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Total Drama All-Stars is a fan-fic by Nalyd Renrut. It features the best of the best from the past three seasons.



Nalyd - The Host

Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome - Interns


Contestant History

Contestant Original Teams Merged Team Finish Total Votes
Dyl - Total Drama Paradise
The Quiet Goth
Striving Lions First Voted Out 6
Veronica - Total Drama Paradise
The Popular Girl
Striving Lions Second Voted Out 9
Keyana - Total Drama World
The Tough Girl
Vanquishing Zebras Third Voted Out 9
Ace - Total Drama Amazon
The Adventurer
Vanquishing Zebras Fourth Voted Out1 6
Cindy - Total Drama Paradise
The Native
Striving Lions Fifth Voted Out 1
Charles - Total Drama World
The Rich Jerk
Vanquishing Zebras Sixth Voted Out 2
Hillary - Total Drama Amazon
The Bossy Perfectionist
Vanquishing Zebras Seventh Voted Out 9
Greg - Total Drama World
The Lifeguard
Striving Lions Eighth Voted Out 3
Britanny - Total Drama World
The Farm Girl
Vanquishing Zebras Ninth Voted Out 4
"The Rat" - Total Drama Paradise
The Cheater
Striving Lions Tenth Voted Out 112
Niles - Total Drama Amazon
The Rich Germaphobe
Vanquishing Zebras Surviving All-Stars Eleventh Voted Out 8
Jessica - Total Drama World
The Incredibly Peppy Girl
Vanquishing Zebras Twelfth Voted Out 83
Bruno - Total Drama Amazon
The Strong Guy
Striving Lions Thirteenth Voted Out
First Jury Member
George - Total Drama World
The Nice Fat Guy
Striving Lions Fourteenth Voted Out
Second Jury Member
Jocelyn - Total Drama Amazon
The Hot Girl
Striving Lions Fifteenth Voted Out
Third Jury Member
Ace - Total Drama Amazon
The Adventurer
Vanquishing Zebras Quit
Fourth Jury Member
Elian - Total Drama Paradise
The Olympian
Vanquishing Zebras Sixteenth Voted Out
Fifth Jury Member
Lequisha - Total Drama Paradise
The Big Sister
Striving Lions Seventeenth Voted Out
Sixth Jury Member
Susan - Total Drama Amazon
The Nice Girl
Striving Lions Eighteenth Voted Out
Seventh Jury Member
Nathaniel - Total Drama Amazon
The Video-Gamer
Vanquishing Zebras Nineteenth Voted Out
Eighth Jury Member
Lacey - Total Drama Amazon
The Lazy Slob
Striving Lions Twentieth Voted Out
Ninth Jury Member
Jacob - Total Drama Paradise
The Athlete
Vanquishing Zebras Runner-Up 2
Julio - Total Drama Paradise
The Girly Boy
Vanquishing Zebras Winner 2

1: Ace was voted out, and returned in chapter thirteen.
2: "The Rat" played two idols, so twelve votes cast against him did not count.
3: Jessica played an idol, so seven votes cast against her did not count.
4: This number does not include the number of votes Ace received before he returned.
5: Lacey played an idol, so three votes cast against her did not count.


Chapter One – “This is Total Drama All-Stars!”

Two safari cars driven by a gnome and a leprechaun moved through a dry and dusty path in the middle of Africa. One car was olive colored, and the other was a light shade of maroon. Each car had eleven people in them, all ready to fight again for a million dollars. Above them was a helicopter, flying in the same direction.

Nalyd was in the helicopter. “This season we’re coming to you from the middle of Africa! In the olive car we have the Striving Lions; Bruno, Cindy, Dyl, George, Greg, Jocelyn, Lacey, Lequisha, Susan, ‘The Rat,’ and Veronica! In the maroon car are our Vanquishing Zebras; Ace, Britanny, Charles, Elian, Hillary, Jacob, Jessica, Julio, Keyana, Nathaniel, and Niles! The cars will stop up ahead, and we’ll vote on tribe captains, and then the contestants will walk to their campsites, and then soon they’ll be back for their first challenge! Twenty-two contestants, two tribes, one winner! This is Total Drama All-Stars!”

The cars parked, and the helicopter dropped Nalyd off at the campsite. “Hello all-stars!” Nalyd welcomed there. “Good to see you all.

“How did Le-queasy get it?” The Rat asked sarcastically. “She was the third out in Paradise!”

“Don’t be startin’ somethin’,” Lequisha said. “My parents inherited the network, so I got in! I could have been first out in Paradise, but I’m here.”

Dyl looked around worriedly. “Where’s Belle?” he asked Nalyd.

“She wasn’t good enough to be an all-star,” Nalyd explained. “But on the bright side, our mime started talking.” Dyl glared at Nalyd.

Charles approached Jessica, who was talking on a cell phone. “Hello, Jessica,” Charles said.

“Oh, hey,” Jessica said quickly. Nalyd took her phone. “Hey, I was talking to my manager!”

“Manager?” Nalyd asked as he crushed her phone with her foot.

“Yes, since World I’m pretty much a celebrity,” Jessica said.

“But you’re still you’re peppy old self, right?” Charles asked with a smile.

“Sure, sure,” Jessica said.

Julio walked over to Jessica and said, “I love your shoes, baby.”

“Thanks!” Jessica said happily.

“Ugh, they let captain fabulous back in,” The Rat sighed. “At least I don’t have to deal with the shrimp anymore.”

“What’s that on your face?” Ace asked Niles.

“This is my adventure mustache,” Niles said. Niles turned and saw Susan. He waved to her, but she turned away.

“If you think you’re getting away for what you did last season, you have another thing coming,” Hillary threatened Niles.

“Settle down, everyone,” Nalyd said. “We will now nominate and vote for team captains! Striving Lions, you go first.”

“I nominate myself!” The Rat declared.

“I second that,” Jocelyn said.

“Thanks, doll-face,” The Rat sneered.

“Yeah, right, Simon,” Lequisha said, “I nominate Dyl!”

“I second that,” Susan said.

“Dyl captain!” Cindy said excitedly.

George and Greg agreed.

“Dyl is the captain for the Striving Lions,” Nalyd said. Dyl smiled proudly. “Vanquishing Zebras, who will be your captain?”

“I will be!” Hillary said.

Ace said, “Well I was going to say maybe I could-”

“I’m captain!” Hillary shouted. “Any objections?” Niles raised his hand, and Hillary got in his face. “I’m gonna make this season torture for you, you punk!” Hillary looked back at Nalyd, “I will be captain!”

“Works for me,” Nalyd said. “Dyl and Hillary are the two captains! Go to your campsites and get acquainted, then come back here in two hours for a challenge!”

The Striving Lions arrived at their campsite. They saw two huts already built, but not built well. “So, captain, what do we do first?” The Rat asked Dyl.

Dyl said, “How about we work on the huts a little?”

“Sure,” Greg said. He and George walked into the woods.

“Where are you going, tubby?” The Rat asked George.

“‘The Rat’ is a terrible person!” Lequisha said in the confessional. “I don’t see how he got so far before.”

“Is it just me,” Jocelyn said in the confessional, “Or is ‘The Rat’ really hot?”

“What did you call me?” George said angrily to The Rat.

“You heard me. What are you going to do about it?” George took off his shirt, revealing his new muscular appearance. “Whoa.”

“George, you like fine!” Lequisha said.

“Dude, you’re ripped!” Greg complimented George.

“I’ve gained ten pounds since World,” George said. “All my fat is now pure muscle!”

“I didn’t even think that was possible,” Bruno said.

“Hey, where did Dyl go?” Veronica thought aloud.

“He wandered into the woods a minute ago,” Jocelyn said.

“I go see,” Cindy said. She wandered towards the direction Dyl had gone.

“My English, not good,” Cindy admitted in the confessional. “No need English since Paradise. Now speak English not well.”

Cindy found Dyl standing in front of tree. “Dyl, what you do?”

Dyl turned to her with a wide grin on his face, and a twitching left eye. Dyl moved, and revealed he’d carved “DYL + BELLE” in a tree.

“That not crazy,” Cindy said worriedly. She ran back to camp, as Dyl stayed and hugged the tree.

Hillary was already bossing her teammates around at the Vanquishing Zebra campsite. She’d brought Ace, Jacob, Elian, and Julio into the woods. “As you all know,” Hillary began, “Niles is a terrible jerk. I have decided it is my duty to make sure we represent karma and get revenge!”

“No way, baby,” Julio said. “You’re feisty, but Susan already forgave Niles. And Niles is too cute to hate, baby.”

“He’s got you there,” Ace said. “I mean the part about Susan forgiving him! This is a different game now, it’s been six months!”

“I don’t care,” Hillary said. “Jacob, Elian, you in?”

“What’s in it for us?” Elian asked.

“I’ll make sure you two aren’t voted off for being threats,” Hillary promised.

“Deal,” Jacob said.

“Shouldn’t we talk this over?” Elian asked Jacob.

“Nah,” Jacob said.

“I’ll do it, I guess,” Ace shrugged.

“I refuse to join,” Julio said. “Hillary, you better watch your back, ‘cause karma is gonna come back and bite you, baby.” Julio walked back to camp.

Nathaniel was talking to Niles, Britanny, Charles, and Jessica. “Guys, listen, we’re on the outskirts of the tribe,” Nathaniel said. “We’ve got to work together.”

“Sounds delightful,” Niles said. “I’d be honored to join.”

“I’ll join y’all,” Britanny said.

“Surely you jest,” Charles said. “Jessica and I hardly need you two clowns.”

“Charlie,” Jessica said, “we need these two to make it though.”

“Are you sure?” Charles asked.

“My manager would say it’s a good idea,” Jessica shrugged.

“This season I’m out to play the game,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I’m gonna play these guys like Mario! I tell them to jump and they’ll jump! I tell them to shoot fire from their hands, and they’ll shoot fire from the hands! I tell them to throw a turtle shell, and they’ll throw a turtle shell!”

The two tribes went to the challenge field. “Hey everybody,” Nalyd said. “Today, Dyl and Hillary need to pick five people to represent their teams in the challenge! You need to pick the smartest, strongest, swimming-est, fastest, and bravest to compete!”

“I’m the smartest on our team,” Hillary boasted, “So I will choose myself! Elian is our strongest, Jacob can be our swimmer, Ace is our fastest, and our bravest can be Niles.”

“But I’m not brave,” Niles protested.

“Then I guess you’ll be going home tonight,” Hillary scoffed.

“But, Hillary,” Nathaniel protested, “you had the lowest IQ in Amazon! How are you the smartest?”

“Shut up! I’m the captain and what I say goes!” Hillary explained.

“Dyl, who do you pick?” Nalyd asked.

Dyl pointed at The Rat, George, Greg, Susan, and Cindy.

“Okay then,” Nalyd said. “For the first portion of the challenge, ‘The Rat’ and Hillary will have to build a puzzle! The puzzle pieces will create an image of my head. First team to do that gets to move onto round two! In round two, George and Elian will have to carry two seventy pound bags of sand across a balance beam. If you fall in you need to try again. Then once you are across that portion of the challenge, Greg and Jacob will swim out about twenty meters out into the lake, reach a buoy and take a bag with mystery contents in it, then swim back and give the bags to Susan and Ace. They’ll run the bags over to Cindy and Niles, who have to eat the bag’s content! Simple enough, right?” Nalyd brought The Rat and Hillary to two tables and handed them each a bag of puzzle pieces. “Go!”

The Rat tore through the bag with his teeth, while Hillary carefully untied the bag. The two started work on their puzzles. Hillary moved faster than The Rat, but he kept a good pace. The Rat saw Hillary’s lead, so he pushed over her table.

“Hey! Cheater!” she shouted. The Rat completed his puzzle as Hillary tried to fix her puzzle.

Nalyd looked over The Rat’s puzzle. “The puzzle is complete!” Nalyd announced.

The Rat ran over to George. George picked up the bags of sand, and started walking across the wooden beam. He slipped off, crawled back on, and started again.

Hillary finished the puzzle, and shouted to Elian to start going. Elian made her way across the balance beam when George was getting back on the balance beam. “Pick up the pace, lard face,” The Rat said. George picked The Rat up by his shirt, and threw him. George ran across the balance beam, catching up to Elian. Jacob was already swimming, but Greg quickly caught up.

“You can do it sweetie!” Britanny shouted to Greg.

“He’s on the other team,” Nathaniel reminded her.

“Doesn’t mean he’s not my boyfriend,” Britanny retorted.

Greg had caught up to Jacob, and passed him. “Can’t beat a lifeguard in a swimming contest,” Greg boasted. Greg got the bag off the buoy and began to swim back.

“Let’s go Jacob!” Elian cheered. “My grandma swims faster!”

“Isn’t your grandmother an olympic gold medalist?” Charles asked Elian.

“Touche,” Elian blushed.

Jacob swam back to shore and handed the bag to Ace, who began running to Niles. “Where is Greg?” Britanny asked. Everyone looked out to see Greg clinging on the buoy for dear life.

“I saw a shark!” Greg shouted.

“Its fresh water, dude!” George shouted. “You just saw some drift wood!”

Greg looked closer and realized his embarrassing blunder. “My bad!” He swam back to shore.

Ace ran to Niles and handed him the bag. “Please be caviar, please be caviar, please be caviar,” Niles plead. He opened the bag, to see mashed up bugs. “You must be kidding.”

“Niles if you don’t eat I’ll stuff those bugs down your throat!” Hillary shouted.

“Cindy made us eat bugs last season,” Susan said in the confessional. “So I knew once I could get the bag to her we’d win.”

Greg arrived to shore and gave Susan the bag. Susan ran towards Cindy. Hillary, meanwhile, had Niles pinned on the ground as Ace and Elian held his mouth open. Julio fed Niles the bugs. “Sorry, baby,” Julio said.

“It tastes like burning,” Niles winced. He swallowed another mouth full.

“We’re almost done, you big baby,” Hillary said.

Susan ran to Cindy, and handed her the bag. “Thanks!” Cindy beamed. She opened the bag and ate a handful of bugs. She spit them onto the ground. “What is this?”

“It’s mashed up bugs,” Susan explained. “No big deal for you, right?”

“Bugs part of nature,” Cindy said sadly.

“But when you came to Amazon you made us eat bugs,” Susan reminded Cindy.

“I didn’t know they bugs!” Cindy said. She started crying.

“Keep eating!” Hillary shouted at Niles. Niles was also crying at this point.

“Last spoonful, baby,” Julio said. Julio fed Niles the last spoonful, and he swallowed.

“Vanquishing Zebras win immunity!” Nalyd announced. The Zebras cheered. Hillary picked up Niles and hugged him, but then threw him back on the ground. “Striving Lions, one of you will be riding the Safari Car of Losers. Everyone go back to camp.”

“It stinks being on the losing team,” The Rat complained in the confessional. “I gotta find some way to get rid of Dyl, and fast. Nobody dislikes him, so it would be stupid to let him stay.”

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite. “That was tiring,” Lacey yawned.

“You didn’t do anything,” Veronica whined. “Besides, we wouldn’t have lost if Dyl had picked who would be in the challenge.”

“We can’t vote Dyl off, he’s our captain!” Lequisha protested.

“I’m with Lequisha here,” George said.

“George is one fine piece of man-cake,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “And if you ever put this on TV my parents’ll take this show off the air!”

“I agree with George and Lequisha,” Greg said.

“Speaking of Dyl, where is the runt?” The Rat asked.

Cindy brought her team to where she’d found him earlier. Dyl was sitting on the ground in front of the tree, kissing what looked like a wooden statue of Belle’s head. “Dyl, you okay?” Lequisha asked. Dyl smiled widely and his eye twitched. Cindy pointed to where he’d carved “DYL + BELLE” into the tree.

“At least he isn’t ranting about numbers,” Greg smiled awkwardly.

“Belle’s favorite number is pi,” Dyl laughed.

“He could be setting the camp on fire and I’d still vote ‘The Rat’ off first!” Lequisha ranted. “He ought not to be trusted!”

“Okay,” The Rat said, “Vote for me! But remember that I’ll be going home to a warm house and decent food, you’ll all be stuck here, with a mentally damaged team captain.”

That night, the Striving Lions went to Tribal Council. “Good evening,” Nalyd said as they all took their seats. “Behind each of you is a lit torch. When you get voted off, your torch gets snuffed. Then you need to walk down the Path of Shame, and ride the Safari Car of Losers out of here! Let’s get to the voting. ‘The Rat,’ you can go first.”

The Rat voted for Dyl. “None of the others stand a chance against me; you’re the only one who can make me lose.”

Lequisha voted for The Rat. “Now who’s in charge of the game?”

“I’ll tall the votes,” Nalyd said when everyone had voted. Nalyd got the ballot box.

“Buh-bye, Simon,” Lequisha taunted The Rat.

“One vote for Dyl,” Nalyd read. He took another vote from the ballot box. “One vote for Dyl, and one vote for ‘The Rat.’”

Lequisha looked to see if The Rat was scared, but he looked cool and confident.

“Two votes for Dyl, one for ‘The Rat.’”

Dyl laughed a little to himself and started playing with his fingers.

“Two votes for Dyl, two for ‘The Rat.’”

“Whatever,” The Rat said.

“Three votes for Dyl, two votes for ‘The Rat,’” Nalyd said. He pulled another vote from the ballot box. “Three votes for Dyl, three votes for ‘The Rat.’”

“Come on,” Veronica moaned. “Just hurry up!”

“Four votes for Dyl, and four votes for ‘The Rat,’” Nalyd said as he took two votes from the ballot box.

“And the first person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars is Simon Thatius Dorkson,” Lequisha whispered to herself.

“Fives votes for Dyl, and four votes for ‘The Rat,’” Nalyd said. “Five votes for Dyl, and five for ‘The Rat.’ This next vote will be the decider.”

“Just send the dweeb home already,” The Rat said, rolling his eyes.

“The first person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars... Dyl.”

“No!” Lequisha shouted.

“Yes!” The Rat said happily.

Dyl brought Nalyd his torch. “Dyl, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed Dyl’s torch.

Dyl ran from the Tribal Council area, down the Path of Shame. He clicked his heels and jumped into the Safari Car of Losers. “Belle, I’m comin’ baby!” he shouted out the window.

“Tomorrow you guys will have to vote for a new captain,” Nalyd said. “One contestants down, and one blind-side down. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Two – “I’m a celebrity! Get me out of here!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; twenty-two past contestants returned to fight for another million dollars. They divided into two teams; the Striving Lions, lead by Dyl, and the Vanquishing Zebras, lead by Hillary. The team captains had to pick their smartest, strongest, swimming-est, fastest, and bravest teammates to participate in the challenge. The Striving Lions lost, and were torn between voting off Dyl, their team captain who was suffering from a mental breakdown, or “The Rat”, an infamous villain. In the end, Dyl had to walk down the Path of Shame, and ride the Safari Car of Losers. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite, late at night. “You a lucky boy,” Lequisha said to The Rat.

“Lucky or just smarter than you?” The Rat smiled. Lequisha rolled her eyes.

“So who are we going to pick for our team captain now?” Susan asked.

“I nominate George,” Lequisha said.

“Once again, I think I’ll be the best team captain,” The Rat said.

“He deserves it,” Jocelyn said, referring to The Rat.

“So I guess it’s unanimous,” The Rat smiled. “I’ll be captain.”

“Whatever,” Lequisha rolled her eyes.

“‘The Rat’ being captain actually helps us,” George said in the confessional. “By my logic, it will just lead to everyone hating him more.”

“I’m going to bed,” Lacey yawned. She crawled into the girls’ hut. Cindy and Veronica soon followed suit.

“Let’s see if we all fit in the guys’ hut,” Bruno laughed. He, George, and Greg tried to fit in the boys’ hut, barely making it in. Soon everybody had gone to sleep, except for The Rat.

“Now it’s my turn to cause some trouble,” The Rat smiled evilly. He reached into the cabin, and pulled out a pair of socks. “Let’s see how strong George is without socks.” The Rat threw the socks into the fire. “Now let’s get down to business. Somewhere in the camp is a hidden immunity idol and I’ll search all night if I have to.” The Rat walked towards the woods, but hit his toe on a rock. “Darn it!” He picked up the rocks, and felt that it was wooden and had a shape to it. “I think I found it,” The Rat said, sounding surprised. “Well, that was convenient.” The Rat slipped the idol into his pocket. He picked up a stick, and put the end in the fire. The tip of the stick caught ablaze, and he put it on the girls’ hut, which also caught on fire. “Fire!” The Rat shouted. “Girls, get out!” He pulled Jocelyn and Susan out, waking up the other girls. The boys woke up and watched as the girls’ hut burned to the ground.

“What happened?” Greg asked.

“Our hut caught on fire,” Veronica said.

“But how?” Cindy asked.

“My guess is the wind blew some of the sticks from the fire pit onto your hut,” The Rat explained. “Good thing I’m a light sleeper.”

“Aw, you saved us,” Jocelyn said. She hugged The Rat.

“He’s a hero!” Susan said happily.

“I still don’t trust him,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he lit the hut on fire.”

“Where are my socks?” George asked, his eyes swelling with tears.

“That’s not important!” Veronica screamed. “Where am I going to sleep?”

“What about us?” Cindy asked.

“Like I care?” Veronica asked.

“Well,” The Rat said, “I suggest the girls take our cabin, and we guys can sleep out here.”

“Sure,” Bruno said.

“Gee, thanks, Simon,” Lequisha said angrily.

“Good night everybody,” The Rat said as everyone settled down and were falling to sleep. “Sweet dreams.”

The Vanquishing Zebras were sitting around their fire pit, enjoying their victory. “Great job in the challenge, everyone but Niles,” Hillary said. Niles glared at Hillary.

“Hillary is ruining herself,” Niles said in the confessional. “I’ll let her do this whole power trip thing, and then when she starts messing up, I strike! Last season I walked right into failure, but this season Im here to prove I’m not the show’s biggest loser.”

Jessica was sitting on a log and staring into the fire. Charles sat next to her awkwardly. “Hello, Jessica,” Charles said.

“Hey, Charlie,” Jessica sighed.

“You sound down, what’s wrong?” Charles asked.

“I miss my cell phone,” Jessica said. “Since World, I’ve basically been a celebrity, so now being out here is total torture! I’m a celebrity! Get me out of here!”

“I’m sorry, Jessica,” Charles said sadly. “At least you’ve got me.”

“Make me feel worse, why don’t you?” Jessica said sadly.

Julio placed flowers along the doors to the huts, and on the roofs. “What are you doing?” Hillary asked him.

“Just trying to add a little flair,” Julio said.

“Do we really need more?” Keyana asked.

“You guys are such downers, babies,” Julio said. “You need to lighten up.”

“I’m perfectly comfortable in my uptight state,” Niles said. “I’m comfortable in it.”

“Whatever, baby,” Julio said. He went into the guys’ hut and soon fell to sleep.

Hillary met with Elian, Jacob, and Ace in the woods. “So what are we doing to Niles tomorrow?” Jacob asked.

“We’re going to shave off his mustache,” Hillary said deviously.

Ace gasped, “But he loves his mustache!”

“Exactly why we’re shaving it off,” Hillary said, rolling her eyes.

“So how long are we going to mess with him?” Elian asked.

“We’ll make his life miserable until Susan forgives him,” Hillary explained.

“But she forgave him a while ago,” Ace said.

“I don’t care about Susan at all,” Hillary said in the confessional. “But Niles got me voted off, so now I want revenge.”

“My mustache! No!” Niles screamed upon waking up the next morning. “That mustache was just like a mustache to me!”

Julio yawned and said, “You look ten years younger, baby.”

The next day, the two teams returned to the challenge field. Nalyd stood in front of an open, square stadium, about five feet tall, ten feet wide, and thirty feet long. “Welcome back, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Striving Lions, have you decided on a new team captain?”

“Yes,” The Rat said. “We picked Lequisha!”

“Me?” Lequisha asked, surprised. “I thought we decided-”

“I think you’ll do a better job,” The Rat said.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “Lequisha is the new captains for the Striving Lions! Today, the team captains will pick five of the people on their team to participate in a game of dodgeball. Lequisha, Hillary, pick your dodgeballers.”

“I pick,” Lequisha said, “George, Bruno, Greg, Susan, and Veronica.”

“Me! Why me?” Veronica protested.

“If you’ve got a problem with it, you can be voted off,” Lequisha offered.

Hillary said, “I am going to pick Elian, Jacob, Britanny, myself, and Niles.”

“Me! Why me?” Niles protested.

“I think it will be funny when you get hit,” Hillary said.

“Hillary’s hatred of Niles is going to ruin our team,” Britanny said in the confessional. “We’ve all made mistakes in this game, but nobody is out to get us for it.”

Everyone playing dodgeball got onto their respective sides of the dodgeball court. “If you get hit by the ball, you’re out. If you throw a ball and somebody catches it, you’re out. If you catch the ball, you get to bring in one of your teammates that got out,” Nalyd explained. He threw a red, rubber ball to everyone. “Go!”

Bruno, George, and Greg all threw the balls at Hillary, all three hitting her in the face. “Hey!” Hillary shouted.

“You’re out Hillary,” Nalyd said. Hillary crawled out of the arena angrily.

Elian threw a ball powerfully, and it hit Greg in the face. “Hey, he works hard for that face!” Britanny said.

“Don’t hate the player,” Elian said. “Hate the game!” She grabbed Britanny’s ball out of her hands, and threw it at George, hitting him in the chin.

“Greg and George are outta here!” Nalyd said. “Only Bruno, Susan, Veronica, Elian, Jacob, Britanny, and Niles remain!”

Bruno threw a ball forcefully, hitting Elian in the face. “Elian, babe, you okay?” Jacob asked. He knelt down and helped her to her feet. Jacob was immediately hit in the knee by a ball thrown by Susan.

“Sorry!” Susan shouted.

“Elian and Jacob are out! We’re down to three on two!”

“We’re doomed aren’t we?” Niles asked Britanny as he held onto his red rubber ball for dear life.

“Not yet, Niles,” Britanny replied. She threw her ball high into the air. Bruno reached out to catch it. As Bruno watched Britanny’s ball fly through the air, Niles threw his ball, hitting Bruno in the stomach.

“Bruno is out of the challenge!” Nalyd said.

“Don’t worry, Veronica, we can do it,” Susan smiled.

“Whatever,” Veronica rolled her eyes. She weakly threw her ball, which rolled across the ground. “Whoops, I missed.”

Susan frowned, picked up Veronica’s ball, and threw it at Britanny. Britanny ducked, and picked the ball up when it was on the ground. She threw it back at Veronica, who dodged. Niles picked up a ball, and threw it at Susan, who jumped out of the way.

“Come on, guys!” Lequisha cheered.

“Veronica, hand me that ball,” Susan said. Veronica handed Susan a ball, and Susan picked up another. She threw both balls at Britanny, hitting her in the face and leg. “Sorry!”

“It’s cool,” Britanny smiled.

“Not it is not cool!” Hillary shouted. “Look whose left!”

“He can do it,” Britanny said.

“I bet he loses,” Hillary rolled his eyes.

“He did better than you,” Britanny reminded her. Hillary turned red and growled inaudibly.

Niles picked up the last rubber ball on his team’s half of the court. “Here goes nothing,” Niles sighed. He threw the ball, surprisingly powerfully, and hit Susan in the leg.

“Susan is out!” Nalyd announced. “Final two; Veronica vs. Niles!”

“How come you didn’t dodge?” Lequisha asked Susan.

“He needs a break from all the crud he’s getting from his team,” Susan explained.

“Game over, loser,” Veronica said. She picked up a ball and threw it at Niles. Niles put his hands up to catch the ball, but was thrown back by the impulse of the ball. Everyone gasped, as Niles regained his balance, holding the ball up in his hands.

“You’re out!” Niles said proudly.

“Niles and the Vanquishing Zebras win immunity!” Nalyd announced.

“Whatever,” Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Way to try,” Greg commented.

“Okay, Striving Lions,” Nalyd said. “I’ll see you guys tonight.”

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite. The Rat pulled Veronica, Jocelyn, and Lacey. “Hey, ladies,” The Rat said.

“Ew,” Veronica said, “What do you want?”

“I want to form an alliance, that’s what I want,” The Rat said.

“I’ll join,” Jocelyn said.

“Me too,” Lacey yawned.

“Fine,” Veronica said.

“I need as much safety as I can get in this game,” Veronica said in the confessional.

“Girls are so stupid,” The Rat laughed in the confessional. “I knew that letting them use our hut they’d feel like they owe me, and now we can eliminate who I want.”

“Susan’s gotta go,” The Rat told his new alliance. “She bombed that challenge for us.”

“I’ll vote Susan off,” Jocelyn said. Lacey nodded and yawned.

“Okay,” Veronica said.

“Go see who you can recruit, girls,” The Rat said.

Jocelyn walked back to camp, while Lacey rolled back. “Hold on, I need to talk to you,” Veronica said to The Rat. “I’m just thinking you might be playing the game too much, too soon, you know?”’

“Are you saying I’m playing the game wrong?” The Rat asked.

“No, I just mean the others may think you’re a threat,” Veronica explained. “Just be careful, okay?” Veronica walked away.

“You don’t tell me how to play the game,” The Rat said in the confessional. “I do nothing but play this game!”

The Rat found Jocelyn talking to Cindy and Bruno. He called her over to him. “We’re changing plans,” The Rat said.

“Good,” Jocelyn said. “These two losers won’t vote off Susan. They want to vote off Veronica because she technically lost the challenge.”

“Well isn’t that convenient,” The Rat said, “Tell them to vote off Veronica, because that’s who we’re voting for too.”

“But she’s in our alliance,” Jocelyn said.

“She quit the alliance,” The Rat said. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you,” Jocelyn said, batting her eyelashes.

“Good,” The Rat said. He left to talk to Susan who was alone at the river near their campsite. “Hey Susan,” The Rat said, “Great work in the challenge today.”

“Aw, thanks,” Susan said. “So what’s up?”

“I need you to do me a little favor,” The Rat explained.

Susan asked, “Okay, what is it?”

“I need you to vote for Veronica,” The Rat answered. “She blew that challenge for us.”

“Okay, do you have other people voting for her?”

“No, you’re the first person I’ve talked to,” The Rat said. “Maybe you can go talk to Lequisha, George, and Greg. Those three are tight and seem to like you.”

“Sure!” Susan said happily. “Thanks for telling me!”

“Dumb girl,” The Rat laughed in the confessional.

The Striving Lions returned to Tribal Council during an especially dark night. “Welcome back to good old Tribal Council,” Nalyd said. “Tonight another one of you will walk down the Path of Shame, and ride the Safari Car of Losers. Susan, go vote.”

Susan voted for Veronica. “I’m sorry, but we needed you and you didn’t even care.”

Veronica voted for Susan. “Later, loser.”

The Rat voted for Veronica. “Stupid, stupid little girl.”

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He grabbed the ballot box. He took out a vote. “One vote for Veronica,” he read.

“Me! Why me?” Veronica shouted.

“That’s just the first vote,” The Rat reminded her. “I’m sure that’s the only vote for you.” He smiled deviously.

“Susan,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Veronica and one vote for Susan.”

A look of worry crossed Susan’s face, but Lequisha put her arm around Susan’s shoulders, causing Susan to smile.

Nalyd pulled another vote from the ballot box. “Veronica. That’s two votes for Veronica, and one for Susan.” He took another vote from the box. “Veronica. That’s three votes for Veronica, and one vote for Susan.”

“Whatever,” Veronica rolled her eyes. “My alliance has got my back, right?” The Rat nodded until Veronica turned back towards Nalyd, when he started shaking his head and laughing.

“Veronica,” Nalyd said. “That’s four votes for Veronica, and one vote for Susan.”

“Read a Susan vote!” Veronica whined.

“Quiet loud girl,” Cindy said.

Nalyd pulled another vote from the ballot box. “Veronica. That’s five votes for Veronica, and one vote for Susan.”

“Maybe the next one is for Susan,” The Rat lied to Veronica.

“Shut it,” Veronica said.

“The second person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars... Veronica.”

“No!” Veronica shouted. “All of you voted for me?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” The Rat said.

“That sums it up well,” Jocelyn said.

Lacey burped.

“Veronica, please bring me your torch,” Nalyd said. Veronica took her torch, and reluctantly handed it to Nalyd. “Veronica, the tribe has spoken.” He snuffed her torch.

Veronica quickly walked down the Path of Shame, and got into the Safari Car of Losers. “Whatever, I don’t need those traitors,” Veronica said as she sat inside. “They need me. That alliance will crumble without me! At least I can go back home, if daddy didn’t change the locks again.”

“Another dramatic blindside,” Nalyd said. “Looks like we got the perfect group of liars and snakes; and I love that in a cast. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Three – “A two headed cow!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; the captain-lacking Striving Lions were in for a scary night, when “The Rat” found a hidden immunity idol, and burned down the girls’ hut. Hillary was up to mischief at the Vanquishing Zebras campsite when she had her alliance vote off Niles’ beloved mustache. The Striving Lions decided that Lequisha would be their new captain. At the dodgeball challenge, Niles earned his stripes when he won the game for the Zebras. “The Rat” originally wanted Susan gone, but when Veronica questioned his leadership, he got Veronica eliminated. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite late at night.

“‘The Rat’ two, Striving Lions zero,” The Rat snickered in the confessional. “Two strong players down, and nobody is the wiser. I love this game.”

The Rat sat on a log, and watched the fire. Jocelyn sat next to him and hugged him. “Good job with that vote off,” she complimented him.

“It’s what I do, babe,” The Rat smiled confidently.

“George, what’chu doin’?” Lequisha asked George.

George was stacking logs and tying them together with long blades of grass. “Building a new hut for you girls,” he answered. “Hopefully this one won’t randomly burn down.”

“Aw, you’re sweet,” Lequisha said. She kissed George on the forehead. George blushed.

“Hurry it up, lover boy, I’m tired,” Lacey complained.

“At least he’s working,” Susan said under her breath.

“Watch it, goody-two-shoes,” Lacey said threateningly.

“I thought we were friends,” Susan said, sounding confused.

“Going to jail for a thirteenth time makes you realize who your friends and enemies are,” Lacey said, shifting her eyes evilly.

“You’ve been to jail thirteen times?” Susan asked surprised.

“I don’t know,” Lacey yawned, “I lost count around… over nine-thousand…” Lacey fell asleep, and leaned on Susan.

“Lacey, you’re crushing me,” Susan said, gasping for air.

Greg sat by the river, alone. He looked up at the stars. “Why you alone?” came a voice from behind him. He turned and saw Cindy.

“Hey Cindy, what’s up?” he asked.

“The stars,” Cindy said. “I think you like those.”

