Once the Cruise ship had parked and everyone had unpacked, Both the Ghosts of Hazard and the Stinging Hornets gathered at a large, blue dock. On this dock, there were several obstacles such as: a Log-like bridge that spun as you ran across it, a swinging bar that had to be manuvered across a small platform, and much more.

Courtney, being the stuck up leader wannabe that she was, walked out before her team of Ghosts. "Alright Ghosts, this is gonna be our first challenge of the Season. And since the Teams may or may not merge, we've really got to stay together Got that?"

The group of Ghosts all began to either roll her eyes or murmur among themselves. Some of them felt resentful towards Courtney, while others felt she had a great role as a leader.

One of them felt more than anyone that Courtney was unfit to lead.

"So, my first confessional, huh?"

Stephanie was the first contestant who was making a confessional. Out of all confessionals in the past Seasons/Spin-offs, this one was the most unique. The walls were Brightly colored with a bright chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There were several pictures of Chrs on the walls as well.

"Anyways, why is Courtney a bad leader? Lemme tell you: She reminds me of me! Last time I was competing, I treated my baby Ryan like dirt!" She then turned sweet and made her hands into a heart.

"Hey Baby, love ya!"

Junior was now up.

"I've... never done a confessional on my own before..." the young boy rubbed his arm nervously. "I kinda wish my dad were here... I dunno what's the right thing to do at this point."


"Of course, Courtney is a profitable know-it-all." The Latino cassanova said arrogantly. "But when it comes to all time charm, the votes are in. Alejandro Burromuerto will rise up and lead the Ghosts of Hazard to Victory to victory when the time comes."

Chris and Don walked out in front of the crowds of teams.

"Welcome to your first challenge." Chris said. "This Challenge is a callback to one from  Revenge of the Island, only ten times worse. So, you know, the usual."

Don looked over at chris, concerned about his choice of words before taking over the instructions. "How this works is: Each team will have one starting player going through the course, carrying each one Idol. One team will get a Don Idol, while the other gets a Chris Idol. Each time you complete a section of the Obstacle course, you will pass the Idol on to another member of your team. First one to cross the finish line with the Idol wins."

"Let the game begin!" Chris cheered.

He weas anxious to see how the game was going to play out.

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