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22 teens come together to win 100,000 1,000,000 BUCKS! These teens will face harsh weather, cruel treatment, a few sharks and tons more! Don't miss it on Total Drama Craziness!

The Campers

Insane Squirrels:












Rabbid Raccoons:












The Competition

Chapter 1- I'm Looking at the Winner, Time to Find Out Who it is.

Last time, on Total Drama Craziness! 22 Sucker - I mean, teenagers, signed up for Total Drama Craziness. They'll be staying at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere! There will also be tons of challenges for them to endure. Every 3 days, some unlucky camper gets the boot and they have to leave, forever. In the end, someone will win the ultimate cash prize of 100,000 dollars! Who will win, who will crack under the pressure? Find out this and more on Total Drama Craziness!

A thin man walks out wearing a blue shirt with blue jeans and has brown hair. He walks out on a dock and says "Welcome everone, to Total Drama Craziness! Like I just said, someone is going to win. We just don't know who. I'm your host, Shane Oro, but you can call me Shane. Well, time to see the contestants. Hey! there's someone now!" A small red boat stops at the dock. A tall thin boy comes out and looks around. Shane says "Why hello there Joshua, how's it going?"

"Fine, I guess. Hey man, where can I put my gutair?" he askes.

"Right over by the edge of the dock." answers Shane.

"Cool." Joshua says, "Oh, and another thing, you can call me Josh."

"Alright, will do" says a girl in a blue and red striped halter top with black hair.

"India! You're suppost to wait for your cue! And you said you were an actress." yells Shane.

"Sorry, my bad. I just saw the cutie with a gutair." says India dreamly. She walks over and stares at Joshua.

"Uhhh, you're making me feel awkward." says Josh. India giggled.

"Here is our next contestant, Randy." says Shane.

"Hey Randy, nice to meet you." Josh says kindly sticking out his hand. Randy just stares at it.

"I don't know you" he finally says.

(Confessional) "Randy gives me the creeps" says Joshua.

A girl with a Pink sweater and a blue wavy stripe comes of the boat. "Hi ya'll, I'm Jaquenette! I'm here to win so drop out now. Unless you wanna lose!" says Jaquenette.

"Hello Jaquenette, Please stand by the others" instructs Shane. "Alright, here's Grady." Grady gets off the boat and the boat jumps up a little.

"Wow, who ordered the chicken?" India jokes, the others laugh except Randy and Grady.

"Can it!" barks Grady. He walks over and stands near Josh.

"Hey Grady. I'm Josh." He says as he sticks out his hands.

"Hello Josh." Grady replies shaking his hand.

"Well now that the little love fest is over," Josh and Grady look stunned. "Kidding, kidding" says Shane. "Here comes Mitchie." an blonde overweight girl in a tube top with sleves and a bright blue bow steps off and looks around.

"Why hello everyone, it's awful good to meet you." says Mitchie sounding a lot like Sadie.  

"Whoa! You seem very similar to someone.... Sadie! You seem similar to Sadie!" India says excitly.

"Shut up! It's not my fault she's a loser, is my sister, and doesn't even have a mind!" yells Mitchie over the sound of crying. She hides in the back of the group sobbing.

"Well this will be good for the ratings. Anywho, here's Orville." says Shane. A skinney kid with a blue-green hat and a red scarf on his neck comes off the boat.

"Hey everyone, this season is going to fly higher then the sky!" says Orville.

"Aren't you that kid who owns an airplane and can fly it perfectly?" asked Grady?

"Why yes, yes I am." answered Orville.

"Okay! Enough about him, please turn your full attention to Serene." says Shane. a girl with a long Green turtleneck that she's wearing as a dress and with glasses walks out of the boat. She looks scared and rushes back in, "Serene, come out. You have a contract." with a heavy sigh she walks out.

"Um, hi everyone ........ Please stop looking at me." she says as she cries from being scared.

"It's okay honey, we won't do anything bad to you." says Mitchie as she walks over to greet her. Serene walks back with her.

"So here is Lance everyone." announces Shane as a tall rather strong kid in a red Hanley shirt comes off the boat.

Hey everybody! Are you ready to lose!" He yells.

"NO!" Everyone says in unison except Randy.

"Well get ready to." warns Lance.

"Ohhh! A confident one, this will be fun." says Shane. "Here's Suzy." A thin, short, blonde girl in a pink tube top and light blue skirt walks onto the dock.

"Hello everyone. As you know, I'm Suzy." she says

(Confessional) "Well she looks like a nice person." says Serene.

"Hi, I'm Serene." says Serene shyly.

"Nice to meet you. You don't have to be shy you know. I won't bite." says Suzy laughing.

"Hehe, you do seem like a good person Suzy." says Serene.

"Aww, why thank you." says Suzy as the next boat arrives. A boy in a baseball uniform gets out of the boat.

Shane says,"This is Zev everybody."

"Hi guys, is there a baseball diamond anywhere?" he askes.

"No." replys Shane.

"Dang." says a sulking Zev.

"Um, like, isn't anyone gonna help me with my bags" askes a girl in tight leoprod jeans and a red sports bra.

"Everyone, this is Linda." says Shane obviously bored.

"Fine, I'll do it my self." grumbles Linda.

"I'll help you missy." says a buff guy with red skin, a blue sleveless shirt, black gym shorts, and a afro with a green and black head band.

"Winston, you're suppost to wait for your cue. Dosen't anyone care about them anymore?" Shane angerly askes. Winston looked hurt at the remark. India walks up to him and says, "Dude, it's alright, he yelled at me too."

"So what's up with your skin?" askes Zev.

"I don't know but check this out." He slaps himself and starts yelling in pain.

India walks away rolling her eyes saying, "Well that was immpressive."

"Okay, that explains it." Says Josh. "So dude, what's up?" he askes.

"Nothing much, just bored I guess." answered Winston.

"Hey, me too." comments Grady. The three began to start a three-way conversation.

"Alright everyone, here's Liz." says Shane playing with his thumbs.

Hey ya'll, how ya doing," says Liz with a thick southern accent. She has blond hair and a shirt tied up into a crop top and a purple skirt with a pink heart on the front.

"Hi Liz." says Suzy.

"Hello there." said Liz.

"I can't understand you" says a boy with a blue shirt that has a large red X on it.

"Elias! Wait for you're cue!" yells an angry Shane.

"I was bored, wait a sec. These losers are the compitition?" He askes. "No way! I thought they were just horrible looking props." Said Elias laughing.

"That's not nice" said Serene crying.

"Not cool dude. Not cool at all." said Winston.

"Whatever." replied Elias.

"Here's Valeria people." said Shane with a hint of boredom on his face. A girl with purple hair, sweater, and skirt came off the boat.

"Sup?" said Valeria in a quiet voice.

(Confessional) "When I saw her, it was true love at first sight!" said Elias dreamly.

"Hi Valeria." said Suzy. Valeria relaxed and started to talk with Suzy, Serene, and Liz.

"Here comes Nico people" Nico stepped of the boat. He was small, had burgundy hair with a blue streak in his hair, he also had a blue sweater under a light blue sleeveless shirt with the number 2 on it. He just stood there looking lost.

"Nico, Nico,.... NICO!" yelled Shane.

"Wha..wh.what? You don't need to shout you know." said Nico. He walked over and stood near Liz.

"Hi ya. How ya doing there?" asked Liz.

"I'm doing good, I don't remember signing up for this." he said.

"About that, you thought you were doing a history test dude." said Shane.

"Oh yeah." said Nico remembering it.

"This is Dorthy everyone." An extremely thin girl with a red sleeveless shirt with sky blue hair walks off the boat.

"Dorthy, more like Dorky! Hahahaha" laughs Elias.

(Confessonal) "Jerk!" yells a crying Dorthy.

Dorthy runs to end of the dock and starts crying. Nico and Liz go over to comfort her.

"Here's Leanna, I'm sure you've heard of her." Shane says.

"OMG! You mean, THE Leanna? I love her designs!" Linda says excitingly.

"Well, it's nice to meet you too ....uh, what's your name? askes Leanna.


"Well it's nice to meet you Linda." Leanna said as she walks to the group to meet more people.