“I was just thinking about Britanny,” Greg said. “It’s funny. We’re all supposed to hate each other here, but then you meet that one person that you just click with.”

“I know what you mean,” Cindy said. She sat next to him and looked up at the sky. “I have feelings for someone too.”

“Really? Who?”

“Rather not say,” Cindy blushed.

“Well whoever he is, I’m sure he’d like you too,” Greg said. He looked back at the stars and sighed. “I wonder what Britanny is doing right now.”

At the Vanquishing Zebras campsite, Britanny was telling her tribe mates a tale from her farm. The eleven teens sat on logs around the fire. “And when we got back to the barn,” Britanny said, “we saw a cow-”

“That’s lame,” Keyana said.

“A two headed cow!” Britanny said. Niles screamed.

“Scream in my ear why don’t you?” Hillary growled at him.

“A two headed cow?” Nathaniel repeated. “I don’t believe that.”

“Okay, it was just a cow standing behind another cow,” Britanny admitted.

“Nevermind, it was cooler with the two headed cow,” Nathaniel shrugged.

“I have the best alliance in this game,” Hillary said. “I’ve got Jacob the super jock, Elian the Olympian, and Ace the adventurer! And I am their leader. Could I be in a better position?”

Charles put his arm around Jessica as the two sat by the fire. “Beautiful night isn’t it?” he asked.

“Whatever,” Jessica said. “I’m sick of all these stupid bugs!”

“Jessica, you’ve been acting different lately,” Charles said. “I’m worried you might be too wrapped up in your new celebrity status.”

“Ugh! You’re so clingy!” Jessica shouted. “Leave me alone!” She stood up, and walked into the girls’ hut.

“Well that was a bit harsh,” Niles said.

Charles sighed. “She’s not the same.”

“I’m with Jessica on this,” Keyana said. “You need to chill. You’re pushing her away.”

“How dare she say that!” Charles said in the confessional. “Keyana has just made a rather powerless enemy.”

“This tribe is very hard to work with,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I prefer playing Mario. At least he doesn’t fight with everyone he meets! And he always gets the girl. Hopefully I can get the girl, too!”

The next day, the two tribes went back to the challenge field. “Morning everyone,” Nalyd said. “You may not know this, but it is currently ninety degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s with the wind chill.”

“Wind chill?” Ace asked. “I can’t feel any wind!”

“Good thing you guys didn’t come here for relaxing,” Nalyd said. “Before we begin the challenge, two people from the Vanquishing Zebras have to sit out.”

“I volunteer!” Keyana said. “I am so tired!” Keyana sat down on a bench next to Nalyd.

“Who else wants to sit out?” Hillary asked.

“I will,” Niles said. He sat down next to Keyana.

“We already know who to send home now if we lose,” Hillary said in the confessional.

Bob the Leprechaun linked all the Striving Lions’ legs together with handcuffs. “What are you doing?” Lequisha asked.

“Today’s challenge is a ten legged race,” Nalyd explained. Frank the Gnome handcuffed all the Vanquishing Zebra’s legs together. The two teams stood, unable to move, both in straight lines. “You have to run fifty yards all stuck together! First team to get completely across wins immunity, and food; including ham, rice, bread, chicken, tomatoes, and oranges. Any questions?”

“I’m violently allergic to oranges,” Niles said.

“That’s not a question! That was a statement!” Hillary scolded him.

“Go!” Nalyd shouted. Hillary and Lequisha were the leaders for their respective teams. Hillary tripped over her own feet instantly, resulting in Elian tripping over her and crushing her.

“Elian! Get off!” Hillary screamed. Elian tried to stand, but clumsily fell backwards into Julio.

“Not cool, baby!” Julio said frantically as he toppled backwards, knocking Nathaniel over.

“Is everyone okay?” Hillary asked.

“We’re fine, baby,” Julio said.

“Good. Then help me up!” Hillary shouted angrily. Elian picked Hillary up, while Nathaniel and Julio helped each other up. “Let’s go guys,” Hillary said as she tried walking.

The Striving Lions had a fifteen yard lead, and had reached the twenty yard mark. George, who was originally last in his line, had taken the lead and was almost dragging his teammates behind. “How are you guys holding up?” George shouted as he quickly hobbled.

“Just fine, baby,” Lequisha said, spitting out some grass.

“That’s cheating!” Hillary shouted. “Cheaters!” The Vanquishing Zebras kept a steady pace.

“Ow my ankle!” Charles said. The handcuffs on his right leg tripped him, and pinched twisted his ankle. He collapsed to the ground.

“Man down, man down!” Jacob called to Hillary.

Hillary shot Jacob a glare and ignored his complaint. Ace grabbed Hillary’s shoulder, stopping her. “No man gets left behind,” he said. “Even if it’s Charles.” Ace and Jacob held Charles up by his sweater vest and carried him.

“Let’s keep going!” Hillary shouted. “I’m not losing because preppy tripped!”

“The pain!” Charles cried out. “Oh cruel fate has transpired against me! Why cruel world?”

“Shut up!” Jessica scolded him.

The Striving Lions were closing in on the finish line, ten meters left. “You’re doing awesome, George,” Greg said.

“Back in World, George was just a pleasant fat guy,” Greg said in the confessional. “But now he is awesome! He’s run forty yards carrying eight other people with him! That was hardcore.”

George slowed down, but kept walking. “Keep going, man!” Lequisha screamed.

“Too tired,” he said.

“George, we have five yards left! That’s like fifteen feet!” Susan said. “You can do it!”

George kept walking but collapsed. George was on top of the finish line. “Nalyd, do all of us have to cross?” The Rat asked.

“Nah, it’s fine,” Nalyd shrugged. “The Striving Lions win immunity and reward!”

“We’ve got a tough decision to make,” Britanny said in the confessional. “Keyana sat out, Niles did too, but Hillary lost it for us.”

Upon returning to camp, Nathaniel met with his alliance of Charles, Jessica, Britanny, and Niles. “I say we vote for Keyana,” Charles said. He sat next to the fire pit, and the alliance stood around him.

“Since she sat out of the challenge, she deserves it,” Niles said. “She barely helps out around camp either.”

“What do you mean?” Britanny asked.

“Look at her now,” Niles said. The group turned and saw Keyana washing her hair in the river. “It’s like she doesn’t even care about all the germs in that water… or that she is in danger of going home.”

“I see what you mean, Niles,” Nathaniel said. “Okay, we’ll vote for Keyana.”

“But Keyana’s our friend,” Jessica said to Britanny.

“We need to do what we need to do,” Britanny said, putting her hand on Jessica’s shoulder.

“I’m going to lie down before Tribal Council,” Charles said. He limped into the boys’ hut, and found a scroll in the middle. “What’s this, then?” He opened it and read aloud, “Congratulations, you have found a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Clue number one; where the trees hit the sky, you’ll find immunity.” He paused. “Immunity and sky don’t rhyme.” He slipped the note into his sweater vest. “I’ll have to find it later, I’m too tired now.”

Hillary and her alliance were just outside the campsite. “Do I even need to tell you guys who to vote for?” Hillary asked.

“Niles, right?” Elian asked.

“No,” Hillary said. “I wish, but I want him to stick around a little longer.”

“Why would you want that?” Ace asked. “I thought you hated him!”

“I do, but there is somebody else I have in mind,” Hillary said.

“Hey, baby,” Julio said, sitting next to Keyana. “Can I braid your hair? Please?”

“Uh, sure,” Keyana smiled. She took off her hat, and Julio began to braid her hair.

“If I tug too hard, let me know, baby,” Julio said.

“Don’t worry,” Keyana said. “You couldn’t hurt a fly! You’re like the coolest guy ever! Why the sudden urge to braid my hair?”

“You’ve got great hair, baby. And when I’m done with it, it’s going to be fabulous!”

“I was wondering, what is it with you?”

“What do you mean?” Julio asked, still at work on Keyana’s hair.

“Well you’re so flamboyant and you love pink,” Keyana said. “I was just sort of wondering if you were – Oh, nevermind.”

Julio’s eyes grew wide. “Um, I gotta go,” he walked away quickly.

“Now I look like a freak with half a head of braided hair,” Keyana sighed.

The Vanquishing Zebras went to their first Tribal Council, torches in hand. “Welcome to Tribal Council,” Nalyd said. “I think you all know how this works by now. Julio, go cast your vote.”

Julio voted for Hillary. “I almost voted for Keyana, but I can’t vote out my home-girl, baby.”

Keyana voted for Hillary. “Little miss bossy ruined us in the challenge today.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said after everyone voted. “Once the votes have been read and the decision is made, the loser has to walk down the Path of Shame, and take a ride in the Safari Car of Losers.” Nalyd took a vote from the ballot box. “Keyana.”

Julio held Keyana’s hand and smiled at her. Keyana smiled back.

“Hillary. One vote for Keyana and one vote for Hillary.”

Hillary shot a glare at Niles. “It wasn’t me – Oh what’s the use?” Niles sighed.

“Keyana. That’s two votes for Keyana and one vote for Hillary.” Nalyd pulled out a vote with sparkles on it, and glared at Julio. “Hillary. That’s two votes for Keyana, and two votes for Hillary.”

“You’d better hope both of you goes home,” Hillary threatened Julio and Keyana, “Because both of you are going to regret voting for me!”

“Keyana,” Nalyd said. “That’s three votes for Keyana, and two votes for Hillary.”

Keyana squeezed Julio’s hand tighter. “Don’t let me go,” she whispered.

“Keyana. That’s four votes for Keyana, and two votes for Hillary.”

“Looks like I’ve won,” Hillary said confidently.

“Keyana. That’s five votes for Keyana, and two votes for Hillary.”

“I’m sorry,” Julio whispered to Keyana. “The third person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars... Keyana.”

Keyana looked shock, but her face then turned somber. She stood up, and hugged Julio. “Win, you strange little man,” she said. She waved good-bye to everyone, and then brought her torch to Nalyd.

“Keyana, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said. He snuffed her torch.

Keyana tearfully walked down the Path of Shame, and sat down in the Safari Car of Losers. “I’m surprised I went,” Keyana said. “I guess I didn’t try hard enough, but whatever. I have a new best friend, and I didn’t betray anybody. That’s all the prize I need.”

“So ends another favorite’s hopes for the million,” Nalyd said. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Four – “They’ll be like zombies walking around.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; tension continued to grow between Charles and Jessica’s barely there relationship. The challenge forced enemies to work together, in a ten-legged race. George was able to drag his entire team the length of the race, winning the Striving Lions’ their first challenge. When he returned to camp, Charles found the clue to an idol. The Vanquishing Zebras decided to send Keyana home because she sat out of the challenge. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite. “I’m beat, baby,” Julio yawned. He stepped into the boys’ hut and fell asleep.

“It was pretty stupid of you to vote for me,” Hillary said to Niles.

“But I didn’t vote for you,” Niles replied. “I voted for Keyana, somebody else voted for you.”

“He lied in front of everyone like that,” Hillary said in the confessional. “He’s such a pain!”

“You’re a pretty bad captain,” Nathaniel said. Ace looked shocked.

“You’re in for it now, dude,” Ace sighed.

“What did you say to me?” Hillary asked monotonously.

“All you do is pick on Niles,” Nathaniel said. “You don’t even lead us!”

“I lead you guys all the time!” Hillary said. “Like that one time that I told you to get water!”

“You didn’t tell me to,” Nathaniel said. “I was thirsty so I got water. You’re worse at leading than my mom is at playing Wii!”

“Wiis are quite difficult to operate,” Charles said. “I once tried and I was in the hospital for weeks.”

“One of my pet pigs ate my Wii,” Britanny sighed.

“Can any of you say she’s a good team captain?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’m in an alliance with her and even I don’t like her,” Jacob admitted after a moment of awkward silence.

“I needed to do something drastic,” Hillary said in the confessional. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

“Fine then,” Hillary said, “Nathaniel, you can be team captain.”

“Nice,” Nathaniel smiled. “Thanks.”

“I’m sure you’ll fail though,” Hillary stuck her tongue out.

“I bet I’ll do better than you ever could,” Nathaniel said.

“I bet you couldn’t,” Hillary said. “You won’t last a day as team captain!”

Julio hummed the tune of “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” from the hut.

“I’d rather have Hillary after Nathaniel than me,” Niles said in the confessional. “Ever since I lost my luscious mustache I haven’t been able to feel courageous enough to do much of anything.”

“Let’s make a wager out of this,” Hillary said. “If you are a good captain, we won’t vote you off.”

“And if you can’t handle being a regular contestant you get voted off,” Ace proposed.

“What?” Hillary shrieked.

“Deal,” Nathaniel shook Hillary’s hand. “Pleasure doing business with you.” Hillary fumed inaudibly as Nathaniel crawled into the guys’ hut.

The Striving Lions were at their campsite, enjoying their reward. “This rice good,” Cindy said, eating a handful of rice from a handmade bowl.

“Good to see you’re enjoying it,” The Rat said. The Rat manned the grill they’d made of sticks over the fire pit. “Wanna kiss the cook?” he smiled at Jocelyn. She giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

George sat away from the others. Lequisha approached him and sat down next to him. “What’s up with you?” she asked.

“I can’t go over there,” George said. “If I start eating I won’t stop. I have obsessive eater’s disorder!”

“Is that a real thing?” Lequisha wondered out loud.

“Probably not,” George shrugged. “But ever since I got fit, whenever I eat I just don’t stop!”

Lequisha put her hand on George’s shoulder. “Baby, there’s no shame in being a little large.”

“I can’t risk it, Lequisha,” George said. “I don’t want to risk not being at the top of my game, because then we might lose. And I don’t want us to lose. They might send you home.”

“Aw,” Lequisha hugged George. “Don’t you worry about me. I’ll get you some tomatoes and ham. You’ll need energy for tomorrow. And if you think you’re gonna go crazy I’ll tie you to a tree.”

“You’re the best,” George smiled.

“It’s time to do what I do best,” The Rat said proudly in the confessional. “Lie to make other people look bad.”

The Rat whispered to Greg, “Cindy sure seems to be eating a lot.”

“I didn’t notice,” Greg said with a mouthful of bread.

“She’s had as much as you and I combined,” The Rat shrugged. “By the time she’s done half our food supply will be gone.” The Rat stood and left Greg, who had a pondering look on his face.

“Once he left I noticed that Cindy does eat an awful lot,” Greg said in the confessional. “Could she make us run out of food?”

“My next victim is going to be Greg,” The Rat said in the confessional. “When it comes down to it, I’m the physically weakest male on the team so I need to make everyone think Greg is weaker. If I can get one of them to believe me, they’ll all believe me. They’ll be like zombies walking around.”

The Rat sat next to Bruno who was munching on a chicken drum stick. “Greg doesn’t seem to be eating much,” The Rat said quietly.

“More for us,” Bruno joked, then laughed heartily.

“I’m worried he might not be keeping up his strength,” The Rat said.

“I wouldn’t be too worried,” Bruno shrugged.

“I don’t know,” The Rat said. “I’m worried for him.”

The next day, the two teams returned to the challenge field to see two large helicopters. The blades spun loudly, but Nalyd shouted over them, “Good morning everyone!”

“Nalyd,” Nathaniel said, “we have some news!”

“Yes?” Nalyd inquired.

“I am the new captain of the Vanquishing Zebras,” Nathaniel said.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Time to get down to business; today’s challenge is sky diving! Whichever team gets more contestants to jump wins immunity and a helicopter ride back to camp!”

“That’s too easy,” Jacob said. “What’s the catch, Nalyd?”

“The catch,” Nalyd said, “Is that everyone must complete it tied to somebody else, back to back. That makes it more difficult to open your parachute. You’ll be jumping at one thousand feet in the air. You can decide who you’re tied to, but somebody on the Lions will have to be tied to two people! Okay, everyone in their respective team helicopter, I’ll be down here.” The teams took flight in their helicopters, flown by Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome.

“Who wants to go first?” The Rat asked the Striving Lions.

“I’ll go with Lequisha,” George volunteered.

“Maybe not the best idea,” Lequisha said. “You may want to pair up with somebody a little smaller.”

“I go with George,” Cindy volunteered.

“Sure,” George said. An intern on the helicopter put a back pack army on Cindy and tied her to George, back to back.

“I’ll leave your hands untied so you can reach it,” the intern said. “I personally despise this challenge and this show itself.”

“Good to hear,” The Rat said. He pushed the intern out of the plane. Everyone stared at The Rat in shock. “What? He had a parachute!”

“No, he gave it to me,” Cindy said.

“Oh,” The Rat said awkwardly.

“Here we go,” George said. He jumped out of the helicopter, pulling Cindy down with him. “Cindy, pull the cord on the parachute!” Cindy pulled it, and the parachute opened, greatly slowing their descent.

“Yay!” Cindy cheered.

“Who next?” The Rat asked.

“I’ll go with Lequisha,” Greg volunteered. The Rat loosely tied Greg and Lequisha together. He pushed them out of the helicopter.

“I don’t want to die!” Greg screamed.

“Then open the parachute!” Lequisha shouted.

“He didn’t give me a parachute!” Greg replied.

“Simon!” Lequisha shouted as they fell. The two suddenly felt something stop them. Greg looked up to see George holding Greg by his shirt. Cindy was holding Lequisha. The four floated down. “You rock,” Lequisha smiled.

“Anybody else want to take the plunge?” The Rat asked.

“There is no way I’m jumping,” Bruno said.

“What about Lacey?” The Rat asked. Everyone turned to see Lacey asleep in the corner of the helicopter. “Looks like it’s the three of us, ladies,” The Rat said, putting his hands around Jocelyn and Susan’s shoulders.

“I’ll be doing the tieing,” Susan said. “I don’t want you cheating with the tieing.” She tied Jocelyn and The Rat back to back, and then tied herself to their side. All three grabbed a parachute and jumped. The Rat and Jocelyn dropped their parachutes.

“This doesn’t look good,” Susan said worriedly.

“We’re going to do,” The Rat said in shock. “I can’t die! I’m not a rotten lying millionaire!”

“If we weren’t tied together I’d so make out with you,” Jocelyn cried.

“I hope you mean him,” Susan glared.

“Susan, don’t you have a parachute?” The Rat shouted.

“Yes,” Susan said.

“Then why don’t you use it?” Jocelyn shouted in Susan’s ear.

“Nobody asked me,” Susan shrugged innocently. She pulled the cord on the parachute, and the three slowly descended down.

“Congratulations, Striving Lions,” Nalyd said. “Seven of the nine of you jumped! Let’s see if the Vanquishing Zebras can bode as well.”

The Vanquishing Zebras already had people not wanting to go. “I’m not going,” Charles said. “I refuse.”

“You better jump!” Hillary shouted.

“Hillary, remember the deal,” Ace reminded her.

“Nathaniel, would you like to encourage your team?” Hillary asked through clenched teeth.

“Nah,” Nathaniel said. “If he doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t have to.”

“I like his style,” Niles said. “So I won’t be going either.”

“Somebody has to go,” Nathaniel shrugged. Ace tied Nathaniel to Hillary, handed him a parachute, and pushed the two out.

“Ace, you’re dead to me!” Hillary shouted.

“This won’t be so bad,” Nathaniel said. “It’s like those levels in Mario with the flying pirate ship.”

“Shut up!” Hillary shouted. Nathaniel pulled the cord on the parachute, and the two landed safely.

“We’ll go,” Elian volunteered herself and Jacob. Ace tied them together, handed Elian a parachute and they jumped.

“Who next?” Ace asked.

“You and me, baby,” Julio said to Britanny.

“Sure,” Britanny said. “Just don’t get sparkles on me.” Julio glared at her. Ace tied them together, handed Britanny a parachute, and pushed them out.

“Looks like it’s you and me, Jessica,” Ace said.

“I’m not going,” Jessica said. “Celebrities don’t jump out of planes.”

“You’re not a bloody celebrity!” Charles shouted. “You’re a stuck-up snob who used to be the most amazing girl in the world but now you’re the worst!” Jessica stared at Charles, and then turned away from him.

Ace shouted down to Nalyd, “I can’t go!” The helicopter landed.

“And with that, the Vanquishing Zebras lose,” Nalyd said. “Striving Lions, enjoy your helicopter ride to camp. Vanquishing Zebras, I’ll see you tonight at Tribal Council.” The Striving Lions waved a spiteful good-bye to the Vanquishing Zebras as they flew away in the helicopter.

“Great way to motivate your team, captain,” Hillary rolled her eyes.

“Say that all you want,” Nathaniel said. “Guys, can we all group together for a moment?” The Vanquishing Zebras sat around the fire pit. “I think that we should discuss who we vote for as a team.”

“Makes sense to me,” Ace said.

“I also think we should vote off Ace,” Nathaniel said. “Any opposition?”

“Uh, yeah,” Ace said. “I think Jessica should go. It’s because of her I couldn’t jump.”

“I don’t have a problem with Jessica going,” Charles said.

“Whatever you big crybaby,” Jessica said. “I’ll vote for Ace, Nathaniel.”

“My alliance will be voting Ace off,” Hillary said.

“We are?” Elian asked.

“Listen to her,” Jacob said. “Let’s just let her think she’s in charge, and then we’ll ditch her later on.”

“I’m right here,” Hillary said, “and I can hear everything you’re saying.”

“Jessica will be going home tonight,” Ace said in the confessional. “The dragon slayer is siding with the conniving witch, and we’re taking out the Princess.

The Vanquishing Zebras took the long walk to Tribal Council. “Good evening,” Nalyd said. “It’s time to see who will be the next All-Star to walk down the Path of Shame, and ride the Safari Car of Losers. Nathaniel, the new captain, go vote.”

Nathaniel voted for Ace. “So much for being an adventurer.”

Charles voted for Jessica. “We’re over.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said when all the votes had been cast. “Once the votes have been read, the loser must leave immediately.” Nalyd pulled a vote from the ballot box. “Ace.”

Ace nodded respectfully.

“Jessica. One vote for Ace, one vote for Jessica.” Nalyd pulled another vote from the ballot box. “Ace. Two votes for Ace, one for Jessica.”

Ace smirked.

“Jessica. Two vote for Ace, and two votes for Jessica.” Nalyd took another vote and said, “Jessica. That’s two votes for Ace, and three for Jessica.”

Jessica gasped. “I can’t be going! My fans haven’t gotten enough of me yet!”

“We’ve had enough of you,” Charles mumbled.

“Ace. That’s three votes for Ace and three for Jessica. Ace. Jessica,” Nalyd said. “Four votes for Ace, and four for Jessica.”

“Do you have to pause after every vote?” Hillary nagged. “It just takes up vital time!” “Ace,” Nalyd said, taking another vote from the ballot box. He removed the tenth and final vote. “The fourth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars… Ace.”

Hillary looked surprised, but Ace had a serious look on his face. He didn’t look sad, but understanding instead. He brought Nalyd his torch. “Ace, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, and snuffed his torch.

“Farewell, all,” Ace said. He walked down the Path of Shame, and sat down in the Safari Car of Losers. “This wasn’t as good an adventure as last time,” Ace said. “I think that I deserved to go farther, but I would vote for any of my teammates to win. A true warrior does not hold a grudge.”

“Another exciting vote off,” Nalyd said. “Maybe not that exciting, but whatever. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Five – “This is going to be a long night.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Tension grew in the Vanquishing Zebras campsite when Nathaniel questioned Hillary’s leadership abilities and became the new captain of the Zebras. At the challenge, contestants had to jump from a plane! Jessica refused to jump, leaving Ace without a partner, and leaving the Zebras with another loss. Nathaniel wanted his team to vote off Ace, but Hillary told them to vote off Jessica for sabotaging Ace’s chances. Nathaniel’s leadership proved to be stronger than Hillary’s nagging, and Ace was sent home. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite. “Congratulations, Nathaniel,” Hillary rolled her eyes. “You got rid of an asset to our team!”

“I also got rid of one of your alliance members,” Nathaniel said.

“Speaking of which,” Jacob said. “Elian and I will be quitting your alliance, Hillary.”

“What?” Hillary shouted.

“What do you mean we quit?” Elian asked confused. “I’m still in her alliance.”

“Come on, babe,” Jacob said. “Following Hillary is like following a Sasquatch!”

“Except Hillary exists,” Elian rolled her eyes.

“Take that back!” Jacob said angrily.

“The Sasquatch is real,” Jacob said in the confessional. “According to my studies, it lives within a two miles radius from out campsite. If you’re watching this, Sasquatch, I’m coming for you!”

“Guys, back to the matter at hand, please,” Hillary said.

Niles gasped. “Guys, you better listen to her,” he said sarcastically, “she actually said please!”

“There’s a first time for everything, baby,” Julio said.

“Shut up, Niles!” Hillary shouted. “You’re the biggest jerk on this show!”

“Yes, I’m the jerk,” Niles said sarcastically, “Because I shaved your mustache!”

“I said that for the sake of the argument,” Niles said. “She does have a mustache, but I didn’t shave it off. She shaved my mustache, and I’ll never forgive her for that. You don’t just shave a man’s mustache. That’s like stealing Hannukah from children.”

While Hillary fought with her teammates, Charles was alone, looking for the immunity idol. He glared at the clue he’d found. “Blast, I can’t read the darn thing,” Charles muttered to himself. “The clue said something about a point where the earth meets the sky. That could mean it’s in a tree.” Charles looked around, and then walked towards the tallest tree in his sight. Charles stood before it and gulped. “Come on old boy, you can do it.” Charles grabbed a branch, and pulled himself off the ground. “I say, I think I’m suffering from vertigo.” Charles fainted and collapsed on the ground. He awoke when his head hit, and started climbing again. He pulled himself on top of a branch. He looked up and couldn’t see the top of the tree. “This is going to be a long night.”

The Striving Lions were landing at their campsite in the helicopter. The helicopter’s powerful blades blew most of the campsite away, knocking over the only hut. The nine Striving Lions jumped out and saw what the helicopter had caused. “Well this is great,” Lequisha said sarcastically.

“Don’t worry,” George said, putting his hand on her shoulder. “As long as it doesn’t rain we’ll be fine.”

“Now that you’ve said that, it’s going to rain,” Jocelyn said.

“So what do we do now?” Susan asked.

“Now we relax and we all sleep outside,” The Rat said calmly. Lequisha rolled her eyes.

The Rat nodded at Greg and the two walked away from the campsite so they were alone.

“I needed to get the strong guys on my side,” The Rat said in the confessional. “This way, when we’re the final four, none of them will target me since the others are better in challenges than me.”

“What’s up?” Greg asked. The Rat took his immunity idol out of his pocket. “Is that the idol?”

“Yeah,” The Rat snickered. “I wanted to show you this, and make an offer.” Greg laughed. “I think you and I should ally with George and Bruno. The four of us are the best contestants left. We could be the greatest final four ever.”

“Deal, dude,” Greg said. He fist-bumped The Rat.

“I don’t know how much I trust ‘The Rat,’” Greg said in the confessional. “I’ll probably let him carry me pretty far, and then I’ll ditch him.”

The Rat met with George and Bruno together once Greg left. The Rat wore the immunity idol around his neck. “Do you guys know what this is?” The Rat asked.

“No,” Bruno laughed. “You found the idol?”

“Two days ago,” The Rat said proudly. “And I want to offer you guys an alliance.”

“Sure, I’ll join,” Bruno said happily.

“Same,” George said. He high-fived The Rat and Bruno.

“Greg’s in on this too,” The Rat said. “So the four of us will be safe for a while.”

“This is awesome,” Bruno said in the confessional. “I didn’t have much of any strategy in Amazon, and now I’ve got the king of strategy helping me out.”

The next day, the two tribes returned to the challenge field. “Happy Superbowl Sunday everybody!” Nalyd said happily.

“It’s Tuesday, Nalyd,” Susan said.

“Yeah, but this episode will air on Superbowl Sunday!” Nalyd explained.

“What is Superbowl?” Cindy asked.

“The Superbowl,” Jacob explained, “Is a big football game that happens once a year. It’s a day to honor those that have put in hard work, sweat, tears, and sweat into the glorious game of football!”

“So it’s a waste of time, yes?” Niles concluded.

“Are we going to play football, Nalyd?” Jacob asked happily.

“No,” Nalyd said. “What does football have to do with the Superbowl?” Jacob looked terrified. “Today’s challenge is all about the real reason people watch the Superbowl; hilarious commercials! Both teams will have to make a commercial that will air during the Superbowl! You have to advertise a product that already exists. Pick somebody from your team to be a spokesperson. The best commercial wins! Any questions?”

“What’s a commercial?” Cindy asked.

“I see we have no questions,” Nalyd said. “So get to it!”

“What will we advertise?” Susan asked.

“Let’s advertise me,” Jocelyn said, striking a pose.

“I second that,” The Rat smiled slyly. Jocelyn giggled.

“How about a real product?” Lequisha suggested. “We could advertise water.”

“Let’s advertise Amard,” Cindy suggested.

“I like that idea,” Susan smiled.

“Hm… a vacation,” The Rat thought to himself. “I like it. Cindy can be our spokesperson.”

“Let’s advertise tube socks,” Jacob suggested.

“Tube socks?” Hillary repeated.

“Yes, tube socks,” Jacob said.

“Why tube socks?” Jessica asked.

“People need to be informed about them,” Jacob said. “Tube socks are a part of Canada! Canada wouldn’t be what it is if tube socks didn’t keep our ankles and the lower parts of our legs warm.”

“My ankles are warm!” Nathaniel exclaimed. “Okay, Jacob, we’ll do your tube sock idea. I assume you’d like to be the spokesperson, yes?”

“I’d be honored,” Jacob said.

“I’ve always wanted to be in the Superbowl,” Jacob said in the confessional. “I had wanted to play in it, but being in a commercial it just as good.”

“We’re doomed,” Hillary said in the confessional.

“I should have been our spokesperson,” Jessica said in the confessional. “Hello! I’m famous already! I’ve made a cameo appearance in like three movies and an episode of ‘Monk.’”

“Who’s ready to become a celebrity?” Nalyd asked.

“I already am one,” Jessica said. “But Jacob’s ready.” Charles glared at Jessica.

“The Striving Lions will go first,” Nalyd said. “We’ve provided you a table to stand behind.” Cindy stood behind the table nervously. “Lights! Cameras! Drama! Action!” Bob the Leprechaun turned the camera on and pointed it at Cindy.

“Hello,” Cindy said nervously. “Name my Cindy is.”

“Oy vey,” The Rat muttered.

“Talk here about to I’m you Amard to,” Cindy stammered. “Island Amard small is Ocean the in Pacific.”

“We’re going to lose,” Lequisha said. “Somebody do something!”

Bruno pulled Cindy out of the camera shot and stood behind the desk himself. “Hi, Bruno Mays here!” He shouted loudly. “I’m here to talk to you about a little known island called Amard! Amard was the filming site of the popular reality show Total Drama Paradise! Amard is home to over nine-thousand species of plants and animals! It’s a beautiful vacation spot, and once you go there you’ll never want to go home! Ever! But a ticket now and I’ll throw in another island absolutely free! Just call 1-800-555-AMARD! That’s 1-800-555-AMARD!”

The Striving Lions started clapping. “That was great, Bruno!” Lequisha hugged him. “How did you do that?”

“I’ve seen lots of Oxi-Clean commercials,” Bruno blushed.

“That was pretty good,” Nalyd said. “That’s going to be tough to beat. Jacob, are you up to it?”

“I’m ready when you are,” Jacob said.

Elian kissed Jacob on the lips. “Good luck,” she said

“Thanks, babe,” Jacob said. He walked behind the desk.

“Action!” Nalyd said as Frank the Gnome turned the camera on.

“Tube socks,” Jacob said. He spoke with a thick Russian accent, a complete change from his usual rather dull accent. “In my home country, tube socks cost two dollars. Two dollars for tube socks? That’s outrageous! I’m here to offer you tube socks for one dollar! One pair of tube socks for two dollars! Order now and I’ll throw in thirteen more pairs!”

“This is terrible,” Hillary rolled her eyes.

Jacob took a tube sock out of his pocket. He continued in his accent, “Think of all the wonderful uses for tube socks! They keep your ankles and the lower part of your leg warm! You can use them for sock puppets! You can put a potato in it and hit people with it!” Jacob put a potato in the tube sock he was holding, and hit Julio in the head with it. “Doesn’t this look fun? Order now!”

The Vanquishing Zebras clapped quietly and awkwardly. “The Zebras win immunity!” Nalyd announced.

“What?” Lequisha asked. “But Bruno was way better than Jacob!”

“Yeah,” Nalyd said, “But Cindy was your spokesperson and she bombed it. Zebras, congratulations!”

Elian picked Jacob up and kissed him again. “Way to go,” she said. “But what was with the Russian accent?”

“Russian?” Jacob said confused. “I thought it was a German accent.”

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite.

“I feel safe,” The Rat said. “I talked to my alliance and we’re voting Cindy off. She ruined the challenge for us.”

George looked around the campsite nervously. “What’s wrong?” Lequisha asked him.

“Wrong? Nothings wrong! Why would something be wrong?” George chuckled awkwardly. “Okay, I’ll spill. ‘The Rat’ has a new alliance and I’m in it and we’re voting for Cindy!”

“What?” Lequisha said. “Yo, Cindy, Susan, Jocelyn, Lacey, get over here,” Lequisha said. The girls came to her. “Simon’s trying to get Cindy voted off!”

“What?” Cindy asked. “But I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You made us lose,” Jocelyn said.

“We have to vote for Simon,” Lequisha said.

“I’ll do it,” Susan said. “I don’t like that we have a cheater on our team.”

“I will too,” Cindy said.

Lacey snored.

“I’ll think about it,” Jocelyn said.

“No, Lequisha,” George said. “He’s got an idol!”

“He won’t play it,” Lequisha said. “He probably feels too confident. Jocelyn, what can we say to make you vote with us?”

“Rebuild a hut just for me and you’ve got a deal,” Jocelyn said. “I’ll even get Bruno and Greg to vote him out.”

“Deal,” Lequisha said.

Jocelyn found Bruno and Greg in the woods collecting fire wood. “Hello, boys,” she smiled.

“Hey, Jocelyn,” Bruno and Greg said in unison.

“I was thinking of all of us voting together,” Jocelyn batted her eyelashes.

“We’re voting with ‘The Rat,’” Bruno said, his voice cracked as he talked.

“Aw,” Jocelyn pouted. “Please? For me?”

“We’ll think about it,” Greg said.

“I’d be sad it ‘The Rat’ was voted off,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “He’s the only cute boy left on the show. Maybe he’ll pull a miracle but it doesn’t look good.”

“Eight votes against Simon,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “This is going to be awesome.”

