have to prove them wrong again!

Olivia: I guess.... I'm just a bit nervous this season.

Richard: If it makes you feel better we have combined 3 million dollars. We don't need to win anymore money.

Olivia: I know. But whatever, i just feel people will take us out early!

Richard: That could be true.

Olivia: So what do you think could help us come of as less of a threat?

Richard: I dunno.

Olivia: I thought you were supposed to be the brainiac of this duo.

Richard: (rolls eyes)

Richard(CONF): Being forced to be smart is basically what emotionally killed me in season 3. Id expect this from someone like Yasmine, but when its from your own girlfriend! Wowzers.

Richard: Why don't we do something that could get us out!

Olivia: Like?

Richard: Looking way too dependent on each other.

Olivia: Are you sure that could work.

Richard: It shou- hang on! There is 4 statues!

Olivia: Oh yeah! Lets take them and get out of here!

Richard: Wait, maybe we should offer these statues to someone? You know- so people don't think we are greedy or selfish.

Olivia: Ok! But who should we give them too? (Sophia and Marilyn walk by)

Sophia: Hey guys! Is that 2 spare statues?

Marilyn: Can we have them?

Richard: (smirks) Sure. Hehe.





Chris: Is that 6 more coming?

Flo: Chris? Can i ask you a question?

Chris: Sure thing, valued contestant.

Chris(CONF): She's only valued cause she brings a lot of drama.

Flo: Did you full on copy this challenge from the season 2 qualifiers a year ago?

Chris: ........ This is our 65th episode, if we have to re-use stuff, we will!

Joshua: Umm, i don't know what you're talking about, but Pierre, Richard, Marilyn, Olivia, Sophia and I already made it. So (sarcastically) woohoo we're safe.

Pierre: Josh, you have to be more of enthusiastic.

Chris: Yeah, yeah whatever you 6 are safe. (puts on loudspeaker while everyone covers their ears) GUYS! 11 PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM WITH THEIR STATUES! SO YOU HAVE TO BE ONE OF THE NEXT 7 PEOPLE TO MAKE IT HERE IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE IN THIS COMPETITION!





Lacey: Brian? You found anything hottie mctottie!

Brian: N-n-no?

Lacey: Are you sure you haven't seen anytthing?

Brian: Y-yes i'm s-su-re.

Lacey: Uh Bran? Whats the matter.

Brian: I think i'm just a little scared of heights!

Lacey: Aww, it will be ok!

Brian: I know, it doesn't help that i'm gonna be on a plane for a lot too!

Lacey: Don't worry! Where is the motivated Brian that nearly won a million dollars!

Brian: (sigh) Back in season 3.

Brian(CONF): I love heights! It's just that- i came so far last time and i was so close! I don't know if it's worth it to put so much effort again when it could fail!

Lacey: Brian, just hold my hand! It'll be ok.

Brian: Ok! (the two hold hands and have a romantic moment)

Lacey: Just remember, you can get through your fe-(Steph, Attica and Wyatt walk by)

Wyatt: What are you guys doing?

Attica: And why does Brian look dead?

Lacey: He is scared of heights and we are at the top bit of the stadium.

Attica: Poor him, here, (gives Lacey a wet tissue) put it on his head. It will calm him down.

Lacey: Does this work?

Steph: She does it on me every time my head hurts. It works really well.

Wyatt: Thats great and all, but where did Brian go?

Lacey: Right next to m-(Lacey looks to her right) BRIAN! IS HE OKAY!

Attica: Calm down i'm sure he i-


Wyatt: You were saying.

Lacey: Brian, NO! (runs down stairs)

Attica: I have bandages. And an ice pack!

Wyatt: Oh no this is so scary! Poor Brian!

Steph: Do you want us to come down to see Brian?

Attica: No! Just let the professionals work! (runs down stairs)

Wyatt: I just wanted to be nice!

Steph: Its ok Wyatt, Attica is practically a nurse. She'll fix him up.

Wyatt: I just don't like knowing other people are hurt!

Steph: Neither do i. Unless it's myself.

Wyatt: Wait Steph. When did you get 2 gold shoes?

Steph: I didn't. What are you talking about!

Wyatt: Never mind, thats not a shoe- ITS THE STATUES!

Steph: There is 3 of them. Thats great! One for you, one for me, one for Attica! (Nmet walks by, while dragging Paul)

Nmet: I don't think so. I'll take that thank you!

Steph: Thats not fair!

Nmet: I don't see your name on it!

Paul: Yuah i mean yeah!

Wyatt: Paul........... shut up.

Nmet: Too bad. (takes statue and walks down)

Nmet(CONF): Wow, being evil feels, refreshing! Something new for me!



Steph: Should we find another one or just abandon Attica. Ugh, having a girlfriend in a competition is so hard.

Wyatt(CONF): I haven't dated anyone before, but it can't be that hard. Not that i want one, just... curious. Hehe.

Wyatt: What if we go down, put in our statues and then go back up to help Attica!

Steph: Thats actually a great idea! Lets go!






Nmet: I'm here.

Paul: See am I!

Nmet: Paul, its so am I. SO!

Paul: Whatev-

Wyatt: Steph and I made it back!

Steph: Yes!

Steph(CONF): Where is this confidence coming from. I get i changed. But i don't feel like i need to be as enthusiastic about everyone.

Chris: You four are safe. Wait a little while for the last 3 safe contestants to come!

Wyatt: Chris?

Chris: Yes Wyatt.

Steph: Can we go back up and find statues for Attica?

Chris: No.

Wyatt: Plea-

Chris: My answer is NO! Wait here until we're done.

Steph: Man...

Wyatt: Fine!

Brian: (out of nowhere) I am so lucky that i can still walk.

Steph: You're alive!

Brian: Haha, very funny. But Chris, here is my statue.

Chris: Oh, it looks like Brian is SAFE! Only 2 more spots left!

Brian: Lacey isn't here. (gulp)

Steph: Attica isn't here. (gulp)

Marilyn: Lucas isn't here. (gulp)

Chris: Let me just speak to the remaining 3 (gets loudspeaker) ATTICA, LUCAS AND LACEY! YOU ARE THE ONLY 3 WHO HAVEN'T TURNED IN THEIR STATUES!




Lacey: Wait, this means Brian gave in his statue! He's ok!

Attica: And so did Steph. He went on without me! If i get out today i'm gonna dum-

Lacey: Attica? There's 3 statues right here. (Lucas runs to Attica and Lacey)

Lucas: 3 statues! Thats one for each of us.

Attica: Great math skills. But i'm gonna go! I can't waste time! (Attica takes statue)

Lucas: I guess we should get ours too.

Lacey: Uhh, yeah. (the 3 run to get to the bottom field)






Attica: There's Chris! Woo!

Lucas: Yes. I'm in the lead!

Attica: Oh no! I'm in last!

Lucas: Sorry Attica, i'll be sure to enjoy the world tour for you!

Attica: Grr!

Lacey: Easy, tiger. Calm do-

Attica: (Attica runs like a professional athlete to Chris)

Chris: Attica! It looks like you made it!

Lacey: So did i! (out of nowhere)

Chris: I guess Lacey will take the final spot. That leaves Lucas. (Lucas runs to Chris)

Lucas: Oh no! First out! My juvy bros are gonna kill me!




Marilyn: Lucas, this can't happen so soon!

Sophia: We'll keep fighting.

Marilyn: Will we?

Sophia: (covers Marilyn's mouth) We have to! For you!

Lucas: Thanks? Its ok if you don't win. Yuck that sounded nice and sincere.

Marilyn: You know it's ok to show a shred of kindness- right?

Chris: Eww that's enough lovey dovey talk. Lets get Lucas on our new elimination device! 0(Stacey drives in with a car shaped of Canada.)

Stacey: I'm here!

Chris: Nice job Stacey- (Mrs McLean comes in)

Mrs McLean: Excuse me! I'm the one who made this car! Ugh! I get no respect around here! (walks off)

Chris: That was dramatic. Even for me. Anyway Lucas! This is our elimination device! Whenever it senses a human it automatically drives off!

Lucas: To where?

Chris: You'll find out. Don't worry.

Lucas: (sigh) Well, goodbye girls! (sits in chair while it drives off)


Marilyn: (gasps)

Chris: Before we go back in the plane to finish up. We need to get the teams assembled!

Hannah: Is it the first 9 on one team and the second nine on the other?

Chris: Nope! This season is based on your previous placements! So since Wyatt, Olivia, Richard and Jason have won a season. They'll be on Team A! Julia, Brian and Sophia. You'll also be on Team A for coming second! And since Flo and Marilyn came third on their first try, they'll be on Team A! The Finalist Falcons. The other nine, as in, Steph. Lacey! Attica! Brett! Nmet! Paul! Joshua! Pierre and Hannah will be on Team B! The Wannabe Woodpeckers!

Brett: Why do they have to be focused on birds.

Chris: Cause birds fly and so do planes, speaking of planes, get in that plane and make a confessional before our running time is up.

Wyatt(CONF): I don't think there is any possible way i could make merge with my record in this game! Now i don't even have Steph and Attica to vote with!

Olivia(CONF): I get to fly around the world with rich Richard so. I'm not complaining!

Richard(CONF): What Olivia said has really stuck with me, but we should let another team win, right?

Jason(CONF): Epic! Flo and Julia are on my team, so i can work with them! And maybe have a rel- alliance with Flo!

Julia(CONF): Ugh FLO! Thats the 4th season in a row i've been on the same team! Attica and Brett are also on the other side!

Brian(CONF): I am hungry to make it to the finale and win! As long as it isn't cheating or manipulating, i will use it!

Sophia(CONF): I guess my teams cool and all, but i don't know how Marilyn will cope without Lucas!

Flo(CONF): At least i'm with Jason! He is so hot. I mean helpful! Yeah hes helpful!

Marilyn(CONF): (sigh) Why do I even bother to try anymore.

Attica(CONF): I'm stoked to do another season! I just hope Wyatt and Julia survive on the Finalist Falcons!

Brett(CONF): I don't know if Steph wants to team up again. So i might have to do this alone! And i don't like that Jason guy, he's a bit. ......flirty. I can't risk a repeat of Season 2 or 3 again!

Joshua(CONF): I don't really have much to say. So yeah.

Pierre(CONF): Joshua and I are going to dominate this season! We are so average at this! Oops i meant great at this.

Nmet(CONF): Good, I have my puppet with me. But i still need to build up numbers.

Paul(CONF): My only jail i mean goal is to learn how to speak properly.


Steph(CONF): Wyatt will ace it on the Falcons. But i don't know if i trust myself to keep Attica and I safe.

Lacey(CONF): I need to be with Brian to comfort him! Oh well, at least I have Attica again.



Chris: Well, i think that cuts it for our first episode of our fifth season! Who will get out second. What more drama will happen? Find out next time on Total Drama: STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 2: Broadway at the Big Apple


Theodore: Finally, found the cockpit on this thing. Now just need to go in and find out who is trying to steal my job! (runs into cockpit) Oh. Its on autopilot.

Chris: (comes out of no-where) What are you doing?

Theodore: Oh nothing, i just feel like someone is trying to take my pilot job.

Chris: As long as the plane is flying, also if you aren't doing any work, i don't need to give you your paycheck.

Theodore: Shut up.

Chris: Anyway, i'm gonna go get breakfast with Stacey.

Theodore: Why won't you go with your wife. Ugh. Speaking so much hurts my throat.

Chris: She is serving breakfast to the contestants. Anyway, adios hombre!

Theodore: Him speaking Spanish reminds me of the war of 1812. My grandson died in that war. (sniff)






Nmet(CONF): Ok, so i wanna play dirty, but not get any blame. How can i do this? I don't like her or anything, but Flo did a pretty good job of this back in Brazil, maybe i can take some tips.

Jason: Wanna get something to eat, i want to know you more before starting this experiment.

Flo: Sure! It's not like i have anything else to do, i just need to go to the bathroom, wait a second!

Flo(CONF): Jason is sooo hot. But, i don't really want a relationship right now, thats just another person to worry about and i don't want to worry about another persons status.

(Flo walks out of confessional, in front of Nmet)

Flo: Gah! You scared me Nmet!

Nmet: Good.

Flo: You are one weird girl.

Nmet: So? But anyway, can i come to eat with you?

Flo: Eh, why not. Follow me.

Nmet(CONF): Perfect, this might also lead to an alliance. I know if i wanna make big moves, i need to have loyal slav- i mean friends to have my back!



Jason: So, uhh, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Flo: I just spend my time on the internet, what about you?

Jason: I usually am in training, for basketball, soccer(football), track.

Flo: Wow! You really are athletic!

Jason: I guess, i just like competing! Which is probably why i signed up for this.

Nmet: Not to ruin this conversation, or to change the subject, but can i ask you a question Flo?

Flo: Sure, ask ahead.

Nmet: When you put on a facade in Clash of the Action, what was it like!

Jason: Huh? What facade!

Flo: Oh, um yeah. (blushes)

Nmet: So what happened was Flo acted nice so everyone would like her, but was secretly being evil and getting people out behind the scenes.

Jason: Wow, she told me she was playing like an antagonist, but thats pretty cold!

Flo(CONF): That was so embarrassing! What does Nmet even want from me!

Jason: Well, i guess thats another step to niceness you need to go through.

Flo: I have improved since then, i voted myself out in season 2 because of guilt!

Jason: I guess, anyway, i'm gonna see if i can find a workout place around here, catch you girls later! (runs away)

Nmet: You know you never answered my question, but whatever. (walks away)

Flo: What does that girl want from me!






Pierre: So, what was your season like?

Joshua: Am i supposed to care.

Pierre: Oui, Josh, oui.

Lacey: Our season was a lot of fun!

Paul: Some bits of it were rowing i mean really heard i mean hard!

Lacey: I agree, we don't need to mention Yasmine or anything, but it was a blast!

Paul: I guess so....

Pierre: Your season sounded exciting! Moi et mon pote Josh nous sommes amuses aussi.

Paul: Uhh, what does that mean?

Joshua: According to Google Translate, he meant that Pierre and I had fun too. Though i didn't really.

Pierre: Joshua, you can't dwell on the negatives! Then life is borin-

Joshua: Ok, i'll try, but not like my optimism levels are that high.

Lacey: Hahaha, you guys are funny!

Joshua: How do i make people laugh.

Pierre: You are a funny person!

Joshua: Hahahaha. Thats real funny. But enough of that, if i hear any more laughter, my ears will pop.

Paul: Goodness! Are you being siri! Or serious?

Joshua: Lacey, does this guy understand sarcasm.

Lacey: Afraid not my friend!

Lacey(CONF): Since i won't be with Brian this time around, I should try and make more friends on my team!

Joshua(CONF): I'm not funny. That is all.

Pierre(CONF): Josh is a little depressing sometimes, he says its just being realistic, but sometimes i do worry for him, especially because he's my friend!

Paul(CONF): All the strategic thoughting, i mean thinking that i was involved around in season 3 has opened my mind! So, if they are my friends, the can also be allies. Wait, (to himself) 3, carry the 5, multiply by 8, if you end i mean add Nmet i could have 4 total allies. Including myself thats a ma-jor-it-y? Is that how its said?






Julia: Dude, are you ok?

Brett: Yeah you don't look to good.

Brian: (shaking) Uhh, i think its food poisoning or something.

Julia: Yeah but no-one else seems sick.

Brett: Bro, you are literally carved into a ball. Whats wrong?

Brian: Its nothing, really.

Julia: Thats what they all say...

Brian: Maybe it has to do with the altitude? I don't really kno- (vomits onto Julia)

Julia: Oh my gosh, my shirt! BRIAN!

Brett: Don't scream at him, he couldn't control it.

Brian: I honestly don't think i can compete in the challenge.

Julia:: Should we tell Chris?

Brett: Do you want us to?

Brian: No, don't, you'd think they could hire a decent nurse, but they spend a lot of the budget on other stuff.

Julia: I know. Do you want us to stay or g-(bit of vomit drops onto her shoes) EEEEEEWWWWW! I can taste an apple with my toenail!

Brett: Nice to know you have 2 tongues.








Wyatt: (sigh) Guys, im kinda dead with my team.

Steph: No you aren't, you'll survive! I know you can!

Attica: Wow Steph, i love this sportsmanship! But what about us.

Steph: Yeah we are eggs with toast on our team.

Attica: No we aren't, we just need a third member.

Wyatt: We do?

Steph: Do we?

Wyatt: Isn't that 4 people in that case?

Attica: I mean 3 on each team! But who?

Steph: I don't know.

Attica: Steph you are supposed to be the leader.

Wyatt: I think you should do----


Wyatt: I guess i can tell you later.







Chris: Welome to NYC!

Olivia: New York! (gasps) I could buy so many things!

Chris: Yeah, but there's no time for shopping-

Mrs McLean: Can i go shopping?

Chris: No, you have to book for our next location, remember!

Stacey: I don't have any jobs, what about me?

Chris: Of course you can princess.

Mrs McLean(CONF): I'm getting sick of that woman. Ugh. Look at her, with her perfect skin complexion and her hai-

Hannah: Whats our challenge, Chris?

Chris: You will be going to a theater and trying to push a gigantic apple across the stage with your team.

Joshua: Annoying dumb host say what?

Chris: Hey! But yes, you heard me right. After you push your apple across the stage you must answer a question about this glorious city. First team to do so wins, and the other team will be going to elimination!





Marilyn(CONF): Chris is getting less creative challenge-wise.

Brett(CONF): It sounds a bit weird, but i'm actually pumped to do this challenge!

Steph(CONF): I'm not too concerned with winning today, i just am focused on finding the right ally.

Paul(CONF): This challenge is less crazier i mean crazy than Yasmine, so i'll be finland! Wait, i mean fine. Imagine if we go to Finland! That would be car i mean co- (static shows)






Chris: I know its weird, but you have to do it anyway! Haha! At the right side of the stage, there is your apple. You have to turn left and go up the stairs to find those 2 gigantic pieces of fruit. On your marks, get set, GO!





Flo: Here is where we are supposed to turn left.

Wyatt: I can see another corridor up ahead, but i think we do this one.

Richard: As Chris aforementioned, he said to perambulate and he didn't really specify if it was the first or second turn. But i assume he was trying to say the first turn.

Julia: ....... In English please.

Olivia: What he meant was we have to turn left here since he didn't say anything about the second turn.

Richard: Oh, hehe. You are so smart! (kisses Olivia)

Julia: (facepalms)

Julia(CONF): I get i am not Steven Hawking and Richard is smart, but can't he just use more simple words!

Sophia: Lets go guys!

Marilyn: Do we have to!

Sophia: YES!

Julia: YES!-




Brett: Come on guys, we can't waste time!

Brett(CONF): I am willing to be the team leader, i just don't want to go crazy like in season 3.

Hannah: Who died and made you leader of our team!


Nmet: Paul- its a figure of speech.

Paul: A fig ogre of a spear peach?

Nmet: Dude, shut up.

Steph: I'm fine with it, we have to go anytime, plus Brett is a pretty good player.

Brett: Why thank you.

Attica: Um, we are falling behind. Should we go now?

Joshua: Yeah. Good call Attica. (the Wannabe Woodpecker go up stairs)





Richard: Why is there about 143 stairs to just get up to a stage?

Flo: Better question, how do you know that.

Richard: I've been counting.

Julia: Stop it with the chitter-chatter! We have to win!


Jason: Bro, are you ok?

Julia: He is turning blue again.

Richard: Those symptoms are an early detection of "Competition starting to ruin my personality syndrome" Or CSRP for short.

Olivia: That exists?

Richard: Yes, it was discovered by myself after doing research on my body throughout seasons.

Wyatt: In that case Professor whatever your last name is, how do we "cure" this condition.

Richard: We will need so- do any of you have a feather of a pigeon from 1349?

Marilyn: Theodore's great grandson probably has a pair.

Flo: Another better question, where is Brian?


Jason: That can't be good.






Pierre: Yay guys! We are catching of up!

(Brian falls in front of the Wannabe Woodpeckers)


Joshua: Can i just ask what happened?


Steph: Oh boohoo. Only I deserve to fall down like 100 stairs.

Joshua: No only i should. I'm a terrible person.

Steph: You haven't even seen me before last season! You don't know anything about me!

Attica: Steph, shut up you are amazing.

Pierre: And so are you Josh.

Brett: Ok lets forget about that argument and get to the stage!

Lacey: Would any of you like to help m- (the Wannabe Woodpeckers get to the stage)

Lacey(CONF): Never mind. I understand that he is my boyfriend, but it would be nice to have some help! Also, why does that dude keep on falling down the stairs. I am starting to be concerned for his mental health.





(the Wannabe Woodpeckers arrive at the stage)

Hannah: Ugh, great. They are already ahead by 5 metres.

Nmet(CONF): I want to throw this challenge to test out my abilities before it's too late. But how do i do that without anyone catching on?

Nmet: (whispers) Psst. Paul.

Paul: Huh?

Nmet: Can we throw this challenge. So just don't touch the apple.

Paul: How do i throw a challenge. I can't put the chollenge i mean challenge in my hand and throw it away?

Nmet: (facepalms) Just don't touch the apple. Understand?

Paul: Yes Nmet.

Brett: Lets get ourselves back in the game! (pushes apple 2 metres)





Julia: Woo! We are so far ahead! Lets do this guys! (pushes apple 2 metres)

Flo: Fine, whatever. (pushes apple 1 metre)

Julia: Flo, that was a terrible throw! Where is your team spirit!

Flo: Shut up! At least I tried! (Steph pushes apple 1 metre)

Julia: You aren't trying hard enough! (Nmet pushes apple 1 metre)

Wyatt: Cut it out! They are now only 4 metres behind us! (pushes apple 1 metre)

Jason(CONF): I don't want to have to deal with this bickering all season long.

Jason: (whispers) Flo?

Flo: Yeah?

Jason: Pretend when you push the apple, you are pushing Julia.

Flo: Why?

Jason: Just try to take your anger out at other things!

Flo: I guess i can try that. In your face Julia! (pushes apple 2 metres)

Jason(CONF): Sometimes, Flo's determination is inspiring, she is kinda cute too.





Steph(CONF): I know i am terrible at sports, so the only way to make myself stay here is to make an alliance. If i align myself with the team leader, maybe people won't go for me? I dunno i'm not smart either.

Brett: Steph, what do you want? (pushes apple 2 metres)

Steph: I was just wondering if you wanted to be in an alliance with me?

Brett: Why?

Steph: You don't have Isaac, I don't have Wyatt, it's probably best for us to team up.

Brett: Will it just be us two?

Steph: No, i've asked Attica as well. So, what do you say?

Brett: Hmm, ok.

Steph: Yay! (pushes apple one metre)

Steph(CONF): I guess that worked.





(Jason pushes apple 2 metres)

(Pierre pushes apple 1 metre)

(Joshua pushes apple 1 metre)

(Sophia pushes apple 1 metre)

(Brett pushes apple 2 metres)

(Attica pushes apple 1 metre)

(Nmet pushes apple 1 metre)

Nmet(CONF): I have to help a little or it will look like i am not contributing.

(Julia pushes apple 2 metres)

(Brett pushes apple 2 metres)

(Joshua pushes apple 1 metre)

(Pierre pushes apple 1 metre)




Theodore: (bored voice) Its neck and neck. 17 metres each and we are at a tie. Who will win. I hate my job.




Julia: Guys! Get up! Only 3 metres left!

Wyatt: We

Flo: Are

Jason: Too

Marilyn: Tired.

Julia: Marilyn have you even done anything?

Marilyn: So?

Julia: I know you are tired but don't give up now!





Brett: Guys, we are so close!

Hannah: (yawns)

Joshua: I've lost all my motivation to win.

Steph: So have I. But i didn't have much to start with.

Joshua: Sure, but i had less.

Steph: No I had le- (Pierre covers Steph's mouth)

Pierre(CONF): Those two are really alike. Probably why they keep on arguing.

Brett: Are you just going to give up and let them win!

Joshua: What does it look like.

Brett: I don't believe you- (hears people celebrating on other side) Whats that sound?

Julia: (running around stage) Yes! We won!

Wyatt: Nice Julia. Sorry for being lazy.

Jason: Thanks girl, none of us are going home!

Flo(CONF): Should i thank her?

Flo: Uhh. thanks?

Julia: ...No problem, i guess.

Jason(CONF): Flo is taking steps to niceness. She already is on the outside, so she can change on the insi- did i just say that on Internation Fanfiction Website? I WANT MY LINE BACK. GIVE ME THE LINE! UGH HOW DO I EDIT THIS THING!




Chris: (walks onto stage) It appears that the Finalist Falcons have won todays challenge!

Sophia: Woohoo!

Paul: Oh woman!

Nmet: Paul, the phrase is oh man.

Paul: Sorry, i got confuse. I mean confused.

Chris: Follow me back to the plane and you guys can discuss your votes for 15 minutes but then meet me for the elimination ceremony afterwards.





Wyatt: So, you guys added Brett to the alliance?

Brett: Yep.

Steph: Is there a problem with that Wyatt?

Wyatt: No, i was just asking.

Attica: Ok, anything else you want to know?

Wyatt: Actually yeah, who are you guys planning on voting off?

Steph: Good question.

Brett: We obviously won't vote off each other, and Pierre, Joshua and Nmet participated today.

Attica: That leaves Paul, Lacey and Hannah. Hannah is no threat so its down to Paul and Lacey.

Steph: I think Paul, Lacey was just helping out her boyfriend s-(Lacey walks by)

Lacey: Hey guys! What are you talking about?

Brett: We were just thinking to vote off Paul tonight. Are you in?

Lacey: Sure! I'll see you guys later!

Wyatt: Ok, i guess this meeting is adjourned.

Nmet: (hiding in corner) Hehe.

Nmet(CONF): Juicy information. 4 people want my closest ally out. Well that ain't happening.




Pierre: Joshua, can i have a word with you after elimination?

Joshua: Why not. (Nmet walks in)

Nmet: Can you two vote Lacey tonight?

Joshua: Why should we listen to you.

Nmet: Lacey seems very distracted! I know she is being nice, but she is dead weight if she's gonna pick her boyfriend over her team.

Pierre: Hmm, you actually make a good point, should we vote with her Joshua?

Joshua: Ok. I'm not against it.





Nmet: Paul, Hannah.

Hannah: Yes annoying girl!

Paul: Hey she isn't alloying.

Hannah: Uhh, do you mean aNNoying?

Paul: Yeah, yeah whatever.

Nmet: Can you two vote for Lacey tonight?

Hannah: Ugh fine. People are probably targeting us since we didn't help today.

Paul: I will, if you help me to walk i mean talk properly!

Hannah: (gasp) You have a brain! And can take advantage of people!

Nmet: Sure?

Paul(CONF): I am a little dotzy i mean ditzy. But i dealt with enough strategy talk in season 3 to realise i am bass i mean basically Nmet's puppet.







Chris: Welcome to this seasons elimination ceremony. This is how it will work. There is a confessional here, but it is only used for voting. Go into the confessional and write the person you want eliminated on the white piece of paper you see. There is a box for all the votes with a slim opening, put your paper in there. After we are done, i'll announce who is safe, whoever is safe will get a flag of the country we just visited. If you don't get a flag, you will have to go into the Jeep of Shame! Now, lets get started! Go vote!

Steph(CONF): I hope this works.

Brett(CONF): Will 4 votes be enough?

Nmet(CONF): Again, i'm just testing out my abilities. If this doesn't work, i have a Plan B.

Paul(CONF): How do you spell Lacey?

Joshua(CONF): I don't see why i shouldn't vote you.

Pierre(CONF): It is too early to blindside someone.

Attica(CONF): First elimination of the season, hopefully this goes our way.

Lacey(CONF): I've been told you aren't trying your hardest!

Hannah(CONF): I would love to cause a drama right now, but that's not gonna keep me here for long unless I play perfectly. So i am voting you.

Chris: You have cast your votes and made your decisions.It was a five to four vote. The people safe are....... Joshua! Pierre! Attica!

Attica: Phew.

Joshua: I'm safe! Is that what relief feels like?

Pierre: Yes.

Joshua: Then I like relief.

Pierre(CONF): Maybe Joshua is changing and discovering more positive emotions!

Chris: Also safe is..... Steph, Brett, Hannah!

Steph: That was close!

Brett: I survived!

Hannah: I am very surprised no-one voted for me.

Chris: Nmet, you are the last person not to receive a vote tonight.

Nmet: Good.

Paul: Oh no! I am in the top i mean bottom 2!

Lacey: (gulp)

Chris: The last person safe is..............


























Chris: Paul. Lacey, sorry, actually not really. But you have been eliminated!

Steph: (sigh) I knew it.

Attica: No! Lacey!

Lacey: Its ok Attica. I know you can win this.

Chris: Lets get this over with, we need to get to our next location soon.






Brian: Lacey! Noo!

Lacey: Brian, it's ok. You can do this!

Brian: No i can't!

Lacey: Don't say that! Now give me a kiss before i leave! (Brian kisses Lacey)

Brian: Goodbye...

Lacey: (sits in Jeep of Shame) GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Chris: Oh no, it looks like our confident cat has been eliminated! Where will we go next time, what drama will occur? Find out all of your answers next time on, Total, Drama, Stars of the SEASON!

Chapter 3: You can't teach an old whale new tricks


Stacey: Last time on Total Drama: Stars of the Seasons! Nmet embarrassed Flo in front of her crush, Lacey and Paul tried to befriend Pierre and Josh! Brian went crazy and our alliance of 3 theorized getting a new member. In the challenge, Richard revealed he had discovered a disease, Brian fell down over 100 stairs which made Lacey very concerned. When the Woodpeckers lost, the Steph, Attica, Brett and Lacey joined together to take out Paul, but since Nmet knew h- (static shows while screen turns off)

Mrs McLean: Of course Chris promotes her to do the recap. Is Stacey trying to steal my man! Oh that ESTUPIDA MUJER IS GOING DOWN! GRR- (walks out of scene while intro plays)

Stacey: Huh?










Steph: Welcome to our first alliance meeting!

Attica: Sorry to correct you, though i love to correct things, but this is our second alliance meeting.

Wyatt: Attica, i don't know if that is his point.

Brett: Steph, just continue.

Steph: Thank you Brett, so our plans to eliminated Lacey and backfired!

Attica: (sigh) I know. I'm gonna miss her.

Wyatt: Sorry, can't relate.

Brett: Neither can i dudette. Did i even speak to her?

Steph: Whatever, the other five people on the Woodpeckers are Hannah, Joshua, Pierre, Nmet and Paul.

Attica: Hannah will just balance out the votes.

Steph: True, i think getting Pierre and Joshua is an easy move.

Wyatt: Go for it, but how? Didn't they not vote with you yesterday?

Steph: I think if we could get Joshua and Hannah to have an argument, he'll vote for her. Pierre will obviously side with him, and then us three join in!

Brett: But when? Should we throw this challenge?

Attica: (shrugs shoulders)

Steph: We can still try today, but don't put in all of your effort.

Brett: Are you sure this will work?

Steph: No. I don't have enough confidence to say it will work, but whats the worst that can happen!

Wyatt: You getting elimi- (Sophia and Marilyn walk past)

Sophia: Oh, hey guys.

Marilyn: (yawns) What time is it? 5 am?

Sophia: Its 11:45am. Really?

Marilyn: What, I like sleep.

Sophia: Whatever, what are you guys doing?

Brett: Just having a chat, i might go eat with Julia, bye guys. (Brett walks away)

Sophia(CONF): Wyatt barely spends time with us, Lacey got out for helping the other team, is it a bad thing if Wyatt does the same thing? Yes!

Attica(CONF): Throwing a challenge this early seems like a big risk? I don't know if it's worth it.

Wyatt(CONF): Its annoying since i'm the only member of the Finalist Falcons in my group. So, I can't really solve my issues or help with theirs. Doesn't help that Sophia looked a bit s-suspicious... did i just stutter?









Pierre: Remember when i asked if we could talk yesterday?

Joshua: Yeah? Why?

Pierre: I was too tired to talk, so I can tell you now.

Joshua: Is this a serious topic?

Pierre: Sorta. Joshua, why are you so pessimistic, sarcastic and closed-off?

Joshua: Uhh..

Pierre: Merci if that was rude.

Joshua(CONF): I was ready to tell Pierre about my, problems? Last season, but now, I don't know if i am ready? He clearly cares for me, and I don't want to lie but-

Joshua: I just feel like being the way I am is more fun than all other personalities.

Pierre: Hmm, ok.

Joshua: Why do you want to know anyway?

Pierre: Because you are my friend! Je suis sometimes worried because i barely see you smile! Is there something wrong in your life?

Joshua: No, heh. Nothing bad.

Pierre: Remember back last season when I told you about my life, i am fine to help you with yours!

Joshua: Seriously, i'm fine, i just am a bit sassy. Do you want to go eat before the challenge?

Pierre: Sure...

Pierre(CONF): Was he lying? Maybe i am being a bit pushy, but i just want to help!

Joshua(CONF): That was a partial truth, being annoyed at like everything is who i'd want to be. Ugh, this sounds so sincere, why do people have to be so nice to me? I'm not nice!









Richard: Back in Toronto, remember our talk about being a threat?

Olivia: Yes, i'm over it, but do you think it's an actual problem?

Richard: Not really, our team is made of the best competitors the show has seen, so we all are threats technically.

Olivia: Still, i feel like Jason, Julia, Flo and Wyatt are running this team.

Richard: It's gonna be ok! (kisses Olivia)

Olivia: (Sigh) Thanks Rich.

Richard: So, it's ok for you to give me a nickname, but I can't do the same thing?

Olivia: So do you want me to call you poor? (Sophia and Marilyn walk to Richard and Olivia)

Sophia: Hey guys!

Richard: Hello.

Olivia: Hi.

Marilyn: I'd say hello, but that takes too much effort.

Olivia: Haha! Anyway, do you want to talk to us about anything?

Olivia(CONF): I could make an alliance with these girls, so i need to look comforting.

Marilyn: I don't have anything to say.

Sophia: No not- wait, do you know that Steph, Attica and Brett are in an alliance?

Olivia: No, but why?

Richard: That information is not beneficial to us, considering they are on the other team.

Sophia: Did I forget to mention Wyatt keeps on hanging out with them?

Richard: Wyatt is friends with those three, and he never interacted much with the people on our team.

Sophia: Aren't you supposed to be smart?

Richard(CONF): Grrrr.

Marilyn: I think what she is trying to say is that will Wyatt be a liability like Lacey? Will he help the other team?

Richard: We will see what happens, so for now, just keep an eye on him.








Julia: Uh, so Jason? May I ask why you asked to sit with me?

Jason: We are both sporty, so i want to know more about you!

Flo: Ugh-

Jason: What was that Flo?

Flo: Nothing! First class is the best! I already ate actually, so i'll leave you to to ta- (Flo tries to walk away, but Jason pulls her back to the table)

Jason(CONF): This is experiment 1, i just need for them to have 1 thing in common, and the seed will grow.

Jason: So, Flo, do you like any sports?

Flo: I don't play, or watch any so i'd say no.

Jason: Julia, what is your favorite sport?

Julia: Ooh, so many choices.

Flo: (Rolls eyes) Typical.


Jason: Julia! Calm down!

Julia(CONF): What is Jason trying to do to me!

Jason: What about food?

Flo: I'm a vegetarian but i can't survive without chocolate so i am not vegan.

Julia: I love my protein sources but I don't eat sugar, it messes with my diet!

Flo: So you keep yourself healthy but you are fine with eating dead animals!

Julia: They are already DEAD! So why can't I eat it!

Jason: Ok, what about the weather.

Julia: I love days over 20 degrees Celsius. (cause nobody uses that Fahrenheit thingy)

Flo: I like cold weather. It feels more gloomy and fun.


Flo: Ugh! Shut up!

Jason: Ok, girls stop it. You can go now.

Julia: Good! (leaves)

Flo: Jason, are you sure it will work, Julia and I physically can't get along!

Jason: I don't even know at thins point, but we always gotta try!

Flo(CONF): I really like Jason, but I don't get how he thinks this will work.

Jason(CONF): Flo and Julia are complete opposites, only similarities they have are obvious ones, like they are both girls, both are competing, both have hair, stuff like that. But i won't give up!






Brett: Hey Julia! Why do you look like someone tried to kill y- (Nmet and Paul walk by)

Nmet: I saw her sitting next to Jason and Flo, and Julia and Flo argued a lot.

Brett: Is it true babe?

Julia: Yeah, I am just sick of Flo, I thought she improved but she clearly hasn't.

Paul: Who is Flo again?

Nmet: Paul, just shush.

Brett: Julia! You have to stop arguing with Flo! I still am not best friends either, but she isn't doing anything wrong anymore!

Julia: I know, but I can't help it. I don't know what Jason sees in her!

Brett: Uhh, what do you mean by that.

Brett(CONF): As long as Jason doesn't touch my girl Julia, i am fine, but Jason seems to lightly flirt, which is probably why Flo always spends time with him.

Brett: Whatever, Julia, do you want to eat at dinner before elimination, because I need to talk to you.

Julia: Fine, at least i can eat with someone I like. (Brett and Julia walk away)

Nmet: That was fun, but now that he is gone, i think we should take Brett out next Paul.

Paul: Why?

Nmet: If we overthrow Brett as the team leader, I can step up, and basically make the rest of the team my minions!

Paul: Is that a goof i mean good thing?

Nmet: Yes! So today, I want you t- (Brian falls from the ceiling)


Paul: Brain i mean Brian is making me look sane!

Nmet: For once, I agree with you.


Julia: (runs to Chris) Do we change into our swimsuits?

Chris: Wait a second, (on loudspeaker) DON'T CHANGE INTO YOUR SWIMSUITS!

Julia: Oww! My ears!






Marilyn: I hope todays challenge is more creative than the New York one.

Chris: Shut up, today we are in the Dominican Republic!

Pierre: We know, you said on the plane.

Chris: Ugh, whatever. Today we are in Samana Bay!

Paul: Haha! That rhymed!

Joshua: How was that funny.

Nmet: Back off my guy Paul.

Brett: Chris, go on please.

Chris: Thank you Brett, so, there are tons of whales on this bay. Your challenge is to tame a whale and make it do a creative trick! Stacey, me and season 1-3 competitor Undulen (Undulen walks in)

Undulen: Yes! My beautiful screen time! (kisses camera)

Olivia: Uhh, Chris, can you bring in a more sane ex-all star next time?

Undulen: Shut up! I deserve to be in this stupid show and get all the screen tim- (Steph slaps Undulen)

Steph: Chris, continue before this nobody tells us his life story.

Chris: Anyway, us three will rate whatever your animal does out of 5! Highest score wins! There are 2 boats down there if you can see them!

Wyatt: Yeah, we can see them, but how do you expect us to find and train these whales?

Chris: We have made a special diving suit for the 17 of you, it can last an hour. When you hear a horn go off, get out of there, unless you want to drown, cause your oxygen mask will run out of ... oxygen. You can already see the boats where you can drop into the water, so just fall into that boat, ok do you have any questions?

Flo: Will I hurt any animals in the process?

Chris: That is down to you, anyway? GO!

Brett(CONF): Flashbacks to season 2 with the Cashew Job, I got eliminated in that challenge.









Sophia: Uhh, so who wants to die first.

Wyatt: Richard, you're smart, right? Will we die from jumping?

Richard(CONF): I hate the word, smart.

Richard: I think we should be ok.

Julia: Thats enough reason for me to jump! Cowabunga! (jumps into water)

Jason: Woohoo! (jumps in water)

Marilyn: My make up won't do too good in water for an hour!

Flo: You wear make up!

Brian: SO WHAT IF SHE DOES! (Brian pushes other six and himself into water)





Brett: Great, we are behind again! (hyperventilates)

Attica: Brett, whats going on?

Brett: I don't know, i just am not a fan of animals.

Joshua: Neither am I, so deal with it.

Hannah: Why do you have to be so rude! JUMP IN NOW!

Joshua: Why are you acting like Mary Sue now?

Hannah(CONF): The thing is, last season I tried to merge with being quiet with my ways, this year i can be loud. I hate Joshua and Pierre, for taking me out last time, and i need to out ASAP.

Joshua: I thought i would be jumping of a cliff for different reasons but (Pierre looks at him, worriedly) I mean, lets jump in. (jumps in water)

Steph: Oh no, the cliff.

Steph(CONF): Season 1 memories when I tried to kill myself by jumping off a cliff.

Steph: (hyperventilates while falling into water)

Brett: I'm going to show you PRONGHORN! I MEAN WHALE! (jumps in water)

Attica(CONF): My closest friends on this team are both reliving traumatizing experiences, this will not be easy, but I guess I can take the role of team leader for today.

Attica: Since Brett is clearly unfit to lead today, can I replace him?

Nmet(CONF): I would love to interfere, like I was talking about before, but right now is too early, I need to take a few people out first.

Nmet: Sure!

Paul: But Nmet, you want to be team lea-

Nmet: Paul, shut up. (pushes Paul and herself in water)

Pierre: I guess we should follow them. (Pierre and Attica jump in water)









Julia: Guys! I think we should split up into pairs!

Richard: But there is an odd number of us, who is going to sacrifice being with someone.

Jason: It's probably safe for his health that Brian sits this one out.


Jason: Yeah bro, you need to have a rest.

Brian: Fine! (Swims up and sleeps on boat)

Julia: Anyway, back to the pair thing- I'll go with Jas-

Jason: Actually, can you go with Flo, Julia?

Flo: (sigh) I'll go with Julia if she doesn't argue with me.

Julia: But- but- fine.

Jason(CONF): Yay! The girls are starting to compromise. But, i do want to focus on my own game too, and Wyatt clearly can play this game well, I am interested with allying with him.

Jason: Wyatt, dude. Do you want to go together?

Wyatt: I don't see why not.

Richard: Olivia, want to swim together?

Olivia: Of course!

Marilyn: I guess that leaves me with the only person i talk to on this team.

Sophia: Sure, i'm fine with going with my BFF!

Julia: If you find a whale, come back here and tame it, do we understand team!

Olivia: Yeah.

Flo: Yes.

Julia: Good! Lets go now! (team splits up)

Flo(CONF): (Sigh) Why does Jason want to talk to Wyatt, i know he's trying b- ugh i'm becoming so desperate. I hate love.







Attica: I think that half the team can search for a whale, and if they find one, they come back and the rest of us tame it! Who is a fast swimmer here!

Brett: I want to take down that prongho- i mean whale! I'll find one!

Nmet: I'll find one. (whispers) Paul, offer to search for a whale.

Paul: Ok? I guess i'll da i mean do it too!

Attica: Cool, Steph do you want to?

Steph: Nah, swimming takes too much effort.

Joshua: I agree, i'll stay here.

Hannah: Ok then lazy pants!

Pierre: He isn't lazy! But i will try and swim for a whale. Back in Lyon my mum makes me swim for 2 hours a day on the weekends.

Hannah: I don't care for your life story.

Joshua: Hannah, shut up.

Attica: Thats four people, go guys! (Brett, Nmet, Paul and Pierre swim away)








Julia: .....

Flo: Uhh, so how is the weather?

Julia: Umm, i don't know, since we are underwater.

Flo: So, yeah. Have you seen any whales yet?

Julia: No. Have you.....

Flo: No.

Julia(CONF): I'm not fighting with Flo, so everything just feels weird? She isn't making an attempt to insult me, maybe i should do the same? Maybe?

Flo(CONF): Jason wants for us to be friends, so i can try, but like i discovered this morning, we have nothing in common.

Julia: If we lose this challenge, who would you vote out? Me, right?

Flo: I don't really know. Brian? Marilyn?

Julia: Yeah, same. Umm, so uhh, what do you think of Jason?

Flo: Oh (blushes) he's alright.

Julia: Why are you going red?

Flo: What, no i'm not!

Julia(CONF): Does Flo like Jason?

Julia: Hmm... whatever. Lets just look for this whale now.

Flo: Sure. Wait? Is that a whale?

Julia: Yeah! Lets go and train it!








Attica: How do you think the four of them are doing?

Joshua: I'm sure they are fine.

Hannah: If it was you swimming, we would not be fine!

Joshua: Hannah can you just close your big mouth!

Hannah: NO!

Joshua: Ok, if no one likes you and/or you get kicked off, don't come crying to me.

Hannah: I don't care! How do antagonists in other shows normally last to the final 4 or even higher!

Joshua: You aren't an antagonist, because sweetie. Though you aren't a sweetie, but anyway, antagonists have brains! You don't if you are going to play the way you are!

Steph: (whispers to Attica) Should we separate them?

Attica: I don't know, if you want to get Hannah out, then I wouldn't.

Steph: True. You are so smart! I'd kiss you, but your oxygen mask is in the way.












Pierre: I mean, if he says he is fine than he has to be!

Pierre(CONF): I am still thinking about earlier today, I just don't get how a person can be so closed off! Life is amazing, and I don't know if Joshua appreciates that.

Pierre: Pierre, focus! (slaps himself) Tu dois gagner ça, fais-le pour Josh! (Wyatt and Jason swim up to Pierre)

Jason: Hey dude! Have you seen any animals yet!

Pierre: Animals?

Wyatt: Yeah, for the challenge.

Pierre: Oh, oh yeah. I haven't.

Jason: Neither have us guys, so how is your team?

Pierre: I don't know really, after last nights elimination their is a clear of border between the team, but no-one knows where.

Wyatt(CONF): A border between the team? This may be useful information!

Jason: Well, good luck, Wyatt, you check that area down near the sea-floor and I'll check where all this plankton. (Jason swims away)

Wyatt: So, Pierre. Who do you think is on the chopping block?

Pierre: I don't know, maybe Hannah? She keeps on arguing with my best fri- so I hope she goes.

Wyatt: Hmm, ok. Nice chatting with you Pierre. (Wyatt swims away)

Pierre: (slaps himself) Just focus on finding a whale!










Brett: Stupid whale, stupid challenge! (Paul swims by)

Paul: Uh, Brad? Are you ok?

Brett: It's Brett, and not really.

Paul: Way i mean why?

Brett: I dunno man. I just am getting some terrible memories.

Paul: Of wit i mean what?

Brett: In season 2, i got eliminated like this.

Paul: Oh yeah, i remember watching that.

Brett: I just don't want to lose with animals again! Seriously!

Paul: Well, just don't think about it, i'm going to go now if thats ok.

Brett: Yeah, thanks Paul, and your English is improving!

Paul: Si Ti i mean is it?

Brett: Yeah dude, good luck.

Paul: Thank you! (swims away)

Brett(CONF): I don't believe Paul gave me useful advice! He isn't that bad.

Brett: (whale swims by) Oh this is perfect! Woohoo! (rides whale back near boat)






Brett: Here is a whale guys!

Attica: Woohoo! Good job Brett!

Joshua: Yay, cheer after we win the challenge.

Hannah: Sure thing, buzzkill.

Joshua: You're not the most energetic person either. But what i meant was, what are we going to make him do?

Steph: When i did the animal challenge in season 2, my duck was avoiding lights, maybe we could make the whale avoid us?

Attica: I guess, and if the whale messes up, we can just quickly swim away!

Brett: Cool! I guess in that case we don't need to practice! (winks at Steph)

Steph: Ooohhh, (does thumbs up at Brett)

Hannah: What are you guys doing?

Hannah(CONF): From previous seasons, i know Brett is usually more motivated! What is going on?







Julia: Well, we made it back! So today wasn't a total faliure.

Flo: Heh, sure.

Julia: Uh oh. I just realised.

Flo: What?

Julia: All of our team is still swimming, how will we get the- (horn goes off)

Flo: Now what do we do!

Julia: Don't look at me like i know!

Flo: Just quickly do something you useless- i'd argue with you, but I need air.

Julia: Yeah, same.














Chris: Welcome! Our 2 teams have worked extremely hard to find a whale, and teach it a trick, lets start off with the Wannabe Woodpeckers, shall we?




Brett: Ok guys, do you understand, swim away from the whale.

Nmet: I mean, I guess so.

Pierre: We can do this! Go guys!

Joshua: I guess we can.

Pierre(CONF): Yay! He is showing optimism!


Attica: Chris, we have made our whale stay as far away from us as possible.

Steph: Yeah, we are just reusing my idea from the animal challenge 3 seasons back.

Undulen: Ugh, don't mention that challenge, i still remember that stupid parrot.

Brett: Oh yeah. (giggles) that was funny.

Stacey: I think thats enough guys, lets start!

Chris: Yeah, good call.

(8 Wannabe Woodpeckers dive into water and away from whale)

(Team swims away from whale but whale follows)

Hannah: Why is this not working?

Steph: Shh! Its coming, just keep swimming.

Joshua: Insert Finding Nemo joke right now.

Pierre: Haha! That was funny!

Paul: Umm, gills i mean guys, but the whale is right next to us.

(8 try to swim away but whale keeps chasing them)

Chris: OK! OK! I've seen enough! Did you guys prepare at all!

Brett: I thought that would work.

Steph: Yeah, it works with ducks, why not whales!

Attica: Maybe i'm a little rusty at leading teams.

Chris: Enough excuses, it failed and i don't see much preparation! 2/5 for me!

Undulen: Thats too generous, add to the fact i hate you guys, and that gives you a 1 out of 5!

Stacey: Sorry, but, you reused something and it wasn't done well, it's a 2 for me as well.

Chris: That gives you a total of, err, umm. Add the 2, carry the 18,394.23 drop the 6 million..........

Stacey: (Rolls eyes) That gives you a total of 5 points!

Nmet: Thats just magnificent.

Joshua: Well we are toast.

Pierre: Joshua! There is still a chance!






Undulen: Ugh, and it is time for the Finalist Falcons to go. What will you be doing.

Julia: We didn't really um,

Flo(CONF): We are going to have to improvise.

Flo: We will have our whale find our team members!

Stacey: Wow. We are ready when you are ready.

Julia: Flo, what are you doing!

Flo: Just trust me, Julia!

Chris: And, go!

(whale swims in water and disappears)

Undulen: Will it work?

Joshua: Lets hope not.

Julia: (bites nails) Please!

Flo: (covers eyes) Come on...

(whale comes back with Sophia, Marilyn, Richard, Olivia, Wyatt and Jason)

Julia: (gasps) Woohoo! That worked! Good job Flo- i mean, i guess you didn't do terribly.

Jason: What happened! But you two aren't arguing, so...

Chris: That was impressive! 4 out of 5!

Stacey: I also give it a 4/5!

Undulen: Since i am so independent, i wont bandwagon so i'll give you a 3.

Paul: Aww, man!

Stacey: That gives you a total of 11 which means you guys win!

Chris: Undulen, you can go (pushes Undulen into water) Wannabes, meet me at elimination in 10 minutes.







Nmet: So, Paul, did you find any information?

Paul: Brett is steel i mean still traumatized from his S2 experience.

Nmet: Oh, ok. And why should I care?

Paul: I remember he got 2 votes, if us two vote for him, it could mess with him more later.

Nmet: Wow! I am impressed! You are smarter than you look!

Paul: I know I am, but are you sure you want to?

Nmet: It's actually a good idea, we can do it, so vote Brett ok!

Paul: Ok?








Pierre: Is there a problem BFF?

Joshua: Hannah is just getting on my last nerve, its so annoying!

Pierre: Man, we can vote for her, if you want.

Joshua: Really?

Pierre: Sure, i don't like her either.

Joshua: Well, um, thanks Pierre.











Chris: Ok, i explained this yesterday you just go in the voting booth.

Nmet(CONF): I can pin the blame on Paul later by sticking with this.

Paul(CONF): Am i turning, evil? Seeing Yasmine's karma, i don't want to fall down the same path.

Hannah(CONF): Sarcastic stupid someone is so squished! What, it sounded semi-cool.

Joshua(CONF): Duh.

Pierre(CONF): I need to show Josh i am there for him, maybe he will open up more?

Brett(CONF): I swear, if i get out...

Steph(CONF): I think you are annoying, you should go now.

Attica(CONF): You don't offer anything to us, sorry not sorry.






Chris: Interesting, 5-2-1 vote! Anyway, the people safe are, Pierre! Steph! Attica!

Pierre: Oui!

Steph: (kisses Attica)

Attica: Youre cute.

Chris: Nmet and Paul, you two are also safe.

Nmet: Good.

Paul: Phew!

Chris: Joshua, you got one vote, but you are still safe.

Joshua: Cool.

Hannah: Hannah, wait what!

Chris: And the last flag goes to
































Chris: Brett, with 2 votes.

Brett: 2 votes? AGAIN!


Pierre: That is why you are out.

Joshua: Yeah, get out of here, annoying girl, no-one likes you.

Pierre: Thats a bit harsh hombre.

Nmet: I don't know how you thought you'd win.

Hannah: GAH! (walks out to the Jeep of Shame)







Chris: Hannah, you never shut up.

Hannah: Isn't that how antagonists are like?

Chris: Yeah, but you aren't strategic.

Hannah: Just get me out of here.

Chris: My pleasure(Hannah drives away)

Chris: Hey, Stacey! Do you wanna do the ending?

Stacey: (walks in) Sure! Its 7-9, who will get out next! Will the Falcons continue their winning streak? More questions with more answers another time on Total, Drama: STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 4: A Spicy Signal


Stacey: Last time, on Total Dra- (Mrs McLean walks in)

Mrs McLean: Shut up. I'm doing the recap today.

Stacey: Really, because Chris told me to do it?

Mrs McLean: Well Chris has been paying way more attention to you than he has to me! So let me ace this recap!

Stacey: Uhh, Maria? Are you ok?

Mrs McLean: DON'T CALL ME MARIA! My name is Mrs McLean! And you can not flirt with my husband! Grr! (runs away)

Stacey: ....Why am I working with that moron?










Joshua: Economy class is terrible. (rat goes on his head) Eww! I rest my case.

Pierre: I can't disagree with that?

Brett: That means we will have to try extra hard today if we want to win!

Paul: I'm not the lightest i mean brightest person on earth, but wasn't trying hard our aim from the start?

Steph: Exactly! But we need to put it even more effort today!

Steph(CONF): The rest of the team looks suspicious, so no more throwing or big moves. Figures. As if i am smart enough to devise a good enough plan.

Nmet: Sure, yay. Where is Attica?

Attica: (running around and cleaning) When's the last time they cleaned this place, 1735! I have to clean it up!

Paul: Attica, lets leave it dirty because we won't be sleeping here again!

Attica: Still, i'd like the other team to not barf in this cheap area! I'm going to go to Chris.

Nmet: Why?

Joshua: The only good thing about here is that Chris isn't in your face. Just relax!

Attica: I need more cleaning materials. I just like seeing things spotless.

Brett: It's whatever. She wants to clean, let her clean.

Nmet: Paul do you want to have breakfast with me?

Paul: I'm not this i mean that hug-

Nmet: NOW. (Nmet and Paul walk away)

Brett(CONF): Maybe while Nmet and Pierre are gone, we can discuss some moves with Pierre and Josh.

Brett: Hey dudes, what do you think those 2 are talking about?

Pierre: I don't know actually.

Joshua: Nmet forced Pierre to leave, which means she is probably going to say something she doesn't want us to hear.

Brett: Wow, you are pretty smart!

Joshua: Hahaha. Oh, you are serious.

Pierre: You do have a point buddy, so it is probably about voting!

Brett: Steph, are you hearing this?

Steph: Yeah. But it is our alliance versus theirs. 3-2.

Joshua: Wait, what?

Pierre: You guys are teaming up?

Steph: Heh, oops.

Brett: Oh umm, do you two want to join?

Pierre: I guess there is no reason not to.

Joshua: Yeah, if we are treated equally, and not just as a scapegoat.

Steph: Yep. Welcome to the alliance!

Steph(CONF): Why am i so bad at this, i leaked out our alliance! If Brett wasn't there, i wouldn't know what to do!











Nmet: Paul!

Paul: What do you want?

Nmet: We need to theorize who is going next.

Paul: Can't we wait until we lose a challenge?

Nmet: NO! Because seeing 5 people vote for Hannah, means we are in the minority.

Paul: I don't get it.

Nmet: (facepalms) Paul. There are 7 people on our team, everyone voted for Hannah except us. Which means they will vote for one of us next.

Paul: Ooooh, i get hit i mean it now.

Nmet(CONF): Why does he have to be so dumb.

Paul: Then what do we do, just give up?

Nmet: Remember in New York when we made a deal, you vote with me and i help you with your problems?

Paul: So?

Nmet: It's showtime now! Your first problem is that you can't think strategically. Steph, Attica and Brett are aligned, so sometime today, you have to convince Joshua and Pierre to vote with us!

Paul: I meant more of my disability to weak i mean speak English, not my strategies.

Nmet: If you talk to people and constantly think about not doing it, eventually, you'll stop it! Its the best way to help the both of us!

Paul: (sigh) Fin i mean fine.

Nmet(CONF): I have no idea if talking to people will help his speech. But i don't care! If we have the majority, then we can focus on the minor issues, like Paul.

Paul(CONF): In season 1, Olivia didn't use me the way Nmet is? I'm confused.





Attica: Chris?

Chris: Yeah victim?

Attica: I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me that.

Chris: I'd appreciate if if you could shut up so i don't throw you off the plane!

Attica: Whatever. Chris, can i have like a mop, some alcohol wipes, air re-freshener would be nice too.

Chris: Sure, but why.

Attica: I wan't to clean up the disgusting economy class we've slept in for 2 nights.

Chris: Hmm, so YOU want to clean it up?

Attica: Sure! I love cleaning if you didn't know.

Chris: I watched your audition tape. You have an "emergency kit" for all bug invasions and spills.

(Clip from Attica's audition tape)

Attica: I would love to leave the house and make some new fri- (sees bug on the floor) OH NO YOU WILL NOT INVADE MY HOME! (takes out 2 spray cans, 1 insect repellent, 1 bug spray and sprays at bug) Now i need to make sure he isn't planning to invite friends! (looks at camera) Oh, uhh pick me!

(Clip ends)

Attica: So? Do you have anything i can use?

Chris: ...Wait, I have a great idea! (on loudspeaker) Maria! Get to the cockpit, i have a job for you! (Mrs McLean comes)

Mrs McLean: What do you want hubby?

Chris: Attica helped me come up with the great idea of you being the plane janitor!

Mrs McLean: WHAT!

Attica: So- i won't be cleaning?

Chris: No, Attica. You won't.

Attica: (Sigh) I'm going to get breakfast. (walks away)


Chris: What's the problem wifey! During challenge time, clean economy and first class! But spend more time at first class.

Mrs McLean: (Rolls eyes) Fine.

Attica(CONF): Why is Chris treating his own wife worse than us? And thats saying something!








(Jason, Wyatt, Flo and Julia are having breakfast in first class)

Julia: .....

Flo: .......

Wyatt: .......

Jason: .......

Flo: Um, first class is nice.

Wyatt: I guess, Jason?

Jason: Yeah dude?

Wyatt: Why did you invite me to the silent treatment excuse for a breakfast?

Jason: I'm thinking, us 4 could have a great alliance! You are great at this game Wyatt.

Wyatt: Are you sure, you don't think I float.

Julia: No.

Flo: I have to agree? Eww that sounds weird.

Jason: It's ok! You two are making great progress! I haven't seen you 2 argue in a while.

Flo: Well, (blushes) thanks! We aren't friends yet though.

Jason: Again, i know you can't be friends with everyone, just if you avoid fighting, you've done well! I'm going to take a jog around the plane. See you guys later! (runs away)

Flo: (sighs in love)

Julia: Flo, just tell the man already!

Wyatt: Huh? What do you mean?

Flo: But i don't like Jason! I just am thankful for him!

Wyatt: Wait, so Julia, you think Flo fancies Jason, but we aren't sure?

Julia: Yeah, only difference is that she actually does like him.

Flo: I don't!

Julia: (death stares Flo)

Flo: Alright! I like Jason! But please don't tell him!

Wyatt: Wow, you have a crush on him!

Flo: I think so. But please!

Wyatt: We won't- but you will.

Julia: Wyatt is right, if we are f-f-fr-fri-friends now, i have to give you the right advice!

Flo: We are friends?

Julia: I mean, if you wanna.

Flo: Uhh, ok.

Wyatt: Cool for you 2, but seriously Flo, you better tell him before one of you 2 gets eliminated.

Flo: Are you sure he won't find it creepy?

Julia: He won't. You two are actually not a bad match, i went through the same thing with Brett, remember? Now we've been together for over a year!

Wyatt: I haven't had a crush or girlfriend yet, but if he is that interested in working on you, then it wouldn't be that unbelievable if he feels the same way.

Flo: I guess, but, he is really hard to read.

Wyatt: You'll figure it out Flo.

Flo(CONF): Maybe they are right? I know i should do it, but can you blame me if i am nervous!

Julia(CONF): Flo-me-friend. It doesn't sound right. But, i will have to put aside that for once and try to see the good in her.

Wyatt(CONF): I have never felt love, except to family. I get curious with all these couples, Julia, Brett, Steph, Attica, Brian, Lacey, Olivia, Richard, Lucas, Marilyn and Flo! I can't force myself into love, but i just want to know the feeling at this point cos just can't see women in a romantic way, maybe i am aromantic? It could also be i can't find the right girl, but i physically can't express that feeling of love to a human being i am not related to.











Sophia: Marilyn.

Marilyn: (yawns) What. I'm going back to sleep so-

Sophia: Oh no you are not!

Marilyn: Free country, is it not.

Sophia: Shut up!

Marilyn: Hey! Whats the matter with you, i just want to sle-

Sophia: Our challenge is in like 30 minutes! Are you sure this is you?

Marilyn: Uhh, yeah. This is me, Marilyn. I just am bored now. This game isn't as entertaining as i found it last season, so i don't really care anymore.

Sophia: Since when were you Joshua!

Marilyn: Don't compare me to him, Joshua is fine competing, he just doesn't care to have a strong game, i don't care either, but i want to quit actually.

Sophia: NO YOU DO(Brian runs in)

Brian: Gah! I feel like i've had 2,000 energy drinks and a ton of chocolate! I can barely control my body!

Marilyn: Why?

Brian: I don't know! I am so pumped for the next challenge! Aren't you! (barks like a dog)

Marilyn: Are you ok Brian?

Brian: (skips around first class area) Yippee! I can't wait to win!

Marilyn: Yep. He has officially gone insane.

Sophia: At least he has motivation! Unlike you!

Marilyn(CONF): I love Sophia, but she is very pushy now. I'll compete, but I won't try that hard. Again, Joshua is more competitive and tries more than me, we aren't the same.

Brian(CONF): (coughs) Am I a dead piano?

Sophia(CONF): Maybe those 2 should become friends.








Olivia: Hmm.

Richard: What are you thinking about Olive- i mean Olivia.

Olivia: "Olive- i mean Olivia"? Who are you, Paul?

Richard: Haha, very funny, my sides are splitting.

Olivia: I know, i'm just that funny.

Richard: But seriously, what are you thinking about?

Olivia: Wyatt.

Richard: Yeah, what about him?

Olivia: He is probably the best competitor in the shows history. 1st in season 1, 8th in season 2, 9th in season 3.

Richard: He is the only one to only have single digit placements.

Olivia: And the thing is with Wyatt, he kinda-

Richard: Floats?

Olivia: He doesn't float, he goes under the radar. In season 1, he just stayed quiet with Eric, in season 2 he tried to do the same thing.

Richard: Yeah.

Olivia: Plus, the only reason he got out is because Undulen, the loser, betrayed and played him!

Richard: In season 3, he was quiet with Steph and Londoya until he got out as well.

Olivia: He seems to be doing a similar thing now, so maybe it's time for him to be taken out?

Richard: Should we throw the challenge?

Olivia: I think so, it's the only way we can get him out before like the final 10.

Jason(CONF): (gasp) They want to throw the challenge? I was enjoying our winning streak!


Richard: Good luck! (kisses Olivia)






Chris: Welcome top 16! We are in the amazing Mexico! Tijuana, specifically.

Pierre: Wow! I've always wanted to go to Mexico!

Nmet: I haven't.

Chris: Calm down senor's y senorita's! Do you see that food stand over there?

Brian: Yes. it's blue.

Chris: Uhh, its red. But over there is were the spiciest, the hottest taco in Mexico is served.

.Julia: It can't be that bad!

Chris: Whatever, you have to eat the whole thing! And you only get 1 taco, so if you drop it, too bad. If you throw it in the bin, too bad. When you finish your taco, you will go to that dock over there, jump into the water and try to find a vaquita.

Sophia: Whats a vaquita?

Richard: Its sort of like a porpoise, they happen to be endangered!

Wyatt: Are you sure this is safe to catch an endangered animal?

Chris: Don't worry. In that water, 2 vaquitas have a medal attached to their neck, this medal has my face on it, if you find one, take it off the vaquita, and give the medal to me, the first team wins! Any questions?

Attica: Yeah, do we have to wait for our teammates to finish the torture taco or do we go in individually.

Chris: Go in individually, Stacey will be the woman in the vender. On yo-

Olivia: Stacey? Why not your wife, she is the Latin one here.

Chris: She is attending to other duties. (looks at Attica)

Attica: It benifits us guys, don't worry.



(on plane)

Mrs McLean: EEEEEWWWW! HOW DID SOMEONE SLEEP HERE FOR 2 NIGHTS! (barfs) (Theodore comes in)

Theodore: This place has worse living conditions than the trenches in the Revolutionary War. Also, have you been flying this plane?

Mrs McLean: NO! Chris McStupid has given me enough jobs! Do i look like a pilot to you?

Theodore: Then who has been flying the plane.

Mrs McLean: An autopilot?

Theodore: That is what i thought as first, but i checked and there ain't be an autopilot. So who has been stealing my job and flying the plane?

Mrs McLean: MAYBE IT'S STACEY! She basically stole my job, maybe you are next? Oh she is going to get it!






Stacey: Hello, what would you like?

Steph: You are giving us the food and we, don't really have a choice. So just give us the taco.

Stacey: Sheesh, just trying to set the mood! (gives taco to Steph)

Attica: I'll have one too!

Everyone else: Me too.

Stacey: Ok. Well here you go! (slowly gives out the other 15 tacos)





Paul: So Nmet?

