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20 Teens come to Hollywood to try and compete for $1,000,000. The challenges will be based off of stuff that is in production like movies, video games, TV shows, anything else you can think of. Find out who wins on Total Drama: The Production!









Bobby Jon














Chapter 1 - "What? He deserved it."

Shane walks in front of a hotel; he turns to the camera and says, “Welcome one and all, to the premiere of, Total….Drama….The….Production! I hope you’re just as excited as I am. Anyway, we’ve received thousands of audition tapes from viewers like you. We have selected twenty teens that will battle the odds in this game. So, are you ready for this? Because I know I am. Stay tuned and don’t change the channel, because this is Total Drama….The Production!”Shane sits on the front steps of a five star hotel; he is texting on his phone, waiting for the arrival of the teens. Suddenly, a white limo pulls up and an Asian girl with a four-leaf-clover on her shirt gets out.

She says, “Wow, I don’t believe it, I’m really here. I wonder what will happen.” She walks up the steps carrying a single suitcase. She spots Shane texting,

Shane looks up and sees her. “Oh,” he says, “I am so sorry I did not see you. Your name is Anna, correct?”

Andrea.” Andrea softly says.

“Oh, so close.” Shane says, he continues texting. Andrea puts her luggage down and sits on it, waiting for someone else’s arrival. She takes out a book and begins to read.

Andrea says after a few minutes, “You know, this place is much better than that old camp site Craziness had.”

“It is, we decided we wanted to do a competition in the states, we’re currently in Hollywood, the place of production stuff.”

“Like movies and stuff?”

“Yep, and video games.”

“Cool, cool.”Another white limo pulls up; a guy in a gray and blue shirt gets out. He looks around.

“Well, this is pretty cool.” he says. He walks up the steps. Andrea looks up from her book. She smiles when she sees him.

“Hello, my name is Andrea, what’s yours?” Andrea kindly asks with a smile on her face.

“My name’s Hunter, pleased to meet you.“ Hunter says, shaking Andrea’s hand.

Shane looks up from his phone, obviously startled from Hunter and Andrea’s talking. He looks over and says,

“Oh, you must be Hunter. Um…Welcome to Total Drama!”

“Uh…Thanks….I guess….” Hunter says. Shane puts his phone in his pocket and watches for the other contestants. Finally, a black limo pulls up and a girl dressed in all black gets out. She picks up her large bag of luggage and walks up the stairs. Andrea and Hunter are both intimidated by her.

“Welcome, Monica!” Shane says, not caring about her scary looks.

“Whatever, just give me the money so I can buy myself a house in a secluded area with no freaks like you.” Monica coldly says.

“Owch,” Andrea says.

“This’ll be a long season.” Shane says under his breath. Monica walks over to Andrea and Hunter. They don’t bother to welcome her, she doesn’t seem to care much. Finally, Hunter breaks the silence,

“So….How do you do?” Monica gives him the death glare and Hunter is silent once more. A black limo pulls up and a guy with a black soul patch and green button-down shirt gets out. He says,

“Awesome, I am so stoked for this!”

“Same here, buddy!” Andrea excitingly says, glad that there was another nice person after Monica.

“Whatever, wake me when this is over.” Monica says, she puts earplugs from her iPod in her ears and listens to it.

“What’s her problem?” The guy with the soul patch says.

“We don’t have a clue.” Hunter says.

After a moment of silence, Shane breaks the silence. “Welcome, Zubin.” He says.

“Thanks, Shane. It’s awesome to be here!” Zubin says. He walks up the steps and puts his luggage with the rest. He high-fives Andrea and Hunter as he walks past them, obviously excited.

A white limo pulls up and a girl with pink hair walks out. She is holding a picture of a guy with blue hair. She says, “This one’s for you, Manic, this one’s for you!”

“Hello, Rosa!” Shane says.

“Thanks, Shane. I can’t believe I’m doing this! Once I win, Manic will be so proud of me!” Rosa says.

“Who the heck is Manic?” Zubin asks.

“My boyfriend. He’s so sweet, when ever I come near him, he runs away! It’s so heart warming.” Rosa says, she sighs dreamily. Andrea and Hunter look at each other in surprise. Both shake their heads.

“Rosa….I don’t think he loves you based on that fact.” Hunter says bluntly.

“SHUT UP! I know he loves me, I am confident in that.” Rosa says, she lays her luggage down with a hmmf. Hunter slaps his head.

(Confessional) “Delusional freak.” Hunter says. A white limo pulls up, no one comes out, though.

“What the?” Shane asks.

“Shane, tell me that this hotel isn’t haunted.” Zubin says.

“It isn’t, why would I pick a place that’s haunted?”

“Um, sorry to interrupt, but there’s no such thing as ghosts. What are we, five?” Monica asks.

“Um, yeah, ghosts are real, explain the crop circles and the paranormal activity!” Zubin says.

“The crop circles were a hoax, and paranormal activity is really just special affects and wires people use to make it look like something invisible is throwing stuff.” Zubin looks like he is about to say something, but he stops, knowing he can’t beat what Monica just said.

Suddenly, a voice is heard. “Parkour!” the voice yells as a boy in a burgundy shirt flips over the hood of the limo he just arrived in. Everyone, including Monica, is amazed by his stunt.

“Wow, Clark, that was amazing!” Shane says.

“Thanks, Shane, but that was nothing, wait until you see me jump from roof to roof!” Clark says excitingly.

“Um, I don’t think you should do that here.” Shane says.

“Why not?”

“Because if you die, I’ll be sued.” There are a few snickers from the group of teens.

(Confessional) “Wow, selfish much?” Rosa asks. Clark walks over to the group, he sets his bags down and waits for more people to arrive.

A white limo pulls up and a girl with a white shirt gets out. She walks over to the others and says, “Well, hi there!” she says with a deep, southern draw.

(Confessional) “Great, a girl who I can’t understand, brilliant.” Monica says.

“Hello Nancy, I’m pleased you came.” Shane says.

“Thank you, I am too!” Nancy says. She walks over to the group.

Andrea says, “Wow, Nancy! I love your black hair!” to Nancy.

“It’s brown hair,” Nancy corrects, “Dark brown hair, and thanks!”

“You’re welcome.” Andrea says. “Oh, and my name is Andrea.”

“Pleased to meet you Andrea.” Nancy says, shaking Andrea’s hand.

Another white limo pulls up and a guy in a mustard yellow shirt gets out. “Hey guys, the name’s Ulysses.” Ulysses says.

“Hi, Ulysses!” Andrea says, waving happily at Ulysses. Ulysses responded back with a wave.

“Hey, Ulysses. I’m glad you joined.” Shane says.

“I’m glad too.” Ulysses says.

(Confessional) “That Asian girl, what’s her name, Andie? Ana? Oh yeah, Andrea. Andrea seems nice. I hope she is in the long run.” Ulysses says. As Ulysses puts his bags down, he walks next to Andrea and stands right beside her. Andrea giggles quietly as Ulysses smiles at her.

(Confessional) “First hook up of the season, nice, an unexpected one, but nice.” Hunter says.

A black limo pulls up and a small, petite girl gets out. She grabs her single, small suitcase and walks up the stairs silently.

“Hello Darci!” Shane says.

Darci says with a quiet voice, “Hello Shane.“ She places her bags with the other people’s bags. She stands alone by Monica after that, Monica then glares at Darci, so Darci quickly walks back to the others.

(Confessional) “Monica knows how to scare people….” Darci says.

Another black limo appears and a blonde boy in a sweater vest walks out. He takes one look at the contestants and turns his head.

“What’s his deal?” Clark asks.

“Oh, sorry, but I really shouldn’t be looking at such, poor, filthy people.” The blonde boy says.

“Who are you calling filthy?” Nancy asks, offended.

“Oh great, a southerner, please, don’t speak to me.” The blonde boy says as he walks over to where the luggage is. He puts his luggage on top of the pile and stands alone.

“Although I don’t know how welcome he is, welcome Jerry.” Shane says.

“Thank you, Shane.” Jerry says, obviously not caring about anything else.

Rosa leans over and whispers,

“I hope he’s not on my team.” to Nancy. Nancy nods in agreement. A white limo pulls up and a tall, blonde girl with a pink bandana in her hair gets out of the limo. All of the guy’s mouths drop open, except Ulysses and Hunter’s mouth.

“H…H..Hi Hayley. Welcome to Total Drama: The Production.” Shane says, he finally closes his mouth.

Jerry walks over to Hayley and says, “You’re beauty is like no other, I wish to date you because of it.”

“Well….” Hayley says. “Do you really wanna know my answer?”

“I know you’re going to say yes.” Jerry says.

Hayley says, “Actually, my answer is simple.” as she kicks Jerry between the legs in anger.

(Confessional) “Ugh, I hate the shallow guys.” Hayley says angerly.

Many of the contestants laugh at Jerry’s misfortune. Even Monica, the girl who never laughs, chuckles silently to herself as Jerry falls to the ground, yelping in pain. Hayley has a smug smile on her face as she watches Jerry fall to the ground. She sees some eyes looking at her.

She says, “What? He deserved it.”

Another white limo appears. This time, a tall boy with platinum blonde hair with a smiley face on his shirt gets out of the limo. He smiling from ear to ear as he walks up the steps.

“Welcome Bobby Jon.” Shane says.

“Thanks Shane, I am so happy to be here right now!" Bobby Jon says.

"Who isn't?" Shane asks.

“Bobby Jon, that has a nice ring to it.” Nancy says.

“Thanks! But you can call me Jon, Bobby, Or just, Bobby Jon.” Bobby Jon says.

“I think I’ll just call you Jon.” Nancy says.

“Fine by me!”

A black limo pulls up and a girl with a turquoise sweater gets out. She grabs her luggage and walks up the steps.

“Hello Heidi.” Shane says.

“Hi Shane.” Heidi calmly says. She places her luggage near the pile of luggage from the other contestants. She stands by Darci as she waits for more contestants.

“Hi Heidi.” Darci quietly greets.

“Oh, hello. What’s your name?”


“Well, it’s certainly nice to meet you.”

Another black limo drives up to the hotel and a large boy with an orange shirt gets out. He eyes the contestants as he walks up the steps.

“Hi Alexander. Welcome. Shane says.”

“Please, just call me Alex.” Alexander says.

“Okay then.” Shane says. Alexander puts his bags with the other bags and walks over to Heidi. He takes one look at her and turns away. Heidi raises an eyebrow at him.

(Confessional) “Alexander seems a tad cocky, I guess I’m gonna have to watch out for him.” Heidi says.

A white limo pulls up and a girl with a pastel blue tube top gets out.

“Hello Kimmy.“ Shane says.

“Hi, and hey, thanks for choosing me.” Kimmy says. Shane smiles, here was another kind person. Boring to watch, but awesome to work with. Kimmy continues, though, “I know you’re just gonna humiliate me in front of Canada and America though the TV viewing world.” Shane’s smile dropped. She was one of those people who view the glass as half empty. Shane was visibly disappointed.

“Hi Kimmy!” Bobby Jon happily says, oblivious to Kimmy’s negative attitude.

“Oh, you’re being nice to me, I’m not stupid you know, I know you’re just gonna act as my friend and then vote me out.” Kimmy says. Bobby Jon looks taken aback.

(Confessional) “I never had any intention of doing that to her.” Bobby Jon says.

Another white limo pulls up. This time, a big guy with a cyan shirt walks out of the limo. He struts up the stairs in a confident matter.

“Hi Freddie.” Shane says.

“Hey Shane. You might wanna give me the check now, because you know I’ll win.” Freddie arrogantly says. Ulysses rolls his eyes.

(Confessional) “Great, an arrogant person.” Ulysses says.

A black limo pulls up, this time, a girl in a black and white shirt gets out. She says, “For the record, I am not a goth or emo.”

“We know, Stephanie.” Shane says.

“Cool.” Stephanie says.” She walks up the stairs and sits near Monica. Monica, surprising, doesn’t glare at Stephanie.

“Hi, Steph. My name’s Monica.” Monica says.

“Oh, hi Monica.” Stephanie says. She frowns a little, but smiles again. A black limo pulls up and this time, a boy in a blue V-Neck gets out. He walks up the stairs and says,

“Make way for the awesome, Tyson!” Tyson says.

“Tyson…..Like the company that makes chicken tenders?” Andrea asks.

“Um…Gross. Chicken is awful.” Tyson says. Many gasps are heard.

“Freak.” Clark says.

“What? So what if don’t like chicken. Not all amazing people have to like chicken.”

(Confessional) "And I thought Alexander was cocky." Heidi says.

A white limo pulls up and a Japanese looking guy gets out. He says, “Hi guys! How’s it going? I’m Peter!”

“Hey Peter! I’m Bobby Jon!” Bobby Jon greets.

“Awesome! Can I just call you Jon?” Peter asks.

“Sure, why not?”


A black limo pulls up and a girl in a purple shirt with a black undershirt walks out.

“Alright, everyone, this is the final contestant, Julia.”Shane says.

“Hi everyone.” Julia says, waving.

“Wait, you mean to tell us that instead of twenty-two people, there are really just twenty?” Darci observes.

“Yep.” Shane replies.

“Oh…” Darci says quietly. She shrugs it off.

“Now, you all do remember what color limo you guys were in, correct?” Shane asks.

“I think so.” Zubin says.

“Yeah, I had a white limo.” Andrea says.

“Well, if you had a white limo, please stand to the left of me.” Shane asks. Hayley, Hunter, Rosa, Bobby Jon, Kimmy, Peter, Andrea, Ulysses, Nancy, and Freddie all walk over to the left of Shane. “You all are, the rough cuts.”

“Rough cuts?” Rosa asks.

“Um, I don’t really like this team name….” Peter says.

“Well sorry, live with it.” Shane says. “As for Julia, Alexander, Heidi, Zubin, Monica, Tyson, Stephanie, Clark, Darci, and Tyson, you all are the animators.”

“Awesome! I love the team name!” Stephanie says.

“Yeah, it’s as great as I am!” Tyson says.

“I’m with the goth, I like this name.” Clark says.

“I am not goth!” Stephanie yells.

“People!” Shane yells, “we have a show to do! Anyway, I’ll close us out.” Shane looks into the camera and says, “Well, there are the contestants for Total Drama: The Production. Who will win? Who will lose? What will happen to these twenty teens? Find out next week on Total Drama: The Production!”

Chapter 2 - "My team should be on the traveling freak show."

Shane is standing on some stairs and he says to the camera, “Welcome back, to Total…Drama…The Production! I’m very sorry we couldn’t air last week; the Puppy Bowl was on so we had to wait until the following week to air this episode. Anyway, last time on Total Drama: The Production, the teens arrived.” Shane stops talking for a few seconds, he stares at the camera funny and finally says, “What? That’s all that happened!”

A voice from behind the camera whispers, “Um, maybe just say how they interacted or maybe speculate who will win.”

“That’s brilliant Paco!”

“Um, my name is Jackson.”

“Who cares Mookie? Anyway, who will win this thing? Who will have the unfortuneate duty of being the first contestant voted out? Stay tuned to find that out, right here, on Total…Drama…The Production!”

The scene opens up right where the last episode left off, with The Rough Cuts are standing to the left of Shane; the Animators are standing to the right of Shane. Shane is standing in the middle.

After a few seconds of silence, Hayley says, “Well now what?”

“Well, you all go into your hotels.” Shane says.

“But there’s only one? Are you telling me there are two?” Darci points out.

“No, you see, the hotel we’re standing in front of is split into two. It is separated by a wall. The teal side is for the Animators, and the Rough Cuts have the crimson side.” Shane explains.

“That explains the horrendous features of the hotel.” Jerry scoffs.

“Hey! We could’ve dropped you into Atlantis for the competition, but we didn’t, did we?”

“Atlantis doesn’t exist, right?” Ulysses asks, a little freaked out.

“Oh it does too exist! How do you think tube tops came to be, and those crop circles, and how do you explain global warning?”

“Um, tube tops were made in a factory, it was a mistake but the dude in charge liked it. Crop circles are pranks and global warming doesn’t really exist, we’re probably just coming out of an ice age.” Andrea says.

“Whatever, I still think that Atlantis people made that stuff. Any who, just get in your hotels.” Shane says, rubbing his temples.

(Confessional) “Wow, we have a psycho host. What’s next? Aliens? Wait, don’t answer that.” Clark says. “I really hope I didn’t just give the producers the idea.”

The Rough Cuts enter their side of the hotel, once inside, they all look around. There is a chandler, ten chairs, one for each of them, a water fountain, and an elevator.

“This is…nice.” Bobby Jon comments. Nancy nods her head in agreement.

“Yeah, it is.” Kimmy says, not being negative for a change.

“Manic would love it here!” Rosa squeals with a huge smile on her face.

“Will you shut up about Manic already? Freddie asks.

“Back off! You’re just jealous because you know I have someone who loves me, and you know that you’re gonna die alone!” Rosa snaps.

Freddie doesn’t look hurt at all. “Don’t lie to yourself, I’m awesome.” Freddie brags. He turns around and slams into the wall accidentally. Rosa and Nancy laugh at him.

“Wow, Fred, you’re so awesome, the wall put itself right there just so you could touch it.” Nancy says sarcastically. Rosa laughs at Nancy’s joke and high fives her.

“I know.” Freddie says, obviously not getting Nancy’s sarcasm. Freddie walks into the elevator and goes up. Everyone else stays behind. The other nine simply plop onto the couches and begin to talk. Peter, however, has a different plan. Peter pulls Bobby Jon and Nancy aside.

He says to them, “Hey, you guys would consider us friends, right?”

“Of course!” Bobby Jon cheerfully says.

“I guess.” Nancy shrugs.

(Confessional) “Peter came up to me; and I think he wanted an alliance. Bobby Jon and I talked to him the most when he arrived, so I guess he considers us friends now. Even though we just met.” Nancy says.

“You two wanna be in an alliance?” Peter asks.

“I guess, whatever gets me far into the game.” Nancy says.

“I don’t know, I feel like a snake…” Bobby Jon answers uneasily.

“Look, I’ll be doing all the work and taking all the blows. You’ll be fine.” Peter reassures.

“You sure?” Bobby Jon asks.


“Well, I guess I accept.” Bobby Jon answers.

“Thanks you guys.” Peter says. He walks away from the two with a huge grin on his face.

(Confessional) “Only five minutes into the game and I have an alliance going, great!” Peter exclaims.

Hayley and Hunter are both talking about random stuff. “So,” Hunter says, “what brought you here?”

“Well,” Hayley starts, “I wanted to find a beau who liked me for who I am. Jerry was an example of most of the people back at home who only like me for my looks. I know I sound snobby, but it’s true. People have told me that all my life.”

“Well, you are beautiful. Oh, and what do you mean by most?”

“Well, there’s this one kid named Luke back at home. He’s a great friend. He actually likes me for who I am and I appreciate that. I’m glad to find a friend like him.” Hayley says.

“Oh, you are, interesting.” Hunter says as he rubs his chin, thinking.

“What are you thinking about?” Hayley questions.

“Oh, um, just…just about my girlfriend Kelsey!” Hunter lies.

“Oh, cool!” Hayley says, believing Hunter’s lie.

(Confessional) “Alright, after judging this group’s actions, I can deduct that they will all be a pretty easy group to lead. They’re not stupid, not at all. I can just tell they’ll be able to listen to reason. If they can just listen, we’ll win for sure! Although, I’m a little scared of Freddie to tell the truth. Jocks like him never listen to reason, or anything smart really.” Ulysses says.

Meanwhile, in the Animator’s side of the hotel, they all marvel at the interior of the hotel. It is the same as the Rough It’s hotel room.

“Wow, this is nicer than I expected. Especially since this is a Total Drama show.” Julia says, fairly impressed.

“I know, right? Last season, they were in the middle of no where.” Heidi says.

“Wow, this is a cute little tiki thing.” Clark says, shaking a tiki decoration piece.

“I, for one, am glad that we’re in a place that’s air conditioned. My hair would’ve been totally messed up.” Tyson says.

“Dude, man up.” Alexander says.

“Hey! You have no right to insult anyone like that!” Heidi snaps.

“Shut it, teal.” Alexander shouts back, referring to Heidi’s sweater.

“Whatever, look, if we don’t pull it together, we’ll lose.” Heidi says.

“She’s right.” Darci calmly says.

“What did you say, mouse? I couldn’t hear you.” Alexander jokes, referring to Darci’s quiet voice.

“You shut it!” Tyson yell. She’s quiet, there’s nothing she can do about that!” Darci smiles at Tyson. Alexander simply rolls his eyes.

(Confessional) “My team should be on the traveling freak show.” Alexander says.

“Whatever, call me when the drama queens are assassinated.” Monica says, getting into the elevator.

“Wait up!” Stephanie calls out. Monica holds the door for her and Stephanie runs in. Once Stephanie is in, the elevator door shuts. Inside the elevator, everything is quiet. Finally, Stephanie speaks, “Wow, this is so exciting!” Stephanie says.

“Except for Zubin, nobody thought I was a goth!”

“It was Clark who thought you were a goth, and you’re not gothic? I kinda thought you were. Sorry for assuming.” Monica apologizes, though by the tone of her voice, she could care less.

“It’s okay, and assuming is pretty bad. It makes an ass out of you and me.” Stephanie jokes, playing on the syllables of assume. She laughs at her own joke, Monica too, chuckles slightly.

“That was kind of funny.” Monica admits, she smiles softly. She quickly turns her attention to her iPod and listens to it. Stephanie just stands there, bored. Meanwhile, back in the Animator’s lobby, Alexander and Tyson are still going at it, they’re mainly yelling incoherent words.

Zubin whispers to Clark, “You wanna take the stairs?”

“Sure.” Clark says. The two pick up their stuff and climb the stairs to their floor.

During the climb of the flight of stairs, Zubin asks, “So, what’s the thing you do? Hot dogging?”

“Parkour.” Clark corrects. “And it’s where you jump over things while doing flips and such as fast and as safe as possible. Although, many times we jump from roof to roof.”

“Cool! I’m just your average skater.”

“You’re a skater? You sure don’t dress or talk like one.”

“Skating is a sport, it’s not how you dress or talk.”

“That is true.” The two boys finally reach their floor, when they open the door, they see Monica and Stephanie both sitting on their luggage bored.

“The doors are locked.” Stephanie explains.

“Ah.” Clark says. The elevator door opens and this time, the rest of the team comes out of the elevator. Julia is holding the keys to the rooms.

“I guess I shoulda given them to you, Steph, huh?” Julia asks.

“Yeah, maybe.” Stephanie says.

“Wait, where’d you get those keys?” Clark asks.

“Oh, easy. Shane gave them to me.” Julia explains.

“Oh, cool.”

Darci looks out the window and says, “Julia, I think you should open the doors to the bed rooms now, it’s nearly dark.”

“It is? It was light when we came here.” Julia shrugs, she opens up each of the rooms. The boys enter their room and the girls enter their room. The boys simply lay their luggage down on their beds. The girl’s reactions, however, are different.

“Whoa!” Heidi exclaims, as Julia opens their room.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!” Darci says.

(Confessional) “Okay, it was amazing! There were five king size beds, a working shower and toilet! Man, we’re living good compared to last season!” Julia says.

While the girls are cheering and such, Monica is the only one who is not cheering. She looks around in the room and spies a rolled up note under a bed. She picks in up and yells. “My bed!” while pointing to the bed that the note was under. The other girls shrug and continue talking about the room and other stuff. Monica precedes to go over to the confessional room to read the note.

(Confessional) “I brought the note in here to read, it seems to be important so, why not?” Monica asks. “Anyway, the note says:

For those who are on the outskirts

This will help a lot

If you can find the tiki

You just might have a shot.

Monica beings to think some more. “Wait, this is a note for the hidden immunity idol! I don’t believe it! Now, where to look?" Monica thinks for a few minutes. She suddenly shouts, "Hold on, didn’t Clark pick up some tiki thing? He did! If my hunch is correct…”

Monica then leaves the confessional room and races down the stairs and into the lobby. She spies the tiki that Clark commented about and picks it up. A second note falls out. Monica then reads the note out loud.

Congratulations! You just found the second clue.

Hopefully everyone here will stick together like glue.

Monica looks confused for a second. “What the heck of a clue is this?” She shrugs and puts the note into her pocket. She gets in the elevator to go back up to the room.

(Confessional) “As much as I don’t want to tell anyone about this, I can’t decipher this clue. I know it’s for an immunity idol, but I don’t know what it’s talking about. Anyway, I think I’m gonna talk to Darci about this, partly because she seems smart. She’s quiet, quiet people are often thoughtful.” Monica says. Once Monica gets back to her room, everyone is getting ready for bed. Monica simply hops into her bed, and falls asleep. Julia looks at Monica funny.

(Confessional) “I wonder what she’s hiding. She’s been gone a while.” Julia says, referring to Monica’s absence.

Meanwhile, at the Rough It’s floor, the girls are already asleep and the guys are getting ready for bed. The guys are just hanging out, being guys, talking, laughing. Suddenly, Hunter looks down and sees a rolled up note. He falls to the ground on purpose and grabs the note and stuffs it into his pocket.

“Whoa, dude, Hunter, are you okay?” Peter asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Hunter says.

“You sure? You sure fell hard.” Bobby Jon ask, concerned.

“Look, guys, I’m fine, really.” Hunter says.

“Are you sure?” Ulysses asks.

“Look, if the guy says he’s alright, believe him.” Freddie says. “Look, I suggest we go to bed or we’re gonna be completely out tomorrow. Night guys.” Freddie commands.

Everyone else shrugs but they get into their beds. The lights go out and everyone falls asleep.

(Confessional) “I’m fairly surprised no one noticed me take the note. I’m very surprised. Oh well, I’ll read the note in the morning.” Hunter says.

(Confessional) “Okay, while we were all talking, I kind of noticed that no one really liked Freddie.” Peter says, “I mean, Bobby Jon could’ve probably cared less, as he always had a smile on his face the entire time. Ulysses, Hunter, and myself, though, we really don’t like Freddie. He was always interrupting, always had to top something, and he said that he was awesome oh I don’t know, um, about, sixteen times? Seventeen? I don’t know, but something among those lines."

In the morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s a beautiful day. However, there is a tension in the air, as the first challenge is about to begin. In the Animator’s lobby, only Darci is up. She is sitting on a couch, reading a book.

The elevator door opens and Monica walks out sleepy. When she sees Darci, she cries out, “Hey Darci!”

“Yeah?” Darci asks.

“Darci, I need you to keep a secret. The thing is, there’s an immunity idol in here somewhere. I found a clue, but I have no clue what it means.”

“Let me at it.” Darci says, taking the note from Monica’s hands. She reads it over and ponders for a bit. She looks at Monica and admits, “Sorry, Monica, I don’t have a clue where it is.”

“Ugh, I thought you’d be a little bit useful, guess I was wrong.” Monica says, going back to the elevator, not bothering to take back her note. As soon as Monica is in the elevator. Darci smirks.

(Confessional) “Call me a snake, but I know where it is.” Darci admits.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cut’s lobby. Everyone is up and is waiting for the challenge to begin.

“What do you think they’ll make us do?” Rosa asks, worried.

“I don’t know, hopefully something easy.” Hayley says.

“Yeah, I doubt it; this is Total Drama we’re talking about here.” Ulysses says.

“That in itself is true.” Hayley admits.

“Whatever it is, we will win!” Freddie says.

“Yeah! That’s the spirit!” Andrea compliments.

“We will win because I’m on your team!” Freddie boasts.

“Okay, that’s not the spirit.” Andrea frowns, obviously displeased with Freddie’s cocky attitude.

(Confessional) “Freddie’s…interesting to say the least. I don’t know how he thinks he will win, but then again, I don’t know what’s going on in his brain. Though, do I really want to know?” Andrea asks.

The scene shifts to Shane, who is standing outside of the hotel with a bull horn in hand. He yells into the bull horn, “GET OUT HERE YOU TEENS!” Moans and groans are heard, as the teens walk tired, to Shane. The Rough Cuts get on their mats while the Animators get on theirs. “So,” Shane asks, “are you all ready for your first official challenge?”

“Oh yeah, I’m pumped bro!” Clark exclaims, his face says it all.

“Yeah, I’m excited!” Andrea says excitingly.

“Whatever, let’s just get this over with.” Monica says, rolling her eyes and sighing at the same time.

“Kill joy.” Clark mutters, Monica glares at him.

After an awkward silence, Shane breaks that by saying, “Ooookay…moving on…anyway, today’s challenge is a fun one.” Many of the contestants gasp.

(Confessional) “He…he said fun. Brace yourselves!” Zubin yells.

(Confessional) “I don’t wanna die.” Heidi says shaking.

(Confessional) “Gah! This confessional place is absolutely filthy! Mold and scum, ugh!” Jerry exclaims, pinching his nose.

“Guys, relax, the challenge ain’t no life threatening thingy, uh…right?” Nancy uneasily asks.

“Don’t worry, you’ll just get a little sore, it’s nothing major.” Shane confirms.

“Okay, then what is it exactly?” Hunter asks, unsure of Shane’s answer to Nancy’s question. “Well, it’s a relay race-”

“Through dangerous obstacles?” Hayley interrupts.

“Through a shark tank?” Tyson asks.

“Through something that won’t kill us?” Darci asks hopefully.

“Let me finish!” Shane yells. Everyone is silenced. “Thank you! Man, when I wanted to make a reality show, why did I choose teens? I could’ve used adults who listen.” Shane asks rhetorically. He turns back to the contestants. “Anyway, in today’s challenge, one by one, eight of you will go get a bag of large puzzle pieces. Once you get all eight, twp people will be working on the puzzle. First team to complete the puzzle wins. Got it?” Shane asks.

“Oh yeah, me and my muscles will win it all!” Freddie says, boastfully.

“Um, it’s not a strength contest. The puzzle pieces are very large and awkward. They’re gonna be hard to carry for everyone.” Shane confirms. “Anyway, strategize about who’s doing the puzzles and we’ll start.” Shane walks back into the hotel. The Rough Cuts and Animators huddle up in different huddles.

“Okay,” Ulysses says in his huddle. “I think I’ll do the puzzle, and who else here is good at puzzles?”

“I am.” Hunter confirms.

“Well that was easy.”

“Um, dude, we should have the strong people race, and the wimps, like you, do the puzzle. I think you and Rosie should do the puzzle.” Freddie reasons.

Ulysses’s face turns a very bright shade of red.

“Um, Freddie, my name is Rosa, and those puzzle pieces aren’t heavy, just bulky. Shane said that you idiot.” Rosa says.


Meanwhile, in the Animators circle, Alexander is barking out orders. “Asian girl, you’re doing the puzzle.” Alexander says, pointing to Darci.

“Um, I have a name, its Darci, and please don’t tell us what to do based on our nationality.” Darci says.

“You’re smart, though, right?”


“Then you’re doing the puzzle, oh, and who else should do it?”

“I’m a wiz a puzzles!” Clark exclaims, his face lighting up.

“Dude, you’re a gymnast, we need all the strength we can get.” Alexander says.

“Actually, Alex, Clark is a free runner. He hops over stuff while doing flips as safe as possible. He doesn’t exactly have to be strong for that, no offense Clark.” Darci corrects Alexander.

“None taken, Darci.” Clark says.

“Whatever, Zubin’s doing the puzzle with you.” Alexander says.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Dude, I suck at puzzles.” Zubin says.

“So? You’re the wimpiest guy.” Alexander points out.

“The friggen’ pieces aren’t gonna be heavy, just awkward!”


Shane walks out of the hotel and yells, “Alright, Rough cuts, who’s gonna be the puzzle builders?”

“Me and Hunter.” Ulysses answers.

“Alright, and Animators?” Shane asks.

“Darci and Zubin.” Alexander tells.

“Okay, get into places people.” Shane commands. The scene shifts to the challenge starting. “Okay, for the Rough Cuts, its Ulysses and Hunter that are building the puzzles. For the Animators, it’s Darci and Zubin. Alright, let me remind you guys, this is not a physical challenge. Anyway, looks like Rosa and Alexander are running first. So, yeah.” Shane says. “Rosa, Alexander, you two ready?”

“Oh yeah, I can beat any pink-head any day.” Alexander scoffs.

“Shut your swagger.” Rosa talks back.

“Anyway, GO!” Shane yells. Rosa and Alexander immediately start running to the bags. Rosa, surprisingly, gets there first. She grabs the front of the bag and drags it along the ground. Alexander simply picks it up, but he runs back, extremely slow, barely holding onto the bag.

“Oh come on!” Alexander moans as the bag he is carrying, drops to the ground.

“Like I said, they’re awkward, not heavy, why can’t you remember that?” Shane reminds them. Rosa continues dragging; she has barely lost any speed.

(Confessional) “It helps to be smart, and fast. I’m on the school track team, and in the honors system.” Rosa says. “Mama didn’t raise no sucker.”

Rosa gets back to her team and tosses the bag onto the ground, as Hayley starts running out,

Rosa calls out, “Drag it, drag it!” Hayley nods and continues running to the bags. Alexander just now gets to his team. He tosses the bag to his team and Heidi runs out. Hayley now just gets to the bag. Following Rosa’s advice, she grabs the front of the bag and drags it back to her team’s line. Heidi does the same thing as Hayley.

(Confessional) “Trust me; we lost a ton of time with Alexander. We gotta make up that lost time some how.” Heidi says.

Hayley tosses her bag over her team’s line, and Freddie runs out to the bags. Heidi tosses her bag over her team’s line, Tyson runs out to the bags. Freddie gets to the bags quickly and lifts it over one arm. Rosa slaps her forehead in frustration.

“Freddie! You blockhead! Drag it! Drag it!” Andrea yells.

“Whatever! I got it!” Freddie yells confidently, right when he speaks, he drops the bag. Tyson finally gets to the bags and drags it along the ground. Tyson actually passes Freddie, who refuses to drag the bags. Tyson tosses his bag over his team’s line and Julia rushes to the bags. Freddie finally passes his team’s line and Andrea runs out to the bags.

Hayley angrily yells at Freddie, “You idiot! We had the lead until you had to be so stubborn!”

Freddie quickly covers up his poor performance by saying, “Um, yeah, my way’s the best.” Hayley shakes her head. Freddie’s lie was as poor as his performance and Hayley knew it.

Andrea passes Julia while running to the bags. Both girls get their bags and rush back. Julia gains on Andrea, but does not pass her. Both girls cross their team’s lines at the same time.

Both Clark and Bobby Jon rush out to the bags. Bobby Jon’s long legs make him seem to glide across the course. Clark is right behind, with his legs pumping. Bobby Jon’s height advantage, though, comes in handy as he grabs his bag first. Clark also grabs his bags, but is slower than Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon drags his bag across his team’s line first but Clark is right behind.

Nancy runs out to the bags and so does Monica. Nancy is faster than Monica, though, as Nancy gets to the bags first. Monica gets there a little later, but she’s still going slowly. Nancy easily crosses her team line with her bag first, but Monica is close behind.

Peter rushes to the bags while Monica drags her bags behind her team’s line. Jerry runs to the bags for his team. Peter easily gets to the bags and drags it back. Jerry, however, stops at the bags.

“What are you doing? Drag them over here!” Tyson commands.

“But…it’s so dirty!” Jerry complains. The Animators as a whole groan.

“Just suck it up!” Alexander yells.

“Fine…” Jerry says, knowing he was not going to win the argument. He slowly touches the bag and drags it over to his team. By this time, Peter has already gotten the last bag behind his team’s line. Ulysses and Hunter both grab the bags and start untying them. Once they have all the pieces out, they begin to assemble the puzzle. When Jerry finally gets back, Darci and Zubin both start untying the bags. Once they have all the pieces out, they start to assemble the puzzle. Actually, Darci is putting the puzzle together; Zubin just stands there looking confused.

“I need a piece over here!” Darci yells.

“Which piece?” Zubin asks.

“The one with the red and yellow streaks.”

“Oh, this one?” Zubin says, picking up a piece.

“Yes! Yes! Give it to me.” Zubin gives the big, bulky puzzle piece to Darci. She puts it between two other pieces and it fits perfectly.

“Can’t you two go any faster?” Alexander asks.

“I don’t know, could you?” Darci asks Alexander. Alexander is taken aback, and remains quiet. Clark is trying to help Darci and Zubin by telling them where the pieces good. While it makes the puzzle making go faster, it doesn’t seem to be helping.

(Confessional) “I knew what to do.” Clark says. “It’s a fairly easy puzzle if you think about it.”

Meanwhile, at the Rough Cuts puzzle, it’s coming together fairly quickly. Ulysses and Hunter are working well together.

“Give me that piece by your foot!” Ulysses calls out. Hunter does so.

“And give me that piece behind you.” Hunter tells Ulysses. Ulysses does so.

After about a few minutes, Ulysses and Hunter say the words in unison, which the other team does not want to hear. “We got it!” Hunter and Ulysses’s voice rings in unison, both of their voices filled with excitement.

Shane walks over and says, “The Rough Cuts win immunity!” The Rough Cuts cheer while the Animators sulk.

“Animators, I’ll be seeing you at the elimination ceremony tonight where one of you will be the first person voted out in Total Drama: The Production."

Both teams walk into their respective hotels, one team cheering, while another one sulking.

(Confessional) “This majorly sucks! I don’t want to go to elimination whatever!” Julia yells.

Darci, Zubin, and Clark both sit on the couches, the three of them obviously worried.

“Okay, it’s no secret.” Zubin starts. “We’re on the chopping block.” Darci and Clark nod, knowing that also.

“I didn’t go fast enough.” Darci acknowledges.

“I talked back to Alexander.” Clark admits. “That dude has so much pride; I could be kicked off because I hurt it.” Darci nods.

“I did the same.” She admits.

“I had no clue what I was doing.” Zubin accepts. He shakes his head slowly.

“Zubin, out of the three of us here, I think you’re the safest.” Clark says. Darci again, nods in agreement.

“I guess, but anything can happen.”

“True, true.”

Meanwhile, at the Rough Cut’s lobby, they are celebrating. Not with food or anything, but by soaking in the wonderful spirit of victory.

“Man, we trashed them!” Hayley exclaims.

“Yeah, it was definitely a fun race.” Peter points out.

“Yep.” Bobby Jon agrees.

“I think we all can thank one person for our victory.” Ulysses says before he is interrupted by Freddie.

“Me, yes, I know. I did the best.” Freddie gloats.

“You?” Andrea asks.

“The best?” Rosa asks.

“In what dimension?” Hunter inquires.

“Um, this one, duh. I’m the one who pointed out that the bags were awkward, not heavy.”Freddie says, taking credit for Ulysses’s feat.

“Um, no, I pointed that out. You refused to believe me.” Ulysses says.

“Dude, stop taking credit for things you didn’t do.”

“You’re one to talk! Take your own advice, hypocrite!” Ulysses yells.

Freddie simply gets up, and walks away, leaving his nine team mates. “As I was saying,” Ulysses begins. “There is one person here whom we can thank for our victory.”

“Who would that be?” Bobby Jon asks.

“Rosa.” Ulysses answers.

“Me? How?” Rosa asks.

“Um, you were the one who told everyone to drag the bags. That gave us the lead and Hunter and I more time to complete the puzzle.”

“Um…still don’t get it, but okay!”

“He means that you did the best. It’s a compliment.” Nancy explains.

“Oh, Manic would be proud of me for my performance, would he be?”

“You know the answer.” Nancy smiles, so does Rosa.

“You know, while I’m happy we won-” Kimmy starts out.

“You, happy? Wow. This team is full of lying people.” Peter sarcastically says. Bobby Jon and Kimmy glare at him.

“As I was saying, while I’m happy we won and all, but what about next time? What then?”

“Well, then we’ll do our best next time.” Hunter says.

“Okay…I just have a bad feeling about next time.” Kimmy admits.

“Like you do in everything else?” Hayley sarcastically asks. Once again, Bobby Jon and Kimmy glare at the person who insulted Kimmy.

(Confessional) “Okay, I’m happy for Rosa being all for Manic, but I don’t think Manic loves her.” Nancy admits. “I mean, if a dude runs from you every time you approach him and changes his number every week, I think you’d get a clue.”

Meanwhile, at the Animators, some strategy is going around.

Alexander pulls Heidi, Stephanie, and Jerry. “Okay guys, we have to vote out either Darci, Clark, or Zubin.”

“While I agree with eliminating either Zubin or Darci, why Clark?” Jerry asks.

“Well, Clark…he um…he was useless!” Alexander lies.

“Okay…” Jerry says, shrugging.

(Confessional) “Why should I vote out the person who hurt Alexander’s already-to-large ego and not vote out the reason we lost?” Jerry asks.

The scene switches to the front steps of the hotel. The Animators walk outside of their side of the hotel and sit on one of ten chairs. There is a controlled bonfire and there are a bunch of props to make it look exotic. Many of the contestants are surprised by the elimination ceremony set.

Shane says to them. “Hey guys, grab a movie reel that has your picture on it.”

The Animators do so. “Man I’m hot.” Tyson comments on his picture on his reel. There are a few snickers, and even Tyson laughs a little.

Shane, who is standing in front of the bonfire, says to them, “Hey guys! Crushing defeat, huh?”

Alexander growls, “Don’t rub it in.”

“Hey hey, just talking to ya.” Shane says.

“Anyway, you guys flat out sucked. Got off to a bad start, you guys were slow, and most of all, Zubin even said it himself, he didn’t know what he was doing!”

“Yeah, I didn’t. Why’d you pick me to be a puzzle person?” Zubin asks Alexander.

“We needed all the strength we could get!” Alexander yells.

“For the last time, that was not a physical challenge!” Shane yells at Alexander.

“While I like the cocky peeps like you, I don’t like you.” Alexander frowns.

“Shane, you’re not alone.” Darci quietly says. Many people laugh at her joke toward Freddie, which causes Alexander to blush more.

“I figured, anyway, Darci, one could say that you are the reason that your team lost, no?” Shane asks.

“Yes, they could. And in fact, I take full responsibility for our loss.” Darci says.

“Even though Alexander was a lousy leader.” Clark says. Darci nods.

“So, you and Alexander?” Shane asks.

“Yes, me and Alexander lost for our team.” Darci says while Alexander silently shakes his head while rolling his eyes.

“Well, interesting. Anyway, it is time to vote, Heidi, you’re up.” Shane says. Heidi gets up and walks to the podium.

Alexander votes for Clark, “You’re a major pain in the a** dude, you really, really are and I can’t wait to see you leave.”

Darci votes for, Alexander, “Sorry Alex, but it’s the best decision for the team, I feel.”

Julia votes for Darcy, “Sorry Darci, but you did cost us the challenge. You’re an amazing person and I hope there are no hard feelings between us.”

Jerry walks up to the podium, he thinks for a little while, and then he begins to write a name. The vote is not shown to the camera, but Jerry is heard saying, “This is the smartest vote right now. Sorry this had to happen to you.”

Once Jerry returns to his seat, Shane says, “I’ll go get the votes.” Shane leaves.

The camera shows a montage of each contestant. Some, like Darci, Zubin, and Clark, are nervous while others, like Alexander, Jerry, and Heidi, really don’t look concerned at all. The other four people look like they’re nervous and confident at the same time.

Shane returns with the votes and tells the contestants. “Now, before I read the votes, I have to say this. There is an immunity idol hidden somewhere in your hotel. You can only use it tonight. If you have the idol, please give it to me now.” Some contestants look a tad surprised at the news, especially Monica. The contestants eye each other suspiciously. Finally, Darci gets up and walks over to Shane. She looks at Clark and Zubin, her eyes asking if she should play it. Clark and Zubin’s eyes tell her that she should.

Darci turns to Shane and says, “You know, I have the idol, and I wish to play it.” She holds out her hand and in it, is the idol. Monica gasps, realizing that Darci was safe.

"There go my vote." Monica mutters quietly.

Shane takes the idol from Darci’s hands and says, “Well, this is indeed the idol. Any votes against Darci will not count.

“Yay.” Darci says, half happy, half sad. Darci returns to her seat and Clark and Zubin both smile at her, their eyes telling her that she played the right move.

“Well, let’s get to the votes, shall we?” Shane asks.

He pulls out a vote and says, “Darcy, does not count.”

“My name is spelled with an I, not a Y.” Darci says.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Clark.” Clark looks a tad sad while Alexander grin deviously.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander.” Alexander looks shocked, obviously not expecting to get votes.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Darcy, does not count. You know, Darci spells her name with an I.“ Shane comments.

“Who cares?” Alexander asks. He gets glares from a lot of people. He shrugs, “What?”

Shane ignores Alexander and pulls out another vote, “Clark.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Darci, does not count.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Clark.” Darci and Zubin look at Clark with sad eyes. Clark simply grabs his movie reel and waits.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander, we are tied, three votes that don’t count against Darci, three votes for Clark, three votes for Alexander. If this vote is for Darci, or anyone else, we will think of something.” Alexander doesn’t look nervous at all, but Darci, Clark, and Zubin both look a little worried.

Shane pulls out the last vote and says, “Darci, does not count. We have a tie.”

“Man. Can’t you just eliminate Clark already?” Alexander asks.

“Well, no. You see, we count previous votes against you and who ever has the most previous votes against them leaves. But since this is the first elimination ceremony and neither of you have any past votes against you what so ever, we can’t do a thing.”

“So, what are you going to do?" Stephanie asks.

“While we’d have a re-vote, it’s late, and I'm tired. So, how about this, I’m going to give you a minute to decide if you want to eliminate Clark, or Alexander. After a minute, I will ask you to raise your hand if you want either Clark, or Alexander eliminated, got it?” Shane asks.

“Yep.” Monica says.

“Alright, now. Raise your hand if you want Clark to be eliminated.” Shane says. Alexander, Jerry, Tyson, Heidi, Stephanie, Monica, and Julia raise their hand after Alexander glares at them, intimidating them.

“Nah crap.” Clark exclaims, realizing that he is the first person eliminated.

“Well, Clark, I need you to hand me your reel.” Shane says. Clark gets up and walks over to Shane. Zubin and Darci both pat his back as Clark walks up to Shane. “Clark, I’m sorry but the Animators have spoken.” Shane tosses Clark’s movie reel into the fire.

“Well, Darci and Zubin, hope you two last a long time here. Bye guys.” Clark says as he leaves. He waves good-bye to them and everyone but Alexander waves back. Clark gets into a limo and the limo drives away. Inside the limo, Clark says, “Well, it sucks to be first voted out, but it had to happen. I wish best of luck to Darci and Zubin, I’ll be cheering for them at home.”

The scene shifts back to the elimination ceremony. Shane says, “Well, you guys are free to go.“

The Animators walk back into their side of the hotel. Once inside, Alexander pulls Heidi, Jerry, and Stephanie aside. “Okay, who voted for Darci?” Alexander asks angrily.

“I did.” Jerry admits. “Alexander, if you want this alliance to survive, you can’t tell us to vote for people who hurt your massive ego.” Alexander looks taken aback, then he looks totally pissed.

“Well then, mister rich boy. Watch your mouth, I can and will get you eliminated.” Alexander says. He storms off.

Jerry turns to Stephanie and Heidi and asks sarcastically, “Isn‘t he charming?”

“No, not really.” Stephanie says. Stephanie walks to the elevator and goes up to her room.

The scene shifts to Darci and Zubin who are still in the lobby. Zubin turns to Darci and tells her, “After that, I think we’re on the outs. We should stick together in this, you know.”

“We should.” Darci says.

“You wanna?” Zubin asks.

“Yep.” Darci says. She and Zubin shake hands. The episode ends there.

Chapter 3 - "Okay, enough with the puns."

Shane walks in front of the camera which is in front of a chicken coop. Shane is holding a chicken and stroking it. He looks at the camera and says, “Welcome back, to the everlasting source of entertainment, Total Drama: The Production! Last time, the campers had their first night together. Some campers, like Hunter got a good first impression, others, like Alexander, got a bad first impression. Anyway, The Rough Cuts managed to win the very first challenge! At the ceremony, Darci saved herself with an immunity idol and it turned out that Clark was eliminated instead. Who will be next? Why am I holding a chicken? These questions and more will be revealed right now, on Total Drama: The Production.”

The episode starts at the Animator’s lobby. Monica is listening to heavy metal music. Darci walks into the lobby; Monica looks at Darci and says, “Why didn’t you tell me you knew where the idol was?”

“I wanted to keep it for myself.” Darci answers. Monica stands up and walks over to Darci, intimidating Darci. Monica simply scoffs at Darci and walks to the elevator.

As the elevator doors open, Julia is inside the elevator, she says, “Hi Monica!” before Julia is thrown out of the elevator and slams into a wall. Julia rubs her head and asks, “What’s wrong with her?”

“Beats me.” Darci lies.

The scene shifts to the Animator’s guy’s room. Tyson is in the bathroom, door closed, taking a shower, and Zubin is changing the wheels on his skateboard. Zubin yells to Tyson, “Tyson.”

Tyson yells through the door, “Yeah?”

“Who did you vote for?”



“She lost the challenge for us, duh.”

“Um, dude, she did not. If anything, I did. I was useless at the puzzle stage.”


“But really, there’s another reason. Alexander was the reason we lost. Why didn’t you vote for him?”

“Um, well, he’s um, large, and uh, um, a good leader and…um…”

“You’re scared of him, aren’t you?”


A sly smile grows on Zubin’s face, “Figured,” he mutters.

“What was that?” Tyson yells through the door.

“Nothing!” Zubin lies. Tyson turns off the water in the shower: he walks out of the bathroom fully dressed, though his hair is wet.

He looks into his mirror and asks rhetorically, “I’m so hot, aren’t I?”

“Not really.” Zubin admits. Tyson glares at Zubin, whom goes back to changing the wheels on his board.

(Confessional) “Okay, Zubin’s gonna get it, I’m totally hot!” Tyson yells.

(Confessional) “It’d be weird and awkward if I said Tyson was hot back there.” Zubin confesses.

Meanwhile, in the girl’s Animator’s room, Stephanie is reading a book while Heidi sketches on a sketch pad. “So…Heidi, what’cha sketching?” Stephanie asks.

“Hmm, oh, nothing.” Heidi says, without lifting her head.

Stephanie leans over Heidi’s shoulder to look, she laughs. “No way, Alex?” Stephanie asks laughing. The camera shows that Heidi had been drawing Alexander the entire time.

“Well, um, it’s not what you think.” Heidi mumbles.

“It isn’t? How?” Stephanie asks.

“Well, it’s not that I love him or anything…it’s just…something. I feel like he’s lost.” Heidi admits.

“Oh yeah, he’s lost in his glory.” Stephanie sarcastically says. Heidi shoots a glare at Stephanie.

“Steph, that’s not funny.”

“It is to me.”

“Ugh, whatever.” Heidi says, she gets up, and walks out the door.

Stephanie comments, “Touchy.” She goes back to reading.

Meanwhile, at the Rough Cut’s lobby, Peter, Bobby Jon, and Nancy are talking strategy.

“So, who else should be in the alliance?” Peter asks.

“How about Kimmy?” Bobby Jon asks.

“No.” Peter and Nancy say in unison.

“Fine.” Bobby Jon sulks.

“Anyway, how about Rosa?” Nancy asks. “She’s smart.”

“Do you wanna hear the word, ‘Manic’ every five minutes?” Peter asks.

“Not really, but she’s really sweet and a good friend.” Nancy defends Rosa.

“Still, she’ll annoy the crap outta us.” Peter reminds Nancy.

“Okay, but how about we keep Rosa as long as we can? Could we do that?” Nancy pleads.

“Okay! We can do that!” Bobby Jon excitingly says.

“We can?” Peter asks. Bobby Jon elbows Peter. “I mean, we totally can!” Nancy frowns.

“Don’t worry, Rosa will stay around. I can promise that.” Bobby Jon says.

“Thanks.” Nancy smiles.

“Anyway, how about Hayley or Hunter?” Peter asks.

“I guess so.” Nancy says.

“Sure.” Bobby Jon says smiling.

“Wait, what about Andrea or Ulysses?” Nancy asks.

“Well, Ulysses would just take charge, and Andrea…I don’t know why, but I just don’t trust her.” Peter answers. Nancy simply rolls her eyes while laughing playfully, Peter glares at Nancy some more while Bobby Jon just smiles.

“So it’s settled, Hunter and Hayley.” Bobby Jon says, oblivious to Peter's anger.

“Yep.” Nancy confirms.

“Okay, I’ll tell them.” Bobby Jon says.

As he walks away, Peter stops him saying, “No, I’ll tell them. They’d never take you serious.”

Bobby Jon looks a little hurt as Peter walks away. “Don’t let him get to you big guy,” Nancy says patting Bobby Jon’s back. “He means well.” Bobby Jon once more, smiles.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cut’s guy’s room, Hunter is reading while Freddie is playing with a paddle ball when Peter swarms into the room. “Hunter! Just the guy I was looking for!” Peter excitingly says.

“You sure it wasn’t me?” Freddie arrogantly asks.

“I’m positive it wasn’t you I was looking for.”

“I’m sure you’re mistaken, but because I’m such a good person, I’ll step outside while you two talk.” Freddie says while he goes outside and closes the door.

“Wow he’s obnoxious.” Hunter observes.

“I know who our first target is.” Peter says under his breath.

“So, what was it you wanted to see me about?” Hunter asks, he puts his book to the side and puts his weight on his right arm that is on his knee.

“Well, I wanted to offer you to be in my alliance.” Peter says.

“I’ll accept. Hey, whatever gets me further in the game.” Hunter says.

“Thanks.” Peter says with a smile. He walks out of the room. He is heard outside of the room, “You can come back in now.” Freddie walks back into the room.

“So, what was the dork talking about?” Freddie asks.

“Oh, he just wanted some advice about girls.” Hunter lies.

“Oh, he needs all the advice he can get, he’s really not that good looking, so he’ll need some help.” Freddie scoffs.

“Can you say anything nice for once?” Hunter asks.

“What do you mean?” Freddie asks.

“Look, every time someone says something they accomplished, you either top it, or insult them. You never say an encouraging word to anyone. It’s not always about you, you know.” Hunter explains. Freddie looks taken aback.

“I…had no idea.” Freddie slowly says, coming to a conclusion.

“Figures.” Hunter mumbles. The scene shifts to the Rough Cut’s girl’s room. Hayley is the only one in there. Someone knocks on the door. “Come in!” Hayley shouts to the door.

Peter enters and says, “Is anyone else in here?”

“No.” Hayley confirms.

“Good, I need to speak to you.” Peter says.

“What is it about?” Hayley asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Look, I’ll give it to ya straight; you wanna be in my alliance?” Peter asks.

“Sure!” Hayley answers.

“Awesome! See ya around!” Peter excitingly says as he rushes out the door. When he is gone, Hayley chuckles to herself.

(Confessional) “Wow, Peter must be brave. Didn’t he see what I did to Jerry when someone wanted something from me?” Hayley asks rhetorically.

The scene shifts to Andrea and Ulysses, who are walking in the hallway, talking mainly about not important stuff.

“So, got any siblings?” Andrea asks.

“Yes, I have a little brother named Jayco.” Ulysses answers.

“What’s he like?” Andrea asks.

“He’s sad really, you see, Jayco is extremely depressed. He feels like he’s got nothing to live for.” Ulysses sadly says.

“Wow, that’s bad.” Andrea says with sympathy in her voice.

“Yeah, what’s worse, I think he actually wants to commit suicide. I always talk him out of it, but I always think, ‘what’s he gonna do when I’m gone?’ I’m scared about what he might do with me not around.” Ulysses says with concern in his voice.

“Hey, you’re here, and I can tell you’re doing this for Jacob.” Andrea says with a sad smile on her face.

“It’s Jayco.” Ulysses corrects.

“Oh, sorry.” Andrea says, embarrassed.

“Don’t be. Thanks for your concern.” Ulysses says with a smile.

“Any time you need me, I’ll be there for you.” Andrea tells Ulysses with a real smile on her face. Andrea then hugs Ulysses. Ulysses looks shocked, but then hugs Andrea back with a smile.

(Confessional) “Andrea’s a pretty cool girl, she really seemed to care about Jayco, though she could be playing me.” Ulysses says with a frown. “I hope she truly cares.”

(Confessional) Andrea is simply shown crying, after a few seconds of crying, she finally says, “Wow, that is so sad about Jayco.” She continues to weep and wipe her eyes.”

(Confessional) “I really hope she’s not playing me, I mean, I don’t know what her thoughts are.” Ulysses ponders.

(Confessional) “I hope Jayco gets his mind straight.” Andrea says, tear marks are shown on her face.

The scene shifts to Kimmy, who is sunbathing, in her swim suit, by her team’s pool beside Bobby Jon.

Bobby Jon turns to Kimmy and asks, “Why are you so depressed all the time?”

Kimmy scowls at Bobby Jon, “Why are you so happy all the time?” Bobby Jon grows silent.

(Confessional) “She has a good point.” Bobby Jon points out.

Shane is shown in front of the hotel. He is holding a chicken and is petting it. He blows an air horn and groans are heard from inside the hotel. After about ten minutes, all nineteen contestants are outside of the hotel, in front of it.

“Ugh, why did you summon us?” Rosa asks. “You do it in the most obnoxious way.” Nancy nods in agreement.

“It’s called a job, which none of you have.” Shane insults.

“Um, I have a job.” Bobby Jon says, raising his hand.

“As do I.” Monica says, raising her hand.

"Does a farm count?" Nancy asks.

“Well…okay. Any who, onto today’s challenge.” Shane says.

“Why do you have a chicken?” Darci asks.

“Ugh, Poultry is so, coarse.” Jerry says, wrinkling his nose.

“They are not! Chickens are awesome.” Shane defends the chicken.

“Let me guess, you have a name for it.” Alexander sarcastically says.

“Yes I do, her name is Hannah.” Shane says.

“Freak.” Alexander mutters.

“Anyway, can anyone guess what today’s challenge will be?” Shane asks.

“Throwing chickens?” Hayley suggests.

“Close.” Shane says. He shakes the chicken he is holding and out pops an egg. Shane catches it with this hand and holds it up high. “You’re throwing eggs!”

“Oh no.” Kimmy says as the color drains from her face.

“Here’s how the challenge works. One at a time, one person from each team will come up, and stand on one of these two lines. The two contestants will throw the egg back and fourth until the egg breaks. If it breaks in the contestant’s hands or the contestant misses, the person who threw the egg will get a point for their team. If the person who threw the egg throws a wild throw, the person who didn’t throw it, will get a point for their team. Easy enough, right?” Shane asks.

“I get it.” Tyson says.

“We’re gonna get sticky, aren’t we?” Jerry asks.

“Yep, and eggy.” Peter cracks up at his own joke.

“Don’t let the yoke split!” Bobby Jon jokes.

“You’ll be fine, as long as you don’t go scrambling!” Andrea adds on to the jokes.

“Okay, enough with the puns!” Jerry yells.

“Anyway, we’re gonna start now, however, Rough Cuts, you will sit someone out, who will that person be?” Shane asks.

“Me.” Kimmy immediately states while raising her hand.

“Okay, Kimmy will sit out. Let’s start the challenge.” Shane says. “We need two people to step forward." Both Julia and Hunter step forward from their teams voluntarily. “Okay, Julia and Hunter are our first volunteers. Now, each of you, stand behind one of those two yellow lines.” Shane says. Julia and Hunter do so. “Now every time one of you throw, the person who threw will take a step back.”

“We know.” Julia says.

“Yeah…I think we got it.” Hunter confirms.

“Well, okay.” Shane says. He shrugs and walks over to a chair umpire’s chair.

(Confessional) “They should of listened further…I was gonna explain that they explode after thirty seconds. But no one listens to the host, am I right?” Shane says. He stares into the camera and snoring is heard. “Ugh, CORINNE! Please wake up!” Even louder snoring is heard. “Wow, no one truly does listen to the host.”

“Okay!” Shane calls from his umpire’s chair. “GO!” He yells. Julia throws the egg too Hunter, and steps back. Hunter catches the egg, and it cracks in his hands.

“Whoa, what the heck?” Hunter asks out of surprise.

“Well, there is a learning curve to the challenge.” Shane says.


“Anyway, Julia wins first point for the Animators!” Shane cheers. The Animators cheer. Julia does a little dance while walking back to her team.

“Okay, now that Julia’s performance is done.” Julia does a bow in response to Shane’s comment. “Hayley and Darci, you girls are up.” Hayley and Darci both walk to a yellow line.

“Hey, Hayley.” Darci says.

“Yes?” Hayley asks.

“Listen, please take it easy on me, I’m really not that strong, and I’m not that good at sports, so please don’t go too hard on me.” Darci pleads.

“Fair enough.” Hayley says with a smile. Darci also smiles.

“Anyway, BEGIN!” Shane shouts. Darci immediately throws to Hayley, while Hayley was distracted by Shane’s shout. The egg slams into Hayley’s head, exploding with yoke splattering everywhere on Hayley. Hayley stares wide-eyed at Darci, who simply smiles.

Hayley shouts, “What the heck?”

“Hey, I never said I’d take it easy on you.” Darci says smugly. She walks back to her teammates, cheering. Shane announces,

“Darci wins the second point for the Animators!” While the Animators are celebrating the point. Hayley walks over to Hunter, who is also covered in yoke.

She says, “Wow, we’re getting beat…bad.”

“We could still win, it’s slightly possible.” Hunter tells Hayley. Hayley shrugs.

Out of the blue, Hayley ponders, “Luke likes eggs, I wonder if he’d like the challenge.”

“Say wha?”

“Oh, sorry, I should really stop thinking of home.”

The scene shifts back to Shane. “Okay, kiddies, the next two are Bobby Jon, and Alexander.” Bobby Jon and Alexander both walk to the yellow line.

“Hi Alex!” Bobby Jon cheerfully waves. Alex snarls, only focusing on victory. “Oh, we’re serious aren’t we?” Bobby Jon then makes a mockingly serious face, which angers Alexander.

“Can’t you focus on anything?” Alexander shouts. He throws the egg he is holding at full speed towards Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon ducks and the egg misses him, but it hits someone else, that someone else is Kimmy.

“GAH! You BONEHEAD! I’m not even playing you dork!” Kimmy angrily screams at Alexander.

“Wow…um, Alexander, you guys haven’t even started yet. But because you already threw…and it was way too hard, by the way, I have to give the point to the Rough Cuts.” Shane explains.

“Yay!” Bobby Jon exclaims.

“That’s the only one they’ll get.” Alexander snarls. He walks back to his team, who is glaring at him, “What?” He asks, oblivious to the reason of their glaring.

“Anyway, Tyson, and Nancy, please come up.” Shane says. Nancy walks up, while Tyson, instead, stays behind his team. “Tyson, aren’t you coming?” Nancy asks.

“No.” Tyson says, still behind his team.

“Why not?”

“I might mess up my hair.” Tyson says. Everyone on the animators, groan. “What?” Tyson asks. “The hair, is my thing.” Tyson flashes a “sexy” pose to the camera, his teeth shines in the sunlight.

“While you’re good looking and all, you are such a girl, and I should know, as I’m a b-” Stephanie says before her mouth is covered by Heidi.

“Um, this is a family show, not the let’s quote Katy Perry songs show.” Heidi says worriedly.

“Um…that’s a song?” Stephanie asks. “And who the heck is Katy Perry?”

“You’ve never heard of Katy Perry?” Monica asks surprised.

“No. And frankly, I don’t wanna.” Stephanie says.

“Okay…” Shane says. “Heidi and Ulysses, come on up.” Heidi and Ulysses do so. “And…go.” Ulysses throws the egg to Heidi, who surprisingly catches it with care. She tosses it back to Ulysses, who also catches it. Ulysses tosses it to Heidi, but the throw is too much to the left, and Heidi has to run to catch it, but Heidi doesn’t get there fast enough, and the egg hits the ground. “Because the throw was wild, Heidi gets the point. Sorry Ulysses.” Shane apologizes.

“Hey, it’s cool. As long as things are fair, anything’s alright with me.” Ulysses says as he calmly, unaffected by defeat, walks back to his team. Heidi does same.

“Alright, Zubin and Andrea.” Shane says. Andrea and Zubin both walk to a yellow line. “Go!” Shane shouts. Zubin tosses the egg to Andrea, who catches it, and tosses it back. Zubin catches it and throws the egg back, This goes on for about thirty seconds, until something unexpected happens.

“YEAH!” Andrea yells as the egg suddenly explodes in her face. “What the heck, Shane?” Andrea asks, angry.

“Well, you see, if any throwing session lasts longer than thirty seconds, the egg explodes on its own.” Shane explains.

“You coulda told us that.” Zubin points out.

“I was going too, but Julia and Hunter interrupted me before I could.” Shane says. “Anyway, Zubin gets the point. So Animators lead four to two. Animators just need one more point to win.”

“Oh yeah!” Stephanie exclaims.

“Steph, you seem excited, get on up here.” Shane instructs. Stephanie runs up excitingly to one of the yellow lines. “Now…Peter, get up here.” Shane says, Peter walks up to the yellow line. “Begin.” Shane says. Stephanie tosses the egg to Peter, but throws it too hard, and it flies over Peter’s head, but it hits Kimmy square on the head. Kimmy is shocked, and sits still for a couple seconds before wiping the yoke off her face.

“Okay, seriously? What did I do wrong?” Kimmy asks, with disdain in her voice.

“Sorry Kim!” Stephanie cries out. Kimmy simply scoffs and rolls her eyes, obviously feeling bitter to Stephanie.

“Okay, I gotta give the point to Peter, as that throw was clearly wild.” Shane says.

“I agree!” Kimmy calls out.

“I think we all know that Kimberly.” Rosa exclaims.

“Call me Kimmy, please” Kimmy says.

“Um, okay.” Rosa says, with a confused expression. "May I ask why?” Kimmy simply turns away from Rosa. Rosa looks shocked at Kimmy’s rudeness.

(Confessional) “What the heck is wrong with Kimmy? I say her full name, Kimberly, and she goes nuts! What the heck is wrong with her?” Rosa asks angrily.

“Okay, next up, is Freddie and Monica.” Shane says. Freddie and Monica walk to the yellow line. “Begin.” Freddie throws the egg to Monica, who catches it. Monica then, simply drops the egg, not caring at all about winning.

“Monica, what the frick was that?” Alexander asks.

“Hey, I didn’t wanna get covered in yoke, okay?” Monica yells back. She walks back to her team and listens to her iPod, completely shutting off the outside world, and being in her own world.

“Okay…it’s tied up, four to four. Anyway could win it here. Rosa and Jerry, please step forward." Shane instructs. Jerry and Rosa both walk up, though Jerry stops half-way.

“Jerry! What are you doing!” Alexander yells at Jerry.

“Look…I really do not wish to get dirty.” Jerry confesses.

“If you win, you won’t get dirty, if you loose, YOU GO HOME!” Alexander yells.

(Confessional) “Alexander doing logic? Wow, never thought I’d see the day.” Jerry scoffs, laughing at his own joke.

“Okay, Jerry, are you gonna compete?” Shane asks. Instead of speaking, Jerry walks over to a yellow line. “I’ll take that as a yes, anyway, begin!” Shane yells. Rosa tosses the egg to Jerry, who surprisingly catches it. Jerry then tosses it to Rosa, and the egg explodes in Rosa’s hands. Jerry, looking shocked at his victory, throws his hands up in victory and cheers. The Animators, also cheer. “I think it goes without saying, Animators win! Rough Cuts, I’ll be seeing you guys at the elimination ceremony, where tonight, one of you ten will be going home. See ya then!” Shane says. He gets off of his chair, and walks away. The Animators walk into their side of the hotel cheering, while the Rough Cuts walk into their side of the hotel, sulking.

The scene changes to the Animator’s lobby, where they are celebrating, hard. “Good job Jerry!” Tyson exclaims, giving Jerry a playful noogie. Jerry squirms away from the noogie, but instead of joy on his face, he looks puzzled. “Dude, what’s wrong?” Tyson asks, concerned.

“Nothing.” Jerry says. He walks away from a dumbfounded Tyson, and over to Julia and Heidi, who are conversing with one another. “Hey girls.” Jerry greets.

“Hey Jerry!” Heidi says.

“Great job today Jerry!” Julia compliments.

“Please…don’t say that.” Jerry says. “I need to get away.” Jerry walks to the elevator, and leaves his team members.

“What was wrong with him?” Heidi asks.

“I don’t know.” Julia says, looking concerned for Jerry.

Meanwhile, the Rough Cuts have far, greater things to worry about. Peter is shown talking with Nancy, Bobby Jon, Hunter, and Hayley. “So…who should it be?” Peter asks.

“I think Rosa, she failed for us.” Hayley says.

“NO!” Nancy yells. She is greeted with a lot of stares. “I…I mean, then why shouldn’t we vote out you, Hayley? You failed too! Same with Hunter and Andrea.”

“True…true.” Hayley says, suddenly quieted.

“Anyway, let’s consider our options.” Peter says, “Rosa, she’s good at challenges, and has good relations with one of our alliance members, so she’s practically an alliance member.” Nancy nods, sighing in relief. “Kimmy, we could do without.” Bobby Jon frowns. “Ulysses and Andrea are tight, so they’re gonna be voting together, they could be a potential threat. And for Freddie…we could do without, who should we take out?”

“Freddie.” Nancy and Bobby Jon quickly say in unison.

“I think Rosa. I don’t wanna hear Manic every five seconds anymore.” Hayley admits.

“Same here.” Hunter says.

“Well…I guess we have to come to an agreement. Rosa…or Freddie. I guess we could flip a coin or whatever.” Peter says. He takes a coin out of his pocket, and tosses it into the air. When it lands, Peter says, “Well, we’re voting for-” Peter is suddenly cut off from saying who is to be eliminated. Later that night, at the elimination ceremony, the Rough Cuts walk out from their side of the hotel. They see a table with movie reels with their pictures on them, a bonfire, and Shane, standing in front of the bonfire.

“Welcome, Rough Cuts, to the elimination ceremony.” Shane greets. “Grab a movie reel with your picture on in, and sit anywhere.” The Rough Cuts do so. “I’m sure you guys know how this works, you vote someone out, and they go.”

“Yep,” Nancy says.

“We’ve all kind of seen reality shows before.” Andrea admits.

“Cool, anyway, this is your first elimination ceremony, what are you all thinking?” Shane asks.

“The vote.” Peter calmly says.

“Who might go home.” Rosa says.

“Those are okay things to worry about.” Shane says.

“Anyway, Andrea, what happened? You guys did great last time, why didn’t you guys do as good this time?”

“Well, like you said in the challenge Shane, there’s a learning curve to the challenge, and five of us didn’t get the curve.” Andrea answers, Hayley, Hunter, Ulysses, and Rosa all nod their heads in agreement.

“Bobby Jon, who do you think is going to have their name wrote down tonight?” Shane asks.

“Well, I think it’s gonna come down between Freddie, and Rosa.” Bobby Jon confesses.

“Why Freddie and Rosa?” Shane asks. Shane is only met with a quiet, and frowning Bobby Jon.

“May I answer?” Peter asks.


“Well, the thing is, Freddie is quite arrogant, and that annoys people. He always has to top everyone’s stories and accomplishments. He also tells a ton of stories that probably aren’t even true.” Peter says, Freddie looks down.

Freddie asks, “You know, you all could’ve told me! Like I said to Hunter, why couldn’t you guys have told me that you all had a problem with me?” When everyone is silent, Freddie rolls his eyes, aggravated with his teammates lack of boldness.

“Okay…so Peter, why Rosa?” Shane asks.

“Well, Rosa is another annoying person. She always talks about Manic, and she can’t go five seconds without saying Manic’s name.” Peter tells Shane.

Rosa gasps. “I’m just madly in love, I think you’re just jealous.” Rosa says.

“How can I be jealous of a one-sided relationship?” Peter asks. Rosa looks down, not wanting to admit that Peter is right.

Rosa comes back saying, “Like with Freddie, why didn’t you guys tell me that I was annoying you? I think Freddie did once, but I just figured he was jealous. As for the rest of you, though, you could have told me, and none of you did. I don’t understand why none of you all, told me about how I was annoying you.” This time, it is Peter’s turn to be silent.

“Well…this is getting interesting, anyway, with those words, it is time to vote. Kimmy, you’re up.” Shane says.

Kimmy gets up, and walks to the voting booth.

Kimmy votes for Rosa, writing down Rosalina instead of Rosa, “No one, calls me Kimberly, I repeat, no one.”

Rosa votes for Freddie, but misspells his name as Freddy, “Sorry Freddie, but I heard that the majority were voting for you, gotta stay with majority.”

Freddie votes for Rosa, but writes down Rosie instead of Rosa, “Sorry Rosie, but if it’s not me, then it has to be you.”

Peter walks up to the voting booth, he thinks for a couple seconds, before writing down a name. His vote is not shown, but he is heard saying, “I’m sorry, but this is whom the alliance chose. As leader of the alliance, I gotta vote with them." Peter walks back to his seat.

Once Peter is in his seat, Shane says, “Well, I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane walks to where the voting booth is, picks it up, and walks back to the campers. “Now may I suggest this, there is an immunity idol hidden somewhere on your side of the hotel. Last ceremony, Darci played it, and saved herself, but there’s also a twist, you can only use the idol tonight, so if you have it, play it.”

A few eyes are shown racing back and fourth, mainly at Rosa and Freddie. Finally, Hunter rises up, and walks over to Shane, saying, “I don’t think that I’ll be eliminated tonight, but this is just to assure me.” Hunter sits back down.

Shane says, “Well, the rules state if an idol is played, no votes against them will be cast against them, this is the immunity idol, any votes against Hunter will not count, on that note, let’s go to the votes.”

Shane lifts up a vote and says, “Rosalina, I presume Rosa. One vote for Rosa.”

Shane picks up another vote, “Fred. One vote for Freddie, one vote for Rosa.”

Shane picks up another vote, “Rosie, that’s two votes Rosa, one vote Freddie.”Rosa squirms in her seat, nervous. Freddie, is looking cool and collected, but one can obviously tell that he’s a little nervous.

Shane picks up another vote, “Freddy. That’s two votes Freddie, two votes Rosa.”

Shane picks up another vote, “Rosa, that’s three votes Rosa, two votes Freddie.”

Shane picks up another vote, “Freddie, that’s three votes Freddie, three votes Rosa.”

Shane picks up another vote, “Rosa, that’s four votes Rosa, three votes Freddie.” By now, Rosa is a sweating bullet. Freddie is also showing signs up nervousness.

Shane picks up another vote, “Freddie, we’re tied, Four votes for Freddie and Rosa.”

Shane picks up another vote, “Freddie, that’s five votes Freddie, four votes Rosa, one vote left.” Rosa looks a little relieved, while Freddie is maintaining his composure. He has his hand on his bags, ready to go, though.

Shane picks up the last vote, “Second person voted out of Total Drama: The Production…

…is Freddie. Freddie, please bring me your movie reel.” Shane instructs.

“Well, that sucked.” Freddie exclaims as he grabs his stuff, and movie reel, and walks to Shane. He gives it to Shane who promptly throws it into the fire. “

Freddie, your team has spoken.” Shane tells, “Good bye man, the limo’s waiting for you.” Freddie walks down the steps, waving to his former teammates. He gets into the limo.

