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The epic third story in the Nalyd Renrut series! Twenty-two new contestants, four tribes, one Amazon!



Nalyd, the amazing host

Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome, as Nalyd's unfaithful assistants.


Contestant History

Contestant Original Teams Gender Teams Merged Team Finish Total Votes
The Player
First Voted Out1 9
The Lazy Slob
Second Voted Out1 6
The Spanish Girl
Charging Jaguars Third Voted Out 4
The Prankster
Soaring Tree Frogs Fourth Voted Out 5
The Accident Prone Girl
Rampaging Piranhas Fifth Voted Out 6
The Social-Flopper
Screeching Monkeys Sixth Voted Out 3
The Quiet Girl
Rampaging Piranhas Battling Females Seventh Voted Out 5
The Know-It-All
Soaring Tree Frogs Battling Females Eighth Voted Out 4
The Awkward Girl
Screeching Monkeys Battling Females Ninth Voted Out 3
The Upper-Class Nerd
Soaring Tree Frogs Alpha Males Tenth Voted Out 5
The Music Lover
Screeching Monkeys Alpha Males Eleventh Voted Out 2
The Pyromaniac
Rampaging Piranhas Battling Females Twelfth Voted Out 2
The Strong Guy
Screeching Monkeys Alpha Males Thirteenth Voted Out 8
The Video-Gamer
Screeching Monkeys Alpha Males Fourteenth Voted Out
First Jury Member
The Arrogant Jerk
Rampaging Piranhas Alpha Males Outlasting Warriors Fifteenth Voted Out
Second Jury Member
The Player
None None Sixteenth Voted Out
Third Jury Member
The Pyromaniac
Soaring Tree Frogs Battling Females Seventeenth Voted Out
Fourth Jury Member
The Lazy Slob
None None Eighteenth Voted Out
Fifth Jury Member
The Adventurer
Soaring Tree Frogs Alpha Males Nineteenth Voted Out
Sixth Jury Member
The Farm Boy
Charging Jaguars Alpha Males Twentieth Voted Out
Seventh Jury Member
The Bossy Perfectionist
Rampaging Piranhas Battling Females Twenty-First Voted Out
Eighth Jury Member
The Nice Girl
Charging Jaguars Battling Females Twenty-Second Voted Out
Ninth Jury Member
The Rich Germaphobe
Charging Jaguars Alpha Males Runner-Up 5
The Hot Girl
Charging Jaguars Battling Females Winner 10

1:Ed and Lacey were voted out, but returned in chapter thirteen.
2: This number does not include the number of votes Ed and Lacey received before they returned.


Chapter One - “Welcome to Total Drama Amazon!”

Fifty people stood in the airport in Mexico City, Mexico. The people stood there with the same goal in mind; getting their luggage. One by one they grabbed their suitcases. After thirty minutes, only twenty-two teenagers remained.

“I didn’t see any bags coming out,” James said in the confessional. The airport’s confessional was a small corner of a gift shop. “I also saw these other kids around me. I knew I was going to the Amazon, but I didn’t know about the rest.”

“There was a large fellow hitting on the girls,” Niles said in the confessional. He was referring to Ed. “All of the girls got very angry with him for it, but he didn’t notice.”

Ed walked over to Mariana who was sitting on a bench, waiting patiently for her luggage. “Hey,” Ed said, “are you Jamaican? ’Cause you’re Ja-making me crazy.”

“Estúpido,” Mariana said slapping Ed.

“Ed es un tirón. ¡Yo lo odio!” Mariana complained in the confessional.

“I can’t understand Mariana,” Jocelyn explained awkwardly in the confessional. “Also, Ed is a jerk. He wouldn’t hit on me at all! Not cool, Ed. Not cool.”

Lacey sat on a bench and scratched her back. She proceeded to lie down and fall asleep. Ed looked at Lacey, disgusted.

“Even I wouldn’t hit on Lacey,” Ed said in the confessional, laughing.

Will flipped channels on the television. He went past several new channels, a sports channel, and a music channel.

“No!” Elvis shouted when Will passed the music channel. “Go back! I need music! They wouldn’t let me take my iPod on the plane.”

Will turned the channel back. “Freak,” Will commented while walking away. Elvis clings to the television.

“Hello,” Frasier said to Niles.

“Salutations,” Niles replied, “How are you?”

Before Frasier could reply, Audrey cut in. “Wow! They are like twins!” she exclaimed. They stared at her in confusion, and she walked away awkwardly. Ed approached her, and she immediately slapped him.

Jess read her book peacefully, until Betty sat next to her. “Hi,” Jess said waving. Betty waved back. “How’s it going?” Betty smiled and gave Jess a thumbs-up. “Don’t you talk?” Betty shook her head. “Oh,” Jess said awkwardly. She moved away from Betty.

“Oh my gosh, that’s gross!” Hillary screamed.

“What’s wrong?” Ace asked, running to her aid.

“Lacey is drooling!” Hillary explained.

“That’s nasty,” Frasier said gagging.

Nathaniel was helping Spazz up, after she had fallen. “Are you okay?” Nathaniel asked.

“Yeah, thanks,” Spazz said. “I owe you one.”

“Really?” Nathaniel asked. “How about we vote together, like an alliance?”

“Sure,” Spazz replied. Nathaniel got her back into her chair and walked away, smiling evilly.

“Okay, I have something big to confess,” Susan said in the confessional happily, “I’ve only known him for a few minutes, and I haven’t talked to him yet, but I think Niles is really cute! He’s sort of pale and scrawny, but he’s got a good heart. I can tell.”

“Ed hit on pretty much all the girls,” Nathaniel said in the confessional, “so they are all pretty sick of him. Except Lacey, who hasn’t woken up yet, and Jocelyn who I think he is afraid of."

Bozo juggled chocolate bars from the gift shop as Fuega lit them on fire. “This is awesome!” Fuega said as she threw another chocolate bar to Bozo.

“I know, you rule!” Bozo laughed. An airport security guard walked over to them and sprayed them with the fire extinguisher.

Bulldog walked over to Bruno and Rocky who were ensued in an epic arm-wrestling match. “Wow, moving another person’s hand,” Bulldog said slyly, “You’re so cool.”

“What do you mean?” Rocky asked while trying to push Bruno’s hand down.

“Try lifting that chair,” Bulldog said pointing to a chair in the distance. Rocky picked it up and the chair broke in his hands.

“Hey!” Rocky shouted.

“Not funny,” Bruno said folding his arms.

Bulldog fell on the floor laughing. “It was to me!” he said.

The teens gathered around the baggage claim conveyor belt as they saw it turn on again. No planes had come in, and only one suitcase came in on the conveyor belt. Everyone looked at each other. Ace stepped forward and opened it up. A man jumped out of the case. “It’s about time! I couldn’t breathe in there!” he shouted. He looked at everyone staring at him awkwardly. “I am Nalyd. I am your host. Welcome to Total Drama Amazon! Now, time to get down to business.” Nalyd stepped onto the ground and all the contestants sat in the various seats and benches. “Now, there is a reason why you all had to wait here for a while. We needed you to form first impressions, because it’s time to vote! Two people will be voted off without even going to the Amazon! You can’t talk to each other before hand, and must use your own opinions. Nobody is safe. One at a time, you will cast your votes and put them into the suitcase I was in.” Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome handed paper and pencils to each contestant. One by one they put their votes into the case.

“Okay, ready to find out who won’t get a team, won’t get a chance at the million, and won’t get a prepaid ride home?” Everyone nods cautiously. “Okay, here are the votes. Ed, ‘Bulldog,’ Ed, Lacey, Hillary, Lacey, Ed, Ed, ‘Spazz,’ ‘Spazz,’ Ed, Lacey, Lacey, ‘Bulldog,’ Ed, ‘Spazz,’ Ed, Ed, Ed, Lacey, Niles, and Lacey. Okay, so with nine votes, Ed is out. Also, with six votes, Lacey is out.”

Lacey fell over, back to sleep.

“Oh, whatever!” Ed shouted. He followed the two interns carrying Lacey away.

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “Now let’s get on the plane!”

Five hours later, the plane landed in the heart of the Amazon. When everybody got off, Nalyd began splitting them into four tribes. “Everyday the four tribes will come back to this clearing for a challenge,” Nalyd explained. “Okay and the four tribes will be the Charging Jaguars, the Soaring Tree Frogs, the Screeching Monkeys, and the Rampaging Piranhas. The Charging Jaguars will be Niles, Susan, Jocelyn, Mariana, and James.” Nalyd tossed James crimson colored flag.

“Thank you kindly, sir,” James said, grouping together with his four new teammates.

“The Soaring Tree Frogs are ‘Bulldog,’ Frasier, Ace, Bozo, and Jess,” Nalyd said giving Ace a teal flag.

“Excellent,” Ace said sarcastically looking at the four people approaching him.

“The Screeching Monkeys are Bruno, Nathaniel, Audrey, Will, and Elvis,” Nalyd said tossing a sand colored flag to Audrey.

“Wow, a team with all boys!” Audrey said. “I mean, I’m not a boy. I am teammates with all boys.” She smacked her own forehead as Will and Nathaniel laughed.

“So the rest of you, Rocky, Fuega, Hillary, Betty, and ‘Spazz,’ are the Rampaging Piranhas!” Nalyd said giving Hillary a coral colored flag.

“I carry this flag with honor!” Hillary said. Rocky looked at her and rolled his eyes.

“Now it is time for the first challenge,” Nalyd said, “That’s right. We are having three people go home today! Today’s challenge is to build a fire!”

“Excuse me, Nalyd,” Elvis said, “I’m sorry, but when do we get our luggage? I need my iPod!”

“Sorry, Elvis,” Nalyd replied, “You get it when you get voted out! Anyway, the three teams who can successfully burn three-foot pieces of rope first win. The first one done gets an improved starting hut.” The four tribes gathered their materials and got to the ends of the ropes. “Go!”

Fuega immediately started using the flint and rock to light the rope on fire. “Where did you learn to do this?” Hillary asked.

“I was the girl scout who wasn’t off selling cookies,” Fuega replied simply.

Ace was the fire-starter for his team. “Trust me guys,” he said, “I’ve lit fires with my eyes closed, hanging upside-down by my ankle, and surrounded by natives with spears.”

“Really?” Frasier asked.

“No,” Ace said as he continued with the flint, “I was hanging by a toe, but I didn’t want to sound like a show-off.”

James was struggling with a fire. “Is something wrong?” Niles asked.

“Yeah, I can’t start the fire,” James explained.

“Oh, well I could give it a try,” Niles said. He got onto his knees, although he puts a handkerchief on the ground to kneel on first. He hit the flint together and got a spark. The spark flew onto his jacket, which caught on fire. “Help!” he shouted.

“Niles!” Jocelyn said, “Roll on the rope!”

“No!” Susan stopped him. “Take the jacket off!”

“But it’s new!” Niles whined. James ripped the jacket off of him and stomped it out.

“Somebody do something!” Will shouted at his team. “The other teams are way ahead of us!”

“Look!” Audrey shouted, pointing at Niles’ jacket. “It’s flaming!” She looked at her teammates, realizing she once again said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

“She’s right,” Bruno said. “It’s still on fire; a little.” Nathaniel grabbed the jacket and put the burning part to the rope.

“¡Gran! ¡Justo gran! ¡Ahora somos los perdiendo!” Mariana complained.

“What did she say?” Jocelyn asked.

“I speak French,” Niles said, “I think she said something along the lines of ‘Big! Big juice! Hours some the predicament.’ Wait, that’s not right.”

“Guys look!” James said worriedly. The Charging Cougars looked as the other teams won, with the Rampaging Piranhas coming in first.

Nalyd walked over to the Charging Cougars. “You guys have come in last place today, which means it is time to go back to camp. Later, come by tribal council.” Nalyd walked over to the Rampaging Piranhas. “You five have won first place, which means when you get to your campsite you will have a cabin. The rest of you will have poorly built huts. Maps to your campsites are on the back of your flags. Go back to camp!”

At the Charging Cougars campsite, Niles grieved the loss of his jacket. “It was new, too!” he said crying. Susan sat next to Niles as he leaned on her shoulder.

“Niles, usted nos cuesta el desafío. Digo que votamos para Niles, usted tipos,” Mariana said.

“I’m sorry, but I think we should vote for Mariana,” James said.

“¿Espera, qué?” Mariana asked worriedly.

“I just can’t understand her,” James shrugged.

“Good communication is what we need,” Jocelyn said.

“I’ll vote with you Jocelyn,” Niles said, as if mesmerized by Jocelyn’s beauty.

“I think this Niles guy seems like a little bit of a nerd,” James said in the confessional. “I don’t know how well I’m going to get along with the city slicker, but I will give it an honest try.”

At tribal council, Nalyd gave everyone a staff. “This is tribal council,” Nalyd said, “This is where, every night, you will watch one of your own leave the game for forever. It’s time to vote. Susan, you are up.”

Susan voted for Mariana. “No hablo español, or something like that.”

Mariana voted for Niles. “Voto para Niles. Eres estupido.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said after everyone voted. “Once the votes have been read, the decision is made. One of you will have to leave the tribal council area immediately. Mariana, Niles, Mariana. That is two votes for Mariana, and one vote for Niles. The third person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is Mariana.”

“¿Pero por qué?” Mariana asked as she brought Nalyd her torch. Nalyd snuffed her torch.

“Mariana,” he said, “the tribe has spoken.” Mariana walked away from tribal council, down a dirt path leading to a bus.

“Cualquier,” Mariana said to herself angrily, “Yo no necesito esta exposición. Tengo habilidades y capacidades que ellos nunca sabrán de. Tendré que encontrar una exposición donde personas hablan como hace.”

“Well,” Nalyd said to the remaining four Cougars, “you four have already beaten three of the other contestants. Tomorrow will only bring more surprises. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Two - “I could have sworn that was a lion.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Ed and Lacey were voted out at the airport after making bad first impressions. The four tribes for this season were then established. Fuega won the fire-making challenge for the Rampaging Piranhas, giving them a cabin to live in. Ace and Bruno lead their teams, the Soaring Tree Frogs and Screeching Monkeys, respectively, and won immunity. When the Charging Jaguars had to vote one of their own out, they picked Mariana due to the language barrier. Who will be voted off tonight?

“That was hard to do,” James said when the Charging Jaguars returned to their campsite. “It must be tough to be the first one out.”

“She was technically the third one out,” Niles commented. “Remember Ed and Lacey?”

“Oh yeah, well maybe that will make Mariana feel better,” James shrugged. The remaining Jaguars sat down.

“Niles?” Jocelyn asked. “You wanna get me some water?”

“Okay,” Niles said, springing to his feet. He grabbed one of the canteens that had been left at the campsite headed for the river.

“I’ll come to,” Susan volunteered. She jumped up and followed Niles.

“Be careful, y’all!” James shouted to them.

Jocelyn waited for Niles and Susan to be out of sight, and then clung to James. “Did you hear that?” she asked frightfully.

“Hear what?” James asked.

“A rustling in the grass, I think there is a snake.”

James stood up and looked through the grass surrounding them. “I don’t see anything.”

“You must have scared it away. Thanks James,” she said, hugging him. “Night!” she said lying down in the girls’ hut that interns had built. James stared at the girls’ hut in confusion, but then went into the boys’ hut to sleep.

Susan and Niles returned a few minutes later, covered in bruises and dirt. “Sorry,” Niles said awkwardly to Susan, “I could have sworn that was a lion.”

“Niles,” Susan said, brushing dirt off herself, “That was a butterfly. But it was an honest mistake. It’s okay.” The two climbed into their respective huts for a good night’s sleep.

At the Soaring Tree Frogs camp, Ace was telling a story. “I have been to the Amazon before,” he said, “I remember it like it was yesterday. I was canoeing through the rain forest when I was attacked by a group of jungle natives. They beat me, tied me up and fed me poisonous berries. I only had fifteen minutes to escape and get the antidote before it would be the end of me. I chewed my way through the rope and fought off the tribe.”

“Excuse me,” Frasier interrupted. “If you couldn’t fight them off before, how could you now that you had been weakened?”

“Oh, poor Frasier,” Ace said laughing, “Poor, simple, naïve Frasier. I was still strong enough even after all the attacks!”

“You’re awesome!” Bozo said excitedly.

“That’s so cool!” Jess added.

“Well, that’s enough for tonight,” Ace said, standing up and stretching. “How about we all hit the hay?” Everyone agreed and got into the two huts.

“It’s ridiculous that they’d believe him,” Frasier said in the confessional. “It’s obvious he’s lying! How did he get to the rain forest all by himself? Why did he come here? How did he get to an antidote, chew through rope, and beat up a tribe in less than fifteen minutes?”

“Snake!” Ace screamed when he got into the boys’ hut. “Get it away! Get it away!”

Bulldog broke into laughter. “Wow! Dude, calm down, it’s just some leaves and grass tied together.”

“This was a prank?” Frasier asked.

“No, you think?” Bulldog asked sarcastically.

The boys of the Screeching Monkeys team were laughing at the spectacle that was Audrey tieing herself up while working with rope. “Need some help?” Bruno asked between chuckles.

“No, no, I got it,” Audrey said falling over.

“That’s hilarious!” Will said.

Nathaniel helped Audrey up. “Thanks,” Audrey said.

Nathaniel untied the rope and set it down. “No problem, but you owe me one,” he said. “How about you vote with me if our team loses?”

“Sure,” Audrey agreed.

“Excellent,” Nathaniel said.

“I need my music!” Elvis shouted.

“You were fine a minute ago, dork,” Will said.

“I was distracted by Audrey making a fool of herself, now I need music!” Elvis said, starting to cry.

“This is gonna be a long season,” Will said to himself.

At the Rampaging Piranhas camp, the cabin they had won was being put to good use. “Way to go, Fuega,” Hillary said to Fuega.

“I could have done that,” Rocky muttered as slouched in a chair.

“What’s wrong, Rocky?” Spazz asked.

“Nothing,” Rocky muttered as he played with a rock he picked up outside.

“I bet he’s jealous,” Hillary said slyly.

“I am not!” Rocky shouted. “I have nothing to be jealous of!”

“Fire,” Fuega chuckled to herself as she slowly tried to light the cabin on fire.

“No, Fuega!” Hillary shouted. “Put that down!” Fuega complied but did so glaring at Hillary.

In the morning, the four tribes came to the challenge field. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said, “As you can all see, Mariana was voted out last night. Today’s challenge is vine swinging-”

“That’s easy,” Ace interrupted.

“-over a pit of crocodiles, snakes, and sharp rocks!” Nalyd added.

“Did he say snakes?” Ace asked.

“Since they won yesterday, the Rampaging Piranhas will go first!” Nalyd said. Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome stood up a ladder. “At the top of the ladder is a vine. You will grab it, and jump across the fifteen foot pit! The tribe with the most people to go across wins immunity and a bag of luggage! But you don’t know whose luggage you will get.”

Rocky and Hillary helped Spazz up the ladder. Spazz clung to the rope, but fell into the pit. “My leg!” she shouted, writhing in pain. Three interns ran in and pulled her out.

Hillary went next and successfully crossed the pit. Rocky followed, also succeeding. Fuega did the same. Betty refused to jump.

“Jump! I demand that you jump!” Hillary shouted.

“Chill out,” Fuega said, “She doesn’t wanna jump, its no big deal.” Hillary folded her arms and rolled her eyes.

“Next up, the Soaring Tree Frogs,” Nalyd said.

“Who wants to go first?” Ace asked. Bulldog pushed Frasier forward.

Frasier climbed the ladder, and barely made it across. Bulldog climbed the ladder, but refused to actually jump. Bozo went across and did a back flip off the vine. Jess climbed the ladder, got on the vine, but didn’t jump off. She was too scared to let go, so an intern got her. Ace was the last person to jump.

“You can do this, Ace, you can do this,” he said to himself. He looked down into the pit, and passed out. He fell backwards off the ladder and onto the cold ground.

“Leading with three points,” Nalyd said, “are the Rampaging Piranhas. Now its time for the Charging Jaguars to jump.”

Jocelyn refused to jump. Susan successfully jumped, and so did James. When Niles jumped, he almost missed but James pulled him up.

“Thanks,” Niles said.

“Don’t mention it,” James said patting Niles on the back. “Okay,” Nalyd said, “The Charging Jaguars and Rampaging Piranhas are tied. If the Soaring Tree Frogs are going to be safe, the Screeching Monkeys will have one or less people jump.”

Bruno jumped with no problem. Audrey also successfully made it. Elvis paused on the ladder.

“Come on, music boy,” Will said to Elvis, “Maybe we’ll get your iPod if we win!” Elvis immediately jumped. Will did the same. Nathaniel jumped, but fell in the pit. Bob the Leprechaun jumped in and pulled Nathaniel out.

“The Screeching Monkeys win immunity and reward!” Nalyd announced. Frank the Gnome and Bob the Leprechaun dragged in the bags of all the twenty-two original contestants. “Pick one.”

“We’ll take that small black suitcase,” Bruno decided. Frank handed him the case.

“Now,” Nalyd aid, “The Soaring Tree Frogs lost. Which means tonight they will vote off one of their own.” The four tribes returned to their campsites.

“So who are we sending home?” Ace asked.

“Well, only Bozo and I only jumped,” Frasier said, “So it should be one of the three of you.”

“I agree,” Ace said. “We should vote out ‘Bulldog.’”

“Me?” Bulldog asked confusedly.

“You didn’t jump, and you pulled a prank on us, not cool,” Bozo explained.

“When Jess and I got into the girls’ hut,” Bozo explained in the confessional, “a stink bomb went off. We were choking all night!”

“But Ace has been lying yo all of you all along! He isn’t an adventurer!” Bulldog protested.

“I don’t believe Ace,” Frasier said in the confessional, “So I might vote him off.”

At tribal council, everyone was ready to cast their votes. “Welcome to tribal council,” Nalyd said, giving everybody a torch. “It’s time to cast your votes.”

Ace voted for Bulldog. “I am not a liar, and I am not a crook. The same cannot be said for you. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.”

Bulldog voted for Ace. “You are the most delusional person ever. Get a grip, dude.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said as he got the ballot box. “Once the votes have been read the decision has been made. The eliminated contestant will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. ‘Bulldog,’ Ace, Ace. That’s one vote for ‘Bulldog’ and two votes for Ace. ‘Bulldog.’ Two votes for ‘Bulldog’ and two for Ace. The fourth person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is ‘Bulldog.’” Nalyd snuffed Bulldog’s torch. “‘Bulldog,’ the tribe has spoken.”

“Whatever, I knew it was me going,” Bulldog said as he got on the bus to leave. “I just hope the tribe is ready for the little surprise I left for them.”

“Well,” Nalyd said, “Looks like another day, another vote off. I hope you enjoyed your first tribal council, because it won’t be your last. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Three – “I’m the best and I don’t care who knows it.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Alliance crazed Nathaniel made his second alliance, this time with Audrey. Rocky was a big baby about a girl beating him in the challenge from day one. When the contestants had to swing on a vine across a pit filled with snakes, alligators, and sharp rocks, some chickened out, some fell in, and some made it across. In the end, the Screeching Monkeys won immunity and an unknown luggage bag. The Soaring Tree Frogs lost, and sent ‘Bulldog’ home for torturing all of them. However, he promised one more prank when his former tribe got back to their campsite. Who will be voted off tonight?

“I’m glad ‘Bulldog’ is gone,” Jess said to other Soaring Tree Frogs when they returned to their campsite.

“Me too,” Bozo said. “But now I’m the only funny one!” She picked up some rocks and started juggling them.

“I think I’ve had enough ‘funny’ for one day,” Frasier said, “Good night, all.” Frasier climbed into the boys’ hut and screamed. He ran out and hid behind Bozo.

“What’s wrong, baldy?” Bozo asked.

“First of all,” Frasier said defiantly, “I’m not bald, my hair is just thinning. Second of all, look what is in the hut.”

“I’ll do it!” Ace said, raising his hand. Ace looked in and reached his hand into the hut. He pulled out a skull.

“That is so cool!” Bozo laughed grabbing the skull. “Where for art thou, Romeo?” she said, holding the skull up dramatically. “That is the question!”

“Wrong line,” Jess said, “The skull scene is from ‘Hamlet,’ not ‘Romeo and Juliet.’”

“There’s a note in the hut!” Ace said pulling out a note. “It says; Dear former teammates, I knew you were voting me out. Hope you enjoyed your little surprise, boys. You might want to check on the girls. Your friend forever, ‘Bulldog.’”

“Oh my gosh!” Jess screamed from the girls’ hut. She held open the flap used as a door, revealing many large insects crawling around.

“This is going to be a long night,” Frasier muttered to himself.

The Charging Jaguars were getting off much better. “Thanks for building this hammock, James,” Jocelyn said as she sat in the hammock James made out of wood and leaves.

“No problem, little lady,” James said.

“I could have done that,” Niles said jealously in the confessional. “I’m just as manly as James. Is that mold?” He squinted at the tree he was next to. Niles, as well as everyone else, had to do confessionals in the jungle so the producers could get good nature shots.

“Now that I have James and Miles wrapped around my pretty little finger, I am guaranteed safety,” Jocelyn said in the confessional happily. “All I have to do is do a little hair flip or bat my eyelashes and those boys do whatever I say. Eat your heart out, Justin.”

“I wish Niles would pay attention to me instead of Jocelyn,” Susan sighed sadly in the confessional. “I really like him! He’s just confused and is turning to whoever is willing to help him. Worst of all, Jocelyn thinks his name is Miles!”

“Miles,” Jocelyn said while lying down in the hammock. Niles was immediately by her side, not even correcting her for forgetting his name. “Would you be a dear and give me a foot rub?”

“I’d be honored!” Niles said excitedly, already rubbing Jocelyn’s dirt-coated feet.

“Boys,” Susan said to herself, rolling her eyes, as she crawled into the girls’ hut to get to sleep.

The Screeching Monkeys had opened the black suitcase they got for winning the previous challenge, and were incredibly disappointed in the results; it was Niles’ suitcase. “That little nerd,” Will growled, ripping up the many handkerchiefs Niles had brought, “I will hate him forever.”

“He seems to like soap,” Audrey said observantly. Audrey heard a cough and turned around. She saw Nathaniel who was in a wheelchair and had a cast on his left arm and a neck brace. Nathaniel was sitting away from the group, next to the boys’ hut. “How are you doing since the interns got you out of the snake pit, Nathaniel?” Audrey asked. Nathaniel gave her a thumbs-up; the interns advised him not to talk much while he had the neck brace, as he might hurt his jaw. “Who are we voting off next?” Audrey asked. Nathaniel pointed at Will. “Okay, whatever you, um, say,” Audrey said.

“Nathaniel and I are still in an alliance,” Audrey said in the confessional. “I think we could get Elvis to help us vote out Will, but Bruno doesn’t seem to have an opinion yet.”

Will picked up the suitcase and kicked it into the jungle that surrounded their small campsite. “That takes care of that,” Will yawned. He crawled into the boys’ hut for a good night’s sleep. Soon, everybody was in their respective huts, asleep, forgetting Nathaniel outside.

The Rampaging Piranhas were still enjoying the cabin they had gotten on the first day. All except for Rocky, who sat outside building his own shelter.

“Rocky!” Hillary shouted to him when it got dark out, “Get in here, now! You’re going to die out there!” Rocky ignored her and continued to tie sticks together with grass and leaves. “Any ideas, girls?” Hillary asked the other Piranha girls who were behind her, minus Spazz who was lying in her bed after being attacked by snakes and rocks earlier that day.

“How did a girl do better than me in the challenge?” Rocky asked himself in the confessional. “I don’t care if I sound sexist; I’m supposed to be the powerful one on the team. I’m the best and I don’t care who knows it.”

Fuega ran outside to where Rocky was working on a very poorly built hut. “Rocky, listen,” Fuega said, “I know you’re mad and that is okay, but we need a team captain-”

“No we don’t!” Hillary interrupted! “I already am!”

Fuega continued, ignoring Hillary, “I think you could be the captain.”

“Well, I agree and accept,” Rocky said. “Thank you, Fuega. I’m sorry I was a jerk to all of you.”

“Yeah, that’s great,” Fuega said, not paying attention. She grabbed the wood Rocky had been using to build a hut and threw it into the cabin’s fireplace.

“I don’t know if Fuega genuinely believe in me or just wanted the wood for fire,” Rocky said in the confessional.

“I think I’m going to die,” Spazz said in the confessional. “In the middle of the night I fell out of my bed and broke my left wrist. Tomorrow is gonna be fun.”

The next day, the four tribes returned to the challenge field. They noticed a large pit of mud where the snakes pit had been the previous day. “Welcome back,” Nalyd said, “As you all see, ‘Bulldog’ was voted out last night. It’s time for today’s challenge!”

“There better not be any snakes,” Ace muttered.

“That reminds me,” Nalyd said, “Nathaniel and ‘Spazz’ will be sitting out for medical reasons, and to make the teams even. Now for today’s challenge, one person from each team will go digging in the mud for puzzle pieces. However, you will also be fighting each other! There are twelve bags of puzzle pieces. Once a team gets three bags, you will start putting the puzzle together. You can push, grab, bite, and do anything to get to the puzzle pieces. The first tribe to get three bags and put the pieces together wins an endless supply of fruit.”

“Fruit?” Will asked in disbelief. “Worst reward ever.”

“Anyway,” Nalyd said, “Sometimes a person will have to go in more than once. Everybody pick your first person.”

“I say we pick James,” Niles said to the Charging Jaguars. “He’s the strongest of all of us.” The team agreed and James shed his shirt in preparation for the fight.

“Ace is the obvious choice,” Jess told the Soaring Tree Frogs.

“I can do it,” Ace said, handing Jess his hat for her to hold.

“Bruno,” the whole Screeching Monkeys tribe said in unison. Bruno smiled proudly and approached the mud pit.

“I nominate myself,” Rocky said to the Rampaging Piranhas.

Before Hillary could protest, Fuega said, “Great, Rocky will go first for us, team.”

“James vs. Ace vs. Bruno vs. Rocky, clearly the men of the tribes,” Nalyd said.

“I’m the tribe’s man,” Will said in the confessional, “Not that idiot Bruno!”

“Go!” Nalyd shouted. James and Ace dove right for the center of the pit, colliding with each other. Bruno picked them both up by their ankles and threw them out of the pit.

“Sorry!” Bruno shouted. Rocky started digging in the mud while Bruno was distracted. “And what do you think you’re doing?” Bruno asked turning his attention to Rocky. As Bruno turned the rest of his body to face Rocky, Rocky pulled a puzzle piece bag out of the mud.

“That’s one bag for the Rampaging Piranhas!” Nalyd announced. “Now make your picks for round two.” Niles, Bozo, Will, and Fuega were chosen for their respective teams. “Go!”

“I can’t do this,” Niles said, “That’s mud! Dirty, filthy, germ-filled mud!”

“Come on, Niles,” Susan said. “Do it for me!” Niles didn’t respond and looked at Susan confused.

“Do it for me!” Jocelyn said.

“Okay,” Niles said immediately. He paused, but then slowly made his way into the mud.

“This is too easy,” Bozo said as she dug through the mud. Fuega and Will were wrestling and throwing mud at each other.

“Get Bozo out of there!” James shouted to Niles.

“But I can’t hit a girl!” Niles shouted back.

“Well, that’s a shame,” Bozo said, standing up. She slapped Niles across the face and went back to digging. Niles stumbled backwards and fell into the mud.

“I’m surrounded by germs!” Niles shouted.

“Got the bag!” Bozo said standing up proudly with the bag. Her team applauded her while the other teams ran in to rescue the injured comrades. “Thank you! You’ve been wonderful audience!”

“One bag for the Soaring Tree Frogs,” Nalyd said, “Round Three!” In the third round, James, Frasier, Elvis, and Hillary went into the pit. Elvis and Hillary got the bag at the same time, but James pulled it out of their hands and got it to his own team.

In the fourth round, Jocelyn, Jess, Audrey, and Betty got into the mud pit. Jocelyn spent the time trying to get a mud bath. Betty and Jess teamed up and buried Audrey in mud. Jess, however, pushed Betty down and grabbed the puzzle bag for herself. “Okay,” Nalyd said, “That is one bag for the Jaguars, two for the Tree Frogs, none for the Monkeys, and one for the Piranhas. Ready for round five?”

Susan, Ace, Bruno, and Rocky got into the mud. Bruno and Rocky teamed up to fight Ace, who threw mud. Susan took this time to grab a puzzle piece bag and get another point for the Charging Jaguars.

In the sixth round, James, Bozo, Will, and Fuega got back into the ring. Bozo pelted the other three people with mud until they couldn’t see. She started digging and grabbed the third and final bag her team needed. Jess immediately started putting it together.

“Okay!” Nalyd said loudly. “This is the final round! Everyone can go in for as long as they want! Go!” Much of the mud had been moved and many bags clear. Audrey, Susan, and Will quickly got bags. “The Charging Jaguars have three bags!” Nalyd said.

“We’re done!” Jess said. Nalyd checked the puzzle.

“The Soaring Tree Frogs got first place! Who will get second and third?” Nalyd announced. Fuega, Will, Elvis, and Betty all grabbed a bag, leaving no more. “Everyone is now working on the puzzle.”

“Done!” Niles announced. Nalyd checked the puzzle and gave Niles a thumbs-up.

Audrey was rapidly putting the puzzle together for the Screeching Monkeys, but the Rampaging Piranhas were close behind with Betty putting the puzzle together.

“Done!” Audrey and Betty shouted. Nalyd decided they said it at the same time and looked at both.

