This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.

Release date: Episode 1- The 17 new people who ended up here.

19th December 2017


Attica: Attica is a perfectionist who wont stop until she gets it right. She is nice and kind. But can get annoying with her perfecting at everything.

Brett: He is that person who is good at everything. But he believes anything. He could believe you are the richest person if you told him.

Daisy: The hard to get to know girl.

Eric: The poor orphan

Flo: Flower faker.

Hannah: A whole load of happy!

Isaac: The heroic chill-out

Julia: The outdoorsy kind

Londoya: Mr. Imagination

Mnet: The BFF 2

Nmet- The BFF 1

Olivia: The sane one

Paul- The insanitary try hard.

Richard: The know it all

Steph: The suicidist.

Undulen: The music loser

Wyatt: The shy guy.

Yasmine- The mind reader.

Chapter 1- The 18 losers who ended up here- Part 1

Chris: Welcome viewers! Look at where we are this time! A dangerous jungle which is where some amazing South American Movies have been produced! With Me, Chef and 18 losers, we are going to ride an amazing rollercoaster right here on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Chris: We will introduce our players now, first is no nonsense, Attica!

Attica: Hi Chris! Its so great to meet you! Is that a bit of dirt on your shirt?

Chris: Umm, no. Anyway wait here while we introduce our next loser, Brett!

Brett: Hi Chris. So stoked. Wait so are we going to become actors like it said in the application form?

Chris: No. Next is Daisy!

Daisy: Hey, hey girls, i'm gonna win this!

Brett: You have a 1 in 18 chance to win, don't think its one in one.

Daisy: Excuse me?

Brett: Hehe. Don't kill me!

Chris: Shush, we are on a budget with time so we will introduce two at a time! Next is Eric and Flo!

Attica: Wow Eric, no offense but you do need this money!

Flo: Are you ok Eric? Here, this rose will make you super!

Eric: I sincerely doubt it.

Chris: Next is the Hannah and Isaac!

Hannah: Oh my gosh eek! I love this show and now i'm on it! This rules!

Attica: Wow! Calm down, The trees are shaking!

Brett: Wow she can talk!

Isaac: Hey dudes wassup!

Hannah: Hi Isaac!

Chris: Because you cant shut it! I will introduce four at a time now ok! Next is Julia, Londoya, Mnet? And Nmet. Weird names.

Londoya: I know, i created my name. And the shirt i'm wearing too!

Julia:Hi guys!

Brett: Um hi!

Nmet: Eeek! Im so excited!

Mnet: So am i!

Chris: We now have, Olivia, Paul, Richard and Steph.

Olivia:This is not the beautiful place that was on the application form! Do we become famous?

Chris: Not exactly!

Steph: Meh it's fine, this film lot in the Amazon has plenty of animals that i can kill myself with.

Richard: The green anaconda is the worst. It is known to kill many.

Paul: Yeah titalle!

Olivia: I think you mean totally.

Paul: That too.

Chris: Our last contestants are Undulen? What is wrong with your names? Wyatt and Yasmine.

Undulen: This place is amazing! Great to sing songs!

Daisy: Please.

Steph: Don't.

Yasmine: Why are you being so rude! And Daisy think you would love to hear his songs!

Daisy: Ugh! Be quiet girl!

Wyatt: Um hello everyone.


Wyatt: I'll heh go now.

Chris: There is a confessional over there to reveal your deepest darkest secrets about the game so yeah make yours now!

Flo: OMG I'm so excited! I'll sniff my fantasy lavender!

Attica(CONF): Wow this place is weird! I don't know how i'll do this competition so we will see! But that Steph guy, wowzers!

Brett(CONF): This game seems awesome! But Julia seems pretty cool! Oh no! Do i like her!

Daisy(CONF) Well I made the biggest mistake of my life! (Sigh) well i guess i'll just play along for now.

Eric(CONF) If you haven't figured it out by now, i'm an orphan and i'm in this to get money to have a normal life.

Flo(CONF) Do I look weird? It's because well, i'm faking my image so i'm not a threat. Haha! It's working well now.


Isaac(CONF) That Steph dude seems like a downer, i think i'll be able to help him. This place is wicked!

Julia(CONF) I always wanted to become an actor and now my dreams could be ruined by a jaguar or an anaconda! Well there are some people like um Br. Do I like Brett?

Londoya(CONF) This is so cool, cooler than when I created that country!

Mnet and Nmet(CONF) We are besties! Yeah! Besties we will win together! Eeek!

Olivia(CONF) Congrats. 18 people tied for the "Worst Mistake Ever" But Paul is in need of so much help I can't quit!

Paul(CONF) Its not fare that everyone is so good at everything while im so bad at speep! I mean speech!

Richard(CONF) According to my predictions, I will make top 8 before possible elimination, i'll need two allies probably Brett and Olivia at this stage.

Steph(CONF) I entered this show to kill myself, yes i am suicidal. But Attica is just so cool. Now I don't know anymore.

Undulen(CONF):Why doesn't Daisy like my music? She is probably jealous. Im in it to win it!

Wyatt(CONF) I can get really shy so i came on this, well i was forced by my father to to overcome my social fears.

Yasmine(CONF) I can see through everyone and they are nervous and excited! I think...

Chris:It is now time for me to assign your teams! On the Jawful Jaguars, Eric, Olivia, Mnet, Steph, Hannah, Wyatt, Undulen, Nmet and Paul! On the Roaring Lions are Attica, Brett, Flo, Julia, Londoya, Richard, Isaac and Yasmine! Find out what happens next time on Total



Chapter 2: The 18 Losers who ended up here!-Part 2

Chris: Last time on this show all we did is introduce the 18 characters fighting for a million bucks! Lets see who wins! On total drama Clash of the Action!

Attica: I still don't get it, so what are we doing here?

Chris: It is a competition. As i said last episode, you will be in two teams which you are assembled in right now, you compete in challenges. The losing team meets here and votes off one of their members. More to that later. Your first challenge starts in ten minutes, so long suckers! So organise your team!

Hannah: Guys! Are you excited! I am so excited!

Mnet: EEk! I am!

Nmet: I am too!

Hannah: Ok Nmet, don't become a copycat!

Steph: Do you ever stop talking? What is there to be excited about?

Isaac: Hmm.

Isaac(CONF) That dude needs some help. But I don't know what to do, i'm no therapist!

Isaac: Hey Steph, do you want to have a chat after the challenge? I know we aren't on the same team!

Steph: Sure. Whatever.

Eric(CONF) Steph is the least annoying guy here, and i am a target if we lose because look at me. I might consider teaming up? Wow!! That is the smartest thing i've ever said!

Flo: Hi guys! So what will give us a strategy, i have a lily that helps to focus anyone!

Yasmine(CONF) I know what Flo's trick is and I need to tell everyone before its too late!

Yasmine: Hey Brett can i tal-

Flo(CONF): I know Yasmine is suspicious and I need an ally to be my puppet.

Flo: Hi Brett: Can we talk after the challenge!

Brett: Sure I guess.

Yasmine: Oh man!

Londoya: What if we try and

Chris: Challenge! You will go up onto those stomps and when one falls off, the other wins and goes through to the next round, we have 18 of you so first 9 stay then we will see what we do next! First up is

Steph: Please not me.

Chris: Steph and Attica!

Steph(CONF) Out of all people i could get it has to be

Attica(CONF) HIM! BUT, fine, his shirt is 1 size to small, no perfection anywhere!\

Chris: And, go!

Steph: Hi Attica,

Attica: I'm sorry Steph, but i have to do this, Hi- ya!

(Attica lightly pushes Steph the platform)

Chris: Attica, you are through, Steph sorry (not really) but you are OUT! Next is Brett and Eric

Eric: (gulp)

Brett: Sorry dude but you are going down.

Eric: Wait, is that the rarest blue jaguar!

Brett: Where?

Eric: Hi-ya!

Chris: Shockingly, Brett is out but Eric is in! Get in Londoya and Wyatt!

Wyatt: Uhoh.

Londoya: Hello! Nice to see you! My invisible shield is right here and I will never, oww! That hurt!

Chris: That was quick. Wyatt! Next are Hannah and Richard!

Hannah: HI Richard!

Richard: Sorry but i am about to do a 270 degree kick, hi-ya!

Hannah: And then she said that i am annoying and I hit her in the face!

Chris: I do not believe that considering you just got hit by a nerd but Richard is in!

Richard: I'm no nerd!

Chris: Get in Yasmine and Undelen!

Yasmine: So Undulen, I know how you are going to kick me, and I will do anything to stop it.

Undulen: Like singing?

Yasmine: No. Hi-ya! Getting you focused on something else.

Undulen: Nice on, oww!

Chris: Congrats Yasmine! Next is Nmet and Daisy!

Daisy: This challenge is made for meh!Hi-ya!

Chris: Another quick one, congrats Daisy! Next is Olivia and Julia!

Olivia: Sorry,girl but you are out!

(Julia dodges and kicks Olivia off the platform)

Brett: Wow, that was cool!

Julia: Thanks!

Chris: Julia, you are in! Mnet and Flo, your turn!

Flo: Smell this flower, isn't it cool!

Mnet: I guess, but your team hit my Nmet off the platform! You will pay! Hi-ya!

Flo: OWW!

Chris: Wow! Mnet is in! Last is Paul and Isaac!

Paul: So, what do we do again?

Chris: Oh wow.

Olivia: Hit Isaac off!

Paul: Oh right! OWW!

Chris: And Isaac takes the final spot!

Isaac: Alright!

Chris: Now it is time for the second round. Isaac, Mnet and Julia!

Mnet: EEK! Nmet! I will take your-oww!

Julia: A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Isaac: I'll jump off! We are on the same team ok!

Julia: Ok! Thanks!

And Julia makes the final! Next is Daisy, Attica and Eric! GO!

Daisy: Sorry Eric but you is going down!

(Eric dodges Daisy's kicks).

Daisy: Good job! Ugh!

Eric: Hi-ya! (Eric hits off Daisy)

Daisy: You did not just do that!

Attica: Don't worry Daisy, I will, seriously! Did you just try and do a 213.56492 degree angle kick?

Eric: Umm....

Chris: Totally wicked! haha! Eric is in but our last three and

Chris: And Eric makes it into the final round! Too bad Daisy and Attica. Last is Yasmine, Richard and Wyatt! Get in!

Wyatt(CONF) I don't know how i survived the first round, but i don't want Eric alone fighting in the final round! But im not the fighting type...

Richard: Calculating the risk of hitting them in the face gives potential support on how you will hit me back so Yasmine, i'll tie his legs with my arms then you hit both of us to the ground.

Yasmine: Ok! But don't act smart just so you can think you can get the upper hand in life.

Richard: Umm...

Wyatt: Im dead.

(Richard graps Wyatt's legs and then Yasmine hit them both of the stamp. Like planned)

Wyatt: Oww!

Yasmine: Thats what a brain does!

Chris: Julia, Eric and Yasmine are the final 3! Get in the arena!

Richard: That is not an arena.

Chris: Whatever.

Julia: This is on!

(Eric dodges Julia's moves until she hits in the toe, which hurt majorly and cause Eric to fall down)

Eric: Oww!

Chris: AND THE ROARING LIONS WIN! Jaguars, discuss who you will eliminate tonight. The elimination ceremony is near the lake.

Mnet: Eek! Who should we vote!

Olivia: I think that whoever made it past the first round is strong enough to stay which leaves me, Paul, Hannah, Steph, Nmet and Undulen. Out of those people now.

Undulen: Anyone who hates my singing can go.

Hannah: I don't know, I don't want to see any of you leave! I know, what about Steph, he is so negative!

Steph: Gee, thanks.

Eric: What about you Hannah all you do is blab, and you don't help in challenges.

Hannah: But what about Steph's poofy attetude!

Olivia: And that's why people want you gone.

Paul: Oh yeah, I think Stephanie should go!

Steph: This is why i try not to socialize.

Wyatt: Um so who will go?

Olivia: The team is torn between Hannah and Steph, we will see tonight.

Steph(CONF) I honestly don't care that i am on the bottom. So I might go speak to Isaac now.

Isaac: Hey Steph, so why are you so upset?

Steph: Well whats the point in anything in life?

Isaac: Right..

Eric: Um hi, Steph, should we team up.

Steph: Whatever, and just vote Hannah, she is too happy for my liking.

Eric: Ok she is annoying.

Isaac: I'm gonna sleep, good luck.

Chris: Welcome to the elimination ceremony Jawful Jaguars! Sit down over there. This is what you do. Over there is a pencil and a sticky note. Write who you want out in the sticky note and put them in the fake snake. then I will read and see by order who has the least to most votes, in that same order by number of votes, I will give you the Gilded Chris award. If you don't get one you much walk up to the lake and row until the river ends, that is where you will stay. Lets do this!

Steph(CONF) You are annoying.

Hannah(CONF) You are saddening!

Olivia(CONF) I am going to eliminate Ms Happy.

Chris: Alright I have tallied the votes and the person leaving tonight isn't,


Eric: Cool.

Chris: Or Olivia


Chris: Also safe is Mnet, Nmet and Wyatt.

Mnet and Nmet: EEEK! Thank you!

Wyatt: Um awesome!

Wyatt(CONF) I never ever say awesome, but i want to sound "cool" so

Chris: Next safe is Paul!

Paul: Safe from what?

Olivia: (rolls eyes)

Chris: Undulen, you're safe too!

Undulen: Thats, wonderful! I will write a song based on my happiness!

Steph: Trust me, no-one wants to hear it.

Chris: And the last Gilded Chris goes too,



























Hannah: What! But Steph was supposed to go!

Chris: It was 5-4 so it was close pal! Can we go up the the river now!


Hannah(in boat): Tell the team to vote Steph! Steph! Waah!

Flo(CONF): Yasmine's little trick is working, but I know i can out play her. MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!

Yasmine(CONF): I need Brett on my side knowing in obviously in war with Flo. SHE WILL LOSE!

Chris: Who will win, Yasmine or Flo. Find out next week to see who will get out next on TOTAL DRAMA


Chapter 3: Amazonia War

Chris: Last time, Isaac noticed Steph's negativity and decided to have a chat with him, whilst on his team, Flo and Yasmine try to get Brett as their ally! In our challenge, we stumped everyone else, ouch! And Julia won for the Lions! But in a 5-4 vote, Hannah was our first loser! Who will get out this time on TOTAL, DRAMA, CLASH OF THE ACTION!

Steph: (yawns) , Eric, what are you doing!

Eric: Sorry but sleeping outside a home makes you aware of these things, what time do you normally wake up?

Steph: Whatever 11: 30!


Steph: Yes, on the weekends, on the weekdays, 3:45, my mum hid the knives in our house so i wouldn't use them ever since, i've looked for them.

Eric: Anyway, seeing how vulnerable we are, we should consider adding Wyatt to the alliance.

Steph: Go ahead, i don't car.. (Steph sees Attica) oh hi Attica!

Attica: Hey Steph!

(Olivia and Paul are eating breakfast)

Olivia: So, what is your problem, you speak and do things weirdly!

Paul: I don't know.

Olivia: We could team up if I help you with your, um problems?

Paul: Del.

Olivia: You mean deal.

Paul: That's what i said.

Olivia(CONF): This may be harder then i thought.

Undulen: (singing badly by the river)

Wyatt: Um, Undulen.

Undulen: Can't you see i'm busy here!

Wyatt: Yeah.

Wyatt(CONF): By singing so badly that if i took another step my ears would pop, literally, yes you are very busy.

Undulen: I hate you and you hate me but if we team, we could conquer the, Wyatt, where are you?

Wyatt(CONF): I am not strong enough for an alliance, so i left.

Mnet(her and Nmet are swimming in the lake): Eek! This water is great! Isn't it!

Nmet: IKR! SO good!

Flo(walks by the lake): Hi girls!

Mnet: Arent you Flo! Hi Flo!

Flo: Yes, hi. Anyway next time you lose can you vote Steph?

Nmet: OK! EEK!

Flo: Thanks, do you want a lily!

Mnet: No, were good! Bye!

Flo: Bye!

Flo(CONF): I got out of there as soon as possible, those two are dolphins! But I need Steph to go, no dating is happening if i have anything to do with it! Next up, Brett! hehe!

Yasmine(her and Brett are eating breakfast): So hi Brett, can I talk to you about something.

Brett(CONF): Why do I feel like i'm being played? Brett, i might team up with Flo, she is nice and she clearly wants to do it. If i had the guts to team up with Julia then I would!

Yasmine: Do you want to um team up?

Brett: Sorry, but i will not. I'm going with Flo!

Yasmine: WHAT!

Brett: Sorry, i just think its the right decision.

Chris: CHALLENGE, TIME! Come over to the lake!

Julia: Yes! Another challenge!

Chris: Todays challenge is a war! Fight the evil empire's fortress and retrieve the flag! The team that does so wins the challenge!

Richard: Do you want me to ask that man over there is supposed to be their "military"?

Chris: Yes! He will blast pieces of stake and yeah. Well go! And once he gets you, you are out! You cant compete for your team anyway! Start!

Steph: Oh Hi Attica! Just going to walk in the castle.

Attica: You mean fortress, and why are you so happy?

Steph: No Reason!

Intern: Haha! Take this suckers! (blasts them)

Steph: Oww! Now this is why i don't try.

Attica: Theres the old you, oww.

Intern: Shush it!

Steph: Anyway, since we are both out of the challenge, do you wanna take a walk?

Attica: I guess.

Intern: I said shush it!

Flo: Oh hey Julia, I just heard Yasmine said you are too athletic for your own good!

Julia: What? Really? Grr. That annoying girl. What if we throw the challenge?

Flo: Do what you wanna do, by the way, do you like my

rose hair clip!

Julia: Its great, i'll go in now.

Intern: No,you wont. (Blast Flo and Julia)

Julia: Oww! Whatever!

Brett: Ohh tough luck, I heard Attica is out too. Anyway, Flo do you want to be in an alliance?

Flo: YES! WOOHOO! ... I mean, sure.

Brett: Uh great.

Julia: Can i get in on this?

Brett: Cool!

Julia: Thanks! You should go in before the intern blasts you.

Brett: Ok.

Richard: (hiding behind a tree) An alliance! Ooh. I might need an ally, Yasmine is perfect.

Flo(CONF): Perfect, Yasmines going down.

Brett(CONF): Wow, Flo really wanted that alliance.

Eric: Hi Wyatt.


Eric: See i have problems adapting to the 21st century,you are shy and Steph is kinda negative. Ok very negative. So why don't we have an alliance?

Wyatt: C-cool.

Eric: Lets go in.

Paul: So i should shut down i mean shut up. If i know i might get something wrong.

Olivia: Yep. Anyway lets go before we lose time.

Paul: Yeah like,

Olivia: (death stare)

Paul: Hehe. Wait isnt that the fog!

Olivia: Flag but yes. Lets get it!

Londoya: Um sorry, but i might get this.

Olivia: Oh really?

Londoya: Yeah.Do you like this hat?

