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Twenty-one contestants are recruited to compete for $1,000,000 and their own country club at the country club they could be winning.


Team Backbreaker

Team Intergalactic

Team Huggies

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad


Chapter 1 - Livin' Luxuriously

"Hello viewing world. If you don't know me, this is probably the first TV show you've watched. I'm Chris McLean, and I'm standing by Golden Hills Country Club. Here, I will bring 21 teenagers to stay and compete in challenges until one lucky winner will get $1,000,000 and rights to the country club. Let's meet the first contestant, Ty."

A strong, light-haired boy walks up. "What's up, Chris?"

"Not much." Chris said. "You pumped?"

"Totally." Ty said. "I'll rip the competition apart."

"Here's our next contestant, Abraham." Chris said.

A boy with short, but curly hair walks up. "Cool country club."

"I know, right?" Chris said.

"Does it have a Gbox?" Abraham asked.

"A what?" Chris asked.

"Noob." Abraham retorts.

"Okay then." Chris said. "Let's welcome Laken."

Laken walks up. The two boys whistle.

"Laken is a bikini model." Chris said.

"Awesome." Ty said.

Another girl walks up. "And this is Joyce." Chris said.

"Is she a bikini model?" Abraham asked hopefully.

"No." Chris said. "But she easily could be."

"You don't have to tell me that." Ty said.

"Now here's Anthony." Chris said.

A boy with shaggy hair and glasses walks up. He is reading a book.

"How are you doing?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, cool, whatever." Anthony said, completely ignoring the question.

"Wow." Chris said. "Pretty boring cast. Let's welcome Jean."

"Oooh..." Joyce said. "French dude."

"Bonjourno." Jean said. "How is everyone?"

"Good." Chris said. "Next is Caitlin."

A tough girl walks up and pushes Ty to the ground. Ty rubs his head.

"What's your problem?" he asked.

"You were in my way!" Caitlin screamed.

"This...lovely female has won many records in her school for guys' wrestling." Chris said.

Ty stands up. "I could take her easily."

"Any day." Caitlin said.

"Next is Ryann." Chris said.

Someone with really short hair walks up.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Abraham asked.

"Not much." Ryann said glumly.

"Come on." Abraham said. "Perk up."

Abraham slapped Ryann on the butt.

"You pervert!" Ryann shrieked. Ryann hit Abraham to the ground.

"Dude, it's a girl." Abraham said.

"Of course I'm a girl!" Ryann yelled. "You guys knew that, right? Right?"

Everyone is silent.

"Sure..." Chris said. "Moving on. Here's Carlos."

A fat boy walks up to the group. Abraham starts laughing.

"Look out, guys!" Abraham said. "This guy might eat you."

"Shut up!" Carlos shouted.

"Don't be so mean." Laken said.

"Next up is Mary Lou." Chris said.

A girl walks up.

"Oh look." Abraham said. "Another fat one. You two would make the perfect couple."

"Stop being so cruel." Laken said.

"It's okay." Mary Lou said. "I don't mind. It helps with my singing."

"You can sing?" Jean asked.

"Sure." Mary Lou said. "I can show you."

Mary Lou opens her mouth to sing, but Chris covers it.

"Not enough time." Chris said. "We still have more contestants to go through. Here comes McKay."

McKay runs up.

"Sup, losers?" McKay asked.

"Wow." Ty said. "What a poser."

"You're pretty skinny, dude." Abraham said.

"Don't let my looks fool you." McKay said. "I'm a hockey player."

"Not a good one." Ty mumbled.

Everyone started laughing. McKay growled.

"Now here's Aden." Chris said.

"Hey everybody." Aden said in a deep, nasally voice.

"Nice voice." Abraham said sarcastically.

"Thanks." Aden said. Abraham glared at him.

"Next is Ciaran." Chris said.

"And my pet rabbit, Rodney." Ciaran said.

"Aww..." Laken said. "He's so cute."

"I know." Ciaran said. "I love animals."

"Here comes Lauretta." Chris said.

"Hey everybody." Lauretta said.

"Hey Lauretta." Laken said. "I'm Laken. Nice to meet you."

"Wow." Lauretta said. "You're very pretty. I wish I looked like you."

"Thanks." Laken said. "Don't doubt yourself though. You look nice too."

"Really?" Lauretta asked. "Thanks."

"Let's go." Chris said. "Man! Who's idea was it to have twenty-one contestants?"

An intern walks up. "I think it was yours."

"You're fired!" Chris shouted.

"No!" the intern shouted. "I have three kids!"

"Anyway, let's move on to Jonothon." Chris said.

A short, black kid walked up to the group.

"Hey." Jonothon said.

"Hey dude." Abraham said. "You look pretty strong."

"Really?" Jonothon asked. "Most people don't say that."

"They're probably intimidated." Abraham said. "You're a stud."

"Now here's Enrique." Chris said.

A tall, tanned Mexican walked up to everybody.

"Hola." Enrique said.

"Enrique is from Mexico." Chris stated.

"So am I." Carlos said. "Maybe we can start an alliance."

"I'm going to go with no." Enrique said.

"Now here's Genevieve." Chris said.

A tall, thin, beautiful girl walked up.

"I may start an alliance with her though." Enrique said.

"Back off, loser." Genevieve said.

"Fine." Enrique said. "Play hard-to-get. I'll win eventually.

"Next is Fefe." Chris said.

"Hi." Fefe said quietly.

"Can you speak up a little?" Jean asked.

Fefe murmured something.

"Now here is Ellie." Chris said.

A really short girl walked up. Everyone started laughing.

"Sorry." Laken said. "You're a little on the short side."

"It's okay. I get that a lot." Ellie said. "But I'm determined to win it."

"Now here's Queenie." Chris said.

A girl with frizzy hair and glasses walked up.

"Hey everybody." Queenie said in a nerdy voice. "I...I can't wait to compete."

"Sounds just like Aden." Abraham said. He and Enrique laughed.

"I sound nothing like her." Aden said. "My voice is deep."

"Whatever dude." Chris said. "Last, but not least, is Edward.

An awkwardly skinny boy walks up wearing a diaper.

"What up with the diaper?" Enrique asked in between laughs.

"I knew I'd admit this eventually." Edward said. "I have a diaper fetish. I get picked on at school for it, but I can't help it. I usually wear clothes over it, but I wanted to show people that even weird people like me can win if they try hard enough. I want you to call me Baby Eddie."

"That's creepy." Abraham said.

"I don't know." Joyce said. "I think it's kinda...cute."

"Me too." Laken said.

"I think that's everyone." Chris said. "Let me explain the rules. You will all sleep in the quarters that the interns set up in the shed."

"We're sleeping in a shed?" Genevieve asked.

"Two sheds, actually. Boys separate from girls." Chris said.

"Well, thank you." Ellie said sarcastically.

"Your confessional is in the weight room." Chris said. "You can share your secrets there."

"I bet you're wondering why I was being nice to Jonothon." Abraham said in a confessional. "He may seem weak, but he's black. He has to have some athletics in there."

"Abraham was pretty nice." Jonothon said in a confessional. "Too nice..."

"I can't believe Genevieve turned down an alliance with Enrique." Joyce said in a confessional. "He's such a hunk. Although Baby Eddie's really cute too. I can't really explain it, but he's kinda like a real baby."

"I turned the alliance with Enrique for a good reason." Genevieve said in a confessional. "I'm flying solo to the final two. This is my game."

"Now before the first challenge, we've prepared you all lunch." Chris said. "Here are ham and cheese sandwiches."

The interns start handing out the sandwiches.

"I can't have them, Chris." Abraham said. "It's not kosher."

"You're Jewish?" Chris asked.

"Yeah." Abraham said. "Why so surprised?"

"No reason." Chris said.

Everyone takes a bite into their sandwich. Enrique grabs a rock from the sandwich.

"What is this?" Enrique asked.

Baby Eddie, Caitlin, and Queenie also have rocks in their sandwiches.

"Congratulations." Chris said. "You four are the team captains."

"So we pick the teams?" Queenie asked.

"You'll find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 2 - Take It to Court

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, we saw the twenty-one contestants arrive. Not many of them were enthusiastic and one of them was wearing a diaper. I know, weird right? After being served lunch, Enrique, Eddie, Caitlin, and Queenie found out that they were team captains. Now we are at the tennis courts to see what they are going to do. This is Total...Drama...Country Club!"

"So what are we doing?" Enrique asked.

"We have four tennis ball launchers here." Chris explained. "You four will operate them and try to hit people with them."

"Nice." Caitlin said.

"Everyone else has to try and dodge them." Chris said.

"Let's start." Baby Eddie said.

"Wait." Chris said. "For fun, everyone has to take off all their clothes."

"Why?" Laken asked.

"More viewers." Chris said. He turned toward the camera. "Children under 12 should look away."

"I'm already good." Baby Eddie said.

"Okay." Chris said. "Everyone strip down to your undies."

Everyone started taking off their clothes. All of the guys were wearing nothing, but boxers and the girls were wearing bras and panties.

"Looking good, Joyce." Abraham said.

Joyce rolled her eyes.

The girls started staring at Enrique. Genevieve rolled her eyes.

"Why is everyone falling over Enrique?" Genevieve asked in a confessional. "He's not so hot. I'm voting him off first. He's playing with their minds. He's going to use them against me."

The seventeen contestants lined up on one side of the court. The four captains aimed at them with the tennis ball launchers.

"And...go!" Chris yelled.

The tennis ball launchers started pitching tennis balls. Enrique fired at Genevieve, but she dodged him.

"What the hell, Enrique?" Genevieve yelled.

Genevieve grabbed Carlos and used him as a human shield.

"Protect me with your lard of a body." Genevieve yelled.

Enrique hit Carlos with a tennis ball. He walked off the court.

Caitlin hit Ciaran and Ryann. They walked off.

Lauretta ran up to Laken and Joyce.

"Hey guys." Lauretta said.

"Hey..." Joyce said.

Abraham ran up to the three.

"Hello ladies." Abraham said.

"Score." Abraham said in a confessional. "Three of the hottest girls on this show, half-naked, and I was standing right next to them."

Suddenly, Baby Eddie pelted Lauretta, Laken, and Joyce with tennis balls. Abraham ran away, but Enrique hit him with a tennis ball.

Ty ran up to Jonothon. "Dude! Help!"

"What can I do?" Jonothon asked.

"You're strong." Ty said.

"I think people are stereotyping me." Jonothon said in a confessional. "I'm not that strong."

Jonothon and Ty are hit by Enrique.

Meanwhile, Anthony is sitting in the corner of the court, reading. A tennis ball from Queenie hits him, but he barely reacts. Queenie hit Aden and Ellie too.

Caitlin hit McKay and Fefe with tennis balls.

Genevieve, Jean, and Mary Lou ran around. Enrique aimed at Genevieve, but Baby Eddie hit her.

"Darn it!" Genevieve yelled.

Queenie hit Jean.

"Yes!" Mary Lou yelled. "I won!"

"Won?" Chris questioned. "You're eliminated."

"What?!" Mary Lou yelled in horror. "You said the challenge was to dodge the tennis balls."

"I never said that." Chris said. "I said that the four would have to shoot them at you. The people that the captains hit were on their team. You were not hit so you are not on any team."

"This is rigged!" Mary Lou shouted.

"Sorry. Time to go to the Limo of Losers!" Chris yelled.

The interns took her away.

"Now for the team names." Chris said. "The captains will decide."

"My team name is Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad." Enrique stated.

"Yeah!" Carlos shouted. Enrique rolled his eyes.

"We are Team Huggies." Baby Eddie shouted. Abraham and Enrique laughed and Baby Eddie glared at them.

"We'll be Team Backbreaker." Caitlin shouted. Ciaran cringed.

"I guess we're Team Intergalactic." Queenie said nasally.

"There you go." Chris said. "What will happen next on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 3 - Bow and Aero

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the four new captains pelted our other contestants with tennis balls. Genevieve and Enrique's conflict heated up when Enrique focused on hitting her. Abraham didn't get off on the right foot with the girls after hitting on them. Ty relied on Jonothon for help, forming a possible alliance. In the end, Mary Lou was eliminated, although she thought she won invincibility. Haha, funny. Also, four teams were formed to compete in their first challenge right now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad sat in their room.

"Man, I wish I was on Team Huggies." Abraham said. "They have the hottest girls."

"Yes." Enrique said. "This is true, but they are also great players of this game. We should show them more respect."

"Why?" Abraham asked.

"Girls don't like guys who play it too hard." Enrique explained. "Maybe if we are nice to them, we can form an interteam alliance."

"Great idea Enrique." Carlos said.

"Don't talk to me." Enrique said. Carlos looked down.

"Besides fatty over here, we have a pretty strong team." Abraham said. "We can beat any team we cross. Right, Enrique?"

Enrique looked off into the distance.

"Enrique?" Abraham repeated.

"Sorry." Enrique said. "I'll be right back."

Enrique got up and left.

"That was weird." Ty said.

Meanwhile, the girls of Team Huggies are in their room.

"Eddie so cute!" Joyce exclaimed.

"I know, right?" Laken said. "It's kinda weird though. The diaper thing is kinda creepy."

"But it adds to the cuteness." Joyce added.

"Don't you think he's cute, Lauretta?" Laken asked.

"Ugh...yeah...of course." Lauretta said.

"You girls are pathetic." Genevieve said. "You're willing to fall over any guy who walks past you, even if he's wearing a diaper."

"You seem not to care about guys at all." Joyce said. "It's like you're a lesbian." Lauretta's eyes widen.

"I just have more self-control." Genevieve said.

"We don't fall for every guy, like that Abraham dude." Laken said.

"Yeah, he's so weird." Lauretta said.

"What about Enrique?" Genevieve asked.

The rest of the girls remained silent.

"See?" Genevieve said. "You guys are falling all over him."

"Why do you assume he's bad?" Laken asked.

"Why else would he go around being randomly nice to people?" Genevieve asked them.

"Because he's nice?" Joyce said.

"That's it!" Genevieve yelled. "I'm going to talk to him!"

Meanwhile, the guys of Team Backbreaker sit in their room. Rodney is sitting on Ciaran's lap.

"What ever happened to that Ryann guy?" Ciaran asked.

"I think he was a girl." McKay said.

"No way!" Ciaran said. "Don't be ridiculous!

"I'm pretty sure." McKay said.

Ciaran fed Rodney some carrots.

"That's a pretty cute bunny you got." McKay said.

"Thanks." Ciaran said. "He's really friendly. He wouldn't hurt a fly."

Later, Genevieve walked up the path next to the golf course. Enrique jumped out of the bushes.

"Enrique." Genevieve said surprised.

"Hello Genevieve." Enrique said. "Going out for a walk?"

"Enough of your games, Enrique!" Genevieve shouted. "If you do anything to mess up my team, I swear I'll..."

"Why do you think I want to sabotage your team?" Enrique asked. "In fact, I wanted to propose an alliance between our teams."

"No way!" Genevieve shouted. "We are never going to join an alliance with you."

"I'm sorry you feel that way." Enrique said. He walked away innocently, whistling.

The next day, Chris had all the contestants by the pool.

"Hello contestants." Chris said. "It's time for your second challenge. It is based on an activity made for middle-aged women who think they are getting fit."

"Knitting?" Anthony asked.

"No." Chris said. "Water aerobics."

"Easy." McKay said.

"You will all get in the pool and perform the moves that I do." Chris said. "The last one from each team will perform for their team in the final challenge."

"Let's do this!" Carlos shouted. The rest of his team sighed.

Meanwhile, Rodney hopped away from Ciaran towards the golf course. He suddenly, stood up and put on an agent hat. He pulled a flag out of the golf hole and jumped inside it. He fell down a slide and landed in a secret agent base with tons of vehicles, weapons, and buttons. Suddenly, a man showed up on a giant screen.

"Hello Agent R." the man said. "We've heard about strange activity from Dr. Greyback. Go and see what it is."

Rodney jumped in his hover car and flew out of the base.

Ciaran suddenly looked behind him. "Hey, where's Rodney?"

"Okay, everyone get in the pool." Chris said. "If I say you're out, then get out of the pool."

"Whatever." Fefe said.

Everyone got in the pool. Chris walked up to the side of the pool.

"Aren't you getting in?" Queenie asked Chris. She is wearing nose plugs.

"Nah." Chris said. "Don't want to get my hair wet."

Queenie nodded.

"Or get eaten alive." Chris murmured to himself.

Chris started doing simple aerobics moves and everyone else copied him.

Meanwhile, Rodney hopped off his hovercar and landed in a secret base. There was a man with a round nose and an eyepatch.

Suddenly, a cage landed on Rodney.

"Hello, Rodney the Rabbit." the doctor said. "I, Dr. Greyback, have come up a genuis plan. One day, I visited Venice and visited this amazing pizza place. Long story short, the chef hit me with a whisk and I am never allowed in Venice again. I have a plan to get revenge. I will use this."

Dr. Greyback gestured toward a machine.

"The H2O Risinator." he said. "It raises all water it hits straight into the air, which will flood the streets of Venice."

Dr. Greyback laughed maniacally while Rodney glared at him.

Meanwhile, all of the contestants are still copying Chris's moves.

"Now," Chris said. "Keep copying my moves while you are attacked!" He quickly pulls on a rope. A shaft in the pool opens and piranhas swim into the pool. The contestants start freaking out.

"I said keep copying the moves!" Chris yelled.

Everyone ignored him.

"Fine then." Chris said. He started pointing to different people. "You're out, you're out, you're out, you're out...and we have our four winners!"

Everyone ran out of the pool.

"From Team Huggies, it's Genevieve!" Chris yelled. "And Enrique from Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad."

"It will be an honor to fight you." Enrique said.

"Oh, shut up!" Genevieve yelled. Enrique looked surprised.

"And we have Caitlin from Team Backbreaker." Chris said.

"Yeah!" Caitlin shouted.

"And from Team Intergalactic, we have Aden." Chris said. "The challenge will be announced in a few minutes."

Enrique nudged Abraham. Abraham nodded and walked toward Joyce, Laken, and Lauretta.

"Hello." Abraham said.

"What do you want?" Joyce asked.

"I wanted to apologize." Abraham said. "I come on as a player, but I was taken over by your beauty. I'm sorry if you felt insulted."

Abraham walked away.

"And the deal is closed." Abraham said in a confessional. "Now Enrique can handle Genevieve and we have an interteam alliance."

Meanwhile, Rodney used a watch to fire a laser through the cage. He cut through the cage and jumped out. Dr. Greyback turned around right before Rodney tackled him.

Later, the contestants surround the pool, which now has a platform above it.

"The four contestants will now joust above the pool in a tournament. The first fight is between Genevieve and Aden." Chris said.

The two climbed up onto the platform and grabbed their jousting sticks.

"Go!" Chris yelled.

Genevieve swung at Aden, but he blocked.

"Hey look!" Genevieve said. "A group of paramecium feeding on fungi."

Aden turned around. "Where?"

Genevieve hit Aden into the water.

"Next up is Enrique and Caitlin." Chris said.

The two got on the platform and grabbed their jousting sticks.

Caitlin slammed Enrique with hers and knocked him down. She tried to hit him again, but he pushed her with his feet. She stumbled and Enrique knocked her off.

"No!" Caitlin shouted. "I can't lose!"

"Sorry muchacha." Enrique said.

"Now for the winner's bracket." Chris said. "Whoever wins gets a special reward."

Genevieve and Enrique got onto the platform.

"You're going down!" Genevieve shouted.

The two hit each other's jousting stick. They kept hitting against each other until Genevieve's flew into the water. Enrique raised his foot and kicked her off the platform. She fell into the water.

"I hate to admit it, but I don't think I stand a chance against Enrique." Genevieve said in a confessional. "He's stronger physically. Plus, since I'm on a team of all girls, he has complete control over their votes. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, so I'll go along with Enrique's plot, but throw it right back at him."

Caitlin and Aden picked up their jousting sticks.

"Whoever loses the losers' bracket will have to vote off a team member." Chris said. "Go!"

Meanwhile, Rodney and Dr. Greyback are fighting. Rodney knocked Dr. Greyback into the H2O Risinator and it fired.

The shot from the Risinator hit the pool at the country club. The water flew into the air and covered the platform. When the water fell back into the pool, Aden was hanging onto the platform and Caitlin was in the pool.

"I don't know what just happened, but Team Backbreaker loses the challenge and Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad wins the reward." Chris said.

"What is it?" Carlos asked.

"Full time access to the pool." Chris announced.

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad cheered, while Team Huggies groaned.

"It's not that big of a deal." Fefe said.

"You think eliminating one of our team members isn't that big of a deal?" McKay asked.

"Sure." Fefe said. "I mean, seriously, it doesn't hurt that much."

Suddenly, Rodney came up behind Ciaran.

"Oh, there you are, Rodney." Ciaran said.

Later, Team Backbreaker sat in the lobby. Chris walked in with a New York cheesecake.

"If I call your name, you will receive a piece of cheesecake, which means you're safe. If I do not call your name, you must take the Check-Out of Shame to the Limo of Losers." Chris said.

As he called the contestants's names, he threw them a piece of cheesecake.




"Fefe and Caitlin are our bottom two. The final piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"What?" Fefe said.

"I guess you still think elimination doesn't hurt, huh?" McKay said.

Fefe stood up and left.

Later, Genevieve met up with Enrique.

"I decided to join an alliance with your team." Genevieve said.

"I knew you'd see it my way." Enrique said.

"But I'll be watching you closely." Genevieve said. "And if you hurt my team in anyway, I will destroy you."

"Oooh...there's some drama! Will the interteam alliance last? Will Ciaran lose Rodney again? Is Ryann a guy or a girl? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 4 - Hole in None

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, Genevieve's anger for Enrique fueled to the max when the other girls on her team fell head over heels for him. Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad plotted to make an alliance with Team Huggies, but Genevieve denied it. After Enrique encouraged Abraham to apologize to the girls, Genevieve finally gave in. After a very interesting end to our pool challenge, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad won full access to the pool and Fefe was eliminated for not caring about the elimination. Ironic, huh? What will happen now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Enrique and Abraham are tanning by the side of the pool. Ty is floating on a raft in the middle of the pool, sipping lemonade. Jonothon is reading a book. Suddenly, Carlos ran up.

"Cannonball!" he shouted as he jumped in the pool.

The splash covered Enrique, Abraham, and Jonothon in water. Ty came up from the water since his raft flipped over.

"Dude? What's your problem?" Ty asked. Carlos shrugged sadly.

Jonothon picked up his book which was now soaking wet.

"Man," Jonothon said. "I was just getting to the good part."

"Come on guys!" Carlos said. "I'm just trying to have fun."

"You can have your fun," Enrique said. "but we'll know who to vote out first."

Suddenly, Genevieve, Lauretta, Joyce, and Laken walked into the pool area.

"Excuse me ladies, but I believe Chris said only we have access to the pool." Enrique said.

"Does alliance ring a bell?" Genevieve asked.

Enrique sighed. "Very well, but try not to annoy us."

"Where's diaper dork?" Abraham asked.

Baby Eddie is shown in his room, which is now decorated as a nursery.

"I know it's weird," Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "but I can't control it. If you have a fetish, you know what I mean. It's a good thing I have all girls on my team. I get my own room. Plus, girls seem to think it's cute."

Meanwhile, the guys of Team Intergalactic are sitting in their room.

"Do you know who I think is really cute?" Aden asked.

"Do I care?" Anthony said sarcastically.

"Queenie." Aden said.

Jean started laughing.

"How could you love such a freak?" Jean asked.

"Don't call her that." Aden said. "She's just...different."

"I just feel bad for Ellie. No one should have to share a room with that girl." Anthony said.

Meanwhile, Ellie and Queenie are shown in their room.

"Vulcans were one of the first to develop warp drive, and they helped humans navigate the perils of warp travel." Queenie said. "The official contact between Vulcans and humans occurred on April 5, 2063, when a Vulcan survey ship detected the warp flight of Captain Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix."

Ellie's eye started twitching.

"But enough about Star Trek," Queenie said. "do you read comic books?"

"No!" Ellie shouted.

"Well, I do." Queenie said. "I have collected every single X-Men comic, even The X-Men #1, the first X-Men comic ever written."

"Fascinating." Ellie said, obviously annoyed.

"It's worth over $100,000." Queenie said.

Ellie suddenly looked interested. "Really?"

"Yeah." Queenie said.

Ellie smirked.

"$100,000 is not nearly as good as $1,000,000," Ellie said in a confessional. "but it is definitely a nice back-up. And if I win, then that's even better. I just need to get on that freak's good side."

Later, all of the contestants surrounded Chris on the golf course.

"Contestants, time for today's challenge!" Chris said. "Who here has played golf?"

"Sorry." Anthony said. "You're the only one here in their fifties."

Everyone started laughing.

"I'm not that old!" Chris shouted.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Anthony said.

Chris glared at Anthony. "Anyway, each team will try to get across the course on a golf cart while the other teams try to hit you with golf balls. Whichever team gets the furthest on their golf cart wins the reward and whoever comes in last will vote off a team member."

Enrique grabbed Genevieve.

"Okay, your team doesn't shoot at us and we don't shoot at you." Enrique said.

"Deal." said Genevieve.

Meanwhile, Rodney landed in Dr. Greyback's secret base.

"Rodney the Rabbit," Dr. Greyback said. "Time for you to hear my latest scheme. Behold, the Transforminator. Every since I was a kid, I watched Transformers. My parents told me that it was impossible for cars to transform and that changed my whole childhood from fantasy to reality. Today, I will make fantasy reality. The Transforminator can change any vehicle into a killer robot."

Rodney jumped at Dr. Greyback, but got stuck in a rope trap.

Meanwhile, the contestants were at the golf course.

"First up is Team Huggies." Chris said.

The team gathered in the golf cart and Baby Eddie got at the driving wheel. Everyone else grabbed a golf club.

"Go!" Chris shouted.

Baby Eddie started moving and swerved away from all the golf balls.

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad dropped their golf clubs.

"Do you think we can trust them not to swing at us?" Ty asked.

"Yeah." Enrique said. "Genevieve may not trust people easily, but she seems like a woman of her word."

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie is still driving.

"Watch out!" Laken shrieked.

"I'm trying." Baby Eddie stated.

McKay lined up his club with a ball.

"Fore!" he shouted.

He smacked the ball with the club. The ball landed in the golf cart's exhaust engine and the cart exploded.

"Eat that!" McKay shouted.

"Do you think they're alright?" Enrique asked.

"Eh." Chris said. "I'm sure they are fine."

Later, Team Huggies arrived back at the driving range.

"Now it's Team Intergalactic." Chris announced.

Team Intergalactic hopped in the cart with Jean driving. They started driving.

Enrique swung at a golf ball. It curved and smashed through the golf cart. The golf cart stopped.

"Well that was short-lived." Anthony said.

"Wow." Chris said. "Enrique smashed through Team Intergalactic's cart with one golf ball. They didn't get as far as Team Huggies. Now, Team Backbreaker."

Meanwhile, Rodney was stuck in a rope trap. He grabbed a carrot from nowhere and threw it at the Transforminator. It hit a chainsaw, which transformed into a robot. It went over to the rope trap and cut Rodney free. Rodney jumped and hit Dr. Greyback into the Transforminator. It fired.

Meanwhile, Chris shouted "Go!"

Before Team Backbreaker could even start, the Transforminator hit the golf cart. Team Backbreaker fell out as the golf cart turned into a huge robot. It ran away.

"Well, Team Backbreaker is in last place because their golf cart turned into a killer robot." Chris said. "Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad just needs to beat Team Huggies to earn another reward."

Enrique got up to the wheel.

Meanwhile, the chainsaw Transformer chased Dr. Greyback out of his base. Rodney hopped back in his hovercar.

"Go!" Chris shouted.

Enrique started swerving away from every golf ball.

"Haha!" Jonothon shouted. "We are doing well!"

"Dang it!" Joyce shouted. "They're going to beat us."

"It doesn't matter." Laken said. "We are in an alliance."

"But what if this reward isn't one you can share?" Joyce asked.

"Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad just passed Team Intergalactic's spot." Chris said.

Genevieve looked worried. She silently picked up her golf club and, without anyone noticing, swung the ball at Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad's golf cart. The golf cart hit Enrique in the head and knocked him out cold. The golf cart stopped.

"I don't know who hit that, but Team Huggies wins!" Chris shouted.

Genevieve dropped her golf club quickly.

"What's our reward?" Baby Eddie asked.

"A special pink golf cart for easy transportation." Chris said.

"Yes!" Genevieve shouted.

"Nice job, muchacha." Enrique said.

"Yeah." Genevieve said. "Thanks. Sorry, but I don't think we should share the reward. If one team is using it, then the other team can't. I hope you understand."

"That's okay." Enrique said. "I think I speak for my team when I say that pink isn't our favorite color."

Enrique walked off.

Rodney hopped next to Ciaran. "Oh, there you are Rodney."

Later, Team Backbreaker sat in the lobby.

"If I don't call your name, you will walk toward the Check-Out of Shame and ride the Limo of Losers. And you can't come back...ever!"

As he called the contestants's names, they got a piece of cheesecake.



"Caitlin and Ryann, the last marshamllow goes to..."












"Why me?" Ryann asked.

"I was outnumbered." Caitlin explained. "You three were likely to form an all guy's alliance, so I had to target one of you. You were the most likely one."

"I'm a girl!" Ryann yelled.