“Okay, the only correct puzzle was Audrey’s puzzle, so she and the Screeching Monkeys win!” Nalyd announced. “Now our first place winners, the Soaring Tree Frogs, will find all the fruit they can eat when they get back to camp, and Rampaging Piranhas I will see you tonight at tribal council.”

When the Piranhas returned to camp nobody immediately spoke up. A minute after they did, Hillary spoke up. “I saw we vote out ‘Spazz,’” she said quickly.

“I agree,” Rocky said nodding.

“Ditto,” Fuega said.

Betty nodded.

“Me?” Spazz asked confused.

“Well you can’t do anything,” Hillary explained.

“Why not a girls alliance? The four of us could be the final four!” Spazz suggested.

“No!” Fuega and Hillary said together.

At tribal council, Nalyd gave everybody a staff. “Okay, go cast your votes, guys,” Nalyd said, “And make it quick I gotta be up early for tomorrow’s challenge.”

Rocky voted for Spazz. “I think this is for your own sake.”

Betty voted for Hillary with a not under the vote that read, “I just can’t vote for ‘Spazz.’ I feel bad for her.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said after everyone had voted. “Once the votes are read, the loser has to get the heck out of here, okay? One vote for ‘Spazz.’ One vote for Rocky. Two votes for ‘Spazz.’ One vote for Hillary.” Hillary gasped. “The fifth person eliminated for Total Drama Amazon is ‘Spazz.’” An intern brought Spazz, who was in a wheelchair, over to Nalyd. “‘Spazz,’” Nalyd said, snuffing her torch, “The tribe has spoken.” Spazz was wheeled away by the intern. “Another night, another one down. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Four – "This is gonna be fun."

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; The Soaring Tree Frogs were terrified when they found out ‘Bulldog’ left them a little surprise. The Charging Jaguars, despite not being to tribal council for a few days, seem to all have a conflict with each other. Nathaniel decided that Will would be the first to go from the Screeching Monkeys, and Rocky got a major ego boost when Fuega decided Rocky was the Rampaging Piranhas’ new team captain. During the mud-wrestling, bag-retrieving challenge, the Soaring Tree Frogs won the reward and immunity, with the Charging Jaguars and Screeching Monkeys followed suite. The Rampaging Piranhas lost, and voted off ‘Spazz’ because she was useless. Who will be voted off tonight?

“Okay, let’s get to work guys,” Hillary said when the Rampaging Piranhas tribe returned to their campsite.

“What are you talking about?” Rocky asked sleepily.

“I mean,” Hillary said, “We need to clean up the cabin. It’s a pig stye!” Rocky, Betty, and Fuega looked around and didn’t see any mess. “All the bunks are undone, the floor is covered in dirt, and I don’t even want to start about the mess in Rocky’s room.”

“Seriously?” Rocky asked himself in the confessional. “You’re gonna make us start cleaning right after we get beaten up in a challenge and vote somebody off?”

“Hillary, what’s your problem?” Rocky asked as Hillary made her bed. “We just got back from tribal council. I’m going to bed.”

“No you’re not,” Hillary said, sliding in front of the door that led to Rocky’s room.

“And what’s going to stop me?” Rocky asked defiantly.

“Guys!” Fuega shouted putting herself between Rocky and Hillary. “Both of you stop or else I’ll burn this whole cabin! And you have no idea how tempting that is right now.” Fuega held up a lighter that the producers left behind when they gave the Rampaging Piranhas a cabin.

“Put it down, Fuega!” Hillary shouted.

Fuega pulled the trigger on the lighter and a small flame popper out of it. She held it in place.

Betty sat on her bed watching nervously.

“Fuega put it down and clean!” Hillary shouted furiously.

Fuega extended her arm to the bunk beds so that the flame barely missed them.

“You’re bluffing,” Hillary protested.

“Oh, am I?” Fuega said. “I’m the girl who burned down my school’s library when I was five. They thought I was bluffing when I told them I’d do it.”

“Fine,” Hillary said defeated. She stepped aside as Rocky walked into his room and slammed the door. Fuega let go of the trigger on the lighter and the fire went out.

“Okay, g’night!” Fuega said and jumped into her bed. Betty and Hillary looked at each other confused, and then went to bed themselves.

The Charging Jaguars were starving and had been all day. “I’m so hungry,” Jocelyn complained.

“I didn’t think models ate,” Susan muttered.

“What?” Jocelyn asked.

“Nothing,” Susan said quickly.

“James, Miles, come here for a moment,” Jocelyn called to James and Niles who had been in the boys’ hut trying to go to sleep. James and Niles came out of the hut slowly. They were bruised and tired from the challenge. “I need you two to go fishing. I’m really hungry.”

“Why us?” Niles yawned.

“Because I think a guy fishing is really manly,” Jocelyn giggled.

“Well then, what are we waiting for, James?” Niles asked. “Let’s go get this tribe some fish!” Niles immediately ran in the direction of the river he had gotten water from with Susan on the first night.

“Wait, Niles!” James shouted. James ran after Niles.

When the boys were well out of hearing range, Jocelyn began speaking to Susan. “What’s with you drooling over Miles all the time?” Jocelyn asked.

“First of all, his name is Niles with an N,” Susan said, “and secondly I so don’t! I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“You totally like him!” Jocelyn said laughing.

Susan blushed. “I do not.”

“Every time he’s around he just stare at him and shouting ‘Do it for me’ at yesterday’s challenge doesn’t help your case.”

“You said the exact same thing.”

“I know. I said it so he’d stop being a baby and do the challenge. I’m hot so I can do that sort of thing. I have Miles wrapped around my little finger and James too. Miles will never like you.”

“I’m going to bed,” Susan growled. She crawled ino the girls hut, but couldn’t fall to sleep. Instead, tears rolled down her face. “It’s true,” she whispered in the darkness.

Niles and James soon returned. They were wet and cold, but they had fish. “Where is Susan?” James asked.

“Oh she’s in the hut,” Jocelyn said casually. “So how did you guys catch these fish?”

“We tied some long grass to sticks and we made a fishing pole,” James explained.

“I caught my first fish ever,” Niles said proudly.

“Great! Why are you two soaking wet?” Jocelyn asked.

“Niles thought he saw a piranha in the water,” James explained, “It was his own reflection. So he jumped up, grabbed me, tripped, and we both tumbled into the water.” Niles laughed at himself as the fish slowly cooked over their small fire pit.

“I’m telling you, Ace, that’s impossible!” Frasier exclaimed at the Soaring Tree Frogs campsite. Ace had been regaling the tribe with another one of his tales.

“And what’s so impossible about it, Frasier?” Ace asked.

“For starters,” Frasier said, “You never explained why those ‘enemy spies’ wanted the baby giant panda in the first place! Secondly, Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean, not the Atlantic Ocean. And it is impossible to climb into the volcano, and carry the panda out before the volcano erupted!”

“Who cares?” Bozo asked. “That was so awesome! Tell another one, Ace!”

“I’m with Frasier on this one,” Jess said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Let me explain,” Ace said, “They wanted the baby giant panda because it had swallowed a key to a treasure chest! So I’m not good at geography; sue me. And the panda wasn’t deep in the volcano, it was a small panda, and I’m just fast enough!”

“Calm down guys,” Jess said. “Just go to separate sides of the camp, and eat some of the fruit we had, okay? It’s much better than I expected.”

“Fine,” Frasier said. He picked up a lemon, peeled the skin off of it, and took a big bite out of it. “Sour!” Frasier said as his face puckered up. He spit the lemon out as his eyes began watering.

“Awesome!” Bozo exclaimed. She swallowed the whole lemon and made a face so disturbing, the cameraman filming them passed out. “Awesome!”

The Screeching Monkeys had also broken into conflict. Will was on a rampage. He was furious at Elvis, as usual.

“You are an idiot!” Will shouted. “You broke the hut!”

“I’m sorry,” Elvis said meekly.

“When we got back from the challenge,” Audrey said in the confessional, “Elvis tripped and fell right on the boys’ hut. I feel bad for him. He doesn’t deserve Will yelling at him.”

“Why I oughtta-” Will began, but Bruno lifted Will off the ground by his shirt collar. “Put me down!”

“Calm down,” Bruno growled.

Nathaniel, no longer wearing the neck brace, pulled Elvis aside to where he and Audrey were standing. Nathaniel still had a cast on his left arm though. “We want you to join our alliance,” Nathaniel said. “We want to throw the challenge and vote out Will.”

“I don’t know,” Elvis said nervously. He then turned and saw Will beating up a tree. “Deal.”

“This is great,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “We’re going to sabotage the challenge and then vote off Will for being a raging psycho.”

The next morning, the four tribes came to the challenge field for their fourth challenge. Where there had once been a pit filled with mud, there was now a huge corn maze. Five platforms rose above the corn. From the top one could see from the start to the end of the corn maze; the middle platform was bigger than the others and had Nalyd’s face on it. “Welcome back tribes,” Nalyd said, “As you all see, ‘Spazz’ was voted out last night.”

“Darn it,” Nathaniel whispered. Audrey and Elvis looked at him confused, but Nathaniel said nothing else.

“Today’s challenge is a blind folded maze,” Nalyd explained. “One member from each tribe will shout out directions to their tribe. Also, the three people who are blindfolded on each tribe will also be tied together at the waist. Everybody pick your director. Screeching Monkeys, sit somebody out.”

“Who wants to direct?” Jocelyn asked the Charging Jaguars.

“I think I shouldn’t do it,” James said, “I have a natural ability to sense corn’s presence, so I can go through this backwards, so I'll be more useful in the field.”

“I’m allergic to corn,” Niles said. “So I’ll do the directing.”

Susan was about to wish Niles good luck, but she saw Jocelyn glaring at her.

“Let me shout out directions!” Bozo laughed.

“No!” all of the Soaring Tree Frogs shouted.

“Knowing you you’ll have as all walk straight through the corn and in wrong directions just so you can have a cheap laugh,” Jess said. “I’ll do the directions.”

“Okay,” all the Soaring Tree Frogs said.

“Maybe Bruno should sit out and Will should direct,” Audrey suggested.

“Okay,” Will said.

“Why me?” Bruno asked.

“Because we want you to save your strength for a more physical challenge,” Nathaniel explained.

“Works for me,” Bruno shrugged.

“I’ll shout directions,” Hillary said. “Is everyone okay with that?”

“Yes,” everyone on her team muttered.

“I’m glad I don’t have to deal with Hillary in the corn maze,” Rocky said in the confessional. He changed his voice to a bad imitation of Hillary’s. “Ouch, you stepped on my foot! You guys, hurry up! Look out where you’re going!” His voice changed back to his own. “Betty isn’t so bad and Fuega rocks. This is gonna be fun.”

Niles, Jess, Will, and Hillary were picked to shout directions for their teams. Bruno sat on the platform higher than all the others with Nalyd. “Okay,” Nalyd shouted into his bull horn. “The three tribes who win get a classic reward; a romantic dinner!” There was excited cheering from some of the contestants, while others were less than thrilled. Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the gnome blindfolded everyone and ropes around their waists. They then tied the groups together. Nalyd gave Niles, Jess, Will, and Hillary each a bullhorn. Nalyd shouted through the bullhorn.

“Go forward and take a left,” Niles said meekly. His tribe couldn’t hear him, as he didn’t turn the bullhorn on.

“Smell that?” James asked Jocelyn and Susan.

“Not really,” Jocelyn said.

“Corn,” James sighed. He ran into the maze with the speed of a cheetah. Jocelyn and Susan struggled to keep up. Soon they tripped and James was dragging them.

“Where are you going?” Niles shouted into his bullhorn. Still, no sound came from it. He saw the button to turn it on and a high-pitched sound was omitted from it. “My ears!”

James was in the confessional with his hair covered in corn, and dirt all over him. “I was determined to win! Nalyd didn’t say anything about having to go through the maze the right way.”

“The Charging Jaguars have charged into the lead!” Nalyd announced.

“North, East, North, West,” Jess said into the bullhorn. Her team didn’t move. Jess sighed and said, “Straight, left, straight, right, left, right, left, straight, right.” Her team complied and made it far quickly.

“And the Soaring Tree Frogs are soaring through this maze!”

“We’ve got this,” Will said rolling his eyes. “Okay, guys. Go forward about ten steps then take a left.” Elvis, Nathaniel, and Audrey walked ten steps forwards, then took a right. “No, idiots, left.” Elvis, Nathaniel, and Audrey turned to their let and went down another wrong path. “What are you doing, numbskulls? Go back!” The continued and turned right, reaching a dead end.

“Wow,” Nalyd commented to Bruno, “Your team stinks, dude.”

“I don’t know what was going on down there,” Bruno said in the confessional, “But I knew Nathaniel was up to no good. I’ve seen him talking about alliances with Audrey and Elvis. I should have known!”

“Run!” Hillary shouted. “Take a right, okay, good. Now a left, great job. Take a right and then a left. No, not yet. Now! Left!”

“This is easy,” Fuega said before being hit in the head with a piece of corn thrown from Hillary.

“Focus!” Hillary shouted.

“The Charging Jaguars have won first place!” Nalyd announced.

“Wonderful!” Niles shouted. He started walking towards where he thought the ladder was, but almost fell off the platform. He then found the right side to get off and slowly returned to the ground.

“Yes!” Susan said excitedly. She jumped up and down in excitement until she caught Jocelyn glaring at her.

“You can have Niles at the dinner,” Jocelyn whispered to Susan. “I’ve got another guy in mind for myself.” Susan shivered as Jocelyn walked by.

“Coming in second place,” Nalyd announced, “are the Soaring Tree Frogs!”

“Awesome!” Bozo shouted taking off the blindfold. She hugged Ace and Frasier.

“Bozo,” Frasier said, “You’re making me kind of uncomfortable.”

“And the last tribe to be safe,” Nalyd said, “is, not surprisingly, the Rampaging Piranhas!”

“We win!” Fuega said happily. She high-fived Betty and Rocky.

“I knew we could do it,” Rocky said.

“So,” Nalyd said, “by default the Screeching Monkeys lose.”

“You idiots!” Will shouted. He threw his bullhorn at Elvis’ head and barely missed.

“Which means one of you Monkeys will be voted off,” Nalyd said.

“I am not a monkey!” Will shouted. He panted heavily and beat the platform he stood on.

“Wanna bet?” Nalyd asked.

When the Screeching Monkeys returned to camp, Bruno confronted Elvis. “Listen, Elvis,” Bruno said, “I know you and Nathaniel and Audrey threw the challenge. And I know you guys wanna vote off Will, but, hey, he actually did the challenge.”

“So what am I supposed to do, ditch my alliance?” Elvis asked.

“Will is voting for Nathaniel tonight,” Bruno said, “and I am doing the same. Vote with us Elvis. You don’t wanna hang around that video game nerd. Besides, he’s got a broken arm. You’ll be doing him a favor.”

“I’ll think about it,” Elvis said.

That night at Tribal Council, Nalyd gave everyone a torch and gave them the speech about torches representing life, and whoever is eliminated must leave immediately. “Go cast your votes,” Nalyd finally said.

Nathaniel voted for Will. “You remind me of Knuckles the Echidna. Explosive, unpredictable, and dangerous.”

Will voted for Nathaniel. “I can’t believe you’d lose the challenge on purpose. But now you will pay for it.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said after everyone voted. He pulled a piece of paper from the jar. “One vote for Will. Two votes for Will.” Will glared at Elvis. “One vote for Nathaniel. Two votes for Nathaniel.” Nathaniel wasn’t surprised he’d be voted for. “The sixth person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is… Will.”

“What?” Will shouted. “You bunch of traitors! Why I oughtta-” Before Will could continued, Bob the Leprechaun shot Will with a tranquilizer dart. Nalyd snuffed Will’s torch.

“Will,” Nalyd said, “the tribe has spoken. Well, six people have been sent home and tomorrow you will be greeted with a big surprise. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Five – “You let us get together just to tear us apart?”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Hillary and Rocky’s conflict reached a boiling point when Hillary became a nitpicker about cleanliness. Jocelyn made Susan cry with some comments about Susan’s attraction to Niles, which I, honestly, don’t understand. Frasier and Ace got in another fight about Ace’s stories. Jess acted as peacemaker, while Bozo sided with Ace. Elvis joined Nathaniel and Audrey’s alliance, and the three-some decided to throw the challenge and get rid of Will who was driving everyone crazy. During the challenge, the Screeching Monkeys lost while the other three tribes made it through the corn maze challenge and won a romantic dinner reward. Despite advice from Bruno, Elvis stuck by his new alliance, and Will was voted out. Who will be voted out tonight?

“Well, that was easy,” Nathaniel said when the Screeching Monkeys returned to camp after voting off Will.

“Yeah, he had it coming,” Elvis said nervously. Elvis saw Bruno glaring at him disappointedly.

“Elvis messed up, dude,” Bruno said in the confessional, “Nathaniel is bad news. That nerd should have stayed in his mother’s basement playing Mario. I guess I could just be upset because I will go if we lose. But I’m strong. I’m a big guy and maybe I could win the challenge on my own. That would be so cool!”

“So what do you think is happening over at the romantic dinner?” Audrey asked.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Elvis yawned. “I’m going to bed.”

“We haven’t had a bed for four days,” Bruno said, “More like you’re going to ground.”

“Yeah, really,” Elvis laughed. “Night all.” He crawled into the boys’ hut but didn’t sleep.

“I just kept seeing Will being dragged away by Bob the Leprechaun,” Elvis said in the confessional. “I couldn’t sleep because of it. I felt sort of bad. We screwed up, not him.”

“I bet Rocky and Fuega are sitting together,” Nathaniel laughed.

“Who would you sit with if we won the challenge, Nathaniel?” Audrey asked.

Nathaniel blushed. “I don’t know. Maybe I’d sit with just any girl and try to use that time to make an alliance.”

“Oh, okay,” Audrey said. “I’d probably sit with a cute guy with a nice tan, and muscles, and he’d be sweet and-” she paused when she saw Bruno and Nathaniel staring at her awkwardly. “Nevermind,” she finished.

“Nathaniel, when are you getting the cast off your arm?” Bruno asked.

“The medics say it should be off around day twelve,” Nathaniel answered. “This is gonna be a tough week.”

At the romantic dinner, there were six tables with two chairs at each. A candle sat on each table with small flames dancing on the wick. Bob the Leprechaun played a violin while Frank the Gnome acted as waiter. James sat with Jocelyn, Niles with Susan, Frasier with Jess, Ace with Hillary, and Rocky with Betty. Bozo and Fuega were the only ones left and decided to sit together.

“I needed to make sure James was under my control,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “So now, Susan will go home if we lose. It’s basic math. Three against one means three loses! I mean, one loses. I’m not the best at math I guess.” She laughed awkwardly at herself.

“Miss Jocelyn,” James said, “You look lovely tonight, if I may say so.”

“Sure,” Jocelyn giggled. “You were beastly in the challenge today. I know with you on the tribe we can win.”

“I’ve never been called ‘beastly’ before,” James said in the confessional. “I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or not.

“Well, um, thank you,” James said awkwardly.

“You would’ve voted with me if we lost though, right?” Jocelyn asked. She put her hands on James’ hands.

“Absolutely,” he said. He blushed.

“What are they doing?” Niles asked himself. Despite sitting with Susan, he was only paying attention to James and Jocelyn.

“I wanted to sit with Jocelyn,” Niles said in the confessional, “but since she wanted to sit with James I decided to let her. I sat with Susan so I could get a good angle of watching James steal Jocelyn from me.”

“This is so romantic,” Susan said happily.

“Yeah, it’s great,” Niles said, not caring.

“I’m really happy you decided to sit with me,” Susan giggled.

“Oh my gosh, she touched his hand!” Niles gasped.

“I really like you, Niles,” Susan said. She gasped. “Did I just say that out loud? Wait, why do I feel awkward? This is a date! Right?”

“Okay, yeah,” Niles said. He had no idea what she had just said.

“I didn’t want to be rude,” Niles said in the confessional, “But I was just so jealous of James and Jocelyn!”

Frasier and Jess sat making snide comments about the food and the other contestants. “The spaghetti,” Frasier said, “is so leather-like, that one could make a jacket from it.” Jess laughed.

“Look at Ace’s hat,” Jess whispered, “that is so tacky.”

“Good one,” Frasier laughed. “Oh, you are too funny.”

“Please,” Jess said, “You’re wit is as sharp as Bozo’s is dull.”

“I really like Jess,” Frasier said in the confessional. “Perhaps I shall pursue this relationship.”

Ace and Hillary sat together in an awkward silence.

“I’m not actually attracted to Hillary,” Ace said in the confessional, “I just decided to sit with her because, as two of the team captains, we should discuss the future of this game.”

“So,” Hillary said, “what do you like to do?”

“Risk my life on a daily basis,” Ace said. “But listen, I am not sitting with you to be on a date with you. I think that as team captains we need to team up.”

“How so?” Hillary asked, sounding intrigued.

“I think that if you and I have a cross tribal alliance and both make it to the merge we could take over the game,” Ace explained. “I already have Bozo following me, who on your team would join you?”

“Betty,” Hillary said, “she has no free will. She’ll be easy to rope into an alliance.”

“Excellent,” Ace said. He raised his glass in a toast, “To the final two.”

“The final two,” Hillary smiled evilly.

“This stinks,” Rocky said to Betty. For the whole half hour the dinner had been going on Betty hadn’t said one thing to Rocky. She had only listened to him. “I mean I don’t like anybody here but still I got stuck with you, Betty. No offense. I think I’d rather be with Fuega, she’s sort of hot. Hey, that’s sort of funny. Hot! And she’s a pyromaniac!” Rocky started laughing. Betty glared at him.

“I missed you so much,” Bozo told Fuega. “You are like the only fun person on the whole island!”

“You are way fun too!” Fuega replied cheerfully.

“Everyone on my tribe is a real stick in the mud,” Bozo said. She made a gagging sound.

“Mine too!” Fuega empathized.

“I can’t wait for the merge so we can be on the same tribe,” Bozo said, “that would be awesome!”

“Too much fun!” Fuega laughed. “I can’t wait!”

The next day, the four tribes returned to the challenge field and saw two flags, one navy-colored and the other was magenta-colored. A container filled with one-hundred bucket-fulls of sand satin the middle of the challenge field. Two buckets were at the base of the container. Next to each flag was a huge scale. One side of each scale was empty, while the other had a small tiki-like item in it. “Welcome everyone,” Nalyd said. “Last night Will was voted out. However, today the four tribes will change to two. Boys stand in front of the navy flag; girls stand in front of the magenta one. You are now the Alpha Males, and the Battling Females.”

“Alpha Males?” Frasier asked in the confessional. “That’s original.”

“Battling Females is an okay name,” Hillary said in the confessional. “It’s too bad though that Ace’s plan won’t work now.”

“That is just evil!” Susan said angrily in the confessional. “I finally had a date with Niles! You let us get together just to tear us apart?”

“We’re on the same tribe!” Fuega squealed, hugging Bozo.

“I knew we would be!” Bozo said happily.

“It’s like they were separated at birth,” Jess said.

“The boys will live at the Charging Jaguars’ campsite,” Nalyd said, “and the girls will get to live at the Rampaging Piranhas’ campsite.”

“We get to stay in a cabin!” Jocelyn said excitedly.

“That’s awesome!” Audrey said happily.

“I’m so glad not to be the only girl on the tribe,” Audrey said in the confessional. “I love being only with girls! No, wait, I like guys! I didn’t mean it like that!”

“I miss my old tribe,” Rocky said in the confessional. “A lot more girls over there!” he laughed.

“Now, for today’s challenge,” Nalyd said. Everyone went quiet for Nalyd to explain. “Today you will send a member from your team out to get a bucket of sand from that big container over there. Then you will dump the bucket of sand into the empty side of your team’s scale. Then you send out another person and repeat the process. First team to get the immunity tiki above the sand wins! Go!”

Bruno and Bozo immediately started running. Bruno got to the container first, and also got a bucket of sand into the boys’ scale first. Bozo soon followed.

Bruno and Bozo tagged Rocky and Fuega respectively. Rocky tripped and Fuega took the lead. Rocky got up quickly, but Fuega had gotten a bucket of sand into the scale and tagged Betty before Rocky could do so. When Rocky caught up, he tagged James.

James dashed ahead of Betty, erasing the lead Fuega had created. “Hurry up, Betty!” Hillary shouted. James got a bucket of sand and put it in the scale. He ran ahead and tagged Ace.

“I’ve got this, guys,” Ace said, “I survived three weeks buried in quicksand.”

“No you didn’t!” Frasier shouted. Ace continued running and by the time he got the bucket of sand, Betty was half way back to the scale.

“Betty was really slow in the challenge,” Audrey said in the confessional. “I mean, it’s not her fault, but rather her than me.”

Betty and Ace got sand in the scales at relatively the same time. They tagged Hillary and Niles, respectively. While Hillary ran quickly with determination to win, Niles ran like a baffled, three-legged dear.

“There goes our lead,” Elvis said. Hillary got the bucket of sand onto the scale before Niles, but Niles finished only seven seconds afterwards. Hillary tagged Susan, and Niles tagged Elvis.

Elvis caught up with Susan, but never passed her. The two were tied up until they tagged Frasier and Audrey.

Frasier was slow, but not as slow as Niles. Audrey got in the lead, and beat Frasier to the tank.

“Don’t worry guys,” Ace said reassuringly, “They still have Jocelyn and Jess. We’ve got this. All we have left after Frasier is Nathaniel.”

“Run, Frasier, run!” James shouted.

“I get it,” Nathaniel laughed in the confessional. “‘Run, Frasier, run’ is like ‘Run, Forrest, run!’ That’s really funny!”

“Tag me, tag me,” Jocelyn said, extending her arm. Audrey tagged Jocelyn and Jocelyn started walking.

“What are you doing?” Jess asked. “Don’t walk, run! Hurry up and come back so you can tag me!”

Frasier tagged Nathaniel and Nathaniel started running.

“Nathaniel!” Elvis shouted. “Run like Mario does with an invincibility star!” The other boys’ all stared at him. “So I’ve played Mario before, sue me.”

Nathaniel was a few feet behind Jocelyn when she got a bucket of sand into the scale. When Nathaniel got it in, the sand finally outweighed the tiki.

“The Alpha Males win immunity!” Nalyd shouted. The boys lifted Nathaniel onto their shoulders and carried him back to camp while the girls quietly, and sadly, went to their new campsite and home.

“So who are we voting out?” Susan asked when the girls got to the new Battling Female’s campsite.

“I say we vote out Betty,” Audrey said. “She’s slow, weak, and doesn’t talk.” She turns and sees Betty sitting right next to her. “My bad.”

“Well, that makes sense to me,” Hillary said.

“Same here,” Fuega agreed.

“Ditto,” Bozo said.

Betty looked scared and shook her head.

“We’re sorry, Betty, but nothing you can say will make us change our minds,” Jess said. Betty looked sad. Jess brought Betty into Rocky’s old room of the cabin to talk privately. “Listen, I think we should vote off Hillary,” Jess said. “She’s too mean.” Betty nodded. “I’ll talk to Audrey and Susan to see if they’ll join our new alliance.” Betty hugged Jess and ran out of the room happily.

That night at Tribal Council, Nalyd was ready for the tears that would likely be shed by the loser. “Tonight you will vote off one of your own members, Battling Females,” Nalyd said. “Go cast your votes.”

Audrey voted for Hillary. “Jess and Betty are right; you are mean and way too bossy.”

Hillary voted for Betty. “You screwed up. Sorry, but that’s just the way it goes.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He took the container of votes and started reading. “One vote for Betty. Two votes for Betty. One vote for Hillary.” Hillary laughed at Betty’s attempt to vote her out. “Two votes for Hillary.” Hillary gasped, realizing one of the girls had gone and voted with Betty. “Three votes for Hillary.”

“Traitors,” Hillary whispered.

“Three votes for Betty,” Nalyd said. “Three votes for Betty and three votes for Hillary.” Nalyd picked up the last piece of paper, to reveal who lost. “The seventh person voted out of Total Drama Amazon is… Betty. Betty, bring me your torch.” Betty complied and Nalyd snuffed her torch like those who had gone before her. “Betty, the tribe has spoken.”

Betty walked down the dirt trail out of Tribal Council. “Any last words?” the cameraman asked Betty. Betty shook her head and a tear fell to the ground.

“Fifteen people left,” Nalyd told the remaining Battling Females, “After today who knows how many more surprises will come. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Six - "Niles gets eaten tonight!"

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; The Charging Jaguars, Soaring Tree Frogs, and Rampaging Piranhas won a romantic dinner after Nathaniel, Elvis, and Audrey threw the corn maze challenge for the Screeching Monkeys. Elvis’ conscious didn’t let him sleep that night after voting out Will, who tried in the challenge and was voted out anyway. At the romantic dinner, Susan finally got a date with her dream “man” Niles, while Niles spent the whole time jealously watching Jocelyn and James. Jess and Frasier hooked up, and Ace made a cross-tribal alliance with Hillary. Other than that, nobody really hooked up. The tribes were switched with boys on one and girls on the other. The boys won the relay race challenge. The girls wanted to vote off Betty for being too slow, but Jess had a different plan; form an alliance to vote off Hillary whose bossiness was getting on everyone’s last nerve. Despite this alliance, Betty was voted out. With the tribes now boys vs. girls, it’s a whole new game. Who will be voted off tonight?

“Who did it?” Hillary asked through gritted teeth when the Battling Females returned to their campsite. “Who voted for me?” She ran up to Bozo. “I know it was you clown face!”

Bozo rolled her eyes. “Of course I have a clown face, I’m a clown!”

“You aren’t a good clown,” Hillary said.

Bozo’s eyes immediately started watering. “I’m… I’m… I’m not?” Bozo asked. “Wah!” she shouted. Bozo ran into the woods and started crying.

“How could you say that?” Fuega asked angrily. She ran after Bozo.

Hillary looked around and saw the other four girls glaring at her. “What?” Hillary asked.

Fuega returned, carrying a passed out Bozo over her head. The girls, other than Hillary, went into the cabin and locked the door.

“Hello?” Hillary asked meekly. “Ha, very funny, girls. Now let me in. Hello?” It started raining, and in a few seconds it was raining so hard Hillary couldn’t see the cabin in front of her. “Anybody?”

The cabin was nearly silent as Fuega set a very depressed Bozo onto her bed. “So what do you think the guys are doing now?” Audrey asked the other five girls in the cabin.

“I deduct that Ace is trying to take a leadership role,” Jess said as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

“Rocky won’t let him get leadership without a fight, I bet,” Jocelyn laughed.

“What makes you say that?” Fuega asked, sounding slightly offended.

“He’s really arrogant, so I doubt he would let anybody else lead,” Jocelyn explained.

“I agree!” Hillary shouted. Her face was pressed up against the window of the cabin. The girls closed all the curtains, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.

The Alpha Males were having a victory party. Bruno and Frasier collected firewood. James, Ace, and Rocky got fish. Elvis worked on the fire pit. Niles watched.

“I wasn’t going to get all dirty and stinky,” Niles said in the confessional. “My jacket caught on fire a few days ago so I have nothing to protect me from the elements.”

Bruno carried most of the wood and had Frasier just follow behind to pick up smaller sticks. “So why do you think you need to feel like you have power?” Frasier asked Bruno.

“What do you mean?” Bruno asked.

“You want to be the strong man carrying all the wood,” Frasier explained. “I assume you are overcompensating for some other lacking of ability. Perhaps you are below average of intelligence. Maybe you are afraid of rejection.”

“What are you, Oprah?” Bruno asked.

“Never compare me to her!” Frasier growled. “I am a peer mediator at my school and hope to some day be a psychiatrist.”

“Whatever,” Bruno said, rolling his eyes.

“What Frasier said back there,” Bruno said, “that hit home, dude. As a kid my dad was always telling me I was stupid. So I got strong. I got tough so I knew he was wrong. I guess Frasier has sort of a knack for helping people.”

Rocky watched while Ace and James fished. “Why don’t you come and help?” Ace asked.

“I don’t know how to fish,” Rocky replied.

“We’ll show you,” James volunteered. James and Ace taught Rocky how to pick a long stick, tie a long, stable piece of grass to it, and how to lure fish to it.

“This is easy,” Rocky laughed after catching a fish. “Thanks guys.”

“You’re alright,” James said, “for a city-slicker.” The three boys laughed.

“Maybe the three of us could form an alliance,” Ace suggested.

“Sure,” Rocky said. He high-fived Ace.

“I don’t know,” James said hesitantly. “I ain’t a fan of being in one of them alliances where the leader is always a jerk.”

“It’s won’t be like that,” Ace said. “Just consider it, okay?”

“Sure,” James said.

Elvis was failing to correctly get a fire pit built. Niles watched him. “Darn thing,” Elvis said. “Niles, can you sing?”

“I know a bit of opera,” Niles said.

“Anything but that,” Elvis said. He started to get a small pyramid shape with sticks, but accidentally fell on top of it.

“Okay,” Niles said awkwardly. He began singing. “In the amazon, the mighty amazon, the Alpha Males won tonight! In the amazon, the mighty amazon-” a low roaring sound stopped Niles’ song “-Niles gets eaten tonight!” Niles ran and hid in one of the huts. It didn’t rain at the boys’ campsite.

The next day, the two tribes met at the challenge field, but there was nothing there except for Nalyd who was wearing a camouflage shirt and camouflage pants. “Welcome back, Alpha Males and battling Females,” Nalyd said. “You probably didn’t know Betty was eliminated, as we barely knew she was here.” Nalyd paused for laughs, but nobody thought it was funny. “Anyway, today’s challenge is capture the flag! However, the flags will be contestants. The boys will hide a girl, and the girls will hide a boy. Both teams will nominate one of their own to be the other team’s flag.”

