This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
Total Drama : Back On The Island
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This season we are on Camp Wawanakwa. This season we will have 24 which will be new and old players competing for 1 million dollars. There will be 27 episodes. The eliminations will be different in some episodes.

Group Picture


Group Picture


Total Drama Back On The Island

The Campers

From left to right : Rylie, Dakota, Brick, Jo, Staci, Cody, Beth, Eris, Leshawna, Lindsay, Ezekiel, Noah, Harold, DJ, Tyler, Owen, Jessie, Dine, Heidi, Jarrod, Irelyn, Dane, Kriss, Brooke


Jessie, Heidi, Dine belong to CourtneyStalker8196

Jarrod, Dane belong to Jarrod777

Kriss belongs to Me

Brooke belongs to SimmonsProductions

Irelyn belongs to Oskar232

Rylie belongs to ChunkyChipackers

Eris belongs to CindyTDITDATDWT


Screaming Leopards Killer Rhinos
Cody Jessie
Tyler Kriss
Owen Brooke
Brick Noah
Jo Heidi
Jarrod Lindsay
Beth Rylie
Eris Leshawna
Irelyn DJ
Dine Dakota
Harold Dane
Staci Ezekiel
Aditional Members Aditional Members
Brooke Owen
Lindsay Jarrod


Number In Series Number In Season Title Date In Latvia
28 1 Campers Arrived January 26th, 2014
29 2 Hide Or Better Run January 27th, 2014
30 3 The Cliff Jumping Mary February 1st, 2014
31 4 Sleep Thight Or Win The Challenge February 8th, 2014
32 5 Something Similar To Dodge Ball February 15th, 2014
33 6 Face Your Phobia February 22nd, 2014
34 7 Hunters Ready To Shoot Deers March 1st, 2014
35 8 Aftermath I March 8th, 2014
36 9 Take The Heat March 20th, 2014
37 10 Trust Me It's Going To Be Fine March 30th, 2014
38 11 The Boney Island Challenge April 17th, 2014
39 12 Outdoors Suck April 18th, 2014
40 13 Just Training April 19th, 2014
41 14 Aftermath II April 21st, 2014
42 15 A Mine Full Of Generators Part 1 April 21st, 2014
43 16 A Mine Full Of Generators Part 2 April 25th, 2014
44 17 A Mine Full Of Generators Part 3 April 26th, 2014
45 18 I Dare You A Suprise May 1st, 2014
46 19 Hide And Seek Again May 17th, 2014
47 20 All Is Answered June 19th, 2014
48 21 Horror, Hook And Chainsaw July 7th, 2014
49 22 Aftermath III July 8th, 2014
50 23 Three Arm Challenges July 13th, 2014
51 24 Are We There Yeti? July 14th, 2014
52 25 Jessie's Revenge August 11th, 2014
53 26 Aftermath IV August 12th, 2014
54 27 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? August 14th, 2014

Episode 1 : Campers Arrived

Camera fades in.

Last season on Total Drama. There were 24 players who batteled for 1 million dollars. The final 2 was Zoey and Cindy. Cindy’s helpers were Vitor and CJ while Zoey’s helpers were Gwen and Courtney. In the end Cindy won 1 million dollars.

‘’Hi this is the new season of Total Drama’’. Chris said

‘’In this season we will have 24 campers fighting for 1 million dollars’’. Chris said

‘’Lets introduce them now’’. Chris said

The first boat arrives.

‘’Please welcome Dakota, Brick, Jo, Staci, Cody, Beth and Leshawna’’! Chris introduced

‘’Yo girl you look nice’’. Leshawna said looking at Beth

‘’Thanks Leshawna’’. Beth said

‘’You wont last here 2 eliminations little girl’’. Jo said to Beth

‘’Why would you tell that’’? Brick asked Jo

‘’Just look at her, she doesnt even go to a gym’’. Jo told Brick

‘’Yahh my great-great-great-great grandfather invented the gym before him people used to work out on the street’’. Staci said to Jo

‘’I hope I am not in the same team with you’’. Jo said to Staci

‘’Me too you are so annoying’’. Dakota said to Staci

‘’Does she always talk that’’? Cody asked Dakota

‘’Yes and it becomes so annoying’’. Dakota told Cody

The second boat arrives.

‘’Please welcome Lindsay, Ezekiel,  Noah, Harold, DJ, Tyler and Owen’’! Chris introduced

‘’I am back to win this time’’. Ezekiel said

‘’ I thought we will be a five star hotel’’. Lindsay said

‘’ Serisusly Chris, brought The Home-School who always get first booted’’. Jo said to Chris

‘’Yes’’. Chris told Jo

‘’You know he will be the first one booted out again’’. Noah said to Chris

‘’Maybe he will stay much longer this time’’. Chris said

‘’Leshawna my beauty I hope we are on the same team’’. Harold said to Leshawna

‘’Me to baby’’. Leshawna told Harold

‘’So only 14 of us will compete in this season’’?  Tyler asked Chris

‘’Nop’’. Chris said

‘’How many left because I want to eat’’. Owen said

‘’10 more campers left’’. Chris said

‘’Are the players from last season’’? DJ asked

‘’Nop there will be 10 new players that you havent met’’. Chris said

The third boat arrives.

‘’Please welcome Rylie, Eris, Jessie, Heidi, Jarrod, Kriss, Brooke, Irelyn, Dane and Dine’’! Chris introduced

‘’I am so happy do be here’’! Irelyn said out of excitment

‘’ Me too, I hope I make some new friends’’. Brooke said

‘’We didnt came here to make friends, we came to win’’. Eris said

‘’Seriusly Heidi you are here too’’. Jessie said to Heidi

‘’With that attitued you wont win anything’’. Heidi told jessie

‘’She can act like she want but dont forget everyone here wants to win’’. Rylie said to Heidi

‘’She has a point’’. Kriss said to Heidi

‘’ What are we doing here anyway’’? Dane asked

‘’ We are here to compete for 1 million dollars’’. Dine said to Dane

‘’Does any one mistaken you two? Beth asked Dane and Dine

‘’What do you mean by that’’? Dine asked Beth

‘’Your names are similar, doesnt anyone mistaken your names’’? Beth asked Dine and Dane

‘’No one mistakens they’re names’’. Jarrod answered for Dine and Dane

‘’If you all are done talking, at the outhouse you can make confessionals’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Everyone here are so weak it will be easy to win this season’’. Jo said

[Conf] ‘’At firs I will act nice so I could get some allies and when I dont need them I will dump them’’. Eris said

[Conf] ‘’I am very shy but I need to make some allies so I could use they’re votes and then backstabbed them but who shoulde it be’’. Kriss said

[Conf] ‘’Yo, yo, yo the Zeke will win this season just watch’’. Ezekiel said

[Conf] ‘’Yeah, my great-great-great grandfather invented cameras before that people used to do live TV shows’’. Staci said

[Conf] ‘’I am ready to party where is the food’’! Owen said out of excitment

‘’That was the time we had tune in next time on TOTAL DRAMA : BACK ON THE ISLAND’’! Chris said

Camera fades out.

Episode 2 : Hide Or Better Run

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. We finaly met our campers and in the confessionals we saw some of the new campers ture nature. 

In the left door of the girls cabin

‘’Door why wont you open’’? Lindsay asked

‘’You cant open the door, what a shame’’. Heidi said to Lindsay

Heidi opened the door and went to the main lodge.

‘’What how did she opened the door’’? Lindsay asked

‘’UGH, just use the door knob’’. Jessie annoyed said to Lindsay

‘’Thanks Tracy’’.  Lindsay thanked Jessie

‘’Did she just called you ‘’Tracy’’ ‘’? Rylie asked Jessie

‘’I didnt here that, I am going to beat her up’’. Jessie said angry

Jessie starts to run but Leshawna stoped her.

‘’Why did you stop me’’? Jessie asked Leshawna

‘’Because she didn't call you ‘’Tracy’’ on purpose, she only called you that because she has a hard time remembering names’’. Leshawna explained Jessie

‘’Last night she even called me ‘’Victoria’’ ‘’. Dakota said to Jessie and Leshawna

[Conf] ‘’I have to thank Leshawna for stoping me, now I can make an alliance with her, Dakota and with Lindsay

In the left door of the boys cabin.

‘’These beds are so bad, I coudnt sleep last night, I only fell asleep like 4 hours ago’’. Kriss said

‘’Me too, I just hope there is a reward today for the beds’’. Jarrod said

‘’There wont be reward for the beds’’. Noah said to Jarrod and Kriss

‘’Seriusly I so wanted a reward for beds’’. Dine said to Noah

‘’The beds are very comfortable’’. Ezekiel said

‘’Gosh, really you like the beds’’? Harold asked Ezekiel

‘Yes’’.Ezekeil said

Everyone left to the main lodge.

‘’Hey Jo’’. Eris said nicely to Jo

‘’What do you want’’? Jo asked Eris

‘’I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to be in allaince with me’’? Eris asked Jo

[Conf] ‘’I will join the alliance so I could use her votes aginst the others’’. Jo said

‘’So will you join’’? Eris asked Jo

‘’Fine but I am the leader’’. Jo told Eris

[Conf] ‘’Curently the plan is working now I need more alliances so I could vote her off, she wont know what hit her’’. Eris said

‘’Yeah, My great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather invented alliances before that....’’Staci said as she got interupted by Jo

‘’Why are you listening fat girl, go away’’. Jo said to staci

‘’Dont be mean Jo, we can also take her in the alliance’’. Eris said to Jo

‘’Really’’? Staci asked Jo and Eris

‘’Sure but you have to remember that Jo is the leader’’. Eris said

‘’Ok’’. Staci said

[Conf] ‘’I only asked staci alliance so she woudnt tell any one about mine and Jo’s alliance’’.Eris said

Camera switches to Owen, Brick, Tyler, Dane, DJ and Cody.

‘’Owen stop eating our breakfast’’. Cody said to Owen

‘’Sorry, I am just so hungry’’. Owen told Cody

‘’How can you be hungry when you ate 3 bowls’’? Dane asked

‘’Hes always eating so you dont know when he will stop’’. DJ told Dane

‘’I still cant believe he likes Chef’s food’’. Tyler said

‘’I like it too’’. Brick told Tyler

Camera switches to Irelyn, Beth and Brooke.

‘’I wonder where is Chris’’. Beth told Brooke and Irelyn

‘’He shoude been here by now’’. Brooke told Beth and Irelyn

‘’I know right, I really want to compete in this challenge’’. Irelyn told Beth and Brooke

Chris walks in.

‘’Hello Campers ready for your first challenge’’.

‘’Bring it on Chris’’. Jo said

‘’Your challenge is to hide from Chef and if he finds you and sprays you with a watergun you are out of the challenge and you wont win two rewards’’.Chris explained the challenge

‘’Two rewards’’? Rylie asked

‘’Yes, now go hide, you only have 15 minutes to hide’’. Chris said to Everyone

15 minutes passed.

‘’Hey Kriss, what are you doing under the kitchens table’’? Lindsay asked Kriss

‘’I am hiding from Chef’’. Kriss said to Lindsay quitely

‘’What, speak up I cant here you’’. Lindsay yelled

‘’Quite or Chef will hear us’’. Kriss told Lindsay

Chef kicks the door open and fires the watergun and it hits Lindsay and Kriss.

‘’Thanks Lindsay’’. Kriss said to Lindsay angry and sacrastatly

Tyler comes in.

‘’Lindsay I heard you voice and I wanted to see if you are ok’’. Tyler said to Lindsay

Chef turns around and fires the watergun at Tyler and he his head agins the wall.

‘’Tyler are you ok’’? Lindsay asked Tyler

‘’Yes dont worry’’. Tyler told Lindsay

Camera switches.

‘’I hope Chef doesnt find us here’’. Staci said to Jo and Eris

‘’If you keep talking he will find us’’. Jo told Staci

‘’Yeah, my great-great-great-great aunt invented the game ‘’Hide and Seek’’ before this game kids always played tag’’. Staci told Jo and Eris

‘’Quite staci over there is Chef’’. Eris told Staci

‘’Sorry’’. Staci said to Eris and Jo

‘’Why are you looking worried Jo’’? Eris asked Jo

‘’Look behind you’’. Jo told Eris

Chef sprays all 3 girls with the watergun.

[Conf] ‘’If Staci didnt talk we I would have won, she is so going home tonight’’. Eris said

Camera switches.

‘’Why are you even in our group Heidi’’? Jessie asked Heidi

‘’Because Rylie told me I could be in the group’’. Heidi told Jessie

‘’Why did you invite her’’? Jessie asked Rylie

‘’You never said that she coudnt join’’. Rylie told Jessie

‘’Just let her be in the group’’. Leshawna told Jessie

‘’Fine’’. Jessie said to Leshawna

‘’Quite girls there is Chef’’. Dakota said

Chef saw someones hand and ran to the rocks where Jessie, Rylie, Heidi, Leshawna and Dakota were.

‘’Suprise’’! Chef yelled

Jessie, Heidi, Leshawna and Dakota were screaming while Rylie got away safely.

Chef sprayed Jessie, Heidi, Leshawna and Dakota.

Camera switches.

‘’Yo look there is Kriss, Lindsay and Tyler’’. Ezekiel told DJ, Brick and Dine

‘’They look wet’’. Dine told Ezekiel

‘’It looks like they got sprayed by Chef’’. DJ told Ezekiel, Brick and Dine

‘’Men look behind’’. Brick told DJ, Ezekiel and Dine

Chef sprayed them all.

‘’10 campers left’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Camera switches.

‘’Only 10 left now it shoudnt be so hard ‘’.Irelyn told Beth, Brooke, Cody, Owen and Dane

‘’Your right’’. Brooke told Irelyn

‘’I woudnt be so sure’’. Cody told everyone

‘’Why’’? Dane asked Cody

‘’Look there is Chef’’.Cody told Dane

‘’Where I dont see him’’. Beth told everyone

‘’Where did he go’’? Irelyn asked Beth

‘’Stop pocking me Dane’’. Brooke told Dane

‘’I am not poking you’’.Dane told Brooke

‘’Then who is poking me’’? Brooke asked

All 6 turned around

‘’CHEF’’! Everyone yelled

‘’There is no way to run’’. Chef told them and sprayed them

‘’4 campers left’’. Chris told from the loudspeaker

Camera switches.

‘’It looks like we are one of the final 4’’. Noah said to Jarrod and Harold

‘’I wonder who is the other one that it is left’’. Jarrod told Noah and Harold

‘’I think its my sweet Leshawna’’. Harold told Noah and Jarrod

Rylie saw Harold, Jarrod and Noah.

‘’Guys lets run away quickly’’. Rylie told them

‘’Why’’? Noah asked Rylie

‘’Because Chef is right behind me’’. Rylie told Noah

All 4 of them ran and Chef was waiting on the other side.

‘’Ready to get wet’’. Chef said to Rylie, Noah, Harold and Jarrod

Chef sprayed and only hit Noah, Harold and Jarrod.

‘’YES, I WIN’’! Rylie said out of excitment

Everyone comes also Chris comes.

‘’What are my two rewards’’? Rylie asked Chris

‘’Your rewards are you have immunity in the next elimination ceremony and you can use the immunty in any elimination ceremony if you havent used it’’. Chris told Rylie

‘’What my second reward’’? Rylie asked Chris

‘’Your second reward is a hint where you can find the invincibilaty statue’’. Chris told Rylie and gives her a piece of paper

‘’So we better go to the elimination ceremony’’. Eris said

‘’You dont have to go to the elimination ceremony’’. Chris told everone

‘’Why’’? Leshawna asked

‘’Because this was ONLY a reward challenge not a elimination challenge’’. Chris told everyone

[Conf] ‘’If Lindsay didnt give me up I would have won’’. Kriss said

‘’Looks like we will all be here for another episode’’. Jo told Eris and Staci

‘’That was the time we have if you want to know who will be eliminated first, watch the next episode of Total Drama : Back On The Island’’. Chris said

Camera fades out.

Episode 3 : The Cliff Jumping Mary

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The Campers needed to hide from Chef, if they get sprayed with a watergun then they are out of the challenge. In the end Rylie won Immunity which she can use in any elimination ceremony she wants but only once and her second reward was a hint to the immunity statue.

At the campfire.

‘’Good morning campers’’. Chris said

‘’Why did you wake us up so early’’? Dakota asked Chris

‘’Yeah I had donut chopter dream’’.Owen told

‘’Too bad, I woke you up so early so I could put you all in the teams’’. Chris told everyone

‘’Cody, Tyler, Owen, Brick, Jo, Jarrod, Beth, Eris, Irelyin, Dine, Harold and Staci you are the Screaming Leopards’’. Chris told them

‘’Sweet’’. Harold said

‘’Jessie, Kriss, Brooke, Noah, Heidi, Lindsay, Rylie, Leshawna, DJ, Dakota, Dane and Ezekiel you are the Killer Rhinos’’. Chris told them

‘’I dont want to be a Rhino’’. Lindsay told Chris

‘’Too bad’’. Chris said to Lindsay ‘’And your challenge will start now, go quickly change in to your swimsuits’’. Chris told everyone

Camera switches to the Clif.

‘’Your first part of the challenge is to jump off this cliff’’. Chris explained to everyone

‘’Are there sharks’’? Irelyn asked

‘’Yes’’. Chris told Irelyn with a smile


Rylie is looking Worried at Dane

Rylie looked at Dane worried.

‘’Killer Rhinos your up first’’. Chris told them

‘’Who’s going first’’? Rylie asked her team

No one answers her.

‘’Fine I’ll go first’’. Rylie told them

Rylie jumps.

‘’I am next’’. Dane told his team

Dane jumps down.

‘’DJ your next’’.Jessie said to DJ

‘’I wont jump’’. DJ told Jessie

‘’Why’’? Ezekiel asked

‘’I am scared of hights’’. DJ told his team

‘’If you dont jump you will be the one who’going home’’. Heidi told DJ

‘’I am not jumping eather’’. Dakota told her team

‘’Me too’’. Brooke told her team

[Conf] ‘’I would have forced them to jump but I didnt for being shy’’. Kriss said

‘’Kriss can you show them how easy it is’’. Jessie told Kriss

‘’Ok’’. Kriss said to Jessie

Kriss jumps down.

‘’Lets jump togeather Lefanda’’. Lindsay told Leshawna

‘’Ok girl and Its Leshawna’’. Leshawna told Lindsay

‘’Where’’? Lindsay asked Leshawna dont knowing Leshawnas name


Leshawna jumps

Lindsay and Leshawna jumped down.

‘’Lets jump down home-school’’. Noah told Ezekiel


Ezekiel jumps

Ezekiel and Noah jumped down.

‘’Heidi your up’’. Jessie told Heidi

‘’Why me’’? Heidi asked Jessie

‘’Because I need to know if you survive this I can make it too’’. Jessie told Heidi

‘’I am not going next, you are’’. Heidi told Jessie

Jessie and Heidi started to argue and suddenly Chris pushed both of them down.

‘’Killer Rhinos have 3 chickens, Screaming Leopards you need only 2 chickens to win’’. Chris told Screaming Leopards

‘’I am going first’’. Jarrod told his team

Jarrod jumps down.

‘’Lets jump down Beth’’. Irelyn told Beth

‘’I cant’’. Beth told Irelyn

‘’Why’’? Dine asked Beth

‘’I am too scared’’. Beth told her team

‘’Fine we dont need you to win’’. Jo told Beth

Jo, Dine and Irelyn jumped down.

[Conf] ‘’If we lose this challenge Beth is going home’’. Jo said

‘’I am next’’Tyler said to his team

‘’Me too’’. Cody said

Cody and Tyler jumped down.

‘’Ready to jump’’? Bricked asked the remaining teammates

‘’I am and you Eris’’? Staci asked Eris

‘’Sorry I am not jumping’’. Eris said

‘’Why’’. Harold asked Eris

‘’I’ll get my hair wet’’. Eris told Harold

‘’Lets go jump everyone’’. Owen told Brick, Staci and Harold

Owen, Brick, Staci and Harold jumped down.

‘’Screaming Leopards win the first part of the challenge’’. Chris announced

‘’Your next part of the challenge is to take the crates to the camp grounds and built a hot tub’’. Chris explained the second part of the challenge

Scene switches.

‘’Thanks DJ’’. Jessie said to DJ

‘’I wasnt the only one who didnt jump, Dakota and Brooke also didnt jump’’. DJ told Jessie

‘’They are girls but you are a guy you shoude easialy jump’’. Jessie told DJ

[Conf] ‘’Since DJ is strong, Dakota or Brooke have to go home’’. Jessie said

Everyone arrived at the camp grounds.

‘’Remeber you can only use your theeth to open the crates’’. Chris told everyone

‘’I got it open’’. Kriss told his team

‘’What did you say I didnt hear that’’? Jessie asked Kriss

‘’I got it open’’. Kriss told Jessie

Kriss was about to say somthing to her but didnt.