Nmet: Yes Paul?

Paul: How do you expect me to get James and Peter to join our alliance?

Nmet: Do you mean Joshua and Pierre?

Paul: Yes, sorry.

Nmet: Bribe them, you need to make up for your worthless strategy last night.

Paul: Huh? What worthless strategy?

Nmet: Duh, voting for Brett he looks fine now.

Paul: I thought it would wink i mean work!

Nmet: Well, it didn't. So tell them you'll eat their tacos if they join our alliance.

Paul: Are you sure this is sofa i mean safe for my tongue?

Nmet: They wouldn't make these to kill somebody-

Nmet(CONF): I think.

Nmet: So just go! (pushes Paul away) This can't be that spicy. (Eats taco) Not bad!

Nmet(CONF): While Paul is getting me more allies, i need to make myself valuable. Eventually though, i'm going to use him in more risky moves, so i might need another minion, incase he gets out.








Flo(CONF): Though i am not in love with Mexican food, i love spicy food! This should be a piece of cake, i mean taco. Maybe i can impress Jason too...

Flo: (Eats taco) Wow, that was actually pretty good! Do you want me to go?

Julia: How did you do that?

Wyatt: It can't be that ba- (bites taco) Oww, never mind.

Jason: Flo, that was amazing! Good job with that!

Flo: Um, thanks! (Flo and Jason have moment.)

Wyatt: (whispers to Julia) She definitely likes him.

Julia: (whispers back) I can't disagree with that statement.

Flo: Heh, i need to find the medal thing now. Wish me luck!

Jason: I would, but you don't need any.

Flo(CONF): I've never met a guy who is that cute and that nice! Maybe he wasn't being kind, and he was flirting? No, he couldn't be, he probably doesn't feel the same way.

Julia: Well, Flo, you should go now before more of the Woodpeckers finish!

Flo: Good point. (runs into water)

Jason: She is a real piece of work.

Wyatt: What do you mean by that?

Jason: By what?

Wyatt(CONF): With this whole love fiasco, my idea is if i surround myself with couples, then i'll start to know the feeling? People say having a crush/partner is hard work, but to me it just seems cute how 2 people can bond so easily.












Joshua: This thing is boiling hot! I guess i won't participate in this challenge.

Pierre: What do you mean, "i not participating?" You have to!

Joshua: Pierre, this thing is hotter than Hannah's temper, it isn't easy to eat.

Pierre: Again, it can't be terrible! (bites taco) OWWW! HAVE MERCI! 

Joshua: See what i mean.

Pierre: Wait, what if we step on it, so its just gooey so we can quickly swallow it like a drink!

Joshua: Face it Pierre, we've los- (Paul walks in)

Paul: Oh bye guys!

Joshua: Ok, yeah "bye" Paul.

Paul: Oopsie! I meant hi! So..

Pierre: Oui... we are of listening.

Paul: Sorry, i was just wondering if you want me to eat your taco?

Joshua: Why? Don't you have to finish yours.

Pierre: Yes. We both appreciate i-

Joshua: Speak for yourself Pierre, i find it sorta dumb.

Pierre: ....But it's too much for you.

Paul: NO PLEASE! (reads off hand in monotone voice) If you let me eat this taco, you can join Nmet's alliance.

Joshua: No. Why should we switch from the majority, it will be too much drama!

Paul: (still reading off hand) If you stay with Steph, Brett and Attica. They will take you 2 out efter, wait never mind, it says after. After they take us out, which means if we lose more than 3 times before the merge, one of you will most likely be eliminated. But if you join with us, it will take 3 eliminations, you'll still be safe, and the remaining four can battle it out in a tiebreaker. So. What do you say.

Joshua: That sounded suspiciously like Nmet just wrote that on you but good job. I guess.

Pierre: Ok, fine. But you can't beg us to give it back to you. Fine, we'll join. (gives Paul taco)

Joshua: Ok, sure. I guess we can join. (gives Paul taco) Good luck, you are going to need it. 

Joshua(CONF): (sighs happily) Desperation, the way to make yourself a vulnerable person who kisses up to others or to get yourself an advantage in a situation, while someone is working their butt off for you. Luckily today, i am on the good side of desperation. 

Pierre(CONF): Do i feel bad about giving Paul my taco? Oui. Do i feel guilty and backstabbing for leaving the alliance? Yes. But, they made some good points! 

Paul: (breaths in) Ok, you can do this Paul, it can be that spicy! I mean it can't! (takes a bite from one taco and screams) AH! HELP ME! 

Olivia: Uh, Rich? 

Richard: Yeah Oli Oli? 

Olivia: Oli Oli? What sort of name is that! 

Richard: You don't like Olive, so I need other nicknames! 

Sophia: Marilyn. Eat now. 

Marilyn: You can't force me to! Anyway, what were you saying Olivia? 

Olivia: Oh, i was wondering if you guys heard somethi- 

Paul: (Runs around) MY TOES! MY TOES! 

Richard: Uh, Paul. What happened to your toes? 


Olivia: Woah. 

Paul: What Olivia?  

Paul(CONF): I'm over my crush on Olivia in season 3, she has a girlfriend, wait boyfriend. So i need to back off and get over it. But, it would be kind of nice to stick tea i mean stick it to her for causing me all that trouble. 

Olivia: You aren't talking terribly! You definitely have improved in English from Season 1! 

Paul: Cool. (steam comes out from his mouth) 

Sophia: By the way, all of us agree to vote for Wyatt? 

Olivia: Yep! 

Richard: Absolutely! 

Marilyn: I'm not against it. 

Richard: Yeah, so like, should we throw the challenge? 

Sophia: Sure. 

Paul: Ok, bye. (takes a bite from his second taco) AH! IT HURTS! (runs away)  

Jason: I'm (coughs) nearly done with mine, what about you two? 

Wyatt: My throat is a volcano. I have one more bite though! 

Julia: I've taken 2 bites and my stomach is filling with lava! 

Jason: 2 bites? JULIA! Where is your team spirit! 

Julia: Sorry, spicy food isn't my forte. 

Paul: (Comes in) Hello, i have some news for ya. 

Julia: Uhh, ok, what? 

Paul: I just want to tell you, Sophia, Olivia, Richard and Marilyn are voting out Wyatt. 

Julia: Really? 

Wyatt: Woah, but why? How do you know that?   

Paul: I heard them saying it!    

Jason: Are you sure, because i don't know if i can trust you.    

Paul: Fine! But i'm telling the truth, and you just don't want to believe me! (Walks away) Wait, other way. (Walks away)    

Julia: So- interesting information, huh.    

Wyatt: Should we throw the challenge?    

Jason: NO!    

Julia: NEVER!    

Wyatt: Ok geez. But, i am just saying, if they would want to sabotage us, we should take them down first!    

Julia: You are just saying that so you don't eat the taco- right.    

Wyatt: ...That's only part of it.    

Jason: Whatever. We should start going into the wate-    

(Paul jumps in water)    

(Pierre jumps in water)    

(Joshua jumps in water)    

(Sophia jumps in water)    

(Brett jumps in water)    

Julia: (sigh) Wyatt, if we do lose, you need to prove why you should stay. Paul had 3 tacos and finished before you! So if you want to stay in.. prove them wrong!    

Wyatt: I could try, but what if that makes me a thr-(Julia shoves taco in Wyatt's mouth)    

Julia: SWALLOW. NOW!    

Wyatt: (muffled screaming) ITS TOO HOT!    

Jason: Come on dude, its in your mouth, just swallow it!    

Wyatt: (nods and gradually swallows) AAAH! MY TONGUE! I NEED WATER! (jumps into water)    

Jason: Wow, Julia. That was really good!    

Julia: Umm, thanks!    








Flo: Where could this dumb vaquita be?    

Flo(CONF): I've searched for like 30 minutes.    

Nmet: (swims by) Ugh, Paul better have convinced them.    

Flo: Hi Nmet, are you looking for the vaquita?    

Nmet: No, i just decided to take a swim in the middle of a challenge. Yes of course you idiot.    

Flo: Hey, just trying to be nice! By the way- how are we talking underwater? (Richard swims by)    

Richard: It is cartoon logic.    

Nmet: Gee, thanks for breaking the fourth wall.    

Flo: But you just did as well.    

Nmet: Shut up you animated person on a fanfiction website.    

Flo: Grr!    

Richard(CONF): That was rather a pointless argument, but maybe i can end it by convincing Flo to vote Wyatt!    

Richard: Ok. Enough! Flo, you know season 1?    

Flo: Eww, i don't want to talk about that.    

Richard: And you know how you got eliminated?    

Flo: Yeah, so.    

Richard: Wyatt got you out, then won, and now his worst placement is ninth place.    

Flo: Do you want me to vote for Wyatt if we lose?    

Richard: Well, yeah actually. So are you in, the guy has gone under the radar one too many times!    

Flo: (sigh) I'll think about i- (vaquita turns up with medal)    

Richard: Oh.    

Flo: Should we take the medal now?    

Richard: ...Yes.    

Nmet: Yeah, but i am like, still here.    

Richard(CONF): If i want to get Wyatt out now then i need to lose! I do thank him for helping me win in season 3 but, season 3 is now over, correct?    

Richard: (snatches medal)    

Flo: Yes! Go Richard- wait what are you doing?    

Richard: (acting) Oh no! The water current blew the medal out of my hand! (Drops medal on purpose- or on porpoise........ i'll leave)    

Nmet: YES! (takes medal off ground and swims upwards)    

Flo: Richard! What did you do?    

Richard: It was an accident!    

Wyatt: (Swims downs) What happened!    

Chris: (from the surface) And we have a winner!    

Richard: Hehe, absolutely nothing!    






Chris: Glad you are all here. Nmet gave me a medal which means, for the first time ever. The Wannabe Woodpeckers have won a challenge!    

Steph: Yay.    

Attica: Woohoo!    

Joshua: I had someone eat a taco for me, i didn't even find the idol, and we still won?    

Pierre: Stop complaining and be happy.    

Chris: Anyway, get back on the plane, to the Finalist Falcons, you have half an hour to interact and decide on your vote! Lets go!    











(Julia, Wyatt, Jason and Flo are discussing votes)    

Julia: So, Flo, you know about how the others want Wyatt out?    

Flo: Yeah, Richard tried to persuade me in the water.    

Jason: What did you say?    

Flo: I said i'll think about it, but no, i won't vote for Wyatt.    

Wyatt: Thank you so much! I've been really worried about that.    

Flo: Maybe i would have voted with them, but i have a suspicion, that Richard threw the challenge.    

Julia: What! Really!    

Jason: Nah, he wouldn't do that. Would he?    

Flo: He caught the medal, then dropped it on the floor! I don't know if it was on purpose!    

Jason: Well, should we vote for him?    

Julia: But I like Richard! Brian is useless, maybe we could vote Brian.    

Wyatt: Lets not. Brian could be an easy split vo- WAIT! We need to ask Brian to vote with us!    

Jason: Can i do it! He was my bro at Iqaluit High School, i think he'll trust us.    

Julia: Cool. Hurry though!    

Jason: I will! (runs away)    

Flo: (sighs romantically) He is amazing!    

Julia: Tell him tomorrow.    

Flo: Ok, i will!    







Brian: (cough) I've been coughing a lot lately! Man do i miss Lacey!    

Jason: (Walks in) Hey bro.    

Brian: Jason! (runs and hugs his legs)    

Jason: Whats wrong with you dude! Snap out of this!    

Brian: Sorry, i really am! I just really wanted to win, but i don't want to be Yasmine or some other sore loser!    

Jason: It's ok Brian. But can you do me one small favour!    

Brian: Sure thing sis!    

Jason: Are you the new Paul?    

Brian: Rood.    

Jason: Ok, so can you vote for Richard?    

Brian: Ok! He was my worst enemy in season 3!    

Jason: What? He was?    

Brian: Yeah, he blackmailed me! Hated on me! I am fine with voting him out!    

Jason: Well, cool! Thanks bro.    







Richard: Well, we are set on Wyatt guys!    

Marilyn: That was a tiring challenge. Were those tacos drugged with sleeping pills?    

Sophia: No. It's just that you have been sleeping 12 hours a day. Thats not bad, but if we are in a competition, we should use up our hours wisely, you haven't really been doing so!    

Marilyn: (gasp) Hey! I use my time wisely!    


Sophia: Yes we will.    

Marilyn: Whatever, i don't need to lie right now- or ever. So i'll vote with you guys.    









Chris: Look. this will take too long by explaining in a different way. So i am going to copy what i said at the first ever elimination ceremony. There is a confessional here, but it is only used for voting. Go into the confessional and write the person you want eliminated on the white piece of paper you see. There is a box for all the votes with a slim opening, put your paper in there. After we are done, i'll announce who is safe, whoever is safe will get a flag of the country we just visited. If you don't get a flag, you will have to go into the Jeep of Shame! Ok! Do you all understand!    

Finalist Falcons: Yes.    

Chris: Good, because i wasn't going to explain that again! So go vote!    

Wyatt(CONF): You have threatened my safety, i'm sorry.    

Richard(CONF): You are a great player, but that is why i can't let you stay.    

Olivia(CONF): I like you, but you are too good.    

Flo(CONF): Try to sabotage us now!    

Julia(CONF): I love winning, and anyone who gets in the way of that will be punished!    

Marilyn(CONF): Who else can i vote.    

Sophia(CONF): Sorry i guess!    

Jason(CONF): Wyatt is my bro, i'm sure you're cool, but somebody has to be eliminated.    

Brian(CONF): You caused me so much trauma and drama in season 3! FINALLY!    

Chris: Ok. You have written your votes. If you receive a small Mexican flag, you are safe. But if you don't. You could be eliminated! The people safe are..... (Mrs McLean comes in)    

Mrs McLean: Can I say the safe votes! Please?    

Chris: Fine. But, then i'm getting your paycheck for this episode.    

Mrs McLean: WHAT! GRR! FINE! The first one safe is.... Julia. Along with Olivia, Marilyn and Flo.    

Julia: Yes!    

Marilyn: Woohoo.    

Flo: This is great!    

Olivia: Yay! I hope Richard survives!    

Mrs McLean: Also safe is Brian, Sophia and Jason!    

Jason: Oh yeah man! (shakes his hair)    

Flo(CONF): Is it humanly possible for a guy to be that hot!    

Sophia: Yes! Wait Richard!    

Brian: What about Richard, didn't you vote with Yasmi- WAIT I MADE A MISTAKE WITH MY VOTE!    

Brian(CONF): When Brian said to vote for Richard, i thought Richard was Yasmine, and i voted for Richard! My closest friend! No!    

Mrs McLean: And the last one safe is....    








































Stacey: (comes out of nowhere) Wyatt! In a 5-4 vote! Richard is eliminated!    


Wyatt: Yay.    

Olivia: Richard... no!    

Brian: I am so sorry Richard! I mistook you for Yasmine and accidentally voted for you!    

Richard: It's ok. I guess it is my fault for trying to make such rushed decisions.    

Chris: Richard. The Jeep of Shame awaits you.    








Sophia: Sorry dude.    

Marilyn: Bye? Whatever.    

Olivia: Rich, do you think you- we could have a goodbye kiss?    

Richard: Sure, but can i call you Olive?    

Olivia: (sighs) Whatever (kisses Richard)    

Richard: Bye guys! (gets on jeep on shame as it drives away) CAAAAAAALLLLLLCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS!    

Chris: Stacey. Would you like to take this ending?    

Stacey: Sur- (Mrs McLean pushes her)    

Mrs McLean: Not so fast. Maybe Theodore wants to do the outro!    

Theodore: Wow. I get to speak?    

Chris: Uhh, ok you weirdos! Is Stacey ok?    

Stacey: Yeah, it was a light push.    

Theodore: Whatever, 4 have been eliminated. But we still have 15 youngins to go. Who will get out next? What country will we visit next! Will i find out who is stealing my job? Many more questions to be answered on Total, Drama, Stars of the Season. (cough) Stupid job.        

Chapter 5: Pianos, Guitars and Drumhellers.

Theodore: Quick, this is the place they normally do the recap here and that should be in about 5 minutes.

Mrs McLean: Ugh, whatever. Remind me i'm helping you again?

Theodore: I know someone is flying ma plane! We need to stop this!

Mrs McLean: You are probably hallucinating, easy to do at your age.

Theodore: Well if i am of this "Hallucinating" which you speak of! Prove it!

Mrs McLean: Ok, i will! (Theodore and Mrs McLean go into cockpit)

(sees no-one driving the plane)

Mrs McLean: Am i going insane?

Theodore: No! And see what happens when i try to drive the plane! (tries to steer wheel but gets pushed back by what looks like nothing)

Mrs McLean: ....So what do you want me to do? I ain't no magician!

Theodore: DO NOT say the word aint! It isn't even a word! And you have to help me, so i can help you with this Stacey thing.

Mrs McLean: Whatever, lets get out of here, i have to kiss up to half the contestants for winning the last challenge. I hate my job. (Walks out)

Theodore: I have no-where to go.









Olivia: (sniff) Don't cry Olivia! Just don't cry!

Olivia(CONF): Richard is gone! Which is terrible! He is the only person here that really helped me feel calm!

Marilyn: Why am i the only one helping you?

Olivia: I guess everyone hates me, oh i know i'm next out aren't I! (Sophia is about to walk in, but sneakily watches Marilyn's and Olivia)

Marilyn: Whatever. And you need to say whatever to this elimination!

Olivia: Uhh, what do you mean?

Marilyn: I mean to not cry over Richard's elimination!

Olivia: But- i can't! I love him and I don't know if i am ready to play this game alone!

Marilyn: Who said you're alone? (sigh) Look, if you really need my help, just ask. I don't have any other purpose here anyway.

Olivia: But he was so smart and could easily lead himself and me through situations!

Marilyn: Olivia, Richard won season 3 because he went through a similar problem. So why don't you show how independent you are.

Olivia: I am independent!

Marilyn: So why are you crying? About how Richard can't protect you anymore, well too bad. Because you need to learn you can't trust or rely on someone forever!

Olivia: I don't rely on Ric-

Marilyn: Then whats the problem here. I became a goth because i realised I can be who I wanna be, so if i sleep in all day then so be it!

Olivia: Sorry, but when Lucas left, you weren't happy!

Marilyn: I wasn't but don't let this affect your game, we already have one dead player on this team.

Olivia: As in you?

Marilyn: Duh. I'm done here. (Walks away)







Sophia: Marilyn. Wow.

Marilyn: What?

Sophia: That was the nicest thing you've done all season! I'm impressed!

Marilyn: What, i just told Olivia this was a competition.

Sophia: Exactly, so i need to tell you something about competing!

Marilyn: Yes, what.

Sophia: Just because you can "be who you wanna be" it doesn't mean that you just be lazy for the competition! From now on, you must be an active player!

Marilyn: But i don't wanna.

Sophia: I am sick of this i don't want to try attitude! I'm going to get a coffee!

Marilyn: Uh, Sophia? I doubt they'd serve coffee in economy class.

Sophia: Ugh!








Julia: Come on Flo! You have to do this!

Wyatt: Yeah Flo, you got this!

Flo: I'd love to say you were right, but i don't think I can.

Julia: Flo! Seriously!

Flo: Why do you want me to do this so soon!

Julia: Because i don't want you to wait before its too late! If you don't tell him before elimination, i will.

Wyatt: I don't know if it's a good idea to say it now, but you might not see each other again so just do it. I guess.

Julia: Exactly Flo! (Jason walks in)

Jason: Hey guys, what are you talking about?

Wyatt: I guess this is our cue to leave.

Julia: (Whispers) Tell him! (Wyatt and Julia walk away, but secretly watch)

Jason: Anyway Flo, how are you and Julia? You seem to be fine now but i haven't seen you guys talk much!

Flo: Oh Jason. I uh- (mumbles)

Jason: Pardon? What are you trying to say?

Flo(CONF): (sigh) Here goes nothing.

Flo: (runs up to Jason and hugs him) Thanks.

Jason: (blushes) For what? And why are you hugging me?

Flo: Because i- ... because I

Julia(CONF): She better

Wyatt(CONF): Say it.

Jason: Are you ok!

Flo: (stops hugging Jason) Look Jason, you're amazing. You have tried to get one of the biggest rivalries to become friends and you did it. I was a bit pushy and reluctant and you still didn't give up! So maybe thats why i have... a big crush on you.

Jason: You? Like me?

Flo: Whats not to like? You're funny, nice, determined, and kinda hot. But whatever, i know you think i'm weird so i best be off no-

Jason: (stops Flo from walking away, pulls her up and kisses her)

Julia: (comes in with Wyatt) Aww, isn't that cute!

Wyatt: (is holding a notepad and seems to be writing stuff down)

Jason: Flo. I didn't try and help you and Julia to become friends only because I wanted you to not scream at each other, i also did in hopes that you'd notice me. I feel the same way!

Flo: Really? (blushes)

Jason: I thought you'd notice me if i helped you, and i guess that worked!

Flo: Yeah... (laughs) But, do you wanna like be my boyfriend?

Jason: Sure! I'd love to! (kisses Flo again)

Flo: But on one condition, make sure it doesn't change the way we play the game! I really want to be with you, but i was scared that being in a competition environment would ruin us!

Jason: I understand, and i promise i won't!

Flo: Thanks Jason! I'm going to eat now, do you want to join me?

Jason: Yes of course! (the two walk away)

Julia: Wow! It worked! Another couple.... and Wyatt, what are you writing on that notepad?

Wyatt: Nothing! Hehe.

Wyatt(CONF): I want to record information about couples, so i can see a few tips on attraction maybe! I also feel really happy for Flo and Jason! But each day, my curiosity to learn about how to love is becoming more urgent! I'm sure Steph will let me ask 1 or 2 tips.

Julia(CONF): Besides Wyatt acting weirdly, i am over the moon for Flo and Jason! They are so cute together but, i'm really happy with the deal they made, if it's not distracting them from the game, final 4 will be a breeze from now on.

Flo(CONF): HE SAID YES! I don't believe that were together now! I have a boyfriend... is this happening!

Jason(CONF): Flo asked me, on a date, i said yes bro! Flo is really inspiring to me, i can't wait to do more with her.









Joshua: I feel kinda shady doing this...

Pierre: No amount of croissants in the world could make me not feel guilty right now.

Nmet: Sorry, but thats what you were supposed to do! Part of the deal!

Pierre: Are you sure we can't change your mind?

Paul: Nope.

Nmet: Even Paul knows that it's best to stick with us! Remember, they are only using you as a third wheel.

Paul: Uhh, rather 4th and 5th wheel.

Nmet: I never thought the day would come when Paul corrects me, but yes.

Paul(CONF): I guess Nmet's "goals" are a little, passionfruit? I mean passionate. But i've been speaking correctly way more often since i've been around her.

Joshua: Ok, whatever.

Joshua(CONF): Nmet is totally helping me with my- uh- problems right now. I'm being sarcastic.

Pierre: So, um, why do you want us to meet you here?

Nmet: I want to discuss who we vote for next.

Pierre: Why. We haven't lost yet senorita, wait wrong language.

Joshua: We're probably going to lose anyway, i'm dead weight.

Pierre: (rolls eyes)

Nmet: Hush! If we do lose, you may be stuck with those annoying people, Brett, Steph and Attica! Ugh!

Pierre: But they are nic-

Paul: She doesn't care.

Nmet: Looks like i've raised you right Paul. Lets take out Attica. Steph is the leader, but Attica has the best record of the three.

Joshua: Whatever. Can we go now?

Pierre: Yeah, before they figure out where we were?

Paul: Yes, now we may escort you two out of this area.

Joshua: We've been in here just as long as you, it's your first time in first class.

Nmet: Just go! (Joshua and Pierre leave) Ok Paul, this is private between you and me. I need you to do another errand.

Paul: Does it involve my tongue burning up again?

Nmet: So what if it does. Good job with yesterday's elimination, i heard about how you took out Richard. But you saved Wyatt?

Paul: So, what do you want me to do? Make an alliance with him?

Nmet: Its just that, firstly you kept in the best player of this game. That could come back to bite you in the butt. But Wyatt isn't only aligned with Julia, Flo and Jason, he is also in the Steph, Brett and Attica alliance!

Paul: Oh, yeah. Oopsie.

Nmet: Steph, Brett and Attica are our rivals. So the only thing we can do is, to announce Wyatt being in an alliance with 6 other people, on both teams.

Paul: So you want to take Wyatt out with all this drama?

Nmet: Exactly! Announce it in the challenge or something!

Paul: (sigh) Fine. Why aren't you doing any of these "Errands"?

Nmet: I am the one thinking of the strategies, you execute them! Isn't that fair?

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Nmet(CONF): Its simple, Paul will look like the antagonist, he looks like a bigger threat, Paul gets out, then i'll probably use Joshua and Pierre.










Steph: Hey.

Attica: (kisses Steph on the cheek) Hi Steph!

Brett: (rolls eyes) Hey dude and dudette.

Attica: Yeah, so what do you want to talk about here?

Steph: I wanted to tell you guys we should vote out Nmet, but Joshua and Pierre aren't here?

Attica: It's ok, you'll be able to tell them eventually!

Steph: Aww! (hugs Attica)

Brett(CONF): (sigh) I'm happy Steph and Attica are enjoying themselves, but- i am jealous that they get to spend so much time together! I barely get to hang out with Julia! Shes always with Jason, she can't like him? Could she?

Steph: Also, Wyatt doesn't spend much time with us anymore, i dunno why.

Brett: He's probably talking to people more on his team, which makes sense.

Steph: True, but whatever.

Steph(CONF): See! I can't even get half of the alliance to come to the meeting! Why am i so bad at this game!

Attica: Why don't we eat our delicious first class meals now.

Steph: Actually, i already ate. I am going to go now, see ya!

Brett: I also might hang with Julia if thats ok, bye Attica. (Steph and Brett leave first class)

Attica: Hmm. Those two don't look very happy. (Mrs McLean walks in)

Mrs McLean: Ugh, this is so bad! I have been degraded to a maid!

Attica: Yeah that uniform, doesn't look so good on you.

Mrs McLean: Shut up Crete!

Attica: Haha very funny, you seem to know you Mediterranean Geography. But if you don't like your job, stand up for yourself! Tell Chris you want to do a better job, he is your husband.

Mrs McLean: Whatever. (Mrs McLean leaves room)

Attica(CONF): To be honest, i only motivated her so i could clean up instead! I can do miracles with some wipes, a dustpan and a vacuum cleaner.






Chris: (on loudspeaker) Get out of the plane! We are back in Canada, but more specifically, Drumheller!





Chris: Welcome to Drumheller, now, if you didn't know by now, Drumheller in a nutshell is basically tons of dinosaur fossils. And theres a lot of rocks here too.

Brian: YAY! ROCKS!

Sophia: Whats so good about rocks?

Chris: Enough comments. Your challenge today is to find as many dinosaur fossils as there are people on your team. This means the Finalist Falcons will have to find 8, while the Wannabe Woodpeckers only have to find 7. Once everyone on the team has one, report to a special somebody who is hiding in this vast, desert like place!

Brett: Who will this "person" be?

Chris: Fine, i wasn't going to tell you but whatever. Its Londoya from season 1 and 3.

Wyatt: Oh Londoya. That guy was confusing!

Wyatt(CONF): I guess i apologized to him, but it's still going to be awkward.

Chris: The challenge is pretty simple, so..... GO!


Julia: Our challenge is to find old rocks, Chris is running out of ideas!

Jason: Correct you are (Julia and Jason fistbump)

Brett(CONF): So now, they are fistbumbing. Great. Fantastic. Awesome. Am i overthinking this?

Flo: We should probably separate like in that whale-taming challenge.

Olivia: How about going in groups of 2?

Julia: Olivia has a good point, 4 eyes are better than 2.

Flo: Then I call going with Jason!

Jason: Great!

Wyatt: Julia, do you want to work together?

Julia: Sure.

Sophia: I'll go with Olivia!

Olivia: Really? Thanks!

Marilyn: Sophia, really? Aren't we BFF'S?

Sophia: Yeah, but i am getting sick of you constantly slacking off. Olivia tries, at least.

Olivia(CONF): I guess Richard tried after I left, and won! I can do the same thing!

Marilyn(CONF): So what if i've been a little... lazy this time!

Brian: Guess we are partners! Yay! (runs to hug Marilyn but accidentally hugs a tree)

Marilyn: (Sigh) Anyone want to work in a group of three? (she looks up at Sophia but she seems to have left, and so has the rest of the team, except Brian)

Marilyn(CONF): Whatever, working with Brian is totally going to help me Sophia. Ugh, i hate my life!








Brett: I think we should go as a team! That way, everyone can make sure they don't see anything before we move on!

Steph: Cool. I guess it makes sense.

Nmet(CONF): I get the idea that Steph's alliance is running the team, but i don't want to let that happen! But at the same time, i don't want to look to controlling.

Nmet: (whispers) Paul.

Paul: (picking his nose) What?

Nmet: Eew. Can you say to split us in half to the team?

Paul: Why can't you say it!

Nmet: (Nmet stares at Paul) (mocks Paul) Ok thin i mean then. Your problem!

Paul: Hey! I've got that ":i mean" thing under control!

Attica: Paul- do you want to say something!

Paul: Oh i, (Nmet stares at Paul again) just thought we could split up for this challenge.

Pierre: Actually, it's probably best that we stay together. It makes sense!

Nmet: Hang on, i actually like Pauls idea!

Steph(CONF): I want to give those two their wish, but i want to stick with Brett's idea too! If i be nice to Nmet and Paul, maybe the won't target me? I dunno i don't know Jack about this stuff.

Steph: Why don't you 2 just go yourselves and the rest of us look together. It mixes our ideas.

Joshua: Whatever. Lets do it, the other team is probably ahead by now.

Nmet: Sure ok, right Paul?

Paul: But I- (Nmet steps on his foot) Fine. (team splits up)

Nmet(CONF): Great, it worked sorta. But i dunno if Pierre siding with Stephs alliance will become more serious!

Attica(CONF): This probably sounds stupid but.. what if Paul becomes a threat? He is actually playing the game and is always around Nmet. Or it could be the other way round. Those two are fishy.








Julia: Where do you think we should look?

Wyatt: I don't really know.

Julia: Yeah well, we have to start sometime.

Wyatt: I think I saw a hill up that way, we could get an aerial view?

Julia: Ok! (Wyatt and Julia start to walk up hill)

Wyatt: Wow, this hill, rather mountain, looks higher than i thought!

Julia: You'll be fine! In my rock climbing class, I learnt how to rescue people falling from mountains!

Wyatt: Really?

Julia: Yep! Plus, i don't think we'll need anything to cross this mountain.

Wyatt: Ok then, you're the expert!

Julia: Yes, i am! Hehe!

Wyatt: Enough with the bragging, lets go up the hill.

Julia: I know! Are you sure you don't need to do anything before we go up, because i usually forget about the existence of other people when i do sporty stuff!

Wyatt(CONF): Another feeling i will never relate to, except, i think only Julia would be that serious.

Wyatt: Actually, can i ask you a question?

Julia: Yeah?

Wyatt: How do you feel when you are around Brett?

Julia: Oh yeah, Brett! Well, i do like him, and when we first got together it was a magical feeling! But, i feel like we are drifting apart!

Wyatt: Really?

Julia: I mean, most couples don't last forever, but because season 2 and 3 were such messes for us, i don't really know what to do!

Wyatt: Umm, it will be ok? It's probably because you are on different teams.

Julia: I know, but i still like Brett, thats the problem! I still have feelings for him!

Wyatt: Maybe you could keep dating him and see how things go!

Julia: Thanks Wyatt! You seem to know quite a lot about relationships!

Wyatt: I seriously don't.

Julia: No, you do! I hope you will find your love some d-

Wyatt: I seriously don't feel an attraction to anyone! I might be asexual!

Julia: Wow. Really?

Wyatt: Sorry. But i've been spending this whole season trying to figure out this whole sexuality thing and i don't know what to do!

Julia: ....I'm sorry Wyatt, but i don't know how to help you!

Wyatt: (sigh) Its fine. I am pretty sure i need to figure out this stuff alone, but that is why i asked about you and Brett.

Julia: Good luck with that! But lets go! (Julia and Wyatt climb up hill)





Marilyn(CONF): Stupid Sophia, can you believe the woman! I'll show her lazy!

Brian: How are we going to grab the rocks! The sky won't let us take them!

Marilyn: ......Brian. Those are clouds for goodness sake.

Brian: I get it now!

Marilyn(CONF): I may not have competed in seasons 1-3, but i watched them, and Brian is definitely replacing Paul or Hannah.

Brian: So we need to get rocks!

Marilyn: Yes, we do. (Marilyn s tarts digging furiously for rocks)

Brian: Don't you normally.... don't try?

Marilyn(CONF): Is that what EVERYONE expects from me! Even Brian!

Marilyn: Can you just help me! Hurry up!

Brian: Ok! (starts eating the dirt to find rocks)

Marilyn: What are you doing?

Brian: Eating the rocks! Wouldn't that work?

Marilyn: I actually don't believe i am talking to a 16 or 17 year old who has forgotten the use of his HANDS!

Brian: Oh, i forgot!

Marilyn: Brian, whats gotten into you! Why are you acting so stupid!


Random Person: Oh, i am so sorry, i apologise! Eww! This dirt has totally messed with my lip gloss!

Marilyn: Why have i heard that voice before!

Brian: .....

Marilyn: Brian are you ok?

Brian: ....

Marilyn: Brian can you hear me!

Random Person: Wait, are you two dating or something!

Marilyn: Eww! No! We are competing in a reality show, a bad one actually.

Random Person: Is it Total Drama!

Marilyn: Yeah, why?

Random Person: Because... i am Mnet!


Mnet: I was here to visit because i was taking an around the country trip and i visited each territory and province!

Marilyn: Do you want me to take you to Chris?

Mnet: Eew! No! Just help me find Nmet!

Marilyn: That might be a bit hard, since all of us are scattered around this Heller of a place.

Mnet: Great! I guess i'll just follow you then, Marilyn right?

Marilyn: Wow, i'm surprised you know my name!







Jason: I don't know where to go right now.

Flo: I guess we should go up to that area, from here it looks like there might be some rocks!

Jason: Wow, thats really smart! (kisses Flo on the cheek)

Flo: Not that i didn't love that, but just remember to not let our relationship be all of our game!

Jason: Yeah, i remember! But anyway, should we go down now my little cupcake!

Flo: That sounded really bad.

Jason: Whatever, i am going to think of a new nickname!

Flo: Or... we could do the challenge.

Jason: Right, sorry. I just want to have fun with you my little muffin!

Flo: (giggles) That wasn't any better. But seriously!

Jason: Ok, ok, (lifts Flo up) Lets go!

Flo: No offense Jason, but finally!

Flo(CONF): Sorry Jason, i just am always ready to play to win, and i still really like Jason, but i don't want this to affect my game! I said it a while ago, and my nightmare is coming! I just don't date boys, and especially not in this sort of pressure! Ugh! I think he still needs to fix me up!

Jason(CONF): Was that my fault? Was that her fault! It's ok Jason, she is just determined to win! ...Ok now i'm done with my epiphany, lets see if i can be a better boyfriend.






Brett: Dude, it's actually really hot!

Joshua: Meh. I find the weather fine.

Steph: Maybe we should stop talking about the weather and maybe like, start trying to find the rocks!

Attica: I actually don't believe how hard it is to find a rock!

Joshua: What if we never find a rock?

Pierre: Don't worry, we'll find a rock.

Joshua: Sorry, thinking of the worst like always! I'm so predictable!

Steph: I think of the worst way worse than you!

Joshua: No i do! I am so paranoid!

Steph: You are fine, i'm the worrywart Woodpecker here!

Attica: Why are people arguing about this?

Pierre: (sigh) I know.

Brett: Are you ok Pierre?

Pierre: Oh me! Je suis fine! Haha!

Pierre(CONF): Am i faking feelings now! But does this sound weird if i think, Joshua and Steph are competing to be the worst of all of us! Neither of them are, but they won't accept it!

Attica: This is taking too long. Lets go up that hill to get a better view of the area!

Steph: Nice thinking Attica!

Attica: Thanks!

Joshua: So, yeah, will we like, go up the mountain now or what!

Brett: Dude, patience ok. Patience.

Joshua: See, not only am i a paranoid wreck, i am also an impatient loser!

Pierre: (rolls eyes) Is this hopeless?

Joshua: Is what hopeless?

Pierre: You won't understand.








Olivia: Hey! Should we turn right or left here!

Sophia: I say left, i mean we have no information, so we just have to pick one.

Olivia: Fair point. Um, Sophia?

Sophia: Yeah, what?

Olivia: Why did you pick me, i know you like Marilyn!


Olivia: ...Sorry, didn't mean to anger you.

Sophia: No, i should be sorry. Can i talk to you about something?

Olivia: Umm, sure?

Sophia: I don't want to sounds spoiled or anything but, my life at home is amazing. All the people are lovely and i don't see any problems! So, here, i'm with people with personalities i don't normally interact with, and i- don't know how to deal with it?? You seem so composed and so ready to deal with problems, how do you do it?

Olivia: How do i do it? My life outside of this competition is fine, i don't have many problems either! So, maybe what you said makes sense?

Sophia: What? I don't get what you are saying.

Olivia: If you watched me in season 2, i was a wreck and just wanted to win, and i hated everyone who got in my way. I dealt with what i considered "problems" badly.

Sophia: So, explain how you won?

Olivia: This sounds crazy, but we had an animal themed challenge, and i was paired up with a dog. I treated it awfully, and it's cuteness somehow made me realise how i've been acting! I relied on a dog to get me to be normal? How does that made me composed?

Sophia: ....You really think that you are bad with problems!

Olivia: Yes, with Richard's elimination i only got over it because Marilyn helped me.

Sophia: Yeah, i heard. Lets make an agreement to help each other when we go through experiences, ok? (looks emotionally at Olivia)

Olivia: Sure. Also, i think i see two rocks right.. there!

Sophia: Really, that isn't a problem! (picks up rocks) Come on, lets find Londoya!

Olivia(CONF): Ugh, can't i just be sarcastic! In season 1 thats all i was! I appreciate Sophia's talk, but seriously! Does every problem need an answer? And, both times i was in biggest trouble, i relied on someone or something else! Am i really that terrible?

Sophia(CONF): Most of that was, genuine. I stand up for what i believe in, which is for everyone to be happy! But, do i take it too far? I don't want to be the next Julia. But, i realised, i could use this one common trait to show Marilyn to try? If i spend less time with her and more time with others, maybe it will motivate her?





Nmet: PAUL! Dig faster!

Paul: Just saying, if we finish first, it doesn't affect the rest of the team's times.

Nmet(CONF): Paul is getting a bit more logical. This is bittersweet. Maybe he will contribute more to my schemes, but he's also more aware of my schemes too.

Nmet: Whatever! We need to prove ourselves worthy! Also, i'd like you to get a lemonade for me too! It's actually really hot!

Paul: Why are you complaining! I'm doing all the work here!

Paul(CONF): When Nmet asked for a lemonade, it reminded me of something. At the end of season 3, Mnet tried to get Attica to do many errands for her, and get her in last place! Is Nmet trying to do the same with me? Mnet ended up getting eliminated though, but i don't want to be used? Also, if she wants to be the antagonist, i'm the only one who can stop her, since i'm closest to her.

Nmet: Stop using that brain of yours and dig!

Paul: Maybe we should search more areas, i'm 100% sure there is nothing here.

Nmet: Fine whatever! (trips over a rock) Oww! Ugh!

Paul: Um.. sorry?

Nmet: You should be! (gets up, continues walking before tripping over another rock) Seriously!

Paul: Sorry again?

Nmet: Yes yes, but, since i am injured! PICK UP THE ROCKS NOW!

Paul: (sigh) Whatever (to himself) Dictator Nmet.

Paul(CONF): Is Nmet an antagonist? I have to stop her! I don't how to be sure she is evil, and knowing my terrible Italian skills- i mean English skills, i'll just screw everything up if i try to warn anyone.







Londoya: Beautiful! This setting would be perfect for a painting, too bad i wasn't allowed to bring in my canvas.

Chris: You're annoying. I hope they arrive soon!

Londoya: Also, Chris? Will us non-all stars ever get to compete again?

Chris: I don't know, if we're greenlit for another season or 2? Maybe?

Londoya: Really! Thanks! Do you want me to make a hat for you, your hair is kinda ugly.

(4 people arrive at Londoya and Chris)

Sophia: We made it! Boy, i'm tired!

Olivia: So am i, but don't worry, we're done!

Nmet: Do we get any sort of reward for being the first ones to like, find you?

Paul: Really! I love rewards!

Olivia: ... their's the Paul i know and love.

Chris: Fine, but only 2 two of you will get anything, deal?

Nmet: Deal.

Chris: Londoya! Pick a letter F or W!

Londoya: Why?

Chris: Just do it!

Londoya: Uhh, F? I don't care.

Chris: F stands for Finalist Falcons, which means you two will get the reward!

Sophia: Which is?

Chris: Umm, uhh, heh, you two get an extra vote at the next elimination!

Sophia: Thats great!

Olivia: It really is!










Julia: Wyatt, check this out!

Wyatt: (looks up) This is perfect! (sees lots of rocks)

Julia: Lets take 2 each, for a back up!

Wyatt: Ok, lets grab some and go! (grabs two rocks) Wait, can you hear voices?

Julia: Uh, yeah i ca- (Steph, Attica, Joshua, Pierre and Brett run up to top of mountain)

Attica: Woo! There is so many rocks here! Hi Julia!

Julia: Hey... oh Brett! It's great to um... see you? Yeah, its great to see you!

Wyatt: Hmm.

Wyatt(CONF): I'm not Richard, but i'm smart enough to tell Julia wasn't very comfortable there.

Wyatt: Um, Julia just tell Brett!

Julia: No! I'm not ready!

Brett: What?

Joshua: Hey guys shouldn't we li-

Attica: What do you mean but, tell Brett! Wyatt, explain, now!

Wyatt: Uhh, (edges near cliff) It was nothing!

Brett: Seriously, Wyatt. What do you mean!

Julia: Brett! Attica! Don't worry!

Steph: Yeah, um should we like do that challenge now?

Joshua: Yeah, Pierre, tell them! They don't listen to me because they don't care about me!

Pierre(CONF): I can't take it anymore!

Pierre: Agh! (takes rock and goes down hill, screaming)

Joshua: Well, that was weird.

Attica: I can fix this! Let me fix this problem! But TELL US!

Brett: Ugh! You just want to break up with me!

Julia: Brett, i don't!

Brett: To think you told Wyatt before me!

Wyatt: Stop nearing us! We are really close to the edge!

Attica: You're fine! Here, take these bandages! Just incase! (Attica gives Julia and Wyatt bandages)

Wyatt: Seriously, sto- (tries to step back again, but realises behind him is air, and falls off mountain) AAHHHHH!

Brett: Wyatt! ARE YOU OK!

Wyatt: (from bottom) I have a lot to tell you guys! Firstly, yes i am fine! Nothing is broken! Secondly, Chris is down here with Londoya, so you should hurry up! Because, thirdly, everyone else is here! Sophia, Olivia, Nmet, Paul, Marilyn, Flo, Jason, Brian and i can't see properly but there is a blonde girl down here too! IF YOU WANT TO WIN, HURRY! PIERRE IS HERE TOO! SO RUN!

Julia: What! (starts running down)

Brett: You heard the man, run!

Joshua: (looks at Steph and rolls his eyes)

Steph: Yeah, we've been trying to tell you that for like, the last ten minutes. (Attica, Brett, Joshua and Steph run down mountain)

Nmet: Hmm, lets see if they will pull their weight.

Chris: And the winner is...





Julia: (panting) Woo! I won! We won! Wait, why is Mnet here?


Chris: Yeah, Marilyn came back with Brian and Mnet, she said that they literally bumped into each other. Also, Brian got hit in the head, so he is unconscious.

Julia: How did he get here then?

Marilyn: I dragged him here.

Sophia(CONF): She WHAT! Did she, she didn't! Did she?

Brett: (comes in with Attica, Joshua and Steph) Oh man we lost again!

Nmet: Yeah, good, so would you like to explain why Pierre has ignored everyone? He was with you!

Joshua: (scratches his head) Pierre? What happened?

Pierre: Wait, you care?

Chris: We don't have time for this, you can discuss this before elimination, Finalist Falcons win again! Anyway, Mnet you can come on the plane.

Mnet: Really?

Chris: Londoya though, you find your way home yourself! Bye! Run you slowpokes! I don't want a lawsuit! (runs back to plane with contestants.)









Joshua: Pierre? Are you ok?

Pierre: I think so. (sniffs) I'm just so sad?

Joshua: Why?

Pierre: You won't understand! Lets go to Steph's alliance meeting. (Sigh)

Joshua: Are you sure?

Pierre: Yeah. (Pierre walks away, but Joshua closely follows him)

Joshua(CONF): I think it's my fault, i mean, being around me isn't a comforting feeling, i admit it.






Steph: Simple plan guys, vote Nmet! She could be a clear threat here!

Brett: (sniff) Yeah. Ok.

Attica: Hmph! Fine! Ok!

Pierre: Sure! (looks at Joshua)

Joshua: Absolutely! (looks at Pierre)

Pierre(CONF): I am very conflicted on who to vote for, i am sure Joshua is worried too! If he doesn't care about this, then i don't know what to say!









Chris: Well, well, well. After tonight, only 6 of you remain.

Nmet: We know basic math Chris, get on with it!

Chris: Sheesh! Pierre, do you think this decision is important!

Pierre(CONF): Why did he pick me! I am too busy thinking about my vote!

Pierre: Yes, if i want to continue in this game, the decision i make tonight will be vital.

Chris: Steph, why are you voting for whoever you are voting for?

Steph: Well, all i can say is we don't see eye to eye.

Chris: Interesting. You may vote now.

Nmet(CONF): They better stick with the plan!

Steph(CONF): Everyone is acting so weird now, Brett and Attica are wrecks, Joshua and Pierre act like they committed murder, Nmet and Paul are acting crazy as usual! But i will stick with the plan.

Paul(CONF):Should i flip? I could, but i- yeah i'll just vote _______

Brett(CONF): I have no reason not to vote you.

Attica(CONF): Why not! It's too much drama to flip.

Joshua(CONF): Ugh! Who do i pick! I remember watching season 3, Attica had two options for her votes and was friends with both. I'm in a similar position, but this move will influence the rest of my game.

Pierre(CONF): Both sides always make logical and reasonable arguments! (sigh) But i have to choose one.





Chris: WOW! This vote shocked me! Anyway, i will give

Joshua: I'm not surprised. (grabs flag)

Chris: Also safe is.... Paul and Steph!

Steph: Yay? Is that what i'm "supposed" to say when i'm "happy"?

Paul: You don't have to say it! Imagine if there was a police that made sure you said yay when you were happy! That would be really cool!

Steph: ....Huh? What?

Chris: Anyway, it looks like the votes went to the girls tonight, because Brett and Pierre are safe as well!

Pierre: (gulp) I'm more nervous than a tourist seeing my aunt eating five snails and five frogs, simultaneously!

Brett: I'm going to ignore that phrase, but why are you nervous!

Joshua: Don't worry Brett, you won't understand!

Brett: How come you will understand it and i won't!

Steph: Relax, Brett. They are friends.

Chris: Anyway, Attica, Nmet, it was a 4-3 vote!

Steph: Shouldn't it be 5-2!

Chris: Stop interrupting! The last person safe is...


























Chris: Nmet. Attica, i'm sorry, but it's time fore you to go!

Attica: (sigh) Really, i thought we had the numbers to pull that off!

Steph: Hang on a second, this doesn't make sense!

Attica: Steph, it's ok! I got out fair and square!

Steph: NO! This is actually unfair! Someone tampered with the votes! Unless you guys flipped!

Brett: I'd never do that dude!

Joshua: (gulp) Yeah, why would we vote her!

Pierre: Don't worry Steph, we'll figure out what happened!

Steph: (sigh) Thanks, i guess.

Nmet: What is with these accusations!









Attica: Steph, win for us!

Steph: I probably won't. I'm not smart enough to do that.

Attica: Typical Steph! (kisses Steph)

Brett: Attica, you left something on the plane!

Attica: What?

Brett: Your cleaning materials! (Brett gives materials to Attica)

Attica: Thanks for getting it!

Chris: Look, i don't have time for this, hurry up!

Attica: (sigh) Bye guys! (gets on jeep) KEEEEP CLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGG! (the car drives off with Attica in)

Steph: Man, how will we survive!

Brett: Chill dude, we can still do this! But, lets go back in the plane. (Steph and Brett go to economy class as Mnet comes in) 3

Mnet: Chris?

Chris: Yeah what?

Mnet: Where will i sleep! Are you going to drop me back at my house?

Chris: I'm... not sure yet. Just sleep in economy class until i figure out what to do with you!

Mnet: Ugh! Whatever! (goes onto plane)

Chris: Anyway, we are down to 14 players! What will we do with Mnet, where will we go next, who will be the next victim of elimination! Many more questions and many more answers next time on, Total, DRAMA, STARS OF THE SEASON!

Chapter 6: Aloha to you and aloha to lei

Chris: Ugh! What do i do, what do i do! (pacing around room)

Stacey: It is your decision, you are the main host!

Chris: Thanks for the flattery, but we have a bigger issue right now, will Mnet debut or not! Also, i'm running out of hair gel!

Stacey: Don't you wear a wig?

Chris: NO! (sigh) Don't tell anyone.

Stacey: I won't! Whatever.

Chris: But seriously, will she be our intern, will she debut, should we just kick her out?

Stacey: Well, according to multiple sources, ratings have been going down.

Chris: Yes, yes they have!

Stacey: No-one will care if she becomes an intern, so why don't you let her debut!

Chris: Perfect idea! I could kiss you for that!

Stacey: But... you have a wife, who will definitely not put up with that.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, we're married. Whatever. (on loudspeaker) MNET! GET OVER HERE NOW!

Stacey: Can i go now?

Chris: Sure!

Stacey(CONF): Do i look like a bad girl? He's the one flirting with me! Or was that just an accident!

Mnet: (walks in, relucantly) Ugh, do i have to do this now? I need to do my early morning make up routine!

Chris: Too bad! Anyway, my co-host Stacey gave me the perfect idea that you should debut into the competition!

Mnet: WHAT! I have to deal with the pathetic food and impossible challenges, just for a small chance of winning some money!

Chris: ...Yes.

Mnet: (sigh) Fine. But i'm no all star! My best placement is seventh!

Chris: It's either this or you intern for us. And, since we only stored enough money for 3 employees, you would have to work hard for NO PAY!

Mnet: Fine! Which team am I on?

Chris: Uhh, yeah you haven't been in the final 3 before, so you'll be on the Wannabe Woodpeckers!

Mnet: Is that the team Nmet's on?

Chris: Yes.


Chris: Ugh! You so loud! Go now! (Mnet leaves room while Mrs McLean walks in, with Theodore)

Mrs McLean(CONF): I saw everything that my so called husband did! I would get him now, but i'll save room for blackmail later. It makes it easier Stacey isn't interested in him!

Chris: Uhh, what bring you in here, darling?

Mrs McLean: (grins angrily and camera) I can see dandruff in your hair!

Theodore: (reading off paper) Uhh, yeah. It looks like you are going white!

Chris: REALLY!?

Mrs McLean: Yep, but it's fine! My mom had just the thing for dandruff!

Chris: Wait, don't! (Mrs McLean starts "scratching" on Chris's wig, and eventually pulled it off)


Chris: Fine, just don't tell anyone! (hears camera flash)

Theodore: What, she gave me $20 dollars.

Chris: Why do you have a phone with you? Did you already know!

Mrs McLean: Nope, i originally wanted to take a photo with you but this is way better! (Mrs McLean and Theodore walk out laughing)

Chris: UGH! Why does my hair look so ugly when it's grown! If that didn't happen, i could avoid this situation!








Steph: (Sigh)

Brett: Sorry that Attica's gone dude! But we can rise from this!

Steph: Really? Do you actually believe in what you're saying?

Brett: Dude, you are becoming like season 1 and early season 2 Steph.

Steph: Ok, i'm different now! I appreciate life! But i still don't really have much hope or confidence in myself.

Brett: You'll be ok! You've done a great job leading this alliance, and you've really helped the team!

Steph: You really think so?

Brett: Yes!

Steph: How am i doing a good job leading this alliance? Half the members don't show up! (Wyatt walks in with something his hands)

Wyatt: Hi, sorry i haven't been able to attend the meetings.

Steph: Whatever, i understand, you're on another team!

Wyatt: Thanks, i heard Attica got out last night, how do you feel about it?

Steph: Not so fantastic.

Brett: Steph, remember what i said before! I have to spy i mean spend more time with Julia.

Wyatt: Uhh, cool whatever. (Brett leaves)

Brett(CONF): I know Flo and Jason are together,but even if that's true, i can still spend time with her? I rather not ask Wyatt about what they talked about yesterday, I don't want to talk behind her back! Am i being paranoid?

Wyatt: Anyway, so are you sad, angry?

Steph: Not really, just..... confused? We had the numbers to take Nmet out! I don't know if it makes sense!

Wyatt: Well, i don't know if this helps, but a few episodes ago, i talked to Pierre.

Steph: Did he say anything beneficial to us?

Wyatt: Yeah, he said to Jason and I "There is a clear border on this team but no one knows where."

Steph: Hmm?

Wyatt: Does that help at all?

Steph: Yes! Thanks! The only 2 options are that Nmet or Paul tampered with the votes, or Joshua and Pierre flipped.

Wyatt: What do you think happened?

Steph: Both make sense actually. I'm going to talk to them and see what happened!

Wyatt: Do you think thats a good move?

Steph: I'm not smart enough to kn- (thinks of Brett's words) Whatever. If I lose, I lose.

Wyatt: Ok, i'll come with you, and take this cookie, it's from first class. (Wyatt gives Steph cookie)

Steph: Thanks Wyatt! This is why were best friends! Were, best friends, right?

Wyatt: Sure!

Steph: Anyway, lets go!

Wyatt(CONF): Steph was rather positive then. That's unlike him normally, but of course i'm happy for him!






Sophia: (walks into first class room and sees Marilyn and Brian laughing) Hey guys! What are you laughing about!

Marilyn: Something that happened in the challenge yesterday! Haha.

Sophia: Really? Also, Marilyn, you're never awake this early and Brian, you aren't going crazy?

Brian: Oh yeah, my crazy days are long gone. When Mnet fell onto me-

Sophia: Wait what?

Marilyn: That's a story for another time.

Sophia: ...Continue.

Brian: It kinda blocked out what made me so insane! It feels great being normal again!

Marilyn: Also, he told me about why he went crazy and it kinda motivated me to do better!

Sophia: Wow! Mind if i sit with you guys?

Marilyn: Well, we were loving the leg room and also this place can only fit 2 people, but sure. I guess you could stand up!

Sophia(CONF): That was a little rude. But i can't just jump to conclusions, i guess there wasn't much space.

Marilyn: Sorry, if that was rude.

Brian: Yeah.

Sophia: Actually, never mind. I might go ....away if that works.

Brian: That's 'fine with us!

Sophia: (sighs and walks away)








Pierre: (sitting alone)

Pierre(CONF): Joshua and Steph are depressing me, i have tried to get Joshua to be more optimistic, but he doesn't want to! I decided being alone might help! Also, changing sides didn't help me keep things together!

Pierre: I feel like i'm going crazy! Ugh! What do I do! (Sophia walks in)

Sophia: Hey? You seem sad!

Pierre: That's one way to describe it.

Sophia: Oh, why?

Pierre: Joshua is a wreck and never thinks positively and barely tries and i don't know what to do!

Sophia: Really? Well, i have been going through a similar problem with Marilyn. But she is actually becoming way more positive! But, she is al-

Pierre: Really! Do you think you did anything to help?

Sophia: I mean, i just got a bit annoyed and rejected her at the last challenge! (gasps)

Sophia(CONF): Did she really not let me sit down just because I didn't work with her? That's the sort of behavior i'd expect from an 8 year old elementary school girl than a 16 year old almost adult! (sigh) I'm just overthinking this.

Pierre: So you're saying if i like snap at Joshua and leave him alone for like an episode, he'll become positive?

Sophia: Well I uh-

Pierre: It's worth a try! I'm going to find Joshua!

Sophia: Wait, but, there might be- (realises Pierre already left) ....a downside! (Olivia walks in)

Olivia: What are you doing here, aren't we supposed to be in first class?

Sophia: Look! I have no time to explain, but can you follow me, i need to get to Joshua!

Olivia: Why?

Sophia: (coughs) What happened to no questions!

Olivia: Sheesh, sorry. I think they'd be over there. (Sophia and Jason walk out as Marilyn and Brian walk in)

Marilyn: Where is Sophia! She lost her necklace!

Brian: Lets keep looking for her!






Flo: Aww! Thanks for the necklace!

Jason: My family told me to give it to the girl i fall in love with!

Flo: (blushes) Do you really think of me that way?

Jason: Of course i do, you're perfect!

Flo: This is amazing! Thanks so much! (kisses Jason)

Jason: So, can i ask you something?

Flo: Yeah?

Jason: Is it ok, if i show my affection for you before the challenge?

Flo: I'm fine with you showing affection to me at any time, just remember to stay focused on the challenge, or on strategy or whatever! I'm sorry if i seem pushy, i just don't want me to be your downfall. (Julia walks in)

Julia: Uhh, do you really have to show you're love and care right in front of me?

Flo: Sorry.

Julia: I want to talk to Brett today, after what happened yesterday on that mountain, i need to clear things up!

Jason: Wait, what happened on the mountain?

Julia: (Sigh) I said to Wyatt that I feel my relationship with Brett was getting stale, but i didn't want to ruin anything since i still really like him! Ugh, you won't get it! You're a new couple, you're still perfectly in love!

Flo: Is that supposed to be like a warning?

Julia: I don't know! I still want to be in a relationship with him, but nothing's happening?

Flo: I recommend you tell him now.

Julia: I'm a little nervous to. Hehe!

Flo: Julia, the reason I am now with Jason is because YOU told me it was best to tell him! You can do this!

Julia: Thanks Fl-(Brett walks in)

Brett: Um hey Julia?

Julia: Hi Brett! Do you want to like

Brett: Go for breakfast? I want to talk to you!

Julia: Cook!

Julia(CONF): He want's to talk. In season 2 episode 6 we broke up, now it's season 5 episode 6! Coincidence? I think not! ;)

Jason: Let's go support her!

Flo: Aww, thats nice! Lets go!








Nmet: It's actually great you're back!

Mnet: I know right! I didn't really want to, but you're here, so it can't be that bad!

Joshua: (imitating Mnet) It's like so like amazing! Eek! (stops imitating) Get over it. But anyway, welcome to this terrible game.

Mnet: Hey, that was sorta rude! Anyway, what's been going on? Any alliances you think happening?

Nmet: Well, Jason and Flo got together, and Julia hangs with them so those three are probably in an alliance. Steph, Brett and Wyatt are aligned, but Wyatt is on the other team. So i was wondering if you could join my alliance!

Mnet: I'd love to! Who's in it?

Paul: It's Nmet, me, Joshua; the sarcastic guy in blue, Pierre; the French guy and now you.

Mnet: Wow that's a majority on a team of seven!

Joshua: Congratulations, you know basic math.

Julia: (walks in with Brett) Hey! Mind if we sit with you!

Nmet: Sure.

Joshua(CONF): I hope Nmet doesn't mention me being in her alliance, or that could be bad for me, also, i haven't seen Pierre at all today!

Julia: Anyway, i just wanted to talk about yesterday. I honestly don't want to break up with you!

Brett: That's great! But is it good news?

Julia: Not really, it is about us too. (takes deep breath as Steph walks into room with Wyatt)

Paul: Wow. Now everyone is coming in here.

Steph: Oh shut up Paul!

Paul: Hey! I didn't do anything!

Wyatt: Yeah dude, don't say anything you'll regret!

Steph: Nmet! Paul! Did you tamper with the votes!

Mnet: Wait, did you girl? Thats dirty!

Nmet: Remember what you did in that train challenge in Life of Iqaluit?

Mnet: Shush!

Steph: Don't change the subject! Did you two tamper with the votes!

Nmet: Sorry, Steph! I'm not the biggest fan of you or Attica, but i didn't tamper the votes!

Paul: Neither did I!

Julia: (whispers to Brett) Aren't you in an alliance with them, maybe you should calm him down!

Brett: Steph i don't think he did anything.

Wyatt: Does that mean Joshua and Pierre were the culprit?(Pierre walks in)

Pierre: Did someone call my name?

Steph: Yeah, I did! You and Josh voted for Attica!

Pierre: Oh yeah, Joshua!

Pierre(CONF): I don't want to scream at Joshua! And i also don't know if i should come clean about voting Attica!

Pierre: Joshua, you are so annoying an- (Sophia and Olivia walk in)

Sophia: Pierre! Don't do it!

Pierre: It worked for you, so it should work for me!

Joshua: Uhh, what's going on here?

Steph: We can figure that out after you tell me if you voted for Attica or not!

Pierre: Let me finish!

Olivia: Popcorn would really be good right now.

Pierre: Joshua, you neve- (Sophia covers Pierre's mouth as Marilyn and Brian walk in)

Mnet: Wow! Another person to create more drama.

Steph: Just Say YES OR NO! UGH!

Brett: Steph! It's ok, just calm down!

Wyatt: Yeah, they seem to have other issues to take care of, let them deal with it!

Marilyn: What's going on here, i just came back to give Sophia her necklace!

Brian: A lot has happened. Evidently.

Steph: Answer the darn question!

Joshua: (Sigh) Fine. Pierre and I voted for Attica.

Pierre: Oh you just had to bring me into this!

Joshua: Sorry for telling the truth!

Sophia: Look, Pierre, i don't think the Marilyn strategy will work!

Julia: Oh goodness, the drama!

Marilyn: Hey! What Marilyn strategy! Do you want to eliminate me!

Sophia: NO! I DON'T!

Steph: Why did you vote for my girlfriend! Why!

Pierre: (sigh) Paul and Nmet gave me and Joshua good points on why i should join their side.

Nmet: Don't get us involved in your mini war!

Paul: Yeah!

Brian: Paul, you are kinda becoming bad now! Anyway, Sophia here's you-

Marilyn: No Brian! She won't get her necklace until she tell's me what the "Marilyn Strategy" is!

Sophia: Seriously it's nothing!

Steph: Ugh! So it's everyone on our team's fault except for Brett! And technically Mnet! So we are in the minority!

Paul: Yes. Sorry, but it's true.

Steph: Paul, i never thought you'd become evil, but you have! has it been you and Nmet being equal schemers this whole time! Joshua, Pierre, you're still not a monster yet, please join us again!

Joshua: Do you understand how hard it is!

Steph: I DON'T CARE!

Wyatt: Seriously! Stop lashing out at them! It won't help anyone! (Flo and Jason walk in)

Flo: So, did you tell him?

Julia: Well, i was going to but, something happened!

Flo: What do you mean, what happened?

Julia: Just order a popcorn and watch.

Wyatt: STEPH!











(everyone stars screaming, arguing and throwing things at each other)

Mnet: Well, that was a great first episode for me on this show!

Julia: Yep, literally everyone is just throwing stuff at each other and screaming.

Flo: Anyway, Mnet! How does it feel to join the show again!

Mnet: It's cool, and i came just in time for some major drama!

Jason: I guess that's why it has it's name!

Mnet: Haha. Yep.

Mnet(CONF): Wow. That was interesting! I want to play the game strategically, but still be nice. I tried to be the antagonist at the end of my run last time, but that failed. I wan't to prove myself, i can do better than 7th!

Chris: (on loudspeaker) Um, GET OUT OF THE PLANE! We have landed at our next destination!







Chris: Wow, some of you look tense!

Julia: How do you think me and Mnet feel, we dealt with tonnes of screaming and arguments!

Chris: Ok! Well firstly, i think everyone now knows that Mnet has debuted onto the show and will compete on the Wannabe Woodpeckers. Which means it's 7 versus 8! Now, you may have noticed that so far we've only been to places in North America! That is because-

Joshua: You don't have enough money to get the plane out of the continent.

Pierre: (giggles)

Pierre(CONF): Joshua's snarky sarcasm is the reason i like him so much! But is it that hard to find someone who is sarcastic, but still thankful and optimistic?

Chris: No Joshua! That is because we are trying to save money by being smart about where we go! But don't worry, this is the last North American Location we'll visit.

Paul: Which is?

Nmet: Hawaii, duh.

Chris: Hey! I wanted to say that! But I assume none of you are from Hawaii?

Julia: Yes, correct.

Chris: So, your challenge will be to use a textbook of the Hawaiian language, and try to find how to say May i please get a lei? Once you do, you must say it to this native Hawaiian, Theodore!

Theodore: Ugh (from mini-shop) I'm not even from Hawaii.

Chris: And your whole team only needs to get one by the way, so this place happens to be right next to volcano, Mauna Kea! So, you must climb to the top of the volcano and throw your lei in, first team to do so, wins! Here are 4 books which basically have every commonly used English word to translate into Hawaiian, each team gets 2, so for once in your life, sharing is caring! Now go!




Brian: Lets split up into 2 groups each research half of the sentence!

Julia: Wow! Good idea, have you become sane again?

Brian: Yes, yes. Whatever.

Wyatt: (sigh) Well, after that major incident before the challenge, i think it's safe to say Marilyn and Sophia can work in different groups!

Marilyn: (angrily) Fine!

Sophia: (fiercely) Whatever!

Julia: Flo and Jason, you two have good chemistry, you should work together!

Jason: I'm fine with that!

Flo: Cool!

Julia: Maybe, i should work with Olivia today, Brian and Wyatt can just go in any group

Brian: Yeah!

Olivia(CONF): Ever since Richard left, people have been wanting to work with me? Half of me feels flattered, butt the other half of me feels like i'm being used. Since I don't really.. have any friends on the team people probably look at me as an extra number. I don't want to be an extra number!

Olivia: Ok!