“Let’s send Niles out,” Bruno suggested. “He’s the weakest of us.”

“Me?” Niles asked.

“You just have to run to the finish line so they can’t win, okay?” Ace explained.

“I’ll try,” Niles said.

“Guys,” Frasier said, “I don’t think you are aware of the psychological trauma that could be caused by becoming a ‘flag.’”

“Did you get that from Oprah?” Rocky laughed.

“She’s not a real psychiatrist!” Frasier shouted.

“Let’s think of this strategically,” Jess told the girls. “We need somebody who will be a pain in their butt and not help them at all.”

“Bozo will do it,” Hillary said weakly. Hillary then sneezed.

“I got a cold from sleeping outside,” Hillary coughed in the confessional. She then sneezed and covered the camera lens with copious amounts of viscus fluid.

Bozo sat on the ground. She was still depressed from what Hillary said.

“I’ll be our flag,” Audrey volunteered. The other girls agreed. Niles walked over to the girls, and Audrey went to the boys.

“You can hide your flag at your campsites only,” Nalyd explained. “First flag back here wins immunity and reward! Today you are playing for fishing supplies.”

“We already have that,” Ace said in the confessional. “So we don’t need to win, other than for immunity.”

“If a member of the other team is coming for you flag, do everything in your power to protect it! Go hide your flags!” Nalyd announced.

Bruno carried Audrey above his head and ran out into the woods.

The girls were grabbing onto Niles’ arms to make sure he didn’t run, but he kept pulling away. “Don’t touch me, thank you. Don’t touch me, thank you. Don’t touch me, thank you,” he repeated. Until Jocelyn grabbed his arm and he said, “Well, maybe this once.”

The girls hid Niles in their cabin. The boys tied Audrey to a tree.

“I’ll guard Miles,” Jocelyn volunteered.

“I think I’d do a better job of it,” Susan suggested.

“Think of it this way,” Jocelyn said, putting her arm around Susan’s shoulders. “He likes me, so if I guard he won’t run away. He’s scared of you.”

“Maybe you should both guard,” Jess suggested. “Hillary, you better stay here too. Same with you Bozo. I guess that leaves you and me, Fuega.”

“I can’t leave my best friend in her time of need!” Fuega said, hugging Bozo.

“You’ve known each other for six days. It’s a bit illogical to classify her as your best friend,” Jess said.

Hillary sneezed.

Niles watched silently.

“Well, I’m off,” Jess said as she left the cabin. “Don’t lose too badly without me.”

“This is easy,” Nathaniel said.

“All we have to do is guard,” Elvis reminded him. The other boys had already left to rescues Niles.

“So are the three of us still an alliance?” Audrey asked from atop the tree.

“Yup,” Nathaniel said.

“Cool,” Elvis said hesitantly.

“I still feel a little weird about how Will went,” Elvis said in the confessional. “He deserved it, but maybe not like that.”

Frasier saw Jess near the half way mark. “Well, well, well,” Frasier said, “if it isn’t Dr. Jess.”

“Yeah, so I knew how to get past Frasier,” Jess said in the confessional. “I just needed to use my womanly charms.”

“Wanna make out?” Jess asked.

“Yes!” Frasier said happily.

“Okay, close your eyes,” Jess said. Frasier closed his eyes, and puckered his lips. Jess ran right past Frasier, leaving him and his lips alone in the amazon. Frasier opened one eye and saw Jess was gone.

Frasier looked at the cameraman and said, “You can cut out where she ran away so it seems like we made out, right?”

“Don’t look at the camera, kid,” the cameraman said. Frasier sighed and ran off to look for Niles.

Bruno, Rocky, James, and Ace surrounded the girls’ cabin. They hid behind trees around the cabin. “He’s in there,” James said.

“How can you tell?” Bruno asked.

“See how the door handle is cleaner than the door?” James asked. Bruno, Rocky, and Ace nodded. “He must have wiped it off.”

“What a dork,” Ace said, rolling his eyes.

“On the count of three, we ram the door down,” Bruno said.

Meanwhile, in the cabin, Jocelyn was sitting on a bed next to Niles. Susan sat on the other side of Niles. Fuega, Bozo, and Hillary were all trying to sleep in the separate bedroom. “Don’t worry Miles, they’ll find you soon,” Jocelyn said.

“I don’t mind staying here,” Niles said.

“Susan,” Jocelyn said, “Would you be a dear and get Miles and I some water?”

“Okay,” Susan said. She stood up and walked over to the sink.

“We’re still in an alliance, right Miles?” Jocelyn asked. She put her arm around Niles’ shoulders.

Niles blushed. “Absolutely!” Niles said, nodding his head.

Just then, the door of the girls’ cabin flew open, almost off its hinges. Bruno stood in the doorway. “Charge!” he shouted. He ran in, grabbed Niles, and Jocelyn tagged him. Niles was passed along to Rocky, who was tagged by Jocelyn. Rocky passed it onto Ace, who was then tagged, also by Jocelyn. James took Niles and started running.

“No!” Niles complained. “I was happier there!”

“James, stop!” Jocelyn shouted. “I can’t keep up!” Jocelyn tripped. “Ow, my ankle!” She started crying. James put Niles on the ground and ran to help Jocelyn up. “Thanks, James,” Jocelyn said. She then tagged James.

Frasier was watching from behind a bush. He jumped out, and grabbed Niles. He started dragging Niles back to the finish.

“As soon as it was all up to Frasier and Niles, we were doomed,” Ace said in the confessional.

“You know, Niles,” Frasier panted, “you can run, too.”

Niles jumped to his feet and started running.

Meanwhile, Jess had found Audrey but didn’t have time to free her before being tagged. “Where are the others?” Audrey asked.

“Jocelyn and Susan are guarding,” Jess said, wiping off her glasses. “Bozo is depressed, Fuega couldn’t leave Bozo in her time of need, and Hillary is sick.”

“Ouch,” Elvis said.

Nalyd soon arrived on a segway. “Good news, guys, you just won!” Nalyd announced. “Jess, Audrey; you and the other girls will be joining me at tribal council!”

The boys happily re-united at the challenge field, and then went back to camp, carrying their new nets, fishing poles, cages, and bait.

“I can’t believe we lost again,” Jocelyn said sadly when the Battling Females were all at their cabin.

“So who should we vote off?” Hillary asked. She then sneezed.

“I’m voting for you, Hillary,” Jess said.

“Me too,” Fuega said angrily.

Bozo nodded.

“Wait, wait,” Hillary said. “Let’s vote off Bozo or Jess.”

“Why me?” Jess asked.

“You lost the challenge,” Hillary explained.

“Makes sense to me,” Jocelyn said.

“And Jess is always saying terrible things about all of us,” Hillary said. “I heard her at the romantic dinner. She and Frasier made fun of all of us.”

“Jess, how could you?” Fuega asked.

“You believe her?” Jess asked nervously.

“No,” Fuega said, “not really.”

“I sort of do,” Audrey said. “Even though I wasn’t there. And you won’t be much help later on in challenges.”

“You’re keeping sneezy and Pagliacci here over me?” Jess asked. “Well then we’ll just have to let the chips fall where they may.”

“What did she call me?” Bozo and Hillary asked the girls at the same time.

At tribal council, Nalyd arrived shortly after the girls did. “Sorry,” Nalyd apologized, “My segway broke. Anyway, go cast your votes.”

Jess voted for Hillary. “You’ve had your chance.”

Bozo voted for Jess. “What’s a Pagliacci? Is that like a soup? If you didn’t call me that, I’d be voting for Hillary.”

Hillary voted for Jess, and sneezed. “Darn cold.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Jess. One vote for Hillary. Two votes for Hillary. Two votes for Jess. Three votes for Hillary. Three votes for Jess. The eighth person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is… Jess. Jess, bring me your torch. Jess gave Nalyd her torch and he snuffed it out. “Jess, the tribe has spoken.”

“Give my best to Frasier, guys,” Jess said.

“Well,” Nalyd said when Jess was gone, “we’re getting down in numbers now. There is no room for error. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Seven – “Okay, but if you mess this up, you are going home.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; the girls’ dislike of Hillary left Hillary spending the night outside – in the rain! However, Bozo went into a depression due to Hillary’s comments about her. The boys’ tribe thrived when gathering equipment for the night. Ace formed an alliance with Rocky, but James hasn’t fully decided on whether he’s joining or not. Frasier used his psychological abilities to get inside Bruno’s head. During the challenge, Niles and Audrey were picked to play the role of flags in a game of capture the flag. Nathaniel and Elvis reestablished their alliance with Audrey. The boys won immunity and some awesome fishing gear. The girls were split on voting out Hillary who everyone hated, and Jess who didn’t win the challenge for them; even though Jess was the only girl trying to win. In the end, Jess got the boot. Who will be voted off tonight?

“Do you have anything to say?” Fuega asked Hillary when the Battling Females were inside their cabin.

“I have nothing to say except thanks for letting me in the cabin tonight,” Hillary sad sadly.

“I barely made it out of last night’s vote,” Hillary said in the confessional. “So I think I should probably keep my mouth shut for the rest of the night.”

“How was being a flag, Audrey?” Susan asked.

“It was weird,” Audrey said. “I don’t really plan on being a flag again, though. And they tied me to a tree! But Nathaniel, Elvis, and I got our alliance back together which was cool.”

“You did what?” Jocelyn asked, surprised.

“I mean,” Audrey said, blushing, “I… um… oh…”

“How could you?” Fuega asked.

“I could use this alliance to help us!” Audrey said quickly.

“How so?” Hillary asked weakly.

“I could get them to throw the challenge tomorrow,” Audrey said. “And then we would be safe.”

“Okay, but if you mess this up,” Jocelyn said, “You are going home.”

“It’s so hard being on this tribe,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “There are no boys to flirt with, and really, when the merge comes I will need more than James and Miles.”

“I miss Niles,” Susan said in the confessional. “I still like him, and yesterday he was all over Jocelyn! She is the only person I’ve ever hated in my whole life! Well, I don’t really hate her. Hate’s a strong word you know!”

“Maybe it wasn’t so smart to tell my team about the alliance,” Audrey said in the confessional. “But maybe that will help me! I hope.”

Despite having new fishing equipment, the Alpha Males were starving. There were all sitting around their fire pit, which Elvis had made, except for Niles who wasn’t feeling well and had gone to bed early.

“I’m sick of fish,” Rocky sad sadly.

“Same here,” Ace said.

“I concur,” Frasier said, nodding his head.

“I can catch a pig,” James said.

“You can?” Bruno asked.

“Sure, I’m just gonna need that fishing net and a hook,” James said.

Bruno and Elvis handed James a net and hook. They all looked around for a wild hog that they could catch. “I see one,” Bruno said.

James tip-toed up to the pig and caught it in the net. “Quick, y’all, give me the hooks!”

“I don’t know how James killed the pig but it worked,” Ace said in the confessional. “He says the pig wouldn’t have felt anything. And besides, that pig didn’t exactly look like it was gonna live much longer.”

James, Ace, and Bruno were setting up a way to cook the pig. The decided to tie it to a stick and roast it rotisserie style. “Hey guys,” Niles said as he emerged from the hut. “What’s going-” He paused and saw the pig cooking. Niles screamed like a little girl, and passed out.

The next day, the two tribes went down to the challenge field. There was a small cabin next to Nalyd. “Welcome back, final fourteen,” Nalyd said. “The new Battling Females tribe is here, Jess voted out last night.”

“Well this stinks,” Frasier said in the confessional. “The only girl out here who I like gets voted off. I know she probably got blind-sided, but this still stinks.”

“Today’s challenge,” Nalyd said, “is a swimming challenge! Before I get into the details, the Alpha Males need to sit two boys out. And you can’t sit out Niles since he sat out yesterday.”

“I think Hillary gave me her cold,” Niles said sadly in the confessional. He then sneezed. “Germs!”

“Could I sit out?” Elvis asked.

“I would also like to sit out,” Nathaniel said. “With my arm still in the cast for a few days, I’ll be useless in this challenge.”

“Works for me,” Rocky said.

“Go change in this cabin,” Nalyd explained. “Don’t worry we got all your bathing suits inside. We had Bob the Leprechaun find everyone’s luggage and get them.”

One by one everyone changed into their bathing suits and waited for Nalyd to explain the challenge. “Now to explain the challenge,” Nalyd said. “Is a swimming race! Whichever three swimmers can swim across the river we’re going to will move on to round two.” A bus driven by Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome picked everyone up, and brought them to a near-by river. “This river,” Nalyd shouted of the rapids, “Is going Twenty miles an hour! So you can use the ropes tied to both ends of the river! Go!”

The boys and girls crowded the two ropes. Bruno and Susan were in the lead. Niles and Hillary were both struggling with their colds.

“I’m terrified of water,” Fuega said in the confessional. “It’s just not right!”

Fuega sat on the shore in the fetal position. Bozo sat beside her, still depressed. Hillary realized that if Bozo got in the water, the girls had a shot. “Bozo,” Hillary called weakly. “You need to try and win! You are a great clown! You are the only clown that didn’t scare me!”

“Really?” Bozo asked.

“Yes,” Hillary said. “I’m sorry I said you weren’t a good clown and I’ll never say something like that ever again! Just go do the challenge.”

“I’ll do it!” Bozo decided. She jumped into the water and started pulling herself across the rope; she ended up in second place on the rope.

“I saw we were losing,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “So I had an idea!”

Jocelyn jumped from the rope. “Help!” she shouted. “I’m drowning!” Niles, James, Bruno, Ace, and Audrey all jumped to save Jocelyn. “Audrey, what are you doing?”

Audrey realized all the guys jumped because they liked Jocelyn. “To… save… a teammate…” Audrey said awkwardly. The boys brought Jocelyn to shore, but realized only Frasier, and Rocky were still going for the guys. Rocky was leading the boys and was almost to the end. Susan was leading the girls, with Bozo right behind her.

“Audrey,” Nathaniel whispered once Audrey was back on land. Audrey walked over to Audrey. “Listen, you need to get into a good alliance. Find the weakest most desperate people and get them allied with you.”

“Okay, I’ll try,” Audrey said. “Fuega and Bozo hate Hillary, and Susan might vote with me if I can convince her to do so.”

Susan was the first person to get to the other side of the river, followed by Rocky, then Bozo. Frank the Gnome pulled everyone else out of the water, while Bob the Leprechaun set up three separate ropes to use. “Congrats to Rocky, Susan, and Bozo for moving on to round two,” Nalyd said. “Now, the first person across to the other side wins immunity for their team and the reward; all the pizza you can eat!”

“You better win this!” Hillary shouted to Susan and Bozo. Hillary then broke into a coughing fit.

“Go!” Nalyd shouted. Rocky took the lead by getting into the water first. Susan and Bozo followed in hot pursuit.

“Rocky, you can do it man!” Bruno shouted.

“Go, Bozo!” Fuega cheered.

“Come on, Susan!” Audrey called out to Susan.

“Activate the piranhas,” Nalyd said into a walkie-talkie. Suddenly, thirty-seven piranhas swam towards the swimming contestants.

“It’s gonna eat me!” Rocky screamed. He accidentally let go of the rope, and the river made him crash into Bozo, who then fell off her rope. Bozo was swept away, but helped out by Bruno. Rocky grabbed onto Bozo’s rope and continued.

A piranha bit Susan’s ankle. “Ouch!” she shrieked. She let go of the rope, and a medic jumped in and got her out of the water. The medic looked at Susan’s ankle, but just saw a couple scratches and a few cuts. They bandaged her foot, told her not to walk on it too much for two days, and then left.

“The Alpha Males win by default!” Nalyd announced.

“But we got an injury, Nalyd,” Jocelyn protested.

“I don’t see your point,” Nalyd said.

“Are you okay, Susan?” Niles asked.

“I’m fine now,” Susan said dreamily.

“Oh, cool,” Niles said. He then immediately turned to Jocelyn. “And are you okay?”

“I’m fine as long as you’re here,” Jocelyn giggled.

“Jocelyn is so hot!” Niles said in the confessional. He then went on for ten minutes about how hot Jocelyn was.

“Okay teams,” Nalyd said, “Alpha Males, you win. Go back to camp and enjoy your pizza. Battling Females, tonight, for the third night in a row, you will be coming down to tribal council.”

“So who should we vote off tonight?” Bozo asked.

“Not Susan, she just got hurt,” Audrey said.

“But now she’s useless,” Jocelyn said.

“Jocelyn has a point,” Hillary said.

“I can’t be voted off!” Susan said in the confessional. “I can’t leave without telling Niles how I feel!”

“Guys, maybe I won’t have to stand in the next few challenges,” Susan said. “I say we vote off Jocelyn! She has the guys wrapped around her little finger.”

“And let’s not forget that Audrey here has an alliance with the other team,” Hillary said.

“Girls!” Fuega shouted. “We clearly can’t agree on whom to vote out, so how about we just let the chips fall where they may!”

“Fine,” Audrey said sadly.

“Three nights in a row hurts,” Hillary said. “But tonight I’m not a target, so I don’t care.”

The Battling Females went to Tribal Council. “Welcome back, ladies,” Nalyd snickered. “Three night in a row. Ouch! Anyway, go cast your votes.”

Jocelyn voted for Susan. “I’ve been waiting to do this for days.”

Susan voted for Jocelyn. “I’ve been waiting to do this for days.”

Hillary voted for Audrey. “You are a betrayal waiting to happen.” Hillary sneezed.

Audrey voted for Hillary. “You are mean and bossy. Besides, your cold is gonna get everyone sick.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He pulled a piece of paper out of the container and read it. “Susan. One vote for Susan.” He read another one. “Jocelyn. One vote for Susan, and one vote for Jocelyn. Audrey. One vote for Susan, one for Jocelyn, and one for Audrey. Hillary. One vote for Susan, Jocelyn, Audrey, and Hillary. Audrey. One vote for Susan, Jocelyn, and Hillary, and two votes for Audrey.” Nalyd pulled out the final vote. “The ninth person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is… Audrey. Audrey, bring me your torch.” Audrey brought Nalyd her torch and he snuffed it. “Audrey, the tribe has spoken.”

“I’ll miss you all!” Audrey said happily. “I loved you all!” Everyone looked at her blankly. “No! Like in a sisterly way!”

“Just leave,” Hillary said. Audrey left.

“Three nights in a row, you girls have come here and voted,” Nalyd said. “Sounds like the guys are a bit overdue. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Eight – “Tonight is the night everyone writes down your name.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Audrey started to dig her own grave after she accidentally told the Battling Females tribe that she was part of an alliance in the Alpha Males tribe. The guys bonded more over a pig roast. At the challenge, Nathaniel tried to help Audrey out by telling her how to form an alliance on her own tribe. The Alpha Males won their third challenge in a row. The Battling Females booted Audrey out for allying with the boys. With the tribes having eight people to five, do the girls still stand a chance? How long can the boys stay united? Who will be voted off tonight?

“So who are we voting off tomorrow night?” Hillary asked when the Battling Females got back to their campsite and were all in their cabin. “We might as well plan now.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Susan said hopefully. “If we work at it as a team, we can totally win!”

“You keep telling yourself that,” Jocelyn said.

“Fuega, Bozo, don’t you two think we can win tomorrow?” Susan asked.

“I can win this if it’s a fire challenge!” Fuega said excitedly.

“I am like the challenge queen or something so I know we’ll win,” Bozo laughed.

“Hillary, Jocelyn,” Susan said, “just try hard tomorrow and we can all win!”

“Yeah, that’ll help,” Jocelyn said sarcastically.

Susan started humming to herself. Fuega recognized the tune and hummed along, so did Bozo.

“What are you doing?” Hillary asked.

“They’re being dorks,” Jocelyn said.

“Don’t stop believing,” Susan, Fuega, and Bozo sang in unison. “Hold onto that feeling!”

“I’m not singing!” Hillary shouted.

Before she could catch herself, Jocelyn was humming along. “Just a lonely girl!” she sang, putting her arms around the other three singing girls.

“Are we gonna win tomorrow?” Susan asked Jocelyn.

“You know it!” Jocelyn said happily.

“Are we gonna win tomorrow?” Bozo asked Hillary.

“Yes we are,” Hillary muttered.

“What?” Fuega asked.

Hillary smiled. “Yes we are!” The five girls all sang until they went to bed.

“I’m feeling pretty confident,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “Who knew Susan could do something right?”

“The girls are getting along!” Susan said happily in the confessional. “This almost makes up for the hurt ankle. Bozo helped me get back to camp which was so nice. The medics say my ankle say my ankle won’t be hurt for long, and then I can walk again.”

The Alpha Males, however, were in completely an opposite scenario from the Battling Females. After returning to camp and filling up on pizza, the guys sat around the fire pit. “I deserve to lead the tribe,” Rocky said. “I lead the Rampaging Piranhas and we only lost once.”

“We’ve all only lost once,” Niles reminded him. “James and I haven’t been to a tribal council in six days.”

“I should lead,” Ace said. “I’ve been all over the world.”

“Your sandbox doesn’t count!” Frasier shouted. “And I should be leader! Who amongst us has not at some point rooted for the under dogs? I could be that under dog leader destined to come out on top!”

“Let’s nominate Elvis while we’re at it,” Bruno said. “I’m the strongest, I deserve to lead.”

“What if whoever does best in tomorrow’s challenge becomes our leader?” Nathaniel suggested.

“Makes sense to me,” Elvis said.

“That’s a swell idea,” James said as he high-fived Nathaniel.

“Yeah, fine,” Ace, Bruno, Rocky, and Frasier agreed.

“I can’t wait,” Ace said in the confessional.

“To see the look on their faces,” Bruno laughed in the confessional.

“When they lose,” Rocky snickered in the confessional.

“And I win!” Frasier said happily in the confessional. “I wonder if the others are thinking the same thing I am. No, they are probably thinking, ‘Oh no! Frasier is going to beat us!’ At least they should be thinking that.”

The next day, the two tribes returned to the challenge field and saw many large crates there. “Welcome back tribes,” Nalyd said. “Last night, Audrey was voted out. Today you will be facing your worst fears and nightmares for the challenge!”

“I know I’ve been doing okay without music,” Elvis said, “but I just have to keep myself preoccupied.”

“How do you know our fears?” Frasier asked.

“You kids filled them out on your applications! Duh!” Nalyd said. “Guys, sit out three people.”

“I’ll sit out,” Niles said.

“I will too,” Nathaniel volunteered.

“You sat out yesterday, dude. Are you sure?” Elvis asked.

“I’ll be fine,” Nathaniel said.

“And I will sit out,” James said after nobody else volunteered.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “James, Nathaniel, and Niles will sit out of the challenge! Girl, you are up first!”

“Bring it on!” Fuega shouted.

“If you say so,” Nalyd shrugged. He sprayed Fuega with a water gun, as she feared water.

Fuega fell to the ground. “Is that all you got?” she asked. The girls cheered for her.

“One point for the girls!” Nalyd said as he opened up another crate. He pulled out hair dye removal and make up removal from the box. “Bozo! Your fear is being normal, so Bob the Leprechaun is going to be giving you a make over!”

“You can do it, Bozo!” Fuega said.

Bob the Leprechaun climbed a step ladder and started applying the hair dye and make up removal on Bozo’s head. “Tricked you,” Bozo said, “I was born looking like this!”

“That’s just wrong,” Jocelyn said.

“But that’s a point for the girls’ team!” Nalyd said. “Susan, you are up! And your fear is scary movies.” Bob the Leprechaun set up a projector and a white screen to show the movie on. He started playing “The Reality Show Killer Three: This Time it’s Personal.” “We got the director’s cut with thirty more killings and seventy-two more gallons of blood,” Nalyd laughed.

Within two minutes, Susan was passed out on the ground, and as white as a sheet. “Is she okay?” Fuega asked.

“I don’t know, probably,” Nalyd said, sounding bored with it. “Jocelyn is up! You said on your application that you fear being ugly so-”

“Not gonna happen, Nalyd,” Jocelyn said.

“If I wasn’t hot, I would have no control over the guys,” Jocelyn said. “And I think that today, I’m going to need that more than before.”

“Okay then,” Nalyd said, sounding disappointed. “Hillary’s fears are messing up, capybaras, and rabid grizzly bears. Now which are we going to pick?”

Suddenly, a large capybara jumped out of nowhere and tackled Hillary. “Get it off of me!” Hillary shouted. Before Bob the Leprechaun could do so, Hillary started laughing. The capybara was licking her face. “It’s not scary! It’s cute!”

“That’s three points for the girls!” Nalyd said. “Ace, you can go first.”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Ace said.

“Really?” Nalyd asked. “Then step inside that big crate over there with the ladder next to it and the lid off. I dare you.”

“I’ve fought with Australians who could bench press five hundred pounds,” Ace laughed.

“You did not!” Frasier shouted angrily.

Ace jumped into the crate. “What is this?” Ace asked casually.

“Just snakes,” Nalyd laughed.

“Oh, just – did you say snakes?” Ace asked. He looked down and saw the snakes swirling around him in the crate. “Snakes!” Ace jumped out and started crying.

“It looks like you won’t be our leader,” Frasier laughed.

“Next up is Bruno,” Nalyd said. “Bruno here is afraid of laziness… Really dude? What are you, Bob Harper?”

“Never compare me to him!” Bruno growled.

“Anyway,” Nalyd said, “We have a video of Rob from last season at a gym.”

“Good luck, big guy,” Frasier laughed. Bruno started watching the tape where Susan had tried to watch the movie. The video showed Rob waddle around a gym, fall asleep on a treadmill, bench pres a quarter of a pound, and get stuck in the exit door.

“That was terrifying,” Bruno said, “but I watched it!”

“Way to go, Bruno,” Elvis said happily.

“That’s one point for the Alpha Males tribe,” Nalyd said. “Next is Rocky. Rocky is afraid of not being perfect. So we put together a video of every person he’s ever met diminishing him, and clips of him humiliating himself!”

“I’d rather not,” Rocky blushed.

“Are you sure?” Nalyd asked.

Rocky looked at the other guys glaring at him. “Yes, I’m sure.”

“Okay, Elvis, you are up, dude!” Nalyd said.

“Nalyd,” Elvis interrupted. “For the past week I’ve survived without my iPod, so I don’t know what you have for me, but I will overcome it!” Nalyd tipped over a crate and out poured hundreds of new state of the art iPods. “Gotta have them!” Elvis shouted. He jumped for the iPods only to have and intern shoved him out of the way.

“All these iPods can be yours now,” Nalyd said, “if you drop out of the contest!”

“This is so tempting it isn’t even funny,” Elvis said. He picked up an iPod, then threw it on the ground and crushed it under his foot.

Elvis sat in the confessional, crying.

“That’s two points total for the Alpha Males,” Nalyd said. “Now it’s all up to Frasier. Frasier, you had one of the most pathetic fears ever; corruption.”

“So what challenge do you have for me?” Frasier asked.

“We don’t have one,” Nalyd explained. “We considered moving you to a more dictator oriented country, but that would cost a lot. Well, the girls win immunity!”

“That’s unfair!” Frasier shouted. “I can’t believe this!”

“See, now you lose, Frasier,” Nalyd said.

“Pardon?” Frasier asked.

“You see,” Nalyd explained. “It was unfair of us just to go ahead and declare the girls were the winners, so if you handled it well you won, and if you didn’t you lost. And, well, you didn’t handle it well. The Battling Females win immunity! Alpha Males see you tonight!”

“Told you we would win!” Bozo said, hugging her teammates.

“I knew we could do it,” Hillary said, rolling her eyes.

When the Alpha Males returned to camp, the first thing they did was cast a private ballot for who should be their captain between Bruno and Elvis; the only two to complete the challenge. “There were five votes,” Frasier said, “for Elvis. And three for Bruno. Elvis is our new team captain!”

“You guys voted for me?” Elvis asked. “Why?”

“Because you’ve been facing your fear all this time,” Nathaniel said. “And you could have left and been perfectly happy, but you stayed here with us.”

“So who should we vote out, captain?” Ace asked.

“If he says the wrong person, he becomes a target,” Ace said. “It’s as simple as that! Then he goes!”

“I would say,” Elvis said, “Frasier.”

“Why me?” Frasier asked.

“You made rude comments to everyone when they were going to try to face their fear,” Elvis said. “It’s like you wanted us to lose.”

“I would never wish that on you guys!” Frasier said.

“I believe you, Frasier,” Niles said. “We psychiatrists need to stick together!”

“Thank you, Niles,” Frasier said. “Would anybody else care to vote out, say, I don’t know, Nathaniel? He has a broken arm for Pete’s sake!”

“You have a point,” Bruno said. “And he’s a sneaky little nerd.”

“Other than my left arm, I’m a beast in challenges!” Nathaniel defended himself.

“You’ve sat out of three or so challenges,” Rocky said. “You’re done.”

“I’m sorry, Nathaniel,” Frasier whispered as the boys were walking to Tribal Council. “But tonight is the night everyone writes down your name.”

“It’s gonna be weird going to tribal council after a week of being safe,” James said. “But I’m confident. Nobody planned on voting me out.”

That night, the Alpha Males went to their first Tribal Council. “Welcome, Alpha Males,” Nalyd said. “Tonight you will vote and one of you will leave the game forever. The wrong decision could end up costing you the million dollars! Anyway, go cast your votes!”

Frasier voted for Nathaniel. “You can’t win if you don’t do challenges. It’s as simple as that.”

Ace voted for Frasier. “Now who is going to sit around and say I’m a liar? You know the truth, Frasier. Accept it!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said once everyone voted. Nalyd pulled out one piece of paper at a time, and read the name aloud from the paper. “One vote for Nathaniel. Two votes for Nathaniel. One vote for Frasier. Three votes for Nathaniel.”

“Get ready to go back to your mother’s basement,” Bruno whispered to Nathaniel.

“Two votes for Frasier. Three votes for Frasier. Four votes for Frasier,” Nalyd said. “There are four votes for Frasier, three votes for Nathaniel, and one vote left. The tenth person voted out of Total Drama Amazon is… Frasier. Frasier, bring me your torch.” Frasier brought Nalyd his torch. “Frasier, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed Frasier’s torch.

“Good night, boys,” Frasier said. He turned and started walking away. “Seattle, I’m coming home.”

“Twelve people left,” Nalyd said. “The merge will be coming soon. I suggest you get ready. But the rest of you are safe for now. So, all of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Nine - “One minute he was up and making fire, the next thing he went in head first!”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Susan reunited the Battling Females tribe and raised their spirits. The Alpha Males had a rift caused when many of the guys wanted to be in charge. At the challenge some faced their fears, while others failed. The Battling Females finally won a challenge. The Alpha Males decided that Elvis would be the tribe leader. As his first act, Elvis got the team to vote out Frasier. Who will be voted out tonight?

“Whoa! What happened?” Rocky shouted when the Alpha Males returned to their tribes.

“We get back and half the pizza we won the other day is gone,” James said in the confessional.

“This stinks,” Bruno said.

“I know, dude,” Rocky said.

“No, really, it stinks here,” Bruno said.

Nathaniel sniffed the air. “It smells worse than Bowser’s castle in-”

“Nathaniel, wait,” Elvis said. He looked behind a bush and turned pale. “Stay away from the bush, guys, trust me on this.”

“Maybe we should set up a rationing system for the rest of the food and a guard system to keep animals away,” Ace suggested.

“Good idea, Ace,” Elvis said. Elvis, Nathaniel, and Niles started working on dividing the remaining food.

“You only made six rations, y’all,” James said, “Last time I checked there were seven of us.” James started counting everyone. “Wait, there is only six!”

“You forgot yourself, James,” Niles sneered.

“Man, why do you have to do that?” James asked Niles.

“Do what?” Niles asked.

“Since day one you’ve looked down on me,” James said. “You rich folk may think a farm boy is lame, but I, sir, am not lame! I am strong and kind and have plenty of friends. I don’t need a rich psychiatrist-wannabe looking down on me, sir.”

“How do you know I’m rich?” Niles asked.

“You talk in your sleep,” James said. “We all know that you also had a traumatic incident at a county fair, you have a crush on Jocelyn, and your favorite tie is your navy blue one.”

Niles looked hurt. “That pig had no right to attack me, she’s hot, and the tie is truly amazing worn with the right suit. And maybe the reason I don’t like you is because I’m jealous!”

James looked surprised. “Jealous?”

“Yes, jealous,” Niles said. “You get along with everyone and you aren’t afraid to work and everything you do is just things I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t because… I was raised to think it was below me.”

“First thing tomorrow,” James said, putting his arm around Niles’ shoulders, “You and me are gonna do some fishing.”

“Sounds delightful,” Niles said happily.

The guys, minus Elvis, ate their dinner and went into the hut to go to sleep. Nathaniel woke up in the middle of the night and saw Elvis still awake. Elvis was sitting in front of a fire that wasn’t lit when Nathaniel had gone to sleep. “Elvis, what are you doing?” Nathaniel whispered.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Elvis said. “That’s two people now I voted off that didn’t deserve to go the way they did.”

“Are you saying you would have voted me off?” Nathaniel asked.

“That’s exactly what I am saying,” Elvis said. He stood up. “I am out of your alliance. Nothing but bad things have happened to every member. ‘Spazz’ was always a mess, and Audrey got booted because of it. I’m out.”

“Very well,” Nathaniel said. “I think in the next twenty-four hours you’ll regret not taking the iPods at the challenge.”

In the morning, Elvis looked sick in the confessional. “I haven’t eaten since before yesterday’s challenge, and I haven’t slept. I stayed up all night to make sure no animals came to our campsite.”

The Battling Females were all blissfully unaware of the web of evil being spun by Jocelyn.

“I had a plan to make an alliance with every girl on the team,” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

Jocelyn was outside getting firewood with Fuega. Jocelyn was “supervising” as Fuega carried the wood. “Fuega, how about we have an alliance?” Jocelyn asked. “I’m hot, you love fire, this would work great!”