"Oh..." Caitlin said. "No wonder I thought I saw you sleeping in my room. I thought you were being perverted."

Ryann sadly walked away.

"Will the truth about Genevieve's betrayal be discovered? Will Ellie become friends with Queenie? Will anybody realize that I'm only in my twenties? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 5 - All You Can Eat

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants had to dodge golf balls while riding in a golf cart. Ellie tried to win over Queenie after learning that she had a comic book worth $100,000. After sealing an alliance, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad and Team Huggies told each other not to fire golf balls. Genevieve, after being afraid that they were going to lose, knocked out Enrique with a golf ball. Team Backbreaker lost when their golf cart turned into a robot and ran off. In the end, Ryann was eliminated after being mistaken as a guy, yet again. Who will be next? Find out at the most dramatic elimination ceremony yet on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Team Huggies sat outside the infirmary. Abraham walked out.

"He's okay, right?" Laken asked.

"He's fine." Abraham assured. "Just a minor bump on his head."

"Who hit the golf ball that caused this anyway?" Lauretta asked.

"I don't know." Abraham said. "I think someone from Team Intergalactic."

Genevieve looked worried.

"I'm not ashamed of what I did." Genevieve said in a confessional. "He tried to suck me into an alliance I didn't want to be a part of. But I do need them, so I just hope I don't get caught."

Meanwhile, Ellie chatted with Queenie.

"So anyway, Kristy said she liked Eduardo, but she was just pretending and she was really into Brad." Ellie said.

"Wow." Queenie said. "I wish I had as many friends as you."

"I'm sure you'll make friends." Ellie said. "You just need to talk about things other girls talk about, not Star Trek."

"Like what?" Queenie asked.

"Umm....Boys." Ellie said. "Are you interested in anyone here?"

"Well, there is one guy." Queenie said.

"Who?" Ellie asked excitedly.

"Aden." Queenie said.

"Aw..." Ellie said. "You two are perfect for each other."

"But how do I get him to notice me?" Queenie asked.

"Tell you what." Ellie said. "Next time we have some free time, I'm going to give you a makeover."

"Really?" Queenie asked.

"Sure." Ellie said.

Queenie smiled.

Later, the contestants met in the country club's restaurant.

"Contestants, it's time for today's challenge." Chris said. "You are all invited to the country club's all-you-can-eat buffet."

Chris gestured toward tables filled with food, such as chicken, steak, mac and cheese, and other food.

The contestants looked at the meal with happiness.

"I'm liking this challenge." Jean said.

"You must all eat this buffet for as long as you can." Chris explained. "The first team to stop eating loses."

"Let's dig in!" McKay shouted.

Meanwhile, Rodney arrived at Dr. Greyback's base.

"Rodney, time for my latest scheme." Dr. Greyback said. "After building so many inventions, I'm running low on money. So I'm going to use this Multiplinator to multiply the money in the US Mint. After that, I will build an army of robot soldiers and take over the world."

Suddenly, two robots grabbed Rodney.

"I already invested some money on these two." Dr. Greyback said.

Meanwhile, the contestants grabbed plates stacked with food.

"And...GO!!!" Chris shouted.

All the contestants started eating, except for Team Huggies. Genevieve took their plates over to Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad.

"What are you doing?" Ty asked.

"You guys need to eat our food." Genevieve said.

"Why?" Enrique asked.

"Uh...alliance." Genevieve reminded them. "Besides, meat builds up guys's strength...or something."

"Fine." Enrique said.

The contestants continued eating and going back for more.

Abraham started talking to Enrique.

"Are you sure this alliance with Team Huggies is good?" Abraham asked.

"It will pay off eventually." Enrique said. "You'll see."

Later, most of the food at the buffet was gone.

McKay picked up the last piece of food, a buffalo wing.

Meanwhile, Rondey grabbed a wire sticking out of one robot and touched it to the other one. The two robots malfunctioned and collided with each other. Rodney jumped on top of Dr. Greyback. Greyback pushed Rodney into the Multiplinator. It fired.

Meanwhile, McKay said, "Chris, we are all out of food."

The laser hit the buffalo wing and buffalo wings filled the room.

"I don't know how that happened." Chris said. "but I like it."

"I'm out." McKay said.

"Same." Caitlin said.

"Ditto." Ciaran said.

"Okay." Chris said. "Team Backbreaker loses again."

Meanwhile, the two robots hit Dr. Greyback and threw him out the door. Rodney rode back to the country club.

"Hey." McKay said. "Team Huggies isn't even eating their food. They are putting it under the table."

McKay lifted their cloth to see Rodney.

McKay pointed at Ciaran. "Your rabbit has been eating all of Team Huggies's food."

"Sure." Genevieve said. "Let's go with that."

"Team Huggies is disqualified." Chris said. "But Team Backbreaker still loses. Now it's just Team Intergalactic and Team Hombres."

Jonothon looked at Carlos. "Are you even a little full?" Jonothon asked.

"Not one bit." Carlos responded.

Jonothon smirked. "Guys, give your food to Carlos."

The guys of Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad pushed their plates to Carlos.

"Hey." Anthony said. "That's not fair."

"Carlos is a member of their team." Chris said. "I'll allow it."

Team Intergalactic pushed their plates away. "We forfeit." Aden announced.

"Team Hombres wins!" Chris shouted.

"What do we win?" Enrique asked.

"A year supply of buffalo wings." Chris shouted. Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad groaned.

"Okay, then." Chris said. "Team Backbreaker's going to elimination again."

Team Backbreaker sat in the lobby. "If you don't receive a piece of cheesecake, you must go to the Check-Out of Shame and take the Limo of Losers." Chris said.

"Do we need to eat our cheesecake, because I'm about to puke?" McKay asked.

"I don't care." Chris said. As he called the contestants's names, they got a piece of cheesecake.


"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"Fine." Ciaran said. "I'll take Rodney and leave."

Ciaran picked up Rodney and left.

"There goes another one. Who will be next on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 6 - Pound Dog

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, Enrique came out of intensive care because Genevieve knocked him out with a golf ball. Genevieve decided to keep it a secret, even to her own team. Ellie promised Queenie a spa day, and promised that she would get friends. The competitors had to down a buffet, except for Team Huggies who fed Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad their food. They were caught, but it was assumed that they were feeding Ciaran's pet rabbit, Rodney. Team Hombres won because of Carlos, and Ciaran, along with Rodney, was eliminated, leaving only two people on Team Backbreaker. Will they ever win another challenge again? Find out now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad sat in their room. Carlos ate the year supply of buffalo wings, while the other four lay on their beds, groaning.

"How can you still be eating?" Ty asked Carlos.

"I don't know." Carlos said. "I guess I'm good at eating."

"I'll say." Enrique said.

Carlos glared at Enrique.

"Enrique, are you sure we should trust Team Huggies?" Abraham asked. "I mean, what have they done for us?"

"Don't worry." Enrique said. "It will pay off eventually."

"How do you know?" Abraham asked.

Enrique remained silent.

"I think Genevieve was the one who hit you with a golf ball." Abraham said.

"That's not true!" Enrique yelled.

"When I told her, she had this guilty look on her face." Abraham said.

"I'm with Abraham." Jonothon said. "This isn't working out."

"Man, trust me." Enrique said. "It will all pay off soon enough."

"It better." Ty said.

"Meanwhile, we can all keep an eye on Genevieve." Enrique said.

"Deal." Jonothon said.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and McKay met outside their rooms.

"We need to win the next challenge or one of us will be eliminated." Caitlin said.

"Yeah," McKay said. "but there are only two of us left. How can we possibly win the challenge?"

"Easy." Caitlin said. "Sabotage."

McKay grinned evilly.

Meanwhile, Ellie and Queenie are seen in the spa room.

"Are we really going to do this?" Queenie asked.

"Of course." Ellie said. "I promised you, didn't I?"

Queenie lay down on the spa bed.

"First, I'll get you a seaweed facial, then we'll move on to a manicure, then haircut, then we'll fix your wardrobe." Ellie said.

Two masseurs started wrapping Queenie's face with seaweed.

The next day, all of the contestants, excluding Ellie and Queenie, were in the weight room.

"It's time for today's challenge!" Chris yelled.

"Can't wait." Anthony said sarcastically.

"Hey." Chris said. "Where's the rest of your team."

Suddenly, Ellie walked in the room with Queenie, who has completed her new makeover. He hair is straighter and less frizzy, she is wearing more revealing clothes, her skin is smoother, and she has a slight nose job.

The guys started staring at Queenie.

"Wait." Ellie said. "I almost forgot."

Ellie took off Queenie's glasses.

"But Ellie, I can't see without my glasses." Queenie protested.

"Don't worry." Ellie said. "We can get you contacts after the challenge."

Enrique walked up to Queenie.

"Hola, mamacita." Enrique said as he kissed Queenie on the hand. Genevieve rolled her eyes.

Aden looked worriedly at Queenie and Enrique.

"Do you know what this means?" Aden asked in the confessional. "Queenie is completely out of my league. Now I'll never win her over. Now every girl here is out of my league." Aden sighed.

The competitors stood by Chris. "Okay time for the challenge. Everyone, tie those weights around your waist."

All the competitors tied ropes around their waists, which led to giant weights.

"Now, release the dogs." Chris yelled.

Suddenly, doors started to open up, which giant hound dogs came out of.

Chris ran out of the building.

"Chris!" Abraham yelled. "Get back here, you son of a bitch!"

The dogs started running toward the contestants. They all screamed.

Caitlin started quickly pulling her weights. Ty looked at her in amazement.

"There is no way that girl is stronger than me." Ty said in a confessional. "I have to admit, when she first arrived, I was intimidated by her. When her team started losing, I let the thought go, but now...she's pulling hundred pound weights like it's nothing. I can't let her embarrass me anymore."

Ty started pulling the weights and caught up to Caitlin. Caitlin looked back at Ty and started pulling harder. Ty saw this and caught up again. Caitlin growled at him. They started racing toward the door.

Meanwhile, a dog started biting Baby Eddie's diaper. It tried to rip it off. Abraham laughed.

"Is the little baby playing with his little puppy?" Abraham said mockingly in a babyish voice.

Baby Eddie grinned. He picked up medicine ball. The dog stopped biting. Baby Eddie threw the medicine ball at Abraham and the dog attacked Abraham.

"People expect me to be soft because I wear a diaper." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "That's not true at all."

Meanwhile, Jonothon helped Abraham get away from the dogs.

"Thanks dude." Abraham said. "You're pretty strong."

"Not really." Jonothon said.

"What do you mean?" Abraham asked. "You're pretty ripped."

"Because I'm black?" Jonothon asked.

Abraham's eyes widened. "Dude, that's not what I meant." he said.

Jonothon started pulling his weight away from Abraham.

Meanwhile, Laken started pulling her weight slowly toward the door. Genevieve came behind her, pulling hers faster.

"Can't you move any faster?" Genevieve asked.

"I'm sorry." Laken said. "I'm a bikini model. We don't really train for pulling huge weights away from rabid dogs."

Genevieve's eyes widened. "These dogs are rabid?"

"I hope not." Laken said.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Ty were still fighting to get to the door first.

"I'm not losing to no girl." Ty said.

Ty pulled out a treadmill and put it in front of Caitlin. Caitlin, with her eyes closed, stepped onto the treadmill. Ty started it up.

Ty laughed evilly. Caitlin opened her eyes and realized she was on the treadmill. "I'm going to get you!"

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad reached the door, but a bunch of dogs surrounded it.

"What do we do now?" Ty asked.

Carlos thought for a moment, and then thought of an idea. He took out all of his buffalo wings and threw them at Team Huggies.

"Nice thinking, Carlos." Jonothon said.

The team ran out the door.

Meanwhile, the dogs attacked Team Huggies.

"Ow." Lauretta said. "Eddie, do something."

"What do you expect him to do?" Joyce said. "He's as strong as a toddler."

"Hey." Baby Eddie said, offended.

"Well, you are sort of in likeness to one." Laken said.

Baby Eddie groaned.

"This is bad." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "They think I'm a wimp. Showing up on a reality show in a diaper probably wasn't the best idea."

Genevieve threw a dog off of her. "How do we get rid of them?"

Meanwhile, Team Intergalactic reached the door and ran outside.

"Team Intergalactic comes in second." Chris announced. "Who will come in last, Team Huggies or Team Backbreaker?"

Meanwhile, Caitlin and McKay pulled the weights closer to the door.

"We're almost there!" McKay exclaimed.

Team Huggies still struggled to get up with the dogs attacking them.

"That's it!" Baby Eddie yelled.

Baby Eddie grabbed two dogs and smashed them in to each other. He started getting up and ran, full speed, towards the door.

"Whoa." Joyce said.

Baby Eddie zoomed past Team Backbreaker and ran out the door. Everyone looked at Baby Eddie in amazement.

"Diaper boy's got some muscle." Ty said.

Genevieve slowly got up. She threw a dog at Caitlin and it tackled her to the ground. The dogs ran after the other dog.

"Come on." Genevieve said. "Now's our chance."

The three other girls got up and started running toward the door.

"Come on, Caitlin." McKay shouted. "Get up!"

"I could use...a little help." Caitlin said.

"God! You are so useless!" McKay shouted.

The four girls ran past the two and out the door.

"Great!" McKay shouted. "We lost again!"

Chris whistled and the dogs ran toward him.

"Team Backbreaker loses and has to compete in a tiebreaker challenge." Chris announced.

"I'm going to destroy you!" McKay yelled in between his teeth.

"Bring it!" Caitlin yelled.

Later, the two stood by two large weights.

"Simple lifting competition." Chris said. "Whoever holds their weight up longest wins!"

"No dogs?" Caitlin asked.

"No dogs." Chris reassured.

The two grasped their weights and prepared to lift.

"Go!" Chris shouted.

The two held up their weights.

"Piece of cake." McKay said.

Caitlin started panting a little.

"Getting tired?" McKay asked.

"No." Caitlin said, in between heavy breaths. "You?"

"Not even a little." McKay said.

After a while, Caitlin finally dropped her weight.

McKay softly put his weight down. "I can't say I'm sorry to see you go."

Caitlin ran up and punched McKay in the eye.

"I don't know what happened to McKay." Caitlin said in a confessional. "He's usually not that mean. In fact, he's usually not that forceful at all. Anyway, I've never lost to a guy before. But today, I lost to Ty and McKay. But I'm not going to give up. I will show the world that girls can be tough too."

Chris handed McKay his piece of cheesecake. He touched his black eye and then started eating the chessecake. Caitlin stepped onto the Limo of Losers and it drove away.

Later, Abraham walked up to Jonothon.

"Hey dude." Abraham said. "I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I didn't mean to stereotype you."

"It's okay." Jonothon said. "I guess I'm just used to it. People always expect me to be strong, but I'm really not."

"Sorry." Abraham said. "I won't push you to do anything I know you can't."

"Thanks." Jonothon said.

There was a long pause of silence.

"Why did you think I was strong anyway?" Jonothon asked.

"Well, you did save me from a pack of snarling dogs." Abraham said. "I guess when that happened I viewed you differently than you really looked."

"Cool." Jonothon said.

"By the way, I never properly thanked you for that." Abraham said. "So...thanks."

"Anytime." Jonothon said. "See ya."

Jonothon walked away.

Meanwhile, Queenie and Ellie sat in their room.

"Now you have the looks." Ellie said. "All you need is to change your personality."

"How?" Queenie asked.

"Just act all girly and stuff." Ellie said. "Guys love that, and you'll have a bunch of friends in no time."

Queenie smiled.

"Ellie's been so nice to me." Queenie said in a confessional. "She's the best friend I've ever had."

"Queenie owes me now." Ellie said in a confessional. "It goes without saying, I've made a huge improvement on her life. That X-Men comic will be mine."

"There you have it. Will Team Backbreaker aka McKay ever win a challenge? Will Ellie get her hands on Queenie's hundred thousand dollar comic book? Will Eddie ever be viewed as a true man? Probably not, I mean the kid's wearing a diaper. Anyway, find out the answers next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 7 - The Ultimate Spadown

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants had to pull extremely heavy weights while trying to avoid being eaten alive by dogs. Ellie gave Queenie an extreme makeover, much to Aden's dismay. Also, Jonothon felt that Abraham was being stereotypical after Abraham asked Jonothon to save him from snarling dogs. Baby Eddie felt that he wasn't being treated like a man, so he decided to gang up on Abraham. Team Backbreaker lost and had to face a tiebreaker. McKay turned from his calm self into an angry maniac. Caitlin lost to him in the tiebreaker and was eliminated. Will McKay survive on his own? Find out now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Baby Eddie walked up to McKay's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so he opened the door and walked in.

"McKay?" Baby Eddie asked. "You in here?"

There was no response. Baby Eddie spotted something on McKay's bed and his eyes widened. He took it from McKay's bed and ran out of the room.

Meanwhile, the guys of Team Intergalactic sat in their room.

"Now Queenie is amazingly hot." Aden explained.

Anthony looked up from his book. "Does anyone hear an annoying buzzing sound?"

"I'm serious." Aden said. "She's completely out of my league."

"Trust me. I'm surprised as you." Anthony said with his face buried in his book.

"Ignore him, Aden." Jean said. "I'll help you."

"Really?" Aden asked.

"Sure." Jean said.

"What's in it for you?" Aden asked.

"I just want to help out." Jean said. "If you want to repay the favor down the road, then that would be cool."

"Okay." Aden said. "How can you help?"

"Girls like big, strong guys." Jean explained. "We just need to prove that you are strong."

"But I'm not." Aden said.

"Queenie doesn't need to know that." Jean said.

Meanwhile, Enrique, Carlos, and Ty sat in one corner of the room, while Jonothon sat in another. Abraham walked up to Jonothon and patted him on the back, then walked toward the others.

"Ever since I talked to Abraham, I've felt excluded from the rest of the team." Jonothon said in a confessional. "I'm supposed to be big and strong like my masculine teammates, but I feel like the weakest link. And the weakest link is always the first to break off. I need to live up to other's expectations or I'll let my team down."

Meanwhile, Genevieve walked into Baby Eddie's room.

"Why is your room decorated like a nursery?" Genevieve asked.

"Genevieve!" Baby Eddie said in shock. "You're not supposed to be in here!"

"Look!" Genevieve shouted. "I know you know something. Something big, and I want to know what."

"I'm sorry." Baby Eddie said. "I can't tell you."

"That's fine." Genevieve said. "I'll just tell everyone about your little fetish gone wild."

Genevieve turned to leave.

"Wait!" Baby Eddie said. "I'll tell you, but not now. It's not the right time. I'll tell later though, I swear."

"Fine." Genevieve said.

Genevieve left and Eddie sighed with relief.

The next day, Chris and the contestants stood in the spa.

"It's time for today's challenge." Chris announced. "Your first challenge is to give one of your teammates a makeover. They will be judged by me, Chris McLean."

"Was that your name?" Anthony asked sarcastically.

Chris glared at Anthony.

"Wait!" McKay shouted. "I'm the only one on my team. I'm supposed to give myself a makeover?"

"Yep." Chris said.

McKay mumbled something under his breath.

"Being the only one on my team, I don't really see how I can survive much longer." McKay said in a confessional. "So, there's really no point in trying anymore, especially in a ridiculous challenge like this."

"Makeovers!" Chris announced.

"So, who's getting the makeover for our team?" Jean asked.

"Well, Ellie's great at giving makeovers and Queenie already got one, so it should be someone else." Aden said.

"Looks like Anthony's up." Jean said.

Anthony looked up from his book. "What?"

Meanwhile, Team Huggies talked.

"I think Baby Eddie should receive the makeover." Lauretta said.

"You're kidding, right?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Well, us girls are great at giving makeovers." Laken explained.

"Trust me, you'll look cute." Genevieve said.

Baby Eddie looked down.

"My masculinity is really being challenged." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "I know looks can be deceiving, but they're treating me like a baby. I'm supposed to be the man of the team, but instead I'm getting a makeover."

"Who's getting the makeover?" Ty asked.

Every guy on Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad was quiet.

"What about Carlos?" Abraham asked.

"Hey, man." Carlos said. "That's not funny."

"Fine." Ty said. "I guess I'm up."

"Seriously?" Enrique asked.

"Hey, I'm taking one for the team." Ty said.

The other guys shrugged.

"Okay, then." Abraham said. "Who knows how to give a makeover?"

All the guys became silent again.

Later, Team Intergalactic was giving Anthony his makeover. Jean handed Aden a bottle of lotion.

"Hey, Aden." Jean said. "I think this bottle is really stuck. Can you open it?"

Jean winked at Aden. Aden smiled and took the bottle.

"Of course." Aden said.

Aden tried to open it, but struggled with it. Queenie looked over at him and rolled her eyes. She walked over, grabbed the bottle, and opened it.

"Quit fooling around!" Queenie shouted.

Queenie walked away. Jean put his hand on Aden's shoulder.

Meanwhile, Genevieve walked over to Baby Eddie.

"Tell me now." Genevieve whispered.

"Not yet." Baby Eddie whispered. "It's still not the right time."

"Fine, but it better be by the end of the challenge." Genevieve whispered.

"It will," Baby Eddie whispered. "I promise."

Later, the teams lined up. Chris walked by.

"Let's see what Team Backbreaker has." Chris said.

Chris looked at McKay, who looked exactly the same as before.

"Looks familiar." Chris stated dryly.

Chris walked up to Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad. Ty's face was now smoother, his clothes were more fresh, and his hair was spiked with gel.

"Not bad for a bunch of guys with no experience." Chris said.

Chris walked up to Team Intergalactic. Anthony's hair was now covering his eyes, he was wearing a leather jackets and baggy jeans, and he had a gold ring on his finger.

"Styling." Chris said.

"Thank you." Ellie said.

Chris walked up to Team Huggies and laughed. Baby Eddie now was covered in blush, had a combover, had a pink pacifier in his mouth, had eyeliner on, and was holding a pink teddy bear and pink blankie. Everyone started laughing. Baby Eddie's cheeks turned even more red.

"Well I did get a laugh out of Baby Eddie, I think the win goes to Team Intergalactic." Chris said.

Team Intergalactic started cheering.

"They win a pair of mud boots for the second challenge." Chris said.

"Which is?" Genevieve asked.

"A wrestling match in the spa's mud bath." Chris said. "Each team can pick one member to fight for them in a four-way match. The last one in the mud bath wins!"

"I'm fighting for our team!" Baby Eddie announced.

The girls started laughing.

"Eddie, this challenge is for stronger people." Genevieve said. "I think we should leave it to me."

"I'm not some naive child." Baby Eddie protested. "I'm a man!"

"Look, the other teams will have some tough guys." Laken said. "We don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't." Baby Eddie said.

Meanwhile, Jean nudged Aden.

"Now's your chance to show off your strength." Jean whispered.

"I'd like to fight for our team!" Aden announced.

"Really?" Queenie asked. "I guess we've got no one better."

Meanwhile, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad talked it over.

"I want to fight for Team Hombres." Jonothon said.

"What?!" Abraham yelled.

"Ty's a professional wrestler." Enrique said. "He should do it."

"I can do it." Jonothon said.

"Fine." Enrique said. "But if we lose, we are voting you off."

Jonothon nodded, but Abraham looked worried.

Later, Baby Eddie, McKay, Aden, and Jonothon stood in the mud bath.

"Fight!" Chris yelled.

McKay lunged toward Aden. Aden dove out of the way and grabbed Jonothon's legs. Jonothon fell down into the mud. McKay grabbed Aden by the legs and threw him out of the mud bath and Aden crashed into the wall.

Jonothon grabbed McKay and threw him down in the mud. Baby Eddie tried to punch Jonothon, but Jonothon grabbed his hand. Baby Eddie tried again, but Jonothon grabbed his other hand. Baby Eddie kneed him in the nuts. The audience cringed from watching this.

"That's gotta hurt." Chris announced.

Baby Eddie pushed Jonothon out of the mud bath.

Suddenly, McKay got up. McKay wrapped Baby Eddie in a headlock and Baby Eddie got McKay in a headlock. They fought for a while, until McKay flipped Baby Eddie over his shoulder out of the mud bath.

"Team Backbreaker wins!" Chris yelled.

"Finally, I won a challenge!" McKay shouted.

Queenie ran up to Aden.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I think I broke my left arm." Aden said.

"Let me take you to the infirmary." Queenie said.

"Wait!" Baby Eddie shouted. "I need to say something first."

Baby Eddie got up slowly. He pulled something out of his diaper.

"Are those...steroids?" Ty asked.

"Yes, they are." Baby Eddie said. "They happen to be McKay's."

"You took them?!" McKay said with a look of rage on his face.

McKay ran at Baby Eddie, but Enrique, Ty, Abraham, and Jonothon held him back.

"Interns!" Chris shouted.

Interns ran up and grabbed McKay from the four boys.

"Take him to the Limo of Losers." Chris said. "McKay is hereby eliminated from the competition."

The interns dragged McKay away.

"Nice job, Eddie." Genevieve said. "That was good timing."

"So you won't tell anyone?" Baby Eddie asked.

"No," Genevieve said. "not yet."

Genevieve walked away.

"Well, that was a thrilling episode! Tune in next time to see what happens on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 8 - Blame It on the Alcohol

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, Genevieve found out Baby Eddie's secret nursery room, but found out he knew a secret too. He promised he'd tell it later. McKay gave up during the makeover challenge, due to him being a team of one. Baby Eddie felt like he was being treated like a baby when the girls dressed him even more like an infant. Aden tried to prove his strength to Queenie, to no avail. Four guys trying to prove their masculinity went into the mud bath during the second part of the challenge. McKay won, but when Baby Eddie revealed McKay was on steroids, he was eliminated. Who will be next on..."

Suddenly, Chris's phone rang.

"Hello? Really? But who am I supposed to get to...Fine. I'll be right there."

Chris put his phone down.

"Okay, we are having some issues, so I beg you to stay tuned to Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Later, the contestants stood in the lobby of the country club.

"What do you think Chris wants?" Ty asked.

"Probably wants to torture us more." Anthony said.

Chris ran into the lobby.

"Hello contestants." Chris said. "I have to leave for a couple hours."

"To where?" Laken asked.

"The infirmary couldn't treat Aden, so I have to run to the hospital." Chris said.

"Is he okay?" Queenie asked.

"He's fine." Chris said. "I just need to sign some stuff."

"So we'll be here alone all night?" Joyce asked.

"Yep." Chris said. "I gotta go."

Chris ran out of the lobby. Everyone piled out of the lobby, but Abraham grabbed Genevieve's arm.

"I know what you did." Abraham said.

"What are you talking about?" Genevieve asked.

"You hit Enrique with the golf ball." Abraham said.

"Fine." Genevieve said. "How'd you know?"

"I didn't." Abraham said. "I guessed and you caved."

Genevieve groaned. "So, you going to go tell your boyfriend, Enrique?"

"No." Abraham said. "Not unless you do something for me."

"What?" Genevieve asked.

"I want you to set me up on a date with one of your teammates." Abraham said.

"Which one?" Genevieve asked.

Abraham thought for a minute. "Lauretta."

"Sure thing." Genevieve said.

She walked out of the lobby.

Later, she talked with Lauretta.

"Lauretta, can you do me a favor?" Genevieve asked.

"What do you need?" Lauretta asked.

"I need you to go on a date with Abraham." Genevieve said.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Lauretta said.

"I know he's a creep, but it's just one date." Genevieve said.

"That's not why, I just..." Lauretta started to say.

"Please." Genevieve said. "It's for the interteam alliance."

"Fine..." Lauretta said.

"Thanks." Genevieve said. "Meet him in the restaurant in ten minutes."

Meanwhile, Enrique and Ty walked into a room in the back of the restaurant. Ty nudged Enrique.

"Look at that." Ty said.

Ty pointed to a big cellar of beer. He grabbed two bottles and tossed one to Enrique.

"Are you sure we should do this?" Enrique asked.

"Why not?" Ty asked.

Enrique thought for a moment and opened the bottle. Suddenly, Laken, Joyce, Jean, Queenie, Ellie, and Baby Eddie walked in.

"What are you guys doing?" Joyce asked.

"Getting a drink." Ty said. "You want one?"

"No way!" Joyce said. "I'm not getting drunk!"

"Then, just take one." Ty said.

Ty tossed a bottle to Joyce. She looked down at it and then opened it.

"This is perfect." Ellie said. "You want to be cool? Grab a beer."

"Are you sure?" Queenie asked.

"Positive." Ellie said.

Ellie and Queenie both grabbed a beer.

"Toss me one, Enrique." Baby Eddie said.

"Really?" Enrique asked. "You don't mind getting drunk?"

"Wouldn't be the first time." Baby Eddie said.

Enrique smiled and tossed a beer to him.

"With all the people making fun of me, I actually had a few friends." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "They took me to a party one night. I wasn't going to drink, but I met a girl and she was drinking. Turns out she was trying to hit on my friend, but I don't regret it. It felt like I had no problems. I didn't become an alcoholic, but on the rare event that I was invited to a party, I'd have a drink."

"Baby Eddie kinda impressed me tonight." Enrique said in a confessional. "Who knew he loved to party?"

"I can't believe you guys!" Laken shouted.

"Why does it matter?" Ty asked. "We're not driving anywhere, and none of this stuff can give you alcohol poisoning."

"But it's illegal!" Laken said.

"Then, leave." Joyce said.

"Fine." Laken said.

Laken stormed out.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Lauretta sat at a table in the restaurant.

