This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Season Two

This is a different version of Total Drama Action. This story is preceeded by Total Drama Island... Sorta. There may contain some parodies of the different challenges that were in Total Drama Action. Total Drama Action... Sorta features twenty six episodes with fourteen members of the original cast: Chris, Chef and fourteen members of Total Drama Island... Sorta. I also do not own any of the Total Drama characters or the Total Drama series. Written by TheBlackBlur.

Theme Song

Opening guitar solo.

(A camera pops out of a red curtain, a tree and a movie trailer window)

"Dear Mom and Dad. I'm doing fine."

(Two interns serve Chris coffee and buscuits whilst he slams a clapperboard)

"You guys are on my mind."

(A bald Heather scares DJ with a chainsaw and hockey mask in the horror movie set)

"You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see."

(Trent lassos Gwen in the cowboy set, then Izzy ties all three of them together)

"I wanna be famous!"

(LeShawna is in the makeup confessional and perfume chokes her)

"I wanna live close to the sun."

(Lindsay gets a tan on the beach set in a deckchair)

"So, pack your bags, 'cause I've already won."

(Noah rolls his eyes at her in his deckchair and reads his book)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way."

(Chef hacks at liver then smiles at the camera)

"I'll get there one day."

(Chef gets hit at with three paintballs)

"'Cause I wanna be famous!"

(Duncan and Courtney duck, laugh and make out)

"Naaaa-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-naaaa, na-na-na-na-na-naaaa!"

(Owen is riding a fake rocket, presses a button and is shot out)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(Tyler is running a treadmil in the sports set and smiles at the camera)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!"

(Tyler continues running and is then squashed by Owen)


(Bridgette and Geoff are about to kiss in a studio, but are interrupted by Chris and the other twelve campers)

Chapter I: E.T Go Away

Chris was speaking as the camera showed Camp Wawanakwa. "Last season on Total Drama Island: Twenty two different campers battled it out for a hundred grand. The finalists, DJ and Lindsay, ran a cross country course and DJ ended up winning, only to give it up for one, million, dollars! Everyone went on the hunt, but it ended with weird consequences, as fourteen campers ended up playing for season two! With another million bucks, well actually, it's the same. Look at this clip." The camera showed the money floating into the propeller. Chef pressed a button and the propeller stopped, making the plane tip and inside it, an intern taped to the wall grabbed the case and scattered green paper out the other end. "Yep, that's right. Hidden secrets. What rivalries will form? What rivalries will continue. Who will win the old million? Find out on the season premiere of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

A bus parked outside of a film lot and drove off, leaving the fourteen contestants with their suitcases. "Yippee. Welcome to season two, a.k.a Total Drama 2.0," Courtney sighed sarcastically.

"I though the show was called Total Drama Action," Lindsay said, not catching the sarcasm.

"She was being sarcastic, Lindsiot," Heather said. She was adjusting her new wig as she spoke.

"Wow, nice wig," Noah chuckled sarcastically.

"You be quiet. I know what you and LeShawna wrote on my head. You're just lucky this show is international," Heather spat.

"You're lucky I didn't tattoo it on the back of your head," LeShawna said. "And I'm glad that us four are still in the show." Her, Noah, Trent and Gwen high fived each other.

"I hope us two are on the same team," Trent said.

"Me too," Gwen replied and the two kissed.

"Ugh, enough of the lovefest," Courtney moaned.

"What about you and Duncan. Oh, and thanks a lot for season two," Gwen complained.

"What'd you mean by that?" Courtney asked.

"Wel, you're the one who drove the jeep. You're the one who drove into the arts and crafts shed. You're the one who caught us into the jeep. You're the one who broke the dock. And you're the one who got us all wired into season two," Gwen explained.

"You're making it sound like it's my fault," Courtney said.

"Maybe because it is," DJ said.

"You don't get a word in this," Courtney said.

"Just ignore her," Owen said.

"Yeah, Owen's right," Tyler said. "She's just a bit looney."

"Don't you call my girlfriend looney," Duncan said. Whilst the arguemement was taking place, Bridgette and Geoff were making out.

"Ah, I've never had a boyfriend quite like you," Bridgette said.

"Well, it's cause you're with me babe," Geoff snickered. The two continued snogging whilst Izzy looked at them.

"Aren't you going to let each other breathe?" Izzy asked. The two seperated lips, took a big breath and continued to snog. "I retake that question." The fourteen continued talking and arguing until the gates opened and Chris walked up to greet them.

"Welcome, campers, to the Abandoned Film Lot!" Chris announced. "How did you like your holidays?"

"They were perfect. I went to Australia to try and avoid pick up," Heather said sarcasticlly.

"You went to Australia?" Lindsay asked and Heather rolled her eyes.

"Well, your holidays are over. Since the series is still made up of twenty six episodes and there are only fourteen of you, the series will be made up of elimination challenges and brand new reward challenges!" Chris announced. "Now, come with me and we'll take the tour. We already have a wagon ready for you."

The camera changed to Chris driving the wagon with the fourteen contestants in their seats. It drove through a space set. "Each challenge in this season will be based off of a different movie genre, hence the reason we're at a film lot. Every challenge will either end in elimination or reward." The scene flashed to a large tent. "This is the arts and crafts tent. This where you can get your food and basically kill time in." The wagon drove over to two large set trailers. They were four mini ones, and two were secured together. "This is where you will sleep. One team will sleep in one, the other team will sleep in the other. Don't worry, they have seperate for girls and boys." The wagon then drove off to a large makeup trailer. "Since we couldn't afford to get the old outhouse confessional this season, it will be replaced with this, the make up confessional!"

(Conf), Lindsay: Whoo hoo! I love this new makeup confessional! It's some much nicer than that smelly old outhouse. And this time I can't mistake this place for a toilet. *hand comes out and dabs Lindsay with blush using brush* And these makeup artists are making me extra cute!

(Conf), Noah: The first episode and I already feel like I'm going to be killed this series. I can't believe I got into season two. I say that with sadness, not glee.

(Conf), Bridgette and Geoff: *make out and fall off of chair*

The wagon parked and the fourteen got out. "What now?" DJ asked. "Why'd we stop?"

"Because you will be taking part in the first challenge now. The genre: aliens. You will be 'abducted' buy 'aliens'. The first two to get to the set trailers will win a prize. Ready?" Chris asked.

"Woah, we haven't even got our suitcases unpacked," Heather said.

"Aw, that's too bad. I already called the aliens," Chris said. Two alien crafts hovered above the wagon. "If I were you, I would run."

"Move it!" Heather yelled.

"Get out of my way!" Owen yelled.

"Run!" Trent shouted. The fourteen ran out of the wagon and two more alien crafts joined the other two and they chased after the teens. At the beach set, Izzy and Noah were running away from a craft whilst Bridgette and Geoff were making out as the walked.

"Aw, you two look adorable. Now run!" Izzy yelled. Bridgette put her hand up and the two continued making out. "Ugh." She ran away and an alien craft hovered above the couple and two hooks were lowered down. They hooked onto Bridgette's hoodie and Geoff's collar. The two were risen into the air and into the crafts. It then zoomed away and the scene flashed to the air craft above a bouncy castle. The two fell out, but were still making out as they bounced into it.

Gwen, Trent and Duncan were at the disaster movie set. They ran up the set and Chef drove up to the controls in a jeep. "You agreed to sign up for another season?" Chef asked.

"It's good pay!" Chef yelled. He pressed a button and a hole opened underneath Gwen. She fell through, but Duncan and Trent both caught her.

"I got you," the two boys said in sync. They then looked at each other and Trent looked at him quite cross.

(Conf), Trent: Yeesh, when will I get the moment to save Gwen on my own. I guess Duncan was trying to help, but, uh, it's complicated.

The two were pulling Gwen up, until the ground began to rumble. Duncan lost balance and he fell down the hole. Luckily, he managed to grab onto Gwen's shoes. "Ow! How much do you weigh?" Gwen asked.

"It's called holiday weight," Duncan joked. Trent helped Gwen up, then the two began to hug. "Uh, a little help?" Duncan tried to pull himself up, then saw that the two had disappeared. "Aw, well that's nice," he said sarcastically. He looked up to see Gwen and Trent had been 'abducted'. The UFO's searchlight moved. Duncan hid in the hole to avoid detection and the spacecraft zoomed away. The craft then hovered back over the bouncy castle and it released Gwen and Trent.

Courtney, Heather and LeShawna had ran back to the space set. "Why are you two following me?" Heather asked.

"Because we're heading to the trailers. Ugh, I can't believe I lost Duncan and got you two," Courtney complained.

"Just stop complaining," LeShawna panted. "I'm finding it hard to catch my breath."

"Well, I'm going on without you two losers," Heather said. "See you, suckers." She walked away, until she was spotted by multiple UFO's.

"Thanks a lot, Heather!" LeShawna yelled. "And I'm still trying to catch my breath." She panted and Courtney walked away.

"Just hide ffrom the UFO's," Courtney said. LeShawna followed Courtney and Heather hid behind a rock. "Come on, let's go."

(Conf), Courtney: LeShawna's popular, and that could earn me a few allies. I could use some.

Hooks lowered down from the fake spaceships and were weaving throughout the campers, trying to hook onto one of the campers. Two hooks surrounded LeShawna and she was wheezing and dodging the hooks as fast as she could. "Ugh, this is not my best day." She stopped and the hooks lowered under her arms and pulled her upwards. Courtney looked at LeShawna rising into the sky and Heather was running towards her.

"Hey! Maybe we should form an alliance!" Heather yelled.

"Yeah right. I need allies, but I'm not that desperate," Courtney shouted back. Heather stopped.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Heather asked. One hook lowered under Heather's wig and pulled it upwards. "Hey! My wig!" She grabbed a rock from a fake crater and she chucked it at the UFO. The rock shot through the glass dome and the space craft crashed into another, which collided a final time. Electricity sparked through the ships and they crashed into the ground. Heather's wig disintegrated as she ran towards it. "My wig! No!" Two hooks got under her arms and lifted Heather upwards.

The two UFO's hovered over the inflatabale bouncy castle. The first one dropped LeShawna in, the second dropped Heather. She landed on LeShawna, and LeShawna landed on Geoff. "Get off me you bald cow," LeShawna laughed. She kicked Heather off and she hit the wall of the castle, and Heather rebounded, and she crashed into Trent.

The scene moved over to Lindsay and Tyler were in the sports movie set. Tyler had hooked his arm around Lindsay's shoulder and they were smiling. "You have such a pretty smile," Tyler said.

"Aw, thank you! You have a pretty smile too!" Lindsay beamed.

(Conf), Tyler: Uh, I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

The two continued smiling at each other until a beam of bright blue light was aimed at them. A large space craft was hovering above them and had began to lower a hook. The two screamed and ran away, only to get tripped over by a tackling dummy. "I'm surprised we didn't see that before," Tyler said. The scpace craft advanced and Tyler looked worried. He then kicked Lindsay closer to the spaceship. "Take her! I'm to young to die!" Lindsay rolled over and the hook collected her and pulled her upwards.

"Bye Tyson!" Lindsay yelled. The spaceship hovered away, arrived at the bouncy castle and the hook curled, tipping Lindsay into the bouncy castle. Tyler got up and ran away.

(Conf), Tyler: What did I do?

Noah and Izzy were hiding in a fake sand dune in the beach set. "How long have we been here?" Izzy asked.

"I'm not sure. I'll go and check," Noah told her. A creepy music began to play as Noah stretched up to see what was behind the dune. He looked up and saw Owen.

"Ahhhh!" the two screamed and Noah slapped Owen.

"Don't scare a man!" Noah yelled.

"Ow, now my face hurts. You didn't have to slap me that hard," Owen reasoned.

"You didn't have to scare me half to death!" Noah argued. The two continued bickering until Izzy yelled.

"Hey guys! Look at me! I'm like an angel! Whoo hoo!" Izzy yelled. She was being raised up into a spaceship by two hooks that stretched her limbs to make her look like an angel flying.

"Izzy! Try to get down!" Noah yelled.

"Why? This is fun!" Izzy squealed. "Whoo hoo!" She screamed in excitement and she was pulled into the UFO.

Noah and Owen looked at each other, then looked up to see a large crowd of spaceships crowding together and slowly lowering down. "Run!" the two yelled. The two were screaming as they ran, being chased by multiple hooks and UFO's.

DJ and Duncan were both walking backwards towards each other in a prop street. They step backwards, then bumped into each other and DJ screamed. "Yeesh man, no need to scream," Duncan said.

"Aw, I hate it when things like that happen," DJ panted. He was panting quickly.

"Well, come on. I say we head to the to the set trailers. I don't know about you, but I'm all set up for a prize," Duncan told him.

"I agree, let's go," DJ said. The two ran to the set trailers, until the two met up with Courtney.

"Duncan! I've been looking all over for you!" Courtney yelled.

"Yeah, well Duncan agreed to go with me to the set trailers," DJ told him.

"Really? Well, now that I'm here, I think he may rethink his decision," Courtney told him. Duncan sighed.

(Conf), Duncan: Argh, I still can't believe that those two are fighting over me! Urgh, it's so frustrating. They're just like two babies fighting over a lollipop.

Noah and Owen were walking through the horror movie set. "These trees are giving me the creeps," Owen said.

"Seriously? The trees are what are giving you the creeps?" Noah asked.

"I get creeped out easily. But not 'DJ' easily," Owen said.

(Conf), Owen: *talks fast* DJ, if you find out what I said I didn't mean it. *smiles*

An owl twittered and Owen froze. "Don't worry, it's just an owl. Come on big guy, we gotta get to the set trailers," Noah reassured as the camera panned in on his face. "Owen?" The camera panned out and revealed that Owen was gone. "Ah! Owen! Where are you?" Noah looked upwards and saw a spaceship prop zooming away. "Perfect, just perfect." When the spaceship arrived over the bouncy castle, it dropped Owen in, making the others bounce upwards.

"Ooh, this is fun!" Owen giggled.

Tyler was crawling down another street set. "I'm scared," he whispered to himself. He crawled behind a car prop, and it fell forwards. He crawled down the movie set and closed his eyes. "Don't worry Tyler, you're gonna be okay. Don't worry Tyler, you're gonna be okay," he said to himself. He opened his eyes to find himself dangling from a hook. He screamed like a girl and was dropped into the bouncy castle. When he landed, he was next to Lindsay.

"Tyler!" Lindsay squealed and she hugged her boyfriend.

Noah was near the exit of the horror movie set. He shivered. "Where's the set trailers? How big is this film lot?" he asked himself. The camera flashed to the Abandoned Film Lot from a birds eye view, showing quite how large it was. Then an arrow showed how little and where the set trailers were.

Noah arrived at a street set. He saw someone walking further in front of him. They were Duncan, DJ and Courtney. "Hey guys! Wait up!" Noah yelled. He jogged over as fast as he could to the other three. He arrived at them and panted. "Hey... guys. I guess we're the final four. I lost Owen and Izzy. Bridgette and Geoff are also gone."

"LeShawna and Heather have been captured. What about you two?" Courtney asked.

"Gwen and Trent," Duncan responded.

"I saw Lindsay flying. I'm pretty sure she's gone," DJ said.

"Then the only one that could possibly left is Tyler," Noah informed. The PA system then cracked and Chris' voice came through.

"Just in, Tyler is gone!" Chris announced. The four looked at each other and Noah sprinted away.

"See you guys!" Noah yelled and he crashed into a lamp post. A hook then scooped him up and the other three ran fast.

"Look! I see the set trailers!" DJ pointed out.

"Well, I'm getting first!" Courtney yelled. She ran faster and jumped over a speed bump. Duncan slowed down and saw a skateboard on the ground. He stepped on and it broke instantly.

(Conf), Duncan: Same old Chris, same old crappy props. Should've known he's too cheap for anything. Except for a tanning bed. Now I wanna piece of that action McLean. *points at camera* And I'm serious.

DJ ran as fast as he could. He was running on fear because a hook was trying to snag him up. Two hooks surrounded Courtney and Duncan, then swung at them. Courtney ducked and Duncan jumped, then vice versa. "Come on!" Courtney yelled and she pulled Duncan with her.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" DJ shouted. It was too late as DJ had already been hooked by his leg. He was pulled upwards and twisted upside down. "Aw, seriously?"

Duncan and Courtney had arrived at the set trailers. Duncan crossed the finish line first and was followed by Courtney. "We won!" Courtney cheered and she kissed Duncan.

"wow, where's that side been princess?" Duncan asked.

"You still haven't dropped that nickname? Urgh, you've just ruined the moment," Courtney said and she walked away to Chris. "Where's my prize?"

"Oh, you'll get your prize in three days. Where you and your boyfriend will be team captains! Yep, that's right. You're competing on diferent teams this season!" Chris announced. The two gasped. "Oh yeah, so shocking. Who will be on whose team? Find out on the next episode of--"

"Uh, Chris?" Courtney asked.

"You just interrupted me during a sign off. This better be important," Chris said sternly.

"What about the others in the bouncy castle?" Courtnay asked. Chris's eyes widened.

"Oh crap! Well, uh, find out next time on Total... Drama... Action!" he announced and ran off.

Chapter II: Cowboys And Teenagers

Chris was sitting on a horse, wearing a cowboy hat. "Last time on Total Drama Action: Fourteen previous contestants began to battle it out again for a million dollars. Everyone was alienated, when actual aliens came. Nah, they were fake. It was an invasion that Duncan and Courtney triumphed over, only to find out that they were team leaders on seperate teams. Shocker! What teams will form? What rivalries will develop? Why in the world am I wearing a cowboy hat? Find out the answers to those questions, right here, right now on Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The fourteen were standing around Chris. Courtney and Duncan had stepped forwards. "So, today the teams will be forming. Duncan and Courtney will be on seperate teams, yet again shocker, and since Duncan crossed the finish line first, he gets to pick first. Remember, you'll be choosing boy, girl, boy, girl style. Girl first for you," Chris explained.

"Uh, I choose Gwen," Duncan said. Courtney gasped.

(Conf), Courtney: Gwen? I mean, he just chose her without thinking! Hm, ah, I know. Maybe he's just using the jealousy stratergy against me. Well, two can play at that game.

"I pick Trent," Courtney announced. Gwen gasped.

"Aw, we won't be on the same team," Gwen moaned.

"Don't worry. As long as we both make it to the merge, I'll be okay," Trent said. He smiled at Gwen and walked behind Courtney.

"Then I get DJ!" Duncan smiled. "Up top man." The two high fived and Courtney looked at DJ as if she was about to stare him to death.

"Hm, Lindsay. Since she does have game experience," Courtney said.

"I pick LeShawna. A girl cool enough to not slap me in the face," Duncan laughed.

"Boy, I'm taking that as a compliment. You better take it as one to," LeShawna threatened.

"I'll take Geoff," Courtney said. Bridgette and Geoff stopped making out and Geoff looked at Bridgette sadly.

"Still hoping we're on the same team," Geoff said.

"Me too my Geoff-y weoffy," Bridgette cooed and Geoff walked behind Courtney.

"Then I take Owen! These three guys stick together!" Duncan laughed.

"Izzy. You aren't the sanest, but what the heck?" Courtney asked herself. Duncan looked devious.

"I choose Bridgette," he said. Bridgette gasped.

"What? But then I'm not on the same team as my Geoff!" Bridgette gasped.

(Conf), Duncan: Precisely. If Gidgette aren't together, it'll distract them. Courtney's team fails and it gives a reason to boot Geoff. My team fails and Bridgette's a goner. The one thing I'm certain of, I'm not gonna be the first one to go home.

"Well, I pick--" Courtney began, but she got distracted as Tyler and Lindsay were exchanging blow kisses. "I choose--" Tyler was making smushy faces at Lindsay. "Urgh, Tyler! Stop messing with Lindsay! I pick--"

"Tyler it is!" Chris announced.

"But, what? I wanna pick Noah!" Courtney whinged.

"You said Tyler's name first. So that means Noah is on Duncan's team and Heather is chosen last for Courtney's," Chris announced.

"Chosen last? That sucks," Heather moaned. The two teams crowded together.

"Duncan's team, I name you the Screaming Directors!" Chris announced and a green logo with a clapperboard appeared above their heads. "And Courtney, your team name is to be called, the Killer Actors!" A red logo with a script on appeared above their heads. "Now onto the first team challenge. Meet me at the cowboy set asap."

"What does asap mean?" Lindsay asked. Chris facepalmed. The fourteen arrived at the cowboy set. Chris was wearing a full cowboy set including hat and spurs. He was on the phone.

"You couldn't have gotten a bigger size?" Chris asked into the phone. "Oh, they're here." He hung up the phone. "Greetings campers! Today's challenge will be made up of three parts that will end in elimination. That's right, someone will be going home In the first week. The first part of today's challenge is the 'Horse Buckaroo'. Behind me is a pen of fourteen horses. Your job is to ride one of them and the first entire team to cross the finish line will gain an advantage in part two."

"That sounds easy enough," Izzy said. Noah facepalmed.

(Conf), Noah: Seriously? Am I the only one that knows never to say that?

"Oh really? To make things more interesting, you'll have to catch your horse before you ride it. Chef, may you do the honours?" Chris asked.

"My please," he replied and he lifted up the lock and released the horses, which trampled all over him. Chris laughed and he triggered an airhorn. Twelve of them ran, all except for Bridgette and Geoff who were making out as they walked.

"Come on!" Courtney yelled. She pulled Geoff away from Bridgette and Duncan did the same with her.

"We have a contest to win," Duncan bossed. The scene flashed to everyone trying to get on a horse. LeShawna tried to jump on hers, but it moved and she landed on her face. Trent was trying to chase a horse. Izzy punched her horse in the butt and it kicked her face. Owen was the first one to get on his horse, but it collapsed under his weight.

Gwen was struggling to get onto her horse. She tried to reach her leg over the horse, but she fell. Luckily, Trent caught her. "Woah, you okay?" Trent asked.

"Never better," Gwen smiled. Trent helped Gwen onto her horse and it rode away. Dunan's horse galloped past the Gwen's.

"See you later. Bet I'm faster," Duncan said.

"Oh, yeah? It's on," Gwen said. She dug her knees into the horse and it raced away with Duncan.

"What was that for?" Courtney asked. "You just totally gave them an advantage!"

"She's still my girlfriend," Trent said.

"Yeah, but you don't see me helping Duncan onto his. Or vice versa," Courtney told him.

(Conf), Courtney: Well, it would be nice.

(Conf), Trent: Since I can't be with Gwen, I have to make sure Duncan doesn't mess around with her. He has his own girlfriend and I have mine.

Owen got another horse to help his and the two slowly walked, carrying Owen with little effort. Izzy cartwheel jumped onto hers and got on backwards. "Ride horse! Ride like the wind!" Izzy commanded. The horse bucked and raced forwards. Her horse crashed into Owen and they landed in a giant pile. "Awesome! Hey, big O, you can't have two horses. Ride!"

"Yeah, I've been trying to find one. Budge!" Courtney yelled. She grabbed her horse's reins and Courtney rode the horse.

(Conf), Owen: Wow, even two horses have little effort carrying me. Maybe it's the holiday weight I put on.

Gwen and Duncan's horses galloped to the finish line and arrived in a tie. "Ha, I beat you," Gwen snickered.

"We tied," Duncan told him.

"Yeah, yeah, that's what the losers say," Gwen joked.

(Conf), Gwen: Wow, Duncan's actually nice this season. But, uh... just as a friend. *laughs nervously*

Izzy arrived next at the finish line. She was still riding it backwards. "Hey guys! Have you met Joseph? He's my horse! Say hello Joseph," Izzy said. The horse neighed and Izzy slid off.

"That's two Screaming Directors and one Killer Actor. Who's next?" Chris asked.

"I am," Courtney panted. Her horse crossed the finish line. "Yeesh, how long is the cowboy set? Manhatten Island?"

"Maybe..." Chris trailed off as DJ and Noah's horses crossed the finish line.

"Alright! We're ahead!" Noah cheered. The two high fived as a monitor showed four Screaming Directors and two Killer Actors.

"Not... for long," Tyler panted. His horse was an old wrinkly one that was being hit in the head by Lindsay's horse.

"Sorry. My horse is a buttheader," Lindsay apologised.

"Don't you mean headbutter?" Courtney asked. Lindsay shrugged and she got off of her horse. Tyler collapsed off of his horse.

"Seriously? I got beat by Lindsiot?" Heather asked. Her horse trotted over the finish line and she scratched her head. "Ugh, well at least our team is beating the others."

Bridgette and Geoff were riding one horse. They were making out as they crossed the finish line. "Seriously Geoff? Face the fact, you two are on different teams!" Courtney yelled. She tried to pull Geoff off, but she fell backwards, taking Geoff with her.

"That's five Directors and six Actors. If Trent crosses the line, the Killer Actors win!" Chris announced. LeShawna's horse galloped across the finish line.

"Did we win?" she asked.

"We still need Owen. Did you see him?" Duncan asked.

"Oh, we ain't gonna win," LeShawna said. The scene flashed to Owen panting and sweating. The same was happening with his horse. The scene flashed back to the finish line. Trent's horse had arrived and it cantered across the finish line.

"Show off," Duncan muttered.

"And the Killer Actors win the first challenge!" Chris announced. "That also means they win the advantage for part two! Everyone, head over to the saloon!"

The thirteen campers walked to the saloon. "Where's Owen?" Lindsay asked.

"He's coming. Chef?" Chris asked. Chef was leading Owen's horse with an exhausted Owen on it. He fell off and looked at Duncan.

"Did we win?" he asked.

"No Owen. Just pay attention," Duncan said.

"Now, any good cowboy has cattle. Sometimes they're horses, maybe they're cows. This time, they're the Screaming Directors!" Chris announced.

"What do you mean by that?" LeShawna asked.

"The Killer Actors will be the cowboys. It's their challenge to round up and lasso all the cattle in three minutes. Screaming Directors, it's your job to make sure you all of you aren't lassoed up in three mintues. Oh, and we have costumes. Cowboy hats and spurs for the Killer Actors, horseshoe shoes and udder hats for the Screaming Directors," Chris explained. He threw the costumes at the teams. "Start!"

Izzy was twirling her lasso and chasing Gwen. "Ye-hah partner!" Izzy yelled. She threw her lasso over Gwen, but she ducked and Izzy ended up lassoing a cactus. She ran into it. "Argh! Real cactus!" She wobbled and fell over on top of DJ. Lindsay ended up lassoing both of them up.

"Whoo hoo! Two in one!" Lindsay cheered.

"Lindsay! I'm on your team!" Izzy yelled. "You only got DJ."

"Oh. One in one!" Lindsay cheered. Gwen was running and looking behind her. She didn't see the cactus. Trent was walking by the cactus.

"Gwen!" Trent yelled. She looked forwards and saw the cactus. She screamed and Duncan pulled her to safety.

"You okay?" Duncan asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How could Chris afford real cacti?" Gwen asked.

"It's called budget spending," Chris answered. Whilst the two weren't looking, Tyler had managed to throw a lasso over the two and he tied them up.

"All in the day of a cowboy!" Tyler cheered. Duncan used his free leg to kick Tyler in his nuts.

"Domonic! Don't hurt Tyler. Where is Tyler?" Lindsay asked. The scene flashed and Heather and Courtney chasing after LeShawna.

"Why don't you get someone else?" LeShawna asked and panted.

"Your big and slow. Yet fiesty," Heather muttered.

(Conf), LeShawna: *wearing udder hat* Season two wouldn't be that bad if Heather wasn't here.

LeShawna was muttering in pain and she looked down at her feet. "Argh, these shoes are painful," LeShawna said.

"I told you it was a diadvantage," Chris said. He was sipping coffee and Chef was in the saloon. His hat was over the doors and so was his apron. "Are you done dressing yet?"

"I'll be finished dressing when I'm finished dressing!" Chef barked back.

Two minutes had passed and the only ones tied up were Gwen, Duncan and DJ. "Hurry up! We don't have much time left!" Courtney demanded. "I say we split into teams. I'll get Bridgette. Geoff and Izzy, you get Noah. Heather and Trent, get Owen. Lindsay and Tyler, you two go and get LeShawna. Hurry!"

Geoff and Izzy were chasing Noah and he was running out of energy. "Can you take pity on a tired... weak-- oh just forget it," Noah said. He stopped, allowing the two to lasso him up. LeShawna ran into a cactus and she screamed.

"Ah! Cactus needles! Get 'em off of me!" she yelled. Tyler lassoed her up as Owen collapsed near them. Lindsay took the chance to lasso him up.

"Hey! That was our guy!" Heather yelled.

"To bad," Lindsay said. Courtney was running after Bridgette. She managed to corner her.

"Sorry Bridgette, but you've gotta go," she said. She threw the lasso at her, but in slow motion, Geoff threw himself at front of her and was tied up in the lasso.

"Time!" Chris announced. "The Screaming Directors win part two!"

"Ugh, thanks a lot, Geoff. I could've caught her!" she yelled.

"Aw, I can't believe you took a lasso for me, Geoff-y weoffy," Bridgette said and the two began to make out again.

(Conf), Bridgette: Geoff is so sweet. My old boyfriend, George, never treated me like that.

(Conf), Geoff: Wow, maybe Courtney's right. I mean, I've gotta get my head in the game.

(Conf), Geoff and Bridgette: *make out*

"Okay, now onto part three. Since the Screaming Directors won part two, they get paintball guns. Killer Actors, you get hand made catapults. Now, what kind of cowboy movie would sell without a shoot off?" Chris asked. "Turn in turn, one member of each team will do a shoot off. The first person to be shot with a paintball will lose the point that the other team will win. Whoever has the points wins and is safe from elimination. First up, Lindsay and LeShawna!"

The scene flashed. Lindsay and LeShawna were standing back to back in the middle of a long path. "Remember, the when the first klaxon goes, you walk forwards. When you hear the second klaxon, you turn around and shoot," Chris reminded. The first klaxon went off and Lindsay turned around and shot LeShawna.

"Ow! When the second klaxon goes!" LeShawna yelled.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what a klaxon is," Lindsay said. The second klaxon went off and LeShawna shot Lindsay in the arm.

"Ow! That hurt LeFawnduh," Lindsay said.

"The first point goes to the Screaming Directors!" Chris announced. "Up next are Tyler and Gwen!" Gwen and Tyler were standing back to back. The first klaxon rang and they walked forwards.

(Conf), Tyler: I was second in line to being captain of the shooting team back in school. This should be a piece of cake.

The next klaxon rang and Tyler turned around and shot. Gwen ducked and the paintball hit a rebound board. Gwen ducked again and the paintball shot Tyler straight in the face. "That's two points to the Screaming Directors. Up next, Heather and Duncan."

The first klaxon rang and Heather and Duncan walked backwards.

(Conf), Duncan: I took lessons in juvie of shooting. There's no way I'm losing to a bald girl.

The next klaxon rang and Duncan turned around and fired three paintballs. Heather placed a paintball in her catapult, but didn't have time to use it as the paintballs hit her and she fell backwards. "Ow, that hurts," Heather moaned.

"That's the point, bald Heather," Duncan snickered.

"Thats's three points to the Screaming Directors. If they get this next point, they win!" Chris announced.

(Conf), Courtney: Oh, there's no way I'm letting my team go to elimination first. I have to win.

Courtney and Noah were standing back to back. Courtney was rolling her eyes at Noah. The first klaxon rang and the two began to walk away from each other. "There's no way I'm letting this wimp beat me," Courtney whispered to herself.

"No way am I letting this egotistical C.I.T beat me," Noah whispered to himself. The second klaxon rang and the two turned around, firing three shots each. Courtney cartwheeled out of the way of the paintballs which froze Noah in shock and the paintballs hit him twice in the head and once in his chest.

"Ooh, that's gonna leave a mark in the morning," Chris said. "Courtney wins the first point for the Killer Actors. Let's see if Trent can do the same."

The scene flashed and Courtney and Noah had been replaced with Trent and Owen. "Sorry Owen, but I'm taking you down," Trent said.

"We'll see, we'll see," Owen replied. He began walking as the first klaxon rang. The second klaxon sounded and before Owen had the chance to turn around, Trent had already shot five paintballs at his back. "How did that happen?" Owen asked.

"It's called sharpshooting," Trent snickered. He smiled at Gwen and she smiled back.

(Conf), Gwen: Ah, when Trent smiles, it brings something up in me. I have no idea why he thinks I like Duncan. What? I don't. *laughs nervously*

Izzy and DJ were next. Izzy had streaked mud across her face. "Sorry DJ, but Izzy is a war girl," Izzy said.

"But this is a cowboy movie, not a war one," DJ told her. She shrugged her shoulders and the first klaxon signalled. Izzy was carefully walking, looking around with the eye of a hawk. DJ, on the other hand, was trembling and shaking.

The next klaxon rang and Izzy turned around, yelled and chased after DJ. He was so scared, he didn't even fire and ran around away from Izzy. She placed a paintball in the catapult, did a forwards roll and shot DJ in the back of the neck. He collapsed and Izzy put one of her feet on his back. "Victory for Izzy Cassonova!"

"Ooh, it's neck on neck. The final shot depends on Geoff for the Killer Actors and Bridgette for the Screaming Directors. The team's balance hangs between them!" Chris announced.

Geoff and Bridgette were facing back to back. "Good luck my snugly wugly Geoff-y," Bridgette said.

"Right back at you my cutey patootie," Geoff replied. The first klaxon rang and the two began to walk backwards.

(Conf), Bridgette: Never in my life did I think I would ever have to shoot my boyfriend. I had the urge with George, but not Geoff.

(Conf), Geoff: I can't believe I have to shoot Bridgette. This season really is the hardest.

The second klaxon rang and the two stopped. Geoff turned around. "Sorry guys, but I can't shoot my babe. I just can't," Geoff apologised.

"And there's no way I can hurt Geoff. I abstain my shot," Bridgette said. The two ran together and kissed.

"Aw, isn't that romantic. Unfortunately, that means everyone is tied," Chris said.

"So we need to do another tiebreaker?" Heather asked.

"Actually, no. Neither me, Chef or the producers thought that we would need another challenge. So since you're both tied, I guess both teams will be going to elimination. And that means one from each team will be going home. Psyche!" Chris announced.

"Both teams?" everyone asked, excluding Bridgette and Geoff, who were still making out.

The scene flashed to the new elimination area at the stage. Chris was wearing a blue tuxedo. "Welcome boys and girls to the new elimination area. You will also find that there are remotes by your sides. These are the brand new elimination devices. For each elimination, there will be a picture of whoever is up for elimination. This term, it means all of you," Chris said. The other twelve campers looked at Bridgette and Geoff. "Cast your votes by pressing the box next to whoever you want to vote for."

The scene changed to a montage of everyone pressing their devices. Chef walked onto the stage wearing a pink sparkly dress and was carrying a plate of what looked like gold Chris awards and a sheet of paper. Some of the contestants laughed and Chef grumbled. He then handed both items at Chris. "Nice dress bro. Anyways, this season, instead of marshmallows, you'll be receiving Gilded Chris Awards," Chris explained.

(Conf), LeShawna: Wow, this season is kinda bringing out Chris' ego. Maybe it's because we're on a movie set.

"The first two Gilded Chris Awards go to team captains Duncan and Courtney," Chris said and he chucked the two their awards.

"What the? These are made of chocolate covered in gold wrapping," Duncan said.

"We couldn't afford actual gold," Chris said. "Anyways, the next four go to the only season one alliance still standing. That's Gwen, LeShawna, Noah and Trent. Also safe are Lindsay and Izzy. DJ and Heather, both of you are still in for another episode. And that just leaves Tyler, Owen, Bridgette and Geoff. Two of you got one vote, two of you will be eliminated at six votes each. Just a note, if you're eliminated, you must go down the Walk of Shame and ride the Lame-o-sine to never come back. Ever! The last one safe is...






























... Tyler and Owen!" Chris announced and he threw the last two Gilded Chris Awards at the two. It hit Tyler in the face and Owen caught his in his mouth. He then burped out the wrapper.

"Mmm, Belgian-y," Owen mumbled in delight.

"What? We were eliminated?" Geoff asked.

"As if you're any help to the team," Duncan said.

"You are incredibly annoying with your suck face attitude," Courtney explained. Bridgette held Geoff's hand.

"At least we'll go out together," Bridgette said.

"I love you Bridgette," Geoff said. The two got up and began to make out and walked down the Walk of Shame.

A mix of "Aw, you're so romantic!", "Get a room," and "Hope you're happy!" went around. The two got into the Lame-o-sine and it drove off.

"Now teams, get to your trailers. You've got a big day in three days. Now scat," Chris said. The other twelve ran off, leaving Chris on the screen. "Six days have already gone and we've had a shock double elimination. Who's the next to go and what shocks and surprises will come in the way of winning a million. Stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter III: A Winter Blunderland

Chris was standing on top of a large candy cane and was wearing a Santa suit. "Last time on Total Drama Action: The fourteen campers went to the Wild West set where the two teams took part in their very first team challenge. Horses and cattle deemed both teams tied, ready for part three, a shoot off. Everyone was tied until the tie breaking shot was abstained by lovesick couple Gidgette, which lead to their elimination due to both teams going to elimination. Will there be anymore shock double eliminations? Which team will be sending a member down the Walk of Shame? Why the heck am I wearing a Santa suit? Find out some of those answers on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The scene opened in the girls side of the Killer Actors' trailer. It was fully decorated with a mini Christmas tree with baubles, paper chains strung on the roof and mini Santa heads with Santa's head replaced by Chris. "Wow, someone's got a thing for the holidays," Izzy said.

Heather looked at one of the Chris Santa heads. "Yeah, well it seems that someone is still egotistical as ever. Could you imagine if Chris was Santa?" Heather asked.

"Oh that's why I though Santa looked so familiar," Lindsay said. "What do you think of Christmas, Clara?" The three girls looked at Courtney's bed. She had been replaced with a giant lump.

"Okay, whenever we've been here with you, you've always been under your bed covers. Time to see what you're hiding," Heather said. She pulled the bed covers off and revealed that Courtney was fully dressed and was tapping at her PDA.

"Gah! What the heck? What if I wasn't wearing any clothes?" Courtney screamed.

"Don't try to change subjects, you have a PDA. That's against the rules," Heather said. "No electronics."

"What's a PDA?" Lindsay asked.

"It's kinda like a giant phone that takes loads of pictures and messages," Izzy explained. The four girls stormed out of the trailer to see Chris on his phone and drinking a cup of coffee.

"Huh. Okay. Oh, gotta go. Love you mom," Chris said. He hung up the phone and took a large swig at his coffee. "What is it?"

"Courtney has a PDA. Get her kicked off the show!" Heather yelled.

"Why should I?" Chris asked.

"Because she kept it for more than a week! She at least needs to get a harsh punishment!" Heather yelled.

"Izzy, Lindsay, go to the crafts tent. Breakfast is ready. Heather, I'm not giving Courtney a punishment because it is in Courtney's contract to keep her PDA," Chris said.

"Why?" Heather asked.

"Remember when Tyler got me eliminated? I threatened to either eliminate him, literally, or I could keep my PDA in season two," Courtney explained. She began to wave her PDA in Heather's face. "And there ain't no way you can keep your electronics."

(Conf), Heather: Besides Gwen, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Trent, Bridgette, Izzy, Geoff and Tyler, I really hate Courtney's bragging. I am the best contestant on this show, and there ain't no way someone is taking the million from me.

In the crafts tent, Chef had finished serving everybody breakfast: burritos. Owen chomped in delight on his burrito. "Beans, beans, good for your heart. The more you eat the more you--" Owen began to sing, but Heather threw one a spoon at his head before he could finish.

"Grow up Owen," Heather said.

"Wow, someone's a buzzkill," Duncan said.

"Just ignore her buddy. She's just a sore loser and a bald witch," DJ said.

(Conf), DJ: I know I'm nice to everyone, but Heather really makes me grind my boots. Well, shoes in my case.

The scene flashed back to the tent and a small grenade had been thrown in. "A bomb!" Trent yelled. Everyone got into one corner and hid behind Owen.

Five seconds later, a bin lifted on the grenade and a purple gas began to fill the tent. "I'm getting woozy," Owen mumbled and he fell asleep.

The scene flashed to Owen waking up,finding everybody surrounding him. They were all asleep on what looked like snow. "Where am--" Owen began, but he was interrupted by a loud air horn to the face. He screamed and woke everybody else up.

"What was that?" LeShawna asked.

"That was my air horn," Chris said. He was dressed as Santa.

"Santa?" Lindsay asked.

"No Lindsiot, it's Chris," Heather said.

"Shut up bald patch," Lindsay said. Heather gasped and got up.

"What is this, snow?" Gwen asked.

"Actually, it's shredded cotton. Don't try to lick it," Chris said. The scene moved over to Tyler who stopped trying to lick the fake snow.

"You couldn't have said that earlier?" Tyler asked.

"Anyways, since it is December, we're celebrating Christmas!" Chris announced.

"But isn't it December 27th?" Trent asked.

"Yeah, thanks for that Mr Obvious. Everyone knows that the first two episodes of a series can't be a Christmas special. Duh," Chris explained. "Anyways, today's movie genre is Christmas themed. Everyone knows that Santa is always involved. I am Santa. You are the elves. Today, your challenge is to wrap as many presents as you can. Then put your presents in your respective team basket."

"What are the presents?" Gwen asked.

"Presents are anything you can find in the junk pile." Chris explained. "Oh, and to make things more interesting you guys will have to avoid having your presents sabotaged by the evil elf!"

"Let me guess. That's Chef," Duncan said.

"Correct-o-mundo my Juvie friend. You'll also have to avoid bears, polar bears and evil gingerbread men!" Chris said spookily.

"Isn't that a bit over dramatic?" asked Noah.

"So what? The team that has the most presents in their baskets will win. You have one hour. Any questions?" Chris asked. Everyone put their hand up. "No? Okay then, start!"

Each team ran to their stations. In each station there were boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons. As her role of team captain, Courtney took charge of her team. "Okay guys, I suggest we each have a job. Trent, you put presents in boxes. Heather, you wrap them. Izzy, tie the presents up in ribbons. Lindsay, you take the presents to our box. Me and Tyler will get presents. Now hurry up! Get to your stations!" Courtney instructed. Courtney and Tyler ran to the pile at the same time Duncan and Gwen did. Trent saw the two running and glared at Duncan.

When the four arrived at the pile, they saw the huge pile of exhausts, yo-yos, rats and other items crammed together. "Come on," Duncan said, grabbing Gwen's wrist. "Grab as many presents as you can." Courtney saw Duncan holding Gwen's wrist and she growled at Gwen. She then got closer to Tyler.

"Oh Tyler. I know you can carry loads of presents with your manly arms," Courtney flirted.

"Um, are you feeling okay?" Tyler asked.

"Why wouldn't I be when I'm with you?" Courtney asked.

Tyler was confused. "You know, we're meant to be enemies. You didn't even want me on your team."

"Oh forget it," Courtney said and she grabbed an exhaust and a mirror and ran off.

(Conf), Duncan: Is Courtney trying to make me jealous by flirting with Tyler? *laughs loudly*

(Conf), Tyler. Does Courtney like me? Well, I guess she does have a point about my manly arms. *flexes arms*

Duncan and Gwen returned to their station with a yo-yo, a Jack in the box, a mouldy chicken leg, a picture frame and a live rat. Duncan hit the rat hard and knocked it unconscious. "Box 'em!" Duncan and Gwen commanded in sync. They handed the picture frame to Owen who placed in a box. He then passed it down to Noah who wrapped it up quickly. He then slid the box down to LeShawna who slapped a bow on the top of the box. She then passed it to DJ who ran to the Screaming Directors' box. He delicately placed it in and ran back for another present as Duncan and Gwen ran to the junk pile.

A present had been fully taken cared of and passed down to Lindsay. "Hurry!" Izzy yelled as she passed Lindsay another present.

"Um, where am I supposed to take these?" Lindsay asked.

"To the Killer Actors' box!" Izzy yelled.

"Oh, got it," Lindsay said and she dumped the presents in the opposing teams box.

"The other one!" Izzy commanded.

"Sorry," Lindsay said and she got the presents back and placed them in her teams' box.

(Conf), Izzy: Lindsay's my best friend. Season one gave us a friendship, but man is she dumb!

Tyler and Courtney came back with three more presents. They were about to run back when Trent grabbed Tyler's wrist. "Dude, swap places with me. I need to make sure Duncan isn't bugging Gwen," Trent said.

"Hmm, well, Courtney's flirting is kinda creeping me out so you can go," Tyler replied. The two swapped places and Trent ran to the present pile. When he arrived, Courtney had ran off with two exhaust pipes in her hands. Gwen and Duncan were still trying to see what presents to take. Trent took a yo-yo and a broken calculator.

"Here, you can take these," Trent said.

"But, don't you need those for your team?" Gwen asked.

"Why are you questioning him? Take the dang gifts!" Duncan chuckled. Gwen took the presents from Trent and Duncan grabbed a broken CD player as Gwen ran off.

"Take that Duncan," Trent said.

"What's your damage?" Duncan asked.

"My damage is that I don't want you flirting around with Gwen. Holding her wrist. Saving her from pain. That's my job," Trent said.

"Wow, someone's lovesick," Duncan said and he ran off as DJ placed three more gifts in their basket. Courtney ran back to Trent.

"Trent? Stop gawking around and actually help!" Courtney yelled. She grabbed a tennis ball and shoved it in his hands. "Move, move, move!"

The scene flashed to Heather wrapping up presents. "Hurry up lazybones. I'm getting impatient," Lindsay said.

"You think you can do any better?" Heather asked.

"Please, your giant troll hands don't make you any better of a present wrapper," Lindsay complained. Heather growled. She rolled more tape on the present and shoved it towards Izzy.

"Wow, someone's got anger issues," Izzy said and she began to wrap the present in ribbon.

(Conf), Heather: Do those losers think they can be mean to me. Their insults are just completely cliche.

The scene changed to Chef standing on a candy cane. He was wearing an elf costume and was holding two sticks of dynamite. "Dynamite, the only reason I love this job," Chef said. He lit the dynamite and threw them at each team station.

The first stick of dynamite hit Heather's wrapping station. "What the--? Dynamite!" Heather yelled and she ducked underneath the station. The light got to the end of the string and it blew out. Heather came up from underneath the station and Izzy and Tyler looked at it.

"Wow, I guess it's a dud--" Izzy began and the dynamite exploded, sending the three far away into a crater in the space set.

The second stick of dynamite landed straight in Duncan's hand. "Dynamite? Easy," Duncan said. He threw the stick of dynamite at the Killer Actors' present box. It exploded and the box shattered with most of the presents scorched and burnt. Behind the box were three large polar bears, two bears and one evil looking gingerbread man. They stampeded towards Duncan and he ran away.

Courtney and Trent arrived back from the present pile to see everyone except Lindsay had gone and the station's equipment had been severely damaged. "What happened?" Courtney asked.

"Dynamite from Chef," Lindsay replied.

"Well all our equipment is gone. I don't see how this could get any more worse," Courtney moaned.

"Uh, Courtney? You might want to turn around," Trent said, tapping her shoulder. Courtney turned around and saw that her teams' present box had exploded and Duncan was running around it being chased by polar bears, bears and a gingerbread man.

"Guys, look. Their presents are burned. Take the advantage!" Noah yelled. Gwen ran with multiple yo-yo's.

"Wrap them. I have to go get Duncan," Gwen said.

"Ooh, why. Because you love him?" Heather asked. Her, Izzy and Tyler had arrived back from the space set.

"Shut it," Gwen replied.

(Conf), Gwen: Duncan's a nice guy. But I only like him as a friend. I go out with Duncan, ah I mean Trent! Trent, yes Trent.

Thirty minutes had passed and the total of the presents were thirty two to eleven to the Screaming Directors. Gwen was getting tired from running back and forth. "I'm... getting... really... exhausted," Gwen panted.

"Don't worry white girl, I'll swap with you," LeShawna said. The two fist bumped and LeShawna ran off to the present pile. She grabbed a mirror and a chewed pipe and ran back as Duncan ran away from his chasers. He turned swiftly and hid underneath a Christmas tree. The chasers ran past him and Duncan got up.

"Stupid bears," Duncan chuckled. He turned round to see a giant snorting bear at him. "Oh shoot."

The timer changed showing ten minutes remaining. The Screaming Directors were winning barely with fifty gifts to forty four. Chef had sabotaged both teams severely. The Killer Actors' station was half covered in glue, half covered in nail varnish. The other station was layered in mouse traps. Tyler's face looked like a can of red paint exploded on him. "Ugh, I think some of the paint got in my mouth," Tyler moaned.

"Stop complaining and wrap presents!" Courtney commanded. Her hair was sticking upwards.

(Conf), Tyler: Wow, this season Courtney sure is bossy. Well, bossier.

Noah had replaced LeShawna in collecting gifts and was running up to the present pile. Duncan had joined him and his clothes were torn and ripped. "What happened to you?" Noah asked.

"Angry bears," Duncan replied. "Polar bears are completely vicious."

"I'm confused. How can polar bears live in this climate?" Noah asked. The scene changed to two interns in red shirts lowering down a bear into a vat of thick white paint.

(Conf), Chris: Please note that no animals were harmed during the making of this series. They harmed.

Izzy finished wrapping a present that Lindsay had sent to the basket. The score was brought up to fifty to forty nine. "We're almost there," Courtney panted. "Hurry up before they lose their disadvantage."

"We would be better if we had smart people on this team. No offense Lindsay. Not sure about you Tyler," Izzy said.

"What's offence?" Lindsay asked and Izzy face palmed. She handed Lindsay another present and she tossed it into the basket. The score was fifty-fifty and there were no more presents.

"What do we do now?" DJ asked.

"There are five minutes left. Steal and sabotage!" Chris yelled into a megaphone. Chef was standing on top of the Christmas tree with a gigantic bazooka in his hands. The Meatball Bazooka. The evil elf fired at both stations. One of the meatballs hit one of the mouse traps on the Killer Actors' station and sent it flying onto Trent's face and it snapped shut. He screamed in pain.

(Conf), Trent: *removes mouse trap from nose* Ah! I'm pretty sure this is how no elf works.

Two minutes were left. "Come on," Duncan whispered. He was pulling Gwen by the wrist behind the Killer Actors basket.

"What are we doing here?" Gwen asked.

Duncan pulled out a saw. "This is how I won the gladiator game back in season one." He began to cut into the wooden frames.

"Then why did you bring me?" Gwen asked.

"I need a lookout," Duncan replied. He cut into the wood, but saw something clatter into the ground. "Is that--"

"Dynamite!" Gwen yelled. The two ran away and instantly, a hole blew into the back of the Killer Actors basket. Wrapped presents began pouring out of the box and the score began decreasing. The timer then dinged zero.

"The Screaming Directors win!" Chris announced. He brought the teams together in the middle of the set. "The team wins fifty to thirty eight, and still decreasing!"

"Way to go team. Ugh, stupid elimination," Courtney mumbled.

"Actually, being Christmas themed, today is a reward challenge. That means the Killer Actors are safe. Screaming Directors, you'll be getting your reward in the next three days, a.k.a the next episode. Now get off to your cabins," Chris said. Gwen and Duncan high fived, and the other four cheered and hugged. The Killer Actors groaned.

The scene changed to Izzy and Lindsay leaving the trailer. "We're going for showers, later," Izzy said. They shut the door and left Courtney and Heather in the room. Courtney was again on her PDA.

"Nothing new yet. Ugh, I guess I'll be going for my shower. Don't touch my PDA," Courtney said.

"Don't worry. I'm coming after you," Heather said. She followed Courtney out. Unbeknown to Courtney, Heather took Courtney's PDA with her on the way out and the screen cut to black.

Chapter IV: The Not So Incredibles

Chris was standing in a room that looked like a small Batcave. "Last time on Total Drama Action: That cast celebrated Christmas with an argument about Courtney's PDA. We then moved on to the Christmas challenge; wrapping Christmas presents for the nearby orphanage. Hope the kids like pipes and rats! Heather stole Courtney's PDA and the Killer Actors lost. Luckily, it was a reward challenge. What will be the aftermath of Heather's PDA-napping? Which team will be sent to elimination? What is going on with Gwen and Duncan? Find out at least on of those answers on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

Duncan, DJ, Owen and Noah were chilling in their trailer. DJ, Owen and Noah were playing cards and Duncan was whittling away at a stick with his knife. "Got any threes?" Owen asked.

"Go fish," Noah and DJ replied in sync. Owen reached into the pile of cards and grabbed one. He turned it over to himself and found the two of hearts.

"Guys, stop playing cards. You're boring me to death," Duncan complained. He got up and walked to the door, but was flattened by a sack that was thrown through the door. "What?" Gwen and LeShawna were also thrown through the door and landed on the sack that squashed Duncan. "Get off of me," Duncan whispered.

"Sorry. We got thrown in by Chef," Gwen apologised.

"What's in the sack?" LeShawna asked.

"We'd like to know too," Noah said. Him and the other two boys walked towards Duncan and pulled him up. Gwen picked up the sack and opened it.

"Christmas presents?" she asked. She emptied the sack and six presents cluttered out.

"One each. This one's mine," Owen said as he read the label of his present. He untied the ribbon, tore the paper open and lifted the box lid. "Fifty gravy care packages! Mommy's special gravy!"

"My toolbox!" Duncan cheered.

"My sparkly dance shoes!" LeShawna cheered. "Now I can dance in style!"

"I got a letter from home!" Gwen and DJ exclaimed in sync.

(Conf), Noah: Wow, this is kinda like a mini Christmas.

"My calculator!" Noah exclaimed. The other five looked at him in confusion. "What? I get my gifts, you get yours."

The scene changed to the crafts tent. The two teams were chatting amongst themselves when Chef walked into the main tent. "Alright suckers, since it's already ten and Chris ain't here, I'm guessing he's ill. Today's genre is superheroes. The task is too--" Chef began, but was interrupted as Chris crashed into the ground from the roof screaming.

"Ugh, am I late?" Chris asked. "Stupid interns. Anyways, today's genre is superheroes!"

"We know, Chef already said," Heather said. Chris gave Chef a look.

"Just get to the stupid superhero set. I need to fire some people. Some literally," Chris said and he walked out of the tent.

The campers also walked out of the tent. "I'm going back to the trailer," Courtney said to Izzy. "I need to check my PDA." Izzy nodded and the scene changed to Courtney entering the girls' side of the Killer Actors trailer. Courtney walked to her bed and looked under the pillow. She didn't find her PDA. "What? I'm sure I left it here last night."

The scene changed to the eleven campers arriving at the superhero set. Chris and Chef were standing in the same weird green costumes. "Trying to make a personal fashion statement?" Heather asked.

"No, they're superhero costumes. We're the 'Reptile Twins'!" Chris announced.

"You look like a salamander barfed on you," Noah said.

"I can make that happen to you," Chris threatened and Noah rolled his eyes. "Before we start, I can see that not everyone from the Killer Actors are here."

"What do you mean by... wait, where's Courtney?" Trent asked. Courtney walked over to her team with a furious look on her face.

"I'm angry with you people," Courtney growled furiously.

"And I'm guessing your team will be angry with you because since you're late, your team gets a penalty!" Chris chuckled. The Killer Actors moaned and Heather shot a look at Courtney.

"What's your problem?" Heather asked.

"My problem is that somebody stole my PDA!" Courtney screamed.

"Your gigantic phone?" Lindsay asked. Tyler hooked his arm around his girlfriends shoulder and kissed her on the cheek.

"No Linds, it's her PDA," Tyler corrected.

"Thanks Noah. Have you seen Tyler?" Lindsay asked. Tyler facepalmed.

(Conf), Tyler: I'm worried that I'm starting lose my edge with Lindsay. She keeps on forgetting who I am. *Lindsay pops her head into the confessional* Lindsay: Oh hey Noah! Have you seen Tyler? *facepalms*

"Anyways, as Chef told you, today's genre is superheroes. One thing that superheroes have are super duper costumes made of spandex. That's your challenge, for the whole team to make an identical superhero costume. You must all have powers, and my favourite part, since it's spandex, you'll all be wearing super tight tights!" Chris chuckled. Everyone except for Lindsay moaned and complained.

"Tights!" Lindsay squealed.

"You have an hour to make the costumes. And... start!" Chris announced. The scene changed to Lindsay grabbing a needle and thread and sitting at her teams' station.

"Guys, you should like, totally make me the designer. I'm like a fashionista," Lindsay said.

"Well, Courtney's on a rampage, so I don't think she can say no," Izzy said.

"You do no how many suits to make, right?" Trent asked.

"Sure I do. A suit for me, Izzy, unfortunately Heather, you and Courtney!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"What about me?" Tyler asked.

"I can't make a suit for you. You're on the other team Noah!" Lindsay chuckled. Tyler facepalmed and Heather grumbled.

"Make six suits, Lindsiot," Heather grunted. Lindsay glared at her enemy.

(Conf), Lindsay: If Henna thinks she can boss me around, she's got another thing coming. I'm making five suits.

The Screaming Directors weren't making that much progress. Gwen was trying to measure Owen's waist, but kept on running out of tape. LeShawna received an electric shock from the sewing machine. Duncan, Noah and DJ were running frantically covered in red and purple spandex. Duncan finally got out of the spandex and yelled. "Order everyone, order!" Duncan yelled. Everyone stopped. "We need order. We can't show the other team weakness. We need a plan, and we need a leader. Since I am team leader, I have a plan on our costumes. Gwen, Owen, get me green, black and purple spandex. DJ, I need everyone's measurements. LeShawna and Noah, discover what the other team's making."

"What are you going to do?" LeShawna asked.

"I'm gonna make the suits," Duncan said. The scene changed to a montage of Lindsay and Heather arguing, Gwen, Owen and Courtney pulling at the spandex, Trent sewing white spandex together, DJ almost suffocating Noah with measuring tape, and LeShawna peaking at Lindsay's design and scribbling down on a notepad.

The scene changed to the Killer Actors looking at their suits. The camera was angled so the suits couldn't be seen. "Those are our costumes?" Courtney asked.

"Yep! You like?" Lindsay asked.

"They're so..." Trent began.

"Pink! And I made one for everyone!" Lindsay squealed.

"You only made five suits! Tyler is on our team!" Heather yelled.

"Huh?" Lindsay asked. She looked at Tyler and he smiled and waved. "Tyler! When did you get here?"

"Stop the love and make another suit! We already have one penalty. That's one more that we should have!" Courtney yelled.

The scene changed to the Screaming Directors. They were looking at their suits which couldn't be seen at the camera angle. "Those are our suits?" Noah asked.

"I like it, good work," Gwen said and she high fived Duncan.

"The perfect suits for villainy," Duncan chuckled.

"We're meant to be heroes," LeShawna mentioned.

"So what? Potato, potahto," Duncan shrugged. "Punk rock style."

The scene flashed to Chris and Chef sitting on a desk at the side of a runway. "Okay! The hour is up! Fineto! The first superheroes squad is the Killer Actors!" Chris announced. The curtains at the end of the runway opened to reveal six 'superheroes' wearing suits of pink, white and bright red. The six strutted down the runway, but the only one that looked happy was Lindsay.

"We are the 'Pink Perfectionists!" Lindsay announced. "Our super powers are to stun you with our fashion choices!"

"We let Lindsay in charge," Izzy moaned. "Pink doesn't suit me."

"Me neither. It looks like a fairy princess puked all over me," Heather grunted.

"Um, that costume looks like a choice for a Barbie doll. Oh, and your penalty is that instead of getting the highest total of sixteen instead of twenty. I give you a seven for effort," Chris said.

"I hate pink, but I'm feeling nice today. You get a four," Chef said.

"That's an eleven out of a possible sixteen! Next up, the Screaming Directors!" Chris announced. He then said to Chef, "I seriously hope that this isn't a waste of time."

The Screaming Directors walked out of the curtains from the beginning of the runway. They were wearing some sort of punk rock costumes with purple and black boots. Gwen and Duncan were smiling at each other, which bugged Trent. As they got to the end of the runway, they looked at Chris and Chef. "Wow, I didn't expect villain like costumes. But, you are supposed to be heroes, so I'm giving you guys a six. That means you need at least a six to beat the 'Pink Perfectionists'," Chris said. The team looked at the Killer Actors.

"That's your outfit?" Owen asked. He chuckled slightly.

"Shut it. At least we don't look like punk rock wannabes," Courtney said.

"Well, we are the 'Punk Rockers', so nice one princess," Duncan joked. Courtney responded by rolling her eyes.

"Hmm. You've got green, black and purple. Three of my favorite colors. You six are lucky. Six," Chef said. The Screaming Directors cheered.

"Thanks a lot Lindsay. Ugh," Heather moaned.

"I think you did great," Tyler said. She gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks Tyrone," Lindsay beamed. Tyler sighed.

The scene flashed to the contestants still in their superhero suits. "What now?" DJ asked.

"We will be going to part two. Screaming Directors, for winning the last challenge, you get to become the heroes!" Chris announced.

"What? We made these suits to be villains!" Duncan yelled.

"So what, I'm the host. That means the Killer Actors will be the villains," Chris added.

"What? What kind of villain wears pink?" Courtney asked.

(Conf), Lindsay: My villainy suit is unique!

"Anyways, the second part of the challenge is to rescue the little girl, a.k.a the damsel in distress of modern day. A.k.a, Chef and his cross-dressing," Chris chuckled. The scene changed to Chef standing on a small building in a little's girls outfit and a white handkerchief. The scene then moved back to Chris. "Screaming Director heroes, it's your job to get though the obstacle course and rescue Chef. Killer Actor villains, it's your job to keep Chef kidnapped for five minutes. Since the Screaming Directors won part one, they get a ten second head start. Remember, the whole team must be there to rescue Chef. And... begin!"

The Screaming Directors began to climb up a ladder that lead to a roof prop, the first part of the obstacle course. Gwen got to the roof first. "Let's go 'Punk Rockers'!" she yelled.

A timer rang, signaling that the Killer Actors could start. "Okay, Trent, Lindsay, get to the effects machine and slow them down there. Us four will stop them manually," Courtney instructed. Trent and Lindsay nodded and they ran to the effects machine.

"Wow, that's a lot of buttons. Ooh! Pink button Lindsay squealed. She pressed the button down and back on the roof prop, it began to shake. Noah fell into DJ, LeShawna wobbled off of the roof and Gwen fell into Duncan's arms. Trent grumbled. He pressed two buttons. The effects were Owen being ejected off of the roof and a sack of flour aiming for DJ.

"Activate shield!" DJ yelled. He hooked off a shield from his back and covered it over his head. he sack of flour bounced off the shield and onto DJ's feet. He screamed in pain. Trent pressed another button, which caused a boxing glove to aim at Gwen. Trent gasped and the boxing glove hit Gwen, sending her over the side.

"I got her! I got her!" Trent yelled. Gwen landed on top of Trent and he collapsed. The camera angle moved to the two in the pile. "Sorry about the boxing glove."

"That was you?" Gwen asked. She got up, rolled her eyes and ran back to the ladder. Trent frowned.

LeShawna climbed up the ladder and was followed quickly by Owen. "Come on, we have a challenge to win," LeShawna said. She saw that Courtney had tackled DJ and Tyler and Izzy were charging towards her. "Activate boxing gloves!" Her boxing gloves shined and she punched both Tyler and Izzy, spraying paint all over their suits. Lindsay pressed a button at the effects machine and barrels began rolling across the roof.

"Activate paintball shooters!" Owen yelled. He shot the barrels with paintballs and they cracked open. The two high fived.

Duncan was the first to reach the next stage followed by Noah. There were boxes of explosives lying on the ground layered in mouse traps and tacks. "How do we get through this?" Noah asked.

"Activate power fan!" Duncan yelled. He grabbed a wireless fan and turned it on. It blew the mousetraps and dynamite away. "Let's go!" The two ran, but Heather had seen the two and was at the second stage.

"Activate Nerf pellets!" Heather yelled. She grabbed her Nerf gun and shot a box of dynamite that was near Duncan. It exploded and Duncan flew onto another row of dynamite. They exploded and Duncan crashed onto Noah. "Yes!"

"Activate chicken hat!" Gwen yelled. She shoved the chicken hat on Heather and blinded her. She then pushed Heather off of the building top and ran over to Duncan and Noah to help them up. She got the boys up and the buildings began to shake again. Gwen almost fell over the edge, but Duncan managed to grab her hand. The two smiled at each other. Both Trent and Noah noticed.

(Conf), Noah: Gwen and... Duncan?

(Conf), Trent: How come whenever Gwen is in danger, Duncan's always there to save her. I'm her boyfriend! I mean, I might be a bit paranoid, but have you noticed that whenever Gwen's about to trip, fall or get hit by a cactus, Duncan's always there?

Trent growled and ran off. "Wait, Trent!" Lindsay yelled. Trent had already ran off and climbed up a side ladder leading to the third stage. The third stage had axes swinging across a beam in the middle of a pool of piranha infested water. Gwen was leading the boys across the beam, but she was wobbling. DJ had gotten up the ladder.

"Gwen!" Trent yelled.

"Trent?" Gwen asked. She lost balance and was about to fall in, but Trent hopped onto the beam, pulled Gwen up and carried her in a sort of wedding style. "How come you're helping me?"

"I'm being a good boyfriend," Trent said, glaring at Duncan. Noah looked at him and Duncan shrugged. Courtney climbed up the ladder to see Trent carrying Gwen.

"Trent! What're you doing? Drop her!" Courtney yelled. Trent ignored her and ran across the beam, getting her to the other end. Duncan and Noah followed and Courtney growled.

"Activate smoke pebble gun!" Courtney yelled. She pulled out her gun and shot two smoke pebbles at the back of Noah's knees. He collapsed and Duncan dragged Noah to the next stage. LeShawna and Owen arrived at the third stage and LeShawna hit Courtney in the back and she fell into the piranha pool.

(Conf), Courtney: *soaking wet* Oh LeShawna's dead.

The fourth stage was the last one until Chef could be rescued. There were loads of trenches in the large ground filled with thick red substance. "Blood!" DJ yelled. Duncan crouched down by a trench. He dipped his finger down in the substance and licked it.

"It's not blood. It's cranberry sauce," Duncan said. He stepped forwards, but his foot opened up a trench and Duncan fell in. Trent, Gwen, DJ and Noah looked in. The trench was quite deep. "Stop gawking around and help me up!"

"Ha! Not so good are you now?" Trent scoffed.

"Trent, that's kinda mean," Gwen said.

"Well he deserves it trying to steal my girl," Trent said. Noah, DJ, Gwen and Duncan gasped as well as Courtney and Heather who had gotten to the fourth stage.

"You think Duncan's trying to steal me from you? He's just helping!" Gwen yelled.

"But how come every time you're in trouble, he's always there to help?" Trent asked.

"Because we're on the same team!" Gwen yelled.

"Be quiet!" Noah yelled. "There's only one minute left!" Everyone looked at the timer. It was true.

"Get me out of here!" Duncan yelled. Noah ran off and Courtney began firing her smoke pebbles at Noah, but they missed him.

"Activate grenades!" Trent yelled. He threw two paint grenades at Noah and they exploded at his feet, tripping him up. In this time, everyone, including Lindsay, had managed to get to the fourth stage.

"Activate paint shooter!" Lindsay and Izzy yelled in sync. They fired at Gwen and DJ who were helping Duncan up. LeShawna hit Izzy again in her back with her boxing gloves and she fell forwards.

"You killed Izzy!" Lindsay yelled.

"No, I just--" LeShawna began, but Lindsay hit her with her paint shooter and she fell back onto the third stage.

"Activate gum bombs!" Owen yelled. He threw a pink grenade at Lindsay and it exploded, covering Lindsay in thick gum.

"Linds! Activate fireflies!" Tyler yelled. He threw little glowing pebbles at Owen and they slightly heated his skin.

Duncan was up and the three grabbed Noah before making their way to the final building. Noah reached the top first and grabbed onto Chef. Gwen and Duncan followed and as DJ grabbed onto Chef, there were thirty seconds left. "LeShawna! Owen! Hurry up!" Gwen yelled. LeShawna managed to get back onto the fourth stage and she threw her boxing glove in Heather's face which made her fall backwards. She opened up a trench and fell in.

"Owen, we have to go!" LeShawna yelled. Owen nodded and ran to the ladder. There were fifteen seconds left and Owen managed to reach the top of the ladder.

"Come on LeShawna!" Owen yelled and he grabbed onto Chef. LeShawna made her way up the ladder, but Courtney was shooting smoke pebbles at her.

"You're getting eliminated LeShawna!" Courtney yelled.

"Sorry Courtney, but I think it's you who's getting eliminated," LeShawna said. She grabbed her final boxing glove and threw it in Courtney's face. She then got up the ladder, dived and grabbed onto Chef as the timer went down to one second and it froze.

"The Screaming Directors win!" Chris announced. The winning team cheered whilst those who could still use their mouths on the opposing team moaned. "Killer Actors. Tonight, your six players will become five. One of you will be going home."

Lindsay, Heather and Izzy were walking to their trailer. They were wearing towels since they had been in the showers. "Who should we vote for?" Heather asked.

"I know who I'm voting for. You," Lindsay said, pointing at her rival.

"Yeesh, you really need to let go," Heather said. She opened the trailer door and all three girls' jaws opened wide. The trailer was wrecked. Lindsay and Izzy's bunk bed had tipped and was supporting out on the other. Feathers and pillowcases covered the floor and a cabinet had been cut in half.

"Courtney," the three girls said in sync.

"What?" Courtney asked.

"You trashed our room!" Izzy yelled.

"Because someone stole my PDA!" Courtney yelled. Heather smirked.

(Conf), Heather: Wow, I knew that Courtney would flip at the loss of her PDA, but she's furious! Just the way to eliminate her.

Trent walked up to a tree. Gwen arrived. "Hey, what did you want to talk about?" Trent asked.

"I wanted to talk about us. I think we should break up," Gwen said.

"What? Why?" Trent asked.

"I don't know. I thought things were going great, but after today's challenge. I realized you're constantly jealous. Next thing I know, you'll be bickering with Noah for hanging out with me. I can't date someone who's jealous," Gwen sighed.

"But, but I--" Trent began, but Gwen interrupted by kissing him.

"Sorry Trent. It's over. I hope we can still be friends," Gwen said and she walked away. A single tear shed from Trent's eye.

(Conf), Gwen: Ugh, know I made the right decision, but I still feel wrong.

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. Chris was in his blue tuxedo again and Chef was in his sparkly pink dress. "Please cast your votes!" Chris cheered.

"Bye, bye room wrecker," Heather thought and she pressed down on her electronic voting device.

"Thanks for helping the enemy, loser," Courtney thought and she pressed a box.

"Your eliminated Henna, oh, I mean Heather," Lindsay thought. She pressed down a box

"You kinda messed up the effects. Sorry," Trent thought and he pressed a box. Tyler and Izzy looked at each other and pressed their voting devices.

A piece of paper printed from a machine which Chris took out. He read it and placed the plate of Gilded Chris Awards on the PA system from inside the box. "Okay. We've got votes for loads. You all have a reason to be eliminated. Trent, you helped your ex-girlfriend through the course," Chris began.

"You and Gwen broke up?" Tyler asked. Trent sighed.

"Don't interrupt me. Anyways, Lindsay, you kinda failed at your job on the effects machine. Heather, you're evil. That's pretty much it. Courtney, you completely trashed the trailer for your PA. you're lucky we have enough moolah for a rebuild. Tyler and Izzy, you didn't do much, but you two are safe," Chris said, chucking two awards at them.

"Izzy's safe for another day!" Izzy cheered.

"Heather, you're also safe," Chris said.

"Good," Heather said as she caught her award. However, the force it was thrown and how Heather caught it caused the award to slice in half and the top half hit Heather's forehead.

"Courtney, even though you went on a rampage, you're still safe," Chris said. She caught her award, then unwrapped it and broke Chris' head off.

"Yeesh, someone's angry. Anyways, Lindsay and Trent. One of your got a measly one vote. One of you got a measly three votes, but are still eliminated. The last one safe is...






























... Lindsay!" Chris announced. She clapped her hands and caught her Gilded Chris Award.

"Sorry Trent," Lindsay said and she rubbed his arm.

"You did kinda help the other team," Tyler said.

"I know. But being dumped and eliminated on the same episode kind of sucks. Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted," Trent said. "Just tell Gwen that I hope she wins." He walked down the Walk of Shame and entered the Lame-o-sine. He shut the door and it drove off.

Chris stood at the end of the red carpet with Chef in his sparkly pink dress. "Looks like Trent's time on Total Drama is up. How will Gwen feel about his elimination? Find out on the next, totally brand new episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter V: Film Lot's Eleven

Chris was standing by two large bank safes. "Last time on a super duper episode of Total Drama Action: The twelve remaining contestants became superheroes for a day, but some of them weren't too good, as Courtney trashed her trailer as someone stole her PDA, a.k.a Heather. It was then heroes versus villains which brought Gwen and Duncan closer and Gwen and Trent further when she broke up with him! This all lead to Trent's sad elimination. Will Gwen think she's responsible for his elimination? Of course she will, she's right next to me," Chris said.

"Ha ha, not funny McLean. But Trent? Ugh," Gwen sighed.

"That's right, all her fault!" Chris chuckled, pointing at Gwen. She grumbled. "Stay tooned for today's episode of Total... Drama... Action! Still feel guilty?" Gwen responded by pushing Chris out of the camera's view and storming away.

Theme Song

The episode opened up at the crafts tent. Breakfast was bacon smothered in white chunky goo. "Yeesh, this food sucks," Izzy said.

"No kidding. But if I can wipe of the goo, I can choke it," Tyler replied. The two sat down, each one sitting side by side to Lindsay. "I'm glad you're still in this game, but now that Trent's gone, I'm the only boy left."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Courtney asked. Her hands were tapping away in midair.

"What's wrong with your hands?" Heather asked.

"Ever since my PDA's gone, my hands have gone into crazy mode," Courtney said and she slapped Heather.

"What was that for?" Heather asked.

"Spasms," she replied and slapped Heather repeatedly.

"I'm moving," Heather said and she shuffled further away from her.

"Ugh, I need to see if my PDA's still in my trailer," Courtney said.

"Well just don't search my trailer," Tyler said. The look on Courtney's face told Tyler that he had given her an idea. She ran off. "Wait, Courtney!" Tyler followed her out. He was about to grab Courtney's wrist, but a giant sack covered their heads and a rope pulled them away.

Back on the other table of the crafts tent, Gwen was drawing on the table using her spoon. "Girl, you look like your world's crashed down on you. What's wrong?" LeShawna asked.

"I can't help thinking that I'm responsible Trent's elimination," Gwen sighed.

"Don't worry, it's not your fault. Anyone could've been eliminated," Noah reassured.

"Yeah, well, I think I just need some air," Gwen said. She got up and walked outside. She inhaled a large amount of air. "Huh, that smells like," Gwen began as she sniffed the air, "petrol?" A rope and sack covered her head and torso and she was dragged away. "Help."

Back inside the crafts tent, Owen and DJ were nudging Duncan. "What is it?" Duncan asked annoyed.

"Why don't you go and comfort Gwen?" DJ asked.

"I already have a girlfriend," Duncan said.

"We're not saying you have to kiss her, just comfort her," Owen said.

"Ugh, fine," Duncan said. He got up and walked outside, but didn't see Gwen. "Gwen? Gwen!" A rope yanked at him and a pair of glove wearing hands shoved a sack on top of his hands. "What the--" he began and was pulled away.

Chris then walked into the room. "Hey people. Ready to start the fifth challenge?" Chris asked.

"We're down two members," Izzy said.

"So are we. Can't you wait until Gwen and Duncan get back?" DJ asked.

"Actually, that's the challenge. You may have noticed that two people from your team are missing. They have been kidnapped due to today's genre, the heist movie!" Chris announced. The seven gasped. "The first challenge, locate the safes your team members and tools for the challenge are stuck in and get to the race track. Hint to where the safes are, they're in the heist movie set. Ready, go!"

(Conf), Heather: Obviously they're in the heist movie set. This is a heist movie challenge!

The seven ran off to the heist movie set. "Wow, I can't believe I'm stuck with you two," Heather said.

"What irony," Lindsay moaned.

(Conf), Lindsay: Izzy's great, but after the first season, Heather's a real--

The seven contestants had arrived at a bank in the heist movie set. "This is the set. Where are the safes?" Noah asked.

"Look, there are signs," LeShawna pointed out. The seven ran over to them. There were two parts written in red, two in green.

Inside the safest safe of safes.

Touching the roof, hidden behind stage lights.

Secured below the racers hide the hidden.

Hidden inside the place of money behind the place of gold.

"What the heck are they supposed to mean?" Lindsay asked.

"Maybe they're clues where everyone is. The red for our team, the green for theirs," Heather suggested.

"What the heck are they supposed to mean?" DJ asked. The rest of Noah's team looked at him.

"What? Just because I'm smart means that I can solve the hints. Well, I can," Noah bragged. The Screaming Directors ran off whilst the three girls on the Killer Actors were puzzled about the riddles.

"Ooh, maybe the stage lights are the roof of the set!" Lindsay suggested.

"Wow, that's actually a smart idea," Heather said. The three ran off and the scene changed to the Screaming Directors at a bank location in the set.

"Now, I think that the place of gold is the main safe. We just have to look behind it, and we'll find our first safe," Noah said.

"That's pretty smart," Owen said. The four kept on walking until they saw the safe. There seemed to be no way to get behind it, except for a big vent in the bottom corner of the set that looked like it could fit one small person.

"Who's going in?" DJ asked.

"Me and Owen won't be able to fit in the vent. No way," LeShawna said.

"I might be able to get in, but..." DJ began.

"Let me guess, you have a fear of tight spaces," LeShawna asked. DJ nodded.

"Then I guess that leaves me. Great," Noah sighed. He crawled over to the vent. There were two nails holding the vent, but they were old, rusty and half out, so Noah could easily pull them out. He took off the vent cover and crawled in.

"You stay safe Noah," LeShawna said and Noah crawled in.

The scene changed to Heather, Lindsay and Izzy reaching the top of the stairs to the top of the set. They could see the safe behind a few stage lights, but it was in the middle of the top. There was a thick plank sticking out that lead to the more planks leading to the safe. "So, who's getting to the safe?" Heather asked.

"I think you should," Lindsay said, slightly evily.

"I'm afraid of skydiving. That's heights, so I'm not doing it," Heather said. She itched her bald head.

"Ugh, stop arguing. I'll do it," Izzy said. She stepped onto the plank, stuck her arms out and balanced herself as she walked along the plank.

"Good luck Izzy!" Lindsay yelled and the scene transferred back to Noah in the vents. He was sweating. He came to a fork in the path. He looked at one side, there was a propellor spinning in it. The other way turned upwards.

"Great, just great," Noah muttered and he made his way left. He got to the end and looked upwards. It was about two to three metres up. "Come on Noah, you can do this," he said to himself. He reached up the wall and began to climb up.

The scene changed back to Izzy walking on the planks. She turned right. There were two holes in the way. "Bonsai!" she yelled and she flipped over the first hole and summersaulted over the second. She had reached the safe. Luckily, there was a safe combination at the side. "Two to the right, twenty three to the left, fourteen back again to the right and viola!" She opened the safe and saw that Tyler and a mini duffel bag were inside.

"Finally! I keep thinking the safe's gonna fall through the planks," Tyler said. He grabbed the duffel bag and the two proceeded to get back to the other side.

Meanwhile, Noah had finally made it to the top. It was daylight, he was at the top of the set. The safe was there. He twisted in the combination and opened the safe, revealing Duncan and a small duffel bag.

"About time. It's boiling in there," Duncan panted.

"Well grab the duffel bag and let's go," Noah said. Duncan nodded and the two ran back down the vents.

(Conf), Duncan: Did I just let twerp order me? Oh that punk's going down.

Heather, Tyler, Izzy and Lindsay had reached the bottom of the stairs. "You know, I've been thinking. I think the safest of safes thing is inside the safe in the bank set," Heather suggested.

"Nice idea," Tyler said, before Lindsay nudged her. "What?"

Noah and Duncan had crawled out of the vents. "Got Duncan and tools. Any ideas where the next hint takes us?" Noah asked.

"Now that i think about it, I did see a set of racing cars. Maybe they're the racers," Owen suggested.

"And the safe is underneath it! Good work Owen," DJ said and the two high fived.

"What are we waiting for then? Let's go," Duncan panted. The Screaming directors ran off. Unbeknown to them, the Killer Actors had taken a path around them and they had arrived at the bank.

"There's the safe. Let's crack it open," Tyler said. He got to the safe and saw a combination. He tapped it in on a keypad and the safe opened up, revealing an angry Courtney and a duffel bag strap on her shoulder.

"About time! You rescued Tyler before me?" Courtney asked angrily.

"Most people like him more than you," Lindsay said. Courtney slapped her. "Ow, do you still have spasms?" Courtney facepalmed.

"Guys, come on, we have to head to the race track!" Tyler yelled. The whole of the killer Actors ran off and the scene changed to the Screaming Directors walking down stairs near where the extra race cars were parked. The safe was the first thing to be seen. Duncan tapped in the combination and opened up the safe. Gwen as sitting on a metal bench with a duffel bag by her feet.

"You made it!" Gwen exclaimed. She hugged Duncan first, before the rest of her team.

(Conf), Noah: Hmm, Gwen and Duncan are acting kind of suspicious. I noticed in the superhero challenge, but now Gwen and Duncan seem to be... no, that can't happen. Can it?

The Killer Actors arrived at the race track moments before the Screaming Directors arrived. Chris greeted them. "Congratulations Killer Actors! You get the advantage for part two," Chris said.

"And that is?" Duncan asked impatiently.

"A race. The duffel bags in the safes contain tools that you can use to build your carts. Each member of the team must be able to get into it. As an added bonus, as soon as you complete building your cart, you can race. The first one to cross the finish line after one lap, you'll win. You'll find everything to build your carts in your respected crates. Green for Screaming Directors and red for the Killer Actors. Ready, go!"

Duncan, Gwen and DJ ran to the crates whilst LeShawna, Noah and Owen were emptying their duffel bags. The tools they had were a hammer, a screwdriver, a welder, a wrench and a box of screws and nails. The Killer Actors had the same, but instead of a screwdriver they had a drill.

"Okay everyone, we don't need anything fancy, we just need a standard cart that all of us can get in," Courtney instructed.

"Can we use a catapult?" Tyler asked.

"Why?" Courtney asked.

"So we can fire stuff at the other team to distract them," Tyler told her.

"Hmm, that's kind of a good idea. Fine, we add a catapult with ammo, but nothing else to the cart," Courtney said.

"I guess that rules out pink paint and sparkles," Lindsay muttered to herself.

Meanwhile, the Screaming Directors were making good progress due to Duncan's mechanical skills and Noah's brains. Noah and LeShawna had teamed up making the wheels, DJ and Owen were fixing the engine and Gwen and Duncan were making the main body of the cart. "Does anyone have the hammer?" Gwen asked.

"I do," Noah said and passed her the hammer. She hammered a nail into one of the wooden frames of the car. Unfortunately, she accidently banged her thumb.

"Ow!" she yelled in pain.

"Are you alright?" Duncan asked. He took Gwen's hand and checked her thumb. It was red and slightly swollen. "I'll take you to the infirmary."

"It's alright, it's a hand, not a foot. I can go on my own," Gwen said. She walked away, leaving Duncan smiling. Noah saw.

(Conf), Noah: I'm still questioning the friendship between Gwen and Duncan.

The Killer Actors were almost accomplished. The main car body had been built and the final things to make were the wheels, the steering wheel and the catapult. "Hurry up! The best we need are all the wheels," Courtney instructed.

"And the catapult!" Tyler yelled.

(Conf), Courtney: *mimics Tyler* And the catapult. *stops mimicking* Ugh, why does everyone like catapults?

The Screaming Directors had fitted the final wheel on. "We've finished. Let's go!" Duncan yelled. He got to the wheel and DJ sat next to him. A recovered Gwen, Noah and LeShawna got in the back. Owen was on the top. The roof of the car was supported by metal bars.

Duncan started the cart and it drove off. "They've got a lead. Hurry!" Heather yelled.

"The cart's finished. Let's go!" Courtney yelled. Her and Heather got in the front, Lindsay and Izzy were in the back and Tyler was by the catapult with ammo. The first part of the track was a sand terrain. The Screaming Directors' were ahead by a few meters. "Fire the catapult!"

Tyler placed an empty petrol jug and shot it at the cart. It managed to hit Owen and he tipped, slightly blocking Duncan's view. "Owen, get out of the way, I can't see," Duncan said. Owen blocking the view managed to allow the Killer Actors to slip past and move onto the second terrain, mud. The mud splattered and some went in Lindsay face and she screamed.

"Mud, ew!" Lindsay yelled.

"Wipe it off and stop complaining," Heather said.

(Conf), Lindsay: *mimics Heather* Wipe it off and stop complaining. *stops mimicking* Ugh, I get why everyone hate Heather.

Duncan and Courtney looked at each other in their carts, then grumbled at each other. "You're going down princess," Duncan chuckled.

"Yeah, well you can eat my mud," Courtney said and she drove past the opposing cart and skidded mud in Duncan and DJ's faces.

"Aw, gross," DJ muttered. "Drive faster!"

"Got it," Duncan said. He moved his foot down on the accelerator and caught up to the Killer Actors' cart. They moved onto the third terrain which was grass. Grass chopped up between Duncan's wheels, but jammed Courtney's wheels.

"Ugh, you stupid cart. Stupid grass," Courtney said. She pressed a button and metal sheets covered the wheel, allowing the cart to move softly and smoothly.

(Conf), Lindsay: Oh, so we can't have pink paint, but we can have super duper metal slicks. Why does everyone trample on my creativity?

The Killer Actors' cart got an advantage due to the metal wheel protectors. It managed to slip into the final terrain before the Screaming Directors. Since the terrain was ice, the metal slicks slipped and twisted on the track. The Screaming Directors managed to slip past as Courtney pressed a button, removing the metal sheets. Her cart skidded a little, but managed to regain speed. They were moving quick to catch up to the Screaming Directors.

(Conf), Heather: Hmm, if our team fails, Courtney will get blamed since she's driving, and that means that she'll get eliminated. I've never thrown a challenge before, but I'm intrigued to see how it'll work.

Heather looked to see that the engine was in front of her feet. If she could kick with just the right force, the engine would crack and lose power. Carefully and quietly, she kicked in front of her, slightly breaking a wooden beam. She kicked twice and managed to get to the engine. She kicked a final time and a hairline crack came out. The cart began to slow down. "What? We're losing speed!" Courtney yelled.

"Don't be afraid to step on the accelerator," Heather joked. She looked and saw that the finish line was in sight and the Screaming Directors were close to it. Hheather rubbed her hands together evily.

Courtney looked at the finish line, then looked at the catapult. An idea came up in her head. "Heather, take the wheel," Courtney instructed and she climbed into the back, hence forcing Heather to take the wheel to prevent a crash on the ice terrain.

"Watch your step," Lindsay said as Courtney stepped on her foot. Courtney then finally got to the catapult. She got into it.

"What are you doing?" Tyler asked.

"Aim for the finish line and fire. Note that if you fail, you are eliminated," Courtney said. "No pressure."

Tyler gulped. He aimed the catapult for the finish line and grabbed onto the lever. He could see that the Screaming Directors were almost at the finish line. Seeing on other choice, Tyler pressed down the lever, sending Courtney flying.

Courtney screamed as she was flying, but could see that she was past the Killer Actors' cart. Every member on her team were jaw dropped. "Flying acrobatics, don't fail me now," Courtney said to herself. She got her knees up to her chest and pushed her legs out, giving herself extra speed. Then, she got over Owen.

"Guys! Look!" Owen exclaimed. The other five looked up to see Courtney flying above them. The scene turned into slow motion. Duncan's jaw dropped as well as DJ's and the top of Courtney's head just passed across the finish line before the cart.

"Courtney and the Killer Actors win!" Chris announced.

"What? But the rest of her team didn't even cross!" Duncan argued.

"Yeah, but if you remember what I said, I said the first one who crosses the finish line wins and since Courtney crossed, the Killer Actors win," Chris said.

(Conf), Duncan: Stupid Chris and his stupid rules.

The scene changed to the the two teams eating dinner in the crafts tent. The Screaming a directors were discussing who to vote off. "Maybe it should be you," LeShawna said, pointing at Duncan.

"No way it should be Duncan. Why not Gwen? It's not like she did a great deal of help," DJ said.

"That's cause I hit my thumb with a hammer, accidents happen," Gwen said. The team continued chatting and arguing as Courtney excused herself from her team and went outside. She went into the boys side of the Screaming Directors trailer.

"Maybe someone hid it in here," Courtney said to herself. She began to search through the beds when she came across Gwen's home letter and LeShawna's sparkly dance shoes on a table. "Why are they here?" She then saw DJ's home letter in his bed. "Home gifts? When did, the Christmas challenge. Ugh, my team is useless!" She looked at someone's bed, then at the gifts. An idea came to mind and the scene changed to the boys of the Screaming Directors walking into their trailer. Courtney had left.

"Now what?" Owen asked.

"We vote who we vote. Easy as that," Duncan said. He looked in his bed. "Where's my toolbox?"

"My gravy care packages are gone," Owen said. Gwen and LeShawna walked into the trailer.

"We came to pick up our home gifts," Gwen said. She still had a bandage on her hand. She and LeShawna walked over to a table.

"That's strange, we left our gifts right here," LeShawna told them. DJ sat down on his bed and the home gifts cluttered out of the duvet.

"DJ? You took our gifts?" Noah asked.

"What, no," DJ replied.

"Then why were they in your bed?" Gwen asked.

"I... I don't..." DJ began.

"Please can all Screaming Directors head on over to the elimination ceremony, pronto," Chris' voice ordered over the PA intercom.

The scene changed to the elimination area. Chef, in his normal clothes, handed Chris the vote paper. "No dress, come on man," Chris said. Chef replied by rolling his eyes. "The first two Gilded Chris Awards go to LeShawna and Noah."

"Alright brother," LeShawna said and she high fived Noah.

"Owen..." Owen received his Gilded Chris Award and unwrapped it to rocks.

"Where's the chocolate?" Owen asked.

"Budget cuts," Chris replied. "Also escaping it out of the final two is Duncan." He caught his Gilded Chris Award. "Gwen and DJ, one of you is eliminated and must ride the Lame-o-sine to Loser-ville. The last one safe is...





























... Gwen!" Chris exclaimed. She caught her Gilded Chris Award with her injured hand accidently and winced in pain. "DJ, your going home. lucky for you, I brought everyone's home gifts, here's your letter."

Chris handed DJ his letter as DJ got to the end of the Walk of Shame. DJ got into the Lame-o-sine and it went off. "That ends another shock filled episode filled with drama. We won't be here next episode, instead, you'll be taken elsewhere. To find out what the heck I mean, stay tuned for more episodes of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter VI: Aftermath I: One Chance Wonders

The episode opened off with the logo of Total Drama Action and the word aftermath underneath. The D then enlarged and a clip was replaced.

"I've got her! I've got her!" Trent yelled. Gwen landed on top of Trent and he collapsed.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" DJ shouted. It was already too late as he had already been hooked by his leg. He was pulled upwards and twisted upside down. "Aw, seriously?"

Theme Song

The scene opened up in a studio. Bridgette and Geoff were sitting on a couch. "Welcome everyone," Geoff began, "to the Total Drama Aftermath show!"

"This show will run every six episodes, giving you the deets on everything you aren't shown and after the eliminations," Bridgette explained. "After we were eliminated first..."

"Oh, and can you believe we were both eliminated first?" Geoff interrupted.

"I know! But we did what couples do," Bridgette said. "Stick together," she said at the same time as Geoff.

"Make out," Geoff said at the same time as Bridgette.

"Well, we did stick together," Bridgette said.

"Yet we still made out all the time," Geoff responded.

"Anyways, when we were eliminated first, the producers asked us to host this epic aftermath show," Bridgette said.

"And that's great for me because I can regain my status!" Geoff exclaimed.

"Now, even though we were eliminated first, two more contestants were eliminated within the first six episodes," Bridgette said. "Our first guest..."

"Bridge, aren't you forgetting something?" Geoff asked.

"What?" she asked.

"The season one contestants!" Geoff exclaimed.

"Oh, that's right. Here in the peanut gallery, we've got those who didn't manage to get into season two! Here's Cody..." Bridgette began.

"Hey everyone!" Cody exclaimed.

"Katie and Sadie..." Geoff introduced.

"Hi guys!" Katie squealed. Sadie waved hello.

"Ezekiel," Bridgette began. He waved. "Beth's here as well."

"Hi everyone!" Beth cheered.

"We have Justin here," Geoff said. Justin smiled at the camera.

"Harold and Eva!" Bridgette finished. The two smiled and waved at the camera.

"Now for guest number one, welcome the man who's been dumped on international TV," Geoff began, but Bridgette elbowed him in the ribs and followed with a glare. "Welcome everyone's favorite musician, well, he's mine, it's Trent!"

Trent walked out on the stage feebly as the applause roared, well, at least the female applause roared. He had a small smile on his face and he sat on the opposite sofa facing Geoff and Bridgette. "Hey everyone," Trent said.

"I love you Trent!" a girl in the audience shouted.

"Uh, thank you," Trent said.

"So, Trent, buddy, how's the breakup been going?" Geoff asked.

"Geoff," Bridgette said and she nudged him. "Don't go into that straightaway."

"Oh, right, so, Trent. What did you think of your chances of winning TDA?" Geoff asked.

"Well, I wasn't really sure that I'd win. I thought probably I'd get into the merge, barely, but I guess that's not going to happen," Trent said. "Even though me and Gwen are broken up, I still want--" Trent said before Geoff interrupted him.

"Oh, it looks like we actually have a caller! This is Eugene from Singapore!" Geoff announced. He pressed a button on the monitor in front of him and a screen began to descend from the ceiling. It flashed on and showed Eugene.

"Welcome Eugene!" Bridgette welcomed.

"Hi everyone!" Eugene said. He was tall and has tanned skin. He had ginger hair, blue eyes and glasses. "I have a question for Trent. Why'd you obsess over Gwen and Duncan so much. They're just friends." Suddenly, the monitor began to beep again.

"Oh, we have another caller. This is Brenda from New York," Bridgette introduced. She pressed a button and the screen went into split screen. Brenda was a red head with white skin. She was small and thin with freckles over her cheeks.

"Hi. This is an answer for Eugene. Can't you see that Gwen and Duncan like each other? More than friends. Isn't that right Trent?" Brenda asked.

"Well I--" Trent began.

"How do you know if you aren't even Trent?" Eugene asked.

"I know because I pay attention to what really happens. I agree with Trent. Why is Duncan always there to save Gwen? I mean, look at the last challenge, Duncan was persuaded by DJ and Owen to comfort Gwen. Why did Duncan give up so easily?" Brenda asked.

"Because Duncan is Gwen's friend!" Eugene argued.

"Well guys, I mean, I don't--" Trent said, but his words were cut off by Eugene and Brenda continuing to argue. Bridgette and Geoff looked at the screen and Bridgette pressed another button and the screen turned black.

"Why'd you do that babe?" Geoff asked.

"Because I care for Trent and I don't want him swarmed with questions he can't answer!" Bridgette replied.