“Can Bozo be in it?” Fuega asked.

“Of course!” Jocelyn said. She hugged Fuega.

“Bozo was just as easy,” Jocelyn laughed in the confessional. “I know Susan doesn’t like me since she can’t have her precious Miles. Now I just need Hillary.”

Jocelyn and Hillary were alone in the cabin. “Hillary, you’re a girl with brains, right?” Jocelyn asked.

“Cut the crud,” Hillary said. “What do you want?”

“I want an alliance, you and me,” Jocelyn said.

“That’s only two votes,” Hillary said.

“I’ve got Bozo and Fuega in, too,” Jocelyn said.

“You have a deal,” Hillary said.

“I’m just playing her,” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

“She has no idea I’m just using her!” Hillary laughed in the confessional.

Meanwhile, Susan was with the medics. “Susan,” a tall, African medic said. “It appears your ankle is recovering wonderfully and we will be taking the cast off after the next challenge.”

“Great!” Susan said. “Thank you so much.” Susan hugged the man. The medic took a wheelchair and brought Susan back to camp.

The next day, the two tribes came to the challenge field. “Welcome back tribes,” Nalyd said. “Battling Females, you can get your first look at the new Alpha Males tribe; Frasier voted off at the last tribal council. Today we will test what you learned the past nine days. Today you have to make fire.”

“We’re doomed,” Rocky said in the confessional. “They’ve got Fuega, who is as hot as the fire that she makes all the time.”

“Fire!” Fuega shouted.

“As you can see, there are two fire pits next to me,” Nalyd said. “Nothing but sand in them so we don’t burn anything but wood you gotta go find yourselves.”

“We just gotta make a fire? That’s it?” Ace asked.

“That’s right,” Nalyd said. “But, you see next to the fire pits are the usual poles with the rope that goes across the fire pit. You know the drill, get the fire high enough to burn it! The winning tribe gets a catered dinner and you get to keep all the leftovers! That’s dinner for the next seven days, counting today. Go!”

“Guys, get me any wood!” Fuega said. The girls ran off to get wood.

“Who is the best at making fire?” Elvis asked the Alpha Males.

“I think you are,” Nathaniel said.

“Okay then, the rest of you, get wood!” Elvis said. He stumbled backwards, but regained his balance.

“Elvis, are you sure you want to do this?” Ace asked, sounding concerned.

“I’m… I’m… I’m fine,” Elvis said weakly. “Just go.” Ace shrugged and left with the rest of the team to get firewood.

Before long, both tribes had returned to give their respective fire starter wood. Elvis had gotten a fire going first.

“Way to go, dude!” Ace said.

“Well done,” Nathaniel commented.

Soon, however, Fuega had caught up. “Go, Fuega!” Susan said happily.

“I’ve got this,” Fuega laughed.

A lot of smoke was coming from Elvis’ fire. Elvis started panting after trying to get another spark going.

“Elvis, you just have to – Oh my God!” Rocky shouted. The next thing the guys knew, Elvis had passed out, and rolled onto the fire.

“Medic! Medic!” Nalyd shouted. Two medics were soon on the scene and had put out the fire. Elvis wasn’t moving, but he was just passed out.

“I don’t understand,” Ace said in the confessional. “One minute he was up and making fire, the next thing he went in head first!”

The medics put Elvis on his back and onto a stretcher, and carried him away. Everyone saw the burn marks on his shirt and some of where the fire had burned his chest.

“Listen up guys,” Nalyd said, getting everyone’s attention. “Elvis passed out from inhaling smoke, and tumbled into the fire, as you saw. Luckily, his shirt took more of the burn than him, and it’s just his chest that hurt. The medics have determined that lack of food and sleep may have contributed to this. Anyway, the Battling Females win since their fire reached the string while we weren’t looking! Sorry guys, but you are going to have to vote tonight. And we already got Elvis’ vote.”

“The fire didn’t reach the string,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “I ripped the string while nobody was looking!”

“It’s hard to enjoy this reward with Elvis all burnt,” Susan said in the confessional.

“Poor guy,” Hillary said sadly as the Battling Females returned to camp.

“This is just great,” Ace said when the Alpha Males returned to their campsite. “It reminds me of the time I rescued a baby giant panda from a volcano.” Nobody responded.

“So, I hate to be the one to bring it up,” Nathaniel said, “but I think we need to talk about voting.”

“I’m voting for Elvis,” Bruno said. “He won’t be very helpful now.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say!” Niles said.

“That’s not cool,” Rocky said.

“Niles, Rocky, can I see you guys for a second?” Nathaniel asked. Niles and Rocky stepped away from the conversation to talk with Nathaniel. “I think the three of us should form an alliance, and then vote off Bruno.”

“I’ll join,” Niles said.

“Me too,” Rocky said.

“I know I’m in that alliance with Ace,” Rocky said in the confessional, “but with just the two of us, we can’t do much.”

“James,” Ace said. James walked over to Ace, who was behind one of the huts. “I really think that even if you don’t want to be part of my alliance, you should vote for Bruno with me.”

“Why, though?” James asked.

“He wants to vote for somebody who almost died today, and the merge will be soon. Who wants to go up against him?” Ace asked.

“That’s a good idea,” James said.

That night at Tribal Council, Bob the Leprechaun stood where Nalyd usually did. “Listen up,” Bob the Leprechaun said. “Nalyd is still with that music freak so I’m doing the vote reading! What are you looking at, cowboy?”

“Sorry,” James said, “It’s just that I thought you’d have an Irish accent. Sorry, sir.”

“Go cast your votes!” Bob shouted.

Bruno voted for Elvis. “You will now pay for what you did to Will.”

Nathaniel voted for Bruno. “If you fell in the fire tonight, I wouldn’t be voting for you.”

Bob the Leprechaun got the vote canister, and added Elvis’ vote. “One vote for music boy. One vote for muscles. Two votes for music boy. Two – three votes for muscles. The eleventh person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is-”

“Elvis!” Everyone turned and saw Nalyd running up to Tribal Council. “The eleventh person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is Elvis.” Everyone gasped. “The injuries were so bad that he needs to leave.”

“Can we say good-bye?” Nathaniel asked.

“No, he’s in a helicopter now,” Nalyd said. “Today’s been a long day. All of you, head back to camp.”

Elvis was awake in the helicopter. He was still on the stretcher and he was breathing heavily. “I tried too hard to be a good leader,” Elvis said. He coughed. “What could be worse than this? That’s why I couldn’t vote off any of my team. I should have taken the iPods yesterday… No, I shouldn’t have. I’m better than that. I can leave with my integrity. I think these burns represent all those people Nathaniel did and will continue to eliminate, all because of me.”

Chapter Ten - “So we made it to the merge?”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; The Alpha Males picked Elvis to be their team captain. Elvis later ended his alliance with Nathaniel. Jocelyn formed individual alliances with Bozo, Fuega, and Hillary. At the challenge, Elvis pushed too hard to make a fire, and ended up falling into the fire, getting some serious burns. Even though the Alpha Males voted off Bruno, Elvis had to go because of doctor’s orders. Can Jocelyn maintain all her alliances? Can the Alpha Males rise to the occasion and prove they deserve their name? Who will be voted off tonight?

Bruno walked with the rest of the Alpha Males back to their campsite in silence. One, because he felt betrayed. Two, because their captain just got evacuated. Everyone was just looking around at each other, not talking. Nathaniel’s eyes met Niles’ and Rocky’s. Nathaniel tilted his head in a direction away from camp. The three went in that direction.

“We gotta talk strategy guys,” Nathaniel said. “So right now, do either of you have somebody else that will vote with us?”

“James and I are friends now,” Niles said. “He’d probably vote with us.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Rocky said, nodding his head. “Ace has James and me in an alliance with him.”

“Okay, great,” Nathaniel said. “Looks like we have everyone but Bruno.”

“Ace has to go,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “He has three people in his alliance, and one of them, Rocky, is in mine! So if Ace goes, Rocky will have to stick with my alliance.”

“Do you guys think the merge will be today?” Bruno asked the rest of the Alpha Males.

“Probably,” Ace said. “That’s why I voted for you. I thought that the merge will be today.” Ace realized that he had just revealed his vote. “Oh, sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” Bruno said. “But there are no promises I’ll stick with you guys, then.”

James lit a fire. “I’m gonna miss Elvis,” he said.

“Me too,” Nathaniel said when he returned to camp. “He was a good ally.” Bruno glared at Nathaniel.

“Nathaniel has to be next to go,” Bruno said in the confessional. “I just need to think of how to convince the other guys!”

The Battling Females were celebrating Susan getting the cast off her ankle. “I can walk again,” Susan said happily. She started walking as Fuega and Bozo clapped for her.

“This is great,” Bozo laughed.

“I bet we can win tomorrow,” Jocelyn smiled.

“Me too,” Susan said. “We’re on fire!”

Fuega froze. “Did you say fire?” she asked. She jumped up and grabbed some matches. She lit a match. “Must… burn… something…”

“Fuega!” Hillary shouted. “Put the match down!”

“If you insist!” Fuega laughed. She threw the match onto the cabin floor. The girls ran out as the cabin lit on fire. Soon, the whole cabin and all of its content was burned down.

“Fuega!” Hillary shouted.

The Alpha Males looked up as the scream echoed. “Did y’all hear something?” James asked.

“Probably just a monkey,” Ace shrugged.

“Now we have to sleep outside,” Hillary growled.

“In retrospect I could have used better words,” Susan sighed.

Fuega smiled awkwardly. “My bad, girls!”

The next day, the two tribes returned to the challenge field. “The Battling Females,” Nalyd said, “are getting their first look at the new Alpha Males tribe; Elvis evacuated last night. Starting after the challenge, you will all be living at the Alpha Males camp.” Everyone cheered.

“So we made it to the merge?” Ace asked.

“No,” Nalyd said. “Just living together. Because thanks to little miss hot-head here,” he pointed at Fuega, “the girls need to stay somewhere! Ready to get to today’s challenge?” Nobody cheered. “Today we will have three extreme challenges! We were gonna do five, but our producers wouldn’t give us the budget. First up, Alpha Males sit somebody out.”

“I volunteer,” Bruno said.

“They were going to vote me out anyway,” Bruno said. “So I don’t need to help them.”

“Okay,” Nalyd said. “Now one person from each team can volunteer for the first challenge.”

“I’ll do it,” Susan volunteered.

“I guess I will too,” Niles said when none of the other Alpha Males volunteered.

“Okay,” Nalyd said. Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome brought out a large box. “Both of you will be put in this box and buried! First one press the eject button in the box loses. If you both last six hours, you both get a point for your team!”

“Six whole hours with Niles!” Susan said happily in the confessional. “What could be better?”

Susan and Niles went into the box. Bob the Leprechaun started digging a hole.

“Now three people from each team,” Nalyd said as a helicopter landed next to him, “Come with me!” Nalyd, Jocelyn, Bozo, Hillary, Ace, James, and Rocky got onto the helicopter. “The six of you will be jumping out of this helicopter!” He handed them each a parachute pack. “Pull the red chord to activate the parachute! Go!”

“Awesome!” Ace shouted as he jumped out. He was followed by Bozo. The two pulled their respective cords and their parachutes activated.

“I’m not doing this!” Jocelyn shouted.

James slapped himself in the face. “You can do this, James!” he said to himself. He began running out, but tripped, bringing Jocelyn out with him. The two clung to each other screaming. “I love you!” James shouted.

“I love me, too!” Jocelyn cried. James pulled the cord on his backpack, and he and Jocelyn floated down.

When the two were on the ground James said to Jocelyn, “Jocelyn, about what I said up there, I was just playing it up for the cameras.”

“I know,” Jocelyn laughed.

“I can’t do this,” Hillary said.

“Me too,” Rocky said.

“You sure?” Nalyd asked. Rocky and Hillary nodded. The helicopter landed. “Two points for both teams!”

Meanwhile, Susan and Niles were underground in the closed box. “I think we’re going to die,” Niles said. “I can see worms crawling past the box! This is the end!”

“Niles,” Susan said, “Calm down. It won’t do us any good to get all worked up.”

“Then what should we do?”

“Wanna make out?”



“What if I die?” Niles asked sadly. “I’ll never see Jocelyn’s sweet smiling face again!”

“Niles, she’s evil,” Susan said.

“What makes you say that?” Niles asked surprised.

“She uses her looks to control all the guys. She’s mean. She thinks your name is Miles!”

“Niles is just a difficult name to remember.”

“Niles,” Susan said sadly. “I don’t want her to hurt you.”

“She won’t,” Niles said. “I know she won’t.”

After a few hours of waiting, Susan and Niles made it through the buried alive challenge. They were happily reunited with their teams. “Now,” Nalyd said, “Both teams need to pick another person for challenge three!”

“I’ll do it,” Fuega said.

“I feel bad about burning down the cabin,” Fuega said in the confessional. “So I’ll take one for the team on this one.”

“I’ll do this one,” Nathaniel said.

“Tomorrow I get my cast off,” Nathaniel said. “So I figure that I should do this challenge so that I am not a target again.”

Nalyd handed Fuega and Nathaniel each a bag. “In these bags are puzzle pieces,” Nalyd explained. “Both of you will try to put the puzzle together. It will spell out a phrase. Go!”

Fuega and Nathaniel started untying the bags. They each got all the pieces out and started putting them together. After a minute, Fuega had spelled out “IMMUNITY” and Nathaniel had gotten “WON IMMUN.”

“You can do it, Fuega,” Bozo said.

Fuega then put together, “YOU HA.”

“It was difficult to put the puzzle together with one arm,” Nathaniel said in the confessional. “But I think I did pretty well!”

Nathaniel put together “HAVE WON IMMUNITY.” “Three letters left,” Nathaniel left. He put together the “Y,” “O,” and “U.” “I got it!” Nathaniel shouted.

Nalyd walked over and read the puzzle aloud. “You have won immunity,” Nalyd said. “Alpha Males win immunity!” The Alpha Males cheered. “Now all of you go to the Alpha Males’ camp. Battling Females, see you tonight.”

“This is home,” James said when the final eleven returned to the Alpha Males’ campsite. They saw two new huts built for the girls. The Alpha Males went into their huts to give the Battling Females some privacy.

Jocelyn pulled Bozo and Fuega over. “Girls,” Jocelyn said, “We need to vote for Hillary.”

“She’s so mean!” Fuega said.

“And bossy,” Bozo said. “She kind of looks funny, too.”

“You’re one to talk,” Jocelyn muttered. She spoke up, “So we are voting for Hillary.”

Jocelyn returned to camp, then left again, this time with Hillary. “We need to vote for Fuega,” Jocelyn and Hillary said at the same time.

“Great minds think alike,” Jocelyn laughed.

On their way to Tribal Council, Jocelyn said to Bozo, “We are actually voting for Susan.”

“If you say so,” Bozo said.

“Welcome back, Battling Females,” Nalyd said when the girls sat down. “I think you know the drill. Go cast your votes.”

Bozo voted for Susan. “Jocelyn told me to.”

Susan voted for Jocelyn. “Boy stealer.”

Fuega voted for Hillary. “It isn’t my fault the cabin burnt down!”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “One vote for Hillary. One vote for Susan. One vote for Jocelyn. One vote for Fuega.”

Fuega and Bozo hugged each other tightly.

“The twelfth person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is… Fuega.”

“No!” Bozo shouted. “She was my best friend!” Bozo started crying.

Fuega said to Bozo, “Don’t worry, Bozo. You can win this! Just don’t stop being you!” Fuega brought Nalyd her torch. Nalyd snuffed the flame.

“Fuega, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said. Fuega walked away from Tribal Council. “Down to the final ten. There is no more room for error. All of you head back to camp.”

Chapter Eleven – “Everyone’s wrapped around my little finger.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; The Alpha Males became a tribe divided after their captain, Elvis, had to be evacuated. The Battling Females were doing much worse when Fuega burned down their cabin. Due to Fuega’s fire, everyone was moved to the Alpha Males camp. During the challenge, Bruno got even with his team by sitting out. After being buried alive, sky-diving, and puzzle building, the Alpha Males won. Jocelyn orchestrated her alliance to divide itself, thus eliminating Fuega. Only ten remain. Who will be voted off tonight?

The Battling Females returned to the now united campsite. “Where’s Fuega?” Rocky asked. The boys, minus Nathaniel, were sitting around the fire as the girls were putting their torches away.

“On her way home,” Hillary said, not caring. Rocky looked disappointed.

“What’s wrong, dude?” Bruno asked.

“Did you like Fuega?” Ace asked, smirking.

“No,” Rocky blushed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Niles said. “Everyone gets crushes sometimes.” Niles looked and Jocelyn and sighed dreamily. Susan looked and Niles and sighed dreamily.

“You okay, Susan?” Jocelyn asked Susan. “You look sick. Maybe you should go lie down.” Susan glared at Jocelyn, but went into the girls’ hut for fear of starting a conflict.

“If Susan and Miles hook up, then I start to lose power in this game,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “The more I can keep the two apart, the better!”

Jocelyn sat next to Ace. She yawned and leaned on him. Niles and James glared at Ace.

“Ooh, look at me I’m Ace, I’m an adventurer, I’m terrified of snakes!” Niles mocked in the confessional. “Snakes, really now that’s just sad.” Niles put his hand down on the rock he was sitting on. He felt something crawl across his hand. “Spiders!” Niles screamed. He fell off the rock and rolled backwards. “Germs, germs, germs!”

Nathaniel soon came to camp with his arm now cast-free. “I got my cast off!” he said proudly.

“It’s about time we got to see your very muscular arm again,” Jocelyn giggled.

“Finally we’re back with the boys,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “I know that we’ll be safe tomorrow. Everyone’s wrapped around my little finger.”

Bozo started crying. “I miss Fuega!” she said through her sobs.

“Bozo, think about this logically,” Ace said. “You knew Fuega for ten days. You were on the same team as her for six days.”

“Friendship knows no time,” Bozo said.

“That doesn’t even make sense,” Niles said.

“Bozo,” Ace said, “How much do you actually know about her? What’s her favorite color?”

Bozo looked stumped. “Is fire a color?” she asked awkwardly.

“Exactly,” Ace said. “Don’t go getting all worked over somebody who is basically a stranger.” Bozo nodded and smiled.

The next day, the final ten came down to the challenge field. “Welcome Alpha Males and Battling Females,” Nalyd said. “Today you will be competing in the Total Drama Amazon Talent Show! Both teams need to pick three performers to show off their skills. The judges will remain a mystery until it’s time to perform. While you guys make your decisions, Bob the Leprechaun and Frank the Gnome will be building your stage. Today’s winners will get immunity and a chance to come back to the production set to get clean and eat some great food.”

“Who wants to audition?” Rocky asked the Alpha Males.

“I can speak French,” Niles said.

“Really?” James asked.

“Oui Monsieur,” Niles smiled.

“That’s lame,” Rocky said. “Anybody else?”

“I can break dance,” Bruno said.

Rocky looked at him in disbelief. “Let’s see what you got.” Bruno started spinning on his head, then spinning on hit buttocks.

“Cool,” Nathaniel said.

“You’re in,” Rocky said.

“I can wrestle a bear,” Ace smiled.

“Let’s see you do it,” Rocky said.

Ace looked surprised. “We need a bear first,” he stammered. “I can perform it, trust me!”

“And I can show off my talent of throwing a foot ball over nine-thousand feet!” Rocky said triumphantly.

The Battling Females were also picking their talent. “I call bikini modelling!” Jocelyn laughed.

“Sure, why not?” Hillary said.

“I can walk across a tightrope, juggle, and tame a lion!” Bozo said excitedly. “I can do all three at the same time!”

“Do it!” Susan said happily.

“Susan, what do you want to do?” Hillary asked.

“I can sing,” Susan shrugged.

“Okay,” Hillary said.

“I hated letting them all perform!” Hillary said angrily in the confessional. “I’m the most talented one! Me!”

After Bob and Frank built the stage, Nalyd brought everyone back together. “Okay,” Nalyd said. “Both teams need to pick three people to judge the other team.”

“I’ve got a very strong will, I won’t let them win,” Nathaniel said.

“Same here,” Niles said.

“Nathaniel, Niles and I will judge,” James said.

“I’ll judge,” Jocelyn said.

“Me too,” Hillary said.

“You judge, Bozo,” Susan said. “I’d be too nice.”

“Okay,” Nalyd said, “We have Susan, Bozo, and Jocelyn performing for the Battling Females! Judges for this round will be Nathaniel, Niles, and James. They can score out of ten. First up is Jocelyn.”

Jocelyn walked onto the stage in her bikini. “Forty-two!” Niles shouted.

“So beautiful,” James said in awe. Jocelyn winked and blew a kiss to the judges. James and Niles jumped onto the table and started wrestling. “My kiss!” James said angrily.

“Not on your life!” Niles shouted.

“It isn’t really a talent,” Nathaniel said. “But she’s hot so I’ll give her ten points.”

“Ten,” Niles and James said as they sat back down in their seats.

“Wow, thirty points!” Nalyd said. “Next up is Bozo.”

Bob and Frank put two poles on the stage and put a tightrope connecting the two at the top. Bozo climbed to the top of the pole and began walking across. She started juggling steaks. A lion sat on the stage, watching Bozo. She dropped a steak and the lion jumped in the air to get it. She continued walking and juggling as one by one she dropped the steaks. When got to the end of the tightrope, and climbed back down. “Sit,” she commanded the lion. The lion sat and she patted its head.

“Nine points,” Nathaniel said.

“Eight points,” Niles said.

“Nine points,” James said, sounding impressed.

“Twenty-six points,” Nalyd said. “Last and probably least is Susan.”

Susan stepped onto the stage and took the microphone. She began singing as the instrumental to her song played in the background. “You're on the phone with your girlfriend,
She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesn’t get your humor like I do

I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn’t like
And she'll never know your story like I do

But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're lookin’ for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me...”

The music ended abruptly and Susan looked scared. She turned and saw Jocelyn holding the CD. She crushed it under her foot. Susan looked back at the judges sadly.

“Pretty good until the ending, dawg,” Nathaniel said. “I’m gonna give you an eight ‘cause it was tight.”

“You aren’t gangster,” Niles whispered to Nathaniel. “I thought it was a very nice song, and might I add that you look very nice tonight. Nine points.”

“I hate country music,” James said. “Sorry but I have no choice but to give you a five.”

“Twenty-two points for Susan,” Nalyd said. “That means the Battling Females have a score of seventy-eight! How will Bruno, Rocky, and Ace of the Alpha Males do against the Battling Females judges Jocelyn, Hillary, and Bozo?”

Rocky went onto the stage and threw his football. It hit Bozo in the head. “Oops,” he said awkwardly.

“Where am I?” Bozo asked.

“Two,” Jocelyn scored.

“One,” Hillary said, rolling her eyes.

“Ten,” Bozo said.

“Bozo! Don’t give him a high score!” Hillary scolded.

“Who are you?” Bozo asked.

“Thirteen points,” Nalyd said. “Bruno is up.”

Bruno got on the stage and started dancing. “Is he broken?” Bozo asked, sounding concerned.

“I think he’s dancing,” Hillary said.

“That’s disturbing,” Jocelyn said.

“One,” Hillary said.

“Three,” Jocelyn said.

“Fifty!” Bozo laughed maniacally.

“Bozo!” Hillary and Jocelyn shouted.

“Fifty-four points,” Nalyd said. “That brings the Alpha Males total to sixty-seven. Ace just needs a score of eleven to win!”

“We’re switching judges,” Hillary shouted at Nalyd. Bozo and Susan switched places.

Ace got onto the stage. “Bring on the bear,” he said weakly. A bear ran across the stage. Ace screamed and started running.

“Hey!” Nathaniel shouted off stage. “You said you could wrestle a bear!”

“I lied!” Ace yelled as he kept running. “I lied about everything! I’m not a real adventurer, I’ve never even been outside my backyard!” He started crying as the bear grabbed him. Ace kicked wildly, and eventually kicked the bear in the nose. The bear roared and ran away, leaving Ace behind.

“That was pretty good,” Hillary said, “Three.”

“Lame,” Jocelyn said, “One.”

“That was so cool,” Susan said. “I give you a se-” Jocelyn and Hillary glared at her. “Six. I give you a six.”

“With seventy-seven points the Alpha Males lose!” Nalyd announced. “Battling Females win immunity and reward!” The Battling Females and Nalyd went to the production campsite, while the Alpha Males went to their campsite.

“That was humiliating,” Ace said in the confessional. “Now everybody knows I’m a fake!”

Nathaniel brought Rocky and Niles to get some water for camp and to talk to them. “We gotta vote off Ace tonight,” Nathaniel said. “He seriously screwed up that challenge.”

“He’s a liar,” Niles said. “Maybe his name isn’t even Ace. He looks like a Paul.”

“I’ll vote with you guys,” Rocky said. He left to talk to Ace and James. “Who are you guys voting for?”

“Bruno,” Ace said. “By voting for him we avenge Elvis.”

“I agree,” James said.

“Cool,” Rocky said. He then left to talk to Bruno alone. “Vote for Niles,” Rocky said.

“Why?” Bruno asked.

“Trust me on this,” Rocky said.

“Lying was the right thing to do,” Rocky said in the confessional. “It will make me the deciding vote. Which is totally cool!”

That night, the Alpha Males went to Tribal Council. “Go cast your votes,” Nalyd said.

Ace voted for Bruno. “Time to go.”

Niles voted for Ace. “Seriously dude. I’ve travelled more than you.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He pulled out a name. “Niles.” He pulled out another. “Bruno. One vote for Niles, and one vote for Bruno. One for Niles, two for Bruno.”

Bruno looked around at the others.

“One vote for Niles, two votes for Bruno, one vote for Ace,” Nalyd said. “One for Niles, two for Bruno, and two for Ace.”

Ace sighed. “I shouldn’t have lied,” he whispered to himself.

“Thirteenth person eliminated from Total Drama Amazon is… Bruno,” Nalyd said. Bruno brought Nalyd his torch, and Nalyd snuffed the torch. “Bruno, the tribe has spoken.”

“I was the main competition,” Bruno said to himself as he walked away from Tribal Council. “I only went because I was a threat.”

“Final nine,” Nalyd said. “If you thought today was hard, just wait for tomorrow. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Twelve – “You are now the Last Ones Standing.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; the two teams put on a talent show. Jocelyn showed off her bikini wearing skills, Bozo did what she was born to do by being a clown, and Susan sang her heart out. Rocky hit Bozo in the head, giving her amnesia, Bruno break danced, or broke dancing, and Ace revealed he’s secretly a big loser. The Alpha Males lost immunity. The team was torn between voting off Ace, the liar, and Bruno, who didn’t care when Elvis got evacuated. In the end, Bruno was sent packing. Who will be voted off tonight?

“Served him right,” Ace said in the confessional. “Bruno deserved it.”

“Welcome back, boys,” Hillary said when the Alpha Males returned to camp.

“Soon all nine of us will be going down to tribal council every night,” Ace replied.

“Just eight more nights and then the million is mine,” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

“Rocky is clearly allied with Ace now,” Nathaniel said in the confessional, “So I need to start making ties with the other team. Tomorrow morning Nalyd will say something like, ‘You are now the Last Ones Standing.’ And then, if I can ally with the Battling Females, I can totally outsmart them when we’d be the last five people.”

Nathaniel sat next to Bozo, who was watching a butterfly. “Bozo,” Nathaniel said. “I have an idea for an alliance between me and the rest of your team. How close are all of you?”

“Well all of us except Susan are allied with Jocelyn,” Bozo said. “At least that’s what blondie said. I wouldn’t know, ever since the blond boy hit me with a football!”

“I keep telling you it was Rocky,” Niles said, rolling his eyes.

“Excuses, excuses,” Bozo said.

“But would you like to be in an alliance with me?” Nathaniel asked.

“Sure,” Bozo said.

“What I deduced from what Bozo said,” Nathaniel said deviously in the confessional. “Susan is the only person not allied with Jocelyn. If I can ally with Susan, and stay allied with Bozo, who is in turn allied with Jocelyn, then I’m allied with their whole tribe.”

Nathaniel sat next to Susan. “Sup, Susan?” Nathaniel asked.

“Not much, Nathaniel,” Susan said. “You?”

“Well, I was just thinking,” Nathaniel said, “We’ve been friends for a while.”

“We have?” Susan asked, sounding confused.

“Trust me on this,” Nathaniel said. “I think we should be in an alliance at the merge.”

“Okay,” Susan said. “I’ll join you.”

“Excellent,” Nathaniel said.

The next day, the two tribes went down to the challenge field. Nalyd handed everyone a clipboards with paper on them and pencils. “We’re getting right to the challenge today,” Nalyd said. “Just answer this quick survey, and use the other remaining contestants as answers. You have ten minutes.”

Niles began writing down a name, but his pencil broke. “Can I have a new pencil?” Niles asked. Nalyd threw Niles a pencil. The pencil hit Niles in the eye. “My eye! My eye!” He pulled the pencil out of his eye, cried a little, and continued the test.

“Most likely to win a jury vote,” Ace read aloud. “James.”

“Least likely to win,” James read aloud. “Hillary.”

“Doing worst in the environment,” Hillary read aloud. “Niles.”

“Doing best in the environment,” Niles read aloud. “I’m pretty sure it’s me, but I’ll put Jocelyn.”

“Biggest villain,” Jocelyn read aloud. “Nathaniel. Bozo told me about his plan, that little alliance-stealer.”

“Biggest loser,” Nathaniel read aloud. “Rocky.”

“Most ill contestant,” Rocky read aloud. “Bozo. I didn’t mean to hit her in the head, but now she can’t remember a thing.”

“I can’t read this,” Bozo said. She threw her clipboard and it hit Niles in the head. “That’s what you get for giving me amnesia.”

“It wasn’t me,” Niles muttered.

“Biggest crush?” Susan asked herself. “I’ll put down myself.”

Nalyd collected all the clipboards and tallied the answers. “You’ve all known each other about two weeks, so now we’re going to see how well you all know each other,” Nalyd explained. He gave everyone pencils and clipboards with blank paper. “I am going to read the question out loud, and you have to write down what the majority picked. The first team to twenty points wins. Whichever team gets the most people with the correct answer one round gets one point per person who was right, and the wrong team gets no points. In other words, it’s all or nothing, people. First question; Who is the most likely person to win a jury vote?” Everyone held up the name of who they thought got the most picks early on. “The majority of you picked James,” Nalyd said. “Two Alpha Males picked James in this round, and three Battling Females picked James this round. Three points for the Alpha Males.”

The Battling Females glared at Hillary. “I thought I was the favorite to win,” Hillary shrugged.

“Who is the least likely to win?” Nalyd asked. Everyone revealed their new picks. “Most people originally picked Hillary. By most people, I mean everyone but Hillary. All the Alpha Males picked Hillary this round, while only three Battling Females thought Hillary was the majority, so the Alpha Males get five points.”

The Battling Females glared at Hillary. “I thought I was the favorite to win!” Hillary shouted.

“Who is doing the worst in their new surroundings?” Nalyd asked. Everyone wrote down their new answers. “Survey says; Ace. Looks like One Alpha Male got that right, and two Battling Females got it right, so two points to the girls. The score is six to four!”

“I was the only one on my team who thought that the majority that I was doing worse,” Ace said in the confessional. “That means that they may have voted privately that I was doing the worst, or that they just don’t think everyone else did.”

“Who is doing the best in their new surroundings?” Nalyd asked. Everyone held up their answers. “And the winner is Susan! Four Alpha Males guessed that this time, and only three Battling Females guessed it, so four points to the Alpha Males!”

“I’m doing the best?” Susan asked surprised. She looked back at her clipboard. She wrote on it “Niles” with a heart for the dot on the “I”.

“I thought you’d be gone by now, so I put you down,” Jocelyn said.

“Me too,” James said.

“Yeah, I thought you were a goner,” Niles said.

“Thanks,” Susan said, sounding annoyed.

“The score is six to eight,” Nalyd said. “Next question; Who has the biggest crush on the show?” The girls all picked James because of his crush on Jocelyn. The Alpha Males were largely divided. “The majority of people originally picked James, so that gives four points to the Battling Females! Twelve to eight!”

“Just eight more points,” Hillary said in the confessional. “And I’ll be in the final eight!”

“Who is the most ill?” Nalyd asked. Everyone wrote down their answers. “Survey says; Bozo. Four Battling Females picked Bozo this round and only three Alpha Males picked her. Four points to the girls!”

“We’re so close!” Susan said, happily hugging Bozo.

“You’re right, we are close,” Bozo said.

“Who would waste the money?” Nalyd asked. Everyone raised their answers. All eight contestants put the same answer both times. “The answer is Niles!”

“Me?” Niles asked. “I thought Nathaniel would waste the money on video games and whatnot.”

“You’re already rich, buddy,” James said.

“It’s true, you don’t need this,” Jocelyn said.

“Both teams get four points,” Nalyd said. “So the Battling Females win immunity with twenty points! Alpha Males, come back to Tribal Council in an hour. Battling Females, you need to come too. We gotta set something up at camp, new reality show regulations. Everyone go back to camp.”

“Why can’t we just have a merge already?” Ace said disappointedly when everyone was back at camp and settled.

“Nathaniel!” Bozo shouted. “Does your alliance on this team get to vote too?”

“Bozo, shut it!” Nathaniel hissed.

“You have an alliance on that team?” Niles said.

“Traitor,” Ace said.

“Benedict Nathaniel,” Rocky said.

“Bowser,” Niles said.

“Take that one back!” Nathaniel shouted.