The Striving Lions went to Tribal Council. “Good evening, Striving Lions,” Nalyd said. “Tonight, nine of you are here. But only eight will return to camp. It’s time to vote. Lequisha, go vote.”

Lequisha voted for The Rat. “This is revenge for getting my alliance to vote me off in Paradise.”

The Rat voted for Cindy. “Later, jungle girl.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box. “The loser will be asked to leave immediately. They’ll have to walk down the Path of Shame, and ride the Safari Car of Losers. I’ll read the votes.”

The Rat stood up. He smiled at his team and said, “I’m not done playing just yet.” He handed Nalyd his immunity idol.

“No,” Lequisha sighed.

“Yes,” Jocelyn whispered.

“This is an immunity idol,” Nalyd said. “All votes against ‘The Rat’ will not count.” Nalyd took a vote from the ballot box. “‘The Rat.’ This vote does not count.”

Cindy started crying and George patted her on the back.

“‘The Rat.’ This vote does not count.”

The Rat smiled. “Just playing the game, Lequisha,” he laughed.

“‘The Rat.’ This vote does not count.” Nalyd went through the ballot box, and threw out all the other votes for The Rat, leaving only one vote in the ballot box. “The fifth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars… Cindy.”

Cindy stood up and brought Nalyd her torch, tears streaming down her face. “Cindy, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, and snuffed her torch.

“Bye everybody,” Cindy said sadly. Everyone but The Rat waved good-bye as Cindy walked down the Path of Shame. She cried in the Safari Car of Losers. “I really wanted to win,” she said. “I really deserved it. I didn’t lie, I didn’t hurt anybody. Why me?”

“That was another great example of a blindside we’ve come to know from ‘The Rat,’” Nalyd said.

“Please, you’re embarrassing me,” The Rat smirked.

“All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Six – “Love hurts.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Charles set out on a hunt for the hidden immunity idol at his campsite. “The Rat” set up a seemingly strong alliance with Greg, George, and Bruno. At the challenge, the contestants had to make a Superbowl commercial. Cindy struggled due to stage fright, forcing Bruno to step in and put on quite an entertaining performance. Jacob, however, proved to be a natural salesman when he won the challenge for the Vanquishing Zebras with his very influential commercial about tube socks. “The Rat” planned for his alliance to vote out Cindy, but Lequisha found out and got everybody to vote for “The Rat.” He played his immunity idol, though, and Cindy went back home to Amard. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite. “Well played, my friend,” Greg said as he fist-bumped The Rat.

“Eliminating people like Cindy is what I do,” The Rat said. “Thanks for the tip,” The Rat whispered to Jocelyn.

“I wouldn’t let them eliminate you,” Jocelyn giggled.

“Jocelyn warned me about Lequisha trying to eliminate me,” The Rat said in the confessional. “So I played my idol! Now I just need a new idol, and a new target. Maybe Lacey, it’s not like she’s doing anything.”

Lequisha sat sadly on a log by the fire pit. “Are you okay, Lequisha?” Susan asked.

“No,” Lequisha said. “Simon outsmarted us again!”

“Simon?” Susan repeated.

“‘The Rat,’” Lequisha said. “His lame real name is Simon Thatius Dorkson.”

“I don’t blame him for using a nickname,” Susan said awkwardly.

“I hate him so much,” Lequisha said.

George sat down next to Lequisha. “What’s going on, girls?”

“Lequisha’s upset at ‘The Rat,’” Susan explained.

“Don’t mind him,” George said. “He’s a villain. They always end up losing.”

“In third place,” Lequisha rolled her eyes.

“How about this?” George offered. “I’ll stay allied with him, but tell you all of his plans.”

“Aw, thanks, baby,” Lequisha said. She kissed George on the cheek. He blushed, smiled, and left.

“Are you two dating?” Susan asked.

“Not officially,” Lequisha said. “What about you and Niles?”

Susan suddenly looked like she’d seen a ghost. Her skin turned pale, and her palms start sweating. She looked away from Lequisha and said, “I haven’t talked to him since we got out here.”

“Do you still like him?” Lequisha asked.

“I don’t know,” Susan said. “I don’t think I do. I was sure I didn’t when the show was over, but then I saw him with his mustache and his cute jacket and… I don’t know.”

Lequisha hugged Susan. “Don’t worry, about it. You’re young, and I can’t think of a single guy that wouldn’t date you in a second. Except for George, he’s mine.” The two girls laughed.

Hillary was quite upset with the Vanquishing Zebras. “How can none of you start a simple fire?” Hillary shouted.

“Well, you kind of burned all of our materials last night,” Niles explained.

“Nobody asked you, pipsqueak!” Hillary shouted.

Jacob sat at the fire pit, still rubbing some sticks together. “Guys, get me something flammable!” he shouted. Elian handed Jacob a pair of tube socks.

“Did you get a spark?” Elian asked.

“No,” Jacob admitted. “But I got your hopes up, didn’t I?” Hillary shrieked.

“Hillary, you gotta chill, baby,” Julio said. Hillary grumbled inaudibly and stormed off into the woods.

“So she’s the next to go?” Nathaniel asked.

“Sure,” Jacob said.

“I’m all for it,” Niles said.

“She’s a pain,” Britanny said.

“Hey, where’s Charlie?” Jessica asked suddenly.

“I thought you didn’t like him anymore,” Niles taunted playfully.

“I don’t,” Jessica said. “But I don’t want him eaten by a lion.”

Charles was back in the tallest tree, trying to find the immunity idol. He had set a new record in height; he was on the first branch. “Come on, Charles, old chap,” he said to himself. “You can do this.” He reached for another branch, but slipped off the one he was standing on. He collapsed on the ground. “Blast!” he shouted. He kicked the tree, and something fell out. It hit him on the head, and knocked him out.

Hillary was in the woods crying. She sat on a rock, with her head in her hands. Julio found her. “Hillary?” he said. “Is that you, baby?”

Hillary sniffled and wiped her eyes. “Yeah.”

Julio stood in front of her. “Were you crying?” he asked.

“No,” Hillary said. “I don’t cry.”

“It’s okay,” Julio said. He sat on the rock and put his arm around Hillary’s shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

“Everyone at camp hates me,” Hillary said. She started crying again.

“I think Elian is slightly indifferent towards you,” Julio offered. “Why do you act like you do? Yelling at everyone.”

“I don’t want to be taken advantage of,” Hillary said. “I want to be the one who’s in charge, not any of them.”

“If you keep doing this, you’ll be sent home,” Julio said. Hillary was silent. “You know I’m right, baby.”

“I know,” Hillary said. “And I hate being wrong.” She sniffled. Hillary hugged Julio but didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go back to camp,” Julio said. “We’ll need rest for tomorrow.”

“Welcome back,” Nalyd said when the two teams had arrived to the challenge field in the morning. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

“No!” Jacob shouted. “I forgot to get Elian a present again!” Jacob grabbed some tube socks from his pocket. “Happy Valentine’s day, babe,” he said.

“It isn’t actually Valentine’s Day,” Nalyd explained. “But this episode is going to air then! Like the Superbowl one. Anyway, onto today’s challenge. There will be three parts. The winner of two out of the three parts wins immunity, and they’ll get to pick somebody from the losing team to go on a little trip. For part one, both team captains need to pick a boy and a girl to participate.”

“I pick ‘The Rat’ and Jocelyn,” Lequisha said.

“I pick Hillary and Niles,” Nathaniel said. Niles glared at Hillary, but she smiled at him.

“The way this part of the challenge works,” Nalyd said, “is the couples have to kiss!”

“What?” Hillary shouted.

“What?” Niles shrieked.

“What?” Susan said under her breath.

“Score!” The Rat smiled.

“Pucker up,” Jocelyn smiled. She and The Rat kissed each other. Then the kissed again, and again. Then they started making out.

“You guys can stop now,” Lequisha said.

Niles looked at Hillary with fear in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” Hillary asked him, smiling widely.

“I didn’t think you could smile,” Niles said. “And I’d really rather not do this challenge.”

“Well we need to win!” Hillary said, still smiling. She grabbed Niles by his arms, and kissed him. “See, was that so bad?”

“I’m going to throw up,” Niles said. Susan glared at Hillary.

“That’s a point for the Striving Lions,” Nalyd said. “Their kiss was much better.” Hillary kissed Niles again, longer this time. “There, do we win now?” she asked.

“No,” Nalyd said. “And Niles just threw up on your shoes.”

“Don’t kill me!” Niles shouted. He hid behind Nathaniel.

“Its fine,” Hillary said through clenched teeth.

“Now for part two,” Nalyd said. “The team captains must pick two more people on their team to do the challenge!”

“I pick myself and George,” Lequisha said.

“I pick Julio and Jessica,” Nathaniel said.

“Julio?” Jessica said in surprise. “Why would you pick him in a romance challenge?”

“I dunno, he seems like he could have a shot,” Nathaniel said.

“The way this challenge works,” Nalyd said. “Is both pairs must perform a romantic scene off the top of their heads! Lequisha and George, you too first!”

“I’m not good at being romantic,” George whispered to Lequisha.

“Just be yourself,” she smiled.

“Hey, Lequisha,” George said. “Do you want to go out?”

“Why George, this is so unexpected,” Lequisha said. “But yes, I’d love to!” Lequisha jumped into George’s arms. “And, scene!”

“I’ve seen better romance scenes on Blue’s Clues,” Nalyd said, rolling his eyes. “Julio, Jessica, let’s see what you’ve guys got.”

“Um…” Jessica said.

Julio got on one knee and took Jessica’s hand in his. “What light through yonder window breaks,” Julio said. “It is the east, and Jessica is the sun, baby.” He kissed he hand. Jessica blushed.

“Ooh, look at me,” Charles said in the confessional. “I’m Julio, baby! I’m fabulous! I’m pretty!”

“Jessica, you are the most beautiful girl in the world,” Julio said. He took a small box out from his pocket. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh, Julio!” Jessica said, tears running down her face. “I will!” Julio stood up and the two hugged. Jessica leaned in to kiss Julio, but stopped when she saw Charles.

“That was beautiful,” Nalyd said, tears in his eyes. “One point for the Zebras!”

“Way to go, guys,” Nathaniel said.

“That was amazing, Julio,” Jessica said. “I didn’t know you could act like that!”

“I’m a very complex boy,” Julio said.

“That’s one word for it,” The Rat muttered.

“Now for part three,” Nalyd said. “Team captain, I need one more couple.”

“I’ll pick Susan and Bruno,” Lequisha said.

“I pick Jacob and Elian,” Nathaniel said.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Both teams will get on pillars fifty feet in the air, and have to knock the other team off with giant poles with giant foam hearts at the end!”

“What does that have to do with love?” Charles asked.

“Love hurts,” Nalyd snickered.

“That wasn’t funny and it barely answered my questions,” Charles said dryly.

Susan, Bruno, Elian, and Jacob all got on their pillars, poles in hand. “Aren’t you afraid of heights?” Bruno asked Susan.

“Why do you think I’m clinging to my pillar instead of standing on it?” Susan asked.

“Go!” Nalyd shouted.

Jacob, swung at Bruno’s legs, but he jumped. Jacob swung at Bruno again, but Bruno grabbed Jacob’s pole and yanked it out of her pole. “Uh oh,” Jacob said.

Elian started jabbing at Susan’s hands but kept missing. Susan started screaming very loudly. Jacob looked at Susan, and Bruno swung at Jacob’s head. Jacob fell, and shouted, “Why cruel world?”

Elian threw her pole at Bruno, and hit him in the chest. He fell, but threw his pole up. “We win!” Elian said happily. Bruno’s pole hit her in the face, and she fell.

“The Striving Lions win!” Nalyd announced.

“Way to go, Susan!” Lequisha shouted.

“You go, girl!” Greg shouted.

“Get me down!” Susan shrieked.

“Congratulations,” Nalyd said to the Striving Lions when everyone was safely on the ground. “Now you can pick one Vanquishing Zebra to be able to enjoy a little reward, who do you pick?”

“Let’s send Miles,” Jocelyn said. “He had to kiss Hillary. He earned it.”

“We’re sending Niles,” Lequisha told Nalyd.

“Okay then,” Nalyd said. “And Niles, you can pick somebody from the Striving Lions to come with you.”

“Susan,” Niles said. “She deserves it too.”

Nalyd handed Niles a map. “Follow this, and you’ll find your reward. Before you go, Niles, tell me who you’re voting for.”

“I’m voting for Jessica,” Niles said. “I really want to support my friend Charles, and I think that’s what he wants.”

“I meant for you to whisper it,” Nalyd said awkwardly. “But that works too. Okay, everyone, go back to camp. Except Susan and Niles, who will come back here tomorrow morning.”

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite. “Jessica,” Charles said. “Could I talk with you for a minute?”

“Whatever,” Jessica said. She sat down on a log, and everyone else did as well.

“I kind of meant in private,” he said awkwardly.

“Anything you can say to me, these guys can handle,” Jessica said checking her nails.

Charles blushed. “I was going to ask you if… Er… You’d like to… Maybe… If you wanted to… What I mean is…”

“Hurry up,” Jessica rolled her eyes. “I wanna get done with voting you off.”

“Jessica,” Britanny said. “I think he’s trying to ask you out.”

“Ew, no,” Jessica said. “We already tried dating, and then he got all freaked out because I got famous and he didn’t.” Charles looked crushed.

“Jessica, that’s terrible,” Elian said. “Jacob may be goofy but I always accept him.”

“I’m goofy?” Jacob said in the confessional. “I’m like the most serious person I know. I’m like Sasquatch serious.”

“Jessica, if you don’t start acting nicer, we’ll vote you out!” Nathaniel threatened.

“Go ahead, I already won,” Jessica said.

The Vanquishing Zebras went to Tribal Council. “Welcome,” Nalyd said. “It’s time to vote off another one of your own. Nathaniel, you can vote first tonight.”

Nathaniel voted for Jessica. “Thanks for your help in the challenge today, but you really are a terrible person.”

Jessica voted for Charles. “Do you know how embarrassing it is to be asked out on national television by somebody like you?”

“I’ll tall the votes,” Nalyd said. He took the ballot box.

Charles stood up. “I’d like to play my immunity idol, to save Jessica,” he said. The Zebras gasped. Charles handed Nalyd his immunity idol.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “All votes cast against Jessica won’t count.”

“Oh, Charlie,” Jessica sighed.

“One vote for Charles,” Nalyd said, taking one vote out of the jar.

Charles turned to Jessica, who saw the tears in his eyes. “The sixth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars… Charles.”

Charles stood up and brought Nalyd his torch. “Charles, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, and snuffed Charles’ torch.

Jessica ran over to Charles and hugged him when he had his back turned. “Jessica, what are you doing?” Charles asked.

Jessica kissed Charles on the lips. “Charlie, you’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met,” she said. “When you did that I remembered why I fell in love with you.” She kissed him again.

“Jessica,” Charles said. “Win. For me.” Jessica nodded.

Charles walked down the Path of Shame, and rode away in the Safari Car of Losers. “Today was the first time in months,” Charles said. “I finally saw my Jessica.”

“Another exciting Tribal Council,” Nalyd said. “You kids always know how to keep me on my toes. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Seven - “There’s a winter Olympics?”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; “The Rat” celebrated his victory over Cindy. Charles continued his search for the idol, as Hillary continued to alienate herself from her tribe. During the romance challenge, long-time rivals Hillary and Niles had to kiss, and so did Jocelyn and “The Rat.” Julio and Jessica won the romance scene part of the challenge, when George and Lequisha showed everyone they know nothing on the subject. Bruno ended up winning for his team. Niles and Susan were chosen to go on their own romantic getaway. The Vanquishing Zebras planned on voting Jessica out, but Charles used his immunity idol to save Jessica, even though he ended up going. Who will be voted out tonight?

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite.

“This is just great,” Hillary said in the confessional. “Jessica’s still here, and now she’ll want revenge on us. This couldn’t have ended worse.”

“Well, that could have ended better,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Charles got sent home, and we still have Jessica. It’s a lose-lose for all of us.”

Jessica sat with her tribe around the fire pit. There was a tension in the air not felt there before.

“I need to prove that I’m worth keeping around,” Jessica said in the confessional. “I’m not going home right after Charlie sacrificed himself for me. I can’t let him down.”

Jessica started a fire with the flint and sticks next to the fire pit. “Thanks, Jessica,” Elian said. She and Jacob watched the glow of the fire, with their arms around each other. They kissed each other and smiled.

“OMG!” Jessica squealed in the confessional. “I could totally play matchmaker! Elian and Jacob’s relationship has been on the rocks lately, and they were totally cuddling next to the fire! I’ve found my new place in this world! Finding true love, even for ugly girls!”

Jessica got up and sat next to Julio. “So,” she started, “Did you see how Hillary was looking at you earlier?”

“You mean when she was glaring at me?” Julio asked.

“No,” Jessica giggled. “I think she likes you.”

“No thanks, baby,” Julio said.

“Oh, I see,” Jessica said. “Well I think Nathaniel was giving you the same look if you’re interested.”

Julio’s jaw dropped and he looked at Jessica awkwardly. “Er, again, no thanks, baby,” Julio stood up and got into the boy’s hut.

“I’m a failure as a matchmaker!” Jessica cried in the confessional.

A storm was wreaking havoc on the Striving Lions campsite. Rain powered down on them, as they were crowded in the boy’s hut. They were soaking wet, just as wet as they would have been if they’d sat outside. Nobody but Lacey slept.

“I’m cold,” Jocelyn shivered as she clung to The Rat.

“This game is getting easy,” The Rat said. “I’ve got Jocelyn being my spy and telling my Lequisha’s plans, and I’ve got the four strongest guys to ever play the game on my side.

“Was coming back really worth it?” George muttered.

“You got me,” Lequisha offered as she shuddered.

George chuckled and said, “Yeah, you make this worth it.” Lightning boomed in the sky, and the contestants screamed. A tree collapsed, narrowly landing on the hut the Lions sat in. They scurried out of the hut Bruno carried Lacey on his back.

“We’re going to die!” Greg cried. Bruno slapped Greg, and grabbed him by his collar.

“You’re a lifeguard, man!” Bruno said dramatically. “Guard our lives!”

Greg slapped Bruno back, and grabbed Bruno by his collar. “I’m a water lifeguard! I’m useless on land!”

Another tree was struck by lightning, and collapsed, crushing the hut. “This bites,” The Rat groaned.

“Maybe Susan’s having a better time,” Lequisha shrugged.

Susan and Niles finished their three-mile-long trek through the Sahara desert, and eventually found a small pond with a basket next to it. Susan ran over to the basket, and found sandwiches, soda, and chocolate cake. She emptied the basket on a picnic blanket that she also found in the basket.

“Niles from Amazon would take this opportunity for strategy,” Niles said in the confessional, “But tonight is about romance.” Niles smiled an unintentionally creepy smile.

“This is nice,” Niles said, taking a bite of the sandwich. He sat closer to Susan, who looked at him awkwardly.

“Yes,” she said, as she sipped her soda. “So, I see you shaved your mustache.”

“No, it was tore off my face,” Niles said. “I’m trying to grow it back. It’s starting to come in.” Susan strained her eyes trained to see a millimeter of hair on Niles’ face.

“Looks great,” Susan lied.

There was an awkward silence, followed by Niles saying, “You know, I think about Amazon all the time.”

“Oh,” Susan said. She looked away from him, trying to hide the tears swelling in her eyes.

“I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about voting you off,” Niles said. “It was stupid and selfish of me. It cost me the million dollars-”

“You just care about losing the money?” Susan said in shock, she still didn’t look him in the eye.

“It cost me the million dollars, and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met,” Niles said. Susan looked at him and blushed.

“You mean that?” she asked.

“Yes,” Niles said. “I’ve learned from my mistakes, Susan.”

“What are you saying, Niles?” Susan asked quietly.

“I’m saying that I’ve fallen for you like you fell for me,” Niles said. “But I’m hoping that this time we can have a happy ending.”

Susan turned away from Niles again, tears now streaming down her face. “I’m sorry, Niles,” she said. “I don’t have those feelings for you anymore. I don’t know why, you’re the same smart, witty, funny guys with a body even Fabio would envy. I just don’t see you the same way.”

Niles frowned. “Okay,” he whispered. He walked away, leaving Susan alone and crying.

The next day, the two tribes, including Niles and Susan, returned to the challenge field. Nalyd wore a heavy jacket, and there was an ice rink with a target in the middle. “Welcome, everyone!” Nalyd said.

“What’s with the coat, Nalyd?” Hillary asked. “It’s almost ninety degrees!”

“Today we’re having an Olympic challenge!” Nalyd said.

“Talk bout a challenge custom made for me,” Elian said in the confessional. “I’ve been training for the Olympics for years!”

“What event are we doing?” Elian asked excitedly. “Javelin toss? Swimming? Bicycling? Ooh! Wrestling?”

“No,” Nalyd said, “We’re doing a winter Olympics event.”

“There’s a winter Olympics?” Jacob asked in surprise.

“I rule in every Olympic event,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I have both versions of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, so I know how to anything Olympic related.”

“Today, you’ll be participating in curling,” Nalyd said.

“Is that a real thing?” Bruno asked.

“Yeah,” Jocelyn said. “Like curling your hair. Duh.”

“No,” Nalyd rolled his eyes. “Curling works like this; you take a stone, and hurl it towards the house, and try to get it in the center.”

“I don’t see a house,” Jacob said.

“They call that big circle a house,” Nalyd explained.

“What are the brooms for?” Britanny asked.

“I have no idea,” Nalyd said. “I assumed they were just for show. Anyway, both teams need to pick two people to participate in five rounds of curling. Whichever pair can get the stone closest to the center of the house wins that round! Wanna know what you’re playing for?”

“No, we want to curl for fun,” The Rat said sarcastically.

“The winning team,” Nalyd said, “Will be going to the Olympics!”

“EEE!” Elian squealed. “Really?”

“Well, you’ll get tickets to the Olympics,” Nalyd explained. “Okay, teams, time to pick your pairs.”

“George and Lequisha gotta go first,” The Rat said to the Striving Lions.

“How do you figure?” Lequisha asked.

“Well, George is a beast in challenges, and I’m sure you can’t screw it up too badly,” The Rat explained.

Lequisha growled at him.

“I’ve got great hand-eye coordination,” Nathaniel told the Vanquishing Zebras.

“I’ll go with him,” Jessica said eagerly.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “George and Lequisha vs. Nathaniel and Jessica!” The two pairs stepped onto the ice, George and Nathaniel holding the stones. Jessica and Lequisha stood in the middle of the ice, clutching their brooms. “Go!”

George powerfully hurled the stone down the ice, so hard that it crashed right through the wall of the ice rink. Nathaniel smirked at George. “Let me show you how a professional Wii player competes in the Olympics,” Nathaniel scoffed. He slid the stone down the ice rink, and it stopped in the center of the house.

“One point for the Zebras!” Nalyd announced. “Next pairs, please.”

The Rat and Jocelyn, and Elian and Jacob stepped onto the ice. The Rat and Elian held their stones. “You’re going down,” The Rat taunted Elian. Elian rolled her eyes and pushed the stone forcefully.

Jacob started sweeping the ice. “What are you doing that for?” Elian asked him.

“I don’t know!” Jacob shouted. The stone ended near the center of the house.

“Ha, we’ve got this,” The Rat laughed. He threw the stone, as Jocelyn swept furiously. The stone stopped short of the house.

“Another point for the Zebras!” Nalyd exclaimed. “Next pairs.”

Bruno and Greg stepped onto the ice, followed by Julio and Nathaniel. “Go!” Nalyd shouted.

Bruno threw the stone, and slid past the house. “You gotta be kidding,” The Rat muttered. The stone bounced off the back wall, and started to return to the house. Greg swept the ice, and the stone continued, reaching the inner circle of the house. “You gotta be kidding,” The Rat said in shock.

Nathaniel threw the stone. Julio started sweeping, leading the stone. “Julio, stop,” Nathaniel called. “It’s going too fast!” The stone slid outside of the house. “Mama-mia!” Nathaniel mumbled.

“One point to the Lions! It’s two to one,” Nalyd said.

“Sorry, baby,” Julio said.

Susan and The Rat, and Britanny and Hillary stepped into the ice rink. “If the Zebras get this point they’ll win,” Nalyd said.

“You can do it, Britanny!” Hillary cheered.

“Stay focused,” Britanny said. She chucked the stone across the ice, hitting Hillary in the toe.

“Argh!” Hillary shouted. “I’m okay,” she winced.

Susan threw the stone. It slid safely into the house. “The Lions win the point!” Nalyd announced. “This will be the tie breaking round.”

Lacey and Susan, and Niles and Hillary stepped onto the ice. “I’ll throw the stone,” Niles said to Hillary.

“You can do it Lacey,” Susan smiled as she handed Lacey the stone.

“Was Susan trying to lose the challenge?” The Rat asked in the confessional. “Lacey’s been asleep for a week straight! She was half-asleep when she got on the ice!”

Lacey’s eyes shot open. They were red, and looked angry. “Game on!” she shouted. She threw the stone to the house.

“Tubby’s got game,” Jocelyn said under her breath.

The stone slid to the center of the ice. “Yay!” Susan shrieked. She ran over to Lacey and hugged her. “You rule!”

“We win!” Lacey said excitedly.

“Not yet,” Nalyd said. “If Niles hits your stone out of its place, the Zebras will win the round.”

Niles looked to Susan, then to his stone. He frowned. “You can do it, Niles,” Hillary said excitedly.

“And if you don’t we’ll send you home,” Hillary said angrily in the confessional. “I’ve spent all day being nice, and I’m not losing now!”

Niles dropped the stone, and kicked it. It moved half an inch. “The Lions win immunity!” Nalyd announced.

The Striving Lions cheered. “Way to go, Lacey!” Bruno congratulated her.

“I did what anybody would have done,” Lacey shrugged.

“You wuss!” Hillary shouted. Everyone looked in shock to see Hillary holding Niles by his collar. “You cost us the challenge, you twerp! You insect! Everyone on the team worked for that and you go and give up!”

“Don’t kill me!” Niles shouted.

“Put him down, Hillary.” Hillary turned around and saw Susan standing behind her.

“Stay out of this, goody-two-shoes,” Hillary said. “It’s your fault!” Niles squirmed free of Hillary’s grip and hid behind Susan. “Yeah, hide behind your girlfriend. She’ll keep you safe.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Niles said.

“I won’t rest until you’re gone, Piles,” Hillary said angrily. “Who’s with me?” The Zebras glared at Hillary unanimously.

“Okay, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Lions, when you get back to camp you’ll see your tickets to the Olympics. Zebras, I’ll see you tonight.”

“Thanks, Susan,” Niles whispered to Susan. Susan smiled at him. The teams left the challenge field to return to their camp.

“This couldn’t be a worse situation for me,” Hillary said in the confessional. “I lost my temper at the challenge and now everybody wants me eliminated.”

“I saw my very life flash before my eyes,” Niles said in the confessional, his skin paler than usual. “For whatever reason I saw lots of handkerchiefs and hand sanitizer.”

The Zebra camp was silent. Nathaniel’s eyes met with Jacob, Britanny, Elian, and Jessica. They followed him into the woods. “Okay, guys,” Nathaniel said. “The five of us will basically decide who goes. Hillary completely flipped on Niles, and she’s being really fake with her being nice to everybody.”

“Yesterday she tried to braid my hair,” Elian said.

“Is that why you have that bald spot?” Jacob asked.

Elian slapped Jacob. “We agreed never to speak of it again.”

“Moving on,” Nathaniel said. “Niles cost the challenge, and we all know it was to save Susan.”

“That’s so sweet,” Jessica sighed.

“But we’ll lose again,” Nathaniel said. “And Julio. I don’t know. I get a bad feeling from him. Like that feeling I get right before I face a boss in Mario.”

There was a brief silence, and then Britanny said, “I think I know who we need to send home.”

“I think it’s pretty clear,” Nathaniel said.

The eight Vanquishing Zebras returned to Tribal Council. “Welcome back, Zebras,” Nalyd said. “Tonight you’ll lose another member to the Safari Car of Losers. Hillary, go vote.”

Hillary voted for Niles. “Finally I can get my revenge on the boy who cost me one million dollars.”

Niles voted for Hillary. “This is what is best for Niles, and if Niles wants to stay here, Niles needs to put Niles first. Niles doesn’t know why Niles is talking in the third person. Niles is going to shut up now.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He took a vote from the ballot box. “Hillary.”

“Can’t say I’m surprised,” Hillary muttered.

“Niles. That’s one vote for Hillary, and one vote for Niles,” Nalyd said. He pulled another vote from the ballot box. “Hillary. Two votes for Hillary, one for Niles.”

Hillary looked to everyone nervously. Niles looked more nervous.

“Hillary. That’s three votes for Hillary, one vote for Niles. Hillary. Four votes for Hillary, and one for Niles.”

The nervous look on Niles face turned to a confident grin, as Hillary looked more horrified than ever.

“The seventh person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars is… Hillary.”

Hillary looked angry, but her expression turned to calmness as she brought Nalyd her torch. “Hillary, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said as he snuffed her torch.

Hillary walked down the Path of Shame, and sat inside the Safari Car of Losers. “I lost my temper too much,” Hillary said. “I lost sight of who I was and the game. This game brought out the worst in me. I need to go back to being who I am; a bossy perfectionist!”

“Seven down, fifteen to go,” Nalyd said to the Zebras. “All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eight – “It’s funny because she looks like a pumpkin.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Jessica tried to regain a good social position in her game by playing matchmaker, despite failing miserably. The Striving Lions’ campsite was destroyed by a monster storm. Susan and Niles shared an awkward and unpleasant night out in the desert. Lacey won the curling challenge for her team, winning the Lions tickets to the Olympics. The Zebras unanimously voted out Hillary because of her bad attitude. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite, near midnight. “That was our fourth time to Tribal Council, how did we get lost?” Elian asked.

“How did we lose the challenge?” Jessica asked.

“What do you mean?” Britanny asked Jessica.

“It was an Olympic challenge, how did Elian lose?” Jessica explained.

“Not the winter Olympics,” Elian answered. “I’m not the one who threw the challenge, though.”

“If you felt that way why did you vote out Hillary?” Niles replied.

“Because of her temper!” Elian shouted.

“Shouts the girl who’s shouting!” Niles shouted back.

“Our team is completely divided,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Every time we lose we break more apart. We need to win a challenge or we’ll crumble completely.”

“I’m gonna go to bed,” Britanny said. She left the group and crawled into the girls’ hut to get sleep. Jessica followed her.

“You seem glum,” Jessica whispered to Britanny. “Is something wrong?”

“I miss Greg,” Britanny explained.

“I know what its like to have a boyfriend gone,” Jessica said. “I miss Charlie already.”

“Greg’s still in,” Britanny reminded Jessica. “But he’s on the other team; I haven’t talked to him the whole time. We were looking forward to being able to return together, and now we’re on different teams.”

“I’m sorry, Britanny,” Jessica said. “I’m sure he’ll talk to you at the challenge tomorrow. Maybe you could throw a challenge for him! Guys love it when you do that for him!”

“I think I’ll just say howdy,” Britanny said.

“Aw, that’s so cow-girly,” Jessica giggled. “I’m sure he misses you right now.”

“I hate this,” Greg said. The Striving Lions had returned to their camp, and were reading their tickets.

“The winter Olympics in Chicago in 2082,” Susan sighed.

“I’ll see you guys there,” Bruno said happily. The Rat looked at the box that had the tickets in them, and noticed a piece of paper. He took it from the box and slipped it into his pocket.

“Clue for an immunity idol! Heck yeah!” The Rat said happily in the confessional. “This clue is still a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but from what I’ve gathered, the idol is by the river.”

The Rat slipped away from the camp side and ran to the river. The group heard a tree fall down in the distance. “Another one?” Jocelyn asked angrily. “How many trees are gonna be zapped by lighting?”

Lacey emerged from the woods, carrying the large tree over her shoulder. “I knocked the tree over!” she said triumphantly. She lifted the tree, and snapped it in half over her knee.

“Even I can’t do that, and I’m the strong guy,” Bruno said in the confessional.

Lacey started to build a hut with the logs she’d karate-chopped into useable pieces. “Want some help, Lacey?” Lequisha offered.

“No, you’ll slow me down,” Lacey said.

“Lacey’s the only one working on rebuilding camp,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “If we lose her we will all die.”

Jocelyn found The Rat digging into the river. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Looking for an idol,” The Rat said. He picked up a rock, and threw it away.

“How do you know there’s an idol around here?” Jocelyn asked.

“I found a clue in the jar of Olympics tickets,” The Rat explained. “Hello?” He picked up something wrapped in a leather case. “Too easy,” he laughed.

“So ‘The Rat’ found another idol,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “His passion for ruining others’ lives is one of the things I love about him. And his mustache.”

The next day, the two tribes went to the challenge field. There was a fifty foot high hill made of snow behind Nalyd. “Morning, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Lions, I assume you enjoyed your reward.”

“Thanks for tickets to the Olympics that won’t happen in our life time, Nalyd,” Greg said sarcastically. Britanny smiled at Greg and he waved to her.

“Ready to get to today’s challenge?” Nalyd said. “Today you’ll be sledding down this hill, taking a flag at the bottom, and running back up the hill. First team to get five flags wins.”

“Can the same person go down more than once?” Lacey asked.

“Absolutely,” Nalyd said. “The winning team will be safe from tonight’s vote.” Everyone went up to the top of the hill. Lacey and Nathaniel got on the sleds for their teams. “Go!”

Lacey’s sled charged down the hill at an incredible speed, while Nathaniel’s went more slowly. Lacey reached the bottom of the hill quickly, grabbed her team’s flag, and ran back up. “Who wants to go?” she asked. Before anybody could answer she said, “I’ll go again!” She threw the sled away and rolled down the hill.

“What’s with her?” Susan asked herself. “Last season she couldn’t keep her eyes open.”

“Maybe she had an energy bar,” Greg shrugged.

Nathaniel got to the top of the hill, and passed the sled to Elian. Elian rode the sled down, and grabbed a flag for her team. She ran back up, passing Lacey. Elian gave the sled to Julio. Julio slid down the hill, and crashed. He rolled off the slid into a snow bank. “That’s gonna leave a mark, baby,” Julio muttered.

Lacey rolled back down the hill and grabbed a third flag for her team. “Let’s go, Lacey, let’s go!” the Striving Lions chanted. “Let’s go, Lacey, let’s go!” Lacey reached the top and high-fived Bruno. She ran back down the hill.

Julio crawled back to the top of the hill, sled and flag in hand. He gave Britanny the sled. “Good luck, baby,” he said. Lacey reached the bottom of the hill, and Britanny soon caught up. Lacey wheezed as she reached the top of the hill.

