Welcome to Total Drama: Westside where 12 contestants will be split into 4 teams and will compete to win 1,000,000 dollars. This story was written by Spikes793.



Host: Spikes


Team Super




Team Awesome




Team Mega




Team Cool





Chapter 1: Don't Slip, Or You'll Take a Dip

A man stood on the dock of an abandoned island named SuperAwesomeMegaCool, located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. “Welcome to Total Drama Westside, why is it called this, don’t ask,” he continued, “my name is Spikes and I am here to bring you the new season of my fantastic reality show. The contestant’s boats are approaching now, let’s see them.”

The first boy stepped off the boat. “Hey, my name’s Austin, nice to meet you,” he said sticking his hand out.

“I don’t do hand shakes,” Spikes said, “but anyway, you must be the nice guy of the group.”

“Hah, there isn’t no room for nice guys here,” another boy said stepping off the boat, “this is a competition.”

“You must be Cody?” Spikes guessed.

“You got that right,” Cody said, “and let me tell you I am here to win.”

“Uh huh,” Spikes said crossing his name off the list and not even paying him a bit of attention.

“Hey guys,” a large boy yelled running off the boat.

“Will someone shut him up,” another boy said stepping off the boat.

“You two must be Nathan and Wesley,” Spikes said.

“Who else you idiot?” Wesley retorted.

“Oh, well, I already love this batch of contestants,” Spikes said frowning.

“Get over it man,” the next boy said getting off the boat.

“And you must be the local juvie, Jordan,” Spikes said.

“Uh, how could they let a low-life like him on the show?” another boy said.

“Who you calling a low-life, kid?” Jordan asked.

“Well, you’re even dumber than I thought,” the boy said smiling.

“Jordan calm down,” Spikes said, “and Kris, stop provoking him. Wait a second, what am I thinking, keep going.”

“You two remind me of the final battle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker,” a new boy said.

“What a nerd,” Nathan said.

“I can’t believe it, but agreed,” Wesley said.

“Everyone, this is Warren,” Spikes said pointing to the nerdy boy.

“Man I hate geeks,” another boy said, “they annoy me, and seriously, a juvie?”

“Got a problem,” Jordan warned.

“Um…um…no, not at all,” the boy said frightened.

“Welcome, Caleb,” Spikes said.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually here,” the next boy said.

“I’m guessing you’re Brandon,” Spikes said.

“Yep and it’s nice to meet all of you,” Brandon said smiling.

“Heh, suck up, trying to get on everybody’s good side,” Cody said with a sneer.

“I think I already know who is going to win,” another boy said, “me of course.” As he finished he fell forward smacking his face on the ground.

“Nice,” Kris said.

“Yeah, you’re going to win alright,” Wesley said irritated.

“And you are Marcus, the failure I see,” Spikes said, “that leaves two more people.”

“Make that one,” a voice from behind Spikes said. He jumped forward in fright, “Holy s**t u scared me,” Spikes said, “Zach I presume.”

“I don’t think you can say that on television sir,” Warren said.

“Oh be quiet,” Spikes said annoyed, “but I do like the sir part. Anyway, where’s our final contestant Daniel?”

“Right here,” a voice came from the back, “I’ve been here the whole time.”

“Alrighty then,” Spikes said, “that means we can finally get this show on the road. Follow me kids.” “One question dude,” Jordan asked, “how come there isn’t any girls.”

“Well it could be because we didn’t want your feelings to get in the way,” Spikes said, “or it could be because the author isn’t very good at writing about relationships.” With that all the contestants followed Spikes over to a confessional. “Anytime you guys want to share something with the audience, just do it in here,” he said, “why don’t you give it a try.”

Confessional (Jordan): “Thanks for this bro.”

Confessional (Cody): “Yes, I’ve realized there is absolutely no competition here.”

Confessional (Austin): “Man, I just want to win so I can raise money for charity.”

Confessional (Warren): “Oh man, the whole concept of this show totally reminds me of Star Wars and how...”

Spikes and the contestants kept walking until they came upon four cabins. “This is where the four teams will stay while on the island.”

“Who are the teams?” Nathan asked.

“Glad you asked,” Spikes said, “Team Super will be Caleb, Daniel and Marcus. Team Awesome will be Cody, Jordan and Wesley. Team Mega will be Kris, Austin and Warren. And the last team, Team Cool will be Brandon, Nathan and Zach.”

Confessional (Wesley): “Name the teams after the island, real original.”

Confessional (Kris): “I should be able to manipulate my team easily.”

Confessional (Daniel): “Fine by me.”

“Okay, split into teams and go to your cabins and meet back here in an hour,” Spikes said.

Back at the Team Awesome cabin. “I think we have a great team here,” Cody said putting on a fake smile. “Yeah, real great, me, a delinquent and a guy that’s obsessed with himself,” Wesley said. “Ha-ha, you’re really funny,” Cody said, “what do you guys think about an alliance?” Wesley and Jordan nodded their heads, agreeing.

Jordan left the room to go to the bathroom. As he was washing his hands, Daniel came into the bathroom. Jordan took this chance. “Hey man, you want to be in an alliance?” “Sure…” Daniel said.

Meanwhile Cody met up with Austin and Kris behind the cabins. “This is a little weird, why did you want to meet to guys back here?” Kris asked. “Shut up,” Cody said, “I wanted to know if you guys would be interested in an alliance.”

An hour passed and the contestants found themselves in front of Spikes again. “Alright contestants, ready for your first challenge?” The teens were quiet. “Well it doesn’t really matter,” Spikes said, “because it’s going to happen no matter what. For the first challenge each team will send one member onto the platform in the water. The last person standing will win a point for their team, the team with the most points after three rounds wins. Whatever team wins will get to pick the team that goes into elimination, where then all the other contestants will vote who to eliminate. Okay, pick your first people.”

Caleb, Cody, Austin and Nathan stepped onto the platform. Nathan ran at Cody, but he easily sidestepped him and Nathan ended up in the water. “Idiot,” Cody laughed. “Let’s team up and take him down,” Austin said to Cody. Caleb heard this and immediately jumped in the water. “Yes, we did it man,” Austin said. “Yeah you right,” Cody said picking Austin up and throwing him in the water, “I did it.” “One point for Team Awesome,” Spikes said.

Next, Wesley, Kris, Daniel and Brandon stepped up. “You guys are putting me up against these fools?” Kris said. “Yeah I agree, are you guys serious,” Wesley said. As they gloated Brandon and Daniel pushed them and sent them flying into the water. Then they tackled each other, each one trying to gain leverage over the other. Finally Brandon got his chance and sent Daniel toppling into the water. “Good game man,” Brandon said. Daniel nodded. “One point to Team Cool,” Spikes said.

Lastly, Jordan, Warren, Zach and Marcus stepped up. Jordan laughed and said, “Now we are talking about an unfair fight.” “Oh yeah?” Marcus said running at Jordan. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell into the water. “Oh my God,” Jordan continued to laugh. “If I angle it just right I can send him flying,” Warren said running towards Jordan. He moved over a step and Warren went flying into the water. Jordan yawned, “Is this over yet?” “Come on Zach, you can beat him,” Brandon cheered. Jordan picked up Zach by his collar and threw him into the water.

“With that, Team Awesome wins immunity,” Spikes said, “now please nominate a team for elimination.” “Right now,” Cody said taken back, “don’t we have time to decided?” “Ummmm no,” Spikes said smiling. “I guess we nominate Team Super then.” “Alright, Caleb. Marcus and Daniel are up for elimination. Meet at the campfire ceremony in a half an hour,” Spikes said.

Cody’s alliance was talking in their cabin. “Okay guys I think we know who to vote for,” Cody said, “Caleb is a basic wussy and Marcus is a failure so the obvious choice is Daniel.” Wesley and Jordan nodded their heads in agreement.

Confessional (Jordan): I can’t vote Daniel, I made an alliance and I have stick to that.”

At the Team Cool cabin. “Who should we vote for guys?” Brandon asked.

“I say Daniel because he is surprisingly a good player,” Nathan said.

Zach was quiet and sighed.

At the campfire ceremony, all the contestants sat around a fire in front of Spikes. “All right kids, I have counted the votes,” he said, bring out a bag of Jolly Ranchers.

“Jolly Ranchers?” Wesley said, “really?”

“Shut up,” Spikes said, “Let me just say, Caleb you are safe. In a vote of 5-4...

Marcus you have been eliminated.”

“Dang, well guys I had a fun time,” Marcus said stepping into the Hot Air Balloon of Losers. Just as he stepped in the balloon popped and he went flying into the sky.

“Whoa, shouldn’t you go help him?” Austin asked worried.

“Nah, he’s off the island which means he isn’t under my watch anymore,” Spikes said smiling.

"Well that wraps up Episode 1," Spikes said, "and if you thought that was exciting, it's only the beginning."

Chapter 2: Prove Your Loyalty

“Last time on Total Drama Westside, the twelve contestants arrived and were split into four different teams. They competed in the first challenge, which was to be the last one standing on the platform. In the end, Team Awesome won immunity and chose Team Super for elimination. Cody told his alliance to vote for Daniel, but Jordan flipped and Marcus was the first one eliminated,” Spikes said, “what exciting things will happen in tonight’s episode? I don’t really care as long as it isn’t boring.”

Back at the Team Awesome cabin: “What just happened,” Cody yelled, “who flipped their vote? Did you two vote Daniel?”

“Yeah of course man,” Jordan said lying, “it must have been either Kris or Austin.”

Confessional (Jordan): “He can’t find out it was me or he will flip out.”

Confessional (Cody): “This is bad, I may have less control over people than I thought.”

Confessional (Wesley): “Boy, am I tired.”

The next morning all the campers were hanging out by the beach. Cody and Kris were talking.

“Are you sure you didn’t flip your vote?” Cody asked Kris.

“Yeah,” Kris said, “if it wasn’t me, Wesley or Jordan that only leaves one person.”

“Austin,” Cody said, “I just don’t see him doing something like that.”

“I know what you mean,” Kris said, “my personal opinion, I think Jordan is lying. That guy is just sketchy, we just shouldn’t trust him.”

Suddenly the loudspeaker turned on and Spikes’s voice rang out, “Now that the humiliation of being the first person eliminated is gone, it’s time for the second challenge. Meet by the cliff immediately.

All the contestants reported to the cliff reported to the cliff in seconds.

“I swear I’ve seen this somewhere before,” Nathan said.

“Yeah maybe in the original show idiot,” Wesley said.

“Are you just going to steal stunt ideas from the show?” Jordan accused.

“Everyone calm down,” Spikes said, “this challenge isn’t exactly like the original. Do you guys see the metal pole sticking out over the cliff? There are eleven circular rings connected to the pole. Each one of you will grab onto one circle and the person that can hang on the longest wins immunity for their team.” Thirty minutes later and all the contestants were suspended above the waters below.

“Come on Spikes, can’t you think of better challenges than this?” Wesley complained. He reached to itch his nose and dropped into the water.

“Now who’s the idiot,” Nathan laughed before falling too.