Brian: Good that we have partners, but maybe we should form 2 groups now!

Wyatt: What if Brian, Olivia, Julia and Marilyn go in one group, is that ok?

Brian: I get to be with Marilyn, which is good enough with me!

Marilyn: Thanks!

Sophia(CONF): Hmph. Why don't they just go out on a date! Wait, both of them are already in a relationship, never mind then.

Marilyn(CONF): The reason i'm friends with Brian is because we went through similar experiences! Our love interests got booted first and second, which had a severe effect on our behavior! But with Sophia, she doesn't trust me enough to even tell me something! Which, isn't enough if you want to be my best friend!

Jason: That leaves Flo, Sophia, Wyatt and me! Lets go!








Brett: There is 7 on the team, so maybe 6 of us can split in halves!

Joshua: And what will the seventh member on the team do, genius.

Steph: DON'T TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT! (sigh) Well, if i have to, can i sit out?

Brett: Why?

Steph: I don't feel in a very stable position to talk.

Pierre(CONF): I really want to win this challenge, maybe it will help bring out all the anger and confusion in me, plus, I can speak 3 languages! If there is any challenge so far this season i can ace, it's this one!

Nmet(CONF): Ok, after that dramatic pre-challenge talk, basically everyone on the team could get out! So, i don't care as much about how i come off as a threat.

Nmet: Can i work with Paul and Mnet, cause i'm closer to them!

Brett: Sure, wait, that leaves me with- Joshua and Pierre.

Joshua: Bite me.

Pierre: (sigh) Can i work with someone else!

Nmet: Ugh, fine. Paul, switch with Pierre.

Paul: Wh-

Nmet: Now!

Paul: Fine.

Brett: Steph, though, you have to do this challenge! You have to throw the lei into the volcano to make it even!

Steph: Fine!

Mnet: Do we separate now?

Brett: Sure!

Brett(CONF): I really am feeling more alone in this game, Attica's gone, Pierre and Josh flipped and now Steph is feeling depressed because of it. I wish i could change teams!









Julia: Well, the part of the sentence we got was "may i please"

Olivia: 3 words, this can't be that hard!

Brian: Maybe we should check the words alphabetically, so we don't end up scrolling through every single page!

Julia: Well, then we look for I first, then

Olivia: May, then

Brian: Please!

Olivia: Well that was a good idea or what!

Julia: I know! Marilyn, why aren't you doing anything?

Marilyn: I'm.... tired. Annoyed. I don't feel in a good mindset to do a challenge!

Julia: COME ON! We need to win! Urgh-

Olivia: Julia, shut up, i don't know much about what Jason has been doing to you, but don't become the annoying Julia again!

Julia: Sorry, just trying to help!

Julia(CONF): I want to have Olivia as sort of like a satellite to our main alliance. But i don't want it to feel like i'm using her! So, i'll be nice and obey her rule for now.

Brian: Let me handle this girls.

Marilyn: I'm not gonn-

Brian: Do you want to lose to Sophia?

Marilyn: No...

Brian: Then get UP! Prove to her you can try!

Marilyn: You're right! Lets find those words! (Julia and Olivia look at Brian, speechless)

Olivia: How did you get her to stop?

Brian: Just a simple trick i learnt back in season 3-


Olivia: Yeah? What's "I" in Hawaiian?

Marilyn: Actually, i found out how to say may i please all together on this phrase page!

Julia: Awesome! So what is it?

Marilyn: Hiki iaʻu keʻoluʻolu. I definitely pronounced that wrong.






Joshua: ...

Brett: ...

Joshua: ...

Brett: ...

Paul: Guys, maybe we should start the awkward tension!

Brett: (sigh) Whatever.

Joshua: Can i just sleep? I don't, actually, feel like trying.

Brett: Why not? (mocking Joshua) Because Pierre isn't here?

Joshua: Hey you have no right to call me out on that!

Brett: But it makes sense, the one time Pierre isn't with you, you don't try at all!

Paul: Uhh

Joshua: Shut up! He may or may not be a part of my current inactivity, but it's way more than that! You don't even know the full story!

Brett: I'm not having the best time either, and i'm not letting that affect my performance!

Joshua: What could you possibly be going through!

Paul: Guys?

Brett: That's private, but i actually care and don't act like a crybaby!

Joshua: Leave me alone! (walks away, angered)

Brett: Yeah, that's right, go you blind follower!

Paul: (Paul looks at Brett, annoyed) Aren't you like a jock, into sports?

Brett: What does that have to do with anything?

Paul: Well then, you should know a thing about sportsmanship, being supportive! That was a terrible way to act towards him-

Brett: Did you hear about all that happened this morning?

Paul: Not an excuse, but lets just get over it for now.

Brett: (Sigh) So anyway, where should we start.

Paul: You didn't know? While you two were bickering i figured out how to say may i please!

Brett: Really dude! How do you say it!

Paul: Hiki iaʻu keʻoluʻolu.

Brett(CONF): What is wrong with me! Why do i overreact so much! I actually do not know what just came over me, it's probably all the tension from the morning fight. Now that Josh is on Nmet's side, they could use that as a reason to get me out too! This is perfect! Also, can i just mention i was given a lecture on being supportive by PAUL! That guy is actually smarter than he seems, but who knows if it's' for good or bad.

Paul(CONF): If you think about it, all this drama is probably good for our alliance. Nmet, Mnet and I stayed out of it, and we could use all these rivalries to help us come merge. ...I think i've been hanging with Nmet too much.







Nmet(CONF): Pierre and Joshua are probably both very insecure right now, i don't really care about how they feel personally, but if i make the both of them feel better then I might get the 2 to be more confident about being on TEAM NMET!

Mnet: So Pierre, where are you from?

Nmet: France, duh.

Mnet: Wait, you are French, can you speak French?

Pierre: Yes.

Nmet: Wow, that gave me an idea, since you've learnt a second language, you'd be great in a challenge like this, do you want to give us some tips?

Pierre: Ok.

Mnet: Cool, so where would we begin!

Pierre: The most important word in the phrase is lei, so learn that first!

Nmet: Great, you're so smart!

Pierre: Do you really think so?

Nmet: Of course, Joshua is lucky to have you, speaking of Joshua, why did you snap at him this morning?

Nmet(CONF): Again, i don't really care personally, but this info could help me down the road. If he doesn't tell me, i'll just leave it at that so i don't look like i'm controlling him.

Pierre: I don't really want to tell.

Mnet: Anyway, um the word lei is still lei in Hawaiian!

Pierre: Cool. I used this book brand to learn English, i know that there is a section for phrases too! Search for the phrase, "get a".

Nmet: On it chief!

Pierre(CONF): Nmet's being really nice to me!

Mnet(CONF): (continuing sentence) But, i don't know if that niceness is genuine.

Pierre(CONF): (continuing sentence) I mean, she could just be using me to make me feel safer with her.

Mnet(CONF): (finishing sentence) But, i am probably just looking too far into it.

Mnet: I found the words!

Pierre: That's awesome, how do you say it?

Mnet: "E loa'a i ka lei"

Nmet: Lets tell the rest of the team!








Sophia: Can you just give the book to me, i know what i'm doing!

Flo: So will I! Grr!

Jason: Flo! Just let Sophia have the book before this escalates!

Wyatt: I would agree.

Jason: Thanks for agreeing dude! (fistbumps Wyatt)

Wyatt: No problem, i guess.

Jason(CONF): Not being sexist or anything, but i miss hanging out with my bros. So Wyatt is right now the only male friend i have. And also, he never argues or does anything without thinking, which just makes me respect him, he just needs a bit more confidence.

Flo: Fine you're right. Sorry.

Jason: Don't apologize, you're just trying to help! (hugs Flo)

Wyatt: (brings out his notebook and rewrites what happened with Jason and Flo)

Sophia: Yay! I get to do it! Wait Wyatt, what are you doing?

Wyatt: Not really something i want to publicly reveal.

Sophia: But you're doing this in public.

Wyatt: ....Not the point. (Joshua walks in)

Jason: Josh? Why are you away from your team, and so sad?

Sophia: Are you here to copy us! Don't you d-

Wyatt: Sophia, shush. Josh, what happened?

Joshua: I don't- really want to talk right now.

Wyatt: Joshua, i know i'm allied with Steph, and he just screamed at you and your best friend, but you can tell me!

Joshua: No, i can't. I'm gonna- go.. now. Sorry for distracting you guys.

Flo: Are you sure you want to go now?

Joshua: Yes. Carry on. (Walks out)

Jason: Did that whole pre-challenge drama affect people that much!

Flo: Jason, i think there's more to it than that.

Sophia: Ok, sorry to interrupt, but i found out how to say the rest of the phrase!

Flo: Yay! How do you say it!

Sophia: Forgive my terrible pronunciation, "E loa'a i ka lei" (other group from Falcons walk in)

Julia: Hey, did you guys get how to say the last bit?

Wyatt: Yes actually, you are just in time!

Olivia: Ok, then lets go to Theodore already! (Finalist Falcons goes to Theodore)




Steph: What do i do about all this. What do i do! (pacing around)

Steph(CONF): It was probably good to sit out on this challenge to think about all these votes.

Steph: Ugh! How did it come to this! I'm gonna get out next aren't I! (Joshua walks in)

Joshua: Hey. I understand if you don't even want to see me, but, can i talk to you?

Steph: Ok.

Joshua: Look, i'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't just want to t-

Steph: I know, it's a game. I can't just expect to win without any flips or anything.

Joshua: Thanks. I feel really unsure about myself, and not just about the voting! I literally am not ok, but, you- you seem to have calmed down and really focused this season.

Steph: No i haven't! I've been failing, like this whole season!

Joshua: Steph, stop lying to yourself. You are leading an alliance, spanning both teams and, up until yesterday? You have literally been perfect at this game.

Steph: True.

Joshua: And look at me, i am a mess, i can't pick a side to vote with, i can barely try without Pierre around, i feel angry, jealous, confused, annoyed! Literally any negative feeling! I am the worst player here, the game is meant to adapt, but i am not adapting, i can't deal with different situations and get through them without help! I think i am independent all the time! But i'm not!! My sarcasm just makes everyone think i'm better than I am, everyone loves sarcastic people, i mean look at Noah (from actual Total Drama), he is many peoples favorites! My sarcasm is my false treatment for all these emotions, i always feel worried or angry at myself, i don't even know what i'm doing! All you are going to do is pity and make me feel better, but that proves my point even more, and then i overthink things, whenever people help, i just want to reject them! I actually do not know what to do!

Steph: Josh, (Sigh)

Joshua: What? (starting to cry)

Steph: I have gone through similar things. And, you just need to find something in your life, that you- genuinely value! Things that bring you happines-

Joshua: I already value stuff! Thats not really the problem!

Steph: Then, find something new you enjoy.

Joshua: Do you think that's all there is to being able to wake up and not hate everything! To not have ground breaking mental theories every day!

Steph: I'd hope so, but you are right about pitying. Don't use your overall sadness to give yourself a reason to fail. I don't have faith in myself either, but i try to put in lots of effort anyway.

Joshua: (Sniff) Thanks, i'm gonna get back to my tea- (Wannabe Woodpeckers arrive)

Brett: Why do both of you look so emotional.

Joshua: (Sarcastically) I'd love to tell yo-

Steph: (whispers to Joshua) Maybe try not being sarcastic.

Joshua: (whispers back) I don't know how, it's now literally engraved into my life!

Paul: Would you like to answer the question?

Joshua: (looks at Steph, then looks at Pierre) No.

Mnet: Ok. So like, we already finished and asked Theodore for a lei. (gives Steph lei)

Nmet: So hurry up and get to the top, the Falcons are already ahead of us.

Pierre(CONF): Josh and Steph are alike, so they might have had some sort of bonding moment, i really hope that helps the both of them.





Wyatt: Woo! Climbing up this is super hard!

Jason: Nah, it's fine!

Julia: Yeah, just need some endurance!

Wyatt: You two aren't tired cause you're sporty.

Marilyn: Agreed, i'm wearing the lei around my next and i'm sweating.

Flo: Information we all wanted, yes.

Sophia: Hmph!

Marilyn: Don't you say Hmph to m-

Brian: Marilyn!

Olivia: Sophia!

Marilyn: Sorry.

Jason: Hang on I think i can see the top from here!

Flo: Really! That's great!

Julia: Woohoo! We're gonna win again!

Sophia: I guess losing wouldn't be the worst thi-

Marilyn: It would be if you went home, not shut your mouth and keep moving.

Sophia: Shut up! 2 episodes ago, you basically slept in challenges!

Olivia: Girls! We do not have time for this!






Steph: Great, they won!

Brett: It's ok Steph, we still have a chance.

Pierre: To be honest Brett, just face it, we lost!

Brett: Are you all going to give up!

Joshua: Yes, if you couldn't tell.

Brett: Shut u- (Paul looks at him) I mean, whatever.

Steph(CONF): What, how is Paul influencing Brett! Right now, it's good, because he is stopping violence, but if he uses is surprising high level of power over Brett to his advantage, then that's bad for me.

Mnet: Hang on, Brett, you're sporty, you could just throw the lei in from here!

Nmet: Actually, that would work!

Brett: Woah, i'm not that strong, i couldn't do that!

Mnet: Don't doubt yourself Brett! You can do thi-

Brett: No, i can't do this.

Joshua: Seriously Brett!

Brett: (holding back anger) No.

Joshua: Then i'll do it.

Mnet: But you have a weak throwing a-

Nmet: Ok! If no-one else is offering!

Nmet(CONF): Want to make Joshua think he can do it, even though, he obviously can't.

Joshua: I haven't helped at all today! Plus, i might have some feelings i want to take out in that throw!

Pierre(CONF): Feelings? Should i know about this?

Steph(CONF): Feelings? Is it more than what he told me?

Paul(CONF): Feelings? Is that what he and Brett argued about?

Brett(CONF): Feelings? As in Pierre?

Nmet(CONF): Feelings? Is this advantageous to me?

Mnet(CONF): Everyone used the confessional, so i guess i will to, but what feelings did he mean?

Joshua: Three, two, one, (throws ball)

Pierre: Wow, that was actaully a great throw!

Joshua: Ok, now my arm hurts.






Chris: Finalist Falcons, you made it to the top of the volcano!

Flo: Woohoo!

Chris: All you have to do is.... throw the lei in this volcano! Now!

Marilyn: I'm scared to, can someone else do it?

Olivia: Eh, i'll do it!

Jason: Thanks Olivia!

Olivia: Alright, lets win thi- (lei comes flying out of nowhere and falls in volcano)

Chris: Wha-

Wyatt: Would someone like to explain to me what just happened! (Wannabe Woodpeckers walk in)

Paul: We did! Joshua threw that lei and now we won, you didn't! Haha!

Julia: Seriously! SERIOUSLY!

Joshua: Yes, seriously.

Chris: Well, i guess that means... the Wannabe Woodpeckers win todays challenge!

Brian: Aww, man!

Pierre: Woohoo!

Mnet: Yay! My first win!

Chris: Anyway, get down this mountain and Finalist Falcons, meet me in the Elimination Ceremony in about half an hour. Now lets go, just incase the volcano erupts.










Pierre: Hey, Joshua.

Joshua: (sigh) Hi Pierre.

Pierre: I just wanted to say to you, good job in the challenge.

Joshua: Aww, thanks! It feels good to use all my feeling and take them out on something!

Pierre: Do you want to talk to me about these, feelings?

Joshua: No. I told Steph, but i don't know if i can tell you.

Pierre: Hang on, you told Steph, as in the guy you betrayed last night before your best friend!

Joshua: No because it came up an-

Pierre: Am in not bringing it up! Good bye Joshua! (leaves room)

Pierre(CONF): What am i doing! Why am i treating him so badly! I don't think the whole Marilyn strategy would work! So why am i saying such bad things about him!






Jason: I think we need to take out Marilyn. She is very unpredictable.

Julia: I saw her more in this challenge, she can't really focus without our help, it's time she goes!

Wyatt: Ok.

Flo: Fine. I agree with it.

Julia: I guess it's sad because, she's a good person.

Wyatt: Julia, i thought you'd be used to this by now, we have to.

Julia: I guess.





Sophia: Look, Marilyn.

Marilyn: Yes?

Sophia: I don't really want to vote with you, but you're the only chance i have to progress.

Olivia: Great!

Brian: You girls finally apologized! Now, who do we vote for.

Marilyn: All of them are good targets, but i think we should go for Flo.

Brian: Why Flo?

Marilyn: If she leaves, Jason will become sad and not have as much motivation. Julia will probably feel pressured to lead us and Wyatt - won't be majorly affected.

Olivia: I guess we can do Flo. Jason's really strong and we need some way to distract him, but he can get us wins.

Sophia: Flo isn't as athletic, i guess this plan makes sense!

Chris: (on loudspeaker) Finalist Falcons, GET TO ELIMINATION NOW!









Chris: And we are done with the North American continent!

Olivia: Get on with it.

Chris: Fine! Just go vote!

Flo(CONF): You aren't worth our time to keep motivating, sorry.

Wyatt(CONF): Now that Brian's sane again, you're our best option.

Marilyn(CONF): Your record in this game is really strong, which isn't going to help me continue in this game.

Brian(CONF): I'm voting for my best friend's girlfriend. Why don't i just disband my friendship with Jason!

Jason(CONF): I mean, you tried to get me out in season 4, so this is basically pay back.

Olivia(CONF): I like you, but you will give a good domino effect for us.

Julia(CONF): I don't really tolerate lazy people, so bye bye!

Sophia(CONF): Don't have a big opinion on you, but you are a strong player, you need to leave.

Chris: I've tallied up the votes, and it's... a 4-4 tie! (everyone gasps) Yes, but lets get to the safe players first. Jason, Brian and Olivia, you three are safe.

Olivia: Eek!

Brian: Yes!

Chris: Sshh! No talking! Next safe is, Sophia and Julia also with 0 votes.

Julia: Phew!

Wyatt: (gulp)

Flo: Lucky you.

Chris: The person who will not be competing in the tiebreaker is, Wyatt.

Wyatt: Yes!

Marilyn: Oh no!

Jason: Flo!

Flo: Ugh, great.

Chris: Lets get this done quickly. I am going to ask you a question about today's challenge. Whoever gets it right first, stays in the game. The other, is out. You two, stand up.

Jason: Good luck!

Brian: You can do this Marilyn!

Chris: Who threw the lei into the volcano for the Wannabe Woodpeckers.

Flo: ...

Marilyn: We don't remember!

Flo: Yeah, why not a question about us!

Chris: I can build more suspense this way!

Flo(CONF): Brett is the most sporty, so it would make sense if he did it.

Flo: Brett?

Chris: Incorrect! Marilyn, if you get this right, and you stay in the game!

Olivia: No pressure.

Marilyn: Um, is it, Josh?

Chris: That is...























Marilyn: Yes!

Jason: Wait, does that mean, Flo is eliminated?

Chris: Well, duh.

Jason: FLO! NO!

Flo: Jason! It's ok!

Julia: No it's not!

Chris: Have your sentimental moment next to the jeep of shame please. Cause Flo, you're getting on it.







Flo: Jason, Julia, Wyatt!! Carry on from this!

Wyatt: Its not just you leaving that hurts us, but we're also in the minority!

Julia: Yeah!

Jason: Flo, i don't believe this is happening so soon!

Flo: I know, but Jason, fight on! Please!

Jason: Of course! (Jason and Flo kiss)

Julia: Look Flo, i'm sorry about all our arguments, and i'm- really happy we're friends now.

Flo: So am I. (hugs Julia)

Wyatt: Ok, i'm not as close with you as those two, but i'm gonna miss having you around.

Flo: Thanks Wyatt! (hugs Wyatt)

Chris: Ugh! Enough!

Flo: Fine. Bye you three, good luck! (gets on jeep as it drives away)

Julia: Wow.

Julia: She's really gone.

Chris: Go back on the plane i need to do the outro!

Wyatt: Ok. (Jason, Julia and Wyatt go on plane)

Chris: Ok! Only 14 remain in the competition! Will Joshua become less of a crybaby, will Nmet become more evil, will Jason and Julia recover from losing Flo, find out more on Total! DRAMA! STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 7: I'll pack an alpaca


Theodore: Ok. So our deal is that you help me with the anonymous pilot and I help you with Stacey and Chris.

Mrs McLean: So?

Theodore: I need you to go in that cockpit and start flying the plane.

Mrs McLean: But- i don't know how to!

Theodore: Fine, i'll do it. Then you use this gigantic paper bag and fly it around the cockpit so it can trap the culprit!

Mrs McLean: This isn't going to work. Are you sure it isn't on autopilot?

Theodore: No! And this will work! This one time in the French Revolution, my brothers did the same when we couldn't find our sundial.

Mrs McLean: Should i even dare to question your age?

Theodore: No. Lets do this already, i need to take my medications!

Random Voice: Haha. You think you are going to find me! You have no chance, i will lead this plane to my lair, and you two will be my first victims! (laughs in evil voice)

Theodore: Umm. What?

Mrs McLean: (peeps into cockpit) There's no-one in there!

Theodore: Well, we have to tell Chris!








Jason: ...

Julia: Ok, lets start the meeting. Jason, do you have anything to say?

Jason: (sigh) Flo..

Julia: Jason, i miss Flo too, but we can't dwell on her absence.

Jason: Flo!

Julia: Seriously, are you going to answer me.

Jason: (Sigh) Yes.

Julia: Jason! You have to snap out of it! Flo's gone, you'll see her in like a month!

Jason: But why was it so soo-

Julia: Stop whining! If you continue to question it, then you'll just drown yourself in an ocean of thoughts, look at Pierre and Joshua right now!

Jason: I guess.

Julia: So, are you ok and ready to continue this game?

Jason: Yes General Julia.

Julia: Hey! Wait where's Wyatt? (Wyatt runs in)

Wyatt: Sorry, i slept in.

Wyatt(CONF): I did sleep in a little, but that wasn't why i was late. I was busy contemplating about how i'll survive the next few days that I forgot about her meeting.

Julia: It's fine.

Wyatt: Anyway, Jason, how are you putting up with Flo's elimination?

Julia: Badly!

Jason: Hey! I'm getting over it!

Julia: So anyway, our only 2 options to stay is to either win out-

Wyatt: Which is highly unlikely.

Julia: Or to get someone from their side onto ours.

Wyatt: (checks clock) Oh, it's nine already! I need to- eat! I'm hungry! (walks away)

Jason: What was Wyatt in a rush to?

Julia: I don't know. I guess we can go now.






Wyatt(CONF): I left there in a rush to meet with Steph and Brett. Both of my alliances went from being the majority to the minority, which is why, i have to be there for the both of them!

Wyatt: I hope Julia and Jason don't think thats too shady. (Nmet and Paul walk in)

Nmet(CONF): I don't like what Paul did back in Mexico. But, this might help us in the long run. I need to stir up more drama to keep me off the chopping block. So, on the Finalist Falcons, Marilyn, Sophia, Olivia and Brian are in the majority, so i just need to do one or 2 flips and things will go my way. Wyatt is allied with Steph, but if i make him look more antagonistic then Steph could lose yet another ally before merge.

Wyatt: Hey you two. Do you know where Steph is?

Paul: He's at th- (Nmet covers Paul's mouth)

Nmet: Actually, i haven't seen him in a while!

Wyatt: Well, alrigh-

Nmet: Wait, can i ask you to do a favour?

Wyatt: Yeah, what?

Nmet: Well, my good friend Paul warned you that you could have been eliminated, but you are still here, so now it's time for you to do us a solid!

Paul: Huh? What are you doing?

Nmet: Hush Paul! Actually, you can just go talk with Mnet!

Paul: Alright. (walks away)

Wyatt: Yes, so what do you want me to do?

Nmet: You're in the minority, so just flip... Sophia to your alliance, and you guys can stay!

Wyatt: How do you know about our team alliances, and also, why do you care about my safety?

Nmet: You can be my ally at merge, now go!

Wyatt: Sure, i guess? (Walks away)

Nmet(CONF): The more Wyatt does these risky moves, the more drama it creates. For him. I can't only use Paul to do my moves, cause otherwise he'll get voted off. Also, i get to pry him away from Steph. Wow, i am so smart.








Joshua: I'm not going to tell you about those "feelings" i mentioned yesterday!

Mnet: Why?

Joshua: It's personal, something a blonde can't understand!

Mnet: Hey! Don't insult me because of my hair colour!

Joshua: Sorry, just a joke.

Mnet: A bad one, yes.

Joshua: Sorry- but i'm a little confused right now.

Mnet: How am i confusing you?

Joshua: No, you're not doing anything. (Paul walks in)

Paul: Hi.

Mnet: Hello!

Joshua: Wow, you're not near Nmet! That's a first.

Paul: Wow, you're not near Pierre! That's a first!

Joshua: Shut up! There's way more to that!

Paul: Whatever, Mnet, how is joining the game treating you!

Mnet: Fine! Although, it's super dramatic and very different from Iqaluit!

Paul: How?

Mnet: I feel like, here, is just harder to survive and more intimidating. Everyone has so many problems that they just want to take everyone out, so they can deal with it, while they still have this sort of time.

Joshua: I don't know if that makes sense. Anyway, i'm going to go now. (Joshua leaves)

Joshua(CONF): What Mnet said just makes me think, will i have the freedom to not be so unsure when i leave this show indefinitely? I don't really want to figure that out now, because i have other priorities, and it will just confuse myself more, but- if i'm struggling here, will it just get worse when i leave?

Mnet: That Joshua guy is a little... annoying.

Paul: Well, don't harass him, he is so weak, i don't know if he can take it.

Mnet: Whatever. But, everyone here is so good at the game, and then i'm here! The one time i tried to actually do something in this game, and i get eliminated!

Paul: Mnet, shut up! We have too many people with personal problems! You said this game is very intimidating, so show everyone you don't care or you'll get out! It's an ALL STAR season! Of course it's going to be intimidating!

Mnet: Am i supposed to have a positive reaction to that! Thanks, but i won't hide my feelings for a season.

Paul: Well, it's your call, do you want to be the weakest link here? The answer is clear to me, and i'm pretty sure i'm dumber here. So get yourself together before it's too late! Fake your emotions if you have to show the others you are good enough! Bye bye now. (walks away)

Mnet(CONF): At first, it was nice how he was trying to help me out, but.. he's just forcing me to do what he wants. Is he himself putting on a more serious face this season, because, i've known the guy for a year and he never acted so, forceful!

Paul(CONF): Could that have been a little pushy? Yes, it could have been. But this alliance already has Joshua and Pierre, two very unstable men. And i don't need Mnet becoming emotional as well, it will ruin my game! ....What is wrong with me! I am acting exactly like Nmet! Urgh!







Brian: Ok. So, last night way a success for us.

Olivia: Yes. So, even though we may not like each other totally.

Sophia: Yeah, Marilyn.

Marilyn: Shut up.

Olivia: Girls! We aren't going to get anywhere if you fight! It may take some time to earn each others trust, but it's not going to do you any good if you always lash out on each other!

Brian: But it gets their feelings ou-

Olivia: True Brian, but, they could take their feelings out in positive ways.

Brian: Like what?

Olivia: Using it in challenges, or using it to find creative strategic plans for u-

Brian: Why does it sound like, you only want everyone else's relationships to affect you positively.

Olivia: Brian. Shut up.

Marilyn: Look who's arguing now! Haha!

Sophia: Yeah, so that means we can fight if you can!

Olivia: No! Don't! Now, anyway, we still should try in challenges, but... we have the majority which means we don't need a win to survive.

Marilyn: Yes!

Sophia: I think we already figured that out.

Olivia: Look, i don't want to bother trying to talk to you guys anymore!

Sophia(CONF): I don't know why, but today i just woke up and felt like being sassy and rude to everyone. It's weird! I want to show everyone i’m a dangerous girl, a force to be reckoned with!

Olivia(CONF): I'm happy i even made it this far, but we need to stop quarreling if any of us want to win.










Pierre: Hmm. (looks at Steph in an annoyed manner)

Brett: (looks at Steph, and Steph shrugs)

Steph: So, may i ask what is the problem here?

Brett: Yeah, you look very aggressive, and like you're gonna kill me.

Pierre: Sorry, i'm just trying to figure stuff out.

Brett: Does it have to do with Joshua, because then i am of no help to you! (tries to walk away, but Pierre holds him down)

Pierre: No, i heard you and Joshua argued yesterday.

Brett(CONF): There's always a lot of tension when i interact with Joshua and Pierre. This was shown yesterday with my fight with Joshua. I mean, it is true. I don't have much information about Joshua which could help Pierre, but i really just wanted to get out of there.

Steph: What do you want!

Pierre: Joshua told you some stuff in Hawaii. And i really want to know that information so i can help him!

Steph: I don't think he wants you to know.

Pierre: And he wants you to know! The person who he just betrayed! Please Steph!

Steph: (to Brett) Should i tell him?

Brett: Yep. But if it's that private, i think i should go! (walks away)

Steph: Did he even care if i told him or not?

Pierre: (sigh) Fine, go. But i'll get you in the challenge!

Brett(CONF): Phew, i got out of there!

Pierre: Look. Steph, i understand you probably don't want to help him? But.. i do. And, someone has to be there for him, and i just want for him to be happy! Please?

Steph: Pierre. I do want to help him. Sure it's awkward, but, i have been in a position like his, i still am, but according to Joshua himself, i am better emotionally. I don't think you can connect with him as quickly as i can.

Pierre: (sigh) Are you sure you don't want me to know, all the pain? He just looks so sad, and i can't even laugh or have a regular conversation with him any more! And i miss it! I don't want Joshua to be my number one priority, but - it's best for him! So, if you don't tell me, thats fine. But, i just want to be able to help a friend!

Steph(CONF): Ok, after he switched to the dark side, otherwise known as Nmet's alliance, i never thought i'd have any sympathy for him. But, i mean, he's so desperate to know and he is going to use that knowledge for good.

Steph: Fine. He thinks th-


Steph: I guess, i can only tell you another time.

Pierre: Fine. I get you want to concentrate on the challenge.






Chris: We have left North America and we have now entered it's southern neighbour, South America!

Mia: I don't care! Just let me demonstrate the challenge so i can go!

Jason: Hey Mia!

Chris: Shut up, or you can be our intern, without pay.

Mia: Eew.

Jason: Sheesh, sorry.

Chris: Anyway, we are in the Atacama Desert in Chile! This place barely gets any rain, it's scary!

Julia: So, what our challenge?

Chris: Over there is 14 alpacas! And also some hay right behind it, legend has it here is if you feed it grass hay, it will take you anywhere.

Olivia: That is definitely not a legend, it's too stupid to be made up by someone who isn't Chris McLean.

Chris: So, there is a mountain also just behind the llamas. Which you can see from here.

Brett: Woah, that's huge!

Chris: I know, it's called Llullaillaco. And it's 22 thousand feet. So, since that's way too high. You need to get your llama to bring you to the elevation of five thousand feet, where you will find me standing there. Actually i don't really care it you ride it to me, just get yourself and the alpaca there. First team to get three there wins! Also, the first person to get to me will get a reward! Any questions?

Olivia: Yes, how are we supposed to feed the alpacas.

Chris: Hehe. That's what Mia is here to demonstrate!

Mia: Um, (gets hay) Here little llama! (alpaca runs over it) Oww!

Chris: Maybe, you should have called it an alpaca! They could be offended for just being called something it isn't!

Mia: Urgh, cause it totally can understand English! I'm so happy i didn't make it into All Stars!

Jason: It's fine Mia! You would be ok!

Mia: Yeah, yeah. Good seeing you again Jason, but i'm outta here! (Mia walks away)

Chris: Um, you can go now.

Wyatt(CONF): I figured that since only 3 of us had to make it up there, I can focus on flipping Sophia to our side. I don‘t know why Nmet even cares about me, but it’s probably to be in another alliance. 3 alliances! And two of those alliances are arch enemies, this could be bad!






Nmet: Guys! Alliance meeting! Quick before we lose ground!

Joshua: Why do you want to talk now, can we just go?

Nmet: Shut up Josh. Anyway, i'm thinking if we stay together, then we will have a good chance of winning!

Joshua: Seriously! I wanted to sleep through the challenge and just hope 3 other people would win it for me!

Pierre: Joshua! Stop being so lazy! But, i do also disagree with the idea.

Nmet: Fine! You two can do whatever you want! But, that means you two have to vote for who i say next time we lose.

Joshua: We'd probably have to do that anyway. So, whatever. (Walks away)

Pierre: He has a point.

Nmet: Shut up Pierre, all you're going to do is "help him"! Stop trying to be a nice person and focus on the game for once!

Mnet: Girl? Maybe you should calm down.

Paul: I agree.

Nmet: I'm sorry, i just want to win! So Pierre, are you going to stay with us? I strongly advise for you to make the right choice.

Pierre: (sigh) Fine.

Mnet: Yay! Lets all go now-

Nmet: Wait Mnet, i need you to go to Wyatt. Pierre, Paul and I will do this for us.

Mnet: Why?

Nmet: I'll tell you after the challenge. Just say to Wyatt these exact words. "Remember what Nmet said."

Mnet: But i want to win!

Nmet: You can still win, just not with us!

Paul: Nmet, just let her do what she wants.

Nmet: Are you the leader of this alliance, no. Lets go feed the alpacas!

Pierre: Ok? (group separates)






Julia: Here little alpaca! (feeds alpaca)

Jason: Wow, you fed him so easily! I'm struggling to! (chases alpaca)

Julia: Here, do you want me to help you?

Jason: Haha, yeah.

Julia: (catches alpaca and feeds it)

Jason: How do you do that!

Julia: I have a lot of pets! Do you know where Wyatt is?

Jason: No, actually! He's not been around as much since Flo's elimination! I hope he doesn't turn on us, we are already in the minority!

Julia: Lets not worry about that and win! Lets go! (Julia and Jason go on alpacas as they start riding)

Jason: But, should we worry about this and start thinking about the votes?

Julia: Yes, but not now. It will distract us!

Jason: True, thanks Julia, you are a great friend!

Julia: Do you really think so?

Jason: Yeah, you know what you should focus on!

Julia: Thanks!

Jason: Ok, lets do this! Giddy up, alpacas!

Julia: Haha!

Julia(CONF): No one has ever said i'm a good friend. I like being appreciated in that way, i don't know why, but i feel more mature, like i can handle things without arguing! I've known thats something i need to work on for a long time!







Wyatt: (sigh) I hope this alpaca rides quickly, so our team can win and i won't have to worry about this. (Mnet walks in)

Mnet: Hey, whats your problem?

Wyatt: Nmet gave me some advice on how to deal with my team situation, but it's going to put me in a lot of drama!

Mnet: You know, you don't have to play aggressively to win.

Wyatt: But, i'm in a really bad spot right now, it could work, but i just feel like from this point on, i'm going to be disappointing somebody!

Mnet: How?

Wyatt: Both of my alliances went from being the majority to minority and now Nmet wants me which just confuses everything!

Mnet: Wyatt, you are the best person at this game because you don't do anything too bold, so, just do whatever is similar to your previous strategies!

Wyatt: How can I! This situation is different!

Mnet: Wait, doesn't Nmet want you to get someone from the other team alliance on your side?

Wyatt: Yes!

Mnet: There's no problem then! You won't upset anyone! You are just doing what you have to do to survive!

Wyatt: I guess, but when Joshua and Pierre did it earlier this season, they were both put in a lot of troubles, game-wise and emotion-wise. Plus, i don't get why Nmet would care about my game!

Mnet: Think about it, no offence but Julia and Jason are more athletic than you, so the team will see that you are super strong at this game and you don't offer much to the team! So maybe, you need to do this! Wyatt, you're smart enough to get this done, you can get through this! Don't worry about Nmet if it confuses you! Just do what you have to do to win!

Wyatt: Wow. Thanks Mnet!

Mnet: Anytime!

Mnet(CONF): Sometimes i flirt and compliment guys on accident. Usually, i have to have some sort of interest in them to do that. But- Wyatt! No i - i don't - i couldn't- could i have feelings for WYATT!

Wyatt(CONF): Why do i feel so weird right now? I'm happy Mnet helped me through that, but it's a different sort of happy! Also, am i overthinking this 3 alliances thing? And another thing, was Mnet helping me because she was genuine, or because Nmet told her to.

Mnet(CONF): I hope he doesn't think i wasn't being genuine. Nmet did direct me to him, but i actually felt bad for him! Wouldn't you help a cute puppy- I'm not saying that he's cute! He is a little cute- MNET SNAP OUT OF IT!

Wyatt(CONF): Seriously, my cheeks were hurting and i think my pupils got bigger! Could it be, LOVE? Am i straight after all?










Marilyn: Me and Brian decided to go together for this challenge.

Brian: Yeah, maybe it will be easier to concentrate without everyone else around us.

Olivia: Sure, ok! Have you already fed your alpacas?

Brian: Yes, we just wanted you girls to be aware.

Sophia: Ok bye Brian!

Marilyn: Yeah whatever, no goodbye for m- (Brian kicks Marilyn's foot) Oww!

Brian: Focus! (Marilyn and Brain ride their alpacas away)

Olivia: Well, we should probably get going as well. I'm going to feed my alpaca, can you wait for me?

Sophia: Sure! (Wyatt approaches Sophia)

Wyatt(CONF): Lets see if this works.

Wyatt: Hey Sophia! Can, i ask you something?

Sophia: Sure, but quickly, i do want to go now.

Wyatt: Ok, i'm going to cut straight to it. Do you want to join our alliance?

Sophia: Why?

Sophia(CONF): Wow, i never thought they'd get so desperate. But, i could use this to my advantage.

Wyatt: I know you may have some conflict with Jason & I, but do you not have the same with Marilyn?

Sophia: I guess. Do you have anything else to say, perhaps something better?

Wyatt: Um... your alliance isn't so stable. Marilyn could easily bribe Brian to leave you guys, if you push her over the edge, maybe thats why Olivia is trying to stop any arguments from happening between you two. They use your alliance for their own personal benefit, but our alliance is for the team benefit!

Sophia: You make a good point! ..I'll think about it, if you let me decided who goes home from now until merge.

Wyatt: Thanks! I'm going to go now! (Wyatt walks away as Olivia walks in)

Olivia: Hey Soph, was that Wyatt?

Sophia: Um, yes?

Olivia: What did you talk about?

Sophia: Oh, it was nothing serious!

Olivia: Uhh, ok, lets go now!

Olivia(CONF): She lied to me! I hear everything! Sophia is considering joining an alliance with Wyatt! Ugh! I knew he was a threat! I need to take the both of them out before our alliance becomes even more messed up!

Sophia(CONF): I hope she bought that. But she does seem a little suspicious.






Steph: Do you think we're in the lead?

Brett: I hope we are, so we can win and not have to worry about being eliminated.

Steph: Man, this is literally the worst situation! There is no possible way that we can survive the next elimination!

Brett: To be honest, you're right. Unless, we win one of those rewards!

Steph: How do you know they'll help our game!

Brett: I don't! But, it's one of our few options left! And stay positive!

Steph: Ugh! You just don't get it, you're a jock!

Brett: Sorry, but i don't see how my interest in sports affects my outlook on life.

Steph: You're athletic, everyone likes you, these two things set you up for, "Love, Long Life and Luck!"

Brett: What?

Steph: See, you don't even get what i'm saying!

Brett: Pierre isn't that sporty and he is confident and optimistic! Stop acting like old Steph!

Steph: No, this isn't old Steph, this is realistic Steph! If we lose, there is a 95% percent chance one of us is leaving!

Brett: Calm down! You'll be fine if we win this!

Steph: I'm sorry, i just don't get why everything is going wrong for us right now! We can't- I can't get anything to be successful! My alliance split in half, Attica's gone and Nmet is corrupting pretty much everyone here!

Brett: Steph, if you continue to let the game stress you, then you won't get anywhere! That's what's happening here! NOW LETS GO ALREADY!

Steph: (sigh) Ok. (Julia and Jason ride in)

Brett: AGH! Julia! (alpaca runs down mountain)

Julia: Whats his problem?

Steph: I don't know. He's probably afraid you'll dump him.

Julia: Oh no, he's still onto that! I need to talk to him! (turns alpaca to ride down mountain)

Jason: Well, i guess we need to finish now.

Steph: Yeah.

Steph(CONF): Rather hypocritical of Brett to tell me to not worry, while he worries as well. But, i'm thankful he always tries to cheer me up.






Chris: How long are they going to take! Ugh, it's cold up here! And it's hard to breathe! (Steph rides in with alpaca)

Steph: Am i the first one here?

Chris: What does it look like. Congratulations, Steph, you get a special reward! (Jason rides in with alpaca)

Steph: What's my reward?

Chris: You get immunity for the next 2 nights you lose, but... even if you don't get a vote you still use your immunity!

Steph: Still a good reward.

Jason: Good job man!

Steph: Thanks Jason!

Chris: Jason, you are the first person from your team to make it up here! You don't get a prize though.

Jason: Aww man! I hope i won't need a reward though!






Olivia: Sophia.

Sophia: Yes?

Olivia: Can i tell you something?

Sophia: Sure!

Sophia(CONF): Why is everyone coming to me today.

Olivia: I know what you did?

Sophia: (gulp) What do you mean?

Olivia: You are considering joining an alliance with Wyatt!

Sophia: ....How do you know?

Olivia: A little birdy came on my shoulder and told me.

Sophia: No seriously, how do you know.

Olivia: You two were louder than you thought. You see Sophia, did you witness what happened when Joshua and Pierre flipped sides on the other team? They both became absolute wrecks. So, it's your choice. But if you don't want to mess up your own game, i would stay on our side!

Sophia(CONF): Maybe Wyatt was right when he said they were using me for their own personal benefit! Ugh! What do i do!

Mnet(CONF): I happened to be right behind Sophia and Olivia in that conversation. If their team loses, Wyatt's going to go home! I have to stop this! ....I mean, not because i like him and want him to stay. I need to find out if i'm attracted to him or not, i never fall for guys like him!




Joshua: Yay. I'm all alone for once.

Joshua(CONF): I figured i could use a challenge like this to focus on my emotions. Pierre just wants to help, but i feel like he is a bit controlling. I love Pierre, in a platonic way. But, this season all he has cared about was, my happiness. It's nice, but it's also stresses me out since he is stressing so much about me.

Joshua: I need to talk to him. (bumps into Julia and Brett)

Julia: Hi Joshua!

Joshua: Yes, hello. Did i interrupt something?

Brett(CONF): I told you, i'm not comfortable around those two! Maybe i do have an easy li- NO! I am not going to walk down the emotional path like half the people here have! Snap out of it! I need to solve all these problems!

Joshua: So, do you want me to go now?

Julia: (sigh) Sure. I'll talk to you later.

Joshua: No, you guys are on different teams, you can talk.

Julia: Seriously, i want to win now, i'll see you two later. (rides up with alpaca)

Julia(CONF): I want to tell Brett about how i feel, but it's really hard being on different teams! I don't want there to be any more confusion!

Joshua: I'm sorry about what happened in the last challenge.

Brett: So am I. I was just a bit on ice because of all the tension that happened prior to the challenge.

Joshua: No, i was being a bit lazy, but there actually was a lot to it.

Brett: It's ok. It's hard to be in a situation like yours.

Joshua: Yeah. (awkward silence)

Brett: Um, it's a little cold up here.

Joshua: Yes, um it is.

Brett: ..Ok we both agree that this is awkward, lets get to Chris now.

Joshua: Agreed. Ok.





Marilyn: Brian, can i ask you something?

Brian: Why not.

Marilyn: Why do you and Olivia always stop me and Sophia from fighting.

Brian: It's not really good for our stability.

Marilyn: But, it's a way to get out my emotions.

Brian: Aren't you supposed to be a goth, you don't have emotions! You don't care about anything!

Marilyn: Um, excuse me!

Brian: Because- i-i watched the Ridonculous Race, and Ennui and Crimson only showed emotion once.

Marilyn: Urgh! You just don't get it!

Brian(CONF): Maybe not the smartest thing to say, looking back, but before meeting Marilyn, those two were the only experience i had with goths!


Brian: M-Marilyn! It's ok! We're still friends, i just didn't know!


Brian(CONF): Woah, i think there have been problems with Marilyn which i haven't seen this whole season!

Brian: Marilyn, are you ok?

Marilyn: What just happened? -Oh no. Did you hear all that stuff i said?

Brian: Yeah?

Marilyn: I'm sorry, it wasn't meant for you.

Brian: Then, who was it for?

Marilyn: I can't tell you. And i won't. (sighs) Lets just climb up this stupid mountain.

Brian: Umm, ok!

Marilyn(CONF): If your wondering why i said all that stuff to Brian, then.. don't bother asking. I won't tell you. Do you think i'm going to tell random strangers my most personal problems! Heck no! But, i'll just say, there's way more to it than you'd think. Again, no pondering and no wondering.






Julia: (gets to top of mountain) Yes! We're in the lead!

Jason: Alright! Fantastic job Julia!

Julia: Did you win the reward?

Jason: No, Steph won it.

Chris: Good job Julia! You are the second person from your team to make it here! All you need is one person!

Steph: Come on guys!

Steph(CONF): I really, don't want to go to elimination. So, winning to merge is one of my few options left. Lucky i won that double immunity, otherwise i'd be gone.

Chris: Will the Finalist Falcons restart their winning streak, or will the Woodpeckers make a comeba- (Joshua and Brett come in with alpacas)

Joshua: Um, we made the comeback and ruined the tension you planned on making.

Chris: Seriously! Way to ruin the drama!

Brett: We don't care! Do we win or not!

Chris: Well, you have 3 people at the top to the Falcon's 2, so yes. You guys win. Now let me use my megaphone to scream out to everyone else that we're done and they need to get back to the plane!

Steph: Would that not be-

Joshua: Literally deafening for us?


Jason: Oww! My ears!

Wyatt(CONF): Ok, we lost, i am going to tell Jason and Julia about whats gone on with me today. If this doesn't work. I'm pretty much dead.

Paul(CONF): Yay! We won! I like not having to worry about elimination!

Jason(CONF): Man! Two in a row! Also, i think someone from our squad is going home again.

Sophia(CONF): What alliance do i pick!

Nmet(CONF): I told Paul to ask Wyatt how getting Sophia went, i don't need to have the team get suspicious of me.





Paul: Hey Wyatt!

Wyatt: Oh, hi Paul?

Paul: Nmet, I mean- i was wondering if you asked Sophia to join your alliance!

Paul(CONF): Wow. That's one of the first time's i've said i mean and i didn't say a word incorrectly.

Wyatt: Oh, yeah i did. How do you know about that, by the way?

Paul: Oh, uhh, no reason! I'll see you later bye! (Paul rushes out)

Wyatt: Ugh. I don't need Paul messing with me right now.






Julia: So Brett.

Brett: (gulp) Yeah.

Julia: What i've been recently trying to say to you is...

Julia(CONF): I hope he understands.

Brett(CONF): She is going to dump me!

Julia: In that rock challenge, i told Wyatt something about me and you.

Brett: Again, if you want to dump me, just tell me.

Julia: No! It's just, i feel like we are drifting apart!

Brett: ..Continue.

Julia: We're on different teams, we barely talk. And, i still really like you, the feelings are there, but our relationship is evaporating!

Brett: Is that all?

Julia: I don't want to dump you! I want us to have what we had before, watching Flo and Jason get together, kinda, made me jealous that my own relationship was going nowhere! But look at what happened in season 2 & 3! I don't want us to break up, but, it feels like us is getting old!

Brett: Oh.

Julia: Again, i still want to be with you, just, maybe do more together!

Brett: I'm sorry. I- i need to go now. (walks away)

Julia: Wait Brett! Ugh! Why me!

Julia(CONF): If you haven't noticed, i'm not the best with emotion and stuff like that, so maybe i said it to Brett differently to what i meant in my heart. Oh no, i have to meet Jason and Wyatt for elimination!





Julia: Sophia? What are you doing here!

Sophia: I have, decided to join your alliance.

Jason: Wait really, that's why you're here! Epic!

Wyatt: Yeah, i ..asked her to switch sides.

Julia: Wow, that was a bold move. Good job Wyatt!

Julia(CONF): At least some good news for me.

Sophia(CONF): I might as well adapt to the game. Plus, Brian was crazy for 5 episodes, me and Marilyn are in bad blood and Olivia could be using me, i think i need a nicer fresher alliance.

Sophia: Can i give an option for who to eliminate?

Jason: Sure, we'd love an opinion from someone who's been on that side!

Sophia: I say Olivia, she's won already. She's the biggest threat.

Jason: True!

Wyatt: Are you sure, Olivia seems more stable than Brian and Marilyn.

Sophia: No, i'm sure this is the best move for us. Merge is getting closer and closer, so you need to start taking out the possible threats.

Julia: Ok. Well, good luck guys!







Marilyn: Um, where's Sophia?

Brian: I don't know!


Brian: Yes Marilyn.

Olivia: Should i ask what happened!

Marilyn: NO.

Brian: Yeah, you shouldn't.

Olivia: Anyway, this may come as a surprise, but we need to vote Wyatt out.

Brian: What's so surprising about that?

Olivia: Because Sophia joined th- (Mnet walks in)

Mnet: Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt you!

Marilyn: No problem, you can stay if you don't squeal to anyone what we say.

Mnet: I promise! Isn't Sophia usually with you guys!

Olivia: Yeah, Sophia might be betraying us!

Marilyn: What!

Brian: She wouldn't!

Olivia: Why isn't she here!

Mnet: Oh wait, i just remembered, Sophia ...lost her necklace again and is looking for it!

Olivia: Oh.

Marilyn: How do you know!

Mnet: She came up to me five minutes ago, and asked about them. She isn't betraying you guys.

Olivia: Hmm, ok.

Mnet: Also, i'd vote for Jason or Julia, the merge is getting closer, and they would dominate merge if they were in it.

Olivia: That's actually true!

Mnet: Anyway, i am going to enjoy first class now! Goodbye! (walks away)

Brian: Should we vote for Julia instead?

Marilyn: I'm ok with it.

Brian: So am i.

Olivia: Fine. Ok. I agree.

Mnet(CONF): Lets hope that stops them from voting off Wyatt! And yes, i made that all up. She's probably meeting them at an alliance meeting.

Olivia(CONF): I guess she could be lying and Sophia actually did decide to betray us, like i saw her do! But i guess Julia is a threat anyway, so it would still make sense to eliminate her.






Chris: Wow, two times in a row. All new low for you guys.

Marilyn: Just get on with it!

Chris: Fine, sheesh! Go vote now!

Wyatt(CONF): I hope Sophia told told the truth.

Olivia(CONF): I hope Mnet told the truth.

Jason(CONF): Ok, we are super lucky right now, maybe that's why Wyatt avoided us today!

Julia(CONF): Look, i'm already sad that Flo's gone, and that Brett and me are basically done again, so if this doesn't work, i don't know what i'll do.

Sophia(CONF): Not an easy choice, but i don't even know what my other alliance decided on, OH NO! Olivia is so going to kill me!

Marilyn(CONF): You are too strong for your own good.

Brian(CONF): I'm not voting for my man Jason, plus, i never really established any opinion of you.




Chris: It was a 4-3 vote. If you were the person who got 4 votes, then you will have to leave this game. Forever. We already need to use an extra location adding in Mnet, so there will definitely be no returns. The people safe are... Jason, Marilyn.

Marilyn: Phew!

Jason: Yes!

Chris: Also safe is, Sophia!

Sophia: Really! Yay! Thank God!

Chris: Brian and Wyatt, you two didn't get any votes either.

Brian: Cool.

Wyatt(CONF): I made it! It worked.

Chris: Julia, Olivia, one of you two has spent your last night on this plane. The last one safe is...

(Wyatt looks at Sophia, worriedly)

(Julia looks at Jason, worriedly)

(Sophia looks at camera, with strong face)

(Olivia looks at Sophia, angrily)

(Sophia nervously looks back)

(Brian looks at Marilyn, confused)

(Marilyn shrugs shoulders at him)






























Chris: Julia. (throws her flag of Chile)

Julia: Woohoo! Yes!

Olivia: So, i'm out!

Sophia: I'm so sorry Olivia, you just seem controlli-

Olivia: I don't want to hear it! Brian, Marilyn, Mnet lied to us, Sophia actually did betray us.

Brian: (gasp)

Marilyn: Sophia, i get things between us aren't perfect but this is a new low!

Sophia: You don't get it- there's so much that happened an-

Olivia: Whatever, you guys watch out. Because you never know when people will turn on you. Sophia, why would you, i have been trying to help you for so long!

Brian: You started hanging out with her 2 episodes ago.

Olivia: Shut up Brian! I just wanted you to do good things, well obviously, (sniff) I did something wrong! You liar!

Sophia: This is so embarrassing, Chris? Can you send her to the Jeep of Shame!

Chris: I would, but all the drama is going to be great for our ratings, can't end it now!

Olivia: Why would you though, all i wanted to do was help-

Sophia: You saw what happened! Wyatt asked me to switch sides!

Wyatt: Yes, i did! Because someone forced me to, i won't say who!

Sophia: Why, because you are lying here right now and don't want another person to be onto you!

Jason: (whispers to Julia) This is intense.

Julia: (whispers back) Tell me about it.

Wyatt: No, it's actually true!

Olivia: Don't blame Wyatt! It's someone's instinct to save himself in a game like this, but you were perfectly fine! Why Sophia!

Sophia: ... Their alliance is more stable-

Olivia: I don't want to hear it!

Sophia: Then don't ask me questions!

Olivia: Whatever. I hope you get out next!

Marilyn: Yeah, so do I!

Brian: I don't even want to look at you!

Sophia: (sigh)






Chris: Any last words, Olivia?

Olivia: Haven't i already said enough?

Chris: True. Ok then, sayonara then Olive!


Chris: Wow, we're down to 13. The M word has been mentioned (m meaning merge), with pretty much everyone now left with a very strong reason to fight for survival. Who will get out as we relive nostalgia from our first season! Haha. You'll see what that means next episode of.. Total! Drama! STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 8: Snakes, Songs and Sadness


Chris: Look,most of the time i feel like- you three don't do anything here.

Theodore: I would be flying the plane! If someone wasn't doing it already!

Mrs McLean: Theo, stop being so delusional! And i am a loser servant on this plane! I am doing something!

Stacey: Aww, i don't feel like i do much either!

Chris: See, you two should look at Stacey, she agrees with me and you two keep whining. But, from now on you 3 will have official jobs. Theodore.

Theodore: Yes?

Chris: You can make the food, just like in "The Clash Returns"

Theodore: Sure, but who has been making the food from the start of this season!

Chris: I have!

Mrs McLean: No wonder why i hear the contestants complain about the food.

Chris: Shush! Maria.

Mrs McLean: You couldn't give me a better name, i'm your wife!

Chris: ...Stop interrupting! You will keep your job as a maid and servant for first class.

Mrs McLean: Seriously!

Stacey: What will i do?

Chris: Do the intro, outro and elimination while i relax in my private quarters!

Stacey: Yay!

Chris: But, i may or may not be a challenge assistant, so we may need new staff!

Mrs McLean: Maybe make the challenge to-

Chris: Shush!

Stacey: What if we make the challenge to find someone in the forest and make them our staff!

Chris: Brilliant idea! Ok, go do what you need to do!











Pierre(CONF): I asked Steph to meet me up so we can talk about what Josh told him in Hawaii. But, he isn't there.

Theodore: What are you waiting for?

Pierre: Theodore! What are you doing in the kitchen!

Theodore: Cooking. Stupid Chris made that my job.

Pierre: So what were you doing before.

Theodore: I was supposed to be the pilot! but some invisible person took my job!

Pierre: Are you sure it isn't on-

Theodore: YES I'M SURE IT WASN'T ON AUTOPILOT! Go and see for yourself!

Pierre: But, can i eat firs-

Theodore: No.

Pierre: Alright, whatever.

Pierre(CONF): I mean, i don't have anything better to do if Steph isn't there.






Pierre: (walking to cockpit) Is this where the cockpit is? (enters cockpit)

Joshua: Pierre, um, what are you doing in here?

Joshua(CONF): Out of all the people i could meet. Seriously. I was just having another mental breakdown and theory about how to deal with life in there.

Pierre: Uh, hi Joshua.

Joshua: Hi... but seriously, why are you in here.

Pierre: Long story. ..Anyway, it wasn't that important- so i'll just leave.

Joshua: Pierre, if you're gonna leave, can i ask you something?

Pierre: (sigh) What.

Joshua: What happened with our friendship, i mean , last season we were really close, and now we can't even look at each other.

Pierre: It's just- i don't know. If i'm going to be honest, I can't be friends with you if you can't trust yourself.

Joshua: Huh?

Pierre: All this season, i've been trying to help you, and you have ignored me and said, nothing's wrong. But, now you're always saying you're a wreck and not ok.

Joshua: Pierre, did you ever think that i wasn't ready to tell you?

Pierre: Fine, i might have handled that badly. But, then why did you tell Steph?

Joshua: Because, he's more similar to me! He gets it, you don't! Also, he tries to put his attention on more things than another human being! Another reason i didn't tell you is because i didn't want me to become your problem! I have had the same problems now, to when we were in the Outback! But, i think you pressuring me, coupled with Attica's elimination is what's causing my unhappiness to really show!

Pierre: So... you wanted me to leave you alone?

Joshua: No, and last season, i wanted to tell you- but i think i got comfortable without you knowing, and i got used to it. I don't want you to leave me-

Pierre: You-you don't?

Joshua: I really didn't! I just wanted us to not worry about ourselves and just enjoy our time! I'm sorry, i just don't like everyone taking care of me.

Pierre: That's great, but, i don't know if we actually can be like last season.

Joshua: W-what? We can, i know we can, and coming from someone as negative as me, it means something.

Pierre: I'm sorry, but- now that i know what's going on inside you, i can't ignore it, it isn't something i would do!

Joshua: Pierre, i'm fine, doesn't it make sense the only reason i'm upset is because everyone is starting to question my outer personality? I've spent a while thinking about how my unstable mindset is only affecting me now, when i've had it for years. You always tell me to try, and i can try and keep my emotions inside and not let them take over me!

Pierre: That's something you don't try at! Look, i don't care if i am the one who makes you "happy" but until you really are, and don't lie to yourself, i don't want to act like nothing is happening! It's not healthy!

Joshua: Yeah right, and crying every week because a new inner problem appears is healthy!

Pierre: What do you mean by that, do you have multiple personalities!

Joshua: No! It's not like that! This is what i mean by you don't understand!

Pierre: I know that, but for the last time, i won't be friends with someone who isn't friends with himself! I've went through my own problems, but i made sure people knew i had to figure them out first, i told you that a long time ago!

Joshua: You did, bu-

Pierre: And, not to brag, but i'm happy now! So, figure your stuff out and then we can be like season 4! Au revoir Joshua! Jaime vie!

Joshua: What does that even mean?

Pierre: Love your life. (sniffs and walks away)

Joshua(CONF): But- i don't know how to figure this out. So, does that mean i'll never be friends with him? Ever again? What is wrong with my life! But.. is it wrong if i think i am i just being a drama king. Sometimes, i think, i see those happy fairy-tale endings other people get, and i want to have a happy fairy-tale ending, so i give myself a problem by overreacting.

Pierre(CONF): That was one of the hardest things i have done in my life. But, i think, it had to be done. He doesn't want me to help him, fine by me, but, things between us will truly not be the same, if i know whats happening inside. I really hope he gets through it quickly, because, i don't know if it's clear, but i also want things to be the same between us.










Sophia: What did i do, what did i do!

Wyatt: I'm not so hot either, i'm in so much trouble!

Sophia: YOU! So much trouble! YOU are the one who made me align with you and now MY former alliance is hating on me!

Wyatt: I'm not talking about our team, if Steph finds out i let Nmet walk all over me and use me to get myself into jeopardy, i might be kicked out!

Sophia: How did you get yourself into jeopardy?

Wyatt: If i tell you, you better not tell a soul.

Sophia: I promise.

Wyatt: Nmet used me to tell you to join us!

Sophia: Why would Nmet care about either of our safety! Unless you're lying!

Wyatt: I'm not lying! But, you're right, it is a little strange, i thought about it before, but at the same time, if i didn't make that move, i would have probably been eliminated yesterday anyway. So, i didn't really think about it. (Mnet walks in)

Mnet: Hey guys! (looks at Wyatt, in an attracted way)

Wyatt: Oh, hi Mnet! (Mnet and Wyatt have a moment before they stop.)

Sophia: Just saying, how come Olivia didn't target me before elimination!

Mnet: Oh, i lied and said you Sophia lost your necklace!

Sophia: Um, thanks, i'm not gonna question it though. (walks away)

Wyatt: Why did you save Sophia?

Mnet: I think they would have voted for you, and even though it probably wouldn't have worked, you would have felt threatened at least.

Wyatt: Well, thanks anyway, yeah. (awkward silence)

Mnet: Um do you want to have breakfast with me!

Wyatt: Sure, if it's in first class. (Stacey passes by)

Stacey: You're not allowed in first class unless you win! So too bad!

Mnet: How about if i get you something from first class, then give it to you.

Wyatt: You don't have to-

Mnet: Oh no, it's fine.

Wyatt: Thanks! (blushes) If you really want to do this, just meet me with Julia and Jason, bye!

Mnet: See ya!

Mnet(CONF): Ok, i definitely have a crush on him, but how did i actually- i mean, what did my brain see in Wyatt!

Wyatt(CONF): A lot of people blush when they're in love, but i don't know if my cheeks feeling hot counts as blushing. But, if this is love... i actually like it!







Paul(CONF): Ok, so back in Drumheller I thought about the possibility of Nmet being the antagonist. I wanted to find out if she was the antagonist, but i ignored it because we were winning, but now, we're getting closer to merge and i need to know.

Paul: Hello Nmet! What are you doing!

Nmet: Just making Mrs McLean's life stink by making her do tonnes of errands.

Mrs McLean: I heard that!

Nmet: Shut up and get back to work!

Paul: Oh, yeah hilarious.

Nmet: Why do you look so confused, i don't need you becoming like Pierre and Joshua, what's the problem.

Paul: There is no problem! I just need to ask you a question!

Nmet: Fine, but before you do, we need to talk strategy. Did you ask Wyatt what happened?

Paul: Yes, i did, he persuaded her and got out of it without a vote.. But, what i wanted to ask involves you and your strategies.

Nmet: Yes, what do you need to say?

Paul: Um, would you ruin someone's life if it meant you won the 2 million dollars.

Nmet: Yes, i would, why?

Paul: Just, that at this point in the game, things are becoming more serious and i want to know where our heads are at as an alliance.

Nmet: Ok, so, we need to take out Steph, next. We don't need him going any further in this game.

Paul: Interesting choice.

Nmet: It was either him or Brett, and Steph's my mortal enemy now, i want him out straight away.

Paul: Thats cool. (Mnet walks in)

Mnet: Hey! Could you get Mrs McLean to get a cookie.

Nmet: Sure! Did you hear that you lazy slacker! Get my girl a cookie!

Mrs McLean(CONF): So not only Chris is treating me like a garbage bin, but the contestants are as well! Well i never!

Mnet: What were you guys talking about?

Paul: Nothing you need to worry about, newbie.

Mnet: Are you looking down on me just because i debuted? Come on dude! (Mrs McLean comes in with cookie)

Nmet: What took you so long to get that cookie!

Mrs McLean: That was like 20 seconds, and i needed to-

Nmet: No excuses!








Marilyn: So,

Brian: Yeah...

Marilyn: What do we do in our current position?

Brian: I mean, we're in the minority, and there's still i'm guessing 2-4 eliminations until merge.

Marilyn: Yeah. This is bad. There's almost no way either of us will be able to make it!

Brian: Well, there might be one way.

Marilyn: What is it Brian?

Brian: You become friends with Sophia, and then point out negatives with aligning with Wyatt, Jason and Julia?

Marilyn: I guess that's pretty logical, IF YOUR FORGOT ME AND SOPHIA ARE IN SUCH AN AWKWARD STATE!

Brian: It's either that, or you say goodbye to the money.

Marilyn: There has to be another way, how about you and Jason, aren't you two friends?

Brian: Hang on, you're actually right.

Marilyn: Exactly, so how about you go ahead and talk to Jaso-

Brian: No. We want to be in the majority. If only one of us do it, then it will just be a tie, you have to try with Sophia, and i can try with Jason!

Marilyn: But Bria-

Brian: Nope, i don't wanna hear it. Plus, the reason you and Sophia aren't friends anymore is kinda dumb.

Marilyn: Who gave you the right to talk about my character interactions!

Brian: So what. Just try, at least.


Brian: (gulp) Ok!

Marilyn: Good! (walks away)

Brian(CONF): Marilyn is hiding something, and, i don't think i want to ask her, but her becoming friends with Sophia is our only hope.







Brett: Man, she's over me.

Steph: Brett, why do you look so sad!

Brett: Uhh, i don't know if i want to tell you!

Steph: It's fine, i have nothing to do right now.

Brett: Fine.

Steph: Does it have to do with Julia?

Brett: Yeah, she's losing interest in me, our relationship is old!

Steph: Did she dump you though?

Brett: Not really, but she's getting bored!

Steph: Um, well, that isn't good news, but why are you that upset!

Brett: Because, i'm just.. scared that this will be a repeat of season 2 and 3, we've learnt from that, but, we- at least I don't want to have to go through something even slightly similar! How do you and Attica stay together and keep that commitment!

Steph: I don't know, i think we've been able to balance our time well, and use a good amount of it on each other.

Brett: Do you think i haven't been spending my time wisely with her this season?

Steph: No offence, but no. You.... hardly talk, and when you do, it's been to discuss the same topics.

Brett: I guess you're right, but it's not easy when you're on different teams.

Steph: Attica and I were on different teams in season 3, but we still found a healthy amount of time for each other.

Brett: So, do you think i still have a chance with her?

Steph: Yeah, but not if you stay i think that's why Attica and I are successful as a couple.

Brett: For someone who tried to kill himself, it's rather weird to be hearing motivational advice from you. But, thanks dude. (walks away)

Steph: Is that how everyone sees me, as the depressed but motivated guy?