Once inside, he says, “You know, that truly sucked. I really wish my teammates had the guts to tell me they had a problem with me. I would’ve tried to change earlier, but they kept quiet. Anyway, best of luck to Hunter, you helped me realize my mistakes, and I will try to quit being so arrogant, though it’ll be hard to do, as I've been arrogant all my life really, I guess. Anyway, I think that this experience will be remembered as a positive experience for me, as I’ve learned who I once was, an arrogant jerk. I’m glad I’ve realized that now.”

The scene shifts back to the elimination ceremony. Shane says to the Rough Cuts, “What are you still doing here? Go back to your side of the hotel and get some sleep.”

The Rough Cuts all walk into their side of the hotel, but once they get inside, everyone but Rosa gets on an elevator, to go into their rooms. Nancy notices Rosa at the last moment, and jumps off of the elevator, and rushes to the couch that Rosa is sitting on. “Rosa, what's wrong?” she asks.

“Well…what Peter said… about Manic…was true. I was just in denial.” Rosa says unwillingly.

“Rosa…I kinda figured. I really don’t think Manic loved you.”

“Well ain’t that obvious.”

“It kinda was.” Both Nancy and Rosa laugh a little, lightning up the mood “Anyway…Rosa, what did you see in Manic that caused you to fall heads over heels for him?” Nancy asks.

“Well…he’s nice, funny, he also saved my life.”

“How did he do that?” Nancy asks, eyes wide.

“Well, when I was in the fourth grade, I stupidly decided to climb this giant flag pole. It was about thirty feet tall. I started to climb it and before I knew it, I was at the top! I was about to go down…when I looked down and saw how far down it was, I was scared stiff! I couldn’t move! By that time, a bunch of people had crowded around the pole, watching me. Finally, Manic climbed up the pole, and helped me down, knowing if he fell, he could’ve likely died. Ever since then, I’ve loved him.”

“Well…Rosa…thing is, I don’t think you actually ever loved Manic, I think instead of loving him, you loved his act.”


“Let me put it this way. I once had a beau who was really, really, rich. Every month we were together, he gave me a horse. I was madly in love with the guy, until I realized something, I loved the horses he was giving me, not him himself. That make any sense?”

“It totally does, I actually understand.” Rosa smiles. Nancy does too.

“I’m glad you understand, now let’s go to bed, it’s late.” Nancy instructs. Rosa nods and the two girls walk up the stairs together, both smiling. The episode ends, there.

Chapter 4 - "We're having tea? I love tea! Especially passion tea!"

Shane appears in front of the hotel saying, “Welcome back, to Total…Drama…The Production! Last week, you saw a lot! You saw the confrontation of Hunter and Freddie. You saw Peter playing the game, you saw Rosa change her views of Manic, and more. Anyway, the Animators won the challenge, due to Jerry, and the Rough Cuts voted out Freddie. Who will win this week? Who will go home? Find out now, on Total Drama: The Production.”

The scene opens up to Peter, who is sitting on the side of the pool. He is writing something down in a yellow legal notepad. Suddenly, Nancy walks up beside him saying, “What’cha got there, sunny?”

“Nothing.” Peter lies, covering up the notepad. Nancy raises an eye brow as she reaches for the notepad. Peter suddenly slaps her hand away yelling, “Don’t touch that!”

“Peter…what are you keeping from me?”

“Nothing much.”

“Then show me!” Nancy demands, she grabs for the notepad, Peter grabs her arm, but using her free arm, Nancy grabs the notepad with her left hand. She reads what is on the notepad and gasps.

“I…was gonna tell you later.” Peter quickly says, trying to cover up his actions.

“Yeah, right.” Nancy says sarcastically. Nancy simply walks away, furious. She leaves Peter behind, looking a little guilty.

(Confessional) “Okay, I know what I saw, an elimination order! It says that Rosa is next! Peter promised me that he’d keep Rosa for as long as he can, yet he’s going against his word. UGH!” Nancy yells.

Bobby Jon walks over to Peter, he asks, “What was that all about?”

“Nothing…nothing at all.” Peter lies.

“Ooookay…bye!” Bobby Jon cheerfully says as he walks away, Peter sighs in relief that Bobby Jon didn’t look at the list.

The scene shifts to Hunter and Hayley, sitting on the couches in the lobby. “Hayley,” Hunter starts out, “How do you feel about Luke?”

“Hunter, I’ve told you before, he’s JUST a friend, a good one at that.” Hayley tells Hunter.

“I guess so…” Hunter says, unsure.

Mean while, Nancy and Rosa are hanging out in the girl's room, mainly asking stupid questions. “So…what’s your favorite color?” Rosa asks.

“Yellow.” Nancy answers.

“Has to be pink.”

“I can tell, pink head.” Nancy jokes, Rosa laughs.

Suddenly, her joyous face turns serious. “Look…Nancy, how am I doing with the alliance you know, am I next?” Rosa asks.

“If everything goes to Peter’s plan…yeah.” Nancy admits with her head down.

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure that it doesn’t go Peter’s way.”

“I hope we can do that, as I really, really want you to stay here.”

“Aw, thanks! I hope I stay here too!” After an awkward silence, Rosa blurts out, “You do realize, though, that I’m not gonna go down without a fight, right?”

“I realize that.” Nancy acknowledges.

“Peter better realize that.” Rosa points out.

“That he better.”

The scene switches to Hayley and Hunter talking with Peter and Bobby Jon about strategy.

“So…Rosa is next if we lose?” Hayley asks.

“Won’t Nancy kill us if she does get voted out, though?” Hunter asks.

“Hayley, Rosa is going next, yes.” Peter confirms, completely ignoring Hunter.

“Cool, never really liked the pink-head, Manic crazed girl anyway.” Hayley says.

“But…um…Rosa hasn’t said a word about Manic or gone crazy for the last few days after Freddie left.” Hunter points out.

“Yeah, Hayley, Rosa wasn’t my cup of tea either.” Peter says, completely ignoring Hunter.

“We’re having tea? I love tea! Especially passion tea!” Bobby Jon asks happily.

“Um…Jon, it’s an expression.” Hayley points out a little freaked out

“We’re not actually having tea.” Peter confirms, a little weirded out Bobby Jon lowers is head, disappointed.

“Um…guys, to the point. I don’t think Rosa should be voted out! I mean, she has done really well in past challenges.” Hunter claims.

“So it’s settled,” Peter says ignoring Hunter once more. “Rosa goes.”

“Yep,” Hayley agrees.

“Duh,” Bobby Jon says.

“Okay.” Peter says, walking away. Hayley and Bobby Jon do so in different ways.

“Wooooow.” Hunter exclaims under his breath.

(Confessional) “It was just like back home! No one listens too me!” Hunter shouts.

Andrea walks by Hunter, who is holding his head in his hands in frustration. She notices Hunter and asks, “What’s wrong Hunter?”

“Oh, hey Andrea. I just feel ignored by my so called friend.” Hunter says, aggravated.

“Oh, I understand what you mean.”


“Oh yeah, people never seem to take me seriously, even when I’m being quite serious.”

“Well…no offense, but it’s hard to take you serious, as you’re so cheerful and happy-go-lucky.”

“I understand that…though it always hurts. No one wants to listen to me it seems.” Andrea sighs sadly.

“Why do you think that is?”

“You just said it yourself. No one will listen to my advice; they think I’ve had such an easy life…when I haven’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you see, I was born in Korea and, wait a second…you’re not Ulysses.”


“Sorry…it’s just…Ulysses knows me better than anyone else here knows me, he’s always willing to listen to me…and he won’t judge me, no matter what I say.” Andrea says smiling. “I hope you aren’t offended or anything.”

“Oh I’m not.” Hunter reassures. “But…sounds like you have a crush on Ulysses.”

“It’s nothing, really.” Andrea says as she brushes her hair nervously.

“First step of knowing you have a crush on someone, you deny that you have a crush on someone.”

“Wow, you are good.”


The scene shifts to the Rough Cuts. Zubin and Darci are talking strategy while Darci is reading a magazine. “So…who should we should alline ourselves with?” Zubin asks.

“Well…I was thinking Alexander.” Darci says, not looking up from her magazine.


“Yeah, Alex.”

“You expect me and you, to play the game with that swine?”

Darci thinks for a little before finally deciding on an answer, “Yeah,”

“But it’s Alexander! The cockiest dude on the planet!”

“He may be horrible, but he’s our best shot. He already has an alliance with Stephanie, Heidi, and Jerry. I also overheard them saying that Julia is also in the alliance.”

“Then he has numbers and once he doesn’t need us, he’ll still vote us out.”

“He can try, but we’ll vote him out. No one likes him, remember that.”

“Oh yeah…”

“If we can vote Alex out, we can change this game.”

“I agree, shake on it?”

“Sure,” Darci and Zubin both shake their hands on that pact.

“So…what now?” Zubin asks.

“We just hang out, stay out of arguments, and listen to the alliance members to look for any other cracks.”

“I like that plan.

”The scene shifts to Jerry and Julia. “So…Jerry, I have a question for you.” Julia says.

“What is it?” Jerry asks, interested.

“Well…after the challenge, you seemed different.”

“It was nothing, believe me.”

“Jerry…I’m a match maker, I read people. Something was definitely up.”


“So what was going on with you?”

“Nothing really…” Jerry lies, he brushes his hair out of his face nervously.“

"Jerry, don’t lie to me.” Julia focuses her glare at Jerry.

“Okay, okay, you know how my dad’s really rich, right?”

“Duh, everyone knows that.”

“Thanks,” Jerry sarcastically says, “Anyway, you see, I basically never had to earn anything. I mean, everything is handed down to me at my request. But when we won the challenge, and when I won it for us…I just felt…this feeling that I’ve never felt before. I mean, it was a weird feeling. But I liked it. I liked the feeling of accomplishment, it felt good. Once I felt it, though, I realized how fortunate I truly am.”

“Wow…” Julia exclaims, taken aback by Jerry’s speech.

“Oh please, it’s nothing big.” Jerry says nonchalantly.

The scene switches to the girl’s bedroom, where Stephanie, Heidi, and Monica are simply relaxing. Suddenly, Stephanie’s Louisiana accent cries out, “Oh crap!”

“What happened?” Heidi asks.

“My locket, it’s gone!” Stephanie cries out, stressed.

“So what? It’s just a necklace.” Monica says dispassionately. Stephanie looks hurt at the words Monica said. She buries her head into her hands and bawls while Heidi glares at Monica.

“Monica, it obviously means very important to her. The least we can do is helping her find it.” Heidi scolds.

“Fine, fine, I’ll look for it. Don’t see what the big deal about it is.” Monica mutters. Heidi slaps Monica in anger. Monica yells, “Okay! Okay! I care, I care! Just…stop glaring and slapping. Sheesh woman.”

(Confessional) “I don’t think Monica understands its importance. I can forgive her of that. Anyway, you see…my mom gave that to me only a few days before…her and dad well…um…” Stephanie struggles to get the next few words out. “Moved…on…to a better…place.” Stephanie finally loses it and cries some more in her hands.

(Confessional) “I don’t get how it’s so important. Whenever I lose something of value, no one gives a **** about it.”Monica complains.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, Tyson is sitting on a chair, reading a book. Suddenly, Alexander walks up to the chair. He simply stares at Tyson. Tyson doesn’t notice him until a little bit. Once Tyson lifts his head, he asks, “What do you want?”

“The chair you’re sitting on.” Alexander answers.

“Um…Alex…I’m sitting on the chair…there’s another one right beside me.”

“So? I want that one.”

“Why should I give it too you?”

“Because I’m the dominate person on the team. Dominate person gets what he wants.” Alexander has a smug smile on face while Tyson stares at him in disbelief.

“Dude…calm down please.”

“Me calm down? Dude, you’re getting worked up over a chair. Just let me have it and everything will go well.”

Tyson rises from his chair and points his finger in Alexander‘s face, “Look, you may be used to getting what you want where you’re from. But let me warn you, that kind of attitude will get you voted out.” Tyson storms out of the lobby leaving Alexander alone. Alexander sits on the chair, saying, “It’s good to be king.” Obviously not taking heed to Tyson’s warning.

(Confessional) “Okay, I know I can be a bit…okay, I know I can be self centered, but Alexander is the KING of selfishness.” Tyson exclaims.

The scene shifts to Shane who is outside the hotel. He yells out, “COME ON OUT YOU TEENS!”

“Um…Shane…we’re right here…” Julia says. The camera pans out to show that everyone is outside of the hotel.

“I know, but we needed to get a few shots of me saying that.” Shane answers.

“Can we just get onto the challenge?” Ulysses asks annoyed.

“Fine…anyway, today’s challenge will be fun. Today, you will be doing an obstacle course. All of you will be clipped to one person, except someone. The person who does not get a partner in this challenge will still get a part in the challenge. Anyway, there are four teams of two. One of those teams will have to go over an obstacle course. The obstacle consists of four barrels for you to jump over, and a ten-foot long balance beam. At the end of the course are four keys. You will have to back to the start, the same way you started, and the next team of two will go and retrieve a second key. We will continue until all four teams have successfully done the course and have a key. The teams will then run to a cage where the person, who did not get paired up, will be inside. Once they are unlocked, the person without a team will go onto a zip line and get the final key. Once the teams have been unlocked, all nine members of the team will run across the finish line. As soon as all the team members are across the finish line, your team will win."

“Sounds….complicated….” Rosa comments.

“It very well may be.” After a few minutes of strategizing for both teams, Shane asks them, “So…who’s on what team?”

“Well, the person on the zip line is Peter, the teams are me and Andrea, Rosa and Nancy, Bobby Jon and Kimmy, and Hayley and Hunter.” Ulysses says.

“Interesting team choices.” Shane comments.

“I did the people with the best relationships slash friendships.”

“Good choice.”

“Hey, thanks!”

“Anyway, Animators, who are your teams?”

“Well, Heidi is on the zip line, me and Tyson, Darci and Zubin, Julia and Jerry, and Stephanie and Monica are gonna be clipped together as teams.” Alexander says.

“Well, that’s nice, get into positions people!” Shane yells. The teams get into the appropriate positions. “Alright, ready, set GO!” Shane calls out. Hayley and Hunter and Julia and Jerry run out to the course. Hayley and Hunter are both going faster than Julia and Jerry, but Julia and Jerry are right behind them. Hayley and Hunter both start jumping over the barrels in front of their path. Julia and Jerry also jump over the barrels, but they are taking a long time. Hayley and Hunter finish jumping over the barrels and start on the balancing team. Once Hayley and Hunter finish the balance beam, Julia and Jerry finally start on the beam. Hayley and Hunter grab the first key and start back. Julia and Jerry make up some time on the balance beam and actually are right behind Hayley and Hunter. Hayley and Hunter easily jump over the barrels, but Julia and Jerry, once again, take a long time. As they’re shorter than Hayley and Hunter, who have a clear height advantage.

Hayley and Hunter get back to their team first and Bobby Jon and Kimmy rush out. Julia and Jerry finally get back to their team and Darci and Zubin run out to the course, though Bobby Jon and Kimmy have already cleared a barrel. Bobby Jon and Kimmy fly over the barrels pretty much, as Bobby Jon is pretty much carrying Kimmy while jumping over the barrels. Darci and Zubin actually do pretty well over the barrels, but Bobby Jon and Kimmy are already at the balance beam. Kimmy does pretty well on the beam, but Bobby Jon struggles on the beam. Darci and Zubin catch up to the duo on the beams and pass them. Darci and Zubin get their key and quickly cross the beam. Bobby Jon and Kimmy finally get their key and start back to their team. Darci and Zubin quickly re-cross the beam and jump over the barrels quickly. Bobby Jon and Kimmy finally get their key and walk back to the barrels. However, Darci and Zubin are already at their team.

Alexander and Tyson run out for their team. Once they are over one barrel, Bobby Jon and Kimmy return to their team and Ulysses and Andrea run out too the course. Once they get over a barrel, Alexander and Tyson are at the balance beam; however, Alexander is going really slowly.

“Tyson! Go faster!” Alexander commands.

“Um, I’m sorry for talking back to you Alpha, but I’m behind you, YOU need to pick up the pace!” Tyson barks at Alexander.

While the two alpha-male wanna-bees were fighting, Ulysses and Andrea climb onto the balance beam. Once they get to the halfway mark, Alexander grabs the key and he and Tyson start walking back. Ulysses and Andrea easily, and quickly, grab their key and walk back to the barrels. Both pairs were even on the barrels and got back to their teams at the same time.

The last two teams, Nancy and Rosa and Stephanie and Monica run out onto the course. The two pairs take their time getting over the four barrels in their way. The two pairs make quick work of the beam and easily get over the four barrels again. They reach their teams at the same time, dead even.

Shane calls out, “Everyone has the four keys, and you can now unlock Heidi and Peter.” The Rough Cuts try a key on the lock on Peter’s cage, but it doesn’t open. The Animators try a key on Heidi’s and her lock unlocks. Heidi races to her ladder and climbs up it. The Rough Cuts try another key and it unlocks Peter’s cage. Peter tears through the door and makes a beeline to his latter, but it’s too late. Heidi is already down the zip line and has already grabbed the final key. She races back to her team, who has already unlocked themselves except for Jerry and Julia. Heidi unlocks them and the Animators as a whole, race to the finish line and crosses it. Once everyone is across, they cheer.

“Animators, win immunity!” Shane calls out. The Animators cheer once more, the Rough Cuts either look angry, or depressed. The two teams go back into their sides of the hotel, though one side is gloomy, the other side is happy. Quite happy I should say.

In the Rough Cuts side of the hotel, Rosa and Nancy are stirring up trouble. Rosa and Nancy are talking to Ulysses and Andrea. “Look,” Nancy says. “Rosa is going tonight due to Peter’s alliance.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, Peter has an alliance?” Peter asks. Nancy and Rosa nod. “Wow…he didn’t seem like he’d actually play the game. He’s not that type of person.”

“Oh, the dude’s a serious contender in this game.” Rosa explains.

“Wow…I guess it goes to show, anyone could be playing the game.” Andrea comments.

“Then why not start now? Look, once Rosa is gone, Ulysses, Andrea, you two will be next. I can guarantee that for sure.” Nancy says, “We could start an alliance right here, right now, and save ourselves. I’ll try to talk to Kimmy and Bobby Jon; I think I can convince her and Jon.”

“Okay.” Andrea says.

“I’ll do it.” Ulysses agrees.

“Alright! Thanks for agreeing!” Nancy beams. She and Rosa walk out of the room, all smiles.

“Maybe I won’t be going home tonight.” Rosa whispers to Nancy.

“Hopefully, you won’t.” Nancy replies.

(Confessional) “I am shocked that Peter is playing this game as hard as he is right now. I thought he was a nice guy, but I didn’t think he was a serious contender. If I’m gonna start playing this game, I’m gonna have to get rid of him.” Ulysses explains.

The scene shifts to Bobby Jon and Kimmy talking in the guy’s room. Nancy enters the guy’s room and says, “Bobby Jon, Kimmy, we need to talk.”

“All ears.” Bobby Jon cheerfully says.

“What is it now? You here to tell me I gotta leave?” Kimmy asks.

“No, look, Bobby Jon, once Andrea, Rosa, and Ulysses are gone you and Kimmy and me will be next. He will eliminate us. If you two wanna get far, join me, Rosa, Andrea, and Ulysses as we have the numbers, and we can get Peter out of the game. The dude’s gonna betray us at some point.” Nancy explains.

“Nancy…while you make sense, if I do that plan, I’ll feel like a rat…but I’ll think about it.” Bobby Jon says.

“Cool, see you guys soon.” Nancy says as she leaves.

Bobby Jon turns to Kimmy and asks, “What should we do?”

“I say, we vote for Rosa like you told me too earlier. Plus, it’ll be fun seeing Nancy’s continence fall once Rosa goes.” Rosa says. “Although, I know that most likely she’ll yell at me and you and get me eliminated.”

“Must you always be negative?”

“It’s who I am.”

"I seriously doubt that."

The scene shifts to the Elimination Ceremony. Shane is there, and so is the bonfire. The contestants already have their movie reels with them. Shane instructs, “Please sit down.” The contestants do so. “Well, you all already know what you all should do, now let’s talk about the last few days. Andrea, anything new?”

“Well, I found out that Peter has an alliance.” Andrea says.

“Were you shocked at all?”

“Duh. Peter’s nice, who would expect him to have an alliance, more or less, lead it.” Peter rolls his eyes.

“I can see that. Now, you guys had a big lead in the challenge, until, Bobby Jon went on the beam. There they passed you guys. Then you guys caught up with them, but you tried the wrong key in the lock, so they won. What’s your take on that, Kimmy?”

“Well, we simply suck. That’s pretty much all.” Kimmy answers.

“Well aren’t you blunt?” Shane asks rhetorically.

“I am.” Kimmy says.

“Alright, Rosa, who do you think is going home?” Shane asks.

“Well, I think it’s either me, or Peter.” Rosa explains as Peter looks shocked, not expecting anyone to vote for him.

“Why you?”

“Well, I guess I annoyed everyone when I talked about Manic, though I’ve stopped talking about him all the time.”

“You doing anything to save yourself?”

“May I answer for her?” Nancy asks.

“Be my guest.” Shane says.

“Well, the thing is, coming into the game; I had in my mind that I’d do whatever got me further in the game. When I met Rosa, I thought, ‘change of plans, now it’s whatever gets me and Rosa further in the game’. I made an alliance with Ulysses and Andrea, Bobby Jon, and Kimmy to prevent Rosa from going.” Nancy explains.

“So…what if Peter wasn’t going to eliminate Rosa?”

“Then I’d eliminate the person Peter was going to eliminate, as I’m doing this for Rosa.” Ulysses looks shocked; he turns to Andrea, who looks pissed. Bobby Jon looks at Kimmy, who is chuckling silently to herself.

“Anyway, Peter, how are you taking this?” Shane asks.

“Well, looks like I’m gonna have a talk with Nancy tonight.” Peter answers, chuckling. Some of the other people laugh too.

“Well, that’s a nice thought. Anyway, Hunter, you played the idol last time. You said you thought you didn’t need to use it. How confident are you tonight?”

“Well, thing is, with all this talk about secret alliances and such, I don’t know if I’m still gonna be here after tonight. I think it could be anyone, really.” Hunter says.

“Ah. Rosa, how confident are you?”

“I’m a tad scared. Okay, a lot scared. As I don’t know if Andrea, Ulysses, Kimmy, and Bobby Jon, if they’re gonna vote with me after what Nancy just said.” Rosa explains. Nancy has a sorry look on her face.

“Peter, how confident are you?”

“Very confident.” Peter says. Andrea and Ulysses both have a look of disbelief on their faces.

“Well, I can say this, I think anyone could go. But, it’s time to vote. Peter, you’re up first." Peter walks up to the voting booth.

Peter votes for Rosa, “Nice try, Rosa. Really, nice try.”

Rosa votes for Peter, “I’m sorry, but it’s gotta be done. If it’s me, then I hope this vote will somehow impact the game. I kinda doubt it will, though.”

Nancy votes for Peter, “Look here, I’m looking out for numero uno, and numero Rosa, remember that.”

Kimmy votes for Rosa, “It'll be fun seeing Nancy's face and your face when you're eliminated.”

Ulysses walks up to the voting booth, he thinks for a little before writing down a name.

Andrea is heard saying, “I’m sorry. It has to be like this after what you said.” But her vote is not revealed.

Shane says, “I’ll go tally the votes.” He walks back to where the votes are and gets them. He walks back to the contestants and says, “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Now let’s hop to it, shall we?”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Peter, that’s one vote Peter.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Peter, that’s two votes Peter.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Rosa, that’s two votes Peter, one vote Rosa.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Rosa, we’re tied, two for two.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Rosa, that’s three votes Rosa, two votes Peter.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Rosa, that’s four votes Rosa, two votes Peter.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “The third person voted out of Total Drama: The Production is….


“Bye guys.” Rosa says. As she leaves, she notices Nancy’s long face. Rosa says, “Nancy, you did your best. Don’t be sad.” Rosa walks up to Shane and throws her reel into the fire.

Shane says, “Rosa, your team has spoken.”

As Rosa leaves, she waves back to everyone. Once she gets into the limo, she says, “Well, I certainly had fun while I was here. I learned that I really didn’t love Manic and I just loved his act. Best of luck to Nancy, you obviously tried everything you could, but word from the wise, don’t talk so much.” Rosa laughs at her own joke, but she continues, “Anyway, Peter, look out, Nancy just got angry with you.” Rosa laughs at her own joke. She puts on a smile and simply waits for her ride to be over.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cut’s lobby. Nancy and Peter are in there.

Nancy says, “You promised.”

“Promised what?” Peter asks.

“You promised to keep Rosa in as long as you could!” Nancy angrily yells.

“Well that was as long as I could.”

“No it wasn’t! Are why did you vote her out?”

“She was annoying, plus, she was weak in challenges.”

“Um, dude, in today’s challenge, and the first challenge, she was the best in. Also, she stopped talking about Manic!”

“She did?”

“Yes she did you twit!”

“Oh…I didn’t know that.”

“Well your ignorance has lost you an alliance member.”

After a few moments of silence, Peter says, “Look, Nancy, will you rejoin the alliance? I’m sorry for voting out Rosa and I shouldn’t have, will you come back?”

After a moment of thinking, Nancy says to Peter, “Sure, I guess. But you need to watch your back Peter, that I warn you.” Nancy warns. The episode ends there.

Chapter 5 - "Easy, if you go anywhere, you're dead."

Shane appears on the stairs in front of the hotel and says, “Welcome back to another exciting episode of, Total…Drama…the Production!” Shane exclaims. He sits on the railing of the staircase and continues, “Last time, you saw our contestants jump over barrels and balance on a narrow passage! Wasn’t it exciting? Anyway, the Rough Cuts won and the Animators had to vote someone out. Rosa tried to save you own butt by trying to make alliances to vote out Peter. But Nancy’s over confidence, and bluntness, dug Rosa’s grave. Who will go home? Who will win? Who will hold down their lunches? What did I just sit in? Those questions, except the latter, will be answered right now on Total…Drama…the Production!”

After the opening theme plays, the scene shifts to the Rough Cut’s eating quarters. Kimmy is shown humming a tune to herself while she peels an orange for herself for breakfast. She walks over to the table and begins to eat. She looks around and sighs, happily for once. She continues to eat her orange in peace.

(Confessional) “Finally, some peace and quiet! I never can go anywhere without that pesky Bobby Jon up in my face, trying to cheer me up. While he’s a good guy and all, I prefer my me time. Also, it’s nice not to hear the word, alliance. I mean, really? It’s not like you gotta have your “secret” alliance meetings right where everyone can see them! Honestly, those people are so stupid. No wonder we’ve lost nearly every single challenge.” Kimmy rants.

Bobby Jon walks through the doors to the cafeteria and Kimmy’s almost cheerful demeanor falls. Bobby Jon notices Kimmy’s sudden change in attitude and questions, “Kimmy, what’s bothering you?”

“You,” Kimmy explains.

“Oh…” Bobby Jon says. He simply gets an apple and asks, “Well…can I sit next to you?”

“No,” was the reply.

“Oh…okay.” Bobby Jon looks at Kimmy for a second, then walks to the door muttering, “What did I do?”

As Bobby Jon walks out of the cafeteria, Hunter is walking in. He sees Bobby Jon’s long face and asks, “What’s the trouble?” His only reply was the almost chanting of, “What did I do?” from Bobby Jon. Hunter enters the cafeteria and sees Kimmy throwing away the last of her breakfast. “Figures, a girl like that, making a cheerful guy cheerless.”

The scene shifts to Nancy in the hallway. She is walking alone, and her face makes it obvious that she is close to tears. “Why?” She mutters to herself. Hayley walks down the hallway and spots Nancy. One look at her and Hayley knows that Nancy is close to tears.

She walks up to Nancy and asks, “Nanc…what’s troubling you?” When silence is Nancy’s reply, Hayley asks, “Was it Rosa?”

“Of course it was!” Nancy angrily yells at Hayley through a fit of tears. Nancy lets the tears fall from her face, not attempting to wipe them away. “Why did you all vote her out? She really did mature!”

“I know that…but we didn’t realize it, until it was too late.” Hayley admits. The duo start walking to the end of the hallway in silence. Finally, Hayley says, “Nancy, are you back in the alliance?”

“It’s always about alliances, isn’t it?” Nancy asks rhetorically.

“Well…um…I think it’s more of an um…” Hayley stutters before Nancy interrupts.

“Quit lying to yourself. We both know you are.” Nancy bitterly gripes to Hayley. Hayley looks down, knowing that Nancy said the truth about not just about Hayley herself, but most of the alliance members in general. “I mean, it’s like that’s all you, Peter, and Hunter talk about. Alliance this, alliance that. That’s all I hear of you two talking about!”

“But that’s not the sole thing I talk about. Only when Peter’s present.” Hayley says.

“Really?” Nancy questions, not believing it.

“Yeah…me and Hunter talk quite a bit; me and Andrea are buds, also. I also talk with other team members, though not as much.” Hayley explains. Nancy nods in understanding.

After some more silence, Nancy says, “You know…sorry for judging you like that…I guess I was just overwhelmed or something.”

“It’s okay, I understand. It’s hard to lose a friend.” Hayley explains. The two girls smile at each other and hug.

“Listen, I‘m really sorry. I was just…yeah.” Nancy says, obviously embarrassed.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Hayley tells Nancy. The two walk down the hall together.

The scene switches to Ulysses and Andrea, who are sitting on the benches on the side of their side of the hotel. “You know…we’re screwed if we don’t do something soon.” Andrea admits to Ulysses. Ulysses nods his head silently. “What’s on your mind?” Andrea asks out of curiosity.

“Oh…just thinking on how I never thought that strategy would be so big in a game like this.” Ulysses admits.

“This is a reality show…of course there will be strategy.” Andrea reminds Ulysses in a sarcastic tone. She laughs a little at her own sarcasm, Ulysses simply remains looking grim.

“Look…I just thought that it’d be based on how well you do challenge wise and who annoyed everyone. I mean, that’s how Total Drama Island was, there was no strategy.” Ulysses reminds Andrea.

“You have a point, though I want to make it as far as I can, and at this point, that’s strategy and nothing more.” Andrea tells Ulysses. Ulysses nods his head in agreement. “Ulysses, we gotta come up with something, what do you think we should do?”

“Easy.” Ulysses says, “Wait, if we wait, time itself will crumble the alliance.” Ulysses explains.

Andrea smacks her head in frustration, “Look, Ulysses, we need a plan, NOW! We don’t have that kind of time!” Andrea yells.

“I know, I know. It was a thought, wish it could work.” Ulysses says, trying to cover up his horrible plan.

The scene switches to the Animators side of the hotel; Darci is brushing her hair while Stephanie is still trying to find her missing locket. “Oh…oh where is it? Where is it?” Stephanie rhetorically asks, frantically searching for her locket.

"Where do you not think it will be?” Darci asks, watching Stephanie through the mirror’s reflection.

“It couldn’t be in the vase.” Stephanie comments. Darci opens her mouth to say something, but sees that Stephanie is already reaching for the flower vase. She looks in there and even dumps it out, only to find the deceased plant bodies of daisies and azaleas. Stephanie frowns, in disappointment that where she thought where the gold chain was, wasn’t in. “Ugh…where the heck could it be?” Stephanie fusses.

“I don’t know, now. It could be anywhere.” Darci acknowledges.

“Oh gee, thanks, that narrows it down to everywhere in the hotel!” Stephanie yells. She throws her hands up in frustration and lies on a bed; Darci stops brushing her hair for a moment and walks over to Stephanie. She rubs Stephanie’s back in an attempt to calm her, and it succeeds.

The camera changes to Julia and Alexander playing chess. “Check,” Julia says. Alexander moves a rook to a different place on the board, in front of the king. “You know…you coulda just moved the king.”

“I know, but I like flare in my strategy.” Alexander says. Julia simply shakes her head as she claims Alexander’s rook.

“Check mate.”

“How?” Alexander argues.

“Easy, if you go anywhere, you’re dead.” Julia explains with an innocent smile. Alexander simply moves his king to a spot and Julia immediately claims her prize. “All right!” She exclaims victoriously.

“I let you win.” Alexander scoffs. He folds his arms and glares at Julia. All Julia does is moan.

“You said that last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that! I think you would’ve started playing for real when I beat you the first time.” Julia simply packs up the chess game, and leaves, leaving Alexander ticked.

(Confessional) “Alexander’s kind of fun to tick off. Whenever you do, he starts yelling stuff that makes no sense. You also can't understand him.” Julia explains.

(Confessional) Alexander’s words are bleeped out for the entire confessional.

Meanwhile, Zubin is in the guy’s room, playing cards with himself, when suddenly, Tyson bursts into the room happily. Zubin looks up from his game of cards and asks, “What’s up, Tie-dye?”

“Oh, I just found out something.” Tyson exclaims.

“That is?” Zubin questions, once again, he is concentrated on the game he’s playing.

“I think Julia has a crush on me dude!” Tyson excitingly says.

“Dude…you think every girl and their mother have a crush on you.” Zubin points out.

“Well, duh, it’s hard to resist the perfection that is moi!” Tyson egotistically says in a confident tone. Zubin simply rolls his eyes, sick of Tyson’s ego.

The camera switches to Shane, who is outside the hotel. He rings a giant gong to signal that the challenge is going to start soon. Monica, who was sleeping on one of the couches in the lobby before Shane woke her up with the gong, groans.

(Confessional) “Ugh…Shane annoys me so.” Monica angrily says. “He’s always so…pushy. When it’s time for a stupid, pointless challenge, it’s time for a stupid, pointless challenge.”

The teens all walk outside of the hotel, curious to the noise. When they see Shane there, with nothing beside him, most of them are freaked out. Monica, though, remains calm. “Let me guess, the gong’s right above our heads.” Monica unemotionally guesses.

“Yeah…you’re actually right.” Shane says. The camera pans out to show that a giant crane is lifting the gong away from the teens. “Anyway, anyone hungry?”

A choir of “yes”, “you know it”, and, “where’s the pancake syrup?” is heard.

“Well it’s your lucky day! Today’s challenge is an eating challenge!”

“Alright, yes!” Bobby Jon rejoices.

“You do realize he probably means that we’re eating gross things…right?” Kimmy asks. Bobby Jon suddenly looks scared.

“Yep!!” Shane exclaims as he hoists up a bucket full of dead bugs which seems to have come from no where.

Heidi’s eyes widen, “Oh no…”

“Oh yes! Today, we’re eating food!” Shane informs the contestants. Several contestants look disgusted at the news.

“You mean…like berries and yogurt, right?” Jerry wishfully asks.

“No. Today, you’ll be eating insects.” Shane explains. He lifts off a cloth that is laying on rows and rows of insects.

“Where the heck are you getting that stuff from?” Peter asks.

“I don’t know, but it sure comes in handy!” Shane exclaims.

“Great…a gross challenge, and a host that grabs things out of mid-air, fun.” Kimmy sarcastically says.

“Yeah, isn’t it great?” Bobby Jon asks, obviously not catching on to Kimmy’s sarcasm. Kimmy smacks her head in frustration. “You really shouldn’t do that, bad for the skull.” Bobby Jon innocently informs Kimmy.

“Will it cause a concussion?” Kimmy asks.

“It very well could.” Bobby Jon explains. Kimmy begins slapping her forehead multiple times.

“Kimmy…” Nancy says.

“Yeah?” Kimmy asks.

“Stop it.” Nancy commands, Kimmy stops slapping her forehead, much to Bobby Jon’s pleasure.

“Anyway, onto today’s challenge. Today, we’re going to do a gross food challenge. You will all come up one at a time and will have to eat one of seven bugs; you get to eat a cockroach, beetle, bee, spider, scorpion, larva, or a worm. I’ll be deciding for you. Animators, you’ll be sitting two people out, who will they be?” Shane asks. Stephanie and Tyson raise their hand.

“Stephanie? Tyson? Why?” Alexander asks.

“I have a really weak stomach.” Stephanie explains.

“And I don’t wanna mess up my, good looks.” Tyson explains, flashing a “sexy” pose while he speaks. Zubin groans and puts his head in his hands. Julia rolls her eyes.

“Well, looks like Stephanie and Tyson are sitting out. Rest of you decides who’s going first.” Shane says. Alexander and Nancy walk up to Shane. “Wow…that wasn’t even five seconds. You two just wanna get it done?” Shane questions.

“Yes.” The two answer at the same time.

“Alright…how about bees?” Shane asks. Nancy and Alexander look at each other worriedly.

“Um…I allergic.” Nancy points out.

“Yeah, I know.” Shane says as he puts five dead bumble bees on each of the contestant’s plates.

“Now, the stingers have been removed, so it won’t hurt you, or give you an allergic reaction and thus, will save me from a law suit.” Shane explains. “The first person to get all five down, win.”

“You mean these huge things?” Alexander gasps, pointing to the bees.

“Yeah. GO!” Shane yells. Nancy immediately pops one into her mouth and swallows instantly. She makes a face that suggests that the insect wasn’t exactly a treat. Alexander puts on into his mouth, and gags. He looks at Nancy, who is now swallowing her second bee.

“Ugh…this is nasty.” Alexander gags; Nancy nods her head, not slowing her pace. Alexander swallows his first bee while Nancy puts the third bee in her mouth. Nancy easily powers through the fourth and fifth bee and shows Shane an empty mouth.

“Nancy scores a point for the Rough Cuts!” Shane exclaims.

“Yeah!” Nancy exclaims joyfully. She bounces back to her team, cheering and waving her arms.

“It’s only a point.” Alexander scornfully reminds Nancy. Nancy ignores Alexander as she cheers.

“Alright, let’s get two more people up here.” Shane says. Peter and Zubin walk up to Shane. Both nervous on what they might get. “You all get to eat larva.” Shane says. He lifts a plate to show ten larvae. Peter’s eyes widen while Zubin simply stares at the larva. “Dig in!” Shane yells. Zubin immediately picks up all ten larvae and stuffs them into his mouth. Peter barfs a little at the sight of Zubin. Zubin then swallows all ten larvae and shows Shane and empty mouth. “Zubin wins a point for the Animators! Impressive, by the way.”

“Thanks,” Zubin says, walking back to his team happily.

“Anyway, who else will do it?” Shane asks.

“I guess I will.” Heidi says.

“Put me on there.” Hayley exclaims.

(Confessional) “I’ve dealt with puss coming out of places where puss should not come out of, nothing grosses me out anymore.” Heidi brags.

(Confessional) “I’ve been camping, I’m an out doorsy kind of girl. I’m not this girly girl figure that everyone perceives me as.” Hayley says.

The two girls walk up to their plates. Shane uncovers the plates and a giant, dead tarantula is there, waiting to be devoured. “Dig in!” Shane exclaims.

“Okay….EW!” Hayley yells in disgust at the creature waiting to be eaten.

“Meh.” Heidi says before she simply eats the dead tarantula.

“And…without a hint of disgust, Heidi gets a point for the Animators!” Shane announces.

“Eating pizza while removing a huge zit that spews out puss really helps.” Heidi explains casually.

“And…that’s nasty.” Hayley says, grossed out at Heidi’s words.

“I know.” Heidi says while walking back to her team nonchalantly.

“Okay…next few, come up.” Shane says. Kimmy and Julia reluctantly walk up. Shane lifts up the lid to their plates and on the plate a scorpion. Kimmy screams in fright.

“We have to eat that?” Kimmy asks.

“Yes, now shove it in your mouth.” Shane commands. Both girls simply stare at it.

The two look at each other and Kimmy asks, “Rock Paper Scissors?” Julia nods, not really wanting to eat a poisonous scorpion. The two girls play, Julia gets rock and Kimmy gets paper. “Paper covers rock.” Kimmy acknowledges.

“Man…” Julia mutters. “Shane, I forfeit. Kimmy wins this point.” Julia says, almost silently, as if she doesn’t want Shane to hear.

“Well, Kimmy has won a point for her team, nice luck by the way.” Shane says.

“Why thank you, though most likely my team mates won‘t be as lucky as me.” Kimmy emotionlessly says as she walks back to her team.

“Ooookaaaaay…anyway, two more peeps, please come up.” Shane says. Bobby Jon and Jerry walk up, both anticipating something gross. Shane lifts their plates and they spot a dead grasshopper.

“Well, it could be worse.” Bobby Jon optimistically says.

“Yeah, there could be two of them…” Jerry says, unconvinced.

“Anyway, dig in.” Shane says. Bobby Jon and Jerry both put the entire thing in their mouth. Jerry chews slowly, but Bobby Jon chews faster. Jerry’s face shows that he’s disgusted. When Bobby Jon is done chewing, he tries to swallow, but it’s too dry. After a bit, Jerry is done chewing, and like Bobby Jon, tries to swallow. Finally, Jerry gets the grasshopper down. “Jerry wins a point for the Animators!” Shane yells.

“Yeah!” Jerry exclaims. Bobby Jon claps for Jerry in being a good sport.

“Good job, Jerry.” Bobby Jon congratulates as he extends his hand.

“Thanks!” Jerry says while shaking Bobby Jon’s extended hand.

“You’re welcome.” Bobby Jon says as he walks back to his team.

“Okay, the Animators need only one more point to win.” Shane says. Darci and Hunter both walk up to Shane. Shane lifts the plate to show a giant worm.

“Ew!” Darci says, grossed out.

“Come on Darci! We need this win!” Alexander barks. Darci looks at Alexander, who is glaring at her. Then she fixes her gaze on Hunter, who is slowly chewing the worm. His face is gruesome looking. Darci looks back at her team and sighs. She puts the worm in her mouth and swallows it, whole.

“Animators, once again, win immunity!” Shane cries out. The Animators cheer, except Darci, who is barfing in a bush.

Shane goes to say something, but Hayley interrupts with, “We know, we gotta vote someone out.”

“Well okay, go into your side of the hotel.” Shane instructs. The Rough Cuts do so, glumly. “As for you, Animators, your winning streak has continued! Nice job!” The Animators cheer at Shane’s words, obviously happy to be so lucky.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cuts walking into their side of the hotel. By the looks of their faces, you can tell that they are not looking forward to eliminating someone. Peter gathers his alliance members and whispers, “Okay guys, I think it’s time that we send Kimmy home.” Bobby Jon’s eyes widen with shock.

“But…why?” Bobby Jon asks.

“Dude, she’s grouchy, grumpy, and a pain in the neck.” Hunter explains.

“She’s not the best in challenges either, no use in keeping her.” Hayley says.

“But, um…uh…” Bobby Jon fishes in his brain to try to find a reason for her to stay.

“Jon, I think she should go. I agree with them.” Nancy says.

“But our deal!” Bobby Jon exclaims.

“Deal? You mean the deal that you wouldn’t vote for Rosa? Yeah, you broke that promise into a million pieces! Why should I keep my end of the promise when you couldn’t keep yours!” Nancy angrily yells at Bobby Jon. She begins to cry and Hayley rubs her back, comforting Rosa.

“Nancy, it’s okay. Let it go.” Hayley sooths.

“But Kimmy is special to me! She needs to stay here!” Bobby Jon defends Kimmy.

“Rosa was special to me, but that didn’t stop you from voting her out.” Nancy coldly replies. Nancy walks away along with the other three alliance members. All Bobby Jon can do is stand there, alone. He looks down at the floor and sighs, sadly. After a few moments, a light bulb goes off in his head. He races towards Andrea and Ulysses, who are sitting on a couch in the lobby together, talking.

“Guys, guys, I need to talk to you two.” Bobby Jon says.

“You do?” Ulysses asks.


“We’re all ears.” Andrea says. She focuses her full attention to Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon looks around and sees Kimmy a few ways away.

He calls out to her, “Kimmy! Come here!” Kimmy grudgingly walks over.

“What did I do this time?” Kimmy asks.

“Nothing.” Bobby Jon assures her. “Yet.” Kimmy adds.

Bobby Jon takes a quick look at Kimmy, he ignores her and continues, “Look, it’s obvious that Peter has an alliance, but us four can overtake that alliance! We just need to band together.” Bobby Jon tells the three. Andrea and Ulysses look interested whilst Kimmy looks uninterested.

“Um…why would I want to do this?” Kimmy asks.

“Because, Peter and the gang want you out, tonight. You’ll be gone if you don’t join with us!” Bobby Jon pleads to Kimmy. Kimmy simply rolls her eyes.

“Bobby Jon, while it’s sweet you’re trying to save me, please don’t. It’s not like I want to be saved. Have you thought of that?” Kimmy asks.

Bobby Jon, aggravated, says, “Look, please just vote for-” Bobby Jon is cut off by the camera switching the scene to the elimination ceremony.

Shane says to the teens, “You all know what to do, please just sit down and we’ll begin.” The eight teens, soon to be seven, sits down with their movie reels in hand. “Alright, you guys seemed to be off to a good start, and then you started gagging. Hayley, why do you think that was?” Shane asks.

“Easy, normally it’s mind over matter, in this case, it was matter over mind.” Hayley explains. She shivers a little at the memory at her food.

“Okay, Ulysses. You’re a leader, how do you think you all could’ve done better?” Shane asks Ulysses.

“Well, thing is, I couldn’t lead in this one. Everyone volunteered. I couldn’t do a thing, so I was unable to lead.” Ulysses tells Shane.

“Okay, I get it. Moving onto Kimmy. Kimmy, you made a remark that may have jinxed your team. Do you think you’ll be sent home because of it?” Shane asks.

“Actually, I know I’m going home.” Kimmy says casually.

“Are you doing anything to save yourself?” Shane asks, being a little concerned with Kimmy’s outlook.

“Well, no. And frankly, I don’t want to be saved. If anyone here wants to save me, go ahead, because if you do it or not, I really won’t care.” Kimmy says.

Bobby Jon’s smile turns into a frown at Kimmy’s words. “Kimmy,” Bobby Jon starts, “If someone was trying to save you, don’t you think that you just made it harder for them to save you?” Bobby Jon asks Kimmy.

“Like I said, I could care less.” Kimmy tells Bobby Jon. She is a bit annoyed at him.

“But Kimmy, you say that about everything. I’m not so sure that’s true.” Bobby Jon says. Kimmy rolls her eyes.

“Well, now I think would be a good note on to start voting! Yay! Andrea, you may start.” Shane exclaims, oblivious to the tension in the air. Andrea walks up to the voting booth.

Andrea votes for Peter, “You know, I really hope you go. You’re a danger to everyone here and three others don’t realize it.”

Peter votes for Kimmy, “Listen, I’m really sorry. I really hated having to vote out Rosa last time; I knew she and Nancy were close. But that was the reason I had to vote out Rosa. It’s the same case here. Bobby Jon and you are close, and with a heavy heart, I need to split you two up, sorry.”

Kimmy votes for Peter, “Yeah…whatever.”

Hayley votes for Kimmy, “Ugh…you do nothing. And a little advice, stop with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude.”

Bobby Jon walks up to the booth. He stops right before voting and thinks. Should he follow Kimmy and vote out his friend? Or vote out the person who may just want out? Bobby Jon finally makes a decision and walks back to the group.

“I’ll tally the votes.” Shane says. He walks off and returns with the container that holds the votes. “Okay, remember, when the votes are read, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will be eliminated. Let’s get on with it, shall we?” Shane asks. The eight teens nod.

Shane reads a vote, “Kimmy, that’s one vote Kimmy.” Kimmy simply rolls her eyes and dismisses the vote.

Shane reads another vote, “Kimmy, that’s two votes Kimmy.”

Shane reads another vote, “Peter.” Peter’s remains calm, knowing that was probably Kimmy’s vote.

Shane reads another vote, “Peter, that’s two votes all.” Peter is in shock, now.

Shane reads another vote, “Kimmy, that’s three votes Kimmy, two votes Peter.” Peter sighs in relief. Bobby Jon runs his hands through his hair in nervousness.

Shane reads another vote, “Peter, we’re tied, three three.” Peter still looks a little confident, but his face says otherwise.

Shane reads another vote, “Kimmy, that’s four votes Kimmy, three votes Peter.”

Shane reads the last vote, "……

…..Peter. We’re tied, four to four.” Shane says as Bobby Jon’s face lights up, “There are no more votes and there is a tie. Person with the highest amount of votes cast against them will be eliminated. Peter, how many votes have been cast against you?” Shane asks.

“Two.” Peter says, knowing his fate.

“None.” Kimmy says. Bobby Jon sighs in relief.

“Well, in that case, Peter, you’re the fourth person eliminated from Total Drama: The Production.” Shane announces.

“Good job you guys, you got me.” Peter congratulates as he throws his movie reel into the fire and leaves. When he gets into the limo, he says, “Well, I got outplayed. Nice job Bobby Jon, you did well. While I played this game and probably looked like a rat, I had personal relationships with nearly everyone in the game. Everyone except Freddie, Rosa, and Kimmy. While I regret not getting to know Rosa, with Freddie, he needs to learn a lesson and Kimmy needs to see a therapist. Well, good luck to my team, and I hope one of them wins.” Peter says while the limo drives him home.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cuts lobby. Everyone is in there. Andrea, Ulysses, and Bobby Jon look a little relieved while Hayley, Nancy, and Hunter look a little scared, as they know that they’re leader is gone.

“Well…Bobby Jon, why the heck did you save me?” Kimmy asks Bobby Jon.

“You mean it was you?” Hunter asks.

“Well…yeah…” Bobby Jon says, blushing.

“Why?” Kimmy asks.

“Yeah, you shoulda voted out Kimmy with us!” Nancy exclaims angrily.

“Yeah!” Kimmy backs up Nancy. Bobby Jon simply looks around the room. He suddenly grabs Kimmy’s hand and leads her too the elevator looking mad. “Where the frick are you taking me?” Kimmy asks. Bobby Jon closes the elevator door.

He says to Kimmy, “Look, you could’ve said thank you for keeping you here.”

Kimmy looks shocked, “This is what that’s about? Bobby Jon, I said I could care less-” “THAT’S A LIE!” Bobby Jon interrupts, yelling. Kimmy looks shocked at Bobby Jon’s unusual behavior.

“You have to act like that you don’t care, that is such a fake act! You DO care!” Bobby Jon shouts.

“Well…why should I care about anything? Every time I care about something, it leaves!” Kimmy explains frantically with tears in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Bobby Jon asks with sympathy in his voice.

“My mom…my hero. She left me…she had breast cancer, and she’d battled it for six years. She was so strong…but then she just laid down and died! It was like she didn’t care about me. It was so unlike her to just lie down and die like that…it devastated me.” Kimmy explains between sobs.

“Wow…I feel for you.” Bobby Jon sadly says.

“How? Nothing bad has happened to you! Nothing!” Kimmy accuses with tears streaming down her face.

“How do you know?” Bobby Jon asks.

“Well, for one, you’re always happy!” Kimmy explains angrily.

“I simply look at the positive side of things.” Bobby Jon corrects Kimmy calmly.

“Whatever, what’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, your grandma died?” Kimmy asks sarcastically.

“Well…I was closer to her than I was with my parents…” Bobby Jon answers.

“Wait…what?” Kimmy asks in surprise, obviously not expecting such an answer.

“You see…I’m into music and singing and stuff, my folks don’t like that, and they’re more of the performance based parents, they only love you if you do what they want you to do. They always shower affection to my brothers and sisters, as they’re all jocks or models. I’m the musician, they don’t want that.” Bobby Jon sadly explains.

“You seem to be pretty good at basketball.” Kimmy comments, noting how tall Bobby Jon is.

“Yeah, I actually did play basketball, and I noticed something, the one year I played basketball was the only year in my life when my family actually gave a crap about me. Once I stopped playing…everything returned to normal.” Bobby Jon says sadly. He looks down at the floor.

“Wow…sorry for judging you.” Kimmy apologizes.

“No problem, every does.” Bobby Jon says.

“Yeah, you really deserve to have people care for you, I wish I had people in my life that cared for me also…” Kimmy says, Bobby Jon’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Are you kidding me? You shun the people that care about you!” Bobby Jon exclaims.

“Who could care for me? No one could. The last person who cared for me left!” Kimmy says sadly.

“Kimmy, your dad cares for you. Heck, I care for you! And it really hurts when you shun me from you! I care for you Kimmy, I really do! And to hear you say that…truly hurts. Also, Kimmy, you’re not just hurting me and your dad, you’re also hurting yourself.” Bobby Jon tells Kimmy, leaving Kimmy shocked. As if on cue, the elevator door opens, and Bobby Jon walks out, furious, frustrated, but also on the verge of crying. Kimmy simply stays on the elevator.

She mutters to herself, “What have I done?” Kimmy leans on the elevator wall, and cries to herself. The guilt and shame is too much for her to bare. She silently sits on the floor, head in hands, crying. The episode ends there.

Chapter 6 - "Julia, stay strong for me."

Shane appears on the front steps and says, “Welcome back to Total…Drama…The Production! When we last left you, you saw Stephanie still searching for her lost locket, Bobby Jon trying to save Kimmy and succeeding by voting out Peter, and you saw most of all…ME! Anyway, this week will be a fun one. Wanna know what I’m talking about? Tune into Total Drama: The Production!”

The scene shifts to the Animator’s girl’s room. Stephanie is still searching for her missing locket while Monica simply reads a magazine. Monica looks at Stephanie and says, “Um…why are you still looking? If it hasn’t turned up in the last eight days, then it won’t turn up.”

Stephanie looks at Monica with tears in her eyes. “Look, I can’t just…stop.” Stephanie says wistfully, hurt from Monica’s words.

“Hey, it’s best not to get attached to anything. It always goes away at some point. You can’t hold onto it forever.” Monica consults Stephanie, gentler this time.

“Don’t you think I know that? No matter…I’m still gonna try to find it. While I know I can’t hold onto it forever, I can hold onto it for as long as I can.” Stephanie replies to Monica while searching under the beds.

“Look, when you come to your senses, come join me in the cafeteria.” Monica softly says to Stephanie, concerned for her. As Monica walks away, she trips over something round. She falls flat on her face. Ow…” Monica mutters more things under her breath, most likely cuss words.

The thing Monica tripped over happens to fly into the air, and it lands in Stephanie‘s hands, “NO WAY!” Stephanie yells in delight, as the thing in her hands, was her missing locket. “Monica, thank you! Thank you!” Stephanie cries out as she hugs Monica.

“It…was no big deal…” Monica says uneasily.

“Yes, it was. You don’t understand, my parents gave that to me right before…well…”

“Divorced?” Monica asks.

“No…they…left…” Stephanie silently explains, obvious that she doesn’t like to talk about it.

“Steph…I’m sorry.” Monica says with sympathy.

“Don’t be…” Stephanie wipes away a tear from her eyes.

“Anyway, ever since Katrina…I’ve always worn this.” Monica’s eyes widen in surprise.

“You’re a survivor of Hurricane Katrina?” Monica asks in surprise.

“Yeah,” Stephanie says uneasy.

“Wow…that’s pretty major that you survived…and I’m glad you did.” Monica says softly, smiling.

“Thanks, Monica, you know, thanks for finding this. You’re a great friend and I love you!” Stephanie exclaims, hugging Monica. Monica is at first, shocked by Stephanie’s actions. But she finally accepts it, and hugs Stephanie.

“I love you too.” Monica mutters, smiling.

(Confessional) “Wow…ever since my break-up with Sandra…I’ve always felt like I could never find love again…but I have.” Monica says, beaming.

(Confessional) “Monica is such a great friend, I can’t thank her enough for finding the locket, I really can’t.” Stephanie exclaims.

The scene shifts to Darci and Julia.

“So…Julia.” Darci starts.

“Yeah?” Julia asks.

“You’re a matchmaker, have you seen any relationships forming?” Darci asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Well…yeah.” Julia answers.

“Who?” Darci asks.

“Well, you and Zubin seem like a sweet couple.” Julia points out. Darci simply giggles.

“He is awesome, I’ll tell ya that.” Darci says to Julia. Julia chuckles silently to herself. “Have you found anyone for yourself?”

“No…I’m still looking, but I’m young. So I know I have a long ways to go before it’s too late.” Julia explains as Darci nods.

“Yeah, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, are girls and guys who get married really young. I mean, it’s a life decision. Most likely, it’ll end in divorce and by then, they’ll have kids and the kids will be affected.” Darci explains with anger in her voice.

Heidi walks into the room and greets, “Hey girls!” as she plops on the bed.

“Hey Heidi.” Darci says, once again, reverting to her usual, quiet, shy tone. Almost as if snapping back to her usual ways.

Julia looks a little concerned for a second, but shrugs it off.

The scene shifts to Tyson, who is walking in the hallway. He bumps into Julia, who has just walked out of her room. “Oh, whoops, excuse me, sorry.” Julia apologizes as she helps Tyson up.

“Oh, it’s okay.” Tyson says as Julia helps him up. He begins fanning his face and exclaims, “Boy…it’s hot in here.” Tyson then removes his shirt, revealing a well-toned body.

“Um…it’s not that hot.” Julia points out, not affected by Tyson's extremely well-toned body at all.

“Oh, then it must’ve been me.” Tyson flirtatiously says, moving his eye brows flirtatiously. Julia simply slaps him.

“Okay, you are such a freak! My heart does not belong to you; get that in your head!” Julia yells angrily, she storms off, leaving Tyson puzzled, and angry.

(Confessional) “Okay, is something wrong with that girl’s eyesight?” Tyson asks, referring to Julia’s un-attraction to him. “All girls are attracted to Tyson Victor, Fowl. Even the blind ones. I know it sounds ludicrous, but it’s true. I dated some blind girl who threw herself at me. It goes to show, no girl can resist me.”

Meanwhile, Jerry is in the guy’s room, on his bed, reading a magazine. Alexander walks into the room, but doesn’t realize that Jerry is in the room. Alexander boasts, “Man, I cannot wait for today, we are so gonna kick those loser Rough Cut’s butts today.”

Jerry widens his eyes, “Um, I’d prefer if you did not kick anyone’s buttocks.”

“Dude…it’s an expression.” Alexander explains.

“Still…don’t be so cocky, they could still win you over grown piece of-” Jerry’s next word is bleeped out and his mouth being censored by a black bar. After Jerry finishes, Alexander looks shocked, but the shocked look on his face turns to one of pure anger.

He points a finger in Jerry’s chest and says, “Look here, Ritchie, we have won the past three challenges in a row. What makes you think that we’ll lose?”

“I’m simply reminding you that it’s possible.” Jerry tells to Alexander.

“Coming from the guy who gets everything he wants, yeah, that’s such a great tip coming from you.” Alexander sarcastically remarks. Jerry simply walks away from Alexander, his face hot red.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cut’s side of the hotel. The camera shows the guy’s room where Bobby Jon is sitting on his bed, depressed.

(Confessional) “Okay, the last few nights have been living hell since Peter’s elimination. For one, Hayley is giving me the silent treatment, two, I feel like a dirty snake, and three, Kimmy still hasn’t talked to me! Thankfully, though, Nancy and Hunter have been understanding of why I eliminated Peter.” Bobby Jon sadly states.

Kimmy walks into the guy’s room nervously. At the sight of Bobby Jon, she chuckles nervously. She asks Bobby Jon, “Bobby Jon…can I talk too you?”

Bobby Jon simply answers, “Sure, go right on ahead.”

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.” Kimmy says solemnly.

Bobby Jon looks at Kimmy, and hugs her. “Kimmy, I will always forgive you.” Bobby Jon says with his eyes full of tears. Kimmy simply smiles, silent, and being full of joy. For the first time in the entire season, Kimmy smiles a genuine smile.

Hunter walks into the room, saying, “Hey, Bobby Jon, it’s time for break….fast….” Hunter stops talking when he sees Bobby Jon and Kimmy hugging. But the bigger shock to him is Kimmy smiling.

Bobby Jon looks up from his hug and exclaims, “Hunter! Hey!”

“Hey Hunter.” Kimmy greats with a little wave.

“Hey Jon, hey Kim, I’m glad to see you two are together. For some reason, opposites attract.” Hunter tells the duo. The two nod their heads in agreement.

The scene shifts to Andrea and Ulysses. “Alright, last night, I realized something.” Ulysses says.

“Yes?” Andrea asks.

“I realized that the strong four may not be as strong as we thought.” Ulysses explains.

Andrea shakes her head in disappointment. “That’s obvious! But, there is something we can do. Nancy and Bobby Jon are close. Hayley and Hunter are close. We gotta choose one of those two to alline ourselves with.” Andrea explains to her simple minded friend.

“Oh, yeah. Wait…what about Kimmy?” Ulysses asks.

“First to go.” Andrea tells Ulysses.

(Confessional) “Okay, Ulysses is really smart and all…but he’s kinda ditzy in the strategy part. He’s still amazing, even if I need to spoon-feed him help in this game.” Andrea explains. She continues on, “However, me and Ulysses have the opportunity to really change things up. Instead of being the deer in the headlights, we get to be the driver of the car with the headlights.”

The scene shifts to Bobby Jon who is walking in the hall-way, Hayley walks up to him angrily, “What the heck, dude?”

“Okay I know that you’re mad at me!” Bobby Jon nervously says.

“Oh you better know that I am!” Hayley yells.

“I’m sorry for taking the last muffin!” Bobby Jon then cries in his hands due to the stress.

“Wha…NO! Not that! It’s about Peter!” Hayley yells at Bobby Jon angrily. She slaps her head in frustration.

“Oh…that…heheh…yeah.” Bobby Jon nervously rubs the back of his head while Hayley simply stares angrily at him.

“I can’t believe you! You’re the last person I’d suspect to be a traitor!” Hayley yells as she storms off, leaving Bobby Jon looking hurt.

(Confessional) “I can’t believe this! UGH! The five in the alliance that we had were guaranteed to the final six! Now that Bobby Jon has ruined it…most likely it won’t happen!” Hayley rants.

(Confessional) “Ugh…this game is hard. Not mentally, but morally.” Bobby Jon exclaims, he buries his face in his hands and sighs.

The camera goes to Shane, who is in the hotel’s gym surrounded by dodge balls. He calls the contestants through the megaphone. In about five minutes, all the contestants are down into the gym. “Whoa…this place is huge.” Hunter exclaims.

“Yeah, it is.” Kimmy comments.

“But I hate running…ugh…” Monica complains.

“Eh, I kinda like it.” Kimmy shrugs.

“Okay…who are you? And what did you do to Kimmy?” Nancy asks, freaked out.

“I’m Kimberly Jane, Freeman, who are you?” Kimmy asks with a smile. The Rough Cuts laugh a little at Kimmy’s joke, most look unsure about the new Kimmy, but Bobby Jon is smiling like an idiot, obviously happy with Kimmy’s change.

“Alright, while that was funny, we have a challenge to do.” Shane says before he is cut off by Jerry.

“Let me guess, judging by the dodge balls and the court, we’re playing dodge ball.” Jerry sarcastically remarks. Julia giggles at his sarcasm. Jerry smiles at this.

“Well…yeah. You all have played dodge ball, so you all know the rules. Now, the catch is, everyone must play at least once. Five people on court at the start, and we’ll go three out of five. Knowing that this is Total Drama, we’ll go down to the wire.” Shane explains.

“Cool…hey wait a sec, didn’t they do this last season?” Heidi asks.

“Correctomundo.” Alexander goes to say something but Shane cuts him off, “And no, we did think of something better, but that’s next time.” Alexander snaps his fingers in annoyance.

“Anyway, you all know what to do, go do that…strategizing thingy you all do.” Shane tells the contestants as he walks away.

In the Animators huddle, Alexander is taking charge. “Okay…I say me, Zubin, Tyson, Steph, and Jules will play this round, agree?”

“Alright, I guess I can play next round.” Jerry comments.

“Well…we’re all gonna play at some point, so I guess you will.” Heidi acknowledges.

“Wait…what? All of us are gonna play? Oh crap! We’re so gonna lose now!” Alexander exclaims.

“Wait…what do you mean? We can still win.” Stephanie reassures.

“No, we can’t, I chose the strongest, most athletic people on this team. The rest of you guys are useless!” Alexander cries out.

“And he expects us to vote with him.” Stephanie mutters under her breath.

Meanwhile, on the other team, things are going much smoother.

“Alright guys, we need to evenly distribute the athletic ones, like Hunter, and the not athletic ones, like me so that we can still win, even though all of the athletic ones won’t be in all of the games.” Ulysses explains.

“While that’s a great plan and all…we could still lose due to the other team!” Hayley exclaims.

“Yeah, I know we could, but Alexander’s hot headed, he’s gonna choose the athletic ones, then find out about the rule.” Ulysses casually says.


“Alright guys,” Shane says, walking back into the room. “Who’s gonna be our first round peeps?”

“I, Zubin, Steph, Tyson, and Jules will play this round.” Alexander confirms.

“And, Hunter, Hayley, Nancy, me, and Andrea will play this round.” Ulysses explains.

“Hmmm, very well. Onto the court, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” Shane yells into the mega-phone, the contestants clench their ears and moan at the piercing sound. The scene shifts to the teams on their side of the court. “Alright…GO!” Shane yells.

The second he speaks, the contestants race to the middle like a heard of wilder-beasts. Alexander gets to the center first and forcibly throws the ball hard at Ulysses, it hits and Ulysses is called out.

“Yes!” Alexander exclaims. He is then hit with a ball. He looks at Andrea, who has an angry look on her face. Alexander gets off of the court, depressed.

“Way to go Andrea! Woo!” Kimmy cries out.

Hayley picks up a ball and throws it at Julia. However, Julia is holding a ball and deflects it. Julia then throws the ball at Hayley and it hits Hayley’s thigh. Hayley unwillingly, gets off the court.

Andrea throws a ball at Julia, but Julia dodges. Julia in turn, throws a ball at Andrea, but Andrea ducks. However, a red ball out of no where comes flying at Andrea, and it hits. Andrea turns to see Zubin smirking. Andrea simply walks off the course.

Nancy throws a ball at Tyson, but Tyson catches it, making Nancy out. Nancy walks off the course, frustrated.

Hunter throws the ball, and it hits Stephanie and ricochets off her to hit Tyson. Hunter breaths a sigh of relief. However, he fails to watch Julia, as Julia gracefully throws a ball at Hunter. Hunter sees it at the last moment and tries to evade the throw. However, it nicks him on the foot, so Hunter is out.

“Animators win first point!” Shane calls out.

“Lovely…” Nancy mutters.

“Hey, we can still do this!” Bobby Jon happily reassures the rest of his team.

“I hope…sorry guys.” Ulysses apologizes. The rest of his team stares at him blankly.

“Um…you did nothing wrong…but it’s okay.” Hunter says unsure.

“Yeah, Ulysses, you did the best you could. You just were victim of the beginning. Someone’s bound to get out in the beginning, it just so happened to be you.” Kimmy explains to Ulysses.

“Wow…thanks Kimmy!” Ulysses says, smiling.

“You’re welcome.” Kimmy says happily. Ulysses and the others walk away to talk about the strategy for the next game. As they’re walking, Kimmy whispers to Bobby Jon, “What did I do?” Bobby Jon shrugs.

Meanwhile, at the Animators huddle, Alexander is taking charge. “Alright, we need to do the same people this round, got it?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah, I guess.” Stephanie says unsure.

(Confessional) “Way to make people feel left-out dumb***.” Stephanie rants. “It’s not good for us! He thinks that we don’t need everyone, but Shane said that everyone has to play at least once. Every time we bring it up, Alexander ignores it. Ugh…I so regret having an alliance with him now.” Stephanie rolls her eyes and groans.

The scene shifts to the players on the court. For the Rough Cuts, Kimmy, Hunter, Bobby Jon, Nancy, and Hayley are playing. For the Animators, the same five people are playing. “Ready….go!” Shane yells.

Immediately, the teens rush to the center. This time, Bobby Jon gets there first and picks up two dodge balls. He throws them at Alexander and Julia. The one he threw at Alexander hit, but the one he threw to Julia, she dodges by doing simple ballet.

Julia picks up a dodge ball and tosses it at Kimmy. Kimmy catches it and throws the dodge ball she just caught to Tyson. Tyson catches it, though, and Kimmy is out.

On the sidelines, Kimmy asks Julia, “Wow…you dodged Bobby Jon’s ball well. Where did you learn those moves?”

“Oh…it’s nothing.” Julia nervously giggles.

“Tell that to Jerry. His eyes were on you like a hawk looking at a rabbit.” Kimmy giggles playfully while Julia simply blushes.

“I’ve been taking dance for twelve years.” Julia says to Kimmy.

“Wow…what types?” Kimmy asks.

“Oh, pretty much any type you can think of. I also take gymnastics so I can move my body around a lot.” Julia explains.

“That’s why it’s a pain to get you out in the game.” Kimmy sarcastically says. Julia laughs at Kimmy’s joke.

“Good one.” Julia compliments. She and Kimmy look out to the court to find out that the Rough Cuts have been beaten for the second time. Alexander is cheering like crazy.

“Ugh…we won.” Julia remorsefully says.

“I thought winning was good.” Kimmy notes, she raises an eye brow.

“Not with Alexander…the dude’s so boastful.” Julia explains, she cringes at the thought of having to listen to Alexander brag over and over again. Julia then leaves to go to her group. She waves good-bye to Kimmy.

Alexander stops her in her tracks and asks, “What the heck was what? Why were you talking to stripper girl?” Alexander asks, referring to Kimmy’s small clothing.

“She has a name you know, and it was to pass the time.” Julia explains, angry with Alexander.

“Oh yeah…isn’t her name Katrina or Keesha?” Heidi asks.

“No…it’s Kimmy.” Julia corrects.


“Either way, you can’t talk to her. You might spill secrets to her.” Alexander scolds Julia. Julia simply rolls her green eyes in disgust.

(Confessional) “What secrets are there to exploit? The fact that no one likes Alexander?” Julia asks.

“Alright guys, who’s going on the court?” Shane asks.

“Hayley, Nancy, Kimmy, Bobby Jon, and Hunter are gonna go out.” Ulysses explains.

“And the same five this round.” Alexander explains.

“Actually Alex…the four that haven’t gone yet…are playing.” Shane says to Alexander.

“Excuse me, you never said that.” Alexander accuses.

“Um…yeah, I did.” Shane tells Alexander.

Alexander throws his hands in the air and yells angrily, “That’s just great. How about we just give them the win?”

Hunter cries out from the court, “Yeah, we’d love that!”

“I didn’t mean literally! Anyway…I guess I’ll go out. We can’t possibly screw it up with me out there.” Alexander says. He walks out to the court, leaving the rest of his team biting their nails in suspense.

(Confessional) “Yep…we’re screwed.” Julia bluntly puts out there.

The scene shifts to the contestants on the court. The Rough Cuts have the same team as last time, while the Animators have Jerry, Alexander, Monica, Darci, and Heidi. Shane yells, “Ready….GO!”

The teens rush to the balls. Surprisingly, Jerry gets there first and pegs Kimmy. Bobby Jon in turn, throws a ball at Jerry, but Jerry ducts and it hits Monica. However, Jerry catches the ball on the rebound, therefore saving Monica.

“Whoa…when did you learn to do that?” Monica asks, surprised. “And now my nose hurts.”

“I learned that from my dad, and your nose should be better in five minutes.” Jerry confirms.

Nancy grabs a ball and throws it at Heidi. Heidi goes to catch it, but Alexander pushes Heidi out of the way and tries to catch it. However, the ball hits him right on the head, not in his hands. Alexander yells out words that are bleeped out. Many of the contestants look shocked to hear such words.

Hunter, however, is not shocked and simply throws the balls at Monica and Heidi. Both balls hit.

Darci throws a dodge ball at Nancy, but Nancy catches it.

“Dang…” Darci mutters.

Hayley throws a ball at Jerry, but he dodges. Jerry then throws a ball at Hunter, but Hunter dodges also. Finally, Nancy throws a ball at Monica, who gets hit. She walks off the court unemotional, leaving Jerry all alone.

Nancy, Hayley, and Hunter each pick up a dodge ball. “On the count of three, we throw! One…two…three!” Nancy yells. The three throw their dodge balls with all their might.

“Oh sh-” Jerry is cut off by three dodge balls hitting him.

“The Rough Cuts win their first point!” Shane announces. While the Rough Cuts cheer, Alexander gets mad.

“It’s only their first point…they can’t win…right?” Alexander asks, shaking, due to him containing the anger inside of him.

“No, we’ll win…I hope.” Heidi says doubtfully.

(Confessional) “Ugh…karma’s such a b-” Heidi’s next word is bleeped out, “to him. Alexander can’t grasp that he needs to be nicer to others if he wants good things to happen to him.”

“Alright guys, get onto the court for the next round!” Shane says. The Animators, Alexander, Jerry, Julia, Stephanie, and Tyson, walk out to the court, while Kimmy, Bobby Jon, Nancy, Hunter, and Hayley walk out to the Rough Cut’s side of the court. “Begin!” Shane shouts.

This time, the Rough Cuts run to the center while the Animators stay behind, and wait for the Rough Cuts to throw at them.

Bobby Jon throws at Julia, but Julia dodges.

Nancy throws at Jerry, but Jerry catches it.

“Shoot…where did he learn to play so well?” Nancy rhetorically asks herself as she exits the dodge ball arena.

Hayley picks up a dodge ball and throws it at Alexander. It hits Alexander, and Alexander, once again, storms off the course.

“That’s how we roll!” Hayley yells, promptly before she is hit by a dodge ball, courtesy of Tyson.

Hunter throws a dodge ball at Stephanie, but Stephanie dodges it.

Tyson throws a dodge ball at Hunter, but it barely misses.

“Wow…that was a close one.” Hunter remarks.

“Yeah…dang.” Tyson wistfully says, wishing it hit Hunter. Suddenly, a dodge ball slams Tyson’s face. Everyone turns to Kimmy, who threw the ball at Tyson.

“What?” She asks. “I was tired of him talking about himself.”

Jerry and Stephanie both throw their dodge balls at Kimmy at the same time. Kimmy rolls out of the way of one, but is hit by the other one.

“Crap!” Kimmy exclaims.

Jerry throws a dodge ball at Hunter, but Hunter catches it.

Stephanie throws a high ball to Hayley. As Hayley gets ready to catch the lob, Stephanie throws another dodge ball at Hayley. However, Hayley saw Stephanie throw the other ball and catches it.

“Rough Cuts tie it up!” Shane yells. The Rough Cuts cheer!

“We can actually win!” Kimmy exclaims.

“Yeah, coming from you, that’s a big improvement in your personality.” Andrea points out.

“Yeah…what changed you?” Hunter asks.

“I’d…rather not say.” Kimmy flusters, Bobby Jon smiles a knowing smile.

“Okay then, we won’t ask until you’re ready.” Hunter reassures Kimmy with a pat on her back. Kimmy smiles at Hunter, “Thanks.” is all she can say.

“Alright, back on the court! One more rule to discuss because this is the final round. If you catch the ball, someone else comes in, got it?” Shane asks.

“Got it.” Everyone says.

“Now who’s going out there first?” Shane asks.

“Hunter, Hayley, Andrea, Kimmy, and Nancy.” Ulysses says.

“And me, Julia, Jerry, Stephanie, and Zubin will go out.” Alexander confirms.

“Alright, then. BEGIN!” Shane yells.

The ten contestants go at it near the center. Balls are flying, dust is everywhere. After the initial chaos, Kimmy, Nancy, Heidi, and Stephanie are already eliminated from the challenge.

Alexander throws a ball at Hayley, but she catches it and calls Bobby Jon in.

Stephanie throws the ball at Hayley, but it falls just short.

Andrea throws the ball at Julia, who is looking away. At the last second, Julia turns around and sees the red ball flying at her. She does a back flip to evade the ball. Everyone’s mouths drop to the floor in surprise.