“Okay, I’m sorry, that was a cheap shot,” Niles said. “I’m ashamed of myself.”

“Guys wait,” James said. “Maybe he has some sort of reason for betraying us.”

“I was gonna betray you guys at the merge,” Nathaniel said sadly.

“He’s out of here,” James said.

At Tribal Council, the final nine came. The Alpha Males sat in the vote-off seats, while the Battling Females sat where the jury usually did. “Welcome to Tribal Council, Alpha Males,” Nalyd said. He had the grin the contestants had grown to hate. “Tonight is your fourth night here. I think you know the drill. Ace, go vote.”

Ace voted for Nathaniel. “Go back to your mother’s basement.”

Nathaniel voted for Niles. “Calling me Bowser was just low.”

James voted for Nathaniel. “We have a saying back home. I don’t remember it, but trust me, it justifies voting you off. Have fun at home.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. “Once the votes have been read, the decision is made. One of you will have to leave immediately. The first vote is for Niles.”

“No!” Susan shouted, she stood up. “How could you vote him off?”

“That was just one vote, Susan,” Nalyd said. “He’s not out yet. And no talking.” Susan sat down. “Nathaniel. That’s one vote for Nathaniel, and one for Niles. Two votes for Nathaniel. Fourteenth person voted out of Total Drama Amazon, and the first member of our jury… Nathaniel. Nathaniel, bring me your torch.

Nathaniel stood up and gave Nalyd his torch. “At least I’m a jury member,” he said to console himself.

“You keep telling yourself that,” Nalyd said as he snuffed Nathaniel’s torch. Nathaniel left. “The jury is forming, which means that power is shifting from you, to losers like Nathaniel. Go back to camp, you have a little surprise.”

Chapter Thirteen – “You are all the Outlasting Warriors.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Nathaniel started an alliance with the other tribe, suspecting that a merge was coming up. The contestants were quizzed on how well they knew each other, and what they thought of each other. The Battling Females won the challenge. The Alpha Males decided to vote off Nathaniel due to his cross-tribal alliance. Nathaniel became the first jury member. Who will be voted off tonight?

Two figures sat at the Alpha Males campsite. “When do you think they’ll be back?” asked a male voice. A snore was the reply to the boy. “Is that all you do? Sleep?” the boy asked. The girl next to him kept sleeping. “You know you’re kind of cute.” The girl woke up, slapped the boy, and went back to sleep. “Feisty.” The boy laughed to himself.

“Who goes there?” James shouted. He jumped out from behind a bush and tackled the boy.

“Yay! James saved us!” Jocelyn cheered.

“What is it?” Rocky asked.

“I think it’s a bear,” Niles said.

“It’s Ed,” James said. He turned and saw the girl sleeping. “And Lacey?”

“What are you two doing here?” Hillary asked. “You were eliminated!”

“Chill, babe,” Ed said. “Me and the Lace-inator here are back in the game!”

“That’s not fair,” Ace said.

Lacey eyes shot open. “Maybe sometimes life isn’t fair!” she shouted. She then fell back to sleep.

“What’s with Lacey?” Jocelyn asked in the confessional. “She comes back and she immediately falls to sleep. There is something very wrong with that girl. And if Ed wants to stick around, he better hit on me!”

“Ed clearly has lady skills,” Niles said in the confessional. “I thought I should try to get advice from him about all he knows.”

“Ed, can I talk to you for a second?” Niles asked. He and Ed walked away from the group. “What do you know about girls?”

“They’re hot, and usually carry pepper spray,” Ed explained.

“Are you good with asking girls out?” Niles asked.

“Listen Nate,” Ed said.

“It’s Niles,” Niles corrected him.

“I know what I said. Who is she?”

“Jocelyn,” Niles blushed.

“She’s hot! With a capital, um, what does hot start with?” Ed asked.

Niles stared at Ed blankly. “How do I ask her out?”

“Don’t,” Ed said. “Because I’m going to first!”

“What?” Niles shouted. “How dare you? I opened up to you and came to you in my hour of need!”

“And that was really stupid of you,” Ed laughed. He ran away from Niles. “Wanna go out with me?” Ed asked Jocelyn when he was back at camp.

“Sure,” Jocelyn said. She hugged Ed.

“Would I actually date Ed?” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “No, I’d rather date Miles, or James, or one of those other losers.”

Niles, James, and Ace glared at Ed.

“So what do you like to do, Lacey?” Susan asked the barely awake Lacey.

“Rob convenient stores and sleep,” Lacey said drowsily.

Susan stared at Lacey awkwardly and walked away.

The next day, the final ten came down to the challenge field. Behind Nalyd was what looked like a rock climbing wall. “Welcome everyone,” Nalyd said. “I’m assuming that you all enjoyed this little surprise.”

“Definitely,” Niles said sarcastically.

“She looks like a pumpkin!” Bozo shouted, pointing at Lacey.

“I see you’ve noticed that Lacey and Ed are back,” Nalyd said.

“It was hard not to notice,” Ace said.

“Ed and Lacey are back in the game, people,” Nalyd said. “And now you are all the Outlasting Warriors.”

“Nice name,” Rocky said.

“For today’s challenge you will be climbing this rock climbing wall,” Nalyd explained. He gave everyone a helmet.

“Nalyd, I think we need harnesses,” Niles said.

“No you don’t,” Nalyd said. “Now you can either do this challenge, and compete for immunity, or sit out and have a fresh, hot lunch. If you take the lunch, you forfeit the challenge, and a chance at immunity and a one in nine shot at a million dollars. Who is sitting out?”

“I will,” Lacey said.

“So will I,” Niles said, “This challenge is totally dangerous!”

When nobody else volunteered, Nalyd said, “Okay, Niles and Lacey are sitting out. The rest of you put your helmets on and get ready to climb.” Everyone did as Nalyd instructed. “If you fall off, you’re out of the challenge. First one to get to the top of the climbing wall and press the button at the top wins immunity! Go!”

Everyone began climbing. “This is easy,” Jocelyn said. She lifted herself up, but the rock she was holding onto fell off the wall. Jocelyn fell to the ground. “What happened?”

“I guess the interns got sort of lazy in putting this challenge together,” Nalyd said. He glared at Bob the Leprechaun.

“That’s not fair,” Ed protested. “My girlfriend doesn’t deserve to lose in such a lame way.”

“When Ed called me his girlfriend I threw up in my mouth a little,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “Why was I cursed with this beautiful hair, and perfect body, and cute face, and overall cute look? Why?”

Ed jumped off the wall and landed on Jocelyn, crushing her under his weight. “I just couldn’t stay away,” Ed laughed.

“Choking, not breathing,” Jocelyn wheezed.

James saw the struggling Jocelyn, but continued climbing.

“I am too smart to give up a chance at a million dollars for a girl,” James said in the confessional. “Do I look like an idiot?” A fly flew past James’ head. “I’m gonna get you!” Attempting to swat the fly, he hit himself in the face. “I got it! I repeat; do I look like an idiot?”

James grabbed another rock, which fell out. The hand that had pulled out a rock reached out, and grabbed Hillary by her heel. “Let go you country bumpkin!” she shouted, trying to shake James loose. James swung, and pulled Hillary off the rock. The two fell and landed.

“Susan, Bozo, Rocky, and Ace still in the challenge,” Nalyd said. “All four have reached the twenty meter mark!”

“Rocky,” Ace said. “You and me, final two.”

“May the best man win,” Rocky laughed. He continued climbing.

“Susan, are you okay?” Ace asked. He saw how scared Susan looked.

“I really don’t like heights,” Susan said sadly.

“You’re pretty high up now,” Rocky said.

“I already knew that,” Susan said. A strong wind blew, and Ace’s hat fell off his head.

“My hat!” Ace exclaimed. He reached for it, and ended up letting go of the rocks. He fell to the ground.

“Too scared!” Susan said, clinging to the wall. “I quit! Get me off this thing!” Bob the Leprechaun got Susan down on a ladder.

“And then there were two,” Nalyd said. “Bozo and Rocky.”

“You’re going down, clown face,” Rocky said.

Bozo continued climbing. Rocky’s highest hand only reach up to about Bozo’s hip. Rocky hurried up and caught up to Bozo. “I think I’m gonna sneeze,” Bozo said, sniffling.

“I thought that when she sneezed it would catapult her off the wall,” Rocky said in the confessional.

Bozo sneezed on Rocky’s face. “Bless me,” she giggled.

“Nasty,” Rocky said. He grabbed another rock, and the rock his left foot was on crumbled. “What the-” The rock he’d just grabbed fell out, and soon Rocky was falling back to the ground. Bozo continued climbing, and pressed the button at the top of the wall.

“Bozo wins immunity!” Nalyd announced. Bozo climbed back down the wall, and greeted her now injured fellow contestants. “Okay everyone,” Nalyd said. “All of you go back to camp, then come back to Tribal Council.” Everyone went back to camp.

“So who are we voting off?” Ed asked Jocelyn.

“I think Rocky needs to go,” Jocelyn said. “He is the only guy here who doesn’t have a crush on me.”

“Don’t we want the ones who do like you to go?” Ed asked, sounding confused. “I don’t like the thought of all those guys having a crush on my girlfriend.”

“Trust me, Ed, we need those guys,” Jocelyn said. “You do trust me, right?”

“Yes, of course,” Ed said.

“Thanks, sweetie!” Jocelyn said. She left to talk to the other guys. She got to Niles first. “I think we need to vote off Rocky. He’s a huge physical threat.”

“Okay, I’ll vote for Rocky,” Niles said, sounding sad.

“Don’t worry, Miles,” Jocelyn said, hugging Niles. “Even though I’m dating Ed, I still think you’re really cute.”

Niles blushed. “Th-th-thanks J-Jocelyn,” he stammered.

Jocelyn left and talked to James. “Rocky is a big threat. He came in second in the challenge, and he’s a jock.”

“I don’t know, I’m part of Ace’s alliance already,” James said.

“Really?” Jocelyn asked disappointedly. “I just thought that it would be good for you to help me eliminate him.”

“I’ll consider it,” James said. He left to talk to Ace. “Jocelyn wants Rock gone.”

“Why would she want Rocky gone?” Ace asked.

“He’s a threat,” James explained. “He almost won immunity today.”

“That’s true,” Ace said. “But I think the alliance of you, me, and Rocky should stick together. The three of us could vote for Ed.”

“I’ll vote for Ed,” James said.

“Go tell Rocky the plan to eliminate Ed, okay?” Ace said. James nodded and ran off to talk to Rocky. Ace walked over to Hillary to talk to her. “So, are you ready for our cross-tribal alliance to pan out?”

“I was born ready,” Hillary smiled. “I say we vote off Rocky. He’s a physical threat.”

“No, no,” Ace said. “He’s in the alliance. We need to vote for Ed.”

“Why would we do that?” Hillary asked, sounding confused.

“He doesn’t deserve to be here. By keeping him here, we’ll just delay the inevitable,” Ace explained.

“I’ll consider it,” Hillary said.

The Outlasting Warriors marched to their first Tribal Council. When they all took their seats, Nalyd said, “Now bringing in the first member of our jury; Nathaniel.” Nathaniel walked in and sat in the jury section. “Tonight is your first vote as one tribe. The loser will become a jury member. You can not vote for Bozo, as she won the challenge. Go cast your votes.”

Susan voted for Jocelyn. “You’re just a bully.”

Rocky voted for Hillary. “I know the alliance is supposed to vote together, but I’m sick of you.”

Lacey voted for Ed, but made no comment.

Bozo voted for Rocky. “The blond girl told me you hit me with a football and never apologized!”

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He pulled a name out of the ballot box. “Jocelyn. Hillary. Ed. Rocky. That’s one vote for Jocelyn, Hillary, Ed, and Rocky. Ed. Rocky. Rocky. That’s one vote for Jocelyn, one for Hillary, two for Ed, and three for Rocky. Ed. One vote for Jocelyn, one for Hillary, three for Ed, and three for Rocky.” Nalyd pulled out another vote. “Fifteenth person voted out of Total Drama Amazon and the second member of our jury… Rocky. Rocky bring me your torch.” Rocky stood up, brought Nalyd his torch, and waved good-bye to everyone. “Rocky, the tribe has spoken.” Rocky left the area.

“I was too big of a threat,” Rocky said as he walked away from Tribal Council. “Whatever, that’s their problem.”

“Down to nine, and in the merge,” Nalyd said. “I’d say it’s anybody’s game at this point. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Fourteen – “You are a true master of deduction.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Ed and Lacey has a less-than-exciting return to the game. Ed asked Jocelyn out, and Jocelyn agreed, but only with the intention to use Ed. The final ten contestants merged into one tribe; the Outlasting Warriors. Bozo won the first individual immunity challenge, after climbing to the top of a rock-climbing wall. When Rocky was noted as a large physical threat, he was voted off and became the second jury member. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final nine went back to their campsite, torches lighting their way. "I'm glad I'm still here, babe," Ed said, putting his arm around Jocelyn.

"Yeah, it's really awesome," Jocelyn said. She moved Ed's hand off of her.

Niles tapped on Ed's shoulder. Ed turned and looked at the scrawny boy standing before him. "You better watch your back," Niles said menacingly. "All of us guys are more than ready to vote you off."

"That’s only four votes against me," Ed said. "Do the math, pipsqueak. You can vote for me all the way to the finals and Jocelyn will still be mine."

Ace pulled Hillary off to the side. "I'll take it you decided not to vote with me and James," Ace said.

"You are a true master of deduction," Hillary said sarcastically. "I don't mind Ed that much as long as he stays away from me.”

“Okay, then,” Ace said.

“That’s when I came up with a plan,” Ace said in the confessional. “If I can get Ed to hit on Hillary that can do several things to help get him voted off. One, Hillary will want to vote him off. Two, Jocelyn will get mad at him. Three, people will be angry at Ed for ‘cheating’ on Jocelyn. It’s a perfect plan!”

“Niles, wanna go try and catch some fish?” James asked.

“Sure,” Niles agreed.

“Can I come?” Ace asked.

“If y’all want,” James answered. The three boys walked down to the river ad cast their fishing poles into it.

“Do you guys want to hear about the time that I found an animal that was part cow and part camel?” Ace asked. James and Niles glared at Ace. “Oh right, I told you guys.”

“And a good amount of the world,” Niles reminded him. “We are on television.”

“But who watches this network?” Ace asked.

“You’d be surprised,” Niles sighed.

“I think we should form a dudes’ alliance,” Ace suggested. “Just for the three of us. Not Ed.”

“I like the sound of that,” Niles said. “I will join.”

“Same here,” James said.

“Awesome,” Ace said. “We’re gonna kick butt.”

“I have a problem with lying,” Niles said in the confessional. “My nose started bleeding when I do.”

“I realize that at this point in the game I should try to form an alliance,” Susan said in the confessional. “I just need to be careful that I don’t come off as pushy.”

Susan sat down next to a sleeping Lacey. “Hi, Lacey, what’s up?” Susan asked, trying to strike up conversation. Lacey snored. “That’s cool. I was thinking that we could form an alliance.” Lacey snored. “Was that too pushy? I’m sorry, let me start over.” Susan walked away, took a deep breath and walked back to Lacey. “I think that if we voted together we could get farther in the game.” Lacey snored. “Is that a yes?”

“I’ll join if you go away,” Lacey said menacingly. Susan walked away from Lacey with a scared look on her face.

Susan approached Bozo, who was standing on her hands. “Bozo can I talk to you for a second?” Susan asked.

“I don’t know, can you?” Bozo laughed. Bozo got on her feet. “What’s up?”

“Lacey and I are in an alliance, and I think you should join,” Susan blurted out.

“On one condition,” Bozo said.

“And what might that be?” Susan asked.

“You see, I really like this guy, and I don’t know what to do,” Bozo said.

“Oh, I know what that’s like,” Susan empathized. “He’s just a guy. Just be yourself around him! What’s he like?”

“He’s short, and cute, and has the most handsome, rugged face,” Bozo sighed dreamily.

“Oh my gosh,” Susan said in the confessional. “Bozo has a crush on Niles, too!”

“Okay, Susan, I’ll join your alliance,” Bozo said.

“That’s awesome,” Susan said dryly.

The final nine returned to the challenge field the next morning. The challenge field had a picnic table on it, with nine covered trays on it. “Good morning, everyone,” Nalyd said. “Ready to get to today’s challenge?”

“I don’t think the mutant sloth over there is,” Ace said to himself, referring to Lacey who was sleeping.

“Today’s challenge is a classic,” Nalyd said. “Today you will be eating some fine cuisine.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Niles said. “What is it? Caviar? Filet mignon?”

Nalyd stared at Niles’ blankly. “I’m sorry, does this look like a five star restaurant?” Nalyd asked sarcastically. Nalyd lifted one of the tray covers, revealing a slice of cake. “Dig in, Niles.”

Niles stepped forward and took a bite. “It tastes like dirt and old toenails,” Niles said, choking.

“What do you know, he guessed the ingredients!” Nalyd said. Niles ran away and threw up in a bush. “Today’s challenge is to not only eat a lot of disgusting meals, and then guess the main ingredient that gives the dish its special kick. The winner of today’s challenge gets invincibility, and they get to stay here for a lunch of whatever they like. Worth playing for?”

“Not really,” Hillary commented.

“Everybody take a seat,” Nalyd said. All the contestants sat down and waited for the horror of what was under the tray. “If you throw up, or get an answer wrong you are out of the challenge.” Bob the Leprechaun gave all the contestants a clipboard. “Write your answers down here. And now, lift your lids.” The contestants lifted their lids.

“Jello?” Ed asked, sounding confused. “Just Jello?” Ed took a bite, but spit it out on Jocelyn. “That’s disgusting!”

“You’re telling me,” Jocelyn growled.

“Oops,” Ed said. “Sorry, babe.”

“That was so gross!” Jocelyn whined in the confessional. “Ed is the worst boyfriend ever. I had better boyfriends who were nerds. Nerds!”

Everyone gave Nalyd the ingredients they suspected were in it. “The main ingredient in the Jello was various bugs found out here in the amazon. Hillary, Ace, Niles, Susan, and Bozo got that right,” Nalyd said.

“How did you guys know that?” James asked.

“I’ve eaten a lot of bugs by mistake,” Bozo laughed.

“Moving on,” Nalyd said. Bob and Frank brought out new dishes to Hillary, Ace, Niles, Susan, and Bozo. They lifted their tray covers.

“I think it moved,” Niles said, sounding scared.

“It probably did,” Nalyd laughed. “This example of fine cuisine appears to be chicken noodle soup.”

“Bottoms up,” Bozo said. She took a bite of the food. She screamed and spit the food out. “It bit me!” Bob hit Bozo’s soup bowl with a hammer. “Thanks!”

“I’m scared,” Niles whimpered.

“Come on, Niles, its just soup,” Ace encouraged him.

“I guess you’re right,” Niles said. A tentacle shot out of Niles' bowl and grabbed his neck. “Choking, not breathing,” Niles coughed. Bob hit the tentacle with his mallet.

“Maybe its not just soup,” Ace said awkwardly.

“That doesn’t even make sense,” Hillary said. “There’s no way that tentacle could fit in the bowl. And there is no such thing as leprechauns, or gnomes! What the heck is going on here?”

“Answers, please,” Nalyd said, rushing the contestants. He read the answers. “The correct secret ingredient was live squid. Hillary, Niles, and Bozo were correct in this.”

“Good luck, Niles,” Susan encouraged.

“I don’t need luck,” Niles said. “I’ve got the stomach of a goat!”

Bob gave Niles, Bozo, and Hillary each another tray. They lifted the lids. “A milk shake?” Bozo asked. “Cool!” She drank the dish quickly. “Tastes awesome!”

“Whoever can drink the most shakes wins immunity and reward,” Nalyd said.

Niles took a sip. “I think I’m going to be sick,” Niles gagged.

Hillary took a sip. “It tastes like poisonous-” Her head swelled up, “Blowfish.” She passed out on the ground.

“Hillary is out of the challenge,” Nalyd said.

“Hit me again,” Bozo said. Frank the Gnome poured Bozo another milk shake. Bozo drank it quickly.

Niles watched Bozo, his eyes wide. “How do you do that?” he asked.

“This is the best food I’ve had in fourteen days,” Bozo said. “And when you’ve lived in a circus all your life, you grow used to a more unique cuisine.” Bozo drank another shake.

“Hey Niles,” Ed called.

“What do you want?” Niles asked.

“I just wanted to remind you how humiliating it would be for you if you threw up on T.V.” Ed laughed. “No worries though.”

“I know what you’re trying to do, Ed, and it won’t work,” Niles said.

Bozo burped in Niles’ face. “Oops, sorry,” she laughed.

Ed made retching sounds. “Cut it out, Ed,” Niles winced. Ed continued. Niles, pale as a snow, ran away and threw up in a bush.

“Bozo, wins immunity again!” Nalyd announced.

“Does that mean I win the million?” Bozo asked.

“No, but you now have a one in eight chance at winning the million,” Nalyd said.

“That will do,” Bozo said.

“Everyone go back to camp, except for Bozo, who will stay here and eat lunch,” Nalyd said. Everyone but Bozo left.

“So who are we voting off?” Niles asked James and Ace.

“Ed, obviously,” Ace answered.

“That’ll teach him to steal Jocelyn,” James growled.

“Yeah, this will teach him,” Niles laughed evilly.

Susan talked to a sleeping Lacey. “I think we need to vote off Jocelyn,” Susan said. Lacey snored. “Why do you always sleep?”

“I sleep all the time because it helps me get through tough times,” Lacey explained, suddenly waking up. “Like when I was in jail, I slept so that time would go by faster.”

“You went to jail?” Susan asked.

“I learned long ago that nice girls finish last, so I decided I’d never be nice again,” Lacey said sinisterly.

“What did you do?” Susan asked.

“I robbed several convenience stores,” Lacey explained.

“That’s not so bad,” Susan said.

“Then I drove a car through the convenience stores,” Lacey added. “Being bad toughens you up, it builds character.”

“Really?” Susan asked.

“Yeah, and guys think its cool,” Lacey said.

“Really?” Susan asked. “Tell me more.”

Ed was sitting next to Jocelyn, brushing her hair with a stick. “If I have any split ends after this,” Jocelyn said threateningly.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this,” Ed said. Niles tapped on Ed’s shoulder and Ed turned. “What?”

“Hillary thinks you’re hot,” Niles said.

“Really?” Ed asked, sounding intrigued. He continued brushing Jocelyn’s hair. “I guess she can’t help it if she’s fallen for the Ed-meister.”

“Sure, let’s go with that,” Niles said.

“Are you okay, your nose is bleeding,” Ed said.

“Uh oh,” Niles said. He ran away to go to the medic.

Ed walked over to Hillary, who was working on a fire. “Sup, hotty?” Ed asked.

“What did you call me?” Hillary asked.

“Are you a comedian?” Ed asked smoothly. “Cause you are ha-ha-hot!”

Hillary stood up. “Shut it, Ed!” she said angrily.

“Do you know karate?” Ed asked. Hillary hit Ed in the head with the sticks she was using to make a fire.

“Ed!” Jocelyn shouted, running over. “Are you cheating on me?”

“No, I’d never do that, babe,” Ed said. Ed grabbed Jocelyn and kissed her on the lips. Jocelyn kicked Ed in the shin.

“Get away from me, you creep!” Jocelyn shrieked. Everyone ran to the scene, except Lacey who slowly rolled.

“What’s wrong?” Niles asked.

“Ed just kissed me!” Jocelyn said. She ran off and threw up in a bush.

Susan laughed in the confessional.

That night, the final nine, minus Bozo, marched down to Tribal Council. Bozo was already there. She looked very happy after her lunch. “Bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. Nathaniel and Rocky walked in and took their seats. “Welcome back, Outlasting Warriors. It is time to cast votes. Susan, you’re up.”

Susan voted for Jocelyn. “Tonight is the night you leave, I guarantee it!”

Ed voted for Niles. “You lied to me, you little jerk.”

Jocelyn voted for Ed. “Your lips tasted like amazon bugs.”

Hillary voted for Ed. “You’re a pig.”

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Nalyd said. Nalyd pulled a piece of paper out of the ballot box. “Hillary. Niles. One vote for Hillary, one for Niles. Jocelyn. One vote for Hillary, one vote for Niles, and one vote for Jocelyn. Ed. Ed. Ed. Three votes for Ed.”

“I don’t think they’re allowed to vote me off so soon,” Ed said in the confessional.

Nalyd pulled another name out of the ballot box. “The sixteenth person voted off of Total Drama Amazon and the third member of our jury…” Nalyd revealed the vote. “Ed. Ed, bring me your torch.” Ed brought Nalyd the torch. Nalyd snuffed the fire of the torch. “Ed, the tribe has spoken.”

Ed turned back. “I just need to say that all you girls are really hot! Except Lacey!” Ed shouted. The girls pelted him with rocks. Ed ran away.

“We’re back down to eight,” Nalyd said. “Good luck, you’re going to need it. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Fifteen – “A million dollar statue.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Niles gave Ed a warning that he’d be voted off, but Ed ignored him, feeling confident. Ace formed another alliance, this time one with James and Niles in an attempt to vote out Ed. Nice girl Susan even started an alliance with Lacey and Bozo. During the gross food challenge, Bozo won immunity again. Jocelyn and Ed broke up when Ed was caught hitting on Hillary. In the end, Ed was voted off and became our second jury member. Eight are left. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final eight returned to their campsite after voting out Ed. “It’s too bad about Ed,” Jocelyn said, trying to sound sad. “I guess I’ll have to stick with these three hunks.” She laughed and hugged Ace, James, and Niles.

“She hugged me longer,” Niles whispered to James. James rolled his eyes.

“First lesson in being bad,” Lacey said to Susan as the two sat down. “First, you gotta hurt somebody.”

“I could never do that,” Susan said, sounding scared.

“Start small,” Lacey said. “Pinch somebody.”

“Who?” Susan asked.

“Pinch small fry,” Lacey said, pointing to Niles.

“I could never pinch somebody sweat like Niles,” Susan said.

“You want him to like you?” Lacey asked. “It’s just a pinch.”

Susan stood up, walked behind Niles, and pinched his arm. Niles let out a blood curdling shriek. “My arm! My arm!” Niles shouted. He fell on the ground. “The dirt! The dirt!” Niles jumped up and rubbed his arm. “What was that for?”

“Nothing,” Susan said quickly. She ran back to sit with Lacey, who was laughing herself silly. “I feel like a criminal.” Lacey stopped laughing and glared at Susan. “And I love it!” Susan laughed.

“Later we’ll try for something bigger like pushing somebody down,” Lacey said sarcastically.

Ace, Hillary, James, and Niles walked into the woods. “So the four of us are tight, right?” Ace asked.

“I really don’t like her,” Niles said, pointing at Hillary.

“She’s bossy and mean,” James shrugged.

“Cut it out!” Hillary growled.

“All of you settle down,” Ace interrupted. “The four of us need to stick together. If we get Jocelyn together, we can vote off the other alliance.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Hillary said.

“Works for me, y’all,” James said.

“But there are three people in that alliance, which should go first?” Niles asked.

“Either Susan because of how nice she is, or Bozo because she dominates in challenges,” Ace said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Hillary said.

The next morning, the final eight went to the challenge field. The field was filled with mirrors, ladders, black cats, and piles of salt. “Welcome, Outlasting Warriors,” Nalyd said. “Today’s challenge is all about bad luck, which one of you will truly understand when you’re voted off tonight. The first round is to climb up and over a ladder, then climb up and over the next ladder, and all the way to the end. The best four times move on to the next round. We’ll draw for spots.”

Ace went first. He shot up the first ladder, and jumped across to the top of the next one, not bothering to go back down to the ground. He continued jumping atop the ladders until the end. “Beat that,” he laughed.

“Ace, you are disqualified for improperly doing the challenge,” Nalyd said. “Have a seat on the loser bench. Niles, you’re up.”

Niles ran at the ladders head first, and knocked them over. “Did I win?” Niles chuckled. Niles sat on the loser bench as interns fixed the challenge.

Bozo completed the course, and so did Jocelyn, James, Hillary, and Susan. Lacey was the last to do the challenge. She had fallen asleep. Susan walked back to where Lacey was sitting, and rolled her. Lacey rolled down the field, breaking all the ladders. “Way to break the course, Susan,” Nalyd said angrily. “Our best time was James with twenty-seven seconds. Second was Bozo with thirty-one seconds. Third is Hillary with thirty-five seconds. The last person moving on is… Susan with forty seconds. James, Bozo, Hillary, and Susan please come with me. The rest of you, sit on the loser bench.”

Nalyd handed James, Bozo, Hillary, and Susan three darts each. “There are twelve mirrors here,” Nalyd explained. “Each of you will throw one dart at one mirror each, and then move on. The three people who break the most mirrors will move on. Go!”

James threw a dart, and broke a mirror. He threw another, and broke another mirror. He completely missed a mirror with his third dart.

Bozo threw all three of her darts randomly, and broke all three mirrors.

“Fancy shootin’, little lady,” James said.

“Thanks, Tex,” Bozo laughed.

Hillary threw one of her darts and missed her mirror. She threw another dart, and, despite hitting the mirror, it didn’t break. Her last dart broke her last mirror.

“That was plain terrible shooting,” Bozo commented.

“Quiet, clown-face,” Hillary retorted.

“Why do I feel like I’ve heard that before?” Bozo pondered.

Susan pulled her arm back to throw her dart, but dropped it.

“That counts as a throw,” Nalyd said.

Susan threw her second dart and broke a mirror. She threw the second, and it broke another mirror.

“James, Bozo, and Susan are moving on,” Nalyd said. “In this next challenge each of you will get a bucket and a pile of black cats. You need to throw them into an opponents’ bucket. The first person to have ten cats in their bucket is out of the challenge. The other two will move onto compete for immunity. Ready, set, go!”

James and Susan both threw two cats into Bozo’s bucket. “Oh noes! They be filling meh bukkit!” Bozo cried out.

“Was that even English?” Susan asked. James threw a cat into Susan’s bucket. Susan and Bozo threw two cats each into James’ bucket.

“James and Bozo each have four cats, Susan has one,” Nalyd said. James threw a cat into Susan’s and Bozo’s buckets. Bozo and Susan threw a cat into each others’ buckets.

“Sorry, Mr. Kitty,” Susan sighed. She lifted up a cat and looked into its eyes. The cat looked at Susan pitifully, with a look in its eyes that said, “Don’t throw me.” “I can’t do this,” Susan sighed. “I’m dropping out of the challenge.”

“Okay, then,” Nalyd said. “Bozo and James, you are our final two. Now are you can see, behind me is one thousand pounds of salt. Buried in it is an immunity statue. If you find it, you win immunity. Go!”

James and Bozo lunged at the pile of salt and began digging. “It’s just a statue,” Bozo said.

“Could be a million dollar statue,” James replied. James continued digging, throwing the salt behind him.

“Then I thought to myself,” Bozo said in the confessional, “Why not eat the salt?”

Bozo stuck her face in the pile of salt. “My eyes!” she screamed. “Oh, I was wrong, horribly wrong!” James took Bozo’s state of horrible wrongness to his advantage. He held up what looked like a wooden version of Nalyd.

“James has found the statue!” Nalyd announced. “James wins immunity!” The losers ran up to congratulate James. “All of you go back to camp, and come to Tribal Council in about an hour.”

When everyone returned to camp, Ace started talking to Jocelyn. “Jocelyn, I think you should join my alliance,” Ace said. “We’re voting for Susan.”

“Why Susan?” Jocelyn asked.

“She’s too nice,” Ace said. “And she’s got an alliance, which makes her a power threat.”

“Okay, I’ll vote with you,” Jocelyn said.

Ace then walked over to Niles, James, and Hillary. “The four of us and Jocelyn are voting for Susan tonight,” Ace informed them.

“Sounds good to me,” Hillary said.

“James, lets go get fish,” Niles said. Niles and James walked down to the river where they usually fished. “I don’t think we should vote out Susan,” Niles said. “Bozo is a bigger threat.”

“I see what you mean, but two votes against Bozo won’t do anything,” James said.

“But this will,” Niles said. He took a small item wrapped in cloth out of his pocket. He opened it up and took out a small rock carved like a statue. “Do you know what this is?” Niles asked.

“That’s an immunity idol,” James laughed. “You ol’ son of a gun! When did you find that?”

“Just yesterday,” Niles said. “Susan would vote off Bozo if we told her she would go otherwise. Now we just need Lacey’s vote.”

“I’m stumped,” James shrugged.

“I’ll give her the idol,” Niles said. “Then she’d vote with us.”

“Are you sure?” James asked.

“Look, James, every season somebody goes on a streak of winning continuous challenges. That can be you,” Niles said. “I’ll figure out the rest.”

Niles talked to Lacey. He pulled the immunity idol out of his pocket and gave it to Lacey. “Can I keep it?” Lacey asked. Niles took it back and put it in his pocket.

“Vote for Bozo and it’s yours,” Niles said.

“You’ve got a deal,” Lacey said.

Niles walked over to Susan, who was getting water. “Susan, you need to vote for Bozo,” Niles said bluntly.

“How come?” Susan asked.

“Otherwise, you’ll be eliminated,” Niles explained.

“Really?” Susan asked in disbelief.

“You need to trust me,” Niles said.

“I’ll trust you until the end of time,” Susan said.

“What?” Niles asked.

“Nothing,” Susan said quickly.

Niles laughed in the confessional. “This isn’t an idol!” he laughed more. “The cloth is my handkerchief and the idol is a rock I found. But they bought it!”

The night, the final eight went to Tribal Council. “Bringing in the members of our jury; Nathaniel, Rocky, and Ed,” Nalyd said. Bob the Leprechaun followed them. “Bob is here to make sure nobody hurts Ed. Okay, everybody, go cast your votes.”