"The garlic bread is good." Abraham said.

"Yep..." Lauretta said.

"You don't seem very excited." Abraham said.

"I'm not." Lauretta said. "I was forced on a date because of some stupid interteam alliance."

"But it's a date with me." Abraham said.

"I'm not looking for a guy right now, okay?" Lauretta said.

The two remained silent.

Meanwhile, Genevieve walked into the cellar of beer.

"What are you guys doing?" Genevieve asked.

"Having a drink." Jean said. "You want one?"

"No way!" Genevieve said. "What good do those things do for you anyway?"

"They help us put up with you." Enrique said.

Everyone laughed. Genevieve looked mad. She grabbed a bottle of beer and opened it.

Meanwhile, Carlos, Jonothon, and Anthony were walking together.

"What do you guys want to do?" Carlos asked.

"Sleep." Anthony said.

"But Chris is away." Carlos said. "We could have a guy's night out."

"No." Anthony said.

"That actually isn't a bad idea." Jonothon said.

Jonothon ran toward the golf cart shed and drove out a golf cart.

"Hop in." Jonothon said.

Meanwhile, Laken walked back into the beer cellar.

"You are so hot." Ty said, obviously drunk now.

"Why are you back?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Just...checking to make sure you guys are okay." Laken said.

"You want a beer, don't you?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Just one!" Laken said.

Baby Eddie tossed Laken a beer. She opened it and started chugging.

"Okay guys." Joyce said. "Time for Spin the Bottle!"

Everyone cheered.

Meanwhile, Chris was at the hospital with Aden and his nurse.

"What do you mean I have to pay his medical expenses?" Chris asked. "McKay's the one who threw him against a wall."

"Your show is responsible for the accident." the nurse said.

"Wait." Chris said. "He signed a waiver. Let me find it."

Chris started searching through his bag. Suddenly, his phone rang. He answered it.

"Hello? What? They're drunk! But I can't...Fine. I'll be right back."

Chris put his phone down.

"I have to run." Chris said.

"You can't leave until you sign these papers." the nurse said.

Chris groaned. "Fine."

He started signing the papers.

Meanwhile, the nine contestants sat in a circle. Ty spun the bottle and it landed on Joyce. Joyce groaned, but they leaned together and kissed.

"Okay, Laken, you're up." Enrique said.

Laken spun the bottle and it landed on Jean. The two kissed. They continued kissing. Everyone stared at them. After a minute, they stopped kissing.

"Wow." Laken said.

The two started kissing again.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Lauretta sat at the table.

"Look," Abraham said. "I know you don't want to be here, but this is one of the greatest nights of my life."

Lauretta suddenly looked sympathetic.

Abraham leaned in and kissed Lauretta. After a while, Lauretta pulled away. She stood up.

"I'm sorry." Lauretta said. "I can't do this."

Lauretta started to walk out, but Abraham quickly got up and grabbed her arm.

"Why?" Abraham asked. "What am I doing wrong?"

"It's not you, okay?" Lauretta said. "It's me."

Abraham stared at Lauretta, confused. Lauretta closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I'm a lesbian." Lauretta said.

She pulled her arm away and walked out of the restaurant. Abraham started smiling.

Meanwhile, the contestants continued playing Spin the Bottle. Chris suddenly ran in.

"What's going on?" Chris asked.

Joyce suddenly started kissing Chris. She pulled away after a few seconds.

"What...are you doing?" Chris asked.

"Spin the Bottle." Queenie said. "You want to play?"

"No." Chris said. "People will think I'm a pedophile."

Suddenly, Baby Eddie threw up.

"Oh my god." Chris said, rubbing his head.

Baby Eddie threw up again, this time with blood. Next, he passed out.

"Oh no." Chris said. "Someone call an ambulance."

"What's wrong?" Laken asked.

"He could have alcohol poisoning." Chris said.

"That's impossible!" Ellie yelled. "We only had beer."

"Well, he's lighter than most boys his age." Chris said. "It's easier for him to get alcohol poisoning, but he'd still have to have a lot of beer."

Suddenly, a golf cart crashed through the wall of the country club. Jonothon, Anthony, and Carlos fell out of the golf cart.

"My country club!" Chris yelled.

"It will be mine when I win this competition!" Ty said.

Everyone started yelling at each other. Chris lay down on the ground and rubbed his head.

Later, everyone stood by the ambulance as they took Baby Eddie away.

"Will he be okay?" Genevieve asked.

"They're not sure." Chris said. "He will have to have his stomach pumped though."

"Are we going to jail?" Laken asked.

"No," Chris said. "I bailed all you out. I wouldn't have much of a show without you guys."

"Thanks, Chris." Ellie said.

"Speak for yourself," Anthony said. "I'd rather be in jail."

"I think we've learned a lesson today." Chris said. " bad."

The contestants stared at Chris.

"That's it." Chris said.

All the contestants and Chris piled out of the parking lot. Abraham grabbed Genevieve by the arm.

"You set me up with a lesbian." Abraham said. "I'm going to tell your secret."

Abraham walked away, but Genevieve stood in the parking lot with wide eyes.

Chapter 9 - The Scavenger Garden

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, I had to run to the hospital because Aden was in intensive care, leaving the contestants by themselves. Abraham took a swing and hit when he accused Genevieve of hitting Enrique with the golf ball. Lauretta was forced to go on a date with Abraham by Genevieve, where she revealed that she was a lesbian and ran out of the restaurant. Meanwhile, all the other contestants got drunk and played a game of Spin the Bottle, where Laken and Jean gave each other a very passionate kiss. Later, Baby Eddie received alcohol poisoning and was rushed to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. Will he be alright? Find out now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Meanwhile, the girls of Team Huggies were in their room. Genevieve, Laken, and Joyce were lying on their beds, rubbing their heads in pain. Lauretta stood up.

"I can't believe you guys got drunk!" Lauretta shouted.

"There was something I was supposed to talk to you about." Genevieve said. "But I don't remember what. I don't remember anything."

Lauretta let out a sigh of relief.

"I know Abraham told Genevieve about me being a lesbian." Lauretta said in a confessional. "But she's having a hangover. Unfortunately, Abraham isn't, so he could tell anyone he wants to. I have to stop him."

Meanwhile, Ty and Enrique came out of the kitchen, holding ice packs to their heads. Abraham ran up to them.

"Enrique!" Abraham shouted. "I need to tell you something!"

"Shut up!" Ty yelled, in a daze. "You're so loud!"

"Go tell someone else." Enrique said.

"Fine." Abraham said.

Abraham ran off again.

Later, Abraham met up with Carlos and Jonothon.

"Guys!" Abraham yelled.

"Hey Abraham," Carlos said. "what's up?"

"I need to tell you guys something." Abraham said.

Abraham leaned toward them.

"Lauretta's a lesbian." Abraham whispered.

Carlos shrugged. "So?"

"This is why I went to Enrique first." Abraham said. "We need to use it against her."

"But that's mean." Carlos said.

Abraham sighed. "Whatever. Forget I said anything."

Abraham walked away. Carlos looked at Jonothon, but he shrugged.

Meanwhile, Laken bumped into Jean in the hallway.

"Oh, sorry." Laken said.

"Don't be." Jean said. "Your kiss was apology enough."

"Don't mention that." Laken said.

"Why not?" Jean asked.

"I was drunk." Laken said. "It didn't mean anything."

"You don't know that." Jean said. "We could kiss again and you'll see."

"No way!" Laken shouted.

Laken stormed off.

Later, Chris and the other contestants stood in front of the restaurant.

"Hello contestants." Chris said. "It's time for your next challenge."

Everyone groaned.

"But first, I have two surprises." Chris said.

Aden walked forward with a cast around his arm.

"Aden!" Queenie yelled.

Queenie ran to Aden and hugged him. Jean gave him a thumbs-up.

"Where's the second surprise?" Anthony asked.

Baby Eddie walked up.

"Eddie!" the girls of Team Huggies shrieked.

They all ran up to him and hugged him.

"You're not dead!" Genevieve yelled.

"Thank you." Baby Eddie said, questioningly.

The girls let go of him.

"How'd you get out so quickly?" Joyce asked.

"It wasn't that bad of alcohol poisoning." Baby Eddie said. "But I still had to get my stomach pumped. Luckily, I'm okay. I learned my lesson about drinking."

"Yeah, yeah." Chris said. "It's all very emotional. Now, time for the challenge!"

Chris gave Genevieve, Abraham, and Anthony a list.

"It's a good old fashion scavenger hunt." Chris said.

"Yay..." Anthony said sarcastically.

"There are ten items on this list." Chris said. "Whoever finds the most things wins the challenge."

Abraham read off the list.

"An old piece of meat, a blonde piece of hair, a bottle of hair gel, a lifesaver, a Buc-ee's golf ball, a candlestick, a picture of another team finding something on this list, something left behind by an eliminated contestant, a picture of two of your teammates kissing, and an eliminated contestant."

"Start!" Chris yelled.

Genevieve pointed toward the restaurant. "Look!"

Baby Eddie turned toward where she was pointing, and she yanked a piece of hair from his head. She gave it to Chris.

"Team Huggies get the piece of blonde hair." Chris announced.

"Okay, what else do we have?" Joyce asked.

They all thought for a moment. Baby Eddie realized something and took steroids out of his diaper. He handed them to Chris.

"These are McKay's." he said.

"Team Huggies also gets something left behind by an eliminated contestant." Chris said.

Abraham nudged Enrique. "They are already ahead of us."

"I know." Enrique said, in a daze. "I'm too tired to try though."

Abraham groaned. "Come on dude. We can do this."

"Fine." Enrique said. "Let's split up." He tossed a camera to Abraham. "Try to get a picture of Team Huggies finding something. Ty, go to the restaurant and find an old piece of meat. Jonothon, go try and find a candlestick. Carlos, look for the Buc-ee's golf ball. I'll look for the lifesaver."

They five run in separate directions.

Meanwhile, Anthony and Aden walked into Chris's office.

"There it is." Anthony said.

He ran over and grabbed a bottle of Chris's hair gel.

"Too easy, Chris." Anthony said.

He pushed Aden out of the office.

Meanwhile, Ty walked into the kitchen. He looked around for an old piece of meat. Suddenly, something crawled up his leg. He screamed and started whacking it. A piece of old steak fell of his leg.

"That's disgusting." Ty said.

The piece of steak started to hiss.

Meanwhile, Jean walked up to Laken and Joyce.

"One of the items on the list is a picture of a kiss." Jean said.

"No!" Laken shouted. "I'm not kissing you!"

"Come on, Laken." Joyce said. "It's for the challenge. Just one small kiss."

"And no one on my team is here to take the picture." Jean pointed out.

Laken sighed. "Fine."

The two leaned in and kissed. Joyce snapped a picture. They continued to kiss.

"Okay, guys." Joyce said. "I got the picture."

Laken and Jean continued to kiss. Joyce walked away awkwardly.

Over an intercom, Chris said, "Team Intergalactic got the hair gel, while Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad have the steak, and Team Huggies have the kiss. It's still anyone's game!"

Meanwhile, Genevieve and Lauretta walked into the pool area.

"There was still something about you that I can't remember!" Genevieve said.

"I'm sure it was nothing." Lauretta said.

She pointed to the lifeguard's chair with a lifesaver on it.

"There it is!" Lauretta yelled.

Suddenly, Enrique walked into the pool area and spotted the lifesaver. He and Genevieve ran towards it and grabbed it at the same time. They started pulling at it, but the lifeguard's chair fell over and they both fell into the pool. Lauretta waited anxiously to see Genevieve, but Enrique ran out of the pool with the lifesaver. As Enrique ran out, Ellie took a picture of him and smiled.

Meanwhile, Carlos was looking through thousands of golf balls, trying to find a Buc-ee's one. He sighed out of boredom.

"There's only three items left," Chris said over the intercom. "Team Huggies lead 3-2-2. Get moving!"

Meanwhile, Laken and Jean are still kissing. Genevieve comes by and breaks them up.

"See?" Laken said. "I felt nothing."

"Focus!" Genevieve yelled. "There are only three items left."

Queenie ran by with a candlestick. Jean followed her.

"Two!" Genevieve corrected herself. "We need to find the eliminated contestant."

"Is Caitlin by the tennis courts where she's supposed to be?" Chris said over the intercom. "Good. Those suckers will never find her. Wait? Is the intercom on? Shi-"

"How are we supposed to get to the tennis courts in time?" Laken asked.

Suddenly, Baby Eddie drove up to the two girls in the team's pink golf cart.

"Someone need a ride?" Baby Eddie asked.

The two girls hopped in and they drove off.

Meanwhile, Carlos handed the golf ball to Enrique, who was standing with the rest of his team.

"It's over." Ty said. "Team Intergalactic are, like, right by the tennis courts."

"Maybe if we get there second, we'll come in second!" Carlos yelled.

"Let's go!" Jonothon said.

"Wait!" Abraham yelled. "I need to tell you guys something. Genevieve was the one who hit Enrique with the golf ball."

"What?!" Enrique yelled. "That's a lie!"

"She told me herself, man." Abraham said. "Sorry."

Enrique's eye twitched.

"Esa perra de dos tiempos!" Enrique yelled.

Suddenly, Enrique noticed the pink golf cart dashing toward them. Enrique got in its way and they stopped.

"Get out of the way!" Baby Eddie shouted.

"No!" Enrique said. "This golf cart is ours! You hit me with the golf ball. You betrayed us! Now get out!"

"Fine!" Genevieve yelled. "But you'll regret this!"

Team Huggies climbed out of the golf cart.

"On the contrary," Enrique said. "you will be the one to regret this! Our alliance is over!"

Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad climbed into the pink golf cart.

"By the way, just in case you forgot." Abraham said. "Your teammate, Lauretta, is a lesbian."

The pink golf cart drove off as Team Huggies stared at Lauretta.

Meanwhile, Team Intergalactic ran up to Caitlin. Caitlin noticed this and started to run away, but the entire team tackled and held her to the ground. Chris walked up to them.

"Team Intergalactic wins!" Chris announced.

Suddenly, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad rode up in the pink golf cart.

"And Team Hombres comes in second!" Chris shouted. "Which means, Team Huggies will have to vote off a teammate tonight."

"What about our reward?" Ellie asked.

"You guys get everything that was on the list!" Chris shouted.

"Wait?" Caitlin said. "I'm back in the game! And I'm on their team!"

"No." Chris said. "But you do belong to Team Intergalactic. I'll explain later."

Chris handed them all the other nine items. Jean grabbed the picture of him and Laken.

"I'm saving this." Jean said.

Ellie grabbed the piece of meat. It growled and she screamed. She threw it over the fence.

Later, Genevieve met with Laken and Joyce.

"I called you guys here because I knew you were going to vote me off." Genevieve said.

"Duh." Joyce said.

"You can't do that!" Genevieve said.

"Why not?" Laken asked.

"Think about it." Genevieve said. "Lauretta will be sleeping with us every night until she's eliminated. She could be attracted to one of us."

"That is a little weird." Joyce admitted.

"So you'll vote with me?" Genevieve asked.

"Maybe...we'll see." Laken said.

Later, Laken and Lauretta were in their room. Laken was folding sheets.

"So, I heard that you guys were going to vote me off." Lauretta said.

"Genevieve talked to me about it, but I'm not going to." Laken said.

"Really?" Lauretta asked.

"Yeah." Laken said. "You, me, and Eddie can vote together against Genevieve."

Laken turned around, and suddenly, Lauretta kissed her.

"What are you doing?!" Laken shouted.

"I'm sorry." Lauretta said. "But I've liked you ever since I've gotten here. I think you're beautiful."

"I'm not a lesbian!" Laken shouted. "Get that through your head!"

Laken stormed out.

Later, Team Huggies sat in the lobby.

"If I call your name, you will receive a piece of cheesecake. If you don't get some cheesecake, you must immediately take the Check-Out of Shame to the Limo of Losers and leave." As he called a contestant's name, they got a piece of cheesecake.

"Baby Eddie"



"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












Lauretta stood up. "I can't believe it. You voted me off! I'm sorry I got stuck on a team with a bunch of homophobes!"

Lauretta ran out. Laken looked down sadly.

"Well," Chris said. "that was dramatic."

Later, Laken was walking down the hallway. Jean walked up to her. Laken was about to say something.

"Don't say anything." Jean said. "I'll stop hitting on you. I know the kiss meant nothing to you, but I want you to know it mean a lot to me."

Jean was about to walk away, when Laken kissed him passionately.

"I'm sorry. I lied." Laken said. "The kiss meant a lot to me too. I think you're an amazing guy. And kissing you is way better than kissing Lauretta."

Jean smiled, and the two kissed again.

"Wow." Chris said. "Will Genevieve ever make amends with Team Hombres? Will Aden's arm ever heal? Will Laken and Jean ever stop kissing? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 10 - We Need a Holiday

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants ran around the club competing in a scavenger hunt. Abraham tried to tell Enrique that Lauretta was a lesbian and that Genevieve knocked him out with a golf ball, but Enrique was in the middle of a hangover. After the teams had each found three items on the list, there was only one left, and it was Caitlin. Team Huggies almost caught up to Caitlin using their pink golf cart, but Enrique repossessed it when Abraham finally told him Genevieve's secret. Abraham also told Lauretta's team that she was a lesbian, exposing her secret. Team Intergalactic won and Team Huggies came in last. Genevieve tried to convince Joyce and Laken to vote off Lauretta. Joyce tagged along, but Laken decided not to, at least until Lauretta kissed her on the lips. Lauretta was eliminated, and Laken shared her second kiss of the night with Jean. Who will be eliminated right now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chris fired a cannon and there was a large explosion.

Suddenly, everyone in the Team Huggies' girls room woke up.

"What was that?!" Laken shouted.

"I don't know." Joyce said. "But we should get out of here."

Genevieve, Laken, and Joyce ran out of their room. They ran into Baby Eddie.

"Eddie!" Joyce shouted. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Baby Eddie said. "What about you guys?"

"We're cool." Genevieve said. "Now can we get the hell out of here!"

The team ran toward the door and ran out of the sheds. Team Intergalactic was standing in the grass.

"Laken!" Jean shouted. "You're okay!"

The two started making out.

"Where is Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad?" Baby Eddie asked.

"No need to wonder." Genevieve said. "Let's just hope they were hit by the cannon."

"Don't blame them." Baby Eddie said. "You're the one who broke our alliance with them and then saved yourself from elimination by voting off Lauretta because of her sexuality. That's low. Are you going to vote me off next because of my fetish?"

"Well..." Genevieve started to say.

"Genevieve!" Baby Eddie yelled.

"Look, you don't understand, because you're not a girl." Genevieve said.

"Whatever." Baby Eddie said. "Just know that you shouldn't only worry about Team Hombres."

Suddenly, Enrique ran out of the sheds in a bath robe.

"No kidding." Genevieve said.

The rest of Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad ran out of the sheds.

"Well, if it isn't the team who betrayed us." Ty said.

"Well, if it isn't a wannabe millionaire in a sequined bathrobe." Genevieve said.

"Cute." Enrique said sarcastically. "Now where's Chris?"

Chris ran up to the contestants.

"Hello contestants." Chris said.

"Chris!" Ellie shouted. "What was that explosion?"

"Oh, that was me." Chris said. "It's part of the challenge."

"But it's the middle of the night!" Abraham yelled.

"Yep." Chris said. "This challenge had to take place during the night. Follow me."

Later, the contestants arrived in front of three cannons, which stood near the lake in the golf course.

"Today's challenge is based on holiday events." Chris said. "Here you see cannons which shoot fireworks for the Fourth of July. Your team will have to load fireworks into the cannons and create the best firework show you can. The best show as judged by me will win an advantage in the next part of the challenge."

"So, we have to shoot packs of gunfire out of a cannon?" Anthony asked.

"Pretty much." Chris said.

"Cool." Anthony said.

"Grab your bags and!" Chris shouted.

The teams started loading the cannons with the bags and shooting them across the lake.

"So, when do we get our revenge on Team Huggies?" Abraham asked.

"Patience." Enrique said. "You have to wait for perfect timing on things like this. Plus we still have their golf cart."

The entire team stared at Enrique.

"Yeah..." Enrique said. "We should just be patient."

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie handed bags to Joyce, who put them in the cannon, and Laken fired it.

"Fire!" Genevieve shouted.

"Do you think Team Hombres is going to try to get revenge on us?" Joyce asked.

"Fire!" Genevieve shouted. "Probably. The solution is to be prepared for the worst."

"We'll just vote off Genevieve anyway." Baby Eddie said.

"Hey!" Genevieve shouted. "It wasn't completely my fault!"

Genevieve stared at Laken.

"Fire!" she shouted.

Laken realized and fired the cannon.

Meanwhile, Jean talked with Aden while loading their cannon.

"How are things going with Laken?" Aden asked.

"Amazing." Jean said. "She's the most beautiful girl in the world. How about you and Queenie?"

"She still doesn't notice me." Aden said.

"She's been paying a lot more attention to you since you broke your arm." Jean said.

"That's not necessarily a good thing." Aden said.

"So?" Jean said. "Use it to your advantage."

Aden put his hand on his chin.

Later, the three teams all put their last bag in the cannon and fired it. There was a lot of bangs and a grand finale.

Chris drove up in a golf cart.

"Well, look at that." Chris said. "Amazing show. All the teams did great, but I have to give the reward to...Team Hombres."

The entire team cheered.

"Can we go back to bed?" Genevieve asked.

"Sure. Why not?" Chris said. "But be awake again by 8:00 or else your team will be disqualified from the challenge."

Later, the girls of Team Huggies climbed back into bed.

"You guys aren't listening to Baby Eddie, are you?" Genevieve asked.

"He's right, Genevieve." Laken said. "We had a perfect alliance, but you had to mess it up, because you don't trust Enrique!"

"That's not true." Genevieve said.

"And then, you convinced us to vote off Lauretta because she was a lesbian." Laken said.

"Don't blame that on me!" Genevieve shouted. "You had every right to vote me off. You only voted off Lauretta because she kissed you."

"That...that are..." Laken tried to gather her words. "Yes, I voted her off, but I didn't want her being all over me. It's no different than if a guy was all over me."

"Jean's all over you all the time." Genevieve said. "There's a big difference."

"I'm not a lesbian!" Laken shouted. "She didn't realize that."

"Then, we had every right to vote her off." Genevieve said.

"I guess..." Laken said.

"And that's why you guys are going to vote off Baby Eddie with me." Genevieve said.

Laken and Joyce remained silent.

Later, the three team lined up on the golf course. Chris was in front of them.

"The next part of the challenge is based on Easter." Chris said. "The classic country club easter egg hunt. Each team will have one of their members hide one of the other team's eggs, while wearing a bunny costume. The other members of the team will have to look for the easter eggs. Team Huggies will have to find three eggs, while the others will have to find four. The first team to find all their eggs wins. For winning the previous challenge, Team Hombres can choose which team's eggs they would like to hide."

"Team Huggies." Enrique said.

"Which means that Team Huggies will hide for Team Intergalactic and Team Intergalactic will hide for Team Hombres." Chris said. "Now choose your bunnies."

"I will!" Abraham said quickly.

"Really?" Ty questioned. "Why?"

"I'm really good at hiding." Abraham said. "I can make sure that Team Huggies will never find their eggs."

Meanwhile, Team Huggies talked.

"Who should be the bunny for our team?" Joyce asked.

"I think it should be Baby Eddie." Genevieve said. "He has enough costume disorders."

Genevieve tugged on Baby Eddie's diaper, but Baby Eddie swatted her hand away.

"Why don't you?" Baby Eddie asked. "It's the least you can do."

Laken and Joyce looked at Genevieve.

"Fine." Genevieve muttered between her teeth.

Team Intergalactic talked at the same time.

"Who's wearing the bunny costume?" Jean asked.

"I can't fit into the costume." Ellie said. "It's too big."

"Broken arm." Aden said.

"My girlfriend would laugh at me if I wore a bunny costume." Jean said.

"Someone needs to look after Aden." Queenie said.

"That leaves you, Anthony." Jean said.

"What?" Anthony said, looking up from his book.

Later, Abraham was shown in his bunny costume, hiding eggs. He dumped the basket of eggs in the lake.

Meanwhile, Genevieve hid one of the eggs in a golf bag, one in a bush, one on a golf tee, and one on Chris's back.

Meanwhile, Anthony looked around. He looked up into a tree.

"Where they'd least expect it." he said.

He started climbing the tree.

Later, the contestants started searching. Team Huggies were seen looking.

"Are you guys really voting with Genevieve?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Of course not." Joyce said. "I could never vote you off."

"What about you, Laken?" Baby Eddie asked.

"I don't know, Eddie." Laken said. "Genevieve's right. It wasn't wrong to vote off Lauretta. She made me uncomfortable."

"Okay." Baby Eddie said. "Maybe you had a right, but Genevieve doesn't. She's trying to turn you against everyone else so that she can survive until the merge."

Laken thought for a moment. "You're right. Maybe I shouldn't have voted Lauretta off, but just told her that it would never work out."

"You see?" Baby Eddie said. "We can all vote together and get Genevieve eliminated."

The two girls smiled.

Meanwhile, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad minus Abraham looked for their eggs.

"Where could they be?" Carlos asked.

Ty thought for a moment. "Hey, Anthony hid the eggs, right?"

"Yeah." Jonothon said. "Why?"

"Because Anthony would put it in the obvious spot, so it would blend in." Ty explained.

Ty noticed a bird nest in the tree and climbed the tree. He found the easter eggs and threw them down to his team.

"Nice job, Ty." Jonothon said.

"Let's get these to Chris." Enrique said.

Meanwhile, Team Intergalactic ran up to Chris.

"We found three of our eggs." Queenie said.

"Too late." Chris said. "Team Hombres already found all of their eggs."

"We can still find the last egg and beat Team Huggies." Jean said.

Aden winced. "Ow. My arm. It hurts."

"Oh no." Queenie said. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know." Aden said. "I may have hit it."

Queenie kneeled next to Aden. Aden smiled and winked at Jean. Jean realized what was going on and winked back.

"Why don't you guys go find the egg and we'll stay here?" Queenie asked.

Ellie and Jean ran off.

Meanwhile, Joyce, Baby Eddie, and Laken continued looking.

"Where could they be?" Joyce asked.

"I don't know," Laken said. "but Abraham hid them well."

"It doesn't matter." Baby Eddie said. "If we lose, we're voting Genevieve off anyway. Let's head back."

Meanwhile, Aden and Queenie sat on the green of the golf course.

"Thanks for staying behind with me." Aden said.

"No problem." Queenie said. "You're my friend and friends help each other out."

Aden smiled.

Queenie noticed something.

"Chris, what's that on your back?" she asked.

Chris grabbed the easter egg from his back.

"That's ours!" Queenie exclaimed.

Team Huggies ran up to the green.

"Sorry guys." Chris said. "You came in last."

"It's okay." Laken said.

"You would have to vote someone off but...that wasn't the last part of the challenge." Chris announced.

"There's more?" Joyce asked.

"You bet." Chris said. "The next part of the challenge is to drag a bag of toys across the golf course to the country club. Last one there will eliminate someone. Team Hombres will get a lighter bag for winning the easter egg hunt, and Team Intergalactic will get a lighter bag than Team Huggies for coming in second."

"I'll pull the bag for Team Hombres." Jonothon said.

Abraham pulled Jonothon aside.

"I don't want you to do something you're not capable of." Abraham whispered.

"I'll be fine." Jonothon whispered. "Our bag's lighter, so I'll win this challenge easy and then I'll never do another physical challenge again."

"I want to do it for Team Huggies." Baby Eddie said.

"He did do well in the weight room challenge and the spa challenge." Joyce said.

"Fine..." Genevieve said.

"I think I should do it for Team Intergalactic." Queenie said.

"I'm okay with it." Aden said.

"Sure." Jean said.

Later, the three lined up with their bag of toys.

"On your mark, get set, go!" Chris yelled.

Baby Eddie and Jonothon started at a decent pace, but Queenie didn't move.

"Now I remember why I never wore heels." Queenie said.

She took off her high heels and tried to catch up with the others.

Suddenly, Jonothon noticed that Baby Eddie was pulling ahead of him. Then, he noticed Queenie was too. He tried to pull harder, but couldn't. He finally realized that he crossed the finish line last.

"Team Huggies wins!" Chris yelled. "Sadly, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad lose the challenge and have to vote someone off."

"What's our reward?" Genevieve asked impatiently.

"Open the bag." Chris explained.

Baby Eddie opened the bag and saw a bunch of baby toys.

"These are useless." Baby Eddie said. "I'll just take them away."

Genevieve chuckled.

Later, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad sat in the lobby.

"If I call your name, you'll get a piece of cheesecake and that means you're safe." Chris said. As he called the contestants' names, they got a piece of cheesecake.




"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"That's okay." Jonothon said. "I shouldn't have pushed myself to limits I could not reach."

Jonothon stood up and walked past Abraham. He reached his fist out to Abraham.

"Thanks." Jonothon said.

Abraham smiled and they fist bumped. Jonothon left the country club.