“Lace, I can go instead if you’re tired,” Bruno offered.

“I’ve got it,” Lacey said, handing him the fourth flag.

“Lacey’s going for the Lions’ final flag,” Nalyd announced. Britanny gave Jacob the sled. “Jacob is right behind her for the Zebras!” Lacey rolled down the hill, but didn’t stop at the bottom. She rolled through the base of the hill, crashing through a large snow and ice wall. She continued rolling across the challenge field. She then began to roll back, and stopped at the base of the hill. Lacey burped. “She’s asleep,” Nalyd said. Jacob ran back up the hill with a flag in hand.

“We win!” Jacob shouted.

“Vanquishing Zebras win immunity!” Nalyd shouted. “Good job, guys. It’s about time. Striving Lions, I’ll see you tonight.” The two teams returned to their campsites. Lacey was carried by Bruno, George, Greg, and Susan.

“Who’s going tonight?” Greg asked The Rat.

“Lacey, obviously,” The Rat said. “We don’t need her weighing everyone down.”

Bruno laughed, “Weighing everyone down. It’s funny because she looks like a pumpkin.”

Greg left the three guys, and met with Lequisha. “Look, we gotta get rid of Simon,” Greg said. “He wants Lacey gone.”

“The girl that rebuilt our shelters?” Lequisha asked in disbelief. “That’s stupid.”

“Yeah, so I think we need to get rid of him,” Greg said. “He’s no good in challenges, but he’s got George and Bruno.”

“Okay, thanks, Greg,” Lequisha said. She gathered Susan, Jocelyn, and Lacey together. “Simon’s gotta go.”

“Who’s Simon?” Jocelyn asked.

“‘The Rat,’” Lequisha said. “His real name is Simon Thatius Dorkson, and I love to remind him about it.”

“My last name is going to be Dorkson!” Jocelyn cried in the confessional.

“Okay,” Susan said. “Last time it didn’t work, so why would it work this time?”

“This time he must have heard us talking about it. But this time, it’s just the four of us and Greg who know,” Lequisha explained. “So tonight, we right down Simon’s name.”

“I don’t know why Greg ran off so quickly after we decided on voting off Lacey,” The Rat said in the confessional. “I’m still feeling safe, though.”

The Striving Lions returned to Tribal Council, torches in hand. “Good evening,” Nalyd said to them. “Tonight, you’ll send another one of your own down the Path of Shame, and into the Safari Car of Losers. Greg, go vote.”

Greg voted for The Rat. “I’m sorry that you’re going home tonight. You’re great at this game though. Peace out.”

Lequisha cast her vote and wrote Simon on the paper. “Finally!”

The Rat cast his vote. “You mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He walked over to, and took the ballot box.

“Nalyd,” The Rat said. “I’d like to play this immunity idol.” The Rat handed Nalyd his immunity idol.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “All votes cast against ‘The Rat’ will not count.” Nalyd emptied the ballot box. “We had five votes for ‘The Rat,’ thought most of them say ‘Simon.’” The Rat blushed. Lequisha fumed silently.

Nalyd took one of the three remaining votes from the ballot box. “One vote for Greg,” Nalyd said.

The Rat smiled. “This game is too easy,” he chuckled.

“The eighth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars… Greg.”

Greg looked surprised, but brought Nalyd his torch. “Greg, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed Greg’s torch.

“Tell Britanny I said bye, okay guys?” Greg said, turning around.

“You’ve got it,” Susan said.

Greg walked down the Path of Shame, and into the Safari Car of Losers. “Didn’t see that coming,” he said as he sat in the car. “I wasn’t ready to go. Not at all. I think that was kind of dumb to vote me out. I’m sure Simon was behind it. Ah well, maybe I wasn’t meant to win the game.”

“That was an excellent blindside,” Nalyd said. “Even I’m shocked, and I knew the answer. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Nine – “If you get an idol, you’re marked.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Lacey started to repair the Striving Lions’ shelter, building it better than before. “The Rat” found yet another hidden immunity idol. At the challenge, Lacey was the only Lion to participate, and for a large amount of the challenge her team held the lead. She eventually passed out, and rolled away. The Zebras were able to catch up and win. “The Rat” and his alliance originally planned to vote out Lacey, but Greg revealed the plan to the rest of the team. “The Rat” played his new immunity idol, and Greg received enough votes to be eliminated. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Striving Lions returned to their campsites. “Let’s all agree,” Lequisha said, “That if any of us find an idol ever again, we need to vote that person out.”

“Agreed,” Susan said, sounding annoyed.

“Greg didn’t deserve to go,” Susan said in the confessional. “So we all agreed; if you get an idol, you’re marked.”

“You got it, Simon?” Lequisha asked.

“Yeah, sure, that’s fair,” The Rat said.

“As soon as she said that,” The Rat said in the confessional, “I went to this big pile of rocks I saw when we first got here. Occasionally we crawl on it to see if there are any animals around, but I’ve got a good feeling there is another idol in there.”

“I keep telling ‘The Rat’ to use his idols,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “Nobody on this team knows how to play this game. At all. The only good thing about this tribe is that we’ve got people like George and Bruno who kick butt in physical challenges. I need ‘The Rat,’ so I followed him to find the idol.”

Everyone sitting at the fire pit was quiet. Jocelyn and The Rat had left. “I’m never trusting either of them again,” Lequisha said.

“Why don’t you trust them?” Bruno asked. “You’re the one who keeps giving ‘The Rat’ power. You have us all vote for him, so only his vote will count.”

Lequisha looked shocked. “You can’t talk to her like that,” George said angrily.

“You know it’s true,” Bruno said. Lacey burped in her sleep. “I think we all know the real reason we lost,” Bruno said. He and everyone else looked at Lacey.

Lacey’s eyes shot open and she shouted, “What are you looking at?”

“We’re looking at you,” Susan answered.

“That’s called a rhetorical question, Susan,” Lequisha rolled her eyes. “This is gonna be a long night.”

The Vanquishing Zebras were celebrating their victory. “It’s about time we got off our losing streak,” Nathaniel said.

“I bet you anything Lacey’s going,” Britanny said.

“Well, yeah,” Niles said. “You’ve got to vote out the people who lose the challenge for you.”

“We kept you,” Elian said awkwardly. There was silence.

“Y’all wanna hear a farm story?” Britanny asked.

“Sure,” Jacob said. “Is there a Sasquatch in it?”

“No,” Britanny said.

“Oh. Well, I guess I’ll listen anyway,” Jacob rolled his eyes.

“This is the story of the time I saved all of my cows from being killed by a bandit,” Britanny started. “I was in the barn, milking my favorite cow, Big Bertha. I heard the barn door open. I turned and saw a big man standing there. He had a trench coat on and a cowboy hat. He pulled a knife out of his pocket. At least I think it was a knife. It may have been a candy bar. Anyway, the cows looked terrified. So, I ran over and tackled the creep. I proceeded to kick him in the shin repeatedly. He was arrested. It turned out it was my uncle Colby.”

“Nice,” Jacob said.

“Better than Ace’s stories,” Jessica said.

“That guy was a huge dork,” Elian rolled her eyes.

“Ooh, look at me,” Niles mocked Ace, “I’m a dragon slayer, I’ve been to the amazon, I’m the fourth person voted off.” The tribe laughed.

“The only bigger idiot in this game,” Elian said, “Is probably ‘The Rat.’”

“I don’t know,” Jacob said, “I still like him. He helped me out back in Paradise.”

“The whole Lions team is full of stupid people,” Nathaniel said.

“They’ve got the people who are bench-pressing 500 pounds, and we still beat them,” Niles laughed.

“My team is way over-confident,” Julio said in the confessional. “This does not bode well for tomorrow’s challenge, baby.”

The next day, the two tribes returned to the challenge field. There was a big circle in the middle of the field, filled with mud. There was a small, square, wooden platform in the middle of the circle. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said.

“I was shocked to see Greg was gone,” Britanny said in the confessional. She started to cry. “I don’t want to continue without him. It wouldn’t be worth it. We agreed to start and finish this game together. It won’t be the same without him.”

“Today’s challenge,” Nalyd said, “Will be incredibly physical. The way it works is one person from each team will get onto the square platform. You have to push a person from the other team into the mud. The first team to get five points wins. You cannot use your legs as a weapon. Let’s go.”

Bruno and Jessica got onto the platform. “Bring it on, big man!” Jessica challenged Bruno.

“Go!” Nalyd announced. Bruno lifted Jessica up, and threw her into the mud. “Bruno scores a point for the Lions!”

“Yeah!” Bruno shouted. Jessica crawled out of the mud and spit out mud.

George and Niles stepped onto the platform. “Don’t hurt me,” Niles said meekly.

“I’ll go easy on you,” George chuckled.

“Go!” Nalyd shouted. Niles charged at George. George took a step to the left and Niles ran straight into the mud.

“Yeah!” George cheered.

“Two points for the Lions,” Nalyd said.

Elian and The Rat got onto the platform. “You’re going down,” The Rat smirked.

“Go!” Nalyd said. Elian pushed The Rat, who stumbled but pushed back. The Rat swung his fist at Elian, who ducked. Elian picked The Rat up by his ankles, and swung him into the mud face-first. “Elian scores for the Zebras!”

Jacob and Susan got onto the platform. “Don’t go easy on me because I’m a girl, okay?” Susan asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Jacob said.

“Was I supposed to want to go easy on her?” Jacob asked in the confessional.

“Go!” Nalyd declared. Jacob ran up to Susan and pushed her repeatedly. She grabbed his hands and swung him around.

“Whoa,” Jacob said, trying to regain his balance. Susan pushed him, and he fell into the mud.

“Three points for the Lions, one for the Zebras!” Nalyd announced.

Julio and Lequisha walked onto the platform. “Hey, Juli,” Lequisha smiled. “What’s up?”

“Sorry, Quishie,” Julio said. “I’m not getting pushed in the mud today, baby. Unless it’s like a mud bath or something, I could use one of those. I forfeit, Nalyd.”

“Another point for the Lions!” The Rat pulled Julio into the mud, causing Julio to shriek.

“Simon!” Lequisha grumbled angrily.

“This could be the final round,” Nalyd said. “Britanny vs. Lacey.” Britanny stepped onto the platform, while Bruno and George carried a sleeping Lacey onto it.

“Just push her off,” Nathaniel cheered.

“Go!” Nalyd announced. Britanny bent over and pushed Lacey, who was on her stomach. Britanny rolled Lacey over onto her back.

“This is harder than it looks,” Britanny said. She continued to push Lacey, but the pumpkin-child wouldn’t budge. Lacey’s eyes shot open, and she grabbed Britanny’s arms.

“I’ll teach you to wake me up!” Lacey shouted. She lifted Britanny over her head.

“Don’t eat me!” Britanny shrieked. Lacey fell asleep, dropping Britanny in the mud, then collapsing on top of her. “I can’t breathe!” Britanny cried. Bruno and George carried Lacey away.

“The Striving Lions win immunity!” Nalyd announced. The Striving Lions cheered, while the Vanquishing Zebras pulled Britanny out of the mud.

“I knew we’d lose,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “The other team is dumb, but they’re all massive beasts who dominate in physical strength. When we went down there, they all looked angry. Their eyes looked crazy and berserk. I feared for their sanity.”

“Vanquishing Zebras, I’ll see all of you guys tonight,” Nalyd said. “Everybody go back to camp.”

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite, and Britanny started crying. “Vote me off, guys,” Britanny cried. “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

“Are you sure, Brit?” Jessica asked sadly.

“Yes,” Britanny said. “I didn’t come back to win. I wanted to hang out with Greg.”

“Okay, we’ll vote you off,” Jacob said.

“Thank you,” Britanny said tearfully.

“Maybe we shouldn’t vote off Britanny,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Elian is the bigger threat. During my season, the merge came really late, so I’m expecting an early one this season. We need to vote off Elian.”

Britanny and Elian went into the girls’ hut to pack Britanny’s things. “Listen guys,” Nathaniel said quickly. “We can’t vote off Britanny tonight. Elian has got to go. The merge is coming soon, and this may be out last chance to ever vote her off.”

“Makes sense to me,” Jacob nodded.

“Jacob!” Jessica gasped. “Elian is your girlfriend!”

“Oh yeah!” Jacob laughed.

“I like Nathaniel’s logic,” Niles said.

“I don’t know,” Julio said.

“I want to win,” Julio said in the confessional. “Britanny wants to go, but Elian is a huge threat. If we get rid of Elian, are we doomed to lose the next couple of challenges?”

The Vanquishing Zebras went to Tribal Council, tired and covered in mud. “You guys got dominated today,” Nalyd laughed. “It’s time to send another one of your teammates home. Elian, go vote.”

Elian voted for Britanny. “I hope you end up in a happier place.”

Nathaniel voted for Elian. “I am in this to win this.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He took the ballot box. He read a vote. “Elian.” He took another vote. “Elian. That’s two votes for Elian.”

Elian gasped.

“Britanny. Two votes for Elian, one for Britanny. Elian. Three votes for Elian, one for Britanny.”

Elian’s shock turned to anger.

“Britanny. That’s three votes for Elian, two for Britanny.”

“I was angry,” Britanny said in the confessional. “I want to quit! Who would make me stay?”

“Britanny,” Nalyd said. “Three votes for Elian, three for Britanny, one vote left.”

Jacob squeezed Elian’s hand, and the two smiled at each other.

“The ninth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars... Britanny.”

Britanny smiled and brought Nalyd her torch. “Thank you,” she said to her tribe.

“Britanny, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, snuffing her torch.

Britanny walked down the Path of Shame, and stepped into the Safari Car of Losers with a wide smile on her face. “I’m so glad to go,” Britanny said. “Here I come, Greg.”

“Another close call,” Nalyd said. “Let’s see if you guys can reclaim some dominance in this game. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Ten – “Dun dun dun.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; “The Rat” searched for a third immunity idol at his camp. The Lions lost trust in Lequisha after they failed to vote off “The Rat” for a second time this season. After winning another challenge, the Zebras got a huge confidence boost. Despite this, they were still pummeled into the mud at the challenge. Britanny asked to be voted off, but Nathaniel tried to get Elian eliminated. The Zebras ended up voting Britanny off. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Vanquishing Zebras returned to their campsite.

“Somebody tried to blindside me,” Elian said in the confessional. “I know it was Nathaniel. I can smell a rat a mile away. I spent twenty days with a rat on Total Drama Paradise.”

“Nathaniel is our tribe’s snake,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Luckily, Elian and I are rhinoceroses. I don’t know if rhinoceroses eat rats, but we’ll beat him anyway. Owls eat rats, maybe we’re owls. My physics professor kind of looks like an owl with his pointy ears and bushy eyebrows. So all we need to do to beat Nathaniel is physics!”

Nathaniel threw a handful of sticks into the fire pit and stared as they burned.

“Jacob and Elian kept glaring at me after we got back from Tribal Council,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I think they know I tried to vote Elian off. But she’s still here, and now I might be in trouble. Right now, voting off Elian has to go on the back burner, and now I need to lie through my teeth.”

“It was Niles,” Nathaniel said to Elian. The two, as well as Jacob, had walked into the woods by the campsite.

“What?” Elian asked.

“Niles was trying to eliminate you,” Nathaniel said. “He got Jessica to vote with him too. Julio also voted for you. Those were the three votes against you.”

“Dun dun dun,” Jacob said. Elian glared at Jacob.

“The three of them must be in an alliance,” Nathaniel said. “The three of us and Britanny voted for Britanny. So now it’s three vs. three.”

“Okay,” Elian said.

“It’s easy to blame somebody like Niles or Jessica,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Nobody likes Jessica, and nobody trusts Niles. It’s somebody like Julio who needs to be cut down to size. He’s too big of a threat to keep around.”

“Nathaniel was lying,” Elian said in the confessional. “Please, I’ve played with the best of them; I know when somebody is feeding me lies.”

Rain poured down at the campsite. Niles, Jessica, and Julio huddled together and watched the fire slowly go out. “It could be worse,” Jessica said a smile on her face. “There could be a lion.” They heard a loud roar in the distance. The three ran into the girls hut, and sat up awake, cold and scared, all night.

Most of the Striving Lions were at their campsite. The Rat and Jocelyn had left to look for the hidden immunity idol they were convinced they could find. “It’s gotta be in here,” The Rat said. He was digging a hole at the base of the tallest tree they could find.

“We’ve been at this for five hours,” Jocelyn said, sounding annoyed. “Can we just go back to camp?”

“Just give me five more minutes, babe,” The Rat said.

“That’s what you said three hours ago,” Jocelyn sighed. “Why do you need the idol? Can’t you get somebody eliminated without using it?”

“Sure I can,” The Rat panted.

“Then why do you keep looking for it?” Jocelyn taunted. The Rat stood up, and walked back to the campsite silently. Jocelyn followed him. The Rat stepped into the boys’ hut and fell asleep, without talking to any of his tribe mates.

“He didn’t find it,” Jocelyn laughed quietly. She sat with the other Lions, who were sitting around the fire.

“So there’s no way this can go wrong, right?” Lequisha asked. “Tonight Simon goes.” Jocelyn nodded.

“I don’t know if I want to get rid of ‘The Rat’ yet,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “He’s got more strategy in his little finger than any of these idiots, and I bet I can beat him in front of a jury.”

Susan looked at Lacey, who had a strange look in her eyes. Lacey was staring blankly at Bruno and smiling. “What’s wrong Lacey?” Susan asked. “Got gas?”

“I’ve got my eyes on a hunk of man-wich,” Lacey smiled in the confessional.

“Lacey is creeping on me,” Bruno said in the confessional. “She keeps staring at me and…” Bruno paused. Lacey’s head emerged behind him. “She’s right behind me isn’t she?” Lacey burped.

“Lacey and Bruno?” Susan said in the confessional. “I couldn’t see it.”

“I made a plan,” Jocelyn said, “for us to lose tomorrow so Lequisha can try and send ‘The Rat’ home. I think she’ll fail.”

The next day, the two tribes returned to the challenge field. There were two huge carts behind Nalyd. “Morning, final thirteen,” Nalyd said. “Today’s challenge will be another difficult one. Three members from each team will be pushing or pulling their cart by using a metal bar at the front of the cart, while the rest of the team rides inside the cart. The first team to get all the way across the finish line one-hundred meters away wins immunity. I’ll let you pick the riders and pullers.”

“Me and Bruno will push,” George said. “‘The Rat,’ you wanna pull too?”

“No, Lacey needs to,” Susan said. “She is stronger than all of us, and weighs more.”

“I can do it!” Lacey said. She flexed her arms, and then farted.

“Elian and me,” Jacob said to the Zebras. “We’re the two strongest people on the team.”

“Who else?” Niles asked. “None of the rest of us are strong.”

Julio yawned. “And staying up all night didn’t help, baby.”

“I will,” Nathaniel said. “Jessica, Julio, Niles, you three need to rest, and you’re the lightest.”

The pushers all stood behind their carts’ bars, while the riders sat in the back. “Go!” Nalyd shouted. Both teams ran out of the gate.

“Go Elian,” Jessica yawned.

“You guys are doing splendid,” Niles cheered.

Julio was asleep.

Bruno, George, and Lacey continued picking up speed, passing the Zebras by ten meters. “Lions have a huge lead,” Nalyd said. “It’s going to take a lot for the Zebras to catch up!”

Lacey stared at Bruno as she ran. “So, you wanna go out sometime?” Lacey asked.

Bruno threw up in his mouth, and shouted, “What?”

“I think you’re kind of cute,” Lacey said.

“No!” Bruno shouted. “I don’t want to date you!”

Lacey sat down, blocking the cart from moving by using her large mass. “What?” Lacey shrieked.

“Lacey, I don’t like you,” Bruno said. “Now we gotta keep going!”

“Are you two gonna be a while?” George asked.

“Let’s go, love-birds,” The Rat said.

“Shut it, Simon!” Lacey and Bruno shouted at the same time.

“We’re catching up,” Elian said to the Zebras. Nathaniel was struggling to run with Jacob and Elian.

“The Zebras are closing the gap,” Nalyd said, “with the Lions stuck at the halfway point.”

Lacey continued to sit. “Lacey, quit being such a baby,” Jocelyn whined.

“How long have you even liked Bruno?” Susan asked Lacey.

“Since like yesterday,” Lacey said. Bruno watched, terror on his face, as the Zebras passed the Striving Lions.

“Okay, fine,” Bruno said. “If I go out with you, will you get up?”

“Yes,” Lacey said. She yawned.

“I thought I was going to throw up,” Bruno said in the confessional. “Lacey’s gross, and creepy.”

“It’s all going according to plan,” Lequisha said happily in the confessional. “Lacey creeps on Bruno, Lacey loses the challenge, Simon goes home. It’s fool proof. Thanks to Jocelyn for the plan!”

“Fine, I’ll go on a date with you,” Bruno sighed. Bruno kept staring at the Zebras, who were now at the seventy-five meter mark. He turned around, and asked, “Now can we go?” He saw Lacey had fallen asleep. “Lacey!” he shouted.

The Zebras continued on their winning run. “We’re almost there!” Jacob shouted.

“The Vanquishing Zebras have ten more meters,” Nalyd said.

“Keep going!” Elian screamed.

Lacey’s eyes bulged open, and she stood up. “Let’s do this thing!” she shouted.

“Lacey, it’s too late,” Susan said. “They just crossed the finish line.”

“Oh, okay,” Lacey said. She jumped into Bruno’s arms. “Carry me back to camp.” Bruno dropped her and screamed.

“Congratulations, Zebras,” Nalyd said. “You have won immunity. Lions, I’ll be seeing you tonight at Tribal Council.”

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite. The Rat immediately left. “Okay guys,” Lequisha said. “Tonight, Simon is going home.”

“You were great, Lacey,” Bruno said, “Pretending to love me and throwing the challenge. The plan went great.”

“What plan?” Lacey asked. Bruno looked at her, once again terrified.

“What if he has the idol?” Susan asked.

“Then we tell him Jocelyn is getting vote off,” George answered. “I’ll do it.” George left to talk to The Rat.

“I don’t like to lie,” George said in the confessional. “But when elimination is the name of the game, it’s what I need to do.”

“Listen, ‘The Rat,’” George said. “Jocelyn is going home tonight.”

“Okay,” The Rat said. “I’m cool with that.”

George looked shocked. “I thought you loved her.”

“Yeah,” The Rat said, “But I also love a million bucks.”

“So, Jocelyn’s going home tonight,” The Rat said. “I don’t care either way. At least, I’m making them, think that.”

The Rat pulled Jocelyn away from the camp, and brought her to the river. “They want to blindside you,” The Rat said.

“Gasp!” Jocelyn exclaimed sarcastically. “What can we do?”

“We’re going to vote off Le-queasy, okay?” The Rat said.

“Okay,” Jocelyn lied.

“This game is too easy,” The Rat said, hugging Jocelyn.

The Striving Lions went to Tribal Council that night. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said. “Only seven of you are left, and after tonight there will be six. Lequisha, go vote.”

Lequisha voted for The Rat. “So glad to see you going home!”

The Rat voted for Lequisha. “Later Le-queasy.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box, and returned. “Does anybody have a hidden immunity idol, and want to play it?”

The Rat stood up. “I’d like to play this,” he said, “but not on me. To save my ladyfriend, Jocelyn.” The Rat handed Nalyd the idol, and winked at Jocelyn. “It’s for you, babe.”

Lequisha started to snicker. “Okay,” Nalyd said. “No votes will count against Jocelyn tonight.” Nalyd took a vote from the ballot box. “‘The Rat.’ That’s one vote for ‘The Rat.’” Lequisha broke out I laughter.

“What’s so funny?” The Rat asked.

“You,” she said.

““‘The Rat.’ That’s two votes for ‘The Rat,’” Nalyd said.

The Rat kept his stoic, confident look.

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said, reading the third vote. “That’s two votes for ‘The Rat’ and one for Lequisha.”

George joined Lequisha in laughing at The Rat.

“Simon,” Nalyd said. “That’s would make it three votes for ‘The Rat’ and still only one for Lequisha.”

“I’ve been played,” The Rat sighed. Bruno and Lacey started laughing as well. Lequisha tried not to start rolling around and laughing on the ground.

“The tenth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars… ‘The Rat.’”

The Rat stood up and brought Nalyd his torch. The Rat turned around. “But Jocelyn,” he said, “I thought we were a couple.”

“Yeah,” Jocelyn said, “try watching Amazon and see if you feel the same way.”

“‘The Rat,’ the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said. Nalyd snuffed his torch.

The Rat walked down the Path of Shame, and stepped into the Safari Car of Losers. He looked furious, but didn’t say anything.

The entire Striving Lions tribe was now beside themselves laughing. “Another exciting blindside,” Nalyd said. “Even I was shocked, and I knew the answer. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eleven – “My team is full of idiots!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; The Vanquishing Zebras became a tribe divided due to Nathaniel’s sneaky strategy of blaming Niles for trying to Elian off. Jocelyn devised a plan to eliminate “The Rat,” and Lacey fell in love with Bruno. Lacey’s anger at Bruno for not wanting to date her ended up costing the Striving Lions the challenge. “The Rat” thought Jocelyn was in danger of going home, so he played his idol to save her. Jocelyn ended up getting no votes, and “The Rat” was voted off. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Striving Lions returned to their campsite. Lequisha had a big smile across her face. “We win,” she laughed when the Striving Lions took their seats around the fire pit. Lequisha hugged George, then Susan.

“It’s about time he went,” George said. “You can’t trust a rat.”

“Yay, we blindsided somebody,” Susan said half-heartedly.

“I don’t like that this tribe has been so sneaky,” Susan said in the confessional. “This is a tribe of villains. We’ve got Jocelyn, we all know how bad she is, Lequisha, who was willing to rick everybody’s positions in the game to get rid of ‘The Rat,’ and Lacey who is a convicted criminal. I don’t like it!”

“I am the queen of this game,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “My team is full of idiots!” Jocelyn laughed. “Susan is just trying to get by without double-crossing people, Lequisha just votes for whoever she’s mad at, Lacey’s in love with Bruno, which is actually hilarious, and George is willing to follow Lequisha off a cliff!” Jocelyn laughed again. “Just give me the million dollars now.”

“The Lions are a tight unit,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “We’re going to go into that challenge tomorrow, and kicking the Zebras’ butts! I’m ecstatic that Simon finally walked the Path of Shame. I’m not too bummed about Greg and Cindy having to go because of ‘The Rat’ because, hey, George and I are still here. That’s the important part.”

“I think,” Bruno said in the confessional, “Somebody’s watching me.” He turned to his left and saw Lacey staring at him with a terrifying grin on her face. “Eep,” Bruno said in fear.

“I’m not a stalker,” Lacey said in the confessional. “Momma knows what she likes, and knows when she wants it!”

“Lequisha is the coolest girl in this game,” George said in the confessional. “She’s so nice to everyone, and she always tries in challenges. If I ask her out and she said yes, she’d be my first girlfriend! How awesome would that be?”

“I’m in control of this game,” Lacey said in the confessional. “I know because I have this mastery strategy. I just have to make sure that,” Lacey fell asleep.

The Vanquishing Zebras had all gone to bed, but none of them were asleep.

“Final…” Jacob trailed off in the confessional. “How many of us are left anyway? One, two, three… How many Lions are there? Forget it. I’m in the final number-of-people-remaining! I’m so close to the end. I’m going all the way, man. I am in it to win it. Just gotta keep myself motivated. Half way there. Living on a prayer, and whatever the tribe finds for dinner. Yes we can. Eye of the tiger.” Jacob started to hum “Eye of the Tiger” to himself.

“This game has changed so much since Paradise,” Elian said in the confessional. “Back then it was just ‘The Rat’ going after people, but this time everyone is ruthless. You’ve got to stay on your toes to make sure you’ll wake up in camp.”

“Rising up,” Jacob sang in the confessional. “Back on the street. Took my time, something something. Went the distance, now I’m back something something. Just a man, with a will to something!”

“I do love Jacob,” Elian said in the confessional. “But the boy’s not right.”

“It’s the,” Jacob continued singing in the confessional. “Eye of the something! It’s the thrill of something! And I don’t know the words for this part! And the last known survivor something something at night! And he’s watching us all with something!”

“Before I came out here,” Jessica said in the confessional, “I was concerned over the stupid little things in life, like my acting career and avoiding the paparazzi, but I’ve learned a lot out here! Like, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get to be in that movie because the other girl that tried out totally made out with the casting director! And it’s okay to retaliate against the paparazzi violently, because they deserve it! Anyway, I have definitely become a changed person out here.”

“So many times,” Jacob sang in the confessional, “It happens to something! You change your something for something. Don’t lose your grip on something of the past! You must fight just to keep something alive!”

“I’m in a good position in the game,” Julio said in the confessional. “I haven’t made a lot of enemies, and if I can keep this up, I may just sweep the jury, baby!”

“Why can’t you see?” Jacob sang in the confessional. “You belong with me-he-he! You belong with me. Wait, am I still singing Eye of the Taylor?”

“I don’t know if I can make it much longer,” Niles said in the confessional. “This game makes you look at your life, and really have to examine it. Some people come out of this game better than when they came in, but others are just torn apart by it. I’ve had my heart ripped out of my chest with metal claws several times, and I can’t make a friend here to save my life. I wasn’t cut out for this.”

“I could go multi-platinum,” Jacob said confidently in the confessional. “That’s a thing right?”

“I am the captain of my team,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “We know the merge is coming. The six of us are going to stick together for it. Obviously, when only the six of us remain, only I’ll be smart enough to get people to turn on each other.”

The two tribes went to the challenge field in the morning. There was an olive-colored mat for the Striving Lions to stand on, a red one for the Vanquishing Zebras, and a blue one that Nalyd stood on. “Good morning, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Before we get to the challenge, we have a surprise.”

“Is it the merge?” Nathaniel asked.

“No, but it does have to do with the amount of people on the tribes,” Nalyd said.

“So it’s the merge,” Niles deducted.

“Shut up,” Nalyd said. “If you dislike your tribe, step off the mat, and go join the other!”

Niles stepped off the mat. “These people are my friends,” he said as he walked onto the Lions’ mat.

“We are?” Lequisha asked.

“Well, Susan is,” Niles said. He turned around to smile at Susan, but saw that she was gone. Susan was standing on the Zebras’ mat.

“That is a tribe full of hate and betrayal,” Susan said.

“Just wait until you get to know us,” Elian said, glaring at Nathaniel.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Now that we have that out of the way, everyone onto the blue mat! You are all now one team! Who wants to name your new team? Come now, there are no wrong answers.”

“The tube socks!” Jacob shouted.

“No,” Nalyd said. “Something better.”

“The Winning Persons!” Jacob shouted.

“Okay, somebody that isn’t Jacob,” Nalyd sighed.

“The Thrashing Rabbits!” Jacob shouted.

“Shut up!” Nalyd screamed.

“The Surviving All-Stars!”

“Who said that one?” Nalyd asked. Jacob raised his hand. “Well, I like that one. You will now all be the Surviving All-Stars! Now, onto today’s challenge. Bob and Frank were setting up a bowling alley, but they only got one lane. So, the way today’s challenge will work, everyone will bowl one at a time, you only get to use one ball, not two. Those are sissy rules. Whoever gets the highest score wins immunity. However, there is another option.”

Bob and Frank brought over a cart filled with pizzas, soda, and cookies. “So beautiful,” George said, a tear in his eye.

“You can sit out and eat,” Nalyd said, “But if you go, you give up a chance at immunity. If you want to sit out, raise your hands.” Jacob, Jessica, Jocelyn, Julio, Lacey, and Susan raised their hands. “Okay, you guys can start eating whenever you want. Bruno, you’re bowling first.”

Bruno picked up the bowling ball, and threw it powerfully overhand. It flew over the pins at the end of the lane. “Dang,” Bruno sighed.

“Nice try, baby,” Julio clapped.

“No pins,” Nalyd laughed. “Elian, it’s your turn.”

Elian picked up a heavy bowling ball and smiled. “Piece of cake,” she said. She rolled the ball down the lane, and the ball rocketed into the gutter.

“No pins,” Nalyd said. “I’m glad you kids aren’t on the Total Drama Bowling Team… Okay, George, lets see if you can knock over a pin!”

George picked up a light bowling ball. “This will be easy,” George smiled. “I’m on a bowling team!” He bowled, and knocked down four pins.

“George is on the board,” Nalyd said. “Four pins is the score to beat! Lequisha, you’re up.”

Lequisha picked up the bowling back. She rolled it down the lane, and knocked over seven pins. “Woo hoo!” she cheered.

“With seven pins, Lequisha is in the lead!” Nalyd said. “Nathaniel, it’s your turn.”

“I’m a pro at Wii Bowling,” Nathaniel said. He picked up the ball and dropped it. “Whoa! It’s a lot heavier than a Wii-mote.” He lifted the bowling ball again, and threw it down the lane. It rolled to the left, and hit one pin.”

“One pin,” Nalyd said. “Lequisha still has the lead! Niles, it’s your turn.”

Niles picked up the bowling ball, and immediately dropped it. He turned to everyone and smiled sheepishly.

“Just quit now, little man,” Lequisha said. Niles rolled the ball to the start of the lane, and then gave it as strong a push as he could manage. The ball slowly rolled down the lane. Three minutes later, the ball reached the pins, knocking over three. Each pin fell, and hit two other pins each.

“One, two, three,” Nalyd counted. “Nine pins! Niles wins immunity!”

“Yes!” Niles said proudly.

“Way to go, traitor,” Nathaniel said to him.

“Okay, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Tonight, the twelve of you will come to Tribal Council. Now, all of you, go to the former Striving Lions campsite.”

The Surviving All-Stars returned to their campsite. “Hey, Nathaniel,” Niles said. “Why did you call me a traitor at the end of the challenge?”

“Because you went to the Striving Lions mat,” Nathaniel explained.

“I want Niles gone now,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “He’s crossed me, and now he needs to go, but he has immunity.”

“Jocelyn, can I see you for a second?” Nathaniel asked Jocelyn.

“’Kay,” Jocelyn said. The two walked to the river alone.

“I want Niles gone,” Nathaniel said. “I believe strongly in keeping my tribe together, but I want him gone for betraying us.”

“But he has immunity,” Jocelyn said.

“Which is why I need your help,” Nathaniel said. “I need you to work your magic and get him to give up immunity. Think you can do that?”

“I know I can,” Jocelyn smiled. “But what do I get in return for this?”

“I’ll vote for you to win if you make it to the end,” Nathaniel said.

“I’m gonna need more than that,” Jocelyn said. “How about another one of your allies goes tomorrow, too?”

