2 or 3 New Chapters everyday.Sequal to Total Drama Island (Lens Way) This will not be rushed unlike the last season it will have chapter with about 43-60 lines (except for aftermtahs and merge episodes they whould be around 23-50) in them instead of the last season wich had only 1-3 lines


Screaming Gaffers

Harold (Eliminated)

Heather (Eliminated) - Returns - (Eliminated)

Courtney (Eliminated)

Cody (Eliminated)

Izzy (Eliminated)

LeShawna (Eliminated) - Returns - (Eliminated)


Killer Grips

Tyler (Eliminated) - Returns - (Eliminated)

Justin (Eliminate)

Duncan (Eliminated)

Noah (Eliminated)

Bridgette (Eliminated)

Owen (Eliminated)

Katie (Eliminated)


Monster Cash

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Island! It was a brutal battle for the million until one person aka Tyler won but we have 14 of our 22 contestants compete on our abandoned filmlot.This is Total Drama Action!

(Theme Song Plays)

Chris : Okay these are the teams.Harold,Heather,Courtney,Cody,Izzy,LeShawna and Lindsay you guys are the Gaffers the rest of you are the Grips.But the trailers will be Boys and Girls so go talk!


Harold : Losing Last season was unfair I should have won my right arm past the finnish line first

Tyler : My whole body actuallty past and now I'm a millionaire so stop complaining

Cody : Um Guys where in a whole diffrent location now and theres another million you know!

Justin : Wich will be won by me

Justin (conf) : After what happened last contest I cant afford to be 5th place or be rigged by Duncan so yeah! I'm in it to win it! And first on this list is Duncan! But if we win then Courtney

Noah : Yeah your totaly gonna win (sarcasm)

Owen : Me still like beans

Duncan : What you should like is not going down wich is gonna happen to you all!


Heather : Last season was unfair I hated it and now we have to do another one? I just hate Chris now!

Courtney : Atleast you didn't get voted off by your boyfriend I hate Duncan

Izzy : Girls chill cause you now why cause.......Ooo! Fire

Heather : Wacko

LeShawna : Atleast she isn't you!

Lindsay : Guys stop!


Chris : Challenge Time you have to run away from this huge anamotronic monster!

Harold : An anomotronic monster but no way the celcus and the c-jan only concludes to the(counts) Oh no! Its anamotronic!

Chris : The last person to be caught wins for there team.Go NOW!

(Challenge Starts)

Chris : Lets look at some of the characters!

(Duncan,Courtney and Cody Scene)

Duncan : So what I voted you off you were useless and annoying you desserved it!

Courtney : And I'm your girlfriend plus a great strategist to!

Cody : Guys a monster controlled by the killer chef is coming for us! So shut up!

Owen : Yeah! And you wanna win this

(Monster takes both Courtney and Duncan)

Owen and Cody (confessinal) : (About to say something but monster takes them both)

(Tyler,Justin,Noah and Harold Scene)

Tyler : Come on guys follow the winner

Harold : Dont have to rub it in! (Monster saquahes him picks him up and putshim in bouncy castle) OW!

Tyler : Yeah! (Monster picks him up) Oh Crap

Justin : (Takes off shirt)

Monster : (Still takes Justin)

Justin : Awwww!

Noah : Oh well.Monster take me away (Monster takes him)

(Heather,Izzy,LeShawna and Lindsay)

Izzy : Monster time for our date! (Monster takes her)

LeShawna : Girls crazy (Monster Takes her)

Heather : (Bursts into laughter when eyes closed only to open them and find out the Monster took her) Ugh!

Lindsay : AHHHHH (Trys to run but monster takes her)

(Bridgette and Katie Scene)

Katie : Yay we win for our team

Bridgette : Totaly

Chris : Not unless the monster catches you (Monster catches Katie and Bridgette) Okay no one wins but still a guilded Chris ceremony!

(Last Guilded Chris Thingie Justin,Duncan and Courtney)

Chris : Two of you will be eliminated but one will get the Chris that won is





Chris : Everyone no one is eliminated ha ha suckers!

Duncan : Seriously!

Chris : See you next time!

Alien Ressur-eggtion

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action. MONSTER MOVIE! And our 14 ran for there lives only to relize that no one whould be out.HA HA! But in the Katie and Bridgette were gonna win but lost. But what will happen next on Total Drama Action!(Tree falls on him) Ow!

(Theme Song Plays)

Chris : For now the teams will have have trailers instead ofthe usal boys and girls

(Screaming Gaffers)

Harold : Crap we didn't win and to make it worse Tyler keeps claiming him the winner when I really won cause my hand went first when I tripped!

Heather : No one cares dweeb No one cares!

Courtney : You know it would help if someone helped me get my revenge on Duncan

LeShawna : It will help if you three beanpoles shut up!

Cody : Okay guys arguing wont win the competition

Izzy : Will explosives and blood win (Huge silence) What?

Lindsay : Guys I dont think we should be bickering either

Heather: SO!

(Killer Grips)

Tyler : I'm a millionaire I'm athletic and I'm fast so I'm the best!

Duncan : Your an ass your stupid andno one likes you plus you cant kick a ball

Tyler : Geez

Justin : Easy Tigers Arguing wont get you win It'll get you voted off

Noah : Losers

Bridgette : We nearly won!

Katie : I know!

Owen :Its okay guys!We will win today! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Chris : The Challenge is to find eggs and at the same time not get caught my mama alien aka Chef!

Chris : Go! All members off the team must have an egg

(Screaming Gaffer Scene)

Heather : Great two paths right or left

Harold : Pick right cause right is the hand that made me win GOSH!

Courtney : You better be sure!

Cody : I'm going left

Rest of Team : Me too


(Killer Grips)

Tyler : Yes one way! (Goes through the way) Danm more ways

Duncan : Hey and egg!

Justin (conf) : This is my time to sabatage Duncan so he'll be off

Justin : (Rams into Duncan who drops his egg egg falls and breaks) Oops)

Duncan (conf) : That Justin thinks he's so great cause he has good looks! Well I'm hot too just ask the Total Drama fan girls and this is probaly for getting him voted offf last season!He's still going down

Noah : So yeah I'm going into the 1out of the sixed (This leads to where Harold is)

Bridgette : So I'm going to the 6th one

Cody and Owen : Me too!

Katie : I wanna come

(Area : 1. Screaming Gaffers minus Harold)

Heather : Yes! the egg room!

Courtney : Yes (singing) were gonna win this!(Accidently rams into the contestants)

Cody : Look what you did

Izzy : This isn't good

LeShawna : Girl you are so off

Lindsay : Totaly!

(Area 2 : Noah and Harold)

Noah : So were are we

Harold : Were (Sees Chef) About to lose the challenge (Chef shoots them with paintball)


(Area 3 : Duncan,Justin and Tyler)

Duncan : Hey look an (Justin crushes egg)

Justin : Oops

Duncan : Grrrrrrr!

Tyler : Look three eggs (Throws 1 to Justin and one to Duncan)

Justin : Look (Duncan looks Justin steals egg and throws it away) Oops!


(Area 4 : Bridgette,Katie and Owen)

Bridgette : Yes egggs!

Katie : Me too

Owen : Were gonna win (carrys egg)!

(Challenge Over!)

Chris : Come on people cant anyone win! Its a tie cause Duncan doesn't have an egg and the Gaffers doent because off Courtney so I announce you both eliminated!

Chris : See you next time!

Riot On Set

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action! Aliens! There was an egg battle weel not really since no one retrieved the eggs.Our two antagonists (Duncan and Justin) battled it out but Duncan lost to Justin only for him to be eliminated with his phsyco maniac girlfriend! What will happen next on Total Drama Action!

(Killer Grips)

Tyler : Without Duncan hear to shut me up I can talk about how sweet it is to be a millionair

Noah : But you still have me! (Tyler calls Noah a nerd and pushes him out of the way) OW!

Bridgette : Okay guys its not good to fight! Duncan's out we should be celebrating

Noah : (Saracsticly) Yay

Katie : I wish Sadie was here

Owen : Casaroles are good!

Justin (confessinal) : Owens no good anymore.All he does it say random stuff like who wants to cut the cheese! He used to be fun no he is out

(Screaming Gaffers)

Harold : Why wont this paint come of!!!! (Paint from alien challenge)

Cody : I dont know seriously!

Heather : This sucks

Lindsey : We should be happy that Cornpie is gone

Heather : Its Courtney

Lindsay : No Its not!

LeShawna : I'm with Lindsay

Izzy : If I agree with you do I get to blow up stuff

Lindsay : Sure Pissy

Izzy : Its Izzy

Lindsey : No its not!

(Challenge Time)

Chris : Okay your challenge is too act. but first carry that trailer up there! The farthest making person in TDI will carry it

Harold : Me I was 2nd.Me for the Gaffers

Tyler : Me I was 1st I won and Harold didnt.Me for the Grips

Chris : Okay! go

(Hill challenge)

Harold : RRRRRR! It wont go up

Heather : Look there passing us

Justin : Suckers!

Tyler : (Running wildly up the hill) Peice of cake!

Harold : (Finally gets it up hill with all of his team on the trailer) AAHHHH (Cant pull it up so Screaming Gaffers crash down the hill) OW OW OW OWWWWW!

Chris : Ooh thats gonna hurt tomorow! And the Grips win!

Chris : Okay next challenge is too act out something.Grips act the death of a man.And Gaffers act out man fighting the same people who did the challengedo it with annother person

(Gaffer discussing)

Harold : Ok who wants to fight me

Heather : Cody it will be weenie vs. weenie thats fair

Cody : But thats not fair Harolds lanky

Harold : Hey!

Cody : And I'm short

Izzy : Just do it!

(Grip discussing)

Tyler : I'll be the killer

Justin : Who will be the person getting killed.Owen mabye you should do this

Owen (confessinal) : But I am a horrible actor! Oh no!

(Challenge Time)

Chris : Act now.Gaffers first

Harold punched Cody in the face.Cody kicked Harolds kiwiws,Harold Kicks Codys kiwis both pass out

Chris : Next

Heather : What the hell is wrong with idiots!

Cody (confessinal) : I'm getting sick of Heathers she's definatley getting off

Chris : Okay Grips act away

Owen was walking.Tyler comes in with a knife and pretends to kill him.Fake blood comes on Owen

Justin (confessinal) : That was awsome damn

Chris : Gaffers choose who you want out

Gaffers : Heather

Heather : What?

Chris : See you next time

Jungle Wars

Chris : Last time on TDA!Thats right initials!We had to act but the two acts were crappy but the Gaffers would have won if someone actually won the fight.But the Grips did.And Heather was outie.What will happen next on Total Drama Action!