(Olivia and Paul start fighting)

Eric: Oh um. This is what civilised people do, ok. Cool. (pulls flag out)

Paul: You know i couldnt have done that but bad job.

Eric: Ok?

Chris: And the Jawful Jaguars win! Lions, ill be seeing you tonight.

Yasmine: Oh no,i need to do something.

Julia: OK! Today wasnt our best, any ideas of who to go?

Flo: I think Um, Yasmine should go. She said i was over ob (sniff) sessed with flowers!

Julia: Ok, if you say so. Hey Brett! So Yasmine!

Brett: Alright. I might convince the rest of the team to vote her.

Brett: So yep she is rude to me and you. So I think she is rude and mean. Flo and Julia said. And whatever they say goes!

Daisy: Daisy does hate Julia for a reason, but for tonight i will vote with you. Isaac?

Isaac: Sure, im in.

Attica: Yes Steph!

Brett: My name is Brett.


Brett: And Londoya? Wow! Did you do that yourself.

Londoya: Huh? Oh sorry. Just painting a replica of the Mona Lisa.

Brett: Where is Richard?

Daisy: In Antarctica.

Brett: Cool!

Daisy: Boy you don't get sarcasm don't you!

Richard: So you want out Flo! OK! She is annoying i guess

Yasmine: Oh thank you Richard. I don't think anyone besides Brett is voting with her.

Richard: I uh wouldn't be so sure about that.

Undulen: My MUSIC ROCKS!

Wyatt: I came to say, yes, when you asked for the alliance i ran, but i found a good alliance and if you join. We have half the team!

Undulen: Oh really shy guy. Well i dont- that guy is so annoying!

Wyatt(CONF): Yep, I ran away again before i'd make him write a song to expose what i did and get me eliminated. Well the others are about to have elimination. so,yeah, bye.

Chris: Wow! A LOT of Drama going on! I love it! I'm gonna let you go vote now.

Yasmine(CONF): For the good of my team. And before i have to murder her.

Flo(CONF): You annoying mind reader had better go!

Richard(CONF): Yasmines dead,time for a new ally. And if Flo is as strong as she is., yep,she can go now.

Isaac: Geez. People are taking this game way to seriously.

Chris: Lets say, Isaac, Brett, Julia, Attica, Daisy! You are safe!

Brett: Yes! (looks at Julia romantically)


Brett(CONF) Sweet! Scored some points!

Julia: Yep. But if anyone finds out about my small crush on Brett i will die.

Attica: Yes I get to see St- I mean stay!

Julia: Huh!

Daisy: Gurl stop blushing! Both of ya!

Isaac: Aight!

Daisy: Are you too lazy to pronounce two more ltters.

Julia: You just did it yourself


Julia: Not afraid of you.

Chris: Also safe is Londoya and Richard, safe!

Londoya: Yes!

Richard: I did have a likely chance of being safe.

Chris: And the last safe is-


































Flo: Aww! Bye Yasmine! I'll miss you! (winks at her)

Yasmine: Before I leave, i have something to say. Flo is a!

Yasmine: Oww! Why do you have to put me on the boat like that!

Chris: Bye Yasmine! Will Flo stay strong for long? Will Undulen get out Wyatt! Find out next time on yeah you know! Bye!

Julia(CONF): So Flo says she is going to vote Yasmine, but is sad and says she will miss her when she gets eliminated? Weird.

Chapter 4: Snakes on Plane.

Chris: Last time on Total C, Yasmine and Flo at war decided to take Brett as their ally, Brett chose Flo. Olivia decided she actually wants to help Paul with his weird insanity and Eric succeeded in getting Wyatt in their alliance, while Undulen failed. Even with Richard's foolproof plan. The Jawful Jaguars won, and with Flo enlarging the teams hatred for Yasmine, in a 7-2 vote, she was eliminated! Who will go home today? Find out on total Drama CLASH OF THE ACTION!

Wyatt: So this is our meeting place? A-a-awes-some!

Steph: You really should stop doing that.

Wyatt: Whatever.

Eric: Continue fighting, it will make us more sane!

Steph: Excuse me?

Wyatt(CONF):What i like about Steph and Eric is that they have similar problems to me. Basically, i can see being friends with them! And they are my only human friends! Yes i have a teddy bear named, oops. I-I'm getting too f-farn-now.

Olivia: Lesson number 2 Paul. Yep, you need to learn sarcasm. Thats what most sane people understand

Paul: CYCASM! For me thats really inpossible.

Olivia: Bad Paul!

Paul(sacrastically): I mean, that is so easy.

Olivia: But, I'll catch up with you later Paul.

Nmet: Eek! Mnet! We need to do better!

Mnet:I know! We have to so do better!

Nmet: Copycat!

Mnet: (gasps) This from the person who didnt get asked out to the dance in 5th grade!

Nmet: (gasps) That is it! We are done as friends forever!

Mnet: FINE!

Mnet(CONF): I don't need her! I'm strong!

(Mnet walks away and Undulen walks in)

Undulen: Hey Nmet, are you in need of a friend?

Nmet: (sigh) I don't know what is wrong with me! She is the more likable, better one!

Undulen:I can team up with you.

Nmet: Really!

Undulen: Yeah!

(Brett, Julia and Flo are in cabin talking)

Brett:Our plan went accordingly!

Flo: Who should we get out now? Also do you think this lily smells good?

Julia: Beautiful ok.

Isaac: Hey guys, can I sit here.

Brett: Sure.

Isaac: So yeah, since you 3 are an alliance do you want me as an asset!

Daisy: Hey boi i have the assets here!

Julia: Why don't all of you join as full members!

Daisy: Who said you were boss Ms Athletic!

Julia: Are you starting something with me! No one does that!

Daisy: Do you value your life?

Brett(CONF): That was so hot!

Attica(walks in): Hey Julia can I talk to yo-

Chris(on loudspeaker): Challenge Time! You 16 come to the mess hall now!

Julia: Sorry Attica, but its time for the challenge!

Attica(CONF): I was going to talk about Steph. I dunno about him!

Chris: We have been informed that there are snakes in the territory and you yourselves need to find two of them. The Green Anaconda

Richard: The scariest, longest and arguably most deadly snake in the world!

Chris: Yes, and the boa constrictor! Each team must grab one of each and bring them back here! Ready! Set! GO!

Olivia: We will split up. Eric, Mnet, Undulen and Nmet will be on one team and you look for the anaconda.

Eric: Giving me the harder snake, thanks.

Olivia: No problem. That leaves me, Wyatt, Paul and Steph with the boa conflictor. (Richard walks by)

Richard: Constrictor.

Olivia: Whatever.

Brett: Where did Richard go?

Richard: I'm back and i got my pen which will help me plan. Brett and Isaac go together, Julia and Attica, Londoya and Daisy, and i'll go with Flo!

Richard(CONF): Knowing about Flo's alliance I had to get on her good side. And i'll take any chance I can get.

Flo: Do you know that i have a flower that smells like fish. Do anacondas eat fish?

Richard: Yes they do! You are really resourceful. And I was thinking we should make an agreement that we can not vote each other and if we do,

Flo: OK! There is the anaconda!

Richard: Get out your fish flower!

Flo: (takes out fish flower and runs back to camp, the anaconda follows them.

Olivia: There is a cliff with a boa constrictor!

Steph: OK you can get it. I'll think of a way to get back to Chris!

Steph(CONF): We are NEXT TO A CLIFF! Of course you know what i'm going to do!

Paul: I'll take off my headband and tie it.

Olivia: Good, you're learning!

Wyatt: G-guys, what is S-Steph doing.

Olivia: Huh? STEPH!

Steph: Well I don't get the point in anything. Guys, tell my family and Attica I love them. And especially to Attica, i really had a thing for her. Goodbye cruel world. (jumps of the cliff)

Wyatt: Oh no!

Olivia: WHAT! Poor Steph!

Paul: Ooh. Wow this is not important i mean i mean important.

Olivia: I would assault you for that but i'm too shocked to talk.

Steph(still falling): This is the end? Is that Attica and Julia?

Attica: D-did? He say he has a thing for me? Yes! (Steph almost hits the ground but Attica catches him)

Attica: Hi Steph. I heard what you said. And I feel the same way!

Steph: YES! Now I don't want to die! (Steph and Attica kiss)

Julia: Good catch Attica! Oh but is that a constrictor?

Attica: Yep! Lets bring it to Chris! Sorry Steph.

Steph: No, it's okay! (Steph and Attica hug)

Julia: Aww. So cute. Don't tell anyone but i think im into Brett! I said don't tell anyone. Ok, lets go. The snake is sliding to camp!

Chris: I can see a constrictor coming!

Julia: Yep we are here, and Steph almost committed suicide.

Flo: Aww poor Steph!

Richard: Thats harmful.

Flo(CONF): We won,so i heard about Nmet and Undulen. So Steph will go! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Chris: I guess that means the Lions win! Jaguars, you could lose one of your members.

Steph: So we vote Nmet!

Eric: Yep. Also sorry about the incident.

Steph:I think I am over it. I ended up kissing Attica! So I don't even care!

Wyatt: O-ok it's Nmet.

Nmet: Undulen. Vote Steph OK!

Undulen: OK, OK!I will! You are becoming meaner!


Chris: Time for elimination guys!

Chris: Go in the confessional and vote!

Steph(CONF): Sticking with the alliance, sorry.

Olivia(CONF): You can not do that again Steph! Ok!

Paul(CONF): Ooh i like this picture of me!

Nmet(CONF): Bye, bye! eek! What is happening to me!

Undulen(CONF): Nmet said so. Don't wanna. Wait. You are in Wyatt's alliance! Haha!

Mnet(CONF): Sorry EEK! Flo said!

Eric(CONF):Have to go with you at this point.

Wyatt(CONF): Sorry Nmet!

Chris: The people safe are

Eric! Wyatt! Olivia! Mnet! Undulen! You all got 0 votes against you!

Paul! You voted yourself but you are still in!

All Jaguars except Steph and Nmet: YES!

Chris: The Last person safe is?






















In a 3-4 vote!








Nmet! Steph you are out!

Steph: Oh no!

Attica: NO! Bye Steph! (The 2 kiss one last time)

Steph: I'll miss you Attica! Good luck Attica, Eric and Wyatt!

Chris: Welcome to the Boat of Shame! Row row row your boat to where you say the game!

Steph: Never do that again. Bye!

Nmet: Grr! You called down the thunder, but i'll call down the lightning! WATCH OUT! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! THIS IS THE NMASTER!

Chris: Will Nmet go even more crazy! Will Flo win the game!

Find out on total drama THE CLASH OF THE ACTION!

Chapter 5: I have my eye on you.

Last time on Total Drama Clash of the Action our 16 went to find the two most deadly snakes in the amazon! Richard went with Flo to improve relations with her! The bonded well finding the anaconda! And when Olivia found the boa constrictor! Steph decided to commit suicide! He jumped of a high cliff and if it wasn't for Attica, he would have died! They shared a kiss. But Steph went home straight afterwords after Olivia, Undulen and the BFFS!

Nmet: Its NMASTER!

Chris: What will happen today? Find out on TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE ACTION!

Eric(CONF): After Steph went home yesterday. We are down a man now so we are in the minority. This isn't good.

Eric: We have to make allies personal to us and make agreements and stuff. Thats what i do with the local bread guy across the street he gives me free bread if i clean the place and attract customers!

Wyatt: Um, yeah. Olivia and Paul are constantly around each other. So lets help them. And maybe the screamers and Undulen will go!

Eric: Cool!

Mnet(running around and bumps into Olivia): Hi can you vote Nmet next time we lose, thanks bye!

Olivia: Um what was that about!

Paul: Im here teacher!

Olivia: Good, good. Lesson 3, never ever be positive when you are about to do something in front a lot of people and never be- what do you want now?

Eric: Hello. Hi. Hello. I was considering a pact between two 4 of us and we would have the majority of the team! What is you answer!

Olivia: Sure, I guess. Bye now.

Eric: Bye!

Eric(CONF): Yes! Haha! Alright! Woohoo! Thank you Mr. Bakery man!

Wyatt(CONF): This could help my social fears so, don't judge me.

Olivia(CONF): What an awesome position to be in! Mnet is sure im going to vote Nmet and now i have an alliance might tell me to vote her! Well isn't that perfect! Ugh.

Paul(CONF): My very last alliance! I mean first! This is annoying.


Undulen: You are kinda scaring me now!


Undulen: Eh. Ok! I'm just gonna sing. (starts singing horribly)

Nmet: You make me sick. I'm out!

Daisy(CONF): I am gonna steer Julia straight. She doesn't deserve anything!

Daisy: HEY! Jumbo bath!

Julia: It's Julia dumbsy!


Julia: YOU HEARD ME DUMBSY! Now get out of my way!

Daisy: You are getting yourself a bag full of slaps! They cost 1 more word!

Julia: SHUT UP! (Daisy and Julia start fighting each other)

Londoya: Ok. Um i will do my artwork over there. Hang on. I could make a shirt with a picture of those two fighting! That's a great idea.

Londoya(CONF): Those two really hate each other, huh.

(Brett and Flo are sitting down)

Brett: So who do we target next?

Flo: I dont know! (Attica walks in but neither see)

Flo: Maybe Attica! She said my daisies were sickening!

Attica(CONF): When did i even say that? Is she lying? I miss Steph, but I am well enough to know i never said that. What is she doing! I better tell someone!

Richard: So she lied to Brett about you so he'd vote you. That's low.

Isaac: Hey guys! What are you talking about!

Attica: Don't tel anyone, but Flo lied about something and told Brett so he'd vote me next time we lose. Well we aren't sure. So can i consider us 3 an Anti-Flo Pact?

Richard: I still think you are going a bit harsh on her but, whatever you say!

Isaac: Sure dudes. But i agree with Richard.

Attica: Sorry!

Richard: And sorry about Steph too.

Attica:He is one i'll miss. I regret voting Yasmine out.

Richard: FYI. Me and her voted Flo. So it's not my fault.

Isaac: It's challenge time soon. Gonna skadaddle.

Chris: It's challenge time! Skadaddle to the mess hall now!

Isaac(CONF): I'm psychic.

Chris: Today you will be testing your bravery! You must jump off this cliff. Only a little bit lower than Steph's cliff! Into piranha infested water and find a pearl! You have a minute each time. First team to find five pearls win!

Flo(CONF): I'm running this game. Next gone, Attica! Haha!

Attica(CONF): I got my eye on you Flo.

Londoya(CONF): I feel some weird tension on our team. I have to find out what.

Chris: Pick your order!

Brett: I have a plan. Lets put Flo first, me second, Julia third, Londoya fourth, Isaac fifth, Daisy sixth, Attica seventh and Richard last so ok.

Roaring Lions: OK!

Olivia: Based on strength put our best payers first and one good player in third last. So Paul first, Eric second, Wyatt third, Mnet fourth, i'll go fifth and Undulen sixth!


Olivia: And the "Nmaster" last. Any objections! If yes raise your hand( everyone on team raises hand)

Olivia: No problems good!

Chris: Flo, Paul, ready set go! (Flo and Paul jump off the cliff)

Flo: Eek! That was scary! Paul? What are you doing?

Paul: Eating the pearls! Just like Chris said!

Flo: He said. Find them! So yeh! Take it!

Paul: Oh ok!

Chris: Flo and Paul are coming out of the water and Paul has one!

Olivia(from top of cliff): Great job!

Paul: Thanks!

Flo(CONF): Duh, I told Paul what to do so we can lose and vote out Attica!

Chris(on phone): What? There is a criminal trying to kill me! OK! CHALLENGE CHANGED! YOU ARE GOING TO FIND THAT WRECKER! But Paul, since you found a pearl. You get this handy dandy chainsaw!

Olivia: You really are determined aren't you.

Paul: Yep! Not determined at all!

Olivia: Um...

Chris: Duh! And the (a criminal pops up behind him)

Everyone: Chris! Look Behind you!

Chris: What!

Duncan: Hey Chris McLame.

Chris: Duncan? You scared me! Well kill me now. I surrender!

Brett: Has anyone noticed that Duncan is holding 5 pearls! (everyone jumps on to him)

Flo: I think I got them! Oops! I dropped it!

Flo(CONF): Hehe. Any dimwit knows that was also a fake.

Nmet:I got them! Yes!

Olivia: Good job!

Nmet(CONF) Now that i'm not friends with Mnet. I need to prove my worth to the team. I think it's working! Eek! WHAT?? THE NMASTER NEVER EEKS!

Mnet:Here Chris! 5 pearls!

Paul: Now 18 pearls! (puts one from challenge in Chris's hands)

Chris: And the winner is, the Lions!

Jaguars: What?

Flo: What?

Chris: Technically Jaguars, you cheated so you technically lost.

Richard: Saying technically twice just sounds wrong.

Chris: So The Roaring Lions WIN! OK!

Flo: That's... wonderful!


Eric: Wyatt, Olivia and Paul. Well I think Mnet was responsible for our loss.

Olivia: Wait! Isn't that Nmet!

Paul: Isn't

Olivia: You are not helping Paul!

Wyatt: I'm pretty sure it's Mnet.

Olivia: So write down Mnet. All in favour say Aye.

Olivia/Eric/Wyatt: Aye.

Paul: Eye!

Olivia: It's... whatever.

Mnet:I hope I stay at elimination! But I don't think I will go!

Nmet: You will haha!

Mnet: What is it with you?

Nmet: That is for me to know, and for you to find out! The NMASTER WILL NOT TELL SECRETS!

Mnet(CONF): Someone has lost a brain cell! Is it my fault? OHH NO!

Chris: Ok. You have cast your votes and made your decisions. The people safe are Olivia, Wyatt, Undulen, Paul, Eric and


















Mnet: What! But she cost the challenge.

Paul:I was trying to tell you but who cut me off? Oliver! That's who!

Olivia(CONF): Oliver? But I kinda fell sorry for him. Yep.

Mnet: Bye Guys! See you later!

Chris: The boat of shame! Now get on! Any last words.

Mnet: Get out Nmet! Guys! Do it!

Chris: Has her last words influenced their team? Find out on TOTAL, DRAMA, CLASH OF THE ACTION!

Chapter 6: The hunted and the hunted

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Clash of the Action, our challenge was to find five pearls, but with a certain "return" Duncan plotted to kill me! But for some reason he had 5 pearls in his hand and the Jaguars took them, thinking they won, but that is "cheating" so they lost. Nmet is the one who did it but our huge alliance of four accidentally got confused. So now Mnet is gone! Who will go home today? Will Brett and Julia become a thing? Will Nmet and Undulen survive being in the minority? Find out today on Total Drama: CLASH OF THE ACTION!

( a bird flies until Nmet throws a rock at it. Killing it.)

Nmet: She is gone! Woohoo! HAHA! FINALLY!

Nmet(CONF): Don't get me wrong, with Mnet gone, I can finally be called the better BFF! Even though we are not BFF'S anymore. But Undulen isn't going to get me to the finals. I know there is an alliance excluding me and him! I will have to befriend on of them! BUT THEY ARE SUCH LOSERS! How will I decide! I think Olivia would make decisions, so I might go for her. But she will get suspicious! What if I befriend all of them! That might work?