"But still, it would've been great for ratings," Geoff said. Bridgette raised her hand as if she were about to slap her boyfriend, but kept it down. "Yeesh, no need for that babe. You'll ruin my makeup."

"You're wearing makeup?" Bridgette asked.

"I know, the makeup artist here's a queen," Geoff said.

"Uh, guys. Getting back to me or..." Trent began.

"You're calling the makeup artist a queen?" Bridgette asked.

"Well, she's good at what she does!" Geoff retaliated.

"Oh, so according to that, I'm not good at kissing?" Bridgette asked. "Ugh, forget it. Just get on with the show."

"Thank you. Trent, have you been truthful about the, parts of your interview?" Geoff asked.

"Sure I have," Trent responded.

"Well we'll see if it's all true once we play, Truth or Hammer!" Geoff announced.

"Wait, hammer?" Bridgette asked.

"We'll be playing that right after this segment, That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" Geoff announced.

The first clip shown was instead of Courtney going straight through the finish line in the racing challenge, she hit the pole headfirst and then twisted into the finish line.

The second clip was in the superhero challenge when LeShawna fell and she landed on an uneven set of bricks.

The third clip was Gwen in the building challenge as she hit Duncan's hand instead of her thumb.

The fourth clip was in the horse catching challenge where Izzy's horse bucked in her face and she fell onto another horse and that horse bucked her back.

The last clip was Geoff in the alien challenge. He was hooked up by his undies and was given a wedgie.

Geoff was on the phone when the camera returned to the studio. "Dude, I thought I wasn't on That's Gonna Leave A Mark," Geoff said. He noticed the camera. "Gotta go." He ended the phone call and sat back on the sofa with Bridgette.

"I still can't believe you went behind my back with this segment," Bridgette said.

"It's good for the ratings!" Geoff said. Trent looked slightly nervous. "Okay Trent, all you have to do is tell the truth on the questions that I've got. If you fib or lie, this happens." A giant hammer swung down from the ceiling and Trent luckily expected it and jumped off the sofa and the hammer missed him.

"Sorry Trent," Bridgette apologized in advance.

"Okay, do you think Gwen likes Duncan more than a friend?" Geoff asked.

"No," Trent replied and the hammer swung down, but Trent ducked. "Okay, yes, but only because Duncan's always there to help Gwen. It's just weird."

"Okay, next up, since Gwen broke your heart, do you have any feelings for any other girls?" Geoff asked.

"No," Trent replied. The hammer didn't drop.

"Hmm, okay then, last question, do you envy Duncan?" Geoff asked.

"What's to envy about him? He's got his own girlfriend," Trent said. The hammer stayed still.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's Trent!" Bridgette exclaimed. The audience applauded. "Now for our next guest, he once worked for Chef--"

"Actually, we have one more segment," Geoff said. "The after confessionals!"

"The after what?" Bridgette and Trent said in sync. Geoff pressed a button on a remote and the scene changed to a clip.

Bridgette and Geoff were sitting in the back of the Lame-o-sine after their elimination. Bridgette sighed. "I can't believe we got eliminated first," she sighed.

"Well at least we got eliminated together," Geoff said and he smiled at Bridgette.

"How is that supposed to make me feel better? I lost a million dollars!" Bridgette exclaimed.

"Since when were we in for the money?" Geoff asked. Bridgette sighed, rolled her eyes and looked out of the window. Three seconds later, the two began to make out.

Trent was looking at the camera in the back seat of the Lame-o-sine. "Yeah, I feel a bit bummed that I was eliminated third. And being dumped on TV! Ugh, well, I guess that I was a bit obsessed over Gwen. But Duncan was so... ugh. I just can't wait to get to Playa Des Losers. "What? There's an aftermath show?" Trent asked. He facepalmed.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, DJ!" Geoff announced. The audience cheered as DJ came out waving. He sat down next to Trent and the two high fived.

"Welcome DJ. How're you feeling after being eliminated?" Bridgette asked.

"Well, it's kind of a bummer, but at least I get more time Playa Des Losers," DJ said.

"Yeah, that was really chill at the resort," Trent said.

"So, according to Geoff, we have to view your after confessional in the Lame-o-sine," Bridgette said. She pressed the button on the remote and it changed to DJ's after confessional clip.

DJ was sitting in the back seat. "Well, at least I don't have Chris to worry about anymore. And I get to see Momma!" DJ exclaimed. He began to tear up. "I miss Momma!"

Geoff sniggered, but Bridgette poked him in the ribs. "Okay DJ, you'll be playing Truth or Hammer, right after this quick commercial," Geoff said.

The commercial showed Chef in the kitchen of the crafts tent. He was holding a saucepan with sizzling meat in. "Come on down to Chef's Diner where you can dine on the finest wildlife there is. From raccoon to beaver, we serve everything," Chef said. "On Tuesdays, bring down your own road kill," Chef held up a dead raccoon, "we'll cook it and sell it half price."

Trent was in the back sofa whilst DJ was twiddling his thumbs idly. "Okay, we're back on air," Geoff said. "Time for question number one. Do you secretly hate anyone on the show?" Geoff asked.

"No, I only dislike Heather," DJ said. The hammer stayed.

"Okay next question," Geoff said, slightly annoyed that the hammer hadn't swung down and pulverized DJ, "do you have a crush on anyone? You seem to be one of the only people who show no interest in anyone else."

"I'm not in this game for love. I'm in for friends. And for the money," DJ smiled. The hammer stayed.

"What is with all of the honesty? Lie for once people," Geoff said, more annoyed that the hammer wasn't down.

"Okay, I don't think..." Bridgette began before the monitor began to spark to life.

"Welcome Charlie!" Geoff announced. Bridgette glared at him. "What? We had a caller." Charlie was small and looked as if he was in his early teens.

"Hi guys. I have a question for you DJ. How do you feel to win the first season, yet not even make it to the final ten mark?" Charlie asked.

"Well, it's kind of a bummer, but I've had my shot at the money back in season one. Momma always said to never be selfish," DJ said.

"That's right son," a woman on the screen said in another split screen.

"Momma?" DJ asked.

"That's right ladies and gentlemen, meet DJ's mother!" Bridgette announced the audience clapped.

"I love you Momma!" DJ shouted.

"Momma loves you too poopy-doo!" DJ's mother said. The screen faded to black and rose back up.

"Well, that's all our guests," Bridgette said.

"There's no more?" Geoff asked slightly disappointed.

"Yes Geoff, there were no more guests for us to torture," Bridgette said sarcastically.

"Well, I guess it's time to wrap the show up. I'm Geoff and this has--" Geoff began.

"And I'm Bridgette," she said angrily, feeling forgotten.

"We all know. This has been Total Drama Aftermath and stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Action!" Geoff announced. "Wanna smooch?" he asked Bridgette. She rolled her eyes in annoyance. "What?"

Chapter VII: Paranormal Happenings

The episode opened with the screen panning the heist set from left to right and Chris' voice came up. "Last time on Total Drama Action: four favorites were 'kidnapped' and locked in safes. The campers then went to hunt them down as well as go cart tools. The tools were used for carts the teams had to build in a race. When it seemed like the Killer Actors were about to lose, Courtney used Tyler's catapult to win the game, then framed DJ for stealing the team's home gifts and sent him home! With DJ gone, there are only four boys left in the game up against six girls. Who's going home next? Who's getting kidnapped next? Find out on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The ten remaining campers were eating dinner. "I can't believe we've not had a challenge in three days," Courtney chuckled. "And I still haven't found my PDA." She made a small bend in the spoon.

"Can't believe you're still in this game," Lindsay complained to Heather.

"Okay, just get over the fact that I'm still here. And when that Chris Immunity Head comes back into play, I'm getting it," Heather said.

"Glad someone finally asked for that," Chris said.

"Oh, so is there a challenge?" Izzy asked.

"Not today, but the Chris Immunity Head is now in for play," Chris said. "Now have your free time." He walked out of the crafts tent.

"Ha, now I'm taking the immunity," Heather chuckled.

"No, me and my wildlife skills will find it," Izzy said.

"Me and Izzy will crush you," Lindsay said.

"Please, I'm a C.I.T. I will get the immunity idol," Courtney said. The four girls of the Killer Actors continued arguing about the immunity idol whilst Tyler listened, sighing occasionally.

(Conf), Tyler: Ever since Trent left, I've been the only boy on the team. That means I have to listen to all these arguments and catfights. Why did you have to obsess over your girlfriends, guys?

The scene changed to night. People were sleeping in their cabins. The scene moved to Courtney in her pajamas. She was sleeping soundly until an extremely loud air horn woke her up. "What the heck?" Courtney asked. She shot up and banged her head on the top bunk.

"What was that?" Heather asked.

"Please can all campers make their way to the campgrounds," Chris' voice commanded through the PA intercom.

(Conf), Courtney: Oh great, and I thought we weren't doing a challenge.

The two teams made their way outside, still in their pajamas. Chris was wearing his normal suit and grinning. "I thought you said we weren't doing a challenge today," Owen yawned and farted. "Sorry, night gas."

"That's right. This isn't today, it's tonight," Chris snickered.

"Way to twist words," Duncan said sarcastically.

LeShawna yawned. "This home girl gets cranky when she's tired," LeShawna yawned, referring to herself in third person.

"And this home guy doesn't care," Chris joked. "Anyways, the nighttime might give you a hint to tonight's challenge. Can anyone guess?"

"Uh, is it the animal buddy movie?" Duncan asked sarcastically.

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny," Chris replied with sarcasm. "No, this challenge genre is the horror movie!"

(Conf), Noah: Not wanting to be rude, but I'm glad DJ's gone. If he made it to the horror movie challenge, he'd be a causality. *shivers nervously*

The campers and Chris had moved to a gigantic house, but it wasn't big enough to be a mansion. "What is this for?" Gwen asked.

"What kind of horror movie would be complete without a gigantic house where the victims are picked off one by one?" Chris asked.

"Well, I saw this really funny horror movie that took place in this desert and--" Izzy began.

"Shut up Izzy!" Chris yelled. "Anyways, today's challenge is--" he stopped speaking as green gas began to pour over the campers from two smoke grenades.

"What is this?" Izzy coughed.

"I don't, uh," Chris moaned and he collapsed.

"Oh no, are these... sleep gas... grenades?" Gwen asked and she collapsed as well as the rest of her fellow campmates.

The scene turned blurry and Gwen woke up in a dark room, yet only her eyes were seen. "What? Where am I?" Gwen asked herself. She got up and began to walk around, eventually walked into a wall, and a light switch. "Ow! Ah, that's better. Let's go guys," she said and turned around. She was on her own. "Guys?"

Gwen folded her arms and looked worried. She then saw a security camera in the top corner of the room. "This is being recorded?" she asked.

In another room, the picture had been transferred to a camera screen and someone was watching, but the camera angle only gave out a silhouette of their back. They chuckled evilly and walked away.

The camera moved to Izzy waking up. She got up and saw that she was in a room with pictures of her team pegged along lines of wire. She noticed that one of the pictures had Tyler and Lindsay's eyes scratched out. "Wow, that's cruel," she said to herself. She noticed that there was a gigantic chain around her lower abdomen. She tried to walk forwards, but the other end of the chain was attached to a grand piano, stopping her from walking. There was a padlock locking the chains. "Hmm."

The camera zoomed to a picture of Tyler, then switched to Tyler stuck, dangling from the roof in chains. He was in the attic. He woke up. "Where am I?" he asked himself.

"Where are we," a voice corrected. Tyler looked in a corner to see Duncan handcuffed and chained to a pole. "Look down." Tyler saw that there was a rack of keys below him. There was a gap in the chains big enough to allow Tyler to get an arm down. He struggled moving his arm, but managed to get to his arm down.

"Now what?" Tyler asked.

"We go shopping for pink dresses and pastry," Duncan replied sarcastically. "Find the key to unlock us!"

"No need to be so mean. I am helping you, after all," Tyler said.

(Conf), Duncan: Did Tyler blackmail me? Wow, guess that chump's grown up a bit. He's still paying for it.

Tyler reached down for a key and grabbed it. He tried using it to unlock the padlock, but it was a dud. He dropped the key. "Hey! Don't drop it! Throw it to me!" Duncan yelled.

"Whoops," Tyler said as he was trying to unlock his padlock. It was another dud and Tyler threw the key to Duncan. He caught it and tried to unlock his handcuffs. It didn't work.

"Keep trying," Duncan said.

The scene changed to LeShawna and Noah. They were walking through the corridors that seemed to go on forever. LeShawna had woken up with a torch. "Okay, we need to find our exit," LeShawna said.

"And if I know, Chris, he will have boarded up the front doors," Noah said.

"Yeah, but he was knocked unconscious as well as us," LeShawna said.

"Come on, you can't seriously believe this isn't a challenge. Chris probably paid for a house with extremely bad flooring," Noah snickered. His words were suddenly ironic as the floor beneath the two fell and they screamed whilst falling.

The scene changed to Lindsay and Courtney. They were hanging from the ceiling above a pool of fizzing clear liquid. Both were still unconscious until the bubbles from the liquid caused Lindsay to wake up. "What? When the world go all tipsy turvy" Lindsay asked herself. She noticed Courtney tied to her. "Courtney, you've got a hair out of place." She pulled the hair out and Courtney screamed and woke up.

"What the heck Lindsay?" Courtney asked. Courtney's voice shocked Lindsay and she dropped Courtney's stand of hair. It fell into the liquid where it instantly burned up. Lindsay screamed, and with a free arm, Courtney slapped her to stop Lindsay's screaming.

"Ow," Lindsay complained.

The camera flashed back to Gwen. She had gotten out of the room she was in and began to walk down the corridor. There were many doors along the walls, but all of them were locked. The walls were lit with fading lanterns, the darkness gave Gwen the creeps. "Is anyone here?" Gwen asked. The camera angle changed showing Gwen's face and a space behind her. A pair of eyes opened. Gwen froze and turned around. As she turned around, the eyes closed and whoever it was had disappeared. Gwen gulped.

"Anyone here? I'm even willing to take chances with Heather!" Gwen yelled. The lights faded to black and Gwen screamed. When they returned, a fake Heather mannequin was in front of Gwen, being hung by a noose.

"You asked for Heather," a voice whispered behind her. Gwen turned around, tripped and stumbled. She screamed and the floor beneath her fell.

The scene changed back to Izzy. She was still figuring out how to get herself unchained. "Okay, maybe if I starve myself, I'll slim down and I'll escape the chains!" she exclaimed to herself. "Nah, that'll take to long." She was walking up and down when she saw a note pinned against the wall. She took it off and read it. The note read:

Round and round the grand piano,

The killer chased the girl,

For freedom, play this parody tune,

Pop it through the keyhole.

"What? Ooh! Pop goes the weasel!" Izzy exclaimed. She sat at the piano and played the tune. A lock was heard and a key was replaced by a piano key. Izzy used the key to unlock her chains and the door in front of her. She opened the door and inside was Gwen falling as the scene enlarged to full size. Gwen was screaming as she fell through a floor. Suddenly, her surroundings had turned white and she was still screaming.

"Uh, Gwen?" asked a familiar voice. It was Owen.

"Owen? Uh, how far did I fall?" She looked up. "Looks like we're in the basement, but there aren't any stairs. There's a trapdoor up there, and a ladder. Maybe we can use the ladder to--" Gwen began.

"Or we can go through this door," Owen said, pushing a door open.

(Conf), Gwen: Well sure, if you wanna do it the boring way.

The next room was a cell room. Heather was locked in a cell. "You're here! I'm so glad!" Gwen gasped in delight.

"You're happy to see me?" Heather asked puzzled.

"No, I'm talking to LeShawna and Noah," Gwen said. Heather turned around to see the two sitting in a corner. "Why would I be happy to see you?"

"Enough with the arguing, just unlock the damn cell!" Noah yelled.

"There's a keychain over there," LeShawna said. The keychain was a black hoop with loads of keys.

"This may take a while," Owen said. Meanwhile, Courtney and Lindsay were still tied together.

"What do we do?" Lindsay asked.

"For one, stop screaming. For two, I see a button over there that will shut the pool of whatever that stuff is," Courtney said. "We'll have to swing in order to reach it. Let's swing."

"Sorry, I get back spasms," Lindsay said.

"Just shut up and follow my lead," Courtney said.

(Conf), Courtney: This is what I get for being on a team with Lindsays and Tylers. Well, I did chose the team. *hand dabs makeup on Courtney's cheek with makeup brush* Okay that's too much makeup!

Courtney was swinging. She swung the rope to and fro. Lindsay looked up. "Uh, Clara, I'm not sure that rope is strong enough," Lindsay said. The rope did indeed look as if it were about to snap.

"Just keep your trap shut and--" Courtney began. She never got the chance to finish because her words had been replaced with screams. The rope snapped. The two fell, but as the rope was broken, it managed to loosen the bonds between the two girls. "I don't wanna die!"

"Neither do I! I'm too young and pretty to fall and burn to death!" Lindsay wailed. The two fell in the pool. The two rose back up. "Why are we not burning?"

Courtney took a taste of the water. "This is warm lemonade idiot," Courtney said. "The rope's untied. Let's just get out of here. There's the door." Courtney turned around to point at the door. The two girls swam to the exit.

The scene changed to Tyler trying to unlock his chains. "Hurry up already!" Duncan yelled. This time, the key was the right one. Unfortunately for Tyler, the chains dropped, sending Tyler face down to the ground. Duncan laughed. "Hilarious, now unlock me!"

"Alright, temper much," Tyler muttered to himself. He grabbed the final key and unlocked Duncan's handcuffs and chains.

"Let's go," Duncan said. The two got to the door and slammed the door open, not knowing Izzy was on the other side.

"Izzy! Are you alright?" Tyler asked as he helped his teammate up.

"Yeah, fine. Just a little head injury," Izzy replied. "Come on, we have to find the others. " The three ran off and as they opened another door, the scene changed to Lindsay and Courtney running down another corridor. They were both dry from the lemonade.

"We need to find an exit of this damn mansion," Courtney said. "Ugh, if I could get in touch with my lawyers they could show me the way out."

"Using what, your PDA?" Lindsay asked.

"Stop talking about my PDA! When I get my hands on whoever stole it..." Courtney began, but she didn't dare finish off her sentence. The two then came to a door. Courtney opened it to reveal another corridor. "Come on." The two girls walked through the door, not noticing a security camera watching them.

Back in the mystery room, the same person was still watching. They chuckled slightly, the placed a file on the counter. The person left the room and the camera zoomed in to the file. It read TOP SECRET with a small picture of Courtney paper clipped on the top.

Back in the dungeon room, Gwen had managed to unlock the cell, freeing Heather, LeShawna and Noah. "We have to find the others," Noah said.

"Hey, does anyone else feel like we're being watched?" Heather asked.

"We are. Look up there," Gwen said. The five looked up in the upper left corner of the room and saw a security camera in. "I found one of those in the room I woke up in." LeShawna picked up a rock. Noah could see where she was going with it.

"Don't," Noah warned. "It might be a trap." LeShawna nodded, and the three went into the next room. The room was empty except for a pile of bricks in the corner and a staircase.

"You know, for a movie set this house is very detailed," LeShawna said. "How does Chris pay for this?"

"Extended budget cuts," Heather replied. "My guess." The stairway went far up until it came to a trapdoor on the ceiling. Gwen opened it up and saw a corridor above.

"Come on guys," she said, "it's safe." The five got out and turned a corner and the two saw a white door. Gwen opened it and saw another corridor. The five came into it, then instantly crashed into Courtney and Lindsay.

"Watch where you're going," Heather moaned.

"You're the group that came into our path. Wait, is Duncan with you?" Courtney asked.

"What about Tyson or Izzy?" Lindsay asked.

"They're not in our group," Owen replied.

"Now they are," Duncan snickered as the three arrived behind the group. "We've been looking all over for you lot."

"We need to find an exit," Courtney said.

"Anyone else suspicious about that glowing light behind that door?" Izzy asked. The ten turned around to see a white door and a weird light beaming through the bottom of it.

"Maybe that's the exit," Noah suggested. The ten advanced to the door and Duncan walked into it first. There was a hooded figure sat behind a desk with multiple TV's on. The TV's showed the footage of the security cameras.

"Well, well, well," the hooded figure said.

"Wait a sec, I remember that voice," Noah said.

"Me too," Heather replied. "Is that--"

"The psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook!" the two yelled in sync. The hooded figure revealed himself and the psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook grinned evilly, showing a key in his hand.

"Hello there, surprised to see me?" the killer asked.

"I'm sorry, who are you again??" Lindsay asked.

"I'm the killer," the killer said and he stepped aside. "And this is your host." The campers gasped to see Chris hung by his hands and duct tape over his mouth. He tried to yell, but his voice was muffled. "And now there is no Chef to save you. This house is on lockdown." He pressed a button and a metal clink was heard. "Now who wants to get hung first?"

Noah saw the killer's chainsaw next to him. He then saw a rope on the other side of the room and a net above it, hanging over the killer. An idea sparked up in Noah's head. Quickly, he grabbed the chainsaw and passed it to Izzy. "Cut that rope! Hurry!" he commanded. Izzy saw the rope and noticed.

"Wait, what?" the killer asked. Izzy ran to the rope, turned the chainsaw on and cut the rope. The net fell on the killer and took him by surprise. Quickly, the Killer Actors plus LeShawna and Noah ran for the stairs at the far end of the room and Owen, Gwen and Duncan helped Chris out of his rope. Duncan removed the duct tape over his mouth quickly.

"Ow!" Chris yelled. Owen and Gwen got Chris and helped him down the stairs whilst Duncan stole the key out of the killer's hand. The killer used his hook to cut open the net and chased after the bunch.

The bottom of the stairs lead to the main hall where the front entrance was. "I think this key will unlock the door," Duncan suggested as he ran.

"Just do it!" Chris yelled, using most of his energy to shout. "New challenge, first team to escape wins." Duncan ran off and met Courtney at the door.

"Unlock it!" she commanded. Duncan did as he was told and unlocked the door. Both got out of the house. Next to escape were Tyler and Lindsay followed shortly by Owen. Izzy cartwheeled out of the house, leaving Heather, Gwen, LeShawna, Noah and Chris in the house. Heather was stuck finding her way in the uneven light. Gwen was slightly struggling with Chris since Owen had left her in fear.

LeShawna and Noah were almost out of the mansion, until both saw Gwen collapse under Chris' weight. "Gwen!" LeShawna and Noah yelled. The two ran to help her, followed by Duncan.

(Conf), Duncan: What, like Noah and LeShawna could've supported Gwen and Chris.

The three supported Chris and Gwen, whilst the killer had made it to the bottom of the staircase. He roared in fury. "Hurry up!" Duncan yelled. The group ran as fast as they could. The race for the win was close as the six were so close to the exit. Then, as the door began creaking shut, Heather had exited followed by the other five. The killer got out, until a cage dropped down on him. The cage was dropped by Chef.

"Lousy newb cops," Chef muttered to himself. "I'll keep him here until the cops come." He grabbed Chris and held him up.

"Anyways, even though they saved me from becoming tiny chunks, the Screaming Directors lose, which means the Killer Actors win, which means the Screaming Directors will be heading to elimination. Get your votes ready," Chris said and he collapsed.

The scene transferred to the elimination ceremony. The team members of the Screaming Directors had voted and an intern whispered Chris the votes and passed him the vote sheet to double check. "Okay, votes were spread out, but safe from elimination are Owen and Duncan," Chris said and he chucked the Gilded. Chris Awards at the two.

Owen unwrapped the gold wrapping and saw chocolate. "Whoo hoo!" Owen cheered, "chocolate."

"All three of you got votes, but the one of you who will be escaping elimination is Noah," Chris said. He threw the second to last award at Noah. "Okay, Gwen and LeShawna, one of you is eliminated tonight. But that person will not be...






























... LeShawna," Chris said. He threw the last Gilded Chris Award at the home girl, who patted Gwen's lap.

"Sorry girl," LeShawna said.

"It's alright. At least I made it further than last time. Bye guys!" Gwen said. The four waved goodbye and Gwen boarded the Lame-o-sine and it drove off into the city.

The camera moved to Chris standing on the stage. "That ends another drama filled day. Will the cops finally jail that stupid killer? I hope so. Stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter VIII: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Millions

The episode opened up with the camera panning the haunted house from left to right. "Last time on Total Drama Action: The remaining contestants were meant to collect fake ectoplasm goop when the psycho killer with a hooooook showed up, kidnapped me, and were separated amongst themselves. When the campers reunited, they found me and the killer, until Noah's clever plan trapped the bad guy and unlocked the front doors. At its closest peak, the Killer Actors managed to win, and the Screaming Directors sent home Gwen. Who's the next to go? When will Courtney find her PDA? Possibly find out on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

Heather was snooping in a bush. She was checking Courtney's PDA was still there. "What are you doing?" a voice asked behind her. Heather got out of the bush to find Tyler.

"Just looking for that stupid immunity idol," Heather said. "Guess it's not here." Carefully, she lifted a branch and hid the PDA before coming out of the bush. "Better keep more care of your immunity this time," she threatened.

The scene changed to Lindsay and Izzy coming out of the showers. "I think. I really need to get my nails done after the show," Lindsay said.

"We should get a mani-pedi after the show!" Izzy suggested.

"You're right!" Lindsay exclaimed. The two girls squealed and they entered their trailer.

LeShawna was the first one in the crafts tent. She took her breakfast and sat down, shortly followed by Noah. "Hey, you alright?" Noah asked.

"Fine, just wondering what challenge we've got today," LeShawna said.

(Conf), LeShawna: And how Gwen's doing. I should've helped Gwen when she fell. *sighs* I bet that's the reason she was voted off.

Both teams had entered the crafts tent and were eating breakfast. That was when Chris flashed into the roof from a puff of smoke. The teams gasped. "Next time give us a warning," Owen puffed.

"Anyways, my entrance may give you a hint to today's challenge genre. The wizardry movie!" Chris announced.

"What kind of movie has wizardry as its genre?" Heather asked.

"The Harry Potter series made by J.K Rowling," Noah answered. "Great books."

"Noah is correct," Chris said. "In fact, today's challenge will be based on Hogwarts."

"Ew, warts are disgusting," Lindsay complained.

"Hogwarts is the name of the school in Harry Potter," Noah explained.

(Conf), Noah: Am I the only one who's read Harry Potter? These people do not know their literature.

The nine had made their way to the wizardry set. The castle was large. "So now what?" Izzy asked.

"We throw sleep grenades at you lot," Chris said.

"What?" the nine asked as several sleep grenades were thrown on the ground near their feet. The teams then slumped to the ground.

The first to wake up was Noah. He found himself with the other two teams and they were all sleeping. "Hey guys, wake up," Noah said. The contestants began to stir and wake up.

"Where are we?" Lindsay asked.

"My guess is Hogwarts," Duncan replied. "But what's the challenge?"

Suddenly, Chris appeared from a puff of purple smoke. "Welcome to Hogwarts!" Chris announced. "Today's challenge is to escape from Voldemort."

"Who's Voldemort?" Izzy asked.

"Noah, care to explain?" Chris asked.

"Voldemort is the main bad guy of the Harry Potter series. He's nose-less," Noah explained.

(Conf), Lindsay: Nose-less?

"Since we couldn't get an actual person with no nose, Chef is today's villain!" Chris announced. "Last team standing wins!" He threw a smoke grenade on the floor near him. When the smoke cleared, Chris was half out from a trapdoor. "You weren't supposed to see that." He threw another grenade down and when the smoke cleared, he was gone.

The sound of a creaking door opening shocked the contestants. "Run!" Owen yelled. The teams ran through a corridor and there was a three-way fork. Duncan, Courtney and Owen ran up the stairs of the left path, LeShawna, Noah and Heather ran down the stairs of the middle path and Izzy, Lindsay and Tyler ran through the right path.

On the left path, the top of the staircase led to a large hallway. The first room the three went in contained racks of vials and test tubes full of different colored liquids. "Ooh, juices," Owen said. He walked over to a vial when Courtney stopped him.

"Don't drink the stuff," Courtney said.

"Why not?" Owen asked.

"Because it's Chris," Courtney said. "He probably put poison in it." Owen then retracted from the vials.

"So how do we escape Voldemort?" Duncan asked. Owen looked at the vials and picked several up.

"I have an idea," he said. The scene then changed to LeShawna and Noah looking through an eyehole and keyhole respectively.

"Great, another challenge where we're running for our lives," Heather sighed.

"At least it's not from a killer," Noah replied. Heather shrugged.

"I'm leaving. If I'm getting kidnapped, I don't want the last thing I see to be you two dinguses," Heather replied. She opened the door and walked down the hallway.

"She's a dead girl," LeShawna said. Meanwhile, Lindsay had been separated from Tyler and Izzy.

"Is anyone there?" she asked. She was in what looked like a sewer. "Ew, first warts and now sewage? Ugh." Water dripping echoed through the sewer system. Lindsay shivered in fear. She was about to turn the corner when Chef/Voldemort snagged her up in a gigantic sack. Her screams were muffled.

(Conf), Chef: Good thing I went to the gym this morning.

Duncan, Courtney and Owen were walking round the corner. Duncan was carrying a duffel bag. "So, remind me again what the plan is," Duncan said.

"Maybe whatever is in the vials can help us escape Chef," Owen said. "So remind me why Courtney's with us. She's on the other team."

"You think being stuck with you two... well, you is a delight?" Courtney asked Owen. "Shush, I think I hear something." The three quieted down and heard muffled yells. Owen peered his head around the corner and saw Chef.

"Hand me a potion," Owen said. Duncan passed Owen a test tube containing yellow liquid and Owen through it at Chef. Smoke began to grow from the liquid and formed a wall, slightly blinding Chef.

Chef sniffed the air. "Someone's here," he sniffed, "perfect." Chef grabbed a wand prop from his belt and it began to glow. He moved the wand further away from the three contestants and the wand began to glow red. Chef then moved the prop closer to the three and it glowed green. The smoke cleared and Chef walked against the wall and stopped once he came across a corner. An eerie music began to play and Chef quickly looked around the corner, to reveal another empty corridor. "Stupid prop."

Heather was walking down a corridor. She looked around, checking her surroundings. "There is no way I'm letting Chef find me. Immunity is sweet," she said to herself. She turned a corner to find a dead end, but against the wall was a rack of what looked like wand props. Heather picked one up and flicked it on. The top of the prop then began to glow a light red. "What does this do?" She walked through a door and the wand began to faintly glow green. "A tracking device? Perfect."

LeShawna and Noah had exited the room they were in and began walking the opposite way Heather went. "We need to make sure we're the only ones remaining. We can do that by staying away from Chef," LeShawna said.

"How are we supposed to know where Chef is?" Noah asked.

"What we need are tracking devices," LeShawna replied. "Until we can get our hands on some, we gotta keep moving."

Tyler and Izzy were walking higher up in the Hogwarts styled set. "I can't believe we lost Lindsay," Tyler moaned.

"It's alright," Izzy reassured. Her stomach began to rumble. "Ooh, I'm hungry. I didn't get much breakfast today." Tyler's belly then began to rumble.

"Ditto. We should find the kitchen," Tyler replied and the two walked off.

Duncan, Owen and Courtney were all walking through a gigantic hall. Owen's stomach was rumbling. "You're still hungry?" Courtney asked. "Ugh, you're always hungry." She reached her hand inside Duncan's duffel bag and took out a small vial with a fizzling blue liquid inside. "Drink this."

"But you said it might be--" Owen began.

"Just drink it!" Courtney yelled. Owen gulped and downed the liquid. He then burped and hiccupped twice.

"What the heck was in that?" Duncan asked.

"How am I supposed to know? Do I look like set manager?" Courtney asked sarcastically.

"Guys, my tummy *hiccup* feels *hiccup* weird," Owen hiccupped. He burped again, but this time it was very squeaky and Owen sneezed.

"Ugh, we can't carry him around like this. We have to leave him," Courtney said.

"What?" Duncan asked. He then looked at Owen as he burped out blue steam. "Maybe you're right. Sorry bud, but we're gonna have to leave without you." The two walked away leaving Owen depressed.

"Aw man. This su- *hiccups* -cks," Owen hiccupped and he walked away sadly and farted. Meanwhile, Tyler and Izzy had found the kitchen. It was fairly big and the walls were lined with ovens, cookers, counters and fridges.

"Wow, this place has got to stash some goods," Izzy said and she licked her lips. "Let's ransack this joint." Tyler ran to the fridge whilst Izzy checked some cupboards.

Tyler found a blueberry pie. "Mm, blueberry's my favourite," Tyler said. He tried to bite a large chunk out of the pie, until his jaw stopped. "Ow!"

Izzy took a banana from a fruit basket and tapped it. It made a hollow sound. "Wow, who knew that there would be fake food in a fake fridge in a fake school in a fake film lot?" Izzy asked and she tapped the banana again. "So fake." Izzy turned around and only found the fake blueberry pie swirling about on the table. Tyler was gone and Izzy screamed, only for them to be muffled as Chef's sack snagged her up.

Izzy's screaming echoed into a nearby hallway that Heather was walking through. "Izzy?" Heather asked to herself. She checked her wand and the tip was glowing green. "Is Chef around? That must mean green is closer to him." She turned the corner and found Chef which spooked her.

"Yes, yes it does," Chef said and he snatched her up. "Child's play." He began to walk to a door as the scene transferred to Owen burping and sneezing out blue smoke.

"I'm starting to think I shouldn't have drank that liquid," Owen said to himself and he burped loudly, loud enough to shatter a vase nearby him. "Whoopsie."

"Whoopsie?" Chef asked who had came from the door at the end of Owen's hallway. "That's gonna come out of my paycheque!" Chef yelled and he began to chase Owen. Owen groggily jogged away, but Chef was quick. When Chef got to Owen, Owen turned around and faced the villain. "Any last words?"

"Sorry about this," Owen apologised in advance and burped in Chef's face. It was a long burp and blue gas came out of his mouth. When Owen stopped, a horrified look froze on Chef's face and he collapsed.

(Conf), Owen: I'd like to thank the bowels. *rubs belly*

LeShawna and Noah had gone through a door that had leaded them into a class set. There were multiple counters rowed in the class. "We can hide in here," Noah said.

"Nu-uh, I cramp easy," LeShawna said. "If we keep moving, we can avoid Chef."

"I'm not sure. Is that the best idea?" Noah asked.

"If we stay here we'll be sitting ducks," LeShawna said.

"Well if we keep moving, we could walk right into Chef!" Noah yelled. "Sorry, I didn't mean to shout." Unbeknown to the two, Chef had snuck up behind the two and snatched them up.

"Four Actors, two Directors," Chef chuckled to himself. The only ones left were Courtney, Duncan and Owen.

Duncan and Courtney were walking down a corridor, each with a potion in their hand. "I think the coast is clear," Courtney said. "You know, we are alone."

"Yeah, except for the billion viewers watching this show," Duncan replied.

"Still, this would be a good time for some kissing," Courtney said.

"You read my mind, princess," Duncan grinned and the two began to make out. Suddenly, the floor began to shake and the floor began to move apart, splitting between Courtney and Duncan. The two let go of each other and gasped. "Courtney!" Suddenly, a silhouetted figure began to walk up to Duncan.

"Duncan! Behind you!" Courtney yelled. Duncan turned around and before he could take a look at the figure, Chef had already snagged him up in the sack.

"God, how much do these kids weigh?" Chef complained. Courtney screamed and she ran to the end of the corridor and ran through a door.

(Conf), Courtney: I just witnessed Duncan being kidnapped. Owen's going down.

Courtney ran down a corridor. Because she wasn't looking where she was going, she crashed into Owen who belched when the two made contact. "Hasn't that blue stuff worn off yet?" Courtney asked and she pinched her nose.

"Oh it has," Owen said, "that was just luck."

(Conf), Courtney: Smelly luck.

Suddenly, the two turned around and saw Chef had gotten down the stairs. He was now using a red wagon to drag the sack around. There were giant lumps poking from the sack. "Nice wagon," Courtney joked.

"You two are going down," Chef grunted. He adjusted his Voldemort mask and ran after the two, screaming.

"Run!" the two yelled in sync. The two saw that the end of the corridor leaded to a large door.

"Only one of us is getting out not in a sack," Courtney said. "And that person is gonna be me." Courtney pushed ahead of Owen, and since she was more athletic than him, she managed to make it to the doors first. They automatically opened and she came in. The room was an elevator.

Courtney looked at the buttons and pressed the close button. Owen was yelling and tried to reach the doors, but they shut just before he could get through them. The elevator began to descend automatically and Owen's screams rang through Courtney's ears. The elevator then stopped and Courtney expected the doors to open. Unbeknown to her, a trapdoor underneath her feet opened and Courtney fell onto a giant garbage bin filled with a strange muck. She was outside of the Hogwarts set. "What is this?" Courtney asked.

"Pig feces," chuckled Chris. He was waiting. "And since you've fallen into this and no one else is with you, you and the Killer Actors win!" Courtney applauded and coughed whilst Chef came out with his wagon and sack. The sack now had a big bulge in it, probably Owen. Chef opened it up and emptied the sack.

"Now, Screaming Directors, even though you lose, today is a reward challenge. Killer Actors, your reward is a huge advantage," Chris said. "Oh, and Courtney," he said whilst pinching his nose, "you might want to take a shower."

Courtney walked by the rest of her team and they pinched their noses and nodded, agreeing with Chris. She rolled her eyes and walked to the showers.

The scene then changed to Courtney coming out of the showers with an angry look on her face. "Ugh, stupid reality show," she muttered. She stepped on a drain grate and something rattled. "What?" Courtney kneeled down and adjusted her towel. She looked at the grate and saw that it was loose. She picked it up and gasped. "Wow, what luck. This game is mine," she said and the screen faded to black.

Chapter IX: CNN Crazy News Network

The episode opened with a camera showing just Chris behind some sort of desk and holding some papers. A giant map seemed to be shown behind him. He cleared his throat and said, "last time on Total Drama Action: nine contestants became nine wizards as they took a trip to Hogwarts set. Voldemort slash Chef hunted them down," and Chris stopped to take a sip of his coffee. "Ugh, is this black coffee? Someone's getting fired. Anyways, all seemed lost for the Killer Actors until Courtney beat Owen to the safety elevator and landed in a bin of feces. That's right, poop. Courtney also found something in the shower drain, other than hair. What was it? Was it her hair? I'm sure Heather will want that. Stay tuned for answers on today's show of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

Heather's head poked into the bush that she hid Courtney's PDA in. "Still here. Thank goodness. We need to lose this game so I can get a threat out," Heather said to herself. She got out of the bush and backed up, crashing into Courtney.

"Hey! Watch where you're going," Courtney complained. An idea sparked in Heather's mind.

"Say, how about we make an alliance?" she asked.

(Conf), Heather: If I trick that dummy into an alliance, I can get her trust. Then, when the team eliminates her, I'll betray her and ruin her self-esteem. Maybe I'll give the PDA to her, if I'm nice. *laughs loudly and hand comes out with a hairbrush* Hey! Can you see I have no hair?

"Why would I make an alliance with you?" Courtney asked.

"Let's face it, us two are the strongest on our team. Those losers are bound to team up on us. If we make an alliance, we can look out for each other's backs," Heather explained. Courtney hummed in thought as Heather stuck her hand out.

"Okay then, but when it's time, we go separate ways," Courtney said. She stuck her hand out and shook Heather's hand.

(Conf), Heather: Sucker. *rubs hands evilly*

(Conf), Courtney: Sucker. *rubs hands evilly*

Lindsay and Izzy were painting each other's nails. "Wow, you're right, zesty orange is a good toenail colour!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"And this pearl white really makes my nails shine," Izzy replied. LeShawna walked into the cabin.

"Hey girls," LeShawna said. "Is it okay I'm in here? Since Gwen left, I'm the only girl in my trailer."

"Sure you can join us LeFawnduh!" Lindsay exclaimed. LeShawna facepalmed.

(Conf), LeShawna: Sure Lindsay's a nice girl, but man she has a small brain.

The three girls had walked into crafts tent. "See you girls later," LeShawna said. She walked to the food counter, picked up her breakfast and sat down with her team. "How you boys doing?"

"Fine. Except for Owen's pickle breath," Noah said. Owen burped and giggled.

"Sorry, I ate pickles for dinner last night. And I snuck a jar of them in my bed.

(Conf), Chef: So that's where my jar of pickles went.

The nine remaining contestants were eating lunch perfectly until a gigantic globe crushed part of the roof and collapsed on the Killer Actors' table. Luckily, the team members had jumped out of the way. "What the heck?" Tyler asked.

"Good thing it didn't collapse on our table," Owen said. Noah expected another giant globe to crush the table, but instead Chris came in in a globe-like bubble. When the bubble stopped, Chris took out a needle and the bubble exploded.

"Wow that's a power shock," Chris chuckled. "Does the globe give you any clue for today's challenge?"

"Ball genre?" Lindsay asked.

"No, today will be the news genre!" Chris announced.

"A news movie?" Duncan asked. "That's just lame."

"It's not an exact movie. It's a news broadcast," Chris said, "basically, me and Chef found a news studio in the far corner of the film lot. Get on over there for today's challenge. And as the Killer Actors may remember, they get an advantage."

The scene changed to both teams arriving at the news studio. There were two desks and a large pile of camera equipment. "Is this suck shack supposed to be a news studio?" Duncan asked.

"It was a news studio," Chris said. "Today's challenge is made up of three parts. The first part gives the advantage to Killer Actors. Remember, it's a big one. The first part of the challenge, set up your station. The first station to finish will get the second advantage. The losing team will only have whatever is in their station. And no sabotaging. Ready, set, go!" He blew a whistle, yet both teams didn't move. "What?"

"The advantage?" Courtney asked impatiently.

"Oh yeah. The Killer Actors get improved equipment. The left pile goes to your team, the right goes to the Screaming Directors," Chris said. He blew the whistle a second time and the contestants ran for their equipment.

The Killer Actors were being lead by Courtney. "Okay, I'll get cameras. Tyler and Lindsay, clear the desk and set it up. Izzy and Heather, tidy up," Courtney instructed.

"You seem in a better mood," Izzy said.

"Not the best," Tyler muttered to himself.

"Do you want to say that again?" Courtney asked in a threatening tone. Tyler gulped.

(Conf), Tyler: Courtney's scary.

The Screaming Directors were just setting up random equipment. LeShawna had set up the camera and Duncan and Noah had set up one line of spotlights. Owen was sweeping up the desk.

(Conf), Owen: Mommy always said that dust always catches bad attention, so I'm not letting my team lose points from dust.

"Owen, go and get some chairs," Duncan ordered. Owen nodded and did as instructed. "Noah, go and get some more spotlights. LeShawna, go with him." The two nodded and went back to the equipment pile.

Lindsay and Tyler had finished cleaning the desk and Izzy slid two chairs into it. "We can do this guys!" Izzy shouted. Lindsay and Tyler hugged her, not realizing that they were actually suffocating Izzy. "Guys... girl... choking," she gasped. Izzy almost collapsed, but the two let go just in time.

"Whoops, sorry," Lindsay and Tyler said in sync and the two blushed.

Duncan was wiring up the spotlights. Noah looked at him on the top of the ladder. "Sure you're doing that right?" Noah asked.

"I've hotwired cars before. I'm pretty sure I can rewire a light," Duncan scoffed. Noah rolled his eyes and walked away. He went to LeShawna.

"What you doing?" Noah asked.

"I'm checking the film reel. Look at this!" LeShawna said in disgust and she pulled out a tattered film reel.

"Ooh, we gotta get more of that stuff," Noah said. The two ran off and the scene transferred to Heather wiping off dust on the spotlights. She rubbed off the dust on one spotlight and a cloud of it surrounded her head.

"Atchoo!" Heather sneezed and she fell off of the ladder and landed on her back. Lindsay and Izzy saw it and the two laughed.

(Conf), Heather: Stupid brats.

Duncan swept up pieces of broken glass from behind his teams' desk, whilst LeShawna hung up a green screen to the right of the desk. "Come on guys, we're almost done," Duncan said. "We just need to get more equipment."

Meanwhile, Courtney had finished hanging up the other green screen. The two team captains looked at each other and a glare sparked between them. "Hurry up!" Courtney demanded.

"Yeesh, someone's touchy," Heather said to herself.

(Conf), Heather: What? Just because me and Courtney are in an alliance doesn't mean I have to be nice to her.

A hand slammed down on a bell. It was Izzy's. "The Killer Actors win part one!" Chris announced. "Screaming Directors, that means you'll have to go without extra spotlights. Oh well, not a major loss. Now for part one. Pick your smartest contestant."

"Noah," Duncan, LeShawna and Owen said in sync and they pushed him forwards.

"I'll go. Let's face it, no one here's smart," Courtney said. The two walked towards Chris.

"Okay, only you two will be part of this challenge. The second part: create a news report. You have five minutes to write up a good report and it must include a good headline and a weather report," Chris said. "Since the Killer Actors win, they get a computer. Screaming Directors, you losers get a typewriter. Ready, start!"

Courtney opened up the computer and began to type. "Hope you struggle," Courtney teased. She looked at Noah and saw that he was doing perfectly fine.

"I used to have a typewriter. And I hope you struggle," Noah replied. He began to type more and Courtney glared at him.

(Conf), Courtney. Stupid nerd. Should've had him on my team.

Courtney stopped writing to think. "What should I have as a minor story?" she asked herself. An idea sparked in her head. "Ooh, that's good." She resumed typing and tried to peak at Noah's work. Noah saw and hid his work.

"Nu-uh, you aren't seeing this piece of work," Noah said. He continued typing up the news report.

Courtney was typing faster and she was almost completed. So was Noah. The two were sweating and looking at each other quickly. Courtney then hit a button. " I've finished!" Courtney yelled.

"So have I!" Noah yelled. He pressed a button and the printer began buzzing and two sheets of paper began printing out. Chris took both reports and scanned them.

"Well, Noah, you're main news report isn't the best, but Courtney, your headline story isn't really good. It's kind of being supported by your news story, and that's not a good way to be a news reporter. So I'm gonna have to give round two to the Screaming Directors!" Chris announced. The Killer Actors glared at Courtney.

"Wow, and we're the dumb ones," Heather said sarcastically.

"What's the advantage?" Noah asked.

"The advantage is that you get one bonus point for the news report. That is part three. You must make a news report. There must be two anchors and one cameraman/woman," Chris said.

"What's an anchor?" Lindsay asked.

"It's the host of a news report," Tyler answered. He kissed Lindsay on the cheek and she blushed.

"The best news report wins whilst the other team goes to elimination. You have half an hour to film your report," said Chris. "And... go!"

The Killer Actors were around their station. Lindsay, Tyler and Heather were sitting on the desk, Izzy was leaning against the camera and Courtney was standing in front of the desk. "Okay people, here's my vision. Tyler, Lindsay, you two will be co-anchors, Izzy and I will be the weatherwomen, and Heather, you're not really camera ready. You'll be the camera person," Courtney said.

(Conf), Heather: Sure, put the bald girl behind the camera.

The Killer Actors continued talking whilst Duncan, as team captain, took charge of his team, the Screaming Directors. "Okay, Noah, LeShawna, you two are good friends, you can be the anchors. I'll be behind camera and Owen, you be the weatherman," Duncan commanded.

"Cool, I've always wanted to be a weatherman," Owen said and he pumped his fist in the air.

"Okay, we need to make sure that we have good quality," Duncan said. "So big smiles."

(Conf), Noah: I'm guessing that's why he chose to stay behind the camera. Good one Noah.

Heather was looking through the camera. "Lindsay! Bigger smile! And brush your teeth, I can see a garden of spinach in your mouth!" Heather yelled.

"Shut it you bald freak," Lindsay replied. She wasn't seen as the camera angle was only showing Heather and the camera.

"Don't forget that you're the one who pushed me into that piranha pool! I should sue you!" Heather yelled.

"Just say when to start speaking!" Lindsay yelled. Heather rolled her eyes.

Owen was looking at the green screen. "I don't get it, how is this a map?" he asked.

"It's replaced on the camera with a map that Chris will see," Duncan explained. The camera angle blocked him off.

"Yeah, but, how does that change?" Owen asked.

"Through the computer!" Duncan yelled. Owen stuck his finger in his ear.

"So let me get this straight," Owen said, "the computer changes the green screen, right?"

"Yes," Duncan replied.

"But why does it need to be green?" Owen asked. Duncan sighed.

A timer dinged, signaling the thirty minutes were up. The two teams then surrounded Chris and Chris was standing in front of a screen. "Okay, both videos have been sent to this screen. Whoever gets the most points win. Screaming Directors, you have a bonus one point. Let's start with your video," Chris said.

The screen began to fuzz and a logo of the Screaming Directors showed up. It then flashed away and LeShawna and Noah appeared sitting at the news desk. "Breaking news!" LeShawna yelled.

"The Abandoned Film Lot in Muskoka, Ontanario has just become the hostage set for fourteen young teenagers," Noah said.

"The evil villain, Chef, has kidnapped these fourteen teenagers, hiding them supposedly in one of the sets in the film lot," LeShawna added. "We'll have more info righf, wait, righf?"

"Typo," Noah said.

"Okay, we'll be back with more information after this weather forecast," LeShawna said. The camera went over to Owen and the green screen had been replaced with a map.

"Is the green screen on?" Owen asked. The camera went up and down like a nod. "Okay, weather will be freezing cold in Canada," Owen said, pointing a few centimetres away from Canada before correcting himself. "It's bringing down wind," he began and the farted and chuckled, "colder than mine!" Duncan's hand then pointed back to LeShawna and Noah. "What? Oh yeah, back to LeShawna and Noah! My god being a weatherman is harder than it looks."

The camera then swiveled back to LeShawna and Noah. "We've just received more news on the hostage situation. No hostages have been harmed yet, except for a bald one who was dunked into a piranha pool," Noah said and he struggled to fight back a laugh. "The villain is demanding one million dollars in cash and, wait, what's that? The hero of the hour has come! It's McLean Man!"

"McLean Man is here! He's swooped in and... he's knocked out Chef!" LeShawna exclaimed and she pumped her fists in the air.

"McLean Man has freed the hostages! He's saved the day again!" Noah yelled with glee. And that wraps up the news report. I'm Noah..." he began.

"And I'm LeShawna, and this has been the Total... Drama... news report!" LeShawna announced. The screen then went black.

"Well, how do you like?" Owen asked.

"Well, it's okay. I like that I'm the hero. I would score you a ten, but since Owen had no idea to be a weatherman, I'm giving you a seven. Plus the bonus point means an eight!" Chris chuckled. The other three members of the Screaming Directors glared at Owen.

"What?" Owen asked.

"Next up, Killer Actors!" Chris announced. The screen fuzzed again and a logo of the Killer Actors' logo showed up before going to Lindsay and Tyler.

"News intro stops. Arrow. Hi! My name is Lindsay. Arrow. Looks at Tyler," Lindsay said, not knowing to not say the actions.

"And my name is Tyler. We're the co-anchors of the Total Drama newscast. Our main headline, why is global warming a critical, wait what's global warming?" Tyler asked.

"Ooh, is it about that globe that exploded. That's what's gonna happen," Lindsay said and she nodded at the camera.

"Hey! Stick to the script!" Courtney yelled from the green screen. "Just cut to me!" Heather sighed and she followed Courtney's instructions. The camera scrolled over to the green screen which surprisingly hadn't changed to a map.

"What the heck?" Courtney yelled, not from the screen.

"Maybe you forgot to add the map. Blame Heather," Chris chuckled evilly. The scene then returned to the news report. Courtney was pointing at random spots on the green screen.

"...And that is why global warming is such a big calamity," Courtney ended. "Back to you two." The camera scrolled to Lindsay and Tyler making out on the news desk. "Just cut!" The screen then faded to black.

"Wow, that was..." Chris began. "What was up with all of that global warming stuff?"

"It's a growing threat!" Courtney yelled.

"Well, since half of you knew what to do, I'm giving you a five, so the Screaming Directors win!" Chris announced. "Killer Actors, you guys are heading for elimination." The team glared at Courtney.

Heather was walking by the bushed. She then searched down in a bush for the PDA and she took it out. "Still here, I can't believe that a C.I.T couldn't find her own gadget in a bush," Heather said to herself. She then turned around to see Courtney and she froze.

"You. You stole my PDA!" Courtney yelled. "Oh you're going down."

"Puhlease, like anyone is going to believe you," Heather snickered. She threw the PDA at her.

"Well no one is going's to believe you," Courtney said. "You're dead."

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. "Okay, the votes are in. One of you will be going home tonight. But that person will not be Tyler. One of the girls will be going home," Chris said and he threw Tyler his award.

"Izzy is also safe," Chris said. He threw the award at her and Izzy caught it in her mouth.

"The person escaping the bottom two will be Lindsay," Chris said. She giggled, but she failed catching the award and it fell into the bleachers. "Courtney, Heather, the alpha females. The last one safe is...






























... Courtney," said Chris. She grinned evilly at Heather who gasped.

"What? I'm eliminated?" Heather asked. She looked at the others.

"You stole Courtney's PDA, that caused havoc," Izzy said.

"Good riddance. See ya baldy," Lindsay chuckled. Chef walked over to Heather and carried her.

"How am I, this can't be!" Heather yelled as she was thrown into the Lame-o-sine and the door slammed shut. The limo then drove away. Chris was still standing on the stage.

"The first antagonist has been eliminated. Will Courtney eliminate any more contestants? What the heck did she find? Possibly find out on the next, totally cool and brand new episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter X: The Pain Mile

Chris was locked up in a fake cell and was grinning at the camera. "Breaking news! Last time on Total Drama Action: The campers became news reporters for the day, as two stories aired, one exciting and very, very interesting, the other was all about global warming. Terrible thing to report. The Killer Actors lost and Courtney discovered her new alliance member Heather had stolen her PDA and she told the team to boot the bald girl, sending her to Loser-ville, population six. Who's the next to go, and why am I locked in a cell? Find out those answers shortly on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action! Okay, okay, you can let me out now," he said, but no one came. "Guys? You can unlock me now." The camera then panned to the Abandoned Film Lot's gates. "Unlock me before I fire you!"

Theme Song

Owen yawned and woke up. "Morning guys," he said. Duncan and Noah weren't there. "Guys?" He then looked at the clock in the room. "Oh crap I'm late for breakfast!"

The scene changed to the mess hall. Owen ran in. "Sorry I'm late guys!" Owen apologised.

"Ew, Owen," Lindsay complained.

"Seriously man?" Duncan asked.

"What is it?" Owen asked. The camera then moved down to reveal that Owen didn't have any pants or underpants on and his kiwis were censored. "Whoops, excuse me," he said and ran out.

He ran back in moments later. "I'm now back with pants," Owen panted. He was out of breath.

"Bravo big guy," LeShawna chuckled. Owe. Walked over to Chef Hatchet.

"A big bowl of eggs please. And bacon and tacos," Owen requested.

"You get white paste and half eaten bacon," Chef grunted and he served Owen his food. Owen frowned then walked over to his table.

"Chef seems grumpier than usual," Owen said.

"Haven't you noticed that before. I think it's because he thought this chef job was a one season thing," Noah joked.

The camera then scrolled over to the Killer Actors' table. "I thought this game was supposed to be a one season thing," Lindsay said.

"We all did," Courtney said, tapping away at her PDA. "But thanks to someone we got stuck in for another season," she said, looking at Duncan.

"I thought you drove the jeep into the water," Izzy said. A gob of paste was flung onto her face. Courtney rubbed her hands together.

A whistle then blew through the tent. Chef came out of the kitchen wearing some sort of prison guard suit. "Ten hut!" Chef yelled. "Everyone stand!" Everyone followed Chef's orders. "Today's challenge, the prison movie genre. The first challenge, ten laps around the entire the entire film lot."

"What kind of challenge..." Courtney began.

"Start!" he yelled. He blew the whistle again and they ran out.

The scene changed to the space set. In the lead, Duncan, Courtney and Izzy were making good progress, whilst Lindsay, LeShawna and Tyler had just entered the set. "I hate running. It makes my legs all achy," Lindsay complained.

"It's okay Linds, you've got me," Tyler said and he grinned at Lindsay. Unfortunately, he didn't see the tree the fake space shuttle in his way and he crashed into it, face first.

"Tyler, are you okay?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Tyler moaned, clearly in pain.

"Okay!" she beamed and she jogged away.

(Conf), Lindsay: I'm like, so good at listening.

Duncan and Courtney were the first to arrive back at the crafts tent. They were out of breath, yet when Izzy returned, she was ready to go. "Wow, you guys are really out of breath," she said.

"You ran with us, how... are you not tired?" Courtney asked.

"I run a lot," Izzy said. Lindsay was the next one to get to the tent. She was panting.

"Wow, I don't run a lot," she panted. LeShawna and Noah were the next ones to arrive. Noah was completely out of breath and LeShawna was sweating.

"Ten laps around this place, like running through fire," LeShawna panted. Noah looked half dead as Tyler and Owen managed to get in.

"Is that it? Where's Chef?" Owen asked. Chef then walked in from the kitchen.

"You maggots are slowpokes. Now hurry on down to the police movie set," Chef ordered.

"Why did we run? Who wins?" Tyler asked.

"That was a warm up. If you thought that was hard, wait until you go onto the real part one," Chef grinned and he walked out of the tent.

(Conf), Courtney: Why are camp chefs always ex-psychos?

The Killer Actors arrived at the set first, shortly before the Screaming Directors. "What now?" Courtney asked. Suddenly, two giant cages dropped down from the ceiling, trapping the two teams.

"Hey? What gives!" LeShawna yelled, pulling at the cage bars. Chef then walked to the cages.

"This is the real part one. Escape from the cage," Chef said.

"How do we do that?" Owen asked.

"Each cage has a toolbox with tools that can help you escape. The first team to escape will win an advantage in part two," Chef said. He pulled out his whistle and blew it hard.

Courtney and Izzy ran to the toolbox. They dragged it over to the cage bars and opened it up. Inside was a chainsaw inside a glass box, two long pipes, a wrench and a long hook. "What're we supposed to do with these?" Courtney asked. Izzy was smiling and her hands were going towards the chainsaw. Courtney grabbed the glass box and threw it to Tyler. "Don't let Izzy have the chainsaw."

"Pronto," Tyler said.

(Conf), Tyler: Have you ever seen Izzy with a chainsaw? Yeah, don't let her have a chainsaw.

The Screaming Directors' toolbox contained the same things. "Any ideas Duncan?" Noah asked.

"Oh what, you think just because I'm a bad boy who went to juvie I know how to escape from a cage?" Duncan asked.

"Yes, yes we do," the rest of the Screaming Directors said.

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Well of course I know what to do," Duncan said. "I'm a bad boy who went to juvie."

Duncan had attached the two pipes together using the wrench. He then attached the pipe onto one end. "Do you see those keys over there?" Duncan asked, pointing to a countertop that had a set of keys on. "Maybe one of those keys will unlock the glass box and we can use the chainsaw to cut through the bars."

"Why don't we just smash the box?" Owen asked. He picked up the box and threw it onto the floor. Unfortunately, it hit LeShawna's feet and the box remained unbroken.

"It's bullet proof, genius," Duncan said sarcastically. LeShawna rubbed at her feet.

"Watch where you throw," LeShawna said. Duncan reached one arm out of the bars and tried to hook up the keys. The Killer Actors had the same idea, as they had followed Duncan's instructions.

"Carefully Izzy!" Courtney instructed. Tyler and Lindsay were making out in the corner of the cage. Izzy was reaching for the keys.

"Ow, my arm is aching!" Izzy complained. Suddenly, she heard a jangle of keys. She had hooked them. So did Duncan. They were retracting their arms. Duncan grabbed his keys first and he ran to the chainsaw box. He unlocked it on his second try, yet Izzy unlocked hers on her first try. They grabbed the chainsaw and Duncan went straight into the bars.

Izzy smiled and giggled. "Chainsaw," she mumbled.

"Izzy! Get on with it!" Courtney yelled. She looked at the couple making out. "Get a room."

Duncan had cut off the first bar and began to work onto the second. Meanwhile Izzy had just started cutting the bars. Then, with a loud clink, Duncan managed to cut out a hole big enough for him and Noah. He then began to cut out a third bar. "You can do it Duncan!" LeShawna encouraged.

Izzy had cut out two bars. "Courtney, you can get out," Izzy said. Courtney nodded and she climbed out of the hole, whilst Duncan cut out his third bar.

"Get out," Duncan said. Noah and LeShawna nodded. They escaped from the cage whilst Duncan cut out a fourth bar for Owen. He cut it out. "Go on Owen." Owen tried to get out, but was stuck.

Izzy cut out the third bar. "Hurry up!" Izzy shouted. Tyler ran to the hole. He climbed out. Lindsay was meant to go next, but Izzy pushed in front of her. "Sorry Linds."

LeShawna and Noah were pulling Owen out whilst Duncan was pushing him. "Suck in Owen!" Noah yelled. Lindsay got up and she tried to get out with Izzy as she was midway finished. Unfortunately, Owen was pulled out first. However, when Izzy got out, glass covered the bars around the cage, sealing Duncan and Lindsay in.

"What's happening?" Lindsay asked. Chef then walked from the shadows.

"The Screaming Directors win," Chef said.

"Excuse me Chef, but why are Duncan and Lindsay locked in?" Tyler asked.

"They are part two's prison guards. Their challenge, terrify the other team enough to quit," Chef said and he pressed a button on a remote. The glass was removed and Duncan and Lindsay got out. "If you quit, you go to the cages. And... begin!"

Duncan stood by the Killer Actors. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Duncan asked as he walked up and down next to the opposing team. He then stopped at Tyler. "I see a bunch of lousy maggots!" he yelled in Tyler's ear.

"Question, isn't that war themed?" Courtney asked.

"Did I tell you to talk?" Duncan asked.

"Ooh, I'm so afraid," Courtney said sarcastically. Duncan glared at her, then grabbed Tyler by the wrist.

"Come with me," he said to Tyler in a menacing tone. He dragged him behind a wall and the camera wasn't allowed to look. Tyler's grunts of struggle and pain were followed by a high pitch screech and a crack. Tyler then crawled out covered in bruises. He then crawled into the prison cage and he groaned in pain.

"Seriously?" Courtney and Izzy asked.

(Conf), Courtney *in sync and splitscreen with Izzy* Wimp.

(Conf), Izzy *in sync and splitscreen with Courtney* Wimp.

Lindsay had changed into a police woman outfit. "Listen up! You lot better behave or else you're getting the chair!" Lindsay yelled, walking up and down next to the Screaming Directors and she pointed to a regular chair. She walked over to it. "I don't get why people are afraid of chairs." She sat down in it.

"Isn't it supposed to have electric in it?" Owen asked. Lindsay saw a plug, she shrugged and plugged it in. Electric surged through the chair and her. She screamed loudly.

(Conf), Lindsay: *aftermath from electrocution* Note to self, don't sit in chairs.

Half of Lindsay's hair had smoothened down, and the other half was frilly and black. "All of you maggots pay attention!" Lindsay yelled dizzily. "Anyone who doesn't behave gets the chair. Ugh, I feel, I feel, uh-oh." She ran to the cage and threw up inside of it.

Duncan had plugged in the electric chair and pulled out his taser from his holster. "You two are gonna be sorry that I'm your prison guard," Duncan threatened.

"Ooh, we're gonna be sorry," Courtney mocked. "What's the worst you can do?"

Duncan scoffed. "I once dislocated a man's shoulder using nothing but my elbows," Duncan bragged.

(Conf), Duncan: *showing off elbows* These bad boys are my moneymakers. Or at least pain makers.

Duncan looked at Izzy. "Um, personal space," Izzy said.

"You'll have lots of space," Duncan began, "in the electric chair." He grabbed Izzy's wrist and threw her into the electric chair. It surged with electric, but she just laughed loudly as her hair shot up.

(Conf), Izzy: What? I like electric shocks.

Lindsay was having trouble getting the Screaming Directors in the prison cage, simply because she had no idea how to get them into the cage. "Uh, does anyone want to go into the cage?" Lindsay asked.

"No," LeShawna, Noah and Owen said in sync. Lindsay frowned.

(Conf), Lindsay: Being a prison guard is frustrating.

Duncan threw Courtney into the electric chair and Izzy was being shocked by the taser. The electric chair turned on and Courtney was shocked. The electric ended. "Do I seriously have to go through this?" Courtney asked.

Duncan was still tasering Izzy. "Yes, yes you do," Duncan said. The electric chair started up again, and it changed into LeShawna toppling into the electric chair, which activated and shocked her. She screamed loudly. When the electric stopped, LeShawna's hair had frizzed into a giant afro. Owen and Noah sniggered at her.

"What are you two laughing at?" LeShawna asked. Lindsay pulled out her mirror compact out of her pocket and held it up at LeShawna. She grabbed it and checked her hair, then screamed.

(Conf), LeShawna: What? My hair gets big due to increased humidity. And now apparently electric exposure.

Noah was the next victim of the electric chair. The scene scrolled to the next cage and Courtney had crawled inside. She was lightly burned and smoke was coming from her hair. Izzy was in the electric chair and laughing. "You know, this is really fun," Izzy giggled.

Duncan facepalmed. Then, an idea sparked in his mind. "Izzy, you better get in the cage," Duncan said. "Or else."

"Or else what?" Izzy asked.

"Or else Lisa gets the chair," Duncan threatened. Izzy gasped in terror.

"You wouldn't dare," she gasped.

In the cage, Courtney and Tyler were puzzled. "Who's Lisa?" Tyler asked.

"Her," Duncan said, holding up a pair of handcuffs.

"You have handcuffs that you named Lisa?" Courtney asked Izzy.

"No, Lisa is in the handcuffs," Izzy corrected. Courtney rolled her eyes.

(Conf), Courtney: I knew Izzy was mental, but I never knew she was that mental.

Duncan threw Izzy out of the electric chair and popped the handcuffs in. He then grabbed the metal helmet and began to pull it down. "Do you want to go into the cage?" Duncan asked. Izzy gasped in terror. Duncan smirked and pulled the helmet down quicker.

"You'll never make me go into the cage," she said. Duncan chuckled evilly and pulled the helmet down all the way. He then advanced to the switch. "No! You will never do this!"

"Oh Izzy, I already have," Duncan chuckled and he pulled down the switch. Electric surged through the chair.

"No! Okay, I'll get in the cage," Izzy sobbed. Duncan turned the chair off and Izzy sadly walked into the cage.

Chef then walked out of the shadows. "The Killer Actors lose again. That means the Screaming Directors get an advantage in the final part of the challenge. Hurry your butts outside," Chef commanded.

The scene changed to the outside of the prison set. There were several obstacles lined up. The two teams were standing behind two large laundry trollies. Chef was standing near the trollies. "The last task is to get to the end of the obstacle course. First, both teams will choose who pushes the trolley and the contestants in it for the opposing team," Chef said. "You have thirty seconds. Starting now."

The Killer Actors huddled together. "I nominate Noah," Izzy said. "There's no way he'll be able to push that trolley with all of them in. Especially Owen."

"I second that choice," Courtney agreed. Tyler and Lindsay nodded.

The Screaming Directors were discussing who would push the trolley for the opposing team. "What about Lindsay? She's not the fittest of the Killer Actors," Noah said.

"She does struggle with athletic tasks. Lindsay it is," Duncan said. Thirty seconds was up. "We choose Lindsay."

"And we choose Noah," Courtney said. Noah and Lindsay stepped forwards and took hold of their laundry trollies whilst the teams got into them.

"Now, the Screaming Directors get a ten second head start for winning the last challenge. You have to get to the end of the course. Ready, set, go!" Chef announced.

Noah began to push his laundry trollies to the first obstacle, the dangling crash-test dummies. In the Screaming Directors' trolley, LeShawna and Duncan were pushing the dummies out of the way so Noah could freely push the trolley. Unfortunately, the dummies swung back and hit Owen in the head.

(Conf), Owen: How many times have you been hit in the head with a crash-test trolley? I've been hit twenty two times.

Chef blew another whistle and the Killer Actors began. Lindsay wheezed from pushing the trolley. "Hurry up Lindsay! The other team are almost at the end of the first obstacle!" Courtney complained.

(Conf), Lindsay: You know, Courtney's beginning to be as mean as Heather. And one witch is enough for this game.

The Screaming Directors had reached the beginning of the second obstacle, large swinging police batons, whilst the Killer Actors were in the middle of the first. "Hurry up!" Courtney yelled.

"Shut it Courtney, I'm going as fast as I can!" Lindsay yelled. Because she wasn't paying attention, a crash-test dummy hit Lindsay in the head. Courtney laughed, but then she got hit in the head as well.

(Conf), Courtney: Stupid dummies.

The next obstacle that the Screaming Directors got to was the wall. "What now?" Noah asked.

"Boost me up," Duncan said to Owen. He nodded and did as told. Duncan grabbed the top of the wall. He peered over the other side and saw two more laundry carts. "Yep, there are laundry carts on the other side. We can climb the wall and get in that one." Duncan pulled himself over the wall and fell into the laundry trolley with a loud thud. "Ow!"

"How do we get over? I don't know if you've not noticed, but we aren't athletically gifted!" Noah shouted over the wall. The sound of a facepalm was heard from the other side of the wall.

The Killer Actors had managed to catch up. "How do I get up there?" Lindsay asked.

"We can use cheerleading!" Izzy suggested. A flashback showed of Lindsay and Izzy using cheerleading in the finale of season one played. Then it showed Lindsay, back in recent time, jumping over the wall using Izzy's help. Then, she slammed into the laundry trollies.

"Ow, this hurts," Lindsay complained. Courtney jumped and gripped onto the wall. She pulled herself up, as Duncan helped LeShawna up the wall, eventually pulling her over it.

Izzy was the next to get over the wall, but Tyler was struggling to scale the wall, eventually leading to Izzy and Courtney having to help him.

Next up the wall was Noah with the help of LeShawna, and Owen had to be pulled up by all three. "Could you lose some weight big boy?" LeShawna asked.

"I'm a stress eater," Owen replied.

(Conf), LeShawna: Yes, and an everything eater.

Izzy grabbed onto Tyler's wrists and began to pull, whilst Owen was on the top of the wall. "Yeah! Now pull!" Owen shouted. They did and Owen fell, crushing the other three Screaming Directors. "Sorry."

Tyler got over the wall and Lindsay got out of the cart, beginning to push the cart. Owen got off of Noah and he got out of the cart, beginning to push it and catch up to the opposing team.

The fourth obstacle was a large slope. Lindsay looked at the slope. "Wow, that's steep," Lindsay gasped.

"Get in and push," Courtney commanded. Lindsay nodded, jumped in and pushed the trolley. It began to roll down the slope, but the Screaming Directors' trolley went faster due to increased weight.

(Conf), Owen: It's times like this when I like being chubby.

The Screaming Directors got to the end of the slope and crashed into a wall. They got out as the opposing trolley crashed into the Screaming Directors' trolley. "Glad we weren't in that," LeShawna said in relief.

There were two shovels hanging on the wall, a gold one and a grey one. Owen grabbed the gold one as Lindsay took the grey one. "Now what?" Courtney asked.

There was a sign on the wall. It read: Dig a hole into the ground to the other side of the wall to win.

"Well that's obvious enough," Tyler said. Owen began to dig and Courtney grabbed the shovel from Lindsay and began to dig.

The scene changed to the Killer Actors in the lead. "I think we're almost at the end," Courtney said.

"Good, because I really don't like tight spaces," Lindsay said.

The Screaming Directors were close up. It was neck and neck. "Hurry up Owen!" Duncan commanded.

"I'm digging as fast as I can," Owen said.

"You can do it big guy," Noah encouraged.

The scene changed to above ground where Chef was standing at the finish line. Then, a hole broke through in the earth. A shovel came out. The colour of the shovel was... gold! Owen got out first followed by Duncan, LeShawna and Noah. "The Screaming Directors win," Chef said. Then, the Killer Actors came out of the ground. They saw the opposing team.

"No! We were supposed to win!" Courtney complained.

"Sorry C.I.T, you're heading for elimination again," Chef said.

The scene changed over to the elimination ceremony. Chef was in a pink sparkly dress and he held a plate of Gilded Chris Awards and a sheet of paper in his hands. "Okay, Killer Actors, tonight, your team of four will become a team of three. The first one safe is red kid," Chef said, throwing a Gilded Chris Award at Tyler who pumped his fist in the air.

"Next safe and escaping the bottom two is... C.I.T," Chef said. She grinned. Lindsay and Izzy looked at each other. "Blonde girl and crazy girl, only one of you is safe. The last award goes to...
































... blonde girl," Chef said. Izzy gasped in shock as Lindsay caught her award.

"Izzy!" Lindsay gasped. "Oh no!"

"How did that happen?" Izzy asked.

"The votes were unanimous, well except for your vote," Chef said.

"But I didn't vote for her," Tyler said.

"Don't care. Get in the Lame-o-sine," Chef commanded. Izzy nodded and she ran into the limo.

"Well, bye everyone!" Izzy shouted. The limo then drove off.

"Oh, Izzy," Lindsay said sadly. Courtney smirked evilly at her.

(Conf), Courtney: *holds up a sheet of paper* Three votes Izzy, one vote Lindsay. Izzy was too strong. She had to go. And I honestly don't care about Lindsay's feelings. All I know is that I'm winning.

Chapter XI: World War Scream

The camera panned across the prison movie set and Chris' voice came through. "Last time on Total Drama Action: Chef took over for the day with a prison themed challenge whilst I was hosting a swanky awards show. The challenge ended up with the Screaming Directors winning every single part. Killer Actors, that's just lame. Surprisingly, Izzy got the boot, but it was revealed that Courtney sabotaged the votes. She's beginning to be the antagonist of this season. Will anyone else fall under the wrath of Courtney? Possibly find out on the brand new episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up with Courtney typing away at her PDA. Lindsay was painting her nails, trying to get over the fact that Izzy was gone. She sniffled multiple times and angered Courtney. "Ugh, will you stop sniffling? Get over the fact that Izzy's gone," Courtney groaned and went back to typing on her PDA.

"It's just that I didn't expect Izzy to go. It should've been me. I was the one who messed up the challenge," Lindsay sniffed. Courtney groaned.

(Conf), Courtney: This is why you should never get to close to anyone in reality shows. You end up crying when they're gone. It's infuriating. *holds up a mini word calendar* Thank you word-a-day calendar.

Duncan and Owen walked into the mess hall and picked up breakfast. They were followed by the rest of the Screaming Directors and Tyler. Breakfast was bacon and egg yolk. "Um, question. Who eats fresh egg yolk?" Noah asked.

"Eat it or starve. I don't really care," Chef said from the kitchen. He walked further into the kitchen and the camera panned over to the Killer Actors table.

"Someone's in a grumpier mood today," Tyler said.

"Who?" Lindsay asked.

"Dummy," Courtney muttered. She was checking her messages on her PDA. "Plain old boring news."

"From who?" Lindsay asked.

"Just my lawyers. Nothing important," Courtney sighed. She shoved her breakfast tray into the middle of the table. "Put that in the empties receptacle for me." She walked out of the mess hall. Duncan followed.

"What do you want?" Courtney asked, noticing that Duncan had followed.

"It's been a while since we had a kiss," Duncan said, puckering up his lips. Courtney rejected.

"Sorry, but this season, I'm taking control," Courtney said. "You can try again at the merge."

(Conf), Duncan: When did princess get so ignorant?

Lindsay and Tyler walked into the boy's side of the Killer Actors' trailer. "I miss Izzy," Lindsay said.

"Me too, but hey, at least we have each other," Tyler said and he kissed Lindsay.

The scene now changed to LeShawna and the boys in the other boys trailer. LeShawna, Noah and Duncan were playing cards whilst Owen was eating a tuna and mayo sandwich. "Got any threes?" LeShawna asked.

Duncan and Noah looked at each other then back to their cards. "Go fish," they said in sync.

"Got any cheese?" Owen asked, sucking at the mayo slithering out of the bread.

Suddenly, a loud siren shot through the trailer. "All contestants come out to the campgrounds!" Chris' voice shouted. The siren stopped, and the contestants came outside.

"Did you have to deafen us?" Tyler asked.

"What?" screamed a temporarily deaf Courtney.

"Sorry about the siren. Well actually, I'm not sorry. That was hilarious!" Chris chuckled. He was in an army general suit. "Today's challenge is war themed. You will take part in two challenges and if needed, a tiebreaker. Head on over to the war movie set for the first challenge."

"What?" Courtney screamed again.

The campers arrived at the war set. There was a large green army tank that Chris was standing on. "Okay, today's challenge is a reward challenge. And it is a big one. You'll really want to win. The first challenge is boot camp. There are six tasks. One by one, you will fall. The last one standing wins for the team. If an entire team is eliminated before the final task, the other team automatically wins. The first task is a shooting challenge. There are five stops and there are seven different colour shooting dummies."

"What colours? Can I have a pink?" Lindsay asked.

"Duncan, you get a green one, Noah a blue, Owen a yellow, LeShawna gets an orange, Courtney gets a brown, Tyler gets a red and Lindsay gets a pink," Chris said.

"Yippee!" Lindsay beamed.

"Okay, the dummies are all at the same place. The last one to get five dummies loses," Chris announced. "And here are your guns." He handed each contestant a paintball gun. "Go!"

The contestants ran off along the track. They soon saw the first targets. The first target to be shot was the blue one and Noah continued on running. The next two to get shot were the red and brown ones, so Courtney and Tyler went back to running the track.

Lindsay fired her paintball gun, but missed and accidently shot LeShawna's target. "LeShawna can continue running!" Chris announced.

"Why?" Lindsay asked.

"Because her target was hit," Chris said. LeShawna ran off as Duncan and Owen shot their targets. "And Lindsay loses!" Lindsay frowned, then the scene changed to Noah who was at the front.

In the path, a set of tyres were laid on the floor. Noah began to jog through them, carefully placing a foot in each tyre to avoid losing balance. Courtney and Tyler caught up, but Noah was still the first out, shortly followed by Courtney. Tyler had discovered a booby trap, he was now up to his neck in sticky mud.

Noah and Courtney shot their targets as the rest got up to speed. Duncan had been victim to a water geyser, LeShawna had been hit in the face with a plank and Owen was wedged inbetween a tyre.

LeShawna got out first and shot her target, and was then followed by Duncan. Tyler and Owen were left. They had both gotten out of their traps and fired two paintballs. One paintball hit their target, another missed. Tyler continued running. Owen moaned as he had been eliminated.

The next targets were swinging, making aim hard. Noah and Courtney were still struggling when LeShawna and Duncan got their. In luck, Duncan managed to shoot the target in one shot.

(Conf), Duncan: And that is what a criminal can do.

Courtney managed to get her target shot as Tyler came and began to shoot. It was just him and LeShawna left. The orange target was shot, and Tyler moaned in misery. "That's three Directors and one Actors left. Courtney is well outnumbered," Chris announced.

Courtney arrived first, shortly followed by Duncan, to the next targets. They were swinging like the last one, but also protected by swinging scythes.

(Conf), Courtney: *facepalms*

Duncan shot two paintballs, but they ricocheted off of the scythes. Courtney managed to shoot past the scythes, but the paintball hit just above her shooting dummy.

Noah and LeShawna eventually got their. Surprisingly, Noah shot his target on his first go and ran off to the next shooting location.

(Conf), Duncan: He's good.

Courtney had shot her target and ran off to catch up with Noah, leaving the two Screaming Directors left. Before LeShawna could even pull the trigger, Duncan's paintball hit a scythe that made the paintball bounce onto a tree and shoot his target.

(Conf), LeShawna: He's good.

The final three playing were Courtney, who was in the lead, Noah who was a close second and Duncan was far behind.

Courtney arrived first, shortly followed by Noah. The next targets were trapped in cages suspended from trees looming above them. The two began to shoot their targets to no prevail. Then Duncan arrived and shot his target in one go.

(Conf), Courtney: How does he do that?!

Courtney and Noah were head to head, both repeatedly trying to shoot their targets. Courtney shot her gun again, but only a click sound was heard. "I'm out of ammo!" Courtney yelled. Noah then shot his target. "Nooooooooo!"

"And Duncan and Noah win for the Screaming Directors!" Chris announced.

"Only because I was out of ammo," Courtney said. She pulled her trigger again and the paintball shot onto the floor.

"Yeah, somehow I don't think you were out of ammo," Chris said.

"Stupid lousy guns," Courtney muttered.

The scene transferred to some sort of realistic war battlefield. There was sand blowing on the contestants feet. "I feel like I've been here before," Lindsay said.

"This is part two of the war challenge. You will all be searching for something secret. You will be given clues as to where this something is," Chris said.

"Isn't that like a pirate theme?" LeShawna asked. Chris glared at her and LeShawna rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, I'm giving you the first clues. Use them to find the next and the next and so on," Chris said and he handed Lindsay and LeShawna the clues. "And... go!"

LeShawna tore open the envelope. The clue read out: Hidden away in metal flyers. "Metal flyers? Fighter jets," Noah suggested.

"Let's go find ourselves a fighter jet," Duncan said. As the Directors ran off, Lindsay was having trouble opening the envelope. She was pulling at both sides horizontally.

"Gimme that," Courtney said and she snatched up the envelope and opened it up. "How hard is it to open up an envelope?" She read the clue out loud. "Find the second clue by searching the room used for safety in the World Wars." She looked at the clue in confusion. "Any ideas?"

"Ooh, once I did a project on World War Two, and I researched people going in large rooms underneath their gardens. I don't get how they weren't seen," Lindsay said.

"Underneath room? Bomb shelters!" Courtney beamed.

"Let's go," Tyler said.

The Screaming Directors arrived at their first location first. They got to the plane garage were dozens of large fake army jets were stood. "Chris says they have a budget, but how does he pay for this?" Owen asked.

"The sign out front said there are forty eight jets. I'll take the top corner, Noah takes the bottom right, LeShawna, you get the bottom left and Owen, search for the clue in the top right corner," Duncan instructed. The others nodded and parted ways as the scene transferred to the Killer Actors arriving at the enter acne of the bomb shelter. The door to the bomb shelter was a large metal door in the ground with the letters BS painted in white on it.

"I guess this is the bomb shelter," Tyler said.

"What else would BS stand for?" Courtney asked.

"Well can't BS stand for..." Lindsay began, but Tyler covered her mouth before she could finish her sentence. When he removed his hand, she continued with her sentence and said, "bronze suntan. Why did you do that?"

Courtney looked in the shelter beds whilst Lindsay and Tyler looked by the water tanks. "Found it," Tyler said, pulling an envelope out from behind the water tanks. He took the clue out from inside of it and read the note. "Search for what keeps you underwater and dry."

"Easy. Submarines. I think I saw the submarine pen on the way here," Courtney said. "Let's go!"

The scene changed to the Screaming Directors crowding around Owen who had found the next clue. It read: Guns, rifles, machine guns. Where can you find them?

"Where can we find them?" LeShawna asked.

"They're all weapons. How about a weapons vault?" Noah suggested.

"What're we waiting for? Find the weapon vault!" Duncan commanded. The Directors ran off, as the Actors found the submarine pen.

"How does Chip afford all of these?" Lindsay asked.

"I'm sure producers don't give him that big of a budget," Courtney said. She went inside the only submarine in the pen, followed by the rest of her team. It was quite large and had a lot of computer like machines decorating the walls.

"Ooh! Buttons!" Lindsay said, mesmerised. She looked as if she was going to touch a button.

"Don't do that," Courtney instructed.

"Don't do what?" Lindsay asked, pressing the red button. Suddenly, the submarine door locked and a loud siren accompanied with red flashing lights broke through the submarine. "Oh, don't do that."

(Conf), Courtney: Note to self, never trust Lindsay in a life or death situation.

The Screaming Directors arrived at the weapons vault. There were multiple paintball guns and whatnot hung along the walls. "We need to find the clue in here. Split up and search," Duncan said.

"No need. Found it," LeShawna said. She pointed to the envelope tucked in behind a paintball gun. She picked it up and took the clue to the third location out of it. It read: Inside the largest mobile gun.

"A tank," Owen suggested. "They're mobile with guns."

"I think I know where the tanks are," Noah said. The four headed out of the weapons vault, in search for the tanks.

In the submarine, Courtney was trying to open the door. "How do we get out?" Tyler asked.

"If I knew that, do you think I'd be trying to pull at the door?" Courtney asked sarcastically.

"How about I push the button again?" Lindsay asked.

"Stop!" Tyler and Courtney yelled in sync, but it was too late. Lindsay pushed the button. Instantly, the door unlocked and Courtney fell out.

"Told you I can be smart," Lindsay said. She also saw the envelope on the counter. She pulled put the clue and showed Courtney the envelope. Instantly, Courtney gasped.

"I know where that is! Hurry up!" Courtney shouted.

LeShawna had her the upper half of her body in a tank, Noah was looking inside the tank's cannon and Owen and Duncan were peering into another tank. Eventually, Duncan found the envelope. He read the clue mentally. He nodded at Owen and they ran off, with the rest of the Screaming Directors following them.

The Killer Actors had reached the next destination. It was a large garage. The door was locked. There was a note stuck to the door. It read: Enter the combination to release the strings and pull up the flag. "What's the combination?" Tyler asked.

Courtney took the note. There were two sentences on the back, one in each colour of the teams. Courtney read the clue. "The amount of contestants that have participated in both Season One and Season Two squared," Courtney said.

"Isn't that twenty two?" Lindsay asked.

"No, it should be thirty six. Thirty six times by thirty six is... hmm," Courtney thought.

The Screaming Directors then arrived. "What the heck?" Duncan asked.

"This must be the final location," Noah said. They looked at the note, and then the back. "The number of episodes in Season One multiplied by the number of contestants in Season One."

"Quick, work it out," Duncan said. Both Noah and Courtney were thinking. Suddenly, a spark ignited in Courtney's head.

"1296!" Courtney beamed. She typed the combination in and began to pull the flag up. Noah typed the combination in: 0572. However, it was too late, as the Killer Actors' flag was at the top.

"The Killer Actors win part two!" Chris announced. "That means a tiebreaker. That also means the Killer Actors get an advantage. Look inside the garage to get it."

The garage door opened, revealing a rather large army tank. "The advantage is the tank. It will be a tug-o-war. The first tank to be pulled into the mud pit loses and the opposing team will win the reward. Let's go."

The teams were in their tanks. They could easily be pointed out. The Killer Actors had a giant red one and the Screaming Directors had a small, weak looking green tank. "There's no way you're gonna win," Courtney said.

"Oh yeah? We have Owen," Duncan scoffed.

(Conf), Courtney: Oh shoot, they have Owen.

The teams were inside their tanks, however Owen stood on the far end of the tank because he couldn't fit inside. "Couldn't you enlarge the entrance?" Owen asked.

"Budget cuts," Chris responded. He was drinking a cup of coffee. "Start the engines... now!"

Duncan and Courtney started their engines and began to drive the tanks. At first, the bigger tank had the advantage, but due to Owen's extra weight, the Screaming Directors were soon in the lead.

Inside the opposing tank, the Killer Actors were starting to sweat. "Is it just me or is it getting really hot in here?" Lindsay asked.

"Chris must've forgotten to refill the cooling tanks. That's why it's so hot," Courtney explained.

The scene changed back to the outside of the tanks. The Screaming Directors were winning with Owen's extra weight. Back inside the Killer Actors' tank, Courtney was starting to worry. "If we don't get that prize, I am going to sue," Courtney threatened.

"Who's Sue?" Lindsay asked. Courtney facepalmed.

An idea came to Tyler. "Courtney, wouldn't it be so humiliating if you lost to your skimpy boyfriend?" Tyler asked.

"I'm not going to lose," Courtney grumbled.

"And wasn't it so shocking when me and Duncan and Lindsay aced you in the game?" Tyler teased.

Courtney growled. "Only because you lot cheated."

"And wasn't it shocking how easy it was for Heather to steal your PDA?" Tyler teased.

"No one steals my PDA!" Courtney roared. She brutally slammed her foot down on the accelerator as she kept it in reverse. Courtney's anger drove the car to surge backwards, dragging the opposing tank straight into the mud pit.

"The Killer Actors win the challenge!" Chris announced. "And for that, you win a prize."

The Killer Actors were all sitting in the girls side of trailer. A large chest had been delivered into their room. Tyler opened the chest, and inside was the biggest crate of chocolate. "Chocolate!" Tyler and Lindsay yelled. They began to scrape chunks of the chocolate out of the chest.

"Chocolate? That's it?" Courtney said. She rolled her eyes, sighed and walked outside of the trailer. Lindsay looked at her.

"What's Cienna's problem?" Lindsay asked and the episode ended.

Chapter XII: Aftermath II: ForHeather Forgive And ForGwen

The episode opened up as usual with the logo of Total Drama Action with the word aftermath underneath. The D then enlarged and a clip was replaced.

LeShawna and Noah were almost out of the mansion, until both saw Gwen collapse under Chris' weight.

"She was being sarcastic, Lindsiot," Heather said. She was adjusting her new wig as she spoke.

"Wow, who knew that there would be fake food in a fake fridge in a fake school in a fake film lot?" Izzy asked and she tapped the banana again.

Theme Song

The aftermath show opened up, showing Bridgette and Geoff sitting on the couch in the studio. Bridgette was eating some digestive biscuits and Geoff was looking at himself in the mirror. "And we're on!" the cameraman yelled.

Bridgette and Geoff looked at the camera, and instantly tucked away the biscuits and mirror. "I'm Geoff," Geoff beamed.

"And I'm Bridgette," Bridgette said in a muffled tone, accidently coughing out biscuit crumbs. "And this is the Aftermath show!"

"Between the next few episodes at the AFL, three more contestants were eliminated. All girls!" Geoff announced. "Also, Trent and DJ join the peanut gallery. Say hi guys."

Trent was sitting inbetween Katie and Sadie who were both hugging his arms and DJ was inbetween Justin and Eva. He waved. Trent tried to, but it was hard prying the girls off of his arms, so he just smiled at the camera instead.

"So, in the previous five challenge episodes, Gwen ended up being the first eliminated when the Psycho Killer reappeared after he escaped from being arrested," Bridgette said.

"Then, the movie genre was wizardry and Courtney won the reward challenge. After the newscast challenge, Courtney found out Heather stole her PDA, giving the Killer Actors a reason to boot the bald one," Geoff continued.

"The next to go was Izzy after Courtney sabotaged the votes in the police challenge. Then, the Killer Actors won the tiebreaker in the army movie challenge," Bridgette finished.

"I can't believe Courtney sabotaged the votes," DJ said. "That's just cold."

"I know, eh," Ezekiel agreed. Eva nodded.

"So, before we get down to the interviews, let's see That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" Geoff announced.

The first clip was Gwen collapsing under Chris' weight. Then, the Psycho Killer collapsed on them as well.

The second clip was Duncan falling off of a ladder in the news set and then a spotlight fell on his head.

The third clip showed Noah and LeShawna sitting at the news desk. Two buckets of ping pong balls fell onto their heads.

The next clip showed Lindsay's hand being trapped by the glass that surrounded the cages in the prison cell.

The final clip showed LeShawna shooting her test dummy, then the paintball rebounded and hit her in the cheek.

Bridgette ate another biscuit, just after the camera turned back to the two co-hosts. Geoff nudged her and she swallowed. "I think it's time to introduce the first guest. She's dumped her boyfriend on international television--" Geoff introduced before Bridgette nudged him. "It's..."

Suddenly, Heather was pushed out into the camera, wearing a new afro styled wig. "Heather?" Geoff asked.

"You're the one who's supposed to be interviewed," Heather muttered to someone behind the curtains, but they pushed her back out again. Heather grumbled and walked over to the couch. She sat down and adjusted her wig.

"So, uh, Heather everyone," Bridgette said, putting a forced smile on her face. The audience booed at Heather.

"Shut up!" she yelled at the audience. "I can't believe I was beaten by that blonde airhead twice in a row."

"So Heather, how does--," Geoff began before Heather cut him off again.

"You know why those games are rigged? It's always whoever is fan favourite gets to make it to the end," Heather said.

"Yet you signed up for the show anyways," Bridgette argued.

"Shut it surfer girl. At least I beat you, your boyfriend, lover boy, wimp, Goth girl and backstabber," Heather argued.

"Are you getting this Frank?" Geoff asked the guy behind the camera. He nodded it up and down.

Bridgette grumbled, then tried to put a smile on her face. "Okay, let's move onto question one. How do you feel about getting ninth place?"

"Shocked. I went down five ranks since last season. Urgh!" Heather growled. Her wig fell off in her mini tantrum and she bent down to pick it up. The sound of a phone ringing came up.

"Someone's calling in. Everyone welcome Joan from Switzerland," Geoff greeted. The monitor lowered down and revealed a girl that looked like Beth except she didn't have braces and had blonde hair.

"Hi everyone," Joan beamed. She looked in disgust at Heather. "May I say and represent for everyone that I hate Heather."

"Join the club," Bridgette muttered.

Heather rolled her eyes. "Like I care," Heather muttered.

"Okay," Bridgette sighed, "let's just see your after confessional."

"Oh, but this go--" Geoff began, before Bridgette glared at him. "Okay."

Heather got into the limo and looked at the camera. "Do I care that I'm out? Yes, yes I do. And now, I have to go to that stupid Playa Des Losers place and imagine I have the million. And do you want to know the worst part of this? That scrawny, idiotic blonde beat me. Next season I better beat her. Wait, did I just jinx that?" She growled and punched the window and it broke. "Whoops. I'm not paying for that."

Heather, for some reason, was sitting in a dunk tank. "Question," Heather began. "Why am I sitting in a dunk tank!"

"Make her fall in!" Ezekiel yelled.

"Do it!" Eva yelled.

"Now, now, as much as I want to, this is for our segment, Truth or Dunk!" Geoff announced. "Heather, you're about to be asked several questions. If you answer them wrong, you get dunked!"

The audience applauded. "So what?" Heather asked. "It's just water."

"And piranhas!" Geoff announced. Bridgette walked up to the tank and saw the piranhas.

Heather screamed. "Ugh, I have a fear of piranhas. Can you blame me?" Heather asked.

Bridgette tapped the glass around the dunk tank. "I love piranhas. One, they're ocean's creatures. Two, they bit off your hair!"

Heather rolled her eyes. "Get on with it," Heather said.

"First question, do you think of Lindsay as a serious threat?" Geoff asked.

"No way," Heather replied. The seat dropped and she fell into the tank. She screamed and jumped back onto the seat. She adjusted her wig.

"What about Gwen? Do you loathe her?" Geoff asked.

"Pfft, no way. Goth girl? You should know the answer already," Heather said. Again, the seat fell. Her legs fell into the water and the piranhas swam around her, but they didn't bite. Heather got back up.

"And are you jealous of the romance between Courtney and Duncan?" Geoff asked.

"Romance is lame," Heather answered. The seat fell and she screamed. The co-hosts laughed and the audience joined in, Joan did as well, before Bridgette turned the monitor off. "This stupid thing must be rigged."

"Or maybe you do think of Lindsay as a threat, loathe Gwen and are jealous of Courtney and Duncan's relationship," Bridgette snickered. Heather got out of the dunk tank as Bridgette turned to the camera. "As Heather dries up, let's introduce our second guest. She was meant to show up first, and she's been proven to be the fan favourite in our latest polls, it's Gwen!"

Izzy was pushed onto the stage. "Hey, my name's Izzy. You're Gwen," Izzy told her.