“Deal,” Nathaniel said. “You go get Niles to give up immunity, and I’ll get my alliance to vote him off.” They shook hands, and Jocelyn left to find Niles.

Jocelyn found Niles, and brought him away from the campsite. “What’s up?” Niles asked.

“Well, Miles,” Jocelyn said.

“It’s Niles,” Niles interrupted.

“Yeah, my bad,” Jocelyn said. “We’re still friends even after that whole jury vote right?” She batted her eyelashes at him.

“Well, um,” Niles stuttered.

“Come on,” Jocelyn said. “We’re still friends right?”

“Yes,” Niles said.

“Great,” Jocelyn smiled. “But, listen, I need your help.”

“Sure, anything,” Niles said. “What’s up?”

“You see,” Jocelyn said, “Nathaniel is trying to vote me off, I need you to give me immunity.”

“I,” Niles paused. “I can’t do that. We’re friends, but I don’t trust you.”

“Are you sure?” Jocelyn asked.

“I’m not stupid,” Niles said defiantly.

“Fine,” Jocelyn said. “Then I guess I’ll just need to give Nathaniel a new target. Maybe Susan?”

“You wouldn’t,” Niles said.

Jocelyn laughed. “Hun, you of all people should know, I’ll do anything to win.” Jocelyn walked away, still laughing.

Nathaniel was talking to Jacob and Elian. “We need to vote off Niles,” Nathaniel said.

“How come?” Jacob asked.

“Hey, he’s got immunity,” Elian said.

“I’ve got Jocelyn taking care of that,” Nathaniel explained. “But tonight, Niles’ name is getting written down.”

“As long as it isn’t me,” Elian shrugged.

“I do not trust Nathaniel at all!” Elian shouted in the confessional. “But, for now, I’m going to go along with his plan, because I don’t need him going after me.”

“Hey, Lequisha, Lacey, Bruno, we need to talk,” Jocelyn said. The four of them left camp to talk in the woods. “Niles is going to give away immunity tonight,” Jocelyn told them. “We need to vote him off.”

“Why would he do something stupid like that?” Lequisha asked.

“He’s paranoid, he’s convinced that everyone is trying to vote Susan off,” Jocelyn explained.

“I’ll vote for him,” Lacey said. “Susan’s my best friend, and he voted her off in Amazon.”

“Same,” Bruno said. “Stupid guy, if you win immunity you should keep it.”

Lequisha left, and found Susan in the girls’ hut. “We’re voting off Niles tonight,” Lequisha said.

“What?” Susan gasped.

“He’s going to give you immunity,” Lequisha explained.

“Why?” Susan asked in shock.

“I don’t know, Jocelyn told him to or something,” Lequisha shrugged.

Susan suddenly looked angry. “I have to go,” Susan muttered. She left the hut quickly, and found Niles sitting by the fire pit. She sat next to him. “What are you thinking?” she asked him.

“I’m thinking that I owe you,” Niles said. “Last season I cost you a million dollars, and this will give you a better shot at winning.”

“Don’t, Niles,” Susan said. “They’re just trying to blindside you!”

“No they aren’t,” Niles said. “I just talked to Jessica and Julio, we’re voting off Jocelyn.”

“You don’t get it, Niles,” Susan said. “This is a complete repeat of last time! You’re being tricked by Jocelyn!”

“I don’t know what to do now,” Niles said in the confessional. “Either way, this should be an interesting Tribal Council.”

The Surviving All-Stars went to Tribal Council that night. “Good evening, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Tonight, another one of you will go down the Path of Shame, and ride the Safari Car of Losers down to loser-ville! Niles, you are immune from being voted off.”

“Actually, Nalyd,” Niles said.

“Oh, God,” Susan said, putting her head in her hands.

“I’d like to give my immunity to Susan,” Niles said.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Susan, you are immune from being voted off. Niles, you can be voted off tonight. It’s time to vote.”

Niles voted for Jocelyn. “I’m not going to be hurt again.”

Jacob voted for Jocelyn. “I couldn’t vote for Niles. Sorry.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box. “It’s time to see who will be the first Surviving All-Star to go.” He took out a vote. “Niles.” He got another vote. “Jocelyn. That’s one vote for Niles, one for Jocelyn.”

Jocelyn started laughing.

“Niles. That’s two for Niles, one for Jocelyn. Jocelyn. That’s two for Niles and two for Jocelyn.”

A tear rolled down Susan’s cheek, like Lacey rolls down a hill.

“Niles. Jocelyn. Niles. That makes it four votes for Niles, three votes for Jocelyn, and five votes left,” Nalyd said.

Nathaniel started laughing with Jocelyn.

“Jocelyn. Niles. That’s five votes for Niles, four votes for Jocelyn, and only three votes left,” Nalyd said.

“Please, no,” Susan said, sobbing. “Jocelyn. That’s five votes for Niles, and five for Jocelyn,” Nalyd said. He pulled out a vote. “The eleventh person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars is… Niles.”

Niles stood up. “Fooled again,” he said quietly to himself.

“Niles, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said. He snuffed Niles’ torch.

Niles turned around. “Bye guys,” he whispered.

Susan jumped up and ran over to Niles. She kissed him and said, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” Niles said. “I wasn’t made to play this game. I’ll see you soon, okay?”

“I promise,” Susan said. Niles walked down the Path of Shame, and rode away in the Safari Car of Losers.

“That was,” Nalyd said when Susan sat back down, “easily the biggest blunder we have seen in this game yet. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Twelve – “Don’t eat me!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; The Striving Lions became a tribe divided after they voted off “The Rat.” Prior to the challenge, both Niles and Susan decided to leave their respective tribes, Niles to be with Susan and Susan to leave her team. The two teams ended up merging into the Surviving All-Stars. Niles won immunity at the bowling challenge. Nathaniel allied with Jocelyn, and got her to tell Niles to give immunity away to Susan. Niles listened, saving Susan, but was then voted off by Nathaniel’s alliance. Half of the All-Stars are gone, only the best of the best remain. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Surviving All-Stars returned to their campsite. “Worked like a charm,” Jocelyn whispered to Nathaniel, and then laughed.

Nathaniel smiled proudly after eliminating Niles. “One down, ten to go,” Nathaniel mumbled to himself.

“Now that Niles is gone,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I can go for the real reason I came back; to get Susan!”

Nathaniel sat next to Susan at the fire pit. “Hey Susan,” Nathaniel said. “How are you?” Susan lifted her head out from her hands, revealing that she’d been crying. “Oh. Well, hey, it could be worse. You could be playing a really awesome Mario game but for whatever reason the idiots who made the game made it so you can fall through the floor randomly, and the boss is unbeatable!”

“Are you trying to make me feel better?” Susan sniffled.

“Well, did it work?” Nathaniel asked.

“I stopped thinking about Niles for a second,” Susan laughed.

“Then it worked,” Nathaniel smiled.

“I’ve learned a thing or two in my time,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “One, is never go down the red pipe. That always brings you right back to the beginning of the stupid level. Two, being hit by a star will me you invincible against turtles. And three, the quickest way to a girl’s heart is through her back, but to get a girl to like you, you’ve gotta be nice and console her when she’s down, and maybe help her win a million dollar competition.”

“I’m sick of people staring at me!” Bruno ranted in the confessional, wearing a bag on his head.

Julio stared at Bruno from across the fire pit. “Is there something in my teeth?” Bruno asked Julio.

“No, baby,” Julio smiled. “I just realized that you remind me a lot of Billy from Paradise. Are you guys related?”

“No,” Bruno said awkwardly. “Wait, how do I remind you of him?”

“Well,” Julio explained, “you’re both really nice to people, and you’ve got the same rugged good looks.”

“What?!” Bruno screamed in the confessional. “Great, now I’ve got Lacey and Julio liking me!”

Jessica sat in the girls’ hut, as Elian tried to sleep. “You think there are giraffe’s out here?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, go find one and join its herd,” Elian answered.

“You think Charlie misses me?” Jessica asked thoughtfully.

“Yes,” Elian replied, annoyed at Jessica. “Go find where the losers go and stay there.”

“You’re not a very nice person,” Jessica said, after a long pause.

“And you’re annoying me,” Elian said angrily. “I’m trying to go to sleep. Shut up.”

“I’m sorry,” Jessica said. “I just need somebody to talk to.”

“Go talk to Lequisha, she never shuts up,” Elian said. Jessica crawled out of the hut quietly.

“Being out here again is taking a lot out of me,” Elian said in the confessional. “I’d rather spend all my time sleeping. I don’t like anybody out here. Even Jacob, my own boyfriend, is getting on my nerves.”

Jessica sat down next to Lequisha at the fire pit. “I need a hug,” Jessica said sadly.

“Aw, girl,” Lequisha said. “What’s wrong?” Lequisha put her arm around Jessica’s shoulders.

“I miss Charlie,” Jessica said sadly.

“Who?” Lequisha asked.

“Charlie,” Jessica said again. Lequisha looked at her confused. “My boyfriend.” Lequisha still looked confused. “From Total Drama World.”

“Oh!” Lequisha said. “Why didn’t you say so? I don’t know anybody from that season but you!”

“The point is,” Jessica continued, “I miss him.”

“Aw, to be young and in love,” Lequisha sighed.

“I thought you and George hooked up,” Jessica said.

“Me too,” Lequisha said. “But, apparently he’s too afraid to do anything.”

“That’s too bad,” Jessica said sadly.

“Lequisha and I ended up in a contest to see whose love-life was worse,” Jessica said in the confessional. “On the bright side, I won.”

The next day, the tribe went to the challenge field. “Good morning, everyone,” Nalyd said. “The eleven of you have made it all the way to the halfway point. However, you still have a long way to go. For today’s challenge, you have to find a way to balance on poles fifteen feet in the air, and only 4 inches in diameter. Anybody who wants to can opt to sit out, but it will cost you immunity and a one-in-ten shot at a million dollars.”

“I’ll sit out,” Lacey yawned. She collapsed to the ground asleep.

“I can’t do this either,” George said.

“Same,” Lequisha said.

“Alright,” Nalyd said. “Lacey, George, and Lequisha sitting out of this challenge.” The other eight contestants climbed to the top of their poles and stood on top. Everyone balanced on one leg. “Go!”

Jessica immediately fell off, landing on her head. “Ouch!” she screamed.

“I told you to wear a helmet,” Nalyd said.

“No you didn’t,” Jessica said, rubbing her head.

“Oh. Well, let’s say I did,” Nalyd winked. Ten minutes later, Nalyd said, “you’ve been balancing for ten minutes.”

Bruno started to wobble. “Bruno’s size won’t be helping him,” Nalyd commented.

“Jacob,” Jocelyn said.

“Yeah?” Jacob responded.

“If you jump I’ll kiss you,” Jocelyn said. Jacob quickly jumped down.

“Hey, Jacob,” Elian said angrily. “Remember me? Your girlfriend? Ring a bell?”

“So when do I get my kiss?” Jacob asked eagerly.

“Never,” Jocelyn laughed. “I just wanted to see if that would work.”

Elian jumped off of her pole, and shook Jocelyn’s pole until Jocelyn fell off. “Nice,” Jacob complimented Elian.

Elian slapped Jacob and said, “We have to talk when we get back to camp.”

“Jacob, Elian, and Jocelyn are out of the challenge,” Nalyd said. “I think after last night’s Tribal Council, it’s safe to say that immunity is more important than ever.” Twenty minutes later, he said, “Thirty minutes into the challenge, and Bruno, Susan, Nathaniel, and Julio are staying strong.”

“You’re doing good, baby,” Julio said.

Bruno looked at Julio awkwardly and said, “We have to talk when we get back to camps.”

“Hey, Susan!” Jocelyn shouted. “Aren’t you afraid of heights?”

“That’s why I’m not looking down,” Susan said, staring at the sun.

“Susan, just look at me,” Nathaniel said calmingly. Susan’s eyes locked onto him.

Bruno started to wobble. “Whoa!” Bruno shouted. He toppled off of the pillar, bumping into Susan’s as he fell. Susan shrieked as she fell, and landed on Bruno’s back.

“Nathaniel and Julio,” Nalyd said, “are the last two in the challenge!”

“Julio,” Nathaniel said. “I’ll step down now if you will bring me to the end with you.”

“What if I don’t win the final challenge?” Julio asked.

“Then you’ll bring me as far as you can,” Nathaniel said.

“Deal, baby,” Julio said. Nathaniel climbed down his pole.

“Julio wins immunity!” Nalyd announced.

“Yeah, baby!” Julio cheered. Julio jumped down from the pole.

Jessica hugged Julio and said, “Way to go!”

“Okay, everyone,” Nalyd said, “Tonight, another one of you is going, and it isn’t Julio. All of you, head back to camp.”

“We need to talk,” Elian said to Jacob when the two got back to camp.

“Okay,” Jacob said. The two walked into the woods. “What’s up?”

“Where do you see us going?” Elian asked.

“Tribal Council,” Jacob answered.

“No,” Elian said, “I mean us as a couple.”

“I don’t know,” Jacob shrugged. “I never look into the future past nineteen hours. It causes too much stress.”

“Jacob,” Elian sighed. “This isn’t working.”

Jacob gasped, “What?”

“I can’t stay in this relationship,” Elian said. “My heart’s just not in it anymore. We want different things. I’m sorry.”

“Well, if that’s how you really feel,” Jacob said, tearfully, “Then I won’t stand in your way.” Elian started to walk away, and Jacob ran in front of her. Elian turned to the left, and Jacob blocked her. Elian pushed Jacob down and walked away. “Okay, done standing in your way…”

Bruno and Julio were alone in the woods. “Sup, baby?” Julio asked.

“Don’t call me baby, okay?” Bruno asked.

“Sure,” Julio said. “So what’s on your mind?”

“I’ve been getting a weird vibe from you,” Bruno said.

“Like what?” Julio asked.

“Well, um,” Bruno blushed. “Lately, I’ve been under the impression that, um, er, you may be attracted to me.”

Julio laughed. “Bruno, please! I don’t like-”

“Get away from my man!” Lacey shouted. She jumped out from behind a bush and tackled Julio. She pinned him to the ground and shook him by his shoulders. “You hear me? Stay away from my man!”

“Don’t eat me!” Julio shrieked. “I don’t like Bruno! I don’t like guys at all!”

“What?” Lacey asked.

“I don’t like guys. I’m straight as a line made by a ruler, baby,” Julio said. “Besides, I’ve got a girlfriend back home.”

“So,” Nathaniel said to Jocelyn, “Where does everybody stand on the vote tonight?”

“Most people are voting for Bruno,” Jocelyn said. “Well, not most, but most people are just voting for whoever they’re annoyed at.”

“Voting off Bruno would be a good idea,” Nathaniel said. “Big threat.”

“Kay kay,” Jocelyn said. “Bruno’s going home.”

“Who are you guys voting off?” Susan asked Elian, George, and Lequisha.

“I’m voting for Jessica,” Elian said. “She kept me up all night with her whining.”

“The girl wants to go home,” Lequisha said.

“And she already won,” George said.

“If we’re voting winners off, then shouldn’t Jocelyn go?” Susan asked.

“Not yet,” Lequisha said. “Jessica wants to go home to see Charles.”

“Let’s give the girl what she wants,” Elian said.

“I’m not voting for Jessica because she wants to go,” Elian said in the confessional. “Since day one she’s been a pain in everyone’s necks! She whines about being a celebrity, and then cries when ever she thinks about her boyfriend. Who need guys, anyway?”

The Surviving All-Stars marched together to Tribal Council. “Good evening, everyone,” Nalyd said. “It’s time to vote.”

Jocelyn voted for Bruno. “Bye-bye, big boy.”

Susan voted for Jessica. “I feel terrible about this, but I know you’ll be happier with Charles. I know if I could be voted out, I’d be happier too.”

Bruno voted for Lacey. “As soon as this show is over, I’m getting a restraining order.”

Lacey voted for Jacob and burped.

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He pulled a vote from the ballot box. “Lacey.”

“Who voted for me?” Lacey screamed.

“It was him!” Bruno said quickly, pointing to Julio.

“Lacey. That’s two votes for Lacey,” Nalyd said. “Jacob. One vote for Jacob.”

Elian frowned.

“Jacob. That’s two votes for Lacey, and two for Jacob,” Nalyd said. He took another vote out of the ballot box. “Bruno. That’s one vote for Bruno. Jessica. Two votes for Lacey, two for Jacob, one for Bruno, one for Jessica.”

Jessica looked at Lequisha with a puzzled expression. Lequisha shrugged.

“Jessica. That’s two votes for Jessica,” Nalyd said, pulling another vote from the ballot box. “Bruno. Two for Lacey, Jacob, Jessica, and Bruno. Three votes left.”

“This is gonna be good,” George muttered to himself.

“Jessica. Three votes for Jessica,” Nalyd said. “Bruno. That leaves us tied at three votes for Bruno and Jessica, two for Jacob and Lacey, and one vote remaining…”

There was silence amongst the tribe as Nalyd took the final vote from the box. “The twelfth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars… Jessica.”

Jessica stood up, and hugged Julio and Lequisha and whispered, “Thank you,” to them. She brought Nalyd her torch.

“Jessica, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, and snuffed her torch.

Jessica waved to everyone, and walked down the Path of Shame. She sat down in the Safari Car of Losers. “I’m so excited to see everyone!” she smiled. “I can’t wait to see Charlie.”

“Well, everyone,” Nalyd said, “only ten of you remain, for now. You’ve got a big day ahead of you. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Thirteen – “I was voted back into the game!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Twenty-two of the best contestants from Paradise, World, and Amazon returned to play again. After being split up into two teams, they had to endure brutal challenges and a dramatic camp life. Dyl, Veronica, Keyana, Ace, Cindy, Charles, Hillary, Greg, and Britanny were sent home. The final twelve merged into one team; the Surviving All-Stars. Nathaniel and Jocelyn teamed up to vote out Niles, while Jessica asked to be sent home the next day. Only ten remain, and it’s going to be a battle all the way to the finale. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Surviving All-Stars returned to camp.

“I can’t vote anybody out,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I try to get rid of Elian for being a threat, they keep her because Britanny quits. I try to eliminate Bruno and he stays because of Jessica. I need to get an alliance who will stick together.”

“Julio, Elian, Jacob,” Nathaniel said. “Let’s go for a walk.”

“I’m not going anywhere with her,” Jacob said. Elian rolled her eyes and walked with Nathaniel and Julio.

“Ignore him,” Elian said.

“What’s up?” Julio asked.

“The three of us and Jacob are still allied, right?” Nathaniel asked. “Right now its looking like its six against four, so we’ll have to stick together.”

“I guess,” Elian said.

“Sure thing,” Julio said. “As long as we don’t vote Lequisha out.”

“Deal,” Nathaniel said. “We also won’t be voting Susan out.”

“Can we vote Elian out?” Jacob asked. He was sitting inside a bush.

“No, Jacob, we cannot vote out Elian,” Nathaniel said dryly. “We need to take out people that aren’t our allies.”

“That makes sense,” Jacob nodded.

“Okay, I gotta go,” Julio said. “Later.”

Julio met with Lequisha at the campfire and the two hugged. “Hey!” Lequisha said happily. “It’s been like forever since we talked.”

“I know it, baby,” Julio said. “I’ve had to make sure I was still tight with my group.”

“Oh, good,” Lequisha said. “So can I join you guys or what?”

“Yeah,” Julio said. “EEE! We’re teammies!” Julio and Lequisha hugged each other again.

“Thanks, Julio,” Lequisha said.

“Please,” Julio said, “I owe you for Paradise.”

“Yeah, you did kind of ruin my chances at winning,” Lequisha said.

“Baby, I’d totally quit for you,” Julio said happily.

“Aw, thanks,” Lequisha said. “I’d probably not vote for you if that happened.”

“Um,” Julio said, “thanks?”

The next day, the final ten woke up to a scream. “Yah!”

“Guys,” Jacob whispered to the other boys in the hut. “Did you hear that scream, or am I crazy?”

“What if it was a bear?” George said. “Or a tiger. Or a lion!”

“I’m scared,” Julio said. “Hold me Bruno!” He hugged Bruno, and Bruno pushed him off.

“Alright, ladies,” Bruno said. “I’ll investigate.” Bruno stepped out of the cabin and saw nothing. Susan, Jocelyn, Lequisha, and Elian had also left their hut to investigate.

“Whoever you are,” Jocelyn shouted, “You totally disrupted my beauty sleep!” She was then knocked to the ground by something swinging on a vine. “Ouch!” she yelped.

“Sorry about that,” the boy who crashed into her said. “I figured a vine would be the most adventurous entrance!”

“Ace?” Susan said in surprise. “What are you doing back?”

“I was voted back into the game!” Ace said confidently.

“Who would vote for you to come back?” Jocelyn asked.

“The producers figured I’d be the most interesting person to return,” Ace said. He stood ad helped Jocelyn up. “Sorry about that, m’lady.”

“Whatever,” Jocelyn said.

“This is great,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Ace was on my team, and now he’s back!”

“So, anyway,” Ace said. “Nalyd gave me this.” Ace pulled a note out of this pocket. “I can share it with whoever I want, or keep it to myself. However, out of respect for the rest of you, I won’t.”

“That’s very noble,” Nathaniel said.

“Kiss up,” Jocelyn commented. “Ace,” she put her arm around Ace’s shoulders, “Think this through. Do you want everybody to know that’s written on the note, or just me?” She batted her eyelashes at him.

“I’m sorry, Jocelyn,” Ace said. “But I must tell everybody what it says.” He pulled the note out of his pocket. “Today,” he read, “You will stay at camp for your challenge. Nobody will win immunity, but you’ll have a chance to find it. There is a hidden immunity idol at your camp. You have until 8:00 to find it, giving you twelve hours. Here is your clue; It’s down by there river.”

“Sounds good,” Jacob said. Everyone except Jocelyn and Ace ran to the river. Lacey, however, was still sleeping in the hut.

“So you wanna tell me what it really said?” Jocelyn asked.

“Yes,” Ace said. “It’s dishonest, but as long as I tell one person the real clue it’s not dishonorable, right?”

“Of course not,” Jocelyn smiled.

“Ace is so stupid,” Jocelyn laughed in the confessional. “He’ll do anything to make himself feel like he’s got honor or something. What an idiot.”

“Here is your clue,” Ace read the paper. “Deep in the forest, the shape of a bell, is what you will look for, in a wishing well.”

“Does that mean anything?” Jocelyn asked.

“Well,” Ace said, “the first line makes me think that there it’s in the forest, and the idol is shaped like a bell.”

“Thanks,” Jocelyn hugged Ace. “Your contribution to the Give Jocelyn a Million Dollars fund is greatly appreciated.” She ran into the woods.

Ace sighed in the confessional. “What is it about her?” he smiled. “She’s just… So enchanting.”

“Guys, I found it!” Bruno shouted at the river after an hour of searching. He held up a rock covered in seaweed.

“Lucky,” Lequisha said.

“Good job, man,” George said.

“Thanks,” Bruno said. He put the rock into his pocket.

“It’s not really the idol,” Bruno whispered in the confessional. “But as long as people think that, I’ll be okay. They’ll stop looking, and I’ll be safe for a while.”

“Way to go, Bruno,” Susan smiled.

“Thanks guys,” Bruno said happily.

“I can read people pretty well,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I think he’s lying.”

Nathaniel approached Ace, who was sitting at the fire pit. “So, Ace,” Nathaniel said. “You’re a good guy, right?”

“I like to think that way,” Ace nodded.

“You play with honor?” Nathaniel asked. “Don’t lie to people?”

“Never,” Ace said nervously.

Nathaniel stared into Ace’s eyes then said, “Where’s the idol, Ace?”

“Do you think I lied?” Ace asked, sounding surprised.

“I know you lied,” Nathaniel said.

“Alright,” Ace admitted. “I lied. How did you know?”

“I’m a smart guy,” Nathaniel said. “And the clue you gave us was totally fake.”

“I suppose you want to know the real clue,” Ace said. He hung his head in shame.

“No,” Nathaniel said. “I just want to know that in exchange for keeping this secret, you’ll vote with the Zebra alliance.”

“Deal,” Ace said excitedly. “I’m glad to see the team has been able to unite.” Ace shook Nathaniel’s hand.

“It’s good to have you on the good side,” Nathaniel smiled deviously.

Jocelyn was still in the woods. She’d fallen into a well she found. “Hello?” she called from the bottom. “Somebody get me out of here!” She saw a head peek over the top of the well. “Who’s there?”

“Susan,” Susan said. “Jocelyn, is that you?”

“Yes!” Jocelyn shouted. “Get me up!” Susan laughed and walked away. “I hate you!”

Susan returned and said, “Okay, Jocelyn, I’m going to toss you a rope, you grab it and I’ll pull you up.” Susan threw the rope into the well and Jocelyn grabbed it. Susan pulled Jocelyn out of the well. “What were you doing down there?”

“Looking for the idol,” Jocelyn said. “And I found it!” Jocelyn held the idol in her left hand proudly.

“But Ace said it was by the river,” Susan said.

“He lied,” Jocelyn shrugged. “Turns out the dragon slayer isn’t so honorable.”

Susan gasped. “So you’re the only one who knows?”

“Yup,” Jocelyn said. “And you, now.” Susan ran back to camp.

“Whoa, Susan,” Nathaniel said when Susan got back to camp. “What’s wrong?”

“Jocelyn,” Susan panted, “found the idol.”

“I thought Bruno did,” Nathaniel said.

“No, he must have lied,” Susan said.

“Okay,” Nathaniel said. “Thanks, Susan. I’ll keep that in mind.”

George, Bruno, Lequisha, Lacey, and Susan met by the river. “It’s got to be Elian tonight,” Lequisha said. “She’s too big of a threat.”

“Okay,” Bruno said. “I’m sure George here will be a target too from Nathaniel’s alliance.”

“No!” Lequisha shouted. “I mean, no worries, even if he is he’ll stay.”

The final eleven marched to Tribal Council that night. “Hey, everybody,” Nalyd said. “I trust that you had a nice day.”

“You could say that,” Ace chuckled.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “It’s time to vote.”

Nathaniel voted for Bruno. “You’re an awful liar.”

Lequisha voted for Elian. “Sorry, girl, but you’re too big of a threat.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Does anybody have a hidden immunity idol?”

George, Lequisha, and Elian looked at Bruno, who didn’t move.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, taking a vote from the ballot box. “Elian. One vote for Elian.”

“It wasn’t me!” Jacob stood up and shouted.

“Bruno. One vote for Bruno,” Nalyd said.

“I did that one!” Jacob shouted.

“Bruno. Elian. Bruno. Elian,” Nalyd said, taking four votes out in a row. “That makes it three votes for Bruno, three votes for Elian, and five votes left.”

Bruno remained looking confident.

“Bruno,” Nalyd said. “And another vote for Elian. That makes it four votes for Bruno and four for Elian. Three votes left.”

Bruno’s confidence remained plastered to his face. Elian looked more certain that she’d be safe.

“Elian,” Nalyd said, taking out another vote. “And Bruno. Its five to five, and one vote left.”

Bruno’s confidence jumped from his face and he hugged Julio tightly.

“The thirteenth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars and the first member of the jury is… Bruno.”

Bruno let go of Julio and brought Nalyd his torch. “Bruno, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, snuffing Bruno’s torch. Bruno silently walked down the Path of Shame and sat in the Safari Car of Losers. “Okay, final ten,” Nalyd said. “This is where the game gets interesting. Because each night, the people like Brun will gain power, and in the end decide the winner. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Fourteen – “You gave me another million dollars!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Ace the adventurer returned to the game, bringing a challenge with him. He told everyone that the challenge was to find an idol at the campsite. He told his fellow contestants to look by the river, but told Jocelyn the idol’s true location. Nathaniel threatened to expose Ace for his lying if he didn’t join Nathaniel’s alliance. Bruno tried to trick the others into thinking he found an idol, but was voted off. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Surviving All-Stars returned to their campsite.

“Oh my gosh!” Julio said in the confessional. “The tribe is so full of love right now! George and Lequisha are totally crushing on each other, but they don’t want to do anything about it which is sad. Ace is so in love with Jocelyn it isn’t even funny, but they’d be so cute together, baby! Lacey liked Bruno, but he’s gone. Maybe she can date Nathaniel? I doubt he’s interested in anybody. It makes me miss my girlfriend back home. I miss you, babe!”

“I’m the last guy from World,” George said in the confessional. “I have come along away since then. I’m a healthier person physically. I’ve fallen in love with the most amazing girl ever; Lequisha. I think she likes me too, but I can’t be certain. I mean, she’s kissed me once or twice, but Jocelyn kisses lots of guys just to get ahead.”

“I do like George, a lot,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “But I’ve been around the block more than once. I know how guys’ brains work. I’ve been hurt by one too many guys to give my heart to just anybody. I’m not going to be hurt again. Momma didn’t raise no sucker.”

“Me and Jocelyn?” Ace asked in the confessional. “Well, I could see that I guess.” He laughed. “We were quite the masterful pair back in Amazon. I don’t know, maybe the Ace-ster and Jocelyn will hook up. It’s hard to say though since I just came back into the game. I think I’m pretty well liked by just about everybody, but I can’t be certain.”

“Me and Ace?” Jocelyn asked in the confessional. “Ew, no way! If I didn’t like Niles, who was rich, why would I like Ace? Did you know he calls himself the Ace-ster? Who in their right mind does that? I don’t need him anymore, I’ve got this.” Jocelyn held up her immunity idol. “Thanks, Ace-ster! You gave me another million dollars! I knew you were good for something!”

“Yeah, I miss Jacob,” Elian said in the confessional. “But he brought the break up on himself. He doesn’t know how to treat a lady. He was even going to let Jocelyn kiss him. He had it coming. I’m getting on fine without him, but if he’s willing to change his ways I’ll take him back, I guess.”

“Oh Elian!” Jacob sang in the confessional. “You came and you broke up with me on TV! All because I looked at Jocelyn!” He stopped singing and started crying. “Can you not show this part on TV? People are gonna think I’m lame.”

“I miss Niles,” Susan said sadly in the confessional. “I didn’t think I would. Not this much. He betrayed me and crushed my feelings back in Amazon, I knew I was over him this season. It’s just… I don’t know. Maybe I was never really over him. Nathaniel’s been really consoling through the whole thing, though. He’s an amazing friend. I even joined his alliance. He promised to bring me to the final two.”

“Soon, my dear, soon,” Nathaniel laughed in the confessional. “I will win Susan’s love or my name’s not Nathaniel Mario Luigi Peach Pikachu Bowser! Don’t tell anybody about the Pikachu part!”

Julio sighed in the confessional and said happily, “Can’t you feel the love?”

The next morning, the final ten went down to the challenge field. There was a stage and a table in front of the stage on the challenge field. Nalyd stood on the stage. “So you think you can dance?” Nalyd shouted to them all.

“Like a dancing queen,” Ace said, remembering the dancing challenge from Amazon.

“For today’s challenge,” Nalyd said. “There will be five pairs of two. Whichever pair can prove that they are the best dancers, will win invincibility!”

“I want to dance with Julio,” Lequisha said.

“Too bad,” Nalyd said. “We already picked the teams; George and Lequisha, Ace and Jocelyn, Susan and Nathaniel, Elian and Jacob, and Lacey and Julio.”

“Nalyd, baby,” Julio said, “Lacey’s sleeping. I can’t dance with somebody who’s sleeping.”

“You have thirty minutes to get ready!” Nalyd said, ignoring Julio. “Go!”

“I bet you’re a good dancer, Lequisha,” George said.

“I’m really not,” Lequisha said. “Never been a fan of dancing.”

“Oh,” George said. “So I guess we don’t be dancing in the challenge?”

“Guess not,” Lequisha shrugged. “Sorry.”

“No, no, it’s cool,” George said. “We’re not in danger of being eliminated are we?”

“Heck no!” Lequisha said. “We’ve got this game in the bag. You, me, and Julio are going all th way to the end.”

“Julio this and Julio that,” George said. “I wish she’d pay attention to me.”

“M’lady,” Ace said to Jocelyn, bowing. “What dance shall we do?”

“How about I put some ice down your shirt and we call it a day,” Jocelyn shrugged.

“I thought you would have loved dancing,” Ace shrugged.

“What made you think that?” Jocelyn asked.

“A pretty girl like you probably goes to all her school dances,” Ace smiled.

“Ew, school,” Jocelyn rolled her eyes.

“I missed you when I was eliminated,” Ace said. “We’re a great team.”

“Totes,” Jocelyn said. “We could probably be in the final two together.”

“I’m already in an alliance with Nathaniel,” Ace said. “Sorry. You can join it if you want.”

“I don’t join alliance I didn’t start,” Jocelyn said. “But I will vote with you guys tonight.”

“Deal,” Ace said. “Nathaniel’s gonna be psyched!”

“What kind of dances do you know?” Susan asked Nathaniel.

“I’m pretty good at the robot,” Nathaniel boasted. He proceeded to bust a move.

Susan laughed and said, “Impressive. But do you think Nalyd will like that?”

“It’s hard to say,” Nathaniel shrugged. “I’m guessing the other teams are hard at work.”

Jacob and Elian were sitting on the ground, Jacob crying on Elian’s shoulder. “Jacob, are you almost done crying?” Elian rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Jacob said. “Do you know any dances?”

“I took ballet when I was younger,” Elian said.

“Me too!” Jacob said. There was an awkward silence. “So we gonna do ballet?”

“Yeah,” Elian said.

Julio stared at Lacey as she slept and drooled all over herself. “Lacey, please wake up,” Julio said desperately. “I’ll give you chocolate.”

Lacey’s eyes shot open. “Chocolate?!”

“Sure,” Julio said. “Let’s just practice dancing. I can do every dance in the book. Tango, ball room, break dancing, ballet, flamenco, flamingo, moon-walk-” Julio saw Lacey had fallen asleep. “And I’m alone again…”

“Okay, it’s time!” Nalyd announced. “Who wants to go first?”

“Um, Nalyd,” Lequisha said. “George and I have chosen to withdraw from the challenge due to lack of desire to dance on TV.”

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Fair enough.”

“We’ll go,” Jacob said. He and Elian walked onto the stage. “By the way,” Jacob whispered to Elian, “I totally lied about taking ballet so we’d lose.”

“You did what?!” Elian shouted.

“Let’s go, lovebirds,” Nalyd said. Elian pushed Jacob off the stage and stormed off. “Next!”

“Let’s go, Nathaniel,” Susan said. She skipped onto the stage, Nathaniel followed. “Hit it!”

Nathaniel started to do the robot, making robot-like noises. Nalyd stared awkwardly. “Three pairs down,” Nalyd said, “And all of them have been awful. Next!”

Jocelyn and Ace stood on the stage. “You got the ice cube?” Ace asked.