Undulen: Do you like my new lyrics- and the stars were still! And I got my knife so i could kill! Wyatt and all his friends!

Nmet: I like your passion! But yeah, shut up. I need you to um go to the lake and jump in there.

Undulen: Why?

Nmet: You could-um see some aquatic life! It will give you more to write about your annoying song!

Undulen: Ok? (walks away)

Nmet(CONF): Time for Plan save my butt! First section Paul! But I have to be nice otherwise they'll say no!

Paul: Hi Mnet! Have you seen, Olivia?

Nmet: I thought you knew the difference! Haha! But no! While you are here! If your alliance says to vote me, don't do it! Please! (makes an innocent stare)

Paul: What an agressive-i mean adorable stare! Ok!

Paul(CONF): I feel on the bottom of my game! I am allied with everyone except Undulen!

(Wyatt, Eric and Olivia sitting down, talking)

Wyatt: So who should we get out this time?

Olivia: We are NOT going to lose today! We only have six members on our team!

Eric: Good point. Also what is that thing Londoya is drawing?

Londoya: What? This is a sad emoticon.

Richard: Thats an emoji.

Olivia: Why is it when I get a word mixed up, you are always there to correct me!

Richard: Maybe because of the likelihood of the

Wyatt: W-w get it. A-also Er-ic do y-you not kno-ww w-what an e-m-oji is? No o-ffense.

Eric:I don't have a TV! So how will i know!

Olivia: Um, Eric, we use emoji's on phones, computers and tablets!

Eric: Sorry!

Olivia: No worries. Londoya, can you be our asset? Like as in we tell you who to vote based on what we can say.

Londoya: Oh, ok!

Eric: Thanks! Has anyone seen Paul today?

Wyatt: No.

Olivia: Nope.

Richard(CONF): I seem to have pretty good ears. But seriously? Now i am wary about 2 alliances! This is just great. So my alliance with Isaac and Attica is the only chance I have? I'll just figure out more and do work behind the scenes and those 2 can protect me!

Daisy: And you never shut up about your athletic ability, it's sickening!

Julia: Well at least i don't continuously act like I am a queen who has taken all the money in the world for herself!

Daisy: Urgh! I can't take you any more!

Julia: Don't talk to me!

Brett: (gazing at Julia while Attica walks in)

Attica: How long has this been going on for?

Isaac: About 2 hours, popcorn?

Brett: No,i believe love is the ultimate nutrition!

Flo: What! Do you like someone! Tell me! Pleasy! I have a flower that smells like rotten milk! And i'll use it!

Brett: (whispers into Flo's ears): I like.. Julia! But tell anyone and i will vote you out and throw you around when I see you!

Flo: (gulp) ok!

Flo(CONF): He is such a dork. But hey, I need him now so, I will stay by him.

Julia(CONF): Flo was speaking a little weirdly in that tape. I kinda heard. But if we lose three words, Dumbsy is gone!

Chris: Challenge time losers!

Isaac: Cool! Coming Chris!

Olivia: I resent the word "loser".

Chris: 4 people are out! One of you will be fifth, since we gave you way too much time to have your tea parties. Today will be a short one. Oh and yesterday when Duncan came, is because of a contract that says, every odd numbered episode starting from five not counting the finale will have an original camper from TDI as a demonstrator! But not today! Up the mountain is a tribe of people who will kill anyone who they see! Your job is to get to the top and them you will have a little dodgeball game, and the last one to be strung with their arrows will win for their team! Ready, set, go!

(everyone runs except Richard, trying to save energy.)

(Brett and Julia are running together)

Brett: Hi Julia!

Julia: Hi back at ya!

Julia(CONF): That sounded better in my head.

Brett: So um, do you want to work together for the challenge!

Julia: Sure!

Brett:OK! There is the top of the mountain!

Julia: We are the first there! Hide until everyone is there.

Brett: Cool by me!

Brett(CONF): That sounded better in my head. But I think she might actually, feel the same way!

Julia(CONF): He agreed to sit alone with me! He might like me too!

Julia: Sorry Brett, there is Daisy, I have to set her straight!(Walks out from where she was hiding) Hey! Dumbsy! Do me a favor and quit!

Daisy: Oh! That is it gurl! Prepare for the famous Daisy slap!

Julia: Very creative. (yawns) (Daisy hits her) aww! Get back here you sick person!

(Daisy and Julia start kicking and slapping each other, the native tribe spears them)

Daisy: This is all your fault! I wish you were never born!

Londoya: Girls, cut it ou- (gets hit) oh man!

Chris: Wow! The Lions may have 2 more people, but it is 6 Jaguars and 5 Lions! Wow!

Olivia: Paul, where were you?

Paul: Eating my banana!

Olivia: You missed the alliance meeting! Strike one!

Paul(CONF): This alliance is getting sannoying! I am being told what do to all the time!

Olivia: Sorry, it's just tha- (gets hit)oh man! Never mind.

Paul(CONF): Cowma.

Paul: Well i'll see you earlier, bye! (gets hit)

Paul: This is so bad.

Chris: 9 people to get now!

Undulen: Wyatt, you abandoned me twice and expect me to have an alliance! You act all soft and nice! But still I know you are a monster inside! (gets hit)

Wyatt: (cries and walks away before getting hit)

Eric: Wyatt! Are you ok! Nice going Undulen! (gets hit)

Olivia: Not cool! Seriously!

Undulen(CONF): Awesome, the alliance is on me and we have one person playing for us!

Chris: Wow! Only Nmet is left for the Jaguars and Brett, Isaac, Rich- where is Richard!

Richard: I took my time on getting up! Saving energy! (gets hit)

Chris: Forget what I said. Flo and Attica are playing for their team!

Brett(CONF): I decided to go up there to impress Julia.

Brett: Throw them at me! Come on!(dodges arrows until one hits him in the crotch) Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Julia: Brett, are you okay?

Daisy: You have had enough screen time!

Julia: Quiet you! Brett! How badly does it hurt?

Brett: Badly.(they both smile at each other)

Brett(CONF): Ugh! Smooth move! I thought I was doing well!

Julia(CONF): It may be a bit um weird that Brett got hit in the area. But it was kinda funny though. I thought it was cute!

Chris: You four keep on dodging!

Nmet(CONF): I feel like Flo is kinda faking, i mean back when she told us to vote for Steph, i became suspicious because, why would she care! She isn't even on their team! It made me think. What if she is faking her persona? I had to see if anyone else was suspicious. So i'll get her to lose!

Nmet: Are those flowers?

Flo: Where? (gets hit)

Nmet: Is that Steph?

Attica: Where? (gets hit)

Nmet: Someone is stuck in that tree! But I can't reach!

Isaac: Oh really? I"ll rescue them!

Julia: Wait!

Isaac: It's o- (gets hit)

Chris: And even though it looked as if they had no hope, the Jaguars have won the challenge!

Mnet(CONF): Now if we do lose again, they will vote Undulen as a weaker link! Yes!

Flo(CONF): I was going to be super sure about Attica, but Daisy is kinda annoying.

Isaac(CONF): So close! If I didn't fall for that lie!

Olivia(CONF): Awesome! I think Undulen should go next. We can't have weak links.

Attica: We will have to vote Flo guys. Agreed.

Richard: Alright. But what if we.

Isaac: Richard, we know you want to share, but Flo has to go ok!

Richard: Whatever.

Isaac(CONF): Wait! I just remembered! I am in 2 alliances! What have i done!

Londoya: Hey! Great I could catch up to you!

Olivia: Awesome. Vote ________ ok!(_ is to avoid spoilers)

Londoya: OK!

(Brett and Julia are having a chat, while Flo comes in crying. but she is faking.)

Brett: Whats wrong!

Flo: Daisy called me a stalker who shouldn't be alive!

Julia: Not surprised. Lets vote her as payback!

Flo: (sniff) ok!

Flo(CONF): Too easy.

Daisy: Is no-one going ta see meh! Well Julia better go!

Wyatt: (Sniff) OK! Well promise to vote Undulen when we lose!

Olivia/Eric: We would vote him anyway. Paul isn't here again! That is two strikes. One more and he is out of the alliance!

Nmet:Hi Olivia! Can I talk to you for a second?

Olivia: Sure!

Olivia: So you want me to team with you?

Nmet: Please! pretty please!

Olivia: Not the puppy dog eyes! Too late. (sigh) Fine. Paul is basically out. So someone has to replace him.

Chris: Ok! This is your second elimination! So! You know how this works! Go into the confessional and vote!

Flo(CONF): Well, she does make Julia a target and I cant have my allies going now.

Daisy(CONF): Eh, this is an easy one.

Julia(CONF): The satisfaction of writing down your name! What! I need to savor the moment!

Brett(CONF): I can't get a target on my back by backstabbing. That sounds so weird when I say it.

Attica(CONF): Well, you do want me gone. I don't know if i'll survive this one! But I hope I do!

Londoya(CONF): Well, i wouldn't know if Olivia didn't tell me to.

Richard(CONF): I better not lose. I don't think i will go based on the likelihood of Flo targeting me after befriending her but whatever.

Isaac(CONF): Sorry but you leave us no choice. I know I might have to vote Daisy because Julia told me to but ugh! This is so stressful!

Chris: I'll tally the votes!

Chris: The following are safe. Londoya!

Londoya: Artistic! I mean awesome!

Chris: Isaac, Attica and Richard! You all got 0 votes against you!

Olivia(CONF): Ok, i told him to vote Brett, he isn't the smartest guy! So if they get out a strong player, they will lose more!

Chris: Brett, Julia you got one vote but you are safe!

Brett: Who voted me!

Daisy: Ugh!

Julia: In your face!

Chris: But Flo and Daisy each had 3 votes against him. So we will vote again!

Londoya(CONF): I am voting you since well, why not!

Chris: A tie again! That means you will go to a tie braker!

Flo(CONF): Oh

Daisy(CONF): great!

Chris: Well I have picked a random person from the jaguars so that they will say their decision!

Undulen: Huh? Oh um, well Daisy is a bigger threat so yeah, sorry! Can I go sing now!

Chris: OK!

Julia: So is Daisy gone!

Chris- Y

Julia: YES! YES! WOOHOO! Uh huh!

Daisy: Ugh! Fine! I will become a famous actor on my own!

Chris: Any last words Daisy?

Daisy: Whoever voted me and Undulen can choke on this little explosive i put on the island. There is only one way to turn it off. It will burst at 5:30 pm tomorrow!

Chris: WHAT! OK! BYE YOU FILTHY GIRL! I WILL GET YOU! Will we survive! Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Note: Yeah, that was a hint that at a time tomorrow I will make another story.

Sydney: 5:30pm (6th Feb)

Tokyo 3:30pm (6th Feb)

Beijing 2:30pm (6th Feb)

Paris 7:30am (6th Feb)

Cairo 8:30am (6th Feb)

London 6:30am (6th Feb)

New York 1:30am (6th Feb)

Buenos Aires 3:30am (6th Feb)

Vancouver 10:30pm (5th Feb)

Chapter 7: Musically Bland


Attica, Brett, Eric, Flo, Isaac, Julia, Londoya, Nmet, Olivia, Paul, Richard, Undulen and Wyatt. The unlucky 13! In a fight to survive find out who will make the top 12! Now with Daisy's explosive going to go off at five thirty we need to save ourselves! Watch is fight for our lives on Total Drama Clash of the Action!

Attica: Chris! It's 5 pm! Why haven't we done our challenge!

Olivia: I'd take pride in this not complain about it.

Chris: If you heard what Daisy said at her elimination, she has hidden an explosive and it will blow in half an hour!

All 13: What!

Chris: Yes! You will go in partners and since on of you will be left out you will go with our formerly mutated.. Dakota!

Dakota: You can't do this Chris! Why should I deal with an explosive! Haven't I suffered enough on this show!

Chris: No! Pick your partners now! And you have to be on the same team.

Brett: Julia do you

Julia: Wanna go together!

Brett: Sure!

Richard: Hey Flo can we have a chat!

Flo: Of course!

Flo(CONF): I think he is trying to save himself. And Daisy should have went home straight yesterday! I know either Julia, Isaac or Brett didn't vote with us, Julia would so that leaves the two jocks. I'll check with them later.

Londoya(CONF): I want to see what Isaac thinks of my artworks so i'll ask him!

Londoya: Isaac, do you want to go together!

Isaac: It''s cool. Ok.

Attica: That means i'm with Carolina,I guess.

Dakota: Oh be quiet! Or i'll shove you in an attic!

Attica: Oh really!

Nmet: Hey Wyatt! Lets go together! OK! Cool! Lets go!

Wyatt(CONF): Do I ever get to have an opinion!

Olivia(CONF): I need to check on Paul, and that probably means i'll have to go with him.

Olivia: Paul, we have to go together!

Paul: Sheesh! I'll comb!

Olivia: Oh I seriously don't have time for your "problems" now! Lets move!

Paul(CONF): Oh no! I remembered that i didn't comb to the 2 meetings yesterday! Im dead!

Eric: I guess that leaves me and you Undulen!

Undulen: Yep ok! Don't you have some weird skills that would help us.

Eric: Yeah I

Undulen: No one cares. Lets move!

Brett: OK! So lets think. Where would Daisy hide an explosive?

Julia: I don't know! Maybe under a daisy!

Brett: Yeah, probably. You're really smart!

Julia:(blushes) thanks!

Brett(CONF): She acts like she maybe interested! This

Julia(CONF): Is perfect!

Dakota: Hey you two. I think it's under a daisy!

Brett: That's what we were thinking!

Attica: There are some daisies over th- oww!

Julia: Is that a hole?

Attica: Yeah and I can see a trail. (The three jumped in)

Dakota: Great! (perfects herself in her mirror)

Brett: How did you get that mirror!

Dakota: Dakota found a mirror in Chris's bed!

Olivia: So Paul, are you still in an alliance!

Paul: Of course! Anyway is that a hole! Warm!

Olivia: As in cool audience. I mastered the language of Paul!

Paul: No need to be rude about it!

Olivia: Lets go down i-- huh is that Flo?

Flo(quietly): I am going to kill Olivia when i have the chance, hehe! She is gone.

Richard: Why are you so needy to do that!

Olivia(CONF): Oh my gosh! As much as I want to stay hidden, I can't let her get away with this!

Olivia: Hey! Why do you want me out you big faker!

Flo: Because you are a big threat who just has an alliance who is doing all your work for you!

Olivia: At least i am not lying to my friends!! Oh and news flash we are on different teams!

Flo: I got Steph out! And I wasn't on the same team as him!

Olivia: It would have been Nmet if it wasn't for ME! So back off! I have Londoya as an ally on your team and I have his influence!

Flo: I can't eve- ahhhhh! (falls into the hole)

Olivia: Oh this can't get bett- ahhhhhh! (falls into hole)

Flo(CONF): Great, miss popular is now onto me, she has 4 allies! That is 5 votes. To not make things worse, i'd better get out Londoya first. Ugh, stupid me and my habit of talking to myself!

Olivia(CONF): Awesome, how do I get out Flo if she is on the other team! This isn't good, as much as i like Julia, i think she is my best option. And with Paul almost out, i am going to have to be smart and forward thinking.

Richard(CONF): This game is stimulating. I could get an ally in Olivia, as useful as Flo is, i think my alliance would be better long term with Attica and Isaac, mainly because, well, Olivia has a lot of allies, and if i become friends with her, her other 4 allies would instantly get out next for voting me. (looks at a nearby clock) oh great! 20 minutes till the explosive explodes! Uh- can we cut that last bit out? (shakes head) really!

Undulen: Hey Nmet! I finished my song!

Nmet: Congratulations,oh wait, i don't care.

Undulen: Hey, there is everyone else! And also, light please!

Eric: We are under natural light.

Undulen: Oh shush. Ok, here we go!

Undulen: oh oh oh! oh oh oh! oh oh oh! oh oh oh! Lets do this.

I will oh- win this game, oooooooh so I can buy

a gibson les paul! And I will punch Wyatt in the eye! o-o-oh!

Wyatt: So scary, so threatening, it almost scared me!

Olivia: Next he'll say that he will he slap you in the knee!

You have to sto-op getting so paranoid!

Wyatt: Y-you don't get it! It's like being crunched by an asteroid!

Undulen: Uck,eww gross. Stop ruining the song!

Just let me sing while your deaf ears listen along!

Richard: Technically, if were deaf we couldn't hear.

Undulen: I don't care! The two words rhyme, dear.

Nmet: Dear? Oh this is too funny for me to watch,

Attica: Lets focus, an explosive is about to blast off!

Brett: I am 16, I am way too young to die.

Flo: It's ok Bretty! You will soar high into life!

Undulen: Now that my beautiful masterpiece is ruined,

I think it's time for this dumb, bad song to end!


Undulen: That is it! I am leaving!

Isaac: What if you get blown up worse than us.

Undulen: I don't care!

Richard: But we are closer to the explosive so why don't we um- you know, run!

Olivia: Not helping Richard!

Brett: Ok, it says to put in a password with 4 numbers, with 3 clues. first clue is the sum of these numbers is 25 and the second clue is is if you add 2 larger numbers and the two smaller numbers then subtract the smaller number from the larger number you get 7. Oh and the third clue is says the largest number is eight and they are on both ends of the combinatio-

Richard: Its 8 6 3 8.

Flo: 20 seconds!

Isaac: Hurry!

Computer voice: Destruction in 10, 9, 8, 7, (Richard runs to the computer) 6, 5, 4, 3, (enters code) Destruction terminated.

Brett: That

Julia: Was

Isaac: Close!

Chris: Welcome guys! Well it looks like since they could find the hole first, figure out the code and type it, the Lions win! Again!

Lions: Yes!

Flo: Yay!

Flo(CONF): How am I supposed to vote people out if we always win! Urgh! I'm sniffing my annoyed flower! Uh huh. I am getting too much into my fake character!

Olivia: Paul isn't here again! Typical! That is it he is OUT OF THE ALLIANCE! Oh and vote Undulen.

Eric: Ok. What if we use more survival instincts to help us!

Olivia: Who is the boss!

Olivia(CONF): Am I becoming (dramatic music) mean?

Eric: Well I will have to fight you, it is the sane thing to do.

Olivia: Gah! (Eric and Olivia start fighting) Stop it! OK! 1 strike for you!

Eric: You aren't a principal! (Wyatt runs out of the room)

Wyatt(CONF): For n-now. I should stay with them but her and Eric are fighting and Paul is out! Maybe we should go solo, i mean it was a good idea at f-first but now look at the dam-mage!

Paul: Hey guys sorry im early! I mean late!

Olivia: Too bad, you have been late too many times! You are out of the alliance!

Paul: w-what? (cries and runs away)

Eric: Could have been nicer.

Olivia: You should talk!

Eric(CONF): Why am i being like this. Back in episode 3- Olivia and Londoya fought to win, isn't that the coolest thing to do! And, I have some experience!