"Another shocking elimination. Will the feud between Team Huggies and Team Hombres rage on? Will Aden continue using his broken arm to get Queenie? Will the Baby Eddie-Laken-Joyce alliance succeed in eliminating Genevieve? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 11 – In the Kitchen

“Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants fought through many different holidays. They started with the Fourth of July when I woke them up with a large explosion. Baby Eddie was angry that Genevieve eliminated Lauretta because of her sexuality and Enrique was angry that Genevieve betrayed their alliance. Abraham took revenge by dressing in a bunny costume and dumping Team Huggies’ eggs into a lake. Luckily for Team Huggies, that wasn’t the last challenge and Baby Eddie won the last challenge for them. Jonothon lost to Baby Eddie ‘’and’’ Queenie and was eliminated. Also, Baby Eddie convinced Laken and Joyce to help him vote out Genevieve. Will she go? And if not, who will? Find out now on Total…Drama…Country Club!”

The guys of Team Intergalactic sat in their room.

“Your advice was pure genius, man.” Aden said.

“It’s not through yet.” Jean said. “Queenie still isn’t your girlfriend. You have to make your move now.”

“What if she rejects me?” Aden asked.

“Then, I will be extremely shocked.” Anthony said sarcastically, with his head buried in a book.

“Then, you’ll know it wasn’t meant to be.” Jean said.

“I don’t think I can deal with that.” Aden said.

“Trust me, I know.” Jean said. “When I thought Laken was going to turn me down, I felt like crap. But you gotta get over it.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t.” Aden said.

“You can’t give up now!” Jean said. “You almost have her!”

“Look, I have a huge fear of rejection.” Aden said. “That’s why I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah.” Anthony said sarcastically. “That’s why.”

“I can’t do this.” Aden said. He ran out of the room.

Jean glared at Anthony. Anthony looked up from his book.

“What?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie started placing the baby toys in his nursery room. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Eddie?” Joyce asked. “Are you there?”

“Yeah.” Baby Eddie said nervously. “Can I meet you somewhere else?”

“No, I need to talk to you now.” Joyce said.

“I’m sorry.” Baby Eddie said. “You can’t come in.”

“Why not?” Joyce asked.

“Look, you’re my best friend.” Baby Eddie said. “Please trust me.”

Joyce was silent for a minute. “Fine.” she said. “I’ll tell you before the challenge.”

Later, the contestants sat down in the restaurant.

“Why did Chris want us here?” Laken asked.

“Why else?” Anthony said. “Another pointless challenge.”

Joyce grabbed Baby Eddie.

“I need to tell you now.” Joyce whispered.

“What is it?” Baby Eddie asked.

“I found out that Genevieve is allergic to basil leaf.” Joyce said.

Baby Eddie smiled evilly.

Suddenly, Chris ran in.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Chris said. “I was out spreading the news.”

“What news?” Carlos asked.

“The restaurant is reopening for one night only.” Chris announced.

“Chef is going to cook for everyone in town?” Jean asked.

“Nope.” Chris said. “You are.”

“What?!” everyone shouted.

“Yep.” Chris said. “Your challenge is to cook meals for everyone who comes to the restaurant. They will vote on which team made the best meal and that team will win a reward. The team with the least amount of votes will vote off one of their members.”

“So when does the restaurant open?” Ty asked.

Chris looked at his watch. “About…now!”

Suddenly, a horde of people stormed into the restaurant.

“Get into the kitchen and start cooking!” Chris shouted. “Oh, each team needs a waiter, by the way.”

The contestants walked into the kitchen.

“Who’s going to be our waiter?” Ellie asked.

“Well, Jean’s got the sexy French accent.” Aden said.

“Oui, it is true.” Jean said.

“Jean, get out there and start taking orders.” Ellie said. “The rest of us should get ready to start cooking.”

Meanwhile, Team Huggies started taking cooking supplies out.

“Okay, who’s going to be the waiter?” Joyce asked.

“I shouldn’t do it.” Baby Eddie said. “I don’t think people want someone in a diaper taking their orders.”

“I don’t think they want people in diapers touching their food either.” Genevieve said.

“I guess I’ll be the waitress.” Laken said.

Meanwhile, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad talked.

“Who’s taking orders?” Enrique asked.

“I will.” Carlos said.

“I guess.” Ty said. “No one else wants to do it.”

Carlos ran out of the kitchen, and Jean ran back in. He handed an order to Aden.

“Thanks.” Aden said.

“Hey, wait.” Jean said. “I want to talk to you about Queenie.”

“Just forget about it.” Aden said.

“No!” Jean said. “I think she likes you, and unless you take this chance, you’ll never know and you’ll never be happy.”

“Look, I’m better off by myself.” Aden said.

“Fine.” Jean said. “If you really believe that, then fine. But if you love Queenie, you’ll try to win her over.”

Jean left the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Genevieve turned her back to get something from the cabinet. Joyce dropped a basil leaf into the soup . “Genevieve, maybe you should try the soup,” Baby Eddie said. “to make sure it’s okay.”

Genevieve took a sip of the soup.

“It tastes fine.” Genevieve said.

Laken walked in and took the soup away.

Meanwhile, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad started making food quickly. Enrique took a bite of the steak.

“This still doesn’t taste good enough.” Enrique said.

Ty thought for a moment. “I’ve got it!”

Ty pulled out a card. “My recipe for excellent barbeque sauce. If we put this on the steak, it will be irresistible.”

“Why did you make that?” Abraham asked.

“I needed to bulk up for wrestling.” Ty said. “This stuff has a bunch of protein.”

“Sounds good to me.” Enrique said. “Start whipping up a batch.”

Ty started grabbing ingredients from the cabinet.

Later, Baby Eddie and Joyce were stirring a bowl. Suddenly, Genevieve walked in with her face all swelled up.

“Oh my God!” Joyce yelled. “Have you seen yourself?”

“What?” Genevieve asked.

Genevieve took out a mirror and screamed.

“What happened to my face?” Genevieve asked.

“I don’t know.” Baby Eddie lied. “Do you have any allergies?”

Genevieve realized what happened. “Basil leaf. Was there any in the soup?”

“Yeah.” Baby Eddie said. “I didn’t know you were allergic.”

Genevieve ran out of the kitchen into the restaurant. Everyone saw her and screamed. They all ran out of the restaurant. Enrique walked up to Genevieve.

“Way to scare away your customers.” he said.

He walked back into the kitchen.

Later, the restaurant was filled with new customers. In the kitchen, Ty was making barbeque sauce.

“Hurry up.” Enrique said. “Four separate tables ordered the steak again, plus the nine who want it for the first time.”

“Man, this stuff is going quick.” Ty said. “Get Abraham to help me.”

“Sure thing.” Enrique said.

Meanwhile, Aden walked up to Queenie.

“Look, I need to tell you something.” Aden said.

“What is it?” Queenie asked.

Aden took a deep breath. “I like you. I’ve liked you ever since I saw you.”

“Really?” Queenie asked.

Aden nodded.

“I’ve liked you too.” Queenie said. “I actually only changed my look for you.”

“Really?” Aden asked. “That’s…amazing.”

The two hugged. Jean walked in and saw this, and then walked out.

Meanwhile, Carlos was taking an order from a guy.

“Would you like another one of our steaks?” Carlos asked.

“No way!” the guy said. “My kidneys are killing me!”

The guy left. Suddenly, a lot of customers started leaving.

“What’s going on?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know.” Carlos said. “The people who had the steak said their kidneys aren’t feeling well.”

“What did you do to the steaks?” Chris asked.

“We added Ty’s barbeque sauce to the steaks.” Carlos said. He handed Chris the recipe.

Chris looked at the recipe. “Carlos! Do you know how much protein this has?”

Carlos shrugged.

Chris ran into the kitchen.

“Stop the steaks!” Chris shouted. “Your barbeque sauce has way too much protein!”

“Well, yeah.” Ty said. “I use it to bulk up.”

“Dude!” Chris yelled. “This can give people protein overdose with one serving. You gave half of our customers kidney disease.”

“They just can’t handle as much protein as me.” Ty said.

“Nevertheless, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad loses.” Chris said. “Team Intergalactic wins! Their reward is a romantic dinner for two!”

Laken shrieked. “I can’t wait to go with you, Jean!”

“Sorry, Laken.” Jean said. “But I think Aden and Queenie should take this reward.”

Aden smiled. “Thanks, dude.”

“Okay, then.” Chris said. “Team Hombres, get ready to vote someone off.”

Enrique, Abraham, and Ty turned to see Carlos eating the steaks.

“What?” Carlos asked.

Later, the four sat in the lobby. Chris walked up with a plate of cheesecakes.

“Hello, hombres. If I call your name, you’ll get a piece of cheesecake, which means you’re safe. If you don’t get a piece of cheesecake, you must take the Check-Out of Shame to the Limo of Losers.” As he called their names, they got a piece of cheesecake.



“Ty and Carlos. The last piece of cheesecake goes to…”












“Ah, well.” Ty said. “This game wasn’t meant for me. I’m going back to wrestling.”

Enrique and Abraham high-fived Ty.

“See ya guys.” Ty said.

“Another surprising elimination. Will Queenie and Aden’s relationship last? Will Enrique finally get his revenge on Genevieve? Will Carlos get protein overdose? Find out next time on Total…Drama…Country Club!”

Chapter 12 - Showmance!

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, Jean tried to convince Aden to make his move on Queenie, but he chickened out. Meanwhile, Joyce almost found out Eddie's secret, but he convinced her to drop it. Later, the three teams competed to destroy each other in a cook-off. Baby Eddie and Joyce took out Genevieve with some basil leaf, but also scared away their customers. Ty's steak sauce sold like hotcakes, but unfortunately it gave all their customers protein overdose, costing them the challenge. Team Intergalactic won a dinner for two, but instead of having a dream date with Laken, Jean sacrificed the reward for Aden and Queenie. Later, Ty was eliminated, leaving Team Hombres with only three members. Will they lose another or will another team send another member packing? Find out now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

"Hey Chris." Aden called out from the table next to him. "Can you keep it down? We're on a date!"

Chris muttered something and then left the restaurant.

Aden and Queenie returned to their date.

"This is perfect." Aden said in a confessional. "I'm on the perfect date with the perfect girl."

"Things are working out well." Ellie said in a confessional. "Queenie's with her crush, and it's all because of me. All I need to do is seal the deal and that $100,000 comic book is as good as mine."

A crow noise comes from a bush outside. Queenie turns around and sees Ellie in the bush, waving to her. Queenie stands up.

"I'll be right back." Queenie said. "I need to use the little girls' room."

Queenie ran out of the restaurant.

"Outside?" Aden asked.

Queenie ducked into the bush with Ellie.

"What?" Queenie asked.

"How's it going?" Ellie asked. "What are you guys talking about?"

"We just started the date." Queenie said. "I was going to ask him about comics."

"No!" Ellie shouted. "Guys don't want to talk about that!"

"They don't?" Queenie asked.

"No!" Ellie said. "You need to give up all that nerdy stuff. If you want to be cool and to keep Aden, then you gotta talk about stuff like music and things like that."

"But I don't know about that stuff." Queenie said.

"I'll teach you later." Ellie said. "Just don't talk about comics or Star Trek or video games or whatever."

Ellie ran out of the bush and Queenie got out of the bush and walked to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie sat with Joyce and Laken in their room.

"Let's make this quick." Baby Eddie said. "Genevieve could come back any minute."

"Okay." Joyce said. "We all want Genevieve gone. Hoping we lose isn't enough. We have to throw the challenge."

"But Genevieve will suspect something when we all aren't trying." Laken explained.

"Then we have to make it subtle." Joyce said.

"So we throw the challenge while we try to look like we are trying?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Pretty much." Joyce said.

"I know I was peeved at Genevieve before," Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "but throwing challenges seems extreme. What if we lose a challenge after that? Will I vote off Joyce or Laken? Or will they vote me off? I won't stop the girls from throwing the challenge, but I'm going at it 100%."

Meanwhile, Enrique and Abraham talked while Carlos was sleeping. He was snoring really loudly.

"I can't put up with that snoring piece of lard!" Enrique shouted.

"We'll just vote him off next time we lose." Abraham said.

Enrique thought for a moment and then snapped his fingers.

"I've got it!" Enrique shouted. "We can get rid of Carlos and get revenge on Genevieve at the same time! We just need to throw the next challenge. We vote off Carlos and our team is stronger."

"We're going to get revenge on Team Huggies by letting them win?" Abraham asked.

"I think it could work." Enrique said.

The next morning, Queenie and Ellie were in their room. Ellie was piling through Queenie's stuff. Ellie pulled out a stack of comic books.

"Here we go." Ellie said. "You can't keep these."

"Why not?" Queenie asked.

"Because it's not cool." Ellie said.

Ellie grabbed a bunch of CDs and poured them into Queenie's bag.

"Music is what people want to talk about." Ellie said.

"I don't know." Queenie said. "I don't think I'm ready to get rid of them yet."

"Fine." Ellie said. "I'm a reasonable person. I'll give you time."

Queenie looked upset.

Later, the teams lined up in the ballroom.

"Where's Chris?" Enrique asked.

Suddenly, the lights turned off and a spotlight focused on the center of the ballroom. Chris slid into the spotlight, wearing sunglasses, a black tee, a white jacket, and black jeans. Music starts to play.

Chris: I may run and hide, when you're screamin' my name, alright

Chef slides in in the same outfit.

Chef: But let me tell you now, there are prices to fame, alright

Ty and another guy slide in in the same outfits.

All: All of our time spent in flashes of light
All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

Ty: Looking at the crowd and I see your body sway, c'mon

Other Guy: Wishin' I could thank you in a different way, c'mon

All: Cuz all of your time spent keeps us alive
All you people can't you see, can't you see
How your love's affecting our reality
Every time we're down
You can make it right
And that makes you larger than life

"What are you doing, Chris?" Anthony asked.

"Remember my old boy band Fametown?" Chris asked.

Everyone started laughing.

"Well, I'm going back to my singing career." Chris explained. "We are The Key Gene."

"That name doesn't even make sense!" Genevieve yelled.

"Do band names ever make sense?" Chris asked.

"Ty?" Abraham asked. "What are you doing?"

"Chris asked me to join and it sounded good to me." Ty said.

"So who's that guy?" Jean asked.

All the girls gasped.

"What?" Jean asked.

"That's Dustin Belieber!" Joyce exclaimed. "He's the hottest teen sensation ever!"

Dustin nodded his head slightly with a smile. "Sup?"

All the girls screamed except for Queenie.

"I kinda know what Ellie's talking about now." Queenie said in a confessional. "When all the girls were screaming about Dustin Belieber, I felt so left out. I always feel left out when the girls at school are talking."

"Anyway, Chef, Ty, and Dustin gotta go." Chris said.

The three walk out of the ballroom.

"Now for the challenge!" Chris yelled. "This country club has many showchoirs come and perform. Today, each team will make their own showchoir."

"So we have to sing showtunes?" Abraham asked.

"You can sing any song you want." Chris said. "Each team has to sing two songs. Not each member has to sing in one song, but each member needs to sing at least once. Get to work."

The contestants split into their teams.

"What songs should we do?" Genevieve asked.

"We should do a song by an inspirational artist." Laken said.

"Gaga!" Baby Eddie exclaimed.

"I think he's starting to actually regress into a baby." Genevieve whispered.

"No." Baby Eddie said. "Lady Gaga. You guys could do one of her songs."

"Sure." Joyce said. "What will you do?"

"I'll think of something." Baby Eddie said. "Just start practicing."

Meanwhile, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad talked.

"Okay, so we'll do that song." Abraham said.

"What will we do for the second song?" Carlos asked.

"Leave that to me." Abraham said.

He winked at Enrique and Enrique smiled.

Meanwhile, Team Intergalactic talked. While Jean talked, Aden stared at Queenie, not hearing a word.

"Aden!" Jean shouted.

"What?" Aden asked, coming out of his daze.

"Did you hear what I said?" Jean asked.

"Yeah..." Aden said. "Of course."

"Great." Jean said. "So we'll end with their duet."

"Ever since my date with Queenie, I haven't been able to focus on anything but her." Aden said in a confessional. "She's amazing. I better start paying more attention though, or I might get voted off."

Jean, Ellie, and Anthony walk away from Aden and Queenie.

"So should we start rehearsing?" Aden asked.

"Wait." Queenie said. "I want to go pick out my wardrobe."

"Of course." Aden said in a daze.

Queenie ran off and Aden sighed with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Jean, Ellie, and Anthony were practicing dance moves. Jean tripped and fell. He rubbed his head.

"Where's Ellie?" he asked Anthony.

From under Jean, Ellie hit him. Jean realized that he was sitting on her and got up.

"You idiot!" Ellie shouted. "You dance like a moron!"

"Sorry." Jean said.

Jean helped Ellie up, but she pushed him.

"Look, I'm French, good-looking, and smart." Jean said in a confessional. "I'm just a bad dancer."

Meanwhile, Laken, Joyce, and Genevieve were practicing their number.

"What do you think Eddie's doing for his song?" Genevieve asked.

"I don't know." Laken said. "Let him handle it."

"That's oddly uncaring of you." Genevieve said.

"Fine." Laken said. "I'll go check it out."

Laken left. Genevieve eyed Joyce.

"What?" Joyce asked innocently.

Laken walked up to Baby Eddie.

"Genevieve's on to us." Laken said. "I hope you've actually been planning something."

"Don't worry." Baby Eddie said. "I have been."

"What is it?" Laken asked.

"It's a surprise." Baby Eddie said.

"Well, I hope it's good." Laken said.

Laken walked away.

Meanwhile, Aden was sitting alone. Jean walked up to him.

"Where's Queenie?" Jean asked.

"Picking out her clothes for the show." Aden said. "Isn't she amazing?"

"Have you guys even rehearsed?" Jean asked.

"No." Aden said in a daze. "We'll be fine. Queenie will be amazing. Isn't she amazing?"

Suddenly, Queenie walked through the door, wearing a T-back and mini dancer top. Everyone stopped rehearsing and stared at Queenie.

"!" Ellie said.

"Wow." Aden said. "She looks amazing."

"Shut up!" Jean yelled.

Ellie grabbed Queenie by the arm and dragged her out the door.

"What are you doing?!" Ellie shouted.

"I thought my look needed an update." Queenie said.

"I tried to make you look nice, not look like a stripper." Ellie said.

"I don't know." Queenie said. "Aden seemed to like it."

"Queenie, this isn't you!" Ellie said. "You don't have to change for anybody."

"That's the problem, Ellie." Queenie said. "I do have to. No one liked me when I was a nerdy comic book girl. Now, thanks to you, I was able to reinvent myself."

Chris walked up to the two.

"We're starting the performances now." Chris said.

Chris walked away. Queenie followed him. Ellie looked at her in disbelief.

"First up, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad!" Chris shouted.

A spotlight shone on Enrique, Abraham, and Carlos.

Carlos: Mm ba ba de
Um bum ba de
Um bu bu bum da de

All: Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for'
Under pressure

Abraham: - that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

Carlos: Um ba ba be
Um ba ba be
De day da
Ee day da - that's o.k.

Abraham: It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends

All: Let me out!

Abraham: Pray tomorrow - gets me higher

All: Pressure on people - people on streets

Carlos: Day day de mm hm
Da da da ba ba

Abraham and Enrique: Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don't work

Enrique: Keep coming up with love
but it's so slashed and torn

Abraham: Why - why - why ?

Enrique: Love love love love love
Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking

Abraham: Can't we give ourselves one more chance
Why can't we give love that one more chance
Why can't we give love give love give love give love
give love give love give love give love give love

Enrique: Cause love's such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of

All: Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

Enrique and Carlos walk away and the spotlight focuses on Abraham.

Abraham: I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my hand (come take my hand)
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just lettin you know that, you're not alone
Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road (same road)
And I just can't keep living this way
So starting today, I'm breaking out of this cage
I'm standing up, I'ma face my demons
I'm manning up, I'ma hold my ground
I've had enough, now I'm so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now! (now)

It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me
Admittedly, I probably did it subliminally
for you, so I could come back a brand new me you helped see me through
And don't even realize what you did, believe me you
I been through the ringer, but they could do little to the middle finger
I think I got a tear in my eye, I feel like the king of
my world, haters can make like bees with no stingers
and drop dead, no more beef flingers
No more drama from now on, I promise
to focus solely on handlin my responsibilities as a father
So I solemnly swear to always treat this roof, like my daughters
and raise it, you couldn't lift a single shingle on it!
Cause the way I feel, I'm strong enough to go to the club
or the corner pub, and lift the whole liquor counter up
Cause I'm raising the bar
I'd shoot for the moon but I'm too busy gazin at stars
I feel amazing and I'm

I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my-

Suddenly, Abraham tripped and fell onto the floor. The lights came back on.

"Smooth." Chris said sarcastically.

Enrique helped Abraham up.

"Nice job." Enrique whispered.

The two high-fived.

"Team Intergalactic is up now." Chris said.

Ellie, Jean, and Anthony walked onstage.

Ellie and Jean: Oh yeah, I´ll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

Oh, please, say to me
You'll let me be your man
and please, say to me

You'll let me hold your hand
Now let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

And when I touch you i feel happy, inside
It's such a feeling
That my love
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide

Yeah you, got that something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your ha-a-a-a-a-a-and

Anthony picked his head up from his book. "Are we done?"

Ellie dragged him off of the stage. Aden and Queenie got on stage.

Aden: Don't go breaking my heart

Queenie: I couldn't if I tried

Aden: Oh honey, if I get restless

Queenie: Baby, you're not that kind.

Aden: Don't go breaking my heart

Queenie: You take the weight off of me

Aden: Honey, when you knocked on my door.

Queenie: I gave you my key.

Aden and Queenie: Wooooo hoooo
Nobody knows it

Aden: When I was down,

Queenie: I was your clown.

Aden and Queenie: Wooooo hoooo
Nobody knows it

Aden: Right from the start

Queenie: I gave you my heart,
I gave you my heart.

Aden: So don't go...

Aden froze up.

Aden: Don't go...

The lights turned on.

"Are you okay, Aden?" Queenie asked.

"You look amazing." Aden said in a daze.

"Aww..." Queenie said.

"Wow." Chris said in shock. "That Team Huggies, you're up!"

Genevieve, Joyce, and Laken got on stage.

Joyce: It doesn't matter if you love him or capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
Cause you were born this way, baby

Genevieve: My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir

There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are
She said, 'cause He made you perfect, babe
So hold your head up, girl and you you'll go far
Listen to me when I say

All: I'm beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way, born this way

Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way
Baby, I was born this way
Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way
I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way

Joyce: Don't be drag, just be a queen
Whether you're broke or evergreen
You're black, white, beige, chola descent
You're Lebanese, you're orient

Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
Cause baby, you were born this way

All: No matter gay, straight or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to survive

No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to be brave

I'm beautiful in my way
Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way, yeah

Ooh, there ain't no other way, baby, I was born this way
Baby, I was born this-

Suddenly, Laken and Joyce ran into Genevieve.

"What are you losers doing?!" Genevieve shouted.

"Keep it moving!" Chris shouted.

Genevieve stormed off stage and Laken and Joyce trailed behind her. Baby Eddie walked on stage.

Baby Eddie: I'm gonna Make a change,
For once in my life
It's gonna feel real good,
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right . . .

As I, turn up the collar on my
Favorite winter coat
This wind is blowin' my mind
I see the kids in the street,
With not enough to eat
Who am I, to be blind?
pretending not to see
Their needs
A summer's disregard,
A broken bottle top
And a one man's soul
They follow each other on
The wind ya' know
Cause they got nowhere
To go
That's why I want you to know

I'm starting with the man in
the mirror
I'm asking him to change
His ways
And no message could have
Been any clearer
If you wanna make the world
A better place
(If you wanna make the
World a better place)
Take a look at yourself, and
Then make a change
(Take a look at yourself, and
Then make a change)
(Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na,
Na Nah)

Chris started clapping. "Great job. It's time to announce the losers. Drum roll, please."

Chef started a drum roll on his drums.

"Team Intergalactic." Chris said.

"What?!" screamed Team Huggies and Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad.

"The dancing was horrible, the song didn't even make it to the end, and the wardrobe was too revealing." Chris explained. "I'll see you guys in the elimination room."

"So, who won?" Genevieve asked.

Chris thought for a moment. "I'll call it a draw." he said.

The two teams groaned.

"Your reward is The Key Gene's newest single." Chris said, taking out copies of the single. He threw a copy to each team member of the two teams.

The two teams groaned again.

"I'm kinda glad we lost now." Anthony said.

Later, Ellie walked into her room, where Queenie was.

"There you are." Queenie said.

Queenie handed Ellie a stack of comic books.

"What's this?" Ellie asked.

"You were right." Queenie said. "It's about time I got rid of those. I was hoping you could get rid of them for me."

"Sure." Ellie said.

Queenie walked out of the room. Ellie dug through the pile and found the issue of The X-Men #1. She smiled evilly, but then looked at the door where Queenie had left, and looked down.

Later, Team Intergalactic sat in the lobby. Chris walked in with pieces of cheesecake. "You are all in danger of elimination tonight. Jean, you dance atrociously. Ellie, you acted like a diva the entire challenge. Queenie, you dressed like a whore to get attention. Aden, you were too distracted by Queenie to even realize what was going on. And Anthony, you didn't even perform. Whoever doesn't receive a piece of cheesecake must take the Check-out of Shame to the Limo of Losers." As he called the contestant's name, they got some cheesecake.




"Queenie and Ellie. The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"No!" Queenie yelled. "You can't leave!"

"It's okay, Queenie." Ellie said. "I need to tell you something. I shouldn't have tried to change you."

"No, you were right." Queenie said. "No one wanted to be friends with the old me."

"That's not true!" Ellie said. "I didn't become friends with you because of your new makeover. I became friends with the old nerdy Queenie. I liked her a lot."

Queenie smiled.

"You can still be beautiful, but still be yourself." Ellie said.

Ellie handed Queenie a stack of comic books with The X-Men #1 on top.

"Please keep these." Ellie said.

Queenie looked at the comic books and took them from Ellie.

"Thank you, Ellie." Queenie said.

Queenie and Ellie hugged.

"Can we hurry up?" Chris asked. "The Limo of Losers is running low on gas."

Ellie waved at everyone and left.

"There we go. Another dramatic elimination. Will Aden get over his obsession of Queenie? Will Team Huggies or Team Hombres lose the next challenge successfully? Will The Key Genes ever reach their dream on going on a European tour. Find out the answers to two-thirds of these questions next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 13 - The Mills: I

"Welcome to The Mills, the new series that follows the losers of Total Drama as they live it up in a mansion. I'm your host, Blaineley. With winners, there are losers. We are about to explore the lives of those losers. Let's go!"

Blaineley walked inside and immediately saw Ty walking by.

"Ty!" Blaineley yelled. "Can I have a word?"

Ty stopped. "Sure thing."

"How does it feel like to be in The Key Gene?" Blaineley asked.

"It's amazing." Ty said. "Suprisingly, it's great to work with Chris. Chef is kinda creepy though. And contrary to popular belief, Dustin isn't gay."

"How did you take your elimination?" Blaineley asked.

"Not badly." Ty said. "Now I have time to focus on my real hobby, wrestling."

"Do you think that you would win against Caitlin in a fight?" Blaineley asked.

"Of course." Ty said.

Caitlin quickly ran up.

"That's a lie." Caitlin said. "I could destroy you."

"Bring it." Ty said.

"Fine." Caitlin said. "Right here. Half hour."

"It's on!" Ty yelled.

Caitlin ran off.

"Excuse me, Blaineley." Ty said. "I need to warm up."

Ty ran off also.

Blaineley walked out to the pool area. Jonothon did a cannonball into the pool and the splash soaked Blaineley.

"Watch it, you idiot!" Blaineley yelled.

"" Jonothon said.

"I'm Blaineley!" Blaineley yelled. "I'm famous!"

"Never heard of you." Jonothon said.

He dove underwater. Blaineley walked over to Ciaran and Fefe, who were both sitting in lounge chairs.

"Hey." Ciaran said. "You're Blaineley!"

"At least someone knows it." Blaineley said.

"Whatever." Fefe said.

Be nice, honey." Ciaran said.

"Honey?" Blaineley asked. "Do I smell a new relationship?"

Ciaran sniffed. "I smell hot dogs."

The camera looked over to show McKay placing hot dogs on a grill.

"It's true." Ciaran said. "We're dating now."

"Congratulations!" Blaineley said.

"Whatever." Fefe said.

Blaineley spotted Lauretta and Ellie tanning and walked over to them.

"Lauretta, how are you doing after your elimination?" Blaineley asked.

"Not well." Lauretta said. "I can't believe my team betrayed me like that."

"So you believe that it was okay to kiss Laken?" Blaineley asked.

"Well, no..." Lauretta said. "But she could've been a little more accepting."

"Who do you blame for your elimination?" Blaineley asked.

"Laken." Lauretta said. "If she had voted with me like she promised, she'd have Genevieve out of her hair."

"Thanks, Lauretta." Blaineley said. "Hey Ellie, what have you been up to?"

"Just chillin'" Ellie said.

"Do you regret giving back the comic to Queenie?" Blaineley asked.

"Well, sometimes." Ellie said. "But I know I did the right thing. I had to let Queenie be who she is, not who I want her to be. We're still total BFF's."

"Thanks, ladies." Blaineley said.

Blaineley walked over to McKay by the grill.

"McKay, how has life been treating you?" Blaineley asked.

"Like a loser." McKay said.

"Do you regret using steroids to get ahead of the competition?" Blaineley asked.

"No." McKay said. "Jonothon and Eddie were unsure of their strength too. I just used steroids as a little help. I think they should too. I think everyone should get the chance to feel powerful."

