This story is rated PG-13. There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors is a new competition, reality and survival fanfiction. 

Created by: Icicle.

Word Count: 17,692

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Chris McLean: Main Host
Halycon: Intern


Alfie: The Provocative Hipster
Brooke: The Devilish Charmer
Cerys: The Stone-Cold Cheerleader
Darius: The Walking Dictionary
Esme: The Perky Wallflower
Faith: The Mischievous Diva
Hamish: The Recovering Convict
Inca: The Wild Trendsetter
Jasmine: The Religious Carpe-Diem
Jordan: The Definition of Sarcasm
Kieran: The Drill Sargent
Lavenia: The Determined Perfectionist
Marley: The Gaming Guru
Morven: The Insane Daredevil
Nightwolf: The Immortal Goth
Phyllis: The Barbie Doll
Riley: The Talented Athlete
Teegan: The Innocent Kleptomaniac
Vaughn: The Uptight Coward
Wallace: The Comedic Party Animal


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Episode 01: The Wasteland of Decaying Dreams

Somewhere in the middle of the crystallized oceans of the world, the worn down old boat which we've became a custom to from the previous season, the players from Total Drama: The New Classic are all celebrating the win of Katherine after she defeated Hamish in the final leg of the competition.

Katherine is wearing a sequin blue dress, which she won as part of one of the previous challenges, she devours a buffet of food containing her favourite foods including buffalo chicken wings. Hamish stands back in somewhat fear as he watches her.

Hamish rubs his hands, "Well, um, congratulations on winning Katherine..." A nervous Hamish states.

Katherine lifts her head out of the food for a brief second, "Thanks so much Hamish!" She replies overjoyed.

Jordan stares in jealousy. "If only I wasn't dragged down by the black widow herself." Jordan looks over his shoulder and sees Brooke evilly glaring at him. He then mutters something unnoticeable under his breath.

"Says you. Your whole strategy last season was worse than Lavenia's painted on eyebrows." Cerys remarks while folding her arms confidently.

"The only thing painted on here is your lipstick, and boy you the inner clown in you is showing very evidently." Lavenia replies and consequently high fives Esme.

"You go girl!" Esme replies jokingly.

"I liked you better when you were a dumb cheerleader." Darius states.

"Um what do you think you're doing? Jordan is MY rival. Move over you strategical wannabe." Brooke interrupts and grabs Jordan's hand.

Jordan releases Brooke's grip on his hand, "And you're being relatively nice to me because?" Jordan asks confused.

"You saved my life idiot." Brooke replies with a faint smile. "I do have a heart you know."

"Oh yeah. Life debt. Gotta loves those. Maybe it will end with me being in danger and you helping me!" Jordan remarks sarcastically with a role of the eyes.

"That's the plan." Brooke whispers to herself quietly, remembering her recent flaws in the previous season and adapting them this time around.

Following the previous comment, Darius walks into the boat through the wooden door, looking left to right at the blank white walls. "I don't remember these walls being here..."

Darius notices a part of the wall that seems to be sticking out from the rest of the wall. He decides to tug on the wall and sure enough that part of the wall comes off, revealing a door. Darius begins to shake strangely, he cautiously opens the door revealing a familiar face.

"AH!" Darius screams as that contestant runs out of the room in a panic.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" A terrified and relived Inca screams while hugging Darius.

Darius is dazed, "What the hell. How long have you been trapped behind a wall?"

"Well after I ran off in Italy I ran onto the boat. I went into my room and I heard someone outside. I tried to open my door and I couldn't, I was trapped in my own room since Italy." Inca reveals.

Darius remains dazed, "...How are you alive."

Inca looks away from Darius and scratches her head, "Luckily I had an illegal stash of chocolate bars and sandwiches under my bed so I wouldn't go hungry. I guess it worked out for the best huh!" She replies somewhat happily.

"Go to the buffet outside, there is a lot of food there. But I would hurry as Katherine is literally going to eat every last bite." Darius replies

"Oh that doesn't sound good. I hope she doesn't get indigestion!" Inca waves goodbye to Darius happily and runs onto the dock finally free from the barricade.

Inca runs outside and sees Riley looking over the edge of the boat sadly. Inca walks up to him with a concerned look smeared on her face.

"What's up?" Inca questions, making Riley turn his face to her. A massive smile follows upon his face.

He looks shocked albeit relieved to see her. "Inca! Where have you been!?" He replies ecstatically.

Inca folds her arms sternly. "Just kiss me." Inca then grabs Riley by the collar and kisses him by the side of the boat.

Meanwhile Darius is curious as to how she became trapped behind a fake wall. While thinking he accidentally ends up in a dark cabin with a television and one video gaming guru. He looks around the room and notices that the only light source is the television.

"Video Games are the coolest thing on this planet. I can't believe I missed so many of them while on this dumb reality show. Have you seen the graphics on Report to Duty!? Absolutely stunning! " Marley states confidently.

Darius cringes, "Yeah that's great."

Marley continues to not acknowledge the arrival of anyone or anything else and stares mindlessly into the white light of the television in front of him, the only thing providing light in his cabin. Darius looks outside the windows and notices that the waves are starting to reach the height of the windows. Suddenly the atmosphere is becoming more dark and storm-like.

Darius runs through the corridors of the boat and eventually onto the deck where all the other contestants are harbored. The camera pans through various groups of people in slow motion: Inca and Riley finally reunited and kissing passionately; Brooke and Jordan scowling with fierce jealously at one another; Katherine and Hamish celebrating on their victory as a pair; Phyllis, Lavenia and Esme gossiping on one of the oak picnic benches together; Jasmine teaching Nightwolf the ways of Christianity in the form of Roman Catholics; Iggy trying to get Liam to leave her alone as he continues to plea for marriage; Marley playing video games.

Darius pauses and looks at the sky in complete horror. "Um everyone..." He pauses as everyone continues to accomplish their own activities and not pay attention to his antics. "...A...HUGE WAVE." Darius screams and points to the sky as the wave looms closer and closer.

The entirety of the ship direct their sole attention to the daunting wave lurking overhead. Upon sighting the immense wave, Esme grabs Lavenia's hand firmly and takes her into the boat along with her while screaming intensely. As Inca screams, Riley carries her in his arms into the boat safely. All the other contestants on the dock including Iggy flee carelessly into the inside of the boat, with Katherine trailing behind them all.

She tries to run into the boat however her dress gets caught on a loose nail on the dock, making Katherine fall to her knees. She struggles to release her dress from the nail and begins to panic, something not a normal emotion for Katherine. She continues to struggle and manages to release her dress from the nail through ripping the blue sequins, but the wave then collapses and hits against the boat, causing some holes and cracks to appear on the boat. Katherine wobbles from the wave and accidentally falls through one of the holes at the right side of the boat.

Hamish runs onto the deck, leaning over the edge of the boat. "NO KATHERINE!" He screams at a high pitched tone. Katherine uncharacteristically screams as she falls into the water below, however her head is bashed off of the side of the boat on the fall down, and she falls into the ocean below unconscious.

The entire cast follow suit and run onto the deck to lean over the edge and watch the previous events follow, although it is short lived as another wave strikes the boat causing more panic, making everyone left descend into the boat once more.

Rapid waves relentlessly strike the boat from all possible sides, slowly eating away the boat itself and thus creating small crevices and craters. The frightened contestants try to sleep as the ferocious waves keep attacking the boat with no let up. The screen fades to black as lightning bolts and waves crash and spark in the background.

The brightness of the sun bellows down on the remains and wreckage of the previous world expedition's travel method are all sporadically scattered across a sandy plain. There are bodies randomly scattered across the sandy plain too.

One of the bodies wakes up from their previous unconscious state. "Oh my God, my head." An exhausted Lavenia states.

Lavenia stands up and searches her surroundings carefully. She notices someone in the distant forest who is approaching closer and closer to the wreckage. She begins to panic and walks away from the forest and closer to the water's edge.

The silhouette reaches Lavenia in shock, "Oh my God, are you okay? I thought I heard something last night but I was pretty shocked to explore it."

Lavenia is stunned in shock. "...And who are you?" Lavenia asks.

The girl plays with her hair. "My name is Halcyon. Last year I believe, our bus ride crash landed on this island. All of the other people involved haven't been sighted so far and we have no clue what's happened to them."

"Oh my gosh, that's so sad Halcyon. Could you help me help the others involved in this crash? I'm sure they would be very happy and grateful. I have no other options..."

Halcyon ponders, "I have nothing else to do. And I'd love to help out someone in need."

Lavenia hugs Halcyon. "Thank you so much! I hope that with your help we have the best possible ending to this dreadful situation."

Lavenia and Halcyon work tirelessly together to remove the majority of the rocky rubble from the wreckage. They find more of the bodies of the crash and try to regain their consciousness.

Lavenia is leaning over an unconscious Alfie. He begins to wake up and she tries to explain the situation to him, making him confused but time is not of the essence. He begins to look around the wreckage to find more people and help them recover.

Lavenia and Halcyon group back up for an annual status report. "Lavenia, I've so far found three people and helped them recover back to a decent standard."

Lavenia looks happy, "That's great. Do you know who they were?"

Halcyon shakes her head, "I think you'll have to do the identification since you've known these people for a while right?"

"Indeed. What did they look like then?"

"I found two girls and one guy. I believe one of the girls had blonde hair while the other had a reddish brownish hair color." Halcyon confirms.

"The blonde can either be Esme or Brooke, and a red head? We didn't have one on the boat..." Lavenia replies

Halcyon looks confused, "Oh really? Well that's odd. She's over there to the right if you need to look at her features to figure out who she is. I'll go try to recover the blonde." Halcyon replies and walks towards the unconscious blonde.

Lavenia curiously heads towards the unknown red head. She examines the body in more detail than reported by Halcyon.

"Hmm. This is very confusing. I don't think I've seen-" Suddenly Lavenia remembers a flashback before the boat crash.

Lavenia looks around the boat and notices a girl walk out of the boat. Lavenia walks over to the girl to welcome her.

"Welcome to the Cruise! Who are you? I thought this was for contestants of The New Classic only?"

The girl looks optimistic and replies cheerfully, "I am a contestant. Remember me, Lavenia?"

The flashback ends. Lavenia suddenly realizes who the red head is. "Inca."

Meanwhile Halcyon manages to revive the blonde haired girl.

"Nice to see that you're alive. You were in a terrible boat crash...Can you remember who you are?"

The girl sits up, "I...think my name was Esme?" Esme states.

Halcyon is relieved. "I'm so glad you can remember your name. We need to get you back to base. If you see anyone else who is not awake please report it to me or Lavenia." Halcyon walks away and leaves Esme to tend to someone else.

Esme is confused, "Lavenia? Why does that name sound familiar?" She mumbles to herself quietly.

The castaways decide to regroup and count the number of survivors so far.

Lavenia takes a second to count around the circle of people, "Okay so we have Lavenia, Esme, Alfie and Hamish awakened and we have located Inca and Riley who are not yet awake. We also have Halcyon who is a survivor from a previous crash which occurred on this island, if I had to say, I'd say this island has a thing for attracting crashes of all variations." Lavenia concludes.

"I have to agree. I think that this island may have some sort of bad luck aura surrounding it." Halcyon replies.

"We may be in the Bermuda Triangle. I know that Bermuda has a weird history of disappearances." Hamish recalls.

"That's true..." Alfie replies. "Bermuda does have strange history surrounding it."