Paul: Hi Nmet, who should we vote?

Nmet: I was thinking either Undulen or Olivia, you choose, ok?

Paul: Ojay.

Nmet: its kay.

Nmet(CONF): I know i'm with Undulen and it kills me to say it but i don't think he is a good ally anymore.

Chris: OK! After tonight, about half of you would have taken the Boat of Shame! Vote!

Olivia(CONF): A few people are on my "annoyed" list but you have to. Especially after that song.

Undulen(CONF): I know you are a different person so yeah.

Eric(CONF): I would vote Olivia, but that would make things worse.

Wyatt(CONF): You said -y-you were going to punch me in the face, and just because i avoided you a few times you hate my guts. Even if i wasn't in Olivia's alliance, i'd still vote you.

Nmet(CONF): Well finally things are interesting. Ok. Bye gurl, but you are becoming bossier and bossier bye the minute!

Paul(CONF): I don't hope- I mean I hope this shows my independence!

Chris: The people safe are Paul!

Paul: Alright!

Chris: Wyatt and Eric!

(Eric tries to hi five Wyatt, but never having done a hi five in his life, misses)

Chris: Nmet, you have one vote but you are safe!

Nmet: Whoever voted me is dead.

Undulen: (gulp)

Chris: Olivia, Undulen, the last one safe is- with a 2-3 vote!



























Olivia: Bye Undulen!

Undulen: Bye losers, just keep your eyes out for the threats, Olivia and Wyatt! Good luck to the rest of you!

Chris: Is this boat beautiful! You are the boats 6th convict! Bye Undulen!

Undulen: Kill Wy-aaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Chris: We're down to 12! Who will win! Who will make top ten! Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA CLASH OF THE ACTION!

Chapter 8: The Influence Games May Begin

Chris: Last time, our 13 went to save the area from being blown up! Dakota came for a debut! Speaking of vain, where is my mirror! Anyway, Brett and Julia went together, with their crushes just not stop growing in size! Did that make sense? Our contestants made a quick song, leading to Undulen rage! After losing, the Jaguars decided Undulen is not fit to stay. Oh, and Paul is out of the alliance, whom will lose today! Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action.

Olivia: We do have the majority guys, so we are in good hands!

Eric: I don't care Bossy girl.

Olivia: Excuse me strike two!

Eric: You know what? This alliance just turned out wrong! We are leaving, right Wyatt!

Wyatt(CONF): I didn't have an opinion yet! I might make a move! I am staying in the alliance!

Olivia(CONF): Seriously! I am resting in Nmet's hands! She is one of the BFF's! Londoya could help but he isn't on my team! Well I need Paul out. Eric is too hard and now, Paul wont come to my lessons!

Nmet: (humming happily): Yes! Two eliminations in a row have went according to plan! Now i think Eric should go- Oh hi Eric!

Eric(CONF): Now i only have Wyatt so it's time i make more allies, we are getting close to merge, that baker said to me, if you want to stay somewhere for long, befriend the major people. I take advice to become sane, but it's not working! I mean, fighting with people and being nice! How does that work!

Eric: Hi Mnet!

Nmet(CONF): (facepalm)

Eric: So-uh do you want to join my alliance?

Nmet: Sure!

Nmet(CONF): Is it that easy to break people's trust. But i don't want a target on my back so i think that i'll keep Eric and target his ally! Sorry Wyatt, but you are floating to the finale! I can't keep you!

(Eric leaves and Paul walks in)

Paul: Hi Nmet!

Nmet: Yep, hi!

Paul: I got kicked out of my other alliance! Can I vote with you?

Nmet(CONF): He was in another alliance! He said he quit after he became allies with me! I'll think what to do after the challenge!

Paul(CONF): Why is everyone looking at me!

Paul: Who should we vote?

Nmet: Um, Wyatt! But hopefully we don't lose!

Paul: OK!

Attica: So you like like Brett. Alrighty. You do like to be together.

Julia: I know, so promise to keep it a secret!

Attica: OK! But hey, lets make a pact to never vote each other, no matter what.

Julia: Sure! I'm up for that!

Londoya: Hello you two. Is this eye patch good?

Attica: You want to be a pirate?

Londoya: Thats a grrrrrrreat idea!

Julia: Um, yeah. Also, lets make an agreement to never vote each other.

(Flo walks in)

Flo: Julia! How could you! You betrayed me! If we were to vote either of them two, it might not (sniff) work! You are out of the alliance!

Attica: (gasp)

Londoya: (gasp) I mean arrrrrrr.

Attica: Whlie i'm here, i may say that Richard heard you screaming at Olivia. I know you are faking your personality.

Julia: (gasp)

Londoya: arrrrrrrrrr. I mean (gasp)

Flo: Urgh! I will kill him! Well, you better watch your backs! You think you are safe, but you aren't!

Flo(CONF): So wow, by now Olivia would have told everyone on her team, so Brett and Isaac are the only ones who don't know! Speaking of them, i feel like i have forgotten to do something relating them!

Brett: Hey Julia, wanna have breakfast?

Julia: Sure! Lets g-

Flo: Actually, Julia will meet up with you in a second, she needs to go to the bathroom!

Julia: You! Sorry Brett I will (Flo covers Julia's mouth but Brett doesn't see) (Isaac and Richard walk in)

Isaac: Um guys, what happened here!

Richard: A wrestling match, i'm guessing.

Julia: (muffled) Haha, very funny.

Richard: I'm guessing you said "Richard is amazing".

Chris: I am the only "amazing person" Now get ready for the challenge!

Isaac: And the winner of your wresting match is... Flo!

Flo: Oh wow this flower on the ground smells so good!

Chris: Today's challenge is a race! There will be 3 races, 2 to decided the finalists. 1 to show who wins.

Intern: Kill me.

Chris: will hunt you! But also, when you get tagged you have to help our poor intern!

Intern: I said kill me. You have 5 minutes to prepare.

Brett: Oh, so, why did you miss our breakfast?

Julia: I will tell you later. I will go have a drink of water before the race! Good luck!

Brett: Bye! (sigh)

Julia(CONF): As much as I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy like Brett, I can't let him ruin my game! And if it means not spending time with him i will do it! Yep, totally!

Isaac: Hi Julia, so do you know about Flo?

Julia: Yes, i do. Lets vote her out!

Isaac: Ok. Good luck in the race.

Julia: You too!

Flo(CONF): Well, well, well. Isaac was in 2 alliances! SO HE WAS THE TRAITOR! This will be hard to do, but it's the only way.

Olivia: Hi Paul! So one question, you just left me with everything and i wanna know why!

Paul(CONF): The true answer is, i think this game has showed me i am fine the way i am. So i kinda left. And the alliance, well,i don't know!

Paul: I t-think i onderstand fluent English!

Olivia: Uh huh.

Olivia(CONF): He is lying. I know it.

Chris: Race 1 includes. Paul, Isaac, Brett, Flo, Londoya and Olivia.

Jaguars: GO!

Lions: Yeah woo hoo!

Chris: On your marks, get set, go!

(Isaac is in second, but Flo purposely trips him over)

Isaac: Hey!

Flo: Oh no! Oopsie woopsie!

Chris: Brett, Olivia, Londoya, you are in the finals, whoever hasn't race yet! Your turn! On your marks, get set, go!

(Attica and Julia dominate the race, but Attica notices she has an untied shoelace and ties it)

Chris: The other finalists are, Julia,

Julia: Yes! Awesome!

Flo: Yay!

Flo(CONF): It's impossible to play this game if we always win! The only eliminations we have been able to do are Yasmine's and Daisy's! Urgh!

Chris: Nmet and Eric.

Eric: I pretend i'm running away from that grumpy old man who is homeless next to me. Works like a charm!

Chris: Prepare for the finals!

Richard: Can you run at the same pace for 200 metres?

Julia: Yes-

Richard: Then go strong from the beginning. Got that?

Julia: Yes!

Richard: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Julia: YES!

Nmet: DO THIS YOU MAGGOTS! I mean. Go team. Hang on, im in the finals, what am I saying?

Wyatt: Uh.

Wyatt(CONF): Still deciding about my move and how i will do it. Gosh! How do people do this every day!

Olivia: Um, thanks..

Chris: Finals! Brett, Julia and Londoya verse Nmet, Eric and Olivia! On your marks!

Isaac: Go guys!

Chris: Get set!

Paul: Woo hoo!

Chris: Go!

(Brett and Julia run together. But Julia picks up the paste, leaving Brett behind.)

Brett(CONF): Oh no! I don't think she feels the same way! (Sigh).

(Olivia who wants to win, accidentally jumps into Julia, who does a backflip onto Brett, Brett falls backwards into Nmet and Eric, causing a big mess)

Londoya: Are you guys ok! And also,

Chris: The Roaring Lions have won again!

Brett and Londoya: Yes!

Everyone else on Lions: Urgh!

Brett: I mean, ugh!

Brett(CONF): I think if i copy Julia, she'd figure we're perfect for each other!

Paul: So please, please don't vote me you two! Vote Olivia, and it'll be 4-1!

Eric: Really! OK!

Wyatt: Sure.

Wyatt(CONF): Sorry Paul, but I guess my move will be made on you Eric.

Eric(CONF): I will vote with him. Just for tonight.

Paul(CONF): Even if one of them votes someone else, it will still work!

Olivia: Hi Nmet! Who are you voting?

Nmet: Paul!

Olivia: Really! Well still vote him! OK!

Nmet: Sure!

Nmet(CONF):I'm sick of acting "sane" I WANT TO BE A TRUE NMASTER!

Chris: Welcome Jaguars, wow! You guys are really sucking right now! So you know the drill!

Wyatt(CONF): I'm so sorry Paul! But i am not going to float!

Olivia(CONF): After what you did, you leave me no choice.

Paul(CONF): Sorry Olivia, but who else can I vote!

Nmet(CONF): Hehe. Well i will do what I wanna! OK! This requires getting you out!

Eric(CONF): I wouldn't know who else to vote.

Chris: The people with no votes are Wyatt, Eric and Nmet!

Named people: OK! Yes!

Chris: Olivia, Paul, you have had a long season together but one of you will go, and that person isn't
























Olivia: Oh! That was close! Sorry Paul, bye!

Paul: Oh well, good luck everyone! Hey, i said a sentence without saying anything wrong! Woohoo!

Olivia: Good luck in life Paul!

Chris: Any last words Paul-

Paul: Good luck to everyone, and I know Olivia meant well! Bye guys!

Chris: 11 are left in the game! Things are getting insane! Who will find there way on the boat of shame! Find out next time on total drama: Clash of the Action!

Chapter 9: The Last Human

Chris: Previously on Total Drama: Clash of the Action, Paul seeked for Nmets help after being dumped from Olivia's alliance! But after accidentally revealing the fact, Nmet wanted revenge. On the Lions, Flo's skit was revealed to everyone except Brett! But in the challenge, the teams raced, and even though he knew about Flo, Londoya won for their team! In a 3-2 vote Paul was our 7th loser! Will Nmet still stay if the Jaguars lose, will Flo stay if the Lions lose? Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Olivia: So if we vote Eric, we might as well survive! So Nmet, what was your opini- Nmet?

Nmet(CONF): I only needed her for a little while, i don't actually want help from Olivia! But if i continue to act like i am with her, i might be able to stay!

Olivia: Oh well. I am going to talk to Isaac.

Olivia(CONF): Why Isaac? I'm pretty sure Isaac is one of Flo's friends so if i can get him on my side. I can get two people to vote her!

Olivia: Hey Isaac! Why do you look worried?

Isaac: At Daisy's elimination, i didn't vote with her and I think she is targeting me! (Flo can see this conversation)

Olivia: Well why don't you vote her now?

Isaac: I will but- sorry i need to go into the cabin, maybe my bros will help.

Olivia: Wait, do all of them know!

Isaac: Everyone knows except Brett, this includes the girls and Flo herself!

Olivia: Wow! OK!

Isaac: I'll catch you later, bye!

Isaac(CONF): With Flo on my tail, i need as much time with dudes as i can get! Also I can not look at flowers, what is wrong with me! You know i don't get stressed like this!

(Isaac runs into the cabin)

Londoya: Really! You just made me lose focus on the painting i am drawing!

Isaac: Sorry, hey, where is Brett?

Richard: Flo called him for a meeting.

Isaac: DON'T SAY HER NAME! I mean, um that is cool. But i think i should go, but i need to relax and not think about

Londoya: Flo?

Isaac: DID YOU HEAR ME! Guys i am so sorry, this whole d-drama is killing me!

Richard: I get it. Breathe in. You could als-


Londoya(irritated): Flo?


Richard: Seriously, are you ok!

Isaac: I have no idea!

Flo: Can you hear screaming, anyway i heard that Isaac voted me at Daisy's elimination. So, yeah you better vote him tonight! (cough) I mean, He also said i should chill out on the flowers! (sniff)

Brett: Really, i will go steer him straight! (Brett walks into cabin)

Brett:Isaac,why did you vote Flo at

Richard: Uh oh.


Brett: What is it with him?

Londoya: Whenever you say um uh,

Richard: (whispers): Flo.

Brett: Oh ok, i'll bring Julia (stops for a moment and blushes): Um.. and Attica in here.

Richard: That silence and blush told me, you have a crush on Julia!

Brett: Um, (sigh) fine. But please don't tell anyone!

Londoya: My lips are sealed!

Isaac: ARRRRGH! Her flower box has a picture of a seal!

(Coincidentally, Attica and Julia walk in)

Attica: What is all the screaming about! I need to clean but that sound is impossible to describe!

Brett: Um so yeah. Do you know any techniques to help Isaac calm down?

Julia: I do!

Richard: Don't ask him to (shows breathing in and out)

Julia: Oh. Isaac. Put your hands on your stomach. If that doesn't work. Try and write it out. Do you hear me.

(Jaguars walk in)

Eric: What is going on in here?

Julia: Don't worry.

Wyatt: Ser-riously.

Eric: I learnt some karate moves!

Richard: Isaac is a little stressed, ok!

Eric: Him, stressed? Wow!

Wyatt: No need to be rude about it!

Julia: Seriously, no need to be rude about it! (Wyatt, who is annoyed, is about to leave when Chris opens the door to the cabins, which knocks Wyatt out)

Chris: OK! Final 11! Your next challenge is to pretend your are in a zombie apocalypse! The Jaguar 4 are zombies, you have 30 minutes to collect some humans for their brains. Either way, you have to tag them. And if you don't get all of them, they win! On your marks, get set, go!

Flo(CONF): I asked Brett to stay where we are and hopefully we can get tagged.

(Eric tags Flo and Brett)

Flo(faking): Oh so close! Oh too bad Brett!

Olivia: Julia, hey! Don't you wanna get out Flo?

Julia: Yeah bu- (Julia gets tagged by Olivia) Oh man!

Olivia: Sorry! Lets make a deal to always vote Flo when we can, deal?

Julia: Deal.

Isaac: Gah! Hheldoeiodnhdsdsw!

Richard: Seriously Isaac, you need to stop this! Now get onto your feet and win!

Isaac: (crying)

Richard(sees Wyatt coming to him): Well if you are not going to listen to me,i might as well leave you here. Bye!

Isaac: Wait but! (Isaac gets tagged by Wyatt)

Wyatt: S-sorry.

Isaac: Wait. I got tagged by you! Oh my football team will kill me!

Wyatt: Ugh! I am so sick of people saying this like this to me!

Wyatt(CONF): Did that just come out of my mouth?

Richard(CONF): Sorry Julia, Attica, Isaac and Londoya but I don't think Isaac is in a good mental state for this.

Chris: Oh wait! I almost forgot! Bring in Shawn! He will help the Lions win! Even though 4 of them are already tagged! FYI! Ten minutes left!

Shawn: Are you guys ready to kick some zombi- why are you painting in the apocalypse!

Londoya: You cant rush art!

Shawn(sees Olivia running to them steps on his work): Follow me and climb the tree!

Londoya(CONF): He ruined my artwork! Oh he is going to pay!

(Londoya slaps Shawn, getting the two into a slapfight. Olivia tags Londoya)


Attica: Oh no! Londoya, can i borrow your paint, this brick is not the right colour!

Londoya: Huh? Wait! No- (Attica gets tipped by Nmet)

Attica: Oh man!

Richard(in a tree): Is that a higher branch, i'll see if i can get onto it!(falls down and Wyatt tips him)

Richard: Oww!

Shawn: Well, i tried but Londoya didn't help so yeah, i hope you vote him!

Chris: And with 53 seconds remaining the Jaguars win! Finally!

Olivia: Yes!

Olivia: Hey, thanks for meeting with me. So can you please vote um, Isaac. I wanted to be his ally but he is just not in good mental health. I feel awful about this so please know i don't feel good doing this.

Londoya: Sure. Ok. (sigh) If Shawn was in this thing i would definitely vote him.

Brett: But Isaac is nice and kind, why not Londoya, he started fighting which caused us to lose!

Flo: LISTEN UP, I mean (sniff) Isaac said after, he never wants to see me again!

Brett: Really! My vote has changed.

Chris: OK! So you know what to do! Now go vote!

Brett(CONF): Sorry dude, but Flo asked to.

Julia(CONF): This better work.

Flo(CONF): This is a risky decision, but i don't think i can stay with you here.

Attica(CONF): This should be an unanimous vote. For Steph!

Richard(CONF): What is wrong with me! But seriously, you need to have a check up.

Londoya(CONF): Who else is there to vote.


Chris: These 5 are safe! Brett, Londoya, Richard, Attica and Julia!

Mentioned five: Yes! (Brett looks at Julia)

Julia: (makes a sad face and looks away)

Brett: Huh?

Chris: It was 4-3 and the last one safe is























Isaac: WHAT!

Julia: I second that!

Londoya: I third that!

Attica: How did this happen!

Flo: (winks at Julia)

Julia(CONF): Oh my! Did she wink at me, she winked at Yasmine when she got eliminated, maybe Yasmine deserves to be in her place!

Isaac: Oh well. Good luck everyone!

Chris: Any last words?

Isaac: Who would have thought it's a good thing to be eliminat- bye guys!

Chris: We are down to ten! Who will be our last pre merge boot? Find out Next time on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Chapter 10: Top ten vs the jaguar band.

Chris: Last time on Total Drama, Olivia and Isaac formed an non useful alliance. Isaac seemed to scream and get very stressed whenever someone says Flo. In our challenge! Shawn came back and got in a feud with Londoya after he stepped on his painting! And with his Flo problems, Isaac to the boot? Were down to 10, who will get out now? Find out on Total Drama Clash of the Action!

Wyatt: Hi Flo. What do you need me here for.

Flo: Everyone is (sniff) targeting me for no reason! And i need an ally!

Flo(CONF): He will come in use at merge. I think merge is after tonight. So I think I can tough it one more challenge!

Wyatt: Really! I think i can help!

Flo: OK!

Wyatt(CONF): One of my talents, tell when some is lying. She would just use me until she doesn't need me. I'm not that dumb. But i'll act like i will need the help. Even though i kinda do.