“Whoa…” Heidi compliments.

“Oh I could easily do that.” Alexander scoffs.

“Then do it.” Monica taunts.

“Um…I’m good…” Alexander says. He lowers his head in shame.

(Confessional) “Loser.” Monica insults.

Stephanie throws a ball at Bobby Jon, but Bobby Jon jumps over it.

Hunter throws a ball at Stephanie, but Stephanie catches it and calls in Jerry.

Jerry quickly grabs a ball and throws it at Hayley. It connects.

“Oh yeah!” Jerry celebrates.

Hunter grabs a dodge ball and throws it at Julia, it hits.

Andrea throws a dodge ball at Jerry, but Jerry catches it and calls Julia in.

Julia throws a ball at Hunter, but it really doesn’t reach him.

Hunter throws the dodge ball at Jerry, and it hits. On the rebound, it also hits Julia on the foot.

“No….freaking….way…” Hayley exclaims.

“We…We won!” Kimmy shouts for joy.

“WHOO!” Hunter yells, running around the court, pumping his fist high into the air with unbridled joy. Every one of the Rough Cuts surrounds Hunter and carries him off. Shane doesn’t even need to declare that the Rough Cuts have won.

“I…I don’t believe this…we had it! We fricking had it!” Alexander yells. He punches a hole through the wall in anger and frustration. He smiles at the hole he just made.

“Congratulations, you just got more macho.” Jerry sarcastically says as he walks by with Julia behind him. Julia giggles at his joke.

“Why you little, WHOA!” Alexander yells as he trips over a random dodge ball. The ball shoots behind him, hits a wall, and bounces back, right into his groin. Alexander cries out in pain. Every single one of the Animators laugh at Alex’s misfortune. Even Heidi. However, Heidi catches herself and stops laughing. She glares at Stephanie, who also stops laughing at the sight of the painful glare in Heidi’s eyes. “You!” Alexander says in a high-pitched, squeaky voice. “You did this to me!” as he points his finger towards Jerry.

“First, I didn’t do this to you. Second, it was a random lying ball.” Jerry explains.

“Yeah right.” Alexander mutters angrily.

Shane interrupts the fight by saying, “Alright, Animators, tonight, you have the elimination ceremony!”

“We know, we know. Now can we go back to laughing at Alexander’s lack of children?” Monica asks.

“By all means, sure.” Shane says casually as he leaves the perimeter.

The scene shifts to Alexander talking to Stephanie and Heidi. “Alright guys, we need to vote out Jerry.” Alexander tells the two.

“Is this because you think he humiliated you?” Heidi asks.

“I don’t think-” Alexander says before he is cut off by Stephanie, “Well that’s obvious!” Stephanie says, she laughs at her joke while Alexander and Heidi simply glare.

“Anyway, I don’t think he humiliated me, I know he did.” Alexander explains.

“Look, I don’t think we should get rid of Jerry, I mean, the guy’s nice, he’s great at challenges, and he’s funny. I think you just have a problem with him. Look, I’m not voting for Jerry.” Stephanie retorts.

“Oh yes you will.” Alexander says threateningly. “You will, if you want to keep your locket.”

“You…You wouldn’t.” Stephanie gasps.

“Alex, that’s WAY too far.” Heidi warns Alexander.

“Shut up, look, either Jerry goes, or the locket goes. What will it be?”

"J-J-Jerry…” Stephanie unwillingly says.

“Good girl.” Alexander says. He walks off, smiling.

Once he is gone, Stephanie says to Heidi, “How the heck? Why would he blackmail me?” Stephanie asks.

“I…Don’t know…” Heidi sadly says.

(Confessional) “Ugh…this reminds me of home, SO BAD! I have Stephanie, who the calm person is being picked on the big kid, Alex. What am I supposed to do?” Heidi asks.

The scene shifts to the Elimination Ceremony, the contestants are already there, and at their seats.

“Well…this is new. I’m not used to seeing you guys here.” Shane explains with a bit of a laugh.

“Oh ha ha.” Monica sarcastically says, rolling her eyes.

“Anyway, Monica, since you started off, what do you think went wrong?” Shane asks.

“Easy, Alexander’s a horrible leader.” Monica explains.

“What? Yeah right!” Alexander yells.

“Dude…every time you’ve lead us…we’ve lost.” Monica reminds him.

“The past three challenges required no leading.” Jerry reminds Alexander. Alexander growls at Jerry.

“I’m sensing some animosity between Jerry and Alexander, is that true?” Shane asks. Almost right after he is done speaking, everyone nods their heads. “Well that answers my question.” Shane says.

“Most definitely.” Zubin confirms.

“Anyway, Zubin, do you think that the challenge could’ve gone better?” Shane asks.

Zubin makes a groaning sound and says, “Oh, yes. If Alexander had actually listened to us, we could’ve worked out a decent strategy. The thing is, we all need to work together, and at this part of the game, and this is a team thing, not individual. Save the macho stuff for the merge.” Alexander rolls his eyes.

“Well…judging by tonight’s words…this should be interesting.” Shane comments.

“Can’t we just vote now?” Julia asks impatiently.

“Not yet, I need to ask some more questions, and this one concerns you Julia.” Shane says.

“Oh joy.” Julia sarcastically states. She wipes her hands, which are clean, on her pants in nervousness.

“Look, you said you’re a matchmaker, have you found any matches.” Shane asks with his eye brow raised.

“Oh…well…yeah…I’ve found one.” Julia nervously states.


“Well…Oh fine, Darci and Zubin. The two are perfect for each other, I can just tell.” Julia explains.

Zubin looks shocked while Darci, who already heard this, smiles softly. Shane looks a little surprised.

“Not what I had in mind…have you found anyone for yourself?” Shane asks.

‘Well…I have a crush…rather not say who it is.” Julia sheepishly says. Tyson raises an eye brow flirtatiously, but Julia puts him down with a glare.

“I’ll respect that, and now it’s time to vote, Julia, you’re up.“ Shane tells the contestants as Julia walks up to the voting booth.

Julia votes for Alexander, “Jerk!”

Alexander votes for Jerry, “This is for my kids!”

Jerry votes for Alexander, “You have GOT to be the worst person I have ever seen. You never listen to anyone, and I can’t wait until your voted out which I hope is tonight.”

Heidi votes for Jerry, “Sorry Jerry. You’re a great guy and all…but this is for the alliance.”

Stephanie’s vote is not revealed, but she is heard saying, “I’m sorry…truly I am.”

After the votes are done, Shane gets the container holding the votes. He returns with the dark brown, oak wood, movie reel-like container. He says to them, “Time to read the votes.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Jerry.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Jerry, that’s two votes Jerry.” Jerry remains calm, But Julia is shaking in nervousness.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander, that’s two votes Jerry, one vote Alexander.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander, that’s two votes Jerry, two votes Alexander.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Jerry, that’s three votes Jerry, two votes Alexander.” Julia’s eyes widen in shock.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander, we’re tied, three for three.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Jerry, that’s four votes Jerry, three votes Alexander.”

“No…don’t go.” Julia says with tears streaming down her face. Jerry holds Julia’s hand and gives her a comforting smile.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander, we’re tied. Time for the final vote.”

Shane pulls out the final vote, “The fifth person voted out in Total Drama: The Production is…”

“…Jerry, the limo awaits.” Shane tells Jerry. “Well…by guys, Alex, please get an ego check. Julia, I hope you win this for me!” Jerry says as he walks up to Shane, movie reel in hand.

“Jerry, your team has spoken.” Shane says as he throws Jerry’s reel into the fire.

“Bye guys!” Jerry says with a wave.

Right before he gets into the limo, Julia calls out, “Wait! Jerry!” Julia comes down, racing, with her sea green eyes filled with tears.

“Julia!” Jerry exclaims as he hugs her.

“Jerry…I gotta tell you this.” Julia starts off.

“What is it? You can tell me.” Jerry says, smiling at her.

“Well…it’s just that…well…um…ugh…I thought it’d be easier than this to tell you…but um…Jerry…I kinda…like you.” Julia says, during all that, she was shaking her knees and brushed her hair out of her face nervously; the adrenaline in her body is making her bold, yet nervous.

“Julia….” Jerry starts, Julia cringes, afraid of the rejection. “I love you too.” Jerry gives a shocked Julia a hug. He grabs her shoulders and looks her in the eyes saying, “Julia, stay strong for me.” A teary eyed Julia nods her head, knowing what she has to do. “This is only good-bye for a time, I will see you again.” Jerry says as he gets into the limo. After a long sigh, Jerry says to the camera in the limo, “What a time, eh? I had some fun. I loved, I laughed, and I lost, but I had fun. I really hope the Animators vote out Alexander, that dude needs a serious bonk to the head. I also hope that Julia will win this. I hope that she stays strong for me, and I’ll come back for you Julia, I will, and I promise that.”

Meanwhile, Julia stands and watches the limo leave holding her love leave. She puts her head in her hand and begins to cry. Darci walks up to Julia and puts her hand on her Julia’s shoulder. Darci says understandingly, “Julia, it’s alright, let it out.” Julia puts her head on Darci’s shoulder and cries, as the rain begins to fall, on this dark, dark night filled with despair. The episode ends there.

Chapter 7 - "You saw the way he treats us...imagine all the challenges he forced those poor interns to try out!"

Shane appears in front of the hotel and says, “Welcome back to Total Drama: The Production! Last time, you witnessed Jerry’s and Alexander’s conflict grow, and grow. Monica finally found Stephanie’s locket, and Ulysses and Andrea began to plot. During the challenge, the Animator’s got off to a great start, but the Rough Cuts came back. Jerry insulted Alexander, and Alexander got the rest of his team to vote out Jerry, not before Julia proclaims her love over Jerry. Jerry leaves, leaving an angry, heartbroken Julia to carry out his legacy. Who will go home this week? Find out now, on Total Drama: The Production.”

The episode starts in the girl’s room; Julia is lying on her bed, crying in her pillow. Darci comforts her saying, “Well…look on the bright side, you’re handling this better than Gwen did after Trent’s first elimination.”

“And why is that something to be proud of?” Julia asks. Darci shrugs.

“I only was trying to make you feel better.” Darci admits. She looks down and continues, “You know…what did you see in him? I’m only asking because I’m curious.”

“Well…he changed, from a snotty guy…to a sweet guy with a sarcastic sense of humor.” Julia explains, she smiles at the thought of Jerry. “I really wish he was still here. I just can’t believe that Alexander thought Jerry embarrassed him…that ball was simply lying around! Ugh…if Alexander makes it farther than me, I think I’m gonna hurl.” Julia proclaims angrily.

Darci’s eyes light up while Julia is talking. “Hey…Julia.” Darci starts out. “Me and Zubin have an alliance together, wanna join?” Darci asks, smirking.

“Well…sure! But we’re in the minority! We won’t have any power.” Julia points out.

“No…but I think we could. Only Alexander, Heidi, and Stephanie have an alliance with any one on out team. Tyson and Monica are free game. Plus, I don’t think Stephanie likes Alexander much.” Darci reveals to Julia, Julia nods her head, understanding.

She rises from her bed, saying, “Well, alright, I’ll join. I just hope some others will too.” Julia says before she leaves the room.

“You what?” Zubin asks in surprise, the scene changes to the guy’s room, where Darci has just told Zubin that Julia joined the alliance.

“Yeah, Julia joined. Look, we need the numbers. If we don’t have the numbers, we can’t do a thing now, can we?” Darci explains, Zubin calms down, now understanding Darci’s actions. His face is still red-hot with fury, but he nods his head, understanding Darci’s logic.

“Fine…fine…we’ll do it your way.” Zubin reluctantly says.

“Look, I’m not trying to force anything, but I need you to understand, Alexander’s alliance is falling apart, we can fight that alliance!” Darci explains.

“Well…okay…” Zubin says unsure.

“Trust me, this will work.” Darci reassures Zubin. Zubin nods his head. Darci smiles and walks away. As soon as her back is turned, Zubin puts his hand on his fore-head and shakes his head.

(Confessional) “Well…I guess Darci makes sense…but we can’t have too many people join our alliance! If you ask me, I think it should still be me and Darci.” Zubin rants. He sighs and walks out of the confessional, still a bit angry.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, Stephanie and Monica are hanging out. “Man…this is awesome…just us girls, alone.” Monica says, smiling.

Stephanie looks a little freaked out by Monica’s unusual peppy attitude.

“Okay…who the heck are you, and what did you to Monica Williams?” Stephanie asks.

“Look…I know this will sound weird…but I haven’t always been a goth, you know.” Monica tells Stephanie, Stephanie raises an eyebrow.

“Oh…then what changed you?” Stephanie asks.

“Well…it’s a little…weird to some people.” Monica says, reluctantly. She blushes a bit in embarrassment.

“You can tell me.” Stephanie reassures Monica.

“Well…alright…it started with a girl named Sandra. She was…my ex.” Monica lets out.

Stephanie gasps and widens her eyes. “Well…so um…” Stephanie’s mouth drops a little.

(Confessional) “Monica’s a bi girl? And she said she loved me?” Stephanie asks rhetorically. She cringes at the thought of loving another girl.

“Look, I know it’s shocking…but me and Sandra dated for a while…but after a while, her friends found out. Sandra…” A tear falls from Monica’s eye; she doesn’t bother to wipe it away. “She broke up with me…just to maintain her popularity.” Monica slams the couches in disgust; she cries a little more, some tears from sadness, some from pure, utter rage.

“Wow…I didn’t…know.” Stephanie says, not wanting to be there obviously, Monica keeps going, however.

“For a while…I was depressed…then I met you.” Monica smiles a loving smile to Stephanie. Stephanie’s eyes widen in rage.

“Okay, that’s where I draw the line!” Stephanie yells in rage. Monica’s positive behavior dropped as fast as a speeding bullet.

“What do you mean?” Monica asks angrily, even though she already knows the answer.

“It’s just…you said you loved me! And you hugged me! Being considered attractive by a guy is one thing…but by a girl…ugh!” Stephanie explains, Monica’s face then turns a very bright red as Stephanie stupidly goes on, “I mean, they’re all the same. They’re all tomboyish and they all want to join the military! They always wear too much make-up and they’re just…UGH!” Stephanie yells, listing the stereotypes of a homosexual. Monica’s eyes widen in utter disgust.

“You hypocrite! You don’t want to be judged, but yet here you are, judging me! You are such a lying *****! For the record, I am NONE of those things you just mentioned! Listen to me, you were probably raised in a home where people being gay is wrong, I can handle that. I’m actually friends with a few people who were raised like that. I'm friends with them because they look past my sexuality and are able to see me for who I am! While they might not agree with my beliefs, they are still my friends, because they don’t just look at one thing, they look at me. They look at the person in me, they look at my personality. If there is one thing I can’t stand, are people like you! You are a hypocrite, and a homophobe!” Monica snaps at Stephanie, leaving her shocked and speechless. Monica storms off, yelling incoherent words due to anger and stress.

Stephanie looks down, “I guess she’s right…I do need to change.” Stephanie plops down on the couch, looking shocked, and a bit depressed.

Meanwhile, in the guy’s room, Tyson is putting on some hairspray while Alexander watches. “Dude…you have barely any hair, why do you need that much hairspray?” Alexander points out, coughing and waving his hand in the air. He gives Tyson a peeved look.

“So? I simply want my hair to stay like this.” Tyson replies, not ceasing putting on hairspray.

“You’re a hopeless man.” Alexander comments. Tyson frowns at Alexander’s comment, but continues putting on hairspray. When he’s done, he smiles with usual “sexy” smile at the mirror. Unexpectedly, the mirror breaks as soon as Tyson smiles. Needless to say, Tyson is quite freaked out while Alexander simply laughs at him.

“Oh crap! Seven years of bad luck!” Tyson yells. He begins to panic and runs straight into the wall at full speed; he falls onto the floor and lays on his back, humiliated. Alexander continues his long string of laughter. “Not funny!” Tyson yells.

Meanwhile, in the Rough Cuts side, things are going far smoother. “So…what’s up?” Hunter asks Hayley.

“Oh…just thinking of home” Hayley answers.

“Anyone in particular?” Hunter asks, nudging Hayley’s side, obviously hinting at something.

“Well…my parents, and my dog Kibbles.” Hayley answers, she smiles at the comforting thought of them.

“Anyone else?” Hunter asks, pressing in deeper and deeper with his questions. Hayley turns around visibly annoyed.

“Look, I do not love Luke, so you can forget asking me if I do!” Hayley screams. She storms off, leaving an unconvinced Hunter behind.

(Confessional) “Yeah right, she totally digs him. She talks about him ALL the time. I mean, really! She comments how Luke does this and how Luke does that. In my opinion, she’s just in denial. She’ll come to her senses.” Hunter says with a sly smile.

(Confessional) “Let me tell you, I do NOT have a thing for Luke!” Hayley yells, she moves her eyes around unsure, “Sorry Luke if you’re watching this…but Hunter’s wrong, I don’t have a crush on him!” Hayley yells, she rolls her eyes. She then looks into the camera, blushes a little, then immediately gets out embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jon and Kimmy are hanging out in the lobby together when Nancy walks up to them. She says to them, “Hey guys!”

“Hey!” The duo says in unison.

“I have a question.” Nancy starts out, “You two wanna have an alliance with me? We’d really go far if we go together.”

Bobby Jon and Kimmy look at each other, Kimmy says, “We’ll think about it.” Nancy smiles, and walks away.

Bobby Jon quickly says to Kimmy, “You know we can’t trust her.”

“I know that.” Kimmy states, “but we need her trust, that’s why if we don’t give her a definite answer, she can’t use the fact that we voted her out against us!” Kimmy smirks as she speaks.

“Well…that’s pretty smart!” Bobby Jon admits.

“I guess it is, it’s definitely smarter than this one girl at the grocery store. I work as a check-out girl there. She brought me this big bag of beef and candy, and she said that she wanted to lose weight!” Kimmy says, laughing.

Bobby Jon cracks up saying, “Wow Kimmy…she was dumb. But that doesn’t even add up to my friend. One day, he actually thought he could bike ride this cow pasture. Now, there are tons of cows and tree roots at every part. So there wasn’t really much of a path. Me, I mean, my friend stupidly thought that he could bike-ride to the other side. Basically five second after I-he, I meant to say he!” Bobby Jon defends.

“Sure ya did big guy.” Kimmy sarcastically says smiling, she rolls her eyes playfully.

“Anyway, five seconds after he started, he tripped over a root and landed face first in cow manure!” Bobby Jon starts laughing. Kimmy simply giggles.

“I didn’t know you had cows.” Kimmy comments.

“I do.” Bobby Jon tells Kimmy. He covers his mouth in shock and says, “You got me…that was me who landed in poop.” Bobby Jon looks down. He’s surprised to hear Kimmy laughing her head off.

“Dude, we all make blunders! And no offense, but it was kinda obvious.” Kimmy starts laughing again. Bobby Jon simply laughs a shy laugh while rubbing the back of his neck.

The scene switches to Andrea, sitting by the fountain. She breathes a breath of fresh air. She looks around and lies on the side of the fountain. She falls asleep under the soothing sound of the fountain waters. They sound like water falls, but gentler. She begins to dream; she smiles in her sleep, signifying a happy dream, then suddenly, her facial expression changes into one of complete horror. She looks frightened, like she had seen a ghost. Suddenly, tears form in her eyes, as she begins to cry in her sleep. Suddenly, her sleep is disturbed by someone.

“Wake up!” Ulysses yells. Andrea’s eyes shoot open. She falls into the fountain due to shock. She sticks her head above the water, glaring at Ulysses. She spits out a fountain of water from her mouth, still not taking her raging eyes off of Ulysses.

She coughs as she says, “Give a girl some warning why don’t ya?”

“Sorry…” Ulysses blushes. He helps Andrea out of the fountain. “It was just…you were having a bad dream…a really bad one it seems….what was it about?” Ulysses asks. Andrea’s eyes begin to water up, she tries to say some words, but they all sound like babbling noises.

Finally, she’s able to speak. “I’d…rather not talk about it.” She puts her hand on her other arm. She looks down at her self while looking sideways.

“I understand…I get nightmares sometimes too, ya know? Mainly, the person in them…was Jayco. I mean, what if he actually committed suicide?” Ulysses asks, his expression turning much more serious. His eyes are filled with worry, and love for Jayco.

“I get that, often…nightmares are our worries, or what has happened to us.” Andrea points out. She feels a hand on top of hers; she gasps and turns her head to reveal Ulysses, smiling at Andrea.

“Andrea….if you ever need to talk, I’ll be right here, waiting to listen.” Ulysses softly says. He gives Andrea a hug and whispers in her ear, “I promise.” He turns around and walks away, smiling. Andrea simply looks back at him, and she too, smiles. She goes back to leisurely watching the clouds go by while lying on the fountain side.

Meanwhile, in the Animators side of the hotel, Heidi is seen talking to Julia. “So…got any brothers or sisters back home?” Heidi asks.

“Yeah! I got a sister Julie, and I have a cat, Autumn.” Julia answers.

“Cool!” Heidi exclaims.

“Yeah, I guess, what about you?” Julia asks. Heidi’s demeanor changes instantly. Her eyes drop to the floor, and she tries to avoid eye contact.

She lowers head and quietly says, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh…well…if you want to talk about it, I’ll be here, waiting to listen.” Julia explains to Heidi. Julia walk off, she looks behind her and sighs.

“Wait…Julia…I’ll talk about it.” Heidi reluctantly says, looking away from Julia as she speaks.

“Oh, well…if you want. Look, don’t feel like you have to.” Julia explains to Heidi.

As Julia walks away, Heidi calls out, “No wait…I do want to talk about it.”

“If you wish.” Julia says, she walks back to Heidi a little uncomfortable.

“Look…well…let’s just say…my family life isn’t that great.” Heidi starts out, her eyes begin to well up in tears, and she’s on the verge of crying. “I have two brothers…Danny and Nick. Nick…he’s violent, and on a constant basis, beats up Danny for no reason. I almost always take Danny’s side, but…every time I do…Nick always gets angrier. He then goes around in his room, basically punching through the walls! It’s…terrifying. I have to always be the strong one…but I can‘t always be the strong one.” Heidi’s tears then let loose. Julia rubs Heidi’s back in moral support. Julia has to fight tears of her own just watching Heidi.

(Confessional) “It’s so hard to watch Heidi, this girl that everyone loves. A girl so strong and beautiful, just crack emotionally like that.” Julia says, she wipes away a tear from her eyes.

The scene shifts to Shane and the contestants. The camera is facing them. Behind them, it shows a vast, lush green field with beautiful orchids of all different kinds of trees. There are birds and flowers of every color. A gentle breeze is flowing, and the warm sun is smiling upon the earth in all of its majestic glory. The camera then turns around and shows a dark, creepy mansion. With fog and evil looking statues of the grim reaper. Everything looks spooky and gory. Every one of the contestants, besides Monica and Bobby Jon, are quivering in fear. They already know the challenge, and they don’t want to do it.

“N-n-now I know why you did dodge ball last time.” Alexander stammers. His face is pure white and his eyes are bulging out of fright.

“Let’s go with that.” Shane says smiling, as if the giant creepy mansion isn’t in front of them. “Anyway, this is a fairly simple challenge, you all have to go through the mansion, and get to the other side. Now remember, this mansion is NOT haunted. We just have smoke machines.” Shane reveals. Some coughing is heard in the distance. “Anyway, the mansion is loaded with booby traps.

Hunter chuckles to himself, “He said boobies.” with immediate glares from all the females on his team. Hunter’s face then becomes a very bright shade of red.

“Anyway,” Shane continues, “the first team to get all their members to the other side, wins. Now remember, each room is pretty much a puzzle. Any questions?” Shane asks.

Stephanie raises her hand, “Well, why are there so many doors?” Monica slaps her fore-head in frustration. “What?” Stephanie asks. Alexander groans. “What?” Stephanie shrugs, looking frantically for an answer.

“To answer your ridiculous question.” Shane says, Stephanie growls at Shane, “There are multiple pathways to the end. None are dead ends. NOW GO!” Shane yells, he lifts a gun in the air, loaded with blanks, and shoots it in the air. Immediately, the contestants rush to the mansion, forgetting their fears. Somehow, the blank Shane fired hit a toy plane. The toy plane comes crashing down beside Shane. “Well that’ll spark some hurtful E-mails and phone calls.” Shane says worriedly. A little boy is heard crying in the distance, “Yes, yes it will.” Shane confirms to himself. With a heavy, depressing sigh, Shane lumbers around the mansion, waiting for the contestants.

Inside one of the rooms, Nancy, Bobby Jon, Hunter, and Darci are stuck in one together that is made of bricks. Once they enter, Nancy notices a note on the floor. She bends over and gently picks up the note. She breaks off the seal and reads in her normal draw, “If it’s the next room you seek, hit one of the bricks to get a peek…what the heck is that?” Nancy asks.

“I think it means that one of the bricks in here is rigged.” Darci answers.

“Oh, cool.” Nancy states. She takes a good long look at Darci.

“Um…may I help you?” Darci asks, uncomfortable with Nancy’s staring.

“Aren’t you on the other team?” Nancy requires, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah…but I kinda got separated.” Darci says.


“Anyway, let’s just start pressing bricks.” Darci commands everyone to do. Bobby Jon begins pounding the walls looking for the brick. Hunter rolls on the floor; Darci simply inspects the bricks, looking for a raised one. Nancy simply walks around the room, aiming to step on the rigged brick. After a while, Darci comes across a raised brick. She pushes it with her hand and it sinks into the wall! The wall the brick was on rushes to the left, providing a way to the second room.

“Weird…” Bobby Jon comments.

“Well, they certainly rigged this place up nice with effects.” Hunter compliments. Shane, who is watching them from outside, smiles at Hunter’s words.

Meanwhile, in the room next door, Kimmy, Zubin, and Alexander are all in one room together. They find the same note that Nancy found in the other room. Zubin picks it up and reads, “If you wish to find your way out, find yourself an escape route. There is a little hole somewhere that leads to the pipe to your next room. Find that hole, and you may not be the one going tonight with a boom.”

“Weirdest note ever.” Alexander comments.

“And you may not be the one going tonight with a boom? Are they cereal?” Kimmy asks, insulting the poem.

(Confessional) “Hey! I spent all day thinking up of poems for them!” Shane complains.

Zubin, Alexander, and Kimmy each start looking on the ground. Suddenly, Kimmy looks up and slaps her head. “Ugh, the hole’s up there!” Kimmy exclaims, pointing up at the hole.

“How did we miss that?” Alexander asks.

“They note said dig.” Zubin confirms, he takes a second look at the note. “Actually…it doesn’t say that. Heheh.” Zubin laughs nervously as he rubs the back of his neck. Alexander glares, while Kimmy tries to climb on top of Alexander.

“What the heck, tube top?” Alexander asks rudely.

“I have a name, Kimmy, and I’m getting on your shoulders to reach the pipe!” Kimmy explains. With a final jump, and a yelp of pain from Alexander, Kimmy reaches the pipe and enters.

“Well?” Zubin impatiently asks, waiting for a response. When he gets none, he gets ticked. His face is red-hot with fury. He looks over at Alexander, who’s surprisingly calm.

“Look, she duped us. Good job on her part.” Alexander compliments, Zubin’s face turns an even redder shade of red.

“Ugh! I don’t believe you! You’re always mad! You blow up over the tiniest of things! Now you’re here, not mad that she’s gonna cause us to lose the challenge?” Zubin yells.

Alexander suddenly stands up and yells ferociously, “I DO NOT!”

Zubin’s face in one of pure fright, however, somewhere in his body, or maybe he’s just foolish, he says, “You do! Why do you think we’ve been voting for you? You’re a jerk, an angry one at that!” Zubin yells, waving his arms around like a mad-man. Alexander goes to say something, but stops right before the words come out of his mouth. For the first time, he actually looks ashamed. Suddenly, the walls open to reveal Kimmy standing there.

“You actually thought I was gonna leave you guys?” Kimmy asks, half laughing.

“Yes” Alexander and Zubin say in unison.

“Well, I thought of it. Anyway, come on, we’ve only got one room left.” Kimmy leads Zubin and Alexander to another room.

Meanwhile, Heidi, Ulysses, Andrea, Julia, and Stephanie are all in one room together. It’s like the other rooms. Ulysses finds the letter and reads it, “High above the ground, you’ll see the mound. Its way up high, if you need to stack, don’t be shy.”

“Ooookaaaay…” Stephanie mutters.

“Confusing.” Andrea states. Julia simply points up with a disappointment expression. Everyone looks up and sees the key for the locked door tied to the ceiling. “Never mind!”

“How will we get up there?” Stephanie asks.

“We could stack ourselves.” Heidi suggests.

“No, not a good idea.” Ulysses says nervously.

“How about we climb?” Andrea suggests. She points to the wall, which has some bricks that look like they could be used to climb on. Andrea begins to climb the wall.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea.” Heidi says, however, Andrea ignores her, continuing to go after the key. Finally, she gets it. She drops down to the ground quite gracefully, and unlocks the door. "I stand corrected." Heidi says while the teens rush to the next room.

Meanwhile, Monica and Tyson are in a room by themselves. The room, again, is pretty much the same. Monica picks up the note and reads, “Welcome to the mansion, you will get past, if you make the right creation.”

“Okay, weird.” Tyson says. Monica sees some dolls. She looks around and notices the picture of a doll on the note.

“Oh man…I think we gotta dress the doll.” Monica complains, she sighs and starts to get to work on the doll. After a while, the doll is adorned in a pink dress with polka dots, a bright pink bow, black Mary Jane’s with knee high socks. All the while Monica is working on the doll, Monica fake-pukes while Tyson simply laughs, though he shuts up after a punch to the jaw bone. The door to the next room opens, and Monica and Tyson proceed.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jon, Hunter, Darci, and Nancy are all in the second room. Bobby Jon reads the note, “Congrats for getting this late, now, can you shift your fate?” Bobby Jon looks at the note with a puzzled expression.

“What the heck?” Hunter asks. Nancy shrugs with a blank expression. Darci simply points to a sliding puzzle.

“There’s a sliding puzzle, on the puzzle is a key. I think we have to move the blocks around, until we can get the key through that open slot.” Darci explains. Bobby Jon, Nancy, and Hunter all nod their heads in understanding. The four of them, pretty much just Darci, all start on the puzzle.

Meanwhile, Kimmy, Zubin, and Alexander are all in the next room. Kimmy, who already has the note in her hand, reads the note out loud, “Behind this door is the freedom you crave, but your memory, can you save?” After looking blank for a few seconds, Kimmy shouts, “What the heck does that even mean?”

“My guess is that we gotta remember some stuff for a combination.” Alexander observes. He points to the vault that’s in their way.

Zubin walks over to the vault and reads the questions, “Question one…how many doors were there in the beginning of the mansion? Four.” Zubin answers rhetorically.

Meanwhile, in the third room with Stephanie, Heidi, Ulysses, Andrea, Hayley, and Julia, they’re all in the second room which has a barrel full of keys. Hayley picks up the note and reads, “You want freedom? Here’s the key. But where is it? Silly me.”

“No offense, but that made you sound like a complete idiot.” Ulysses says. Hayley shoots a glare at Ulysses, making Ulysses feel uncomfortable. “Hey! Don’t’ glare at him like that! Only I can glare at him like that!” Andrea yells at Hayley.

“Oh, so only your girlfriend can taunt you?” Hayley shoots back, crossing her arms, narrowing her gaze with a smug smile.

Ulysses eyes widen in shock, “She’s not my girlfriend!” Ulysses yells, Andrea gasps, and looks crestfallen. Ulysses turns to Andrea, and realizes what he just said, “No…Andrea, I didn’t mean it like that!”

“Sure you didn’t.” Andrea sarcastically says with tears in her eyes. She walks away, looking bitter. Ulysses sighs while Hayley pats his back with a remorseful look on her face.

(Confessional) “It was only teasing! I didn’t mean for it to go THAT far out of context!” Hayley frantically explains.

“Look, guys! We need to work together!” Julia yells, trying key after key.

“She’s right, you know, or we’re ALL gonna lose.” Stephanie adds on to Julia’s works.

“Fine…” Andrea says. She unwilling starts to put the keys in the locks. Ulysses and Hayley also start trying keys. Julia looks content with how everyone is working. She has a relaxed look on face, and a small smile is forming. She turns around though, and sees Heidi close to tears. Julia walks over and comforts Heidi. When Heidi sees Julia, she smiles sadly. Julia also smiles at Heidi. Julia then goes back to trying keys, leaving Heidi be.

(Confessional) “Julia’s a sweet girl; I hope she stays that way.” Heidi says. “Anyway, that fight reminded me of my brothers and how they fight. Even if nothing harmful really happened, someone got hurt.” Heidi begins to sob a little, “Even when I’m not at home, people still fight!” Heidi states, she leaves the confessional in tears.

(Confessional) “That had to be hard for Heidi to watch.” Julia says in the confessional.

Meanwhile, Tyson and Monica are on their last room too. Tyson reads the note, “You are so close yet not at all, I hope you watch your step, and that you don’t fall.” Tyson looks on ahead, and it shows a huge field of ice. Monica goes to walk on it, but slips and falls.

“This’ll take awhile.” Monica mutters.

“We can still do it.” Tyson reassures Monica, right before falling flat on his face. “Ooowwwch…” Tyson mutters.

“We could, WHOA!” Monica says before she slips and loses control, she slams right into a wall. “But you gotta remember, they may be at the finish line by now.”

“Maybe, but we don’t know that.” Tyson tells Monica.

“Well true.” Monica then collides into Tyson; both fall hard onto the ice.

“This isn’t going to well…is it?” Tyson asks.

“Thank you, captain obvious.” Monica sarcastically says, she rests her head on the ice.

Meanwhile, Darci is zipping through the sliding puzzle; finally she keys the key out of the puzzle and unlocks the door. Her, Nancy, Bobby Jon, and Hunter all race to the finish line. Bobby Jon crosses first, and Hunter and Nancy are close behind. After a couple more seconds, Darci crosses. “Congrats you guys, you all have made it here first.” Shane congratulates. The four people cheer.

Meanwhile, Kimmy, Zubin, and Alexander are having their own problems. “Dude, six people have been voted out!” Zubin yells.

“No, five people have been voted out!” Alexander yells back.

“You’re a moron!” Zubin retorts.

“At least I’m a moron that’s RIGHT!” Alexander fights back.

“GUYS! STOP!” Kimmy yells. The two boys cease their fighting; however, they’re still growling and glaring at each other. “Look, five people have been voted out. That parkour kid, Freddie, Rosa, Peter, and…that rich guy. Look, no one else has been voted out yet. I don’t know about you two, but I don’t want to be the sixth person eliminated.” Kimmy explains to the two nutshells. Alexander smiles a gloating grin while Zubin simply glares. Kimmy enters the number five in the combination.

“Last one.” Alexander announces.

“No shizz, Sherlock.” Zubin says rolling his eyes.

Alexander ignores Zubin, “It asks, how many inters has Shane killed?”

“Fifty!” Kimmy yells.

“No, twenty!” Zubin corrects.

“Guys, it has to be at least one hundred.” Alexander bickers. The three start fighting and don’t make any progress, what so ever.

Meanwhile, Julia, Heidi, Ulysses, Hayley, Stephanie, and Andrea have been hacking away at those keys. They are halfway done with the barrel of keys.

All the while, Tyson and Monica have been falling on their butts, faces, hips, back of head, shoulders, and even their stomachs.

“UGH! This is POINTLESS!” Monica yells.

“Hey, we’re almost there!” Tyson exclaims. Finally Tyson reaches the door. He helps Monica up. They open the door and start to run to the finish line. However, they’re bruised and beat up, so they can’t even run. All they can do is walk at a slow pace.

“What’s taking them so long?” Darci asks worriedly.

“My guess, they got the ice room.” Shane answers casually; Darci bites her nails in suspense.

Meanwhile, Kimmy, Zubin, and Alexander are still bickering, and trying different combinations.

Finally, Kimmy asks, “What if he killed none?”

“Impossible.” Alexander remarks.

“You saw the way he treats us…imagine all the challenges he forced those poor interns to try out!” Zubin says, cringing at the very thought.

“It’s worth a shot, though.” Kimmy puts zero on the combination lock, and surprisingly, the door opens.

“How the…” Alexander asks surprised.

“I don’t believe it.” Zubin says, standing in awe. “Can you…” Zubin turns, seeing that Kimmy is gone. “Kimmy?” He looks ahead, and sees Kimmy racing to the finish line. “You’re kidding us…right?” Zubin asks hopefully. He sees that Alexander also started running. Zubin sighs and also starts running.

Meanwhile, Julia, Ulysses, Andrea, Stephanie, Hayley, and Heidi are still on the locks. Finally, Stephanie unlocks the lock and opens the door. She bolts out of there along with every one else.

Alexander crosses the finish line with Kimmy and Zubin right behind him. Monica and Tyson, who are worn out and beat up, are almost at the finish line. Monica crosses, but Tyson still has a few ways. Because he got beat up more than Monica, he’s slower than her.

Julia, Stephanie, and Heidi pass Tyson and they cross the finish line, along with Andrea, Hayley, and Ulysses who also cross the line. As soon as they do, Shane cries out, “The Rough Cuts win immunity!”

The Rough Cuts cheer. Tyson looks at the finish line, which was literally a yard from him. He looks down, and mutters, “I was that close.”

Monica walks by him, “Nice going there turtle.” Monica insults. She walks away rolling her eyes.

Heidi walks up to Tyson as everyone walks back to the hotel. She comforts him saying, “It’s alright, we won’t vote you out. Trust me on that.” Heidi says. She gives him a smile.

Tyson hugs Heidi saying, “Thanks Heidi, I wish I could’ve done better, though.”

“Dude, don’t mention it. You were limping, how could you have done any better?” Heidi asks while hugging Tyson.

The scene shifts to the Animators elimination ceremony, they are already there. Shane asks them, “Well, that was interesting. Anyway, Monica, why do you think you all lost?”

“Easy, Tyson over there couldn’t hurry up and get over to the finish line!” Monica yells.

“You could’ve helped me! I was limping; you can’t go fast when you’re limping!” Tyson defends himself; Monica rolls her eyes in utter disgust.

“Hope you don’t mind that I’m butting in and all…but Tyson’s right Monica, you should’ve helped him.” Heidi says, cutting into the fight. Once again, Monica rolls her eyes.

“So…Darci, you were first to the finish line for your team, think you might be going home?” Shane asks.

“Heck yeah! Shane, thing is, everyone has a good change of going home tonight. We all could’ve been a little faster, or we could’ve tried a little more. We all have reasons to why we might go home.” Darci explains to Shane, however, not in her usual quiet voice.

“Alrighty then, Alexander, how are alliances doing this far in the game?” Shane asks.

“Well, everyone’s in an alliance of some sorts. Like Darci said, no one’s safe, not even me, Zubin, or Darci, the first three to cross the finish line for our team. The thing is, you might say you’re not in an alliance, but if you vote with a friend, that’s an alliance.” Alexander explains. A couple people nod in agreement.

“Well said my alpha male friend.” Shane compliments. “Anyway, it’s time to vote. Stephanie, you’re up.” Shane says. Stephanie gets up and walks to the voting booth.

Stephanie votes for Tyson, “Sorry buddy, I just can’t bring myself to vote for Monica, no matter what she called me. Anyway, you lost the challenge for us, so it’s only fair really.” Stephanie looks down as she casts in her vote.

Monica votes for Stephanie, “Homophobe.”

Julia votes for Monica, “Look here, Monica, I saw your little tiff with Stephanie. Even though she may have labeled you, it did not give you the right to just lash out at her like that! Monica, she just didn't know better most likely. Anyway, either you have anger problems, or you need to learn how to deal with your anger in a better way. Either way, buh-bye Monica.” Julia says as she casts her vote with a huff. As Julia leaves the voting booth, she gives the basket with the votes to Shane.

Shane says to the teens, “Alright, once the votes are counted, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will be asked to leave immediately. I’ll read the votes now.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Tyson.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Monica.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Stephanie, we’re tied, One for Tyson, Monica, and Stephanie.” Stephanie squirms in her seat as Monica glares at her. Tyson is simply a sweating bullet.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Monica, that’s two votes Monica, one vote for Stephanie and Tyson.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Monica.” That’s three votes Monica, one vote Steph and Ty.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Sixth person voted out of-”

“Told ya it was five people.” Alexander cuts off Shane, elbowing Zubin. Zubin rolls his eyes and groans.

“As I was saying!” Shane says, glaring at Alexander. He is cut off by Julia, though. “We know, we know, it’s Monica. Honestly, it’s not a secret when she has three votes and everyone else has one and you say, ‘sixth person voted out is whoever’.” Julia says, mimicking Shane horribly.

“One, I do not sound like that, two, you’re right. Monica’s out.” Shane confirms.

Monica rises out of her seat and yells, “UGH! I can’t believe you all voted with this homophobe!”

Stephanie defends herself saying, “Monica, even after everything, I STILL did not vote for you!”

“Then…why did you all vote for me?” Monica asks.

“I saw how you treated Stephanie. Sure she labeled you and whatnot, but that didn’t give you the right to call Steph a *****.” Julia explains to Monica. Monica looks sorry for a second, but that apologetic look turns to one of great fury.

“That’s it! Get me out of here!” Monica yells. She throws her reel at Shane, which he drops into the fire. She storms out of the hotel and enters the limo. She sees the camera in the limo. The already enraged woman gets even angrier. She pulls the camera out of its place and chucks it out the window. It hits Tyson on the head.

“Wow…maybe your mirror breaking did cause you to have bad luck…” Alexander comments.

“Ya think?” Tyson asks, aggravated, while rubbing his now sore head.

“Well…I guess the Animators have spoken. Now go to bed, and Tyson, we replaced the window…so no more bad luck.” Shane explains. “Night!” He says to the contestants as he walks away.

The scene changes to Alexander and Zubin, in the lobby. Alexander pulls Zubin aside. “What do you want?” Zubin angrily asks, he struggles to get free, but fails.

“To talk to you.” Alexander says solemnly.

“What is it?” Zubin asks, still consumed by rage.

“Look…some things that were said in the vault…why didn’t you say those things to my face?” Alexander asks in a solemn voice.

“Well…you wouldn’t have believed me, and you’d beat me to a pulp.” Zubin answers.

“Well…most likely that’s true. I can be a bit brash and stubborn.” Alexander admits looking down at himself.

“A bit?” Zubin and Alexander laugh.

“Okay, a lot. But anyway, sorry for being those things man.” Alexander says, apologizing.

“It’s alright, I should’ve told you earlier.” Zubin admits.

“Maybe, anyway, let’s get onto bed…it’s getting late.” Alexander says, Zubin nods, they start to walk up the stairs together, and this time however, there is no animosity between the two. The episode ends there.

Chapter 8 - "My hair gel!"

Shane appears in front of the hotel and says, “Welcome back to Total…Drama…The Production! Last week, we had a full blow out by Monica and Stephanie. Bobby Jon and Kimmy seemed to only get closer. In the challenge, Tyson lost it for the Rough Cuts; however they voted for Monica, due to her blow out. I don’t fully understand the reason, but whatever floats their boat. Anyway, who will go home? Who will raise their voice this time? Will I ever get a day off? Find out this week on Total Drama: The Production!”

The scene opens up to the Rough Cuts cafeteria, Hayley and Hunter are sitting on the benches. Hayley rises from her seat and walks over to the sink to wash her hands. When she turns it on, though, water gushes from the faucet and onto her face. Hayley tries to cover up the water, but to no avail.

“Uh! Gah!” Hayley grunts as she tries to shield herself from the water. Hunter gets up from his chair and dashes to the sink. He turns it off. Hayley then falls over.

“Oh wow…you alright there?” Hunter asks worriedly as he pulls Hayley up.

“I’m fine…” Hayley coughs, “Thanks for…” Hayley coughs once more, “helping me.” Hayley finally goes on a coughing spree. Hunter immediately gives the Heimlich maneuver. “That’s only for choking people!” Hayley yells.

“Oh…” Hunter says, slightly embarrassed. He stays in the Heimlich maneuver position for a few seconds, making a very angry Hayley.

“You can let go now!” Hayley exclaims, completely ticked off.

“Um…do I have too?” Hunter asks. Hayley immediately slaps him and storms off. Leaving a dazed and love struck Hunter behind.

(Confessional) “Okay…I don’t want to sound like a pervert or anything…but I sorta liked that…” Hunter goes into a daze, he snaps out of it quickly, though. “I…I have a girlfriend. Sorry you had to see that Kelsey.” Hunter waves to the camera nervously while his face is bright red.

(Confessional) “I’ve really thought about the game…like that’s any different. Anyway, I’ve been thinking, and I need to alline with someone who’s not gonna stab me in the back. At least, not before I do. I’m still not sure who to alline with, though…” Nancy says, she thinks for a moment. She looks into the camera and shrugs, “Beats me.”

Meanwhile, at the courtyard, Ulysses is reading a book while Andrea watches the clouds. Ulysses turns to Andrea, “So…about what happened a few days ago…what was that about?” Ulysses asks.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” Andrea responds. She sighs and turns over in her lawn chair.

Ulysses walks over to Andrea and puts his hand on her shoulder, he says, “Well…alright. But if you want to talk about it…I’m open. Just remember that, okay?” Ulysses then walks away.

The camera shows Andrea’s face, which is streaming with tears. She nods her head silently. Andrea looks over her shoulder to make sure she‘s alone, once she knows, she says to herself. “Okay…I want to tell him…but I can’t! What if he no longer likes me? What if he uses it against me? What if…just…what if?” Andrea contemplates. She runs her fingers through her hair and sighs, “I just hope I can open up to him soon…I want to tell him…I really do…but what if? Oh shut up Andrea, stop it with the, what ifs.” Andrea says, encouraging herself. “But…really…I have such a bond with him…and you’ll keep it! You’ll keep that bond! But I don’t know…I just…ugh…” Andrea puts her head in her hands. She looks over and sees Kimmy standing there, wide-eyed.

“You alright?” Kimmy asks rhetorically.

“Yeah…” Andrea lies.

“Don’t lie, you’re better than that.” Kimmy reassures Andrea. “So…why are you arguing with yourself? If you can, please stop doing sound like Gollum without the whole referring to yourself in third person.” She says. Andrea laughs a little.

“Well…it’s these night mares I keep having. I want Ulysses to know…but I don’t know if I can trust him. We have a tight friendship…I don’t want to jeopardize that.” Andrea explains. She is close to tears. She sighs a heart felt sigh and lies on the ground, her hands covering her face. Kimmy sits beside her out of concern.

“Look…Andrea…you’re just doing more harm to yourself. I say get it over with and tell him…but I’m not you, and I don’t know what you’ve been through. Listen, Andrea, you’re not alone. I’m sure he won’t judge you for what ever you did or happened to you. You can tell him.” Kimmy says with a smile.

“How can you be so sure?” Andrea asks muffled, as her hands are still covering her face.

“I just…am. Look, you gotta take a chance with people. Bobby Jon did for me…and look at what happened to me! I’m a lot happier now!” Kimmy says, smiling. She looks to the sun and breaths deeply. She sighs happily. She turns her head and sees Andrea crying to herself. She rubs Andrea’s back and looks at her with sympathy.

“I know I do…” Andrea says through sobs, “but still…I just…I just don’t know…” Andrea continues crying into her hands.

“Look, I’m sure everything will turn out alright.” Kimmy says while rubbing Andrea’s back. “I just know it. Ulysses is an understanding guy, when you tell him, it’ll be alright.” Kimmy says. She gives a final pat to the back and stands up. “I gotta go, you’ll be okay?” Kimmy asks.

“I’ll be fine.” Andrea says to Kimmy. “I really needed to hear that…thanks Kimmy.” She looks up at her with a smile on her face, though there are still tears in her eyes. Kimmy nods silently. Kimmy smiles as she walks away.

“You’re welcome.” She says silently.

Meanwhile, at the Animator’s side, Darci is talking to Zubin. “So…what do you think of what Julia said?” Darci asks nervously.

“Oh, trust me; don’t let her get to you.” Zubin says laughing.

“Excuse me?” Darci asks, offended.

“Dude, hamburgers are SO better than cheeseburgers.” Zubin explains. Darci slaps her head in frustration. She groans. “What?” Zubin asks. Darci shakes her head. “What?” Zubin asks again.

“I didn’t mean that! I meant what she said about us!” Darci explains angrily.

“You mean…when she said that we were perfect for each other?” Zubin asks.

“Yeah…I mean…no offense…” Darci averts her eyes from Zubin, “But…I’m not…You know...into you…in any way.” Darci laughs nervous, Zubin does the same.

“Oh…I’m not offended one bit. Just…trust me.” Zubin looks down.

“Listen…I think I’m gonna go now.” Darci says. As soon as she stands up, she makes a bee-line for the door. She hastily opens it up and leaves. Zubin looks at Darci, he looks down.

“What did I do?” He asks himself. He runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. He bites his lower lip.

Alexander says from his bed, “You didn’t do any thing dude.” He says groggily. Alexander then goes back to sleep.

“Thanks Alex.” Zubin says with a smile.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is sitting on the front steps of the hotel in silence. The door opens and Stephanie shoots her head around to find, Julia, standing behind her. “What do you want?” Stephanie asks.

“I wanted to talk with my friend.” Julia answers.

Stephanie rolls her eyes and moans. “Look, if you were my friend, you’d leave me alone!” Stephanie yells. Julia simply sits down next to Stephanie, unfazed by the yelling.

“Look…Steph…what’s bothering you?” Julia asks.

“Nothing, okay! Just leave me alone!” Stephanie snaps. She looks away from Julia angrily.

(Confessional) “You get used to people yelling at you when you match them up with someone they don’t want to be matched up with.” Julia explains.

“Steph…really, are you still hung over from Monica’s elimination?” Julia asks.

Stephanie drops her head and sighs, “Yes.”

“Well don’t be. Listen, you did nothing wrong.” Julia explains to Stephanie.

“Yes I did! I deserve every word she said to me!” Stephanie screams at Julia, Julia is taken aback for a moment. She averts her eyes from Stephanie fierce glare, that seems like it's looking for someone to take it's anger out on.

“Look…you did not. Listen, you were just insecure when Monica opened up to you. It’s natural when something you’re not used to comes up to you. You aren’t used to a girl being attracted to you, so you simply got defensive. Trust me, that happens to everyone. Not everyone is good at being open to new things. Trust me…it took me a while to get used to new things without stereotyping people.” Julia explains to Stephanie. While she is speaking, Stephanie lightens up on her anger.

“Yeah…stereotyping sucks.” Stephanie agrees.

“Listen, we’ve both been stereotyped. You’ve been labeled the goth, I’ve been labeled, “the ditzy matchmaker.” It hurts.” Julia says, holding back tears. She clenches the step she’s sitting on while she’s talking, trying to hold in her emotions.

“Whoa whoa whoa, you’ve been stereotyped? Why the heck would you be stereotyped? I mean, you’re a nice girl!” Stephanie says, enraged.

“Um…humans really aren’t good at looking past one thing in a person.” Julia reminds Stephanie, “Same with you.” Stephanie looks away from Julia, feeling guilt and shame. She turns a shade of crimson, as it is her turn to hold back her emotions.

“I know I need to work on it…” Stephanie mutters.

“Well, at least you fessed’ up. That’s more than many people can do.” Julia compliments Stephanie. She gets up and pats Stephanie on the shoulder and walks away.

Stephanie runs her fingers through her hair and asks, “What’s wrong with me? Ugh…” Stephanie just sits there in complete silence.

(Confessional) “What can I do, ya know? One moment, I’m sitting with all my friends, and then I get yelled at, and lose my best friend, who thinks I’m her girlfriend, and then she’s voted out! What’s a girl to do?” Stephanie yells, completely stressed. She pulls on her hair and groans loudly in anger and frustration. “Why can’t this be easier?!?” Stephanie yells out.

Outside of the hotel, Shane is seen with the challenge set up and the contestants beside him. They are on a basketball court with a basketball net. There are two basketballs, one with the Rough Cuts color, which is crimson and one with the Animator’s colors, which is teal. “Whoa…are we playing basketball?” Alexander asks excitingly.

(Confessional) Alexander is literally bouncing in his seat as he says, “I was so excited to play basketball! Sports are my thing, ya know?” Alexander’s energetic, full of life gaze suddenly goes down hill, “But we weren’t playing basketball…”

“No, Alex, we’re shooting hoops.” Shane confirms. Shane is wearing something totally different than his normal clothes. He’s wearing a yellow basketball jersey and dark blue jeans and white sneakers. His normal brown hair is now light platinum blonde. Many of the girls are staring at Shane’s new wardrobe.

“Dude…what happened to your hair?” Tyson asks.

“Oh, this is my natural hair color. The brown hair was too much work.” Shane answers.

“What about the garb?” Heidi asks.

“Oh, I wear this every day pretty much when I'm not working.” Shane answers, a little freaked out by the questions.

“Well keep wearing it! You look totally hotter than you normally do!” Stephanie compliments. Shane then turns a very bright shade of red in embarrassment.

“I…have a girlfriend you know.” Shane says, uncomfortable with Stephanie.

“Lucky bastard.” Stephanie mutters under her breath.

“Please refrain from cussing.” Heidi reminds Stephanie.

Stephanie asks with a puzzled look on her face, “Bastard’s a cuss word?”

Heidi says while shrugging, “It depends, really.”

“Then why shouldn’t I say it?” Stephanie asks.

“Just…don’t, please.” Heidi tells Stephanie. Shane then makes a grunting sound, which gets everyone’s attention.

“Now that I have your attention, here’s the challenge. Everyone will participate, as there’s seven of you in each team. Anyway, here’s the deal. One at a time, one person from each team will come and shoot a basket. If they get the basketball into the net, that scores a point for the team. First team to seven, wins. Because the Rough Cuts won the last challenge, they go first this time. Rough Cuts, who’s coming up?” Shane asks them.

Ulysses says out of the blue, “Kimmy.”

Kimmy’s blue eyes widen. “Are you insane?” Kimmy asks completely shocked. “I completely suck at basketball!” Kimmy reminds Ulysses frantically.

Ulysses, who is calm and collected, says, “Listen, Kimmy, you’ll only have to do this once! He never said there was an order.” Kimmy nods her head in understanding. Kimmy walks to the court and picks up the basketball. However, her right arm is out to the side instead of tucked.

“Kimmy.” Bobby Jon calls out, “Tuck,” Bobby Jon says as he demonstrates. Kimmy nods her head and tucks her elbow. She shoots the blood red ball through the air and it goes through the hoop.

“Yeah!” Kimmy celebrates. She runs to her team, high-fifing or hugging them.

“Rough Cuts get a point!” Shane exclaims.

“Just a point, shrug it off.” Alexander tells his team.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like we’re going to panic just yet.” Heidi says, half laughing.

“So…Heidi, you wanna go first?” Alexander asks.

“Sure, I suck at it though.” Heidi explains to Alexander. Heidi walks out and grabs a basketball. She doesn’t tuck her arm at all, though, and when she shoots, she definitely does not score.

“No score for Animators.” Shane comments. Heidi sulks back to her teammates.

“Hey, it’s alright, simply brush it off, Heidi.” Alexander tells Heidi, Heidi smiles a bit at Alexander’s words.

“Rough Cuts, who’s next?” Shane asks. Ulysses pushes Andrea up to the court. Andrea looks back at Ulysses, angry, she then realizes that she’s on the spot light. She simply takes the ball, shots it, and leaves, scoring a point for her team. “Good job Andrea.” Shane compliments.

“Thank you, Shane.” Andrea says as she walks back to her team. She is met with cheers and praises.

“Animators, send someone up!” Shane commands. Julia walks up for her team.

“I play basketball; I should be able to do this.” Julia says. She concentrates, tucks her arm, and shoots the ball. It sail through the air and hits nothing but net.

“Nice! How long have you played basketball?” Shane asks, obviously impressed.

Julia casually replies, “Oh, five years.” Julia then walks back to her teammates.

Shane calls out to the Rough Cuts, “Send someone else up!” The camera then shows a montage of every contestant trying and shooting. Ulysses is shown missing, whilst Darci manages to get it in. Hunter gets nothing but net, as does Zubin. Hayley misses, as does Tyson.

Nancy walks up to the ball. She picks it up and she takes aim. Shane reminds her, “Nancy, if you get this point, you’ll tie everything up.” Nancy nods and shoots the ball. The ball goes into the net, tying everything up!

“Good job Nanc!” Ulysses congratulates.

“Thanks.” Nancy replies with her head up high, she suddenly trips on a basketball. Her teammates refrain from laughing, though it’s obvious that they’re tempted too.

“We’re tied! Four four!” Shane explains. The montage continues as Alexander scores a point for the Animators, but Bobby Jon also scores a point, again, tying it up. Stephanie misses at her shot. Kimmy once again goes out to the court, and manages to actually make it into the hoop! Heidi misses, once again. Andrea walks out onto the course, Shane says as she walks up, “Andrea scored a point last time, will she do it again? Also, Rough Cuts need only one more point to win.”

“Thanks buddy, I so needed that pressure on me.” Andrea says sarcastically. She shoots a glare at Shane’s direction; she then shoots the crimson ball to the hoop. The basketball lands on the hoop, it bounces straight up. Everyone’s eyes are on that one ball. With every gaining second, it seems like the already large amount of tension in the room is getting more and more tense. The ball bounces again, and once again, lands on the hoop. It spins around and around the hoop; it couldn’t have created a more painfully longer, suspenseful moment. Everyone’s eyes are glued to the ball. The ball slowly, but surely, begins to fall. As soon as it hits the ground, the Rough Cuts cheer.

“Rough Cuts, win immunity!” Shane announces. Andrea looks at the hoop in shock, the ball went in!

“I…I can’t believe it! I did it!” Andrea cheers. She and Ulysses hug in delight, but they soon realize that they’re hugging each other. The two pull apart, faces red in embarrassment.

“Yeah!” Hayley cheers as she and Nancy high-five.

“Rough Cuts, you can go back into your side of the hotel. Animators, I’m sorry, but there’s no way you can win.” The Animators all walk back into their hotel feeling sad, but the Rough Cuts are looking for a party with their attitude.

Inside, the Rough Cuts are all pumped up and excited. “Oh yeah! We whooped ‘em!” Bobby Jon boasts.

“Yeah, we’ve done really well these past few challenges, I like winning!” Hayley exclaims, beaming.

“Yeah…it’s fun!” Ulysses says. “I think I’m gonna be in my room.” Ulysses tells his team. He walks up the stairs and into the guy’s room. Once there, he sighs and sits on his bed. The door creaks open, and he sees Bobby Jon standing there. Ulysses asks, “What do you want?”

“To talk to you.” Bobby Jon explains.

“Why would you want to talk to me? I’m fine.” Ulysses asks, he looks away from Bobby Jon and sighs a little.

“You’re not fine, you’re troubled. What is it?” Bobby Jon, kinder this time. His usual grin has been replaced with a solemn one.

“Look…it’s kinda hard being the only one to not be good at challenges, okay?” Ulysses reveals angrily. He sinks back into his bed, and lies down face first.

“Ulysses, you’re not bad at challenges.” Bobby Jon comforts Ulysses, however, to no avail.

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly what anyone would call, athletic.” Ulysses says, he pulls his pillow over his head, trying to silence everything out.

“You were great when puzzles were involved, and you’re a killer leader. Without you, we wouldn’t win most of the challenges we have.” Bobby Jon says to Ulysses, Ulysses smiles a little bit. “Look, you don’t have to be athletic, it’s okay. I had a friend once who was anything but athletic. He was thin, like you, but he knew who he was. He was comfortable in his own skin. And you know what? He was popular. Not cause he did something spectacular, but he was who he was. Athleticism isn’t everything dude, trust me.” Bobby Jon explains to Ulysses. He pats Ulysses on the back and says, “I’ll be in the cafeteria, if you wish to talk to me, I’ll be there.”

“Thanks Jon.” Ulysses says, smiling.

“Anytime bud, anytime.” Bobby Jon says smiling; he walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, at the Rough Cuts, some people aren’t taking their defeat to good. “Ugh, this sucks!” Alexander yells.

(Confessional) “I’m tired of losing! It really sucks! I should’ve listened to Jerry when he said not to get to confident.” Alexander explains. He sighs loudly and yells, “I want to win again! UGH!”

In the guy’s room, Alexander is beating on his pillow about the defeat they had, literally. Heidi knocks on the door, and Alexander answers, he yells, “WHAT?” Alexander snaps out of his state of mind when he sees how frightened Heidi is. “Heidi…I’m sorry.” Alexander quickly apologizes. Heidi doesn’t say anything, but she nods silently. She backs up slowly, her heart pounding. She quickly turns around and races away. Alexander looks down, and sighs sadly.

(Confessional) “Ugh…I can’t believe I scared her like that.” Alexander says sadly, he slaps himself in the forehead in complete frustration.

Alexander walks over to Zubin, and Tyson. Zubin is checking out the wheels on his skateboard whilst Tyson is putting hair gel on his hair. Alexander walks up and asks, “I have a favor for you guys.”

“What is it?” Zubin asks.

“I think we should vote out Heidi.” Alexander reveals. Zubin looks at Alexander, stunned. Tyson drops his hair gel in shock.

“My hair gel!” Tyson cries out. Zubin reluctantly pats Tyson on the back. “It was almond scented.” Tyson whimpers. Tyson begins to cry, and Zubin looks like he wants to get out of there as fast as he can.

“Look, I know it’s shocking-” Alexander is cut off by Zubin, “Ya think?”

Alexander glares at Zubin, but returns to his normal attitude, “I think it’s just time for her to go. I mean, you all know how I react when we lose, right?” Alexander asks. Tyson and Zubin shiver, recollecting painful memories. “Let's just say...Heidi got caught in the middle. If we keep losing…I don’t want her to be near me.” Alexander explains.

“I also think you remind her of her brothers.” Zubin adds on.

“I so needed to hear that.” Alexander sarcastically says. “Anyway, I don’t think this game is good for her anyway…I can’t imagine how she’s act if she got betrayed…which will happen sometime in this game.” Alexander looks down remorsefully.

“Like we’re doing now?” Tyson asks, trying to scoop up the spilled hair gel.

“We’re not betraying her…we’re helping her.” Alexander explains, he smiles nervously. Tyson and Zubin look doubtful.

Meanwhile, Heidi runs into the girl’s room, she slams the door behind her and hyperventilates a little in total fright. Stephanie and Julia, who are in the room also, look at Heidi concerned.

“You alright Heidi?” Julia asks.

“You look you have just seen a ghost.” Stephanie comments.

“I saw a big, angry one…” Heidi silently explains.

“Who?” Stephanie asks, her eyes wide.

“Alexander…I guess he was mad…due to us losing, I checked on him, and he came out and yelled at me.” Heidi explains, terrified. Julia and Stephanie both look at each other, wide-eyed. Stephanie looks a little disheartened.

(Confessional) "What? I thought she meant a real ghost." Stephanie explains.

“That’s it, we’re voting for Alex.” Julia proclaims dramatically, standing up with her pointer finger high in the air..

“But…we can’t!” Heidi frantically says, trying to make them think otherwise.

“Why can’t we? He took his anger out on you!” Stephanie explains, angry with Alexander.

“But…Alexander’s really matured. He apologized to me for the yelling!” Heidi says, defending Alexander.

“Yeah yeah, save it, Heidi.” Stephanie rudely cuts in. “Look, we’re tired of Alexander’s tyranny. Either you’re with us or against us, Heidi. We’re voting for Alex, that’s final.” Stephanie says with an, ‘hump’. She says loudly, “Come on, Julia!” Stephanie grabs Julia’s wrist, and drags out a very apologetic looking Julia.

Heidi rubs her hands through her hair and groans, “Ugh…why does this have to be so hard…”

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony; the contestants pick up their movie reels and sit on the steps in front of the bonfire. “So, Animators, this is becoming regular.” Shane mocks them. He laughs a little. He is met with glares and even a movie reel being thrown at him. He barely dodges it and looks at the contestants, stunned. “I was only joking.” Shane hastily says. He laughs nervously.

“We know, we didn’t like it.” Stephanie explains bitterly.

“Someone must eat a ton of lemons.” Shane says under his breath. He is met with another movie reel being thrown at him. This time, it hits his face. “Hey!” He shouts.

“Sorry, my arm twitched.” Stephanie lies, Alexander laughs a little, he is met with a glare from Stephanie.

“Anyway, you guys almost won this weeks challenge, where did it go wrong?” Shane asks.

“I’ll tell you why, no one tucked their arm while shooting, simple as that.” Alexander explains.

“Why didn’t you tell them to tuck?” Shane questions.

“I did, they didn’t listen.” Alexander answers.

“Ah, anyway, Stephanie, you seem anxious about tonight’s vote, why is that?” Shane asks.

“Oh that’s easy.” Stephanie says. She shoots a glare at Alexander and continues, “The person who will go tonight, I’ll be happy to see them go.” Stephanie answers with a confident smirk. She leans back and put one leg over the other, she rests her head on her hands. Alexander glares at Stephanie and rolls his eyes.

“I for one, am not looking forward to voting the person that I’m gonna vote out, out.” Alexander says.

“Same here.” Zubin admits.

“Well, it’s time to vote! Time to see how bad you feel after tonight‘s vote!” Shane exclaims. Zubin frowns at this.

Stephanie votes for Alexander, “I cannot wait to see you gone, you son of a *****.”

Heidi votes for Tyson, “Other than me, you missed the basket. Sorry, but it’s a logical choice.”

Alexander votes for Heidi, and writes an extra, “I‘m Sorry” to the vote, “I’m sorry, but this just needs to happen. I don’t want you to get hurt more than you already have. Take care of yourself, now.” Alexander sheds a tear as he casts his vote.

Once the votes are done, Shane gets the container, he says, “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person with the most votes will have to leave immediately. Let’s get to the votes!”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Heidi, with a little, ‘I’m sorry’. Aw! kinda sweet, really.” Shane smiles a little at the vote.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Heidi, two votes Heidi.” Heidi’s eyes widen in surprise.

“What’d I do?” She asks silently.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Replies an angry Stephanie. She shoots a glare at Alexander, who cringes at the glare.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander, we’re tied, everyone at two.” Heidi holds Alexander’s hand, both look at each other apologetic.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Tyson. One vote Tyson, two votes for Alex and Heidi.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Heidi. One vote Tyson, two votes Alex, three votes Heidi.”

"What the frick?" Stephanie asks, completely shocked.

"I don't understand..." Julia mutters under her breath. Both girls look at each other in worry.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Seventh person voted out is…”

“…Heidi. Heidi, I need you to bring me your film reel.” Shane instructs.

“Alexander…why?” Heidi asks.

“Heidi…I didn’t want you to get hurt. Seeing you be scared…that just reminded me of how ugly the game can be. I don’t want you to get hurt in this game; it was just getting too ugly for you.” Alexander answers. Heidi looks up at Alexander, instead of talking; she hugs him with a smile.

“While I wish you would’ve told me before hand, I guess I understand, thanks big guy for your concern.” Heidi says, smiling at Alexander. Alexander smiles a sad smile back at Heidi.

"I'll miss you." Alexander admits.

"I'll miss you too, Alex." Heidi admits. She gives Alexander one last hug. She tosses her film reel into the fire.

“Well Heidi, the Animators have spoken, time for you to leave.” Shane says.

Heidi turns around and says, “Bye guys, and play nice.” Heidi then walks away from the group, not before a hug with each person and a wave good-bye, though. Once she gets into the limo, she says, “Well, what an adventure, I loved it. I really did have fun, and while I wish I stayed in longer, I didn’t, and I’m gonna need to accept that. Anyway, I made some great friends, and Steph and Jules, thanks for sticking up for me. And Alex, just know that I’m not mad at you one bit. While I think I could’ve been a better asset to my team, I guess it was good that I was voted out before the real back stabbing started. Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I didn't win for you guy, but I tried my best, what more can I do, eh?”

The scene switches back to the elimination ceremony. Shane tells the teens, “That was unexpected, even for me. Well, go back into the hotel; see you all in a couple of days.” Shane says. He waves them good-bye as they walk into their hotel.

When they walk in, Alexander sits on the couch. He looks down at himself. He sighs sadly, as he watches the traffic outside of the hotel. Someone says to him, “Sad night, huh?” Alexander looks startled to see Julia standing right next to him.

“Julia, didn’t you vote for me?” Alexander asks.

“Yeah…It was only because you yelled at Heidi…though you weren’t in your regular state of mind.” Julia softly explains. She has a look of sympathy on her face.

“It’s just…I can’t believe I voted her out. She meant the world to me! I can’t believe I voted her out…” Alexander says sadly. A few tears run down his face as he watches the traffic. Julia sits next to Alex and puts her hand on his shoulder. Alexander turns to Julia, who has a loving look on her face.

“Don’t worry Alexander; I’ll help you through this.” Julia says with a loving smile. The two then just sit there, silently, watching the busy streets go by. The episode ends, there.

Chapter 9 - "You played us."

Shane appears in front of the hotel and says, “Welcome back, to Total Drama: The Production! Last week, you saw the Rough Cuts win their third challenge in a row, thanks to Andrea. Ulysses pretty much realized that he sucked at challenges, though Bobby Jon comforted him. In the end, Heidi was voted out, due to wanting to protect her. Lame. Who will go home this week on Total Drama…The Production!”

The scene starts off at the Rough Cuts hotel side, Hayley and Hunter are sitting on the couches in the lounge. Hayley is reading a magazine whilst Hunter eats an apple. Hunter asks Hayley, “So, Hayley, what’cha reading about?” Hunter takes a bite of his apple.

“It’s, ‘How to get Mr. Right.’ And no, I don’t love Luke.” Hayley causally replies as if it’s an every day thing.

“Hayley, I wasn’t gonna say that, I was actually…gonna say something different.” Hunter explains. He takes another bite of his apple.

“What do you mean?” Hayley inquires, lowering her magazine.

“I mean…how does Luke treat you?” Hunter asks. He sinks his teeth into the apple and continues with his mouth full, “I mean, he treats you like a friend. You’ve been friends for a long time, and he likes you for who you are. Sounds like to me, he loves you, but he’s just too shy to admit it.” Hunter explains. He swallows his apple and throws away the core. Hayley is stunned.

“That’s ludicrous.” Hayley accuses, half laughing.

“Is it?” Hunter asks with an eye brow raised.

“Well…um…Look it’s just…ugh…maybe it’s not.” Hayley replies with her head down.

(Confessional) “I can’t believe it! Just when I thought Luke was a friend…I realize…he’s more than a friend. Now I know what Hunter was getting at! Don’t worry Luke; I’ll win this game, for the both of us!” Hayley exclaims. She pumps her fist up in the air with a smile.

Meanwhile, Kimmy is in the girl’s room. She’s still in her bed, even though she’s awake. Andrea walks out of the girl’s bathroom in her normal clothes, though she has a yellow towel on her head. She looks at Kimmy and asks, “You feeling well?”

“I guess…” Kimmy quietly says before shifting to her other side.

“You sure?” Andrea asks. She sits beside Kimmy and lays her hand on Kimmy’s shoulder.

“Andrea…you know that you’re my friend and all, but what the heck are you doing?” Kimmy asks, freaked out. Andrea immediately removes her hand from Kimmy’s shoulder.

“Just…trying to cheer you up.” Andrea explains.

Kimmy groans and pulls the covers back over her head. “Look, I just don’t see the point in being cheerful, anymore. I’ve been happy for about a week and I’m sucked up dry. I don’t see any more point. If I have to smile anymore, I’ll shoot everyone here and me next, that’s why I don’t carry a gun.” Kimmy states dryly. Andrea backs away slowly, her eyes like saucers.

“Look…Kimmy. You’ve gotta realize, it’s gonna be tough to be cheerful and see the positive things in life.” Andrea explains, “I mean, when my parents died, I was emo for a while.” Andrea’s eyes widen and she covers her mouth.

Kimmy looks at her suspiciously, “Your parents died?” Kimmy asks in shock.

“Well…” Andrea starts, trying to cover up. “Um, it’s not what you think.” Andrea hastily explains.

“Then what is it?” Kimmy asks, cocking an eyebrow.

“Well….ugh…you got me.” Andrea says. She looks away from Kimmy. A single, lone teardrop falls onto the blankets from Andrea’s eye as she says, “I used to live in North Korea, and my parents were missionaries there. Now, my brother…” Andrea wipes her eyes and continues, “He…told my family out. I don’t know why, I want to know…but I never will. But anyway, one night, my parents got into a fight with my bro, Lee. Apparently he was mad, as he went to the Communists and told them about us. It didn’t take long for the Communists to find us. My father hid me in a closet and told me, ‘I love you, my sweet Andrea’.” Andrea sniffs and wipes her eyes, “My mom…she said, ‘Andrea, I’ll always be proud of you, remember that’.” Andrea loses it there. She begins crying hysterically. She regains her composure and continues, “The Communists came in, right after Dad hid me in the closet. I was eight at the time. Anyway, I saw the whole thing…the gunshot…my own brother; with the wicked grin on his face…It was heart breaking.” Andrea begins crying again.

Kimmy looks down, “Wow Andy…I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, not your fault.” Andrea says. She takes a random pillow and cries in it. Kimmy just lets her cry.

After a bit, Kimmy asks softly, “Andrea…is this what you’re afraid of to tell Ulysses?” Andrea silently nods. “Don’t be, why would he judge you? So what if you were a missionary. I don’t care what religion or whatnot you are. You’re Andrea, and that’s what I care about.” Andrea smiles.

“Thanks Kimmy.” Andrea says, hugging. Andrea’s eyes are still full of tears, but she looks happy, somewhat.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Hayley are talking in the hallway. “So what you’re saying is; you want me and you to go to the final two together?” Nancy asks, unconvinced.

“Yep, that’s the plan.” Hayley says.

“Well…I guess I’ll go along with it, though you do need two more people.” Nancy reminds Hayley.

“I’ll get Hunter and Bobby Jon; they should be easy to rope in.” Hayley casually replies.

“Ehm Hmm.” Nancy grunts. She looks out of the window, not really paying attention.

“So you in?” Hayley asks.

“Sure, why not?” Nancy says bored.

“Great! See ya around!” Hayley exclaims, smiling. She bounces up and walks away happily. Once Hayley is gone, Nancy rolls her eyes.

(Confessional) “Does she think I’m that dumb? I know she plans on taking Hunter to the final two! Honestly!” Nancy rants angrily. She facepalms and shakes her head and groans.

Hayley walks up to Bobby Jon and asks, “Bobby Jon, can I ask you something?”

“Sure!” Bobby Jon says happily.

“Would you like to go to the end with me?” Hayley asks. Bobby Jon’s eyes light up.

“Why sure!” Bobby Jon exclaims.

“Alright! See you later!” Hayley says, as soon as she turns her back, she smirks. She turns around and calls back, “Let Kimmy know she’s in this too!”

“Alright!” Bobby Jon yells back.

“Perfect.” Hayley mutters.

Hayley walks around back, searching for Ulysses and Andrea, when she finds them by the pool, she calls out, “Hey, you guys, you wanna be in an alliance?”

“Sure!” Andrea calls back.

“Sweet!” Hayley exclaims. Hayley walks away, bouncing gleefully.