McKay took a hot dog off the grill, placed it on a bun, and offered it to Blaineley. "Want one?"

Blaineley backed away. "No thanks. Watching my weight."

She backed away more. McKay took a bite of the hot dog.

Blaineley walked past Ryann.

"Why are you wearing a bikini?" she asked.

Ryann sighed. "For the last time, I'm a girl!"

"Sure you are." Blaineley said with an awkward smile on her face. "You're a very pretty girl."

She walked away slowly. She stopped by Ciaran and Fefe.

"Someone should call a doctor. That guy's crazy." Blaineley said. "He thinks he's a girl."

"Whatever." Fefe said.

Blaineley frowned.

Suddenly, Ty and Caitlin emerged from the mansion. Everyone surrounded them.

"This is gonna be good." Blaineley said.

She looked around. "Where's Mary Lou?"

"She hasn't come out of her room since she got here." Jonothon said.

Later, Blaineley walked up to Mary Lou's door and knocked.

"Go away!" Mary Lou shouted.

"But the fight's about to start." Blaineley said.

"I said GO AWAY!!!" Mary Lou yelled.

A chair crashed through the door and the cameraman barely ducked out of the way.

"Let's get out of here!" Blaineley shouted.

The cameraman stood up and they both ran down the hallway.

Later, Blaineley showed up by the pool again as the contestants formed a ring around Ty and Caitlin.

"Let's make this interesting." Blaineley said. "If Ty wins, Team Hombres gets a reward in the next challenge. If Caitlin wins, then Team Huggies will."

"Let's do it." Ty said.

Ellie rung a bell. Caitlin ran at Ty, but Ty grabbed Caitlin and smashed her onto the ground. Caitlin rammed her head through Ty and they both fell. Caitlin punched Ty in the face, but Ty pushed her off of him. He stood up and jumped on top of her with his elbow. Caitlin grabbed Ty in a headlock and punched him multiple times. Finally, she threw him into the pool.

"Caitlin wins!" Blaineley yelled.

Everyone cheered.

"How does it feel to win?" Blaineley asked Caitlin.

"How does it feel to strip a man of his dignity?" Caitlin said. "Awesome."

Ty can be heard crying from underwater.

"While that's it for this episode. See you next time on The Mills!"

Chapter 14 - Day Don't Care

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the three teams formed showchoirs in celebration of the formation of my new boy band, The Key Gene. Team Huggies and Team Hombres both decided to throw the challenge to get rid of their least liked team members, Genevieve and Carlos. After her date with Aden, Queenie decided to follow Ellie's advice and give up her love of comics, landing Ellie a copy of the $100,000 comic. Queenie changed, Ellie divaed, Aden stammered, Jean danced, and Anthony did nothing. And in the end, it all cost Team Intergalactic the win, much to the other teams' dismay. In a tearjerking elimination, Ellie returned the comic to Queenie so that she could be herself. But this show isn't about tearjerking moments, it's about TOTAL DRAMA! And that's why you're watching Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Meanwhile, Abraham and Enrique were meeting outside by the restaurant.

"I can't believe we won!" Abraham exclaimed. "We were on such a great losing streak!"

"Don't worry." Enrique said. "This time there is no way we can't lose!"

Suddenly, Laken and Joyce walked up.

"Did we just hear you correctly?" Laken asked. "Were you guys trying to lose the last challenge?"

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you that, yes, we are trying to throw the challenges." Enrique said.

"But we were trying to lose the last challenge." Joyce said.

"Then how is it possible that neither of us lost?" Abraham asked.

"Well, if you really want to lose so badly," Enrique said. "I guess we could give up our attempts at failure to help you guys lose."

"What?!" Abraham exclaimed.

"Really?" Laken asked. "Thanks."

"It's my honor." Enrique said.

"We'll talk after the challenge is announced." Joyce said.

The two girls walked away.

"What are you doing?" Abraham asked. "We need to get rid of Carlos."

"Not as much as we need to get rid of Genevieve." Enrique explained. "Think about it. The merge is on the horizon. Genevieve is a much bigger threat than Carlos. And if her team wants her gone too, then it's the perfect revenge."

"Wow." Abraham said in a confessional. "Revenge is easier than I thought."

"It's just as I was telling my team earlier." Enrique said in a confessional. "Revenge is about patience and waiting for your perfect moment."

Later the next day, Genevieve woke up to find herself in a baby crib. She looked around and saw that all the other competitors were in cribs too.

"Did we crash-land in one of Eddie's bizarre dreams?" Genevieve asked.

Everyone else slowly woke up and realized what was happening.

"What the hell is going on?" Abraham asked.

Chris walked in. "Good morning, competitors. Welcome to the country club's daycare center. Where little tykes can run around while their parents have a relaxing day away from them."

All the competitors climb out of the baby cribs.

"Let me guess." Anthony said. "This has something to do with today's challenge."

"It does." Chris said. "Today's challenge is babysitting."

Three toddlers come in through the door.

"Here are the three kids." Chris said. "Daniel"

One of the toddlers is shown sitting still.


"Hi everybody" one of the toddlers said. "I love you all."

"And Brick."

One of the toddlers is shown crying.

"Team Huggies, Caitlin won you the first pick." Chris said.

"So, whichever toddler I point to, that's who we babysit." Genevieve said.

"Pretty much." Chris said.

Genevieve pointed to Baby Eddie. "We want him."

"What?" Baby Eddie said.

"He's close enough to a toddler." Genevieve said.

"Sure." Chris said. "Why not?"

Baby Eddie gulped.

"Team Intergalactic, Blaineley forgot that Caitlin belongs to your team." Chris said. "So you get the next pick."

"We want Ashley." Queenie said.

"Thanks." Ashley said. "I love you guys."

"Awwww....." all of the competitors said.

"Team Hombres, Ty lost for you guys, so I'm gonna pair you with Brick." Chris said.

Brick continued to cry. Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad groaned.

"You guys have to babysit for an hour." Chris said. "Let's go!"

"Sweet." Genevieve said. "Now as long as Eddie can sit quiet. We have this challenge in the bag. Chris is such an idiot."

"Genevieve, get me my bottle." Baby Eddie said.

"What?" Genevieve asked.

"Get me a bottle of milk or I'll cry." Baby Eddie repeated.

Laken and Joyce snickered.

"Oh, I get it." Genevieve said. "I knew you guys were throwing the last challenge. You wanna play baby, let's play baby."

She walked off.

"Nice job, Eddie." Joyce said. "She'll go insane if you act like a brat."

"It's kinda weird though." Baby Eddie said.

"Just hang in there." Laken said. "We'll be back at the end of the challenge."

Laken and Joyce walked away. Genevieve walked back with a bottle of milk. She fed it to Baby Eddie.

"You okay now, brat?" Genevieve yelled.

Baby Eddie started crying.

"Shut up, you idiot!" Genevieve shouted.

Baby Eddie cried harder. Genevieve groaned.

Meanwhile, Queenie sat next to Ashley, who was playing with blocks. Ashley threw a block. Queenie grabbed her hand.

"That's not nice, sweetie." Queenie said.

Ashley threw a block at Queenie, knocking her out. Ashley laughed.

"Guys, I think we have a problem." Aden said.

Ashley started throwing blocks like a machine. Aden, Jean, and Anthony screamed and dodged the blocks.

Meanwhile, Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad stood around a crying Brick.

"What are we supposed to do?" Carlos asked.

"I don't know about you guys." Enrique said. "But I need to help Eddie annoy Genevieve."

Enrique walked away. He walked over to Genevieve and Baby Eddie, who was still crying.

"Genevieve, you need to be gentle with children." Enrique said.

"Are you kidding?" Genevieve asked. "He's a teenager."

"You can be so uncaring." Enrique said.

"Why are you here?" Genevieve asked.

Enrique put a pacifier in Baby Eddie's mouth and he stopped crying.

"Just here to help." Enrique said.

"It's so weird having to act like a baby, but it's for the team." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "I don't know what Enrique was up to, but it better help."

"I need to use the bathroom." Baby Eddie said.

"Hey, you want to act like a baby. Go ahead." Genevieve said.

"No way." Baby Eddie said.

"Here's the deal." Genevieve said. "You use the bathroom, and then you start acting your age."

"Fine, but if Laken or Joyce asks, I kept it up." Baby Eddie said.

"Deal." Genevieve said.

Baby Eddie ran off.

"I coated the pacifier with some strong alcohol." Enrique said in a confessional. "He's gonna go insane until he gets that pacifier."

Meanwhile, Jean is blocking blocks with a cardboard shield.

"I'm going in!" Jean shouted.

"You can't!" Aden yelled. "She'll get you!"

"It's a risk I have to take!" Jean yelled.

Jean shouted and charged toward Ashley. He deflected a block, but one hit him in the chest, blowing him back.

"No!!!" Aden shouted.

Anthony looked up from his book. "What happened?"

Meanwhile, Carlos, Enrique, and Abraham stood around Brick.

"How do you shut this thing up?" Abraham asked angrily.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie ran back in.

"Do you still have that pacifier?" Baby Eddie asked quickly.

"Yeah..." Genevieve said.

"Give it to me." Baby Eddie said.

"No!" Genevieve yelled. "I told you I'm not babying you anymore!"

Baby Eddie started crying.

"I can't believe you went against your problem!" Genevieve yelled.

In between tears, Baby Eddie said, "I'm not, I swear! I just need that pacifier!"

Genevieve took the pacifier out. "You want it?" She threw it over her shoulder.

The pacifier landed in Abraham's hand. He shrugged and put it in Brick's mouth. Brick stopped crying. Team Hombres Viriles de Virilidad cheered.

"Stop crying!" Genevieve yelled. "You are such a creep! You are a teenager whose standing here crying like a baby! Act your damn age!"

Enrique noticed this and walked over.

"Look, stop yelling at him." Enrique said. "I put alcohol on the pacifier so that he become addicted to it."

"I knew it!" Genevieve shouted. "You are in it with them!"

"Yeah, whatever, be mad at me," Enrique said. "Just please be nice to Eddie. He's a good kid. It should wear off soon."

Enrique walked away.

Later, Chris walked into the daycare. Laken and Joyce had shown up, Baby Eddie stopped crying, Ashley was missing, and Queenie was conscious, but dizzy.

"Well, I have to say since we had to have their toddler put in a cage, Team Intergalactic are our losers." Chris said.

Everyone groaned, except Genevieve.

"Our winners are Team Hombres." Chris announced. "The prize is a year supply of adult diapers."

He tossed the prize to Abraham. Abraham threw them to Baby Eddie. "Knock yourself out."

"Okay. Team Intergalactic, I'll see you at the elimination ceremony again." Chris said.

Later, Team Intergalactic sat in the lobby. Chris walked out with pieces of cheesecake. "If I call your name, come up and get some cheesecake. If you don't get a piece of cheesecake, you must immediately go through the Check-Out of Shame to the Limo of Losers, and you can never come back...ever!"



"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"Who voted me off?" Aden asked.

"Me." Anthony said. "You've been way to distracted by Queenie to focus."

"Who else though?" Aden asked.

"Durrr...." Queenie said, still dizzy.

Aden sighed. "Oh, well. It was fun."

He walked toward Queenie.

"I'll miss you so much." Aden said.

Queenie breathed heavily on Aden. Aden backed away.

"I'll call you." Aden said.

He walked away.

"Another shocking elimination leading to more questions. Will Genevieve and Eddie ever get along? Will Team Intergalactic get out of their losing streak? Is there a merge on the horizon? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 15 - The Nutcracker Valet

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the competitors had to babysit a bunch of snot rockets. Enrique and Abraham agreed to help Team Huggies lose in order for revenge against Genevieve. Team Huggies decided to babysit Baby Eddie, who turned out to be a real brat in attempts to make his team fail. Feeling awkward while acting like a baby, Eddie made a deal with Genevieve, only to be broken by Enrique. Team Intergalactic's baby had problems with throwing blocks, causing them to win. In the end, Aden was eliminated for not focusing during challenges. Who will go next? Find out here on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Meanwhile, Joyce and Baby Eddie sat outside by the pool.

"Sorry about what you had to go through during the challenge." Joyce said.

"It's okay." Baby Eddie said.

They sat quietly for a second.

"Can I tell you something if you promise to keep it a secret?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Sure." Joyce said.

"I kinda liked it." Baby Eddie said.

Joyce's eyes widened.

"I know." Baby Eddie said. "It's creepy. It's part of my fetish."

"I think it's kinda cute." Joyce said.

"Really?" Baby Eddie asked.

Joyce nodded.

"Can I show you something?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Okay..." Joyce said.

Later, Baby Eddie led Joyce into his room, which was still decorated like a nursery.

"Wow." Joyce said. "This is..."

"I know." Baby Eddie said. "Go ahead and say it."

"No." Joyce said. "It's nice."

"You don't have to be nice to me, Joyce." Baby Eddie said.

"But I want to be." Joyce said. "Look, before I came here, I used to be the popular head cheerleader. I used to bitch about everyone. I didn't accept anyone unless they were like me. You helped me with that. You were so genuinely nice. I learned to accept people for who they are, and I accept you for this."

"Thanks, Joyce." Baby Eddie said.

The two hugged.

"Here's the thing." Joyce said in a confessional. "I'm starting to like Eddie. Like, like Eddie. He's so sweet and innocent. But he's also strong and manly. He's like the total package. I need to get him to like me back."

Meanwhile, Jean and Laken were sitting in the restaurant together.

"So will you help us?" Laken asked.

"Of course." Jean said. "Anything for you, but don't we need one more vote to get rid of her?"

"Yeah, but Enrique and Abraham have been itching to get rid of Genevieve too." Laken said. "That's six votes against four. She's long gone."

"How do you know the merge is now?" Jean asked.

"Chris is so predictable." Laken said. "Trust me. It's happening next challenge."

Meanwhile, Genevieve stood in her room with Anthony, Queenie, and Carlos.

"This is my alliance!" Genevieve yelled. "Fat Ass, Trekkie, and Book Worm!"

"I prefer the term Avid Reader." Anthony said, with his face in a book.

Genevieve facepalmed herself. "This is great! Now what do I do?"

"How can you be so sure that the merge is going to happen?" Queenie asked.

"It's obvious." Genevieve said. "Final ten, two teams of three and one of four. There's no more team challenges for us."

She thought for a second. "You guys need to help me get invincibility."

"Why would we do that?" Anthony asked, looking up from his book.

"Because if you do, we can weaken their alliance by one person, lessening the chances of one of us leaving." Genevieve explained.

"But when you get invincibility, they'll just vote another one of us off." Carlos said.

Genevieve thought for a moment. "I know what I'm going to do. Queenie, you're going to pull a little Trent and Heather with Laken's boyfriend."

"What?!" Queenie exclaimed. "Why me?"

"Because if I do it, that just gives them another reason to vote me off." Genevieve said.

"Well, how do you know they won't vote me off instead of Jean?" Queenie complained.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take." Genevieve said.

Queenie looked worried.

Later, the competitors stood outside by the parking lot.

"Where's Chris?" Genevieve asked. "It's boiling hot out here!"

Suddenly, a limo pulls up. The back window rolls down and Chris sticks his head out, wearing sunglasses and sipping an iced tea.

"Are you gonna get out?" Abraham asked.

"Of course not." Chris said. "It's boiling on there. I've got air conditioning."

Everyone groaned.

"First off, I'd like to congratulate you." Chris said. "You are officially merged."

Everyone cheered.

"Anyway, the challenge." Chris said. He took a quick sip of iced tea. "There's a bunch of cars parked at the front entrance. You are now officially parking valets. Whoever parks the most cars in the lot wins the challenge. Put these bumper stickers on each car. They each have your own names on it."

He tossed the bumper stickers to each contestant.

"Won't it get a little violent with all ten of us trying to park cars at the same time?" Enrique asked.

"That's what I'm hoping for!" Chris said. He took another sip of iced tea. "Now get going!" He rolled up his window and he drove off.

Everyone ran off, but Genevieve stopped her alliance members. She started handing out her bumper stickers to each member.

"Whenever you park a car, put my bumper sticker on it." Genevieve said.

"Umm...okay." Carlos said.

"Whatever." Anthony said.

"Are you sure?" Queenie asked. "I think we should win the challenge fairly."

"If you're still worried about being voted off, save it." Genevieve said. "We're a team and I won't let any of you get voted off. Maybe when Jean gets kicked out of his alliance, he'll vote with us."

Queenie smiled, and the four ran toward the entrance.

"Sucker." Genevieve said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Joyce got behind the wheel of an SUV. She noticed Baby Eddie driving by her in a pickup truck.

"Hey Eddie." she said. "Are you sure you can drive that?"

"It's no problem." Baby Eddie said.

"Okay." Joyce said.

Baby Eddie drove off and Joyce started slapping herself

"Stupid." Joyce said.

"I can't seem to put my moves on Eddie." Joyce said in a confessional. "All I can think of is stupid small talk."

Laken drove by Joyce in a minivan.

"Laken, how do you get a guy to like you?" Joyce asked.

"Well, I fell in love with Jean after the first time we kissed." Laken said.

"That's it!" Joyce exclaimed. "Thanks Laken!"

"Wait," Laken said. "who is it?"

"You don't know him." Joyce said quickly.

She quickly drove off.

Later, the parking lot is shown half-full.

Enrique hopped in a monster truck. He tries to pull into the parking lot, but the other competitors's cars are blocking the entrance.

"I think I'll take a shortcut." Enrique said.

Enrique started driving over the other cars with his monster truck.

Genevieve popped her head out her window.

"Watch it, Enrique!" she shouted. "You could have killed us!"

Enrique started laughing. He parked the monster truck.

Everyone got out of their cars.

"Great." Jean said. "How are we supposed to park smashed cars?"

Genevieve drove by in a tow truck. She hooked the hook to Jean's car and drove with it.

"Nice." Laken said. "She's gonna get all our cars."

Genevieve came back with the tow truck and hooked the next smashed car.

Later, the parking lot was almost completely full. Genevieve parked her tow truck and put a bumper sticker on it. Suddenly, police sirens were heard.

"Yes!" Joyce exclaimed. "The police have finally come to shut this show down!"

A police car pulled up into the parking lot. Over the speaker, someone said "Everyone put your hands up!"

All the contestants froze and put their hands up. The police car pulled into a parking space. Baby Eddie got out of the police car and placed his bumper sticker on it.

"Suckers." he said.

He started running back for another car.

Later, the parking lot was full except for one spot. Genevieve was about to take it when Enrique smashed into her.

"Great." Genevieve said. "Nice job."

Baby Eddie tried to swerve around the two when suddenly his car flipped over. Queenie and Laken targeted the spot and drove quickly towards it, but crashed into each other. Abraham drove quickly behind them, but his car hit Queenie's and flipped multiple times in the air before hitting the ground. Suddenly, Chris's limo pulled up and parked in the spot. Chris got out.

"Looks like the challenge is over." Chris said. "Wait a few minutes and we'll have the winner."

A few minutes later, Chris walked up with an envelope.

"And the winner is..." Chris said.

He tried to open the envelope, but struggled with it. He eventually started yanking on the flap.

"Whatever." he said. "It's Genevieve."

He tossed the envelope in a paper shredder.

"What's a paper shredder doing in a parking lot?" Abraham asked.

"Genevieve won with a near impossible amount of cars parked." Chris said. "None of you can vote her off."

Everyone started walking away. Genevieve grabbed her alliance members.

"Carlos, get Laken to the pool. I'll get Jean." Genevieve said. "Queenie, be there."

Queenie gulped.

Later, Queenie and Anthony hid behind a bush near the pool. Genevieve walks up with Jean.

"I told you. I'm trying to get new alliance members." Genevieve explained.

"I'm not joining your alliance." Jean said.

"Whatever. Just stay here." Genevieve said.

She ran off and Jean sighed.

"Go!" Anthony whispered.

"I can't." Queenie whispered. "I don't want to be the bad guy."

"It's not that big of a deal." Anthony said.

"Yes, it is." Queenie said.

"Fine." Anthony said.

Anthony got out from behind the bush, walked over to Jean, and kissed him on the lips. Jean's eyes widened. Carlos walked up with Laken. Both of their mouthes dropped.

Anthony stopped kissing Jean. "Wow. I can see why Laken likes you."

Anthony walked away, putting his face in a book. Jean's eyes were still wide.

"Yeah." Laken said. "Used to like you..."

Jean turned and saw Laken. He immediately stood up.

"Laken, you don't understand!" Jean shouted.

"Maybe I don't understand." Laken said. "Maybe you're bi and cheating, maybe you're gay and using me, but all I understand is that we're done."

Laken stormed off. Jean looked in desperation to Carlos. Carlos shrugged and walked off.

Later, the contestants sat in the lobby. Chris walked out with pieces of cheesecake. "This cheesecake symbolizes more than just cheesy delicious goodness. It symbolizes safety. If you don't receive a piece of cheesecake, you are not safe, and must take the Checkout of Shame to the Limo of Losers. If I call your name, come get some cheesecake."




"Baby Eddie"





"The last marshmallow goes to..."












"I can't believe it!" Jean shouted.

"Well, believe it, cheater!" Joyce shouted.

"Look, I'm not a cheater." Jean said. "I'm not even gay!"

"Then why'd you kiss Anthony?" Abraham asked.

"I didn't!" Jean stammered, at a loss for words. "He just came out of the bushes and kissed me!"

"For the record, I'm not gay either." Anthony said.

"That doesn't make any sense!" Laken shouted with tears in her eyes.

"Yes it does." Queenie said. Everyone looked at her.

"Genevieve told me to kiss Jean, so that everyone would vote him off." Queenie said. "I refused to, so Anthony did it."

"You weasel!" Genevieve shouted at Queenie.

"Don't call me that!" Queenie yelled. "I'm doing the right thing here! It will pay off in the end!"

"Hell yeah, it will." Laken said. "Genevieve, you're a... you're a bitch!"

"Call me that again!" Genevieve shouted. "I dare you!"

Laken turned around. "Where's Jean?" she asked.

"He left." Baby Eddie said.

Meanwhile, Jean was shown in the Limo of Losers. "Always leave them wanting more." Jean said. He chuckled. "I'll miss you, Laken. Win it for us."

"There you go. A shocking episode of Total Drama. Will the Laken-Genevieve rivalry light sparks in the competition? Will Joyce win over Eddie? Will Genevieve's alliance pull through another elimination. Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 16 - Hypertension

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants fought over parking spaces in a car parking smashdown! The contestants had to prepare for the merge, causing Genevieve to form an alliance with Queenie, Carlos, and Anthony. the alliance helped Genevieve to win invincibility in the challenge. Joyce realized she had feelings for Eddie and started to try and hit on him. Genevieve wanted Queenie to kiss Jean so Laken would vote him off, but Queenie refused to, so Anthony did instead. Jean was eliminated, but Queenie revealed Genevieve's scheme. The drama is building so stay tuned for..."

Suddenly, Genevieve ran into Chris.

"Don't push me!" Genevieve shouted.

She pushed Laken to the ground, but Laken grabbed her hair and they started wrestling on the ground. Baby Eddie and Joyce sat in the background.

Baby Eddie looked at Joyce's half-eaten cheesecake.

"Are you going to finish that?" he asked Joyce.

Joyce handed the piece of cheesecake to him.

"Can we go now, Chris?" she asked.

"But I didn't finish my recap!" Chris shouted.

"Someone should really stop those two." Baby Eddie said, in between bites of his cheesecake.

Enrique walked over and helped Genevieve off.

"Get your hands off of me!" Genevieve shouted at Enrique.

"This is an immature way to solve your problems." Enrique said. "Use the competition as a way to settle your feud."

"Why do you care?" Genevieve asked. "You've been trying to get rid of me since the beginning."

Everyone groaned.

"I was trying to start an alliance with you." Enrique said. "You are so untrusting that you had to hit me with a golf ball!"

"You want an alliance with me?" Genevieve asked. "Fine. Join my alliance."

"Fine!" Enrique shouted.

"You're really going to join her alliance?" Abraham asked.

"If it ends the madness." Enrique said. "Only one thing, I can't be in an alliance with him."

He pointed to Carlos scarfing down a piece of cheesecake.

"Carlos, you're out." Genevieve said.

"What?!" Carlos shouted, in between a huge bite.

"Genevieve, you actually trust him?" Joyce asked. "Why would he suddenly join your alliance after you've been tormenting him this whole time?"

"Because he realizes who the real winner here is." Genevieve said.

"Whatever." Joyce said. "Chris, can we go now?"

"I didn't finish my recap!" Chris shouted.

"Chris!" Joyce yelled.

"Fine." Chris said. "Eddie and Anthony, you'll be moving to Team Hombres's room. Queenie, you'll be joining Team Huggies's room."

Everyone left.

Later, Baby Eddie walked into Team Hombres's room with his bags. "Which bed is mine?"

"Not the one next to me, that's for sure." Abraham said. "Can't we just get him a crib instead?"

"Abraham, don't be so cruel!" Enrique said. "You can have the bed next to me."

Abraham frowned.

"Enrique's obviously looking for an alliance with Baby Eddie." Abraham said in a confessional. "He's basically dropped our alliance ever since the merge. I need to win his trust back."

Meanwhile, Queenie walked into Team Huggies's room.

"Look what washed up." Genevieve said.

"Ignore her." Laken said to Queenie. "Your bed's over here."

"Wait!" Genevieve shouted. "That's my bed!"

"So?" Laken asked. "Just move over there."

"You're only doing this because your mad at me!" Genevieve shouted.

"Because you made me vote off my boyfriend." Laken said.

"Fine." Genevieve said. "Take my bed."

She stormed off.

Later, Chris and Anthony were by the pool.

"Why are you here so early?" Chris asked.

Anthony read his book while lying in a lounge chair. "I just wanted to make sure you didn't wake us up with explosives again."

The rest of the contestants ran up.

"Time for today's challenge." Chris said. "It's time to see how well you trust each other. You will be separated into three teams of three and compete in multiple challenges. Team 1 is Genevieve, Anthony, and Laken. Team 2 is Baby Eddie, Abraham, and Carlos. Team 3 is Enrique, Joyce, and Queenie."

"What's the first challenge?" Queenie asked.

"You must pick two of your teammates." Chris explained. "One of them must catch the other as they fall back."

"Easy." Baby Eddie said. "I'll catch you, Abraham."

"Anthony, you're going to catch me." Genevieve said. "I don't trust Laken."

"Whatever." Anthony said, with his head still in his book.

"I would never lay my hands on a committed woman." Enrique said. "Joyce, is it alright if I catch you?"

"Sure." Joyce said.

"Eddie and Abraham, you're up first." Chris said.

Abraham started to fall back as Baby Eddie put his hands in front of him. Chris pressed a button and Baby Eddie was electrically shocked, causing him to pull his hands back. Abraham hit the ground, hard.

"I hate you." Abraham said.

"You didn't tell us we would be shocked." Baby Eddie said.

"Oops." Chris said. "Enrique and Joyce, you're up next."

"Do not be worried." Enrique said.

Joyce took a deep breath and fell backwards. Chris shocked Enrique, but Enrique still managed to catch Joyce.

"Thanks." Joyce said.

"Now Anthony and Genevieve." Chris said. "Anthony needs to catch her to win."

"Whatever." Anthony said, still reading his book.

"You'd better catch me." Genevieve said.

She fell backward and Anthony made not attempt to catch her, still reading his book.

"I didn't even shock him." Chris said. "Enrique, Joyce, and Queenie win the first challenge."

The three of them cheered.

"Now the next challenge will be between the two losing teams." Chris said. "Whichever team can sell me a juicy secret about a member of the opposing team will compete against Enrique, Joyce, and Queenie for invincibility."

"What does that have to do with trusting our teammates?" Carlos asked.

"Nothing." Chris said. "But I'm sure it will be fun anyway."

"I know that Genevieve spilled punch on her date at the school dance." Abraham said.

"Hey!" Genevieve shouted.

"Carlos ate his own shoe once." Laken said.

"It's true." Carlos said.

"Half the time Anthony is reading a book, there's a Playboy magazine hidden behind it." Baby Eddie said.

Anthony slammed his book shut.

"Baby Eddie decorated his room like a baby's nursery." Genevieve said.

Everyone remained silent, until Chris started laughing. Everyone started laughing after him. Baby Eddie's tears started to water.

"Oh look, baby's gonna cry." Chris said, in between laughs.

Baby Eddie ran away.

"Hey!" Joyce shouted.

Everyone stopped laughing.

"That was really cruel!" Joyce yelled.

"I know, right?" Chris said. "Genevieve's team wins that challenge."

"I'm going to go talk to him." Joyce said.

"No, you have another challenge." Abraham said. "I'll talk to him."

He ran off.

"Well, that was out of character." Anthony said.

Meanwhile, Abraham walked into Baby Eddie's old nursery room to find Baby Eddie crying.

"I'm trying my best not to be creeped out by this." Abraham said.

"Go away." Baby Eddie said.

"Look, believe it or not, I understand what you're going through." Abraham said.

"How can you?" Baby Eddie asked. "How can you know what it feels like to have everyone make fun of you because you're a freak?"

"Because I have a fetish too." Abraham said.

"Shut up!" Baby Eddie said. "I'm in no mood for you to pick on me!"

"No." Abraham said. "I'm serious."

"No one understands." Baby Eddie said. "I can't control it. If I had the choice, I wouldn't be involved with it. They just don't understands. You don't understand."

Abraham takes out his phone and shows Baby Eddie a picture of him standing in a pink cat costume.