Steph(CONF): For the last time, i appreciate life! I just do not have confidence in myself! But, if i seem to have better expertise than someone else, i'd be happy to help! Ugh, is this that optimism thing people always talk about?








Julia: (crying) He- he probably hates me now!

Jason: What do you mean, he hates you.

Julia: I dumped Brett, but i'm still dating him!

Jason: Sorry, can you explain to me how that's possible?

Julia: I told him, our connection was dying, and we need to do something, but i didn't officially end it!

Jason: Sorry Julia, but thats not a problem.

Julia: You don't understand! I su*k at talking to people! All i know is screaming at people if i don't agree with them! I think Brett thinks i dumped him, but seeing him not understand shot my confidence so much i don't have the confidence to talk to him!

Jason: Julia?

Julia: Yeah?

Jason: Are you ok?

Julia: ..Yes. I just don't know why i'm getting so emotional!

Jason: I don't know either Julia, if you really can't talk to him, just wait. (Wyatt walks in)

Wyatt: Hey, what's the problem here!

Jason: Julia explained her dying feelings to Brett, but she took it the wrong way.

Wyatt: Oh, thats too bad.

Julia: Thanks for the support guys, but i think i'll go and think about what i've done.

Jason: That might not be so hot for your self-esteem.

Julia: Whatever, i need to start thinking before i speak, which is made clear by how Brett took what i said. (Julia walks away)

Julia(CONF): I guess this is how i'll become an adult.

Wyatt: Look, Jason, i think i might have a crush, but i don't know if it is one.

Jason: For real dude! Do you want to tell me who?

Wyatt: Um, not yet. But, if you feel butterflies in your stomach and have your cheeks hurt, is that a crush! I know, i'm dumb, but i really want to see what being in a relationship is like.

Jason: Oh it's great. Just tell your partner everything, or you'll end up in a situation similar to Brett and Julia.

Wyatt: So, is it a crush?

Jason: Um yeah, congratulations, you have your first love.

Wyatt: Really? (Mnet walks in)

Mnet: Um, hey, here's your cookie!

Wyatt: Thanks Mnet, do you want to eat together?

Mnet: Sure i'd love to! Um-

Chris: (on loudspeaker) What are you guys doing! It's time for your challenge, today is gonna be a special one too!

Mnet: Maybe another time. (runs out of plane)

Jason: Is Mnet your crush?

Wyatt: Um, yeah she is.

Jason: Well, (starting to walk away) you two would be a good couple. See ya in the challenge.

Wyatt(CONF): Ok, so, wow, i have a crush. Lucky for me, i'm a written person on a FanFiction Website so, things will turn out fine, but seeing how stressed people get is now starting to worry me, but- i'll try to ignore it. 








Chris: If you competed in season 1, i'll wait for you to realize where we are!

Steph: Huh, what do you mean?

Nmet: Hang on, is this the Amazon where season 1 was?

Julia: No! Why would you bring us back here!

Chris: Well, yes Nmet was correct, this is the very spot i introduced you guys way back in our first ever episode!

Wyatt: Wow, the memories. I still stuttered back then.

Nmet: I was still a girly girl.

Steph: Attica and I weren't together. (looks at Brett) I mean nothing.

Paul: I spoke horrifically!

Mnet: Oh yeah! And everyone would always get confused between Nmet and I!

Chris: Ok enough. Well, your challenge is to find someone in the Amazon here and bring them back to me!

Pierre: Are you crazy! That's abduction!

Sophia: Why do you want us to abduct an innocent human!

Chris: We need another intern! When you find your person, come to this exact spot where i'll be waiting! Stop complaining and g-(native people capture Chris and carry him to another location!

Joshua: Um, what just happened!

Jason: Those native dudes stole Chris! Let's follow them!

Joshua: Why, do you want to help Chris?

Jason: I don't want to, but we should!

Marilyn: You're so kind, lets just stay here and let him be tortured.

Julia: Ok, fine, I'll go help Jason, anyone else?

Brian: Marilyn and I will!

Marilyn: Um, no we won-

Brian: If we help those two, then we might get on their good side.

Marilyn: (Sighs) Fine.

Sophia(CONF): It would be a bit degrading for me if i didn't go and Marilyn did. I need to prove my worth to my new alliance.

Sophia: I'll go!

Wyatt: The rest of the team is going so, i'll go as well. (Finalist Falcons walk away)






Chris: Where am i...

Amazon Girl: You have entered our land. You must pay the price of this disgusting crime.

Chris: If you're natives, how do you know English?

Amazon Boy: Shh! We shall not tell you our secrets. We hear you run a game show.

Chris: Yeah i do, and also, this show used to be hosted here.

Amazon Girl: We do not care. So, the winner of your stupid game show gets 2 million dollars?

Chris: Yes.

Amazon Girl: Give us that 2 million dollars, and all of your money. Now.

Chris: I'm not giving you any money!

Amazon Boy: Ok then, we can start the fire, and you can sacrifice your life instead. We hate living here and want to move to the city, but we have no money. So give us your money or you shall die.


Amazon Girl: No one can hear your cry.

Chris: I won't give you the money!

Amazon Girl: Fine, if you don't give us that money, you can either die by us burning you on fire.

Amazon Boy: Or we can get our numerous anacondas and boa constrictors to kill you!


Wyatt: Chris! What are they doing to you!

Chris: They will kill me if i don't give them my money and the 2 million dollars for this season!

Sophia: What! No way!

Chris: Yes way! Why do you think i've been tied to a tree and they have started a fire!

Marilyn: Wow, so you are telling the truth. For once.

Chris: Now isn't really the time to mock me! You guys now have a separate challenge, you have to somehow get me out of here!

Amazon Boy: You think you can escape! There's no escape. We've done this to enough people to be experts at killing you outsiders.

Julia(CONF): I don't think i'll sign up for a reality show, ever again.

Chris: Please guys, we can work this out!

Amazon Girl: The fires almost ready. Pick now. (Wannabe Woodpeckers walk in)

Pierre: Gah! What are you people doing!

Chris: Trying to kill me!

Nmet: It's about time i've seen someone try that.

Chris: Actually, you guys all have a new challenge. Find a way TO KILL THESE PEOPLE!

Mnet: Isn't that a bit extreme?

Steph: Yes, Chris. We could get arrested.

Chris: Well, they deserve it! Go!






Brett: I recommend that we split up into 3 groups!

Paul: Sure.

Joshua: Why not.

Nmet: Maybe we should split up into 2 groups, just so no one kidnaps us.

Nmet(CONF): That wasn't just to challenge Brett's authority, we really should stay in larger groups if we want to live.

Pierre: I like Bretts idea better.

Nmet: But- fine, i get the largest group then!

Steph: Uhh, sure, why not!

Steph(CONF): Nmet somehow has established some dominance and presence in our team, its probably because she's in the majority. But, if we continue to let her do what she wants, she'll eventually rule the game.

Nmet(CONF): Before, i used to stay low, but since i have an alliance with 5 people in it, i can say what i want to say, and my four numbers automatically have to agree with me!

Nmet: I want Paul and Mnet in my group!

Brett: Sure, you can go now.

Steph: Brett do you want to go together?

Brett: Ok. (Steph, Nmet, Brett, Paul and Mnet leave)

Pierre: Oh no.

Joshua: I guess we have to work together.

Pierre: Let's get this over with before this becomes super awkward. (Pierre and Joshua leave)

Joshua(CONF): Of course i get Pierre! But, if we have this time alone, i should use it, to show him, we can be like before.





Jason: Am I the only one who is remotely concerned for Chris?

Marilyn: Yes, you're too nice.

Brian: (looks at Marilyn, angrily)

Marilyn: Well, sorry, but i don't care about Chris as much as you.

Brian: Better.

Marilyn(CONF): Brian is actually a good friend, unlike Sophia, Hmph! He's been trying his best to keep the both of us out of trouble so the rest of the team doesn't vote us off.

Brian(CONF): Now that i think about it, maybe i should stop telling Marilyn to shush and let her go at it. I like Marilyn, but if i keep my mouth shut and she doesn't, the team will most likely vote her out over me. I don't want to do that, but it could be my only option.

Wyatt: Anyway, lets split in half to find a way to, "kill" these people.

Julia: I'm going to go with Marilyn and Brian!

Jason: What?

Wyatt: What?

Marilyn: What? Why me?

Julia: I know tonnes about Jason and Wyatt, i wan't to know about you guys more!

Brian: Hmm, ok! We'll see you later guys! (Brian, Marilyn and Julia walk away)

Jason(CONF): Of course i'd rather work with my original alliance. But, this does give us a chance to learn about Sophia, since she's with us now.

Wyatt: Ok, well, lets go now! (Wyatt, Jason and Sophia leave)








Pierre: Um.

Joshua: Yeah, this is not gonna be easy.

Pierre: Yeah, i agree.

Joshua: Do you have any ideas?

Pierre: No, do you?

Joshua: Non. Why do you think i asked you?

Pierre: Right...

Joshua: You know what Pierre, i've had enough! What changed in your mind! Why don't you want to be friends anymore! Obviously that's the reason things are so awkward! So, tell me this reason, and it might help the both of us to concentrate!

Pierre(CONF): I don't want to tell him, but if we really do become friends again, there can't be any secrets between us.

Pierre: Well, you see Josh-

Optimism and Pessimism Sung by Pierre and Joshua(Read Description)

Optimism and Pessimism Sung by Pierre and Joshua(Read Description)

(The video basically tells you what happens for the rest of the challenge, so even if you don't want to hear my cringe-worthy singing, you should at least watch the video on mute.)






























(Long story short, Julia unexpectedly helped the Finalist Falcons win and the Wannabe Woodpeckers are sent to elimination again.)

Nmet(CONF): Wow, so Pierre and Josh are that insecure. Again, to make them believe they're safe with me, i'll "comfort" them or whatever.

Brian(CONF): A win is a win! I'm happy we don't have to face elimination!

Steph(CONF): I do have 2 eliminations of immunity, which i do want to use wisely. So, tonight NMET IS GONE. But- how will i get this done.

Joshua(CONF): Half of me wants to stay safe and vote with Nmet, and the other half wants me to flip back with Steph! If only Pierre and I focused instead of singing throughout the challenge!

Paul(CONF): Ok, based on her behavior today, i am almost sure Nmet wants to be the bad girl this season. Now might be the time to get her out!

Mnet(CONF): I have a feeling this will be a very intense night...






(Pierre walks in to Joshua, Nmet is about to walk in but stays hidden)

Pierre: Um, hey Josh.

Joshua: Hi.

Pierre: What are you doing?

Joshua: Just thinking about my vote tonight.

Pierre: Cool. Is it just me or are things less awkward now?

Joshua: No, i feel it too actually!

Pierre: Do you feel happier or something?

Joshua: Not really, but i think our duet actually let off some steam, it's making me feel more relaxed.

Pierre: Oh thats great Joshua!

Joshua: Thanks, i hope this is a permanent feeling!

Pierre: So do i!

Joshua: I'm going to talk to Nmet, i'll see you at elimination! (walks away)

Joshua(CONF): Since when did singing do anything other than embarrass me and ruin the eardrums of everyone else!

Pierre: Hmm. (Paul walks by)

Paul: Oh hey Pierre!

Pierre: Hi Paul, do you want anything?

Paul: Oh no, i just wanted to see where you're head was at for voting!

Pierre: I was going to check with Nmet, but i'm pretty sure we're voting of Steph, which is sad since he's very nice.

Paul: I guess now our votes have to factor more than subjective thoughts.

Pierre: Um, yeah, since when were you so smart?

Paul: Since forever, just being able to speak properly helps!

Pierre: Ok, but who are you thinking on.

Paul(CONF): Here goes nothing.

Paul: I think we should vote off Nmet.

Pierre: Why? You know if this fails then we are dead meat.

Paul: Yes, but if we both vote for her, adding Steph and Brett means we have the majority!

Pierre: Hmm, i guess it would be nice without her.

Paul: Yes, yes it would be! It's up to you Pierre, it's either her or Steph, you have a lot of power on you tonight! (walks away)

Pierre: Hmm, voting off Nmet, it could be a good idea.

Nmet(CONF): How could he! Pierre wants to vote me out! I heard someone talk to him, i think it was Steph or something i couldn't see! If i can convince Josh to take out his pal, then i can GET OUT THAT BACKSTABBER! YOURE GOING DOWN PIERRE!





Mnet: (walking by and sees Joshua) Josh?

Joshua: Yes, you can refer to me as Joshua.

Mnet: Whatever, that's not my point right now.

Joshua: Whatever, do you know exactly who Nmet wants gone?

Mnet(CONF): Josh bringing up Nmet does remind me of how weird she acted in the challenge, so sneaky and angry for no reason.

Mnet: Um,yeah. Half the things she was talking about was Steph going home, so i think it's safe to say she wants him gone.

Joshua: Alright.

Joshua(CONF): I wish Steph didn't have to go now, he really helped me when i was sad, but it must be done i guess. (Sigh) Ok, my short-lived somewhat happiness is now over.

Joshua: Wait, Mnet, i think i can see Steph and Brett talking in the dining hall!

Mnet: Ok, lets spy on their conversation?

Joshua: A little creepy, but sure.

Mnet: Oh shush! That's how you win on this sort of show! (Mnet and Joshua watch Steph and Brett)

Brett: We should start packing our bags.

Steph: Wait, i think i know something that could save us!

Brett: Really, what?

Steph: Yesterday, i received double immunity, everyone would vote for me, duh, and then i use it and we're safe!

Brett: Are you kidding!

Steph: No, i'm not!

Brett: That's awesome! What if we used both tonight so we're both safe!

Steph: I'm pretty sure i use it after all the votes are made, so it would be better to save it, just in case.

Brett: I actually can not believe this, this is amazing! We have double immunity!

Steph: Shhh! If we scream it, people will change their votes to you, which we don't want.

Brett: You're right, sorry dude.

Steph: Don't apologise, i was as excited as you when i found out.


Joshua: (to Mnet) We need to tell Nmet.

Mnet: (to Joshua) Yeah, i don't wanna waste my vote!














Nmet: Joshua, Mnet, why do you look so worried!

Joshua: Um, so what happened is-

Mnet: You're too slow! Steph has immunity tonight!

Nmet: What! How is he immune!

Joshua: Remember yesterday when Chris said there would a reward?

Nmet: Yeah?

Mnet: Steph won that!

Nmet: So you aren't lying? This is terrible! Wait, Joshua and Pierre can vote for Brett.

Joshua: Ok, then. Brett it is. (walks away)

Nmet: Mnet! Pierre is planning on flipping again!

Mnet: Really?

Nmet: I know Joshua wouldn't vote for him, so i shooed him away, you, me and Paul all need to vote for Pierre to show him not to mess with us!

Mnet: Wow, this is really a confusing game!

Nmet: No time to complain! Just vote for Pierre! I'll tell Paul who to vote for you tell Pierre!

Mnet: Ok!

Mnet(CONF): Darn, i was right about this being one crazy night.







Mnet: (gasping for breath) Pierre!

Pierre: What do you want Mnet?

Mnet: Um, well-

Pierre: Also, why are you so tired?

Mnet: Long story. Anyway, you have to vote for Brett tonight.

Pierre: Why Brett? Why not Steph now?

Mnet: Another long story. But Steph has immunity, so we can't vote him.

Pierre: How did you find all of this out?

Mnet: Part of the long stories, just vote for Brett ok?

Pierre: Sure, whatever.

Mnet: Awesome! See you at elimination!

Pierre: Yeah, au revior.







Nmet: Paul!

Paul: Um, what?

Nmet: You have to vote for Pierre tonight!

Paul: WHAT!

Nmet: You don't understand, Pierre wants to flip, i heard him say it!

Paul: Um (winks at camera) when did you hear this?

Nmet: Like 20 minutes ago! I don't want Mr. Backstabber to kick me off!

Paul: Wouldn't you get in a tie if you voted for him, why not just vote Brett?


Paul: Is strategize even a word?

Nmet: Like you're one to talk. But please Paul, will you vote for him?

Paul: Um ok, this is confusing, but ok?

Nmet: Eek! Thanks! I'll see you later!

Paul: Yeah, bye.

Stacey: (on loudspeaker) Guys! If you are on the Wannabe Woodpeckers, you must go to elimination now!

Paul: That's not Chris!










Brett: Stacey, what are you doing here?

Stacey: I'll now be doing the eliminations!

Pierre: Why?

Stacey: Chris wants us to have more official and stable jobs here and this was a good move.

Joshua: Or, he's just being even more lazy than normal.

Stacey: Ok, that might be true, but enough about me, so apparently you have to go in that confessional and vote you you want on a white piece of paper, is this true?

Mnet: Yes.

Stacey: Well, go vote?

Steph(CONF): That was weird, but anyway, i can not stand you anymore! Goodbye!

Joshua(CONF): I've been told to vote for you, and while i don't hate you or anything, i kinda have better strategic connections with everyone else.

Paul(CONF): I really want to turn on Nmet, but i think voting for you would make getting Nmet out easier. So i guess it's au revior for you. Man, i'm hilarious! But sorry, dude!

Nmet(CONF): I wish i could be voting for someone else, but i won't have you in my alliance or in this game anymore.

Mnet(CONF): Eek! I'm so confused! But, i mean, from what i've heard you can't pick a side in this game, which could come to bite me in the butt if i don't get rid of you.

Pierre(CONF): You're a good leader, and a good player. And i like your optimism, but masters orders i guess.

Brett(CONF): Haha! You're time in this game has come to an end!

Stacey: Wow, this is a really close mix up! It was a 3-2-2 vote. About half of you tonight got a vote. And also, i've been told that you Steph has to use your immunity, so yep.

Steph: Haha! You're plan to take me out didn't work!

Stacey: Actually, it didn't matter since you didn't get a vote. (throws Steph flag)

Steph: Oh come on!

Nmet: Yeah, we kinda already knew you were safe.

Brett: Great, that probably means i'm history.

Stacey: Anyway, Joshua, Mnet and Paul are also safe!

Joshua: Phew!

Mnet: Yes, my first elimination this season!

Paul: Woohoo!

Stacey: Nmet, Pierre, Brett. One of you guys is going home. The last 2 safe are




































Stacey: Nmet and Brett. Pierre, but with 3 votes, you've been eliminated.

Pierre: Me, really? Wow!

Nmet: That's what you get you cheater!

Pierre: What do you mean- i didn't cheat!

Nmet: Oh yes you did!

Brett: I'm safe?

Steph: Well, both of us aren't complaining!

Joshua: Pierre, how could this happen.

Stacey: Pierre, it's time for the Jeep of Shame! How was that?

Joshua: He can't be going on the Jeep of Shame! It should have been me!

Nmet: Yes, but you're my loyal sheep! You can't go!

Joshua(CONF): Loyal sheep? I am not! Or maybe i am...












Joshua: Pierre, this can't be happening.

Pierre: (Sighs) Well it is, and i can't change it.

Joshua: What if i quit in your pla-

Pierre: Don't you dare think that, haha!

Joshua: I just don't believe this is happening again.

Pierre: No, Joshua, i know that there is happiness inside of you, i had a few glimpses of it today.

Joshua: You think so, you think i'm getting through this?

Pierre: Of course! I just want to give you my hat, as a reminder of how this can change, and that i always love you and am rooting for you(no homo).

Joshua: (sniff) Really?

Pierre: Yep. (Joshua and Pierre hug)

Joshua: I'll see you some time Pierre.

Pierre: You will, with 2 million dollars in your pockets!

Joshua: Haha, that's a great language. Was that French, there's no way i could win this.

Pierre: No, you could. Bye Josh.

Joshua: Bye Pierre.

Pierre: (sits on jeep as it drives away) AAAAUUUUUUUU REEEEEVVVOOOOOIIIIIIIRRR!

Joshua: He's really gone.

Stacey: Wow, we're down to 12 contestants! Brett, Steph, Paul, Joshua, Jason, Brian, Wyatt, Mnet, Nmet, Julia, Marilyn and Sophia! Will Brett and Steph survive again! Will Paul or Joshua flip sides? Will Sophia and Marilyn get over their dumb grudge? WHO WILL MERGE! Find out next time on Total, Drama, STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 9: Tim-millionbuck-too


Stacey: Ok, this is my first intro, so i might not do everything correctly. Last time on Total Drama, Pierre and Joshua bumped into each other, and argued about their status as friends. Sophia and Wyatt worried about their elimination, and wondered how they both survived before Mnet came in and had a moment with Wyatt. Brett started to give up on Julia, before Steph motivated him and Julia was crying about how badly she ended things with Brett(again). We had a different challenge planned, but Chris was captured by native tribes who forced him to give them the 2 million dollars, or die. The challenge changed to save Chris and Joshua and Pierre used this time to sing all their emotions off. Julia somehow won the challenge for the Falcons, sending the Woodpeckers to elimination. Nmet misheard Pierre and Paul and thought Pierre wanted to turn on her, which eventually got Pierre out himself. But Joshua and Pierre did have a quick moment before leaving. 2 more people until merge, who will be our next victim of elimination? Find out this week on, Total Drama: STARS OF THE SEASONS!








Joshua: Um, Nmet? May you explain to me what happened last night, and why it's Pierre not here instead of Brett?

Joshua(CONF): If Nmet wants to take Pierre out, there's a good chance i'm on the chopping block as well, so i have to make things straight with her.

Nmet: It's a long story.

Joshua: I don't care! I need to hear it!

Nmet: So, i was going to talk to Pierre, but then i heard that he was going to flip back to Brett's side, which is why i called him a cheater last night.

Joshua: Why would he do that?

Nmet: Am i Pierre, Non! I don't know why, but i have to keep my alliance strong!

Joshua: (sigh) Sure. Whatever. But you better not be lying.

Nmet: I'm not! I actually heard him say he wanted to take me out!

Joshua(CONF): It doesn't make sense. I would have voted with Pierre no matter what, he knows that. So why didn't he tell me that he wanted to flip?

Nmet: Sorry Josh but you have to understand why i did it. To show the rest of you to stay loyal!

Joshua: Ok then, i'm going to eat then.

Nmet: Can i join you, i want to talk strategy.

Joshua: No, i need to think about this. Goodbye Nmet. (walks away)

Nmet(CONF): Ok, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to take Pierre out. Joshua doesn't look very convinced by my reason. But you saw yesterday, you know i'm telling the truth!













Paul: (walks by) Josh? Why do you look so confused?

Joshua: You can guess why.

Paul: Because Pierre's gone or something?

Joshua: Yes, that is correct. Nmet said to me that he was going to flip on us, but i don't get why he'd make such a great move without telling me?

Paul: Wait a second, where did Nmet get the idea Pierre was flipping?

Joshua: According to her "wise words" she said that she was going to talk to him, but then heard that he'd flip.

Paul: Oh, wow that's weird. I don't see why she'd think that?

Joshua: Yeah, ya don't say.

Paul(CONF): Ok, i think Nmet misheard me plotting her out and thought it was Pierre. Ok. Well, that means i'm super lucky because if she knew it was actually me, i'd be history. Pierre's eliminations just taught me that i have to be 100% with my plans if i want to take her out.

Paul: Um, Josh, can i tell you something?

Joshua: Yeah, what.

Paul: Recently, Nmet's been acting very power-hungry and cocky. I think she might be the antagonist of the season, so, i was wondering if you wanted to join me in getting her out.

Joshua: It's taken you till now, to realise that Nmet is power hungry.

Paul: I didn't ask if you could mock me, i am asking, if you want to take her out with me.

Joshua: Um... give me a little time to think about it.

Paul: Sure. I'll see ya later. Bye!














Marilyn: Where's Brian? I told him to meet up with me here! (Sophia walks in)

Sophia: Of course, i just had to run into the likes of you.

Marilyn: Can you shut up! Seriously!

Sophia: I'll shut this mouth of mine the second you trust me, I was not trying to eliminate you with that "Marilyn Strategy!"

Marilyn: Stop lying to me! I know you were!

Sophia: I am being honest! Go ask Pierre! (Joshua walks by)

Marilyn: Hmph, let's see if you aren't a liar after all. Hey Josh, do you know where Pierre is?

Joshua: Do you not know that he got out last night?

Marilyn: He did?

Sophia(CONF): Welp, there goes that plan.

Joshua(CONF): I remember in that big fight before the challenge in Hawaii, that Pierre was talking to Sophia, a certain Marilyn strategy was mentioned. I want to know what that was. Since i'm so uncertain about.... literally everything. I better make sure there's no secrets or anything about me or Pierre.

Joshua: Um, Sophia by the way, do you happen to know what the "Marilyn Strategy" is?

Marilyn: Don't bother dude, she's gonna lie to you about it.

Joshua: Seriously Sophia, i don't have the time for lies. Answer me now, what is the Marilyn Strategy.

Sophia(CONF): I've been waiting for a moment like this to happen! Finally Marilyn will believe me about this thing!

Sophia: The Marilyn Strategy- it started in episode 5, when i heard you and Olivia talking to each other.

Joshua: As in me or Marilyn.

Sophia: Marilyn.

Marilyn: Oh yeah, i was just trying to support a NICE PERSON after her boyfriend, Richard got out!

Sophia: Nice? (laughs, but then sees Joshua and Marilyn's stern expression and stops laughing) Never mind. I came up to you and then sorta scolded you because although you were being nice, you said some things which i didn't agree with.

Marilyn: Am i never good enough for you?

Joshua: Look Marilyn, i don't know or care about why you two are being so hostile to each other, but i think we both know we really need to hear this.

Marilyn: Sure, whatever.

Sophia: Anyway, then in the Drumheller challenge, i left you to work with Olivia.

Marilyn: You did. I was stuck with Brian for hours! That sorta thing changes a girl, and this was pre-concussed Brian. I got so mad that i went crazy in that challenge and found my stuff very early!

Joshua: What do you mean by, pre-concussed.

Marilyn: Another time Josh, we need to hear Sophia's excuse.

Sophia: Excuse! How dare you! (Sighs) Anyway, i saw that you did really well in that challenge, and thought that you were finally somewhat positive! The next day, Pierre came up to me and complained about Josh's pessimism.

Joshua: And..

Sophia: He asked me for advice on you Josh, and then me, remembering my harshness to Marilyn made her work harder, decided to tell Pierre to just be rude and angry with Joshua.

Joshua: He was showing me tough love when he was screaming that day? Interesting.

Sophia: So, in that big argument, i just called my theory the "Marilyn Strategy" the way to get you Josh to be more positive. So Marilyn, that is the truth! That is actually what the Marilyn Strategy is!

Marilyn: Um, wow. That was way more believable than i thought. I trust you 30% more now, i need to.. go and figure out if that was true. Later. (Marilyn walks away)

Joshua: It better be true, because i have a lot of questions about Pierre right now and i need to make sure all my answers are correct. (Joshua walks away)

Sophia(CONF): So they semi-trust me. Not how i was expecting or hoping that to go, but when those 2 think about it, they'll know i was being honest!








Brian(CONF): I decided to hang out with Steph and Brett this morning, i've heard a bit about how they're also in the minority.

Steph: I'm surprised at how last night worked.

Brett: Yeah, i actually thought i was going home!

Steph: Lets try and figure the votes, to see if it will do us any good. (Brian walks in)

Brett: Oh, hey dude. What are you doing here?

Brian: I just want to see how you guys strategize!

Brett: Sure? (looks at Steph, who is also confused)

Steph: Whatever, fine. But don't go and squeal anything you hear to your team.

Brian: Deal.

Steph: Anyway, back to what we were saying, the both of us obviously voted for Nmet.

Brett: Yeah, so- how were the votes 3-2-2?

Steph: Thats what we've been trying to figure out this whole time. There's obviously a crack!

Brian: Mind if i interrupt your discovery. You are fighting against Nmet, correct.

Brett: (nods head, while Paul walks in)

Paul(CONF): I wanted to find Nmet, but i bumped into these guys instead. Still, i might be aligning with these guys soon so i might listen to their conversation.

Brian: Then take out Nmet from anything you're trying to figure out. Also, Mnet is blindly loyal and Paul has turned evil. So it was probably Pierre, if Nmet found out, which is why he's eliminated.

Brett: You're smarter than i remembe-

Paul: (whispers to himself) How could they say that about me! I'm not evil!

Steph: Did you two hear something? I'm gonna check to see if Nmet's spying on us.

Paul(CONF): This might be really bad for me.

Steph: (Walks out) Hmm, there's no-one her- wait. Paul! What are you doing spying on us!

Paul: It's not what it looks like!

Brian: See what i mean, this guy has turned evil! All creepy, spying everywhere. This is not the Paul i remember from BRACEL.

Brett: What the heck-

Steph: Is BRACEL.

Brian: Our alliance in season 3, but why Paul! Why are you being creepy!

Brett: Paul, you've been so brainwashed! It's sorta disgusted me in what you've become! It's great you're smarter and can talk properly but you need to stop using your newfound intelligence for evil!

Steph: Newfound intelligence?

Brian: But- go ahead and explain it to these guys! I'm off! Later! (walks away)

Paul: I'm spying on you because-

Brett: I don't want to hear it! We already know your answer anyway.

Steph: Brett, let him play the game.

Brett: I'll let him play, but why so dirtily! I'm off! (runs away)

Steph: I do admit that was a bit creepy, but sorry for the others overreacting.

Paul: It's ok. Bye! (walks away, sad)

Paul(CONF): It's so unfair! I align with Nmet when i'm dumb, she turns me into some antagonist puppet and makes me think i'm actually being smart! Now i have a target on my back, when i was actually trying to do the the opposite of what actually happened! It all makes sense now! She never really cared about me or my impediment, she just thought of me as a number! UGH! But, for now, i'll just have to pretend nothing's happened while i gather up numbers, shouldn't be too hard!










Jason: So Wyatt, wanna tell Julia about your feelings?

Julia: Your feelings? Aren't you asexual?

Jason: Wait wh-

Wyatt: Ok that was before. I'll say it but, i won't get to personal about it, i don't want to remind Julia about Brett.

Julia: (starts crying and walks away)

Jason: Wait Julia- i'll just check if she's ok, cool? (walks away, concerned)

Wyatt: Cool.

Wyatt(CONF): I want to to think about strategy in here, cause, why not- i'm alone. I have ties with Steph, Brett, Julia, Jason and Sophia. Steph and Brett are in the minority, so- maybe i should throw the next 2 challenges, take out Brian and Marilyn, so the 6 of us can have a majority at merge? I'll mention it to the group sometime.

Steph: (walks in) Oh, hey Wyatt.

Wyatt: Hey Steph, who went home last night? Brett?

Steph: Actually, Pierre did?

Wyatt: What! How?

Steph: Apparently some drama in Nmet's alliance.

Wyatt: That's great! But- i think i'll have to throw to get both of my alliances to merge.

Steph: You don't have to, i have immunity, but everyone on our team knows about it. If i play this right, i could pass this elimination with Brett!

Wyatt: Awesome!

Steph: Also, by the way, watch out for Brett and Brian, there might be a bit of drama with those two.

Wyatt: Ok, well, i'll see you in the challenge.

Steph: Yeah, bye! (Steph walks away while Mnet walks in)

Mnet: Hey Wyatt!

Wyatt: Hi Mnet! (blushes)

Wyatt(CONF): I sorta forgot about Mnet, ok- i'm sure i like her but the fact that she's best friends with my best friends mortal enemy might lead to a very hard decision. Ok, maybe love has its negatives.

Mnet: I just came to ask if i could have dinner with you!- To discuss the votes and alliances, i wanna know more about you guys!

Wyatt: Really? I wanna know more about you-r team as well!

Mnet: Well, i'll see you then!

Wyatt: Yeah, see ya.

Mnet(CONF): I know Wyatt and Steph are really close friends. But i don't wanna worry about that now. I don't know a thing about Jason, Marilyn or Sophia so having a friend on that team would help, i guess my flirting skills will come in handy! (starts putting on lipstick)











Julia: (runs into cockpit) But- but why didn't it work!

Jason: (runs in cockpit) Julia! Are you ok?

Julia: I don't know! I've never been the self-pity type, but i just need to know why does my relationship with Brett fail every time!

Jason: That isn't self-pity, it's fine to want to know the answer to these questions.

Julia: Would you know though?

Jason: Ok Julia, this may be a tough pill to swallow, but you have to think about it.

Julia: Whatever! What is it?

Jason: (takes deep breath) Maybe, you and Brett, should- break up- for real.

Julia: Do you understand that i still like him in that way! If we broke up, we couldn't even be friends!

Jason: Why not? I don't buy all that crap about e'x not being able to be friends.

Julia: Not everyone is as ...amiable as you Jason! It's harder for me!

Jason: Um- what do you mean?

Julia: You by far the nicest person in this thing, but- the rest of us can't get along with everyone so easily. You saw me and Flo at the beginning of the season.

Jason: Yeah, but that can change, and so can you and Brett when you break up!

Julia: Bu-

Jason: I mean, i guess you can just both be in emotional wrecks, let all the emotions get to you and ruin you! You can do that! Clearly, if no one interferes, you'll just avoid each other forever and feel bad about it for the rest of your life. Even if you break up and hate each other, at least you know you tried! (Jason walks away, angrily)

Jason(CONF): I'm honestly just sick of almost everyone being so emotional! Why am i the only one who doesn't get affected by this! Seriously, Wyatt is probably the only other person that i'm aware of that keeps their emotions from taking over them. I love Julia, as a friend, but i can't be her counselor forever!

Julia: Hmm.

Chris: (on loudspeaker) Challenge time, were out of South America and in another continent, but you'll only find out if you get off the plane!

Random Voice: Keep it down you disgusting piece of pudding!

Julia: Um, what was that?

Julia(CONF): Why is this place so weird.






Jason: (Reaches meeting area) Hey Julia, do you feel better now?

Julia: Oh yeah, i'm fine. What was that thing you were going talk about, with Wyatt?

Jason: Wyatt, bro. Do you want me to tell her?

Wyatt: Go ahead.

Jason: Wyatt, likes- Mnet.

Julia: That's great Wyatt, i'm so proud of you, you finally found love!

Wyatt: Yeah, i feel so happy now knowing what love feels like- wait, here comes everyone else. Stop talking about it!

Julia(CONF): So, even Wyatt has that "new jittery love feeling"! Maybe i should break up with him!

Chris: Well, i would be explaining the challenge, but i'm going to get an ex-contestant to do it! By the way, if you haven't noticed. We are in Africa now and specifically in Mali, visiting the ancient city of Timbuktu!

Joshua: Who is it?

Mnet(CONF): Is it just me or is Chris getting lazier.

Chris: Benj! (Benj walks in)

Benj: Ugh! I should be competing with you right now!

Joshua: That very attitude you're showcasing is why you aren't.

Benj: Shut up dweeb! But the sheila standing next to yo-

Marilyn: Sheila? Ok Benj were out of Australia now, don't need to act like you are Australian.

Benj: Shut up Marilyn. But (takes his shirt of, flexes and throws shirt at Mnet) You (pointing at Mnet) and me could go out sometime, like make ou-

Mnet: Eww, no i'd rather kiss my own shoe.

Nmet: Nice move.

Nmet(CONF): I'm happy no one in my alliance has a love interest, love just ruins everything!

Benj: Fine. Whatever. Anyway, your dumb challenge is to race inside those dumb pyramids, find a flag of a certain country in Africa and race in, first one to do it advances to the next round.

Brian: But there's 12 of us, how would that work?

Chris: I'll tell you how it works. Now, shoo Benj!

Benj: (Goes to Mnet) Are you sure you don't want my number at least.

Mnet: Boy, I'd rather wear socks with my sandals than take those digits.

Wyatt(CONF): Phew, she doesn't like him, but i mean if she did, i wouldn't stop her, i'd rather be rejected than manipulate her.

Chris: So this is the elimination tournament, each of you will verse someone from the opposing team, the winner goes into a group of three where the first 2 go to the finals and then in the finals the first 1 to find an African flag, wins! Also be careful, there are some trick flags which are either from another continent, or don't exist really. Anyway, the first match-up is.... Brett and Brian!

Steph: You can do this Brett!

Paul: Yeah Brett!

Brett: I don't need any help or encouragement from you!

Paul(CONF): Ok, that guy can go, straight after Nmet. Maybe i should throw this? But how could i, my performance doesn't impact the rest of the team.

Steph(CONF): I really need Brett to stop lashing out, because the second we lose a challenge, they'll vote him out. And i need the both of us to merge!




Brian: Marilyn, wish me luck!

Marilyn: (thinking about Sophia's definition for the Marilyn Strategy) Hmm. But why didn't sh-

Brian: Marilyn?

Marilyn: Oh sorry, good luck!






(Brett and Brian enter pyramid)

Brian: While were looking, can we have a chat.

Brett: Sure!

Brett(CONF): I mean, i'm fine if talking distracts him, but i got my eyes on the prize.

Brian: What's your team situation.

Brett: (checks room) Terrible. I'm still shocked i made it through last time.

Brian: Who should i look out for from your team?

Brett: Definitely Nmet and Paul?

Brian: Paul? (laughs) You're joking right, i know this morning he was spying on you, but i saw him in season 3, there's no way he's a threat.

Brett: Alright, be oblivious. (finds flag of Nigeria) What country is this? Whatever, let's take it to him anyway.

Brian: Oh great.



Brett: (to Chris) Am i through to the next round?

Chris: (nods head)

Brett: Woohoo!

Brian: Aww man!

Brian(CONF): I don't want to come off as too strong, since merge is approaching, but i wanted to past at least the first round!

Chris: Next up, Jason and Josh!

Wyatt: Go Jason!








Jason(CONF): So yeah, i'd say Josh has gotten the most emotional out of everyone, and i wanna see how it all unfolded.

Jason: Joshua dude, can i ask you something?

Joshua: Depends, is it personal?

Jason: I guess.

Joshua: Well then no. I don't want everyone to think i'm some weakling little bird whatever. Though i am weak, everyone knowing that is detrimental to my game.

Jason: Woah, big words. But, you can trust me, i'm not the sort of guy to use people's insecurities to my advantage!

Joshua: That's not the reason why. But, fine ask m-

Jason: Sorry Josh, but i found the flag of ... i don't even know, but it's a flag!

Joshua: (lying) Isn't that the flag of Argentina? That's in South America.

Jason: Nice try bro, but i know the flag of Argentina.



Chris: Jason! I see you have the flag of Ghana in your hands!

Jason: Ghana? Interesting. Anyway, am i through?

Chris: Yes!

Mnet: Ooh, tough luck Josh.

Joshua: I was versing champion athlete Jason. I was going to lose anyway.

Steph: Josh, lower it down with the pessimism. Remember our talk in Hawaii?

Joshua: Do you think i could forget something like that, but- my best friend just got out and i don't even think i know why?

Steph: Still, just make sure it doesn't go too far.

Joshua(CONF): Wow, Steph's really nice. Now i feel bad for turning on him. But, why does everyone want to help me? Why am i worth being helped to them?

Chris: Next in the ring is-

Julia: The ring?

Chris: Mnet and Julia!

Mnet: Bring it on, ginger!

Julia: Oh do you wanna go! (Jason and Wyatt look at her, solemnly) Um- w-what i meant was, do you wanna go inside the pyramid now?



Julia: So, why do you wanna win?

Mnet: I don't really know, i didn't come in with any sort of goal with the money since i debuted. But, i think i want to add onto my business.

Julia: Business? You have a personal business?

Mnet: Yeah, i have a youtube and instagram account on fashion tips and i have an ebay account where i make accessories for clothing.Not a business yet and money's tight since the only way i get money is from making very calculated bets which actually earns me about 100 per year.


Julia(CONF): Is that Mnet, or some entrepreneur.

Julia: Well good luck with that?

Mnet: Thanks! How's Wyatt- and Jason going!

Julia: Oh um, Wyatt's fine. I don't know if this is related to you or not but he's been a lot happier and less stressed since you've been here.

Mnet: (blushes) Oh, um, really?

Julia: Yeah, have you been talking with him recently?

Mnet: Oh yeah, i'm actually supposed to have dinner with him.

Julia: Oh wow! Anyway, i'll see you later?

Mnet: Wait, where are you going?

Julia: I found the South African flag, i'm handing it in.

Julia(CONF): That's exactly what me and Brett used to be like! Seriously, this new love it's driving me crazy!

Mnet(CONF): Does Julia know about my feelings for Wyatt, and wow,



Julia: Here, am i through?

Chris: Yes, yes you are. Congrats, so far we've had 3 groups with 2 advanced for the Falcons and 1 for the Woodpeckers. Next is Nmet and Marilyn!

Nmet(CONF): I do want to throw this, but i mean, Steph still has immunity and Josh is a bit angry with me right now, so it isn't the best time.

Marilyn: (still thinking about Marilyn Strategy) I just don't know.

Nmet: Um, what?

Marilyn: (continuing) I don't want to believe it's true, because then i feel like a jerk, but at the same time- i feel relieved knowing that she isn't lying to me- if it is true!

Nmet: So yeah, can you hear me?

Marilyn: (snaps out of it) What? Oh yeah, sorry, what do you want?

Nmet: I just want to know why you're so confused.

Marilyn(CONF): I don't know if i can trust Nmet yet. I heard that Nmet told Wyatt to tell Sophia to flip on us, but i don't know if that's just a rumor. Still, i won't tell her.

Marilyn: (coughs) Oh sorry? (coughs) I can't hear you! (walks into another pyramid section.

Nmet(CONF): I mean, i'll just mess her game up a bit if she won't tell me. We need to win to send her packing.

Nmet: Well, might as well start diggi- (Benj walks in)

Benj: Arer you that hot girls sister?

Nmet: That "hot girl has a name" and no, we're just former friends.

Benj: Whatever, could you give me her number?

Nmet(CONF): He's disgusting, but his ...personality could help me with my "Get Marilyn Out" Scheme. And i'm not mad at Marilyn, but she's target practice right now.

Nmet: Sure... actually i think i could get your more time with her, just keep digging for a flag of Africa and i'll give all of that to you!

Benj: Really!

(20 minutes later)

Benj: I found a flag!

Nmet: Perfect, now follow me! (Nmet and Benj walk out while Marilyn walks in)

Marilyn: Did they leave? Shoot!



Chris: Sheesh, what took you so long?

Nmet: Whatever, anyway, here's the flag, am i safe?

Chris: Yes, yes you are. (Marilyn walks in)

Marilyn: I'm out! Come on?

Nmet: Maybe if you actually dug a hole you could have done something, an-

Jason: Marilyn? Did you even try?

Brian: Marilyn! Really!

Marilyn: Sorry guys, i have more important things to think about!

Nmet: Oh um anyway, Benj wants to be your challenge assistant?

Benj: That's not what you sa-

Nmet: Shh! Do you want her or not?

Benj: Ugh, fine. Chris, can i work for you?

Chris: Umm, sure? Just go on the plane and i'll see you later.

Benj: Epic! (walks away)

Mnet: Does that mean if that guy is hired, he'll hit on me more? Come on!

Nmet(CONF): Ok, in a good position. Marilyn looks dead and Chris accepted Benj as the challenge assistant. I just need to make sure Mnet doesn't find out about i sold her out. But i don't care! If i have to ruin a friendship to win this, then so be it!

Chris: Next up is Paul and Sophia!

Mnet: Go Paul!

Paul(CONF): I'd like to throw this to get Nmet out, but i think it's best we win so i can gather up votes. Still, merge is coming so i don't want it to be too late. Plus, i don't think Brett's in a good headspace to vote with me.




Sophia: Look, i don't really talk to you, and i don't have a reason to, but- can we talk?

Paul: I mean, if it distracts you from the challenge, then ok.

Sophia: Whats the drama from your team?

Paul: Nmet is a dictator and has Mnet under her wing, i want to flip but Josh is so unsure about everything, and he doesn't know what to do!

Sophia: I talked to Josh today, just don't mess with him and don't confuse him and you'll be fine.

Paul: Thanks. But i feel kinda alone, everyone distances themselves from me and i don't know why, i can't say i actually have a friend here.

Sophia: Interesting, (digs more) Do you know why?

Paul: No. And, it's sad because, when i couldn't speak properly, i was always annoyed and bullied and stuff and i though if i could speak properly, people would respect me, but people are just taking me- the wrong way.

Sophia: Sorry, i'm not good with these confrontations. But i do know you should just prove those losers wrong!

Paul: I'm trying to do that here, but it's hard to when you lack social skills.

Sophia: You don't lack social skills! ....Actually-

Paul: I know, it's like my "i mean" thing is a curse i'll never truly get over. (finds flag) I am going now.

Sophia: To wh- oh wait, he found the flag.

Paul(CONF): I sorta broke down there, i just don't know what i'm seen as, but i think people are seeing me as this big bad guy who would push their mother off a mountain for a million dollars. I'm not that!



Paul: Here's a flag, don't know what it's of though.

Chris: We will take it! Paul, you're through to the next round!

Brett: Did you spy on someone to get that flag? You dumb antagonist wannabe.

Steph: Brett, please.

Chris: Our last match of round 1 is Steph vs Wyatt!

Brett: Good luck Steph, pretend he's Paul or something!

Paul(CONF): (sighs)

Jason: You can do this Wyatt!





Wyatt: Um Steph.

Steph: Yeah, what.

Wyatt: Would you care to elaborate?

Steph: Elaborate? On what?

Wyatt: What happened with Brett and Brian this morning.

Steph: Oh yeah. Brett and Brian aren't mad at each other, but they're mad at someone else.

Wyatt: Who? Paul?

Steph: Wow, lucky guess. How did you get that?

Wyatt: I did see Brett "cheer" for you before we wen't in.

Steph: Yep, i don't see why he's overreacting so much?

Wyatt: Why?

Steph: Ok, so what happened in a nutshell is that Paul was spying on us and now Brett and Brian are mad at him.

Wyatt: Why would Brian be mad?

Steph: He just came and ate with us, dunno why.

Wyatt: Yeah, that's pretty weird.

Steph: I'm just scared for Brett, the whole Julia thing has really messed with him and he's been really provocative recently, but he's my only ally on my team, so i have to suck it up.

Wyatt: Yeah, can i ask a favour of you?

Steph: Of course, whats up?

Wyatt: Can you keep Mnet in for as long as possible?

Steph: Um, why?

Wyatt: Um..... i may or may not like her.

Steph: Really, Mnet?

Wyatt: I don't know, my brain must have forced itself into liking her when she entered.

Steph: Why would you do that to yourself.

Wyatt: Long stor- (find flag) Sorry Steph, i can tell you another time, but i found the flag of Kenya! Seeya!

Steph: (finds flag) Ok, maybe i can beat him to the exit.




Chris: I can see them both running back with flags, who will win?

Nmet: Probably Wyatt, he's too far ahead.

Chris: Oh come on! The viewers didn't know that! (Wyatt gets to Chris first)

Wyatt: I just realised Steph was behind me! (Steph walks in)

Steph: (panting) Well played Wyatt, well played.

Chris: Wyatt is the last player to the semis, you have 5 minutes to talk and stuff while we fix up the pyramid!



Jason: Good job guys, us three made it!

Wyatt: Julia? Are you over the Brett thing? You've been rather quiet!

Julia: Oh yeah, i'm fine. Just a bit confused.

Jason: Why?

Julia: I've seen Brett do a lot of... interesting stuff, and i'm actually thinking about what you said.

Jason: That's nice, but you don't have to listen to me.

Julia: No, i do sometimes, i don't know how but you always seem to be able to help others, and i'm really appreciative of it.

Jason: I'm just doing what i always planned to do, make a core friendship and alliance and win a few challenges.

Wyatt: I don't know how, but you being so simple makes you by far the most composed person here.

Jason: Thanks, don't make me blush.


Brian: Marilyn. We need to talk.

Marilyn: (to Joshua) So, you think her saying that actually makes sense with this?

Joshua: Yeah, i don't see a problem with it.

Marilyn: So what about when she sa-

Brian: Marilyn! Josh!

Joshua: (looks back) Oh, it's you.

Marilyn: Can you not see i'm in the middle of something?

Brian: Um, never mind. I'll see you later.







Chris: Ok, i'm back! It's the semi finals! Our first group is, Brett, Jason and Julia! If you are one of the first two to get out of there with a flag, you are through to the final round! GO!






Jason: Ok Julia, you check the left side, i'll check the right.

Julia: Sounds like a plan! (Julia and Brett bump into each other)

Brett: Oh um-

Julia: Yeah, good job?

Brett: You're welcome- (facepalms) I mean thanks.

Julia: I'll just go this way.

Brett: Yeah, see you around.

Julia(CONF): Why!

Brett(CONF): UGH!

Jason(CONF): Hmm.

Jason: (walks up to Brett) So, how have you been?

Brett: Do i look like i need small talk right now?

Jason: Sorry, it's just that. I saw things between you and Julia and, i know it's hard bu-

Brett: I don't need any help from you! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!

Jason: Look, i've seen your little temper tantrums you've thrown today, and i know you must be very angry and stressed right now, but- if you just try and talk to them and truly tell them how you feel, you might be able to overcome your problem without violence.

Brett: What would you know, you have a perfect life! No problems! Why should i listen to you?

Jason: I know, maybe i'm not the best person to listen to, but- i know you still like Julia, if you start off by telling her how you feel, you'll feel lighter and be able to tackle the rest of your problems.

Brett: Are you sure that will work?

Jason: To be honest, no. But- why not try?

Brett: (sigh) Thanks Jason, you're better than i thought.

Jason: No problem. Now go talk to her!

Brett: Oh Ju- oh, she already finished.

Jason: Wow, that was quick! (finds flag) Sorry bro, but i gotta join her. (runs out of pyramid)

Brett: Ugh, great. But, at least he helped me a lot with my stress.




Julia: Where were you Jason? I finished ages ago!

Chris: She's right, you took forever.

Jason: Well, thanks for the comment. Am i in the finals with Julia?

Chris: Yeah you are, congrats.

Jason: Woohoo!

Julia: This is great! We already have 2 in the finals! (Brett walks in)

Brett: Sorry guys.

Steph: No problem, also, why do you see way more calm?

Brett: I don't know. I guess i do!

Steph(CONF): Well, that was good. Brett being more level headed means we can focus on getting out Nmet! ...Why do i care for Nmet getting out over Brett's health? I knew i was terrible.

Chris: Our second and final semi final match consists of, Nmet, Wyatt and Paul! GO!








Nmet: Ugh! Where can i find this flag!

Paul: Calm down, we just got in here.

Nmet: Don't tell me what to do!

Wyatt: Wow, she is one determined girl.

Paul: Yeah she is, (sighs and walks away)

Wyatt(CONF): What's Paul's problem?


Wyatt: Paul? Are you ok?

Paul: (sniffs) No. Not really.

Wyatt: Why? What's the problem?

Paul: It's kinda dumb really, just go and find your flag,

Wyatt: If you're almost crying over it, it can't be that "stupid" why are you upset.

Paul: Well, people just keep calling me, threats and hating on me, and i don't even know why! It's like they hate me for being smarter!

Wyatt: If i'm going to be straight with you, i don't think it's you getting smarter that annoys them.

Paul: Then, then what is it?

Wyatt: They're scared you're gonna use this newfound intelligence for evil, especially being on Nmet's side.

Paul: Is that the reason why?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Paul: Well, how do you deal with being know as this game's best player?

Wyatt: People think of me like that?

Paul: I'm shocked that's a surprise for you, you've gotten single digits every time you've competed and you're almost gonna do it this season!

Wyatt: I guess my focus isn't on that, i just focus on trying to get through the day, without letting what anyone says affect me.

Paul: Even positive comments.

Wyatt: Actually, yeah. I don't want to get egotistical and think i'm the best and everything like Nmet or something. (Wyatt and Paul laugh)

Paul: You may be the most humble person to have walked the earth.

Wyatt: Thanks, but now i'm "the most humble person" to walk out this pyramid with a flag. Sorry, but i'm going to the finals! (Wyatt walks out)

Wyatt(CONF): If Paul is really getting that stressed over Nmet, i don't want to be next! And i need to get Mnet onto our side to take her out once and for all! Goodbye Nmet!

Nmet(CONF): Is Paul getting suspicious of me, i happened to hear some of that!

Nmet: He can't be worried about me! I mean, i've done a gre- (finds flag) Hmph. Now to get this to Chris.




Chris: Wow, you guys took forever too! Whats going on here!

Nmet: I wouldn't know, but am i safe!

Wyatt: Same here!

Chris: You're safe and in the final, yes. Congratz.(Paul runs in)

Paul: Oh man, am i out!

Chris: Tough luck! Anyway, the grand finale is starting soon, so prepare yourself!



Brett: Steph, can you help me with something?

Steph: Yeah, what?

Brett: I think i overreacted with Paul this morning. I just want to say sorry.

Steph: Yeah ya don't say.

Brett: (death stare)

Steph: Okay, i'm kidding! Seriously something must have happened in there, you seem so much happier now!

Brett: So will, we apologise or not.

Steph: Yeah we will, Paul's down there.


Paul: Agh! Brett! Don't hurt me!

Nmet: Sit down Paul!

Paul: Whatever. What do you want from me this time?

Brett: I just wanted, to say sorry.

Mnet: Sorry? For what?

Steph: Long story.

Brett: I overreacted and just got really mad, i have just been really stressed out lately and i think you were just a victim of me.

Paul: It's ok Brett, i guess if i wanted something from you, i should ask.

Brett: No, but- i should let you do what you want, it is a game after all.

Paul: Um.. thanks.

Brett: Anyway, i'll see you later.

Paul(CONF): Weird how the second i stopped talking to Wyatt, people are already forgiving me.





Chris: Alright! It is the final! The round that will determine the team that wins immunity, and the team that has to go to elimination! In our last round we have, the tough athletic boring nice powerhouse, Jason!

Jason: I'm not boring!

Chris: Sure ya aren't.

Sophia: Can you just get on with it!

Chris: Fine! Joining Jason is Julia, Nmet and Wyatt! The first one to bring me back a flag will win for their team! GO!

(teams cheer as they enter)




Nmet: So Wyatt, who will your alliance target if you win.

Jason: Why should you care?

Julia: Yeah, back off Nmet!

Nmet: (rolls eyes) So, answer my question.

Wyatt: (takes deep breath) I'm out.

Nmet: WHAT!

Wyatt: I'm out of your alliance!

Nmet: WHAT! Why!

Jason: What alliance?

Wyatt: I don't want you to use me to get what you want, because that's all i see this alliance as! You using me to get a better position in the game!

Nmet: Thats what alliances are for, to make you a stronger player.

Wyatt: Not the way you run your alliance! It's over Nmet!

Nmet: Ok, fine! Leave!

Nmet(CONF): Biggest mistake made ever. You're on my list now Wyatt!


Julia: What was that about?

Wyatt: Don't worry. I'll tell you another time more properly.

Jason: Should we work together?

Julia: Yeah! I'll dig where Nmet digs so i lower her chances of finding one!

Wyatt: I'll check this top area!

Jason: Ok, i guess i'll take the east side.


Nmet: You can't dig anywhere else?

Julia: I could, but i'm digging here.

Nmet: Whatever. Just don't get in my way of win-

Julia: I found the flag!

Wyatt: Great work Julia!

Jason: Now run!

Nmet: Yeah you better run! (finds flag)






Brett: Woohoo! Go Julia!

Joshua: You're cheering for her because?

Brett: Shut up- i mean, let me be!

Joshua: You're weird.

Julia: Oh no, Nmet's catching up! Since when was she this fast!

Nmet: I'm coming Julia!

Chris: And the winner is...

















Jason: Woohoo! Go Julia!

Brian: Good job girl!

Julia: Yes! We won!

Chris: You did win falcons, i won't be seeing you tonight. Actually, Stacey's doing elimination so i wouldn't see them anyway.

Marilyn: Are you really that lazy?

Chris: Look who's talking. Anyway, you 6 are safe for tonight! You may go! Sorry Woodpeckers, but one of you is going home tonight, you have a bit to figure out who that might be.

Joshua(CONF): I'm sorta a swing vote tonight, which is a bit stressful, but knowing what i've been through, this should be a breeze.

Nmet(CONF): On the back of the flag i picked, there was a sign saying "SOLE VOTE" i hope this is some sort of reward or something. I'll play it tonight, but i am NOT TELLING ANYONE!






Joshua: (looking at Pierre's hat) I'm doing this for you, (sigh) he's such a great friend. (Brett walk in)

Brett: Um, hey dude.

Joshua: Hi Brett. What are you doing?

Brett: I could ask you the same thing.

Joshua: Just remembering Pierre, and his hat he gave me.

Brett: Wow, that's actually really sweet.

Joshua: Yeah. It's like one of my last sources of motivation. I had a lot to think about in this challenge, so i'm not surprised I didn't do well.

Brett: Well, it's nice you have something to motivate you.

Joshua: You think so?

Brett: Yeah.

Joshua: Why does it feel like you're trying to avoid something?


Joshua: Why?

Brett: I promised myself i'd talk to Julia and fix things with her, but.. i'm a bit nervous.

Joshua: So that's why you wanted to cheer for her.

Brett: Shut up! (Brett and Josh laugh)

Joshua: For real though, don't rush it. I may not be a relationship guru, but if you really aren't ready, listen to yourself, because your future is better off waiting to really think about your feelings then rushing things and saying stuff when you don't want to say it.

Brett: Thanks. But, i think i'm ready.

Joshua: Ok, you don't have to listen to me.

Brett: Yeah, look Josh i'm sorry if, i came across as mean or rude to you this season. My emotions are going all over the place, it's a new feeling for me.

Joshua: It's ok. My emotions are being weird too. (Steph and Paul walk in)

Steph: Hey Brett! And Josh. And Paul, why are you two here?

Joshua: (looks at Paul) Should we tell them?

Paul: I guess.

Joshua: Me and Paul are willing to flip, on Nmet.

Steph: Really!

Brett: That's epic!

Paul: Yeah, but anyway, we all agree on Nmet, right?

Joshua: Yeah, sure!

Brett: This is great!

Steph: We're actually pulling this off!

Brett: Ok, now i'm off to see Julia.

Steph: You're gonna tell her?

Joshua: Yea, he's confident enough.






Julia: Oh um, hey Brett.

Brett: Hi Julia.

Julia: Nice work in the challenge today.

Brett: Thanks! But, i mean, you were the one who won.

Julia: Oh stop it! Anyway, do you have anything to say?

Brett: Actually, yeah, i do.

Julia: What is it!

Brett: Well, i know you probably can't relate. But, i still really like you and, i think i can do a better job at managing our thing.

Julia: Yeah bu-

Brett: I know, i messed up! I suck! But i know you deserve better! I know i've been a jerk, but can you please give me a second chance?

Julia: I just don't want you to treat me better because you'll know that i'll break up with you if you don't!

Brett: Are you sure, i'm ready to change in order for you!

Julia: (sigh) Ok, we can try, but, try not to put fake love and energy into this!

Brett: Only if you don't want me too! (Brett and Julia kiss)

Julia: Ok, we'll talk about it tomorrow. Good luck at elimination!

Brett: Thanks!






Stacey: Wow, good job guys, this is the 5th time you've lost.

Joshua: Do you think we care?

Stacey: Sheesh! Do any of you want to say anything before you go vote?

Nmet: I don't want to say something, but i want to do something?

Brett: Do what? Write your elimination speech!

Nmet: Actually, the quite opposite! (gets out sole vote flag) Can i play this sole vote flag and get a sole vote tonight? (everyone gasps)

Stacey: Woah. I mean, i guess so. Are you sure you want to play this?

Nmet: Yep.

Stacey: You may all go say something in the voting confessional.

Steph(CONF): No,no,no,no,no!

Brett(CONF): Why! Why literally the day we gather up the numbers against her!

Joshua(CONF): Maybe it's a sign i should stick with Nmet.

Paul(CONF): Seriously! This woman is untouchable!

Mnet(CONF): Why didn't she tell me about this! We're best friends!

Nmet(CONF): I know, they probably never saw that coming, i think tonights a good day to play it because i saw how mad Josh was and i don't need a tie right now. But, i can't guarantee he'd vote against me, so i won't vote for him. Steph and Brett however...

Stacey: Ok. Nmet, who do you want out, you can not choose Steph, because he is going to use his second and last immunity automatically!

Steph: Phew!

Nmet: You got lucky depressed boy. Ok, well, i'm obviously not going for my girl Mnet, Paul and Josh are allies of mine, and Steph's immune, so i guess it's byebye Bretty!

Brett: You are actually gonna take me out?

Nmet: Who else was i gonna pick?

Steph: I cant be losing another ally again!

Brett: It's ok, i made peace with everyone today, i'm happy to leave on good terms with everyone! Tell Julia, Jason and Wyatt i said bye!

Joshua: We will.

Steph: This can't be happening!







Brett: Josh? You wanna see me off after everything?

Joshua: Whatever, at least we ended on a high.

Brett: And you Paul, i was hating on you the entire day?

Paul: Albeit true, you got over it, and that matters the most i guess.

Steph: Brett, you can't go, who will i talk to?

Brett: You have Josh and Paul, plus Wyatt!

Steph: Yeah, i guess. I'll see you later! (Steph and Brett hug)

Joshua: Look, i haven't felt emotion in years, so, i'll settle with a hi-five.

Brett: Sure? (Brett hi-fives Josh)

Paul: I'll take a fistbump!

Brett: Ok. (Brett fistbumps Paul) Ok, bye guys!

Joshua: B!

Paul: Y!

Steph: E!


Steph: He's actually gone, wow!

Stacey: Ok, you three go back in the plane, i have an outro to do.

Joshua: Fine then. (walks away with Paul and Steph)

Stacey: 9 have been cut out with 10 more to go till we find out our winner! How will Steph live? Will Marilyn finally forgive Sophia? Will Wyatt and Mnet flirt some more? So many questions to find out on our last pre-merge episode of Total, DRamA, STARs Of THe SEASONS!

Chapter 10: A 'selfie with a 'elphie


Stacey: Last time on Total Dram St- (Benj walks in)

Benj: Hey beautiful.

Stacey: I don't know if that was a compliment or a terrible pick-up line. I'm double your age, so nothing is gonna happen here.

Benj: Whatever.

Stacey: Also, why are you here? Chris didn't let another person return did he?

Benj: Nah, he just hired me as his challenge assistant.

Stacey: Are you getting payed?

Benj: I better. Anyway, you know where the losers from the last challenge are?

Stacey: Oh, near here actually, keep walking straight until you see a door on your right, that's where they sleep.

Benj: Cool, see you later. (walks away)

Stacey: I sure hope you don't. (giggles)

Benj(CONF): She shot me down, but she's still hot as ever. Mark my words, by the end of the season, Mnet will be mine.











Mnet: Hey, sorry we couldn't have dinner yesterday. Nmet had me talking strategy with her to predict like, the rest of the game.

Wyatt: It's ok, but i recommend you watch out for her, she is a great player.

Mnet: Yeah, she's been way more controlling this season.

Wyatt: I don't know what changed her game from Iqaluit to now, she did the same thing in season 3 but got nowhere.

Mnet: Yeah. That's true. Be honest, what's your opinion on Nmet?

Wyatt: She's really smart, but- that's why i left her.

Mnet: What do you mean.. you left her.

Wyatt: I decided to end our "partnership", i don't want her to think that she's controlling me.

Mnet: Woah, bold move.

Wyatt: Thanks. (Mnet and Wyatt have a moment before stopping)

Mnet: But yeah, um, when we merge, can we- team up?

Wyatt: I'd love to!

Mnet: Eek! Thanks! (Mnet hugs Wyatt while Benj walks in)

Benj: Um excuse me.

Mnet: Oh yeah you got hired. (uninterested) What do you want.

Benj: I'd like you to tell me what's going on here.

Mnet: (realises she's hugging Wyatt) I'm talking to a friend-

Wyatt: We are friends?

Benj: It better not be more, because you can't date him.

Mnet: And why can't I?

Benj: You will fall for me sooner or later anyway, so just save yourself the time, and the second you realise how sexy i am, just tell me, cause i'd be honored to date you. (walks away)

Wyatt: He's confident.

Mnet: Yeah. (laughs)

Wyatt: But, being serious though, would you fall for him?

Mnet: Oh, never! There's a higher chance i'd fall for you! (blushes) Um, yeah i have to go now. ....Bye. (walks away)

Wyatt: She'd rather date me?

Wyatt(CONF): Why is having a crush so contradicting? Half the time i think there's a chance, the other half i think there isn't! Also, how can a guy be so confident he'll get a girl! Ok, love aside. I think i'm in a good position going into merge. I have, Steph, Julia, Jason, Sophia and Mnet! That's the majority!

Mnet(CONF): I have guys hit on me all the time, it's just something that happens when you're beautiful. (giggles) But anyway, i like how Wyatt just respects me as a friend and- i mean, if he sees us as friends then.







Nmet(CONF): So Wyatt wants to erase our history together, well then i'll just erase his status in the game as well. Ok, lets test my acting skills.

Nmet: (runs to Sophia) Sophia, Sophia!

Sophia: (doing her nails) What?

Nmet: I just heard something, something terrible!

Sophia: Am i supposed to care?

Sophia(CONF): I really don't need to hear anything from Nmet right now, but, if merge is coming up, maybe it is best for my game that i listen.

Nmet: Hey! I don't need that shade!

Sophia: Whatever, just hurry up and say what you need to say.

Nmet: Ok... prepare yourself, I heard Wyatt telling his alliance that he is going to throw the challenge and vote you out!

Sophia: What! Are you serious!

Nmet: Yes! I'm sorry you were in such a bad alliance.

Sophia: Wow, and i really thought i was safe with them.

Nmet: Yep. But, if i was you- i'd vote Wyatt, it is his fault after all.

Sophia: Yeah sure. And before you leave, can i ask something of you?

Nmet: Yes, what.

Sophia: I am thinking of going back to my alliance with Marilyn and Brian, can we merge our alliances and take out people like Wyatt or Steph?

Nmet: Oh, that's a great idea! Consider yourself part of the Nmaster Alliance.

Sophia: The Nmaster, you're calling yourself that again?