"That's not really relevant to our situation at the moment, we need to find all the passengers from The New Classic." Lavenia reminds the group of the objective. "We still have 10 people missing."

"What about Lana?" Hamish remarks. "And Iggy?"

"Do you not remember? Lana left the show entirely after the word got out about her schemes with Chris. And I'm not sure about Iggy, was she on the boat?"

"She must have been, she was the host and must have been present on the boat at the time." A tired Riley interrupts.

"Make that five people awake. Nice to see you live and well Riley." Lavenia greats him.

"I'm not feeling so good so I'm just gonna chill out for a while before I begin helping out if that's okay." Riley asks and passes out from exhaustion.

Lavenia shrugs, "I guess we have to be okay with it lol. Anyways let's continue the search. If you find anyone else please report to me or Halcyon."

The group nod and begin to look around for people.

Alfie looks around the ship itself and notices some people near the entrance. "Hey guys! We still haven't checked out the ruins of the boat itself."

Lavenia, Halcyon and the others run over to the wreckage.

"That's true." Lavenia admits. "We should check it out immediately. There are definitely more people inside."

Just that second someone leaves the boat.

"Oh my gosh, there you guys are! I was starting to become worried." A no longer worried Darius states.

"Darius! Great to see you! We're about to check out the remains of the boat for more people, tag along?" Lavenia asks.

"Sure. Who's this by the way?" He gestures to Halcyon.

"I'm Halcyon, I'll explain more later. We've got to hurry, lives are in the balance!" Halcyon grabs Darius by the hand and the team begin to explore the ruins of the boat.

The group of people enter the boat, the boat being tipped on its right. Lavenia leads the way as she removes planks of wood which stand in her way. Halcyon notices a twitch coming from the left and Lavenia flashes her phone's flashlight onto it, revealing itself to be Jasmine and Nightwolf.

"Thank God we found you guys! My prayers didn't go unheard!" Jasmine states.

Lavenia breathes a sigh of relief. "Glad to know you guys are safe."

Continuing on the trail, Alfie comes across a board which is blocking the door to one of the old cabins. Some faint noises of shooting and groaning come from inside the room.

"Well I guess I should remove this..." Alfie grabs the wood and pulls it off the wall, revealing Marley to be inside the room, still starring into his television which is somehow working.

Alfie is completely puzzled. "What. How."

Marley is completely glued onto his game. Alfie stands in front of the television to block Marley's view.

Marley becomes enraged. "Hey man what's the deal?"

"Have you not noticed at all the circumstances here?" Alfie asks completely flabbergasted.

"What's happened? Have we docked in America?" Marley asks.

"...The boat crashed into an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and you're here playing video games at a 90 degree angle without noticing anything that has happened in the past twenty four hours. How are you even alive?" Alfie replies.

"...Oh. Um I guess I'll come and check out the surroundings then..." Marley replies halfheartedly and joins the group outside his room.

Alfie returns to the main corridor and yells out, "I've found Marley!"

Lavenia notices the sound and notes down in her head of Marley's whereabouts and status. "We have six more people missing: Liam, Jordan, Katherine, Cerys, Phyllis and Brooke. We're currently not knowing of their whereabouts but we'll keep updated."

"Shut up for a sec Lavenia. Can you hear that?" Jasmine asks, as silence follows. Two people arguing can be heard faintly coming from the lower end of the boat.

The group decides to follow the arguing until they reach a cabin in which two people are inside arguing.

"You said that you wouldn't be saving my life again anytime soon! Now I'm down two on you! Ugh!" Brooke states disgusted.

"You're just lucky I thought to save you from that wave. If I had anymore time to think I would've left you for dead." Jordan remarks blankly.

Brooke folds her arms in protest, "I hate you."

"Right back at you fatty." Jordan replies.

Jasmine enters the room nervously. "...Hey guys..."

"Oh Jasmine. How are you? We've been stuck in this room forever. Do you know the way out?" Jordan asks confidently.

"Sure just follow the group." Jasmine replies.

"Group?" Jordan replies confused. "Who else is here?"

"Pretty much everybody from that TV show. We're just trying to find the remaining people. Have you seen Cerys or Phyllis anywhere?"

"Nope not at all. I hope we can find them." Brooke replies in an uncharacteristic caring tone different from her usual sarcastic one.

Jordan is confused, "Well I wasn't expecting that...okay then."

Later on that day, as night begins to fall, Lavenia decides to take a final role call before sleep.

"Okay well we did very well today. We've all reunited!" Lavenia states.

"Um no we haven't." Halcyon interrupts, "Cerys, Katherine and Liam are still missing."

Lavenia shakes her head, "I thought we found them all earlier. Oh man."

"The thing is...I don't remember seeing Liam inside the boat last night. And if he wasn't inside the boat...that means he was outside the boat." Darius recalls.

Marley shakes his head, "That doesn't add up. If Liam stayed on the deck after the storm began someone would've noticed him when we entered the deck after Katherine fell off the boat."

"That's...true." Darius replies.

"I remember Cerys being in the boat last night. I thought she would be one of the first people to fill the role of leader." Alfie states.

"Well I had an idea for a game while we are stuck on this island. We have another competition to see who is the best survivalist." Inca states.

"So like that competition thing we just finished." Marley remarks.

"That would pass the time while we wait for a possible rescue team. I think we should do it." Lavenia replies.

"I have to agree. We might be stuck here a while so something to pass the time would be nice."

Suddenly a familiar face which no one ever wanted to see again appears on the scene.

"Miss me?" An overly confident Chris asks rhetorically. He also stands in a very confident stance as the survivors stare at him evilly.

Lavenia looks at Chris with a snarl, "You have some nerve showing up at a time like this. I should have known this was your doing."

Chris smirks, "I have no idea what you're talking about...All I know is I have contracts from all of you saying that you've signed up for a new Competiton/Reality/Survival Reality Show."

Lavenia looks confused but remains stern, "No one here has joined anything that you've set up I can assure you."

"I beg to diiiiffer." Chris holds up a contract in his hands with an obvious signature coming from Lavenia. "Last night on the boat, you don't remember?"

Last night on the boat...

In the blank darkness inside the boat during the storm, Chris is carrying a bunch of contracts in his hands. He imitates an Australian accent and heads into the bunker where the contestants are in shelter.

"Hey can you please sign this form?" A disguised Chris asks.

Lavenia is confused, "What do you want me to sign now Iggy?"

"I just need you to sign this form, it's health insurance. I forgot to get them signed at the beginning of the season and I thought in a situation like this better now then never right?" He explains.

"Fine hand it over." Lavenia barely signs the form as the darkness makes it hard for her to see.

Back in the present.

Lavenia is in total shock. "You can't be serious. So you were pretending to be Iggy to get us to sign contracts for a new season? WHAT THE HECK." Lavenia begins to freak out.

"Hey calm down." Halcyon reassures her.

"So by contract you all have to compete in my new Total Drama season! The location being this very island! I hope you all have packed your gear because we're in for a wild ride!" Chris continues to host.

Lavenia takes a deep breath. She then lashes out at Chris, grabbing the contract from his cold hands and ripping it into shreds. Chris then takes out another contract from behind his back.

"I've learned from previous seasons that Lawyers make several copies of contracts just for these reasons." Chris replies happily.

Lavenia looks back in anger. "I swear to God I will kill him."

"How leader-ly of you to say." Chris states. "Now before we start the challenge, I have some new faces for all of you."

A helicopter suddenly appears overhead. First a girl with dyed ocean blue hair leaps out of the helicopter. She activates a parachute on her back and glides down next to Chris' side.

Riley is surprised, "That was one hell of an entrance."

"Welcome to the competition, Morven." Chris announces.

"Always a pleasure Chris McLean. You are going to supply me with some serious competition right? I could eat these small fries in my sleep!" She cheers confidently as the rest of the competitors stare at her angrily.

"Next we have..." Chris pauses dramatically.

A rope drops down from the helicopter. A man completely covered in camouflage drops down the rope with ease.

"Reporting for duty sir!" The man stands to salute.

"State your name and business soldier." Chris replies.

"Kieran McGregor, Lance Corp of the 8th Regiment sir!" Kieran replies on command.

"It's easy to tame dogs when you have the right bone." Chris replies coldly. "Next."

A silence follows as no one else comes from the helicopter. Chris looks above him as two people are arguing.

"You need to help me down! I'm so scared of heights!" A high pitched girl shrieks.

"Ugh I've had enough!" The boy rages and jumps down from the helicopter, the girl jumps too and clutches herself onto his back.

"Hey what do you think you're doin-" He states frantically but before he can finish his sentence he slams into the ground below. The girl gets off of his back safely.

"Sorry about that Chris..." The girl states innocently. "I just didn't know you would introduce us from a height..."

"Thank you Teegan. We're now aware of a weakness of yours...and we'll make you suffer..." Lavenia remarks.

"...Help." Teegan states with a whelp.

Chris grows impatient, "Can you just help him up?"

"Sure..." Teegan helps the other boy up from the ground.

He sweeps the dust from his sweater. "Hello. I'm Vaughn. Pleased to make your acquaintance." He states eloquently.

Following the entrance of the pair, a girl jumps down from the helicopter and lands in a knelt position as if she would be receiving a knighthood.

"That hurt like hell." The girl states falling to the ground.

Chris looks shifty, "Psst, you're supposed to act superior!" Chris whispers to the girl.

Faith jumps up from the ground. "Kidding! I'm Faith. If you have Faith, I'll be a joy to have around!" Faith slaps her knee jokingly.

"Oh dear God." Brooke and Jordan remark in unison.

"Don't worry! I bet we'll get along like a house on fire!" Faith replies.

"And finally we have..." Chris says with a defeatist attitude, loosing faith in his recruited competitors.

The helicopter begins to sway from side to side and eventually turns 90 degrees making the boy fall out of the helicopter.

"Cannonball!" He yells as he forms himself into a ball and falls closer and faster to the ground. Some obviously fake digitized flames surround him and he crashes into the ground. He leaves his sphere shape and climbs out of the crater he previously created from the fall.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" Inca asks concerned.

"I'm big boned, I'll be okay." He states. "My name is Wallace by the way."

"That'" Chris states halfheartedly. "Anyways, these are the new six contestants joining you this season. Don't forget you can use the Castaway Cam to chat to the viewers at home whenever you need to vent your deepest inner feelings. Without further ado, let's head to the challenge area shall we?"

Chris leads the 20 contestants to a different part of the beach where two podiums and two different coloured mats are placed.

"Your challenge today is based on politics. As the election is coming up, you will need to plea your case to your fellow competitors as to why you should become a chief. There will be two chiefs who will serve as the team captains. Both chiefs will have immunity from the elimination tonight, where everybody who didn't become elected as chief will be up for the elimination vote, where someone will be eliminated. You have 20 minutes to prepare your speeches and then you will have to stand on the podium and vocalize those speeches. The winner is determined through the amount of votes that person gets in the polls. Good luck everyone, and after the fiasco last season I'm not allowed to interrupt pre-challenge, so I'll go hang out somewhere while you're making your speeches.

"Sounds challenging. I'll give it a try though. I did save everyone from the wreckage pretty much." Lavenia states.

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "It's great to finally appear on the show! I wouldn't describe myself as a Goth per say but I would consider myself a fan of horror and gore films. Have you seen Teen Slumber Party Disaster II? The blonde chick getting stuck in the wood chipper is my favourite part of the entire movie!" Morven states excitedly.