(Confessional) “The game’s in the palm of my hand right now! Everyone will follow me! Am I gonna be loyal to them? Heck no! Hunter is my only true ally; I’m going to the end with him. No one else, mark my words, I’m in the driver’s seat, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me now.” Hayley says arrogantly. She laughs a little to herself.

Back at the pool, Ulysses states, “Something’s up with Hayley.”

“Why would you say that?” Andrea asks.

“Okay, excuse my language here, but she hasn’t given a damn about me for twenty-one days.” Andrea's eye widen at the profanity, Ulysses continues, “Why would she start now?” Ulysses asks, Andrea looks a little stunned at Ulysses’s words, though she shakes it off.

“I do agree…though promise me you won’t say that again.” Andrea says, pointing a finger at Ulysses.

Ulysses throws his hands into the air and says, “Fine! Fine! I won’t, I promise, I was just making a point.” Andrea smiles content. Out of the blue, Ulysses coughs and says, “Damn.” and coughs again, smiling.

Andrea pushes him into the pool. “I warned you.” Andrea says, smiling innocently.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jon rushes to tell Kimmy the news Hayley told him. Bobby Jon barges into the girl’s room and says, “Hey Kimmy! I have great news!”

Kimmy, who is still in bed, groans, “Ugh…what is it?”

“You okay?” Bobby Jon asks.

“I don’t think so…” Kimmy answers. She turns over in her bed.

“You depressed already?” Bobby Jon asks, smirking a bit. Kimmy’s eyes shoot open.

“How did you know?” Kimmy asks, a little frightened. “Do you have like, ESP?”

“Um…no. I just went through depression when I was younger. Trust me, the only way to get out of depression, is to remember how much better joy is, than sadness.” Bobby Jon informs Kimmy.

Kimmy sighs a little. “Whatever…so what was the good news?” Kimmy asks, dying to change the subject.

“Oh, Hayley wants us in an alliance with her.” Bobby Jon informs, as he is speaking, his frown quickly changes into a grin.

Kimmy moans and exclaims, “She barely knows my name! Now she wants to be in an alliance with me? She must be playing hard.” Kimmy says, thinking out loud.

“Kimmy…what are you saying?” Bobby Jon asks, the grin on his face has now fallen to the floor. “Kimmy…Hayley’s not a bad girl. Trust me.” Bobby Jon reminds Kimmy.

“Dude, hello! You gotta realize, after you voted out Peter, she hasn’t given you one sentence since. I think she’s playing you!”


“Don’t worry Shaq, we’ll work things out.” Kimmy explains. Bobby Jon smiles, he knew Kimmy was right. She hasn’t failed him yet, why would she now?

“Thanks Kimmy, I’ll keep my eyes open.” Bobby Jon says.

“No problem dude.” Kimmy says, “Any time.”

(Confessional) “Bobby Jon’s fairly sweet, and naïve. Whist he’s a great guy, he’s really trusting. But hey, that’s what makes him Bobby Jon Richard.” Kimmy says, she smiles as she stares off into space, she breaks out of the trance and says, “Not that I like him or anything.” Kimmy laughs nervously.

On the Animator’s side of the hotel, things are different, vastly different. Julia is sitting on her bed, listening to her iPod. Darci walks into the room. Julia greets, “Hey Darc!”

“Hey Julia.” Darci says in her normal quiet tone. Julia raises an eyebrow, something was up.

“What’s wrong?” Julia asks with a sweet smile.

Darci turns her head to the side, “Nothing,” she mutters.

“Bull,” Julia says.

“What do you mean?” Darci asks, her voice quivering. Julia rolls her eyes, Darci was obviously lying.

“Don’t lie, sweety, please.” Julia begs. Darci lets out a groan. Julia smiles, progress.

“Look…it’s about Zubin.” Darci admits. Julia laughs a little.

“What isn’t?” Julia sarcastically remarks. When she sees Darci’s hurt face. She is ashamed, “Sorry, go on.” Julia says with head down, embarrassed.

“Well…you’re right…I do like him…but…I can’t be in a relationship, I just can’t.” Darci says, insecure.

“Why?” Julia asks.

(Confessional) “Something I learned in my years of matchmaking, is you gotta listen. Don’t worry, I’m not like some people who would misuse that info or be fake. I just want to know what’s going on in Darci’s life, as a friend.” Julia explains.

“Well…” Darci starts, the words were on the tip of her tongue. The question remains, though, could she trust Julia? Only one way to find out, “I’m terrified of dating young. The thing is…my mom and dad…aren’t married.” Darci reveals. Julia looks surprised, Darci is fighting to hold back tears.

“Oh my God, that’s awful!” Julia exclaims. Darci silently nods.

Once Darci has her bearings, she continues, “My mom and dad are, well, I should say were boyfriend and girlfriend. My mom had me when she was sixteen, the same age I am. As it turns out, my grandma had my mom at sixteen also; same with my great-grandma…it’s like a generational curse or something. I’m determined to not let it happen to me…but I know if I date…it could very well happen. Dating will lead to three things: Marriage, having…well…baby making, and breaking up. Since I’m too young to be getting married, that leaves the last two opinions, my only options.” Darci acknowledges. Darci begins to cry a little.

Julia says, recollecting, “That’s why you got so vocal that one time while you and I were talking. It’s something personal…that’s why you won’t go to Zubin.” Darci nods her head, “I understand, whenever I match someone…that thought always goes through my head, and many times…I see a lot of adoptions taking place…or the nursery fills up. It’s tough…but that’s the world. Although I don’t like it…it happens.”

Darci nods her head, saying, “Now you know.” Julia nods her head. Unknowingly to either of the two girls, Zubin had overheard them.

“That’s why…now I understand…but I too, have a reason why I can’t date Darci; no matter what I do…I just can’t push away these feelings.” Zubin silently whispers to himself. He sighs and walks away.

Julia asks, “Hey, did you hear something?” Darci shrugs.

Meanwhile, Tyson is outside; doing dips on a bench while Stephanie simply watches. Stephanie asks, “Um…Ty…what are you doing?”

“I’m doing dips, to strengthen my already super buff arms.” Tyson informs Stephanie. Stephanie groans and rolls her eyes. Out of no where, a bird poops on Tyson’s head. Stephanie’s eyes lighten up, “Don’t say a word.” Tyson warns Stephanie.

“Fine fine.” Stephanie mumbles. Stephanie goes back to watching the clouds as Tyson continues to do dips. A couple seconds later, a cracking sound is heard.

“My arms! Ugh!” Tyson yell, screaming in agony. Stephanie simply laughs her head off.

(Confessional) “Tyson is SO funny. He thinks that every girl and their dog drools over him. Also, he’s so unlucky. While he was doing his laundry, he fell in and while it was running!” Stephanie yells, laughing. She laughs so hard, she clutches her stomach and falls off the toilet seat, laughing her head off.

Meanwhile, in the lounge, all of the contestants on the Animators, minus Alexander, are waiting for the challenge to start. Zubin asks, “Hey, where’s Alex?”

“That douche bag’s in your guy’s room.” Stephanie informs Zubin.

“I’ll get him, and by the way, Alex has changed, and quite a bit.” Zubin says to Stephanie. Stephanie rolls her eyes as Zubin leaves. While Zubin is climbing up the stairs, the anger inside of him boils. Why did Stephanie have to disrespect Alexander like that? Sure Alexander is a bit arrogant and cocky and annoying still, he’s changed quite a bit. Why couldn’t Stephanie see it?

“I swear, if that girl beats me, I’ll be pissed.” Zubin says to himself. Zubin finally reaches the guy’s room. He opens the door and walks through it saying, “Alex, it’s time for the challenge, we need you.”

Alexander, who is in the bathroom, says, “I’ll be right there.” The door opens, and Zubin’s eyes grow wide.

Alexander, who is fully naked, private parts pixilated of course, asks, “What?”

“Um…Alex…you’re naked.” Zubin points out. “Yeah? So? You’re a dude, and plus, I just took a shower. Haven’t you taken gym class before?” Alexander asks.

“I avoided the locker rooms, and quite frankly, please put some boxers on or something.” Zubin asks, covering his eyes with his hands, though he peaks through one finger.

“Sure…I guess.” Alexander says, unsure. He quickly puts on some boxer shorts. He asks, “So…why were you so jumpy about me being naked. We’re dudes, it’s not like it’s anything wrong.”

“It’s just…” Zubin starts out, “my dad is gay…and he walks around naked all the time, yeah, let’s go with that!”

Alexander looks unconvinced. “Dude.” Alexander starts out as he puts on his pants, “That is so false.” Alexander then puts on a black undershirt.

“Okay, you got me, it is.” Zubin admits.

“You mind telling me what’s going on?” Alexander gruffly asks while putting on his normal, orange shirt.

“Um…I guess so.” Zubin says, reluctant to, though he sucks it up, “It’s just…I’ve been attracted to guys.” Zubin prepares for the lectures, when he hears nothing, he is stunned. “What? No sermon?” Zubin asks.

“Dude, it’s alright to be gay.” Alexander tells Zubin while brushing his hair.

“Well…not for me. I’m not gay, I just had this attraction. I told my sister about it…and our relationship hit rock bottom. I tried to fight off the feelings…but they grew. Pretty soon…the attractions were consuming my thoughts and my dreams, it was nuts dude! Before I came here…the feelings died down…but they’re still active a bit. Thing is…it’s against my morals to be gay, yet I’m feeling these feelings. I don’t understand why either.” Zubin plops down on the bed and covers his face with his hands.

“Whoa dude…heavy. Look…although we have different morals, there is a girl out there for you, not a guy, and I’ll try to be more sensitive to your feelings.” Alexander says.

“Thanks man, that means a lot to me.” Zubin says, smiling. A wave of relief flows over Zubin, and he sighs a joy filled sigh.

(Confessional) “It felt good to tell Alex about my feelings. I know I’m not gay, while I still struggle with it, I know that there’s a girl out there for me. However, because of my feelings, I can’t be with Darci. Not yet at least.” Zubin says. He puts his hand on the wall and sighs sadly, “Darci’s a really cool girl…I hope I can get over these feelings soon.”

“So…” Alexander starts out, rubbing the back of his neck, “should we get back to the others?"

“Sure!” Zubin says, relieved to get out of the room. The two walk out of the room, as soon as they’re out, Zubin has a look of relief on his face. Though he was glad to talk, why? Why did he have to open up like that? Zubin looks down a little, feeling a tad dumb. He looks over at Alexander, who gives a comforting smile. Zubin smiles a bit, it would be okay, and he just knew it.

Once the two were down there, they see Shane with some suitcases. “Don’t we have those?” Nancy questions, raising an eye brow.

“Did you steal those?” Stephanie asks, wide-eyed.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Shane replies with shifty eyes. Stephanie’s eyes are still bulging.

“Steph, trust me, he did not steal them.” Tyson comforts Stephanie. Stephanie smiles.

“I’ll admit, this is my own suitcase.” Shane reveals.

“But there are thirteen of them.” Darci points out. Shane laughs nervously.

“Moving on.” Shane says, he continues, “For today’s challenge, we’ll be dueling.”

Several of the contestant’s eyes widen in shock. Ulysses frantically explains to Shane, while waving his arms in the air like a mad man, “Are you mad, man? You do know that when people duel, they mean a fight to the death!”

“Yes yes, I know. That’s why we’re dueling with pool noodles!” Shane says happily, grabbing a pool noodle seemingly out of no where.

“Where did you get that? And really? Pool noodles? You couldn’t think of a better challenge? I mean, why not have us try to shoot balloons from sling shots, or duel with rubber ducks?” Andrea asks angrily.

Shane looks taken aback, as does the rest of her team. “For your info, my intern came up with this one.” Shane lies, Andrea remains unconvinced. Does he really think that they’re that dumb? Apparently. “Also, you don't wanna know where that came from. Anyway, we’ll be competing in tournament style. One on one. We’ll draw for spots later. Anyway, if you win, you move on to the next round. If you win that round, you’ll go to the finals. Now, since twelve people will be playing, there will be a third person in the final round. Anyway, the person who wins the final round, wins it for their team, got it?” The contestants nod.

“Oh, and Rough Cuts, you’ll be sitting someone out, who will it be?” Shane asks. Andrea raises her hand. “Alright, we’ll draw for spots.”

The scene shifts to a pool with two platforms. Hunter and Darci are up against one another. Darci looks terrified.

“Um…Shane? Can I opt out of this one? Hunter’s gonna kill me.” Darci predicts. Shane shakes his head, Darci sighs.

“Begin!” Shane yells. Immediately, Darci and Hunter begin whacking each other, finding out, it’s harder than it looks. Darci finally hits Hunter between the legs with the pool noodle. Hunter squeals out in pain and topples over, hitting the water. A very stunned Darci jumps off the platform.

“Darci goes to the next round!” Shane calls out.

(Confessional) “Holy crap!” Darci yells out excited, “I cannot believe this! Apparently, it takes more force to knock people off with those things. Guess I hit the right place, huh?”

(Confessional) Hunter is in there, close to tears. He says in a very high pitched, chipmunk sounding voice, “I’m not ashamed that I lost to a girl…it’s just that…I’ll never have kids!” Hunter yelps out in pain once more.

“Alright, next two, Nancy and Julia come on up.” Shane says. Julia and Nancy, assisted with some interns, climb up onto the platforms. The two receive their pool noodles. “Begin.” Shane shouts. Nancy and Julia both go at it. After a while, Julia strikes Nancy in the head, which causes Nancy to fall over. “Julia scores a point!” Shane yells, as Julia does a back flip into the water, quite gracefully.

(Confessional) “Those pool noodles are harder than they look.” Nancy comments, she shivers at the thought.

“Alright, next two, Alexander and Kimmy, come on up.” Shane says. Alexander and Kimmy both climb up. “Begin!” Shane shouts. Alexander whacks Kimmy, who lets out a yelp of pain,

“Sorry Kim!” Alexander apologizes.

Kimmy whacks Alexander in the nuts, which causes Alexander to fall over, “Don’t apologize, you did nothing wrong.”

“Kimmy moves on!” Shane yells.

Alexander joins Hunter, who is also suffering similar pain, on the ground. Alexander cries out in pain. Hunter sympathizes, “Yeah…its painful buddy.”

Shane looks over at the two, he asks, “Y’all alright?”

“Yeah.” Hunter says, “The pain goes away fast.” He explains.

“Speak for yourself.” Alexander says bitterly, still lying on ground, his hands over his crotch.

Shane looks away for a few seconds, concerned. He then regains his composure and calls out, “Zubin and Ulysses get up there!” Hunter raises an eyebrow and Shane laughs nervously. Zubin and Ulysses both get up onto the platform. “And…go!” Shane calls out. Ulysses and Zubin both start wailing on each other. Finally, Zubin hits Ulysses on the head. Ulysses starts to fall, but it desperation, Ulysses grabs onto Zubin’s noodle.

“What are you doing?” Zubin yells out.

“Trying to get back on!” Ulysses replies, yelling. Zubin’s platform begins to topple.

“Let go!” Zubin calls out.

“No, you!” Ulysses snaps back.

“Okay!” Zubin says as he lets go. Ulysses falls into the water, but so does Zubin, because of the fact of how far he was leaning back. Both begin to fall, hitting the water at the same time!

“So…who hit first?” Nancy asks.

“Um…I’ll check the cameras.” Shane says. He walks over to the camera guy and they review the footage.

After a while, Nancy asks again, “So, do you know who hit first?”

“Of course!” Shane says happily.

“Then who hit? Do you know, or not?” Nancy asks, getting impatient. Shane laughs nervously. He obviously didn’t know, so why cover up? Nancy rolls her eyes, the usual Shane antics.

“Uh...that's um...that's a great question, Nancy!” Shane says. He turns to the camera guy, “Who hit first, Charlie?” He asks. Nancy focuses her glare at Shane.

“Ulysses hit first.” The camera guy informs Shane.

“Ulysses hit first.” Shane says to Nancy.

“We know, Charlie boy here, said that already.” Nancy says to Shane fairly ticked.

“Well, in that case, let’s move on!” Shane exclaims.

Nancy sighs and rolls her eyes, “Sure.” she says, still unconvinced.

(Confessional) “Ya think he’d realize that we’re not that dumb. What does he think we are? Eight year olds?” Nancy asks rhetorically.

“Alright, back to the challenge, Hayley and Tyson, get up there.” Shane commands. Hayley and Tyson both get up onto the platforms. “Start whacking each other!” Shane yells.

Hayley immediately prepares to hit Tyson with her noodle, Tyson calls out, “NO! I can’t take anymore pain on my body! I’ll just forfeit, now.” Tyson then jumps off of the platform.

“Wuss.” Hayley mutters, rolling her eyes. Tyson, who is falling, instead of landing in the water, he falls on the concrete floor.

“Ooh! That’s gotta hurt. Andrea comments, cringing.

Tyson, who’s stuck in the concrete, asks, “Ya think?”

“Yep.” Andrea says, not understanding the sarcasm. Tyson sighs.

“Can someone at least help me up?” Tyson asks, “I can literally feel my foot touching my hip, and not in the good way.” Shane and Alexander walk over to Tyson and pull him out.

“We’ll get the medical staff to take a look at you, in the mean time, Hayley wins her match, last two, Stephanie and Bobby Jon, take your places.” Shane says. Stephanie and Bobby Jon both climb up their respective platforms.

“Whoa…um…Bob, please don’t kill me.” Stephanie says, literally shaking in her skin. Zubin grins at Stephanie’s fright.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you one bit.” Bobby Jon says. Shane blasts an air horn, signaling the start of the match. “Whoa! Fire drill!” Bobby Jon yells, he begins to panic and he starts to throw his arms around like a mad man. During his state of hopeless confusion, he accidentally smacks Stephanie with his pool noodle. Stephanie falls back, clutching her head. She loses her footing and falls off, screaming the entire way. Bobby Jon snaps out of his panic state, when he sees Stephanie falling, he mutters, “Oh…crap, um…sorry Steph.” Bobby Jon meekly apologizes. He laughs nervously.

Stephanie, who has landed in the water, flat on her back says, “Yeah, whatever.” Stephanie swims back to shore, and walks away.

“What’s her problem?” Kimmy asks.

“I don’t really know.” Julia answers. The girls shrug.

(Confessional) “Stephanie’s always doing stuff like that, being a jerk, and stuff. I can see Monica’s reason to why she yelled at Stephanie like that. I can fully understand. Though…there has to be a reason.” Julia contemplates. She thinks for moment, she simply shrugs her shoulders, not knowing a thing.

“Alright, in the semi-final round, we have, Darci and Julia.” Shane says.

Before the girls start climbing, Darci says, “Look, I am SO not doing this, I’m sorry, but I just can’t! Besides, me and Jules are on the same team, it would be stupid, and just plain dumb to waste Julia’s energy. I drop out, here.”

“Did you say something, Darci?” Shane asks, not hearing a word Darci said. Darci goes to speak, but shakes her head, fully aware that it’s not at all worth it. Darci and Julia get onto the platform. “Start whacking!” Shane yells out excitingly.

Nancy, who is standing beside Shane, asks, “You’re liking this, aren’t you?” with a smirk on her face.

“Maybe.” Shane says slyly. Nancy rolls her eyes and laughs to herself.

Meanwhile, Darci and Julia are fighting. Well, more like Darci getting hit by Julia. Finally, Darci slips off and falls into the water. “Julia moves on!” Shane yells.

“Thank God…I really did not want to do that again.” Darci says as she rubs a bruise on her head.

“Anyway….Kimmy and Zubin, you’re up!” Shane calls out. Kimmy and Zubin both climb up. “And begin!” Shane calls out. Both Kimmy and Zubin start going at it. Zubin hits Kimmy in the head, who in turn, hits Zubin on the legs. Zubin trips on his platform, but manages to get up. Kimmy lunges forward, attempting to push Zubin off. However, Zubin sidesteps and Kimmy falls off her platform, and right onto Zubin’s. Shane blows a whistle. “Point to Zubin, Kimmy fell off her platform and landed on Zubin's platform.” Shane says. Kimmy sighs and lowers her head. She looks up to see Zubin, standing beside her, hand out.

“What do you want? You wanna push me down so you can further your victory?” Kimmy asks bitterly.

Zubin, who looks hurt at Kimmy’s words, says, “No…I just wanted to help you up.” Kimmy looks up at Zubin, and takes his hand. Zubin helps her up.

“What do you want?” Kimmy asks, jabbing her finger into his chest.

“Nothing…I already explained that I wanted to help you up!” Zubin says, frustrated with Kimmy. Zubin jumps into the water, Kimmy following in suit.

(Confessional) “Okay, why the heck did Kimmy think I’d want something? Kimmy’s so weird…one moment, she’s a nice cheerful girl. Another moment, she’s like she was when this started! And I thought Steph was bad…sheesh…” Zubin complains. He rolls his eyes at the thought of Kimmy.

“Alright! Time for the next two people. In other words, Hayley and Bobby Jon!” Shane calls out.

Hayley looks at Shane confused, “Yes?” She asks.

“Oh, I mean, it’s you and Bobby Jon’s turn.” Shane explains.

“Ooooh!” Hayley exclaims. Hunter slaps his fore-head.

(Confessional) “Way to set the Woman’s Right Movement back fourty years.” Hunter says sarcastically, he blows a tuff of hair away from his eyes.

Hayley and Bobby Jon make their way onto the platforms. Once they get up there, Bobby Jon towers over Hayley. Hayley asks, “Um…how about I just let you advance?”

“I’d like that!” Bobby Jon exclaims, his face beaming. Hayley goes to jump, but she slips and falls right on her butt. She bounces off and slams into the water. Bobby Jon cringes at her fall.

“Alright! We’re at the final round!” Shane yells excitingly. He pumps his fist in the air and cheers. The contestants simply stare at him, blankly. “What?” Shane asks, “Is it wrong to be excitable?” Alexander groans and Stephanie smacks her fore-head.

“Anyway…Julia, Zubin, and Bobby Jon, you all are gonna go onto the platforms. Because there are three of you, we added an extra platform in the middle. We have drawn for spots, and it will be Julia who’s in the middle. Julia, Zubin, and Bobby Jon, get up there.” Shane instructs.

As Bobby Jon prepares to dive into the pool, Ulysses says, “Don’t worry man, it’s not like we’re gonna vote you out if we lose.” Bobby Jon smiles at Ulysses words. He dives in, getting water on Ulysses’s shirt. Ulysses groans.

Hayley walks next to Ulysses, she whispers, “We aren’t?” Ulysses shoots a glare at the pretty blonde.

Meanwhile, once the three finalists get onto the platform, Shane calls out, “Start!” The three teens start whacking each other. Julia, however, has an idea.

“Zubin! I, OWCH, have an idea, OWCH, Would you stop hitting me?” Julia snaps at Zubin. Zubin stops in his tracks, frightened by the normally, cheerful, friendly matchmaker’s sudden change in demeanor. “Look, we’re on the same team, might as well gang-up on Bobby Jon, AND WOULD YOU STOP HITTING ME!?!” Julia yells.

“Okay…” Zubin sheepishly says.

“Why do you continue?” Julia asks, rubbing her side where Zubin’s orange pool noodle had hit her.

“Because…it’s fun.” Zubin quietly admits.

“Look, if you wanna win, don’t hit me!” Julia yells. She suddenly feels a sharp pain in the back of her neck, throwing her off balance for a moment. “Zubin!” Julia yells.

“Wasn’t me!” Zubin cries out. Julia turns around, and she sees Bobby Jon, right behind her.

“You do realize,” Bobby Jon starts, “that I can hear every word you’re saying, right?” Bobby Jon raises an eyebrow, Julia laughs nervously. Julia hits Bobby Jon right on the kisser; however, Bobby Jon hits Julia on her legs. Zubin hits Bobby Jon, but misses. Julia then hits Bobby Jon on the face while Bobby Jon hits Julia on the arm. Zubin goes for Bobby Jon’s feet, but Bobby Jon jumps and avoids it. During the jump, Bobby Jon, using the force from the jump, slams Julia on the head, forcing her down, face flat on the ground. Zubin hits Bobby Jon between the legs. Bobby Jon doesn’t look fazed, making both Zubin and Julia surprised.

“You think something like that will keep me down?” Bobby Jon asks.

“Well…you’re a guy…yeah.” Zubin admits. Bobby Jon responds with a painful blow to the neck. Zubin and Julia both recover, and smack Bobby Jon on the face and legs, causing him to fall. He starts to lose his balance, and starts to topple. With a final jab, thanks to Julia, Bobby Jon falls into the water, ultimately, defeated. Zubin hits Julia in the back, Julia who is infuriated with Zubin, pushes him into the water below.

(Confessional) “What can I say? I warned him.” Julia says casually.

“Julia and Zubin win for the Animators! Rough Cuts, I’ll be seeing you, tonight.” Shane says, The Animators all walks into their side of the hotel, happy and buddy-buddy. The Rough Cuts, not so much.

“Ugh! I can’t believe we lost, again!” Ulysses cries out.

“Sorry…” Bobby Jon says, insecure about his teams lost.

“Bobby Jon, it’s not your fault. When people double team, it makes it harder to win, that’s all.” Andrea acknowledges. Bobby Jon smiles a little.

(Confessional) “Okay, I’ve been thinking, I think it would be good if Andrea was gone. It’s quite obvious that the merge is coming up; does anyone want to go up against her at the jury? I didn’t think so.” Hayley asks rhetorically.

Hayley walks over to Nancy, she asks, whispering, “Tonight, it’s Andrea, got it?” Nancy nods her head.

“Good!” Hayley says, she walks away, holding her head up high. Nancy rolls her eyes and gets up. She walks over to where Bobby Jon, Kimmy, Andrea, and Ulysses are.

She asks them, “So, did you all get talked to by Hayley?”

“Well…” Bobby Jon starts out, “If you mean by, talked too, what exactly do you mean?” Kimmy shakes her head and groans.

“I mean, did she offer you an alliance?” Nancy asks.

“Oh! Yeah!” Bobby Jon reveals, quite naively. Kimmy groans once more.

Ulysses’s eyes widen. “Wait.” He starts, “You also got talked too? Andrea and I are in an alliance with her also!” Ulysses explains. Kimmy and Andrea both gasp.

“Obviously, Hayley’s playing us all. I’m with her also. But listen, she’s not loyal to ANY of us. She just wants to vote us out.” Nancy explains.

“But she’s so nice! I didn’t suspect a thing…how could she?” Andrea asks innocently, her eyes show her hurt.

“She’s trying to play the game.” Nancy says, Andrea looks down, disappointed at Hayley.

“Well…who was gonna go out?” Andrea asks.

“It was gonna be you, Andrea.” Nancy reveals. Andrea’s face shows complete shock. Her mouth drops; she looks over at Ulysses, and loses it there. She cries on his shoulder. Ulysses pats Andrea’s back, hoping to calm her down. Nancy looks at Andrea; she looks down with her eyes closed.

(Confessional) “There’s a way to betray people in this game…that’s not how you do it.” Andrea says, she wipes away a tear from her eye.

(Confessional) “Andrea’s a sweet girl; it broke my heart to see her in that state.” Ulysses says sadly, he lifts up his head, though, and the expression on his face is one of complete fury. “But now, Hayley’s gonna get it!” Ulysses states, angrily. He storms out of the confessional, but he hits his head on the ceiling, first.

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony. The contestants go through the process of retrieving their reels and sitting on the steps. Shane says to them, “Well well well, this is quite the surprise, no?”

Kimmy rolls her eyes and Nancy says, “Oh bite me.”

“Ignoring that.” Shane says. Anyway, today in the challenge, y’all did alright, actually. Half of you got to the second round. I really don’t think you guys could’ve done better, Kimmy, what do you think?” Shane asks Kimmy.

Kimmy shifts her weight and crosses her leg. She replies, “I think you’re right, and wrong. We all could’ve done better, we just didn’t. Um, I don’t think anyone here is to blame for our loss. It’s not like we could’ve done any better than Bobby Jon under his circumstances in the challenge.”

“Oh that’s right! Bobby Jon, do you think because you lost in the final round, do you think that could potentially send you packing?” Shane asks.

Bobby Jon looks away from Shane in deep regret, face red with embarrassment. He quietly mutters, “I’d prefer if we didn’t talk about it.”

“I’ll respect that.” Shane says. Shane scans each of the contestant’s faces, when he comes across Andrea, a thought enters his mind.

“Andrea,” he starts out, “you didn’t partake in the beating with noodles. Do you think that could send you home?” Shane asks.

Andrea looks down, and is close to the point of tears. Ulysses, who is beside her, snaps at Shane, “Look, here, bub. Andrea’s been through a lot and I don’t think-”

“That’s enough, Ulysses.” Andrea says, interrupting Ulysses. “I’ll answer him.” Andrea quietly says.

“You sure?” Ulysses asks, checking on Andrea. Andrea nods. “Go on if you wish.” Ulysses sadly allows. Andrea takes a deep breath, it’s all the refrains her from re-creating the Niagara Falls at the spot.

“Well,” Andrea starts out, “I don’t think it would be fair for me to be voted out because I sat out.” Andrea explains.

“Could you have helped them?” Shane asks, genuinely curious.

“I guess, I mean, I don’t know. I mean, yeah, sure I take martial arts. But I don’t think skill would have been that effective as raw power would have been. I mean, look at Bobby Jon, he’s obviously pretty strong. I don’t think any of us could’ve beaten him today. If anyone could, speak now or forever hold your peace...or at least your vote.” Andrea says to her team. Crickets chirp in the distance, “Didn’t think so. The thing is, they know I always give one-hundred percent in every single challenge. For past few days, though, I’ve had a lot on my mind, so I wanted to sit out, just so I clear my head.” Andrea says. She rests her head on her hands and waits for Shane to speak.

“So…what you’re saying is,” Shane starts out, “is that you had to work things out?”Andrea nods, “Like what? If you don’t mind asking.” Shane says, giving her an option.

Andrea goes to speak, but then she stops herself, and thinks. She finally says, “I’d…rather not say anything.”

“Understood. Since I have no more questions, I think it’s time to vote!” Shane says. A look of horror comes across the faces of the Rough Cuts, though reluctantly, they vote.

Hayley votes for Andrea, “Sorry girl, you know I love you to death, but you’re just too much of a threat right now. Sorry.”

Nancy votes for Hayley, “You tried to play the game, cute. But next time, don’t go around making alliances with everyone, you will be found out.”

Hunter votes for Andrea, “Sorry girl, just gotta do this, no matter how much I don’t want too.”

Andrea votes for Hayley, she sheds a tear that drops on the paper. She says, “Hayley…my tear explains everything.”

When the contestants were done voting, Shane gets the container. When he walks back, he says, “Once the votes are read, the decision is final. And blah blah blah, you know this crap. Let’s just get on with it.” Shane tells the contestants. They smile, happy to not have to hear he same lecture they’ve had to hear time and time again.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Andrea, that’s one vote Andrea.” Andrea looks shocked, but she holds her tears back. Ulysses has a look of complete fury on his face.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Andrea, that’s two votes Andrea.” Andrea then begins to cry. Hurt, betrayed, used, the feelings were coming to her, in a tornado of emotional turmoil.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hayley.” Hayley froze. The words, they stung. Hayley knew that Andrea would vote someone out, but she didn’t think for a second that Andrea was going to try and vote out her. Hayley shrugs it off.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hayley, that’s two votes Andrea, two votes Hayley.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hayley, that’s two votes Andrea, three votes Hayley.”

Hayley gasps. “This can’t be happening.” Hayley mutters. “I…I thought I had made my alliance core, solid!”

“Apparently, not strong enough.” Andrea mutters under her breath. Hayley flashes a frightening glare, but backs off when Ulysses clenches his fist. Even though Ulysses isn’t that strong, when someone gets that angry, even the weakest will surprise you.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Eighth person voted out is…”

“…Hayley! Hayley, I need your reel.” Shane says. Hayley stands up, completely shocked.

“I don’t…understand.” Hayley says. Nancy rolls her eyes. Hayley hands Shane her movie reel.

“I understand completely.” Andrea bitterly states, “You played us. Every single one of us. We confided in you, we spent time with you! We trusted you! But you played us! Each and every one of us. I’m positive that the relationships that we had…wasn’t real.” Andrea goes back to being quiet, and the tears flow. As each tear hit’s the ground, a small weight goes off her shoulder, a wave of relief flows over her body.

Hayley looks wide-eyed, in complete surprise. She didn’t expect Andrea, out of all people, to yell at her like that.

Shane says to Hayley, “Well, Hayley, the Rough Cuts have spoken.” Shane tosses her movie reel into the fire. Hayley stands there, stunned. After a few seconds, Hayley finally gets her bearings, picks up her things, and walks down to the limo, completely shocked.

When Hayley reaches the limo, she says to herself, “I really didn’t expect that to happen. How…how did they find out?” Hayley bows her head, “I’m sorry Luke…I couldn’t win it for the both of us.” With a sad nod of the head, and a wistful look back to the hotel, Hayley enters the limo, and rides off to the loser destination.

Shane turns to the final six of the Rough Cuts team, “Well, that was definitely a blindside. I do think this counts as the second blindside of the game. All of you, please go back to your hotel, and prepare for tomorrow.” The contestants grab their stuff and enter. Hunter’s face says it all, shock. The episode ends there.

Chapter 10 - "Did I say merger?"

Shane appears in front of the hotel and says, “Welcome back, to Total Drama: The Production! When you last saw our teens, Hayley was scheming away as Andrea was trying to tell Ulysses a thing or two about her past, but ultimately failed. The Animators won the challenge, due to Julia’s quick thinking and Zubin wanting to hit stuff. As it turns out, Hayley’s own plan backfired, as she was blindsided. Who will go home this week, on Total…Drama…The Production?”

The episode starts out were it left off. The contestants are walking into the hotel. “Wow…” Hunter mutters. He sits on the couch and rests his elbows on his knees. He rests his head on his hands.

Andrea sits next to Hunter, “I know…I can’t believe Hayley would do that…” Andrea says.

“She was just playing the game, that’s how I see it.” Nancy dryly says as she folds her arms as she sits on the arm of a sofa.

Andrea glares at Nancy. “Yeah…but there’s a way to play the game, without betraying.” Andrea explains to Nancy.

Nancy laughs to herself and says sarcastically, “Oh get real! If you can tell me how to get to the final two without backstabbing, you tell me.” Andrea looks at Nancy, then looks down and sighs. Accepting the truth.

“Yeah…I guess so…but it seems senseless to betray now.” Ulysses mutters. Ulysses is sitting next to Andrea, rubbing her back.

“Or really? The jury’s gonna start any day now. Might as well betray now, before they get on the jury and use the fact that you betrayed them against you.” Nancy explains. Andrea and Ulysses look at each other with scared expressions.

“I hate to admit it…but Nancy’s right.” Bobby Jon admits. “I mean, the game pretty much says to outwit, outplay, and to outlast. To do that, you gotta go down a pretty ugly road.” Bobby Jon is standing behind a couch, his hands on Kimmy’s shoulders.

“Yeah…but Nancy said the jury’s gonna start soon. So if we get eliminated, at least we’re not out fully! We still have a say in things!” Kimmy says, beaming. Andrea looks at Kimmy with some concern.

“When’d you become Bonne Joan?” Nancy asks sarcastically.

“Yeah…earlier today, and after the challenge, you were a depressed imp. What’s up?” Andrea asks, with worry in her voice.

“What do you mean?” Kimmy asks innocently. Andrea and Bobby Jon look at each other with suspicion.

Hunter yawns. “I’m gonna hit the hay.” Hunter says, looking like a walking zombie.

“You do that.” Ulysses says.

“Night!” Andrea calls out, and waves to him.

Hunter smiles at Andrea. He gets up and leaves. Before he hits the button on the elevator. He takes one final look at his conversing team members and sighs. He walks into the elevator and goes up to the floor where the rooms are. Hunter looks down and says, “Ugh…why the heck did Hayley do that? She was like the Skull Kid with Majora’s mask, something took over, and it wasn’t pleasant.” Hunter sighs, “She had to leave me…I know I’m next. Oh well, might as well make my time here a good time.” Hunter then exits the elevator and gets into the guy’s room.

Meanwhile, back at the Lobby, the other team members are talking. “Man…I feel bad for Hunter.” Andrea sympathizes. She looks wistfully at the elevator in which Hunter exited in, wondering if anything was wrong with Hunter.

“I guess…but it’s not like he and Hayley were a couple or anything. They weren’t like you Ulysses and Andrea. He won’t miss her that much.” Nancy says casually.

Andrea’s eyes widen. “We’re a couple?” Andrea asks.

“Well, DUH! I mean, you two are always going off together.” Nancy says.

“Well, I can trust her with anything.” Ulysses says, smiling.

“Yeah…I can totally…trust you too!” Andrea lies, nervously laughing. Kimmy looks at Andrea with a raised eyebrow. Andrea looks down, blushing.

“Anyway, time to go to bed; Shane did say he’d see us tomorrow. I don’t think he’s giving us three days as normal.” Ulysses tells his team.

“I agree…that last challenge was rough.” Bobby Jon says, he winces a little at the thought.

“How was it rough?” Ulysses asks, wide-eyed. You were hit in the nuts and you didn’t even bat an eyelash!”

“Um, dude,” Bobby Jon says to Ulysses, “I live on a farm with a bunch of cows and horses. They like to kick me, and with my height, guess where they-”

“Stop!” Ulysses yells, interrupts Bobby Jon, “I don’t even want to know.” He frantically explains to Bobby Jon.

Bobby Jon shrugs and walks off. “Where ya going?” Kimmy asks, rising from her seat.

“To bed.” Bobby Jon answers as he walks into the elevator.

“That’s not a bad idea.” Nancy says as she walks away.

“Really? I’m not that tired.” Kimmy says. Nancy nudges Kimmy, and points towards Andrea and Ulysses with her thumb. Kimmy says, finally realizing, “Ooooh! Right! I gotcha!” Kimmy says, winking quite unsubtly. Nancy groans and rolls her eyes. The two girls walk away.

“Looks like it’s just us.” Ulysses acknowledges.

“Ulysses…I gotta tell you this.” Andrea says, looking down.

“What is it, Andrea?” Ulysses asks. He lays his hand on Andrea’s hand, and looks her in the eye, causing her to look away..

“It’s just…ugh…Ulysses, you promise that no matter what…it won’t break our friendship?” Andrea asks.

Ulysses looks offended, “What do you mean? Of course nothing will break it!” Ulysses states.

Andrea sighs sadly. “I hope you’re right.” Andrea mutters. Andrea then proceeds to share her life story with Ulysses, about her perils in North Korea. Tears practically coming out at every word.

Once Andrea is done, Ulysses exclaims, “That, bastard! I can’t believe your own brother would do that! He brings shame to people with the name Lee! Like my brother! Although…some Lee’s are just creepy, I will admit.” Ulysses looks at Andrea, and notices that she’s crying silently. He puts his hand on her back and says, “Look…Andrea, just because you lived in Korea, just because you were a missionary, does mean that I'll judge you. I don’t care where you’ve lived or what you believe in. I just care about Andrea Kuki, Nunmul, you. Remember that.”

Andrea wipes away a tear and brushes her hair back, “Thanks Ulysses.” She says with a slight smile.

The two stand up and hug. After a few seconds, Ulysses says, “Okay… you can let go now.”

“Do I have too?” Andrea asks. Ulysses laughs a little. The two continue their hug. With the moon shining down on them, illuminating them. The world just seems to smile upon the duo.

The next day, things are abuzz with the Rough Cuts. The guys have just gotten up, and are talking to each other.

“What do you think Shane has planned for us?” Bobby Jon asks.

“Maybe it’s the merge.” Hunter guesses. Ulysses shrugs. Not really in approval, but not in disapproval.

“I don’t know…we’re at final twelve.” Bobby Jon says. Once again, Ulysses shrugs, really not caring about the reason.

“All I know, it must be important.” Ulysses says to the guys, they agree with him.

(Confessional) “I mean, really? We always have three days before this stuff. It must be important. Most likely game changing. I mean, really? Why else would he call us early?” Hunter asks himself. He shrugs to the camera.

The scene changes to Ulysses in the lounge, relaxing on one of the sofas. He sees Andrea and Kimmy walking into the building from a jog. They're panting and sweaty, but have smiles on their faces. Ulysses walks over to the two girls, who are now stretching. He asks, “Um…Kimmy, could me and-”

“Say no more.” Kimmy says, cutting into Ulysses’s sentence. She walks away.

(Confessional) “I know the two have the hots for each other. I wasn’t offended one bit…but…why did he want me to leave?” Kimmy asks. "Does he hate me?" Kimmy asks herself, getting paranoid. She begins biting her fingernails in suspense.

“So…Andrea…I need to talk to you.” Ulysses says to Andrea.

Andrea laughs a little and says sarcastically, “Well if that ain’t obvious enough.” She and Ulysses walk to the couches and sit on them.

“Andrea…about what you told me last night, was that the reason you avoided me the past three days?” Ulysses asks, Andrea looks away, ashamed.

“Yes.” Andrea admits, bowing her head.

“Why? You know you can tell me anything!” Ulysses claims. Andrea remains unconvinced.

“I know…but….still. I knew I could trust you…but it’s not like I randomly open up about things like that.” Andrea explains to Ulysses.

Ulysses says, “Ah,” Andrea nods, glad that Ulysses is understanding her plight. “Hey, Andrea, just know that you can tell me anything. I will be here, I promise.” Ulysses says to Andrea.

Andrea smiles, “Of course I know that now, silly!” Andrea states, smiling. Ulysses smiles. He puts his arm around Andrea’s shoulder and watches the traffic go by. Andrea looks at Ulysses and shrugs, not really understanding his reason, but regardless, enjoys the moment.

Meanwhile, Hunter is in the guy’s room, getting ready for the day. He sees Bobby Jon walk into the room, whistling. Hunter looks at Bobby Jon, he says, “Hey man.”

Bobby Jon turns to Hunter, “Hey Hunter! How ya doing today?” He asks his signature huge smile on his face. Hunter looks at Bobby Jon with a raised eye brow.

(Confessional) “Um…hello! My closest ally, and friend, just got voted out! You think I’m alright?” Hunter fumes, he calms down, though. “I really guess I can’t be mad at Bobby Jon. The kid’s in his own world…why can’t I be there with him? It’d make life easier sometimes.” Hunter says.

“Um, Bobby Jon, no, my friend, I am not. Hayley, my closest ally and friend here was voted off! You think I’m okay!?!” Hunter yells at Bobby Jon. He turns away from Bobby Jon, eyes closed, his face showing hurt and guilt. His right hand is clenched up in a fist.

“Oh…sorry…I didn’t mean to offend you, man.” Bobby Jon apologizes. Hunter’s fist tightens. But then he sighs, releasing his anger. He turns towards Bobby Jon with a few tears in eyes.

He says, “It’s fine…I just…it’s just…ugh. It’s tough, to say the least. I mean, Hayley was my friend. And now she’s gone! It’s like Peter being eliminated all over again!” Hunter says to Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon nods in agreement.

“I know what you mean.” The happy boy says. Hunter’s eyes widen.

“No you don’t!” Hunter yells angrily. “You don’t know how I feel! You didn’t have your best friend be eliminated by people who claimed to be friends!” Hunter yells. He punches a hole through a pillow, illustrating his anger. Bobby Jon walks back a little, out of pure fright. He never saw Hunter in this much anger, and he was quite sure that he never wanted to again.

“Look, Peter and I were really close. It was tough voting him out. He was my best friend in the game. Didn’t you think it was hard to vote for him? He and I always hung out together…and it sucked to see him go, knowing very well that it was my fault!” Bobby Jon says to Hunter. His usual happy grin is replaced by a look of anger. This time, Hunter is the one who’s scared. “Look, Hunter,” Bobby Jon starts out, calmer this time, “just know that you’re not alone, ever.” Bobby Jon then leaves the room. Hunter sits on the bed, and put his face in his hands. He rubs his hands through his hair and sighs sadly. What was he to do?

(Confessional) “I really don’t know what I can do, here. I’m assuming that no one wants to alline with me, now. I don’t blame them either…it still hurts, though. I mean, I know I can go to Bobby Jon and Ulysses…but I know they still want to vote me out. Bobby Jon’s words seem to confirm it.” Hunter says. He bows his head, feeling alone and lost. “I just…I just don’t know what to do!” Hunter yells. “Can someone help me here? I’m normally the one people go to if they feel lost! But now I’m the one who’s lost, and it sucks! I can’t go to anyone, now, because I know that they’re planning on voting me out! It’s no secret, really.” Hunter says. A tear rolls down his eye, and rolls down his cheek. He gets up, and leaves the confessional, still feeling betrayed.

When Hunter gets out of the confessional, he sees Ulysses standing there, eyes like saucers. An immense wave of guilt and embarrassment comes over Hunter, his face turns red, “You heard everything…didn’t you?”

“Yeah…Hunter.” Ulysses starts out, his voice shaky. “We never once thought of voting you out because you and Hayley were friends. Hunter…what’s going on? You can tell me.” Ulysses asks Hunter. He has a gentle, but firm voice.

Hunter goes to say something, but stops and sighs. He runs his hand through his hair and says, “It’s just…well, I’ve never felt like this, ya know?” Hunter asks.

Ulysses shakes his head, “I don’t know what you’re feeling so I can’t say I’ve felt it before.” Ulysses states dryly. Hunter laughs a little.

“Well, I just feel…lost, and alone. I mean, most kids come to me when they feel like that. But…this is new. I don’t know, I just…ugh.” Hunter sighs and sits down, on the ground. He puts his head between his legs and lets some tears fall out. Ulysses just stands there, with a look of compassion on his face.

“I’ve seen this, before. You’re at your first low. I mean, we all have our highs and lows. But this is the first time you’ve struck rock bottom, isn’t it?” Ulysses asks, softly. Hunter nods.

“I mean, yeah, I haven’t had an easy life, but I’ve never felt like this…” Hunter says.

“Look, dude, it’ll be okay. You aren’t alone, trust me.” Ulysses says to Hunter. Hunter looks up; his face is stained with tears.

He says to Ulysses, “Thanks man…now I see why you’re a great leader.” Hunter realizes. Ulysses looks taken aback.

“What do you mean?” Ulysses asks.

“Most leaders are arrogant jerks, really. They always belittle people and kick them when they’re down.” Hunter says. Ulysses frowns and bites his lower lip. “But you’re different, good different.” Ulysses’s eyes lighten. His mouth slowly turns into a grin as Hunter goes on, “You lift people up, and that’s what you do best! You might not be the strongest, but you don’t have to be to be affective. You just need to be encouraging, like you are, Ulysses.” Hunter finishes. Ulysses looks taken aback, but happy.

He says to Hunter, “You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.” Hunter smiles.

“Well, every word that I said is true, trust me.” Hunter says. Ulysses hugs Hunter, smiling from ear to ear. “Okaaay…um…please get off me.” Hunter says uncomfortably. Ulysses lets go of Hunter, smiling sheepishly.

He stammers, “S-sorry.” to Hunter, looking embarrassed.

(Confessional) “I really needed to hear Hunter’s words. All my life, I’ve tried to bring out the good in people. But because I’m not that athletic…they always push me away.” Ulysses says, he bows his head sadly, “I mean, just because I’m not athletic, doesn’t mean that I can’t be a good leader! I’ve always tried to teach that to my younger siblings. I have doubts if I’m teaching them right…but Hunter’s words confirmed that.” Ulysses says, smiling and nodding his head. He shrugs and says, “After all the crap that’s been going on…it was nice to hear that.” Ulysses then exits the confessional, smiling a smile almost as large as Bobby Jon’s.

Meanwhile, at the Animators side, Darci is walking out of the girl’s room at the same time that Zubin is walking out of the guy’s room. The two bump into each other. “Whoa, sorry.” Zubin apologizes.

“No, no, it was my bad.” Darci hastily says. The two then look up, into each others eyes. The two seem to be in a trance as they gaze into each other eyes, looking into them. A smile grows upon their faces, and their heads start to drift near each other. Right when their lips are an inch away, their eyes shoot open, and they pull back away from each other quickly, both equally embarrassed. “Um…uh…wow…we almost…kissed.” Darci says, blushing. Zubin laughs nervously as he looks back and forth with his eyes. “Are your eyes okay?” Darci inquires; she cocks her head to the side with question.

Zubin replies, “Yeah…just a twitch.” Darci raises an eyebrow. “Anyway…” Zubin starts out, quietly, “why’d you pull away?” Zubin asks.

“Why did you pull away?” Darci replies with a smirk on her face.

“Well…actually, I know your reason.” Zubin says, his and Darci’s eyes shoot open. Zubin covers his mouth and says, “I…probably shouldn’t have said that…”

“Ya think?” Darci snaps. Darci calms down and looks around the room before whispering, “So…you really do know?” into Zubin’s ear. Zubin nods, Darci looks away, ashamed. “Yeah…I don’t want to risk it like my mom did…” Zubin nods his head.

“I understand…but…I kinda have a reason too.” Zubin sheepishly admits.

(Confessional) “I am so stupid!” Zubin yells, “You NEVER say those words to a girl you love!” Zubin facepalms.

“What is it, then?” Darci asks Zubin. Zubin tugs at his collar and says, “Well…um…uh…well, you see uh…um…”

“You know, you’ve already dug yourself a pretty big hole. Might as well start climbing up the ladder now.”

Zubin bows his head and sighs, “Fine…look, the thing is…I’ve been attracted to guys for a while now…and it drives me nuts! I’m not gay, but I’m not bisexual either! But…the feelings, the gay porn, the…I’d rather not mention, it was all so wrong…and I knew it too. I knew I wasn’t happy with it…but I just couldn’t stop. It was so…addicting.” Zubin looks up at Darci, fully expecting a lecture about how it was wrong, or how about it was okay. But to his surprise, Darci had a sympathetic look on her face.

She says to Zubin softly, “Oh…that’s why.” Zubin nods, still awaiting the normal lectures. “Zubin…look, trust me, you aren’t bi or gay…you’ll find someone, believe me. And she’ll be perfect for you. You’ll know when you see her.” Darci says to Zubin. “And…Zubin, if you ever need to talk, see me. I’ll be open.”

Zubin looks up at Darci with streams rolling down his face, his face showing a slight grin. He doesn’t speak, but instead, he hugs Darci. Darci looks surprised, but she accepts the hug. “Thank you.” Zubin silently says. Darci smiles at his words. When the two part, Zubin asks, “You…wanna go out after the show?” Darci’s eyes widen.

“Were you not listening to me!?!” Darci yells.

Zubin looks frightened for a second, he quickly regains his bearings, though, and says, “Let me rephrase that, Darci, you wanna go out after the show? I will wait as long as you need me too.” Darci looks at Zubin, stunned. Her angry expression turns into a slight smile.

She replies, “I’d love too, Zubin.” Zubin smiles and the two embrace once more.

(Confessional) “Okaaay…so I now have an unofficial boyfriend…but remember! He’s unofficial, though; so remember that, kids, before you use it against me!” Darci exclaims.

As Darci walks away from Zubin, she sees Julia walking past. Julia, who saw the two seemingly exchange vows, but just without all the fanciness of a wedding, walks past. As Julia walks past Darci, she nudges Darci playfully and exclaims, “Ow Oow!”

Darci giggles nervously and blushes and playfully pushes Julia and says, "Oh shut up..." Julia laughs heartedly.

Meanwhile, outside, Shane is sitting on a chair, watching the busy traffic go by with a strawberry-lemonade in hand. He looks at his wrist watch and shrugs. He then grabs an air horn, puts it up next to a bull horn, and presses the button, which releases that familiar obnoxious sound.

In the guy’s room on the Animator’s side, Alexander shoots up when he hears the air horn, “Okay, are you fricking’ kidding me?” He yells quite loudly, and angrily.

Tyson, who is combing his hair, stops. He kneels onto the floor, trembling. He yells out, “Okay! I admit! I did use your comb! I’m sorry, but mine was broken!” Tyson, due to the stress, starts crying in his hands.

“Um….Tyson…it’s not that.” Alexander starts out, looking over at Tyson freaking out. “And you used my comb? Dude! Seriously? You do not invade someone’s hair space like that!” Alexander yells.

Tyson whimpers, and Alexander goes to yell more, but he catches himself, and asks, “Um…mind me asking but…how did your comb break?”

“I don’t know…it just…did.” Tyson admits. Alexander rolls his eyes and gets out of bed.

The scene shifts to the challenge, where Shane is. Shane looks at the teens, and starts laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Tyson asks.

“I bet it’s your looks, Tyson.” Stephanie sarcastically says, the Animators, save for Tyson, laugh.

“Oh you know you want me, girl quit playing!” Tyson says, half singing.

“Dude, I won’t want you until you quit singing Justina Bieber.” Stephanie states, rolling her eyes.

“Hate to break it to ya,” Julia says, “but it is Justin Bieber.” Julia says.

Stephanie genuinely looks surprised. “But she has such a pretty voice!” Stephanie defends, Julia and Darci begin laughing.

“Anyway…I have a very important announcement. Today, the jury starts!” Shane reveals. The contestant’s eyes light up.

“No way…” Bobby Jon says.

“We made it?!?” Nancy half asks.

“Yeah!” Tyson shouts. The contestants start cheering like crazy! They’re all hugging, tackling one another, jumping for joy, and even doing flips!

“I can’t believe it! I made the merger!” Ulysses shouts.

“Hold it! Did I say merger?” Shane asks rhetorically. The contestants stop cheering, most look scared of what Shane might say.

“Well…didn’t you mean that?” Stephanie asks hopefully.

“Nope.” Shane answers.

“Aww…” Stephanie says glumly. Julia pats her back. The contestants sigh, they did not want to hear that.

“Look, you all are still teams, but you all are playing for individual immunity. Because, both teams are gonna be voting someone out!” Shane says.

Darci’s eyes widen. “So that means…” Darci says, shocked.

“That’s right! It’s a double elimination! But! You’ll all be on the jury, so if you get voted out tonight, you’ll still have a say in who wins.” Shane says to the contestants, but they don’t share his enthusiasm. Shane goes on, “I guess I better explain the challenge. Today, the challenge is simple. Finish the race. Like all good races, though, there is a catch. There are four legs to this challenge. The first leg is three different knotted up ropes. You will untie one of three knots, and you will check the hatch that you unlocked with untying the ropes. Now, only one hatch has the key in it, so you might just have to untie all three knots! Anyway, after you have the key, you unlock one of six locks. After you unlock the right lock, you’ll just-a mosey your way over to the sliding puzzle! After you complete the sliding puzzle, you’ll run over to the pool where you’ll find some floating platforms. You’ll jump onto the platforms, and you’ll try to get to the other side. If you fall in the water, you’ll have to go back to the start of the pool. First person to make it to the finish line, and grab the golden key, wins. Now, the Rough Cuts will attempt this challenge, first. Then the Animators will do this next. We’ll draw for spots. Any questions?” Shane asks. Everyone raises their hands. “Great! We’ll draw for spots now.”

The scene shifts to all the Rough Cuts team members at the starting line. Shane yells out, “Go!”

And they’re off. Each one of them starts at a different rope. Some, like Ulysses and Nancy, are flying through the ropes. Others, Kimmy and Andrea, aren’t doing so hot.

Nancy is the first one done with her rope. When she goes to open the hatch, however, there is no key. “Seriously? Darn it!” Nancy exclaims. She rushes back to where the ropes start and tries again.

Ulysses gets done with his first rope, and looks at the hatch he unlocked. He looks in, and there’s no key! “Crap!” He yells as he runs back to the ropes.

Bobby Jon gets done with his ropes, and he finds a key! He rushes over to the locks, and tries one, but it doesn’t work.

Hunter gets done with his rope, and he doesn’t find a key, “Aw man!” Hunter mutters as he walks back to the ropes.

Bobby Jon tries a lock but it doesn’t open.

Nancy gets done with her second rope the exact same time Kimmy gets hers done. Nancy doesn’t find a key, but Kimmy does. “Seriously? I just untied two ropes, and NOTHING!?!” The southern girl shouts. Shane shrugs, Nancy, not before an angry grunt, runs back to the ropes.

Andrea gets done with her ropes, but finds emptiness.

Ulysses, though, finds a key and heads to the locks.

Bobby Jon has tried four different locks, but nothing.

Kimmy tries a lock, and on her very first try, she gets it! She races to the puzzle and starts working on it.

Ulysses tries a lock, but it doesn’t work. Ulysses tries another lock, and that doesn’t work.

Nancy and Hunter both get done with their ropes at same time, and both find a key.

“Finally,” Nancy mutters. Nancy tries a lock and it opens! “Wow…ironic, no?” Nancy asks herself. She shrugs and races to the puzzle.

Kimmy, who is now stumped, is getting frustrated. She starts again, trying to get it done faster, but she starts to make backwards progress, angering her even more! Therefore, making progress even less made.

Bobby Jon tries a lock, it doesn’t open. So he tries the final lock, it opens. "Well that one was a surprise." Bobby Jon sarcastically says. Bobby Jon races to the puzzle, but gets stumped as soon as he gets there.

Hunter unlocks his lock fast. Ulysses is right behind.

Poor Andrea is still stuck with the knots. She finally gets her second done, and she gets her key. She tries a lock, but it doesn’t open. The happy girl doesn’t get down, though, as she tries another lock, it still doesn’t open. She doesn’t get worked up, though.

Nancy is flying through the puzzle with a huge smile on face. She’s almost got it done, too!

Ulysses is also getting it done fast. He’s on his final two rows of the sliding puzzle.

Hunter is making some progress; he’s taking his time, not rushing.

Kimmy is in an angry state. She tries some more, but it just doesn’t get together! Kimmy stomps the ground angrily and tries some more, but she just gets more and more lost.

Bobby Jon hasn’t moved a thing.

(Confessional) “It was no secret that if Bobby Jon got to the pool, he’d easily make it across, no problem.” Ulysses says, fully soaked. He pushes his hair out of his eyes.

“Thankfully, he got stuck on the puzzle.” Ulysses says. Once again, he pushes hair out of his eyes.

Meanwhile, Andrea is trying lock after lock. She finally gets her lock undone and races to the puzzle. She starts flying through it, and has regained a lot of time on her part.

Nancy and Ulysses both get done with the puzzle at the same time. Both head to the pool, the final stage.

Hunter looks up, and sees the two running towards the pool. Hunter then hurries, trying to get done faster. His head is sweating due to the stress.

Andrea simply pushes and pulls tiles. After a couple more seconds of that routine, Andrea is done and rushes to the pool. Hunter is only a couple steps after her.

Bobby Jon is attempting the puzzle, and is making some progress.

Kimmy finally gets the puzzle, and moves on.

Ulysses gets to the pool first, and jumps to one of the platforms in the pool. However, he falls just short of the platform, slams on the platform on his stomach, and falls into the water. He swims back, not before yelping in pain, though.

Nancy gives it a go, and she makes it!

Andrea also makes the first jump, but she overshoots it and falls in, taking Nancy down with her. Once the girls surface, Andrea smiles nervously as Nancy looks ticked at her. She holds up a fist, making Andrea visibly scared.

Meanwhile, Hunter is doing okay with the platforms, as is Kimmy…until she falls in. Hunter continues leaping from platform; however, he slips into the crystal clear blue water. He mutters stuff under his breath, which is most likely profanities.

Bobby Jon finally gets done with the puzzle, and he rushes to the pool.

Ulysses gives the platforms another go, and succeeds! He hops again to another platform, and he scores! However, Bobby Jon and Nancy are on his tail.

The others, Andrea, Kimmy, and Hunter, have given up, due to the fact that the other three are already too far ahead.

Both Nancy and Bobby Jon are close to Ulysses. With every pounce and a leap and a skip, they get closer…until Bobby Jon slips and brings, once again, the poor, unfortunate southern girl with him. Once in the drink, Nancy looks at Bobby Jon with disappointment. Bobby Jon, oblivious to her anger, smiles cheerfully…until a painful punch comes along, to the face. As Bobby Jon sinks down with a black eye, Nancy smiles triumphantly and swims away, content with herself.

Ulysses jumps onto the final platform. He once again, jumps to another platform, which happens to be the edge of the pool! He sails through the air, and lands it! Ulysses stares gleefully at the finish line, and crosses it, knowing the punishment of taking in your victory, before it even happens.

“Ulysses wins immunity!” Shane yells. Ulysses throws his fist into the air. He won!

“Good job, Ulysses!” Andrea calls out from the other side of the pool.

“Yeah…good job, you deserved it.” Nancy says from under her breath.

(Confessional) “Not that I’m complaining…but if Andy and Bobby Joanna here didn’t keep knocking me off, I woulda won!” Nancy angrily yells. She crosses her leg over her other leg, “Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to work my magic to ensure that someone else, that’s not me, will be going home.” Nancy states.

“Alright! Rough Cuts, you can head back to the hotel.” Shane tells the Rough Cuts. They nod their heads and walk into their hotel side. Shane turns to the other team, glad to finally have a chance to mess with them. He says to them, “Alright, let’s draw for spots, shall we?” Shane asks with a smirk.

The scene shifts to the contestants all suited up and ready to go. Shane blows an air horn, signaling the start. Everyone, but Stephanie, runs off to the ropes. Stephanie looks around clueless.

“Oh, wait! The challenge! It started!” Stephanie yells, just now having the thought of the challenge come across her brain. The misunderstood girl then runs to the ropes, having a large distance to make up for.

Alexander and Julia are flying through the knots. While Darci and Zubin are going at an okay pace. Tyson is moving at a snails pace, and Stephanie hasn’t even started yet.

Julia gets done with her row of knots done first. She opens her hatch, and it reveals a key! She moves on to the second portion of the challenge.

Alexander gets through his row of knots, and opens a hatch. He discovers emptiness. “Aw crap,” he mutters as he heads back to the start.

Darci and Zubin both get done at same time, but only Zubin discovers a key.

Julia is trying lock after lock. She gets to the last one, and opens it. She then runs to the puzzle and starts pushing and pulling things like mad.

Zubin tries a lock, and it stays locked. Zubin tries a different lock, and it opens.

Stephanie finally gets into the challenge, and completes a row of knots. She opens her hatch and finds nothing. “Are you ******* kidding me?” Stephanie asks. Julia looks up from her puzzle, eyes wide from the profanity. Stephanie shrugs, “What?” When Julia doesn’t give a reply, Stephanie rolls her eyes and runs back to the other knots.

(Confessional) “Stephanie cusses like that…every five seconds it seems. I mean, I know I shouldn’t be shocked by it…but still.” Julia says. She starts drawing a circle on her leg with her finger as she continues on, “I just hope she’s okay. I mean, it didn‘t start until she and Monica got in that nasty fight.”

Tyson finally gets done with some ropes. He checks the hatch, and there’s nothing. He simply shrugs and walks back to the start.

Alexander gets done with his rope, and checks his hatch. When he finds the key, he exclaims, “Oh yeah!” And races to the locks.

Stephanie gets done with her second rope. She finds her key in the hatch and gets over to the locks.

Zubin finally finds the right lock and heads to the puzzle area. Alexander is right behind.

Julia is getting the puzzle done quite quickly, almost done with it.

Darci finishes her second rope and finds her key. She runs to the locks and the very first lock she tries, it unlocks!

Darci runs to the puzzle, and starts flying through the puzzle. Stephanie is not far behind Darci in terms of the challenge.

Julia gets done with her puzzle and races to the pool. She starts leaping from platform, to platform. Doing spins and flips while jumping. Julia gets to the final platform, and jumps to the finish line and makes it! “Julia wins immunity!” Shane announces, “And it wasn’t even close!” Shane yells, rudely.

“Aw…I just got done with this too.” Darci complains, referring to the puzzle.

“I didn’t even get to the locks.” Tyson says,bored, not caring about losing the challenge.

“At least I tried.” Darci comes back. Tyson walks away silently, rolling his eyes. Darci in turns stomps her foot angrily.

“That guy ticks me off!” Darci says, furious. Stephanie nods her head in agreement.

“Well, Animators, see ya tonight!” Shane casually says, cheerfully. He walks away, leaving a bunch of confused teenagers.

“…Is it just me,” Stephanie says, breaking up an awkward silence, “or does Shane like eliminating us?” Darci shrugs, not knowing the answer.

The scene shifts to the Rough Cuts in their hotel. Nancy and Hunter are walking in the hallway, talking about the vote.

“So…who should go?” Hunter asks.

“You do realize that I’m the one who basically got Hayley out…don’t you?” Nancy asks Hunter.

Hunter blushes with embarrassment, and asks rhetorically, “I know…but desperate times call for desperate measures, don’t they?” Nancy laughs unconvincingly at the joke. When Hunter turns his head away from Nancy, Nancy rolls her eyes at the joke.

(Confessional) Nancy enters and sits on the toilet. She stares into the mirror and starts doing her make-up, talking as she applies, “Wow…he must’ve been really desperate.” Nancy stops talking to re-do her lipstick. When she’s done, she continues, “I mean, really! Making an alliance with me! I don’t want to sound cocky, but when I want someone out, they get out! I mean, why make an alliance with me? You know I’ll slit your throat when I get half a chance.” Nancy says to the camera. She pushes her finger to her throat, and slides it across; making a cutting sound as it figuratively cuts her throat.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Ulysses are talking in the gardens, right beside the pool. Ulysses is writing in his journal, probably about the game, and Andrea is sitting in the middle of a circle of flowers, daisies and blue bells to be exact. Andrea smells the sweet, perfume like aroma that’s in the air. Andrea smiles, for a moment, forgetting about the game and everything else. Ulysses watches Andrea out of the corner of his eye. He smiles as he watches her. Ulysses then frowns, remembering how Andrea didn‘t trust him at first. Ulysses then speaks, “So…Andrea, I have a question that’s been pressing on my mind..."

Andrea looks up from her flowers. A random squirrel appears on her shoulder. “Yes?” Andrea asks.

“It’s about Lee.” Ulysses replies. Andrea’s face drops like a kid who’s just been denied to go to the fair.

“What about him?” Andrea asks nervously, already knowing the answer.

“Well…why didn’t you trust me about him? Why didn’t you tell me about what happened to you sooner? I mean…I know it’s been only a day since you told me…but the thought still lingers in my head. Could you at least tell me why you didn’t tell me?” Ulysses asks. Andrea lowers her head, ultimately reluctant too.

“Well…” Andrea starts, she sighs, forcing herself to hold back tears. “You’re just…so much like Lee was to me…before the betrayal.”

Ulysses looks surprised and asks nervously, “Good…or bad?”

Andrea explains, “No, not bad, quite good, actually. You see, Lee was always there for me, I could confide in him. He’d always go out of his way to make his little sister happy. When mom and dad were out, risking their lives to help others, he’d always tell me that everything would be okay. When the Communist would be walking around our area, he’d say that it’d be okay, and that they wouldn’t find us. He’d stay up with me, no matter how scared I was. But…he truly was my best friend. But yet he always was going to rat us out.” Andrea looks at Ulysses, tears streaming down her face. “This is how I feel about you. You’re truly my closest friend here…but do I know that I can trust you? No…because you might betray me, and I don’t want that to happen to me.” Andrea says, looking down. Fully expecting Ulysses to lash out at her. To her surprise, she does hear anything. She looks over, and sees Ulysses simply look at her, sympathetically.

“Andrea…you actually believe that?” Ulysses asks. Andrea sighs.

“It’s hard not too.” Andrea admits. Ulysses looks taken aback, he goes to speak, but catches himself. All he does is simply look at Andrea solemnly, though he’s a little hurt by her words, he understands. It’s not him, it’s Lee.

He thinks for a moment and says, “Well, I hope you can count on me for the vote tonight, at least.”

“Why do you say that?” Andrea inquires.

“Well…” Ulysses starts. He leans over and whispers into her ear. The audio on the camera doesn’t pick it up, so the cameras don’t capture what he’s saying.

When he’s done, Andrea says, “It’ll be hard to do so…but when you put it that way…it makes sense.” Ulysses nods quite happily, pleased that the strategy is going his way.

Meanwhile, in the Animator’s side, Alexander and Julia are talking. “So…Alex, got your mind made up?” Julia asks. She and Alexander are in the cafeteria, eating their slop.

“I guess.” Alexander says, not really listening to Julia.

Julia frowns. She then says, a little louder than normal. “I’ve made my decision; I think I’m voting for you, Alex!”

“That’s coo-HEY!” Alexander yells, awakening from his doze. Julia falls over, laughing.

“Don’t worry, dude, I’m not voting you out.” Julia explains as she wipes away a tear from laughing.

“Then who are you voting out?” Alexander asks as Tyson walks into the cafeteria, shirtless. Julia points to Tyson with her thumb.

“That guy.” She says.

“Oh…why again?” Alexander asks.

“Just watch.” Julia orders. Alexander shuts up, watching Tyson freakishly.

“This feels wrong…” Alexander mutters.

“Trust me, the feeling's mutual.” Julia says. “Now zip it!” She orders, again.

Tyson walks over to get his food. However, one of his shoelaces is untied, and he falls right into a pan of boiling, piping hot chili. He screams in pain, and runs around, arms flailing. He runs around, with the chili blocking his view. After a few seconds of running around, Tyson runs into the side of a table, the table hits straight into his groin.

Julia and Alexander cannot help but laugh at his misfortune. After recovering from laughing, Julia explains, “That’s why he needs to go. He’s a wreck just waiting to happen!”

“No…actually, it started when his mother gave birth to him.” Alexander says.

The scene changes to the elimination ceremony for the Rough Cuts. They already have their reels and are already sitting on the steps.

Shane says to them, “Welcome to the first Total Drama: The Production double elimination ceremony!” Shane says excitingly. He cheers and dances, throwing confetti around, getting it on the very angry contestants. Shane is oblivious to their anger as he asks, “So, Ulysses, you won immunity, do you think you need it?”

“I don’t know…I think it’s anyone’s game to be going home tonight.” Ulysses says. Shane nods, thinking about something, probably pancakes.

“Okay…Nancy, you were really close to winning the challenge, if Andrea and Bobby Jon didn’t know you off, I’d say you’d have probably won!” Shane says.

Nancy rolls her eyes and groans. “Ugh…don’t remind me. Look, overall, as long as it’s not me that’s going home, then I don’t need the immunity. But if it is me, then shoot, I needed it. That’s what I’m thinking right now.” Nancy answers. Shane remains unconvinced.

“Do you think it’s you?” Shane asks, being as clear as he can be.

“I don’t know. I really really don’t know. We’ll find out in a second though, won’t we?” Nancy asks.

“Eh, sure. I wanna talk to one more person, though. Kimmy, you had a big lead in the challenge, but came up short at the puzzle. What’s your thoughts?” Shane asks.

Kimmy sighs and rolls her eyes, “Like I care about that.” Kimmy answers gruffly.

“I think you do.” Shane replies.

“Well I don’t! Get off my back!” Kimmy yells. Shane looks taken aback, but quickly recovers.

“Well, it’s time to vote. Ya’ll know what to do.” Shane says to the teens.

Ulysses votes for Kimmy, “You know, I think your mood swings are a little more major than anyone expects. Get those checked out.”

Andrea votes for Kimmy, “Although I agree with what you said about Shane, those mood swings are a tad serious. I do believe Ulysses is right about you. Anyway, this is a really hard vote to cast. I mean, you’re probably the closest friend I have out here…second only to Lee- I mean, Ulysses.” Andrea says, catching herself at the end.

Bobby Jon votes for Nancy, “I don’t like snakes.”

Kimmy votes for Nancy, “Finally, get out of here!”

“I’ll get the votes.” Shane says. Once he gets the votes counted up, he says, “Alright, y’all know how this works! Let’s get to the votes, shall we?” Shane asks. The contestants look like they don’t care one bit.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Nancy, that’s one vote Nancy.” Nancy looks unfazed.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Nancy, that’s two votes Nancy.” Nancy still doesn’t look concerned.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Kimmy,” Kimmy’s eyes widen.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Kimmy, we’re tied with two votes each.”

Kimmy gasps, “Oh…crap.” She says. Bobby Jon looks at Kimmy with worry.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Kimberly, that’s three votes Kimmy, two votes Nancy, one vote left.”

Shane pulls out the final vote, “Ninth person voted out of Total Drama: The Production, and the first member of our jury is…”

“…Kimmy! Kimmy, I need your reel.” Shane says to a visibly shocked Kimmy.

“But…I thought I was friends with everyone here!” Kimmy says, still shocked.

“Kimmy…it’s just, your mood swings. I don’t exactly think that they’re normal.” Andrea explains to Kimmy.

“Wait…what do you mean?” Kimmy asks her eyes wider than a full moon.

Andrea bows her head and puts her hand on her arm and explains, “It’s just…I don’t know…but to put it nicely, your emotions are, well…unstable. I just think that maybe you’re…bipolar?”

Kimmy looks at Andrea with the most betrayed looking face you could ever imagine. Andrea looks away from Kimmy, as Kimmy’s face is too much to bear.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kimmy asks.

“I mean, I highly doubt I’m bipolar, as I've always been like this, but still…but why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know…but Ulysses thought of it. It just made a lot of sense when I thought about it, sorry Kim.” Andrea explains, apologizing.

“Though I wish that you’d have told me, I guess the past is the past. But I am thankful that you did care about that, even if you were wrong.” Kimmy says to Andrea. She looks at Andrea a final time. Andrea’s face shows utter sadness and regret. Kimmy smiles softly and says, “Andrea, perk that head up. You have nothing to worry about; you don’t have to be sorry for anything.” Kimmy walks up to Andrea. Andrea goes to say something, but before she can, Kimmy hugs Andrea. “I’ll miss you, friend.” Kimmy says softly. Kimmy feels something watery on her shoulder, “Um…are you crying?”

“Maybe.” Andrea lies. She quickly wipes off her eyes as she and Kimmy part. Kimmy laughs a little.

She walks over to Bobby Jon and says to him, “I think I’ll miss you, most of all.” Kimmy then hugs Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon gets on his knees and hugs Kimmy, much to the amusement of others.

“Kimmy, there’s something I need to tell you!” Bobby Jon quickly says to Kimmy.

“What is it?” Kimmy asks.

“I…I…” Bobby Jon goes to say something, but he looks down, feeling insecure and finishes, “See you later.” He says, his voice full of regret. He turns his head and wipes his eyes, feeling like crap.

Kimmy nods her head solemnly, and walks to the limo. With a final wave of her hand, and shedding the almighty tear, Kimmy enters the limo. Kimmy says to the camera, “While it sucks to be voted out, I guess it proves, just how much my friends really are true.” Kimmy looks down a little, she then lifts her head up, “I just remembered!” Kimmy exclaims, “I’m not fully out! I’m part of the jury! If one of them makes it to the final three, I’ll vote for them! I know how to re-pay them back!” Kimmy’s eyes light up, her eyes then advert the camera, as she gets lost in thought, “But…I wonder what Bobby Jon was gonna say to me. Well, a girl can only hope.” Kimmy says, shrugging.

The camera cuts to the Rough Cuts, back at the elimination ceremony. As they start to walk back into the hotel, Shane yells out, “Stop! Stay here for the next elimination!”

“Why, man? I’m pretty tired.” Hunter says, wearingly. He yawns, and rubs his eyes. His eyes have bags below them.

Shane looks at Hunter and says, “Don’t worry, these go by quickly.” Hunter smiles, he then yawns, once more.

The Animators walk out of their side of the hotel. However, when they see The Rough Cuts there, there are mixed reactions. Stephanie puts her hands on her hips, “What are THEY doing here?” Stephanie asks, rudely.