Nmet: I mean, when you're doing as well as me, you'd call yourself a master as well. (walks away)

Sophia(CONF): I don't completely trust Nmet, it doesn't seem like something Wyatt would do. But i think it's time to flip on them anyway, those three are really strong players. So even if we win today, getting an alliance of hopefully 7 together has to work.


Marilyn: (walks in with Joshua) Hey Soph.

Sophia: Hey? Soph? Are you not mad at me anymore?

Joshua: No, i'm not.

Sophia: I was talking to Marilyn.

Joshua: Oh, sorry.

Marilyn: Nah, after his elimination, me and Josh were up late trying to figure out if what you said yesterday was true.

Joshua: And me and Marilyn decided that...

Sophia: I don't need the suspense. Do you believe me or not!

Marilyn: Well, yeah. And, i guess i'm sorry for being rude to you.

Sophia: I'm sorry for not telling you and flipping on you!

Joshua: I think this is my time to like... go. (Joshua walks out)

Sophia: So, can we analyze our team, if we're friends again. We're friends, right?

Marilyn: Oh yeah. But.. we're on opposite sides of the team, why would we eve-

Sophia: I wanna go back to you and Brian.

Marilyn: ...Woah, really? Thanks girl!

Sophia: Yeah, they're nice at all but i really don't fit in with them, i haven't properly had a chat with them since Olivia got out. But yeah,who do you think is best to take out.

Marilyn: Julia and Jason are physical threats, but Wyatt has never placed worse than 9th. I don't even know how we let him get this far even!

Sophia: So you're saying, throw the challenge and get out Wyatt?

Marilyn: Yeah, he probably will align with Steph and doesn't he have a deal with Nmet or something?

Sophia: Yeah! But, how are we going to get that fourth vote?

Marilyn: I don't know really.

Sophia(CONF): I know i left a majority alliance for the minority. But the second Marilyn and Brian get out, I could be slim pickings. I have a way better bond with Marilyn and Brian, and as long as I don’t give Julia, Jason and Wyatt a reason to target me, I think I can get through today!








Steph: (lying on economy class floor) And there goes another friend.

Steph(CONF): Literally the second i get enough numbers, Nmet gets a sole vote. Like, seriously what is wrong with my luck! Hopefully Wyatt is willing to get Jason, Julia and Sophia with us, but who knows.

Joshua: (walks in) Um hi. Why Are you on the floor?

Steph: I’ve had enough of my luck in this game. Like seriously, I thought yesterday would be a massive turning point in the game for me, but I ended up just losing someone special.

Joshua: Is this the bit where I comfort you, cause i’m not good at that.

Steph: No, I’m not upset, just sick of it.

Joshua: Well, it’s still 3-2 if me and Paul flip, which we will so even if we lose today, i’d say we‘re in good shape.

Steph: Yeah but, how can I trust you and Paul?

Joshua: What else can you do, there’s no way you could convince Mnet or Nmet.

Steph: True. You know, I thought Pierre being eliminated would make you some trainwreck, but it’s making you stronger.

Joshua: No, that can’t be true.

Steph: It is, but I dont’ get it because I just don’t have any extra motivation coming from Brett’s elimination, it just makes me feel worse.

Joshua: Well, i may be wrong like i always am, but i think any "motivation" i have is coming from Pierre's hat. (shows Steph Pierre's hat)

Steph: Not to offend you or Pierre, but wouldn't seeing that beret make you more sad?

Joshua: It probably would, but when Pierre gave me this hat, he gave me my last drop of motivation, which he's provided for me since i met him. I don't know what i'd do without that guy.

Steph: That's really emotional. I just wish Brett did something like that to me.

Joshua: Steph, if you really need help then i can be your beret.

Steph: Huh?

Joshua: Ugh i'm terrible at this friend making thing. I'm saying, we're 2 wrecks but together we might be able to be strong in this game.

Steph: You, want to be friends, with me?

Joshua: Sure- if you want to be.

Steph: I guess i need to talk to someone, and you get the sort of stuff i've been through, so ok. I'm fine with it.

Joshua: Cool. Wanna get breakfast?

Steph: Sure, ok.

Joshua(CONF): Steph is probably one of the few people i could see myself talking to outside of the game. It was kinda hard to make a friend as an introvert, so i hope this gets somewhere. Although, if Nmet sees that i'm talking to Steph a lot, i might end up with the same fate as Pierre.






Jason: Julia, wake up!

Julia: (tiredly) I'm awake, i'm awake.

Jason: Get out of bed, unless you don't want to do our morning run around the plane.

Julia: So, you don't know.

Jason: Don't know what?

Julia: Brett was eliminated last night.

Jason: Oh that's terrible! But at least you made up with him before leaving.

Julia: Why does it sound like you don't care at all and you just want to exercise.

Jason: I- I do care.

Julia: WELL PROVE IT! Sorry. What am i doing? I don't know why i'm snapping at you!

Jason: I wouldn't know either.

Julia(CONF): In Life of Iqaluit, the day after Brett got eliminated, i lost my short friendship with Daisy AND she was eliminated. I pushed her too far to make me feel better and she got disqualified. I really don't want that to happen with Jason.

Julia: I don't know, i'm scared that losing Brett will show the worse side of me again and i'll blame it on you. It happened in season 3!

Jason: Julia, you're a better person now, it's probably really hard to not snap or scream at someone, when you always used to do that. But listen to what's stopping you from going back to Old Julia.

Julia: Thanks. Jason, can i ask you something?

Jason: Yeah, sure.

Julia: Why are you so perfect and such a good person. I don't get that you've been able to put up with me this entire season without getting annoyed at me once.

Jason: I guess i'm just born with it. I don't let my emotions control me. It's about thinking about what you're doing, i guess.

Julia: I'm sorta jealous that you never feel sadness or whatever.

Jason: I do feel sadness, just that i battle it with the positive side of the situation, which is what gets me through a lot.

Julia: You're really inspirational! I'm gonna go take a run now. (Julia walks away)

Jason: What happened to our morning run? Whatever, i guess i'll go by myself. (Brian walks in)

Brian: Hey Jason! I feel like we haven't talked in ages!

Jason: Oh Brian! How has the competition been treating you?

Brian: Well, ever since that challenge in Drumheller when Mnet fell from the sky and crashed into my head, i've felt great!

Jason: What wha-

Brian: A story for another time.

Jason: Then anyway, are you ready for merge coming up?

Brian: Yeah definitely, merge in season 3 was a blast! It would have been even more fun without Yasmine!

Jason: You seem confident.

Brian: Yeah, at the beginning of this season i was so sad i failed to win last time, but now i've realised i have another chance and i won't let that slip away!

Jason: I'm happy you feel better about losing.

Brian: Thanks, how have you been?

Jason: Oh fine, Julia and Wyatt have been with me all along.

Brian: What do you like about them?

Jason: I don’t know, I got closer to Julia more to help her with Flo and Wyatt was and still is a great player and doesn’t really let the emotions he has affect him. I respect him for that. Also, Sorry if we haven’t done much together this season- it’s just the way my alliances played out.

Brian: It’s fine, I feel like I am in a great position anyway! I’ll see you in the challenge Jason! (runs out)

Jason: See you too!

Brian(CONF): Me and Jason were BFF’s in high school, but we barely talk here so it was nice to catch up.

Jason(CONF): Nice to talk to Brian like that again, and it’s nice to see he’s doing well. But he seems, rather untouchable right now. Like he is in a perfect position, despite being in the minority. I guess I should feel happy for him? But, we‘re an episode from merge, is he too powerful?










Paul: Ok Paul, it's time to consider your options.

Paul(CONF): Even with Brett gone, we still have the majority, so as long as Nmet doesn't get anymore dumb-luck, we should be fine. But in merge, 3 votes won't be enough, so i might need to throw this challenge to take out Nmet first, before she does anything.

Paul: If only i didn't align with her all those days ago (Mrs McLean walks in, tired)

Mrs McLean: Boy, you ok?

Paul: Yeah, just thinking about the game, that's all.

Mrs McLean: Is it easy being a contestant?

Paul: No, there's too many problems, and you don't have a clue on what people think of you! It's so confusing! Wait, aren't you supposed to be in first class?

Mrs McLean: I am, but Sophia literally asks for stuff every 30 seconds.

Paul: Won't Chris get you in trouble if he finds out?

Mrs McLean: True, but i don't even care anymore, hey, do me a favour and don't tell Chris.

Paul: I won't.

Mrs McLean: Thanks. So, why do you seem so stressed?

Paul: Trying to make a huge flip and change my game right now, but it isn't easy, also, i thought about it yesterday, but i don't know anyone who I can trust, i'm not that close to anyone here.

Mrs McLean: What... about me?

Paul: No offence, but i need someone who's competing.

Mrs McLean: Yeah but i can't really rely on anyone either and i can see what information i hear from first class.

Paul: You'd do that, for me?

Mrs McLean: Why not, you seem to be having a terrible time as well. Anyway, i think i can see Chris, meet me here after the challenge. I gotta go! Adios! (Mrs McLean walks away)

Paul(CONF): A contestant-staff alliance? It could work. My only concern is, if Chris finds out, what will happen to the both of us! Cause, i remember watching the actual Total Drama and what happened with Chef & D.J. I don't want Mrs McLean to get in trouble because of me!

Chris: (on loudspeaker) If you're Benj or a contestant get down out of the plane NOW! It's challenge time!





Benj: So, hostman, what do i do?

Chris: Just tell them what to do, you know the list of challenges for this season, so memorise it.

Benj: Fine, can you do this one.

Chris: Ugh, whatever. But starting tomorrow, i won't be here, so you have to read it yourself!

Benj: Fine, just keep talking and i'll go back on the plane. (Benj goes on plane)

Mnet: Finally he's gone! His presence makes me uncomfortable!

Chris: Today, we are in Kenya! And guess what, this will be your last team challenge!

Everyone: Woohoo!

Chris: But, if you want to make merge, you have to win this challenge!

Brian: Our challenge is?

Chris: Shush! Here, (gives four cameras, two to each team) you have to take a photo of 3 of the "big five" animals, these are the elephant, the lion, the leopard, the rhino and the buffalo. Take 3 photos, each of a different animal, and show them to me, the first team to come back to me with a photo wins! Go, go, go!









Joshua: We have 2 cameras, so my idea is we split up into 2 groups and take a photo of a designated animal, so we don't take 2 of the same animal.

Nmet: I'm fine with it.

Mnet: So am I, but can i go with Nmet?

Steph: Sure, it doesn't really matter who we're with.

Joshua(CONF): As i said before, i don't want Nmet to see i'm flipping on her, so maybe i should keep my friendship? Ugh, i hate how i say the word friendship. But anyway, i should make excuses for talking to him.

Joshua: (to Nmet) How about if i go with Steph and see if i get any info we can use.

Nmet: Perfect!

Paul: Can i go with them t-

Nmet: No! We can talk with each other since we didn't get to this morning!

Paul: But Josh gets to go!

Nmet: Shut up. We'll look for elephants and leopards! (Nmet, Mnet and Paul leave with camera)

Steph: She is a real control freak.

Joshua: Yeah, remind me why i was ever with her again?

Steph: (laughs) I don't have a clue, but let's get going.

Joshua: Yeah sure. (Joshua and Steph leave with camera)

Paul(CONF): I said i wanted to throw the last challenge, but i really want to today. Only problem is, how do i not look shady, unless... i "take" the photos!







Marilyn: Well, we always split up for these challenges, so why not today.

Wyatt: Good idea!

Jason: There's 6 of us, so 3 in a group.

Wyatt: Can i go with Jason, i wanna talk to him.

Jason: Sure dude.

Brian: I'll join you guys!

Sophia: So basically it's boy's vs girls.

Julia: Sorta, but we're on the same team so it doesn't matter.

Sophia: Girl why do ya look like you've been crying.

Jason: Because she has been crying. Come on, lets g-

Brian: Wait, we need a plan!

Marilyn: And what do you suggest Brian Cox.

Brian: Thanks i think? Us guys will look for a buffalo and the elephant.

Julia: So we do the lion, leopard and rhino. Anything else we should do?

Brian: When you find your animals, go straight to Chris and run to him. If we get there first, we'll quickly go back and take photos of another animal.

Sophia: Can we go then?

Brian: Yeah, good luck! (the group separates)

Wyatt(CONF): Brian is actually really smart though, i didn't get to know him much last season, but he clearly is a good planner, which is why he made it to the final 2! I need to watch him.








Mnet: This place is so... eww!

Nmet: Stop complaining and start looking!

Mnet: Sorry, have you two seen anything?

Nmet: Well of course not! Otherwise i would have told you!

Paul: Nmet, calm down!

Nmet: Don't you tell me to calm down!

Mnet: Nmet, he's right!

Nmet: Whatever, let's talk strategy.

Paul: Again...

Mnet: We can do that after the challenge!

Nmet: But if we do it now, we can rest later!

Mnet: Let me remind you, WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHALLENGE.

Paul: Exactly! Focus on the challenge now, and we won't have to talk strategy later!

Nmet: You really just don't get it do y-

Mnet: Nmet shut up! I see an animal!

Paul: What is it?

Nmet: It's a leopard! Mnet take the photo!

Paul: Can i take the pho- (hears click sound) never mind.

Mnet: Let's keep moving! We might find something else!








Brian: Lets find a hill to get an aerial view!

Jason: Good idea, except, i don't see many hills around here.

Brian: Then, maybe, climb a tree! Or maybe one of us can climb a tree.

Wyatt: Sorry, but i'm no good at climbing trees.

Jason: Yeah, neither am I. Brian, you any good?

Brian: I guess so, can you give me the camera? (Wyatt give Brian camera) thanks. (start climbing up tree)

Wyatt: Woah, he's super fast at that.

Jason: So anyway, what did you want to ask?

Wyatt: Now i have 2 things to tell you.

Jason(CONF): I really hope Wyatt hasn't gone emotional as well, it's the last thing i need going into merge.

Wyatt: So, how do I, not feel so worried about Mnet because as much as i like her, i don't want her to ruin my game.

Jason: Just i guess, show her how you'd be a great boyfriend. All your good qualities will show and she will see that.

Wyatt: Thanks. Also, i have something else to question you.

Jason: What is it?

Wyatt: Brian's, thought of a lot of ideas for us this challenge as is doing a great job climbing that tree-

Jason: Such a great guy isn't he, i had a talk with him this morning and he seems motivated as ever for merge.

Wyatt: Yeah, what i'm saying is, he has the mind, he has the strength and speed and he has the determination. Not to mention, he came second last time he tried.

Jason: So, what are you saying?

Wyatt: Maybe we should, throw and take him out.

Jason: What i wouldn-

Wyatt: Sorry, he's saying something, we can't look suspicious.

Brian: Guys, i took a photo of a buffalo!

Jason: You did man, awesome!

Brian: We have 1 more, then we can go to Chris!

Wyatt: See what i mean.

Jason(CONF): Strategy wise, it's a good idea, but i don't want to toss my oldest friendship out the window for money!

Brian(CONF): Why am i showing my genius side now? Because if we lose, they'll see who's been more helpful. I like Marilyn, but it's time to focus more on my individual game now.






Sophia: Girls, i have an idea.

Marilyn: Yeah, what is it?

Sophia: Maybe we should leave the camera here, then find an animal, come back and get the camera, then go and take the photo!

Julia: It's not the worst idea in the world. But, we need to leave it somewhere it won't be broken or stolen.

Marilyn: Maybe if only 2 of us go, then one of us stays here, incase an animal comes here.

Sophia: Good idea Marilyn!

Julia: Woah, that's like the nicest thing i've heard you say to Marilyn recently. But i'll go in that direction (Julia points east)

Marilyn: I'll stay here, i'm a bit tired.

Julia: When are you not-

Sophia: Julia! Not nice!

Julia(CONF): Ok, i don't know what happened, but Sophia and Marilyn are way nicer towards each other. This would be a good thing for our team, but now we're going into merge, so it's a bit late. And now i have to question Sophia's loyalty! If she doesn't vote for Marilyn, she might vote for one of us! Brian's left, and i don't think she has a strong connection with him.

Julia: Ok, anyway, Sophia are you ok going the other way?

Sophia: Sure.

Julia: Cool, i'll see you girls later! (runs in east direction)

Sophia: Marilyn, before i go and find my animal, can i ask you something?

Marilyn: Yeah, but quickly, i don't want Julia to see us being friends.

Sophia: That's exactly what i wanna talk about, Julia is probably super suspicious of me, now that we aren't arguing.

Marilyn: So what do you suggest we do?

Sophia: Act like we're enemies still?

Marilyn: Fine, but remember i'm acting, so don't get mad at me or anything.

Sophia: Likewise. Bye! (Sophia runs away)

Marilyn: Ha, now i can finally sl- (sees lion)

Marilyn(CONF): Look, Julia is right, i do try to do the least in challenges because i'm sorta lazy and not bothered. But now it pays off i guess, no-one see's me as a threat!

Marilyn: Ok, might as well take a photo. (Marilyn gets photo of lion) Yes! Now i can say i contributed.






Joshua: If Nmet was to have immunity in merge, who would you take out?

Steph: Mnet's her loyal follower, so probably her, but Wyatt doesn't want that to happen.

Joshua: Why? Won't he be on our side at merge?

Steph: He will, i unless i'm wrong, but i'm not allowed to tell you.

Joshua: Sure fine. What about Paul.

Steph: Huh? What do you mean?

Joshua: As in, what your opinion on Paul?

Steph: Paul? I don't know. He's smarter than i took him for.

Joshua: Yeah, but he's been with Nmet, and he was pretty evil while he was with her.

Steph: Yeah, but now he's better. And i'm not just saying that because he's more lenient to joining me, he seems more composed i guess.

Joshua: Yeah, cause i feel bad for him, a lot of people were calling him just as bad as Nmet, but he really isn't. And he doesn't have anyone to make him feel better, at least i had Pierre.

Steph: At least I had Brett.

Joshua: Who would you take out on the other team right now?

Steph: Wyatt's a no obviously. Julia, Jason and i think Sophia are in an alliance with him so probably Brian because Marilyn's harmless.

Joshua: I'd probably pick him too. Wait, i think i see a rhino!

Steph: I'm terrified! Quick, let's take the photo and get out of here!

Joshua: We'll be fine. (Joshua takes photo of rhino)

Joshua(CONF): I feel more comfortable talking to Steph about strategy, maybe normal conversations will happen more later.





Wyatt: Brian, should we get another aerial view?

Brian: Sure, but this area is kinda flat.

Jason: What do you mean bro, there's a hill right there!

Brian: Perfect! (Brian starts running up hill while Jason and Wyatt walk)

Jason: Psst. Wyatt.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Jason: Are you sure it's a good move to take out Brian?

Wyatt: Yeah, i'm not saying we throw, but if it happens we lose, it's a good option.

Jason: But we're friends, and i think i can persuade him to vote Marilyn?

Wyatt: Yeah, but what will Marilyn do?

Brian: (from the top) Guys hurry up! I gave you the camera and i see an animal!

Jason: Let's go, and we're not done with this conversation.

Wyatt(CONF): I know Jason is a genuinely good guy, and he wouldn't betray a friend like that, but we need to consider our options here. But, i'll stop talking about it because he seems stressed about the decision, an emotion i don't see in him much.

Wyatt: Here's the camera, sorry we took so long.

Brian: It's fine, the elephant's still there.

Wyatt: Ok, (takes photo of elephant) let's get back down.

Jason: Hang on, is that people i see at the bottom of the cliff!

Brian: Yeah! Wait, it's Mnet, Nmet and Paul! They can take a photo, let's get down from here now! Actually, let's go to Chris!

Wyatt: Why?

Brian: At least if the girls aren't there already, we know where he is.

Jason: Sure, let's find Chris.







Chris: This will probably be the last challenge i ever do, from there, i can just sit back, relax and enjoy a trip around the world. (Jason, Wyatt and Brian walk in)

Wyatt: (panting) How are you two so fast!

Chris: I'd ask you three the same question! How have you already taken 3 different photos!

Brian: We'll we haven't gotten 3 photos, we've got 2.

Chris: So what, why are you outside the plane then.

Jason: We were hoping the girls would have got here by now, but they haven't.

Chris: Yes, they haven't, so bye!

Brian: Can't we stay here until they come back?

Chris: No! Why would you think that! Now hurry up and get your third animal!

Wyatt: Well, let's be quick before the Woodpeckers get here.

Brian(CONF): Maybe i should have thought out my plan better, but i contributed enough today, so we just need to be fast from here on out.






Nmet: Mnet! What are you doing!

Mnet: Posing for pictures, i'm trying to see what angle works best!

Nmet: We don't have time for that! Let's keep going!

Mnet: Well i don't see any animals around here, i can do this while walking!

Nmet: No you can't!

Mnet: Yes i can!

Nmet: No you can't!

Mnet: Yes i can!

Paul(CONF): I should stop hanging out with those two.

Mnet: Ugh, fine. Paul, hold the camera.

Paul: My pleasure?

Nmet: We all know who's going home tonight should we lose, right?

Paul: (sarcastically) No! I have no idea!

Mnet: (also sarcastically) Yeah! I don't have a clue!

Nmet: I don't have time for that! And Steph! Duh!

Paul: Whatever, just keep goi- theres the elephant!

Nmet: Where?

Mnet: I see it! Over there! Near the water!

Nmet: Great! I don't trust either of you enough to go close to it, so i'll take the photo! (Nmet snatches camera off Paul and nears the elephant)

Mnet: Hey Paul, can i ask you something while Nmet isn't here?

Paul: Yeah what.

Mnet: Do you think Nmet is using us as number for what she wants?

Paul(CONF): It's probably a trick question, so i'll lie.

Paul: Not really, she is the one who formed this group and organizes the meetings, so it's only fair she picks who goes.

Mnet: Um sure. (Nmet comes back)

Nmet: I got the photo! What are you 2 yapping about!

Mnet: Nothing!

Nmet: Whatever! Let's go! I think the elephant is chasing us(hears loud trumpet-like sound)

Paul: Yeah let's go. (Mnet, Nmet and Paul run away)





Steph: Josh?

Joshua: Yeah?

Steph: Maybe we should go back now.

Joshua: Why, we only have 1 animal so far!

Steph: I just have a gut feeling that we should g- (Nmet, Mnet and Paul run in)

Paul: RUN!

Joshua: What, why?



Steph: 1!

Mnet: Perfect! We got 2! Lets go! (the Woodpeckers run)


Steph(CONF): Maybe i should trust my gut feeling more often.





Chris: I see a team coming! Will they have enough! Unlike another group of people!

Brian: (from far away) I heard that!

Chris: And the winner is.....








Steph: W-we made it? I'm in the merge?

Nmet: Of course bumblebrain.

Joshua: Real creative nickname.


Mnet: We get to watch them vote, awesome!

Sophia(CONF): Great, we lost. But i don't think Wyatt, Jason and Julia caught on. Time to get that guy out!






Jason: So guys. Who do you say.

Wyatt: You know who i think.

Jason: (Sigh) Yeah.

Sophia: What?

Julia: Who do you refer to?

Wyatt: Brian.

Sophia: So, we vote Brian? Cool! I need to go to the bathroom, i'll catch up with you later! (Sophia walks away)

Julia: I have more reason to vote for him.

Wyatt: What?

Julia: Sophia and Marilyn don't hate each other anymore, at least i think, so if we force Sophia to vote Marilyn, she might not!

Wyatt: Yeah, and Brian was very mentally and physically agile today! Plus you yourself Jason said that he said he was ready to take on the rest of the competition!

Julia: Jason, thats just asking you to vote for him! All the signs are pointing to Brian!

Jason: But i think we c-

Julia: Jason, you've helped me so much with Flo and Brett this season, the only way i can pay it back to you is by giving you advice here!

Wyatt: Please!

Jason: (sigh) Fine. I'll vote Brian. You made too strong of an argument.

Wyatt: Thanks Jas- (Jason walks out)

Julia: I guess he couldn't ride the storm much longer.

Wyatt: Yeah...






Sophia: Phew! I got out of there!

Brian: Sophia! Why are you here!

Marilyn: Sorry Brian i forgot to tell you, Sophia is joining us again!

Brian: That's awesome! So, who do we vote?

Sophia: I say, Wyatt.

Marilyn: Wyatt? But Julia and Jason are huge challenge threats!

Brian: Yeah, they'll be really hard to get out!

Sophia: Firstly, a certain someone told me Wyatt was gonna backstab me. Regardless of if that's true, Wyatt's came 1st, 8th and 9th and has never gotten out earlier than episode 9.

Brian: Julia and Jason have strong records too!

Marilyn: Yeah! Julia's never placed worse than 10th in a season, and Jason won last time! Plus, he's really likeable!

Sophia: True, but Jason competed once, and Wyatt won on his first try too. And on top of my other 2 reasons, people will want Julia and Jason out because they are threats. And only 1 person can win immunity, but Wyatt has friends on both teams. He's too powerful to take out!

Brian: Fine. You do make a good point.

Marilyn: So, it's official. Us 3 are going for Wyatt! Agreed!

Sophia: Agreed!

Brian: I like the guy, but you raise some solid arguments.

Chris: (on loudspeaker) Every single contestant on this plane, it's time for elimination! Your final team elimination, while i'm at that! GO NOW!






Stacey: Nice to see all 11 of you.

Mnet: Get on with it! I'm thirsty for tea!

Nmet: Girl, work on your phrases.

Mnet: Sorry.

Stacey: Sheesh, if you want tea, i can serve you some! Wyatt, what is your vote based on tonight.

Wyatt: My vote is based on how hard it would be to beat this person in the future.

Stacey: Hoping for a little more dirt, Julia! Do you like the person you're voting out?

Julia: I don't hate them, but i don't really like them either. I'm just neutral i'd say.

Mnet: (from audience) BOOORING!

Stacey: Mnet, shut up!

Brian: Wait a second, Wyatt, you said your vote is based on who would be hardest to beat later, correct.

Wyatt: Um, yeah i did.

Brian: Then that probably means you betrayed your alliance and voted for either Julia or Jason!

Julia: WHAT!

Jason: Bro, calm down, what are you saying!

Sophia: Brian, stop it!

Brian: We can admit it, your alliance is made of stronger people, so will i expect a blindside tonight?

Wyatt: I'm not telling you that! You'll find out soon!

Joshua: (whispers to Paul) Can you pass the popcorn?

Paul: Sorry, Mnet's hogging it!

Mnet: I'm loving this! (eats multiple popcorn)

Steph: Mnet's enjoying this way too much.

Joshua: I can't blame her. (Steph and Joshua laugh)

Marilyn: Brian, just stop talking!

Brian: Fine, but if i was Julia or Jason, i'd watch out for tonight!

Wyatt: Urgh! That's enough! Stacey can we go vote now?

Stacey: Fine.

Mnet: Aww, it was just getting good!


Wyatt(CONF): I felt a little sorry for voting you before, but now, NO WAY do i feel bad!

Sophia(CONF): Brian may have not shut up, but Wyatt is the threat here.

Julia(CONF): What just happened! Whatever, that just reassured my vote.

Brian(CONF): Did i just say that? Well, my alliance should have my back, so i'm fine.

Marilyn(CONF): You're one of my only allies, so i don't need you to have such a bigmouth! But, i can't vote you!

Jason(CONF): I was really torn about my decision before, but, if you're gonna go for my man Wyatt, then i can't not vote for you!




Stacey: Oooh this is spicy! Anyway, the people safe are... Julia! Marilyn! Jason!

Marilyn: Before tonight i would have been surprised, but now i'm not.

Julia: Yes!

Jason: Good job Julia!

Stacey: Also safe is... Sophia!

Sophia: Woohoo!

Stacey: The last one safe is....

(Brian and Wyatt have staring contest)





























Stacey: Both of you! It's a tie!

Wyatt: WHAT!

Jason: How could that happen!

Sophia: (Acting) Yeah, how...

Brian: So what, do we have a tiebreaker?

Stacey: Well, i have one idea on how we can settle this tiebreaker.

Marilyn: Which is?

Stacey: Joshua, Steph, Nmet, Mnet and Paul! You guys will be voting out someone tonight!

Everyone: WHAT!

Stacey: It's the only thing i could think of! But, you can't say anything which gives a hint on who you are voting for and you can only vote for either Brian, or Wyatt! But, you can't say anything which gives a hint on who you are voting for! Now go vote!

Nmet(CONF): This is crazy.

Mnet(CONF): Has this ever happened on reality TV?

Joshua(CONF): Personally, i don't really care for this tiebreaker, but i remember something someone told me, and i'm voting for him because of that.

Steph(CONF): This will be the luckiest night of someone's life, or the unluckiest.

Paul(CONF): It's moment's like these i'm glad we won the challenge.

Stacey: I'll reveal the votes and not who's safe. First vote, Brian.

Brian: (gulp)

Wyatt: (shows sign of relief) Phew!

Brian: It's not over, is it.

Stacey: Very true Brian, because this vote is for Wyatt! 1 vote Brian, 1 vote Wyatt.

Wyatt: (gulps)

Jason: Stay calm bro.

Stacey: Next vote, Brian. 2 votes Brian, 1 vote Wyatt. Brian needs 1 more vote to be eliminated.

Brian: I knew lashing out was a bad idea!

Marilyn: You don't say.

Stacey: And this vote is for....

(Sophia and Marilyn look at each other)

(Jason and Julia look at each other)

(Mnet is crossing her fingers and eating popcorn with the other hand)

(Nmet seems unfazed and aloof)

(Paul is just simply confused)

(Joshua looks reassuringly to Steph, who is worried)

(Brian and Wyatt look at each other, intensely)











Stacey: Brian! Which is 3 votes for Brian, which is enough to send him packing.

Wyatt: (flag of Kenya is thrown at Wyatt) I'm in the merge, again?

Brian: Oh no! I'm eliminated!

Marilyn: Sorry Brian, but you had to expect it with what you said tonight.

Sophia: Yeah, but for the record, they were already voting for you.

Julia: Sophia? Are you siding with us anymore? Because you just ratted us out to Marilyn.

Sophia: Sorry guys, nows a good time to tell you, i'm not with you anymore.

Wyatt: It's fine, Julia kinda expected it already.

Jason: Yeah plus, we weren't treating you very well anyway. Seeya Brian!

Brian: Are you gonna see me off after voting me at least?

Jason: I love you bro, but after what you did, i think i'll stay right her in my seat.

Sophia: Thanks! You guys are so understanding!

Stacey: Time for Brian to take the Jeep of Shame!







Brian: Sophia, you were a bit on and off, but thanks for considering keeping me around.

Sophia: No problem.

Marilyn: So, yeah, what about me?

Brian: Marilyn, you're a great person, and you have potential to do great, it's time you show it. Thanks for always sticking by me throughout the season.

Marilyn: No problem i guess.

Brian: Also, i know you have hidden problems about you being a goth, and i'm just telling you now, it's fine to tell people.

Marilyn: Brian! But i don't wanna!

Sophia: What hidden problem?

Marilyn: If you knew, it wouldn't be so hidden-

Stacey: Enough of that, Brian, hurry up. Also, this probably won't make you feel better, but it was 4-1 against you, only Nmet voted for Wyatt.

Brian: Nice to know, ok, bye! (goes on jeep of shame)

Stacey: Ok, you 2 go back in the plane, i need to say a few words.





Stacey: Congratulations on getting this far in the g-(Theodore walks in)

Theodore: Wait! I wan't to be relevant!

Stacey: Now's not the time, you can do the outro if you really want to.

Theodore: Oh good, i want to do something if i lost my pilot job!

Stacey: Are you still going on about that? (Joshua coughs) Oh sorry, well, it's official that you 10 have MERGED! No more Falcons, no more Woodpeckers!

Steph: Do you want us to do anything?

Theodore: Chris always made y'all use the confessional. So go say something quick.

Nmet(CONF): Halfway there, all my allies except Pierre have managed to stay! Only problem is, Steph's here, and now Wyatt's with him too.

Joshua(CONF): I do not deserve to be here. And i have no idea how to play this game, but i think i have a strong enough bond with Steph to stay in this long enough.

Mnet(CONF): Eeek! I'll get to talk to Wyatt way more and i'll be able to get a strong placement this time!

Jason(CONF): I made it, Julia made it, Wyatt made it. Now i just gotta keep doing what i'm doing and one of us might win, hopefully me.

Marilyn(CONF): I've lost most of my friends, i only have Sophia left, but let's see what damage i can do with no teams.

Steph(CONF): Now that i have Wyatt's gang, NMET'S GOING DOWN!

Wyatt(CONF): So i have Steph, Mnet, Julia, Jason and i've heard stuff about Paul and Josh too! I don't like to brag, but, I might be able to pull of a double finale appearance!

Sophia(CONF): Hometown girl made it to the merge, 2 in a row for me! Me and Marilyn will crush the other groups!

Julia(CONF): After a long pre-merge drought, I finally made it to the halfway mark again! It's been so long since i've done that. I'm excited, plus Wyatt will probably get Steph on board!

Paul(CONF): No holding back. I need to get Nmet out as soon as possible. When i do, i might be seen as more heroic than villainous!

Theodore: So there's their stinking strategies for merge. What alliances will form, what alliances will break? Who will win our first individual immunity and who will be our last double digit placement! Also, will i find out who is steering the plane, find out in Total, DRAMA STARS OF THE SEASONS! I need my medications. Oww.

Chapter 11: The Merg(e) Khalifa


nb y: Toronto, New York, Dominican Republic, Tijuana, Drumheller, Hawaii, Atacama Desert, the Amazon, Timbuktu, Kenya. Lucas, Lacey, Hannah, Richard, Attica, Flo, Olivia, Pierre, Brett, Brian. We've so far gone through 3 continents and eliminated 10 people. Now we're left with the sympathetic jock, the not-so-sympathetic jock, the quiet strategist, the sassy hometown girl, the lazy goth, the former speech impediment dude, the evil diva, the determined girl, the pessimistic gamplayer or the sarcastic sufferer, who will thrive in this merge? Find out on Total, Drama, STARS OF THE SEASONS!



Mrs McLean: So, how was you're day yesterday? (gives Paul pancakes)

Paul: I felt better than normal, we finally won a challenge so i was off the hook.

Mrs McLean: Then who got eliminated?

Paul: Brian, he lashed out on Wyatt out of nowhere and after their team made it a tie, our team voted someone out.

Mrs McLean: How do you feel about going into merge?

Paul: Nmet's definitely evil, and i really wanted to take her out before merge, but i think she can get a lot of numbers now and it's really bad for my plans.

Mrs McLean: Well, i'll see what tea i can get on them, speaking of which, we have spare tea from the hosts breakfast, do you want it?

Paul: Sure! (Mrs McLean gives Paul tea) But, are you sure you're allowed to do this?

Mrs McLean: Probably not.

Paul: Then why are you doing it?

Mrs McLean: Because, i don't know, Chris has been so mean to me this season and i'm just so mad at him, and you seem to be in the same boat, so might as well stick it to him while making a friend!

Paul: Um, thanks. Do you really consider me as your friend?

Mrs McLean: I guess so, i've been trying to work on being nicer to people, and since the other staff are really annoying, against me or just weird, i might as well talk to the contestants.

Paul: Oh, well. Sorry- (checks the time) Oh no, i'm gonna miss my meeting with Nmet!

Paul(CONF): Nmet's done enough damage on me, but i don't need her knowing i've realised that. To be honest, i'm kinda scared of her in a way because I just don't get how she's still here though so many people have tried to get her out. I don't need her getting to the final 3 against weak opponents that she can easily beat!








Theodore: (walking around for some reason) Chris! What are you doing in the hot tub, you said you were in there 3 hours ago!

Chris: Sheesh, i can't have my me-time? Leave me alone Theodore.

Theodore: But shouldn't you be preparing for the challenge? Back in my day, people were much mor-

Chris: But were hot tubs invented in your day? No. Plus, i don't see you doing much either!

Theodore: Well i never! You know fully well why i'm not flying the plane.

Chris: Can you shut it with the "someone stole ma plane" mumbo jumbo, AND DO SOMETHING!

Theodore: Look, who's talking.

Chris: I can fire you for that you know.

Theodore: Fire me, go ahead. But you realise, the producers are gonna see your laziness and get a new host!

Chris: Ha! You wish they'd fire me!

Theodore: You're not wrong, i dream of that day.

Chris: Ugh, fine! I'll work Mr. Hypocrite! (gets out laptop) See, i'm checking on the contestants!

Theodore: Good job child, seriously, do i have to parent you into doing your job, even though i'm your boss.

Chris: Shh! I'm checking this ta- UM WHAT!

Theodore: What did you find, Chris McLazy.

Chris: Shut up! Mrs McLean has an illegal alliance with Paul! She's giving him info he shouldn't have!

Theodore: Woah, really. What are you going to do?

Chris: Get her to come here immediately!

Theodore: Good job little boy-

Chris: BOY!

Theodore: You're finally doing part of your job! My work here is done. (Theodore walks away)

Chris: Eh, i'll get her after the challenge.





Benj(CONF): Look, so, i'm here for Mnet, and Nmet is probably my best chance with her, so, time to flex some of that Benj charm!

Benj: Hey.

Nmet: Ugh, what do you want, i need to talk with my minions in five minutes.

Benj: Oh, maybe go on a date or something, and tell me more about Mnet.

Nmet: Ha! You're kidding right!

Benj: Come on, you know you want to.

Nmet: What happened to you chasing after Mnet! I don't need a boyfriend right now! Dating can be important after the game!

Benj: Ohh, i got you, you think i'm so hot, that you don't want me to distract you from the game!

Nmet: (looks at camera) ...Yeah that's exactly the reason.

Benj: See, i know you want me! And i wouldn't mind you! But you're my backup, so, are we doing that date or not?

Nmet: Get away from me! (pushes Benj away from her)

Benj: Wow, even touching already! (Nmet gives Benj death stare) Alright, i'll go! (Benj walks away as Mnet and Paul walk in)

Nmet(CONF): Benj is so annoying! But, he's very loyal, so if i have to go on a date or two to get the guy to do what I want, then i'll do it! But DO NOT think i like him, this is strategy and only strategy.

Mnet: What were you doing with Benj?

Nmet: Eww, don't bring up his name, it makes me nauseous.

Mnet: Sure?

Paul: So, what's our aim.

Nmet: Well, now that people will be winning immunity individually, we have to have back up plans.

Paul: Our plan for now is?

Nmet: Can you stop asking questions that i'll tell you two anyway!

Mnet: But seriously, what is our vote tonight.

Nmet: Steph! And if he's immune, vote out Wyatt.

Mnet: Wyatt! Why Wyatt?

Paul: Question back at you, why are you so sad about it?

Nmet: Exactly Paul my blind useful follower! But even though Julia and Jason are physical threats, this is Wyatt's third merge. He's gonna know what to do!

Mnet: I guess...

Paul: But the three of us might not be enough! Do you want me to get Sophia and Marilyn to vote with us?

Nmet: Good thinking, sure. Now i need to go so, meeting adjourned i guess. (Nmet exits)

Paul: Wow, she's really got this game figured out!

Mnet: (sigh) Yeah.

Paul: What's your problem?

Mnet: Nothing.

Mnet(CONF): Nothing except, that Nmet wants Wyatt out! I really can't have Steph win immunity, though i don't have anything against him, if he does win, Wyatt might go! Also, Nmet's really getting into this game, and it's sorta scaring me because this is not the best friend i remember! I hope it's a game thing and she'll return back to normal after this thing is over, and i still want to be friends with her like old times, so i don't want to ruin anything, but at the same time, how can i be so sure she wont be different!

Paul(CONF): Ha! She thinks i'm helping her! I'm really gonna get Sophia and Marilyn to vote for Nmet, then afterwards, they'd have to follow me- right? Wow, maybe i am a bad gu- enough of that Paul! Steph's a good guy and he leads his alliance! It's totally fair!



Mnet: I have to save hi(bumps into Wyatt) Hey Wyatt.

Wyatt: What's with the long face?

Mnet: Nmet wants me to vote you out, but i don't want to!

Wyatt(CONF): I'd be happy that she wants me to stay, but it's sad seeing how stressed she is!

Wyatt: Not to make you freak out more, but maybe you should flip!

Mnet: And risk breaking my friendship with her! This is so hard, maybe i should quit!

Wyatt: Just don't vote with her-

Mnet: I guess you are unaware of how Pierre got out.

Wyatt: I heard, but do you know how many people are against her! Steph+my alliance+you and also Sophia and Marilyn aren't very safe so they'd do whatever keeps them alive!

Mnet: Eww, i'm not laying my trust in the hands of Sophia! She wears RED pants! RED! PANTS!

Wyatt: She could be able to afford the best pants in the world if she wins the money!

Mnet: (sigh) Fine, you're right. Thanks for being there for me!

Wyatt: Anytime. Plus, Nmet isn't the only friend in your life!

Mnet: Actually, she is. I mean, besides you and Paul's ok i guess, but i follow trends because i think people will like me for it, but it isn't working so far.

Wyatt: What! How could someone not like you! They're all jealous.

Mnet: (giggles) Well, i can't blame them.

Wyatt: But for real, don't feel pressured to do stuff so people like you, why do antagonists actually make it really far though they are hated?

Mnet: Because they play a different game which puts themselves first.

Wyatt: I'm not saying to be like Undulen or something, just be yourself, as cheesy as that sounds. Also, do what feels right with the game. Vote me, Steph, Nmet, Chris, whatever. As long as it's ok with you.

Mnet: Why can't everyone be more like you! (Mnet kisses Wyatt on the cheek) I'll see you later!

Mnet(CONF): I read a lot of dating magazines, and watch a lot of romcoms, mainly for the rom. But sometime it annoys me how guys can't see the girl is obviously crushing on them, especially when they like her back! So, if there's a chance he likes me, that kiss might have given him some clues. But, yeah, Wyatt is literally the nicest guy ever, but it isn't a pushover sort of nice.

Wyatt(CONF): She, kissed me? Is that a good thing? I mean, i did help her feel better, but i would never have the confidence to kiss someone. But, she kissed me! I can't get my head off it, we kissed before in Iqaluit but that was for the challenge. That was my first, genuine kiss! And i feel terrible that she feels bad about Nmet and has only her to support herself!







Paul: Josh, where were you?

Joshua: I was alone, just was thinking about inner problems for like 2 hours.

Paul: But you missed Nmet’s meeting!

Joshua: Oh yeah. I’ll talk to her in the challenge maybe.

Paul: Fine then. How are you so calm about forgetting her! She is a vengeful person.

Joshua: I don’t care. I just feel way more comfortable with Steph over Nmet so I don’t care for if she is mad at me, she’ll be gone soon anyway.

Paul: Wow, you sound pretty optimistic now about this!

Joshua: Eww, don’t associate me with that word..... but I guess i’m becoming better. Pierre’s and Brett’s eliminations just motivated me.

Paul: That’s cool. (Steph and Wyatt come in)

Steph: Josh, Paul, Wyatt’s always been a part of our alliance but we were on opposite teams, but i’d like to welcome you to-

Joshua: We get it, but yeah. What’s our plan.

Wyatt: It should be easy for me to get Jason and Julia.

Paul: Do we bother with Marilyn and Sophia?

Steph: I don’t know, do we?

Paul: I’m asking you Steph.

Steph: Oh, um... no I think we’ll be fine.

Wyatt: Steph, is there something wrong?

Steph: No, nothing, nothing!

Wyatt: Hmmmm, alright then.

Wyatt(CONF): There’s something wrong.

Paul: Anyway, who do we vote put if Nmet wins immunity?

Joshua: Marilyn? Sophia?

Steph: We'll discuss that later, Paul, Josh. You two go with Nmet in the challenge and distract her.... if that's okay with you.

Joshua: Do i really have to spend time with her?

Paul: But i mean, if we don't then she could get suspicious, so... fine.

Wyatt: Josh?

Joshua: Whatever, deal.

Paul(CONF): If JOSHUA feels more comfortable than me about getting out Nmet, then i seriously need to get myself together.






Sophia: So, Marilyn?

Marilyn: (in bed) What do you want.

Sophia: To tell me!

Marilyn: To tell you what?

Sophia: About what Brian said before he left!

Marilyn: But i don't want to tell you!

Sophia: Girl, we're best friends again, you can tell me!

Marilyn: We won't be if you keep forcing me!

Sophia: Ugh, why are you so secretive!

Marilyn: Why can't you mind your own business!

Sophia: At least I have trust in others!

Marilyn: At least i can handle my own problems!

Sophia: Excuse me! I can so handle my own problems! I wouldn't be surprised if you resorted to something like alcohol if you keep bottling up your emotion-

Marilyn: Um, i- you- uh

Sophia: Marilyn! Speak English!

Marilyn: (starts crying heavily and runs to cockpit)

Sophia: Oh shoot. I have to learn how to keep friends.




Marilyn: (goes inside cockpit and sees Theodore) What are you doing?

Theodore: Inspecting the room for any suspicious evidence.

Marilyn: Of?

Theodore: You won't understand, you're too young.

Marilyn: What does my age have to do with this?

Theodore: Fine. You know how i'm the pilot?

Marilyn: Wait then how have i seen you outside the plane while it's mo-

Theodore: Exactly! That is our problem youngin' someone is stealing my job!

Marilyn: Are you sure it's not on autopilot?

Theodore: Come! Look and see if the autopilot button is there!

Marilyn: (looks) I don't understand anything here.

Theodore: Really? They don't teach plane flying in school anymore?

Marilyn: Planes existed when you were in school?

Theodore: No, but we had a subject on birds, which is close enough. Anyway, will you help me find the culprit. I lost my good eyesight in the War of 1812.

Marilyn: Um... ok.

Marilyn(CONF): I'm a bit concerned for his mental health. I mean, he looks old, but there's no way he's past 200 years old.

Theodore: Why have you been crying, you're skin is turning a different colour and it's smudging! Do you have a skin infection! Oh, that reminds me of the bubonic plague. My grandmother's grandmother died during tha-

Marilyn: That's my make up running.

Theodore: What's make up?

Marilyn: .....Ok this is gonna be awkward.







Julia: Jason, are you excited! Like, we finally did it!

Jason: Did what?

Julia: Make the merge!

Jason: Oh! Oh yeah! I'm so excited! Who do you think we'll vote with?

Julia: Well, Wyatt's close to Steph, so probably him.

Jason: Oh, oh yeah awesome! I'm pumped!

Julia: Um i can tell. Did you have my energy drinks or something?

Jason: NO!

Julia: Sheesh. You just had to say so. Do you wanna race around here or something?

Jason: Maybe later. Where's Wyatt?

Julia: Why, wanna talk to him about the Brian situation?

Jason: Who's Brian?

Julia: You know. Navy singlet, your best frien-

Jason: Nah, you're my best friend!

Julia: Well thanks. But you know who i mean.

Jason: Nah, you're lying Julia! (laughing nervously while walking away)

Wyatt: (walks in) Wow, where's Jason! I see you're not with him!

Julia: Jason? Oh he's just slowly losing his sanity.

Julia(CONF): Jason is hiding something and i wanna know what.

Jason(CONF): Ok. So is this like what having these weird, negative emotions is like? Ugh, now i see how people's lives are ruined by thoughts! But, I have to continue being there for people!








Benj: Look this is my first try of being a host, so don't judge me if i get something wrong. But since i am perfect, that probably won't happen.

Julia: Hurry up, whats the challenge!

Benj: Fine sheesh! You 10 are officially merged, so congratulations.

Sophia: Where's your enthusiasm, sad you never merged?

Benj: Shut up Sophia! We're in Dubai which means we started going to Asian countries, isn't that great.

Nmet: No one care- i mean, wow i've always wanted to go to Asia! Thanks for telling me, hunk!

Mnet(CONF): Hunk? What world am i living in?

Benj: At least someone here can see my natural hotness, but the challenge is to walk up the stairs of the Burj Khalifa! When you reach the top, you must use these handy binoculars (hands out a binocular for each player) to find our cameo for today!

Joshua: Who is-

Paul: Oh no. Is that? (Yasmine walks in)

Yasmine: This is not in my contract! Ugh! Why am i doing this?

Benj: Don't look at me, i'm just an intern!

Yasmine: Where is Chris, i need him NOW.

Benj: Inside the plane probably, but you can't go there, you have to go to the location we discussed.

Yasmine: Chris better give me that money.

Benj: Whatever, you ten have to use those binoculars to find where Yasmine is, when you do, go down and find her. First one to do so wins immunity. Now go!

Wyatt: Wait, what's stopping us from using the escalator there.

Benj: Sure if you want to wait in line for hours, then do so. I'd rather climb the stairs.

Wyatt(CONF): Me and my bigmouth.

Benj: On your marks, get set, GO! (the ten contestants run to Burj Khalifa) Umm, that includs you Yasmine.

Yasmine: Eww no way. Even if i did decide to do this stupid challenge, i wouldn't walk there myself! My mind reading tells me that Nmet will win immunity. So whats the point?

Benj: Sorry Yirgo Yasmine.

Yasmine: It's Virgo, and i'm a Scorpio.

Benj: Whatever. Will this change your whiny mind?

Yasmine: How dare you call me whin- (Benj shows Yasmine 10,000 dollar check in briefcase) Now we're talki- (Benj hits Yasmine's head with briefcase) OWW!

Benj: I'll do it again if you don't move it.

Yasmine: Fine! (walks away grumpily)

Yasmine(CONF): I'm getting the money, right! Right? (innocently) Right?








Jason: Come on guys! If we work together we might win! (Jason flies up the stairs)

Wyatt: Wow, he is fast.

Julia: Meh, i could beat him if i wanted to.

Wyatt: Well then why aren't you.

Julia: I wanted to talk about him. I think i'll be fine without immunity.

Wyatt: Woah really? What happened to the competitive Julia we all know and were annoyed by?

Julia: Shut up! Sorry. But Jason is rather sketchy right now and i don't know whats up.

Wyatt: Maybe you should leave him to figure it out himself.

Julia: Yeah but, he's done so much for me this season and i have to repay it back!

Wyatt: Well my guess is it's probably Brian or something. We heavily forced Jason to vote for him yesterday, and maybe we asked for one favour too many.

Julia: Yeah, yeah that's true. Um, what do you think i should do then.

Wyatt: Leave him alone. As an introvert, i understand how important it is to be alone when your mad.

Julia: Alright. I'm gonna go find Jaso-

Wyatt: But doesn't that defeat the purpose of trying to leave him alone?

Julia: I can't even help him?

Wyatt: Whatever, you don't have to listen to me, (Julia runs up stairs) i'm just saying i wouldn't. (Realises Julia's gone) Why do i bother.

Wyatt(CONF): Is it selfish for wanting to leave him alone? No, but i do feel guilty because Julia's right, he always helps everyone so for us to do nothing for him feels selfish.







Nmet: Paul? PAUL! Ugh where are you!

Mnet: Girl calm down it's a challenge, you can't blame him for being faster than us!

Nmet: Since when did you talk back to me, you're my ally!

Mnet: Why are you overreacting, it's true, we have a challenge to focus on and we can't lose tra- oh Nmet look at those skirts! They're adorabl- oh sorry.

Nmet: Whatever i guess your right, but remember that i am your leader, you need to follow in my path for either of us to win the money!

Mnet: Wait a minute, how will being your sheep help me win?

Nmet: Come on Mnet, you are meant to be a follower. The one time you tried to make a move, you got eliminated. And look at what i've done across all 4 seasons on this show and pretty much every move i make doesn't result in my elimination! So, it's evident who's the leader out of us.

Mnet: Umm, aren't you supposed to say something, a tiny bit more supportive?

Nmet: Support ain't gonna get either of us 2 million dollars. Now shut up or go away!

Mnet: (rethinking convo with Wyatt) Fine! I'll go then! (Mnet runs off)

Nmet: What is with these people today!

Nmet(CONF): This is really bad. Like i am starting to doubt Paul's and Mnet's trust in me. So, since apparently minions expire, i need new minions to protect me.


Marilyn: I don't want to! Goodbye! Hope you lose! (Marilyn runs off)

Sophia: She's so ugh! She always overreacts! How did we become friends?

Nmet(CONF): Hmm, Sophia and Marilyn are arguing for the zillionth time, i could use this.

Nmet: Marilyn problems?

Sophia: Yeah, Brian said something to Marilyn i don't know about and she won't tell me! BUT SHE TELLS BRIAN! Like come on!

Nmet: I know right, some girls suck.

Sophia: Who else is being annoying.

Nmet: Mnet is trying to act like she's the boss of me, don't you hate that?

Sophia: I know right, like, unless your my mu, don't tell me what to do!

Nmet: Yeah, we're cool right?

Sophia: Yeah sure. Let's try and hurry up now, ok?





Marilyn: (walking, not looking anywhere) Ugh that girl just doesn't understan-

Mnet: (same as Marilyn) Why has she changed so much (the two girls bump into each other while Joshua walks in)

Marilyn: Oww, watch it!

Mnet: No, you should!

Joshua: Now, now, don't fight. Wait, your make up is running Marilyn, and same with you Mnet.

Marilyn: Stop lying.

Joshua: Trust me goth girl, i know a damsel in distress when i see one.

Marilyn: Takes one to know one.

Mnet: Oh no! Is there any bathrooms her- you know i should focus on more important stuff.

Marilyn: You don't say.

Joshua: Ok girls i don't need this passive aggressiveness right now.

Mnet: Aren't you into sarcasm, that is passive aggressiveness at it's finest.

Joshua: That's not the- shut up i- ok you're right, but why were you crying.

Marilyn: My so called "best friend" is the worst!

Mnet: Same.

Joshua: Well, if they truly aren't being a good friend, then understand that! But if there doing whatever for the better, than just remember that.

Mnet: Thanks? But what if they're your only friend.

Joshua: You! Only one friend! Ok, that's a great joke

Mnet: Why is everyone so mean today!

Joshua: Oh, you're serious. I apologise, but it's better no friends than bad friends. Plus, you have Wyatt.

Mnet: Oh yeah, hehe. Wyatt.

Marilyn: Thanks for the advice.

Joshua: Also, just asking, would you be okay voting out Nmet soon?

Marilyn: Sure!

Mnet: Ummm... i'll think about it.

Joshua: Ok, i get you're close. Good luck. (Joshua runs away)

Joshua(CONF): It's a bit mean, but it feels good being one of the more stable ones. Like now that i'm in a position i can help others worse off than me, it makes me feel better about myself. Wow, i actually am on the rebound emotionally!





Steph: Finally! I'm at the top! (sees Wyatt)

Wyatt: Hey Steph, how long have you been here for?

Steph: Not long, do you want to help me search for Yasmine?

Wyatt: Sure- GAH DAISY!

Daisy: What do yous want. I was forced to give you your binoculars.

Steph: We'll take 2.

Daisy: Sure, now hurry up!

Steph: (runs to window with Wyatt) Woah, this building is really tall. How will we find Yasmine?

Wyatt: U-um? Exactl-tly how tall is the Bu-burj Khalifa?

Steph: Like 8 hundred and something metres. Why are you stuttering again, you're past that.

Wyatt: I'm f-fine.

Steph: Stop lying, we've known each other for like 5 seasons. What's the problem?

Wyatt: Just a bit scared of heights. And like, being on the tallest building in the world scares me.

Steph: Don't worry about it. But if you really are scared, i can do it for you.

Wyatt: You'd do that? Thanks Steph.

Steph: No worries. (looks for Yasmine)

Wyatt: So, would you be ok with Jason and Julia joining the group?

Steph: Of course! But, why are you going to me?

Wyatt: Because you're the leader of your alliance.

Steph: Me! Leader? Nooo-

Wyatt: Steph stop lying, i also know you too well and can tell when you're lying.

Steph: Fine. I feel worried and i don't know if i'm ready to commit to leading an alliance, it feels like so much responsibility and i don't know if i'm ready.

Wyatt: Well, we're always here to help you, and give you ideas. But trust your instinct when you ultimately have to make decisions.

Steph: I'll try to. Thanks Wyatt.

Wyatt: Don't thank me, we don't have time to get emotional!







Jason: Come on, COME ON! Where are you Yasmine!

Jason(CONF): I'm thinking, the more i focus on something the less i think about- yeah i'm gonna start searching.

Paul: Oh hi Jason! How are you not tired?

Jason: I do track, remember that. Do you need anything?

Paul: No, i just wanted a bit of a break so i can focus before Nmet gets here.

Jason: Why do you need to leave before Nmet gets here?

Paul: I think i do better without her, and that mindset has sorta got me to fear her in a way. (sees Nmet get up stairs) Gah! (drops binoculars and trips over them)

Jason: I see what you mean. Well i have a similar problem.

Paul: What evil soul has manipulated you all season?

Jason: No one, but i'm feeling a bit weird about Brian leaving, and i want to just put my focus on the challenge, but i'm finding that hard to do.

Paul: It's fine, but what makes you feel so sad?

Jason: Just the whole confusion and how i never got to talk to him before he left and also when he lashed out at Wyatt, it confused me more. But everyone relies on me for advice so i don't want to disappoint them. I just need to stay positive.

Paul: Well, it's good you have a good outlook on it.

Jason: Thanks Paul, you're cool. (Julia walks in)

Julia(CONF): We're Jason and Paul talking? Maybe this will be a step to recovery.




Julia: Psst. Paul.

Paul: What?

Julia: Look, i already know where Yasmine is, so i need you to answer quickly.

Paul: Then what's the question.

Julia: Do you know anything that could help me keep Jason happy? I'm a bit worried for him.

Paul: Just keep him busy and occupied, that way he won't think about Brian,

Julia: Ok, thanks Paul! You can follow me to Yasmine if you want.

Paul: Really, thanks Julia! (Paul and Julia leave and Nmet watches)

Nmet(CONF): Paul really is becoming a strong player, which scares me. Also, how dare he not ask me! I need to teach him a lesson!





Yasmine: Finally, i see someone coming! That paycheck will finally be mi-

Daisy: (Walks in) Wait a second. I was promised the very same paycheck and was told i was the only one getting money.

Yasmine: Why are you even here? The money is mine!;

Daisy: No mine! I had to do more work!

Yasmine: Look, i know you were handing out binoculars to them, i've had to stay in the same position for hours!

Daisy: Oh boo hoo! Get over it! (Benj walks in)

Benj: Now now girls, what's the problem.

Yasmine: Daisy is trying to get my rightfully deserved money!

Daisy: Actually, other way round boi.

Benj: Well, i guess there's only one way to solve this!

Daisy: By giving it to me?

Benj: No.

Yasmine: HA! That means it's mine!

Benj: Also no. (Benj cuts cheque in half)

Yasmine: You didn't! YOU WOULDN'T! (attacks Benj)

Daisy: Girl calm down!

Yasmine: How could you! I'm leaving! And no-one's gonna stop me! (Yasmine stomps away)

Benj: Hehe, i was waiting for that to happen. (gives Daisy real cheque before Nmet snatches it off her)

Daisy: Excuse me! Get your tiny hands off of my property!

Nmet: I thought we were looking for Yasmine! Am i in the right place, and as for you Daisy, i don't care.

Benj: Oh yeah, she left. Anyway, if you take the 10 thousand, i'll disqualify you. Cool! I can disqualify people! Or maybe i won't you're cute.

Nmet: Fine, but do i win immunity?

Benj: Yes, yes you do.

Nmet: Good. Now i can scheme knowing my butt is covered.

Benj: Oh how i wish it wasn't. (Daisy and Nmet slap Benj at the same time) Oww!

Nmet(CONF): Despite the extremely perverted comments, I'm really happy i won immunity. I bet Steph is probably going craazy right now.

Steph(CONF): I'd love to go crazy, but... i think i have the majority and a few good other options.

Mnet(CONF): Ok i'm sorta happy Nmet won because i wasn't ready to vote for her, but should i flip? I'll vote with her today, but if i experience any more injustice, she's going DOWN.




Chris: (on loudspeaker) Nmet report to the host quarters now.

Nmet: Ooh do the winners get rewards too?


Chris: So, i heard you won immunity.

Nmet: Yeah, what do you want. I'm hungry.

Chris: Don't worry. This won't be long! I just want to tell you something!

Nmet: Which is?

Chris: Actually, i thought it would be better if my wife showed you!

Nmet: Um, okay.

Mrs McLean: Are you sure you want to do this?

Chris: Shush! This is your punishment! Now hit play.

Mrs McLean: (sighs) (hits play)

-these scenes are from the last 2 episodes-

Paul(CONF)- Even with Brett gone, we still have the majority, so as long as Nmet doesn't get anymore dumb-luck, we should be fine. But in merge, 3 votes won't be enough, so i might need to throw this challenge to take out Nmet first, before she does anything.


Mrs McLean- Thanks. So, why do you seem so stressed?

Paul- Trying to make a huge flip and change my game right now, but it isn't easy, also, i thought about it yesterday, but i don't know anyone who I can trust, i'm not that close to anyone here.


Mrs McLean- Yeah but i can't really rely on anyone either and i can see what information i hear from first class.


Mrs McLean- How do you feel about going into merge?

Paul- Nmet's definitely evil, and i really wanted to take her out before merge, but i think she can get a lot of numbers now and it's really bad for my plans.

Mrs McLean- Well, i'll see what tea i can get on them, speaking of which, we have spare tea from the hosts breakfast, do you want it?

Paul- Sure! (Mrs McLean gives Paul tea) But, are you sure you're allowed to do this?

Mrs McLean- Probably not.

Paul- Then why are you doing it?

Mrs McLean- Because, i don't know, Chris has been so mean to me this season and i'm just so mad at him, and you seem to be in the same boat, so might as well stick it to him while making a friend!

Paul- Um, thanks. Do you really consider me as your friend?

Mrs McLean- I guess so, i've been trying to work on being nicer to people, and since the other staff are really annoying, against me or just weird, i might as well talk to the contestants.

Paul- Oh, well. Sorry- (checks the time) Oh no, i'm gonna miss my meeting with Nmet!

(clip ends)

Mrs McLean: Ugh this is embarrassing.

Nmet: Hmm, so thats why Paul has been so suspicious lately. Thank you Chris! I really appreciate it!

Chris: My pleasure! (Nmet walks out)

Mrs McLean: Why did you do that i'm your wife!

Chris: Yeah you're lucky, if it was someone else, i would have fired them!

Mrs McLean: Oh yeah? I bet if it was Stacey you would have rewarded her for "keeping the drama spicy"! Like you do every week!

Chris: What are these accusations?

Mrs McLean: You know what i mean!

Chris: No, NO I DON'T!

Mrs McLean: You always favour what Stacey has to say over me, give her way better jobs and give her a lot more money! It's not fair for the rest of us, like Benj is still a teenager, but is doing more work than pretty much all of us, but he gets payed the least! Theodore had to mentor you into doing your job! And even if i got in trouble for it i wouldn't have if it was just down to your incompetence! And I am serving people non stop unless there's a challenge, and if there is i'm normally cleaning up! BUT ALL STACEY DOES IS TELL THE VIEWERS STUFF THEY ALREADY KNOW BESIDES THE ELIMINATION! It's so unfair!

Chris: So do you want me to fire you and dump you?

Mrs McLean: Dump me! It's a little bit more complex, we're married, you idiot!

Chris: Whatever! Just leave!

Mrs McLean: That's what i'm doing! (Mrs McLean leaves, slamming the door behind her)







Marilyn: Sophia? Sophia!

Sophia: What do you want you little pipsqueak!

Marilyn: Please stop with the name calling.

Sophia: I will once you stop overreacting and just tell me!

Marilyn: That's what i'm here to do!

Sophia: Oh..

Marilyn: Sophia, i'm sorry for not telling you, it's just i didn't know if i was ready to but Josh said something to me in the challenge and i realised this was stupid!

Sophia: So, are you going to tell me?

Marilyn: Yes! I told Brian because he said something that kinda, triggered a memory from high school.

Sophia: Go on.

Marilyn: Me and my former friends were really close, but then, one of them tried marijuana, and then so did another, then another, and then my entire friend group was on it. I didn't want to but they started forcing me to. But i told then i really didn't want to and they stopped. But then they started drinking, like a loot, not just one try, like they drunk beer more than water. And when they were drunk they went crazy and did graffiti and apparently one of them stole a piece of jewelry and are in juvenile detention right now. They forced me to do it so much that they went to my bed when i was sleeping and started stuffing beer down my throat. I woke up and when i found then doing it, i screamed at them while i was choking. I told them to never ever do that again. And decided that i would never talk to them again. For a while afterwards, i had no friends and felt like i needed change. So, i went goth.

Sophia: Marilyn, i'm so sorry.

Marilyn: It's fine. And when we argue, i was scared i was going to lose another friend, and now i'm super scared of making close friendships incase they end up harming me. So if i overreact, it's just me protecting myself.

Sophia: Thanks for confiding, i feel so bad for forcing that out of you now, but are you ok?

Marilyn: Yeah. But anyway, who should we vote for?

Sophia: Well, it's just the 2 of us now, so i was talking with Nmet and we're cool now so do you wanna vote for Steph?

Marilyn: Ok. I'm gonna shower before elimination, see you.

Sophia: Ok but before you do (Sophia hugs Marilyn) Remember i'd never do that to you. Ever.

Marilyn: I'd hope not! Haha!







Wyatt: Follow me!

Jason: Where are we going?

Julia: To Steph's alliance group, duh! Wyatt's been telling us!

Jason: Sorry, i've just been counting how many chairs there are in the plane.

Julia: ....Why? (remembers Paul) Oh yeah, ok well just remember to keep a bit of space in there for our vote.

Jason: I'm sure i will.

Julia(CONF): Wow, it's worse than i thought. But at least he isn't crying every waking moment there is.

Paul: Hey Jason, Julia!

Julia: Hi Paul.

Joshua: Soo, are you planning on joining our alliance?

Jason: Yeah, Wyatt wants to and we're not against it. Also fun fact Joshua, you've stood there for about 37 seconds.

Joshua: Um, yeah, cool thanks for the important information.

Steph: Um guys lets not lose track of why we're here. We have 3 options, Mnet, Marilyn or Sophia.

Wyatt: Not Mnet! (Julia, Jason and Steph look at Wyatt) Umm, yeah i talked to her this morning and she seems like she wouldn't be totally against voting Nmet.