(Killer Grips)

Tyler : We won with that challenge

Noah : Well your lucky we would have lost if Harold or Cody actually won the fight

Bridgette : Yeah guys that was lucky!

Katie : Yeah like totaly

Justin : My plan to get rid of him didn't work

Owen : Rid off who?

Justin (confessinal) : Okay I dont want Owen to know I'm getting rid of him! And its non-elimination today so that idea can go tomorow

(Screaming Gaffers)

Harold : Gosh this is Codys fault we lost you kicked me in the kiwis first!

Cody : Its not my fault its Heathers fault

Harold : And Heather gone wich means I cant blame her

Izzy : Geez guys have some beans

LeShawna : There actually reans!

Lindsay : I love chaceens

Izzy : (facepalm)

(Challenge Time)

Chris : The challenge is to fight each other wearing ape costumes.First fight Tyler vs. Harold!

Tyler :Ya (Punches then kicks) LeShawna is stupid

Harold : Grrrr (Punches Tyler so hard that Tyler goes out of ape costume and lies in pain)

LeShawna : Thats my man!

Chris : Since Gaffers have 5 and Grips have 6 I'm letting Harold fight Justin now!

Justin : Nerdling (Punches Harold with upercut)

Harold : AAAAAAA (Flying in air . Falls) OW!

Chris : Next fight Cody vs. Noah

Cody : (Boxes Noah too hard Noah passes out) Oops

Chris : Izzy vs. Brigette

Izzy : Yi-ha (Krate chops Bridgette)

Bridgette : Ow!

Chris : This is boring! LeShawna vs. Owen

LeShwna kicks Owen's tummy.Owen doesn't do anything.LeShawna charges at Owen but his belly bounces her back

LeShawna : Man that boy is fat

Chris : Lindsay vs. Katie

Lindsay : Hi Sfradie!

Katie : Is Katie! (pushes Lindsay far away)

Lindsay : No it not!

Chris : Its tied 3-3 meet me in 4 minutes for our tiebreaker challenge

(Tiebreaker Time)

Chris : Only Cody and Noah in this challenge the challenge is to weight-lifting contest

Noah (confessinal) : Now I get why he picked us! Yeah pick on the nerds! Hm!

Chris : Go

Noah : No way

Chris : The Gaffers win

Gaffers : Yes

Chris : But its not an elimination

Grips : Yes

Chris : But the Grip will have to clean the toilts whilst the Gaffer get a dinner reward!

Grip : Aw!

Chris : See you next time!

3:10 to Crazytown

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action! It was about Jungle movies and the Gaffers won to bad it was non-elimination!What will happen next on Total Drama Action!


Harold : Cody you would have got creamed if Noah did't quit the challenge

LeShawna : No offence Harold but so would you

Cody : Exactly and todays challenge is the wild west! Do you know how to do that

Harold : Yeah at Stevie Steves 3:10 to Crazytown Camp

Lindsay : Reevie Reid isn't she the one who made Lipglass did she make a lipglass camp

Izzy : Or a fire camp......BOOM BOOM! (Running around the cabin until bashes into a wall)


Tyler : Yeah were outnumbered them

Owen : Justin keeps talking about getting rid of someone

Justin : Me eliminated you pals no!

Justin (confessinal) : DUH! and plan Owen is totaly today!

Noah : I'm watching you

Justin (confessinal) : And plan Noah

Bridgette : Guys Justin would never do something like that

Katie : Yeah no what they say hot boys are niceboys!

(Challenge Time)

Chris : Its simple just jump on the horse perfectly. First Lindsay from the Gaffers.The last person to lose is outie!

Lindsay : I want to do it with Beth

Chris : She is not hear! Do it with Katie

Both jump non of the 2 land on the horse

Chris : Izzy your up

Izzy : YAAHHH (Lands on horse) Awsome!

Chris : Cody and Leshawna

Cody : Together on that small thing!

LeShawna : Hold on beanpole (Both land on horse)

Cody : Yes

LeShawna : Awsome

Gaffers : Yes

Grips : Not Awsome!

Chris : Okay this is officaly boring! Tyler your up

Tyler : (Jump but misses fall into ground) Ow

Chris : Justin

Justin : I cant do this Owen you do it (Takes horse away)

Owen : Yahhhhhhhhhhhh (Misses) Crap

Chris : Owen would be eliminated cause no one else would do it so theres gonna be a tiebreaker

Chris : Water pistols if the Grips lose Owens gone for Sure

Justin (confessinal) : Yes! By the time I deafeat all the boys my good looks will woo the girls

(Pistol Challenge)

Harold : Lets do this (water pistols Tyler)

Tyler : Hey!

Harold : Whos the winner now!

Justin : Oh no I dropped my pistol (Cody shoots water at him) Not the face!

Izzy : Yaaa eat this Noah

Noah : (Water splashign on him without him doing anything) What? I want Owen out

Chris : Gaffers win and Owen your Out

Owen : Awww!

Chris : See you next time

TDA Aftermath : 1

TDA Aftermath Music Plays

Duncan : I'm Duncan

Courtney : And I'm Courtney and this is the TDA Aftermath

Duncan : Our own little show without Chris McCrapface annoying us!

Courtney : And here are our non-competitors from season 1.

Duncan : Trent!

Courtney : Gwen

Duncan : Ezekiel

Courtney : Beth

Duncan : DJ

Courtney : Eva and Sadie

Duncan : And Geoff

Courtney : And now for some thats gonna leave a mark!

The slideshow showed Tyler being Dunked in a basketball hoop by LeShawna.Cody been attacked by animals Harold falling of the plank and missing. And Courtney being hit in the head with footballs

Courtney : Who put that vidoe of me there-

Duncan : I dont know!

Courtney : Now some truth or hammer with Owen and Heather.Owen first

Owen : Okay!

Duncan : Owen do you like to fart to annoy people

Owen : No (Hammer knocks Owen out of chair) Ow!

Courtney : Owen dont lie or the hammer will hit you. Do you like everyfood in the word

Owen : Even lima beans (Nothing happens)

Duncan : Okay Heathr now!

Heather : Fine

Duncan : Heather do you like Harolds skills

Heather : No (Hammer hits here) Ow!

Courtney : Okay thats the end of this danm episode!

Duncan : Se you next time!

The Chefshank Redemption

Chris : Last time on TDA! Crazytown. And Justin eliminated a friend off his sow low dude.Justin may be still in the game but is Justin his real name.Will Tyler not get dissed.Will Harodls stop saying he was the winner off TDI.Will LeShawna stop calling people beanples.Will Noah actually care about the competition and will someone return answers her on Total Drama Action

Chris : I'm announcing Heathers return


Heather : Anyone even happy I'm back

Harold : B-word

Heather (conf) : Chris told me all the secrets of the competition now that I've returned I even know waht Justin is up to 2 can play at that game!

Cody : Aww I just starting to have fun with non of the b-words here (Courtney and Heather)

Heather : You better shut up if you dont want your butt booted off

LeShawna : We can boot you off ya-no

Heather : Cant Chris signed a contract that I cant be voted off until the merge

Lindsay : Awww Hannah's back

Heather : Its Heather

Lindsay : Whatever Hailey


Tyler : (singing) I wanna be a millionaire oh wait I already am! Justin (confessinal) : I honestly dont realize why he keeps singing that! Next time he sings that he's off well you know what he's off today!

Justin : Tyler we know your a millionaire cause of winning TDI But you dont have to-

Tyler : Your just jealous because you were so close 5th place and you lost!

Justin (conf) : I dont care he is so off and is gonna get it real bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah : I never thought I would say this but I'm sideing with Justin on this one no-one cares if your a millionaire

Brdigette : Yeah Tyler you need to stop

Katie : Exactly

Tyler (confessinal) : Gosh they were all on my back they should get lost.

(Challenge Time)

Both Teams are bickering because of Heather and Tyler

Chris : Attention today we will do a prison movie to bad Duncans gone! You guys would need him the challenge was to eat disgusting food but Owen ate it last night.So it to break down a prison wall.Choose

Justin : We pick Tyler

Justin (conf) : Just for you to know I glued the bricks on the wall so Tyler cant break out of the place! He is so out!

Cody : We pick Heather

Heather (conf) : If there trying to get me eliminated there wrong I'm strong when I'm frustrated strong!

Chris : Start now

Tyler : (Kicks,punches and rams into wall) I thought you said these walls were breakable

Chris : They are

Justin : Not anymore!

Heather : (punches and kicks) I'm angry now (gets frustrated and punches brick wall down)

Chris : Gaffers win part one of the prison challenge

Heather (conf) : And I'll make sure we win part 2 I glued the Grips Kart for Part 2

(Part 2 Challenge)

Chris : Challenge is a kart race use the karts to race up to Chef go!Heather and Tyler do this challenge

Tyler : I cant push it

Heather : Peice of cake! (Runs up hill to Chef)

Chris : Gaffers win Grips vote

Grips : Tyler!

Tyler : What

Justin : Bye Bye

Tyler : You-

Chris : See you next time


One Flu Over the Cuckoo

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action! Prison break!And Duncan would have actually being usefull but hes out! Justin used his wicked ways to get Tyler out this comptition just got 1000 percent less richer because of that.Will someone be elminated or is this another non-elimination only way to find out is to chune in to Total Drama Action!

(Killer Grips)

Justin (conf) : My team is only down to 2 boys and 2 girls.Since Noah is super hard to get rid off I think on of the girls have togo next

Noah : So what are we gonna do guys! Our team is down to 4 members and with Heathers return the Gaffers now have 6 memebrs and might win any minute

Katie : We could form an alliance with someone.Then ditch them

Noah : No to Courtney

Bridgette : Act all pretty when were really just desprate and make them lose with some tiny thing!

Noah : No to Justin

Justin : I heard that! What we should do is sabatage Heathers team

Bridgette : Thats evil

Justin : Heather is the reason we lost yestarday she glued the karts

Bridgette : OK I'm in

Katie and Noah : Well I guess I'm in

Justin (conf) : To easy. Now with them in an alliance.I'll get rid off them one by one starting with Noah!

(Screaming Gaffers)

Heather : Hi teammates!

LeShawna : Get lost beanpole

Heather : So I win for the team and I get this

Harold : Well yeah you were evil when you won.And you returning was just simply unfair!

Heather : OK! For one I just got angry at you in episode three at you in episode 3 and was out that screams unfair! So Chris signed a contract saying that if I made things "Interesting" he'd let me back and you cant eliminate me till the merge wich is who knows when

Cody : Your evil now your so off

Heather : Did you hear my rant about not getting out till the merge idiot!