"What the hell?" Baby Eddie asked, astonished.

"I'm a plushophile." Abraham said.

"A what?" Baby Eddie asked.

"I have a sexual fetish for stuffed animals and stuffed animal costumes." Abraham admitted.

"Wow." Baby Eddie said. "Then, why did you make fun of me all the time?"

"I was scared." Abraham said. "I didn't want to get picked on too. But you made so many friends and I didn't. I guess that's the way the world works. Those who are braver live longer."

"Look, the truth is I didn't only wear a diaper to this competition to get recognition and be all symbolic." Baby Eddie said. "I have this need to, like it won't go away unless I do it."

"Don't I know it." Abraham said.

"No, you don't." Baby Eddie said. "Exploring your sexuality is great, and all that, but don't end up like me. You need to control it or it will ruin your life."

They sat silently for a moment.

"I think your life's pretty great." Abraham said.

Baby Eddie smiled. "Thanks."

"Okay." Abraham sad. "Let's go back to the competition."

Later, Baby Eddie and Abraham walked up to the other contestants.

"You missed it guys." Chris said. "Laken walked Genevieve to victory in the blindfolded obstacle course."

"Yeah," Genevieve said angrily. "and to thorn bushes, shark-infested waters, and not-so-happy bulldozer."

"Nonetheless, they won invincibility." Chris said. "Vote someone off and meet me at the elimination ceremony."

Later, the contestants sat in the lobby. Chris walked out with pieces of cheesecake. "When I call your name, you will recieve a piece of chee-"

"Chris, we know what happens." Anthony said, with his head in a book.

Chris stared at Anthony.

"-a piece of cheesecake, which means you're safe." he continued. "If you do not receive any cheesecake, you must go through the Check-Out of Shame to the Limo of Losers and you can't come back. Ever."

"Invincibility to Anthony, Laken, and Genevieve"





"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."











"Baby Eddie"

"What?" Abraham asked. "What did I do?"

"You were the most expendable." Genevieve said. "I had my alliance vote for you."

Abraham turned to Enrique. "Sorry dude. New opportunities arose and I had to take them. I tried to talk her out of it. We're still bros, right?"

Abraham smiled. "Yeah. We're cool."

The two fist bumped. Abraham then left.

"Yeah. Enrique convinced me to vote out Abraham." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "He has this whole plan to get rid of Genevieve. I don't care if me and Abraham have this one thing in common. He was still an ass to me, and he paid the price. Now I'm surrounded by only friends...and Genevieve. If Enrique's plan works out, me and him are in the final two."

"Will Genevieve and Enrique's alliance end up like their last one? Will Joyce ever make the moves on Baby Eddie? Will the new roommates get along? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 17 - The Cynical Life of a Sadistic TV Show Host

"Carlos!" Anthony yelled from off camera. "Point the camera at me."

The camera whirled around and showed Anthony's face, but it was still a little shaky.

"Hello viewers. Anthony here." Anthony said. "I'm currently taking part in the reality competition, Total Drama. Since it is one of our off-days, I was inspired to fulfill my dream of being a famous author by writing a book and documenting it on video for the world to see. The book will be an insight on my fellow competitors and the torture of everyday reality TV. My cameraman happens to be my fellow competitor, Carlos."

Carlos turned the camera toward himself and flashed a goofy smile and waved. He turned the camera back on Anthony.

"He's the only one who would do this for me." Anthony informed the audience.

Later, Anthony said at a desk with a pile of papers. Laken laid down in a lounge chair.

"My first interviewee is Laken." Anthony said.

"What is this an interview for again?" Laken asked.

"It's not an interview exactly." Anthony said. "It's an analysis to go deep into the crazed minds of a reality TV show contestant. I will use my analysis of you to write my chapter based on you in my new book, which will mix humor and drama."

"So?" Laken asked. "Will you be making fun of me?"

"Only if I see fit." Anthony said.

"Awesome." Laken said nervously.

"So..." Anthony said. "You're a bikini model, right?"

"Yes." Laken said.

"You don't look like a model." Anthony said.

Laken looked down at her body and frowned. "I don't?"

"Aha!" Anthony shouted. "You're insecure about your looks."

Laken frowned some more.

"Let's talk about your relationship with Jean." Anthony said. "What about him are you interested in?"

Laken thought for a moment.

Anthony flips through his papers. "According to my notes, you fell in love with him after just one kiss."

"Yeah..." Laken stammered. "So?"

"Is it possible that you fell in love with his lips instead of him?" Anthony asked.

"Are you accusing me of dating him only because he's a good kisser?" Laken asked, offended.

"Yes. That's exactly what I said." Anthony said.

"I..." Laken started to say.

Anthony is seen writing something down. "I see..." he interrupted.

"How do you even know if he's that good of a kisser?" Laken asked.

Anthony lowered his glasses and stared at Laken.

"Oh yeah..." Laken said.

"Let's talk about your homophobia next." Anthony said.

"I'm not a homophobic!" Laken shouted.

"That's not what the fan sites say." Anthony said. "Hatred is pouring from the blood of internet users everywhere."

"I'm not a lesbian, so I didn't want to kiss her!" Laken screamed.

"But then you voted her off." Anthony said.

"Which might have been a mistake." Laken said. "I just felt weird having to room with her, just because she was attracted to me."

"So just because she's a lesbian means she's going to rape everyone in your room?" Anthony questioned.

"That's it!" Laken shouted. "I have nothing against Lauretta, but I'm not sticking around for this therapy session!"

Laken got up and stormed out.

"Our next speaker is Enrique." Anthony said.

"Be careful!" Laken said off camera. "He'll tear you apart."

Anthony turned to the camera.

"Edit that out, Carlos." Anthony said.

Enrique came in and laid down on the chair.

"Hello, Enrique." Anthony said. "You and I are in an alliance with fellow competitor, Genevieve. Why do you feel the need to be an alliance with everyone in the game?"

"What do you mean?" Enrique asked.

"Well, first, you offered an alliance with Genevieve, which failed. Then, you had an alliance with Abraham, who you threw into the dirt."

"Hey!" Enrique yelled. "Abraham's my best friend!"

"Then, you rejoined an alliance with Genevieve, while meanwhile bonding suspiciously with Baby Eddie." Anthony continued.

"I know...two heads are better than one." Enrique said.

"So you feel you should just cut off the head when you're done with it?" Anthony asked.

"Sometimes, you have to take the better offer." Enrique said.

"I'm not sure you know what the better deal is." Anthony said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Enrique questioned.

"Picture this." Anthony puts out both his hands. "I have one million dollars in one hand and Abraham's friendship in the other. Which do you take?"

Enrique stands up. "I don't have to answer to you. Just ask the question I told you to."

"As long as it benefits my book." Anthony said.

"I'm sure it will." Enrique said.

Enrique storms out.

"Next up is Baby Eddie." Anthony said.

Baby Eddie walked in and laid down on the chair.

"Hello, Eddie." Anthony said, while flipping notes. "Preparing for the interview I've done some...disturbing research of your particular fetish. I've discovered that it stems from a feeling that you missed out on childhood."

"No." Baby Eddie said. "My parents gave me everything I needed to be happy."

"How?" Anthony asked.

"Well, they worked a lot, so they made a lot of money." Baby Eddie explained.

"So I'm guessing they weren't home most of the time?" Anthony asked.

"" Baby Eddie said. "I mostly stayed home alone."

"How's your relationship with your parents?" Anthony asked.

"Fine." Baby Eddie said.

"They approve of your fetish?" Anthony asked.

"Well, no." Baby Eddie said. "They don't."

"So I'm guessing you don't really have a good relationship?" Anthony asked.

"No. They're almost never home, never there." Baby Eddie said. "They don't act like a mom and dad should. They're just like two vultures who have to look after me."

"So you're fetish obviously comes from your parents not being there for you during your childhood." Anthony said.

"Well..." Baby Eddie started to say.

"Next!" Anthony shouted.

Baby Eddie slowly stood up and left, contemplating what had just happened.

"Joyce is joining us next." Anthony said.

Joyce walked in and laid down.

"Comfortable?" Anthony asked.

"Yes." Joyce said.

"That will end soon." Carlos said from behind the camera.

"Shut up Carlos!" Anthony said.

Anthony turned to Joyce.

"Ignore him." Anthony said. "We'll start off soft. Do you regret your bitchy past?"

"That's starting out soft?" Joyce asked.

Anthony nodded.

"Well...yeah, of course I do, Baby Eddie taught me that being different makes you special." Joyce said.

"Speaking of Baby Eddie," Anthony said. "how are your attempts to woo him?"

Joyce turned to the camera.

"Turn it off, Carlos." Joyce said.

"But..." Carlos started to say from behind the camera.

"Turn it off or the next thing you're going to swallow is my fist, Fat Boy." Joyce threatened.

The camera shut off.

"How did you know about me and Eddie?" Joyce asked.

"You say that being different makes you special and then you call my cameraman fat?" Anthony asked in awe.

"How did you know?" Joyce asked.

"It's obvious." Anthony said. "If you want to answer off-camera, you could've just asked."

Joyce sighed. "He's so nice, and I'm so not. People misjudge him before they get to know him. He's the greatest guy anyone could have."

"Okay, Joyce." Anthony said. "You can go."

Joyce stands up and hits Anthony on the back of the head before leaving.

"Carlos, turn the camera back on for Queenie." Anthony said.

The camera turns on, and is still shaky. Queenie walks in and lays down.

"Hello Queenie." Anthony said.

"Hello." Queenie said.

"So even though you claim you've changed back to the old Queenie, you kept the look?" Anthony asked.

"Why not look beautiful if you can?" Queenie asked rhetorically.

"To be yourself." Anthony murmured.

"What was that?" Queenie asked.

"Nothing." Anthony said. "So, you regret voting Aden off?"

"Of course." Queenie said. "But I had been a little dizzy."

"Some psychologists say that dizziness is the door to the sub conscience." Antony explained.

"I think Spock said something like that once." Queenie said.

"It means that maybe you voted off Aden because your sub conscience was telling you to." Anthony said.

"Really?" Queenie asked.

"Sure." Anthony said. "Why not?"

Queenie walked out, ashamed. Genevieve walked in and laid down.

"Can we get this over with?" Genevieve asked.

"Sure." Anthony said. "Where does your cruel nature derive from?"

"I'm not cruel!" Genevieve shouted.

"No, seriously." Anthony said sarcastically.

"Look, my methods may be unorthodox." Genevieve started to say.

"Hey!" Carlos shouted from behind the camera. "Abraham's Jewish, so he's gonna be really offended when he sees this."

Genevieve rolls her eyes.

"Let's review." Anthony said. "You hit Enrique with a golf ball,"

"He's was going to betray me and take my team's reward." Genevieve defended.

"voted Lauretta off to save yourself," Anthony continued.

"She was a lesbian." Genevieve remarked.

"tried to convince Queenie to kiss Jean to get him eliminated instead of yourself,"

"You are a hypocrite! You ended up doing that!"

"called Queenie a weasel,"

"Well, she weaseled."

"and revealed Baby Eddie's darkest secret to win a challenge."

"He's creepy. It's about time everyone noticed."

"Anyway, last question. You are very untrusting." Anthony said.

"I am not!" Genevieve screamed.

"Yes, you are." Anthony said. "Anyway, you haven't trusted Enrique the entire competition, yet you accepted him into your alliance yesterday. Why wouldn't you expect him to sabotage you?"

Genevieve's eyes widened. "You're right!"

She ran out of the room.

"So, that's it." Anthony said. "Be sure to check out The Cynical Life of a Sadistic TV Show Host in bookstores whenever I find a publisher, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but why don't you check out Total Drama Country Club on TV too?"

Suddenly, the camera dropped and hit the floor with a thud.


"Sorry, it slipped."

Chapter 18 - Pool Party

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants broke into three teams of three to release the tension from the previous episode. Enrique agreed to join Genevieve's alliance to get rid of their feud, but it seems he's planning something else with Baby Eddie. Abraham felt rejected when Enrique began his friendship with Baby Eddie, and started to torture Eddie even more. Later, Genevieve revealed Baby Eddie's nursery room. Abraham shockingly ruined Joyce's chances to comfort him, by comforting him himself. Abraham revealed his fetish in a heartwrenching moment, right before Baby Eddie and Enrique voted him out. Who will be betrayed next? Find out now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Genevieve, Enrique, and Anthony sat at a table in the restaurant.

"So what's our plan for voting?" Genevieve asked.

"We're obviously outnumbered." Enrique said. "We need an extra vote."

"No one else trusts me." Genevieve said.

"Well, we'll have to get some people who trust me, don't we?" Enrique asked.

A rock hit the window. Everyone turned and saw Baby Eddie diving into the bushes.

"Was that Baby Eddie?" Genevieve asked.

"Probably not." Enrique said. "I'll check."

Enrique got up and left as Genevieve glared at him. Anthony looked up from his book.

"What did I miss?" he asked.

"Anthony's advice was totally right." Genevieve said in a confessional. "Enrique squirmed into my alliance to destroy me once and for all. I need to watch my back around him, but I could also use his votes. People trust him because of his looks." She scoffed.

Enrique jumped into the bushes and found Baby Eddie.

"What are you doing?" Enrique asked.

"What are you doing?" Baby Eddie asked. "Why are you giving her votes?"

"Why not?" Enrique asked. "She's gonna win invincibility anyway."

"What?!" Baby Eddie asked in shock. "We're just gonna sit back and watch her win invincibility?"

"Yep." Enrique said. "That's the beauty of this plan. We've already done everything we need to do."

"I'm so confused." Baby Eddie said.

"Don't worry." Enrique said. "It all works out in the end. Just vote with her alliance after the next challenge."

"Sure." Baby Eddie said.

Enrique ran out of the bushes.

Meanwhile, Joyce, Laken, and Queenie sat in their room.

"I want to know his name at least." Laken said.

"For the last time, you don't know him!" Joyce yelled.

"Can't you just tell me his name?" Laken asked.

"Fine." Joyce said reluctantly. "It's...Teddy."

"Teddy?" Queenie asked. "That sounds very similar to Eddie."

"But it's not." Joyce said. "It's Teddy."

"What's he like?" Laken asked.

"Sweet, kind, and considerate." Joyce said. "Nothing like me."

"Aden and I got by because we have similar interests." Queenie said. "Try to find something in common with him."

Joyce picked her head up and her eye's widened. "That's it! Eddie will love me forever!"

"Did you say Eddie?" Laken asked.

"No." Joyce lied. "I said Teddy."

She looked down nervously.

The next day, the eight contestants stood by the pool. All the girls were wearing bikinis, but Queenie had her nose plugs in. Anthony and Carlos were wearing swimming trunks, but Enrique was wearing a Speedo, and Baby Eddie was wearing a swim diaper. Chris walked up.

"Hello contestants." Chris said. "Welcome back to the pool. Today's challenge will be pool-themed challenges. The first challenge will narrow it down to four contestants, the second one will narrow it down to two, and then one winner will be left standing. Any questions?"

"Well, I..." Carlos started to say.

"No questions?" Chris asked. "Good. Let's start the first challenge. The eight of you will compete in a balloon toss in teams of two. The last two teams left move on to the second challenge. The teams are Laken and Queenie, Baby Eddie and Carlos, Joyce and Anthony, and Enrique and Genevieve."

"This is great!" Enrique said. "Now our alliance is sure to win."

Genevieve smiled a fake smile. When Enrique looked away, she glared at him.

"Okay, teams get in line." Chris said.

The teams lined up with each other.

"And...toss!" Chris yelled.

Every team tossed and caught, except for Anthony who got doused by the balloon because his head was in a book.

"Why'd you throw a balloon at me?" Anthony asked Joyce angrily.

"It was a balloon toss, stupid!" Joyce yelled. "How'd you even make it this far in the competition?"

Anthony shrugged.

The teams kept tossing, catching, and stepping back until finally Carlos dropped a balloon thrown by Baby Eddie.

"Oh..." Chris said. "Unfortunate. Our winning teams are Enrique and Genevieve and Laken and Queenie!"

The two teams cheered.

"You will now face off in a game of pool volleyball!" Chris yelled.

"On different teams, right?" Genevieve questioned hopefully.

"No." Chris said.

Genevieve frowned.

Later, the two teams were in the pool with a volleyball net in the middle.

"The first one to 11 points wins." Chris said. "Queenie, you get first serve."

"I have no idea how to do this." Queenie said.

"Don't worry." Laken said. "You'll do fine."

Queenie served the ball and Genevieve failed to hit it.

"1-0, Laken and Queenie." Chris announced.

"Just focus." Enrique said calmly.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Genevieve yelled.

Enrique backed away.

"My plan is so working." Enrique said in a confessional.

Later, the score was 10-10.

"Match point for both teams." Chris announced. "Genevieve's serve."

Genevieve served the ball. Laken dove for it and hit it back at Genevieve. She hit it over to Queenie, who hit it back over. Enrique jumped up and spiked the ball, winning them the game.

"Genevieve and Enrique win the volleyball match!" Chris yelled. "They will now compete against each other in the final challenge."

Suddenly, a truck dumped a giant inflatable pool climbing wall into the pool.

"You two will compete against each other to get to the top of this thing first." Chris said. "Get to the bottom of the wall."

Enrique and Genevieve lined up at the bottom.

"Let me win this one." Enrique said.

"What?!" Genevieve yelled. "Everyone knows I'm the bigger target."

"Yeah, but remember I can get you more votes." Enrique said. "And you still owe me for hitting me with a golf ball."

Genevieve hesitated.

"Go!" Chris yelled.

The two started climbing, but Genevieve quickly fell behind Enrique.

"No. I'm not falling for your tricks!" Genevieve yelled.

Genevieve kicked Enrique in his balls, and he fell down into the pool. He got up out of the pool.

"You just did." he whispered to himself.

All the contestants ran up to Enrique.

"Are you okay?" Joyce asked.

"Ah, no." Enrique said. "That really hurt."

Laken turned to Chris.

"Chris, you can't allow that." Laken complained. "It's a cheap shot!"

"Hey, anything goes." Chris said.

Genevieve got to the top and cheered. Everyone glared at her.

"Genevieve wins invincibility!" Chris yelled.

"My plan worked perfectly." Enrique said in a confessional. "Absolutely no one can defend her anymore. I had Anthony get her worried about me turning on her, so that she would turn on me, just like before. They say everyone deserves a second chance, but I think she's gonna have a hard time getting a third one."

The eight contestants sat in the lobby. Chris walked up with a plate of cheesecakes.

"If I call your name, come get a piece of cheesecake, which means you're safe." Chris explained. "If you don't get a piece of cheesecake, head to the Check-Out of Shame and to the Limo of Losers, where you will be escorted out of the competition."






"Baby Eddie"

"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"Why me?" Queenie asked.

"You kinda snore... a lot." Joyce said.

"We couldn't vote out Genevieve, and you haven't exactly befriended any of us guys." Baby Eddie explained.

"Well, I've always been kinda shy since people always make fun of me." Queenie said sadly.

"It's okay." Laken said. "You befriended me and I didn't vote you out."

"Thanks Laken." Queenie said.

Queenie left the lobby.

"Well, there you have it. Will Genevieve survive another elimination? Will Enrique's plan prevail? Can I possibly get any more handsome? Find the answer to all these questions and more next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 19 - Last Tango in Drama

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants competed at the pool of the country club. After Anthony's information, Genevieve was unsure if she could trust Enrique, but kept him around for his votes. Meanwhile, Joyce asked the other girls on advice with Baby Eddie without actually telling them about her crush on Baby Eddie. Enrique and Genevieve competed in the final challenge, but when Enrique asked for invincibility, Genevieve lost it and took a cheap shot at him, winning invincibility but finally losing everyone's respect. Queenie was eliminated for not bonding with the guys, but Laken told her that they were now friends. So, we're down to the final seven, so you'd better stay tuned for Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Genevieve and Anthony sat at a table in the restaurant.

"I can't believe that Enrique was going to sabotage my alliance!" Genevieve shouted.

Anthony put his book down. "Isn't it possible that you overreacted a little bit."

"What do you mean?" Genevieve asked suspiciously.

Anthony sighed. "It's possible that Enrique might have told me to ask you if you were worried about him being in your alliance to make you paranoid enough to do something stupid."

"Anthony!" Genevieve yelled.

"I'm sorry!" Anthony said. "I thought it was to help my book, not destroy our alliance."

Genevieve growled. "That's it! I'm getting eliminated, unless I win every challenge for the rest of the contest."

"You have done pretty well so far." Anthony said.

"But I haven't really won a challenge solo yet." Genevieve said. "I'm better with other people helping me."

"Irony." Anthony said.

"Who am I going to get a vote out of?" Genevieve asked.

Anthony put his book down with a grin on his face. "How about we use blackmail?"

Meanwhile, Joyce dug through Baby Eddie's stuff. Suddenly, Laken walked in.

"What are you doing in here?" Laken asked.

"I'm taking Queenie's advice and getting the same interests as Eddie." Joyce explained.

"You mean Teddy?" Laken asked.

"That's what I said." Joyce said.

Laken looked confused.

"Eddie has something I need." Joyce said.

"Chris is starting the challenge so you'd better hurry up." Laken said.

She walked out and shut the door.

Later, the contestants met Chris in the ballroom.

"Hello contestants." Chris said. "Are you ready for the greatest challenge yet?"

"Is it greater than the one where we pulled weights away from snarling dogs?" Anthony asked sarcastically.

"You will paired into three teams of two and each perform a unique dance. The teams will be judged by me and the best team will win invincibility." Chris explained.

"Wait." Laken said. "You said teams of two, but there are seven of us."

"That's because Anthony will be excused from today's challenge." Chris said. "Some company wants to talk to him about the publication of his book."

"Really?" Anthony asked. He ran out of the ballroom.

"The teams are male choice." Chris said. "We will go in alphabetical order."

"Yes!" Carlos said.

"Because of that uncalled-for outburst, we will now go in reverse alphabetical order." Chris said.

Carlos looked down.

Enrique looked through the three girls.

"I choose... Genevieve." he said.

"What?!" Genevieve shouted.

"This is perfect." Enrique said in a confessional. "Genevieve wants invincibility so badly? Well now if she wants it then she'll have to get it for me too."

"This isn't fair!" Genevieve shouted. "He's gonna throw the challenge and get me eliminated!"

"I don't mind if I get you eliminated this week or next week, as long as my safety is ensured." Enrique explained.

Genevieve groaned.

"Okay, Eddie." Chris said. "You're next."

"I'll choose Joyce." Baby Eddie said.

Joyce smiled and ran next to Baby Eddie.

"And Laken, that means you get Carlos." Chris said.

Carlos walked up to her. Laken fake smiled and took a small step away from him.

"Enrique and Genevieve, you get the salsa. Baby Eddie and Joyce, you will be doing the tango. Laken and Carlos, you get the waltz." Chris announced. "Now go practice!"

Laken and Carlos are shown in their dancing room.

"We should start off easy." Laken said.

"It's okay." Carlos said. "I'm a professional dance contest winner."

"This is no time for jokes, Carlos!" Laken shouted.

"I'm not joking." Carlos said. "I win dance contests all the time. I know the waltz like the back of my hand. I can show you the moves really quickly."

Laken smiled. "Really?"

Carlos nodded.

Meanwhile, Enrique and Genevieve were in their practice room.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Genevieve shouted.

"Hey, I'm a legend at the salsa." Enrique said. "You should be grateful. I'm practically saving you from elimination."

"That's not why you picked me!" Genevieve said. "You knew that if I was with someone else and I won invincibility, that you would be going home."

Enrique didn't respond.

"You have been out to get me since the beginning." Genevieve said.

Enrique groaned. "How many times have we heard that one before?"

"It's true." Genevieve said.

"Just because you decided to antagonize me for no apparent reason." Enrique said. "Let me ask you something, when did you first realize I was a bad guy?"

"When all the girls were falling for you." Genevieve said.

"Don't you just think they think I'm handsome?" Enrique asked.

"Well... you asked for an inter-team alliance." Genevieve said. "Who does that?"

"Someone who wants two teams to form a bond that they can hold until the merge." Enrique said.

Genevieve stopped talking.

"You made an enemy you didn't need." Enrique said. "It's a shame. You could've made it all the way to the finals."

The two were silent.

"Now let's salsa!" Enrique said.

The two stood by each other.

"Okay, put you're left hand on my right shoulder and your right hand in mine." Enrique said.

"No way!" Genevieve shouted.

"Do you want invincibility?" Enrique asked.

Genevieve groaned and posed correctly.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie sat in the practice room. Suddenly, Joyce walked in the room with a diaper, pink shirt, and pacifier on.

"What are you wearing?" Baby Eddie asked.

"I realized that I think I have the same fetish as you." Joyce said.

"Really?" Baby Eddie asked in disappointment.

"Look, I don't know if people feel that awkward whenever I'm near them..." Baby Eddie said in a confessional.

"They do." Genevieve yelled from outside the confessional.

Baby Eddie sighed and continued. "I know other people with the same fetish as me, and Joyce doesn't have it. I don't know why should we pretend. Maybe she just wants my attention or something. But all I know is that that isn't Joyce."

"Well, that wardrobe won't work for the dance." Baby Eddie said. "We're going to have to wear the tango costumes."

"Yeah, I guess." Joyce said. "Bummer, right?"

"Yeah..." Baby Eddie said. "Bummer..."

Meanwhile, Carlos and Laken were practicing their waltz.

"Okay, so I'm going to put my right hand on your waist and you put your left hand on my right shoulder. Now put your hand in my hand." Carlos explained.

Laken did what Carlos said.

"Good. Now, the beat is one, two, three, so I'll lead and you do the opposite of what I do. So when I step forward with my right foot, you step back with your left." Carlos explained.

As Carlos counted "one, two, three", he and Laken did a full waltz.

"Perfect." Carlos said.

"Wow." Laken said. "That was easy."

"It's as simple as follow the leader." Carlos said.

"Cool." Laken said. "Now we can hang out."

"I think you're beautiful, by the way." Carlos said.

"Excuse me?" Laken asked.

"Well, Anthony said you were insecure about your looks." Carlos said. "I was just assuring you that everyone thinks you're beautiful."

Laken smiled. "Thanks Carlos."

"Carlos isn't really that bad." she said in a confessional. "He's really sweet and he's probably the only one in this contest that hasn't hurt anybody."

Meanwhile, Enrique and Genevieve finished the salsa in their practice room.

"Okay." Genevieve said. "I think we're pretty good."

"Yeah, we stand a pretty good chance." Enrique said. "I think we have invincibility in the bag."

The two stood silent for a moment.

"You know, we could've made a pretty good team." Enrique said.

Genevieve looked at Enrique.

"I just wish you had realized it sooner." Enrique said.

He walked out of the room and shut the door.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie and Joyce were dancing. Baby Eddie looked uncomfortable.

"Stop!" Baby Eddie shouted.

He broke away from Joyce and turned off the music.

"Why are you doing this?" Baby Eddie asked.

"What do you mean?" Joyce asked.

"Come on!" Baby Eddie shouted. "We both know you're not into... this. Why would you pretend to be something you're not?"

"I don't know." Joyce said.

"Look, maybe you think that I don't like you because of what you did in the past, but that's not true." Baby Eddie said. "As long as you are yourself, we'll always be friends."

"Maybe that's the problem." Joyce said. "Look, I'm sorry, this was stupid. I'll go get changed for the challenge."

Joyce left the room.

Later, Chris sat at a table in the ballroom.

"Okay, first is Carlos and Laken." Chris said.

Carlos and Laken performed a perfect waltz, finishing off with Carlos twirling Laken and dipping her.

"Near flawless." Chris said. "Best I've seen so far."

"Aren't we the first ones that..." Carlos began to ask.

"Next up is Baby Eddie and Joyce." Chris said.

Baby Eddie and Joyce did a flawless tango, but both looked uncomfortable during it.

"Nice job, guys." Chris said. "Now it's time for Enrique and Genevieve."

Enrique and Genevieve did a great salsa.

"Wow." Chris said. "Perfect. You guys obviously have experience with the salsa."

"I have experience with the salsa." Enrique corrected.

The rest of the teams came out on the dance floor.

"It's a hard decision, but the winners are... Baby Eddie and Joyce!" Chris yelled.

The two celebrated and hugged, but realized what they did and quickly let go.

"What?" Carlos asked. "I've never lost a dance contest."

"It's okay, Carlos." Laken said.

"It's all your fault!" Carlos shouted. "You dance like you have two left feet! I can't believe you screwed this up for me, you troll-faced B-sized ape!"

Carlos stormed out of the ballroom.

"Wow. He can be a diva." Laken said in a confessional. She shrugged. "Not so sweet after all."

Later, Anthony walked up to Joyce.

"Hey, Joyce." Anthony said.

"What do you want?" Joyce asked.

"I want you to vote off Enrique tonight." Anthony said.

"Fat chance." Joyce said.

"That's okay. I'll just share the footage of you admitting your crush for Eddie to the entire world." Anthony said.

Joyce's eyes widened. "You said Carlos turned the camera off."

Anthony shrugged. "I bluffed. If you don't want that tape getting out, you'd better find another vote for Enrique."

"I hate that guy." Joyce said in a confessional. "Now, I have to find someone who won't vote off Genevieve without explaining my crush on Eddie."

Later, Joyce walked up to Baby Eddie.

"Eddie." Joyce said.

"Look, I'm sorry things got awkward between us." Baby Eddie said. "I just don't understand why you did that."