[CAST CAM -- Vaughn]: "Hello viewing public. I thought I should introduce myself here considering I'm one of the newer contestants on this show. I am Vaughn, and I'm here because I need to conquer my fears. I have a girlfriend back home but I'm afraid she's going to become bored of my cowardliness and break off the relationship. I need to become the man she wants!" Vaughn explains sadly.

[CAST CAM -- Marley]: "I get that Lavenia did help us all out in a really bad situation when no one else could, but come on, you don't need to become a big headed boss. She's beginning to let it go to her head but she just needs to chill out and sit back." Marley explains.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "I think I have a good shot at winning this chief challenge. I did just save everyone's lives potentially, and I can always use that card if my argument becomes stale or proven incorrect." Lavenia states.

Later on that day, after the required twenty minute time limit ran out.

Chris stares into his watch impatiently while tapping his foot. He then realizes the time has ran out, "Time's up! Time to present your speeches as to why you should become chieftain of the tribe. First up is Lavenia."

"Nice!" Lavenia replies ecstatically.

Lavenia slowly walks up to the podium rubbing her hands together nervously. She places an imaginary piece of paper onto the podium and clears her throat.


The contestants all pause in shock not expecting the previous statement to be released from her mouth, even Chris is shocked somewhat.

"...Okay." Jasmine replies with hesitation.

Chris rolls his eyes, "Moving on."

Jordan takes to the podium next.

"You should all vote me for leader of UKIP because I'm fierce bye." Jordan states and then strikes a pose before walking off the podium.

Teegan walks to the podium next, "You should vote me because...i'm nice?" Teegan states timidly. She then walks away from the podium disappointingly.

Morven walks to the podium next. "I should become your chief because I am a great leader and I can prove myself to anyone no questions asked. I can become the best damn leader this whole island has ever seen! Who's with me?!" Morven shouts and cheers and claps follow. She takes a bow and walks away from the podium.

Nightwolf takes to the podium next and stands without saying anything before walking away from the podium.

"My fave." Jordan states blankly.

Inca and Riley take to the podium together next. "We'd like to become a joint chief, and we think that with both of us having the role of chief we will strive to make this island a better place for everyone!" Riley states happily.

"Most definitely!" Inca interrupts. "This island won't see it coming!"

Kieran takes to the podium next, "I would teach discipline to all my students and help them become the best that they can be. I would issue a mandatory training regime to keep you all in shape while on this island." Kieran states while he slams his fists together with a grunt.

"We don't even have a source of food yet, any exercise would be very dangerous." Lavenia replies.

Wallace walks to the podium next. "I would make sure that every day on this island was a party! We'd have such a good time and I'd always make sure everyone is doing great! I am also a pretty good food collector so I can help in that way too!" Wallace explains.

Faith takes to the podium next, "I think I would be better at maybe a vice-leadership role if possible? Although I love to guide people on what decisions to make in dire situations, so if you need any help there I'd love to help!" Faith explains.

Brooke approaches the podium next. "I would be a horrible leader so don't even lol." She walks off.

Vaughn stands behind the podium. He looks shifty looking from left to right. "I...think...I a great...leader?" He states somewhat demurely. "I can do yoyo tricks."

"Hey so can we just agree that Darius and Morven are the best choices for chief? I can't stand the social suicide anymore even though it's hilarious as hell."

The majority of the group nod in agreement.

"Chris we've voted Darius and Morven as our chiefs." Jordan explains to Chris who is reading a magazine down on the beach. He lifts his sunglasses in suspicion.

Chris groans, "You're kidding me? You're done? Fine." He stands up from relaxing on the beach and walks back over to the challenge area.

"With the challenge concluded, the brainiac Darius and the daredevil Morven are your new Chiefs or Team Captains! They are both immune in tonight's elimination vote, and they will pick their teams tomorrow. Without further ado, it's time for the first elimination of the season!" Chris announces excitedly. He then laughs evilly for a couple of seconds, making everyone else widen their eyes in horror.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "Are you kidding me? Why didn't I get the chief role? I am so more suited to a role in power than that daredevil girl. She just got here today and she's already beginning an uprising against me and the fellow TNC'ers. She needs to be stopped before she takes over the minds of this entire island." Lavenia states as her eyes begin to twitch uncontrollably.

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "Oh my God, I didn't expect to actually win this challenge! I must have some sort of charm that people like which is helping them to get to know me so easily! It just goes to show you, taking Inspirational Speeches as an after school club on Thursdays can be the difference between you winning and losing!" Morven explains ecstatically.

[CAST CAM -- Esme]: "I'm struggling to remember a lot of my memories. This whole situation is becoming more and more stressful for me...hmm." Esme states and begins to ponder off into the world of day dreaming.

[CAST CAM -- Vaughn]: "Leona if you're watching I'm sorry. I will prove to you that I can be manly and win your heart once again!" Vaughn states feeling determined.

The sun has set on the new island in which the twenty competitors will now dwell. There is now an opening in the forest where Chris has set up an elimination ceremony which fits into the scene of a forest. The seats are all wooden logs and behind you can see different levels of the green forest as the layers of trees descend further and further back.

Marley looks impressed. "Well this is actually kind of nice. So I guess you were holding back on us weren't you McLean?" He states sarcastically.

Chris leads them all to their seats. "The losers of each challenge will have to sit in these horrible log seats, which are bad for posture and are often known for causing splinters. However, the winners of each challenge will sit in the comfy recliners we fished out from the boat earlier today. Take a seat Morven and Darius." Chris announces and gestures to the recliners on his left.

"Now we begin the actual elimination ceremony. Everyone here has to vote someone else around them off the show. You will vote using the Cast Cam like you have for confessionals in the past. You have to state your vote and then place that vote in the sealed wooden box to the right of you, resembling a Tiki head. Any questions?" Chris questions.

A passive silence follows. "Okay, you can vote alphabetically so Alfie is the first voter." Chris states.

[CAST CAM -- Alfie]: "I'm not exactly new to this but the whole experience with the boat crash and everything makes this whole competition distasteful. Nonetheless I think I have to vote off Kieran because he scares me." Alfie states.

[CAST CAM -- Brooke]: "I'm going to vote off Cerys because she is trying to steal Jordan from me." She pauses. "Not like I actually care for him or anything..." Brooke begins to blush, and she lashes out at the camera. The camera turns to static.

[CAST CAM -- Cerys]: "Jordan. I'm fed up of you and your ugly ginger hair." Cerys states and writes his name down on the piece of paper.

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "I'm going to vote for Kieran because he's the biggest threat of the newcomers and I got the backs of the TNC contestants." Darius announces.

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "I'm going to vote for Lavenia because she is the biggest threat here, did you hear her speech? She needs to go to a mental hospital." Morven states.

Chris retrieves the wooden Tiki head from the Castaway Cam. He stands behind a stand made for him as the host, which resembles a stereotypical wooden lemonade stand with the sign above his head reading 'Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors'. He opens the lid from the box and pauses.

"Once I have finished reading the votes the person with the most is to be banished to the dark side of the island to serve there until further notice." Chris states.

"Wait what. Since when would we be relocated if we lose?" Hamish asks confused.

"There is always a gimmick like this in Total Drama, haven't you noticed?" Chris replies. "The first vote goes to... Kieran."

"Second vote...Kieran."

"Third vote...Kieran."

Kieran looks disgusted. "I wanted to help you all train to be athletes like me and this is the thanks I get? Some people need to learn respect." He states angrily.

"Fourth vote...Cerys." Cerys rolls her eyes.

"Fifth vote...Jordan."

"Sixth vote...Jordan."

"Ugh. Why did you bring in six more gorms in the first place." Jordan remarks.

"Seventh vote...Lavenia."

"Eigth vote...Kieran."

"Ninth vote...Brooke."

"Tenth vote...Alfie."

Chris laughs, "This is such a cluster vote. We're at 4-2-1-1-1-1 vote ratio so far."

"Eleventh vote...Lavenia."

"Twelth vote...Kieran."

"Thirteenth vote...Kieran."

"Fourteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Fifthteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Sixteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Seventeenth vote...Lavenia."

Lavenia eyes widen as she falls closer and closer to the line of elimination.

"Six votes for Kieran, Six votes for Lavenia. Three votes left."

"Eighteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Nineteenth vote...Lavenia."

"The first person voted out of Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors...Lavenia. Please join me here." Chris announces, as a stunned and bitter Lavenia joins Chris near his stand.

"You're the first person voted out of Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors... if this were an elimination episode! Yep, Lavenia you're not really eliminated." Chris announces, leaving everyone else gasping. "You're still in the running for the million dollars Lavenia, congratulations." Lavenia quickly returns to her log seat and falsely smiles to the people surrounding her.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "Well this is not the end of my legacy yet, I will still shine through and beat everyone else on this god forsaken island. I don't care if you're a fucking free runner or can climb a rope, because I will cut down that rope and watch as you crash. and. burn."

The survivalists all stand in turn and return to the beach where they were previously.

Chris looks directly at the camera. "Well this has definitely been one of the most explosive pilots I've ever hosted. Check in next time when the survivalists are tasked with a 'simple' challenge which will test their team building skills to the max, and also who will be on what team? That's all from us, and me, Chris McLean." Chris wraps up the episode with his usual monologue of upcoming events, before cutting to static to allow the credits to roll in turn.

Episode 02: Everybody Loves The Tree That Gives Them Shelter

The light morning sun arises on the depressive second day of living on the remote island. The ship still lays in ruins on the beach whilst the contestants dwell in the luscious although damp forest.

After a sleepless night, Lavenia is the first person awake out of the castaways. She was sleeping on a thin branch from one of the many trees which are quite high from the ground. While at the high point, she decides to examine her surroundings more effectively. She slowly climbs to her feet and leans one arm against the tree. She looks carefully around the island as the majority of it can be seen from her height.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "I thought that since I was at such a high place I should look around a bit to try and form a kind of map in my head. A lot of the island looks uninhabited but there was another part of the island which was completely surrounded in dark bleak clouds. I have no idea what's going on over there but I'm going to have to check it our at some point during our time on this island."

Upon examining the surrounding area which Lavenia could notice, she clutches around the tree truck and swiftly descends from the top of the tree to the bottom with ease. She notices Morven not too far away from her who is collecting fruits from a nearby apple tree.

Lavenia decides to approach her, "Hey there Morven."

"Oh hey." She turns around and notices that Lavenia looks tired and her clothes are tattered and damp. "Did it rain last night?"

"Did you not experience it? We're all in the same forest after all, and yet you look as clean as a whistle. What's your secret?" Lavenia replies in a joking matter.

"Oh well I used a doc leaf to shelter myself from the rain. I found several so I managed to create a ground hammock which I slept in. Kinda like a cocoon." Morven replies as she picks another apple from the tree.

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "You've got to admire her for trying, but I can see right through the mist. Girl you're trying to steal some of my food aren't you!"

Morven raises an eyebrow, "Are you trying to get some food out of me?" She asks.

"No? I've only came here to talk to you because I know hardly anything about you." Lavenia replies.

Morven sighs relived, "Oh okay."

Kieran walks down to the beach for his morning run. He begins to stretch and he notices someone who is sat on the beach softly weeping to themselves. Kieran decides to approach them.

He smiles awkwardly, "Hey are you alright?" He asks. The girl turns her head and tears swarm down her face. She tries to wipe them away but ends up smearing her eye liner across her face.

"Hey what's wrong? You can talk to me if you're feeling upset..." Kieran says in an attempt to comfort her.