Lindsay : Yeah Mody didn't you hear her pant

Izzy : Its Cody and its rant

Lindsay ; A rat were ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Izzy : (confessinal) Girls dumb

(Challenge Time)

Chris : The challenge is based on doctor movies Your challenge is to get peices of franken Chris.Gaffers get there bowl.Grip get ther bowl. Challenge starts in an hour(All contestnats leave)

Killer Grips come in

Justin : Now (Him and his team steal all of the Gaffers franken Chris peices and throw them in the trash)

Justin (conf) : And Heather thinks she's evil

(The Franken-Chris Challenge)

Chris : On your marks get set go!

Harold : Gaffers for the win (Picks up eel and gets elecricuted) YOOOOOOOWWWWWW!Gosh!

Bridgette : I found the head

Heather : If Dweeb cant do it I definatley can! (Rope accidnelty gets cut making Heather fall in the the pool and constantly getting electricuted) OOWWWW AHHH OWW HELPPPPPPPP!

Katie : I found the right arm!

Izzy : Yaaa! (Jumps in pool) Cool I Mr. Eel OW OW OW OW! STOP PLEASE!

Cody : Oh well (Gets multiple eels on top of him) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Lindsay : I'm not doing this

LeShawna : Neitther am I

Noah : I found the legs

Justin : I found the left arm,neck and the body

Chris : Grips win

Grips : Yes

Chris : Part 1

Grips : Aw

Justin : And what exactly is this "Part 2"

Chris : Just eat this pizza and you'll see!

Justin (conf) : Who knows what Chris put on this I am not eating that pizza

Noah : (conf) I'm so not eating this in medical school its says that if a pizza is blood red you cnat eat it this is blood red!

Bridgette : Aren't you going to enjoy some pizza!

Justin : Pass

Harold : Seriously this is delicious

Heather : Your missing out

(Part 2 Challenge)

Chris : Those of you who didn't eat the pizza just past the first bit of Part 2

All minus Noah and Justin : Yes!

Chris : They give you a diesese since only Noah and Justin didn't eat they are competitng in the challenge you have to cure the sick

Justin (conf) : Yes that means even if we lose we still win!

Chris : If any of you two dont cure a contestant in time the will be out

Everyone : What!

Chris : Heres your curing drink you have 59 seconds

Noah : What

Chris : 58!

Noah : Cured.Cured.Cured.Cured.Cured

Justin : Cured.Cured.Cured. (About to cure LeShawna but time runs out) LeShawna your cured

Chris : But eliminated!

LeShawna : Bye guys!

Chris : Again what will happen next

The Sand Witch Project

Chris : Last time on TDA Doctors! And some people were sick other people where awsome! In the end Justin Mr. Evil.Convinced his team to be evil with him and sabatage the sabatager.In the end LeShawna got here lousy but voted off ha-ha! But will Harold crie.Will Heather cheer. and will someone get my coffe!!! Oh and will Heather strike against Justin.Find out in Total Drama Action

(Screaming Gaffers)

Harold : WAAAAA! (Crying) WHY WHY did she have to go!!!!!! why! LeShawna why LeShawna!! he he he

Heather : (confessinal) He's being crying for 14 hours......straight. He has to go off!

Heather : Ugggggggh!

Cody : Oh sure Heather if your love left wherever you were wouldn't you cry

Heather : Listen Dweeb Heather doesnt cry!

Izzy : Everyone cryes like this (Punches Heathe hard in eye)

Heather : OW! (Crys)

Izzy : See (Hether punches Izzy out)

Heather : Nutjawb

Lindsay : Whats a flootspaud

Heather : I said nutjawb

Lindsay : But

Heather : Whatever Lindsay

Lindsay : Who's chinzy!

(Killer Grips)

Justin : Awsome work yestarday!

Noah : Not really

Katie : Yeah didn't really like it

Bridgette : I feel evil

Justin : But evil makes it far remeber

Noah : I'd rather be out now!

Justin : Come on guys were just gonna make it to the merge and no more evil (whisper yere right)

Bridgette : OK fine

Justin : Phew

Katie :Phew what

Noah : Yeah fue what

Justin : Phew nothing

(Huge Silence)

Justin (conf) : The merge is in 7 days how will I surivive without anyone knowing my true self

Noah (conf) : Justin is up to something I'll find out even if I get eliminated

Bridgette (conf) : Well I dont really know about this alliance.Justin might be up to something or mabye he is just a nice guy

Katie (conf) : I totaly trust Justin maybe I'll be his girlfriend! That would be awsome!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Chris : The challenge is a scare off. We have to scream the loudest when the killer comes.Heather and Justin are the killers. Go

Heather : Jinx Harold your jinxed talk or scream and I'll punch you!

Harold : What (Heathers kicks his kiwis) Awww! Punches not kicks (Heather punches him in the face) (Harold does sign langauage for fine)

Harold : (conf) Heather trying to get me off and I (Heather hand comes in and punches him)

Chris : Harold you Cody and Heather go

Heather : Pops out ARRRRRRRR!


Chris : Yeah 80 out of 100 Harold why wont you scream

Harold : I'm jinxed (Heather punches him) OW (Heather kicks his kiwis) Ow! (Heather kicks his kiwis again) (Harold covers kiwis and does sign language for ow!)

Chris : Okay grips Noah and Katie

Justin : BOOOOOOO!

Noah : ah

Chris : 1 out of 100





Chris : Wow over 100!

Chris : Grips win Harold your out

Harold : Crap (Heather kicks his kiwis) ow.

Chris : See you next time

Masters of Diasasters

Chris : Last time on TDA.Scary movie blah blah lah to tired for recap!

Chris : LeShawna is returning!After one day break with no LeShawna it was getting boring so she's back

Heather : Can we boot her todya

Chris : No because-

Heather : Why!

Chris : Because she has the same contrct as you no elimination till the merge

Heather (conf) : But I'm evil and the vil people make it further I'll get her off by the time the merge is here!

(Screaming Gaffers)

Heather : Okay heres the deal while you were off . I sent Harold off with my evilness and-

LeShawna : You sent Harold off why!

Heather : He kept crying over you and plus he wouldn't be off if you weren't off

LeShawna : Listen it was Justins fault he's to slow when it comes to giving people drinks!

Heather : No its your fault for eating the pizza

LeShawna : You ate it to

Cody : Calm down ladies

Heather : Shut it dweeb


Lindsay : Mody is not a sheeb!

LeSawna : (Facepalms)

(Killer Grips)

Justin (whispering) : So Noah today and Bridgette near the merge.then Katie!

Bridgette : I knew you were evil!

Justin : Me waht no!

Bridgette : Denial! See he's evil

Noah : Your right he's been acting strange and has been saying Noah so often

Katie : I think hes trying to get you off

Noah : I knew you couldn't be trusted

Justin : What does Bridgette know she's just an ugly girl I'm a sexy model

Noah : With quater off a brain

Justin : Hey I've eliminated 3 people so far. Would a person as dumb as that be going on like that

Katie : Exactly wich 3!

Noah : Yeah!

Justin : Duncan,Owen and Tyler

Noah : Duncan was bad he deserved it.Tyler was annayoing but Owen was awsome why him

Justin : You are so of if you dont shut up

(Team start shouting at each other)


Chris : The challenge is to escape this obstacle course full off. Walls,Monkey Bars,and a Dodging area.First team to cross the finnish line wins

(Gaffers Scene)

Heather : Another huge wall! Ugghh

Cody : (In dodgin area) gotta run (huge book hits him causing him to fall over)

Cody (conf) : Yes I weigh the size of an 11 year old at the age of 16! Big deal!

Heather : Nerdling (Monkey bars place) (Tomato juicecomes) (Get engulfed by the tomato juice) You didn't mention this!

LeShawna : (Dogdes a book then a footblall) Yes (Gets hit with a book in the shape of a football)What those things dont exist!

Izzy : HA HA (Dodges and jumps of everything) AWSOME!

(Grips Scene)

Justin : (Crashes into wall) My face my beautifull face

Justin (conf) : Wow if it got one percent more panifull I would nearly be not beautyfull.

Noah : Hurry up pretty boy (Passes finish line)

Bridgette : Yeah (Passes finish line)

Katie : Guess hot people aren't so fast

(Justin crosses line)

Chris : Grips win!

Chris : Part 1

Justin : Uggghs Okay if were gonna have to do 2 parts you might as well say Grips win part 1 in I sentenche!

Chris : No cause I like it when you guys get angry at me!

(Part 2)

Chris : Okay the challenge is escape form this safe

Justin : What safe

Chris : (Locks both teams in safe)

Justin : Great were locked in here

Izzy : With a hot guy

LeShawna : So hot!

Justin : I know

Heather : Guys the thing is filled with water!

Cody : Oh crap (2 mins later nearly all there body)

Lindsay : Who know how to open a safe (Cody and Noah put there hands up)

Justin : Quick Noah win for the team (Pushes Cody away)

Cody : OW!

Noah : There!

Chris : Comes in Grips win but non elimination

Chris : Again see you next time!

Full Metal Drama

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action! It was a diaster and no not becuase they nearly ided because it was the worst episode so far seriously i wanted drama not boring fights with pretty boys and mean girls! I mean seroiously that squirrel eating a nut was more fun to watch than last episode it was a descrase! but anyway. Will there be an awsome challenge,will the Grips get Justin,Will Heather make it further than LeShawna will I rip both there stupid contracts and send them home find out ion Total Drama Action. Were Chris's standing blows up! Chef : Ha I win prank week! Chris : Oh no you dont! AAAAA!

(Screaming Gaffers)

Heather : Geek you lost thats right Cody I'm talking to you your useless

Cody : (Throws lipstick at Heather) Shut up!

Lindsay : Yeah Brody is not a fleek and you should totaly shut up your cut

Heather : That doesn't make any sence (Izzy puts in a non killing-bomb in Heathers shirt) What the-

Izzy : BOOM BOOM (Heathers boobs expose) OOPS

LeShawna : My eyes

Lindsay : (vomits)

Cody : Sexy

Cody (comf) : I'm not a pervert of something its just like Heather seems hot shirtless....okay I'm a pervert!

Heather (conf) : (Weres shirt) OMG That was bad and Cody liked it such a perverted little nerd!