“Yep,” Jocelyn said. She put the ice cube down Ace’s coat and he shrieked.

“Now somebody, anybody, everybody, scream!” a rapper sang, walking onto the stage.

Ace shrieked again. “There’s ice in my coat!”

“He’s got some serious ice in his coat!” Nalyd laughed. Ace jumped up and down, his arms and legs spasming wildly.

“Alright, let’s do this thing,” the rapper rolled his eyes. He started rapping, “Man this guy’s face kinda looks like a goat.”

“I-I-M-C! Ice in my coat!” another rapper said, walking onto the stage.

“Everybody look at me, ‘cause I’m standing on a boat!”

“I-I-M-C! Ice in my coat!”

“You wanna mess with this guy? I suggest you don’t!”

“I-I-M-C! Ice in my coat!”

“His house is surrounded by a moat!”

“I-I-M-C! Ice in my coat!”

“This is the last line of th song we wrote!”

“I-I-M-C! Ice in-”

“Dude, we’re done,” the rapper said. The two walked away, into the jungle.

Nalyd’s face was red from laughing. “Dude, that was epic,” he laughed. “Nine points!”

Julio stood on the stage as Lacey slowly made her way up. “Okay, let’s get this over with,” Lacey rolled her eyes, much like she rolls to move around. Julio put an ice cube down Lacey’s shirt. Lacey sat on the stage with a blank look on her face.

“Do something, baby,” Julio said. “We’re losing.”

“It’s not making me do anything!” Lacey complained. “I guess I’m too manly to be affected by a measly ice cube.”

“You lose,” Nalyd said. “Ace and Jocelyn win immunity!”

“Woo hoo!” Jocelyn cheered. “Great dancing, Ace-ster.” She hugged him.

“So cold,” he sighed.

“Okay, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Tonight you’re gonna vote another All-Star off! Go back to camp.”

Nathaniel, Ace, Elian, Jacob, Susan, and Julio met in the woods. “What’s she doing here?” Elian asked, referring to Susan.

“She’s part of the alliance now,” Nathaniel said. “Tonight we need to vote off another threat.”

“How about we vote off Elian,” Jacob suggested. “She’s mean and a threat.”

“Let’s vote Jacob off,” Elian said. “He’s a worthless traitor.”

“Calm down, guys,” Nathaniel said. “We need to vote for George. He’s too much of a physical threat, and too likeable to keep around.”

“I can’t vote for George,” Julio said. “Lequisha likes him. If he goes, she’ll be crushed.”

“This couldn’t be going worse,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Julio, Jacob, and Elian all refuse to vote off George. I’m gonna need to be sneaky for this to work.”

“Okay,” Nathaniel said. “You three can vote however you want, but Ace, Susan, and I are sticking together.”

“Exactly,” Ace said. “I’ll be right back.”

Ace met with Jocelyn in the forest. “We’re voting for George tonight.”

“Kay,” Jocelyn said. “Thanks.”

Julio found Lequisha and George at camp. “Julio, you missed it!” Lequisha said excitedly. “George asked me out and I said yes!” Lequisha kissed George’s cheek.

“So what’s up?” George asked, putting his arm around Lequisha.

“Oh yeah,” Lequisha said, “Who are y’all voting for?”

“Lacey,” Julio lied. “We’re voting for Lacey.”

“Okay, cool,” George said.

“Thanks, Julio,” Lequisha said. “You’re a good friend.”

The final ten went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. Bruno walked in and took his seat. “Bruno. Okay, guys, lets get to the vote. Lacey, you can go first.”

Lacey voted for Julio and shouted, “Don’t you ever put ice in my shirt again! Ace is lucky that he’s invincible! He’s the biggest idiot I’ve ever met in my life, and he’s lucky that he’s immune tonight! He’s such a waste of a person!” She burped.

Ace voted for Lacey with a tear in his eye. “Words hurt.”

Julio voted for Lacey. “I’m sorry.”

Nathaniel voted for George. “I’m not sorry.”

Elian voted for George. “I almost voted for Jacob.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He grabbed the ballot box, and pulled three votes out. “One vote for Julio, one for Lacey.”

Lacey glared at Ace.

“Lacey. George. Lacey,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Julio. Three votes for Lacey. One vote for George.”

Lequisha gasped. George held Lequisha’s hand and laughed. “We’ll be fine.”

“George. George,” Nalyd said pulling two more votes from the ballot box. “That’s one vote for Julio, three for Lacey, and three for George.”

“We’ll be okay,” George whispered to Lequisha again. “We’ve got Julio’s crew on our side.”

Nalyd pulled another vote from the box. “The fourteenth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars and the second member of our jury… George.”

George hugged Lequisha tightly. “I love you so much,” he said.

“I love you too, baby,” Lequisha said, crying.

Julio leaned in for a hug, but George said, “You’re a little man, Julio.”

George brought Nalyd his torch. “George, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said, snuffing his torch.

George walked down the Path of Shame, and sat down in the Safari Car of Losers. “Julio is a big ol’ traitor,” George said. “He’s done me wrong, and he’s done Lequisha wrong. Karma’s gonna get that guy good.”

“Well,” Nalyd said, “I think the vote speaks for itself. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Fifteen – “My darkest hour.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; The final ten had to compete in a dance competition. Ace and Jocelyn ended up winning when Jocelyn put ice down Ace’s coat. Back at camp, Susan joined Nathaniel’s powerful alliance. Julio pulled off a major blindside after lying to his best friend Lequisha, saying that her new boyfriend George was safe. George was sent home after Julio’s big fat lie. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Surviving All-Stars returned to their campsite. “What the heck was that, Julio?” Lequisha asked Julio angrily. “You told us it was Lacey going!” The two were alone in the woods.

“I’m sorry,” Julio said. “Nathaniel told me it was Lacey going. I really didn’t know.”

“Well it doesn’t matt now!” Lequisha shouted. “Now George is gone, and it’s all thanks to you!”

“I don’t know what to do,” Julio said in the confessional, tears in his eyes. “I don’t want to betray people or mess anything up for anybody, but this is the second time I’ve hurt Lequisha. I don’t know how long I can continue this.”

“Yeah, I’m mad at Julio,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “How would you like it if your best friend got your boyfriend voted off? The only friend I’ve got left is Susan.”

Ace sat in the boys’ hut depressed. Julio walked in. “What’s going on?” Julio asked.

“What Lacey said about me at Tribal Council,” Ace said. “Why doesn’t anybody have anything nice to say about me? Everyone compromises me. I’m human, I have feelings.”

“I’m in the same boat as you,” Julio said. “Lequisha’s mad at me, too. You just gotta take it into perspective. Was what Lacey said true?”

“No,” Ace said. “It wasn’t true.”

“Then why are you so down on yourself?” Julio asked. “You’re a great guy!”

“You really think so?” Ace asked.

“Yeah,” Julio said. “But you and I both know who you want to be with right now.” He pointed outside the hut to Jocelyn. “Go get her, champ.”

“Thanks, Julio,” Ace said.

“Julio wasn’t really that helpful,” Ace said in the confessional. “But he was right at the end, I did want to see Jocelyn. At least Julio was there for me in this, my darkest hour.”

Jocelyn walked through the campsite with a devious smile on her face.

“I’ve got a wicked plan,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “First, I need to do something mean like make Susan cry or something that should be easy, so everyone will vote for me. I’ll play my immunity idol, and Susan will be eliminated.” Jocelyn laughed. “I don’t want to have to rely on Nathaniel to call all the shots. The guy doesn’t have a personality. He does nothing but think about strategy.”

Nathaniel sat next to Susan at the river. The two were looking at the starry sky. Susan was looking at the starry sky, and Nathaniel was looking at Susan. “Beautiful isn’t it?” Susan asked.

“Yes,” Nathaniel sighed. He realized she meant the stars and quickly looked at the sky. “Yes, um, very pretty.”

“You think Niles is looking at the stars right now?” Susan asked.

“I doubt it,” Nathaniel shrugged.

“Niles this, Niles that,” Nathaniel complained in the confessional. “I wanna talk about me! I wanna talk about I. I wanna talk about number one on my, me, my! And talking about Susan wouldn’t be too bad.”

Jocelyn was walking around the campsite with Jacob. “I’ve heard about your break-up with Elian,” Jocelyn said.

“Yeah,” Jacob shrugged. “But whatever. I’m over it. Time to move on in my life.”

“That’s good,” Jocelyn said. “I always thought you were too good for her.”

“I thought the exact same thing,” Jacob said. “But I thought she was too good for me.”

Jocelyn laughed. “You’re so funny,” she smiled.

“Elian never thought I was funny,” Jacob rolled his eyes. “It’s nice to have somebody who gets me.”

“It’s nice to have such a cute guy around,” Jocelyn said. She held his hand in hers.

“I’m definitely a ladies’ man,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Elian was my first girlfriend, but Jocelyn’s clearly got a thing for me.”

“We’re gonna have to stick together,” Jocelyn said. “We’re the outcasts.”

“Everyone loves me,” Jacob said. “It’s you they hate.”

Jocelyn heard footsteps and turned. She saw Elian approaching.

“I had to think quickly,” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

Jocelyn grabbed Jacob and kissed him on the lips.

Jacob sat in the confessional with a wide grin on his face.

“What’s going on here?!” Elian screamed.

“Nothing,” Jacob said quickly.

“Jacob’s found somebody new,” Jocelyn said. “Somebody that appreciates him for who he is.”

“We broke up three days ago!” Elian shouted. She picked up a log, and slammed it down on Jacob’s foot, then stormed away.

“I think she’s mad,” Jacob said, clutching his foot.

“She’ll get over it,” Jocelyn shrugged. Jocelyn strutted back to camp, where she found Ace waiting for her. “What do you want?” she asked.

“What was all that about?” Ace asked.

“Messing with Jacob and Elian,” Jocelyn said.

“Maybe you shouldn’t do that,” Ace said. “I don’t want you to get voted out.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Jocelyn said. “I’ve got the immunity idol. I can do whatever I want. Besides, nobody would vote me off.”

“Okay,” Ace said. “I care about you; I don’t want you to lose.”

“Ace, I already won playing the exact same kind of game,” Jocelyn said. “I think I’ll survive. By the way, can you hold onto my idol for me? I’ve been hiding it in a bush, but I’m worried somebody might find it.” She handed her idol to Ace.

“I’ll guard this with my life,” Ace said.

The next day, the final nine went down to the challenge field. It had been transformed into a race track shaped like Nalyd’s head. There were four go-karts lined up next to each other. A race car zoomed through the track, rocketing right off of the race track and into a tree. Nalyd crawled from the car wreck. “I’m okay, thanks for asking,” he said, brushing himself off. “For today’s challenge, you have to race the go-karts along this ten mile track! First one to cross the finish line wins immunity! Since there are only four karts, some of you will have to share karts.”

“Jacob, you and me?” Jocelyn asked.

“Sure,” Jacob said, glaring at Elian.

“Come on, adventure boy,” Elian said, grabbing Ace and throwing him into her kart.

Nathaniel and Susan got into a kart together.

Lacey and Julio got into separate cars. “Come on Lequisha,” Julio said. “You won’t fit in the kart with Lacey. Lacey doesn’t even fully fit in the kart.” Lequisha squeezed into Lacey’s kart, regardless.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Jacob and Jocelyn vs. Elian and Ace vs. Susan and Nathaniel vs. Lacey and Lequisha vs. Julio. Look out for obstacles on the course.”

“Wait,” Nathaniel said. “I don’t see any pedals on the kart.”

“Don’t worry,” Nalyd said. “When I shout go, they’ll start on their own. The karts won’t stop until they cross the finish line, or you crash. Go!” The karts rocketed away, averaging twenty miles per hour.

Nathaniel steered his and Susan’s car. He crashed into three hay bales, but continued going. “You’re not a very good driver,” Susan shouted.

“I don’t have a license yet,” Nathaniel said. “I’m more used to Mario Kart than real life kart!” He ran over a banana peel, and the car started to spin. Susan screamed and clung to Nathaniel.

“We were gonna die,” Susan said in the confessional. “We were going to die.”

“I thought it was over for us,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “But if I learned anything from Mario Kart Double Dash, it’s important to know when to give up.”

“You drive!” Nathaniel screamed, letting go of the wheel.

Jacob and Jocelyn were neck and neck with Elian and Ace. “You’re going down!” Elian screamed. She drove their kart close to Jacob and Jocelyn’s.

“What are you doing?!” Ace and Jacob screamed in unison. Elian pulled Jacob out of his kart, and threw him onto the lane.

“I’ll come back for you!” Jocelyn shouted.

“Maybe I should drive?” Ace offered.

“Home wrecker!” Elian shouted. She grabbed Jocelyn’s steering wheel and ripped it right out of the kart. Jocelyn screeched, and then crashed into a wall.

“Oh, my head,” Jocelyn moaned.

“We have to go back for her,” Ace said.

“No,” Elian said. “She’s the worst person I’ve ever met. We’re never helping her.”

“Well, if you won’t,” Ace said. “Then I will!” He jumped out of the kart, tumbled, was hit by Susan and Nathaniel’s kart, and fell to the ground. “Not worth it,” he moaned.

“I think we hit something,” Susan said.

“Just an obstacle,” Nathaniel reassured her.

Julio and Lacey and Lequisha were in the lead.

“Lequisha, please listen to me!” Julio shouted.

“No,” Lequisha said.

“Wanna drive, Lequisha?” Lacey yawned.

“I don’t know how to drive,” Lequisha said.

“Oh,” Lacey said. “Well, anticipating an easy to sleep though challenge, I didn’t get much sleep.” Lacey was immediately asleep on the steering wheel.

“You’re gonna hit that wall!” Julio shouted. Lequisha screamed. Julio drove his car next to theirs. “Jump in!” Lequisha looked scared. “You have to trust me!” Lequisha nodded. She stood up, wobbled, and jumped into Julio’s kart. “Yeah, baby!”

“Okay, I trust you,” Lequisha said. “But Elian’s gaining on us.”

“Don’t worry, look,” Julio said. Lequisha turned around, to see Lacey’s car swerving around the track, not crashing into anything.

“Whoa!” Elian screamed when she saw Lacey. Lacey crashed into Elian’s car, sending them both flying.

Ace was standing next to Jocelyn. “Need a hand, m’lady?” he asked.

“No,” Jocelyn said. She stood up, frustrated. “Stupid, Elian.”

Julio and Lequisha crossed the finish line. “Woo!” Lequisha cheered. “We win!” She hugged Julio.

“Are we friends again?” Julio asked.

“The best of,” Lequisha smiled.

“Julio and Lequisha win immunity!” Nalyd announced. “Everyone, go back to camp. Tonight, another one of you will be eliminated.”

The final nine Surviving All-Stars returned to their campsite. Susan sat in the girls’ hut, alone, until Jocelyn crawled into it. “It’s you going home tonight,” Jocelyn said.

“What?” Susan asked.

“You heard me,” Jocelyn said coldly. “Everyone is sick of you whining about Niles and being a big baby in general. I suggest you pack your bags.”

“What is this?” Susan asked. “Some attempt to get me in your alliance?”

“No,” Jocelyn said. “An attempt to tell you you’re being voted off because everyone here hates you.”

“They don’t,” Susan said. “Nathaniel doesn’t.”

“Nathaniel’s just being nice about it,” Jocelyn said. “He was hoping that you’d feel safe, and then he’d vote you off. You must be pretty stupid if you couldn’t figure it out. Have fun hanging out with the other losers when I vote you off tonight!” Jocelyn left the hut and laughed.

“Too easy,” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

Lequisha and Lacey came into the girls’ hut, and saw Susan crying. “What’s wrong?” Lequisha asked.

Jocelyn approached Ace and Nathaniel and said, “We have to vote out Elian tonight.”

“I agree,” Ace said. “The way she treated you and Jacob was uncalled for.”

“Sounds good to me,” Nathaniel said. “She’s too big of a threat to keep around anyway.”

“Yo, Nathaniel,” Lequisha called form the girls’ hut. She waved to him. Nathaniel walked over to her and entered the hut.

“What’s up, ladies and Lacey?” Nathaniel asked. He saw Susan was crying. “What happened?”

“Jocelyn happened,” Lequisha said. “We need to vote Jocelyn off tonight! Nobody messes with Susan.”

“Agreed,” Nathaniel said. “I can guarantee you, Jocelyn will not be waking up in camp tomorrow.”

“I have to get Jocelyn voted off,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I have to.”

“Thanks, Nathaniel,” Susan smiled. She hugged him. “You’re a great friend.”

The final nine went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. The jury walked in, “Bruno, and George.” They sat down. George blew a kiss to Lequisha, and glared at Julio. “Okay, it’s time to vote,” Nalyd said. “Remember, Lequisha and Julio are immune.”

Julio voted for Jocelyn. “What is wrong with you?”

Jocelyn voted for Elian. “Raging psychopath.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said after everyone had voted. “If anybody has an immunity idol, now is the time to play it!”

“Ace, I need my idol,” Jocelyn said. Ace reached into his pocket.

“Uh oh,” Ace said. “There’s a hole in my pocket.”

“What?!” Jocelyn asked. “You lost my idol!”

“My pocket must have ripped when I got hit by that kart,” Ace explained.

“Elian,” Nalyd said, taking a vote from the ballot box.

“Ugh, this again,” Elian said, putting her face in her hands.

“Jocelyn,” Nalyd said. “That’s one vote for Elian, and one vote for Jocelyn. Elian. Jocelyn. That makes it two votes for Elian, and two for Jocelyn.”

Ace looked worried. Jocelyn glared at him.

“Elian,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn. Elian,” he pulled another vote from the ballot box. “That’s four votes for Elian, three votes for Jocelyn, and two votes left.”

Elian and Jocelyn looked at each other, and then back at Nalyd.

“Jocelyn,” Nalyd said. “That’s four votes for Jocelyn, and four votes for Elian.”

“Don’t worry,” Ace whispered to Jocelyn. “No matter what, you’ll always have me.”

“Ugh,” Jocelyn said. “Vote me off now!”

“The fifteenth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars and the third member of our jury… Jocelyn.”

Jocelyn stood up, and brought Nalyd her torch. “You know what guys?” she asked. “I don’t need you guys! I don’t need this show! I already won!” She stormed off down the Path of Shame.

“Jocelyn,” Nalyd said to himself, “the tribe has spoken.” He snuffed her torch.

“No!” Ace said. “This isn’t right! I quit! Let me go, and let her stay.” “Okay,” Nalyd said. “The first person to quit, and the fourth member of our jury… Ace.” Ace brought Nalyd his torch. Nalyd poured a bucket of water on it. “The quitters don’t get snuffed.” Ace ran down the Path of Shame, and jumped into the Safari Car of Losers.

“Jocelyn!” he said excitedly. “You get to stay!”

“No she doesn’t,” Nalyd shouted. “Now both of you are gone!”

“Oh, come on,” Ace whined. “At least we have each other.” Jocelyn cried on Ace’s shoulder.

“Why couldn’t you be Jacob?” she whined.

“And just like that,” Nalyd said. “We are down to seven. Who will win it all? Who will lose it all? Who will prove that they are the all-star-iest of the All-Stars. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Sixteen – “I don’t remember that river.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Ace turned into a cry baby after Lacey insulted hm at the previous Tribal Council. After a pep talk from Julio, Ace met up with Jocelyn for strategy discussion. At the challenge, the contestants had to team up for a go-kart race. Julio and Lequisha made up on the race track, and won the challenge together. Jocelyn made Susan cry at camp, planning to go to Tribal Council and get everyone’s vote, and use her immunity idol. Her plan failed when Ace lost the idol, and Jocelyn was voted off. Ace quit the show to let Jocelyn stay, but Ace left with Jocelyn. Only seven All-Stars remain. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final seven All-Stars returned to their campsite. “Bottom two again,” Elian said, sitting down by the fire pit.

“I’m sick of having my name written down,” Elian said in the confessional. “I’m lucky to still be in I guess. I am a huge threat and all. I don’t know if it’s even worth going on at this point. My relationship is over. I don’t have any friends here. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’d rather be back on Paradise.”

“Elian and I broke up like four days ago,” Jacob said in the confessional. “I miss her so much! I miss the way she’d bench press using my couch. I miss the way she’d throw boulders for fun. I miss the way she’d… I don’t know, whatever else she did, I miss that too.”

“I want to win more than anything,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “On the very first day I knew I’d win. And now I’m here in the final seven. I’ve already got Susan, Lacey, and Julio’s votes locked up. I can send Jacob, Elian, or Nathaniel home. Nathaniel thinks he’s hot stuff, but wait until he sees who’s really holding all the cards.”

“I’m the king of the game,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “The way I see it, Susan, Elian, and Julio will vote however I tell them. Jacob is a threat to himself and those around him when it comes to votes. He could vote for anybody. He’s unpredictable.” Nathaniel paused. “Also, Susan stopped talking about Niles, which is a nice change of pace. It’s time for me to make my move.”

“Nathaniel has been a great friend,” Susan said in the confessional. “I figured I should stop talking about Niles in front of him though. He got weird whenever I mentioned Niles. I’m in his alliance, but only because he voted off Jocelyn. I’m not much for the strategy needed to win this, but I think if I’m lucky enough to get to the final two, I can win this time. I’m not letting love get in the way of a million dollars again… Unless it was Niles. I’d gladly lose to him again.”

“It’s official,” Julio beamed in the confessional. “I’ve done better this time than in Paradise! I can so win this time. Sure, all my friends are still here and Ace is the only jury member I got along with well, but that’s beside the point. I’m in the final seven! I think the thing I miss most is my girlfriend. Love ya, baby!”

“I am the true mastermind of the game,” Lacey said in the confessional. “I’ve slept and rolled my way this far, but now it is time to reveal my true form.” Lacey collapsed to the ground, sound asleep.

“So, Nathaniel,” Lequisha said. “I just wanted to let you know that I will be calling the shots from now on about who gets eliminated.”

“Excuse me?” Nathaniel said. “Since when do you think you decide who goes and stays?”

“Since now,” Lequisha said. She smiled, turned on her heel, and walked away.

“What was that about?” Susan asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” Nathaniel said. “She’ll be going down the Path of Shame in due time.”

“What are you doing?” Julio asked Lequisha.

“Rattling Nathaniel’s cage,” Lequisha said. “I gotta psych him out. We’re eliminating him tomorrow.”

“Lequisha,” Julio said. “Nathaniel has Jacob, Elian, and Susan in his alliance.”

“Susan’s in on it?” Lequisha said.

“Yeah,” Julio said.

“Dang, Julio,” Lequisha said. “I think I just sunk our ship.”

“No, wait,” Julio said. “I can save you. I can get Nathaniel to vote off somebody else.”

“You’d do that for me?” Lequisha asked.

“You know it, baby,” Julio said. “We’ve been friends for almost two years. We’ve always been there for each other as of almost two years ago.”

“Thanks, Julio,” Lequisha said. She hugged him. “We’ll definitely make it to the finals.”

The next day, the final seven returned to the challenge field. There was a flowing river going through it, and seven canoes next to the river. “Welcome everyone,” Nalyd said.

“I don’t remember that river,” Jacob said.

“But you will remember this challenge,” Nalyd said. “You and Elian won it in Paradise. For this challenge, you have to canoe down the river. I’m not sure how far it is or where it goes, but I do know that it will eventually come back here. Everyone, go get in a canoe.” The contestants pushed their canoes into the water, and shuffled into them. “First person back wins immunity. Go!” The contestants began paddling, their canoes, except for Lacey who was asleep.

“I won this challenge before,” Jacob said in the confessional, “And I can do it again!”

Elian, Jacob, Lequisha, and Susan took an early lead. “Elian, Jacob, Lequisha, and Susan are leading the pack!” Nalyd narrated. “Lacey is in dead last!”

“Shut up, I’m trying to sleep!” Lacey shouted. She threw her paddle at Nalyd, hitting him in the shin.

Jacob splashed Elian with his oar, and paddled ahead of her. “What was that for?” Elian asked.

“What was breaking up with me for?” Jacob asked.

Elian splashed Jacob and angrily said, “What was offering to kiss Jocelyn for?”

“That’s what you’re mad about?” Jacob asked.

“Yes!” Elian shouted. “Finally you understand!”

“I could never be interested in another girl,” Jacob said. He and Elian had paddled ahead of everyone else. “If I was going to leave you, don’t you think I’d have done it by now? You’re the only girl I love, or ever will love. You were made for me?”

“Jacob, that’s the most romantic and girly thing I’ve ever heard you say,” Elian said. “I’d kiss you if you weren’t about to go over a waterfall.” Jacob turned his head and saw the river lead to a waterfall. Elian grabbed a tree branch off the side of the river, and was able to stop.

“Elian,” he said. “I love you.”

“I know,” she said.

Jacob and his canoe went over the waterfall, a one hundred meter fall. “I’m gonna die!” Jacob shouted.

“We’ll never win,” Nathaniel said to Julio. The two were almost in last place.

“Listen, Nathaniel,” Julio said. “I don’t wanna vote off Lequisha tonight.”

“Well I do,” Nathaniel said. “And you’re in my alliance, so you don’t have much of a choice, do you?”

“I’m out of your alliance,” Julio said. “Lequisha’s my friend.”

“Are you sure, Julio?” Nathaniel asked. “It sure would be a shame if you lost again.”

“So you’re gonna vote me off if I leave your alliance?” Julio asked.

“Yeah,” Nathaniel said. “Good luck.” Nathaniel paddled quickly, getting farther than Julio.

Jacob had survived the waterfall, and had a huge lead. Elian, Susan, and Lequisha were all at the top of the waterfall. “We’ll never win,” Susan said. “Jacob’s too far ahead.”

“Let him win,” Elian said. “It’s not worth going over a waterfall.”

Lequisha let go of the tree branch that was holding onto, falling over the waterfall. “Later!” she shouted. Lequisha quickly recovered from the fall, and was able to keep paddling, using the momentum of the fall to move faster.

“Jacob still has a comfortable lead,” Nalyd said. “He’s almost to the end!” Lequisha paddled quickly, and soon could see Jacob. Jacob turned around and saw Lequisha.

“Lequisha and I have a lot of history,” Jacob said in the confessional. “In Paradise, she tried to vote me off, but me and ‘The Rat,’ I mean ‘The Rat’ and I got her ally and BFF Julio to help us eliminate her.”

“Lequisha is catching up!” Nalyd narrated.

“Go Lequisha!” Julio cheered. He as well as the others were watching from the top of the waterfall.

“You’re going down,” Lequisha taunted.

Jacob paddled faster, splashing Lequisha accidentally.

“It’s gonna be neck and neck!” Nalyd said as Lequisha and Jacob inched towards the finish line.

Jacob paddled quickly, and passed the finish line. “Jacob wins immunity!” Jacob and Nalyd said at once.

“Don’t steal my line,” Nalyd glared at Jacob. “Okay, everyone,” Nalyd said, “Time to go back to camp.” “My alliance is voting Elian off,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “We were talking about voting Nathaniel off, but Lacey pointed out that he’s no good in challenges. Elian is an Olympian.”

“Based on my research,” Jacob said in the confessional. “I am tonight’s deciding vote. Nathaniel, Elian, and Susan are voting for Lequisha. Lequisha, Julio, and Lacey are voting for Elian. Do I vote off a girl I voted off two years ago, or my ex-girlfriend?”

Jacob sat at the fire pit, everyone staring at him. Nobody spoke a word. Lacey burped. “Okay guys,” Jacob said. “It’s obvious that you’re all waiting for my decision.”

“I’m waiting for lunch,” Lacey said.

“Moving on,” Jacob said. “I’d like to talk to Lequisha, Nathaniel, and Lacey, one at a time.”

Lequisha and Jacob sat by the river to talk. “So why should I vote my ex-girlfriend off instead of you?” Jacob asked.

“Because of what she said about you,” Lequisha said.

“What did she say?” Jacob asked.

“Well,” Lequisha lied, “She told the girls one night about what an awful kisser you were. And how you had the IQ of an eggplant.”

“That eggplant cheated on the IQ test!” Jacob defended himself angrily. “Did she really say those things?”

“Among others,” Lequisha said. “She’s been using you. She used her looks to get you under her control and use you.”

“That fiend,” Jacob said. “Okay, I think I’ve heard enough. Get Nathaniel over here.”

“Elian didn’t say anything like that,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “I need to stay in the game, and that was the only way. Sorry, girl.”

“You need to vote Lequisha off,” Nathaniel told Jacob. “She’s too likeable to keep.”

“That’s not much of an argument,” Jacob shrugged.

“Isn’t it, though?” Nathaniel said. “Lequisha, Julio, Susan, all too well liked to keep around. Do you want to be in the finals with somebody like Lequisha, or somebody like me?” Nathaniel walked away. “Think about it, man.”

Lacey met up with Jacob. “You listen to me, and you listen to me good,” Lacey said, holding Jacob by his collar. She got right in his face, burped, and fell asleep.

“I knew that would be a waste of time,” Jacob said to himself.

“I am confident that tonight Lequisha will be going home tonight,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Jacob has made it quite clear he wants her back.”

The final seven went to Tribal Council. “Bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. The jury walked in. “Bruno, George, Jocelyn, and Ace.” Ace smiled at the remaining contestants. “Time to vote.”

Elian voted for Lequisha. “I’m sorry, it’s what I need to do.”

Lequisha voted for Elian. “Girl, I wish you the best.”

Jacob cast his vote. “I think we both knew this was an obvious choice.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box. “Once the votes have been read-”

“The loser has to go down the Path of Shame and ride the Safari Car of Losers,” Lacey finished. She glared at Nalyd. “Just read the votes.”

“Fine,” Nalyd said. He took a vote from the ballot box. “Lequisha.”

Lequisha looked at Nathaniel and rolled her eyes.

“Elian,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Lequisha, and one vote for Elian.”

The jury watched intently.

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said. He pulled another vote from the ballot box. “Elian. Two votes for Lequisha, two votes for Elian. Three votes left.”

Lacey fell asleep on Julio’s shoulder. “Don’t drool on me, don’t drool on me, don’t drool on me,” Julio repeated.

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said. “That’s three votes for Lequisha and two votes Elian.”

Lequisha looked at Elian. “Been nice knowin’ ya,” Lequisha said.

“What do you mean?” Elian asked.

“Elian,” Nalyd said. “Three votes for Lequisha, three votes for Elian, and one vote remaining.”

“I mean you’re going home,” Lequisha said.

Nalyd took the final vote from the ballot box. “The sixteenth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars and the fifth member of our jury… Elian.”

Elian stood up and brought Nalyd her torch. “Elian, the tribe has spoken,” he said, and snuffed her torch.

“Babe, wait!” Jacob shouted. He ran up to Elian and kissed her on the lips. “You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met,” he said, out of breath. “I don’t want you to go.”

“Then why did you vote for me?” Elian asked.

“It doesn’t matter who I voted for,” Jacob said. “The point is that I’m sorry, for everything. You’re the only girl who’s ever made me feel this way. I love you, Elian.”

Elian smiled. “You’re so corny,” she laughed. She kissed Jacob on the cheek. “Win this,” she said.

“I will,” Jacob said. “For us.” He sat back down with the Surviving All-Stars, and Elian walked down the Path of Shame, and rode away in the Safari Car of Losers.

Lacey woke up and asked Jacob, “So did you two hook up again?”

Jacob face-palmed and said, “I knew I forgot to ask something!”

“Only six remain,” Nalyd said. “Looks like this is going to be a fight all the way to the finish. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Seventeen – “So are you with me, or against me?”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Lequisha, in a burst of confidence, threatened to vote off Nathaniel, angering him. At the canoeing challenge, Elian and Jacob got into another relationship fight, but then started to patch things up. Julio tried to get Nathaniel not to vote off Lequisha, but only angered Nathaniel more. Despite making up, Jacob voted Elian off. Only six remain. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final six returned to their campsite.

“Julio, I can smell the prize,” Lequisha smiled deviously. “Nathaniel can go tonight, and we can go to the final two!”

“Lequisha, I don’t like this side of you,” Julio said. “What happened to the girl who wasn’t obsessed with winning?”

“She’ll be back after I win,” Lequisha smirked. “I will win. I can guarantee it. If you wanna go back to the losing side, I’ll see you in the jury.”

“Wait so now you’re threatening to vote me off?” Julio asked.

“If I have to, I will,” Lequisha said.

“But I’m on your side!” Julio exclaimed. “We’re friends! Aren’t we?”

“Julio, look,” Lequisha said. “You’re a good guy and all, and I’d love to hang out with you after the season, but in this game, there are no friends. So are you with me, or against me?”

“I’m not sure anymore,” Julio said tearfully. He stood up and walked into the boys’ hut. Nathaniel sat in the hut, waiting for him.

“So are you still in my alliance?” Nathaniel asked.

Julio paused, and then said, “Yes, I’m with you.”

Jacob and Susan sat at the fire pit. Jacob was crying on Susan’s shoulder. “I can’t believe she got voted off,” Jacob whimpered.

“Well, you did kind of vote her off,” Susan said awkwardly. “But she’ll forgive you.”

“How do you know?” Jacob asked.

“I got voted off by a guy I liked once,” Susan said. “But I forgave him. Nobody else did, but that’s beside the point.”

“You think she still likes me?” Jacob asked. “She’s not exactly as forgiving as you. She’s had a grudge for ‘The Rat’ for almost two years.”

“You’re not as bad as him,” Susan smiled. “You’re one of the coolest guys out here.”

“How am I better than him?” Jacob said. “I followed him around in Paradise, doing whatever he said.”

“We all make mistakes,” Susan said. “You just need to know when you’ve made them.” Susan yawned. “I gotta go to bed. Night, Jacob.”

“Night, Susan,” Jacob said. “And thanks.”

The next day, the final six Surviving All-Stars returned to the challenge field. There was a big stage and a catwalk attached to it. “Where’s Nalyd?” Lequisha asked.

“Maybe he died,” Lacey shrugged. The others looked at Lacey awkwardly.

Nalyd jumped from behind the curtain, onto the stage. He strutted down the catwalk, but tripped and fell off. “I’m okay!” Nalyd said, standing up quickly. “For today’s challenge, you’ll be putting on a fashion show!”

“Julio comments,” Lacey said, “in three… two… one…”

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Julio beamed. “I can’t wait! When do we start?”

“Hang on,” Nalyd said. “You don’t get to pick your own fashions. I have assignments for you, and we’re going to see who can pull these looks off with flair! Jacob, you have to dress as an exotic dancer.”

“It’s the role I was born to play!” Jacob said excitedly.

“Julio, you’ll be dressing as a jock,” Nalyd said.

“Ew,” Julio shivered. “That’s not fashion.”