"Someone's in a pleasant mood..." Ulysses says sarcastically.

“Yeah…why are they here?” Alexander asks, agreeing with Stephanie.

“They’re just here till’ the end of this elimination. Then they’ll be counting sheep.” Shane tells the Animators. Most just roll their eyes or groan. Some do both.

“So, get your reel and we’ll start. Rough Cuts, sit on the jury seat. As you can see, Kimmy was voted out.” Shane tells the contestants. When Shane reveals who left, Julia looks down, saddened by their choice. “But she went on to be first member of the jury. So, let’s get started, shall we?” Shane asks.

“Let’s get on with it, please?” Zubin asks impatiently.

“Fine fine. Julia, let’s be clear, no one was even close to you. Do you think if you did not win immunity today, would you be leaving the set?” Shane asks.

“I don’t want to sound cocky…but no. I don’t think I’d be leaving if I didn’t win today.” Julia explains. Alexander nods his head in agreement.

“Do you think now, you’re a threat?” Shane asks. Julia thinks for moment, resting her head on her hands.

She says after a bit of thought, “I don’t know, I guess it’s up to them to decide.” Shane nods. Good enough.

Shane then gets curious, he asks, “Is there any conflict? Someone, anyone? Who wants to spill the beans?” Shane looks at the contestants. They shrug. Some really don’t know about the conflict, others, just don’t wanna share it. Shane says, “Fine…be all nicey nice about it.”

(Confessional) “I don’t think it’d be wise to say that Stephanie’s not getting along with anyone. It’s good that no one said anything, I mean, the other team was right there!” Darci observes.

Shane says to the contestants, “Alright…well, it’s time to vote! Y’all know what to do.” Shane says. As he speaks, a cold wind creeps up upon the crowd. A cold wave rushes up their spines, and everyone feels it. Shane frowns; he doesn’t like this atmosphere around the contestants, as it should be a time of relief, not fear. Shane shrugs it off, but he still feels spooked, as do the others.

Julia votes for Tyson, “You’re a wreck waiting to happen.”

Tyson votes for Darci, “Sorry, just part of my strategy.”

“I’ll get the votes.” Shane says, he walks to the votes, and gets the container. He says, “Y’all know what’s gonna happen, let’s just read the votes.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Darci, that’s one vote Darci.” Darci gets visibly nervous. But a comforting head nod from Zubin calms her down. She smiles, feeling a warm fuzzy feeling that she can’t explain.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Tyson,”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Tyson, that’s two votes Tyson, one vote Darci.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Tyson, that’s three votes Tyson, one vote Darci.”

Tyson rubs the back of his head, “Crap.” He mutters.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Tenth person, voted out of Total Drama: The Production is…”

“…Tyson! Tyson, bring me your reel.” Shane says.

“Okay, seriously? This team just got a lot unhotter!” Tyson cries out. Tyson walks up to Shane, quite angrily. His glare is enough to scare anyone, including Shane, but he doesn’t let it show.

“Tyson, your team has spoken.”

“About time…ugh.” Tyson mutters as he walks to the limo. He enters, and limo drives…right into a pole. “Oh come on!” Tyson yells, still inside the limo.

“Will he be okay?” Julia asks.

(Confessional) “Okay…I admit…maybe voting him out wasn’t such a good idea.” Julia admits. She looks to the wall of the confessional, and sighs sadly. She bows her head and mutters under her breath, “I hope he’s okay…”

Shane looks over at the limo with worry, but shrugs it off. He says to the teens, who’s attention is still adverted towards the wreak.

“Gather 'round my children, I have something I want to say to all of you.”

“What is it?” Andrea asks eager to find out.

“I think I know.” Darci says with a smirk.

Shane says to Darci, “Most likely you do, Darci. Anyway, here’s what I’m about to tell you.”

Suddenly, the screen turns black, and giant white letters come across the screen, saying, “To be announced…” The episode ends there.

Chapter 11 - "You...weren't supposed to hear that."

Shane appears on the front steps and says, “Welcome back, to Total Drama: The Production! Last time, our campers learned that we made it to the jury! They mistook it as the merge, HA!” Shane laughs, he wipes away a tear, “I cannot believe that they fell for it! They’re so predictable! Anyway, they were all playing for invincibility, as there was a double elimination. Ulysses and Julia won the challenge, and Kimmy and Tyson were sent home. Who will go home next time on Total…Drama…The Production?”

The episode starts right where it left off. Shane was just about to tell the contestants something game changing, “Alright, gather ‘round my children!” Shane says to the contestants.

Darci’s eyes light up with anticipation, “I think I know what’s about to happen!" She excitingly exclaims. Darci jumps up and down with excitement, her expectations were accurate, she just knew it.

“I think you do, as…we’ve just now reached the merge!” Shane yells. The contestants cheer, fairly loudly.

Kimmy and Tyson are sitting in the limo after their elimination, they overhear Shane’s words, and the joyful cheering. Kimmy asks sadly, “You mean…we were voted out right before the merge?”

Tyson bows his head, “I think so.” He quietly admits.

Kimmy throws her hands in the air, accidentally smacking Tyson, “Well this sucks!” Tyson falls over on his seat, leaving a surprised, and a guilty looking Kimmy.

The scene goes back to the contestants. Shane tells them, “Go back to your hotel, merged contestants!” with a huge smile on face.

Once the contestants are in the hotel, they look around. They’re in a new hotel, now. The hotel that split the two sides apart. The hotel in-between the Rough Cut’s side, and the Animator’s side.

“Wow…this is nice!” Darci exclaims. Bobby Jon nods in agreement. “Don’t you think so, Zubin?” Darci asks. When they is no reply, Darci looks all over. Bobby Jon laughs a little, and points to Zubin, sleeping on a couch. Darci laughs a little and rolls her eyes playfully.

“Someone got tuckered out.” Bobby Jon comments.

“Apparently." Darci observes. She shifts her attention to Bobby Jon, "Hey, I’m Darci.” Darci greets, extending her hand.

“I know, we talked first day, remember?” Bobby Jon reminds her.

“Ooh! Right.” Darci says, recollecting. As Bobby Jon walks away, Darci shrugs to the camera, not remembering him one bit.

The scene shifts to the next day, however, only Ulysses is up. He’s sitting on the couch in the lounge. He hears the sound of girls chatting. He looks up to see Andrea and Julia talking. “Looks like Andrea has found a new Kimmy.” Ulysses says to himself.

As the two girls become closer, they become more coherent. “Wow, your brother was a real jerk!” Julia exclaims.

“That’s nothing compared to the kids who used you.” Andrea defends.

Julia glares at Andrea, and the glare forces Andrea to say, “Okay…it doesn’t compare.” Julia smiles, completely satisfied.

Ulysses looks a little disappointed as he asks, “Hey girls…um…could I talk to Andrea, alone, Julia?”

“Sure!” Julia says, walking away. When she thinks they’re out of hearing range, she ads in, “love birds…so sweet!” When she sees Andrea and Ulysses staring at her, she blushes, and says, “You…weren’t supposed to hear that…”

“Obviously.” Ulysses sarcastically says. He turns his gaze on Andrea, now. “Andrea, I need to ask this.”

“Is this about last night?” Andrea asks.

Ulysses nods, “You know I didn’t I say that Kimmy was possibly bi-polar. I only said, that I think Kimmy should go, because she could be a threat, not because of that!”

Andrea’s heart sinks, she hesitates to reply, but she wants too. The words are on the tip of her tongue, but alas, they fail to come out. Finally, the words seep through her dry, cracked lips, “I…didn’t know if I could trust her.” Andrea admits. She sits on the couch, and starts crying. She continues, “I know it was stupid, I know she could keep a secret…but I just didn’t know. Lee…I trusted him, but he betrayed me! I was afraid that would happen here too.” Andrea bows her head, still crying. Each tear rolling down her face like a rock rolling down a hill.

Ulysses scoots next to Andrea, sliding an arm around her shoulders. He says, “Andrea…it’s obvious that you have a trust issue, and I know why. But you gotta understand, I’m not Lee, and Kimmy was not Lee. Lee’s back in Korea, you’re here, in the U.S., you’re safe, here.” Andrea scoots away from Ulysses, who has a surprised look on his face.

“It’s not that, it’s just…I know I’m safe here, but it’s something deeper than that!” Andrea yells as she walks outside, holding her head. Ulysses just looks on; he finally gets up, and walks away, leaving a small puddle of tears beside where he sat.

Andrea storms outside, she leans against the side of the steps and cries, beating her hand on the top of it, letting her feelings come out. She finally just sits down, head in hands, completely surrendering herself. She begins to speak, but not with sound, but just with her mouth, silently reminding herself of all the pain, and suffering she’s been through. She begins cursing silently, all the while crying hysterically.

When she’s done, she feels a little better, but not completely. Something is still missing, and she knows what it is, friends. Andrea lets the spiteful word roll out of her mouth, letting the bitter sound consume her hearing. She closes her eyes, and bows her head, yelling, “Ugh! God! Give me an answer! Why the heck am I here! No one understands…no one gets it!” Andrea resumes her crying, even though she knows it’s completely foolish, and that she’s probably attracting unwanted attention, she doesn’t care. She needs to let her heart pour out.

She, once again, says, “No one understands…why, God, why can't they?”

“I’ll try.” A voice is heard. Andrea turns her head to the voice, she is surprised to find Shane standing there, holding a box of supplies.

“Whoa…what are you doing here?” She asks.

“Easy, setting up for a challenge.” Shane explains. “But the bigger question is…what are you doing?” Shane asks. He sets the box down, and sits next to Andrea.

“It’s just…no one understands me…” Andrea says, before she trails off.

“Is this about your back story?” Shane asks. Andrea gasps.

“How did you know?” She asks him.

“Um…unlike my lousy brother, I actually look at your past, and I think I know your problem.”

“What is it?” Andrea asks. She almost doesn’t want to hear Shane’s guess. Like most others, he’d probably misunderstand.

“Well, I don’t think it’s them who you have a problem with, I think it’s you.” Shane estimates. Andrea shakes her head.

“No way, Jose.” Andrea barks out, hiding the fact that she knew, that what Shane said was most likely the truth.

“I think that’s it, but unlike what Kimmy and Ulysses did to you…I’ll let you talk.” Shane says.

Andrea smiles, happy that someone would finally listen, instead of just assuming. “Well…it’s just…I keep telling to them, they’re acting like Lee did. Nice, he always thought of me…but they kept misunderstanding it. They don’t understand…I don’t want what Lee did to happen again. That’s why I voted out Kimmy…I was scared. She was just like Lee…I didn’t know if she was truly being real with me. Same with Ulysses! I mean, he’s great and all…but I just…don’t know. He could be playing me…or he could be legit. I don’t know if he is…as like Lee…he could turn any time. Ulysses keeps telling me, that he won’t betray me. But yet…Lee always said that the Communist wouldn’t get our family…look what happened.” Andrea begins to cry again. Shane, instead of telling Andrea something, just hugs her, and lets her have a good, long cry.

After a while, Andrea finally stops her crying. She looks at Shane and says, “Thanks for listening…sorry for being a pest.”

“You were not a hassle one bit.” Shane says softly. “It’s hard to trust people…I mean, my wife, Sarah and I. She stood me up on our first date, I didn’t know if I wanted to date her again. I avoided her, but yet, I wanted her. You know, to get to know her better. I dug deep in myself, and I realized, that this wall of hurt was there. It was not Sarah that made me avoid her, it was the wall of hurt. I finally took charge of my own life, and look at me now! I have a beautiful wife, and two lovely kids. Andrea, while it might seem hard now, trust me, it’ll work in the end. I thought no one understood, but surprisingly, Sarah was able too. It wasn’t her that hurt me; it was me that was hurting me. That make any sense?” Shane asks.

Andrea nods, and says surprised, “It does…and thanks Shane. I…actually feel at peace.” Andrea beams, and hugs Shane. She adds in, “You know, those two kids of yours, they must have the best father, ever.”

A few tears rise up in Shane’s eyes. He quietly says to her, “Thank you.” Shane gets up, and grabs the supply box. He says, “You might wanna get inside, now. I don’t want to spoil to challenge for you.” Andrea nods, and walks inside.

Once she is gone, Shane turns away from the hotel, and is facing the camera. The camera zooms in, as a tear falls from his face. He smiles, and he starts to build some random contraption.

Meanwhile, Julia is in the hallway, randomly dancing in there, not watching where she’s going. As she dances, she accidentally kicks over a gold vase, breaking as soon as it hit’s the ground. Julia stands there, completely mortified. She looks around, like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. She goes to put it under the rug, but stops herself. Instead, she picks up the pieces, and walks back to the girl’s room, leaving a small gold trail. Once she’s in the girl’s room, she sighs in relief, until she sees Darci sitting on the bed reading. Darci’s face says it all.

“I was just…dancing. My foot knocked it over.” Julia admits.

Darci shakes her head, “That’s why we told you to dance outside!”

“I was…but you know that one statue?” Julia asks.

A flashback occurs. We see Julia dancing in the garden by a statue with two cupids holding hands. Julia, who is dancing, not looking where she is headed towards, accidentally kicks over the statue. Julia stands there, in complete shock. She inches away from the broken mess, and inches away once more. She then breaks out into a fast sprint, making a bee-line to the safety of the hotel.

“Okay, seriously?” Darci asks, surprised.

“I know I know…look, just help me glue this thing back together, please?” Julia frantically asks. Darci sighs, and reluctantly nods her head. Julia claps her hands whilst jumping up and down joyfully, yelling, “Yay!”

After a few hours, Julia and Darci have completed it. However, glue is seeping out of every crack. “Think Shane’ll notice?” Julia asks, holding the crudely fixed vase in her hands.

Darci nods confidently, “He won’t notice a thing,.” Julia laughs, unconvinced.

Meanwhile, Hunter is in the lounge, talking on the phone. Bobby Jon walks up to Hunter, and goes to speak, but notices that Hunter is on the phone. So he waits patiently for Hunter get done. As soon as Hunter hangs up, Bobby Jon booms, “Who were ya talking to?”

Hunter yelps, startled. When he regains his mentality, he asks, “How long have you been standing there?”

“About five minutes.” Bobby Jon answers casually.

“Ooookaaay…Anyway, I was talking to my dad.” Hunter says.

“Your step?” Bobby Jon innocently asks. Hunter looks ticked for a few seconds, but calms down, remembering that Bobby Jon doesn’t know.

“No…I don’t have a step dad. My parents are still together. Anyway, My dad’s stationed in Afghanistan. I talk to him whenever I can.” Hunter explains.

Bobby Jon’s smile drops. “Oh…sorry man.”

“It’s not your fault. Besides, he should be home by the time I get home! I’m really excited!” Hunter states, joyfully.

“Awesome! When’s he getting back?” Bobby Jon asks.

“Not exactly sure, but sometime this month!” Hunter says. Bobby Jon counts on his fingers, then counts in his head, then counts on his fingers, again.

“Today’s the sixth of July so…you will see him when you get home!” Bobby Jon exclaims. Hunter hugs Bobby Jon tightly, not because Bobby Jon said the painfully obvious, but because of pure joy. For once, Hunter smiles a true smile.

“You wanna get some food, man?” Hunter asks, still smiling. Bobby Jon immediately gags. “I’ll…take that as a no.”

“Sorry…I’m allergic to…whatever’s in that stuff.” Bobby Jon states. Hunter walks away, rolling his eyes jokingly while smiling like a little kid that’s just won a baseball game.

Meanwhile, Shane calls the teens with his beloved bullhorn. When the teens get outside, he exclaims, “Welcome, Rough Cuts and Animators!” Stephanie face-palms.

“Oh…right. Y’all are merged. Anyway, welcome, my friends, to the first individual immunity challenge!”

Nancy sarcastically raises up her arm and says, “Whoo.”

“Can we get on with it?” Asks an annoyed Alexander.

“Sure thing, Aleximpatient.” Shane glares. Alexander groans and rolls his eyes. “Anyway, today’s challenge is a simple one. All you have to do is shoot a target. You’ll all come up one at a time and you‘ll shoot at the target with arrows. The six closest to the center, advance to the next round where you will shoot a blow gun, the three closest to the center, move on. In the next round, you will all throw spears at the target. The two closest to the target move on. In the final round, you’ll be shooting a bullet at the target. Closest to the target, wins immunity, got it?” Shane asks. The contestants nod. “Great! Let’s draw for spots.”

The scene shifts to everyone getting ready for the challenge. “Alright! Nancy will start things off.”

Nancy walks up to the bow. She selects her arrow and aims. When she fires, the arrow lands on the nine on the target, “Yes! Little southern action, baby!” Nancy cries out in happiness. Shane, and the contestants, though most of them unwillingly, claps for Nancy.

(Confessional) “Back at home, I’m known for my bow skills! I may be a girl, but that don’t mean that I can’t shoot a deer from a hundred feet away!” Nancy boasts.

“Impressive, hard to beat. Come stand by me.” Shane orders.

“Do I have to?” Nancy asks.

“Yes, it’s in your contract, now get over here!” Shane barks. Nancy does so grudgingly.

“If you try to hug me, I will kick your a**.” Nancy threatens. Shane looks at Nancy, freaked out by the threat.

“Like I was gonna do that…I have a wife you know.” Shane reminds Nancy. Nancy looks unconvinced. “Alright, let’s get on with it! Hunter, you’re up.” Shane says.

Hunter walks up to the bow, He looks at it. Nancy snickers to herself as he tries to fit the arrow onto the bow.

(Confessional) “He’s a city boy; I’m not expecting him to do well.” Nancy says, laughing a little.

Hunter then shoots the arrow with unbelievable accuracy! It lands on the middle on the target. Nancy stands there, mouth wide open. A fly then flies into her throat, and she starts to choke. Hunter widens his eyes, as he rushes over to Nancy, and whacks her back, sending the fly out. Hunter asks, “Are you okay, Senora?”

Nancy rolls her eyes and says sarcastically, “Oh yeah, suuure. Totally fine! A parasite-fested fly just went down my throat. I’m great.” Nancy gives a sarcasm filled thumbs up.

“Okay, let’s just move on!” Shane yells out. A montage is played of every contestant doing the challenge. Darci lands a six, but Zubin outdoes her with a seven. Ulysses gets a two, as does Stephanie. Andrea gets a perfect ten! But Bobby Jon gets a lowly five. Alexander gets a nine, but Julia only gets a one. “Alright, Nancy, Andrea, Alexander, Zubin, Darci, and Hunter all go to the second round! Blow darts, anyone?” Shane asks.

Darci raises her hand. As Darci walks over, she states, while jabbing her thumb in Nancy’s direction. “I think I want to go before fly-mouth over there.” Nancy frowns.

“Be my guest.” Shane says. Darci loads the blow gun, and blows. She gets a seven.

“Not bad for a tiny girl.” Bobby Jon remarks.

“Thanks, Jon.” Darci says as she walks back to Shane, quite proud of herself.

“I’ll go next.” Hunter volunteers. Hunter takes the blow gun, loads it, and fires. He falls short of the target.

“Apparently…you’re out.” Shane says. Hunter walks over to the losers of the challenge, arms drooping.

“Well, who’s next?” When none of the contestants give an answer, Shane suggests, “How about Zubin?”

“Eh, why not?” Zubin asks rhetorically. He takes the gun, and loads it. He fires and gets an eight.

“Alright!” He exclaims, pumping his fist in the air.

“Nice!” Shane comments. Nancy groans and rolls her eyes. “Alex, you’re up!” Alexander walks up to the blow gun. He takes it, and fires. However, he hits a one.

“Not bad…oh who am I kidding, I’m so out…” Alexander says, disappointed.

(Confessional) “I really wish that this challenge would’ve been a physical challenge.” Alexander says. He sighs sadly, “I’m not that great at puzzles. I’m just not creative. But you saw me in past challenges. I’m pretty good at physical ones. Maybe next time.”

“I guess lucky me is up.” Nancy says sarcastically. She takes the blow gun and fires. The dart lands on an eight, earning her a spot in the final three.

“Nice job, Nancy!” Zubin says, Darci grins.

“Yeah…nice job.” Alexander says, he frowns, knowing that he’s out of the challenge.

“Don’t feel bad, buddy. You did well!” Nancy encourages Alex. Alexander smiles, and walks back to the losers of the challenge, although feeling a little regret, he smiles proud, knowing he did well.

“Alright! Next round! Time to use the spears.” Shane says. He presents three spears. “How about Zubin will go first this time?” Shane suggests. Zubin happily takes the spear, and walks to the target. Zubin walks a couple paces back. He then runs, and throws the spear. The spear spins in the air, and hit’s the ground, creating quite the sandstorm, but no dice. Zubin slumps back to Shane. “Don’t worry, spears are tough.” Shane says, trying to comfort Zubin. Zubin turns his head towards Nancy, who is running to the target. She throws the spear with perfect accuracy, hitting the bulls-eye with her spear.

Nancy jumps up and down cheering, “Yeah! Alright!” Zubin raises an eyebrow at Shane, who just nervously laughs, rubbing back of neck and looking back and forth in anxiety.

Darci takes the spear, and completely misses the target. “Do I win?” Nancy asks, as soon as Darci drags over to the others.

“Not quite yet, Darci and Zubin need to score.” Shane explains. “First person to score moves on to the final round, got it?”

A montage plays of Darci and Zubin throwing their spears. Some of them hit the hotel, others hit passing cars. Their reward was a little bit of cursing, and a blend of getting flipped off. One of the spears even hit Shane! Finally, Zubin’s spear hit’s the target, advancing him onto the final round.

“Finally…” Shane says, bandaged up.

“Um…you okay?” Zubin asks, concerned.

“Do I. Look. Okay?” Shane asks, peeved. Zubin backs away slowly.

“Um…medic?” Darci asks, awkwardly. Two interns walk out, with a stretcher, and carry Shane away.

“Wait! What about the challenge?” Nancy asks, shouting to Shane.

Shane yells out, “I’ll be fine, just wait for a few moments.”

Nancy shrugs, and picks up a rifle, Andrea’s eyes widen, “No no no! No need for that…” She says, shaking. She looks nervously at the gun in the Southern Belle’s hands. Although she knows that Nancy knew how to use it, she was still a tad edgy.

“I was just gonna go set up the last part of the challenge…” Nancy explains. She looks at Andrea and goes to say something, but gives up, and walks away.

Andrea sighs and looks down, feeling like an outcast, even though she’s surrounded by friends. Julia hugs her saddened friend, Andrea smiles weakly.

After a bit, Shane walks out of the medical tent. He looks at the missing rifle, and face palms. He walks around the other side, and sees that the challenge has already been made. He asks Nancy, “Did…you build this?” Nancy nods quite proudly. Shane hugs Nancy, and says, “Thanks…it means a lot.”

Nancy pulls away from Shane. “Please…stop.” Nancy asks. Shane pulls away, blushing.

Shane looks away, a tad uneasy. He calls out, “Alright! Contestants, come around to the final part of the challenge.”

While Nancy and Shane wait for the others, Nancy asks, “Um…why do you keep hugging me?”

Shane looks away, and says sadly, “I’d…rather not talk about it.”

Nancy raises an eyebrow, “Why not?”

“You’re not gonna relent until I spill, aren’t you?” Shane asks sadly. Nancy shakes her head, she is determined to get the information out of Shane. Shane sighs, he was not looking forward to saying, but he has no choice. “The thing is…Nancy…you remind me so much…of my daughter.” Shane reveals reluctantly. Nancy raises an eyebrow. “She was a lot like you, sassy, a smart mouth.” Nancy frowns, “But she was also quite intelligent, and she always knew how to put a smile on my face.” Nancy smiles.

“If you don’t mind me asking…what happened to your daughter?” Nancy asks.

Shane looks down. “She…had cancer when she was nine…” Shane says.

Nancy gasps. “I’m so sorry.” Nancy apologizes. Shane rubs his temples, holding back the tears that are so tempting to let loose, like a waterfall and its water. “Her name…was Nancy.” Shane adds. Nancy is stunned. She doesn’t know how to respond.

“Wow…what a coincidence!.” A voice states. Shocked stiff, the duo turn their heads to see the nine other people standing there.

With a slight, nervous wave, Shane stammers, “Hey…”

“So…are we still doing the challenge?” Zubin asks.

“Sure…I guess. Y’all know the drill. Closest to middle wins. Just start shooting.” Shane instructs. Nancy and Zubin look at Shane as he walks away. Both look at each other and shrug. Nancy takes aim, and fires, and the bullet lands right in the middle!

“Oh yeah! That’s the Currituck way!” Nancy exclaims, pumping her fists in the air.

“I…cannot beat that.” Zubin admits, astonished. “I’ve never even handled a gun in my life!”

“Just try.” Darci encourages. Zubin smiles softly. He takes aim and fires, but he misses, far to the right.

“And it’s apparent! Nancy wins immunity!” Shane calls out from inside the hotel.

“How did he?” Stephanie asks. She sighs, “Never mind…”

The scene shifts to the former Rough Cuts strategizing. “Alright, I think it’s clear that we need to stick together.” Nancy says to her former team members.

“That is a logical choice.” Hunter admits.

“I don’t know…this feels kinda wrong…” Andrea says. Nancy looks at her with the evil eye.

“Well, Andy, listen here. Don’t you want to stay in the game?” Nancy asks.

Andrea looks at Nancy like she's stupid, “Obviously, who doesn’t?” she asks.

Nancy rolls her eyes. “Are you willing to trample others?”

“Heck no!” The happy-go-lucky girl exclaims. Why would Nancy ask such a thing?

“Then how do you expect to get to the top?” Nancy asks.

Andrea goes to say something, but Ulysses gets there, before her. “Hate to admit it, Andrea, but Nancy’s right. We need to stick together if we want to go far.” Ulysses explains.

Andrea looks at Ulysses with wide eyes. “So you would betray your own friends, for a million dollars?” Andrea asks.

Ulysses sadly, and reluctantly, nods his head. “Would you betray me?” Andrea asks, narrowing her glare, right into his eyes. Ulysses shrinks back, hesitant to answer.

“Um…you might wanna answer her.” Hunter advises.

“I know, I’m thinking!” Ulysses exclaims angrily. Andrea looks at Ulysses with pure shock and betrayal. She walks out the door, head bowed.

“Way to go, Lee.” Nancy sarcastically says, putting her hands on her hips.

“I’m not Lee!” Ulysses yells, standing up. He starts running after Andrea, “Andrea, wait up!” he shouts after her.

“That could’ve easily gone better…” Hunter says after an awkward silence. Nancy simply glares at Hunter.

"What did he mean, by, he's not Lee?" Nancy asks. Hunter shrugs.

“Wait…what just happened?” Bobby Jon asks, obliviously. Hunter and Nancy both stare at Bobby Jon, disturbed.

Meanwhile, Ulysses finds Andrea on the front steps, crying with Julia, who is beside her, hugging her. “What’s wrong, Andrea?” Julia asks.

“It’s just…my team had some sort of meeting, and I asked Ulysses if he’d betray me. He…actually had to think about it.” Andrea says. She continues crying in Julia’s arms. Ulysses cringes at Andrea’s words.

Julia strokes Andrea’s hair, “I’m sure he wouldn’t vote you out, sweetie.” She comforts. Ulysses looks down, ashamed.

“I know…but he reminds me so much of Lee.” As Andrea says those words, Ulysses’s spirit drops inside. He just wanted to go outside and ask, but he chose to wait, instead.

“How, honey?” Julia asks, gently.

“Well…he’s always telling me how everything will be okay. Like Lee did. Lee only told me things that I wanted to hear…same with Ulysses and Kimmy.” Andrea tells Julia. Julia nods, fully understanding. Ulysses looks down, feeling utter guilt.

“Why didn't you tell him?” Julia asks, still stroking Andrea’s hair.

“I tried…he never listened.” Andrea says. Julia looks crestfallen.

“I would’ve expected more from that kid…” Julia says.

Ulysses’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?” Ulysses blurts out. Julia and Andrea immediately dart their heads in Ulysses’s direction. Ulysses covers his mouth, realizing his mistake a tad too late.

“Were you listening the entire time?” Andrea asks, shocked.

“Well…yeah. Sorry Andrea, I just wanted to apologize and followed you. Listening in was an accident.” Ulysses frantically says. Andrea and Julia remain unconvinced.

“Right.” Andrea says, rolling her eyes. Her tone then changes to a soft one as she goes on, “I’m…assuming you heard everything, didn’t you?”

Ulysses nods. “I did…and why didn’t you tell me?” He asks.

“You never listened.” Andrea explains. Ulysses looks down on himself. Andrea, also, looks down, blushing. She hopes that he’ll finally get it, but she also hopes that Ulysses won’t lash out on her.

She prepares for the worst as he says, “Andrea…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way, could you please forgive me?” Ulysses asks. He holds out his hands, and looks at Andrea with tears in eyes.

“Aww!” Julia exclaims. Ulysses and Andrea look at her awkwardly. “I…just ruined the moment, didn’t I?” Julia asks. Ulysses and Andrea nod their heads.

“Anyway… of course I forgive you, silly!” Andrea says with a grin on her face, returning to her normal, peppy mood.

Julia smiles happily, things were finally going right here in the dysfunctional hotel. Andrea and Ulysses embrace. Julia leaves them with a smile.

(Confessional) “It was sooo sweet to see them like that!” Julia exclaims. She holds her hands together and sighs happily, “I really hope the two realize that they’re just perfect together!” The matchmaker says gleefully. She squeals in absolute joy for Ulysses and Andrea.

(Confessional) “It felt great to see Andrea cheerful again. I took her back to the others, and she agreed on voting out Alex after listening to our reasoning. He’s a pretty big threat, and he needs to go for that reason.” Ulysses explains in the confessional. Instead of smiling, though, he looks a tad guilty.

(Confessional) “It’s decided, Ulysses goes tonight. The former Animators are voting together, now. So that’s my alliance. Anyway, why Ulysses? He won the very first individual challenge. I think he qualifies as a threat. If there’s a puzzle challenge, he’s sure to win.” Alexander says, “What sucks though…is the fact that I haven’t gotten to know him. I really wish that I did.” Alexander looks at the camera with a sad expression. He leaves, still frowning.

The scene shifts to the elimination ceremony. The merged contestants get their reels and sit on the steps. Shane asks them, “So, contestants, how does it feel to have made the merge?”

“It’s okay, at best.” Stephanie answers. “I mean, it’s not like we had a feast or anything.”

“Sorry, budget won’t allow it.” Shane casually replies. Stephanie groans in disappointment.

“Anyway, you all played a pretty strategic game up to this point. Do you think the merge has changed that?” Shane asks. Andrea frowns.

“No, I don’t think so. It’s still the same. If you don’t keep with your alliance, you’re out. Simple as that.” Hunter explains.

“Uh-huh.” Shane says, unconvinced. Then again, he wasn’t seeing it, so Shane just had to believe Hunter’s words. “Andrea, while I was talking about strategy, your face just drops. Care to tell?” Shane asks.

“Well…it’s just; I’ve barely gotten to know any of these people.” Andrea explains. She tears up a little, “I just feel like people should be voted out, based on how they interact with others, not because they’re not in your alliance.” Andrea bows her head, “I really am not looking forward to this vote.” Andrea says as a tear rolls down her face as she prepares herself to vote.

“I understand. Nancy, you won immunity, think you’d be going home if you didn’t win?” Shane asks.

“I highly doubt I would.” Nancy answers confidently, shrugging her shoulders. “But you never know!” Nancy adds in quickly, not wanting to look like an over confident jerk.

“Last question, close your eyes, everyone.” Shane instructs. Everyone does so, though with questions in their minds, they obey. “Now, raise your hand if you think you’re going tonight.” Everyone raises their hand, except Nancy, the victor of the challenge. “You can put em’ down, now.” Shane says, a little surprised. “Look, I think now is a pleasant time to vote. Let’s just get this over with, shall we?” The contestants nod.

Ulysses votes for Alexander, “Sorry…I really wish I could’ve gotten to know you, but, you’re the biggest threat right now. Sorry.”

Nancy votes for Alexander, “You’re just a big threat. Sorry, man.”

Zubin votes for Ulysses, “Sorry man…you’ve just gotta go.”

Alexander votes for Ulysses, “Dude, in terms of puzzles, you’re the biggest threat here. Well, save for Darci."

Andrea votes, “I’m sorry…I hope I made the right choice. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Julia votes, “Sorry, man, I really don’t want to do this…but what choice do I have?”

Shane says to the contestants when they’re done, “I’ll get the votes.” Shane walks over to the votes, and reads them. As he reads them, a little smirk rises on his face. He walks back to the contestants, and says, “Prepare for a game changing vote!”

“Oh boy…” Darci mutters.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Ulysses,”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Ulysses,” Andrea’s eyes widen.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Ulysses, and another vote for Ulysses.”

“No!” Andrea cries out. Julia looks down, feeling guilty.

(Confessional) “In retrospect…I probably shouldn’t have voted for Ulysses. I mean, I honor him and all…and I know how Andrea and Ulysses look at each other. Ugh…why did I vote for him?” Julia asks as she puts her head in her hands. “This game is so hard…”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Ulysses. That’s five votes for Ulysses.”

Andrea begins crying, “How could you all?” She asks. Ulysses grabs her hand, and smiles at her. She looks away, crying a little and blushing. Ulysses smiles. He didn’t care if he was going, he was glad for this moment with Andrea. Julia touches Andrea’s shoulder, as a way of saying sorry. An apologetic look is on Julia’s face, Andrea looks away.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander.” Alexander cocks his head in surprise.

Shane pulls out two votes, “Alexander, and Alexander.” Shane reveals. Alexander’s eyes widen.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander. Five votes Ulysses, four votes Alexander.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Alexander. We have a tie.” Alexander’s eyes are widened with shock. Andrea sighs in relief. Ulysses stares dumbfounded at Shane. “Well, we’ll resort to previous votes. Ulysses, how many votes do you have against you?” Shane asks.

“None.” Ulysses quickly says. “None at all.” The words feel like honey when they come out of his mouth.

Andrea smiles and hugs Ulysses out of joy.

“Alexander?” Shane asks.

Alexander is sweating, hard. He struggles to get these next few words out, “Nine, sir.” He reveals.

“Well, Alexander, you’re the eleventh person voted out of this game.” Shane says, sadly.

Alexander silently gets up, and walks over to the bonfire. The former Animators are in shock, as are the former Rough Cuts. It’s clear that none of them pictured Alexander being voted out this early. Before putting his reel into the fire, he says, “Before I go, I wanna say something.” The contestants, and Shane, starting listening. “I’m sorry if I hurt any of you. The guy before this…wasn’t me. I’ve changed, for the better. I found a wonderful girl, who I voted out. That, I deeply regret.” Alexander says. He looks to the side, eyes getting watery. “I’m not about to cry…because I lost. It’s because, I made so many mistakes along this path. I’m sorry, and I hope you all can forgive me.” Alexander raises his head, and announces, “My departure awaits, I will miss you all, with that being said, farewell.” Alexander then tosses his reel into the fire, and walks to the limo. Before he can leave, though, Julia gives him a good-bye hug.

“I’m sorry for voting for you in the past.” She says.

“Don’t be.” Alexander comforts her with a smile. Alexander then gets into the limo, head held high. Once in the limo, Alexander says, “Yeah…it sucks being voted out, but what can I say? I got this far. I just hope Heidi’s not mad at me. Oh well.”

“Like I would be.” A voice is heard. Alexander looks to the side, and the girl who said that, is none other than Heidi!

“Heidi!” Alexander yells in delight, hugging Heidi tightly.

“Hey big guy!” Heidi exclaims, glad to see Alexander, also.

“Sorry I couldn’t win.”

“Don’t be.” Heidi says, smiling. “I’m just glad you’re with me.”

“As am I.” Alexander says smiling. “There…was something I wanted to say to you, but I never got the chance.”

“What is that?” Heidi asks.

“Je t’aime.” Alexander replies, smugly. A smirk comes across Heidi’s face, as the two lean in for a kiss.

The scene shifts back to the now final nine entering the hotel. Andrea and Julia are talking as they enter. “Wow…that was close.” Andrea says, referring to Ulysses’s almost elimination.

“Yeah…it was.” Julia says sadly. She looks away from Andrea.

“Julia,” Andrea asks softly, she puts her hand on Julia’s shoulder as she continues, “What’s up?”“

Well…it’s just…ugh, I voted for Ulysses. I’m really sorry.” Julia apologizes. Julia puts her hand on her arm and looks away. Andrea looks shocked, but soon gets over it. Her frown changes to a slight smile. To Julia’s greatest surprise, who expected Andrea to knock her into next week with a drop-kick, Andrea hugs Julia from behind.

“Julia…you’re my friend. You understand me better than anyone else here. Why would I get mad?” Andrea asks.

“Because I voted for your boyfriend.” Julia states dryly.

“Oh that’s what this is about?” Andrea asks, half-laughing. “Julia, trust me, you were just playing the game. I can forgive that. Now come on, let’s go to bed, I’m kinda tired.” Andrea says, yawning. Julia smiles, and leads the half-awake happy girl to the girl’s room. The episode ends, there.

Chapter 12 - "Are you comparing me to a dog!?"

Shane appears on the stairs and says, “Last time, on Total Drama: The Production, you got to see me with Nancy and Andrea. One of them was helping me, and me helping one of them. Andrea suffered a nervous breakdown about her boyfriend, Ulysses. After a time, the two finally came to an understanding, somewhat. Julia knocked over a vase, which she still has to pay for, and Darci tried to glue it back. Hunter told Bobby Jon that his dad was coming home, much to his excitement. At the challenge, after a close battle between Zubin and Nancy, Nancy came out on top, but Alexander came out on the bottom, with him being eliminated, the game’s already down to nine players! Who will win, and who will go home this week on Total…Drama…The Production?”

The episode starts in the girl’s room. Darci is reading a book while lying on her bed, Julia is brushing her hair, and Andrea is applying makeup while Stephanie tries to sleep in a little while longer. While applying make-up, Andrea gives a little depressed sigh. Julia picks up on the vibe and asks sweetly, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just…the thought of last night…” Andrea says. Julia groans.

“Andrea, we already talked about it. Ulysses is here. You don’t need to worry.” Darci says, not looking up.

“I know…I just can’t get Julia out of my head, no offense Julia.”

Julia raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” she asks, biting her lower lip, nervous.

“Well…why did you betray me and vote for Ulysses? You know me; betrayal is hard for me to deal with.” Andrea reminds Julia.

Julia just stares at Andrea, absolutely ticked. She squeezes her hairbrush so hard, that it crunches into little tiny pink shards. Julia, who is barely holding her anger from exploding all at once, remarks, “Andrea, I thought you forgave me about that.”

“I did…it’s still in my mind, though,” Andrea explains. Julia stomps her foot, angrily. Andrea swallows in fright, dreading what’s the angry matchmaker is going to say next.

“Andrea! Do you just expect the world to accustom to your needs?” Julia yells. Andrea just stands there like she’d seen a ghost. “Andrea, why didn’t you just tell me the truth last night?” Julia asks. She folds her arms as she taps her foot, waiting for an answer.

“I…didn’t want to look weak.” Andrea weakly admits. Julia tightens her glare. Andrea laughs nervously; even she knows it was a weak answer.

“Andrea, you’re looking weaker right now! To tell the truth means that you’re strong, but lying just shows that you’re weak! I can’t believe you, Andrea. I just…UGH!” Julia storms out of the room, leaving a speechless Andrea and Darci. Stephanie, who has woken up, looks like she’s enjoying the tussle. Andrea simply walks out of the room, knowing what Julia said was correct.

Darci turns to Stephanie, who has a huge grin on her face. Darci assumes, “I’m…guessing you enjoyed that display.”

“Heck Yeah! Mary Sue against Mary Sue! Awesome!” Stephanie says excitingly. Darci chuckles and shakes her head jokingly. Stephanie goes on, “I mean, it’s been so happy here. It’s like the sun came down, puked sunshine, and had flowers parade over it. I’m drowning in sunshine, it sucks!” Stephanie grabs a hold of her hair, and looks at it. She sees something, and ads onto her rant, “I actually have split ends from it; I haven’t had split ends since Katrina!” Stephanie complains.

Darci looks at Stephanie with surprise, “You were raised in New Orleans?” She asks.

“Yeah, so? I thought it was obvious with my accent.” Stephanie says, being a tad surprised with Darci. “Aren’t you supposed to be the smart Asian or something?”

“Trust me, not all Asians are smart, just ask my brother.” Darci tells Stephanie. Stephanie looks like she’s uninterested.

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” She rudely says.

“Okay, what up?” Darci asks, peeved.

“What do you mean?” Stephanie asks, a tad surprised by Darci’s sudden assertiveness.

“Ever since Monica left, you’ve been a complete jerk!” Darci tells Stephanie. Stephanie’s face turns a little pale as she hears Darci speak. She looks down, not wanting to say a thing. “I’ll ask again, what up?”

“Have I…really been acting like a b****?” Stephanie asks, a little shaky. Darci nods, not once loosening her glare. For a tiny girl, Darci sure could intimidate. Stephanie sighs. “Look…it’s…complicated. I’m sorry; I really didn’t know how I was acting.”

Darci looks surprised, she asks, “You mean, you didn’t notice?” Stephanie shakes her head. “Though I guess it was gradual.” Darci theorizes. “If you don’t mind, though, do you have any guesses to why you started acting different?”

Stephanie mutters, “Nicole,”


“She’s this one girl at my school…she’s a homo and she acts a lot like Monica did. Except, Nicole would always torment me, and bully me and such. Because of her…I’ve always tried to avoid homosexuals, even though it’s wrong too…she changed my views. That’s why I reacted the way I did when Monica came out to me.” Stephanie tells Darci. Darci looks at Stephanie with understanding in her eyes and a slight smile.

“So that’s the reason.” Darci guesses. Stephanie nods her head.

“I know she’s the reason.” Stephanie says.

“So because of Nicole, you have that view of homosexuals now?” Darci asks rhetorically. Despite the rhetoric nature of the question, Stephanie nods. “Don’t feel bad, Steph, that’s sometimes how phobias of anything start. My dog is afraid of tile because he kept slipping on it. Before we moved, every floor in the house was tile, so he had to walk on it. When we moved to a house with a lot of carpet, though, he never once got on the tile, because of the bad experiences with tile.” Darci explains, Stephanie looks offended.

“Are you comparing me to a dog?”

“No…just saying.” Darci says. Stephanie rolls her eyes playfully and rolls over on her bed.

(Confessional) “It felt pretty good to talk about it. Most people would just yell, ‘Accept people for who they are! Blah blah blah!’ Darci was different, though, she actually understood, even if she compared me to a dog.” Stephanie says with a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jon is in the cafeteria getting his food. His eyes light up when he sees the food being served. “Muffins!” He yells, completely excited. He goes on to see a cupcake. He takes it, and yells out, “a muffin with hair!”

Hunter, who is sitting on another table, hears Bobby Jon, he laughs a little to himself. Zubin, who is sitting beside Hunter eating a sandwich, asks, “What’s got you laughing?”

“Oh, just Bobby Jon.” Hunter says.

“What about him?” Zubin asks, taking a bite of sandwich.

“Just the way he can remain so happy during these events.” Hunter replies, smiling. “It’s definitely contagious.”

“He’s just happy? I thought he was insane.” Zubin blurts out. Hunter frowns, not liking the prejudice.

Meanwhile, Julia sits on the stairs, watching the cars go by. She looks at the hotel, and back at the streets. She sighs, ultimately depressed.

(Confessional) “Alexander was my friend…shame he went. After today’s tiff between me and Andrea…I’ve really felt alone.” Julia explains. She wipes away a tear from her eye.

As Julia looks down, Stephanie walks out of the hotel. Stephanie spots her lonely friend sitting on the steps. Stephanie walks over to her and puts her hand on Julia’s shoulder. She asks, in a rare act of sympathy, “You alright?”

“Not really.” Julia answers, still staring at the cars passing by.

“Why?” Stephanie asks.

“Well, to start things off, I can’t believe how insensitive Andrea was. I mean, she shoulda just told me from the start how she felt. She really should’ve…” Julia drifts off, looking sad all the same, though. Stephanie looks around wanting to get out of the conversation. Seeing she has no choice, she sighs, and sits down.

“Kinda…sucks, doesn’t it?” Stephanie asks, really not caring about anything.

“It does…I just want the game to be over, ya know?” Julia asks.

“Not…really.” Stephanie says, playing with a twig in her hands.

“It’s so hard, I know I should vote strategically…but…it feels wrong.” Julia says, looking down. She sighs and looks at the sky.

Stephanie looks over at Julia with some concern. The misunderstood girl scoots next to Julia and gives her a hug, though unwillingly for the most part, it’s still a hug. Once Stephanie quickly draws away, Julia looks at Stephanie, smiling and says, “You know…I really misjudged you. You really are a nice girl under that tough exterior.”

Stephanie casually replies, “I get that a lot.” Referring to her and Darci’s conversation before this one.

(Confessional) “If you show that…I’ll sue.” Stephanie threatens, pointing her finger at the camera. She backs off a little, and says quietly, “Although…it was nice to have a friend to talk to.” When Stephanie realizes that the camera is still rolling, she gets angry and leaves the confessional dramatically.

In the courtyard, Andrea walks in to see Ulysses. She asks him, “You wanted to see me?”

Ulysses, who looks stern and angry, answers, “Yes. I did.”

“What’cha mad about?” Andrea asks a tad scared of the natural born leader.

“I heard about your tiff with Julia.” Ulysses replies with a hint of disgust in his voice.

“Oh crap…” Andrea mutters. Ulysses goes on.

“Andrea, what’s up? Why the heck can’t you acknowledge that we’re NOT voting for you?” He asks angrily.

“It’s just…” Ulysses cuts in.

“Andrea, voting is part of the game! Do you just expect people to hand you the win? You gotta realize that you’ll be voted for! And you weren’t even voted for last night! Plus, you keep pushing me away! Andrea, while I probably should’ve listened a little more, you also need to listen. I’m not going to vote you out, though if you keep acting this way, I will.” Ulysses gets up and walks away.

After a bit of silence, with Andrea staring in the direction where Ulysses departed, Andrea bows her head and says, “Man…I just didn’t want the boy I loved to vote me out.”

Ulysses, who is still walking away, hears Andrea. He looks down, but continues walking away, head down. He wipes a tear off his eye before he enters the hotel.

(Confessional) “Do I love Andrea?” Ulysses asks rhetorically, “Well…kinda. Safe to say…I have a crush on her. I hated being so hard on her… but it had to happen.” Ulysses sighs sadly, he continues with hand on chest, “It just hurts that she thinks I’d vote for her… if what she’s doing keeps up…I will, though, no matter how much I don't want too.” Ulysses says.

Outside, things are different. Shane is working on something in the middle of the hot, summer day. Shane rises from the construction and looks at it quite proud of his accomplishment like a kid who‘s just won a baseball game. He calls the contestants on his trusty bullhorn and takes a sip of soda. When the contestants arrive, they’re all thinking the exact same thing.

“That’s our challenge?” Darci asks in disbelief.

“Yep! Don’t you love it?” Shane asks, eager for some feedback.

“Not…really.” Zubin admits.

Shane’s smile turns upside down. It returns, though, to its original spot as Shane says excitingly, “But yet you’ll love once you’re up there!” The contestants look little more than frightened and unimpressed. “Aw forget it. Might as well explain today’s challenge. The challenge is broken up into three parts. The first part, you’ll try to stay on a moving platform as me and my interns throw stuff at you. First three to fall off, are eliminated from the challenge. Then, in the second portion, you’ll race through different obstacles to a finish line. First three people on finish mat advance. In the final round, you’ll all get spun around on a pole. Last person still spinning, or to hold on, wins immunity.” Shane says, explaining the challenge. “We’ll draw for spots.”

The scene switches to all nine of the contestants on platform. Shane presses a button, making the platforms vibrate. “Whoa…he’s not kidding around with this stuff!” Nancy exclaims, holding onto the platform for dear life.

Shane calls out to the contestants, “Alright! Time to explain this part of the challenge further! Some interns and I will be throwing things at you, that you already know. But what you don’t know is that you can only touch the platform with your feet. If you touch with any other part of your body, you’re out. Got it?”

“Is he serious?” Nancy asks through gritted teeth.

“I am, now start throwing!” Shane yells as he throws an egg at Nancy. It hits her face.

“Lovely.” The egg covered belle sarcastically says. Random interns, male and female, start throwing random items at the contestants. Most of them are eggs, bananas, balls, and other trinkets. One of them throws a wooden figure at Darci. It hits her head.

“Ow!” Darci cries out, rubbing her sore head. She looks at the wooden figure and picks it up to accurately scrutinize it. She bites it and looks at the wooden tasty figure with fear. She asks in a shaky voice, “Is this a chocolate camera?”

“Yes.” Shane answers as he throws a cat at Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon’s screams can be heard in the back round and a splash.

“I’m allergic to chocolate!” Darci cries out. She chucks the chocolate camera away from herself. The chocolate hits Andrea in the leg, making her slip.

“Andrea and Bobby Jon are out!” Shane yells out.

“Thanks, captain obvious!” Andrea bitter says as she jumps off the platform. Nancy is dodging things left and right. Zubin successfully evades the food that is being thrown to him, and is eating it. Darci starts getting hives and Ulysses is effortlessly dodging things.

“This is easy!” Ulysses comments. Suddenly, a cow is hurled right at him. His eyes widen as the beast knocks Ulysses off his vibrating platform. The cow, with Ulysses on its side, hit’s the wall and crushes Ulysses.

“Oh how you tempted fate…” Stephanie says as she watches the cow crush Ulysses

. (Confessional) Ulysses says with a bunch of bandages on his body, “When that cow hit me…my life flashed before my eyes! A lot of it looked like milk…”

“And we have it! Nancy, Julia, Zubin, Darci, Bobby Jon, and Stephanie are moving on!” Shane says as the platforms stop moving. Nancy sighs in relief.

“Man…I was about to puke there.” Nancy says, happy that this part of the challenge is over.

Bobby Jon swims over to where Ulysses is. He says, “How are you doing after your udder defeat?” Ulysses and Bobby Jon stare at each other for a moment, and then burst out laughing. “I did not mean to make a pun!” Bobby Jon tells Ulysses.

“Suuure you didn’t.” Ulysses says laughing.

The eliminated players from the challenge, Hunter, Andrea, and Ulysses, all take a seat on a bench. The other six, though, head to the second portion of the challenge. Stephanie, who is walking beside Darci notices the hives on Darci’s face have vanished. She asks, “Hey Darc, what happened to the hives?”

“Oh, I took my medication that’s in my bag.” Darci answers. She continues on with, “I never go anywhere without it.”

"Ah…wait…you’re a smart girl, why do you need to bring it wherever you go?” Stephanie questions.

Darci shrugs her shoulders and replies, “It’s kinda hard to say…but sometimes, you just can’t tell. I don’t want to risk having an allergy attack without having my medication by my side.” Stephanie nods her head in understanding.

When they get to the challenge spot, they see a giant staircase, complete with interns on each side, ready to throw heavy sacks onto the contestants to try and knock them off. There are trap-steps that go off when you step on them. The last obstacle is the water that rushes through the entire flight of stairs. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Zubin says in awe.

An annoyed Nancy turns towards the skater and says, “Hey! That’s my line!”

“I guess I stole it.” Zubin replies back smugly.

“You owe me a chocolate bar.” Nancy says under her breath.

“Hello! Contestants! HEY!” Shane calls out from the top of the watery stairs of death. The contestants turn their teenaged heads towards their host. “Thank you, anyway, this is simple. Get up the stairs. Interns will throw things at you, preferably a giant sand bag.” The contestants look at each other nervously. “First three to make it up the stairs, advances to the next round. Now start climbing!”

The contestants are off! Darci makes little progress, same as Zubin. Nancy makes admirable progress. Julia and Stephanie keep slipping at the bottom, and Hunter’s stuck in the middle.

“Okay…I can do this.” Hunter says, trying to motivate himself. He takes a step up and falls flat on his face. He slides down the stairs, saying, “Ouch!” each time he glides over a step. “Look out!” Hunter frantically yells. Darci, who was behind Hunter, hears his screaming. Her eyes widen as she quickly tries to get out of the way of the on coming Hunter. Her efforts are fruitless, though, as Hunter slams into Darci, forcing her down along with Hunter. When they reach the bottom of the stairs, Darci glares at Hunter. Hunter nervously laughs and says, “Well…that was interesting.” Hunter looks at the glare Darci is sending him. Hunter sighs, and asks, “You’re not happy about that…are you?” Darci shakes her head no. She rises up, pushes Hunter away from her, and walks back up. When Hunter gets up, he mutters, “Touchy.”

Meanwhile, Zubin is making his way along the stairs just fine. He is only a couple steps from the top. Zubin puts his weight on his knees and catches his breath. “Almost there.” Zubin steps up one more step, and is promptly hit by a sandbag and that knocks him off the stairs. When Zubin lands in the waters below, he slams the waters surface, aggravated. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!” He roars out.

Shane, who does not notice his irritation, says, “Yep!” Zubin growls under his breath. Does the blonde host not know the harm he’s inflicting on his contestants? Apparently not. However, one teen manages to sneak past the crudely place obstacles. That contestant is Nancy. “Nancy, you’re first one up here.” Shane acknowledges.

“Whoo!” Nancy cheers, jumping up and down throwing her arms everywhere.

“Don’t get too excited, though.” A voice says. Nancy turns around to see Stephanie, right behind her.

“Stephanie! Second person to get up!” Shane says.

“Yeah, I know.” Stephanie says casually before walking away. Both Shane and Nancy look at each other and shrug.

After an awkward silence, Shane calls out, “One more spot open! I know y’all have it in you!” Hunter, who is crawling, reaches the final platform. He gets onto the platform and stands up on it and lets out a tired cheer. “Hunter’s the last one to advance!” Shane cheers.

“We know!” Darci, Zubin, and Julia yell angrily at the same time. The three eliminated people from the challenge head down to the sitting area. The three that advanced, though, walk with Shane to the final stage. The final stage is basically in a giant pool. There are three metal bars with a disk under it to stand on.

“What do we have to do this time?” Stephanie asks, a tad apprehensive of the challenge that is about to go underway.

“It’s easy, while interns spin you around. You have to try to hang on. Last one hanging on, wins! You get out by either falling off, or by quitting.” Shane informs the unlucky contestants. “Now swim out there.” Shane commands his victims. He pushes each of them into the water. After the teens swim out to the rotating bars, some interns come beside Shane. There are three ropes that are tied to the poles. The interns, plus Shane, grab them and begin pulling on Shane’s mark. Stephanie, Nancy, and Hunter each go flying as they spin around.

After about thirty seconds, Hunter yells out, “STOP!” Immediately, the interns that are pulling Hunter’s rope stop.

Shane calls out, “Hunter’s out.” Shane then watches with concern as Hunter swims to the side of the pool, races to a bucket, and barfs in it. “Yeah…he’s so out.” Shane confirms, looking a tad green himself.

(Confessional) Hunter wipes off a bit of puke from his lips. He weakly says, “Yeah…I don’t have the strongest stomach.”

In the challenge, Nancy, who is being thrown around mercilessly, cries out, “This…is…INSANE!”

“Tell me about it.” Stephanie says calmly.

“Girl…how can you…be so…calm?” Nancy wonders, still be thrown around.

“Easy, I’ve been through tougher.” Stephanie answers.

“Ugh…ENOUGH!” Nancy yells. The interns, and Shane, who are pulling Nancy’s spinning pole, stop. After the pole stops, Nancy falls off, dizzy.

“Stephanie wins immunity!” Shane announces.

“Awesome!” Stephanie says with a slight smile. She jumps off, and helps the hopelessly confused Nancy back to land.

The scene switches to the contestants coming back from the challenges. Darci is helping Nancy back into the hotel. “Alright, easy now, the hotel’s only a couple steps away.” Darci directs, leading Nancy with her hand. Nancy walks directly into a column. Darci face-palms, disappointed with the Southern Gal. Stephanie giggles a little at the misfortune as she walks into the hotel.

(Confessional) “It felt quite to win immunity…It felt nice to win for once.” Stephanie says with a slight smile.

“Okay…tell me you’re okay, please?” Darci asks desperate, hoping that Nancy’s finally come to her senses.

“I’m fine.” Nancy reassures Darci. Darci breathes a sigh of relief.

“Good.” She says as she leaves. Nancy looks straight at the wall. She sighs, trying to make herself better from the dizziness. She thinks for a moment, her eyes widen and she snaps her fingers, having an idea. She gets up, and walks to the guy’s room to find that Hunter and Bobby Jon are talking. She asks them, “Could you two do me a favor, please?”

“What is it?” Bobby Jon asks.

“It’s simple, we blindside Andrea tonight.” Nancy reveals to the happy, blonde boy.

“You’re kidding, right?” Bobby Jon asks hopefully.

“You know Ulyss will freak, right?” Hunter asks, a little shocked.

“I am fully aware of that,” Nancy says, “but yet if we don’t get Andrea out, she could easily go to the finals and win this. It makes sense when you think about it.” Nancy tells the two strategic dimwits. The wise guy and the happy guy both think about it. Should they rip up their morals to shreds? Or should they keep with their morals, but run the possibility of losing. Nancy, who is getting very impatient, blurts out, “Just vote with me!” When Hunter glares and Bobby Jon cowers a bit, Nancy sighs, releasing her stress. She says calmly, “Look, I’ll let you two think about it, let me know before the vote happens.” Nancy then leaves the room.

Hunter turns to the still frightened Bobby Jon and says, “I know who I’m voting for.” Bobby Jon, as if he knows what Hunter is thinking, nods, though most likely Bobby Jon is thinking about muffins.

Meanwhile, in front of the entrance to the hotel, Andrea is outside, waiting. When Julia walks through the doors, Andrea’s eyes light up as she hugs her friend. “Jules…sorry about what happened earlier.” Andrea apologizes.

“No need to apologize, though learn from this. Not everyone will bow down to you…if anyone will.” Julia says to Andrea.

Andrea laughs as she replies, “I know, I know. Anyway, I kinda wanted to talk to you about something.”

“You kinda want to talk to me, or do you want to talk to me?” Julia asks, pointing out the poor choice of words.

“Of course I want to talk to you, silly!” Andrea says, exasperated. She rubs her temples and when she’s cooled off enough, she starts talking again. “Look, I really wanted to vote out Steph…but she’s immune. I don’t know who to vote for, but since I want to vote with you tonight, I’ll vote for who you want to vote for.” Andrea tells Julia. Julia looks a bit surprised, but never-the-less, starts thinking about the all important vote.

Finally, Julia answers, “Look, how about we vote for Nancy? She won immunity once, and she almost won today. She could easily win immunities. This might be our only time to vote her out.” Andrea looks at Julia, she makes sense, Andrea deducts.

“Sure! Nice talking to you!” Andrea says as she skips away. Julia laughs a little at her friend’s childishness.

Julia enters the hotel and sees Stephanie, Darci, and Zubin all talking. “So that’s why you’ve been acting the way you have.” Zubin says, finally realizing.

“Yeah, all because of that snob, Nicole.” Stephanie says spitefully. Julia grunts, and the trio lift up their heads.

“I just wanted to let y’all know, I’m voting for Nancy tonight. The girl’s a major threat for immunity. This might be our only chance to vote her out.” Julia tells her trio of friends. The three nod approvingly.

“She did put up a good fight.” Stephanie admits.

“See? Nancy needs to be out, trust me, it will work if we band together.” Julia says. She leaves her three former teammates with a wave, and walks back up the stairs.

After Julia has been gone for a bit, Darci asks the other two, “You think we should?” Stephanie shakes her head as Zubin shrugs. Darci sighs. “Figures…”

At that exact time, Nancy comes walking out of the elevator. Her eyes light up as she sees the trio. She walks over and asks them, “Mind if y’all do something for me?”

“Is it about voting someone out?” Zubin asks, a tad bored. He plays with a piece of paper with his hands.

Nancy looks at the paper and says, “Yeah…it’s about Andrea. If that girl gets to the end, she’ll win. Think about it.” Nancy then struts back to the elevator and leaves.

Darci turns towards her friends, and asks, “Who do we follow?” Zubin shrugs.

Stephanie, who’s getting fed up more and more by the minute, says, “I’ll tell you who to vote for.” Darci and Zubin lean in closer to Stephanie. Stephanie whispers her plan to the two.

When she’s done, Darci remarks, “Not a bad decision.” Zubin nods in agreement. Stephanie smiles, quite proud of herself for finally making a right move. Stephanie gets up and leaves.

As soon as Stephanie leaves, Zubin says to Darci disgusted, “Great! You just got her confident!” Darci punches Zubin in the arm. “Ow!” The poor, unfortunate skater exclaims as he rubs his arm.

The scene changes to the elimination ceremony. The contestants come in, and grab their reels. Once they’ve sat down, Shane says, “Let’s bring in the jury.”

Kimmy, Tyson, and Alexander walk up the stairs and sit in a spot for the jury members. Andrea smiles nervously at Kimmy. Kimmy simply smiles sweetly at the girl, even though Kimmy feels a little resentment towards Andrea.

Shane looks at his contestants and smiles. He asks Stephanie, “So, Steph, if you didn’t win immunity, do you think you’d be leaving if it weren’t for the fact that you won immunity?” Andrea rolls her eyes and groans quietly to herself, implying that she would’ve been long gone.

“Judging by Andrea’s groan,” Stephanie says, glaring at Andrea. The glare is metaphorically piercing Andrea’s soul. Stephanie continues, “I think this win saved my butt.”

“I think so too. Anyway, Nancy, you were so close, do you think that losing will cause you to be eliminated?” Shane asks.

“No…I highly doubt I’ll be leaving.” Nancy says confidently.

“Interesting…Hunter, same question.”

“I don’t know, of course, I’m always nervous that it’s me. You never know.” Hunter tells Shane. He’s fully telling the truth. He’s nervous, as is everyone.

“Wise man.” Shane compliments.

“That’s what everyone back at home calls me!” Hunter exclaims.

“That’s nice.” Shane says sarcastically. “Alright, I think it’s time to vote!” Shane says happily, relieved that the episode’s almost over so that he can go to bed.

Andrea votes for Nancy, “Sorry, but you’re the biggest threat here.”

Nancy votes for Andrea, “Mary Sue’s about to be long gone!”

After the voting, Shane takes the container in which the votes are kept in and walks to the contestants, and jury. He takes off the top of the container and says, “You already know how this goes down. Might as well get it over with. But, might as well say if you get the most votes, you go bye-bye.”

“That’s…a pleasant way to word it.” Zubin says worriedly.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Andrea,”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Andrea, and one more for Andrea. That’s three Andrea.”

Andrea looks down, she coaxes herself, saying, “It’s only a game…I must expect to be voted for.” Ulysses pats her back in support. Andrea smiles, glad that at least one person is on her side.

Shane pulls out two votes, “Nancy, and one more for Nancy. That’s two Nancy, three Andrea.” Nancy’s eyes widen. She quickly calms down, though.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Nancy. That’s three each for Nancy and Andrea.”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Andrea, that’s three votes Nancy, four votes Andrea.”

“No…this can’t be!” Andrea says, surprised. Bobby Jon looks down, ashamed.

Nancy looks at a saddened Andrea. She bows her head, feeling horrible about the vote. “Its strategy, it’ll help you win in the end.” Nancy reminds herself. She says it over and over again, as Shane prepares to read the next vote.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Twelfth person voted out of Total Drama: The Production is…”

“… Andrea. Andrea, please bring me your reel.” Shane announces to the victim. Andrea grabs her things. Hurt, betrayed, lonely, there were the feelings that Andrea felt as she walks up to the bonfire. She looks back at her former teammates, and shoots each one a tear-filled glance. Andrea bows her head as she hands over her reel to Shane. “Andrea, the team has spoken.” Shane says as he tosses Andrea’s reel into the fire.

“I’m gonna miss you.” Ulysses says as he gets up and hugs Andrea.

“I’ll miss you too.” Andrea says sadly during the embrace. After the two finish their hug, she says to him, “Win it for both of us.” Ulysses smiles.

“Anything for my girlfriend.” He says. A joyful smile props up on Andrea’s face. She gives him a little kiss to the cheek as she walks away. Not before giving Julia a hug first, though.

Andrea passes by Bobby Jon, who is literally close to tears. He holds up his arms for a hug, but Andrea simply glances at him, and walks away, disappointed.

Stephanie watches Andrea enter into the limo with great satisfaction on her face. The Mary Sue was finally gone!

“Go back into the hotel.” Shane commands the contestants. Shane walks away from everyone, yawning.

Once the contestants are in the hotel. Ulysses walks away from everyone, close to tears. Bobby Jon looks at Ulysses remorsefully as he states, “I feel like a snake.”

“It’s called strategy, buddy. Trust me, I don’t feel any better than you do, but it’s necessary to blindside people to get to the top.” Nancy reminds Bobby Jon.

“Yeah…I guess…but is it really worth it?” Bobby Jon asks. The usually happy guy gets up, and walks away. Nancy looks on as she ponders the words that Bobby Jon muttered ringing in her Southern ears. Was it really, truly worth it? Nancy has no clue, and she probably won’t until the mess is over. Nancy lies back on the couch, letting the darkness of sleep consume her. However, Nancy ponders over the question, tossing and turning. After about an hour of wondering, she has come up with a conclusion for the answer: She doesn’t know.

Chapter 13 - "It's a little too late for that..."

Shane appears on the front steps and says, “Welcome to another unproductive episode of Total Drama…The Production! Last week, you all watched Andrea get a wake-up call from Julia! Stephanie also got one from Darci. In the challenge, Stephanie stole immunity right from Nancy’s nose. Once the votes came in, it was revealed that Andrea had her worst fear come true. She got betrayed. Who will go home next on Total…Drama…The Production?”

The episode starts out in the guy’s room. Bobby Jon is shown with Ulysses, who is still in his bed. Bobby Jon tells Ulysses, “Come on, man, get up!”

“No,” is the muffled reply.

“C’mon, please?” Bobby Jon pleads, shaking Ulysses.


“You okay?” Bobby Jon inquires, pulling the covers away from Ulysses’s head.

Ulysses’s eyes shoot open in absolute anger. He rises from his bed, shocking Bobby Jon. He yells at the happy kid, “Do you think I’m okay? My girlfriend got voted out!”

Bobby Jon looks down in embarrassment, “Sorry…”

“Look here, kid, maybe if you weren’t always at Cloud Nine, you’d get a whiff of the real world!” Ulysses yells. He throws the covers off of himself and pushes Bobby Jon off the bed. He stomps to the door, opens it and slams it shut in a furious manner. Leaving a scared, and confused, Bobby Jon. When Ulysses realizes what he just did to the kid, he exclaims, “Oh….crap!” He holds his head as he walks off, angry at Bobby Jon, and at himself.

As he walks away, he comes across Hunter, who is sitting on the ground listening to his iPod. Hunter notices Ulysses’s state of confusion and asks, “Hey man… you need to talk about something?”

Ulysses looks at Hunter, and then walks off silently. Hunter, who is bewildered by this, walks after Ulysses. He puts his hand on Ulysses’s shoulder in an attempt to stop him. Ulysses slaps Hunter’s hand away and yells out, “Look! I’m fine! Okay!”

“Bull.” Hunter replies, not intimidated one bit. Ulysses raises an eyebrow as Hunter calmly continues, “What’s really going on in that head of yours?”

Ulysses looks away from Hunter spitefully. He mumbles, “Not like you’d care…you voted her out like the others…”

Hunter is taken aback. He had no idea Andrea's elimination would have this much of an affect on the boy. Sure, he knew it would, but he had no idea it would be this much. Hunter looks at himself, ashamed of his past action. He looks at Ulysses and says, “Look…I’m sorry…it was strategy-”

“STRATEGY NOTHING!” Ulysses interrupts, yelling. Tears of fury run down his cheeks as he continues his spazz attack, “Look here, bub, you knew what you were doing was wrong! You KNEW it! I can’t believe you, man! I trusted you!” Ulysses calms down at bit, as he realizes, “Andrea was right about you guys…you all don’t give a damn about us! You just care about yourselves and the stupid money!” Ulysses finally walks away, growing madder and sadder with each step away.

Hunter just stands there, unsure of how to respond. Finally, he calls out, “You know that’s not true…I made a mistake…I’ll admit it. Ulysses…I’m sorry.” Ulysses looks back, “It’s a little too late for that…” Ulysses then walks away, head held down.

The scene shifts to Darci who is in the garden sitting on the fountain. She is sketching a picture of a flower with a bee on it. Suddenly, a voice says, “Lookin’ good!” Darci screams in fright, dropping her sketch pad in the fountain waters, dooming the drawing utensil to a watery grave.

“Aw…” Darci laments.

“Sorry…” The voice repeats. Darci turns towards the voice, and sees Stephanie standing there, looking a tad guilty.

“It’s fine.” Darci says. She pulls out the soaked sketch pad and tries to wipe off the water, but some pages rip, due to the water soaking them. She sighs as she drops her sketch pad to the ground.

Stephanie sits next to Darci. She says, “I didn’t know you were an artist.”

“I’m not…but it just passes the time here.” Darci answers.


The two just sit there, feeling the cool breeze that’s sweeping in, listening to the loud traffic going by. The two girls, though totally different, are somehow getting along. Stephanie asks Darci with some concern, “Darc… was I actually as mean as you said I was?”

Darci nods, though hesitant. Stephanie asks, “Why did you tell me sooner?”

Darci sighs, “I didn’t want to hurt you…but I know it’s a stupid reason…I just didn’t wanna hurt you.”

Stephanie sighs, a tad disappointed. “Darc, you’re smart. You know waiting isn’t the best thing to do when someone’s doing something they shouldn’t.”

“I know…I know…”

Meanwhile, Nancy is in the cafeteria eating. Suddenly, Bobby Jon walks in depressed. Nancy asks him, “What’s got you all down in the dumps, bud?”

“Ulysses…he yelled at me.” Bobby Jon answers sadly.

“Andrea’s elimination had that much of an affect on him?” Nancy asks, surprised. Bobby Jon nods his head. “Damn…didn’t think it’d be THAT bad.” Nancy mutters.

Bobby Jon nods, “You know…I feel like a snake…if this is what strategy does to you…I really don’t wanna do it.”

Nancy looks down, recollecting Bobby Jon’s words from last night. “It isn’t.” Nancy states sadly.

“Then why do you continue?” Bobby Jon asks innocently. Nancy closes her eyes and fights the tears.

She says, “I… really don’t wanna talk about it…” Nancy then gets up and leaves. Bobby Jon looks at the door Nancy just went through. He sighs and rests his head on the table.

“What am I doing wrong?” Bobby Jon asks. He lets the tears fall. He’s confused, frightened, and bewildered by everything. Even though he knows it’s not entirely his fault, he still feels guilt and shame. He caused Ulysses to become a monster, and Nancy to start becoming depressed. What’s wrong with him? Bobby Jon cries some more, feeling lonely and lost. He just wants out, but he signed a contract, so he can’t quit. Bobby Jon stops his bawling, as no more tears would come out. The normally happy guy suddenly isn’t so happy. He gets up, and leaves the cafeteria. The overwhelming guilt had eaten up his appetite.

Zubin and Darci watch as Bobby Jon walks past them. Darci asks curiously, “What’s with him?”

“Beats me.” Zubin admits.

Darci turns towards Zubin and asks him, “So how have you been doing?”

“Pretty good, you?” Zubin replies. Darci smacks her head.

“No, silly, I mean, with the lust. You know; the thoughts and the feelings for guys?” Darci explains.

Zubin looks disappointed. “Oh…that…yeah. I’ve…been doing okay.” Zubin says, sounding as if he regrets it.

“What do you mean? You sure you’re doing okay?” Darci asks, not believing Zubin for a second. She knew he was lying. Even his body language showed that he was!

“Look…I am. But it troubles me…you’re my motivation for fighting the feelings, when you’re gone, how will I keep myself under control?” Zubin asks, frightful.

“Zubin…only you can determine that. But you have enough self-control.” Darci says to Zubin. Zubin smiles, glad to have some support. It’ll be hard, but he knows he has the self-control needed. “Wait…I’m your motivation?” Darci asks in realization, eyes wide.

“Well…yeah…the promise we made to each other.” Zubin says to her, blushing. The smart girl smiles while blushing. While sweet, it was kinda corny.

The scene changes to Shane, who is outside the building. He calls the campers with his beloved bull horn. He sighs, oh how he loves this job. The contestants might hate it, but he loves it.

When the contestants are outside, Shane looks at them with joy. “What’s got you smiling today?” Julia asks.

“Oh, just the challenge!” Shane says excited.

Zubin rolls his eyes, “What is it this time?” He asks.

“Well, for today’s challenge, you have to construct a puzzle. You‘ll have to go through a bunch of obstacles to get your pieces.” Shane explains with a huge smile. The contestants are dumbfounded.

“I thought you implied that it was good!” Stephanie exclaims.

“Oh! I forgot to mention, it’s a three dimensional puzzle!” Shane explains further. Choirs of gulps are heard.

“That…would make it hard.” Darci admits.

“Anyway, first person to complete wins.” Shane says. When the contestants are at their boards, Shane yells out, “Go!”

Immediately, the contestants dash out to the obstacle course. In the obstacle course, which is all over the pool, they have to swing to a platform by a rope, cross three floating barrels, a floating balance beam, and finally, cross a rope bridge and retrieve the puzzle bags, there are three in total. Then they have to go back.

Zubin gets to the rope first and swings over. Julia also attempts and gets it right. Nancy falls right into the water. Bobby Jon swings, but his legs touch the water, meaning that he fell.

A montage plays of every contestant trying out the obstacle course. Some, like Zubin and Darci, are doing fairly well. Others, like Nancy and Bobby Jon, aren’t. Finally, Zubin gets his final bag and starts to work on the puzzle. The minute the pieces fall out, he’s stumped. Darci, though, is working hard at it, but she’s not making any progress what-so-ever.

“Dang…this puzzle’s so…hard.” Darci admits, looking just as puzzled as Zubin.

“You got that right.” Zubin agrees. Zubin hasn’t even touched his pieces. There’s one thing for sure. It’s harder than any Algebra problem he’s ever encountered.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s having her own problems on the barrels. She’s on her stomach, trying to inch her way across. However, just as she touches the platform with her hand, the barrel topples over. “GAAAAAAAAH!” Nancy screams in anger.

(Confessional) “I ride horses every day! I have great balance! WHY ISN’T IT WORKING!?!” Nancy yells, stressed out immensely.

Julia is quickly maneuvering through the course, thanks to her many years of dancing. She quickly has all three bags and starts working on the puzzle. She, like Darci and Zubin, is quickly stumped.

Ulysses also gets done with the course quickly, but he, like the others, has no clue how to fit the puzzle. Neither does Hunter, who got done right after Ulysses with the course.

After a while, none of the five have made much progress. Currently, Darci is making slow work of the puzzle, but she’s getting there. Julia is close behind her.

Stephanie gets done with the course after many falls from the barrels. She gets to the table and starts working. Bobby Jon finishes close after.

Nancy finally gets her last bag and makes it to the puzzle. She starts working on it. After about thirty minutes, no one has gotten it. Many have got it close to being right, but none exactly right.

Suddenly, something sparks in Darci. She quickly starts to make the puzzle. At the same time, something sparks in Ulysses!