LeShawna : I'm gonna go vomit (Huge vomiting sounds are hered from outside)

(Killer Grips)

Justin (conf) : So yeah Bridgettes off today.Time I used my "powers"

Justin : Hey guys (Comes in with no shirt)




Bridgette : Hi Justin looking hot today

Noah : I know what your doing using your good looks to eliminate Bridgette

Justin : And you cant do anything there hipnotised

Noah (conf) : I really hate Justin now!

Noah : But

Justin : Girls take Noah away

Noah : No guys no!

Justin : Dont listen to him

Katie : What now your hotness!

Justin : Throw him in the smelliest dumpster you good find

Noah : Wait NO!

Bridgette : Shut up Noah

Noah (conf) : They coudn't find the stinkiest bin so guess what they put me in the stinkiest toilet! And flushed it over and over and over again!

(Challenge Time)

Chris : We have to jump out of the plane

LeShawna : Say what

Chris : Then you have two targets every member of team most go on the red target instead off the blue one go

Heather : AHHHHH (Hits red target) great! (LeShawna falls on her) Ow!

LeShawna : (Cody falls on her) Ow!

Cody : (Izzy falls on him steps on his kiwis and then stands on him) Awww!

Lindsay : (Lindsay falls on blue target) I WIN!

Cody : You lost

Lindsay : Shut up Mody!

Chris : Gaffers get 4 points would have ogt five if it weren't for Lindsay

Chris : Grips your up

Justin : Katie ,Bridgette fall on the blue sign okay

Chris : Justin

Justin : I cant do this or the lawyer will sue you

Noah : Okay (jumps on red sign)

Katie and Bridgette land on the blues sign

Chris : Vote someone off

Justin : Kate,Bridgette vote Bridgette

Katie,Bridgette,Justin : Bridgette

Noah : Justin

Chris : Bridgette you out


Justin : See you next time!

Chris : Thats my line

Justin : SHUT UP!

TDA Aftermath : 2

TDA Aftermtah Music Play

Duncan : I'm Duncan

Courtney : And I'm courtney

Both : And this is TDA Aftermath

Coutney : We'll be dishing the dirt and doing....other stuff!

Duncan : But heres some thats gonna leave a mark

Clip shows Justin been beten up by a bear,Lindsay trying to get into the room thus bangging here head on the door,Katie trying to dodge the stuff from episode 10 but keeps getting hit

Duncan : So hilarious!

Courtney : Except for Justin

Duncan : Um exuse me he got me eliminated

Courtney : But he's hot

Duncan : And I'm your BOYFRIEND!

Geoff : Guys get back to the show!

Duncan : And who told you too talk

Duncan : Anyway today we have 4 guests Tyler,Bridgette,Harold,LeShawna

Courtney : LeShawna returned

Duncan : If we interview her now we wont have to when she gets eliminated....again!

Duncan : First Tyler and Harold put on the anvil chair in Truth or Anvil!

Tyler : Hi loser

Harold : You better shut your hole before I kick your other hole you no the one were you do your business with

Tyler : Yeah Yeh

Duncan : This question is for Harold do you have a tiny willie!

Harold : Sick definatley no (Anvil hits him) Ow (Passes out)

Courtney : Tyler are you annoying

Tyler : No (Anvil hits him) OW!

Duncan : Your so annoying Mr. Millionaire!

Courtney : Now time for Bridgette and LeShawna

Duncan : LeShawna do you love Harold

LeShawna : God no (dodges anvil) WHAT THE HELL!

Tyler : Atleast you didn't actually get hit by it!

Courtney : Bridgette where yiou like total hipnotized by Justins good looks


Bridgette : No (Bridgette dodges anvil) OMG!

Harold : Um you didn't get hit we did so you shouldn't be schocked!

Duncan : LeShawna is your butt full of poop right now

LeShawna : What kind of question is (Gets hit with anvil)

Duncan : See you next time!

Oceans Eight-Or Nine

Chris : Last time on TDA! It was full metal Drama I got bored so I made it short.Justin wooed Bridgette and Katie whiles Noah got miss-treated but again I say what will happen next on Total Drama Action!

Chris : Tyler returns today. Tyler is the last returner if anyone gets eliminated they wont return so go blame Tyler for taking your spot.BYE

(Screaming Gaffers)

Heather : Seen the aftermath yestarday are you serious a butt full of poop! HA HA HA!

LeShanaw : Are you serious a face full of pain

Heather : What do you mean a (LeShawna punches Heather out)

Cody : Owned!

Cody : Poned

Cody : Totaly deserved it la la la la ha ha (In the Katy Perry - ET Tune)

Izzy : Your weird!

Lindsay : Yeah she was so bowed!

Izzy : Poned

Lindsay : Bowed!

Izzy : Poned

Lindsay : Bowed

Izzy : Poned!

Lindsay : You know I went to the 7th grade for 4 years I should know!

Cody :(conf) So dumb! (Intern captures him when no-one is looking)MMMM!

(Killer Grips)

Tyler : I'm back fill me in on what happened whiles I was gone!

Noah : Well we won 3 times in a row and then lost Bridgette due to Justin woowing her

Justin : Shut up Noah. Noah doesn't know anything he must have banged his head

Noah : No I (Justin banged Noahs head into wall) Ow

Justin : See!

Tyler : Knew justin was evil how many people did he eliminate over my absence

Katie : 1

Tyler : So much for being a bad guy

Justin : Shut up

Tyler : No you. Your so annoying

Justin : Waht!

Justin : Me annoying yeah your so not annoying Mr. Billionaire Boy!

Tyler : I'm just excited that I won!

Justin : Says you

Tyler (conf) : All antagonist always fail and get eliminated in these kind of shows!So Justin will get it bad....soon (Intern captures him) Hey!


Chris : High guys the challenge is to open a safe that contains your teammates Cody and Tyler.Part 2 you have to have a plan to steal the opposing teams money.Last challenge a get away go!

Justin : Rescue Tyler now who would want to do that

Naoh : The person who wants one million bucks

Lindsay : Yeah the person who wants 1 million f*cks

Haether : Bucks

Lindsay : No!

Chris : Just start now

(Screaming Gaffers Scene)

Heather : Great Cody knows how to open a safe and they capture him

LeShawna : Then we would win way to easily!

Lindsay : I know it (Kicks the door)

Heather : We are going to lose!

Izzy : No we are not (Takes huge axe out of pocket)

Lindsay,Heather,LeShawna : AHHHHH!

Izzy : HA HA HA! (Cuts door in half)

Heather : Come on guys back to Chris for Part 2

(Killer Grips Scene)

Noah : I knowm how to open it!

Justin : Really

Noah : No!

Tyler (in safe) : I watched episode 10 you seemed like you did

Noah : I know (opens safe)

Justin : Why did you say no!

Noah : Wanted to annoy you

(Part 2)

Chris : Gaffers win cause they were here first oh and heres the money

Heather : (Steals Grips money)

Chris : Gaffers win again

Chris : Part 3 is a go-kart race Bulid your karts

(Gaffers discussing)

Cody : Look at my old kart (Carries ckart)

Heather : You were really usefull today....what did you do!

Cody : Nothing

Cody : (conf) What did I do more like what did I want some respect from Mrs. Queen Bee!

Heather (conf) : Made Codys nerd kart be able to go faster and I messed with te grips kart

(Kart Race)

Chris : Marks get set go!

Grips kart fall apart

Chris : gaffers win

gaffers : Yes

Chris : See you next time!

One Million Bucks B.C.

Chris : Last time on TDA. Bank Heist and everything got crazy.Tyler returned everyone beginsto not trust Justin.Cody was being suspicious.Heather was quetsining him being suspistion.Lindsay revealed to be even dumber than we thought.LeShawna and Heather got fisty.RAWWR!Izzy yelled powned.Noah informed Tyler.Katie said a word Heather was evil blah blah blah.You know who wrote these cards this is boring I want more than these stupid cards you know I want more. Chef : More YOU WNAT MORE I GIVE YOU CARDS THAT I WROTE FOR AGES LAST NIGHT AND YOU WNAT MORE SHUT UP.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


(Screaming Gaffers)

Heather : I won yestarday

LeShanwa : I seriously dont care anymore shut up!

Heather : I always win for this team and all I get is "Shut up beanpole. Quiet B-Word and aw Meather back and BOOM BOOM!" Cant you guys actually give me respect!

LeShanwa : (Trys to slap Heather but Heather Judu flips her) OW!

Heather : I learned that whiles on Bank Heist

LeShawna : I see.....

Izzy : Can you do this (Jumps out of trailer and falls back kicking Cody's face)

Cody : OOF! (Izzy falls on him kicking his face)

Cody : Owwww!

Lindsay : Now Frixxy you shouldn't have kicked Mody

Izzy : Sorry!

Lindsay : Okay Izzy

Heather : You actually got a name right!

Lindsay : I mean Pissy

LeShawna : And her dumbness comes back!

(Killer Grips)

Tyler : We lost that Justin would have been out if it was an elimination

Justin : You would have eliminated no one. I'm to pretty to be eliminated

Noah : You know your not getting out of this jam with just a hair flip

Katie : I'd let him eliminate me for a hairflip!

Tyler and Noah stair at her

Katie : I'm a girl

Noah : Then girls must be mad cause Justin is U. G. L. Y.

Tyler : And he aint got no ulliby

Both : He's ugly u-u-u-u ugly!

Tyler : My man

Noah : Way to go dude

Justin glares at them

Tyler : I'm gonna go now

Noah : Yeah me too

Katie : I dont think your ugly. But your evil (leaves)

Justin : 2 Days till the merge and I can eliminate everyone on my team but Noah before the merge causde Katie still loves me a bit and Tyler he's peice of cake


Chris : Challenge is to make fire with flint stones biggest fire wins

(Screaming Gaffers Firework)

Heather : Look! (Starts to make fire) I think were gonna win

Lindsay : AHHH Fire (Stamps it out)

Gaffers : Lindsay!

LeShawna : We had to use that for the challenge

Lindsay : OHH (Makes fire with stones) There

Cody : Liking the new Lindsay

Lindsay : Who Pizzly?

Izzy : Ugggggghhhh

(Killer Grips Firework)

Justin : Okay we jsut have to (Body catches oin fire) AHHHH!

Katie : (Pours water on him)

Justin : Beatyfull face wet

Chris : Times up

Noah : We didn't get to make a fire!

Chris : Too bad

Tyler : But

Chris : Shut Up

Tyler : But

Chris : Shut Up!

Tyler : Bu-

Chris : SHUT UP!!!!

Tyler : Kay

Chris : Gaffers win the challenge so have advantage for next challenge bone battle

Chris : Gaffers get big bones. Grips teeny ones knock the next person off the pillars go

(Heather and Tyler Scene)

Tyler : I wont hit a girl even if its Heather

Heather : TOO BAD! (Hits Tyler in tarpit)

Tyler : AHHHHH! (Falls in tar) I'm all black -

Heather : Black and yellow. Black and Yellow!