"Izzy," Gwen hissed.

"Alright, alright," Izzy said. She sat on the sofa. Heather was sat on the sofa behind her, drying herself with a towel. "Hey guys."

"Hey Izzy. We were meant to interview Gwen. Let's see what she's up to," Geoff said. He pressed a button on his remote and the monitor flickered on to the green room backstage. Gwen was sitting on the sofa with her hand on her head.

"Ugh, everyone's going against me in the breakup. It was a natural breakup!" Gwen exclaimed. "Ugh." Trent was seen walking past the door to the bathroom. "Hey Tre--" began Gwen before she stopped speaking.

Katie and Sadie came inside the green room. "You do know you're on camera now, right?" Katie asked.

"I'm being filmed? So that's why the light's flashing green," Gwen said. The monitor then turned off.

"So let's discuss this. Who's side are you on? Team Gwen or Team Trent?" Geoff asked.

Sadie, Katie and Trent returned from backstage. "We're definitely on Team Trent," Sadie said, hugging Trent's arm.

"I'm on both teams. They both have really good reasons," Cody agreed.

"Team Trent," Eva and Ezekiel said in sync.

"I'd have to say Team Trent," DJ said. DJ and Trent high fived.

"Team Gwen. You're gonna lose a guy if you obsess over them too much," Izzy said. "Sorry Trent." Trent smiled weakly. "At least she's got Duncan to go to."

"Hey!" Gwen yelled from backstage.

"As a friend!" Izzy yelled back. She mouthed: not as a friend.

Izzy was in the Lame-o-sine. It was her after confessional. "This season was better than the first. Plus, maybe I'll get the chance to play again, like how I rejoined in the second season!" She pumped her arms. "Plus, I'm rooting for Lindsay. I know how she placed second last season, but she deserves to win again. Hopefully, we won't have to play for season three. Did I just jinx that?"

"And that, was Izzy's after confessional!" Bridgette announced. The audience roared. "Now brace yourself Izzy, because you're gonna play Truth or Dunk!" The audience applauded.

"Oh, piranhas! I love these things. One time, I tamed a whole shoal of piranhas with my soothing voice," Izzy giggled.

"Hope you fall in you red headed backstabber!" Heather yelled from the back couch. She rubbed herself with her towel.

"But you fell in," Izzy replied back. "I'm surprised you didn't get bitten."

Heather rolled her eyes. "Okay, first question," Geoff said, holding up some cue cards. "What is the most devious thing you have ever done to someone in the game?"

"The most devious thing? Probably putting itching powder inside of Heather's wig right before the show. With a delay," Izzy answered.

"What?" Heather asked. She screamed loudly and began to start itching her head like mad.

Geoff and Bridgette laughed. "Second question, if you could change time and go back to any location in the game, what would it be and why?" Bridgette asked.

"Probably to the finishing line in the balloon racing challenge back in season one so I could push Heather off of the cliff," Izzy chuckled. Again, Bridgette and Geoff laughed.

"Shut your trap!" Heather yelled.

"It's what you get for being antagonist of the season," Bridgette told her.

"Here's a question that is sure to make you fall," Geoff said. "Which person would you kiss if you had the chance in the game. Noah?"

Izzy shook her head. "What about Tyler?" Geoff asked. The seat stayed still as Izzy shook her head. "Duncan? DJ?"

"Nah," Izzy replied.

"Well, what about Owen?" Geoff asked.

Izzy shook her head. The seat fell. "And the truth comes out!" Geoff announced.

"You like Owen?" Beth asked in shock.

"Big O seems like a really great guy! He's loveable and sweet!" Izzy beamed.

"You and Owen would be perfect together," Bridgette beamed. "Just make sure he isn't a fame stealing Captain Hollywood imposter," she said, glaring at Geoff, who was looking in a hand mirror and combing his hair.

"What?" he asked after he stopped looking at himself. "Time for your next question: who would you most like to punch in the face between Lindsay and Tyler?"

"Probably Tyler because Lindsay's my best friend and Tyler means nothing to me. Well, occasionally we did have to do challenges together, but hey, that's all in the last," Izzy answered. The chair stayed.

"Seriously? Why don't you people tell a lie. You're just killing ratings," Geoff sighed.

"Ignore him, he just wants a bigger fan base," Bridgette told Izzy. She snatched the cue cards out of Geoff's hands. "Time for your last question. What do you think of DJ?"

In the peanut gallery, DJ stretched his head to hear the answer clearly. "Go on, I'm waiting for an answer," he said.

"Now that's early drama I'm looking for," Geoff said, pointing and smiling at DJ. "Well, what do you think of him?"

"I really like him because he's strong and helps people out," Izzy said through a fake smile. The seat fell and Izzy was plunged into the water. "Ooh, warm. Now I don't need the toilet anymore!"

Bridgette, Geoff, Heather and the peanut gallery's eyes widened. "Okay, Izzy, what's the truth?" Geoff asked.

"Well, to be honest, I don't like him that much. We're kind of like opposites that don't attract. It's like sticking together a peanut butter sandwich with a BLT, it's not going to end well," Izzy replied.

In the peanut gallery, Ezekiel was about to eat a peanut butter sandwich inside a BLT before he stopped, looked at Izzy and then chucked the sandwich behind the bleachers. "I'll just starve," Ezekiel said.

"Okay, we'll be right back after this message from our sponsor," Bridgette beamed. The studio lights dimmed. "Somebody filter the pee out of that tank!"

Chef was standing by a massage bed. He was wearing a robe. "Why not look at Chef's Luxurious Massages when you're by Chef's Roadkill Diner? Let one of my world-renowned cooks sooth you're nerves."

Two tough looking chefs walked into the room. "Come now for the discount," Chef said. "Pay for one massage, get the other one for the exact same price." One of the chefs chopped the massage bed in half.

Izzy was now sat in the back sofa next to Heather. "Can we finish this show? I have a resort I need to get back to," Heather complained.

"Yeah, I have a pool to pee in," Izzy said.

"Ew," Bridgette complained.

"I'm just kidding," Izzy said. She turned to the audience and mouthed: no I'm not.

"Come on Bridgette, we need to get Gwen out here," Geoff told her.

"Okay, okay," Bridgette said. "Let me just talk to her." She went behind the curtains and into backstage for Gwen in the green room.

"Let's see what's happening," Geoff said. He pressed a button and the camera in the green screen turned on, showing what was happening from the monitor. "Man I love this thing."

Bridgette had just came into the green room. She sat down on the couch next to Gwen. "Hey Gwen, you okay?" Bridgette asked.

"I just... I can't face all those people out there who are probably booing my name. It's not my fault I broke up with Trent. It was a mutual breakup!" Gwen exclaimed.

"I know, I know. But you can't let all of them get you down. Think of all of the Gwen supporters out there. You're fan favourite according to the latest polls," Bridgette told her.

Gwen chuckled a little bit. She sighed. "Alright. And I only have to do this once. Let's get this through." Gwen and Bridgette both got up and walked out of the green room.

"Better turn this off before Bridgette sees I've been spying on her," Geoff said. He pressed the button on his remote, but unfortunately, the monitor was jammed and the picture of Gwen and Bridgette on the couch was frozen on it.

Gwen and Bridgette came out from backstage. A mixture of cheers and boos came from the audience. Bridgette saw the picture on the monitor. "You've been spying on us?" Bridgette yelled.

"Just for a little bit," Geoff said.

"Ugh! I can't believe you," Bridgette grunted. "Come on Gwen." Gwen sat down on the front couch whilst Bridgette tried to sit as far away from Geoff on the hosts couch.

"So Gwen," Geoff began, putting on a smile, "why did you break up with Trent?"

"Geoff!" Bridgette yelled, slapping his face.

"Argh! My balanced cheekbones," Geoff gasped.

"What he means to say is how are you coping?" Bridgette told her.

"Well, I'm doing okay. I feel sorry for myself and Trent," Gwen said.

"You don't need to feel sorry for me. I'm okay. I did, kinda obsess too much," Trent reassured. "Meanwhile, I can't feel my ribs."

Katie and Sadie smiled. "We can," they said in unison.

"So, is everything okay?" Gwen asked. Trent nodded and Gwen smiled.

"Ugh, so much love," Geoff said.

"What about us?" Bridgette asked. Geoff responded by shrugging and Bridgette grumbled. "Let's see your after confessional whilst I have a chat with Captain Hollywood over here." The studio lights dimmed again and a barely visible Bridgette grabbed a barely visible Geoff's ear. He screamed in pain as he was dragged backstage.

Gwen got into the Lame-o-sine. "Well, at least I'm out with dignity. And it wasn't because I broke up with Trent. So that's good. Well, good in my perspective. I think." Gwen sighed. "And at least I made it further than last season. Not by many, but it's okay. Wait, now I have to face up to the others and Trent at Playa Des Losers! Maybe they won't be that mad at me. Wait, did I just jinx that?

Gwen was now sitting in the dunk tank. "Do I seriously have to do this?" Gwen asked.

"Sadly, yes. I thought it was just Geoff's idea, but apparently the producers are in charge of it," Bridgette told her.

"Let's just get on with it," Gwen sighed.

"Good luck Gwen!" Trent cheered in the peanut gallery.

"First question," Geoff began. "What is the real reason you broke up with Trent?"

"What do you mean? I broke up with him because he got to clingy," Gwen told them. The seat fell and she got drenched. The audience gasped.

"So the truth comes out," Geoff said.

Gwen climbed back up the seat and sat down. "Okay, okay. The reason I broke up with him is because... well, I thought we were incapable. The opposites that wouldn't attract," Gwen said. The seat stayed.

"And that is all we have time for," Bridgette said.

"But we've still got five perfectly good--" Geoff began before Bridgette jabbed him in the ribs. "Nope, we've ran out of time. I'm Geoff."

"And I'm Bridgette and we'll see you next time on the Aftermath show of Total... Drama... Action!" Bridgette beamed.

Gwen got out of the tank. "I smell like pee."

Chapter XIII: Indiana Jones And The Death Trap

Chris was wearing an adventure safari suit. "Last time on Total Drama Action: We had a full on war between the teams and it was crazy! Test dummies were shot, real life dummies were shot and to end the day, we had a tug of war, good old fashioned tank style. Due to Tyler's clever plan with Courtney's emotions, the Killer Actors won a chest of chocolate. Today's genre, it's the safari adventure genre! Indiana Jones, my favourite. Which team will prove to be the best adventurers? Find out on this episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up in the crafts tent. Instead of Chef cooking breakfast, they were having to collect their food from the waste bins at the back of the tent. Courtney and Lindsay were at the bins, picking out their breakfast. Courtney pulled out a soggy banana skin. "Ugh, I can't believe we're having to eat from bins like foxes. Where's Chef?" Courtney asked.

"I heard he's hosting an awards show. The Grapeys?" Lindsay said, unsure of the award show name.

"It's the Grammys, idiot," Courtney sighed. "Wait, how did Chef get to host the Grammys?" She chucked the banana skin back into the bin. "No way am I eating this junk." She walked back to the entrance of the crafts tent as Lindsay scooped up a handful of what appeared to be dark orange mashed potatoes. She shrugged and shoved it in her mouth.

Inside the tent, hardly anyone was eating except for Owen and Lindsay, who was still eating her mashed potatoes. "I don't get it," LeShawna said, looking at Owen in disgust. "How is your tummy like a bottomless pit?" Owen shrugged his shoulders.

A few seconds later, Chris walked into the room wearing the suit he was wearing in the recap. "Hello campers," Chris said.

"Hi Indiana," Duncan joked.

"I thought his name was Chip," Lindsay said.

"First off, it's Chris," Chris said, "second off, it's been three days. Challenge time."

"We know how many days there have been," Noah said.

Courtney looked at Lindsay who was still eating her potatoes. "Some of us don't," Courtney said.

The seven remaining campers were at the entrance to the safari movie set. It was a gigantic temple. "So what's the challenge?" Tyler asked.

"The challenge: find the team jewel inside the temple and bring it to me," Chris said. The campers took a step forwards before Chris stopped them. "But first, since I'm super duper nice today, one of the Screaming Directors will not be competing in the challenge to make teams even. As team captain, Duncan will get to choose."

"Ugh, I choose Owen," Duncan said.

"What?" Owen asked.

"Sorry buddy, but I don't think you're gonna be much help for the challenge," Duncan explained. Four interns grabbed his arms and they leaded him into a cage. They pushed him into it and one of them locked the cage.

"Now can we start?" Noah asked.

"Yes, yes you can," Chris said. The contestants began to walk up to the temple door, but it wouldn't budge. They looked at Chris. "What? You thought I would make the challenge that easy? No way. Part one: go and find the four keys that will unlock each team's door. Red keys will unlock the Killer Actors' door, green keys will do the same for the other team. And a hint, the keys are in the jungle. Now you may go."

(Conf), Courtney: What unnecessary long introductions. I mean, who needs a challenge introduction that long. It just isn't needed. Chris is just keeping up time so he can have more face time. What a selfish, immature idiot. I can't believe I had to get wired into season two. One season with that sadistic host was enough, but now I have two? There better not be a third one or I am filing a lawsuit. With the reasonable reasons.

(Conf), Chris: What unnecessary long confessionals.

The Screaming Directors had stopped at a tree. "This jungle is huge. How're we supposed to cover all the ground?" LeShawna asked.

"Oh come on, we have key detectors," Duncan said.

"What?" LeShawna asked.

Noah held up his key detector. "Chris gave us them, don't you remember?" Noah asked.

(Conf), LeShawna: I fear I'm getting amnesia.

The Killer Actors had already found their first key. Tyler found it under his shoe when Courtney shoved him against a tree. "Come on, we need to find some more keys. The key detector says that there is another key to the north west of us," Courtney said. "Pick up the pace!"

"Okay, where's the pace?" Lindsay asked. Courtney facepalmed.

Duncan and the others were heading east. "We need to hurry up. I fear Owen may have already eaten through the bars," Duncan said.

"Come on, Owen can't eat a pole," LeShawna said. "Right?" Duncan and Noah exchanged nervous glances.

(Conf), LeShawna: When I'm near a hungry Owen, I fear for my life.

The Killer Actors were walking, following Courtney who was following the directions on her key detector. "Come on people, we've got a lot of ground to cover," Courtney said.

"Cover with what?" Lindsay asked.

"It's an expression!" Courtney yelled, annoyed.

The Screaming Directors were near the first key. "According to this, we're right above it," Duncan said.

"Let's start digging," LeShawna said. They started to scrape at the dirt underneath them.

Eventually, Noah came across the key. "Alright, the first one." Another flash showed on the key monitor and the Screaming Directors began to run. "Let's go."

Chris was looking at a monitor showing the campers' progress. Owen was yelling in the cage behind him. "Shut it will you? I'm trying to take a nap," Chris said. He put on special sound proof ear muffs. He began to doze off before Owen's yells could still be heard. "Seriously man?"

"I have agonizing yells," Owen said as Chris took his ear muffs off.

"No," Chris said sarcastically.

Back with the Screaming Directors, they were running closer and closer to the second key. As they weren't looking where they were going, they ran into the Killer Actors. "Hey!" Duncan yelled.

"Watch where you're going!" Courtney yelled. "We have to find our third key."

"What? We only have one," Noah said.

"Just found it," Lindsay beamed and she held out the key.

"I think you just have one," Duncan said and he snatched the key out of Lindsay's hands. "LeShawna, go long!" He chucked the key at her and she caught it.

"Noah!" she yelled. She threw the key at him and it bounced around in his hands. He yelled and fell backwards. Suddenly, the ground underneath him gave way. He fell into a pit.

"Oh yeah, there are some traps in the jungle," Chris chuckled over the PA system.

"No kidding," Noah said. Courtney screamed, yelled and jumped into the pit. She began yelling and Noah started yelling in pain and agony. The red key was thrown up into Tyler's arms.

"Let's go!" Tyler yelled.

Duncan got onto all fours. He scraped away the earth to reveal the second green key. "Let's go," he said.

"What about Noah?" LeShawna asked.

"He can climb up," Duncan told her.

"Have you seen that boy? He can barely climb up a ladder!" LeShawna yelled.

"Hey!" Noah shouted from the bottom of the pit.

"No offense!" LeShawna yelled.

"Ugh, fine," Duncan sighed. "But if we lose, you're getting the boot."

"Risk I can take," LeShawna snickered. They reached down to try and get Noah, but they fell in as well.

"Oh crap," Duncan sighed.

The Killer Actors were searching for their third red key. "We have to hurry. We can't risk the other team winning," Courtney said.

"I thought they fell into a pit," Lindsay wondered.

"Just Noah, but if the whole team fell in well, let's just hope," Courtney hoped.

In the pit, Duncan was trying to find a way out. There were roots from the top of the pit going to halfway down. "We might be able to get out if those roots are stable," Duncan said.

"And if they aren't?" LeShawna asked.

"We might have to cheerlead," Duncan sighed.

"I say we take the chance. I don't know about you two, but I'm not good at cheerleading," Noah said.

"I would have never guessed," Duncan said sarcastically. At the top of the pit, grunting was heard as Duncan's arm came up as well as his head. "Come on people!"

"Did you really have to be at the top?" LeShawna asked.

"And you wanted Noah to be at the top?" Duncan asked.

"I will answer that with silence," LeShawna responded.

"Come on people, we're nearly there!" Duncan yelled. Suddenly, the root snapped and Duncan barely managed to grab onto the edge. LeShawna grabbed his legs and Noah grabbed her feet. Suddenly, Duncan's trousers fell.

"You seriously couldn't have paid for a belt?" LeShawna asked.

"You're the one who pulled my trousers!" Duncan yelled.

(Conf), Noah: This challenge really has brought out the little kid in us.

The Killer Actors were by a large tree. Lindsay was peeling back the dried sap and bark. "Ew, this is disgusting," Lindsay moaned.

"Stop moaning and peel. The key is in that tree," Courtney said. "Come on, my grandma could peel quicker than you. And she's eighty nine."

"Done it," Lindsay said, disgusted. She grabbed the sap covered key out of the tree. "Alright! All the keys!"

"Well done Linds," Tyler smiled.

"Thanks Tyrone. I mean Timmy. Is it Tom?" Lindsay asked. "Oh no, wait, I know it. Noah."

(Conf), Tyler: It's kind of hard to keep a girl when she barely knows your name. At least I've not forgotten Laura's name. I mean Lindsay! Lindsay is her name. *laughs weakly*

Duncan and LeShawna had managed to climb up. Duncan pulled his pants up and the two helped Noah up. "I bet the Killer Actors have already found all their keys. We need to hurry," Duncan said. The team began running to the next location, which was fifty metres away.

The Killer Actors were almost at the exit. Courtney had two keys, Tyler held one and Lindsay had the final one. Her hands and the key were covered in slippery sap. The key kept on slipping in her hands until a wild raccoon jumped up and snatched the key out of her hands. "Hey! That raccoon stole my key!" Lindsay said, shocked.

"Lindsay! Come on! We need to get that key!" Courtney yelled, frustrated.

The Screaming Directors were at the site of the third key. Duncan was climbing up a tree to reach the key which was in a nest. "Don't look down!" Noah shouted.

"I think that's the least of my problems here!" Duncan shouted back. He had reached the branch and the nest, but there was an angry bird in it, pecking at his hands. "Stupid bird!"

The raccoon was nearing a dead end. "We can corner it here!" Courtney shouted.

The three Killer Actors cornered the raccoon against a corner. They advanced slowly before the raccoon jumped onto Tyler's face and he screamed in pain. "Get the key Tyler!" Lindsay shouted through the cries of pain.

Tyler managed to pry the raccoon off of his face and grabbed the key from it's jaws before it bit his arm and scampered away. "I hate raccoons," Tyler gasped before he collapsed in exhaustion.

"Oh great," Courtney sighed. "'I'll get his arms, you get his legs."

The Screaming Directors had obtained their fourth key and were on their way to the temple site. They had arrived, but the Killer Actors had beat them. They had already entered the temple and the temple door sealed shut. "We're behind. Thanks Noah," Duncan sighed.

"Not my fault, it's Chris'," Noah replied. They got to the doors. They placed the keys in the lock and twisted them. The temple door then rose and they entered.

"Good luck guys!" Owen yelled from his cage. The temple door locked. He looked at Chris who was eating a taco. "Can I have some of that?"

"Well, I'm feeling nice today," Chris said. He broke his taco in half and chucked it to Owen. He watched in disgust as Owen gorged it down in one go. "You seriously need some lessons in etiquette."

Inside the Killer Actors' tunnel, the lanterns hanging on the wet stone walls had flickered on. "It smells of fish in here. Let's just get the jewel and get out of here," Courtney sighed.

"Fish? It smells like," Lindsay began and she sniffed the air, "chicken."

"We're here looking for a jewel but sure, let's talk about the smell of the cavern," Tyler said.

"Okay," Lindsay beamed. Tyler facepalmed.

The Screaming Directors had gotten to the end of the first tunnel. The next had sludge and swampy liquid all around the floor. "Great, swamps," Noah sighed.

"Can I stay here? My clothes are very absorbent," LeShawna complained.

"Yeah, you're coming in with the rest of us," Duncan said and he pushed her in. He then pushed Noah in and he jumped in.

LeShawna resurfaced with the boys. "Great, I think I got swamp water in my mouth," she complained.

The Killer Actors had made it to the end of their swamp tunnel. There was a large cave and a tall pillar in the middle. There was a bright red jewel on the top of the pillar. "I guess that's the jewel we need to get," Tyler said.

"But how're we supposed to get it?" Lindsay asked. There was a large drop surrounding the pillar.

Courtney looked up. "I see some vines. Maybe we have to swing to get the jewel," she said.

"Like in Indiana Jones!" Tyler grinned.

"That's kind of why Chris was dressed like Indiana Jones and why this is a safari genre," Courtney said.

"I know that," Tyler replied. Whilst the Killer Actors were trying to find a way up to the vines, the Screaming Directors had just arrived at the cave. They saw the jewel in the cave and the vines and Duncan had an idea.

"If we climb the rock wall, we can get to the vines," Duncan suggested.

"Good idea," Noah said. "I'll go last."

Duncan grabbed onto the rock wall and began to make his ascent up the wall. LeShawna came second and when she was high up enough, Noah made his ascent. "Hopefully the other team don't have this idea as us," LeShawna said.

(Conf), Noah: Why? Just, why!

As if on cue, an idea sparked up in Lindsay's head. "Why don't we climb up that rock wall to the vines?" Lindsay asked.

"No, that's stupid," Courtney said. She paused for a moment. "Wait a minute, that isn't stupid! Come on!" Courtney ran to the wall and began to climb. Tyler followed and. Lindsay was the climbing at the bottom. "Move it people! We need to beat the others!"

The camera went into split screen. The teams were neck and neck. The first yo reach the vine was Duncan. LeShawna reached it second and for the Killer Actors, Courtney had made it. "You know what, I'm not waiting," Courtney sighed. She jumped and released the vine.

"Wait, Courtney!" Tyler yelled. He grabbed the end of the vine and held onto Lindsay's hand. The two swung on the vine which shocked Courtney, making her lose he grip on the vine. She landed on Tyler and Tyler slid down onto Lindsay, ending up making the three a gigantic ball tied up with the vines.

Noah had reached the top and the Screaming Directors had begun to swing. Duncan slid down to the bottom to try and grab onto the jewel. "Make sure you don't push the jewel off!" Noah warned.

"I've stolen jewels before, I know what I'm doing," Duncan said.

(Conf), Duncan: *scratches back* When I said I've stolen jewels before, I was just joking. *laughs weakly* I'm not a burglar. Well, I am, but not of precious things. *laughs weakly again*

The Killer Actors were screaming in the ball they had been tangled up into. "Thanks a lot Tyler! If you hadn't scared me, I wouldn't be in this stupid tangle!" Courtney yelled.

"Stop complaining and try and get the jewel!" Tyler shouted. The vine swung several more times before Lindsay had managed to grab onto the jewel with her knees.

"I got it!" Lindsay yelled.

"Good work, but how do we get off the vine?" Tyler asked.

"If we slow down, I can cut off the vines slowly and then we can swing onto the platform," Courtney said. The vine slowed down, and Courtney began to tug at the vines, hoping that they would break.

Meanwhile, Duncan had grabbed into the vine and was timing the perfect jump to make the platform. "Can you do this thing faster?" Noah asked.

"It would be faster if you helped. You're the brainy one!" Duncan yelled upwards.

"Jump!" LeShawna yelled. As if it was a reaction, the three jumped in perfect unison. They landed on the platform.

"How did you calculate the jump?" Noah asked.

"Somehow, when you two argue, it helps me think clearer," LeShawna said. "Come on!"

The Killer Actors were almost free. "Just... a bit more," Courtney gasped. She pulled the vine and it gave way. The giant ball fell and bounced onto the platform. It rolled until it separated. "We're free! Come on!"

The teams were yet again neck and neck. They passed through the swamps and got to the the entry tunnel.

The camera moved to a temple door. The keys had been taken out to prevent which team door it was. It rose, and out came a red sparkle and the Killer Actors. "Woohoo! We won!" Courtney cheered.

The Screaming Directors came out and saw that the Killer Actors had beaten them. "Aww," they all moaned.

Chris got out of his deckchair and finished off the last bits of his taco. "The Killer Actors win!" Chris announced. "That means they don't have to go to elimination. Screaming Directors however, you don't have to go to. It's a reward challenge!"

Both teams cheered. "What's our prize?" Tyler asked.

Chris took the jewels. "One of these. You can choose whatever you want and get what is inside it," he said.

"Why don't we choose our team jewel? It might give good luck," Lindsay suggested.

"No way, that's bound to be too easy. We take the green one," Courtney said. She snatched the green jewel out of his hands and opened it up. Inside were three marshmallows. "Seriously?"

Chris gave the red jewel to Noah. "Open it up," Chris said. Noah did as he was told and opened up the jewel. Inside were three spa tickets.

"Super deluxe spa trip for three days!" Noah exclaimed.

"Noooooooooo!" Lindsay said overdramatically, falling to her knees and raising up her arms.

"Thanks a lot Courtney," Tyler sighed. He helped Lindsay up and they walked away.

The camera turned to Chris. "And with that, the thirteenth episode is over. Wow, the number thirteen is really unlucky, but not for me! Which team will crack under the pressure? And what sneaky surprise am I installing next episode? Find out, on the all new episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

It was night. The camera showed Lindsay and Courtney in their beds sleeping and Tyler sleeping in his bed. The camera then changed to outside the temple where Owen was still locked in. "Is anyone there? Hello!" The camera then zoomed to the gates of the Abandoned Film Lot. "Let me out!"

Chapter XIV: Romance Sucks

Chris' voice came through as the camera was panning across the safari adventure set. "Last time on an adventurous episode of Total Drama Action: the two teams ate garbage as Chef was away. Next, they went into an Indiana Jones themed challenge. Whilst some teams were stuck in pits, other teams went on chasing raccoons that had stolen their keys. Final result: the Killer Actors won, but they didn't win the better prize thanks to Courtney so the Screaming Directors went on a three day spa challenge. As I mentioned last episode, there's a sneaky surprise coming that will shock more than half of the contestants. What's going to happen? To find out, stay tuned to Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The camera zoomed into the mess hall. They were eating breakfast as usual. "It's times like this when I really like Chef's food," Tyler said, eating the egg paste.

"Why?" Lindsay asked.

"Remember what Chef cooked us yesterday?" Tyler asked. The girls on the team all pulled faces in disgust.

"I still don't think that's digested yet," Courtney gasped.

The other team were eating the egg paste. "It wouldn't kill Chef if he could order takeout once in a while," Noah said.

"You know, if you mix the egg paste with the sauerkraut it kind of tastes like Chinese," Owen said, scooping up a gob of egg paste and sauerkraut and stuffing it in his mouth.

LeShawna was looking at her nails and hands. "That spa trip was magnificent," LeShawna said.

"I hope you enjoyed it because that's the last time you're going. It's not in our budget," Chris said, leaning against the tent pole. "Another big surprise, it's the merge! Now make pace to the rom-com set."

The merged contestants had arrived at the rom-com set. "I love rom-coms," Lindsay said gleefully. "I have like a whole cabinet full of them."

(Conf), Courtney: Just because it's a rom-com challenge doesn't mean we have to spread the love.

The campers were lined up in front of a heart shaped podium with pink curtains and confetti over the floor. "I'm mentally picturing what Chris' introduction will be like," Noah said. Confetti shot out of two cannons and blaring pink and red sirens swirled round. The curtains slid apart and Chris walked onto the heart platform. It then rose.

"Welcome!" Chris announced.

(Conf), Noah: Oh yeah, I imagined it right.

"So, today's challenge is obviously the rom-com genre. Now since there are eight of you, we're going to--" Chris began before Duncan interrupted him.

"You do realize there are only seven of us, right?" Duncan asked.

"Oh yeah. We had a little contest. One of our viewers got to choose the person who would rejoin the game," Chris said.

"Is it Izzy?" Owen asked.

"I would really like it if it was Izzy," Lindsay agreed.

"I'd like DJ back," Duncan said.

"It's not any of them. She's apparently fan favourite due to recent polls, and she's dumped her boyfriend on international television, it's Gwen!" Chris announced. Gwen came out from behind the curtains.

"Hi guys," she said weakly.

(Conf), Gwen: Seriously? More disgusting challenges. Mika, whoever you are, thanks a lot.

"Gwen!" LeShawna and Noah beamed in sync. They hugged her.

"Hey Gwen," Duncan sad, waving at her. Courtney grabbed his arm and pulled it down.

(Conf), Courtney: I can't believe Gwen is back. The whole Trent slash Gwen incident involved Duncan. If Gwen does tries to steal Duncan from me, I'm going to break her like I'm going to break this makeup brush. *grabs makeup brush and tries to break it, but it barely bends* This thing must be rigged. *chucks it onto table and it snaps* Must have been an aftermath from what I did.

"As I said, there are eight of you, so we're gonna put you in pairs. I've put all the boys' names in this hat. Girls will pull out a name and whoever's name you pull out, that will be your partner," Chris said. "Who's first?"

"Uh, what the heck," Gwen sighed. She walked over to the heart platform and it lowered down. Gwen pulled a piece of paper out of the hat. "Duncan." Courtney gasped loudly.

(Conf), Courtney: Duncan? Seriously! Argh!

Courtney walked up to the hat. She pulled out a piece of paper. "Tyler," she said. "Seriously? You better not annoy me."

Lindsay and LeShawna both walked over to the hat. They put their hands in and pulled the final slips of paper out. "Owen," Lindsay said.

"Noah. Alright bro," LeShawna said and the two high fived. "So what's the challenge?"

"In every single romantic comedy I've seen, there's always a romantic montage. Your first challenge, make your own romantic montage. Whoever wins the challenge will win an advantage for the main challenge," Chris said. "You all get your own video cameras to film your montages. You have half an hour. Start!"

LeShawna and Noah were in the park area of the movie set. "So what do we do first?" LeShawna asked.

"In all of the rom-coms I've seen, there's always that jumping about slowly," Nosh said. He looked at the trees. "In the park."

"I'll set the camera. You prepare yourself for the jumping," LeShawna said. The two nodded and went off to work.

Gwen and Duncan were by the ice cream store. It was a prop wall with the ice cream store painted on it. There were some tubs of ice cream and wafer cones. "How about for a scene we feed each other ice cream," Gwen suggested.

"Nice one, and I thought you knew nothing about romance," Duncan said.

"And you do?" Gwen sarcastically asked.

"Just grab some ice cream," Duncan grunted. He got to work on the camera as Gwen went to scoop up the ice cream.

Courtney and Tyler were in the west end of the park, away from LeShawna and Noah. "How about a romantic jumping through the park scene?" Tyler asked.

"Hmm, it's okay. But I am not holding hands with you," Courtney said.

"Gladly," Tyler replied. The two grabbed each other's wrists after Courtney out the camera on a picnic table bench. They began to jump, but the scene changed back to LeShawna who was waiting patiently for Noah to return.

"What is that boy doing?" LeShawna asked impatiently. Noah was walking over to LeShawna with a picnic basket in his hands.

"I'm back. I had to avoid Chef in the kitchen," Noah asked. "I was thinking for a scene that we could have a picnic. That okay?"

"Sure. I could chow down on some proper food," LeShawna said rubbing her hands together.

Noah took out a blanket from the picnic basket and lay it down on the grass. He set the picnic basket down and the two sat down. Noah reached into the basket and took a plastic box out with a spray tube. "Strawberries and whip cream?" Noah asked.

"Don't mind if I do," LeShawna said, picking a strawberry out of the container and popping it into her mouth.

(Conf), Noah: LeShawna's a great girl and she's my best friend. I'm actually kind of glad we got paired up in this challenge together. Not in that way. *blushes*

(Conf), LeShawna: I never knew Noah could be so sweet. And how did he know I like strawberries?

Lindsay and Owen were filming a scene for their romantic montage. It was a funny scene where the two would drop water balloons from the balcony and hide from oncoming passers. Owen would edit in the sound effects from the editing studio later. "I've never dropped water balloons from balconies before, Omar," Lindsay said.

"Neither have I, but I saw it in a movie once and on an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place," Owen said.

"I love Wizards of Waverly Place! I try to do the spells they say, but they never work," Lindsay said.

"You do know that those spells aren't real right? It's just special effects," Owen said.

"So that's why they never worked!" Lindsay giggled.

(Conf), Owen: Lindsay's a nice girl, but man is she dumb.

The scene went back to Courtney and Tyler who had finished their jumping through the park scene. "What now? Have any ideas?" Courtney asked.

"We could get a blanket, sit in the trees and read a book. We could laugh to make it seem romantic and then stare into each others eyes," Tyler said.

"You know, for a jock you're pretty good at this romance stuff," Courtney said. "Let's move."

"Do we have to do this?" Gwen asked.

"I've seen this in every rom-com movie I've seen. And I've only seen two," Duncan said. Gwen looked at him strangely. "With Courtney of course."

The two held hands and stretched out. They were doing a scene where they would spin around and the camera would turn back and firth to each of them several times. "You better not drop me," Gwen said.

"I want to win, not give you a headache," Duncan said. The two began to spin around, before Gwen's grip loosened and slipped. She landed on her back on the grass.

Duncan kneeled down next to her. "You okay?" Duncan asked.

"I'm fine," Gwen replied. Duncan helped her back up. "Let's try that again."

Lindsay and Owen were on a carriage with fake horses on, to try and make it look like they were riding through the park. The green screen was automatically built in to show the trees moving. "So why are we on this carriage?" Lindsay asked.

"So we can make it look like we're on a horse ride through the park," Owen explained.

"Oh I love horse rides. Tyler took me out for horse ride once. It's such a shame he's not here anymore," Lindsay said, sad.

"Tyler's still in the game," Owen said.

"He is? Yay!" Lindsay squealed and she hugged Owen. Owen hugged her back to make it look like it was part of the scene. "Owen... choking... me," Lindsay gasped.

"Sorry," Owen apologized and he loosened his grip.

Chris was sitting in a deck chair back at the entrance to the rom-com set. He was sipping orange juice through a straw. He ran empty. "Refill!" Chris yelled. An intern refilled his cup and he went back to drinking before Owen and Lindsay arrived.

"We finished our montage," Lindsay said.

"Congratulations. Now wait until the others get here," Chris commanded and he went back to drinking his orange juice.

"Can I have some of that?" Owen asked.

"Do you like backwash?" Chris asked. Owen nodded his head. "Then no."

(Conf), Owen: Backwash gives it that sweet taste that you just can't get from normal juice.

LeShawna and Noah were filming their final scene. They were running through the forest romantically holding hands. "Are you sure that we have enough footage for our montage?" LeShawna asked.

"Pretty sure. We've gotta keep it short and snappy," Noah told her.

Gwen and Duncan and Courtney and Tyler had arrived at the entrance at the exact same time. "Did we win?" Courtney asked.

"I think we won," Duncan scoffed.

"Actually, we won," Owen said, sitting on the floor with Lindsay and the camera.

"Actually, none of you won because we haven't seen your montages yet. The challenge was to make the best montage, not make it the quickest. And besides, LeShawna and Noah aren't even here," Chris said. "And can you all be quiet? I'm trying to drink juice here."

(Conf), Duncan: When did Chris become a juice loving baby? What's next, he's gonna suck his thumb and cry for his mommy?

The final pair arrived with the others with their video camera. "We're here," Noah said.

"Did we miss anything?" LeShawna asked.

"Nope," Chris said. He got up from his chair and put his drink down. "We're gonna see them in order, so Owen and Lindsay's first." He grabbed their camera and plugged it into the TV. It flickered into life and showed the romantic montage.

The first scene in their romantic montage was the two eating in the park and they smiled at each other. It then faded into the two jumping around through the park and back to the picnic, shoving strawberries in the others' mouths. They were now riding through the city in a horse drawn carriage. They then threw water balloons over a balcony. It then faded to black.

"Pretty good. I especially like the water balloon part. The picnic was good as well. Next one will be Duncan and Gwen's," Chris said.

"You said it would be in the order of who arrived!" Courtney yelled.

"Yeah, but Duncan and Gwen are friendlier. Than you alone," Chris added.

(Conf), Courtney: Gee, thanks.

The first scene was Gwen and Duncan feeding each other ice cream. They were then jumping through the park, looking lovingly in each others eyes. "That better not be real love," Courtney threatened. Duncan rolled his eyes. The next scene was the two riding horses and holding hands. The montage ended.

"That was kind of short," Chris said. "Next is Tyler and Courtney's." He plugged the video camera into the TV and the clip started.

A white light beamed from the TV and the contestants and Chris had to close their eyes, cover them or look away to avoid blindness. "What the?" Duncan asked.

Chris unplugged the video camera and threw it back to Duncan. He looked at the footage and it eventually showed Owen's hair. Duncan looked at the floor. "Our clip was replaced with the floor light!" Duncan yelled. "Stupid camera."

"Then that just leaves LeShawna and Noah. Hopefully yours will be a lot better than that," Chris said. He grabbed the camera off of Noah and plugged it onto the television.

The first clip was LeShawna and Noah eating strawberries in the forest, dipping them in sugar and whip cream. They fed them to each other and smiled. They were then riding a horse drawn carriage, holding hands and wrapped in a blanket. The camera faded back to the picnic, then to the forest where they were running through it, holding hands. The clip ended. "Is that it?" Courtney asked. "Pretty short."

"LeShawna and Noah win the first challenge!" Chris announced.

"What? Why?" Tyler asked.

"Because one, they kept it short and snappy," Chris said. Noah winked at LeShawna. "And two, you just can't have a romantic montage without a 'running through the forest whilst holding hands' scene. That means you two will get an advantage for the second challenge in today's entire challenge."

The contestants had now moved to a scary, wire filled place racked with cages. "Um, what kind of romantic comedy has cages and wire blades?" Owen asked.

"This place looks scary," Lindsay said.

"This looks like a horror movie," Gwen said.

"That's because the rom-com set is right next to the horror set," Chris said. "I, well actually the unpaid interns, built this place especially for this challenge. Here it is, males will be in these four booths. Females will be down their in the obstacle course. The task is for the males to lead their blindfolded partners through the obstacle course and then press the buzzers."

"Seems easy enough," Lindsay said. Noah sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I'm just not saying it anymore," Noah sighed.

"The obstacles are very dangerous. Wire mazes and tripwires will stop you in your path. But if you end up with a wire stuck where the sun doesn't shine, don't blame me, blame your partners," Chris said.

(Conf), Tyler: I'm with Courtney. I'm fearing for my life.

The males were in their booths and the girls were down in the obstacle track. "Remember boys, shout through your megaphones. And don't try to copy because the tracks are all different," Chris said. "LeShawna and Noah, for winning the last challenge, your advantage is a thirty second head start." He triggered his air horn and Noah and LeShawna went off.

"LeShawna! Turn right and walk three paces! Then turn left and keep walking forwards until I say!" Noah yelled.

"You better not be lying boy!" LeShawna yelled. "It's good that I trust you." She followed Noah's instructions. She had come to a wire maze.

"Stop!" Noah yelled. LeShawna froze. "You need to be careful! It's a wire maze. I'll guide you through it."

The timer with thirty seconds on went to zero. "And the others may start!"

"Okay Lindsay, head forwards thirty paces, turn left and go ten paces, then turn right and go until I say stop," Owen instructed.

Lindsay walked thirty paces. "Uh, which way is left?" Lindsay asked.

(Conf), Owen: What I'm about to do next is not meant to say that Lindsay is shallow.

"Turn the direction of your hair drying hand and walk ten paces, then turn in the direction of your hairbrush hand and walk 'till I say stop!" Owen yelled.

"Okay!" Lindsay yelled and she followed Owen's instructions.

(Conf), Owen: I can't actually believe that worked.

Courtney was getting angry at Tyler. "Instruct!" Courtney yelled.

"Fine, keep on walking forwards," Tyler said. Courtney followed Tyler's instructions and ended up hitting a fence.

"Tyler!" Courtney yelled.

"Sorry, I meant walk forwards three steps and then turn right to avoid the fence," Tyler said. Courtney growled.

Gwen and Duncan were doing well. They had gotten to the wire maze and were almost ahead of LeShawna and Noah. "Duncan! What next?" Gwen asked.

"Step forwards and then lift your right leg to go over the wire and move completely to the left after you go over the wire!" Duncan instructed. "You should be able to get to a spot with no obstructions."

"Tyler! Help me out over here!" Courtney yelled. She was wedged inbetween two wires and her leg was suspended over another one. She was afraid to move.

"Move left and backwards to get free," Tyler said.

"You better be observant," Courtney sighed.

LeShawna and Noah were almost out of the wire maze. "Boy, are we out yet? My booty's getting all cramped up," LeShawna said.

"Okay then, make a right turn and--" he began.

"Ahh!" LeShawna yelled. She tripped over a wire and got tangled up in the wires. "Seriously? Stupid blindfold."

"Hold on! I'll try and get you out!" Noah yelled. Meanwhile, Lindsay had managed to get inside the wire maze.

"Next instructions Omar!" Lindsay yelled. "What now?"

"Move forwards and lift your leg up to step over the wire, but be careful about the ones overhead!" Owen warned.

In the lead were Gwen and Duncan shortly followed by Courtney and Tyler. Gwen and Duncan were almost out. "What now?" Gwen asked.

"Move over to your right and step forwards twice," Duncan said. "Then duck and roll." Gwen followed his instructions and rolled. She was out of the wire maze. "Well done! You've got axes to worry about now." The next obstacle were axes swinging in sync in the pathway. "Though I'm pretty sure their fake. I mean, Chris isn't going to get real axes, right?"

"You would think so, wouldn't you," Chris said in his deck chair. "And the axes from season one return!"

Courtney had reached the end of the maze. "Hurry up!" Courtney yelled.

"Move forwards five paces and stop," Tyler said. Courtney followed the instructions.

"Gwen, do the same!" Duncan yelled. The two girls raced to the axes.

(Conf), Courtney: I am not letting Gwen win.

Gwen had passed the first axe, but Courtney passed the second one. "What now Duncan?" Gwen asked.

"Hold... hold... hold... go!" Duncan yelled. Gwen ran forwards and passed the axe. "Go!" Gwen ran again in time with Courtney. There was one more axe in the way of the buzzer.

"Go!" Courtney yelled in a gruff voice disguised as Duncan. Gwen ran forwards, but hit the axe. She fell backwards.

"Duncan!" Gwen yelled.

"That was Courtney!" Duncan shouted back.

"Run Courtney!" Tyler yelled. She did as instructed and passed the final axe. "Now run straight forwards to get the buzzer!"

"Run Gwen!" Duncan yelled. Gwen ran and passed the axe. "Run forwards!" Courtney growled.

The others heard a gigantic crash. "What happened?" Chris asked. The camera panned over to the two girls, showing Courtney had tripped and crashed into Gwen moments after she pushed the buzzer down. "Gwen and Duncan win!" Chris announced. "That means the two are immune. This is gonna be a good elimination."

The contestants were eating dinner. "Well done," Duncan said to Gwen.

"Thanks," Gwen said. She smiled at him.

Courtney sat inbetween the two. "So... who're you thinking of voting tonight?" Courtney asked.

The episode moved over to the elimination ceremony. The eight were standing by the stage. "Where are the voting devices?" Owen asked.

"Oh, I forgot to mention. Tonight has an irregular elimination. The first person will choose to give immunity to someone. That person will then make another person safe and it will go so and so until one is left. That person will be eliminated," Chris said. The others gasped. "Since he got immunity, Duncan gets to choose first." He passed Duncan the plate of Gilded Chris Awards.

"It's pretty obvious," Duncan said. Courtney smiled and waited for her name to be called out. "Owen."

"What!" Courtney screamed.

"Tyler," Owen said and he handed the Gilded Chris Awards to him.

"Lindsay," Tyler said.

"It's obvious. I'm saving my teammate. Courtney," Lindsay smiled.

"The teams have been merged!" Gwen yelled. "Wait, what about my immunity?"

"Oh yeah," Courtney said. "Here you go."

"Thanks. Oh no, what?" Gwen gasped as her two best friends were left. "Uh, then I guess I choose...































...LeShawna," Gwen sighed.

"Oh yeah!" LeShawna exclaimed and she caught her award. "Oh, Noah."

"Aw man. Oh well, I guess I got third last time, so it's okay," Noah said. He hugged LeShawna and Gwen.

The next scene had Noah in the Lame-o-sine. He was about to shut the door, but LeShawna stopped him. He got out of the car. "What is it?" he asked LeShawna.

Suddenly, LeShawna smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "See you later," she smiled. Noah got back into the Lame-o-sine, smiled and the limo drove away.

Chris appeared on the screen. "From seven to eight, and then back to seven. Gwen has returned and Noah has left! And I bet you weren't expecting that kind of elimination, were you? Stay tuned for more shocks and drama in the next, ultra brand new episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XV: Sports-tastic

Chris was standing on the heart platform in the rom-com set which had risen. "Last time on Total Drama Action: Love was in the air. Gwen's return both shocked and surprised many people. The now merged contestants split into four groups of two. LeShawna and Noah may have won round one, but Gwen and Duncan triumphed in the challenge. In a special elimination that substituted for voting, Noah was sent home, but not before LeShawna gave him a large peck on the cheek. Now we're down to lucky number seven. Lucky for me because that means I get to torture them more. What challenge and what pain will haunt these helpless teenagers for life? Find out on today's epic episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The girls were in the girls side of the Screaming Directors' trailer. "You know what I'm craving for?" Lindsay quizzed. "Pizza."

"Oh, I would kill for a slice of pizza," Gwen said.

Inside of Chris editing room, he was writing in his notepad and looking at the monitor that showed the girls talking. "Hmm. Interesting challenge idea," Chris chuckled and he wrote the idea in his notepad.

The boys were inside the mess hall, chowing down on crisps. "I can't believe Chef actually gave me these," Duncan said, stuffing the crisps into his mouth.

"Chef was actually nice? Wow," Tyler said and he ate some of the crisps. "BBQ Sauce, a classic flavour."

Suddenly, the tent collapsed above their heads. "Hey!" Owen yelled.

"What gives!" Duncan yelled. The tent rose again and the girls were suddenly thrown in and landed in a giant pile.

"What the?" Courtney asked, squashed underneath Lindsay.

"What happened?" Gwen asked.

"Challenge time!" Chris announced, appearing from the kitchen. "Everyone follow me for your fifteenth challenge!"

The campers had followed Chris to a gigantic American football pitch. "Awesome! A sports film!" Tyler exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air.

"Yes, a sports film. Today's challenge will test you of your sportiness, alertness, activeness and all round cheer, uh, ness," Chris said.

(Conf), Tyler: Yes! Sports! My forte!

The contestants were lined up by a soccer net, with Tyler in the goal. "The first challenge is one of three. After every challenge, two will be eliminated and the last one standing will win immunity from tonights vote. The first challenge is a simple soccer game," Chris said. "Everyone will take one shot. For every shot that Tyler catches, he gets one point. For every goal that manages to get in the goal, Tyler loses a point. And so on for everyone else."

Courtney was the first to be up against Tyler. She kicked the soccer ball and Tyler jumped into the upper left corner and caught the ball. Tyler's score chart rose one point. "Alright!" Tyler exclaimed and he pumped both of his fists in the air. Duncan's soccer ball then hit his stomach, winded him and he fell backwards. The score went back to zero. "What? But I caught it!"

"Yes, but it went inside the goal. Tough luck," Chris chuckled.

LeShawna was the next to kick. She kicked with a tremendous force, but also with little aim. The ball was sent flying over the net and into the top bleachers. Tyler's score rose by one point. "Oh yeah, if the ball misses the net, the goalie still gets the point," Chris informed. LeShawna grumbled.

The next ball was kicked by Gwen. Tyler successfully managed to catch it and his points rose to two.

The next to kick was Owen. "Prepare yourself for the power that is me: Owen!" he announced. He yelled, screamed but kicked the ball with average strength.

"Is that all? Easy," Tyler scoffed.

Owen then turned around. Mustering all his strength, he farted as loud as he could and the fart cloud spread to Tyler. He choked and coughed on the fart cloud and the ball rolled in. Tyler's two went back down to a one.

(Conf), Owen: Wahoo! My bowels have never let me down. Isn't that right boys? *rubs belly*

Lindsay was the next to kick. "I hope I don't break my heels," Lindsay moaned. She kicked the soccer ball and it rolled into the goal. Tyler had let it into the net. "Yay!"

"Well done Linds!" Tyler cheered.

"And that ends Tyler's go with a final score of zero!" announced Chris. "Now let's see how Courtney does it."

A montage showed Courtney catching the first two soccer balls, missing Gwen's and catching the final three soccer balls. "How're you so good at soccer?" Tyler asked.

"It's easy when you have two crazy brothers kicking stuff around all day," Courtney explained.

"And Courtney scores four points!" Chris announced, "and if that doesn't mean she's safe you all spend way too much time playing this stupid game." He blew his whistle and Duncan's turn began.

Duncan caught the first ball which was kicked by LeShawna. "Pfft, easy," he scoffed. Gwen stood next to the soccer ball and kicked it into the upper right corner. Duncan dove to the left and the ball hit the back of the net.

"What? How could you not get that?" Courtney screamed.

"I thought she was gonna kick to the left. She is, after all, stood in the position to kick to the left," Duncan said. "Good trick."

"Thanks," Gwen smiled.

(Conf), Gwen: Yeah, I'm not the best at soccer. I'd be surprised if I'm not eliminated in this round.

Owen kicked his soccer ball which had just gone outside of the net, taking his score up to one again. Lindsay kicked the ball and it stopped in the middle of the field. "Can I kick again?" Lindsay asked.

"No you may not. Two points Duncan!" Chris announced.

"I'll avenge you Lindsay!" Tyler shouted. He ran to the soccer ball and kicked it as hard as he could. Duncan stuck his arm out and caught the ball with one hand.

"Lame," he muttered.

(Conf), Tyler: Stupid reflexes.

Courtney was the last one to kick the ball. She booted it and Duncan looked ready to catch it. Courtney glared at Duncan and grumbled. Duncan looked frightened and he stepped out of the way, letting Courtney's ball pass through into the net. "And after Duncan's cowardly attitude from Courtney's glares--" Chris began.

"Clam it, McLean!" Duncan yelled.

"Duncan is down to two points and that means Courtney is the first to be guaranteed a spot into the second challenge. LeShawna, you're up," Chris finished.

LeShawna was in the net, preparing herself for the incoming soccer balls. Gwen kicked the first soccer ball. LeShawna dove down to the left and caught the ball. He point score rose one point. Owen was the next one to give LeShawna a point when his soccer ball hit the left net pole and rebounded and rolled onto the grass.

"Is that all? You may as well give me the win!" LeShawna teased. Lindsay grunted, swung her leg and kicked the ball with her high heel. Nothing happened. Well, nothing happened except for the ball being impaled by Lindsay's heel.

"Lindsay!" Chris yelled. "Take a five! Someone get me a new ball! And go to the back, blonde!"

Five minutes later, a female intern returned with a soccer ball. She placed it on the pitch in front of Tyler. Tyler kicked the ball and it rebounded from the left pole, hit Tyler's face and passed the net line, lowering the score to two.

"You are not getting the same score as me!" Courtney yelled. She booted the ball and it hit the far back of the net, barely missing LeShawna's stomach. The score lowered to one.

"Girl, you are too feisty," LeShawna said.

The last soccer ball was to be kicked by Duncan. He booted it as hard as he could. It hit the post and rebounded onto Tyler's face again. "Seriously?" Tyler yelled. LeShawna's score rose to two.

Gwen was the next goalie. Owen was the first to kick. He did a run up and kicked. The ball shot straight forwards. Gwen screamed and ducked as the ball flew over her head and hit the back of the net, lowering her score to minus one.

(Conf), Gwen: Have I ever mentioned I'm afraid of objects hurtling at me with great speeds? Well, I am.

Lindsay kicked the soccer ball weakly. It barely moved two inches. "Aww," she moaned and she walked to the back of the back of the line. Tyler kicked the next football which rebounded from the crossbar and the soccer ball bounced back and hit his face.

Courtney was the next to kick the soccer ball. It happened exactly the same as Tyler's. The ball rebounded from the crossbar. "Duck!" Courtney yelled. Everyone in the line ducked except for Tyler. He got hit straight in the face.

"Aw, come on!" Tyler yelled from off screen.

Duncan booted his soccer ball. It went straight forwards and Gwen tried to block it, but her hands bent backwards. "Ow!" she yelled. "My hands!" LeShawna kicked the next soccer ball and because of her hands, Gwen was unable to block it. Gwen's final score was one.

"Next!" Chris yelled from the sidelines. He was in his deck chair.

Gwen walked up to Chris. "Chris? Can I go to the infirmary?" Gwen asked.

"Why?" Chris asked, removing his shades to look at her properly.

"Because my hands are really hurt," she answered.

Chris sighed. "This is called soccer, and in the UK, it's called football. Use your foot," Chris said and he put his shades back on.

When Gwen got to the line, she saw that Owen's score was two when Lindsay and Tyler's soccer balls failed to get into the net. Courtney's soccer ball was the next to avoid the net when it hit the crossbar. "Stupid soccer ball," Courtney mumbled.

The first ball to go in the net was from Duncan. He had shot it so fast, Owen had to run out of the net and a small rip was heard.

(Conf), Duncan: *holding a notebook and a pen* Being strong enough to rip a net with a soccer ball, I can finally check that off if my bucket list. *checks his notebook with pen*

LeShawna kicked the ball but it flew far over the crossbar. It landed on top of the net and Owen's score rose back to three. The last ball was kicked by Gwen and she failed to get it in the net. Owen's final score was four. "Owen is safe with a score of four. That means Lindsay needs a score of at least two to be safe," Chris announced.

Lindsay prepared herself for Tyler's incoming ball. Tyler looked worried.

(Conf), Tyler: If my ball gets into the net, Lindsay might get upset. I know what I have to do.

Tyler kicked. But he missed the soccer ball. Instead, he jumped up and landed on his back, clutching his ankle. "Argh! My ankle! I think I've sprained it!" he yelled.

"Faker," Courtney muttered.

"Medic!" Chris yelled from the bleachers. Suddenly, two interns carrying a stretcher walked onto the field, carried Tyler on and walked away. As they were leaving Tyler blew a kiss of good luck to Lindsay. She smiled, but unfortunately Courtney and Duncan's soccer balls flew past her and into the net, lowering her score to minus one.

(Conf), Lindsay: I'm not the best at focusing.

LeShawna was the next to kick. If she hadn't kicked at least three metres over the net, Lindsay would have had a soccer ball to the face.

(Conf), LeShawna: Yeah, I let her have that.

Gwen was the next one to kick the soccer ball. Lindsay successfully managed to kick the ball upwards and her score rose to one. "Lindsay's score is one. If she manages to get one more point from Owen, Gwen and Tyler will be eliminated. If she fails, Lindsay and Tyler will be eliminated," Chris announced.

Owen was looking determined to get the soccer ball in the net. He would've kicked the soccer ball, but Lindsay looked at him with her lip quivering. "Please let me go to the next round Owen," Lindsay said dreamily.

"Okay," he sighed after long thought. He kicked it far to the left and past the goal, making Lindsay score two points.

"Lindsay is safe! And that means that Gwen and Tyler are eliminated! You two have a due date with Chef in the tent's kitchen. The rest of you, make you're way to the sports dome," Chris announced.

(Conf), Lindsay: Just some of the advantages when you look this good.

Gwen and Tyler had arrived at the kitchen. Chef was standing in front of the table. "I see that the two of you are my dinner helpers. You and the other losers will be cooking a delicious, well, edible meal for the winner. Ingredients are anything edible. And it better be good, 'cause I'm gonna be eating it too," Chef commanded.

(Conf), Gwen: Dang it, and I was gonna use dust and dirt in the stew I'm gonna make. Well, maybe I'll put in a little dirt.

The remaining five were inside the sports dome. There was fake grass on the ground. "What's this challenge?" Lindsay asked.

"One of my favourite sports. Javelin. Because it involves gigantic metal needles that people can get with. Ha!" Chris laughed. "Yeah I'm joking. Nah."

"Creep," Courtney muttered.

"Do you see these balloons above me? Your task is to pop one of these one hundred blue balloons. But only three of them have invincibility passes. If you manage to grab one of these passes and get to a safe zone, you're guaranteed a spot to the next round. There are five safe spots you can each stay in. And when you run out, you are in danger to the javelins hitting you,' Chris said. Suddenly, his phone began to ring. He answered it. "Yeah? Hello? Hey Craig, my lawyer, my man. Yep, uh-huh. Okay. Bye," he said and he hung up the phone.

"So, how's Craig?" Duncan asked, folding his arms.

"Shut it. And my lawyer says that we must have the javelins corked because apparently we don't have the money to pay you insurance if you get hit. Or die. But that does mean the javelins will be heavier," Chris explained.

"Jeez, and I thought that you would make the challenges harder. Ah," Duncan said sarcastically.

"You might regret saying those words in a second. The ninety five balloons that don't contain passes are filled with a... surprise. You might not enjoy it, but I will. And each safe zone has javelins, when you run out, you can get the javelins from the field. Ready, set, go!" Chris shouted and he blew his whistle. The five contestants ran to their safe zones and Chris ran to the bleachers.

Courtney threw the first of her twenty javelins it hit a balloon, but instead of a immunity pass, there was a swarm of bees that flew out. They ran straight to Courtney. "Bees!" Courtney yelled. She ran away from her safe zone and the bees followed her, like a moth to light.

Back in the kitchen, Gwen was grabbing a live fish wearing large green gloves. "How big is that sink!" Gwen yelled.

"Don't ask me," Tyler muttered. There was an octopus strapped around his head.

Back in the sports dome, they were all throwing cork end javelins up in the air, trying to hit one of the balloons. Lindsay ran out to the field to collect more javelins. Duncan threw his javelin and popped two balloons. One of them contained purple goo which landed all over Lindsay and the other one contained feathers that stuck to the goo.

(Conf), Lindsay: *covered in goo and feathers* I look like a purple chicken.

Suddenly, the eighty sixth balloon popped and a gigantic gold token fell out. "A pass!" LeShawna gasped. She ran over to the pass and so did Courtney. Courtney's face was all swelled up from the bee stings. The two got to the token at the same time and they were pulling at it. "I popped the balloon!"

"I'm covered in bee stings, do I look like I want to argue?" Courtney asked. Another balloon popped and LeShawna looked up. She screamed as a rabid beaver fell onto her face and she let go of the token and screamed loudly.

"There is a beaver on my head!" LeShawna yelled.

"Thank you beaver!" Courtney yelled. As if on cue, a larger beaver fell on top of her head. "Get off me!" she screamed and she ran as fast as she could to her safe zone.

Owen had ran out of javelins. The two he had managed to pop only contained moldy jelly doughnuts. He collected the javelins near to him. and carried them in his arms.

(Conf), Owen: I hoped that the sports wouldn't have to do anything with aim. I have really bad aim.

Owen bent down to collect a javelin. When he did, a large javelin hit him on the head, cork first. He mumbled, drooled and then collapsed. "Bullseye!" Chris yelled from the bleachers. He then screamed and ducked as a javelin flew over his head. "Not cool!"

Duncan popped three more balloons. Respectively, a skunk, a vat of mud and a hornets nest fell out. "Still no invincibility pass? You've got to be kidding me," Duncan sighed. The balloon total had gone down on quarter. His stomach rumbled. "I knew I should've swung for the egg feast Chef made. Oh who am I kidding, that would've made me wish to be starved."

(Conf), Chef: What did that boy say about my cooking?

The camera showed javelins missing the balloons and failing to hit them. Lindsay threw two that managed to hit one, but they bounced off. "Hey! What gives?" she asked.

"I didn't say they'd always pop when you threw them," Chris told her.

"I hate this game," Duncan mumbled. He had been covered in ketchup and mustard like a human hotdog. He threw another javelin and the fifty ninth balloon popped, allowing a shiny gold pass to fall out. "Finally." He ran over to the pass and picked it up. "Sweet, sweet invincibility." He screamed as ten cork topped javelins were thrown at him and he had to run out of the way to avoid being squashed.

LeShawna, Lindsay and Owen were the remaining contestants. There were about fifty balloons left. There were tens of javelins lying on the field. LeShawna was the next person to run out of javelins and she ran out onto the field. When she was in the middle of the field, two of the balloons popped, coating her in expired macaroni. "Seriously? Expired pasta?" LeShawna moaned. Another balloon popped and she was covered in crickets. "Ugh!"

Owen popped another balloon. Something gold came out, but it wasn't a pass, it was a gigantic gold coffin. "Coffin!" Owen yelled. The coffin crashed into the ground and made a large dent in it.

(Conf), Owen: Why's there a coffin in a balloon?

Suddenly, the thirteenth balloon was popped. A lot of the footage had been edited out. A shiny gold pass came out. LeShawna had thrown the javelin and she ran to the pass. She almost had it, but Lindsay threw a javelin at a balloon above her and a large stink bomb landed on the field. LeShawna walked back and the immunity pass floated into her hands. "Got it!" Lindsay yelled.

"And Lindsay concludes the second round!" Chris announced. "Courtney, Duncan and Lindsay move onto the final round. Owen and LeShawna, you two go to the kitchen and help with the meal."

When the two arrived Gwen was trying to slice a live fish and Tyler was running away from an octopus. "Long story, make food," Gwen sighed. She out the knife down and smacked the fish. LeShawna grabbed a sack of flour and dumped some into a large pot. She cracked a giant egg as Owen was looking in the cupboards.

"I'm in the mood for something meaty," Owen said.

The final three in the sports competition were Lindsay, Courtney and Duncan. They were back on the field. "What's our next sport? Karate?" Courtney asked, getting into a karate pose.

"Is it boxing? Or hockey?" Duncan asked, getting excited.

"Nope, cheerleading!" Chris announced. Everyone except for Lindsay sighed and moaned, whilst Lindsay squealed and cheered.

(Conf), Lindsay: Finally, something I'm good at. *wipes brow*

The three were holding pompoms. "So what's the challenge?" Courtney asked.

"You see these three cannons? They're filled with dodgeballs made to look like pompoms. If you get hit with them three times, you're eliminated. And if you let go of your pompoms at any time and they fall to the floor, you're booted," Chris replied.

"So this is basically dodgeball?" Lindsay asked.

"Well, its dodgeball slash cheerleading. But I'm saying cheerleading to shorten it up," Chris answered. "Ready, set, go!"

As the first pompom fired at Courtney, it transformed into a slab of red meat that winded LeShawna. "Did you have to throw it that hard?" LeShawna muttered, still trying to regain her breath.

"Sorry, it's heavy," Gwen replied. She was blending up a fruit smoothie with extra protein.

"Heads up!" Owen yelled. A sack of flour hit Gwen's head and she toppled over.

(Conf), Gwen: *holds ice pack to head* Why did this have to be the punishment? *moans*

Back on the field, Duncan was the only person to lose one life. He was at two where the girls were at three, shortly before Lindsay was hit by another pompom dodgeball at her leg. "Ha, there's no way I'm losing this challenge," Courtney snickered. She was suddenly hit twice, once in the leg, another in the mouth. "Argh!"

"Because of her recklessness, Courtney is now down to one life," Chris reminded.

"Come on girls, fail!" Duncan yelled.

"Excuse me?" Courtney asked angrily.

"What, we are rivals here," Duncan replied. He was immediately hit in the stomach by a dodgeball. Both Courtney and Duncan were at one and Lindsay was winning.

"T O T A L D R A M A A C T I, uh, and the end of action!" Lindsay smiled and cheered, not knowing how to spell action. She was moving rhythmically and the dodgeballs were easily passing around her. "This is fun!"

"How the heck are you doing this so easily?" Duncan asked. He was soon unable to speak when another dodgeball hit his face and he fell to the floor. Courtney and Lindsay were the only ones left.

"Ow!" Lindsay yelled. Her thigh had been the next target of the dodgeballs, lowering her score down to one.

"Ha! It's anyone's game now, " Courtney snickered.

Back in the kitchen, the drama had cooled down, but cooking the dinner was getting harder. The things that had been prepared was the table and a fruit shake for the victor. "How long is this stupid meat gonna take?" Gwen sighed.

Owen was shoving a pineapple in his mouth. "I don't know," he mumbled with a full mouth. He began to spoon some of the honey in his mouth.

"Owen!" LeShawna yelled. "That's for the desert!"

"Sorry," he said, taking the spoon out of his mouth. "It's just so delicious!"

Five minutes later, the dodgeball slash pompom cannons had sped up and both girls were sweating. "Ew! Sweat!" Lindsay moaned. "Can you stop so I can stop sweating!" She shook her head vigorously to get rid of the sweat. The camera zoomed in and saw a bead of sweat fly from Lindsay's forehead straight into Courtney's eyes.

"Argh! My eyes! They burn!" Courtney yelled. Courtney's short moment of blindness gave the perfect opportunity for the dodgeballs to hit her. "No!"

"Lindsay is our winner!" Chris announced.

"No! She blinded me with sweat!" Courtney yelled.

"Not her fault. You and Duncan go to the kitchen and help prepare Lindsay's dinner," Chris commanded.

"Dinner? Yay!" Lindsay beamed.

(Conf), Courtney: I'm putting cyanide in her meal.

The dinner had been prepared and the six losers wee watching Lindsay eat her meal. It consisted of a large chicken, a fruity protein shake, salad, a honey glazed ham and a blueberry jelly. "This is really tasty," Lindsay said. "Thanks guys." She grabbed a chicken leg and began to devour into it.

"Wow, that chicken looks tasty," Owen drooled. His eyes were then replaced by mini chickens and he began to lick his lips.

"Owen, sit," Courtney grumbled.

"We don't get some, you don't get some," Duncan said.

Night had fallen and the contestants were in bed. Inside the girls side of the Screaming Directors' trailer, LeShawna began to sleep. She slept, until she heard a ruckus. "Huh?"

LeShawna got out of the trailer in her pyjamas, carrying an emergency flashlight, and walked to the back of the trailer. There was another loud noise. This time, she saw what was making the noise. "Huh? What are you doing here?" The screen then faded to black.

Chapter XVI: The Trouble With Anime

Chris was standing in the mouth of a gigantic mechanic lizard creature. "Last time on Total Drama Action: The remaining seven contestants went on an all sports frenzy in our gigantic sports dome. After three rounds of the most grilling and testing sports I could think of, Lindsay reigned as the winner, earning herself a dinner made by the losers of the challenge. It's just lucky that there wasn't cyanide in that food. And LeShawna uncovered someone in the film lot that wasn't meant to be there! Who was it? Why are they here? And why am I standing in the mouth of a robot lizard? Possibly find out at least one of those answers on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The contestants were standing in the forest all looking terrified. "Did you seriously have to do this, Chris?" LeShawna asked to the air. She and the other six looked at Chris being carried by Chef, running away and screaming.

"Look out!" Duncan yelled. The seven contestants screamed and ran away as a gigantic green foot came down and stomped on the tree and the ground around it. The screen turned to the grey static.

(Conf), Chris, Chef, Courtney, LeShawna, Gwen, Lindsay, Owen, Duncan and Tyler: *packed together in makeup confessional* Earlier today...

The contestants were all sleeping in their cabins. LeShawna and Gwen were the first ones to wake up. Gwen yawned. "That was the best sleep I've ever had. Except for when I heard all that rustling and metal banging," Gwen mumbled.

"Rustling? What rustling?" LeShawna asked, starting to blush.

(Conf), LeShawna: That rustling was from someone last night. I've promised not to reveal their name and cause gossip, as long as they help me in the game. I can't believe they snuck into the film lot.

Duncan, Owen and Tyler got up. Duncan scratched his back and went into the trailer bathroom. Tyler suddenly dragged Owen to his bunk. "What is it?" Owen asked.

"Keep your voice down," Tyler whispered. "How would you like to be in an alliance with me?"

"An alliance? Without Duncan?" Owen asked.

"Duncan's to much of a threat. Think about how far he got last game," Tyler said. "I can get Lindsay in with me. If you agree, we can make it to the final three!"

"Shh," Owen whispered. "Wow, I'm following you."

"Are you in?" Tyler asked. Owen thought for a moment, then nodded. "Perfect, we just have to keep a low profile." As if on cue, Duncan walked out of the bathroom wearing a black bathrobe.

"What are you two talking about?" Duncan asked, yawning.

"Nothing much," Tyler replied.

(Conf), Tyler: If all goes well in the game, I'm looking at the win!

Courtney and Lindsay were chatting as they entered the crafts tent. "Tyler said that if he wins, he's taking me to Paris!" Lindsay bragged.

"You do know that there is a an incredibly small chance that Tyler will win, right," Courtney told her.

"I thought you were taking a liking to Tyler," Lindsay said.

"Well, he hasn't bugged me that much this season," Courtney said. "Come on, I'm starving."

The scene transferred back to the mess hall with all the remaining contestants eating breakfast: scrambled eggs. Salty scrambled eggs. "Ugh, these eggs make me want a bear claw. An actual bear claw so I can yank my tongue out," Duncan spat. He pushed his plate to the centre of the table.

"I don't see what's so bad," Owen said. He picked up his plate and shoved the contents of it down his throat. "Mm, delicious." His eyes began to water. "Wow, salty aftertaste."

"Chef, I believe that you've over salted these eggs. We all agree that none of us can eat them. Well, not Owen," Courtney declared. She got up, picked her plate and out it back at the counter. Chef glared at her and shoved the plate back at Courtney.

"All finished meals must be placed at the empties receptacle," Chef said.

"But I didn't finish my--" Courtney began.

"You're working my last nerve," Chef grumbled, holding out a spatula threateningly.

(Conf), Courtney: It's times like that when I'm afraid of Chef.

Chris walked into the crafts tent. "Ugh, has it been three days already?" Gwen moaned.

"Yes, yes it has. Follow me for todays elimination challenge," Chris said. The campers got up from their tables and followed Chris. Tyler then grabbed Owen and Lindsay and pulled them back.

"Today's elimination challenge will be the perfect time to test out this alliance!" Tyler said.

"Alliance? Oh yeah. Just don't start acting like Heather, because we all know what happened to her," Lindsay said. She then mimicked getting her hair eaten by the piranhas like how Heather lost her hair.

Tyler, Owen and Lindsay joined the other four contestants in a movie set filled with robotic dinosaurs, mechanical demons and large set backdrops. "What is this place?" Owen asked.

"I'm glad you asked. Welcome to the anime movie challenge!" Chris announced.

"Who?" LeShawna asked.

"What?" Tyler asked.

"What's anime?" Duncan asked.

"What's welcome?" Lindsay asked dumbly.

"Not a who, an anime, a type of cartoon and a form of greeting," Chris answered in respective order. "Animes are Japaneese animated shows. You know Pokemon? That's an anime."

(Conf), Courtney: Pokemon? I've never told this to anyone before, but I absolutely love Pokemon! I have all one hundred and fifty Pokemon in Pokemon Red, one hundred and fifty one if you count Mew.

The seven contestants were standing near seven boxes. "What're these boxes for?" Courtney asked.

"The first challenge is a buildup for the second. Your task is to put one arm in one of these boxes and take one out of seven coloured tokens," Chris instructed.

"What if two people take out the same colour?" Gwen asked.

"The tokens will be taken out," Chris said.

"How?" Owen asked.

"I don't know, I'm not a technician. You can pick whichever box you want. However, each box has a surprise inside. Ready, set, go!" Chris announced.

Owen, Lindsay and Tyler all went for the front three boxes and began to rummage around them. Duncan and LeShawna went to the middle two boxes, leaving Gwen and Courtney to choose. Gwen looked at the closest box and began to walk to it. Courtney saw Gwen and shoved her aside, taking the first box. Gwen sighed and walked to the furthest box.

"Ow! Ow!" Tyler yelled. The front of the box turned from black to transparent and revealed that there were several rats scampering inside.

"What the heck is in here?" LeShawna asked, as the front side turned transparent. It was revealed that tens of squid bodies were lying in the box, hiding the tokens.

"Not that I'm complaining, but I can't feel anything," Owen said. The box front went transparent and it revealed that Owen's hand was reaching down into clumps of wet dog hair.

"Hmm, where are the tokens?" Duncan wondered. The box front showed that there were tiny soldier crabs crawling quickly.

"Out you come you stupid tokens," Courtney muttered. The front of the box turned transparent, revealing a pot of Venus fly traps in the bottom of the box. Hungry Venus fly traps.

"Ugh, my arm's aching," Lindsay complained. Unbeknown to her as the box front went transparent, revealing locusts and crickets jumping about the box.

"You see this is the fun part about not knowing," Chris chuckled. Suddenly, Duncan screamed out loud and almost pulled out his hand before Chris ran up to him and grabbed his arm. "Nu-uh, take your hand out, you're disqualified from all of today's challenges."

"I think I got something. How will I know?" Owen asked.

"Unless your box turns green, you haven't caught a token," Chris told him. As if on cue, Lindsay's box turned green.

"Huh, what's happening?" Lindsay asked.

"You've caught a token. Pull your arm out!" Tyler told her.

"But Chris said green. This isn't green, it's purple," Lindsay said, smiling.

(Conf), Tyler: Seriously? Even I know that green is green.

Lindsay, looking puzzled, pulled her arm out of the box. There were three small locusts jumping on the back of her hand and one bouncing on the yellow token she was holding. She screamed loudly and shook the pests off.

"My box must be really deep, I can't feel anything," Gwen sighed. She was shown with almost her whole arm in the box. "This is getting annoying."

"Geez, my arm is falling asleep," LeShawna complained.

"Argh! Bite!" Duncan yelled. His box turned bright green and he instantly pulled his arm out. He saw a soldier crab pinching his skin, dangling by his wrist. He was holding onto a black token. "What are these tokens meant to do?"

"You will find out in due time," Chris said mysteriously.

(Conf), Duncan: Same old Chris. He just plays along and makes up the rules as he goes.

Gwen, Owen, Courtney, Tyler and LeShawna were all digging deep... in the boxes. "Aha! Got something!" LeShawna exclaimed. The box stayed black. "Something slimy. Ew!"

"Come on, why aren't you all squirming in fear?" Chris asked.

"Uh, Chris?" Gwen asked offscreen.

"Ye-- oh," Chris said. He saw the Gwen's cheek was lying on the top of the box. "How deep did we make that box?"

"Bingo!" Tyler yelled. His box turned green and he pulled out a pink token. The pipe underneath the box sucked something.

"So that's where the tokens go," Chris said.

"Bonsai!" Owen said in glee. His box turned green and he pulled his arm out, revealing a white token covered in hair. His hand was also covered in black hair.

"Werewolf!" Lindsay gasped. She fainted and fell into Tyler's arms. Tyler smiled and arm pumped, but then Lindsay fell onto the ground.

"Whoops," Tyler said.

Gwen, Courtney and LeShawna were the last three. Gwen's face was almost inside the box. "Girl, I have a funny feeling your hand is in the pipe," LeShawna said.

"Or Gwen's luck is incredibly low. I knew it was the right decision to pick this box," Courtney said.

"Decision? You shoved me out of the way when I was going for that box!" Gwen yelled.

"Same thing," Courtney smiled. She yelled. "Something bit me!"

"Nice choice," Gwen mocked.

(Conf), Courtney: Grr, Gwen's gonna pay for that comment!

"Yay!" Gwen exclaimed as her box turned green. She pulled her hand out and after long waiting, her token was revealed to be blue.

"Ugh, it's getting harder now. Yaa! Something bit me! Ow, ow, ow!" Courtney yelled.

"My hand feels like it's being bathed in mashed potatoes," LeShawna complained. The two girls were squirming and complaining. Then, at last, Courtney's box turned green. She pulled her hand out and a green token was her prize.

"Yahoo!" Courtney exclaimed.

"Ow!" LeShawna complained. She tried to pull her arm out, but it seemed to be stuck. "Uh, Chris, why won't my arm come out?"

"Well, there are only six tokens. I guess we're having some technical troubles. You'll just have to wait until release. Technical!" Chris yelled.

Chris and the other six contestants, excluding LeShawna, were all standing near a gigantic robotic garage. "What're we doing here?" Duncan asked.

"This is where your tokens come in. Lindsay, you received the yellow token. You get Alienoid!" Chris announced. A gigantic robot that had the shape of a yellow alien with a swollen head was taken out of the garage. "Alienoid ranks number four. That means he's the fourth best. And you'll need that token to power up your robot."

"Can we hurry this up?" Duncan complained and he showed Chris his black token.

"You get Meta Drako! You're lucky because he ranks number one," Chris chuckled. Meta Drako was a gigantic dinosaur with rough metal skin and devious red eyes.

"Awesome!" Duncan exclaimed.

Tyler's pink token was the next to reveal what monster he got. "You get Bunnybasher, a rank three monster robot," Tyler said.

"Bunnies? Seriously?" Tyler asked.

"Bunnies! I love bunnies!" Lindsay beamed.

"She likes bunnies, so can we switch?" Tyler asked.

"Nope, got to stick to your designated tokens," Chris said. "You get pink, you keep pink."

(Conf), Tyler: But I really, really hate pink.

Owen showed his white token to Chris. "What robot do I get for this?" Owen asked.

Chris inspected the token for a second. "The white token means you get Pandara. Pandara is basically a gigantic mutated panda robot that ranks fifth. The reason he ranks fifth is that because he's so big, we weren't able to put all the screws in the screw needed areas," Chris told him.

"Pandas? But I'm allergic to pandas," Owen complained.

"He isn't an actual panda, he's just decorated in panda fur," Chris said.

(Conf), Owen: Panda fur is panda! Aw, why do bad things happen to good-- *looks at countertop* ooh, sweet! *grabs sweet from countertop and eats it*

"Which robot do I get?" Gwen asked.

"You collected the blue token so that means she gets Inker," Chris said. "He ranks second."

"Thanks, oh, and question, what was in my box? I couldn't feel anything," Gwen said.

"Well, I normally wouldn't do this, but since I have this warm feeling in my gut I've never felt before, I'll allow it," Chris said. The scene changed to Chris and the six contestants back at the boxes. Chris pressed a button and Gwen's box turned clear. Surprisingly, there was nothing in it. "Congrats, you got the empty box."

"What! That is not fair! I'm calling my lawyers," Courtney said, pulling her PDA out of her pocket.

"Well, if I remember correctly, you were the one who shoved Gwen out of the way of your box, so I would put that PDA down, Courtney," Chris told her, slapping a grin on his face.

Courtney looked at Chris and grumbled. She then put her PDA back in her pocket.

The scene transferred back to the giant robotics garage. "And finally, Courtney. By my means of deduction, you have the green token," Chris said.

"Wow, to know that you must be a genius!" Courtney gasped sarcastically, waving her arms in the air.

"Wait, Chris is a genius?" Lindsay asked.

"Anyways, since you got the green token, your monster robot is Galactasquid. And if you're so smart, you would know that Galactasquid ranks sixth, meaning he is the worst robot," Chris chuckled. Galactasquid had the head and body of a squid with large round feet.

"Great, just great," she mumbled.

"Okay, now that you all know which monster robot you get, it's time to rumble!" Chris walked over to his own personal robot: a giant silver robot that looked like a stretched coke can. "Do you know what the best thing about this garage is?"

"It has a unicorn pen?" Lindsay asked, smiling and jumping up and down in hope.

"No, it's a convertible!" Chis announced. He pressed a button on his remote and the garage started to rumble. The large garage that held the robots slid backwards mechanically and then sank into the ground. The cold metal floor sunk into the ground and was topped off with grass, hiding the former floor. The contestants gasped as they saw tall skyscraper models and fake cars all organized to portray a giant town in Tokyo.

The contestants looked at Chris and saw that his robot was flying in the air. "What are you waiting for? The last robot standing wins!"

"Out of my way!" Courtney yelled and she pushed past Duncan and Lindsay. After they realized what was happening, the other five yelled and stormed to their robots, pushing, shoving and trampling anyone who got in their way.

Because of her head start, Courtney got into her robot first. "You bag of bolts better not fail me," Courtney threatened, pushing her green token in the ignition slot. Galactasquid spluttered into life and Courtney grabbed hold of two levers labeled: legs. Galactasquid followed Courtney's instructions and moved mechanically. "For a rank six, this is pretty nice."

Owen and Duncan had got into their robots and began to move. "Hey Owen! Take out Lindsay first so we don't have to deal with her!" Duncan yelled.

"Got it!" Owen shouted back over the metal scraping noise. Pandara's size was truly overwhelming, but Meta Drako was also quite tall.

"Owen," Tyler said, sitting in the head of Bunnybasher. "Take out Duncan first. His mechanical skills are definitely gonna pose as a threat in this challenge."

"But I can't do that. Duncan's my friend," Owen replied.

"Do it for the alliance!"

"But how?"

"Pretend that the controls went crazy and you accidently hit his robot." Tyler then controlled Bunnybasher to walk further into the 'city'.

(Conf), Owen: This alliance thing is pretty hard. Maybe I can convince Tyler to let Duncan join. But for now, I have to listen to him.

Chris walked over to the boxes and saw that LeShawna's arm was still stuck. Two interns, a skinny female and a tall boy, were trying to pull LeShawna's arm out. The boy took out a saw from his toolbox and walked closer to LeShawna. "Come near me with those and they will end up in your pancreas," she threatened. The boy smiled weakly and then began to walk backwards.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go somewhere else," Chris said and he ran away in a roadrunner fashion.

Gwen and Lindsay were duking it out inside their robots. Inker's right arm punched the slimy underbelly of Alienoid, causing the robot and Lindsay to fall backwards. "You hurt me Gwen," Lindsay wailed. She got up, pushed a button and watched as green slime shot out from two cannons on Alienoids arms. The slime covered Inker's face, body and arms.

"What the?" Gwen shouted. She tried to move Inker's arms, but they were stuck. "What is this, cement?"

"Ce-ment," Lindsay read from the label above the button she pressed.

"I just had to ask."

Courtney was doing well with Galactasquid even though she really did hate the machine. Galactasquid walked over to the fight between Inker and Alienoid. "Lindsay! I'll take it from here." Lindsay shrugged and controlled the machine to walk away. Courtney's Galactasquid then advanced to Gwen's Inker and sucker punched it. "In this fight, it's either you or me!" Courtney yelled.

"What does that--" Gwen began before another punch from Galactasquid almost knocked Inker down for the count. "Oh now it's on." She pushed a lever and that thrusted Inker's left arm, sending it straight into where a normal human's ribs would be. The arm then began to slow down. "Ooh, I think that cement is starting to kick in.

Owen's Pandara walked over to Duncan's Meta Drako. "Just take Duncan out. Say it was an accident. You can do this Owen," Owen said to himself. He pushed a button that made the staff in Pandara's hands shove into the soft underbelly of Meta Drako.

Duncan was taken completely by surprise and Meta Drako almost collapsed. "What the heck, man?" Duncan yelled, pushing the levers forwards to make the robot regain its balance.

"Sorry, it was an accident," Owen fibbed, trying to lie to one of his best friends as best as he could.

Duncan rubbed his chin. "Hmm. I forgive you, but now I will have to do this," Duncan said, he pushed a button that shot fire out of Meta Drako's eyes. The fire completely scorched Owen and Pandara.

"Burnt panda hair?" Owen asked and he sneezed twice. Then the two collapsed in sync.

"Owen and Pandara have been eliminated!" Chris announced from his own personal anime robot in the sky.

Tyler advanced to Duncan after seeing that Owen had failed. Lindsay and Alienoid walked over to Bunnybasher. "Your turn to go down!" Lindsay cackled.

"Lindsay. It's me, Tyler, your boyfriend and alliance member," Tyler reminded.

"Oh yeah. Promise me that you won't turn into a Heather," Lindsay said.

"I won't," he promised. "Now I'm going to defeat Duncan."

(Conf), Lindsay: With everything that's going on, it's like Tyler has a grudge against Duncan. *shrugs shoulders with arms out*

Gwen and Courtney's robot grudge match was growing intense. Galactasquid was putting Inker into a headlock whilst Inker was kicking Galactasquid in the shin. "I am not giving up!" Courtney yelled.

"Yeah, well ditto!" Gwen shouted. "What is your problem with me anyways?"

"You and Duncan! Back off my boyfriend!"

"What? We're just friends!"

"Sure you are..."

Tyler advanced to Duncan's anime robot. Carefully, he pushed a sequence of buttons that made Bunnybasher walk up to Meta Drako and started pelting it with large bunnies filled with rocks and stones. The sound of the bunnies hitting the metal skin was like nails on a chalkboard.

"Pfft, you think that's gonna do anything? Put your dukes up!" Duncan yelled.

"Don't ever underestimate the power of bunnies," Tyler told him. He controlled the anime robot to sucker punch Meta Drako. However, for some reason, the impact actually hurt Tyler's hand. "Ow! What?"

"Wuss," Duncan said to him. He advanced on Bunnybasher and shoved the anime robot. Bunnybasher and Tyler were taken completely off balance and staggered backwards.

Back to Courtney and Gwen's fight, Courtney seemed to have the upper hand. Gwen and Inker were on one knee. "Ha! This will teach you!" Courtney yelled.

"Woah!" a familiar yell yelled. Tyler and Bunnybasher crashed into Courtney and Galactasquid and both fell.

"Announcement! Tyler and Bunnybasher and Courtney and Galactasquid have been eliminated!" Chris announced.

In a pile of mechanical junk, Tyler was lying on top of Galactasquid's right arm. "Nartz," he muttered.

"Newsflash! Only Duncan and Meta Drako, Gwen and Inker and Lindsay and Alienoid remain!" Chris announced.

From the sidelines, Owen, Courtney and Tyler were watching the fight. "This is so boring," Courtney sighed, putting her PDA away.

Unbeknown to them all, the eyes of Galactasquid began to glow red. It's mouth was replaced by sharp metal teeth. Galactasquid rose up and started to walk towards the three fighting robots. "Um, Chris?" Owen asked. "Why is Galactasquid moving? Courtney isn't controlling it anymore."

"Huh?" Chris wondered, screaming as a giant claw just scratched the underbelly of his thin metal robot. "What the heck!"

Inside the editing studio, Chef was watching the raw footage of the robot fight. He then saw Galactasquid acting strange. "What the?" Chef asked. He then saw that his pitcher of coke spilled all over the override controls of Galactasquid. "Whoops."

"Everyone take cover! Run away!" Chris yelled, his robot acting crazy from the scratch.

The three on the bleachers screamed and ran away as Galactasquid's giant foot crushed the benches. "What the heck is going on!" Owen yelled. "It's your robot Courtney, what did you do?"

"How am I supposed to know? Just run!" Courtney screamed.

"What do we do now?" Lindsay asked, inside her robot between Gwen and Duncan's.

"I know what I'm doing," Gwen said. She pressed a button labeled 'E' and it ejected her out of her seat and down onto the ground. Duncan and Lindsay did the same and they landed on the floor and in the wreck of the bleachers respectively.

"Chris! I'm coming for you!" Chef yelled. He got to Chris' robot, which had crashed into a tree, and rescued the host of the show.

"New challenge! Destroy that robot!" Chris yelled.

(Conf), Courtney: Hmm, I may have failed that robot fight challenge, but with this new challenge, I can snatch up immunity and boot off Gwen. That's the price she has to pay for falling for my boyfriend. *crosses arms*

LeShawna was tired of having the two interns wiggle her arm and fix the box so that LeShawna's arm could get free. "Can we hurry this up? My arm is--" she began, before she heard a metallic clank and managed to pull out her arm. "Yes! Yahoo! Finally! I'm--" she said before interrupted again. The six other contestants and Chef holding Chris in his arms ran through the boxes.

"LeShawna! Run!" Gwen and Tyler yelled in unison.

"What are you--" she began before she saw the giant, out of control robot wrecking the place. She ran off with the other eight and the two interns ran off in the other direction.

(Conf), Chris, Chef, Courtney, LeShawna, Gwen, Lindsay, Owen, Duncan and Tyler: *packed together in makeup confessional*: And now we come back to the present...

The contestants were standing in the forest all looking terrified. "Did you seriously have to do this, Chris?" LeShawna asked to the air. She and the other six looked at Chris being carried by Chef, running away and screaming.

"Look out!" Duncan yelled. The seven contestants screamed and ran away as a gigantic green foot came down and stomped on the tree and the ground around it. The screen turned to the grey static.

The camera went back to normal, showing they all were hid behind some trees. "Come on! Can't any of you destroy that stupid robot? It's worth immunity!" Chris yelled.

"It's not like we caused the robot to go berserk," Courtney told him.

"Uh, hehe," Chef chuckled.

"Chef..." Chris mumbled.

Duncan and Gwen were hiding behind a tree. "If we don't stop that robot, it'll wreck the entire film lot," Gwen whispered.

"Then what's the fun in that?" Duncan asked.

"No film lot means no million dollar reward!" Gwen told him.

Duncan paused for five seconds. "We have to stop that robot. Hmm," he wondered. He could see his robot in the close distance. "Hmm, I have an idea. Cover for me." Duncan ran off, back to the robot garage.

"Hmm, I wonder what he's up to," Gwen wondered. She looked up and saw Lindsay running through the forest in fear with a swarm of bees following her. "That has got to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen."

Tyler and Owen were hiding behind a bush. "Okay, so if we take down that robot, we'll get immunity. That's good. We need to think of someone to vote off tonight," Tyler told him.

"Hmm, what about Courtney? No one seems to be allying with her, except for Duncan, for obvious reasons," Owen suggested.

"Good thinking, we just need to make sure that Courtney doesn't win," Tyler said.

(Conf), Tyler: Wow, Owen's good. Plus, I'm not sure if me and Courtney are on good terms. At least then Duncan will have fewer allies. Wow, it really does seem that. I hate Duncan. Oh well.

Chris was trembling. "Chef! Move faster! If this face gets damaged," he said pointing to himself, "get's wrecked because of that face, I will kill you and stuff your body where the fuzz will never find it."

"You do know I have the power to shove you underneath that robot's foot," Chef grunted.

Chris thought about it for a minute. "Touché." Suddenly, the ground rattled and they heard another mechanical screeching. "Chef, what did you do."

"I only did it once," Chef admitted.

"What is that?" Lindsay wondered. She and Gwen were standing next to each other.

"Duncan's plan," Gwen beamed. They looked up and saw Meta Drako, and in the seat was Duncan.

"If you want to take down a gigantic metal robot, you get a better gigantic metal robot. Prepare for a thrashing!" Duncan yelled in the driver's seat. He pushed a few buttons which made Meta Drako slam it's fists together and glare at the out-of-control Galactasquid.

"Go on Duncan!" LeShawna yelled from the ground.

"Go on!" Owen and Courtney yelled together in encouragement.

Duncan mashed some buttons and pulled some levers that made Meta Drako sucker punch Galactasquid in the gut, make a hook to the left side of the head and a kick at the neck. "Alright! You're going down!" Duncan yelled. Unfortunately, Galactasquid mimicked him exactly, taking Duncan by surprise. "Stupid million dollars."

Gwen was looking up at the robot fight. "Hmm, Duncan's gonna have trouble just taking the robot down in a fight. Hmm..." She looked over at a pile of vines by a tree. A light bulb appeared above Gwen's head. "What the heck?" she said in a shocked tone, looking up and seeing an actual light bulb above her head.

Duncan was locked in a headlock by the Galactasquid. He was kicking the shin of the strange squid monster robot. "Go on Duncan! There ain't no rules! Not like your gonna follow any anyways," LeShawna said.

"Psst, LeShawna," Gwen whispered. "Keep the others distracted."

"Hmm? Alright. I trust you," LeShawna replied. "Go on Duncan! You can do this!" She began to dance... terribly. "Oh yeah, you can do this!" Unbeknown to her, she was dancing terribly.

Courtney's jaw dropped, Owen's eyes widened and Lindsay fainted and fell into the arms of her boyfriend.

(Conf), Courtney: *laughs uncontrollably and flails arms in the air*

(Conf), Owen: *laughs uncontrollably and flails arms in the air*

(Conf), Tyler: *laughs uncontrollably and flails arms in the air*

(Conf), Lindsay: *stands still, then faints a few seconds later*

Gwen had tied up the vines across two wide trees. She had made sure that they were extremely strong. Now she had to catch Duncan's attention. She couldn't speak because that would draw attention to the others. She waved her arms in the air.

From the head of Meta Drako, Duncan was carefully maneuvering his robot to smash its fist into Galactasquid. He was looking at his opponent, but something was flickering in the corner of his eye. He looked down and saw Gwen waving her arms. She then pointed at the vines she tied across the trees. Duncan was confused, but he then knew what she meant. He made a hook on Galactasquid's head which made the robot stumble and go into the direction of the vines. From there, he kept on advancing on Galactasquid, making his opponent step backwards. With a final punch, Galactasquid was taken completely by surprise and shuffled backwards into the vines. The vines were, as Gwen hoped, strong enough to hold Galactasquid's weight. The anime robot was taken by surprise and fell backwards, tripping and crashing.

After a final puff of smoke, Galactasquid was found, broken into hundreds of pieces. The sound of electricity crackled and proved that the robot was destroyed.

A moment later, Duncan had returned to the ground and Chris was back on his feet. "Congratulations, Duncan, for destroying the robot. Because of that, you win immunity from the vote," Chris announced.

"Actually," Duncan began, "it was Gwen who managed to trip the robot. I just lured it into place."

(Conf), Gwen: Duncan actually confessed to something? Wow, he's changing. *shivers*

"Well," Chris began, "I would just give immunity to Gwen, but since I am not dead, both Gwen and Duncan receive immunity!"

"Yes!" Gwen and Duncan exclaimed and they high-fived.

"So, Lindsay, LeShawna, Owen, Courtney and Tyler, one of you will be leaving the ABF and riding the Lame-o-sine," Chris announced. "Who it will be, we'll wait and see."

Tyler, Lindsay and Owen were on a separate table in the mess hall. "So, Lindsay, me and Owen were talking about eliminating Courtney. What do you think?" Tyler asked.

"Seems okay. Me and Cathy don't really bond," Lindsay answered.

"Okay, but we're gonna need at least four votes to eliminate Courtney. Duncan's Courtney's boyfriend, and there's no way that Courtney is gonna vote herself out, so that leaves LeShawna and Gwen," Tyler said.

"Lindsay, you go and persuade them to vote Courtney. Tell us about your results," Tyler said and the alliance split up.