"Ilan get out here." Shane yells. A large boy in a yellow striped V-neck and big brown boots gets of the boat.

"Dude! It's so awesome to meet you" yells a very excited Ilan.

"I've heard of you" Zev said. "you're that kid who survives in the wilderness."

"Why yes I am." Ilan says.

"Everyone, meet Kaori." Shane says. A brown hiared girl in a blue tank top and a purple skirt get off the boat.

"Hello everyone, it very nice to see you." Kaori said.

"Kaori doesn't know much English." Shane explained to a bunch of clueless teenagers.

Mitchie walks over and says hi. The two begin to talk.

"And our last one to greet. Baldwin! Finally!" Shane says excitingly. A muscular guy in a red V-neck with no hair on his scalp comes off of the boat.

"My eyes. I can't see!" India yells dramaticly.

"It's not that bad really. It's just my stupid bald head!." Baldwin says angery.

(Confessional) "I knew it! I knew they would be shallow jerks! Time to show these guys who will win it all!" Badwin looks to his head and sighs, "dispite having no hair." he sighs a bigger sigh then the last one.

"Alright everyone, meet me at the campfire." Shane instructs as they walk there. When they get there, Shane says. "Alright, time to choose the teams. The teams are The Rabbid Raccoons and The Insane Squirrels. The Raccoons are Elias, Zev, Suzy, Serene, Valeria, Liz, Randy, Nico, Ilan, Kaori, and Orville. The Squirrels are Linda, Winston, Leanna, Lance, Mitchie, Bladwin, Grady, Joshua, Jaquenette, India, and Dorthy. Please don't complain, there is no switching. Raccoons, your cabin is over there and Squirrels, it's over there. Guys and girls are separated."

(Confessional) "Yes! I'm with Josh! We are SO gonna hook up. I wonder if he thinks Missy is a good name for a girl" India shouts excitingly.

(Confessional) "Oh boy, this is gonna suck big time. I just hope I don't get completly humiliated out here." Valeria says.

(Connfessional) "Great! I'm with Dreamy and Country. At least I'm with Valeria." Elias says sarcasticly.

(Confessional) "Yay! I'm with the nice people, well, except for Elias. Oh well, nothing's perfect.." Serene says.

So that's that! the teams are chosen, no switching, and nothing can go wrong! And by that, something's bound to go wrong. Oh well, Tune in next time for more. Total Drama Craziness!

Chapter 2 - Spike It.

Last time! On Total Drama Craziness! The 22 campers came and were split up into two teams. The Rabbid Raccoons and the Insane Squirrels. Some campers made friends. Others made enemies. This time, the episode will not end so happy. One contestant will be eliminated. Find out who on Total Drama Craziness!

The scene starts at the Squirrels cabin in the guys section. Joshua is tuning his gutair, Lance is reading a book, Winston is doing push ups and Grady is counting them, and Baldwin is appling hair growth cream on his head.

"250, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260! Wow Winston! That's a lot!" says Grady.

"No it isn't, my record is 1000. My usual is 800. Why can't I do 800 anymore?" asks Winston.

"Maybe it's just the floor." reasoned Grady.

"Maybe. Hey Josh, why are you twisting those knobs on your gutair? Can I do it?" asks Winston.

"I'm tuning my gutair." explains Joshua," and I'm sorry but you can't. If you twist to much, it will sound horrible." says Joshua.

"Keep it down please. I'm trying to read here." demands Lance.

"Lance, who gave you permission to boss us around?" asks Grady.

"Well, I am the leader." explains Lance.

"Since when?" asks an angry Winston.

"I'm a natural. You'll see when the challenge starts." says Lance while he's turing the page.

"Whatever, You will have to prove yourself you know." says Joshua.

"Yeah, yeah, I will. Hey Baldwin, you're awfully quiet. What's up." asks Lance.

"Just putting on hair growth formula." explains Baldwin.

"Okay." says Lance slightly disgusted.

"I'm gonna go run. Anyone wanna come?" asks Winston.

"Nah, I'm good/ No thank you/ I'm busy/ I would but I'm not at all prepared." says everyone else.

"Excuses, excuses." says Winston. He procedes to go out and run.

Meanwhile in the girl Squirrel cabin, Leanna is trying to get back to sleep while Jaquenette listens to her IPod, Linda and India are putting on their make-up, Mitchie is eating a banana, and Dorthy is reading a magazine.

"And like, last night, Joshua looked at me!" yells India.

"I think he was mad at you for tackling him before then." says Linda.

"Oh, he told me he liked surprises. So I surprised him." says India.

"Girl, you might not want to obsess so much over a guy. It can only get you so far." warns Jaquenette.

"Whatever, he totally loves me back!" says India

(Confessional)"Yeah, like in, never" says Linda.

"I don't think he loves you sweetie." explains Mitchie.

"What are you talking about? Didn't you hear me earlier?" asks India.

'Yes, I did. And it hurt my ears." says Leanna.

"Take this test in the magazine to see if me loves you back." says Dorthy.

(Confessional)"Those things are never true" says Mitchie.

"Well, this is fun and all, but I'm going to take a shower." says Leanna sarcasticly as she gets down from her bunk.

"I agree," says Jaquenette, "I'm feeling gross." Meanwhile at the guys Raccoon cabin. Nico is drawing in his skechbook, Elias is sleeping some more, Orville is talking with Zev and Zev is annoyed by his constant talking, Randy is staring at the wall, and Ilan is putting on his boots to go for a walk.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, did you know that the Wright Brothers tested their airplanes along the beaches in Kittyhawk, North Carolina?" asks Orville to Zev.

"Look! I don't want to know any more about the Wright Brothers, or airplane, or airplane jokes! You got that?" yells Zev.

"Sheesh, you don't have to be so loud you know!"

"Whatever shuts you up, I'll do!"

"Guys, please stop fighting. It's worthless." says Ilan.

"Really, I want to sleep." says Elias.

"Okay I will. But can you throw this twerp out the window?" asks Zev.

"Hey!" shouts Orville.

"Finished!" says Nico as he holds up his finished drawing. Ilan and Orville come over to look.

"Wow! That is fantastic!" compliments Ilan.

"Yeah it does. But don't you think it would look better with an airplane in the backround?" asks Orville.

"Will you shut up!" shouts Elias.

(Confessional)"They should calm down" says Nico.

"Please stop. The challenge will start soon. Get ready." instructs Randy. Everybody, including Elias, procedes to do so. Meanwhile at the Raccoon girls cabin, Suzy is brushing her hair, Liz is tell Serene about her late horse, Bart. Valeria is listening on her IPod, and Kaori is eating a carrot.

(Confessional)  "Wow! All the girls in my cabin are so nice! How did I get so lucky to have such great teammates?" asks Serene.

"And then, Bart was walking in a field when all of a sudden, the raccoon trap grasped his leg." says Liz.

"Oh my, that's horrible." exclaims Serene.

"That is very sad Liz." says Suzy.

"We tried helping him, but there was nothing we could do but put him to sleep." says Liz. A single tear fell to the floor.

"I'm so sorry." says Suzy.

"I'm okay I guess." says a sad Liz.

"When is the challenge going to begin?" asks Valeria.

"In a few minute I persume." says Kaori.

"Minutes." corrects Suzy.

"Darn! So close."

"Morning campers! Hope you had a good morning and breakfast. Because today is your very first challenge!" says Shane over the speakers. "Meet me behind the docks."

The campers gather around and see a volleyball court.

"Coolio! It's volleyball." says Joshua,

"Oh Josh, you're so smart." says India while getting close to him.

"Can someone pry this thing off?" asks Joshua angerly.

"Welcome campers, I hope you're prepared for your very first challenge." says Shane, "Today, we will be playing elimination volleyball."

"Huh?" asks Kaori.

"Elimination volleyball is when everyone on your team gets on the court and plays like normal. Every time the ball touches the ground, the person on that side who touched it last, or was closest to it when it touch is out for the rest of the game. It's very fun and very easy." explains Shane.

Everyone got onto their respective side. The Squirrels served first and immedatly Kaori is out.

"I don't know how to play." she explains as she walkes off the court.