Joshua: Yeah, she said a similar thing to me in the challenge. Marilyn said she'd be here tonight but so far i haven't seen her, which is concerning.

Steph: At least she's said yes to us, Sophia flipped and hasn't shown any signs on coming back to us.

Wyatt: So Sophia is our target?

Steph: Yeah, i have nothing against her, but it's the best choice strategically.

Julia: I do, i am ready to get revenge!

Jason: Julia...

Julia: (sees Jason) But i guess she only did it for her own game.

Chris: (on loudspeaker) Meet Stacey at the elimination ceremony pronto!

Paul: Good luck guys!

Joshua(CONF): I'm voting for Marilyn tonight, i like her, but it would be nice to scare her a little with the vote.










Stacey: Welcome to your new elimination! The way votes are made and displayed are the same, but remember, Nmet has immunity. Go vote!

Jason(CONF): Sorry.

Steph(CONF): Yeah, you're the best option if any of us wanna win.

Wyatt(CONF): I'm not voting for my alliance or Mnet! Which leaves you as the best option.

Nmet(CONF): I swear if this doesn't work i'm gonna murde- (static shows) Sorry. I'd go for Paul, but i have something in plan for tomorrow.

Sophia(CONF): You're ok i guess, but i don't really care for you.

Marilyn(CONF): Sorry not sorry.

Mnet(CONF): I don't want to do this, and i'm really sorry if i make a mistake in my vote, but, i can't get myself to do it!

Paul(CONF): Since Nmet isn't an option, you're second best choice.

Julia(CONF): I forgive you, but it feels real nice voting you after you flipped on us.

Joshua(CONF): I hope i don't get in trouble for this.

Stacey: The votes were 5-4-1. The people with no votes aare?

Sophia: Just say it already!

Stacey: Nmet, obviously. But also Joshua, Julia, Jason, Paul, Mnet and..... Wyatt!

Mnet: Yay!

Wyatt: (sees Mnet is safe) Phew. (Sees Steph is not safe) Oh no!

Stacey: Marilyn. You got one vote.

Marilyn: Who’s that from?

Joshua: Hehehe.

Julia: (sees joshua) Huh?

Stacey: Steph, Sophia. The last one safe is....

Stacey: Steph! Sorry Sophia, but you’re done!

Sophia: Really! Aww man!

Marilyn: What? No! How could this happen!

Julia: So now you’re friends, why is your relationship so confusing.

Marilyn: No one asked you Julia. Sophia, you can’t leave.

Sophia: It’s fine Marilyn, stay strong, and win it for us!

Marilyn: But i’ve relied on you for so long! I can’t do it!

Sophia: Stop thinking like that, you can win this game just put your mind to it! Remember that ok! Now I want to take jeep of shame without a visitor.

Marilyn: What!

Stacey: Ok but first, Nmet, who’s going to first class with you?

Nmet: Hmm, Paul will.

Paul: Really?

Nmet: Yeah because you are such an honest and down to earth person, you deserve it!

Paul: Oh, ok?

Stacey: Nmet, we also have a new addition to the elimination ceremony, it is called “Punishment“! Whoever you pick will get a harder challenge in an auto elimination, or if not auto elimination, they will get a vote for themselves, Who do you pick Nme-

Nmet: Steph.

Steph: Perfect...

Stacey: Ok now that’s set, off to Sophia’s elimination.





Sophia: Ok Stacey, I’m ready!

Stacey: Just sit on the Jeep, and you’ll disappear!

Sophia: Ok- (Marilyn enters)

Marilyn: WAIT! Can I just tell you one last thing Sophia?

Stacey: Fine.

Marilyn: I really am ready to do this for you, but do you know anything that could help my game?


Marilyn: So you couldn’t even let her finish.

Stacey: What, we have a time slot! Plus I wanna got to bed!

Marilyn: Whatever.







Nmet: Wow, these beds are super comfy.

Paul: Yeah, I guess so. (clearly uncomfortable with Nmet)

Nmet: Its so great knowing I can trust you and rely on you! Like if Pierre didn’t try to flip on me, he’d still be here. But oh well. Actually, can you get Mrs McLean to get me an extra pillow?

Mrs McLean: It’s fine, I heard you.

Nmet: Thanks! (Mrs McLean leaves) Wow, Paul, Mrs McLean is really nice and helpful! Especially to us Contestants. But weird, she gave you an extra pillow without asking? Maybe she likes some of us more than others, or maybe she does that to fill loneliness in her life! Maybe she helps people so it’s like she’s finally winning a battle for once in her life! She could just be nice to use us when she’s actually evil!

Paul: Um wha-

Nmet: Anyway, goodnight!

Paul(CONF): She’s really good at jumping to conclusions, although, some of the things she said sounds like she knows what I’ve said to Mrs McLean and our deal. Ugh, I’m so confused! I would have rather gotten a Punishment!

Nmet(CONF): Just threw a couple thoughts at him to scare him. I mean, I could just tell him I know he voted for me, and has an illegal deal going on, but where’s the fun in that? Once I mess with his head, it will be way easier for him to lose.

Stacey: Wow, that was interesting! Now that we’re down to the single digits and 2 new additions to the game, things are heating up. Will Nmets tactic work? Will Steph get through the first Punishment of the game? Will Marilyn become worse than what Joshua was? Youll find out next episode of? (Theodore walks in)

Theodore: Total Drama Stars of the Season. Enough of that. Now have you seen Mrs McLean?

Stacey; HEY! No, sorry.

Chapter 12: Fighting Fire With Fruit


Stacey: Last time on Total, Drama, Stars of the Season! Alliances merged, specifically Wyatt's and Stephs, which now hold the majority. Mnet was confused with who she wanted to be with, but a conversation with Wyatt helped. We visited our first Asian country a- (phone rings) What Chris? I'm busy doing the intro! (Chris talking) Um why? (Chris talks more) Ugh, fine. Ok sorry i'll have to wrap this up, a lot of our contestants felt weird emotions and especially Mnet, with a dilemma on who's side to join, Jason, with a weird obsession rooting from Brians elimination and Marilyn probably, with Sophia's elimination. Who will get out today, find out on Total! Drama! Stars of the Seasons! ...Stupid Chris, you should never ruin a star performance.





Nmet: Wakey wakey Paul!

Paul: Ugh, what do you want, i'm trying to sleep.

Nmet: Come on, were both away from everyone and you don't want to strategise? Really? I thought you were more loyal than that!

Paul: Uhh-

Nmet: So are we going to do this or not!

Paul: Sure thing, just wait a second!

Paul(CONF): Nmet's been making me uncomfortable a loot recently and it's rather concerning. It's like she keeps threatening me and it's scary! Does she know about my true opinions of her? I don't want to focus on that, especially now this game is getting more serious, but i might have to!

Nmet: So remember this list, Steph remains our main target, of course. Followed by Wyatt, Julia and Jason. Also by the way, is Joshua still voting with us, because he barely talks to me anymore!

Paul: Oh Joshua? No he's still with us!

Nmet: Good, otherwise he'd be voted out for TREASON!

Paul: But we lost the vote last ime?

Nmet: Trust me, i have my ways. But Marilyn is after Jason, then Joshua and then you and Mnet!

Paul: So basically, me and Mnet are just helping you win.

Nmet: Duh! Isn't that what friends are for? Plus, remember that ONE time Mnet tried to be a good player! Lol that was funny. But she got out straight away, showing that if either of you two try to strategise, it will fail! So there's NO point doing anything behind my back, cause i'll find out!

Paul: Oh yes, of course of course.

Nmet: Yeah, let's get food from Mrs McLean, she gets our wishes really well.

Paul: Y-yeah she does.

Nmet(CONF): This is by far the funnest thing i've done all season! I can see the fright on his adorable little face! Hmph, serves him right.

Paul(CONF): Ok, what would Steph do? What would Wyatt do? They're always called threats but seem calm, just think of their approaches to the game! I will not let Nmet distract me, i am like 60% sure she is, which is enough for me.





Marilyn: Don't talk to me!

Joshua: You're sad, we get it, but i've been through worse.

Marilyn: Stop acting like you get it, you've been depressed before, so wha-

Joshua: You think without Sophia you won't have any support or strength and you're scared you're going to fail her.

Marilyn: Darn you're good.

Joshua: I know i am.

Marilyn: Whatever, how did you get through it?

Joshua: Once a day, i look at Pierre's hat which he gave when he got out, it's enough for me to get through the day.

Marilyn: But what can i do? Sophia didn't give me anythin-

Joshua: The same thing happened with Brett. Wait, remember that necklace you wanted to give to Sophia in Hawaii, before that big fight happened?

Marilyn: Yeah?

Joshua: Did you ever give it back?

Marilyn: Wait, i don't think so! (Checks bag) I didn't! So should i use it?

Joshua: Don't ask me! If it truly affects you for the better, then yes. Do so. Also, i'm sorry for voting for you yesterday.

Marilyn: You did? Whatever, you didn't vote for Sophia, and you helped me feel better so i'm fine. But why though!

Joshua: You didn't come to our meeting. But whatever, speaking of meetings i've got to go, good luck with you're whole Sophia thing.

Marilyn(CONF): I guess he's right, i don't have time to be sad over this.








Joshua: Ok, on my way to my alliance meeti- (Julia walks in)

Julia: Sure, but first can we have a "chat"?

Joshua: Umm, ok. What do you want?

Julia: You voted for Marilyn because...?

Joshua: How did you find out about that! Plus i wasn't ditching the alliance!

Julia: I have my ways, but that's not the point? Do you have a reason?

Joshua: Firstly, i wasn't trying to blindside anyone, i was trying to scare Marilyn a little because SHE didn't go to our meeting yesterday. But don't be mad at her or me, we have our logical decisions and choices and i have no intention to flip on us.

Julia: But what about Marily-

Joshua: Are you actually gonna confront her over this?

Julia: Yes! That's what i normally do!

Joshua: You don't do that when Jason's around.

Julia: But that's not, shut up!

Joshua: Look, i understand he's been a bit, obsessive lately, but if you can't apply whatever he's taught you this season without his help, then there's no point! So i'd prefer it if you left us alone. And calm down because you're not always going to have Jason with you.

Julia: I preferred you when you were all sad and didn't talk back to anybody!

Joshua: Ok then, remind me of stuff i'm clearly trying to get over, but you know i'm right.

Julia(CONF): Ok i should stop being rude to him, but it just slips out, it's annoying because he's right, if all that Jason's taught me i can't do without him, then what was the point. But either way, i'm watching out for that guy, definitely my target once we take out Marilyn, Mnet and Nmet.







Jason: Julia? Why do you look so tense right now!

Julia: No reason, but enough about me, are you feeling better?

Jason: Yeah, i took a run and it helped me realise that we're here to play a game.

Joshua: So no more OCD?

Jason: Was it that obsessive?

Wyatt: Yes. You told me the amount of rice grains that were in your dinner yesterday.

Steph: Oh yeah and did the same with my popcorn.

Jason: Ok i'm sorry, but now let's focus on the game ahead of us!

Wyatt: Agreed. Steph, do you need to say anything while we're here?

Steph: I guess, Nmet is a super strong competitor and now that she's got Paul up there with her, i don't know what could happen. Hopefully Paul can get some intel on her but today our main aim is to not get distracted so she doesn't win immunity.

Joshua: Steph?

Steph: Yeah, what.

Joshua: Well obviously only one of us can win immunity, and i'm probably the least athletic out of all of us, so maybe i should distract Nmet if possible.

Wyatt: I mean, you can, but i wouldn't.

Steph: Neither would i, but in the scenario where Nmet and 2 of us are all nearly done, maybe one of us should distract her.

Julia: As long as it's not me, i wanna win these challenges it's been so long since i've been able to!

Wyatt: Was expecting that from you. Anyway, are you done Steph?

Steph: Yeah i guess so. You can go do what you want. (Jason, Julia and Joshua leave)

Wyatt: You did a good job there.

Steph: I don't think so! I was soo excited to do this at the beginning of the season, but i feel like all my attempts fail. Like whenever we have the majority, something happens.

Wyatt: We'll the rest of us like your ideas. So stop worrying about it. Are you gonna follow me for breakfast or not.

Steph: Actually no i already ate, i'm gonna see if i can find Paul.

Wyatt: But he's in first class!

Steph: Yeah, but there's only 1 confessional. See you.

Wyatt: Wait Steph before you go, can i ask you something?

Steph: Yeah what.

Wyatt: What signs show that a girl likes me.

Steph: You're asking the wrong guy-

Wyatt: As in the guy who's been in the longest relationship in this series.

Steph: Ok then, well, if she laughs a lot, touches you a lot and seems to be around you a lot, then i'd assume she like you.

Wyatt: Alright, thanks Steph!

Wyatt(CONF): I wanna tell Mnet, but if she rejects me then it's so embarrassing! But, i really do like her, and i always feelso excited when she's around and i dont want that to stop when i go to the real world.








Stacey: Chris! CHRIS!

Chris: Hello, my valuable assistant.

Stacey: Chris i don't have time for flattery.

Chris: What do you have to do right now.

Stacey: Nothing, but again what do you need me for.

Chris: My wife, Mrs McLean, she did something bad, and i put her on probation. What i want you to do is hilarious. I'm gonna call her down here and when i do, you have to mess up as much of the plane as possible. Ok!

Stacey: Why?

Chris: So she doesn't do it again, she's ruining the game!

Stacey: Is that all you called me for?

Chris: Duh! Now go!

Stacey(CONF): This soo doesn't feel right, i love drama here and there, but this is actually wrong.




Stacey: Girl, listen to me!

Mrs McLean: What more do you want Malibu Stacey!

Stacey: How dare you compare me to a Simpsons doll! I'm trying to help you!

Mrs McLean: Ugh what.

Stacey: Chris is trying to get revenge on you for whatever you did yesterday. He wants me to be an aid in his plan.

Mrs McLean: This man, haven't i gone through enough! He's so ugh!

Stacey: Ok, i know we've had our differences this season.

Mrs McLean: Yeah no shi- oh wait were on TV.

Stacey: True, but i think if we work together, he'll stop.

Mrs McLean: Thanks. But why shouldn't i believe this is part of his stupid little plan.

Stacey: I don't know how to prove that, but i can honestly say i'm with you on this. Even though i'm on the good end of his bias, i still find it annoying.

Mrs McLean: Wow! You're actually a lot better than i thought! So, what do you wanna do then?

Stacey: Maybe, like, get Chris off this show and us two replace him!

Mrs McLean: WHAT! That's a huge plan!

Stacey: I know, but if we achieve this, we don't have to deal with him again!

Mrs McLean: Easy for you to say, you're not married to him.

Stacey: You can figure out what you want to do with you're marriage. But answer me now. Will we work together through this no matter what?

Mrs McLean: Heck yea sister!

Stacey: Awesome!

Chris: (on loudspeaker) Mrs McLean to host quarters pronto.

Stacey: Good luck.






Marilyn: Finally some peace! (hears knock on the door) Who is it!

Steph: Sorry Marilyn, why are you in here?

Marilyn: Because, i wanna get away from the rest of you!

Steph: Don't you do that already? Why do you wanna be so secluded from us, we won't bite!

Marilyn: Shut up! Other than the fact you took out my best friend, i don't really connect with anyone here, Josh is ok, but still!

Steph: You know, i do relate to you, but you might need to start socalizing, not only is it healthy, but its good for your game.

Marilyn: (sarcastically) Mmhm.

Steph: Hey, don't need that sass! I get it, it sucks to lose your best friend, but you need to talk to others more!

Marilyn: You're saying that because you have an alliance with you and thats soo many other people to talk to. We're not the same people Steph! Stop trying to relate to me! You aren't gonna help me here! This ain't gonna be beneficial!

Steph: Ohh, umm. Ok, i'll stop.

Marilyn: Are you alright? I didn't mean to offend you, i just don't wanna have this conversation right now and not with you!

Steph: Yeah, yeah i'm fine. I'll stop.

Marilyn: Seriously Steph, i didn't mean to hurt you, i'm sorry.

Steph: It's cool. I'll go no-


Steph: Umm, what?

Marilyn: Am i supposed to be scared? Is that a threat?

Random Voice: YESS!

Steph:/Marilyn: (looks at each other) Ok yeah bye.

Marilyn(CONF): I don't want to make people feel like i am being mean, because i feel hypocritical. Even though Steph isn't my friend, i don't feel right about it.

Steph(CONF): Ok, in a way, it felt like she knows about my insecurities and used it, but i know she didn't. I guess she'll just be our back up if Nmet goes!



Wyatt: Mnet? What are you doing here!

Mnet: I was bored, i don't have anyone to talk to, soo yeah.

Wyatt: Well, i-i'm not busy.

Mnet: Thanks.

Wyatt: So, do you feel any better about this whole Nmet thing?

Mnet: Not really, especially since she invited Paul to first class over me. I wouldn't really have a problem with it, but Paul apparently has done a lot for her this season, so if usefulness is now her favourite trait in someone, then i don't know what i can deliver.

Wyatt: But do you think what Nmet is doing will help you?

Mnet: I don't know, if she's that desperate to win the million or she's really a different person. And i don't know if i can wait until then. I want an answer now. Josh said something about if what she's doing has good intentions yesterday.

Wyatt: Well, did you ever ask Nmet why she wanted to win?

Mnet: College, travelling, saving money.

Wyatt: That's pretty normal. But i mean more, what is her motivation to win and what does she feel to act the way she does.

Mnet: I don't know. But i feel it has to be a very strong emotion if it made her so desperate to win.

Wyatt: True. But if it really isn't worth it, don't be friends with her. Find someone else to talk to. I just don't wanna see her affect you so negatively when you still call her your friend.

Mnet: I know, but i just can't say goodbye right now, because we've gone through so much together.

Wyatt: Ok well ask her about the future and what she wants to do and why she's trying extra hard this time around. Based on her answers, make your decision. I don't like it when you're so confused!

Mnet: But why? Why do you care so much for me, i've done literally nothing for you!

Wyatt(CONF): Should i tell the truth, because i don't think she understands the possibility of me liking her, but i, i don't know i'm so confused.

Mnet(CONF): Other than wanting to find out if he likes me, i'm so confused at why he's so nice, i never treat anyone that kindly, so i don't get why he is to me.

Wyatt: Well, if i'm gonna be honest.

Mnet: Yeah?

Wyatt: I kinda li-

Julia: (runs in) Oh sorry, am i interrupting anything? (Winks at Wyatt)

Wyatt: Oh, oh no!

Julia: Great, anyway, see you in the challenge, which i'll win!

Wyatt: Wow she's confident.

Mnet: Yeah, anyway you were saying-










Joshua: I'm sorry what. Where are we supposed to be?

Benj: (sarcastically) Outer space, duh.

Paul: That actually is a reasonable guess. This place is crazy!

Jason: Ok seriously bro, where are we?

Benj: Dervaza, Turkmenistan!

Mnet: Huh?

Wyatt: A place in Central Asia know for it's giant crater called the door to hell.

Mnet: Thanks!

Benj: Wow, nerd.

Mnet: He is not a nerd! You have no right to say that!

Benj: Mmm like a girl who can scream.

Nmet: Shut up, just tell us the challenge!

Nmet(CONF): He keeps switching interest in me or Mnet, i could really use this.

Julia: Yeah, tell us the challenge!

Benj: So, the real fire crater is untouchable, so we made our challenge based on it. You will stand there and answer trivia about our 10 eliminated contestants time in the game.

Marilyn: But 11 people have been eliminated so far?

Benj: Yeah we kinda didn't do Sophia because she was just eliminated.

Marilyn: Oh come on!

Steph: Really! Are they all here to talk to us?

Benj: Nah. Do you see that TV screen over there? They'll talk on that. Basically, if you get 5 questions correct, you'll have the option to throw either 1, 2, 4 or 8 litres at a fire which will be in front of you. It depends on how much you can carry. 8 litres in total will extinguish the fire, so if you can't carry 8 litres, then you'll have to get more questions right.

Marilyn: Seems like a lot of effort just for immunity when theres an 8 out of 9 chance i'll surviv-

Benj: It's auto elimination! (everyone gasps)

Marilyn(CONF): Me and my big mouth.






(the contestants get into positions, with the fire in front of them and the water behind them)

Benj: Are you ready?

Julia: Yes we are!

Julia(CONF): It's just that i'm so determined to win a challenge by myself, the last time ive been able to do that was season 1! But since it's auto elimination, everyone will be trying extra hard to not be at the bottom.

Benj: Before we start, let's say Steph's punishment!

Steph: Oh! I was hoping you'd forget about that!

Benj: I would never! You have an extra reason to fight, if you place in the bottom 3, then you will still be eliminated with whoever came last!

Steph: Awesome.

Benj: I know right! Ok well let's show our first eliminated player, Lucas! (Lucas appears on TV screen)

Marilyn: Lucas? Is that actually you?

Lucas: No, i'm actually Pierre turned into an emo.

Marilyn: It is you! I miss you soo much!

Lucas: Same over here. Most people would be insulted by that joke but you get it! You get me!

Marilyn: I know. You're like the only person who gets me too, besides Sophia! (looks at Steph)

Steph: Whatever.

Mnet: Aww! So cute, but can you give us our question please?

Nmet: Yeah, this is a challenge, not a reunion.

Lucas: Right, right. Your first question is, who was i paired with in the "look for gold" challenge.

Joshua: Ok, i remember this pretty well.

Marilyn: Same here!

Jason: Oh man, i can't remember. Process of elimination it is.

Joshua: Too bad to sad Jason.

Wyatt: I knew i should have watched season 4 before coming here.

Nmet: Psst. Paul.

Paul: Huh, what do you want from me now!

Nmet: Wow, you've been getting so rude lately, almost like you won't vote with me, but i'll try to help you out, if you try and help me with these questions. Deal?

Paul: Fine, deal!

Mnet(CONF): I guess it is nice for Nmet to help out Paul with the questions, but Paul seemed rather reluctant. Is she being nice or using him. Again.

Lucas: The correct answer was, Pierre! Meaning, Steph, Marilyn and Joshua got that right!

Wyatt: Steph, how?

Steph: Me and Attica watched season 4 together. (whispers) That reminds me, have you said anything to Mnet?

Wyatt: (whispers back) No, i chickened out.

Mnet: Huh? What are you guys talking about?

Wyatt:/Steph: Nothing!

Lucas: Second question is, who was in the bottom 3 with me when i was eliminated this season!

Nmet: Oh yeah, you competed this season, i forgot.

Marilyn: Hey! Leave my boyfriend alone! Anyway, i know this answer too!

Wyatt: Yeah i remember this one.

Steph: Hehehehe, same.

Nmet: Yeah didn't you abandon you girlfriend to become safe-

Steph: Shut it!

Lucas: And the correct answer is, Lacey and Attica! Marilyn, Mnet, Steph and Wyatt answer correctly! Ok! I'm done now. (camera turns to static)

Marilyn: Wait tell Sophia- (realises Lucas is gone) i miss her.

Benj: Marilyn and Steph right now lead the charts, but Joshua, Mnet and Wyatt are quickly catching up! Next up is, Lacey! (TV screen shows Lacey)



Lacey: Hi y'all! How are you doing!

Mnet: Great girl! Wanna tell us our question?

Lacey: Of course! First question, was i a) the first one to get back to iqaluit in episode 13, was i b) the second, c) the third or d) the fourth.

Nmet: You two were still in the game when that happened! What is it!

Paul: I was 3rd, and Yasmine and Brian were 1st and second, so she came fourth.

Mnet: Yeah, i'm pretty sure she came fourth.

Nmet: Ok, thanks guys!

Nmet(CONF): I'm not being nice. I hate being nice! I just want to confuse them, so they don't target me!

Lacey: Correct answer was, d, the fourth! Steph, Wyatt, Mnet, Paul, Nmet and Julia all got that one right.

Julia: Yes! On the leaderboard!

Jason: Uh oh, i'm in last.

Lacey: Second question, name 2 people who voted for me when i was eliminated this season?

Joshua: Heh! Guilty.

Paul: Same ov-(Nmet covers his mouth)

Nmet: Why are you helping others, if both Joshua and you voted for Lacey, thats 2 people! Are you gaining loyalty with others?

Paul: W-what?

Nmet: Just watch it, you're my puppet!

Paul: Grr.

Paul(CONF): I've had enough! It's so annoying! I can't stand her anymore!

Lacey: Correct answer was Nmet, Paul, Joshua, Hannah or Pierre! So Joshua, Steph, Nmet, Paul, Mnet and Marilyn are correct!

Marilyn: Really, i guessed that!

Nmet(CONF): My first scheme, and didn't it work perfectly!

Jason: So, are you done Lacey?

Lacey: Yeah i guess so! Bye guys! (static shows)

Benj: Steph is in the lead with 4 points just ahead of Marilyn and Mnet with 3 points. Jason on the other hand, has yet to get a question right! Haha! You're so bad at this!

Jason: Wow, thanks.

Benj: No problem! (TV shows Hannah)




Joshua: Oh eww. Why is there a disgusting creature on the screen?

Hannah: Shut up Joshua! UGH! I don't wanna be here!

Benj: Too bad, it's in your contract.

Hannah: Fine! Who did i take out in the first team challenge last season, it was on a boat.

Jason: I couldn't forget this!

Jason(CONF): Mia was so determined, but Hannah just stepped all over it.

Joshua: I remember this, but it's not like i care.

Jason: Hey! She was a really nice girl!

Wyatt: Hmm, girl.

Wyatt(CONF): I remember seeing this episode, i don't know why i watched it but if it was Sophia or Marilyn, Marilyn would have had the biggest response. Jaclyn was out so it could either be Mary Sue or Mia. I don't even remember which is which so i'll just guess this one.

Hannah: Correct answer was Mia, that stupid little brat.

Jason: Why is everyone so against Mia today?

Nmet: Because she was just some random girl whos normally obsessed with shopping and fashion who tried to motivate herself but failed. We've had enough of those.

Mnet(CONF): Is that what Nmet sees of me? Bceuase, not gonna lie, i see myself similar to that description. Ugh! I really can't tell who she is anymore!

Hannah: Shut up i wanna go away! Who was my vote when i was eliminated this season.

Joshua: This is rather obvious to me.

Steph: Not to me! I'm trying to remember but it isn't easy!

Mnet: Oh! I remember watching this episode before i went to Drumheller! This should be easy for you, especially if you were on the Woodpeckers!

Paul: Well i don't recall who it was! Are you gonna tell us though M-

Hannah: Whatever times up, it was Joshua. Meaning Joshua, Mnet and Julia got it right.

Steph: That makes sense, you really hated him didn't you Hannah.

Hannah: I still do!

Joshua: Aww really? I feel the same way!

Hannah: I can't stand you anymore! Benj, turn the camera off!

Benj: K. (screen turns to static)

Jason: Well she was as pleasant as ever.

Marilyn: Good job on voting her out early. She's too annoying for me to handle.

Benj: Lets just go to the next person. (TV screen shows Richard)




Julia: Hey Richard!

Richard: Hello Julia and other contestants! I need to study i'm aiming for a college scholarship into Harvard, so let's make this quick.

Paul: Hi Richard, what's the question?

Richard: The first one is, who was my partner in the final challenge of season 3?

Nmet: Ooh! Sorry Paul i don't know this one!

Paul: It's ok, I don't know this either.

Nmet(CONF): I do, but i'm trying to gain a lead so he gets out and i don't.

Julia: Come on Julia, who was it!

Joshua: It's ok you don't remember.

Julia: Easy for you to say! You're in a tie for the lead!

Richard: Marilyn, Steph, Wyatt and Nmet got that one right! It was Wyatt by the way.

Paul: Huh? I thought you said you didn't know?

Nmet: Lucky guess!

Benj: Marilyn, Steph, you have reached 5 correct answers, which means you can spill some of your water! Which quantity do you pick?

Steph: Umm, 8 litres? (tries carrying 8 litres) Never mind, i'll do the four litre one.

Marilyn: Yeah, i will too.

Benj: Ok, dump your water! (Steph and Marilyn dump four litres in their respective fires, causing the fires to die a little)

Marilyn(CONF): Wow, i'm in the lead. Maybe i can do this without Sophia.

Steph(CONF): I need to do well if i want to avoid the bottom 3, so being the first to 5 points is good.

Benj: Ok, now for Richard's second question.

Richard: Thanks Benjamin.

Benj: It's Benj, geek!

Richard: Don't call me that! Next question, Who did i try to convince to get out Wyatt in the Mexico challenge, though i failed!

Julia: Finally a question suited for me!

Jason: I remember her talking to me about this when we lost.

Mnet: I really don't know. Do either of you two know?

Nmet:/Paul: No we don't.

Marilyn: I think i know, but i'm not sure.

Richard: Well, whatever. The correct answer was, Flo! So Wyatt, Julia, Jason and Marilyn would have got that right!

Steph: Oh no, i'm losing my lead!

Richard: True, Wyatt now joins you with 5 points. (TV screen turns to static)

Benj: That's my job pointdexter. But he's right, Wyatt, it's your turn to spill the water, how much will you spill?

Wyatt: If Steph can't carry 8 litres, i won't be able to either, so i'll do 4 litres. (spills his water, extinguishing some of the fire)

Benj: Cool. Now for the next person.





(TV screen shows Attica)

Attica: Steph, Wyatt, Julia! How are you doing!

Wyatt: Fine Attica.

Julia: Yeah, thanks for asking!

Steph: Attica! It's been so long!

Attica: I know right, how are you going!

Steph: Great, well pretty good, but you're the pretty.

Joshua: Wow. I never knew people could change so much when they're in love. Also, by the way Attica, sorry for voting you out.

Attica: No problem! First question, who voted for me causing my elimination in season 3?

Steph: Easy.

Wyatt: How do you remember, weren't you eliminated by then?

Steph: Come on, when you have a girlfriend on this show, you have to know everything about her.

Nmet: Again, i need your help you two, season 3 wasn't my season, what's the answer?

Mnet: I was eliminated before Attica! Do you know Paul?

Paul: That season and especially that episode was a mess, it could be anybody!

Nmet: Hmph. Fine.

Paul(CONF): Look, i don't want Nmet to get the best of me, so i'm trying to get a lead on her however i have to. Plus, i'm pretty sure she did the same thing.

Paul: (whispers) Mnet, it's me and Brian.

Mnet: (whispers back) Ok, thanks.

Nmet: You two whispering about getting me out!

Paul: N-no?

Nmet: Hahaha, i'm kidding! But seriously though, what were you two whispering about.

Paul: Well we don't want to tell you.

Nmet: Oh come on, us three are a tight trio! You're just showing me i might not be able to trust you two!

Paul: Nmet, can you please stop jumping to conclusions!

Nmet: ME, jumping to conclusions! I just wanna kn-

Attica: Correct answer was Paul and Brian, only Steph, Paul and Mnet got that right! Eeek! Go Steph and Mnet!

Steph: Thanks!

Benj: Ok, Mnet has reached 5 points. What capacity will you be taking?

Mnet: Ooh i'll do the four litre one, the eight litre one looks too heavy! (spills her water)

Mnet(CONF): I can tell how sick Paul is getting of Nmet, at least it's not just me! She keeps on assuming Paul might not be loyal over nothing, and i feel bad. I kinda wanna talk to him.

Julia(CONF): 4 people have already gotten to 5 points and i'm just at 3! I really don't wanna be eliminated right now, i feel like i'm finally learning how to balance my competitiveness with maturity, now that i've thought about what Josh said to me this morning. But, they're all taking the 4 litre option, so maybe i can survive by taking the 8 litre one!

Attica: Next question, how many challenges did my team win while i was here?

Steph: Easy.

Wyatt: This isn't really a hard question guys, why are you two struggling?

Jason: Memory was never my forte. Ok did she get out before Flo?

Julia: I think so, was she out before Richard?

Jason: Maybe. Wyatt, are you gonna help us?

Wyatt: Su-

Julia: No, we can manage, thanks though.

Julia(CONF): Trying to learn how to deal with my own problems, this might not be the best time to learn that, but whatever, i'm trying, ok!

Joshua: Ok this is just another reminder of how terrible of a team we were.

Paul: At least you remember, there's so many eliminations to remember!

Attica: The correct answer, was 1! Marilyn, Joshua, Wyatt, Steph and Mnet get it correct.

Mnet: Oops. I forgot to tell you two.

Nmet: No problem girl!

Paul: Soo. you're not mad?

Nmet: Why would i be, it was a mistake, are you mad! Paul that's not very nice, it was an accide-

Paul: Don't talk to me!

Nmet: Excuse me?

Paul: I said don't talk to me! Just leave me alone!

Paul(CONF): I'm so sick of her bias! I don't need to hear it anymore!

Nmet(CONF): Yes! It's working! He's getting super mad!

Nmet: Why are you being so weird today? I'm literally doing nothing wrong! (Benj walks to Nmet, Paul and Mnet)

Benj: You three calm down! You can talk your emotions cause we're gonna have a break, but first that loser obver there.

Joshua: i.e. me.

Benj: Has to spill some water! What are you going to hav-

Joshua: The four litre one, i'm not in danger right now and i'm not gonna be able to get superhuman strength like i did in Hawaii. (spills four litres on his fire)

Benj: Ok you have a quick break for now!




Joshua: Wow, you're pretty good at this.

Marilyn: Thanks. I'm surprised, i don't normally care for other people's trouble, i think i'm just trying my best to avenge Sophia.

Joshua: Yeah, same with me and Pierre. Plus you might get to see Sophia, she really gets you so just tell you how you feel.

Marilyn: I won't, Benj said, she was eliminated too recently, but you're right, she is the only one who truly does get me.

Joshua: Hmm, did something happen to you after i talked to you this morning?

Marilyn: Um, no.

Joshua: We both know that's a lie.

Marilyn: Why do you know me so well!

Joshua: You think i haven't been in your position before, go on.

Marilyn: I said something to Steph and it upset him, but i didn't mean to, i was just mad.

Joshua: What was it.

Marilyn: He was trying to make me feel better, and i tried to say no, but he continued to ask, and then i said he isn't gonna help me and to leave me alone, rather angrily too.

Joshua: What did he say after.

Marilyn: He stopped, but he seemed upset, not like he was gonna cry, but more like i said something which was kinda personal and hurt him.

Joshua: Ok, i'll see what i can do-

Marilyn: Wait, why are you helping me?

Joshua: Someone has to do it, plus, after we figured out the Marilyn Strategy, i realised you were more than an antisocial goth.

Marilyn: Look who's talking.

Joshua: Shut up, anyway, good luck in the challenge. I'm gonna go now because i feel like this might get awkward.

Marilyn(CONF): Steph and Joshua looked exactly the same to me, but now they're both really nice people, but in different ways if that makes sense. I probably should tell Steph how i feel.






Jason: How are you doing so well?

Julia: Yeah! You're doing better than us two combined!

Wyatt: I mean, i did get to see a lot in season 1, 2 and 3 not to brag, and i have pretty good memory i'd like to think!

Julia: "I'd like to think" You're so modest!

Jason: Yeah.

Wyatt: Well you two are gonna dominate the physical challenges, you can't have it all!

Julia: Thanks! I'm starting to question why i didn't let you give us the answers!

Jason: Yeah why did you do that, he's willing to.

Julia: I dunno, the way i like to compete is purely based on our own skill, plus, i'm trying to figure out how to deal with my own problems.

Jason: Good theory, but it might cost you the game! I'm gonna go for a run. (Jason runs away)

Julia: I guess it might not be the smartest idea, but i'm sure i can manage.

Wyatt: Yeah. (looking at Mnet) Why did i chicken out!

Julia: Huh?

Wyatt: Nothing.

Julia: Wyatt just tell me, i can tell it's about Mnet, isn't it.

Wyatt: Yeah. She gave me an easy opportunity to tell her how i feel, but i backed out.

Julia: Why?

Wyatt: I'm trying my best, i'm not one who's been good at confrontation!

Julia: Well, i'll see if i can drop any subtle hints you like her and make you sound good!

Wyatt: Thanks Julia, but you don't have to.

Julia: Well if you don't want me to, you make a move!

Wyatt: Yeah but that's-

Julia: No excuses, do you want me to help you or not!

Wyatt: Fine, and thanks again. Hang on, is Mnet in a fight?




Nmet: Paul, lets talk about this!

Paul: Why should I, i'll say 1 thing and you're gonna assume i'm not being loyal!

Nmet: Aren't you the one in the other alliance and talking to a staff member and taking advantage of her!

Mnet: Nmet, Paul, calm down! We need to stick together if we want to win this!

Paul: Stick together?This girl is just using us for her personal goal, she even told me we are her puppets and laughed at you trying your best to play the game!

Nmet: He's also backstabbing us! And doing illegal moves! I take you to first class when i could have used some girl time and this is what i get!

Paul: The only reason you did that is to annoy me and get into my head, but i'm smarter than that!

Nmet: "Smarter than that?" You weren't able to talk properly until you were 17! Oh and remember it was ME who helped you do that!

Mnet: I- Nmet! Paul! I get a lot has happened, but this fighting isn't gonna help any of us!

Paul: None of what she does has helped us!

Mnet(CONF): What was i supposed to do! They both have completely valid arguments! I agree with Paul more though, but (sniffs) i just can't not forgive he- Enough Mnet! If she's gonna continue acting like this! You have to say goodbye!

Paul: I actually can't stand you saying you're gonna support me every single time! Because you're not!

Nmet: What am i doing that is causing everyone to betray me, first Pierre, then Wyatt, now you! (Wyatt walks in)

Wyatt: What about me?

Wyatt(CONF): I could see Mnet's distress. I was expecting this fight to happen eventually, but i wasn't expecting so soon, but i need to stand up for myself, it might not be something i'm used to, but i must.

Paul: Actually, i've been thinking about splitting from you for a LONG time! But i never did! I'm pretty sure you misheard me for Pierre!

Nmet: Exactly! See Mnet, we've been with a traitor since the Brazil episode!

Paul: Oh come on Mnet, you know what this girl has done! Just think about her gameplay since you've been here!

Nmet: Yeah so make a decision Mnet! Is it me!

Paul: Or me!

Nmet: You can go with impediment Paul, but just know when you do that, you've crossed a line and you can NEVER RETURN! If Pierre didn't show you, i don't like traitors!

Paul: I mean, fine go with Nmet! But if you're so focused on proving yourself, going to her doesn't help you!


Mnet: I-I -I (starts to cry)

Nmet: Crybaby.

Wyatt: I can't believe you two! Nmet, she's starting to reconsider her friendship with you, and i totally understand why, can either of you tell she needs support right now?

Paul: I'm sorry, but i want help to take her down, is that too much to ask, plus, i was never really that close with her anyway!

Wyatt: That's hardly an excuse, figure your stuff out, but don't add Mnet into this!

Mnet: Umm- i- yeah, i- i don't know. Don't expect me to say anythi- (Julia walks in)

Julia: Hi Mnet, talking to Wyatt i see! He's a great listener, always has your back.

Mnet: Y-yeah, i know.

Wyatt: (whispers) Julia, thanks, but this isn't really the right time.

Julia: (whispers back) Yeah i figured, everyone looks so tense.

Benj: (walks in) Hey! Ok i don't really care that half of you look like you could murder someone right now, because we need to continue on.

Paul: Fine! You're going down Nmet.

Nmet: Ooh, i'm so scared, it's auto elimination and nothing you do really affects me.








Benj: Ok, next up we have, Flo!

Flo: Hey Julia, Jason and Wyatt! Happy you three all made it this far!

Julia: Eek! Flo! So happy to see you!

Wyatt: I never thought you'd say that after season 1, hi Flo!

Jason: Where have you been?

Flo: Ok, so apparently, they've sent all of us to this weird place in some random country in Europe they never told us where and we're about to meet up after this challenge.

Jason: So ever since you left you've been going to Europe? But we've gone through 5 countries during that time!

Flo: Yeah the jeep was slo-

Benj: (points at non-existent watch)

Flo: Oops! First question, who was in the antagonist alliance in season 2?

Julia: I feel like i should know this but i just wanted Daisy out, i don't care for alliance names!

Wyatt: Sorry, wanna play solo don't you!

Julia: Fine whatever. (guesses)

Steph: Uhh think i remember this but i didn't pay attention to the other team.

Joshua: Hmm.

Steph: Um Josh, why are you staring at me?

Joshua: No reason. (Marilyn pulls Joshua) Oww! What do you want!

Marilyn: Sorry, but you don't need to put yourself into whatever's happening between me and Steph, don't worry, i can do it myself. I'm mature.

Joshua: Mature? You spent half your time here arguing with Sophia, but your call.

Flo: Correct answer was Daisy, myself and Undulen! Wyatt and Steph get that correct.

Marilyn: Darn it my lead!

Flo: Next question, what country was in in when i got together with Jason?

Joshua(CONF): Ok has to be North America since Flo got out before we went to Chile, don't think it was in the Dominican or Mexico, i saw them together already in Hawaii so probably in Drumheller, Canada.

Wyatt: You two know this one at least.

Jason: Of course!

Julia: Finally a question geared in our favour!

Wyatt: Good, because i don't want any of us being eliminated.

Steph: Hmm, Paul? Are you ok?

Paul: No! I don't wanna talk about it, we're in a challenge!

Steph: Afterwards maybe, i was scared about what would happen with just you and Nmet up there.

Paul: Don't say her name, it just annoys me!

Steph: Um sure. (Wyatt notices conversation)

Wyatt: Steph, don't. He's really mad right now.

Steph: Fine, whatever.

Flo: Anyway, we were in Drumheller, Julia, Jason, Marilyn, Joshua and Wyatt answer correctly!




Jason: Bye Flo!

Flo: Love you Jason! (blowkisses before TV screen turns to static)

Benj: Jason, we don't have time for fake love.

Julia: Excuse me! Love doesn't mean making out with any girl you see!

Benj: Yes it is!

Marilyn: Benj, next person please?

Benj: Whatever. (TV screen shows Olivia)

Olivia: Hi? (awkward silence)

Marilyn: Hey, i guess.

Olivia: Whatever, i get it that none of you care about me, so i'll be quick. I see Sophia's out, that's good i guess.

Marilyn: Don't disrespect her!

Olivia: Sheesh sorry! What score did i get in the animal buddy challenge in season 2?

Julia: And we're back to the impossible questions.

Steph: This ones for me, i'm the only one here from that challenge!

Nmet: Of course, luck is always in your favour.

Steph: Woah woah, look who's talking!

Paul: Exactly.

Nmet: Don't talk to me Paul, anything you say is just complaining for no reason and i don't like it.

Paul(CONF): Knowing this girl, maybe it wasn't the smartest decision to scream at her, knowing she loves revenge, but i just had to stand up for myself! Plus, us two and Julia and Jason are behind and i think us three can take her out by doing the 8 litre one.

Olivia: My score was 9! Joshua, Steph, Mnet and Marilyn guess correctly.

Mnet: Yes!

Mnet(CONF): I'm so thankful Wyatt stood up for me in that fight, and all i want to do is win immunity and pick him as a thank you!

Olivia: Question 2, who was the person that voted for my boyfriend Richard this season but didn't vote for me?

Jason: Wasn't us.

Julia: (shakes head) Sophia maybe- oh wait that's the other way round.

Marilyn: Of course i remember this, they helped me a lot this season so i wouldn't forget!

Jason: Marilyn said that they helped her, so maybe it is Sophia?

Wyatt: Whatever i'm gonna guess her.

Mnet: Wait don-

Wyatt: Do you know who it is?

Mnet: I'm guessing Brian from what i remember of that day i lied to Marilyn, Brian and Olivia.

Wyatt: Oh that makes sense!

Nmet: Hmm Mnet, who do think it is?

Paul: (presses random person) Nmet shush.

Nmet: Oh come on, i could sabotage the life out of you but i'm not, don't start me!

Olivia: Correct answer was Brian, only Marilyn and Mnet get it right. Ok bye now. (TV static shows)

Benj: Ok! Marilyn, you've gotten another five points correct, time for you second spilling.

Julia: How! I haven't gotten to 5 and you've got 10!

Marilyn: Yay. Fantastic. I'll take the four litres again.

Benj: Ok, spill! (Marilyn spills water, extinguishing the rest of the fire)

Joshua: Good job Marilyn.

Julia: Yeah, i'm impressed!

Jason: Nice to see you motivated after losing Sophia!

Joshua: Steph, wanna say anything?

Steph: (through eye contact) *Why are you acting like you know something?*

Joshua: (through eye contact) *Because i do, you need to figure out what's happening with Marilyn!*

Steph: (through eye contact) *Fine, but why do you care?* Good job Marilyn, i guess.

Marilyn: So i get to pick who goes to first class?

Benj: Not exactly. You will go, but we decided that anyone who gets to finish the fire before our last ex-contestant says his/her questions wins a trip to first class.

Paul: So, what happens after that?

Benj: Not relevant now, i'll tell you when it happens. But for now, Marilyn can sit back and watch!

Marilyn(CONF): I was kinda hoping i'd get first class to myself so i could bring someone who wouldn't talk to me, but whatever i'm safe so thats good.






Benj: Next up, the french freak!

Pierre: (TV screen shows Pierre) Bonsoir all!

Joshua: (gasps) Um, Pierre, i don't believe i'm seeing you again!

Pierre: I'm happy i am! You seem like a much stronger person then when i last saw you, no offence.

Joshua: Well, it's thanks to you, so if anything, i should be telling you that.

Pierre: Well nice to see you. Anyway, i'm kinda hungry, so let's be quick!

Nmet: Mhm, please do, also i'm sorry i voted you out, i've come to learn thats all a lie. (coughs and looks at Paul)

Paul: What happened to "we're not talking".

Pierre: It's ok? Anyway, first question is, how many members of my team in season 4 made it to merge.

Marilyn: I'd get this right, but i'm already done.

Jason: Woohoo! Yes! Got this one!

Joshua: So do I.

Pierre: Ok well obviously only Joshua and Jason got that right, next question, how many elimination ceremonies did i survive this season.

Mnet: Well, he specified on elimination ceremonies, pretty sure he survived 2 or 3 before i came.

Steph: I get four.

Wyatt: I say 2. I can only remember a few eliminations specifically this season and i'm not gonna risk it.

Julia: 4 sounds good to me, he made it decently far and we won quite a few challenges.

Paul: Yeah same.

Nmet(CONF): The fools. I don't think they listened to the question properly.

Joshua(CONF): I don't want to fail Pierre, even if it's just a dumb question. So i'm gonna be accurate with all my guesses, especially one which sounds so easy.

Pierre: Correct answer was 3! Only Nmet, Mnet and Joshua get it correct!

Paul: Oh come on!

Nmet: Of course, if you actually we're paying attention Paul, you would have got it right, but oh well!

Paul: (ignoring her) Did i hear something? I don't think so!

Nmet: Get over yourself, you are in last, remember that.

Pierre: Ok, i think i'm done here! Bye Josh!

Joshua: Bye Pierre. (TV screen turns to static)

Benj: You two are kinda disgusting together.

Joshua: You're probably just jealous that i can have lasting relationships with people because i don't make out with a different girl every hour.

Benj: You wish you could! Anyway next is Brett. First eliminated person i was here fo-

Julia: Get on with it, i wanna see Brett!






Brett: (TV screen shows Brett) Josh, Steph, Wyatt, Paul, how are you doing!

Steph: Good.

Joshua: Average.

Wyatt: Fine. Also don't expect much of a response from Paul.

Brett: Okayy? Julia! Missed you so much!

Julia: Aww, (blushes) I've missed you too but you've just given me more reason to win the money!

Jason: Yeah, i was wrong about thinking you should break up, you guys are really cute together!

Julia: Heh, thanks!

Brett: Anyway, my first question is, did i get out in a) the animal challenge, b) the prehistoric challenge, c) the musical challenge or d) the alien challenge back in season 2?

Wyatt: It wasn't the alien challenge, i got out in that one, but i don't really know.

Julia(CONF): Great. I was waiting for Brett's questions! I don't even know these ones!

Julia: Uhhhhh Jason, do you have any idea?

Jason: (shrugs shoulders) Sorry, no.

Steph: Again, i'm the only one here who was there for his elimination, easy!

Mnet: Only one who was there for his elimination?

Mnet(CONF): Ok i heard Wyatt say it wasn't the alien one, and it wasn't the musical one i'm pretty sure. So it's either a or b.

Mnet: Psst. Wyatt.

Wyatt: What.

Mnet: Thanks for sticking up for me.

Wyatt: Don't worry about it, do you need to say anything else?

Mnet: Well, i think i know the answer.

Wyatt: Why are you telling me?

Mnet: I wanna pay it back to you for what you did, just press a.

Wyatt: Ok, thanks.

Brett: Correct answer was a, so Steph, Mnet and Wyatt get that right.

Benj: Hold up Brett, Steph and Mnet just hit another 5 correct answers. Time to spill!

Mnet: Woah, already? Yes!

Benj: So, what will you choose?

Steph: I'll do the 4 litre one, because, duh.

Mnet: Same. (Steph and Mnet spill another 4 litres on their fires, killing what's left of it)

Nmet: Yeah! You go girl! Good job!

Mnet: Thanks?

Nmet(CONF): Because of that idiot Paul, i need to make sure Mnet thinks we're still friends.

Mnet(CONF): Don't worry, i'm not falling for it, yet.

Benj: You two can go sit with Marilyn now.

Steph: Ok.

Benj: Now, Brett, continue!

Brett: Ok, who did i verse in the first round of the timbuktu challenge!

Julia: Oh come on! I'm supposed to know this?

Jason: Julia, don't worry about it, i don't know either.

Nmet: Ugh! Guess i'll have to use process of elimination.

Paul: Yes! I know it and you don't! You really might have to use process of ELIMINATION!

Paul(CONF): I've never been one to boast, especially because i never had much to boast about, but that felt sooo good!

Wyatt: Yeah i have no idea, this is a pretty hard question.

Brett: Well, the answer was Brian and only Paul get's that right? Wow!

Julia: Sorry babe, wasn't prepared for these questions!

Brett: Don't worry, just a little surprising heh. (TV screen turns to static)

Julia: Oh come on! Now it looks like i don't car- calm down. Keep your emotions in, it isn't a problem.

Jason: Yeah, that's right, don't worry it's not your fault!

Jason(CONF): I'm happy Julia's becoming better at dealing with problems herself, i don't want to see her go through problems with Brett, when Brett isn't even here!








Benj: Ok, final person, Brian! (TV screen shows Brian)

Brian: Um, hello.

Marilyn: Hi? Whatever.

Brian: Wow, thanks for the greeting everyone.

Paul: Sorry, i'd say hi, but what you did with Wyatt wasn't nice at all, plus i'm not in the best mood today.

Brian: Uhh-

Joshua: Been there done that Brian. When you aren't in a good mood, you're not gonna fake like you're happy with someone.

Brian: Sorry! Also, i didn't mean to say what i said to you Wyatt.

Wyatt: Thanks, but you heard them.

Brian: Fine, lets go. How many times did i win immunity in season 3.

Nmet: Who knows.

Julia: I mean, he did go to the finals, and he wasn't versing many athletic people in the merge, so i wouldn't be surprised if the number was high.

Jason: Nice logic.

Wyatt: I mean, i know he didn't win the first immunity of that merge, but that's it. Paul?

Paul: I think he would have won 1 or 2 times.

Nmet: Thanks for the tip.

Paul: I wasn't talking to you!

Nmet: Well i was listening! Hahaha! (puts in answer)

Paul(CONF): Now i'm embarrassed at how long i was this that girl.

Brian: Ok the answer was, only 1! And only Joshua got that right.

Julia: How did you get it?

Joshua: There was only 6 challenges in that merge. He obviously didn't win season 3, so we're left with 5, he also didn't win the first challenge of the merge, according to Wyatt. And he isn't extremely fit, no offence.

Brian: None taken.

Benj: Ok Brian, shush, Joshua hit 5 answers again.

Joshua: Cool.

Benj: Now, are you gonna take 4 litres like the rest of the losers that have gone because they are too weak and aren't strong like me?

Joshua: No i'll take 4 litres because logically, i'll still finish the challenge without pretending like i'm strong. (spills water on what's left of his fire)

Benj: You can sit down with the other 3 now. (Joshua walks to Steph, Marilyn and Mnet) Brian, say the final question! This is it, you all can make it as you all are 1 away from reaching 5 correct answers!

Joshua: Wow you can do basic math! (Benj throws empty container at Joshua)

Brian: Final question is, name all the people i voted for this season!

Wyatt: Is this supposed to be a second reminder we don't like each other?

Brian: I'm sorry guys can we stop talking about it! Just put in your answer!

Wyatt: Look, i know we said we'd have a friendly competition but this is to win the challenge. Like we're in danger, so we probably should guess this together.

Julia: Sure!

Jason: Thanks.

Julia: Well he voted for Wyatt obviously, he voted for Flo. And he voted for Richard.

Jason: Wait, i forgot who he voted for at Olivia's elimination!

Wyatt: Was it you Julia?

Julia: I don't think so, i think it was you Wyatt. (hears Nmet and Paul put in their answers) Ok we don't have time, we'll just have to split!

Jason: Is that a smart idea?

Wyatt: Yeah, that means not all of us will make it.

Julia: You two say me, i'll say Wyatt.ok!

Jason: Fine.

Wyatt: Ok, good luck.

Brian: The correct answer is.....








Nmet: We don't need this pressure, just say it!

Brian: Richard, Julia, Flo and Wyatt. And 2 people got that right, Wyatt and Jason.

Benj: Ok bye Brian. (TV turns to static) Wyatt, Jason, this is how you'll get into first class. I guess you'll be taking the 4 litre option like all the other failures, but Jason, if you do so, you won't be getting into first class.

Wyatt: Well, i'll do 4 litres, why should i not. (spills water on his fire)

Jason: Actually, i think i'll do the 8 litre one!

~everyone gasps~

Jason: I think i can do it! Plus, i wanna go to first class, don't I! (spills 8 litres on his fire, killing it)

Benj: Ok congratulations Marilyn, Steph, Mnet, Wyatt, Joshua and Jason. You've all got a spot in first class!

Paul: So what happens to us three?

Benj: I'll ask you a question, whoever answers it first correctly wins, so this shouldn't take too long since there's only three of you.

Nmet(CONF): Look, i'm not placing ninth after everything. I need to show Paul, that traitors don't win, like Pierre wasn't enough.

Julia(CONF): Soo close! But it's too late to quit, today might have not been the greatest day, but i'm, too close, and though i love Brett and Flo, i don't need to see them till the finale!

Paul(CONF): Don't think i've ever been more mad and determined than i am right now.









Benj: Ok, question 1, how many countries in the world end with the word "stan"?

Nmet: I'm not Richard, how am i supposed to know this!

Benj: Just guess beautiful, you might be right and get to stay with me!

Nmet: Surprisingly, the thought of you doesn't want to make me quit. I guess 5.

Paul: I guess 6!

Julia: Darn it! I wanted to be in the middle of you two since that's normally right! I guess 7.

Benj: Well, one of you is correct. And it's.......




Benj: Julia!

Julia: YES! YES! Woohoo!

Jason: Nice Julia!

Benj: Congratulations Julia, you will stay in the competition, but no first class for you.

Julia: I don't care, at least i get to stay!

Benj: Ok, final question, how big (in square kilometres) is Turkmenistan?

Paul: You expect us to know that?

Benj: No, just whoever's closest stays in the game! Good luck!

Paul: Uhhhh

Nmet: Ummmmmmm

Benj: Ok, since these two are taking forever, let's ask our safe contestants what they think!

Marilyn: All i can say is, this is a pretty hard question, so i have no idea who'll get it right.

Benj: Mnet?

Mnet: Shush, i don't wanna hear your pathetic attempts to flirt with me!

Benj: Fine, you know you want to but sure, who do you want to stay right now!

Mnet: So i'm guessing you know what happened.

Benj: Uh huh!

Mnet: You're turning into Chris, but i don't know, i have no idea, i just need time to think about who's side i'm on.

Benj: Ok, well i'm free to talk about it?

Mnet: You'd actually help me out!

Benj: No i was expecting you to ask me out to talk and then we coul-

Mnet: (slaps Benj) I would never date you! I like someone else! Also go back to Nmet and Paul i think they have answers!

Benj: Oh right, Nmet, what's your guess?

Nmet: 500 thousand square kilometres.

Benj: And Paul?

Paul: 250 thousand square kilometres.

Benj: Well, the correct person is?























Benj: Nmet! Yes the hottie stays!

Nmet: I'm gonna ignore that. Ha! I guess that's your karma then, isn't it!

Paul: I'm out? Nooooo! But Nmet's the evil one!

Nmet: Stop accusing me of that!

Benj: Ok, i'm kinda done now, i'm gonna call Stacey to come here and wrap up. (Benj leaves, calling Stacey)

Paul: (to alliance) I'm so sorry guys. I just got so mad at Nmet, if you didn't see us arguing.

Jason: It's not your fault. You were just standing up for yourself!

Wyatt: Yeah, it would be tough having her under your skin the way she was.

Paul: Thanks for understanding guys.

Steph: Don't worry about it. (Stacey walks in)

Stacey: Finally, that challenge was taking forever! Anyway, Paul, it's time for the Jeep of Shame! But before we do, Marilyn, who's getting the punishment, as you were the first to complete the challenge, you will pick the unlucky player who will be punished.

Marilyn: Umm, i don't know, i have nothing against you, and you're really nice, but sorry Jason.

Jason: Aww man! Why?

Marilyn: It's more because you're a physical threat and Julia's probably more likely to be voted out.

Julia: Umm, i'd be a bit insulted, but i don't want that punishment, so hey, it's fine! Sorry Jason.

Jason: Eh, it's ok.

Stacey: Paul, time to go.












Paul: So, why did you 2 specifically come to see me off.

Joshua: I mean it sucks you're out, but i just wanted to say i told you so.

Paul: Thanks.

Joshua: Anytime.

Mnet: Look, a lot happened today, but i don't hate you for it.

Paul: You don't?

Mnet: No, i understand and somewhat agree with you, it's just i felt kinda sad for similar reasons and that just confused me more.

Paul: I'm sorry Mnet.

Mnet: It's fine, good luck with wherever you're going.

Paul: Ok, well thanks for seeing me off.

Mnet: No problem, bye!

Paul: Bye guys, kick Nmet's butt!

Joshua: Noted. (Paul drives off into the distance)

Stacey: Come on, i'm used to them not finishing their sentences before they leave!

Joshua: Amazing, now i have some stuff to do in first class.








Steph: Hi Josh, what are you doing?

Joshua: Ok, you know me too well to know i don't do small talk.

Steph: (sighs) Is this about what happened in the challenge, and with Marilyn?

Joshua: No, i decided i wanted to talk about hockey with you. Yes of course that.

Steph: Well, what is there to say?

Joshua: You guys should talk about it.

Steph: But it's fine, i'm sure.

Joshua: Marilyn didn't say that.

Steph: Maybe she thinks it's a problem but i think there's nothing to worry about!

Joshua: You say that, but do you truly mean it. When she scolded you, did it impact how you'd act as a leader?

Steph: It's kinda creepy how you know us so well. I guess.

Joshua: Please, i've felt so many problems, i can identify one from another! I'm thinking of working in mental health. But enough about me, are you ok?

Steph: Well, like you said, i feel so pressured and scared leading the alliance. I just want to do it right, because Nmet always seems to slither out of situations when we think there's no chance she'll win. And i don't like it happening, but it does happen. And Paul's just resting my case.

Joshua: Ok, maybe i haven't felt everything. I'm sorry you feel that way Steph but the only thing you can do is remember this is a competition and of course she's gonna do her best to win. But back to Marilyn-

Steph: Do we have to talk about this?

Joshua: If you don't talk to her you're probably not gonna feel any better. She isn't trying to hurt you, i could tell when she was talking to her, so just if you understand why she said what she said, you'll stop doubting yourself. Now i'm off to bed, we spent a long time in front of that fire, and i need to cuddle up in bed and figure out more emotions, goodnight. (Joshua walks away)

Steph: Umm, ok?

Steph(CONF): That was a lot to take in, but i guess he's right, we did agree to help each other feel better, so even if i don't agree with it, it's probably the most responsible thing to do.






Stacey: And thats a wrap of another flawless episode! 8 are left and the competition is getting tighter! Will Mnet forgive Nmet, if not will Nmet find a new ally? Will Wyatt and Mnet finally happen and will Steph forgive Marilyn! Also, how will Jason cope with this Punishment! Wow, so many new problems for our cast! Find out what happens next time on Total Drama Stars of the Seasons!

Chapter 13: The Year of the Snake


Stacey: Last time on Total Drama Stars of the Seasons. Marilyn confided in Joshua her feeling about Sophia's elimination, but shut off Steph soon after, hurting him. Wyatt gave more advice to Mnet and Mnet asked Wyatt why he was being so nice, but he cowarded out of telling the truth. In the longest challenge we've ever done, all our eliminated contestants, minus Sophia to do our challenge! Despite the problems, Marilyn and Steph did really well, and Marilyn finished the auto elimination challenge first! Paul though, he got so mad with Nmet's brainwashing and lashed out on her, leaving Mnet in the middle. This eventually became a problem for both Nmet and Paul as Nmet barely survived the challenge, but Paul was eliminated. 8 are left, what will happen on a brand new episode of Total Drama: Stars of the Seasons!





Julia(CONF): Everyone's in first class. So it's literally just me and Nmet. I would confront her, but i'm gonna see if i can learn anything from her.

Nmet(CONF): Hmph. I'm left without an ally now, i don't know where i stand with Joshua or Marilyn, so i need to sound like a victim if i want Julia to at least, not hate me. This probably won't be easy, because she doesn't like to change their mind.

Julia: Um, hi?

Nmet: Hello. (awkward silence)

Julia: Ok yeah, why am i talking to you, i'm against you and that's tha-

Nmet: Wait, can i say something?

Julia: Ugh, fine. You're lucky i don't have anything better to do.

Nmet: Have you ever thought about why this whole my alliances vs Steph's alliance began?

Julia: No, but i don't care, if you haven't noticed yet, i'm pretty loyal.

Nmet: As in close minded.

Julia: Hey! Stop it right the- calm down Julia. Fine, tell your reasoning, but i'm not falling for you.

Nmet: I'm not saying you will. I just, if i can be real with you, i find it unfair i'm always the bad girl just because i'm in the minority. Maybe if Wyatt was friends with me, this situation would be different, but i'm just doing what it takes to win, i don't get why that's bringing me so much hate. Like i've always been the type to not care for anyone else but myself, but this time all of a sudden, that's a problem?

Julia: It's probably because you're trying a little, too hard.

Nmet: You're one to talk.

Julia: Girl don't bring that sass, you're lucky i'm listening to you, but i mean you successfully got out Attica with a blindside, Pierre you got out with just half your alliance and Paul's kinda dead right now. And now that you're finally succeeding, people are seeing you as a villain.

Nmet: So? I also failed with Brian, Hannah and Sophia. It's just not fair! But whatever, i'll prove the haters wrong.

Julia: Good for you? But remember this doesn't change anything, i'm still not with you.

Nmet: Sure, sure. I'm going now. Bye. (walks away)

Julia(CONF): Umm, i'm standing by my word, i am NOT falling for Nmet! But is it wrong that, like i respect her attitude? You know what, so what if i think she's a strong person, i'm still taking her out and i don't need to feel bad, it's a game show, someone's got to go!

Nmet(CONF): Ha! I don't feel bad! I said at the beginning of the season that i will do anything to get far this season, i just feel so strong now i took out Paul, and i'm ready for some more! But for now, keeping a more depressed stance will make me look better, i mean, Joshua and Marilyn did it and they're still here!






Wyatt: (wakes up) Gah! Joshua what are you doing here, let me enjoy these pillows!

Joshua: Oh, sorry, didn't mean to interrupt your beauty sleep, but you won't be able to sleep in those comfy pillows much longer, you kinda have a queue.

Wyatt: Huh? What? (looks and sees behind his chair 3 people waiting) Great, now why can't i have this sort of popularity in high school.

Joshua: Sorry, someone had to warn you, good luck with your business meetings. (Joshua walks out as Jason walks in)

Jason: Hey Wyatt, since Julia isn't with us, i was kinda wondering if we could talk.

Wyatt: Sure, how did all of you get up this early with beds like these?

Jason: Marilyn's still not awake, but that's normal for her, the rest of us kinda were waiting for you.

Wyatt: Ok, that's not creepy at all.

Jason: Oops, sorry, but now that you're away, do you wanna get some proper food now that we're in first class?

Wyatt: Sorry Jason, but i wanna hear what the other two "in line" have to say.

Jason: That's fine, i'm gonna take advantage of this place, do you think they have a gym or something?

Wyatt: I doubt, i'm sure by now someone would have discovered it, plus, who would make a gym in a place to relax!

Jason: Sure i guess. See you around. (Jason walks away)

Wyatt: Who's next?

Steph: (walks in) Hey Wyatt, did i interrupt you?

Wyatt: No, don't worry, why are you here?

Steph: Ok look, something happened with me and Marilyn yesterday and Josh wants me to talk to her about it, but i think we're both over it.

Wyatt: Well, it wouldn't hurt i guess. What happened anyway?

Steph: You know how i'm like, not so confident leading this alliance.

Wyatt: Yeah?

Steph: I mean, Marilyn doesn't know, but i was trying to make her feel better and she said no, but in a very harsh way.

Wyatt: We're you hurt?

Steph: Yeah i was, but key word was. She apologised there, though we kinda got sidetracked. But i really think it's not a big deal.

Wyatt: Ok, i'm not telling you to do this, but Marilyn might see you thinking there's no problem as ignoring her because you're so sad/mad. So, maybe you don't have to directly talk to her about it, but if you at least show her you're okay, then all problems solved.

Steph: I guess that's a good way to, maybe i should help her in the challenge. But like, i don't want her to win immunity.

Wyatt: That works, but really do what you want. I mean, she came first in the challenge so it's not totally troubling her either.

Steph: Ok, thanks, i have places to be now, bye! (Steph walks out)

Steph(CONF): I really think the both of us are fine right now, but i feel like it's becoming too big of a problem.