The scene changed to elimination ceremony. Tyler winked at Lindsay and Lindsay blinked back. "Okay, so, we've had two nominees for voting. Courtney and Owen. That means Guilded Chris Awards go to immunity winners Gwen and Duncan, LeShawna, Lindsay and Tyler," Chris announced, throwing the awards to everyone respectively.

"Courtney and Owen, one of you is about to be eliminated," Chris announced. "The last one safe is...






























..." he began, before being interrupted by a drum roll from Chef. "Are you finished?"

"Yes," Chef replied. He glared at Chris.

"Oh don't you look at me like that," Chris replied. "The final award goes to Owen!" He threw the award at Owen, but Courtney caught it.

"Oh no, I'm the final one safe," Courtney said.

"No you're not, the votes don't lie," Chris said.

"Oh yeah? But I have this!" Courtney announced. She pulled something out from her pocket. It was the Chris head immunity idol.

"What?" the others yelled in sync.

"Mm-hmm," Courtney replied. A flashback showed Courtney finding something in the shower drain, and that it was the immunity idol. "I've had this thing since episode eight. And none of you suspected a thing."

"Devious, Courtney, very devious. I forgot that I hid the idol there. Well, since Courtney has the idol, that makes the vote from Courtney the only one void. Owen, you are e-lim-in-a-ted!" Chris announced, splitting eliminated into its five syllables.

"Hang on a sec, what about Duncan's vote?" Owen asked Chris. "Me, LeShawna, Tyler, Lindsay and Gwen voted for Courtney, and she voted for me. Who did Duncan vote?"

"You didn't vote me, did you?" Courtney said in a threatening tone to her boyfriend.

"Yeah, about that," Chris began. "For the first time ever in Total Drama history, someone didn't vote. That someone, is of course, Duncan."

"You didn't?" Owen and Courtney asked in perfect unison.

"Sorry, but it's not like I broke any rules or something like that," Duncan explained.

"Actually," Chris began in his jeering voice, "according to the official Total Drama contracts," he said as he pulled up a copy of the contracts that the contestants had to sign when they got into the show, "it states that if a contestants is to not vote for any elimination, whether real or fake, they are to be eliminated."

"Aw, man," Duncan sighed.

"Does that mean Duncan's gone instead of Owen?" Tyler asked in a slightly upbeat tone. Duncan then looked at Tyler. "I mean, does that mean Duncan's gone instead of Owen?" Tyler said in a more downbeat tone.

"Actually, since Owen's eliminated and Duncan broke the rules, that would mean there would be five players left. And I've got no idea how to keep myself from eliminating you in giant gaps of time. So, I've decided that only Owen will be eliminated. Duncan, you got lucky."

"Awesome!" Duncan exclaimed. Then he thought of Owen. "Oh, but sorry bud."

"It's okay. I'll be fine," Owen sighed.

(Conf), Tyler: Damn it! Owen's gone and Duncan's not! Duncan, in my opinion is the strongest player out of all of us. He needs to go!

Duncan, Lindsay and Tyler were by the Lame-o-sine, and Owen was halfway through the door. "Bye guys, I'm gonna miss you," Owen said.

"Bye Owen," Tyler said and the other two waved goodbye.

"I'll miss you Omar, but I won't miss your terrible body smells," Lindsay said, perkily.

"See ya buddy, I'll win for ya," Duncan said.

"Oh, and Duncan," Owen whispered, "kick Courtney's butt."

"I can hear you, Owen!" Courtney yelled all the way from the elimination ceremony area.

"Got to go," Owen said quickly. He was slightly scared. "Step on it!" he yelled to the driver and the Lame-o-sine took off.

Chris appeared on scene with Duncan, Lindsay and Tyler in the background. "After a shocking revelation by Courtney, Owen has been eliminated! Will anyone else be eliminated due to Courtney's evil ways? Find out in further episodes of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XVII: When Disaster Strikes

Chris was sitting in the drivers seat of a jeep. "Last time on Total Drama Action: The contestants pushed their strengths to the limit. They stuck their hands into boxes of unknown and rode rickety robots. When Chef spilled coke all over the controls of Galactasquid, the challenge was made to destroy it. Duncan pushed and Gwen tripped, earning them immunity. Did I also mention that Tyler made an alliance with Owen and Lindsay. Oh, and did I mention that Owen was eliminated after Courtney dodged the boot with the Chris immunity head. Is the nose on it really that big? Anyways, which contestants will break under the pressure? Find out, today, on Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

Courtney was the last one to get her breakfast: a slice of brown bread and mushy white paste. She sat down at the table with the others inbetween LeShawna and Duncan. The two slid away from her. "Gee, that's rude," Courtney muttered.

"And it's also rude to unfairly eliminate one of the kindest, most friendliest boys in this game. No offence to you other two," LeShawna said.

"What? This is a game! It's not my fault you all voted for me," Courtney told her.

"I can't believe Owen's gone," Tyler sighed, dragging his spoon through his paste. Lindsay tapped his shoulder, then glared at Courtney.

(Conf), Courtney: What? It's a game of survival, it was either him or me. There is no way I was gonna lose to a ball of lard. But now that everyone is ticked off, it's gonna be hard to get an ally. Maybe I should text my lawyers, see what they can do for me. *brings out PDA and begins to text* Now we just-- *PDA beeps* Oh, that was quick. *checks PDA* Ugh, nothing.

Chef walked in from the kitchen. "Listen up maggots!" Chef yelled. "Today is a free day, which means no challenge!"

"But it's been three days," Gwen said.

"Shut up for a sec, you're really willing to give up a free day for a challenge?" Duncan asked.

"Well that totally shut my mouth," Gwen replied.

The scene returned to the trailers. The girls, excluding Courtney, were inside the girls' side of the Screaming Directors' trailer. "Can you believe Courtney did that?" Gwen shouted.

"I know, right," Lindsay said, filing her nails. "I love this nail file."

"I can't believe she did it to Owen. I can't even remember when Chris mentioned the immunity idol," LeShawna said. They were about to continue talking, but a knock was heard from the back of the trailer.

"Is someone at the door?" Gwen asked.

(Conf), LeShawna: Nope, it's you-know-who.

"I'll go check," LeShawna said. She went out of the door and walked round to the back. "Yes?" she asked the person hiding behind the crates, barrels and garbage bags.

"I have a file of information for you. You'll find it useful for the next vote," the person muttered, sliding a file onto the crate. LeShawna picked it up. "See ya."

"Bye," LeShawna replied.

Back inside the trailers, things were going peacefully on their 'day off'... until... "All contestants come outside for a short announcement!" Chef announced.

"Ugh, I thought this was a challenge free day," Duncan sighed as he walked out the door.

"Bore!" Tyler yelled.

Duncan, Tyler, Gwen, LeShawna and Lindsay walked out to the main courtyard. "Uh, I think we're missing an antagonist," LeShawna said.

"What's an antagonist?" Lindsay asked.

"A Heather," Tyler told her.

"Aaahh," Lindsay said, now realizing what it meant.

"Courtney! Courtney, come out here!" Chef yelled through his megaphone. "Courtney!"

"What?" Courtney asked from behind Chef. She was wearing open toed slippers, a towel around her waist and upper body and a towel wrapped around her hair. "Excuse me if I had to take a shower."

"What announcement do you have anyways?" Gwen asked impatiently.

"This!" the voice of the host yelled from above. They looked up and saw Chris in a helicopter with two weights attached to the bottom. He pressed a button that dropped the weights, instantly crushing the two trailers. "Bet you're glad you weren't in the cabins, aren't you?"

"Sadist," Duncan muttered. "What the heck was that for?"

"It's a hint for today's challenge. When the weights dropped on the trailers it created a..." Chris asked, waiting for the others to fill in the gap.

"A loud explosion?" Gwen asked.

"A terrible mess?" Courtney suggested.

"A banana pie?" Lindsay asked, dumbly.

"No! A disaster! This is a film lot with genre based challenges! Give good, reliable answers you idiots!" Chris yelled from the helicopter. The helicopter narrowly dodged an incoming stone. "By the means, I'm guessing it was from Duncan."

"Uh, sure it was," Chef said and he trailed off.

Moments later, Chris landed the helicopter in front of the wreck of the trailers and got out of the aircraft. "So, if everyone will follow me, let's walk over to the disaster movie set. Let's go," Chris said and he walked off, with Gwen, LeShawna, Duncan and Tyler following him.

"Wait, what about our day off?" Lindsay asked.

"There's no day off, idiot," Courtney told her. "Wait! Can't I get dressed first?"

"No way, José!" Chris yelled off screen.

"Narcissist," Courtney muttered.

The six remaining contestants walked over to the disaster film set. It was basically a diagonal road going upwards with several obstacles. "Is this it? Doesn't look very hard," Courtney muttered.

(Conf), LeShawna: I learned from Noah that you should never, ever say stuff that will jinx the game. Thanks a lot Courtney!

"Ha! You think it's gonna be easy," Chris scoffed. He and the contestants stopped walking. "Today's challenge is a two parter. The first part takes place here, the second takes place somewhere else. So, the challenge..."

"Is it an earthquake challenge? Because I know how to survive an earthquake," Courthey told him. The other contestants looked at her. "What? If it's a challenge, it might as well be something I'm good at."

"Well, for your case, kind of," Chef answered.

"The first part of today's challenge is a disaster obstacle course," Chris told them. "Common disasters are tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tornados. All of them have the four elements involved somehow. Those four disasters will all be included in the obstacle course. Your task is to get across the obstacle course and press the button at the top to lock your time in. The person who gets across the course in the quickest time wins an advantage for part two."

"Is that all?" Duncan asked impatiently.

"Not yet. To keep myself happy, I am not telling you what order each element will be involved," Chris beamed. "Makes it trickier for you. The trickier the game, the more the pain and the higher the ratings. Gwen and Duncan, your turn. Since you won immunity last time, you get to choose the order in which everyone goes. Well?"

Gwen and Duncan both exchanged looks and began to whisper with no one else being able to hear. The two then nodded. "We've decided the order will be Courtney, Tyler, Lindsay, LeShawna, Duncan and me," Gwen announced.

"Why me first?" Courtney asked.

"Because you voted off the friendliest person in the game," Gwen told him.

"It was either me or him. It's a stupid game!" Courtney yelled.

"Shut up Courtney!" Tyler yelled.

"What? Duncan, agree with me," Courtney demanded. Duncan was about to say something but Gwen glared at him. Duncan shrugged his shoulders.

(Conf), Courtney: Grr, stupid Gwen. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her!

Courtney stood at the starting line. Chef pulled the klaxon and Courtney's race began. Courtney jumped over the starting line. The first part of the course was barren and flat with fake rocks obstructing the way. "Why do I have a feeling that this is gonna be an--" Courtney began before the ground began to shake, "earthquake!" Courtney screamed and struggled to regain her balance. She put her foot down on the ground and stuck her arms out. She stepped carefully, avoid little jutting stones in the ground. She stepped on part of the course that made a hollow knocking.

"What the?" Courtney asked.

"Surprise!" Chris announced and he pressed a button in his remote. The hollow floor underneath Courtney began to separate.

"Hey!' Courtney yelled. Her legs were stretching and she slid her foot along half of the floor and took it to the other side. She then jumped to safe floors. "Not too hard."

"Oh yeah?" Chris asked. He pressed another button on his remote that made the small jutting stones from the floor rise up. "Run Courtney, run in fear!"

Courtney ran over as fast as she could to avoid the rocks. "Come on, earthquake training, come on earthquake training!" Courtney mumbled. She jumped up onto a rock that had risen up and climbed to the top. She then made her way through the field of rocks by climbing onto them. "Alright!" When she got to the end of the rocks, she jumped off onto a risen platform. Instantly, the rocks retracted.

"Dang, she got through," LeShawna sighed.

"Alright, level two," Courtney said. She jumped onto the floor. She saw nothing but a long row of monkey bars with flooring around it. "Pfft, too easy." She ran across the flooring. However, when she came in line with the monkey bars, the flooring in front of her dropped down. "Wargh! What the heck!"

"The element of air!" Chris chuckled. As if on cue, two large fans at the other end were activated, sending powerful gales in Courtney's direction.

"Ugh, my big mouth," the CIT muttered. She walked over to the monkey bars and tested them. They were firm, at least the front ones were. Seeing no other way, she began to climb across the monkey bars.

"Isn't there anything you can do to slow her down?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, I can speed up the fan, but then I'd have to do it for you people," Chris told her.

Gwen considered the idea. "Do it."

The fans were shown to be sped up. The wind rose Courtney up and her upper body strength was being tested. "What? You have got to be kidding me!" She struggled to reach the other bars, but eventually progressed.

When she managed to reach the three quarter mark, the next monkey bar she grabbed broke in half. "Argh! Warning, please!" Courtney yelled.

Chris, Gwen, LeShawna, Lindsay and Tyler roared with laughter. Duncan was quite nervous and scratched his back whilst laughing feebly.

(Conf), Duncan: Yeah, I know Courtney's still my girlfriend, but I'm torn between her and my friends. What do I do?

Courtney finally managed to reach solid land. She ran up to a ramp and when she passed a large pole, the wind turbines stopped. "Finally," she sighed in relief. The next obstacle was a large climbing wall that faced sideways. "Earth and air, what's next?" As if on cue, gallons of water shot out from the too and began to pour from the top of the climbing wall. "Perfect."

"Will you pour lava?" LeShawna asked.

Chris was about to answer, but his phone rang. Chris answered the phone and the voice of his lawyers came out. He then hung up the conversation. "Nope."

(Conf), LeShawna: Shoot.

Courtney grabbed onto the climbing wall. "Argh! That's freezing!" Courtney yelled. She reached but failed to grab something to hold onto. She slipped and fell into the water beneath. "The is even colder! My teeth are actually vibrating!"

"Watching Courtney get tortured is actually kind of fun," Tyler chuckled.

"I know, right?" Lindsay said.

Gwen laughed loudly at Courtney's torture. LeShawna joined in, but then abruptly stopped. "What's the matter?" Gwen asked.

"We're laughing at each other's pain. We're becoming sadists. We're becoming Chris!" LeShawna yelled.

"Oh my god," Gwen gasped and somehow her face went paler than usual.

Courtney climbed up the ladder that got her back to the beginning of the climbing wall. She started again with the water falling on her shoulders. "This hurts so much. Why couldn't I have auditioned for a cooking show?"

"If you don't want a million dollars..." Chris began from screaming into a megaphone.

"Hey! I want the million," Courtney replied.

Courtney was in the middle of the climbing wall when she slipped again and banged her knee on a foot grip. She landed diagonally with her head closest to the water. She made contact and water splashed about.

After a montage of Courtney slipping, sliding and falling on the climbing wall, she finally made it... past the three quarter mark. The water seemed to be colder and had harder impact. Then, she managed to get to the other side. She shook herself as dry as she could then proceeded to the next part. "So what's fire?" Courtney gasped in tire. She passed the checkpoint which automatically started the next challenge. Boiling hot 'lava' spilled out from two gaps that had appeared at the next checkpoint and travelled fast.

"If you touch 'lava', you must start back at the beginning of the checkpoint," Chris told her.

Chef climbed the ladder at the side and got to the checkpoint at the other side. He bent down, stuck a finger in the red and tasted it. "This cream of tomato soup was supposed to be dinner tonight!"

"I hate this stupid game, I hate it!" Courtney yelled.

(Conf), Courtney: In a moment in my rage, I actually considered qui--, quith... qui--, you know, the 'q' word.

Courtney saw that there was a long row of monkey bars. "Again! Seriously! Rargh!" Courtney yelled. She jumped up as the creamy red substance slid down the platform. She continued across the monkey bars. She made it to the end, but saw that she couldn't get down because of the 'lava'. She saw that there were several tyres standing vertical. She used the upper body strength she had to swing to and fro, to and fro, to and fro and then she released. Unfortunately, she miscalculated the jump and slipped, banging her head on the tyre and then sliding down into the tomato soup.

"Start again!" Chris yelled. The episodes next few seconds showed the hilarious ways how Courtney failed managing to get onto the tyre. She facepalmed the tyre, facepalmed the fake lava, slipped on the soup and managed to get on the tyre... shortly before falling off and landing in the soup again.

"She does know that there is a path in the other direction, right?" Duncan asked.

"It's funnier when she doesn't know," chuckled Chris.

After a few minutes, Courtney actually noticed that there was a path. Her face went red, but it was unsure whether it was from the soup or anger. She skipped along the path until it took her to a tightrope. "A tightrope? You do know that's a reference to TDI, right?"

"I wonder if you know what's coming then," Chris told her.

Courtney's PDA then began to chime. She picked it up and put it on silent. "Call me at a better time, lawyers," Courtney said. She stepped up and began to walk across the tightrope. Almost instantly, a large barrel spilling red liquid was thrown straight in front of her. "What the heck!"

"Hey," Chef chuckled. He placed a barrel of tomato soup in the catapult and shot it out. It flew straight over the catapult.

"Great, just great," Courtney sighed. She began to walk across the tightrope. Two more barrels of soup flew over the catapult. Courtney moved quickly out of the way to avoid one and ducked to dodge the other one.

When she finally got to the other end of the tightrope, she crossed the checkered flag. "Finally," she sighed. She then checked her PDA. "Chef's Tightrope is back," she read out. "Stupid PDA."

"Well done Courtney," Chris said. "You wasted a whole load of time, but well done."

(Conf), Chris: And now, to save time, here is a montage of what happened next.

The first few clips were of the 'earth' part of the course. Duncan ran through the section as the rocks began to rise up behind him, Gwen was climbing across the floor using the rocks, Lindsay was unaware that she was trapped by surrounding rocks, Tyler was trying to weave his way inbetween those rocks and LeShawna was following Tyler's method, but had gotten stuck.

The next clips showed Duncan trying to walk above the monkey bars, Gwen and LeShawna in a split screen, both falling to the bottom of the pit, Lindsay dangling from the monkey bars and Tyler trying to hang onto the monkey bars with him mouth, but then the bar snapped and he fell. At the 'water' stage, Duncan was handing onto the foothold after he had slipped, Lindsay pretending that the water was a shower, Gwen's face being blasted by water, Tyler grabbing onto his sweatband after it fell off and LeShawna probably progressing the best.

The final few clips showed the following: Duncan slipping down the course with his back covered in tomato soup, Lindsay not understanding the rules and just walking on the platform and soup, Tyler's sweat dropping from his face and mixing with the 'lava', LeShawna balancing on one foot on one of the tiny tyres stuck to the floor and Gwen continuously falling from the monkey bars and into the soup. Duncan was thrown to the floor in the remake of Chef's Tightrope, Tyler was clinging on for dear life to the rope, Lindsay was walking to the tightrope, then missed completely and fell down below, LeShawna was hit with a barrel of soup that somehow exploded on impact and Gwen skilfully managed to dodge until a barrel hit her in the face.

And so, after a whole lot of slipping, sliding and downright stupidity, the contestants, covered in red soup, stood in a line in front of Chris. An intern in a red shirt ran over to Chris, handed him an envelope and ran offscreen. Chris opened the envelope and read the results. "Okay, each of you did hilariously bad. But now, here are the results. Sixth place goes to Lindsay with eleven minutes and fifty five seconds," Chris said.

"Yay! He said my name!" Lindsay cheered, clapping her hands together.

"Joint fourth, I'm surprised, go to Courtney and Gwen with nine minutes and forty two seconds," Chris said.

"Well, not that bad, I guess," Gwen said.

(Conf), Courtney: I got the same place... as Gwen! Raargh! *punches bottle of talcum powder that shoots talcum powder in her face* Wow. *coughs*

"So third place goes to Tyler," Chris said.

"Yahoo! I'm not the worst," Tyler cheered.

"I can't believe you're actually celebrating that," Duncan said.

"And second place goes to LeShawna, with a time of six minutes thirty eight seconds," Chris stated. "Which means Duncan gets first, crossing the finish line in six minutes and twenty eight seconds."

"You were ten seconds faster than me?" LeShawna asked Duncan.

"No, you were ten seconds behind me," Duncan scoffed.

Chris led the remaining contestants to a large metal platform built into the ground. There were six semi-spheres in the platform and a valve sticking out of each of them. "We have to do another challenge?" Courtney asked. "I'm still tired, and I still smell like tomato soup from the last one."

"Cream of tomato soup, remember," Chris chuckled. "Anyways, here's your next challenge. With the places you got in the last challenge, they will determine how this challenge will work out for you. Those in first and second will get an advantage. Third and fourth get no advantages or disadvantages. Fifth and sixth get a major disadvantage."

"Question, what does major mean?" Lindsay asked.

"Really big," Chris told her.

"Question, what does 'question mean?" Lindsay asked. The other six face palmed in unison.

(Conf), Lindsay: What? So I don't know what question means. It doesn't matter. At least I'm focused. Nothing can distract-- *sees bottle of perfume* Ooh! Perfume! *holds bottle near her face* I wonder what this top press thingy does. *presses lid which squirts perfume in her face and she falls off her seat*

"So, Duncan and LeShawna, you two get the advantage. Please come to the tanks to my left," Chris instructed, pointing to, where the viewers would be watching, to the right. The two went over to the tanks.

"Um, are you sure I'll be able to fit in here?" LeShawna asked.

"If you straighten yourself, you'll get in there," Chris told her.

"What? No way!" LeShawna yelled.

"Fine then, if you want to risk loss of immunity and risk elimination..." Chris began.

"What? Fine," LeShawna sighed.

"Third and fourth are Tyler and Courtney," Chris began, before Gwen interrupted her.

"What? Courtney and I tied!" Gwen yelled.

"Yeah, but in events of a tie, we resort to alphabetical order," Chris told her. "So sad, too bad."

(Conf), Gwen: Stupid Chris.

"Gwen and Lindsay, you two get the disadvantaged tanks," Chris said. "So let me explain what this challenge is. A common disaster is when people are stuck under tons of stuff like avalanches or landslides. You will all be trapped in these tanks. The challenge is to get out of the tank and through the four tunnels connected to tank. And the first up one to get out of the tunnels that win immunity from tonight's elimination."

"Tunnels?" Lindsay asked. "Cramped spaces? But what if I break a nail?"

"Get used to it, blondie," Courtney told her.

The scene flashed and changed over to when all six contestants were placed firmly and securely in their tanks. "When I blow the whistle, you'll have to find a key that will fit a lock. You'll also have to find the lock as well. Ready?" Chris asked.

"No!" the contestants yelled. Chris ignored them and blew the whistle anyways.

The contestants tanks began to light up. It was now much more easier to see. The first tanks the camera scrolled to were Tyler's, Duncan's and LeShawna's tanks, the three that were bundled up together. The advantage that the two winners of the first challenge got was that there was a box in front of them that contained keys. The bad news was that it contained keys. The two opened the boxes and ruffled through the box, searching for the right key. May I also mention that they were doing this whilst being showered by cockroaches. This was happening to all six tanks. "Cockroaches? Too easy. Just stand on them and they're dead," Duncan scoffed.

"They just better not start crawling up my legs, those little miscreants," LeShawna said.

The camera slid a little. Duncan's tank was no longer visible, but instead it was replaced by Courtney's tank. Tyler and Courtney had their keys on hooks that had been scattered around the walls of the tank. "I can actually feel them crawling on my scalp. It's disgusting," Courtney moaned. She grabbed a key from one of the hooks and began to search for the padlock.

"I can't believe I signed up for this show in the first place," Tyler sighed. Chris, who was annoyed at the comment, pushed a button on his remote. The button caused a vat of cockroaches to pour all over Tyler's head, which caused him to slip and fall.

The camera then slid over once again to block out LeShawna's tank, but it was now showing Gwen's tank. Her disadvantage as well as Lindsay's was that the keys were all scattered around the tank and they were working in pitch black darkness. The camera had night vision lights specially built in so that the girls were visible, although the girls wouldn't be able to see anything.

"Darkness! I can't see!" Lindsay's voice yelled off screen. The camera now showed Lindsay's tank too.

"Shut up, blondie. I can here you one tank away!" Courtney yelled.

Tyler had finally gotten out of the cockroaches. His mouth was filled with keys. "Awesome," Tyler said, muffled. He took a silver key out of his mouth and began to look for a lock. He found it, right at the bottom of the tank. He put the key in the lock, twisted it. "Well, I guess that didn't do--" he began, before he fell through the floor. It was the right key. The next tunnel was filled with rancid smelling water. It was a deep pit with no visible exit. "Great, a tunnel with no exit." Tyler heard a familiar scream. It was Courtney.

In the tunnel next to Tyler's, Courtney had managed to get out of her tank. "What the heck?" Courtney yelled. She saw that there was no exit. "Hmm, if there's no exit above the water, then there must be one below water!" Courtney exclaimed. She dived under the water for a second and came back up. "Urgh, that reeks!"

Back in the tanks, Gwen was beginning to make some progress. She had already found the padlock and two of the keys, but they didn't fit the lock. By now, Chris had decided that cockroaches should stop being poured into the tanks. So he decided to pour mealworms into the tanks.

"Worms in my pants! Worms in my pants!" Gwen yelled.

(Conf), Chris: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Courtney: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Chef: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Squirrel: *laughs uncontrollably, then falls into toilet bowl*

Gwen began banging against the wall. The banging caused a lock to fall out from a hidden compartment at the top of the tank. The lock fell on her head and dangled in front of her. She felt around and grabbed the lock. "Perfect," she said to herself. She began to look for a key.

Lindsay didn't seem to get the point of the challenge because she was standing still, humming. "This is a really easy challenge. But I do need a stretch," Lindsay said. She began to stretch her arms up into the confined space above her, and she hit the top of the tank, causing a padlock to fall down from the top. She felt the padlock. "Ooh! It's a present with a lock! I need a metal thingy-majig."

Courtney was struggling to keep her head underwater because of the rank smell. "Come on Courtney," she said to herself, "you can do this for a million bucks. You can do this for a million bucks." She inhaled deeply and dived into the water.

The camera view now switched to under the water. It was coloured a strange pink. Courtney had opened her eyes and began searching for an exit in the tunnel. She started to swim around the bed of the watery tunnel.

Tyler had begun to use the same method. He was swimming under the water and was looking for an exit. Then something caught his eye. Through the murky pink water, he could see a chain. He dove deeper and followed the chain. He saw that the chain was attached to something big and black. It was a plug.

(Conf), Tyler: Luck is finally turning my way!

Duncan, LeShawna, Gwen and Lindsay were left in the beginning tanks. LeShawna and Duncan had both searched through half the box of keys, but they still couldn't find a key that could fit their padlocks.

"Come on. All I need is a stupid key to fit the stupid padlock!" Duncan yelled. He jammed his key into the padlock and it opened up. "That's--" he began before the bottom of the tank opened up and Duncan fell through. The word 'lucky' was elongated as he fell and plummeted into the water. He rose back up to surface and spat out pink water, gasping for air.

Tyler rose back to the surface for air and dove back into the water. He swam for the chain and grabbed it. Then, with the 'sporty' muscles that he had, he pulled. He almost wasted his breath doing the task and he scrambled back up to the top.

Courtney, after several unseen tries, had finally found the chain that lead to the plug. She began to pull it, and was succesful. She pulled the chain until she saw that the plug was in her hands. She looked back to the hole where the plug had been and saw that the water was draining into it, similar to when a sink full of water is drained when the plug is pulled out and it creates some sort of mini whirlpool. She swam for the surface, but the water seemed to be dragging her with it. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she managed to get some air for a split second before she was dragged down into the hole.

Back inside Gwen's tank, she had begun to insert keys into the padlock she found. It proved difficult due to doing the task in darkness. "Come on, all I need is the right key," Gwen muttered to herself. The night vision showed that Gwen had jammed a silver key into the padlock after two attempts and twisted. The key snapped in the lock. "Perfect," she said, with an obvious hint of sarcasm. She heard a loud scream and stopped.

The scream was LeShawna's and she had found the correct key, which resulted in her being dunked in pink putrid water. "What is this stuff?" LeShawna asked. She smelt it, then her face screwed up as if she had eaten a really sour lemon.

Down in the hole, Courtney was swimming along with the current. After a while, Courtney was running out of breath, but she then got lucky. The long pipe ended and Courtney had landed on a gigantic grail that emptied the water into a separate tub. "Ow!" she yelled. She looked forwards and saw that the second tunnel, whilst being more like a room, was full of cobwebs. "Cobwebs," Courtney began, "equal spiders!"

Duncan had gotten to work on his first tunnel. He had scoured to top and saw no exit. "Great, there goes my no bathing streak," Duncan sighed and he dived underwater.

Duncan's visions were partly clouded because of the pink water, but he could easily see the chain and plug. "Too easy," Duncan gargled. He forgot he was swimming underwater and raced to the top.

Gwen was using her teeth to get the key out of the lock. "I hate this game," Gwen mumbled. She gritted her teeth and jerked her head backwards. She managed to get the key out and she spat it on the floor, plunging it into darkness. "Now if I could just see, this would be a whole lot easier." She began to fumble around.

"Hello? Anyone there?" Lindsay asked through the next tank.

"Lindsay? Well at least I'm not the only one stuck in these tanks," Gwen sighed.

"What am I supposed to do?" Lindsay asked.

"Stick a key into a padlock," Gwen told her.

"You mean like this?" Lindsay asked. The night-vision showed that Lindsay had put a key in her padlock. She twisted it and fell through the floor. "Wheeeeeee!"

"Great, now I'm the only one stuck here," Gwen sighed.

Duncan had ended up in the second tunnel, and in a separate side screen, Tyler had fallen into a web in the second tunnel. His screen then vanished and Duncan's tuck the whole screen. "Spider webs. Ha, I eat spiders for breakfast," Duncan chuckled. He heard a small pitter-patter of footsteps and then a whole colony of small spiders crawled all over Duncan. He screamed and began walking all over the place blindly. He then walked into a web and became stuck. "I am not being spider breakfast." A gigantic spider then walked over to Duncan in the web. "Well isn't this ironic."

Courtney had scanned the entire room/tunnel and saw no exit. Suddenly, a screen popped up. It flickered and Chris' face showed up. "Congratulations, you're the first one here, although Duncan and Tyler have also gotten in," Chris whispered.

"Great, you couldn't have shown up earlier?" Courtney asked in a slightly loud voice.

"Uh, just so you know, you shouldn't speak to loudly. There are so many spiders in here that are alerted by loud noises," Chris told her. He then triggered an air horn from the screen and the sound projected through the tunnel. "Ha, that's funny."

The screen turned to black and disappeared as small spiders began to crawl towards Courtney. "Aargghhhh!" Courtney yelled in fright and she ran to the wall of webs.

LeShawna was swimming through the pink water. "I wonder where the exit is," LeShawna mumbled as water splashed around her mouth. She dipped her head underwater and searched the bottom of the tunnel. She saw a black smudge at the bottom and dove down towards it. She saw the chain and realised that it was a plug. She swam to the surface, took a breath and swam back to the plug.

Tyler had freed himself from the spider web and saw that there was no exit in the clean side of the tunnel/room. That only left the possibility that there was an exit in the spider web half. He began scraping spider webs and piled them on the other side of the room. Then, out of nowhere, three spiders the size of butternut squashes crawled out from the webs. Tyler screamed as one of the spiders squirted a web of spider string at his face.

(Conf), Tyler: May I just say that spider webs taste terrible. And that you should never audition for anything that has Chris McLean in.

Lindsay was doing the breaststroke in the pink water. "This is fun!" she beamed.

Courtney was doing the same as Tyler. "Why couldn't Chris make a challenge that's fun? Like baking cupcakes? Or doing something to do with mock court?" Courtney asked, scraping spider webs from the wall. She had a strategy to chuck the webs on the spiders. However, a flaw in her plan was that the spiders could easily crawl out of the webs. So when she thought that millions of spiders were chasing her, it was actually the same three spiders over and over and over again.

(Conf), Courtney: Yeah, I kind of forgot spiders can walk on webs. *nervously chuckles*

Duncan had actually progressed and found a small secret door that had specks of rust on it, as well as the number '3' on it. The screen of Chris dropped down. "Hey Duncan. Congrats for being the first to find the entrance to the third tunnel. Because of that, I'm gonna give you some help. When you enter it, try not to touch the surface for too long. But hey, do it if you want. I have to say, I do like the smell of burning flesh. Toots!" Chris said on the monitor. It turned to black and moved back into the ceiling.

"Burning flesh?" Duncan wondered. He crouched down and opened the small door. Instantly, a heat wave blasted Duncan.

(Conf), Duncan: That heat wave felt hotter than the time I poured hot candlewax on my mom's china and it splashed my hand. In the greenhouse. In summer. I have no idea why I poured wax on the plates in the greenhouse. Seemed like a smart idea at the time. *shrugs*

Pink water drained into a separate tub as LeShawna fell onto the grails. "Ow!" LeShawna yelled in pain. She looked at her surroundings and saw spider webs covering half the room. "Oh yeah, LeShawna could not get, an easier task."

(Conf), LeShawna: Back home, I have to deal with spiders all the time. I'm the only one in my house that isn't afraid of 'em. What's so scary? They only have eight hairy legs, eyes that look like they're always watching and teeth that can pierce fly skin. What's scary is a bolt of lightning. I just get jitters.

As six spiders walked in front of LeShawna, she gave them a hard, stern look. "Okay, listen up spiders, we're gonna play a game called, 'how fast can you get rid of these webs?'" LeShawna said firmly. "Now march!" The spiders gave a kind of nod and began getting rid of the webs as fast as possible.

(Conf), LeShawna: You can call me the spider whisperer from now on. Oh yeah.

Tyler had ripped the web off of his head. He then eventually found the small tunnel door with the three etched on it. "Bingo!" Tyler exclaimed. He rose his fists up, then tried to open up his hands again, but they were stuck. "What?" He saw the pieces of web stuck on his palms. "Great." He touched the handle of the door with one fist and placed his other fist on the other side of the handle. He pressed his fists together and pulled, eventually getting the door open. A heat wave blasted him, and with some luck, it melted the webs off, freeing his hands.

"Perfect!" Tyler exclaimed. He began to crawl into the tunnel, and screamed in pain. "Hot tunnel! Hot tunnel! Hot tunnel!" He scrambled to the other side of the tunnel whilst the heat began to burn his hands.

Duncan had reached the end of the third tunnel. He was profusely sweating and his hands were slightly glowing red. "Gah, that hurts," Duncan sighed. He looked around and saw that the final tunnel was slightly bigger than the third one. It was quite misshapen and seemed to end quite shortly. He crawled to the end of the tunnel, or so he thought, and he fell down a hole onto the ground. It was the same tunnel, but had a drop. "I guess nothing really is that easy." He saw the ground was covered with cockroaches. He began to crawl again, but he seemed to be stuck. He looked behind him and saw that half of his leg was stuck in the vertical part of the tunnel. He tried to move forwards, but his leg got caught on a stuck out nail, and several cockroaches began to crawl on his legs. "Stupid cockroaches."

Gwen continued to jam keys into the locks. After several tries, she heard a clicking noise. "Finally!" Gwen exclaimed. The floor opened up and she fell into a pool of rancid pink water. She dove underwater and began to look for an exit.

(Conf), Gwen: After being on this show for two seasons, you kind of know when things aren't gonna be that easy.

She saw the plug at the bottom of the pool and began to pull. It eventually came loose and began to drain the water. As well as the water, Gwen was also being pulled down with the current. The current, however, overpowered her and pulled her down. Air bubbles began to escape from Gwen's mouth.

Courtney had pulled half of the webs off of the wall, but she hadn't found the tunnel door. "Why can I not find that stupid exit!" Courtney yelled. She hit a patch of webs and heard a hollow metallic sound. "Huh?" She began to scrape away at the spot she hit, and eventually found the tunnel door. "Boo yah!"

LeShawna opened the door of the third tunnel and her spider minions all gave out small cries and collapsed. "Well, they were helpful when they were alive," LeShawna sighed. She touched the mouth of the tunnel and winced as the tunnel seared her hands. "Dang."

She continued to crawl through the tunnel, ignoring the pain her hands were going through, even though her face began to screw up. Sweat was pouring from her hair.

After a few seconds of screams, Gwen smashed into the grail and moaned. "Stupid metal," Gwen grunted. She got to her feet and began to look around. A colony of spiders were occupying several of the webs, and the rest of the room was a blinding white from the colour of the webs. "S-s-spiders? G-g-g-great," Gwen shivered. She began to rub her arms.

The next scene showed a splitscreen of LeShawna, Tyler and Courtney, all getting to the end of the third tunnel and began to progress through the fourth tunnel. The next scene then showed Duncan going through the fourth tunnel. It was definitely a final showdown between the four contestants, however, only one of them could win the challenge.

The next scenes showed Duncan freeing his leg and trying to climb up another part of the tunnel, LeShawna shaking her head vigorously to get the cockroaches out of it, Courtney slapping her wrists to get the cockroaches of and Tyler, who's hands were a cartoonish red due to the fact that they were still burning from the previous tunnel.

Back at the surface, Chris and Chef were waiting a dry, barren patch of earth. The contestants were meant to escape from the earth. "So, if they don't get out, wanna go to Barbados? I have a two-for-one deal," Chris asked. Chef responded with a cold stare. "Fine. Just asking. Yeesh."

After a few more seconds of waiting, a hand popped out of the earth, scaring Chris so much that it made him jump into Chef's arms. Then, as the earth began to give way, it was revealed that the mysterious hand belonged to Tyler. "Huh? How'd I get here?" Tyler asked.

"Congratulations! Tyler is the winner of the disaster challenge!" Chris announced through a megaphone.

"Huh? I won? I won! Woohoo!" Tyler exclaimed.

The scene transferred to all of the contestants out from the tunnels. "So, Tyler. You have won immunity from the next vote. However, that will not be today, as today is a reward challenge!" Chris announced. A majority of the contestants sighed, the minority being Courtney and Tyler.

(Conf), Courtney: Yes! *fist pumps* I'm not going home today. If those fools think they're getting rid of me, they are so wrong!

The contestants were now sitting in the crafts tent. "So, Tyler, your reward is something very special. A trip to the Delwarts Fish Stick Factory!" Chris announced, now holding up a plate of fish sticks. "You'll be visiting the factory where it's all done, and also see and try the different fish sticks they make, including fish, and fishy! What's more is that you'll be able to invite a guest along with you!"

"Awesome! I choose my babe, Lindsay!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Aw, thanks Noah," Lindsay cooed, and as the final word came out, Tyler face palmed.

"Wait, so this was all for a fish stick factory tour? Your rewards are getting lamer," Duncan said.

"Is that so?" Chris asked, rhetorically. "Well then, I guess I'll just have to make them lamer then." He then chuckled, which seemed to have a slight evil tone in it.

"Thanks, Duncan," Courtney sarcastically said.

"Well, I mean it's not like the next reward he was gonna give us was gonna be a thousand dollar shopping spree in New York," Duncan told her.

"Oh, by the way," Chris began, "the next reward was gonna be a thousand dollar shopping spree in New York."

(Conf), Duncan: Damn it, Chris!

Tyler and Lindsay had walked into the Lame-o-sine for their trip to the fish stick factory. It drove off and Chris walked onto the screen. "Well then, it's still at six, and the game's only gonna get tougher. Find out what drama explodes next time, on Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XVIII: Aftermath III: No-ah One Wins

As usual, the aftermath episode opened up with the usual 'TDA Aftermath' logo, and then, as always, the D enlarged and was replaced with a clip.

"McLean Man has freed the hostages! He's saved the day again!" Noah yelled with glee. "And that wraps up the news report. I'm Noah Gerastan..." he began.

Owen unwrapped the gold wrapping and saw chocolate. "Whoo hoo!" Owen cheered, "chocolate."

Theme Song

The aftermath episode opened up to Bridgette sitting all alone on the main couch in the studio. "Welcome everyone, to the Total Drama Aftermath! We - well, I - give you the juiciest details on what happened when the cameras turned off. As well as that," Bridgette began, "we've got the people who were actually in the seasons!"

The camera panned over to the peanut gallery. Katie and Sadie were hugging each other, Justin was smiling at the camera, DJ waved at the camera and high-fived Gwen and the rest just smiled and waved. "We also have two new additions, being Owen," she began, as Owen smiled at the camera from the camera in the green room.

"Hi guys! Hi mom! I'm on the aftermath show!" Owen smiled.

"And Noah," Bridgette cheered. Noah was waving at the camera, also in the green room.

"So, first up, we'll be discussing--" Bridgette began, before Geoff walked on stage.

"Hey there, my peeps!" Geoff yelled to the audience, and they viewers applauded. As he sat down, he looked at Bridgette, who had a glare on her face. "What?"

"You came up late! Couldn't you be a bit more responsible?" Bridgette asked.

"Sorry, babe, but I had a hair out of place. I can't look like a train wreck," Geoff told her. "By the way, you might want to see the makeup girl." The audience gasped and 'ommed' as Bridgette gasped and turned away from her boyfriend. "What?"

"I can't believe you just said that!" Bridgette yelled.

"Yeah, I mean, you never say that to a girl," Justin told Geoff.

"I totally agree with Justin," Katie beamed.

"I totally agree with Justin more!" Sadie beamed.

"Nu-uh," Katie argued.

"Ya-huh," Sadie yelled. The two girls began a slap fight, and then eventually fell down onto the lower row and onto Justin's lap.

"Hi, Justin!" the two girls squealed.

"Classic," Ezekiel muttered.

"Anyways," Geoff said, "it's time for our first guest. The geeky brains who used to be in the game, and also scored a kiss from LeShawna! It's Noah!"

Noah walked onto the stage from behind the curtains and waved to the audience. "Hey Bridgette. Geoff. Geeky? Seriously?" Noah asked.

"Sorry, bro, but I'm just speaking the truth," Geoff told him.

Bridgette scoffed. "Okay, we're going to introduce something new to the show. Audience, underneath all of your seats are remotes. On the remotes are two buttons. One is marked 'A', and the other is marked 'B'. The first poll is: is Geoff growing into a Junior Chris McLean? 'A' for yes, and 'B', for no."

After a few seconds of beeps and clicks, the screen moved down from the top of the studio and posted the poll results. Apparently, ninety nine percent of the audience had voted for 'A', whilst a measly one percent voted 'B'. "What? Come on dudes! You're just joking, right?" Geoff asked. The audience went silent and a man's coughing broke the silence. "That's whack."

"Well it's true. You are becoming Chris. I'm starting to think we should've said no to the producers when he asked us to host the aftermath show," Bridgette sighed. Geoff gasped.

"This show is our life!" Geoff shouted. "How could you say that?"

"Because you're becoming Chris!" Bridgette yelled.

"Yeah, well at least I'm not--" Geoff argued, as the argument was muffled when Noah walked in front of the contestants.

"Whilst Bridgette and Geoff sort out their relationship, I think it's time to go to That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" Noah announced.

The opening clip was from the sports challenge. LeShawna was running from the javelins being thrown, and a corked javelin hit her on the head, knocking her out.

The next clip showed LeShawna and Noah running through the forest in the love movie, and they eventually ran into two trees, knocking them both out.

The third clip showed Duncan falling down from the water tunnel in the disaster challenge. He eventually landed on the grails and got his head stuck inbetween two of them.

The fourth clip was also in the disaster film, and it showed Gwen on the element track and how she slipped on the tomato soup lava and slid down the course. The clip then played back at the beginning and played again in glorious slow-motion.

The penultimate clip was in the safari adventure movie. The Screaming Directors were by the swamp tunnel, and Duncan pushed Noah into the swampy water. Noah then rose up and flailed his arms. LeShawna then had to dive in the swamp and rescue Noah from drowning.

Courtney was in the final clip. It showed her in the anime challenge. She had stuck her arm in the box and brushed against the Venus fly traps which began to hungrily snap Courtney's arm. She yelled in pain.

The episode returned to the interviewer's couch. Noah was now sitting inbetween Bridgette and Geoff to try and break up the argument. "So, looks like we're back. Can you two at least try to calm down? And if you can't do it for yourselves, do it for the viewers," Noah asked.

Both Bridgette and Geoff sighed in stress. "Fine," Bridgette sighed.

"Well then, let's go on to the first interview," Geoff said. Noah walked over to the other couch and looked prepared for his questions. "So, first question. How did you feel when you kissed LeShawna?"

"Uh, uh, uh," Noah mumbled.

"Geoff, maybe you shouldn't open up with that question," Bridgette suggested.

"Why? It's best to get through the interview first, then the camera has more time to focus on me," Geoff chuckled.

"Why would the camera want to do that?" Heather asked from the peanut gallery.

"Put a sock in it, baldy," Eva grunted next to her.

"Like you can talk, you didn't even play this season," Heather scoffed.

"Geoff, I still think you should open up with some lighter questions, or maybe you shouldn't even ask it," Bridgette said.

"Well, not only can we talk about it, we can watch it in glorious HD!" Geoff announced.

"Oh, brother," Noah sighed. The screen came down and played the end of episode fourteen.

"Aw man. Oh well, I guess I got third last time, so it's okay," Noah said. He hugged LeShawna and Gwen.

The next scene had Noah in the Lame-o-sine. He was about to shut the door, but LeShawna stopped him. He got out of the car. "What is it?" he asked LeShawna.

Suddenly, LeShawna smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "See you later," she smiled. Noah got back into the Lame-o-sine, smiled and the limo drove away.

The screen turned to black and disappeared as the audience applauded. "So, now do you feel ready to talk about it?" Geoff asked.

"Well, I'm not sure--" Noah began.

"Well, maybe you'll feel up to talk about it when we play, Truth or Anvil!" Geoff announced.

"What?" Noah asked.

"Not this again," Bridgette sighed, putting her left hand on her temple.

"Not what again, Bridgette?" Noah asked, slightly more concerned and slightly more worried.

"The third installment of the 'Truth or' series. This time, for every question you answer truthfully, nothing will happen, but if you answer incorrectly, you might be able to know what'll happen if you look up," Geoff smirked. Noah uneasily looked up and saw that there was an anvil connected by a magnet above him. Noah gulped nervously. "So, I'll ask you again. How'd you feel when you kissed LeShawna?"

"Okay, first of all, LeShawna kissed me," Noah said. Geoff looked up for the magnet to drop, but unfortunately for him, it didn't.

"Seriously?" Geoff asked. "Fine, continue."

"Well, it felt, well, um. I'm sure that it was just a friendly kiss. She only gave me a peck on the cheek. It's not like it meant anything," Noah explained. The whole room went silent for a second and everyone waited to see if the anvil would drop. Unfortunately, it didn't.

"Really?" Geoff asked.

"Really?" the audience asked.

"Really?" Noah asked. His eyes then widened and he clamped his hands over his mouth. "Sorry, force of habit to saying what everyone else is saying."

"Really?" Geoff asked. Bridgette elbowed Geoff and he rubbed his ribs.

"You should move onto something else," Bridgette told him.

"Fine. Hey, look, we've got someone calling in!" Geoff exclaimed. "Completely forgot about everyone else. Welcome Sean from, get this, Toronto, Canada!"

The screen came back down, and revealed a small teenager with fair hair and a piercing in his right ear. "Hi everyone! I have a question for Noah," Sean asked. "You and LeShawna have been friends from season one. Has your relationship, grown from there?"

"Well, friendship-wise, I guess it has grown," Noah answered.

Sean looked annoyed. "That's not what I meant."

"Well, you never did say what you meant by--" Noah began, and then the anvil dropped.

"Noah!" Bridgette yelled. Noah looked up, yelled and dived out of the way as the anvil crushed the couch.

"What the heck? We weren't even playing Truth or Anvil!" Noah yelled.

"Hmm, that's strange," Geoff wondered. "The only question we asked was about you and LeShawna. Maybe..."

"Can we just move onto the next question?" Bridgette asked. "Noah, you can sit on the couch behind."

"Thanks, Bridgette," Noah said, as he followed Bridgette's instructions. He sat on the couch on the step. The step made the couch rise so whoever was sitting there wouldn't be blocked from the camera by the couch in front.

Sean's picture had no gone. "Okay Noah, we know that you placed third last season, so how does it feel to have come in eighth this time round?" Bridgette asked.

"Really? Where's the drama in that question?" Geoff asked.

"I'm just being nice. You might want to look up the word," Bridgette growled as she held onto Geoff's collar tightly.

"Babe, not here," Geoff said. "You'll get creases on my shirt."

Bridgette sighed deeply. It was if she no longer cared. "Sorry, Noah. This is your moment, not ours. So what's your answer to the question?"

"Well, I figured some people would gun for me since I got a high ranking in the first season, but I never actually expected to be eliminated in a choosing system. Since it was like, you choose who gets immunity, then that person chooses who gets immunity. I just didn't really expect to be eliminated thanks to Gwen, although I understand why she would've chosen LeShawna. The two of them have been friends longer," Noah answered.

"That's nice. So who're you rooting for now?" Bridgette asked.

"LeShawna. Definitely. I hope she wins," Noah smiled. The audience 'awed', as well as a majority of the members in the peanut gallery, the minority being Eva and Heather.

"LeShawna? Why should that flabby ball of hot gas win? If I was still on, she'd be the first I'd eliminate. And I should still be on! I demand to still be on!" Heather yelled as she rose from her seat.

"Shut it, baldy!" Noah yelled. "You're the one filled with hot air. In fact, you're filled with so much hot air, your head would pop if it was pricked by a needle!" He rose to his feet and pointed directly at Heather's round, bald head.

"Oh no you di'n't!" Someone shouted from the audience. It sounded like something LeShawna would've said.

"Wow, now that's drama! Let's give a round of applause for Noah!" Geoff exclaimed. The audience followed Geoff's words and clapped as loud as they could.

"Ha, you got told by Noah," Gwen chuckled.

"Zip it, Goth girl," Heather hissed.

"Girls, calm down for a bit," DJ insisted.

"Who's listen to you? Heather asked. Since DJ was next to her and next to the edge, she pushed him of the peanut gallery and laughed when he fell on his face.

When DJ got up, tears began to well up in his eyes. He then started to cry and moan and he ran off backstage. "Not cool, Heather. Not cool," Geoff said. "Bridge, why don't you go after DJ?"

"I think you should. You two are better friends," Bridgette said.

"But then the camera won't be able to see me--" Geoff began.

"Go and reassure DJ!" Bridgette yelled in Geoff's face.

"Love it when you get feisty, babe, although you could use a mint," Geoff told his girlfriend. The audience gasped.

"Oh no you di'n't!" the same person yelled from the audience.

"Go!" Bridgette yelled. You could hear the anger in her voice and could see little comical fires in her eyes.

Geoff gulped. "Okay, okay. But that stress is gonna give you wrinkles," he said, as he walked backstage. "Hey, I need a camera guy." He then walked off with a cameraman following him.

Bridgette was all alone on the couch, similar to the start of the episode. She was so angry, that her body was shaking and she looked as of she was going to have a massive tantrum. "Excuse me for one moment," Bridgette whispered. The whisper was barely audible, but people and the camera managed to hear it. Bridgette got up, and walked in the opposite direction and walked behind the other curtain that also led backstage. She took a few deep breaths, then the entire studio began to shake.

"Is that an earthquake?" Sadie asked, hugging Katie.

"I hope not," Katie said, hugging Sadie.

"We don't wanna die!" the two girls moaned, hugging Justin.

"That's not an earthquake, it's Bridgette!" Gwen yelled. It was true. Cody walked to the curtain, pulled it aside and it revealed Bridgette screaming like an earthquake.

"Pull back the curtain!" Bridgette yelled at Cody in a scary, gargling voice. Cody's eyes widened and he pulled back the curtain, hiding Bridgette.

"I have never been more scared in my life! Except for that one time at the petting zoo. That goat always did have it out for me. Even in the second I stepped foot in the petting zoo," Cody jittered. He walked back to his seat in the peanut gallery shaking in fright.

After a few more seconds, the earthquake roar stopped and Bridgette walked out from the curtain back on the seat. She smiled at the camera.

"She scares me," Beth whispered to Ezekiel, and the homeschool boy nodded in agreement.

"Sorry about that. Just needed to calm down. Hey, why don't we got to the green room and see how Owen's doing?" Bridgette suggested. She grabbed the remote and pressed the green button on it. The screen turned on and showed Owen patting DJ's back, who was still crying.

"Heather is a meanie!" DJ wailed.

"I know, I know," Owen told him. "You know what I do when I'm upset. Eat bean dip. Unfortunately, I already ate it all." He gave off a little fart. "Sorry."

"Owen! DJ! You're on screen!" Bridgette announced. Owen and DJ looked at the camera.

"Hey guys! I'm just trying to cheer DJ up. Heather, what did you do?" Owen asked, slightly angry.

"Oh, carry on eating the stupid bean dip," Heather argued back.

"Hey! Bean dip is not stupid! And we're all out," Owen sighed in sadness.

Suddenly, the door in the green room opened up. It was Geoff. "Oh, hey guys! Glad to have found you. Hey Earl, we don't need you anymore," Geoff said to the cameraman in the corridor. Geoff got in, closed the door and sat on the green couch. "Is the camera rolling?"

"Yep," DJ mumbled, as he was trying to hold back his tears, but he just couldn't do it.

"Relax, DJ. Can we get like a picture of you crying really badly, or punching Heather's face?" Geoff asked.

"Geoff!" Bridgette yelled.

"What? It's Heather," Geoff told her.

"Well, you do have a point, but there's no need for violence. DJ, you can come back on whenever you're ready. But I think it's time for our next guest. He's loveable, he's funny, he consumes three times the average amount of food a man eats in a day in a week, it's Owen!" Bridgette announced. Owen walked out from the green room as the screen began to move back up again to the ceiling. Owen then walked out from backstage to the stage and he sat down on the couch with Noah.

"Uh, what happened to the other couch?" Owen asked.

"Anvil. Long story," Noah told his friend.

"So, Owen. Congratulations on placing seventh. That means you ranked higher than Total Drama Island!" Bridgette cheered.

"Thanks Bridgette. It was fun, except for the times Chris was trying to kill us, but it was fun," Owen said.

"True dat," Noah agreed.

"So you made the merge. How did it feel to work on your own?" Bridgette asked.

"Fun. And I loved the anime challenge with those gigantic robots. They reminded me of King Gong and Kodzilla," Owen said.

"You mean King Kong and Godzilla," Noah corrected.

"Isn't that what I said?" Owen asked.

"No, you said King Gong and Kodzilla," Noah told him.

"That's what we both said," Owen replied.

"No, you said King Gong and Kodzilla. I said King Kong and Godzilla. Small difference, but you're not saying it right!" Noah yelled.

"Okay man. Settle down," Owen said.

"That was the episode you were eliminated in. That's also the episode where you made an alliance with Lindsay and Tyler, isn't it?" Bridgette wondered.

"I completely forgot about that alliance! I think the alliance failed because it was too far ahead in the competition. We were all on the Killer Actors, so maybe he should've asked for an alliance then," Owen replied.

"An alliance? I must've missed that part of the episode back at Playa Des Losers," Noah said.

"I'm gonna root for Tyler and Lindsay," Owen said. "From the alliance, of course."

"I'm rooting for Gwen and LeShawna," Noah said.

"Mostly LeShawna, of course. Am I right, buddy?" Geoff scoffed. Bridgette elbowed him lightly in the ribs. "What?"

"Can we just get on with it?" Bridgette asked impatiently.

"Fine, babe. In fact, we've got to play Truth of Anvil!" Geoff announced, putting a few seconds of pause in between each of the last three words.

"Wasn't playing it with me enough?" Noah asked.

"Nope. But let's get down to business," Geoff replied. The anvil on the broken remains of the bottom couch began to shake, the flew up into the air and stuck itself to the magnet that had now been moved above the other couch.

"That is one powerful magnet," Noah muttered.

"Sorry in advance, Owen," Bridgette apologised.

"Okay Owen, we've got a couple of questions for you. Answer truthfully and nothing happens. However, if you don't, you can piece together what'll happen next," Geoff eerily said.

A few moments of silence occurred. "No I can't. Tell me," Owen told him.

"The anvil drops and breaks both of our necks. Unless we jump out of the way. You probably might not be able to," Noah said and he patted Owen's back.

"Do I have to play this?" Owen asked.

"Well, duh," Geoff told him.

"But not before watching your after-confessionals," Bridgette pointed out.

"But they're not scheduled until the end of the show," Geoff told his girlfriend.

"Well I want to schedule it now," Bridgette grumbled, stepping on Geoff's foot on the word 'now'.

"Ow!" Geoff yelled. "Not the foot. I don't want a hang-nail."

"Roll the camera!" Bridgette yelled.

Noah had gotten into the Lame-o-sine and sat down in the seats. "Am I annoyed that I'm eliminated? Slightly, but I get why Gwen would choose LeShawna over me. I just can't believe I got eliminated before Courtney. She's turning into Heather. I wouldn't be surprised if she goes bald or undergoes mutation," he said and chuckled.

Owen was sitting down on the backseat of the Lame-o-sine as the camera turned on. "I wanted to win the game. I didn't even get to beat Courtney. But I don't hold grudges. It's nice to get this far. Now I can go to Playa Des Losers and eat all the shrimp cocktail that I... what? There's an after show? Aw. Will there be shrimp cocktails?"

The episode returned back to Bridgette, who was sitting on the couch, and Geoff, who was sitting on the couch with a pair of nail clippers. "Couldn't you wait to do your nails after the show?" Bridgette asked impatiently.

"I could, but beauty comes first," Geoff told her.

"You got that right," Justin said from the peanut gallery. He was holding a mirror and looking at his face. "Perfection."

"You got that right, Justin," Katie sighed dreamily.

"You're so hot!" Sadie giggled.

"There we go," Geoff sighed in relief. "Now we can start the activities. Owen, it's time for... Truth or Anvil!"

"Good luck, buddy," Noah said to Owen, before he ran off of the couch and headed for the peanut gallery.

"Mom, if you're watching and I don't make it," Owen said to the camera, "you can sell my action figures, but don't sell my cheeses of the world collection, I want my boys to be buried with me."

"Okay then Owen, it's time for your first question. What do you hate-" Geoff began.

"Next question," Bridgette commanded.

"Uh," Geoff wondered, then he slid to the next cue card. "What do think about-".

"Next question," Bridgette repeated.

Geoff read the next cue card, "if you had to, who would you throw out of-".

"Next question," Bridgette replied, slightly annoyed.

"I don't have another question!" Geoff yelled.

"Well maybe you should think of some questions that aren't gonna make Owen the most hated guy here!" Bridgette yelled to her boyfriend.

"Well maybe you should stop being such a grouch!" Geoff yelled. Bridgette gasped and slapped Geoff right on the cheek. He screamed in pain on contact. "What the heck did you that for! You just ruined my perfect cheekbones!"

"I don't care!" Bridgette yelled.

"Does this mean I don't have to play the game?" Owen asked.

"Butt out of it!" Geoof and Bridgette yelled. Noah then appeared on screen.

"Okay, I think this arguement has summed up this episode from the aftermath. So, from all of us here, stay tuned and keep watching Total... Drama-" he began.

"Oh you did not just call me fat," Bridgette snapped.

Noah turned back round. "Action!"

Chapter XIX: Anti-Gravity

The episode opened up with a view of the Abandoned Film Lot. "Last time," Chris began with his usual voice-over, "on Total Drama Action: our game was a total disaster! Well, at least for the contestants. Courtney was in the firing line with the other teens due to her 'Owen elimination'. You know, I really did forget she found a Chris head immunity idol. So will Courtney be shut down, or will she triumph over the rest. Find out on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

A picture of Lindsay's face was pinned against the wall of the girls trailer with two long red darts. Then, another red dart was thrown to the Lindsay's picture, hitting her square in the chin. The screen panned over to show Courtney was throwing the darts. She growled, "I can hit her hair, chin and ear. What about the forehead, or the eye!" She got off her bed and went to the drawers. She pulled out a drawer and took out four more sheets. They camera showed that the sheets were headshots of the other contestants still in the game, except for Duncan.

"Gwen?" Lindsay's voice called out from the front door. Quickly, Courtney stashed the darts and the photos away in the drawer and she shut it.

"She's not here, blondie," Courtney snapped back as Lindsay fully entered the room.

"Hmm, maybe she's in the Catholic bathrooms," Lindsay wondered and she began to leave the room.

"It's called the communal bathrooms!" Courtney yelled as the door slammed shut.

"Um, Constance, why is the sun turned off?" Lindsay asked from outside.

"What?" Courtney asked, and she took a glance at the digital clock on the counter. It read: 14:07. "That's odd. Lindsay, what do you mean?" She went to the door and went outside. She looked up. Lindsay was right. The sky was completely pitch black.

Duncan and Tyler walked out of the boys trailer and looked up, with eyes wide. Gwen and LeShawna walked out of the crafts service tent to find that they sky was completely blacked out. "We just had lunch and it's night?" LeShawna exclaimed, talking with her hands.

"Actually," Chris said as he crept up behind the two girls, "that'll be Chef, getting the sky blocker in place."

"Sky what?" Duncan asked, as the other four had gathered near the entrance to the crafts tent.

"Theme for today's challenge," Chris mentioned. "Chef!" he yelled into a walkie-talkie. "Are the lights working?"

The camera went up to Chef in the helicopter with the sky blocker hooked beneath it. "Check," Chef replied and he pushed a button on the control block.

Back below, dozens of hundreds of lights began to twinkle in the sky blocker. "I'm guessing the theme is space?" Duncan asked. Chris nodded in response.

"You couldn't have waited until the night, where we could enjoy actual lights? I mean, stars?" Gwen asked.

"You lot know me. I'll do anything to speed things up," Chris chuckled.

"Really? Last challenge didn't show that," Duncan snickered.

"Just follow me," Chris grumbled. The episode flashed over to the space movie set where the contestants walked past two novelty space suits, and were now standing in front of a large ice rink. "The first part of the first challenge out of two is based off one of my favourite video games as a kid-" he began, before rudely interrupted by Duncan.

"As a kid? I didn't know there were video games in the eighteenth century," Duncan chuckled. Chris responded with a sharp glare.

(Conf), Duncan: Yeesh, that guy totally doesn't have a sense of humor.

"-as I was saying," Chris began, "this challenge is based off of Alien Invaders and Duck Hunt. Your challenge is to shoot down alien targets. Pretty simple, don't you think?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Tyler said.

"Well it's not!" Chris yelled. "Psych! You should know that nothing's too easy. You'll be doing this whilst... ice skating!"

"Ice skating? Really? That's the best you could think of?" Tyler asked. LeShawna, who was standing next to him, widened her eyes and slapped him round the back of the head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Have you not learnt anything from being on this show... twice?" Courtney told the jock.

"Yeah, you never say anything like that, because it always comes true!" LeShawna replied.

"The girls are right Tyler, you really should know that. Hidden in the ice park are traps. However, since the there are a lot of these traps, it's not really safe for more than three people to be on the rink at a time," Chris explained.

"Since when do you care about our safety?" Courtney asked.

"Seriously, if the trap's fault line is activated it could be a life-threatening danger zone. I don't need that many lawsuits," Chris explained. "So the producers have decided that three people will go on at a time. Their objective is to shoot down aliens with laser guns. Green ones are worth ten points, reds are fifty points and silver aliens are worth eighty points. Then, the person on each group of three who scores the highest will take part in the second half of this challenge. Any questions?"

Lindsay's hand shot up. "Great. Now, our first team is," Chris began as an intern handed him an envelope. He opened it up and read out, "Lindsay, Duncan and LeShawna."

"Excuse me? Does this body look like it's made for ice skating?" LeShawna asked rhetorically.

"Do you want me to answer that question?" Duncan asked and he smiled.

"You better hope I don't activate that fault line right under you," LeShawna threatened.

The scene changed to Lindsay, Duncan and LeShawna on the ice rink, all three were armed with laser guns. "So when do the aliens arrive? Cause I thought that was the first challenge," Lindsay commented dumbly.

"This is the space challenge!" Chris yelled from his helicopter. "The aliens will be projected from this ship!"

At the other side of the rink barrier, Courtney, Gwen and Tyler were watching from the sidelines. "You can do this Lindsay!" Tyler cheered.

"Go on, LeShawna!" Gwen encouraged.

"Crush them, Duncan! Obliterate!" Courtney yelled in a rage.

(Conf), Courtney: If Duncan wins, and I win Gwen and Tyler, then he'll have no choice but to let me win. I am his better, better half, after all.

A klaxon rang and a timer began to dwindle down from three minutes to zero. Duncan pushed himself from the wall as a projection from the helicopter beamed into a green alien. Duncan aimed his laser gun and shot the alien straight in the head, destroying the hologram.

Lindsay tried to push herself off the wall, but instead her feet began to judder and she tried running with her skates on and she ended up running slowly across the rink, flailing her arms around wildly.

LeShawna seemed to be stuck to the ice rink barrier. "Can't there just be an alien in front of me instead of ten feet away? Wow, I bet no one's ever said that before," LeShawna said to herself.

Duncan was mastering the ice field. BAM! A bright red alien demolished under the wrath of his laser gun. WHOOP! A green alien got shot right in the head. ZAP! A silver alien fell to the power of the laser gun. "Keep scoring them, Duncan!" Courtney cheered from the sidelines.

"Time to spice things up," Chris said from the helicopter. He pressed a red button on his ever-so-famous remote.

Back down on the ice rink, Lindsay had finally managed to stop herself and she had gotten control of her gun. She aimed her gun at a green alien projection. "Ready, aim, fire!" Lindsay yelled. She pulled the trigger of the gun, but immediately afterwards, the ice below her cracked and fell under her weight, causing Lindsay to plummet into the freezing cold drink. She was completely submerged, but then floated back up in a block of ice.

(Conf), Lindsay: *slightly blue* I was so cold, I think my lipstick froze. *taps lips which makes a metallic clang sound*

LeShawna had managed to shoot down two red aliens and one green one until a trap set off under her, covering her in glue and feathers. "Atchoo!" LeShawna sneezed, "great."

"Whilst LeShawna sneezes, Duncan breezes through this challenge! With only one minute left, we enter, the snowball round!" Chris announced.

"Snowball round?" Duncan said, confused. Then, a snowball hit him square in the face. "Hey!"

"Sorry Duncan," Tyler chuckled.

(Conf), Tyler: If Duncan wins, then Courtney wins over me and Gwen, Courtney will force Duncan to let her win. That means Courtney will stay another day. And Courtney is one of the strongest players. If Courtney doesn't receive immunity, there's no way she'll be able to stay in. Plus, it'll throw Duncan off his game!

Gwen and Tyler both threw snowballs at LeShawna and the feathers on her face prevented her from seeing the snowballs, which landed right on her face. Dripping slush slipped off her face, but it also took off the feathers that blocked her sight. "Thanks guys!" LeShawna thanked, but shortly afterwards another snowball hit her face, calling her to fall backwards on the ice. This triggered another trap, quite a literal one and it glued her clothes to the floor.

Lindsay had melted out of her icy prison. A silver alien appeared in front of her. "Yay! An easy target!" Lindsay exclaimed. She pulled the trigger, but the laser didn't fire. "Huh?" She tapped her gun and pulled the trigger again, but no laser came out.

"The silver alien disappeared in a flash of red. "Ha!" Duncan yelled as he skated past Lindsay, "sucker!"

The timer showed that there was only ten seconds left. "It looks like and Duncan's about to win, but that could all change with the final shoot down!" Chris announced from his helicopter.

Back down in the rink, there seemed to be one alien popping up one after the other. Duncan shot down the first two green aliens as the timer went down to five seconds. "Work, you stupid laser gun!" Lindsay yelled and she dropped her gun on the floor. It began to shake, then it exploded in a flash of red light. The timer went down to zero and each contestant fell into the ice rink.

They each came back up in blocks of ice. "What happened?" Gwen asked.

"That laser must have melted the ice," Tyler explained.

"Lindsay's laser must have malfunctioned and heated up which caused the rink to melt," Courtney added.

"Well, does anyone wanna help me fish them out?" Chef asked, in a weird scuba suit with a fishing rod on his back.

The episode went to the part where Chef had managed to successfully fish out three blocks of ice containing LeShawna, Lindsay and Duncan. Chris had landed the helicopter and came over to see Chef thawing out the contestants in ice blocks with a blow dryer. "Well, whilst you do that, I'm gonna have a look at the scores," Chris said. "First up, LeShawna, let's see how you scored." The part of the scoreboard that was next to LeShawna's picture began to glow. Then the final score revealed: 1240.

"Congratulations, LeShawna! You have score twelve hundred and forty points! It's not the best, but it's summat," Chris said. "Now it's time to see Lindsay's score." Yet again, Lindsay's part of the scoreboard began to glow. 3890.

"Yay! I scored three eight nine nothing!" Lindsay cheered.

(Conf), Lindsay: I was never good with English. All those numbers...

The scoreboard was tallying up Duncan's score. He was leaning against the rink with his arms crossed. "You look well to chill," Courtney said.

"It's Lindsay. I have nothing to be worried about," Duncan explained.

"Hmm, you're right," Courtney said. She cracked her fingers and neck, then began to mellow down and watched the scoreboard. 3580. "Damn you, Duncan! Why are you so stupid! You lost to Lindsay! Lindsay, of all people!" Courtney yelled in absolute rage. She began hitting him over the head with her fists and Duncan cowered away.

(Conf), Duncan: If anyone shows that clip of Courtney beating the crap out of me, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you. Wait, if anyone shows this confessional, I'm gonna beat the crap out of you, too.

Gwen, Tyler and Courtney were ready on the ice field, armed with their ray guns.

(Conf), Courtney: My strategy is to sink Gwen right away. Tyler will easily fall under my whim, and I'll be facing left facing Lindsay, the dumbest person in the Northern Hemisphere. I would say in the whole world, but you haven't met my Australian third-cousin twice removed: Dennis. He's way stupider than Lindsay. No, really, I tested it with a stupid-o-meter. *pulls out stupid-o-meter* It's based on a scale from Homer Simpson to Australian baby koala.

The klaxon blared and the three began, pushing themselves from the walls of the rink. Courtney immediately fired her laser at Gwen's feet, but Gwen was too quick for her, skating behind a patch of melting ice. "Miss me, Courtney," Gwen scoffed. She laughed, but lost concentration, and ended up crashing into Tyler. They both collapsed in a heap, and Courtney drew a circle in the ice with her laser around the two, melting the ice and causing them to sink.

Two aliens were obliterated before Tyler and Gwen resurfaced, imprisoned in the same block of ice. "Since Tyler and Gwen are both frozen and immobile, Courtney moves onto the final round!" Chris announced. "Chef! Get a hairdryer!"

Lindsay and Courtney were standing in front of the two novelty space suits that Chris had showed the remaining contestants earlier. "What now?" Courtney asked, a tone of impatience in her voice.

"Since the two of you won in the ice rink, both of you will get a shot at immunity. To be safe for tonight's elimination, the two of you will have to put on these space suits and you float up, giving you the feel of zero gravity," Chris explained.

"How are we going to float?" Courtney asked.

"Fairy dust?" Lindsay asked, feeling hopeful.

"No Lindsay, not fairy dust," Chris told her, "helium. Don't be surprised if you sound like a chipmunk. Anyways, let's not get side-tracked. You will float up to the top of the rocket statue. The first one to grab the 'Total Drama' flag on the rocket's tip will win the first immunity for tonight's vote."

"F-f-first imunit-ty?" Gwen chattered. Hers, as well as the others skin, was a tinted blue.

"That's right, two people will be immune from tonight's game. The back-breaking challenges for this episode haven't ended yet," Chris chuckled.

Courtney and Lindsay were now dressed in the space suits. The hiss of helium broke into the suit and it started to fill the suit. "Good luck, Lindsay!" Tyler called to his girlfriend, who was slowly rising into the air.

"Thanks Taylor!" Lindsay yelled back, and the sound of Tyler facepalming could be heard. The sound of cheer was annoying Courtney.

"Shut up!" Courtney replied, in an agitated voice that was getting higher in pitch so you couldn't take it seriously.

(Conf), Duncan: You really can't take Courtney seriously in that voice. I remember one time inbetween TDI and this season where she sucked on a helium balloon as a dare and her voice was so high, I think DJ peed himself laughing. Or was it Owen? I think it was both.

Lindsay and Courtney were now three metres above the ground. "Immunity, here I come!" Courtney said in a helium-caused high-pitched voice. She began to vertically 'swim' in the air, as if you would swim in water.

"You sound funny!" Lindsay giggled. "I sound funny!" She began to copy Courtney's 'air swimming' motion.

Back on the ground, the colour returned to the formerly frozen contestants. As they did, Chris began to talk.

"So, they won't be returning for a while. We may as well start the second immunity task. Of the four of you, one more will be safe from tonight's vote. The four of you will be spending the night in a rocket simulator. Whoever I believe does the best during the test will win the second immunity. Everyone understand?" Chris asked.

"I would nod, but my neck is stuck," Gwen said.

The four contestants loaded themselves into the rocket simulator. Inside, it was quite white. The walls were white, as well as the floors, and the monitors. The windows were transparent and you could see whatever was nearby. "Seems easy enough," Duncan said.

"BTW, you might want to grab onto something heavy," Chris told them as the shuttle door shut.

Gwen, Tyler and Duncan grabbed onto LeShawna. "Hey!" she exclaimed, but soon the shuttle began to move extremely fast, and LeShawna just grabbed the monitor when she was being pulled from it by gravity.

"What's happening?" Tyler asked.

"You think we're supposed to know?" Gwen replied. Everyone eventually ended up crashing into the walls. Tyler fell into Gwen and LeShawna pressed Duncan up against the window. This was put in slow motion, so you could see the full effect of Duncan's face pressing up against the window, and how his face eventually slid down the window.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Lindsay were still swimming in the air. They had roughly reached the halfway mark of the gigantic rocket statue. "I'm feeling light-headed," Lindsay said, her voice still high pitched. Her face was pale.

"Me too, but, the immunity is, every..." Courtney mumbled in her helium voice. Her eyelids were getting heavy, and as well as Lindsay, her face was turning pale because of the helium. She found the strength to open her eyes, and she began to swim up, gaining a decent advantage against Lindsay.

"I think... I'm gonna... be--" Lindsay began. She lurched but kept her mouth shut, her face turning green. Swallowing, she stuck her tongue out in disgust. She kept swimming, hoping to beat Courtney for the immunity.

"H-hey! I'm floating in the air!" Tyler exclaimed, as the episode now went to the space shuttle.

"Me too!" LeShawna exclaimed, floating upside down. "This is awesome!"

"I think I'm gonna," Gwen began, before covering her mouth with her face, her green face.

Off screen, Gwen threw up, with Tyler, Duncan and LeShawna looking in disgust. A speck of her up chuck floated on screen. "Argh! It's floating towards me!" Tyler yelled in fright.

The colour slowly returned to Gwen's face, who was floating in the air as if she was sitting down on a chair. "Aah, much better," Gwen sighed.

(Conf), Gwen: This is my first time in space. So what if I threw up? It's not like I hurt anyone.

(Conf), Tyler: *face covered in Gwen's vomit*

It was one in the morning. By now you would expect either Courtney or Lindsay to have won immunity. Wrong! The amount of helium in the suits had both of the girls swaying between conscious and unconscious. They were tied with only a quarter of the rocket left to go. "I'm so tired!" Courtney yawned in a hilarious high-pitched voice.

"I sound like..." Lindsay began, and after absorbing the remaining oxygen in the suit, "a chipmunk." She watched Courtney's unconscious state kick in, and she was now asleep. "Constance? Are you awake?" Lindsay asked. After no response, Lindsay shrugged and kept on floating to the top of the rocket statue.

Two in the morning. In the space shuttle, both Gwen and Tyler were drifting in zero gravity, and both were asleep. LeShawna was looking through the window, but it was kind of hard to do so as she kept floating around. Duncan had grabbed onto the monitor at the front of the shuttle, looking at the screen and controls. "Isn't there anything to do in here?" Duncan asked. His eyes drew attention to a big red button labeled: 'DO NOT TOUCH'. "Hmm," he wondered. Without thinking, he let go of the monitor with his right hand and pressed the button.

Instantly, red sirens and alarms wailed.

Both Gwen and Tyler woke up. "Wha-what happened?" Tyler asked.

"Um," Duncan thought. "It's LeShawna's fault!"

"Wait, wha? Duncan, what did you do?" LeShawna asked, annoyed.

"I don't know," he replied, as the other three floated towards the monitor. "I just pressed this button!" He pointed to the red button.

"Wait a minute, you pushed a button that is clearly labeled, 'DO NOT TOUCH'?" Gwen asked, mind-blown.

"I though it was for another button! Listen, I'll just press it again to turn it off," Duncan told them. He pressed the red button again.

"SELF-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ACTIVATED! T-MINUS ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SECONDS TO SELF-DESTRUCT!" a robotic female voice droned out of the shuttle's speakers.

"Duncan!" the other three yelled.

(Conf), Duncan: Okay, so maybe I'm not gonna become a world famous astronaut after all. No biggie.


"Fix it, Duncan, or we kill you before this rocket kills you," LeShawna threatened.

"Please. Like Chris could afford to self-destroy something," Duncan told her whilst pressing random buttons on the monitor.

Three 'o' clock. By now, Lindsay was just a little behind Courtney, and both were only a few metres away from the flag. "I thought that with the amount of helium we've sucked in, we'd have fainted already," Courtney said in a high pitched, deathly moan.

(Conf), Chris: By this point, you would think that Noah's famous words would have rubbed off on the contestants by now. Well, it's good for me that you're wrong!

Courtney had now fainted, and had drifted behind Lindsay. "Almost... there," Lindsay said in possibly the most squeakiest voice ever. She extended her arm to grab the flag at the peak of the rocket. Her fist closed. She had the flag. She had immunity. "Yay! I--" Lindsay began before she fainted to. What the two unconscious girls didn't notice was that the supply of helium had been cut off, and they were plummeting to the ground.

"T-MINUS TWENTY SECONDS TO SELF-DESTRUCT!" By this point, beads of sweat had actually formed on the rocket riders. Gwen, Tyler and LeShawna were crowding, well floating, around Duncan, who was still pressing the buttons like a maniac.

"Come on! This always works in the movies," Duncan muttered.

"You've got to have missed a button. Have you missed a button?" Tyler asked.

"Okay, one, I don't know, and two, shut up!" Duncan yelled.


A closeup of LeShawna's face.


A closeup of Gwen's face.


A closeup of Tyler's face.


Duncan pressing multiple buttons.


A drop of sweat fell on the rocket's floor.


A slow motion view of Duncan about to press a button.


Duncan pressing the button and the others trying to brace themselves with no gravity.


"Phew," sighed the others, wiping their brows.

"Told you I could fix it," Duncan told them.

"Yeah, and you left it to the last second," Gwen exclaimed.

"What would life be without a little drama?" Duncan asked rhetorically.

"That's right, Duncan! That's right," Chris's voice spoke through the intercom.

"Chris? What's happening?" Tyler asked.

"The challenge is over! A winner has been declared! I'm stopping the rocket... now!" Chris announced.

The rocket stopped and the contestants crashed against the back wall of the rocket, the way gravity was pulling.

"Oops! Sorry, but I'm not sorry!" Chris chuckled.

The scene went over to Gwen, LeShawna, Tyler and Duncan standing in a row by Chris. "Well then? Who won?" Gwen asked.

"I have decided the winner is... Duncan!" Chris announced.

"What? How? He's the one who almost caused us to be self-destroyed!" Tyler shouted.

"Yeah, and if I remember, he's the only one who did anything to stop it. Plus, he used common sense. Like this show has the budget to self-destroy anything," Chris said.

Duncan shot a look that said 'I told you so' to Tyler. Tyler shot back a look that said 'please'. Not in a begging way, but in the sarcastic way.

"Who won on the helium thing?" Gwen asked.

"Blondie did," Chef said, carrying two bodies on his shoulders. He dropped them on the ground, and the bodies were revealed to be Courtney and Lindsay's still in the astronaut costumes. Lindsay was holding the flag in her hand.

"So, I guess I'll be seeing all of you at elimination tonight, but Lindsay and Duncan are safe from the vote. Best decide who's gonna be the next eliminated and hope it won't be you," Chris told them. The four people eligible for elimination, excluding Courtney, looked at each other.

Gwen, LeShawna, Lindsay and Tyler were in the girls trailer. "So, Courtney hasn't got immunity. I reckon that this is our best chance to get rid of her," LeShawna said.

"I know," Lindsay said, her voice still high pitched. "Constance is mean."

"And it cuts the power duo in half," Tyler said. "So, Courtney's going home?" The other three nodded. "Now if you excuse me, I've got to go to the bathroom."

"We don't really need to know that, Tyler," Gwen sighed as Tyler left the trailer.

The episode cut over to the elimination ceremony. Everyone grabbed their voting device and cast their votes. The votes were printed out of a large machine, and Chris, in his polyester suit, grabbed the results. "So, you people know the rules, if you're safe, you'll get a Gilded Chris Award. If you aren't, you'll be eliminated, and therefore will walk down the Walk of Shame, get into the Lame-o-sine and will never ever return. So, let's--" Chris began.

"Wait!" interrupted Tyler. "I need to go to the bathroom!"

"Can't you hold it in?" Chris asked.

"Well, if you want the risk of my bladder exploding all over your suit--" Tyler argued.

"Eugh! That's sick, bro! Just, hurry up! This day has gone on for too long," Chris complained. Tyler ran off to the bathroom.

Tyler exited the bathroom minutes later, and unknowingly bringing a strand of TP with him. He yawned. He was about to head back to the arena, but heard a faint rustling sound. "Huh?" He heard it louder this time. "Psst, over here," a quiet voice whispered. It came from behind the girls trailer. He carefully walked over there, and when he did, he saw a figure hiding under a brown burlap sack. "I have more 'information' for you," the voice whispered. The figure looked at Tyler. "Wait a minute, you're not LeShawna!"

"Hang on, is that you--" Tyler began, but was cut off when the episode cut over to the elimination arena, where Chris was beginning to grow impatient.

"Ugh, where's Tyler? Did his bladder burst before he got to the bathroom?" Chris wondered.

"It better not have," Chef said in a pink sparkly dress. "I ain't cleaning that mess up."

"Well, I guess we better carry on with this. It's not like Tyler's gonna miss much, because he received zero votes," Chris said. He threw a Gilded Chris Award at the spot where Tyler was sitting. "Also safe are Lindsay and Duncan, you know, because of their immunity."

Gilded Chris Awards were thrown at both immunity recipients, but Lindsay's was thrown way to high over her head.

"Also safe is LeShawna, with one vote," Chris announced. She caught hers and smiled. "And know, we're left with Gwen and Courtney. The two people, who when TDI first started, I thought were the same person."

"Really? We are not the same," the two girls said in unison. "Hey! Stop copying me! Stop it! Stop it!"

"Anyways," Chris started again, "Gwen, Courtney, one of you will be going home tonight, and that person is...






























... Court--" Chris began.

"Stop this wedding!" Tyler yelled, out of the blue.

"What? This isn't a wedding," Chris said.

"I know, I just wanted to make a dramatic entrance. And I have an announcement!" Tyler exclaimed. "One person has been cheating, and using secret information to get people eliminated. And the person giving that information is..." he began. This was the first time people noticed the figure Tyler was holding. Tyler yanked off the 'hood', revealing the face of a past, red-headed contestant.

"Izzy!" the other five contestants, Chris and Chef gasped.

"Hey guys! Izzy is back!" Izzy exclaimed.

"Um, no she's not," Chris said. "Who did you give information to?"

"The person she gave it to is..." Tyler began, "LeShawna!"

The others gasped and a guilty face spread on LeShawna's face. "Is this true?" Gwen asked.

LeShawna sighed. "It is," she said.

"And she used information to get rid of Courtney," Tyler said.

"What! You little--" she began, she growled and pounced on LeShawna, but Duncan caught her before she could inflict damage.

"Hey, I thought playing dirty in this game gets you ahead. So if I angered any of you, I'm sorry. But let's face it. No one likes Courtney," LeShawna said.

"What? How dare you!" Courtney yelled. She was trying to break free of Duncan's vice like grip. "Get off me, Duncan!"

"So, does this change anything?" Gwen asked, unsure of what had just happened.

"Well, I guess this means that Courtney will be going home with Izzy," Chris said.

"What? LeShawna cheated!" Courtney yelled.

"Yeah? So what?" Chris asked.

The scene changed over to Chris holding onto Izzy and Chef holding a kicking Courtney. "Well then, see ya later Izzy," Chris said. He pushed her into the Lame-o-sine.

"I'll see you on the Aftermath!" Izzy yelled. Surprisingly, before Chef could push Courtney in their with her, Izzy shut and locked the door. "Town please, my good driver!" Izzy exclaimed from inside the limo. The Lame-o-sine then proceeded to drive off.

"Hey! Wait! Come back! There's another passenger!" Chris yelled. Unfortunately, the limo had gotten too far and couldn't hear Chris' yells. "Well then."

"Huh? Well then what?" Courtney asked.

"I can't be really bothered to call the Lame-o-sine back. Courtney, you've gotten lucky. You stay for another night," Chris said.

"Yes!" Courtney exclaimed, air-punching Chef in the face by accident. She then proceeded to walk back up the Walk of Shame. "Ha! If you all thought I was gone, well now, you've just made the biggest mistake of your life! You're all going down!"

Lindsay and Tyler gulped, whilst Gwen and LeShawna rolled their eyes. Courtney walked over to her boyfriend and hugged her, and they walked over to the trailers. "Great, just great," LeShawna muttered.

Chris appeared on screen. "Well after this shock, Courtney survives to fight another night. But does this mean the bossy brunette will stay for long? Will LeShawna's friends turn against her after this shock revelation? If you wanna find out, stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XX: Animal Frenzy

The episode opened up with a view of the Abandoned Film Lot. Then, Chris's voice began to speak over. "Last time, on Total Drama Action: The contestants stuck their head up in the clouds, and even further into infinite space. Gwen, LeShawna, Tyler and Duncan got stuck in a rocket, that after a few hours, initiated a self-destruct. It was clear that Courtney would be going home, but not until Tyler found out that LeShawna had been cheating by using information given by ex-contestant Izzy! Shocking, right? Anyways, after the votes revealed Courtney would be going home, Izzy took the Lame-o-sine to the town, resulting in a lucky escape for Courtney. We're still at the final six, but after tonight, we will definitely have our final five. Who'll make the cut? Who won't? And will the contestants forget what Izzy said about an Aftermath? I hope so. Find out the answers and keep watching Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

Lindsay, Tyler and Gwen were sitting at a table in the crafts service tent and were talking about the events of the space challenge. "That helium made my head hurt," Lindsay complained.

"Well don't worry babe, you still got immunity," Tyler said. "I can't believe that LeShawna cheated for who knows how long!"

"Oh please. LeShawna was right. If you want to win this game, you have to do anything. If anything, it's Izzy's fault for coming back here," Gwen said.

"Don't blame this on Izzy. It's LeShawna's fault for taking the information!" Tyler argued.

"If Izzy hadn't come back here, there would be no information to take!" Gwen fought back.

(Conf), Gwen: I can't believe Tyler's trying to blame this on LeShawna. She's the nicest person I know. *sigh* Tyler beginning to become a nuisance. If this next challenge is an elimination challenge, I'm voting him out.

LeShawna walked into the crafts service tent, and Tyler has stopped arguing. LeShawna walked over to the table the other three were sitting at, and Tyler and Lindsay got up and walked to the other table. "Well that was rude!" LeShawna said.

"Well, I don't think it's as rude as cheating," Tyler said.

"Why I oughta," LeShawna began, rolling up her sleeves. "You white boy, you're beginning to annoy me! So what if Izzy gave me contaminating information? It was about Courtney. Courtney! We all hate her!"

"Are my ears burning?" Courtney said, walking into the tent with Duncan's arm around her. "That can't be, because you peasants are far to inferior to even think of my name!"

"Okay, you just said a whole bunch of words that I don't even understand," Lindsay said.

"Of course you wouldn't, you don't even understand what the word breathe means," Duncan taunted.

"Hey! Don't you insult my girlfriend!" Tyler yelled.

"Aw, thanks Tommy!" Lindsay beamed, hugging her boyfriend.

"See what I mean," Duncan chuckled.

(Conf), Tyler: Duncan is such a jerk. Last challenge really made me realize that it's only me and Lindsay in this game. We have to get to the final two. We just have to!

(Conf), Duncan: The space challenge really separated all of us. Now it looks like I'm taking Courtney with me to the final two. That's what I want. *pauses* Yeah, that's what I want.

Chris walked into the tent. "Woah!" he exclaimed as he stepped in. "You could cut the tension in here with a knife! You guys really must hate each other. Keep it that way. It's better television."

"Get bent," Courtney muttered.

"Oh please. Anyways, don't you want to know what the next challenge is?" Chris asked.

"No, I'd rather you hand me my million dollars," Gwen replied.

"Ugh, just shut up and get outside!" Chris yelled. The episode then transferred to the six remaining contestants standing in front of Chris who was standing behind something large covered in multiple white sheets.

"What's behind the sheets?" Tyler asked, holding onto Lindsay.

"What is behind these sheets is your challenge. Today's challenge genre is based off of...," Chris began, gripping onto the sheets. "Animal buddy movies!" he said, at the exact same time he pulled off the sheets, revealing several animals stuck inside their own separate cages.

Gwen gasped. "You're caging innocent animals? You really are cruel," she gasped.

"Thanks for the compliment," Chris chuckled.

"Animal buddy movies? You must be running out of ideas," Duncan laughed.

(Conf), Chris: Hey, do you know how hard it is to come up with twenty different movie genres? It's hard to do, and I accomplished it, so don't hate on the genres!

"Anyways, today's challenge will end in elimination, so you best fight for that immunity. The first challenge requires you to make a little performance with your chosen animal. The person I believe has the best performance with their animal will win an advantage for the second part of the challenge," Chris explained.

"So, what animals do we get?" LeShawna asked.

"The six animals in the cages behind me are your choice of animals. A tortoise," Chris introduced an old-looking tortoise with wrinkly skin. "You might want to choose the bush buck, fresh from Australia," Chris said in an Australian accent. The bush buck looked tame, but when it smiled, it's face turned pure evil, with it's eyes turning red and it's razor sharp teeth bared.

"Aw, it looks so pretty!" Lindsay giggled.

"Maybe you'd like to choose the monkey as your favored animal," Chris said. The monkey has had brown fur and a red and white sweatband and a purple face. It screeched and bared its yellow fangs. "The next animal is the giraffe--"

"Hang on, a tortoise and a buck are fine, a monkey I expect, but how did you get a giraffe here?" Courtney wondered. "That can't be right." She had gotten out her PDA and was typing out a message.

"Animal number five is the salmon," the host said, and the camera panned in on the salmon, who didn't even look at the camera. "Yeah, real interesting. Anyways, the last animal is the worm. Good luck."

"Wait a minute, how do we decide who gets what creature?" Duncan asked.

"Oh, right, completely forgot. We will be deciding this by the first season. The closer you were to first place, the further up the list you go to pick an animal. This means that the loveable Lindsiot will pick first," Chris said.

"Yay!" Lindsay beamed, clapping. "I pick the buck, because it seems really nice." Chris released the buck from its cage and it skipped over to Lindsay, who rubbed its cheek.

"Duncan, you're next," Chris said.

"I'll take giraffe," he said. The giraffe was released and walked to Duncan.

"LeShawna?" Chris asked.

"I'll have the salmon," she replied. A fish bowl containing the salmon was thrust into her hands.

"I'll take the monkey," Tyler said.

"The tortoise," Courtney said, making sure she had nothing to do with the worm.

"That means you're stuck with the worm, Gwen," Chris said, giving her a box of mud and the worm.

"I think that's perfectly suited. A worm for a worm," Courtney said cruelly.

"Hey, cut her some slack, Courtney," Duncan said.

"Are you siding with that Goth freak? Duncan, if I remember correctly, I'm you're girlfriend, not her!" Courtney yelled.

(Conf), Duncan: Courtney's really starting to annoy me. I mean, bad enough she's taking me away from DJ and Owen, but Gwen too? This has gotta stop.

"Okay then. You've all got your animals. You have half an hour to go off, rehearse a talent or whatever and come back here. Anyone who doesn't come back here within the half hour will not be participating in this first challenge. And the catch is you must perform behind the ring of red tape. If you step foot in front of it, you will have to come back here and are not allowed to rehearse any longer. If you don't come back straight after stepping on the tape, you won't be allowed to participate. Another catch is that you won't know when the thirty minutes are over, so you'll have to worry about time issues as well as rehearsals," Chris instructed. "Take your animals and you're thirty minutes starts... now!"

With their chosen animals, the six contestants ran off to rehearse. Well, most of them ran. "Come on, you stupid creature! Move it!" Courtney yelled at the tortoise. "Ugh, I didn't think about this." She picked up the tortoise, which was heavy due to the shell, and ran as fast as she could.

Duncan was riding his giraffe, and the extra speed had gotten him past the red tape first. "Alright giraffe, stop," Duncan commanded. The giraffe instantly stopped. "You know, I think I'm gonna call you Gary. Okay then Gary, let's practice." Duncan ran off and found some trees. He pulled out three red apples that were growing from it. "Hmm, they feel odd."

Tyler and Lindsay ran together and had passed the red tape. "Okay Lindsay, let's start rehearsing," Tyler said. His monkey was perched on his shoulder.

Lindsay was stroking her buck. "Well then, Maurice," Lindsay said, speaking to her chosen animal, "what should we do?"

"You do know that animals can't speak, right?" Gwen told the blond as she passed the red tape with her worm in a box.

"Don't speak to my girlfriend," Tyler ordered.

"Why can't I?" Gwen asked.

"Because you're associated with the cheater! You may have cheated through the entire game too! You did get a second chance after all," Tyler told her.

"Okay, how can you say that thing about association? You've been on a reality show with her for two seasons," Gwen fought back.

"Yeah, well..." Tyler trailed off, trying to think of a comeback. He then glared at Gwen and hit the sides of his fists together twice at Gwen.

"Wha?" she wondered.

"Yeah, you just carry on wondering," Tyler chuckled.

(Conf), Gwen: Okay, either Tyler was crushing a fly on his fists, he was doing some sort of crazy curse like Chef did to Harold last season, or he ripped something off from Friends.

LeShawna has gotten past the tape near Duncan. "Hey white boy, whatcha doing?" LeShawna asked.

"Juggling. What does it look like?" Duncan rhetorically asked, who was juggling with the apples he found. He then threw up all three apples into the giraffe's mouth, who ate them. Bulges from the apples were shown in giraffe's throat.

A few moments later, pink frothy wax was coming out of the giraffe's mouth. "Uh, what's happening to your giraffe?" LeShawna asked.

"I dunno? Do you think Chris did this to the Gary?" Duncan asked.

"Well, where'd you find those juggling balls?" LeShawna asked.

"They aren't balls, they're apples. I found them in a nearby tree," Duncan explained.

"Apples? Boy, you do know this is a film lot, right? Most of our surroundings are probably props made of wax," LeShawna said.

Duncan paused. "Dammit! I fed Gary wax!" he shouted.

"Don't worry. I'll wash that right out," LeShawna told him. She put down her fish tank, picked up the salmon and squeezed it. Water fired out of its mouth and hit Duncan straight in the mouth.

"Hey! Aim it at the giraffe!" Duncan gurgled. The salmon stopped, then fired more water at Duncan.