“Hey Spikes, can we knock other people off?” Cody asked.

“Hmm, well, that would be really unfair,” Spikes said, “so yeah definitely.”

“Perfect,” Cody smiled looking at Zach and Warren who were next to him.

Before they could react Cody kicked them both and sent them flying down into the water.

Cody then tried to force Daniel off, but was having more trouble then he thought. “Urg, just let go,” Cody threatened. He then kicked him in a special place and Daniel fell. Then Cody lost his balance and fell as well.

“Hey, you better fall,” Kris warned Caleb, “or else.”

Caleb looked scared and then let go and fell.

“Austin,” Kris whispered, “you know what to do.” After hearing this, Austin let go and fell.

Meanwhile, Jordan was trying to convince Brandon to fall.

“Come on man, please,” Jordan whispered, “if you fall I promise an alliance and I’ll keep you safe.”

“I don’t know,” Brandon said warily, “I don’t like to quit things.”

“You’re not quitting,” Jordan said, “you’re just taking one for the team.” With that, Brandon let go and fell into the water.

Kris and Jordan remained, both hanging on for dear life. Jordan was close to letting go but by a split second, Kris fell first and Team Awesome won immunity again.

“Alright, I guess there’s a reason you’re called Team Awesome,” Spikes laughed.

The contestants were quiet and crickets churped.

“Shut up,” Spikes said, “Jordan, who do you pick for elimination?”

“I guess,” Jordan thought, “Team Mega.” “What,” Kris yelled, “that’s bogus.”

“Okay, Kris, Austin and Warren are up for elimination,” Spikes said, “you have one hour and then go to the campfire.”

Outside the cabins, Cody, Jordan and Wesley were talking.

“Why did you pick them?” Cody demanded.

“Because, their team has good players on it,” Jordan said.

“Alright, I need to tell you guys something,” Cody said, “I have an alliance with Kris and Austin, but you two are my main alliance. We need to keep them around though so let’s vote Warren tonight.”

Jordan and Wesley agreed and then walked away.

Jordan bumped into Brandon as he was walking into the cafeteria.

“Hey man, so alliance right?” Brandon asked, “with me, Nathan, Warren and Zach.”

“Yeah of course, who you voting?” Jordan said.

“I think Kris because he’s such a strong player,” Brandon answered, “sound good?”

“Yeah fine by me,” Jordan said.

Confessional (Brandon): “Jordan really seems trustworthy.”

Confessional (Jordan): “So I lied, I only said I would keep him safe.”

Kris came up to Cody and asked, “Are you sure Jordan is voting with us?”

“Yeah of course, you have to trust him,” Cody replied.

Jordan walked up but hid once he saw them talking.

“Alright but you know we are eventually going to have to get rid of Jordan, he is too good of a player,” Kris said.

Jordan then snuck away.

At the Jolly Rancher ceremony: “Okay guys, this is sure to be an interesting vote,” Spikes said.

Confessional (Cody): “Sorry Warren, go home and play with you Star Wars action figures.”

Confessional (Brandon): “Sorry Kris, you're just too good at this game, you have to go bud.”

Confessional (Jordan): “I think I know who I am going to vote for, it’s purely based on strategy.”

“In a vote of 5-3…

Warren you have been eliminated.”

“What,” Brandon yelled.

Kris and Cody laughed.

Confessional (Kris): “Looks like I can trust him, for now.”

Confessional (Jordan): “Sorry Brandon but I have to prove to Cody I am loyal even if Kris wants me out.”

Warren hopped onto the Hot Air Balloon of Losers and said, “Looks like Luke didn’t beat Vader this time.”

“Well that was a rather interesting elimination,” Spikes said, “but I didn’t have many lines this episode. That better change for next time.”

Chapter 3: He's Controlling Them

“Last time on Total Drama Westside, the eleven remaining contestants competed in the next challenge, which was basically to hang onto the metal pole the longest. In the end, it came down to Jordan and Kris, but Jordan edged out the victory for his team. He then nominated Team Mega for elimination, which immediately made Kris suspect he had betrayed the alliance. Jordan was forced to prove he was loyal and betray Brandon, resulting in Warren being voted out,” Spikes summarized, “Ugh, summaries are so stupid, watch the episode if you know want to know what’s going on.”

That night, after the Jolly Rancher ceremony, Kris, Cody, Wesley, Jordan and Austin sat talking.

"Good job Jordan," Cody said, "I never doubted you for a minute."

"Yeah, I told you I wasn't the one that flipped their vote," Jordan said.

"Uh-huh," Kris said looking accusingly at Jordan.

Confessional (Kris): "I don't care what Jordan says, I still think he flipped."

Confessional (Jordan): "I think Kris still doubts me, I don't know what I'm going to do."

Confessional (Wesley): "Oh my God, these guys always have to talk at night. Ughhhhh."

Meanwhile, Brandon, Zach and Nathan sat with each other in their cabin.

"This sucks," Nathan said, "I thought you said Jordan was with us."

"He said he was," Brandon said.

"Hmm," Zach muttered.

"Now we are totally down in numbers," Nathan said, "you have to convince Jordan or we are going to lose."

"I think I know how," Brandon said, "we will see tomorrow."

Confessional (Caleb): "I feel like I'm missing something."

The next morning the campers were awoken at 5:30 by a loud bell that rang threw the camp.

"Wake up campers," Spikes voice said, "report out in front of the cabins immediately."

All the contestants trudged out of bed and appeared outside.

"What's the deal?" Jordan said, mad, "waking us up this early."

"Yeah, seriously, are you messed up in the head?" Nathan asked.

"That's a good question. I hope so," Spikes smiled, "Anyway, it's time for your next challenge. I like to call it the Stay Awake As Long As You Can Challenge or the Saalay C Challenge."

"Really," Wesley mocked, "another bite from the original season."

"Hey, you can only think of so many ideas," Spikes said irritated, "besides it was a fan favorite. Whichever contestant stays awake the longest, wins for their team. Oh, by the way, I think the sleeping pills that I put in the food last night will help."

"Isn't that dangerous," Austin asked.

"Not my problem dude," Spikes said laughing as he walked away.

"This shouldn't be too hard," Brandon said.

2 Days later....

"I think I am going to die," Brandon said as he sat down with Nathan and Zach.

"We have to stay awake the longest and win for our team guys or else," Brandon said.

"Yeah your right," Nathan added, "let's stay strong."

They looked over and Zach was already knocked out.

"Haha, looks like that's one down," Kris said as he approached them.

"You're right," Nathan said smiling and pointing towards a tree where Austin was passed out.

"Arg," Kris said as he walked away in defeat.

Jordan, Wesley and Cody sat eating at a breakfast table.

"Alright guys, you know we have to win," Cody said, "we are the best team so people are aiming for us."

"Not like it's hard to win these challenges with these competitors," Wesley said looking around.

Daniel sat at another table with his head in his food.

"Haha, I have to go to the bathroom," Jordan said, "I'll be right back." He got up and left.

"Wesley," Cody whispered, "you have to start pulling you weight. Jordan and I have both won the past two challenges for us, it's your turn."

"Yeah yeah," Wesley said, "don't you trust me?"

"Of course," Cody replied, "that's while I'll prove it by leaving this challenge up to you."

"What do you mean?" Wesley asked.

"I'm going to sleep," Cody smiled and left into the cabins.

Brandon and Nathan continued to walk around and stay awake.

"Ha, look at this," Nathan said pointing at an object on the ground

On the ground layed Jordan, with his pants around his ankles.

"Looks like he couldn't even go to the bathroom without falling asleep," Brandon said.

Another day passed and only 5 campers remained...

Caleb was walking along in the woods, trying to move around and keep himself awake when suddenly a bear popped out.

"Whoa buddy," Caleb threatened, "you think you can handle me?"

The bear growled deeply in his face.

Caleb wet himself and ran, only stopping 30 minutes later, when he passed out.

Back at camp...

Brandon and Nathan were walking when Brandon suddenly collapsed.

"Come on man," Nathan pleaded, "you have to stay awake."

"I...can't go on...any longer," Brandon said as his eyes closed.

Wesley and Nathan met up and found Kris sitting down at camp.

"Man, this is so tough," Nathan said.

"Oh yeah, real tough," Wesley said.

"What's that supposed to mean," Nathan questioned.

"Nothing," Wesley answered, "I'm sure it's tough for a big guy like you."

"You want a piece of me little man?" Nathan threatened.

"Hold on a sec," Wesley said, "that guy hasn't blinked in forever," referring to Kris.

Kris suddenly jolted awake and blinked.

"He was asleep the whole time," Nathan said.

"Did I forget to mention," Kris smiled, "I sleep with my eyes open."

"That means we have our final two," Spikes said.

"Where did you come from?" Wesley said, bewildered.

"Doesn't matter," Spikes said, "anyway, I have a great big breakfast for the two of you, right over there."

"Awesome," Wesley said, but before he could even grab a tatter tot, Nathan sucked up all the food.

"What the heck man?" Welsey said angrily.

"Sorry, hungry," Nathan laughed. Then he burped and passed out.

"Haha well," Spikes said, "looks like we have a winner. Team Awesome wins immunity, again."

Cody, Jordan and the other contestants appeared.

"Good job man," Cody said, "I knew I could trust you."

"Alright, who do you pick for elimination, Wesley," Spikes asked.

"Team Cool," Wesley said, "sorry you guys are next."

"Meet at the Jolly Rancher ceremony in an hour," Spikes said as the contestants walked away.

Back at the Team Cool cabin...

"This sucks guys," Brandon said, "whoever goes tonight, i hope one of us wins the whole thing."

"Yeah, I was so close too," Nathan said, "I let my stomach get in the way."

"It's not your fault," Brandon said, "I just hate that Cody guy. He acts all high and mighty and orders everyone around. Someone has to do something."

Brandon then got up and left the room.

In the Team Awesome cabin...

"Heh, we won again guys," Cody smirked.

"Of course," Wesley smiled, "did you ever doubt me?"

Suddenly, Brandon burst into the room.

"What do you want loser," Cody teased.

"I wanted to tell these guys and everyone else what's really going on here," Brandon yelled, "you're all being controlled by Cody, He's using all of you, and he doesn't care if any of you get eliminated as long as he stays."

"Nice speech," Cody said, "you're just mad because you're going home tonight."

"I've accepted that I am going home," Brandon said, " I just want to make sure you don't win." Then he left the room.

Cody was laughing so much he didn't notice Jordan slip out of the room.

He ran and caught up with Brandon.

"Hey, you're right," Jordan said, "he thinks he is the master of this game."

"What do you care," Brandon said, "you already proved you're with him."

"I know what I did was wrong," Jordan continued, "but I said I would keep you safe and I will stick to that."

"How?" Brandon asked?

"I'll find a way," Jordan said before walking away.

Back at the Team Awesome cabin...

Jordan ran into thr cabin.

"Cody," Jordan said, "I just found something big out."

"What is it?" Cody asked.

"There's someone else trying to get rid of you," Jordan informed.

"Who," Cody said with anger.

Later, at the Jolly Rancher ceremony...