The two race, head to head, to see who will get the puzzle done quickest. The others just watch as the two brainiacs go head-to-head. Finally, one person comes out victorious.

“Darci wins immunity!” Shane cries out.

“Yes!” Darci cheers, hugging Zubin in pure joy. When she realizes what she’s doing, she lets go of Zubin and blushes. Zubin also blushes madly. She hugged him! First time, too.

“Well, I’ll see you guys at the elimination place. Till then, bye!” Shane says as he leaves.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Darci is still celebrating. “Yeah! I did it!” Darci cries out, still hyped up from her victory.

Ulysses, in an act of showmanship, even though he wanted to punch the living daylights out of her because of his mood, says, “Good job Darci,” through gritted teeth.

“Thanks Ulysses!” Darci exclaims, not understand his anger. Darci walks away, head held high.

Ulysses glances over at Bobby Jon, who is happily conversing with Stephanie and Hunter. Ulysses walks over to Bobby Jon and asks, “May I borrow him for a minute?” Hunter and Stephanie nod, while Bobby Jon shakes his head. Ulysses drags Bobby Jon outside while Bobby Jon has a terrified look on his face, due to the events that happened earlier that day.

Once outside, Bobby Jon exclaims, “Please…don’t hurt me! Take whatever you want!”

“Bobby Jon…I’m not gonna hurt you.” Ulysses explains. Bobby Jon folds his arms.

“Maybe you’ll yell at me again?” He asks bitterly. Ulysses sighs and looks ashamed.

He chokes up a bit a little while saying, “Look…Bobby Jon…I’m sorry for earlier, I was just mad about Andrea’s elimination.”

Bobby Jon’s bitter face turns to one of compassion. “Oh…it’s okay.” He says, feeling pretty awkward. He wants to run away, oh how much he’d love too! But he’s afraid of Ulysses lashing out at him. So he stays put like a good boy.

“No, it’s not. I was rough with you…and that’s not a good thing. Bobby Jon…please, I’m really sorry. Truly…I am.” Ulysses pleads, literally on his knees. Bobby Jon looks at Ulysses with tears in eyes. Without saying anything, he simply hugs his friend, having fully forgiven him. Ulysses smiles, knowing what the hug stands for.

Nancy walks out of the hotel right as the two are hugging. She starts laughing hysterically at the two. Bobby Jon and Ulysses quickly stop hugging, but of their faces red with embarrassment. “It’s not what it looks like!” Ulysses cries out.

“I’m not gay!” Bobby Jon cries out.

“Dude…we know.” Nancy points out, her face blue from laughing.

After catching her breath, Nancy goes to say something, but bursts out laughing again.

Ulysses, whose patience is growing more and more dim, yells, “What do you want, woman?” When Nancy and Bobby Jon’s face show shock, Ulysses feels ashamed and says, “Sorry…today hasn’t been the best, anyway, what do you need?”

“Just…need to know if y’all are on board. I already talked to Hunter about the elimination.” Nancy tells the two boys.

“What plan?” Ulysses asks.

“You know, the one where we vote out Julia.” Nancy explains. Ulysses freezes in shock.

“J-J-J-Julia?” Ulysses asks with eyes wide.

“Yeah! I’m for it!” Bobby Jon says, nodding his head and smiling.

“I’ll…think about it.” Ulysses says.

“Okay, but once you realize that I’m telling you what’s best, talk to me.” Nancy says as she walks away. Ulysses sighs and walks away, head down and to the point of shedding tears. Ultimately confused, he walks away from Bobby Jon, who’s still smiling. Ulysses advances to the hallway, where he runs into Stephanie.

“Oh, hey Ulysses!” Stephanie greets. “I was just looking for you.” She adds.

“What do you need?” Ulysses asks, not really caring.

“Well…I was wondering if you’d help me, Darci, Zubin, and Julia,” Ulysses cringes when he hears Julia’s name, “vote out Nancy.”

“NO! Not Nancy.” Ulysses cries out.

“But she’s the one the orchestrated Andrea’s defeat.” Stephanie reminds Ulysses. “Wouldn’t it feel good to get back at that piece of crap?”

“Oh, it’s tempting alright, but I’d be no better than her.” Ulysses says, shaking his head.

Stephanie looks at Ulysses, understanding his dilemma. “What about Jon?” Stephanie suggested.

“NO!” Ulysses immediately shouts.

“…Okay then. That leaves Hunter.” Stephanie points out.

“Ugh…fine…I don’t know…” Ulysses admits. He sits on the ground, head in hands. Stephanie, with a look of concern, sits by the poor soul.

“Look…we gotta vote someone out.” Stephanie explains, rubbing Ulysses’s back, trying to cheer him up.

“Yeah, I know, but is it really worth screwing up someone’s life over, just to win a stupid game?” Ulysses asks. Stephanie looks down, embarrassed.

(Confessional) “Ulysses makes a pretty good point.” Stephanie says, her expression grim. “I mean… this game has the power to make it or break it in someone’s life…why break them?” Stephanie leans back and says, “this game is hard…I’ve gotta vote out people I like and to an extent, dislike!”

“Look, how about you vote for Julia?” Ulysses asks.

Stephanie immediately stands up and yells, “NO! Not after what Julia did for me!”

“It’s her or Hunter.” Ulysses claims.

Stephanie looks away from him, thinking. Who to eliminate? That’s the question. Stephanie lowers her head, thoughts racing through her mind. Should she go with Ulysses, and potentially get herself further in the game, or risk it and vote with her alliance? Stephanie thinks for a moment then whispers in Ulysses’s ear. Ulysses looks grim, as he lowers his head and says, “Okay…I’ll vote with you.” Stephanie nods her head, but she is not smiling. She’s gonna regret the decision, she just knows it.

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony. The campers have already gotten their reels, the jury is already there, and Shane has already started speaking. “So, guys, what’s up?” Shane asks, settling in for another night of eliminating someone. It was to be a long night, with the crickets and katydids chirping in the distance, it was like an orchestra, but higher and more annoying.

“Well…since Andrea’s elimination…things have been different.” Bobby Jon answers.

“How so?” Shane asks.

“Well…Ulysses kinda…yelled at Hunter and I today.” Bobby Jon admits. Ulysses looks away, face red.

“Is this true, Ulyss?” Shane asks through wide eyes. Shane never expected this out of the leader.

Ulysses sighs sadly. He admits, “Yes…yes I did. I was just angry, y’know?”

“I get that… still.” Shane says, shrugging.

“I know, I know… it’s no excuse for anger.” Ulysses finishes Shane's sentence, annoyed with him.

Shane smiles, good boy. “Well, I’m glad you’re admitting it, that’s more than most people ever will do in their lives. You and Bobby Jon make up?” Shane asks.

“Yeah!” Bobby Jon cuts into the conversation excitingly.

“That’s good!” Shane says, smiling. He turns to the others, “So… Darci, do you think if you didn’t win immunity, would you be going?” Darci nods furiously.

“Okay then. Ulysses, you were close, you think that you needed immunity?”

“Duh.” Ulysses states, being a tad surprised with Shane.

“Does anyone here think they’ll be safe? I mean the former team members are even tonight.” Shane explains.

“Yeah…I think it’s clear. Someone’s gonna backstab someone tonight.” Darci observes, her voice quivering out of nervous. Ulysses and Stephanie both look down, not eager about what’s to come.

“Well…we’ll see how close your prediction is, since it’s time for the voting process!” Shane exclaims, his eyes shining.

Ulysses casts his vote, “I’m…really sorry,” he says.

Stephanie casts her vote with a guilty look on her face. Her vote says, “Forgive me.”

Once the votes are done, Shane gets the canister with the votes in them and walks to the contestants. He eyes each one. Each one looks nervous, even Darci is nervous and she won immunity. “Well, time to clear up the apprehension in the air, shall we?” Shane asks. The contestants look at each other with fear.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Hunter. That’s one vote Hunter.” Hunter looks surprised, but shakes it off, though his heart is tearing up inside, partly with hurt and nervousness.

Shane pulls two more votes, “Hunter and…Hunter.” Hunter gasps and his eyes widen. Why? He wonders, what did he do?

Shane pulls out another vote, and Hunter looks nervous, preparing for the worst, “Julia,” Shane says. Hunter looks surprised, as does Julia.

Shane pulls out two more votes, “Julia…and another one for Jules.”

Julia puts her head in her hands and pleads, “No…why now? Please not now!”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Julia,”Julia begins to cry, making Nancy looks extremely guilty.

Shane pulls out the final vote, “Thirteenth contestant voted out of Total Drama: The Production is…”

“…Julia.” Shane reveals. He shows the vote, which has the words, “Forgive me,” on them. Julia begins sobbing. Not because she lost, but from the hurt. She looks over at Stephanie, who’s also shedding a couple tears herself. Julia looks at Stephanie and throws her arms around Stephanie.

“Steph…you gotta win it.” Julia says with a slight smile. Stephanie gasps.

“Even…after voting you out?” Stephanie weakly asks.

“Yes…I forgive you.” Julia says, tear stains are on her face, but her forgiving attitude over-powers her sadness. Even though she’d love to rip off Stephanie’s head, Julia knows that Stephanie is truly sorry. That’s enough for the matchmaker to forgive the red-haired girl. Julia smiles at Stephanie, and gives her one final hug. She then gives everyone one final hug. When she comes to Darci and Zubin, she says to the two, “Take care of Steph.” Julia then leaves, although sad about her betrayal, she’s somewhat glad to be away from all the drama.

As Julia enters the limo, she says to the camera, “Yeah…in a word, that completely…sucked! Still…glad to get away, actually. So much drama and stuff. Anyway, I’m pretty proud of how I did. I might not have played the best game…but still, I’m glad to have played this game the way I did. I can safely say...I'm proud of how I played this game...though I wonder if any of them can say that.” Julia looks down and wipes away a tear. However, a smile quickly forms as she exclaims, “Jerry…I’m coming to you, baby!”

Meanwhile, back at the hotel after the ceremony, Zubin and Darci pull Stephanie aside and talk to her. “What were you thinking, girl?” Zubin asks, aggravated.

“I…don’t know.” Stephanie admits.

Darci, who is a little calmer than Zubin, but not at all much, reminds Stephanie, “Look, you put us at a disadvantage here! It’ll only be a number of days before we leave! Thanks to you!”

“LOOK! I KNOW what I did was wrong! I don’t need you two to bring it up!” Stephanie yells. “Look, I’m sorry, I truly am, but I won’t be if you two keep pestering me about it!” Stephanie then storms off, leaving Zubin and Darci alone. Both of them have mixed feelings. Both feel angry, and sympathetic towards Stephanie. But yet…both feel apprehensive. What was to come at them? The two hug, partly in fear, and partly because they want to go to bed and are headed to their rooms for the night. Either way, the duo is both feeling uneasy about the future. Both of them, and Stephanie included, are terrified about what’s to come for them.

Chapter 14 - "It just felt so... real."

(Author's Note: Some contents in this challenge is graphic, it may be best to skip the challenge if wished.) Shane appears on the front steps and says, “Welcome back, to the best show on television, Total Drama: The Production! Last week, you got see Ulysses lash out at everyone, including Bobby Jon and Hunter! At the challenge, Darci came out on top and Julia was sent home. Not before giving one final, last hug to Stephanie. What’s next in store for our teens? Find out now on Total…Drama…The Production!”

The scene starts out with a view of the hotel. The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, the cars are honking. It’s a rather beautiful day today.

The scene shifts to the guy’s room. Ulysses wakes up and yawns, stretching out with both arms. When he’s done, he grabs a book and happily starts reading. The camera moves to show that Zubin’s still sleeping, and Hunter’s doing push-up’s and sit-up‘s. Bobby Jon’s in the bathroom in his boxers, cleaning his face.

Bobby Jon breaks the silence by saying excited, “We’re almost done!”

Hunter looks up from his crunches. “Almost done with what?” He asks.

“The game!” Bobby Jon reminds him. Hunter nods, smiling. He’s a bit glad to go back home soon, but he’s not really looking forward to it.

“So, do y’all miss home?” Bobby Jon asks.

“No, I don‘t want to go back to a town full of racism.” Hunter states.

“Racism?” Ulysses asks with wide eyes. “You serious?”

“Yeah… unfortuneate, ain’t it?” Hunter asks rhetorically.

“Ugh, racism is so 1865’s” Ulysses states, rolling his eyes.

“I agree.” Bobby Jon adds. “So Ulyss, you miss home?”

“Why would I?” Ulysses asks, turning a page.

“I don’t know, I just thought that maybe y’all missed your friends and family.” Bobby Jon tells the two.

“I do miss my parents and my girlfriend, Kelsey.” Hunter admits, taking a break from exercising.

“Eh… I miss my doggie.” Ulysses says, not really caring to much about the conversation.

“Yeah… I miss my pets too.” Bobby Jon says, looking happy at the mention.

Ulysses turns towards Bobby Jon and tells him, “Why just the animals? I mean, life must be pretty easy for ya. I mean, you’re always so happy.” Bobby Jon looks hurt.

“You don’t even know half of it.” Bobby Jon mutters.

“What was that?”

“Nothing.” The awkward silence once again let itself into the room. Bobby Jon, again, breaks the ice, “So…Zubin, you miss home?” Zubin gives a very loud snore. “I’ll take that as a no….”

(Confessional) “Do I miss home? Yeah, a bit, I miss my real friends, but not my family. I mean, all of them are such stars… It’s a wonder how my tape got selected over theirs.” Bobby Jon states sadly. He looks to the wall of the confessional and puts his hand on his arm. He sighs, saying, “I don’t want to go back to being ignored. Most likely, my family will only welcome me back because I did well, here. Unlike home, I’m actually loved for who I am.” Bobby Jon looks at the camera and adds, “How I wish Kimmy was here….”

Meanwhile, in the girl’s room, Darci and Nancy are both applying make-up as Stephanie with her laptop, typing away. Darci begins to sing in a sweet voice, “We’re halfway there!”

Nancy joins in, as the two harmonize as they sing, “But we’re looking good now! I never thought that I would say we’re halfway there!”

“Ugh, you two have to beautiful of voices to waste your time on that dumb-*** song!” Stephanie complains as she continues her typing.

“Well sorry for not liking guys who play scream-o or heavy metal.” Nancy sarcastically states. Stephanie rolls her eyes as Darci giggles.

“Good one.” She remarks to Nancy. “So, you girls ready to go home?” Darci asks.

“Heck no!” Stephanie yells.

“I really,” Nancy pauses to apply her mascara, “would rather stay here.” Nancy admits, putting down the mascara.

“Oh,” Darci says, putting on eye-liner. She shakes her head and puts a dark green hair-scrunchie in her hair to put it in a ponytail. She says when she’s done, “I miss my mom and my dogs and cats. But, other than that, I’m fairly glad to be here.”

“Who isn’t? I think everyone should get away from home.” Stephanie blurts out. Darci and Nancy both shrug.

(Confessional) “Do I miss home? Are they serious? As if! It’s perfect here. I actually have some friends who semi-care for me here, unlike Nicole back at home.” Stephanie looks pissed for a couple seconds before yelling, “**** YOU NICOLE!”

Darci walks out of the room and gets to the elevator. When the door’s about to close, someone yells, “Wait up!” Darci holds the door open as Hunter flies in.

Once he’s securely in, he says, “Thanks, Darci!”

“No problem. Why are you in such a rush?” Darci asks, playing with her scrunchie.

“Breakfast,” Hunter answers.

“Oh yeah.” The two are silent for a while. Darci starts playing with her ponytail as Hunter whistles a tune. Finally, Darci asks Hunter, “Hunter, how’s Zubin doing?”

“Really good, he hasn’t awakened yet.” Hunter answers. He goes back to his whistling.

“Has he… acted strange?” Darci asks, concerned.

“Nope, not really, he used to stare at us, but he hasn’t done that in a while.” Hunter confirms. “Why?”

“Oh, just wondering.” Darci says, nervously laughing. Hunter looks suspicious but doesn’t ask. He looks away as Darci looks down, a bit embarrassed.

“I think I know what you’re talking about.” Hunter finally says.

“You do!?!” Darci asks with her eyes wide.

“You weren’t the only one he confided in.” Hunter reveals.


“Its wonders what one can do off camera.” Hunter reminds Darci. Darci looks down, her face red, Hunter picks up on her vibes and explains, “Darci, don’t be embarrassed. Look, you should see the way he talks about you. I can tell that he really likes you, and by your actions, I can get that same vibe from both of you. Darci, I also heard about why you won’t date the boy. Darci, you’re smart and Zubin’s really used self-control. I don’t think you two have anything to worry about.” Hunter says, smiling the entire time.

Darci’s eyes light up, “Really?” She asks hopefully.

“Really.” Hunter answers. The elevator finally gets to its destination and drops off the two. Darci races to the stairs the moment the elevator doors open.

“Where ya going?” Hunter asks.

“To find my boyfriend!” Darci calls out, excited. Hunter looks at the empty stairs and chuckles to himself.

“Young love.” He says with a smile.

Darci runs up the stairs. When she finally gets to the floor Zubin’s on, she races to the boy’s room. She knocks on the door furiously.

Zubin opens it, and asks, “Darci? What do you need?”

“Zubin, I’ve gotta ask, will you go out with me?” Darci asks, her eyes shining.

Zubin’s face shows absolute shock, but then it turns to one of unbridled joy. “I… I thought you wanted to wait till’ we were older!” Zubin reminds her, voice shaky.

“Zubin, look, you’ve exerted so much self-control throughout this whole time. And we’re both smart enough to not make the mistake my mom made.” Darci tells him.

“I didn’t hear a word you said! I just want to go out with you!” Zubin exclaims, being close to tears. The two hug passionately, not letting go.

Ulysses and Nancy walk past the doorway, talking. They glance inside and see the two hugging. Ulysses turns towards Nancy with a smirk. “What?” Nancy asks. When Ulysses stays silent, Nancy asks again. “What?” Then the dread of realization hits her. “Oh… That.” She says, less than happy. With an angry expression, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out five bucks and gives it to Ulysses. Ulysses accepts it with a smile.

Outside, Shane is walking out a forest, looking freaked out. He has a plate of mushrooms, yet looks guilty as he walks with the plate to the hotel.

Bobby Jon and Stephanie, who are conversing on the steps, see Shane. Stephanie yells out, “Yo!” While Bobby Jon is just content to greet Shane with a simple, friendly wave of the arm.

Shane, once he reaches the two, says to them, “Get the others, its challenge time.” Stephanie and Bobby Jon nod, though Bobby Jon has a giant smile on his face whereas Stephanie has a scowl. “HOLD ON!” Bobby Jon and Stephanie skid to a stop. “Give these mushrooms to the other ones. It’s your lunch.” Shane explains. Bobby Jon and Stephanie look at each other confused. But they shrug and get the others while holding the plate. Shane looks guilty as the two run inside.

“Ugh… stupid production people, those teens shouldn’t have to go through what they’re about to go through.” Shane says, his head resting in his hand. He walks away, still pondering about his decision.

The scene shifts to the entrance of the forest, where Shane and the contestants are.

Shane tells the teens, “Alright, guys, here’s the deal. The challenge is to get from this spot, to the other side of the forest.”

After a couple seconds of silence, Nancy asks, “Is… that all?” Shane nods.

“You can go at anytime, you know.” Shane reminds the contestants. Immediately, the final seven rush into the forest, running over Shane along the way. After they trample him, Shane gets up, a tad cut up and bruised. “I… probably deserved that.” He says as he starts walking around the forest.

In the forest, the contestants have broken up into pairs. Hunter and Bobby Jon are in the lead together. Ulysses and Nancy are together, but they’re right behind Hunter and Bobby Jon. Darci, Zubin, and Stephanie are in last place together.

While in the lead, Hunter and Bobby Jon continue their pace, helping each other up when they stumble or if they got tired. After a while, Bobby Jon unexpectedly falls flat on his back, crying out, “Ow!”

“Dude!” Hunter cries out, “you alright?” Hunter immediately helps the boy up frantically.

“I’m fine… But why are there so many flashy lights?” Bobby Jon asks, Hunter looks confused.

Right then, a beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair walks towards the guys. While she walks, more lights flash, and ‘people’ begin cheering. Bobby Jon just looks surprised.

“Jemmye,” Bobby Jon mutters, his eyes close to tears.

“Who?” Hunter asks, not seeing a thing.

“My sister, she’s here.” Bobby Jon’s eyes widen. “How the heck can you not see her, dude? Don’t you see flashing lights, cheers, a blonde slut, and music?” Hunter shakes his head. Bobby Jon lowers his head, as he is rammed by a football player.

The football player yells, “Outta the way, pipsqueak!”

“Damien!” Bobby Jon cries out, aggravated. “I hate my family.” Bobby Jon mutters.

“Okay, you MUST be seeing things. I didn’t see anything!” Hunter tells Bobby Jon, his eyebrow raised.

“Dude, I’m not!” Bobby Jon snaps at Hunter, his eyes angry. Suddenly, another girl walks out of the woods, running past Bobby Jon.

When she reaches him, she pushes Bobby Jon out of the way without a word. Bobby Jon, annoyed, yells out, “Like I care about you, Caroline!” He looks away from her, his face streaming with tears.

Hunter awkwardly hugs his friend. Even though he doesn’t quite understand what’s going on, he still cares about his depressed friend, even if Hunter thinks he’s a lunatic.

“Aren’t our children great?” A man asks, though unseen.

“Why yes, all of them are great! Expect Bobby Jon.” A woman remarks, also unseen.

“Yeah… Why didn’t you get that abortion you were going to get when you found out that you were pregnant with Bobby Jon?” The man asks. “You could’ve made our lives so much better!”

“I know, I know, I regret the decision. At least he’s on that TV show; maybe he’ll be useful and win it.” The woman reminds the man.

“Yeah right, he’s a dumb***.” The man tells the woman. The two begin laughing.

At this point, Bobby Jon is bawling on the ground in Hunter’s arms, the feeling of rejection swarming in his heart. Hunter simply looks at Bobby Jon sadly, wanting to understand why he’s crying.

“What’s wrong?” Hunter asks genuinely.

“Nothing…” Bobby Jon responds.

“Bull,” Hunter replies loudly.

“Fine… Look, it’s just; my family doesn’t exactly pay any attention to me. It seems like everyone else is great… but me.” Bobby Jon says, regaining control of his sanity. “I just… saw and heard them. None of them paid any attention to me, if they did; it was always an insult…”

Instead of saying anything, like Bobby Jon is expecting Hunter to do, Hunter simply hugs Bobby Jon from the back. Bobby Jon smiles warmly. Here, he was cared about. That, he knew.

“Alright, we ain’t got all day! Let’s continue!” Bobby Jon cheerfully says, almost as if what just happened to him didn’t happen. Hunter looks confused, but starts running along side of him never-the-less.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Darci, Zubin, and Stephanie are running together. After a bit, Stephanie realizes that it has begun to rain.

“Wow… that rain really snuck up on us, didn’t it?” Stephanie asks rhetorically.

Even though Zubin and Darci know full and well that it was a rhetorical question, they shrug, not feeling a drop. They both look up to the sky, expecting the sky to be filled with raging gray clouds. However, they see squat.

“Steph… hate to burst your bubble, but it ain’t raining.” Zubin breaks it to Stephanie, a little uneasy of what she might do next.

“Are you kidding? It’s really pounding!” Stephanie says, completely grounded in her idea that it’s raining. Zubin and Darci simply look at each other. “It’s actually kinda flooding my room. Of course, this is New Orleans we’re talking about.” Stephanie says, suddenly looking tired.

“Um, Stephanie, I don’t think we’re in New Orleans anymore.” Darci says.

“Are you kidding?” Stephanie asks herself, ignoring Darci much to Darci’s anger. “It never rains this much, though.” Stephanie then walks over to a ‘door’ and ‘opens’ it, she gasps at the ‘content’ of the other side of the door.

“Okay… this is weird! The whole house is flooded!” Stephanie cries out, panicking. “What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?” Stephanie says, half-crying half-stressed out.

Darci and Zubin simply stare, wondering whether Stephanie has finally gone loco.

Stephanie gets an idea, “My parents! They’ll know what to do!” She then runs to a tree and peels some of the bark back while Zubin and Darci just watch with blank expressions.

Once Stephanie’s done opening the ‘door’, really just peeling off some bark, she gasps. “Oh man… a flood!” Panic stricken, Stephanie begins to cry, in fright and partly in stress. She begins to make wading motions as she tries to get to a plant. Once she reaches it, the plant mysteriously falls over. At that point, Stephanie loses it.

“Mom! Dad!” She cries out, her hand reaching towards the fallen plant. Zubin and Darci can’t help but feel sorry for the poor girl as she continues her fit of crying. After a bit, Stephanie returns to reality.

“Wha… where am I?” Stephanie groggily asks, looking about. When she spots Zubin and Darci, she rushes to them, crying on their shoulders.

“Dude, Steph, are you okay?” Zubin asks.

“Not… really.” Stephanie admits, her lip trembling.

“What did you see?” Darci asks, stroking Stephanie’s hair.

“Get off my hair,” Stephanie barks. Darci does so quite frightened, “and… I saw my parents die… again.” Stephanie reveals, in tears.

“Oh… Steph,” Darci says sympathetically.

Stephanie sighs, “I was seeing hurricane Katrina again. What you probably saw me do… was perhaps the best.” Stephanie lowers her head, eyes closed. Her face is stained with tears, and running mascara.

Darci and Zubin say nothing, not knowing what Stephanie went through, as they have never experienced both their parents dying. All they can do is comfort Stephanie, though they do so, gladly. They both look at each other, thinking the same thing. They HAD to get out of there.

Zubin breaks the silence, saying, “Girls, I think its best we get out of here, before another one of us goes through what Stephanie just went through.” The two girls nod in agreement.

The trio begins walking, not running, as Stephanie is still shaking with fear. Stephanie is confused, not understanding what just happened. How did she see a memory she experienced when she was ten years old? Stephanie breathes heavily. The past was past, but yet the memories still haunt her.

Meanwhile, Ulysses and Nancy are walking side-by-side, not really saying a word. After a bit, someone calls out, “Man, I’m pretty glad that Ulysses is gone….”

“Who said that? Grant?” Ulysses asks, bewildered.

“What?” Nancy asks a tad surprised.

“My brother, I just heard him… say something about me.” Ulysses tells Nancy.

“What’d he say?” Nancy asks.

“He…” Ulysses lowers his head, reluctant to tell.

Nancy, picking up on Ulysses’s thoughts, tells him in a compassionate voice, “You don’t have to tell me, he must’ve said something major, to shake someone like you up.” She gives him a comforting smile.

Ulysses just stands there, unconvinced. “Nanc,” he says, “that’s nice of you, but I don’t know whether to believe it.” He lowers his head sadly.

“How come?” Nancy asks softly, looking at the boy with compassion.

“Well, it’s just that my home is torn. Half of my siblings love each other, and hate the other half. The other half is the same way with them.” Ulysses explains. Nancy looks confused, so Ulysses explains it once more. Not without a disappointed sigh first, though, “there are two sides with my siblings. We’re at war, constantly.”

“Oooh!” Nancy exclaims, finally getting it.

The voice that Ulysses defined as Grant, returns saying, “Yeah, Ulysses is just a pile of crap.” Ulysses looks hurt at the comment.

“He’s not that bad,” another voice says, though the voice is female.

“Thanks, Julia.” Ulysses says, glad that someone is defending him.

Nancy is looking around frantically, “Where’s Julia?” She asks excitingly.

“I meant, my sis.” Ulysses explains. Nancy nods understandingly.

“Whatever, Jules,” another female voice says. Tears fill Ulysses’s eyes.

“I’m with you, Mary; he’s really not that great.” A different voice states.

“Yeah,” Mary says, agreeing with him, “he thinks he’s all that, HA! Yeah right!” Mary scoffs, laughing a little to herself.

Ulysses then states, “When I get home, I’m killing Simpson.” Nancy looks confused.

“What’s going on?” Nancy asks, puzzled.

“Don’t you hear voices?” Ulysses asks, his eyebrow rises. Nancy shakes her head. Ulysses sighs.

“Come on, guys, ever since Ulysses took control of the football team, we’ve won every game since!” A different male voice reminds everyone.

“To bad he doesn’t play, Lee.” Mary jokes. Grant and Simpson laugh.

“Whatever, I don’t believe its right to talk about him when he’s not here.” Julia, Ulysses’s sister, reminds the voices. Right then, the voices leave.

Ulysses is left bewildered by everything. He looks down, not sure of how to take it. Part of him wants to cry his eyes out, yet another part of him feels proud of his two siblings, Lee and Julia, for standing up for him.

Picking up on Ulysses mood, Nancy simply takes his hand and walks beside him. After they go a couple ways, Nancy hugs the boy. While she didn’t hear the voices, or didn’t hear what happened, she knows that Ulysses is in a sadder mood. That’s all she needs to know.

Ulysses smiles sadly at the hug, he needed it.

(Confessional) “I… can’t believe they said that!” Ulysses exclaims with his face stained with tears.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Bobby Jon and Hunter are still in the lead. All of a sudden, a rock flies through the air, and hits Hunter right on the head, causing him to fall over. A little boy’s voice calls out, “N*****!” And the voice dies away laughing.

Hunter rubs the sore spot on his whist groaning. Bobby Jon is right beside him with eyes wide, yelling, “You alright, man? What made you fall down?” He looks around wildly.

“I’m fine… and I think a rock? I’m not sure.” Hunter admits. Bobby Jon doesn’t look believed for a second.

“You think I’m an idiot? Nothing brought you down!” Bobby Jon yells. He pauses for a moment and rests his chin in his hand and ponders out loud, “You just fell, I think.” Bobby Jon says.

“No, there was DEFINITELY a rock.” Hunter says while getting up, and putting emphasis on the word, ‘definitely’.

“N****!” The voice who threw the rock yells out.

“Who said that?” Hunter yells angrily, fist clenched.

“Said what?” Bobby Jon asks, confused. He looks on as Hunter looks around more; apparently, he was hearing stuff and getting pelted by rocks. Bobby Jon figures that Hunter is officially crazy.

Suddenly, Hunter cries out, “Ugh, I came here to get away from all of this!”

“Get away from what?” Bobby Jon asks, concerned for Hunter’s mental health.

“You… can’t hear it?” Hunter asks, surprised. “How couldn’t you hear it?”

“What exactly am I supposed to hear?” Bobby Jon asks innocently.

Hunter sighs, how could Bobby Jon not hear the voices calling him words such as, ‘n****’ and, ‘slave-boy‘? Hunter is hurt deeply by that, as he can recognize the voices. Hunter looks down, nearly in tears. The comments, the words, they were too much for him to take.

Bobby Jon, sensing Hunter’s distress, pats him on the back and states, “don’t worry, whatever the voices inside your head are saying, they’re not true.” Hunter smiles at Bobby Jon and hugs him. He then begins to cry. Not because of the words, but because of the friend he made out here. Bobby Jon simply smiles, letting the poor boy cry it out.

After Hunter’s crying fest is over, the two continue their journey through the woods. Whether they are still in first place, is unknown.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Ulysses are talking while walking in the woods.

“So, Nancy,” Ulysses starts, “why’d you join the show?”

“Well, it’s a really stupid reason.” Nancy states, embarrassed.

“It can’t be that bad.” Ulysses tells her.

Nancy then grows mad at him, shouting, “Lay off, would ya?”

Ulysses looks hurt by the comment; he only wanted to know the reason. She didn’t have to snap at him.

Nancy, on the other hand, is furious. Why couldn’t Ulysses stick to his own business, she wonders. Nancy shrugs, letting her anger go. Would she tell him? If it shut him up, why not? She figures.

“If you must know, you remember, Liz, right?” Nancy asks in a haughty tone.

“You mean that girl who got blindsided in Craziness? Yeah… she was hot!” Ulysses exclaims excitingly about his favorite girl contestant.

Nancy slaps him, “You have a girlfriend!” She reminds him, Ulysses rubs the spot where Nancy slapped him, “anyway, after Liz’s performance… everyone started stereotyping southern girls as dumb, retarded, naïve, little freaks who wouldn’t amount to anything.” Nancy sighs, fighting back the tears that long to run free. She continues, “I know Liz was blindsided, and I love her to death, as she is my best friend, but I really wanted to prove those people wrong. That’s why I’m playing the game I’m playing, to make a point. There, I told you it was dumb!” Nancy then walks away from Ulysses angry.

Ulysses catches up to her and says, “But it wasn’t dumb, you have a legit reason.”

“Yeah right, I only wanted to puff up my own ego.” Nancy comments, turning away from Ulysses. Why wouldn’t he just shut up? She wonders.

“Nancy, listen to me, you wanted to prove yourself, and you know what? You’re perhaps the greatest power player to ever play this game! Better than India, better than Mitchie, better than power duo Valeria and Serene, better than Lance, even! And you’re way better than Alejandro and Heather ever was.” Ulysses tells Nancy.

“But those guys were able to do it with a clean conscience, me, I cry every time I eliminate someone.” Nancy then gets angry and kicks a mushroom, “This is such a stupid game!” She cries out.

“It is, I don’t fully understand how people can use people like that and not feel a thing.” Nancy begins to cry a little, “Nancy, what I’m saying is, you’re doing great.” Ulysses says, finishing his statement with a comforting smile.

“Yeah… right. Listen, bud, no one will want to talk to me after this is over. And I’ve dug myself such a huge hole! I can’t get out; I can only continue digging until I get to China.” Nancy explains. She sheds a single lone tear as she thinks about everyone she’s voted out. HayleyKimmyAndreaJulia. All those people she voted out. Those four girls cloud her mind with guilt. The worst part, three of them are on the jury! How can Ulysses just stand there and talk to her? Nancy wonders.

“But Nancy, you’ve forgotten something. I’ll continue being your friend, no matter what.” Ulysses reminds Nancy.

Nancy throws her arms around him and says, “This is why Andrea fell for you!”

Ulysses sighs, remembering that fateful day. Sure it hurt hugging the girl that got her out. However, he already forgave her and has moved on. Now if only Nancy could.

“Nancy, may I ask, is all this also because of Rosa?” Ulysses asks. Nancy simply nods.

“She was my buddy, and I still miss her.” Nancy states.

“Well don’t worry, soon this game will be over.” Ulysses reminds Nancy. Nancy smiles, glad to have a friend like Ulysses.

“Thanks Ulysses, I… really needed to talk to someone, and hear what you told me.” Nancy tells Ulysses. “And you know what? Your siblings are idiots for thinking you’re a bad guy, you’re one of the most awesome guys I’ve ever met!” Nancy tells Ulysses with a hug.

This time, it’s Ulysses’s turn to feel the fuzzies.

“Thanks, Nancy, now let’s get going!” Ulysses tells the country girl. Nancy nods, eager to get out of the forest.

Meanwhile, Stephanie, Darci, and Zubin are each walking together. Well, more like Darci and Zubin carrying a frightened Stephanie on their shoulders. After a bit, Darci unrepentantly stops, causing Zubin and Stephanie to trip.

“Hey! What gives?” Stephanie asks, angry at the stopping.

“Yeah… what up?” Zubin asks, gentler than Stephanie, but still a bit angry with her.

“Sorry, I just saw a flash of light.” Darci explains. She looks surprised as she asks, “don’t you guys see it too?” When Zubin and Stephanie shake their heads, Darci looks a bit concerned.

Darci looks up to see a flash of light that looks a bit like a movie screen. At that point, two Asian people, a male and female, appear on the screen in a kitchen. The male is thin, and wearing a white wife-beater and dark blue jeans. The female appears to be pregnant, and is wearing an olive green tank-top and black jeans. She has her hand on her stomach. Both appear to be sixteen years old and are in a heated discussion about the girl, baby.

“Listen, Hitomi, we have to get the abortion.” The male explains to the female.

“But, Taro, we did this. This was our choice. We might as well pay the consequences, though I’m not sure that my baby will be a consequence.” Hitomi states.

“But, Hitomi, we’re so young; we can’t live with this responsibility!” Taro explains.

“Then why didn’t we think of it in the first place before we… um… did the deed!” Hitomi explains angrily.

Taro looks stunned for a second, not really knowing how to respond. She had a good point, he admits, but he knew better.

Hitomi, on the other hand, is furious with her boyfriend. It was their choice to make the baby, might as well live with the consequence, she figures.

“Either way, it won’t matter.” Taro explains, “I’ll make sure that baby doesn’t live, even if it’s me who has to kill it!” Taro exclaims angrily. He quickly grabs a knife and walks menacingly towards Hitomi.

“Taro, what are you doing?” Hitomi asks her eyes wide at the sight of shiny, deadly blade. When Taro doesn’t give an answer, Hitomi cries out, “don’t do anything you’ll regret!”

“I already regret what I did with you!” Taro yells at Hitomi.

Taro continues walking towards Hitomi. With each step seemingly taking hours when in reality, they were only taking seconds. Hitomi was backing up in fear. Not necessarily for her own life, but for her unborn child. Hitomi lets out a scream, startling Taro. At that point, a middle aged man walks out of the room, hearing the scream.

“What’s going on?” He asks.

No one gives him a verbal answer, but Hitomi points to the knife Taro is carrying. When Taro sees what Hitomi did, he lunges at her, intending to kill both the baby, and the mother. Hitomi lets out another blood curling scream. Immediately, the man takes action. He grabs a hold of Taro’s wrist, and pries the knife from Taro’s hand. At that point, the man lifts up Taro, and throws him out the door yelling, “Don’t you dare come back to this place! My daughter should’ve never been with the likes of you!”

Hitomi’s father looks at Hitomi, who’s face is pure white, and she is shaking. Her father hugs her, and whispers, “Don’t worry, your baby is safe.”

Hitomi sighs, glad that Taro is gone. She looks at her belly and giggles, saying, “I think my little girl just kicked!”

Her father laughs a little. Both are overcome with grief, but joy of being able to preserve a life. Hitomi looks at her father and says to him, “I hope my daughter never makes the mistake I did.” She then turns her attention towards her unborn daughter, “don’t worry, Darci, it’ll be alright.” Hitomi and her father then hug, glad that everything is over.

The flash of light disappears, and Darci is shown on her knees, crying.

“What’d you see?” Stephanie asks, legitimately caring for Darci.

“I… saw my mom and dad fight over whether to get an abortion or not… and I saw my grandfather own my dad.” Darci explains. Stephanie and Zubin look confused.

“Although I don’t get it… I’m glad it’s over. Trust me, most likely that didn’t happen anyway.” Zubin says, trying to comfort Darci.

“But Zube, it just felt so… real.” Darci explains, her eyes to the brim with tears.

“Don’t worry, whatever happened, happened.” Zubin says with a smile. Darci remains unconvinced. “Besides, I’d let no one get to you.” Zubin explains, hugging Darci’s head.

Darci smiles and gets up off the ground. She starts walking away. When she notices that Stephanie and Zubin aren’t following, she calls out to them, “come on! We’re in the middle of a challenge!” Stephanie and Zubin shrug but they start to run, despite everything that happened.

After a couple steps, Zubin trips, but quickly gets back up.

“You alright?” Darci asks.

“I… I’m fine.” Zubin says, trying to remain positive.

“You sure?” Darci asks, unconvinced.

“Positive,” Zubin states, he starts walking away, but is knocked over by a branch.

“What’s wrong?” Stephanie asks, wanting to get a move on in the challenge.

“Nothing, I’m just a bit clumsy, that’s all.” Zubin explains. When he notices Stephanie and Darci staring at him, he asks, “What? Can’t we just get a move on?” Darci and Stephanie shrug, but start running along with Zubin.

(Confessional) “Zubin was never clumsy in the challenges; I wonder why he’d start now.” Darci ponders. She looks down, her eyes staring at the ground. She closes her eyes and places her hand on the wall of the confessional. “I hope he’s alright.” She says.

The scene shifts to the end of the woods. All seven teens reach the end at the same time. Once they notice that they’re at the end, they all start to sprint. Zubin quickly trips, though, and Stephanie trips over Zubin. Not after a couple swear words were thrown out of her mouth, though. Even though Darci is a fast girl, she just can’t compete with the others. So now it’s Hunter, Nancy, and Bobby Jon tied for first. At the last second, though, Bobby Jon pulls ahead and crosses the finish line.

“Bobby Jon wins immunity!” Shane cries out, raising his arms.

“Yeah… woot.” Bobby Jon states, unenthusiastic.

“You alright, big guy?” Shane asks, concerned for the boy.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.” Bobby Jon says sarcastically, “I simply got to see my family neglect me like they always do!” Bobby Jon yells, holding up a fist, threatening Shane.

Once the other teens reach Shane, all with angry looks, Shane backs up, scared for his own life.

“Do you have any idea what you put us through?” Nancy asks, hands on hips.

“I got to see my dad nearly kill me and my mom!” Darci yells at Shane. The anger is coursing through her veins. With each second the anger seems to be getting stronger. Somehow, almost a miracle in Shane’s case, the little Asian girl doesn’t snap, but instead calms herself down. Everyone, besides Stephanie and Zubin, look at her in question, not knowing what she saw in the forest.

“Look… I’m sorry for any hallucinations you may have had.” Shane apologizes. The contestants don’t buy it. “Look, you remember those ‘shrooms I gave you?”

“Oh yeah, right before the challenge?” Stephanie asks.

“Yeah, those. Look, I picked them out, but I got distracted,” Shane coughs, “chasing a butterfly,” Shane coughs again, “thing is, I’m sorry for anything that may have happened in there.” When he sees the contestants looking at him puzzled, Shane sighs, knowing it’s hopeless. “Just… go back to the hotel. See you all in a couple of hours.

While walking away, Darci states, “Those weren’t hallucination.

With mixed reactions, the contestants start walking back to the hotel. When they get back, Darci walks over to Zubin, who looks distraught. She asks him, “You alright?” Zubin nods, though with a questioned look on his face.

As if reading his mind, she explains, “You were the only one, well, at least that I know of, who didn’t experience a hallucination.”

“I did experience one.” Zubin confirms. Darci looks surprised.

“You did? How come it didn’t show?” Darci asks him.

“It did… that was why I was tripping so much.” Zubin explains.

Darci states, “Ooh,” finally understanding why Zubin was such a klutz in the challenge.

“I didn’t experience anything bad… it was actually quite pleasant, almost… beautiful.” Zubin explains, wiping away a tear from his eye.

“What’d you see?” Darci asks, anxious for some positive lights around the depressing hotel.

“It’s not seeing as much as it was hearing.” Zubin corrects. Darci looks confused, not at all understanding him. “I didn’t see anything; I heard everything, to say the least.” Zubin explains. Darci finally gets it.

After some urging to continue, Zubin finally lets it all out. “The thing is me and my dad have never had a good relationship. He’s sort of the performance based father.” Zubin explains to Darci.

“Yeah, I get that.” Darci says. Zubin smiles, glad that he is not the only one.

“Anyway, the entire time I was in the forest… I only heard one thing. I heard my dad telling me how much he loved me, and that he is really proud of me.” Zubin wipes away another tear from his eyes. Darci simply listens to it like a little child listening to their grandparent.

“All my life, my dad has rarely told me how much he loved me. I can even count them on my hand!” Zubin exclaims, holding up his hand and wiggling his five fingers. Darci just look sympathetic. “And he’s only told me that he was proud of me once. While I love him… and I know that he loves me, it’s difficult y’know? So hearing all that in the forest today… I needed to hear that.” Zubin finishes, smiling and shedding a couple tears of joy.

“Wow… I had no idea, Zubin.” Darci says sadly. She then advances towards him, “Just remember one thing, though.” She tells him, “You are loved, by me, and your father. He loves you, and IS proud of you.”

When Darci says that to Zubin, Zubin begins to cry tears of joy, for the first time, his heart is filled with pure, utter love. He hugs Darci as he cries.

When he is done, he looks at Darci’s now soaked shirt and sheepishly apologizes, “sorry ‘bout the shirt.”

Darci looks at the shirt and simply laughs, saying, “Eh, don’t mention it.” The two then hug, both of them with smiles on their faces.

(Confessional) Nancy enters the confessional with a worried look on her face. “I’m really in a scramble right now,” Nancy confesses. She looks into the camera and continues, “The thing is, if I go with Ulysses, Hunter, and Bobby Jon, most likely they can get me out at the final four unless I win immunity.” Nancy laughs a bit, saying, “Not like I can compete against them. Bobby Jon’s got the height and the speed, Hunter’s got the strength and the social skills, and Ulysses has the brain and the logic. However, if I band with the other three, they’ll most likely vote me out final four, also.” Nancy begins to breathe a bit faster than normal. “I mean, Zubin is Bobby Jon’s equal, Stephanie is Hunter’s equal, and Darci is Ulysses’s equal.”

An idea then forms in Nancy’s head, “I can further myself in the game if I do that… Yeah! That’ll work.” Nancy states excitingly. Then her smile turns into a frown. “But… that wouldn’t be right! Oh man… I have no clue what I should do!” She holds her head in her hands as she yells, “Why is this so hard!”

As Nancy ponders, the camera guy says, “Can we hurry this up? I don’t want you to run the battery out like last time.” Nancy looks embarrassed and leaves the confessional, though with undecided decisions. Not about the game, though, mostly about her morals.

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony. Shane is there, the contestants are in place, and the jury members are also there. Mysteriously, the woods are gone from behind the hotel.

Shane starts the night off by saying, “So, we’re so close to the end you guys. Stephanie, how crucial do you think immunities are?” When he gets no reply from anyone, Shane looks down, knowing why they’re angry at him.

“Guys, look, I’m sorry about everything.” Shane pleads.

“Sometimes, sorry doesn’t cut it.” Stephanie coldly replies.

Shane looks ashamed, simply wishing that they would forgive him. Is a little bit of forgiveness to much to ask for? With this crowd, apparently.

Shane tries to break the ice by asking, “So… Nancy, do you have any idea who you’re gonna vote for?”

Nancy looks down to the ground when Shane says her name, afraid to spill the info, in fear she might get caught. However, she finally says, “Don’t ask me that… I still haven’t made my decision.”

“Well it’s time to since it’s time to vote. Hunter, you’re up.” Shane tells the contestants.

Nancy freezes in her seat as Hunter walks past. The thoughts are racing in her head as she tries to decide what to follow. Her head or her heart? Either way, she knows that she has to make a decision.

Hunter votes for Darci, but misspells it as Darcy, “Sorry girl… it just has to be.”

Ulysses votes for Darci, but spells it as Darc, “You’re a threat, I’m really sorry.”

Bobby Jon votes for Darci, “Listen, you’ve played a great game and all… but it’s just your time. Hope we can still be friends.”

Zubin votes for Ulysses, but spells it as Ulyss, “This better work…”

Darci votes for Ulysses, “In terms of puzzles, you’re my biggest threat. Sorry.”

Stephanie votes for Ulysses, “Sorry, no other option.”

Nancy walks up to the voting booth and stands there, pen in hand. She thinks for a while, pacing back and forth. Finally, after pondering over the decision, she starts writing. Her vote is not revealed, but she says, “I’m sorry… nothing personal.” She then walks back to the others, her head held low.

Once Shane counts up all the votes, he says to the contestants, “You all know how this goes.” The contestants nod, wanting to get this over with.

Shane pulls out a vote, “Darci, that’s one vote Darci.” Darci looks a little nervous, but Zubin pats her on the back, reassuring her.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Darc, Darci, that’s two votes for Darci.” Darci begins to get nervous.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Darci, that’s three votes Darci.” The vote is misspelled as “Darcy”

“Guys, it’s spelled with an I at the end, not a Y.” Darci corrects the guys. Darci then shifts her gaze at the votes, nervous. Zubin is tightly holding Darci’s hand, causing the hand to swell.

Shane pulls out another vote, “…” Darci then shoves her head into Zubin’s side and begins to cry. Stephanie looks over at Nancy with a dirty glare. Nancy looks down, ashamed.

“… Ulysses.” Shane states. Darci looks up, surprised. Ulysses is also surprised, as is everyone but Nancy.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Ulysses, two for Ulysses, three for Darci.” Ulysses’s eyes become big as Zubin forms a grin on his face, glad at the slim hope that’s growing. Nancy just looks like she’s in pain.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Ulysses, we’re tied, three for Darci and Ulysses.”

“Yay! Tiebreaker vote!” Bobby Jon says excitingly, Darci and Ulysses glare at him.

“Bobby Jon!” Shane whines at Bobby Jon, “You messed up the mood!”

“Sorry,” Bobby Jon says sheepishly, drawing in the sand with his foot while looking down, face red.

“Anyway…” Shane pulls out the final vote, “Fourteenth person voted out of Total Drama: The Production is…”

“…Ulysses, I’m sorry but I need your reel.” Shane says.

Ulysses gets up and walks over to Shane. Hunter and Bobby Jon gasp while Stephanie, Zubin, and Darci sigh in relief. As Ulysses passes Nancy, he gives her a piercing glare.

Nancy looks down as Ulysses walks past, not wanting to look at the glare. She felt bad; her heart felt like it was being ripped apart. She sighs deeply, hoping that it will work, but it doesn’t. She begins to tear up, regretting every choice she’s made. But she’s too far into it now, she figures, no matter how much she regrets the choices.

Ulysses continues his walk with anger. Not because he lost, but because someone betrayed his trust. He trusted Nancy, he learned a lesson, he figures. Ulysses gives Shane his reel with the words, “I’ll be glad to get out of here.” As Ulysses leaves, he gives one final glare at Nancy. He gets into the limo, and rides off.

Shane says to the group, “Well that was interesting, either way, go back to the hotel.” The group does so.

In the hotel, Nancy makes her way to the couch. As she lies down, thoughts race through her head about the game. She begins to remember everyone she has backstabbed and voted out. She begins to feel incredible guilt and the tears start rolling down her eyes.

Stephanie walks up to Nancy and tells her, “Dude, Nanc, thank you so much for saving our butts tonight!”

Nancy puts on a fake smile and says, “You’re welcome.” Stephanie gives an approving nod and walks away happily.

Nancy sighs, and she looks at the entrance where Hunter and Bobby Jon and walking past. Bobby Jon looks over at Nancy and gives her a troubled look. Bobby Jon looks at Nancy like a dog that just got kicked by its master, wondering what it did. Bobby Jon looks down as he walks past. He put his trust in her, and she betrayed it. He still had hope, though; he still had some form of hope for her.

Nancy, on the other hand, is a complete wreck. Once Hunter and Bobby Jon leave, she begins crying some more. She just lets it all out, shouting and crying hysterically. She finally lets it out, “Why is this so hard!” After a bit, Nancy finally cries herself to sleep. Though the question still remains in her head, how much longer will this continue?

Chapter 15 - "It seems that the only way to win this game is by dumb luck."

Shane appears on the front steps and exclaims, “Welcome back, to Total Drama: The Production! Last week, you saw the unseen! You also got to see the characters fall apart mentally. Anyway, Bobby Jon won the challenge and Ulysses got voted out. How will that affect the game? Find out next time on Total… Drama… the Production!”

The episode starts out in the cafeteria, where both Darci and Bobby Jon are sitting next to each other, each their food in silence. Both are still recovering from the trauma they faced yesterday. While Darci is in amazement of her Grandfather’s bravery, Bobby Jon is still quite a bit depressed from the reminder of what awaits him in a few days. It’s safe to say, he’s not looking forward to it.

Finally, Darci tries to stir up a conversation to break the awkward air, “So… crazy stuff happened last night, eh?”

“I guess.” Bobby Jon replies, voice monotone. His eyes don’t have the usual light-green luster they usually have. He also has some bags under his eyes.

Picking up on the negative spirits, Darci asks him, “Got something on your mind?”

“Who, me?” Bobby Jon asks, picking up his head in surprise. When Darci nods, he sighs. “Yeah… I do. It’s just… Nancy,” Darci nods understandingly as Bobby Jon continues, “she holds the power right now… and it’s scary.”

“I get it.” Darci tenderly tells the boy, her hand on his shoulder.

With a huff, Bobby Jon continues eating. He states, “I don’t get it… how are we supposed to win this game?” Darci shrugs, despite the rhetorical nature, “I mean, if we play the game strategically, we’ll lose the respect of the jury. Yet if we don’t take action, we get ON the jury.” Bobby Jon looks at his food with regret, lost in his thoughts and confusion. The fact that his neck is always on the line really doesn’t help either.

Darci nods her head, “Yeah, its rough. It seems by dumb luck is the only way to win.”

Bobby Jon laughs a little, “Yeah… what to do for us idiots?” He says sarcastically. Darci looks puzzled for a minute, letting the words sink in. “I mean… Nancy will just take us out!”

Darci abruptly rises from her seat, knocking over her food consequently. She tells Bobby Jon in an angry tone, “Have you forgotten that we have a vote, too? We have a say in who goes!” Nancy then walks in as Darci continues, “What do you think we are? Little Nancy’s sheep?” Bobby Jon furiously points at Nancy, trying to make Darci stop.

Bobby Jon whispers quickly, “Darc! I think-”

“Please, I’m still talking.” Darci quickly states, Bobby Jon starts to sweat a little as Nancy looks surprised. “Anyway, have you forgotten? We’re not Nancy’s little pets! That heartless, she-devil can still be voted out, and I say we do it!”

At that point, Nancy runs away from the cafeteria with her head in her hands, bawling.

Darci hears the door slam behind Nancy and looks at Bobby Jon with worry. “Let me guess… she was right behind me.” Darci guesses. Bobby Jon nods. “Why didn’t you say something?” She asks furiously, her hands on her hips, glaring at Bobby Jon.

Bobby Jon lifts up his hands and exclaims, “I tried to tell you!”

Darci groans and face-palms herself, saying, “That… SO did not just happen!”

Bobby Jon innocently chimes in, “But it did!” Darci gives Bobby Jon the dirtiest look you can imagine. However, Bobby Jon doesn’t notice the glare, or he simply doesn’t care.

Darci slams her hand on the table, shaking the plates. She turns to Bobby Jon, glaring at him. She says coldly, “Bobby Jon, sometimes it’d be best if you didn’t say anything.” She gets up and walks away, leaving a distraught, and guilty, Bobby Jon behind.

Out in the garden area, Nancy is leaning on the fountain edge, crying. Darci walks outside and spots Nancy. With her face red, and after a bit of a mental battle and a deep breath, Darci walks over to Nancy.

Darci places her hand on Nancy’s shoulders and asks her softly, “You okay?”

Immediately, rage fills Nancy’s body. She gets up and looks at Darci square in the eye. She tightens up her hand into a fist filled with hate. Darci backs up a little, her heart racing. She says to Nancy, “N-Nancy… don’t do anything that you’ll regre-” her words are interrupted by Nancy’s fist striking Darci’s face.

Darci falls down to the ground, clutching the wound. She looks at Nancy with eyes filled with sorrow and exclaims, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Nancy looks at Darci coldly, her eyes piercing Darci’s eyes. Nancy tells her, “Darci… you don’t get it… you just don’t get it.” Nancy then walks away from Darci, not bothering to say another word. Darci looks away from Nancy in embarrassment, and in guilt. Why she talked about Nancy like that, she’ll never fully understand.

As soon as Darci is out of sight from Nancy, Nancy quickly quickens her pace to a run. She then she proceeds to quicken it to a sprint, All the while crying. With her heart pounding and with every breath more tears flowing out of her eyes, she continues her sprint, not caring where she ends up. Finally, she reaches a destination where she lets go of herself and resumes crying.

“You alright?” A voice asks.

Nancy turns her head and gasps at seeing Darci there, standing behind her.

“Wha-What do you want?”

“To find out what’s going on inside that head of yours.”

Nancy looks away from Darci bitterly; biting her lower lip seems to be the only way to relieve her anger, besides taking it out on Darci.

Darci, on the other hand, is nervous, seeing that Nancy is angry at her. She puts her hand on her arm and resumes, “Could you tell me what’s going on in your head?”

“Hurt, pain,” Nancy states.

Darci looks compassionate, “Why, exactly?” She asks.

Nancy stands up, “My name is Nancy Kathy Judson, sister of Liz Elaine Judson.” Nancy reveals, not looking at Darci as she speaks.

Darci’s face is filled with glee. Her mouth drops open as she exclaims, “No way! You’re the sister of Liz?” Nancy nods, annoyed. “The Liz from Craziness?” Darci asks, her pitch getting higher with each word. Nancy nods, looking absolutely ticked. Darci is oblivious to her anger; her hands are over her mouth.

Darci throws her hands into the air and giggles. “Like, no way! I’m her biggest fan!” Darci squeals, her eyes shining.

“Just shut the he-wait… what?” Nancy asks with her eyes wide. Darci nods.

“I am SO star-struck right now!” Darci laughs a little, “I feel light-headed!” Darci giggles some more.

“Wait… you don’t think Liz was an idiot?” Nancy asks with her eyebrow raised.

“Why would I?” Darci asks, growing a bit annoyed with Nancy’s responses; however, her glee has not been snuffed out yet -- she is still like a firework going off, squealing all over the place.

A window opens and an elderly woman throws a frying pan at Darci, yelling, “Shut up, you young wipper-snapper!” The frying pan connects with a loud, ‘BANG!’

“That hurt…” Darci states, rubbing the spot where the pan hit her head.

Nancy, who is growing more impatient says, “Look, can I explain, please?” Darci nods her head while examining the frying pan. “Thank you,” Nancy begins to pace a little as she speaks, “Look, after Liz’s performance… people weren’t as supportive as you.” Darci looks a tad surprised. “The thing is, after Liz’s time on Craziness, people viewed her game-play as idiotic.” Nancy’s hand formed into a fist from the sadness and the anger. Darci can only listen like a child who is listening to their grandfather tell a World War II story.

“Anyway, when she got home, her E-Mail and Facebook account were flooded with mean-spirited people, reminding her of her elimination and such.” Nancy slams her fist on the wall, scaring Darci.

“But… w-why would anyone do that?” Darci asks her eyes full of tears in sympathy for her fallen hero.

“Because they’re a bunch of freaking douche bags! That’s why!” Nancy yells out in anger. Darci looks a little stunned by the language. “Sorry about the words, but that’s what they are! They started saying how all Southern Girls are idiotic sluts who can do no more than be camera whores.”

“But you’re so much more!” Darci tries to comfort Nancy. Nancy smiles a little, but quickly returns to her sullen demeanor.

“Thanks, but millions of people don’t think that way.” Nancy sadly admits.

Darci then hugs Nancy from behind, startling Nancy. However, Nancy begins to cry in Darci’s arms, just letting the frustration go. Darci simply pats Nancy’s back as Nancy cries. Darci doesn’t care that her shirt is being ruined, she doesn’t even notice. She just lets Nancy cry on her shoulder.

“Let it out…” Darci softly says. “Just let it out…” Nancy continues crying on Darci’s shoulder. After a bit, Nancy stops crying and hugs Darci.

As Nancy regains her composure, she looks at the stain left by her tears on Darci’s shirt. She sheepishly says, “Sorry about the tears.”

Darci looks a little surprised, as she quickly checks her shirt, seeing that it’s soaked with tears. “Ew!” She cries out. She shudders.

“Listen,” Darci starts out, “sorry about what I said earlier.”

“It’s fine; I should be the one sorry.” Nancy admits, tracing a path in the gravel with her foot.

Darci looks puzzled for a moment, “What do you mean? You did nothing but stain my shirt and punch me. Which now that I think about it, it was a bit rash.”

Nancy quickly laughs a bit and exclaims, “Oh, just for the punch!” She giggles again as Darci raises an eyebrow.

(Confessional) Darci walks in with a grim look on her face. “Wow… I had no idea that was happening to Liz and Nancy.” Darci looks at the walls of the confessional and sighs. “At least I know why Nancy is playing the game she is.” Darci thinks for a moment, and looks into the camera with concern. She nervously asks, “While it was nice of Nancy to say she was sorry about the punch and all… she made it seem like she did something else. Maybe referencing Julia’s elimination?”

Meanwhile, Bobby Jon is talking to Hunter, Stephanie, and Zubin.

“Okay, there is a reason why I gathered you all here together.” Bobby Jon says seriously. Hunter raises an eyebrow as Zubin laughs a little.

“Let me guess,” Stephanie sarcastically remarks, “we’re all out of maple syrup for the pancakes?”

Bobby Jon looks saddened and surprised, “We are!?!” He asks his eyes wide.

“No… I was sarcastic.” Stephanie explains. Bobby Jon still looks confused. Stephanie sighs, not really wanting to explain it further. She still decides too, “I was joking.”

Bobby Jon simply shrugs. He claps his hands together happily. “Well, it’s nice to know that pancakes will always retain their sweet, fluffy, overall happiness of their deliciousness!” He exclaims. The other three in the room look at each other with raised eyebrows.

“Okay, get to the point!” Zubin blurts out.

“Oh, right… wait, why did I call you three in here?” Bobby Jon ponders. Hunter and Zubin groan while Stephanie face-palms. “I remember!” Bobby Jon exclaims.

“What is it this time?” Hunter asks, despite being friends with Bobby Jon, he gets tired of Bobby Jon’s spaced-out nature fairly often. As for Bobby Jon, the phrase, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is pretty much the quote of his life.

“Look, here’s the deal. Nancy’s in control of this game, right?” Bobby Jon asks. Before his three friends have a chance to answer, he responds for them, “Right! Nancy came to all of us, right?”

“Right.” Zubin answers, a bit skeptic of everything.

“Correct, if we don’t band together, we’re as useful as sleep being led to the slaughter!” Bobby Jon bellows. He pounds his fist on a table and continues, “I, for one, don’t plan on leaving this game, being a sheep! Nor, do I want too!” The other three look fairly surprised at Bobby Jon. “And I highly doubt, that you three, plus Darci, want to leave being a sheep either.”

Hunter, with wide eyes, whispers to Zubin, “The kid’s making sense!”

“Who knew he had it in him?” Zubin remarks, Hunter and Stephanie nod. Bobby Jon doesn’t seem aware that they’re talking about him as he continues his speech.

“Now, I think all of us, Darci included, should band together and get Nancy out of this game.” Bobby Jon’s eyes returns to their normal, shining mood. He beams, saying, “While I firmly believe that Nancy is a wonderful girl outside of the game, inside, she’s too much of a threat.”

Stephanie states, “Oh Lordly, Bobby Jon’s making sense, the Anti-Christ must be near! Quick! Did anyone see someone with the numbers ‘666’ on them?” Hunter and Zubin simply stare at her.

“…Wow…” Zubin mutters. Hunter rolls his eyes. Bobby Jon just smiles.

“So,” Bobby Jon says, returning to his normal, cheerful tone, “You guys in?”

“Eh,” Zubin says, shrugging.

“Why not?” Hunter says, not really caring.

“Might as well.” Stephanie replies, twirling a piece of her hair.

Bobby Jon jumps into the air for joy, not noticing that they really aren’t caring about the whole ordeal. “YAY! Thanks, guys!” Bobby Jon skips out of the room, leaving a bewildered trio.

Hunter has a blank look on his face, “…What just happened?”

“I have no clue…” Stephanie states, “I do not have a clue…”

Out-of-the-blue, a sound horn is heard. Signaling that a challenge is about to begin.

Zubin slams the arm of the couch with his fist, “UGH! I thought Shane forgot about the challenge!” Zubin complains.

Stephanie sighs, “I’m with ya.” Once Stephanie gets up, she stretches her back, letting all of her muscles loosen up. Giving a contented sigh, she walks down to what is no doubt a plan to make the contestants suffer. Hunter and Zubin decide to enjoy sweet comfort a little while longer, before Shane blows an air-horn at them. At that point, they promptly make their way downstairs.

On the way, Hunter asks Zubin, “What do you think about Bobby Jon’s plan?”

“I don’t know,” Zubin answers, “it makes sense, though.”

“That it does, mi amigo, that it does.”

Hunter chuckles a bit to himself, forgetting momentarily that there is a game going on. He quickly gives himself a reality check. As for Zubin, Zubin is still in a lukewarm state about everything.

“Hey Zube,” Hunter starts out.


“Should we go with the plan?”

Zubin thinks for a moment, running over the possibilities in his head. While it made sense, it also fills him with worry.

“What if she wins immunity?”

“I… truthfully haven’t thought about that, yet.” Hunter admits. Hunter lowers his head with sadness, saying, “I hate this game… I have to vote out my friends.”

Zubin pats Hunter on the back and gives Hunter a reassuring smile, “I understand the game is hard.”

Hunter smiles, a bit lifted by Zubin’s spirits, he states, “While I appreciate your support, I’m always paranoid whenever we go into elimination.”

Zubin nods, fully understanding Hunter’s logic. He too, always feels like that he’s the target for elimination. Zubin’s eyes quickly fill with worry. He asks Hunter, “You think Darci will go with us?”

Hunter laughs a bit. Once he notices Zubin’s serious gaze, he asks, “Oh… are you serious?” Zubin nods, a bit ticked off. Hunter looks a bit disturbed, but continues, “Darci is a smart girl; of course she’d go with us!”

“Go with what?” A voice asks.

Hunter yelps in fright while Zubin just laughs, “Dude… seriously? It’s just Darci.”

Hunter, who has his hand on his chest, says, “Well, she frightened me!” Darci simply giggles, amused by everything.

“None of you answered my question… what would I go with?” Darci asks, looking at Zubin lovingly.

“Oh, we’re talking about getting rid of Nancy.” Zubin tells his new girlfriend.

Darci stares at Zubin in disbelief. After everything that happened, he now expects her to vote out Nancy? She couldn’t vote her out, not after what happened.

“I can’t, I sorry.” Darci apologizes.

“Why?” Zubin asks, slightly worried.

Darci places a hand on Zubin‘s shoulder reassuringly, “I’ll tell ya later.” Darci explains.

Zubin smiles, at peace with everything. She still had faith in him, which is all that matters to him.

(Confessional) Darci gets in with her head on her fore-head, groaning, “Ugh… while I love Zubin… I simply can’t vote out Nancy.” Darci clutches her head and groans loudly, letting everything out. “I’ll… need some time to think.” Darci explains. She gets out, not looking any calmer than she did when she entered.

The scene switches to the contestants outside of the hotel, waiting patiently for Shane. After a couple minute roll by, the contestants start to grow suspicious.

“Okay… where is that little trouble maker?” Stephanie asks, her hands on her hips. Zubin shrugs.

“C’mon, Shane…” Nancy pleads. Although she really does not want to do the challenge, she simply wishes to get it done. Growing increasingly worked up about it, she starts to become even more nervous.

Picking up on Nancy, Darci asks her, “You alright?”

“I’m fine.” Nancy lies with a smile. Darci rolls her eyes, not buying the act.

“You don’t have to lie to me.” Darci explains to Nancy, hurt by the lie.

Nancy looks away from Darci, guilty. She doesn’t look Darci in the eye when she speaks, having the anxiety continuously working her up.

“Nancy! Just calm down!” Darci tells Nancy, Nancy takes a breath, but doesn’t feel any better.

Finally, Shane shows up sipping some coffee. He looks at the peeved contestants and happily exclaims, “I see I was missed!”

Darci looks over her shoulder to see a shaking Nancy. “By some,” she states dryly, “you were.”

Shane ignores Darci’s comment and continues, “Alright guys, we’re in L.A., what is most notable about this city?”

“The large amount of rails to grind?” Zubin asks excitingly.

Shane replies sharply, “No!” Zubin looks disappointed.

“Um… The fact that it’s the second most populated city in America?” Darci asks.

“It is!?! Wow!” Shane exclaims with his eyes wide. Darci laughs and rolls her eyes. Shane quickly goes back to his normal attitude. “I mean, no. That’s not it.”

“All the potential?” Bobby Jon asks hopefully. Shane shakes his head. “Aw!”

“The gambling?” Hunter wildly guesses.

“You’re too young!” Shane tells Hunter. Hunter rolls his eyes, of course he knew that.

“All the noise?” Nancy asks sarcastically. Not catching on to the sarcasm, Shane shakes his head. “It should be.” Nancy remarks.

Stephanie throws her arms in the air and cries out cries out annoyed, “Then tell us already!”

“Fine fine… sheesh. Anyway, the most notable thing is the fact that there are a lot of celebrities here!” Shane reveals. He gets blank reactions from the contestants.

“That’s Hollywood.” Bobby Jon corrects.

“It can’t be.” Shane reaches into his pockets and fumbles around in them. He pulls out a little sheet of paper and reads it out loud, “Ask about Hollywood,” Shane looks up from the paper embarrassed. “Um… never mind.”

Stephanie folds her arms, “I knew it,” she says smugly.

“Anyway, the point is that for today, you will all be working in a movie theatre!” Shane announces. There are a lot of groans from the teenagers.

With a blank expression, Bobby Jon asks, “What does that have to do with the questions?”

“Celebrities are in movies.” Shane tells him. Bobby Jon still draws up a blank.

“Now listen, in today’s challenge, you will be working in the theatre. I will assign each of you one of six positions: Ticket guy, snack booth, and the ticket usher. Since there are six of you, there will be two of you in each station. Whoever does the best at their job, wins.”

“Wait… how will you monitor our progress?” Stephanie asks.

“There are cameras all over, I’ll monitor from the control room.” Shane explains.

“I knew that.”

Ignoring Stephanie’s comment, Shane walks over to a car and opens the door. Signaling the teens to get in, he drives off a couple miles. He parks at movie theatre and drops them off. He says to them, “The challenge had begun!” He then drives away, narrowly missing an old lady crossing the street.

Once inside, they find a check board with a sheet of paper. Hunter picks it up and begins to read. “Darci and Zubin will be ticket ushers,” Darci and Zubin cheer and hug each other. “Hunter and Nancy will be serving food.” Nancy and Hunter high-five each other, Hunter goes back to reading, “and Stephanie and Bobby Jon will hand out tickets.”

“Okay, cool.” Stephanie remarks, not caring at all about the challenge.

“Oh yeah,” Hunter says, grabbing a pair of bright orange shirts and flowery pants, “We have to wear these…”

“Okay, I am NOT wearing those!” Stephanie exclaims strongly. Stephanie does not feel like being humiliated today, no matter what the consequences.

“You realize you’ll be eliminated if you don’t, right?” Bobby Jon asks.

Stephanie growls, she didn’t expect that one. She demands, “Give me one,” with an angry scowl. Bobby Jon doesn’t seem to notice as he happily hands her the outfit.

(Confessional) “For a second there, I though my friend would be gone! Glad she isn't!” Bobby Jon exclaims happily.

(Confessional) “Bobby Jon just HAD to remind me.” Stephanie angrily comments. She then looks at the gaudy uniform she is wearing and makes a puking motion. “Ugh… only a pumpkin could make this work!”

Outside of a confessional, an old woman wearing the exact same thing as Stephanie’s uniform, except in different colors, walks by. When she sees Stephanie, she is taken back by amazement. “Wow! That’s some snazzy looking clothes there!” She gives a thumb’s-up. “Groovy!” She adds.

Stephanie, humiliated and mad, grabs some tickets, forces them into the old woman’s hands and demands, “Just take your tickets to the Moody Old Men movie and go.”

“Oh my!” The old lady exclaims, “That’s no way to treat your elders!”

Stephanie points in the direction of the movie theatre, “Go,”

“Your mother needs to whip ya’ with a belt! And hard! In my days, if we treated old people like that… Whoa Nelly! You would be stupid to not expect to be whipped by a belt!” Stephanie then proceeds to push the old woman in the direction of the movie theatre.

The old woman stumbles near Darci and Zubin, who both help the old lady stop. “You okay?” Darci asks.

“Get your hands off me!” The old woman exclaims, hitting Darci in the shin with her large purse.

Darci hobbles around, clutching her leg, “Man! What do you keep in there? Bricks?”

“None of your business!” The old woman states. “Kids these days…” she mutters as she walks past. Zubin takes her ticket, scans it, and hands her back the ticket.

“Enjoy the show!” He cheerfully says.

“Finally! Some good kids!” The old woman praises. She then starts waddling towards the movie theatre, ranting to herself about how poorly kids treat elders.

When she is out of sight, Zubin quickly tends to Darci’s shin. “You alright?” He asks.

“I guess… but what does she keep in there?” Darci asks in amazement.

“I don’t know, but your shin looks alright.” Zubin observes. Darci smiles and hugs Zubin.

“Why thank you, ‘doctor’,” Darci jokes. Zubin laughs as the two enjoy their hug.

Meanwhile, in the snack counter, things are going slow.

Hunter rests on the counter and sighs, bored with it all. He looks around the theatre. The theatre has lavender walls and a bunch of posters everywhere. It also smells like wet dog. Hunter ignores the smell as he relaxes. His sweet rest is interrupted by a shrill yell, “Hunter! Get off of your lazy butt!” Hunter yelps, startled by Nancy. He looks over to see Nancy quickly filling up cups, ice cream cones, handing out candy and popcorn, and working the resister.

“Whoa! How long have I been sleeping?” Hunter asks, surprised by the sudden crowd.

“About an hour!” Nancy reveals, fairly stressed over everything. She hands a kid some gum and tells him, “Have a nice day!” The kid skips off happily and shares it with his older brother. Nancy smiles, lost in the moment.

“Miss,” A customer yells out. “Where is my blackberry slurpie? I’ve been waiting for twenty seconds watching you lay on your a**!”

Nancy immediately springs into action, “Sorry sir!” She quickly fills up his drink and goes to hand it to the rude customer. Before she gets there, Hunter steps in.

“Get out.” He demands.

“No! I paid good money for this, black boy!” The customer responds. Nancy’s eyes widen as Hunter is taken aback. Fury starts bubbling inside of him as he starts remembering his past. All of the kids who teased him start flushing in his mind. He grabs the slurpie from Nancy’s hands and throws it at the customer with great force. The ice cup of deliciousness hit’s the man on the head. The man falls onto the ground and quickly races away.

Nancy turns to Hunter, who is still enraged at the man. She backs up slightly, holding onto the counter for dear life it seems.

Hunter closes his eyes and breathes in. He exhales and opens his eyes. He turns to Nancy, who is still scarred, and tells her, “I’m not mad at you.”

“I-I know… but that was still frightening.” Nancy explains. Hunter looks down as tears fill his eyes. He quickly lets it go and returns to his normal mood. “What did he say?” Nancy asks.

“He just reminded me of home.” Hunter is interrupted by a hug from Nancy.

“You don’t deserve that.” Nancy states. Hunter smiles a bit.

The two are interrupted by a little girl, who says, “You two are so cute together! Especially the boy! I hope my husband will be strong like you!” The little girl skips away to her mother. Nancy smiles and Hunter is just in shock. A giant smile grows across his face.

Meanwhile, in the ticket booth, a mother and her child walk into the theatre. The mother approaches Stephanie’s booth and asks, “May I have two tickets to Share Bears please?”

“You mean that stupid a** movie?” Stephanie asks. The mother gasps as she covers her child’s ears.

“Don’t say that around him, please!” The mother pleads.

“Listen, if you really want a good movie, you should see Look 3. It’s amazing!” Stephanie recommends.

The mother looks at Stephanie with concern, “But isn’t that rated R?” She asks.

“Yeah, so? I saw nine year olds watch it.” Stephanie informs. The mother looks worried.

“Look, just give us the tickets to Share Bears and we’ll be on our way.” The mother tells Stephanie, half simply wanting to get out of the conversation.

“Magic word?” Stephanie asks, enjoying every moment.