After that, they played for sometime, India messes up on her serve so she got out next. Orville was talking and got hit in the head and no one dared to try and to get it back over. Winston spiked the ball and it hit Randy barely. Mitchie served the ball and no one got it but Valeria was closest so she got out. Joshua spiked the ball and it went out of bounds. Suzy hit the ball and Baldwin hit the volleyball wrong and it bounced away and Baldwin was out. Suzy and Mitchie got hit by the ball the next two times. Ilan messed up on his serve and Jaquenette hit the net. Linda was hit on the foot and Lance served it out of bounds. Dorthy and Leanna both missed the ball and Elias was hit in the head. Serene triped and hit the ball with her fingers but it didn't do anything. Zev got hit on the leg. for the Squirrels, only Winston and Grady were in. And for the Raccoons, only Nico and Liz were left.

"Come on Winston, serve it harder. Grady, try harder!" commands Lance.

"Alright Nico. We can take them." says Liz.

"I'll try not to doze off." says Nico worriedly.

"You better not." warns Kaori from the sidelines.

Grady served the ball and Liz hit it back over. Winston spiked it and Nico hit it into the net. Liz tried to save it by hitting the ball while it was still in the net but her action was futile and she was out. Grady messed up on his serve and got out. It was between Nico and Winston. Nico served the ball, Winston hit back. Nico dived and it got back over. Winston hit it over again and it was set up perfectly for a spike. However, Nico just stands there staring into space.

"Nico! Spike it! Spike it!" yells Zev.

"That ball looks like a birdie," says Nico dreamly. The ball hit the ground on Nico's side.

(Confessional)"That idiot Nico is going home TONIGHT!" yells Kaori.

(Confessional)"No. How did that happen? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?" asks Nico.

"The Insane Squirrels win!" announces Shane.

"Yes." exclaims Dorthy.

"I guess you proved yourself Lance. Good Job." says Grady.

"Why thank you Grady." says Lance. The Squirrels head back to their cabins and celebrate. Liz, Zev, Kaori, Ilan, Elias, Serene, Suzy, and Valeria meet outside of their cabins to talk about eliminations.

"I don't know ya'll, Nico's pretty down. I mean he did great today. That is definatly enough prove to keep him here." reasons Liz.

"Yeah, you also like the little loser." snaps Elias.

(Confessional)"I'm scared of Elias, I'm gonna vote for him. Please don't tell him." begs Serene.

"No I don't" retorts Liz.

"Then explain the walks though the woods." says Valeria.

"Oh, well I, okay, I admit it. I love him but please keep him. He did amazing today." says Liz.

"He did. I will give you that. But what about the next challenge? What will he do then?" reasons Ilan.

"What about Orville?" askes Zev, "I mean he's a pest. He keeps talking about planes and it's annoying." says Zev.

"That is true," says Suzy. "I guess I'll vote for him with you Zev."

"Count me in!" says Liz.

"Not me! I'm voting for the reason we lose today!" shouts Kaori. Liz goes inside of the cabin to find Nico sitting on his bed crying.

"Their gonna try to vote me off won't they?" asks Nico.

"Yes, but some of us are gonna vote for Orville. Vote with us." says Liz.

"Alright, I never did like him."

"Campers! Time to vote for someone!" says Shane over the speakers.

Zev votes for Orville. "Get a life kid. Or at least get away form me."

Kaori votes for Nico. "If you would've stayed in your right mind. Maybe we coulda won!"

Valeria votes for Orville. "You annoy me, go."

Elias votes for Liz. "I can't frecken' understand a word your saying, and this will corrupt Nico.

"Alright I've tallied the votes. This is soda, this will represent your safety here. You get one. You stay another three whole days here. The first one goes to Suzy" says Shane. Suzy catches her soda and opens it and it squirts in her face. It stops and she is dripping, drenched, and wided-eyed. She takes a sip.

"Sorry about that Suzy, the next ones go to Randy, Serene, and Ilan." said Shane. the three catch theirs "Valeria and Zev, you're safe." Valeria catches hers and the same thing happed to her as it did to Suzy, Zev just drinks his. " And Kaori." Kaori catched hers. "Elias and Liz, you're good."

"Dang it." says Serene.

"What did you just say!" yells Elias lividly. Serene hides behind Suzy.

"Calm down dude." says Shane. "Campers, this is the last soda can. The final soda goes to.....


"Wha, Yes!" yells Nico.

"What! Why did you guys vote for me?" asks Orville.

"You're annoying, you talk nonstop, and you won't help our team that much." explains Zev.

"Whatever, I am so out of here." Orville walks down the dock of shame and Shane walks down with him. Shane orders the driver to start and they start to ride away.

"So Orville. What did you think of your elimination? Do you think it was fair?" asks Shane.

"Are you kidding! Being the first one out sucks! I can't believe that I was eliminated. Nico cost us the game!" yells Orville.

"Actually, you kinda dug your own grave with your constant talking."

"What! Oh my goodness! That's the only reason I'm out? Well I hope they lose a lot of challenges."

"Well we're here. See ya Orville."

"Bye Shane."

"Well that was exciting." says Shane. "What will happen of Nico? How will the Raccoons do tomorrow? And will Elias ever calm down? See ya next time on Total Drama Craziness!"

Chapter 3 - Victory In One Hand, And a Bamboo Stick in Another.

Last time on, Total Drama Craziness! When we last saw our campers, they were voting someone out. This week, however, someone else is going home! Find out who on Total Drama Craziness!

The scene starts at the Raccoons camp site. Serene and Ilan are playing cards.

"Do you have any 2's?" askes Ilan. Serene gives him her 2's, "7's?"

"Go fish." Serene answers, "Got any Jack's?" Ilan reluctantly give her his Jacks, "10"s?" Ilan again, gives her his 10's, "I won!" Serene exclaims.

"Yeah, yeah, you were lucky." jokes Ilan. Valeria is watching from a distance and giggles. Elias walks over to her,

"So uh, what'cha doing?" he askes.

"What do you want?" askes Valeria annoyed.

"I just wanna talk." says Elias taken back by the comment.

"Well talk to someone else." Valeria commands.

(Confessional) "What did I do?" askes Elias.

Nico and Liz are having a hand-standing contest. Liz finally drops to her feet and says,

"Well, you won Nico." Nico doesn't give a response, "Nico? Nico?" Liz realizes that he spaced out and still somehow kept his balance, "Son of a gun, how does he do it?" she askes to herself. She walks away.

(Confessional) "Liz definatly has a thing for Nico, they're always doing stuff together." says Suzy

Zev is shown putting pine tar on the handle of his baseball bat.

(Confessional) "Always gotta keep these things in top shape." Zev says.

"Wow, it's so peaceful here without Orville." comments Zev.

"I agree, it is so serene." says Suzy. Serene come running over.

"Did someone say my name?" she askes shyly

"Oh, I was just talking about how peaceful it was. Sorry." answers Suzy.

"Oh, it's okay." says Serene walking away.

(Confessional) "That happens a lot in my poetry class. Someone says Serene and I think it's for me. That's how I got so shy. I got paranoid when people say the word, serene." explains Serene.

Elias walks over to Nico. He studies him for a few moments and pushes him slightly. Nico didn't even move.

"Astounding." He finally says.

The scene switches over to the Squirrels. Lance, Linda, Mitchie, Joshua, Winston, and Dorthy are talking about who went home.

"I think Nico went home." says Joshua.

"I doubt it Josh, They'd most likely vote out someone who wouldn't do much good in the future. Elias, Valeria, Kaori, and Orville are the most likely that one of thm went home." reasons Mitchie.

"I agree with Mitchie here. I say Orville went home. He was physicly weak, annoying, and had a tiny attention span." agrees Lance.

"A wonder who will go home next." wonders Dorthy.

"I say Nico is." bets Winston.

"Why would he go home?" questions Lance.

"Well, my coach back home always says 'If you can't do it once, you're going home.' Nico couldn't come through for he team and he failed. That's pleaty reason." says Winston.

"That's actually a good reason." conducts Dorthy.

"Wow! You really have no room for error in your system is there?" askes Linda.

"Nope! There isn't any." says Winston.