"I am not a giraffe!" Duncan gurgled. The salmon stopped, and Duncan wiped the water off of his face. "Thank you." The salmon then shot out more water at him. "Stop it! Stop it!" The salmon stopped once more.

"You know what I'm surprised at?" LeShawna told him. "This fish hasn't suffocated yet."

Courtney had finally crossed the red tape. She sighed. "Finally. You stupid tortoise better be bursting with talent," she said, and she dropped the reptile. She bent down to drop it. Unknowingly, she shifted her foot, and the heel of her shoe had touched the ground inside the red tape.

Courtney came back up. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her chosen animal. It was hiding inside of its shell. "Are you kidding me? Get out of your stupid shell!" Courtney yelled, kicking the tortoise's shell repeatedly.

(Conf), Chris: *holding a contract with the Total Drama logo printed on it* All Total Drama contracts which were signed by the contestants waived the responsibility of harmed animals off of us and onto them. So should any animal be harmed in the making of this show, the contestants will face the consequences. I love these babies. *kisses the contract*

Duncan had gotten the wax out of Gary's mouth. "Okay then Gary. We'll do the juggling thing, but next time we'll do it with actual balls, not wax. Afterwards, you regurgitate the balls and spit them into the air. I'll then catch them," Duncan said. The giraffe nodded.

"Do you think he can actually understand you?" LeShawna asked, who was rehearsing with her salmon.

"I don't know. Gary, we'll practice the regurgitating thing with this pebble," Duncan said, picking a pebble up from the ground. He threw it into the giraffe's mouth, who swallowed it.

"You don't think that the pebble's made of wax, do you?" LeShawna wondered. Grey foam began to froth out of Gary's mouth.

"Dammit!" Duncan yelled, facepalming.

The episode cut over to a first-person view of the worm in its box looking up at Gwen. Gwen then shut the box with its lid and the screen went dark.

The episode then went back to normal and Gwen was crouched over her worm box. "Okay then, we've finished," Gwen said out loud to her worm. She picked up the box. "Good luck!" Gwen said as she ran off back to Chris.

"We don't need your stupid luck!" Tyler yelled, grabbing the air and 'throwing' it away.

"How come you're so mean to Grace?" Lindsay asked.

"I'm not mean to Gwen. It's just that she's associated with the cheater and I don't want to be associated with the cheater," Tyler told her.

"Hmm, fair enough," Lindsay said, shrugging.

The episode cut over to Gwen, who had gotten back to Chris. He was standing next to a timer that was counting down and was at 12:37. "Phew, I'm not late," Gwen gasped.

"Yep, and neither am I," Duncan said, who had gotten back with his giraffe, that was now no longer foaming at the mouth.

"Well, looks like the two of you are safe," Chris said. "If you need to get anything for your skit, you best hurry. If you aren't back here before the timer runs out, you won't participate."

"Hmm, I need some juggling balls. I've got some in my suitcase. Gwen, look after my giraffe," Duncan said.

"Sure," Gwen replied, stroking the giraffe's skin.

Duncan arrived at his trailer and opened up his suitcase. "There they are," he said, pulling out three red balls with stars on them out of his suitcase. "Hey, what's this?" He searched deeper into his suitcase and pulled out a bottle of chocolate sauce." "I forgot I brought this!" He opened up the bottle and squeezed chocolate into his mouth.

"Mmm, delicious," he said. He looked over and saw Tyler's duffel bag. He then looked back at his bottle. "Hmm," he said, rubbing his chin.

The episode then cut over to Duncan laughing and he chucked his bottle of chocolate sauce in the nearby bin. When he got back to the ring, he saw that LeShawna had arrived with her salmon and the timer read 07:19, counting down. "Got your balls?" LeShawna asked.

"Yep, found them in my bag," Duncan told them.

"Oh, did you really?" LeShawna chuckled. She and Gwen burst into laughter.

It took Duncan a little time to work out what they meant. "Hey!" he yelled when he finally understood.

The episode went over to Courtney. "Ugh, I think your good enough. Now, you better not slow me down on the way back," she sighed. She picked up her tortoise and jogged off.

She arrived when the timer read 02:02. "Phew, I'm still eligible," she sighed in relief.

"Actually, Courtney, you're disqualified for breaking the rules. You stepped over the red tape ages ago and didn't come back here immediately," Chris said. He was holding a remote and pressed a button, playing back footage of Courtney stepping over the red tape.

"What! Ugh! I blame you, you stupid tortoise!" Courtney yelled. She was about to kick the tortoise, but Gwen picked it up before she could. "Hey! Let go of that stupid shelled creature!"

"You were about to kick it!" Gwen exclaimed. She looked at the tortoise's shell and saw small dents. She gasped. "You already have! Animal cruelty!"

"Oh please, like those rules stick around here," Courtney said.

"We're here! We're here!" Tyler yelled. He was running towards Chris with Lindsay slightly in front of him.

"Phew! We arrived!" Lindsay beamed.

"Actually, only you have, Lindsay. Tyler, you're one second too late," Chris said, the back of his hands against his waist.

"Wait, what?" Tyler asked.

"I'll show you on screen," Chris said. He pressed a button of the ground and a small timer in the top right corner. There was a green line on the ground that had been edited on by computer. It was basically the line you had to cross in order to get back to Chris. The timer was two seconds. Lindsay's shoes had crossed the line. The timer reached zero and Tyler's feet crossed. "Told you. Late!"

"What? Aww, come on!" Tyler complained.

"That means Courtney and Tyler will not be competing in the first challenge, but Gwen, Lindsay, Duncan and LeShawna will be," Chris said. "Gwen, since you got back here first, you and your worm will perform first."

"Gee, thanks," Gwen said, reluctant to perform first. She opened up her box and let the worm slowly crawl into her hand. "Ready, worm?" The camera zoomed in to the worm and it appeared as if the bug nodded its head. "Then let's begin."

She started out the skit by throwing the worm high into the air. Then, whilst the worm was in the air, Gwen opened up the worm box as a target for the worm. Then, headfirst, if you could tell which end was its head, it dove back into the mud. After a few seconds, it came back up with a helmet on its head, now distinguishing which end was the head. It 'jumped' from the box into Gwen's hand, who through it back into the air. When it landed in Gwen's hand, in the teeniest, tiniest voice possible, but was amped up through the power of media, it said "ta da!"

The camera panned over to Chris, who had a 'what the heck was that' look on his face. "Okay, that was, um, interesting," Chris said. He was holding a clipboard with a piece of paper on it and took a few notes. "Next up, I'd like to see Duncan's skit."

"Fine, we're gonna beat you losers," Duncan chuckled.

"Dominate them, Duncan!" Courtney yelled.

Duncan looked back at Courtney as he was leading his giraffe to the centre of attention. "Um, thanks," he said.

(Conf), Duncan: Don't get me wrong, I love Courtney. It's just that with all that's happening, I've learnt something new about her. She's really annoying! With her still around, my chances of winning this game go down. Sure she's a comp beast, but that could be a real threat. Plus, if it comes down to a popularity contest, she's gonna be destroying all my chances! *unsure tone* Maybe I should backdoor her. Maybe...

Duncan was standing in front of his giraffe, with three juggling balls in his hands. "Ready Gary?" he asked to his giraffe. The animal nodded. Duncan then started juggling, proving his talent to be quite good. Then, after grabbing his fellow contestants' attention, he threw each ball, one at a time, into Gary the giraffe's mouth.

The camera focused on Duncan, who was waiting for the juggling balls to be spat back out. He was holding his arms out with his eyes closed in an entertaining way. After moments of nothing, he opened his eyes and looked at Gary. He then gasped and his eyes widened. "Gary!"

The camera then focused on Gary. There was one large bulge in his throat, and it appeared as if the giraffe was: "choking! He's choking!" Duncan gasped. "Someone help him!"

"No can do, buddy. Not my giraffe," Chris said, who was taking notes about Duncan's performance.

Duncan jumped onto the giraffe's back, and then, very carefully, proceeded to use the Heimlich maneuver on the giraffe.

(Conf), Gwen: Duncan performing the Heimlich on an animal seemed *dreamy tone* really heroic. *sighs* *regular voice* I don't fancy him, but it's nice to know heroics in even a, well, delinquent.

"Next up, LeShawna and the salmon," Chris said. LeShawna, carrying her fish tank, walked to centre stage, well, basically the middle of the ring that had been formed by contestants.

"Okay then, you fools best prepare for defeat," LeShawna said in a superior tone. She pulled out a large hoop of plastic. She opened her hand and closed it again, which signaled the salmon to jump through the hoop. She then moved her thumb in a circle, another signal, as the salmon looked up and squirted out water in a fountain-like manor. It then proceeded to jump through the hoop whilst in a spin, then backflipped back into the ring, before making a 'big' splash.

Gwen clapped in applause, Tyler glared at her, Lindsay was looking into space and Duncan and Courtney were just watching her performance with different looks on their faces.

"Okay, last up is Lindsay," Chris said, tucking his pencil behind his ear. "Impress me."

"Okay, come on Maurice," Lindsay said, leading her animal into the centre. She stopped in the centre. Maurice, the bush buck, was being led by a lead in Lindsay's control. The two then proceeded to turn around in a ring. "Okay, we're done," Lindsay said.

"Wait, that was it?" Chris asked.

"I was with you the whole time, how did I not notice you doing that?" Tyler asked. His response was Lindsay shrugging her shoulders.

"Well, if I'm honest, which is one of the rare points of this season. Let's face it, everyone knows I lie. Anyways, that turning thing was more impressive than most of the other performances," Chris said. "Give me a minute to tally things up. Okay, minutes up." He gave a light chuckle. No one else did. Chris gave everyone a stern look.

"Just get this thing over with. We all know that Duncan's won," Courtney said, hugging her boyfriend who was pulling at his collar.

"Well, the winner of the first challenge is..." Chris began, creating the tension. The contestants began to close in, eager for the result. "The winner is... Lindsay!"

"What?" Courtney, LeShawna, Duncan and Gwen yelled in shock.

"Yes! I knew you could do it, Linds!" Tyler exclaimed, picking up his girlfriend in a hug.

"Well done, Maurice! We won!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"Hey, hey. Don't get your hopes up. You've just won an advantage for the actual immunity challenge. You advantage is a two minute headstart," Chris explained. "Follow me, and bring your animals."

Everyone, except Courtney, took their animals and followed Chris. "Urgh, come on, you stupid tortoise," Courtney grumbled. The tortoise refused to move. "Urgh! Why did I pick you?" She bent down and picked up the tortoise, then jogged to catch up the other contestants.

Courtney caught up to the others and the animals. They were in front of what appeared to be a giant maze. "What's this?" Lindsay asked.

"A maze, you idiot," Courtney said, annoyed. "I can't believe the Killer Actors didn't vote you off when we had the chance."

"Hey, that's mean. I think," Lindsay began. "Tommy, is it mean?"

"Yeah, it is Linds," Tyler said. "Stop bugging my girlfriend, or your gonna get it."

"Get what? A bite from your stupid monkey?" Courtney jeered. The monkey screeched angrily in response.

"Okay then, time for the immunity challenge," Chris said. "For this challenge, you will be required to navigate your way through this maze. Whoever passes the golden archway at the end of the maze with their animal first will win immunity, while the rest of you non-immunity suckers will be up for elimination." He paused to let his words sink in. "Seems easy enough, right?"

"I'm guessing by the sarcastic tone that it's not going to be easy, right?" Gwen asked.

"Well, let's just say that you should watch your backs whilst in the maze. We'll leave it at that for now," Chris told the contestants. "Now then. Lindsay, since you won the first challenge, you get a two minute headstart."

"Yay!" Lindsay said in a childlike manor, clapping her hands for a while before looking around and stopping.

"Now then," Chris said, "just before you get started, I have one more piece of information for you. Each of the animals will help you find the end of the maze in different ways. With all that said, Lindsay, are you ready to start?"

"Well, actually I think I--" she began.

Not surprisingly, Chris interrupted her. "Start!"

Lindsay jogged over to the start if the maze, the bush buck following her. They entered, and arrrived at a fork with two red arrows attatched to the hedge wall. One pointed left, the other right. "Hmm, which way shoud we go, Maurice?" Lindsay asked. The bush buck seemingly shrugged. "Well that doesn't help, does it?"

The scene flashed, going over to the other contestants who were waiting for Lindsay's headstart to be over. "Can we go yet?" Courtney asked impatiently, still with the tortoise in her arms.

"Wait for it. Wait... okay, you can go now," Chris said, sounding a bit anticlimatic.

The other five and their animals rushed into the maze. They came to the first fork, the one with the two red arrows. Who did they see? Lindsay, who was still deciding which path she should take. "Maurice, I need your help!" Lindsay complained.

"Move out of the way!" Courtney yelled. The passages of the maze were quite small.

"Who stepped on my foot!" Duncan shouted.

"You're all hoarding my space!" LeShawna complained. More moans, shouts and 'ow's' came around, before the group split. The screen went dark before coming back, revealing that all but Lindsay and Tyler had gone from the first passage.

"I guess everyone's gone. Let's go, Linds," Tyler said.

"Nah, I wanna make sure I make the right decision. You go ahead, Tyler. I'll catch up," Lindsay replied.

"Well, if you're sure," Tyler said, and he left down the right path.

"I can't believe not only did I get stuck with a stupid tortoise as my animal, but now," Courtney began, the camera zoomed up on her face, "but I'm also stuck with a stupid Gothic imbecile!" The camera zoomed up, to show that Gwen was following Courtney.

"You know, I didn't ask to go down the left path with you," Gwen replied. "Why are you even mad at me?"

"Because it's so obvious that you're in love with my boyfriend!" Courtney yelled, turning to face Gwen.

"What? I'm not in love with Duncan! Why would you think that?" Gwen wondered.

"Well, you were on the same team together and were all 'buddy buddy', you broke up with Trent, and let's face it, you're in love with him!" Courtney yelled.

"If that's all your evidence, it doesn't prove anything! I'm not in love with him, and I don't know how, but I'll prove it," Gwen said, clutching the worm box and she walked off, leaving Courtney where she was.

(Conf), Gwen: I meant what I said to Courtney. I want her off my back, so if proving that I'm not in love with Duncan, which I'm not, will do it, then that's what I'll do.

The episode went off to Duncan and LeShawna, who had ended up taking the right path. "So, Duncan," LeShawna said, after wlking for a while. "Maybe we should team up."

"What?" Duncan asked, who wasn't really concentrating.

LeShawna grabbed his shoulder and turned him to face her. "Let's face it. We're the only people in the 'groups' that the rest of these people have gotten into that actually like each other. If we form an alliance with Gwen, we can take down the rest of these chumps!"

"An alliance?" Duncan asked. "Please. I don't need anyone to help me in this game. I already have a plan, and, well, I guess I have Courtney."

"By the tone in your voice, I guess you want to get rid of Courtney as much as the rest of us do," LeShawna chuckled.

"What? No, I mean, well, I just don't--" Duncan began.

LeShawna interrupted him. "You don't love her anymore, do you?"

"Well, I just don't--" Duncan said, before sighing and giving a small nod.

"Then we've got to get her out. Everyone knows she's a threat!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Well," he began. "Fine, but this isn't an alliance." He stuck his hand out. LeShawna smiled, and was about to shake his hand when Duncan pulled it back. "Ooh, too slow."

Tyler was walking up the passage. The monkey was perched on his shoulder. "Well, what can you do to help?" Tyler wondered. The monkey gave off a screech, then jumped of Tyler's shoulder. It then clawed its way up the hedge wall, and reached the top. "Cool! You must be able to see the way to the end! Go on, where is it?" The monkey gave another screech, before pointing forwards. Tyler nodded and ran along the passage, whilst the monkey ran along the top of the hedges.

Courtney way on her own with the tortoise. "Uh! You're too heavy!" Courtney complained. She dropped the tortoise and it fell to the ground, giving a 'humph'. "My lawyers can get me a plan of the maze." She pulled out her PDA and began tapping away, texting her lawyers. "They're more help than you, you lare hunk of bone and shell." The tortoise had a 'offended' look on its face. "Ugh! They're not replying! What use are you?"

Gwen was holding the worm box with the lid off. "I wonder what you're gonna do to help me," Gwen wondered. As if in response, the worm dug into the ground, and it didn't seem to come back up for a while. It came back up. "Was that it?" Again, the worm dug nto the ground, and then came back up after a while. "Hmm, maybe there's something in the dirt." She carefully placed the worm in her hand, then began to dig out the soil from the box. At the bottom of the box, slightly smudged by soil, was a note written on lined paper. It read: follow the red paint. "What? Red paint? There is no paint." She refilled the box with soil and placed the worm in it. She then kept on walking, and noticed a small splodge of red paint at a fork in the path. "Could that be it?" She followed the red splodge's path.

Duncan and LeShawna were walking down one of the passages. "So how can our animals help us out?" LeShawna wondered.

"Do I look like someone who would know?" Duncan asked sarcastically.

"You don't look like someone who would make it to the final six of the competition, but you're here," LeShawna joked.

"Hey, if I recall, I was one rank higher than you last season," Duncan snapped back.

"Wow, one rank. Such a big deal," LeShawna replied, sarcasm obviously in her voice. They carried on walking for a bit. "Well, maybe your girrafe can help us guide our way out. You can climb to its head and see the way out."

"Maybe, I'll try it," Duncan said. He climbed onto the giraffe's body, and started inching his way up its neck. He got to the top of the girrafe's neck and sat on it. He could see the top of the maze. "Alright, I think I see the way. We carry on to the end of this passage and then take a left."

LeShawna guided the animals with Duncan's directions. They reached the end of the passage Duncan had mentioned, and just as they were about to turn left, LeShawna's salmon squirted water in her face, leaving her face drenched.

Duncan laughed. "Looks like you've felt your stupid goldfish's wrath," he chuckled.

"This is a salmon, not a goldfish," LeShawna told him. "I've been so nice to this dang fish, why'd it do that?"

"Maybe he's seen your horrifying personality," Duncan teased, laughing.

"Shut up, and let's keep going," LeShawna replied. LeShawna, her salmon, Duncan and his giraffe turned left and the salmon squirted water in LeShawna's face once again. "Urgh! Why does it keep doing that?" She wiped the water off her face.

"Don't know why, but it's hillarious all the same," Duncan replied, atop his giraffe.

"Hmm," LeShawa wondered. She turned around and began to walk to the right route. Her salmon stayed. She then turned around again to take the left route, and once again, the salmon squirted. This tme, she was prepared and held the fish bowl high above her head to avoid the spray. "I think I've figured out how the salmon can help me. It squirts whenever we're going the wrong way! We should take the right route!"

"What? But I can see the way out, and we have to take the left route to get there," Duncan told her.

"Please. Your way'll probably get us lost. As long as the salmon doesn't squirt, we know we're going the right way," LeShawna reassured. She began to take the right route.

Duncan sighed. "Women are so stubborn," he said under his breath, and he began to follow LeShawna.

Gwen seemed to be on the right path. She had followed the red splodges as the piece of paper instructed. Gwen was still carrying the worm box. But the further she went, the more difficult it became to find the splodges. "Ugh, where are these stupid splodges?" Gwen said to herself, irritated. She had gotten down on her hands and knees, tucking in the worm box between her body and her arm. She was crawling through the maze, trying to improve her chances of finding the splodges.

As she was looking for the red paint, she heard something. A sort of screech coming from above her. She placed the worm box on the ground and looked up, just as a large, furry thing fell from the hedge. The camera changed to Gwen's first person sight as the furry thing fell on her face, blacking out the scene.

The camera angle changed to show Gwen's face obstructed by what appeared to be Tyler's monkey. Only she couldn't see what was on her face, so she was desperately flailing her arms whilst screaming in fear. She tried hitting the thing on her face, causing the monkey to screech and start to claw at her, scratching her face and pulling her hair, causing her to scream in pain.

Tyler could hear screams and screeches. He had lost track of his monkey and was trying to follow the sound of the screeches to find it. "Monkey! Where are you?" Tyler yelled. He ran through a couple of passages before turning a corner to see his monkey violently attacking someone. "Monkey! Stop that!"

In response to his master's voice, he stopped and jumped off of the person's face. When it did, Tyler saw that the person his monkey was attacking was Gwen. "Oh," Tyler began. "Monkey, you can carry on attacking her."

"Wait, what?" Gwen said, her face red and covered in scratches. The camera angle changed once again to Gwen's first person view, as the monkey, from by Tyler's feet, charged at her with a gaping smile and puncing on her face, blacking out the scene once again.

"We've been walking for ages!" Duncan complained. The camera was zoomed up on his face. The camera then zoomed out as LeShawna spoke.

"Boy, you've been on that giraffe the whole time! Don't you complain about walkin'," LeShawna told him.

"You know, I bet if we had taken the left route back on," Duncan said, "we would have gotten to the finish line by now."

"Please, the salmon squirted. We would have gone the wrong way," LeShawna told him.

"Well, what if the salmon squirts water when you're near the finish?" Duncan replied.

"Like that would happen," LeShawna scoffed. The two with their animals turned a corner, and as they did, unbeknown to them, a box on the hedge automatically tipped over, spilling dark green goo on the four.

"Ewwwww!" Duncan complained, his head, torso and limbs covered in the goo. He gasped. "Gary! You got gooed!" He attempted to wipe the goo off of his partnered animal's neck, but the giraffe nervously shook instead, making Duncan slip off and crash on the ground, resulting in a goo covered LeShawna to laugh.

"How'd you like dem apples?" LeShawna scoffed, wiping goo from her brow.

Tyler turned round the corner and was running with his monkey following him. He was laughing maniacally. "The state we left Gwen in," Tyler chuckled. "Priceless! That'll teach her to be associated with the likes of a cheater. Heck, she might have cheated herself!" His monkey was cackling as well. As a matter of fact, they were laughing so much that they didn't realise they were about to run into a tripwire, and when they activated it, the bombs went off. From the moment Tyler touched the tripwire, it sent him and his monkey flying all the way across the maze.

Both Tyler and his monkey were screaming as they flew through the air. They landed, funnily enough, in another booby trap. However, this one had already been activated by LeShawna and Duncan as Tyler flew into pile of goo, skidding and landing beneath Gary the giraffe. Tyler was very unlucky, as the camera showed the giraffe's face looking slightly relaxed, and it released gas. However, gas wasn't the only thing he released. And the other thing he released landed all over Tyler.

The episode panned out to the Abandoned Film Lot. Tyler screamed, and it shook the film lot to it's core. Tyler's scream wasn't a scream of fear. It was a girlish, high-pitched scream that was oh so hillarious.

Gwen was moaning in pain as she was walking through the maze, carrying her worm box. She hadn't expected to be in so much pain becaue of a monkey, and she hadn't expected Tyler to be so cruel. He face was red and scratched up. "Stupid Tyler," Gwen muttered. Just then, she saw a miniscule patch of red paint in the corner of her eye, leading up to another turning passage in the maze. In the passage she saw Duncan, LeShawna and Tyler covered in dark green goo, and they were arguing. As she advanced on them, names were called out such as 'cheating lier' and 'failed athlete'.

"You!" Gwen moaned, pointing a finger at Tyler. "I have a bone to pick with you."

"Oh my goodness, Tyler, what the hell did you do to her?" LeShawna asked.

Tyler, worried, didn't respond. Instead, he just kicked LeShawna in the shin and ran off. When he kicked her in the shin, she yelled out in pain and dropped the fish bowl, which perfectly landed on the ground. The salmon then squirted water at Tyler's back. "Hey," Duncan wondered. "If the salmon squirts water when you go the right way, like I thought, maybe Tyler's going the right way!"

Instantly, Duncan, LeShawna and Gwen, along with their animals, rushed off after Tyler. It looked like the end was near.

The episode's camera angle was aimed at the maze exit. "Get out of my way!" Duncan's voice yelled.

"Move over!" Gwen shouted.

"Get your damn monkey off my leg, Tyler!" LeShawna complained.

"Don't you tell me what to do!" Tyler responded in anger.

All four were heard yelling in triumph, and the next scene showed all four of them leaping over the finish line, their hands just surpassing the golden archway. All four animals trampled the four contestants as they crossed the archway, resulting in various screeches and cries of pain.

The four then got up. "Yes! I won! In your faces!" Tyler exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

"Are you blind? I obviously crossed the finish line first," Duncan scoffed.

"You boys are deluded," LeShawna said, brushing some goo off of her shoulder. "I won immunity."

"Nu-uh," Gwen said, "I did!"

"Actually," Chris said, coming out from the shadows. "None of you won immunity."

"What? How's that possible?" Duncan asked.

"The first person to cross the finish line, was in fact, Lindsay!" he announced. Just then, Lindsay walked out from behind a bush with her bush buck following her.

"I told you all that we would catch up," Lindsay giggled, stroking her partnered animal.

"Wow, I did not expect that girl to win," LeShawna said.

"Congrats babe!" Tyler applauded, running over to his girlfriend and hugging her.

"Hang on," Duncan said, pausing for effect. "Where's Courtney? Shouldn't she be here by now?"

The episode's next scene went over to Courtney, still struggling, holding her tortoise. "Ugh! I would've won by now if I hadn't been so idiotic to choose you! You haven't even helped me out!"

By now, you could visibly see a look of anger on the tortoise's face. "I wish you would just burn!" Courtney yelled in frustration. That tipped the tortoise over the edge. It's neck reached out and viciously bit Courtney in the arm, causing her to scream in pain. It hurt so much that she ended up letting go of the toroise, and she watched it smash into her lower leg and onto her foot. "Owww!" she yelled in pain. She brought her injured leg up and clutched it with both arms, wailing in pain.

Courtney was hopping on the ground as her other leg was occupied. She hopped and hopped again, crashing into one of the maze's hedge walls. Unfortunately for her, the hedge wall she crashed into was one of Chris's booby traps. As soon as she hit the wall, it collapsed, taking her with it. She screamed as she collapsed.

She found herself on a small cliff overlooking a large rocky river. She managed to push herself up, but she was still clutching her leg. "Ow, it hurts," Courtney moaned. "Damn you, you stupid turtle!"

The tortoise stood in front of her, glaring at her.

(Conf), Tortoise: *in an imaginary, high pitched, rage-filled voice* I am not a turtle!

The tortoise looked angry. It was. Enraged, it jumped high in the air in a ninja-styled way. It then cried out like a ninja and landed in style, crushing Courtney's other foot. "Aieeeeeee!" Courtney squealed. She hopped twice on her crushed foot before falling backwards. Backwards into nothing. She was on the edge of the cliff and she fell far below into the river. She screamed in fear as she fell.

She had a hard impact on the rocks in the river. Her face was submerged for a moment before shortly resurfacing. Courtney was in so much pain. To make things worse, she saw her PDA fizzing and crackling in the river water. It was busted. "No! My PDA!" Courtney cried out.

She had been caught in the rocks as she fell, trapping her in the river. The tortoise looked down from the cliff, a smug look on its face. It had a plan. It appeared to slightly chuckle and it jumped off the cliff. It was aimed at Courtney.

The camera angle changed to Courtney's first person perspective. It saw the tortoise plummeting ever closer to her. "Noooooooo!" she cried out as the tortoise fell towards her. It landed with a thwack and the screen went black.

The episode then panned over to an ambulance and a helicopter by the edge of the cliff fall. Chris and the other contestants were watching Courtney being lifted up by the helicopter and pushed into the ambulance. Both vehicles then took off. "Well, looks like Courtney's going to the hospital. Doesn't mean she's ineligible for elimination though. She should be back in time for the elimination ceremony. I'll see you freaks later tonight," Chris said, walking off.

LeShawna and Gwen were in their trailer. Gwen's face was back to normal. They were both talking, when suddenly, someone knocked at the door. "Come in," LeShawna called.

The trailer door opened to reveal Duncan. "Hey," he said.

"Hi," Gwen replied. "LeShawna told me about you and Courtney."

"Well, it's not finalised yet. For all you know, you could be the one going home tonight," he said, talking to Gwen. "Or you, if Tyler and Lindsay are that mad at you," he said, pointing at LeShawna.

"Yeesh boy, you need to chill," LeShawna responded.

"Maybe you need to. I just know that I'm safe tonight," Duncan said, turning and exiting.

When he left, the girls got to talking. "That boy thinks he's so wise. Maybe we should turn the tables on him," LeShawna said.

"Hmm," Gwen said. "That would be a good idea..."

(Conf), Tyler: I have my vote for tonight. May not be the obvious, but it's a sure-fire way to get one person out.

(Conf), Lindsay: I know I have safety, but I don't know who to vote for.

(Conf), LeShawna: Even though Tyler's got this crazy vendetta against me, I think I'm safe from tonight's vote. Pretty sure.

(Conf), Duncan: I'm still unsure who to vote out. I've narrowed it down to two people, and whoever I vote to eliminate will definitely show who's side I'm on.

(Conf), Gwen: Ugh. I'm stuck.

The episode cut over to the elimination ceremony. Duncan and LeShawna were sitting in the top bleachers, whilst the other three sat on the bottom, Gwen edging away from the couple.

Chris was standing on the stadium in his blue polyester suit. "Gosh, where's--" he began. "Ah, speak of the devil."

An ambulance was blaring and backed up next to the bleachers. Two drivers got out of the front of the ambulance, opened the back doors, and wheeled Courtney out. She was in a full body cast that looked far too small for her. Her face was covered in bandages.

"Get off me!" Courtney mumbled, her mouth partially obstructed by bandages. "I don't need assistance! I'm perfectly fine!"

The drivers glared at her and drove off. Courtney looked at her boyfriend. "Duncan, be a dear and vote for me. You know who I want gone," she said.

Her boyfriend stood up, grabbed her vote remote and pressed a button. "There. You're welcome," Duncan said, slightly irritated. He sat back down and cast his vote, along with his other fellow contestants.

Chris walked over to a large machine which dispensed the votes out. He pulled out the paper that contained the results. He read it. "Wow, surprising," Chris said. "Did not see that coming. Well, let's get this going."

A dramatic tune began to play. "First safe is tonight's immunity winner, Lindsay," Chris said, chucking a Gilded Chris Award at Lindsay, who caught it, surprisingly, with ease. "Also safe is the immunity winner's boyfriend, Tyler, who escaped with zero votes." He threw a Gilded Chris Award at Tyler, but it flew far overhead.

"Next safe," Chris began, as the screen changed to four connected boxes, each box containing one of the contestants still in danger. "Duncan!" Duncan's box took up the entire screen as he caught his reward, giving off a yes.

"The last one to escape the bottom two is..." he began, building up suspense. "LeShawna!"

"Uh-huh! That's right!" LeShawna exclaimed, standing up and dancing as she caught her award.

"Sit down, you fat cow," Tyler muttered under his breath.

Gwen and Courtney looked at each other. One of them was going home. "Courtney, Gwen, for one of you, this is your last night on Total Drama Action. The last one safe is...






























... Gwen!" Chris announced. He threw the last Gilded Chris Award at the Goth.

"What?" Courtney exclaimed, outraged. "How is that possible?" Her voice was still muffled by the bandages.

"You have been eliminated by a four to two vote," Chris told her.

"Four to two? How is that possible? Wait, you two!" Courtney gasped, talking to Tyler and Lindsay. "Traitors! You chose to keep Gwen and LeShawna over me?"

"No," Tyler responded. "We voted to evict Gwen."

"Well you can't have! Liars!" Courtney judged.

"They aren't lying," Duncan said. "I'm the reason you're gone. I voted to evict you. Twice."

"Twice? You voted me on my device? How dare you! Sabotage!" Courtney screamed. "I can't be eliminated! It isn't fair! I deserve satisfaction!"

Chef walked from nowhere and pushed Courtney's wheelchair down towards the Lame-o-sine. He gave it a simple nudge and it rolled down the Walk of Shame. She was screaming as he pushed her wheelchair. "Nooooooo! I deserve to wiiiiinnnnnn!" Courtney yelled as she rolled downwards. She ended up crashing into the Lame-o-sine and she flew into the back of the car, crashing against the rear door.

"Duncan! You are dumped! You're all traitors! You've robbed me!" Courtney screamed.

Chris ran down the Walk of Shame in a flash and shut the door of the Lame-o-sine. He rapped the top of the car twice. "You can go now!" Chris commanded to the limo driver, and it drove off. Courtney's fading screams could easily be heard.

Chris ran back up to the main area to address the remaining contestants. "Wow, so you guys are our final five. Unexpected, but then again, I thought you'd all just collapse on day one," Chris said.

"Wow, you're so nice," Gwen said, rolling her eyes.

Chris now looked at the camera. "Well then, we've narrowed it down to five hopefuls who are still in the race for the million dollar cash prize! Who'll be the next to go, and who'll be ready for the next challenge. They better be good at manoeuvring through lasers. See you next time on Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XXI: Spy Teens

Chris was sitting in a dark room on a revolving leather chair. He had an evil look on his face. He was stroking a fluffy white cat that was resting on his laugh. Chris gave off an evil laugh. "Last time, on an evil filled episode of Total Drama Action: the six contestants were partnered with animals. Some more evil than others. Ahem. Tortoise. Ahem. Tyler lead a vendetta against LeShawna, Courtney confronted Gwen about her intentions and, well, umm, nothing really happened between Lindsay and Duncan." Chris gave off another evil laugh. "Lindsay won immunity, and the tortoise broke Courtney. Literally. That full body cast kept us safe from Courtney when she got eliminated. Finally!" He gave a sigh of relief. "Now, which of our five contestants will make it out alive? Who'l take it all? Why do I look like one of those handsome Bond villains? Emphasis on the handsome. Find out those answers on today's episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The episode began as a continuation from Courtney's elimination. The Lame-o-sine had just drove off, containing a rage-filled Courtney in a full body cast. You could actually hear her screams. Chris and Chef had walked off.

Lindsay had walked over to her lone trailer. The other four, however, did not. Tyler had stopped Duncan. "You're a traitor!" Tyler yelled, pointing his finger at the delinquint.

"What? Check yourself, jockstrap," Duncan scoffed. "How am I a traitor?"

"You betrayed Courtney, and jumped from our ship to those brats!" Tyler yelled, pointing at Gwen and LeShawna.

"Excuse me? Who are you callin' a brat?" LeShawna called out.

"You two, I believe," Tyler said. "Please. The delinquint, the Goth and the cheater, all wrapped together in one big bunch. How cute are you losers?"

"You best believe you're getting a punch, son!" LeShawna yelled, rolling up her sleeves to attack the jock. Gwen and Duncan barely managed to restrain her.

"You people are just lucky I'm a nice guy, or I'd be throwing out some serious moves," Tyler said, jumping into a fighting stance.

Gwen looked at Duncan. Duncan looked at Gwen. They nodded and let go of LeShawna, unleashing him on Tyler.

The episode panned out to the trailers, where Lindsay was just about to walk into her trailer. Interrupting her, Tyler was thrown over her head, crashing into the wall of his trailer. The camera then panned over to Tyler's battered face stuck in the inside of his trailer's wall.

The sun shone in the sky. It was morning. A cockral cock-a-doodle-doed. Fully dressed, the girls walked out of their trailer, and Duncan walked out of the boys trailer. They stood in the centre of the main area. "Where's Tommy?" Lindsay asked.

The boys's trailer's door slammed open. Tyler was standing in the doorway. "Duncan! You're a dead man!" he yelled.

Tyler lunged at Duncan. In a childlike manor, Duncan stuck his arm out, placed his hand on Tyler's forehead, preventing him from attacking him. "Please, you couldn't step on a bug. Last time you tried, the bug tripped you over and stole your lunch money," Duncan scoffed.

Tyler stopped and stood. "You poured chocolate sauce all over my stuff! It's ruined!" Tyler yelled.

"How do you even know that was me?" Duncan asked. "I mean, of course I did it, but it's upsetting I'm your first target." He gave a coy smile. Tyler growled.

"Um, where's Chris?" Gwen wondered.

"Were we even meant to come out?" LeShawna wondered. "I'm going back in." She walked over to her trailer door, and pulled it. It was locked. She tried pulling again. No prevail. "What the--" she began. She was cut off when the floor opened up beneath her, sending her falling into a hole. The 'the' in her sentence trailed off as she fell. The floor closed back above her.

"What?" Gwen exclaimed.

"What happened to LeFawnduh?" Lindsay wondered.

The sound of rotating blades could be heard. The four teenagers looked up to see two helicopters flying and hovering over their heads. A claw descended from each helicopter, approaching the four contestants. "They're coming for us!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Run!" Duncan yelled. The four contestants ran for the boys trailer. The helicopter claws were advancing on them. Just then, in the spur of the moment, Lindsay tripped, landing on her face. One of the claws gripped her torso.

"Lindsay!" Tyler exclaimed. He ran back to try and save his girlfriend, but it was too late. She had been lifted up and taken away.

Little did he know, there was a claw behind him. He turned around and was grabbed. "Aw nuts," he muttered as he was carried up.

Gwen and Duncan were closing in on the trailer door. Gwen was pushing Duncan. "Duncan, run faster!" Gwen yelled.

"Shut up, woman. I'm trying!" Duncan snapped back. Another two claws were closing in on them. They reached the door, opened it up and barely escaped from the claws. When they got in, they fell and crashed into each other against the back wall.

"Ow, I hit my head," Gwen moaned.

"Yeah, on my body. Get off!" Duncan snapped. Gwen sulked and backed off. "Sorry I'm grouchy. It's just splitting up with Courtney and," he used air quotes, "jumping ship." He ended the air quotes.

Both of them sighed. Then, they heard something clunk. They looked over and saw pink gas pouring out of a grenade-looking item. "A bomb?" the two said in sync.

Gwen yawned. "I'm a little tired. I guess I didn't sleep well," Gwen mumbled.

Duncan yawned. "Me neither. It seems unnatural."

Gwen got down on her knees and lay down. "I'm just gonna go to sleep for a minute." And with that, she slept.

The camera was zoomed up on Gwen's face. She was smiling in her sleep. "Oh, Duncan. Duncan," she mumbled in her sleep.

She woke up, looked and the camera zoomed out. She was lying on Tyler. Tyler awoke. He looked at Gwen. Gwen looked at him. The both screamed in unison and backed away from each other. "Why were you lying on me?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know. Why were you the thing I was lying on?" Gwen asked. Both looked at each other and shuddered.

The room that the two of them were stuck in was very bare. It was made of cement and bricks, and there was a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. There was no apparent exit or entrance. "How do we get out of here?" Gwen wondered.

As if by answer, part of one of the walls began to glow red. The glow then formed a large circle and then the light died out. "What happened?" Tyler asked.

The inside of the circle the red light formed then collapsed. The hole it had formed revealed Lindsay and LeShawna with her leg in the air and holding a weird device. "You're welcome," LeShawna said smugly.

"What the heck happened?" Gwen asked.

"Me and Lindsay woke up in a room with instructions. We were to take this laser," she said, pointing to the device she was holding, "and use it on the wall that had an irregular pink splodge of paint on it."

"Yeah, and now we see both of you!" Lindsay beamed.

"Thanks for freeing me, babe," Tyler said to his girlfriend, ignoring the other two girls.

"What do we do now?" Gwen asked.

"We were told that you would have further instructions," LeShawna told them.

Gwen saw Tyler go to hug Lindsay. She noticed something on the back of his head. "What is that?" Gwen wondered. She walked over to Tyler and yanked on his headband.

"Ow! Ah! Get off my head, you freak!" Tyler cried.

Gwen let go, and she had something in her hand. A note. "What did you do that for?" Tyler asked, rubbing the back of his head.

"To get this," Gwen said, holding up the note. She unfolded it and read. "To proceed, leave the laser here and head to the top of the red staircase." She paused. "Do you think it's from Chris?"

"Most likely. Come on then!" LeShawna said. LeShawna began to exit, but stopped when no one else was moving. "What is it?"

"Where's Donny?" Lindsay asked.

"Duncan? Yeah, where is he?" Gwen wondered.

"Who cares, he's a traitor," Tyler said. "Come on Linds, the red staircase." The two of them ran out of the cell.

"Gosh, that boy's arrogant," LeShawna sighed. "Come on, girl."

(Conf), LeShawna: I get that I kind of cheated, but to drag it out that long? Tyler needs a life.

The four were rushing up the red staircase, and it seemed to take forever. "How long is it taking?" Lindsay wondered. "My feet hurt!"

"Just a bit longer, Lindsay," Tyler reassured. That was a lie, as a timer came up on the screen. The next scene showed the timer reaching the twenty minute mark.

"Are you kidding me?" LeShawna sighed. "Where's the top?"

Her questions had been answered. They turned a corner and found a large grey sliding door. "I guess we go through here," Tyler said.

"What will we have to do?" Lindsay wondered.

"Dunno. I don't even know what the heck this 'genre' could be!" LeShawna replied.

"She didn't want an answer from you," Tyler replied, keeping his girlfriend away from LeShawna.

"Yeesh. Relax," Gwen said, walking over to the large sliding door. She reached over and tried pushing the door open. No luck. She kicked the door and grunted. "Why is this stupid door not opening?"

"Maybe because you need to read the signs," Lindsay said. She walked over to part of the wall and pushed a large red button that said: 'OPEN'. Upon pressing it, the sliding door popped out of the wall and slid open, revealing a large, fancy looking room.

(Conf), Gwen: Wow. Pwned by Lindsay. That's upsetting.

The four walked into the room. It was truely massive. It was like a circular building, with red carpet inside a marble ring and golden steel securing the window in place. There was also an odd looking, grey cylindrical tube in the centre of the room. It looked large enough to fit a group of people inside. "Woah, how the heck did Chris afford this?" Tyler wondered.

"The room's probably made of cardboard. We're lucky to be even standing on this," Gwen replied.

The four had just gotten to the edge of the marble, when a blue screen hologram appeared in midair. The four looked up in shock, then saw that image came up onto the screen. An image of Chris sitting in a dark room with a cat on his lap, the same cat from the intro. "Mwahahahahaha!" Chris cackled manaically. "So you made it into my lair!"

"Yeah, you gave us instructions to get here," Gwen replied.

Chris glared at her. Then he cleared his throat. "Anyways, I guess you're wondering why you're one man down," he said.

"No," Lindsay said, "we're wondering why we're one Duncan down. No one's named Man."

"No interruptions!" Chris yelled, banging his fist down on the armchair. "As I was saying, you're probably wondering where Duncan is. Wouldn't you like to know?"

Chris moved the camera with his arm, breaking character. He moved it over so that the camera showed both him and his cat, and Duncan. He was asleep, upside down and tied to a suspended wooden pole. His eyes flickered and he woke up. "What?" he said, shocked. "Where the heck am I?"

"As you can see," Chris began. "I have kidnapped Duncan. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the room me and Duncan are in and free Duncan. Or else..." He held a remote up to the camera and pressed a yellow button on it.

Then, a circular piece of floor seemed to pop out. It then slid apart, revealing a hole of water, big enough to fit Duncan. "If you do not rescue Duncan within the hour, he shall drown to his death!" Chris cackled. He laughed maniacally. "And hey," he said, breaking his role. "You people all signed a contract. I can't be held responsible for my actions."

(Conf), Chris: *holds a contract in his hands and kisses it overdramatically*

"To get to Duncan, you must get through three floors. Each floor will test one of three things. Skill, smarts and strength. You are currently in the first floor. To go through each floor, you must complete a task to generate power to the elevator. That's the grey tube in the middle of the room," Chris explained. He then carried on. "After getting through all three floors, you will come to the room me and Duncan are in. I will have left by then, but I will give Duncan instructions for the next task. If you don't complete this task, not only does Duncan die, but you won't be eligible for the prize."

(Conf), Tyler: I'm actually tempted to throw the challenge just to see Duncan suffer.

"For this room, you must all get to the centre to power up the elevator," Chris said.

"Easy enough," Gwen said. She began to walk onto the carpet, until a hoard of red lasers appeared, scattered across the room, forcing Gwen to jump back.

"Wrong!" Chris said. "Hillarious! You must all get through the lasers to the centre to power up the elevator. McLean out!"

Just as he was about to turn the screen off, Duncan spoke. "You're a dead man, Mclea--" he began, but was cut off when the screen died.

"Do you think these lasers can hurt us?" LeShawna wondered.

"Course not. How could Chris afford them?" Tyler replied. He walked into a laser. Bad move. It felt as if a surge of fire coursed through Tyler's veins, causing him to scream out in pain. He managed to jerk his arm out of the laser. Surprisingly, his tracksuit was unblemished.

(Conf), Chris: As you can tell, we decided to pump a lot of the show's budget into this challenge. Worth it.

"Come on Linds, we'll get through this," Tyler said. He guided his girlfriend to a 'hole' in the laser field. "I'll go first." He got down on his hands and knees and began to crawl under the lasers. Lindsay followed shortly after him, and both arrived at a point where they had enough room to stretch their arms. However, in the way they had gotten there, it forced Lindsay to put her arm over Tyler's body, and Tyler's leg was far outstretched. Tyler was on his arms and legs, but his back was facing the ground. Below his back was a laser, so one wrong move and his back would be burned.

"I can't move!" Lindsay cried.

"If you can't, neither can I!" Tyler grunted. His muscles were aching.

"One of you help us!" Lindsay wailed.

"Hang on!" Gwen called. She was the only one left to not enter the lasers. Something caught her eye. One half of the marble had been blocked by something that looked like plastic. Why? She looked at the laser below Tyler, and traced it to its source. She saw it. The source was a weird looking crystal secured by the plastic. She also saw that where the laser met the crystal through the plastic, a fair sized hole had been cut out. "If I can destroy that crystal, maybe it'll stop the laser. It's got to be worth a try." Even though she wasn't the biggest fan of Lindsay and Tyler at the moment, she knew they had to work together.

She stepped into the laser maze, heading for the crystal she saw powering the laser below Tyler. She dived underneath a laser positioned at a diagonal and squeezed inbetween two vertical parallel lasers. She had almost made it to the first crystal, but to get there, she'd have to make some pretty comlicated jumps. She jumped once, twice and three times and made it to the crystal hole. However, she looked down and saw that the bottom half of her shirt had been cut off by the laser, exposing her belly button.

She grabbed the scrap of shirt and tied it around her hand, protecting it. She then took off her right shoe and using the toe of it, she hit the crystal. Nothing happened.

"Gwen! Use the heel!" Lindsay yelled.

"And hurry!" Tyler added.

The camera angle changed to Gwen's face and shoulders. She gripped the toe of the shoe and held it back, off camera. She then brought it on camera to hit the crystal, but nothing happened. She looked at her shoe and saw the back half of it was burned off. "You're kidding me," she said to herself.

She then took off her other shoe and carefully pulled her shoe back. "Hurry Gwen!" Tyler moaned.

Gwen hit the crystal with her shoe, causing it to shatter. As soon as it did, the laser retracted. It retracted from under Tyler just as Lindsay and Tyler collapsed on each other. "Thanks!" Lindsay beamed.

The camera then went over to Gwen's face. "Gwen!" LeShawna yelled off camera. The camera then went to her. She was seen wobbling, stuck inbetween multiple horizontal lasers. "Maybe you can help me out!"

Gwen looked at the lasers that LeShawna was stuck between. They all seemed to join back to one core spot, and that sole laser originated from a a crystal on the other side of the room. "I can't! The crystal is all the way on the other side! I'll never make it in time!" Gwen cried in an overdrmatic way.

Lindsay and Tyler were crawling through another passage and they reached another open space. Lindsay looked up and saw a large 'hole' in the lasers above her. She saw a way above the lasers to get to the centre elevator. Then she saw a way to the other side. "I think I can get there!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"No, Linds. You don't have to do anything for them," Tyler said.

"But Tyler, we have to work together if we want to win. Even if you don't like them," Lindsay said. "Please?"

Tyler sighed. "Alright. But just for now," he said.

"Hurry up, girl!" LeShawna yelled. "A booty like mine isn't made for laser manoeuvring!"

Lindsay waddled back a few steps. "Ty Ty, I need you to sit on your lower legs," she said.

(Conf), Tyler: Okay, that one wasn't even close.

Tyler did as his girlfriend commanded. Lindsay was a metre away from him. She then 'sprinted' up to her boyfriend, pressed her hands against Tyler's thighs and launched herself high in the air, rolling into a spinning ball through the hole above and managing to stay airbourne using her momentum.

She landed a few feet away from the centre elevator. She avoided a couple of lasers and she made it. She then looked at the other half of the room. "Gwendolyn! Which crystal?" Lindsay asked.

Gwen grunted. "Furthest to the left!" she yelled.

Lindsay stook her hands in front of her and made two 'L' shapes. "Got it!" Lindsay called back. She ducked under a laser up to her chest and quickly stepped over a sweeping laser on the ground that seemed to leave part of the carpet slightly singed.

She then turned left at a fork made by the lasers to get to the crystal generating the laser that trapped LeShawna. The lasers made a pretty thin path. To both stay thin and keep her momentum going, she spun into a cartwheel, narrowly dodging the laser wall. Lindsay got to the other end. Taking off her shoe, she smashed the crystal with her shoe's heel. The destruction of the crystal destroyed the lasers trapping LeShawna, allowing her to move freely.

"Thanks girl!" LeShawna hollered. She moved forwards and watched another set of lasers fade away. She saw Gwen who had smashed another crystal. LeShawna jogged free, ducking under a low laser before turning a corner and reaching the elevator. "I'm here!"

Gwen smashed a third crystal. This made a laser blocking Tyler's path fade away, and he managed to get to the elevator. "Me too!" Tyler yelled.

"Lindsay! We can get back now!" Gwen told her, to which the blonde nodded.

Lindsay got back to the place she had stopped cartwheeling. She then proceeded to cartwheel through the lasers. However, when she stopped, her leg twitched and her calf hit the laser. "Owww!" she yelled in pain. "My leg!" she moaned. "It hurts!" Small tears began to escape Lindsay's eyes.

"Lindsay!" Tyler yelled. "I'm coming!" He ducked under the laser and jumped over the sweeping laser. He turned left and grabbed his girlfriend. "Come on, we've got to get out of here!"

"But my leg!" sobbed Lindsay.

Tyler sighed. "Come on," he said, crouching down, "I'll give you a piggyback."

Lindsay got on her boyfriend's back and gripped his shoulders. Tyler then avoided the sweeping laser, coming back to the high laser. "Do you think you can jump over it?" Tyler asked.

"Maybe," his girlfriend sighed. She managed to prop herself up on one leg. She then bent her leg, and with help of Tyler's momentum, she was launched into the air.

"Catch her!" Tyler yelled.

Just in time, LeShawna managed to catch Lindsay. "You okay girl?" LeShawna asked. Lindsay shook her head and sniffed.

Tyler got back to the centre elevator. The four watched glowing blue light fill the elevator and the doors opened. "Come on, Linds," Tyler said. The four managed to get into the elevator. The doors closed and the elevator descended to the next floor.

"What? No cheesy elevator music?" Gwen asked sarcastically.

The elvator came to a holt. The doors then opened, revealing a dark, but lit room. The walls gave off a very dark, mysterious feeling, but there were several blue neon lights on the walls. Like the last room, it too was circular. The four entered the rom, and saw that a square portion of the floor was made up of pipes in square pieces of plastic. There was a square in one of the corners that had no pipe square. "What is this? A tile puzzle?" LeShawna wondered.

A blue screen hologram appeared in midair. It was timer. It showed the time remaining: '35:42'. The time then descended three seconds before the timer disappeared. It was replaced with Chris. "Mwahahaha! You're only on your second task, but you've spent almost half your time up. Duncan better be able to hold his breath." Chris cackled. "For this task, you must complete a sliding puzzle. You must create a pipeline from the energy pump to the elevator pipe. When you think you have created the pipeline, pull the lever by the energy tank. If you pull it and you are successful, the energy will flow. However..."

"What?" Gwen sighed.

"When you all came into the elevator, you were sprayed with a colourless, silent, odourless gas. That gas planted a small microchip on you. Everytime you pull the lever and are unsuccessful, you will all be shocked by an electric signal the microchip will generate," Chris told them.

(Conf), LeShawna: Is that even legal? *shocked, making her hair go poufy*

"You best act quickly. Tick. Tock," Chris went.

Off screen, Duncan's voice was heard. "Help me--" he began, but the screen cut off again.

"Come on guys, we've got to figure this out," Gwen said. She ran over to the corner and began to work on the puzzle.

"I think I'm gonna relax," Tyler sighed. Lindsay was with LeShawna. He went over to a weird looking stick and leaned on it. It shifted slightly, and all four of them received an electric shock.

"Tyler!" the three girls yelled.

Tyler stood upright. The lever shifted back into place. "Whoopsies," he chuckled.

The scene flashed. The timer had reached the twenty minute mark. Gwen's shirt was still ripped, Lindsay's leg was still red, Tyler's face was still blackened and LeShawna's hair was still big. Gwen had gotten through most of the puzzle. "Are you sure you don't need any assistance?" Tyler wondered.

"Tyler, ask that again and I will tear your arm off," Gwen threatened. Tyler backed away at her words. Gwen really seemed to be in her mindset. She had her tongue sticking out due to her thinking.

LeShawna was looking at one of the strobe lights on the wall. It looked different to all the others, but she couldn't tell why. Carefully, she gripped the light. She pulled it. When she did, she heard something click. She tried pulling it out further, but it was stuck. She tried twisting it, and it worked. She kept twisting it until it fell out, and she managed to grab it before it fell to the ground.

"What have you got there? Not another cheat," Tyler said angrily.

"No," LeShawna replied. "I have no idea what this is. It doesn't work on any other lights."

At the back of the light was a mysterious gold pipe. It looked like there was a spring in it, but she couldn't tell. She tried pulling at the pipe, but it wouldn't budge. "I'm gonna keep this," LeShawna said.

"Oh no you don't, I'm just starting to forgive you for cheating the last time," Tyler said. "I'm keeping that." LeShawna sighed, then reluctantly handed Tyler the weird lightbulb pipe.

"Lindsay, try pulling the lever now," Gwen instructed. The blonde nodded and pulled the lever. However, the four received a brutal shock.

"Argh!" Tyler yelled. "Gwen!"

"I'm sorry!" Gwen replied. "I thought I did it. Where'd I go wrong?" She was on her hands and knees, searching for where she'd gone wrong. "Damnit! I see it!"

The camera angle changed to show the pieces of the puzzle Gwen was over. "I switched these two pieces over, and I have no idea how to get it out." She sighed and began trying to resolve her mistake.

Tyler walked over to his girlfriend. He could see the pain in her face, and her leg was all red. "How you holding up?" he asked.

"It stings so badly," she moaned.

"It's okay," he reassured. "You'll get through it."

"Done!" Gwen's voice called offscreen. "Lindsay! Pull the lever!"

"Got it," Lindsay sobbed, pulling at the lever. The puzzle was complete. The energy that flowed through the pipes was a neon blue substance that matched the colour of the lightbulbs. It turned a corner, flooded a crosspipe, turned another corner and maneouvred through the rest of the pipes. Finally, it reached the elevator power source. The substance pushed a turbine, which created an energy flow that powered the elevator up against the wall. The doors opened.

Lindsay got back on Tyler's shoulders, and the two of them joined Gwen and LeShawna in the elevator. The doors closed and the elevator descended.

The elevator stopped with a 'ping!'. The doors opened, revealing the 'strength' room. It too was circular, like the other rooms. Inside the room, the only things visible at the moment was an arched wall. In the wall, there seemed to be three white manual sliding doors.

"What is this?" LeShawna wondered.

"Maybe I can answer that for you," Chris's voice said. The hologram screen had popped up, showing Chris. "Wow, only fifteen minutes remaining. And you're on the strength challenge. Gonna be hard."

"Just explain," Tyler groaned.

"Anyways, for this challenge, you will have to use all your strength to open the one of the three sliding doors. One of the doors will be easy. Another will be a little tough to open, and the third will be the hardest option of all. Once you choose one door, you cannot switch, you must open it. After six doors, you must step on the four pressure plates for ten seconds all together. That will generate energy for the elevator. Then you will come down here to save Duncan. Capeche?" Chris told them.

"Yeah, yeah. Just buzz off," Gwen moaned.

"Hmph. You know, I'm the villain here and I'm acting nicer than some of you people," Chris muttered, and the screen died.

"So what, this is a luck challenge?" Gwen wondered.

"No, it's a strength challenge," Lindsay told her, causing Gwen to roll her eyes.

"Which door should we choose?" LeShawna asked.

"I say the middle one," Tyler said. "There's no way in telling which door is the easiest."

Gwen and LeShawna reluctantly sighed and walked over to the middle door. With the help of Tyler, they began to pull at the door. "Huh, this feels like a tough one," Tyler said.

The three (excluding Lindsay, for obvious reasons) pulled at the door stronger and the sliding door opened slightly, giving off a gap that could fit a reasonably-sized person. "I'll hold the door open," LeShawna said. "The rest of you go through and hold the door from the other side."

The others nodded. First, Gwen came through, followed by Tyler and Lindsay on his back. The other three held the door open from the other side. "Come through LeShawna!" Gwen called from the other side.

Quickly, she ran through the gap in the door, just as the others let go of the door, forcing it to close back up. "Okay, only five more doors to go," LeShawna sighed.

The next door they picked was on the left. They pulled at it, and like a normal one, the sliding door pulled away easily. They all got to the third door, and pulled at it. It too was an easy door. "We're really getting the long straw, aren't we," Tyler said.

(Conf), LeShawna: I can literally imagine Noah facepalmming, right now.

The fourth door they pulled at was a medium strength one. Like last time, LeShawna held onto the door whilst the other three ran through and held onto the other side. LeShawna then ran through the door, with Gwen and Tyler letting go just as she entered. "I'll tell ya, that's taking risks," LeShawna said, panting.

"Come on," Tyler said. "I don't want to save Duncan, but you don't see me complaining." He walked off with Lindsay, whilst the other two girls rolled their eyes at the jock.

They walked to the fifth set of doors. "I think we should choose the right door, Timmy," Lindsay said, getting her boyfriend's name wrong, yet again. Tyler just shook his head and headed for the right door.

"You two, hurry up," Tyler said. "The quicker we do this, the quicker I can get to taking care of my girl."

"Your girl?" Gwen replied sarcastically.

Tyler stuttered a bit. "Well, uh. Not that I think of Lindsay as any property I own. But as a very special person to me," he said, trying not to sound sexist.

Gwen and LeShawna sighed and followed the other two. Just then, Gwen slipped and crashed into the door. It made a rather hollow sound. "Ow," she sighed.

"What happened? You alright?" LeShawna asked.

"Yeah," she sighed. "Wasn't that odd? How the door made that hollow sound?"

"Yeah, and?" Tyler asked.

"Well, if these really are sliding doors, like the other ones, they shouldn't be hollow. They should be slabs of metal," Gwen told them. "Maybe..."

"Maybe we don't have time for this!" Tyler said, angrily. "Just get up and pull the door!"

(Conf), Gwen: Tyler said he's starting to forgive LeShawna, but he's still acting like a total moron. Well, more moron-y.

The fifth door was a medium door. Like their previous encounters with past medium doors, LeShawna stayed behind and ran through as Tyler and Gwen pulled the door from the other side, both letting go when LeShawna ran through. Tyler and Lindsay went over to last set of doors. LeShawna was also about to go, but stopped when she saw Gwen staring at the door they had just gone through. "What is it, girl?" LeShawna wondered.

"I still think we should check out this door," Gwen told her.

"Girl, you know I don't like disagreeing with ya, but I seriously think we should just get to Duncan and get out of here!" LeShawna told her.

Gwen sighed. "Fine. I guess," Gwen said, downtrodden.

"Come on, you guys," Tyler said. "We've had good luck so far. Come on."

Gwen and LeShawna followed Tyler and Lindsay, who were heading for the middle door. "Come on!" Tyler exclaimed. The three (yet again excluding Lindsay) gripped at the door and began to pull. It wouldn't budge at all. They pulled again, and nothing happened. "Oh no," Gwen said. "You know what's happened? We got the hardest door!"

"That's just brilliant," LeShawna sighed.

"Let's just try," Tyler said. "Pull!" All four then pulled at the door as hard as they could. Well, hard, at least. They got lucky; the door opened up a smidge. It looked big enough to fit a really thin person. "Lindsay! I think you can get through. Try it."

Lindsay sniffed. "Okay, I'll try," she said. She jumped off of her boyfriend's back, and limped through the gap in the door.

The worst happened. "Argh!" Tyler yelled. His fingers slipped from the sliding door. The loss of Tyler's grip caused the other two girls holding the door grunted, and both of them let go. The momentum released from the door caused the sliding door to slide shut. On Lindsay's good leg.

"Owww! My good leg!" Lindsay moaned in pain. Tears came streaming down her cheeks from her eyes. "Get it off me!"

"Lindsay!" Tyler yelled in shock. "Pull the door, dammit, pull the door!"

Gwen and LeShawna both snapped back into action. They graabbed the gap in the door made by Lindsay's trapped leg and began to pull. "Lindsay!" Gwen yelled. "Crawl out!"

Lindsay weeped whilst dragging herself with her hands, both her legs limp and numb. She had managed to crawl out. "Pull harder! I need to get to Lindsay!" Tyler said.

"No, Tyler. I'll go through next. I'm the next thinnest. We need to think strategically about this," Gwen told him.

"But..." Tyler began.

"Listen to the girl. She needs help," LeShawna told Tyler, to which he gave out a sigh in response.

The three managed to create another gap in the door. "Go through, Gwen!" LeShawna instructed.

"And take care of Lindsay!" Tyler added.

Gwen nodded. In a flash, she managed to run through the gap. She saw Lindsay sitting on the ground, proping herself up with her arms. "Don't worry, Lindsay. I'm here now," Gwen said, comfortingly. She took the strip of her shirt that she had wrapped around her hand and looked at Lindsay's leg. There way a nasty, dark purple bruise just above her ankle. She tied the shirt around the bruise to try and soothe the pain.

"You stay here," she instructed. "I'm gonna go help the others."

"Okay," Lindsay snivelled.

Gwen jogged to the door. Then, she began to pull at it. "Guys, try coming through now," Gwen said. "Tyler, you first."

"Got it," Tyler said. He tried going through the gap, but, like Lindsay, he tripped. "Ow!" he yelled when he landed.

"Tyler!" both girls gasped.

"I can't hold it for much longer," Gwen groaned.

"Hold it for two seconds!" LeShawna instructed. She let go of the door, ran to Tyler, and picked him up. She then jumped to the other side, just as Gwen let go of the door. It banged as it shut.

"Phew," Gwen sighed. "I thought Tyler'd get crushed for sure."

"Gee, thanks," Tyler muttered. He gasped. "Lindsay!" He ran over to his girlfriend, who was crying in pain on the ground.

"Tyler!" Lindsay said, slight joy in her voice. "It hurts so much."

"That's okay. We only have to stand on these pressure pads and we can go," Tyler reassured. Lindsay sniffed and nodded.

Tyler picked Lindsay up in an 'over the threshold' kind of way. Both Gwen and LeShawna were standing on their pressure pads. Gwen was on the furthest to the left, LeShawna on the one next to her. Tyler put Lindsay on the one next to LeShawna, and Tyler stood on the far right.

However, just as Tyler had gotten to his ressure pad, Lindsay collapsed. She was still conscious, but on her knees. "Lindsay!" Tyler gasped.

"Can't I just do it like this?" Lindsay asked.

"Sorry, but you've gotta stand up!" LeShawna told her.

The pressure pads were too far apart for Tyler to hold Lindsay up. "Come on Linds. Just stand for ten seconds, and then you can rest for as long as you want," Tyler told her.

"Ugh, fine," Lindsay moaned. he stood up, sticking out her arms for balance. Her legs were hurting.

The power was being generated. If they could stand for five more seconds, the elevator would open. They could and they did. When the elevator opened, Lindsay collapsed and howled in pain. "I can't get up!" Lindsay moaned.

"Don't worry, I've got ya," Tyler said. He got Lindsay up and carried her yet again in an 'over the threshold' way. He carried her to the elevator, where the other two girls were waiting.

Tyler and Lindsay stood in the elavtor and turned around, meaning all four contestants were facing the camera. The doors then descended. "I hope we get to Duncan in time," Gwen sighed.

"If Duncan drowns, I'm not affected. But then I'm gonna have you two on my hide for the entire comp," Tyler sighed.

The doors then opened. The four saw that they were now in Chris's lair. It was dark and gloomy, with 'evil' loking machines around the room. "Duncan?" Gwen called.

"I'm here!" his voice yelled offscreen.

The four dispersed around the room. "He's over there!" Lindsay yelled, pointing behind the elevator. Duncan's mowhawk was in the water, his hair wet.

"Guys! Get me out of here!" Duncan yelled. "The blood's going to my brain!"

"You have one?" Tyler chuckled.

Duncan glared at him. "I can still kill you from here, you know," Duncan threatened.

Tyler scoffed. He then went over to LeShawna. "Here, hold Lindsay," Tyler commanded. She nodded and held Lindsay up.

Tyler went over to the cabinets. He started rummaging through them. "There we go," Tyler said. He held something behind his back and advanced on Duncan.

"Tyler, what are you doing?" Duncan asked. Tyler then showed what was behind his back: a knife. "Woah, Tyler, what the heck are you doing? Put the knife down! Put it down!"

"Nope!" Tyler said maniacally. He then brought the knife down, slicing: something. The ropes were revealed to be frayed, and Duncan had gone.

Duncan was then shown to be resurfacing. "You insane freak," Duncan muttered.

"At least I saved you," Tyler said. "But I've got to say, it's funny watching you be all vulnerable." He chuckled.

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood, or you would be thrown in that hole," Duncan told him.

"Did Chris give you instructions?" Gwen asked.

"Nope," Chris's voice said. They looked over to see Chris standing there. "I though it'd be more dramatic if I gave them."

"Chris?" LeShawna asked.

"Nope, a hologram!" Chris chuckled. To prove it, he reached over to place his hand on LeShawna's shoulder. It disappeared ad exited out her side.

"That's just freaky," LeShawna shivered.

"So, I have your new instructions," Chris said. Behind him, something exploded. A large arch fell out of the building's circular wall. A wire was then shot through the arch and dug itself into the wall. "The next challenge is to zip line over to the target on the roof of another building."

"How are we supposed to do that without any pulleys?" Gwen asked.

"Well, that's the fun bit. There were three zip line pulleys, one hidden in each room. If you used your skill, you would have smashed all the laser crystals to reveal the first pulley. If you used your smarts, you would have unscrewed the bulb in the neon room that was different to the others. And if you used your strength, you would have been able to smash through the hollow doors to find the last pulley inside," Chris said.

"I told you! I knew we should have checked out the hollow doors," Gwen told them.

"Wait, is this a pulley?" Tyler asked, pulling out the gold bar and bulb in his pocket. He unscrewed the bulb and it popped out, breaking on the ground. He then pushed a faint button on the end of the bar he had just pulled the bulb out of, which made the spring inside the mechanism pop out and stretch the bar. Tyler grabbed hold of both ends and pulled down, unclipping the bar at one end. It was to get the pulley on the wire. "I guess it is."

"So, it's up to Tyler to decide whether he wants to share the pulley or not," Chris said. "And you better get out quickly. The building explodes in thirty seconds." Chris's hologram then disappeared.

"What? It's gonna explode?" Gwen gasped.

"No way," Duncan scoffed. "But just in case, I'm not sticking around to find out."

"So what do we do?" Tyler asked. LeShawna then snatched the pulley out of Tyler's hands, then clipped it onto the wire.

"We have to go on together," LeShawna said. "Grab hold of me and let's go!" She wasn't kidding. She began to run to the hole to jump off.

Tyler and Lindsay grabbed onto LeShawna's right leg. Then, Gwen grabbed onto LeShawna's side. The only one not to jump on yet was Duncan. "Get on!" Gwen yelled.

"Don't rush me!" Duncan snapped back. He jumped.

The camera angle changed to show the outside, where the zipline was protruding the building. Just then, the gang was shown zipping down the wire on the pulley. Was Duncan onboard? Yes he was. He was grabbing hold of LeShawna's lower left leg. It looked as if Duncan had jumped on when the zipline was out of the building, narrowly grabbing on.

"Why are so many of you on my trousers? I feel them slipping off!" LeShawna yelled.

"I beg of you, don't make that happen," Duncan told her.

After a few seconds, Gwen saw something down below. "The target! I see it!" she called.

LeShawna looked down. "It's on that crash mat!" LeShawna said. "I'm dropping!" She let go of the pulley, letting it slide on.

The five of them screamed as they plummeted towards the target. The camera was then angled at the target on the crash mat. The shadows of the five contestants grew larger on the target. Then, they landed. On the target. On solid concrete. "Owww!" they all yelled.

"What the heck happened? Where'd the crash mat go?" Gwen asked.

"There is, moreover, was no crash mat," Chris said, walking out of nowhere.

Duncan got up and looked at the 'crash mat'. He tapped at it, and felt concrete. "This is painted on!" Duncan exclaimed.

"Well, we spilled so much money into the building, we had to hold back on the rest of the challenge," Chris told them.

"Speaking of the building, is it actually going to--" LeShawna began, but was interrupted by a massive explosion coming from the building they were in, and it crumbled to the ground. "Never mind."

(Conf), Tyler: How big is this show's budget?

"So, we are now at the location of your last challenge," Chris said. "Any good spy should be able to defuse a bomb. So the last challenge will be to defuse a time bomb. If you are the first to defuse the bomb before it goes off, you will win today's prize. If you manage to defuse the bomb afterwards before it explodes, you'll be alright. However, if you can't defuse the bomb, you'll get a, well, especially nasty surprise." He gave off an evil chuckle to it.

"Oh great," Gwen sighed.

"Anyways, each of you stand behind one of the bombs," Chris instructed. From left to right, behind the bombs were Tyler, Lindsay, Gwen, LeShawna and Duncan. The bombs looked like rusty turquoise barrels with red timers on them. There were also three wires coming out of each barrel bomb. One yellow, one red and one blue.

"One of the three wires will deactive the bomb. However, the other two wires will instantly cause the bombs to detonate. And they have been specially rigged, so if you cause the bomb to explode, it will only affect the person who stood behind the bomb," Chris told them. "And, because I'm so nice, you will be provided with a puzzle that if you can solve, will help you deactivate the bomb. BTW, you've only got a minute and a half to do this."

"What?" the five contestants yelled in shock.

"Time starts... now!" Chris announced, before running quickly off.

Five screens, one in front of each bomb, were activated. The camera showed LeShawna's bomb screen. She read the puzzle. "Cut the wire that is the colour of the SEGA character: Miles Prower," she read. She paused for a moment. "Who the heck is Miles Prower? I don't play SEGA!"

Tyler read his screen. "Cut the wire that is the colour of The Simpsons town, Shelbyville's fire hydrants," he read. "Dammit! Where's my Simpson trivia when I need it?"

The next to read their screen was Duncan. "Cut the wire that is not involved in the primary way of making Princess Daisy's dress's colour," he read. "Who the heck is that?"

Gwen read next. "Cut the wire that is not involved in the primary way of making Goofy's hat colour," she read. "Okay, who the heck names their child Goofy?"

Lindsay was the last to read. However, she was kneeling behind her bomb as her legs were still in pain. "Cut the wire that is the primary colour of Mega Man's companion, Beat," she read. "Beat, that's a really nice name. Wait, what was the question?"

The camera went back to LeShawna. She was thinking about her puzzle. She gave up after a while. "Is anyone a SEGA fan here?" she asked.

"No, is anyone a geologist here?" Lindsay asked. "I've just always wanted to know. What's a geologist?"

Tyler was trying to remember what colour Shelbyville's fire hydrants were by thinking back to the episode it was mentioned in. "Come on, think Tyler, think!" he said to himself. "They were walking through Shelbyville. They saw a fire hydrant. They made a comment about the colour of it which is..." he trailed off to himself. "That's it! Yellow! They were yellow!" He then tried pulling at the yellow wire, but it wouldn't snap. "How am I meant to cut this? I know!" From his back pocket, he pulled out the knife he had used to free Duncan.

"You kept that?" Duncan asked from the other end.

"Don't judge me," Tyler responded. He began to push the blade of the knife against the yellow wire, and it eventually snapped. The timer stopped and Tyler had won a prize. "Yahoo!"

"Congratulations Tyler! You are today's winner. I'll give you your prize later on. The rest of you, however, have fourty two seconds left to deactivate your bomb," Chris explained.

"Um, if I was called Beat, what colour would I be?" Lindsay wondered. "I'd probably be green, but that's not on there. I guess I'll pick yellow, cos it reminds me of my hair. Tyler, could I have the k-nife, please?" She had split up the syllables in knife up.

"Sure Linds. And it's just a knife," Tyler told her.

"Sure it is," Lindsay replied, grabbing the knife her boyfriend gave her. She took the blade and cut the yellow wire. Bad move. It exploded on her face, releasing a gas of horrible smell, smothering her. "Argh! It burns my eyes! Why? What's wrong with the colour yellow?" She clutched at her throat and made gagging sounds.

"That is the nasty surprise you'll get for setting off the bomb," Chris explained.

"This better be right," Gwen sighed to herself. "Lindsay, pass the knife." When the blonde passed the knife over, Gwen cut one of the wires. The red one. It was correct. "Brilliant," she sighed. She walked over and joined Chris and Tyler.

"Blue, be my lucky colour," LeShawna said to herself, her eyes closed. "Pass the knife, girl."

"Got it," Gwen told her. She passed the knife alog to her friend. LeShawna brought the knife over her head and sliced at the wire. Wrong move. The bomb exploded, throwing horrible-smelling gas all ver LeShawna. "Damnit!" she yelled.

Ten seconds left. Duncan was the only one not to defuse the bomb yet. He snatched the knife off of LeShawna. "Isn't Princess Daisy that annoying orange princess from Mario? Orange isn't made with blue. S that must be it!" Duncan exclaimed. He brought the knife above his head, in a dramatic fashion. He was about to bring the knife down, when the bomb exploded, covering Duncan in bad-smelling gas. "What the heck happened?" He looked at the timer. It had reached zero. "I got timed out? You've gotta be kidding me!"

Chris was laughing hard. "I love it when things like that happen," Chris cackled. Lindsay, Duncan, LeShawna, that is your punishment for failing the challenge. Gwen, you get nothing. And Tyler, you will be rewarded for your win. Until you are, all of you must wait in the boys trailer," Chris told them. "You'll get your prize later on."

The episode flashed and cut over to the trailers, where the five contestants were hanging out. Tyler and Lindsay were talking on Tyler's bed, Duncan was napping in his and Gwen was eating a sandwich she had smuggled out of  the crafts service tent. The door then burst open, with LeShawna coming in, wearing dry clothes. Her hair was wet.

"Phew, I think the shower got rid of the last of the gas smell," LeShawna said out loud. "So what y'all doin'?"

"Talking, sleeping and eating respectively," Tyler said without looking at her.

"Well, has your prize gotten here?" LeShawna asked.

"Does it look like it?" Tyler responded, once again not looking at her.

"Well--" she began, but was interrupted by a loud knocking at the door. "Never mind."

"That must be it," Gwen said. Tyler got up to the door and opened it. He was about to say something, but his voice was gagged as he was thrown inside a large burlap sack.

"Tyler!" Lindsay gasped.

"Get back here!" LeShawna yelled. She ran for the door, followed by the other two girls. However, Duncan stayed put, as one, he was sleeping, and two, he didn't care.

The three girls were chasing after Tyler's mysterious captor. Well, Gwen and LeShawna were chasing. Lindsay, most obviously, was limping. They saw the door to the Lame-o-sine open up, and the burlap sack containing Tyler was thrown in, followed by the captor. The limo then drove off. The girls were about to ru down the Walk of Shame, but were stopped by Chris. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Did you not see Tyler being taken?" Gwen asked.

"Oh, I did. That's his prize," Chris told them.

"Being taken hostage?" LeShawna asked sarcastically.

"No, he's being taken to Spy Land. The world's greatest spy-themed amusmant park. For a three day trip, he's gonna be treated like James Bond himself. Shrimp cocktails, fancy, non-alcoholic drinks. And none of you get to go with him!" Chris cackled.

"Aw..." Lindsay sighed.

"Now then, get back to your trailer. Dinner'll be supplied later. I'd bring barf bags just in case..." Chris trailed off, checking his nails.

The three girls turned round and headed back to their trailer, leaving Chris on his own with the camera. "So then, it's the end of today's challenge. But after the next, we'll definitely be left with our final five. Which of our five remaining scallywags will make the cut? Did you get the hint? Anyways, stay tuned for the next episode of Total... Drrrrrrama... Action! Did you get that?" he said, his eyebrow twitching upwards, just before the screen faded to black.

Chapter XXII: The Arr In Drama

Chris was standing on a pirate ship set in the middle of a lake, wearing a large pirate hat, jaunty clothes, an eyepatch and a cutlass. He gave a pirate-y laugh. "Previously, on Total Drarrrrrrrma Action: Tyler, Lindsay, LeShawna and Gwen went on a mission: rescue Duncan. After laser dodging, pipe solving and door pulling, they rescued him from a watery grave. At a cost, Lindsay's damaged legs. After a zipline, Tyler and Gwen managed to defuse their bombs, resulting in a win for Tyler. How was his trip? Who'll make it through the episode? And why am I dressed so handsomely in a pirate suit? Find some of those answers out on this episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

The camera opened up to the end of the Walk of Shame. The Lame-o-sine then drove off, a loud 'thumping' noise was heard, and then it drove off, revealing a large burlap sack shuffling on the red carpet. The ropes that tied the bag were loose, and easily pulled apart by Tyler, who was inside. "Did I really have to be brought to and from in a sack?" Tyler asked himself. He dusted himself off and walked over to the crafts tent.

Inside the tent, Tyler saw all four contestants sitting at the same table, eating a breakfast that looked similar to egg rolls and lumpy gruel. "Tyler!" Lindsay beamed, who was the first to see her boyfriend come into the tent.

"How was the sack?" Duncan joked. Tyler glared at the delinquint.

In her excitement, Lindsay got up from her seat to hug her boyfriend. Tyler smiled, then backed away and looked at Lindsay's feet in shock. "What happened to your feet?" Tyler asked.

The camera revealed that there were casts around both of Lindsay's lower legs. "Oh," Gwen began, "when you left, Lindsay went to the infirmary and got the casts. Apparently, one foot's been burned and the other's got one of its bones broken from the sliding door."

"Wow, you should really sue the show for that," Tyler said.

"Did you not read the contracts for this show?" LeShawna asked.

(Conf), LeShawna: *reading from a contract* By appearing on the show, you are legally voiding all sue claims made to the show. *stops reading* By appearing, we're even stopping outsiders from suing this show! People really need to read these before they sign.

Tyler had joined the others in eating breakfast. They had a little quiet talk, but was suddenly interrupted by a large surprise. A fairly large cannonball had tore through the tent roof, leaving fabric on the ground. "What the heck?" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Eh," Duncan moaned. "Let's be honest, it's not the most shocking thing that's happened here."

LeShawna paused for a moment. "True," she said, nodding.

The cannonball then clicked. The top half began to open up, surprisingly, and mystical steam was released from the ball. Chris then stood up from inside of it, wearing a pirate costume. He looked dazed. "Ugh," he mumbled, rubbing his forhead. "That really wasn't a smart idea."

"I'm pretty sure Lindsay would have thought of a smarter idea than tha--" Gwen began, before looking over at Lindsay. Her mouth was open, she was drooling, and a fly flew into her ear. It then came out the other. "Never mind."

"Anyways," Chris began, seemingly undazed, "now that Tyler's back, we can get on with our next challenge. Pirate theme!"

"Yeah, we got that," Duncan said.

Chris glared at Duncan. "Anyways, meet me over at the pi-- wait," Chris began. "No, that's not gonna work." He pulled something out of his back pocket. It was a walkie talkie. "Yeah, I'm gonna need the helicopter."

"We get to ride in your helicopter?" Tyler exclaimed.

"Pfft, no!" Chris laughed.

The episode then transferred to Chris riding his helicopter. The screen then extended to show Lindsay, Tyler, LeShawna, Gwen and Duncan suspended from the helicopter with ropes and no safety equipment. "So we get to ride below the helicopter," LeShawna said, glaring at Tyler, who looked away from her.

The helicopter then hovered over a large pirate ship set in the water. "This is the part where you get off!" Chris yelled from the helicopter.

"How?" Gwen asked. Immediately afterwards, all five ropes seemed to snap, sending all five plummeting towards the ship.

LeShawna landed first on the deck, followed by Lindsay and Tyler, who landed on each other respectively, and Gwen. "You just had to ask," Tyler said to Gwen.

"Where Donny?" Lindsay asked.

"Up... here..." a strained voice said. The camera revealed it to be Duncan, who had folded over a branch of the mast. His body went numb and he slid off, shortly afterwards landing on Lindsay, which crushed Tyler even more.

A leather rope dropped from the helicopter, and Chris slid down it, landing on the wooden deck. "Pirates always know how to arrive in style, don't they?" Chris said, dusting himself off. "Anyways, time for the challenge. This challenge will split you up into two groups. Both groups will partake in a different challenge. The winners from both groups will compete in another challenge. The winner of that one will win immunity from tonight's elimination. However, there's a twist."

"How much twistier can it get?" Lindsay asked.

"Twistier?" Gwen scoffed.

"The winner of tonight's immunity challenge will make an exchange. When they win, they will sacrifice their vote for tonight in exchange for immunity. This means that they will be ineligible to vote tonight," Chris said.

"Can you even do that?" Duncan asked.

"Hey, I'm the host of this show, I get to make up the rules," Chris explained. He took off his pirate hat and took a leather bag from underneath it. "Put your hand in the bag. Whichever colour flag you take will dictate which group you're in, which will also dictate what challenge you will get."

All five contestants put their hand in the bag and pulled out a flag. LeShawna, Gwen and Tyler pulled out a green flag, whilst Lindsay and Duncan pulled out a blue one. "It's decided!" Chris announced. "Lindsay and Duncan, stay on deck. The rest of you, you're coming with me."

(Conf), Gwen: *shivers* That sounded really weird. *shivers again*

"Before I go," Chris began. "Lindsay and Duncan, you two need some new threads. Head over to the door marked with the circle and get a new attour."

The scene changed to show the door marked with the circle. The door swung open, revealing Lindsay. She had some new clothes. She was wearing a patterned blue bandana that kept her hair back. She was also wearing blue boots, a bandana tied around her arm, blue lipstick and blue nail polish. "How chic do I look?" Lindsay asked herself. "Totes!" she responded to herself.

When she walked out of the doorway, the door opened again, revealing Duncan. He had blue facepaint streaks, two under each eye. He was also wearing blue leather gloves, blue shoes and a blue tooth stuck in his mouth. "I look hot," Duncan said to himself.

Then, a very faint voice was heard. It seemed to be Courtney. "No you don't!" her voice yelled in the far, far distance.

Duncan walked over to join Lindsay. "So what do you think we're doing?" Duncan wondered.

"Lemme tell ye then!" a pirate-y voice grumbled. Lindsay and Duncan turned around to see Chef wearing a red captain's outfit with a cutlass on his right hand. "Time for your challenge!"

Chef walked over to the front of the two contestants. "This challenge is perfect for you swashbucklers," Chef chuckled. "Your challenge is to... Um... Uh..., oh screw it." He said the last bit in his normal voice. He shook the cutlass off and grabbed a script from inside his fake gray beard.

"Your challenge," he said, reading from the script, "is a classic sword fight. You will both have a sword, one better than the other. You will use them to hit you opponent. The first to hit their opponent five times will advance to the immunity challenge."

"Seems simple enough," Duncan sniggered.

"Yeah, it does, doesn't it?" Chef responded. "Well, there are two snags. The first is that you will randomly decide who gets which sword. Follow me." He walked over to a large wooden box, There were two sword hilts coming out of the top of the box: one bronze, the other silver. "You will both pull out a sword. One of the swords is better than the other. Whichever sword you pull out will be the one that you use. You have thirty seconds to decide."

Meanwhile, Chris was on a motorboat. He looked behind him, to see Gwen, LeShawna and Tyler sitting on the back seats. All three were gagged, blindfolded, handcuffed and had large headsets covering their ears from sound. "It's weird," Chris said to the camera. "I could do anything I want with them and they couldn't do anything about it. It's nice to have that much power."

The motorboat docked at a beach. A familiar looking beach. He dragged all three contestants onto the sand. He then proceeded to undo the handcuffs and pulled off their headsets. "Alright, take the rest of the stuff off and take a look at where you are," Chris instructed.

The three teenagers took off their gags first, then pulled out the knots in the blindfold. Tyler pulled off the blindfold off. "Wait, where are we?" Tyler wondered. "It seems so... familiar."

The two girls' blindfolds then came off. "Hey, I feel the nostalgia," Gwen commented.

"Where are we?" LeShawna asked.

"Welcome back," Chris began, "to Camp Wawanakwa!"

"Oh great, we're back in this dump," Tyler sighed.

"Hey, I'll have you know if you hadn't come here, number one, you wouldn't have had a shot at a million dollars and, number two, you wouldn't have a girlfriend," Chris argued.

Gwen looked at the failed athlete. "He does make a good point," she said to him.

"I hate when Chris is right," Tyler muttered.

"Isn't that always?" Chris chuckled.

The episode transferred back to Duncan and Lindsay on the pirate ship. Lindsay had her hand on the bronze hilt, whilst Duncan had his on the silver. "On three, you pull out your sword," Chef said. "One... two... three!"

On three, both pulled out their swords. It was revealled that Duncan's sword, the silver one, was the better one. Lindsay's bronze sword had two bends in the blade. "Yay! I won!" Lindsay cheered.

"No, I got the better sword," Duncan told her.

"Awww," Lindsay sighed, feeling downheartened.

Now with their swords, Lindsay and Duncan walked over to Chef, who was standing on the deck. "Now that you've got your swords, it's time for the second snag," Chef said. He reached into his beard with both hands and pulled out two blindfolds, one in each hand. "You know what's coming."

Lindsay looked at Chef blankly. "No, I really don't."

Duncan rolled his eyes. "We're doing the sword fight blindfolded, dummy," Duncan sighed.

"Oh, that makes sense," Lindsay chuckled, nodding.

The episode flashed and moved over to the next scene. Chef Hatchet had blindfolded Duncan and was beginning to blindfold Lindsay. "Hold still!" Chef grunted, trying to tie a blindfold around Lindsay's eyes, which proved difficult due to her bobbing head.

"I'm not doing anything!" Lindsay complained.

"I wish you weren't doing anything. That way there'd be one less person I have to face," Duncan muttered.

Chef then pushed Lindsay and Duncan on both ends of the deck. "Now then, you'll have to hit your opponent five times to win," Chef reminded them. "It'll be difficult, I'll give you that. Here's an extra bonus. If you can get your opponent to fall into the water, it's an automatic win for you."

"Sounds fun," Duncan snickered.

"Does it?" Lindsay questioned.

"Prep your swords!" Chef commanded. The two teens were ready. "Ready... en garde!"

There was silence. Duncan and Lindsay weren't moving. "What?" the two asked in sync.

"Ugh, you people aren't cultured," Chef grunted.

"What, and you are?" Duncan wondered.

Chef growled. "Just go! Begin! Start!" he yelled in rage.

Tyler, Gwen and LeShawna were now standing on the sands of Camp Wawanakwa's beach in front of Chris. "For this pirate-y challenge," Chris began, "the three of you will be treasure hunting. Hidden somewhere on the island is a secret treasure. After following certain clues, you will find the treasure box. Claim what's inside to gain a pass to the next round!"

"A treasure hunt? Whoop-de-do," Gwen said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Whoop-de-do?" Tyler wondered.

"It felt like a whoop-de-do moment," Gwen told him.

"Here are your first clues," Chris told them. He handed out three brown envelopes, each contestant receiving one each. "The clues will take you to different locations, so you can't just all gang up and take the same route. You will all travel to two different parts of the island, and then you will all meet up at the third location: the location of the treasure."

Chris then backed away and a rope ladder fell from the sky. It was revealed that the rope ladder came from Chris's helicopter, which was being piloted by a female red-shirt intern. "I'll meet you all up later at the treasure spot! Good luck! You'll need it!" He grabbed onto a rung and was yanked up. A few moments of nothing before the intern crashed into the sand from the helicopter. The camera then pointed at Chris, who was now piloting his helicopter. "Whoops."

As the female intern walked off, rubbing her chin, Gwen, LeShawna and Tyler opened up their envelopes, pulling out their individual clues. Tyler read his clue. "'Find your clue atop the dive, below swim the fish alive.' What the heck?" Tyler wondered.

Gwen was next. "'A clue hidden where Courtney found, a jeep that gave TD a second round.' Ooh! I know where that is!" Gwen exclaimed. She was about to run off, but LeShawna grabbed her shoulder.

"Girl, we've gotta make sure Tyler wins," she said.

"What? Why?" Gwen wondered.

"If Tyler wins immunity, he'll sacrifice his vote, which means we can get Lindsay out," LeShawna explained.

"Good idea," Gwen replied, nodding. To not arouse suspicion, she ran off.

LeShawna then proceeded to read her clue. "A clue is hidden, deep in Hell's kitchen," she read. "Hell's kitchen? Sounds like a cooking show."

"LeShawna, I've got an idea," Gwen whispered. "Since Tyler's obviously too dumb to figure this out on his own, we've gotta hep him."

"But won't he figure something out if we do that?" LeShawna wondered. There were a few seconds of awkwardness where Gwen was looking at LeShawna in a 'seriously?' way. "I heard it!"

"Come on, follow my lead," Gwen said, lightly jabbing her in the ribs as she said it. She got LeShawna's wrist and pulled her over closer to Tyler. "I was just reminiscing on how our first challenge ever was jumping off that huge cliff. You remember that?" Gwen said, nudging LeShawna again.

"Ohh," she said, realising Gwen's motive. "I remember jumping off of the cliff!" LeShawna said, loud enough for Tyler to hear.

"Oh, I know where to go," Tyler said suddenly. Gwen and LeShawna were smiling. "The cabins!" Both the girls facepalmed.

"The cliff, you idiot, the cliff!" LeShawna yelled.

"Did you say something?" Tyler asked, turning his head to face the girls.

"No, no, nothing at all," LeShawna said, acting coy.

(Conf), Tyler: I swear she said something.

Duncan and Lindsay were blindly wandering around the deck of the pirate ship set. "Was it really a good idea for you to blindfold us?" Duncan asked.

"Well it wouldn't be fun any other way," Chef chuckled.

"Donny, could you just stay still?" Lindsay asked. She then collided with a large barrel and fell over it, screaming. As she landed offscreen, pieces of the barrel flew up in the air. The camera then panned down to show that Lindsay's body was now in the barrel, with the top broken off. Miniature stars flew around her head in a comical way, expressing her dizziness. "My head feels loose."

Tyler was trekking up the top of the cliff, where a large chest was waiting for him. He reached the top of the cliff and opened up the chest.

A few metres behind Tyler there were two bushes that were slowly advancing. Gwen and LeShawna's heads popped out of it. "Let's listen," LeShawna whispered carefully, making sure Tyler couldn't hear her.

Tyler took an envelope out of the chest and ripped the top off. He pulled out a piece of white card with black writing printed on it. "Filled with items for the port, find the next clue in the water transport," he read. "Hmm, where could that be..."

Gwen took up a pen and a piece of paper from her pockets. "Leave this one to me," Gwen said.

Offscreen, the sound of pen touching paper was heard and a small paper aeroplane hit Tyler in the back of the head. "What the--" Tyler began, turning around. He saw the paper plane on the ground, picked it up and unfolded it. "Boathouse? What about the boathouse?" he wondered. He looked at the paper, the looked at the card. Then the paper, then back to the card. "Ohhh."

(Conf), Gwen: I seriously think, that at this moment, Lindsay is smarter than someone in the game. Shocking.

The episode flashed, and skipped over to Tyler arriving at the boathouse. It gave off an eerie feeling. Tyler shuddered. "Creepy, he said to himself. He reached for the door handle.

The camera changed to show the inside of the boathouse. Gwen and LeShawna had already arrived, and were looking for the clue to give Tyler an easier time. "Shh," Gwen said in a stage whisper. "Do you here that?" There was a faint creaking and Gwen saw the handle of the door twisting. "Someone's coming. Hide!"

The two girls fumbled around the place, trying to think of a place to hide. LeShawna then found a door, pulled it open, and dragged Gwen inside with her, just as the door opened, with Tyler coming in. "Wow," he began, "creepier!" He took another look at the clue he had found atop the cliff. "The clue says the next one is in the water transport, so it must be in one of the canoes," he said to himself.

"Canoes, why didn't we look in the canoes?" Gwen's voice spoke through the door.

Tyler's head twisted in shock when he heard another voice. Inside the door, Gwen's eyes widened as LeShawna covered Gwen's mouth. "He's gonna come in here," LeShawna whispered.

"Hide further in this thing!" Gwen whispered back. The two girls shuffled further into the cupboard.

"What the heck was that?" Tyler wondered. He walked over to the cupboard door and pulled it open. He saw the contents of the cupboard. There were many jackets on hangers, fishing rods and other old-time fishing junk.

Now then, you may be wondering how Tyler couldn't see the girls. Well, I'll tell you. Gwen had disguised herself as a lamp. She covered her head with a lamp shade that matched the colour of her highlight streaks, and hid her lower body behind a pile black woolly jumpers.

LeShawna hid herself a bit strangely. She had taken the hook off of one of the fishing rods, then put the mini buoy in her mouth. She also hid a large chunk of her body amongst the hanging jackets.

Tyler looked in the closet, not noticing any human-like features inside of it. "Weird, I could have sworn I heard something from in here," Tyler murmured. "Well, never mind." And with that he shut the closet door.

When the door shut, animation returned. Gwen slid her body out of the jumpers and took the lampshade off of her head, whilst LeShawna spat out the buoy. "Ugh, still tastes fishy. Yuck."

Tyler leant over a canoe. He reached his hand inside one of the canoes and pulled it out. With something in his hand. It was an envelope. "Score! Treasure, here I come!" Tyler chuckled, taking out the clue in the envelope. "Treasure hidden in the dark, search the caves for a red X mark," he read. "The caves. Easy! Off I go!" Tyler exited the boathouse. As soon as the doors closed behind him, Gwen and LeShawna burst through the closet, crashing on the floor with items of clothes and tackle boxes breaking their fall.

Duncan had gotten closer to Lindsay. He had followed the sound of Lindsay crashing into the barrels. "I've got ya!" Duncan chuckled and he swung his sword about wildly. He stepped forwards and his foot landed on a circular piece of the barrel Lindsay broke. His foot slipped behind him, causing him to fall over on a plank in the deck. The access weight caused Lindsay, who was sitting on the other end of the plank, slid down on the plank and crashed down onto the delinquint.

"Get off me, ya fruit loop," Dunca grunted, kicking out with both his feet.

Duncan's feet landed on Lindsay's back, The force of Duncan got her up and pushed her forwards... off of the ship. Lindsay's crazy shrieks rang in Duncan's ears. Her blindfold slipped off early enough for the blonde to see the vast blue sea she was about to crash into.

With a huge splash, Lindsay eventually resurfaced spitting out water from her mouth like a fountain. "Aww, my hair's wet!" she complained.

Chef walked over to Duncan by the barrels, who had taken his blindfold off. "Perfect," Duncan chuckled.

"Well, since Lindsay did fall into the sea, technically the delinquint wins," Chef said, facing the camera.

Duncan looked up at him. "Uhh, who are you talking to?" Duncan asked.