Bozo voted for Hillary. “You called me clown face.”

Niles voted for Bozo. “Just trying to help my friends.”

Ace voted for Susan. “It’s true what they say; nice girls finish last.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He pulled a piece of paper out of the ballot box. “Bozo. That’s one vote for Bozo. Susan. Susan. One vote for Bozo, two for Susan. Bozo. Susan. Two votes for Bozo, three for Susan.” Nalyd paused, and then pulled out a sixth name. “Bozo. That is three votes each for Susan and Bozo. Hillary. One vote for Hillary, three for Bozo, three for Susan.” Susan turned to Niles, and he smiled at her. Nalyd pulled out the last vote. “Seventeenth person voted out of Total Drama Amazon and the fourth member of our jury is… Bozo. Bozo, bring me your torch.” Nalyd snuffed her torch. “Bozo, the tribe has spoken.”

Bozo walked away, but turned back. “I have a confession to make!” she exclaimed. “I have a crush on… Bob the Leprechaun!” She ran over to Bob, kissed his forehead, and ran off. “I’ll never forget you!”

“That was disturbing,” Nalyd said. “And then there were seven. I think that’s been enough excitement for tonight. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Sixteen - “If I’m anything, I’m a man of my word.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Ace became the king of the amazon with his new powerful alliance of himself, Hillary, James, Jocelyn, and Niles. The other three girls stayed in their alliance, up against Ace’s five-some. During the bad luck challenge, James won immunity, ending Bozo’s immunity streak. While Ace planned to eliminate Susan, Niles had a different plan; eliminate Bozo. Niles promised James that James would win the next couple challenges, he promised Lacey an immunity idol, and he promised that Susan could wake up the next morning in the amazon. Niles’ plan worked and Bozo was eliminated. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final seven returned to camp. “Well played, Niles, well played,” Ace said, patting Niles on the back.

“What do you mean?” Niles asked.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” Ace said. “I know you saved Susan.”

“Is that a problem?” Niles asked.

“No, but if you told me the plan I would’ve gone along with it,” Ace shrugged. “It made more sense than my plan.”

“Niles is a snake in the grass,” Ace said in the confessional. “He’s dangerous.”

Niles sat down next to Lacey and Susan. “I belief we have some unfinished business,” Lacey said.

“Oh, right,” Niles said. “If I’m anything, I’m a man of my word.” Niles pulled his fake immunity idol out of his pocket and gave it to Lacey. “May it serve you well.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Lacey said, placing it in her pocket.

“It was so sweet of Niles to save me from being eliminated last night,” Susan said in the confessional. “And it’s good to know that Bozo wasn’t after my man. I bet that since he saved me, he likes me! It’s a sign!”

Ace pulled James, Jocelyn, and Hillary into the woods to talk. “I want Niles gone,” Ace said.

“Niles is my buddy though,” James said.

“Nobody cares, rube,” Hillary said. “Just vote with us.”

“What did you call me?” James asked.

“Rube. R-U-B-E. I know you country folk struggle with spelling,” Hillary sneered.

“What did I do to you?” James asked, anger rising in his voice.

“You go around being nice to everybody, not a clue in the world,” Hillary explained. “You’re a filthy farm boy.”

“I don’t even know where that came from,” Ace said in the confessional. “Hillary’s never had a direct problem with James before. I’ve never seen her so pointlessly angry. It was kind of hot.”

“I hate Hillary,” James said in the confessional. “What the heck is her problem?”

“You know why I hate James?” Hillary asked in the confessional. “The other day I saw him eat an inadequately cooked fish! It was only half cooked and he just started eating! Totally gross!”

“Miles,” Jocelyn said as she strutted back into camp. “I require your services.”

“Miles, I require your services,” Susan said mockingly in the confessional.

“Yes,” Niles asked, walking over to Jocelyn.

“Tomorrow, I need you to help me win immunity,” Jocelyn said.

“How so?” Niles asked.

“Just make sure the others don’t win,” Jocelyn said. “Sabotage them.”

“Isn’t that cheating?” Niles asked.

“Come on, Miles,” Jocelyn laughed. “Sometimes you just gotta do things you’re not supposed to. Sometimes you need to be bad.” Jocelyn kissed Niles on the lips. “So you wanna help me?”

“I’m not swayed by any pretty face,” Niles said in the confessional. “But then again that’s not any pretty face!”

The next day, the final seven went to the challenge field. There they saw a large red tent, about the size of a sports arena. “Welcome back, Outlasting Warriors,” Nalyd said happily. “Today’s challenge has circus theme!”

“That’s kind of harsh considering Bozo just went,” Susan said.

“There are three parts to the challenge,” Nalyd explained. “Tight rope walking, lion taming, and being a clown! For the tight rope walking, those of you who get across will move onto round two. The winner of today’s challenge will get to win a limousine ride to a nearby resort for the night. First up on the tight rope is Lacey.”

Everyone walked into the red tent. They looked around and saw Bob the Leprechaun riding a unicycle, and Frank the Gnome juggling ostrich eggs. Lacey looked up to see the tightrope, fifty feet above them. “I can’t climb that,” Lacey said. “I’d break the tightrope.”

“Lacey is out of the challenge,” Nalyd said. “Susan, you’re up.”

“After that rock wall challenge, heights aren’t a big issue,” Susan said in the confessional. “But you know what is scary? Giant squids!”

Susan began climbing the ladder and walked onto the tightrope. She slowly walked across, barely staying on. “Susan!” Jocelyn shouted. “Miles just said he liked you!”

“I didn’t say that,” Niles said. “Why would I say that?” Jocelyn covered Niles’ mouth with her hand.

“Really?” Susan shouted. “Well, I really like-” Susan began wobbling, and soon fell off the rope. “Whoa!” Susan fell, and landed on Niles. “Aw! Thanks for breaking my fall! That was really sweet!”

“No problem,” Niles wheezed.

“Ace, you’re up,” Nalyd said. Ace climbed the ladder.

Ace slowly climbed the ladder. When he reached the top, he held onto the rope with his hands, and started pulling himself across. “Can he do that?” Hillary asked.

“Go get the rule book,” Nalyd shrugged.

“And where would that be?” Hillary asked.

“Where all the contestants that bother me go, that’s where,” Nalyd said angrily.

Ace continued to pull himself across the rope. “Remember the plan,” Jocelyn whispered to Niles. Niles nodded, and threw a rock. It went about a foot in the air, before coming down and crushing Niles’ foot. Niles screamed. The scream startled Ace, causing him to lose his grip and fall.

“Ace is out of the challenge,” Nalyd said. “Hillary, you’re up.”

Hillary climbed to the top of the ladder, and walked onto the tightrope. She made quick, long, even steps, getting across the rope in mere seconds. “Well done,” Nalyd said. “Niles, you’re up.”

Niles climbed the ladder quickly. He started walking across the tightrope using Hillary’s strategy, but fell. He grabbed onto the rope, and began pulling himself across to the other side. “Niles and Hillary are moving on,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn, you’re turn,” Nalyd said.

Jocelyn climbed the ladder and soon got to the tightrope.

“Luckily for me I took gymnastics as a kid,” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

Jocelyn slowly tip-toed across the rope. “You can do it!” Niles shouted.

“Shut it, Miles!” Jocelyn growled. She completed walking the length of the tightrope.

“Jocelyn will also be moving on,” Nalyd said. “Last but not least; James, you’re up.”

James climbed to the top of the ladder, and jumped right onto the rope. He began to fall, but grabbed the rope with his teeth. He reached his hands up was able to hold onto the tightrope with them. James pulled himself back up onto his feet, and walked across the tightrope.

“James, Jocelyn, Niles, and Hillary are moving on!” Nalyd announced. “For round two, you have to tame a lion. Since we were kind of cheap with the last couple of challenges, we had enough money to get a real lion!” Bob pushed a cage into the tent. Inside the cage sat a snarling lion. “You must each get in the cage and either tame the lion or just not get completely mauled.”

“It’s not a real lion,” Niles laughed. “This is just like when I thought I saw a lion on day two!”

“It looks pretty real,” James said. “Careful dude.”

“Please, I think I can handle a lion,” Niles said. He stepped into the cage. “Here, kitty.” The lion swung its sharp claws at Niles, ripping his jacket. “This was imported from Italy!” Niles jumped on the lion and started pulling on its hair. The lion held Niles up by his shirt, and threw him out of the cage.

“Niles is out of the challenge,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn you’re up.”

“The last thing I need is to be mauled by a lion,” Jocelyn said. “I’m out.”

“Jocelyn has dropped out of the challenge,” Nalyd said. “James, you’re up.”

James walked into the cage. “Remember, James,” Hillary said. “Big difference between cows and lions.”

“Not a big difference between you and a cow, though,” James muttered to himself. The lion jumped at James, but James dodged causing the lion to hit the side of the cage. When the lion turned back, James pulled a half-eaten, half-cooked fish out of his pocket. He waved the fish in the lion face. “Sit.” The lion sat. “Roll over,” James said, spinning the fish in his hand. The lion rolled onto its back. James threw the fish to the lion.

“James is moving on,” Nalyd said. James walked out of the cage, while Hillary walked in. The lion roared in Hillary’s face, but she didn’t flinch.

“Those teeth are disgusting!” Hillary said in surprise. She held the lion’s mouth open to examine its teeth. “Atrocious. Who is in charge of your hygiene?” The lion had a puzzled and worried look on its face. “Lucky for you, I always carry a toothbrush with me.” Hillary took a toothbrush out of her pocket, and began brushing the lion’s teeth.

“Hillary is moving on!” Nalyd announced. “Now its James and Hillary in the final challenge.” Bob walked over to Nalyd and whispered into his ear. “I see,” Nalyd said. “Bad news, guys. That lion was too expensive, so now we don’t have any equipment for a final challenge. James and Hillary both win immunity!”

“No!” Hillary shouted. “I refuse!”

“You’d give up a reward just because you’d be with James?” Ace asked. “That’s pretty lame.”

“You can all decide this when you get back to camp,” Nalyd said. “Hillary, James, congratulations on winning immunity.”

“Susan, I have a plan,” Lacey said when everyone got back to camp. Lacey pulled the fake immunity idol out of her pocket.

“Is that an idol?” Susan asked, sounding impressed.

“You know it,” Lacey said. “We need to make sure they’re going to vote me off. When I play the idol, all of their votes won’t count, and only ours will!”

“Sounds great,” Susan smiled. “But who are we going to vote off?”

“We can vote for Ace, Jocelyn, or Niles,” Lacey said.

“Then I guess it has to be Jocelyn,” Susan said.

Lacey left Susan and sat next to Niles, who was sitting by the river. “Hello, Lacey,” Niles said cheerfully. “What brings you here?” Lacey farted. Niles screamed and ran away.

“That should do it,” Lacey said.

Niles ran up to Ace in tears. “What’s wrong, small fry?” Ace asked.

“Lacey…” Niles panted. “Sitting… river… noxious gas….”

Ace slapped Niles. “Pull yourself together!” Ace shouted. “What happened?”

“Lacey farted right next to me!” Niles said, tears rolling down his cheeks. “We have to vote her off!”

“That’s it?” Ace laughed.

“I realized at that point that Ace didn’t understand the urgency of the situation,” Niles said in the confessional. “So I had to pull out the big guns.”

“She has an immunity idol,” Niles told Ace.

“She does?” Ace asked.

“Yes, it was mine, and she took it,” Niles explained.

“Interesting,” Ace said, walking away. He joined James, Hillary, and Jocelyn who were waiting for him. “I know this morning I wanted to vote off Niles, but now Lacey has to go.”

“How come?” Jocelyn asked.

“She has an immunity idol, and if we vote her off before she uses it, the immunity idol will be gone for good,” Ace explained.

“Sounds good to me, y’all,” James said.

“Sounds good to me, everyone,” Hillary said. “‘Y’all’ isn’t a word.”

The final seven Outlasting Warriors went to Tribal Council. “Now bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. “Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, and Bozo.” The four jury members marched in and sat in the jury section. “Tonight, you can vote off anybody but Hillary and James. Go cast your votes.”

Niles voted for Lacey. “That was disgusting today!”

Susan voted for Jocelyn. “Lacey’s plan better work.”

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He grabbed the ballot box.

“Wait, Nalyd,” Lacey said. “I’d like to play an immunity idol.” She stood up and handed it to Nalyd.

“This won’t end well,” Ace sighed.

“When somebody plays an immunity idol, no votes against them count,” Nalyd said. “This, however, is not an idol, thus it does not count.”

“You little liar,” Lacey growled at Niles.

Nalyd pulled a piece of paper from the ballot box. “Jocelyn. Lacey. Jocelyn. Two votes for Jocelyn, one for Lacey. Lacey. Lacey. That is two votes for Jocelyn, and three for Lacey.” Nalyd pulled another name out of the ballot box. “The eighteenth person voted off of Total Drama Amazon and the fifth member of our jury… Lacey. Lacey, bring me your torch.” Lacey brought Nalyd her torch. “Lacey, the tribe has spoken.” Lacey left the Tribal Council area. A limousine drove up right outside the Tribal Council area and honked its horn. “Hillary, James, there is your ride.”

“Later, guys,” James said. James and Hillary got into the limousine.

“Down to six,” Nalyd said. “Looks like this is still anybody’s game. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Seventeen - “So you think you can dance?”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Niles’ rebellion ended with Bozo being sent to the jury. Ace was angered that Niles had gone behind his back, and decided that Niles would be the next to go. Jocelyn recruited Niles into sabotaging his fellow competitors in the next challenge. At the circus theme challenge, James and Hillary, two enemies, won immunity and a limo ride to a fancy resort. Lacey thought that she’d be safe with the idol Niles gave her, but it was a fake idol. When Lacey played it at Tribal Council, it couldn’t save her from becoming our fifth jury member. Who will be voted off tonight?

“James and Hillary sitting in a limousine, F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G,” Ace sang in the confessional. “I’d pay money to see that. Maybe not a million bucks, but maybe a shiny nickel.”

“Poor James,” Niles said. “Having to spend the night with Hillary. I wish I’d won the reward. But not with Hillary, just on my own.”

“I wouldn’t have minded sharing the reward with you,” Susan blushed.

“Eh, you’re not so bad,” Niles shrugged.

Jocelyn laughed in the confessional. “The only thing more pathetic than Susan is Niles’ infatuation with me. I know his name isn’t ‘Miles’ but calling him that ticks Susan off.”

Ace began working on the fire for the night. “You’re pretty good at fire making,” Susan complimented Ace.

“Well, I’ve been doing thinking,” Ace said. “And I think that since I made up that whole lie about being a great adventurer, I might as well make the time I have left here as great as possible.”

“That’s the spirit,” Niles said. “In fact, I was thinking of growing a mustache.” Jocelyn broke into laughter. “What?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Jocelyn said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“I’m starting to suspect Jocelyn isn’t as nice as she seems,” Niles pondered in the confessional. “Nah! She can’t be mean!”

Susan, Jocelyn, Niles, and Ace sat around the fire. “I still remember my first night out here,” Niles sighed.

“That was like two weeks ago,” Ace said.

“Ah, memories,” Niles sighed.

“You know, these past two weeks have been two of the hardest times in my life,” Susan said. “But I wouldn’t change anything if I could.” She put her arm around Niles.

“I gotta admit, this wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” Jocelyn said.

“Like I said earlier,” Ace said. “I’m gonna make these next few days the most adventure-filled as possible! In fact, I’m going to sleep in a tree!” Ace climbed up a nearby tree.

“What do you think James is doing now?” Susan asked.

“He and Hillary are probably at each others’ throats,” Niles said.

The next morning, the Outlasting Warriors went to the challenge field. The stage from the talent show was there, but Nalyd was absent. When they arrived, Hillary and James’ limo pulled up. The two walked out embracing each other and kissing. “Or they’re at each others’ mouths,” Niles shrugged.

“Hey guys,” Susan welcomed them. James and Hillary continued making out as they stood next to the other contestants.

“Is this really awkward, or is it just me?” Ace asked.

“Before it was just Audrey, but now it’s all of us,” Jocelyn said.

“Hey guys,” Hillary said.

“’Sup, y’all?” James asked, hugging his fellow contestants.

“Do you know what you were kissing?” Niles whispered.

“I know who I was kissing,” James said.

“How did you two hook up?” Ace asked.

“After about an hour of arguing,” James explained, “I told her that I liked her, and she said she liked me, and that’s how this happened.”

“Morning, final six,” Nalyd said as he stepped out of the driver’s seat of the limousine. “Today’s challenge is a dance contest! Everybody needs to get into pairs!”

“I call James!” Hillary shouted as she clung to James.

“Hey, Jocelyn,” Niles said. Susan grabbed Niles by the back of his shirt collar.

“Niles and I are a pair,” Susan said.

“I guess that leaves you and me, Ace,” Jocelyn said.

“Works for me,” Ace said.

“So you think you can dance?” Nalyd asked the contestants.

“No,” Niles shrugged.

“Not really,” James said.

“Like a dancing queen,” Ace said.

“Er… moving on,” Nalyd said. “Each team can pick their own dance and the best execution of said dance wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final five.”

“What kid of dances do you know?” Hillary asked James.

“I know how to square dance,” James said.

“I’ve never tried that before,” Hillary said.

“Don’t worry,” James said reassuringly. “It’s like a country version of the hokey-pokey! First we link arms.” Hillary and James linked their arms together. “Then we run in a circle.” The two ran in a circle, their arms linked together. “Now spin your partner round and round.” James spun Hillary. “And drop your partner to the ground!” James lifted Hillary above his head and dropped her to the ground.

“Ow, my spine!” Hillary shouted.

“Sorry, babe,” James said. He helped Hillary up. “Are you hurt?”

“Now, I’m okay,” Hillary said. “But I know how I can be better.” She kissed James, and he kissed Hillary back. The two were soon making out.

“Lucky guy,” Niles sighed. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to make out with Hillary, but I deserve a girl who likes me for me.”

“Darn shame one of those doesn’t exist,” Susan sighed. “So what dances do you know?”

“Which ones do you know?” Niles asked.

“Well,” Susan said, “I know tango, macarena, Thriller, Cotton Eyed Joe, ballroom-”

“I know ballroom dancing,” Niles said. Niles put his arm around Susan’s waist as she put her hand on his shoulder. Their other hands clasped in their air. “It’s a simple movement really. One, two, three,” Niles said as the two swayed to the left. “One, two, three.” They danced to the right.

“I don’t ever want this moment to end,” Susan sighed.

“Well, it will have to, it’s almost time to perform,” Niles said.

“I’ve never danced before in my life,” Ace said to Jocelyn.

“Don’t worry about dancing,” Jocelyn said, rolling her eyes. “As long as you look good, you will win anything. I’m already perfect, but you, my friend, need help.”

“What’s your plan?” Ace asked.

Jocelyn held up some wild berries and sticks. “Extreme make-over: Ace edition,” she smiled deviously.

“Are all three teams ready to perform?” Nalyd asked.

“We’re ready, y’all,” James said.

“Us too,” Susan said.

“Ace is sure ready,” Jocelyn said. Everyone turned and saw Ace had lost a large chunk of his hair missing, and his face was covered in red berry juice.

“Beauty and the beast, you’re up first,” Nalyd said.

“I think he means us,” James whispered to Hillary.

“Jocelyn, Ace, let’s go,” Nalyd said. Ace and Jocelyn walked onto the stage and faced Nalyd.

“We will be dancing,” Jocelyn paused. “What are we dancing?”

“A traditional Amazonian rain dance,” Ace said. He began spinning his arms and kicking his legs wildly. The medics grabbed Ace and put him on a stretcher. “I’m not sick! I’m dancing!”

“That looked pretty sick to me,” one of the medics said. They let Ace continue his dance. Ace started to do the moon-walk, but fell backward, off the stage and onto the grass.

“I’ll give you a two,” Nalyd shrugged. “Cowboy, bossy, let’s go!”

“Did he forget our names?” Hillary asked James as the two walked onto the stage.

They danced the same moves that they had rehearsed earlier as James sang, “Spin your partner round and round and throw your partner on the ground!” James picked Hillary up and threw her at the judge’s table where Nalyd sat.

“I’ll give you a four for throwing your girlfriend,” Nalyd laughed. “Reminds me of a date I went on once. Anyway, we’re down to the last couple; Miles and goody-two-shoes!”

Niles shrugged as he walked onto the stage. “For a five letter name it’s awfully difficult to remember,” Niles sighed. He put his hand around Susan’s waist, and she put her hand on Niles’ shoulder. Their free hands met in the air. The two bodies swayed rhythmically. “One, two, three, one, two, three.”

“Is that it?” Nalyd asked. “I’ve seen my mom dance better than that! And seeing my mom dance is one of many things you don’t want to do.”

“What are we going to do?” Niles asked worriedly.

An intern handed Nalyd a cup full of ice water. “I’ve got it!” Susan exclaimed. She grabbed a handful of ice-cubes and dropped them into Niles’ shirt. Niles screamed and started jumping around.

“There’s ice in my coat!” Niles shouted as he hopped around.

“He’s got some serious ice in his coat,” Nalyd laughed. “Eight points! Susan and Niles win immunity!”

“Eee!” Susan squealed. She ran to Niles and hugged him, even though he was still twitching from the ice in his coat.

“Susan and Niles, congratulations,” Nalyd said. “Niles, you have some serious skills.”

“I know,” Niles shrugged.

“All of you go back to camp,” Nalyd said.

“Being able to dance with Niles was amazing,” Susan said in the confessional. “I think that he’s starting to notice me!”

“Susan is sort of cute,” Niles said in the confessional. “I’m glad I got to work with her in the challenge. I’d rather have worked with one of the other girls… Not Hillary though! I meant Jocelyn!”

“So who’s going to go tonight?” Jocelyn asked Ace in private. “Miles has invincibility and Susan does too!”

“James and Hillary wouldn’t vote for each other,” Ace said. “Niles wouldn’t vote off James, his best friend here.”

“Susan and Niles would vote off Hillary though,” Jocelyn said. “And if you and I do too, Hillary’s gone.”

“Good idea,” Ace said. “Go talk to them, I’m going to climb that tree for a banana! Adventure on!”

Niles and Susan were cooking fish over the fire, as Hillary and James made out in the woods. “We need to get Ace out,” Jocelyn said.

“Why would we do that?” Niles asked.

“For one he wanted you out yesterday, Miles,” Jocelyn said. “And today he wants to vote out Hillary!”

“That’s okay with me,” Susan said.

“Same here,” Niles said.

“But then James will be sad,” Jocelyn explained.

“Oh, okay, I’ll vote off Ace,” Niles said.

“Me too,” Susan said.

Jocelyn went to talk to Hillary and James, who were still kissing. “Break it up, love birds, and listen up,” Jocelyn said. “You need to vote for Ace, or Hillary here is going home.”

“Why should we believe you?” Hillary asked.

“Because I don’t want to break you two up,” Jocelyn said. “You two are like the best hook-up of the series and I don’t want to ruin that!”

“They’re about as cute as ‘Ugly’ and ‘Dome’ from season one!” Jocelyn said in the confessional.

That night, the final six Outlasting Warriors went to Tribal Council. “Bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. “Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, Bozo, and Lacey.” The five jury members sat in the jury section. “Okay, final six, let’s get to the votes.”

“Hold on, Nalyd,” Ace interrupted. “I wrote a little poem I’d like to read to everyone before we vote.”

“Go ahead,” Nalyd shrugged.

Ace pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and read, “As we go to Tribal Council every night, I feel we all grow stronger. One of us may go tonight, but soon one of us will be the winner.”

“Truly moving. Is that all?” Nalyd asked, trying to hold back laughter. Ace nodded. “Okay, everyone, go vote.”

Ace voted for Hillary. “It’s time for you to go.”

Hillary voted for Jocelyn. “I’ll teach you to lie.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said after everyone had voted. He got the ballot box, and pulled a vote from it. “One vote for Hillary. One vote for Jocelyn.” Nalyd pulled a third vote from the box. “One vote for Ace.” Ace looked surprised, but not worried. “Two votes for Ace.” Ace’s surprise turned to worry as Nalyd pulled out a fifth vote. “Twentieth person voted out of Total Drama Amazon and the sixth member of our jury… Ace. Ace, bring me your torch.” Ace sighed and walked to Nalyd, carrying hid torch. “Ace, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed the flame.

“I’d like to thank you all,” Ace said as he turned to face the final five, “For playing a part in the tapestry that was my adventure. I can go now and say, ‘I’m Ace, and I’m an adventurer!’ For that I am truly grateful, and I will struggle with picking one of you to vote for.” Ace turned back and walked away.

“That was the closest thing we’re going to get to poetry tonight,” Nalyd said, “So, final five, all of you may head back to camp.”

Chapter Eighteen - “Using somebody is terrible to do.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; After a night away from camp, James and Hillary became the make-out couple of the Amazon. In the dancing challenge, Niles and Susan won immunity after Niles got I-I-H-C; Ice in his coat! Jocelyn’s sneaky strategizing sent Ace to jury-ville, population six! The final five, James the challenge king, Niles the loser in love, Jocelyn the flirt, Hillary the nag, and Susan the delusional dreamer, are going to be faced with one of their hardest challenges yet. Who will be voted off tonight?

The final five Outlasting Warriors returned to camp. “Well, well, well,” James said as he patted Niles on the back. “Look who made it to the final five.”

“You sound surprised,” Niles said, as he uncapped his canteen. “I’m going to go get some more water.”

“I’ll come with you,” James said. “To make sure you don’t get yourself killed with only a couple days left.”

The three girls, Susan, Jocelyn, and Hillary stayed at camp. “This campsite is filthy,” Hillary said. “Look at all the eliminated contestants’ stuff everywhere! We need to organize!”

“We have four more days, I think we’ll be okay,” Jocelyn said. Jocelyn stood up and walked towards the girls’ hut.

Hillary jumped in front of the hut. “Nobody is sleeping until this camp looks great!”

“I gotta admit,” Susan said in the confessional, “Hillary is crazy! Who cleans a campsite?”

Hillary cleaned around the boys’ hut, while Jocelyn and Susan cleaned the girls’ hut. “Wanna vote off Hillary?” Jocelyn asked.

“I guess,” Susan said.

“She’s really annoying, and she’s clearly using James,” Jocelyn said. “Using somebody is terrible to do.” Susan glared at Jocelyn. “Everybody here is using each other. I’m using Miles, Miles is using you, James is using Miles, and Hillary is using James! It’s a terrible cycle of deceit.”

“If we get rid of James, though, don’t we cut Hillary off from the rest of the cycle?” Susan asked.

“We can have a Charging Jaguar alliance,” Jocelyn said. “Hillary is the only non-Jaguar left!”

“Sounds reasonable,” Susan said. “Let’s just hope the guys are on board for this.”

“So… Hillary, huh?” Niles said as he filled his canteen with water at the river.

“Yeah, she sure is swell,” James sighed.

“Hey, James, you think that we’re both finally over Jocelyn’s awesomely hotness?” Niles asked.

“I know I am,” James said. “And it might be a good idea to vote her off before we fall for her again.”

“Excellent,” Niles said. “Like a bros’ alliance?”

“City folks really say ‘bro’?” asked James, sounding confused. “Anyway, I’ll join you! And with Hillary’s vote we can get to the final three.”

“He’s the thing,” Niles said in the confessional, “James and Hillary would never take me to the final two over each other so one of them needs to go tomorrow.”

The next day, Hillary, James, Jocelyn, Niles, and Susan went to the challenge field. They saw a large wooden wall, with five openings. “Morning, final five,” Nalyd said cheerfully. “It feels great to say that, because it’s only three more eliminations, then nine jury members will vote for the winner! Ready to get to today’s challenge?”

“We were born ready,” James said. Hillary put her arm around James.

“For today’s challenge, each of you will go through one of the openings into this maze of wooden walls. Inside there are three puzzle pieces for you. You need to get the three puzzle piece bags, and then get out of the maze. Once you get all three bags, you need to get to the other end of the maze, and assemble the pieces on the tables on the other side. The first person who does this wins immunity and reward; a phone call from home!”

“I miss my family so much,” Susan said in the confessional. Tears rolled from her eyes, down her cheeks. “I think that that phone call home is just what I need to get through the next couple days.”

“Everybody get ready,” Nalyd said as the contestants lined up in front of their respective starting points. “Go!” Everybody ran into the maze.

Hillary took quick turns left then right, ending in a dead end. She turned back, took a left and saw a bag of puzzle pieces.

James took three left turns, and ended up back outside the maze. He ran back in, took a right, and found a bag of puzzle pieces.

Jocelyn slowly strolled through the maze, looking each way before proceeding. “I want to make sure I get through here and win,” Jocelyn said to herself. “I don’t need the phone call, I need immunity.” Jocelyn looked down a long passageway, and saw a puzzle piece bag. She ran down towards the bag, and collected it.

Susan was running through the maze, and had already gotten a bag of puzzle pieces. “I need to win this,” she said, determination ringing through her voice. She turned left, and ran directly into a wall. “Ouch!” She rubbed her arm that hat hit the hardest, but saw that another bag of puzzle pieces were right next to each other. “Yes!”

Hillary was looking for her second bag of puzzle pieces, but was puzzle by a puzzle piece bag. “Wait a minute,” she said to herself. “This maze is set up like the corn maze challenge!” She ran to the left, and found a bag of puzzle pieces about ten meters down the way. “One more, baby, and invincibility is mine!”

“Day one,” Niles said to himself after fifteen minutes in the maze. He was miserably lost after taking many wrong turns and hitting many dead ends. “I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been in this maze, but I know that it is still the same day because the sun hasn’t set yet. I fear that the producers may have forgotten me. This may be the end. I’m going to miss it all. I’ll miss James’ simple yet inferior ways. I’ll miss Susan’s smile. I’ll miss Jocelyn’s beauty and charm.” Niles paused. “I won’t miss Hillary though,” he laughed to himself. The chuckles soon turned to maniacal laughter.

James had gotten his second bag of puzzle pieces, after running out of the maze again, and was looking for his third. James sniffed the puzzle pieces he’d gotten. They smelled like corn. James sniffed the air and picked up and scent of corn. He charged through a wall directly to the left of him and continued following the smell. “Corn!” James cried as he continued running. He saw the final bag of puzzle piece and dove at it. “Three bags!” James ran to the right, then left, and got out of the maze. He started putting his puzzle together on his table.

Jocelyn had two of her bags of puzzle pieces, and was nearing the end of the maze. She turned to the left, strutted to the right, and took the next turn to the left. She had hit a dead end, and she turned back.

Susan walked out of the maze with all three of her bags of puzzle pieces. She saw that James had already started his puzzle. Nalyd was outside watching the two build there puzzles. “James has a large lead over Susan, who has just started,” Nalyd said.

“Day two,” Niles said, still wandering through the maze. “I am sure that they have left me here to die. Why do the good always die young?” Niles collapsed on the ground. “I was so close to having another million dollars to spend on carpets, and curtains, and fancy pens and vases. Why cruel world?” Niles began crying. He slapped himself in the face and sat up. “No! Pull yourself together man! You’re Niles! You’re a man of logic! You’re a man of love! You’re a man of-” Niles felt something on his hand, and saw a spider crawling across it. “Spider!” Niles stood up and ran away.

Hillary ran out of the maze with all three bags of puzzle pieces. She emptied all the bags and started building the puzzle. “Hey babe,” James said. “I was wondering when you’d make it out.”

“Watch it, James, I’m a master at puzzles,” Hillary said.

Susan had caught up with James. “You’re doing well too,” James said.

“Can’t talk,” Susan said. “Winning a phone call home.”

“The winner gets immunity too,” Hillary reminded her as she began catching up to James and Susan.

“I don’t care about immunity, all I want is the phone call,” Susan said.

Jocelyn walked out of the maze, and saw everybody else was about halfway done with their puzzles. “It’s not even worth it at this point,” she said, sitting down on the grass.

“Hey where is Niles?” Susan asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” Hillary said, wiping sweat from her forehead.

“Hillary is down to six pieces,” Nalyd said. “James has eight, and Susan has eleven.”

Hillary put a few more pieces into place. “I think I’ve got it Nalyd!” she shouted.

Nalyd looked at Hillary’s puzzle and read the message it read aloud, “Hillary wins immunity and reward!”

Niles walked out of the maze with no puzzle pieces. “Freedom!” he shouted.

“It’s too late, Niles,” Susan said sadly. “Hillary won.” Susan put her head down on the table and cried.

Niles walked next to Susan and put his hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay,” he said reassuringly. “You can do this. You’re a strong girl, and I know you have it in you to win this.” Susan smiled at Niles, and he wiped a tear from her face.

“You did it, babe,” James said. He kissed Hillary.

“Okay everyone,” Nalyd said, “Hillary has won, now it’s time to go back to camp.”

The final five Outlasting Warriors returned to camp. “Well now who are we going to vote off?” Jocelyn asked Susan. “Hillary has immunity.”

“I won’t vote off Niles,” Susan said. “But I would vote for you.”

“Susan, who would vote for me in a jury vote?” Jocelyn said. “I’ve been mean to everyone, and nobody would vote for me. Who does everybody like?”


“No, only you like him,” Jocelyn said. “James is great at challenges and all the jury members liked him.”

“But that’s only our two votes,” Susan said. “If I choose to vote with you.”

“If you vote with me I’ll hook you up with Miles,” Jocelyn offered. A wide smile grew on Susan’s face. “Excellent.”

“We only have one vote against James, and that’s me casting it,” Jocelyn said. “Susan seems pretty convinced, but she could change. If I tell Niles and Hillary that it doesn’t matter who they vote for and that James will go anyway, they might vote him off.”

