Total Drama: The Gummiship is the tenth season of Total Drama, and the fifth season of "My Own Series", made by Duncan 99 New.

The season is set one year after Total Drama: Rebirth.


Thirthy-five people (eleven from the first generation, six from the second, seven from the third, five from the fourth and six from the cast of Tropical Fruit's Island Adventure) are back again for a new milion dollars prize! On a big airplane called "Gummiship", our contestants are gonna fight the evil creatures with the power of light, passing through many worlds.


One year after Total Drama: Rebirth, Chris has a brillant idea: another season! In order to let the plan come true he recalls at his own thirthy contestants from the previous seasons.


Alejandro, Beth, Cody, Duncan, Geoff, Harold, Josh, Justin, Katie, Owen and Sadie (from TDI, TDA, TDWT, TDAS);

Anne Maria, B, Cameron, Dawn, Scott and Staci (from TDROTI, TDAS);

Beardo, Dave, Leonard, Rodney, Samey, Shawn and Sugar (from TDPI);

Brody, Ellody, Jen, Junior and Taylor (from RR);

Kairi, Klaus, Riku, Sora, Tempesta and Yuffie (from TDTFIA).


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