“Listen here! This is the only day I get off from work and hang out with my little boy! Now, please let us pass!” The mother exclaims, looking at Stephanie squarely in the eye.

“Fine fine.” Stephanie says, holding her hands up in defeat. Stephanie gives the woman her desired tickets and the woman happily accepts them. She then walks off with a huff.

“You realize you shouldn’t have done that, right?” Bobby Jon asks as he hands some random dude a ticket.

“It’s not my fault they have a bad taste in movies.” Stephanie answers, rolling her eyes. Bobby Jon looks away, his eyes showing disappointment.

Meanwhile, Darci and Zubin continue their jobs. While they are working, two men holding hands walk up to them.

“Hello!” One of them greets. “Today is our anniversary!” He announces.

“Oh! That’s… great!” Zubin says.

“Isn’t it?” The other asks, having a great big smile.

“So what are you two doing here?” Zubin asks his expression grim.

“Oh, this is where we both met forty years ago!” One of men says. The other one swoons.

One of the men gives Zubin the ticket and Zubin scans it. Zubin gives the man his ticket and says, “Have a good day!” He scans the other man’s ticket as well.

“Oh we will!” One of the men confirms. The two walk to the theatre holding hands.

Once they are inside of the theatre, Zubin releases a sigh and looks down. Darci looks over and picks up on Zubin’s distraught mind. She walks over and asks him, “Got something on your mind?” with a sincere smile.

“Yeah… those two gay guys… they seemed so happy. I almost made me feel bad about fighting the feelings.” Zubin answers, his expression grim. Darci’s face also looks grim.

Darci puts her hand on Zubin‘s shoulder and tells him, “Zubin, so many people change their morals in an instant because someone tells them different. Stand for what you believe in. No one should control your life.”

Zubin smiles and hugs Darci while saying, “Thanks Darci… and I have the proper motivation.”

“I know! I can’t wait to have children as well!” Darci squeals.

“I mean you, as my wife.” Zubin answers. Darci blushes.

“Well, it’s a little early to be thinking about that.” Darci tells Zubin. She kisses him on the cheek but says, “But never too early to dream!” With a smile, Darci walks back to her station. As for Zubin, he just stands there, completely love struck.

Meanwhile, a wealthy looking mother and her child walk to the snack bar. When they get there, Hunter is on his iPod, bored with the slow traffic as it is night time. Nancy, on the other hand, looks tired but cheerful. Although, it may just be the fact that she’s in a challenge is because she’s still cheerful.

Nancy greats the mother and child, “Hello, there, what can I get you?”

Immediately, the child yells, “ICE CREAM, NOW!” The mother looks embarrassed.

Nancy doesn’t seem fazed, “Which kind, sweetie?” She asks, gritting her teeth.

“Vanilla, you dummy!” The kid demands.

“Jeremy!” His mother cries out.

Nancy simply goes to the ice cream machine. She turns the lever, but nothing comes out. She rolls her eyes but instantly goes back to the happy face when she faces the duo. She tells Jeremy, “I’m awfully sorry, but we have no more vanilla ice cream.”

Jeremy’s face turns bright red, and he looks absolutely ticked, “I knew the world hated me! UGH! Mommy! I want vanilla ice cream! I want vanilla ice cream!” He starts lying down on the ground and beating the ground with his fists, crying. His mother’s face is extremely red.

“Jeremy! Stop it this instance!” His mother demands. When Jeremy doesn’t, she turns to Nancy, “I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience.” She apologizes.

With a wave of a hand, Nancy responds, “No problem, I baby-sit my cousins all the time.”

The mother rests her head on the counter, exasperated. “I don’t know what to do! I know my son is like this, but I just don’t know what to do!” She exclaims.

“Do what my parents did.” Nancy starts out, “Spank em’.” The mother looks up, horrified.

“I could never!”

“You want him to remain that way?” Nancy asks. The mother looks down, disturbed by the thought. During her thinking, Nancy calls out to Hunter, “Hunter! Go to the freezer and get some more ice cream!”

Hunter gets on his feet and replies, “Alright,” He walks out of the place.

Turning back to the distraught mother, Nancy tells her, “Ma’am, I know it’ll be hard, but you don’t want your son to remain like that, right?”

The mother looks behind herself and sees her son tearing down a decoration. She begins to cry and shakes her head. “I don’t… it kills me to see him do that.” She begins crying again.

Nancy looks at the mother and tells her, “Ma’am, it’ll be tough, but it will work out in the end.”

The mother looks at Nancy with tears of joy in her eyes. She nods her head. “Thank you,” she says. She then takes her boy by the arm, who is screaming even louder this time.

As the mother drags her boy away, she passes Stephanie and Bobby Jon. Both of them groan and cover their ears, much to the embarrassment of the mother.

A couple minutes later, a mean, tough looking guy comes into the theatre. He walks to Bobby Jon and asks, “A ticket to Look 3 please?”

“My fav movie!” Stephanie comments.

Bobby Jon looks a little stunned at the request, he says, “You sure? It’s rated R, I think you might want a better movie.” Bobby Jon’s eyes widen, “How about Over the Suburbs?” He asks. The man simply looks at him and walks out.

“Way to go, genius.” Stephanie sarcastically remarks, she begins filling her nails.

“Hey!” Bobby Jon cries out offended.

“Oh, that offended you?” Stephanie asks. Bobby Jon nods. “Oh… sorry, I was joking. I really don’t mean to offend anyone.” Stephanie explains.

“Oh… you might want to tone it down a bit, though.” Bobby Jon advises. Stephanie nods.

After about thirty more minutes, Shane calls each of the teens outside. He looks stern and intimidating, plus he holds a check-board. Each of the teens line up and face Shane. Shane starts at the back of the line, starting with Stephanie.

“Stephanie, you were fairly rude to the mother and her son, plus, you embarrassed the mother with that screaming child. I’m sorry, but poor performance. Over all, you get a two.” Shane explains. Stephanie rolls her eyes and starts listening to her iPod.

Shane goes to the next person in line, Bobby Jon. “Bobby Jon, you were fairly nice to everyone, but yet you still lost a customer. While good, it certainly was not good enough, sorry. You get a six.” Bobby Jon looks down, disappointed in himself.

Stephanie holds his hand and smiles at him, saying, “Jon, you did great.” Bobby Jon smiles and hugs Stephanie, much to Stephanie’s surprise. After a couple seconds, Stephanie remarks, “You can let go now!” Bobby Jon does so, his face beet red.

Shane moves on to Hunter. “Hunter, you were polite, but lazy. And since you wasted an amazing cup of slurpie, I have no choice but to give you a six.” Shane explains. Hunter looks a little down.

Shane moves onto Nancy, “Nancy, you handled yourself well under the stress, and provided great advice for a mother and child! Great job! You get a nine!”

Nancy throws her arms into the air and cries out, “YES!”

Shane walks to Darci, “Darc, you did alright, but the lady had some complaints. You get an eight.” Darci sighs, a bit frustrated to be just out of reach for immunity.

Shane walks over to Zubin, “Zubin, while you did nothing wrong, you did kinda lose yourself on the gay guys. But I understand, other than that, flawless. You get a nine as well.”

“So… me and Nancy win immunity?” Zubin asks surprised. Shane nods his head.

“Yes!” Nancy cries out.

“Crap!” Zubin shouts as the same time as Nancy.

“I’ll give you guys some time to think about who’s leaving.” Shane tells the teens, he piles them into his car and drops them off at the hotel. He then leaves them there, to decide for themselves which one of them will be axed in an hour.

Wasting no time, Nancy pulls Hunter and Bobby Jon aside. “So… any ideas on who to axe?” Nancy asks the two.

“Well… to tell the truth, we WERE going to vote you out tonight, but you won immunity.” Hunter admits, shrugging his shoulders.

Nancy’s eyes immediately fill with rage, “who fricking’ started the plan?” She angrily asks. Hunter points to Bobby Jon, who then starts to panic.

“But… but…” Bobby Jon says, trying to squirm his way out of the situation, finally he admits, “Darci told me about the plan!” Nancy looks surprised, but Bobby Jon’s hands are over his mouth the moment he said those words.

He sheepishly asks, “I… just sealed Darci’s fate, didn’t I?” Nancy nods as she walks away, her eyes brimming with tears.

(Confessional) “I could’ve handled anyone else plotting against me… but Darci? After what we went through today?” Nancy asks in the confessional. She puts her hand on her head and sighs.

Hunter looks at Nancy walk away. He then looks at Bobby Jon and shakes his head, unimpressed. “Tsk, tsk.” He says with a waving finger.

Bobby Jon stretches his hands out and asks, “What?” Hunter sighs and rolls his eyes.

Hunter folds his arms. “Don’t you think you should’ve told Nancy that Darci told it to you two started gossiping about her and when she overheard it?” Hunter asks him with an eyebrow raised.

Bobby Jon rubs the back of his head while blushing, “Um… yeah… uh, that may have been a good idea.” He says sheepishly. “But Nancy’s obstinate; she’s already made up her mind.”

Hunter shrugs; “Still,” Bobby Jon puts his hands behind his head and lets out a sigh. He looks around and spots Darci talking with Stephanie. He looks down, immediately looking guilty. He then looks at Hunter, who is also looking confused. The two look at each other, and immediately nod their heads, without saying a word.

Over by Stephanie and Darci, they are talking about something different than the boys. Stephanie is sitting on one of the low walls of the hotel. Darci is simply leaning back on the wall.

Stephanie looks out to the street and asks, “So… who do you think needs to go home? Now that Nancy‘s immune, we can‘t vote for her like planned.”

“Huh?” Darci asks in a surprised tone.

“Didn’t Zubin talk to you about that?” Stephanie asks, her eyes bulging. When Darci shakes her head, she lies down on the wall and sighs out, disgusted. “Remind me to kill Zube in a few minutes.” Darci glares at Stephanie as Stephanie unwisely continues, “I mean, he said he was going to talk to you. I can’t believe he didn’t!”

“Look, just start talking about it or I‘ll kill you!” Darci blurts out.

Stephanie looks startled for a bit, but then regains her composure. “Look, we were gonna vote out Nancy, but she won today… so that leaves who?”



“Yeah, Hunter, he has the most votes against him if memory serves.” Darci explains. She then starts to sweat a little. “Second most… I have the most.” Stephanie’s eyes grow wider than ever at this point.

“Y-You mean….”

“That’s right….” Darci says, trying to hold back the tears. However, she loses the battle, as she begins to cry a little.

“We gotta hope for the best!” Stephanie proclaims. She puts her hand on Darci’s shoulder and looks Darci squarely in the eye. “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out all the stops to make sure it’s not you, understand?” Darci nods, and sniffs. She wipes away some tears from her eyes. “Good.” Stephanie hugs Darci, bringing her closer, “Don’t you dare worry about a thing.”

Darci smiles, and sheds a single tear of joy.

(Confessional) “I hope Nancy doesn’t vote for me, I don’t think she will, but you never know.” Darci explains.

An hour later, the teens are all outside and sitting by the fireplace, waiting for the ceremony to start. The jury members are also there, waiting for Shane. Shane finally comes walking to the fire, about ten minutes late.

“Where were you?” Asks an angry looking Zubin. Stephanie folds her arms and crosses her leg, “Yeah! We’ve been waiting outside in the cold and the mosquitoes.” Stephanie slaps her cheek, and jumps a bit when she finds blood on her hand.

“Moving on…. Anyway, what happened today? Hunter, describe the challenge.” Shane demands.

Hunter’s eyes immediately roll. He groans and starts to explain harshly, “There were so many brats and so many racist people and so many ignorant ones!” He puts emphasis on the word, ‘so’. “How I kept my composure, I don’t know.”

Shane smirks and states, “You did well, until that one guy started yelling at you for being black.” Shane is promptly hit by a shoe. “Okay… maybe I deserved that.”

“Dang straight,”

Shane looks puzzled for a second and goes to say something, but stops himself. He finally says, “Well, I can see that you all aren’t much for talking, so I’ll just let you guys vote.”

Nancy votes, “Nothing personal…” She sheds a tear as she writes down her vote.

Darci votes for Hunter, “Sorry bud, it’s you or me? Hopefully you.”

Hunter votes for Darci, “Sorry, girl!”

The scene then shows a montage of people voting for one another. Once they are done, Shane counts up the votes. He walks back to the group and says, “Time to read the votes. The person with the most votes will be eliminated.”

Shane pulls out a vote, “Darci, that’s one vote for Darci.” Darci immediately looks to Nancy, who does not look back. Darci then looks back at Shane, shaking like crazy.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hunter, we’re tied, one for Darci and Hunter.” Hunter looks surprised, but keeps calm.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hunter, that’s two votes Hunter, one vote Darci.”

Hunter then starts to lose it there. He begins to sway a bit, touching Bobby Jon and Stephanie, the two he is sitting between, on their shoulders. The two don’t seem to notice and Hunter doesn’t seem to notice that he is swaying. Bobby Jon looks over and places his hand on Hunter’s shoulder to stop him from moving. It doesn’t work.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hunter, that’s three votes Hunter, one vote Darci.”

Hunter runs his fingers through his head and sighs. He grabs his luggage and waits for the final vote.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Darci, two for Darci, three for Hunter.” Hunter looks surprised, but nervous none-the-less.

Darci, however, is shaking. She looks at Nancy hopefully. Nancy looks away, and instead of tears, pure rage comes into Darci’s eyes.

Shane pulls out the last vote. “…”

“… It’s a tie.” Shane says, revealing that the last vote is for Darci. Hunter breaths a sigh of relief, but Darci dives her head into Zubin’s lap, crying.

“Well, rules state that if a tie occurs, then whoever has the most votes will go home.” Shane explains. Darci immediately cries harder. Hunter looks happy, but also sad.

“Hunter, how many votes do you have?” Shane asks. Hunter rises up three fingers with enthusiasm. “Darc?”

“Four…” Darci says through the tears.

“I’m sorry to say, Darci, that you have been eliminated. I need your reel.” The golden reel is thrown at Shane. Shane ducks at the last moment and the reel falls right into the fire. Shane exclaims, “What is with you guys and throwing stuff?”

Darci regains her composure. She gets up, grabs her bags, and starts walking around, hugging everyone goodbye. When she gets to Hunter, Hunter apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be.” Darci states while in his arms. She parts with Hunter and hugs Bobby Jon and Stephanie; she then breaks away from them. Bobby Jon’s face is red with embarrassment; he also avoids looking directly into Darci’s eyes.

Stephanie, on the other hand, is tearing up. She finally releases a tear and starts crying. Darci pats her on the back and gives her a reassuring smile. This doesn’t stop the crying.

Darci makes her way over to Nancy, whose gaze is directly at the ground. Darci sternly says, “Look at me.” Nancy doesn’t respond. Darci takes Nancy by the shoulders and shakes her, yelling, “LOOK AT ME!” Nancy finally looks up, revealing a face stained by tears and bloodshot eyes. Darci doesn’t care about that and stares directly into her eyes.

With surprising calmness, Darci asks Nancy, “Did you vote for me?” Nancy nods her head weakly. “Why?” Darci asks, again with calmness.

“You were a threat…” Nancy explains.

“That is totally pathetic. You realize that? Throwing away a friendship, FOR MONEY!?!” Darci angrily yells. Nancy cowers a bit. “Nancy, that is incredibly stupid! I thought our friendship was real! I really did! But apparently, it meant NOTHING to you!”


“But nothing, you can’t just do that to someone! Not after what we went through!” Darci goes to say more, but stops herself. “I’ll say the rest of my speech when it’s the finals.” Darci then leaves Nancy, who is stunned. Nancy is visibly shaken as she sits back down, completely in guilt. She sighs, and sits back down.

Darci advances to Zubin, who is frightened. Darci hugs Zubin, and kisses him on the cheek. She strokes his face, and says lovingly to him, “Win this for me, babe. I’m counting on you.”

Zubin’s face shows utter delight. Bobby Jon and Stephanie in unison go, “Aww!”

A random girl out of nowhere exclaims, “UNISON BUDDIES!” Some security guards tackle the girl.

Darci and Zubin stare at the tussle going on. They shrug it off and go back to hugging. When they part, Zubin states to Darci, “I will win this for you! You can count on me!” Darci smiles, and heads to the limo. She enters and the limo drives off, leaving the final five.

“So,” Shane says. “You all are the final five. Congrats on getting this far! Only two more eliminations to go until we have a winner!” Everyone’s faces, including the jury’s, are loaded with shock.

“You mean… it‘s a final three?” Hunter asks, his sentence sounding mostly like a gasp rather than words. Shane nods his head and leaves. Everyone’s face says it all: shock. The episode ends there.

Chapter 16 - "Great enough not to be eliminated?"

Shane appears on the front steps of the hotel and proudly states with an outstretched arm, “Welcome back, to Total Drama: The Production! After a month of nothing but Soap Operas, it must be nice to get some reality back.” Shane walks to the bottom of the stairs and sits on the lowest one. He continues, “Last time, you got to see Nancy and Darci’s friendship skyrocket, plus, you got to watch Bobby Jon’s head come out of Happy Land for once.”

Shane quickly darts his head to the side. He looks back at the camera and exclaims, “There was a birdie!” Without missing a beat, he continues, “The challenge was to watch over a cinema for an hour. Once there, Stephanie’s sarcastic nature turned away some of the customers; but she simply is only looking for a laugh,” Shane places his hand on his check for a moment and sticks his tongue out, “though I’m not sure that’s the way to do it.” Shane shrugs. “A rude man somehow from the 50’s noticed Hunter and took out his anger at him, the only reason was because Hunter is an African American. Lame! After having to waste a delicious slurpie, he was out of it. Nancy showed us her caring side by giving advice to a mother. Zubin’s quest for freedom from homosexuality was halted by a happy gay couple; but Darci was there to put him back on track.”

“At the elimination ceremony,” Shane says, “It turns out that the game is more important to Nancy than friendship, as much to Zubin’s chagrin, Darci got eliminated.” Shane wipes his eye with a tissue seemingly pulled out of no where. “We’ll miss the Asian Sensation.”

Shane quickly regains his composure as he tosses his soaked tissue away. “How will Zubin react to Darci’s absence? Will Bobby Jon have another spur of strategy? Will anyone finally be smart enough to get rid of Nancy?” Shane thinks to himself for a second, “Probably not. Anyway, we’re at the final five! Enjoy this special episode of Total Drama: The Production.”

The scene starts out with Zubin in the garden. Stephanie is there beside him. Zubin is sitting on the fountain sides while Stephanie has her hand on his back.

“Dude, don’t worry,” Stephanie says, “I’m sure everything will be fine.” Stephanie looks away; her face shows some tear marks as well as some bags under her eyes.

Zubin looks at Stephanie and asks, “Um… Steph, you realize I’m not like a Soap actor, right?”

“I know… it’s just, she’s your girlfriend. I thought you’d be taking it hard.” Stephanie explains while rubbing Zubin’s back

Zubin looks away and breaths deeply. Stephanie watches as a bird with golden feathers and a light-orange belly flies down and lands on her head. Zubin looks at it quizzically; but Stephanie looks frightened. She tries to push it off her head without much avail. Zubin simply looks at her, laughing.

“I think it likes you.” Zubin states in-between giggles.

“Yeah… it better not poop on my head.” The bird chirps innocently.

“You’re tempting fate.” Zubin points out. The bird seemingly nods, as if it understands what is going on around it.

Zubin laughs a bit, putting on a smile. He gets up and the bird flies down, chirping the entire way. Stephanie quickly shoos it away. Zubin looks at Stephanie and shrugs his shoulders, looking bewildered.

“What? The chirping got annoying.” Stephanie states. As if on cue, a pile of bird poop falls right on Stephanie’s head. Zubin begins to giggle a bit, but Stephanie quickly puts her finger to Zubin’s mouth and exclaims, “If you laugh, I will throw this pile of bird crap on you!” Zubin quickly makes a, ‘lip sealed’, gesture.

The scene shifts to Bobby Jon and Hunter in the hallway, talking. The two don’t look extremely happy. Although, for Bobby Jon, he looks as happy as usual, his perky smile and almost skipping walk show his cheerfulness. Hunter, on the other hand, looks a little guilty, he drags his feet as he walks and slouches his back.

“Dude, we shouldn’t have voted for Darc…” Hunter comments. Bobby Jon nods his head.

“Yeah, but we got further in the game, didn’t we?” Bobby Jon says, smiling. Hunter sighs, putting his hands behind his head.

“I’m just ready for it to be over.” He states.

“I don’t know. I’m simply having fun!” Bobby Jon gleefully exclaims, shaking in excitement as he speaks. Hunter simply raises an eyebrow.

“Speaking of fun,” Hunter starts. Across the hall, the elevator opens and Nancy walks out. She is sipping on a can of soda and wearing a straw, cowboy hat with red cowboy boots. She overhears Hunter speaking and stops in her tracks to listen. “It’d be fun to get Nancy out.” Nancy’s eyes widen as she continue to listen.

“I guess, but it didn’t work last time.” Bobby Jon states.

“She got lucky.” Hunter coldly comments, yawning. Nancy looks angry at the comment.

“Either way, I’m on board. I’ll talk to Zubin and Stephanie after the challenge. After last night, I think they’re hungry for some revenge.” Bobby Jon comments confidently.

“Oh no you don’t…” Nancy whispers under her breath.

“Did you hear something?” Bobby Jon asks, startled.

“No, at least, I don’t think so.” Hunter exclaims. At this, Nancy quickly makes her way downstairs.

“I-It was probably a mouse.” Bobby Jon suggests, shaking a little.

“I hope…” Hunter states, looking around for the source of the sound; when it is no where to be seen or heard, he looks at Bobby Jon with great worry.

“In other words, we’re gonna have to win immunity?” Bobby Jon asks. Hunter nods, Bobby Jon releases a sigh. “Ugh! Crap! I really hope that wasn’t Nancy!”

“Don’t get worked up too much just yet.” Hunter says.

With a sigh, Bobby Jon plops down on a chair and rests his head on his hands. Hunter sympathetically rubs Bobby Jon’s back.

Bobby Jon lifts up his head while saying, “You know… we don’t have to eliminate her just yet.”

Hunter’s mouth drops, “What? Are you freaking serious? She’ll betray us at a dime’s drop!”

“Perhaps, but we’re going into a final three, not a final two.” Hunter just stares off into space. Bobby Jon sighs before continuing, “Look, no matter who she goes with, whether me and you, or Stephanie and Zubin, she’ll be in the final three. Why not take her along and have one of us win?”

As if on cue, the light bulb seemingly goes on inside of Hunter’s head. “Ooooh! I get it now!” Hunter rests his race on his chin for a moment. “When’d you get so smart?”

Leaning forward with a finger pointed, Bobby Jon reminds Hunter, “Hey, this stuff is actually important.” Hunter nods his head in agreement.

The scene cuts to the basketball court. Everyone walks in to a completely dark room. As soon as they walk in,

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” Stephanie cries out.

“Someone’s stepping on my hands!” Hunter cries out.

“I’m stepping on things that feel like hands!” Bobby Jon yelps.

“Whoa there!” Zubin cries out.

“Hang on! I think I found a light switch!” Nancy states. When nothing happens, she asks, “What the heck? Why isn’t it working?”

“Um… maybe it’s because that isn’t a light switch…” Zubin comments, sounding oddly embarrassed.

“Then wha-OH CRAP! EW! EW! EW! EW!” Nancy cries out, footsteps are heard soon after. Right after the footsteps sound, a crash is heard along with a cry of pain.

“Okay, I think I actually found the light switch this time.” Stephanie calls out.

“Ow! That was in my ear!” Hunter states.

“And your head just knocked into my stomach!” Bobby Jon gripes.

“Make sure it’s a light switch.” Zubin warns. “Hey! I think I found something!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not naïve.” Stephanie states. Immediately after she says that, a flood of light runs through the room, seeping in every corner. There are numerous Christmas themed things in the room. There are tensile on the ceiling along with popcorn on a string. The basketball hoop farthest from the door is decorated to look like a Christmas tree with a golden basketball on the top with a crudely drawn star on it. There are numerous ornaments, each with a contestant’s name from Total Drama Craziness and Total Drama: The Production along with a picture frame of each contestant from those series. Along the walls are various Christmas themed stuff, such as some candy canes, snowmen, and even a few Santa paintings. On the side, there is a nativity scene.

Stephanie is shown right beside the door; Hunter and Bobby Jon are on the floor right next to Stephanie’s feet. Zubin is apparently feeling Shane while Nancy is on the floor tangled in a ball rack.

“Dude… you can stop touching me.” Shane tells Zubin, face red. Zubin’s fall is equally as red. Zubin quickly keeps his hand to his side. “Anyway, the theme is Christmas, likey?” Shane asks, presenting the tree with his hands.

Zubin raises his hand, “Uh… I’m Jewish.” Shane points to a table on the other side of the court where a Hanukkah Memorial with the nine candles, each in a golden slot. Along with the candles, there are some dreidels along with a plate of potato pancakes. Zubin looks at it with some excitement on his face.

“Easy now, those potatoes will be there when you get back.” Nancy comments, half laughing at Zubin’s watering mouth. Zubin glares at her.

“Alright, time for today’s challenge! Today’s challenge is a three-part challenge. Because this episode will air near Christmas time, we’ve decided to make this episode Christmas themed!” Several cheers are heard from the contestants. “Today’s challenge will have each contestant search through a large pile of tensile. Each tensile is red and yellow. However, ten of them are yellow and while. First for to claim them go into the next round.” Shane explains. The teens look less than impressed.

“Sounds easy enough,” Stephanie comments.

“Yeah… I forgot to say that the tensile pile is as big as the room.” Stephanie’s eyes bulge and her mouth drops. The other contestants look slightly frightened. “That’s why we have ten white and yellow tensile instead of four.”

“That doesn’t exactly help, you know.” Hunter says with an eyebrow raised.

“Eh, whatever, have a tensile!” Shane exclaims as he throws a red and green tensile around Hunter’s neck. Hunter looks at it quizzically. Bobby Jon looks at it with wide eyes. Hunter quickly takes off the tensile and gives it to Bobby Jon, who happily wraps it around his neck.

“The second part of today’s challenge is the marshmallow toss. Each of you will have a bag of fluffy marshmallows and you must attempt to toss it into a small cup of hot chocolate from halfway across the court. First three to do so will win immunity.”

Bobby Jon throws his arms up in the air. “Alright, let’s go eat some marshmallows!” Bobby Jon cheers.

“The last part about the challenge is a puzzle. You know those Hanukkah memorials, right?” The entire cast nods. “Good, because the final part of the challenge is quite simple, you just have to build a Hanukkah memorial. Once you have opened them all, you must open up presents that contain the candles. There are three sets, but many more than the amount of presents needed, so some will be dummy presents. Anyway, the candles only fit on the memorial one way. Once you have the candles in the right spot and have them all lit up, you will win immunity.” Shane states. Zubin smiles at the last part of the challenge. “Sounds fun, right?” Shane asks. Some cheer, some groan. “Alright! I’ve glad we have such an enthusiastic cast! How about we kick off the first part of the challenge?”

“Yeah… where’s the tensile?” Stephanie asks.

With a smug smile, Shane pulls out a remote seemingly out of no where and presses the giant red button. Immediately, the ceiling opens up to drop thousands of red and yellow tensile, enough to engulf the entire floor. Hunter’s head rises from the pile and states, “You just had to ask, didn’t you?” Stephanie’s head rises up, laughing nervously.

Shane holds his arm up, “Your challenge begins now!” Shane states while thrusting his arm down. Immediately the contestants start digging in random areas.

After about twelve minutes of searching, Zubin digs by the nativity scene when he bumps into something. “Ack! What in the world….” He quickly brushes off what he hit to reveal the manger with Baby Jesus. He stops for a moment and smiles at the doll. He quickly notices on the doll’s head is a yellow and white tensile instead of the bountiful red and yellow. He chuckles to himself as he comments, “Sorry for taking your halo.” He quickly rushes back to Shane, tensile in hand.

“With that, Zubin’s the first one to get to the second round!” Shane proudly exclaims. Zubin beams.

“Crap!” Stephanie exclaims. She continues throwing tensile about. She trips and falls flat on her face. After a muffled scream, she’s back up again. However, in her hand it a white and yellow tensile. She looks at it and shrugs. She quickly walks back to Shane.

“With that, Stephanie’s the second one to go into the second round!” Shane announces. Stephanie and Zubin high-five.

The remaining contestants continue their search for about twenty-eight more minutes. Every single one of them gets closer and closer to the temptation of quitting.

“Ugh! This is impossible!” Hunter complains, tossing tensile left and right. He accidentally throws a yellow and white tensile which lands right on Bobby Jon‘s head, though. Hunter quickly looks around, only to find Bobby Jon jumping around for joy. He slaps himself in the fore-head and groans, only to go back to throwing random tensile around.

Bobby Jon sprints up to Shane with great enthusiasm. He quickly dances as he skips around Shane, putting the tensile around him as if Shane was a tree. Shane quickly takes off the tensile and pronounces grudgingly, “Bobby Jon is,” Shane coughs, “the third person to move on.” Shane coughs again.

“YAY!” Bobby Jon exclaims. He quickly rushes to Stephanie and Zubin. Zubin extends his hand for a hand-shake which Stephanie simply smiles at the ball of energy. Bobby Jon, however, runs at them full speed. He hugs them, making them grunt. The force forces them back a little. The two look surprised, but accept the hug.

Bobby Jon turns towards the remaining contestants and shouts, “GO NANCY AND HUNTER!”

Stephanie taps his shoulder and asks, “You realize that they’re the only ones left, right?” Zubin nods, raising an eyebrow.

Bobby Jon says, “Ooooh!” His eyes then get wider. “Oh… sorry guys!” He nervously laughs as he puts his hands behind his head. Stephanie rolls her eyes; Zubin simply laughs.

After a while, Hunter finds a white and yellow tensile. He brings it to Shane, who is lying on a bench fast asleep. Hunter pokes Shane with a stick, who them wakes up. He looks at the tensile and states, “That’s very pretty…” Shane quickly falls back asleep. Hunter quickly pushes Shane off of the bench, whom promptly screams the entire way. Shane rubs his head as he angrily looks at Hunter. He notices the tensile and nods in approval. Hunter shoots his hands up into the air and cheers.

“With that, Nancy is out of the challenge.” Shane comments.

“Crap!” Nancy shouts.

Shane rubs his head and says, “Dude… you didn’t have to do that!”

“Well sorry you’re a heavy sleeper.” Hunter states.


The scene switches to the contestants, minus Nancy who is sitting on a bench off to the side, holding a giant bag of marshmallows. They are all standing in front of a mug full of hot chocolate which is halfway down the court from them. The air is filled with tension and anticipation as each contestant eagerly waits for Shane to give the signal to start. Shane, who is standing beside the bench Nancy is sitting on, simply eating marshmallows, enjoying the contestant’s tension. Finally, he gives the signal to start.

As if on command, each contestant releases a marshmallow at the same time. However, the land everywhere except inside the cup. After those failures, the contestants try again. After a couple tosses, Bobby Jon manages to get a marshmallow in the cup.

(Confessional) Bobby Jon enters with a hot chocolate moustache. He states with shining eyes, “Like, oh my gosh, that was amazing! The marshmallows looked like clouds! Yummy clouds, that is.”

“Alright!” Bobby Jon exclaims, throwing his arms in the air. He quickly struts over to his hot chocolate and pours numerous marshmallows into it. He then walks over to Shane, contently sipping his hot chocolate.

Shane looks at Bobby Jon and states, “Cheers!” The two clink glasses and start sipping their hot chocolate with smiles.

Nancy looks over at them and asks angrily, “Where’s my hot chocolate?”

“You didn’t earn it.”

Nancy rolls her eyes and folds her arms. She glares at Shane and Bobby Jon, envying the cocoa. She then shifts her gaze back to the challenge.

Stephanie throws the marshmallow, only for it to bounce off the rim. She stomps her foot and shouts, “This is so hard!” She then tosses another marshmallow, sinking it into the cup. She claps as she says, “That was so easy!” She quietly grabs her cup and starts drinking off to the side.

Zubin and Hunter look at Stephanie and Bobby Jon with envy. The two then divert their attention to the cups. They both throw, but neither have any success. Zubin stomps his foot once the marshmallow falls to the ground.

Hunter, sensing Zubin’s frustration, asks him, “Hey, don’t get worked up. If you do, it’ll be even harder.”

Zubin lashes, “I know that!” Hunter’s face immediately looks like its hurt. Hunter then looks away from Zubin and sheds a tear. Zubin looks at Hunter angrily, before realizing his words. “Oh crap! Dude, I’m really sorry!”

“I-it’s fine.” Hunter forces on a smile, “I’m used to it.”

“I don’t believe you.” Zubin states. He throws another marshmallow. This time, he makes it in. Hunter quietly makes his way over to Nancy. Nancy looks at him, then at his hot chocolate. Hunter catches on, and nods. With a giant smile, Nancy grabs the hot chocolate. When she returns, she hugs him, making Hunter smile.

“Alright! Last part of the challenge!” Shane announces. The three contestants still in the challenge gather around the tree with each of them looking at the presents with great anticipation, almost as if it was actually Christmas Day and they were going to open up real presents. “Go!” Shane exclaims.

Immediately, that perfect tree suddenly doesn’t look so perfect any longer. Boxes are flying everywhere, wrappers are everywhere, people are tripping over other people, hair is being pulled, and other presents are being pushes away, in other words: it’s exactly like Christmas.

Stephanie has all of her candles out of the boxes first and immediately begins assembling the memorial. Zubin and Bobby Jon finish getting their candles as well as beginning to build the memorial. After many unsuccessful attempts, the contestant’s enthusiasm starts to fade. Each one of their faces gets longer and longer or they start becoming much rasher with their actions. Finally, however, one person finally gets the puzzle and begins building it. The others can only watch in awe as the contestant continues to build, although the others hope that the contestant screws up, they still watch in awe. Finally, the contestant builds the memorial, puts in the candles, and lights every single one of them.

“I think I did well, eh?” Zubin asks with a wide smile as he steps back, admiring his work.

“With a large margin, Zubin wins immunity!” Shane exclaims, raising Zubin’s arm up in the air.

“It’s simple, I see it every year.” Zubin jokes.

“Alright, go inside and start strategizing. I’ll see everyone in an hour.” Shane instructs, sending them away.

Once the contestants are inside of the hotel, Nancy is shown getting out of her room, carrying all kinds of food and drink items. Hunter, who is walking in the hallway, spots her and calls her over. With a sigh, Nancy walks over, looking a little peeved the entire way.

Hunter laughs nervously as he asks the Southern Belle, “Hey Nanc, I just wanted to ask you, you still on board?” Hunter claps his hands together in great anticipation.

Nancy rolls her eyes a scoffs, “Yeah, I totally want to alline myself with people who want me out!”

Hunter looks at her, his eyes speaking question. “Were you sarcastic?” He asks. Nancy punches his arms.

“Of course I was, you blockhead!” Nancy yells.

Hunter grabs his arm, looking off to the side with a red face. He then looks at the angered Nancy, whose arms are straight by her side, grinding her teeth.

“Look… could we work together this last time? …Please?” Hunter asks, hopefully.

Nancy thinks for a moment, letting the matters sink in. She looks at Hunter in the eyes and says, “Sure, I guess so.”

“Yes!” Hunter sighs in relief. Nancy laughs a little and starts to walk off. “Where ya headed?” Hunter asks.

“To make a smoothie.” Nancy replies.


Hunter then walks off in the opposite direction. While he is walking away, Nancy turns her head and glares at him. She enters the elevator with a smirk on her face. She has just deceived another sucker.

On the elevator opens, Nancy makes her way to the cafeteria, sweating from the weight of the food and drink items. Once she gets into the cafeteria and gets to a blender, she releases her items and gives a breath of relief. She stretches her back, which cracks a bit, much to her delight.

Nancy then starts putting some of the food and drinks into the blender, as she does, Stephanie walks up to her. When Nancy fails to respond, Stephanie tells her, “Alright, I’m here, what’d you need?”

With a gasp, Nancy drops a banana that she was carrying. She says as she bends over to pick up, “I need to talk about-”

“The game, blah blah blah I already know. What about the game this time?” Stephanie mocks, imitating Nancy’s voice.

Nancy crosses her arms, “I don’t talk like that.”

Stephanie rolls her eyes and laughs. “You obviously haven’t heard yourself.”

“Whatever.” Nancy says as she peels a banana. She bites a bit off and tosses the rest in the blender. She turns on the blender and after a bit, pours herself a glass of smoothie.

“Look, if you’re just going to be drinking stuff, I’m not gonna talk.” Stephanie complains, crossing her arms.

Nancy puts down her glass and begins to talk. “Alright, look, I’m siding with you and Zubin.”

Stephanie raises an eyebrow. “And why should I believe you this time?”

“Look, Bobby Jon and Hunter will win if they get to the end. Therefore, we need to take them out.” Nancy explains. Stephanie rolls her eyes.

“You’re only thinking about yourself, like usual.”

“Maybe, but if we get them out, you yourself have an even greater chance at winning the game.”

“You… do have a point.” Stephanie admits. Stephanie looks to the side, lost in thought. She looks over at Nancy, seeing an easy pass to the end. But she also looks at the cafeteria doors, looking at an escape to the deal, but also a harder way to the end. Stephanie looks at Nancy and takes a deep breath, giving herself more time to concentrate her thoughts.

(Confessional) “I’ll admit that it was a difficult choice. It was either between a friend, and a friend.” Stephanie explains. She looks at the confessional walls and puts her hand on it. She says, “I found it rough telling Nancy my answer.” She sighs, laying her head against the wall. She mutters, “How I hope this isn’t the end of me.”

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony. Shane is there and so is the jury. Shane and a couple of the jury members look like they’re talking, attempting to pass the time; the contestants come in, ending any conversation.

Shane throws his arms up and greets in a loud, jolly voice, “Ah! Welcome, contestants! After this, only one more elimination ceremony to go!” Everyone, including the contestants, claps and cheers at this statement.

“About time!” Kimmy cries out. “I’ve hardly been able to stand these people!”

“You don’t like us?” Andrea asks, looking a bit hurt.

“I do, but I’m ready to go home and back to reality.” Several jury members nod with that statement.

“Amen!” Bobby Jon cries out. Everyone stares at him, letting awkward silence fill the area. “Um… Yeah!” Bobby Jon cries out. Kimmy slaps her forehead.

Julia nudges her, saying, “I can’t believe you two are so perfect for each other!”

“Believe me,” Kimmy says with her arms crossed, “neither can I.”

“Alright Jury, hush!” Shane commands. Once the jury is silenced, Shane commences.

“Alright, I gather you all here to tell you all, ‘congrats on getting here to the final five’!” Shane announces. Everyone claps at the impressive feat each of the contestants made, even if most of the clapping is bitter and only half-hearted.

“It shoulda been me!” Tyson whispers to Alexander. Alexander rolls his eyes and goes back to listening.

“Now that we have silence from the jury members…” Shane glares at Alexander, who subsequently points at Tyson. Shane then glares at Tyson who holds up his mirror as a shield from Shane’s glare.

“Final five, I’ll ask each of you this. Describe to me in only one word how you got as far as you did. We’ll start with Stephanie.” Shane says.

Stephanie places her hand on her chin and thinks quietly to herself. She finally spits out, “Luck,”

“She got something right finally.” Ulysses whispers.

“True dat.” Whispers Alexander.

“Alright then,” Shane says. “Hunter?”

“Friendship,” Hunter immediately states.

“Accurate, I suppose.” Darci whispers.

“What about you, Bobby Jon?” Shane asks.

“Um… oh! Cheerfulness!” Bobby Jon exclaims with a giant smile.

“Mmmmhmm. Nanc?” Shane asks, not impressed.

“Tactfulness.” Nancy states.

“Betrayal.” Ulysses says under his breath.

“I heard that!” Nancy shouts. Ulysses looks away, his face red.

Shane stands up and points to the jury. “Enough! Jury, stop talking!” Shane shouts. The jury members look surprised and slightly hurt as they all stop their conversations. They all look over at Shane and see his anger, no one has ever seen Shane like this, usually he’s all happy and crazy and always in his own world. This sudden act of anger was a surprised to the jury. The contestants are used to it, though.

“Alright, Zubin, how did you get here?” Shane asks after calming himself down.

“Can I say two words?” Zubin asks.

“No, one.” Shane states.

“Fine, Darci.” Zubin admits.

Every female in the area says, “Aww!”

Darci herself looks touched. Her face is red and her heart races. She gives Zubin a smile and mouths to him, “I love you, Zube!”

“I love you too!” Zubin calls back. When he realizes that Darci didn’t actually say a word, his face turns an extremely deep shape of red.

Shane’s face melts from a serious one to a heartfelt one. He says, “I remember when my wife and I were like that… who am I kidding? We still are!” Zubin and Darci both laugh nervously. “Anyway, let’s start the votes! Lover boy, you’re up first!”

Zubin votes for Bobby Jon, “Sorry buddy, but Nancy told me too.”

Nancy votes for Bobby Jon, “No one tries to vote for me and gets away with it!”

Hunter votes for Nancy, “Sorry, Nancy, you’re just too big of a threat.”

Bobby Jon Votes for Nancy, “I’m sorry, Nanc, I’m simply making it easier for the rest of us. Why we didn’t think of this sooner, I have no clue why.”

Stephanie votes for someone, but her vote is shown. She says, “I hope I made the right choice…”

Once the contestants are done voting, Shane tallies the votes. He comes back to them, saying, “The votes were close, not gonna lie. I’m pretty surprised by the results. I’m sure you all will be too.”

“Just read them!” Nancy snaps.

“Sheesh!” Shane pulls out a vote, “Nancy, that’s one vote for Nancy.” Nancy rolls her eyes.

Shane pulls out two more votes, “Bobby Jon… and another one for Bobby Jon.”

Bobby Jon begins to bite his fingernails. Hunter starts rubbing his back and says to him with a smile, “Don’t worry, buddy, nothing’s set in stone.”

Bobby Jon smiles at those words. “You’re right!”

Shane pulls out another vote, “Nancy. We’re tied, two each.”

Bobby Jon crosses his fingers. “Please… Please…”

Nancy looks calm, cool, and collected, but a tear is growing in her eye.

Shane pulls out the last vote. “The sixteenth person vote out of Total Drama: The Production is…”

“…Bobby Jon. Bobby Jon, I need your reel.”

Bobby Jon claps his knees as he gets up with a smile. He looks at all of his former opponents and states, “Well, thank you for giving me the time of my life. I’ve absolutely loved every moment, even the grim ones. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I’ve learned that I actually am pretty strong. Even though I’m still human and the mistake I’ve made costs me the game, this experience helped me to know exactly what I need to work on. So, thank you all. I leave this game with no regrets and a smile on my face.”

“Great speech man.” Shane says.

“Great enough not to be eliminated?” Bobby Jon asks, hopeful.

“Sorry kid.”

“Shoot!” Bobby Jon gives Shane his reel. Shane tosses it into the fire and Bobby Jon makes his way into the limo. Once in the limo, Bobby Jon says, “Well, tonight didn’t go as planned, but that doesn’t matter.” Bobby Jon stares outside for a moment, shouting, “Whoa! A squirrel!” Bobby Jon quickly focuses his attention on what he was saying earlier again. “Anyway, I’m guessing that maybe Nancy does in fact deserve it, while I don’t agree with her game-play, she sure knows how to manipulate us. Isn’t that the point of the game?” Bobby Jon lies down on the seats of the limo and closes his eyes. He then says, “Either way… time to go home to Princess Popcorn…” Bobby Jon then begins snoring with a smile.

Meanwhile, back at the ceremony, Shane says to the contestants, “Tomorrow, one of you will become the final member of the jury. Make sure that it’s not you. Tonight and tomorrow, make sure that your back is covered. We’ve seen it time and time again; look out for yourself and only yourself. Night!”

The contestants walk inside and walk directly into their rooms, tired from a long, stressful day.

(Confessional) Nancy enters the confessional with her mascara running. She says in-between sniffs, “Wow… that was hard. Bobby Jon was my friend, I didn’t want to do that to him, but I had to in order to save my butt.” Nancy looks at the camera and suddenly looks shocked. She gasps, “Bobby Jon actually had a decent strategy… I only survived by luck! Who knows… maybe these people aren’t so dumb after all.”

The episode ends there.

Chapter 17 - "I was so close... just to have it be taken away from me!"

Shane appears on the steps and says, “Welcome back to Total Drama: The Production, baby! We’ve been through quite a lot together, haven’t we? It’s certainly been a fun ride for us all; I can speak for myself when I say that. Sadly, the season is ending soon, but hey! The next season is upon us, is it not?”’ Shane laughs a little, looking away from the camera. His sighs sadly, sad that the season is about over. He gives another wishful look to the hotel. He continues his speech, “Either way, this season has been a very high roller coaster for the contestants.” A montage shows Andrea and Ulysses‘s fight, Nancy and Darci’s fight, Hunter and Ulysses’s fight, Stephanie and Monica’s fight, Andrea’s breakdown, and Ulysses’s breakdown. “I’m guessing that this season is better than last one! Sorry for the lack of a summery of the last episode, but I think the montage took enough time. Besides, you can just look up the episode on Bluetube to find out what happened.”

The episode starts up right after Bobby Jon’s elimination. Hunter and Nancy are in the Hallway, fighting. Each of them is fueled by blind fury. Hunter from his best friend’s elimination, and Nancy from betraying her friend. The two continue their fight, not noticing Stephanie and Zubin right there, watching the blowout.

“Pass the popcorn.” Stephanie whispers.

“Gladly,” Zubin says, handing the bowl of popcorn to Stephanie. Stephanie and Zubin happily munch on popcorn as they watch the verbal fights.

“Look, you say it’s just a game, but how can you say that when you vote out your friend?” Hunter yells, feeling angrier and bitterer with each passing second. His resolve to win the game is furthered. Even if he doesn’t win, he just wants to beat Nancy.

“How can you accuse me of simply playing the game when you’ve never played it?” Nancy fights back, utterly exhausted. She not exhausted because of how late it is, but because of the game. The constant planning and making sure that she’s not the target is really taking its toll on the Southern Belle. She’s tired of being the only strategic player in the game.

Stephanie and Zubin, on the other hand, while not happy to see their friends fight, are vastly amused because they know that getting to the end will be a tad easier. Both of them will be willing to vote each other out, might as well take the initiative and roll with it.

The next day in the girl’s room, Stephanie is waking up. She makes her way over to the bathroom and starts to apply lotion to her face. Nancy, who is reading a book on her bed, says to her, “We need to team up against Hunter.”

“And why would that be?” Stephanie asks.

Nancy raises an eyebrow, “Don’t you remember why we eliminated Bobby Jon?”

“Of course,” Stephanie says, feeling a bit cornered.

“We eliminated him because he was a threat. Hunter is the next biggest threat.” Nancy reminds Stephanie, stressed out.

“You’re getting too worked up over everything!” Stephanie exclaims.

“Most likely, but still, I need to ensure safety for us.”

“Us?” Stephanie asks, letting the word roll off of her tongue. She whispers it silently to herself, letting the thought sink in. She thinks for a moment, confused. When had Nancy ever said that they were teammates? But Stephanie shrugs it off, accepting the fact that Nancy was simply playing the game.

“Yeah, us.” Nancy repeats.

Stephanie looks to the side, distraught. “Heh… yeah…” Stephanie mutters.

“What was that?” Nancy asks.

“Oh, nothing,” Stephanie replies in a cheerful tone.

“What? Are you being serious?” Zubin asks, angered. The scene changes to Stephanie and Zubin talking in the hotel courtyard.

“Unfortunately… yes.” Stephanie answers.

Zubin slaps the top of the brick wall with great fury. “Ugh… I didn’t want to finish like this!” Zubin moans again. Zubin hasn’t really played the game yet, he isn’t about to start now.

Stephanie points out in a softer voice, afraid of Zubin‘s wrath. “I don’t understand why you’re fussing about this. It’s not that bad of a plan, actually.”

“I understand why you want to do this; it’s just that if I do this, my conscience will never forgive me.” Zubin replies.

Stephanie nods, understanding fully. The game is funny at times, it forces you to choose which morals you will follow and not follow. If there’s one thing that Stephanie’s learned, is that you can’t win the game by keeping your morals.

Stephanie‘s face grows compassionate. She walks to her distraught friend and strokes his thin arm, saying, “Look at it this way: Hunter’s nice, he’s got friends on the jury, me, you, and Nancy really don’t have that many. We stand a greater chance of winning without Hunter there.”

“I guess you’re right….” Zubin admits, looking pained.

“So you’ll go with us?” Stephanie asks, her face showing hope.

“Perhaps,” Zubin walks away.

Once Zubin is out of earshot, Stephanie mutters, “Great… due to a skater boy’s lack of a backbone, my shot at wining is severely severed.” Stephanie takes a deep breath. “Oh well…”

Zubin walks into the hotel, his mind filling with questions. He starts relaying his options over and over again in his head. He finally gets an answer: he doesn’t have a clue on what to do. Zubin sits on the couch and sighs, giving himself a moment to take in everything.

A voice rings out, “You seem nervous.”

Zubin screams, startled. “Who’s there?” Zubin asks, quickly turning around.

He turns around to see Hunter, who’s laughing a little. “You shoulda seen your face.”

Zubin rolls his eyes. “Whatever, dude.” Zubin’s expression then changes from a cheerful one, to a more serious one. He tells Hunter, “Let me guess, you’re gonna talk to me about strategy.”

“I guess so.” Hunter replies with a shrug.

“Who do you want out?” Zubin asks.

“I really don’t care.” Hunter replies.

Zubin scratches his head, amazed that one person isn’t thinking about strategy. He smiles, glad to have found a sane person. He tells Hunter, “Look, how about this? We should vote out Nancy.”

“If you’re gonna vote her out, I’m all for it.” Hunter replies.

“Wait… so you’re not mad at her for last night?” Zubin asks his eyes wide.

“Not really, I’ve forgiven her.” Hunter responds.

Zubin strokes his chin. “Hmm… interesting,”

“So, who should we vote out?” Hunter asks.

“That’ll have to wait until after the challenge!” Shane exclaims, appearing out of no where.

Zubin screams in fright, jumping into Hunter’s arms. Hunter glares at Zubin, whom is now laughing nervously. Hunter lets go of Zubin and diverts his attention to Shane.

The scene switches to Shane and the final four beside a tall, towering tree. The tree is extremely wide and taller than most of the buildings in Los Angeles. The contestants look like awe as they observe the tree in all its glory.

Shane smiles, places his hand against the tree’s smooth bark, and leans against it whilst smelling the pine scent. Shane says to the contestants in a happy voice, “You like the tree, eh? Well, Ixion here is quite the beauty, is he not?” The contestants nod in agreement. “And he’s providing the challenge we have for you guys today! Isn’t that nice of him?” Shane hugs the tree, creeping out the other contestants.

“So, are we just gonna sit around all day and watch you hug a tree, or are we going to compete in a challenge?” Stephanie asks. The other competitors nod with her.

“Oh yeah! The challenge! The challenge today is simple: climb up the tree.” Shane explains. The contestants look less than impressed. “It’s so good! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!” Shane brags. The contestants all groan or roll their eyes. Shane looks at them surprised.

“Why don’t you like it?” Shane asks innocently.

“It’s… well… how do I put this?” Zubin asks.

“Not to hurt your feelings….” Hunter starts.

“Yeah yeah… just say it!” Shane exclaims on the verge of tears.

“Well….” Nancy mutters.

“It sucks, it’s uncreative, and it’s not hard one bit!” Stephanie blurts out. She turns to her fellow competitors, puts her hand on her hip, and says, “Honestly! Seriously! It’s not that big of a deal!” Stephanie looks over at Shane, who starts shedding tears.

“You mean climbing a tree, collecting twenty-four puzzle pieces, and having to construct a word phrase on the very top isn’t hard?” Shane asks. Tears are flying out of his eyes, not bothered by the fact that the contestants are starring at him blankly.

Zubin looks at Hunter and says, “That’s… kinda hard. I gotta admit.”

Shane’s eyes perk up immediately. He asks Zubin hopefully, “It’s hard?” The contestants nod. “YAY! I did my job!” He begins jumping for joy.

Stephanie grabs Shane and forces him not to jump any longer. “Whoa there, big guy, seriously, are you addicted to sugar or something?” Stephanie asks, surprised.

“Nope,” Shane answers with a big smile.

“I still have my suspicions….” Stephanie states. Shane rolls his eyes and laughs.

“Quite the joker, you are.” Shane says. When he gets no laughs, Shane sighs and says, “Yeah… no one seems to get any good jokes now-a-days.” Shane perks his head up and says excitingly, “Anyway, you all know the challenge. Time to assign you colors.” Shane pulls out a pair of reading glasses and an extremely long list. He reads over everything and excitingly points to a random location on the list. He says in a British accent, “Stephanie is teal, Nancy is crimson, Zubin is gold, and Hunter is black.”

“That isn’t racist one bit.” Hunter says sarcastically. Zubin chuckles.

“Hey, it’s random!” Shane says defensively. The camera cuts a little while ago to Shane drawing colors for the contestants.

“Stephanie is teal, she was on the Animators. Nancy is crimson, she was on the Rough-Cuts. Zubin is Jewish, he’ll be gold, you know, for the Star of David! Hunter’s black, since he’s black.” Shane decides.

The camera cuts back to the present. “They were totally random choices!” Shane defends.

“Fine, whatever,” Nancy says, growing impatient, “can we start now?”

“Sure!” Shane says. Immediately, the contestants run past Shane and onto the tree. They start climbing up the impressive tree at different speeds. Zubin is taking his time, making sure that he gets every single puzzle piece. Hunter and Nancy race up the tree, seemingly racing each other to the top. Stephanie simply stands in front of the tree, trying to eye every piece she can find. Once she’s confident that she knows where everything is, she starts climbing up the tree.

Meanwhile, Hunter and Nancy are racing, forgetting many of the puzzle pieces. They are near the top, but they don’t seem interested in the challenge, they mainly seem more intent on beating each other. The two reach the top of the tree at the same time and both yell, “I win!”

“Um, no, I got here first!” Nancy states.

“Uh, dude, no way! My foot was on this branch first!” Hunter defends. They continue their bickering for a bit, much to the amusement of Zubin and Stephanie.

Stephanie, who just now caught up with Zubin, asks him, “Do you happen to have any popcorn on you?”

“Unfortunately, no,” Zubin sighs. The two continue watching for a bit.

“Oh crap! What’re we doing? We need to use this time to our advantage!” Zubin cries out. Stephanie quickly hushes him and covers his mouth.

“Do you want them to hear?” She asks. She quickly starts climbing the tree again. Zubin nods in agreement and continues climbing.

Meanwhile, at the top, Hunter and Nancy are still arguing about who got to the top first. Instead of using all their energy to complete the task, they’re using it all by arguing.

“I’m in love with this,” Shane says, “It creates so much drama!”

The camera goes back to the argument.

“Come on, Hunter, just admit it!” Nancy complains.

“Never!” Hunter states, raising his arm; Nancy rolls her eyes.

Wind begins to kick in, Nancy quickly grabs onto a branch, but Hunter doesn’t have any time and begins to fall.

“Hunter!” Nancy’s eyes widen and instinctively grabs Hunter’s arm. Nancy pulls Hunter back onto the branch. Hunter’s eyes are closed, and he is still screaming.

“Hunter?” Nancy asks, looking at Hunter wildly. When Hunter refuses to stop screaming, Nancy slaps him.

“Hey!” Hunter shouts.

“Finally….” Nancy quickly looks at Hunter with compassion and asks him, “You alright?”

“Yeah, thanks to you.” Hunter says, smiling. “Thanks, Nanc.”

“No problem.” Nancy says with a smile. An awkward silence commences.

Hunter breaks it by asking, “Uh… what were we arguing about, again?” Hunter asks. Nancy shrugs. “Well, we have a challenge to complete! See you once I win!” Hunter proclaims with a smile.

Nancy laughs and states, “Not if I beat you first!”

The two dive down into the tree, each with a new goal: to win the challenge. The four contestants are shown grabbing puzzle tiles.

Stephanie makes her way down to grab a tile; she accidentally steps on Nancy’s head as she descends. Nancy yells, “What the heck?”

“Sorry!” Stephanie says with a nervous smile as she unties her puzzle piece. Nancy growls at her and continues moving. Stephanie looks even more nervous as she descends to the ground.

(Confessional) Stephanie walks into the confessional looking frightened. She says to the camera, “I knew I had a great chance to win at that moment. I mean, I had a pretty large lead over everyone in the pieces department.” Stephanie facepalms herself and quietly admits, “I’m not to strong in the puzzle department, that‘s why I rushed myself.”

Stephanie quickly climbs down and begins working on her puzzle. The twenty-four letter blocks fall out as she begins forming letters. After about ten more minutes, she isn’t much closer.

“Ugh… what is it? Think Steph… think… it’s gotta to do something with the final four… but what?” Stephanie begins forming more letters, but none fall to her satisfaction.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Stephanie cries out.

In the tree, this gives the other three contestants more hope.

“I think we still have a chance!” Zubin excitingly claims.

“Perhaps,” Hunter says nonchalantly.

“Who knows,” Nancy says as she unties another puzzle piece, “she could figure it out any minute. Just because she’s struggling doesn’t mean that she won’t figure it out.”

“We know that, we’re just glad that we have some more time on our hands.” Hunter reminds Nancy.

“Then don’t waste it.” Nancy jumps down from her branch onto another one. She then makes her way to her final puzzle piece. She unties it and begins heading down.

Once she is at the bottom, she rushes over to the puzzle making place. When Stephanie sees her, she yells out, “Crap!”

“Nice to see you as well,” Nancy sarcastically says.

The two girls then work on the puzzle, both are getting no where. They both have many leads that sound right, but ultimately, aren’t. Finally the guys get done getting their pieces and head down to try and complete the puzzle. After a bit, Hunter and Zubin both start getting faster, their eyes become wide as they start placing tiles together.

At the same time, the two slap their hands on the table, startling Stephanie and Nancy, and shout simultaneously, “Done!” The two look at each other and laugh.

Shane looks at the two of them with a raised eyebrow. He checks their puzzles and both of them say, "Hope you like facing the jury." The two tied, that one is against the rules. But yet one of them has to win. So Shane thinks for a moment, thinking about how to choose a winner. Finally he says to everyone, “Zubin and Hunter win immunity!”

Zubin and Hunter both high-five each other; but Nancy and Stephanie both look pale. So close to the end, yet one of them will not make it. Nancy and Stephanie both hug each other in support, both knowing full well of the daunting future ahead of them.

(Confessional) “At that point, I knew that I could do nothing except hope for the best.” Nancy states. She looks at the walls remorsefully. “I wish I had said more.” Nancy says, turning her glance to the ground.

(Confessional) Stephanie walks into the confessional, sweating. She quickly says to the confessional in a nervous tone, “I hope I’m safe… I can’t convince the boys on who to vote for!” Stephanie looks around, her eyes getting wider. “I really wish I did more!”

Zubin and Hunter are shown in the boy’s room, each deciding. The two are putting much thought into this, as this could make it or break it for their lives. Hunter looks over at Zubin and their eyes meet. The two look away from each other scornfully; both know that the other is thinking of eliminating a different player.

Finally, Zubin speaks up, “We need Steph out. She’s a threat, she’s redeemed herself.”

Hunter chuckles a little. “Define, ‘redeem’.” Hunter says, mocking Zubin’s words a little.

Zubin groans and rolls his eyes. He continues on, “Nancy would be perfect for this! She’s screwed so many people over!”

Hunter shakes his head. How can Zubin be so naïve? Hunter looks at Zubin with some disappointment in his eyes.

“Look, Nancy’s been the only one who’s been playing the game. No doubt that the jur-”

Zubin interrupts Hunter, “Yeah! But she’s screwed so many people over! She’s the perfect candidate to take to the finals with!”

Hunter stares down Zubin, looking very angry. He quietly says, “I find it rude that you interrupted me.”

“I’m sorry, but we need Nancy out.” Zubin states.

Meanwhile, outside of their door, Stephanie and Nancy are huddled around it, trying to gather information.

“You gathering anything?” Nancy asks.

Stephanie places her hand on the door and sighs. “Nope,” she tearfully admits.

“From what I can gather, Zubin wants you gone, Hunter wants me gone.” Nancy says.

“So we’re never gonna know?” Stephanie asks. Nancy shakes her head. “Crap!” Nancy quickly shushes her.

“Did you hear something?” Zubin asks from within the room. Nancy and Stephanie quickly run to the elevator hall and hide behind the walls. Zubin and Hunter both come outside and look around to no avail. They shrug and go back to arguing.

“That was close.” Stephanie says, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, too close.” Nancy says, glaring. She lightens up her mood and asks cheerfully, “You wanna go downstairs and get something to eat? It’ll make us forget about the elimination ceremony.” Stephanie nods and the two go downstairs to the cafeteria.

The two obstinate mules argue for a while, each with their own case. However, both cases have their pros and cons, so that keeps them fighting. The two don’t even agree on anything, even once they are called down for the elimination ceremony, they don’t have an idea on who they’re going to vote out.

A couple hours later, the contestants walk outside for their final elimination ceremony. Stephanie and Nancy both keep their cool, but they are really extremely nervous. The two both hug each other in support as they get their reels and sit down.

Hunter and Zubin both grab their reels and sit next to each other. The two both continue their thinking, each one of them deep in thought. They don’t even notice Shane walking out of a limo with the jury members.

Shane takes his usual spot and the jury takes theirs. Bobby Jon and Kimmy, however, share a kiss and then sit down with giant smiles, much to the delight of the contestants.

“Aww!” Stephanie and Nancy gash.

“Woo! Yeah, Bobby Jon!” Hunter cheers.

“Knew you’d finally tell her,” Zubin exclaims.

Kimmy laughs and Bobby Jon blushes before the two sit down.

Shane turns around at the jury and smiles, saying, “Yep, its official, another couple.” Applause is heard for the newly-found couple. Bobby Jon and Kimmy simply shrug.

“Now that that’s over, let’s begin.” Shane says, calming down. He eyes the contestants, thinking about what questions to ask.

“Nancy, you seem nervous, why?” Shane asks.

Nancy claps her hands together. “Well, I wish I won immunity.” Nancy admits. “Sadly-” Nancy jerks her thumb back to Zubin and Hunter, “I have to leave it up to those scatter brains on who leaves, me or Steph.”

“Hey!” Zubin exclaims.

“Must be fun,” Shane sarcastically says.

“Not really.” Nancy admits.

“What about you, Steph, nervous?” Shane asks.

Stephanie lets out a sigh; the butterflies are still there, though. She says to Shane, “Of course I am. It’s not like I know that I’m still in.” Stephanie begins to form tears in her eyes. She puts her hands together and begins to cry a little. Overcome with stress and anxiety, Stephanie lets loose. She says to Shane tearfully, “I’m so close… to the end. It’s killing me! I-I don’t want to be eliminated right before the finals. If I do… it’ll suck!” Stephanie loses control of her emotions and begins crying, hard. Nancy looks at her sympathetically and rubs her back in an attempt to calm her down.

“Hey! It’s not easy being in power!” Hunter defends. Nancy raises an eyebrow.

“Only to those who have no clue on how to control it,” Nancy says.

“She has a point.” Zubin says, pointing out. Hunter grows, not in the mood.

Stephanie looks at Nancy and smiles. She says, “Thanks, Nanc, I’m glad I got to know you today.”

Nancy smiles softly. “As am I,” she says.

Zubin and Hunter both look at each other and nod, having come to an agreement.

“Well, that’s encouraging.” Shane states. The contestants either groan or roll their eyes. “How about this, let’s vote now!” Shane says excitingly. “Steph, you’re up first!”

Stephanie votes for Nancy, “Not like I had much of a choice…” Stephanie laughs a bit as she puts her vote into the container.

Nancy votes for Stephanie, “Sorry, friend… this time, I wish I wasn’t voting for who I am.”

Hunter casts his vote, “Sorry, but you’re far too much of a threat.”

Zubin casts his vote, “Nothing personal, but simply strategy, nothing else.”

Shane gets the containing with the votes and begins to read them.

Shane pulls out two votes, “Nancy and Stephanie. We’re tied.” Stephanie and Nancy both hug each other, each one nervous.

Shane pulls out the last two votes. Nancy and Stephanie both hug tighter as he does. “The seventh contestant eliminated and final member of our jury is…”

“…Stephanie. Steph, I need your reel.”

Stephanie stands up and sighs, feeling down from her elimination. She grabs her reel and simply tosses it in the fire.

“So close…” Stephanie laments. She sheds a couple tears as she walks towards the now final three. She hugs Nancy and says, “I hope you win.” She then walks down the carpet of shame.

Once in the limo, Stephanie lets out a sigh and begins to cry. She says to the camera, “This sucks! I was so close… just to have it be taken away from me!” Stephanie rests her head on her hand and she looks out the window. “Oh well… I did the best I could do. I guess I should be proud of getting so far.”

Meanwhile, back at the elimination ceremony, the final three are relieved, glad to still be in the game. But there is also a lot of joy, for they are in the final three. That in itself is an accomplishment and the three are very proud of themselves. Shane smiles at them, glad to see that the season is nearing to an end.

“Congrats, you’ve all had a hard road to travel in coming here. Seventeen others have fallen, but yet you three have not, yet. Get a goodnight’s sleep, for tomorrow will be a big day. Night!” Shane says. The three nod and go inside.

(Confessional) Nancy gets in with a huge smile on her face. She says to the camera excitingly, “I made it! Yes!” Nancy throws her hands in the air, squealing. “If I win, it’ll all be worth it! Liz, this was all for you, hopefully I can win it for you.” Nancy’s smile drops a tad. “I think I have a shot at winning despite making a lot of enemies on the jury, but yet you never know. Maybe they’ll respect my strategy, perhaps?” Nancy shrugs. “Either way, I’m not getting any sleep tonight!”

(Confessional) Hunter gets in and says to the camera with a smile, “Final three,” Hunter pumps his fist in the air, “yeah! I made it! I’m very pleased with myself.” Hunter crosses his arms and looks smug. “I haven’t really screwed anyone over, so I think I have a very good shot at winning.”

(Confessional) Zubin walks in, looking nervous. He says to the camera, “I don’t know if I’ll win. I know I have a shot, but that’s all I know! Hopefully I can win this, if I don’t, oh well.” Zubin yawns. “I want to win, I want it badly, and I’m proud of how I got to this point. Not many contestants can say that.” Zubin smiles and yawns again. “I need to go to bed… big day tomorrow!”

The episode ends there.

Chapter 18 - "Stay tuned to watch the dramatic conclusion of a truly dramatic season which will be known as… Total… Drama… The Production!"

Shane appears on the steps and says in an excited tone, “Welcome back to Total Drama: The Production for the last time!” Shane pulls a party hat out of no where and shoots a gun filled with confetti into the air.

He puts everything to the side and looks back at the camera with a giant smile, that already large smile growing with every passing second. “That’s right; this is the final episode of a truly epic reality show. This is it, you guys: the finals.” Shane looks a little remorse as he goes on. “I can’t believe it… it’s felt like nine months since we first started! I can’t believe that it’s finally coming to an end. Oh well, our next season will be underway soon!”

Shane points to the camera and says enthusiastically, “Stay tuned to watch the dramatic conclusion of a truly dramatic season which will be known as… Total… Drama… The Production!”

The episode starts right where the previous episode left off. The final three enter in the building silent. No words can describe their emotions. On one hand, all three of them are proud of themselves and they deserve to be proud of themselves. It isn’t easy getting to the finals as they have discovered. The three simply look at each other with bright faces as they walk to their rooms together. While they all have had conflicts in the past, it is all but forgotten now that they are in the finals. That fact itself is taking over all of their minds.

However, there is a giant wall of nervousness as well.

They have gotten so close to the end, what if they lose? They didn’t get this far to lose, but two people will. Only one person will be the victor, and everyone is hoping and praying that they are that person.

Nancy is shown on her bed, writing in a pink, leather journal. A camera is propped up over her shoulder and watches her without her knowledge.

“Dear journal,” Nancy writes, “wow, here I am at the finals. I can’t believe it; my mind is blown right now. All those eliminations… but it certainly will be worth it all I’d say. I’m quite certain that the jury is mad at me, but I think I have a slim shot at winning. Maybe, maybe not, who knows at this point?”

Either way, it was not an easy road to get here. Betraying my friends was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I just remember every time I backstabbed a friend, I’d cry a little to my pillow. I’m guessing that my pillow wants me to leave now!”

I’m really hoping that I win; Hunter and Zubin did jack squat! I mean, seriously! The only time they really had power was today and they both failed at it. I think before I go back to bed, I’m going to look over my notes for this season. I going to need all the help I can get for tomorrow.”

Nancy closes the journal and smiles a slight smile. She is glad to finally be at the end. She then quickly grabs a yellow notebook titled “Production Notes” and quickly begins reading through. In her eyes, she thinks she needs a lot of help for defeating Hunter and Zubin; so she stays up all night, studying her notes before sleep finally penetrates her worry.

Meanwhile, in the guys’ room, Hunter and Zubin both are simply talking about the season.

“Man… it’s been crazy, hasn’t it?” Hunter asks. Zubin nods.

Zubin looks at the worn, green journal with the Star of David on it in his hands. He reads through some his later entries and tears come to his eyes.

“What’cha looking at?” Hunter asks sympathetically.

“Oh… just back to when I finally starting dealing with the feelings,” Zubin admits. Zubin sighs; ashamed of whom he was a couple weeks ago. “I was a fool… that is certain.”

“Hey, you never asked for the feelings. While the feelings aren’t a choice, how you deal with them is. You dealt with them how you wanted, and I can tell that you’re happier now.” Hunter says. Zubin smiles, his thoughts exactly.

“I’m just glad I finally did something about them. They’ve been tormenting me for so long… now I finally sought help for them.” Zubin sighs and slams the book shut.

He opens the window and looks out at L.A. The lights are all on, and the road looks like hoards of fireflies are all traveling in the same direction. A plane passes overhead of the hotel; its noise is only faintly heard. The moon and a couple stars are out, shining upon the sleepless city. Zubin smiles at the peaceful scene.

Zubin takes the journal in his hands and stares at it. He finally says to the journal, “I no longer want you, you are only a reminder of who I was and what I never want to go back to.” Zubin then takes the journal and throws it out of the window, never to be seen again. Within seconds, the journal is shrouded in darkness, hidden away from society forever, and away from Zubin forever.

Zubin smiles and lets out a dreary sigh. He finally has had the upper hand in the mental war he was in.

Hunter himself stood by Zubin, extremely proud of him. He puts his hand over Zubin’s shoulders and laughs a little. “You know, you showed quite a lot of strength and maturity over this process. It wasn’t easy for you, but you managed to do it.”

Zubin looks out to the sky and smiles. “And I have him to thank.” He softly proclaims to the sky. Hunter squints, trying to identify the person that Zubin is referring too.

“Who are you talking to?” Hunter asks.

Zubin laughs nervously and exclaims, “No one!” Hunter shakes his head and laughs a little. “C’mon, we need to get to bed; we have a big day tomorrow.” Hunter nods in agreement. The two then slip into their respective beds, and immediately once they are in their beds, both of them begin to dream about tomorrow.

The next day, the trio is shown in the cafeteria eating their lunch. Out of the blue, Shane barges in on the contestants with a giant smile on his face.

“Greetings, final three!” He shouts with immense enthusiasm. The contestants only look at him with horror.

“Please don’t tell us that we have a challenge right now!” Nancy wails. The other contestants nod with her statement, all of them frozen in fear.

“Now now,” Shane says, putting his hand on his chest, “would I lie to you all?”

“Probably,” Hunter answers.

“You’re right; I would, but not today!”

“So why did you decide to come in here?” Zubin questions, raising an eyebrow.

Instead of speaking, Shane simply pulls out of no where some portraits of some of the Total Drama Craziness contestants. Nancy’s eyes immediately light up.

“You mean we’re going to go for a walk and talk about fallen contestants?” The Southern Belle asks. Shane nods his head rapidly.

“Wow… I guess that’s cool.” Hunter contemplates. Zubin shrugs, not caring at all.

(Confessional) Zubin holds his hands up as if he was surrounded by police and says, “I’m sorry, but I already outlasted them.” Zubin puts his arms down. “I can’t look at the past any longer, I need to only look forward. I intend to do so.” Zubin then gets out.

“After you finish your meals, go outside and follow the pictures. You’ll know what to do. After you have acknowledged each of your fallen competitors, you will arrive at the final elimination ceremony.” Shane then disappears in a cloud of smoke. The contestants look wide eyed.

“Where’d he go?” Hunter asks. Zubin taps his shoulder and points over to the buffet. Shane is there getting himself some bacon.

“Wha? Oh, hi guys!” Shane says cheerfully. He grabs himself a plate full of bacon and walks out. “Just something for the road,” He says as he leaves.

After a bit of awkward silence, Nancy comments, “Well that was awkward.” The two boys nod their heads.

After their meal, the final three all go outside and take one final look around. This will be their last time ever looking at the typical L.A. world. They all take in a deep breath, smelling the polluted air. They listen to the harmony of honking cars with great satisfaction.

The final three smile at the now normal things, but they also feel more nervous with every passing second.

They know that one of them will win soon.

As the three walk on the sidewalk that’s not conveniently blocked by construction, Zubin accidentally trips over something.

“Son of a-” Zubin angrily grunts as he gets up; he picks up what tripped him, “bit-Clark!”

“Clark had a son?” Nancy asks, bewildered.

Zubin gives a gentle laugh. While still angered about tripping, he’s still delighted about the memories he had with Clark.

“I miss that boy….” Zubin tearfully says.

“Why?” Hunter asks.

“Well, he’s the dude that inspired me to get this far. I can’t let him down now.” Zubin exclaims, still holding the picture.

Zubin looks at the picture a final time before setting it down; the memories flood into Zubin’s head as he set it down. As the trio walks away, Zubin’s resolve is set. He looks at his competition and furrows his brow. He has to win now, he figures, for Darci and Clark. The contestants continue on.

Freddie!” Hunter exclaims.

“Probably one of the most egotistical person I know, but he had good intentions… I think.” Nancy says doubtfully.

“Either way, he was definitely a threat, judging from his picture.” Zubin flat out says. Hunter and Nancy both agree as they put down Freddie’s picture.

The final three then come across their next portrait. Nancy’s eyes grow as wide as the moon as she rushes to the picture, hugging it.

Rosalina, darling!” Nancy cries out as she embraces the photo. Hunter puts his hand on Nancy’s shoulder as they both smile at the photo.

“Annoying, yes, but a sweet girl,” Hunter says.

“She really matured, didn’t she?” Nancy asks.

“That she did.” Hunter says. When Nancy isn’t looking, Hunter mouths the word, “No,” to the camera.

“She really inspired me to keep going and to try to win. I wish she wasn’t voted out.” Nancy gives the photo one last hug. “Rosa, I miss you greatly!”

The trio is then shown arriving at the next picture. Hunter and Nancy both smile as they say in perfect unison, “Peter!”

“Aw! The first mastermind that this game has known,” Nancy says with a smile. “I actually have a lot of respect for the guy.”

“Coming from you, that probably means a lot to him.” Hunter encourages.

The trio then walks on. It isn’t long before they find another portrait with Jerry’s profile on it. Zubin smiles as he exclaims, “Jerry!”