"Well... I guess I thought if I had the same fetish as you, then you'd think of me as more accepting." Joyce lied.

"Well, you don't have to do that." Baby Eddie said. "You accept me and that's enough."

"I need you to vote off Enrique." Joyce said.

Baby Eddie's eyes widened. "Why?"

"I can't tell you." Joyce said.

"I can't do that!" Baby Eddie yelled. "Genevieve's done so many bad things and you can't even give me a good reason!"

"Remember when you wouldn't let me in your room before that challenge and you told me to just trust you?" Joyce asked.

"Yeah." Baby Eddie said.

"I need you to trust me." Joyce said.

Baby Eddie frowned.

Later, the contestants sat in the main lobby. Chris walked in with some cheesecake. "If I call your name, you can get a piece of cheesecake, which means you're safe. If you do not get any cheesecake, you must immediately go to the Check-out of Shame and catch the Limo of Losers. And you can never come back. EVER!"

"Baby Eddie and Joyce, you get invincibility."




"Genevieve and Enrique, the last piece of cheesecake goes to..."












"What?!" Enrique shouted. "That's impossible! Who would've voted with her?!"

"I never reveal my secrets." Genevieve said.

Baby Eddie looked at Joyce, who put her head down.

"Time for you to go, Enrique." Chris said.

"Tendré mi venganza!" Enrique shouted.

"Security!" Chris shouted.

A guard walked up and escorted Enrique to the Limo of Losers.

"Well, there you have it. Will Joyce put her feelings for Baby Eddie aside for the good of their friendship? Will Anthony's book get published? Will Genevieve survive to the end? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 20 - Ridin' Polo

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants, minus Anthony who got a publication offer, competed in a paired dancing competition. Enrique wanted to make sure that if Genevieve won invincibility he wouldn't be eliminated, so he chose her as his partner, much to her dismay. Baby Eddie was paired with Joyce, who tried to impress him by putting on a diaper. Ah, teenagers. So... creepy. Laken was paired with Carlos, who happened to be a professional dancer. When the dances were finished, Baby Eddie and Joyce came out on top. In a shocking elimination, Enrique went home, after Anthony blackmailed Joyce and she convinced Eddie to vote with her, even after embarrassing herself in front of him. We're getting close to the end people. You may want to stay tuned for the most shocking elimination yet. Here on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

"My book got published!" Anthony yelled in a confessional. "They already started printing copies!" He held up his book. "I got the first one! Ah, now if I won this thing, I would have it all!"

Anthony walked out of the confessional and Joyce ran up to him.

"Listen, no more blackmail, okay?" Joyce told him.

"Of course there will be." Anthony said. "Genevieve and I are still outnumbered in votes. I need to survive elimination."

"I hate you." Joyce said.

"Get in line." Anthony said as he walked away.

"Okay. It would be wrong of me to keep asking Eddie to not vote off Genevieve." Joyce said in a confessional. "There's only one thing I can do. I have to tell him about my crush on him, and hope we can still be friends."

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie was talking to Laken.

"It was the weirdest thing." Baby Eddie said. "I don't know why she would bother pretending to have a diaper fetish."

"That is weird, isn't it?" Laken asked, knowing obviously what was going on.

"She said it was because she was trying to be more accepting, but I think there's something else." Baby Eddie said.

Joyce walked into the room.

"Hi, Eddie." Joyce said.

"Hi." Baby Eddie said. "I was just leaving. The challenge is about to start."

He left the room. Laken walked up to Joyce.

"Teddy?" Laken asked. "Really?"

Joyce sighed. "Yes, it's Eddie, okay."

Laken clapped happily. "I knew it."

"Look, it doesn't matter, because I'm going to tell him and break it off." Joyce explained.

"What?" Laken asked. "Why?"

"Because Anthony knows so he's blackmailing me for votes." Joyce said. "That's why Enrique was eliminated last time. The only way is to tell him myself."

"Wait." Laken said. "You can't give up now. Queenie's plan didn't work, so listen to mine. You have to kiss him."

"I'm not going to do that." Joyce said. "I've humiliated myself enough."

"Come on!" Laken said. "It will work, I promise."

Joyce thought for a moment. "Fine."

Laken jumped up and down.

Later, the contestants stood by a field. Chris rode out on a horse.

"Hello contestants." Chris said. "Did you miss me?"

"Like a rash." Anthony said.

"Who wants to guess what sport we're playing today?" Chris asked.

"It's polo." Laken said.

"Correct." Chris said. "It's a team challenge again. Three on three."

"Yes!" Genevieve shouted.

"How do you play polo?" Carlos asked.

"Who said that?" Chris asked.

"I did." Carlos said with his hand in the air.

"Oh, Carlos..." Chris said sadly. "Anyway, the rules are simple. You will ride on horses, holding mallets. Hit the ball with the mallet into the other team's goal to get a point. First to three points is the winner. Team one is Baby Eddie, Anthony, and Genevieve. Team two is Joyce, Laken, and Carlos."

Six horses came out onto the field.

"Pick your horse!" Chris yelled.

The contestants climbed onto their horses and went with their respective teams, except for Carlos, whose horse wouldn't budge.

"Come on dude, move!" Carlos yelled.

Chris dropped the ball and yelled "Go!"

The two teams rushed for the ball, knocking Carlos off his horse. Laken hit the ball to Joyce, who knocked it in the goal.

"Already a point by the girl's team!" Chris yelled.

"Hey!" Carlos shouted as he climbed back on his horse. He lost his grip and fell off again.

"Come on, losers!" Genevieve yelled. "Focus!"

The two teams battled over the ball for a while until Joyce and Laken scored again.

"And it's 2-0!" Chris yelled. "One point until the win!"

"Genevieve, watch the goal!" Baby Eddie shouted as he and Anthony rode off.

"No one tells me what to do!" Genevieve yelled as she followed them.

Suddenly, Laken's horse passed her with the ball.

"Genevieve!" Baby Eddie yelled.

Genevieve hit the horse in the leg with her mallet and the horse fell down.

"What the hell?" Laken yelled as she stood up.

Anthony rode up to Genevieve.

"Did you really just strike a horse with a polo mallet?" Anthony asked.

"Chris!" Laken yelled. "That's gotta be a penalty!"

"Yes. It is." Chris said. "We'll bring out a new horse for you and you'll take a penalty shot undefended. Also, Genevieve is disqualified for the remainder of the match."

"Yeah." Genevieve said as she climbed off her horse and walked off the field.. "The last five seconds of the match."

Baby Eddie glared at her.

Laken lined up by the undefended goal. She hit the ball with the mallet, but it barely missed the goal.

"Really?" Carlos asked. "You missed that!"

"Your horse hasn't moved the entire match!" Laken yelled.

The camera showed that Carlos' horse was in the same place it was at the beginning of the match.

After a while more of fighting over the ball, Baby Eddie scored a point.

"2-1!" Chris yelled. "Eddie and Anthony are back in the game!"

Joyce had the ball and she passed it to Laken, who passed it back to Joyce, who scored a goal.

"Woo!" Joyce yelled.

"Joyce and Laken win!" Chris yelled.

"It was a team effort." Carlos said, with his horse in the same place.

Joyce rode up to Baby Eddie and kissed him. Baby Eddie looked up in disbelief. Joyce, realizing her mistake, rode away.

"But unfortunately, only one of you can win invincibility." Chris said.

"What?" Laken asked.

"The two of your horses..." Chris started to say.

"Three." Carlos corrected.

"Must race down the entire field." Chris said. "First to make it across wins invincibility."

Laken and Joyce lined up at the end of the field.

"Go!" Chris yelled.

Laken and Joyce dashed down the field neck-and-neck, while Carlos stood far behind.

"Come on you stupid horse. Move!" Carlos yelled.

He kicked the horse on its side and the horse dashed straight ahead of Joyce and Laken to barely win.

"Carlos wins?" Chris said in a questioning tone.

"Yeah!" Carlos yelled.

Later, Joyce walked up to Baby Eddie. He turned to run away.

"Wait!" Joyce yelled.

Baby Eddie turned back and sighed. "What?"

"Look, it's true. I've had a crush on you for a while." Joyce said. "But I'm willing to put it aside."

Baby Eddie nodded. "I think that would be best."

"Are we still friends?" Joyce asked hopefully.

Baby Eddie smiled. "Of course."

The two friends hugged.

"And I'm sorry I made you vote out Enrique." Joyce said.

"It's okay." Baby Eddie said. "He was only treating me nice so I'd be in his alliance."

"You ready to get rid of Genevieve once and for all?" Joyce asked.

"Let's do it!" Baby Eddie yelled.

Meanwhile, Anthony and Genevieve sat by the field.

"Great." Genevieve said. "It's over."

"Not necessarily." Anthony said. "Maybe I can get Carlos to vote with us."

Anthony ran off. Genevieve sighed.

Later, the six contestants sat in the lobby. Chris walked in with some cheesecake. "You guys know the drill. If I call your name, get cheesecake. If I don't you will go to the Check-Out of Shame to the Limo of Losers, and you won't come back."





"The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."











Suddenly, Chris' phone rang. He picked it up.

"Hello? What? No, I haven't read it? He said what?!"

Chris threw his phone down in fury. "Anthony!"

Everyone stared at Anthony.

"My publicist told me what you said about me in your book!" Chris yelled.

"Come on!" Anthony said. "It was funny!"

"It was completely rude!" Chris yelled.

"Whatever." Anthony said. "Book's out already. What are you gonna do about it?"

"How about this?" Chris asked. "You're out of the competition!"

Everyone gasped, except Anthony.

"You can't do that." he said.

"I'm the host!" Chris yelled with an evil smile on his face. "I can do whatever I want!"

Two guards grabbed Anthony.

"Hey!" Anthony yelled. "You can't throw me out!"

The guards threw Anthony into the Limo of Losers and it drove off.

"Sorry, guys. No questions. Need to call my publicist. Catch us next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 21 - The Mills: II

"Welcome to the Mills. I'm your host, Blaineley. This is the show where we explore the lives of losers behind the competition. The losers of Total Drama Country Club are currently staying in a high-rate mansion. Last time, we saw the first ten eliminated. Now, six more have joined us and we're going to interview them."

Blaineley walked into the outdoor area, behind the pool. It was luscious and green. There was seating area with Anthony, Enrique, Queenie, Abraham, Jean, and Aden.

"Hello, losers." Blaineley said.

Everyone groaned.

"We'll go in order of elimination." Blaineley said. "Aden, how do you feel that your girlfriend voted you off?"

"It's fine." Aden said. "Accidents happen."

Queenie gave a guilty smile.

"But it was one million dollars." Blaineley said.

"There's no preventing it, so I should accept it." Aden said.

"Do you still have a love of science?" Blaineley asked.

"Of course." Aden said. "Queenie's my utmost concern, but I haven't given it up yet."

"Okay, Jean, how'd you take your elimination?" Blaineley asked.

"Not bad actually." Jean said with a smirk. "I got to kiss two of the best-looking competitors."

Anthony dug his head into his book.

"But seriously, it was upsetting that Genevieve would play me like that." Jean said.

"Do you miss Laken?" Blaineley asked.

"Of course." Jean said. "But I want her to stay in the competition. She deserves to win."

"You know a lot of the Total Drama fanbase is hating on Laken right now, right?" Blaineley asked.

"Yeah, I've seen it." Jean said. "Laken doesn't hate anybody though. She was just uncomfortable and confused."

"Okay, now Abraham." Blaineley said. "Are you mad at Enrique for voting you off to get further in the game?"

"Honestly, yeah, kind of." Abraham said. "I thought we in the game together, but he was just using me as a pawn."

"You know that's not true." Enrique said.

"Yeah, you're right." Abraham said. "I said we were still friends and I meant that, but it does kinda bug me."

"Now that your fetish has been revealed on TV, are you afraid of how people may treat you?" Blaineley asked.

"Yeah," Abraham said. "but come on, nothing's weirder than a diaper fetish."

"Queenie, how are you?" Blaineley asked.

"Good." Queenie said.

"So, you've learned by now about Ellie's scheme against you?" Blaineley asked.

"Yeah, but she did the right thing in the end for me, so we're still best friends." Queenie said.

"Have you started talking to guys more since your elimination?" Blaineley asked.

"Yeah, I took a step up in the competition by being comfortable with myself." Queenie said. "Now, I can be more social with guys. Although I did meet Ellie and Laken, so maybe it was worth it."

"Enrique, you're up." Blaineley said. "You lost to the hands of Genevieve. How do you feel?"

"I can't believe I messed it all up." Enrique said. "If it weren't for Joyce's crush on Eddie, I would still be in."

"Do you regret voting off Abraham?" Blaineley asked.

"Yeah, of course I do." Enrique said. "If I had voted off diaper dork instead, I'd still be in the competition. And either way, I shouldn't have voted off my friend anyway."

"It's okay, dude." Abraham said. "I forgive you."

"Okay, last but not least, Anthony." Blaineley said.

Anthony was focused on his book.

"Anthony!" Blaineley yelled.

Anthony looked up. "Are we done?"

Blaineley groaned. "What did you write about Chris in your book that got him upset?"

"Buy the book and find out." Anthony said.

"Whatever. Time for the challenge." Blaineley said.

"What challenge?" Enrique asked.

"Go back to the mansion and you'll find your costumes, except you Aden. You didn't make the final ten, so you won't be in it." Blaineley said. "Now go!"

The contestants came back. Anthony was wearing Joyce's orange shirt, jeans, and Uggs. Enrique was wearing Genevieve's skirt and sweater. Queenie was wearing Carlos's Mexican shirt and pillows underneath. Abraham was wearing nothing but a diaper. Jean was wearing Laken's bikini.

"I don't like this challenge." Abraham said.

"The challenge is simple." Blaineley said.

A crane rolled up to them.

"I'm going to operate this crane." Blaineley said. "Just avoid being picked up by the crane and thrown in the pool."

"What do we get if we win?" Jean asked.

"You don't get thrown in a pool by a crane." Blaineley said.

She climbed into the crane and it started moving. Everyone started running away.

"It's so hard running in these Uggs." Anthony said.

"Try running with pillows under your shirt." Queenie said.

Queenie was suddenly picked up by the crane and thrown in the pool.

Enrique and Abraham ran towards each other.

"Dude, I really am sorry." Enrique said.

"I know." Abraham said. "We're cool now."

"Yeah, but I still want to make it up to you." Enrique said. "So when we get back out into the public, you and me are going to stick next to each other, and whoever decides to make fun of you can meet my fist."

"You're not usually violent." Abraham said.

"No one hurts my best friend." Enrique said with a smile.

Abraham smiled.

"Nice diaper by the way." Enrique said.

"Nice skirt." Abraham said.

"Touche." Enrique said.

Anthony and Jean ran next to each other. The crane suddenly grabbed Jean and threw him in the pool. Anthony ran next to Enrique and Abraham.

"What do we do now?" Anthony asked.

Enrique and Abraham grabbed Anthony and fed him to the crane, which threw him in the pool.

The two ran away from each other. The crane followed Abraham and grabbed him by the diaper. Then it threw him in the pool.

"Dang it." Abraham said.

Blaineley came out of the crane and walked up to Enrique.

"Congratulations Enrique!" Blaineley said. "You just won the challenge for Genevieve."

Enrique sighed. "Crap."

"There you have it, folks. See you next time on The Mills."

Chapter 22 - Dinner for Five

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the contestants went three on three in a game of polo. When Anthony blackmailed Joyce to keep Genevieve in the game, Joyce planned to tell Baby Eddie about her crush on him, until Laken convinced her to kiss him, which didn't turn out as well as Laken had hoped. Genevieve got fouled out to stop the other team by scoring the with a mallet by hitting the opposing team's horse with a mallet. Carlos surprisingly won invincibility when he finally got his horse to move after the game. Anthony was kicked off the show after he said rude things about me in his stupid new book. What an idiot."

An intern was heard laughing off-screen. The camera panned to show that he was reading Anthony's new book. Chris grabbed the book and threw it in the fireplace.

"You're fired!"

Chris walked back in front of the camera.

"We're down to five. Laken, Joyce, Carlos, Baby Eddie, and Genevieve. Only one can win. Find out who it is on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

"I didn't understand why Abraham and Enrique were so cruel to Carlos during the competition." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "I kinda understand why now. That dude snores... a lot!"

Baby Eddie is shown trying to fall asleep with Carlos snoring in the bed next to him. He puts his pillow over his head.

Meanwhile, the girls sat in their room saying nothing. Genevieve looked worried.

"Yes, I admit it." Geneveive said in a confessional. "I'm worried about being eliminated. Even if I convince Carlos to vote with me, I'm outnumbered. And I used my forms of blackmail too early. I got nothing, except invincibility."

The next day in the evening, the contestants were lined up by the front of the restaurant. Chris popped out of nowhere.

"Hello, final five." Chris said. "How are you all today?"

Everyone remained silent.

"For making it to the final five, you will eat a five-star meal here in the country club restaurant with each other. No challenge involved."

"There is totally a challenge involved." Joyce said in a confessional. "Chris told me that I had to get an answer to a certain question from somebody through small talk. My question is for Carlos and it is 'How does the food taste?'"

"Apparently, I'm supposed to ask Genevieve who is her favorite singer." Carlos said in a confessional.

"My question is for Eddie." Genevieve said in a confessional. "I have to find out his father's name."

"I have to ask Laken how she became a bikini model." Baby Eddie said in a confessional.

"The question's meant for Joyce." Laken said. "I have to ask what the last book she read was."

The five sat down at a table.

"You five have a great dinner." Chris said. "I'll be back. I just need to go get my name trademarked."

Chris walked away and Chef came by their table.

"Can I take your order?" he asked.

"Chef?" Joyce questioned.

"What?!" Chef shouted.

"Nothing." Joyce said in fear.

"I'll have some buffalo wings for an appetizer." Carlos said. "The large size."

Everyone looked at each other.

"I guess we'll just share the buffalo wings." Laken said.

Chef walked away.

"So, Laken." Baby Eddie said. "I've been wondering this entire competition, how'd you become a model?"

"Well, I was..." Laken started to say.

"Have I told you about the time I went to a Dustin Belieber concert?" Genevieve asked.

"It's obvious Chris gave everyone else questions to ask." Genevieve said in a confessional. "On a normal day, the first thing that would come to Eddie's mind to talk about is strategies to get rid of me, not small talk. I have to make sure I get my answer first."

"Speaking of Dustin Belieber, would you say he's your favorite singer?" Carlos asked.

Chef put down buffalo wings in front of Carlos.

"Buffalo wings!" Carlos cheered.

He started shoving the buffalo wings in his mouth.

"How does it taste, Carlos?" Joyce asked.

Carlos continued eating.

"Carlos?" Joyce asked. "Hello?"

"Can we have some?" Genevieve asked.

Carlos continued ignoring them and eating. Everyone groaned.

Later, Chef dumped a mountain of buffalo wings in front of Carlos.

"Hey Chef, can I have the soup of the day?" Laken asked.

"Sure." Chef said. "Once I finish the rest of the buffalo wings, this one ordered."

He walked away and Laken groaned.

"So, Laken, you were telling me how you became a model." Baby Eddie said.

"Yeah, but first I was wondering," Laken said. "Joyce, what book were you reading earlier?"

"I wasn't reading a book." Joyce said. "I haven't read a book in years, unless it was for school."

"What was the last book you read for school?" Laken asked.

"So, Laken, that story, you wanna tell it?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Carlos, can I have some of that food?" Joyce asked.

Carlos continued eating.

"Okay, I don't even care if I can't have any." Joyce said. "Just tell me how it tastes."

Carlos was still too distracted by the buffalo wings.

"Is the fat covering up your ears or something?!" Joyce shouted.

Chef came by and dumped more buffalo wings in front of Carlos.

"My soup?" Laken asked.

"One more batch of wings." Chef said before he walked away.

"Why don't you tell me that story while you wait?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Joyce, what was the book you read in school?" Laken asked.

"Guys, stop for a second." Genevieve said.

Everyone sat quietly.

"Why can't we have a civilized discussion instead of shouting random questions to each other?" Genevieve asked.

"You're right, Genevieve." Laken said. "Which is weird..."

"You know, I just noticed how much I love the name Edward." Genevieve said.

"Thanks..." Baby Eddie said. "I was named after my dad."

Genevieve jumped out of her seat. "Aha! Chris! I did it!"

Chris ran up. "It's true. Genevieve wins invincibility!"

"Dang it!" Baby Eddie yelled. "I'm so stupid!"

"Well, that means you guys better vote someone off, besides Genevieve, and meet me in the lobby for the elimination ceremony."

The four looked at each other nervously.

Later, the five contestants sat in the lobby. Chris walked up with a plate of cheesecakes. "Well, well, looks like the final five is about to be the final four. If I call your name, you get cheesecake, which means you're safe. If you don't get a piece of cheesecake, you must immediately walk to the Check-Out of Shame and take the Limo of Losers."




"Baby Eddie and Carlos. One of you is in the final four, the other one is going home. The last piece of cheesecake goes to..."











"Baby Eddie"

"Why me?" Carlos asked.

"You didn't let us eat any food!" Joyce shouted.

"We're starving!" Laken yelled.

Carlos hung his head down and walked to the Limo of Losers.

"Wow." Baby Eddie said. "The final four."

"Yeah, and we were all on the same team." Laken said.

"Yep, when you were trying to eliminate me." Genevieve said angrily.

Genevieve stormed off.

"The final four. What shocking twists lie next? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 23 - Give Me My Cache Already!

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the final five chowed down on a five-star meal, but the challenge was to get an answer to a specific question from one of their competitors. Carlos ordered the buffalo wings, but didn't share, leaving the rest without food. While Baby Eddie tried to get Laken's modeling background out of her, Laken tried to get Joyce's last book out of her, while she tried to ask Carlos how the food was, but he was to distracted by the food to care. In the end, Genevieve got Baby Eddie's father's name to win invincibility and Carlos was sent packing for letting the others starve. Now, we have the final four and it's getting tense. Who will survive another shocking elimination? Find out right now on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

"I'm so close, yet so far!" Genevieve whined in a confessional. "It's basically a game of three versus one. If it's a team challenge, my teammate will just throw the challenge so the three of them can vote me off. If it's a solo challenge, I have to win invincibility or else."

Baby Eddie, Joyce, and Laken sat in the girls' room.

"I can't believe after weeks of dodging eliminations, Genevieve is finally going home!" Laken shouted.

Baby Eddie frowned.

"I know this is bad, but I kinda feel bad for Genevieve." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "I'm not saying I'm not going to vote her off, but I mean, she hasn't done anything recently. And all those times, she was just trying to save herself from elimination. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that? She's still a bad person and she deserves to go home, but I feel bad for kinda ganging up on her this whole time."

"I should go." Baby Eddie said. "Genevieve could be back any second."

He walked out of the room and noticed Genevieve in the hallway. He walked up to her.

"Look, Genevieve, I just want to say," Baby Eddie said. "you may have hurt a lot of people in this competition, including me. But I'd like to say that I forgive you."

Genevieve smiled. "So you're going to vote with me?"

"No..." Baby Eddie said.

"Then, why'd you come over here?" Genevieve asked.

Baby Eddie looked confused. "I just forgave you for everything you've done to me. Don't you feel better?"

"I'd feel better if you voted with me." Genevieve said.

"Do you even feel an ounce of regret for everything you've done this entire competition?" Baby Eddie asked.

"The only thing I regret is not voting you off earlier." Genevieve said.

She walked away. Baby Eddie became enraged.

Meanwhile, Laken and Joyce had their ears pressed against the door.

"Did you hear that?" Laken asked.

"It sounds like Eddie forgave Genevieve." Joyce said. "That's all I heard."

"Do you think that they're in an alliance?" Laken asked.

"Baby Eddie would never do that." Joyce said.

"You should ask him, at least." Laken said. "You can't trust anyone in this game. He could have played us this whole time for votes. Maybe he doesn't even have a diaper fetish."

"That would be kinda weird." Joyce said.

Laken thought for a moment. "Yeah, actually, that would be creepy."

The next day, the four contestants stood at the back of the country club, next to a large forest. Joyce grabbed Baby Eddie.

"I need to talk to you." Joyce said.

The two walked away from Genevieve and Laken.

"You're not in an alliance with Genevieve, are you?" Joyce asked.

"No." Baby Eddie said. "Why would you think that?"

"We heard you talking to Genevieve last night." Joyce said.

Baby Eddie sighed. "Okay. I did forgive her, but I thought she might feel a little bad after we all ganged up on her, but apparently she doesn't regret anything."

"Wait, you think we were ganging up on her?" Joyce questioned.

Baby Eddie was about to talk when suddenly, a helicopter flew above the contestants. Chris leaned out the door with a megaphone.

"Hello, final four!" he shouted. "Are you ready for the most intense challenge yet!"

"No!" all four of them shouted.

"I can't hear you, so I'm going to take that as a yes." Chris said. "Today, the four of you will be geocaching."

"Geo-what?" Genevieve shouted.

"Geocaching." Chris said. "It's a pastime for many country clubbers. The main point of it is to use a GPS to go to a certain coordinates. There you will find what is called a cache, a little box with a list inside it. You sign your name and it counts as a point. My interns have hidden over one hundred caches throughout the country club's hiking trail. Whoever finds the most in the amount of time wins invincibility. Here's the catch though. We released dangerous wolves, bears, and chipmunks into the forest."

"Did he just say chipmunks?" Laken asked.

"You must avoid being mauled to get to as many caches as possible." Chris shouted.

He tossed down four GPS's to the contestants and they caught them.

"You have four hours." he said.

His helicopter flew over the forest. Genevieve quickly ran ahead of the other three, but they followed after.

Later, Joyce was seen alone in the forest.

"I'm not scared." she said to the camera. "Chris was obviously joking about the wolves and bears."

Suddenly, there was a roar and Joyce quickly ran away.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie studied his GPS.

"There should be one right here." he said.

He looked up and saw the cache hanging by a tree branch. He sighed and started climbing.

Meanwhile, Genevieve was walking through the forest, looking at her GPS.

"This thing is wack." Genevieve said. "It says I should have passed like 6 caches and there should be a fallen tree right here. Leave it to Chris to give me the broken GPS."

Genevieve threw her GPS into the forest as far as she could.

"I'll have to rely on my wit to get me through this challenge." Genevieve said.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie was climbing the tree, when suddenly, his diaper got caught on a branch. Baby Eddie slipped off the tree and hung from the tree by his diaper.

"This sucks." Baby Eddie said.

Meanwhile, Laken walked into a cave that her GPS said to go in. She noticed a cache, opened it up, and signed her name on it.

Meanwhile, Joyce was running through the woods when suddenly, she ran into a pack of wolves and screamed. The wolves started to surround her.

"You'd be surprised how many caches I can find without a GPS." Genevieve said in a confessional. "I just look for something that's not brown or green."

She walked through a stream and saw a cache on top of a rock. She walked over, opened it, and signed her name.

"Eat that, Chris!" she shouted.

"Genevieve?" a voice asked.

Genevieve looked up and saw Baby Eddie hanging in the tree by his diaper. She started laughing hysterically.

Come on." Baby Eddie said. "Please help me out."

"Will you vote with me?" Genevieve asked.

"No." Baby Eddie said.

"Then, forget about it." Genevieve said. "Face it, Eddie. Your fifteen seconds of fame came and went."

She leaned down and picked up Baby Eddie's GPS, which he had dropped when he slipped off the tree.

"This is my game now." she said as she ran off.

"I have to admit. Genevieve is a fighter." Baby Eddie said in a confessional. "I just wish I had never forgiven her. Now, Laken and Joyce think I'm a traitor and Genevieve thinks that she has nothing to be sorry for."

Meanwhile, Joyce was being cornered by the wolves. She threw a rock at one of the wolves and started to run away. Suddenly, she ran into a group of bears, which roared at her.

"Just my luck." she said.

Meanwhile, Laken and Genevieve walked up to the same cache.

"Oh wow." Genevieve said. "You're following me now?"

"We have the same coordinates in our GPS." Laken said.

"Whatever." Genevieve said after signing her name. "I better not see you at the next cache."

Laken rolled her eyes as Genevieve walked away.

"It's going to be so fun to eliminate her." Laken said in a confessional.

Meanwhile, the wolves and bears cornered Joyce. Suddenly, there was a scream coming from the trees. Joyce, the wolves, and the bears turned toward the noise. Baby Eddie swooped down on a vine and caught Joyce, swinging her safely to a tree branch.

"Why is there a vine in the middle of the forest?" Joyce asked.

Baby Eddie shrugged.

"Well, thank you, Tarzan." Joyce said.

"No problem, Jane." Baby Eddie said.

Suddenly, there was a helicopter overhead. It dropped a rope down to the two.

"Game over." Chris shouted. "Hop on!"

Later, the four stood in front of the country club.

"Well," Chris said. "that was disappointing. Joyce and Baby Eddie both finish with a score of 0, putting them in danger of elimination. So, who got invincibility? Let's find out."

An intern handed Chris an envelope.

"The winner, with a score of 16, is..." Chris said.

He opened the envelope.

"Laken!" he yelled.

"No!!!" Genevieve yelled.

Baby Eddie looked at her with sympathy and Joyce noticed this.

Later, Genevieve, Laken, and Joyce sat in their room.

"You have to be joking." Joyce said.

"No, it's true." Genevieve said. "Baby Eddie and I have been in an alliance since the beginning."