She wipes her face again, "Thanks so much. I'm just feeling really down about this whole ordeal." Esme states and leans on Kieran shoulder, making him lean away slightly before becoming comfortable. He pats her head.

"Don't worry. Everything will turn out for the better. Just you wait." Kieran replies comfortingly.

[CAST CAM -- Kieran]: "I'm beginning to worry about Esme's social health. She's becoming isolated and very down about everything. It's important that as a teammate I help her out of her hole and get her head back in the game!"

Darius awakens and seems fresh and ready for the day's events.

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "I'm looking forward to later today, It's gonna be so fun to be the one in power for once! I'd love to become a politician when I'm older, but if we never leave this island I guess that'll never happen. How depressing."

Later on that day, everyone has returned to the beach where the challenge took place the previous day. Chris stands behind the podium to assert his authority to the rest of the contestants, then Morven and Darius stand next to Chris, one on his left and one on his right.

"Welcome to the second day of the rest of your lives. As you recall, Morven and Darius have won the right to pick their teams as Team Captains. We'll carry this out as a traditionally school- yard pick. As alphabetic, Darius will choose first then Morven. Start whenever you're ready." Chris announces and Darius takes a deep breath.

Darius tugs at his collar nervously, "My first choice is...Riley." Darius states as Riley walks over to his side regrettably. "Welcome to the team!" He greets cheerfully.

"This is like that time in Football all over again." Riley states.

"My first choice is Kieran. I hope you can teach my team discipline commander." Morven states as Kieran walks over to her side of the podium.

"You have my allegiance." Kieran replies courteously.

The next few choices happen rapidly. The final four people left are Jordan, Lavenia, Brooke and Nightwolf.

"Um...I don't really want any of these people on my team..." Morven states disappointedly. "But if I must I'll take Nightwolf."

Nightwolf walks over to Morven's side as the other three are left stunned.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "I'm absolutely shocked! How could someone pick a person who doesn't talk over me? I thought everyone liked me. I guess I'll have to try a bit harder next time and make sure that Morven's team doesn't win the challenge. I still don't understand what she has against me though, what did I do?" A whisper is heard in the background stating 'don't eat my food'.

"Excuse me? Who ever said I wanted to join a team of train-wrecks like yours is turning out to be." Jordan remarks and then folds his arms.

Brooke rolls her eyes, "I'd love it if you could do a different pose when you throw quote unquote shade. But if you want to keep crossing your arms like a stroppy teen go ahead." She replies sarcastically.

Darius looks at the pair as they continue to quarrel between themselves. "Lavenia is less annoying to be honest." Lavenia then proudly struts over to Darius' side.

"I'll take motor mouth finally. That being the ginger one over the blonde." Morven remarks.

Brooke gasps, "Oh no! I won't be on the same team as my ginger! Oh what ever will I do!" Brooke remarks sarcastically.

"Die." Jordan replies sharply.

[CAST CAM -- Jordan]: "You may think me and Brooke and like really harsh on each other but that's what we're like. I mean, sometimes we can get a bit heated but it's all good fun, I hope."

"Okay so from my understanding the teams are: Morven, Kieran, Jasmine, Hamish, Vaughn, Marley, Phyllis, Esme, Nightwolf and Jordan. And then: Darius, Riley, Inca, Alfie, Teegan, Cerys, Wallace, Faith, Lavenia and Brooke. Now that we have the teams established, it's time for the first challenge."

"Which is?" Teegan asks in a shy manner and turns her head to the left.

[CAST CAM -- Teegan]: "I'm a very nervous person and I'm shocked that I was even accepted into a show like this. Take it from me, I'm probably the dullest person you'll ever meet, but I'm going to try and come out of my shell to try and provide some entertainment for you all at home!"

Chris takes a breath, "The challenge today is to create a shelter and somewhat home from home for you and your teammates. This will test your team working skills even though you've only known each other for 24 hours. You can use any resources you can find on this island. The challenge will only take place for a few hours, and I will judge the shelters after that time period is up. Any questions?" Chris asks.

Vaughn raises his hand. "Um yes, what about sleeping arrangements? Are these shelters going to be our permanent accommodation on this island until further notice? And also do these shelters need to be water-proof?" He asks.

"1. Yes they will be, so make them as homely as possible. 2. I don't really care it's your shelter, but if you want to live in comfort I would suggest that you do make it water proof." Chris replies. "And with that cleared up...Go!"

[CAST CAM -- Vaughn]: "I would consider myself as a kind of analyst. I do read deeply into things which helps me identify consistencies in people's statements. It also helps me when I'm trying to learn answers for a certain topic or genre back home. I should try entering one of those talent competitions, I bet I could win one of those!"

The castaways charge into the forest but Morven realizes that her team hasn't thought through a plan and halts on her heels.

"GUYS! We need to form a plan!" She chants as the team members notice her cries and join her. They all huddle in a circle.

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "You see I'm the type of person who likes to be very organised. Even though I am a daredevil and I have lots of tattoos - speaking of which have you seen this new one I got done before I came here? It's a big bad fire breathing dragon with green and blue scales. It's absolutely epic!"

Morven looks around the circle and checks that every team member is present. "Okay we're all here. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we should approach this challenge?" She asks.

"I think we should have two separate mini teams. One to decide the location of our shelter and one to find the resources necessary." Kieran suggests.

"I agree completely. I think we could do more by splitting up than being together. I'd think that Morven would be part of the decision team as she is the team captain after all." Jasmine adds.

Kieran nods, "That makes sense."

"Okay it sounds settled. I'll lead the location group to find a good location for the settlement and the other five will find resources to construct it. Hamish, Vaughn, Nightwolf and Phyllis come with me since you're the weakest strength wise, no offense but we need the finest people to find the resources." Morven states.

[CAST CAM -- Phyllis]: "Basically I've just got a free pass to do nothing but walk around all day and look around the island. I'm living the good life."

"And you think Jordan is suitable for lifting because?" Brooke states as she walks past the group of them. The huddle is disbanded.

Jordan tuts, "Have you not seen these bad boys?" Jordan states and proceeds to flexing his none existent muscles.

Brooke chuckles with a snort, "Good luck with that f*ckboy." She states and begins to run away from them.

"I can hear the clap of those thunder thighs from here darling!" Jordan calls out making Brooke roll her eyes.

[CAST CAM -- Brooke]: "Can you believe the nerve of some people? Making a weight remark because I made him speechless. Figures. Can I see the rule book of this season please?" Brooke asks the camera and a faint 'no' can be heard in the background, making Brooke sigh excessively.

Teamed up with Riley, Inca and Riley are searching around the forest for supplies to help build their shelter.

"Hey Riley?" Inca asks.


"What do you think will happen when we get off this island?" She asks and a slight hesitation follows.

Riley sighs, "I'm not entirely sure. All I can tell you is that this island isn't going to stand in the way of me and you." He replies.

"Aw that's so sweet! I knew all along that you weren't a jeck." Inca replies.

Riley looks confused, "What's a jeck?"

"Half jock, half jerk. Jeck." She replies and finds a piece of scrap metal behind a wooden log.

[CAST CAM -- Inca]: "Were the items for building a shelter just placed around? If so I'm not exactly complaining, that makes my job a whole lot easier."

[CAST CAM -- Riley]: "Jeck?"

Lavenia looks around on the beach for items of use aggressively. A metaphorical light bulb appears over her head and she decides to dig in the sand with her bare hands. Alfie walks up to Lavenia after hearing noises coming from her direction and sand is ferociously blasted onto him.

Faith catches up with Brooke and taps her on the shoulder. Brooke turns around and Faith appears on her other shoulder, making Brooke jolt around to see Faith.

"Are you the kind of girl who likes playing tricks on others?" Faith asks.

"Who isn't?" Brooke replies, and Faith rubs her hands together evilly.

The two girls quickly head over to the beach where Marley is walking. They hide behind a bush and watch him.

"Wait till he walks over that picnic blanket over there and watch the fireworks." Faith whispers as she explains her antics. Brooke nods in response.

Marley shortly walks over the blanket, which descends underneath him, causing him to fall down a seemingly bottomless pit in the sand. Faith chuckles as Brooke stares at her blankly.

"Is this all you wanted to show me?" Brooke asks.

"Yeah I guess...You should probably head back into the forest." Faith replies and Brooke takes on her advice and walks back into the forest. Brooke walks for a short amount of time before looking down at the ground underneath her feet.

"Is that rop-" She states but is cut off as the rope latches around her leg and sends Brooke soaring into the sky. She eventually returns back to the ground and hangs upside down from a tree above.

"I hate everything." Brooke states in a monotone voice.

A satisfied Faith runs past laughing relentlessly and sheds a tear of laughter which she removes with her finger and continues to run.

[CAST CAM -- Faith]: "I love pulling pranks on people! It makes me feel complete and makes me feel happy. If I could, I would live in an apartment block as you can have lots of neighbors and if you ring their doorbell they won't know it was definitely you if you weren't caught, but that isn't a big problem because I have never been caught doing pranks till this date!"

Kieran begins to hear sorrow filled tears again coming from his left. He follows the noise and finds Esme crying behind a tree again.

"Esme come on dude. You need to become stronger if you're ever going to survive out here. It's a man eat man world and you need to keep your strength up. Imagine if the other team found you in this kind of state, they would pick you off whenever they found an opening. Please try and pull yourself together." Kieran explains.

"But what if I can't pull myself out of this rut. I feel so depressed, tired, hungry, I can't even think straight without just having a meltdown." Esme replies and continues to cry.

"Would you feel better if I came with you to find materials? We need your contribution man." He replies and Esme shakes her head. "I hope you can find the answer to your questions before it's too late, but I need to find materials and resources otherwise I'll be kicked off this island faster than I can say 'Sir!'" Kieran runs off leaving Esme alone weeping softly.

[CAST CAM -- Cerys]: "I'm going to try and rebuild my reputation with the other campers after last season's fiasco. That evil side will never become the real me ever again, and I will try to become a much better person because of it being trapped forever in my heart. That was a piece of me which is now trapped in the past, and this is the present where I can be the real person I want to be."

A flashback begins with Cerys as a younger teenager. She is on a school bus with someone who looks a lot similar to who she does sat next to her.

"It's so good to see you this morning Cerys. Did you sleep well at Mom's?" The other girl asks.

"Yeah I did. I'm sorry that I didn't stay with you at Dad's house. They are very controlling when it comes to us as you already know." Cerys replies with a faint smile.

The other girl smiles, "You don't need to apologize. I know that you're not the one making these decisions. If you could I'm sure you would love to spend a day together for once." She replies.

"You so get me V. I'm so glad I've got you to call as a sister." Cerys replies, and the pair exchange a hug.

"Me too, Cerys. Me too." V replies and returns the hug.

We return to the present and Cerys sheds a tear. She quickly wipes it from underneath her eye and looks around only to finds a hack saw to chop the trees with. "Nice. Something useful for once."

Morven continues to search around for a shelter base, she notices a clearing between two bushes and finds a tree which is shaped oddly. She looks at it in bewilderment for a minute before reaching for the walkie-talkie in her pocket.

"Come in, Resources team do you copy?" Morven states.

"Roger. Have you found a spot by any chance?" Kieran asks.

"Yep, and this one's a keeper." Morven states as she looks at the tree as a glow surrounds it.

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "This is the definition of perfect if I'm ever going to experience it in my lifetime. The location is absolutely to die for! If in the future I'm struggling to find affordable housing I'll just move to this island and build my own private mansion! It'll be a blast and everyone will be invited for my opening party!"