"Uh, Linda. India wasn't awake when you awoke now was she?" askes Joshua in a nervous way.

"Don't sweat it. She is one heavy sleeper." laughs Linda.

"JJJOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHIIIIEEEEE!" yells India as she tackles Joshua while trying to kiss him.

"Well, we.. all... make mistakes." says Linda nervously.

(Confessional) "That.... was random." says Linda.

(Confessional) "When will the madness end! I've only been here for 5 days and I've already got my first million kisses. IT'S TO MUCH!" yells Joshua.

"Campers, it's time for your next challenge. Meet me in the clearing area by the big rock." instucts Shane over the loud speakers.

"Wha? al-a-all ready?" askes Dorthy.

"Come on! I didn't even get to finish breakfast." whine Winston.

"Dude, you had 6 helpings. You should be full by now." says Lance.

(Confessional) "Then again, he always does 500 push ups and 100 squats and runs for 5 hours each morning. That would do it." says Lance.

"Alright campers, todays challenge is an easy on. Capture the Flag!" says Shane.

"Please tell me you've played this one." askes Zev to Kaori.

"Duh, who hasn't?" askes Kaori.

"Alright campers. You have 5 minutes to create a statagy starting now." Shane says as he presses a button on his cell phone.

The Squirrels hudle up and Lance starts to instruct "Okay, I say that me, Mitchie, Winston, Josh, Baldwin, Linda, Jaquenette, and Grady will go for the flag. India, Dorthy, and Leanna will stay here to guard the flag."

"That sounds reasonable." says Leanna.

(Confessional) "I needed to stay behind, I didn't get any sleep with India rambling about how her and Joshua are going to hook up." explaines Leanna.

Joshua pulles Lance aside and says, "Thanks for keeping India away from me."

"You're welcome. Now don't say I never do anything nice." says Lance.

"I never said that." retorts Joshua.

"Oh, it must of been in my head. Sorry." says Lance.

Over on the Raccoon side, Zev takes control. "Alright, Since me, Ilan, and Randy are the most athletic, we will go for the flag. The rest of you, stay put!" Zev instucts.

(Confssional) "What a macho" says Valeria as she rolls her eyes.

"Okay campers. Time's up and here are your flags." says Shane as he gives Zev and Lance a bamboo stick.

"Why bamboo?" askes Dorthy.

"It's natural and some hippie wanted us to be green. Starting with adding floresent lightbulbs." Shane explains. Winston look lost, "Twisty lightblubs"

"OOOHHHH! Now I get it." Winston exclaims.

"Okay now go hide them, you have 5 minutes again"

"Where should we hide them?" askes Zev.

"Under our beds!" exclaims Suzy.

"Not at all a bad idea." says Kaori, "Let us go and hide them!"

The camera switches to the Squirrels.

"How 'bout in a tree?" suggests India.

"I like that idea, let's do this guys!" says Lance excitingly.

"Alright gang, let's move out!" says Winston. Everyone but Leanna and Dorthy starts to run.

"Whoa, whoa where do you think you're going India?" askes Lance.

"I coming along to protect Josh." India says dreamily.

"No you're not. Girls, bind her." instucts Lance. Leanna and Dorthy do so.

"No! This ain't fair. Josh! Wait for me please!" yells out India.

"Just keep moving everyone, not a peep about this." instructs Lance.

Meanwhile, Ilan, Zev and Randy cross the line. Zev and Randy quickly hide for they see the Squirrels coming, Ilan just stands there and gets tagged.

"Dude, why didn't you hide?" askes Zev angerly.

"They saw me, what would've been the point." Ilan answers. Zev slaps his head and Randy shakes his. The two keep walking to the flag while Ilan just sits down and waits.

The scene switches back to the squirrels. They were peaking out from the bushes. "Anyone got any plans?" askes Lance.

Mitchie who was counting the Raccoons protecting the flag says, "How bout you seven go and distract them. The flag is oviously inside the girl's cabin. Whe there is so much confusion I'll go in and steal the flag and go back to our side."

"Lovely plan. Let's do it shall we?" Everyone nods. "Okay then, let's charge the base!" Lance instucts. They procede to do so and soon, everyone is runing around. People were being tagged, and people were runing around. It was hectic. After what seemed like hours but was really only about 10 seconds, Mitchie walked into the cabin unnoticed.

"Now where would I hide it?" Mitchie askes herself. "Of couarse!" she exclaims.

The scene switches to Zev and Randy, they two had just had it to the Squirrels cabin and were wondering what to do. They sneaked into the cabin but there was nothing so looked around.

"Where could they've hid it?" askes Zev.

"Zev, shut up." wispers Randy as Randy quickly gets down, Zev does so and they listen.

"Hey, did you guys here something?" asked a voice that sounded like Leanna's.

"The beating in my cheast that longs for Joshua?" exclaimes a dramatic voice that was oviously India's.

"I think so." says a voice that sounded like Dorthy.

"I know what it is, it's two dirty Raccoons!" yells Leanna as she appears right behind them. She tags Randy but Zev got away. He was tagged by Dorthy.

"Drat, I just hope the others are having better luck." says Zev hopefully.

"You talk to much." says Randy. Zev looked offened.

The scene switched back to Mitchie, she was serching under the beds. She pulled out a stick and says,

"Well they were crafty, I'll give them that." she chuckles and walks outside. All of a sudden she hears Elias say the dreadful words,

"She has the flag, get her!"

(Confessional) "Well that stoped the beating in my chest." says Mitchie.

Mitchie begins to run, everyone else in close behind. They are slowly gaining on her but Mitchie somehow keeps ahead.

(Confessional) "Gotta admit, I was surprised with how fast Mitchie was." says Joshua.

"Come on Mitchie! Hang in there!" yells Grady as the line approches.

"Crap! There's Ilan." says Mitchie as she sees Ilan siting down. She takes a deep breath and keeps moving on.

"Tag her Ilan, tag her!" commanded Valeria.

"I'm out." he yells as he looks at a bird. Mitchie has a happy look on her face  and crosses the line holding the bamboo stick.

"The winners are... The Insane Squirrels again." says Shane as he appears out of no where.

"Good job Mitchie." congrats Lance as he pats her on the back. Winston picks her up and exclaims,

"Three cheers for Mitchie! Hip hip, horray! Hip hip, horray." everybody joins in on the last one. "Hip hip, HORRAY!" they all yell as they go back to their camp.

"Raccoons, I'll be seeing you again tonight. Vote for you want to." says Shane as he walks off.

The scene goes to the elimination ceremony.

Zev votes for Ilan, "Dude, you need to atleast try!"

Randy votes for Zev, "You need to shut your mouth."

Ilan votes for Randy, "A lot of help you were out there."

Shane walks out and says.

Shane walks out to the campfire and says "Alright people, when I call your name, come up and get a soda. The first one I'm gonna call is, Elias." Elias gets up and gets his. "Valeria and Nico, Liz, and Kaori. Ya'll are safe." the four get theirs. "The next one is, Serene and Suzy, you girls are safe. As for the three of you, you guys got votes." Zev and Ilan look nervous. "Zev." Zev gets his and lets out a sigh of relief. "The last one goes to.....

......... Randy. You are safe."

"What! I'm out. What did I do?" askes Ilan.

"You didn't try, that's all." says Zev.

"It might not be a big reason, but it's a good one." says Kaori.

"NO! I'll miss you Ilan." says Serene.

"I'll miss you too babe." says Ilan as he boards the Boat of Losers with Shane.

"Alright Ilan, so why didn't you try?" askes Skane.

"I did! They just saw me and there was nothing that I could do." explains Ilan.

"I could see that. Got any final words before you get off?"

"Yes, Raccoons, if you're watching this, I just wanna say that I'm sorry and Serene, endure to the end for me." Ilan says before getting out.

"Well, that was suspenseful. Will Raccoons ever win? When will they win? Can Serene stay under control? Find out this and more on, Total Drama Craziness!"

Chapter 4 - That's Just DiVine.

Last time on Total Drama Craziness, the campers had to play capture the flag. Mitchie and Lance took the leadership role for the Squirrels and Zev leaded the Raccoons. Overall, Mitchie came out on top and Zev, Ilan, and Randy were on the chopping block. In the end, Ilan was sent packing. Will the Raccoon's ever win? Will Zev calm down? And how will we do the challenge in this rain? Find out this and more on Total Drama Craziness!