Jocelyn talked to Niles. “James is going home tonight,” said Jocelyn.

“I would never vote him off!” Niles said angrily.

“It doesn’t matter,” Jocelyn said. “Voting for him or for somebody else, it doesn’t matter.”

“That doesn’t mean I would betray my best friend,” Niles said.

“You know what they say, Miles,” Jocelyn said, putting her arm around Niles’ shoulders. “Gals before pals.”

Jocelyn talked to Hillary. “I want to bring you right to the final two,” Jocelyn said. “But we need to make sacrifices if this new alliance is going to work.”

“I have no problems sacrificing Niles,” Hillary said.

“Not him,” Jocelyn said. “James. Your boyfriend. He needs to go. And think of it like this; if he’s in the final two he’d get every jury vote, but in the jury, that’s just one vote your guaranteed.”

“And what if I don’t vote for him!” Hillary protested.

“Doesn’t matter,” Jocelyn said. “We already have three votes against him.”

“Jocelyn is going home tonight?” James asked Niles.

“Definitely,” Niles said.

“You’re not going to stab me in the back last second are you?” James laughed.

“No, I’m a man of my word. And when I lie, my nose bleeds.” Niles sniffed in.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Niles said, wiping his nose on his jacket.

“Is that blood?”

“No!” Niles quickly walked away.

That night at Tribal Council, the final five Outlasting Warriors came back. The six jury members entered the Council area. “Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, Bozo, Lacey, and Ace,” Nalyd said as each walked in. “I think you guys know how this works. You can’t vote off Hillary. James, go cast your vote.”

James voted for Jocelyn. “Behind those pretty eyes, are some very dark thoughts.”

Jocelyn voted for James. “Adios, caballero.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box, and took a name from the box. “James.” He pulled another piece of paper and read the name, “Jocelyn. That’s one vote for James, and one vote for Jocelyn.” Nalyd reached his hand into the box, and took a third vote from it. “James. That’s two votes for James, and one for Jocelyn.” James and the jury members looked shocked. Nalyd pulled a fourth piece of paper from the box and read the name, “The twentieth person voted out of Total Drama Amazon and the seventh member of our jury… James. James, you’re eliminated.” James stood up and brought Nalyd his torch, a look of shock still on his face. “James, the tribe has spoken.”

“Later, y’all,” James said. He left the Tribal Council area.

“Something tells me he didn’t see that coming,” Nalyd said. “But it was a unanimous vote. I love seeing blind-sides, even this far in. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Nineteen – “I’m the king of the Amazon!”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; the two remaining guys, James and Niles, formed an alliance to vote off Jocelyn, after her manipulation had worn off on them. In the challenge, Susan became determined to win it, and the prize which was a phone call home. However, Hillary and her maze-escaping, puzzle-solving skills won immunity, the reward, and a place in the final four. When Jocelyn couldn’t vote off Hillary like she’d planned, she targeted James who she designated as the biggest threat. Jocelyn got Susan to vote off James by promising her a date with Niles. She convinced Niles, James’ best friend, and Hillary, James’ girlfriend, to vote off James as well, telling them each that no matter what James would be going home. In the end, James was voted off and became the seventh jury member. Only four contestants are left, and only three more episodes. Who will be voted off?

The final four Outlasting Warriors returned to their campsite. There was a cell phone on one of the log-seats. “Must be for my reward,” Hillary said, picking up the phone. She walked into the woods to make her call.

Jocelyn stepped into the girls’ hut. Susan sat down on a log and sulked. “What’s wrong?” Niles asked. He sat next to Susan and put his arm around her shoulders.

“It’s nothing,” Susan said, moving Niles’ arm off of her.

“I took psychology last semester,” Niles said, “and something tells me it’s not nothing.”

“I’m just upset, okay?” Susan said stubbornly.

“You weren’t upset before we got back,” Niles said. “I’m left to assume you either miss James or you’re upset about Hillary getting the reward.”

“It’s the reward,” Susan said. “It sounds selfish, I know, but I just miss my family so much. I don’t even know if this is worth it anymore.”

“All the friends you have here make it worth it, right?” Niles asked.

“All my friends left long ago,” Susan said sadly.

“I’m your friend aren’t I?” Niles asked.

Susan smiled. “Maybe if we voted together we could be the final two,” she suggested.

“Works for me,” Niles smiled.

“It may not have been the best time to bring up strategy,” Susan said in the confessional, “But when would be better?”

Niles walked through the woods, looking for firewood. He stopped when he saw Hillary on her phone. Niles jumped into a bush to avoid being seen, and hear what Hillary said.

“So have you been watching the show?” Hillary asked the person on the other line. “Cool! Now give me the dirt on the others.” Hillary paused. “Susan has an alliance with Niles? Niles is rich? Jocelyn has been using and lying to everyone the whole time?” Niles sneezed. Hillary screamed and dropped the phone; it shattered as it hit the ground. Hillary pulled Niles out of the bush by his collar. “Were you spying on me?”

“No,” Niles said nervously, “I dropped my contacts.”

“You don’t wear contacts!” Hillary shouted. “What did you hear?”

“Well, I heard a bird fly overheard,” Niles explained, “And I think I head some breathing.” Hillary shook Niles. “I heard everything about Susan, Jocelyn, and I! Don’t hurt me!”

“I won’t hurt you,” Hillary said, “On the condition that you vote with me tonight.”

“But I don’t like you,” Niles said.

“I’m your best friend’s girlfriend,” Hillary explained.

“Works for me,” Niles said quickly. Hillary dropped him and he scurried away.

Niles back to camp and he saw Jocelyn sitting where Susan had. “Hello, Miles,” Jocelyn said. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Niles said. “Where did Susan go?”

“She fell asleep and I brought her into the hut,” Jocelyn explained. “But we need to talk. Come, sit.”

Niles sat next to Jocelyn. “What’s up?”

“You and I are in a lot of trouble,” Jocelyn said.

“Are we?”

“Yeah! We’re the biggest threats left! We need to stick together. Alliance?” Jocelyn winked.

“Works for me,” Niles smiled.

“So now I have an alliance with all three girls,” Niles said in the confessional. “This is great! This means I’m in control of the game! I’m the king of the Amazon!”

The next morning, the final four Outlasting Warriors went to the challenge field. Next to Nalyd was a giant wheel with the eliminated contestants’ faces draws on them. “Morning, ladies,” Nalyd said.

“I’m a guy, Nalyd,” Niles corrected.

“I know what I said. Anyway,” Nalyd said, “Today’s challenge is to face dares from the eighteen eliminated contestants! Last person standing wins immunity and a one in three shot at a million dollars! Ladies first; Niles, you’re up.”

Niles spun the wheel and it landed on Will. “Will’s dare is to tickle a rabid beaver!” Nalyd laughed. “Sick!” Bob the Leprechaun carried a rabid beaver in a cage to Niles.

“It’s so cute,” Niles said. The beaver growled. Niles screamed, “Get away, flea bitten rodent!”

“Niles is out of the challenge,” Nalyd said. “Hillary, you’re up!” Hillary spun the wheel, and got James’ dare. “You need to milk a cow!”

Frank the Gnome brought Hillary a cow. Hillary grabbed one of the cow’s udders, and pulled it. The cow let out what sounded like a yell, but Hillary continued to milk the cow. “That poor cow,” Niles commented.

“Hillary is moving on,” Nalyd said. “Susan, time to go!” Susan spun the wheel and got Mariana’s dare. “Tu necesita beber el leche de vaca! You need to drink the cow milk!”

Susan picked up the bucket of cow milk. She asked, “Can’t you get sick from-”

“Just drink it!” Nalyd interrupted. Susan started drinking the milk, but choked from drinking to fast. She coughed some of the milk up. “Susan is out!”

“I don’t feel so good,” Susan muttered. She threw up on Niles’ shoes. Niles screamed like a little girl.

“Settle down, weirdos!” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn, time to spin the wheel.” Jocelyn spun the wheel, and landed on Betty’s dare. “You have to read a chapter from Twilight.”

“Of all the evil dares I had to get this one,” Jocelyn growled. Bob handed her a book and she started reading. “Who the heck thought of a sparkling vampire? Real men don’t sparkle.” Thirty minutes later, Jocelyn had finished reading.

“Hillary, time to spin the wheel!” Nalyd said happily. Hillary spun the wheel and got Ed’s dare. “Ed wants you to kiss a moose.”

“I’m sure this will be in my nightmares,” Hillary said angrily. A moose galloped over to Hillary, and she quickly kissed its forehead.

“Well done,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn, your turn.” Jocelyn spun the wheel and got Ace’s dare. “You need to drink a blended smoothie made of various bugs.” Bob handed Jocelyn the disgusting concoction. Jocelyn drank it quickly.

“Don’t throw up,” Hillary laughed. Jocelyn drank the rest of the drink, and burped in Hillary’s face.

“Gross, but awesome,” Nalyd said. “Hillary, your turn!” Hillary got Audrey’s dare. “Cover your face in honey, and then have bees swarm you!” Hillary proceeded to cover her face in honey. Thirty-seven bees swarmed around Hillary’s face, a few stinging her.

“Bees, I order you to stop!” Hillary shouted. The bees stung her more, one stung her mouth.

“Hillary’s lasted more than ten seconds, so she’s moving on,” Nalyd announced. “Jocelyn, you know the drill.” Jocelyn got Rocky’s dare. “You need to be able to throw a football fifty meters!” Nalyd tossed a football to Jocelyn. Jocelyn threw the ball, and everyone ran to see how far it had landed. Jocelyn got their first, and when she saw she was ten centimeters short, she kicked it to the fifty meter mark. Everyone caught up with her. “Well done,” Nalyd said. “Hillary, you know the drill.” Hillary spun the wheel and got Bulldog’s dare. “You need to put fifteen spiders down your shirt!”

“What kind of spiders?” Hillary asked, sounding scared.

“Average ones, but they’ll be crawling up and down your back,” Nalyd laughed. “I put some spiders down Bob’s shirt once and he flipped out!”

Bob handed Hillary a bag full of spiders. “I can’t do it,” Hillary said sadly.

“Jocelyn wins immunity!” Nalyd announced. “Now everyone go back to camp, and then come to Tribal Council.”

The final four went back to camp. “So who are we going to vote off?” Niles asked Susan when they were alone in the woods.

“I think we need to vote off Jocelyn,” Susan said.

“Why would we do that?” Niles asked.

“Most of the jury is guys,” Susan explained. “Nathaniel and Rocky could vote for her.”

“Ed is infatuated with her,” Niles said.

“Ace would vote for her,” Susan added.

“James could be a swing vote,” Niles said. “So maybe our best bet would be to vote off Hillary? Besides, Jocelyn is invincible. Voting for her would be a waste.”

“I wouldn’t want her on the jury,” Susan said. “She could make or break somebody on a jury.”

“Hillary is the only person we can vote for,” Niles mentioned. “Jocelyn is invincible and we can’t vote out each other.”

“Okay, I’ll vote out Hillary,” Susan agreed.

Niles left to talk to Hillary. “Who do you want to vote off tonight?” Niles asked when he found Hillary in the woods.

“I want to vote you off!” Hillary said angrily.

Niles looked shocked. “Me?” he asked incredulously.

“You’re already rich!” Hillary argued. “You don’t need this, and it’s your fault James was voted off!”

“My fault? You voted for him too, and you’re his girlfriend!”

“Jocelyn told me that no matter what he was going home.”

“That’s what she told me! Great no we figured this out, and we can’t vote her out.”

“Then I’ll be voting out the next best thing,” Hillary said. “Her accomplice. You.”

“And who else will vote with you? The other girls don’t like you,” Niles said.

“Darn it!” Hillary shouted.

Niles left, and found Jocelyn getting water from the stream. “What’s up?” Niles asked.

“Not much,” Jocelyn said. “We’re voting for Susan tonight.”

“Why would we vote for Susan?” Niles asked.

“She’s too nice, and she could beat anybody in a jury vote,” Jocelyn explained.

“I see what you mean,” Niles said. He paused and thought. “Okay, I’ll vote off Susan.”

“Smart boy,” Jocelyn said. She patted his head and walked away.

“I don’t know who I’m going to vote off,” Niles said in the confessional. “They all want somebody different gone! I have to either vote for Susan, Hillary, or myself.”

Hilary, Jocelyn, Niles, and Susan went to Tribal Council that night. Nalyd waited for them. The final four arrived and sat down. “Now bring in our jury,” Nalyd said as the seven jury members walked in. “Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, Bozo, Lacey, Ace, and James.” Hillary smiled and waved at James. “Okay guys, let’s get to the vote. Only four of you left and none of you can vote for Jocelyn. Susan, go cast your vote.”

Susan voted for Hillary. “Why don’t you have the jury clean their campsite?”

Hillary voted for Niles. “This is the only kind of vote you’ll ever get from me.”

Jocelyn voted for Susan. “Nice girls finish last.”

Niles cast his vote. “I hope this doesn’t come back to bite my in the butt.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He left to get the ballot box. He returned and opened the lid on the box. He pulled a piece of paper out of the box and read the name, “Niles. One vote for Niles.” He took another paper from the box. “Susan. That’s one vote for Niles, and one vote for Susan. Hillary. One vote for Niles, one for Susan, and one for Hillary. This next vote is gonna be the tie breaker.” Nalyd took the fourth vote from the box. “The twenty-first person voted out of Total Drama Amazon and the eighth member of our jury… Hillary.”

“What?” Hillary shouted. “Niles! Why didn’t you vote with me?”

“Why didn’t you vote with me?” Jocelyn asked angrily.

“You voted with me!” Susan said happily.

“Hillary, bring me your torch,” Nalyd said. Hillary brought Nalyd her torch. “Hillary, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed her torch.

Hillary turned back to the final three and shouted, “None of you will get my jury vote! Where does it say I need to vote for any of you? I tried to help you guys and you voted me off! You bunch of ungrateful jerks!” Hillary turned back, took a deep breath, and left.

“Jocelyn, Niles, Susan,” Nalyd said. “Congrats. You have made it to the final three. And tomorrow will be perhaps the most difficult day yet. All of you, head back to camp.”

Chapter Twenty – “Let’s just hope I made the right choice.”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; Niles took control of the game when Susan, Hillary, and Jocelyn each formed an alliance with him. In the challenge, the final four had to overcome dares from the nineteen eliminated contestants to win immunity. Jocelyn won immunity. Niles became torn between his alliances, but his vote for Hillary sent the bossy perfectionist home. Who will be voted off tonight?

Jocelyn, Niles, and Susan returned to their campsite. Jocelyn picked up Hillary’s socks and accessories she’d left behind and threw them into the fire. “Now she’s gone,” Jocelyn smiled.

“They’re all gone,” Niles said. “All our friends and enemies. Just the three of us.” He sat down on a log. Jocelyn and Susan sat on both sides of him.

“I miss being around all the others,” Susan said. “Remember Mariana?”

“Who wouldn’t?” Jocelyn asked. “She was our only teammate who didn’t make it to the merge.”

“And ‘Bulldog,’” Niles said. “He sure was a card.”

“I’m glad I never met him,” Jocelyn said.

“What about ‘Spazz?’” Susan asked. “I have nothing against her, but the girl was a wreck.”

“Was it even legal for the show to have her on?” Niles pondered.

“Probably not,” Jocelyn answered. “But when has anything Total Drama been known to be legal?”

“Will scared me,” Niles shuddered. “And according to Nathaniel, Will burned all my handkerchiefs I brought with me.”

“I didn’t miss any of them,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “I mean come on, none of them did anything. I don’t care that Susan was friends with Betty, or that Niles saw Frasier and Jess make out in a bush. I don’t care!”

“I miss Audrey,” Susan said. “She was quirky but nice and she had good intentions.”

“Elvis had good intentions,” Niles said sadly. “Look how he ended up.”

“Fuega was a danger to the tribe, I’ll admit,” Susan said. “I don’t like to speak badly of people, but she needs serious help.”

“Bruno was pretty much there to fill space,” Niles said. “Nathaniel was kind of a jerk too.” A look of intrigue appeared on Jocelyn’s face.

“This is where it got good,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “I need to know what they think of the other jury members.”

“He was a good strategist though,” Susan said. “I’ll give him that.”

“What do you guys think about Rocky?” Jocelyn said smiling.

“He was so arrogant,” Niles said. “He was okay at sports, but a big disappointment compared to how he made himself sound.

“Ed was terrible, too,” Susan said. “I wish he hadn’t come back.”

“Bozo was just annoying,” Niles complained.

“I don’t know I liked her,” Susan said.

“Remember when Lacey played that fake immunity idol?” Niles asked.

“Yeah, what about it?” Jocelyn asked.

Niles started laughing. “I made it.”

Susan gasped. “That’s devious.”

“I did what I had to do,” Niles said. “Same with when we voted off Ace. He had to go. He was going to break up James and Hillary.”

“I definitely think there couldn’t have been a better three,” Jocelyn said.

“Yeah,” Niles said dreamily. He stared at Jocelyn for a moment.

“Real great,” Susan said quickly.

The next morning, an intern was at the campsite. “You need to stay here today,” he said.

“Isn’t there a challenge today?” Niles asked.

“I’m not allowed to say,” the intern said. He walked back to his car and drove away.

Meanwhile, at the producer campsite, Nalyd was meeting with three past contestants. “Sup guys?” Nalyd asked.

“Not much,” Elian shrugged.

“Great to be back!” Cindy said eagerly.

“I concur,” Sheldon said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“As a way to say ‘Happy Holidays,’” Nalyd explained, “We got you three to come back as the ghosts of contestants past.”

“Ghosts!” Cindy screamed. “Where?” She hid behind Elian.

“No, no,” Nalyd explained. “One by one, you’re going to go to the Outlasting Warriors campsite, and make them go through a challenge for what you think makes somebody deserve to win. Elian, you’re going to go first.”

“Excellent,” Elian said.

Around noon, Elian arrived at the Outlasting Warriors’ campsite. “Hello, final three,” she said.

“Hey, Elian,” Niles said.

“Hey!” Susan greeted Elian eagerly.

“What are you doing here?” Jocelyn asked.

“Today, I am here to test how strong you all are,” Elian said. “And by the looks of it, we have a lot of work to do.”

“What are we going to do?” Niles asked.

A truck pulled up by Elian, and dropped dumbbells, weights, sweat bands, and bench presses behind Elian. “This is what we are going to do,” she smiled. She threw a fifty pound weight to Niles, which landed on his foot.

“Ouch!” Niles shouted.

Susan and Jocelyn each took a fifteen pound weight from the pile. “I’ll give you all an hour to train,” Elian said. “Then the real challenge begins.”

Niles tried to lift the fifty pound weight off his foot. “Little help?” he asked.

Susan picked the weight off Niles’ foot, with one hand, and held it above her head. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes,” Niles said in shock.

Jocelyn did arm curls with her fifteen pound weight. “This is easy,” she smirked. “How is this training?” She turned her head and saw Elian doing arm curls with a two-hundred pound weight.

“Wanna switch?” Elian offered.

“I’m good,” Jocelyn said awkwardly.

Niles set up a bench so he could bench press a ten pound bar. “Careful, Niles,” Susan said. “I’ll spot you in case you can’t hold it up.”

“I think I can hold a ten pound bar,” Niles sneered. He lifted the weight, but his arms quickly fell as he barely held the bar above his chest. “Help me,” he wheezed.

Susan lifted the weight up and set it back in its resting place. “That was close!” she said worriedly.

“Good thing you were here,” Niles said. “I guess I owe you one.” Susan smiled.

An hour later, Elian was ready to announce the challenge. “The challenge is to see how much you can lift with one arm,” Elian explained.

“That’s a lame challenge,” Jocelyn said.

“Just for that, you can go first, blondie,” Elian said. She handed Jocelyn a ten pound dumbbell. Jocelyn held it easily. Elian took it and gave her a twenty pound one.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” Jocelyn scoffed. Elian took the twenty pound dumbbell, and replaced it with a thirty-five pound one. Jocelyn dropped it. “Ow! That hurt my arm!”

“You held twenty pounds, well done,” Elian said. She handed Niles a ten pound dumbbell which he dropped quickly. “That’s just sad. Susan, you need to hold a twenty-five pound weight to win.” She handed Susan the twenty-five pound weight.

“You can do it, Susan,” Niles encouraged her.

Susan held the weight, and didn’t drop it. “Susan wins!” Elian announced.

“Yay! I’m going to the final two!” Susan squealed.

“Nope,” came a voice. Elian walked away from the final three, while a boy walked towards them. “It’s me, Sheldon.”

“Hey, Sheldon,” Niles greeted him.

“Hi there,” Susan said sweetly.

“Great, another nerd,” Jocelyn moped.

“I’m here to test your intelligence,” Sheldon said. “Are we ready to begin?”

“I’m ready,” Susan said.

“I’m probably the smartest person left,” Niles said in the confessional. “I have an IQ of one-hundred fifty-six.”

“I will ask a question, and then whoever raises their hand first gets to answer,” Sheldon explained. “Whoever gets five points first wins. First question; who is the prime minister of Canada?”

Niles raised his hand first. “Stephen Harper!”

“One point to Niles,” Sheldon said. “Next question; how many countries are in the world?”

Niles raised his hand first again. “Approximately one-hundred ninety-five!”

“Correct again!” Sheldon said. “Two points to Niles! Next question; who is the father of modern genetics.”

Susan raised her hand first. “Albert Einstein?”

“Wrong,” Sheldon said.

Niles raised his hand. “I believe it is Gregor Mendel.”

“Correct again!” Sheldon said. “This next question is worth five points.”

“So the last three were completely worthless?” Jocelyn asked.

“Not at first,” Sheldon said. “But Niles has a huge lead, and I dropped my other ten questions on my way here. Final question; how many bones are in the human body?”

Jocelyn raised her hand. “Three-hundred!”

“Incorrect!” Sheldon snickered.

“Two-hundred and five!” Susan said, raising her hand.

“Incorrect!” Sheldon said.

“Two-hundred and six!” Niles said.

“Correct! Niles wins!” Sheldon announced.

“Way to go, Niles!” Susan hugged Niles.

“Way to go,” Sheldon said. “Now I’m leaving. A final past contestant should be here soon.” Sheldon walked out of the campsite.

Cindy ran into the campsite. “Hey!” she exclaimed. She hugged each Outlasting Warrior. “What is up?” she asked. “Ready for challenge?”

“Yes we are ready for the challenge,” Niles said.

“You all need to go through some daily survival I need to go through in Amard,” Cindy smiled.

“Such as?” Jocelyn asked.

Cindy threw mud at Jocelyn and Susan. She ripped Niles shirt and rubbed dirt in his hair. Cindy handed each of them each a clay bowl full of mashed bugs. “I think I’m going to ralph,” Niles said.

“Eat up,” Cindy said. The Outlasting Warriors slowly slurped the meal.

“It’s worth it for the million dollars,” Jocelyn said.

“What else?” Susan asked.

“Once in while, animal will attack tribe,” Cindy said.

“You had to ask,” Niles said. A bear charged into the campsite.

“What do we do?” Jocelyn asked.

“Susan’s the strongest, she can beat him” Niles said.

“How though?” Susan asked.

“Bears’ noses are sensitive,” Niles said. “Give it a good hit on the nose and it will go away.”

Susan charged at the bear, but it tripped her. The bear picked up Susan and threw her onto the girls’ hut. “Ouch!” Susan yelled.

“That’s it,” Niles said angrily. “I’m tired of living life in the sidelines!” Niles ran up to the bear and flicked its nose. The bear roared. Niles screamed. The bear, filled with confusion, walked away.

“Miles you did it!” Jocelyn cheered. She ran up to Niles and hugged him.

“Way to go,” Susan said.

“Niles wins immunity!” Nalyd announced. Nalyd walked into the Outlasting Warriors campsite.

“Hooray!” Niles cheered.

“Niles will have the deciding vote tonight,” Nalyd said. “Everyone go back to camp.”

“We’re already at camp,” Jocelyn said.

“Oh,” Nalyd said. He sulked and left with Cindy to go back to the production camp.

“How am I supposed to make this decision?” Niles asked in the confessional. “Susan is a great girl, but I think I can beat Jocelyn in a jury vote. Dude, I don’t know.”

“So you have a pretty big decision to make,” Jocelyn said. She and Niles were alone by the fire pit.

“Yeah,” Niles said. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to choose.”

“I have an idea of how you can choose,” Jocelyn said. “Susan can beat you in the final two, I can’t. Picking me is safety.”

“But most of the jury is made up of guys who would vote for you,” Niles said. “I don’t wanna take you to the finals.”

“Fine, go and lose a million dollars,” Jocelyn said. “See what I care.”

Niles found Susan alone in the woods. “Hey, Susan,” Niles said.

Susan turned to Niles. Her face had dried tears. “Hey.”

“What’s wrong?” Niles asked.

“I just know you’re voting me off tonight,” Susan said. “I can tell.”

“What makes you say that?” Niles asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Niles you’ve been in love with Jocelyn since day one! She doesn’t even know your name! She’s been using you the whole time! She’s made you blind to…” Susan trailed off.

“Blind to what?” Niles asked.

Susan stood up so she was face-to-face with Niles. “Blind to me.” She kissed Niles on the lips.

Jocelyn, Niles, and Susan went to Tribal Council that night. They sat down before Nalyd. “Now bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. As each jury member came in and took a seat, Nalyd said their name, “Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, Bozo, Lacey, Ace, James, and Hillary.” Hillary looked at the final three derisively. “Okay, final three, go vote.”

Susan voted for Jocelyn, but said nothing.

Jocelyn voted for Susan. “Nice girls finish last.”

Niles cast his vote. “Let’s just hope I made the right choice.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He pulled out one vote. “Susan.” He pulled out a second vote. “Jocelyn. That’s one vote for Susan and one for Jocelyn. This next vote is Niles’ vote and it is the tie-breaker.” The Tribal Council area went silent as Nalyd pulled the last name from the ballot bow. “The twenty-second person voted off of Total Drama Amazon and the final member of our jury is…” Nalyd revealed the name. “Susan. Susan, that’s enough votes,” Nalyd said.

The jury gasped. Jocelyn squealed with delight and hugged Niles.

“But Niles,” Susan protested. She looked at Niles with eyes full of tears, but turned to Nalyd and brought him her torch.

“Susan, the tribe has spoken,” Nalyd said. He snuffed her torch. Susan left the Tribal Council area silently.

Niles looked to the jury to see if they supported him, but many of them looked at him with shock.

“I can tell this was probably the biggest blind-side in Total Drama history,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn and Niles; our final two. Both of you, head back to camp.”

Finale - “And the winner of Total Drama Amazon is…”

Previously on Total Drama Amazon; the final three remembered their fallen contestants, and Jocelyn got dirt on Susan and Niles personal thoughts on each jury member. During the challenge, three past contestants returned to test the contestants’ strength, intelligence, and survival skills. Niles ended up winning immunity. Jocelyn and Susan each plead their cases to Niles, but in the end, it was Niles’ vote for Susan that sent the good-two-shoes to jury-ville, population nine. Tonight the jury will vote, and either Jocelyn or Niles will win one million dollars!

Jocelyn and Niles returned to camp. Both were silent on their walk.

“Wow,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “Even I’m shocked. That just cost Niles about nine jury votes.”

“What made you choose her?” Jocelyn asked.

“She was lying,” Niles explained with sadness in his voice. “If she had a crush on me I would have known for a long time. I’m no fool; I’m not going to be duped so easily.”

“Think you made the right choice?”

“I know I did,” Niles said. “This time tomorrow I’ll have another million dollars. Good night, Jocelyn.”

“Night, Niles,” Jocelyn said.

“Hey, you learned my name,” Niles smiled.

“I knew I would eventually,” Jocelyn lied. Niles walked into the boys’ hut.

The next morning, Jocelyn and Niles found baskets of food at their campsite. “Food!” Niles said excitedly. He took an apple out of the basket and bit into it happily.

“It’s about time,” Jocelyn said. She took sandwich from the bag and started eating.

Niles poured orange juice into two glasses in the basket. He handed one of the glasses to Jocelyn. “Cheers,” Niles said.

“Looking forward to the jury vote?” Jocelyn asked. She sipped her orange juice.

“Yeah,” Niles said. “I’m guessing it will be a pretty close vote. Four to five, maybe.”

“Niles, listen,” Jocelyn said. “I want you to try really hard to win. I don’t want you going easy on me.”

“Don’t worry,” Niles said, “Both of us deserve a worthy adversary.”

“Bring it on,” Jocelyn giggled.

“Consider it brought,” Niles said confidently.

“I think I have a great chance at the jury,” Niles said in the confessional. “I could probably win if I pointed out Jocelyn’s wrong-doings, but that wouldn’t be fair. I admit, neither of our games were completely ethical.”

“I will win,” Jocelyn said in the confessional. “Niles is too much of a goody-two-shoes to even try and win. This is gonna be the easiest Tribal Council yet.”

That night, Jocelyn and Niles went to Tribal Council, their stomachs full of nourishing food. “Now bringing in the members of our jury,” Nalyd said. The nine jury members walked in. “Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, Bozo, Lacey, Ace, James, Hillary, and Susan; all nine members of our jury.” Two groups of people came into the Tribal Council area and sat down on two sets of chairs. “Now bringing in Niles’ and Jocelyn’s families.” Niles’ family was well groomed, all wearing suits and dresses. Jocelyn’s father was a tall buff man, and her mother looked like she might be a professional super model. “Tonight, the jury members will ask the final two, Jocelyn and Niles, questions that will help them make their decision for who deserves the million dollars. First, the final two can make opening statements.”

“I’ll go first,” Niles volunteered. “I tried hard in this game. I made it much farther than I thought I would. When I came here I was expecting to make enemies and be the first person gone. But I worked hard, made friends, and here I am now. So I think I’ve earned the right for the prize.”

“Good,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn, your turn.”

“I would like to start by saying that all of you are sitting up on that jury solely because of Niles,” Jocelyn said. “Nathaniel, Niles voted you off and probably got the rest of the Alpha Males to agree.” Nathaniel glared at Niles. “Rocky, Niles got rid of you for being a threat which was totally unfair, I might add.” Rocky nodded in agreement. “Ed, babe, I forgive you for hitting on Hillary. Bozo, Niles had us all vote you out for being a threat. Lacey, Niles gave you the fake idol just so you’d look stupid. He even told us to vote off Ace when he thought he wanted to break up the best couple of the season, Hillary and James! He even voted off his best friend, James! Hillary, who had the deciding vote in your elimination? Niles! And Susan, I think it goes without saying.”

Ace shook his head in disappointment. James and Hillary glared at Niles. Niles was shocked, and smiled sheepishly.

“I’d also like to point out,” Jocelyn added, “that Niles’ family is already rich so he doesn’t even need the money! That is all.”

“Awesome,” Nalyd laughed. “Okay, jury. Time to ask questions! Nathaniel, you’re up, dude.”

Nathaniel stood before the final two and cleared his throat. “I want to congratulate you two on making it to the final two,” Nathaniel began. “I want to, but I don’t know if you deserve it. Jocelyn, you say Niles did all that stuff, but I don’t know if he’s smart enough to eliminate nine people all on his own. What kind of strategy did you have? If you’re gonna get my vote, I need to know if you road Niles’ coattails, or if you were playing the game a little.”

“I think I played more of a social game,” Jocelyn said. “I don’t want to make enemies so, I admit, I let Niles do that small bit of deciding, but he ran everything by me. I only didn’t disagree because he would have told everyone to vote me off instead.”

“Okay, I’m done with you,” Nathaniel said. “Niles. You and I didn’t always get along, but I want to know; if we were on a bro-date-”

“A what?” Niles interrupted.

“A bro-date,” Nathaniel answered. Niles blushed. “Nothing romantic, just both of us hanging out. I want to know what you’d have planned for us to do as two dudes.”

“Er…” Niles replied. “I think we could go to the opera, then maybe to a lecture, and then maybe even a foreign film.”

“Okay, then,” Nathaniel nodded. “The reason I ask is to see what you know about me as a person, and clearly you knew nothing.” Nathaniel took his seat on the jury bench.

“Rocky, get on up here,” Nalyd said.

Rocky stood up, and approached Jocelyn and Niles. “Well done,” Rocky said. “Of all the people here I honestly thought that you two would probably where I am now. Anyway, I want to know about how you guys did challenge-wise. I know Niles won twice, and Jocelyn won once, but I want to know if you guys were even trying at challenges. Two and one wins aren’t many.”

“I tried during all the challenges,” Jocelyn said. “I’m just not physically strong. I definitely worked hard to win the challenges, but my lack of strength was what held me back. At least I didn’t cheat like certain people.”

“Hey,” Niles said. “You told me to sabotage the others at the circus challenge.” The jury gasped.

“Sure, blame me,” Jocelyn said. “I bet it’s my fault Rocky got eliminated too.”

“That is your fault!” Niles said incredulously.

“Guys, guys,” Rocky said. “I’m done here. Good luck, you’re going to need it.” Rocky took his seat.

“This should be good,” Nalyd said. “Ed, your turn.”

Ed stood up. He strutted to Jocelyn and Niles. “’Sup?” he asked them. “Now, as you all know. I’m an honest guy. So, Niles, when have you not been honest in this game?”

“Well,” Niles thought aloud, “There was when-”

“Look, Niles,” Ed interrupted. “I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Jocelyn is the most honest person of all time! And she’s the hottest! Jocelyn, you have my vote!” Ed returned to his chair.

“Thanks for that bit on nonsense,” Nalyd said. “Bozo, let’s go.”

Bozo did a back-flip off of her chair, landing in front of the final two. “Thank you, thank you,” she bowed. “There was a lot of game-play going on. Sometimes things don’t get explained. And I want to know what the other jury members couldn’t figure out. Niles, why did you get them to vote me off instead of Susan?”