[Conf] ‘’Jessie is so pretty, I really like her, I think I am in love’’. Kriss said

[Conf] ‘’He is so shy I know he wanted to tell me somthing but he didnt’’. Jessie said

Both teams completed they’re hot tub.

‘’It looks like both teams did great, wait somthing isnt right’’. Chris said

‘’What is it’’? Jo asked Chris

Some of Screaming Leopards looked at the hot tub.


Some of Screaming Leopards look at the hot tub

‘’It looks like your hot tub will break’’. Chris told Screaming Leopards and suddenly the hot tub broke

‘’It looks like Killer Rhinos win the challenge’’. Chris announced

‘’Since both teams lost one part of the challenge, both teams will have to go to the elimination ceremony’’. Chris said to everyone

Everyone looked shocked

Scene switches.

‘’Lindsay can I talk to you’’? ???? asked

‘’Where are you’’? Lindsay asked ????

‘’In the bush’’. ???? told Lindsay

‘’I wanna tell you who is the leader of one of the alliances on your teams’’. ???? said to Lindsay

‘’Who is it’’? Lindsay asked ????

‘’Its...............’’.???? said to Lindsay before camera switches

At the campfire.

‘’Killer Rhinos you are first going to vote’’. Chris told them

Everyone voted.

‘’Marshmellows goes too Jessie, Kriss, Heidi, Lindsay, Rylie, Leshawna, DJ, Dakota, Dane and Ezekiel’’. Chris said

The bottom two is Brooke and Noah.

‘’I will tell who’s gonna be eliminated when Screaming Leopards vote’’. Chris said

Everyone voted.

‘’Marshmellows goes to Owen,  Cody, Tyler, Jarrod, Jo, Brick, Irelyn, Dine, Harold and Staci’’. Chris said

The bottom two is Eris and Beth.

‘’The final 2 marshmellows goes to .....................................









ERIS AND BROOKE’’! Chris announced


Noah shocked geting eliminated

‘’WHAT, why did you vote me out, Brooke, Dakota and DJ were the only ones who didnt jump’’. Noah said shocked

‘’We voted you because you were one of the allinaces team leader’’. Jessie told Noah

‘’Who told you that’’? Noah asked Jessie

‘’Lindsay’’. Jessie told Noah

‘’Because Mary told me that Noah was one of the alliances leader’’. Lindsay said

Camera switches.

‘’Bye bye loser Beth, I told you you wont survive the first elimination’’. Jo said to Beth

‘’I hope you get eliminated next’’. Beth said to Jo


Beth got eliminated

Noah and Beth walk the dock of shame and take the boat of losers.

Exclusive Clip

‘’Its sad to leave this early’’. Beth told Noah

‘’I just wonder who is Mary’’. Noah told Beth

‘’You will only find out in the future episodes’’. Beth told Noah

‘’I know’’. Noah told Beth

Camera fades out.

Episode 4 : Sleep Thight Or Win The Challenge

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to jump from a clif in which Killer Rhinos lost. The second part of the challenge was too make a hot tub in which Screaming Leopards lost. Since both teams lost one challenge,  both teams went into a double elimination. At the eliminatipn ceremony Noah and Beth were voted out.

Everyone is still sleeping in they’re cabins until Chris blows an air horne.

Leshawna wakes up and hit her head.


Leshawna : Do I look like a farmer to you?

‘’Ow’’. Leshawna said to Chris and went to the window ‘’Do I look like a farmer to you’’?

‘’Good morning campers’’. Chris said to everyone

‘’Why did you woke us up so early again’’? Dakota asked Chris

‘’Because your challenge will begin in excatly 1 minute’’. Chris said to everyone

Jarrod sleeping (2)

Jarrod Sleeping

‘’I dont think that will be enough time to eat breakfast’’. Owen told Chris

‘’You’ll get breakfast after you complete 20 km run around the lake’’. Chris told everyone

‘’Ready, set, GO’’! Chris said

Everyone started to run.

[Conf] ‘’This challegne is easy since I am the strongest and the fastest on my team’’. Jo said

‘’Hurry up Eris’’! Jo yelled at Eris and Staci

‘’I wont run in high heels’’. Eris told Jo

‘’Yeah my great great great aunt invented high heels-‘’. Stacie said to Eris as she got inturupted

‘’Dont talk about your famaly but run FASTER’’! Jo yelled at Staci

[Conf] ‘’I hate Stacie she is so annoying’’. Jo said

[Conf] ‘’I hate Stacie so much, so thats why I will convince everyone to vote her off if we lose the challenge, my alliance doesnt need her and there is no way I will let Jo be the leader’’. Eris said

Camera switches to the main lodge.

‘’How many member of our team is still running’’? Jessie asked Kriss

‘’I dont know maybe like 3 or 4’’. Kriss told Jessie

Harold arrives.


Jessie ask Harold whats wrong

‘’Whats wrong with you’’? Jessie asks Harold

‘’I am so tired I think I have Heart-‘’Harold told Jessie as he got inturupted by her

‘’I dont care just go to your team’’. Jessie said to Harold

[Conf] ‘’What, he is not in my team why should I care’’. Jessie said

The remaining Killer Rhinos and Screaming Leopards arrived.

‘’I know you all are tired but who is hungry’’? Chris asked everyone

[Conf] ‘’ That food looks so good, time to eat like a king’’. Owen said

[Conf] ‘’Finaly great food after eating Chefs disgusting food I almost puked’’. Rylie said

‘’Are you all ready for your second part of the challenge’’? Chris asked everyone

‘’I thought eating was the second challenge’’. Owen said to Chris

‘’What more do you want from us’’? Rylie asked Chris

‘’I agree with her’’. Irelyn said to Chris

[Conf] ‘’This will be the worst challenge’’. Kriss said

[Conf] ‘’I am really good at this game now since I wasnt voted out first, again’’. Ezekiel said

‘’6 hours have been passed and no one isnt asleep’’. Chris said

‘’Woo hoo, easiest challenge, I can do this challenge in my sleep’’. Owen said as he fell asleep

‘’Ok Eris we need more alliance member because if we lose we wont have the number’’. Jo told Eris

‘’Who should we ask’’? Eris asked Jo

‘’I think Brick and Jarrod’’. Jo told Eris

‘’Ok, but wait shoudnt we tell Staci’’? Eris asked Jo

‘’No because if we lose we vote her off’’. Jo told Eris

‘’Because she is so annoying’’? Eris asked Jo

‘’Yes and lets go ask them’’. Jo told Eris

[Conf] ‘’This will be easy’’. Eris said

‘’Hey Jarrod do you want to be in alliance with me, Jo and Brick’’? Eris asked Jarrod

‘’Brick accepted’’? Jarrod asked Eris

‘’Of course’’. Eris told Jarrod

‘’Ok fine I will join’’. Jarrod told Eris

[Conf] ‘’See I told it will be easy’’. Eris said

‘’Brick do you want to be in alliance with me, Eris and Jarrod’’? Jo asked Brick

‘’Why should I join’’? Brick asked Jo

‘’Because you are a strong player and we need you’’.Jo told Brick

‘’Ok I will join’’. Brick said to Jo

[Conf] ‘’It was easy to get him join’’. Jo said

‘’I am so sleepy I think I will fall asleep’’. Lindsay told Tyler

‘’Dont fall asleep, If you fall who will I talk to’’. Tyler told Lindsay

After that conversation both fell asleep.

‘’I miss Sam’’. Dakota said

‘’Dont worry I hope you will see him’’. Brooke told Dakota

‘’Brooke is right, Dakota’’. DJ told Dakota

‘’Do any of you have seen Leshawna’’? Harold asked DJ, Dakota and Brooke

‘’She is hanging around with Irelyn and Rylie’’. Brooke told Harold

Harold left and the 3 campers fell asleep.

‘’This is so boring’’. Jessie told Kriss

‘’I know’’. Heidi said to Kriss and Jessie

‘’What, why are you with us’’? Jessie asked Heidi

‘’Because we are on the same team’’. Heidi told Jessie

‘’But still you can go somewhere else’’. Jessie told Heidi

‘’But-‘’. Heidi said to Jessie as she got inturupted

‘’Jessie just go’’. Kriss said to Heidi

‘’Fine’’. Heidi told Kriss

Heidi walks away and falls down.

‘’Are you ok’’? Dane asked

‘’I think she is sleeping’’. Dine told Dane

‘’It looks like our team is winning Dine’’.  Cody told Dine

And all 3 fell asleep.

‘’Hi Leshawna’’. Harold said to Leshawna

‘’Hi baby so you still arent asleep thats good’’. Leshawna said to Harold

Harold falls down.

‘’I think he fell asleep’’. Irelyn told Leshawna

‘’Let me check’’. Rylie said to Irelyn and Leshawna

Rylie check Harold.

‘’Yes he is asleep’’. Rylie told Leshawna and Irelyn

After 10 minutes the 3 girls fell asleep.

‘’I wish my great great great aunt was here because she tought me how to stay up really good’’. Staci told her team

‘’Only 8 campers are left which are Kriss, Jessie, Ezekiel, Jo, Eris, Staci, Brick and Jarrod’’. Chris said

‘’Staci tell somthing about your famaly so I woudnt fall asleep’’. Jo told Staci

‘’Ok’’. Staci said as she fell asleep

Camera switches.

‘’It looks like we can still win this’’.Ezekiel said to Jessie and Kriss

‘’I know so you better wont fall asleep’’. Jessie told Ezekiel

After 10 minutes Ezekiel and Brick fell asleep.

‘’You 5 are the best left standing time to play some sleepy songs’’. Chris told them

The song starts to play.

‘’It looks like Jessie, Jarrod and Eris fell asleep from the song already’’. Chris said

‘’Jo and Kriss you both are the only ones left one question remains who will win’’. Chris said

After 15 minutes someone fell asleep.

‘’And the winner is..............





At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

‘’Since you all are tired I will throw the marshmellows to you’’. Chirs said to Screaming Leopards

‘’The first marshmellow goes too Jo, Eris, Brick, Jarrod, Harold,  Irelyn, Dine, Tyler and Cody’’. Chris said and threw them the marshmellows

The bottom two is Owen and Staci.

‘’The final marshmellow goes too..............................








OWEN’’! Chris announced


Staci Eliminated

‘’Staci you have been eliminated’’. Chris told Staci

‘’What but I was doing so good’’. Staci said

Staci walks the dock of shame and rides the boat of losers.

Killer Rhinos arrived to the elimination ceremony.

‘’Why did you needed us at the elimination ceremony’’? Kriss asked

‘’Because you need to vote for one player and you will have to do the same thing Screaming Leopards’’. Chris said

Both teams voted.

‘’The two campers with the most votes will switch teams and they are.......................



OWEN AND BROOKE’’! Chris announced

‘’Brooke you are on the Screaming Leoprads and Owen you are on the Killer Rhinos’’. Chris told them

Exclusive Clip

‘’I still think how did I got voted out’’. Staci said ‘’I think it was the same girl who told Lindsay that Noah had an alliance

Camera fades out.

Episode 5 : Something Similar To Dodge Ball

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to stay up as long as they can if they fall asleep they will lose. Jo and Kriss were the last ones standing and in the end Kriss won the challenge for the Killer Rhinos. At the elimination ceremony bottom two was Owen and Staci, and Staci got the boot.

In the Screaming Leopards girl cabin.

‘’We need to talk strategy who to vote off next’’.Eris said to Jo

‘’I think we should vote off next Brooke’’. Jo told Eris

‘’Why’’? Eris asked Jo

‘’Because she is new to this team’’. Jo told Eris

‘’That is why we dont vote her off but insted we ask her for an alliance’’. Eris told Jo

‘’Thats a great plan’’. Jo said to Eris

[Conf] ‘’Of course its a great plan what did you expect’’. Eris said

‘’Listen up campers meet me at the main lodge’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Everyone arrived at the main lodge.

‘’Why did you call us here’’? Kriss asked

‘’Because there will be two special players from last season and they are ‘’best friends’’. Chris said to everyone

‘’When does the challenge starts’’? Jessie asked Chris

‘’In 1 hour’’. Chris told Jessie

[Conf] ‘’I wonder who are the last season players’’. Irelyn said

‘’So Rylie have you found the immunity statue’’? Heidi asked Rylie

‘’No not yet’’. Rylie told Heidi

‘’Have you even looked in trees’’? Heidi asked Rylie

‘’No’’. Rylie told Heidi

‘’Heidi stop asking thous questions, shes just trying to get you say what is the hint for the immunity statue’’. Jessie told Rylie

‘’Thanks for telling me’’. Rylie thanked Jessie

[Conf] ‘’If I get Rylie on her good side, I would ask her for alliance and also I know Kriss would join too’’. Jessie said

‘’So do you like your new team’’? Irelyn asked Brooke

‘’Yes’’. Brooke told Irelyn

‘’But why do you look sad’’? Dine asked

‘’Because I kind a miss my old team but I will get over it’’. Brooke told Dine

[Conf] ‘’I am sad but I am also worried because I am new to the team I think I can get voted out quickly’’. Brooke said

‘’Hey Leshawna’’. Harold said to Leshawna

‘’Hey sugar-baby’’. Leshawna said to Harold

‘’Did you like my poem’’? Harold asked Leshawna

‘’I loved it’’. Leshawna told Harold

Dakota comes to Leshawna.

‘’Leshawna I need your help’’. Dakota asked Leshawna

‘’What is it girl’’? Leshawna asked Dakota

‘’Sam isnt picking up the phone’’. Dakota told Leshawna

‘’Maybe he went to a trip and forgot to take his phone’’. Leshawna said to Dakota

[Conf] ‘’Sam when you watch this confessional, CALL ME’’! Dakota said

1 hour passed.

‘’Welcome campers’’. Chris said to everyone

‘’Can you now tell us the challenge what will be’’? Dane asked Chris

‘’Your challenge is dodge ball but it will be a little different’’. Chris explained

‘’How different’’? DJ asked Chris

‘’First difference is that everyone will compete in the first and only round and while the one of your members will be captains and if every member from the team get hit by a ball then the captin will go in and play and there will be one ball’’. Chris explained

‘’Wait I know this game, we played this game at our school in Latvia from the first grade’’. Kriss told everyone

‘’Then you could be our captain from our team’’. Lindsay said to Kriss

[Conf] ‘’This challenge will be easy for me atleast since I played the game like hundered times’’. Kriss said

‘’And now I will introduce the last season players’’. Chris said to everyone ‘’She is blond and she won the last season, please welcome CINDY’’!! Chris introduced

‘’Hey everyone’’. Cindy said to everyone

‘’Who is the other last seasons player’’? Jarrod asked

‘’She is also blond and her best friend is Courtney, please welcome CHER’’!! Chris introduced

‘’Yeah hey’’. Cher said sarcastly

‘’You said that the last season players are ‘’best friends’’. Cody said to Chris

‘’By ‘’best friends’’ I ment enemies’’. Chris told Cody

‘’Can we just get to the challenge so I could crush Cindy’’. Cher said

‘’Dont be mean to her’’. Brick said to Cher

‘’Why’’? Cher asked Brick

‘’Because she is much nicer than you ever be’’. Brick said to Cher

‘’Thanks Brick’’. Cindy thanked Brick

‘’Well atleast I didnt kiss someone elses boyfriend’’. Cher told Brick

‘’I cant believe your bringing that up’’. Cindy said to Cher


Cher is the Killer Rhinos captain (P.S her designe isnt finished)

‘’Ok stop talking and Cher you are the captain for Killer Rhinos while Cindy you are for the Screaming Leopards’’. Chris said

Cindy is the captain for the Screaming Leopards

‘’But we are one player short’’. Tyler told Chris

‘’You will have a life’’. Chris said to Screaming Leopards

‘’Oh and also Cher you stand behind the Screaming Leopards while Cindy you stand behind the Killer Rhinos’’. Chris said to Cher and Cindy

‘’Is this how this game works’’? Cindy asked Chris

‘’Yes because captains also can threw the balls at the other team’’. Chris explained

Chris gave the ball to Owen.

‘’You need to throw the ball to the captain and then you can only threw the ball at the other team’’. Chris explained

‘’Ok’’. Owen said

Owen throws the ball to the captain.

‘’Ready to lose Screaming Leopards’’. Cher said and threw the ball at Eris and hit

‘’Ow that hurt’’. Eris said

‘’Eris you arent out since your team had one life’’. Chris said

Eris picks up the ball.

‘’Take this’’. Eris said and threw the ball at Dane and hit

‘’Dane you are out’’. Chris said to Dine

‘’Oh man’’. Dane said

Jessie picks up the ball and throes at Brooke but misses and non of the Screaming Leopards catched the ball, and the ball went to Cher.

Cher threw the ball at Brooke too and hits.

‘’Brooke your are out’’. Chris told her

‘’That really hurt’’. Brooke said

‘’I did it on purpose’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’I know this game since I am from Latvia like Kriss’’. Cher said

[Conf] ‘’Cher has gotten really mean since the last season’’. Cindy said

Eris throws the ball and misses.

Cindy picks up the ball and throws at Jessie and hit her.

‘’Jessie you are out’’. Chris said to Jessie

‘’Damn’’. Jessie said

Kriss throws the ball and hits Irelyn.

‘’Irelyn you are out’’. Chris said to Irelyn

‘’Sorry I that I got hit’’. Irelyn said

Jo picks up the ball and throws at Rylie and hits her.

‘’You are out’’. Chris said to Rylie

Kriss picks up the ball and throws but misses.

Cher throws the ball and hits Eris.

‘’Eris you are out’’. Chris said to Eris

‘’You will pay Cher’’. Eris told her

‘’Start crying I dont care’’. Cher said to Eris

Jo throws the ball but misses.

Cindy picks up the ball and throws at Lindsay and hits her and the ball went to the other team.

‘’Lindsay you are out’’. Chris said

‘’Yay what do I get’’? Lindsay asked Chris

[Conf] ‘’Why do I even talk to her’’. Chris said

‘’Lindsay you need to leave the ball for us but you let the ball roll to the other team’’. Kriss said to Lindsay

‘’Calm down dude’’. Ezekiel said to Kriss

‘’If you dont want to lose you better help me’’. Kriss said to Ezekiel

Jo throws the ball and it hits Heidi.

‘’You are out’’. Chris told her

‘’what a shame’’. Heidi said

Kriss throws the ball and it hits Tyler.

‘’You are out Tyler’’. Chris said to Tyler

‘’Oh man’’. Tyler said

Camera switches to Lindsay and Tyler.

‘’Linds do you wanna go to the dock’’? Tyler asked Lindsay

‘’Sure’’. Lindsay accepted

Lindsay went to dock with Tyler.

Eris follows her.

Jo throws the ball and misses.

Cindy throws the ball and it hits Ezekiel.

‘’Oh man’’. Ezekiel said

‘’How much time do we have left ,Chris ‘’? Kriss asked

‘’What time’’? Chris asked

‘’You play this game on a timer’’. Kriss said to Chris

‘’Yeah I didnt know that but the challenge will end when all the members and the captain get hit by a ball’’. Chris told Kriss

‘’Where is the ball’’? DJ asked

‘’The ball roled to the other team’’. Owen said

Jarrod throws the ball and hits Dakota.

‘’That hurt’’. Dakota said

Leshawna throws the ball and hits Cody.

‘’NOO’’! Cody yelled.

Dine throws the ball and misses.

Cindy pick up the ball.

‘’Please dont catch the ball’’. Cindy said and throws the ball at Owen and he catches the ball

‘’Owen throw the ball’’. Kriss said to Owen

Owen throws and it hits Harold.

‘’Darn well atleast my beautifull Leshawna is still in the game’’. Harold said

Brick throws the ball and hits Leshawna.

‘’You spoke too soon Harold’’. Leshawna said

While the Killer Rhinos were looking at Leshawna the ball roled to Cindy.

‘’Take this’’. Cindy said and threw the ball at Owen and it hits him

‘’NOOO’’!! Owen yelled

Kriss throws the ball at Brick and hits him.

‘’Good luck teammates’’. Brick said

Dine throws the ball and hits DJ.

‘’You can do it Kriss and Cher’’. DJ said

Kriss throws the ball but misses.

Cher throws the ball and it hits Jarrod.

‘’We will win this challenge just dont get hit Jo and Dine’’. Jarrod said

Jo throws but misses.

Cindy throws but Kriss catches and throws at Dine.

‘’Darn it’’. Dine said

‘’This is just like last challenge Kriss versus Jo again’’. Chris said

Jo throws the ball but misses.

Cindy also throws the ball and misses.

Jo throws the ball again but Kriss catches and throws the ball and he hit her.

‘’Sine Jo was the last member out from the team Cindy you go in’’. Chris said to Cindy

‘’Why did you give her the ball’’? Jessie asked

‘’Because thouse are the rules when a captain get in the field then automaticaly we need to give her or him the ball’’. Kriss explained to Jessie

Cindy throws the ball but misses.