"Alright contestants, one of you is going home tonight," Spikes smiled, "which means one less difficult camper i have to put up with."

Confessional (Cody): "You shouldn't have plotted against me."

Confessioanl (Brandon): "I'm praying that Jordan came through."

Confessional (Kris): "I think this is a bad decision."

Confessional (Jordan): "Sorry I had to lie about you dude."

"By a vote of 6-1............................

Nathan you have been eliminated."

"What?" Nathan yelled with surprise.

"You shouldn't have tried to get me out," Cody said.

"What are you talking about?" Nathan asked.

"Don't play dumb with me," Cody said, "it's too late, you're gone."

Nathan boarded the Hot Air Balloon of Losers and flew away.

Confessional (Brandon): "Yes, it worked, maybe now things are turning my way."

"Well that was not who i thought was going home," Spikes said, "and who's happy I got more lines? I am. Anyway tune in next time for an even more exciting Total...Drama...Westside.

Chapter 4: Don't Lose Your Temper

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, the ten remaining contestants competed in the Stay Awake As Long As You Can or the Saalay C Challenge, where they all tried to stay awake as long as they could. After some people pretended to be awake and others fell asleep while going to the bathroom, it all came down to Nathan and Wesley. Wesley won the challenge for his team after Nathan ate too much food and passed out. He then nominated Team Cool for elimination. Brandon freaked out on Cody but Jordan tricked Cody into believing that Nathan was gunning for him resulting in Nathan being the one voted out," Spikes said, "Jesus, could they give me longer speeches."

Back at camp Brandon and Jordan were secretly talking.

"Thanks, I owe you one man," Brandon admitted.

"Yeah, well, I promised to keep you safe," Jordan said, "I'm just afraid that Cody's going to find out."

"Why is everyone so afraid of Cody," Brandon said, "without the rest of us, he is nothing."

"I get that," Jordan said, "but if I break away from my alliance with him, they will still have the numbers."

"True," Brandon continued, "unless, we convince Daniel and Caleb to join with us then we will be unstoppable."

Meanwhile, Cody's alliance sat talking with one another.

"I guess that's what happens when you mess with me," Cody laughed.

"Who's next then?" Austin asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Wesley informed.

"Brandon?" Kris said, "I'm guessing."

"Of course, he was lucky to survive last night because of Jordan," Cody said, "but his time in next."

Confessional (Kris): "Jordan saving Brandon on raises my suspicions."

Confessional (Cody): "I hate Brandon, he will go down."

Confessional (Brandon): "I hate Cody, he will go down."

Confessional (Jordan): "I have a bad feeling about the near-future."

Confessional (Wesley): "You know what, these annoying talking sessions at night have to stop. Urg."

The next day, the campers awoke to the usual yelling of Spikes' voice.

"Wake up, wake up kiddies," Spikes began, "it's time for a new challenge."

"You're getting really annoying dude," Jordan said.

"Really? Good, that's my job," Spikes said, "Today's challenge is The Hunt."

"Did I ever tell you that you guys are great at coming up with names?" Wesley mocked.

"What does that even mean?" Kris asked.

"Simply put, I will hunt you all down with tranquilizer guns," Spikes said smiling, "the last person standing wins a surprise for their team."

"Wait, so there's no immunity?" Cody asked.

"No," Spikes said, "instead whichever team has all their members out first will automatically go into elimination."

"That's not fair, then Team Awesome has an advantage with three people," Daniel said.

"Hmm, you're right," Spikes thought. Then he pointed the gun at Wesley and shot. "Okay, fair now," he said.

Everyone stared.

"He's only knocked out," Spikes said, "I would run if I were you,"

With that, the contestants scattered into the forest.

Jordan and Cody...

"This isn't cool man, I hate this challenge," Jordan said.

"Yeah I know how you feel, but anyway," Cody said, "are you sure you're loyal to the alliance?"

"Yeah of course, how could you still doubt me?" Jordan said.

"Cause Kris keeps telling me not to trust you and it is getting really annoying and I don't know anymore," Cody sighed.

Before another word could be spoken Spikes jumped out of the bushes and started firing.

Jordan dove behind Cody for protection, then into the bushes and got away.

Unforunately, Cody didn't have the same fat. He was covered with tranquilizers. He swayed back and forth and then fell to the ground.

Brandon, Caleb, Daniel and Zach...

"So I'm sure you guys can see that as of right now we are really outnumbered," Brandon said.

"I agree," Daniel said, "Cody must be taken down."

Zach nodded in agreement before he fell to the ground.

"He's been hit," Brandon yelled.

Caleb screamed, wet himself and fell to the ground.

"Caleb has been hit too," Daniel said.

"Where should we hi-," Daniel said before being hit in his special place.

Brandon took this opportunity and ran deeper into the forest.

Kris and Austin...

"You and me, final two, right?" Kris asked.

"Of course man, Team Mega til the end," Austin replied.

"I just worry if we should keep Cody," Kris said, "he's such a strong competitor."

"This isn't time for talk girls," Spikes said jumping out of the bush.

He shot them both and they collapsed.

Brandon continued to run through the forest until he smacked into someone.

"Oh, Jordan," Brandon said.

"Ow dude that hurt," Jordan said, "watch where you're running."

Brandon froze in fear.

"Oh no," Jordan said, "he's behind me, isn't he?"

Brandon shook his head.

Jordan turned around and fell to the ground.

"Looks like we have a winner," Spikes said, "Team Cool gets to eat a buffet of food tonight."

"As for elimination," he continued, "Team Super lost it's members first so you guys are on the chopping block."

"Spikes, everyone's asleep but us," Brandon said.

"Oh," Spikes said, "Well tell them when they wake up, I'm leaving."

A couple hours later...

Cody's alliance sat talking about who to get rid of.

"It's an obvious choice," Cody said, "Daniel."

"Yeah, Caleb isn't threatening at all," Austin said.

"Well, you know guys, we can never doubt anyone in this game," Jordan said.

"No no no, you're not changing our minds this time," Kris said, "it's Daniel, that's final."

Confessional (Kris): "That Jordan has to go."

Confessional (Jordan): "Darn Kris, I have one more trick up my sleeve."

Later that night Jordan approached Caleb...

"Hey man," Jordan said.

"What do you want?" Caleb asked.

"I just thought you should know Cody and everyone over there are talking alot of crap on you," Jordan lied.

"What," Caleb yelled storming off to them. He stomped over to Cody and the others.

"Hey dude, sit down, chill," Austin said.

"Oh shut it, you guys think you're so cool over here," Caleb yelled, "we'll see about that, you're all just a bunch of losers."

He turned around and marched back into his cabin.

Later at the Jolly Rancher ceremony...

"Welcome, contestants, did you guys get enough sleep?" Spikes laughed.

"Can it Spikes," Jordan threatned.

"Alright alright testy," Spikes said, "Alright, whoever does not recieve a Jolly Rancher will be elimianted."

Confessional (Cody): "That wasn't cool dude."

Confessional (Zach): He sighed.

Confessional (Jordan): "Man he fell right into my trap."

"By a vote of 7-1...

Caleb you have been eliminated."

"Shouldn't of freaked out dude," Brandon said.

"You guys shouldn't have been talking crap on me," Caleb said.

"What are you talking about," Austin asked.

Caleb started to cry and he ran onto the Hot Air Balloon of Losers and left.

"Really," Wesley said, "Did he just cry?"

"I know, right," Spikes agreed, "catch us on the next exciting episode of Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 5: Up The Creek...Again

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, the remaining contestants competed in The Hunt challenge, where I happily was able to hunt them down one by one. It came down to Jordan and Brandon, but Brandon was able to escape me the best and one the surprise for his team. Brandon and Zach won an endless buffet, while Team Super was sent into elimination. Daniel was set to be eliminated again but Jordan was able to trick Caleb into freaking out on the other contestants, which got himself eliminated," Spikes said, "Who will be eliminated tonight? All I can say is it will be exciting."

The next morning...

Brandon woke up and looked around. The sky was blue, the birds chirping and the water splashing. "Hold up," Brandon yelled, "water!" He looked around and he and the other contestants were on a floating cabin.

The others began to gradually wake up.

"What are you crying about?" Cody teased.

"Woah, we are surrounded by water," Austin said.

"I knew he would abandon us eventually," Wesley said.

"Hah, they didn't abandon us bud," Austin said slapping Wesley on the back. He was so startled, he fell into the water.

"What the heck," Daniel panicked, "he's not resurfacing."

Daniel jumped into the water to rescue followed by Austin, but neither one of them resurfaced.

"Okay, this is getting weird," Kris said.

"Is everybody accounted for?" Brandon asked.

Brandon, Cody, Jordan, Kris and Zach huddled around each other so they wouldn't fall in the water.

"I have a really bad feeling about how this is going to end," Brandon said.

"Forget this," Kris said walking into the other room of the floating cabin.

Suddenly the other room exploded and Kris was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh no," Jordan yelled.

The boat shook and Cody fell over the side and into the water.

"Grab something quickly guys," Brandon yelled.

Zach slipped and face dove into the floor then rolled backwards and hit a beam and then fell into the water.

"Well that's the most action that guy has had in the story so far," Jordan said.

"Just you and me," Brandon said, "Oh man when is Spikes going to save us."

Just then a hole burst open under Brandon and he almost fell into the water, only hanging on by an inch. Jordan grabbed his hand and tried to pull him up.

"Leave me," Brandon said as he let go and sank into the water.

"Noooooo," Jordan yelled, "Why?"

Suddenly, he was hit over the head by a piece of a wood and he fell into the water. The last thing he heard was a voice saying, "I knew you guys had an alliance."

Jordan woke up in the infirmary back at camp with all the other contestants.

Spikes walked in and said, "Congradulations, Team Mega won immunity."

"What," they yelled.

"Yeah you guys just finished up the challenge for whoever could stay out of the water the longest," Spikes said.

Confessional (Spikes): "Well umm, that wasn't exactly the challenge. There was kind of a flood at camp so we just went with it," he smiled.

"Then who lasted the longest?" Cody asked.

"Well, our good friend Kris," Spikes said.

Confessional (Jordan): "Hold up, that means that voice was Kris. Oh no, what if he tells Cody."

"So, Kris pick a team for elimination," Spikes said.

"Obvious," Kris smiled, "Team Cool."

"Alright, Brandon and Zach are up for elimination," Spikes said.

Back at camp...

Jordan was walking to the bathroom when Kris confronted him.

"Alright, I knew all along you and Brandon had a plan," Kris said.

"Yeah I guess you caught us," Jordan said.

"I sure did," Kris said, "and I won't tell Cody as long as you do absolutely everything I tell you to do."

Jordan nodded in agreement knowing just how much trouble he was in.

At the Jolly Rancher Ceremony...

"Hello contestants," Spikes said, "ready to get rid of another one of you?"

"Yes, I finally got to sleep all day today," Wesley said.

"Okaaay," Spikes said slowly, "random, anyway on to the votes."

Confessional (Cody): "Yes, finally, time to go bye-bye."

Confessional (Brandon): "I have a really bad feeling."