Chris : Next Gaffers win

(LeShawna and Justin Fight)

LeShawna : You going down

Justin : (Takes off Shirt) Jump in the tar pool

LeShawna : Okay! (Falls in)

Chris : Grips win its a tie 1-1

(Cody and Noah Fight)

Chris : I love it nerd against nerd you dont know who's gonna lose

Cody : Look

Noah : What (Gets knocked off pillar)

(Izzy and Katie Fight)

Izzy : Oops (Falls in pit)

Katie : I win!

Chris : Tied 2-2

Chris : Katie since your team is short one fight Lindsay

(Katie and Lindsay)

Lindsay : Hi

Katie : Hi Hi

Heather : Katie ws kissing Tyler

Lindsay : What yaaa (Knocks Katie off pillarso hard she flies to the beavers)

Katie : The beaver there getting me

Lindsay : No one kissing my Tyson

Chris : Gaffers win but non-elimination so what will happen next on Total Drama Action!

Katie : No Beaver no NOOOOOOO!

Million Dollar Babies

Chris : Last time on TDA! It was prehistoric so prehistoric that it was like Jesus wasn't even born get it B.C. HA-HA! Okay that was a crap joke but I managed to make myself laugh and anyway.Our contestants went totaly prehistoric.Lindsay seemed to get a little smarter only to get dumber only to win for her team only to forgett someones name again Tyson! But anyway. Will Justin survive the last non-merge day!Will LeShawna's big butt get out of Heathers way.Will Izzy stop being normal and be crazy.Will Cody win another nerd fight.Will Noah lose another nerd fight.Will Lindsay show an ounce of smartness.Will Katie get over Justin and will Tyler get into shape questions that will never ever be answered in Total Drama Action! Chef : Those stupid lines and you call yestardays lines stupid I'm gonna beat you up again. Chris : Not the face AHHH!

(Screaming Gaffers)

Heather : I won against Tyler again and I still get nothing

(Huge Silence)

(Even Huger Silence)

Heather : Hello

LeShawna : Tell Heather I'm not talking I'm not talking to her

Cody :She's not talking to you

Lindsay : She's not talking to you Hebrew

Izzy : Heather

Lindsay : OK

Heather : Okay even Izzy is normal

LeShawna : Tell Heather that she's a skinny little beanpole that will never make it in life becuase

She knows nothing and can barely do any sport without falling over and crying like WA WA WA WAWA WAWAWAWAWA!

Cody : Heather LeShawna said that your a skinny little beanpole that will never make it in life because you know nothing and can barely do any sport without falling over and crying like WA WA WA WAWAWAWAWAWA!

(Killer Grips)

Justin : One day till the merge and I'll surive

Katie : I dont think so

Justin : Why

Katie : Because.....

Justin : I'm not hot

Katie : No

Justin : I'm not evil

Katie : No because-

Justin : What is it tell me

Katie : Noah and Tyler are planning to get you off

Justin : How

Noah : Cause we are

Tyler : You'll get what you deserve

Both : OHHHH (In Mordecai and Rigby [Regular Show] way)

Justin : Weirdos


Chris : The challenge run through that course except for LeShawna you get the day off

(Running Race is over)

Lindsay : Who won Chip

Chris : No-one but I recoreded the whole thing and seen what happend on who did worst.Lindsay and Noah came in last place

Noah : Come on!

Chris : In 3rd place came Tyler and Cody.In 2nd came Izzy and Katie and in 1st Heather and Justin you will all do this individuly against the person you tied with

(Noah and Lindsay Challenge)

Chris : Basketball wen I call time the person with the most points win go

Lindsay : Ya (Throws ball around and runs to fast for Noah)

Noah : Come back here!

Lindsay : Yay! (Throws ball in hoop) I win

Noah : Its not time yet

Chris : Time

Lindsay : Sorry Zoa!

Noah : Its Noah

(Cody and Tyler Challenge)

Chris : Challenge run across this pitch Cody and Tyler

Cody : Again

Chris : Yes again go!

Cody : (Picks up rockand throws it at Tyler)

Tyler : AHHH (Trips and rolles up into a balls rolling all over the floor)OW OW OW OW

Tyler : (About to cross the finnish line but stops rolling)

Cody : (Passes line) The Codester the Codemister the Codelicious

Chris : Gaffers win 2-0!

(Katie and Izzy Challenge)

Chris : Soccer same as the basketball challenge go!

Izzy kicks the ball she shoots she...doestn't score cause of Katie

Katie kicks it and dose a football trick and kicks it in the goal!

Izzy : Rbs it form her and kicks it in the other goal

Only 5 seonds left

Katie robbs the ball. 2 seconds left Katie stops for a second 1 seocnd left! Katie shoots and wins for the Grips! And the Chris and Chef go wild

Chris : Grips win but techinacly lose 1-2

(Justin and Heather Challenge)

Chris : This challenge might even out the scores.Wrestling go

Justin throws Heather in the ball pit and the ifght is on

Heather kicks Justin. Justin uses his good looks to hipnotize Heather Heather loses.Until wam!!!!

Heather kicks Justin in the stomach Justin passes out and sinks in the ball-pit

Chris : Gaffers win! Grips vote


Katie : Okay so if I vote Noah you will bring to the final 5 with you!

Justin : Yes

Katie : EEEEEEE!

Tyler : Okay so I will ditch Noah you'll bring to the final 5 deal!

Justin (conf) : Well I'll bring Tyler to the final 5 but Katie I'll wait till the final 6 then ditch her then I'll ditch Tyler in the final 5! So easy

Noah : Justin

Rest of Grips : Noah

Noah : What

Chris : What will happen next time on TDA! Initials dude!

Dial M for Merger

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action.We were sporty well some were there was basketball,football,running and wrestling again Heather won for her team and is not gonna get any usual.In the end Justin made an unlikley promise of bringing people to the final 3 but he doesn't have tp wory about teams its the merge!And boy do I have something wicked install for those ha-ha! What will happen next on Total Drama Action. Chef : HA HA HA! And you call my lines stupid! Chris : Shut up!!!!!!

Chris : I announce the merge say how you feel in the confessinal

Heather (conf) : Well for starters I didn't actually make it here cause I cheated I had a contract that I wouldn't be eliminated till the merge but whateves I'll win not so fair and I dont know what the square is for!

Cody (conf) : Woo hoo! Merge again I am awsome man awsome!

Izzy (conf) : I was so close to being in the merge last season but lost it was bad I hated it the girl (Heather) showed off her breasts even when I see my own I vomit!

LeShawna (conf) : Despite unfair Contract.I made it.And plus I was out for only a day thats not so unfair

Lindsay (conf) : Why are they all talking about sergios.Like I made it to the sergio its no big deal (someone tells her that they said merge) Oh I didn't get to that thing last time!

Justin (conf) : I made it hear fair and square just eliminating 4 people so yeah thats fair now all I have to do is eliminate Katie then Tyler then Heather and LeShawna and Lindsay are okay so I'lll stick with them! As for Izzy and Cody Heather would already be done with them.

Tyler (conf) : I know I'm a like crazy billionaire now I think I shouldn't be realy focusing on another million when I already got it.And focus on Lindsay! I'm so lucky to have a million and a hot babe

Katie (conf): EEEEEE! Justin is bringing me to the final 5 eeeee!!!!With Tyler this is awsome.EEEEEE

Chris : Okay the trailers are gonna be devided into boys ang girls again due to merge


Justin : Cody do you know Heathers evil and can pick you off any time

Cody : Coincidence Heather told me the same thing about you

Tyler : Justin evil yeh right he eliminated 1 person whiles I was gone

Justin : Em so far I've cost Duncan,Owen,Bridgette,LeShawna and your elimination Tyler dont make me do it twice!

Tyler : Fine!

Cody : Whateves

Justin : I'm watching both of you's!

Tyler and Cody shiver as Justin walks to the bathroom


Izzy : So one day I was like so scared cause I ate a bomb and started going boom boom then I pooped it out off a plane it hit the bird the bird fell then I said thats what you get for pooping on me yestarday

Heather : Izzy

Izzy : What?

Heather : Shut up!

LeShawna : Why dont you shut up now that its the merge we can not only vote you off but we still cant give you praise for doing the challenges

Lindsay : Yeh we cant give you a raise

Katie : Justin taking me to the final 5 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heather : That reminds me Justin is evil Chris told me! And on the TDI Website it says Justin has purposley eliminated 5 people so far and wont stop until he is in the final 2 with someone easy to beat

Everyone looks at Lindsay

Katie : Oh Justin's not bad

Heather : Oh he is we cant let him the badgie win

LeShawna : Well who can win.Heathers bad Tyler already has a million Cody cant cuase a girl needs to win,Lindsay's to dumb,Katie doesn't think Justin is evil,Izzy doesn't take this seriously so that I need to win

Everyone starts to argue until 5 toxic bombs were thrown down into the room everyone fainted except for Katie and Lindsay who ran to the boys trailer.In the boys trailer a kidnapper knocked out Justin and Tyler and dragged them away leaving only Katie,Cody and Lindsay,Katie was so scared she fainted and was taken away

Lindsay and Cody ran into the kitchen only for Lindsay to lock Cody out.Kidnapper takes Cody. And breaks down door and takes Lindsay

(Challenge inside a secret fort)

Everyone wakes up to find Chris in a spy costume

Chris : Todays Challenge spys! First challenge is to get a laser guarded package! go now!

(Laser everywere!)

Jutsin : If a laser as hot as those goes a centimeter near my face I'll be ruined I'm not doing it

Cody : Oh well atleast theres something good about being skinny I can fit through these

LeShawna : I need to lose weight! I'm not going either

Lindsay : (goes in) Eeee! This is funny

Tyler : Lindsay noooo! Oh crap

Lindsay : Please help Tylan someone he is about to die!

Izzy : I will (Jumps into and over all lasers and retrieves the bag!) Yes

(All lasers go)

Chris : Izzy has won part 1.No for part 2 escape the building 10,9,8

Izzy : Bye (Jumps out of building into other building accidently leaving her bag behind)

Lindsay : (Finds a zipline in Izzy's bag) Yay come on Trent lets go!

Tyler : Yeah! (Ziplines out of building)

Justin : (Grabs Tylers foot causing him to escape too)

Cody : The stairs come on guys

LeShawna : Chris is lieing

Heather : Yeah dont you see nerd!