Julia: Hi Wyatt! Anyway, do you know that Flo is actually faking?

Wyatt(CONF): I can't give away my talent otherwise i'll be a threat!

Wyatt: NO No! Is she! Wow! Thanks for telling me!

Julia(CONF): I really am hoping that he believes me.

Flo(CONF): UGH! THE LITTLE RATBAG! Well since my team is against me i need to focus on the Jaguars for now. Its last resort time.

Flo: Hi Nmet! It's so nice to see you! I heard that there is an alliance of Julia, Attica, Olivia and Londoya trying to get you out at merge! So why don't you join with me!

Nmet: Really! Thanks for the information!

Nmet(CONF):: Oh they are dead.

Flo: Oh hi Eric! Do you wanna be in an alliance with me?

Eric: Sure.

Flo: Thanks bye! Oh do you want a lavender?

Eric(CONF): She seems so innocent, i couldn't say no!


Londoya: Geez guys im sorry! I was told to,

Attica: By who?

Londoya: Olivia! Julia: But we cant vote her out! Ugh!This game is so annoying!

Julia: Oh its bad for you! Actually are you faking your personality too?

Attica: Uh huh! Open up so called painting boy!


Attica(CONF): Such a liar.

Londoya(CONF): Oh my goodness. Those two are unbelievable.

Brett: Julia, hey do you want to have breakfasat!


Brett: Oh, ok.

Julia(CONF): That was Brett! Even with my break from him, i still would have said yes! Or no but not like that!

Brett(CONF): I'm so sad! She hates my guts!

Brett: Oh hi Richard. Can I talk to you?

Richard: Oh ok. Sure. Have nothing better to do.

Brett: Lets go.

Richard: So you're scared of all the threats around you!

Brett: Not just that but Julia called me a FAKE HEAD!

Richard: Oh no! Are you ok!

Brett: I don't think so. I don't think I can compete in the challenge. Ever since Undulens elimination, she has been closing me off.

Richard: I am so sorry for you! Do you need support.

Richard(CONF): I'm not the nicest but seriously, i don't need or want Isaac 2.0

Julia: Hi Brett i'd like to say

Brett: You hate my guts, figured. (walks away)

Julia: (sigh)

Richard: Do you like him.

Julia: Maybe.

Richard: Ok. Thats a yes.

Julia: FINE! I DO! Don't tell anyone!

Chris: Challenge time top ten! Get yourselves down here pronto!

Chris: Today we have spotted 4 jaguars at the beach and our scientists have decided the only way to get them off here is if you play the piano and play "Fur Elise!' We have 2 pianos there. The team that gets them to move will get their team an automatic pass into the merge!

Flo: Oh yeah. I played piano like 5 years ago but i only know how to read basic notes.

Julia: Oh perfect- (noticing what she said) ly bad!

Brett: I know how to play Fur Elise. But only the simpler versions.

Attica: Same here, Londoya the liar?

Londoya: I do know how to play but. Yeah, you guys did insult me so i wont budge. Do you understand?

Flo: Whatever i mean, pleasey pleasy please Londoya.

Londoya: No.

Olivia: Why don't we find another way across?

Wyatt: I know how to play it?

Olivia: I guess everyone agrees. Follow me!

Eric: Ugh. Bossy pants.

Nmet: Lets go guys!

Wyatt: (sadly looks down)

Wyatt(CONF): If i go home tonight i will, um i don't know.

Flo: LONDOYA YOU BETTER DO IT OTHERWIS-I mean please Londoya, i'll fix up your painting!|

Londoya: You can do that? Oh well it's time for the best music ever guys!

Julia: Hi Brett, i'd jut want you to know that-

Brett(CONF): I'd better give her the silent treatmen- ohh my! what is wrong with me!

Londoya: (starts playing)

Attica: Ugh! Hurry up!

Olivia: Hi Jaguars! Lets go this way! OK! (Jaguar jumps up and follows Olivia)

Olivia: Gah! (runs to the jungle, far away from camp).

Chris: Not exactly how i wanted it done but it was done. The Jaguars win again!

Olivia: YES! WOOHOO!

Eric: Alright!!

Nmet: YES! YAY!

Wyatt: (walks away)

Chris: Lions, meet me at elimination, but tonight, i need every person. Even the Jagaurs! Yes you heard me!

Flo(CONF): Well Londoya could go, or i could go. But it has to be Londoya.

Olivia(CONF): Yours truly has officially made merge! I'm so excited!

Brett: So Why Londoya?

Flo: Who else can we vote. You tell me. Who could we vote.

Brett: I see your point.

Londoya: And that is the 213th reason why i don''t you to vote me!

Richard: I will only vote Julia because of the effort it would have taken to say 213 reasons even though 185 of them were terrible.

Londoya: THANKS! Do you want me to draw a photo?

Richard: I'm good, um thanks.

Attica: I guess Richard isn't coming. But why cant we vote Flo?

Julia: Because its just too hard to. Besides, if we don't vote her 2-3 times, she'll think we aren't targeting her so yeah. Lets shift the momentum.

Attica: I guess, so Londoya?

Julia: Yes.

Chris: Welcome everyone! So Olivia, Eric, Nmet and Wyatt. Stand there and wait. Lets let them vote! So yeah, VOTE!

Flo(CONF): Well i don't think this will work but we will see what happens.

Julia(CONF): I know you are nice but you betrayed us and you are actually pretty good at challenges!

Richard(CONF): Sorry, but you are a physical threat.

Brett(CONF): I don't know who else to vote.

Londoya(CONF): I painted a landscape of this place to have memories-oh uh sorry, you are the best option.

Attica(CONF): This is only because i have been told to.

Chris: Safe are Brett, Attica, Richard and surprisingly Flo!


Chris: The last person safe is




















- Julia.

Chris: It was a 4-2 vote. And sorry Londoya but you have been voted off!

Londoya: Oh man!

Chris: Any last words?

Londoya: I don't have anything to say, but bye!

Chris: Now, you nine have officially made merge! Go make a confessional!

Attica(CONF): Yes! I'm in the merge! Time to win for Steph!

Brett(CONF): Don't get me wrong i'm still super sad about Julia, but making merge has helped so much! But i will need to keep my eye on Flo. She has been acting weirdly.

Eric(CONF): Wow! I am part of the merge! I'm excited! Well, i hope i can stay to win! And my alliaces stay strong as well.

Flo(CONF): I am not surprised at all i made it, i mean, i am the best player here! But now that 4 people know. I need to play my cards right.

Julia(CONF): Right now, all i care about is apologizing to Brett! Trust me after that, i would be the happiest girl alive.

Nmet(CONF): And you all thought i'd be a pre merger. Huh. You don't know how smart the Nmaster is.

Olivia(CONF): Finally, i just need this merge so i can get out Flo! I also can reunite with my, wait so Londoya got out! URGH!

Richard(CONF): Heh. Merge. It feels so edifying! I hope i can get Flo out, she better not win!

Wyatt(CONF): If anyone underestimates me again i will lose it! Also, seriously! I better win this thing! Oh wow-

what happens to me when im angry is super bad.

Chris: Will Flo trump them all, with Olivia, Richard, Julia or Attica catch her in the act! Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Chapter 11: Will You be My Valentines- (Valentines Special)

Chris: Yo, happy valentines day! Last time Attica and Julia targeting Londoya for causing his elimination. With his quit from the alliance with Olivia, Eric searched for an ally, but seems like they were all taken, and seeming as Flo's team already knew about her skit. She started working on the Jaguars! Their challenge showed Londoya to be even more stubborn. And even though he knew how to do the challenge, Wyatt was dissed, but the team still won. And after previous performances, Londoya got the final pre merge boot? Who want make the top 8? Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Julia(CONF): It's merge, as i said last time i don't care about that. But Brett won't let me even talk to him. This is my first crush, I don't know how to do this!

Julia: Hi Attica.

Attica: Hello.

Julia: Ok, i need some advice. You know i like Brett, but i decided to leave him so i could focus. Then i accidentally called him a fake head, because i thought he was Flo.

Attica: You did not!

Julia: I did so! And then since i have tried to apologize. But he wont let me!

Attica: Give him a bit of time and maybe before elimination You can do something then.

Julia: Thanks Attica!

Nmet: I'm going to have breakfast now! Bye!

Olivia: Bye.

Nmet(CONF): So gulliable. I just can't take any more love talk! Is it just because it's Valentine's day! Besides, now that it's merge i have to find allies. And i'm already with Olivia so either way,i have to deal with the guys or they might get me out.

Nmet: Oh, hi Rich!

Richard: I'd prefer Richard. What do you want?

Nmet: Since it's merge and everything. Let's team up!

Richard: Um sure, alright.

Nmet: Perfect!( A box falls onto them, carries them off the ground by a helicopter and a rope.

Richard(inside): Um. What's going on?

Nmet: Are we stuck! But i have

Richard: Claustrophobia?

Nmet: YES!

Nmet(CONF): Yes, it's my only achilles heel.

Brett: Hi Flo! So who should we get out now?

Flo: I did want Attica out long ago but got confused with Daisy. I guess now is the(box does same thing as Richard and Nmet) chance?

Brett: So we are trapped.

Olivia(humming): Hang on, who is that boy?

Junior: Hi. Names Dude- ior.

Olivia: What are you doing here!

Junior: Some folk told me to check this place out!

Olivia: You look, strangely familiar. Well i will have my breakfast so later! (The box does its thing)

Olivia: Maybe not.

Junior: Where are we dude!

Olivia: I'd be a dudette. And how am I supposed to know!

Wyatt: Is that Attica?

Eric: With Julia, it looks like it.

Julia: Hey guys! Do you wanna make an alliance!

Wyatt: Sure!

Eric: Sorry, no.

Attica: Why are both of you missing the opportunity to have two people not vote you!

Wyatt: But i! (Wyatt and Julia get trapped inside the box)

Wyatt: Where are we!

Julia: I DON'T KNOW!

Attica: Woah! Where did that come fr- aaaaahhhhh! (box does its thing)

Pitch black is the only thing to be seen until the lights go up. The people who got trapped together were sitting at a table which looked like a dating table.

Chris: Welcome mergers, and Junior! Since today is Valentines Day were are doing a love challenge! Yuc, yeah the producers thought of this one, and now that Junior is the closest Total Drama character to 16, your age. He will replace the boy who we would need!

Attica: How will this work?

Chris: You are going on a fake date with the person in front of you, we will test your skills with ability and all that things which are giving me love sickness. The opposing person will secretly rate them out of 20. Highest score wins. Also if you are going to ask what those cords our interns are putting on you right now are, its so you don't vote badly if you want them out. This date is a typical 2 hours. You have 2 menus on your table, on your marks, get set, date!

Julia(CONF): I guess Wyatt wouldn't be too bad. But if i got Brett. I would have 2 hours to get him to forgive me!

Wyatt: Um so,yeah what do you want?

Julia: Do you have any options.

Wyatt: No, well not really anything on the menu satisfies me.

Julia: The healthy meals, alright. So it says the only healthy food is a salad with tuna! Eww! I am vegetarian!

Wyatt: So am i!

Julia: Oh really!

Julia(CONF): Maybe this wont be so hard after all. Also, i don't like Wyatt in that way.

Eric: So, what do ya want ma lady.

Attica: Um, hehe. I will have the Mozzarella cheese. And the Pirahna head?

Chris: Yeah, most of the things are just animals that have been killed.

Attica: Eww! Those poor animals!

Eric: Ya, those poor, sad, bad animals! Huh!

Attica(CONF): I don't think Eric has had experience with dating.

Nmet: So, um, we got a date while trying to be in an allinace!

Richard: I g-guess so.

Richard(CONF): Blame me that i stuttered. I am on a date. And the best thing to eat is fried jaguars!

Nmet: So we will have the jaguars! OK Sure!

Nmet(CONF): This, is, crazy. In the morning when i tried to leave the cabin for the love talk, it eventually led THE NMASTER TO THIS! UGH!

Richard: This is going to be one weird challenge.

Nmet: I know! I hope you don't actually feel that way!

Richard: Nope! Don't worry about that!

Nmet: Oh good! No offense.

Brett(CONF): Even if i am kinda off Julia, i'd rather be with her right now.

Flo: And i will have the flower scented anaconda tail.

Brett: They really don't have a good budget.

Flo: Haha! Yeah! (looks at Julia)

Julia: Grr.

Julia(CONF): Out of all people he could get! Could this get any worse!

Chris: 30 minutes are up! Our waiters will be bringing in your food. Try to "show your skills!"

Intern: Here you go, kill me.

Wyatt: I will get it for you!

Julia: Thanks! (Wyatt drops food onto Julia's hair)

Wyatt: Oops! Sorry!

Julia(CONF): Apparently it can.

Olivia: Hey, so i'd like it if i got a teensy bit of attention?

Junior(on headphones): Wha?

Olivia: Seriously. This is a date, not the silent treatment awards.

Junior (on headphones): Soz, can't hear ya.

Olivia: (rolls eyes).

Intern: Here is your disgusting food.

Olivia: Thanks, i'll be needing that. (shoves food into Junior's face)

Junior: Mmmm. I love pirahna teeth!

Olivia(CONF): It would be a miracle for me to change my mind enough to give him a 5.

Brett: Here is our food!

Flo: Doesn't it smell good!

Brett: Kinda. But lets eat.

Flo: No,no, NO! Don't eat the- nooooooooooooo!

Flo(CONF): Sometimes i get a little too much into character. I walk and talk like this for weeks! Do you actually think it would get into my mind after 11 episodes! Wow!

Flo: WHY DID YOU EAT THEM! (sniff)

Brett: I'm sorry!

Flo: (grabs knife from table). DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!

Brett: ok! (gulp).

Richard: So if 43 times 35726 equals 1536218 then surely.

Nmet: Um,i don't think you need a calculator on a date! Hey! Our food is here! At last!

Richard: What!

Nmet: Never mind...

Richard(CONF): Chris did say to show off your skills, my skills are my mental agility.

Eric: Hey gurl, um now lets get our grovvy doovy on.

Attica: You don't have to act like this Eric, seriously, i know you are trying to impress me but i'd rather the old you.

Eric: Hey yo, i know you are just flattered!

Attica: Ok stop it Eric!

Eric: Yo, yo, yo this is Eric who is dancing like a pro.

Attica: Whatever, i'll have some of his boa constrictor tail!!

Attica(CONF): Worst date ever. If only Steph were here.

Chris: 1 and a half hours! Go start rating your partner!

Olivia: Wait, what if Junior wins!

Chris: Duh! Second highest!

Olivia: Well he isn't going to win anyway.

Junior: Stop being jealous and make out with me ready.

Olivia: Quit it! (Start fighting)

Brett: Wow, those two are really going hard at it.

Flo: (crying)

Brett: OK! I am sorry! Now can you stop!

Flo: (crying)

Brett(CONF): Reverse psychology might work.

Brett: UGH! Stop it already!

Flo: (cries harder)

Brett: How can i do another, (looks at clock), 20 minutes of this.

Eric: Why should i be myself!

Attica: This is the 21st century. Don't think all those technology stuff make us forget the true things in life.

Eric: Really! Thanks for the advice!

Attica: No problem.

Eric: Hey, where is my boa constrictor tail!

Attica: Hehe.

Nmet: OK! Stop calculating! It is annoying!


Nmet: Oh really! You do not know how to be a gentleman at all.



Both: OVER!

Wyatt: I guess we had the most peaceful night of all.

Julia: Yes. Probably.

(Contestants + Junior score each other out of twenty.

Chris: OK! That was hilarious! Olivia and Junior we extraordinary! Oh and Nmet and Richard at the end, nice! But our first immunity winner was... Julia!

Julia: Wow! Thanks Wyatt!

Wyatt: No problem.

Brett(CONF): (sigh)

Chris: Now go decide who is leaving.

Julia: Hi Olivia. So we were thinking to let Flo let her guard down. And them boom! Get her out!

Attica: Vote, possibly Eric?

Olivia: I guess.

(Wyatt, Eric and Nmet are discussing who should go when Flo comes in crying)

Flo: (sniff) Guys! ________ called me a rude girl who (sniff) wont mind her own buisness! Lets vote the person!

Eric: Wow! Really!

Flo: Yes... (Brett walks in) Oh hi Bretty!

Brett: I see you have recovered from crying.

Flo: I guess. Vote __________

Brett: Really, k!

Richard: Hmm. I think _____ should go this time. It is likely the girls are targeting her.

Julia: Oh, um hi Brett!

Brett: I know.

Julia: Brett, please!

Brett: Fine, whatever-

Julia: I.... like you!

Brett: (gasps)

Julia: When i called you a fake head, i meant to say it to Flo. I got confused between you two.

Brett: You like me?

Julia: (sigh). Yes. I know you don't so i'll le-

Brett: He, I actually. Have a -crush on you.

Julia: Really! (The two kiss)

Brett: Um,wow!

Julia: Yeah! So what do we do now?

Brett: I guess we can date now!

Julia: Great! Good luck!


Julia(CONF): It. Finally.

Brett(CONF): Happened!

Chris: Ok! So you nine have voted! The people safe are Julia, Richard, Attica, Wyatt, Nmet and Brett.

Chris: Flo, you had one vote.

Flo: Only one?

Chris: Olivia, Brett. The final award goes too.. In a 5-3 vote!

























Chris: What!

Olivia: Oh! Oh well. Screw you Flo! Good luck to anyone else! Bye!

Chris: This is the Boat of Shame! Bye!

Olivia: But don't i-

Chris: And were down to 8. Who will kaboom out of this game? Find out on Total Drama!

Chapter 12: The Rebellion

Last time, Attica, Brett, Eric, Flo, Julia, Nmet, Olivia, Richard and Wyatt merged! Julia went to Attica for advice about Brett, Nmet allied with Richard. Junior from the Ridonculous Race and yeah, annoyed Olivia! In our sickening challenge, our 9 people + Junior went on dates with random people and had to score them out of twenty! It was funnier than i'd thought it could be! Oh, that one will be a memory. Anyway, Flo campaigned with her allies with the former Jaguars to get out Olivia, and Julia and Brett finally got together! I don't care, but the fans do. Who will get out this time? Find out who will get out today on the final 8 of Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Brett: Hey Julia!

Julia: Hi Brett!

Brett: So, how have things been?

Julia: Cool! Winning that challenge may have got a target on my back though.

2 hours earlier in girls cabin.

Attica: Congratulations on the win yesterday!

Flo: Yeah!

Flo(CONF): Julia would have went, but she won so i couldn't, if she wins again, ding ding! Attica!! You are next!

Attica: Oh be quiet.

Flo: Yeah, boo hoo!

Nmet: Hmm.

Nmet(CONF): A few episodes ago i got suspicious of Flo, it has started up again.

Nmet: But Julia, you should watch your back now that you won.

Flo: Totally, you have a target on your back!

Nmet: Flo, drop the act now. I think you are faking.

Flo: (gulp), you were useless.