Confessional (Kris): "Oh how things couldn't work out any better for me."

Confessional (Jordan): "I'm so sorry, I have to."

"By a vote of 6-2...

Brandon you have been eliminated."

"Yes," Cody yelled, "I told you, you can't beat the master."

Kris smiled.

Brandon looked over at Jordan who could't bare to look him in the eye.

As he boarded the Hot Air Balloon of Losers he said, "Thanks for competing with me guys, oh and don't let Cody win." He smiled and the balloon carried him away.

"How touching...not," Spikes laughed.

"Seriously dude, enough with the lame jokes," Wesley mocked.

"Shut up," Spikes said, "anyway, catch us next time on Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 6: Wrong Move

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, the contestants woke up on a floating cabin. They assumed this was their challenge even though there was just a flood...idiots. Because of this, we let it be their challenge in which it was whoever could stay on the cabin the longest. After some explosions and heartfelt moments Kris won immunity for his team. He found out about Jordan and Brandon's alliance and then blackmailed Jordan into voting off Brandon," Spikes recapped, "It was an exciting episode, but tonight's proves to be even more exciting."

The next day...

Kris lay out on a lawn chair sunbathing while Jordan was fanning him down.

"You suck at this job, you know that, right?" Kris insulted.

"Why you little," Jordan said angry.

"Now now," Kris said, "you don't want the others finding out our little secret."

Confessional (Jordan): "I hate that guy, I will get back at him if it is the last thing I do."

Confessional (Kris): "Haha, I have him trapped. He has to do everything I say or be hated by everyone."

Confessional (Wesley): "Did you see Jordan and Kris? All I have to say is WOW."

In the cabins...

"Have you guys noticed Kris and Jordan lately?" Austin asked.

"I know right, isn't it weird," Cody said.

"Haha you can say that again," Wesley laughed.

"Something is going on," Austin guessed.

"Oh forget about that," Cody said, "we just got rid of our biggest opponent."

Confessional (Austin): "More like you biggest opponent. Your the biggest threat in the game and I feel bad for voting out Brandon."

Confessioanl (Cody): "With Brandon out of the way, the rest of this game should be easy as pie."

"Hello campers," Spikes voice rang out over the loud speakers, "everyone meet by the campfire pit for a special announcement."

The campers gathered by the pit...

"Alright, today I felt like switching things up a little bit," Spikes said.

"Oh no," Daniel said.

"Oh no is right, because today there is no challenge, Spikes informed.

"What?" Cody asked, "then how do we decide immunity?"

"Well if you would stop interrupting me," Spikes said, "I could tell you guys."

"What crawled up your butt?" Wesley mocked.

"Shut up," Spikes said, "Today there is no immunity. In exactly 4 hours, you will all return for a Jolly Rancher ceremony and vote someone out."

Confessional (Kris): "Interesting."

Confessional (Cody): "Now I defintely don't fee safe."

Confessional (Jordan): "This is my chance."

Confessional (Zach): He sighed.

1 hour later in the Team Awesome Cabin...

"So who do you guys think we should go for?" Jordan asked.

"I say Zach is the obvious choice," Cody said, "he's the only one left from Brandon's alliance."

"Yeah, but really he isn't a good player," Jordan said, "Should we take this opportunity to take out someone strong."

"Like who?" Cody asked.

"I don't know," Jordan lied, "maybe Austin or Kris."

"No way," Cody protested, "they are in our alliance."

"Yeah I know, but it is getting down to the wire and we can't keep our alliance forever," Jordan argued.

"We are not voting out Kris or Austin and that's final," Cody ordered.

Wesley watched on in silence (for once).

Later in the Team Mega Cabin...

"So he said you guys should vote me out?" Kris questioned.

"Yeah," Cody revealed, "but I convinced him not too."

"So the plan is still Zach?" Kris asked.

"Yeah," Cody said.

"Okay, but you know eventually Jordan will have to go?" Kris said.

"Yeah I guess," Cody said.

10 minutes befote the Elimination Ceremony...

Zach and Daniel were walking to elimination.

"Hey guys," Jordan said running up behind them, "I know who to vote for."

At the Jolly Rancher Ceremony...

"Well how was your day campers?" Spikes laughed.

"Just get on with it already," Wesley said.

Confessional (Cody): "Sorry Zach you shouldn't have sided with Brandon."

Confessional (Zach): He sighed.

Confessional (Kris): "Bye Zach." He smiled.

Confessional (Daniel): "I was told to vote for you dude."

"Alright, here are you Jolly Ranchers...Jordan, Cody, Austin, Daniel, Wesley...In a vote of 4-3...

Kris you have been eliminated."

"WHAT," he yelled.

Cody and Austin were shocked.

Jordan laughed.

"How dare you," Kris said angrily, "who else?"

Daniel, Zach and Wesley smiled too.

"I'll get back at you, all of you," Kris yelled, "this isn't the last you've heard of me."

He boarded the Hot Air Balloon of Losers but then remembered something, "Wait, Cody you've been tricked by Jordan," he yelled but he was already too far up and no one could hear him.

"Ooo how exciting," Spikes said, "I love drama but that dude needs to take a chill pill."

"Agreed," Wesley said.

"See ya next time on Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 7: Why Are You Here?

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, after Brandon's elimination, Kris continued to froce Jordan to do unnecessary tasks for him causing Jordan's anger to build up in him. At the campfire, I announced that there would be no challenge and no immunity, just elimination. Jordan tried to convince Cody and Austin to blindside Kris but he couldn't. In the end, however, he created a temperorary alliance with Zach and Daniel and convinced Wesley to join and in a 4-3 vote Kris was eliminated," Spikes said, "a shocking turn of events, I say, what will happen tonight?"

The next morning...

In the Team Awesome cabin, Cody was furious.

"Why did you do that?" Cody questioned.

Wesley and Jordan looked at each other. "Because he was a liar," Jordan said, "and if we didn't blindside him, he would have done it to us."

Confessional (Cody): "I don't know what to do, how can I trust my alliance now?"

Austin entered the room and stared at Jordan. "Why did you do it?" he asked.

"Austin, we had to take the chance and get out a strong player," Jordan said.

"We still have the numbers," Wesley said.

"I suppose," Cody said, "we can pick Daniel and Zach off next."

Confessional (Jordan): "The only problem, what are we going to do after they are gone?"

Confessional (Wesley): "Omg, they woke me up so early this morning."

Confessional (Austin): "I don't trust anyone, but as long as I keep winning I'll be safe."

Confessional (Zach): He sighed.

Suddenly, a familar voice rang out over the campsite, "Campers, report to the campfire for some great news."

They all eventually gathered themselves, and trudged over.

"What is it this time?" Daniel asked.

"Well before I explain the challenge, I have a surprise," Spikes said.

"And what is this so called surprise?" Wesley said.

"Well...there are no more teams," Spikes said, "from now on, you will be competing for individual immunity."

The campers were quiet.

"Well, I thought you guys would be a little more exicted," Spikes said, "but anyway on to the challenge. Today, you will all be blindfolded and taken to the middle of the forest. Your task is to get back to get back to this spot. The first one back wins immunity."

"That's creative," Wesley said.

The campers were then blindfolded and taken on to a bus which drove out to the middle of the forst and dropped them off and then drove away.

"This will be easy," Wesley gloated. He looked over and bear was staring him in the face.

He screamed and ran as the bear chased him in the opposite way of the camp. Everyone else ran and ended up in pairs.

Jordan and Daniel ended up together. Cody and Zach together and Austin by himself.

"So do we still have an alliance?" Daniel asked.

Jordan paused and then said, "Yeah of course, but I don't how much longer we can keep it a secret."

Suddenly, Jordan felt the ground fall from beneath him and he fell into a large hole.

Daniel looked down and yelled, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, looks like I'm pretty much out of this challenge," Jordan yelled back, "you keeo on going though."

With that, Daniel ran off.

Austin was walking and he was getting a little scared.

"I hate forests," he said to himself.

A bug landed on him and he screamed, "Ahhhhhh."

He ran and ran and eventually hit a tree and knocked himself out.

Cody and Zach were walking...

" are you ?" Cody asked.

Zach sighed.

"Yeah so do you still have anything against me from that whole Brandon thing?" Cody asked.

Zach nodded no.

"Good, you know you're not such a bad guy," Cody said.

Zach looked up and smiled.

Suddenly, they saw the lights to camp.

Cody ran and pushed Zach to the ground.

Unfortunately, he tripped and fell and hit a branch that flung him backwards into Zach and putting them in a daze.

Meanwhile, Daniel ran by and got back to camp first.

"Daniel wins immunity," Spikes yelled.

All the campers emerged from the forest.

"Meet me in one hour at the campfire for elimination," Spikes said walking off.

Back at the cabins, Cody, Jordan and Wesley were talking...

"So who do you guys think?" Jordan asked.

"I would say Zach but he was real nice today," Cody said, "and you know, we don't really need Austin anymore."

"True," Wesley said.

"We have to think about who really wants to be here and then base our decision off of that," Jordan suggested.

Cody nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, and we already know Austin wants to be here so what about Zach?"

Outside, by the beach...

Zach sat and stared into the ocean.

Jordan came up behind him and asked, "So, I don't really know you that well, but why are you here?"

Zach was quiet.

"Do you know, really?" Jordan asked.

Zach stayed but suddenly said, "I wanted to have a friend."

Jordan was quiet, "Oh."

He turned to Jordan and smiled, "I had a friend in Brandon and them but they're gone now."

Jordan was quiet, then he got up and walked away.

At the Jolly Rancher Ceremony...

"Hi, campers, welcome to another elimination," Spikes said, "Daniel has immunity so you cannot vote for him."

Confessional (Austin): "Sorry Zach, bye."

Confessional (Zach): He looked into the camera and smiled.

Confessional (Jordan): "I think I know who deserves to stay here more..."

"Alright Jolly Ranchers go to...Daniel, Cody, Jordan, Wesley,...In a vote of 5-1...

Zach you have been eliminated."

Zach stood up and was silent.

He walked over to the Hot Air Balloon of Losers and stepped in.

"Wait," Jordan said, "I'm sorry, but just so you know, I consider myself your friend."

Zach smiled and sailed into the air.

"I'm kinda done with these touchy moments," Spikes said, "but in a way, it's drama."

"Yeah real dramatic," Wesley said.

"Shut up," Spikes said, "anyway see ya on the next episode of Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 8: The Final 5...or 8?

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, it was announced that the teams were officially abolished and the remaining contestants competed in a new challenge, which involved them being blindfolded and taken out into the middle of the forest and they have to find their way back to camp. After alliances were mended and enemies were made, Daniel managed to make it back to camp and won immunity. Cody's alliance thought about either Zach or Austin and in the end they voted out Zach in a vote of 5-1," Spikes said, "what exciting things will happen toight? What surprise do I have for the campers? Find out tonight on Total...Drama...Westside."

The campers returned to camp...

"That was the right decision," Cody said to Jordan.

"Yeah I know," Jordan said, "I just feel really bad."

"Who cares?," Wesley said, "as long as we're still in it, that weird guy is gone."