Chef looked at Duncan with wide eyes. Then, in one smooth, slick, swift motion, Chef reached inside his fake beard, pulled out a spray bottle and squirted a sort of gas in Duncan's face that made him clench his eyes shut. "Sleep spray!!!!!" Chef yelled.

After a period of time, Chef put the bottle back in his fake beard. Duncan's eyes opened back up. He sniffed. "That was mint deo," he said.

Chef looked at Duncan. He then picked him up by the collar with one finger, moved him over above the sea, and let go.

Tyler was clutching onto the clue as he searched the cave for the red X. "Come on, red 'X'. If I can't find this thing before the girls, I'm dead!" Tyler muttered to himself.

The screen flashed to another scene, which showed the girls patrolling the caves, searching for the 'X'. "If we find that 'X', we can leave a trail for Tyler to follow. As long as he has the sense to follow it, we'll be enjoying the sweet taste of no immunity," LeShawna said. "Did you get the crisps?"

Gwen pulled a red packet out of her pocket that contained the crisps.

(Conf), Gwen: So our plan is to get Tyler to win immunity overall. By getting rid of a vote against us, there's no way we'll be in danger. That way we can weaken Tyler by getting rid of his girlfriend. Then next week, that jock will be out of the way, and it'll be a final three with the people I actually like. Thank God.

The girls had arrived at the red 'X'. Gwen opened the packet of crisps, and began to drop the crisps in a trail that Tyler could follow. "I'll wait behind this rock to make sure Tyler gets here," LeShawna said. Gwen nodded, and ran off, dropping crisps in a fair portion.

The screen flashed and Gwen ran back to LeShawna and hid behind the rock. She gave a thumbs up, just as Tyler walked into the cavern. "The 'X'!" Tyler exclaimed. He grabbed a shovel that was on a rack leaning against the wall and began to dig. The digging sped up, then slowed back down.

A chest was thrown out of the newly-dug hole and Tyler climbed out, soil on his tracksuit. He hit the bronze padlock with his shovelhead, busting it open, and opened up the chest. "Boo-yah!" Tyler exclaimed, reaching inside. He pulled out a video camera. "Wait, is this it?"

Tyler flipped the screen over, then pressed the power button. A video of Chris's head began to play. "Congratulations, watcher of this video. You have won the treasure hunt and will now advance to the immunity challenge. Remember the rules: if you win immunity, you lose the right to vote at tonight's elimination ceremony."

Tyler, Gwen and LeShawna walked into the crafts tent, joining Lindsay and Duncan, who were slurping lumpy, beige milkshakes. "Taste nice?" Gwen asked.

"Chef made them. What do you think?" Duncan asked, his voice filled with his usual cockiness. "Who won?"

"Me," Tyler said. "How'd you like me now?"

"Still not very much," Duncan replied.

(Conf), Duncan: I am so on point today.

Just as the partakers of the treasure hunt challenge sat down, another cannonball, similar to the one earlier in the day, crashed through the tarp of the tent's roof and collided on the grassy ground. Also similar to earlier on in the day, the cannonball clicked and the top popped open. Chris in his pirate costume climbed out. "Who's idea was this?" he moaned, his face looking dazed.

"I believe it was yours," Duncan said.

Chris took a second to recap. "Okay, can someone rip his tongue out before I do?" Chris asked, glaring evilly at the juvenile delinquent. "People who won the challenges, be at the pirate ship set in half an hour."

"Got it," Tyler replied.

"Whatever," Duncan mumbled, rolling his eyes and sucking up the milkshake. "Ugh, why am I still drinking this?" he complained in disgust, throwing the milkshake over his shoulder.

"Because you're an idiot," Chris chuckled, just as he climbed out of the cannonball. His body then began to shake and he stuck his arms out just as he collapsed. "Okay, can someone pick me up?" he asked, off-screen.

Duncan was about to walk out of the tent, but Gwen grabbed his shoulder and dragged him aside. "What?" he asked, impatient.

"You need to throw the challenge to Tyler," Gwen said.

"What? Why?" he asked, confused.

"Because, if Tyler can't vote, that means you, me and LeShawna can safely get Lindsay out," she explained.

"But what if--" Duncan began, before being cut off by Gwen.

"Listen, it would have been better if you had let Lindsay win your challenge so that we could get Tyler out instead, but we can't. If we want to win, we have to secure the majority. And we can't do that if we hit a tiebreaker at tonight's elimination," Gwen said.

Duncan paused for a moment, thinking about the proposition. "Alright, I'll do it," he said. Gwen stuck out her hand. Duncan looked at it, then back to her. "No," he chuckled.

(Conf), Gwen: This is what I get for being nice to Duncan.

The two walked off. Unbeknown to them, Tyler was on the other side of the tarp sheet. And he heard every word.

(Conf), Tyler: Ha! If they think they can trick me into winning, just so that they can get me bae out, they've got another thing coming. Me and Lindsay 'til the end!

Duncan and Tyler were on the deck of the pirate ship set. They were standing in front of a mast each. Each mast looked kind of greasy, and at the top of each mast was a rusty bronze bell. Duncan glared at Tyler. Tyler glared at Duncan. Chris glared at the camera, rolling his eyes and sighing. "Teenagers. This is why I don't like them," he said.

Chris stepped forwards. "So, time for the final challenge," Chris sighed. "As you know, whoever wins the challenge will sacrifice their vote for their pass to the final four."

"Yeah," Tyler began.

"We know," Duncan continued.

Chris put the back of his wrists on his waist. "Anyways, here's the challenge. So far, you've partaken in the joys of being a pirate. But now, it's time for some back-breaking work. Your challenge is to ring the bell at the top of the mast. Seems easy enough, right?" Chris said.

"Of course not, it's--" Duncan began.

"Oh for crying out loud, shut up!" Chris interrupted. "Well, the twist is that the mast is covered in grease, which will make it painstakingly difficult for you guys, yet oh so hilarious to watch you slipping and sliding."

"Sadistic as always, I see," Tyler commented.

"Well, duh. This is me we're talking about," Chris chuckled. "Ring the bell and you're safe for tonight. Got it?" The two boys nodded. "Alright then. Ready, set," he began, rising his arm above his head, "go!" he said, bringing his arm down.

Both boys stood in place, as a cricket chirped. After a second passed, Chris spoke up. "Uh, you do know I said 'go', right?" Chris wondered.

"Yeah," both boys said in drawn-out unison.

"Why aren't you climbing?" Duncan asked Tyler.

"Why aren't you?" Tyler replied.

"I don't have to answer to you," Duncan told him.

"Ditto," Tyler replied.

The timer in the top left hand corner showed that an hour had passed since the beginning of the challenge. Chris was sitting in a deckchair with a colorful drink and suntan on his nose and cheeks. The camera was pointing at him. "Well, if they aren't gonna compete, may as well make as most of the sun as I can," Chris said to the camera, drinking some of the liquid through a funny straw.

Tyler was sitting on the deck with his back leaning on the greasy mast. He had a ball of scrunched up paper and was trying to see how long he could keep it up in the air.

Duncan, on the other hand, was glaring at Tyler, and tapping his finger against his chin.

(Conf), Duncan: I'm not waiting around for Tyler to die of boredom before he climbs up the mast. If something's gonna happen, I'm gonna make it happen.

Duncan looked around the deck, looking around for different items. A pile of broken barrels in the corner, lying among strands of rope. Deck chairs covered with sheets of tarp to protect them from the rain. Light bulbs stuck in glass cases on the wall, doing nothing but looking pretty. A ladder lying on the deck, decorated in multi-colored Christmas lights and autumn leaves. A plan began to form in Duncan's mind, requiring several of the items he saw on the ship. "This better work," he muttered.

The screen flashed and transferred over to Tyler, who was half-asleep. His back was leaning on the mast, his knees were bent upwards and his elbow was on his thigh, his head resting on his hand. A moving shadow then advanced on Tyler, which caused him to wake up. He looked up and saw Duncan. "What do you want?" Tyler asked, puzzled.

"Listen, whilst I may appear to be the bad guy, I'm not void of all feeling," Duncan said. "I brought you a deck chair."

"Seriously?" Tyler asked, confused. "Well, um, thanks. I guess..." He stood up, sat down in the deck chair and drifted off asleep.

(Conf), Duncan: Sucker.

Duncan looked up at the bell Tyler was meant to ring. Doing a quick calculation, he laid down the tarpaulin on the right place of the deck. Then, using the autumn leaves on the ladder, he covered the tarp.

The next part of Duncan's plan was the hardest. He took the length of rope he found tangled with the broken bits of barrel. Then, he tied a shard of the barrel around one end of the rope. He then swung the rope over his head, before throwing the end tied around the barrel shard up in the air. In one swift motion, the rope flew over a piece of wood connected horizontally to the mast that was immediately over the bell. The weight of the barrel shard dragged the rope down, and Duncan caught it, untying the shard of barrel, and replacing it with four pieces of rope that he had tied together. After tying the pieces of rope to the long length of rope, he tied three of the pieces to the deck chair, and carefully tying Tyler to the chair with the fourth, without waking him up. He made sure not to tie the rope around Tyler too tightly, in case his plan went awry. He tied the rope around Tyler just strong enough so that Tyler would stay in the deck chair whilst his plan commenced.

The last step in Duncan's plan was simple. Duncan took one of the unbroken barrels and filled it with loads of items on deck. Barrel shards, light bulbs, Christmas lights, more pieces of rope and another sheet of tarp. He also put a couple of hefty-looking rocks in the barrel. Once he filled the barrel, and wrapped the barrel in a final sheet of tarp, he took the other end of the rope and tied it securely around the barrel. He carried it over, with some struggle, to the edge of the ship.

"Time to activate this plan," Duncan muttered to himself. "Hey Tyler!"

Tyler woke up, abruptly. He tried to get up, but was shocked to find himself tied to the deck chair Duncan had provided him. "What are you doing?" Tyler asked, confused.

"Since when have I ever been nice?" Duncan chuckled, before kicking the barrel off the ship.

Tyler realized what was going on. "Oh you little--" he began, but was cut off when the rope that was tied to the deck chair was pulled up, dragging Tyler with him, causing his screams to trail off screen.

Tyler was screaming as the camera showed him being dragged up, heading quickly up the mast, towards the bell. Then, it happened.

Tyler crashed headfirst into the bell, causing it to ring loudly. Then, as the rope pulled over the sticking-out wood, Tyler was dragged down, before inevitably plunging into the cold seawater. It took a while, but Tyler eventually resurfaced. "You cheat!" Tyler yelled, his teeth chattering.

Chris woke up abruptly, undisturbed from what happened. "Huh? What happened?" Chris asked. "Did a bell ring?"

"Yep. Tyler won," Duncan said, his voice smug.

Chris got up and walked over to the edge of the boat. He saw the bell swaying on the top of a mast and Tyler swimming over to the ship. "Can someone help me up?" he asked, teeth still chattering.

"Who do you think I am? A nice person?" Chris chuckled. "Well, whatever happened, Tyler, you rang the bell. That means you are today's immunity winner, which also means you've lost your vote for tonight."

"But Duncan rang it! He just used me to ring it for him!" Tyler argued back.

"Yeah, but you were the one who hit the bell, causing it to ring. By the rulebook, you've won immunity," Chris told him.

"But... but!" Tyler began.

"But nothing. Yeesh, I think this is the first time you people don't want immunity," Chris said, rolling his eyes. "I'll meet you at the elimination ceremony."

The screen flashed over to Gwen who was in the communal bathrooms. She was applying white powdered makeup on her face. She was humming a simple, carefree melody. Then, the atmosphere broke, as the communal bathrooms door opened up, banging against the wall, leaving an eerie silhouette in the doorway.

Gwen turned, and the creepy silhouette turned out to be Tyler, with Lindsay walking behind him. "What the heck is wrong with you? Ever heard of social skills?" Gwen blurted out.

"You really can't say much," Tyler said to her. Gwen was about to say something, but paused and retracted.

"We have a propo... um, a prapasi... a deal for you," Lindsay said, getting tongue-tied on the word 'proposition'.

"Whatever it is, I'm not interested," Gwen told them, going back to apply blue lipstick to her lips.

"Well, what if we could help you... settle your score with Courtney?" Tyler said, mysteriously.

Gwen paused, and her ears flickered. "Hmm," she began, considering the deal. "I'm listening."

"Well, we know that Contessa thinks that you and Dominic are an item. What if we could help you get that load off of your back?" Lindsay said.

"We propose that if you can get Duncan out of the game, Courtney will realize that there is nothing going on between the two of you. So, if you and Lindsay vote Duncan, and even if LeShawna and Duncan do vote against my sweet babe," Tyler began, cuddling his blonde-haired girlfriend, "she'll at least have a chance of survival, and Duncan will have a fifty-fifty chance of going home!"

Gwen looked as if she was considering the proposition. "Come on, Gwen. The three of us could work well in a team. Me, as the brawn," Tyler said, a big ear-to-ear smile, "Lindsay as the beauty, and you, Gwen, as the brains!"

Gwen tapped her finger against her chin. "Well..." she began, trailing off.

"Just think about it, but after tonight's vote, we'll know who's side you're on," Tyler said, and with that, he and his girlfriend walked out of the communal bathrooms.

(Conf), Gwen: I know this sounds super crazy, but I'm actually considering this proposition. Tyler and Lindsay would be easy to beat in the final showdown, whereas LeShawna and Duncan are tough competitors. And eliminating Duncan would prove my point to Courtney. Perhaps it would be easier to jump ship... No pun intended.

The intro of the elimination ceremony began, and then cut over to Chris in his blue polyester suit, standing on the amphitheater. Lindsay and Tyler were sitting on the top bleachers, Lindsay leaning on her boyfriend's shoulder. Duncan and LeShawna were sitting next to each other on the bottom rows of the bleachers, holding their voting devices, and Gwen was sitting directly in the middle of both pairs, symbolizing her uncertainty between the groups.

"So, as you all know, whoever won today's immunity challenge would ultimately sacrifice tonight's vote. Tyler, since you won, you will not be allowed to vote. That means the vote will be decided by Duncan, Lindsay, Gwen and LeShawna," Chris began, leaning on the main podium. "Cast your votes now."

A group of beeps and bloops were sounded as those who were eligible to vote, did. Then, a piece of paper came out of the result machine, containing the votes. Chris took the paper out, put on a pair of glasses from his side pocket for show, and read the results in his head.

"Ah! Very interesting..." he said, creating suspense. "Well, well, well. We have our votes. So, who will be the first to receive a Gilded Chris Award? Obviously we know. Heads up, Tyler!"

Chris chucked a Gilded Chris Award at Tyler. Even with the warning, it still hit the jock, square in the forehead. It caused him to fly backwards, off of the bleachers.

"Ah, misfortune with warnings. My favorite," Chris chuckled. "Anyways, the next award goes to LeShawna." He threw the Gilded Chris Award, and unlike Tyler, she actually caught the award.

"That's how we do," she chuckled, unwrapping the award and eating the sweet milk chocolate inside.

The episode then created a three way split screen. Lindsay on the left, Gwen in the middle and Duncan on the right. "Also safe is Gwen," Chris said. The 'Gwen' portion of the split screen enlarged, showing Gwen smiling and catching her award. Her smile then faded, and she began to nervously bite her nails, eyeing both Lindsay and Duncan.

The camera then pointed at Chris. "Duncan and Lindsay. For crying out loud, how many dramatic moments just include the two of you?" Chris said. "And the last time the two of you were in the bottom two was back in Wawanakwa. That time, Duncan was eliminated. Will the same happen again? Dramatic drumroll, please!"

The camera then panned to Chef, who was sitting on a seat, playing a drumroll on a set of drums. It lingered for a bit too long, causing Chris to glare at Chef, who exchanged the look before hitting the cymbal, ending the drumroll.

"And the person eliminated tonight is...






























... Lindsay!" Chris announced, causing Lindsay to gasp, and Tyler's face to grow red.

"No! This can't be!" Tyler shouted. "I won't let you take Lindsay from me!"

Chris looked at Chef Hatcher and clicked his fingers. Chef nodded, walked over to Tyler, picked him up and carried him over his shoulder. "Let me go! I won't be silenced!" Tyler yelled.

"Shut it, pipsqueak," Chef grunted.

"Okay," Tyler said, in a soft, babyish voice.

"Lindsay, your time is up. You've been a great player, but you've fallen at fifth place," Chris said, in a somewhat nice tone. "Please walk down the Walk of Shame, enter the Lame-o-sine and leave the game."

"Alright," Lindsay said, a smile on her face. "Bye guys! I'll miss you all! Bye Tyrone! Bye LeFawnduh! Bye Dimitri! Bye Gwendolyn! Bye Chip! I'll miss you all!" she said as she walked down the Walk of Shame.

"Hey, how come I don't get a goodbye?" Chef asked, slightly upset. In Chef's moment of weakness, Tyler managed to kick free of his grip and ran over to his girlfriend.

"Lindsay! Wait!" Tyler yelled, just as his girlfriend reached the doors of the Lame-o-sine. "I can't believe you're going."

"I know," Lindsay said. "Win for both of us."

"Trust me, I will," Tyler chuckled. And with that, he gave Lindsay one final kiss and she slipped into the limo. As it drove off, a side window opened up, and Lindsay's head popped out of it.

"Goodbye, Tyler!" Lindsay yelled, as the limo drove off.

Tyler's cheeks turned rosy. "She remembered my name. My name!" Tyler exclaimed as he ran back up the Walk of Shame. As Tyler ran off, Chris walked down.

Chris faced the camera. "And with that," he began, "we have our final four. This comp just got zesty. Who will win that million dollar prize? Stay tuned and keep watching Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XXIII: Dawn Of The Drama

Chris was standing in the doorway of a large black army helicopter that was hovering in the air. "Previously, on Total Drama Action: All hands on deck! The final five partook in pirate-y contests. However, this challenge was a little different than others. Whoever won immunity would sacrifice their vote. This gave Gwen and LeShawna the aim to throw the challenge to Tyler, so that he would win immunity. In the immunity challenge, Duncan and Tyler tried to sit the other out. However, a sneaky plan from Duncan cost Tyler his vote. When Tyler and Lindsay tried to sway Gwen's vote, they failed, ultimately resulting in Lindsay being eliminated from the competition, and Gwen showing her true allegiance. And now, our final four are in for a big surprise. How will Tyler fare against his enemies in the final four? How will his enemies fare against Tyler? And what is this 'big surprise' I'm talking about? Find out at least one of those answers on this episode of Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

Tyler walked into the crafts tent, and was greeted with an ominous feel. Duncan glared at the jock, LeShawna rolled her eyes, and Gwen couldn't bring herself to look at him. "Feeling remorse?" Tyler asked Gwen. "Didn't know you were capable of that feeling. Or any other feelings."

"Hey, don't start, jockstrap," Duncan said, defending Gwen.

"Aw, defending your girlfriend?" Tyler teased. "Tell her to grow a backbone."

"Why not tell your own girlfriend that. Oh wait, yours is gone," Duncan teased.

Tyler was unable to control his anger. He ran forwards, his hands reaching out to strangle Duncan's throat, but was cut off as LeShawna got in the middle, holding back Tyler. "Will you two just shut up and sit down? Seriously, this ongoing feud is driving us all nuts," LeShawna complained, letting Tyler go when he cooled down.

Tyler muttered, walked away to the counter, grabbed a tray and set it down on the counter. "Chef! Breakfast!" he commanded. He sighed. "Where'd Chef go?"

"Isn't he in the kitchen?" LeShawna replied, a little bit confused.

"Hmm," Tyler mumbled. He took his tray and walked into the kitchen. In there, he saw Chef, his back turned to Tyler and the camera. He was heard cutting up an item. "Hey, Chef! Can I get some breakfast?"

Tyler waited for Chef to respond, but was answered by a long pause. "Silent treatment? Really? Just for kicking you when you wouldn't let me go the other night? Get over it!"

He waited for Chef to respond, but still, nothing.

"Wow, you're rude. Fine, let me starve. I won't care," Tyler said, beginning to turn round, but was cut off by something horrific.

Chef slowly began to turn round. Tyler was beginning to get creped out. You could imagine the scary doll music playing. "Um, Chef? Are you okay?" Tyler asked. The jock was ignored as Chef turned round, completing his turn. Tyler gasped. "What-- what the heck?"

Chef's face was absolutely deranged. His face had turned green, and skin was peeling off, drooping over his features. His left eye had turned a sickly white, and the right had swollen out of its socket.

Drool was leaking from Chef's swollen yellow lips, his teeth badly decaying. His nose was bent out of place, too. And to top it all off, it didn't seem as if there was any trace of Chef remaining. Instead of a cruel, back-breaking military chef, it had been replaced with a cruel, back-breaking military craze.

"Um, Chef?" Tyler asked, nervously, knowing something was wrong.

Tyler's worries grew when the knife Chef was holding was in an attacking position, perfect for stabbing Tyler. Tyler screaming. Loudly, and femininely. "Chef's gone crazy!" he yelled.

"What else is new?" Duncan's muffled, sarcastic voice called out.

The camera then panned to show Tyler running frantically out of the kitchen. He skidded to a halt in the middle of the crafts tent. His sudden entrance caused the girls to stand up out of their seat. "What's going on?" LeShawna asked.

"He probably just saw a slug," Duncan teased.

Tyler would have retorted, but all the words were lost from his mouth. His mouth was just moving about, only releasing sharp, shallow breaths. He was pointing at the entrance to the kitchen, his arm shaking.

"Come on, boy. Spit out some words!" LeShawna exclaimed.

Tyler was gasping and spluttering. Then, more word shocked the jock.

"Is that... Lindsay?" Gwen asked in bewilderment.

Tyler turned around to see the silhouette of Lindsay in the entrance of the crafts tent. He could see her blonde hair, but no blue bandana...

"Well," Duncan began, food in his mouth, "aren't you gonna go hug your airhead girlfriend?"

Tyler paused, before he realized what was going on. Tyler then spoke for the first time since he left the kitchen. "That's not Lindsay..."

"What do you mean, 'it's not Lindsay'?" Gwen asked, quoting Tyler.

Tyler's quote came true. Light hit Lindsay's face, and it looked almost identical to Chef's face. Lindsay's inflated lips moved, and a groaning gasp escaped from her lips. "What the heck is that?" LeShawna exclaimed.

As soon as she said that, Chef burst through the entrance of the kitchen. When the contestants saw Chef's face, they, even Duncan, screamed. "What is wrong with their faces?" Duncan asked.

Gwen looked at both faces, then something flicked in her head. "Ohh, I get it," Gwen said. "This must be a 'zombie themed' challenge. That's the only rational explanation."

"Ohhh," the other three said.

"But they look so real," Tyler argued.

"Here, I'll prove it," Gwen said. She got out from behind the table and walked over to Lindsay. "If this was a real zombie," she began, reaching out to Lindsay's arm, "then her arm would break--" she trailed off as she pulled Lindsay's arm off. "Uhh, okay then. This is obviously a robot. The arm must be mechanical."

Gwen looked at the end that had been torn off, but there wasn't any sort of machine in the arm. Just what looked like bone and green blood. "I know," Gwen chuckled, "the metal must be disguised as bone and the 'blood' is the oil."

Then, Lindsay growled. She snatched her arm back, then swiped with her other arm. "Argh!" Gwen yelled.

The Lindsay zombie gargled and swiped again, but Duncan just managed to pull Gwen out of the way.

"Okay, this is getting creepy," Tyler said, backing off. However, he was unaware that Chef was behind him. He backed into Chef, and when Chef's hands gripped Tyler's chest, the jock screamed in fear.

"Get off him, you zombie scum!" LeShawna yelled. She side kicked Chef's hands, causing the zombie to let Tyler go, then slid up to Chef and uppercut his chin. Chef was sent flying backwards.

"Thanks, I guess..." Tyler said, rolling his eyes back into his head.

"Everyone!" Duncan yelled, still holding Gwen who was facing away from the camera. "Head into the kitchen!"

On command, the contestants ran into the kitchen. Duncan closed the flaps of the kitchen's entrance by tying the ropes connected to the flaps together. Then, he ran to the table in the middle of the room. "Someone help me carry this thing!" Duncan yelled.

The other three ran to the table, grabbed it and lifted. "Get it to the door!" Duncan commanded. They all carried the table to the entrance and flipped it over vertically, so the table legs were facing them.

Then, in a rather comical fashion, they began grabbing items from the kitchen and started putting them in front of the table. They placed all sorts of things in front of the table: the microwave, plates, trays, packets of frozen food, toasters, bottles of unlabeled items, cutlery and who-knows-what-else.

The contestants sighed in relief. Gwen leant back on the counter, her hair in her face. When she brushed it away, the others gasped. "What? What is it?" she asked nervously.

"Your face..." Tyler began.

"You've been scratched!" LeShawna yelled.

The camera zoomed in on Gwen's face to show three scratches on her right cheek. "What?" Gwen gasped. "It must have been when Lindsay swiped at me."

Upon mentioning her name, zombie groans came from the other side of the table, causing the contestants to gasp. "Well, if they really are zombies," Duncan said, "then you've got an hour, hour and a half tops, before you turn into a zombie."

"Then, what's happened here?" LeShawna wondered. "I'm pretty sure that Chris hasn't gotten hold of zombies."

(Conf), LeShawna: Then again...

"Speaking of Chris, where is he?" Tyler wondered.

The groans on the other side of the table got louder, and both the table and items were shaking. "We've got to get out of here," Gwen said, gently patting the scratches on her face.

Duncan looked around the room. "We can break out through the window," he said. "Quick, grab a weapon and let's get out."

They all fumbled around the room, looking for any sort of weapon. Duncan grabbed a golf club he found under the sink, and began smashing the window with it. Meanwhile, LeShawna grabbed a frying pan, Tyler pulled out a long, sharp knife from a drawer and Gwen grabbed two bulky milk cartons and began filling them with sugar.

Duncan broke the window, clearing the glass out from the frame. "Come on! Let's go, people!" Duncan yelled. Tyler climbed through first, followed by Gwen. Then, LeShawna climb out of the window with a bit of struggle. Tyler and Gwen managed to pull her through.

Duncan, kneeling on the kitchen counter, saw as the items began tumbling down, and the table began to fall. He grabbed two more knifes, one large, one small, then saw the table fall down, revealing the Lindsay and Chef zombies. "Hasta la vista," he said, before jumping through the window.

The delinquent ran off to join his fellow campers who were waiting for him in the courtyard of the trailers. "Where were you?" LeShawna asked.

"Making puns," Duncan chuckled.

"So, if we really are running from zombies," Tyler said, "where do we go?"

He was answered by helicopter blades. Gwen, LeShawna, Duncan and Tyler looked up to see a large, black army helicopter. The doors slid open, revealing Chris, his hair being blown around. "Code green! Code green!" Chris yelled.

"What the heck does that mean?" Gwen asked.

"I am not lying! The zombie apocalypse had come!" Chris yelled.

"How?" Duncan asked.

"It's a long story! Let's just say there's a difference between the water in the outside and the water I give you!" he answered.

"Let us up!" LeShawna pleaded.

"No way! It's not safe here!" Chris called out. "Meet me at the top of the hill! It should be safe there! Whoever gets to the hill can be taken to a safe house. We'll continue the game there!"

"Chris, wait!" Tyler yelled, but it was too late. The helicopter had left.

"Wait, is he serious?" Gwen wondered.

"If he is, that means we're the only people left on Earth who aren't zombies," LeShawna said.

(Conf), LeShawna: I'm actually scared. It sounds weird but... I actually believe Chris.

"Even if he's lying, I'm still getting to that hill," Duncan said. "I figure that we can get there via the sports stadium, the news studio and the cowboy set."

When he finished his sentence, the Lindsay and Chef zombies burst through the crafts tent. Another zombie burst through the girls trailer door. A Courtney zombie grumbled and advanced on the group. "Courtney? Seriously?" Gwen complained.

The camera zoomed in on Courtney. The zombie did the classic 'I'm watching you' gesture.

(Conf), Gwen: Even zombified, she still hates me.

"Run!" LeShawna yelled. The campers ran as the pack of zombies was added by two more, zombie Owen and zombie Noah. Noah was being piggybacked by Owen, who even though he was a zombie, was panting.

The campers were heading towards the sports stadium, where the second part of the sports challenge took part. "Oww!" Gwen yelled on the way there.

The others stopped. "What's the matter?" LeShawna asked.

"I don't know," Gwen moaned. "My feet just turned really sore."

Duncan tapped his chin with his finger. "Wait a minute," he said. "Classic zombie knowledge. Symptoms of a zombie scratch and or bite. They each last ten minutes before going on to the next one. The first is sore feet. Then toothache, leaking ears, blurry vision, buzzing in ears. The last one before the hour mark is swelled skin. If you surpass the hour mark, you get all the symptoms until the hour and a half mark, where you'll definitely turn into a zombie."

"Gee, that's comforting," Gwen replied, layering on the sarcasm.

"Is sarcasm one of the symptoms?" Tyler asked, annoyed.

"People! We can't turn on each other! That's just what the zombies want!" LeShawna yelled. The others fell silent.

"She's right. We've got to head on up to the hill. Hopefully Chris will have some sort of antidote," Duncan said.

"Well, let's go," LeShawna said. "I'll carry you, girl."

LeShawna picked Gwen up and piggybacked her just as the zombies came back into sight. Zombie DJ, zombie Bridgette and zombie Geoff had joined the pack. Like their normal selves, the Bridgette and Geoff zombies were making out.

"Ew. Zombie love is disgusting," Tyler complained.

"Quit the comments and let's hustle!" LeShawna told him and the campers ran towards the stadium.

The episode transferred. The campers had made it to the entrance of the stadium. It was like the last time they had all been in there, minus Gwen, for obvious reasons. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was an upright coffin that stood in the middle of the field. "Is that coffin still there?" LeShawna wondered, remembering the coffin that fell out of the balloon that Owen popped.

"Well, whilst we're here," Duncan said, "I think we should raid this place. Take everything we can."

"That's a good idea," LeShawna said. "Here, Tyler." She walked over to Tyler, who was examining his knife. "Take Gwen. I'm gonna go help Duncan."

Setting any sort of personal feud aside, Tyler nodded and helped Gwen off of LeShawna's back. Then, LeShawna walked over to the field a bit in front of the coffin. She stopped and bent down. She had tucked the saucepan handle she took from Chef's kitchen into her back pocket, but it was getting irritating. She took the saucepan and a small piece of rope in her pocket.

Unbeknownst to her, the coffin door began to open slowly. When it opened fully, a zombie began to advance on her.

"LeShawna! Behind you!" Gwen gasped, pointing behind her.

LeShawna turned around and saw a zombie up, close and personal. She shrieked and an instant reaction clicked inside of her. She grabbed the saucepan and hit it with such a force that sent it staggering backwards.

LeShawna hadn't seen who the zombie was. However, the camera showed a bald zombie wearing wedges and short shorts. It was quite clear who the zombie was, and when it turned its head, it was confirmed.

It was Heather.

LeShawna was stunned after she hit the Heather zombie with her saucepan. The zombie then advanced on LeShawna once more. She didn't know what to do.

Both girls, human and zombie, were shocked when some sort of large metal hook caught the Heather zombie's neck.

It was revealed that Duncan caught the zombie around the neck with his golf club. "Stop gawking and help me out!" Duncan yelled. LeShawna snapped out of her shock and nodded. Baring her weapon with both hands, she swung at the zombie's legs, causing it to fly off of its feet and crashed on its rear.

It quickly got up, ready for the fight. Giving out a bloodcurdling screech, it swung out at Duncan. He narrowly dodged the attack, then swung out with his golf club. Yet again, the golf club caught the zombie's neck. "LeShawna! Do something! Quickly!" Duncan yelled.

"Got it!" she called back. She aimed, then swung. The zombie gave out another bloodcurdling screech just before LeShawna's saucepan hit the side of its head, hitting it with such force that it smashed against the metal of Duncan's golf club.

The headless body fell lifeless on the grass, sickly green blood pouring on the grass. "Ew!" LeShawna complained, grossed out. "How'd the head smash so easily?"

"The skull weakens when a human turns into a zombie. Something to do with the acidity in zombie blood," Duncan explained.

"Arghhhhh!" an off screen voice yelled. It was Gwen, and she was clutching her jaw. "Shhymptom shoo! Shhymptom shoo!"

"'Shhymptom shoo'? What's up with the gibberish?" Tyler asked.

"It's symptom two," Duncan explained. "Toothache. She needs something to tie her jaws together."

"Oh, I've got it," Tyler said. He pulled off his sweatband and put it under Gwen's chin. Then, he stretched it and tied it over her head, securing both parts of her head together. Gwen weakly smiled and put two thumbs up.

"Good job," LeShawna praised.

"Yeah," Duncan agreed. "Anyways, I found four protein bars in the back. Ration them. This may be the only food we get."

"Yeesh, stop talking like it's a zombie apoc--" Tyler began, but stopped once he realized that it actually was a zombie apocalypse.

Gwen's eyes widened. She began moaning through her closed mouth and pointing at the doors. "What is it, girl?" LeShawna asked. Gwen pointed at the door and began moaning loader.

The other three then looked at the doors and saw the zombies banging at the door, which Duncan had smartly blocked with a board.

"Come on, we need to scat before they break through," Tyler said.

"Well, duh," Duncan commented. They ran off towards the news studio through the other set of doors, just as the zombies managed to break through. Many more zombies had joined the group, but zombies of regular people, not other contestants.

The episode then went over to the four who had gotten to a part of the path with rocks surrounding the path. "This place looks sheltered," LeShawna said. "We should stop here and regroup."

"Regroup? Regroup from what? We're running from zombies, there's nothing to 'regroup' about," Duncan told her.

"Yeah, well, we can't run all the time," LeShawna told him. "We've got to take a few minutes. We've made a lot of ground. I think we can pause to check up on things."

"Pfft, whatever," Duncan scoffed. "I actually want to survive. Anyone else who wants to live can join me. I don't need deadweight."

Duncan ran off, his knives tucked in his belt loops, his golf club tied to his back. No one else followed him.

"Come on guys. We'll take a quick break and head on to the hill," LeShawna said. She took the protein bar out of her pocket and began to nibble at it.

"Gwen, you alright?" Tyler asked.

Gwen nodded in response. Unbeknownst to her, her ears began to weep.

"Ew!" Tyler exclaimed.

"What's the matter?" Gwen mumbled. "Hey! I can speak! It doesn't hurt!"

"Symptom three, Gwen," Tyler told her.

"Huh?" Gwen wondered. "Oh," she said, realizing what was happening. She brought her hand to her ear and felt wax pouring from her ears. "Ew!"

"Come on, we should go," Tyler said.

"Yeah, let's," LeShawna said. The three then walked towards the exit of the rocks. However, dark shadows blocked their way. Zombies.

"Argh! Turn back!" Gwen gasped. The three turned around, but saw that there were more zombies blocking them off from either side.

They had been ambushed.

"Dang it!" Tyler exclaimed, stomping his foot. "We're surrounded!"

"How do we get out?" Gwen gasped, wax dripping from her ears.

The three looked around as the zombies came closer. Tyler then looked up. "Guys!" Tyler exclaimed. "We can climb up over the rocks!"

"That's a good idea," LeShawna said. "So less talk, more walk!"

The three got closer to the stone. "Grab any sort of handholds," Tyler said. He began to roughly climb up the rocks.

"Hurry up, Tyler! Some others have to climb!" LeShawna yelled.

Tyler got further up, but the as he did, the moans of the zombies got louder. He reached upwards, but he couldn't reach the next handhold. "Argh! I can't reach it!" Tyler complained.

"Come on Tyler!" the girls began frantically yelling. The commotion caused Tyler to sweat. He was getting nervous.

The camera then zoomed in on Tyler's hand, stretching and reaching out to the handhold when suddenly, a metal grip came down, and Tyler's hand closed around it. He looked up, and saw Duncan's head blocking the sunlight partially, with a beam of sunlight shining in Tyler's face.

"Duncan?" Tyler gasped.

Duncan looked down at him. "Well? Do you want to live or not?" Duncan asked impatiently. Tyler nodded and pulled himself up with Duncan's help.

"Girls!" Tyler shouted down. "Come on!"

Gwen was the next to proceed to climb up. She got up quickly, the wax dripping down, landing on LeShawna's hands. "Ew!" LeShawna complained.

Gwen grabbed the golf head and the boys helped her up. Last up was LeShawna. She began to climb up.

"Come on!" the other three began to yell at her.

"I'm doing it!" LeShawna yelled back. She was sweating, and the sweat began to mix with the wax that had dried on her hands, causing a slippery substance.

LeShawna got up far enough to the golf head and reached out to it. She stretched out a bit further and clasped her hand on the golf head. "Just a little further," Gwen told her.

The mixture of the sweat and wax was finally beginning to take its toll. LeShawna was only grabbing onto the golf head when she let go with her other hand to pull up when the substance made her slip.

She screamed when she let go and screamed as she fell. When she landed, she banged her head on the ground and was knocked unconscious as the zombies closed in on her.

"LeShawna!" Gwen shrieked as she reached out to her friend. "LeShawna, no!"

"Gwen, it's too late!" Tyler yelled, pulling Gwen back. "She's gone."

Tears began to trickle down Gwen's cheek. Duncan, on the other hand, looked furious. "Okay people, she's gone. We need to get down. Come on."

The camera showed the three jumping down from the top of the rocks. "You know, you could show a bit of remorse," Gwen told him.

"Yeah? Well if you had all just followed me, we would have all survived. I risked my own neck even trying to come back here," Duncan told her.

"Oh yeah? Well--" Gwen said before she was cut off.

"Guys! Look!" Tyler exclaimed.

The other two turned and saw that a hoard of zombies was coming towards them. "Get ready!" Duncan commanded. The three bared their weapons, Tyler on the left, brandishing his knife. Gwen at the right, holding up both sand cartons. Duncan was in the middle, bracing his golf club in a menacing position.

The battle had just begun.

"Spread!" Duncan yelled, and on his word, the three spread as zombies began to surround them.

To one corner, Tyler was doing damage with his knife and the small knife Duncan gave him, blades in both hands. Slashing out, he was causing many zombies around him to collapse, leaking green blood from their wounds. However, for every zombie that he cut down, it seemed that another three came at him, and he was clearly being overpowered.

Luckily for him, Gwen came rushing in and began swinging at the zombies with her sand cartons. She used the momentum of the weight to swing with force. She swung upwards, throwing a zombie Noah up by the chin, then batting it away with the other carton.

Gwen's rescue of Tyler gave him plenty of time to recover, before going back for round two, this time slicing open a zombie's stomach, causing its shriveled guts to spew out. A rather... graphic effect.

Duncan was the only one working on his own. He managed to keep the zombies at bay with his swift golf club techniques, circling the club over his head before driving it into a zombie's zombie, pushing it and several others behind it far back. He then lifted his club up and swung, partially smashing a zombie's skull.

(Conf), Duncan: I don't like to brag, but even though this could be the end of the world, I rock at crushing zombie skulls.

A montage of the three attacking the zombies was played, before all were eventually all gone, or at least, the hoard that had attacked them, were gone. That included the loss of the Noah zombie, and the newly joined Trent zombie.

Now that the zombies were gone, the camera turned to Duncan looking at Gwen and Tyler. And he looked furious. He stormed over to the two with a red face and bulging eyes. "Do you see what just happened here?" Duncan asked, enraged. "We were just ambushed by a zombie hoard! We could have easily avoided this had you gone along with me, but no! We have to 'take a rest' and 'regroup'," he said, mocking LeShawna's words. "But no, we don't rest, this isn't playgroup here, it's a real life zombie invasion."

Gwen and Tyler were unprepared for any sort of comeback or response. "Who has all the knowledge on zombies here?" Duncan asked, rhetorically. "Me, that's right, me. Even if you don't want to, you've gotta listen to me. I've watched enough films to know exactly what to do in this situation. So now," he said, walking off slightly, "there's only my way, no highway. If you want to die, fine, go ahead, die. But if you want to survive, you do everything I say, and everything I do, but not in those creepy mime ways. Got it?!"

The other two nodded, slightly scared of Duncan's rage. "Okay then," he said. "We head off to the news station. The last time we were there, I remember there being a camera cart. We can use it to travel quicker. Now come on!"

(Conf), Tyler: I've gotta admit, that's probably the first time I've ever properly been scared by Duncan. I guess you've gotta give these people a bone, sometimes.

The three picked up the pace towards the station, with Duncan leading the pack. "Come on! Hurry up!" Duncan commanded.

"You know," Gwen said, her ears still leaking, "you're pretty much going at the same speed as us."

"Yeah, 'cos I can't risk you people being attacked again," Duncan said. "That's why I'm going this slow. So hurry up!"

"Seriously, can you just drop the--" she said, but was cut off by a stone cold glare from Duncan, causing her to instantly swallow her words.

(Conf), Gwen: Duncan really needs to, and I don't mean to sound like Geoff, take a chill pill.

The camera panned to the inside of the news station. Then, the doors burst open, with the so-far-survivors flooding in. "Look for the camera cart," Tyler said.

"Well no, genius," Duncan scoffed.

The two boys searched for a while before Gwen's voice piqued up. "Guys! I found-- Argh!" Gwen shrieked.

The two boys looked at each other then to the corridor Gwen went down. "Gwen!" the two boys yelled, before running to the corridor.

The camera showed them turning the corner to see Gwen on her knees in front of the camera cart. The boys were confused. "What's the matter?" Duncan asked.

Facing away from the boys, she answered. "I can't... see!" she yelled.

The boys paused. "Well, duh. You've just hit forty minutes," Tyler told her.

"For all we know, it could have been something serious, like a zombie ambush," Duncan told her.

Gwen pushed herself up, her arms flailing in front of her. She then turned around to where she though the boys were. "Well I'm sorry if my lack of eyesight isn't 'serious'," Gwen sarcastically replied.

Duncan looked at her with a smug look on his face. He said, "well, you should be."

Suddenly, the smash of glass shot the three up. "What was that?" Tyler asked.

"What do you think?" Duncan said as if Tyler was the dumbest person in the world.

Duncan moved forwards and picked Gwen up, putting her in the camera cart's chair. Duncan then grabbed the camera and pulled himself up, sitting on the elevated chair.

Before getting on, Tyler grabbed a large, metal pole. He then held onto the safety rail from the inside, then held the pole over the outside, pushing the cart manually by pushing the pole on the ground. "Hey," Duncan said from his chair. "You do realize that I can drive the cart, right?"

Tyler looked at his pole, then at Duncan. "Yeah," he said smug, pulling the pole back over the rail.

"So what can I do?" Gwen said, her eyes turned pale white.

"You can sit down and be blind," Duncan told her, before starting the ignition.

"You're lucky I can't see you, 'cos I don't want to be swearing at a lamp post," Gwen told Duncan, however blindly looking at Tyler.

Duncan pulled a lever and the cart started. It drove surprisingly fast for such a bulky cart.

Turning a corner, the remaining survivors saw that zombies were flooding through a broken window -- the smash they had heard earlier.

"Let's see some bloodshed," Duncan chuckled. Gwen coughed for attention, which Duncan noticed, but simply ignored.

Not caring for any pain, Duncan drove the cart straight into a hoard of zombies, crushing them underneath the wheels, leaving a trail of blood. At the side, Tyler was using his pole to bash the zombies, hitting the head off of a Bridgette zombie.

"Boom!" Tyler exclaimed, turning around, throwing his hands in the air, the pole in both hands.

Duncan looked down at Tyler. He saw something and gasped. "Tyler!" he yelled. "Behind you!"

Tyler shot around like a dart, greeted by a zombie with its goo-covered fangs bared. He shrieked and cowered. He closed his eyes in fear, and when he opened them, he saw the zombie rolling off of the cart with a knife in its neck. He looked at Duncan, who was in a position that looked as if he had just thrown something. "You're welcome," he chuckled.

(Conf), Tyler: *look of anger on his face* Stupid Duncan... with his 'life-saving' prowess, and his stupid... *indecisive* ... face.

Busting through the doors of the news station, the camera cart blasted towards the cowboy set. With pole in hand, Tyler made it his job to attack any zombies with murderous intentions. So basically, all of them.

Whilst Duncan focused on driving towards safety, and Tyler focused on defending the survivors, Gwen was slouched on her chair, tapping the left armchair rhythmically.

(Conf), Gwen: No offense to any blind people out there, but being blind is boring.

Gwen's rhythmic tapping was beginning to annoy Duncan. "Do you have to do that?" Duncan asked. "It's kind of hard to focus on saving your life while you do that."

"Yeesh, no need to be a grouch," Gwen sighed.

"I don't think you really realize how hard this is," Duncan told her.

"No need to tell me twice," Gwen replied, bored. "I just wish-- wait. Hang on, hey!"

The camera turned to a first person view of Gwen's sight. The screen went from deathly white, to blurred vision, then slowly eased back into normal sight. "My sight's back!" Gwen exclaimed, as the camera returned to a normal angle of Gwen's face.

"That's great!" Tyler said, looking at Gwen.

Gwen blinked twice, then once more. "What?!" Gwen yelled.

"I said: 'That's great!" Tyler quoted in a louder voice.

"I can't hear you!" Gwen yelled.

"Symptom five," Duncan said, never taking his eyes off of the road. "Buzz in the ears. For the next ten minutes, she won't be able to hear anything but that buzz."

"What?!" Gwen asked, causing Duncan to point at her with an open hand. He looked at Tyler, and his eyes seemed to say: 'see?'.

The episode then transitioned to the cart parking in front of an western looking store in the cowboy set.

"Why are we stopping?" Tyler asked.

"Apart from the pole, my club, and the sand carton Gwen didn't forget when she turned blind--" Duncan began.

"What?!" Gwen interrupted, deaf. Duncan made an 'X' formation with his hands, and signal for 'stop', for Gwen.

"We're pretty much vulnerable," Duncan said. "If we get ambushed again, we're pretty much dead meat. We need to stock up. Then, we can go."

"What about Gwen?" Tyler asked.

"Gwen can't communicate with us. If we bring her along, she'll slow us down," Duncan told him. "If we have any chance of saving her, we need to be quick and efficient. Bringing her searching won't help us, never mind her."

"Right," Tyler said, agreeing with Duncan's argument.

Duncan turned to face Gwen. He held his flat hand vertically in front of her. "Stay," he said, hoping Gwen would understand. Then, he and Tyler headed into what looked like a saloon, which was confirmed by a look from the inside.

"So what are we looking for, exactly?" Tyler asked, looking around in different directions.

"Anything that looks like it could cause harm," Duncan replied, heading behind the bar, looking through multiple drawers.

"I'll head into the back," Tyler said. He got behind the bar and headed through the saloon doors.

The camera turned to Tyler. The back of the saloon consisted of a small corridor with four adjoining rooms. Each room had a door. The door to the far left was the only one that had a window.

Tyler was looking at a switch panel. He flicked multiple switches. When he tried his fifth or sixth one, it was shown that the light was on in the far left room through the window. And when the light was on, it showed the squirming faces of multiple zombies, staring with bloodlust at the jock.

Duncan was looking through the till when suddenly, he heard the sound of glass smashing which came from the back. "Help!" Tyler's fear-filled voice yelled off screen.

Duncan was just about to head into the back when he heard something else. "Duncan!" Gwen's voice yelled from outside. "Help!" He looked at the main doors, then back to the doors leading to the back. He was torn. He decided to head into the back and gasped.

Zombies were pouring out of the door to the far left, and Tyler's poor attempts at defending himself involved slashing at the undead foes with a large shard of glass that came from the window the zombies broke.

"Tyler!" Duncan yelled.

"Duncan!" he yelled back, seeing the delinquent. "Help me!"

Duncan tried to reach Tyler, however, when the zombies broke through, they knocked the door off of it's hinges, wedging the door between the small halls of the corridor. Plus, so many of the zombies were surrounding Tyler.

"I don't know how I'm gonna get to you!" Duncan told him. He unhooked his golf club from his belt and reached it out to Tyler. "Hang on so I can pull you out!"

Tyler was sweating out of nervousness. He pulled out a hand, still slashing out, defending himself.

The camera zoomed in on the golf club and Tyler's hand. Tyler was stretching out. "I can't reach!" Tyler cried.

Duncan tried to push the club further, but looked back, hearing Gwen's pleas. Then he looked at Tyler, who was still struggling.

Duncan made a difficult decision. "I'm sorry, Tyler," Duncan said woefully.

"What?" Tyler asked, in shock.

The camera zoomed in on the club and Tyler's hand again, which showed the golf club being retracted.

"No! Are you insane?" Tyler blurted out. "Help me out, man!"

Duncan looked at Tyler one last time, then ran off as the zombies closed in on Tyler, his screams haunting Duncan's brain.

Duncan headed outside, seeing that zombies were closing in on the cart. Gwen could see Duncan coming out of the saloon set alone. "Where's Tyler?" Gwen asked.

Duncan hit a zombie out of the way with his golf club, then made his way to the high seat. He started the ignition and began to drive, ignoring Gwen.

"Duncan, where's Tyler? Why are we leaving without him?" Gwen asked, still being ignored by Duncan.

The episode then transitioned to the cart driving towards the hill. Duncan was focused on driving, whilst Gwen was holding onto the rail, with the pole in one hand.

Gwen looked at Duncan. "I've got a couple of seconds before the next symptom should kick in," Gwen said after regaining her hearing. "Is Tyler dead?"

Duncan blinked long and sighed. "He was surrounded, and I was blocked off. You needed help, and he was a dead man anyways," he said. "Not everyone can survive, in the end."

"Hmm, well, I guess I get-- Argh!" Gwen exclaimed. Instantly, her skin began to slowly inflate, like a balloon. Red patches also formed on her joints. "Argh!"

Duncan looked down at Gwen's current form, and couldn't help but crack a laugh. "Really?" Gwen commented. "In order for you to open up, I have to look like the queen of all wasps stung me?"

Duncan looked at Gwen. "Obviously," he chuckled, causing Gwen to grunt.

"Bite me," she replied.

"I'd rather not," Duncan fired back. "I don't know where you've been."

(Conf), Duncan: *holds hand like a gun pointing upwards, then blows 'gun smoke'*

The cart drove over a hill, and once they got over the hill, Duncan and Gwen could finally see the hill. The hill that was meant to save the two of them.

"Can you drive-- shany fasher?" Gwen mumbled.

"What?" Duncan asked. He looked at Gwen and saw that the swelling had gotten to her lips, causing her to mumble and lisp. "Your mouth is swelling. Don't talk anymore."

Gwen looked away, and while her back was turned, Duncan looked up, took his hands off the wheel, put them in a praying position and mouth: 'thank you'.

The episode then got to the cart. It had reached the base of the hill and was beginning its ascent.

The camera zoomed in on the cart, and then a slight grumbling noise alarmed both survivors. "What was that?" Duncan wondered.

Gwen paused for a moment. "Shombie?" Gwen lisped.

Moments later, a louder grumble caused the two to turn their heads round, cautiously. They were greeted with a huge horde of zombies that was approaching, picking up their pace.

"Drime!" Gwen exclaimed.

"What?" Duncan asked.

"Ugh, drime!" Gwen yelled. Duncan nodded, and shifted into the next gear, driving faster. The zombies were making pace, but in Gwen and Duncan's defence, they were driving a camera cart, not some sort of sports car.

The wave of zombies began to close in on the camera cart as it drove closer to the peak. "Come on, come on!" Duncan self-encouraged under his breath.

His self-encouragement worked. They had reached the top of the peak and saw the army helicopter hovering above edge of the cliff, a black rope ladder dangling from the open door. "We're here!" Duncan exclaimed.

He quickly climbed out of his high seat, and jumped off of the cart. "Come on, Gwen. Hurry!" Duncan yelled.

"Shi godit! Shi godit!" she lisped, scrambling out of the cart.

Gwen's clumsiness cost the two of them some valuable time, as the zombies had finally made it to the top of the hill. "Dammit!" Duncan yelled. "Come on!" He grabbed Gwen by her swollen wrist and dragged her towards the rope ladder.

"Ow! Ow! Sure hurshing me!" Gwen lisped.

The camera focused in on Duncan pulling Gwen towards the ladder. Then, off screen, a loud, deathly scream caused Duncan to whip his head back round. The camera then followed him, only showing his face and torso. "Gwen?" he gasped in utter shock.

The camera pointed at Gwen. Her skin was rapidly inflating and deflating, and multiple red splotches formed on her vomit green coloured skin. Her veins were a highly visible blue. There was no mistaking it.

She was turning into a zombie.

Gwen's zombie transformation had shocked Duncan so much that it had allowed the zombies to advance further. "Gwen! Don't do this now!" Duncan yelled. "Come on! Don't give in!"

The sound of helicopter blades became more apparent. "Duncan!" Chris's voice called, causing the camera to point at him. He was hanging out of the helicopter door, holding on inside with a megaphone in his mouth that he was speaking through. "If she's turned into a zombie, there's nothing we can do to save her! You have to climb up! Save yourself!"

Duncan looked at Gwen transforming into a zombie, then at Chris in the helicopter. It was his final decision. He looked at Gwen. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you," Duncan apologised, and he turned around, heading for the rope ladder.

He began to climb up the ladder, as the zombies began to close in on him. As he got to the middle of the ladder, zombies reached the ladder, and were beginning to claw away at it and trying to pull up, even though most of their nerves and ligaments weren't functioning very well.

Duncan reached the top of the ladder and climbed into the helicopter. On his hands and knees, he looked down, and managed to single out the Gwen zombie from the huge horde beneath.

He then picked himself up. He turned around and found himself looking at Chris. "So where are going?" Duncan asked, his voice clearly full of sorrow.

"Well, we're," Chris began, "going to a safe house."

Duncan let out a massive sigh of relief.

"However, you aren't," Chris said. As Duncan's eyes widened, Chris, as quick as a flash, pulled his arm back and punched Duncan straight in the face, knocking Duncan out.

Duncan's unconsciousness caused him to fall backwards, tipping over the edge of the helicopter, falling down to the zombie-infested hill.

The camera then turned to a dramatic angle of Duncan falling in slow motion. It seemed like such a slow, peaceful scene, as the screen slowly faded to white.

The ambience had completely taken a different turn, as the faded white turned into a screen showing Duncan abruptly waking up with a green background, gasping.

He looked around, and it showed Gwen, Tyler and LeShawna standing next to Chris, with Chef sitting on a chair by a desk, wearing bulky headphones and typing on a computer. "He's up!" Chef exclaimed.

"Up?" Duncan asked, confused. "What do you mean? What happened? And how are you all here? I saw you all die!"

"No," Chris suavely said. "Your sub consciousness saw them all die."

"What?" Duncan asked, still uncertain of what was happening.

"Boy, we've been played," LeShawna said.

"But... but?" Duncan stuttered.

"As I explained to the these three when they woke up, when you were asleep, I plugged you into this machine that I borrowed off of a friend who works in high places," Chris said. "Chef programmed a dream base that you were all put in, based off of the zombie genre. The winner would be the last one to wake up, and you would wake up if you died in the dream base. And since you died last, you've won."

"Um... yay?" Duncan commented, still slightly confused. "I guess I understand."

"Good," Chris said. "The prize you've won is... a movie pass to see any zombie film you want to see ever again for the rest of your life! Congratulations!"

Duncan took off the wire patch that had been stuck on his arm, and got up, a look of anger on his face. "You think that's a prize after what I've just been through?" Duncan growled.

"Well, just to see your reaction, it's certainly a prize for me!" Chris chuckled.

Tyler chuckled. "To be honest, it's a prize for me too," he said, only to be instantly lunged at by Duncan, being knocked down and strangled close to unconsciousness.

LeShawna and Gwen managed to pull the two apart. Whilst the four were squabbling among each other and pulling each other apart, Chris took it to his advantage to finalize the episode.

"After a shocking turn of events that had the final four compete in the dream world," Chris said, before whispering the end of the sentence, "we'll make sure they forget about that sort of tech, before their lawsuits kill me." He then spoke regularly again. "So, be prepared for the next few episodes that will decide who falls and who wins the second season of Total... Drama... Island!"

Chapter XXIV: Aftermath IV: Pretty Little Losers

Like always, the aftermath episode started with the 'TDA Aftermath' logo, and once again, the D enlarged, was then replaced with a clip.

The camera angle changed to Courtney's first person perspective. It saw the tortoise plummeting ever closer to her. "Noooooooo!" she cried out as the tortoise fell towards her. It landed with a thwack and the screen went black.

"Donny, could you just stay still?" Lindsay asked. She then collided with a large barrel and fell over it, screaming. As she landed offscreen, pieces of the barrel flew up in the air. The camera then panned down to show that Lindsay's body was now in the barrel, with the top broken off. Miniature stars flew around her head in a comical way, expressing her dizziness. "My head feels loose."

Theme Song

The aftermath episode opened up. The red curtains drew apart, revealing the stage. The peanut gallery from the third aftermath episode was sitting where they usually were, except for Noah, who was sitting in between the two hosts: Geoff and Bridgette, with a notebook and pencil in hand.

"Oh, camera's on," Noah said. "You can pay me after the show." He then walked over to the peanut gallery.

Geoff and Bridgette were sitting at opposite ends of the couch, looking snide at each other. Bridgette was the first to initiate the welcome. "Welcome, everyone," she said to the camera and the audience, "to the fourth Total Drama Aftermath episode!"

"You know, it's not like I spend every second of every day in the makeup room," Geoff argued.

"Not now," Bridgette said through gritted teeth. "We're doing the show."

"I'm just saying," Geoff rebutted.

"Well, don't just say," Bridgette fired back.

"Psst! You need to introduce the previously eliminated contestants," an intern from behind the camera said.

"Oh, right," Geoff said. "Well, since the last episode of the aftermath, two more contestants have been eliminated, who are both waiting in the green room."

"Right," Bridgette agreed. A large monitor came down from the ceiling and zoomed in on it, with Bridgette's voice still playing. The monitor then showed various clips from the animal challenge, mainly centered around Courtney. "When Heather was eliminated way back in episode nine thanks to Courtney--" Bridgette began.

"I still don't forgive that menace," Heather complained from the peanut gallery.

Bridgette continued, "as I was saying, the brunette C.I.T soon found her place as the most disliked contestant on the show. However, even with her status, she managed to survive three eliminations! Go Courtney!"

"However," Geoff said, his tone of voice instantly taking a different turn, "as we all know, season antagonists all get their comeuppance, eventually. Due to her horrible direction in mazes, and her harsh animal cruelty--"

"Hey!" Bridgette exclaimed. "Even though I'm a huge supporter of animal rights, I have to side with Courtney on this one. That tortoise was a jerk! I mean, come on!"

"Pah!" Geoff scoffed.

"Pah?" Bridgette said, angrily.

"Yeah, pah! You're only siding with Courtney because I'm not!" Geoff argued.

Bridgette gasped. "Well, you're meant to be my boyfriend! You should side with me!" she yelled.

"Oh yeah? Well, I can have whatever opinion I want!" Geoff argued.

"Guys!" Izzy yelled from the peanut gallery. "You need to calm down!"

"Well, maybe Bridgette needs to calm down," Sadie said.

"I totally agree," Katie agreed. "I'm so on Team Geoff!"

"Well, I personally agree with Bridgette," Cody commented. "Geoff's a complete jerk!"

"No one asked for your opinion, dude!" Geoff argued. "And it's supposed to be bros before hoes!"

"Well, Cody's totally right. You're a jerk!" Bridgette yelled.

"Oh yeah? Well, maybe we should let the public decide!" Geoff yelled back.

"Fine then!" Bridgette shouted. "In the last aftermath episode, we introduced something new. The public vote. Everyone, take the remotes from under your seats. There are two buttons: A and B. If you think Geoff's right, which he obviously isn't, press A. However, if you're right in the head and think I'm right, vote B."

A multiple succession of buttons pressing and clicking was heard, before the monitor turned dark and then showed a pie chart with a key. Blue meant people who supported Bridgette, and pink meant people who supported Geoff.

Colour began to flood into the pie chart. After a few seconds, the final vote had been revealed. The audience was split, as half had voted to support Geoff and half had voted to support Bridgette. "Really? The vote is split? Obviously half of the people here are nutcases," Geoff said.

"Well, people are entitled to an opinion," Bridgette said. "Anyways, we should get back on track. As we were saying, Courtney got eliminated in the twentieth episode of TDA. So, everyone welcome... Courtney!"

Out from behind the curtains, Courtney came on screen, waving her hand in a rather regal way. She had a plaster on her cheek, and her left arm was still in a cast. She was greeted with some applause, but also quite a few boos.

Courtney was taken aback. "What?" she scoffed. "Boo me? Boo you!"

"Okay, nutcase, just sit down on the couch," Geoff said, annoyed.

"Hey! Don't talk to my friend like that!" Bridgette told him off.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Geoff argued.

"Yeesh, you two should take some couples counseling," Courtney sighed.

"What do you think I was doing before the show?" Noah rhetorically asked from the peanut gallery.

"Being a nuisance, like always," Courtney rebutted.

"Bite me," he fired back.

"So, before we get to interviewing you," Bridgette said, "let's see your after-confessional."

The monitor then came down once again and zoomed in, showing Courtney's final confessional inside of the Lame-o-sine.

Courtney had crashed into the Lame-o-sine, which meant her stuck body was lying down on the seats. "No! I can't be eliminated yet! It's not natural!" she complained. "They're all traitors, especially that waste of space delinquent, Duncan, and that lowly blue-haired wench." She tried moving her head so that she could face the camera. "This is unbelievable. I'm a robbed goddess!" There was a few seconds of silence. "Um, driver? Can you help me up?" There were then a few more seconds of silence. "Please?"

The monitor turned off, and the camera then zoomed in on Geoff who was laughing uncontrollably. "Oh, wow! That's... hilarious!" he laughed.

"Hey, there's no need for you to be such a jerk," Courtney said, slightly insulted.

"Sorry Courtney, but that's like asking the sun to stop shining," Bridgette told her.

"I guess he grew more like Chris since he got eliminated," Courtney said, obviously siding with Bridgette.

"You know I can hear you, right?" Geoff told her.

"Well, I said it loud enough," Courtney said.

"Urgh! You're so annoying! You deserve pain!" Geoff yelled, pointing at the brunette. "So, we should initiate the fourth installment of... the 'Truth or' series!"

"Oh no," Bridgette said, rubbing her forehead.

"Oh no? What 'oh no'?" Courtney asked.

"I'm sorry," Bridgette said, bracing Courtney for what was about to come.

"So, let's get ready for..." Geoff began, "... Truth... or... Electric Chair!"

"I'm sorry, did you say 'electric chair'?" Courtney asked.

"You bet I did!" Geoff chuckled.

The episode then cut over to Courtney strapped into an electric chair. "Wait! I never agreed to this! This wasn't in my contract!" Courtney yelled.

"Yeah, well a lot of things aren't in the contract, but we have Chris's lawyers," Geoff said.

"Ugh," Bridgette sighed. "Sorry, but I can't watch this." Bridgette walked backstage to the green room.

"Fair enough, babe," Geoff chuckled. "Some people are just weak-minded."

"Hey, you need to stop insulting Bridgette! She's done nothing wrong!" Courtney said.

"You know, if I were you, I'd be a lot nicer. You are strapped to an electric chair, after all," Geoff evilly chuckled.

"Ugh, sadist," Courtney grunted.

"I'm with that," Izzy added.

"Me too," Ezekiel commented.

"Ditto," Cody said, putting his hand up.

"You know, I don't really care for what you guys think," Geoff said. "Here are the rules. Tell the truth. If you don't, you fry. So, first question: why are you such a nutcase?"

"Because you're here," Courtney answered, thus resulting with a shock from the electric chair. "What? But I was telling the truth!" Once again, the electric chair shocked her.

"You know what, it's probably because you're you," Geoff told her.

"It's because I'm me?" Courtney asked, shocked. However, this time, she was not shocked by the chair. "Ugh, stupid chair."

"'Kay then, question two," Geoff said, seemingly enjoying every second of Courtney's pain. "What is your biggest regret coming into this game? And BTW, you're allowed to lie." He chuckled.

"Biggest regret?" Courtney quoted. "Probably hooking up with Duncan." She was telling the truth.

"I said you could lie," Geoff told her, annoyed. "But this final question should result in a few more shocks. What's your problem?"

Courtney blinked twice. "My problem? I don't understand," she said, resulting in a shock that frayed her hair, slightly blackening her cheeks. "Ugh. I don't have a problem!" Once again, she was shocked, causing the audience to laugh at her new, spiky hair.

"Oh, I could keep this up all day," Geoff said in bliss.

Bridgette then came from backstage. "Okay, let's hear some more answers," Geoff said.

"I think that's enough," Bridgette said, walking towards the chair with her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. She then unplugged and unfastened Courtney out of the chair, and helped her friend out.

"But, babe! We aren't done yet!" Geoff told her.

"Don't call me 'babe'," Bridgette said in disgust. She walked Courtney to the interview couch on the higher podium and sat her down. "Whilst I get Courtney an ice pack, let's roll to commercial."

The commercial showed Chris standing by the pool of Playa Des Losers. "Ever wanted to see where the eliminated contestants go to once their game is over? Well, now you can by renting a timeshare at this beautiful place!" Chris said, walking over to the deckchairs. He then sat down on the chairs. "It's only seventy thousand payments, of seventy thousand dollars, per room! So come on and help our bud-- I mean, get a room!"

The episode then returned to the aftermath, with Courtney now holding an ice pack to her head. The episode then went over to show the curtain, where it was quite obvious that Bridgette and Geoff were arguing behind it.

Most of the argument was inaudible, but the last thing heard was said by Geoff, who shouted: "peanut butter!"

The two then came out from behind the curtain and sat down on the hosts couch. "So, with one contestant down, we've got another one left to interview," Geoff said.

The monitor came down from the ceiling, zoomed in and showed scenes from the pirate challenge, mainly centered around Lindsay. "The brainless blonde bimbo, a.k.a Lindsay," Geoff began, before being nudged in the ribs by Bridgette, "was last season's runner up. After her performance last time round, you would have expected her to be a big target."

"However," Bridgette said, picking up from where Geoff left off, "it's quite safe to say that this season, thanks to her bubbly character, Lindsay managed to float her way through most of the game. But what ultimately ended her game was her connection to Tyler."

"You see," Geoff said, carrying on again, "Gwen, LeShawna and Duncan formed a plan. If they couldn't take out Tyler, they would eliminate his closest ally: Lindsay. Through sneaky tactics, Lindsay ended up the first fallen in the final five. A lot of f's."

"Everyone welcome the beauty that is... Lindsay!" Bridgette announced, causing a huge amount of applause, much more than Courtney would ever get.

Lindsay walked on stage from behind the red curtain. She then walked over to the bottom interview couch. "Hi, everyone!" she addressed to the audience. She then turned to the hosts. "Hi Brianna! Hi Ged!"

"Wrong names," Geoff told her. "But, wow, Lindsay! It may have been a while since I've seen you, but you look gorgeous!"

"Gorgeous! Hello, your girlfriend is right here!" Bridgette yelled at him.

"What?" Geoff asked. "She's my friend! It's just a compliment!"

"Well, it's been a while since I've been given a compliment," Bridgette said, turning around.

"Fine! If you're gonna be dull, I'll make my own fun!" Geoff exclaimed. "It's time for Truth of Electric Chair!"

"Again! So soon?" Courtney mumbled before falling off of the couch.

Geoff grabbed Lindsay over to the electric chair and sat her down.

The camera then turned to Bridgette, rubbing her forehead. "Ugh, I don't want the viewers seeing Geoff prep Lindsay for electrocution," Bridgette sighed. "Can we roll That's Gonna Leave A Mark? Please?"

The opening clip was from the rocket challenge. The contestants inside the rocket were getting the feel of the rocket's speed, all except for Tyler. When the rocket turned a corner on its high speed track, Tyler was flung against a rocket window. His cheek was pressed against the window in a rather comical fashion.

The next clip was once again in the space challenge, although this time it was the helium challenge. Both Lindsay and Courtney had floated quite a way up. Courtney had floated close to the rocket, and her helium tube got caught on the statue. The statue managed to pull the tube out of the suit, ultimately resulting in the helium in Courtney's suit to flood out and fall towards the ground, crashing hard.

The third clip centered around Duncan with Gary the giraffe. It showed what had happened after Duncan had fed Gary wax. Gary was choking, and eventually spat out wax in Duncan's face, causing his to flail wildly. He ran around blindly and then ended up crashing into a tree and collapsing.

LeShawna was centered around the fourth clip in Spy Teens. It showed her stuck in the lasers, and her foot slipped, causing her to burn herself on the lasers.

The contestant that the penultimate clip was focused on was Lindsay in the pirate ship challenge. It showed multiple angles of multiple falls, including her falling on the barrels, crashing into the mast, tripping over string and falling off of the ship.

Gwen was included in the last clip which was based on the zombie film which showed her blindly falling on the camera cart, and then another one where the cart fell on her.

Lindsay had been fully strapped into the electric chair. "Um, why am I tied to a chair?" Lindsay asked.

"For some fun," Geoff told her.

"Ooh!" Lindsay beamed. "Fun!"

"So, time for the first question--" Geoff began before being interrupted by his girlfriend.

"Actually, before you do that--" Bridgette began, before being interrupted, too.

"Get on with hurting her!" Heather yelled, annoyed about the delay.

"I was gonna say," Bridgette said, leering at the bald girl, "that we should show her last confessional. You know, so do it?"

Geoff sighed. "Fine, but you're only prolonging the hilarity," he said. "Roll the clip."

Throughout the entire confessional, Lindsay had her head through the upper window. "Aw, it's sad to see my boyfriend go," Lindsay said, a tone of sadness in her voice. "But now I get to go home! But does this limo drive home? Hey, driver! Can you take me home? And why is it so windy? My eyes feel so dry. I wish I had water, that way I could wet my eyes! But wouldn't that hurt? Who am I talking too? Driver!"

"Okay, yadda, yadda, yadda," Geoff sighed. "Clip's finished, so, let's get down to business!"

"I thought we were gonna bake cake," Lindsay told him.

"Who told you that?" Geoff asked.

"I dunno," she said. "I just assumed."

"Well, don't," Geoff told her. "So, first question--"

"Yeesh, when did you become such a jerky jerk?" Lindsay asked.

"See!" Bridgette scoffed. "Even Lindsay sees how much of a jerk you've become! Ever since that camera turned on, you've become Captain Hollywood!"

Geoff took a deep gasp. "Captain Hollywood? Dude, not cool!" he yelled at Bridgette.

"Oh yeah?" Bridgette scoffed. "Prove me wrong!"

Geoff scoffed. "Enough of this," Geoff said. "I came here for two things. Camera time and a paycheck, and one of those things we don't get. So let's play some... Truth or Electric Chair!"

A random handful of applause went through the audience. "So, first question," Geoff said. "If you were to go back in that game, would you do anything different?"

"Anything different?" Lindsay wondered. "Umm, I would have made sure Heather got eliminated earlier." Obviously, the electric chair remained the same.

"Ugh, like I care for her opinion," Heather scoffed.

"Quiet, baldy," Eva grunted.

"No, make me," Heather rebutted, causing Eva to shake her fist at her.

"So, second question," Geoff said, reading off a small cue card. "Do you feel that your relationship with Tyler cost you the game, or did it get you through a lot? Seriously, who wrote these drama-less questions?"

"Tyler?" Lindsay asked. "Who's Tyler? Oh, wait, you mean Tyrone? Tyrone is so cute!"

"Yeah, sure, Tyrone. Of course," Geoff mumbled. Unbeknownst to him, Bridgette was whispering to Courtney about something, and Courtney nodded in agreement.

"Well, Tyrone is a really nice boyfriend, but I don't think it's his fault. The two of us hadn't sided with the other guys, and if they couldn't get him out, they had to get me out," Lindsay explained. Once again, the electric chair stayed put.

"Urgh, still no shocks? Feel free to lie, you know," Geoff told her.

"But I don't want to," Lindsay told him, straightforward.

"Well fine then. Last question" Geoff said. "Who do you think--" he began, before being knocked down by both Bridgette and Courtney. A comical dust cloud covered the three fighting, and then the curtains closed, causing murmur among the audience.

Behind the curtain, various screeches, screams and laughs were heard, most of them coming from Geoff's distinguishing voice.

Then, when the curtains finally parted, they showed Bridgette, Courtney and Lindsay looking at the electric chair. The camera then turned to the chair, showing that a new victim had been strapped in. Geoff.

"Wait, what?" Geoff asked in bewilderment. "How'd I end up in here?"

"Well, I asked you to prove me wrong," Bridgette told her boyfriend. "Now you're going to."

"What?" Geoff asked, still stunned.

"We've bamboozled you!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"Wow, a four syllable word. Congratulations on that," Courtney mocked.

"Thank you!" Lindsay beamed, not realizing Courtney's mockery, and the brunette rolled her eyes.

"So then, Geoff," Bridgette chuckled. "Time for your first question. Since being on the Aftermath show, have you become a Captain Hollywood?"

"What?" Geoff chuckled. "Of course not, duh!" Of course, the electric chair was activated, giving Geoff quite a shock.

The girls and the peanut gallery laughed. "Now then, down to question--" Courtney began.

"Actually," Bridgette interrupted, "I think we should let Geoff stew a little before his next question. Let him think about his next question. Let's go to commercial!"

Chef was standing on a podium. Connected to the podium was a tightrope that ended at the other podium. "Ever wanted to try Chef's Tightrope?" Chef asked. "Now you can! Come on down to any state beginning with Z and find Chef's Tightrope." The rest he said quickly. "Chef is not liable for any injuries you may suffer. Note you may not be able to find a state beginning with Z. Terms and conditions apply."

The episode then returned to the show. The camera was zoomed out, then slowly zoomed in on the main event of the stage.

"Now then, question two," Bridgette said. "Is this 'Captain Hollywood' thing just a character or your true personality?"

"Well, uh," Geoff mumbled, looking down. "It's a character." Geoff got a huge shock, spiking him up.

The audience went wild with laughter, and the peanut gallery joined in. "Hey!" Geoff yelled. "It's not funny! My hair could be spiking! And do you know how long that took the makeup girl to do?"

"Ooh, perfect topic for the third question," Bridgette chuckled, folding her arms. "Question three: who do you like more? Me or the makeup girl?"

"I am shocked that you would think that I like the makeup girl more than you!" Geoff gasped. "Of course I like you more!"

Everyone expected the electric chair to stay put, but no one was prepared for what was about to happen. The chair shocked Geoff for a third time.

Everyone gasped, and the camera focused on Bridgette. Tear began to well in her eyes. She held her hands to her face and ran offstage.

Courtney was left looking at Geoff. "What the heck, Geoff! What's wrong with you?" Courtney asked, outraged.

"What?" Geoff asked, shocked. "I don't know why the chair shocked!"

"Wait a minute," Lindsay said, tapping her chin. "If the chair shocks people when they lie, and Geoff said that he liked Bridgette more, does that mean he likes the makeup girl more?"

"Well done for putting two and two together," Courtney said, annoyed.

"I did math?" Lindsay asked. "I'm a genius!" Courtney facepalmed.

"Well, what are we supposed to do--" Owen asked from the peanut gallery, before a bang on the stage caught everyone's attention.

Bridgette had thrown the makeup girl on the stage. "You evil girl! You stupid blonde!" Bridgette yelled, on top of the girl. She pulled at the makeup girl's hair, but then the makeup girl rolled on top of her.

"Don't just come out and attack me!" the make up girl yelled. "I don't even like the guy!" She then grabbed Bridgette's wrist, and the two girls rolled around on stage a little more. It was a classic catfight.

Courtney, Lindsay, Owen and Noah ran over to the two rolling girls and fought to keep them apart. Courtney and Noah managed to grab Bridgette by the arms, and Owen and Lindsay pulled the makeup girl by the waist.

Courtney got in the middle of the two. "Girls! Hey!" Courtney yelled. "You need to stop fighting! I mean, come on! The makeup girl even said she doesn't like Geoff. It's not her fault that Geoff likes her."

"Okay," the makeup girl began, "can you people please stop calling me 'makeup girl'?"

"Well, what's your name?" Owen asked.

The makeup girl blinked twice and paused. She spoke: "I don't know."

"You two just need to stop the fighting," Noah said. "Bridgette, Geoff isn't worth that."

Bridgette turned round and saw Geoff in the chair. "You're right, Noah," Bridgette said. "He isn't worth that. Geoff! We're through!"

Geoff gasped. "But... but... but babe!" he stuttered.

"I," Bridgette began, "am not your 'babe'! You are nothing to me!"

Bridgette then walked off stage. Noah then looked at everyone. "So..." Noah began, "does that mean the show's over?"

"Um," Courtney replied. "I guess it is."

Noah then looked at the camera. "So then," he said, addressing the viewers and audience. "I guess we'll see you next time on Total... Drama... Action!" The episode then turned dark.

A few seconds later, the darkness faded away. The camera was on, and it was obviously filming later than the aftermath show. The camera showed Geoff still strapped to the electric chair. "Um, is anyone there?" Geoff asked. "Can someone help me out of this thing?"

Then, an old cleaner wearing green overalls and a green cap walked on stage, sweeping the stage with a broom. "Hey!" Geoff exclaimed. "Help me out of this!"

The cleaner looked at Geoff with a look of hatred. "You just broke the heart of my favourite TD contestant!" he cleaner yelled. "You're evil!"

"Hey, I'm not evil!" Geoff replied. His response resulted in a shock.

The cleaner chuckled evilly. "That's right!" the cleaner yelled. "Fry! Fry! Fry!"

The cleaner then ran over to the wall where there was a large, bulky lever switch. He then repeatedly flicked it on and off, causing Geoff to be repeatedly shocked. The camera then zoomed out, the room being lighted up with the crackle of the electricity. The episode then faded again to dark.

Chapter XXV: Movie Marathon

Chris was standing on a large black and white checkered start line, wearing shades on his head, with his arms crossed. "Last time, on a rather weird episode of Total Drama Action: Tensions and rivalries broke when the final four discovered they were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. After ransacking the kitchen for possible weapons, they headed for the hill. However, casualties occurred when LeShawna and Tyler ended up victims to the zombie outbreak. At the top of the hill, a minor wound inflicted on Gwen ended up ending her life after she got zombified! And when Duncan finally got to safety, I gave him an epic punch that gave up the jig. They were all lab rats to a brand new experiment. But now, there's no escaping reality? Which of our final four will make the final finals? Find out now on Total... Drama... Action!"

Theme Song

An intern was pushing a large janitorial cart in front of the trailers. The intern then paused, pulled something out from the cart, and showed it to the camera. It was a bullhorn. The intern triggered the bullhorn, and in a few seconds, the doors to the trailers opened, and the final four poured out.

"Hang on, that was the intern?" Duncan asked, half-asleep. "Chris's evilness is spreading."

The intern grunted, then walked off, pushing the cart in front of him.

When the intern walked off, Chris came on screen. "Did my intern wake you?" Chris asked.

"What do you think?" LeShawna asked, yawning.

"Well he better have," Chris said. "I'm not paying him to slack off."

Gwen scoffed. "Yeah, cause you pay your interns," she chuckled.

Chris looked at her, then laughed too. "Yeah, you're right," he laughed, wiping a tear of laughter from his eyes.

"Well then, what are you here for?" Tyler asked. "To plug us into more weird devices?"

"I thought I made you for get about that?" Chris said, confused.

"No you didn't," Gwen told him.

Chris paused for a moment. "Eh, I guess the world is gonna see the episode anyways, so it doesn't really matter," he said. "Anyways, let's get down to brass tacks."

"That sounds painful," Tyler said.

"It's an expression, dingus," Duncan told him.

"For your challenge, head on over to the building set and look for a start line," Chris told them. "You should all be pleasantly surprised."

(Conf), Gwen: Whenever Chris says 'pleasantly surprised', you know you're doomed.

(Conf), Duncan: Right now, I don't want to play. However, it's the final soon, and if I don't put on my 'A game', I could be leaving, which would just suck at this point in the game.

(Conf), Tyler: Alright! *pumps fist in the air* Finale week soon, and I'm so close to the million. But to be honest, now that Lindsay's gone, there's no one I really want to be sitting next to. I still don't forgive the girls, and Duncan's just downright a pain.

(Conf), LeShawna: If I've counted correctly, and I think I have, we have one week left. That means at least one person is still going home. I just hope that's not me.

Gwen, Duncan, Tyler and LeShawna had walked past a 'building', arriving at the checkered starting line, where Chris was waiting. "Finally," Chris said impatiently, "you're here. Took your time, didn't you?"

"Well you didn't exactly give us exact directions, did you?" Gwen fired back.

"Just be glad I gave you directions," Chris told them, putting his hands on his hips. "Believe me, it would have been far more fun watching you all squirm around like headless chickens."

"That doesn't exactly sound like fun," Tyler said to him.

"When did I ask for any of your opinions?" Chris asked, his impatience growing. "We need to get on with this, I'm getting grays."

"You're--" Duncan began, before being cut off.

"Say one more word," Chris began, "any of you, and you get eliminated." Silence fell upon the campers. "Good. So then, onto the challenge. If any of you watched last season when you got home, you may remember the challenge Lindsay, DJ and Noah participated in near the end. The challenge marathon."

"Oh, I remember Lindsay telling me about that when we are Playa Des Losers," Tyler commented.

"I think DJ brought that up, once or twice," Duncan said.

"Noah told me about it," LeShawna said.

"Me too," Gwen added.

"Good, then you'll know what you're doing," Chris said. "We're bringing it back."

(Conf), LeShawna: Brilliant, a marathon. Do I look like someone who runs marathons?

"Starting from this line," Chris explained, "you will run on a track. Along the track you will stop at a set. At each set, you will compete in a challenge based off of the set, in chronological order from the first challenge to the last. After the last challenge, you will run back here. However, there will be... an obstacle... that you'll have to conquer. Conquer it, cross the line, and you'll be safe. However, whoever places fourth will be eliminated."

"Kind of obvious, don't you think?" Duncan told him.

"Oh yeah? Well, this may not be so obvious," Chris said, deviously. "Whoever places fourth will receive a prize. The prize of life."

"Life?" LeShawna asked, confused. "What the heck does that mean?"

"Oh, you'll find out in due time," Chris chuckled. "Anyways, stand behind the start line. When the klaxon sounds, you begin. Got it?" As response, the four contestants nodded in understanding. "Good, now let's begin..."

(Conf), LeShawna: There's no way I'm losing this game.

"Three..." Chris began.

(Conf), Tyler: I'm up against all the odds, but I don't care one bit.

"Two..." Chris carried on, as the scene cut to another confessional.

(Conf), Gwen: I've been eliminated once. I'm not being eliminated again.

"One..." Chris picked up, yet again, before being cut off, yet again.

(Conf), Duncan: *fists in fighting position* Bring it on.

"Go!" Chris exclaimed, and the four ran across the line, zooming in on their feet, then swiveling round when they ran and zooming out to see them running away. A rather fancy camera mechanic for such a tight-budget show.

The trail was marked with small, orange plastic traffic cones. Running alone, Duncan was in the lead with Tyler barely behind. A few metres behind, Gwen was running with LeShawna.

(Conf), Duncan: It's quite clear that I can win the running. However, the fact that I'm doing the challenges over again annoys me. As long as they're just replays of the past challenges, and not challenges themed after the genres, I should be good. Wow that's a lot of talking.

The track winded past a few buildings, making the track turn multiple times. The track was designed to tire out the contestants, making the challenge more difficult.

Duncan was doing well on the track. Tyler was doing his best to keep up Duncan, jogging with overdramatic arms.

(Conf), Tyler: I'm a little bit nervous about this 'prize of life'. Whoever places fourth gets eliminated, but is still given the prize. Whatever happens, I just hope it doesn't affect me in a negative way.

It was quite clear that LeShawna was struggling with the running. She wasn't made for it. Gwen looked back and saw LeShawna slowing down. "No!" Gwen exclaimed. "Come on, LeShawna! You can't slow down."

"I know, girl," LeShawna panted. "I just gotta... catch my breath." She inhaled and exhaled deeply. "Alright, let's go."

(Conf), LeShawna: I can't let my... physique let me down at this point in the game. As long as I don't come in last, I should be okay. However, if it's Gwen I'm overtaking, that's a lot of guilt to take with me to the finals.

Duncan and Tyler had arrived weaved their way out of the buildings. The unused alien set was right next to the 'buildings'. A large sign stabbed into the ground by the entrance to the alien set revealed the first challenge.

Duncan read the sign out loud. "Steal an alien egg from the boiler room and place into the basket," Duncan read. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a basket appeared to the side of the sign.

"That was... odd," Tyler said, confused.

Duncan eyed the large futuristic door in the front of the building that was the alien set. He then ran towards the door, opened it and headed inside. Tyler blinked twice. "Hey!" Tyler yelled, a delayed reaction.

(Conf), Duncan: Alien 101. Alien eggs are always in the boiler room, and the boiler room is always by the basement.

The camera focused on ramps that acted as stairs. Duncan ran down the ramps that led him towards the boiler room. Then, a few seconds later, Tyler ran down the ramps towards the boiler room.

(Conf), Tyler: As long as I can keep up with Duncan, and I overtake him in the final stretch, I should be set for the finals, and safe from that weird prize.

Gwen and LeShawna eventually arrived at the alien set., roughly around the same time Tyler had reached the bottom floor of the alien set. Gwen read the sign out loud, then both girls headed inside the set.

(Conf), Gwen: It's good to know that after everything that's happened, me and LeShawna are still looking out for each other. Now then, if only Tyler were replaced by Noah, it would be bliss. Well, minus the Courtney complaints about me and Duncan still being in the game together. Yawn.

There were two doors on the bottom floor. Duncan looked at the two doors. "Hmm, if movies have told me anything..." Duncan began, putting his finger to his chin. "The right door is always booby-trapped." Duncan then proceeded to go through the left door.

After Duncan went through the door, Tyler arrived. "Two doors?" Tyler complained. "You've gotta be kidding me. Well, I can't wait for Duncan to get out. Right is always safe." Tyler then went through the left door.

The camera switched to show the inside of the room that Tyler had decided to go through. The walls and ceiling looked futuristic, but the room was otherwise barren. "Huh?" Tyler asked.

There were pipes coming into the room. The sound of a squeaky valve turning could be heard, before water began to pour through the pipes. Tyler looked around, then tried to open the door. It was stuck. Tyler sighed. "Oh, great."

Whilst Tyler was stuck in a booby-trap, Gwen and LeShawna had reached the bottom of the alien set. "Which door do we go through?" LeShawna asked.

"I've seen alien movies," Gwen told her. "The right door is too obvious, so we go through the left." When Gwen got to 'so' in her sentence, she grabbed LeShawna's wrist and ran through the left door.

The camera switched to show the inside of the left room. The left room consisted of two platforms. The platform the girls were standing on and the platform at the other end of the long room. Connecting both platforms was a beam. A beam that Duncan was balancing on. And threatening to knock Duncan off were giant swinging pendulums, forcing Duncan to time his movements. However, Duncan was almost at the end of the beam, and he managed to safely get to the other side.

"Duncan?" Gwen yelled over the sound of the pendulums slicing the air.

Over at the other side, Duncan had grabbed a large black egg with green spots from a basket. Duncan turned and noticed the girls at the other platform. "Hey!" Duncan yelled. "Have you seen Tyler?"

"No!" LeShawna responded.

"Perfect," Duncan chuckled. "He must be in the other room!"

The camera angle then went to the ceiling, looking down at the swinging pendulums. "The beam is only big enough for people to go one direction at a time!" Duncan told them.

"Well, in that case," Gwen said. Gwen ran onto the beam, trapping Duncan for the meantime. LeShawna then went on behind her.

"Gee, thanks!" Duncan complained at the other side, impatiently waiting for his turn.

(Conf), Duncan: Even though Gwen and LeShawna are my allies, I can't let them put my game in jeopardy. I need to make sure they aren't slowing me down, because I won't hesitate to drop them when I have to.

Tyler was now waist deep in water. "How am I supposed to get out of here?" Tyler wondered, nervous. He looked around the room. Something caught his eye: an air vent. "Hmm, if I could fit in there."

The camera returned to the left room. Both girls had gotten across, and Duncan was on his way back. Gwen had grabbed a black egg covered with blue spots, and LeShawna grabbed a brown egg covered in orange spots. Gwen was the first girl to go back on the beam, making a third of the way before being halted by a pendulum. Duncan was stuck further along the beam, as it seemed that the pendulums were swinging faster.

"Hurry up, why don't you?" complained LeShawna.

"Yeah, you try crossing between pendulums that could possibly kill you," said Duncan.

(Conf), LeShawna: *holding two fingers up at the camera* Twice.

Duncan had reached the end of the beam and exited through the door. LeShawna got on and Gwen had almost made it to the end of the beam. Suddenly, a metallic bang was heard, and the air vent near the top of the right wall to the entrance began to shudder, causing Gwen and LeShawna to stop in their tracks.

"What was that?" LeShawna asked. Both girls looked up at the vent, which shuddered three, four more times. Then, after a fifth time, the air vent popped off of its screws and fell, revealing Tyler's head.

"Ow, my head hurts," Tyler complained.

"Tyler?" both girls said in annoyance. The girls then shrugged the shock off and continued down the beam.

(Conf), Gwen: That is why I want Tyler gone.

Outside of the alien set, Duncan ran towards the first sign and basket. He then placed his alien egg in the basket, allowing Duncan to proceed along the track.

Gwen and LeShawna were going up the ramps, whilst Tyler was making his way across the beam. He was sticking out his arms for further balance. With a few trips and a lot of wobbling, he managed to get to the other side and picked up the last remaining egg: a red egg covered in white spots.

Tyler then looked back at the beam, and it seemed that the pendulums were swing faster, and he only barely made it across the beam. Well, halfway across the beam, because when he fell from the vent, he grabbed on the beam halfway.

Back up top, both girls had put their eggs in the basket, and ran along the track. "If I'm correct," LeShawna said whilst jogging, "the next challenge should be based off of the cowboy genre."

"Then let's hurry up," Gwen said.

The screen flashed, then transferred to a portion of track Duncan was running on. He was running, and then he passed a tree that was slightly behind the cones. He ran off screen, but then slowly backed up, looking at the tree. It was quite clear that beneath the tree was a crate, and the crate was filled with various things, such as netting, twigs, reels, prop gold bars and string. Duncan rubbed his chin. "Hmm, this could be interesting," he said mischievously.

Gwen and LeShawna were running along the road. "We should be at the cowboy set soon," Gwen said.

"Good," LeShawna said, her forehead glimmering with sunlight reflecting on her sweat.

The camera then zoomed down to the ground, showing a very thin piece of string. Then, as they were running, Gwen's foot hit the rope and pulled it as she was running. The camera then zoomed out, showing Gwen tripping.

"Girl!" LeShawna exclaimed. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I think so," Gwen said, getting up. Once she got up, the two were about to run, but they turned when they head a rustling, which was then confirmed by the sight of the leaves rustling in the tree. Then, out of nowhere, something shot out of the tree. The girls screamed, and that 'something' hit them, sending the flying backwards. After a few seconds of pausing, the camera zoomed out to show Gwen and LeShawna trapped in a net that was being weighed down by heavy-looking stones.

A few moments later, Tyler ran past the net, seeing that both girls were trapped, causing his to laugh insanely. After a few seconds of insane laughter, Tyler wiped a tear from his eye. "Well," he said, "at least I'm not coming in last!"

"Get bent," Gwen insulted.

"I'd rather not," Tyler fired back. He then ran off, following Duncan.

At the cowboy set, Duncan found his second challenge right outside of the saloon. He then read the sign. "Get through the saloon without getting shot," he read. From outside of the saloon, Duncan could hear gunshots followed by metallic 'pings'. "Perfect."

Opening the doors to the saloon, Duncan could see robots dressed up as cowboys. Each robot had a fake plastic gun that were shooting pellets made from both rubber and metal. Duncan could see that he was in a 'safe zone' at the moment, and there was an exit sign pointing to the window. "The window?" Duncan wondered, suspicious.

Duncan could see seven robots positioned in the saloon. Three of them could rotate for a wider range. "Here, goes nothing," Duncan sighed, and he ran out of the safe zone, ducking beneath a table to avoid a robot shooting at him.

Tyler was outside the saloon, reading the sign. Tyler looked around on the dusty ground. It seemed that the track ended there. Tyler rubbed his chin. Suddenly, Tyler heard a faint 'neighing' sound. "Was that a horse?" Tyler wondered. He then shrugged it off and headed inside the saloon.

Inside the saloon, Duncan had almost reached the staircase before being shot in the shoulder, causing him to start from the beginning. Tyler had managed to avoid the first shooter, but got hit by the second in the stomach. For such a small pellet, it managed to wind him quit badly.

At the beginning, Duncan looked at the jock. He sniggered. "Oh, you idiot," he laughed.

Gwen and LeShawna were trying to lift the net off of them, to no prevail. Suddenly, a light bulb appeared above Gwen's head, and her facial expressions suggested that she had an idea. Then, she looked up, to see a light bulb. Gwen spoke, "what the heck?"

Gwen shook it off. "LeShawna," Gwen began. "Do you have a nail file?"

LeShawna nodded. "Never leave without it," she said, chuckling. She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a white nail file in a black plastic packet. She gave it to Gwen.

She spoke as she took it out of the packet. "Perfect," she began, "we'll be out of here in no time."

"I can actually see the thirty minute sign," LeShawna mocked, causing Gwen to elbow her in the stomach.

The episode then went later in time, to Gwen and LeShawna now back on the road, running towards the cowboy set.

Meanwhile, at the saloon, Tyler had made it to the top floor, whilst Duncan was losing the pattern of the gunshots, always going whenever the cowboy robots were shooting.

There was one robot left standing in the way of Tyler and the exit. Tyler was ready. The robot was ready. Cowboy showdown music was edited in. Then, in a flash, the camera zoomed in on the gun firing a pellet, a pellet that went in slow motion.

Tyler ran towards the pellet. Then, when he was close, he rolled forwards. The camera then zoomed in closer, showing that the pellet just shot above a rolling Tyler, and he managed to roll to safety, past the final robot. He then looked at the window. "Woo hoo!" he exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "I did it!"

Down below, Tyler's exclamation caused Duncan to pause in movement, making him an easy target for the third robot shooter. "Dammit, Tyler!" he yelled in frustration when he got shot.

Tyler looked out of the window. Through the window, he saw a large pile of hay, and four horses that were tied to a stake. "Oh," he said, realizing what he had to do. Backing up slowly and carefully, making sure not to make himself a target for shooters, he then stopped, and ran forwards. Turning so his shoulder faced the window, he barged through the window, which shattered, sending him falling down below.

The window was made of stage glass. The camera zoomed in on the hay pile, which was where Tyler was meant to land. However, when the camera shifted to the left, it showed that Tyler had landed with a thud slightly to the left of the pile.

Tyler got up in a daze, comical budgies and stars flying around his head. He shrugged it off and saw the four horses, and a sign by the stake they were all tied to. He read the sign: "Ride a horse to the next set. Warning, one of the horses has been trained to sabotage the ride."

Tyler looked at the horses. One had a chocolate brown coat, the second was white with black splotches scattered around on its coat. Another horse had a lovely scarlet red coat with a blonde mane, and the last had a white mane that contrasted with a black coat.