Katie : I'm with them

Cody : Whatever (Goes down stairs and escapes the building)

Chris : 3,2,1 I was lieing!

LeShawna : So we win?

Chris : No! cause you didn't escape

Chris : Everyone except for LeShawna and Heather win.Next challenge defuse these bombs!

(Bomb defusing)

Heather : Done

LeShawna : Done

Katie : Done

(rest of Bombs explode)

Chris : LeShanwa and Heather win

Chris : No elimination see you next time!

Super Hero-Id

Chris : Last time on TDA! It was our mergetastical episode some beilieved some did not some ziplined some jumped some ran down the stairs and some thought I was lieing in the end everyone won atleast one challenge in the merge but who will win twice in a row find out on Total Drama Action


Cody : We all won each challenge I'm happy now!

Justin : But I should have won everything I'm a master of diasasters!

Tyler : So you get hurt alot

Justin : No I know how to cause diasters.


Tyler : Yeah!

Justin : You idiots I cause peoples eliminations. AWW! Your so dumb!

Tyler : So you caused a death



Heather : Thats sucky we all won

LeShawna : Shut up

Heather : No you shut up

Izzy : Shut up everyone espacially you Heather always showing your boobs your so sick I'm a girl I dont like boobs I mean why do it to me cuase I'm crazy-

Heather : It was an accident!

Katie : No it wasn't

Lindsay : Yeah Heather showing your crests is not an accident

Heather : (conf) I will destroy Izzy in this challenge at the smae time sabatage everyone else!


Chris : Part 1 of the challenge is to create a superhero!Part 2 do a superhero performance of him/her helping people worst superhero is eliminated

(All are creating)

Izzy : Minewith the power to shoot dodgeballs will be a hit! (leaves costume)

Heather : (Takes dodgeballs out and fills the with a bag of snot)

(Start challenge)

Chris : Heather your hero

Heather : Screamaleeter.She has the power to scream (Screams so loud the whole of Canada here)

Chris : 9 out of 10 LeShawna your hero

LeShawna : Beanpole slapper

Chris : Her power

LeShawna : To slap skinny girls (Slaps Heather)

Heather : Ow

Chris : 6 out of 10 . Justin your hero

Justin : Hoty and Burn his power is to light on fire

Chris : How can you do that!

Justin : Im hot (Takesof shirt andf lights on fire) Yeh! (Stops fire)

Chris : 10 out of 10! Lindsay your hero

Lindsay : Invisible Girl (Hides)

Chris : 1 out of 10.Cody and Katie your heroes

Cody : Super Codemister the power to do math

Chris : 666667 x 3333 Cody : Uhhhhhh

Katie : And his sidekick sassy girl (poses)

Chris : 2 out of 10.Tyler your hero

Tyler : Muscle Man (Shows of Muscles)

Chris : 9 out of 10! Izzy your hero

Izzy : Dodgeballer (Shoots bag of snot) Oops

Chris : 0 out of 10! you snotted me! Despite stupid superhero name Hoty and Burn wins the challenge Dodegballer you lose!

(Part 2 challenge.Superhero Performance)

Chris : Race through and obstacle course walking on electic wires,dodgeing bowling balls,catching victims (potatos),juming on the trampoline then landing in a awsome pose go!

Chris : first Katie and Cody

Cody walking on the electric wire then dodges a bowling ball.But misses the victim Katie does the exact opposite.Fall of wire gets hit with a bowling ball then catches victim.Both go on trampoline but dont land in a pose and instead fall flat on the floor

Next it was Lindsay and Justin.Justin did everything right and Lindsay did everything but land in an awsome pose instead she blew a kiss to "Tylan"

Tyler got hit by bowling ball fell of the wires the vitcims fell on him but he jumped and did an awsome pose.LeShanwna did the exact opposite

It was Heather and Izzy's turn.Heather sabatages Izzys and pushes her of the wires throws a bowling all at her catches Izzys victim then throws Izzy when she ries to jump on the trampoline Heather did everything right

Chris : Screamaleeter and Hoty and Burn win Dodgeballer your out you did the worst!

Izzy : Heather!

Chris : What will happen next.Se you next time!

TDA Aftermath : 3

TDA Aftermath Music Plays

Courtney : Its Courtney

Duncan : And its Duncan and this is TDA Aftermath

Courtney : We'll be telling you stuff

Duncan : and other stuff

Courtney : And more stuff

Duncan : About Total Drama Action

Duncan : But now......

Courtney : ......Its time for......

Both : ......Thats Gonna Leave a Mrak!

The video shows Cody being hit in th groin by Heather,Until LeShawna slaps Heather until Justin makes LeShawna faint with his ggod looks,Only for Tyler to punch thim only for Katie to strangle Tyler only for Lindsay to knock Katie out with a karate chop.

Duncan : A line of pain?

Courtney : Weird

Duncan : Now time for our first guest.He's sarcastic he's weak and he lost in a basketball game agaist a dumb blonde .He's Noah!

Noah : Yo.

Duncan : Truth or electricution (Throws Noah in electric chair) Tell alie a bzzzzz!

Noah : Fine

Duncan : 1.Are you wimpy. 2.Are you stupid 3.did you lose because you stupid

Noah : No to all 3 (Sock electricutes him) OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Courtney : Super Schock (Starts laughing and the audience join in laughing)

Noah : I'm out

Courtney : Okay now for the next guest Izzy!

Duncan : (Puts Izzy in a chair)

Izzy : Oops gotta go bye!

Duncan : Okay so thats it for the aftermath

Courtney : See you next time!

Princess Pride

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action! Super HERO! TO THE RESCUE! There was Screamaleeter,Beanpole Slapper,Muscle Man,Sassy Girl,Dodgeballer,Hoty and Burn,Invisible Girl and Super Codemister. One superhero whould save the day the others would nearly save the day and one would be defeated unfortunately the one deafeted was Dodgeballer with the power to be crazy.Annoy me and be sabataged by Heather.Will Heather continue her evil streak will Justin catch up to her find out on Total Drama Action!


Justin : Heathers so evil I have to catch up with her and eliminated someone

Tyler : You really should stop saying these things out loud unless you want to be eliminated

Justin : Listen Tyler shut up! No one cares about you! Your girlfriend cant remember your name infact no one can remeber you!Your a stupid billionaire dude no one cares.You think your so cool cause you returned and plus your as bad as Beth infact Beath is badder than you so shut up and stop being such a pompous ass

Tyler : Fine (Walks to bed and sleeps)

Cody : Dude you really hurt him

Justin : Do you want to be off this show

Cody : No

Justin : Then keep your mouth shut!


Heather : Crazybirds off and I'm happy

Lindsay : Daisy Yurd I knew her she was like lets drink apple juice and In was like no way then....

(45 mins later) It was all like stop being a chesnut brain and I was like chesnuts dont have brains then (5 hours later) So I got my pom-poms and said cheer cheer and she cryed and left

Heather : I said crazybird not Daisy Yurd

LeShawna : Leave the dumb girl alone

Katie : LeShanwan dont call her dumb call her not smart

LeShawna : The leave the not smart girl alone!

Lindsay : Yeah leave the not fart girl alone .Wait who is the not fart girl!

Everyone facepalms


Chris : Challenge is to say me . girls only

Heather : Me

Katie : Me

LeShanwan : Me

Lindsay : She

Chris : Heather,LeShawna and Katie win.Next challenge is also for girls only.Fit this shoe on

LeShawna wore the shoe her foot was too big.Katies was to small but Heather fit just right!

Chris : Heather is the princess for todays fairytale themed challenge

Heather : Yes!

Chris : Next challenge is for only Heather sing a song!

Heather : (singing) My prince would be short but considere cute (Cody) My prince will have washbord abs (Justin)My prince would were red tracksuits (Tyler) My prince will be one of yous

Cody : She's hot

Justin : Shes mine

Heather : (conf) Fighting over me huh well I should eliminate Justin cause hes evil but I think maybe Cody hes useless

Chris : The next challenge is for the boys only.Cross this bridge and fight Chef

Shows Chef in an ogre costume

Chris : Go

(Cody Scene)

Cody walks onto the bridge then punched Chef.Chef grabbed him and throw him to the other side

Chris : Cody loses next!

Tyler came up and ramed into Chef was about to cross when he fell cause of Justin tripping him!

Chris : Next?

Justin came up punched Chef brutaly kneed his groin flipped him then ran afely across the bridge

Chris : Justin wins.Next challenge is a boys only one to fight Chef again and go up to that building and rescue Heather! The winner well wins but the losers will have non iminuty

Heather : As in?

Chris : The winner,Katie,Heather,Lindsay and LeShawna cant be voted to be eliminated

Chris : Go!

(Challenge starts all 3 boys are on the castle)

Tyler : I'm gonna make it! (Monster knocks him off) Or not (Falls into ground) Ow!

Chris : Tyler is out Tyler is one loser

Chris : Its between Cody and and Justin and its

Cody gets there first and Justin gets there second

Chris : Cody won but now its time to fight to see whos the second loser

Justin and Cody fight and fight and fight until Heather knocks down Cody

Chris : heather you are evil! Justin wins! you can only vote for Cody or Tyler

(Discussing) Justin : I say we vote Tyler

Heather : He's okay but that twurp Cody I've been trying to get rid off him since he called me hot when I was shirtless.

LeShawna : I agree Cody

Katie : Cody

Lindsay : Mody I dont want you guys to eliminate my boyfriend Skyler

Katie : Its Tyler

Lindsay : Skylers not an it

Everyone facepalms


Chris : The final Chris gos to.......Tyler

Cody : What?

Heather : Bye pervert

Chris : Another one bites Heathers evil dust what will happen next.See you next time!

Rock 'n' Rule

Last time on Total Drama Action! 3 wannabe princess's, 1 princess , 3 princes , 1 ugly toll of a chef , 3 princes and only 2 winners wich happend to be out 2 badguys. There both hot,tall,stragistic and will soon crash and burn . They are Heather and Justin . Coincidently 2 good guys lost they are both bad at sports , math , competitions , girls , and have a y in there names there Tyler and Cody . But in the end Cody lost in the elimination ring its the final 6 but only one of them will not make it to the final 5 find out in Total Drama Action!


Justin :(singing to Tyler) Cody is out but will you? If you learn a lesson or two you will end up in the elimination dustbin if you mess with me the Justin!

Tyler : Stop singing that your making me nervous

Justin : Thats the whole point of this song dope

Tyler : Then stop singing that-

Justin : (singing) Tyler,Tyler winner of season 1 do not mess with me or I'll kick your bum.Tyler Tyler please do not poot do not mess with me or you'll get the boot(stops singing) literaly! (kicks Tyler with his boots)

Tyler : OW!