"I don't believe it." Laken said. "Why would you tell us?"

"It was the only way to save me from elimination." Genevieve explained. "The whole time, we pretended to fight to draw away suspicion."

"I can't believe it." Joyce said.

"Well, that's it, then." Laken said. "We have to vote out Eddie."

Genevieve smiled evilly.

Later, Genevieve walked up to Baby Eddie.

"Eddie, you have to hear something." Genevieve said.

Baby Eddie sighed. "Make it quick."

Genevieve pulled out her iPhone and played a recording of Laken confessing to vote out Baby Eddie.

Baby Eddie's eyes widened. "They still think I'm in an alliance with you. I can't believe they wouldn't trust me after all that time!"

There was a moment of silence.

"Why would you warn me about this?" Baby Eddie asked. "You said the only thing you regretted was not voting me off."

"I thought about what you said, and I realized something." Genevieve said. "I was sorry about all those things I did, deep down inside me."

Genevieve shook her head in a confessional.

"I guess I have to vote off Joyce." Baby Eddie said sadly.

"Don't worry." Genevieve said. "The revelation that no one on this show actually liked you shouldn't hurt that much, considering you don't actually have any friends anyway."

Baby Eddie glared at her.

Later, the contestants sat in the lobby. Chris brought out a plate of cheesecake. "You guys know the drill by now. If I call your name, you get cheesecake, which means you're safe. If you do not get a piece of cheesecake, you must go to the Check-Out of Shame and take the Limo of Losers, which will take you out of the competition and far away from the final three."


"Baby Eddie"

"What?!" Genevieve screamed.

"Nice try, Genevieve." Joyce said. "We'd never believe that Baby Eddie would betray us."

Baby Eddie gulped nervously.

"Anyway, the last piece of cheesecake goes to..."











"Neither of you."

"What?!" Genevieve and Joyce exclaimed.

"There was a tie in votes, so you're both eliminated." Chris said.

Joyce looked at Baby Eddie.

"I'm sorry." Baby Eddie said. "You guys were questioning me all day and she played a recording. I didn't know what to think."

"I can't believe this." Joyce said.

"I'm so sorry." Baby Eddie said.

"Well, if I can't be in the final two, then I'm glad my two best friends are." Joyce said.

Baby Eddie smiled.

"I caused you enough trouble anyway." Joyce said to Baby Eddie. "Good both of you."

Baby Eddie hugged Joyce, and then Laken hugged Joyce.

Joyce and Genevieve headed for the Limo of Losers.

"I can't believe we're in the final two!" Laken cheered.

Laken and Baby Eddie hugged.

Meanwhile, Joyce and Genevieve got in the back of the Limo of Losers.

"I can't believe after all that work, I was eliminated!" Genevieve yelled.

"This is going to be a long limo ride." Joyce said.

"We're finally there! The final two! Baby Eddie vs. Laken! Who will leave here with nothing? And who will leave here with their own country club and one...million...DOLLARS! Find out next time on Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Chapter 24 - The Mills: III

"Hello. I'm Chris McLean. Welcome to the final episode of The Mills! Blaineley's not here, so I'm taking over to see what the losers think of the final match-up between Baby Eddie and Laken for their own country club and a grand prize of one million dollars!"

Later, Chris sat by the pool with the nineteen eliminated contestants. "Okay, guys. Now before the challenge, you guys will split into two groups. The group supporting Baby Eddie and the group supporting Laken. We'll go in order of elimination. Mary Lou, you're up first."

Mary Lou stepped forward. She looked like she hadn't showered in weeks and she was drastically more overweight.

"I don't care." Mary Lou said. "I guess I'll support the loser who acts like he's two years old. I wish we all had the pleasure."

Mary Lou drags herself over to Baby Eddie's section.

"Okay, I guess we're moving on to Fefe." Chris said.

Fefe walked up and shrugged. "Whatever." She walked over to Laken's section.

"Ryann, you're turn to pick." Chris said.

Ryann stepped up. "I guess I'll support Laken. You know, us girls have to stick together."

Ty leaned towards Enrique. "What's that dude talking about?"

Ryann stepped next to Fefe in Laken's section.

"Okay, Ciaran you're up." Chris said.

Ciaran stepped up. "I have to go with my girl on this one."

"Whatever." Fefe said.

Ciaran walked next to Fefe in Laken's section.

"Next, we have Caitlin." Chris said.

Caitlin walked up. "I believe that girls can do anything guys can do, so I gotta support Laken in proving my point."

She walked to Laken's section.

"How about you, McKay?" Chris asked.

McKay stepped next to Chris. "That idiot ratted me out. There's no way I'm supporting him!"

He walked next to Laken's supporters.

"Now up is Lauretta." Chris said.

Lauretta walked up. "I have Laken to blame for my elimination. She is cold, heartless, and unaccepting. I choose Eddie."

She walked next to Mary Lou.

"Okay, now it's Jonothon's turn." Chris said.

Jonothon stepped up. "I'm going to support Laken."

He walked into Laken's section.

Ty ran up. "No need to introduce me, Chris. They know who I am. I'm supporting Laken."

He ran quickly next to Jonothon.

"Okay... Now, Ellie." Chris said.

Ellie stepped up. "I'm supporting Laken. Queenie told me to, plus the girl can rock a bikini top."

She walked next to Laken's supporters.

"Okay, last of the non-merge contestants is Aden." Chris said.

Aden walked up. "I'd love to go with Queenie and support Laken, but I have to choose Baby Eddie."

He walked to Baby Eddie's support section.

"Jean, we all know who you're choosing." Chris said.

Jean stepped forward. "I'm supporting Laken for obvious reasons."

He walked toward Laken's support group.

"Abraham, what say you?" Chris asked.

Abraham stepped forward. "I'm supporting Laken because she's not a traitor."

"Wanna bet?" Lauretta asked.

Abraham walked to Laken's support group.

"Queenie, you're up." Chris said.

Queenie stepped in front of the crowd. "I pick Laken because she's my second best friend ever!"

She ran to Laken's support group.

"Enrique, your turn." Chris said.

Enrique stepped forward. "I choose Laken as well."

He walked to Laken's support group.

"Anthony." Chris mumbled.

Anthony stepped up. "I choose Baby Eddie. Underneath his creepy fetish, he's a good person."

He walked toward Baby Eddie's support group.

"Who's next?" Chris asked.

"I am." Carlos said.

"Right..." Chris said.

"I choose Eddie, because he doesn't have two left feet." Carlos said.

"Joyce!" Chris said.

Joyce stepped forward. "This was a hard choice. There both such great friends. I choose Baby Eddie though, because I feel that I owe him."

She walked to Baby Eddie's support group.

"Last, and probably least, Genevieve." Chris said.

Genevieve stepped forward. "This was a hard choice for me as well. I hate them both with such a fiery passion. But I eventually decided to support Baby Eddie. He voted with me, and honestly, if you're that stupid, you need all the support you can get."

Joyce glared at Genevieve as she walked to Baby Eddie's support section.

"Okay, so there's seven people supporting Baby Eddie, and twelve supporting Laken." Chris said. "Almost evenly matched. Now it's time for the challenge to decide which finalist will get a special advantage in the final challenge."

Chris pointed to the top of the mansion.

"There's a flag waving at the top of this mansion. Whichever team gets the flag first wins the advantage for their supportee." Chris said.

"But this mansion is huge!" Caitlin yelled.

"Then you'd better get climbing." Chris said. "Go!"

The teams ran toward the mansion.

Joyce looked at Genevieve. "Got any ideas?"

"Sure." Genevieve said. "But I'm not telling you. What do I care if Baby Eddie doesn't get the advantage?"

"You're horrible." Joyce said.

Aden walked up to Joyce.

"Don't worry." he said. "I've got a plan."

Meanwhile, Ty started climbing the mansion.

"Don't worry!" he called out to his team on the ground. "I got this!"

"There's no way we're just climbing up there." Enrique said.

"I have an idea." Ciaran said. "I'll be right back."

He ran away.

Meanwhile, Joyce sat on a chair while Aden poured different chemicals in a beaker.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Joyce asked.

"As long as you grab onto the mansion when you're in the air." Aden said.

"How does this work again?" Joyce asked.

"Once I ignite this," Aden explained. "your chair will be shot to the top of the mansion. Just grab the flag and climb back down."

Meanwhile, Ciaran walked up to Enrique with a bird on his arm.

"What's that?" Enrique asked.

"His name is Jeff." Ciaran said. "He's going to fly up and get the flag."

"Genius." Enrique said.

Jeff flew off Ciaran's arm towards the flag.

Joyce noticed Jeff flying towards the top of the mansion.

"Hurry up, Aden!" Joyce yelled.

Meanwhile, Jeff flew past Ty as he was climbing.

"No bird's gonna beat me!" Ty shouted. He started climbing faster.

Meanwhile, Aden lit a match.

"Get ready." he said.

Joyce held on to the bottom of the chair. Aden ignited the mixture. He ran away and it exploded, launching the chair into the sky.

Meanwhile, Jeff grabs the flag from the top of the mansion. Joyce's chair flies up next to him and Joyce snatches the flag from his beak. The chair starts to fall towards the ground. Joyce quickly jumps off the chair before it breaks on the ground. She grabs onto a second floor windowsill and slowly climbs down. She runs and hands the flag to Chris.

"Baby Eddie's team wins the challenge for him!" Chris yelled.

"Yes!" Joyce cheered.

Meanwhile, Ty got to the top of the mansion.

"Don't worry, guys!" Ty yelled. "I got to the top!"

"Well, there you go. Thank you for tuning in to the last episode of The Mills and be sure to watch the finale of Total Drama Country Club. I'm Chris McLean, signing off."

Chapter 25 - The Final Clubdown

"Last time on Total Drama Country Club, the final four competed in a geocaching contest. Baby Eddie forgave Genevieve, even though she didn't seek forgiveness and Laken and Joyce thought they might be in a secret alliance. Genevieve's GPS was broken, but she managed to steal Baby Eddie's while he was stuck in a tree. Joyce got surrounded by woodland animals, but was rescued by Eddie. Laken won invincibility, so Genevieve convinced her and Joyce to vote off Eddie, and showed Eddie a recording that said they were. Joyce and Laken revealed that they lied, and would never vote off Eddie, but at a tie for votes, both Genevieve and Joyce were eliminated. Now, it's down to the final two! Baby Eddie vs. Laken! The Final Clubdown!"

Chris turned to an intern. "Make that the title."

He turned back to the camera. "Who will win the million dollars and ownership of beautiful Golden Hills Country Club? And who will go home a loser like the other nineteen losers? There's only one place for the answers and it's right here on the epic finale of Total...Drama...Country Club!"

Laken sat in her room. "I'm not worried." she told the camera. "I'll try my best and whatever happens... happens."

Baby Eddie lay down on the floor in his room and stared at the ceiling. "I have to be honest. I didn't even think I'd get this far." He sighed. "I don't expect to win, but it would be nice."

Laken is shown in her room. "I'm so nervous. I can't even sleep."

Baby Eddie is shown fast asleep on his bed.

Laken is shown again. "If I won, I'd probably have my own fashion line. It be nice to model my own clothing."

The camera is shown walking up to a sleeping Eddie. A hand reaches out and shakes him until he wakes up.

The scene cuts to Baby Eddie sitting on his bed. "I don't know what I'd do with the money if I won. Probably therapy."

He banged his head on the wall.

The next day, Baby Eddie and Laken stood by the golf course. Suddenly, they looked overhead and saw a helicopter. It landed and Chris hopped out with the losing nineteen contestants.

"Hello, final two!" Chris shouted. "It's time for the final challenge. First, the losers of this season will sit in their respective sections."

Two bleachers were set up. One with Laken's face and one with Eddie's. The nineteen losers sat in their support sections.

"What is she doing in my section?" Baby Eddie asked, pointing to Genevieve.

"Don't worry. I still hate you." Genevieve said. "I just hate Laken too."

They both glared at her.

"Okay, who's ready for the challenge?" Chris asked.

"Sure, Chris." Anthony said.

"You two will start here at the end of the golf course. You will run to the tennis courts and have to break cages we have suspended in the air by hitting it with tennis balls. When you break the cage open, some type of water breathing equipment will come out. Because Baby Eddie's section won the challenge for him, he will receive a scuba diving suit and Laken will receive a long straw to breathe out of. You will go to the pool and dive in searching for a golden ring. There are two in there, but they're small and hard to find. Once you find the golden ring, you will hop in your golf carts and race them around the entire golf course until you end up back here. Whoever gets here first will be the winner of Total... Drama... Country Club!"

Everyone cheered.

"Anyone in your support section can help you, but they can't do the challenge for you." Chris explained. "Are you ready?"

"Let's do it!" Laken yelled.

"Start it, Chris." Baby Eddie said.

"On your mark, get set, GO!" Chris yelled.

The two dashed toward the tennis courts. They arrived a quickly picked up their tennis rackets, which were next to a bucket of tennis balls. Laken tried to hit a tennis ball, but it missed and bounced on the ground. She tried again, but it hit the net.

"I don't even know how to play tennis!" Laken yelled.

Jean ran up to her. "Don't worry. I play tennis. I'll show you."

"You do?" Laken asked.

"Yeah." Jean said. "One tons of tournaments."

He grabbed the tennis racket and demonstrated a swing. "Hold it like your shaking someone's hands. Have your shoulders and feet parallel and don't use your wrist. Just bring your shoulder back and swing. I'll throw the ball in front of you."

He grabbed the bucket of tennis balls and stepped to the side of Laken. He threw a ball in front of her. She swung and it hit the cage, doing minimal damage.

"Nice hit." Jean said. "Now we just need to break the cage open."

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie was hitting the cage over and over again. He hit the lock and the cage broke open, dropping his scuba diving suit. He quickly grabbed it and ran to the pool. Laken noticed this.

"Jean, he already opened it!" Laken said.

"Don't worry." Jean said. "Just take your time or you'll never get it open."

Meanwhile, Abraham was looking through binoculars from Laken's support section.

"Man, Eddie broke the cage! He's ahead!" Abraham yelled.

Enrique held his head down. "I need to help him."

"What?!" Abraham yelled in surprise.

"Look, he might be a creep and a traitor, but I used him for votes too." Enrique said. "If I owe you, then I owe him. It's the gentlemanly thing to do."

Abraham looked down. "I understand. Why you gotta be such a nice guy?"

Enrique smiled.

"Go do what you gotta do." Abraham said. "but don't expect help from me."

Enrique ran off.

Meanwhile, Baby Eddie had put on his scuba diving suit and dove into the pool. He began searching for the ring.

Meanwhile, Laken was still swinging at the cage. She suddenly stopped, panting.

"What's wrong?" Jean asked.

"This is impossible!" Laken shouted. "I've hit that cage a thousand times! It won't break!"

Jean grabbed Laken by the shoulders. "You can't stop now! You're so close! I believe in you!"

He suddenly kissed Laken passionately. After the kiss, Laken picked up her tennis racket, threw a ball in the air, and hit it. It smashed through the cage and the cage fell to the ground. Laken ran up to the cage, grabbed the straw, and hugged Jean.

"Thank you." Laken said.

"Come on!" Jean said. "There's still two more challenges left."

Laken and Jean ran to the pool. Laken put the straw in her mouth and hopped into the pool. Queenie ran up.

"What are you doing?" Jean asked.

"I know how Laken can catch up." Queenie said.

She took out a headlight. "I use this when I go spelunking. If she uses it under the water. The light will reflect off the ring and make it easier to find."

Jean shrugged. "Sounds good to me."

Laken came up for air.

"Laken," Queenie said. "catch!"

She threw the headlight to Laken. Laken put the light on her head and turned it on.

"Thanks, Queenie." she said.

She put the straw in her mouth and went back underwater.

After a few minutes, Laken came up from the water with a golden ring.

"Laken found a golden ring!" Chris announced.

Laken threw it to Chris and hopped on her golf cart.

Baby Eddie quickly got out of the water and tossed a golden ring to Chris. Baby Eddie quickly took off his scuba diving gear and took off on his golf cart, right behind Laken.

After a while, the two passed Hole 3 on their golf carts. Baby Eddie was getting frustrated with being so close together. He noticed a golf bag in the back of Laken's cart. He grabbed a baby block and put it on his gas pedal. He then jumped from his golf cart to the back of Laken's. Laken noticed this and tried to shoo him away while she was driving.

Abraham was watching this through his binoculars. "Jonothon, you gotta see this."

He handed the binoculars to Jonothon, who looked through them. "What is he doing?"

Baby Eddie grabbed a golf club from the bag and noticed a turn coming up. He quickly jumped back to his golf cart and barely grabbed the edge as Laken turned the corner. Baby Eddie quickly took over the wheel and made a quick turn before he hit the trees. He caught back up to Laken and hit her golf cart with the golf club, getting slightly ahead.

"Eddie, watch it!" Laken shouted.

"Sorry." Baby Eddie said.

Laken grabbed a golf club from the back and hit Baby Eddie's golf cart. The two started dueling with their golf clubs, like a sword fight. Suddenly, Baby Eddie's cart got off the road and jumped over a hill. Baby Eddie jumped out and grabbed onto the back of Laken's cart. Once Baby Eddie was out, his cart flipped over and tumbled down the hill. It was completely destroyed at the bottom of the hill.

The two passed Hole 8.

"Get your own cart!" Laken yelled.

Laken hit Baby Eddie with her golf club and he fell of the cart as Laken drove away.

"No!" he shouted. "I can't lose now!"

Suddenly, Enrique drove up in his pink golf cart.

"Enrique?" Baby Eddie asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Look, I know you voted me off and I still hate you," Enrique explained. "but it was wrong what I did, pretending to accept you for votes, so I owe you."

"But that's not mine." Baby Eddie said. "Genevieve cheated, so your team deserves it."

"I already got voted out." Enrique said. "I could care less about a pink golf cart. Now, hurry up."

Baby Eddie smiled and hopped in the pink golf cart.

"Thanks, Enrique." he said.

"Go catch her, diaper dork." Enrique said.

Baby Eddie stepped on the gas and the golf cart took off.

A little later, Laken drove past Hole 15.

"Million dollars, here I come." Laken said.

Suddenly, Baby Eddie drove up next to her in his pink golf cart.

"I'm not losing yet!" he shouted.

Laken smiled. "Then, it's whoever gets there first."

Baby Eddie smiled too.

The two were neck-and-neck as they passed Hole 16. Suddenly, Baby Eddie pulled ahead of her. Laken rammed her cart into his, sending him over a tiny hill. He crashed back into her. The two passed Hole 17.

Meanwhile, Abraham was looking through his binoculars.

"There they are." Abraham said.

Suddenly, his smile disappeared.

"Ty, is that the piece of meat that tried to kill you in the scavenger challenge?" he asked.

Ty grabbed the binoculars and looked through them.

"Oh shit." he said.

Suddenly as Baby Eddie and Laken were battling with each other, the piece of meat jumped on Laken's face, causing her hands to fly off the wheel.

"Something's on my face!" she screamed.

She ripped the piece of meat off her face and it growled. She looked in front of her and realized she was about to drive into a water hazard. Her cart fell into the water and exploded.

Baby Eddie turned to her and laughed. "Yes, I won!"

He turned to face straight and realized he was about to drive into a gas tank.

"Uh-oh." he said.

The losers and Chris watched as Baby Eddie's cart went up in flames and a huge explosion took place. Suddenly, Baby Eddie's body, tattered and covered in ash, flew over the finish line and skidded on its stomach until it hit Chris's leg.

"Baby Eddie wins!" Chris shouted.

Confetti fell from the sky as Baby Eddie's fellow competitors put his dazed and almost unconscious body on their shoulders.

Baby Eddie shook his head to get out of his daze. "Did I win?"

"No, we poured confetti on you thinking it would make you conscious." Anthony said sarcastically. "When that didn't work we decided on an ancient Native American technique where everyone picks you up and shakes you while chanting your name happily."

"That was the longest sarcastic comment I've ever heard." Carlos said.

"Wait, is Laken alright?" Baby Eddie asked, while being lowered.

The camera looked over to see Laken, also scorched, climbing out of the lake. She walked slowly over to the finish line.

"Sorry, Laken. You didn't win Total Drama Country Club." Chris said. "But you do get a fabulous consolation prize!"

"Really?" Laken asked excitedly.

"Yep." Chris said. "An official Total Drama t-shirt and a $5 gift certificate to T.G.I Friday's."

Laken's smile disappeared. Jean walked up to her.

"It's okay, Laken." Jean said.

"You're right." Laken said. "At least, I won one thing during this competition."

"Yeah." Carlos said rolling his eyes. "Just a t-shirt though."

Abraham hit Carlos in the gut. "They're trying to have a romantic moment, dipshit."

Laken and Jean started making out for a long time.

"Okay, guys." Chris said. "You can stop now."

The two continued making out.

"Whatever." Chris said. "So, Baby Eddie, you won Total Drama Country Club! What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to therapy!" Baby Eddie cheered.

The others stared at him and remained silent.

"Well, that's our season. Be sure..." Chris started to say.

"Wait a minute!" Anthony interrupted. "You can't torture us for weeks and expect to get away with it. Our contract's up. You don't own us anymore!"

The twenty-one contestants surrounded Chris and started moving towards him.

"Guys! Come on, guys! What are you doing? No! NO!!!"

Later, a therapist's office is shown.

"Next!" the therapist yelled.

Chris walked in and laid down on the chair.

"Why are you here today, Chris?" the therapist asked.

Chris was trying to choke back the tears. "I was producing a new TV show. And the cast of the show... touched me... in places."

"Chris, I'm your therapist." the therapist said. "You can tell me."

"They touched... my hair." Chris said. He burst into tears. "They messed it all up. It took hours to fix it."

"It's okay, Chris." the therapist said. "Let it out."

The two turned and saw Baby Eddie standing at the door.

"I changed my mind." he said. "I don't need therapy. I mean, I'm not that crazy."

He walked out of the room.

"Well, I guess that's it for this season. Be sure to check out my next season, Total Drama Crime, where I'll takes sixteen real life teenage criminals and have them stay in a prison and compete in challenges until one is left with... while, I guess, they determine the prize. This is Chris McLean, signing out."


"Welcome, viewers. I'm Chris McLean here with the Total Drama Country Club Reunion! Your favorite contestants are lining up at Golden Hills Country Club, Baby Eddie's prize, where he is throwing the party of the century! We'll be taking an inside look at your favorite losers! Let's go!"

Chris walked up to the door where he was stopped by a bouncer.

"Name?" the bouncer asked.

"You're kidding, right?" Chris asked. "I'm Chris, Chris McLean."

The bouncer scanned his list.

"Sorry." he said. "Not on the list."

"What?!" Chris exclaimed. "You've got to be kidding me! I'm in The Key Gene! I hosted the show that Baby Eddie was on."

"Sorry." the bouncer said. "You've got to be on the list."

Abraham, Enrique, and Ty walked up to the bouncer.

"Hey." Ty said. "We're on the list. Names are Ty, Enrique, and Abraham."

The bouncer checked the list. He nodded and removed the rope.

"Wait." Chris said.

The three turned towards him.

"You gotta get me in." he pleaded.

The three turned towards the bouncer.

"Are we allowed to bring someone?" Enrique asked.

"Sure." the bouncer said.

"Well, bye, Chris." Abraham said.

The three walked in and the bouncer tied the rope back.

"What?!" Chris yelled. "Are you kidding me?"

He thought for a moment, then slipped a wad of cash out of his pocket.

"How about I give you a little...tip?" Chris asked.

"Are you attempting to bribe me, sir?" the bouncer asked.

"Uh... yeah." Chris said.

The bouncer kicked Chris out from in front of the door.

Anthony walked up to him in a fancy suit with a hot girl on each arm.

"Hey, McLean." Anthony said. "What's the matter? Wasn't invited to your own country club?"

Chris mumbled a curse word under his breath.

"Good news, though." Anthony said. "My book is selling millions. I practically won the competition with all the money I'm making. I guess I have you to thank for that, considering you showed me the sadistic style of reality shows from the inside."

"Are you going to keep standing here and gloating or are you going into the party?" Chris asked, irritated.

"Come along, ladies." Anthony said, escorting the girls towards the door.

Chris got up from the ground and brushed himself off. He turned toward the cameraman.

"Come on," Chris said. "We need to find a way inside."

Later, Chris is seen with the cameraman on the roof of the restaurant. Chris took a crowbar out and opened up a hatch with it. He and the cameraman dropped through into the party.

"Yes!" Chris shouted. "We're in!"

He looked around at the crowd. Baby Eddie walked by.

"Hey." Chris said, stopping Baby Eddie. "If it isn't the host of the party himself."

"Chris?" Baby Eddie asked. "I could've sworn you weren't invited to this party."

"So, tell us what you spent the money on." Chris said.

"Well...I decided not to go through with the therapy, so I guess that's good." Baby Eddie said.

"Not for the rest of us." Chris said.

Baby Eddie glared at him.

Joyce walked up to Baby Eddie.

"Hey Eddie." she said. "Great party."

"You guys an item yet?" Chris asked.

"No, Chris." Joyce said. "It was immature what I did. We're going to maintain a friendship."

"Boring." Chris said. "Well, enjoy the party."

Baby Eddie and Joyce walked away with each other, annoyed with Chris.

Meanwhile, Aden was walking with two drinks and then stumbled. Some of one of the drinks splashed on Laken's clothes.

"Oh no." Laken exclaimed.

"I'm so sorry." Aden said.

"It's fine." Laken said. "I brought a dress just in case. I'll just go change in the bathroom."

She walked away. Aden walked with the two almost-empty glasses over to Queenie. He handed one to her.

"Get thirsty on the way back?" Queenie asked with a smile.

"Sorry, I bumped into Laken." Aden said.

Chris walked over to the two.

"How are you guys doing together?" he asked.

"Great." Queenie said. "There's not a greater guy out there."

"I beg to differ." Chris said, shining a smile toward the camera.

"Whatever, Chris." Queenie said.

"So you guys did well in the competition." Chris said. "You're almost out of high school. What's in your future?"

"Aden got accepted to MIT." Queenie said.

"Really?" Chris said. "Impressive."

"It was nothing." Aden said.

"What about you, Queenie?" Chris asked.

Queenie hung her head down. "I...didn't get into MIT."

"Oh." Chris said. "Long distance relationship."

"It's okay. We'll make it work." Queenie said.

Meanwhile, Laken walked into the bathroom stall. She took off all of her clothes and reached into her bag and pulled out her new outfit. Lauretta walked in to the stall. Laken screamed and covered up her chest and crossed her legs.

"Get out!" Laken shouted.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Lauretta shouted.

She started to storm out.

"Wait!" Laken shouted. "I didn't mean anything by it!"

Lauretta turned around with tears in her eyes. "You never mean it, do you? It's not easy to live in a world where people make assumptions about you everyday. Did you ever stop and think about what it's like for me? Having to live with the fact that I can never be normal to people like you."

She ran out of the bathroom and passed Chris and the cameraman.

"You got that, right?" Chris asked the cameraman.

The cameraman nodded.

Baby Eddie grabbed Lauretta. "Lauretta, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry." Lauretta said, wiping tears from her eyes. "I have to go. Nice party, Eddie."

She hugged Baby Eddie and then ran out of the restaurant, crying. Laken stepped out of the bathroom, now fully clothed. Jean walked up to her.

"What happened?" Jean asked.

"I messed up again." Laken said. "I was wrong all along. I never hated gay people, but I was still ignorant."

"Why don't you go apologize?" Jean asked.

"It's not worth the trouble." Laken said. "She'll never forgive me. Maybe I'll talk to her again when I learn to be more accepting."

"It's okay." Jean said. "I think it's fair to say you're both at fault."

He grabbed Laken by the arm.

"Besides, I like you just the way you are." he said.

The two kissed. Baby Eddie walked up to them.

"Laken, what happened?" Baby Eddie asked.

"Lauretta saw me naked." Laken said. "I just kinda freaked out."

Jean and Baby Eddie's eyes widened.

"What?" Laken asked.

"Nothing." they both said at the same time. They walked in opposite directions.

Meanwhile, the bouncer walked up to Chris.

"How'd you get in here?" the bouncer asked.

"Uh..." Chris said.

The bouncer started to drag him out.

"Wait! Wait!" Chris shouted. "I know someone! Ty! Tell him that I'm in Key Gene with you."

Ty saw them. "Didn't someone give you the memo? The Key Gene broke up."

"What?!" Chris shouted.

"Yeah, how did you not know?" Ty asked. "Dustin became to diva-ish and Chef wanted to go towards an acting career. There was like an hour-long special on TV."

The bouncer threw him out of the country club.

Later, the party was starting to pile out. Enrique and Genevieve were the only ones left.

"So...the competition's over." Enrique said. "You want to let bygones be bygones and maybe hang out sometime."

Genevieve smiled. "Not on your life."

She walked out of the restaurant.

Elimination Table

Elimination Chart
# Contestant 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 18 19 20 22 23 25
15 Lauretta IN IN WIN IN IN WIN1 OUT
17 Caitlin IN LOW LOW IN OUT
18 Ciaran IN IN IN OUT
19 Ryann IN IN OUT
20 Fefe IN OUT
21 Mary Lou OUT

1: McKay technically won the challenge, but was eliminated due to his use of steroids, making Team Huggies the winner by default.

2: Baby Eddie and Genevieve were in the bottom two, but Chris ended up eliminating Anthony instead.

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