Darius' team all arrive in a clearing and begin to discuss what they've accomplished.

Darius begins. "I found some nets but they are very weak and rip easily."

"I managed to chop some wood. I can always get more from around here if we need more. I got a saw." Cerys remarks, as she raises the saw suddenly and begins stroking it creepily.

"Okay..." Wallace replies.

"Kidding! I'll go chop some wood now. Riley can you help me carry some?" She asks.

"Sure." Riley replies as the pair head to the trees.

"He's a dead man." Wallace remarks.

[CAST CAM -- Wallace]: "I'm starting to crack up man, I need to do some partying or something soon otherwise I'm going to start having withdrawal symptoms. Hopefully we'll win the challenge and I can party till I drop!"

Darius looks around him and notices some people are absent. "Speaking of sarcasm, where is Brooke? She isn't here."

"True. Where could she be?" Faith asks. The camera cuts to Brooke who is still hanging from the tree.

"No matter. We still need to build our shelter on time." Faith replies hastily.

"That's true too. We should begin construction here, it's a nice open space and it's not too far from the beach." Darius concludes.

"Sounds like a plan!" Teegan replies.

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "I'm confident we're going to win this first challenge. I've managed my team very well by discarding the undesirables and focusing my attention on the people who are actually going to do some work for me and the team. Good luck Brooke, but if we're going to elimination tonight by some sort of twisted fate, then you are the unfortunate; you are going home."

The rest of Morven's team meet up at her dream destination. The tree has a space on it which looks like it could be build on.

Morven looks at the tree with beauty in her eyes. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think everyone will see the beauty in this. I love this location and I think if we build our shelter into the tree it'll be a unique twist that will put us over the edge against the other team." She explains.

"Point well presented. I agree." Jasmine replies.

Vaughn nods, "It is a very unique idea and Chris appreciates freshness as far as I know."

Morven claps her hands together, "Let's get started then!"

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "I can't explain in words how luxurious this location is."

The camera fast forwards a couple of hours as the sun moves from the center of the sky to the edge of sight, signaling that nightfall is looming.

Chris blows a horn to alert the contestants that the challenge has finished and that he is ready to review the living quarters. He follows Darius to his team's accommodation.

Chris examines the gigantic shack that stands before him. It's constructed by wooden logs and looks like a wooden log cabin in shape and design. Inside there is nothing but ten sleeping bags all arranged neatly on the ground.

"This is okay I guess but you could have spruced it up more with decorations. But it's a really good and big size. It seems you will all have a lot of room here. If you're happy with it then I guess you've won a nice place to stay this competition, but you haven't won the challenge. Yet." Chris states.

Chris then follows Morven to her shelter. Chris is surprised by the location of it being quite far away from the beach and quite deep in the forest.

"You won't believe your eyes." Morven states.

She pushes away the bushes to reveal a hut that is secluded on the branches of a tree. The hut is at a height in the tree and has a woven roof made from reeds that Jasmine found near a pond previously. The wood is stained green from the doc leaves that Morven had collected during the night being rubbed against the wood. The hut is barely noticeable through the green contrast of the trees compared to the colour of the hut.

Chris walks inside and the hut is surprisingly spacious compared to how it looks on the ulterior.

"I think we have a winner! It's amazing that you made this, and the idea to merge it into a tree is great! Congratulations Team Morven, you guys win!" Chris announces, "Also you guys need team names. So Team Morven will now be known as the Blue Barracudas whereas Team Darius will be known as Red Rattlesnakes. Time for the Rattlesnakes to face elimination!" Chris announces.

"Are you kidding me? They build their shelter INSIDE A TREE!?" Darius asks shocked.

"Sure did. We found a tree that had a great structure and I thought it would be great to use it. I mean, how could we not?" Morven replies.

Just before the elimination ceremony, Inca is walking through the forest until she notices a net hanging in the air above her, with a girl asleep inside it.

"Hello? Is someone up there?" She yells. Upon hearing nothing but snoring Inca decides to climb the tree to get to the bottom of the issue. She leans and tries to grab the net, and succeeds however Inca forgot to hold onto the truck so she begins to swing from the net.

"Oh my God! Help!" She screams. She continues to swing and scream which wakes Brooke up.

Brooke smirks, "AND I'M. GONNA SWING. FROM THE CHANDELIER. FROM THE CHANDELIER." She sings in an awful high pitched tone. The net then breaks and Inca falls to the ground. Brooke falls through the opening created at the bottom of the net and falls through as well, hitting the ground with a thud.

Later as night has fallen, the contestants begin to populate the elimination ceremony. The Barracudas sit at the back row of logs as they watch the Rattlesnakes sit in front of them about to face their first elimination ceremony. They all sit in their seats uncomfortably and exchange uneasy looks between each other.

"You all should know the drill. You have to vote in the castaway camera and then I will speak the votes out loud before sending the person with the most to the other half of the island forever. Go and vote in the castaway camera and get this show on the road." Chris announces and Alfie leaves to vote in the castaway camera.

[CAST CAM -- Alfie]: "I've decided to vote off Lavenia. I think she needs to be sent away. I can't stand her presence. Sorry but bye."

[CAST CAM -- Brooke]: "My vote is going to be cast for Teegan. I don't like the nicey-nice routine, and I just want to cut it loose before it really gets on my nerves."

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "It's so hard to pick someone to vote off. I think everyone pulled their own weight today. Well apart from Brooke. I guess my vote will be for Brooke."

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "I am going to vote off Alfie because he keeps pestering me. Nothing more nothing less."

[CAST CAM -- Wallace]: "Hmm. This is a tough decision since I don't think I know anyone that well. I will vote for Darius because him correcting people all the time is very annoying and it brings the atmosphere down."

"Now it's time to reveal the votes. First vote...Lavenia."

"Second vote...Riley."

"Third vote...Alfie."

"Fourth vote...Brooke."

"Fifth vote...Darius. We're at 1-1-1-1-1."

"Sixth vote...Faith."

"Seventh vote...Cerys."

"Eighth vote...Teegan."

"Nineth vote...Wallace."

"Tenth and final vote...first person eliminated from Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors...B-" Chris is cut off.

Esme stands up, "Wait!"

Chris sighs and rolls his eyes in turn, "What do you want? Winners aren't supposed to interrupt the elimination ceremony under all but one circumstance."

"To put it straight and simple for you McLean, I quit. I want to go home and I'm fed up with being on this island in a place where I feel unsafe and tortured by what I've seen. I want to leave, and by human rights you have to abide to my freedom of movement, which is being violated by being trapped on an uncharted island." Esme explains.

"You didn't read the contract did you? Or listen to what I said before the elimination began?" Chris states.

"I don't really care with what you have to saw. I'm fed up of feeling unsafe. Take me home." Esme replies sternly.

Chris briefly laughs. He gestures towards a mechanism next to him. He removes a cover that was covering it which is revealed to be a catapult. Esme's eyes widen as Chris forces her to enter it. She sits in the center and trembles awaiting a terrible force to slingshot her into the air.

Esme quivers, "Just do it already."

"You're the boss!" Chris replies hastily and he hits a button. The catapult fires and Esme is launched over to the dark side of the island.

"And with that done, we're down to 19! What will happen next time when the contestants are faces with yet another brutal challenge this time consisting on nutrition! Stay tuned on Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors!" Chris states and the screen fades to black concluding the episode being signed off. The screen momentarily returns but to the ocean. A plank of wood is floating in the water until a hand emerges from underneath the water which grabs onto the plank. The camera then cuts to static to enable the credits to roll.

Episode 03: The Mystery of Middlemist

The sun begins to break through the clouds on a very light and relatively warm third day on the island. Morven wakes up late and she notices that all the beds around her are empty and made. She quickly jolts up from her previous slumber and makes her bed quickly before running to the balcony to see what everyone is up to. She notices Kieran is directing people all around the camp to collect wood.

Morven clears her throat, "What are you doing Kieran?"

Kieran turns around after being addressed and looks around for a moment before realizing Morven's on the balcony.

"Nice to see your well rested chief!" Kieran states, "I am directing the team to collect some wood so we can have a fire and finally become warmer on the cold nighttime's."

Morven smiles as she is impressed. "That sounds terrific! I'll be down in a sec."

She quickly heads down to check on how the work is progressing, and by the time she has arrived at Kieran the fire pit is almost complete.

Kieran smiles, "We also got some spare would to make some chairs that we can sit on, well stools but still."

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "This is why I'm glad that I chose Kieran for my team. He's a great team player and knows what to do in any situation. It's like he's a perfect human being, discipline, a gentleman, he's got all the perfect qualities of a man rolled into one!"

[CAST CAM -- Kieran]: "As a member of the armed forces I need to make sure I can get people to trust me so I thought that I should carry out a good deed to make Morven feel more trusting around me. I hope it worked because my back is very sore now..."

Chris then arrives on the scene.

He laughs, "It looks like you've got a nice little cul-de-sac for yourselves. Nice going." He states.

"Is it time for a challenge or something?" Vaughn asks interrupting Chris.

Chris shakes his head, "Although you should probably prepare for one since it's happening in around 15 minutes." Chris states and then leaves the site.

Meanwhile on the Rattlesnakes, Lavenia and Halcyon are talking about the first day on the island after the boat crash.

Lavenia looks troubled, "I know I'm supposed to be in this competition or whatever but we still have people missing from the aftermath of the crash. I feel like we should be looking for them instead of competing in a silly competition. Does it even have a prize?" Lavenia states concerned and confused.

Halcyon shrugs, "You'd have to ask Chris, I'm afraid I know nothing about this so called competition."

"Ah I see. By the way, follow me I've got something to show you!" Lavenia states and the pair follow each other into the shelter.

Halcyon notices an empty bed that has a backboard engraved with "Halcyon".

Halcyon freezes for a moment, "...Is that...for me?"

Lavenia smiles happily, "I hope you like it! I spent the entire day on it yesterday!"

Halcyon begins to tear up. "Thank you so much Lavenia!" The two girls hug.

Lavenia laughs happily, "That's what friends are for right?"

Meanwhile Brooke is outside with the newcomers to the team, Teegan, Wallace and Faith.

Brooke smiles faintly, "Hey there guys." She walks up to the group of them. "What's it like being on the show?"

"It's fun I guess but obviously the theme surrounding it is very grim and not going to be taken lightly by the viewers." Teegan replies while rubbing her hands in a shy manner.

"That's so true! I wish that the competition didn't have to start so depressingly." Brooke replies.

"Yeah it's a real trai- ship wreck! Get it!" Faith states making the others cringe.

Brooke looks left to right during an extended period of silence. "So um, do you guys want to form an alliance together?" Brooke asks.

"What's an alliance and can I eat it?" Faith asks.

Brooke rolls her eyes once again, "No an alliance is where a group of people team up and vote together at eliminations to enable each others safety in the game. It would practically guarantee our safety until the merge." Brooke explains.

"An alliance sounds like exactly the thing we need. We'll be the final four!" Wallace states excitedly.

"I'm in!" Teegan whispers somewhat energetically.

Faith places her finger on her chin and thinks for a moment, "It's a no brainier."

"Then it's settled! We'll discuss tactics later today during the challenge!" Brooke replies happily and walks away from the group.

[CAST CAM -- Wallace]: "I feel a lot better knowing I'm going to be safe from elimination over the next few days. My status in the game is solidified until the final four! I wonder what will happen then..."