Confessional (Austin): "I have a bad feeling, I feel like I'm on the bottom of this alliance and that is not good."

Confessional (Cody): "The elimination? I don't really care, just one more person out of my way until I win."

Confessional (Wesley): "I think we've come to realize that I am going to win this game."

Confessional (Jordan): "This game is going to get way more intense, we're going to have to turn on each other eventually."

Confessional (Daniel): "I think I have a good chance of winning, as long as me and Jordan stick together."

"Alright campers, please return to the campfire for your next challenge and...a little surprise," Spikes said.

The contestants gathered around the campfire awaiting for Spikes.

He walked up and said, "Are you all happy to be in the Final 5?"

The guys nodded, with apprehensive looks on their faces.

"'re in for a bit of a surprise...," Spikes said.

The Hot Air Balloon of Losers approached and landed next them. Nathan and Warren stepped off.

"What are they doing here?" Cody said angrily.

"Well...they're back in the competition starting now," Spikes said.

"What!!," all the campers exclaimed at once.

"Yeah, I'm back in too," a voice said walking out of the confessional.

"YOU," Cody yelled.

Brandon strolled up to the others and stood in line.

"Well this is sure to be interesting," Spikes said smiling.

Jordan looked over worriedly at Brandon.

Brandon looked over at Nathan and Warren and smiled, they looked back and smiled as well.

"All right, anyway, today's challenge is a Car Race," Spikes said.

"Ooo, sounds fun," Jordan said.

The campers walked over to a sketchy looking road where 8 cars were lined up and parked.

5 minutes later and Spikes said, "Ready...set...go."

They zoomed off onto the road as the epic race began.

"I'm a great driver," Wesley said zooming off into the lead.

"Hey Wes, look at the huge bug on your shirt," Cody yelled.

Wesley screamed and crahed into a river bank.

Nathan grabbed a sandwhich and began to eat it.

"This is just like the episode of Star Wars when they were trying to attack Darth Vader," Warren said.

Nathan's mouth was full and mumbled, "Tjsh sdsd ajdsn." He veered off and crashed into Warren taking them both out.

Austin crashed afterwards.

Daniel and Cody wrestled for the lead and tried to crash each other.

"You're done," Cody said ramming into Daniel and sent him into the wall as he crashed.

"Three competitors left," Spikes said over a megaphone, "Cody, Jordan and Brandon."

The three were tied with each other, all trying to gain leverage over the others.

As the finish line was appearing closer and closer Jordan's tiers blew and he crashed. Cody and Brandon crossed the finish line.

The dust cleared and Spikes said, "That was close. We'll have to look at the tapes to see who won."

10 minutes later and Spikes reappeared, "It lookes like you both crossed the line at the exact same time, so you both win immunity."

Back at camp...

Jordan, Austin, Cody, Wesley and Daniel sat together talking.

"You know those other guys are a bug threat," Cody said, "which means we need to do something."

"Like what?" Wesley asked.

"I say the five of us make a temporary alliance until we get rid of those other people that have returned," Cody said.

"Sounds like a good idea," Austin said.

Confessional (Austin): "I love it, hopefully that will raise me up a bit on the totem pole."

Everyone nodded in agreement, locking their alliance in.

"Okay, since we can't get rid of Brandon, let's vote for..." Cody trailed off.

In a different cabin, Brandon, Warren and Nathan sat around talking with each other.

"You know those guys will do something against us," Nathan said.

"We aren't going to make it very long if we don't do something quick," Warren said, "just like the attack on Alderaan."

"Yeah...," Brandon said, "anyway, we have to recruit one of them on to our side."

Jordan walked into the room.

"Jordan, you have to join us," Brandon said.

"Why?" Jordan asked.

"You owe me one," Brandon said, "and you know if you blindside one of them you can take out some great player."

"Yeah, I guess," Jordan said.

"Think about it," Brandon said, "the three of us have already been eliminated once but those other guys are good enough to not have gotten eliminated yet."

"That's true," Jordan said, "fine I'm with you."

"Alright, this is who we voting for," Brando whispered.

Jordan nodded.

"He's just too strong of a player and he's liked by everyone," Brandon said.

Jolly Rancher Ceremony...

"Hello, campers," Spikes said, "Go into the confessional now and please vote."

Confessional (Cody): "Bye-bye again."

Confessional (Brandon): "Sorry man, you're too nice."

Confessional (Jordan): "Why am I always the weird vote?"

"Okay, Jolly Ranchers go to Cody, Brandon, Jordan, Daniel, Warren...the final Jolly Rancher goes to...


"Wait a second," Cody said.

Austin and Nathan sat next too each other, both without Jolly Ranchers.

"What's going on?" Austin asked.

"Well...because we gave two immunities today there has to be two eliminations," Spikes said.

"That's totally unfair, dude," Austin said.

He walked onto the Hot Air Balloon of Losers.

"I'm hungry," Nathan said, "I just want to get away from this game."

He boarded onto the Balloon as well and it floated into the air, carrying them both away and out of this game.

"Hah," Wesley said, "nice one man."

"Thanks, but shut up," Spikes said, "Exciting, right? Wait until the next episode of Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 9: Choosing Sides

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, Jordan was cheered up by his alliance members Cody and Wesley. Also, Nathan, Warren and Brandon were brought back into the game, much to the other's displeasure. The contestants then participated in their next challenge, The Race Track of Doom. In the end, Brandon and Cody crossed the finish line at the exact same time, earning them both immunity. Later at the elimination ceremony, Austin and Nathan were tied for votes, so they were both eliminated because it was revealed to be a double elimination," Spikes explained, "shocker huh? What great challenge awaits the campers tonight? And who will be the next one voted off? Find out tonight on Total...Drama...Westside."

"I can't believe this," Cody yelled as he walked back to camp with Jordan, Wesley and Daniel, "which one of you flipped?"

"I did," Jordan said confidently.

"You're in so much trouble," Cody said, "I should vote you out, just for thinking of betraying us."

"You don't have the power to do that anymore, my friend," Jordan said.

"What do you mean?" Cody asked, "even if you join with them, it should still be tied 3 to 3."

"That's what you think," Jordan said as he glanced at Daniel.

Cody noticed this and turned towards Daniel, "You will stay loyal to me, because you know what will happen if you don't."

"I would be nice to me," Daniel said, "I'm pretty much your swing vote."

Confessional (Daniel): "He needs me, so I suggest he just shut his mouth."

Confessional (Cody): "I can't believe this is happening, I need to get control."

Confessional (Jordan): "My plan is working, no one trusts Cody anymore and he doesn't trust anyone. His empire is falling."

Confessional (Wesley): "Yeah let's fight all night, because I didn't want to get any sleep or anything."

Over by the beach, Brandon and Warren were talking.

"Looks like Jordan's plan is working," Brandon said, "they're all arguing."

"Yessss," Warren said, "this is just like when Luke tricked Obi-Wan into..."

Brandon thought to himself, "Why couldn't I have picked someone that wasn't so into Star Wars."

The next day.

The guys awoke to Spikes' voice saying, "Good morning campers, report to the campfire for your next challenge."

As the campers got their, Spikes began to explain the challenge, "Today, you will pair up and compete in the Canoe Races, where you will race to the other island and back."

"Another race?" Wesley asked, "really."

"Alright, then what are the teams?" Cody asked.

"Team 1 is Jordan and Wesley, Team 2 is Brandon and Daniel and Team 3 is Cody and Warren," Spikes said.

"Sorry I asked," Cody said disappointed.

The campers got into their canoes and ready for the race.

"Once again...ready...set," Spikes began, "and go."

Daniel and Brandon rocketed forward, quickly taking the lead.

Jordan and Wesley, however, were having a harder time.

"Omg, you suck at rowing," Wesley said, "I mean come on how hard is it."

Jordan was quiet and kept rowing.

"Did you hear me," Wesley said, "can you row right so we don' lose another challenge. I'd rather not go home because of you."

"Shut up," Jordan yelled quickly standing up.

The boat rocked back and forth and then flipped over and crashed into a rock.

"Jordan and Wesley are out of the challenge," Spikes said.

"Oh, man," Wesley said, "nice job."

Meanwhile, Cody and Warren were arguing back and worth.

"Just row kid," Cody said, "or not, you're going home next anyway."

"Shut up, that's what you think," Warren said, "you don't even know what's going on in this game."

"Oh really," Cody taunted, "I know that you and your brigade of losers were voted out once and that's what is going to happen again."

"Don't talk about Brandon and my friends like that," Warren warned.

"Why do you care, you just met them a little while ago," Cody smirked, "it's not like you're going to do anything anyway."

"I'm serious," Warren said.

Cody laughed and then said, "I don't listen to you dumb losers."

Warren yelled and launched towards Cody.

He struck upward and hit Cody square in the face sending him splashing into the water.

As this happened, Brandon and Daniel had already gone to the other island and were now coming back and they crossed the finish line.

"Brandon and Daniel win immunity," Spikes said, "however, everyone to the campfire pit immediately."

The campers looked around at each other and then gathered around the pit.

"I'm afraid there has been some physical violence and as much as I personally love that," Spikes began, "there must be consequences."

Warren stepped forward, "Yes, I punched Cody."

"Nice one, dude," Brandon high-fived him and everyone else besides Cody smiled.

"Yes, but your journey ends here Warren," Spikes said, "you must be forced out of the game for this."

The Hot Air Balloon of Losers landed and Warren boarded. As he left he said, "I can rest this time, Luke beat Darth Vader finally."

He sailed away as everyone looked on in admiration.

"Hah, that's what you get for defying me, little man," Cody said.

"Shut it," Brandon said, "you're lucky, cause you would have gone home."

"As if," Cody said.

"Cody I wouldn't talk, you got punched in the face and didn't do anything," Jordan said laughing.

Everyone else joined in and laughed as well.

"Shut up," Cody yelled, "you'll all gunna go down, I swear."

He ran off towards the cabins.

"Well with someone emotionally scarred for life," Spikes said, "it's time to end this episode, see ya next time on Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 10: The Decision That Changes The Game

The next day at camp, Jordan and Daniel sat talking.

"So who do you think we should allign with for good?" Daniel asked.

"I don't really know, in my eyes neither Cody or Brandon has much power anymore," Jordan said, "I see us as the bosses now."

"Oh you do, do you?" Cody said as he walked up to them, "and what makes you think that?"

"Tobe honest, it's because both you and Brandon want us on your side, so you're pretty much giving us the power," Jordan said.

"He's right," Brandon said appearing from nowhere, "this game is almost over and they are the key players at the moment."

"Oh, shut it, Brandon," Cody warned, "I'm sick and tired of you. I've had enough."

"Well, this game is kind of important," Daniel said, "one of the five of us will win one million dollars."

"That's going to be me," they all said in unison.

Later that day, the campers lined up at the campfire.

"Hello, campers," Spikes said, "we are reaching the end of this journey. I know you'll all miss me."

Everyone was quiet as an awkward silence came about.

"Yeah, anyway," Spikes said, "Today's challenge is The Tournament of Doom."

"What?" Wesley asked, "that sounds ridiculous."