Wyatt: Ok, now that that's done with, i am going back to sl- (Mnet walks in) Hey, how are you feeling.

Mnet: Don't worry, yesterday was tonnes to deal with, and watching the whole Nmet-Paul thing go down was harder to watch than someone in socks and sandals, but i honestly am thinking i'm starting to feel more safe, i think it's because i'm with you.

Mnet(CONF): I've kinda had enough of this mystery, heheh. I wanna know why he's so nice, like if it wasn't for Wyatt, i'd literally have no one's shoulder to lean on.

Wyatt: Well, are you sure you are ok.

Mnet: Obviously not, but i feel better. But i still have one big question and it's for you.

Wyatt: Huh? What do you need?

Mnet: You've given me enough, i just wanna know, do you like me?

Wyatt: Of course i do, you're gre-

Mnet: I mean, like like.

Wyatt: Uhh why?

Mnet(CONF): Ugh, he's cute but he can't take a hint if his life depended on it.

Wyatt(CONF): I don't know how much longer i can pretend i don't understand her and stall giving her an answer.

Mnet: Ok, because i like you! I never thought this would happen between me and you, but you've became such a great protector, you're the only one i've truly been able to trust throughout this whole mess. Like, i really couldn't be more grateful! I don't really care if you like me back, i'm just so happy i know you.

Wyatt: Um, ok. Well there's something I haven't really told you.

Mnet: Ok, what?

Wyatt: Before you debuted, i witnessed first hand Flo and Jason get together, and i was happy for them, but like i kinda felt confused because i had never liked anyone before, let alone be in a relationship and i thought i wasn't straight because i had like, the determination to find love but i never was in love and it annoyed me. I considered myself asexual.

Mnet: Wow, heh can't relate i wish i could slow down with my crushes, but the one i've had with you is different, it feels more strong. And by the way, do you still feel asexual?

Wyatt: No, not anymore. Now that you're here, i feel like now that i've met someone as, great as you i now know what love is and i haven't met anyone like you before, and since i was also kinda desperate to feel true love, no offence, that's really helped me to find my answer, which is you.

Mnet: So you mean-

Wyatt: Yeah, i feel the same way.

Mnet: Eeeek! So like, are we a thing now, i can't wait-

Wyatt: Sorry, but i kinda wanna wait till after the competition, but i'm really happy to be partners in the game, but i do really wanna, try something with you.

Mnet: Wow you have such a one track mind, but i understand, plus i don't know how powerful that Benj guy is and if we finds out we, like each other he might make things harder for us. But that isn't gonna stop me from showing more affection any other time! (kisses Wyatt passionately)

Wyatt: Ok, not like i didn't enjoy that a lot, but i really want you to focus on the game, Flo wanted to with Jason, and i think it's a smart idea.

Mnet: Sure!

Wyatt: But- i do like you a lot, remember that. Bye! (walks away)

Wyatt(CONF): She likes me! I don't know how evident it is, but i am truly happy! But i only want anything serious to happen when it's a better time to focus about it, even if we are going into our senior year and will probably have just as serious issues, it's still easier.

Mnet(CONF): Yayayayayaayyayayeysssssssssss! I almost want to get eliminated just so we can start dating! But now that i know i will have Wyatt with me, i just want to show everyone i have a true friend. I'll try my best to hide it from Benj, but like, i won't do a great job, heh.





Joshua: Ok, (looking at Pierre's hat) Thanks, i literally don't know where i'd be without you, you dumb piece of fabric.

Joshua(CONF): I guess in a way, it is creepy i am almost worshiping a beret, but shut up, it's working isn't it. I'm sure i'd be eliminated right now if it wasn't for him, but i think i'm depending on it less. At first, i was hugging that thing, but now i just need like a minute or so to remember how great of a friend Pierre was. And honestly, i like walking around fixing everyone's problems, i almost understand why Pierre did it so much.

Jason: (stops running) Hey Joshua! Are you okay?

Joshua: Yes, i've been fine for quite a while, real question is, are you ok? I mean you're running when Theodore hooked wi-fi and a laptop in this place. Like are you sick?

Jason: Wow, you're the second person who's told me that today, but nah, i just want to be well prepared for this challenge and i wanna be at 100 percent.

Joshua: Sure, you do you.

Jason(CONF): I have noticed Joshua's been helping others a lot, i really respect his turnaround.

Joshua: Ok, why are you looking at me like that?

Jason: Sorry, i just can't help but notice how you've been running around a lot recently, what's the problem?

Joshua: Ok something happened between Steph and Marilyn and i can tell Steph is kinda hesitant to admit it, but it did hurt him a lot. And it's probably not a big deal though, but whatever Marilyn looked pretty concerned.

Jason: Is there any way i can help?

Joshua: Thanks, Steph and Wyatt talked, and i know you like Wyatt, so if you can find out if Wyatt said anything, that would be nice.

Jason: Oh no problem. Good luck in the challenge partner!

Joshua: You're getting a bit ahead of yourself, but again thanks, now unlike you, i'm actually gonna take advantage of this fabulous wi-fi while i still have it.

Jason: Sure, then i'm "gonna actually take advantage of this fabulous" immunity while i can still train for it! Bye!

Jason(CONF): I mean, we are pretty different i guess, but we have similar goals, so i can see myself becoming closer to Joshua. I mean, we are the only two guys left from our cast.

Joshua(CONF): We're getting at a point in the game where you have to "interact" with everyone, and i know nothing about the Jason-Julia-Wyatt trio. I actually don't know how many times Nmet can scrape to safety, and i don't want it to be too late to talk to them when they've already made up their minds on me, plus Julia didn't take it well that i didn't vote with them. So yeah, might have to actually be more social, which i don't like but i want money.







Marilyn(CONF): Ok, so i think i'm gonna be using the cockpit as my "getting away from everyone" place. I wish it was just me in first class, but Jason got up at like 6:00am to run or something and Mnet started narrating her morning beauty routine. They're all so loud.

Marilyn: Now to sleep till the challenge- (Theodore walks in)

Theodore: Oh hello yougin, ok i'm gonna see if i can find some evidence that somethings wrong with my job.

Marilyn(CONF): Oh come on!

Marilyn: You're still on that?

Theodore: Yes, yes i am. Is there a problem with that?

Marilyn: No it's just that, no one really is gonna believe you.

Theodore: What makes you think that?

Marilyn: Because there has to be a logical explanation for the fact this plane has flew perfectly and landed safely for the last 12 episodes. But on that token, i heard a strange sound in here yesterday?

Theodore: WAIT REALLY! What?

Marilyn: Some lady screaming at us. It was weird. Almost like she was trapped in here.


Theodore: Aha! Finally! Was it that Mary?

Marilyn: It's Marilyn. And yes. Also, that's illegal now.

Theodore: What? See this is why people are getting tattoes and people are always partying! No discipline!

Marilyn: Umm, sure. Look Theodore, i don't really care for this, so i'll leave you two boomers to have fun. (Marilyn walks away)

Random Voice: Boomer? As in a boombox? Anyway who cares I WILL FIND YOU IF YOU DON- ARRGGGGH!

Theodore: And people say i'm insane.




Marilyn: (sighs) Just feel so ugh can't even describe it. (Joshua walks in)

Joshua: Hey. Also again good job on winning yesterday.

Marilyn: Barely mattered anyway, i honestly wish i went to economy class.

Joshua: Umm, why?

Marilyn: Cause you all are so annoying and loud, i just want quiet, for once!

Joshua: You seem extra grumpy today, are you sure you're alright?

Marilyn: No i'm not, i'm never alright.

Joshua: Look, is this because of the Steph thing because even for me you're showing too much sass.

Marilyn: Stop asking about it, like you're not my therapist! I appreciate the help, but can you stop breathing down my neck! Oh no, not again. Ugh! Why am i so bad at this?

Joshua: Explaining your feelings? Because you have very few people who get you, but i'm sorry, and i'm on my way.

Chris: (on loudspeaker) DECIDED ME AND BENJ WOULD SPLIT HOSTING THIS CHALLENGE! So, yeah! Come for the challenge!

Marilyn(CONF): He's right, i suck at being able to explain my feelings because no one really gets me. I mean Sophia and Lucas do but there not here. Joshua kinda does but not enough. I just am so good at pushing people away because i'm scared i'll go through the same thing as, you know. So when i feel like i'm not getting what I want and my opinion isn't being heard, then i tend to overreact. Need to learn to stop doing that.






Jason: What happened to you Benj?

Chris: Guy can barely speak. And since i'm so nice, i decided we'd share the job today.

Julia: But isn't it like, supposed to be your job?

Nmet: What ginger over here said.

Julia: I'm not even ginger!

Nmet: Yeah yeah.

Chris: But anyway, i bet unlike last time, you all recognise where you are! The Great Wall of China!

Joshua: What was the point in saying the location when you said we know where we are.

Chris: Shh the reader doesn't know. Anyway, your challenge today will be based of the final 3 of season 1!

Wyatt: Heh, wow that brings back memories.

Julia: Yeah, no one talk about that song we sang in that challenge.

Chris: Nah, we won't be doing a song for a while, Joshua and Pierre have us covered. But yeah, it will be a race across the wall, and the last one there, will be at risk of getting eliminated if they didn't bring many calligraphy papers back! These pieces of paper each say -5 on them in Mandarin, and if you get this card, your time goes down 5 minutes. You can get as many as you want, but i mean, you're still gonna take time to do that. How will you get a card, you may ask? (Mrs McLean walks in, seeming focused on something else)

Mrs McLean: I can barely think straight.

Nmet: Good.

Mrs McLean: Ok whatever. There are 3 ways you can get one of these cards. Way number 1, you have to bring back an animal OF THE CHINESE ZODIAC! Keep note of this because if you bring back an animal that isn’t in the zodiac, 5 minutes will be ADDED to your time instead of subtracted. The second way you can is to eat tradition Chinese food, and it isn't easy. Ok i'm done bye! (tries to run off but Chris stops her)

Chris: Hun, theres a third way you're forgetting.

Mrs McLean: What? Oh right. There is 5 stars hidden on this wall. Find one, and thats a minus five minutes for you. Good that's it? Bye! (Mrs McLean runs off)

Chris: Um i have no idea what that was about but ok. Anyway, today we have not one, but 2 special guests who failed to make it into this season! They are, Eric and Mary Sue! (somehow, Eric and Mary Sue drop from the sky)

Mary Sue: OWW! MY HAIR! Yous gonna pay for that?

Wyatt: Hi Eric, hows it going!

Eric: Feeling bette-

Chris: Yeah no, you can catch up in the challenge, but not on my watch.

Steph: Sheesh.

Chris: Eric will give you the option of having the food and Mary Sue will be just metres off the finish line, to trade animals or stars for calligraphy cards! Also Jason, you're punishment is, you already have an extra ten minutes added to your total!

Jason: Ten minutes? Thats not that bad! Just need to get the calligraphy cards!

Chris: Then ok! Zài nín de biāojì shàng kāishǐ.

Eric: That means go. (contestants run off)

Mary Sue: Where did you learn that? You're not Chinese?

Eric: Worked as a servant in a Chinese household to have somewhere to sleep. Had to learn Chinese.

Mary Sue: Wow, boi, that sounds rough!

Chris: Enough mingling, you two need to get to your positions!

Mary Sue: Fine sheesh host man, have a cow! (Eric and Mary Sue walk away)

Chris: I miss hosting.

Benj: Well then AAACHOO! Why didn't you host when I AACCHHHOOO! Could have been working in the (cough) plane!

Chris: I can fire you, you know.

Benj: You're not even paying me! That's why i'm ACCHOOO! Sick! Now i can't kiss Mnet, Nmet or ACCHOO! Mary Sue!

Chris: (Sarcastically) Oh, you poor thing.






Wyatt: Hey Mnet! Do you need anything?

Mnet: Not really, just wondering, what's our plan for today? Separately or together?

Wyatt: I'm sorry Mnet, i have to do something with Steph, and make sure he stays focused.

Mnet: Why wouldn't he? He always is focused.

Wyatt: Ok so Marilyn kinda accidentally really blew Steph's self esteem and now they're both distracted by it. But don't worry about that, just focus on getting to the finish line!

Mnet: Ok! How about one for the road then?

Wyatt: Sure, heh. (kisses Mnet on the cheek) Still feels weird i can do that with you now.

Mnet: Well if you're gonna try something with me, you'll have to get used to it. (Wyatt leaves and Nmet walks in) Oh, hi Nmet.

Nmet: Wow, that's like the least energetic i've seen you since Stevey Shireman rejected you to the dance in 7th grade.

Mnet: Haha?

Nmet: Ok lighten up! Whats your problem?

Mnet: I dunno, just don't want to end up like Paul.

Nmet: How many times will i have to explain this! I was protecting myself! It's annoying how no one trusts me here!

Mnet: I- I- Can you not say stuff like that, i already said i don't want to end up like Paul, so please stop jumping to conclusions.

Nmet: Wow, sure then. Big words, you've been hanging with Wyatt alot haven't you?

Mnet: Ugh. Please don't tell me thats a problem now.

Nmet: No it's not, but why isn't he with you?

Mnet: Trying to fix something that happened with Steph and Marilyn yesterday or something, don't bother worrying about it.

Nmet: Oh? Do you know any more?

Mnet: Did you hear what i said?

Nmet: Sheesh girl, i don't know why, but you don't seem like you're in the mood to talk, so i'll try and look for animals.

Nmet(CONF): I've struck gold! I can easily use these tensions to my advantage! Thanks Mnet!





Marilyn: Ugh, i have no idea how to read this thing. (Joshua walks in)

Joshua: Read what?

Marilyn: Some local gave me a map of this area, but it's in Chinese and i have no idea how to read maps.

Joshua: Neither do I, but it looks like everyone else is going that way, so let's just follow them and hope they're right, and if not, we'll be behind them so we'll get a headstart.

Marilyn: Let's? Who said we're now a partnership?

Joshua: Wow you really suck at picking up hints, surprised Lucas could read you.

Marilyn: Uhhh, what do you mean, you know i'm dating Lucas.

Joshua: Eww! I don't like you like that! I just like you! But not like that. And i think we'd be a good team for this competition, which is why i've been bothering you so much recently.

Marilyn: Oh, uhh sorry. Didn't expect that.

Joshua: But whatever, do you agree?

Marilyn: Um-

Marilyn(CONF): That, really caught me off guard. But honestly, if i want to be more open to people that aren't Sophia or Lucas, maybe this is a step forward in doing that.

Marilyn: Sure? I i-thanks i uhh, yeah.

Joshua: I think i can understand Chinese better than whatever alien language you just spoke to me in.

Marilyn: Shush, i mean yes. But hurry up, we're starting to fall behind. Also, you're not running this little deal.

Joshua(CONF): To be honest, i didn't really plan to tell her anything, it just kinda flowed out of me. I honestly didn't realize how much i like Marilyn, again not in that way, until then and ugh i don't know i just wasn't preparing to tell her anything.






Julia: I think we should stick together today! We hold 3 out of the 8 people left, we could easily take out Nmet today.

Wyatt: That's what we thought yesterday, but she's still here. But yeah i'm in.

Jason: Sure! Let's go quick, don't want this punishment to affect me!

Wyatt: Wait actually, can i bring Steph along, kinda need to talk to him.

Jason(CONF): Is this about what Joshua said earlier?

Steph: (walks in) I heard my name?

Wyatt: Yeah, can he?

Julia: Sure i'm not against it, but good luck keeping up with us!

Jason: Yeah, we don't mind, but we're really trying to be focused today, so don't get distracted.

Steph: Um it's fine it can just be us two if you guys want.

Jason: Nah we need to stick together.

Julia: I know i'm the one who suggested it, but should we really worry about it? How about you three go together and i go it alone.

Wyatt: Why?

Julia: I concentrate better alone, plus if you're gonna be talking about stuff, i might just annoy you and Jason will make sure you guys keep up, right!

Jason: Are you sure Julia?

Steph: Yeah, i don't bite.

Julia: Yeah, good luck, can i just talk to Jason for a second?

Jason: Um sure, be right back bro. (Jason and Julia walk away from Wyatt and Steph) What's the problem?

Julia: Nothing! Can't i go it alone?

Jason: It's just that, you were so for us working together but now you wanna go it alone? Is it Steph?

Julia: Well, yeah, i don't have a problem with him, but i think Wyatt and him will talk alot, which will stop us from doing well. So i just need to to keep their heads in the game.

Jason: Trust me, they're heads are in the game, but sure if you're really worried about it.

Julia: Thanks and remember, keep your head in the game too.

Jason: I will. (Julia walks off)

Steph(CONF): Um that was awkward, what did i do which made her wanna leave me so badly? If i can't get people to stay near me, how can i lead the- ok i need to stop jumping to conclusions. That's why Paul finally left Nmet.

Julia(CONF): Why do i feel bad? I just wanna do this fast but i feel like i'm doing something wrong! I just, ugh! Why does caring for people feelings hurt so bad!





Nmet: So, how's Wyatt?

Mnet: Why do you keep asking about him?

Nmet: Why are you getting so defensive?

Mnet: I-I why do you wanna know just tell me!

Nmet: Sure, he'd be a great addition to the alliance!

Mnet: No that's-that's not happening! Wyatt will not join our alliance!

Nmet: I thought you were friends, what's the problem! Plus gurl we're in the minority we have to.

Mnet: Well, firstly he's best friends with Steph so he'd never do that. But more importantly,-

Nmet: Can you stop pausing? It's getting annoying!

Mnet(CONF): You know what else is getting annoying? Your constant scheming.

Mnet: Sorry? But, more importantly, i don't want to see Wyatt go down the path Paul did, i don't need him being treated badly just because he has other friends, and-

Nmet: I won't do that again! Sheesh! Why won't anyone believe me!

Mnet: Ugh, this is what i mean! Let me FINISH! Me and Wyatt, there's something between us, and i don't care what you think or if you approve! Because i am simply done with you treating me, Paul, everyone like we're just a part of your game! Like you've forgotten we've known each other since we were children! And you don't think i don't know how different you're acting, sure hide it up and play the victim, i must admit you do a good job at it, but i won't fall for it anymore! So please Nmet, just stop!

Nmet: .....Stop what?

Mnet: This! I can't say it, but you know what i mean! And i expect an apology, otherwise forget our friendship, and not like in season 1, when we were oblivious toddlers, i mean forever it's over, i'm done with you playing the game to the point your forgetting your friends, and yourself! (walks away)

Nmet: Ugh! Why is this game getting harde-

Mnet: (from a distance) CAN YOU STOP THINKING ABOUT ONLY THE GAME! Like you are messing with real, pure emotion!

Nmet(CONF): I literally don't know what to do, i guess she's just copying Paul, but she isn't ready to go to his level. Wow, maybe she is smart! (giggles) But anyway, i do need her vote, so i might need to apologise, but before then, i do need to take out a major threat from Steph's side.





Steph: So yeah, i think i should honestly just let it go, it's not like we were friends or anything before, so i think i should just move on.

Jason: Yeah dude, just do what makes you happy.

Wyatt: Uhh Jason, he was talking to me.

Jason(CONF): I'm conflicted! I know i should stay focused, but in a way, if i clear Steph's problems, won't he think better? If you havent figured it out by now, i just don't concentrate as well when one of my team mates are injured. I know we're merged so there's no teams, but that's not the point.

Jason: Oops, sorry. So do you feel better about the whole thing anyway, and sorry for interrupting.

Steph: You know what, yeah. It's in the past, i should stop worrying about it. Let's just keep going now!

Wyatt: Really, you're sure?

Steph: Yes, we're probably in last now.

Nmet: (Walks in) Hey guys!

Steph: What do you want?

Nmet: (mimics Steph's tone) Nothing. Why are you so, annoying. I almost understand why Marilyn said what she said about you!

Wyatt: What?

Steph: What did she say, you're lying arent you!

Nmet: Ugh why do you assume i'm this bad girl so much just because we aren't in the same alliance!

Steph: Trust me, i know you well enough to assume your lying!

Nmet: Can you stop accusing me. Why is everyone doing that! But anyway, she says you're a crybaby who is desperate for validation to feel a bit happier, but you'll always be the Steph from season 1 and you won't ever be a leader.

Jason: Woah, that's dark, but why do you know this?

Nmet: We're allies! We share these secrets, but i'm tryying to prove to you i can be honest. Just don't tell Marilyn i said anything!

Wyatt: Betraying your "ally" is being honest?

Nmet: Again, i'm trying! But yeah she hates you, you're her target. Bye! I have an immunity to take!

Wyatt(CONF): Well this is great, considering he just started to get over it.

Wyatt: Ok, regardless of what Nmet said, we need to work together, let's each have a separate responsibilities.





Joshua: Who's your least favourite out of everyone.

Marilyn: I don't know, i wanna say Nmet but like, i know she's done tons to so many people but i haven't really first hand seen it or been in it so i'm not affected, so maybe Julia?

Joshua: To be honest, yeah. She doesn't like me, and has been avoiding or giving me these weird looks because i voted for you and not Sophia.

Marilyn: Oh well, she should get over it. Even i'm over it.

Joshua: Honestly, i can be pretty vengeful too so i don't blame her, but it's annoying.

Marilyn: Wait Josh shut up-

Joshua: I swear if i got a dollar for every time you told me to shut up i-d (Marilyn covers Joshua's mouth)

Marilyn: Don't you see the rabbits! Don't scare them or they'll walk away.

Joshua: (muffled) Wow, you're right. Now can you take you darn hand off my mouth before i bite it?

Marilyn: Wow, you're so threatening. Just grab the bunnies.

Joshua: Ok, i guess i'm doing all the dirty work. (grabs two rabbits by the ears) Is this some sort of abuse?

Marilyn: Maybe, but i'm sure we've violated like 50 laws on this show.

Joshua: Tru- (Nmet walks in)

Nmet: Hi my allies!

Marilyn: Wait, i'm your ally now?

Nmet: Of course you are! Remember when we voted for Steph together?

Marilyn: 2 episodes ago, yes. But is that all you're here for?

Nmet: Well, don't tell anyone, but someone told me something pretty major.

Marilyn: What?

Nmet: Ok, I heard Steph say he actually hates you so much and can't wait to take you out. He says you try to act cool and innocent but you're actually just lazy, moody, annoying, and a bunch more adjectives you don't wanna know.

Joshua: Wait what? Where did you hear that?

Nmet: After the challenge started, he said you screamed at him and overreact and can't wait to see you gone.


Nmet: Uhh, i don't know what shes doing so i'm gonna goo. (Nmet walks away)

Nmet(CONF): Look, the target's going to go on me too much, so i need to use tensions that already exist to stay out of the drama! I tried this with Paul and Wyatt before they betrayed me, but i can do it without a puppet!


Joshua: Marilyn- hello are you there? Yep, she's possessed.

Marilyn: I DON'T BELIEVE I WAS FRIENDS WITH YO- oh, i'm so sorry i (blushes) ugh this is so embarrassing.

Joshua: Um, i know it's a bit shocking what he said, but what was with the reaction?

Marilyn: I'm not telling you. Sorry not sorry. But umm, let's just keep going.

Joshua: Uhh, sure. But, don't worry about what Steph says, for all we know, this might just be a lie.

Marilyn: I'll try not to, but just, i'm so sorry, it's just that i- yeah lets go.

Marilyn(CONF): This is so bad, i've been teaming with him for like 20 minutes and i've already gone into trauma mode. It happens once a while, i get provoked into reliving the moment when my friends betrayed me and i finally stood up for myself. I- don't know why i care so much about this though, i already knew Steph didn't like me, but it was so harsh though.

Joshua(CONF): Marilyn has a bad past. And something must have clicked in her brain, forcing her to think about it again. Wow, i really am good at this analyzing thing! But yeah, when i said what Nmet said was a lie, it got me thinking. Is it? It definitely isn't out of the realm of possibilities, especially for Nmet.






Mnet: Ugh, i don't believe i just did that.

Mnet(CONF): I thought when i finally stood up for myself, that i'd start feeling better! Because so far, that's what's been happening with everyone else!

Mnet: I just don't get why i feel so- guilty. (bumps into Julia) Oh, um, sorry.

Julia: No, i should have looked where i was going. Don't worry.

Mnet: Then ok, i'm just gonna continue on then. (Mnet walks off and starts crying)

Julia: Um, are you ok?

Mnet: Well, not really. But why do you care!

Julia: Because, this game is so evil, and we all need to stay strong to face evil, i'm not saying Nmet directly, i know you're bffs, but stil-

Mnet: We're not bffs anymore.

Julia: Por Quoi! I don't believe you, did i hear correctly!

Mnet: Stop! We're not bffs anymore! I don't even know if we'll be friends anymore.

Julia: Why? Because you think pink lip stick is the best but she thinks red lip stick i-

Mnet: I- is that all you think i am? I'm more than a fashion and boy obsessed teenage girl! I thought Nmet was the only one who viewed me like that, but i guess not.

Julia: Look Mnet, i'm sorry and all, but you need to get over it! Whatever has happened between you and Nmet today, isn't an excuse to lash out and criticise the rest of us! I was joking, i'm sorry! But don't go off and assume all this, please!

Mnet: Um, thanks? Julia, that actually helped.

Julia: Good. I just- there's only so many girls left and, Flo left so long ago, and i kinda need my girls right now, even if all i have is you, an antisocial goth and a crazy strategist.

Mnet: Haha, Wyatt kinda counts, doesn't he.

Julia: Good one! But yeah, Wyatt's a great guy. And girl to girl, he likes you.

Mnet: I know. So do I, to be honest, i'm happy he's been here for me, because without him, I most certainly won't be as stable. But it took me a while to read him, he is the best at hinting.

Julia: Same girl! I like Brett, maybe even love him, but he makes love so complicated!

Mnet: I know, it must be a guy thing, and i thought i could read guys really well, maybe because all the one's i were interested in were like Benj. Glad i'm over that phase!

Julia: Eww Benj is gross! And whoever said girls are complicated, is just a guy, who can't read our obvious hints!

Mnet: Of course! Now i'm off to find sta-

Julia: Wait! Would you want to work with me?

Mnet: Really but i heard you earlier, and I thought you wanted to be alone!

Julia: Well I did, but you're not that bad! Just got to keep up!

Mnet: Please, i'll have no problem keeping up. (shows Julia a star)

Julia: How did you find that!

Mnet: I have my ways. Now lets go girl!

Julia(CONF): I never expected Mnet to be like that. Ok, maybe i was a bit wrong for assuming she was just a obsessive girl, but i didn't know her ok! But it turns out she's a lot more, and i get why Wyatt is into her.





Joshua: So-

Marilyn: Shut up.

Joshua: Can I-

Marilyn: Shut up.

Joshua: Can i speak?

Marilyn: No. No i don't want you to.

Joshua: Like that's gonna stop me.

Marilyn: Fine, this better be important.

Joshua: We're partners, you need to remember that. I don't really care about you're little outburst. But it's annoying when you keep shutting me off.

Marilyn: Well, i'm sorry? I just, tend to act on things that remind me of my past. Like when Nmet told us about Steph, I felt a sense of betrayal, that i felt before. And after that i became extremely anti-social.

Joshua: Wait, you've been more anti-social than you are now?

Marilyn: Leave me alone, but yeah. Wait- why am i telling you all this! Let's go.

Joshua: Ok, sure. But one more question.

Marilyn: Ugh, what.

Joshua: Do you think bats taste good?

Marilyn: Um, no, why?

Eric: Hello! We'll subtract 5 minutes from your time, and all you gotta to is eat this horseshoe bat!

Julia: (out of nowhere) DID I HEAR SUBTRACT FIVE MINUTES! (runs to Eric with Mnet) So what do I have to do!

Eric: Oh hey Julia! You have to eat this bat!

Mnet: Do you want to?

Julia: Ugh, of course not, but i also want college tuition! Just give it to me Eric!

Eric: Wow, that's brave, even i wouldn't eat these.

Julia: Shut up! (pushes Eric to the floor and takes a bat) Ewww! Ew ew ew!

Mnet: Come on! You can do this!

Joshua: Or don't, so you don't win.

Mnet: Hey! I'm not talking to you!

Joshua: Neither am I, but can i tell you something, former Nmet ally to former Nmet ally?

Mnet: Oh- uhh yeah?

Joshua: You know your boyfriends best friend right?

Mnet: Do you mean Steph? And me and Wyatt aren't dati-

Joshua: Sure you aren't. Anyway yeah he's a dictator, hates Marilyn like crazy and yeah.

Marilyn: Josh, did you really have to tell her?

Joshua: Well, no, but it could be useful to cause some cracks with them!

Marilyn(CONF): Didn't think Josh was such a harsh gameplayer. Scares me.

Julia: (swallows bat) Woo! Yes!

Mnet: Wow, i'm impressed Julia!

Marilyn: Same, i would have never done that, now bye. (Marilyn and Joshua walks away)

Eric: Good job! Mnet do you want o- (Mnet kicks Eric in the crotch) i guess not!

Mnet: Wait actually Eric, do you have any other animals?

Eric: Uhh, we have starfish and do- (Mnet steals two dogs from Eric's box and runs off) Wow. Smart.

Mnet(CONF): I'm happy for Julia and all, but like i can't get my head off what Joshua said, on top of standing up to Nmet! Ugh i should have never came back here!







Jason: Steph?

Steph: Yeah?

Wyatt: Try not to think about what Nmet said, it's a bit confusing, but we need to all get through this.

Steph: Thanks for worrying guys, but i'm fine.

Steph(CONF): Kinda, I just- am trying to figure out if Nmet's telling the truth, like they did vote together in Dubai, but i literally haven't seen her with Marilyn, ever.

Wyatt: Wait, guys i think i see a cat. Do you think that would be part of the zodiac?

Jason: Maybe, cat's are pretty common animals.

Wyatt: Ok, stay here guys i'm gonna go see if i can get it. (Wyatt walks away)

Steph: Jason, can I just tell you something?

Jason: Sure dude, what.

Steph: So, what Nmet said didn't really affect me, but like- i don't know if it's true. And i don't know how she's going to use this information, but being her mortal enemy, i doubt it will be positive.

Jason: What makes you say that?

Steph: Well, yesterday night? Like i think Marilyn just had dinner, wrote something in her diary and then fell asleep.

Jason: Ha, that doesn't surprise me, but even if she's lying, what's the worst that can happen?

Steph: She uses this information to turn my alliance against me, and I know Josh is gonna judge me for it, i just know!

Jason: Ok Steph, calm down! We have us 3, Julia and Joshua! Thats the majority, plus, the only way you can get out right now will be by your own doing, Paul got out because ultimately, he was so distracted by Nmet! Ok dude?

Steph: Wow, thanks Jason. But- she definitely was lying, i- I figured it out. Now what do i do with this information?

Steph(CONF): I am positive Nmet didn't come in here, Marilyn did not leave first class, which you are allowed to do, but Nmet wasn't allowed in first class.

Jason: Maybe expose her a-

Steph: Actually, that's a great idea! Ok, i'm gonna go find Nmet. Bye! (runs off)

Jason: After the challenge! Ugh come on! (Wyatt walks back with cat)

Wyatt: I caught it! Where's Steph?

Jason: He....left.

Wyatt: What? What do you mean?

Jason: He thinks Nmet was lying, and is trying to find her so he can expose her, don't think it's the most logical plan in the world though.

Wyatt: No it's not! Ugh, what should we do, go to the finish or try to find him!

Jason: Don't worry bro, i'll go after him.

Wyatt: Wait really, are you sure!

Jason: Yeah, you go to the finish.

Wyatt: Wow, that's really selfless of you, but take this, just incase you get lost. (gives Jason cat)

Jason: Really? Yo thanks Jason, and good luck!

Jason: Same to you! (Jason and Wyatt separate)

Jason(CONF): I should have probably thought of the fact i might go home easily, but- i'm trying here ok.








Mary Sue: Ugh this is so borrrinnng! They are taking forever! My shampoo is probably faster than they are!

Joshua: Ugh finally, we're here.

Mary Sue: I know right, finally! Also, you're lucky i don't hate you because you voted me out, Spencer on the other hand, next time i see him, he be flying into space!

Joshua: So you don't hate me, i can't relate. (Mary Sue throws make up brush at Joshua)

Marilyn: Why do you have that on you?

Mary Sue: Because I can!

Marilyn: Fine, can we just trade our things already-

Mnet: Not so fast! We're here too, and, we both found a rat on the wall!

Marilyn: Congratulations, you're now diseased.

Julia: No we're not! And, we both have a dog! Even if it's dead! Which is minus ten minutes!

Mary Sue: Ok, i'm done with you two, (points at Joshua and Marilyn) You can go, you're scores have already been subtracted.

Marilyn: Thanks bye. (Marilyn starts running away, Joshua tries to but Mnet pulls him back)

Joshua: Oww! Are you demented- why did you just do that!

Mnet: Sorry not sorry. I have a question for you, "former Nmet ally".

Joshua: Yes?

Mnet: Who told you that Steph said all that.

Joshua: Nmet, and sorry about telling you, but like, if you saw the way Marilyn reacted, you'd want to as well.

Mnet: Um, ok whatever?

Marilyn: (in the distance) Josh hurry up, i'm already at the finish line!

Joshua: Ok bye!

Joshua(CONF): Honestly, I'm, just overreacting, and I should stop but like, I don't know. The way Marilyn reacted really- surprised me because her usually personality contrasts that. And the shock made me just, react the same way she did, kinda. I shouldn't have told Mnet, but whatever, what's the worst that can happen.






Nmet: Wow, everyone's all stressed out because of me hopefully! Now at least some of the attention will be off me! (a star hits Nmet) Oww who was that!

Steph: Me.

Nmet: Ugh, hi Steph. Whats your problem, not my fault Marilyn said all that stuff!

Steph: Alright enough!

Nmet: Enough of what?

Steph: With your lies! Admit it, Marilyn didn't actually say that, did she?

Nmet: No she didn't, why do you say that!

Steph: Because I don't believe you! Everyone else might but I don't! Now tell me! ARE. YOU. LYING?

Nmet: Sheesh, fine i was, but what are you gonna do, you don't know how to strategize the way i do! And just yesterday, when someone stood up to me, they got out! So don't even try to do the same!

Steph: Excuse me!

Nmet: You heard me! Now, don't you dare say anything, or i'll ruin you! (pushes Steph to the ground and runs off)

Nmet(CONF): I just don't get it, do they not understand! DON'T MESS WITH ME!

Steph: I-why did i do that. I'm not a leader. I'm not able to fight. I should have just- stayed down. (Eric walks in)

Eric: Hey Steph, do you know where the bathroom might be?

Steph: ....

Eric: Steph? Hurry up, i can't be off duty, but i really have to go!

Steph: .....

Eric: Steph! (throws a starfish on him)

Steph: Ugh, what. There's no point anyway.

Eric: Point in what?

Steph: Trying to try, in this game.

Eric: Dude, are you relapsing!

Steph: No! Maybe- but why would you care, i betrayed you back in season 2.

Eric: Because, you were my first friend. The first person i could talk to about my problems. And i've been watching the show with my master and his family. I know you're better than this.

Steph: But every. Single. Time she always wins! It's not fair!

Eric: She's still in because she hasn't given up, and neither have you, that's why you're still in the game. So i don't know specifically what Nmet did to you, but all i can say is, if i lived homeless for 6 years, you can beat her. Now eat that starfish and get up!

Steph: I- thanks Eric. (eats starfish and gets up) Now where's the finish line?

Eric: I'm not supposed to tell you this. But that way. (points in right direction)

Steph: Thanks. (walks away)

Eric: Darn, I guess there's no bathroom, then i might have to find a bush.





Nmet: Hi?

Mary Sue: Hey gurl. I see you have a star.

Nmet: Yep. Steph threw it at me in anger, but i mean, all it did is give me an extra five minutes.

Mary Sue: Wow, dumb boy!

Nmet: I know right! By the way, love the top.

Mary Sue: Thanks, i know my fashion don't I! But unfortunately, i'm broke, so i can't get much no more.

Nmet: Maybe, if you, you know, give me an extra five minutes, i'll buy you something with my money!

Mary Sue: Ha! We'll see about that! But, you are like the only one to be nice to me out of y'all, so sure!

Nmet: Thanks! (Nmet walks away)

Nmet(CONF): Need to keep building my social game, and ruining Steph's. And i'm nowhere near done.




Jason: Steph? STEPH! (hears someone behind him) Steph is that you!

Wyatt: No it's me. I'm guessing you couldn't find him?

Jason: Yeah bro, i'm worried. What if he's in danger?

Wyatt: He wouldn't be, you saw how determined he was, didn't you.

Jason: Yes but still, what if he got distracted? No man should be left behind!

Wyatt: Following that logic, we're the one's who were left behind. So lets go.

Jason: (Sighs) Ok. I need to start focusing on myself more.

Wyatt: That's right. You're a great guy Jason, but people like to use that. I would know.

Jason: Thanks. But now, that mindset is engraved into me, how do i change it?

Wyatt: Don't. Just remember to accomplish what you have to. Because you're not a pushover, you're jus-

Mary Sue: Hot and annoying! What do you have?

Wyatt: I gave mine to Jason.

Jason: Yeah, (gives Mary Sue cat) here you go.


Wyatt: Um, are you- ok?

Mary Sue: No no, i'm fine! But you won't be! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're so dumb! Just go, GO i can't bear the sight of you any longer or i'll die laughing! But before you go, tell Benj i will murder him if he doesn't stop flirting around!

Jason: Sure thing? (Jason and Wyatt walk away while Steph walks in)

Steph: Oh no! Am i in last?

Mary Sue: Yes, but depending on your stash, you might not go home! But you seem empty handed!

Steph: Wait, but i ate a starfish! I promise! I never thought i'd openly admit something like that.

Mary Sue: Where's the proo-

Eric: (on headset) Um, is this how it works! Wow i figured it out! Anyway, Eric and Julia did it. Did you subtract their scores?

Mary Sue: Oh, so she wasn't lying!

Steph: Neither am I, now subtract my time!

Mary Sue: Fine, sheesh. (presses button on computer) Go now, it might have been five minutes already! (Steph leaves)







Chris: Steph is coming, and the scores are about to be revealed!

Nmet: Thanks Captain Obvious! (Steph comes in)

Steph: I'm so sorry that i left you guys, i was just so determined to find her and tell her how i feel.

Nmet: Who? Marilyn so you could stir up more trouble!

Steph: Quiet you! I'm talking to Wyatt and Jason! Plus, you know you're lying!

Marilyn: Really? Or are you just trying to get attention of you! (slaps Steph)

Steph: OWW! That hurt a lot!

Marilyn: Yeah? Now you know don't mess with me!

Joshua: Calm down Marilyn.

Marilyn: Uhh- thanks. You're right. But I have a question for you too.

Joshua: Wha-

Chris: Loving the drama guys, top notch. But we need to go on the plane now. So let's see, who's going home today? You're original times, without your subtractions and additions added, were spanned out by 30 minutes! And by the way, Marilyn was the fastest. But let's see who wins with rewards added.

Eric: We'll start with the most boring three, 3rd to 5th. In third place was Marilyn with a final time of 55 minutes.

Marilyn: Darn it.

Mary Sue: In fourth place, we have Joshua with 57 minutes! I'm surprised, since you guys took forever!

Eric: And in 5th place we have Nmet with 69 minutes!

Steph: Wait, when did you get a second reward? You had none before i threw you the star?

Nmet: Because, unlike you, i'm smart.

Steph: Grrrr.

Nmet(CONF): So i guess bribing Mary Sue to subtract an extra five minutes didn't do much. But whatever!

Chris: Ok, thanks you two. You can go now. (helicopter appears above them, and a ladder comes down to pick Eric and Mary Sue up)

Eric: Ha, this is just like that time i couldn't reach the ladder and couldn't make it to season 3. (Eric gets on ladder) Good luck Steph.

Steph: Thanks.

Mary Sue: And good luck to you Nmet, i know resisting Benj must be hard, but I appreciate it!

Nmet: Oh yes, it's truly a challenge. (Mary Sue and Eric disappear)


Chris: Now, the people who won first class are... Mnet and Julia! It's a tie!

Mnet: Wait, really? YESS! (hugs Julia)

Julia: Finally! I've won a challenge by myself! Well, not all by myself.

Chris: First class awaits you two. But first, we need to tell which one of these three boys are going home?

Julia: Wait- Oh no!

Julia(CONF): It's not bad or anything that i'm hoping Steph goes, like i don't have anything against him, but you know.

Chris: Well, Wyatt is safe with a time of 72 minutes!

Mnet: Phew!

Wyatt: Woohoo! Sorry Steph, and Jason.

Chris: Now, Steph, you originally had a time of 90 minutes, do you think you've done enough.

Steph: (sighs) Probably not.

Chris: Well, the person going home is?

(Steph and Jason hug and stare at Chris)























Chris: Jason!

Jason: Wait, no offence Steph, but how? He had a time of 90, and i only added five to my score, minusing five from my punishment.

Chris: Well, no. Steph ate the starfish, and got a time of 85. But you got a cat. Which ISN'T part of the Chinese Zodiac! And remember what i said about that!

Jason: (sighs) Yeah dude.

Chris: So you actually ADDED 15 minutes to your time, giving you a final score of 87 minutes! Which means, you're going home!

Julia: Jason's? GOING! NOOOOOOOO! Ugh i can't ever be happy here!

Chris: Ok, before we continue, who is getting the next punishment and who is joining you two in first class.

Mnet: I'll decide for you. I think we both want Wyatt with us, and.... hmm i don't know. Julia, who do you want, i just can't choose.

Julia: How about- Steph.

Steph: What!

Mnet: Uhh, ok. We nominate Steph for the punishment.

Julia(CONF): Wait, what did I just do! I don't want Steph to get a punishment! Ugh i must be confused with my feelings again! And I have no Jason to comfort me!

Chris: Ok, so Steph's getting the punishment, 2 times already dude, sucks to be you!

Steph: I know. (Stacey walks in)

Stacey: Ok, the plane and the shame is just there, so time to say your goodbyes to Jason!







Wyatt: Sorry Jason, i shouldn't have given you that cat.

Jason: Nah it's fine, what's done is done. Sorry Steph.

Steph: Oh it's fine. It's not your fault anyway. (stares at Julia)

Julia: I- Jason, i should have stayed with you.

Jason: No, that wouldn't have done much.

Joshua: Am I the only one who doesn't feel some sort of regret- regarding your elimination?

Jason: No i guess, but it's fine.

Julia: Tell Flo and Brett and Attica i miss them!

Jason: Yeah, sure.

Wyatt: Bye Jason.

Stacey: Ok, ENOUGH!

Jason: Peace! (Jason rides into the distance)

Steph: Ok. Julia. Why did you do that! We're allies! Don't tell me Nmet lied to you too!

Julia: No Steph I was just- I was confused! Since you narrowly survived I-

Steph: Don't want to hear it. (Steph walks back into the plane)

Wyatt: Wow, great going Julia. Why did you do that anyway?

Julia: I just felt a bit jealous that he took out my closest friend, even if accidentally.

Wyatt: Oh, there's old Julia, acting on her emotions again! (walks back in the plane)

Julia: I don't believe i'm talking to you about this, but you believe me, don't you?

Joshua: I don't know what's going on with you, buut I like Steph more than you. Anyway, goodbye! (Joshua walks away)

Julia: I- (sighs) Stupid Julia! Stupid!

Joshua(CONF): I don't want to get involved in this, but it seems that with Jason gone, the peace will be too. Funny how that was the last thing he said. But- as long as Mnet doesn't care too much about what I said, I should be fine.

Stacey: Well, we're down to seven! Will Steph and Wyatt forgive Julia! Will Nmet apologise to Mnet, and will Marilyn get revenge, find out next time on, Total Drama, STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 14: Brun-elimination  


Chris: Ok, so apparently Stacey's sick too? Is there some sort of virus going around the plane! I asked for my wife to do the intro and she's sick too! And even I asked Theodore, but he said he doesn't know how to talk on camera! So you'll just have to do without an into, OK! Good! I know i could do it, but i'm hungry! So whatever! (walks away)








Stacey: Benj! What took you so long yesterday!

Benj: Chris told me to drive the helicopter which took him to the finish line in the challenge, and I had to drop Eric and Mary Sue at the airport. Leave me alone!

Mrs McLean: Whatever, we're all here now!

Theodore: Good, so now will you explain why me and Benj are here?

Benj: You two having a catfight?

Theodore: Oh no, i can't go through another of your fights.

Stacey: Well no, i- we came to an agreement that Chris isn't treating us right and we should stand up for ourselves.

Theodore: Eureka! But how?

Mrs McLean: True, he's liked by the big bosses because he provides drama. But i'm sure there's a way we can get him fired!

Benj: Maybe we could force him into retiring?

Stacey: Never, as long as we're here to do his job, wait. You know how Chris likes me more?

Mrs McLean: I know, so unfair.

Stacey: What if I bribe him to tell me secrets only the hosts would know, and then use it against him!

Theodore: And, i could top it off by releasing the creepy monster i found in the cockpit!

Stacey: Ignoring that... plan "Get Chris Outta Here" is a go?

Benj: Sure, i'm down. He hasn't payed me!

Theodore: Me too.

Mrs McLean: Same, he says because i live with him, he get's all the paychecks! What kinda patriarchy is this!

Stacey: Ok, it's official! Now your jobs are to find any information you can, while not being suspicious.

Theodore: Cool, back in my day I was a spy for the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish War. i'll be great at this.

Stacey: Good, now go!







Mnet: Mmmhm, these croissants are really good!

Julia: Yeah- whatever.

Julia(CONF): So my life sucks right now. I lost my best friend, and now Steph hates me, and Wyatt's hate by association! I- I need someone right now to talk to but, I don't! I've never felt so dependant!

Wyatt: Yeah, i guess they are nice. Whatever.

Mnet: Anyway, what's our strategy for today-

Wyatt: To take Nmet out, if we can, because she's pretty good at challenges and we lost our chance at beating her! (gasp)

Julia: (gasp)

Wyatt(CONF): Oh no- I started a fight with Julia. Look, i don't wanna fight but- Steph seemed so sad about everything! I like Julia but i have stand up for myself and my friend, for once!

Wyatt: Sorry, it's just- i don't get why you'd make such a bad choice!

Julia: I did it because I was jealous!

Wyatt: What do you mean, jealous?

Mnet: Wyatt- Julia. Calm down.

Julia: Look, when Steph narrowly survived even through all of that, i couldn't help it and vote for him, why do you care so much anyway!

Wyatt: The timing! It's terrible! You don't get how bad he feels now!

Julia: Ugh- I'm sorry! People never get that around here!

Wyatt: It's more than that Julia! Ugh! (throws croissant on tabe) Enjoy your breakfast Mnet. (Wyatt walks out of first class)

Mnet: Julia?

Julia: ...

Mnet: Hello? Earth to Julia!

Julia: Sorry- just I don't get it.

Mnet: Same, it's the first time i've seen him mad before, but he'll be ok. He says he prefers being alone to recover from being mad, but you? What about you?

Julia: I just don't get why they won't move on, it was an accident, and besides, he's survived a punishment before! And I have no one to talk to about it, i mean, you're here, but no Brett, no Jason, no Flo, not Attica! I'm losing my edge now!

Mnet: No you're not! Just remember that there's two sides to EVERY story, Nmet and Paul have that engraved into me.


Paul- Actually, i've been thinking about splitting from you for a LONG time! But i never did! I'm pretty sure you misheard me for Pierre!

Nmet- Exactly! See Mnet, we've been with a traitor since the Brazil episode!

Paul- Oh come on Mnet, you know what this girl has done! Just think about her gameplay since you've been here!

Nmet- Yeah so make a decision Mnet! Is it me!

Paul- Or me!

Nmet- You can go with impediment Paul, but just know when you do that, you've crossed a line and you can NEVER RETURN! If Pierre didn't show you, i don't like traitors!

Paul- I mean, fine go with Nmet! But if you're so focused on proving yourself, going to her doesn't help you!


Mnet- I-I -I (starts to cry)

Nmet- Crybaby.



Julia: Now who's gone silent, Mnet?

Mnet: -Sorry, yeah. Always 2 sides. So, just try and see his. (Mnet walks away)

Julia: What do you think she means?

Mrs McLean: I don't know what you're talking about!

Julia: Girl i saw you peeking through the door don't lie to me.

Mrs McLean: Fine, i couldn't resist! But you need to think of what they could be going through.

Julia: Well why should I with they if they don't with me!

Mrs McLean: Ok fine, i'll continue spying on your drama and suck all the tea from y'all, but you should be the bigger person.

Julia(CONF): I've been scared for what i'd be like when Jason left, and this is it. I'm going back to old Julia, I mean, i have Mnet, but still.




Steph: Eww, i think i'm sitting in gum, this plane is so gross!

Marilyn: Shut up.

Steph: Marilyn it isn't true! It was made u-

Marilyn: SHUT! UP!


Joshua: Play nice children.

Steph: Tell her that.

Marilyn: I stand by my principles! Steph, i'm sorry i spoke the truth but why do you have to overreact!

Steph: I'm the one who overreacted? You are the one who- (Joshua shoves his shoe in Steph's mouth) JOSHUA EWW!

Marilyn: Karma. (Joshua shoves a shoe in Marilyn's throat) WHY!

Joshua: You two need to stop arguing. It's annoying and i'm stuck in the middle.

Marilyn: (muffled) Aww, everything's your problem, isn't it!

Joshua: I will keep that shoe in as long as i need to.

Marilyn: (muffled) Ugh, fine, but i stand by what I said. Steph, you need to stop being a baby!

Steph: (muffled) And you need to be more considerate and listen to others! You're so annoying, why is everyone like this! (Steph walks away and takes shoe out of his mouth)

Joshua: Darn it, i liked those shoes. Ugh, are you happy?

Marilyn: (takes shoe out her mouth) You heard Nmet! I'm mad, ok!

Joshua: Well remember, i'm allied with Steph, and you're just hating a little too much!

Marilyn: But you don't get i-

Joshua: You need to let go of your excuse, otherwise you're gonna be irrational your whole life. Have you considered that Nmet is lying about all this?

Marilyn: Well- yes but then, it would be lucky. She didn't even know about me and Steph, so guessing there was already tension between us would have been lucky.

Joshua: That doesn't really matter but fine, just don't do it again! Now i need to see how Steph's doing!

Marilyn: Why?

Joshua: Commitments. You're not my only- friendish here, so if you could stop making me the third square or whatever the opposite of the third wheel is, that would be great, thanks.

Marilyn(CONF): Friendish? Wow, i have underestimated whats between us. Anyway, maybe i should calm down with my vendetta on Steph, I- need to be more responsible, but at the same time- I keep being told by some force that i need to protect myself! And to do that, I need to close off!






Steph: (kicks a can on the floor) Stupid, stupid, everyone's stupid. Including me.(Theodore walks in)

Theodore: I know right.

Steph: Ugh, hi Theodore. (falls on the floor)

Steph(CONF): I haven't felt this sad since like- season 1! I am just so tired of Nmet's luck, and now Julia might be against me!

Theodore: What's wrong with you. You never show attitude.

Steph: Just- i'm so done with this game! I can't take Nmet out and now i have a punishment which was given to me from my own ally! I can't trust anyone and I feel so u-

Theodore: Shut up. Try to see things from their point of view. And the reason you couldn't take Nmet out is because the last two were auto eliminations and she won immunity the time before that.

Steph: But stil-

Theodore: But still what? It's fine! Just don't suck in the challenge and make sure Nmet doesn't win immunity that's all! Now get up! The floor's dirty!

Steph: Sure, and thanks. (Theodore leaves room as Wyatt enters)

Wyatt: Steph, are you ok?

Steph: Yeah, thanks for asking. But why are you here, go to first class with Mnet and Julia.

Wyatt: No, i wanted to leave them, to talk to you. So far, Julia is sorry, but like- i saw you yesterday and I don't think the sorry she said covers it. I just- maybe I should have explained it myself.

Steph: It's fine- whatever. But what do you want to do.

Wyatt: Well, it would be hypocritical to abandon them soo then what.

Steph: Well lets see, it's me, you, Joshua and Julia and then Nmet and then no one knows where Marilyn and Mnet stand. We could vote out Marilyn if Nmet wins immunity. (Joshua walks in)

Joshua: Vote out who? And Wyatt? Shouldn't you be in first class?

Wyatt: I had to get away from there.

Joshua: Sure whatever, Steph are you ok? Marilyn's crazy I know, but we could vote out Julia, us three, if Nmet wins.

Wyatt: No, not smart really. Julia's our ally.

Joshua: Well we need to vote out someone if Nmet wins, and i'm with you.

Steph: Really? Than-

Joshua: If it's not Marilyn.

Steph: But Marilyn's like the only one that- when did you start liking her so much!

Joshua: I know you don't like her but can you please not put me in the middle of you two? Julia's a physical threat AND i could convince Marilyn and you could convince Mnet.

Wyatt: But Mnet likes Julia now, just hope Nmet doesn't win for now.

Steph: Yeah- she'll probably win and then be safe another episode because our luck sucks but still.

Wyatt: If our luck sucked then we wouldn't be here.
, we meet IF Nmet wins, and we decide then?

Joshua: Deal.

Steph: Deal. Is this some type of guys alliance?

Wyatt: I guess it is. I'm going back to first class now, see ya.

Wyatt(CONF): We have to remember who the real enemy is here. Us four still take out Nmet, but if she wins, than, maybe it's time we go solo and make a move! Problem is, it's either my girlfriend, Joshua's friend or our ally. Marilyn is the best option, but who knows if Joshua will stick with us.





Nmet: (sighs with happiness) Finally.

Nmet(CONF): I fought my way out of having no allies, and now everyone's mad at each other! I'm watering my seed, and now I get to watch it grow into a full out war! And where will I be? On the sidelines turning from a threat, to a split vote! Or- I could take advantage of them and form my second alliance! The latter option sounds better.


Marilyn: Nmet? What are you doing here?

Nmet: It's a free plane, sheesh.

Marilyn: But the cockpits my secret hideout!

Nmet: Really? Sorry. But anyway, I just want to say i'm- sorry about the way everything went down?

Marilyn: Why do you care? Like I literally have done nothing for you.

Nmet: Because- we're allies! And can't I be a good friend to you?

Marilyn: No. You have to earn my trust.

Nmet: So what are you saying? Are we not together?

Marilyn: Uhh- is all you care about alliances? Either way, maybe- it depends though, but you are like one of the few people who don't want me out, soo, ugh fine. But only because of that!

Nmet: Trust me, you made the right decision! Toodles!

Marilyn(CONF): I know she just wants me as her ally, but like, it wouldn't hurt to have someone not want me out. All I want is to make Steph pay. And maybe Mnet and Julia nominating him for punishment means something. So- ugh- if i have to socialize with those two extroverts to get 2 million dollars, then i will.






Nmet: Now I feel even better. Marilyn has no choice but to align with me. So if I get her immunity or something- she'll choose me! (Benj walks in)

Benj: Oh, so you're now gonna choose me?

Nmet: Eww. No. By the way, Mary Sue came yesterday, she is ready to kill you when you get home.

Benj: Oh yeah, we're together. Forgot about her. I mean how could I when you and Mnet are here, half nake- (Nmet kicks Benj in the crotch)

Nmet: Do you ever learn!

Benj: Nahh. Anyway, how do you feel about Mnet and Wyatt? They're disgusting together. Aren't they.

Nmet: Uhh, yeah. They are gross. Love is stupid. How do you know anyway?

Benj: When i was "sick" I got to see reruns of the last episodes. I don't get how they are so stable, like if i was Mnet, i'd wanna cheat with me every chance I get!

Nmet: Ok- you have too much confidence. It's gross. But we agree, their love is stupid.

Benj: Yeah so what. What can we do. I've finally realised she doesn't like me, but I might settle for you, i mean, you look so alike, it would be like the same thing! Hahaha-

Nmet: Uhh can you repeat that?

Benj: I'll settle for you?

Nmet: No, after that.

Benj: You two look so alike?

Nmet: Exactly! Thanks dumbo. (Nmet walks away)

Benj: Huh?

Nmet(CONF): I am sure i could somehow figure out a way that our similarities could benefit me and me only. Also, weird, Benj is annoying, but he's useful. Maybe i could use him too! Ok Nmet- not now. I know you're brain can think up of so much, but we should save that for when Steph, Julia and Marilyn get resolved.












Wyatt: Are we back in Turkmenistan?

Mnet: Yeah, this place is so dry and barren. Actually.

Chris: Sorry, but these places make for tougher challenges, so I have to! C'mon, i wanna see you suffer!

Julia: We know. Where are we anyway?

Chris: Brunei! It's on the island of Borneo, surrounded by Malaysia! I didn't know this place existed either, Stacey is one smart woman! Anyway, we're finally returning to normal immunity!

Steph(CONF): Finally. Now we can take Nmet out without risking ourselves.

Chris: So, Brunei is known for oil! The challenge will be to find an oil barrel! The first three to do so will fight each other with whatever weapon you find inside! Whoever wins the fight will win immunity and will move onto the final 6. AANNDD a special reward which they will get to pick!

Steph: This challenge is very lazy on your behalf.

Chris: No it's not! You know, I had to buy the barrels and put something inside it! And I had to make the tough choice, to take it out of Theodore's salary! Anyway, before we start- Steph, your punishment!

Steph: Ugh lets get this over with. (stares at Julia)

Julia: I- whatever.

Chris: You're temptation won't interfere with the challenge today!

Steph: Then what?

Chris: Go!





Joshua: Marilyn!

Marilyn: What. Hurry up please, I wish to win immunity.

Joshua: Good idea. You're in danger.

Marilyn: Ugh that stupid Steph! Can't wait to take him out, righ-

Joshua: What did I say about that! We should take out Nmet!

Marilyn: Why her? She's like the only person who I know here, that won't take me out! If us three work together, we might take him out?

Joshua: Your logic sucks. Mnet is DATING Wyatt now and Wyatt, Steph and Julia are in an alliance! Just help Nmet win immunity and join the guys alliance!

Marilyn: But I- wait, didn't you say something about there being drama with Steph?

Joshua: Yeah, we created the guys alliance incase Nmet wins, and I'm trying to convince them to take out Julia and stuff, but Julia's their friend and ally! Even though they have beef, they just can't!

Marilyn: Well, maybe if I do give Nmet immunity, and then I just team up with Mnet and Julia! And Nmet! And! You- if you want.

Joshua: I mean, thats a riskier path and i wouldn't let just because someone says that a rumour is spreading that Steph hates you, which we don't even know if thats true from blocking me from the more logical way out of elimination.

Marilyn: Shut up. Steph hates me too, so i'm doubtful he would want to team with me.







Wyatt: Mnet, sorry about how things went down this morning.

Mnet: Oh it's fine! Love you! (kisses Wyatt)

Wyatt: I- thanks. I needed that.

Mnet: I know, you look stressed.

Wyatt: Ha, you know me too well. Seriously, how did you know.

Steph: Wyatt, lets go, i just want to focus on immunity and not think about (looks at Julia and sighs) please hurry!

Mnet: Just a hunch- (hears Julia yelling for Mnet to hurry up) I'm coming, give me time! It- looks like this alliance might split up.

Wyatt: Yeah, but no matter what, I love you- don't let this dumb game change that.

Mnet: Same! I-

Julia:/Steph: Hurry!

Mnet: Gotta go. Sorry. (runs off)

Wyatt(CONF): To be honest, I don't want to make a scene out of this, but if you saw how Steph was in season 1, i don't want him to relapse to that! But- i also don't want this to tear me and Mnet apart, like i finally find someone i really, really like, after years of searching, and now i can barely talk to her because of this alliance thing?


Julia: Sorry girl, but you're gonna have to get used to that.

Mnet: So what? Are we now working together, and what happened to seeing things from their point of view?

Julia: I can't, I tried but I can't! Anyway, just get used to it. We can't have Nmet win because then i have to make a really tough decision.

Marilyn: So you're avoiding the problem?

Mnet: Gah! Marilyn! How did you- when did you- and how did you get here without me hearing!

Julia: You literally do the same thin-

Marilyn: Shut up.

Julia: You shut up!

Mnet: Girls! Marilyn, why are you here!

Mnet(CONF): NGL, i'm proud of myself for doing that. I know it may seem like a normal act, but that was so unlike me! Go me!

Marilyn: Look, we might have differences, but like- I need an ally. And i'm trying to be more social, since apparently i'm not very trusting.

Julia: Wow, are us two an alliance?

Mnet: Well, we are now, all three of us! And no arguing! I've dealt with enough of that to last a lifetime.

Julia: Does this mean we work together in challenges?

Marilyn: Well, maybe for this one. If we can all work together to find at least one barrel we could give it to Julia, since she's the strongest one out of us, and probably out of everyone left.

Mnet: A bit offended, but yeah, smart idea.

Julia: Thanks, you have brains Marilyn, wait. (hears metal make sound) Well, maybe we won't have to dig too far!

Julia(CONF): I'd feel sad that Jason's gone, but now is a time of change! I'm putting more trust in the girls, and less in Steph- like actually Wyatt didn't even take my apology- (remembers Mnet's advice) Ugh. Honestly, Jason is amazing, but now i can play the way i used to, but- i don't want drama. That's too old me, but if i can successfully make a move here, this could be good!

Nmet: Oh hey girls, Julia you've already got one! I'm impressed!

Marilyn: Hi? Don't tell me i need to talk to you. I'm busy getting myself immunity-

Julia: I thought you said we were helping me?

Marilyn: Julia you're not helping-

Nmet: Anyway, can I just take my girl for a second! Please?

(awkward silence)

Julia: Well, i mean she doesn't mean me.

Mnet: Me?

Nmet: Yes, the cute one. I'll be needing this too. (Takes barrel and rolls it away with Mnet)








Mnet: (sighs) What do you want Nmet.

Nmet(CONF): I swear, after this show, i'm gonna be starring in all the best movies after my acting skills. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Nmet: I- (starts fake crying, but Mnet can't tell)

Mnet: Nmet? Are you ok?

Nmet: No! (sniffs) I've- I feel so terrible!

Mnet: Ok I need explanations, why do you feel bad?

Nmet: Because, I thought about what you said yesterday, and ever since, I've been thinking! Thinking something great!

Mnet: Just cut to the chase.

Nmet: I have- been putting the game before my friends! I have a problem, and I need to stop!

Mnet: Wow, i didn't think i'd effect you this much, i'm sorry.

Nmet: I've been so horrible to you! And- I need you to help me change! 

Mnet: So you're sorry.

Nmet: Yes! Deeply! Here, take the barrel, you deserve it for listening to me! (starts to walk away)

Mnet: Uhh- no i'll be fine. You take it, you need it more than m-

Nmet: (runs up to Mnet and hugs her) Thank you thank you! I'll try my best to change! Honest!

Mnet: Really? Well, thanks.

Nmet(CONF): Steven Speilberg, call me.






Chris: Hmm, contestant already?

Nmet: Yes, contestant already.

Chris: Why does it look like you've been crying?

Nmet: Eh, you have to do what you gotta do for 2 million dollars.

Chris: Well, either way. You're first. You can wait over there.

Nmet: Why can't i sit with you with your electric fans! It's so hot!

Chris: Because, the cool air can only fit on one person! Duh.

Nmet: I didn't know you were this dumb.

Chris: Watch it girl, i can disqualify you. Just open your barrel and see what weapon is inside?

Nmet: Hoping for a gun...... (open's barrel and sees tranquilizer gun) Not the type i was thinking of, but useful. (shoots it at Theodore as he walks by)

Theodore: Darn youngins. (collapses)

Nmet: Effective!





Joshua: Ugh- i'd honestly rather work alone.

Wyatt: Sorry, we need to fine a barrel for Steph!

Steph: Guys i'll be fine. I can dig myself.

Wyatt: We don't know what punishment you might get at elimination! We can't risk it! We're SUPER far away from the plane, so we need to get back there too!

Steph: Fine then, thanks guys.

Chris: (on loudspeaker) I should have done this earlier but, NMET IS GOING TO PART 2!

Steph: Grrrr. (starts digging a lot faster)

Joshua: So, you're sure he doesn't need our help. I'd like to win for myself. Also, what drug did you take that's making you go so fast.

Steph: It's called. Revenge. NMET'S A LIAR! A FILTHY LIAR!

Wyatt: What?

Steph: The rumours about me and Marilyn, ALL FAKE! And now i have to deal with Marilyn hating me on top of my punishment which should have gone to Nmet!

Wyatt: Wait, really? Why didn't you tell me!

Steph: Well, you two trust me, so i didn't need to, but the girls all hate me.

Joshua: Can I- go talk to Marilyn? Like right now!

Wyatt: Not until we find one for Ste- (Wyatt hits a barrel) Yes! Here Steph, take it!

Steph: Are you sure?

Wyatt: You're in a worse off position from me! Go! Quick! (Steph runs off)

Joshua: That was selfless. Now can I go?

Wyatt: Sure, you don't need immunity. (Joshua runs off)

Wyatt(CONF): As long as Steph makes it to the final, he can beat Nmet! Although, i'm kinda worried about Josh. Like, he likes Marilyn soo voting for her won't be easy. And him leaving to see her builds on that fear. So we just need Steph to win! Or at least somebody who isn't Nmet!

Joshua(CONF): I knew something was fishy about that thing, problem is, I don't want Marilyn to put herself in jeopardy, because judging how she reacted to a rumour, i don't know how she'll react to the truth.








Julia: Mnet! Where's the barrel!

Mnet: I... oh i shouldn't have done that.

Julia: Don't tell me you gave it to Nmet.

Marilyn: Well duh she did, Nmet was the first one to get to the plane.

Julia: Marilyn. I- (sighs) Mnet! Why did you do that!

Mnet: She apologised and was very sad about how she's been acting and- did she lie to me?

Marilyn: Maybe. Maybe not. But whatever, lets start over. (Joshua runs in)

Julia: Why are you here? You also trying to steal my barrel?

Joshua: Well no. Can I talk to the devil wearing prada.

Marilyn: My shoes, are converse!