Justin : Shut It



Heather : Twerps gone and I'm happy!

LeShawna : Be happy all you like no-one cares

Katie :Yes Heather! No ones gonna care neither will anyone ever care

Lindsay : Heather no ones gonna care if your sappy okay cause we dont know what that means

Heather : Happy

LeShawna : Let her dumbness be!

Katie : Yeh

Lindsay :Yeah let my chumness be

Everyone but Lindsay : Dumbness!

Lindsay : I mean cumness

Everyone facepalms (Even Lindsay!)


Chris : The challenge play a guitar if I dont like the way you play it electricution.

Tyler played the guitar horribly and got brutally schocked

Tyler : OW!

Lindsay played bad,so did Justin,Heather and.... infact everyone was bad except for Katie who played like a rock god

Chris : Katie wins part 1 of the challenge

(Part 2)

Chris : Second Challenge obstacle course on a red carpet go!Theres a fan,Paparazi another fan waiter and bodygard go

On the red carpet Lindsay gave the fan her atougraph,posed for the paparazi hugged the next fan ate the waiters sandwich and kissed the bodyguard

Chris : Lindsay wins!

Next Justin took of his shirt infront of a fan,showed paparazi his muscles and gave the next fan his number ignored the waiter and told the bodyguard who he was

Chris : Justin doesn't win for ignoring the waiter . Justin : What? . Chris : Next

Heather ducktaped the fans mouth,through the camera out of the paparazi's hand.Spit on the next fan,flipped the waiter plate and kicked the bodyguard in the groin

Chris : I said go through the obstacle not make them angry Heather doesn't win

LeShawna did the exact oppisite of Heather

Chris : Copying Heather with a twist next!

Katie copyed Lindsay

Chris : Originality please!

Tyler was about to give his fan his autograph until he tripped and fell

Chris : Lindsay and Justin win!

Chris : Vote now

Justin : (Takes off shirt) Katie vote yourself off

(All girls)

Katie : What

Chris : What will happen next on Total Drama Action

TDA Aftermath : 4

TDA Aftermath Music Plays

Duncan : Its me Duncan

Courtney : And me Courtney

Both : And us Duncey

Duncan : And the audience that no one cares about

The Audience booed

Courtney : Shut up!

Duncan : And here our two guests

Courtney : Cody.....

Duncan : .....and Izzy

Cody and Izzy came

Duncan : Now time for truth or garbage can on your head!

Duncan : Cody your such a skinny little wimp with no brain whatsoever

Cody : No I'm not (Bin falls on his head)

Duncan : HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Cody strangles him) AHHHH!

Courtney,Duncan,Cody and the peanut gallery get in huge fight

(Two hours later there still fighting)

(3 hours later they stop fighting)

Courtney : Now for our next guest

Duncan : Sufer Girl

Courtney : And my season 1 best friends

Both : Bridgette!

Duncan : Truth or Trashcan on your head. Are you a bum

Bridgette : No (No Trashcan) Yes (Trashcan falls)

Duncan : You know aftermaths are boring see you next time

Crouching Justin Hidden LeShawna

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action. ROCK AND ROLL! DEN NENENENENENENED! There were no rock gods or godesses but some super models Lindsay, some happy peo , some angry Heathers , And some were Justin or Tyler or you kinow what some were some! In the end it was Katie who got out becuase of evil Justin's evil looks what will happen next on Total Drama Action

Chris : Final 5 baby how do you feel!

Heather (conf) : Yes final 5 never felt better! I can eliminate people and win the million!

Justin (conf) : Heather thinks she's so great well I'm gonna win I can flirt with all girls here cause I'm me its great being me everyone wants to be me me me me ME!

Lindsay : (conf) Last time I didn't even make it to the final 18 this time I might win and take Tyler and Beth to paris.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Tyler (conf) : I dont care! I already came this far except last time I was 1st and I didn't return to the game!and there was 22 theres 14 now so this is not a far place for me!

LeShawna : Whats up yall LeShawna's in the house final 5 just gotta win I cant let Justin in the final 2 with Heather or Lindsay or me so I think me and Tyler would be good then I win and second place Tyler!

Chris : Now say who you think will win

Heather (conf) : Me! Justin can minupilate but I'm a girl and I'm hot so I can minipulate Justin!

Justin (conf) : Okay so yeah I already told you in the last confessinal its me I'm better. Tyler is bent,Heathers not so evil,LeShawna is ewww,Lindsay is dumb and I'm the best!

Lindsay (conf) : I dont know maybe Lerawna or Skyler or Dustin or Hanna ormaybe me Lishney! Its so hard to choose I think Skyler he won last time so he might win again! Put both his money form season 1 and his money for this season and we'll be the richest teenage couple!

Tyler (conf) : I never thought I'd say this but Justin!



Chris : Challenge 1! Train you parter to fight pick the trainers!

Justin and Heather : Me

Chris : Okay start training.LeShawna your not playing take a day off

(Training Over)

Chris : Challenge 2 fight the opposing trainee in robot costumes

Tyler : I ahve to fight Lindsay no fair shes my girlfriend

Chris : Winner of this challenge is winner off both the training and this one

Heather made Lindsay kick Tyler.Justin made Tyler punch Lindsay.Tyler did and uppercut on Lindsay.Lindsay pushed Tyler and then Tyler flipped Lindsay.Lindsay tried to get up but the suite was too heavy

Chris : Next challenge.Justin and Tyler receive a tiny tree from on top of a mountain guarded by Mr. Sasquach from season 1!

(Tiny Tree Challenge)

Justin : Tyler you know what

Tyler : What?

Justin : I cant beileve your going out with Lindsay

Tyler : Well yeh shes nice and hot

Justin : Well she is dumb and useless and...

Tyler : (Pushes Justin of the mountain and gets the tree and goes back to Chris)

Chris : Tyler wins but what will happen next on Total Drama Action!

2011 : A Space Tyler

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Crap Chef what the hell did you do to my car! Anyway! It was Kung Fu adoo moo shoo a loo koo poo! They talked about final 5 Then did an epic kung fu fight.Tyler won climbed a hill with Justin.Justin got him angry Tyler pushed him down got the tree won the challenge and put Justin in a full body cast!HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What will happen next on Total Drama Chef I said stop recking my car! GRRRRRR!

Chris : Talk about being in the final five.First talk about who will get eliminated next

Heather (conf) : Justin cause. Okay I'm out of evil stratagist thingies but the rest aren't out of get the evil guy out strategys in other words voting!

LeShawna (conf) : Heather. No one likes that stringbean anyway

Lindsay (conf) : LeFonda. She keeps calling me dumb and insulting skinny people

Tyler (conf) : Lindsay.Someone might trick here!

Justin (conf) : Tyler cause I always have a plan to eliminate somone once Chris tells us the challenge!

Justin (conf) : Or maybe Heather cause I'm gonna eliminate her soon before she gets me

Justin (conf) : No definatley Tyler. I have a body cast!


Justin : Tyler its your lucky day

Tyler : Your getting eliminated!

Justin : No

Tyler : Your getting kicked in the face

Justin : No

Tyler : Your getting-

Justin : It doesn't start with I'm getting

Tyler : I said your getting!

Justin : Do you know what your getting after what happend yestarday revenge!

Tyler looks scared whiles Justin leaves the room


Heather : So annoying little Katie is gone

LeShawna : Whats so bad about her?

Heather : She never causes Drama its always you and me who cause it and also Lindsays dumbness is a little entertanining

Lindsay : Someone appreciates me unlike you LeShawna who always calls me the dumbest being ever!

Lindsay : I prove my point!

LeShawna : Sorry

Heather : To late fatty!

LeShawna : SHUT UP!

Lindsay : I'm on Heather side to late ratty!

LeShawna : UGGGH!


Chris : Its time for todays challenge! Stay in a space shuttel for the night in space.We have too challenges

(Rocket Goes into the Sky)


Lindsay : Look I'm floting in 20 shavity

Tyler : Its 0 Gravity honey

Lindsay : You sure

Lindsay :Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousifyoulikethesoundofitthenyouaresomastociouswhenyouherethebirdysay


Heather : Stop singing that.Or I will Supercalifragilisticexpialidioucious your head!

Justin : So LeShawna the girls have been treating you bad

LeShawna : Hi hotie

Justin : Okay bye

Chris : No one wins cause it was a rubbish challenge next challenge.Spin in the vomiter.You more you vomit the more you lose the challenge loser of this is eliminated!

Justin : Heres some tic-tac Tyler

Tyler : Thanks

Justin (conf) : There actually vomit pills so he'll vomit without even going in!

(Justins Turn)

Justin spins int he thing and doesn't vomit until when he gets out

Chris : Ten points!

(LeShawna and Heather)

LeShawna goes in. Spins in the thing and vomits nearly in the whole thing

Heather : I'm not doing that!

Chris : Okay then Lindsay

(Lindsays Turn)

Lindsay : No not doing it

Chris : Okay Tyler

(Tyler turn)

Tyler gos in and becuase of the vomit pills vomits all over the place

Justin : Your out Tyler! (Winks at Tyler)

Tyler : Justin got me out you-

Chris : What will happen next time on Total Drama Chef stop recking my car or I'll kill you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Top Dog

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action. It was a space case! We had 0 gravity or as some like to call it 20 shavity! So yeah there was vomiting too.Lots of vomiting in the end Justin continued his evil streak and gave Tyler some "tic tacs" and got Tyler to vomit,vomit,vomit,vomit,vomit and vomit until he couldn't vomit anymore and was filled head to toe with vomit in his ear,bum,eyes ,nose,mouth and even in the cut he had on his hand.BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGG.But in the end that smae vomit filled dude took the lamozine to losertown.What will happen next on our fantastic final 4 of Total Drama Action!

Chris : Castmates I'm announcing that Justin will be in your trailer since theres no on in his trailer but him

Justin : Yes

Lindsay : Okay

LeShawna : Fine with me

Justin : Okay

Heather : What? No!

Justin : Shut up

Heather : But-

Lindsay : Yeah Hanna

LeShawna : No one wants to hear stringbean



Heather : He's evil!

Justin : Weres your proof

Heather : You got Duncan,Owen,Bridgette,Noah,Katie and Tyler eliminated

Lindsay : No way Justisn my friend he will never eliminate my boyfriend! Tyler called me he told me a guy named Glustin eliminated him

Heather : He said Justin dumbo!