[CAST CAM -- Brooke]: "Now before you go ahead and compare me to that witch from a few seasons ago, I am not just creating an alliance because they're the dumb asses of this batch. They all have qualities that are highly appreciate- Ahaha, I can't keep going on like this. Those suckers won't know what hit them when the merge turns around." Brooke begins to evilly laugh until a fly flies into her mouth, causing her to choke and cough relentlessly.

"Well that was a buzz killer! Get it!" Faith shouts through the walls of the Castaway Cam, making Brooke close her eyes and and hold her head.

[CAST CAM -- Faith]: Faith sits in the chair like Brooke did before in a very sarcastic position while painting her nails with the dew of a leaf. "Ya, so, um, yea. Ya I make alliances and that because i'm a genius yea. Ya i'm so smart ya. Please, it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself your smart. Just because you form an alliance doesn't mean your head b*tch in charge."

Chris enters the site of the Rattlesnakes and notices Halcyon and Lavenia inside the shelter.

Chris shakes his head, "She can't be here. She isn't staff or a contestant, therefore she needs to leave now." Chris states bluntly.

Lavenia looks upset, "Are you kidding. She was half the reason everyone here is still alive and you want her to live in the jungle where anything could get her? No chance."

Chris looks conflicted, "There is nothing more to be said."

"Make her an intern then Jesus." Lavenia replies.

Chris ponders for a second, "If your whining will quit then fine. Halcyon you're now an Intern. Congratulations." Chris leaves the hut while murmuring some words under his breath leaving the two girls hug once again in celebration.

Several minutes later, the teams check their mailboxes and they have a challenge invitation. Morven and Darius take them and read them aloud to their teams who are gathered outside of the shelters awaiting the message.

"Hello contestants. I will deliver letters to you through the mailboxes that you have at the clearing of your shelters just like if you were back home. Anyways, You will receive informative information through these mailboxes which will always be delivered by me. This notice is to tell you that a new challenge is beginning and to meet me at the beach once again to be further informed on the challenge. Also if you see that Halcyon chick around she's an intern now so...yeah." The note concludes with a stamp in navy blue with Chris' face on it.

Jordan rolls his eyes, "We may be stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, and yet Chris is more self absorbed than ever. Perfect." He states.

The contestants meet Chris down by the beach as he makes sure everyone has arrived. He then clears his throat as he prepares to explain the day's events.

"Welcome to the third day on quote unquote paradise! Today we're beginning another challenge too. Today's challenge is to find a rare flower named the Middlemist. Rumor has it that only two Middlemist flowers exist in the entire world, and one of them is stationed somewhere on this island. Your challenge is to find it and bring it back to me. The first person to bring it back to me will win immunity from tonight's vote for themselves and their team." Chris explains thoroughly.

Vaughn ponders, "What does this flower look like exactly?"

Chris chuckles, "Well that's for me to know and for you to figure out! Here is a hint though, it's colored red." Chris replies.

Phyllis shrugs, "Okay Red. That narrows it down slightly I suppose."

"With that said, Get a move on!" Chris announces and he contestants begin to charge around in several different directions. Brooke discretely calls her alliance and they all search together in their group.

"Oh crap I forgot!" Phyllis states and runs back to the shelter in a haste. She quickly checks the mailbox and finds a note placed inside it. She begins to read it aloud.

"I'm glad we've become such good friends through the process. Check under my pillow in the shelter to find a really important item which will help you get further in the game. The only thing I ask in return is to help me if I am in any danger after I've gone. And of course, don't tell anyone about it."

Phyllis rushes into the shelter to find a studded pink mobile phone underneath the pillow of Esme.

"This was what she was talking about yesterday. Man I wish I talked her out of it, I didn't think she was serious about quitting. I guess I need to keep my half of the deal and help her find her way back." Phyllis explains to herself and a phone call emerges on the front of the phone, alerting Phyllis.

Phyllis looks confused, "I don't have reception here do I?" She picks up the phone and answers the call.


"Phyllis? Thank God. I was hoping someone was going to pick up sometime. How did no one hear the vibrations coming from under the bed."

"Who is this? The phone was on silent so no one could hear anything from it."

"Oh I see, and this is...Lana."

Meanwhile Morven is directing her team.

"I think we should all split up as the challenge didn't have any requirements to do with meeting up or anything." Morven states.

"That's a point. And if all nine of us were looking around we'd find it much sooner than the other team. If they go as a group at least." Kieran replies, the rest of the team agree.

[CAST CAM -- Jasmine]: "It's really good to be a part of a team where we all get along so easily! Apart from Jordan, he's very negative all the time and it gets others including me with the sarcastic remarks every so often."

"Well let's go! Good luck everyone!" Morven states and then everyone splits up to hunt for the flower.

Meanwhile Inca and Riley are together and are kissing passionately until Inca suddenly jolts away from him.

"Something wrong?" Riley asks confused.

Inca looks away for a moment, "Riley I do like you but I don't want our relationship to come in the way of winning. Remember Bridgette and Geoff? They kept kissing all the time and people began to hate them. I don't want to become a similar person and fall pray to the trap again." Inca states.

"What are you saying?" Riley asks still confused.

"N-Nothing, let's just keep looking for that flower." Inca replies with a worried expression and walks ahead of Riley.

Meanwhile Jasmine is checking around the far out places in the forest until she comes across a valley of mountains and hills.

"This island is full of surprises! I bet these flowers are mountain dwellers. I'm sure to find one around here somewhere!" Jasmine states excitedly.

She climbs to the top of the miniature mountain and examines her surroundings. She notices some red flowers over the cliff side of the mountain on her left.

"I doubt those could be the flowers, but I'll grab them nonetheless." Jasmine states and leans over to grab the flowers. She stretches and grabs the flowers successfully in her hand, she then proceeds to pull herself back up.

Jasmine smiles, "Okay I've got one type of red flower. Knowing Chris he probably painted a lot of the flowers on this island red to confuse us, so I'll get a couple more before turning them in." She monologues to herself.

Meanwhile Phyllis is still in the shelter unsuspected on the phone to Lana, she is becoming more and more frustrated with the conversation as it continues on.

"What the hell would you want with us . You teamed up with this psycho host and left the rest of us to rot. We're all now stuck on an uncharted island in the middle of the ocean with no room of escape and you have the nerve to try and contact us after you escaped this fate through being a cheating little know it all!? F*ck you. I have no use for you and what you have to say in any way possible." Phyllis replies angrily.

"I understand, but please you need to calm down. This is urgent! We need you to enable your phones location services so we can track you down and hopefully send a rescue team to come and help you escape his clutches. We would also finally send Chris away to the mental facility he deserves to rot in once and for all. Please Phyllis, I'm begging you, we need you to make sure we can track you all down and help as much as we can." Lana explains.

"There is really no need. We can take care of him ourselves without the likes of you being wrapped up in the mix. You'd probably help him escape the police as he is your adviser."

Lana whispers to someone else in a worried manner. "Phyllis please."

Phyllis hangs up the phone. "Sorry sister but I can't trust someone as devious as you with anything related to escaping. You escaped us and now we've escaped you."

Jordan notices Brooke and her gang of newcomers following her footsteps and becomes suspicious upon sight.

[CAST CAM -- Jordan]: "Lol what does she think she's doing the sneaky cow."

Jordan approaches the group of teens.

"Hey there! What's happenin'?" He asks sarcastically, confusing everyone but Brooke.

Brooke grits her teeth, "I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to happen." She whispers aggressively.

"I'm not sure you do. I'm just trying to make a few new friends here. How's it going?" Jordan addresses to the newcomers who all remain silent.

"Oh hey. Sorry I guess I was dazed for a moment." Wallace replies.

Brooke rolls her eyes, "Look just stay out of my way. Guys he's on the other team so take no notice of what he says." Brooke states and her gang follow her as she walks away from the situation.

[CAST CAM -- Jordan]: "Has she drugged them irl."

Teegan is curious, "Hey Brooke who was that guy?"

"No one. Just ignore him and move on with your life. He seems to make everyone else's a living and breathing nightmare." She replies and mutters something under her breath.

"Well okay if you're sure..." Teegan replies happily.

[CAST CAM -- Teegan]: "As you can tell I've never really been a people-person. I enjoy my own company and no one else a majority of the time. That could be because both of my parents have high-demanding jobs and I'm an only child, so I had to enjoy my own company whether I liked it or not."

Meanwhile Lavenia notices a red flower sticking out of the tree at the top.

Lavenia smiles, "Yay! A flower!" She climbs the tree and retrieves the flower. She looks at it more carefully.

"Hmm. It doesn't look more special than an ordinary daisy or tulip but I'll keep a hand on it for now and trade it in later." Lavenia states and puts the flower into her hair.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "What do you think?" She gestures to her hair with the addition of the flower. "Looks neat right? I think I might just keep this flower as a hair piece you know."

Phyllis is now searching around for a red flower with her new mobile phone stashed in her pocket.

"Okay...flower where could you be?" She talks to herself and then is reminded she has a mobile phone.

She looks at her pocket. "Could I maybe find a picture of this flower online? I may as well try."

She goes into the web browser and types in Middlemist and a picture of one pops up on the phone.

"Yes! I can now find this flower with ease!" She celebrates happily before running off in a random direction.

Hamish runs to the finish line with a red flower in his hand.

"Please tell me I've won..." Hamish states as he pants.

"Nope! This is just a rose. This is not a Middlemist. Try again." Chris states bluntly and Hamish groans before running off back into the woods, dragging his hands behind him.

With three flowers in hand, Jasmine dashes quickly to the finish line on the beach where Chris is standing.

She pants heavily, "Are any of these flowers the one you were looking for?"

"Lemme check." He examines the flowers carefully. "Nope. Try again." He replies and Jasmine runs back into the woods.

Upon running back into the woods Jasmine notices a clearing in the forest where a single red flower is sitting in a small patch of dirt as if it were planted there deliberately. A white spotlight shines down through the trees onto it making Jasmine confident.

She speed walks to the flower happily, "I've found it!" She reaches down to grab it but someone else quickly snatches it from under her hand.

She turns around and Nightwolf has the flower and is making a quick escape to the exit.

Nightwolf is quickly stopped as Brooke stands in his way.

She looks at him determined to stop him, "Give me the flower silent Joe!" She screams and unleashes herself on him in an attempt to steal the flower from him. Soon the other three join up and try to steal the flower from Nightwolf as well. Jasmine then joins in the scrimmage to get the flower. While still struggling to get the flower out of Nightwolf's grasp Brooke screams loudly.

"Oh my daze now she's gone and done it." Jasmine states with a gulp.

Inca and Riley hand in a flower to Chris.

"Nope. Try again." Chris replies and the couple head back into the forest. Inca notices the scream and so does Riley. Upon hearing they follow it with concern and see the pile up of people scrimmaging for the flower.

"We need the flower Riley!" Inca states as they become involved in the masses of people trying to get the flower.

Meanwhile Phyllis is still looking around the forest for the flower.

"I can't find any red flowers that match the image I found at all. I guess I should return to the shelter and have a long hard think about what my best options are-" Phyllis pauses after hearing the scream coming from Brooke.

"What the hell." She states confused. She follows the voice and comes across the pile up of people fighting for the flower. Suddenly the flower flies up in the air and lands into Phyllis' hands. There is a brief moment of silence before Brooke realizes that the flower is gone. Phyllis runs away during that silence and Brooke follows her determined to get the flower.