Joshua: As in the shoes with the star and the circle as their logo, sure thing satan. Now hurry up ok, i need to talk to you. (Marilyn and Joshua walk away)



Marilyn: What do you need me for!

Joshua: So, I found out something, but you might not believe it.

Marilyn: Why wouldn't I!

Joshua: It's from Steph.

Marilyn: Ok i don't believe it, i'm going back to the girls.

Joshua: No Marilyn, i'm serious.

Marilyn: I hate Steph! I'm not gonna listen to you-

Joshua: Marilyn, fine, can i ask you something then. It's not about Steph.

Marilyn: Fine.

Joshua: Do you..... trust

Marilyn: I-

Joshua: .....

Marilyn: I guess so? Fine just tell me.

Joshua: Nmet lied to you, she lied to all of us. Steph never said those things. She told Steph you said bad things to him.

Marilyn: What?

Joshua: Just listen to me. I know it's true. Do you believe me?

Marilyn: (sighs) Yes.

Joshua: Thanks. But please don't lash out at Nmet-

Marilyn: Why not! She's a liar, i need to serve her what's right! In fact, i need to find a barrel and beat her up!

Joshua: Marilyn no! You have to learn to control yourself!

Marilyn: It's the aim of the challenge!

Joshua: Well, good luck finding one, i'm not helping yo- (trips over lump of dirt in the sand) Oww! Feels like there's metal there or someth-

Marilyn: Move your legs!

Joshua: Sure. ....WAIT. Don't! (Marilyn digs up a barrel from underground)

Marilyn: Yes! Now we need to go!






Marilyn: Where's Julia?

Mnet: She left. She found a barrel. Also, how did you find that barrel.

Marilyn: Well don't worry about it. You know that your best friend Nmet- (Joshua covers her hand)

Joshua: Is in the final 3! Shocking!

Mnet: I thought we all heard Chris's announcement.

Joshua: Well we sure didn't! Bye!






Chris: Steph, Marilyn and Julia, they're all approaching us now! Who will take the last 2 spots in the final challenge!


Steph: Ugh. I'm so tired! But i'm so close!

Nmet: (from a distance) Ha! Wear yourself out now! Then i'll easily beat you!

Steph: Grr! (starts running faster).


Marilyn: Oh no! It doesn't seem like we'll make it!

Joshua: Darn.

Joshua(CONF): I don't want Marilyn to go into the final 3, only because, Nmet's there. I've seen my best friend, btw love you Pierre, get eliminated because Nmet found out he was "backstabbing her". So Marilyn doing that might end up the same way! So keeping Marilyn away from Nmet might prevent that. Ugh i shouldn't have told her but, i also happen to like Steph. And i felt bad that he was being hated because of a lie, so sue me.

Marilyn: Wait, what if you roll me to Chris!

Joshua: Are you crazy?

Marilyn: Yes, but so are you. Come on, i need to get there.

Joshua: Fine. (Marilyn gets on barrel as Joshua slowly rolls her)

Marilyn: Can you go any faster?

Joshua: I'll try but, you know i have no muscles.


Julia: Marilyn? She found a barrel!

Julia(CONF): I'm determined to win again! I just can't let Nmet win, she stole my barrel AND i am scared about flipping on the guys.

Julia: For you Jason. (runs faster)



Chris: And the final 2 people in the second challenge are!
















Chris: Steph and Julia!

Marilyn: ...Ugh come on!

Julia: Good game Marilyn. I'll win it for you.

Marilyn: You better Julia. Please. Remind me never to let you carry anything of mine in a time limit.

Joshua: Sure thing.

Steph: Woohoo! I made it! (Mnet and Wyatt come in)

Wyatt: Yes Steph! You have to win this!

Mnet: Good luck Julia!

Julia: Oh- thanks Mnet. Just remember to never do that again.

Mnet: I wont!

Chris: Steph, Julia, open your barrels!

Steph: I- a noose!

Chris: That's a lasso.

Steph: Oh.

Julia: A boxing glove with spikes on them! I can use this! Nice!

Chris: Ok, lets clear thing up. Wyatt, Mnet, Joshua and Marilyn, you 4 can go sit on the barrels over there. You three, the have to stay on the floor for 3 seconds before it's considered that they are out of the challenge. And nothing too much ok, we're avoiding lawsuits this season, and i want to keep things that way! Now go!








Wyatt: Come on Steph!

Mnet: Nothing for Julia?

Wyatt: Uhh- how much do you know?

Mnet: Wyatt, i know you're mad but you need to see things from her view, I get all you wanted to do was protect yourself and Steph, but don't ruin your friendship with Julia because of it!

Wyatt: Well. Thanks. I needed that.

Mnet: Are you being sarcastic?

Wyatt: Not this time. (Wyatt hugs Mnet)

Marilyn: I don't care who wins this as long as it's not-

Joshua: Marilyn, shut up.

Marilyn: They know who they are.

Chris: Ok! On your marks, get ready! START!




Nmet: Take this Steph! Hahahaha! (shoots tranquilizers at Steph but misses) You're just lucky!

Mnet: Nmet? What are you doing!

Nmet: Oh- I can't control myself sometimes! Tell me it will get better!

Mnet(CONF): Maybe she was lying. Ugh! I'm too gullible!


Julia: (whispers) Steph?

Steph: Don't talk to me.

Julia: Steph!

Steph: I said don't take to me! (Steph grabs on of Nmet's tranquilizers and throws it at Julia)

Julia: Wait I- (tranquilizers hit Julia and she collapses onto the floor) Great.

Nmet: Well, i guess it's down to you and me.

Steph: Watch it. Or i'll beat you like I did to Julia!

Nmet: You beat her with my own weapon. But now, there's no way i'll get out! (blasts at Steph, before realising she's out of ammo) Um, how!

Chris: Maybe if you didn't shoot at Theodore, you'd have extra!

Nmet: I was testing it!

Steph: Hahahaha! That's what you get! (uses lasso to tie Nmet arm, and Steph makes her fall over)

Nmet: I- I- (throws tranquilizer gun at Steph in the groin, making him fall over as she gets up)

Steph: OOWWW!

Wyatt: Get up Steph!

Steph: I will! (gets up as horn sounds)


Steph: But i'm off the floor!

Chris: You were too slow. Anyway, that was a fun challenge. Nmet, you will also get to pick your reward, a phone call home, a gourmet dinner, anything!

Nmet: Can I tell you in private?

Chris: Sure, you can tell Stacey tomorrow morning. Anyway, you have to hurry! Elimination is happening soon!

Steph(CONF): I. Was. So. Close.

Marilyn(CONF): I really am trying to contain my anger, i am! But seeing Nmet win annoys me even more!

Julia(CONF): I'm just waking up so- uhhh i'm tired. But i heard Nmet won immunity. So that means we're gonna flip have to flip. It annoys me because i would have had that tranquilizer gun if Mnet didn't give it away.









Wyatt: So.

Steph: (sighs)

Joshua: We're choosing Marilyn. Aren't we.

Wyatt: I'm sorry.

Steph: I'm not.

Joshua: But trust me, Marilyn doesn't hate you anymore Steph, she hates Nmet now!

Steph: That was a quick turnaround.

Joshua: Why not Julia. Aren't you guys mad at her?

Steph: Yeah but- no. We need her to secure immunities. Marilyn isn't exactly the fittest tool in the shed.

Joshua: Didn't Julia get immunity- after Marilyn did?

Wyatt: ......besides that, she's both of our friends, and Mnet- there is no way i am voting her. Marilyn's the best option. And we need you. I don't know what punishment Steph has so we need your vote tonight.

Joshua: Whatever, you'll see my choice tonight. Thanks anyway. (Joshua leaves)

Wyatt: Do you think that did anything?

Steph: Probably not. (sighs) I guess i'm going home then.

Wyatt: No way, we don't know what the punishment is!

Steph: Wyatt, there's no other way it won't be me. Even if Joshua votes with us AND Marilyn actually doesn't hate me anymore, Nmet still has a pretty big grasp on Julia and Mnet, especially if Julia would pick me over Nmet.

Wyatt: Well, i don't believe that. The worst that can happen is- oh. Yeah. Well Julia won't vote for you-

Steph: I threw a tranquilizer at her.

Wyatt: Mnet wouldn't either! Probably. I wouldn't target her best friend!

Steph: Her best friend's Nmet.

Wyatt: Steph you're not helping. You'll be fine! Trust me, please.

Steph: Ok ok, i'll try to be optimistic. Though it's hard to now.

Wyatt(CONF): We're getting down to the part of the game where everyone has some type of opinion of everyone, which makes voting harder. I have recognised the possibility that, Steph might go home! But there's also a good chance he might not! Honestly, i feel like i'm the only one there for Steph at this point, so I have to be supportive but- i'm scared.







Mnet: So! Who do we target? Please don't say Wyatt.

Marilyn: I-

Julia: We know you want Steph gone. And that's what we're doing.

Marilyn: That's actually not what I was gonna say, but why. Annoyed at him?

Julia: I have a few reasons, being annoyed at him is one, but also because he won't accept that i'm sorry. I thought about Wyatt but- i have history with Wyatt. And Joshua, well- what threat does he pose.

Mnet: I guess. But it still seems like these are subjective reasons.

Julia: He has a punishment! We can use that to our advantage! Just vote for him, ok. (Julia walks away)

Marilyn: If she told me to vote for Steph 2 hours ago, i'd have a completely different reaction.

Mnet: What do you mean?

Marilyn: Oh, you're still here. Well yeah. I found out Nmet made up those lies. You are friends with a liar.

Mnet: Oh, not this again!

Marilyn: Well- according to the one person here i trust, it's true, soo. I actually. I think i'll vote for Julia. Steph is against Nmet, and while Julia is, she's shown more lenience towards her. Feel free to join me!

Mnet: No! I'm not voting for the one person I trust!

Marilyn: You trust, Julia? More than Nmet? Why!

Mnet: I've just heard too much from her, there's this, then there's the whole thing with Paul, but Julia's been with me, even if not for as long.

Marilyn: Oh. Well, then. You do you. Good luck making you're decision. (Marilyn walks out)

Mnet: Ugh! I need to find Julia!

Mnet(CONF): Logically, Marilyn needs probably at least 3 votes to get her wish. Josh might vote with her, and she needs one more. So, KNOWING i'm not changing my vote, she's probably gonna want me out over Julia! Ugh! If I survive tonight, this will be my best placement yet! And, i wanna spend more time with Wyatt so i really don't wanna blow it!





Mnet: Julia, Julia! (bumps into Nmet)

Nmet: Hey girl!

Mnet: OH. Hi Nmet. Look. You're very lucky.

Nmet: I know, that immunity win was very needed!

Mnet: I'm not talking about that. I've heard about the rumours about you lying to everyone, but right now i need your help.

Nmet: ...Go on.

Mnet: Look. I think i'm gonna be eliminated. And I need you to help me get one more vote against Marilyn.

Nmet: Marilyn! I thought you two were aligned!

Mnet: We are but- she isn't voting with us. She told me. And i'm pretty sure shes gonna switch to voting for me, considering i didn't team with her! Help me Nmet, you're a good gameplayer!

Nmet: Well, thank you regarding being a good gameplayer. But- honestly, you don't need to do anything.

Mnet: Why?

Nmet: Who do you think the guys besides Joshua are gonna vote for!

Mnet: Marilyn?

Nmet: Exactly!

Mnet: Are you sure we should do absolutely nothing!

Nmet: Yep. Just vote for Marilyn and you'll be safe~

Mnet: Can i at least tell Julia! She's already not happy.

Nmet: Well, if she doesn't understand your reason's tomorrow, she doesn't deserve to be your friend. Toodles. (Nmet walks away)






Joshua: Why did you take me to your hideout place!


Joshua: Wanna go somewhere where we won't be threatened?

Marilyn: We would like everywhere else. At least here, no one knows us.

Joshua: Hilarious. Now, what do you want.

Marilyn: We are voting out Mnet.

Joshua: Uhh, ok. Why her?

Marilyn: Because i wanted out Julia, but then, Mnet said no to me to vote her out, and she's the closest to Nmet here.

Joshua: Well who can we convince. I doubt the guys will listen.

Marilyn: Nmet probably won't, she doesn't like being told what to do. That leaves Julia.

Joshua: Julia! But she hates us! Ugh! Why must my life come to this!

Marilyn: Fine, i'll do the talking, but you need to come along. Plus, she has no reason to hate me.

Joshua: Besides you taking out her best friend in a tiebreaker, giving her other best friend a punishment which took him out and being in opposing alliances up until today?

Marilyn: You're not helping.

Joshua: I'll come, but, then- what's our back up plan.

Marilyn: We won't need a back up plan.

Joshua: Really! Marilyn, there is no way the guys will spare you and Mnet probably is scared now too!

Marilyn: Joshua. Do you trust me-

Joshua: Wow, using my line in reverse. (Marilyn slaps him)

Marilyn: I'm serious! Do you?

Joshua: ......Yes i do.






Julia: Ugh. This game is so stressful! (Joshua and Marilyn walk in)

Joshua: We have a lot of news for you.

Julia: Why- what? What!

Marilyn: Just listen. We NEED you to vote for Mnet!

Julia: Why do you want to flip!

Marilyn: Because she's voting for me! Look Julia- we need your vote or else i'll be eliminated, which leaves the girls outnumbered!

Julia: But then- i'm just choosing between you two!

Joshua: I know we may not see eye to eye, but remember who's gonna be useful in taking out Nmet!

Julia: Marilyn's useful?

Marilyn: Shut up! You know i'm a genius! And Mnet will never vote for her! Ugh i don't believe i'm begging you. Just vote for Mnet! At least you're vote will be guaranteed to take her out.

Julia: I uh- i've made my choice. You'll see who i vote for.

Marilyn: Thanks Julia.




Marilyn: Do you think we did enough?

Joshua: Well-

Stacey: (on loudspeaker) ELIMINATION TIME! Get down here now!

Joshua: We can only hope. And if you do get eliminated, i just wanted to say that I....

Marilyn: You what?

Joshua: Enjoyed being your- whatever we are.

Marilyn: Well, thanks, for helping me out. I...

Joshua: Let's just go.

Joshua(CONF): Is it weird if i'm proud of her? I think she's finally learnt how to socialize, and i don't know how, because clearly I can't. Like when I first met her and even when I first started talking to her, there's no way that she wouldn't have been walking around persuading people, doing what she can do now. (looks at Pierre's hat) People can change.







Stacey: Welcome to the final 7 eliminaiton ceremony! Things are really starting to heat up!

Wyatt: So Chris is still too lazy to host eliminations? Wow!

Stacey: I know right. Nmet has immunity tonight! So no voting for her!

Nmet: (looks at Steph) Exactly.

Steph: Shut up.

Stacey: But, what will be Steph's punishment! According to Chris, you will automatically receive ONE EXTRA VOTE!

Steph: I- fine.

Stacey: Now, vote!

Steph(CONF): I'm trying hard to stay composed, but all these factors. It's scary! I hope Josh will vote with us.

Mnet(CONF): I'm sorry but, i'm pretty sure this is the right choice.

Nmet(CONF): Tough choice for me, I could abandon Mnet, but at the same time, i need her trust. And they both hate me, sooo. Honestly, this one's just a flip of the coin.

Marilyn(CONF): I swear if Julia doesn't write down Mnet's name-

Wyatt(CONF): This is not a great position to be in! I'm safe for tonight, but if Joshua doesn't vote for who we want, i'm dead.

Julia(CONF): I told Marilyn i had made my decision but I- ahhh! I'm very unsure about this! But- this is the on ly vote i can justify.

Stacey: Wow! A pretty close one! 3 names had at least 2 votes!

Wyatt: 3?

Stacey: Besides Nmet, the people safe are...... Julia!

Julia: Wow, i am a little surprised honestly.

Stacey: Joshua and Wyatt, you also are safe.

Wyatt:/Joshua: Yay?

Stacey: Now. Marilyn, Mnet and Steph. You all got at least 2 votes. The person with 2 votes is...... Mnet!

Mnet: I'm safe? Yes!

Marilyn: (gulps)

Steph: Oh noo.

Stacey: And the person eliminated is....























Stacey: Actually. It's a 3-3 tie! This is the second time i've had to deal with a random tiebreaker! Uh- umm, i'm gonna ask you a question about Brunei! Answer correctly to stay in the game! You two can say a few words in the confessional while i look for a fact.

Marilyn(CONF): I'm so- at least i'm not eliminated, but like, i'm very close. All i need to do is beat Steph!

Steph(CONF): After everything i've gone through today and yesterday, i'm not out, well maybe I do have a shot.

Marilyn: Before we start, i'd like to say that i'm sorry for hating on you.

Steph: You are?

Marilyn: Yeah.. i found that was all a lie, i'm sorry that I attacked you when something was false.

Steph: Who told you?

Joshua: Hehe. No problem, but please don't talk to me i'm in a very stressful situation! Good luck to the both of you.

Steph: Thanks.

Stacey: Ok found something! Whoever guesses closer is staying in the game! What is the population of Brunei!

Marilyn: Uhh? Well theres no point taking forever, i'm literally just guessing 1 million.

Steph: Well, i'll guess 500 thousand.

Stacey: The population is.......











Stacey: 430 thousand! So Steph stays in the competition, and Marilyn's going home!

Steph: I survived?

Nmet: Dang it- i'll miss you Marilyn.

Julia: Same, i'm not gonna see you off because we weren't that close, but i just couldn't vote for Mnet.

Mnet: And, good game move trying to take me out, but I had to vote for you, i was threatened.

Marilyn: Whatever it's fine.

Stacey: Before we send Marilyn off, Nmet, who's joining you in first class!

Nmet: I've done Mnet a favour today, so I pick Julia.

Stacey: And punishment?

Nmet: Steph.

Steph: Hahahahaha. You're so funny. Can you pick someone else! PLEASE!

Nmet: Fine then, i pick......... Attica's boyfriend.

Steph: You're unbelievable.

Stacey: Great, let's say goodbye to Marilyn!








Marilyn: I don't believe everything has just happened.

Joshua: Neither can I. But, i mean, you did better than I was expecting you to.

Marilyn: What do you mean.

Joshua: You used to barely try in challenges, and in the overall game, but today you did, and you did well.

Marilyn: It's fine, seriously.

Joshua: By the way, give this to Sophia. (gives Marilyn Sophia's necklace) You we're supposed to use it as motivation, but you didn't need to. Clearly i had a good affect on you.

Marilyn: Don't get too cocky, but yeah. You did. And i know i said it before but, i'm really thankful.

Joshua: Honestly i'm just thankful i had someone to talk to after-, i can't believe i have to go back in there, alone. I always had you to talk to.

Marilyn: (blushes) You'll be fine, us introverts are fine alone!

Joshua: Right, how could i forget. Are you ready?

Marilyn: Yes. F*** you former friends, i made true ones!

Joshua: We're friends?

Marilyn: I guess we are now. Au revoir.

Joshua: Wait- so you actually like me? (Marilyn gets on the jeep of shame)

Marilyn: Shut up. (hugs him)

Joshua: I'll miss you too. (Marilyn rides off in the distance.)


Joshua(CONF): That hurts almost as much as Pierre's elimination. Am I happy Steph won the tiebreaker? Yes and no. But i definitely lost someone i really like.

Stacey: Well, another ones gone! We are down to the final 6 already! Wyatt, Julia, Nmet, Mnet, Steph and Joshua are all left in the running. Will Joshua recover, will Steph? And what cunning moves will Nmet make next time on Total. Drama. STARS OF THE- (Nmet walks in)

Nmet: Hi- so we need to do something.

Stacey: Uhh, ok? (Nmet drags her off the screen) Wait! I need to finish my outro!

Chapter 15: Racing Against Ties


Theodore: Here Chris, it's extra food from breakfast.

Chris: Finally! I'm hungry! You took too long!

Theodore: But- i'm supposed to serve you 30 minutes from now. Don't tell me it's one of those daylight saving things or something.

Chris: Did you check your phone!

Theodore: No! You took my phone from me because i didn't know how to use it well enough! I may be old, but i can handle a text message!

Chris: Well sorry! Plus we probably just passed a different time zone! So you're actually 30 minutes late! Now go!

Theodore: Grr! Fine then! (walks away, mad)






Theodore: That Chris needs to PAY! But he barely even pays me! (goes into cockpit) Oh good, the vampire isn't here. (Steph walks in with fork)

Steph: But i am. (sighs)

Theodore: It would be nice if you stopped whining! I've fought in 8 wars, gone through 3 plagues AND seen everyone i love die! But i ain't complainin!

Steph: I'm sorry. I just want to curse luck right now! I'm going in to A FINAL 6 challenge with a disadvantage a-

Theodore: Bad attitude? Yes.

Steph: Yeah, yeah, but all of that was years ago.

Theodore: Centuries more like. And my life isn't exactly perfect right now. Chris is bugging me and the other staff too much! In the olden days, i'd be able to overthrow him, but now there's all these rules! And i can't do anything! Steph: Overthrow? Not a bad idea. Remember when we did it?

Theodore: Oh yeah, that was fun. Hey, maybe i should kid. What's with the fork?

Steph: I was eating but then i got so annoying with everything i came in here. Why?

Theodore: Oh- I, I need to wash it. 

Steph: In a cockpit?

Theodore: Yes, very busy. Now stop being sad!

Steph: Thanks, very helpful. (says while being pushed out by Theodore)

Theodore: Maybe. Maybe I can!

Random Voice: Can What?

Theodore: You're still there! Eureka! Maybe I can set you free?


Theodore: No. Otherwise i'll keep you in there. Do you know who Chris is?

Random Voice: Duh! 

Theodore: If you knock some sense into him, i'll set you free! Forever! 

Random Voice: Ok. RELEASE ME!

Theodore: (uses Steph's fork to open cockpit, and safely takes out the person with the random voice)  Hang on- aren't you... that Rebecca girl?


Theodore: Nope. Only Chris.

Rebe: Not even the vampire!

Theodore: She's gone already.

Rebe: Huh, good riddance!

Theodore: I know. How are you still alive, and how did you get stuck inside the cockpit!

Rebe: Well, Chris had me working on building this thing with these other workers. Then I got sick of his maltreatment! HE NEVER FED ME BUT HE WIPED HIS FACE WITH MONEY! I SAW! Well one day i got sick of this sknicker-snacker. So i stole the food we had stored, but i heard him coming, or somebody i had already left, and the hole underneath this thing with all the buttons was the only hiding spot. So i hid with my wine, my water and my enormous amount of food. But like a few hours after, the fixed the hole! I THOUGHT I COULD ESCAPE WITH MY KNIFE! BUT IT DID NOTHING! So at first, i could feast like a queen, i had food to last even Owen like 3 weeks! But after going through half of the rations-

Theodore: It's not rations if you're by yourself.

Rebe: Well it felt that way! I always had to consider future me, and now me! And it was dark and scary in there too! Did nothing good for my already bad vision! So yes, i got a little desparate so when i screamed. I SCREAMED! There's you answer!

Theodore: Well, wow. You have a job to do though.

Rebe: (hits Theodore with her staff) Ok i'm going, i'm going! Sheesh! I needa little time to stretch!






Mnet: Josh, i'm sorry for voting Marilyn off, it's just tha-

Joshua: Yeah yeah, you were threatened. I don't need to hear any apologies right now. I just wanna be left alone.

Mnet: Uhh ok. Sorry again.

  • awkward silence*

Wyatt: (walks in) Hey Mnet! Sorry about the-

Joshua: Don't mention it.

Wyatt: Ok, lets go eat Mnet.

Mnet: Sure! I have a lot- to talk about.

Wyatt: Oh, really?

Mnet: Yeah, lets go. (Mnet and Wyatt walk out as Steph walks in)

Steph: (sigh) Hi.

Joshua: Ugh I know. Our lives suck.

Steph: Preach. I mean, 3 times in a row?

Joshua: Wow, that's bad. I just don't like how when I finally got close with Marilyn, she gets out.

Steph: Oh please that's nothing. You'll get over i-

Joshua: It doesn't mean nothing to me! Sorry. Totally doesn't.

Steph: Well, yeah i guess. But think about my position. I've lost Attica and Brett, and have my third punishment to deal with today.

Joshua: I know you're in a worse position than me, that doesn't help.

Steph: I'm not trying to. (sigh) How did you get through Pierre's elimination.

Joshua: His beret. But Marilyn didn't give me anything like that. Has my happiness really been in the hands of French fabric all this time?  Well, if it has- i won't let it end. This is the most stable i've been in years and i can't let it go. 

Steph: Yeah. Same. I can't. Maybe i've been stable for a bit longer, but still. I can't go back to my old ways. Promise me one thing, please.

Joshua: What.

Steph: We have to help each other to not go back to our old ways.Wyatt's great, but he doesn't understand this side of me. I might not be able to stay strong against Nmet by myself.

Joshua: Of course. We made a deal about this, remember. Ok, lets go join Wyatt at breakfast.

Steph: Ok. (Joshua and Steph walk out)






Steph: We're not interrupting anything here, are we?

Mnet: I mean, i would have preferred to tell this to Wyatt alone, but whatever, I think you should hear this too.

Steph: Sure, thanks. 

Wyatt: So, Mnet, do you think you'll vote for Nmet next?

Mnet: Yes- no? I don't know. I'll figure it out.

Joshua: What's happening if she wins immunity?

Steph: If she does again, i'll literally give u- (Joshua stares) never mind.

Mnet: Well anyway, I can't tell if Nmet's being honest with me.

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Mnet: I finally stood up to her, and told her we couldn't be friends if she didn't stop being so ruthless, but then yesterday she came to me crying telling me she was trying to change. But after like 3 hours of trying to figure it out last night, I realised that Nmet never voted with me, though she told me she would. She was supposed to vote for Marilyn, but i guess she was so tempted by the thought of you out she voted for you.

Steph: Figures.

Joshua: Ok so we all know why you'd want to leave her, i'd spend hours talking about that. But why do you want to stay with her? Just because you're clinging onto the hope she'll return back to the old her?

Mnet: Basically. I really can't let go of the fact she was my best friend for all of my life! It's so annoying, but picture you had no other friends for your entire life, she was the one there for me. And i just want to be there for her while she turns into this maniac!

Wyatt: You're not responsible for her sanity. It's not your problem to take care of her, even if she has for you. Because she is the one ruining the friendship, not you.

Mnet: Thanks Wyatt, you're amazing.

Wyatt: No you are. (kisses Mnet)

Joshua: Aww, well i hate to break up your moment, but did you just hear that scream.

  • more random screaming*

Steph: Yeah that was creepy.

Mnet: Eh we'll be fine, it's probably just Benj masturbating

Wyatt: Well, i- ok. (Benj walks in)

Benj: Hey beautiful!

Mnet: Shut up! I have a boyfriend now and i won't accept any of your flirty pick up lines!

Benj: Ha! You actually chose that geek!

Wyatt: I'm right here, Mr Masturbate.

Benj: Hey! That screaming wasn't me! In fact-

Joshua: Yes for once.

Benj: (glares at Joshua) I'm trying to tell you guys something about that noise!

Steph: Look Benjamin. We don't care. Now goodbye.

Benj: Fine, at least i'm prepared! (walks off)

Mnet: Do you think he could have said something worthwhile?

Joshua: No. It's Benj. Also, Wyatt's your boyfriend? I knew it.

Steph: I mean they just kissed.

Mnet: It isn't official but- i guess.

Steph(CONF): It's great that Wyatt and Mnet are together, and i'm happy for them. But, say Nmet goes today, which has to happen. The final 5 will be so complicated! And honestly, i want to vote for Mnet then, but that's again the "bro code" or whatever. How can i be a good gameplayer and a good friend right now! Ugh!





Mrs McLean: I can't do this anymore. Stop asking me for food!

Nmet: I can get you fired.

Mrs McLean: You know what you puta, no way! Wait, my phones ringing, oh i need to take this.(Mrs McLean walks away)

Julia: Uhh, ok so, what did you get as a reward.

Nmet: I asked Stacey for a wig.

Julia: .....Why? 

Nmet: Mnet looks so good blonde, maybe i'll be the same. 

Nmet(CONF): Ha! Of course not! If i can pretend to be Mnet, i can gain info on the guys! Or even worse. But for now, i think it has it's use. And by the way, brunettes look way better.

Julia: You really expect me to believe that?

Nmet: No, but whatever. (sighs) My mum has cancer, and she's very self-conscious about it. I wanted to get the wig for her. And i really need this money, which is why i try so hard. But- i don't like to admit that.

Nmet(CONF): Call me disgusting for using people with cancer to my advantage, but i can't have her know the real reason!

Julia: Wow, Mnet told me her mum is sick too. Well, sorry? I don't know what to say.

Nmet: It's fine. (sighs again) But, are we in an alliance now?

Julia: Wha- wait what? Since when were we in an alliance!

Nmet: Look at how unloyal the guys were, abandoning your overall alliance. I think it's time you leave. You guys all hate me for just being good at this game, Daisy does it with you.

Julia: Eww don't remind me of her. I don't believe you're making me consider this.

Nmet: Come on, you, me, Mnet alliance to take on the guys! They'd never expect a blindside! And remember they never forgave you about your accident! 

Julia: You know what, fine. But only because of your mother, i'd feel bad not giving you an opportunity to get that money. Though i still wanna win.

Nmet: Great! Now let's talk strategy!

Julia(CONF): Ugh, i don't know what i just did. Am i actually with her? Also, i don't feel like this is just a 3 vs 3 situation. It seems far more complicated. But, i didn't like not being able to have a say in the moves we made, so maybe i should go with Nmet? Jason would know what to do.









Mrs McLean: Thank you for getting me out of there, Nmet is evil.

Theodore: No the vampire is. Benj, did you tell anyone what i told you?

Benj: Nope! I wanted to tell some of the contestants, but they didn't let me! 

Theodore: You weren't supposed to! Now, we need to get Chris gone! 

Stacey: Duh, is that all you called us for?

Theodore: Shush youngin! I am speaking! No respect, in my day we- (Stacey slaps Theodore)

Stacey: Sorry! I didn't want it to come to that!

Theodore: Don't do that. Ok I released the creepy person in the cockpit.

Mrs McLean: Hahahahah ok you're crazy.

Benj: No, he did! I saw!

Mrs McLean: Oh. You're serious?

Theodore: Yes i am! Now. I say we release it at Chris in the middle of the flight, and then open the door so he falls and dies.

Stacey: What! Are you crazy? We'd all get sued!

Theodore: Fine, then what's your humane way of doing this.

Stacey: How about, we do what i said last meeting! I get secrets from him- WAIT i have an idea!

Mrs McLean: What?

Stacey: Look, remember that contract that had all the things we weren't allowed to do?

Benj: Yeah?

Stacey: He must have the same version! We all had to bring it on the plane as proof so if the producers wanted to fire us, we could use that as evidence of breaching the contract! I am sure he's done something, and if not, i'm sure we could force him into doing something!

Mrs McLean: Smart gurl! But, the producers love him and won't fire him!

Benj: Then how do we get rid of the producers?

Stacey: Benj, you need to go to head office and ask the producers if you can be in charge of jobs.

Benj: What if they say no!

Theodore: Than we release Rebe.

Stacey: Say you'll do it for free! Then they'll have to hire you!

Theodore: But how, the producers are set in Bern, Switzerland!

Benj: Why Switzerland?

Theodore: Total Drama was started by a Swiss guy. They wanted to do the first seasons in Switzerland or neighbouring countries but the laws in Europe for these shows are too strict. So they went to Brazil and Canada, and did casting there, knowing English would get them more money than other languages, so that's why everything is based in Canada. All hosts, staff and contestants are from Canada, and most of the producers had to move to Switzerland.

Stacey: So that's why my job interview for this job was via video audition. And thats perfect! We go to Bern in episode 18! Ok! That's the plan! None of that weird creepy woman.

Theodore: Of course, you hate my idea- wait. Benj. Didn't i tell you guard Rebe?

Benj: No?

Theodore(CONF): Darn memory loss.


Theodore: Hehe. Oops. 









Joshua: Uhh. So. What do we do? Considering Chris has gone missing for the second time this season.

Theodore: Ha! It's been way more than 2 times, this is just the second time you've seen. Don't worry about him ye-

Stacey: Theodore! I know he isn't the greatest but he doesn't deserve to be flung off the Opera House or something!

Nmet: Opera House? We're in Sydney. Ugh great, it would have been useful if it was somewhere i've been before.

Theodore: Did I ask! Anyway-

Stacey: The challenge is called off today. We will look for Chris.

Benj: Really? You three can, i'm spending time with the girls on the plane.

Mnet:/Julia:/Nmet: No. You're not.

Theodore: Stacey! Let them do it! Us rescuing Chris destroys the point of the rebel cause!

Wyatt: The rebel cause?

Mrs McLean: Hush child, have this lollipop.

Wyatt: .....I'm seventeen years old.

Stacey: Fine! Sorry kids, but you're looking for Chris. You can all have 1 cheap 25 dollar flip-phone incase you get lost.

Steph: ONLY if the whoever does this gets immumnity and first class and gets to pick someone to go with them along with a punishment. Like always.

Nmet: ONLY if Steph get's his punishment.

Theodore: Uhh, we didn't think about this. Sorry Steph, we'll have to talk away you're phone.

Steph: But Theodore i thought we- (sighs) I can't keep complaining.

Stacey: Wait, Chris had a reward for y'all. Someone special to all of you will get to talk to you via this big screen which we never talked about before! Cartoon logic!




Stacey: Someone is about to give one of you special advice, they may have competed this season, they may have not. Or they might not even have ever competed! First up, going alphabetically, we have Joshua.

Joshua: Yaay. Who is it, Pierre or Marilyn. I can't see it being anyone else- (screen shows Spencer) Wait... what? Who are you again?

Spencer: Remember? Season 4? We we're friends!

Joshua: Oh you! Friends? You're still as delusional as before.

Spencer: Hey!

Joshua: Ok, so why did you pick me.

Spencer: Well, you helped me to be more like myself, and i've noticed you haven't been doing that well here mentally! Just remember, if you can give good advice to others, you can do it yourself without a dumb piece of fabric!

Joshua: Don't you dare ever insult Pierre's beret. But thanks nerd.

Spencer: You're welcome! I think. (screen goes to static)


Theodore: Next is Julia. And your talker is (presses remote but it doesn't work) Benj! Get over here!

Benj: (presses button) It's, the on button there. 

Theodore: Thanks kiddo. (screen shows Attica)

Attica: Juliaaaa!

Julia: Atticaaaa! It's been so long!

Steph: Well you saw each other 3 episodes ago-

Julia: Shut up Steph!

Julia(CONF): That probably didn't  help ease tensions, but it was a joke!

Attica: Was that Steph? Tell him he's amazing! We're not able to watch the show over here! So we rely on info the eliminated people come to tell us! So how are all of you! You guys friends?

Julia: (quietly) Duh no. The guy is too emotional. (normal voice) Yep. We're good!

Attica: I- I wasn't born yesterday Julia. I can see you mumbling. But whatever, just remember everything will be fine, and also your shirt, the pink's been drained out! Get yourself a new one when you win!

Julia: Heh. Will do! Thanks! (screen goes to static)


Stacey: Uhh, this is taking too long. Can we stop?

Theodore: No, it will fill out the episode run-time. We need to keep our fans entertained.

Stacey: We have bigger problems on our hands! Lucky the next two decided to do it together! Welcome the mothers of Mnet and Nmet!

Julia: That's nice! You'll get to see your mother, with her.... you know what!

Mnet: Aww thanks Julia!

Julia: No. I was talking to Nmet. Sorry girl! You must have heard something different!

Mnet: Bu- (screen shows the mums of Nmet and Mnet)

Nmet(CONF): WHYYYYYY! Ugh! I knew lying constantly wouldn't be easy, but i mean come on! COME ON! 

Mnet: Mum! Mum are you ok!

Nmet: (Rolls eyes) Hi mother.

Nmet's mum: Call me mum dear! How are you doing!

Nmet: Shut up.

Nmet's mum: Now you hush! I dont like the attitude you've been showing recently! Me and Mnet's mum have been watching the show, and we don't like that you aren't being friends!

Mnet's mum: Y-yeah. Please be friends like before.

Mnet: Mum, you're struggling to move! And- you don't understand, we have reasons!

Nmet's mum: Oh she's in a vegetative state, which is why you need to make up and be like before you entered this stupid show!

Theodore: Even the contestant's parents think this show is stupid.

Nmet's mum: Shush old man! They were inseparable! And it must be some type of curse, as soon as Mnet and Nmet had that big argument in season 1, Mnet's mum got diagnosed with cancer! It's a sign!

Julia: Wait, it's Mnet's mum who's sick? But-

Mnet: But mum! Please! You don't understand!

Nmet's mum: Understand what! That your stubborness will cost me my gossip girls life!

Mnet: Hey you! She's also my mother!

Nmet's mum: Well then forgive each other already! It would take a lot of money to give her surgery, but we don't have the money! Unless you win, but let's face it. That's not happenning. 

Mnet: (starts to cry) Mother, i'm sorry, but i honestly don't believe it's a sign! Just hang in there and watch me win the million bucks!

Mnet's mum: (quietly) That would be nice. I want you to do what you want, as long as i'm cured. I don't think i can walk anymore, and my visions almost gone, same with my hearing. Just please, if it means you becoming friends again, or you winning, just make sure you fix this. Fix me please. I would do euthanasia if Nmet's mother wasn't forcing and using me as a way to make you feel- (screen goes to static)

Wyatt: Woah. I. Mnet are you okay?

Mnet: (runs away crying while Wyatt follows her)

Julia: Nmet, you! You lied to me! I can't believe you! You used your best friend just to make me align with you! And your mum! I see your personality is hereditory!

Joshua: Ok i have no idea what is going on, but i can tell you just did something very wrong. Tisk tisk Nmet. (walks away)

Nmet: Meh.

Steph: You just can't get enough! Can you!

Nmet: What do you mean?

Steph: Oh i know! You used Mnet's mum's situation to get you another ally! What is that, like the 2763rd lie you've said all season! 

Nmet: Oh please, at least I know how to play! (tries to push Steph, but he stays firm)

Steph: (deep sign) That's not gonna work anymore! I am done taking everything you say so personally!

Nmet: Good for you. Wait i don't care.

Steph: How did I let 14 people get out before you! You will never win, you know that right.

Nmet: Steph, Steph, Steph. Do you never learn! I, just like you said, have survived 14 eliminations! And every time you try to take me down, I survive!

Steph: Yes, but it's 5-1 now. There's no way you'll get immunity, and you can't possibly survive without that!

Nmet: Ha! You fool! I have a secret advantage! Now run away you lowly peasant! I'm trying to think!

Steph: No. You go away! I am tired of-

Nmet: Blah blah blah. You've told me. But fine i'll go, i can't take your bad breath anymore. (Walks away)

Isaac: Bro! That was epicc!

Steph: Huh! The screen was on?

Isaac: Yeah. I saw you stand up to her, that was great!

Steph: Isaac! It's been so long!

Isaac: Dude i know, I'm so proud of how far you've came, it's inspiring bro!

Steph: (sniffs) Thanks. I really need a reminder to stay strong right now, and you're it.

Isaac: You're welcome. Say hi to Wyatt for me. I was supposed to do him, but he's not here.

Steph: Yeah, we're having problems. I will. (Screen goes to static)

Stacey: I think we'll start the challenge now. Are you sure about this Theodore?

Theodore: Yes yes, the youngins need to learn to fight. Now you can do this Stephy! Go!






Steph: So, what do you three say? Guys alliance?

Joshua: I have a feeling you're doing this because you don't have a phone and don't wanna get lost, but ok.

Wyatt: Of course. Actually. I think we should all team up, all five of us against Nmet. 

Joshua: I'm not against it, i've already lost Marilyn, i'm not gonna lose someone else because Nmet has immunity.

Steph: But Julia-

Joshua: After Nmet's mum and everything, i think she hates Nmet more than you. Only by a teensy bit, but still. Her more than you.

Wyatt: Aren't you just a great friend.

Joshua: I know. He needs to know the truth doesn't he!

Joshua(CONF): Am I being more obnoxious? Marilyn understood my jokes, Wyatt doesn't. Ugh, why do I have to care! I like Steph, but it's true that Julia doesn't like him, i can't have him expect to walk into a rainbow, when it's actually a minefield! I- I'm working on analogies, and that was a failed attempt. Please ignore this confessional.

Wyatt(CONF): Josh is, interesting, to say at the very best of it. Like, it's clear he likes Steph, but he's so- you know. Ok i don't even know, but maybe i should stop being so judgemental.

Wyatt: How about you ask the girls Steph. They're over there.

Steph: Sure. (Steph walks away)

Wyatt: Anyway, you. Can i talk to you?

Joshua: I mean, ok.

Wyatt: Look, we both really want to help Steph here, but- (sighs) I don't know, your sarcasm really doesn't help.

Joshua: Sorry, it's my defence mechanism, and at this point, i can't stop! 

Wyatt: Well ok. But we know he's getting really annoyed about a lot of things and-

Joshua: TBH, telling someone that it's gonna be ok every single time isn't always gonna work. It's nice to be reassured, but when it does fail it worsens everything and then you start questioning everything and feel so unsure about everything and you can't think straight because your problems are literally your entire personality! (Cough) From experience.

Wyatt: .......I am sorry you went through with that?

Joshua:  Yeah yeah. It's not like i'm over it, but it's been much better. But Steph isn't a baby, as much as you love to be taken care of when you're sad, you have to make sure they know not everythings gonna be perfect. And thats annoying coming directly because to me- i mean them, it doesn't feel like you really know what i'm going through. I am fine supporting Steph! We had a chat about keeping ourselves together this morning! But don't sugarcoat it, because if he was to get eliminated, or you, or me, or anyone besides Nmet, he's gonna feel worse!

Wyatt: Well. I see your point. And i guess, maybe i should focus on myself more. It's how Jason went home. Am I replacing Jason?

Joshua: Possibly.

Wyatt: Great. But ok. I will. I'll focus on myself more. And try to be a little less reassuring. Ugh that sounds wrong out loud, are you sure this is the right thing to do?

Joshua: Honestly no, but it's the only way i recovered. Teach him to be there for himself.

Wyatt: Thanks, because i really want the best for him. I witnessed his suicide attempt. I can't watch him go back to that.








Steph(CONF): Come on Steph, you can do this. You can ask them. Ugh i feel so stupid! Why am i acting like i'm asking someone out!

Steph: Hey girl-

Mnet: My mum! Is dying even more! (cries)

Julia: There there. She'll be ok.

Mnet: Will she? And Nmet's mum is using her! It's so disgusting!

Julia: Oh i know. We will take Nmet out!

Mnet: But is it Nmet's fault? Sorry, my emotions are everywhere right now! But i hate how now i have another reason to stay friends with Nmet, especially when i was finally trying to let go!

Julia: It't not like that Mnet! Nme't mum is seeping into you. Just because your mum got cancer after you broke up, doesn't mean it will be fixed getting back together! Come on, let's go!

Mnet: You know what. Ok. I have to fight for my mother. Ugh how did i get in this situation!

Julia: Don't think about that let's go-

Steph: Ok. I know this is a very rude time to interrupt, but should we be in a big supergroup?

Julia: No. Go away.

Mnet: I wouldn't mind being with Wyatt.

Julia: We'll only go slower in a group! And i don't wanna work with you! Just because i'm super mad at Nmet, doesn't mean i'm not mad at you!

Joshua(CONF): I was right. Don't ask how i heard Julia talking.

Steph: Julia please, just give me a chance! Plus you're the one who- 

Julia: Who what!

Mnet: Julia, just give him a chance. 

Julia: Fine.

Steph: I'm sorry for this mess thats happened. It only really happened because, i was acting like a baby and made it a bigger problem than it was! I need to learn that i might be unlucky sometimes, but if i am still competing in the final 6 though i had the minority on my team multiple times, i should be more thankful. We really should get over this, if we want a chance to beat Nmet. She is the reason all the drama exists between is. Somehow she finds any minor problem happening, and escalates it! I've had enough! And we need to beat her! Together! (puts hand out)

Julia: .....(sighs) You're right. Nmet is evil. And she must go down. Let's go.

Mnet: What about Wyatt and Joshua? Julia: We'll be fine. So should they. Let's go.

Julia(CONF): I really should let go of my grudges. We've let Nmet stay for too long because we let her cause drama between us! We should blame ourselves for that! But, it's over. I- no, we all won't let Nmet stay any longer.






Nmet(CONF): Ugh. I hate my mum. She has to come in and blow our plan like that! She's so dumb. Anyway. I have massive damage control to do. Steph probably hates me more, which automatically means Wyatt will too. Mnet's probably finally realising i don't care about her anymore, took her long enough. And Julia! Dang it! She knows i lied! Joshua though. He's tricky. He's not very loud, so it's hard to tell where he stands. Clearly not with me. But i have to figure out whatever I can! And Josh might be a start!

Wyatt: We should climb up that hill. Get an aerial view, and maybe find Steph.

Joshua: Yeah, where do you think he went.

Wyatt: Oh no! Maybe he gave up! I should go down to check! 

Joshua: Ha, you really don't learn.

Wyatt: Josh, we have to!

Joshua: Do we now? Ok look i don't know what i'm saying. Just go and check, but be quick! I'll be at the top of the hill!

Wyatt: Yes, i will! (runs down and bumps into Nmet)

Nmet: Hi Wyatt-

Wyatt: Don't touch me!

Nmet: But i wasn't touching you.

Wyatt: Whatever! Don't talk to me!

Nmet: Ugh, no one gives me a chance here. Why?

Wyatt: Oh why! Let me just see why. Oh wow let me check why.

Nmet: Get on with it!

Wyatt: Pierre! You betrayed him just because "you thought" you heard him! Sophia! You lied to her! Oh and Marilyn! Oh and Julia! You lied to all three, and got them to be in an alliance with you! Paul! All you've done to that poor guy! You brainwashed him and said it was all for good, and you used his own success in healing his impediment to your advantage! When he finally stands up for himself, you don't even feel the slightest of shame! My girlfriend! Similar to Paul, you've brainwashed her into thinking you were her friend! It's disgusting! She's really trying to figure out who you are, and you aren't helping at all! And Steph! You have been hating and ridiculing him all season just because he has been against you from the start! Me personally, you haven't done much to me compared to some of my closest friends, but i'm learning to not sugarcoat things, and pay attention to myself! And I may look weak! But I know! Steph knows! Julia knows! Mnet and Josh know! And we will put aside our differences to take you down!

Nmet: Aww! That was cute! Are you done. (Joshua walks in) Oh hey Joshua!

Joshua: Oh my lanta, shut up your voice is more fake than your boobs!

Nmet: Excuse me!

Joshua: I'm not dumb. Look i heard Wyatt's speech. But i'll cut it short. Basically, you suck. And i don't care for whatever you have to say. We're all done with listening to your bullcrap. I never officially left your alliance, but i am now. Go away, go cry to your boyfriend Benj, who will probably be the only person who ever likes you. For some strange reason.

Nmet: You two are being brainwashed by Steph! What have i done wrong!

Wyatt: Do you want me to repeat myself!

Joshua: You sound like a bossy teacher-

Wyatt: Not the right time! I'm not brainwashed by Steph! You don't ned to be brainwashed to understand you are evil! Why are you trying to be some cliche villain!

Nmet: Cause i want money little ones.

Joshua: We're both like, taller than you. And judging by your fake disney princess voice, older than you too. Shut up.

Nmet: Well (pushes Wyatt to the floor) How about now! So if even the dumb ones are "onto me" can i stop being fake?

Joshua: Please, now for the 420th time, go away. (Nmet walks away)

Nmet(CONF): Uh oh. This is bad. No matter what i say, even if it's true, i won't get anywhere! Well, i do have one last trick up my sleeve. I really don't wanna resort to it yet, so i got to get immunity!

Joshua: Are you ok? Wait- where did you go? Wyatt: (From a distance) I'm at the top! Did you think i'd let Nmet slow me down! I think I see Chris too! At this bridge! Come on, lets go!

Wyatt(CONF): I've never felt so motivated before in my entire life, it's such a rush! I feel bad for Steph, he had to deal with Nmet by himself! Sure i was against her, but not so openly! But thats ending now! I want to define myself for once, and i will do anything to get Nmet out of here!

Joshua(CONF): Did what i say to Wyatt really have such an effect! I really have a way with words. He's usually so reserved, on the defence, not the offence. But, anyone can crack, i think i was the one to break the ice? Break the shell? The nut? Wow, i'm 2 for 2 in bad analogies today. - - - -






Chris: Wha- who are you?

Rebe: You don't know who i am even! GAAAARRRRR!

Chris: Ouch! I need to go to the hospital! I think my back is broken!

Rebe: Good! Now! I will perform my final duty! Hauling you off the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Chris: The what?

Rebe: It's a bridge you nincompoop! 

Chris: You're going to fling me off a bridge!

Rebe: Yes, we're almost there too, but i need to find my way to the very top, so you're death will be satisfying!

Chris: Why do so many people try to kill me.

Rebe: Many reasons!

Australian Guard: Wait. You can't get up here without a permit! 


Australian Guard: Gah! Uhh, i mean. Crikey! Because thats totally how all australians talk! I'll strike you with my snake! (brings out deadly snake, which Rebe bites the head off) WHAT! THATS VENOMOUS!

Rebe: I'll do the same to your head if you don't LET ME UP THAT BRIDGE!

Chris: Don't let her do it!

Australian Guard: I'm sorry, the sheila will kill me if i don't!

Rebe: YESSS!

Chris: NOOOO!

Rebe: Now let me use that racing car which was convieniently placed here for the episode!

Australian Guard: But that's for a major race! (Rebe shows blood drying everywhere on Chris's body) (Sighs) I'm so getting fired.

Chris: I'd think Australians would be used to getting fired. Get it. Fired? (weakly) Hahaha.

Rebe: He never learns. (Rebe drives car up bridge)


Stacey: Is that someone driving on top of the bridge! Don't you drive here!

Stacey(CONF): Yeah, Rebe is rabid. But I can't leave 6 teenagers with her! I don't show sympathy much, but thats just mean!

Australian Guard: Some crazy girl and some show host or something. I think she's gonna kill him.


Australian Guard: Weren't you just saying how crazy it is to drive on those metal bars?


Australian Guard: Theres one here. But it's for a rac- (Stacey gets in car and drives off)

Australian Guard(CONF): I hate my job. I don't know how they'll drive on the bridge, considering they're just bars and they're not very connected. I might as well write my letter of resignation now.





- Nmet: Stupid game. I can't do anything right. (sighs) I've lost my influence. (Benj walks in)

Benj: Hey beautiful. 

Nmet: Shut up.

Benj: You good?

Nmet: No, if you couldn't tell by the shut up!

Benj: Eh, you always tell me to shut up, hard to tell how you're feeling.

Nmet: (sighs) What are you doing here anyway. Shouldn't you be on the plane?

Benj: Stacey ran to find Chris and the runaway crazy, Theodore wanted me to chase after her to see if she was ok. I'm sure she's fine. I wanna talk to you!

Nmet: I don't. I just want to give up. (sighs) I've became so desparate to win. I've done so much! Just for my redemption! And now theres no chance! But i'm so close it hurts! (starts crying)

Benj(CONF): Woah. That's the first time i've ever seen her cry. I don't know how to support girls, i just make out with them!

Benj: Don't cry.

Nmet: Shut up. I'm not (sniffs), crying. 

Benj: Yeah sure you  aren't, look i don't care that you're crying, but why? It's odd i never see you like this!

Nmet: I'm sorry! But you don't get it! I wanted my redemption! I was so ready, to get it! I really thought everything could work! But i was so stupid! I shouldn't have done this! I shouldn't have came back! I'm no all star! (cries more)

Benj: Is it over yet? Get up, and start moving your thick legs! You're a normal person, they don't get that, you just want the win! More than anything!

Nmet: Yeah. Nothing ever goes my way, Steph complains about it a lot, but it happens to me too i guess. I just want, this season to be the one things! This is my last chance, and i'm so desparate for that money, ever since my mum got fired as a nurse and became a cashier, it hasn't been going well. That's why we're so desparate, i guess.

Benj: You can do it Nmet. The reason you are still here is because youre different! You're stronger, smarter, you play a different game! Let them hate you for it, they're just jealous it's working! Now go get immunity! 

Nmet: Yeah, you're right. Well, thanks Benj I- eww what! Did i just tell you about myself! And you- gave me decent feedback! Ok eww i- what. Eww.

Benj: Sheesh i have emotions, sometimes. I think. But don't worry, you can do this.

Nmet: Uhh, thanks. (hugs Benj) What did i just do.

Nmet(CONF): Excuse me for getting emotional there. I just so badly want things to go right! I am sick of letting things not go the way i want to! If i can't be nice to be successful, then i have to be mean!

Benj(CONF): I could have given her better feedback, and made her a good person but- i'm not sure. Even to me, now it's clear she has a reason for her ways. Either way, I'm proud of what i said, it's the most caring i've ever been. It doesn't even feel dorky. 








Steph: Where do you think Wyatt and Josh are? 

Julia: Oh! I see them! They're ahead of us!

Mnet: Really, lets go! (Nmet walks in, Steph and Julia glare while Mnet sighs)

Nmet: I'm not goina to talk to you, Chris is only in one direction and it's up that bridge!

Julia: Oh you! Let me get my hands on you!

Mnet: Are you and your mum some evil duo working together in this game?

Julia: Bigger and better question, why did you lie to me in such a disgusting way! It's offensive to both me and Mnet!

Steph: I'm not exactly sure what went down here, but knowing your involved means obviously you did something bad!

Nmet: Whatever, let's just-

Julia: No! Not at least till i do this! (Julia punches Nmet, causing her to fall to the ground)

Nmet: You little bi-

Julia: Ah- ah- ah. We're on TV.

Nmet: (to herself) So, even when i'm mean i can't pull anything off. Fantastic. (Remembers Benj conversation) Nope. I can. I'm just not trying HARD ENOUGH! (Nmet gets up and starts running)

Australian Guard: STOP! This has gone too far!

Nmet: Silence you imbecile. I've got immunity to win! (gets past guard)

Steph: We've got to get her! (Wyatt and Joshua run in) Weren't you ahead of us?

Wyatt: We got kinda lost. Ooh boy i'm tired-

Mnet: Hey Wyatt, i so wanna just take Nmet out and be safe with you right now!

Julia: That's not happening until we beat her! Come on! (all 5 run past guard)

Australian Guard: Forget this job alone, i'll probably not be able to work again, period!






Chris: No! Help! Somebody HEEEELLLLPPPPP!

Rebe: No can hear you Chris.

Chris: Even i'm smart enough to know thats wrong. We're on top of a giant bridge. Of course i can be heard. And i must say the view is beautiful. Now. HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP! HEEEEELLLPPP ME! 

Rebe: WHATEVER! Any last words- (Stacey walks in) 

Stacey: Put him down Rebe! Killing him will get you in further trouble!


Chris: Stacey, do something! ANYTHING! (Nmet and rest of contestants arrive)

Mnet: Uhh, are we about to witness a murder!

Nmet: NOT IF I RESCUE HIM! (Nmet grabs Chris from Rebe) 

Rebe: Give me him! (fights for Chris by grabbing his leg)

Julia: LETS GET HIM! (Julia, Steph, Mnet, Wyatt and Joshua grab 2 limbs and pull)

Stacey: Uhh- ahh! GAH! (grabs onto remaining limb)

Chris: I- what is this! This isn't helping! You're gonna break my spine! 

Theodore: No one cares.

Stacey: Theodore? You're here?

Theodore: Yeah, me and Mrs McLean felt bad leaving you, we sent out Benj but he probably got lost.

Stacey: Well thanks, YOU TWO HELP ME PULL CHRIS!

Mrs McLean: On it, i'll save you honey!

Chris: Yeah yeah you're just hurting me more!

Mrs McLean: Grr! I can't take this disrespect anymore! (starts helping Rebe)

Stacey: Are you crazy girl!

Mrs McLean: I won't kill him, but! I'm sick of my efforts not being appreciated! He will PAY!

Chris: I can hear you, you know. Is this not enough?

Rebe: Not at all! (gets hold of Chris, before she accidentally drops him to the edge of the bridge)






















Chris: OHHH WHHYYY! AHHHH! (lands on Australian Guard) Woah. I'm alive! AND OK! Except for my arm, MY ARMS BROKEN! OH NO! 

Australian Guard: I'm getting crushed by you, just thought i'd let you know.

Chris: No one cares! (Stacey runs in, with contestants) Stacey! I'll have to go and see how serious all this is. It shouldn't take too long.

Stacey: Yes, i'm just shocked that you're still alive!

Nmet: Whatever who cares, now who wins immunity!

Chris: Well, no one really won. Plus, i want this season to be 20 episodes and this will allow for that. No elimination tonight! Meaning no immunity! I guess that also means no first class AND no punishment!

Wyatt: Dang it, that rush all for nothing.

Steph: We'll get her next time.

Julia: That's the spirit!

Nmet: I'm like- right in front of you.

Chris: Anyway, enjoy the freebie, but don't get used to it. Starting tomorrow, things are back to normal. Stacey, go find Benj and lead the kids back to the plane! Theodore, stop that evil monster from hurting me! 

Theodore: Of course i get the hard job. I see your encounter with Rebe taught you nothing.

Chris: It taught me that i have a terrible, incompetent, betraying wife! And i'm gonna talk to her! (limps back up bridge)

Australian Guard: He's married? Who would have thought.

Theodore: I know, it surprised me too. There's a rumour Chris got her pregnant and they married because of that, and then she had a miscarriage. I don't know where i heard it, but i believe it.

Australian Guard: I would to. Good luck with that psychopath.

Theodore: Oh hes evil. But i've gotten used to it. (walks away)

Australian Guard: Wait- i was talking about the Rebe sheila.







Chris: MARIA! I need to talk to you!

Mrs McLean: .....


Mrs McLean: .....

Chris: Fine! But i must know! Why did you side with the Rebe-l! See what i did they're!

Mrs McLean: Shut up. 

Chris: Oh now you're talking!

Mrs McLean: Oh hush! I'm tired of you! I don't know why you married me, if you are going to mistreat me straight after!

Chris: You're talking about me mistreating you! You just helped a rabid animal try to kill me!

Mrs McLean: No! Callate puta! Answer my question! Are you using our marriage for your personal gain!

Chris: Babe, i took your paychecks so i could pay the bills!

Mrs McLean: DON'T CALL ME BABE! You're a liar! I checked my emails a few days ago and found we we're evicted! Our paychecks could easily avoid that! 

Chris: But uhhh- i've used it to maintain the plane!

Mrs McLean: Uh huh. We relied ON LUCK! TO MAKE SURE OUR PLANE LANDED CORRECTLY FOR 14 EPISODES! Admit it! You've been using my hard earned money for your own luxury! When you don't even do any work! You forced a child!

Chris: Technically he's almost 18-


Chris: Maria i did it for us! If i'm happy, so are we!



Mrs McLean: I'm mad that I ever married you! As soon as this season ends, SO DO WE!

Chris: AND, SO WILL YOUR JOB! So unless you surrender and commit back to me, you will be fired at the end of the season! And trust me, i have connections, and i can stop you from working at many other places! You will be mine or basically I will torture you because using your money! I got that power! You have till the end of the season to make a decision! I'll be waiting in our bed if you... change your mind. Hehehehehe. (limps away)

Mrs McLean(CONF): I want to cry. I want to jump of the Sydney Bridge myself! But i can't! He has derailed me to a sex slave! I am determined more than ever to get him out of this job! My entire life depends on it now! And I am ready!










Mnet: Hey, can I be honest with you?

Wyatt: Of course, i'm your- boyfriend. Well, kinda.

Mnet: (Blushes) Yeah, still can't wait to remove that kinda. Ok, i'm really sad that my mum is close to death. And honestly, it disgusts me what Nmet's mum has done! 

Wyatt: I know it hurts, i'm always there to talk about it.

Mnet: Thanks a lot Wyatt, i'll probably feel worse about it when all the drama from today is over and i've rested, but now, i really have one thing on my mind.

Wyatt: What is it?

Mnet: Now, i see that Nmet doesn't care about me. And (gulps) i am ready to fully leave her.

Wyatt: Woah, really?

Mnet: I won't become like Steph or Julia overnight, but i am tired of being in this limbo. And going back to her will make me feel awful about my mother. I know she wouldn't want me to do it, even if it actually does means she dies. I won't let them get away with it.

Wyatt: That's awesome. I'm so proud of how far you've came, and i can support you in any way possible-

Mnet: No. Enough of that. I love how you always support me, but i never help you. And now, at least at this minute, i feel less unsure. I want to know how you're doing for once. 

Wyatt: I truly am so happy for you Mnet, and i don't think you need to.

Mnet: Noo, you've helped me so much, i need to return the favour.

Wyatt: But, i've gone through the same realisation as you. I have been against Nmet for a while, but i realised it was more just because Steph hated her. I want to be against her because i know what she's done. Thanks to a convo with Josh, i realised that. Soo, we're all against Nmet now. It's official. We've all stood up to her, even Joshua. And we're going to beat her.

Mnet: Yeah. We will. I need to go now, errands. (Mnet runs off)

Wyatt: That was abrupt.

Mnet(CONF): Except he's wrong about one part, i haven't stood up to Nmet. But. That will end now.









Benj: Feel better?

Nmet: Well, annoyingly no one went home today! And no first class! And now everyones against me, and Mnet's probably too weak to pick a side, but i still have my secret tactic.

Benj: Oooh what is it!

Nmet: I'm not sure yet, but i have an idea on what i might do.

Benj: Good luck with that, seems like you'll need it soon.

Nmet: Probably, but i will prevail. Also you. You tell anyone that we had that talk today- and that i don't, eww i can't believe i'm saying this. And that i don't (gulp) hate you anymore, and i'll squeeze your eyeballs until they turn into dust.

Benj: Sure hottie. (kisses Nmet on the cheek while he walks out)

Nmet: I- that was my first kiss. Even if it was on the cheek. Wow... wait why do i care! Focus Nmet! (slaps herself while Mnet walks in)

Mnet: That won't be the last time you get slapped today.

Nmet: Why, you got your boyfriend doing everything for you again! You're so progressive.

Mnet: I can't take it anymore! (starts crying) I don't believe i was really blind for that long, and that it took my mother at the door of death to realise, but YOU ARE EVIL! And, i am done listening to any of your lies! You've lost your final ally! And i hope you realise that! (slaps Nmet) 

Nmet: Oww!

Mnet: Times that pain times a thousand and you'll understand the turmoil i was in! I was stuck etween two sides for so long just because i held onto the fact we used to be best friends! And now, i'm finally over it! I'm over you! The spell which you've casted has worn out!

Joshua(CONF): Another bad analogy, but this time not by me.

Mnet: You're smart, i'll give you that! I don't know how you did it for so long!

Nmet: Because you're an idiot.

Mnet: Shut up! I wonder why i ever thought you were a good friend this season, when i had so many warning signs! It was all in the hope things would go back the way they used to be, but that's non happening! Just like i had many chances to leave you, you had many chances to change your thoughts! To become a better person! But you ignored them every single time! That's why we're here, in this moment, and why i'm leaving you! FOREVER! (walks out of the room, crying)

Nmet: Wow. 

Nmet(CONF): So it's official. They all have come up to me and it is very obvious they all hate me! Well if they gave me a chance when i was nice to them, maybe things wouldn't be this way. So Mnet was wrong, i gave them all chances, they ignored. And this is my revenge. My redemption. I will finally ridicule them all! Sorry my attempts to make alliteration today. Not very good.




- Stacey: Well, that was definitely a very interesting episode. But, we're all learning to fight against the people who ruin our lives! The contestants and us! And as we enter the final stretch of this all star competition! Who will win this battle! I'm not just talking about the game and the money, i'm talking about if Chris and others will continue to mess with our lives, or will we put a stop to it! Yes, i may have heped him today, but that was because i'm not going to murder him! However, i am fully dedicated to giving him waht he has coming! Find out next time, to see if we get any closer to our goal for justice, on total, DrAmA, STARS OF THE SEASONS!

Chapter 16: It's still a climb to the finale

Stacey: Hi yeah- i'm not doing a recap today, i'm busy. We're busy. (static shows)

- - - -

Joshua: (yawns) Final 6. Again. (gets Pierre's beret) Thanks for everything, but i think it's time i abandon you. Joshua(CONF): Look, I need to focus on the game now, and as much as I love that sexy head-covering, I should probably become less dependent on it. Ugh saying that makes me sound really stupid.

Joshua: Nmet better not have anything up her sleeve, or win immunity! If she does i'm in danger, i mean i could try winning myself, but let's stay within the realms of possibilit- (Wyatt walks in)

Wyatt: There you are! We're waiting for you!

Joshua: Who's- waiting for me.

Wyatt: We're having an alliance meeting, Steph suggested we should become closer with each other.

Joshua: I wasn't told about this but sure. Do i have to go, i would like more alone time!

Wyatt: You've spent enough of the season talking to yourself in bed, we need to be serious now, we can't let Nmet keep sliding in and out of elimination!

Joshua: I know, i know. But haven't you ever thought about what would happen after Nmet leaves, obviously we won't all be able to be friends then, so why bother now!

Wyatt: No i haven't thought about that, but still, if you're that concerned over it, then you should probably give us a better impression of you! So get up!

Joshua: Why would you care, it makes you safer.

Wyatt: Ugh. Are you always this difficult, like seriously. I'm just trying to help you, like you helped me.

Joshua: ....

Wyatt: .....

Joshua: Fine. (gets out of bed)

- - - - - - -

Wyatt: I got him! It took a bit of convincing but, he's here. (Wyatt walks in with Joshua)

Julia: Why were you so late, we planned thi-

Joshua: Literally no one told me, just go on.

Julia: In that case, we should try to stick together, all five of us, so we're on the same page.

Joshua: Then, if thats all you wanted to say, did we really need to arrange all this.

Mnet: Can you shut up for a second?

Julia: Exactly. I thought we'd do some type of activity? 

Steph: Sure, like what.

Julia: Uhh, if we played- tag? 

Chapter 17: You're Toxic

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