"Where have you been, Wesley,?" Jordan asked.

"Sleeping," Wesley replied, "for once."

"Alright, you will all compete in randomly picked fighting matches and whoever wins their matches wins immunity," Spikes said, "first match is Jordan vs. Cody."

The boys stepped up and faced each other.

"Remember, this is the one time in the show you can use physical violence," Spikes said, ""so let it out."

Cody walked forward and punched Jordan in the face and them slammed him to the ground.

"Looks like I win," Cody gloated, "just like I thought."

"Not so fast," Spikes said.

Jordan easily got to his feet and punched Cody in the face sending him flying into the wall.

"I was just testing your strength," Jordan said, "but looks like I win."

The others cheered, "Good job, man."

"Nice one, Jordan wins immunity for himself," Spikes said, "next match is Brandon vs. Daniel."

The next two boys stepped up to the stage and faced each other.

They fought and fought but they were dead even.

Brandon was about to punch Daniel, but stopped and thought for a second, "Let's make this interesting."

Daniel was oblivious to this and punched Brandon to the ground.

"Daniel also wins immunity for himself," Spikes said, "alright time for council."

"Hold up," Wesley said, "what about me?"

"Oh yeah," Spikes said, "umm you can face Jordan."

Wesley ran towards Jordan.

"Wait, what?" Jordan said confused right before Wesley hit him in the face.

"Wesley also wins immunity," Spikes said, "meaning the only two people you can vote for are Cody and Brandon."

Later that night, Jordan and Daniel were talking again.

"So, which one do we vote for?" Jordan said.

"I say we eliminate Cody, cause Brandon is really nice to us," Daniel said.

"True," Jordan said, "I can't wait to see the look on Cody's face when he's eliminated, finally."

Jordan left and walked over to Brandon's cabin.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi, so what can I get ready for at tonight's elimination?" Brandon asked.

"You don't have to worry," Jordan said, "Cody will not wake up here tomorrow."

"Good, and you've got Daniel locked in as well?" Brandon asked.

"Yeah, it should be 3-2 with Cody losing," Jordan said.

Jordan departed as Brandon looked off in the distance, unsure od the future.

Even later on, Daniel was walking to council, when Cody appeared from the shadows.

"Who are you voting, Daniel?" Cody asked.

"I'm voting to eliminate you, if you want me to be honest," Daniel said.

"Oh is that so?" Cody said.

Jolly Rancher Ceremony...

Confessional (Jordan): "Sorry Cody, I know we were in an alliance, but you're just hated too much."

Confessional (Wesley): "See ya Brandon, didn't hate you or anything but Cody says vote you."

"Alright campers, tonight one of you will be leaving...forever," Spikes said, "and you won't ever come back."

"Now you're going to quote Chris from the original show?" Wesley mocked.

"Shut it," Spikes said, "anyway here's your Jolly Ranchers Jordan, Daniel, Wesley, in a vote of 3-2...

Brandon you have been eliminated."

"Wait, what?" Jordan yelled.

Brandon sat up, fully expecting it.

As he climbed into The Hot Air Balloon of Losers, he looked back and said, "I took a risk tongiht, one I shouldn't have taken. Now I am out. It's up to you guys to beat him."

"Ha, looks like you couldn't beat me even after you got a second chance," Cody said.

"I may not have beaten you, but I've opened everyone's eyes to what you really are," Brandon said. And with that, he floated off into the sky.

Confessional (Cody): "I beat you Brandon, and now, I've won this game."

Confessional (Jordan): "Final 4 baby, but I'm gunna have to find out why Daniel switched."

Confessional (Daniel): "Sorry Brandon, you would have got all the jury votes, not to mention what Cody did to me."

Confessional (Wesley): "Am I excited for the Final 4? No. I think we all knew from the beginning that I am the best player."

"Well, folks, that wraps up another exciting episode of Total...Drama...Westside," Spikes said signing off.

Chapter 11: Where Are the Losers?

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, the final five competed in what you can pretty much describe as all-out fighting matches. Jordan and Cody faced off, and suprisingly Jordan won immunity. Brandon and Daniel faced off, with Daniel winning. Then Wesley, surprise attacked Jordan and won immunity, leaving Brandon and Cody in the bottom two. At council, Jordan was sure Brandon was safe, but shockingly, Daniel switched his vote and Brandon was sent home, for the second time," Spikes recapped, "the game's come a long way. We've decided to give them a break and go visit our old campers at The House of Losers, where they have been relaxing for quite some time, all this and more on tonight's special episode of Total...Drama...Westside."

We tune in on Spikes flying a helicopter to the other side of the island. A house becomes visible and he lands the helicopter.

Suddenly, a voice shrieks out in pain.

Spikes steps off the helicopter and looks under it to find Marcus stuck to the ground.

"Oops," Spikes said, "well, he's not that important." Marcus moans in pain.

"Woah, what are you doing here, Spikes?" Austin said as he walked up to him.

"I'm here for a special episode to see what you losers have been up too," Spikes said.

"Oh, thanks," Austin said annoyed.

"Why don't you just hurry up and end this show?" Kris said overhearing the conversation.

"Looks like someone is a little mad they lost," Brandon said followed by Nathan, Warren and Zach.

"Oh look, the Brigade of Losers is here," Kris mocked.

"Didn't everyone here lose?" Nathan said. Kris was silent.

"I'm happy with how I did in the show," Warren said.

"Of course you are," Brandon said, "you punched the biggest jerk out there."

"You got lucky," Kris said.

"Hey, it was cool," Austin said, "you gotta give him that."

Zach sighed and looked around, "I wished I would have punched him."

"What the heck guys?" Caleb said, walking out of the house, "how come nobody told me, we were all out here."

Everybody was silent and angrily looked over at him.

"Ahhh, nevermind," Caleb said, quickly running back inside.

"Looks like you guys haven't forgotten about his little screaming match," Spikes said laughing, "anyway, who would you guys want to win at the moment?"

"Definitely Cody," Kris said, "he's the only one out there that played an honest game." Austin nodded in agreement.

"Honest?" Brandon said, "hardly. I'd say either Daniel or Jordan, both were good players."

"Daniel for me," Warren said. "Me too," Nathan agreed.

"I think I would pick Jordan, he said I was his friend," Zach sighed.

"Daniel is my vote," Caleb yelled from inside the house.

Marcus's hand stuck out from underneath the helicopter and he gave everyone a hand's up for Daniel.

"Why do you care anyway Spikes," Kris asked.

"Yeah, we know you're hiding something," Brandon said.

"Oh,well umm," Spikes muttered, "I thought I would have you guys vote off the next person."

Everyone's eyes light up. "Awesome," they all said together.

"Now, before you vote," Spikes said, "you might want to vote on how well they did, if you like them or maybe even if they were annoying."

"Annoying?" Nathan said, "that would definitely be Wesley."

"Oh yeah, he was annoying," Warren agreed.

"He always thought he was right," Brandon said.

"I think he might actually be more annoying than Jordan," Kris said.

"That's the one person I might dislike," Austin said.

"Yeah, he broke my barbie," Caleb yelled.

Everyone was silent.

"I mean football...," Caleb yelled again.

"He kicked me where it hurts once," Zach sighed.

Marcus gave another thumbs-up from underneath the helicopter.

"Well, I think it's decided," Spikes said, climbing back in.

"Wait, what?" the kids yelled.

Back on the island, the four remaining contestants were sitting together.

"Who do you guys think is going to win?" Daniel asked.

"I don't know," Jordan and Cody said together.

"Obviously me," Wesley said, "I'm the best player."

Suddenly, Spikes walked up and picked Wesley up.

"Hey, put me down," he yelled.

Spikes threw Wesley into the Hot Air Balloon of Losers.

"Ripping the original show off again?" Wesley yelled, "The only way you could get me out was by cheating." The balloon sailed away.

"Finally," Spikes said, "I was looking for any reason to get rid of that kid."

The other three contestants walked up.

"We are down to the Final 3," Spikes said, "it's almost over. Catch the next episode of Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 12: For What I've Done

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, I decided to give the Final 4 a break and go visit the eliminated losers instead. Once there, I almost killed Marcus, saw a fight between rivals Brandon and Kris, and also found out that everyone is still pretty mad at Caleb. I thought the day was too boring, so I decided to liven it up a bit. so I told the losers that they could pick the next person eliminated. To my surprise, after Nathan brought up that Wesley was really annoying, everone accidentally voted for him making him the next jury member," Spikes recapped, "Tonight is the Final 3. Who will get eliminated and become the last juror? Who will make it to the finals? Find out tonight on Total...Drama...Westside."

The next morning the remaining three contestants gradually wake up one by one and find themselves in an abandoned gym.

"Where are we?" Jordan asked aloud.

"I have absolutely no idea," Daniel answered.

"Haha are you two afraid or something?" Cody laughed, "obviously this is another stunt from Spikes."

"Ding ding ding," Spikes said appearing from the shadows, "Right you are Cody. This is the set of your next challenge."

"And what is the challenge?" Jordan asked once more.

"Basically, it is a trivia game," Spikes smiled, "You'll have to answer questions about the past season. First to three points wins immunity and gets to pick who they want to take with them to the finals."

"Sweet, sounds easy," Daniel said.

"Alright, first question to you then Daniel," Spikes said, "How many people have been eliminated so far?"

"Umm," Daniel counted on his fingers.

"Wrong," Spikes said, "The correct answer is 9."

"Next question for Cody," Spikes said, "How many actual eliminations have there been?"

"Let's see, if there was 9 people," Cody thought, "then 12 because Brandon, Nathan and Warren came back into the game."

"Correct, first point for Cody. Next question for Jordan," Spikes said, "Why did Caleb freak out on everyone."

Jordan thought to himself, "Because he thought everyone was talking trash to him."

"Correct, first point for Jordan," Spikes said, "Daniel, Why did the losers pick Wesley?"

Daniel thought then realized, "Wait I wasn't there."

"Sorry, incorrect," Spikes laughed, "It was because he was annoying."

"That's so unfair," Daniel said.

"Haha, next question for Cody," Spikes said, "Who was the first person eliminated?"

"That's easy, Marcus," Cody said confidently.

"Are you serious?" Daniel accused, "You give him easy ones and me hard ones."

"Shut up, next question for Jordan," Spikes said, "Why was Nathan eliminated the first time?"

"Because Cody thought that he was targeting him," Jordan said sadly.

"Correct, second point for Jordan. The score is 0 for Daniel, 2 for Cody and 2 for Jordan," Spikes said, "Daniel, How many times have I said the word Well in the past season?"

Daniel stared blankly. "And you're out of the challenge," Spikes said.

"Next question Cody," Spikes said, "Who was the 7th person eliminated?"

"Umm," Cody looked around nervously, "Kris?"

"Wrong, the correct answer is Zach," Spikes said, "Alright Jordan final question. If you get this right you win immunity. Why was Brandon eliminated the first time?"

Jordan looked at the ground and said, "Because I backstabbed him."

"Correct, Jordan wins immunity," Spikes yelled, "You have one hour to decide who you're taking with you."