LeShawna : Tyler must have had vomit in his mouth if he said Justin cause Justins a nice guy

Justin : Yeah guys

Justin (conf) : I have them fooled.HAHAHAHHAHA.Except for Heather

Heather : Fools!


Chris : Your challenge pick and trian your own talking animal the animal you pick must act like you for part 1 go!

LeShawna picked the chamellion

Justin picked the bear

Lindsay picked the shark

Leaving Heather with the Racoon

(LeShawna and Chamilshna)

LeShawna : Okay first you ahve to say whats sup yall LeShawnas in the house then shake your booty

the chamilion said I'm a fat idiot. And farted

LeShawna : Close enough

(Justin and Bearstin)

Justin : First say hey ladie then flip your wet hair like this (Does wet hair flip)

Bear : ROAR ladies (Shakes himself dry then smiles)

Justin : Good!

(Lindsay and Sharksay)

Lindsay : Okay so you go like this (Smiles and says hi guys) and then this (Poses and says I'm Lishny)

Shark : (Frowns and says bye grils then stands there and says Your Skyler)

Lindsay : Perfect!

(Heather and Racoonther)

Heather : Okay so just be evil

Racoon mawls Heather

Heather : Perfect!

(End of Challenge 1)

Chris : Okay challenge 2 go to the forest and work your way back to the filmset go!

Justin goes in the forest comes back

So does Lindsay bt its Heather and Lindsay and Heather throws a stone at Lindsays foot Heather wins!

Chris : LeShawna's out and now for challenge 3

Heather : Ugggh! I quit you guys thing this is a joke I'm out

Justin :So me and Lindsay are the final 2

Chris : Yes see you guys next time. On Total Drama Action

Heather : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Racoon mauls here very well) OWWWWWWWWW!

(Warning : Next chapter is a short and boring on I suggest you skip to the other one!

The TDA Review

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action. Who was top dog! Well lets see. Justin won.So did Lindsay but Heather I dont know. LeShawna and dont know either anyway Justin showed bear how to get the ladys,LeShawna showed the camelian how to be a fat loser,Heather showed Racoon how to be evil and Lindsay showed the shark how to be dumb.Then they ran in the forest only to gets lost and not get lost.Heather did her last evil deed of the season getting LeShawna eliminated only for her to quit afterwards and get here comupance a Racoon mauling her.But Justin and Lindsay are our final 2 but first a review on 2 of them! Here on Total Drama Action!

(Chris and Chef sitting)

Chris : The final 2

Chris : Lindsay and Justin!

Chef : One will fail to win and the other will just win a million bucks of a prize!

Chris : To find out....

Chef : Just tune in to!

Chris : Total....

Chef : Drama....

Both : ACTION!

Chris : That was my line only!

Chef : Shut up

Chris : HUH!

Chef : I'll give you somethong to huh about!

(Theme Song)

(Justins Review)

Justin seemed like a nice chum who wanted to win a million bucks back in TDI until.Duncan ruined his chance and rigged him. Then Justin snapped! It was no more Mr. Nice Guy! He used his looks and his brains to eliminate 6 contestants so far and is planning on an 7th (Lindsay!) .He alienized Duncan,cowboy booted Owen,put Tyler in Prison,Fought a war against Bridgette,beat Noah at sports,Rock and rolled Katie,space cased Tyler and is out to get Lindsay! He cheated,lied and was just plain Justin all the way. Will he get his comupance he deserves or will he walk off with a million dollars he cheated to get! Just fin out will he be millionaire Justin or almost millionair Dustbin. Tune in to find out

(Lindsay Review)

Lindsay was dumb as always who wanted to win but lost to early. but still (suprisnley) made it to this season with a millionaire of a boyfriend. And and 2 evil people (Heather and Justin) trying to final 2 with her did anyone think she would but they were wrong she is in the final 2!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Justin and Heather have got all here friends eliminated and her boyfriend and Justin is out for her! HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! But can she win can she lose or can she be a Lindsay and say "What do we have to win?" "Hotel Blama Rashcon?"

Chris : So there are there reviews

Chef : Fresh from the Total Drama Oven!

Chef : But the final 2 is still on

Justin : What are you's doing

Lindsay : Why is there a camera?

Chris : Go back to bed. Anyway its Total Drama Action

TDA Aftermath : 5

Chris : Last time on Total Drama Action I reveiwed on Justin dededededawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdwnawdendenaaaaaawwwwwwwwwdenden.Sorry but I tried to do the music Justin has whennever someone falls for him! And Lindsay.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Sorry again thats what they said in her review.I talked about how Justin cheated to be here.Or Lindsay was just dumb to be her! But the final 2 is here! This is the day I've been waiting for 25 days for this and its finnaly here!

(TDA Aftermath Music Plays)

Courtney : This is The TDA Aftermath

Duncan : But this is a special episode

Courtney : Because

Duncan ; The final 2 is gonna be here!

Courtney : Will three wild challenges

Duncan : To see who winss but first hands up who is rooting for Justin

(Only LeShawna puts her hand up)

Justin : (whuispering) not her

Courtney : Whos voting for Lindsay

(Everyone except for LeShawna puts there hand up)

Lindsay : YAY!

Chris : The first out of 3 challenges will be a thats gonna leave a mark!


Chris : On every aftermath you see contestants getting hurt in thats gonna leave a mark well this time you have to hurt yourself person who hurts themselves the most wins the first challenge go! (They go to camp wawanawkwa)

Justin tryed to hit himself but couldn't. He went in the bear cave to get hurt but the bear just thought he was hot.He tryed to bang his head against a wall but somewon but a matress there making himnot get hurt

Lindsay Accidently fell of the cliff but did not hurt her self badly but atleast got hurt

Lindsay : OW OW OW OW OW OW OW! (Falling of cliff)

Justin : So who wins

Chris : Lindsay!

Justin : It pains me that Lindsay won does that count?

Chris : It does

Justin : Really!

Lindsay : (Sadly) Really

Chris : In your world Justin this is my world!

Justin : Huh!

(Challenge 2)

Chris : Challenge 2 a rap battle go!

Chris : GO!

Both : Oh

Justin : Listen up pals everyones a cheese no on wants to eat your poopy mos plese you know what I do Its very P-diddy my best friends name is Arnold K. Tiddy.

Lindsay : I am a girl that has a boyfriend named Myler!

Lindsay : Fresh dog

Justin : What the heck!

Chris : The winner of the challenge is.....

Justin : Justin!

Lindsay : Lizzy . I mean Chindzy?


Lindsay : PEEEEE!

Duncan : This is getting annyoing

Courtney : I should be in the final 2

Duncan : Lost your chance baby!

Chris : Justin!

Justin : Its tied

Lindsay : Whats tied my laces are tied

Chris :The winner of the next challenge is the winner of Total Drama Action. Tune in After the break

(Commercial Break Ends)

(Last Challenge!!)

Chris : In aftermath they interview eliminated contestants well you guys will be interviewd but the first person who lies loses.Its Truth or......

Justin : Turn ugly

Lindsay : Chapstick

Chris : Or....

All contestants : OR WHAT!

Chris : Huge box falls on you! First Lindsay

(Lindsay challenge)

Duncan : Lindsay your a dumb idiot who has no brain and will never make it to the 8th grade!

Lindsay : I know! (Nothing happens)

Courtney : Lindsay how much of a brain do you have

Lindsay : Well my mom says my brain was a million times smaller than an pea

Chris : Lindsay you cut your cheese yestarday

Lindsay : Yes!

Chris : Okay so Lindsay wins Justin your turn

(Justin challenge)

Justin : A million bucks here I come!

Duncan : Justin are yoy g**

Justin : Uh....

Courtney : Justin you an idiot

Justin : Uh....

Chris : Justin whats your biggest fear

Justin : Nothing (Huge crate falls on him)

(Teenage dreams music plays in air whiles a confetty is blown)


Chris : The evil guy finnaly gets his comupence but what will happen next bye!

Celebrity Manhunt Total Drama Action Reunion Special

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Elimination Table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 CMTDARS
1st Lindsay IN IN IN   WIN    WIN  IN   WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN   WIN    WIN    WIN    WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN   WIN    TDWT 
2nd Justin IN IN   WIN  IN IN IN IN   WIN    WIN    WIN  IN IN IN IN IN   WIN    WIN  IN   WIN    WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN   OUT    TDWT 
3rd Heather IN IN   OUT    ????    ????    ????    WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN   WIN    WIN    WIN    WIN    WIN  IN   WIN  IN IN IN IN   QUIT    TDWT 
4th LeShawna IN IN IN   WIN    WIN  IN   WIN    OUT    ???  IN   WIN  IN   WIN    WIN    WIN    WIN  IN IN IN IN IN IN IN   OUT    TDWT 
5th Tyler IN IN   WIN  IN IN IN   OUT    ????    ????    ????    ????    ????  IN IN IN   WIN  IN IN IN IN IN   WIN    OUT    TDWT 
7th Cody IN IN IN   WIN    WIN  IN   WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN   WIN    WIN    WIN    WIN  IN IN   OUT    TDWT 
8th Izzy IN IN IN   WIN    WIN  IN   WIN  IN IN IN   WIN  IN   WIN    WIN    WIN    WIN    OUT    TDWT 
9th Noah IN IN   WIN  IN IN IN IN   WIN    WIN    WIN  IN IN IN IN   OUT    TDWT 
10th Bridgette IN IN   WIN  IN IN IN IN   WIN    WIN    WIN    OUT    TDWT 
11th Harold IN IN IN   WIN    WIN  IN   WIN  IN   OUT    TDWT 
12th Owen IN IN   WIN  IN   OUT    TDWT 
13th Courtney IN   OUT  Host ess off TDA Af ter math   TDWT 
14th Duncan IN   OUT  Host off TDA Af ter math   TDWT 
Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 CMTDARS
N/A Trent Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Gwen Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Ezekiel Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Beth Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A DJ Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Geoff Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Seirra Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Alejandro Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Sadie Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 
N/A Eva Was In ac tive in all of t h e s e e p i s o d e s ! ! ! ! ! !   TDWT 

WIN+Lightgreen : This person won from episode 1-15

WIN+Blue : This person won from episode 16-26

WIN+Darkgreen : This person won Total Drama Action

Red+OUT : Was voted off

Maroon+OUT : Was eliminated because of the challenge

IN : This person was not on the winning team but was not eliminated/didn't win/didn't appear in Aftermath

Gray : Returned of Debuted

N/A : This person returned and was only out for 1 episode

TDWT+Green : This person made it to TDWT

TDWT+Purple : This person did not make it to TDWT

TDWT+Blue : This person did not make it to TDWT but debuted

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