Jo took the captains place and throws the ball but also misses.

Cindy throws the ball and hits Kriss.

‘’DAMN’’! Kriss yelled

Cher goes in the field and Cindy gives her the ball.

‘’Time to lose Cindy’’. Cher said to Cindy

Cher throws the ball but misses.

Kriss throws the ball but Cindy catches the ball and throws the ball at Cher.

‘’Take this’’. Cindy said

‘’Missed me’’. Cher said

Jo throws but misses.

‘’You missed me again’’. Cher said

Cindy throws the ball and it hits Cher in the face really hard.

‘’Oh my god, are you ok’’? Cindy asked Cher

‘’Dont touch me bitch’’. Cher sweared at Cindy

Everyone looked shocked that Cher sweared at Cindy.

[Conf] ‘’I cant believe she just called me that’’. Cindy said

[Conf] ‘’It felt so nice that I told her that she is a-‘’. Cher said before the confessional ended

‘’Killer Rhinos I will meet you at the elimination ceremony’’. Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

‘’Marshmellows goes too Kriss, Rylie, Leshawna, Owen, DJ, Dakota, Ezekiel, Heidi and Lindsay’’. Chris said


Bottom two Dane & Jessie

The bottom two is Dane and Jessie.

‘’The final marshmellow goes too............................










JESSIE’’! Chris announced

‘’I know you voted me out because I was the first one out’’. Dane said

‘’Thats right’’. Kriss said

Dane walks the dock of shame with Cindy and Cher.

Exclusive Clip

‘’I know its sad to leave but hey atleast you werent the first one out’’. Cindy comforted Dane

‘’You are right’’. Dane said to Cindy

‘’To me you are a still loser since you are the first one out from the new players’’. Cher said to Dane

‘’Dont be that mean’’. Cindy said

Cher and Cindy both started to argguing.

‘’This wil be a long ride’’. Dane said

Camera fades out.

Episode 6 : Face Your Phobia

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers were playing Latvian style of dodge ball. We had 2 special last season players, Cindy and Cher. In the end Screaming Leopards won the challenge. At the elimination ceremony the bottom two was Jessie and Dane, and Dane got eliminated.

After the elimination.

‘’I still cant believe we lost the last challenge’’. Heidi said to her team

‘’I think if we had Cindy as our captain we would have won’’. Jessie said

‘’I think Cher only lost because of bad luck’’. Kriss said

Screaming Leopards come to the elimination ceremony.

‘’What do you want, come by to rub it in’’. Jessie said to Screaming Leopards

‘’No we just broth you some dessert’’. Brooke said to Jessie

[Conf] ‘’Now that everyone is here they all started to talk about they’re fears like how Owen is afraid of flying’’. Rylie said

‘’What are you afraid Kriss’’? Rylie asked Kriss


Kriss worried

Kriss looks like he is afraid of telling his fear.

‘’Fine, I am afraid of spiders’’. Kriss said

‘’Seriusly’’. Cody said

‘’Dont forget Cameron is also afraid of Spiders’’. Brick said to Cody

I am afraid of Summo Wrestlers. Jessie said

Me too. Heidi told

What are you afraid Jo? Heidi asked Jo

I am afraid of losing. Jo told

[Conf] ‘’I dont know who to manipulite’’. Eris said

‘’Tyler are you afraid’’? Irelyn asked Tyler

‘’I am afraid of chickens’’. Tyler told Irelyn

‘’Thats so lame’’. Dine said

‘’I am afraid of ninjas’’.Harold said

[Conf] ‘’I know who should go home its-‘’. Eris said when the confessional ended

In the morning , in the main lodge.

‘’Good morning Campers’’. Chris said ‘’Ready for you challenge’’?

‘’What is the challenge’’? Ezekiel asked Chris

‘’Todays challenge you will face your fears and the team who concerns the most fears win’’. Chris explained ‘’First to face his fear is Harold’’.

Harold faces his fear and succedes.

‘’Harold get one point for Screaming Leopards’’. Chris said ‘’Next faceing the same fear is Kriss and Leshawna.

‘’What are they’re fears’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Didnt you listen me and Kriss are afraid of spiders’’. Leshawna said

‘’Whats a spider’’? Lindsay asked

Kriss and Leshawna face they’re fears but failed.

‘’you both failed so now your team hates you’’. Chris said ‘’Next up is Dakota and Lindsay’’.

‘’I dont think I can put this ugly wig and walk around 3 hours’’. Dakota said to Chris

‘’If you dont put it on you can cost your team the challenge’’. Chris told Dakota

Dakota and Lindsay put on the wigs.

‘’Its so ichy’’. Dakota said

Camera switches to Eris.

‘’Time to break something that is valuable to Chris and blame it on the other team’’. Eris said

Eris picks up something and starts breaking it.

‘’What are you doing’’? Jo asked Eris

‘’I am trying to break these items’’. Eris told Jo

‘’But why’’? Jo asked Eris

‘’So I could blame on the other team’’. Eris said to Jo

‘’Thats a great Idea I will help’’. Jo told Eris

[Conf] ‘’Just like last time, of course its a great idea’’. Eris said

‘’Jarrod and Irelyn you are next’’. Chris said ‘’Me and Chef will buri you alive but you both will only have to be there 5 minutes’’.

[Conf] ‘’This will be easy, I hope’’. Jarrod said

‘’Are you ready’’? Irelyn asked Jarrod

‘’Of course but I can see that you look woried but dont quit the challenge please’’. Jarrod told Irelyn

‘’When will I start my fear’’? Owen asked

‘’Right now and you wont be alone’’. Chris said

‘’Who is the other one’’? Owen asked Chris

‘’Its me I am also afraid of flying’’. Rylie said to Owen

5 minutes passed.

‘’Screaming Leopards get 2 more points thanks to Irelyn and Jarrod’’. Chris said ‘’Tyler you will have to spend 1 hour with this chicken’’.

‘’I cant he is so creepy’’. Tyler said

‘’So are you quiting’’? Chris asked Tyler

‘’Yes’’. Tyler said to Chris

‘’Since he quit DJ your up’’. Chris said

‘’Is the snake big or small’’? DJ asked

‘’Of course its small’’. Chris told DJ

‘’You can do it DJ’’. Heidi said

DJ faces his fear and sucedes.


DJ faces fear.

‘’Nice one DJ you just scored first point for the Killer Rhinos’’. Chris said ‘’ But Screaming Leopards still lead by 3 points’’.

‘’Ezekiel will you do your challenge now’’? Chris asked Ezekiel

‘’No I will not do it, I will quit the challenge’’. Ezekiel told Chris

‘’Fine by me’’. Chris said

The plane finaly landed.

‘’Sweet ground I missed you’’. Rylie said

‘’Me too’’. Owen said

‘’Killer Rhinos and Screaming Leopards are tied in points curently’’. Chris said

‘’Cody and Brooke your up next’’. Chris said ‘’Cody you will defuse a bomb while Brooke you will be watching  and Cody if you fail to defuse the bomb you wont get a point and if Brooke you run away when he is defusing the bomb you will not get a point’’.

[Conf] ‘’I dont think I can do it’’. Brooke said

‘’Dine and Brick you will go to the mine since you both are afraid of the dark’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Well atleast I will not be the only one in the dark’’. Brick said

‘’And you will have to spend there for 1 hour’’. Chris said

‘’Eris your next’’. Chris said when a bomb blew up and Brooke arrived


Cody failed the challenge

‘’It looks like Brooke and Cody failed the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’I am so so sorry’’. Brooke said

‘’You better be’’. Jo said

3 hours passed for Dakota and Lindsay

‘’Lindsay and Dakota you get two ponts for your team’’. Chris said

‘’Killer Rhinos have 5 points while Screaming Leopards still have 3 points’’. Chris said

Brick and Dine arrived.

‘’It looks like you failed your challenge’’. Chris said

‘’I just cant stay in there it was just too scary’’. Dine said

‘’Ok Eris you are finaly up since you are afraid of my painting lets go and you will have to spend there 1 hour’’. Chris said

‘’Fine’’. Eris said

Chris walks in his cotage and sees all his broken paintings.

‘’WHAT WHO DID THIS’’?! Chris said

‘’I think it was Heidi’’. Eris told Chris

[Conf] ‘’My plan is working and for the record I am not afraid of his painting they are just so creepy’’. Eris said

Chris confronted Heidi and Jessie and Jo were also there.

‘’Heidi you are DISQUALIFLED’’! Chris said to Heidi

‘’WHAT DID I DO’’?! Heidi asked Chris

‘’Dont play dumb I know you broke all of Chrisis paintings’’. Eris said to Heidi

‘’I didnt’’Heidi said

‘’Yes you did I also saw it’’. Jo said

‘’You all are *BEEP*’’. Heidi said while she showed them the middle finger


Heidi Swears and Shows the middle finger

Everyone arrives.

‘’Whats going on’’? Rylie asked

‘’Heidi broke all of Chrisis painting and he disqualifled her’’. Jessie told Rylie

‘’FINE, since you dont believe me just take me home’’. Heidi said

Heidi walks the dock of shame and gets in the boat of losers.

After 1 hour.

‘’Is that the-‘’ Rylie said as she got inturupted

‘’What do you have there’’? Eris asked

‘’Its nothing ‘’. Rylie said as she walked away

[Conf] ‘’I know she found something and I need to get it from her’’. Eris said

Exclusive Clip

‘’I wonder who broke the paintings’’. Heidi said ‘’I think it was that Mary girl but who is she and how come we never get to see her’’.

Camera fades out.

Episode 7 : Hunters Ready To Shoot Deers

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to face they’re phobias but we didnt finish the challenge due to Heidi breaking portrets. In the end Heidi got disqualifited.

In the Screming Leopards girls cabin.

‘’That last challenge was so awufl’’. Irelyn said to her girls

‘’I know right’’. Brooke said to Irelyn

‘’I wonder why did Heidi broke all of Chrisis portrets’’. Irelyn said

‘’Me too and also Eris and Jo said that they saw that she broke them’’. Brooke said to Irelyn

‘’Maybe they are the ones who broke them’’. Irelyn said to Brooke

[Conf] ‘’I heard everything both of them are on to me and Jo that is why both of them have to go now right now’’. Eris said

In the main lodge.

‘’I cant beleive Heidi got disqualifited’’.Kriss said

‘’I know but still she was mean’’. Rylie said to Kriss

‘’Who cares still had to go at somepoint’’. Jessie said to Kriss and Rylie

Camera switches to Screaming Leopards tabel.

‘’I wonder what will be the next challenge’’. Dine said to his team

‘’I hope the next challenge is do somthing with sports’’. Tyler said to Dine

‘’Jo, Jarrod and Brick can I talk to you for a minute’’? Eris asked

‘’What do you wanna talk with us’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Next time we lose, we vote off Irelyn or Brooke’’. Eris said

‘’Because they are usless’’? Jo asked

‘’No one in both teams are usless got it Jo’’. Brick said to Jo

‘’So do you all agree’’? Eris asked

‘’Ok fine’’. Jo, Jarrod and Brick replaid to Eris

Jarrod and Brick are leaving.

‘’So are we both gonna vote them out, because I am not’’. Brick said to Jarrod

‘’Of course we arent voting for Brooke or Irelyn, we vote for Eris and Jo because they are more threating’’. Jarrod said to Brick

Camera switches to Eris and Jo.

‘’Brooke and Irelyn are on to us for breaking the portrets and also Rylie found the immunity statue’’. Eris said

‘’WHAT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, we need to stole it from her’’. Jo said to Eris

‘’You will make a deversion while I will go in her cabin and look for it’’. Eris said to Jo

[Conf] ‘’As long I find the immunity statue, I am golden’’. Eris said

‘’I really hope we win the next challenge’’. Cody said to Harold

‘’Me too but I dont want a winning streak because my sweet Leshawna can get voted out’’. Harold told Cody

Camera switches to Killer Rhinos tabel.

‘’Owen stop eating everyones food’’. Lindsay said to Owen

‘’Sorry I cant help it I am so hungry’’. Owen told Lindsay

‘’If you eat to much you can get full and wont be abel to do the challenges’’. Dakota told Owen

‘’Dakota is right Owen’’. Leshawna said to Owen

‘’Just let him eat’’. Ezekiel said

‘’You wanna lose the next challenge and get eliminated’’? DJ asked

‘’No’’. Ezekiel said

‘’So he doesnt need to eat so much’’. DJ told Ezekiel

Chris comes in.

‘’Hello Campers your challenge will begin-‘’ Chris said as he got inturupted

‘’When’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Now’’. Chris told ‘’Now follow me’’.

Everyone followed

‘’Your challenge will be paintball with deers’’. Chris said to campers

‘’What, we will shot deers’’?  Dakota asked Chris

‘’No, 5 members from both teams will dress up as deers while the other will hunt for the other teams deers, and if you get shot you are out of the challenge, the team who shots all deers win the challenge’’. Chris explained


Chris shows the deer stuff

‘’Here is the deer stuff that you will have to put on’’. Chris said

‘’Who are the deers’’? Jessie asked

‘’From the Killer Rhinos the deers are Jessie, Kriss, DJ, Dakota and Ezekiel’’. Chris said ‘’And from the Screaming Leopards are Eris, Irelyn, Dine, Harold and Cody’’.

‘’And all deers have 15 minutes to hide’’. Chris said

15 minutes passed.

‘’Hunters you can now go hunt’’. Chris said

‘’C’mon lets get going’’. Rylie said

‘’You have game girl’’. Leshawna

‘’Whats a game’’? Lindsay asked

[Conf] ‘’Sometimes I question my self, how did she get this far’’. Rylie said

‘’I dont see any one, do you see some one Brooke’’? Tyler asked

‘’Yes I see someone’’. Brooke said as she shots and it hits

‘’OW’’! ??? yelled

‘’You go check who you hit I will still keep looking’’. Tyler said

‘’Ok’’. Brooke said


Brooke & Eris talk

‘’Eris I am so sorry’’. Brooke said to Eris

‘’Why did you shot me’’? Eris asked

‘’Because I thought you were one of the other teams players’’. Brooke explained

‘’Does that means your out’’? Brooke said

‘’Friendly fire counts’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

‘’Thanks alot Brooke’’. Eris said to Brooke

[Conf] ‘’She is so going down’’. Eris said

‘’I saw you Ezekiel there is no way to run’’. Tyler said

Ezekiel runs away.

‘’You will never hit me’’! Ezekiel yelled

Tyler shots and hits Ezekiel.

‘’Ow that really hurt’’. Ezekiel said

‘’I see Dakota and DJ too’’. Tyler said

‘’Dakota and DJ run quickly away’’! Ezekiel yelled

‘’DJ run Tyler is coming to get us’’. Dakota said

Tyler shots and hits both of them.

‘’Oh man’’. DJ said

‘’I hope Jessie and Kriss are in a good hiding spot’’. Dakota said

[Conf] ‘’I really hope we win’’. Dakota said

‘’Leshawna do you see someone’’? Rylie asked

‘’Yes I think its Dine and Irelyn’’. Leshawna said

‘’I will shot Dine while you shot Irelyn’’. Rylie said

Rylie and Leshawna shot and hit both of them.

‘’That really hurt’’. Irelyn said

‘’I know’’. Dine said

Camera switches to Owen and Lindsay.

‘’Owen look there is Harold’’. Lindsay said to Owen

‘’I m going to shot him’’. Owen said

Owen shots but misses

‘’Missed me’’. Harold said

Lindsay shots but hits.

‘’Gosh I got hit’’. Harold said

Camera switches.

‘’How much longer will the challenge be’’. Jessie said

‘’Who knows’’. Kriss said

‘’Kriss look there is Jo, Jarrod and Brick’’. Jessie said

‘’We need to sneak by them but how’’ ?Kriss asked

‘’Do you hear that Jarrod and Brick’’? Jo asked

‘’Yes someone is behind the bush’’. Jarrod said

‘’Damn’’. Kriss and Jessie said at the same time

‘’Gotcha’’. Jo said

Jo shots and hits both of them.

‘’Seriusly we lost again’’. Jessie said

‘’The Screaming Leopards win again’’. Chris said from the loudspeaker

At the Killer Rhinos girls cabin.

‘’Where is it’’? Rylie said

‘’Whats wrong girl’’? Leshawna asked

‘’Someone stole my immunity idol’’. Rylie said

‘’Wait you found the immunity idol’’? Jessie asked ‘’Do you know who might stole it’’?

‘’I think it was Eris because she saw me finding the idol’’. Rylie told Jessie and Leshawna

Camera switches.

‘’Eris I know you stole my immunity idol’’. Rylie blamed Eris

‘’What are you talking about’’? Eris asked

‘’You stole my idol’’. Rylie said

‘’Why would I do that’’. Eris said

‘’Because you wanted the idol so much’’. Rylie told Eris

‘’As you can see I dont have it’’. Eris told Rylie

‘’I am keeping my eyes on you’’. Rylie said to Eris

[Conf] ‘’Someone already stole it from her, I bet it was that Mary again’’. Eris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Welcome to the elimination again and now go vote someone off’’. Chris said

Everyone voted.

‘’Marshmellows goes too Rylie, Jessie, Kirss, Owen, Lindsay, Leshawna and DJ’’. Chris said

The bottom two is Ezekiel and Dakota.

‘’The final marshmellow goes too............................









DAKOTA’’! Chris announced


Ezekiel Eliminated

‘’What why did you vote me out’’? Ezekiel asked his team

‘’Because you were the first one out’’. Jessie said to Ezekiel

‘’And also we dont need you’’. Kriss told Ezekiel

Ezekiel walks the walk of shame and gets on the boat of losers.

Exclusive Clip

‘’Well atleast I wasnt the first one voted out from my team and overall’’. Ezekiel said ‘’That is my record’’.

Camera fades out.

Episode 8 : Aftermath I

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to do the challenge paintball. Some were deers some were hunters. In the end Screaming Leopards won. At the elimination ceremony bottom two was Ezekiel and Dakota. And Ezekiel got eliminated.

‘’Hi welcome to the all new Aftermath. Blaineley said

‘’Now lets meet our last season players and also the ones who didnt compete the last season and this season’’. Blaineley said

‘’Meet, Courtney, Cher, Cindy, Duncan, Alejandro, Scott, B, Gwen, Heather, Aphrodite, Zoey, Mike, Jacky, CJ, Cameron, Dawn, Bridgette, Vitor, Sam, Geoff, Lightning, Jaycee, Trent, Willow, Anne Maria, Eva, Izzy, Justin, Katie, Sadie and Sierra’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Today we will have 6 special guest’’. Blaineley said

‘’He is a know-It-All and she has a boyfriend back home, please welcome Noah and Beth’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Looks like the side ponytail didnt last much’’. Heather said to Beth

‘’You dont have to be mean about it’’. Beth told Heather

‘’Yes I need to be mean’’. Heather told Beth

‘’So Beth and Noah how was it to be the first one voted off the show’’? Blaineley asked Beth and Noah

‘’At first I was shocked but thenit went better’’.Beth told Blaineley

‘’I was also shocked due to Lindsay telling that girl Mary told her to vote me off’’. Noah told Blaineley

‘’That Mary girl is almost evil like-‘’. Zoey said as she got inturupted

‘’Like Cindy’’. Cher said

‘’Seriusly your bringing that back’’. Cindy said to Cher

‘’Of course I am bringing this back’’. Cher told Cindy

‘’Both of you stop fighting’’. Jacky said

‘’Seriusly its geting old’’. CJ said

B also aggres.