Attica: As much as i would never vote you, you are a big threat.

Flo: Uh huh! You showed you can play someone and you can win challenges.

Julia: Bu- you guys are so unbelievably annoying! (walks out of door)

Nmet: Miss Overdramatic.

2 hours later.

Julia: I won a challenge but i think i will have to win more.

Brett: Don't worry, i've got your back!

Julia: Aww, thanks Brett! (kiss)

Brett: I'll see you later. (Brett walks into boys cabin)

Eric: Why do you have a kiss mark on your cheek?

Brett: Umm,

Richard: Did you get Julia? Wow! Congratulations! I need to tell you that Flo is-

Brett: Sorry guys, but i will go have a celebration breakfast. Bye!

Richard: Bye.

Eric: Hey,wheres Wyatt?

Wyatt(CONF): I don't know, but now no one listens to me, so why show up?

Wyatt:Is that Brett,gotta ru-

Brett: There you are! I have got to get a meal! Me and Julia got together!

Wyatt: W-wow! C-congratulations!

Brett: Wow, you don't say anything when i give you a chance? Rude!

Wyatt(CONF): Will i ever catch a break!

Brett: Before i go, i want to ask if we can vote off Nmet tonight! Did you say yes! Cool! See you tonight!

(Nmet walks in)

Nmet: Oh hi Wyatt! Do you want to get out Flo or Brett tonight?

Wyatt: Um, sure.

Nmet: Ok! Laters! (walks away, Flo walks in)

Flo: (fake crying), I don't believe Richard would say that!

Wyatt: Say what?

Flo: (sniff), he said i am dumb, stinky, weird and should have gone home when Yasmine (sniff) did!

Wyatt: Ooh! That hurts!

Flo: You are so rude! You don't even say anything! (walks away)

Wyatt: I... will have my breakfast now. Oh hi Eric, why are you so happy?

Eric: Because Olivia is out! Ha! In her face!

Wyatt: Come on, she isn't all that bad.

Eric: She is! Now lets go talk.

Wyatt: So you want to vote Julia?

Eric: She is a physical threat!

Wyatt: And Brett isn't?

Eric: Yeah, but he is with Flo, and Flo is our ally.

Wyatt: Alright, but what if she win-

Eric: Attica.

Attica: Did i hear my name?

Eric: Oh, um, hi Attica, can you vote Richard tonight?

Attica: Fine, hang on, does that taco have only 5 percent sauce! It is usually 6.493376519 percent!

Richard(CONF): So i am going home by a three person alliance. I may need to go last resort now.

Brett:So vote Eric?

Richard: Yes.

Richard: Hi Julia, can you vote Eric!

Julia: Um..

Richard: Cool. Bye!

Richard: You are voting Eric!

Nmet: Is that a question!

Richard: No, because-

Chris(on loudspeaker): Top 8. Meet me at the lake,now!

Chris: Welcome! I have some shocking news, TODAY IS OUR DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

Top 8: (gasp)

Chris: This is how it will work. Our challenge today is to find a key and unlock one of the 8 chests' you see in front of you. Then open up inside and find the location to find me. Whoever is last is eliminated!

Richard: And then...

Chris: We will have a voting ceremony and whoever gets the most votes will get will get eliminated! Also, whoever finds the place first will win immunity for the vote, and last, you have no time to discuss your votes before elimination! NOW, GO! (everyone jumps in except Nmet)

Nmet(CONF): Chris went into a helicopter. As the only one with brains, i'll just follow the helicopter and when it flies down, i will run to it! I will not waste my time by doing that!

Richard (swimming around): Why did Nmet not come in?

Julia(swimming around): Bigger question, how can we speak underwater!

Richard(swimming around): I have no idea, i know you are with Brett but he seems a little- pre occupied right now.

Brett(swimming around): Oh my goodness, Attica! Stop cleaning every rock and focus!

Attica(swimming around): I can't let these rocks just stay uncleaned!

Richard(swimming around): Um. And that is why we should stick together.

Julia(swimming around): I guess so. Wait, have i checked here? (puts her left hand through a hole). Yes!! I think i found one! Now time to- why can't i get it out!

Richard(swimming around): It is stuck.

Julia(trying to pull out hand): NOOOOOOOOO!

Flo(swimming around): Her hand is stuck! Awesome! I mean, oh that's bad!

Eric(swimming around): Um, Flo? You should have taken off you hairband. It is soaking.

Flo(CONF): I don't care at all. But i have to look like i do.

Flo(swimming around): Oh no! I will use my back up then.

Eric(swimming around): Alright. Wait. Why does that clam look fake!

Flo(swimming to the clam): It must be a key! (opens the clam to see 3 pirahnas). Uh oh. Gah!

Eric(swims to clam): A key! This is great! Ok! Well, i am going to the surface now. So, bye! (swims up and steps onto the bank). Huh? My key didn't open a chest!

Chris(on loudspeaker): Did i forget to mention that the only one key can open one chest!

Eric: Oh come on!

Nmet: That sound, it came from,the north! And i can't see a helicopter. (runs north)

(20 minutes later)

Nmet: Oh my gosh! I am tired! I will just rest here for a couple minutes and then i'll.

Eric: Suit yourself, but i am about to win some immunity!

Nmet: Oh you are not! Hang on, is that your weird baker man who was walking south?

Eric: Where? (runs south)

Nmet: Hehe. Hang on, was this way north? Oh no. Well, i have to make a decision. (Nmet walks east, thinking she is going north)

Wyatt(swimming around): I can't swim! Help! Help! Help! Help me!

Richard(swimming to Wyatt): Ok, so you can't do this! (Wyatt nods). Then wait is that Steph, and a key down behind that rock?

Wyatt(drowning): Really! Too bad i can't get there. Seriously i need he- ow! What did i just step on! (looks down to see a key) Yes! Now, how do i get up?

Flo(swimming around): I will die if i don't get to dry land before these- oww! Pirahnas do! -oww! Wait is that- oww! Wyatt with a key, why is he not-oww! Urgh leave me alone you ugly fi- why does that one never bite me? And it doesn't have teeth! But it has a key! Yes!( Flo puts her hand up as an achievement but hits Wyatt, he quickly goes up to the land)

Wyatt: Finally! And with a key! Now to find the right chest.

Flo: Oh hi Wyatt! I found a key too!

Wyatt: Great! I found my chest! I will go now! Catch ya later!

Wyatt(CONF): Wow! I might be getting over my social fear!

Nmet: Ugh! I should have found him by no- is that Chris!

Flo: Hi Nmet! The finish line is that way! (pointing the wrong way purposely)

Nmet: Really! Thanks Flo! Then why are you going a different way? Flo?

Flo(CONF): I couldn't stay or she would get suspicious!

Chris: I can see 3 people coming! Who will win immunity?

(Eric is in the lead but Flo trips him)

Eric: Hey!

Flo: Oh no i am so sorry!

Wyatt: Eric, are you ok(Flo trips Wyatt and falls onto Eric)

Flo: Oopsie woopsie! Sorry! Bye!

Chris: Flo, you have won! (loudspeaker). Flo has won immunity! And-

Wyatt: Oww! My leg!

Eric: My arm!

Chris(on loudspeaker): Wyatt and Eric have also made it!

Nmet: And so have i! Where is Flo! She is asking for me to punch her!

Flo: Hehe! Here! (Nmet chases Flo)

Flo: Gah!

Nmet: Get back here! (grabs a big stick)

Chris(on loudspeaker): And Nmet is here too! Richard, Brett, Julia and Attica, you may want to look faster!

Julia(CONF): Like this could get any worse! My ally, my best friend and my boyfriend or myself even could be eliminated! (sigh). And to add the cherry on the cake, Flo won immunity and is guaranteed a place in the top six!

Julia(swimming around): Come on, this hand has to get- (hand slips through) Finally! Now to get to the surface!

Richard(swimming around): What about our alliance?

Julia(swimming up): Sorry! But i wont let an opportunity like this go!

Richard(CONF): She betrayed me! And i might go! Oh well, if she will betray me, i will have to sabotage her friend, sorry Brett! This could have been avoided.

Richard(swimming around): Hi Brett! I have an idea! Lets work together!

Brett(swimming to a key he just found): Sorry but i want to get into the top 6, and stop distracting me!

Richard(swimming around Brett): Please!

Brett(swimming to his key): What happened to your smart, sarcastic self. Now i need to get that ke-

Chris(on loudspeaker): Julia is safe! 2 more spots left!

Brett(swimming): Just leave me alone and let me go! (Attica takes key)

Richard(swimming): Come on Brett! Give me a chance!

Attica(swimming towards surface): Guys, if you haven't noticed there a two keys at the edge of that big rock. And i took the one Brett saw, bye!

Brett(looks at the rock,swimming to it): Oh yea-

Richard(swimming to shore): If you haven't noticed i already got one. By-

Chris(on loudspeaker): Attica is safe! I repeat, Attica is safe!

Richard: Ok, i have a map, time to run!

Brett: Right behind you!

(Two are running to Chris)

Chris: And in the game is...

(Richard and Brett get there at the exact same time)

Chris: Oh, well it is a tie, which means, according to my rules, YOU BOTH MUST GO!

Richard: What!

Brett: What!

Julia: What!

Flo: What! So i won immunity for nothing!

Brett: That is what you care about! Wow! You are rude!

Flo: (sniff) How could you (sniff) say that!

Brett: DROP THE CHERADE! For the past three episodes you have been acting weirdly, and i know what you have done!

Flo: Some one told you! Didn't they?

Brett: NO! I AM NOT AS DUMB AS YOU THINK! I will leave this game, on good terms unlike you!

Julia: Haaha!

Attica: HaAHA!

Richard: HAhaha!


Wyatt: HAHAHA!


Flo: Urgh! Leave me alone!

Brett: Why would I, and also. You have notice that the back of your skirt is ripped, we can see your underwear.

Flo:Argh! (runs away)

Julia: Bye Brett! I will reaally miss you!

Brett: Aww thanks! I would have time for a kiss before I leave!(the two kiss)

Attica: And bye Richard, wherever you end up, it will be high!

Chris: Any Last Words!

Both: That Flo can choke on some, ggggggggggggggggggggum!

Chris: Alright, 6 people are left remaining! Attica, Eric, Flo, Julia, Nmet and Wyatt are all in a shot for a million dollars, who wont make the top 5, find out on TotalDrama: Clash of the Action!

Chapter 13: Don't tell me cause I don't care

Chris: Hehe! That rain! Must have took the campers away! Anyway, last time, Julia got worried that winning the first post merge challenge got a target on her back! Richard found out about Julia and Brett! And just wanting to have a normal breakfast, got approached by 3 alliances! In our challenge, Nmet decided to be a rebel and had a good advantage. But Flo distracted her and got herself immunity! Brett and Richard took the boot, but not before Brett telling Flo that he knew about her cherade, revealing it to everyone, including Wyatt and Eric who didn't know! Who will get out today, find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Attica: (wakes up and yawns), Time to clean the cabin, wait i left my broom outside! (walks outside and screams)

Nmet: Would you mind! I am trying to sleep!

Flo: Yeah big mouth! Just go back to sleep!

Julia: Guys, stop ganging up on her.

Flo: Oh really! Well why don't you stop ganging up on me!

Julia: Ugh! I am going outsi (screams)

Nmet: Alright! Seriously, why do you keep screaming!(walks outside). Wow, you are dumb. This is a set up by Chris, we have got to get to camp!

Attica: Alright! Hey Julia, lets go together! 4 eyes are better than two!

Julia: Sure! (the two jump into water)

Flo: (shouts to them)Losers!

Nmet: (sigh), look i know we aren't best friends. But i need your help.

Flo: And why should i help you? Are you going to ditch me for those two after like Julia?

Nmet: We are too far into the game for me to do anything like that. Besides, look at it this way. Julia and Attica are obviously together. Wyatt and Eric will be together, so who does that leave?

Flo: Bu-but, fine! But i am in charge!

Nmet: Ok! (Flo ad Nmet jump in water)

Nmet(CONF): I am doing this to gain people's trust, now that Flo's act has been revealed, she wants out everyone. And she is actually pretty loyal! She kept with Brett from start to finish, that is something i can take advantage of. I call it 'the student to teacher' strategy.

Eric: I am proud of us! We are both in the top six!

Wyatt: I guess so.

Eric: I complimented you and that is how you repay me! Rude!

Wyatt: I am sorry Eric!

Eric: Whatever, who do you think should get out this time? Maybe Flo?

Wyatt: Julia is a physical threat!

Eric: Stop not answering me when i ask you something! (Walks out of cabin). WYATT! GET OUT OF HERE!


Wyatt(CONF): Oh no.

Wyatt: WOAH! What happened here?

Eric: I don't know!! I think we should get back to camp.

Wyatt: Good idea. But i can't swim!

Eric: So what can we do!

Wyatt: I don't k- gah! (Eric pushes him into the water)

Wyatt: Hey!

Eric: Sorry! But lets go!

Attica: Oh no! Look at that small building!

Julia: Um Attica, that is the camera room.

Attica: But this brick is not the right colour! I can't leave it!

Julia: (sigh) fine. Hurry while i uh- go to the- bathroom!

Attica: OK!

Julia(CONF): I did leave her. Don't get me wrong i love Attica but i am not waiting so she can make sure some bricks are the right colour!

Flo: I guess we are getting close- Attica what are you doing? And where is Julia?

Attica: Oh she needed to go to he bathroom, why do you ask!

Nmet: Oh my gosh! She ditched you sister! How didn't you know!

Attica: I did think of that, but she didn't seem irritated and i don't think an irritated person would probably ditch me.

Nmet: Oh, alright. Well we are go

Chris(on loudspeaker): So, you all figured out what to do? Well Julia, made it to the finish line!

Attica: She wouldn't! (runs opposite direction to camp)

Flo: Um thats the wrong way! Wait why do i care? Wait, where is Nmet? Nmet? UGH! She double crossed me!

Eric: Hurry up Wyatt! We are oh- hi Faker Flo.

Flo: Super creative nicknaming.

Eric: You know what, you deserved this long long ago! (slaps her)

Flo: Excuse me! What did you do? (get into a slap fight)

Wyatt: Guys, stop it...(the two slap harder)

Wyatt(CONF): (sniff) No one ever listens to me! And it usually causes them better!

Wyatt: (sniff) is that Nmet?

Nmet: Who are you?

Wyatt: (sniff) I don't have time for games so can you get out of my way!

Nmet: Oh really! I will never!

Nmet(CONF): I will distract Wyatt which will get him or Attica into last. Unless Flo or Eric gets lost. Whatever happens.

Wyatt(CONF): I may be weak, but im not dumb. She is stalling my time, but she is (sniff) also stalling hers).

Wyatt: You know what! I heard that Flo and Eric like each other! And they want you to be at their pictured wedding!

Nmet: (disgusted face).(Wyatt runs)

Chris(on loudspeaker): Wyatt has also made it into our final 5!

Nmet(CONF): I let WYATT take control of me! What is wrong with me!

Nmet: Wait a second, i could make an arrow that points the wrong way! (Makes a right pointing arrow)

Nmet: (runs opposite way) Haha!

Chris(on loudspeaker): And Nmet is here! Three down, two to stay, one to go.

Eric: (slapping Flo). Why would you do that though!

Flo: (slapping Eric) It was for the game, at least I have a strategy!

Attica: And I think I am close! Hang on, what is th- (a huge wave of water flows Attica towards camp) Gah! What is going on!

Eric: There a smarter ways to play this game an- (a huge wave of water with Attica flows Eric and Flo towards camp)

Chris: They are getting closer, who will make it!

Julia: Come on Attica!

Wyatt: Go Eric..

Nmet: (silence) What! Was I supposed to cheer for someone!

Chris: What is that! ( the wave surfs Eric and Fo to Chris just before it does that to Attica)

Chris: And I guess this means that... Attica is eliminated!

Attica: What!

Julia: Before you leave, I am sorry about ditching you but yo weren't concentrated! And I knew you could be quick but I needed to secure myself in the final 5. You are an amazing, strong player. And even 6th place is too low for you. I am sorry.

Attica: It's ok, you can win this thing! I know you can. You have carried it to 13 chapters and you are not going to stop now! You have to win, do you want Flo to win!

Julia: NO!

Flo: I am... right here.

Attica: Shut up you are ruining it! So bye, good luck to all. Especially Julia, and that excludes Flo.

Chris: Any last words?

Attica: That I can't wait to see Ste-

Chris: It was a rhetorical question. Find out who will make the top 4, Wyatt, Flo, Eric, Nmet and Julia are left. Who will win! Find out on Total Drama, Clash of the Action!

Chapter 14: La Subestimada

Attica: Why do i have to say the recap!

Olivia: Just do it!

Attica: Fine! Last time on Total Drama, our top 6 were stranded somewhere on the Amazon River! Me and Julia tea-

Richard: Uh, the script Londoya wrote says you have to say Julia and Attica.

Attica: Do you know how weird that sounds? Just let me speak! Anyway, Nmet teamed with Flo and Wyatt teamed with Eric. When I(Richard stares)- i mean, Attica got distracted with a small building, Julia ditched me- i mean, her.

Richard: You know what, just give the script to me!

Attica: No, you force- asked me to do this and i'll do it. Nmet also ditched Flo and started tricking everyone else into going the wrong way. Eric, Flo and I.

Richard: Ok! Just give it to me! (two start fighting over the paper until it is ripped in half)

Londoya: My beautiful masterpiece, it is ruined!

Brett:(sigh). Just get to the intro.

Londoya: Yeah, you are probably wondering what is going on. It is Es El dia subestimado!

Richard: To our English viewers, that means it is The Underestimated Day! Londoya is learning Spanish. And this means, we get to say our opinions, and then we will zoom back at camp and see who will get voted out!

Undulen: You will get to hear my song and also, we get to vote will win immunity!

Attica: Well, me personally. I think i was just unlucky that elimination. Flo and Eric were the lucky two. But Julia is still in the game so it's alright!

Steph: I guess, anyway. Hi Attica! I haven't seen you in weeks!

Attica: Neither have i! But anyway. Give the camera to Brett, me and Steph need some alone time! (Attica gives camera to Brett and her and Steph walk into a dark room.)

Brett: Well, my physical abilities are the reason Richard is here. If he was a bit faster, maybe he would be in the final five! And since Flo won, i don't know who would have went. But same with Attica, i hope Julia wins.

Undulen(snatches camera off Brett): (Sighs happily). Finally, some deserved screen time!

Daisy: Undulen, do me a favor and shut up!

Undulen: So, back in chapte- (Daisy slaps him). Oww!

Hannah: Don't do that! Anyway, it has been soooooo long! Whoever sees this, hi!

Brett: Sorry,i actually don't remember who you are? Oh yeah, you were that girl who wouldn't stop talking.(Everyone laughs except Hannah)

Hannah: (cries).

Yasmine: Well, Julia, Wyatt, Eric or Nmet can win.Mainly the girls out of those 4. Julia really knows how bad she is on the inside and (chuckles) oh Nmet tricks on everyone last time, (especially Flo) were hilarious!