The scene starts out in the Raccoons cabins. They are all in there due to the storm. Serene is huddled on the ground asking herself,

"Why, why did he have to go?" Liz climbs up and says to her,

"Look, I didn't want to do it either but think about the future. We all need to try our hardest to stay in the game." at that moment, lightning flashed and thunder boomed right after that. Serene screamed and that scared all the others.

"What was that? And where's Serene?" askes Elias.

"Right here under the covers." answers Liz. Everyone looks at Elias.

"What? I don't care. Well I don't." Elias says.

(Confessional) "He so does. He'll admit it sooner or later." says Suzy

(Confessional) "My team is werid." says Kaori.

(Confessional) "Okay, so I have a fear of thunderstorms, so what? Everyone has some kind of irrational fear or some kind." Serene says.

"Alright guys, it's late and we need to go to bed." instucts Zev.

"Actually, it's 9:00 A.M." says Nico while drawing in his sketch book.

"And how do you know?" askes an angry Zev.

"It's just that it takes me about 3 hours to draw a picture and I've currently drawn four. We've been here since 9 P.M." Nico explains.

"Alright! Nobady asked you!" yells Zev as he takes Nico's sketch book. "What's this? Oh look, pictures of Liz." Zev tuants.

(Confessional) "I, never knew." says Liz. She looks unsure if she should be happy or not.

"Stop it!" yells Nico.

"Make me Lover Boy!" yells Zev as he threatens to throw it out into the rain.

"Zev! Nico!" yells Randy. "You two, calm down! Zev, give Nico back his sketch book." Zev does so. "Nico, continue drawing in peace."

"Who made you leader?" retorts Zev.

"Who made you?" askes Randy.

(Confessional) "That, was random." says Valeria.

(Confessional) "When Randy speaks to you like that, you gotta shut up!" says Elias while laughing.

Meanwhile, at the Squirrel cabin. They are also in one cabin due to the thuderstorm. India says,

"When will this strom be over? I hate thunder storms."

"You said it, India. I hate them too." says Leanna.

(Confessional) "I've barely done anything this whole time! If I wanna stay here, I have to prove myself." said Jaquenette.

"Oh come now, it isn't that bad." reasons Jaquenette. at that moment a huge thunder crashed shaking the entire cabin, "Okay, maybe they are that bad."

"Guys, calm down. Where I'm from, this is nothing." Joshua says.

"So yeah," says Grady, "What do y'all like to do in your spare time?"

"I read a lot." answers Lance.

"Me too! Excapt I read magazine! There're always correct and they give helpful info." says Dorthy.

"Really, and what do magazines help with? All they give is gossip." says Leanna.

"Not true! They give what's in and what's not. They also give horascopes." retorts Dorthy.

"Dorthy, Leanna's right. And horascopes aren't correct. Someone just writes down something on a piece of paper. The stars can't predict anything." reasons Mitchie.

(Confessional)) "Whatever, Why can Mitchie and Leanna be themselfs? They are in such denial." says Dorthy.

At that moment, a figure appeared in the doorway, it was soaked, gasping for air, and shaking.

"Winston, I thought I said no running in the rain!" says Lance.

"I know but it's so much fun!" says Winston. "Everything's so shiny!"

"Winston, don't do that again in this weather. I'm surprised you didn't catch a cold or something worse." says Baldwin.

(Confessional) "I have to agree with Baldie. I am also surprised he get a cold. But running for 4 hours in the rain, impressive!" says Linda.

"Alright everyone! Challenge time!" says Shane over the loudspeakers.

"A challenge, in this weather?" askes India.

"Hey! It stopped raining!" says Jaquennette surprised. "Spooky."

"Meet me by the river in 10." instructs Shane.

The scene switches to the river.

"Have you guys seen Tarzan?" askes Shane.

"Duh!" says Elias.

"What's a Tarzan?" askes Kaori.

"It's a movie. Now, your challenge is simple. Swing on these vines and get to the tree stump where a team member is waiting. Squrriels, you have to sit two people out." instructs Shane.

"I'll sit out." says Grady, "I can't grip very well, no thumbs." he explains.

"How did? Never mind, don't wanna know. Baldwin, you're sitting out too." says Linda.

"Why?" Baldwin askes.

"You've have your hands in that cream all day! You won't have good grip." Leanna explains.

"Alright, we'll go with that." says Lance, "Grady and Baldwin are sitting out."

"Okay, everyone. On your stumps." Shane commands. "Ready? Set?  Swing away!"

Winston starts out first for the Squirrels while Elias starts for the Raccoons. Winston tears through the vines while Elias goes kind of slow. Winston easily gets to the next one, Linda. She starts out slow but ends strong. Elias finally gets to the next one for him team, Kaori. She easily passes Linda and tags Nico. Linda then gets to Jaquenette who passes Nico and gets to Joshua easily. Nico then gets to Serene. Joshua is going fast and tags India but she doesn't move.

"India go! Nico just tagged Serene and she is fast!"

"Okay!" India says. She gets on track but doesn't get close Serene. Serene, however, right beforer she tags Suzy, she slips falls. Serene had to go all the way back to her stump and start over. India gets to Dorthy who goes at a snails pace. Serene finally gets to Suzy who quickly gets to Valeria. Dorthy finally reaches Leanna. The two girls quickly get to their next person, Randy and Jaquenette. The two are even until they tag Mitchie and Zev. Both get to the final ones for their team, Liz and Lance. The two quickly go faster then anyone else. Finally the end stump is in sight. Both go faster and get on the end stump at the same time. Shane checks the footage to see who won.

"The winners are," Shane says dramaticly, "The Insane Squirrels again! I'm sorry but Raccoons, you'll be voting someone out.

The Raccoons get to their cabins and Zev yells, "How could you Serene! We would've won if it weren't for you!"

"Leave her alone!" yells Elias. "We are sick and tired of your yelling!"

"Really! We never said that you were leader or Hitler!" yells Liz.

"I'm sorry but you suck big time!" says Nico.

"Guys," says Suzy nervously, "Let's try to get get along."

"Not until you losers pick up the **** slack around here." yells Zev.

"Hey! Watch your mouth!" says Valeria, "There is no reason to speak those words!"

"Guys!" Serene yells, "Just vote me out. I don't want to stay anymore."

"Are you serious?" askes Liz.

"Yes I am. I don't mind leaving, besides. I cost us the win. I don't deserve to stay here. At least I can be with Ilan. I miss him." annswers Serene.

"I'll respect that." says Liz sadly.

(Confessional) I am not voting for Serene, I'm voting for Zev! After what he did to Nico, he doesn't deserve to win." says Liz.

At the ceremony, they cast their votes.

Serene votes for Zev, "I wish you going home!"

Liz votes for Zev, "Nobody messes with my Nico!"

Elias votes for Serene, "Look, I'm sorry for everything, I hope you come back at the merge."

"Alright! Campers you cast your votes. Sodas go to, Randy and Nico." Randy and Nico get theirs. "Liz and Valeria, you're safe. Kaori, Elias and Suzy, you're staying too. Serene and Zev, this is the final soda can. If I don't call you, you're out of the game. The last soda can goes to................

............... Zev, Serene, I am sorry to say that you are out. Please pack your bags."

"Okay." says Serene with tears with her eyes. This hurts a bit, even though I told them to vote me off." she begins to walk to the boat when Elias runs up to her and says,

"Serene, I just want to say that I'm sorry. You see I." Serene shushes him.

"Don't worry, I read your Biography on the website before I came here. You have a reason to be a jerk, Zev doesn't. Even though no reason for being mean is a good one though." says Serene.

"I'll miss you." says Elias.

"Bye Elias." says Serene while she's getting on the boat.

"Serene." says Shane, "What are you feeling now?"

"Some sadness but happiness too." she answers.

"Why are you happy?"

"I made a friend here, I'm no longer near Zev, and I get to see Ilan!'

"Well, we're here. Take care Serene."

"Thank you Shane." Says Serene while she gets out of the boad and onto Playa-Des-Losers.