"Hmm," Tyler wondered. "Red is best, I guess," he said, before untying the rope of the red horse, hopping on and riding off. Luckily, his horse wasn't sabotaged.

LeShawna and Gwen had gotten to the front of the saloon and read the sign. Then, they headed inside. Once inside, they saw Duncan on the stairs, dodging multiple bullets. "It's funny seeing that boy weave," LeShawna chuckled. The two girls then headed along the path, dodging as many bullets as they could.

Duncan had then gotten past the last robot, heading to the broken window frame. He looked down and saw the hay pile, as well as the three remaining horses. "Always go for a dark horse," Duncan said, untying the reins of the black horse. Whilst trying to get on, the horse reared up, throwing Duncan off as he tried to get on. "Oh, brilliant." He had picked the sabotaged horse.

The camera zoomed in on the hay pile, and a scream that gradually got louder as a shadow on the hay pile grew resulted in the girls falling into the hay, burying themselves in it. LeShawna's head popped out first. "This hay smells like horse poo," LeShawna commented.

"Thanks for putting that in my head," Gwen said as her head popped out seconds later. The girls climbed out of the pile and saw the sign. Then, loud neighing and loud yelled caught the girls' attention. They looked and saw Duncan losing control of the horse he was riding.

"As long as it's not us," the girls laughed. Gwen took the chocolate brown horse and LeShawna untied the splotched one. The two girls rode off. They passed Duncan at a perfect time: the horse had thrown Duncan into a large bush. He came out covered in cuts, scrapes and his face grew slightly red.

Tyler had arrived at the next stop: the Christmas set. The Christmas set had been covered under a large screen that projected twinkly stars, setting a perfect atmosphere. He parked his horse in the available stable, got off and walked further along the path to the sign.

Tyler read the sign: "Decorate a Christmas tree with four of your personal baubles." Below the text was an example of each of the personal baubles. They were basically coloured baubles with a face on each. Tyler's was plain purple with his face on. "Seems simple enough." Tyler headed towards a Christmas tree, then noticed where he had to search for his Christmas baubles. In a gigantic pile of junk.

(Conf), Tyler: Really? They brought back the junk pile? The last time I was here, Courtney was hitting on me! *shudders*

Gwen and LeShawna had arrived at the Christmas set. They parked their horses at the stable, only to be greeted by pieces of junk, such as vases, toilet seats and old wagon wheels being thrown at them. "What the heck?" LeShawna exclaimed. The two girls managed to get to the end of the path without getting hit. There, they saw Tyler was the one who was throwing stuff at them from the junk pile.

"What's your problem?" Gwen asked.

"Read the sign!" Tyler yelled back, not looking at them. The two girls then read the sign.

(Conf), Gwen: *crossing her arms* Still no excuse.

Gwen and LeShawna dove straight into the junk pile, tossing out random items to find their baubles. "I found one!" Gwen exclaimed, holding a yellow bauble with her face printed on. She then ran out of the pile and headed to one of the four available Christmas trees. She hung her first bauble on a branch and then headed back to the junk pile.

The episode transferred to later on. Gwen had gotten three baubles on her Christmas tree and both Tyler and LeShawna had two baubles. Duncan was yet to arrive. "I got another one!" LeShawna exclaimed. Her baubles were white with her face printed on.

(Conf), Tyler: Why do people keep announcing when they get a bauble? It's just unnatural.

"I got one!" Tyler announced, running back over to his Christmas tree. When he got there, Gwen had popped out of the pile with a fourth, and last, bauble in her hand. The two crossed paths, and Gwen got to her Christmas tree, putting the final bauble on her tree.

"Yes!" Gwen exclaimed, and she carried on down the track, heading to the superhero set.

Duncan was still on the track that led to the Christmas set. His horse was definitely torturing him, jumping on its fore legs and back legs, causing Duncan to be thrown up and down repeatedly. "Stop... you stupid... horse!" Duncan yelled, his voice jittering as he was thrown up and down.

He really shouldn't have said that. Putting on a mischievous grin, it stopped as it threw itself onto its fore legs, throwing Duncan into the fence that bordered the track.

(Conf), Duncan: I don't get the whole argument about people being against eating horse meat. As long as it's that horse, I'm fine with the whole thing.

Tyler and LeShawna then got to the Christmas tree. Tyler put on his fourth bauble and LeShawna put on her third. "Brilliant!" Tyler exclaimed, heading on the track to chase up Gwen.

(Conf), LeShawna: It's fair to say that I'm not doing too well at this. But as long as I keep in front of the fourth place person, I should be okay.

Gwen was running on the track towards the superhero set, when she heard a familiar voice. She turned her head to see Tyler catching up to her. "I gonna catch ya!" Tyler cackled.

Gwen put a look of disgust on her face. "Creep!" she yelled at him.

(Conf), Gwen: I mean, seriously. Just... no. No.

Gwen arrived at the superhero challenge, stopped and looked up. Tyler then caught up to here, and looked up too. The camera then aimed up at what they were looking at. It was a large contraption. First, a ladder led them up to a platform. Then, from the platform was a jump to the first trampoline. From there, three more jumps to more trampolines. Then, after a fifth jump, they would reach the second platform. Connected to the second platform was a ramp that was greased up with butter and oil. However, before they would start the contraption, they would have to put on an eye mask. Available choices were red, blue, yellow and green.

Tyler grabbed the blue mask and put it on, then made his way up the ladder. Shortly afterwards, Gwen put on the green eye mask and began her ascent up the ladder.

At the top of the first platform, Tyler finally managed to climb his way up. He stood by the edge, and the camera aimed down, zooming in to express the drop.

(Conf), Tyler: Let's get one thing straight: I'm afraid of planes, not heights. And, come on. I conquered that, didn't I? I did conquer it, right?

Tyler shrieked after looking at the edge, trying to back away as far as he could, even though he stayed rooted to the spot.

Gwen got to the top of the ladder and crawled onto the platform. She saw Tyler freaking out. "It's not a plane," she told him, and got ready to jump onto the first trampoline.

She jumped, and landed on the trampoline. However, she had underestimated how springy the trampolines were. She jumped on, then was thrown off, falling down below.

Beneath the trampolines, at about the height of half of the ladder, was a large platform that would prevent the contestants from falling all the way. Gwen landed on her rear end, getting up in pain, rubbing her sore backside. At one end was a ladder that would lead back up to the first platform. If you fell at any stage, you would have to start from the beginning.

Back at the Christmas set, Duncan, screaming, was thrown horizontally into the junk pile. The camera then looked at the junk pile. Duncan's lower body was sticking out of it.

(Conf), Duncan: If it wasn't clear before, it's clear now. I hate horses. And I've still got junk in my ears. *shakes head to one side three times and a pipe falls out* A pipe? What the--

Duncan had climbed out of the pile, and looked to see that three of the other Christmas trees had been decorated. He knew what the challenge was, due to managing to read the sign as he flew past it. "Dang! Last place," he complained.

LeShawna had arrived and read the signboard, instructing her of her fourth challenge. She grabbed the red eye mask and looked up. Tyler was on the second trampoline, with Gwen ahead on the third.

Tyler managed to stand up with a little bit of wobbling. He took a large jump. However, that large jump did little to help him, ending up jumping over the third trampoline, crashing into Gwen, dragging both of them down. LeShawna then began to climb the ladder, as the episode transitioned to the next scene, back at the Christmas set.

Duncan placed his last bauble on the highest branch of his Christmas tree. "Finally, done!" he exclaimed. He then turned round and stared at the horse he took on his ride there. "Ha ha! Try throw me off now!"

Smoke began to blow through the horses nostrils. The camera then aimed at Duncan and a sound of ripping leather was heard. Duncan's eyes then widened, he screamed and ran off in the opposite direction. The horse had broke free and it began to chase him.

Gwen was yet again in the lead, yet again on the third trampoline. Tyler was again on the second, and LeShawna had jumped onto the second, grabbing onto Tyler for support. "Get off me!" Tyler yelled.

"It's called support!" LeShawna argued.

"I don't need your support!" Tyler yelled, pushing off LeShawna. She lost her balance and began to fall, however, she managed to grab Tyler and dragged him down with her.

"It was for me!" LeShawna yelled as the two fell, then both crashed onto the lower platform.

The episode cut to later on, as Gwen jumped onto the second platform at the end, then crouched down onto her knees. "Here goes nothing," she sighed. Then, she pushed herself off, sliding down the ramp at an incredible speed. She screamed as she descended, then when she got to the ground, the grease on her knees caused her to keep on sliding, until she eventually crashed into a set of dustbins.

The episode cut to Duncan being thrown, yet again by the horse. He crashed into the fourth sign. The camera then showed the horse grunting, then turning round and retreating. Duncan got up from a pile on the floor, rubbed his head, and read the sign. He then looked up to see Tyler back at the beginning of the course, and LeShawna finally at the end, advancing from third place to second. He then began to climb up the ladder.

(Conf), Duncan: I've got some serious headway to make if I want to avoid coming in last.

Tyler made another jump that failed, before Duncan made his first jump, which was a success.

(Conf), Tyler: I am seriously failing at this challenge. I'm gonna end up as bruised as my dog when it got hit by my dad's car. That was nasty.

Gwen had arrived in front of a large safe in the heist set, where the fifth sign was. "Find the three numbers on the race track to unlock the giant safe door and advance. If you fail, you must go back to the beginning of the track," she read out. She jogged over to the race pit, where there were four average go-karts. She got in one, turned the key, then began to drive.

The episode cut to a pre-recorded clip of Chris at the heist set. "Here are the three numbers that have been hidden in the course," Chris said. The scene flashed over to part of the track, where there were a bunch of red squiggles on the walls away from where Chris was standing. "Here's the first number? Can't find it? Well, maybe now you can." The camera then changed its angle to show that the red squiggles actually formed a number. "To find the first number, the final four must look at these walls from a certain angle to see that the red squiggles are actually the number seven, their first number."

Chris was then standing by a diamond shaped road sign that read 'SPEED UP', and opposite to 'SLOW DOWN'. "The next number," he began, "is on the other side of this sign." He then brought the camera to the other side, where a mirrored number was printed on the back of the sign. "The campers will have to look through their side mirrors to reflect their second number: forty three."

Chris then stood on the final stretch of the track. "The final number is a little easier to find. The final number, twenty, has been printed on the ground. However, to at least give it some difficulty, it has been stretched out vertically," Chris said. The episode then returned to Gwen, who had started her car and had begun to drive.

Gwen was driving closer to the location of the first number.

(Conf), Gwen: I've got my eyes open. There's no way any of these numbers are getting past me.

Gwen was wrong. She drove straight past the seven, completely unaware that she had missed it.

(Conf), Gwen: *points at the camera* No way.

Duncan jumped, bouncing from the third trampoline to the fourth, then from the fourth to the second platform, with Tyler still trailing behind on the second trampoline. "Aw, yeah!" Duncan chuckled, then slid down the ramp on the sides of his knees.

"Show off," Tyler muttered underneath his breath.

Gwen was nearing the 'SPEED UP' sign, location of the second number. However, like the first time, she missed it. "Where are these dang numbers?" she wondered, annoyed.

(Conf), Gwen: I'm normally pretty good at spotting things, but I can't find anything! Chris has probably hid them under some rock on the track or something.

LeShawna, sweating, had arrived at the fifth challenge. After reading the sign, she got over to the go karts, got in one of the three remaining karts. Then, she began to drive. Shortly afterwards, Duncan arrived as well, read the sign, then got in another of the karts.

(Conf), Duncan: The one thing I'm good at besides anything, other than stealing and vandalism, is go-karting. Don't get in my way, or I'll destroy your car. Yet again, vandalism. See?

Tyler bounced, and landed on the second platform on his front, hitting his ribs. He got up in pain, then slid down the ramp on his back.

(Conf), Tyler: Luckily for me, my pain threshold is whack. Half the time, I'm in pain. Half the time, I feel nothing, and half the time, I get delayed pain reactions. Wait, hang on, I think that's *suddenly screams*

LeShawna and Duncan were approaching the location of the first number. LeShawna looked to the side, and saw the random squiggles on the walls. She looked away for a moment, then she looked back again. She had got in alignment and saw the seven. "Huh?" she wondered. "Where'd that come from?" She shrugged and drove further.

Duncan looked to the side, and he could see the seven coming together. "Awesome," he chuckled. The two karts then turned a corner, heading for the 'SPEED UP' sign. LeShawna drove past it, not acknowledging the hidden forty three. Duncan drove past. He looked in his side mirror, and could see what he thought to be a number. He slammed his foot on the brake, then looked back. He couldn't see anything, except for some white paint on the back of the sign. He looked in his mirror again, and made out what he thought to be a forty three. "Gotta take what I can get."

The episode then went over to the final stretch. Gwen looked at the road in front of her, and saw the stretched out twenty. "Finally, a number!" she exclaimed. She then got to the end of the track, where the large safe door exit was. She got out of her kart, then ran to the giant dial.

"But I don't have three numbers," she said to herself. "Guess I'll just have to make something up."

She grabbed the dial. "Okay then," she sighed. "Two to the right," she said, twisting the dial to the right, "seventeen to the left," she added, twisting the dial to the left. "And finally, twenty to the right." She tried opening up the door, but failed. The dial reset to zero. "Dammit!" She got back in her kart and drove back off to the start, where she would have to drive the entire track again.

LeShawna and Duncan were now driving down the final stretch. They both looked at the ground and both saw the final number. "Twenty," they both said. LeShawna parked her kart first and got out, shortly before Duncan did.

"I only have two of the numbers," LeShawna commented.

"So? Guess!" Duncan yelled impatiently.

"Yeesh," LeShawna said, pushing her arms back in a defensive position. "Alright then," she said, grabbing the dial. "Seven, twenty and... thirty nine?" She dialed in the numbers, but was incorrect. "Urgh!"

As she got back to her kart, Duncan got to the dial. "Seven, forty three and twenty." After twisting the dial with the numbers, the safe door popped open. "Sweet!" He ran off and the safe door closed behind him.

Gwen got back to the start, then drove off down the track again. Shortly afterwards, Tyler arrived at the heist set. He read the sign, then got down to the final kart and set off, keeping an eye out for the safe code numbers.

Duncan was on the track, when suddenly, he got stopped by a small obstacle on the track. "Huh?" Duncan wondered. The obstacle involved a large hammer and a target. He read the sign. "Either hit three targets with a hammer behind the red line, or hit one target behind the white." He paused for a moment. "Oh, I get it."

(Conf), Duncan: When Gwen returned to the game, she told us about some sort of Aftermath show. On it, they used to play these 'Truth or' games, and one of them was called Truth or Hammer.

The white line was further behind the red line, and there were crates of hammers on each end of the lines. Duncan went behind the white line, grabbed a hammer, and chucked it at one of the targets. It spun in the air, but flew over the targets. "Dang!"

LeShawna, Gwen and Tyler got to the location of the first number. LeShawna already knew what it was, so she sped off. Tyler looked around the sides, and saw the red squiggles... just after they had formed the seven, so he missed out. Gwen, however, managed to catch the sight of the first number, realizing where she had gone wrong.

The three then got to the next location, the sign. Tyler had taken the lead, but he didn't notice the second hidden number. LeShawna, however, did, now knowing all three code numbers. But yet again, Gwen overlooked the numbers, searching in all the wrong places.

(Conf), Gwen: It shouldn't be this hard to find numbers. It should be this hard to find treasure but not numbers.

Duncan threw his sixth, or maybe seventh, hammer. It hit just short, yet again.

(Conf), Duncan: This is getting really annoying. How hard is it to hit something with a hammer?

Duncan threw another hammer. Finally, it hit one of the targets, allowing Duncan to pass on. "Took long enough," Duncan sighed. He carried on along the path, heading towards the next set: the haunted movie set.

LeShawna arrived at the safe door first, getting out of her car and running towards the door. She grabbed the giant dial and punched in the correct numbers, unlocking the door, advancing to the next challenge.

Tyler got there second, shortly followed by Gwen. Tyler was too focused on driving, not noticing any of the numbers. He tried tugging on the safe dial, but to no avail. "Well I didn't see the numbers!" Tyler yelled out, kicking the safe door. Moments later, he clutched at his foot, screaming in pain. He collapsed into the dial, causing it to twist in three ways as he tried to get his balance back. Not realizing it, he actually twisted the dial to get all three numbers in correctly, and the door popped open, pushing Tyler to the ground.

"Did I open it?" Tyler asked, dazed.

(Conf), Gwen: Are you kidding me? He comes here, falls on a dial and gets through? That's not even luck, that's just stupidity.

Arriving at the haunted movie set, Duncan saw the next sign, planted in the ground next to what looked to be like a large shooter arcade machine; the one where you sat on seats and tried to shoot moving targets with pellet guns.

He got over to the sign. "Shoot the white ghost," he said. Duncan chuckled. "Seems easy enough."

He sat down on one of the four seats, grabbed a pellet gun and started shooting. Pellets of green began shooting out of gun. However, as soon as the first pellet barely got out of the gun, the arcade became alive. The moving ghost was now being defended by more multi-coloured ghosts that were moving around in front of the one white ghost.

(Conf), Duncan: Noah, I swear that if this is your revenge, I'll throw you off a cliff.

Duncan carried on shooting, but eventually, he ran dry of pellets. He looked at his gun. There was a tube that was once filled with an eerie pink goo, but was now empty. "Now what do I do?" he wondered.

He looked at the sign, and magically, more text appeared. "If your gun stops working, refill it with pink ectoplasm from a barrel by the entrance to the scary mansion," he read. "Really? That's too far!" he moaned. He sighed, sucked it up and then ran to refill his gun.

LeShawna and a no longer dazed Tyler had made it to the hammer challenge. Both had read the sign and were both partaking the challenge from the red line. Tyler had already hit two targets, but LeShawna was yet to score.

"This is hard," LeShawna complained.

"Stop moaning," Tyler scoffed. "This is easy!" He threw another hammer and hit his third target, advancing on the track. As he ran, the camera turned to LeShawna.

(Conf), LeShawna: If I wasn't such a nice person, I'd've already bludgeoned him.

After multiple times, Gwen had finally gotten all of the numbers, being able to carry on along the track. She made it to the sixth challenge, where LeShawna had just left. "I've got some serious ground to make," she said to herself, getting behind the white line, needing to make the challenge as quick as possible.

Duncan had made it all the way to the entrance of the mansion, where the ectoplasm was. He dipped the nozzle of the gun in the barrel, pulled back the red tube and ectoplasm was sucked into the gun, being stored in the clear tube. Then, he made his way back to the arcade.

Tyler arrived at the arcade shooter, grabbed a gun and began shooting when the life came back into the arcade. He shot and he shot, but he wasn't able to hit the white ghost, forcing him to run all the way to the scary mansion to refill his gun. As he ran off, the boys crossed paths, and Duncan got back to his seat. He continued shooting, but yet again he ran out of ectoplasm, and ran back to the barrel.

LeShawna was the third who got to the haunted movie set. However, she was the first to actually finish the challenge and advance. "Aww yeah!" LeShawna exclaimed. "Shawnie girl is in the lead!"

LeShawna put down her gun, which was then drained of ectoplasm, and then ran to the next challenge located at the wizard movie set.

Tyler arrived at the mansion's entrance, then unscrewed the clear tube and dunked it in the barrel, where it filled with ectoplasm. He then screwed the tube back, but he didn't do it as tight as he possibly could have.

He then ran back towards the arcade, as goo began to leak out of his gun.

As he ran, Duncan was running closer towards him. Duncan saw that goo was leaking from his gun. "Hey jockstrap!" Duncan yelled to Tyler. "Nice leak you got going on there!" He ran past Tyler.

"What?" he wondered, but saw that ectoplasm was dripping from his gun, and he had little left to use. "Aw, come on!" He turned around and ran back to the barrel.

As Duncan and Tyler refilled their guns, Gwen, who had finished the sixth challenge, had gotten to the arcade, and had managed to shoot the white ghost on her first try, like LeShawna. As she ran to the next challenge, her former gung was drained of ectoplasm, rendering it useless.

LeShawna had gotten to the wizardry set, and read the sign out loud. "Complete two laps on a flying broomstick in under three minutes to advance to the next challenge," she began. "But wait! There's more! If you find the hidden Chris Mclean immunity idol somewhere on the track, you can skip this challenge and the next, advancing onto the police set."

(Conf), LeShawna: I guess that the immunity idol's in here as a reference to Courtney getting it the episode we did the Hogwarts challenge.

LeShawna ran out into the inner field, where four horizontal broomsticks were dangling from ropes. There was a set of pedals attached to each broomstick, used to move the broomstick forwards, as well as a lever move the broomstick up and down, as well as sideways. There was a timer. LeShawna got on one of the broomsticks and began to pedal, starting the timer on its accent to three minutes.

Duncan and Tyler had gotten back to the arcade, and luckily, both of them had hit the white ghost, dropping their guns, speeding on to the eighth challenge.

(Conf), Duncan: At the moment, I need to knock Tyler out of this game. I want to make the final three with the girls, and unless Tyler's a girl, well, he is, I don't want him with me.

(Conf), Tyler: I've gotta find a way to get Duncan out of this game. He's my most serious threat, and even though he's a jerk, he's a strong jerk that I'm not sure I can beat.

Duncan and Tyler were running on the track to the eighth challenge, Duncan in front of Tyler. Then, out of nowhere, Duncan turned on his feet and jumped onto Tyler, both of them collapsing.

"Hey!" Tyler yelled, wrestling with Duncan. "What are you doing?"

"Kicking you out of this game!" Duncan yelled, wrestling with Tyler.

Both boys wrestled in the dirt, trying to subdue the other.

LeShawna was on her halfway on her second lap, with forty two seconds left to go. She was sweating, but still pedaling. The course of the track had multiple obstacles, such as tall trees, powerful gusts that forced you to pedal faster, and walls that you had to go over and under. The walls weren't physical, to let the rope go through them, but if you touched them, it would feel as if you ran into an actual wall.

"Go on, LeShawna!" Gwen exclaimed from the start, who had gotten there, and was also aware of the hidden immunity idol. "You can do it!"

However, she didn't, as the timer had hit three minutes. "Shame," Gwen sighed.

"Oh well," LeShawna panted as her broomstick automatically got back to the start. "You go ahead on your turn. I need to catch my breath."

"Thanks, LeShawna," Gwen said. She began to pedal, and the timer for her started.

Duncan and Tyler were still wrestling in the dirt. "Get off!" Tyler yelled.

"You get off first!" Duncan told him.

"Come on! We're just wasting time!" Tyler told him. The two of them stopped wrestling, then stood up.

"You're tough," Duncan said.

"Likewise," Tyler chuckled.

"Ya know," Duncan said, rubbing his chin. "The two of us are a strong force. Together, we could knock the women out of this game. You up for it?"

"Definitely," Tyler said, and the two shook hands.

(Conf), Duncan: That deal I made with Tyler is totally fake. All I have to do is wait for the perfect moment when his guard is down and then--

(Conf), Tyler: --I strike! I'll knock him out of the game, claim my million dollars, then ride of into the sun! I probably won't ride, though. I'll probably walk.

The two boys had finally arrived at the wizardry movie set. Gwen had failed her first try, and was now on her second, with LeShawna. They were thirty seconds into the first lap. Both were maneuvering around tall trees using their lever.

LeShawna was panting. She rested her head on the rope and looked down at the ground below. Then, she noticed something. It looked like something wooden sticking out of a bush. "Is that what I think it is?" she wondered. She pulled on the lever and her broomstick shot down towards the ground.

She had stopped pedaling and reached down towards the bush. She grabbed hold of something, pulled and revealed the immunity idol. "Whoo hoo! Alright! That's what you call skill!" LeShawna exclaimed.

"Shut up, LeShawna!" Tyler yelled from the start. "No one cares!"

LeShawna got off of her broomstick. "Pah, jealous," LeShawna muttered, and made her way to the prison set.

After a while, Gwen had passed the broomstick challenge, and made her way to the news set, as Tyler and Duncan got on the broomsticks, and began the task. After a few seconds, Duncan looked at Tyler, who was focusing on pedaling. He chuckled, then outstretched his arm and shoved Tyler off of his broomstick. Tyler was completely taken by surprise, and fell far down below, screaming on the way.

"I'm surprised the deal went as long as it did," Duncan chuckled.

Tyler fell into a large bush on the ground, and rolled out on the ground, covered in sticks, twigs and leaves. Tyler groaned in pain, and looked up as to how many levels of stairs he had to climb back up. He moved his lips. "You absolute--"

(Conf), Tyler: If it wasn't clear before, I hate Duncan.

Gwen had made it to the front of the news set, where the sign was. There were also large carts of equipment near the sign, which Gwen guess had to do with the challenge. She read the sign out loud. "Lug a cart of camera equipment from the entrance of the camera studio to the exit. Ugh, doesn't that sound wonderful."

Gwen grabbed the rail of one of the carts, and began to pull, dragging the cart with her: a difficult feat.

LeShawna had arrived at the police set. The sign was in a large prison cell. She ran in and read the sign. "Find a key to unlock your cell door," she began. "Wait, what?" LeShawna turned around, and the cell door locked shut. "Aww, crud."

After completing the wizardry challenge, Duncan ran off to the news set. Tyler, covered in brambles, had made his way back to the top, and started his broomstick ride again. "Need to hurry up," Tyler said to himself, and he started pedaling. Fast.

Gwen had managed to pull the cart to where they had all participated in the newscast challenge, back when they were all either Killer Actors or Screaming Directors. That was roughly about a third to a half of the way there. "I'm gonna end up pulling my muscles off," Gwen complained as she pulled the cart in a struggle.

LeShawna was looking around her cell for a key. In her cell was a bunk bed, with a fluffy white pillow on each of the bunks. There was a white porcelain toilet, with a metal sink with a tap that didn't run. Also, in the back wall there was a prison cell window with bars. The only thing that didn't suit the appearance was the sign that was planted in the middle of the cell.

"Where is this key?" LeShawna wondered. She grabbed the two pillows, ruffled them, but found no key. She then began to flip the mattresses in search of the keys.

A quick montage of a few scenes played. It showed Duncan arriving at the news set, then grabbing a cart of camera equipment, Tyler finishing the broomstick challenge and heading onto the next challenge, LeShawna rattling the bars in her cell's window and Gwen getting to the exit of the news set, finishing the task there and heading off to the cells.

At the time it took Duncan to drag his cart three quarters of the way, Tyler had arrived and began the news set challenge. "Heave ho," Tyler joked and began to pull on the cart.

The cell door locked behind Gwen. "Well that was totally unexpected," Gwen said as she rolled her eyes. She began to search around the cell for her key, starting with the porcelain toilet bowl. After that drew a blank, she ran over to the bench, but not being aware of her surroundings, she crashed into the sign.

"Argh!" Gwen yelled. "Stupid sign!" She clutched at her stomach. When her clenched eyes opened, she noticed that the circular top of the sign's post had popped off. Looking down, Gwen saw a black key with a spade-shaped bow. "Huh. Guess I should've expected that."

Gwen ran over to the cell door and placed the key in her lock. She twisted the key in the lock, and escaped from her cell. "See ya, LeShawna!" Gwen said.

"Wait!" LeShawna exclaimed, running over to the cell door. "Tell me where you found the key!" But it was too late, as Gwen had already run off to the war movie set. "Brilliant." She sighed and went back to searching for the key.

Duncan had finished the news set challenge and went on, as Tyler had reached the halfway mark. "Good luck... not!" Duncan cackled to his rival.

"I don't need your not luck!" Tyler yelled back to Duncan, who was no longer there. "That's right. Run off in fright! Coward!" There was a moment of silence. "Hello? Anyone there? Duncan?"

Gwen had gotten to a dusty field in the war movie set. The sign was planted into the ground. She read it out loud. "Cross the... minefield?!" she exclaimed. "What?" She carried on reading. "Cross the minefield without setting off a paint mine. If you do, you must go back to the beginning."

(Conf), Gwen: Seriously, can we have one challenge that's actually normal? Ya know, instead of bombs, razor wires and the possibility of death, why can't we do something simple? Ya know, like cooking, or living a normal life. *folds arms and speaks in smug voice* Or throw Chris off of a cliff?

Gwen began the minefield. On her first step, a burst of bright pink paint exploded underneath her, spraying the paint all over her front. "Are you freaking kidding me?" Gwen yelled in frustration.

(Conf), Gwen: *covered in bright pink paint* I wasn't joking about throwing Chris off of a cliff. It might actually bring some fun into getting the million dollar prize.

Duncan got in the next available cell in the prison set challenge. "Oh this task is easy," Duncan chuckled. Duncan took the top off of the sign post and pulled out a red key with a bow the shape of a diamond. He put the key in the lock and freed himself.

(Conf), Duncan: Finally a way for all the movies I've ever watched to pay off. Mom, if you're watching, I told ya!

LeShawna watched Duncan run off. She way angry. "Urgh, come on! I was the first one here, and I can't find a stupid key! Argh!" She hit the sign with the back of her hand.

"Ow! Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous!" LeShawna yelled. LeShawna clutched her hand, then saw that the top of the sign post had popped off. She looked inside and saw a red key with a heart-shaped bow. "It was inside the key the whole time? Of course it was." She managed to free herself and headed over to the war movie set. The eleventh challenge out of twenty four.

By the time Duncan had gotten to the war movie challenge, Gwen's multiple failed attempts had gotten her halfway across the minefield, covered in blue, yellow, black, pink and grey paint.

"Pah!" Duncan laughed. "What happened to you?"

"You try crossing this--" Gwen began, before she stepped down again and activated another paint mine, being caught in the crossfires of a white paint explosion. "--minefield."

Duncan laughed loudly, pointing at Gwen. He then began to traverse across the minefield, nimbly avoiding the buried mines by hopping on the field with his tiptoes. In gentle movement, he managed to cross the entire minefield without setting off a mine.

"Are you kidding me?" Gwen asked in awe. She stepped forwards and set off another mine.

"Better luck next time!" Duncan laughed.

With one last pull, Tyler finally managed to complete the news set challenge. "Finally," Tyler gasped in exhaustion. He then made his way to the prison set in an effort to catch up to the other three.

At the twelfth challenge, Duncan arrived and saw the various equipment. There was a large dunk tank with a dummy sitting on the seat. There was a bucket of baseballs by a red line, and sign with the challenge's instructions.

"Throw a baseball at the target and sink the dummy," he read. "Easy enough."

Duncan bent down and grabbed a baseball. He then threw the ball at the target with perfect aim. The baseball hit the target and sunk the dummy, completing the challenge. "That's how we do!" he said to himself. As he ran off, the dunk tank reset, with a rope pulling the dummy back on the rising seat.

Gwen and LeShawna had made it to the middle of the minefield. LeShawna was on her first turn, whilst Gwen was... well, you know.

Tyler was searching through the cell that he had been locked up in moments earlier. "Come on, key. Come on, key!" he said, trying to motivate himself. He turned round and then crashed into the sign, like many before him.

"Stupid sign!" he complained. He had fallen to the floor. He got up, and then saw that the top of the sign post had popped off, revealing a hollow inside. He saw that there was a black key inside with the bow shaped like a club. "Alright! Not-so-stupid sign!"

Duncan had arrived at the safari adventure set. He stood on a cliff where the sign was, and four vines dangling from the roof of the cavern. He could guess what the challenge was, but read the sign anyways. "Swing from this platform to the one at the other end of the cavern using the vine," he read out. "Obvious much."

Duncan grabbed one of the four vines. He walked backwards, then ran towards the edge, jumping off the edge. His added momentum helped the vine swing further, and when the vine seemed to not swing any further, Duncan let go of the vine, his momentum propelling him forwards and he landed on the platform at the other end of the cavern. "This is a piece of cake," Duncan chuckled. As he ran to the fourteenth challenge, his lead between contestants widened even further.

As LeShawna crossed the minefield with only one light blue paint stain on her clothes, Gwen was yet again forced to start again after another mine hit her. "This is ridiculous!" Gwen exclaimed. "Am I some sort of magnet to these?"

Out of nowhere, Tyler ran up to the minefield. He then began to hop and jump across the minefield, avoiding the mines in a pattern similar to hopscotch. He then managed to make it to the end, throwing his arms up in the air. "Awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Oh, come on!" Gwen complained. Then, beneath her, another mine detonated. "Oh, come on!"

Duncan had arrived at the rom-com set, where the sign was in front of a set of four large flat hearts. He read the sign. "Complete a heart jigsaw puzzle," he read. He went over to one of the hearts and saw that there was a crate of jigsaw pieces next to it. He then began to piece together the puzzle.

LeShawna and Tyler were competing in the dunk tank challenge, a homage to the second aftermath show. They threw baseballs at the target, and one of them hit it, sinking the dummy. It was LeShawna.

"In your face, white boy!" LeShawna exclaimed as she ran off, to which he responded with the rolling of his eyes.

After many, many, many attempts, Gwen had finally crossed the minefield. "At last," she sighed. "Took long enough." She then ran off to the next challenge.

Another montage of clips played. LeShawna swung across the cavern in the safari adventure set with a vine. Duncan was solving his heart jigsaw puzzle. Tyler had sunk the dummy and went off to the cavern, and Gwen was nearly arriving at the twelfth challenge.

As Duncan continued to piece together the puzzle, LeShawna finally caught up to him. "What is this?" she asked.

"Read the sign," Duncan said, concentrating on the sign rather than answering back with some sort of snide comment. He then slotted one more piece into the puzzle. "Done!"

He ran off, and the camera zoomed in on the puzzle, revealing it was a pink heart that read: 'TDA 4EVA'.

(Conf), Duncan: Don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pretty good at solving puzzles.

Gwen had arrived at the dunk tank challenge. She began to pelt the target with baseballs, trying to sink the dummy. She was successful. The dummy sank and she carried on with the challenge.

"Geronimo!" Tyler yelled as he swung across the cavern. Unfortunately, as he was swinging, his crashed into a stalagmite in his... nether regions. He let out a high pitched squeal, let go of the vine and slid down the stalagmite.

(Conf), Tyler: Not to make myself sound threatening, but if you don't hand me that tape, I will be forced to-- *perfume is sprayed in his eyes* --Argh! My eyes! Okay, okay! You can show the tape! You win!

Duncan had made it to the sports set. The sign was in front of a large gym floor. "Cross the gym floor without being hit by a dodgeball," he read out. "Piece of cake."

The episode then cut to a screaming Duncan being pelted by dodgeballs.

(Conf), Duncan: For the record, I didn't actually get any cake. *piece of cake flies into his face* Thanks.

The worst part about being hit by a dodgeball was the fact that unless you were the last person still there, you had to wait for someone else to try the challenge before you could. "Someone better be here quick," Duncan said in an impatient tone.

Gwen arrived by the vines just as Tyler had climbed his way back up to the first platform. Judging by his face, he was clearly still in pain. "Yikes, what happened to you?" Gwen asked.

"You don't need to know," Tyler told her.

"Fair enough," Gwen replied. "See ya." She then began to walk backwards to build up her momentum.

"Hang on!" Tyler exclaimed. "Wait!" In pain, he ran over to Gwen, and just as she jumped off of the cliff, he managed to grab onto her lower body.

"Tyler!" exclaimed Gwen. "Get off me!"

"But if I do," he began, "I'll fall."

"I don't care!" Gwen yelled.

The camera then looked up the vine and showed that it began to fray and stretch. Both Gwen and Tyler looked up. "Uh oh," the two said in sync, and the vine snapped.

Both of them screamed in fright. The camera then zoomed in on Tyler, who had clenched his eyes shut. He opened them up, and it revealed that he had just managed to get onto the second platform. "Alright!" he exclaimed.

Behind him, he heard a thud. He looked over the edge of the cliff and saw Gwen who had landed on her rear with outstretched legs. "Thanks a lot, Tyler," Gwen moaned from the bottom of the pit.

(Conf), Gwen: *sweeping leaves off of her shoulders* That's the last time I try to help that helpless jock. Hang on a sec... *reaches into her hair and pulls out a long twig* What the heck?

LeShawna was at the rom-com set. "Awesome!" she exclaimed after completing the challenge. She had solved her heart puzzle and then chased after Duncan, running over to the sports set.

The episode then transferred to when LeShawna eventually got there and she saw Duncan sitting on the bench, looking annoyed. "Finally!" Duncan sighed. "Someone's here."

"Why aren't you trying the challenge?" LeShawna asked.

"I did, but I failed, and I can't try again until someone else tries," Duncan said.

"Fine then," LeShawna said. She then began to cross the gym floor as dodgeballs were fired at her from both sides. She didn't get far before multiple dodgeballs hit her in her head, chest and rear.

With a frown on her face, LeShawna slowly walked over to the bench and sat down, holding her head with her hands. Duncan looked at her. "Well, nice try," he said, before endeavoring on his second try. It was short-lived, and LeShawna went on to her second turn, which went well, allowing her to advance to the next challenge at the anime set.

The third montage of clips in the episode played. Gwen was swinging from a vine in the safari adventure set. Tyler had arrived at the rom-com set and was beginning to start the heart jigsaw puzzle. Duncan was sitting on the bench after his third challenge fail, and LeShawna was arriving at the anime set where there were four large anime machines shaped like green dinosaur monsters.

The montage then ended, and the episode then focused on LeShawna. She read the challenge sign. "Climb to the top of the building in a dino monster," she read.

(Conf), LeShawna: Great. We're Godzilla for the day. Whoo hoo.

LeShawna was inside the dino monster. There were a bunch of levers, buttons and switches to control the machine. "Let's give this a shot," she said, cracking her fingers. She pressed a button, and instantly, the machine fell backwards. "Damn!"

Gwen had made it to the rom-com set, where she could see that Tyler was clearly struggling with the puzzle. "I don't get it!" he yelled. "This is too hard!"

"Um, do you realize that you're missing a piece?" Gwen asked.

Tyler blinked and then looked at the puzzle. He saw that the reason the pieces were all caving in was because that there was a chunk of puzzle piece that was missing from the middle of the puzzle. "Aw, dang!" he said, then searched his crate to fish out the missing puzzle pieces.

(Conf), Gwen: In all fairness, I probably shouldn't have helped Tyler. Darn my good spirit!

Slowly but surely, LeShawna was advancing up the prop tower. She had managed to find out which levers controlled the legs and which buttons controlled the arms. It was almost at the summit of the building.

The episode then cut to LeShawna reaching the top of the building. "Alright!" she exclaimed, letting go of the controls. That was a bad move. The machine shook and then fell over the over side of the building.

(Conf), LeShawna: Thank God for extra large airbags. I'm surprised Chris had the budget for them.

Gwen had swiftly solved the puzzle shortly after Tyler and ran to catch up with him.

(Conf), Gwen: I think it's pretty clear that there are three of us that don't want Tyler in the final three. As long as I can knock him out and keep him in last place, I can get everyone else still in the game on my good side.

Gwen had slightly overtaken Tyler. "Hey!" Tyler yelled at her. "Stop running so fast!"

"Um, no," she replied, then began to run faster.

(Conf), Tyler: I don't know why that didn't work. I'm usually so persuasive.

Gwen and Tyler arrived at the sports set. "Great, both of you?" Duncan asked. "At least one of you fail then."

"Huh?" they asked in unison. Both then read the sign, growing understanding of what Duncan meant. Since Gwen arrived first, she attempted the challenge before Tyler. She managed to maneuver around the dodgeballs, advancing on to the next challenge.

Tyler then tried the challenge, showing off what little sporting prowess he had. He then chased after Gwen.

"Are you kidding me?" Duncan yelled at them, preparing himself for the challenge.

LeShawna had gotten to the disaster set. She read the sign which was by a large vertical, up-standing ladder. "Climb to the top of the ladder, grab a flag and then climb back down," she began. "Beware, be prepared to face the four elements." She stopped reading the sign. "Oh great. This again."

(Conf), LeShawna: I'm getting to o-- wait. I'm getting to bored for this. Not old. Definitely not old.

LeShawna began to climb the ladder. As soon as she got a few rungs up, the elements began to kick in. The temperature began to rise. Fire. The ladder and ground began to shake. Earth. A torrent began to fall down on her. Water. Powerful winds blew at her from all directions. Air. "Oh, come on!" she exclaimed.

Gwen and Tyler arrived at the anime set and climbed into their machines. Shortly afterwards, Duncan arrived. Gwen and Tyler began to operate their machines and were shortly followed by Duncan. The delinquent was better at operating the machine and managed to overtake the two in front of him.

"Too slow!" Duncan cackled as he began to climb the building.

"Yeesh, you're not an anthropomorphic hedgehog," Gwen told him.

"Surprised you know much about video games," Duncan chuckled.

"Surprised you know anything more than being idiotic," Gwen joked.

The episode went back to LeShawna, who had almost reached the top of the ladder. She was drenched in sweat from the high heat. "Almost... there, girl. You... can do it!" LeShawna panted, self-motivating herself. She climbed another rung. "You can... do it!" She managed to reach the top and grabbed a flag. It was a green triangular flag that was connected to a small white pole. "Alright!" she said, pumping both arms in the air. Bad mistake. "Uh... oh," she began, and she started to fall down the ladder, screaming on the way down.

The camera showed the progress of the three machines climbing up the building. Duncan was almost at the peak with Gwen close behind, and Tyler was about a half of the way to the top.

The camera then focused on Duncan, who had reached the top of the building. "Alright!" Duncan exclaimed. "Now then," he began, rubbing his hands together, "let's see if I know this machine well enough."

He fiddled with the controls and managed to control the machine to grip onto the side of the building and slide back down.

(Conf), Duncan: See how awesome I am? You know I'm awesome.

The episode then cut to the ladder by the disaster challenge, where there was a screaming that grew louder. It turned out to be LeShawna, who luckily managed to grab onto the ladder as she fell, and slid down it the rest of the way. She landed with a slight thud. "Ow!" she yelled in pain.

(Conf), LeShawna: You see my hands? *shows hands to the camera, which are red* My hands are redder than chili sauce on a hot summer's day. And man do they sting!

As LeShawna shrugged off the pain, threw her flag in an available basket and left, both Gwen and Tyler had made it to the top and were now beginning to slide back down the building. Duncan had made it to the bottom, had gotten out and was beginning to make his way to the disaster set for his next challenge. After a few moments, the other two dino machines had made their way down and both Gwen and Tyler were running desperately to make up the lead.

Blowing on her hands, LeShawna had arrived at the eighteenth challenge, where there was a target, as well as anvils that were suspended from a temporary roof above crash test dummies. "Another aftermath challenge? How many of those shows are there?" she wondered. She read the nearby sign. "Hit the target to drop an anvil. Each time the target is hit, an anvil will be dropped, going from left to right. If you drop the anvil on the dummy that contains a Chris immunity idol, you can skip the next challenge and proceed to the animal challenge." She stopped reading the sign and noticed the bucket of rocks. "Well, I'm all about immunity."

Duncan, Gwen and Tyler arrived at the ladder in the disaster set. They all read the sign, and began to climb the ladder. Duncan and Tyler climbed one side, whilst Gwen climbed the other. All three began to brave the four elements.

(Conf), Tyler: My strong biceps and glutes are just what are needed in this challenge. This should be no sweat!

The camera then turned to Tyler, who was panting and sweating, and slowing down as he climbed the ladder. "I'm sweating so much!" Tyler exclaimed, exhausted.

At the eighteenth challenge, a stone hit the target, and an anvil dropped on the first dummy. LeShawna had passed the challenge. "Come on, idol!" LeShawna prayed. Unfortunately for her, the immunity idol wasn't in the first dummy. "Oh well." She shrugged off the disappointment and carried on to the space set.

Duncan and Gwen had arrived at the top of the ladder, as water began to pour down on them. "How are we not drowning in this thing?" Gwen wondered.

"It's Chris," Duncan chuckled as they began to climb back down. "He won't have the budget to buy something that'll drown us."

Both were climbing down, and then Duncan stopped as he came across Tyler, who was in his way down the ladder. "Move it!" Duncan yelled.

"You move it!" Tyler yelled back.

Instead of arguing back, Duncan just rolled his eyes, then swapped sides on the ladder and climbed down on that side.

(Conf), Tyler: Wow! That actually worked! *changes from a surprised tone to a gruff one* Uh... uh... of course he did. Cos' why wouldn't anyone? I'm awesome!

Duncan and Gwen had reached the bottom of the ladder, popped their flags in the basket and headed off. Tyler had reached the top, grabbed his flag and was now making his descent.

LeShawna had arrived at the space set. She read the sign that was by four fairly sized prop rockets that were about the size of Chris. "Pump 'rocket fuel' into the rockets until it the respective light turns from green to red," she read. She then jogged over to the pumps, grabbed hold of one and began pumping, and the glass windows in the rocket showed the rocket fuel being pumped in.

Tyler arrived at the third aftermath challenge just as Duncan managed to hit the target with a stone, dropping an anvil, bursting open a dummy. "Boo yah!" Duncan exclaimed. He looked in his dummy and pulled out the Chris immunity idol. "Alright!" he shouted. "Let's go, animal challenge!"

Duncan ran off. "Great," Tyler muttered. "Now I'm stuck here on my own."

Gwen was about to throw a rock at the target, but stopped and turned to face Tyler. "Do I look like chopped liver to you?" she asked him, and then threw the stone in her hand, which hit the target. The anvil dropped on the dummy, and she went on her way to the space challenge.

The episode then returned to LeShawna pumping fuel into the rocket. It was a strenuous activity. "Whoo!" she gasped, stopping. "I need a breather." She wiped the sweat from her brow and breathed. Little did she know that was whenever the pumping stopped, the fuel would slowly begin to drain away, and you would have to constantly pump it in order to hit the limit.

Duncan had arrived near the entrance of the maze in the animal movie set. There was a large table set out with four seats, as well as four domed dishes. Chef Hatchet was standing by the sign. "Hey, congratulations Duncan," Chef said. "You're in first place."

"Well, duh," Duncan scoffed. He then began to read the sign. "Eat whatever your respective dish is." Duncan looked over and saw that the dish that had his face on it was on the second to the left, in between Gwen and Tyler's dishes.

He sat down on the seat in front of his dish, then took of the dome. It was revealed that he hand to eat, well, drink, some sort of strange pale concoction that was filled with bubbles and lumps. It was in a large milkshake glass, with what appeared to be a whip cream topping and a red, blue and white striped straw.

"Is that all?" Duncan asked. "A vanilla milkshake?"

Chef reached into his back pocket. "Oh, you wish it is," he chuckled evilly. He then grabbed a cue card. "Huh. Funny."

"What is it?" Duncan asked, unsure.

"Prepare to down this milkshake, made from hoof hair and giraffe..." Chef trailed off. "Well, you know."

"Giraffe?" Duncan asked. He then thought back to the animal challenge, and he remembered that he was partnered up with a giraffe that he nicknamed Gary. "Wait, Gary? No! I can't eat Gary!"

"Would you relax?" Chef said, annoyed. "It's not the same stupid giraffe."

"Oh," Duncan said. He clutched at the glass and sniffed. "Och, that's rank."

"Well, duh," Chef said to him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Duncan pinched his nose, clutched at the glass and began to drink the concoction. "Eurgh!" he exclaimed. "It tastes like giraffe whi-- oh..." he trailed off, realizing what Chef was insinuating earlier on when he read the milkshake's ingredients. "Ew! That's gross!"

"That's TV," Chef told him.

LeShawna wiped the sweat from her brow. She then turned to see her rocket. She saw that it was drained of fuel. "What the heck?!" she blurted out. "What happened to my fuel?"

Gwen arrived on the space set. "Huh?" she asked, unsure of what was happening. She read the sign and then began to pump fuel into the rocket. However, LeShawna noticed that when she stopped for a pause, the fuel began to slowly drain out of the rocket.

"Hey! When you stop pumping, the fuel drains!" LeShawna pointed out.

"Really?" Gwen asked. She turned to see that the fuel in her rocket was draining, and when she started pumping again, the draining stopped, and more fuel was pumped in.

"Uh, great. Continuous pumping," LeShawna sighed, and she put the elbow grease into pumping the fuel in the rocket.

The camera zoomed in on one of the rocket lights. It flashed from red to green.

"Whoo hoo!" Gwen exclaimed, pumping her arm in the air. She then ran off to catch up to Duncan at the animal challenge.

LeShawna finished a few seconds after Gwen had left. "Alright!" she exclaimed. She then left, and a few seconds after that, Tyler arrived, desperately trying to shorten the gap between him and the other contestants.

Duncan had almost gotten to the bottom of the glass. "Urgh," Duncan groaned. His face looked pale.

(Conf), Duncan: When I win the million, I'm gonna make sure that all giraffe's are protected, so no one had to go through what I had to. *shudders* Uh oh, I think the giraffe's coming back again. *stands up* Move outta the way! *runs off*

Duncan took one last chug of the beverage and then slammed the glass down on the table. "There," he gasped. "Done." He clutched at his mouth which had bulged, as if vomit was forcing its way back up, but he managed to swallow it. "Urgh." He groaned in disgust.

"Wow, well done," Chef chuckled. "I though you would've given up after the first sip. You're a tough kid."

"I've been called worst," Duncan chuckled. His attitude was returning to him, and he then ran off to the next challenge at the spy set.

Continuing the seemingly ongoing gag, LeShawna arrived a few seconds after he left. "Hey Chef," LeShawna said, trying to be nice.

Chef glared at her. "Yeesh, just trying to be nice," LeShawna said. She then read the sign. "Eat whatever your dish is."

She read it just in time for Gwen to hear her saying it. "Great," Gwen sighed. "An eating challenge."

The two girls went over to the table, sat down and uncovered the domes over their respective dishes.

The camera focused on Gwen's dish. "Gwen, be prepared to try out some of the latest sausages on the Total Drama market," Chef read from his cue card. "Feast on some chopped worm sausages, as well as some mashed mealworms."

The camera then zoomed in on Gwen's dish. It very much looked like sausages and mashed potatoes, but was instead made entirely out of worms. "The sausages are still moving!" Gwen exclaimed.

(Conf), Gwen: I think that's just put me off sausages for life.

"And LeShawna," Chef began describing her dish, "as you remember, you were partnered with a salmon in the animal challenge."

"Salmon!" LeShawna exclaimed. "It's a fish, something that's actually nice to eat."

"Oh, sure," Chef chuckled. "Enjoy some meatballs. Or, as we've got them in this challenge..." he trailed off as LeShawna pulled the cover off of her dish, "eyeballs! Fish eyeballs that is."

(Conf), LeShawna: Great. Chris finds a way to get the disgust out of edible, nice-to-eat food.

Duncan arrived at the spy challenge, and the marathon track led to the top platform of the spy building that was used for the skill portion of the spy challenge. Like before, lasers posed as obstacles from one end to the other, and the track carried on at the other side of the room, leading to four zip lines.

He read the sign by him. "Cross the field of lasers and escape the zip line by one of the four available zip lines," he read out. "Great. Laser crossing."

Tyler arrived at the animal challenge after he had pumped enough fuel in the rocket, and saw Gwen and LeShawna chowing down on their meals. Gwen had almost gotten through the 'mash', and LeShawna was down to her final four eyeballs.

"Tyler," Chef began. "Take a seat and uncover your dish."

Tyler did as he was instructed, sat down on a seat and took off the dome that was covering the last dish: his dish.

"Tyler," he began. "As you'll remember, you were partnered with a monkey in the animal challenge. So, your dish is... monkey nail chips!"

"Monkey nail chips?" Tyler asked, and he looked down on his dish. There were several long, dirty monkey nails that had been deep fried scattered on the plate, with flies flitting around them. "Ew!"

(Conf), Tyler: That's not freaky, that's just unhygienic.

"I'm done!" LeShawna exclaimed, showing her clear plate to Chef.

"Me too!" Gwen exclaimed, stabbing one final worm sausage with her fork and eating it.

Both girls got out of their seats and ran off. "Still in last place?" Tyler complained.

"Eat faster then!" Chef argued. "Yeesh. I don't get paid enough for this. I'm meant to be a co-host and chef, not a motivational speaker."

"Yeah, because you could be a motivational speaker," Tyler scoffed.

"What was that?" Chef said in a menacing tone.

"Uh, nothing!" Tyler replied, continuing to eat his dish.

The girls arrived at the spy challenge to see Duncan barely weaving between the lasers. He had gotten about a third of the way there. "Does anyone know an easier way to get out of here?" Duncan asked, quite clearly struggling.

"If we knew, we'd be taking it," LeShawna answered. She began to crawl through the lasers, but she saw Gwen backing up a few paces. Then, Gwen ran towards the lasers. "Girl, what the heck are you doin'?"

Before Gwen got to the lasers, she twisted down, placed her hands on the ground and threw herself upwards into the air. Whilst in the air, she was able to fly over several lasers whilst rolling, and when she landed in the ground, she was able to pivot around on the ground on one foot to avoid more lasers, before twisting horizontally to get past more lasers.

(Conf), Gwen: Lindsay taught me some of her cheerleading skills when she was still in the game. And, by Lindsay teaching me, I mean that I saw her practicing some cheerleading, and I'm a quick learner with a good memory.

"Ta da!" Gwen exclaimed at the end of the field of lasers.

"Pfft," Duncan scoffed. "Show off."

Gwen then grabbed onto the pulley of one of the four zip lines. She then swung out of the building using the zip line, and landed on an actual crash mat at the end of the line.

(Conf), Gwen: Huh. So they had enough money to buy a crash mat for this challenge. Of course.

Gwen carried on running to where the track lead her. The pirate ship in the middle of the lake in the pirate set that had been connected to the land with a bridge.

Tyler managed to muster enough strength to eat the last monkey nail on his plate. It went down with a crunch. The colour seemed to be drained from his face. "I'm done," he mumbled.

"Alright," Chef said, nodding. "On your way, then."

Tyler got up, clutched at his stomach, then made his way to...

... the spy set. He saw that Duncan and LeShawna were still making their way through the laser field.

"Aw great. This again," Tyler said. "Did Gwen already get through?"

"Ages ago," LeShawna said. "She used those cheerleading moves, ya know, like Lindsay's."

"She stole my Lindsay's cheerleading moves?!" Tyler yelled in anger. "Thief!"

"Would you relax?" Duncan said. "It's not like she actually took Lindsay."

(Conf), Tyler: *scoffs* As good as.

Near the end of the laser field, Duncan had managed to crawl his way beneath some lasers, without getting hit. He got out the other end, and got up. "Alright! In your face, losers!" Duncan chuckled. He got to the zip lines and swung down to the crash mat.

"I hope he slips and falls off that zip line," Tyler said under his breath.

Gwen had managed to climb onto the pirate ship, where there was a sign in the middle of the deck. "Climb the rope netting and ring the bell on a platform at the top of the ship. Then, climb back down and run to the next challenge," she read out. "Is there any challenge that doesn't include climbing? My arms are aching," she complained to no one. She grabbed onto the rope netting and began to climb.

Meanwhile at the laser field, LeShawna and Tyler had managed to crawl through the remaining lasers, and zipped down the zip lines.

At the bottom, both of them dropped onto the crash mat, and ran to catch up, desperately trying to stay out of last place.

Duncan had read the sign and was beginning to climb the netting. Then, after a while, LeShawna and Tyler arrived and began to climb the netting. The gaps between the contestant were beginning to close up.

At the top of the netting, Gwen had managed to reach the top and climb onto the platform. She pushed herself up and ran over to the large gold bell. She rang it, then began to climb back down.

On her way down, she cross paths with Duncan, who was almost at the top. "Good luck," Gwen said.

"Don't need it," he replied, smug as ever. He reached the end of the netting and climbed onto the platform. He then rang the bell and headed back down the netting.

As Gwen and Duncan climbed down the netting, Tyler and LeShawna reached the platform and both rang the bell. They then chased Gwen and Duncan down the netting.

Gwen and Duncan reached the bottom of the deck. They then ran back across the bridge to the last challenge located in the non-used zombie set. Shortly afterwards, Tyler and LeShawna reached the deck and chased after them. The four runners were neck and neck to the zombie challenge.

The first to arrive at the zombie challenge was Duncan, who was shortly followed by Gwen, Tyler and LeShawna. "Hit a zombie head with a golf club," they all said in sync. They all then took an available golf club and raced to where there were several robot zombies strolling about.

"Finally, a good way to exert rage," Duncan gritted through his teeth. He loaded his club over his shoulder, then swung, hitting a zombie head so hard, it popped off and flew far behind the robot, which slumped to the ground. He then ran off to the twenty fourth challenge.

"You're telling me," Gwen chuckled. She then hit a zombie in the chest, before advancing and hitting the head off of it.

LeShawna and Tyler stepped forwards to the same zombie and swung both of their clubs at the zombie head, crushing it. The two then ran off after the others.

Duncan arrived at the twenty fourth challenge, where there were four sets of bows and quivers of arrows. He saw that there was a large target next to an electric chair with a dummy strapped in. "Hit the target with a soaring arrow, electrocute the dummy and move on," he said. "Bow and arrow, perfect."

(Conf), Duncan: Don't know if you know this, but I'm an excellent archer.

Duncan shut his eyes. He then loaded his bow with an arrow and fired, hitting the target's bullseye and electrocuting the dummy. He then opened his eyes. "Piece of cake," he chuckled. He then tried to run off, but fell over.

The camera showed that an arrow had pinned his trouser leg to the ground. "What the heck?" Duncan exclaimed.

(Conf), Duncan: Okay, how does that even happen? It pierced my trouser and pinned me to the ground. *stutters* How?!

The time it took Duncan to remove the arrow was enough for the others to catch up and set up. He ran off, and the three hit arrows in the target. They then ran off. It was a race to the finish.

Chris was by the finish line. However, the camera was just zoomed in on him, as if the camera was... trying to hide something. He was playing on his phone, with strange bird noises coming from it. "Huh?" he said, looking up and realizing that the final four were running towards him. "Oh great, they're here. And I can't get past that stupid level. Whatever."

The final four were running towards the finish line. Well... no they weren't. They were so focused on each other that they didn't actually see what was in front of them. When they got too close, they looked in front of them and skidded to a halt. A great shadow was cast upon them. "What..." Duncan began.

"...the..." LeShawna carried on.

"...heck?!" Gwen and Tyler said in unison.

"Welcome to your final obstacle!" Chris exclaimed, the camera still focused on him, and then turning to the obstacle: a giant clapperboard. "The Clapperboard Climb!"

"Hey, we already completed the challenges!" Gwen complained.

"I don't care," Chris told them. "And don't you remember at the beginning? I told you there would be a special obstacle at the end. So, this works by climbing the different footholds and handholds on the clapperboard. To get to the finish line, you need to climb through the gap between the top and the bottom of the clapperboard and get over the other side to cross the finish line. I'll be on the other side, waiting. Oh, and remember, the last person to cross the line in eliminated."

As soon as Chris had finished explaining the challenge, he walked over to the other side and the final four began to climb. They found footholds in the blocks of 'writing' on the clapperboard. It was a scramble. They began to climb the writing blocks. Currently, LeShawna was in the lead, and Duncan and Tyler were close behind, with Gwen in last place.

LeShawna made it up to the gap in the clapperboard. She began to climb over the clapperboard. "Not so fast!" Duncan yelled. He grabbed onto her leg.

"What the heck?" LeShawna blurted out. "Get off!"

"Hey!" Tyler exclaimed. He grabbed onto LeShawna's other leg.

"I'm gonna lose my balance!" LeShawna complained. She was right. She began to fall over the other side of the clapperboard. Before she did, Gwen managed to grab onto the guys' legs, and she was pulled with them too.

In a cloud of screams and dust, the four managed to land over the finish line. "Who finished first?" Tyler asked, dazed.

Chris was pushing a large TV and monitor over to them. "Well, let's find out!" Chris exclaimed. He turned the TV on, which played the tape in slow motion. It played slowly, and showed that the first person to cross the finish line first was... Tyler.

"Tyler!" Chris exclaimed. "Congratulations, you cross the finish line first!"

"Alright!" Tyler exclaimed.

The TV then carried on playing, showing the next one to cross the finish line was Duncan. "Duncan, you crossed the line next," Chris said. "That means that girls, one of you will be eliminated now. The person eliminated is...






























..." he trailed off, as the TV showed that LeShawna was the next person to cross the finish line. "Gwen! You have been eliminated!"

"Whoo hoo!" LeShawna exclaimed, pumping her fist in the air. She then looked at Gwen. "Oh... sorry."

The episode then went to Gwen sitting on the Lame-o-sine with her legs outside of the car. "Well Gwen, your game is over," Chris said.

Gwen sighed. "Well, good luck to the three of--" she began before being cut off.

"Almost," Chris added.

Gwen shot her head up. "Almost?" she asked.

"Yep," he said. "Always one to add to the tension." He paused for a chuckle. "Remember that I said that the loser would earn the prize of life."

"Oh, yeah?" she said, inquisitive.

"Well, that prize will allow you to end someone's game!" Chris exclaimed.

"What?!" Gwen yelled.

"What?!" the other three yelled.

"What?!" Chef asked. The final four then turned to see Chef with a large pot in his hands. The camera then zoomed in on Chef. He chuckled. "Uh, I'm gonna go."

Chris and the four contestants then got back to the point. "That's right," Chris told Gwen, as the other three stood by the limo. "Since Tyler crossed the finish line first, he has definitely gotten in to the final two. However, you have the choice of ending either Duncan or LeShawna's game, giving them third place. You must make that choice now."

"Now?" Gwen asked.

"Now," Chris replied.

Gwen looked at both of her friends, as a scared look was cast upon Duncan and LeShawna's faces. "Well, I guess that I choose to eliminate...






























... Duncan," she said with a sigh of discontent.

"What?!" Duncan yelled.

"Well, I can hardly eliminate LeShawna now, can I?" Gwen replied.

"But--" Duncan began before he was cut off.

"Well Duncan, you've been eliminated," Chris said. He then shoved the delinquent in the limo, slammed the door shut and the Lame-o-sine drove off.

"This isn't fair...!" Duncan's voice trailed off. "What the heck, Gwen?!"

Chris then stood next to the final two. "Well, we have our final two. LeShawna and Tyler," Chris said. "Sworn enemies against each other in a brutal final two--"

"Uh, well, we aren't exactly sworn enemies," Tyler said.

"Yeah," LeShawna added. "More like rivals."

"As I was saying," Chris began after being interrupted. "One of them will lose. However, one of them will win the million dollar prize," he said, as the camera went to a semi-diagonal splitscreen with LeShawna on the left side and Duncan on the right, "and become the winner of Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XXVI: Million Dollar Movie Stars

Chris was standing in the middle of the Aftermath set, with the previously eliminated contestants and the contestants that didn't make it to season two sat on the benches around it. "After twenty one strenuous, back-breaking challenges and four shocking, dramatic aftermaths, we've whittled fourteen young teenagers down to the final two: LeShawna and Tyler," Chris began. "Now, it's down to one last challenge. A challenge that will determine the winner of Total... Drama... Action!" A round of applause from the peanut gallery of former contestants and the audience roared after his intro and soon faded into the title song.

Theme Song

Chef was pushing a blindfolded Tyler and LeShawna down the Walk of Shame. "Um, why are we doing this again?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, this just feels weird," LeShawna added.

"You're doing this because Chris has said you're doing this," Chef instructed. The camera was zoomed in on his face. "Now, then. Off you go." The camera then zoomed out to reveal that he had pushed the two to the end of the red carpet and by the Lame-o-sine. He pushed the two into the car and both fell in with a fumble.

The camera then went to a perspective of inside the limo. "You can now take off your blindfolds," Chef said, shoving the door shut after his words.

Tyler, in the right seat, and LeShawna, in the left, took off their red blindfolds. "Finally," Tyler sighed. "My eyes feel too warm." He then began to 'rub the heat' off of his eyes.

"Where do you think we're going?" LeShawna asked.

"Not sure," Tyler commented. "Maybe we're finally leaving this dump. After all, it's just the two of us now, isn't it?"

"That's right," LeShawna replied. "Maybe the finale's being filmed off site."

The episode transitioned to about fifteen minutes later. "Why can't we see where we're going?" Tyler asked.

"Black tinted windows," LeShawna answered, her head resting on her palm. "Privacy issues."

A few minutes later, and the final two felt the Lame-o-sine brake to a halt. "We here?" the two asked in sync.

Both were resting their heads on their arms that were resting on the armchairs on the doors. When both were opened, the weight on the armchairs caused them to drop, slumping on the ground. Blindfolds were shoved around their eyes. "Out. Now," Chris's voice said to the blindfolded teens.

The camera transitioned to Chris leading the blindfolded contestants across a stage. "Further... further!" Chris instructed. "Stop!" The two stopped in their tracks. "Now then... take of your blindfolds!"

The camera zoomed in on Tyler and LeShawna taking off their blindfolds, then zooming out when they did to reveal everyone, both former contestants and audience, in the Aftermath studio. "What?" LeShawna said, baffled. "Where are we?"

"The Aftermath studio!" Chris explained. "As you are now the final two, we decided to have a... special off set challenge. Now then, sit."

Chris led the two other to the couch in the middle, where the former contestants were interviewed on the Aftermath show. He then sat where the interviewers, Geoff and Bridgette, would sit. "So then, this is the Aftermath studio, where former contestants are interviewed on their life in the game," Chris explained. "For example: this is where Noah was interviewed about the kiss you game him, LeShawna."

LeShawna looked a little nervous. "It was a peck on the cheek!" LeShawna said, trying to defend herself. "Strictly friend-based only. I mean, it's Noah!" She then looked up to the set of couches behind her, where Noah, among other contestants such as Owen, DJ, Katie, Sadie and Ezekiel were sitting. "No offence."

"None taken," he replied, wiping a supposed bead of sweat from his forehead.

"And also, where the famous breakup between 'Gidgette' took place," Chris said, shocking the other two.

"What?!" the two said in shock in sync.

"You broke up?!" Tyler asked to Geoff, who was on the couch closest to Chris.

"Why?!" LeShawna asked to Bridgette, who was on the couch closest to her and Tyler.

Geoff and Bridgette wouldn't talk or look to each other for a few seconds, before all out war spread between them. Words, argument and finger pointing broke out. Few phrases, such as: "--it's your fault for being such a--" and "--you're making too big a deal out of--" could be heard, but otherwise, it was random rambling.

(Conf), Chris: *prop cabinet* By the way, this prop cabinet will serve as a temporary confessional for this episode.

(Conf), Tyler: *prop cabinet* Wow, so a lot has gone on whilst I was still in the game. Bridgette and Geoff broke up, and an aftermath that has caused who knows what. Shocking. But then again, that's the show.

(Conf), LeShawna: *prop cabinet* Drama. Too much drama. But then again, if there wasn't drama, the show would be just called 'Total Action', and that's just stupid.

"So then," Chris said, getting up once the arguing had stopped. "Let's get down to business. We've all come here to hold the finale of this season. This season, we will decide our winner based on the results of one last competition. A reality genre based challenge. But first, a preliminary competition."

Chris got LeShawna and Tyler to sit behind a table that had been wheeled in. "We've asked the previously eliminated contestants to make up a grueling, stomach wrenching, vomit-inducing dish ," Chris said. "They worked in their aftermath groups."

"Aftermath groups?" the two asked in sync.

"Each group of fresh contestants after an aftermath episode," Chris told them. "That means five groups, which means five dishes. Whoever finishes three meals thirst will win an advantage for the challenge that will decide the winner. So this means, a lot."

(Conf), LeShawna: *prop cabinet* Brilliant. An eating challenge. Yay.

"The first dish," Chris explained. "Let's give a hand to the chefs: Bridgette, Geoff, DJ and Trent!"

The camera made note that the former contestants had all left. It then went to the curtain, where the four contestants Chris had mentioned walked out from behind. Both Geoff and Bridgette were holding dome-covered dishes, and trying to make as little eye contact with each other as possible. Geoff then gave his dish to Tyler, and Bridgette gave hers to LeShawna.

"This team of four has made a rack of ribs," Chris said.

"Ribs!" Tyler exclaimed. "What's so disgusting about ribs?"

"Wait!" Chris yelled at him. "A rack of ribs made entirely of different types of mushrooms. And don't worry. We've had them checked that none of the mushrooms are poisonous," he began, "-ish. Also, the rack of 'ribs' has been served on a bed of Chef's gruel, with a pureed spider leg dressing."

"Spider leg?" LeShawna asked, unnerved.

"Would you stop worrying?" Chris sighed. "I mean, come on! Two seasons of this show, yet you people still don't know what to expect."

The domes were taken off the dishes. The bed of gruel was sloppy and spread out to the edges of the plate. The 'ribs' were just slapped in the middle, slightly coated in the gruel, and the pureed spider leg dressing was a tangy purple colour, and it was drizzled over the entire dish. Beside the sloppiness of the dish, it actually looked edible. But then again, Chris never made things easy.

"You may now start eating..." Chris began, "... now!"

Tyler and LeShawna looked down at their dishes. "Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat!" the audience chanted, pounding their fists on their laps.

"Good luck, guys!" Bridgette said as she turned round to sit back on the couches with the other three. Geoff then decided to sit on the opposite set of couches, to distance himself from the surfer girl.

(Conf), Geoff: *prop cabinet* I didn't want to break up with Bridgette. But I'm pretty sure it's better for everyone. Not anyone I can think of, but still.

(Conf), Bridgette: *prop cabinet* By now, I thought Geoff would have come crawling back to me, begging me to take him back, repenting his Captain Hollywood ways. But, he hasn't. Still, it might turn out to be a positive thing. I mean, cutting the ties to Geoff might actually get me further in this game.

LeShawna was the first to snap out of the 'trance' the food had put the final two in. She grabbed a spoon, then scooped up some of the gruel. She put the food in her mouth and began to swallow. After a while, she eventually managed to swallow, and the look on her face looked like she had swallowed liquid ice. "What, did you shove this in the freezer?" LeShawna asked.

Trent looked coy. "Maybe," he said in a childish way, with the accent of 'maybe' on the back half.

After LeShawna scooped some more of the gruel in her mouth, Tyler managed to get back to reality, and began to dig in. He grabbed for one of the mushroom ribs. However, before he could even get it in his mouth, the rib crumbled in his fingers. "Brilliant," Tyler sighed, picking up his utensils. "Just... brilliant." He then began to shove random pieces from the dish in his mouth, using his spoon and fork.

LeShawna managed to finish the gruel first, and then made her way on to the rack of mushroom ribs. She saw that Tyler's ribs had crumbled when he tried to pick them up, so she began to poke and prod them with her knife, and then scooped up the pieces that broke away with her hand and scoffed them down.

"Done!" LeShawna exclaimed, showing her empty plate in the air.

A large portion of the audience went into uproar, applauding, cheering an whistling. "Go on, LeShawna!" a voice from the crowd yelled.

"Well done, girl!" Bridgette yelled from the couches.

"Knew you could do it!" Trent exclaimed.

"Settle down, everyone!" Chris yelled, calling for silence on set. "LeShawna," he said, turning to her. "You have finished the first meal first. Finish two more meals first and you will win the advantage. However, for now, let's bring on our next two chefs: Heather and Izzy!"

From backstage, Heather and Izzy walked onto the stage. Heather was still bald, and both girls were holding a domed dish.

"Heather and Izzy have made..." Chris began, reading off the description provided. "... a large pile of brains. Really?"

"Ox brains," Heather pointed out.

"Stuffed with peanut butter and jelly!" Izzy exclaimed. "Cos' everything goes with PB&J!"

"Very well," Chris acknowledged. The girls placed a dish in front of both members of the final two, then took off the lid.

The dish looked just like a large pink brain on a plate, oozing with pink and orange goo, which was the peanut butter and jelly. "Enjoy, LeShawna," Heather cackled, glaring at her arch-enemy.

(Conf), Heather: *prop cabinet* I made this dish specifically to make LeShawna lose. There's no way I'm letting her win this game. I'll die before she wins a million dollars before me. *broom crashes onto Heather, causing her to scream and fall off of her stool*

(Conf), DJ: *prop cabinet* What those girls made kind of looks like a dessert you would buy for Halloween. Nothing I would make, but still.

LeShawna, glaring at Heather, cut the brain with her knife straight down the middle length of the brain. Peanut butter and jelly began to spill over the sides off the cut organ.

(Conf), LeShawna: *prop cabinet* That's just nasty! Only a sick, sick sicko could make something like that. Luckily for Izzy, Heather's got enough sickness for two people, maybe even three.

Tyler rubbed his chin. "Hmm," he wondered, thinking of something.

(Conf), Tyler: *prop cabinet* I'm a big fan of peanut butter and jelly. In fact, whenever my parents get something for dinner that I don't like, I get my jars of peanut butter jelly and mix it in. Delish.

Tyler grabbed the brain and shook all of the peanut butter and jelly out of the brain. He then began to smother it in the coloured mixture, then took a large bite...

Tyler's eyes widened.

(Conf), Tyler: *prop cabinet* Best. Dish. Ever!

Tyler began to speed up the speed of his eating of the brain. In no time at all, it had been reduced to nothing, all making it's way to his stomach.

"Tyler is the winner of round two!" Chris exclaimed, and the camera showed Tyler, with small bits of peanut butter and ox brain around his mouth. "And is also the winner of making my disgust go over the max. Seriously, wipe your mouth before I need a bucket."

Tyler wiped his mouth on his sleeve, and people began to applaud for him.

"Go on, Tyler!" DJ exclaimed.

"Crush the fat girl!" Heather jeered.

LeShawna turned to Heather. "Who you callin' fat, baldie?" LeShawna mocked.

Heather stood up. "Baldie?" Heather asked. "You want a piece of this? Huh? You want a piece of this?"

"Not now!" Chris yelled. "I want to get this season over, ASAP. I think the acne might be getting to me. Now then, let's get down to round three. Come on down, Owen and Noah!"

From behind the curtain, Owen and Noah came out, waving at the camera and audience. Owen was holding both dishes in his hands. "As you can all see," Noah began. "Owen's not eating those dishes. That means you two are definitely in trouble."

(Conf), Noah: *prop cabinet* LeShawna's my friend, but I'm confident she'll win either way. And if I'm not winning that prize, I might as well have some fun.

Owen put the dishes in front of both of the final two. "So then," Owen said. "How've you been?"

"Oh, just competing with high pressure and gruesome challenges to win a million bucks," Tyler said. "You?"

"Oh, just been chilling at Playa Des Losers, playing a bit of pool--" Owen began.

"I was being sarcastic," Tyler said, a look on his face saying: 'you really didn't realize that?'.

"Oh," Owen said, surprised. "Okay then."

"Your third dish:" Chris began. "A drink, actually. Blended offal."

"Offal?" the two asked in sync.

"The organs and entrails of butchered animals," Chris said. "Enjoy."

(Conf), LeShawna: *prop cabinet* You see, it's times like these when I understand why vegans are vegans.

"Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" the audience, as well as the chefs that had already been revealed chanted.

Tyler began to slowly put the glass to his lips and drink, and LeShawna had a glint in her eyes.

(Conf), LeShawna: Back in high school, whenever we had free days, we used to all get together at my friend's house and we'd play a bunch of drinking games, such as: 'what the heck is in this drink?'. I'm pretty good at that game, and I've learned how to chug.

LeShawna began to pour the concoction of blended organs in her mouth, chugging the mixture. "Finished!" LeShawna gurgled, some of the offal drink still in her mouth. She swallowed once more, then opened her mouth wide to prove she had consumed the entire dish.

"Well, once again, LeShawna has finished first," Chris said. "And she has killed this dish! It's two to one in her favour."

"Oh, you know I'm gonna win this thing," LeShawna said, looking over at Tyler.

"Don't get so cocky," Tyler said to her. "I've still got a chance. And plus, this challenge doesn't mean you're definitely winning."

(Conf), Izzy: *prop cabinet* This final two is actually pretty interesting. I mean, last season, DJ and my girl Lindsay were in the final two, and they were already buddies. But now, with Tyler and LeShawna, it's gone from 'la de da, da' to kablamo! If you couldn't tell, the kablamo means explosion. *giggles whimsically*

"Dish number four," Chris began. "Welcome our chefs: Courtney and Lindsay!"

Courtney, with a look of anger on her face, and Lindsay, with a ditzy, smiling look, walked from backstage, each holding a domed dish.

(Conf), Courtney: *prop cabinet* As far as I'm concerned, I'm a robbed goddess. I still deserve to be in this game! I fought hard for my place in this game, and I got sixth?! Sixth! Shameful. Shameful! So, I decided to pour all of my anger in the making of this dish. Also, I'm still waiting for a new PDA.

(Conf), Lindsay: *smiles awkwardly at the camera* Wait, am I supposed to be here?

"Hi Tyler!" Lindsay exclaimed, waving at her boyfriend.

"Linds, babe!" Tyler exclaimed, he tried to get up, but Chris held him down in place.

"Nu-uh," Chris said. "Until this challenge is over, no getting up. Eat your food."

He walked back to where he originally was. "Speaking of food, the fourth dish is a salad. Randomly selected leaves, roots and plants all scattered together in one massive dish. Now, we've tested the dish, and we're pretty sure that none of them will cause fatal illnesses," Chris told them. "Pretty sure."

The dishes were revealed, showing that they pretty much looked like regular salads with abnormal ingredients. "Ugh, no, I'm definitely not a vegetarian," LeShawna said in disgust.

"Hm," Tyler wondered. "I seriously need some veggies. This might come to use."

(Conf), Tyler: Being the athlete I am, I need a proper, balanced diet. And since the only thing served is gruel and Chef's mystery meat, I've had a lack of veg. Plus, if I'm ever lost in the forest, at least it'll teach me what I can eat.

Tyler began to tear through the salad, but this meal seemed like the first that indicated it could be anyone's game. LeShawna was a half done with her salad, with Tyler a little bit in front.

"Argh!" LeShawna yelled, clutching her throat. "It feels like poison ivy!"

"Maybe that's because it is poison ivy," Courtney pointed out from the same set of couches as Bridgette, Heather, DJ and Izzy.

"Well," LeShawna grunted, still holding her throat, "why isn't he reacting like this?"

"Probably because he isn't such a wimp like you," Heather insulted.

LeShawna growled. She began to eat more of the salad, but by that time, it was already up. "Tyler has won the fourth round!" Chris announced.

(Conf), LeShawna: *prop cabinet* *clutches throat* So I ate all that... whatever it was for nothing? These girls really know how to rile me up.

"Well then, it's all down to this last dish. This score of two all will be decided with a dish made by... Gwen and Duncan!" Chris exclaimed.

Both Gwen and Duncan were greeted with applause as they came out from behind the curtain. "This is nice," Gwen muttered, a smile plastered on her face. Both of them were holding domed dishes.

"So then," Chris said. "Let's find out what they've made." He looked at the cue card. "Oh, wow! This is gnarly! Yuck. It just let's us peer into the minds of you poor, psychotic freaks that people call, 'teenagers'."

(Conf), Duncan: *prop cabinet* Ya know, Chris should really look at himself before he goes around saying stuff like that.

"Gwen and Duncan--" Chris began.

"Gwen and Duncan," Courtney muttered. "That would make a horrible ship name. I mean, what would it even be? Dunwen? That's just stupid."

(Conf), Courtney: *prop cabinet* *holding rolled up newspaper* I'm not bitter. I just think that Gwen and Duncan are horrible people-- *begins to crunch up the newspaper as she talks* --and horrible things deserve to happen to them! *angry look on her face* Uh, I need a new newspaper.

"As I was saying," Chris began, "Gwen and Duncan have made a cake."

"Cake!" Tyler exclaimed. "What could go wrong with cake?"

From the couches, Noah facepalmed. "Uh oh!" the audience yelled in unison.

"This cake is made from fish eyes, pig snouts, octopus tentacles, rat whiskers and snail slime," Chris said, reading the ingredients quickly.

"Ugh," LeShawna grumbled, her face turning pale. The camera then turned to Tyler, who's face was turning green.

(Conf), Tyler: I really need to think about signing up for competitions like these. You know, how to avoid them.

The audience went wild, cheering on for whoever they supported.

"Feel free to start eating whenever you want," Chris said.

The domes off the dishes came off, revealing a slice of what appeared to be the most disgusting cake ever. "I'm pretty proud of making that cake," Duncan chuckled from the couches.

"Hm," Gwen said. "To be honest, I've gotta agree with you." She smiled in appreciation of her work.

LeShawna began to cut off a piece of the cake with her knife and fork. The green fish eye, snail slime sauce began to drip off of the cake, coloured a pinky-grey from the pig snouts, tentacles and whiskers. "I think I'm gonna throw up," LeShawna said, forcing her mouth shut as supposed vomit came back up.

"Feel free to throw up as much as you want before eating, but throw up whilst you're eating, and you've gotta eat that," Chris told them.

(Conf), Chris: *prop cabinet* Seriously, who think up these challenges... they're awesome! Oh wait, I do!

Tyler and LeShawna had roughly eaten about half of the slice of cake. Tyler was groaning in pain, his stomach a lurching mess. LeShawna was groggy, but still carried on eating.

(Conf), Bridgette: *prop cabinet* So I'm watching them eating this vile food, and I'm thinking: 'wow!'. These guys really deserve to be the finalists.

Whilst Noah had to restrain Owen from trying to eat the 'cake', both finalists had almost finished the last dish.

"Almost done, LeShawna," LeShawna said, motivating herself. "You can do this, girl!"

"Stop talking to yourself," Tyler said, focusing on the dish.

Neck and neck, both of them had almost finished the dishes, both still yet to throw up. LeShawna had almost finished when... the last bite was consumed. "Alright, LeShawna!" the audience exclaimed.

LeShawna waved at the camera, but soon, she began to feel sick, and vomit was regurgitated back up. She clutched at her mouth.

"Throw up, and you have to eat it," Chris said. "If you don't, you win."

LeShawna's face grew greener. She was forced... to throw up. Her vomit spilled out on the floor.

"Tyler!" Chris exclaimed. "You still have a chance if you finish your cake first without throwing up!"

"Come on, Tyler!" people from the audience cheered on.

LeShawna looked at her spew on the floor. "Girl, you better win this game," she said to herself.

As the camera pointed to the audience, the people watching the show gasped in shock and horror.

(Conf), Chris: *prop cabinet* What just happened is so disgusting that even I'm not gonna put it on air. No one, not even those teens, should have witnessed that.

LeShawna, with vomit stains around her mouth, got up with a seriously groggy look on her face. "LeShawna," Chris said, standing next to her. "You may have just redefined the word disgust, but you've not done it in vein. You've won the preliminary challenge!"

The audience cheered on LeShawna, all applauding her victory. "Why are you cheering for her?" Heather asked, standing on the stage next to her enemy. "She just ate her own puke! You should be putting her in quarantine!"

"Who asked for your opinion, baldie?" a male, gruff voice yelled from the audience.

"Shut up!" Heather retorted. "At least I'm on TV!"

"Would you people shut up?!" Chris yelled. "Yeesh! We need to get on with this!"

The episode transitioned to Chris standing in the middle of Tyler and LeShawna, who were all standing by a lottery ball machine. "So then," Chris began, "as I said, the winner of the first challenge would get an advantage during the winning challenge. Your advantage is a first pick of your team."

"Team?" LeShawna asked.

"You will pick four out of eight former contestants each to be part of your team. And to decide your options," Chris began, walking over to the lottery ball machine. "This machine will dispense eight balls. Inside each of the balls are tokens. Each token contains a chip that corresponds to a certain former contestant. Whichever contestants are chosen will be the ones that you can select from."

He then pushed a red button that started up the lottery ball machine. Soon after, eight lottery balls were dispensed into a tube that Chris detached from the machine. He then put them into a machine that was connected to several other machines and wires.

The screen from the top of the studio then lowered and turned white. "And the eight people selected are..." Chris began. Then, eight faces popped up on the screen and Chris read them out as they appeared. "...Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Owen, Noah, Izzy, Heather and Geoff!"

From the couches, and whilst being met with a round of applause, the eight former contestants walked onto the stage to stand next in a line next to Chris. Some were waving; others trying to look as casual as possible.

"So then," Chris said. "LeShawna, as the winner of the eating challenge, you get first pick. Select now."

"Noah," she said, without even having to bat an eyelid.

The skinny, snarky genius stepped out of line to join his friend's team, high fiving her on the way. He was applauded as he walked.

Tyler looked around and looked at his choices. "Geoff," he said, pointing to the party dude.

"Alright, man!" Geoff exclaimed. When he got up to Tyler, he was applauded and the two jumped up, bumping their chests together.

LeShawna then looked at the left end of the line, as the contestants were lined up in a way that the contestants eliminated first were on the right, and the contestants recently eliminated were on the left. "Gwen," she said, selecting another one of her friends.

"Owen," Tyler said, picking his selection after LeShawna picked her second one. Both Gwen and Owen were greeted with applause as they joined their teams.

With four remaining options, LeShawna thought hard.

(Conf), LeShawna: I wanna win a million dollars. For that, I need a team that'll help me win.

"Duncan," she said, pulling him out of the pool of team members.

"You've made a good choice," Duncan said, walking up to the finalist.

"Still cocky as ever, I see," LeShawna chuckled.

There were three choices left. Heather, Izzy and Courtney. The camera zoomed in on Izzy. "Heather," Tyler said, after much thought. The camera then went over to Heather, who looked shocked.

"Seriously?" Heather asked. "Me?"

"Why her?" Izzy asked, who was just as shocked.

"Well, Izzy," Tyler said as he began to explain, "I would have picked you, but I want to win, and with Heather's drive against LeShawna, there's no way I can lose."

The audience 'oohed'. "Well," LeShawna began. "You may have Heather, but you really should have planned ahead. Izzy, I pick you."

Izzy walked over to LeShawna, finalizing her team. Tyler, on the other hand, looked at his only other option. Courtney.

(Conf), Tyler: Two alpha females on one team. I may have made a mistake.

"So then," Chris said, as an annoyed Courtney walked over to Tyler's team. "We have our teams. Now for the challenge. For our reality theme, the final challenge is to make a thirty minute TV show. I want the show to be realistic, nothing that wouldn't happen in the real world. I will judge your videos, and whichever I decide is better will be the winner of Total... Drama... Action!"

The audience went wild with applause after Chris's little introduction to the challenge. "Thank you," Chris said to the audience. "I know. I am beautiful, aren't I?" He then started speaking again. "During filming, you must include all four of these props."

Chef Hatchet then wheeled a large desk onto stage, covered by a blue blanket. He pulled off the blanket, revealing the four props. "A pineapple," Chris began. "A red yoga mat, a rowing machine and this Yin Yang medallion."

"You have six hours to film and edit your film," Chris instructed. "This time starts when you arrive at your filming location. Now then... go!"

Chef blindfolded the contestants who were cheered off, and he lead them all to...

...the two Lame-o-sines outside, one for each team. Once inside the limos, the contestants took off their blindfolds.

The camera went to the inside of LeShawna's team's limo. They all took off their blindfolds. "So then," LeShawna said. "Welcome to Team LeShawna!"

(Conf), LeShawna: Overall, I'm pretty happy with my team. Noah's got technical smarts, Duncan's good with lugging things around, Izzy's packed with creativity, and Gwen's a helpful all-rounder. Tyler's gonna have to bring his A-game if he wants to try and beat me.

The camera then went to the inside of Tyler's team's limo. None of them, not even Geoff and Tyler, or Owen and Tyler, were talking to each other.

(Conf), Tyler: I've pretty much got the wackiest team ever. A bald alpha female, an annoying perfectionist, the happiest comfort-eater alive and the most carefree person ever. Ever! I've gotta pull something out of the hat fast if I want to win.

The limos then stopped. The doors were opened, and the contestants were all dragged out of the limos, still blindfolded. They were all dragged onto a patch of grass.

"Where are we?" Gwen asked, as they all began to take off their blindfolds. They looked around, and realized where they were, with the same confessionals, same cabins, same beaches they had all grown to hate.

(Conf), Heather: We're in Camp Wawanakwa.

"Are you kidding me?" Duncan asked. "We've already spent a summer here."

(Conf), Duncan: There really is no reason for us to be back here. I mean, come on!

Overhead, Chris's helicopter was hovering over the spot where the contestants had been dumped, mysteriously onto the island. There were no bridges connecting them to the mainland, so how did they get there?

"Right then!" Chris began, speaking into a headset that amplified his voice through speakers on the island. "Team Tyler, your base camp is situated by the base of the big cliff you all jumped off of in the very, very first challenge. Well, almost all of you," he began, referencing the fact that Lindsay, DJ and Beth refused to jump off the cliff.

"Team LeShawna, your base camp is situated at the amphitheater," Chris instructed. "At your base camp, you'll find all your equipment and the props you must involve in your shoot. And you six hours begins... now!"

As his helicopter flitted off, the two teams headed off to their base camps. The camera focused on Team LeShawna arriving at the wooden amphitheater that homed last season's talent show. The camera focused on the movie equipment. A director's chair, a handheld video camera, a large film camera, a boom, a clapperboard, several spotlights and a rack of costumes. There was also the table of the four props that had to be shown in the film.

"Okay people," LeShawna said, "let's get moving!" She stood on the amphitheater with her teammates on the ground below her, to grab their attention. "We need to assign positions. Who wants to do what?"

"What do we need?" Gwen asked.

"Well, we need a cameraman, a grip and a gaffer," LeShawna said.

"The grip and the gaffer can be the same person," Duncan suggested. "That way, you've got three people in front of the camera."

"Good idea," LeShawna replied.

"Ooh, ooh!" Izzy exclaimed. "I have an idea!" She stuck her hand and waved it in the air.

"Izzy, spit it out, you don't have to hold your hand up," LeShawna told her.

"Alright then," Izzy said. "LeShawna, since it's a reality show, you can be an on screen director!"

"That's... actually a pretty good idea," Noah said, rubbing his chin.

(Conf), Izzy: You know that whenever you manage to impress Noah with your idea, it's a good one.

Tyler's team at the base of the cliff was already progressing. "Okay," he began, "Heather, you get on camera. Owen, you're the stagehand. Me, Courtney and Geoff will be on camera."

"You're sticking me behind camera?" Heather asked.

"I'd put Courtney behind it, but I need as much positivity as I can," Tyler said.

"Hey!" Heather yelled at Tyler's subtle insult.

"Then why is Owen stagehand?" Geoff asked.

"Yeah, think about it," Courtney began. "If Owen's stagehand, he's gonna have to run around the entire set doing little jobs. Do you really think he'll have the endurance for that?"

"Well, uh--" Tyler stuttered.

"Tyler, this is a potential million dollar decision," Heather said. "I want to beat LeShawna, and in order to do that, you need to win, so don't screw this up!"

"Alright!" Tyler yelled. He breathed heavily for a moment, thinking. "Okay then. Courtney, you're behind camera. Heather, you're the stagehand."

"But I want to be in front of the camera!" Courtney complained.

"I don't really care. Just do what I've told you and do it now!" Tyler yelled.

(Conf), Heather: Ooh, Tyler's really showing his assertiveness. If only he had showed it in the first season, then I wouldn't have had to get rid of him.

"Geoff, I want you to wear the Yin Yang medallion," Tyler said, placing it around the party dude's neck. "Don't know why, it just ticks off one of the boxes. I'll figure out how to put the rest of the props in later, but for now, we need to set the stage up. Come on, let's go!"

(Conf), Chris: Now then, instead of showing you all the painstaking footage of them setting up all the equipment that will surely burn your eyes out, we're just gonna show you a quick montage thanks to the power of editing. After all, we don't want you to burn your eyes out. Then how would you be able to watch the show?

The montage began to play. The first clip showed Geoff and Courtney painting the wooden backdrop of their temporary stage that had been built by the base of the cliff. They were painting it a pastel-like tan colour.

The next showed Izzy and Duncan hanging lights from the amphitheater, whilst Noah was typing on a computer, and Gwen and LeShawna were both painting boards in different shades of brown.

The third showed Courtney picking out costumes for her teammates, and the rest of them laughing at Heather after coming out, wearing a frilly pink dress. After a flash, it showed Heather back in her normal clothes, tearing the pink dress to pieces in a rage.

The fourth then showed Noah printing out copies of scripts from the printer, then handing them to the others.

The fifth in the series of clips showed Courtney wiring up the camera to the monitors, as well as Tyler and Geoff cutting out large squares in the backdrop for windows, and Heather and Geoff carrying a large, comfortable looking, green couch onto the stage, with green and white striped pillows.

The penultimate clip showing LeShawna's team involved the team getting all the cameras in position, with Gwen being in front of the camera to test how all the cameras were angled.

The final clip showing Tyler's team had Courtney behind the camera, with Heather close by to her, and Tyler, Owen and Geoff all on stage. Geoff was sitting on the couch, and Tyler and Owen were behind a closed door and wall that was used to divide the stage in two, however, the side that Tyler and Owen were on was much smaller.

Finally, the last clip of the montage showed LeShawna's team. Noah was behind the camera, and Gwen was holding a boom over the stage, where LeShawna was standing behind what looked like a bar in a pub-themed stage, and Duncan and Izzy were sitting by a circular table that had a glass vase on with a rose. Around Izzy's neck was the Yin Yang medallion, and on a cutting board on the bar was the pineapple. Two of the four items used, two more to go.

The montage had ended, and went straight in on LeShawna's team. "So," LeShawna began. "We've got this all set out, right?"

Duncan and Izzy were holding their scripts, and both nodded. "Me and Duncan are on a first date," Izzy began, explaining what was happening on set. "Duncan is a rowing champion, and I'm a yoga instructor."

"And then we both end up asking you for help," Duncan finished off. "Making you some sort of--"

"--bar tender love doctor," LeShawna said, finishing off his sentence. "Which is why the show is called 'Cocktail of Love'!"

(Conf), LeShawna: I'm telling ya, unless Tyler stumbles upon a hidden genie, there's no way he's winning. And even still, he'd probably just waste his wish on asking to replace Courtney with Lindsay, or something like that.

The camera panned in on Heather, with the background behind her, slightly blurred, showing the three boys moving about on the stage, with Courtney recording it. Heather tapped her chin with her first finger on her right hand.

(Conf), Heather: I'm on Tyler's team, and as long as Tyler wins, I still beat LeShawna. And just in case Tyler's still an idiot, a little sabotage never hurt anyone. Well, it'll hurt LeShawna. *chuckles*

Heather walked up to Courtney, who was wearing a headset, who was focusing on recording the current scene. "Courtney," Heather began, whispering in her ear. "Cover for me. I've got a plan."

"A plan?" Courtney asked.

"Let's just say, things are about to get difficult for that fat, ghetto girl," Heather chuckled.

(Conf), Heather: Never mess with a bald girl's wig.

Heather made her way to the backstage of the amphitheater. She pulled away the red curtain at the edge and saw LeShawna, Duncan and Izzy acting onstage. She put the curtain back in place, then climbed up the ladder to where all the lights were above stage.

The camera then moved to Heather on the boards at the very top of the stage, where all the spotlights were hung. She pulled something out of her pocket: nail scissors.

On her hands and knees, she crawled across the planks, over to where one of the spotlights was tied. "This should be fun," Heather said to herself, and she snipped one of the thin ropes that kept the spotlights up.

Back on stage, as the three were performing, a quiet whistle was heard, that soon grew louder. Izzy looked up, gasped and pointed. "Incoming!" she yelled. Duncan and LeShawna looked up, and all three threw themselves out of the way, as the spotlight crashed onto the wooden planks of the stage, and caused two of them to break.

"What the heck was that?" LeShawna asked.