‘’Let them fight its funny’’. Duncan said

‘’They can get hurt’’. Dawn said

‘’This could also be a great video game’’. Sam said

‘’Lets move on to the next camper’’. Blaineley said

‘’She is  annoying and she is always telling about her family, please welcome STACI’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Ya my great great great great grandfather found the word annoying before that people used to say crazy’’. Staci said

‘’Was your time on the show was great’’? Blaineley asked

‘’It was kind a great because I had an alliance with Jo and Eris’’. Staci said

‘’Do you wanna know something about your alliance’’? Vitor asked

‘’Like what’’? Staci asked

‘’Eris and Jo backstabbed you’’. Vitor said

‘’What do you mean’’? Staci asked

‘’It means thet they convinced the team to vote you off’’. Courtney explained to Staci

‘’Why did they do that’’? Staci asked

‘’Because you are annoying’’. Alejandro told Staci

‘’I hope my Cody doesnt get eliminated by joining some kind a alliance’’. Sierra said

‘’We dont care about your Cody’’. Willow said

‘’Next camper is he is blond and one of his friends have name that rhymes with his name, please welcome DANE’’!  Blaineley introduced

‘’Hi everyone’’. Dane said

‘’Were you shocked being eliminated’’? Blaineley asked

‘’No because I knew I will be eliminated because I was the first one out’’. Dane said

‘’So your not mad’’? Mike asked

‘’Not at all’’. Dane said

‘’Thats cool that your not mad’’. Gwen said

‘’Next camper is she has green eyes and brown, pink hair, please welcome HEIDI’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’So Heidi you were diqualifited for braking Chrisis art but why did you do it’’? Blaineley asked

‘’For the last time I didnt break Chrisis art’’. Heidi said

‘’If you didnt break them who did’’? Cameron asked

‘’How should I know’’. Heidi said

‘’She is right she just got blamed by Eris and Jo’’. Jaycee said

‘’Thats it, Blaineley do you have any never before seen clips’’? Bridgette asked

‘’What did you say’’? Blaineley asked

‘’She asked if you have any never before seen clips’’? Geoff asked

‘’Of course I do’’. Blaineley said

‘’I will go get them’’. Trent said

‘’I am going with you’’. Lightning said

‘’Are there many clips’’? Scott asked

‘’I hope not’’. Aphrodite said

‘’No there arent many’’. Blaineley said

‘’Our last guest is home schoold and he was voted off first both time from his team, please welcome EZEKIEL’’! Blaineley introduced

‘’Was this a great experiance for you Ezekiel’’? Blaineley asked

‘’Of course I wasnt voted off first and I was like 7 episodes on the show’’. Ezekiel said

‘’I wonder why me and Sadie werent choosed’’. Katie said

‘’I know we would be great’’. Sadie said

‘’You two would be lame’’. Eva said

‘’I aggre with the man-lady’’. Anne Maria said

‘’I would be even great if I was there’’. Justin said

‘’Or me Izzy ha ha ha’’. Izzy said

Trent and Lightning arrived.

‘’We got the clips’’. Trent said

‘’Lets see who broke Chrisis art’’. Heidi said

The clip is showing that it was Eris and Jo.

‘’I cant believe it was Eris and Jo’’. Heidi said

‘’I am not shocked about Eris cuz she is evil’’. Cindy said

‘’Why didnt you tell at the begining of the aftermath’’?Heidi asked

‘’Because she is also evil plus a backstabber’’. Cher said

‘’Ok that was the time we had for this aftermath, watch us next time on Total Drama : Back On The Island’’. Blaineley said

Camera fades out.

Episode 9 : Take The Heat

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers had a paintball challenge, some dressed up as Hunters while some as deers. In the end Killer Rhinos lost. At the elimination ceremony Ezekiel got eliminated.

In the Killer Rhinos girls cabin.

‘’Ugh, I hate this’’. Jessie said

‘’What do you hate’’? Rylie asked Jessie

‘’Our losing streek’’. Jessie said to Rylie

‘’Me too’’. Rylie said

‘’Campers meet me at the main lodge’’. Chris said from the loud speaker

Everyone went to the main lodge.

‘’So we will have our challenge here’’? Leshawna asked

‘’Yes and both teams will have a helper’’. Chris said

‘’I hope its Taylor’’. Lindsay said

‘’ I am standing right here Lindsay’’. Tyler said

‘’Please welcome our classic players Trent and Heather’’! Chris announced

‘’What seriusly Heather’’. Eris said

‘’I hate her girly girl shorts’’. Jo said

‘’Trent you will help the Killer Rhinos while Heather you will hel the Screaming Leopards’’. Chris said

‘’But whats our challenge’’? Kriss asked

‘’Your challenge is to cook a three course dinner and I will judge from one to ten’’. Chris explained

‘’Since I am this challenge leader I can make sure we will win the challenge’’. Heather said


Heather said

‘’Who made you the leader’’? Irelyn asked

‘’I made my self sine you all are losers’’. Heather said

‘’We won last 3 challenges in a row’’. Jarrod told Heather

‘’And besides weren’t you the one who got voted out early last season and also the first and only member of the team that didnt merge’’.  Dine said

‘’Shut up it was all because of Courtney’’Heather said

‘’Can we just get start cooking’’? Brooke asked

‘’Yeah listen to this girl’’. Heather said

[Conf] ‘’Why I am with these losers, ugh I hate this show’’. Heather said

‘’Trent do you know any great meals’’? Dakota asked

‘’I know how to make great ribs’’. Trent said

‘’Mmm ribs’’. Owen said

‘’Dont think about it Owen’’. DJ said

[Conf] ‘’I really hope we will win this challenge’’. Dakota said

‘’What should we do’’? Cody asked

‘’Can I make my famous salad’’? Brick asked

‘’Can I also make salad’’? Harold asked

‘’Cody you get the oranges’’. Heather said ‘’Brick, no you cant make and Harold, not in a million years’’.

Camera switches.

‘’Trent do you have the souce’’? Rylie asked

‘’Yeah, I will put it on’’. Trent said

Owen runs in.

‘’Here are thouse oranges that you wanted Trent’’.Owen said and threw the oranges


Rylie & Trent

Trent was hit by the oranges in the head.

‘’Are you ok’’? Rylie asked Trent but Trent didnt answer

[Conf] ‘’Trent is out of the challenge but we can do this’’. Rylie said

‘’Ok we need to hurry without Trent we might lose this’’. Rylie said

‘’Me and Kriss will go finish the dessert’’. Jessie said

‘’Jessie can you tast this’’? Kriss asked

Jessie tastes Kriss dessert.

‘’Its very good, make more of these’’. Jessie said

‘’Ok’’. Kriss said

Camera switches.

‘’Where are my oranges’’?! Heather asked angry

‘’They’re here’’. Cody said

‘’What took you so long’’? Heather asked

‘’There was a-‘’. Cody said before he got inturupted

‘’I dont care, just put them over there’’. Heather said

‘’Heather I finished the cake you wanted’’. Irelyn said

‘’Not bad, make a new one’’. Heather said

‘’What why’’? Irelyn

‘’Because I said so’’. Heather said

‘’But-‘’. Irelyn said before she got inturupted

‘’NOW’’! Heather yelled

[Conf] ‘’Heather is a total bitch, I am so glad that there are confessionals so I could release my anger’’. Irelyn said

‘’The ribs smell nice’’. Leshawna said


Owen & Leshawna

‘’I know right’’. Owen said

‘’I will get Rylie to taste them’’. Leshawna said

Leshawna left.

‘’Mmm ribs’’. Owen said and he took one peace

‘’They are so good’’. Owen said

Camera switches.

‘’Your time has ened campers’’. Chris said ‘’First we will have Screaming Leopards’’.

‘’This pasta is really good, 7 points’’. Chris said

Chris tastes the second meal.

‘’The salad is also very good 7 points’’. Chris said

Chris tastes the dessert.

‘’It wasnt bad nor good 5 points’’. Chris said

‘’Irelyn you can now get voted out since you didnt score much points’’. Heather said

‘’You were the one that told me to make a new cake when we didnt have time left’’. Irelyn said

‘’Next is Killer Rhinos’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’I think we will win this challenge because I tasted the ribs and they were really, really good’’. Rylie said

Chris tastes the first meal.

‘’It is very very good 9 points’’. Chris said

Chris tastes the dessert that Kriss and Jessie made.

‘’Just like last meal 9 points’’. Chris said

Leshawna goes to get the ribs but is shocked.


‘’I am still waiting for the third meal’’. Chris said

‘’Sorry Chris but we dont have the third meal’’. Jessie said

‘’Why’’? Chris asked

‘’Because Owen ate them’’. Leshawna said

‘’I will all see you at the elimination tonight’’. Chris said

The Killer Rhinos look sad.

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’If you had the ribs you would totaly won the challenge but since you didnt its voting time’’. Chris said

Everyone votes.

[Conf] ‘’I am voting for Owen’’. Leshawna said

[Conf] ‘’Not gonna miss you Owen’’. Jessie said

[Conf] ‘’I dont know who to vote for maybe Jessie’’. Owen said

‘’Marshmellows goes too Lindsay, Kriss, Rylie, DJ, Dakota and Jessie’’. Chris said and threw the marshmellows

The bottom two is Leshawna and Owen.

‘’Last marshmellow goes too..........................











OWEN’’! Chris announced

‘’WHAT, how did I get the boot’’? Leshawna asked

‘’Yeah most of us voted for Owen for eating the ribs’’. Rylie said

‘’The votes were tempered’’. Leshawna said

‘’Dont care’’. Chris said


Leshawna Eliminated

Leshawan walks the walk of shame shocked with her bags.

Exclusive Clip

‘’Dont worry Leshawna’’. Trent said

‘’Yeah you still will be a loser always’’. Heather said

‘’Shut up baldy’’. Leshawna said

‘’Do you know any one who would do this’’? Trent asked

‘’I think it was that Mary girl’’.Leshawna said

‘’You mean that girl who told Lindsay that Noah had an alliance and took Rylies immunity statue’’? Trent asked

‘’Yes’’. Leshawna said

‘’That Mary is kind a a good player’’. Heather said

Camera fades out.

Episode 10 : Trust Me It's Going To Be Fine

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back On The Island. Both teams needed to make 3 course dinner. In the end Screaming Leopards win.At the elimination Leshawna was voted out.

In the main lodge.

‘’I cant believe that 5 members from our team is gone. ‘’ Rylie said

‘’I know we better win the next challenge’’. Jessie said

‘’We cant afford to lose again’’. Krišs said

Camera switches.

‘’We need to talk strategy’’. Eris said

‘’About what’’? Brick asked

‘’About who to eliminate next if we lose’’. Jo said ‘’But we wont lose’’.

‘’So who are we voting’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Brooke’’. Eris said

‘’Why her’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Because I know she knows about the alliance’’. Eris said

‘’Does everyone agrees’’? Eris asked

‘’Ok’’. Jarrod, Jo and Brick said

Chris comes in.

‘’Good morning campers’’. Chris said ‘’ Get ready for your challenge’’.

By the cliff.

‘’So whats our challenge’’? Irelyn asked

‘’Your first challenge is to get to the top of the cliff’’. Chris said ‘’And the ones who will be holding you is Total Dramas classic players GEOFF AND GWEN’’! Chris announced

[Conf] ‘’I am a fan of Gwen I hope she is on my team’’. Rylie said

‘’Gwen you are on Screaming Leopards while Geoff you are on Killer Rhinos’’. Chris said


Eris & Gwen glaring at each other

Chris gives them the toold and Eris and Gwen angry stare at each other.

[Conf] ‘’Ugh I hate Eris already’’. Gwen said

Camera switches.

‘’Whos going to go’’? Dakota asked

‘’I am not going I am affraid of hights’’. DJ said

‘’Maybe Omar can do it’’. Lindsay said

‘’No I dont want to’’. Owen said

‘’And besides he is too heavy’’. Krišs said

‘’Who is going’’? Jessie asked

‘’Dakota you will go’’. Rylie said

‘’Why me’’? Dakota asked

‘’Yes why her’’? Geoff asked

‘’Because Rylie said so, just do what she tells you to DO’’! Jessie yelled

‘’Ready, Set, GO’’! Chris yelled ‘’Brick quickly takes the lead bu Dakota is falling behind’’.

‘’You can do it Gwen’’! Cody cheered

‘’Your almost there’’! Tyler cheered

‘’And in the first challenge the winners are Eris and Gwen’’. Chris said

‘’Yes we win the first part of the challenge’’. Harold said

[Conf] ‘’I smell victory’’. Eris said

‘’ For the second challenge Gwen and Irelyn, and Geoff and Rylie will compete’’. Chris said

‘’Your challenge is to make sushi without poisening your partner’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’I dont know how to make sushi’’. Irelyn said

‘’ I will be the eater Gwen’’. Irelyn said

‘’Ok fine whatever’’. Gwen said

Camera switches.

‘’I will make the sushi’’. Rylie said

‘’Ok cool’’. Geoff said

Both teams started to make sushi.

‘’I am done, taste it Geoff’’. Rylie said

‘’Its tastes great’’. Geoff said

Gwen gives her sushi to Irelyn.

‘’I feel kind a sick, I think I am going to puke’’. Irelyn said and ran off

‘’Sorry Irelyn’’. Gwen said

‘’For the final challenge we will have competing  DJ and Geoff, and Gwen and Dine’’. Chris said

‘’Whats our challenge’’? DJ asked

‘’Your challenge is toboggan race while the one will be blind the other will tell which way to turn’’. Chris explained

‘’Ready, Set, GO’’! Chris said

‘’DJ and Geoff take the lead’’. Chris said

‘’We are geting away from them’’.Dine said

[Conf] ‘’I think we will win this challenge due to our winning streak’’. Dine said

Geoff looks scared while DJ stears.


DJ & Geoff

‘’And the winners are...................










GWEN AND DINE’’! Chris announced

‘’Seriusly we lost again that is just bad luck’’. Rylie said

‘’But wait where is DJ’’? Lindsay asked

DJ crashed realy hards in some trees.

At the elimination.

‘’Killer Rhinos get voting’’. Chris said

Killer Rhinos voted.

‘’I have to inform you that DJ is injured really bad he wont able to continue the competition but one of you still will be voted out’’. Chris said

Everyone got a marshmellow except Dakota.


Dakota eliminated

‘’Why did you vote me out’’? Dakota asked

‘’Because you lost the first challene’’. Jessie said

Dakota and DJ walk the dock of shame and get in the boat of losers with Gwen and Geoff.

Exclusive Clip

‘’Are you ok DJ’’? Dakota asked

‘’Yes I am fine’’. DJ said

‘’It doesnt look good’’. Gwen said

‘’Are you sure you will be fine’’? Geoff asked

‘’Yes I am sure dont worry about me’’.DJ said

Camera fades out.

Episode 11 : The Boney Island Challenge

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The challenges were based on trust. In the end  Screaming Leopards won the challenge for the 6th time in a row. At the elimination DJ was was automaticaly eliminated due to being injured and Dakota was voted out making our second double elimination of the season.

In the Killer Rhinos boys cabin.

Owen farts.

Owen stop farting you stinking up the cabin. Krišs said to Owen

Sorry but I cant help it I ate alot of beans last night. Owen told Krišs

[Conf] Owen seriusly has to go and to do that I need to convince Jessie and Rylie or Lindsay. Krišs said

In the Killer Rhinos girl cabin.

I cant believe we are only 5 members left on this team. Rylie said

At this rate we will be eliminated all one by one and none of us will make it to the merge. Jessie told Rylie

Maybe the loser team will get a special reward today. Lindsay said to Rylie and Jessie

Dont be a fool Lindsay that will never happen. Jessie said

[Conf] Ok if we lose I think I will convince Krišs and Rylie to vote for Owen or Lindsay because they are the most usles members of this team. Jessie said

By the docks.

Hello campers ready for your next challenge? Chris asked

Just tell us already. Jo said to Chris

Fine. Chris said

Your challenge is to paddle across the lake to Boney Island with a partner then you will need to portage your canoe to the other side of the island. Chris explained the first part of the challenge Everyone got that

Yes! Everyone said

And befor I forget I will pick two names that will switch teams. Chris said

Chris picks.

Jarrod and Lindsay you both are switching teams. Chris said

[Conf] Maybe with Jarrod we could win this challenge. Rylie said

[Conf] Why Lindsay she doesnt even have a brain. Eris said

Rylie will you be my partner? Krišs asked Rylie 

Sure. Rylie said

Since they are teaming up that leavs us 3. Jarrod said

Lets go. Jessie said

Camera switches to Screaming Leopards.

I will go with Jo. Eris said

Can I go with you Tyler? Lindsay asked Tyler

Of course you can Linds. Tyler told Lindsay

I will go with you Brooke. Irelyn said

OK Irelyn. Brooke said

Can I be with you Dine? Brick asked Dine

I dont care I just wanna win this challenge. Dine told Brick

That leaves me with you Harold. Cody said

I am a great partner cuz I have mad rowing skills. Harold said

Everyone is paddaling.

Camera switches to Eris and Jo.

If we lose who do we vote off? Eris asked Jo

We wont lose because we are the best players that are keeping this team alive. Jo said

Camera switches to Krišs and Rylie.

Rylie can I ask you a favor? Kriss asked

Like what? Rylie asked

If we lose we both vote off Owen. Krišs said

Why Owen? Rylie asked

Because he has been holding the team from winning the challenges, so do you agree? Krišs asked

Ok I agree. Rylie said

[Conf] Only one left to convince to vote off Owen. Krišs said

Everyone arrived to Boney Island.

Hurry lets go. Tyler said

While running Krišs saw something.

You guys go ahead I need to go somewhere. Krišs said

That was wierd. Jarrod said

I know right. Rylie said

Camera switches to Krišs.

WHAT, I cant believe it, is that the immunity statue, I thought Rylie lost it to the mistery girl Mary but It looks like she drop it. Krišs said and picked up the statue

Krišs find the immunity statue

[Conf] I am totaly save if they try to vote me out. Krišs said

So did you find what you were looking for? Rylie asked

No it was just some bottles. Krišs said

What our next challenge Chris? Irelyn asked

Your next part of the challenge is to make the biggest rescue fire and then paddle back to the camp befor the other team. Chris explained

Camera switches to Screaming Leopards.

I know how to make big rescue fires but first we need to get alot of wood.Irelyn told her team

Ok lets go. Brooke said

After 20 minutes.

Will this be enought wood? Brick asked 

Yes. Irelyn said

Whats next? Cody said

Burn the wood and then we need to find some tree sap. Irelyn said

How much? Harold asked

Not much. Irelyn said

Camera switches to Killer Rhinos.

Look at they're fire its so small. Owen said

I think we will actualy win this challenge. Jessie said

I woudnt be so sure. Jarrod said

Why? Rylie asked

Look. Jarrod said

Camera switches to Screaming Leopards.

Now everyone stand back. Irelyn said as she throws the tree sap ball into the fire

Wow thats a big fire.Tyler said

I know right. Lindsay said

Screaming Leopards win this part of the challenge. Chris said

Both teams are neck and neck close to the camp.

And the winners are..............








SCREAMING LEOPARDS. Chris said That means Killer Rhinos you will have to go to another elimination ceremony for the 7th time in a row.

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

The first marshmellow goes too Jessie, Jarrod, Rylie. Chris said and threw them marshmellows

The bottom two is Owen and Krišs.

The last marshmellow goest too.............











KRIŠS! Chris announced

At the dock of shame Lindsay comes.

Bye Owen I will miss you.Lindsay said


Owen hugs Lindsay after his elimination

Bye I know you can win thisOwen said and huged Lindsay

Exclusive Clip

Can we get to the nearest restorant cuz I just wanna eat so badly. Owen said Or maybe we could go to the carneval when you take me home

Camera fades out.

Episode 12 : Outdoors Suck

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to go to the Boney Island to make the biggest fire and then the first team who came back from the island win the challenge. In the end Screaming Leopards won the challenge again and Killer Rhinos sent Owen packing.

In the Killer Rhinos boys cabin.

Finally stink free cabin. Krišs said

So Owen used to stink up the cabin from beans? Jarrod asked

Yes.Krišs said

You must be though if you can take the smell. Jarrod said

I cant take the smell its so bad I would rather quit but I wont. Krišs said

In the Killer Rhinos girls cabin.

Um Jessie are you ok? Rylie asked Jessie

Jessie didnt response.

Hello earth to JessieRylie said

What, whats happening? Jessie asked

Nothing yet but you were spaced out. Rylie said

I was just thinking about-Jessie said as she got intorupted

Jarrod. Rylie said

Yes how did you know? Jessie asked Rylie

I can see it in your eyes and also I saw you looking all the time at last challenge. Rylie said

[Conf] Jarrod is so cute I love him but I am affraid that he doesnt like me like I do him. Jessie said

In the Screaming Leopards girls cabin.

Lindsay you hair looks is so healthy how did you get that? Brooke asked Lindsay

I just use this special shampo. Lindsay said

Can me and Irelyn try it? Brooke asked

Sure. Lindsay said

Thank you Lindsay. Irelyn said

Camera switches to Jo and Eris.

Did you see that they are already bonding. Eris said

We need to get rid of one of them. Jo said

And I have an Idea who should we get rid of. Eris told Jo 

In the Screaming Leopards guys cabin.

I hope this winning streak keeps going. Cody said

Me too. Tyler said

I dont want to return to the elimination ceremony again. Dine said

If we keep winning like this we could make it to the merge. Brick said

So then lets keep winning.Harold said

At the campfire after 20 minutes.

Campers your challenge will begin now. Chris said

What is it? Irelyn asked

You need to go to your destination and  then you need to camp overnight in the forest with supplies provided. Chris explained the challenge

[Conf] This could be easy. Rylie said

Ok team lets go. Eris said

Who made you the leader? Brooke asked

I did if you dont follow my orders I will boot you out of the game. Eris said

I would like you to try that. Brooke said

I will. Eris said

You wont suceed. Brooke said

Why? Eris asked

Because everyone hates you here and also they know that you are evil and mean. Brooke said

Stop argguing we need to go to the campsite. Irelyn said

Fine lets go. Eris said

[Conf] Brooke is so going down. Eris said

[Conf] I'm going down she is the one thats going to be booted out if we lose. Brooke said

Everyone arrived at the campsites.