"Well that was fun. See ya next time on Total Drama Craziness! This is Shane Oro signing out."

Chapter 5 - Dodgeball Mania:

Last time on Total Drama Craziness, the campers raced on vines. The Squirrels won, again. The Raccoons had to vote someone out. That person was Serene. She pretty much begged to be eliminated. Nico and Zev had some serious tension between them. Who will win this week, when will Nico and Zev ever make up, and who will go home this week on Total Drama Craziness!

The scene starts out in the Squirrels cabins. There are all eating breakfast. Linda is talking to Jaquenette. Linda says,

“I wonder what the challenge will be Jaq.”

“I don’t know, I hope can continue winning though. If we win again it’ll be great.” Jaquenette says.

(Confessional) “I hope we can continue our winning streak.” Jaquenette says, “If we do, it’ll be astounding.”

The scene switches to Leanna, Joshua, and Lance eating breakfast.

“So Josh, sleep well last night?” asks Lance.

“No.” Joshua answers, “India kept on yelling my name. When will she let up? She’s driving me crazy!”

“At least you’re not in the same cabin as her.” complains Leanna.

(Confessional) “If I have to hear her say Joshie one more time, I think I will kill myself.” says Leanna

“JOSHIE!” yells India, “Where are you?”

“Oh no! Gotta hide! Cover for me please.” Josh pleads as he hides in a log.

“Hey, have you guys seen Joshie?” India askes.

(Confessional) “Seriously considering doing it.” says Leanna.

(Confessional) “She is hopeless!” says Lance laughing.

“He’s not here. But you might wanna try the guys cabin.” says Leanna. India rushes off.

“Uh, Leanna,” Lance says, “You do realize that Winston just took a shower?”

“I guess she’s in for surprise.” Leanna says while taking a bite of bacon. All of a sudden, a male and female scream is heard.

“Get out!” yells Winston as India is flung out off the guy’s cabin.

“That. Was more than I ever want to see.” says India while rubbing her eyes.

(Confessional) “That was really awkward,” says Winston. “Why did she come in without knocking? That’s my question.”

The scene switches to Mitchie and Baldwin.              

“Mitchie, did you hear that?” asks Baldwin.

“Yes, I did and I don’t think I even want to know right now.” Mitchie says nonchalantly.

Dorthy is shown reading yet another magazine.

(Confessional) “I just took a test and it said that I’m going to find true love!” Dorthy says dreamily.

Grady sits next to her,

“What’cha doing?” he asks.

“I just took a test! It said that I’m going to find true love.” Dorthy says.

“Okay, right. You keep thinking that.” says Grady. He backs off slowly. Dorthy frowns at the sight.

(Confessional) “And I thought India was obsessive. What a weird-o.” says Grady.

The scene go’s back to Leanna, Joshua, and Lance.

“Is she gone?” asks Josh.

“Yep.” Leanna answers.

“Good, I’m starving.” Just as he was going to take a bite, India tackles him.

(Confessional) “That girl, India, is some kind of crazy!” says Jaquenette.

(Confessional) “I’d expect that from Dorthy but India actually seemed sane enough at first.” says Linda.

Meanwhile, at the Raccoon cabin, they too, are enjoying breakfast. Elias is shown walking out of his cabin. Suzy sees him and calls out,

“Elias! Come over here please.” Elias walks over to where Suzy is sitting. “I know you cared about Serene when she was scared of the thunder storm. Just admit it.”

“What! No I didn’t.” says Elias.

“Look, don’t try to deny it. Please Elias, just admit it. You’re not a jerk at heart, you’ve just put up a lot of walls around your life.” says Suzy.

“Who asked you?!” yells Elias.

“He’ll admit it sooner or later.” says Suzy.

(Confessional) “Suzy hit the spot on that one.” says Elias, “It’s just, every time I get attached to something or,” his eyes begin to tear up, “someone. That someone would be my mom. She was my hero! She helped me and my brother through everything. When she left, there was nothing I could do. When I saw that my brother was being mistreated at school, I had to do something.”

Nico is shown drawing in his sketch book.

(Confessional) “Zev nearly gave me a heart attack!” yells Nico, “I can’t let him get near my sketch book again!”

Liz is talking with Kaori. Liz says,

“So Kaori, ya have any hobbies?”

“No.” answers Kaori, “unless you count snowboarding and skiing.”

“That must be tons of fun.” says Liz.

“It is.” replies Kaori. She gets up and walks over to the girl’s cabin. Liz follows her.

(Confessional) “Kaori’s a little, oh what’s the word? Oh yeah, strange. She never does anything with anyone.” says Liz.

Kaori is shown with candles all around her. She is in a meditating position.

“Spirits, guide me please. You helped me before. Please do it again.” she says. She nods her head, “Understood. Thank you, Amen.” Liz backs away uneasy.

(Confessional) “Like I said, strange.” Liz says.

Randy is reading a book. Suzy gets up and walks over to him.

(Confessional) “I can usually tell when someone’s lying or not or if they like someone. I’m a bit of a match-maker. I can’t get a reading with Randy though. Something has to be up with him. One moment, he’s your friend. Another moment, he’s yelling at you.” says Suzy.

“So Randy, what’cha reading?” Suzy asks.

“A book.” Randy answers.

“What’s it called?” Suzy asks

“How to survive life in an average lifestyle.” answers Randy. Suzy backs off.

(Confessional) “I don’t think I’ll ever get a good reading on him.” says Suzy. “I don’t want to vote him off but, he’s nowhere near readable. I hope he gets a breakthrough or at the very least, open up a little. I just need to find something that will trigger an emotion. Now what could that be?” she ponders a little before getting out of the confessional.

Zev walks near Randy and says to him,

“Hey Randy, what are you reading?” he asks.

“Go away Zev.” Randy commands.

“Whatever, just trying to be nice.” Zev retorts.

(Confessional) “Zev! Zev triggers Randy’s emotions!” Suzy says excitingly. “It only triggers negative things but hey! It’s a trigger!”

“Campers! Meet me at the gym.” instructs Shane through the loudspeakers.

“We don’t have a gym!” retorts Zev.

“Dude, you’re speaking to a loudspeaker.” reminds Randy.

“WHO ASKED YOU!” yells Zev.

“Campers! Campers! Calm down. The interns just finished constructing it.” Shane says. “Meet me there in ten.”

“And where is it? Oh magic speaker?” asks Nico while rolling his eyes.

“It’s by the river.” says Shane.

“Of course it is.” says Valeria.

“Oro, out!” Shane says. The loud speaker turned off.

“That. Was creeping.” says Elias.

“I agree.” says Nico.

(Confessional) “How did he hear me?” asks Zev. “Never mind, if we lose. I go! It’s a simple equation. I hate them, they hate me.”

(Confessional) “We better win this time.” says Kaori. “I wanna win at least once before I get kicked off.”

The campers all arrive in the gym. Most look around while others stay focused.

(Confessional) “It was beautiful!” says Winston with tears in his eyes. “There were treadmills, dumbbells, stationary bikes, and even a bench press!” a few tears roll down his eyes. He has a very happy look on his face. “Can I have a moment?” he begins to wail loudly. “I’ve missed the gym so much!”

Winston sniffs a little. Lance pats him on the back and says,

“It’s alright buddy, just let it out. Let it out.”

“Campers! This way! YOO HOO!” Shane calls as he motions them to come over to him. “I’m sure you’ve on played this game, dodgeball.”

(Confessional) “Did he just say dodgeball?” Kaori asks, “I’m great at dodgeball! I think we can finally win this!”

“Now, three of the Squirrels will have to sit out.”

“I’m gonna sit out.” says Grady.

“You’re kidding me right? You sat out last time!” yells Linda.

“I can’t grip at all!” argues Grady. Everyone looks at each other.

“Bladwin, have you put on that revolting cream of yours?” asks Linda.

“No, I knew there would be a challenge today so I didn’t do anything.” answers Baldwin confidently.

“Great!” says Leanna.

“I’m going to sit out.” announces Dorthy.

“Me too.” says Joshua.

(Confessional) “We all know that I can’t stay with India, she’ll get me out! Besides, I think I can use her crush to my advantage.” Joshua says. He begins to rub his hands together.