Richard: None of this was planned. Alright. So we will ask a question. Then our contestants will answer them in elimination order. We have 3 questions. The first one.

Londoya: Quien crees que jugo lo mejor des los ultimos 5?

Richard: I will end the awkward silence, that means who do you think played the best game out of the final 5?

Hannah: Maybe Wyatt! You think he would get out early. But he is in the final 5 now!

Yasmine: Um, but he floated. Yes he made one move to get out Paul but he barely gets votes against you. Eric has, Nmet has, Julia has and obviously Flo has. He is nice, but i can say he is a floater.

Isaac: Wait a second dudes, where is Steph and Attica! (walks into room that the couple went in earlier)

Isaac: EWW! Really! Go be Romeo and Juliet somewhere else, not my bedroom!

Steph: Oh, we thought this was Undulens'. Sorry! Oh and i'd like to say it was Wyatt or Eric, but i think Julia. She fought hard against Flo. And now she is in the final 5!

Nmet: I WILL NOT SAY NMET IS A GOOD PLAYER! NEVER! Eh, maybe Eric. He went against Olivia and carried him and Wyatt to merge when Olivia got out. And then got the 2 into the final 5!

Daisy: Julia and Flo got meh out! So as if i am goin for them! Nmet probs, she didn't have a certain strong ally who were reliant on each other, as in. Eric and Wyatt. Julia and Attica. Flo and Brett. After Mnet's elimination. She was a lone wolf and made the final 5!

Undulen: I was!

Richard: Um Undulen, they have to be in the final 5! Just move onto Paul.

Paul: Yeah, probably um, maybe, uh um. I don't know!

Isaac: Same here bro.

Londoya: Fine i'll speak in English for the questions. I think Julia. She proved herself to be a strong player physically and mentally! And she is still fighting against Flo at the final 5! I am impressed!

Olivia: I hate to say this, but Flo (everyone gasps). I do hate her, but she is still in the game after her persona has been revealed and she has played a lot of people.

Richard: My turn. I would agree! We all hate her, but that is just human feelings. She is strong and she acts like she isn't so you want to get her out. But admit it guys, she is strong.

Brett/Attica: We both think Julia because she managed to put up a fight against Flo for like as soon found out. She deserves the million!

Richard: Promise me you will never do that again. Second one is "If you were in the game right now, who would get out?"

Hannah: I thought Flo was nice, but she is a fake meanie so yeah!

Yasmine: Who do you think.

Steph: Attica wants Flo out and i don't see anything good about her so yeah Flo.

Nmet: Eeek! I would get out Nmet! I would get out Flo but Nmet is so annoying!

Daisy: Flo and Julia both played me! But Daisy doesn't wanta look like a sheep so Julia!

Undulen: One word. Wyatt.

Paul: Maybe Flo or something? Maybe Flo! Yeah Flo.

Isaac: Lets join the bandwagon and go with Flo.

Londoya: Julia did annoy me but she did it with a viable reason. Still, sorry Julia.

Olivia: Like this isn't obvious!

Richard: I would say Flo, but the last few challenges are probably physical and i think Julia is the more physical threat. She has won two out of three immunity challenges!

Brett: She is physical but now that i know who she is, Flo.

Attica: This one is the easiest question i have ever answered. Flo.

Richard: Third question, this is the last one. Do you think your elimination was deserved, or made you robbed? Explain.

Hannah: I don't want to be rude but i think Steph should have went instead of me!

Yasmine: Mine was definitely robbed. Everyone with Flo now notices their mistake. And i would probably be in that final 5 if it wasn't for FLO! UGH! CAN I KILL HERR!

Richard: Security. Please. Security! Steph, your turn.

Steph: I don't think it was deserved. That was too much of a day for me, but i do not think that was a robbed elimination. I mean, i cost the challenge, so vote for me. Besides, on the way to here, i jumped into the river trying to drown but the water was too shallow.

Nmet: MINE WAS ROBBED EEK! They got confused with who was who, and they voted me! So unfair!

Steph: FYI. With Nmet, Undulen, and the big alliance eventually going to do something. You would havewent home soon either way.

Daisy: Oh yes! Undulen got rid of the Daisy! THE DAISY! Just because i said his music was terrible. Ya know. The final five should be this, me, Attica, Nmet, Wyatt and Eric! But it ain't cause of Undulen!

Undulen: Can i just sing that song!

Everyone: NO!

Hannah: Alright!

Undulen: Whatever. Nmet betrayed me and they kept her because she won them the last challenge. So i should be in the FINAL 5! I think Nmet actually has a brain though. If someone can get out me, they are a really good player.

Paul: (shrugs shoulders).

Isaac: No. I can admit mine was deserved. I didn't listen to Richard who was trying to help me and i was going crazy. I could see why they voted me that time.

Londoya: Guau! You are very nice and honest hombre! Mine was just too much of a blur for me to give a full opinion of my elimination!

Olivia: I can say mine was surprising, but it wasn't a rob. I just kinda got out. Otherwise Flo should be out by now and she would be talking about if her elimination was robbed or not.

Richard: Mine was deserved. I lost the challenge fair and square and i can't say anything else. It was a fair elimination.

Brett: Same as Richard. But, i finally told off Flo!

Attica: I was close, but it wasn't a rob. Sure, Flo deserved to go home. But that didn't make me robbed. Besides,i am happy with myself! 6th place isn't bad!

Richard: Alright! Time to vote. We have a confessional of our own right here. Which was made specifically for this chapter! Yeah now vote guys. Just say whoever you want to vote and don't say anything more. Also, you have to say their proper name.

Hannah(CONF): Flo. (shrugs shoulders)

Yasmine(CONF): Julia.

Steph(CONF): Julia.

Nmet(CONF): Flo.

Daisy(CONF): Nmet.

Undulen(CONF): Flo.

Paul(CONF): Eric.


Londoya(CONF): Julia.

Olivia(CONF): Julia.

Richard(CONF): Flo sh- oops!

Brett(CONF): Juliana!

Attica(CONF): My BFF!


Richard: You think Julia has immunity, but Brett and Attica disobeyed the last rule. You can NOT say their nickname and stuff. But it was a 4-4 tie which means, Flo and Julia have immunity!

Brett: YES! And also NO!

Londoya: Anyways, that is enough for us! Don't worry, you'll see us at the finale! But for now, peace and watch the elimination ceremony! (camera screen fades as claps are heard, then the screen turns pitch black. A few seconds later, the screen shows Wyatt, Eric, Nmet, Julia and Flo sitting at the elimination place, with Chris staring at them.)


Chris: Well, well, well, wasn't that interesting! Flo and Julia have immunity which means you can only vote for either Wyatt, Eric or Nmet! Now vote!

Flo(CONF): How did i get immunity? Anyway i vote for _____.

Nmet(CONF): I so badly wish i could get out Flo but you are actually more of a physical threat than the other. So bye bye_____.

Wyatt(CONF): You know w-who i will vote for.

Eric(CONF): As if this isn't obvious enough.

Julia(CONF): Well with Flo off i can only justify voting _____.

Chris: And the people safe are? Flo and Julia! Eric and




























Wyatt! Sorry Nmet, you're out!

Nmet: WHAT! NO WAY! I can not be out! UGH!

Chris: Any last words!

Nmet: THAT I HOPE YOU ALL (boat leaves)

Chris: It was a rhetorical question. Who will miss out on the semi finals. Wyatt, Eric, Flo or Julia! Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Chapter 15: The Crack of the mask

Chris: Last time, our eliminated contestants got the chance to host the episode. Things got awkward for Attica seeming as she just got out and had to do our last recap. Richard tried to keep everything on track while it all got out of hand. Londoya started speaking Espanyol! (spanish), Undulen started being all Undulen and when they got to decide who got immunity, Flo and Julia won by a long shot. And the people who are in the game voted Nmet 3-2 eith Wyatt. Eric, Julia, Flo and Wyatt are still in it! Who wont wake the semi finals? Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Julia(CONF): I know. I am in the final 4. I am so excited!

Eric(CONF): I actually could win and no longer will i be poor! This is perfect!

Wyatt(CONF): Is it not the final 14? I a-am so p-proud of mysel-lf! No-one thought of me as a threat so they kept me! Now who isn't a threat!

Flo(CONF): (sarcastically). Wow. I am so shocked to be here. Please! Look at everyone else! I have pulled off two immunity wins and i have been on the more successful team. And that is just why i will win physically! I have an amazing mind! The only way i couldn't win is if the loser contestants vote the winner.

Julia(CONF): Seriously, it is weird that Flo is still in! She had a target from like when there were still 15 people and she has slipped through all the cracks! If i verse her in the finale, i can beat her physically and socially! Mentally? She might win.

Eric(CONF): Well it's time that i flew solo. Don't get me wrong, Wyatt was a great ally who has been with me from the start, but for two reasons. 1; it is merge and Chris said that there are no more voting off eliminations. And physically, i could survive without him. And 2; we don't really do much anymore.

Wyatt(CONF): I know that i can't win this game. I mean, i am small, and i haven't won immunity yet! Which means i can only put my luck against Eric! I can not survive this. Julia and Flo are too strong of players for me to beat them, and Eric? Our alliance is pract-tically off at this point!

Flo(CONF): Wyatt and Eric are no threats. They just were lucky floaters who are now here. Julia is also lucky and i hate to say this, but she didn't float. She switched alliances and tried new strategies. Wyatt and Eric just stuck with their alliances. She chose different people and anyway. She is also a physical threat. And now she has got to go!

Wyatt: Um Eric, why do you want us to meet under this tree which will break soon!

Eric: Stop being such a scaredy cat! Alright. I (sigh) think we should break our alliance.

Wyatt: W-why? (starts tearing up)

Eric: We didn't even do anything in the whole merge together besides Olivia! And we are at the final 4! We clearly don't need each other if we can survive like that.

Wyatt: Can't we try to change things!

Eric: Oh, you agree! I'm sorry Wyatt. (jumps down from where he was and walks away)

Flo: Hmm.

Eric(CONF): I don't think we are as reliant on each other as we thought.

Wyatt(CONF): (sniff). But we always helped each other! (sniff) And he didn't even listen to me when i said to change things!

Flo(CONF): Yes, i was doing my normal daily eavesdropping routine. Oh, so the longest lasting alliance of the game is over! I now have a higher chance to survive!

Flo: Oh hi Eric! I heard about you and Wyatt! Are you in need of an ally-


Flo: Sheesh! Have a chill pill why don't you!

Eric: Whatever! (walks away from Flo).

Julia (doing push ups in cabin) 57! 58! 59! 60! 61- Wyatt? What are you doing?

Wyatt:(starts crying).

Julia: My bed is not for water! Do that on Flo's bed! 62! 63!

Wyatt: (sniff). Can i ask you something?

Julia: Yeah sure!

Wyatt: How can you just be so confid-dent about beating Flo! I t-try to stay in the back so people can't judge me!

Julia: Well, someones gotta do it. And obviously that was a lot of people. Me, Richard, Olivia and Attica. Yasmine was against her but at that time no-one knew besides her and Richard what was going on. But they are all out now and i am left doing it.

Wyatt: (sniff). Thanks. I get it. B-bye.

Julia: But why are you asking me this?

Wyatt: Well, me and Eric stopped our alliance and it is too late to change that.

Julia: Well, get back at him for it!

Wyatt: It isn't that easy for me to do things like that.

Julia: Play it your way. But it does help you with your social fears.

Julia(CONF): I don't care about what they get up to, i just need to focus on getting out Flo! But obviously it was the right thing to do, helping Wyatt.

Wyatt(CONF): (Sigh). I know she was trying to help, but i think i should be independent and make my own desi-c-ion. (sniff)

Chris: Alright! Welcome final 4! Now with our tradition of having new people come every odd numbered chapter. We forgot last time. So today, there will be 4 of our original people! Give a warm welcome to Bridgette, Lightning, Sky and Kitty from our other series!

Bridgette: Hi guys! Good luck with whatever you have to do!

Lightning: Sha-Lightning is in it to win it!

Flo: Um, sha loser? You aren't competing, we are.

Sky: I just hope you guys are a fair fight!

Kitty: Oh so totally! Who wants a pic!

Eric: Um, whats a pic?

Chris: Shush! Anyway, today is our trivial challenge! We will ask questions about this season, and all the seasons they were in. Those 4 are there to help you. You need to get to 5 questions right to earn your spot in the in final 3. So last one to get to five is gone! Donezo! Now pick who you are with!

Julia: Bridgette, i think it is? You and me?

Bridgette: Sure!

Lightning: Lightning wants a dude! You look too skinny so you!

Wyatt: Wha- me?

Lightning: Yes you!

Sky: I will go with the boy.

Eric: Fine.

Kitty: That leaves me with Miss Buzzkill! It's bad enough my sister always is obsessed with law!

Flo: Um, rude!

Chris: Alright, first question. How many times has the lions won a challenge!

Wyatt(buzzes in) 5 times!

Chris: Correct! Next questions Heather, Owen and who? Were in the final 3 twice!

Eric/Wyatt/Julia/Flo: Um?

Bridgette(buzzes in): I don't know, maybe Duncan?

Chris: Wrong! And you are now on minus 1!

Julia: Hey, you never said that!

Chris: Too bad!

Sky(CONF): I'm pretty sure it's that Zoey.

Chris: Yes! That is one for Wyatt and one for Eric. Next question, out of all the mergers. Who has been in the bottom 3 the most?

Flo(buzzes in): Duh! ME!

Chris: That is one point for everyone but Julia two points below.

Julia(CONF): Uh oh.

Chris: Which season did Leonard come last in!

Kitty(buzzes in): The Ridonculous Race!

Chris: Flo is in the lead! (Wyatt, Julia and Eric groan)

Flo: In your face!

Chris: Next question. What is "Lindsay's" highest placement?

Flo: I have to keep my lead (buzzes in) 5th?

Julia(buzzes in): Sixth!

Chris: Correct-umando! That puts Flo back on one point and rises Julia to 0!

Flo: UGH!

Chris: Next question, who was the final 4 in Total Drama: World Tour!

Wyatt: I watched this one. Alejandro, Heather, Cody and Sierra.

Chris: Correct! Wyatt is now in the lead!

Wyatt(CONF): This is what happens when you spend most of your time indoors.

Lightning(buzzes in): Sha me and little Cameron were in the finale!

Julia(buzzes in): The 6th challenge was to de activate Daisy's bomb.

Flo(buzzes in): The very first challenge was cliff diving.

Sky(buzzes in): There were 14 people in Pahkitew Island.

Julia(buzzes in): Um, 14 people who got into the second season?

Wyatt(buzzes in): Attica was almost about to go home in the key diving chapter, and she got out in the "find your way back to camp" challenge.

Chris: I am impressed at some of you! Wyatt needs one point to win and the rest of you need three! Alright! Who were the final 4 of Total Drama Pahkitew Island!

Eric: Sky, you should know this one.

Sky(buzzes in): Yes it was me, Shawn, Jasmine and Sugar.

Chris: Yes! Three points of Eric! Next questions. What is Brett's hair colour

Julia/Wyatt(buzzes in): Dark brown!

Chris: Alright lets say that was both of you. Which means Wyatt is in the final 3! Also, even though this is auto elimination, this is technically an immunity which means Wyatt has won his first immunity!

Wyatt: W-what?

Eric(CONF): Of course he wins the day i stop working with him!

Chris: Eric, you may wanna pick up the paste! Alright! Time for another lightning round!

Eric(buzzes in): In La Subestimada, Londoya revealed he wants to learn Spanish.

Flo(buzzes in): Beth revealed that Owen has 139 favourite foods!

Julia(buzzes in): Um, 36 people competed in the Ridonculous Race! And Geoff and Brody won.

Sky(buzzes in): Daisy placed 14th and was the teams second member to go.

Kitty(buzzes in): Richard was the first suspector of Flo who made top 12.

Chris: BOOM! And just like that, Flo is in the semi finals!

Flo: Yes! (blows raspberry at Julia)

Julia: Grrr.

Chris: Eric and Julia, you both have one more question to answer to join the others. Who will get it right? The question is? How old was Eric when he became an orphan!

Julia: What! This is so unfair!

Eric: Yeah! I was 5! Woohoo! I am in the final 3! Yes! (walks towards Wyatt and Flo)

Chris: Um Eric. You forgot one important thing. (Chris points at the button)

Eric: OH NO! (runs to his table)

Julia(buzzes in): Eric was 5 years old when he became an orphan.

Chris: This means our real semi finals are Wyatt! Julia and Flo! Sorry Eric, time to pack your bags!

Eric: (Sigh)



Eric: Wyatt. I am sorry about breaking the alliance. I thought i could be independent but it turns out you are the strong one of this alliance.

Wyatt: It's alright Eric, i know you meant well!

Eric: Now get the girls out!

Wyatt: Will do!

Eric: Bye everyone! (boards the Boat of Shame, it starts drifting slowly)

Chris: And thats a rap! Who will win! Wyatt, Flo or Julia? Find out next time on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Chapter 16: To win and to lose.

Chris: Last time on Total Drama! Eric and Wyatt's alliance that has went since the time of Yasmine was terminated! Flo tried to find an ally in Eric but he clearly wasn't interested. Julia gave Wyatt a pep talk. In our trivial challenge, Wyatt proved to be a beast getting to 5 before anyone else could get to 3! Flo wasn't far behind and because of a silly mistake, Eric accidentally got out leaving us with FLO VS JULIA! Oh and Wyatt. Who will make the final the finale? Find out on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!


One night before.


Julia: I am in the final 3! Woah!

Flo: Can you stop putting a horrible cheer leading routine in front of me!

Julia: Wow, i am just celebrating the fact that i am in the semi finals! Hey, im surprised you made it, you should celebrate too!

Flo: Whatever. You are only here because of Eric's mistake. If it wasn't for him, you'd be at the elimination area.

Julia: Well he made that mistake, oh and don't act like you made it here without any luck!

Flo: Excuse me!

Julia: Uh huh! In these eliminations you could have gone. Yasmine's, Daisy's, Isaac's, Londoya's, Olivia's, Brett and Richard's, Attica's and Eric's!

Flo: Do me a favour and go to sleep!

Julia: Never if you want me to! (two start fighting)


Meanwhile in the boys cabin.

Wyatt: Gosh, they are loud! (Starts hiding under his covers) Is the boogie man in here! Gah! Help me!


5 minutes before the wake up call.

Julia: Alright, lets make a truce for now and co (yawns) ntinue in the challenge. Agreed?

Flo: (sleeping on her bed)

Julia: Hmm! I will take that as a yes!


In the boys cabin

Wyatt: (yawns) I am too tired to suck my thumb anymo- (starts sleeping)


6 minutes later.

Julia: Alright Flo prepare for me to kill you!

Flo: Huh, reversed positions much.


Wyatt: Ok Wyatt! I can do this. I am strong enough to make the final 3! I can win this thing!

Chris: Welcome to your third to last challenge here!