Back at camp...

The final three walked back into camp, every single one of them gloomy.

"Okay guys, I want to talk to each one of you individually," Jordan said, "Daniel you're up first."

Jordan and Daniel walked over to the beach and sat alone.

"So why whould I take you with me to the finals?" Jordan asked.

"Well, I think since we've had a long alliance. That's a pretty good reason, I think," Daniel reasoned.

"True, but I've also had an alliance with Cody for a long time," Jordan said, "You're gunna need something better than that."

"Well, look at Cody. He's been the villain of the seaon. He got rid of anybody he could and hurt anybody he could," Daniel said, "That's not a good way to play. It's dishonest."

"Yes, and how would you describe the way you've played?" Jordan asked.

"I think I've played a pretty honest game. I've stuck true to my alliance and you," Daniel said.

"Except for voting out Brandon," Jordan said harshly, "That's all, tell Cody I want to talk to him."

Daniel walked away and in less than five minutes Cody appeared.

"So why should I take you to the finals?" Jordan asked.

"You know why, you and me have always been tight," Cody explained,I "We always had each other's back and we were like the greatest team of the season."

"I would agree with that," Jordan said, "but Daniel described the way you played as dirty."

"Some could see it that way, but I see it as someone that wants to win so badly, they'll do anything for it," Cody said, "Daniel was under the radar and weak."

"Alright, could you leave. I need time to think," Jordan said.

Cody got up and walked away. Jordan thought long and hard as he stared into the sunset.

Jolly Rancher Ceremony...

"Hello campers and welcome to you're final Jolly Rancher ceremony," Spikes smiled, "Let's get right down to business. Jordan who are you eliminating?"

Confessional (Cody): "I hope he doesn't pick me, I really want this money."

Confessional (Daniel): "My mom really needs this money dude." Confessional (Jordan): "It took a long time, but I think I knwo the right thing to do."

"I choose to eliminate...


"What?" Cody, Daniel and Spikes all said in shock.

"During the challenge Spikes kept asking me questions and it reminded me of all the people that I hurt or cheated in this game. Then I talked to you two, and you both really want to be here. I came to the conclusion that I don't deserve this money," Jordan said.

"Dude that's so nice," Daniel said.

"Yeah even I gotta admit that," Cody said.

"If it's what you want," Spikes said, "then hop into the balloon."

Jordan quietly stepped into the Hot Air Balloon of Losers. He looked back as the balloon began to take off, he smiled and said, "See you guys at the finale."

'Well that pretty much sums it up," Spikes said, "Tomorrow is the final. The losers will be back and most imporatantly the winner will be crowned. All this and more on the next episode of Total...Drama...Westside."

Chapter 13: Good Vs. Evil

"Last time on Total Drama Westside, it was the final three with the last immunity challenge. The challenge was too answer questions based on the past season. Cody kept getting easy ones while Daniel wnded up getting the hard ones. However, it was Jordan that won immunity after answering multiple questions about people he had gotten eliminated. At camp, he talked to Daniel and Cody to try and figure out who he was taking into the final two. In a twist, at the Jolly Rancher ceremony Jordan voted himself out of the competition after realizing he didn't deserve the money," Spikes said, "Tonight is the finale of Total Drama Westside. Daniel vs. Cody, who will come out on top?"

It was the final morning of the competiton, Daniel and Cody sat at a table waiting for Spikes to arrive.

"I can't wait to get out of here," Cody said, "this host is always late."

"Yeah ou can say that again. I want the money bad, but I'll be happy just to get out of this dump," Daniel said.

Confessional (Cody): "That's the difference between us. I'll stare here as long as I need to get the money."

Confessional (Daniel): "I can't wait to see my family again, especially my mom."

"Hello campers, I'm sure you're glad it's the finale today," Spikes said, "But I'm sure you're even happier to know that one of you will walk away with one million dollars."

Daniel and Cody cheered.

"Alright then, follow me," Spikes said walking away. Cody and Daniel got up and soon followed Spikes back to campfire where the Jolly Rancher Ceremonies are held.

"What are we doing back here?" Daniel asked.

"Well, this is where the voting will take place," Spikes smiled.

"What voting?" Cody asked.

"Oh right, I haven't explained that part yet," Spikes said, "The ten eliminated campers will come back and vote for which one of you they want to win and recieve the cash prize."

At that moment, Marcus, Caleb, Kris, Zach, Austin, Nathan, Warren, Brandon, Wesley and Jordan walked into the ceremony and sat down in a row.

"To start things off I'll have you rach say an opening statement," Spikes said to Daniel and Cody, "Daniel you're first."

"Okay guys, I think that I played this game very honorably and I think that the decision should be based upon that. Cody over here played dirty and underhanded and did anything he could to eliminate people. I was good in challenges and even though my team lost twice, I managed to stay here and keep myself safe. I stayed true to my alliances and never backstabbed them, this is why I think I deserve the money," Daniel stated.

"Okay, you're up Cody," Spikes said.

"Hey guys, I can guess that some of you are still mad at the way I played the game. You might call it dirty and underhanded, but I call it strategy and proving that I really wanted the money. Like Daniel I did good in the challenges, but m team never lost and we were never up for elimination and I think that's why we all made it to the final four. I also stuck true to my alliances and I stayed with them until they fell apart and got themselves eliminated in one way or another. Think to yourself who played the best? That's why I should win," Cody stated.

"Now that that's out of the way, we'll have each member of the jury ask you guys a question," Spikes said, "Let's start with Marcus."

"Hey guys," Marcus said, "I wasn't in the game very long, but I got to know Daniel pretty well but Cody how do you think you made it so far in the game?"

"Basically I think it all comes down to the fact that I had strategy, I played well and I made the right alliances," Cody said.

"Okay, next up is Caleb," Spikes said.

"Well you guys know how I got eliminated," Caleb said, "So did either one of you guys actually talk bad about me behind my back?"

They both shook their heads no.

Caleb leered at Jordan and then said, "Thanks."

Kris stepped up next without getting permission from Spikes. "Cody you were in my alliance from Day 1 and Daniel you voted me out so pretty much, I'm voting for Cody to win."

"That was more of a statement then a question but moving on, Zach you're up," Spikes said.

Zach sighed and asked, "What are you're guys reasons for being here?"

"I need the money for my Mom, she's sick in the hospital and our family needs it bad," Daniel said.

"I need it family they're...we don't have money to pay bills and our house is gunna be taken away," Cody said looking down.

Confessional (Cody): "Of course I lied. If it takes a little lying to win a million dollars then I'm in."

"Okay okay, Austin you're next," Spikes said.

"Hey guys, I think you were both good in challenges but what challenge do you guys think you did the best in?" Austin asked.

"Me, I think the very first challenge when you had to knock people into the water, I took everyone out," Cody said confidently.

"For me I think it was the challenge when were put in the woods and had to make it back to camp," Daniel said, "That was the first time I won solo immunity."

"And Nathan?" Spikes asked.

"What do you guys think you're key move in the game was?" Nathan asked.

"I think voting Brandon out, even though that may make you mad, I think if Brandon made it to the finals, he would have easily won," Daniel said.

"Creating my alliance at the beginning," Cody said, "Even though they lost, they helped me make it this far."

"Warren, you're up next," Spikes said.

"This is much like the final battle between the Jedi and the Sith when Darth Vader fought against Luke Skywalker," Warren began.

"Get on with the question," Cody said.

"Forget it, I'm voting for Daniel to win," Warren said sitting down.

"Your turn Brandon," Spikes said.

"I want you guys to know whether you think so or not I haven't decided who I'm voting for," Brandon said, "Who do you guys think was the key person that got you guys this far?"

"You," Daniel and Cody chorused together.

"That's what I thought," Brandon said sitting down.

"Interesting, Wesley you're up," Spikes said.

"I think you guys know that I should be sitting in the finals and I would be if it wasn't for my unfair elimination," Wes said, "Do you guys think I'm annoying."

"Of course not," Daniel smiled.

"Yes very," Cody said.

"Thanks for being truthful Cody," Wesley said.

"And finally Jordan you're up," Spikes said.

"Hey guys, long time no see," Jordan smiled, "You both say you were loyal to you're alliances but Cody, I think you would have backstabbed them if need be and Daniel, you told me you weren't voting Brandon when you did."

"You're right, I might have backstabbed my alliance but I never had the chance because we were too good," Cody said.

"Yeah, I voted out Brandon but like I said earlier it was a purely strategic move," Daniel said.

"Alright, that's it, it's time to vote," Spikes said.

The ten members of the jury one by one voted for who they wanted to win and...

"Ready guys?" Spikes said, "In a vote of 6-4 the winner of Total Drama Westside is...


Cody jumped and cheered. "Yes," he yelled.

Jordan, Wesley, Kris and Austin jumped up with him and congradulated him.

Brandon walked up to him and said, "Good job." He stuck out his hand.

Cody looked at him and then turned his back to him.

"Good job I knew you'd win man," Jordan said.

Cody walked up to Daniel and high-fived him. "Great game bro," Cody said. Daniel smiled.

"Yes congradulations Cody," Spikes said, "but it isn't over yet."

"What," they all yelled in unison.

"We still have the reunion show," Spikes laughed.

Chapter 14: Total Drama Westside Reunion

"Hello, and welcome to Total Drama Westside, last time on the grueling finale, the jury of 10 came back and decided who they thought deserved the money and then voted for that person. After heart-warming speeches and heated questions, Cody won over Daniel in a vote of 6-4. Now the 12 campers are back and ready to answer some questions here on Total...Drama...Westside...Reunion," Spikes smiled.

The screen faded in and Spikes stood on a stage surrounded by a large, live studio audience.

"Hey everybpdy, I think it's about time we bring in those contestants you tuned in to watch every episode," Spikes said, "Marcus, Caleb, Kris, Zach, Austin, Nathan, Warren, Brandon, Wesley, Jordan, Daniel and Cody."

The audience cheered as the former campers sat down in rows in order of their eliminations.

"To start things off, let's begin with Marcus," Spikes said, "How did it feel being the first person voted off?"

"I was really surprised Spikes, I thought I was going to do good," Marcus said, "But I can promise you next season I will win." He stood up quickly but then tripped on his shoelaces and slammed to the ground.

The audience let out an, "Oooo." "As if, there's no way in hell I'm doing another season," Jordan said.

"What did you think after Cody promised you would be safe but you weren't?" Spikes asked.

"I thought I could trust him," Marcus said, "But as I watched the season, it became obvious that I couldn't."

Cody glared at him. "Moving on, Caleb," Spikes said turning towards him, "What were you thinking when you yelled at everyone?"

"Well I was told by a certain someone," he coughed, looking towards Jordan, "that everyone was talking smack about me. I know I may be scared at times but if there's one thing I hate, it's when people talk about me behind my back."

"Uh-huh," Spikes said, "And who told you this just so everyone here knows?"

Caleb turned and pointed at Jordan. Some people gasped as others were quiet.

"I had to do it, I was only protecting my alliance," Jordan said, "Trust me, I wouldn't normally lie about something like that."