Ok lets start putting the tent. Jarrod said

Ok! Krišs, Jessie and Rylie said

[Conf] I love Jessie but I need to find out if she likes me too. Jarrod said

Brooke you go get firewood with Brick and Dine, Lindsay and Tyler you go get some water, Cody, Harold and Irelyn you need to get some food. Eris said

Seriusly you are bossing us around again. Brooke said

Just do what she says. Irelyn said

Why what will they do? Brooke asked

Me and Eris will built the tent.Jo said

Ok fine I will go. Brooke said

[Conf] I need to convince everyone to vote for Eris if we lose. Brooke said

At night.

This team is so lonely. Rylie said

Why are you saying that? Jessie asked

Because We are only 4 member left from the team and if we lose we will become 3. Rylie said

You're right Rylie. Jarrod said

But if we get back first to the camp we win the challenge. Krišs said So lets go to sleep now.

Ok. Jessie, Jarrod and Rylie said

Killer Rhinos went to sleep.

Camera switches to Screaming Leopards.

Has anyone seen Cody? Brick asked

I am up here. Cody said

What are you doing up there? Dine asked


Cody scared

Look behind you. Cody said

AHHH A BEAR, everyone go up in the tree. Dine said

Everyone went up in the tree but Brooke fell down.

AHHH, dont eat ME! Brooke said

Are you ok? Bear asked

Did that bear just asked me a question? Brooke asked

The bears removes his head.

IZZY!? Everyone said

Izzy cameo

What are you doing here? Brooke asked

Chris told me to scare you and it worked. Izzy said

If you would you can stay with us and then go to Chris. Brick said

I would like that ha ha ha. Izzy said

[Conf] Izzy is so crazy I hope she doesnt come near me. Eris said

[Conf] I like being back on the show for atleast one episode. Izzy said

The morning.


Jessie & Jarrod

Jessie and Jarrod are sleeping outside cuduling.

Both of them wake up.

What how did this happened? Jessie said

I dont know but I kind a liked it. Jarrod said

Me too.Jessie said

And I-. Jarrod said as he got intorupted by Jessie

I know what will you say and me too. Jessie said

[Conf]YES! Jessie said

[Conf] Finnaly we are a couple. Jarrod said

Lets go Killer Rhinos we have a challenge to win. Rylie said and quickly ran.

After 15 minutes.

Rylie you are the first one here with Eris and Jo. Chris said

Jo, Eris & Rylie

Where is my team? Rylie asked

Look here come both teams. Jo said

And the winners are...................











THE KILLER RHINOS! Chris announced

YES we finally win a challenge. Rylie said

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Marshmellows goes too Brick, Dine, Jo, Irelyn, Tyler, Lindsay, Cody and Harold. Chris said

Bottom two is Eris and Brooke.

The final marshmellow goes too.......











ERIS! Chris announced

At the dock of shame.


Brooke & Eris

Well bye Eris I hope you get your karma after you lose. Brooke said

I dont care just leave already. Eris said

Exclusive Clip

Eris will get her karma I just know it and I dont care if I lost. Brooke said

Camera fades out.

Episode 13 : Just Training

Camera fades in. Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to stay one night in the woods. Jessie and Jarrod became a couple and the Killer Rhinos won finally a challenge ending they're losing streak. At the elimination ceremony bottom two was Brooke and Eris. And brooke got eliminated.

In the Screaming Leopards girls cabin.

I cant believe we lost. Jo said

I know. Eris said

We better win the next challenge. Jo said

To win the next challenge we need to work as a team. Irelyn said

And not boss anyone around. Lindsay said

Fine.Eris said

[Conf] As F I am still going to take control of this game. Eris said

In the Screaming Leopards boys cabin.

I hate it when we lose. Dine said

Gosh calm down. Harold said

Yeah dude calm down. Cody said

This lose doesnt mean we will lose again. Brick said

Yeah so dont worry. Tyler said

In the Killer Rhinos girls cabin.

Finally we win a challenge after so many loses. Jessie said

I know right. Rylie said

I just we can win the next challenge. Jessie said

Me too. Rylie said

In the Killer Rhinos boys cabin.

It feels so great winning a challenge. Krišs said

But we can still lose the next one. Jarrod said

But I hope we dont and I hope to eliminate all Screaming Leopards in the merge so that the final 4 are all Killer Rhinos. Krišs said

[Conf] Planing to eliminate all Screaming Leopards but I am one of that teams original members befor I switched does that I will get eliminated. Jarrod said

By the docks.

Hello campers. Chris said

Just tell us the challenge so we could win. Jo said

Your not winning we areJessie said 

Jessie and Jo are glaring at each other.

Ok just stop it you too. Brick said

FINE! Jessie and Jo said

Your challenge is to complete all the challenges in a boot camp run by Chef. Chris said

Suckers your first challenge is to hold the canoe over they're heads as long as you can while me and Chris sit on top the canoe. Chef explained

Both teams are holding the canoe while Chef is sitting on the Screaming Leopards while Chris is sitting on Killer Rhinos.

This is easy. Jo said

For me it isnt. Eris said

[Conf] If we got Chef sitting on our canoe I think we would lose because he is much hevier than Chris. Jessie said

At night.

I am sorry guys I cant hold it anymore. Dine said

You have to be kidding me even Lindsay can hold it. Jo said

Dine rings the bell.

Killer Rhinos win the first challenge only two more challenges left or one if the Killer Rhinos win the next one. Chef said

Whats our next challenge? Krišs asked

Your next challenge is to complete the obstacle course. Chef said The last team to complete the course will be sent to the elimination ceremony.

Everyone runs throught the obstacle course.

I hate this challenge too much mud. Eris said

So then quit the show. Rylie said

I am not a quitter.Eris said

Fine by me but look at your dress it all muddy. Rylie said and laughed

[Conf] What I hate Eris since she is always so mean to everyone. Rylie said

Yes we made it first jarrod. Jessie said

Only left are Krišs and Rylie. Jarrod said

After 10 minutes.

Finally made it. Krišs said

Did we win? Rylie asked

Killer Rhinos you win the challenge and you win immunity. Chef said

Killer Rhinos cheered.

After the challenge.


Jarrod & Jessie

I hate this bush. Jessie said

Dont worry when we get the food you can take it off. Jarrod said

After they got the food.

Thanks for bringing this food Jessie. Rylie said

Your welcome. Jessie said and she left the cabin

So. Jarrod said

We won another challenge. Jessie said

Both of them blushed and kissed.

Jarrod & Jessie kiss

[Conf] That kiss was awsome. Jarrod said

[Conf] We kissed. Jessie said out of excitment

At the elimination ceremony.

Everyone voted.

Marshmellows goes too Eris, Jo, Cody, Tyler, Brick, Irelyn and Harold. Chris said

Bottom two is Lindsay and Dine.

The last marshmellow goes too.............










LINDSAY! Chris announced

You guys only voted me out because I lost the first challenge. Dine said

Start crying I dont care. Eris said

Exclusive Clip

Losing the competition when you are this far is just dissapointing. Dine said

Camera fades out.

Episode 14 : Aftermath II

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back On The Island. The Campers needed to complete in 3 challenges but since Killer Rhinos won the first two challenges there wasnt a third challenge. At the elimination ceremony Dine and Lindsay were the bottom two. And Dine got voted out.

Hi am you hostess Blaineley. Blaineley introduced herself Welcome to the Total Drama Aftermath.

Today we will have 6 eliminated players. Blaineley said She is cool, she made it to the final 5 in Total Drama Island, please welcome LESHAWNA! Blaineley introduced

Hey all Leshawna is in the house. Leshawna said

So Leshawna were you suprised that you got out? Blaineley asked

Of course who woudnt. Leshawna said

Who do you think who got you eliminated? Blaineley asked

I dont know maybe that Mary girl what ever she is. Leshawna said

Blaineley had done interviewing Leshawna.

He is though, but he had to leave the show due to injuris but he isnt alone cuz she is blond and her boyfriend is here please welcome DJ AND DAKOTA! Blaineley introduced

Hey Dakota! Sam yelled and waved at her

Hey Sam I missed you. Dakota said

DJ and Dakota are you both relieved that you are out of the game? Blaineley asked

I am since I can be with my mama. DJ said

I am also since I can be with my boyfriend. Dakota said

But woudnt you rather win? Courtney asked

No. Dakota said

I have to agree with Dakota. DJ said

Blaineley had done interviewing DJ and Dakota.

He loves to eat, beans make him sleepwalk please welcome OWEN! Blaineley introduced

Hey everyone.Owen said

Owen were you sad that you got eliminated? Blaineley asked

No not at all? Owen said

Why? Gwen asked

Because I have all the food I need. Owen said

Blaineley had done interviewing Owen.

She is wearing a blue dress and she got a great conflict with Eris please welcome BROOKE! Blaineley introduced

Hey everyone. Brooke said

The conflict you had with Eris was great Brooke I hope she gets what she deserves. Cindy said

I have to agree with the boyfriend stealer. Cher said

She was just mean to us. Brooke said

Were you shocked that you got eliminated? Blaineley asked

No cuz I knew Eris would convince some of the members to vote me off.Brooke said

You said that Eris will get her Karma will that actually happen? Blaineley asked

Every evil person will get they're karma like Cher when she got eliminated in last season with Jacky.Brooke said

Hey! Cher yelled

Blaineley had done interviewing Brooke.

He is currently the last member of Screaming Leopards to be eliminated and he currently the only boy please welcome DINE! Blaineley introduced

So were you shocked getting eliminated? Blaineley asked

Pff no why should I be. Dine said

I dont know cuz you lost to win one million dollars. Heather said

Dont remind me. Dine said

Do you think that the Mary person will reveal it self? Blaineley asked

I hope so I want to see who she is. Dine said

Blaineley had done interviewing Dine.

That was the time we had for this aftermath. Blaineley said

Camera fades out.

Episode 15 : A Mine Full Of Generators Part 1

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back On The Island. The Campers needed to complete in 3 challenges but since Killer Rhinos won the first two challenges there wasnt a third challenge. At the elimination ceremony Dine and Lindsay were the bottom two. And Dine got voted out.

Chris called us to the main lodge and he didnt even show up I hate him. Jessie said

Maybe he is sleeping still. Lindsay said

He isnt, then why did he called us. Irelyn said

Here he comes. Rylie said

Good morning campers. Chris said

Where were you? Jarrod asked

I was with my hairstylist. Chris said

Whatever can you tell us the news. Jo said

Oh yeah I forgot about the news almost. Chris said 

What are they. Eris said

Today the teams are getting merged. Chris said

YES, finally! Eris said

[Conf] Finally the merge now I can work my other plan to eliminate Jo. Eris said

Lets keep this team as an alliance. Krišs said

Ok thats great. Jarrod said

Lets vote off the leopards one by one. Jessie said

[Conf] I kind a like that we are sticking togeather all four of us. Rylie said

I made the merge with Lindsay it feels so great. Tyler said

I wish Leshawna was here with me. Harold said

Or Gwen. Cody said

Men dont give up one of us still can win this. Brick said

Your next challenge will begin in 1 hour. Chris said

After one hour.

Whats our challenge? Rylie asked

Your challenge is to go to the mine and activate 5 generators.Chris said

And what happens if five of us activate one generator each? Cody asked

You didnt let me finish. Chris said The campers who activate the generators will get immunity.

Everyone cheered.

But be careful there is something down there in the mine. Chris said

[Conf] I hope its not too dangerous. Irelyn said

Krišs lets team up to find the genarators together. Rylie said

Ok. Krišs said

Jessie and Jarrod do you wanna join? Rylie asked

Sorry no cuz we wanna be together alone. Jessie said

Ok. Rylie said

So it looks like it will be just me and you. Krišs said

Camera switches.

Lindsay we can also be together. Tyler said

Ok I would like that Tyson. Lindsay said

Its Tyler. Tyler said

Sorry Tyler. Lindsay said

Camera switches.

Lets find the generators together. Eris said

Didnt you hear Chris only there can be five immunity winners. Jo said

When we find the first one you can take it, I will take the second one deal. Eris said

Deal. Jo said

[Conf] There is noway I will let her get immunity. Eris said

[Conf] If my plan works she can go home after this challenge. Jo said

Looks like we 4 are the only ones left.Irelyn said

So lets find the generators together. Brick said

Ok. Cody and Harold said

Everyone arrived at the mine.

Lets go in. Irelyn said

Everyone went inside.

This place is so creepy. Lindsay said

Dont worry I will proctect you. Tyler said

Look theres a red light. Lindsay said

Lindsay and Tyler walked to see what it is.

Its the generator. Tyler said

Who should activate the generator? Lindsay asked

You cuz I dont need immunity that much. Tyler said

Lindsay turned on the generator.

Lindsay activated the first generator. Chris said from the speaker

Camera swtiches.

Damn only four left we better hurry. Jo said

There is noway I am losing this challenge. Eris said

Camera switches.

We have been here for hours where is the damn generator. Krišs said

I hope we find one soon. Rylie said

Wait is that the generator? Krišs asked

Both of them ran.

No its just some red light sticks. Rylie said

Camera switches.

I am so tired. Cody said

Me too. Irelyn said

Lets rest for a bit. Brick said

Then we will move on. Harold said

While they were resting they heard something.

Did you hear that? Irelyn asked

It sounded like growling. Harold said

Lets run. Brick said

All 4 of them ran away.

Camera switches.

We been walking around circles where is the generator. Jessie said

Dont be so mad. Jarrod said

Why? Jessie asked

Because there is the generator.Jarrod said

So who will activate it? Jessie asked

Of course you. Jarrod said

Jessie activates the generator.

Jessie activated the second generator. Chris said from the speaker

Do you hear that Jarrod? Jessie said

Yes. Jarrod said

Both of them look behind and started to scream due to seeing something evil.

Camera fades out.


Episode 16 : A Mine Full Of Generators Part 2

Jessie RUN!. Jarrod yeled

Jessie and Jarrod ran away.

[Conf] Seriusly what was that thing. Jessie said

[Conf] I hope that thing didnt follow us. Jarrod said

Camera switches.

What was that? Rylie asked

I think it was Jessie and Jarrod. Krišs said

We need to help them. Rylie said

We dont have time we need to find the generators. Krišs said

Sine you wont help him, I will. Rylie said

Fine go. Krišs said

Rylie left Krišs to find Jessie and Jarrod.

[Conf] Why did I went alone. Rylie said

Camera switches.

I am so tired. Lindsay said

Me too lets rest for a bit. Tyler said

I hope the cute thing finds us. Lindsay

You mean the evil. Tyler said

Camera switches.

Werent we here before? Irelyn asked

It does kinda look like it we were here already. Cody said

Maybe we should head back. Harold said

Ok lets go. Cody said

WAIT! Brick screamed I turned on the third generator.

Brick has activated the third generator. Chris said from the speaker

Camera switches.

There are only two generators left. Jo said

We need to hurry and find the remaining two. Eris said

[Conf] And I will activatem both of them so that man girl doesnt get immunity. Eris said

Camera switches.

I found you Jessie and Jarrod. Rylie said Are you both ok

Yes we are ok. Jessie said

What happened? Rylie asked

We were attacked by somekinda monster. Jessie said

By the way where is Krišs? Jessie asked

He didnt want to come. Rylie said

Why? Jarrod asked

Because the generators were more important than you. Rylie said

[Conf] Is he trying to get rid of us. Jarrod said

Camera switches.

Where is that damn fourth generator. Krišs said

So looks like we met up. Jo said

Are you lost little boy. Eris said

I am not lost I am just looking for the generator and I know you were the ones that got Heidi out of the competition. Krišs said

[Conf] How does he know that. Eris said

[Conf] Did he saw us back then. Jo said

How do you know that? Eris asked

Because I was there looking from behind and I have to admit it was a prety good plan to blame it on Heidi since I wanted her gone too. Krišs said

So do you wanna be in an alliance with us? Jo asked

Ok sure. Krišs said

[Conf] I will actualy backstabb thouse two and then I will be able to get rid of the last remaining Screaming Leopards. Krišs said

Camera switches.

Look Tyler there is Irelyn with the boys. Lindsay said

Lets go. Tyler said

Tyler and Lindsay went to Irelyn, Cody, Harold and Brick.

So have you seen that thing? Brick asked

No not yet. Tyler said

Lets go togeather to look for the two remaining two generators. Irelyn said

Ok. Lindsay said

When they were walking they saw the fourth generator.

Looke there is the generator. Irelyn said

As she walked something jumped in front of her.

RUN! Irelyn said and the monster followed them


Episode 17 : A Mine Full Of Generators Part 3

Did we get away? Irelyn said

It looks like it.Cody said

Looks like not its comming back. Brick said

Lets run. Tyler said

Camera switches.

Look there is the generator. Jo said

I will activate it. Eris said

No. Krišs said

Why? Eris asked

The first one who gets to the generator can activate it. Krišs said

All 3 of them ran.

YES, I activated the generator. Krišs said

Krišs has activated the fourth generator. Chris said from the speaker

[Conf] That was so easy.Krišs said

Camera switches.

Look there is some water that we can drink. Rylie said

Lets go. Jarrod said

No. Jessie said

Why? Jarrod asked

Because it might be a trap. Jessie said

Made by Chris?Rylie asked

Yes. Jessie said

Ok we wont drink the water. Rylie said

Camera switches.

Does he still following us? Harold asked

Lets stop and check. Lindsay said

Looks like it gone. Tyler said

Lets go out of the mine so we could be safe. Irelyn said

Ok. Harold, Cody, Lindsay, Brick and Tyler said

Camera switches.

The fifht generator has to be here somewhere. Eris said

I know. Jo said

Lets keep looking. Krišs said

Camera switches.

Looks its that thing we saw, Jarrod said

We need to get past it. Jessie said

Does he look kinda made of metal to you? Rylie asked

It sure does. Jarrod said

[Conf] Is it a robot? Rylie asked

Irelyn, Brick, Lindsay, Cody, Harold, Tyler all made it out of the mine.

What are you guys doing here you need to do the challenge. Chris said

Yeah but we dont want to be hurt. Harold said

Camera switches.

Yes I found the generator. Eris said and activated it

Eris activated the fifth generator. Chris said from the speaker

Lets go out of the mine. Krišs said

[Conf] "I needed to find the generator. Jo said

Camera switches.

I think it wasnt the growing I think it was just the sound the robot makes which sounds like grwoling. Rylie said

The robot spots them.

Oh no he saw us. Jessie said

And the robot is holding Jessie and Jarrod.

Rylie help us. Jarrod said

I dont know what to do. Rylie said I got it.

Rylie throw a rock to the robot and he released Jessie and Jarrod and the robot fell into the water

Everyone got out of the mine.

Chris why in the mine there was a robot? Rylie asked

Because he was supposed to scare you and since you destroyed it he is gone. Chris said

Before the elimination ceremony.

Lets vote off eather Irelyn, Harold,Tyler or Cody. Krišs said

Why? Eris asked

Because they are in a alliance. Krišs said And I will also convince the others.

At the elimination ceremony.

Lindsay, Jessie, Krišs, Brick and Eris have immunity so there better be no votes aginst them. Chris said

I will also use my immunity that I got from the first challenge I won. Rylie said

Ok. Chris said

Everyone voted.

Marshmellows goes too Lindsay, Jessie, Krišs, Brick, Eris, Rylie. Jarrod,Cody, Tyler and Irelyn. Chris said

The bottom two is Jo and Harold.

The last marshmellow goes too...











JO! Chris announced

What why did you vote me out.Harold said I doesnt matter.

Why? Eris asked

Because now I will see Leshawna. Harold said

Harold leaves.
Harold leaves

Harold eliminated

Exclusive Clip

Leshawna if you will be watching this, I am coming. Harold said

Camera fades out.

Episode 18 : I Dare You A Suprise

Camera fades in. Last time on Total Drama Back On The Island. The Campers needed to activate 5 generators in the mine but there was a robot who followed them but then the robot got destroyed. At the elimination ceremony Jo and Harold were the bottom two and Harold was the first one voted out in the merge.

In the girls cabin.

Who took my hairbrush? Eris asked

Not me.Irelyn said

Me too. Lindsay said

It must be either Rylie or Jessie. Eris said

[Conf] I took her hairbrush and hide it so that she would be thrown off the game. Jo said

Jessie and Rylie where is my hairbrush . Eris asked

How shoulde we know. Jessie said

Yeah we dont like you. Rylie said

I am watching you. Eris said

In the boys cabin.

Finally the merge. Krišs said

I know right this is my first time in the merge. Tyler said

Mine too. Brick said

I just wonder what will be the next challenge. Jarrod said

I hope its something easy. Cody said

After 1 hour.

Hello campers ready for your challenge? Chris asked

No.Krišs said

Great follow me. Chris said

Everyone follows.