“Tough,” Nalyd smirked. “Lacey must dress up as a vegetable.”

“Ew, vegetables,” Lacey shivered. “My one weakness… Other than exercise.”

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said, “You have to dress up as a business woman.”

“Like a suit?” Lequisha said. “Dang, that’s boring.”

“Nathaniel has to dress up like a celebrity,” Nalyd said.

“What do celebrities wear?” Nathaniel wondered.

“Sometimes nothing,” Nalyd said. “But that isn’t an option for you. Susan, you get to be the biker girl.”

“This should be interesting,” Susan said.

“Do we have to make the clothes ourselves?” Lequisha asked.

“We were going to do that,” Nalyd said, “but we stopped by a yard sale earlier and bought some crud you guys can throw together to pull off your looks. We even got some vegetable costumes. They’re in the costume trunk.”

Lacey looked through the broccoli, lettuce, and pumpkin costumes. “I think the pumpkin one is the only one that will fit me,” Lacey muttered. She grabbed it and ran into the woods to try it on.

“Hey, Susan,” Jacob said. “Which would look better on me for the exotic dancer costume? This coconut bikini top and grass skirt, or this fussy hat, puffy sweater, and boots.”

“The hat, sweater, and boots,” Susan said. “Wear that for the sake of everyone.”

“A football helmet?” Julio said, taking one from the chest. “Lame!” He looked over and saw Susan holding a black hoodie and bike helmet. “Baby, you’re gonna lose wearing that.”

“I don’t know how to be a biker chick,” Susan said.

“I’ll help you!” Julio said excitedly. “My girlfriend loves the style.”

“You have biker clothes?” Susan asked.

“No, she wears biker clothes,” Julio laughed. “You’re gonna need a leather jacket, jeans with holes in the knees, a black motorcycle helmet…”

Half an hour later, Nalyd said, “Is everyone ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Nathaniel rolled his eyes.

“Jacob, you’re first!” Nalyd announced.

Jacob walked down the catwalk, wearing a fuzzy hat with ear flaps, a thick jacket, snow pants, boots, and a fake beard. “Behold!” Jacob said in a Russian accent. “I am an exotic dancer!” Jacob proceeded to dance as if he had ice in his coat.

A rapper emerged from behind the curtain and shouted, “Now somebody, anybody, everybody scream!”

“It’s okay,” Nalyd said. “He’s just trying to dance.”

“Cool, man,” the rapper said. He walked away, into the jungles of Africa.

“Pretty lame outfit, Jacob,” Nalyd said. “We were all hoping for the coconut bikini top and grass skirt, but this outfit is more family friendly. Seven points. Julio, you’re up.”

“This challenge was made for me,” Julio smiled in the confessional. “At school, I’m like the go-to guy for fashion. I bet the producers knew I’d win.”

Julio stepped onto the stage wearing a red sweater with black sleeves, and white pants with a blue and red diamond pattern. He held a curling stick, and curled a stone down the catwalk. “Ta-da!” he exclaimed.

“You’ve ruined curling for me,” Nalyd said with his head in his arms. He sat up and shouted, “You took a completely awful sport and made it even worse! Who could do such a thing?!”

“The Norwegian curling team did,” Julio muttered.

“But, the pants are really awesome,” Nalyd said. “It’s just that stupid sweater. Three points. Lacey, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Lacey rolled down the catwalk, dressed as a pumpkin. “I’m a pumpkin,” she yawned.

“Lacey, a pumpkin is a fruit,” Nalyd said. He pulled an iPad out of his pocket and said, “It says right here on Wikipedia, ‘Pumpkins are fruits.’ Sorry Lacey, you get zero.” Lacey grabbed Nalyd’s iPad and sat on it. “No! Now it’s broken! And if it isn’t, I still really don’t want it… Now for the business woman, Lequisha!”

Lequisha walked quickly onto the catwalk, wearing glasses, a grey pantsuit, and high heels. She was talking into a cell phone, “Yes, Jenkins, I’m on my way to the meeting with Mr. Yamaguchi to discuss the merger.”

“Looks awesome, Lequisha!” Nalyd said. “Eight points! Lequisha is now in the lead. Nathaniel, you’re up.”

Nathaniel jumped onto the stage, wearing white pants, a Hawaiian shirt, and a wig with long, curly, brown hair. “I’m Weird Al!” Nathaniel announced. He grabbed an accordion, and played it down the catwalk.

“He’s still famous?” Nalyd asked.

“Don’t mock Al,” Nathaniel said. “He’s amazing!”

“Yeah, but your outfit is less than impressive. Two points,” Nalyd said. “Can our biker chick Susan get nine points, enough to beat Lequisha? Let’s find out.”

Susan walked onto the stage. She wore a red tank top, a black, leather jacket, jeans with holes in the knees, sunglasses, and a black helmet with spikes on the top.

“It’s really hot in Africa,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Or is that just Susan?” He laughed. “Man, she looked awesome!”

“I like the outfit,” Nalyd said. “But can you pull off the biker attitude?” Susan spat on the stage. “Susan wins immunity!”

“EEE!” Susan squealed. Nalyd glared at her. “I mean… That’s cool.”

The final six returned to camp. “Good job, Susan,” Lequisha said. “Can we talk for a minute?” Susan and Lequisha walked into the woods. “We need to vote Nathaniel off tonight.”

“Aw, but he’s so sweet,” Susan said. “Why not vote off, like, um…”

“Why can’t you think of anybody else?” Lequisha asked. “You friends with everyone?” Susan nodded. “Maybe you should go next time when you don’t have immunity. If you make it to the end you’ll get all the votes to win.”

Nathaniel said to Jacob and Julio, “Lequisha tonight, guys.”

“Sounds good to me,” Jacob said. “She should have gone yesterday. Why did that plan fail?”

“Because you voted for Elian,” Nathaniel rolled his eyes.

“You guys think we should vote Susan off?” Lacey said, rolling over to the group.

“I thought you and Susan were friends,” Julio said.

“We are,” Lacey said, “but she’s friends with everyone.”

“She has immunity,” Nathaniel said. “And even if she didn’t, we’re not voting off Susan.”

“Fine,” Lacey said. “But you’ll rue this day!” She rolled away.

“I’m basing tonight’s vote solely on personal issues,” Susan said in the confessional. “I’m sorry, but this needs to be done.”

“So sorry, baby,” Julio said in the confessional. “We’ve been through a lot, you’ve threatened to vote me off, and this is the end.”

“Later Lequisha,” Nathaniel smiled in the confessional.

“I don’t know how I’m voting,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Maybe Nathaniel has too much control, maybe Lequisha has been too mean, I don’t know!”

“You wanna know who I’m voting for?” Lacey yawned in the confessional. “I’m voting for-” she fell asleep.

“Looks like Nathaniel is going,” Lequisha said in the confessional confidently.

The final six went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. The jury walked in. “Bruno, George, Jocelyn, Ace, and Elian.” Jacob smiled at Elian. “Okay, Susan is immune tonight. Nathaniel, go vote.”

Nathaniel voted for Lequisha. “This is the end of the road for you.”

Lequisha voted for Nathaniel. “Sorry, Mario. Game over.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He took the ballot box and pulled a vote out. “Nathaniel,” he said.

Ace nodded, and smiled.

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said. “That’s one vote for Nathaniel, and one vote for Lequisha.”

“One of us was going home,” Lequisha said in the confessional. “Either way, I’ll never have to deal with him again.”

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said. “That makes it one vote for Nathaniel, and two votes for Lequisha.”

George watched intently, staring at Lequisha.

“Lequisha,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Nathaniel, three votes for Lequisha.”

“Read a Nathaniel vote already!” Lequisha exclaimed.

Nalyd took another vote from the ballot box. “The seventeenth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars and the sixth member of our jury… Lequisha.”

Lequisha stood up. “All of you voted for me?! Some friends!”

“Lequisha, listen,” Julio said. “You may not appreciate it today, probably not tomorrow, but we saved you from yourself tonight. You were turning into a monster, who wouldn’t let anybody get in her way.”

Lequisha sighed and said, “You’re right, Julio. I hate to admit it, but you’re being a good friend. Thank you.” She brought Nalyd her torch, and he snuffed it.

“Lequisha the tribe has spoken,” he said.

Lequisha walked down the Path of Shame, and got into the Safari Car of Losers. “Julio’s a great guy,” she said as she rode in the car. “I hope somebody he can get a real girlfriend.”

“The final five,” Nalyd said. “The five best competitors to ever play the game. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eighteen – “I got left at the altar.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Lequisha’s drive to win resulted in her threatening her BFFFLE (best feminine friend for, like, ever) Julio. Nathaniel continued to creep on Susan. At the fashion show, some people like Susan and Lequisha blew us away with their outfits, while people like Lacey and Julio failed pretty badly. Susan won immunity, and Lequisha was unanimously voted off. Four of the best contestants ever, and Lacey, are all that’s left. Who will win? Who will be voted off tonight?

The five Surviving All-Stars walked back to their campsite. “Guys,” Susan whispered on the walk. “I think there’s someone at camp.”

Jacob looked ahead and said, “I don’t see anybody.”

“We put the fire out before we left,” Nathaniel said, pointing at the fully lit fire. They reached their campsite.

“Hello?” Julio called. “Anybody here?”

“Show yourselves!” Lacey screamed. She held a log over her head threateningly.

“Do you guys think someone is returning?” Nathaniel asked.

“Lacey!” a masculine voice called from behind the guys’ hut. “Come give your old man a hug!”

“Dad?” Lacey asked. She threw the log away, hitting Jacob in the stomach. A very fat man, well over six feet tall, jumped out from behind the guys’ hut.

“Earthquake!” Jacob shouted.

Lacey and her dad started running towards each other, but collapsed inches away from each other, fast asleep.

“Susie!” A young girl, not much older than Susan, ran out from behind the girls’ hut.

“Lisa!” Susan exclaimed excitedly. Susan ran up and hugged the girl. “I’ve missed you, sis.” The two girls started crying.

“Julio!” A middle aged woman dressed in a pink dress jumped out from behind the girls’ hut.

“Mommy!” Julio exclaimed. He ran over and hugged his mother tightly. “How’s Deb doing?”

“She misses you,” Julio’s mother said.

“Who’s Deb?” Jacob asked.

“My girlfriend, baby,” Julio said. “Oh, how I’ve missed her.”

“Jacob,” a man said. He stepped out from behind the guys’ hut. He wore a white t-shirt and short shorts.

“Dad?” Jacob asked. Jacob ran up to his father, arms extended for a hug.

Jacob’s father shook his hand instead and said, “Good to see ya, son.”

“My dad isn’t a very compassionate guy,” Jacob said in the confessional. “It was great that he came all the way to Africa though.”

“Son,” a small Asian man said. He tapped Nathaniel on the shoulder.

Nathaniel turned around. “Father! I’m so happy you made it!” Nathaniel picked up his short father. “How are you?”

“Ancient Chinese secret,” Nathaniel’s father said.

“Father, we’re Korean,” Nathaniel said.

“It was great to see my sister!” Susan exclaimed in the confessional. Her eyes were still watery. “I love my family; it was great to see her. I’m more determined than ever to win now!”

The next morning, the final five went to the challenge field. There was a large, white building with stained-glass windows next to Nalyd. “Morning, kids,” Nalyd said. “I trust you all enjoyed your loved ones visit, but now its time to get down to business. As you can see, next to me is a church. For today’s challenge, you must pretend to put on a wedding! You can decide what roles you want, but whoever does his or her role best will win immunity.”

“I’ll be the wedding planner,” Julio beamed.

“I’ve always wanted to plan a wedding,” Julio said. “If Deb and I ever get married, we’ll have the most fabulous wedding ever!”

“I call groom!” Nathaniel shouted.

“Lacey, you wanna be the bride?” Susan asked.

“No, Susan, you have to be the bride,” Julio said. “You and Nathaniel are so cute together.”

Susan giggled and said, “Okay, Nathaniel and I can get married.”

Nathaniel sat in the confessional with a wide smile on his face.

Julio talked on a cell phone, “Yes, when will the flowers be here? We need them today!” Julio hung up the phone, and dialed it again. “Yeah, its Julio again, when are you going to be done with the ice sculpture of Nathaniel and Susan kissing? We don’t have that kind of time!” He hung up again. “It’s so hard to plan a fake wedding…”

Jacob and Nathaniel sat together in the church. “You wanted to see me?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah,” Nathaniel said. “You know, Jacob, we’ve known each other for a long time, and we’re good friends, so how would you like to be my best man?”

“Me?” Jacob asked. “I’m honored! I thought you were going to pick Lacey.”

Susan walked in. “Hey, boys,” she said. “Lacey agreed to be our flower girl!”

“Lacey’s a girl?” Jacob asked.

Julio walked into the church. “Who gave Lacey the flowers?” he asked.

“I did,” Susan said.

“She ate them!” Julio shouted. He saw Nathaniel next to Susan. “Oh my gosh, have you two never been to a real wedding? You can’t see the bride before the wedding.” He grabbed Susan by the wrist and dragged her out of the church. “Come on, baby, we’re gonna get you a dress.”

Lacey sat outside the church, leaning against the door. “It’s so hot,” she said to herself. A man with a large box came up to her and said, “Hello, sir, I have the ice sculpture for the wedding or Nathaniel and Susan. Could you sign here please?” He held out a clipboard, and Lacey signed the paper. The man walked away.

Lacey opened the box. “Hm… I have an idea.”

Julio brought Susan back to the church. “This dress is beautiful, Julio,” Susan said. She was wearing a white, strapless dress. “Where did you find it?”

“The costume trunk from yesterday’s challenge,” Julio said. He saw Lacey sitting on the ice sculpture, which had melted into a cold puddle. “Lacey!” he screamed. “What did you do?”

“I needed to cool down,” Lacey said. “Is that a problem?”

“Oh, this wedding is over,” Julio said, putting his head in his hands.

“You can’t give up, Julio,” Susan said. “Did Ronald Reagan quit?”

“Yeah,” Julio said.

“Oh,” Susan said. “That’s beside the point! I know you, Julio, you’re not a quitter!”

“You’re right,” Julio sighed. He took a deep breath. “Thank you Susan. Now come on, we have a wedding to start!”

Nalyd stood in the church. Nathaniel stood next to him, and Jacob stood to the side. Julio sat in the front pew watching intently. Lacey threw a basket of flowers down the aisle, and rolled down the aisle. “Here comes the bride!” Susan walked down the aisle. “Here comes the bride!”

“Who’s singing that?” Nalyd asked confused. Julio shrugged.

Susan reached the end of the aisle, and smiled at Nathaniel. “I told myself I wouldn’t cry,” Julio said, dabbing his eyes.

“We are gathered here today,” Nalyd said. “To join Nathaniel and Susan in fake holy matrimony. If anybody here has a reason why these two should not be wed, please speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

“I have a reason!” Jacob said. “Susan is in love with Niles!”

“That is a pretty good reason,” Nalyd shrugged.

“No!” Nathaniel exclaimed. “Susan may love Niles, but, Susan, Niles doesn’t care about you! I do!”

“Nathaniel,” Susan said in shock, “What are you saying?”

“I love you, Susan,” Nathaniel said. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time.” Nathaniel got down on one knee. “Susan, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Nathaniel,” Susan said. “I… I…” Susan ran out of the church.

“Na na na na,” Nalyd sang. “Na na na na. Hey hey hey! Good-bye!”

“I got left at the altar,” Nathaniel cried in the confessional. “I’ll teach her to mess with me.”

“Well,” Nalyd said, “Susan loses. Jacob, you failed pretty badly too. Julio, Lacey, your performances were sub-par at best. Nathaniel, that was a great speech you made up.”

“I was being serious!” Nathaniel cried.

“Nathaniel, you win immunity,” Nalyd said. “Okay, everyone, go back to camp.”

The final five went back to camp. Susan went into the girls’ hut alone. “I want her gone,” Nathaniel said.

“I can’t vote for Susan,” Jacob said.

“Me neither, baby,” Julio said.

“Great, I help you guys get all this way and this is how you repay me?” Nathaniel asked.

“I’m with you,” Lacey said. “Susan’s too big of a threat. She’s super strong, super nice, and super hot. If she makes it to the end, she’ll win.”

“Lacey’s right,” Nathaniel said. “Especially about Susan being hot.”

“Jacob, come with me,” Julio said. Julio and Jacob walked away from camp to talk. “I think we should vote Lacey off.”

“How come?” Jacob asked.

“She’s being mean, and she isn’t even trying anymore,” Julio explained. “I’m okay losing to the rest of you; I just want to do better than her.”

“Okay,” Jacob said. “We’ll vote for Lacey tonight.”

“I can’t believe this,” Susan cried in the confessional. “I’m sure Nathaniel feels awful right now, like how I felt when Niles didn’t like me. I almost hope I get voted off tonight.”

The final five went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the jury,” Nalyd said. “Bruno. George. Jocelyn. Ace. Elian. Lequisha.” Lequisha smiled at the remaining contestants. “Nathaniel, you won immunity today, I trust that you want to keep it.”

“No,” Nathaniel said. “Jacob. If I give you this immunity, can you promise to give me immunity tomorrow if you win it?”

“Sure thing, dude,” Jacob said.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “It’s time to vote. You cannot vote for Jacob. Susan, go vote.”

Susan voted for Lacey. “I’m really sorry. We’re still friends right?”

Nathaniel voted for Susan. “I couldn’t play my way into your heart…”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He grabbed the ballot box. “If anybody has a hidden immunity idol, now is the last time you can play it.”

“Nobody has had an idol in ten days,” Nathaniel rolled his eyes.

Lacey stood up. She burped, and sat back down. “Wait, no, I wanna play one,” she said. She handed Nalyd an immunity idol.

“All votes cast against Lacey won’t count,” Nalyd said. “Three votes for Lacey will not count.”

“Did you know she had one?” Nathaniel asked Jacob and Julio. The two shook their heads.

“Susan,” Nalyd said, pulling a vote from the ballot box.

Susan immediately started crying. “Not again,” she said to herself. Jocelyn smiled and laughed. “The eighteenth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars and the seventh member of our jury is… Susan.”

Susan stood up. She hugged Julio, then Jacob, and then Lacey. “You’re an awful boy,” she said to Nathaniel. She brought Nalyd her torch.

“Susan, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said. He snuffed her torch. Susan walked down the Path of Shame, and sat in the Safari Car of Losers.

“Why must this game always end in heartbreak?” she asked, tears rolling down her face. “At least I almost won.”

“Definitely a dramatic Tribal Council,” Nalyd said. “You kids never cease to amaze. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Nineteen – “The two caballeros.”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; The Surviving All-Stars’ families stopped by for a heart-wrenching reunion. The final five contestants were challenged to put together a fake wedding. Nathaniel got to be the groom, Susan was the bride, Julio was the bossy wedding planner, Jacob was Nathaniel’s best man, and Lacey was a flower “girl.” Nathaniel confessed his love to Susan, but she didn’t feel the same way and left the poor guy standing at the altar. Nathaniel won immunity, but gave it to Jacob, in exchange for Jacob promising to give Nathaniel immunity at the next challenge he wins. Lacey surprised everyone when she played her hidden immunity idol, and Susan was sent home. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final four returned to their campsite. Lacey sat next to Julio. “The stars sure are pretty, aren’t they?” Lacey sighed.

Julio eyed Lacey suspiciously. “Uh, sure,” he shrugged. “I guess, baby.”

“You know, Juli,” Lacey put her arm around Julio’s shoulders. “Can I call you Juli?”

“I’d rather you didn’t,” Julio said.

“You and I could make quite a good team,” Lacey said. She started to lean closer and closer to Julio. “I think we should take Nathaniel and Jacob down.”

“I’ll be the first to admit,” Julio said in the confessional. “I get along with girls a lot better than guys, but Lacey?” Julio shuddered. “I don’t know, baby.”

“I’ll consider it,” Julio said to Lacey.

“Excellent,” Lacey said. “You know, Julio, I think we can go all the way to the end together. You and me, final two. The two caballeros. Two musketeers. Mmm… three musketeers chocolate bars…” Lacey fell asleep on Julio’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe Lacey played an idol,” Nathaniel complained to Jacob.

“I thought you wanted Susan eliminated,” Jacob said.

“I did,” Nathaniel said. “I’m just surprised that Lacey found an idol and played it. I bet she got it somehow when Ace lost Jocelyn’s idol.”

“Interesting,” Jacob yawned.

“Every other word out of Nathaniel’s mouth is related to strategy,” Jacob said in the confessional. “This guy needs to chill. Maybe his tube socks are on too tight.”

“Jacob is a big idiot,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “Really, he has the IQ of a two year old. He’ll never win the game. He’ll come close, but go home in fourth. He promised to give me immunity tonight, and I bet he’ll be stupid enough to do it!”

“I can’t believe I’ve made it to the final four,” Julio said in the confessional. “I thought I would have been eliminated long ago! But I’m in it to win it, baby.”

“Julio, we gotta talk,” Nathaniel said. Julio rolled Lacey off of his shoulder, and followed Nathaniel.

“What’s up?” Julio asked.

“Here’s the plan,” Nathaniel said. “Tomorrow, when Jacob wins immunity, he’s going to give it to me. Then we’ll vote him off. “

“But Jacob is in our alliance,” Julio said.

“He’s too big of a physical threat to keep around,” Nathaniel said. “Besides, I think if he makes it to the end he’ll win. Lacey won’t win if she’s in the end. I’m gonna be honest, man, I don’t think you’ll get any votes. So you don’t have to worry about being voted off.”

“Nathaniel is willing to keep me around, thinking I won’t get any jury votes,” Julio said in the confessional. “But I’m not so sure about that.”

“From my calculations,” Nathaniel said in the confessional, “I’m guaranteed the win. Jocelyn and Ace would vote for me, they respect my game play. Susan would vote for me out of pity. Once I eliminate Lacey and Jacob, they’ll both be stupid enough to vote for me.”

The final four went to the challenge field the next day. There was a soccer goal at each end of the field. “Good morning, final four,” Nalyd said. He was dressed in a red tee shirt, yellow shorts, and had tube socks pulled up to his knees. “As you all know, the World Cup is going in South Africa!”

“What’s the World Cup?” Nathaniel asked.

“It’s a world wide soccer competition,” Jacob explained.

“For today’s challenge,” Nalyd said, “You’ll be competing in teams of two, the winning team will move onto the next round, where the two players will go head to head. The teams for round one will be Julio and Nathaniel vs. Jacob and Lacey. First team to score one point wins.”

Lacey and Nathaniel got into their respective goals. Julio and Jacob walked into the center of the field. “Good game, baby,” Julio said.

“You too, baby,” Jacob said.

“He’s rubbing off on me, man!” Jacob shouted in the confessional.

Nalyd placed the ball in between Jacob and Julio and shouted, “Go!” Jacob kicked the ball powerfully, hitting Julio in the face.

Julio collapsed, muttering to himself, “No, Mom, don’t make me wear that… It totally clashes with… The shoes…” Julio passed out.

Jacob stood over Julio and poked him in the stomach with a stick. “Is it dead?” Jacob asked.

“Can we get a medic over here?” Nalyd called.

Julio sprang up, and started kicking the ball down the field. “Julio! You’re alive!” Jacob exclaimed.

“It’s called playing possum, baby,” Julio smiled. He ran down the field, kicking the ball, and then kicked it powerfully into the goal. The ball hit a sleeping Lacey in the stomach, and rolled back onto the field.

“Come on, Julio!” Nathaniel shouted.

Julio kicked the ball at the other team’s goal again, and hit Lacey in the stomach again. “I can’t, she’s blocking the entire goal!” Julio complained. Jacob kicked the ball away from Julio, and charged to Nathaniel’s goal.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I had to think fast! WWMD? What would Mario do?”

Nathaniel jumped and said, “Here we go!” The soccer ball hit him in the stomach, and he collapsed to the ground. He picked the ball up, and threw it to Julio. Julio dribbled the ball down the field, but Jacob stole it from him.

“I felt like I was one of those great soccer players,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Like those guys from England’s team. Nobody could beat them. Nobody could even tie with them! It’s impossible! They’re just so good!”

Jacob kicked the ball powerfully at Nathaniel and the goal. Nathaniel dove for the ball, and landed on it. The ball rolled out from under him and into the goal. “Jacob and Lacey are moving on!” Nalyd announced.

“This is a win-win,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “I’ve realized that if Lacey wins, we can vote off Jacob. If Jacob wins, he’ll give me immunity and then we can vote him off.”

“Good game, guys,” Julio said.

“The way this works,” Nalyd said, “is that Jacob and Lacey will go head to head in one more round of soccer. They must act as a player and goalie. The first person to score one point will win immunity.”

Lacey and Jacob stood in the center of the field. “You know why they call me Lacey?” Lacey whispered menacingly to Jacob.

“No,” Jacob said. “I thought it was because that was your name.”

“It’s because I’m unbeatable at soccer,” Lacey smiled.

“I was a little scared,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Lacey has been known to be incredibly strong when she isn’t being a human sloth. I had to prepare myself for the soccer game of my life.”

“Go!” Nalyd blew his whistle, and placed a ball between the two. Lacey rolled away from the ball and into her goal.

“Try getting it past me!” she taunted. “I’m like a brick wall made of jell-o!”

Jacob dribbled the ball down the field, but didn’t kick it at Lacey’s goal.

“It’s true, she really is like a brick wall made of jell-o,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Wait, wouldn’t that be a jell-o wall?” He paused to think. “Anyway, I needed to distract her to get her out of the goal.”

“Lacey, look,” Jacob said, pointing towards Nathaniel. “Nathaniel has a hamburger.”

“No I don’t,” Nathaniel said. Lacey barreled towards Nathaniel.

“Food!” she shouted. She wrestled Nathaniel to the ground. “Where is the hamburger?”

“I don’t have one!” Nathaniel screamed.

“Stop the madness!” Julio cried.

Jacob kicked the ball into Lacey’s goal. “Jacob wins immunity!” Nalyd announced. “Jacob, you have won a one in three chance at a million dollars. Okay, go back to camp.”

“So, Jacob,” Nathaniel said when the final four got back to camp. “You’re going to give me immunity.”

“Yeah, I promised,” Jacob said. “So who are we voting for?”

“Lacey,” Nathaniel said. “It’s a done deal. Lacey goes home tonight.”

“Am I really going to give Nathaniel immunity?” Jacob asked himself in the confessional. “Well, yeah, I made a promise. I’m a man of my word.” Jacob paused. “Can we edit that out? Niles said that in Amazon and then got voted off.”

Nathaniel brought Julio into the woods. “Listen, dude,” Nathaniel said. “Jacob is going to give me immunity tonight, and then we’re voting him off.”

“But he’s giving you immunity, why would you do something mean like that?” Julio asked.

“Because Jacob is too big of a threat to keep around,” Nathaniel said. “He’s the strongest person left. Go tell Lacey the plan, okay?”

Julio walked away from Nathaniel, but went to talk to Jacob instead. “Jacob, don’t give Nathaniel immunity,” Julio said.

“I have to,” Jacob said. “I made a promise. I need to keep it.”

“But he’s going to vote you off,” Julio said frantically. “If you want to stay in the game, you need to keep immunity.”

“I don’t know if I fully believe Julio,” Jacob said in the confessional. “He’s been known to be crafty when it comes to the voting.”

“Why didn’t anybody ask me who I wanted to vote for?” Lacey asked in the confessional. She burped, and then fell asleep.

The final four went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. “Bruno, George, Jocelyn, Ace, Elian, Lequisha, and Susan.” Nathaniel waved to Susan, but she turned her head. “Julio, how does it feel to have come this far?”

“Feels great, baby,” Julio said. “I think I have an amazing chance at winning. If I somehow get voted off tonight, I’ll be okay with it. I had a fabulous time.”

“Lacey, could it be you going home tonight, the last female standing?” Nalyd asked.

“Probably not,” Lacey answered. “I mean, I’ve gone all this way, and I’m going to win.”

“Pretty confident,” Nalyd commented.

“I had a vision of the future,” Lacey explained. “I got all the jury votes and won!”

“Um, okay,” Nalyd said. “Nathaniel, Jacob, I believe you two have a little bit of business to take care of before we begin. At last night’s Tribal Council, Jacob promised Nathaniel to give him immunity. Jacob, will you be giving Nathaniel your immunity, thus putting you up for elimination?”

Jacob looked at Nathaniel, then at Nalyd, then at Nathaniel, then at Lacey, then back at Nalyd. “I’m going to keep my immunity,” Jacob asked. Nathaniel’s eyes widened in shock.

“Alright,” Nalyd said. “Time to vote!”

Nathaniel voted for Lacey. “Only because a certain traitor is immune.”

Julio voted for Nathaniel. “This is for Lequisha.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box. “If anybody has a hidden immunity, last night was the last chance you could play it. Just sayin’.” He pulled a vote from the ballot box. “Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel nodded, a sad expression on his face.

“Lacey,” Nalyd said, pulling out another vote. “That’s one vote for Lacey, one vote for Nathaniel.”

“Who voted for me?” Lacey screamed, standing up. “Rawr!” She pushed Julio off of his seat. She then burped and sat back down.

“Nathaniel,” Nalyd said. “That’s two votes for Nathaniel, and one vote for Lacey. If this next vote is for Nathaniel, he goes home. If it’s for Lacey, we have a tie.”

The jury started to smile.

“The nineteenth person voted off of Total Drama All-Stars and the eighth member of our jury is... Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel stood up and brought Nalyd his torch. “Nathaniel, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed his torch. Nathaniel walked silently out of Tribal Council, with his head down.

As he rode away in the Safari Car of Losers, he said, “You know, every season is going to have that one guy who turns into an arrogant villain. I guess I’m kind of honored it was me.” He laughed. “So, where are we going anyway?”

“You’re going to live with the other jury members,” the driver answered.

“But they hate me,” Nathaniel gulped.

“Can you blame them?” the driver rolled his eyes.

“The final three,” Nalyd said. “Two great competitors and Lacey. All of you head back to camp.”

Chapter Twenty – “My integrity means more than a million dollars!”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; Lacey forced Julio into an alliance to go to the final two. Nathaniel and Jacob started to get on each others’ nerves when Nathaniel wouldn’t stop pestering Jacob. At the soccer challenge, the final four faced off two on two, and one on one. Jacob won immunity. Nathaniel planned to take immunity from Jacob and vote him off, but Jacob kept his immunity, and Nathaniel walked the Path of Shame. Three remain. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final three returned to their campsite.

“I knew I’d make it all the way to the end,” Lacey said in the confessional. “I’ve worked harder this season, I earned it. I’m a little concerned about my weight, though. What if I lost, like, ten pounds? I can’t risk that!” She picked an ant off the ground and ate it. She then fell asleep, and the ant crawled back out of her mouth.

“Oh my gosh,” Julio smiled in the confessional. “I’m in the final three! I’d like to thank Keyana, Jessica, Niles, George, Lequisha, and Susan! Also, Deb, I miss ya, baby! I’m gonna win it for both of us!”

“I can’t believe I’ve made it to the final three,” Jacob said in the confessional. “I guess I deserve it though. I’ve been through a lot this season. My girlfriend and I broke up. I’ve suffered several life threatening injuries, and my tube socks got all ruined.”

“What will I be remembered for?” Julio asked in the confessional. A flashback played of every time Julio has said, “baby.” “My great personality, baby!”

“What will I be remembered for?” Jacob asked in the confessional. A flashback played of Jacob flirting with Jocelyn, ranting about tube socks, and crying over Elian. “My boyish good looks.”

“What will I be remembered for?” Lacey yawned in the confessional. A flashback played of Lacey yawning, burping, farting, and falling asleep. “My-” Lacey collapsed, sound asleep, and then burped.

“I think that Julio’s my biggest competition to win,” Jacob said in the confessional. “The dude’s just so nice! He’s sweet, and caring, and he has the most amazing laugh…”

“I think I have as good a shot as anybody to win,” Julio said in the confessional. “I’d have Lequisha and Susan voting for me! The problem would be George, a lot of people were mad at me for tricking him.”

“I think I’ve got the win guaranteed,” Lacey said in the confessional. “Either of these guys would bring me to the end. I’ve got a lot of friends on the jury, I tell ya. And who wouldn’t vote for me to win? I’m adorable.” Lacey farted.

“If I win the challenge,” Jacob said in the confessional, “I think I’d vote off Julio. I think he was watching me sleep last night. Kind of creepy.”

“I think there was a bear in our hut last night,” Julio said in the confessional. “It was drooling all over the place, and kept smelling Jacob’s hair.”

“Jacob’s hair smells like man-sweat,” Lacey sighed happily in the confessional.

Julio was soundly asleep in his hut until he heard Jacob say, “Julio, are you sleeping?”

“Not any more,” Julio said annoyed.

“I think there’s somebody in our hut,” Jacob said. The two turned and saw a large figure standing over them. The figure burped, and fell asleep, landing between Jacob and Julio. Jacob and Julio slowly crawled out of their former hut.

The final three went to the challenge field. “Good morning, everyone,” Nalyd said. “You’ve made it to the final three. Now, for your final challenge, you will be doing dares from every contestant eliminated this season.”

“Bring it, Nalyd!” Lacey screamed at the top of her lungs.

“All three of you will have to do each dare,” Nalyd explained. “When you don’t want to do a dare, you’re out of the challenge. Last man standing wins immunity and a one in two shot at a million dollars.”

“Last man?” Lacey repeated.

“Well, yeah,” Nalyd said. “Three guys left.”

Lacey angrily muttered under her breath.

“The first dare comes from Dyl,” Nalyd said. “You’ve gotta tickle an angry polar bear.”

Bob the Leprechaun carried a cage with a rabid polar bear in it to the final three. “I’m doing this for Elian,” Jacob said confidently. He reached his hand in the cage and tickled the bear. The bear collapsed to the bottom of the cage laughing.

“Here we go,” Julio said. He tickled the bear quickly, and jumped back.

Lacey tickled the bear. “I didn’t know polar bears could laugh,” she shrugged.

“Next dare is from Veronica,” Nalyd said, reading from an index card. “Put your hand in a bucket of swamp slime, dead bugs, and other crud we found for thirty seconds.” Bob the Leprechaun gave each contestant a bucket. “Go.” They each put their hands in the buckets.

“I think something bit me,” Jacob said.

“Oh, this is so gross,” Julio whined.

“I’ve had grosses things come out of my nose,” Lacey rolled her eyes.

“Somehow I believe that,” Julio said.

“Time,” Nalyd said. “Congrats, you all move on. Keyana’s dare is to drink a smoothie of milk and cabbage.” Bob began blending the drinks.

“Doesn’t sound too bad,” Julio half-smiled.

Bob handed everyone a glass. “Bottoms up,” Nalyd smiled deviously.