“Josh, I agree with you but, you are going to have to face the girl sooner or later.” says Lance.

“I know but I can use her. Just watch. Hey India!” Joshua calls, “If you win for us today, I’ll hug you.”

“You mean it?” India inquires.

“Yes I do!” answers Joshua.

“Dude, that’s a big pretty big bargain don’t you think?” asks Lance.

“Maybe, but she’s not at all athletic so she can’t possibly win it for us.” says Joshua confidently.

The scene shifts to the actual game. Everyone, minus Grady, Joshua, and Dorthy, are on the court.

“When I say go, GO!” instructs Shane, “GO!”

The action immediately began. Leanna throws a ball at Kaori and it hits her.

“So much for winning it for us.” taunts Zev.

“Can it!” yells Kaori.

(Confessional) “I’m so sorry for failing you father. Please forgive me.” asks Kaori.

Lance picks up a ball and throws it at Liz. Liz barely dodges it. Nico throws the ball but it goes nowhere. Zev catches a ball thrown by Mitchie. He then uses the same ball to peg Linda out.

“And THAT! Is how you win a game people!” Zev yells excitingly.

“Great job Zev. And you know what? YOU RUINED MY MANICURE!” yells Linda as she sits on the bench with a huff.

Jaquenette threw the ball at Elias but he dodged it easily. Liz threw the ball and it got caught by India. Mitchie come back in and pegs Suzy. Winston throws the ball and it hits both Nico and Valeria. Mitchie threw the ball but it got caught by Elias. Kaori got back in the game. She quickly pegged Lance in the leg.

“Showed you Zev!” yells Kaori.

“Whatever.” says Zev. At that moment, India threw the ball and it hit Zev right in the head. Kaori opened her mouth to speak but Zev says, “Don’t”

It continued with Elias getting Mitchie out again. Jaquentter threw the ball but it went nowhere. Both Winston and Elias threw at each other and they were pegged at the very same time. Randy was pegged by India.

(Confessional) “That” says Winston while rubbing his face.

(Confessional) “Hurt” says Elias while rubbing his face.

Kaori was the only one left for the Raccoons and India, Jaquenette, Leanna, and Baldwin were the only ones left for the Squirrels. Jaquenette threw the ball at Kaori but she caught it and Liz was back in the game. Baldwin threw it at Liz but it was caught by Liz and Suzy got back in the game. Kaori threw the ball at India but she dodged it but Leanna was right behind her. Instead of India getting out, Leanna got out. 3:1. The Raccoons cheered. They thought, no, they knew that they would win.

(Confessional) “I knew that I had to do something. By the looks of things, it looked like I was going home if we lost.” says India.

Suzy threw the ball but it missed. India picked it up and got Kaori out. Liz and Suzy at the same time threw their balls at India but she dodged both. India threw a ball at Suzy and it hit. It was Liz vs India. One was doing it for victory, other love.

(Confessional) “That was impressive on India’s part.” says Lance.

(Confessional) “It’s gonna be impossible to beat India at the merge!” says Grady.

(Confessional) “I was like, WOW!” says Linda.

“Go India!” yells Dorthy from the sidelines.

“You can do it!” yells Jaquenette.

“Just do it India!” yells Leanna

(Confessional) “She better if she wants to stay here.” says Leanna.

Meanwhile at the Raccoons side. They too, were yelling.

“Go Liz!” yells Suzy.

“Do it Liz!” yells Zev.

“Peg her in the stomach Liz!” yells Nico.

Liz threw a ball at India but she dodged it. India threw a ball at Liz but she dodged it. This continued for a few minutes. Finally Joshua calls out,

“Do it for me India!”

“Josh!?” says India, “He thinks I can do it, I won’t let him down.” she says to herself. Filled with strength, she picked up a dodgeball. Liz quickly threw one at her but India blocked it. India threw the ball she was holding on to with all her strength. Liz jumped but she wasn’t fast enough. It hit her right on the foot.

“And that’s it! Squirrels win! Raccoons, I’ll be seeing you.” says Shane.

Liz gets off the floor. Nico walks over and comforts her saying,

“You did great. I won’t let them vote you out.”

“Thank you.” was all Liz could say.

At the elimination ceremony, everyone looked a little nervous except Elias and Valeria.

Zev votes for Liz, “You should’ve tried harder! We were so close!”

Kaori votes for Zev, “I’m tired of your talk.”

Suzy votes for Randy, “You scare me still!”

Shane walks out with seven sodas. He says,

“Y’all know the drill, when I call you name, you will receive a soda can. First up, Suzy.” Suzy gets hers with a huge smile. “Valeria and Elias. Come get yours. Next up is Nico.” The three get theirs. “Kaori, great job.” Kaori claims hers proudly. “Next up, Zev.” Zev gets his. He looked a little peeved.

(Confessional) “And why? Why would they vote me out?” asks Zev.

“Campers, this is the final soda can. Liz, you played great but lost for the team. Randy, you creep your team out. The final can go’s to……….

…….. Liz.”

Liz gets hers quite happily. Randy looks on unemotionally.

“Randy, please pack your stuff.” Shane says. Randy does so.

(Confessional) “Yeah, I voted for Randy. I was getting paranoid around him.” says Suzy.

Randy gets on the boat of losers with Shane. Shane says,

“Randy, why were you so unemotional? That is what made you lose the game.”

“It helps me a lot. I can get through things easily when I’m not feeling things.” Randy explains. Shane looks a little scared as he backs away. He says to the intern driving the boat, “Go faster.” The boat went much faster.

“So, what do you think of your elimination?” Shane asks.

“Unfair.” says Randy coldly.

“Okay, we’re here! Bye for now Randy.” Shane says. The boat drives away.

“That was fun. I wonder who will go next.” says Shane. “Anyway, come back and see some more drama. Right here on, Total Drama Craziness!”

Chapter 6 - Just Eat It:

The scene shows Shane as he walks out onto the dock. He says to the camera, “Welcome back, to Total Drama Craziness! Last time, the campers had to dodge some balls! When it looked like the Raccoons just might win for the first time, ever, India came through for the Squirrels. I mean, wow. The Raccoons need to pick it up a little. I thought for sure that they’d win by now. I guess I was wrong. Anywho, this week, the campers will have to gag up, and do the challenge. I personally cannot wait for this. So sit down, don’t eat anything, and don’t change the channel. As we’re here, on Total Drama Craziness!

The scene shows the Raccoon’s camp. Most of them are talking or doing something by themselves. Suzy motions for Elias, Nico, Liz, and Valeria to come over where she was. She says to them,

“I think we should form an alliance.” The four campers look taken aback.

(Confessional) “An alliance? That’s really unlike Suzy.” says Liz.

“I know, I know. It sounds evil, but it isn’t.” says Suzy.

“Explain please.” says Elias.

“Well, if we form an alliance, we can vote out whoever we want. In other words, Zev.”

“But hold on a minute Suzy.” says Liz, “What about Kaori? I mean she’ll be the only one not in this alliance.”

“She isn’t well liked and she gives me the creeps.” At that moment, Kaori started dancing a freaky dance. The five teens look disgusted.

“She’s a loose cannon.” Suzy says bluntly. The other four agree.

“She has been random with her votes.” Valeria observes.

“If she makes it to the merge, she’ll be a major threat.” says Nico.

“I wonder what she’s thinking about.” says Elias.

“She must be thinking about the game.” says Liz. Kaori sings out off-key,


“Or maybe not.” says Liz.

(Confessional) “What IS she thinking of?” says Liz.

“GUYS! Team meeting.” yells Zev.

“And who made you leader?” asks Valeria.

“Me. Now I want to talk about elimination.”

(Confessional) “We already know about that, scumbrain.” says Elias.

“I think we should eliminate people who haven’t done a thing for our team. In other words, Valeria and Elias.” says Zev.

“Hold it! And what have you done exactly Zev?” asks Elias. When he doesn’t get a reply, he continues, “I agree with your logic but you haven’t done anything major. All you’ve done is boss us around miserably.”

“Hey! Just you wait. I’ll-“ Zev says, he is cut off by Kaori before he can say anything else.