Whats our challenge? Eris asked

Your challenge is to complete the dares given by the last season players. Chris explained Starting with Alejandro, Bridgette, Gwen, Courtney, Aphrodite, Jaycee, Willow, Jacky, Geoff, Duncan, Trent, Heather, Vitor, CJ, Cindy, Cher, Sam, Scott, Dawn, Cameron, B, Lightning, Mike and Zoey.

[Conf] If the dares are thought I can make Eris lose and eliminate her. Krišs said

So who is first? Chris asked

Oh what the heck I am going first. Rylie said

Rylie spins the bottle and it lands on Duncan.

The bottle landed on Duncan

Your dare is to drink a skank drink. Chris said You can quit and wont get immunity or you can dare another player or you can do it your self and yo can get a freebe

I dare Eris. Rylie said

[Conf] She blamed that I took her hairbrush so this is my revenge on her. Rylie said

Eris drinks.

That was so grose. Eris said

Eris spins the bottle and it lands on Alejandro.

Your dare is to put your hand in very hot water. Chris said

I choose Jo. Cody said

Jo puts her hand in the hot water.

Pfff that was easy. Jo said

[Conf] Ouch that hurt . Jo said

Jo spins the bottle and it lands on Geoff.

Your dare is to drink powered fruit punch from the communal toilet. Chris said 

I pick Rylie. Jo said

So will you do the dare Rylie? Chris asked

Of course not. Rylie said

Rylie is out of the challenge. Chris said

I am next. Jessie said


The bottle landed on Zoey

Jessie spins the bottle and it lands on Zoey.

Your dare is to rechew harolds old gum. Chris said

I pick Lindsay to do it. Jessie said

I quit its so grose. Lindsay said

Lindsay is out of the challenge. Chris said

I am next. Tyler said

Tyler spins the bottle and it lands on Jacky.

Your dare is to eat some of Chefs grose food. Chris said

I pick Eris. Tyler said

Eris eats the food.

That was so wrong on so many levels. Eris said

Can I go next? Brick asked

Sure. Chris said

Brick spins the bottle and it lands on Bridgette.

The bottle landed on Bridgette

Your dare is to eat dog food. Chris said

I am not going to do it but I pick Jo. Brick said

I wont eat it too. Jo said

So you quit? Chris asked

Yes. Jo said

Jo is out of the challenge. Chris said

Krišs your up. Chris said


The bottle landed on Cher

Krišs spins the  bottle and it lands on Cher.

Your dare is to drink Chefs mystery meat. Chris said

I will give it too Cody. Krišs said

I quit. Cody said

Cody is out of the challenge. Chris said

Irelyn your next. Chris said

Irelyn spins the bottle and it lands on Willow.

Your dare is to drink a hot peper drink. Chris said

I will give it to Tyler. Irelyn said

Tyler drinks the drink.

That was so hot. Tyler said

Jarrod your up. Chris said

Jarrod spins the bottle and it lands on CJ.

Your dare is to get a piece of bear fur. Chris said

I would like Brick to do it. Jarrod said

I wont. Brick said

Brick is out of the challenge. Chris said

Eris spins the bottle and it lands on Dawn.

Your dare is to eat something healthy. Chris said

That is it I will do it. Eris said

Eris eats something healthy and gets a freebe.

Krišs spins the bottle and it lands on Lightning.

Your dare is to jump in a tank with sharks. Chris said

I pick Tyler to do it. Krišs said

I wont its too dangerous. Tyler said

Eris spins the bottle and it lands on Mike.

Your dare is to lick some toe jam. Chris said

I pick Jessie to do it. Eris said

Are you nuts its grose. Jessie said

Jessie is out of the challenge. Chris said

Jarrod spins the bottle and it lands on Aphrodite.

Your dare is to eat some worms. Chris said

I pick Eris. Jarrod said

I will use my freebe. Eris said

Good call. Chris said

Eris spins the bottle and it lands on Heather.

Your dare is to beat some one up in a boxing match. Chris said

I pick Irelyn to do it. Eris said

I wont fight anyone. Irelyn said

Irelyn is out of the challenge. Chris said

Jarrod spins the bottle and it lands on Scott.

Your dare is to eat something poisinos. Chris said

I pick Krišs. Jarrod said

[Conf] Seriusly who gets these ideas to eat something poisonus. Krišs said

I wont risk my life. Krišš said

Krišs is out of the challenge. Chris said

Eris spins the bottle and it lands on Sam.

Your dare is to eat a bug. Chris said

Jarrod have a nice bug. Eris said

Jarrod eats the bug.

That was bad. Jarrod said

Jarrod spins the bottle and it lands on Cindy.

The bottle landed on Cindy

Your dare is to get your head shaved by Chef. Chris said

WHAT! Everyone said

I pick Eris. Jarrod said

So will you accept the dare or lose the challenge? Chris asked

Of Course I-. Eris said as Chef was walking and tripped and accidently shaved Erises head

Oh my gosh. Rylie said

She got her head shaved. Irelyn said

What NO! Eris said

Eris is out of the challenge. Chris said

What are you talking about he shaved my head. Eris said

True but you didnt accept the challenge. Chris said

NO! Eris yelled

At the elimination ceremony.

[Conf] Bye bye Krišs I hope you have good day. Eris said

Everyone voted.

Marshmellows goes too Jarrod, Jessie, Irelyn, Brick, Cody, Tyler, Lindsay, Jo, Rylie. Chris said

The bottom two is Krišs and Eris.

The last marshmellow goes too.............











ERIS! Chris announced

Ha, yes! Eris said out of excitment

I dont think I am leaving. Krišs said

Oh really why is that? Eris asked


Eris eliminated & bald

Because I have the immunity idol
. Krišs said

Everyone gasped.

YOU, YOU, YOU! Eris yelled angry

Sorry to interupt the conflict. Chris said Eris you have been eliminated by Krišs.

So you stole my immunity statue? Rylie asked

No I found it on Boney Island. Krišs said The Mary girl that stole it must have droped it.

Eris walks the dock of shame.

Exclusive Clip

Krišs will pay for eliminating me. Eris said I hate this lame show.

Camera fades out.

Episode 19 : Hide And Seek Again

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama Back On The Island. The campers needed to complete the dares which were given by last season players. Jarrod won immunity. At the elimination ceremony Eris and Krišs were the bottom two. Krišs was supposed to be eliminated but he used the immunity statue to safe him self and Eris got eliminated insted.

In the boys cabin.

That was some suprise that you showed Krišs. Jarrod said

What I am not here to lose, I am here to win. Krišs said

Dont forget we all are here to win so there is no chance of winning for you. Cody said

Why did you say that. ? Krišs asked

Because your evil. Brick said

Why would you think that? Krišs asked

Because you stole Rylies immunity and you got Owen eliminated. Tyler said

I didnt steal it I found it on Boney Island and he was just so annoying I coudnt take it anymore. Krišs said

In the girls cabin.

I cant believe that Eris is gone this makes me so happy. Jessie said

Me too finnaly everything can be normal around here. Irelyn said

Yeah, but I cant still believe that Krišs found the immunity statue. Rylie said

I need to find the statue. Jo said

No I needed. Rylie said

Please you would use the statue at wrong time. Jo said

Why do you even talk about that satue its gone since Krash used it. Lindsay said

Its Krišs acctualy. Rylie said

So it was Krišs too. Lindsay said I cant believe it.

After 25 minutes.

At the dock.

Campers today we will have this season first challenge. Chris said

Hide and sleep? Lindsay asked

No, Hide and Seek. Chris said

What are the rules? Jarrod asked

Same as before and you have 15 minutes to hide now go. Chris said

Everyone went hiding.

[Conf] I won this challenge the first time and I can do it again. Rylie said


Lindsay hides

Lindsay hides behind a post and looks if Chef isnt there but she turned around and became the first camper to be found.

Lindsay is out of the challenge. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Camera switches.

Stupid girl doesnt know how to hide. Jo said

Dont call her like that. Irelyn said

WHAT, what are you doing at my hiding spot? Jo said

Your hiding spot I found it first. Irelyn said

Yeah right white loser. Jo said

Someone is poking Irelyn.

Jo stop poking me. Irelyn said

I am not poking you. Jo said

Both of them turned around and saw Chef.

Jo and Irelyn are out of the challenge. Chris said from the loudspeaker

[Conf] She ruind my plans to win this challenge. Jo said

I think he wont find us here. Jarrod said

I hope your right. Jessie said

What should we do while we are staying here? Jarrod said

We can discuss who to eliminate next. Jessie said

Ok. Jarrod said

I think you will have time for that when you are out of the challenge. Chef said

What we are out?! Jessie asked

Thats right. Chef said

Jessie and Jarrod are out of the challenge. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Camera switches.

Rylie hides in the grass but then she saw Krišs.

Rylie hides

Hey Krišs. Rylie said

Hey. Krišs said

Are you telling the truth that you didnt stole my immunity statue when the Mary girl took it? Rylie asked

Yes I am. Krišs said

I dont know why but I dont believe you. Rylie said

Believe me or not I didnt stole it from you. Krišs said

I dont believe it too. Chef said

Aww we lost. Rylie said

Krišs and Rylie are out of the challenge. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Camera switches.

I wonder where is Tyler. Cody said

Me too. Brick said

Its like he found the best hiding spot. Cody said

Maybe. Brick said

Maybe but you dont have both the best hiding spot. Chef said

Tyler wins immunity. Chris said from the loudspeaker

Camera switches.

Who are we voting? Jessie asked

I dont know. Jarrod said

Me too. Rylie said

Dont worry I will take care of it. Krišs said

What will you do? Rylie asked

You'll see. Krišs said

At the elimination ceremony.

Tyler has immunity so there better be no votes for him. Chris said

Everyone voted.

Marshmellows goes too Tyler, Rylie, Lindsay, Jarrod, Brick, Jessie, Irelyn and Jo. Chris said

Bottom two is Krišs and Cody.

Last marshmellow goes too...........

















KRIŠS! Chris announced

Everyone looks shocked.

WHAT, how did I get the boot? Cody asked

Yeah I know for a fact that many of us didnt vote for him. Brick said

I dont care its not my problem. Chris said

[Conf] I tempered with the votes and got Cody eliminated. Krišs said

Well bye everyone. Cody said

Exclusive Clip

I dont know who tempered with the votes but atleast I made it to the merge and I will see maybe Gwen when I get home. Cody said

Camera fades out.

Episode 20 : All Is Answered

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The challenge was again hide and seek. In the end Tyler won immunity and Cody got eliminated but if Krišs woudn’t tempered with the votes someone else would have been eliminated.

In the girls cabin.

‘’I still can’t believe it’’. Rylie said

‘’What you can’t believe’’? Jessie asked Rylie

‘’Krišs eliminated two players Eris and Cody’’. Rylie said

[Conf] ‘’So it was Krišs who tempered with the votes, I can use that to my advantage’’. Jo said

‘’So eavesdropping again I see’’. Krišs said to Jo

‘’And so what, atleast I wasn’t the one who tempered with the votes’’.Jo told Krišs

‘’Oh really, I know you are Mary’’. Krišs told Jo

‘’Pfff, what makes you think that’’? Jo asked Krišs

‘’I’ve been watching you like a hawk from the begining of the season’’. Krišs told Jo

‘’So what are you going to do tell everyone’’. Jo said to Krišs

‘’Yes’’. Krišs told Jo

‘’Fine but then I will tell you that you tempered with the votes’’.Jo told Krišs

‘’What, how do you know that’’? Krišs asked Jo

‘’I heard Rylie talking about that you got Cody eliminated’’.Jo said to Krišs

[Conf] ‘’Damn it’’. Krišs said

‘’Good morning campers ready for the pain’’. Chris said

‘’The pain’’? Irelyn asked confuesd

‘’Yes, because today’s challenge you will have to spin the wheel of misfortune and perform the torture recived and if you hold on 10 seconds in the challenge you move on to the next round’’. Chris explained the challenge

‘’And here to demonstrate the challenge is Geoff’’. Chris said


Geoff Cameo

Geoff demonstrates the challenge in a barrel of leaches.

‘’That was so awufl’’. Geoff said

 [Conf] ‘’That even sounds painful’’. Irelyn said

‘’Ok who wants to be first’’? Chris asked

No one answers him.

‘’Jarrod you’re up’’. Chris said

‘’Why me’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Because I said so’’. Chris said

Jarrod spins and it lands on snaping turtles.

‘’If I were you dude I procect my coconuts’’.Chris said

Jarrod doges some of the turtles until one of them bite in the arm.

‘’I can’t hold on’’. Jarrod said

‘’Jarrod you are out of the challenge’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Never again’’. Jarrod said

‘’Next is Lindsay’’. Chris said

Lindsay spins and it lands on the barrol of leaches.

‘’That looks so grose’’. Lindsay said

‘’You know you can quit but you will be eliminated from the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’I dont care I quit the challenge’’. Lindsay said

‘’Next up is Jo’’. Chris said

Jo spins the wheel and it lands on the bear.

‘’What do I have to do’’? Jo asked

‘’You need to talk to the bear’’. Chris said

‘’Thats it it will be easy’’. Jo said

‘’But without running away’’. Chris said

After 10 seconds.

‘’And Jo completes her challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Next up is Rylie’’. Chris said

Rylie spins the wheel and gets a poisen ivy spa treatment.

[Conf] ‘’I can do this, I can do this, I can’t do this’’. Rylie said

‘’Sorry Chris but I can’t do it’’. Rylie said

‘’Rylie is out of the challenge’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Time to make some drama’’. Jo said

‘’Next up is Krišs’’. Chris said

‘’I am just wondering about how Cody got eliminated’’. Jo said

‘’Me too actually’’. Brick said

‘’I think everyone wants to know’’. Geoff said

‘’I remember who it was’’? Jo said

‘’Who’’? Tyler asked

‘’It was Krišs’’. Jo reveald

Everyone gasped.

‘’Fine you wanna play that game, fine’’. Krišs said ‘’Listen up everyone Jo is Mary and she also tempered with the votes’’.

Everyone gasped.

[Conf] ‘’I can’t believe it’’. Irelyn said

[Conf] ‘’That was a shocker’’. Brick said

[Conf] ‘’I didn’t see that comming’’. Geoff said

‘’Ok we can discussit later Krišs spin the wheel’’.Chris said

Krišs spins and it lands on eating some old bread.

‘’I will eat it’’. Krišs said

‘’Krišs moves on to the next round’’. Chris said

‘’Why did you reveal that Jo’’? Jessie asked

‘’Because Its part of my plan’’. Jo said

‘’I see by telling everyone you made Krišs the target’’.Jessie said

‘’Thats right’’. Jo said

‘’But Krišs also reveald that you are Mary’’. Jessie said

‘’So what your point’’? Jo asked

‘’My point is that if you both lose you will end up both in the bottom two and one of you will get eliminated’’.Jessie said

[Conf] ‘’She’s right’’. Jo said

‘’Irelyn your up’’. Chris said

Irelyn spins and it lands on getting a hair cut by Chef with a chainsaw.

‘’That is scary’’. Irelyn said ‘’But I dont wanna lose my hair so I quit’’.

‘’Irelyn is out of the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Next up is Brick’’. Chris said

Brick spins and get that he needs to stay in a wooden box with snakes.

‘’Oh no I wont do it’’. Brick said

‘’Fine you are out of the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’Tyler you are up’’. Chris said

Tyler spins.

‘’Your challenge is to eat icecream without getting a brainfreez in 10 seconds’’. Chris said

‘’Thats easy’’. Tyler said

Tyler eats the icecream and gets a brainfreez.

‘’Tyler you’re out’’. Chris said

‘’Jessie your up’’. Chris said

Jessie spins.

‘’Your challenge is to be in cage with a yeti’’. Chris said

‘’I am not risking my life I quit’’. Jessie said

‘’What wrong with you people only Krišs and Jo did the challenge’’.Chris said

Jo does her next challenge and passes to the next round.

Krišs spins.

‘’Your challenge is to stand on a log with one foot’’. Chris said

Krišs does the challenge but he fell.

‘’Jo wins immunity and at the elimination ceremony I will announce her special reward’’. Chris said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Whats my reward’’? Jo asked

‘’Your reward is that you can pick to players who you want to be eliminated’’.Chris said

Everyone gasped.

[Conf] ‘’Time to threw someone off the game’’. Jo said

‘’I pick...............










Krišs Eliminated

‘’Fine I dont need this lame show’’.Krišs said angry

‘’WHAT, why me’’? Jessie asked

‘’Because it was part of the strategy’’. Jo said

Krišs leaves but Chef and Chris take Jessie by hands to the boat of losers.


Jessie Eliminated

‘’I will get you back Jo just you wait’’.Jessie said

Exclusive Clip

‘’She will pay for choosing me’’. Jessie said

‘’Well atleast everyone know she was Mary’’. Geoff said

‘’If she loses the next challenge she will get eliminated for sure’’.Krišs said

‘’I hope your right couse I wanne beat her up’’.Jessie said

Camera fades out.

Episode 21 : Horror, Hook And Chainsaw

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers needed to spin the wheel of misfortune and perform the torture received. In the end Jo won the challenge and got to pick two campers who goes home and she picked Jessie and Krišs.

The final 7 are watching a horror film.

‘’This movie isn’t that scary’’. Jo said

‘’I know right’’. Tyler said

After one scary scene in the movie Tyler screamed.

‘’Are you okay Tyler’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Yes I’m fine’’.Tyler said

‘’Are you sure you dont want to go to your mommy’’. Jo said and laughed

After the movie.

‘’That movie was awsome’’. Rylie said

‘’I know’’. Jarrod said

‘’It was a good movie’’. Irelyn said

‘’It wasnt good but it was really scary’’.Brick said

‘’I loved the part when the guy put his arm in the hole to get the key and got sliced by saws’’.Rylie said

‘’And also when the girl eyes got ripped out from her face’’. Jarrod said

‘’And when the other guy got sliced in half’’. Jarrod and Rylie said at the same time and scared Brick.


Jarrod and Rylie scaring Brick

‘’Relax Brick its just a movie’’. Irelyn said

Everyone is going to the cabins and they see that Chris is doing something by the dock.

‘’Whats going on Chris’’? Rylie asked

Chris didnt ansewer and left the island.

‘’You forgot your backpack’’. Tyler said and a newspaper dropped out.

Irelyn picks it up and reads it.

‘’Escaped pshyco killer is on the loose be-‘’.Irelyn as she got inturupted

‘’Obviusly this is fake’’. Jo said

‘’If this is fake why did Chris leave his hairgel’’. Jarrod said

Everyone gasped.

‘’Let me try his hairgel’’.Lindsay said

‘’No’’. Jo said  and threw the hairgel away.

‘’Okay we need to stick together’’. Rylie said

Jarrod, Lindsay, Jo, Tyler, Rylie, Brick and Irelyn went to the campfire to think a plan.

At the campfire.

‘’I have drawn all the players and-‘’.Irelyn said ‘’Where’s Tyler, Lindsay, Jo and Brick’’?

‘’They left’’.Rylie said

‘’To where’’? Irelyn asked

‘’We don’t know’’. Jarrod and Rylie said at the same time


Irelyn crossed Brick, Tyler, Jo and Lindsay

Irelyn crosses Lindsay, Jo, Tyler and Brick.

[Conf] ‘’I hope they are okay even Jo’’. Irelyn said

In the woods.

‘’Why are we in the woods’’? Tyler asked Lindsay

‘’I don’t know’’. Lindsay said

‘’I think we are lost’’. Tyler said

‘’Maybe we could ask that nice man’’. Lindsay said as she points to the pshycho killer

‘’Thats the pshycho killer’’! Tyler yelled ‘’RUN’’!

Lindsay and Tyler are running away screaming.

Lindsay and Tyler ran inside the tent.

‘’Where are we’’? Tyler asked

‘’Your in my tent and you both are out of the challenge since Chef dressed as pshycho killer cought you’’. Chris said

‘’Phew I thought he was a mall cop’’. Lindsay said

Camera switches.

‘’Hurry up Brick’’. Jo said ‘’He didnt even hear me’’.

Inside the bathroom.

‘’Hello is any one in here’’? Brick asked

Brick opens one of the bathroom doors and sees the pshycho killer.

‘’AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’’! Brick screamd and ran out of the bathroom.

‘’Whats wrong Brick’’? Jo asked Brick

Jo looks back and sees the pshycho killer.

‘’AHHHHHHHHHH’’! Jo screamed and ran away

Brick and Jo ran inside the tent.

‘’Chris what are you doing here’’? Brick asked

‘’I am whatching you both scream’’.Chris said ‘’And it funny’’.