Lacey chugged the glass quickly. “You got anything else?!”

“Yeah, like twenty more dares,” Nalyd said.

Jacob and Julio each slowly drank. “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever drank,” Julio said.

“This is gonna be a long challenge,” Nalyd rolled his eyes. “Cindy’s dare is to eat this traditional Amard dish.”

“What’s so bad about that?” Julio asked as each contestant was handed a covered plate.

“On Amard, they like to eat shellfish,” Nalyd said. “Not the meat, the shells!” Bob uncovered the plate, revealing three empty crab shells. “Bon appetite.”

Lacey stuffed the shell into her mouth and chewed it quickly. “Hit me again!” she shouted, after swallowing the shell.

Jacob and Julio slowly and gradually ate the fish-less shellfish. “Done,” the two said at the same time.

“Charles’ dare is to wear a beard of bees for thirty seconds,” Nalyd laughed. “You kids are wicked!”

Bob spread honey around each contestant’s mouths as Frank the Gnome unleased the bees. The bees swarmed around the contestants’ faces. “Don’t move,” Jacob whispered. “It will make them- Ouch! It stung me!” Jacob began jumping around. “Bees!” Lacey and Julio began to also be stung.

“Time,” Nalyd laughed. “You all move on. Hillary’s dare is to eat a live cockroach.” Each contestant was handed a cockroach by Frank the Gnome. Lacey, like previous dares, quickly swallowed the cockroach with a wide grin.

Jacobs lowly chewed the cockroach. “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done,” Jacob winced. He swallowed. “Done.”

Julio swallowed the cockroach, but had a terrified expression. “I… I think its coming back up, baby!” Julio ran to a bush and threw up behind it.

“Ooh, tough break,” Nalyd said. “Julio’s out!”

“No I’m not,” Julio said, offended. “I have a girlfriend!”

“I mean out of the challenge,” Nalyd rolled his eyes. “Anyway, this next dare comes from Greg. Be shot out of a cannon and into a pool of worms! Can you handle that?”

“Is there a cannon big enough for the land whale?” Bob the Leprechaun whispered to Nalyd, while pointing at Lacey. Nalyd shrugged.

Jacob and Lacey were both put into their cannons, and were ready to fire. Nalyd lit each fuse. “Three…. Two… One… Caboom!” Lacey and Jacob flew one hundred feet in the air, and crashed down into the pool of worms.

“They’re in my hair! They’re in my hair!” Jacob cried. The two crawled out of the pool.

“That was disgusting,” Lacey complained. “Coming from me, that means it’s really gross!”

“This next dare comes from Britanny,” Nalyd said. He read the dare and sighed. “Sit in the tub of worms for sixty seconds.”

“Oh come on!” Lacey and Jacob said at the same time. The two crawled back into the pool.

“Time starts… now,” Nalyd said, holding a stop watch.

“Lacey,” Jacob asked. “How are you being so calm about this?” Lacey didn’t reply. “Lacey?” Lacey snored. “Oh, you’re sleeping. Sorry.”

“Time!” Nalyd called. “Both of you are moving on, still. ‘The Rat’s’ dare is a good one! Run into a cage with a lion while wearing a piece of meat strapped to your face! You have to go all the way to the other end of the cage, touch the metal bars, and get out.”

Bob strapped meat to both Lacey and Jacob’s face. Lacey ate her piece of meat, so Bob put another piece on. “I have a bad feeling about this,” Jacob frowned.

“Go!” Nalyd said. The two moved quickly through the cage, and they could hear the lion roaring at them. They touched the wall of the cage at the same time.

“Lacies first,” Lacey said, pushing Jacob down on their way out. Lacey tried to run through the door, but got stuck. “Hey! I’m stuck!”

“What?” Jacob screamed. He could hear the lion moving towards them. Jacob pushed Lacey as hard as he could.

“You push like a girl!” Lacey shouted. Jacob stepped back, then ran forward and tackled Lacey. She rolled out of the cage. Jacob ran out, slamming the door behind him.

“That was a close one,” Nalyd laughed. “Niles’ dare is to put ice down your shirts.”

“Somebody say ice down their shirt?” a lone rapper asked.

Bob sprayed the rapper with a hose and said, “Get outta here, laddy! This ain’t no country f’r rapping!” The rapper sighed and returned to the jungle.

Lacey and Jacob each grabbed a handful of ice from buckets and put it down their respective shirts. Jacob began jumping and hollering, while Lacey just sat with a wide smile on her face. “So cold… So nice,” she smiled.

“Is there nothing these freaks won’t do?” Nalyd asked Bob.

“You know we’re right here, right?” Lacey asked.

“I am fully aware you’re right in front of me,” Nalyd said. “Jessica’s dare is to draw a unicorn. You know what, let’s skip that one. Bruno’s dare is to survive a stampede of angry walruses!”

Bob the Leprechaun carried over a cage filled with thirty walruses. “Wow, it looks like my last family reunion in there!” Lacey smiled.

Bob opened the cage, and Lacey and Jacob were swept away by the massive stampede of walruses. “You kids okay?” Nalyd asked when the walruses had left.

“I think so,” Jacob said.

“Well we have thirty more walruses coming!” Nalyd laughed manically. Thirty more walruses scurried across the field, trampling Jacob and Lacey. “Okay, you both survived, I think,” Nalyd said. “George’s dare is to eat a can of dog food!”

Frank handed Jacob and Lacey each an open can of dog food. Lacey smelled it. “Smells meaty,” she sighed. She inhaled the rest of the dog food. “Can I have seconds?”

“At what point do you draw the line?” Jacob asked in the confessional. “When do you just say, ‘My integrity means more than a million dollars! I will not do that dare!’?”

Jacob slowly ate the can of dog food. “I think there’s an eyeball in here,” Jacob gagged. He was able to eat all the food in the can.

“Only six dares left,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn’s dare is to wear lipstick for the rest of the challenge.” Jacob took the lipstick Bob was handing him, and started to put it on.

“Am I pretty?” Jacob asked.

“Not really,” Nalyd laughed.

“Lipstick,” Lacey yawned. “My one true weakness other than physical activity.” Lacey slowly applied the lipstick to her face. She then swallowed the rest of the lipstick.

“Ace’s dare,” Nalyd said. He looked at it and laughed. “Sit in a pool filled with snakes for ten seconds!” Nalyd pointed to the pool with worms, but the worms had been replaced with snakes. Jacob and Lacey each stepped in.

“Those aren’t poisonous snakes, are they?” Julio asked.

“I dunno,” Nalyd shrugged.

“These snakes slithering across my back feel like a vibrating chair,” Lacey yawned. “So relaxing.”

“Time,” Nalyd said. Jacob got out of the pool.

“Lacey, are you coming?” Jacob asked. Lacey was fast asleep.

“Elian’s dare,” Nalyd said, “is to do a push up.”

Jacob hopped onto the ground and did the push up. “Easy,” Jacob smiled.

“Lacey, you have three second,” Nalyd said. Lacey burped for three seconds. “Lacey is out. Jacob wins immunity!”

Jacob cheered. “Elian, I did that for you baby!” he shouted.

“Okay, tonight,” Nalyd said. “Jacob’s vote will decide who goes home. Go back to camp.”

The final three returned to their campsite.

“There’s a lot going through my head right now,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Lacey would be easy to beat in the final two, but Julio was a good friend yesterday when he told me not to give immunity to Nathaniel. Julio could win if I take him to the end. I don’t think Lacey really stands a chance against me. But would the jury think less of me for voting Lacey off?”

“I’ll make this quick, baby,” Julio said to Jacob. The three Surviving All-Stars sat around their fire pit. “You and I have been teammates since the very beginning; we were on the same team in Paradise almost two years ago, too. Remember when I saved you from being voted off back then? My point is, we’ve been friends for a long time and I think the jury will respect you for bringing me to the end.”

Lacey burped, and then said, “Bring him to the end, and I’ll make sure nobody votes for you. Bring me to the end, and you’ll win. It’s as simple as that.”

“Okay,” Jacob said. “I know what I have to do.”

The final three went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. “Bruno, George, Jocelyn, Ace, Elian, Lequisha, Susan, and Nathaniel.” Nathaniel glared at Jacob. “Okay, final three, tonight, Jacob is immune so you cannot vote for Jacob. Julio, go vote.”

Julio cast his vote. “Sorry, baby, but there really isn’t anybody else I can vote for.”

Lacey cast her vote. “I never liked you.”

Jacob cast his vote. “I feel like a total jerk right now after that whole speech you made. I’m so sorry, but I really want to win. Later, baby.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He grabbed the ballot box. “Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person with two votes tonight will be eliminated.” Nalyd took a vote from the box. “Julio.”

Julio looked at Lacey, who was asleep.

“Lacey,” Nalyd said. “That’s one vote for Lacey, and one vote for Julio.”

Jacob had a sad expression. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“The twentieth person voted out of Total Drama All-Stars and the ninth and final member of our jury is… Lacey.”

Lacey brought Nalyd her torch. “Lacey, the tribe has spoken.” He snuffed her torch.

“Wait a second,” Jacob said. “I voted for Julio.”

“I voted for Lacey,” Julio said.

“I voted for Lacey, too!” Lacey revealed. The jury gasped. “That’s right! Knowing that Jacob would vote Julio off, I voted myself off because I bet Julio can beat Jacob in the final vote.” Lacey picked Julio up by his collar. “Good luck, baby.” She kissed him passionately on the mouth. She put him down, and walked away. Lacey stood at the start of the Path of Shame. “Lacey out! Peace!” Lacey fell asleep, and rolled down the Path of Shame, and crashed into the Safari Car of Losers.

“My car!” the driver complained.

“Jacob and Julio, the final two,” Nalyd said. “I think tomorrow night promises to be the most dramatic Tribal Council ever. All of you, head back to camp.”

Finale – “The winner of Total Drama All-Stars is…”

Previously on Total Drama All-Stars; After an incredible season of blindsides, break-ups, betrayals, and burping, we were down to three; Jacob, Julio, and Lacey! After Jacob won the challenge, Lacey sacrificed herself to save Julio, but gave him a good-bye kiss. Lacey joined Bruno, George, Jocelyn, Ace, Elian, Lequisha, Susan, and Nathaniel, forming the All-Star jury. Jacob and Julio are about to go head to head for the million dollars. Who will win tonight?

Jacob carried Julio back to camp over his shoulder. “You okay little buddy?” Jacob asked. He carefully placed Julio on the ground, next to the fire pit.

Julio was stiff, and looked nauseous. “She kissed me,” Julio gagged. “Her lips taste like grease.”

“It’s okay,” Jacob said. He awkwardly patted Julio on his head. Jacob stared at his hand confused. “Dude, how did I get glitter on my hand?”

Julio shrugged, and shifted his eyes evilly.

“I’d like to thank the academy for getting me this far,” Jacob said in the confessional.

“I’d like to thank all of my friends for getting me here,” Julio said in the confessional. “George, Lequisha, Susan were all good friends of mine. It’s too bad they got eliminated. I’m a little bit scared of Jacob.”

“I had a confession to make,” Jacob sighed in the confessional. “I didn’t go to the academy. I went to Toronto High!” Jacob put his head in his hands and began crying. “Can you cut this part with me crying out?” The cameraman nodded. “Thanks, dude. Man, you have such nice editors! I’m glad they left out the confessional about that time that I accidentally kissed Elian’s twin brother after I mixed them up, and the confessional about sleeping with my teddy bear since I was fifteen years old.”

“Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to go home,” Julio said in the confessional. “Deb and I can go see the new Twilight movie! And I’m sure we can go on lots of romantic dates when I have the million dollars. We could go to see the Bieber Brothers from Montana concert! And we can go to the movies to see some foreign films! And then we can-”

“I’m going to try my hardest to win,” Jacob said in the confessional. “Sorry Julio, but I’ve gotta win, and you’ll want to get out of the road. I’m gonna throw you under the bus. At least, I would if I had any dirt on you.” Jacob looked around nervously then said, “That kid worries me. He’s been out here for almost three weeks, and he’s just as sparkly clean as the day he arrived!”

“My secret to making it this far was just being a good guy I guess,” Julio shrugged in the confessional. “I tried to be nice people, I let people confide in me, and I think that a lot of the jury members are my friends who trust me. Sorry, Jacob, but you’re going down, baby!” Julio looked around nervously then said, “I’m kind of glad this is the last time I’ll see Jacob on the island. He smells kinda funky.”

The following night, Jacob and Julio returned to Tribal Council. “Does it look like it’s going to rain?” Jacob asked as the two sat down in their seats. He pointed at a dark cloud in the sky.

“I think you’re right,” Julio frowned. “This better not rain on our parade.”

“Haha, I love parades,” Jacob smiled.

“Oh my gosh, I love parades too!” Julio smiled. “If I win I’ll totally be in a parade!”

“A-hem,” Nalyd coughed. “If you two are done, we’d like to get this party started.”

“I thought it was a parade,” Jacob said.

Nalyd rolled his eyes. He stood at his podium. “Congratulations, you two,” Nalyd said reluctantly. “You’ve beaten twenty of the greatest players who have ever played the game! Tonight, however, we’ll learn who is truly the all-stariest of the All-Stars. Before the jury enters-”

“Let us in already!” Jocelyn shouted. She and the rest of the jury members were crowded around the entrance to Tribal Council.

“Before the jury enters,” Nalyd continued, “We’ve got a little surprise for you! Now bringing in the members of your families!”

Julio’s mother walked in and hugged Julio tightly. “EEE!” she squealed. “My son’s in the final two! I’ve gotta call somebody about this!”

“You tell anybody, and we’ll sue you for everything you’re worth,” Nalyd smiled.

“Mom, where’s Deb?” Julio asked.

“It’s the darnest thing,” Julio’s mom said. “She was on her way to the airport on her motorcycle, but she got held up in some traffic and couldn’t make it.”

“Aw man,” Julio sighed. Julio’s mom took her seat, perpendicular to the final two seats and the jury section.

Jacob’s mother and father entered Tribal Council. “EEE!” Jacob squealed in excitement. He hugged them tightly and started crying. “You have no idea how difficult it is out here. Everyday this scary old guy who lives with his mother makes us do challenges and I almost died like ten times! But now we can go home right?”

“You still have to talk to the jury,” Nalyd said, annoyed.

“Oh,” Jacob blushed.

“Let us in!” Jocelyn complained.

“What’s the big deal?” Nalyd asked.

“There are lions coming this way!” Nathaniel explained.

“Fine,” Nalyd said. He cleared his throat. “Now bringing in the members of our jury. Bruno, George, Jocelyn, Ace, Elian, Lequisha, Susan, Nathaniel, and Lacey.” The jury members dashed into their seats. “Tonight, you can approach these two and ask them whatever you want. After that, you will vote for who you want to win the million dollar grand prize. Bruno, you’re up first.”

Bruno stood up and walked towards Jacob and Julio. “First,” Bruno said. “I’d like to make it clear that you two are an awful final two. I’d like to address how really neither of you deserve it. Both of you would come in here like zombies and voting off whomever he told you to.” Bruno pointed at Nathaniel. “What I want to know is what did you do on your own, wear you weren’t following Nathaniel around?”

“It was my idea to vote him off,” Julio answered. “I knew that if Jacob gave Nathaniel immunity, then Jacob would be voted off. So I went behind Nathaniel’s back.”

“It just seems,” Bruno said, “that you were handed a spot here. Sure, sometimes you didn’t vote with Nathaniel, but that didn’t help you. Who he wanted to go still went. Jacob, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I didn’t always vote with him,” Jacob shrugged. “Sometimes I voted myself off. Sometimes I voted for Elian.”

“You have the same issue Julio has,” Bruno rolled his eyes. “But you’re worse. You don’t even vote to try to help yourself. I’m being serious; are you unstable? Because really, you seem like you need help. A person who votes themselves off is either sacrificing themselves, or is an idiot. Guess which one you are.” Jacob frowned. “Okay, I’m done. Good luck, you’ll need it.” Bruno took his seat.

“Well, look who got a personality,” Nalyd smiled. “George, your turn.”

George stood up and stepped forward. “Hey guys,” George smiled. “Congratulations on making it to the final two. I have a question for each of you. Julio, dude, you lied to me the night I got eliminated. You told me to vote off Lacey, you said she’d be gone.”

“I know,” Julio said. “I am so sorry for allowing you to be blindsided. I will say that I didn’t cause it, but I didn’t try to stop it. I think the worst thing I’ve done this game was lying to you, George.”

“You’re dang right it was,” George said.

“Wait, listen,” Julio said. “I didn’t turn around and vote you off that night. I stuck with you to the bitter end. I put my own neck on the line and didn’t vote with the alliance.”

“And you think that’s enough to get my vote?” George asked.

“Yes,” Julio said. “I didn’t abandon you.”

“Good luck, Julio,” George chuckled. “Jacob, I just have a simple request for you. Please patch things up with Elian, man. You two were made for each other. Trust me, this is coming from a guy,” he turned around and looked at Lequisha, “who thought he’d never find love.” He looked back at Jacob and Julio. “That’s all.” He sat back down.

“Thank you for that,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn, it’s your turn.”

Jocelyn stood up and strutted towards the final two. Elian glared at Jocelyn. “I’d like to make this clear,” Jocelyn said. “I have no reason to feel happy for either of you. I’ve made it to the final two, it’s, like, so easy.” She rolled her eyes. “Anyway, I want you two to play something I like to call the blame game. What did the other one do wrong that makes them unworthy of getting my vote?”

“I think that it’s safe to say,” Julio said, “that we both played the game similarly, so the only thing I can think of that Jacob did that I didn’t was be disloyal to his girlfriend.” Julio looked at Elian and said, “I mean, that’s a pretty good reason not to vote for him. And his sense in fashion. I mean, is he about to run a marathon or something?”

“You’re one to talk,” Jacob rolled his eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Julio asked.

“You may be right about my fashion sense or whatever,” Jacob said, “but you made out with Lacey!”

“She kissed me!” Julio exclaimed.

“We’re soul-mates!” Lacey stood up and shouted. She fell asleep, and fell back onto her seat.

“I keep telling you guys I have a girlfriend!” Julio shouted. “Why don’t you guys believe me?” Jocelyn rolled her eyes. “Look guys, I love Deb! I have no feelings for Lacey.”

“Sure, why not,” Jocelyn shrugged. “Thanks for really giving me nothing to work with. I guess I’ll make up my mind later. Julio, get your act together or you’re gonna lose. Jacob, you’re hot, don’t worry too much.” Jocelyn sat down in her seat.

“I’m onto Jocelyn,” Jacob said in the confessional. “She was obviously using reverse astrology! She told me not to worry, so I should start worrying.”

“I’m not sure if I should believe Jocelyn,” Julio said in the confessional. “Sure she’s a villain, but she won too. I’ll have to step up my game. This is no time to back down! I’m gonna win or die trying!” Julio paused. “Or at least lose trying.”

“Thank you, Jocelyn,” Nalyd said. “Not for the question, but just being vicious and hot as ever.”

“I try,” Jocelyn smiled.

“Ace, your turn,” Nalyd said.

Ace stood before the final two. “Congrats to both of you,” Ace said. “As both of you know, in this game we have to make a lot of risks and stupid mistakes to get far. Some of us make stupid mistakes like cheating on your girlfriends, and others make stupid mistakes like following a harpy without question. Stupid mistakes like believing this game is going to be played honestly, with honor and pride.” Ace sighed. “I like to think that even when this game has so many liars and sneaks,” he turned and looked at Nathaniel and Jocelyn, then back at Julio, “there is still a beacon of hope. Julio, you represent the only people in this game who have a shred of dignity left. But, in case you two feel bad about something, I’d like to hear about it now.”

“I’ll go first,” Julio said. “Unfortunately, the game does need to be played with lies. I did lie sometimes. I lied when I told George he’d be safe, and I told Lequisha I’d stick with her. Bruno and George were the first ones voted out in the jury, only because they were threats, and I feel so shallow for voting them off. Same with Elian, voting somebody off for being a threat just isn’t cool. I know that I feel guilty about a lot of things I did in this game, but I can’t say I regret it.”

Ace nodded. “Noble words, and I think your past actions help back them up,” Ace said. “Jacob?”

“Of course I feel guilty about stuff,” Jacob shrugged. “I mean, I ruined my relationship with Elian, which was awful. If I could go back I’d change that and make sure she knew how much I cared about her. Losing Elian was my biggest downfall this game.”

“Thank you,” Ace smiled. He bowed, and sat down.

“Elian,” Nalyd said. “It’s your turn.”

Elian stood up and stepped forward. She took a deep breath, and said, “Well done, Jacob and Julio. I don’t think there could have been a final two. I don’t really have a question for you guys, I was on paradise with you two, and we were on the same team this season. Julio, you’re a good, honest, kind-hearted kid. Jacob, you’ve been kind of a jerk to me. You were forgetful, thoughtless, and didn’t care about me. I think that we can move past that as a couple and get back together, but at the same time, I think Julio played the better game. Sorry, Jacob, but I’m going to vote for Julio.”

“No, don’t vote for me Elian,” Julio said. “I want you to vote for Jacob. It could cost me the win, but if I’ve learned anything in this game, it’s that you need to look at for your friends first. I’d rather you two stay a happy couple than I win a million dollars.”

Elian nodded. “Okay,” she laughed. “I’ll vote for Jacob. Congratulations guys.” She sat down.

Thunder boomed in the distance. “Well, with that,” Nalyd said. “It’s time to vote!”

“We didn’t get to ask questions!” Lequisha protested.

“What else do you guys have to hear?” Nalyd asked. “Julio doesn’t even wanna win! Whatever. Lequisha, you’re up. And you better be done before it starts raining.”

Lequisha rose and smiled at the final two. “I am so proud of the both of you for doing so well in the game,” Lequisha said. “I don’t have a question either, but I would like to say that I’m supporting Julio.”

“Thank you,” Julio beamed.

“I’d like to encourage everyone to vote for Julio to win, too,” Lequisha said, turning to look at the jury. “He’s a good guy; he’s got his heart in the right place.”

“I knew a guy whose heart wasn’t in the right place,” Jacob said in the confessional. He pointed to his neck. “It was so weird, every time he opened his mouth, you could hear his heartbeat.”

“Sorry, Jacob,” Lequisha said.

“It’s cool,” Jacob shrugged

“That’s all,” Lequisha said. She sat back in her seat.

“Three left,” Nalyd said, looking at the sky. “Looks like its gonna rain, guys, let’s hurry this up! Do the rest of you have questions?”

“I prepared an emotional speech about how I’m struggling on deciding who to vote for,” Susan said.

“Nathaniel, you’re up,” Nalyd said. Susan gasped and frowned. “Just kidding. Get on up there.”

“Thank you,” Susan smiled. She stood up.

“But you better come up with a good question,” Nalyd said, glaring at her.

“Um, okay,” Susan said. “First of all, I really don’t know who to vote for, so I guess I’ll make my decision based on your answers to my question. With a million dollars, you can do a lot. I was going to donate every cent of the million dollars to charities. We’re at a crucial point I our lives, we’re young adults. I want to know how you’ll use the money to help with your futures.”

“I’ll use some of the money for college,” Julio said, “but I think my life’s calling has always been to go into fashion design. So I’ll use what’s left over from college to get that started.”

“I think it would be cool to buy s gym,” Jacob said. “That way I can get pumped before I join the super bowl. Also, I think I’d get some candy because in the future I’m gonna want candy.”

Susan giggled. “Okay, thanks guys,” she said, and sat down.

“Waste of time,” Jocelyn said, rolling her eyes.

“Nathaniel, you’re up,” Nalyd said.

Nathaniel smirked and stood up. “Jacob,” Nathaniel said. “My question is a simple one. What happened the night I was voted out?”

“Well, I won immunity,” Jacob explained. “And like the promise I made to you, I was supposed to give you immunity. Little did I know, you were planning to vote me off once I did that!”

“How did you find out?” Nathaniel asked.

“Julio told me,” Jacob admitted quickly.

“Thanks for throwing me under the bus, pal,” Julio muttered.

“Julio told me your plan, so I kept immunity for myself,” Jacob said.

“Okay,” Nathaniel said. “That’s all I need to know. Thank you for your time.” Nathaniel sat down.

“Well then,” Nalyd said. “Last and certainly not least when it comes to weight; Lacey.”

Lacey stood up, approached the final two, and plopped onto the ground in front of them. She yawned loudly, and said, “I don’t have a question, but I have an emotional speech prepared.”

“Proceed,” Nalyd smiled deviously.

“Why couldn’t I give a speech?” Susan complained.

“Lacey is much more interesting than you,” Nalyd explained. “Besides, she’ll fall asleep half-way through it anyway.”

“If I had not voted myself out last night, I would be sitting in the final two instead of Julio,” Lacey said. She jumped to her feet.

“I didn’t know Lacey could jump,” Julio said in the confessional.

Lacey paced back and forth and continued, “I knew that in the final two, I wouldn’t have a shot at the million and Jacob would automatically win! However, to save Julio and give him a shot at the million, I voted myself off!”

“We know, Lacey, we were there,” Nalyd sighed.

“Julio, my sweet baboo,” Lacey said. She squeezed Julio’s head tightly.

“Lacey, I can’t breath,” Julio shouted. His face was mushed against her shoulder. “And I am not your sweet baboo! I have a girlfriend!”

Lacey picked Julio’s head up and kissed him on the lips. “Here’s looking at you, kid,” she said, and took her seat in the jury.

“I’m gonna be sick,” Julio said weakly.

The other jury members looked at Lacey confused. “What was that?” Jocelyn blurted out.

“The weirdest jury moment I’ve ever seen,” Nalyd said. Rain started pouring on Tribal Council. The wind howled. “Well, with that, it’s time to vote,” Nalyd said quickly. “Remember, you vote for who you want to win. Lacey, since we all know who you’re voting for anyway, you can vote first.”

Lacey voted for Julio. “Love ya, baby!”

Elian voted for Jacob. “You voted for me in Paradise, and it feels great to return the favor.”

Lequisha voted for Julio. “You’re an amazing friend. You’ve earned every cent of the million dollars.”

Nathaniel voted for Julio. “As far as I’m concerned, the winner is who played the game best. You didn’t play the best game, but Jacob played a worse one.”

Jocelyn voted for Jacob. “It was a tough call, but the way I see it you may break up with Elian, then we can go out and be a millionaire couple!”

Ace voted for Jacob. “You have learned so much from this game. I think that you’ve become more mature, and have learned from your mistakes. Congratulations.”

Susan cast her vote. “Spend it wisely!”

Bruno cast his vote. “You winning would make up for playing in this awful game twice.”

George cast his vote. “Casting this vote was almost impossible. But, I did it, and now it’s over.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He took the ballot box, and put it on his podium. “Once the votes have been read, the decision is made and the winner will be awarded one million dollars.” He took the lid off the ballot box. The wind whipped through Tribal Council, blowing the votes out of the box.

“Oh no!” Julio exclaimed.

“Oh no!” Jacob cried.

“Oh yeah!” Lacey shouted.

The votes landed on the floor of Tribal Council, and Nalyd picked them up quickly, stuffing them back into the ballot box. “Sorry about that,” Nalyd said. “Time to read the votes.” Nalyd pulled a vote from the ballot box. “Jacob.”

“I won!” Jacob shouted.

“No you didn’t,” Nalyd said. “That was just one vote. Anyway, the next vote is for,” he pulled another vote from the ballot box, “Julio. That’s one vote for Julio and one vote for Jacob.”

“That was my vote!” Lacey shrieked.

“I could tell from the hearts all over it,” Julio rolled his eyes.

“Jacob,” Nalyd said, pulling another vote from the ballot box. “Julio. That’s two votes for Jacob and two for Julio.”

“I’m so nervous,” Julio said to Jacob. “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach!”

“Me too,” Jacob said, “but mostly because I ate two caterpillars the first day we were out here.”

Nalyd pulled the fifth vote from the ballot box. “Julio. That’s two votes for Jacob and three votes for Julio. Four votes left.”

The jury members looked at each other nervously.

“Jacob,” Nalyd read the sixth vote. “That’s three votes for Jacob, three votes for Julio, and three votes left to determine the winner.”

Julio’s mother and Jacob’s parents smiled at the final two.

“Jacob,” Nalyd said. He took another vote from the ballot box. “Julio. That’s four votes for Jacob, and four votes for Julio. This last vote will determine it.”

Jacob and Julio looked at each other nervously. Jacob covered his eyes with his hands, and Julio crossed his fingers.

“The winner of Total Drama All-Stars is…” Nalyd reached into the ballot box.

“Uh oh,” he said. Nalyd moved his hand around in the ballot box, and looked inside it. “Where’s the final vote?!”

The jury gasped. “What do you mean you lost the final vote?!” Jocelyn shrieked.

“It’s over there!” Susan gasped. She pointed to the entrance to Tribal Council. The vote was face down.

“Wow, that was close,” Nalyd smiled. A low growl was heard from outside Tribal Council.

“The lions are back,” Nathaniel whispered.

A lion appeared at the entrance to Tribal Council, and slowly crept in. It sniffed the vote, and began to claw it to shreds. The lion let out another mighty roar, and charged away from Tribal Council. “Did anybody see any of the letters on that vote?” Nalyd asked.

“I saw a ‘J,’” Jacob said.

“I saw an ‘O,’” Julio said.

“Great, that’s so helpful,” Nalyd said sarcastically. “Now we have to do the whole season over again!”

“Wait!” Ace interrupted. “What if we just see whose vote wasn’t read, and that person votes again?”

“I knew there was a reason we brought you back!” Nalyd exclaimed. “Okay, whose vote wasn’t read?”

“You didn’t read my vote,” George raised his hand.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “George, go vote again.” Nalyd handed George a piece of paper and a pen. George quickly wrote down a name. He handed the vote back to Nalyd. “Thank you,” Nalyd said. He put the vote back in the ballot box. “Ready?”

“Yes,” Jacob and Julio said in unison.

Nalyd smirked and opened the vote.

“The winner of Total Drama All-Stars is…”


“EEE!” Julio jumped out of his seat. “Oh my gosh I won!”

“Yeah, Julio!” Jacob cheered. George lifted Julio up on his shoulders.

“Way to go,” Susan clapped.

“My son is a millionaire!” Julio’s mother shrieked. George put Julio back on the ground. Julio’s mother ran up to Julio and hugged him. “I’m so proud of you!” she said, tears of joy rolling down her face.

“Thank you guys so much,” Julio said. He cried as he hugged Susan, George, and Lequisha.

“Group hug!” Lacey shouted. She pulled Julio away from Susan, George, and Lequisha and squeezed him tightly.

“You okay?” Elian asked Jacob.

“Are you kidding me?” Jacob asked. He put his arm around her shoulder and said, “I’ve got you, I don’t need the million dollars.” Elian kissed Jacob on the forehead and smiled at him.

“I can’t believe I won!” Julio said excitedly. “Thank you guys!”

“You’re welcome,” Jocelyn smiled.

“You didn’t vote for him,” Ace said.

“Shut up,” Jocelyn said, glaring at Ace.

“Congratulations to Julio for winning Total Drama All-Stars and the million dollar check,” Nalyd said. “Thank you all for watching and we’ll see you next season when we take twelve contestants to new exciting locations!”

Bonus Material


The Game

Chapter Immunity Eliminated Vote
Chapter One Vanquishing Zebras Dyl 6-5
Chapter Two Vanquishing Zebras Veronica 9-1
Chapter Three Striving Lions Keyana 9-2
Chapter Four Striving Lions Ace 6-4
Chapter Five Vanquishing Zebras Cindy 1-0
Chapter Six Striving Lions Charles 2-0
Chapter Seven Striving Lions Hillary 7-1
Chapter Eight Vanquishing Zebras Greg 3-0
Chapter Nine Striving Lions Britanny 4-3
Chapter Ten Vanquishing Zebras "The Rat" 6-1
Chapter Eleven Niles Susan Niles 7-5
Chapter Twelve Julio Jessica 4-3-2-2
Chapter Thirteen None Bruno 6-5
Chapter Fourteen Ace, Jocelyn George 5-4-1
Chapter Fifteen Julio, Lequisha Jocelyn 5-4
Ace Quit
Chapter Sixteen Jacob Elian 4-3
Chapter Seventeen Susan Lequisha 5-1
Chapter Eighteen Jacob Susan 2-0
Chapter Nineteen Jacob Nathaniel 3-1
Chapter Twenty Jacob Lacey 2-1
Finale Jury Vote Jacob 5-4

Voting History

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Jury vote
Julio Hillary Ace Jessica Hillary Britanny Jocelyn Lacey Bruno Lacey Elian Elian Lequisha Lacey Nathaniel Lacey Winner
Jacob Keyana Ace Jessica Hillary Britanny Jocelyn Jacob Bruno George Elian Elian Lequisha Lacey Nathaniel Julio Runner-up
Lacey Dyl Veronica "The Rat" "The Rat" "The Rat" Niles Jacob Elian Julio Jocelyn Elian Lequisha Susan Nathaniel Lacey Julio
NathanielC2 Keyana Ace Jessica Hillary Elian Niles Bruno Bruno George Jocelyn Lequisha Lequisha Susan Lacey Julio
Susan "The Rat" Veronica "The Rat" "The Rat" "The Rat" Jocelyn Jessica Elian George Jocelyn Lequisha Lequisha Lacey Julio
LequishaC2 "The Rat" Veronica "The Rat" "The Rat" "The Rat" Niles Jessica Elian Lacey Jocelyn Elian Nathaniel Julio
Elian Keyana Jessica Jessica Hillary Britanny Niles Jessica Bruno George Jocelyn Lequisha Jacob
Ace Keyana Jessica Bruno Lacey Elian Jacob
Jocelyn Dyl Veronica "The Rat" "The Rat" "The Rat" Niles Bruno Bruno George Elian Jacob
George "The Rat" Veronica "The Rat" Greg "The Rat" Niles Jessica Elian Lacey Julio
Bruno Dyl Veronica "The Rat" Greg "The Rat" Niles Lacey Elian Jacob
Jessica Keyana Ace Charles Hillary Elian Jocelyn Bruno
Niles Keyana Ace Jessica Hillary Elian Jocelyn
"The Rat" Dyl Veronica Cindy Greg Lequisha
Britanny Keyana Ace Jessica Hillary Britanny
Greg "The Rat" Veronica "The Rat" "The Rat"
HillaryC1 Keyana Jessica Jessica Niles
Charles Keyana Jessica Charles
Cindy Dyl Veronica "The Rat"
Keyana Hillary
Veronica Dyl Susan
DylC1 "The Rat"
  • C1This person was the original captain for their team.
  • C2This person was the second captain for their team.
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