Flo: But its only final 3 and final 2!

Chris: You'll see. Anyway, today is a race. At each flag there are 3 keys buried beneath the ground. I will give you each 2 keys. You can decide to either find a key which is near the flag, underground! Or you can skip it. But you have to quickly bury it! When you get to the finish line. A key means 10 minutes. And the amount of keys you got will be deducted from your time. Lowest and fastest score wins. And they get to pick who will be in the finale with them! On your marks, get set, go!

Julia: Yes! First one to the flag! Should i maintain my lead or do i look for something that will cut down time!

Flo: I don't know what you can do but i am here. I will hide it now so go so you dont look where i put it!

Julia: Make me!

Flo: Oh i will! (Two start fighting)

Wyatt: I am here (looks down). Um, what are you doing?

Flo: Killing Julia!

Julia: NO! Killing Flo!

Wyatt: Guys stop it.

Flo: Huh, did i hear a bird fly across the area! (Julia punches Flo) Get back here!

Wyatt: (Sighs and starts digging)



15 minutes later-

Wyatt: Yes! I found a key!

Flo: Good for- get back here!

Wyatt: Guys seriously stop fighting.

Julia: Was that a bird or something! Dunno(Flo punches Julia) Don't think you're getting off that easy!

Wyatt: Well, i will leave you two now! (Wyatt runs to the next flag.

Wyatt(CONF): I basically have a free ticket into the finale and them two just think fighting is going to g-get them there? Wow!




Wyatt: Hey! This is the second flag! I don't want to see those two so i will hide my key now. (digs a large hole and puts key inside it, then runs)

Flo: UGH! Let go of my hair!

Julia: Why don't you do the same thing! Get out of my way because now i am getting a key!

Flo: Well, while we were arguing i found a key somewhere and i took it. And don't you worry your ugly little head. It is hidden somewhere. So, later loser! (runs to the third flag)

Julia: Ugh! I am not letting her beat me! (digs furiously for a key.)


Wyatt: Yes! Found a key at my third flag! I have 3 and i am in the lead!

Flo: Oh hi Wyatt! You are a really good key digger!

Wyatt: I know about your persona so forget it. I have actually found a key.

Flo: Well, the last challenge is probably physical! Do you want to team again!

Wyatt: Uh sure!

Flo: Great! Now tell me if you were close to finding a key!

Wyatt: I think there might be a key over there! Good luck! I will take you to the finale!

Flo: Thanks bye!

Wyatt(CONF): Yeah, it was a lie. I checked that whole area and there is nothing! Anyway, i hope Flo gets what she deserves! Hehe.



Julia: Ugh! Finally i found the key! Ok! Time to catch up! (runs to flag 3)

Julia: OH Hi Loser!

Flo: Hi Ms Annoying! I just found a key! And on the opposite to where Wyatt told me, weird.

Julia: Wait! You and Wyatt are (dramatic music) teaming!

Flo: Indeed! Now time to run!
The Script - Hall of Fame (Instrumental) ft will.i

The Script - Hall of Fame (Instrumental) ft (Lyrics in description)

Press the i to get the the lyrics

Julia: I am not letting you get ahead of me! (Two run to flag 4)

Wyatt: Huh? Oh no! Well this key is stuck and i just need to get it!

Julia: Wyatt! How could you team with her!

Flo: Oh deal with it!

Wyatt: Oh um. I did nothing!

Julia: Ugh!

Chris(on loudspeaker): Hey! I want you three to sing! Alright! So sing whatever comes from your dirty mouths and do it for the ratings!

Julia: Seriously!

(Note: go onto that video and press the "i" to get the lyrics. Also, to continue reading press)



Chris(on loudspeaker): Wow. That was way better than i expected.

Wyatt: Thanks, but i have a finale to get to. (Runs to the fifth and final flag)

Chris: Hello Wyatt! Now how many keys do you have?

Wyatt: 4.

Chris: Well, you were fastest and it seems like you will have the most keys but lets see what happens!

Flo and Julia: Im here!

Chris: You both were slower than Wyatt and you both have less keys in your hand which means, Wyatt is in the finale!

Wyatt: Yes!

Flo: Huh, what? Did someone say something?



Flo: What! But i was the best player out there! Oh this rigged game has gone to far! GAHH! (Wyatt, Julia and Flo get into a fight)

Chris: Wow! Anyway. Who will make the final! Find out on the most stupendous episode ever yet on Total Drama: Clash of the Action! Um, security!

Chapter 17: Wyatt vs Julia= Shy vs Athletic: FINALE

Chris: Cue the dramatic music. OK welcome! We started of with 18, now we have two. First out,Hannah with her non-shut upiness. Then Yasmine, who was played by Flo came 17th. Steph, with his negative attitude almost committed suicide but still got out. Mnet who seemed like the more likable BFF got eliminated when people got them confused. Then Daisy, who got into a fight with Julia, cost them the challenge. Undulen's music annoyed everyone and the team couldn't handle it. Paul just became insane and got out. Next, was Isaac because he became crazy and was too much to handle. Londoya, was too quiet and the team ought to get him out. Well i'll just say our mergers in order since we have a time budget. Olivia, Brett and Richard, Attica, Nmet, Eric and our big antagonist Flo! Now it's down to Wyatt and Julia, who will win? Find out now on Total Drama: Clash of the Action!

Wyatt: Wow. If anything i thought making the top ten was amazing. Now i am in the finale! I don't even know what i'll do with the money! Well. I'll see what i can do. This is the weirdest thing to ever happen to me! (sees Julia) Hi J-Julia!

Julia: Yeah hi. I'm so nervous! Even though i know i am athletic, i can't say what the challenge will be about.

Wyatt: Might as well give up now.

Julia: Don't be so negative! You have a chance!

Wyatt: I guess. Thanks. Julia?

Julia(CONF): I am sick of this place, the snakes, the jaguars the everything! But I think I have a good chance! Time to win for Brett! And what i might do, I'll spend it on lots of athletic stuff oh and i might see if i can burn this place down while i'm at it. I wish Wyatt the best of luck with everything.

Wyatt(CONF): I am getting tired of seeing the snakes, the jaguars everywhere i go! I don't have that bad of a chance if i think about it! Time to win for Steph, Eric and my family. I might spend it so i can start a company. Which i'll deal with after high school to help people with their problems. I might turn this place into a jail and lock in Chris and Flo. I'm joking. I wish Julia the best of luck.

Chris: Welcome finalists! Do you want to find out what your challenge is!

Wyatt/Julia: Yes!

Chris: You will, but first. Behind this curtain is your challenge and (pulls down the curtain) Everyone else from the whole season!

Rooting for Julia we have Hannah, Mnet, Undulen, Isaac, Londoya, Brett, Attica and Flo! Supporting Wyatt is Yasmine, Steph, Daisy, Paul, Olivia, Richard, Nmet and Eric! And your final challenge is! You must spin that spinner until it lands on you and when it does, pick two people who are supporting you and get on the platform, based on our first challenge, you must fight. First one to lose all 3 of the people on their side loses! Are you ready! GO!

Eric: Come on Wyatt! DO IT!

Brett: Go Julia! Lets go!

(Julia gets to the spinner first and spins, it lands on Eric)

Julia: Come on!

Wyatt: Don't worry it's only your first spin. (Wyatt spins, it lands on Londoya)

(Julia spins, it lands on Eric again)

Julia: What are the odds!

(Wyatt spins, it lands on Isaac)

(Julia gets Nmet)

(Wyatt gets Isaac)

(Julia gets Yasmine)

(Wyatt gets Undulen)

(Julia gets Flo)

Julia: So close! Seriously!

(Wyatt gets Attica)

(Julia gets Undulen)

(Wyatt gets Attica)

Wyatt: Again?

(Julia gets Paul)

(Wyatt gets Flo)

(Julia gets Paul)

(Wyatt gets Daisy)

(Julia gets Hannah)

(Wyatt gets Richard)

(Julia gets Paul)

Julia: This is taking forever!

(Wyatt gets Hannah)

Wyatt: This is getting annoying.

Eric: Don't give up!

Attica: Go girl!

(Julia gets Daisy)

(Wyatt gets Nmet)

(Julia gets Brett)

Julia: I can't give up! For Brett!

(Wyatt gets Londoya)

(Julia gets Richard)

(Wyatt gets Eric)

Wyatt: Ic-cant lose! Eric and Steph are counting on me!

(Julia gets Nmet)

(Wyatt gets Richard)

(Julia gets Julia)

Julia: Yes! Finally!

Chris: OK! Julia, you can pick your two people,

Julia: Brett and Isaac!

Chris: Figure out your plans and get on the platform!

(Wyatt gets Brett)

Wyatt: Oh no! She has a lead!

(Wyatt gets Flo)

Wyatt: This is bad.

(Wyatt gets Eric)

(Wyatt gets Isaac)

(Wyatt gets Londoya)

Wyatt: Urgh!

Flo: (dryly) Go Julia.

Julia: So Isaac you stand back and Brett. You attack them. I'll be in the middle!

Brett: Sure!

Isaac: Cool!

(Wyatt gets Attica)

Wyatt: Oh my!

(Wyatt gets Wyatt)

Wyatt: Finally! I pick Daisy and Flo!

Flo: Why me!

Wyatt: You are clearly determined to win. And kill Brett. Daisy will be focused on Julia and I don't actually know about Isaac. That's our plan. Ok!

Chris: Time for the showdown! This will be brutal! Look at the people they picked! Haha! And, go!

Julia: Oww! Let go of me dumbsy!

Daisy: Oh you did not just insult my own name! You are going down! (Daisy kicks Julia off the platform)

Julia: UGH!

Daisy: Im good righ- seriously Brett!

Julia: Haha!

Brett: Thats what you get for.. huh?

Flo: I can do so much better than you! Hiya! (Flo pushes Brett off)

Wyatt: How am I still on this thing.

Isaac: Sorry dude. But you wont be on for much longer! (Isaac whacks Wyatt off the platform. But he manages to hold on, which no one sees.)

Flo: Well it's down to you and me now!

(Flo and Isaac continuously hit each other until Isaac hits Flo she falls off. But Flo grabs Isaac making them both reach the ground at the same time.

Steph: Ooh. Is it a tie?

Richard: It has to waaaait!

Julia: What?

Eric: Wyatt was still holding on which means,

Nmet: He won. Duh.

Julia: What? But I was sooooooooooooo clooooooooooooooooose! Anyway good job Wyatt!

Wyatt: I won? I won? I won! Yes! Woohoo! I won!

Olivia: Yes!

Daisy: Yuss!

Wyatt: Yay!

Mnet: Eek! Good job!

Londoya: Wow!

Chris: Oh and to the rest of you, you still have another chance to win!

Julia: Wait what do you me- no you don't

Hannah: Haha! What?

Olivia: (sigh) a new season.

Chris: Stay tuned for next episode! Find out who will make it in?

Attica: So, not all of us are in?

Chris: No!

Chapter 18: The Qualification and Disqualifications

Chris: Yep. Not all of you will get in only 14 will!

Attica: Eh, thats not that hard.

Richard: I do have a 78 percent chance of making it in!

Brett: How did you just calculate that.

Richard (sarcastically): I came 3rd in the international mathematics competition.

Brett: Cool!

Olivia: (facepalm)

Chris: Across the area. There are 18 statues which look like yours truly. But they are put in 9 groups of 2. You will be put in partners and the first 7 pairs to find one, are in the next season!

Yasmine: What are the pairs?

Chris: Wyatt and Eric. Steph and Attica. Yasmine and Londoya. Brett and Isaac. Nmet and Flo. Julia and Daisy. Mnet and Paul, Richard and Olivia, Undulen and Hannah! OK!

Daisy: Do I have to be with her?

Chris: Yes! The ratings are gonna be gold! GO!

Wyatt: Wow! How lucky we got to be on the same team!

Eric: I know right! Hey I never say that!

Wyatt: Yeah ok. Wait i think I can see one!

Eric: Yeah, so do I!

Brett: Sorry but this is ours.

Eric: No way we saw it first!

Isaac: We said we are sorry.

Brett: Fine, lets do this the mens way. Fighting!

Wyatt: You guys clearly have an advantage but sure. Whatever.

(The 4 start slapping and kicking each other)

Richard: Umm.

Olivia: I'm just going to get them. (Olivia quickly grabs the two with Richard. They run to find Chris)

Nmet: Lets make this quick. I don't wanna lose.

Flo: Yeah whatever.

Nmet: Wait. I need an alliance, so if we get in, Do you want to

Flo: No- no-no-nonononono! There is no way i am making that mistake again!

Nmet: Ugh Fine. Lets just find those statues!

Flo: Whatever.

Daisy: And I am so sick of the way you just call me Dumbsy!

Julia: It's only because of the annoying things to- oh now you are ignoring me! Nuh-uh!

Daisy: Thats not why!

Julia: What do you mean!

Daisy: I can see the statues!

Julia: Well lets get them!

Steph: Hi.

Julia: Hi, Steph is it?

Attica: Yep! Why don't us four look together.

Daisy: Sorry but we were looking and we have already found one.

Steph: Ok!

Steph(CONF): Man she is good! We took them while they weren't looking!

Chris: Welcome back Richard and Olivia! You are the first two to make it in next season!

Richard: I knew it by calculations will get in!

Olivia: Awesome! I think I can see some more!

Richard: That would be

Chris: Steph and Attica! You are in the season too!

Steph: Eh, whatever.

Attica: Yes! Um Olivia is that a bit of wool in your hair.

Olivia: Yeah. No.

Yasmine: Quick Londoya! Stop drawing your future fortress and help me look!

Londoya: Huh? Sorry. Anyway i can help!

Yasmine: That's what you're supposed to be doing! Wait did I see some in the trees?

Londoya: And I thought i was overimaginative.

Yasmine: That's not a word.

Flo: Hi. And yes you did see some in the trees but we just took it.

Yasmine: Ugh!

Chris: Richard, Steph, Olivia and Attica, you are in. And I can see another duo coming!

Nmet: Hi losers.

Olivia: Coming from someone who found their statues after us that doesn't mean much.

Nmet: Whatever.

Flo: Do I care? No way hose!

Steph: I don't believe i'm saying this, but I think I preferred you when you were obsessed with flowers.

Chris(on loudspeaker so everyone can hear): 6 people have made it back already! 8 more spots left!

Mnet: Eek! We need to go faster!

Paul: Yah. Like titally!

Mnet: What?

Paul: Ok. Lets find one now.

Mnet: Oh there is some, Paul?

Paul: Yeah i need to goo to the sleeproom!

Mnet: Im guessing you mean restroom! Eeek! Gross!

Paul(CONF): Yeah, i escaped from her, but she was so annoying! I couldn't help myself! So yeah, she can do what she wants to do and amazing! Is that poo on the seat!

Wyatt: Great, the statues are gone. And we are going to be in last place so badly! Ugh! We need to find one!

Eric: And the boys left. Come on, my survival skill instincts should come in handy!

Wyatt: Wait. We haven't checked the camp where we sleep. Lets check there!

Eric: I guess.

Wyatt: Don't you want to get into the season. Lets move!

Eric: I'm coming, i'm coming.

Undulen: So do you want to hear my song?

Hannah: Oh course! I'd love to!

Undulen: Ok here it goes.(sings badly while stepping over two gilded chris's not noticing)

Hannah: Ooh! Thats so good!

Undulen: I know, i'm an artist.

Brett: Hi guys. Just going to find Chris.

Undulen: Where did you find those statues?

Brett: Just there, you stepped over them.

Undulen(CONF): Hehe. I'll sing to them, and they will get so overwhelmed that they will give them to me!

Undulen: (starts singing badly)

Isaac: Argh!! Make it stop! Make it stop!

(Brett and Isaac run away, dropping the statues on the way)

Undulen: Two statues for us!

Hannah: Yes! You are really smart Undulen!

Undulen: Thanks! I know!

Chris: I wonder who is coming next?

Olivia: I doubt it will be Hannah. She can't shut up!

Hannah: Hi guys! Nice too see you!

Steph: Huh.

Olivia: Yeah, i'll shut up now.

Chris: Congratulations Hannah and Undulen! You are in too!

Hannah: Yes! We rule!

Undulen: Yep.

Julia: Stop slapping me!

Daisy: Make me!

Julia: (sigh) whatever.Lets make an agreement to stop fighting and find those stat- i found the statues!

Daisy: Yus gurl!

Julia: Ok! Lets be quick now!

Daisy:Ok! Lets go girl!

Julia: I am you-ok lets go now.

Chris: And I see our fifth team coming along! Here comes

Nmet: We can see, Daisy and Julia, duh!

Chris: I'm trying to make some suspense. Ugh! Stop ruining it!

Daisy: Ooh, that was close.

Julia: Uh huh. Oh no Brett isn't here. And there is only

Chris(on loudspeaker): 4 more spots left! Brett and Isaac, Mnet and Paul, Londoya and Yasmine and Wyatt and Eric!

Yasmine: Come on Londoya! Hurry!

Londoya: Dont worry, still two more spots.

Yasmine: Yes! There is 2 right there!

Londoya: Cool! Let's go!

Brett: Wait did we lose the statues! Ugh!

Isaac: Come on. Please find one! (two falls onto Isaac's head)

Brett: Are you okay!

Isaac: Yeah, im fin-

Brett: Good! Lets move dude!

Mnet: Paul, we arent going to get in the season! I am so sad!

Paul: Don't be so negative! For all we know there could be one right in front of us!

Mnet: Hey did we look here! (gasps) there are two statues here! Lets go get them!

Paul: Told you not to be positive,i mean negative.

Mnet: Hurry!

Wyatt: Yes! I found one under my bed!

Eric: Great! Come on, hurry!

Wyatt: Now you're jumpy.

Eric: It's just that now, you are a bit bossy!

Wyatt:Well im sorry but now isn't the time to talk!

Chris: The four teams are coming! Who will make it in?

Wyatt: Wow that was close! Right Eric! Eric?

Eric: So tired. Falling over!

Chris: Good job Wyatt and Eric! You are the 6th team!

Wyatt: Yay! By the way, where is my money?

Chris: We are using that for half the money this season!


Julia: Sorry to hear that. Wait, if it's half the money, then the winner next season gets 2 million? Alright!

Brett: Hey babe! Nice too see you!

Julia: Yes! (kisses Brett)

Chris: Uck. That makes Brett and Isaac the last 2 in! Sorry Paul, Yasmine, Mnet and Londoya! You are not in!

Londoya: Oh man.

Chris: Get in the boat, Steph, Olivia, Attica, Hannah, Undulen, Brett, Flo, Wyatt, Eric, Julia, Richard, Isaac, Nmet and Daisy! But two of you will be picked to host our aftermath! I'll explain later! Who wants to?

Yasmine: Eh, I guess I can!

Londoya: Pick me! I can do it!!

Chris: Ok! Yasmine and Londoya! You are our hosts! And our commentators are Mnet and Paul! Find out what will happen next season on Total Drama: The Clash Returns!

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