“Well, um, I, er,” Niles stammered.

“Ooh! He likes her!” Bozo giggled. Susan and Niles both blushed.

“No I don’t like her!” Niles shouted. “I mean I don’t like her like that. I wanted to vote you off because you were a threat.”

“Mr. Niles, are you aware that you are under oath?” Bozo asked.

“I am?” Niles asked confused. Nalyd shrugged. “My point is you were a threat, and I needed to vote you off then or never.”

“Mr. Niles, is it not true that Susan could lift fifty pounds with one hand, no? Yes? Indubitably?” Bozo continued.

“Well, yes she could, but I didn’t know at the time,” Niles answered.

“I rest my case,” Bozo sat back down.

“You didn’t even ask her a question!” Niles shouted.

“I don’t have to!” Bozo explained. “I asked her via mind waves! And besides, you disgraced the circus with your cheating!”

Niles put his head in his hands. “Why me?”

“Lacey, your turn,” Nalyd said.

Lacey was asleep and leaning on Hillary. Hillary shook Lacey awake. Lacey stood up and waddled over to Jocelyn and Niles. Lacey burped then said, “Can anybody give me a pillow?”

“Lacey do you have a real question?” Nalyd asked.

“Oh yeah,” Lacey yawned. “I went through a big change a long time ago. I used to be active and fit, but then I succumbed to day-time television. Both of you entered the game with your flaws. Jocelyn, you were obsessed with beauty. Niles, you were… yourself. What kind of changes have you guys made?”

“I’ll admit, I used some of the boys,” Jocelyn said. “But that stopped.”

“You didn’t stop until James and I were too smart to fall for you,” Niles said.

Jocelyn rolled her eyes. “Then why did you pick me over Susan?” Jocelyn asked. “If you were so over me.”

Niles ignored her question. “I’ve changed a lot, Lacey. I got over my fear of germs. I had no choice! If I didn’t strong players would have chewed me up and spit me out.”

Lacey was asleep. She snored, burped, and woke up. “I vote for Jocelyniles,” Lacey mumbled. She rolled back to her seat, and fall back to sleep.

“Ace, let’s see if you can bring the drama,” Nalyd said.

Ace stood before the final two. “Good evening,” he said. “I want to know who deserves it more. Jocelyn, why do you deserve the million dollars?”

“I deserve the million dollars because,” Jocelyn stated, “I’ve played an honest game, and while sometimes I was a little unethical, even if I lose I can walk away with my head held high. And I’ve never known what its like to be rich like Niles has. I come from a poor family. Just look at their horrible fashion!” Jocelyn began crying. The jury looked at Jocelyn’s perfect looking family.

“They look so poor,” Bozo said crying.

“I deserve the money,” Niles said, “because even now Jocelyn is lying! Do they look poor?”

“Poorer than your family,” Jocelyn commented.

“I worked hard!” Niles said. “I tried out here! I didn’t have people waiting on me hand and foot like you did! You sat back and let others do work!”

“I’ve heard quite enough,” Ace said. He sat down in his jury chair.

“James, you’re up,” Nalyd said.

James stood up and walked to Jocelyn and Niles. “’Sup y’all?” James asked. “I can tell this jury is pretty biased, so I’ll give you both a fair chance.”

“Thank you, James,” Niles sighed with relief.

“This question is about loyalty,” James said. Niles looked disappointed. “I want you both to list all the people you made a promise to and you didn’t hold up your end of the deal. I’ve been with you guys since the start, and if you don’t tell the truth I will.”

Jocelyn listed her betrayals, “I’ve betrayed Fuega, Bozo, Ed, and Ace. That’s all.”

Niles sadly listed the people he’d deceived, “I deceived Rocky, Ed, Lacey, James, Hillary, Susan, and even Jocelyn.”

“Funny how you decided to start lying for when the jury started forming,” James said. “Good luck, bro, you’ll need it.”

“Hillary, get up here,” Nalyd said.

Hillary stood up. She approached the final two. “Hello, Jocelyn and Niles,” she said. “I think it goes without saying that I deserve to be up there. But I’m here and you’re there. I know enough about Jocelyn but Niles I want to know. What the heck possessed you to take this harpy with you to the final two?”

“Honestly,” Niles said. He was being choked up by tears he was trying to hold in. “I thought Susan was lying to me. She said that she had a crush on me, and I didn’t think it could be true.”

“Why wouldn’t it be true?” Hillary asked.

“I think if she had a crush on me I would have known it,” Niles said. “I’m a master of deduction.”

“And you couldn’t tell Jocelyn was using you?” Hillary shouted. “Whatever. I’m done. Maybe Susan can get some support for you, but don’t count on it.” Hillary returned to her seat.

“And now it’s time for the moment of truth,” Nalyd said, “Susan, get on up there.”

Susan stood and approached the final two. Her eyes immediately filled with tears, but she didn’t start crying. “Niles, Jocelyn” she said sadly, “Fellow jury members. In nature, there are rats and there are snakes. And no matter how cute the rat is, he’s still a rat. And no matter how beautiful he thinks the snake is, she’s still a snake. And what happens with rats and snakes in nature, Niles?”

“The snake eats the rat,” Niles said quietly.

“How could you not have seen this, Niles?” Susan asked, tears now streaming down her face. “She’s been playing you like a game of chess; you the pawn, and she the queen. I even told how I’d been in love with you since day one and you still were under her spell. Niles, how could you?”

“I didn’t know,” Niles said. “I still don’t know. If I could turn back the hands of time I would, and I’d change everything.”

“I’ll still vote for you, Niles,” Susan said. “Because I forgive you. I ask that everyone else who only opposes Niles for that forgives him too, and votes for him to win. Because darned if she ever wins.” Susan sat down.

“Jocelyn, Niles,” Nalyd said. “It is now time to make your final statements.”

“I don’t have anything else,” Jocelyn said confidently.

“There’s nothing left to say,” Niles said.

“Okay, then,” Nalyd said. “Jury, it’s time to vote. Remember, you vote for who you want to win.”

Ed voted for Jocelyn. “After the show we can totally hook up.”

Susan voted for Niles. “Last night you wrote down my name, but tonight I write yours.”

“I’ll tally the votes,” Nalyd said. He got the ballot box. “Once the decision is made, the winner will get one million dollars immediately.”

Nalyd pulled out one of the votes. “Jocelyn.”

Jocelyn’s family applauded for her.

He took out a second vote. “Niles.”

Niles’ family applauded for him.

Nalyd pulled out a third vote. “Jocelyn. That’s two votes for Jocelyn, one vote for Niles.”

“Yes,” Jocelyn said happily.

Nalyd pulled out a fourth vote. “Jocelyn. That’s three votes for Jocelyn, and one vote for Niles.”

Ed waved to Jocelyn and blew a kiss to her.

Nalyd took another vote from the ballot box. “Jocelyn. That’s four votes for Jocelyn, and one vote for Niles.”

Niles looked to the jury worriedly.

Nalyd pulled another vote from the ballot box.

“And the winner of Total Drama Amazon is... Jocelyn!”

“Yes!” Jocelyn jumped out of her seat. She hugged her family, and the jury paraded her around on their shoulders.

Susan sat next to Niles and hugged him. Niles looked at his family, but the shame on their faces made him turn away. Niles turned back to Susan. "It's going to be okay," he said smiling.

“In a landslide victory, Jocelyn has become the new winner of Total Drama Amazon!” Nalyd shouted over all the celebrating. “Thank you all for watching, and we’ll see you next season in Africa!”

Reunion – “Bye, and thanks for playing.”

Six months ago, a germaphobe and a hot girl went head to head in a battle for the jury’s vote, and a million dollars. The hot girl ended up winning it all. Since then, the twenty-two original contestants have been treated for all the injuries or illnesses acquired during the show. The twenty-two teens walked into the studio, and were welcomed by their host, and an audience of five-hundred people cheering them on. They took their seats.

“Hey guys, long time no see,” Nalyd smiled. “I’d like to thank you all, some more than others, for an amazing season! Possibly our most dramatic one yet! Now I’m going to ask you all some questions! Some of them were made by me just to cause problems; others were sent in by our awesome viewers! First up is Mariana. What’s up?”

“No puedo comprender tú,” Mariana replied.

“Good to hear,” Nalyd said happily. “What have you been up to since you got the boot?”

“Usted es el peor de acogida siempre!” Mariana shouted.

“Interesting,” Nalyd replied. “Do you keep in touch with any of them now?”

“Me pregunto si sabe que ha pegado en su brindis dientes,” Mariana pondered.

“Aw, that’s nice. Was it a shock to be voted out so early?”

“¿Sigue hablando a mí?” Mariana sighed.

“Well it’s nice to see you’ve accepted your fate as a loser,” Nalyd said. “Next we have ‘Bulldog.’ What’s up, man?”

“Not much, Nalyd,” Bulldog said. “Except ever since I was on the show I can’t get a job!”

“Is that because of the show?” Nalyd asked.

“No,” Bulldog sighed. “It’s because everyone knows I pull pranks. In fact, I have a big one planned for tonight! As we speak Nalyd, my revenge plot is working! And you’ll be the one without a job!” Bulldog laughed evilly.

Nalyd looked up and saw some thugs holding a large vat of glue, and another two guys holding bags of feathers. The thugs tipped the glue over, and it slowly poured out. Nalyd moved his chair one meter to the left. “Is that the best you’ve got?”

Bulldog pouted. “Stupid movable chair,” he muttered.

“Anyway,” Nalyd said, “Next question; when did you start pranking people?”

“When I was four,” Bulldog answered. “I put a tack in my preschool teacher’s chair, and tricked all the other kids into playing with stuffed animals I poured itching powder on! It was awesome, and I never got caught! By the way, when do we start filming?”

“About seven minutes ago,” Nalyd said.

“Ah crud,” Bulldog said worriedly.

“Next we have ‘Spazz,’” Nalyd said. “‘Spazz,’ how are you feeling?”

Spazz mumbled. She was in a full body cast.

“Oh yeah,” Nalyd chuckled. “You got hit by that car before the show. I guess we’ll be moving on to Will. Will, what do you think caused your elimination?”

“My cruddy teammates,” Will said angrily. “They are all great people, but I hate them all.”

“Do you think that if you hadn’t been voted off when you were, would you have made it much farther?” Nalyd asked.

“If I wasn’t voted off then I would have won. There is no doubt in my mind I would have gotten every jury vote.”

“What would you have used the money on?”

“I would’ve paid people to humiliate themselves,” Will chuckled. “I love to see that.”

“Betty,” Nalyd said, “Did you really think you could win using a past winner’s strategy?”

Betty shrugged, and then nodded.

“Still not talking I see.”

Betty nodded and smiled.

“Then I am done with you,” Nalyd said. “Jess, what’s up?”

“If you are asking me what is up, I can’t say this show’s rating,” Jess said, “However I will says that I am feeling fine, thank you.”

“I’m going to ignore that,” Nalyd said. “One viewer wants to know, what do you do in your free time?”

“Study and such,” Jess said. “A genius’ work is never done.”

“Are you and Frasier still dating?”

“Indeed,” Jess said. “We had some problems along the road due to Frasier’s fear of commitment, but we are currently dating.”

“Now for a fan favorite,” Nalyd said. He pointed to Audrey. “How’s it going?”

Audrey’s face was red, her eyes were teary, and her nose was viciously running. She sneezed and said, “Can’t complain.”

“Are you feeling okay?” Nalyd asked. An intern handed him a surgical mask.

“I just have a little cold,” Audrey sneezed again, so powerfully it blew a wig off Frasier’s head. Frasier screamed like a girl. “Sorry, Frasier.”

“One fan wants to know, Audrey, what was your most embarrassing moment?”

“When I told everyone I was a boy,” Audrey said. “Then around sixth grade I knew I was wrong. Horribly wrong.”

Nalyd laughed. “When did your awkward phase start?”

“Since she was born,” a deep voice shouted from the audience.

“Hi mom!” Audrey smiled and waved.

“Moving on,” Nalyd said quickly. “Frasier, what’s with the wig dude?”

Frasier was wearing a wig made of long brown hair. “The interns told me I had to wear it to avoid my forehead from causing a glare on the camera lens.”

“So you have a fair of commitment, dude?” Nalyd asked him.

“I wouldn’t call it a fear,” Frasier said, blushing.

“What was your favorite part of the show?” Nalyd asked.

“Meeting Jess I suppose,” Frasier sighed happily.

“Interesting bit of Frasier trivia,” Nalyd said. “Frasier had the second highest IQ on the show! One hundred thirty! Now for Elvis. Elvis, how have you been since the show?”

“Great, bro,” Elvis smiled. “I healed completely from the burns about three months after I left.”

“How far do you think you would have gone if you didn’t get evacuated?” Nalyd asked.

“Nalyd, there is no doubt in my mind I would have won,” Elvis said.

“Jury,” Nalyd said, “How many of you would have voted for Elvis, if he was in the final two against either Jocelyn or Niles?” Nathaniel, Bozo, Lacey, Ace, James, and Susan all raised their hands. “I count six votes,” Nalyd said. “Looks like that fire cost you one million dollars. And how does that make you feel?”

“I kept my integrity in the game,” Elvis said, “and I became friends with everyone I’d caused misfortune to, so I feel like million bucks!”

“Sounds amazing,” Nalyd said dully. “Let’s see if we can heat things up with Fuega! Fuega, who goes life?”

“Awesome as ever,” Fuega said gleefully.

“So we’ve got some questions for you,” Nalyd said. “And if you try to burn the q-cards again, I’m not letting you on next season.”

“Fine,” Fuega sighed.

“Have you ever hurt yourself or somebody else with one of your fires?” Nalyd asked.

“Please, I’m insane, not dangerous.”

“That’s debatable,” Frasier said sarcastically.

“Have you kept in touch with anybody?”

“Bozo, Rocky, and Susan,” Fuega answered.

“Speaking of which, have you and Rocky started dating?”

“We did for a week but he stopped answering my phone calls, so we broke up!” Fuega said angrily.

“We’ll ask Rocky about that,” Nalyd said, “Now we have Bruno. Bruno, were you surprised to be eliminated for being disrespectful?”

“I was surprised at the reason, but I wasn’t surprised,” Bruno explained. “Everyone was pretty much against me.”

“What would you do differently if you were to return?”

“I’d shut up a lot more,” Bruno joked. “I’d work harder at encouraging my team, because I think I have tat leadership potential.”

“Do you have any friends here?”

“I still talk to Elvis and Will, but I just didn’t click with a lot of people.”

“One fan wants to know what your work out routine is like.”

“I start out my morning with pilates,” Bruno explained, “Then I do some bench pressing, then I jog for about ten miles, and then I finish with some breakfast, mostly meat.”

“Is that all?” Nalyd asked.

“That’s just the first ten minutes,” Bruno laughed.

“Nathaniel,” Nalyd said, “The first member of our jury. You were the first person to form an alliance this season, and you played the game so hard! Where do you think you went wrong?”

“Probably when I allied with the Battling Females,” Nathaniel said.

“Do you have a favorite video game?”

“It’s impossible for me to decide, but Mario games in general are the best.”

“Do you have any regrets from the game?”

“Not really,” Nathaniel said. “I did my best, but now I’m sure I have the perfect plan. If I get a chance to return for another season, I’m sure I’ll win.”

“Rocky,” Nalyd said, “We gotta know dude, what happened with you and Fuega?”

“She burned down my house,” Rocky sighed.

“I said I was sorry!” Fuega shouted.

“That’s rough, dude,” Nalyd said sympathetically. “Other than that, how is life?”

“I’m living in a box!” Rocky said angrily.

“I’ll take that as not too good,” Nalyd said. “Moving on… Ed, are you still the obnoxious pig of a guy we all know and loathe?”

“You know it!” Ed said confidently. “I got an intern’s number before the show.”

“That was a dude,” Nalyd said. Ed growled. “Anyway, how do you get girls when you’re so much like yourself?”

“It’s all about confidence,” Ed explained. “If you’re confident, chicks will dig you.”

“I wouldn’t dig you if you were confident!” Bozo shouted in Ed’s ear.

“Bozo, I’m right here! You don’t need to yell,” Ed whined.

“My ears haven’t popped since the plane ride here!” Bozo shouted. She saw the audience staring at her. “Hi mom!”

“Well I suppose we’ll keep moving,” Nalyd said. “Bozo, how are you?”

“Little queasy but otherwise great!” Bozo shouted. “Except for my ears! Nothing boring enough to make me yawn has happened though! Hey Frasier, say something Frasier-y!”

“Bozo, we have a little surprise for you,” Nalyd smiled. Bob the Leprechaun walked onto the stage, handed Bozo a letter, and walked away.

Bozo opened the letter and read it. “A restraining order? What are you trying to say?” she shouted.

“Let’s keep going, with Lacey,” Nalyd said. “Lacey, I see you’ve fallen asleep.”

Lacey jumped awake. “Where am I?” she asked Bozo.

“We’re on some show we lost! That punk is asking us questions!” Bozo pointed at Nalyd.

“Can we get her out of here?” Nalyd said, putting his head in his hands. “Lacey, why did you become so lazy?”

“It all started around 2004,” Lacey said. “I decided if I was ever going to become president, I was going to have to practice doing nothing.”

“Lacey, you’re going to offend the viewers,” Nalyd said angrily. “Lacey, you were a fan favorite this season!”

“Really?” Lacey asked. Five men stood in the audience, wearing shirts with letters spelling out “ACELY”, but moved around and spelled “LACEY.”

“Lacey, you’re my American idol!” one of the men shouted.

“You’re an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere!”

Lacey waved to her fans, but soon became tired and fell back to sleep. “Ace, have you become an adventurer yet?” Nalyd asked Ace.

“Well I did this show, didn’t I?” Ace laughed.

“That doesn’t count,” Nalyd said dryly.

“Well it’s only been six months, that’s not a lot of time,” Ace said.

“How much free-time do you have?”

“Too much.”

“Why did you lie to everyone about your life?”

“I had to so I could get on the show,” Ace answered. “I don’t do anything. So if I could come in as this great, legendary guy, I might have a chance.”

“James,” Nalyd said. “Did you feel betrayed when Niles and Hillary voted you off?”

“I was crushed,” James answered. “But I have forgiven them. They did what they had to do.”

“What kind of animals are on your farm?”

“Pigs and goats and cows.”

“Oh my,” Nalyd replied. “What made you decide to date Hillary?”

“Y’all, listen, she’s a great girl, and she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

“Aw,” Hillary said. She kissed James on the cheek and said, “‘Y’all’ still isn’t a word, honey.”

“One night,” James said upset, “One night without you nagging me that’s all I ask!”

“Guys, settle down,” Nalyd said. “Hillary, what did you see in James?”

“I see James as a block of marble,” Hillary said. “He needs me to refine him and make him perfect!”

“I can think of twenty people who won’t complain about me,” James sighed.

“Who?” Hillary sneered.

“Everyone here,” James said.

“Why did you vote off James if you liked him?” Nalyd asked Hillary.

“I thought either way he was going,” Hillary said. “It’s Niles’ fault!”

“Why do you have such a high opinion of yourself?”

“Because I’m perfect!”

“Interesting note about Hillary,” Nalyd chuckled. “She has the lower IQ of these past three seasons! Eighty-two!”

“What?” Hillary shouted.

“Now one of the most talked about contestants this season; Susan!” Nalyd said. The audience applauded as Susan waved. “So, Susan, why did you like Niles, what did you see in him?”

“I just felt like there was a great person inside him,” Susan said. Niles smiled at her.

“And clearly you were wrong,” Nalyd said. “Moving on. Did you feel betrayed upon being eliminated?”

“I did, honestly,” Susan said. “I felt crushed. I’m a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. These days I wear short sleeves.”

“It’s a good thing too, since the AC is busted,” Nalyd laughed, and the audience booed him. “Niles, dude, everyone hates you. How could you mess up so badly?”

“I don’t know Nalyd,” Niles said. Niles voice was much weaker compared to when he competed. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Are you and Susan dating now?” Nalyd asked.

“You said we weren’t allowed to answer that because of the next season,” Niles said.

“Oh yeah,” Nalyd said. “Thanks for the reminder, dude. If you had known Susan liked you, who would you have brought to the final two?”

“Either way, I’d bring Susan, just to see what would happen,” Niles said.

“Even now he’s an ignorant jerk,” Hillary said rolling her eyes.

“Now for our winner,” Nalyd said. “Jocelyn, you beat Niles in an eight to one jury vote. I haven’t seen such epic wins ever since I competed on these shows!”

“Well, I played the game, and I won,” Jocelyn said.

“Do you have a boyfriend back home?”

“Since the show I had twenty-seven boyfriends, but I’m currently single.”

“What would you do if you got onto next season?”

“I’d win,” Jocelyn said confidently.

“Well, I guess that wraps up this season’s reunion show!” Nalyd said. Fuega ran over to one of the interns, grabbed the q-cards, and lit them on fire. “Fuega!” Nalyd shouted. “That’s it, you are off All-Stars! Jocelyn, you’re in.”

“Yay!” Jocelyn said happily.

"Oh, and before we forget," Nalyd said, "One of you all has been voted as the fan favorite this season! That person will get one-hundred-thousand dollars! And the winner is... Audrey!"

Bob the Leprechaun handed Audrey a check which she blew her nose with. "Thank you," Audrey said.

“That’s all from this season,” Nalyd said. “I’ll see you next season as eight of these guys fight fourteen past contestants! Bye, and thanks for playing.”

Bonus Material

Theme Song

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm doing fine." (Will is shouting at Nathaniel and Elvis.)

"You guys are on my mind." (Ed is hitting on Mariana and she slaps him.)

"You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answers plain to see." (Hillary and James are fighting, but stop and start making out.)

"I wanna be famous." (Bruno and Rocky are arm wrestling. "Bulldog" runs towards them, picks a rock off the ground, and suddenly a net falls on Bruno, and Rocky.)

"I wanna live close to the sun." (Frasier and Niles are debating each other, but Niles stares as Jocelyn walks by.)

"So pack your bags 'cause I've already won." (Jess is reading to Lacey, who is asleep.)

"Everything to prove, nothing in my way. I'll get there one day." (Betty waves at "Spazz", but when "Spazz" tries to wave back she breaks her arm.)

"'Cause I wanna be famous." (Fuega sets a hut on fire.)

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous." (Susan is running from Audrey, whose face is covered in bees.)

"I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous. (Whistling starts.)" (Ace swings into Tribal Council on a vine, but crashes into Bozo who laughs maniacally.)

Nalyd's Pre-Season Bets

Yo! It's Nalyd here, the host of the new season of Total Drama Amazon! First of all, this is a very interesting cast. No matter who wins, this will be an EPIC season!

Let's start with our upper-class nerd, Frasier. Now, Frasier has a lot of fine tastes, and that could get in the way when he's in the dirt, freezing cold, and eating bugs. Why he will win: He's good at public speaking. If he can make it to the final two, he can convince the jury quite easily. Why he won't win: He hates lying and liars, so chances are he will be too trusting and run head first into a blindside.

Next up, we have Niles, our rich germaphobe. Now, last season we had another rich kid, but Niles is hilarious. He doesn't want to be, but this poor kid just doesn't belong out there. Why he will win: Pity. If these other contestants feel any pity of Niles, then they will let him go far, and that is what can seal the deal, and give him a shot. Why he won't win: Nobody ever takes pity on anybody in this game. When they see him pass out after seeing a spider, they'll kick him out. Also, you can't win if you die on day one. Also, he's already rich.

Our third contestant is James, a classic farm boy. He's really strong, and really nice. This could be a winning combination! Why he will win: He's strong in challenges, and really nice. Would you vote somebody like that out? Why he won't win: He's strong in challenges, and really nice. People, would you keep somebody like that around? I really hope you wouldn't. James is a good guy, but he is a major threat.

Nathaniel, the video-gamer, has a lot to learn about the real world. He tells me he spends a large amount of time in his basement playing Mario. This kid is really going to struggle. Why he will win: He's a smart guy, who can probably convince people to join his alliances. I can picture it now. "If you join my alliance, I'll let you play Mario Party 18 with me." Why he won't win: He's weak, and socially awkward. He will really struggle making his team see the value in him, and then not having anybody to back him up will make matters worse.

Fifth contestant is "Spazz", the accident prone girl. This poor girl is coming into the game with a broken leg! We told her to quit but she won't... Why she will win: She isn't a threat if she can make it to the merge, and if she can beg for the pity vote, she might have a shot. Why she won't win: What tribe will keep her after the first tribal council? She's doomed! She better hope she either has somebody worse than her on her team, or that her team never loses.

Due to his prankster personality, "Bulldog" will be making a few enemies. Even during auditions he was messing with people, hiding stuff, the usual. Why he will win: If the others have a good sense of humor, he will fit in well. As long as he knows when to stop. Why he won't win: "Bulldog" doesn't really get other people and can't take a hint. He should make for some interesting television though.

She's awkward, she's quirky, and she is our seventh contestant; Audrey. By awkward, we mean she is socially challenged. She talks to much, she doesn't understand body language, she will struggle in this super competitive game. Why she will win: She genuinely cares about people, and if she can find somebody who understands and respects that, she will have a good shot. Why she won't win: Not a lot of these teens understand the deep levels of Audrey's mind, and might think she's odd or unlikable.

Now for the beautiful, Jocelyn. You should have seen the young interns drooling over her all through auditions. If she can use this skill on the boys, she has a great chance. Why she will win: Everyone knows she's hot and will do anything for her! Why she won't win: Girls are totally jealous of her, so they will probably vote her out first change they get. Sad, isn't it?

Contestant numero nine-o is none other than Lacey, the lazy slob. She really is. During auditions she made a mess of the entire studio! We originally mistook her for a pumpkin. Why she will win: If she at least tries and isn't too annoying, she may have a chance. Why she won't win: She's lazy and unlikable. I don't know what possessed her to join, but she better be good.

Bruno is our muscle-man. Bruno is incredibly powerful. He is definitely the single strongest person ever on the show. Maybe stronger than Elian]! Why he will win: He seems like a nice guy. A socially and physically strong player is something to watch out for. Why he won't win: If these people are smart and figure out when the merge is going to be, they'll vote him out so he won't get individual immunity.

Elvis is a guy who's never gone ten minutes without his iPod. I heard a rumor he can't sleep without it. This should be interesting. Why he will win: Other than loving music a little too much there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him. If he can get over the lack of music, he should use that as a reason to have the jury vote for him. Why he won't win: The guy working camera two and I have a bet going that Elvis won't last one week. We are usually right about these things.

Ace, the adventurer, is an interesting guy. He claims not to be afraid of anything, but somebody started a rumor he's scared of snakes. I don't know, honestly. He claims to have gone sky diving, climbed Mt. Everest, and paddled up the Mississippi River. I don't believe the sky diving part. Why he will win: If he's telling the truth, he's a born survivalist and he will be able to help everyone. Why he won't win: If he's lying, he's gonna be in trouble out there and might even quit.

Next is Will, the social-flopper. We saw him beating on this intern, and then asking for the intern to help him carry some stuff. This guy has issues. Why he will win: If he is only mean to people who hated him first, he might be fine. Why he won't win: I don't think he can do it. This guy has some issues.

The female nerd of the group is definitely Jess. She is also the genius. She has an IQ of 400, or something like that. She has been known to multiply four-digit numbers in her head. Why she will win: If she uses her brains for good, people will want her around for mental challenges. Why she won't win: If she is a sarcastic girl, nobody will want her around.

Hillary is a very bossy girl. However, she is a perfectionist so she "always" knows what to aim for. Why she will win: If she is usually right, the others will want to keep her around. Why she won't win: She thinks she's a leader. I haven't seen her lead anybody, so as far as I know, she doesn't have a clue what she's doing.

Fuega almost got us shut down. She almost set the entire show headquarters on fire. And when we got out to the Amazon, she almost burned down tribal council and her team's hut. (Oops, I may have said too much on this one...) Why she will win: If we have a fire-making challenge, she is guaranteed to dominate. And then if she can control herself, she might win her team over. Why she won't win: If Philip, our other mentally unstable contestant, couldn't make it then she definitely won't.

The show's first ever circus freak is Bozo. She's really weird. She doesn't like the term "freak." She has lots of quirks. Why she will win: She's got skills. Maybe she'll be good in challenges. Why she won't win: I hope this isn't a bias group, because I'd hate for Bozo to go because of a bad first impression. That would be a sad way for anybody to go.

Our quiet contestant is Betty. She has some twisted theory that she will win because Dyl won. Dyl had something she doesn't; Dyl had the hat. Why she will win: Maybe she will be quiet enough not to offend anybody. Perhaps the lack of words beforehand, she can use a lot of big words at the final tribal council. Why she won't win: She might be too quiet, and people will be paranoid around her. I know I would be! Nobody is that quiet without some ulterior motive.

Mariana is our first contestant who doesn't speak English. Literally, all she knows is "Hi, my name is Mariana," "Where is the bathroom?" and "What is this (topic) of which you speak?" She can't even say "I am voting for (person)." That's sad. Why she will win: Her only hope is that another contestant speaks Spanish. That is the only way she can connect with them. Why she won't win: I don't know who speaks another language, so if nobody does then she is doomed. Worse than quiet girl.

Ed is a player. Well, at least he thinks he is. A lot of our girl interns were hit on by him, and all were disgusted. Why he will win: If he can actually talk the talk, he might sway the girls to vote with him. Let's hope his man-boobs don't get in the way. Why he won't win: He's been known to offend women. So if he offends this group of girls he'd go quickly.

Our arrogant athlete is Rocky. I have yet to actually see him do anything, but maybe he is great. He sure seems to like letting people know he's great. Why he will win: He's an athlete which means he'll be great in challenges. When it comes to the merge, he should dominate. Why he won't win: Like Bruno, his teammates might want him out before the merge. If is isn't his strength, it might be his attitude that will cost him the game.

Last, and probably least, is Susan the nice girl. I say that because nice guys finish last, so where do nice girls end up? She seems nice enough. Why she will win: Kindness is helpful. Jessica was nothing but nice and she won. Will it happen again? Perhaps her personality could help her in the final tribal council. Why she won't win: Again, nice guys finish last.

Well, those are my opinions. I was already out there and know who wins but... oops, I shouldn't have said that.


The Game

Chapter Immunity Eliminated Vote
Chapter One None Ed 9-6-3-2-1-1
Rampaging Paranhas Mariana 4-1
Screeching Monkeys
Soaring Tree Frogs
Chapter Two Screeching Monkeys "Bulldog" 3-2
Charging Jaguars
Rampaging Paranhas
Chapter Three Soaring Tree Frogs "Spazz" 3-1-1
Charging Jaguars
Screeching Monkeys
Chapter Four Charging Jaguars Will 3-2
Soaring Tree Frogs
Rampaging Paranhas
Chapter Five Alpha Males Betty 5-3
Chapter Six Alpha Males Jess 4-3
Chapter Seven Alpha Males Audrey 3-1-1-1
Chapter Eight Battling Females Frasier 5-3
Chapter Nine Battling Females Elvis 2-5
Chapter Ten Alpha Males Fuega 2-1-1-1
Chapter Eleven Battling Females Bruno 3-2-1
Chapter Twelve Battling Females Nathaniel 4-1
Chapter Thirteen Bozo Rocky 5-3-1-1
Chapter Fourteen Bozo Ed 5-2-1-1
Chapter Fifteen James Bozo 4-3-1
Chapter Sixteen James, Hillary Lacey 5-2
Chapter Seventeen Susan, Niles Ace 4-1-1
Chapter Eighteen Hillary James 4-1
Chapter Nineteen Jocelyn Hillary 2-1-1
Chapter Twenty Niles Susan 2-1
Finale Jury Vote Niles 8-1

Voting History

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Jury vote
Jocelyn Ed Mariana Betty Jess Susan Fuega Rocky Ed Susan Lacey Ace James Susan Susan Winner
Niles Lacey Mariana Nathaniel Bruno Ace Nathaniel Rocky Ed Bozo Lacey Ace James Hillary Susan Runner-up
Susan Ed Mariana Betty Hillary Jocelyn Jocelyn Jocelyn Jocelyn Bozo Jocelyn Ace James Hillary Jocelyn Niles
Hillary Ed "Spazz" Betty Jess Audrey Fuega Rocky Ed Susan Lacey Jocelyn James Niles Jocelyn
James Lacey Mariana Frasier Bruno Bruno Nathaniel Ed Ed Bozo Lacey Ace Jocelyn Jocelyn
Ace Lacey "Bulldog" Frasier Bruno Bruno Nathaniel Ed Ed Susan Lacey Hillary Jocelyn
Lacey Hillary Ed Jocelyn Bozo Jocelyn Jocelyn
Bozo Niles "Bulldog" Betty Jess Audrey Susan Rocky Hillary Hillary Jocelyn
Ed Lacey Rocky Niles Jocelyn
Rocky "Bulldog" "Spazz" Frasier Bruno Bruno Nathaniel Hillary Jocelyn
Nathaniel Lacey Will Frasier Bruno Ace Niles Jocelyn
Bruno "Bulldog" Nathaniel Nathaniel Elvis Niles
Fuega Ed "Spazz" Betty Hillary Audrey Hillary
Elvis "Spazz" Will Frasier Elvis
Frasier "Spazz" Ace Nathaniel
Audrey Ed Will Hillary Jess Hillary
Jess Ed "Bulldog" Hillary Hillary
Betty Ed Hillary Hillary
Will "Spazz" Nathaniel
"Spazz" Ed Rocky
"Bulldog" Lacey Ace
Mariana Ed Niles
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