‘’So the pshycho killer is-‘’. Jo said as she got inturupted

‘’Thats right Chef’’.Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Nice one Chris’’. Jo said

‘’I can’t believe the pshycho killer got all of them’’.Irelyn said

‘’I know’’. Jarrod said

‘’By the way where is Rylie’’? Irelyn asked

‘’She went to have a sandwich’’. Jarrod said

‘’Is she nuts she could die’’.Irelyn said and crosses Rylie and ran to the main lodge


Irelyn crossed Rylie

Irelyn is almost to the main lodge but the pshycho killer sees her and Irelyn starts screaming loud and for a long time.

Irelyn arrived at the tent.

‘’Everyone looks its the pshycho killer’’. Irelyn said

‘’Relax its just Chef’’. Chris said

‘’What seriusly’’. Irelyn said

[Conf] ‘’I can’t believe it was Chef’’. Irelyn said

Jarrod is at the dock of shame.

‘’Where are you pshycho killer’’.Jarrod said

Pshycho killer shows up.

Jarrod throws alot of things but it doesn’t work. The pshycho killer almost hit jarrod with the chainsaw but he missed and Jarrod took his chainsaw and defeted the pshycho killer.

Jarrod arrives at the tent.

‘’Good work Jarrod’’. Jo said

‘’Thanks’’. Jarrod said

Lindsay looks at the monitor.

‘’Hey look Rylie is with the pshycho killer all by herself’’. Lindsay said

‘’Wait if Chef is here then who is with Rylie’’? Jarrod said and everyone ran to the main lodge

Rylie eats a sandwich and feels someone is behind her.

‘’I know your there’’. Rylie said ‘’And you can drop the act I know your one of the interns that dressed up as an pshycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook’’.

The pshycho killer takes off his hook.

‘’Thats gross how did they make it so squished’’? Rylie asked ‘’It doesnt matter and you’re not even that scary’’.

Everyone runs inside the main lodge worried


‘’What’’. Rylie said

As the pshycho killer about to swing his chainsaw...


Rylie kicks the pshycho killer

‘’AHHH’’! Rylie yelled and kicked the pshycho killer in the face

‘’Ow, that was mean’’. Pshycho killer said ‘’I was way better treaded in prison, I am so out of here’’.

‘’Congradulations Rylie you win the challenge’’. Chris said

‘’I am so happy that you are alive’’. Irelyn said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Today you dont need to vote, because the one who screamed the longest is out of the competition and that player is ............................







IRELYN’’! Chris announced

‘’Bye everyone’’. Irelyn said and waved goodbye and Rylie and Lindsay huged her.

Exclusive Clip

‘’That challenge was scary but atleast I made it to the final 7’’. Irelyn said

‘’Well atleast you didn’t get kicked’’. Pshycho killer said

‘’Don’t worry it will heal’’. Irelyn said

‘’Are you sure’’?Pshycho killer asked

‘’Yes I am sure’’. Irelyn said

Camera fades out.

Episode 22 : Aftermath III

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers watched a horror movie then had to survive one. In the end Irelyn got eliminated due to screaming the longest and Rylie won the challenge due to faceing the real pshycho killer.

‘’Hi  I am your host Geoff’’. Geoff introduced

‘’And I am Bridgette’’. Bridgette said ‘’Today we will have 6 special guest’’.

‘’That right and they were eliminated from the merge from Total Drama’’. Geoff said

‘’Not only that Blaineley isnt here’’. Bridgette said

‘’Why you ask’’. Geoff said ‘’Because she is on a world tour to find Total Drama fans for a contest that they did’’.

‘’Okay time to introduce our first guest’’.Bridgette said ‘’He wears glasses and he has some awsome mad skills, please welcome HAROLD’’! Bridgette introduced Harold

‘’So Harold you were the first one voted out of the merge, how did it feel’’? Geoff asked

‘’It felt wierd but aleast I made it to the merge ‘’. Harold said

‘’If Leshawna would be in the merge do you think you could be safe from elimination that night’’? Bridgette asked

‘’I don’t really know but I know that It would be different with my sweet Leshawna’’.Harold said

‘’Thanks for your time’’.Geoff said

‘’Next we have a player that is bald and got what she needed, please welcome ERIS’’! Bridgette introduced Eris

‘’Ugh I hate the aftermaths’’. Eris said

‘’She looks more ugly now that she doesnt have any hair’’.Cher said

‘’Shut up loser’’.Eris said

‘’So what went trough your mind when you got eliminated by Krišs’’? Bridgette asked

‘’I thought I am gonna kill Krišs and Cindy’’. Eris said

‘’Why Cindy’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Because she was the one who made me bald’’.Eris said

‘’I have wanted to do that for years’’. Cindy said ‘’And finally it came true’’.

‘’I can’t believe I am about the say this but nice one Cindy’’.Cher said

‘’Did you hear that she was nice to me’’. Cindy said to Vitor

‘’Yeah I heard but she won’t be nice to you anymore’’.Vitor said

‘’If you had stayed what would be your next target to be eliminated’’? Bridgette asked

‘’It would be Krišs, Jessie or Jo’’.Eris said

‘’Thanks for your time’’.Bridgette said

‘’He has a crush on Gwen and he has stalker fan it-‘’.Geoff said as he got inturupted

‘’EEEEEEE CODY’’!Sierra said

‘’Hi Sierra’’.Cody said

‘’So Cody you got eliminated unfairly do you have any guesses who it was’’? Geoff asked

‘’I think it was Jo’’.Cody said

‘’Wrong the one who eliminated you is at the aftermath today’’.Geoff said

‘’WHAT’’! Cody said ‘’So its either Jessie, Krišs or Eris’’.

‘’Thanks for your time’’.Geoff said

‘’Next she has a boyfriend still competing and has a number on her shirt’’.Bridgette said 

‘’But don’t forget she was eliminated in a double elimination that tempered with the votes and used the immunity idol’’. Geoff said

‘’PLEASE WELCOME JESSIE AND KRIŠS’’! Bridgette and Geoff introduced

‘’So it was Krišs who tempered with the votes’’.Cody said

‘’Who cares’’.Krišs said

‘’Okay why did Jo picked you both to be eliminated’’?Bridgette asked

‘’Because we were the biggest threats’’.Krišs said

‘’Or because you reveald that she was Mary and that I told her that she is going down if she loses the challenge’’.Jessie said

‘’I think she eliminated you because it was part of her strategy to-‘’.Krišs said as he got inturupted

‘’throw Jarrod of the game’’.Jessie said

‘’Thank you for your time’’.Geoff said

‘’She is sweet and a great drawer, PLEASE WELCOME IRELYN’’!Bridgette introduced

‘’Hey everyone’’.Irelyn said

‘’Were you shocked that you got eliminated’’? Geoff asked

‘’Of course I was, I thought Brick would be eliminated’’.Irelyn said

‘’Were you scared that you were on the boat of losers with the pshycho killer’’?Bridgette asked

‘’Only a little but he was so nice’’.Irelyn said

‘’Thanks for your time’’.Geoff said

‘’That was the all the time we had for this episode, tune in next time for TOTAL DRAMA : BACK ON THE ISLAND’’!Bridgette said

Camera fades out.

Episode 23 : Three Arm Challenges

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers watched a horror movie then had to survive one. In the end Irelyn got eliminated due to screaming the longest and Rylie won the challenge due to facing the real pshycho killer.

In the girls cabin.

‘’What are you doing Lindsay’’? Rylie asked

‘’I am trying to find my lipstick’’. Lindsay said

‘’You mean the lipstick that is in your hand’’? Rylie asked

‘’Yeah, thank you Rylie for finding it’’. Lindsay said

[Conf] ‘’Its like talking to an cabage’’. Rylie said

‘’So Brick having fun at the merge’’? Jo asked

‘’Why are you being so nice’’? Brick asked

‘’Why can’t I be nice and its a simple question’’.Jo said

‘’Bye Jo’’.Brick said

Brick walks away.

[Conf] ‘’I need to find some alies but who’’.Jo said

‘’Hello campers today you will have 3 challenges while there will be 3 teams and both partners will be handcuffed together’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’If I will be handcuffed with Jo I’m gonna kill Chris’’. Rylie said

Rylie Confessional

Everyone is at the main lodge and the partners are Rylie and Brick, Lindsay and Tyler, Jo and Jarrod.

‘’Whats our first challenge’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Your first challenge an eat – off, with one team member force feeding the other’’. Chris said ‘’While the eater must keep both arms behind they’re back’’.

Camera switches to Jarrod and Jo.

‘’Whos gonna be the eater’’? Jarrod asked

‘’You’’. Jo said

‘’Okay’’. Jarrod said

Camera switches to Lindsay and Tyler.

‘’I am going to eat’’. Tyler said

‘’Are you sure’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Yes’’. Tyler said

Camera switches to Brick and Rylie.

‘’Brick you are going to be the eater’’. Rylie said

‘’Roger that mam’’. Brick said

[Conf] ‘’I really like that’’. Rylie said

‘’Ready set go’’! Chris said

‘’Can you go a little slower’’? Jarrod asked

‘’No we need to win this challenge’’. Jo said

‘’But I am going to chocke’’. Jarrod said

‘’Not my problem’’. Jo said

Camera switches.

‘’Why do we need to use the spoon’’? Lindsay asked

‘’So you could put food in my mouth’’. Tyler said

Camera switches.

‘’This food is delicous ‘’. Brick said

‘’Really couse  that green chicken isn’t from nature’’.Rylie said

‘’Can you feed faster’’? Brick asked

‘’Okay’’. Rylie said

After 8 minutes.

‘’Rylie and Brick win the first challenge’’. Chris said

‘’YES’’! Rylie and Brick said and high-fived

‘’Your next challenge is go to the beach, take a canoe and paddle to Boney Island and there will be a package waiting for you’’.Chris said

Everyone runs to the beach and takes the canoe and paddles to Boney Island.

Camera switches.

‘’Paddle faster’’. Jo said

‘’Stop bossing me around’’. Jarrod said

‘’If I don’t boss you then we will lose the second challenge’’. Jo said

‘’So what’’. Jarrod said

‘’I don’t want to be voted out’’. Jo said

Camera switches.

‘’Lindsay your not tired right’’? Tyler asked

‘’Only a little bit’’. Lindsay said

‘’Take a little break I will paddle for us’’. Tyler said

[Conf] ‘’Tyler is so sweet’’. Lindsay said

[Conf] ‘’I really hope that me and Lindsay make it to the final 2’’. Tyler said

‘’Brick we need to win this challenge so we could vote off Jo’’. Rylie said

‘’I know’’. Brick said ‘’And we need to tell Lindsay, Tyler and Jarrod’’.

‘’I am sure that they know that’’. Rylie said

‘’Except for Lindsay since she is-‘’. Brick said as he got inturupted

‘’I know what are you gonna say so you can stop right there’’. Rylie said

[Conf] ‘’ I need to thank Rylie for not using that word saying about a girl’’. Brick said

‘’Finally we made it’’. Tyler said

‘’What took you so long’’. Jo said

Rylie opens the backpack.

‘’What is this thing’’? Rylie asked

‘’That is a tiki idol’’. Chris said from the helecopter ‘’You need take it to the cave of treacherous terror and the longer you have the tiki idols part you will have bad luck’’.

Everyone ran to the cave.

‘’Are we lost’’? Rylie asked Brick

‘’It looks like it’’. Brick said

‘’Lets go that way’’. Rylie said

Camera switches.

‘’Look Tyler there is the cave’’.Lindsay said

‘’Alright lets go’’. Tyler said

‘’Do you smell that’’? Lindsay said

Both of them look behind and saw a bear.

‘’RUN’’! Tyler said and both ran away

Camera switches.

‘’Shhh, do you hear that’’? Jarrod said

‘’Lets hide’’. Jo said

Both of them hide and Lindsay and Tyler passed them with a bear screaming.

‘’It looks like they are losing lets go’’. Jo said

Jo and Jarrod arrived at the cave.

‘’Lets go inside’’. Jo said

‘’No wait’’. Jarrod said

‘’Why’’? Jo asked

‘’Why don’t you throw it inside’’. Jarrod said

‘’Thats a great idea’’. Jo said and threw one of the tiki idols parts inside the cave

‘’Jo and Jarrod win the second challenge’’. Chris said from the helecopter

[Conf] ‘’Yes we won one of the challenges’’. Jarrod said

Everyone left Boney Island.

‘’Your next challenge is get to the finish line while piggyback’’. Chris said

‘’Where is the finish line’’? Brick asked

‘’The finish line is the main lodge’’. Chris said

‘’Hop on Lindsay’’. Tyler said

‘’I will carry you Rylie’’. Brick said

‘’Get on my back Jo’’. Jarrod said

‘’Ready set go’’. Chris said

Everyone ran to the main lodge.

‘’And the winners are .....................







JO AND JARROD’’! Chris announced

‘’YES’’! Jarrod and Jo said

At the elimination ceremony.


Final 6 elimination ceremony

‘’Jo and Jarrod have immunity so there better be no votes for them and two of you are going home tonight’’. Chris said 

Everyone gasped.

‘’Now get voting’’. Chris said

Everyone voted.

‘’Marshmellows goes too Jarrod, Jo and Tyler.

The bottom two is Rylie, Lindsay and Brick.

‘’The Last marshmellow goes too...........










LINDSAY’’! Chris announced

‘’WHAT’’! Brick and Rylie said

‘’You voted us out’’? Rylie asked

‘’We coudn’t vote off Jo’’. Tyler said

‘’Bye my former teammates’’. Brick said

Exclusive Clip

‘’I hope Jo gets eliminated next’’. Rylie said

‘’I hope too but she is tough and she will try anything to win’’. Brick said

‘’Lets just hope its not the next time’’. Rylie said 

Camera fades out.

Episode 24 : Are We There Yeti?

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. Campers were 3 teams and each one was handcuffed. The first challenge was an eat-off in which Rylie and Brick won. In the second challenge the campers needed to threw one of the tiki idols parts inside the cave in which Jarrod and Jo won. In the third challenge they needed to get to the main lodge as fast as they can while in piggyback and Jarrod and Jo won the challenge and immunity. At the elimination ceremony Chris said that two will be eliminated and they were Brick and Rylie.

The final 4 is still asleep but not in the cabins but in the forest and a fly fly’s inside Jo’s mouth.

‘’Ugh I just ate a fly’’. Jo said

Everyone wakes up.

‘’How did it taste like’’? Lindsay said

‘’What do you think, gross’’. Jo said

‘’I thought it will taste like chicken’’. Lindsay said

[Conf] ‘’I still can’t believe Lindsay made it this far with her stupidity’’. Jo said

Chef arrives.

‘’Where is Chris’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Gone’’. Chef said

‘’To where’’? Tyler asked

‘’To host somekind a award show’’. Chef

‘’So you will be hosting the show today’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Yes’’. Chef said

‘’So whats our challenge then’’? Tyler asked


Team One : Jarrod And Jo

‘’Your challenge is to get to the camp and you will be in teams’’. Chef said ‘’Team one is the blond maggot and the man-ladie’’.

Chef throws them a bag.

‘’Team two is the jock rat and the princess of dumbness’’. Chef said and threw them a bag ‘’The first team to get to the totempole in the camp win immunity and there is also a yeti on the wild’’.

Team two : Tyler and Lindsay

[Conf] ‘’I am pared up with Jo again, well atleast she is strong’’. Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’Yes I am pared up with Lindsay again’’. Tyler said

‘’Lets go Jarrod’’. Jo said

Jo and Jarrod ran to find the camp.

‘’Lets go too Linds’’. Tyler said

Camera switches.

‘’Are we lost’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Lets check the map’’. Jo said

Jo checks the map.

‘’Damn we’re lost’’. Jo said

‘’Lets use the binacqulers to see where is Tyler and Lindsay’’. Jarrod said

Jarrod looks and sees Tyler and Lindsay with a compass.

‘’It looks like they have a compass’’. Jarrod said

‘’What, let me see that’’. Jo said

Jo looks.

‘’C’mon lets follow them’’. Jo said

Camera switches.

‘’With this compass we will get to the camp in no time’’. Tyler said

‘’Lets take a break’’. Lindsay said 

Tyler and Lindsay sat down on big rocks and started to eat some candy bars.

Camera switches.

‘’Jo wait’’. Jarrod said

‘’What now’’? Jo asked

‘’Lets use the river couse it will be much faster’’. Jarrod said

‘’Good thinking’’. Jo said

[Conf] ‘’Jarrod is like the my first friend in Total Drama but there is no way that I want him in the finale with me’’. Jo said

‘’Bye losers’’.  Jo said

‘’They’re getting away lets go’’. Tyler said

[Conf] ‘’If we don’t win then me and Lindsay won’t be in final 2’’. Tyler said

The night finally came.

‘’Do you think we will see the yeti’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Maybe’’. Tyler said

Something is moving in the bush.

‘’Did you hear that’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Yes I think it’s Jo and Jarrod trying to scare us’’. Tyler said as he jumped in the bush but it turned out to be the yeti

‘’AHHHH’’! Lindsay and Tyler screamed and Lindsay runs away and the yeti follows.

Camera switches.

‘’Shh, do you heart that’’? Jo asked

‘’Yes it looks like Tyler and Lindsay are screaming’’. Jarrod said

Jo and Jarrod look behind and sees Lindsay and Tyler with the Yeti following them.

‘’AHHH’’! Jo and Jarrod started to scream and runs away

All four of them ran into the cave.

‘’Jarrod’’. Jo said

‘’Jo’’. Jarrod said

‘’Jo’’. Tyler said

‘’Tyler’’. Lindsay said

‘’Lindsay’’. Tyler said


In the cave with the Yeti

‘’Okay we have taken role calls, what do we do now’’? Jo asked

‘’ I dont know’’. Jarrod said ‘’But the Yeti can be anywere in the woods’’.

‘’Why do I have the feeling we are being watched’’? Tyler asked

‘’Maybe there are bats in the cave’’. Lindsay said

‘’BATS’’! Everyone screamed even the Yeti

Everyone ran out of the cave. The final 4 ran to the left while the yeti to the right.

‘’Look there is the totempoll’’! Jo said

‘’And the winners are the blond maggot and the man-ladie’’. Chef said

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’The blond maggot and the man-ladie heres your darn immunity’’. Chef said and threw them the marshmellows.

The bottom two is Lindsay and Tyler.

‘’The last darn marshmellow goes too..................









The princess of dumbness’’. Chef said and threw Lindsay her marshmellow

‘’Bye Lindsay I will miss you’’. Tyler said

Exclusive Clip

‘’Aw man I really thought that me and Lindsay would win the challenge but no Jo and Jarrod did’’. Tyler said ‘’Well atleast Lindsay made it to the final 3’’.

Camera fades out.

Episode 25 : Jessie's Revenge

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The campers were teamed up by Chef and left them in the woods. The partners were Jo and Jarrod, and Lindsay and Tyler. In the end Jo and Jarrod won immunity and both of them voted out Tyler.

In the girls cabin.

‘’Lindsay we need to talk’’. Jo said

‘’About what’’? Lindsay asked

‘’About Jarrod’’. Jo said

[Conf] ‘’I need to get Lindsay on my side so I could vote off Jarrod and beat Lindsay in the finale couse she is so weak’’. Jo said

‘’We need to vote him off next couse he is a strong player’’. Jo said

‘’I don’t know’’. Lindsay said

‘’If you don’t agree with me I will cut your hair and you will be bold like Eris’’. Jo said

‘’Fine I’ll do it’’. Lindsay said

[Conf] ‘’Jo is so mean’’. Lindsay said

Lindsay walks out of the cabin and sees someone.

‘’Tyler what are you doing here’’? Lindsay asked


Tyler waves at Lindsay

Tyler waves at Lindsay

‘’I will be your partner in this next challenge’’. Tyler said

Lindsay ran to Tyler and both kissed.

Camera switches.

In the main lodge.

‘’Jessie what are you doing here’’? Jo asked

‘’I am your partner in this next challenge’’. Jessie said ‘’And I will make you pay for eliminating me’’.

Both glared at each other.


Jo & Jessie are glaring

Jarrod with Eris, Tyler and Lindsay walk into the main lodge.

‘’Jessie’’? Jarrod said surprised

Jarrod ran to Jessie and both of them kissed.

‘’Hello campers’’. Chris said

‘’Why are Jessie, Tyler and Eris here’’? Jo asked

‘’Because they will help you win the challenge or lose’’. Chris said

‘’But why did I get Jessie’’? Jo asked

‘’Because she picked your name’’. Chris said

‘’Whats our challenge’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Your challenge is to eat disgusting food and there are 3 plates one of them will be the grossest, one will be both, one will be not as grose as thouse two’’. Chris said

‘’And our partners will pick them’’? Jarrod asked

‘’That’s right’’. Chris said

‘’I hope you lose Jarrod’’. Eris said

[Conf] ‘’Jarrod cant lose, Jo has to lose I will pick the grossest food that’s it if I can get it’’. Jessie said

[Conf] ‘’Why did I get Eris’’?. Jarrod said

‘’And the first one who pukes will be automatically eliminated’’. Chris said

Everyone gasped.