"Wasn't it obvious what it was?" Duncan sarcastically answered. More whistles were heard, and four more spotlights came crashing down, forcing the three to frantically jump out of the way.

"What's causing all of this?" Noah asked.

"I'll go check," Gwen said, running backstage and she began to climb the ladder.

Heather looked down and saw that Gwen was climbing the ladder. "Dang it!" she said, making sure to use a stage whisper so she could at least hear herself. "I can hide in the shadows so they can't see me down her, but I can't hide from Gwen up here."

The camera went ahead to show Gwen on the top of the planks, with a flashlight in her hands. She used one of the dangling hooks by the ladder and hooked it onto her trousers to protect her from falling. She had a flashlight and shone it through the shadows, but saw nothing. She walked across a plank, and the camera went down to see that Heather had hidden herself on the underside of the plank, only her fingertips holding up on the topside. "Hooks, why didn't I see those stupid hooks?" she whispered to herself. "Gwen, leave."

Back on Tyler's set, Tyler and Owen were waiting for Geoff to return from getting them lunch. "Why is Heather not doing it?" Tyler asked. "She's the stagehand. Plus, it would have given us more time to act."

"Tyler, I'm telling you," Courtney said, using the computer to edit whatever scenes had already been recorded. "She has a plan, and right now, you need a plan. Let's be honest, it's gonna be hard for you to win if you're just using a show about three college boys living together."

"We're party brothers!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Oh, so is that why the show is called 'Party Brothers'?" Owen asked.

"Did you really just get that?" Courtney asked. "You're stupider than I thought."

"Hey!" Owen replied, insulted.

"Ignore her, Owen," Tyler told his buddy. "She's just angry because she lost because of a tortoise."

The camera focuses on Courtney's face when Tyler said that last bit. It sort of... scrunched up.

(Conf), Courtney: That. Stupid. Tortoise! *lunges at the camera, which goes to static*

"Dudes! I'm back!" Geoff's voice called. He came out from backstage, holding a tray of sandwiches. The other three grabbed one each, and Geoff grabbed the fourth, putting the tray down on the same table as the computer. "When's Heather getting back?"

"She better get back soon," Courtney said, eating her lunch whilst working on the computer. "We need more scenes, and before we know it, out time limit will be up."

The camera then showed Heather, still on the underside of the planks, sweating. Gwen still hadn't left, and Heather's fingers were beginning to ache. She was losing her grip. "Never in my life have I wanted Gwen to leave more," Heather whispered, her voice a struggle.

Then, a voice came down from below. "Gwen! Come down! We've got an alternative!" LeShawna yelled.

"Got it!" Gwen yelled back. She then left, giving Heather just enough time to crawl back up, her entire body shaking.

(Conf), Heather: I've been attached to Duncan with a parachute, had my hair eaten off by piranhas, been threatened to more piranhas, but never have I been so afraid of anything. Actually, no, being attached to Duncan was more scary. I don't want to be infected with that.

The timer showed that three and a half hours had already passed, meaning there were two and a half hours left. The camera then went in on Tyler's set, with Heather running in, panting.

"Where have you been?" Tyler asked, slightly peeved off.

"Ew," Courtney said. "You're sweatier than Owen's back on a hot day."

"Why are you involving me in your analogies?" Owen complained.

"Because I am," Courtney replied. "Deal with it."

(Conf), Owen: I really can't wait for this to be over with, so I don't have to deal with Courtney's constant meanness to be over. Is meanness a word? I think it is.

"So," Courtney began, tapping the keys on her team's computer. "I think I've pretty much gotten everything set up and trimmed. I've just gotta put it all together."

"That's great!" Geoff exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

"However, I've gone through all the footage, and noticed that we forgot to put the yoga mat in," Courtney said. "You won't win without it."

"Well, we can just reshoot a scene and put the mat in," Tyler instructed.

"Got it," Courtney replied. "I'll set up the camera again. You three go back on stage, and Heather..." she said, looking at the bald girl. "Be useful." The four walked off, and Courtney spoke under her breath. "For once."

The timer appeared again, revealing that one hour and forty five minutes were... forty four minutes were left. It then panned down to LeShawna's set. "Okay people!" she said on stage, clapping. "We're losing daylight. Status report."

"Most of the footage is edited, and we've still got some scenes to shoot," Noah reported.

"Nothing else weird has happened since the spotlight incident," Gwen said.

"All the props have been involved in the footage so far," Duncan said.

"And neither me or Duncan have had to kiss! So thank you scriptwriters!" Izzy exclaimed, jumping in the air.

"Yeesh," Duncan said, responding to her reaction. "Ya know, kissing me wouldn't be the worst thing in the world."

"I know," Izzy responded.

(Conf), Izzy: The worst thing in the world is being covered in alien slime, with all your limbs cut off, and then a giant queen ant comes up and kills you right then and there! But after that, kissing Duncan is a close second. I'm just kidding. *chuckles* But seriously, yeah.

"Um, have the two of them read the end of the script?" Noah whispered to LeShawna.

"The end of the script?" Duncan asked.

"What do you mea--" Izzy began as the two of them flipped to the back of the script, and their eyes widened.

(Conf), Duncan: We--

(Conf), Izzy: --have to--

(Conf), Owen: Kiss! Wait, why did I say that? I have no idea.

"There is no way I'm kissing Izzy!" Duncan yelled.

"And I don't want to kiss Duncan! He's not even on the top five of guys in this camp I'd kiss?" Izzy exclaimed.

"Who's number one?" LeShawna asked inquisitively.

"Do you really wanna pull on that thread?" Izzy asked, her voice with extra temper.

(Conf), LeShawna: I didn't want to say it in front of her face, but, yeah!

"How about we make a compromise?" Noah said. "We can put the kiss at the end, but instead of them actually kissing, we cut it off when they're about to with the credits."

"Hey, finally a good idea, bookworm," Duncan teased.

"It must be your first experience of one," Noah fired back.

(Conf), Duncan: I'm proud to say that some of my sarcastic flare has finally rubbed off on Noah. I'd cry, but crying's for wusses. I'm talking to you, *points at camera* Harold.

One and a half hours left. The winner would soon be crowned. "Alright," Noah said at the computer. "All but one scene left to shoot. The kiss."

"The almost kiss!" Izzy yelled. "The definitely not kiss. The kiss that doesn't happen between me and him!"

(Conf), Gwen: Anyone would think that it's Courtney, but no! It's Izzy!

Duncan and Izzy sat around the table. There was no speaking in this scene. Only a kiss and some romantic music that would be added during editing. "Let's just get this over with," Duncan said.

"Quiet on set!" LeShawna yelled. "And... action!"

Duncan and Izzy looked at each other, trying to stay in character. Then, as the candle between them flickered, they leaned in. They puckered their lips and leaned in further before...

"Cut!" LeShawna yelled.

The dramatic noise startled both the actors, and they ended up accidently kissing. Duncan and Izzy then retracted, both screaming. "Oh. My. Cartwheel!" Izzy yelled. She then began to cartwheel on the stage.

(Conf), Izzy: I cartwheel to relieve stress, and after that, I'm gonna be cartwheeling all day. *shivers*

(Conf), Duncan: If I didn't need my face, I'd be filing my lips off. *shivers*

Noah and LeShawna were behind the computer, replaying the footage. "If it wasn't for their reaction, we could totally play the kiss," Noah said.

Izzy came from behind them and shut the computer lid. "Stop playing that footage or I will asylum you!" Izzy yelled, pointing at Noah.

Noah was confused. "You'll... asylum me?" Noah asked.

"I don't know how I'll do it," said Izzy, "but I will asylum you!"

(Conf), Noah: This is gonna sound crazy, but I actually believe she'll *starts air quotes* asylum *ends air quotes* me.

The night was coming. The time had flew, and there was only half an hour left. Both the teams had finished shooting their show, and were now finishing up the editing. "This better win me a million dollars," Tyler said, biting his nails.

"Don't worry," Heather said. "You've got me on your team. And I'm a winner."

"Says the one who's never actually won a season in this game," Courtney muttered as she tapped away on the computer.

"Hang on," Geoff said. "Let me see that computer screen." He grabbed the screen, much to Courtney's shock, and gasped. "You're reading blogs!"

Courtney snatched the computer back. "Hey!" she exclaimed. "I've already finished the editing. Lay off me!"

"You've already finished?" Owen said, shocked. "Then you should be using that time to do something productive!"

"Like what, sing campfire songs?" she sarcastically asked. "There's nothing left to do."

"Yeah," Heather said. "Since there's nothing left to do, go get us dinner."

"You're the stagehand," Courtney told her.

"All those in favour of having Courtney get us dinner, say aye," Heather said. Instantly, the four members of the team, besides Courtney, said, 'aye'.

(Conf), Courtney: This is just typical. Getting one person to do all the work. The camerawork, the editing, and now, dinner! Honestly, there's just some people you wouldn't mind getting run over.

Ten minutes left. Back at LeShawna's set, Noah was sitting at the computer, editing the footage, whilst the other four members of the team stood around him, watching him. Duncan and Izzy were trying to stand as far away from each other as possible.

"Are you done yet?" Izzy asked.

"No, Izzy," Noah replied.

A few seconds passed. "Are you done now?" she asked.

"No, Izzy. I won't have finished in a matter of seconds," Noah responded.

A few more seconds passed. Izzy began to whistle, which began to irritate the other four. LeShawna shot her a look that seemed to say: 'stop it, stop it now', which caused Izzy to roll her eyes and stop the whistling.

"Are you done now?" Izzy asked again.

"Yes, Izzy," Noah said in a cool, calm voice.

"Really?" she asked, shocked.

"No!" he yelled at her.

(Conf), Noah: Has Izzy always been this annoying. I mean, she was on my team last season, but I've never really noticed how irritating she can be!

(Conf), Izzy: *doing a handstand with her head cut off from the camera* Ya know, it sometimes feels like people don't like me. You ever get that-- Hey! I'm doing a handstand! I didn't even realized that. I just thought the world was the wrong way round!

Five minutes left. Courtney, reluctantly, had brought them all a plate of sandwiches. She returned with a plate in her hands to find Owen tapping on the computer. "Woah, woah, woah!" Courtney exclaimed, dropping the plate.

"Nooooo!" Owen yelled when he saw the plate drop. It clattered on the floor, spilling bread and filling on the floor. He dashed to the sandwiches. "No! Sandwiches! You were so young! And a waste of food!" He began to slowly sob, then ate some of the sandwiches on the floor. "Oh, actually, these are still edible. Never mind."

Courtney rushed over to the computer. "Owen, what are you doing!" she yelled. Tyler, Geoff and Heather rushed over to her.

"What does it look like?" he replied with a full mouth. "I'm checking my email."

"Owen," Courtney began. "You just overwrote the editing software! I hadn't saved the program yet!"

"Human speech, Courtney. Human speech," Heather said, who obviously had no idea what any of that meant.

"It means that I hadn't saved the footage, which means no video, which means no million dollars!" Courtney yelled.

"You don't get the money, Courtney. I do," Tyler told her. His eyes then widened. "What!" He turned to Owen. "Owen, you dummy!"

"Language!" Owen fired back.

Tyler's eyes widened. "I will kill you," he said.

Geoff clutched at his hat. "Dudes, what are we gonna do?" Geoff asked.

"You lot are gonna shut up whilst I work my magic on this computer to recover the footage," Courtney said, cracking her fingers.

"Everyone, for once in your life, listen to Courtney!" Geoff yelled.

Courtney glared at Geoff. "Shut up, surfer dork," Courtney said. "Don't you have some making up to do with a certain blonde haired girl with a name that rhymes with midget. Although, that's probably not the best way to put it."

"Don't remind me!" Geoff yelled.

(Conf), Geoff: *holding his cowboy hat in his hands* Truth be told, I've never met a girl just as amazing as Bridgette. But then, calamity. I blame Chris. But I really want Bridgette back. I have to prove my love! And I have no idea why that stupid electric chair shocked me when it said that I loved that makeup girl more than Bridgette! No idea! Yet again, I blame Chris.

Three minutes left. Noah and LeShawna were walking, and bumped into each other behind the amphitheater. "Oh, hey!" Noah exclaimed.

"Wassup, scrawny white boy!" LeShawna exclaimed. "We haven't had a chance to properly talk since you got eliminated."

"Yeah, I know," he said, scratching the back of his head. "So..."

"So?" LeShawna asked. "What's the matter?"

"I'm just wondering..." Noah began. "Where are we? We're good, right?"

"Of course we're good," LeShawna said. "Why wouldn't we be?"

"Well..." Noah trailed off.

"Oh no, it's not because of that stupid kiss I planted on your cheek when you left, is it?" LeShawna asked. "It was just a peck on the cheek! A friendly..."

"I know," Noah said. "I was just wondering."

(Conf), Noah: To be honest, I've been nervous ever since that one-sided kiss. I don't want it to be a big deal, but... well, I'm on a show called Total Drama, aren't I? I just don't want to upset LeShawna, and I don't know what to say to her. *looks at the camera* Who will be watching this when she gets back home. *facepalms*

One minute left. Courtney was still tapping on the computer, trying to recover the files. "Hurry up, Courtney!" Tyler yelled.

"Shut it, headband!" she yelled. "If I wasn't such a nice person, I wouldn't be doing this.

(Conf), Tyler: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Geoff: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Owen: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Heather: *laughs uncontrollably*

(Conf), Courtney: *laughs uncontrollably* Ah, I'm such a nice person. Not to them, obviously. *laughs uncontrollably*

Thirty seconds left. The tension was unbearable. Owen was profusely sweating. Geoff was walking back and forth, pacing himself. Tyler was biting his nails off. Heather was simply filing her nails.

"Come on, Courtney," she muttered to herself. "Come on!"

The seconds began counting down, and everyone was feeling the pressure. The nerves were getting to them.

The timer was counting down from ten seconds. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three.

"Done!" she exclaimed. She hit enter, saving the footage.


A loud, potentially deafening klaxon rang through the island, and the computers were automatically switched off. "Time's up, campers!" Chris cackled through the PA system. "Everyone meet back at the beach. We're heading back to the Aftermath studio to crown the winner of Total... Drama... Action!"

The episode then went to the two teams back at the Aftermath studio. Tyler and LeShawna were sitting next to Chris on the main couch. Their teams were sitting in their respective peanut galleries. Bridgette, DJ, Lindsay and Trent were sitting on one set of couches, and those who didn't make it to the second season were on the opposite set of couches. The audience roared in cheers and applause.

"So!" Chris exclaimed. "The time has come. Soon enough, we will crown the winner of this season of Total Drama. Now then, because of 'time problems' those watching at home will only see a montage. Now then, let's go!"

A TV monitor was rolled onto the stage. The first episode to be played was LeShawna's, with a catchy theme tune that showed the show's title: 'Cocktail of Love'.

Tyler and LeShawna had joined their peanut galleries so Chris could tally up his notes.

The camera then went in to show a montage of LeShawna's episode. It showed Duncan and Izzy sitting on a table with a candle inbetween them. "So, uh..." Duncan began.

"This is..." Izzy began. "So, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a rowing champion," Duncan told her. It then went to a flashback, showing Duncan wearing a green headband, rowing on a rowing machine. "I'm pretty good."

"Ooh, I like a man with a bit of brawn," Izzy flirted.

Courtney, in the peanut gallery, glared at the two onscreen actors in person.

(Conf), Izzy: *makes gagging motion*

"What about you?" Duncan asked.

"Yoga instructor," she replied. It then went to a flashback showing Izzy on a yoga mat, doing the downward dog position.

The episode flashed, and the montage changed to show Izzy by the bar. LeShawna was drying a bear glass. "Hun, what are you doing?" LeShawna asked.

"What do you mean?" Izzy asked.

"Him," LeShawna said, pointing to Duncan. "You're dying out there! You need my help."

(Conf), LeShawna: Gotta say, I'm pretty proud of that performance.

The footage then went to LeShawna, who had a plate of spaghetti Bolognese in her hand. She placed the plate down on their table. "Uh, we didn't ask for--" Duncan began.

"It's on me," LeShawna said. "Enjoy."

As she left, Duncan and Izzy looked each other in the eye and smiled. Then, they began to tuck in to the meal. The camera zoomed in on them eating the spaghetti, and they each had the same strand of spaghetti in their mouths. They saw this, and cut the spaghetti by biting at it, sending the strand falling, which caused LeShawna to facepalm.

The next scene of the montage showed a bunch of violin players playing in front of Duncan and Izzy. They looked at LeShawna, who was simply whistling.

(Conf), Courtney: Honestly. This *starts air quotes* video *ends air quotes* is really winding me up. Not just cos I'm jealous of Duncan. Why would I? I'm not jealous. Seriously. I'm not!

The last scene of the 'Cocktail of Love' video montage showed Duncan and Izzy holding hands over the table. "So..." Duncan began.

"I've had a lovely time," Izzy said.

"Me too," Duncan replied. "We should--"

"--do this again," Izzy said, finishing off his sentence.

LeShawna looked at the two, proud of her work. The camera then zoomed in on the two, who were about to kiss. They leaned in and... a black screen came up, with the end wrote on in white. It then had a question mark, with a heart of the bottom. The video ended, and the audience applauded.

"Well done, LeShawna!" a Scottish sounding woman said.

"Win it for us LeShawna fans!" another man called out.

(Conf), LeShawna: I can't believe I've got so many fans!

"Well," Chris began. "Impressive."

"Is that all?" LeShawna asked.

"Yes," Chris said. "Next!"

The monitor turned on, showing the start of Tyler's episode. The intro was a simple surfboard with the words: 'Party Brothers' on it. Chris made a note of this.

The episode then started. It started with Tyler cannonballing into a large pool, which was Lake Wawanakwa in reality. Geoff then followed. Both boys resurfaced. "Owen!" Tyler yelled. "Come on!"

Owen then appeared. He was naked, with a censor around his privates. "Woo hoo!" he called out. "Cannonball!" He jumped into the pool, causing a massive splash which sent all three boys flying to the land.

"That. Was," Geoff began.

"Awesome!" all three boys yelled in unison.

(Conf), Geoff: This was like, my perfect challenge ever. Be a party boy!

The next scene showed the three boys in a house set. They were all sitting on a couch. Out of nowhere: "let's have a party!" Tyler exclaimed.

"You read my mind, bro!" Geoff exclaimed.

"Yeah, alright!" Owen added.

In reality, Chris was taking more notes.

(Conf), Chris: This is the fun part about the challenge. I get to judge these people's performances, which will cause them to panic, and I can crush their dreams! Unfortunately, I have to be the person that gives someone a million bucks, but, hey ho. What are you gonna do about it?

The next scene in the montage showed the three boys having a party, with strobe lights, cups and dancing. There were silhouettes in the background that looked like actual people in the lights. "This is the best party ever!" Owen exclaimed, eating a slice of pizza.

"Ain't that the truth!" Geoff exclaimed.

The final scene in the montage showed the party ending. "This was a great party, you guys," Heather said in a cameo, in a tired voice. She left and the door closed behind her.

Tyler went over to the couch and collapsed in a tired state. "Guys," Tyler said. "I'm almost partied out."

Geoff and Owen gasped. "I said almost," Tyler said.

"Guys," Geoff said, looking up. "I never want to stop partying."

"Neither do I," Owen said.

"Neither do I," Tyler added. And the footage faded to darkness.

More applause was given when the video stopped.

"Go on, Tyler!" a fan exclaimed.

"You can win!" a female one exclaimed.

Chris finished up writing his notes. "Okay then," Chris said. "I've seen everything that I need to see. And no rules were broken, meaning you both have a chance. I just need to have a word with Chef. But for now... into the booths."

There were two booths. They were plain, and a little bit tall. They had a door on the front, and both went into their own, separate booth.

Chris returned from backstage, and Chef came out as well. "So then," Chris said. "I will now hand you two keys. You are to not use the keys until my say so." He walked over to the booths, and in each booth door, there was a slit. He passed a key through each.

He then walked back to a large lever on the stage. He pulled the lever, which caused a mechanical sound to be heard. It was actually the sound of the two finalists being pushed up in their thrones, which were attached to the rising floor of the booth. Both the finalists were in thrones.

"Wow, fancy," LeShawna said.

"Fancy for a king," Tyler said.

"Go on, Tyrone!" Lindsay cheered from the sidelines, clapping.

"It's Tyler, babe," Tyler called back.

"Now then," Chris said. "It's time to put the keys into action. As you'll see, in the throne's armrests, there is a keyhole. Insert the key in there and twist. The key will cause the loser's throne to fall, and the winner to stay up. So whoever stays up will be the winner of Total... Drama... Action!"

Upon the 'magic words', the audience roared in applause. "So then," Chris said. "Put the keys in the keyhole. Twist, and let's see what happens."

Dramatic music played, and the two put the keys in the hole, and twisted. The dramatic music grew louder. "And the winner of Total Drama Action is..." Chris began.

The dramatic music grew. Both were waiting for the decision to be made.
































One of the thrones clicked. It was sent falling down. It was LeShawna's.

"And Tyler is the winner of Total Drama Action!" Chris announced. Confetti poured down from the ceiling, and the audience went wild.

His throne lowered down, and both booth doors opened up. Tyler's peanut gallery rushed over to congratulate him, whilst LeShawna's consoled her.

"In your face, LeShawna!" cackled Heather.

"Oh, up yours," LeShawna called back.

"Go on, Tyler! Go on, Tyler!" the audience chanted, as Tyler's team rose him into the air.

"Tyler," Chris began. "The reason I chose yours is because I believed your video was a much more relaxed attempt. You were able to go with the flow, and although I'm not saying you're as good as this," he said, pointing to himself, "you were pretty good."

Chef walked on stage, and was holding a briefcase full of money. "Tyler, here's your prize!" Chris announced. "One. Million. Dollars!"

Tyler clutched at the case, then ran over to Lindsay, smacking a huge kiss on her lips. "This is for us, babe!" he exclaimed.

As all the commotion went on in the background, Chris went out to address the viewers and the audience. "And so, that's it!" Chris announced. "Tyler has won, and the competition is over. Although, you never know what may happen. So, to all of you, thank you for watching Total... Drama... Action!"

Alternate Ending

Note: Replace this ending with the ending in the lines.

One of the thrones clicked. It was sent falling down. It was Tyler's.

"And LeShawna is the winner of Total Drama Action!" Chris announced. Confetti poured down from the ceiling, and the audience went wild.

Her throne lowered down, and both booth doors opened up. LeShawna's peanut gallery rushed over to congratulate her, whilst Tyler's consoled him.

"Well done, LeShawna!" Gwen exclaimed. Her and Noah hugged LeShawna.

"In your face, jockstrap!" Duncan yelled, pointing at Tyler.

"Duncan!" LeShawna said. "I've already won. Don't anger him."

"Says the loudmouth," Heather jeered.

"Oh, up yours!" LeShawna called back.

"Go on, LeShawna! Go on, LeShawna!" the audience chanted, as LeShawna's team rose her into the air.

"LeShawna," Chris began. "The reason I picked yours was because of the effort I saw you put into this. All of you! As much as I like crushing your spirits, respect is due where respect is earned. For the meantime. Congratulations."

Chef walked on stage, and was holding a briefcase full of money. "LeShawna, here's your prize!" Chris announced. "One. Million. Dollars!"

LeShawna grabbed the suitcase, whilst still in the air. "Dinner party on me for everyone!" she exclaimed. "And because I'm feeling nice, even you Heather." Everyone cheered to her response.

As all the commotion went on in the background, Chris went out to address the viewers and the audience. "And so, that's it!" Chris announced. "LeShawna has won, and the competition is over. Although, you never know what may happen. So, to all of you, thank you for watching Total... Drama... Action!"

Chapter XXVII: Celebrity Manhunt: Total Drama Reunion

A catchy theme tune began to play, and the episode opened up with a scene of a satellite in space, pointing down at Earth. Then, it went to a scene with a tall, Caucasian man getting into a limo. However, as the door closed, he got his foot trapped in the door. The scene then widened, and a hand with a camera came out of a nearby suitcase and snapped a photo of the incident.

The next scene saw the episode go to a restaurant, where a boy and a girl were having dinner. The girl took a bite out of her meal, then clutched at her throat, began to gag and collapse. Similar to the last scene, a hand came out from under a nearby table to take a photo of the situation.

The next of these scenes took place at an airport. A first class jet had arrived, and the doors opened. As a blonde haired, female celebrity walked out, a swarm of paparazzi came herding at her. Out of the paparazzi, a tentacle and a bear hand with a camera in them both came out to take multiple pictures.

The fourth scene showed a film crew being beaten up. They were most likely the ones who were taking the pictures: the paparazzi.

Looking out at the night sky through a window, a tall man, with black borderline grey hair, wearing a tuxedo and red bow tie turned round and smiled at the camera. His name: 'Josh', was spelt out in letters by him.

Sitting behind a studio desk, getting her nails painted royal red, a blonde haired woman, with red hoop earrings and a red dress winked and smiled at the camera. Her name: 'Blaineley', was spelt out in letters above her.

The next scene used a rolling film reel as a transition, and then showed the Celebrity Manhunt logo: a magnifying glass with the glass filled in with purple and a red star. Then, footsteps printed themselves on the logo, as the music began to fade.

The logo then faded to show both Josh and Blaineley sitting behind the studio desk; both hosts looking at the camera. "What's up, celebrity lovers!" Josh exclaimed. "Welcome to this special edition of Celebrity Manhunt!"

"It's everyone's favourite time again: the Gemmie Awards!" Blaineley exclaimed, throwing both arms in the air. "The time when everyone dresses up, and either gets the gold--"

"--Or cry in embarrassment in front of millions of viewers!" Josh finished off.

"Thanks for that, Josh," Blaineley replied.

"You're welcome," Josh answered. "Are you excited?"

"You bet!" the female host replied. "Think about it! The hair!"

"The tuxes!" Josh announced. "The style!"

"The shoes!" Blaineley exclaimed.

"The drama!" both yelled in unison, gathering closer together, as the Total Drama theme tune began to play.

Theme Song

The episode returned to show a limo driving off, with a hairy monkey arm, similar to Sasquatchanakwa, coming out of a nearby bin, and the letters, C and M, standing for Celebrity Manhunt, came next to it.

It then went back to the studio. "Welcome back to Celebrity Manhunt," Blaineley began, "where in the half hour leading up to the Gemmie ceremony, we decided to pay tribute the twenty two brave teens who battled it out on Total Drama Island, and Total Drama Action."

The episode then went to show the entrance of the Gemmie Awards and the red carpet, and as each contestant was announced, their face appeared. "We'll be catching you up on," Josh began, "Owen, Bridgette, DJ, Gwen, Geoff, Katie and Sadie, Ezekiel, Beth, Tyler, Trent, LeShawna, Cody, Heather, Harold, Eva, Courtney, Justin, Lindsay, Duncan, Noah and Izzy, who are all nominated for 'Best Reality TV Ensemble'."

"Also, on a related note," Blaineley said. "Heather is additionally nominated for 'Best Reality TV Villain'. Well done, Heather!"

"And when the cast hit that crimson carpet, be sure that Celebrity Manhunt will drain every single bit of juicy, dramatic goodness out of them," Josh said. "Tasty!"

"Tasty indeed, Josh," Blaineley chuckled. "Tasty indeed. Anyways, even though the on screen drama may have ended, the behind-the-scenes drama defo isn't over. Our camera crews really earned their paychecks. Some of our stories include:"

"Canadian redneck returns to the farm!" Josh exclaimed, as a picture of Ezekiel on a bull in the farm was shown.

"Lindsay and Izzy arrested in Hollywood?" Blaineley gasped, as a picture of mugshots of Izzy and Lindsay were shown.

"The Drama Brothers break up?" Josh gasps, as a picture shows Trent, Justin, Owen and Harold all separated by cracks.

"And even some hilarity," Blaineley laughed, "like Gwen spotting Heather's five ounce weight gain!" It then showed a picture of Gwen laughing and pointing at Heather's slightly protruding stomach. Faint, but visible.

"Ooh, that looks like the verge of a catfight! Catfight!" Josh exclaimed, mimicking the sound of a cat and swiping his hand forwards.

Blaineley looked at him awkwardly.

"And to measure all this drama, we brought, fresh out of retirement, the Drama Machine!" Josh exclaimed, breaking the awkward silence. The camera then moved to the side, to show the Drama Machine. It was a large, bulky robot like machine, with it's eyes as a happy and sad masks. It's arms were rubber tubing with claws attached to the ends of them. It also showed that the Drama Machine was dinged up, and a mechanic, wearing green clothing, with his butt crack showing, had taken off the front and crawled in to try and fix it. A large metallic 'clang' was heard.

"Yep," the mechanic said. "It's broken."

Blaineley and Josh looked at each other. "Never mind," Blaineley said. "Let's move on with our first story. Now then, everyone knows that on the latest season of Total Drama, Total Drama Action, Tyler managed to trump LeShawna and earned his title as the winner."

"But what you don't know is that when the show ended, Tyler took his girlfriend, Lindsay, and her best friend, Izzy, to a romantic vacation in... Hollywood!" Josh announced. "However, things started to go awry when they decided to crash an official movie set. Roll tape!"

A tape rolled, showing Lindsay, Tyler and Izzy popping up from behind a large piano in a set in Hollywood.

"Izzy, are you sure we're allowed to do this?" Tyler asked.

"Totally!" Izzy exclaimed, laughing. "Just as long as we don't get caught!"

"Oh, then that's fine!" Lindsay beamed, nodding.

"I mean, I've always wanted to visit a Hollywood set, but I'm just not sure that we should be--" Tyler began, but then he looked to his side to see that both girls had vanished. "Guys!"

He looked across the set to see both Izzy and Lindsay walking behind a few cages. "Wait up!" Tyler said. He sneaked across the set and passed the cages, as the camera zoomed in on one of the cages to show the label: 'Wild Bears'.

"Hey, these cages look cool!" Izzy said as Tyler caught up to the girls. "I really need to get one of these."

"Oh, I totally know what you mean," Lindsay said. "I've been asking my daddy to buy me this huge, pink dress cabinet, ya know, because I'm running out of space in my other five, but he's not letting me!"

Lindsay's exclaim was a bit too loud. A security guard stopped and looked, and saw the three trespassers. "Hey! You! Stop right there!" the guard yelled.

"It's the Popo! Run!" Izzy yelled. Lindsay and Tyler ran off, whilst Izzy opened the cage door and locked herself in as the guard caught up to her. "Ha! You can't arrest what you can't get!"

Next to Izzy, a tall, growling brown bear stood next to her, growling at her. Izzy looked at the bear, smiled, then looked at the guard. Her body then grew stiff, and she looked at the bear. "Bear!" she yelled. The bear roared at her and swiped, and she managed to avoid.

More security guards were chasing after Lindsay and Tyler. As Tyler kept running, Lindsay slowed down. "Ugh. Too sweaty," Lindsay panted. She leaned on a tree, which was a big mistake. The tree creaked, then began to collapse, as it was a prop. "Oh no!"

On the other side, a director was sitting in his chair. He heard the creek, and looked to his side, to see the falling tree. He screamed in a girlish way, and the camera returned to show Lindsay as she heard a 'thump'. The security guards caught up to her. "Whoops."

The camera then showed Izzy's mug shots. She had scratches on her face, and her hair was a mess. The camera then showed Lindsay's mug shots. It showed her with her hair a mess, and her mascara running.

"Getting arrested really wasn't a good idea," Blaineley said, as the camera returned to the studio. "Tyler had to use all of his winnings to cover both girls' bails, and the director's medical bills!"

"What a holiday that turned out to be!" Josh chuckled. "Sorry, Tyler, but you've gotta admit it. It's funny."

"Oh, and speaking of finalists, did you hear what happened with LeShawna and Noah?" Blaineley asked the viewers.

"LeShawna and Noah went on a holiday to Thailand," Josh said. "And, well..."

"Role tape!" Blaineley exclaimed.

"Noah! Noah!" LeShawna exclaimed on a beach in Thailand. "Where are--" She then heard her phone ring, and answered it. "Noah?"

"We have Noah," a gruff voice said. "And if you want him back, you're gonna have to pay."

"What?!" LeShawna gasped.

"LeShawna, help!" Noah's voice yelled in the background, and the line went dead.

"Noah? Noah!" LeShawna yelled.

"And guess what happened next!" Josh exclaimed as the tape ended.

"LeShawna's family and Noah's family had to scrape up all of their money, which just managed to cover to ransom," Blaineley announced. "Wow, lots of holidays taking a bad turn. Guess I better cancel my holiday to Dubai. But I'm not gonna!"

"So since all these holidays are taking bad turns, let's move on to a different story," Josh said.

"I agree with ya, Josh," Blaineley said. "Let's talk about the couple, or, ex couple that everyone is talking about. Geoff and Bridgette!"

"Now then," Josh said. "Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll definitely have heard of the big break-up story between Geoff and Bridgette. But, in case you have been living under a rock, let's refresh your memory."

Several clips were played of what happened on the last Aftermath show.

"Ooh, perfect topic for the third question," Bridgette chuckled, folding her arms. "Question three: who do you like more? Me or the makeup girl?"

"I am shocked that you would think that I like the makeup girl more than you!" Geoff gasped. "Of course I like you more!"

Everyone expected the electric chair to stay put, but no one was prepared for what was about to happen. The chair shocked Geoff for a third time.

Bridgette had thrown the makeup girl on the stage. "You evil girl! You stupid blonde!" Bridgette yelled, on top of the girl. She pulled at the makeup girl's hair, but then the makeup girl rolled on top of her.

"Don't just come out and attack me!" the make up girl yelled. "I don't even like the guy!" She then grabbed Bridgette's wrist, and the two girls rolled around on stage a little more. It was a classic catfight.

Courtney, Lindsay, Owen and Noah ran over to the two rolling girls and fought to keep them apart. Courtney and Noah managed to grab Bridgette by the arms, and Owen and Lindsay pulled the makeup girl by the waist.

"You two just need to stop the fighting," Noah said. "Bridgette, Geoff isn't worth that."

Bridgette turned round and saw Geoff in the chair. "You're right, Noah," Bridgette said. "He isn't worth that. Geoff! We're through!"

Geoff gasped. "But... but... but babe!" he stuttered.

"I," Bridgette began, "am not your 'babe'! You are nothing to me!"

The episode then zoomed out of the TV to show Blaineley and Josh on their seats with their hands on their faces. "Ultimate gasp!" the two hosts exclaimed.

A poster then spread across the screen, showing a picture of a rivaling Geoff and Bridgette with a huge diagonal cross from the lower left to the upper right separating the two.

"Quick, Blaineley," Josh said, snapping his fingers. "Who's side are you on?"

"Well..." Blaineley began, but was cut off by her co-host.

"No time for that," Josh said. "I'm totally on Team Bridgette! You go, girl! Don't let no man get in your way!"

"No offence, but you totally sound like LeShawna," Blaineley said. "No offence, hun! Totally love ya!" She sat back in her seat. "Anyways, don't judge me folks, but I'm totally on Team Geoff!"

A gasp was heard that came from Josh and the mechanic fixing the Drama Machine.

"What?" Blaineley asked. "He's cute. Okay, that was a joke. Geoff, if you're watching, you're totally too young for me."

"But why side with Geoff?" Josh asked. "He's a jerk!"

"Don't get me wrong, but I actually believe Geoff when he said he loved Bridgette more than that makeup girl. That's just how kind and nice I am," Blaineley said, resting her head on her hands that were supported by her elbows.

"Any of you kids out there, if you're watching at home," Josh said, "that's called 'sarcasm'." His sentence earned him a punch in the arm from Blaineley.

"However," Blaineley said. "Even though Gidgette has broken up, could we be getting a romance from Bridgette and Ezekiel?"

"In order to break away from all the drama, Bridgette decided to pay a visit to former camper, Ezekiel," Josh said. "However, you can't get away from us that easy. Here's some footage we got from Ezekiel's farm."

The TV came down and the next set of footage played. The footage portrayed the camera to be filming from behind a set of bushes. It was focused on Ezekiel, who was wearing a gold chain with a large 'Z' on it, and Bridgette, who was holding a blue suitcase. "So, what made you decide you wanted to stay with the Z-mister?" Ezekiel asked, his voice full of fake swag.

"Okay, I'm not 'staying' with you," Bridgette said. "I just needed some time away from the spotlight, and I decided to see a friend," she said, making sure to emphasise the word 'friend'.

"Well, whatever you say," Ezekiel replied.

The camera then tried to shuffle forwards, but an offscreen, slightly mannish voice was heard. "Hey, you!" the voice said, talking to the cameraman. "Peeping Tom, get away! Leave, or else I'll chase you off with my pitchfork! Ezekiel, get my pitchfork!"

"Uh, yeah ma," Ezekiel said, revealing the voice to be Ezekiel's mother. The camera then turned to static, as the focus then returned to the two co-hosts.

"OMG!" the two exclaimed.

"Could this be the start of something... strange?" Blaineley asked.

"I mean, Ezekiel was a sexist in season one, so how did the two become friends?" Josh asked. "We should have kept an eye on the two of them."

"Yeah," Blaineley agreed. "Oh! Speaking of keeping an eye on people, did you catch those new adverts? Total Drama has joined the world of advertising!"

A clip was played of an advert. It showed Cody walking across a beach, shirtless. The advert was in black and white. He then walked to a table with a large litre bottle. "Walking shirtless on the beach is tiring," Cody said, "which is why I always drink Spride, the only lemonade drink that can quench my thirst." He picked up a glass of Spride and drank it, then winked at the camera. He did this before he ended up tripping over his own feet and fell.

Static played on the screen, before another advert played. It showed DJ, using a set of knifes to cut up vegetables. He then looked at the camera and smiled. "Hi!" DJ exclaimed. "I'm DJ! Winner of the first season of Total Drama! And now, I'm here talking to you about why I use Briessenviess knives. Wow, that's a mouthful. Anyways, these knives are the only ones for me that can cut up my veggies into bite-sized bites." He then put the knife into the cutting board. "So buy Briessenviess!"

The episode went back to Blaineley and Josh. "Looks like some people will do anything to get back on camera," Josh said. "But some people will do even more to stay out of the camera!"

Another clip rolled. The camera was portrayed from being carried by a cameraman, who was recording footage from an interview with Eva. "Hey Eva!" a female interviewer said in a whiny voice, holding a microphone out to her. "What do you think of the winner of Total Drama Action?"

"How do you feel about Tyler winning?" a male interviewer asked.

"What's your favourite number! We want to know everything!" another interviewer screamed.

With all the piling questions, it was only expected of what was going to happen. "Stop crowding me!" Eva yelled. She grabbed the female interviewer's microphone and broke it in half. "And get that stupid camera out of my face!" She pulled her fist back and smashed the camera screen, resulting in static.

"Yowza!" Josh exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air once the clip ended.

"Can you believe the reaction?" Blaineley asked.

"Well, Blaineley," Josh said. "Let's be fair. Eva's never been the quiet, calm type, now has she?"

"I gotta agree with you," Blaineley replied. "And that's shocking. I mean--"

"Ooh, hold it their, Blaineley!" Josh exclaimed, putting his finger to his ear. "I'm getting word that a special someone has just arrived on the red carpet! Let's go to our live footage!"

The episode changed to show a limousine driving up to the red carpet, and a man in a blue tuxedo and a taller man wearing a black tuxedo and a top hat in exchange with a Chef's hat came out. "It's Chef Hatchet and everyone's favourite sadistic host, Chris McLean!" Josh announced. "Let's get a word!"

The camera was pointed at the two, who were waving at the paparazzi. "Hey, you two!" Blaineley said.

Chris and Chef then noticed the camera. "Oh, hey!" Chris exclaimed. "Blaineley, Josh! Looking good!"

"So, you guys are nominated for the category of 'Best Co-hosts'!" Josh announced.

"Co-hosts?" Chris asked. "I don't remember anyone else hosting Total Drama."

"Well obviously, old age is getting to your memory," Chef chuckled.

"Who you calling old?" Chris asked.

"Okay!" Blaineley said, breaking up the argument. "This seems like the perfect time to go to commercial. Keep watching."

"Woah, woah, woah! Is that your way of making your commercial sign off?" Chris asked. "Let me show you how a real host signs off. Will Ezekiel and Bridgette evolve from friendship to relationship? What will happen when the Drama Brothers make their way to the red carpet? And who will win the award for 'Best Reality Ensemble', and more importantly, 'Best Co-hosts'? Find out on the next part of Celebrity Manhunt: Total... Drama... Reunion! See? That's how you sign off a show."

The episode returned with the theme music and the logo. It then faded to Blaineley and Josh. "And we're back," Blaineley said.

"With more Total Drama gossip to unload," Josh said. "So let's crack straight on with our next story."

"The Duncney love triangle!" the two squealed.

"As we all know, Courtney and Duncan broke up on the set of Total Drama Action," Blaineley said. "But what you don't know is that this feud broke out when the curtains closed!"

A picture of Duncan and Courtney at a press conference was shown. "Both sides were fighting for their pet raccoon, Brittany," Josh said. "When they were together, they adopted Brittany when she was just a stray raccoon. However, with that adoption being held with joint custody, the recently split couple are both fighting for full custody."

Footage from a press conference was played. It was from the same press conference as the earlier picture. "Until this snot-brained, pig-headed, juvie-reeking--" Courtney began.

"Talking about yourself now, princess?" Duncan chuckled, his feet on the table on his side of the conference.

A look of anger flooded on Courtney's face. "You see?" she exclaimed, pointing at Duncan. "This is exactly what I mean? How can my precious Brittany be forced to live with this shmuck? He can barely take care of himself!"

"If I may have a turn at verbally thrashing the other?" Duncan replied in his cheesy way. He got up to the main podium as Courtney stood down. "Who wants to live with a boring, almost lifeless fuddy-duddy?" he asked. "Not me, and certainly not Brit. So why should she have to? I want my raccoon!"

He threw his arm in the air and walked off. A medium sized, rounded man got up to the podium. "We will now take questions from the audience," he said. "And we apparently only have one, so we got the special podium out."

Up to the podium came a cloaked figure with a shadow casting over most of their body. However, a few small strands of purple hair could be seen from the cloak. The figure cleared their throat, the sound of garble indicating their voice was under a modifier. "I have asked for special permission to use this cloak and voice modifier to keep my anonymity. Duncan, I have a question for you," the figure asked. "Now that you have broken up with Courtney, will you be going back to Gwen?"

"What?" the broken up couple exclaimed, standing up in a flash.

"So I was right! You were going out with Gwen! You cheat!" Courtney yelled. She was about to charge at him, but one of the bodyguards restrained her.

"Hang on, never did I go out with Gwen! You know what? I don't need to respond to this. No comment!" Duncan yelled.

The footage then went dead.

The camera then showed Blaineley and Josh, with their mouths wide open. "O. M. G!" the two said in unison.

"That press conference could have blown this thing wide open!" Josh exclaimed. "I can't even handle all these emotions going through me right now!"

"Well, if we can't do that, there's one thing that can. The Drama Machine!" Blaineley exclaimed.

The camera moved over to see the Drama Machine, still being repaired. "That's not gonna happen any time soon," the mechanic said, rubbing his hands with a rag to remove the oil to his best ability.

"Ugh, lousy budget. Can't afford quality mechanics," Blaineley muttered. This resulted in a wrench being thrown that just missed her head.

The mechanic rubbed his hands together, muttering inaudible curses under his breath.

"Anyways, let's move from Duncan and Courtney," Josh said, who had silently witnessed the whole thing, as a picture of Duncan and Courtney appeared with an effect of torn paper down the middle. "To Duncan, Courtney and... Gwen!" Gwen then joined the picture, with Duncan acting as a border between the two girls, the torn paper effect between all three.

"Several fans of Total Drama Action shipped 'Gwuncan' before, after, and even during the relationship of 'Duncney'!" Blaineley revealed. "But one person who has been very 'anti-Gwuncan' is the girl herself, Gwen!"

"She's been using her vlog as a way to express herself, but in the recent weeks, she's been dedicating it as an anti-Gwuncan zone," Josh said. "And if you don't believe me, take a look at this!"

Footage was played of one of Gwen's vlogs. It showed Gwen sitting down at her desk, speaking to the camera, with Katie and Sadie in the background, looking at each other. "Hey there, guys." Gwen said. "I'm here again with another blog. About what you may ask? Well, the incessant people who keep pestering me about a certain green-mowhawk delinquent will certainly know. How I'm not attracted to Duncan!"

"Ugh, I totally know how you feel," Sadie said. "Duncan's a total jerk."

"I know!" Katie exclaimed. "He's so rude! And everyone know that his ratio of green to black hair colour is so wrong."

"Um, guys, we're not here to chip away at--" Gwen began.

"And he smells so bad!" Katie pointed out.

"It's like rat poo! But it's worse!" Sadie said.

"How do you know what rat poo smells like?" Katie asked.

"Don't you remember that summer where we worked as junior interns for that pest control company?" Sadie wondered.

"Oh, right! We only lasted a day, and came out smelling like skunk spray!" Katie chuckled.

"That's because we got sprayed by a skunk," Sadie said.

As the conversation went on between the girls, Gwen rolled her eyes and covered her head with her arms. "Why did LeShawna bail on me?" Gwen moaned.

The footage ended. "Well, I think we know the answer to that, and I don't think we need a reminder," Josh chuckled, making a reference back to earlier in the episode.

"But apart from the video, Gwen's got tons more, explaining why she and Duncan are, and I quote: 'not, never will and are not going to go out.'" Blaineley said. "Well, you know what they say. Never say never!"

"Oh, that's foreshadowing if ever!" Josh exclaimed.

"Foreshadowing it may be, Josh. Foreshadowing it may be," Blaineley said.

A picture of Gwen, Duncan, and Courtney was shown on screen, with the same torn paper effects between the characters. "And if you thought that this story was already juicy, well, you ain't seen nothing yet," Blaineley said.

"Not two, not three, but four Total Drama regulars are involved in this storyline! And can you guess who number four is? I'll give you a hint. Heather," Josh said.

Heather was then added to the picture between torn paper lines.

"Heather also had a vlog before going on to Total Drama," Josh revealed. "But now check out what content's been on it after the whole Duncan-Courtney fiasco."

Footage was revealed of one of Heather's vlogs. It showed her with a new hairstyle made out of the recently grown hair from her formerly bald head. This resulted in her having a short ponytail tied behind her head. "Hey, guys!" Heather exclaimed. "I would like to reveal that this vlog will now be the number one place to for all you Gwuncan shippers! This vlog will go over why Gwen and Duncan should and have been together before, as well as art and your own opinions! Check out this piece of fan art sent in!"

Heather pulled out a piece of paper that showed mini drawings of Gwen and Duncan in a heart. "How cute is this!" Heather cooed. "And how realistic!"

The episode then returned to the two co-hosts. "Oh the hilarity!" Josh chuckled. "And check out Gwen's retaliation!"

One of Gwen's vlogs then played. "Hey guys," Gwen said, with a look of annoyance on her face. "So, as many of you have commented, Heather has released a video explaining how much of a 'Gwuncan' shipper she is. Well, if she's gonna be a Gwuncan shipper, I'm gonna be a 'Perceather' shipper, for Percy and Heather. Who is Percy you may ask? Heather and her little brother's cat, and this is what her little brother sent me when Heather cut off the head of his favourite action figure."

She played a video showing what exactly Heather's little brother had sent. It showed Heather sleeping in her bed, and was proved to be from ages ago as Heather still had her long hair. It also showed Percy the cat licking Heather's lips.

"Ew!" Blaineley and Josh exclaimed in disgust.

"And what do you think Percy was licking beforehand?" Blaineley asked. It showed a picture of Percy, the white cat, 'cleaning' himself.

"Double ew!" the two yelled in disgust.

"Can you believe the lengths Gwen and Heather will go to in this war?" Blaineley asked.

"I can, and I certainly love a catfight!" Josh said, rubbing his hands together, then making a meowing sound and swiping his hand forwards in a cat-like motion.

"Well, Celebrity Manhunt decided to try and get Gwen and Heather to put their differences aside as Josh took them in for an interview," Blaineley said. "Let's check out the interview."

Celebrity Manhunt then played the interview between Gwen, Heather and Josh. They were all in a room like a recording studio, and sitting on tall, swiveling chairs. "So," Josh began, "Gwen, Heather, you've both managed to brave Camp Wawanakwa and the Abandoned Film Lot. Why must you constantly fight instead of realizing that you're better off as allies?"

"Well," Heather began, putting her hand to her chest, "I would love to be friends, but sadly, I can't stand being friends with someone who doesn't embrace her true feelings by smooching some half-brained delinquent."

"Duncan is not half-brained!" Gwen insisted. "And I did not smooch him! The only one doing any smooching is you with your cat junk breath!"

Heather grunted, and pounced on Gwen, who was instantly ready for a fight and began rolling with her arch-nemesis on the floor.

Josh, who was simply watching the fight take place, had a look of joy on his face. "Ooh, catfight, catfight, catfight!" he repeatedly chanted in glee.

The footage ended and returned to the main studio to show Blaineley looking at Josh with a 'seriously?' look on her face. "What can I say?" Josh asked. "I love me a catfight."

"Yeah, well maybe you need to get yourself a new fetish," Blaineley said. "So, let's move on from catfights to the battle of the bands! We've saved the best 'til last. The Drama Brothers!"

Even though Celebrity Manhunt wasn't filmed in front of a live audience, the edited sound of fan girls going crazy was heard. "That's right, ladies," Josh said. "It's time for us to delve into the story of four boys. Four boys who had their lives changed after Total Drama Action, even though none of them won, and two of them didn't even appear on it!"

A picture of the Drama Brothers, Owen, Harold, Justin and Trent, performing in concert appeared on screen. "When the curtains closed on Total Drama Action, a record producer managed to convince these four boys into signing a contract to become the next biggest boy band," Blaineley said. "And these four boys definitely had musical talent, coming out with songs such as 'Lovin' Time', 'Baby it's You' and 'With One Wink'."

"We had Trent, the purebred musician," Josh began, deconstructing the band, "Harold, the beatboxer, Justin, the face of the band, and Owen, the... Um, well, he was just there."

"Everyone thought that this band would be able to go all the way, but that all the way only lasted four months," Blaineley said. "After their early success, they were left with an early downfall, particularly the 'skinnydipping incident'."

Celebrity Manhunt then showed a picture of the four boys jumping off of a bridge, nude, into a backyard pool. Their genitals were censored, and it was shown that there were many others witnessing, a majority in the pool. There was also a purple haired girl who was watching by the house, looking up at the boys. She had a half smile, half dazed look on her face, which was very suggestive.

"This downhill was the first of the incidents that lead to the vertical plummet of the Drama Brothers' career," Blaineley said. "Check this interview that I covered of the Drama Brothers."

The interview showed the Drama Brothers and Blaineley in a recording studio, sitting on chairs. The boys were all wearing fancy, chic looking clothes. Trent wore sunglasses, a green turtleneck and denim skinny jeans. Owen donned a purple and green plaid flat cap, with an earpiece and camo shorts. However, he still wore the same maple leaf shirt, most likely to keep roots to his heritage.

Harold wore a beanie with Jamaican colours and yellow tinted sunglasses, as well as a long sleeved purple shirt and denim jeans, similar to Trent's, but much more restricting. Justin also wore tight denim jeans, but they weren't as constricting as Harold's, but more so that Trent's. He also wore sunglasses, making Owen the only band member not to wear them. He also had a red turtleneck with a green pashmina around his neck.

All four boys were tapping away at technical devices (Trent on a PDA, Justin and Owen on cellphones and Harold on an electronic game), whilst Blaineley just sat with a pad and a pencil, looking around the room as if she was the only sane one left on the planet.

"So, boys!" Blaineley exclaimed. "It seems like you're quickly becoming last week's news. Got any plans to make a potential comeback?"

The boys ignored her and carried on. In fact, they ignored her in such a way it was like they didn't even acknowledge her existence in the room. "Hey, dude," Trent said, coming out from his technical 'coma' and talking to Justin, "what signal are you connected to? I mean, these bars are terrible!"

"I've got my own personal sever," Justin said, still tapping away at his phone. "But I'll tell you the password if you send a breakup text to my girlfriend."

"Yeah, sure," Trent said, not looking up from his PDA. "Just let me send one to my girl first." Trent tapped a few buttons, which then resulted in a girl in the background reading her text and crying. Trent then tapped a few more buttons. This resulted in another girl in the background reading her text and crying.

The interview stopped their, returning to Blaineley and Josh. "Can you believe the ignorance?" Blaineley asked.

"I mean, I know ignorance is bliss, but this is crazy!" Josh exclaimed.

"I know!" Blaineley agreed. "And to make things worse for the band, guess which member is going solo."

Celebrity Manhunt then showed Harold in the same attire as shown previously. He was beatboxing into a microphone. "I don't need that lot anymore," Harold said to the camera. "The only thing I need in this biz are burritos to improve the diaphragm. I'm going solo!" Harold then continued to beatbox.

"That's true, Harold," Blaineley said when the footage stopped. "But you also need people to buy your album. Check out what happened when 'H-Bomb'," she said, stating Harold's stage name, "and the remaining Drama Brothers released their albums on the same day."

The video showed the four boys at a mall, with Harold sitting on a separate table to the other three. Both tables had piles of CD's on them. The boys looked tired and annoyed.

A girl wearing a yellow t-shirt with a frilled collar and short-shorts then walked by. She walked near Harold's table, which caused him to smile, until the girl walked past him, which caused him to lose that particular smile.

The girl then walked by the table of the Drama Brothers. She stopped there. "Since I only need the cover," the girl said, taking one of the CD's, "can I get it half price?" This question put doubt and sadness into their minds, which was visible on their faces.

"And that was it!" Josh exclaimed, making a link from the video. "The career of the Drama Brothers was over! Capiche! Kablammo! Gone!"

"I think they get it, Josh," Blaineley said, getting her cop-host to shut up. "But you're right! That was the tragic end of the Drama Brothers. And with that, we're done covering all of the Total Drama contestants!"

"Hang on, Blaineley," Josh said, counting on his fingers. "Aren't we missing one?"

"Um," Blaineley said, slightly confused. "I don't think so."

"Yeah, we definitely are!" Josh exclaimed. "Before the ad break we covered eleven of them, and on this part we covered ten. The love triangle, Heather, the happy girls and the Drama Brothers."

Blaineley did the math in her head. "Wow, you're right!" Blaineley said, in such a shocking tone that it was as if this was the first thing Josh had ever gotten right. "So, who are we missing?"

Josh covered the papers in front of him. "Did we cover Beth?" he asked.

"Um, I don't think we did!" Blaineley gasped. "How did we miss out Beth?"

Blaineley was met with silence. She put her finger to an earpiece that the camera couldn't pick up. "Do we even have a story on her?" she asked. She waited in response. "No? Oh, wow! That must be a pretty boring life then."

"Actually, I have a bit of news on her," a mysterious voice said. The screen came out to show a cloaked figure in an interview room.

"Hey, aren't you that guy who question Duncan and Courtney at the press conference?" Josh asked.

"Yep!" the figure replied, still using a voice modifier. "And I got your producers to interview me, but still allow me to use this disguise to protect my anonymity. After all, I just posted a review on Eva's anger attacks, and I don't want my neck on the line with her."

"Um, okay then," Blaineley said. "Well, what's happened with Beth?"

"Well, after the end of Total Drama Action," the cloaked figure continued. "She went back to her roots at the farm, and mainly tended to her cattle and went back to her studies. So, it was pretty much an average life after her turn in the spotlight."

"So, there wasn't anything interesting that happened?" Blaineley asked.

"Trust me," the figure said. "If anything happened, I would have known."

"So, what, you were stalking her?" Josh chuckled, expecting the figure's response to be a comical one.

"Well..." the figure began, before the lights turned on in the formerly dark room.

"Hey, Sierra," Izzy said, walking into the room. "I've got some more news. Duncan's apparently getting the upper hand in the Brittany court case, and Lindsay told me she has four ingrown toenails that are--"

"Izzy?" the two co-hosts asked.

Izzy looked to the camera. "Oh, hey guys!" Izzy exclaimed. "Oh, Sierra, you know I don't like you wearing that stupid disguise when I talk to you." Izzy then grabbed the cloak off of Sierra, revealing she was a tall girl with darkened skin and purple hair. She was identical to the girl in the picture of the Drama Brothers jumping nude into a pool.

"Izzy!" Sierra gasped.

"Oh, so now we know who the mysterious know-it-all is, and who their source is!" Josh gasped. "Well, this is--"

"Ooh!" Blaineley gasped, putting her finger to her earpiece. "No time for that now, Josh! The limos are arriving! The rest of the Total Drama cast is arriving!"

Both came close to the camera, squealing in glee.

At the red carpet, more limos came pulling up, unloading Heather, Cody, Eva, Noah, Ezekiel, Gwen, Katie and Sadie, LeShawna and Geoff respectively. The ten contestants waved at the oncoming wave of paparazzi and moved down the red carpet, to where Izzy already was.

"We'll be taking a short break, but afterwards, the three of us," Josh said, pulling Sierra in.

Sierra gasped. "Me?" she gasped.

"That's right, Sierra!" Blaineley announced. "You'll be our guest on-site reporter, interviewing your favourite TD characters."

"I'm so happy!" Sierra squealed.

"So, stay with us!" Blaineley announced to the camera as it faded to it's commercial break.

Celebrity Manhunt returned to show Sierra on the red carpet with a microphone in her hands. "Hey guys!" Sierra announced. "It's me, Sierra! Ten of the contestants have already arrived, so let's interview some of them!"

Sierra and the cameraman ran over to Noah. She held her microphone out to him. "So, Noah," Sierra said. "How do you feel about your recent kidna--"

"I have no comment on that topic," Noah said, walking away.

"Uh..." Sierra began. "Well, um... Oh! Katie and Sadie are just over there! Let's check them out!"

Sierra and the cameraman moved over to interview Katie and Sadie. "Hi guys!" Sierra said. "I'm Sierra, guest reporter for Celebrity Manhunt!"

"Hi, Sierra!" Katie and Sadie responded in unison.

"So, you're on the red carpet. How do you feel? Tell to our millions of viewers!" Sierra exclaimed.

The girls' eyes widened. "Millions?" Katie asked, looking at the camera.

"Millions and millions and billions!" Sierra replied, holding out her microphone to them.

Their eyes widened even more. The two nervously chuckled and waved at the camera. "Um, hi... guys," Sadie said nervously, still waving.

"Billions?" Katie asked, still shell-shocked.

"Hey, Sierra!" Blaineley yelled from the studio, her voice being heard in Sierra's earpiece. "They're clearly shell-shocked. Move on from them!"

"Um, right!" Sierra said, walking on the red carpet towards the road. "And look at who's just pulled up!" She said this as two limousines pulled up, and Duncan and Courtney came out. "Hey guys!"

"My lawyer says no comment," the two said in unison, predicting what would be happening next.

"You got a lawyer?" Courtney asked.

"No comment," Duncan replied, to which both ended up walking off.

"Um, this isn't going so well," Sierra said.

"Ya think?" Josh asked.

"Oh, but things could change up! I've been told that Lindsay's coming up, and I'm sure she'll be wearing a dress to fabulous it'll end all the conflicts," Sierra said.

As if on cue, Lindsay walked up. She was wearing her regular clothes and had hooped earrings. "Hi!" Lindsay said in a soft voice.

"Lindsay, why aren't you wearing anything fancy?" Sierra asked.

"Well, I've got a really chic pink dress that's totally cute, but I didn't want to ruin it in the dress rehearsal," Lindsay responded.

"Lindsay, this isn't a dress rehearsal," Sierra told her. "This is the real deal!"

"Oh!" Lindsay said, shocked. "Well, I've got some new earrings. You like?" Sierra's response was a simple facepalm.

The episode transitioned further on. "Everyone," Sierra said, addressing the audience and the co-hosts of Celebrity Manhunt. "I've got word that the next limo contains all four Drama Brothers!"

"Seriously?" Blaineley asked.

"How come they all got on the same limo?" Josh asked.

"Well, we've got a limited number of limos for this," Sierra reported back. "Or so I've been told."

Another limousine pulled up, to which Sierra ran up to. "I can't wait! I've always wanted to speak to the Drama Brothers!" Sierra squealed. The limo door opened. "Hello, Drama Brothers!"

Bridgette came out of the limo. "Uh... hi?" she said, confused.

"Oh!" Sierra said, taken aback. "Bridgette, I didn't expect it to be you. Sorry!" Sierra began to nervously giggle.

"Um, that's alright," Bridgette said, walking down the red carpet. Whilst she was walking, Geoff ran up to her.

"Uh, hey Bridgette!" Geoff said. "How're ya doing?"

"I'm fine, Geoff," Bridgette said. "Leave me alone."

"Ooh, shot down!" Blaineley and Josh exclaimed from the sidelines.

"Well, that's fifteen. Seven left to go," Sierra said, just as another limousine pulled up. And out came... the Drama Brothers!

"Everyone, the Drama Brothers are here!" Sierra exclaimed.

"The former Drama Brothers," Trent pointed out as he tapped on his phone. All the boys were wearing their normal clothes.

"But the current H-Bomb!" Harold exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air. He was met with silence. "Aw..." he said, walking off.

A large tour bus drove up and parked on the sidewalk opposite to the red carpet. It had a large picture of DJ, and a woman who could only be assumed as his mother. Out came DJ and his mother, a woman shorter than the brickhouse, wearing rather smart-looking, purple clothes.

"Everyone, DJ is here!" Sierra exclaimed, running over to him. She held out her microphone. "DJ, everyone knows you as the winner of the first season of Total Drama. But being on there with so many different people must have been tough. Spill, DJ. Who did you really hate. Who couldn't you just stand?"

DJ, was about to respond, but his mother spoke before him. "How dare you? I didn't raise my son up to express his personal hatred. You should be ashamed, lady," DJ's mother said, taking her son and walking off with him.

Sierra looked at the camera. "Uh... this is going terribly," Sierra admitted.

"Ya think?" Blaineley asked.

Josh held his finger to his earpiece which, like Blaineley's, couldn't be seen to the camera. "Ooh, the next limo's got Beth in... and this season's winner, Tyler!" he announced.

As if on cue, the last limo pulled up, and out came Beth and Tyler. "I wonder why we had to go in the same limo," Beth wondered, to which Tyler responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Hi, guys!" Sierra said, running over to be in the middle of Tyler and Beth. "So, Tyler! You're the winner of Total Drama Action! How did that moment of joy make you feel?"

"Um, aren't you gonna ask me a question?" Beth asked, hopeful.

"Um..." Sierra began. "Am I gonna ask her a question?"

The response came from Blaineley and Josh in the studio. They looked at each other, then shook their head, their eyes partially widened.

"Aw..." Beth said, her voice trailing off as she walked away. At this point, Tyler had managed to slip out of the camera's grasp and had walked off to Lindsay.

"Hey babe!" Tyler exclaimed.

Lindsay turned to Tyler with a look of confusion on her face. "Do I know you?" she asked.

"Oh you've gotta be kidding me," Tyler responded in a quick pace.

The twenty two contestants then all walked up to the door of the main building. Chef was standing by the door. "Oh no ya don't," Chef said. "Only celebrities allowed."

"But we are celebrities," insisted Ezekiel.

"Yeah, well as of about two minutes earlier, that stopped," Chef responded.

"Why?" Justin asked.

"Because you're not the latest cast of my new show," Chris said, appearing out of nowhere. "Total... Drama... Dirtbags!"

"Total Drama who now?" LeShawna asked.

"It's basically a bunch of evil guys who live in a mansion and see who can survive the longest without being victim to any," Chef began, and he used air quotes around the next word, "'accidents'."

"But I'm evil!" Heather insisted. "I should be on that show!"

"Well, you're not," Chris told her. "Oh, but here they come now!"

Walking down the red carpet and into the ceremony were: an Eskimo wearing a purple jacket and a sled, a Leprechaun, a fat, red-shirted intern, Sasquatchanakwa, a tall Hispanic girl with a white feather boa and a thin man with a blue shirt and black hair that covered his view respectively walked into the building.

"Welcome all, come in my fr--" Chris began, but concluded that he should leave the sentence off their as they most likely wouldn't come out to be his 'friends'.

The last one to arrive was another Hispanic, most likely a Latino, with tanned skin, a red shirt, brown hair like a main, a goatee, and a powerful stance in the way he walked. He seemed like a true dirtbag, taking no notice to any of the others around him.

"Alejandro!" Chris announced, rolling the 'r'. "What's up my man?"

Alejandro ignored Chris as he walked into the building. "Nice," Chris said, an annoyed tone in his voice. "Anyways, I, a celebrity, have to get back to the awards ceremony. Ciao!"

Chris and Chef walked into the building, and as they did, everything outside the building shut down. The lights turned off and cameras packed up. The only thing that stayed on was the TV outside, broadcasting what was happening at the ceremony.

"Are you kidding me?" Eva asked.

"How can we not be famous anymore?" Trent asked.

"People, relax!" Courtney yelled. "If we win the award for Best Reality TV Ensemble, we'll be famous, and they'll have to let us in!"

"And, if I win the award for Best Reality TV Villain, I'll be doubly famous than you lot of losers!" Heather cheered, which earned her glares from everyone there.

The episode transitioned to later on in time, with the twenty two plus Sierra sitting on the red carpet, staring at the camera, waiting impatiently for the awards that could potentially bring back their fame.

"Ooh, ooh!" Sierra exclaimed. "You're award! It's on!"

The female in the feather boa from the cast of Total Drama Dirtbags had walked on stage with an envelope. After announcing the nominees (Total Drama included) for the award for Best Reality TV Ensemble, she opened the envelope. "And the winner of Best Reality TV Ensemble is..." she began. The twenty two former contestants and Sierra looked at the TV in hopeful glee.

"... Golden Oldies in their Undies!" the woman announced. The audience applauded for the winning ensemble.

"Are you serious?" LeShawna asked, bewildered.

"A bunch of grandpas who can't get dressed won over us?" Duncan asked. "Are these people insane?"

"Not as insane as you," Courtney replied.

"Did I ask for your opinion?" Duncan rhetorically asked.

"Well, at least I still have a chance of getting in," Heather said, both trying to keep optimistic and rubbing it in the faces of her peers.

"Did we ask for your word?" Duncan rhetorically asked.

"Wow, you're grumpy," Gwen said.

"Did I ask for your opinion?" Duncan asked, clearly losing his patience.

Many of the cast were bored after learning they had lost the award. Heather, however, was still looking at the TV, awaiting her award. "Ooh!" Heather exclaimed. "My award! It's on!"

Hosting the award, as shown by the TV, was Alejandro, the handsome Latino they had met earlier. After announcing the nominees for the award, Heather included, he said: "and the winner of the award is..."

Heather clasped her hands together, silently praying that she would win. "... Heather, from Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action!" he announced.

Heather's jaw dropped. "I won! I won! Ha, you have to let me in!" she yelled at the door.

"Who is she expecting an answer from?" Sadie asked Katie.

Alejandro carried on speaking. "Unfortunately, Heather couldn't be with us today," he said.

"What?!" Heather exclaimed. "I'm right outside! Let me in!"

"So, to take her award for her, the winner of Best Reality TV Show Host, Chris Mclean!" Alejandro announced, walking away from the podium as Chris, in his blue tuxedo, took his place.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Chris exclaimed as he was met with applause from the audience. "No then, I don't have any actual words from Heather, but I'm gonna say what I believe she would have said."

"Oh, this is gonna be torture," Owen moaned, facepalming slowly.

"Now then, filming TD was a tiring process, but it couldn't have been done without," Chris said, pulling out a list from his back pocket, "me, the camera crew, the producers, the director, the crafts crew, the lighting guys and, most importantly of all..."

When they heard 'most importantly of all', the former contestants and Sierra looked at the camera in hope and glee.

"... my makeup girl!" Chris announced. "Seriously girl, couldn't have done it without ya!"

When they heard this, it was safe to assume that the twenty three teenagers stuck outside groaned in mental agony. Amongst the groans, there were: 'you've gotta be kidding me', 'seriously?' and 'for crying out loud!'.

"How can Chris just forget about us?" Duncan asked.

"Do you even have to ask?" DJ responded.

"That Chris fella sure seemed like a rascal on TV," DJ's mother agreed.

"Honey, you ain't seen as much as we have," LeShawna said, covering her mouth from a previous yawn.

"I can't believe that this is it!" Trent exclaimed.

"I know!" Beth agreed. "Is that just the end of us?"

"It can't be!" Heather yelled. "If I'm not famous, I'm not... popular!" She fell to her knees, almost brought to tears.

"Wow," Gwen said. "We just all took a trip to the centre of Heather's brain. And we came out more scarred than her."

"Ugh, shut it, weird Goth girl," Heather retorted.

"Wow, haven't heard that one in a while," Gwen sniggered.

"I guess we should all go then," Tyler said.

"Yeah, I mean," Bridgette began, "if we're not even famous anymore, then why should we still be here?"

A general murmur of yes's fell across the crowd, and they all got up and began to leave.

"Wait!" Sierra exclaimed, who was the only one who hadn't left. "You can't leave! You are all famous. You're Total Drama! Without you, there wouldn't have even been a show!"

"Um, that's not actually true," Harold said. "Our places would have just gone to other people who auditioned."

"But they didn't! You're Total Drama!" Sierra repeated. "There are so many other fans out there! We all know you! We know your hopes! We know your dreams! We know your dental records!"

"Stalker much," Heather said to Cody, to which he nodded in agreement.

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" asked Owen, who had a cake in one hand and a chicken leg in another that seemed to appear there by magic.

Grunting was heard after Owen's sentence, which was revealed to be Eva, punching the TV monitor. "I hate this show," she began. "I hate the awards, I hate Chris, and I hate this TV!" She punched the TV one more time before yanking it from it's place and throwing it on the ground.

The TV monitor was static, but it still managed to release some of the footage. Chris's face was still being projected. "And *bzt* let you all know *bzt*," Chris said, his voice partially being cut out by static. "I will be *bzt* the cast of my new *bzt* Drama Dirtbags *bzt* live on *bzt Oprah Show!" The monitor then went dead.

When it went dead, Noah walked up to the screen and kicked it, making the screen more shattered.

"Well, isn't that bit overkill?" Izzy asked.

"I don't care," Noah replied.

"Hey!" Sierra exclaimed, snapping her fingers. "That's it!"

"What is?" Cody asked.

"What Chris said! He's taking the cast of Total Drama Dirtbags to the Oprah Show!" Sierra said.

"And?" Courtney asked, confused.

"I say we overtake those dirtbags, hijack the interview and appear on the Oprah Show ourselves! And voila! You're famous again" Sierra explained.

"But the Oprah Show's in New York! How are we even meant to get their?" Harold asked.

Izzy snapped her fingers. "I've got a plan, guys! But it's gonna be hard, dangerous, and at least one of us might die. Katie, no offence, but I'm looking at you," Izzy said, to which Katie moaned in disapproval.

"Okay then!" Izzy exclaimed. "Owen, I need to you to get us a giant propeller. Can you do that?"

"Totally!" the chubby ball of lard said, throwing his arms in the air.

"And Noah," the fiery ginger continued, "I'm gonna need you to find two bars of plutonium."

"Oh sure," Noah said. "Let me just go to my local supermarket and buy that for you."

"Perfect!" Izzy exclaimed, ignoring the sarcasm. "Now then, the hardest thing will be for us to overtake and hijack a local car company. And finding a crowbar. But we can do it guys! We can do it!"

After she threw her arms in the air, a horn beeped twice. The camera moved to show DJ in the entrance of his tour bus. "So are you gonna get on the bus or what?" he asked.

"Woo hoo!" the cast exclaimed, celebrating.

"Wipe your feet first!" DJ's mother warned, to which brought the general celebrations down.

"You're gonna be famous again!" Sierra exclaimed, which brought back the celebrations. "After these messages," she said to the camera, which once again dampened the mood.

The episode returned with Celebrity Manhunt's logo and theme tune. Back in the studio, Blaineley was holding a piece of paper, with Josh looking shocking. "Breaking news!" Blaineley exclaimed.

"This is Total... Drama... Comeback!" Josh exclaimed.

The episode then went to a view of a dusty desert road, and the camera seemed to be filming from a helicopter, as the shadow of a helicopter was visible on the ground. "Their only dream," Chris began. "To claw their way back to fame by any means! Sabotage, scandal! Potential blackmail!"

The tour bus that the cast of Total Drama were driving drove into sight as the camera moved to show Chris and Chef in their normal attire. Chef was driving the helicopter, Chris wore shades and both had visible earpieces in. "I love those kids!" Chris exclaimed.

"You said they were old news!" Chef retorted.

"That was before they set out on a journey to win back their fame," Chris said, wiping a tear from his eye.

Back in the studio, Blaineley leaned closer to the camera. "We have a live feed from inside DJ's bus!" Blaineley said in a stage whisper.

The screen turned to static before showing the inside of the bus, with many of the teenagers scattered across the bus. At one table, DJ, DJ's mother, LeShawna and Beth were playing cards. At the front of the bus, Courtney was driving, with Duncan leaning on the side of the chair, Heather sitting on the carpet, painting her nails, and Gwen, who was sitting in the chair closest to the driver's seat.

Near the back of the bus: Owen, Eva, Tyler, Lindsay, Izzy, Ezekiel and Harold. On a table near them were Bridgette and Sierra who were talking. Geoff then came out and sat on the same table. "Hey Bridgette," Geoff began. "So, I was just thinking about when we were together and thought--"

"Geoff," Bridgette began, breaking conversation from her purple-haired acquaintance to address her ex, "I don't need this right now, okay? Can you just leave me alone?"

"Aw, you tell him, white girl!" LeShawna exclaimed before eating a cookie.

"I better not see any crumbs!" DJ's mother warned, pointing her finger in an upward slanted direction at LeShawna, who nodded in acknowledgement.

The feed then moved to the front of the bus again. "You're driving too slow," Duncan complained, his voice a moan.

"Duncan," Courtney began, focusing on the road, "this is how sane people drive. Ya might wanna learn that."

"We're not gonna catch up to them at this speed," Duncan complained again.

"At least we're not gonna die at this speed," Courtney fired back.

"Well-" Duncan began.

"Oh would you two shut up!" Heather interrupted from below, screwing the brush lid back onto one of her bottles of nail paint. "From down here, ya sound like a married couple. And everyone knows that the only married couple around here should be the Gothic duo," she said, pointing at Duncan and Gwen.

Gwen glared at Heather. "I wonder how much skin will be shredded off your body when I throw you out on to the road at this speed!" Gwen threatened.

"Let's be honest," Heather said, a smug look on her face. "The more you insult me, the more it is that you're hiding the fact you and Duncan suck face behind the scenes."

"Urgh, I can still throw you overboard, you know," Courtney said, clearly irritated.

"We're not on a boat," Heather said, pointing out the C.I.T's error.

"I don't care!" Courtney yelled. "Can you just--"

"Look!" Izzy exclaimed, coming from the back of the bus. She pointed out of the front window. "It's their bus!"

The camera went to an overhead view to show that the Total Drama bus was right behind the Dirtbag bus. It then went to show Alejandro who was at the head of the bus. He was resting, with his arms behind his head and his feet up on the steering wheel.

Bridgette stuck her head out of a window. "Drive up in front of them!" she yelled to those at the front of the bus. "I don't think they see us yet!"

Courtney took her instructions and drove closer to the other bus. She got to the side of them, before Duncan got tired of her driving. "You're doing this all wrong!" Duncan yelled, reaching for the wheel and turning it to the right. DJ's tour bus then ended up hitting the side of the Dirtbags's bus.

This ended up waking up Alejandro, so he jolted back up and grabbed the wheel. However, Courtney was faster than him and overtook the bus.

"Now what do we do?" Courtney asked. "I can't just keep driving in front of them forever!"

"Ooh!" Lindsay exclaimed. "We should throw something at them!"

"Like what, mice?" Ezekiel asked.

"That would be horrible animal cruelty!" Bridgette yelled, taking her head back in the bus for a moment before sticking it back out again.

"Why don't we throw LeShawna's weave at them?" Heather commented, a snarky tone in her voice.

"Why don't we throw Heather full stop?" LeShawna fired back.

Some crunching was heard which caught everyone's attention. They all looked at Owen, who was trying to shut one of the overhead compartments. "What's in there?" Justin asked.

"Nothing," Owen said, before piles and piles and piles of small squares of chocolate came pouring out of it. "Okay, maybe some Coco Caramel Squares, but I always keep an emergency stash for my travels!"

"Some?" LeShawna scoffed, shocked by how Owen could address the load that had fallen out of the compartment as 'some'.

"You've been getting chocolate in my bus?" DJ's mother asked in a frozen deadly tone.

"Um..." Owen chuckled nervously.

"I suggest that we throw the chocolate as ammo," Harold suggested.

"What? We can't!" Owen moaned.

"Oh yes you can!" DJ's mother insisted, standing up from her seat. "Or you can walk to Oprah Studios."

"Yes, Mrs DJ," Owen said, sadly, in a robotic way.

Eva opened the back door of the tour bus. She looked at the Dirtbag bus. "Um, I know I'm strong," she said, "but how are we meant to throw all that chocolate over there?"

"We can use a catapult!" Sadie suggested.

"Or psychic powers!" Izzy exclaimed.

"None of us have psychic powers," said Noah.

"Then we'll use a catapult!" Izzy exclaimed.

"But none of us have a catapult," Noah said.

"Way to put a dampener on things, Noah," Izzy said, putting her hands to her hips. "Way to put a dampener on things."

"Well, what can we use in place of a catapult?" asked Beth.

"A slingshot!" Lindsay exclaimed.

"Um, babe, that's kind of the same thing," Tyler said.

Lindsay looked at her boyfriend with wide eyes. "Okay, who are you again?" she asked.

"What about a bra?" asked Geoff.

"We'd need a big bra for that," Cody pointed out. As if in response to that, a large, pink bra was flung over Cody, landing on his head.

The camera then moved to LeShawna, who was adjusting herself. "What?" she asked. "You said you needed a big bra."

"I personally think I'm scarred for life," Cody said.

"Well, be scarred for life and prepare that bra!" Duncan commanded.

The episode transitioned to show the bra slingshot prepared. Eva stood in the doorframe to guide the shot. Tyler and Lindsay held the slingshot back, and Izzy brought them the Coco Caramel Squares. She prepared the weapon with ammo.

"Fire!" Eva commanded. Tyler and Lindsay released the bra, which fired the chocolate squares, landing square in the middle of the windscreen of the Dirtbags's bus. Alejandro then proceeded to start the windscreen wipers, revealing his look of anger behind the screen of chocolate.

"Reload!" Eva yelled at Izzy, who was collecting more chocolate from Owen's stash. She reloaded the stretched-back bra. "Fire!" The couple then let go of the bra, firing another load of chocolate into the opposing windscreen.

Heather ran up to the back of the bus. "Ha!" she laughed. "That's what you get for trying to still my fame, boy-o!"

Sasquatchanakwa popped his head out of one of the windows, growling, but then, another glob of Coco Caramel Squares hit him in the face. Back at the back of the bus, Eva and Heather high-fived.

However, at the front of the bus, not everything was going smoothly. "Will you just get off my back?" Courtney asked.

"I will, once you learn how to drive!" Duncan yelled back. "Just give me the wheel!"

"I'd rather let you go back with Gwen," Courtney snickered.

"For the last time, I never went out with Gwen!" Duncan yelled.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that," Courtney said. Duncan lunged at the wheel once more. The two began to argue over the wheel once more, before the two abruptly stopped and looked at each other. They then began to make out.

"Guys!" Tyler exclaimed from the back of the bus. "The Dirtbags are way behind us!" This resulted in everyone in the bus celebrating and cheering.

Suddenly, back in the back, everything started to rumble, resulting in the back door being slammed shut and Heather falling into a nearby closet. "Um, what's happening?" Eva asked.

Bridgette stuck her head back out of the window and gasped in shock. "We're going off the road!" she gasped. "Courtney!"

Courtney and Duncan were making out in the driver's seat. When Courtney heard Bridgette call her name, Courtney broke the kissing, looked out of the windscreen and gasped. She then pushed Duncan out of the seat and took control, turning the steering wheel to a hard left, but she was still struggling.

"Courtney," Sierra said, running to the front of the bus. "We're still not turning!"

"This is difficult!" Courtney explained. Outside the bus, the front right wheel burst and popped off, creating a force the caused Courtney and Sierra to collapse on top of each other.

The speed plus the missing wheel resulted in the car turning on its side, rotating horizontally, causing the passengers inside to rotate and crash, like bingo balls inside of a turning cage. They were heading towards a gorge in the land.

"We're gonna go over the edge!" Sadie cried as she was in the air, before crashing down on Noah and Bridgette.

"Ya think?" Duncan replied as he went from squashed under Owen to flying in the air with Sierra and DJ's mother.

"I feel sick!" Beth cried, crashing into DJ, her face turning green.

"You better not throw up in my bus!" DJ's mother commanded, landing next to Izzy, Tyler and Harold.

Outside, Chris's helicopter floated over the gorge. "Do you think they're gonna go over?" Chef asked Chris, who had magically summoned a bucket of popcorn.

"For once in my life, I really hope they don't," Chris said, stuffing his mouth with popcorn. "But just in case," he said, "Total Drama contracts state that we waive the responsibility on any potential deaths of the contestant." He said this pulling out a pile of contracts. "Man, I really love these."

"The popcorn of the contracts?" Chef asked.

"Both!" Chris exclaimed, spilling popcorn and contracts all over the helicopter.

The rolling bus got closer and closer to the gorge. "We're gonna go over!" Lindsay yelled.

More screams were heard inside the bus as it got closer to the gorge and eventually... it went over. The bus went vertically down towards the bottom of the gorge. They all screamed on the way down. A squirrel appeared out of a hole in the bottom of the gorge. It looked up and saw the bus heading for it, so it headed back in, then came back out, putting an umbrella over its head. It shook in fear.

Over it, the bus then slowed down, until it halted to a stop. The squirrel sighed in relief, until an eagle swooped down and caught the squirrel in it's mouth, flying off.

"What happened?" Ezekiel asked.

The back door was open, and LeShawna's bra had apparently caught a jutting rock near the top of the gorge. "Girl, you go for big bras!" Gwen chuckled.

"I still feel sick," Beth complained.

"Well you still better hold it in!" DJ's mother insisted.

As the bra was being stretched, it did what it had done earlier: fired something. And that something was the tour bus. It was fired back up, with the speed creating a temporary anti-gravity effect.

"Woo hoo!" Izzy exclaimed, swimming through the air.

"This is awesome!" Ezekiel exclaimed, backwards rolling in the air.

DJ looked to his side and saw what appeared to be a floating puddle of green goo. "What is that?" DJ asked.

Beth floated near him. "I just couldn't hold it in any longer," she explained. Her face reverted back to its normal colour.

The bus was still caught on the bra. As gravity did what it did best, Beth's vomit threw back into her face and the passengers were flung to the front end of the bus.

The bus stretched down as far as it could, but with the bra still connected to it, deja vu would end up kicking in again. "Cut the bra!" Heather yelled, crushed underneath Owen and LeShawna.

Duncan managed to get to the back of the bus. Using the emergency fire axe, he sliced the strap of the bra, resulting in the bus falling two feet until it hit the ground, then falling on it's back.

"Would you look at that!" Chef exclaimed from the helicopter. "They're not dead!"

Back at the bottom of the gorge, the last remaining passengers exited the crashed bus. "Well that's just perfect!" DJ's mother yelled. "Now my bus is broken! All that money, flushed down the toilet!"

"So what do we do now?" Heather asked. "The only person here that's prepared to survive at the bottom of a gorge is Ezekiel. And we all know why."

"Hey!" Ezekiel said. "Just because I'm a farm boy doesn't make me the ultimate survivor, eh?"

"Yeah, it just makes you a sexist," Bridgette said, still not forgetting Ezekiel's remark back at Camp Wawanakwa. "But what are we gonna do down here?"

"Yeah, the only time I can rock a survivor look is when I'm on a stranded island," Lindsay said.

Tyler, seizing the moment to be a hero in his girlfriend's eyes (even though she had forgotten that she and Tyler were a thing), made a stand. "Ya know what?" he said. "I'm gonna sort this out, by getting help!"

"Yay Tyler!" a majority of the cast cheered.

"But I can't do it on my own," Tyler said. "Who's with me?"

"We are!" Katie and Sadie cheered.

"And you'll need my mad skills to help," insisted Harold.

"Then let's go!" Tyler cheered. Tyler led his search brigade off, consisting of Katie, Sadie, Harold, Trent, Beth and DJ's mother.

"DJ, you take care of my bus!" DJ's mother commanded. "I don't want it more wrecked than it already is!"

"Yes, mother!" replied DJ, knowing that disobeying his mother would be a horrendously horrible decision.

The camera went up to film the sun, which then faded into the moon at night, then back to the sun the next day. The camera then went back down to show a deserted house in the middle of nowhere.

"Help, dudes!" Tyler exclaimed, his voice heard from outside of the door, as the camera was filming from inside the house. He then kicked down the door. "Ugh, why didn't you answer the door you dummies!"

"Um, Tyler," Trent said, popping his head in sight of the camera, "those are dummies."

Tyler looked at the dummies inside and realized that they were in fact dummies. "Oh," he said. "Wait, hang on a sec. Dummies, an isolated location, nuclear testing signs. Mutants!"

The camera moved over to show two mutated people with green skin and three eyes.

Tyler gasped. "Run!" he yelled.

The camera went back outside the deserted house, showing the rescue team running away as a nuclear bomb crashed into the house and exploded.

Back in the gorge, most of the remaining passengers were sleeping. Sleeping against the bus were Noah and LeShawna, Courtney, Sierra, Noah and Cody. The rest were sleeping on the ground.

Bridgette woke up from her slumber. "Ugh," she sighed. "Are Tyler and the others not back yet?"

Bridgette waking up also woke Owen up. "Aw," he moaned. Suddenly, a waft of smell passed under Owen's nose. "Ooh, what's that smell?"

Owen followed his nose, which led him to DJ, cooking something with his portable kitchen set. He had a butane cooker with a pot on it, with a ladle in it. "Ooh!" Owen exclaimed. "What're ya cooking?"

Owen took the ladle and drank from it. "It's tumbleweed and spare rock soup," DJ said, resulting in Owen spitting the soup in DJ's face.

After DJ expressed an annoyed look on his face, the sound of helicopter blades whirring could be heard above, and a metallic clank from the tour bus woke everyone up. The camera moved up to show that Chris had connected a hook from the helicopter to the bus. "What would you lot do without me?" he chuckled.

Everyone got onto the bus. Duncan was the penultimate one to get on, and Owen was the last one. There, Duncan and Heather (who had gotten on just before Duncan) pulled Owen onto the bus. However, his shorts got caught on the bus, and got torn off, resulting in a general array of grunts of disapproval and disgust.

The episode then went on to show the Abandoned Film Lot, setting of Total Drama Action. The episode then transitioned to the crafts tent, where the seventeen on the bus were sitting on the two tables. Alejandro put down a plate of pancakes on one of the tables. Owen gasped. "Pancakes!" he exclaimed. He grabbed his fork, stabbed the pancakes and ate them whole, angering Bridgette and Gwen, who were both quite hungry.

Chris walked to the center of the room, between the two tables. "Now then," he said. "I have an announcement."

"Oh brother," LeShawna said, resting her head in her hand.

"Now, we all know that no one does drama like you people. For obvious reasons," Chris said.

"Well, duh," Heather said. "But what happened to Total Drama Dirtbags?"

"It was all a hoax!" Alejandro exclaimed. "There never was any Total Drama Dirtbags!"

"Well, to be fair, I came up with the name," Chris said.

"Then why did you make it up?" Courtney asked, confused.

"I needed a ruse in order to see whether or not you people still had any fight in you," Chris said. "And that's why I told Alejandro that he could join you all next time."

"What 'next time'?" Noah asked.

"Oh, just the third installment of the Total Drama series," Chris said. "In a race around the world!"

"Are you actually kidding me?" Duncan asked, annoyed.

"You think we're gonna go for another round of this crap?" Gwen asked.

"Well, besides the contracts that still have control over you, how about I throw in a prize of one... million... dollars!" Chris announced, which brought everyone up and cheering.

Back at the studio, Blaineley and Josh were celebrating. "Looks like we've got breaking news!" Blaineley announced.

"Total Drama has been renewed for a third season and frankly, I can't wait!" Josh exclaimed.

"Drama Machine, what do you think of that?" Blaineley asked.

The Drama Machine barely worked, with it's front taped on to it's body. It rolled near the mechanic and exploded, causing the co-hosts to laugh.

"Guys! We've gotta save them!" Tyler yelled, running into the studio. "The others! They're still stuck in the gorge!" The other members of the rescue team then walked into the studio.

"Looks like you just missed the boat," Josh revealed, and the team looked at the screen, which showed the crafts tent and the party going on inside.

"Why is Chris partying with the others?" Trent asked.

"Because they've just been cast on the next season of Total Drama!" Blaineley revealed.

"What?" Beth asked, shocked. "But I want to be on the next season!"

"Looks like 'I want' never gets," Josh said. "Now, let's head back over to the Abandoned Film Lot."

The link went static, then showed the confessional booth.

(Conf), LeShawna: I'm not happy I'm doing another season of this, but as long as there's something in it for me, then I'm happy.

(Conf), Sierra: OMG! My first ever confessional! I can't believe that I'm finally gonna be on Total Drama! *squeals* After all of my applications to be on this show, I'm so happy that I've finally made it!

(Conf), Ezekiel: Finally! A chance for the Zeke-meister to shine again! I'm going all the way, homies!

(Conf), DJ: Woo hoo! It's time for DJ to shine once more! Maybe I can re-win the million I lost on the first season, cos that was just cruel.

(Conf), Lindsay: Yay! I'm gonna be famous again! Hey, where's Tyler?

(Conf), Justin: Ever since the end of the Drama Brothers, my fame's kind of dropped, so hopefully appearing on another season of Total Drama will promote me.

(Conf), Sierra: I've audtioned so many times, and I've never gotten through, but now...! I'm so excited! And to be on a season with Cody! He's so hot!

(Conf), Heather: I can't believe I've gotta go through that dreck again. But you know what they say: third time's the charm. I'm gonna play more ruthless than before and no one's gonna stand in my way of that million dollar prize.

(Conf), Cody: Alright! I'm on Total Drama again! This is gonna rock!

(Conf), Bridgette: Ugh, I'm getting tired of this. But, it's a million dollars. I'm a new Bridgette, and I've got no man in my way. This girl's goin' solo!

(Conf), Duncan: The last time I was on Total Drama, I got eliminated because of a stupid reward. Chris, be warned! You're not getting rid of me that easily!

(Conf), Izzy: It's time for the Izzy! *jumps out of seat* I'm gonna dominate this game, cos that's what my people do! *singsong* I'm gonna win this game. I'm gonna win this game! Yeah!

(Conf), Gwen: This crap again? For cryin' out loud. Why don't you just give us the million dollars and leave!

(Conf), Courtney: I'm totally prepared for this season. You may as well hand the cash prize to me on a silver plate!

(Conf), Sierra: --Of course that means I'll have to stop my Total Drama blog for a while, but I'll have the biggest post ever when the show finishes! In case you're wondering, I've got the biggest blog that's dedicated to Total Drama. Ever! It's totally awesome and--

(Conf), Noah: So let's see... Third in the first season. Eighth in the second. If this rate keeps up, I'll be thirteenth in the third, and that's just lame. Ugh, statistics better not kill me.

(Conf), Eva: Eva is gonna win this series! You're all goin' down!

(Conf), Geoff: Woo hoo! *throws arms in the air* This party boy is back, baby! And I'm not leaving without my sweet Bridge. I will get her back. Through whatever it takes!

(Conf), Owen: Alright! I can't believe I'm on another season! Woo hoo! *farts and chuckles*

(Conf), Alejandro: *points to camera* These Total Drama nerds haven't even seen the real me yet. They're gonna have to watch their backs before my handsome knife stabs it.

(Conf), Sierra: I can't wait for this season to start. I wonder where we're going first. Forty nine percent of my bloggers say that we're going to Jamaica! Twenty two percent say we're going to Scotland, but three percent say that Chris is actually lying and he's going to film us in an old bomb shelter! Yeah right. *dying battery icon appears* I'm a third generation Chris McLean scholar, so I'd know when Chris is lying. And I know all about Chris. His most famous piece of work was from that badminton movie he did, and he's got three dogs: Rover, Haxton and-- *camera dies*

When Sierra's confessional abruptly ended, the episode went over to show a giant jet on an airstrip. The jet had a logo on it with Chris in a pilot uniform. Chris then walked by the jet, which had an escalator going down connected to it. "Eighteen teenagers, a race around the world and one million dollars," Chris said. "What more could you ask for?"

Chef then came down the elevator, dressed like an air stewardess in a blonde wig. "How about music?" Chef asked.

Chris rubbed his chin. "Yeah, everyone's doing the music industry nowadays. Sure! And music!" Chris announced. "See you next time on Total... Drama... World Tour!"

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
1st/2nd Tyler Actors In Low In In Win Win Win In In Win Win In In In Win In In Win Win In Win W/R TDWT
2nd/1st LeShawna Directors In In Win Win In Low In Win Win In In Low In In In In In In In In Low R/W TDWT
3rd Duncan Directors Win In Win Win In In In Win Win In In Win In Win In Win In In Low Win Out TDWT
4th Gwen Directors In In Win Win Low Out Guest Win In Win In Low Low In In In Out TDWT
5th Lindsay Actors In In In Low Win Win Win In Low Win Win In Win In Win Win Win In Out Guest TDWT
6th Courtney Actors Win In In In Win Win Win Low In Win Win In In Low In Low Out Guest TDWT
7th Owen Directors In Low Win Win In In In Win Win In In In In Out Guest TDWT
8th Noah Directors In In Win Win In In In Win Win In In Out Guest TDWT
9th Izzy Actors In In In In Win Win Win In Out Guest TDWT
10th Heather Actors In In In In Win Win Win Out Guest TDWT
11th DJ Directors In In Win Win Out Guest TDWT
12th Trent Actors In In In Out Guest TDWT
13th/14th Bridgette Directors In Out Host Host Host Host TDWT
13th/14th Geoff Actors In Out Host Host Host Host TDWT
N/A Alejandro Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Beth Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Cody Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Eva Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Ezekiel Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Harold Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Justin Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Katie Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Sadie Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT
N/A Sierra Debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special TDWT

     Girl: This camper is a girl.

     Boy: This camper is a boy.

     Actors: This camper is/was on the Killer Actors.

     Directors: This camper is/was on the Screaming Directors.

     In: This camper avoided elimination.

     Win: This camper was on the winning team.

     Win: The camper won for the team.

     Win: This camper won immunity for themselves.

     Low: This camper was in the bottom two, but avoided elimination.

     Low: This camper was meant to be eliminated, but something else happened.

     Out: This camper was eliminated.

     Out: This camper was irregularly eliminated.

     Guest: This eliminated camper was a guest on the Total Drama Aftermath show.

     Host: This eliminated camper was host on the Total Drama Aftermath show.

     W/R: This camper was winner in the first ending, but was runner up in the second.

     R/W: This camper was runner up in the first ending, but was winner in the second.

     TDWT: This camper got through to Total Drama World Tour... Sorta.

     TDWT: This camper didn't make it to Total Drama World Tour... Sorta.


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