“Jear-Bear!” Nancy affectionately calls out. Hunter looks confused.

“You knew him!?” He exclaims with surprised.

“Of course not, silly! I was simply being polite.”

“Be polite as you wish, but coming into the game, Jerry was pretty much a spoiled boy. But coming out, he was fairly decent.” Nancy and Hunter look fairly confused. Zubin groans and says, “I meant his elimination.”

“Ooooh!” Hunter and Nancy say in unison.

“That makes more sense.” Hunter says thoughtfully, recalling the times Julia talked about him.

As the trio continues their quest, their minds begin to wonder. They begin to think over what will happen later that night. Before they can fully answer that themselves, they stumble across the next picture.

“Why hello there, Mrs. Firey Redhead!” Zubin greets, half laughing.

“Oh man, we could hear Monica and Steph’s confrontation all the way from my room!” Nancy complains. Zubin laughs, letting the memories settle.

“Yeah, from what Stephanie told us, it must’ve been quite rough….” Hunter says, frowning.

“Oh it was.” Zubin says, partly laughing. The trio walks away from Monica’s picture laughing.

Meanwhile, the trio continues on. After a couple minutes, they come across the next person.

Heidi!” Zubin excitingly says. “I wonder how she and Alex are doing.”

“Probably just okay if they’re actually in love.” Hunter reassures.

Zubin laughs. A girl like Heidi with a guy like Alexander, Zubin thinks that is impossible. He goes over the memories of Heidi in his head, smiling at most of them. He is quickly brought back to planet Earth by a slap.

“Nancy, you shouldn’t have done it that hard!” Hunter exclaims.

“Hey, we lost him for a sec; I needed to take drastic measures!” Nancy retorts. Hunter rolls his eyes.

“C’mon… let’s get going you two.” Zubin groans, feeling the sore spot on his face. “Aye… where did you learn to slap that hard?” Zubin complains, letting out another hurt filled groan.

“From slapping horses’ butts,” Nancy answers dryly. Zubin’s eyes widen as he stops walking. He slowly takes his hand off of his face and starts to twitch.

The contestants then reach the next contestant. Nancy looks sullen as they reach the picture.

Hayley,” Nancy says, tears in her eyes.

“Whoa… she’s hot…” Zubin says, his eyes bulging.

“I know, right?” Hunter laughs. He quickly adds in, “But not as hot as my girlfriend back home!” Hunter exclaims.

“Good save,” Zubin jokes. Hunter rolls his eyes.

Nancy, on the other hand, is a bit more caught up in the moment. She smiles slightly, remembering the night that Hayley was eliminated. Oh what joy and adrenaline she felt! But yet she also remembers the look on Hayley’s face; the pain on her face still haunted her memories, but Nancy had to keep going in the game. She’s gone far to far in the rabbit hole, she might as well continue on.

Nancy laughs a little. She says in a monotone voice, “She made the fatal mistake of not watching her own back, that’s why she got out.” She turns to the other two guys and notions for them to move on with her. The two nod their heads and they continue on.

The contestants then approach the next two contestants voted out of the game.

Zubin looks at the picture and thinks for a moment before finally saying, “I… I kinda forget this guy.”

Hunter looks at the picture and says, “Despite being a bit of a troll, Kimmy was still a nice girl if you got to know her well enough. And by me, I mean Bobby Jon.” Nancy laughs.

Nancy looks at the picture Zubin is holding and says, “I think that’s Tyson.”

Zubin looks dumbfounded for a moment. “Who?” He finally says. Hunter starts laughing and begins to walk.

Meanwhile, the contestants continue their walking as their mind goes to random places.

Nancy herself is thinking about what to say to say in front of the jury. She herself wonders how she, a girl who made everyone angry, can convince them to hand her the money. It won’t be easy, but losing is not an option to her.

Hunter, however, is more thinking about what he’ll do with the money if he wins. His mind goes off to all of the things we could buy if he wins. He gets more excited each time he thinks about the possibilities.

Zubin, though, he begins praying mentally in his head, ultimately preparing himself mentally for the battle that is about to begin. Zubin takes a look at his competitors and looks down. While not as bad as Nancy, he did anger a bit of the jury. And while not as much as Nancy, he did play the game. Overall, he is in between the two in his mind.

However, they all stop their mental processing to admire the next person that they come across.

Alexander!” Zubin says, excited. “Even though he was a jerk, he improved… somewhat.”

“Heheh… I agree, he needed to get out, too big of a threat.” Nancy says smiling at the foe she eliminated.

“I suppose.” Hunter says, shrugging his shoulders.

The trio walks further along the sidewalk until they come to the next picture. Nancy groans slightly once they get there.

“Man… eliminating Andrea was so not fun.” Nancy complains, looking away from the picture.

“Yeah, the after affect of it wasn’t.” Hunter says, chuckling. He sighs and remembers Ulysses’s outrage at Andrea’s elimination. “Good times… good times…”

“I did know her very long,” Zubin admits, “but from I gathered, she was a really sweet girl. She just wasn’t mentally tough enough to last in the game.”

Nancy laughs a little. “That, my friend, is an understatement.” She ceases her laughing with a smile on her face.

The trio continues their journey onward, each one getting more and more excited. With only five portraits left, the end is drawing near. Each one of them knows this and with every step, their happiness, and nervousness, is increased.

The trio all forget the game for a moment when they arrive at the next picture.

Julia!” Zubin exclaims.

Nancy sighs. “Another victim…” She says remorsefully. Hunter places his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Nanc, you did what you had to do. Look where it got you! Be proud of how you played the game!” Hunter states. Nancy’s eyes begin to shine. She unrepentantly hugs Hunter and skips away, leaving a confused Hunter.

“You actually believe what you said?” Zubin whispers, bewildered.

“Truthfully, no,” Hunter admits, looking a tad guilty, “but she got here, we might as well commend her spirit.” Zubin nods his head in agreement.

The trio then continues on before coming to the next picture. Hunter chuckles nervously at the sight of it.

“Ulysses… he’s a cool kid… but definitely had some anger issues.” Hunter states. Nancy twirls the tip of her hair, trying not to look at the picture.

However, the Southern Girl loses the battle, and for a split-second, looks at Ulysses’s picture. Tears begin to flood her eyes, but yet she holds it in, not wanting to create a scene. She simply walks away silently.

Meanwhile, the final three walk up to the next photo. Zubin immediately hugs the picture passionately, looking at the picture as if he was looking at Darci herself.

“Darci… how I’ve missed you!” Zubin confesses. He looks straight into the picture’s eyes, as if the piece of plastic was real, and states, “Darci, I love you!” Zubin stares at the camera for a moment before face palming. “…Why can’t I actually say that to her!?”

Hunter snickers a bit, but Nancy holds her hands together and exclaims, “That is so sweet! …Kinda corny, but sweet all the same!”

Zubin looks at the picture and sets it down, smiling softly at it. He looks shocked for a moment, but he immediately looks happy afterwards. He continues onward with a gigantic smile. The other two look at each other with confusion.

The three press on. They quickly come to the next person’s picture.

“Oh great….” Nancy mutters under her breath.

“Bobby Jon!” Hunter says cheerfully. He smiles as he picks up the picture. He says, “His smile always cheered me up! Somehow, that kid knew how to cheer us up.”

“That I agree with.” Zubin says.

“It’s a shame he was eliminated… oh well.” Hunter states, shrugging.

Meanwhile, the final three come up on the final picture. “Stephanie!” The three rang in unison. While they were all smiling from some of the memories, they are also quite relieved about the fact that they are almost done with the process.

“Steph… you never knew what she was going to say next.” Zubin says. Nancy laughs, nodding her head.

“She was quite the firey redhead.” Hunter jokes. The other two nod. The three continue on.

The final three depart from Stephanie’s picture, each one of them asking questions in their heads. Questions like, “How will I answer the jury?”, and, “What can I say to convince them to vote for me?” These questions rage on in their heads. In fact, Zubin is contemplating so much, he nearly runs into a pole. Thankfully, he notices right before he runs into the pole. Once he gets out of the way of said pole, he goes right back to thinking.

So lost in thought and nervousness, the contestants don’t realize that the sun is setting. They also don’t realize that they are just now coming back to the hotel. The fire is scorching hot and the front steps look decorated. Shane himself is sleeping right in front of the steps, anticipating that the contestants would get back faster.

When the contestants notice Shane, they attempt to wake him up, but to no avail. Finally, the three simply ignore him and walk into the hotel to pack their belongings.

About an hour later, the contestants become bored and restless, ultimately wanting to hurry up and go home. They grab a conveniently placed bullhorn near Shane and press the button, causing Shane to wake up yelling, “FIRE THE TORPEDOES! THE ENEMY IS UPON US!” Shane looks around for a moment, realizing that he is no longer on a ship far out on the Atlantic Sea under attack by monkey ninjas. He looks at the contestants, who are staring at him, and his face turns into a very bright shade of red. He asks, “You… you saw that, didn’t you?”

“Yep, and apparently, you actually have an ounce of shame in you!” Nancy says sarcastically. Shane laughs, not from the joke, but due to embarrassment.

He asks nervously, “What time is it?”

“Eight o’clock,” Hunter answers.

“Wow… I’ve been out for a while, haven’t I?” Shane asks.

“Yep, and holding off the finale.” Zubin mutters through gritted teeth.

“Oh crap, the finale!” Shane shouts frantically. He hastily pulls out his cell phone and places a call. He asks, “Hello? Who is this? Oh… hey Andrea!” Immediately, an angry yell is heard. The yell is so powerful; it knocks Shane to the ground. “Yes yes, I understand. You all have been waiting for two hours. I’m extremely sorry.” Shane says. “Yes yes, you all can come over… bye.” Shane hangs up.

“The jury’s a bit mad, but they should be here soon!” Shane tells the contestants.

Nancy says sarcastically, “I’m not that surprised.” Shane rolls his eyes.

As if on cue, a limo pulls up and one-by-one, the jury members walk out. They all wave to the final three, some of them simply being polite, and walk up the steps to their respective seats. They sit down and wait for everything to begin.

Shane, suddenly in a snazzy, golden tuxedo, tells the bewildered contestants, “It’s time… for the Production finale!” Everyone cheers, including the un-paid interns that are off-screen.

“My contract will be up!” Cheers a male, teenage voice from off screen.

“Quiet, Henry!” Shane snaps. The off-screen intern makes a groaning sound. Shane throws a brick at the intern and the groaning stops. Shane looks at the wide eyes of the contestants and jurors and says casually, “He got annoying.” The contestants and jurors nod their heads, agreeing with him.

“Now,” Shane starts, “let us begin!” Everyone cheers at this. Mostly because that means that this season is about to come to a close!

Shane thinks for a moment before saying, “Let’s have the jurors go in order of elimination! Kimmy, you’ll go first.”

“Wow, now that was a very original idea. Where’d you get it from, last season?” Kimmy says sarcastically. Shane looks away from Kimmy, hiding his embarrassment.

Kimmy turns her attention to the final three. With a slight smile, she says, “I suppose I must congratulate you all for getting here… but I have no time for your folderol.”

“Huh?” Zubin asks quizzically.

“Listen here, you all got here different ways, each have their own pros and cons.” Kimmy states, looking at each of the contestant’s eyes as she speaks, “Hunter,” Hunter snaps to attention. “You played this game in a friendly manner, thus, you really ticked no one off. I commend you for it.”

Hunter smiles and says, “Why than-”

“I’m not done with you!” Kimmy interrupts sternly. Hunter quiets down, ashamed. The blonde goes on, “You have to understand how you got there: you got there by coattails! From what I heard, it seemed like everyone just carried you here! That in itself isn’t exactly the best tactic. Overall, you played a cowardly game.” Kimmy looks at the crushed Hunter, she smiles sadistically and for her own entertainment, goes further. “It’s kinda cute, really. You went around and people took you as their pet.” The jury looks at each other, astonished with Kimmy’s words. “You really had a free ride, that’s not exactly a smart way to play the game.”

Kimmy diverts her attention to Nancy, whom immediately prepares herself. Kimmy speaks, “You, Nancy, realize something? You played the game the best out of all these bozos!” Nancy smiles. “But yet you betrayed many people. That will be your downfall.” Nancy frowns. She looks over and sees Hunter nearly moved to tears. She sighs, deciding that Kimmy’s insults were not as bad at her insults to Hunter.

Kimmy turns to Zubin, who is expecting a pretty large insult. Kimmy simply shrugs, not knowing him at all, and sits back down, much to the enjoyment of Zubin.

Shane is laughing his head off. He jokes to the camera, “Isn’t this an amazing way to start the actual finale?” Hunter shakes his head. “That was rhetorical. Anyway, Tyson, you’re up!”

Tyson walks up, shirtless, and faces the final three, making each one of them uncomfortable. He looks at them and thinks for a moment. He points at each of them and attempts to mouth something. He finally says, “I’ve decided to vote based on hotness. But it’s hard… none of you are even remotely hot! Hmm… well, because of my ever-so-merciful persona, I will pick one of you at random.” Tyson winks. “You’re welcome,” he says flirtatiously. Everyone there looks disturbed.

Shane says after a long, awkward pause, “Well… okay then, moving on! Our next speaker is Alexander. Alex, do your stuff.” Alexander raises an eyebrow at the final three, attempting to look frightening. It works on the three.

Alexander struts in front of the final three and stares at them, remembering the ones whom eliminated him. Alexander smirks. This is going to be fun.

“Hello, final three, I assume you all know why I’m here-” Alexander points to the final three, “and not there.” The final three shake their heads. “It’s because of you two!” Alexander angrily yells, pointing at Hunter and Nancy. Zubin looks relieved.

Alexander continues on with his rampage. “You two are so…” Hunter and Nancy prepare themselves, “smart!”

“Huh?” Nancy asks.

“Come again?” Hunter questions.

“You two voted me out-” Alexander points to his arms, “because of these babies! You made a good choice!”

Nancy looks confused for a moment and opens her mouth. Hunter quickly covers Nancy’s mouth before she has a chance to speak with a nervous smile on his face. Nancy looks surprised for a moment, but quickly turns angry. Hunter nervously says, “Yep!” Hunter laughs, anxious, “That’s the reason!” Nancy bites his hand as Alexander walks back to his seat satisfied. Hunter’s eyes widen as he shakes his hand, shouting in pain.

“Don’t ever do that again!” Nancy threatens.

Zubin point to the two and announces to the jury, “Just to clarify, I was not allied with them.” Nancy and Hunter both glare at him.

Shane looks at his contestants and rolls his eyes. He mutters to himself, “And my therapist thought I was crazy… he’s never met these guys!”

“Hey!” One of the three yells off screen.

“It’s the truth.” Shane narrowly dodges a random movie reel that is thrown at him, much to the pleasure of the male intern that had a brick pelt his face. “Moving on, now… Andrea, come and speak, please.”

Andrea smirks and eyes the final three. “With great pleasure.” She says, making her way to the center. Once there, she says to the final three, “First off, congrats. You all got here. Secondly, you all played the game. I might not agree with how you played it, but you did play it all the same.”

Andrea turns her attention to Nancy. “Nanc, you are the reason I’m here. If it weren’t for you, I might be right where you’re sitting. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. I must ask you, though, how the heck could you throw away friendships like you did? Not only me, but Darci, Ulysses, and Bobby Jon as well!”

Nancy looks stunned, taken aback by the hypocrisy. She says, “Its part of the game! I didn’t mean to ruin friendships! Besides, didn’t you vote for me? You’ve got nothing to say to me about that, girlfriend!” Nancy stresses the word, “girlfriend”.

Andrea looks shocked, beat at her own question. She looks down for a moment, remembering whom she voted for at the night of her elimination. She becomes flustered and sits down. While she originally was going to ask more questions, she is too embarrassed to speak any longer.

“That was short. Julia, you gonna make it longer?” Shane asks, bored.

“I suppose.” Julia replies nonchalantly. She stares at the final three and gives a gentle smile. She says to them, “I only have one question for all of you: what are you going to do with the money if you win? Let’s start with Hunter.”

Hunter thinks for a moment, trying to word his words carefully. Finally he says, “I’m most likely going to save up for college, in case scholarships don’t fund for it all, and buy a car!”

“Can I drive?” Julia jokes.

“Nope,” Hunter replies, serious. Julia laughs a little at Hunter’s seriousness, much to Hunter’s confusion, before turning to the next person.

“Nancy?” She asks.

“I know that scholarships will be enough. I mean, I get good grades, I study a ton, so I’m probably going to save it for a rainy day.” Nancy answers.

“That sounds kinda arrogant.” Julia points out.

“I don’t care, really, I’m confident enough to pat myself on the back if I do something good enough. I don’t care at what people think.”

Darci begins laughing hysterically at that lie. Nancy quickly throws a glare at her to try and quiet her. Darci fails to notice the glare in her laughter.

Julia, thinking in her head, turns to Zubin. She nods at him, giving him the signal he needs.

“Well, I’m going to definitely spoil myself a bit. I work at a skate shop, so money really won’t be an issue for me, although I definitely will save some of it.” Zubin rubs his chin whilst glancing around, thinking. “I’m definitely going to buy some skate stuff.” He affirms.

“I’m not surprised.” Julia says, laughing. She nods at them, smiling. “To the jury, I have one final statement.”

“The floor’s yours.” Shane confirms.

“Thank you.” Julia says, giving a polite little nod. She turns to the jury and addresses them, “To the jury, some of you might think what they did was immoral, wrong, lazy, wishy-washy, ECT. I’m going to remind you all that they got there, we did not. We can’t use the excuse that they lied as a reason to not vote for them. We all lied.” There is silence in the jury box. Each of them is looking into how they played their game. Julia continues, knowing that the jury members are listening.

“We cannot state that they did something wrong. They got to the final three, did they not? Everything they did was a strategy, and that strategy worked. I don’t care how someone got in the final three. All I care about is how they are as a person. Remember, some of us are angry at them, that’s normal. But yet would we want them to yell at us if we were in the finals? I sure wouldn’t.” The final three smiles, each of them relieved.

The jury members look at each other in shock. They stare at each other wide-eyed. Each of them knows the truth.

None of them are better than the final three.

Seeing the reactions on their faces gives Julia some satisfaction. She calmly walks back to seat and gets a high-five from Andrea. Shane himself looks at the contestants, floored.

He says, still in shock, “Well… that was unexpected. Well, Ulysses, you’re up!”

Ulysses gets up and walks over, his eyes glued on Nancy.

Nancy looks away from him and mutters, “Oh great….”

“Oh great is right!” Ulysses says angrily. Nancy shakes her head as she lowers, not wanting to make contact.

Ulysses forms his hand into a fist and smirks, preparing his speech. His mind drifts off to the night where he was eliminated. Ulysses flashes a friendly smile to the final three, getting excited as well. Finally, he takes a breath and says, “Hello, final three. I’m going to have some fun with you all.”

Ulysses looks at Zubin and says, “Zube, you are, without a doubt, the most strategy changing person I have ever seen play any reality show.” Zubin shrugs.

“Why aren’t you taking offense to that?” Nancy asks, noting that Zubin is being fairly laid back about everything.

“I skate a lot, and I am in no way, shape, or form the best at it. I get a lot of people saying, ‘That was horrible!’ or this little gem, ‘You suck!’ or perhaps the most common one, ‘Dude, I can do that blind!’ I’ve simply learned to not take offense to criticism.” Zubin explains. Nancy nods her head, understanding it.

Ulysses, slightly agitated, asks the final three, “Could you all remember that I’m speaking?” The final three turn their heads to Ulysses. “Thank you.” Ulysses says, smiling.

Ulysses then starts pacing, going over what he will say to the final three. He stops moving, claps his hands, and says, “Hunter, Zubin, I’ll talk to you two first. Might as well save the best part for the grand finale.”

Joy….” Nancy says sarcastically.

“Now, now, don’t be such a deadpan snarker.” Ulysses reprimands playfully. Nancy rolls her eyes, sick of the grudges.

Ulysses continues on, “You two played the game in a peaceful manner; most likely because you didn’t want to tick anyone off, completely understandable. However, you hid behind other people, and that’s really not very smart to do. People will see through that and notice that you two were essentially, cowards.”

Zubin holds up his hands and says, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s go back a little. Basically, you’re saying that no matter what, no matter how we get to the end, we’re going to be “revealed” to the truth that we played it wrong?”

“Pretty much, isn’t that what reality shows do anyway?” Ulysses asks. Shane simply shrugs. “Either way, over all, though, you guys were pretty nice, that it itself is huge. So on behalf of everyone on the jury, we thank you.” Hunter and Zubin both smile and sit back in their seats, confident.

Ulysses turns to Nancy, who is looking at Ulysses with great disdain. Ulysses stares at her for a moment, letting his feelings sink into her. Ulysses nods his head in understanding, and Nancy prepares. “Nancy… Nancy Kathy Judson… You know, I’ve lead a lot of people, and I know that people don’t like being told what to do. So I’m used to not being taken seriously. But yet, I’ve never been thrown under the bus that hard before.”

“Pardon?” Nancy asks, looking confused.

“I mean, I’ve never been rejected like that.”


“The thing is… well… the thing is, you pulled me in, and you throw me under a bus the moment I trusted you.” Ulysses says, folding his arms. Nancy bites her lip in great anticipation. “Nancy… how could you?”

“I lied to save my own hide…” Nancy mutters.

“Come again?” Ulysses asks sarcastically, putting his hand to his ear as if he couldn’t actually hear her.

Nancy replies calmly, “I said to you… I LIED TO SAVE MY OWN BUTT! Happy?”

“Quite,” Ulysses says, walking back to his seat, looking smug.

“Alright then, Darc.” Shane says.

Darci stands up and walks to the center. Unlike Ulysses, though, Darci has tear-stains on her face, and a couple small, wet dots on her shoulders. She looks at Nancy with great sadness, almost on the verge of tears. Zubin watches her struggle to get words out, hating the fact that he cannot do a thing in this situation.

Darci, however, is in a great mental battle. She wonders whether she should cry, or explode in anger. She takes a deep breath and opens her mouth.

Show time.

“Nancy… I-I trusted you. You obviously…” Darci begins to choke up, as does Nancy, “trusted me…. Why… and how could you just… throw away… all of it?”

Nancy replies, struggling to hold back tears, “It wasn’t, Darc. You’re like a sister to me.”

“Okay, great,” Darci says, tears coming loose. “I’m a sis to you, but that doesn’t change what you did.”

Darci begins to point randomly in the sky, and word numbers to herself as if she’s on a device that responds to touch. She nods her head and continues.

“You not only did that to me… but you did that to Peter, Hayley, Kimmy, Andrea, Julia, Ulysses, and Bobby Jon! You pulled them in, and you betrayed them.” Darci begins crying at this point, making her words nearly impossible to comprehend. “How could you be so cruel?”

“It’s all a game.” Nancy replies, crying exactly like Darci is. “Do you think it was easy to eliminated friends? Of course it wasn’t!”

“Yeah, I get it’s a game, but you eliminated them and I so coldly. That’s what hurt.” Darci replies.

Nancy bows her head and begins sobbing at this point, letting all of her tears flow. She finally shows some invulnerability, no longer keeping her emotions in check. Darci, Hunter, Shane, Zubin, and the rest of the jury can only watch as Nancy finally lets her emotions go.

“I was that bad?” Nancy asks. Darci nods.

“Nancy, you need to understand that I don’t hate, and after this is all over, I’d love to start over with you. It’s not you I hate; it’s your strategy I hate.” Nancy nods, understanding. Darci smiles softly.

“I’d love to start over with you again as well.” Nancy admits.

Darci nods. “I hope we can.” Darci begins to look around for a moment, not making eye contact with anyone, only staring directly at the floor. She says, “Nancy… this is hard for me to say, but you played really smartly, it was simply how you eliminated us was your downfall.” Nancy nods.

Darci then turns to Zubin and says, “Sorry guys, I gotta vote for my boyfriend here! Luck!” Darci then sits down; leaving some people confused on her random emotion changes.

Zubin quickly calls out, “Darci, I just to let you know that I love you. I’m sorry I didn’t say that to you during the game.”

“You’re saying it now, aren’t you?” Darci asks rhetorically with a giant smile on her face. Zubin himself also smiles.

“Okay then… Bobby Jon!” Shane announces.

Bobby Jon bounces to the center with a gigantic smile on his face. He claps his hands together and announces, “Greetings to you all! I have to say, the jurors here are wimps! It’s all a game, duh!”

“Come again?” Hunter asks.

“I mean, yeah, I’m sad I lost, but it’s all a game. Anyway, onto the question: Name one person whom was most influential in this game to you.” Bobby says.

Zubin immediately answers, “Darci!”

“Rosa for me!” Nancy states.

Hunter thinks for a moment before deciding, “You, I suppose. You gave me the drive to win the last immunity challenge.” Zubin coughs. “Correction, you gave me the drive to win the last immunity challenge along side of Zubin.” Hunter turns to the skater boy. “Happy now?”

Zubin lays back and puts his head into his hands. He says, “Quite,” Hunter rolls his eyes playfully.

“Well, it’s been great playing the game with all!” Bobby Jon jumps back to his seat with an even greater smile on his face.

“Last person, Stephanie!” Shane shouts, excited.

Stephanie walks up with a blank stare on her face. She looks around for a while, silent. Finally, she looks at the contestants and smiles. She tells them, “Don’t be so down. Yeah, it sucks I’m out before the finals, but yet I’m not there, might as well not dwell on the past.”

Stephanie begins pacing, speaking as she paces. “I’m not going to share a long speech about why so and so should lose and why so and so should win.” The Final Three breathe a sigh of relief. “But I will say this: Be proud of how you played. I’m proud of how I played and I didn’t get to the finals!” Stephanie chuckles a bit. “I came here as a girl with a bunch of garbage, but I came out of this as a new girl and I have everyone whom I’ve met with during the game to thank. Who will I vote for? I don’t know. I still don’t know. Whoever wins, though, congrats. You deserved it.” Stephanie then sits down, a bit dizzy from all the pacing.

Shane gets up and smiles. He says, “It is time for the final vote off! Remember, you’re voting for who you want to win. Keep that in mind as we vote!” Everyone cheers at that news.

Darci votes for Zubin, “As if this one wasn’t obvious enough!” Darci laughs a little. “Zubin, you’ve shown such strength, willpower, and maturity through all of this. You battled feelings in your life you didn’t want, that takes courage. Concerning the feelings you went through, the homosexual ones, I commend you for it. You did what you felt was right. What was great was that you were open about it if anyone asked. You were respectful about that as well, so that was just awesome! Again, you did what you felt and thought was right, not what the media says is right. You went on your own wavelength. That is really admirable. That and you’re a fantastic friend, and an even better boyfriend.”

Andrea votes for Nancy, “Probably surprising, but yet I feel like you really played the game how it was meant to be.” Andrea closes her eyes and sighs, trying to think of more words to say. “The thing is, you played the game, and it must’ve been hard to vote your friends. I guess this is my way of saying ‘good job’? Not sure, but still. You did well, even if I don’t agree with your tactics.”

Bobby Jon votes for Hunter and draws a ‘thumbs up’ symbol on it. Hr says, “Thanks for being such an awesome friend!” Bobby Jon leaves with a smile on his face.

Shane quickly gets the votes and carries them back. He opens the jar and says, “Remember, you want to be voted for tonight. Let’s start the vote, shall we?”

There is silence as Shane reaches for the first vote. The tears, the drama, the friendships, the eliminations, the wins, the stress, all that is forgotten as everyone focused on that jar. Every single person in that ten yard radius was not nervous.

Shane pulls out the first vote, “Zubin,” he says.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Zubin,” he says. Zubin smiles and laughs nervously.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hunter,” he says.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Nancy,’ he says.

The tension in that area is growing by the second. Each one of the final three are on the edges of their seats, waiting for the results. They hold hands as they wait patiently.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Nancy,” he says.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hunter,” he says.

“Wow… two all! This one’s a nail biter, folks!” Shane exclaims. He laughs a little as he reaches in for another vote.

Hunter himself looks around, sweating; his hands and getting hot as well as the rest of his body. He begins to breathe more heavily and his body begins to operate faster. He is sincerely hoping that he will win.

Nancy, though, is reminding herself of all that she did. If she wins, it will make up for it all. She sheds a single tear, it is about to over.

Zubin is more relaxed than the others, but yet he’s still nervous. At least, for Zubin he’s nervous. He looks at the jury and gulps, hoping that it is him who they voted for.

For two of them, their worst fears would be realized. For one, their dreams would be made.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Hunter,” he says.

Hunter begins to breathe more heavily; he begins to shake in excitement.

Shane pulls out another vote, “Nancy,” he says.

Nancy also begins to get more nervous. She and Hunter both hug each other tightly in anticipation.

Zubin, who believes that he is out of it, simply watches with a smile.

Shane pulls out another vote, “…”

“… Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie.” Shane flips the vote to reveal that the name, ‘Zubin’ is written on.

“What?” Nancy asks, in complete disbelief.

“This… this can’t be! The game’s still on!?!” Hunter exclaims.

“Dude… no way! No freaking way!” Zubin exclaims, pumped up.

White words, “To be continued” show up on the screen as the rest fades to black.

This is the beginning, of the end.

Chapter 19 - "I've made a lot of mistakes over this entire journey, but this will be the mistake I will regret the most."

The episode starts off from where it ended last time.

“Wait a second…” Kimmy says, groaning, “We have to wait until tomorrow for the winner to be decided?”

“Yep,” Shane says, smiling.

Kimmy folds her arms and glares at the goofy host. She is already tired of having to watch people play the game and see so much fighting; she also really does not care who wins as her boyfriend is already eliminated. She hugs Bobby Jon’s hands and sighs. She is not exactly eager to see more game play. That and she just wants to go home.

“Well, what are we gonna do?” Nancy asks, quite stressed out.

“Well, I knew this was a possibility, so I gave my interns some blueprints and they’ve been working on it ever since the beginning!” Shane says, smiling brightly. He turns towards the camera and asks, “You… did start building it, didn’t you, Pete?”

The camera guy laughs nervously. Shane’s eyes bulge as he realizes the truth. “YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T WORKED ON IT THIS ENTIRE TIME!?!” Shane yells furiously at the camera man.

“We didn’t think you were serious, boss.” The cameraman says in a thick Italian accent.

“Um, hello, I gave you official BLUEPRINTS!” Shane yells, throwing his arms around for failed emphasis.

“Yeah, and last season you gave us blueprints for a massager for your bed.” The cameraman snarks. Shane rolls his eyes.

“My bed was getting very lumpy. I figured that maybe if it got massaged, it’d get better.”

“Well, still! It was quite unpractical!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever! Next thing you know, you’re going to tell me that a parachute for monkeys is a bad idea!”

“It is!”

“Hey, that’s not a bad reality show idea.”

“How would I film it!?!”

“Easy, use the hover-board blueprints.” The cameraman groans angrily.

“Guys, guys!” Ulysses yells, splitting the two apart. “Look, let’s not get mad, okay?” Nancy laughs off-screen.

“Take you own advice!” She calls out.

“Whatever,” Ulysses replies coldly to her. He turns his attention bad to the delusional host and the ticking time-bomb of a cameraman and says, “Listen: just start building. Shane may not have ever been serious before-” Shane raises an eyebrow, “nor will he ever be,” Shane looks flat-out offended by Ulysses’s statement, “he’s serious now.”

“Hey!” Shane shouts.

“It’s kinda the truth.” Alexander points out.

My sis told me that you weren’t exactly the most level-headed last year.” Nancy explains. Shane rolls his eyes.

“I’m totally level-headed!” Shane states quite inaccurately. Everyone in Shane’s hearing range begins laughing hysterically.

“That’s a good one!” Hunter says in-between laughter.

“Okay, maybe I’m a tad spacey-” Shane starts.

“Dude! You’re like, the poster boy for ADD and ADHD!” Zubin explains, barely holding onto his breathing.

“Like I was saying… I may be a tad spacey-”

“That’s such an understatement, and this is coming from me!” Bobby Jon explains.

“He’s right, y’know.” Julia says, jabbing a thumb towards Bobby Jon’s direction. Shane simply glares at the matchmaker. Once she sees his glare, she puts up her hands and says, “Hey now, I’m only speaking truth.”

“Sugarcoated truth,” Alexander jokes. Everyone begins laughing again.

“Okay, okay, I get it, I’m extremely spacey, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be serious.” Shane rubs his temples and continues, “I, too, want to get home to my wife and kids.”

“We have a spouse and kids?” Alexander whispers wide-eyed to Andrea. Andrea shrugs, not really wanting to know about these people’s private life.

Shane continues on with his rambling, “Alright, everyone, go into the hotel tonight and get a good night’s sleep. I think we’ll all need it for tomorrow.” The contestants and previous jurors nod their heads and walk into the hotel that they all know and hate.

The scene cuts to the guys’ room where most of them are arguing. In the room, there are five beds and six guys in the room. In other words: someone’s going to sleep on the dirty floor, and no one wants that.

“Um, I am SO not sleeping on that cockroach-infested sham of a floor!” Tyson yells furiously.

“Why wouldn’t you?” Alexander asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Do you know how long it takes for my hair to get this way?” Tyson asks, rubbing his hand through his blonde, buzz-cut. Alexander laughs a bit. “What?”

Alexander goes to say something, but can’t even utter out a word due to laughing so hard.

“He was going to say that your hair is shorter than all of ours.” Zubin explains, cracking a smile. Tyson rolls his eyes.

“Look, I’m just not sleeping on that dirty floor!” Tyson yells.

“Fine, fine,” Bobby Jon states, raising his hands up. “I’ll sleep on the floor.” A choir of sighs of relief is heard. Bobby Jon looks at the others with a confused expression. “Guys, I live on a farm, I’m used to the dirtiness.” Bobby Jon quickly changes into his pajamas and lies down on the floor. The other guys quickly get a bed before Bobby Jon can change his minds.

Hunter, however, he gets up and whispers to a sleeping Bobby Jon, “Thanks, bud,”

As Hunter leaves to turn the lights off, Bobby Jon smiles.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ room, things aren’t going so well.

As the girls pile in, one-by-one, clear sides begin to form. Andrea, Darci, and Kimmy walk to one side looking angry while Stephanie and Julia are at the other side, talking happily.

Nancy closes the door behind her and breaths loudly, calming her nerves. She says to the girls, “Well… it’s almost done!”

“Yeah, that’ll be great when it does.” Kimmy scoffs. Nancy looks down and heads to a bed. Before she can touch a cover, Kimmy slaps her hand away.

“H-Hey! What gives!?” Nancy asks in complete surprise. She looks at a bitter-looking Kimmy, whom is simply pointing to the ground.

Andrea’s expression softens and she speaks up, saying, “I don’t think we need to be that harsh.”

“Thank you,” Nancy says gratefully.

“Hey, don’t get me wrong,” Andrea starts, walking towards Nancy, “I’m still quite ticked at you. I’m simply above treating a human being like dirt.” Stephanie snickers. Andrea says, “Hmm?” while raising an eyebrow at Stephanie.

Stephanie steps forward, barely managing to retain herself from laughing. She asks with great joy, “Aren’t you supposed to be a Christian?”

“Well… yeah. But what does that have to do with anything?” Andrea asks, quite surprised.

“Yeah, what does it?” Julia asks, growing fearful.

“Didn’t that imaginary guy Jesus talk about forgiveness, and loving your enemies?” Stephanie says, half-laughing at Andrea’s hypocrisy.

Andrea looks flustered and barely manages to keep her head straight, “Well… yeah.”

“Then why don’t you follow that-”

“Stephanie, please don’t start.” Julia warns. Stephanie ignores her and continues.

“-imaginary guy’s teachings?” Stephanie finishes. Julia slaps her forehead.

Andrea folds her arms and smirks. She wise-cracks, “Says the girl who can’t forgive a girl by the name of Nicole.”

“Who… who told you!?!” Stephanie yells. Andrea shrugs, not wanting to put anyone else in the fray. Julia looks a little nervous.

“Words linger.” Andrea states. Stephanie groans. “So, I see that none of us are perfect.”

“Well duh!”

At this point, Julia begins to bite her nails a little before she realizes what she is doing. After seeing that she already has bitten off a nail, she shrugs and proceeds to bite the rest off to make it even.

“So why am I the only one receiving flak for it?” Andrea asks, putting her hands on her hips. Stephanie herself steps back a little, dumbfounded. Julia begins to sweat a little.

Andrea smirks a little bit more, knowing that she was steadily winning. “Jesus did say, ‘He whom is without sin may cast the first stone’.”

“Wh-Why should I believe you? I don’t believe in Jesus.”

“I don’t care, those are still good words to live by, Christian or not!”

At this, Julia finally snaps. “ENOUGH!” She yells, putting herself between the girls. “I can’t stand this! My two best friends, fighting!” Andrea looks guilty while Stephanie only looks eager for more.

“You’re only taking her side because you believe the same as her!” Stephanie accuses.

“No! It’s not that. While I do believe in the same stuff as her, I don’t believe that violence is usually the answer.” Andrea looks away while Stephanie simply groans.

“More preaching?” Stephanie asks, whining a bit.

“Not really, but I’ll end with this. Can’t we simply get along for one night? Heck, I’ll sleep on the floor if necessary!” Julia exclaims. Stephanie’s gaze softens and Andrea begins to tear up a bit.

“I’m sorry for getting all religious on you and… stuff.” Andrea says, rubbing the back of her head.

“It’s fine… I guess I’m sorry for yelling at you… even if you can’t handle the tru-” Stephanie’s words are quickly ending by a slap to the face by Julia. Everyone stares at the normally peaceful matchmaker in shock.

“You don’t want to finish that sentence! You’ll only feed the fighting!” Julia threatens, pointing a finger at Stephanie, whom is considerably larger than her muscle-wise.

“…Fine.” Stephanie bitterly says, folding her arms. “I’m sorry for yelling at you, Andrea.”

“Its fine,” Andrea says, casting her gaze downward.

Julia smiles, glad that everything is cleared. She walks towards a wall and prepares to lie down. She notices Darci staring out the window, looking fairly melancholy. Julia gets up and walks over to Darci and puts her hand on her shoulder.

“You alright?” She asks softly. “You haven’t spoken since the bonfire.”

“I’m just… thinking, I guess.” Darci answers.

“Still mad at me?” Nancy asks, walking up to her.

“Sorta.” Darci admits.

Nancy looks away from the girl and sighs, disappointed. “I understand.” She weakly says.

“Look, I’m willing to put it all behind me, though. That is, if you are as well.” Darci says, extending her hand.

Nancy stares at the hand, astonished. “You mean… you were serious in your jury speech?”

“I don’t like lying.” Darci admits with a slight smile.

Nancy looks at the outreached hand for a bit longer before finally accepting it. While she is shaking Darci’s hand, Darci pulls Nancy into a hug, surprising Nancy. When Darci pulls away, Nancy looks at her with wide-eyes.

“You… forgive me?” Nancy asks, speechless.

Darci casts her glance to the ground. She softly says, “Yes, I do.” Darci looks up at Nancy, her eyes brimming with tears. “It’ll be tough… but I can definitely forgive. Forgetting… I don’t know.”

“I don’t care, I‘m just glad that you‘re forgiving me.” Nancy affirms. Darci smiles and walks to a bed, humming a song to herself. Nancy does the same.

Julia looks at everyone getting ready for bed. She notices Kimmy who is by herself. She walks towards her and asks, “You alright?”

“Oh, yeah!” Kimmy perks up. “I simply went on the side with the most members.” Kimmy then walks to her bed and begins sleeping. Julia laughs and pulls a blanket off of a random bed and lies down on the floor, at peace.

Nancy, however, is smiling the entire night. Her dreams for the first time in a while are filled with joy, not with fear. She is filled with joy about the fact that the girls have forgiven her! Even though there are some hard feelings, she knows that she is on the right path finally.

The next day, the contestants are all in the lounge, talking or catching up on some sleep. Darci and Zubin are catching up with one another.

Darci asks Zubin, “How’re you doing, you know, with the feelings?”

Zubin smiles and says quite proudly, “They’re pretty much gone.” Darci smiles brightly.

“Good,” She says. She hugs Zubin tightly. “My advice to you is this, though: be careful about who you talk to about those. It’s great that that America is as understanding to homosexuals as it is, but yet it’s very closed minded to people whom have gotten out of homosexuality.” Zubin nods, frowning.

“That I’m worried about when I get home. It’s not that I’m anti-gay; it’s simply that I didn’t want to be a homosexual. That’s all.” Zubin explains. Darci nods.

“America’s hypocritical.” She states.

“You got that right,” says a female voice right behind them.

Monica!” Darci exclaims in worry. “When’d you get here!?”

“A minute ago.” Monica answers calmly. She points to the other contestants who were voted out before the merge. “We just got here.” She says.

“You… heard everything, didn’t you?” Zubin asks, scratching the side of his neck.”

“I did,” Monica answers, keeping her cool.

“Great….” Zubin mutters under his breath.

Instead of lashing out at Zubin which Darci and Zubin expect, Monica simply smiles and laughs at Zubin’s fear. She says to him, “What? You thought I was a closed-minded, flaming homosexual, or one of those rabid LGBT supporters?”

“Well… yeah.” Darci admits. Monica laughs even more.

“Seriously?” She asks in disbelief. The couple nods, looking nervous and confused.

“Listen, I, too, am pretty annoyed by those people as well. I could defend myself pretty well before I came out of the closet.” Monica explains.

“It’s not like you need a knight in shining armor to defend you.” Zubin says, lightening up.

“Oh man, it annoys me when people think that. I mean, I’m human! If a person says to me that I’m a jerk or if I’m being annoying, it’s because I was being a jerk or being annoying! It’s not that that person was being homophobic; the person was simply calling me out. It annoys me when people think of us as pure, holy, and perfect in every way. We’re only human!” Monica shouts out. Everyone turns and looks at Monica funnily. She says to everyone, “Sorry….” Everyone resumes their business.

“Trust me; it annoys me to see people like that.” Zubin says, reassuring Monica.

Monica nods. “I love it when I tell people that. They can’t call me homophobic, as I’m bi-sexual!” Monica laughs a little. Zubin and Darci laugh as well, but they’re only being polite. In truth, they are a bit disturbed by the conversation.

Darci, desperate to get off the subject, asks, “Hey, if everyone’s here, where’s Clark?”

“Oh, he saw a skate park and wanted to parkour.” Monica answers. “That boy,” she says, half laughing. “He’ll hurt himself one day.”

“Well, he told me that the point of parkour is simply to get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, but also the safest way possible.” Darci answers.

Monica folds her arms and mutters grumpily, “Yeah, but he didn’t have to break my window in my room like that.” Zubin and Darci both laugh.

“Well, I think I’m gonna go see him!” Zubin says excitingly. And he and Darci begin to rush to the door, Monica stops him. She tells him:

“Listen, if anyone gives you a hard time about what you went through here, and begins lecturing you about how you’re only pushing the feelings down psychologically, let me know and I’ll knock em’ out!”

“I appreciate the support, but do you actually like seeing people in pain?” Zubin asks.

“Well, I’m a self-proclaimed sadist.” Monica answers nonchalantly. Zubin widens his eyes as he slowly walks out the door. Monica chuckles to herself as she walks away.

Meanwhile, outside, Clark is doing parkour at the skate park. He does a front flip off of the back of a skate ramp and continues on. He then rushes to another skate ramp and jumps up and grabs the edge. He kicks off with his feet and does a back-flip. He races to a giant wall and begins to run up it. Once he is up there, he takes a look of the city. He chuckles to himself, proud of the feat he just accomplished. Unexpectedly, he hears a very loud, “CLARK!” (Author’s Note: Please do not try to duplicate any parkour actions in this chapter. If you do, you run the risk of dying a very painful death. Have a nice day!)

Surprised, he loses his balance and falls down, screaming the entire way. Luckily, he lands on his side instead of his head. As he gets up, groaning, he is tackled to the ground by a hug, courtesy of Zubin.

“Dude! It’s so good to see you again!” Zubin says with a giant smile.

“I know, right?” Clark states as he gets up. He quickly falls down again, clutching his right shoulder. “Ah! My shoulder!” Clark play punches Zubin and lectures him, saying, “You should’ve thought of a better time to call my name!”

“Maybe,” Zubin admits bashfully. “But that doesn’t change a thing! Dude! How’ve you been!?”

“Great! Righty here was too,” Clark says, motioning to his right arm, “until you decided to drop in unannounced.”

Zubin laughs nervously. “Sorry Righty,” he says, rubbing Clark’s arm. Clark screams out in pain and Zubin wisely pulls his hand away, staring in shock.

Back in the hotel, the other contestants are talking to the contestants who did not make it to the merge.

Nancy asks in complete shock, “Wait… so, Hayley, you’re not mad at me?”

“Why would I be?” Hayley replies, looking at Nancy with much question. Nancy goes to speak but quickly stops herself.

“Look,” Hayley starts, “I was mad at you at first, I’ll be the first to admit it. But yet you were only playing the game. This is just a giant game, I realized that and I’m no longer mad.” Hayley looks at Nancy whose eyes are filling up with tears. Hayley asks her softly, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re the first person to say that….” Nancy states, tears beginning to run down her cheeks. Taken aback, Hayley hugs her friend whom immediately begins to cry in Hayley‘s arms. Hayley says to Nancy:

“It’s alright… we can all put this all behind us after the game.”

For a few minutes, Nancy just stands there, letting her emotions run. Nancy abruptly gets up and walks away, leaving a confused Hayley.

“Well… that was weird.” Hayley says before walking away.

Before the girl can get far, Hunter cries out, “Hayley!” Hayley turns her head and sees a very excited Hunter picks her up and hugs her tightly with his strong, but gentle, arms.

Hayley laughs and playfully exclaims, “Oh put me down you lovable oaf!”

Hunter places Hayley down with a very nice shade of red on his face. “Sorry, I just haven’t seen you in a while.”

“It’s fine!” Hayley says, hugging him. “How’s everything going?”

“Pretty good, I suppose.” Hunter says, shrugging. Hayley does not look convinced.

“You’re lying. What’s up?” She asks. Hunter look sat her with curiosity, wondering how she knew.

“How’d you… never mind. I’m simply nervous, that’s all.”


Hunter sighs. He says to Hayley dryly, “You’re not going to leave me alone until I tell you, are you?” Hayley smiles and nods her head. “Well, if I lose, I’ll never be able to live it down in my neighborhood.”

“That’s it?” Hayley questions, surprised. “You’re flipping serious?”

“Yeah… why?” Hunter asks.

Hayley places her hand on her forehead and laughs hysterically. Hunter looks at her offended. Hayley finally says, “Dude, we ALL lost! None of us will be able to live it down.”


“Don’t worry, bud, I’m sure you’ll do fine!” Hunter smiles.

“Thanks, Hayley… although, you are being kinda insensitive.”

“Oh, sorry, we all have irrational fears, though. Mine happens to be lightning!”


The scene cuts to Rosa walking out of the girl’s bathroom looking very relieved. However, her relief is cut short as Nancy cries out, “ROSA!” Before Rosa can even ponder what is going on, Nancy hugs her.

“Oh, it’s you!” Rosa says excitingly.

“I made it, girl!” Nancy squeals. Rosa herself joins in on the squealing.

Monica walks past the two squealing and mutters to Stephanie, “Katie and Sadie again?” Stephanie giggles as the two walk past.

Peter is currently catching up with Bobby Jon and Kimmy.

“I hope you’re not mad at us.” Bobby Jon says.

“Why would I be?” Peter asks.

“We betrayed you?” Kimmy points out.

“What she said.” Bobby Jon says, pointing to Kimmy.

“Look, I don’t care. You two are good people, that’s all I care about. Now hug me!” Peter demands. Bobby Jon and Kimmy look at each other with wide eyes. They simply shrug, though, and hug him. Peter smiles as the three embrace.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Monica are talking outside.

“Y’know, Monica, I’m glad we’re friends again.” Stephanie says, smiling.

“…We stopped being friends?” Monica asks. Stephanie shakes her head while laughing.

“Now you’re just playing dumb.” Stephanie jokes. Monica laughs and playfully punches Stephanie.

“It’s weird… I started out a little girl with a ton of crap… but after this, I feel like I’m ready to embrace the world. I feel like I can actually come to terms with my parent’s death.” Stephanie says, looking out to the streets of LA.

“Long speeches bore me.” Monica says bluntly.

“Well, to shorten it up for you,” Stephanie says, glaring, “I’ve matured… feels good, I must say.” Monica laughs.

Monica goes to speak, but someone else with a deep voice says, “Yep, your fight with Andie really showed your maturity!”

Stephanie blinks for a moment. “Did you just go through puberty a second time?” Monica shrugs.

“No,” Freddie jumps onto the railing, “I heard about the blowout. “Mature” really isn’t the word.” Freddie says. Stephanie pushes him off angrily.

“She was being a hypocrite!” Stephanie claims.

“Who isn’t at least once in their life time?” Monica asks.

“Good point.”

“Isn’t anyone going to help me up?” Freddie asks.

Stephanie looks at Monica. They both smirk as they walk away from Freddie.

“Oh that’s real nice! Leave me in a thorn bush. Yeah, that’s so nice!” Freddie calls out sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Andrea, Ulysses, Julia, Darci, and Tyson are talking.

“I mean, I want to forgive Nanc, I really do,” Andrea says, “but it’s hard.” Julia nods.

“I understand what you mean. Took me a couple days before I realized that it was simply part of the game.” Julia says.

“I don’t care, really, I’m still the hottest.” Tyson adds in.

“Sure you are big guy.” Darci rolls her eyes.

“It kinda stunk. We both got to know each other, but then:” Ulysses makes a cutting notion to his throat.

“Exactly how I felt.” Darci chimes in. “But yep I saw the human in her… I was simply surprised that she could do all that while maintaining her humanity.” Darci turns to Hayley whom is trying to wipe off tear markings from her shoulder. “I only see now that she didn’t.”

Andrea, looking guilty, says silently, “I feel bad for saying what I said to her last night.” Ulysses puts his hand on her shoulder sympathetically. Andrea touches the hand and looks at it lovingly. She smiles at Ulysses and hugs him with a great smile on his face.

“You two are such a good couple! I can tell.” Julia exclaims. The two laugh.

“What about me and Zubin?” Darci asks, slightly nervous.

Julia takes a good, hard look at Darci. She looks at Zubin, who is currently skating alongside Clark who is doing parkour. She looks at Darci again and asks: “What do you often do?”

“Read, why?”

“Oh, nothing. I’ve seen weirder couples.”

“Like who?” Andrea asks.

“Well, there was this girl named Serafina and her boyfriend, Carl. They are drastically different, but they truly love each other.” Julia explains, looking very happy as she speaks.

“What makes them different?” Ulysses asks.

“Oh it’s simple,” Tyson starts, “I’m interesting and hot,” Tyson points to Julia, “but she’s not.”

“HEY!” Julia yells, clenching her fists. She pushes the chair Tyson is in onto the floor. Tyson rolls out of the chair, but is freaking out about his hair. Julia then goes off screen and some beating sounds are heard. Darci, Andrea, and Ulysses all grimace as they watch Julia beat up Tyson. After a bit, Julia walks back, much calmer.

“Ah… much better!” She says. “Now where was I?” Darci, Ulysses, and Andrea can only stare at each other in amazement about the fact that the normally pacifist Julia turned violent, even if it was only for a moment.

Shane himself is standing in front of the hotel, smiling greatly. He takes a deep breath and takes in the surroundings for one last time. He thinks about the wonderful time he has had with the kids. All the highs and all the lows; however, his thinking stopped abruptly when he shouts for the final three, and the others, to come outside.

Once they are all there, Shane exclaims, “Welcome, you all, for the final challenge!” There is much cheering after those words were said.

“Finally!” Someone yells.

“I know, right?” Shane asks. “Anyway, the challenge is simple, but fun!”

The final three, accustomed to Shane’s crazy antics, raises an eyebrow at the word, “fun”.

“What do you mean?” Zubin asks.

“Oh, I mean deadly!” Shane says excitingly.

“You just HAD to ask, didn’t you?” Nancy groans. Zubin looks at her apologetically.

“Guys, it can’t be that deadly, can it?” Hunter reassures.

Shane then pulls a sheet off of a very, very, VERY large object. What stands before the contestants and former contestants, is a giant death trap.

“I stand corrected.” Hunter says, looking scared.

Shane confirms their worst fear: “To get to the top is your challenge.”

“WHAT!?!” is the words that come out of each of their mouths. The final three stare at each other in complete despair.

“Oh, I’m not done. The first two to get to the top move on. Once on the top, you will duel one another off the top of the contraption. Whoever touches the ground first, loses. Easy enough?” Shane asks. The final three shake their heads.

“Great!” Shane exclaims, “I was afraid that this would be too easy.” Everyone’s mouths drop to the floor. “Anyway, you all can chose one person to help you along the way. They must not have gotten to the jury.”

“Clark! I call Clark!” Zubin shouts excitingly. Clark groans, not ready to be bruised again. Zubin playfully punches Clark’s right arm. Clark winces in pain as Zubin smiles obliviously, ready to work with his buddy again.

(Confessional) “Zubin’s great, he really is. But…,” Clark trails off, looking guilty. “He needs some serious focusing help.”

“I call Rosa!” Nancy exclaims. Rosa jumps up and down in delight, squealing. She races towards Nancy with a great big smile on her face. The two hold each others hands and jump around, squealing.

“Now that the piglets are done…” Shane shoots a glare at Nancy and Rosa, “Hunter will pick!”

“It’s obvious: Hayley!” Hunter says. Hayley groans like Clark. But she forces a smile and hugs Hunter.

Once Hunter can’t see her face, Hayley mouths, “Help me” to Andrea. Andrea looks with much concern as Hunter and Hayley walk away.

“Okay, now that’s done, the final three can pick something from this pile of stuff!” Shane says happily. He pours a huge box containing random objects.

Zubin spots a skateboard and grabs it. Hunter, on the other hand, grabs a rope. Nancy grabs a shield and puts it on her back.

Rosa looks at the shield and asks, “What’s with the shield?”

“You never know what Shane’s gonna throw at us.” Nancy answers, looking very determined. Rosa shrugs to the camera as they walk to the starting line.

Once the contestants and their partners are at the starting line, Shane yells, “GO,” and the race to win starts!

Quickly, Zubin, using his skateboard, pulls ahead of the pack with Clark right behind him. Rosa is fairly close behind Clark, but not that close. Hunter, Hayley, and Nancy all run beside each other, conserving their energy.

After a couple minutes, Zubin, Clark, and Rosa all get to a giant wall. Clark looks at the wall and smirks arrogantly.

“Nothing a little parkour can’t handle!” Clark boasts. He runs backwards a couple yards and analyzes the wall. He then runs to the wall and begins to run up it. Right at the peak of his wall-run, he grabs the top of the ten-foot wall and pulls himself up.

“Dude, that was so easy!” Clark exclaims.

“Um, unlike you, I don’t normally climb ten-foot walls.” Zubin points out.

Clark strokes his chin, thinking. “This could be a problem.”

“Well duh!”

“Man… how are we to get up there?” Rosa asks. Zubin shrugs.

“Rule number one: Do not help the enemy!” Clark calls out. Zubin rolls his eyes playfully.

“Fine, fine,” He says. Rosa pouts.

Finally, Hunter, Hayley, and Nancy all catch up to the others. Rosa asks, “What took y’all so long?”

Nancy, out of breath, replies, “I’m used to the horse carrying me, not my own two legs!”

“Fair enough,”

Hunter takes a good look at the wall, seeing its sheer size. He whistles, impressed.

“Wow… this is why this is the final challenge.” Hunter exclaims.

“Well, I, for one, am not going to be beaten by a stupid wall!” Hayley proclaims. Hunter coughs a bit loudly, causing Hayley to blush. “D-did I say, ‘I’? I mean you.”


Zubin this whole time has been thinking of ways to get up the wall. He comes to a decision and walks away. After a couple seconds of everyone looking at him leave, Zubin races to the wall at top speed. He quickly jumps and wall-jumps off the wall. Due to the amount of speed, he gets high enough for Clark to grab his hand and pull him up effortlessly.

“You were right, that IS fun!”

“Told ya, bud!” Clark says, beaming with pride for his friend. The two continue on, one on skateboard, the other on foot.

“I, for one, will not lose to this wall!” Hunter exclaims.

“Didn’t I just say that?” Hayley asks, confused. Rosa shrugs.

Hunter takes out the rope and searches for a place to put it. He notices a camera on the wall and smirks. He then throws the rope onto the camera and tightens it, making it secure. He and Hayley, whom is astonished, climb up the wall and continue on.

“Crap!” Nancy yells.

“Hold on, hold on, don’t stress out just yet.” Rosa says. Lightning then flashes and thunder claps immediately afterwards. Dark clouds begin to fill up the sky. Nancy glares at Rosa. “Okay, now you can start stressing!”

“Well, no use expending energy.” Nancy says. After taking a final look at everything, she whispers to herself, “There has to be another way!” She notices a ladder to the top of the wall on the left-hand side.


Nancy quickly runs to the ladder and begins ascending. Rosa, being ever so polite, yells, “You realize that could get you out of the competition, right? You’re making a mistake!”

“Shut up, ‘kay? Shane said any way to the top is fine.” Nancy shoots back.

“She’s correct,” Shane yells off-screen. Rosa sighs.

“Fine,” She then climbs up the ladder. Once the two are above the wall, they begin running again. This time, Rosa runs at Nancy’s pace.

Zubin and Clark are both skating and running side-by-side before they come to a pit with spikes in it. There is a railing for the contestants to balance on, but it is pretty long and it is fairly windy.

“Dude, those can’t be real!” Zubin states worriedly. Clark pokes them.

Clark takes one look at his bleeding finger and says, “They’re real.”


“Can’t you just grind across?”

“Oh… never considered it.” Zubin walks over and notices how many spikes there. He comes to the obvious conclusion that if he falls, he dies. “Um, this stuff only happens in video games!”

“Maybe, but this is real life.”

“I don’t know….”

“Dude, it’s simply grinding on a rail, except for the fact that if you fall, instead of getting hurt, you die!”

“You expect me to feel any better!?”


“Never mind!” Zubin exclaims. He walks back a bit and gets on the skateboard. He says a silent prayer as he rushes forward. He quickly grinds on the rail, his heart racing with adrenaline. The moment he reaches land, he yells, “THANK YOU, GOD!” Clark chuckles.

“That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Clark asks, smirking.

“I guess not… but I am SO not doing that again!” Zubin says, angrily pointing to Clark. Clark only laughs. “Wait, how are you getting across?”

“Parkour!” Clark answers without hesitation.

“That’s not the answer for everything!” Zubin exclaims.

“Well it should be!”

Clark then walks back a bit. He then runs at full force towards the pit. He jumps onto the wall and wall-runs across. He then proceeds to land with a flashy front flip.

“Dude, you’re insane.” Zubin states.

“Maybe, but I love having fun!” Clark comments. Zubin nods, not being able to beat that.

After the two leave, Hunter and Hayley arrive. Hunter and Hayley both simply sit on the railing and scoot across without saying a word. Once on the other side, they breathe a sigh of relief and continue on.

“I can’t believe they made us do that!” Hayley exclaims while walking away.

“I know, right?” Hunter asks.

“We should pick up the pace.” Hayley states. Hunter smiles a little. He looks back and does not see Nancy or Rosa at the railing.

“We simply have to not be in last place.”

“Oh… still. I’d feel better if we ran instead of walked.” Hayley explains.

“Our energy would be depleted. If we needed to sprint or do something fast to get to the finish line, I’d rather have my energy.” Hunter says. “Hayley, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay… but if you lose, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Hayley warns. Hunter laughs playfully and pats Hayley on the back, much to Hayley’s displeasure.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Nancy race up to the railing. The two look at it and their faces say it all: They are afraid.

“You should go first! You know, to get to the end faster!” Rosa states, pushing Nancy gently to the railing.

“Um, no,” Nancy retorts. “You should,” Nancy says, pointing at Rosa.

“Um, I have horrible balance!” Rosa states.

Nancy crosses her arms and says sternly, “You know, my mom said to me that if you’re good at making excuses, you won’t be good at anything else.”

Rosa sighs, knowing that Nancy is correct. “Fine, you win!”

“Yay!” Nancy exclaims, clapping her hands. Rosa rolls her eyes.

“Don’t rub it in.” Rosa says. Nancy zips her lips with a playful smile.

“Alright, Rosie, you got this!” Rosa says to herself. She places a foot on the railing and panics. “I CAN’T DO THIS!” She yells, crying.

“Rosa, your toe only touched the railing.” Nancy coldly says, not buying the act. Rosa laughs nervously. “Oh c’mon, Rosa, it’s not that hard!”

“Then you do it!” Rosa says childishly. Nancy rolls her eyes and submits.

Nancy backs up and takes a deep breath. Unwavering in her cool, she walks to the railing, arms outstretched. She begins to walk to the other side, but in the middle, the railing begins to shake.

“Ah… gah… YAH!” Nancy yells as her eyes widen, shaking back and forth.

“Nancy!” Rosa calls out in despair.

“Rosa, put your foot on this thing to stabilize it!” Nancy orders. Rosa nods and does so. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a thing. “Great…,” Nancy mutters under her breath.

“Nancy, you can do this. If you complete this, then nothing shall stop you.” Rosa encourages. “Are you really going to lose because of this?”

“You’re right,” Nancy says, gaining motivation. She calms herself and begins to walk slowly, but surely, to the other side. Once she is about three-fourths of the way done with the railing, she jumps an impressive jump to the finish.

“Woo-hoo!” Rosa cheers.

“Great… I did it.” Nancy says, sweating a little. She points to Rosa, “Now you, COME!”

“Heck no!” Rosa states.

“Hey, I think I see a really hot dude without his shirt!” Nancy exclaims, pointing into the distance.

“No… really? Where?” Rosa asks, a tad desperate.

“You’ll get a better view over here!” Nancy promises.

“Okay!” Rosa then proceeds to run across the railing as if it was solid ground. When she gets to the other side, she then realizes that Nancy lied.

“Okay, that was mean!” Rosa states.

“Hey, it got you across.” Nancy says. Rosa looks out to where she previously was ten seconds ago.

“Oh… you’re right! EEEEE!” Rosa hugs Nancy, squealing.

“Now c’mon, I’m not losing because you keep hugging me!” Nancy says, laughing. Rosa laughs too, even though she does not know why Nancy is laughing.

Meanwhile, Zubin and Clark have a very large lead over the others. The two can even see the finish line. As the two get closer, each gets more excited.

“Finally, dude!” Zubin exclaims, sighing a breath of relief.

“Uh-oh…” Clark says, grimacing.


Clark points to a sign that reads, “Partners are not permitted to pass.” Clark screeches to a halt and sighs.

“Crap… I have to get down!” Clark says, stomping his foot. Clark hugs Zubin. “Win this for me, bud!” Clark then jumps off without looking. He screams for a total of five seconds before landing with a loud, “THUD!” on the ground. Zubin grimaces as he sees his friend in pain.

“Alright… that’ll scar me for life!” Zubin states. He walks over to the final obstacle, a simple puzzle. However, this puzzle is of an arrow flying through the air.

“Crap… tons of pieces the same color…” Zubin complains. He sighs and gets to work. However, his lead is soon lost.

“I think you need to get down.” Hunter explains as he points to the sign.

“Man… I hate heights.” Hayley complains, looking over the edge. Her eyes widen and she pukes. The puke lands on Shane, much to Shane’s horror.

“Now that’s entertainment.” Hunter snarks as Hayley blushes.

“Whatever!” She exclaims as she playfully punches Hunter in the arm. She then proceeds to climb down a ladder, barely holding onto her will to not scream.

Once she gets down, she lets out a triumphant yell. She looks at a crippled Clark and asks, “What’s up with him?”

“He jumped off.” Julia answers nonchalantly.


“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. He does that sort of stuff all the time.” Jerry says with his arms around Julia.

Meanwhile, both Hunter and Zubin are doing the puzzle. Nancy and Rosa both get there. Rosa wastes no time getting down, glad to finally get off the deathtrap that could quite literally fall at any given moment.

The final three work hard, in full knowledge that they have to complete it. Hunter works fast, getting done fairly quickly. He then starts to climb up the rock climb.

“Is there a harness?” Hunter asks. Multiple cheers are heard.

“No!” Shane calls back.

“F***,” Hunter curses under his breath.

“Heard that!” Shane calls from below.

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Hunter cries out, aggravated.

“It actually does.” Darci points out. Hunter simply ignores the others and begins climbing slowly; for fear that he will fall.

After about ten minutes straight of climbing, he gets to the top and lets out a huge yell. He throws his arms into the air as he walks to the center of the top.

He is in the final two.

The other two can only watch in complete horror. A sinking feeling in each of them grows, knowing that it will be a race to the finish.

Distracted by their hearts pumping like cannons being fired, Zubin and Nancy both begin making careless errors, ultimately costing them valuable time and their tiny amount of sanity that is left.

Finally, both complete it at the same time. Everyone looks on nervously as the two races to the wall and begin climbing. The two are neck-and-neck on scaling the wall. However, Nancy pulls ahead and reaches the top first. Zubin is extremely close behind, though.

However, Zubin slips while getting onto the top platform.

“Got’cha!” Nancy exclaims as she quickly grabs his wrist out of pure instinct.

“Thank you, Nancy,” Zubin says. “Could you let me up?” He asks.

“Zube… if I let you up, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll win. But if I let you up, I’d redeem myself.”

“Hey, no shame in redemption!” Zubin says nervously, trying to persuade Nancy into letting him up. So far, it has worked.

Nancy thinks for a while, and a heavy downpour of rain comes. She cries, hiding her tears in the rain. She looks at Zubin and closes her eyes, feeling guilty.

“Zubin… I’ve made a lot of mistakes over this entire journey, but this will be the mistake I will regret the most.” Nancy states. Zubin’s eyes widen, frightened by the fact that he knows that his time in the game is about to be finished.

“No! Nancy, please!” Zubin pleads. Nancy shakes her head.

She did not come this far just to lose at the finish line.

With a massive amount of guilt, Nancy releases Zubin. Zubin falls to the foot of the wall climb.

He stretches his hand out as he sees Nancy cross the finish line. “NOOOO!” He yells.

Nancy can only look at him tearfully as she walks into Hunter’s arms, the second person in the final two.

A single, lone, teardrop hits Zubin’s forehead. Accepting his defeat, Zubin gets up, shakes the fall off of him, and climbs down a ladder.

As Zubin climbs down the ladder, he notices a ladder connecting to the top platform.

“You mean to tell me that we could’ve used that ladder!?” Zubin cries out in anger.

“I did say, “Any way possible”!” Shane says.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Hunter yells.

“It’s alright, Hunter, we’re in the final two. We made it.” Nancy says, driving herself near to tears.

“Shh… shh… Nancy, it’s okay.” Hunter comforts. Instead of apologizing like Hunter is expecting Nancy to do, Nancy instead lifts her head up with a determined look on her face.

“I know, I know what I did was right. It got me further… no matter how much I hated it.” Nancy says. Hunter looks at her with wide-eyes, shocked at her reaction.

Nancy goes on: “I did what I had to do. Do I regret it all? Yes! I wish I got here another way, but the way I went worked. I played this game, and you know what? I played good! I did better than Valeria and Serene! If I lose, I know I can walk away, proud of what I did. Am I proud over my actions? No. Am I proud of how I played the game? Yes. I hated myself for being a monster to people, but yet I played this game. It called for it. This isn’t me in real life, only me playing a mere game. But I know I played the best out of everyone, and I know that I defeated eighteen contenders of this game. You, Hunter, are the last obstacle in my path to victory!”

All the others, including Zubin, applaud Nancy. While they themselves are bitter, they commend Nancy for her strategy. Although many want to see her lose, they all know she played the game very well.

“Nancy, that was sweet, but I’m not letting you win. I want to win, and I’ll do anything to win it.” Hunter exclaims. A little over half of the people below cheer, wanting Hunter to win.

“Very well, then,” Nancy says, “challenge accepted.”

“Alright, maybe I should explain the rules!” Shane says, somehow on the top platform.

“How’d you-” Nancy starts.

“I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.” Hunter explains, interrupting Nancy. Nancy simply shrugs.

“Look, there are some fake weapons in a pile over there.” Shane says, pointing to a pile of useless crap. “Your mission: Grab a weapon, and knock someone off the platform with it. Whoever does that, wins Production. Any final words?”

“Nanc, I’ll do anything in my power to ensure my victory.” Hunter says.

“Hunter, I worked my butt off to get here. I didn’t go though everything just to lose right here!” Nancy states.

“Ooh! This is gonna be good!” Shane exclaims. “BEGIN!” Shane yells. Shane quickly climbs down the ladder.

Nancy and Hunter both run to the pile of objects. Nancy pulls out a fake staff.

“Just like cleaning horse poop!” Nancy exclaims, commenting on the hold of the staff.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Hunter says, pulling out a fake rapier. “Shall we?” Hunter asks.

“Let’s dance!” Nancy answers.

The two rush at each other. Each is filled with adrenaline and determination. Hunter quickly stabs Nancy, but Nancy swipes Hunter off his feet. The two fall to the ground, only to rise up quickly. Thunder claps and lightning flashes.

Hunter quickly takes a swing at Nancy, but Nancy blocks it. Nancy tries another leg sweep, but Hunter jumps over it, kicking her in the head.

Nancy quickly wipes off the dirt from her head, unaffected at all.

Nancy quickly hits Hunter in the side, and pushes him, but he goes almost no where. Hunter retaliates with a stab, but Nancy dodges, right to the edge.

Seeing his opportunity, Hunter rushes at Nancy, Nancy has nearly no time to react before he runs into her. The force knocks her back, nearly sending her off the edge.

Hunter quickly hits her again with the fake rapier, this time, she begins wobbling. She grabs Hunter’s hand and pulls herself back onto the platform. She quickly hits Hunter right to the edge and he begins to wobble. However, he grabs Nancy’s weapon and pulls on it, pushing himself on, and Nancy’s weapon, with Nancy on it, off the edge.

Nancy only has time to try and grab him before careening off the edge.

“NOOOO!” Cries out a defeated Nancy. Nancy crashes into the ground, letting victory slip through her grasp.

Hunter steps into the middle of the platform, raises his hands, and lets out a victory yell.

“Hunter is the winner of Total Drama: The Production!” Shane announces. Nearly everyone begins cheering. Hunter descends the stairs with a giant smile on his face.

Hunter walks over to Nancy, whom is being comforted by Rosa.

“Nancy, you did great!” Rosa states. She is met with crying.

“All that… for nothing!” Nancy wails.

Nancy looks around, her vision blurred by her tears, and the rain. She cries, feeling hopeless and alone. All that work, for nothing; all those betrayals, simply to fall right before the finish line. Nancy begins crying again, this time, out of self-pity.

“Nancy, you alright?” Hunter asks, walking up to her.

“No…” Nancy replies.

“Look, you did great. You can lift your head up high, knowing that you did well.”

“Still, I’m not really crying because I lost, it’s more because,” Nancy shoots a glance at the others, “I don’t know if they’ll forgive me.”

“They will,”

“Of course we will!” Andrea exclaims, walking over to Nancy. She lifts Nancy’s head up. “Chin up, girl, you did good. You should be proud.”

“Andrea…” is all Nancy can say before hugging the girl. Rosa and Hunter both look at the two with a smile.

“Hunter,” Nancy says, letting go of the hug, “you deserved it.”

Hunter smiles. He laughs a little to himself. “I did, didn’t I?” Nancy nods. Hunter gives a little sigh of relief. He glances over to the other contestants, lost in their conversations with one another. He feels glad.

He finally feels accepted.

Hunter looks around, not wanting the moment to end. However, his thinking is interrupted by a giant hug.

“Great job, ya lug!” Hayley exclaims, tackle-hugging him. Hunter laughs.

“I know, I did,” He answers confidently. Nancy nods her head, approving.

“C’mon, you guys, there’s food in the hotel!” Rosa exclaims, running to the hotel. Andrea follows her, laughing.

“Food sounds nice.” Nancy says.

“Shall we?” Hunter asks, taking Nancy and Hayley’s hands into his own.

“We shall.” Hayley answers with a smile. The three friends walk to the hotel, hand in hand.

While Nancy herself feels bad about losing, she has hope. She realizes that the other contestants do not hate her for what she did. She also feels proud about how she played the game. She knows that she abolished the foolish stereotype that southern girls are dumb.

Hunter, on the other hand, feels great! He just won, and is very proud of himself. He knows that this will change prejudice in his neighborhood.

Hayley, however, is simply hungry. She wants food.

Once everyone is inside, Shane steps out holding a boomerang. He says in a very poor Australian accent, “G’day, mates! This has been a wonderful season of Total Drama. It really put the word, ‘total’ and ‘drama’ in Total Drama. Watch next the next season: Total Drama Australia! It will be a wondrous adventure. For now, good bye.”

The season ends there.

(Author’s Note: Thank you all SOOOOO much! Thank you all for staying with me, even though I can’t really get a chapter up once a week. I hope you all like the ending, even if the character you wanted to win, didn’t win. I hope you all liked this season, and I hope you all will enjoy Fiji even more!)

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
1st Hunter In Win Freddie Rosa Kimmy Win Win Win Andrea Kimmy Alexander Andrea Julia Darci Darci Nancy Stephanie WINNER
2nd Nancy In Win Freddie Peter Peter Win Win Win Hayley Kimmy Alexander Andrea Julia Ulysses Darci Bobby Jon Stephanie RUNNER-UP
3rd Zubin In Alexander Win Win Win Alexander Monica Heidi Win Tyson Ulysses Andrea Hunter Ulysses Hunter Bobby Jon Stephanie SECOND RUNNER-UP
4th Stephanie In Clark Win Win Win Jerry Tyson Alexander Win Tyson Ulysses Andrea Julia Ulysses Hunter Bobby Jon Nancy Hunter
5th Bobby Jon In Win Freddie Rosa Peter Win Win Win Hayley Nancy Alexander Andrea Julia Darci Darci Nancy Hunter
6th Darci In Alexander Win Win Win Alexander Monica Heidi Win Tyson Ulysses Andrea Hunter Ulysses Hunter Zubin
7th Ulysses In Win Rosa Rosa Peter Win Win Win Hayley Kimmy Alexander Nancy Julia Darci Hunter
8th Julia In Darci Win Win Win Alexander Monica Alexander Win Tyson Ulysses Nancy Hunter Nancy
9th Andrea In Win Rosa Rosa Peter Win Win Win Hayley Kimmy Alexander Nancy Nancy
10th Alexander In Clark Win Win Win Jerry Monica Heidi Win Tyson Ulysses Zubin
11th Tyson In Darci Win Win Win Jerry Monica Heidi Win Darci Zubin
12th Kimmy In Win Rosa Rosa Peter Win Win Win Hayley Nancy Nancy
13th Hayley In Win Freddie Rosa Kimmy Win Win Win Andrea
14th Heidi In Clark Win Win Win Jerry Monica Tyson
15th Monica In Darci Win Win Win Jerry Stephanie
16th Jerry In Darci Win Win Win Alexander
17th Peter In Win Freddie Rosa Kimmy*
18th Rosa In Win Freddie Peter
19th Freddie In Win Rosa
20th Clark In Alexander

.* Means that although the votes were tied, Peter had the most votes against him, so he was eliminated instead.

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