‘’But what if we don’t want to eat the food’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Then you will be eliminated’’. Chris said ‘’Now go’’.

Tyler picks up the food.

‘’OOO spaghetti’’. Lindsay said

‘’I guess I picked the right one’’. Tyler said

‘’Jessie you pick’’. Eris said

‘’No you pick next’’. Jessie said

‘’Ugh fine’’. Eris said

‘’Here Jo’’. Jessie said

‘’And Jessie picked up the grossest dish for Jo’’. Chris said

‘’YES’’! Jessie said ‘’Have fun losing’’.

‘’This is so gross’’. Jo said

Camera switches.

‘’Eat it blond freak’’. Eris said

‘’Well atleast I have hair and you don’t’’. Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’I hate him so much but not as much as Kri'šs’’. Eris said

‘’Next 3 dishes are up’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’If I keep getting Lindsay the good food she will totally make it to the finale’’. Tyler said

Tyler picks up the dish.

‘’Another great choice Tyler’’. Lindsay said

‘’I cant believe I am so lucky’’. Tyler said

Jessie picks up the dish.

‘’Well atleast its not as bad as the LAST ONE’’! Jo said

‘’Yeah great’’. Jessie said sarcastacly

Eris picks up the dish.

‘’I think I am going to puke’’. Jarrod said

‘’YES, YES PUKE’’! Eris said evil

‘’Phew I didnt puke’’. Jarrod said

‘’Next 3 dishes are up’’. Chris said

Tyler picks the dish.


Lindsay dish

‘’Well atleast its not the grossest’’. Lindsay said

Jessie picks the dish.

‘’YES, finally you got me something good’’. Jo said

‘’Damn it’’. Jessie said

Eris picks the dish.

‘’Here its another gross dish’’. Eris said

‘’You will not make me puke Eris’’. Jarrod said

Everyone ate they’re dishes.

‘’Next 3 dishes are up’’. Chris said

Tyler picks up the dish.

‘’YAY, ice cream’’. Lindsay said

‘’Phew I thought it was something grosse’’. Tyler said

Jessie picks up the dish.

‘’I hate you SO MUCH’’! Jo said

‘’Yeah I hate you too’’. Jessie said

[Conf] ‘’I cant believe she will eat her third grossest dish’’. Jessie said

‘’Well atleast you didnt get me what Jessie got Jo’’. Jarrod said

‘’I wish I did’’. Eris said

[Conf] ‘’Why cant Jarrod just LOSE’’! Eris said

‘’Next dishes are up’’. Chris said

Tyler picks up the dish.

‘’Thanks Tyler for another great dish’’. Lindsay said and kissed Tyler

Jessie picks up the dish.

‘’That is so gross’’. Jessie said

‘’I know now shut up so I can eat it’’. Jo said

Eris picks up the dish.

‘’Well it looks like its not that bad’’. Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’I cant belive I cant get a gross dish’’. Eris said

‘’Jo are you done’’? Chris said

‘’Almost’’. Jo said and pukes

‘’Jo you have been eliminated’’. Chris said

‘’WHAT, NOOO’’! Jo said

Jo leaves to the boat of shame with Jessie, Tyler and Eris.

Exclusive Clip

‘’I was so close to the finale and you had to ruin it for me’’. Jo said

‘’Everyone hates you and because you eliminated me’’. Jessie said

‘’Well atleast she you both didnt lose hair’’. Eris said

‘’I am just glad that Lindsay made it to the finale’’. Tyler said

‘’Yeah me too because Jarrod will crush her’’. Jessie said

Camera fades out.

Episode 26 : Aftermath IV

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The final 3 had to eat food. There were disgusting and semi-disgusting and good food. And the one who puked would be eliminated. And Jo puked making Jarrod and Lindsay our final 2.

‘’Hi welcome to the Total Drama aftermath’’. Bridgette said ‘’I am your hostess Bridgette’’.

‘’I am Geoff’’. Geoff said

‘’Today we will interview 4 special guests’’. Bridgette said

‘’He is tough and is afraid of the dark’’. Geoff said

‘’And don’t forget he got eliminated with a blond and competitive female, please welcome Brick and Rylie’’! Bridgette announced

‘’Hi everyone’’. Brick said

‘’Hi’’. Rylie said

‘’So Brick and Rylie what went through your mind when you both got voted out’’? Bridgette asked

‘’I thought why did they vote me out why not someone else’’. Brick said

‘’I thought that why did Jarrod vote me out’’. Rylie said

‘’Jarrod didn’t vote you out’’. Geoff said

‘’So Jo voted me off and Jarrod voted off Brick’’? Rylie said

‘’Yeah’’. Bridgette said

‘’I seriously thought it was Jarrod’’. Rylie said

‘’Jarrod woudnt vote off an alliance member’’. Jessie said

Bridgette and Geoff had done interviewing Brick and Rylie.

‘’He has a girlfriend in the final 2 and he wears a red tracksuit, please welcome Tyler’’! Bridgette announced

‘’Hi guys’’. Tyler said

‘’So dude why do you think you got voted out’’? Geoff asked

‘’I don’t know’’. Tyler said ‘’Maybe because, umm…, I don’t know really’’.

‘’You got voted out because if you made it to the finale then you would be though for Jarrod and Jo’’. Geoff said

‘’Thats what I thought’’. Tyler said

‘’Are you glad that Lindsay made it to the final 2’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Yeah who woudnt be glad’’. Tyler said ‘’But I am kinda worried that she will lose’’.

‘’Why’’? Bridgette asked

‘’Because she isn’t though as Jarrod’’. Tyler said

Bridgette and Geoff had done interviewing Tyler.

‘’She is thought,mean and competitive, please welcome Jo’’! Bridgette said

‘’Yeah hi’’. Jo said

‘’So Jo did you deserve to be in the final 2 ‘’. ? Bridgette asked

‘’Of course I needed to be in the final 2 because there will not be a lot of competition, couse both of them are weak as Cameron’’. Jo said

‘’Hey’’! Cameron said

‘’I needed to be in the final 2 not thouse two losers’’. Jo said

‘’If your not a loser then why are you at the aftermath’’. Jessie said

‘’Shut up’’. Jo said

Bridgette and Geoff had done interviewing Jo.

‘’Now we will ask each ex –contastant who will they want to win’’. Geoff said

‘’I want Jarrod’’. Rylie said

‘’I also want Jarrod to win’’. Jessie said

‘’I want Lindsay’’. Dakota said

‘’Yeah me too’’. Brick said

‘’Same here’’. Staci said

‘’Fine I want Jarrod’’. Jo said

‘’I want Lindsay’’. Eris said

‘’Me too’’. Beth said

‘’Same here girl’’. Leshawna said

‘’I like Lindsay so I want her to win too’’. Brooke said

‘’She is my girlfriend why woudnt I want her to win’’. Tyler said

‘’I want Jarrod’’. Harold said

‘’Yeah me too’’. Noah said

‘’I want also Jarrod’’. Krišs said

‘’Me too’’. Owen said

‘’I want Lindsay couse she is sweet’’. DJ said

‘’I want Jarrod couse he is more fun’’. Dine said

‘’Me too’’. Heidi said

‘’I want Lindsay too’’. Cody said

‘’Same here’’. Dane said

‘’Me too’’. Irelyn said

‘’Did everyone said who they want to win’’? Geoff asked

‘’No Ezekiel didnt say’’. Irelyn said

‘’Wait hes not here’’. Bridgette said

‘’We better find him but only after the aftermath’’. Geoff said

‘’So Jarrod has 9 players who are rooting for him while Lindsay has 12 players’’. Bridgette said

‘’We will see you in the next aftermath of Total Drama’’. Geoff said

Camera fades out.

Episode 27 : Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Camera fades in.

Last time on Total Drama : Back On The Island. The final 3 had to eat food. There were disgusting and semi – disgusting and good food. And the one who puked would be eliminated. And Jo puked making Jarrod and Lindsay our final 2.

[Conf] ‘’I cant believe I am in the final 2, I think I can beat Lindsay she is not the brightest players’’. Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’I am in the finale this is so exciting’’. Lindsay said

In the main lodge.

‘’Hey Lindsay’’. Jarrod said

‘’Hey Jarrod’’. Lindsay said

‘’This is the final day here’’. Jarrod said

‘’I know right’’. Lindsay said ‘’I thought I would never make it to the finale’’.

‘’Yeah me too’’. Jarrod said

‘’I wonder what the challenge will be’’. Lindsay said

‘’Since it is the finale, I think it will be a tought challenge’’. Jarrod said

Chris walks in.

‘’Good morning campers’’. Chris said

‘’Good morning to you too Kyle’’. Lindsay said

‘’Its Chris’’. Chris said

‘’Where’’?Lindsay asked

‘’Nevermind’’. Chris said ‘’Campers follow me where you will begin your first challenge’’.

Lindsay and Jarrod follow Chris.

‘’Now lets welcome back the voted off campers’’. Chris said ‘’And they will pick who they want to win’’.

‘’For team Jarrod we have Heidi, Jessie, Rylie, Krišs, Noah, Dine, Jo, Owen and Harold’’. Chris said


Team Jarrod

‘’You can win this Jarrod’’! Jessie yelled

‘’Go team Jarrod’’! Rylie yelled

‘’Jarrod you can win this by strategy and by being strong’’. Jo said

Team Lindsay

Team Lindsay

‘’And for team Lindsay we have Cody, Dakota, Beth, Irelyn, Brooke, Eris, Staci, DJ, Leshawna, Brick, Dane and Tyler’’. Chris said

‘’Lindsay you can win this’’! Tyler yelled

‘’I believe in you’’! Beth yelled

‘’You can do it girl’’. Leshawna said

‘’But wait’’. Jarrod said

‘’What’’?Chris asked

‘’Where is Ezekiel’’? Jarrod asked

‘’He has been missing since the third aftermath’’. Chris said

‘’Did you look for him’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Yes but he is nowhere to be found’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’Thats so wierd that Ezekiel is missing’’. Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’Poor Ezekiel’’. Lindsay said

‘’What will you both do with the money’’? Chris asked

‘’I will buy lots of makeup and travel with Tyler and Beth to Paris or England’’. Lindsay said

‘’I will split my money with Jessie and both of us would travel the world just like Lindsay’’. Jarrod said

‘’You will really split the money with me’’? Jessie asked

‘’Yeah, couse you are my girlfriend’’. Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’I am so happy that he will split the money with me’’. Jessie said

‘’Your first challenge is to climb a flagpole and grab a flag from the top’’. Chris said ‘’Ready set GO’’!

Both ran to the flagpole.

‘’Jarrod start climbing’’. Krišs said

Jarrod starts climbing.

‘’Lindsay climb’’. Irelyn said

‘’How do you climb’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Yeah my great great great grandfather-‘’. Staci said while got inturupted

‘’Do you ever SHUT UP’’! Eris yelled at Staci

‘’Lindsay just put your hands on the flagpole then pull yourself up’’. Brick said

Lindsay starts climbing.

‘’Keep going Lindsay’’. Dane said

‘’And Jarrod got the flag’’. Chris said

‘’Good work Jarrod’’. Heidi said

‘’Now slide like a fireman’’. Dine said

‘’Whats my next challenge’’? Jarrod said

‘’Your next challenge is to cross a three hundred meter balance balance beam over a gorge carrying and eagles egg’’. Chris explained the challenge

Jarrod runs to the beam.

‘’I cant get down’’. Lindsay said

‘’Slide like a fireman’’. Brooke said

Lindsay slides down.

‘’Now go to the eagles nest’’. Cody said

‘’Which way’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Where Jarrod is running’’. DJ said

Lindsay runs to the beam.

Jarrod picks up the eagles egg and starts to cross the beam.

‘’Seriously sharks’’. Jarrod said

Lindsay arrives and picks up the eagles egg and starts to cross the beam.

‘’I am so scared’’. Lindsay said

‘’You will be more scared when the eagle parents attack you’’. Chris said

‘’WHAT’’! Lindsay and Jarrod said

[Conf] ‘’Is Chris really want to kill us’’? Jarrod said

‘’Look the eagle parents are flying towards to Jarrod and Lindsay’’. Dakota said

‘’Both of you look out’’! Owen yelled

Lindsay and Jarrod doged the eagles.

‘’Go Jarrod’’! Harold yelled

‘’The eagles are coming back’’. Noah said

‘’Both of you look out’’! Rylie yelled

Jarrod and Lindsay doged the eagles again.

‘’Finally I crossed the beam’’. Jarrod said

‘’Me too’’. Lindsay said

Jarrod and Lindsay put the eggs in the eagles nest.

‘’Is this the end of the challenge’’? Lindsay asked

‘’Nop, your next challenge is to put the elimination order from this season and the last season and thouse blocks are havey’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’I didnt kinda watch Total Drama Back In The Action’’. Lindsay said

[Conf] ‘’Seriously Chris from both seasons’’. Jarrod said

‘’Can we pick someone to help us’’? Jarrod asked

‘’Fine you both get three helpers’’. Chris said  ‘’Who do you pick’’?

‘’I pick DJ, Tyler and Brick’’. Lindsay said

‘’And I pick Jessie, Rylie and Krišs’’. Jarrod said

Jarrod and Lindsay started to put the elimination order.

‘’Lindsay after me and Dakota was Owen, Brooke and Dine’’. DJ said

‘’Then it was Harold and Eris’’. Tyler said

‘’Then Cody, Jessie and Krišs in a double elimination’’. Brick said

[Conf] ‘’I am glad that I picked DJ, Tyler and Brick’’. Lindsay said

‘’What came after Ezekiel’’? Jarrod asked

‘’It was Leshawna, DJ and Dakota in a double elimination’’. Rylie said

‘’Then it was Owen and Brooke’’. Jessie said

‘’And then Dine, Harold, Eris and Cody’’. Krišs said

‘’Lindsay finishes this seasons elimination orders first’’. Chris said ‘’Now she starts the last seasons elimination order’’.


Lindsay completed this season elimination order

[Conf]’’I am winning yay’’. Lindsay said

‘’Jarrod completes this seasons elimination order and starts to work on the last seasons elimination order’’. Chris said

[Conf] ‘’I cant believe that Lindsay is in the lead’’. Jarrod said

‘’After Geoff it was  Jaycee, Alejandro and Duncan’’. DJ said

‘’Then it was Aphrodite and Dawn’’. Tyler said

‘’And then it was Mike and Courtney in a double elimination and then Jacky and Cher in a double elimination’’. Brick said

[Conf] ‘’ Almost completed the elimination order’’. Lindsay said

‘’Put Aphrodite and then Dawn’’. Jessie said

‘’Then put Mike and Courtney in a double elimination’’. Krišs said

‘’And then Jacky and Cher in a double elimination’’. Rylie said

[Conf] ‘’I am almost in the same place where Lindsay is’’. Jarrod said

‘’Quick put Cindy’’. DJ said

‘’Jarrod put Cindy, hurry’’! Jessie yelled


Both season elimination order

Jarrod and Lindsya put the elimination orders.

‘’Now the first one who crosses the finish line wins one million dollars’’. Chris said

Jarrod and Lindsay started to run to the finish line.

‘’LINDSAY, LINDSAY, LINDSAY’’! Team Lindsay yelled

‘’JARROD, JARROD, JARROD’’! Team Jarrod yelled

‘’And the winner is .....................













ITS A TIE’’ ! Chris announced

Everyone gasped and are shocked.

‘’Just kidding by the slow-mo the winner is ................














JARROD’’! Chris announced

Team Jarrod are cheering for Jarrod.

‘’Congradulations Jarrod you won’’. Chris said

‘’Nice work Jarrod’’. Krišs said

‘’Yeah nice work’’. Rylie said

‘’Thank you everyone’’. Jarrod said

‘’I can believe that loser Jarrod won’’. Eris said

‘’He is not a loser baldy because he won’’. Jessie said


Jarrod and Jessie kiss

Jessie walks over to Jarrod and both started to kiss.

Camera switches.

‘’Dont be sad Lindsay’’. Beth said

‘’But I lost’’. Lindsay said

‘’Atleast you made it to the finale’’. Beth said


Lindsay hugs Beth

A sad Lindsay huged Beth.

At the elimination ceremony.

‘’Jarrod here is your one million dollars’’. Chris said and gives him the million dollars


Some capers smilling when Jarrod get the million dollars

Everyone cheers for Jarrod.

‘’Thank you everyone after this I am going to throw a huge party and everyone is invited’’. Jarrod said

Everyone cheers and suddenly out of nowhere Ezekiel shows up and steals Jarrods one million dollars.

‘’HEY’’! Jarrod yelled ‘’Give back my money Ezekiel’’.

Ezekiel runs off but accidently triped and dropped the million dollars into the lake.

‘’NOOOO’’! Ezekiel yelled and ran off

‘’Where did Ezekiel go’’? Jarrod asked

‘’I think he ran off’’. Jessie said

‘’And it looks like he dropped the million dollar case’’. Krišs said

Jarrod is going to get the case and suddenly a shark eats the million dollar case.

‘’WHAT NO’’! Jarrod yelled ‘’Now I dont have my money anymore’’.

Chris arrives.

‘’Listen up campers the producers have renewed Total Dram for another season’’. Chris said

‘’Let me guess none of us will be in that season’’? Jo asked

‘’Thats right’’. Chris said

‘’Ugh I hate this show’’. Eris said

‘’See you next time with a brand new cast on TOTAL DRAMA’’! Chris said

Camera fades out.


Rank Name Team Episode Eliminated In Team Status
23rd/24th Noah Killer Rhinos

1st/2nd voted out in

Episode 3

23rd/24th Beth Screaming Leopards

1st/2nd voted out in

Episode 3

22nd Staci Screaming Leopards

3rd voted out in

Episode 4

21st Dane Killer Rhinos

4th voted out in

Episode 5

20th Heidi Killer Rhinos

5th disqualifled in

Episode 6

19th Ezekiel Killer Rhinos

6th voted out in

Episode 7

18th Leshawna Killer Rhinos

7th cheated out in

Episode 9

16th/17th DJ Killer Rhinos

8th/9th injured in

Episode 10

16th/17th Dakota Killer Rhinos

8th/9th voted out in

Episode 10

15th Owen Killer Rhinos

10th voted out in

Episode 11

14th Brooke Screaming Leopards

11th voted out in

Episode 12

13th  Dine Screaming Leopards

12th voted out in

Episode 13

12th Harold Screaming Leopards

13th voted out in

Episode 17

11th Eris Screaming Leopards

14th cheated out in

Episode 18

10th Cody Screaming Leopards

15th cheated out in

Episode 19

8th/9th Jessie Killer Rhinos

16th/17th cheated out in

Episode 20

8th/9th Krišs Killer Rhinos

16th/17th cheated out in

Episode 20

7th Irelyn Screaming Leopards

18th eliminated in

Episode 21

5th/6th Brick Screaming Leopards

19th/20th voted out in

Episode 23

5th/6th Rylie Killer Rhinos

19th/20th voted out in

Episode 23

4th Tyler Screaming Leopards

21st voted out in

Episode 24

3rd Jo Screaming Leopards

22nd eliminated in

Episode 25

2nd Lindsay Screaming Leopards

Runner - up in

Episode 27

1st Jarrod Killer Rhinos

Winner in

Episode 27


Episode Winners
Episode 1 None
Episode 2 Rylie
Episode 3 None
Episode 4 Killer Rhinos
Episode 5 Screaming Leopards
Episode 6 None
Episode 7 Screaming Leopards
Episode 8 None
Episode 9 Screaming Leopards
Episode 10 Screaming Leopards
Episode 11 Screaming Leopards
Episode 12 Killer Rhinos
Episode 13 Killer Rhinos
Episode 14 None
Episode 15 None
Episode 16 None
Episode 17 Lindsay, Jessie, Eris
Episode 17 Brick, Krišs
Episode 18 Jarrod
Episode 19 Tyler
Episode 20 Jo
Episode 21 Rylie
Episode 22 None
Episode 23 Jarrod
Episode 23 Jo
Episode 24 Jarrod
Episode 24 Jo
Episode 25 Jarrod
Episode 25 Lindsay
Episode 26 None
Episode 27 Jarrod


Episode Cameo
Episode 1 None
Episode 2 None
Episode 3 None
Episode 4 None
Episode 5 Cindy & Cher
Episode 6 None
Episode 7 None
Episode 8 None
Episode 9 Heather
Episode 9 Trent
Episode 10 Geoff
Episode 10 Gwen
Episode 11 None
Episode 12 Izzy
Episode 13 None
Episode 14 None
Episode 15 None
Episode 16 None
Episode 17 None
Episode 18 Everyone from last season (pictured only)
Episode 19 None
Episode 20 Geoff
Episode 21 The Pshycho Killer
Episode 22 None
Episode 23 None
Episode 24 None
Episode 25 None
Episode 26 None
Episode 27 Eveyone from last season (carvings only)
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