Spikes laughed, "Up next, Kris. You were one of the higher powers this season but lost early. Do you think it's because of the way you acted?"

"I think if I had been a little nicer to people that may have changed things but at the time I thought my alliance and I had the numbers," Kris said, "I never thought they would decieve me."

"Yes both Jordan and Wesley did," Austin said.

"Next question," Spikes said annoyed, "You had a strong hatred for both Brandon and Jordan through out the season. When you blackmailed Jordan and made him vote out Brandon, some people saw this as a great move while others thought it was unfair. What do you think?"

"Personally, I believe it was one of the greatest moves I made in the game. I took out a big threat to everyone, Brandon, even though he did return," Kris said, "I also think that Jordan deserved it because he backstabbed our alliance."

"Yeah, well, look who got third," Jordan laughed.

"You wanna say that to my face buddy?" Kris yelled. Kris tackled Jordan. Jordan punched Kris in the face several times before Kris became too dazed to fight back.

Guards ran in and removed Kris. "We're letting Jordan stay because he was defending himself and thankfully beat up one annoying guy," Spikes laughed, "Next question is for Zach. You were one of the quieter campers, why was this?"

"I just didn't think that anybody there was really a nice person. Everyone was just strategizing while I just wanted to have fun," Zach said, "Until my alliance and later, Jordan."

"Yes, you were also the last of your alliance at the time and survived a little while longer," Spikes said.

"Yeah I tried my best and the challenge before my elimination I almost won but lost because Cody threw me to the ground," Zach sighed.

Cody also glared at him while Spikes moved on once more, "Austin, you were one of the most physically best campers out there. Did you feel this may hurt you in the long run?"

"Of course, I mean who wantes a strong competitor staying in the competition. Especially after the merge and I didn't really have a team. I still had an alliance but after Kris was eliminated I felt like I was at the bottom of it," he responded.

"Did you think your elimination was fair?" Spikes asked.

"At the time, no. I mean come on, a double elimination. I know I could have beaten Nathan in a tie breaker challenge, no offense. It just sucked but I came to terms with it and moved on. There wasn't anything I could do about it," Austin said.

"And that leads us to Nathan," Spikes said, "You were also caught in the double elimination. Then again you were also given a double chance, how did you feel about this?"

"I knew that people would try to get me out because I had been brought back and that can be viewed as unfair and I knew that I probably wouldn't win but I wanted to stir the pot up as much as I could and I think going down and taking Austin with me was a pretty good job," Nathan said.

"Yeah, a lot of people see that moment as the time when the game changed for everyone. All alliance were changed and nobody could trust anyone," Spikes said.

"When do we get to eat?" Nathan asked.

Spikes stared blankly at him, "Later. For now, it's time for Warren to give us some details. How did you feel about your second elimination?"

"I loved it. When I punched Cody in the face, I had no idea that would get me sent home but all I could do was feel how good it felt did hit that over confident loser," Warren laughed.

"I loved it too," Spikes laughed, "Didn't you think about your alliance at the time?"

"I really couldn't. He kept talking about my friends and I don't like that so I had to shut his big mouth," Warren smiled.

"Really, I'm being made fun of by this nerd," Cody said, shocked.

'Yes, yes you are," Spikes said, "Brandon, you were viewed as the hero of the competition and I think you were probably the favorite for the win. How did it feel to be deceived again by your alliance?"

"Well, the first time I lost, I was pissed at Jordan and I couldn't believe him but when I returned he explained everything to me and I forgave him. The second time, before elimination, I had a feeling it was me going home so I was ready," Brandon said, "I've also forgiven Daniel since." The audience cheered and clapped for him.

"Why do you think you and Cody hated each other so much?" Spikes asked.

"Personally, I've never hated him, I just hate the way he acts and the things he's done. To be perfectly blunt, I think we are polar opposites. I think he's the definition of evil and like people say I guess I'm good even though I don't think so," Brandon said.

"My tuen, finally," Wesley said.

Spikes threw a ball at Wesley's face and hit him and knocked him down and out. "Jordan, you're up. You were viewed as one of the biggest players of the season and were most of the time, the swing vote. Do you stick by every decision you made?"

"Yes I stick by every decision I made in the game except one. Voting out Brandon the first time, I never wanted to do that and I'll always be sorry for that. But the rest of them, I totally agree, how else do you think I made it so far?" Jordan laughed

"True, but right before you made it to the finals, you voted yourself out. Why?" Spikes questioned.

"When we did that trivia game, you unfortunately reminded me of all the bad stuff I did. For example Caleb, Brandon and Nathan. I just didn't feel like I deserved the money and the only way to repent those things, was to vote myself out," Jordan said.

"Now for our runner up, Daniel," Spikes said, "You lasted all the way to the finale with basically one alliance with just one other person, Jordan. How did you manage this?"

"I knew I could trust Jordan. Some people may not believe this but I do. I lost and saw my team go around me. Jordan is the reason I made it this far. He may be sneaky sometimes but he stands by the alliances he makes. After the merge I won immunity challenges and survived until Cody and his alliance fell and eventually I got to the finale," Daniel said.

"Good job," Spikes said, "Now at the finale, you told us your mother was sick. How is she doing now?"

"Great Spikes," Daniel smiled, "Actually after I lost and returned home, I recieved a surprise when some of the other campers including Brandon and Jordan helped me do fund raisers and eventually we got enough money to pay for her surgery and now she's doing great."

"That's good, now it's time to move onto our winner, Cody," Spikes said. Most of the people icluding the audience and most of the other campers booed.

"Many people are booing and yet you are the winner," Spikes said, "How did you pull that one off?"

"I think many of the people in the jury respected good game play and I think that's basically how I won," Cody said.

"What about all the enemies you made? Would you take any of it back?" Spikes asked.

"Absolutely not, every move I made got me to the winner's spot and my enemies are just jealous," Cody smirked.

"Harsh, but I have one more question for you," Spikes said, "Would you like to double your prize?"

"What do you mean?" Cody asked.

"I can't explain any further until you answer," Spikes smiled.

Cody thought for a second but then quickly said, "Yes, now how do I do it?"

"Catch this ball," Spikes said quickly as he threw the ball in the opposite direction towards the audience.

Cody jumped up and ran towards it but Daniel stuck out his foot and tripped him.

"That's totally unfair," Cody yelled.

"Here's the ball," a kid from the audience said, running up. He tossed the ball to Spikes but missed and it rolled off stage.

"Someone go grab that ball," Spikes ordered.

"I will dude," Zach said running off stage.

"What's your name kid?" Spikes asked.

"Dylan," Dylan replied.

Nice name, now sit down," Spikes said.

"Unfirtunately, Cody was unable to catch the ball and according to your contracts this means you all have to participate in another season," Spikes laughed.

"What," they all chorused together.

"No way dude," Jordan said.

"You think you can just make us, as if," Wesley said.

A young girl intern walked onto stage, "Here ya go Spikes." She handed him the ball.

"Thanks Hannah," Spikes said, "Stay here a sec."

"Well you 10 old campers along with Dylan and Hannah are going to be in our next season," Spikes said.

"Really, that's awesome," Dylan said happily.

"But Spikes," Hannah tried to say.

"No buts, you're in," Spikes said.

"What about Zach and Kris?" Brandon asked.

"Sucks for them," Spikes laughed, "Well you can all thank Cody because America will be seeing very soon."

Everyone except Dylan glared at Cody. "Sorry, guys," Cody said, "Hold on, what about my money?"

"You don't get any cause you didn't catch the ball," Spikes laughed, "Well America, say good bye to your favorite contestants and join me next season when I pull 22 campers together for Total Drama Northside."

"What's with the directions dude, you need to be more creative," Wesley said.

"Shut up," Spikes frowned, "And you'll see these losers again after that season. Peace out America."

Elimination Table

1st Cody Win Win Win Safe Safe Risk Safe Win Low Low Low Low Winner IN
2nd Daniel Risk Safe Safe Risk Safe Risk Win Safe Win Win Safe Low Runner-Up IN
3rd Jordan Win Win Win Safe Safe Risk Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Out IN
4th Wesley Win Win Win Safe Safe Risk Safe Safe Safe Win Out IN
5th Brandon (II) Returns Episode 8 Win Win Out
6th Warren (II) Returns Episode 8 Safe Out
7th Nathan (II) Returns Episode 8 Out
8th Austin Safe Risk Safe Safe Win Risk Low Out IN
9th Zach Safe Safe Risk Win Risk Risk Out
10th Kris Safe Risk Safe Safe Win Out
11th Brandon (I) Safe Safe Risk Win Out IN
12th Caleb Risk Safe Safe Out IN
13th Nathan (I) Safe Safe Out IN
14th Warren (I) Safe Out IN
15th Marcus Out IN


Green- On Team Mega

Dark Blue- On Team Cool

Yellow- On Team Super

Orange- On Team Awesome

Light Blue-That person was nominated for elimination but survived.

Gray- That person lost the challenge but wasn't nominated.

Purple- That person won the challenge.

Red- That person was eliminated.

Dark Green- That person was almost eliminated.

Brown- That person made it to the merge.

Voting History

Episode 1

Austin- Daniel

Brandon- Marcus

Cody- Daniel

Jordan- Marcus

Kris- Daniel

Nathan- Marcus

Warren- Marcus

Wesley- Daniel

Zach- Marcus

Episode 2

Brandon- Kris

Caleb- Warren

Cody- Warren

Daniel- Warren

Jordan- Warren

Nathan- Kris

Wesley- Warren

Zach- Kris

Episode 3

Austin- Nathan

Caleb- Brandon

Cody- Nathan

Daniel- Nathan

Jordan- Nathan

Kris- Nathan

Wesley- Nathan

Episode 4

Austin- Caleb

Brandon- Caleb

Cody- Caleb

Jordan- Caleb

Kris- Caleb

Wesley- Caleb

Zach- Caleb

Episode 5

Austin- Brandon

Brandon- Zach

Cody- Brandon

Daniel- Zach

Jordan- Brandon

Kris- Brandon

Wesley- Brandon

Zach- Brandon

Episode 6

Austin- Zach

Cody- Zach

Daniel- Kris

Jordan- Kris

Kris- Zach

Wesley- Kris

Zach- Kris

Episode 7

Austin- Zach

Cody- Zach

Daniel- Zach

Jordan- Zach

Wesley- Zach

Zach- Austin

Episode 8

Austin- Nathan

Brandon- Austin

Cody- Nathan

Daniel- Nathan

Jordan- Austin

Nathan- Austin

Warren- Austin

Wesley- Nathan

Episode 9

  • No Vote

Episode 10

Brandon- Cody

Cody- Brandon

Daniel- Brandon

Jordan- Cody

Wesley- Brandon

Episode 11

All the eliminated contestants voted out Wesley.

Episode 12

Cody- N/A

Daniel- N/A

Jordan- Jordan

Episode 13

Austin- Cody

Brandon- Daniel

Caleb- Daniel

Jordan- Cody

Kris- Cody

Marcus- Cody

Nathan- Daniel

Warren- Daniel

Wesley- Cody

Zach- Cody

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