Phyllis escapes the forest with Brooke hot on her tail. Phyllis is meters away from the finish line when Brooke grabs her leg, causing her to fall into the sand. Upon falling, the flower launches in the air and lands onto Chris' head making Brooke stomp the ground in defeat. The other contestants leave the forest after realizing the flower wasn't there and stare at Chris for a brief second before bursting out in laughter.

"Okay okay okay." Chris tries to kill the laughter to no avail. He removes the flower from his head and shakes his head to remove any lingering dirt. He then plants the flower into a brown pot by his right which is standing on a thick wooden pole.

"The winner of this challenge is...Phyllis! Congratulations. Phyllis has won this challenge for her and her fellow Barracuda members!" Chris announces as cheering for Phyllis and defeatist groaning follow from the loser team. The Barracudas then pick up Phyllis off of the ground and chant her name while taking her back to the clearing of their shelter. "Since the Barracudas are today's winners, that means you, Rattlesnakes, will be facing elimin-" Chris is interrupted as a hot air balloon free falls from the sky whilst on fire. It crash lands on the sandy beach sending sand everywhere.

"What the actual-" Chris states as the balloon continues to deflate and ax exhausted Cerys and Darius duo emerge from the wreckage through crawling.

Darius sits on the sand while trying to regain his breath as Cerys stands up with a pot filled with dirt.

"To cut a very long story short, here's that flower you were looking for." Cerys states and hands him the pot with the flower inside. Cerys then continues to sit on the ground nearly fainting from exhaustion.

Chris is very confused about the entire situation that just unveiled right before his eyes. "This is the flower I was looking for...what even. Cerys there are only two in existence." Chris states.

"Well we found one funnily enough. Did we win the challenge or not because I'm becoming very impatient with waiting..." Darius replies while tapping the ground with his foot impatiently.

"The other team already found the flower but I guess since you two have as well you can have immunity from the vote off tonight for finding another one somehow, which I don't really want to delve into right now so, the rest of you, time for elimination!" Chris explains and the team look around at each other disheartened.

Later that day, at the elimination ceremony. By this time it is nightfall and the contestants are piling into the ceremony and sit in their respected places, with the winners at the back and the losers at the front.

"Welcome to the elimination ceremony! Today we'll be eliminating one of the Rattlesnakes from the competition and send them to the opposite side of this deserted island. So how come you guys lost today? A lot of you were in that scrimmage in the forest so it makes no sense how three of them overpowered like eight of you."

"Lack of teamwork is all I can say Chris. If we realized that a lot of us were there we would've done a lot more to ensure that we won, but we didn't." Brooke states.

"I guess you're right. Nonetheless, it's time for you guys to vote in the castaway cam on your elimination vote. Remember, Darius and Cerys are immune this vote as they somehow retrieved the same flower they needed to win. Good luck." Chris explains and Alfie goes first into the Cast Cam.

The camera turns to static and returns when Wallace returns from the Cast Cam.

"Okay time to reveal the votes of this elimination ceremony." Chris states as he goes to get the box of votes from the Cast Cam. "Let's begin."

"First vote...Alfie."

"Second vote...Brooke."

"Third vote...Brooke."

"Fourth vote...Alfie."

"Fifth vote...Lavenia."

"Sixth vote...Lavenia. 2 votes Alfie, 2 votes Brooke, 2 votes Lavenia, 4 votes left."

"Seventh vote...Alfie."

"Eighth vote...Brooke."

"Ninth vote...Lavenia. 3 votes Alfie, 3 votes Brooke, 3 votes Lavenia, 1 vote left."

Brooke sits back in her stool as she looks overconfident with the end result. Alfie and Lavenia stare into space nervously.

"Tenth and final vote...the second person eliminated from Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors...Alfie. Please join me near the beach." Chris announces as a wave of gasps follow.

Chris walks Alfie down to the beach where the catapult is stationed as the other contestants follow.

"I guess this is goodbye. See you all on the other side as my guess is that the other team will absolutely destroy you-" Alfie is cut off when the catapult is activated sending Alfie soaring through the sky onto the other side of the island.

"And that ends another episode of Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors. Tune in next time to see the contestants endure unsightly dishes in our next brutal challenge! Chris McLean, signing off." He announces as he signs off the episode allowing the black screen and credits to follow.

Episode 04: The Eyes of Evil Are Always Watching

Chris stands silently and stiffly on the beach ready to begin announcing the opening synopsis.

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors! Last time, the contestants were given the challenge of finding the rare species of flower known as Middlemist. The Barracudas continued their winning streak by finding the flower first, while Darius and Cerys traveled to find the second one and somehow retrieved it, earning them immunity alongside the Barracudas. At the Rattlesnakes elimination ceremony, Brooke used the power of deduction and threat to ensure that her previous-stalker Alfie got the boot. We're now down to the final 18. Who will face the catapult next? Find out in the coming minutes! Roll the titles!" Chris announces as the introduction begins to play.


Inside the Rattlesnake clearing...

"I can't believe Alfie was eliminated! He was one of our closest friends here Brooke." Lavenia states.

"He was the creepiest person I've ever had the misfortune to run into in my life. I am very glad that I don't have to unintentionally look at that ugly grill again." Brooke replies and walks off in the opposite direction, with her lackies following her shadow.

Teegan stutters, "So...what's our next plan alliance?" She asks quietly, looking down at the ground.

Brooke turns around sharply in front of the three, "I don't know. You guys can always have ideas too you know!?" She pauses for a second before sighing. "Sorry. I'm just stressed about this whole ordeal. I'll think of something then get back to you on it." She replies and the other alliance members wonder off.

[CAST CAM -- Brooke]: "I seriously need to try and control my temper, at least in front of those guys. Otherwise they could start to suspect me and my motives. This is why I'm not a Heather clone people, I actually think past the first step." She folds her arms confidently.

"Do you guys think she's up to something?" Faith proposes to the other two alliance members.

"What do you mean? She's one of our alliance members. They are always meant to be trusted!" Wallace replies.

Teegan nods, "Yeah we shouldn't be second guessing people all the time. It's unhealthy."

Faith rolls her eyes and walks off.

[CAST CAM -- Faith]: "I SEE THROUGH YOU BROOKLYN." She glares at the screen with wide eyes and a monotone voice.

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "I'm still shocked me and Cerys managed to win individual immunity last episode. Cerys sure was an interesting character last season so I better keep my eye on her this time around. I don't want her becoming crazy again."

Darius approaches Cerys.

"Hey there Cerys. How you feeling today?" He asks.

Cerys hesitates for a second, "Oh! I'm fine thanks Dar." She smiles playfully.

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "Not to mention she's very a very attractive girl..."

Meanwhile with the Barracudas...

The team are all surrounding their fire pit gazing at it endlessly until someone breaks the silence.

"So...what do you guys think the next challenge will be?" Hamish asks curiously.

Morven shakes her head, "I have no idea. But someone needs to find more food since our bag of rice is slowly becoming empty." She explains.

Jasmine looks concerned, "But we don't have any tools to hunt with. How would we ever catch anything without those tools to help us?"

"I have hands." Morven replies.

"...You would go out into the wilderness and try and hunt with your bare hands alone? That is completely out of the equation. You're not doing it." Jasmine demands.

"Would you rather starve to death? We don't have much choice in the argument." Morven replies.

Jasmine hesitates. "...Fine. But please let other people go with you. I don't want anyone on this team to become injured from the wilderness." She replies.

Morven takes Kieran and Jordan into the woods with her to help her hunt for food.

Morven looks around sharply and examines the surroundings with her eyes. She sees a baby rabbit in the distance hopping around playfully.

She turns around to the other two and whispers, "Okay. Here's the plan. We're going to sneak up to that rabbit over there and catch it with hands. As soon as we have it under our control then I'll take the helm. Got it?" She explains as the other two nod.

Morven leads the group and they all creep in unison towards it. As they creep up on the Rabbit, Jordan doesn't notice the twig on the floor in front of him and accidentally stands on it, snapping it in half. The noise of the snapping twig causes Morven to look back in horror and then angrily at Jordan, but the rabbit doesn't notice.

They continue to creep up to it and Morven dives onto the rabbit when in close proximity, and catches it in her hands.

Morven smiles, "We'll be eating well today!"

Back at the Barracuda camp...

Jasmine paces in a straight line in the middle of the camp clearing concerned about the safety of the others who went to hunt in the forest.

[CAST CAM -- Jasmine]: "I am such a worry-er. I hope they all come back safe and sound from their hunting adventure. I would feel responsible for them if you know what I mean. It's not my job to worry over them but after everything that has happened there is no way we can handle more casualties."

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "I felt so alive catching that rabbit today. It feels good to be the alpha female of the team so that I can help in every way that I can."

Vaughn rubs Jasmine shoulder, "Don't worry. I'm sure that they'll all come back safe and sound from the trip into the woods." He attempts to comfort her.

Jasmine smiles faintly, "Thanks Vaughn. I do feel a little better, but it's like I'm the mother of the tribe and everyone else is my children. I just want the best for everyone."

Vaughn smiles, "I understand. My mother was a very caring person. She always looked after me and my extensive family members." He states and looks saddened before walking away.

Jasmine smiles and then ponders to herself for a moment. "Was?"

Suddenly the three that went into the woods charge into the clearing. Morven's hair looks scuffed up and there are leaves and mud compressed into it. Jordan and Kieran also look muddy and dirty.

Jasmine looks shocked, "What the heck happened to you two!?"

Morven sighs, "I caught a rabbit but it jumped out my hands and hopped away. I then followed it and it outsmarted me by making me dive into a muddy lake."

"Goodness! I'll clean your clothes down by the river today if you give me them." Jasmine states.

"Thanks a lot." Morven replies.

Jasmine smiles, "No problem!"

Halcyon enters the Barracuda clearing with some anticipating news.

"The new challenge is about to start. I've been instructed to tell you that you need to meet Chris at the beach as soon as possible, meaning now." Halcyon reads from a piece of paper which she carries in her hands.

Several minutes later, when everyone has met at the beach to hear the news on the challenge which Chris has devised. They notice something covered up by a red velvet blanket.

Chris then appears on the scene and stands before the object covered with the blanket.

"Welcome to today's challenge! We're putting a twist on a classic challenge." He lifts the cloth from the object revealing itself to be a picnic bench big enough to fit twenty people.

"You will have to endure disgusting and putrid meals and dishes in order to win immunity!" Chris announces leaving the contestants to gasp. "The conditions of the challenge are if you puke or refuse to eat a dish then you're eliminated from the challenge. The last person left will win immunity for their team. Understand?"

The camera cuts to all the teens sat in their seats awaiting the first meal. Riley is the last one to sit down so he sits next to Inca. She quickly shifts away from him trying to avoid eye contact.

[CAST CAM -- Riley]: "Inca has been really distant lately. I don't think I've done anything wrong? I feel like such an idiot man. Maybe it would be best if I try to start a friendly conversation with her."

Faith looks shifty and looks around her trying to be undetected. She lifts the tablecloth from the picnic bench and stuffs it into her dress before anyone can notice.


Chris stands at the end of the bench with a microphone in his hand. "Welcome to the Eat-a-Thon!" He announces.

"Wait wait wait. How do you have a microphone?" Lavenia asks confused.

"The crew found it in Marley's cabin and decided to give it to me." Chris replies making Marley scowl.

"I need that you jerk!" He replies.

"Moving on. The first dish is... Coconut Sorbet." Chris announces, and the dish appears in front of everyone as a mechanism inside the bench stores all the dishes. "The sorbet is presented inside the coconut, so you'll need to dig deep in the coconut to eat it."

"Coconut is horrific." Brooke states.

Lavenia gasps, "Honestly Coconut is what keeps me sane."

Brooke chuckles, "It's not doing so well for you then is it."

"Your hair looks like a coconut." Jordan remarks.

"Your social life looks like a coconut, we're just waiting for someone to crack it." Brooke replies.

"BURN!" Faith screams from the sidelines.

"His head is already on fire so your remark is spot on. Nice one." Brooke replies and high fives Faith.

Chris scowls, "Get to eating pigs."

Hamish takes a bite out of the coconut and pukes instantly.

"What the hell, that isn't any normal coconut. It's disgusting..." Hamish states.

Chris smiles, "Oh yeah. I forgot to mention there is vomit fruit inside of the coconut. Whoops!"

Morven and Lavenia eat their pieces simultaneously and pass. Jasmine then passes along with Faith, Kieran and Riley.

Riley shudders, "That was gross. You gonna eat yours Inca?" He asks.

Inca leans away from him, "Yeah..." She takes a bite out of the sorbet and passes the test.

Riley smiles, "Great!"

"I refuse. I'm not eating Coconuts." Brooke states and gets up from the table.

"Um no. You are eating it." Darius replies, grabbing Brooke's arm and pulling her down to the table.

Brooke looks at Darius with disgust and removes his hand from her arm. "You object me?"

"You're not going anywhere. If I have to force you to eat this coconut I will so help me God." Darius replies seriously.

Brooke laughs, "You and what army?"

Darius signals over to Cerys who walks over and pins Brooke onto the table by jumping on her back.

"Listen to Darius' wishes. If he wants you to eat the coconut, then you're going to eat the coconut." Cerys states.

"This is insane and inhumane!" Brooke protests. She quivers as Darius brings the coconut closer and closer to her mouth and forces her to chew on it.

"Okay the rest of you passed, but Hamish didn't so he can go back to his camp." Chris states and the Hamish heads back to the camp clearing disappointingly.

"Okay next dish is...Sand. You have to drink sand." Chris states blankly as a glass of sand appears in front of the contestants.

Lavenia and Morven glare at each other and drink the entire glass in one sitting.

"I'm not drinking sand. That's insane." Inca states.

Riley drinks his glass and notices Inca is struggling.

"Come on Inca. You want to win this don't you?" Riley states.

Inca becomes annoyed, "Riley. I don't think we are working as well as we used to. I think it would be best if we saw other people." She states calmly and gets up from the table and heads back to her camp grounds.

The rest of the competitors pause and gaze in Riley's direction as he remains speechless. He leaps from the table after a brief silence and chases after her.

"Yeah I agree with Inca, I can't drink sand. I'd probably cut my throat." Teegan replies.

Wallace looks unsure. "But Teegan our team is down now by three people, four if you don't do it." Wallace then drinks his glass of sand. "Honestly it isn't as bad as it sounds."

Teegan gulps and then drinks the glass of sand in trusting Wallace. She then swallows the glass and burps. "You happy?"

"Very." Wallace replies jokingly.

Jordan folds his arms in protest. "Um yeah. I'm not drinking sand. You can get lost."

Phyllis thinks to herself on how to help the situation. "Jordan. You do realize if you don't drink that sand then we will eliminate you at the ceremony tonight. Plus do you want Brooke to beat you in a challenge? That would be horrible." She states and Jordan looks over in Brooke's direction. She then winks back at him.

"Fine." Jordan states and drinks the glass while staring at Brooke the entire time. She then does the same.

[CAST CAM -- Phyllis]: "Whoever said manipulation was a sinister thing was completely wrong. In some cases it really helps; in teamwork especially."

"Now then, time for the next dish...Fish eyes!" Chris announces to the dismay of everyone else left at the bench.

"Yeah no. I am not eating Fish Eyes. Absolutely not." Brooke states.

"Agreed. Bye." Jordan replies.

Faith gets up from the bench and moves closer to Teegan and Wallace near the bottom of the bench.

"I thought we could help each other get through this. If we all do it on the count of three..." Faith explains.

"Yep let's just do it and get it over with." Teegan replies and picks up the fish eye.

Cerys picks up her fish eye and eats it instantly without chewing. Darius raises an eyebrow.

"I thought you would be more picky when it came to disgusting food." Darius states. "Not to offend you or anything..."

"I used to eat stuff like this all the time on one of my old diets. No biggie." Cerys replies and smiles.

Phyllis shrugs, "Yeah I can agree with you there Jordan." The fish eye then blinks at her. "BYE."

Teegan, Wallace and Faith count down to 1 from 3 and all eat the eye in unison.

"Don't you just love the juices of an eyeball!" Morven calls down the table. The three then pause and all vomit in unison in different directions.

"Hey you can't do that! You put them off!" Lavenia protests.

Morven sighs, "I never saw a rule book."

"Well it looks like Brooke, Jordan, Phyllis, Teegan, Wallace and Faith can all return to the camps. Still waiting on Darius to eat his eye."

Darius cringes, "Yeah I can't do it."

"Goodbye to you then." Chris states. "Only four of you are still in. The next dish is...Millipedes! You have to dip the Millipede in a special dip too before eating so good luck!" Chris announces.

"Kill me now." Lavenia remarks before taking a breath and dipping the millipede into the sauce and then into her mouth. Morven does the same.

Cerys looks at the animal sadly, "I can't eat an animal like this. Sure I can eat an Eye and drink Sand but I won't eat a living creature."

"We're down to the last few then. Whoever finishes this dish first wins the immunity for their team!" Chris announces, as the final dish appears in front of the contestants remaining.

"This one is have to eat three of the aquatic creatures on your plate. Sting Ray, Jellyfish and Shark fin. You'll need strong insides with this one."

Lavenia and Morven quickly race to eat the creatures as quick as possible. They both finish them simultaneously leaving Chris confused with who the winner is.

"I hope that Sting Ray was okay for know, the poop inside of it and all that jazz must of been really hard to digest." Morven states. Lavenia tries to contain her vomit but fails and vomits onto Morven uncontrollably, making Morven vomit in turn onto Lavenia.

"Well it's clear who the winner of this challenge is..." Chris states leaving both of the girls confused. "Nightwolf! He ate everything without vomiting unlike you two!" He announces.

Chris raises his hand in victory leaving the other two girls to stare in confusion and envy.

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "I hate everything."

[CAST CAM -- Morven]: "What."

[CAST CAM -- Nightwolf]: Nightwolf sits still until he crosses his arms and smiles happily.

Meanwhile in the woods, Phyllis is alone looking suspicious.

Phyllis reaches into her pocket and grabs the phone. She walks around as she searches for signal. A single bar appears on her phone and she jumps happily. She sits by a tree and texts someone as the camera backs away from her.

At the Rattlesnake camp before the elimination ceremony, Teegan, Faith, Wallace and Brooke have met up to discuss their plans if the elimination was going to occur.

Teegan rubs her hands, "I think we should maybe target someone who is not a very good team player. Someone that we would be better without with at the end of the day." She explains.

Brooke interrupts. "Or we could target this one person in an attempt to affect another person because of their elimination."

"You had someone in mind?" Wallace asks.

Brooke smiles, "I always have someone in mind." The camera then zooms in on her eyes as she looks devious.

"Stop it! I am not a Heather clone oh my god." She screams angrily.

Later that night at the Rattlesnake elimination ceremony...

The Rattlesnakes enter the elimination ceremony first with the Barracudas trailing behind.

"Welcome to the third elimination ceremony which is again for the Rattlesnakes. You guys aren't doing well at all in this competition are you?" Chris questions.

"Just got on with it McLean." Brooke states and Chris continues to explain.

Chris sighs, "You guys are no fun. Regardless, enter the castaway cam, vote someone off, you know the drill."

Moments pass as one by one the contestants leave to go and vote. They all return and Chris retrieves the box with the votes in.

Chris smiles deviously, "As I feel like we haven't built enough drama on the show as of late, we'll be airing your confessionals live right now!" Chris announces as the gasps of teens are heard in the background. A TV flies out of the overhead tree and begins to play the castaway confessionals.

[CAST CAM -- Inca]: "I'm going to vote off Darius because I feel like he's become way too big for his boots. Sorry..."

[CAST CAM -- Darius]: "Today I'll be voting for Lavenia because she lost the challenge for us. Simple enough."

[CAST CAM -- Cerys]: "I'm afraid I have to vote for Lavenia. Darius made a point to me that you were the sole reason we lost the challenge and he's smart so...yeah it's good to listen to smart people."

[CAST CAM -- Brooke]: "I love when a plan comes to effect. Get off my screen Inca, you're gone."

[CAST CAM -- Teegan]: "I'm voting for Inca!"

[CAST CAM -- Wallace]: "I will be voting for Inca tonight."

[CAST CAM -- Lavenia]: "Inca literally ruined a relationship today and that isn't cool. See ya."

[CAST CAM -- Faith]: "Hmm. I don't know who to vote for tonight, I thought everyone did well in the challenge today. I think I'll vote for Inca because she was the first person to forfeit the challenge if I recall correctly."

[CAST CAM -- Riley]: "I hate to do this...but I have to vote you off. I hope we can be friends someday and I'm sorry if I did anything to make you hate me Inca."

Chris looks shocked, "Well that answers everything. With the majority of the votes, Inca, you are the third person eliminated from Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors. Please enter the catapult." He announces.

Inca enters the catapult and looks at Riley saddened. Riley walks up the catapult and puts his hand on the edge, as does Inca. "As long as you live your life to the fullest, then I'm happy. I will miss you, and you're really lucky you've dodged a bullet." Chris suddenly hits the button on the contraption sending Inca flying into the air. A tear falls down from Riley's eye as his love has left the show for good.

"3 down, 17 more to go! Find out what will happen next time on Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors!" Chris signs off the episode as the screen fades to black.

The scene resumes back in the middle of the ocean. A second hand appears out of the ocean and onto the wooden plank as the words "STAY TUNED" fall onto the screen. The blackness then resumes concluding the episode.

Episode 05: TBA

Elimination Table

Warning: Spoilers surrounding the story follow. Please read at your own risk.
Rank Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19th Alfie IN SAFE OUT
20th Esme IN QUIT


1Cerys and Darius won immunity this episode and were safe from the elimination even though their team lost the challenge.


     WIN: This contestant won the challenge for their team.
     WIN: This contestant was on the winning team.
     SAFE: This contestant was up for elimination but received no votes.
     LOW: This contestant was the final contestant to be deemed safe.
     OUT: This contestant was voted off the show regularly.
     QUIT: This contestant quit the show.
     LEFT: This contestant left the show due to certain circumstances beyond their control.
     This contestant did not participate in this episode.


  • This is the first Fanfiction created by Icicle to feature characters for the second time.
    • It is also the first time that Icicle has made a sequel to a fanfiction.
  • This is the first ever Fanfiction by Icicle to feature a mixture of second-shots and newcomers.
  • The concept of including Flashbacks of the character backstories is inspired through the television show Orange is the New Black.


  • Episode 01: Lavenia
  • Episode 02: Cerys

Episode 01:

  • Morven is based off of Jasz Vegas, a character from the television show Killer Magic, showing a lot of her characteristics such as the inner daredevil and leadership skills.
  • Kieran is a returning character from a cancelled project named Total Drama: On the Road with some minor edits to the character creating the one present in this Fanfiction.
  • Faith is a returning character from the original draft of Total Drama: The New Classic, she was however renamed by the time the season came to air, becoming Phyllis.

Episode 02:

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