“I’m tired of all your talk. You do nothing. NOTHING!”

“She’s right Zev.” says Suzy.

“What about Elias? He’s been a jerk this entire time.” says Zev.

“He’s not as bad as you!” yells Valeria. Everyone except Suzy looks at her. “What?” she finally asks.

“You like him, don’t you.” says Zev.

“No! I just like him better then you, Zev.”

“She does have a point. You nearly threw my sketch book out in the rain!” says Nico.

“You’re obsessed with that thing.” argues Zev.

“What about you? You’re always putting your stupid tar on everything. Can’t you do anything else?” asks Nico. When he gets no reply, he says, “Of course you can’t. You’re so busy looking at our faults, you don’t look at your own!” with that, Nico walks into his cabin. Elias follows. The scene follows them.

“Don’t let him get to you.” says Elias.

“Oh and you have gone saint?” asks Nico. Elias looks hurt at this comment, “Oh, I’m so sorry Elias. You’re trying to change, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry for what I might have done to you. Look, I’m still struggling with my anger. I scared Serene out of her wits. When she left, I knew I needed to try and change. I know it’s early but hey, might as well get a head start on it.” says Elias nervously.

“Well, I’ll see what I can do to help you.”

“Thanks buddy.”

“You’re welcome. Now come on, let’s go outside and re-join the others.”

The scene shifts to the Squirrels cabin. They are eating their “breakfast” the scene goes to Joshua, Lance, and Leanna talking. Lance says,

“What is this crap? A few days ago it actually tasted okay. Now it’s, crap.”

“I know right.” says Leanna.

“I’m near-sighted and I can tell you that that piece of bacon is definitely not bacon.” says Joshua. India walks to them with a sad look on her face. Leanna says,

“Are you alright? Joshua’s right here.” India looks up startled and says,

“Oh, I’m fine, just thinking. Did you say Daniel is here? Awesome! Where is he?”

“Um, India,” says Joshua, “I’m Joshua and I’m right here.”

“Oh, right, sorry about the name thing. I’m just tired.” says India as she walks away with her head down.

“She is not tired. I’ve heard that name before, but where?” says Leanna.

“Maybe Daniel’s a celebrity?” suggests Lance.

“No, no, somewhere else.”

“I’ve heard the name too but I have no clue where.” says Joshua.

(Confessional) “India isn’t herself lately, around Josh, she’s depressed. But as soon as he’s away, she gets a tad happier. Key word: tad.” says Mitchie.

The scene shifts to Linda and Jaquenette.

“This is SO, like, not toast.” complains Linda, “I mean the kind at my mansion are always, like, SO much better.”

“Maybe because you have chefs.” says Jaquenette.

(Confessional) “Don’t get me wrong but, Linda’s not the nicest blub out there. I mean she’s my bud but, she reminds me of my older brother’s girlfriend. So spoiled. Their exactly alike.” says Jaquenette.

While Linda rambles on and on about how her life is, her servants, and pointless things, Jaquenette gets up and moves over to Mitchie and Winston.

“So what are you guys talking about?” she asks.

“Nothing really, Winston’s helping me lose weight.” says Mitchie, “So far, with him and this, whatever it is, has really helped. I’ve already lost 20 pounds since I got here.”

“WOW! That’s one big number.”

“It is and I’m proud of it.”

“She’s done a good job.” says Winston, “I think she can keep it off too.”

“AW! Thanks.” says Mitchie.

“You’re welcome.”

“Good morning campers!” says Shane over the loudspeakers.

“Not now!” groans Dorthy as she comes out of her cabin brushing her hair.

“Yep! Meet me at the docks in ten.” instructs Shane.

As the Squirrels leave, Lance hisses to Grady,

“You are doing this challenge no matter what!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll do it.” replies Grady.

The scene switches to the docks where a large table is set. Shane comes out and says,

“Welcome campers. Today’s challenge will be eating!”

“Yes!” says Grady.

“Let me finish please. Thank you. Now, these foods are gross so most likely, one of you is gonna barf. Sweet!”

(Confessional) “I can’t do this challenge,” says Linda, “I have a very weak stomach.

“Please may the first two contestants step up please?” Shane asks. Grady and Nico step up. “Your first dish is, horse!”

“Are you kidding me?” yells Liz.

“No. Now, begin!” as soon as Shane said begin, Grady dug in. Nico looks at it and sighs,

 “Sorry Liz. I have to do this.”

“I understand.” says Liz on the verge of crying. Nico then spaces out and eats the entire piece of meat in a few bites. As he was doing so, Liz barfs on Zev.

“Sorry Zev.” says Liz.

“Yeah, whatever.” Zev says while trying to wipe the barf off him.

“The Raccoons win the first part. It’s currently 1 to 0. Liz and Mitchie, you’re up next.” The two girls do so and walk up. Liz looks very nervous.

(Confessional) “I was so nervous. What if I have to eat something alive?” says Liz.

“Your food is, one raw earthworm.” Shane says, “Dig in!” Liz hesitates but Mitchie pinches her nose and quickly swallows the worm. Liz sets hers free.

(Confessional) “That was disgusting!” yells Mitchie.

“That’s one point for the Squirrels. It’s a tie with one point each. Winston and Valeria, you’re up now.” says Shane.

“Uh, Shane, I’m a vegetarian.” says Valeria.

“Lucky you cause your meal is tofu spaghetti!”

“Gross.” both Winston and Valeria say at the same time.

“Dig in!” Shane announces, “Valeria, I thought that you’d like tofu.”

“Not every vegetarian likes tofu.” says Valeria. Winston takes one bite of the tofu pasta and quickly barfs.

“Valeria wins by default!” Shane says.

(Confessional) “It felt bad to win that way but hey, at least I didn’t have to eat the tofu.” says Valeria.

(Confessional) “What is this tufu I mean, tofu thingy? It doesn’t taste like anything.” asks Winston.

“It’s currently 2 to 1. Still anybody’s game. Suzy and India, you ladies are up.” Shane says politely.

“Thank you for your politeness.” says India.

“Yes, thank you.” repeats Suzy.

“You won’t wanna thank me after you eat, manure hamburgers.” Shane says with a sly grin on his face.

(Confessional) “You’re kidding me?!?” says Suzy,

(Confessional) “That will be disgusting.” says India, she looks green and vomits in her mouth.

Both girls hesitate to eat the dish. Finally, India says to Suzy,

“Look, we both don’t wanna do this. How about we play rock paper scissors for it?” asks India.

“I’ll do it.” says Suzy.

The girls play rock paper scissors and India wins. True to her word, Suzy drops out.

“Come on! I wanted to see someone eat the horse crap.” whines Shane.

“Wait a second, where did you get the manure from?” asks Liz.

“From the same horse your boyfriend ate.” Shane answers. When Shane says that, Liz and Nico look taken aback.

(Confessional) “Oh Nico and me are SO not in a relationship. We’re just friends I tell ya. FRIENDS!” says Liz.

(Confessional) “What the frick? Me and Liz aren’t in a relationship. Just good friends.” defends Nico.

(Confessional) “I mean, sure I hang out with him and tell him all of my secrets but,” says Liz.

(Confessional) “I mean, yeah we do stuff together and talk about, things unmentionable to the audience out there. Nothing bad just, personal secrets. Well…….” says Nico.

(Confessional) “Okay, I like him.” says Liz, “Promise not to tell him. Promise? What if he says no? Wouldn’t I look pretty stupid on national television?” pleads Liz.

(Confessional) “Alright! My heart burns for her like the intensity of a thousand suns. But I can’t tell her that. What if she says no?” confesses Nico.

“The score is tied with 2 points for each. One team is halfway there. Elias and Joshua, your dish is,

(Confessional) “Anything but,” starts Elias.

(Confessional) “A live bug, a big one preferably.” finishes Joshua.

“A live insect!” says Shane. Elias and Joshua look sick when they hear the “good” news,

“Look on the bright side,” says Joshua, “It might be tiny.” Shane pulls off the lid and it shows a 3-inch cockroach.

“You were saying?” says Elias.

“Alright, hurry up and eat it!” commands Shane. The two teens just stare at it. All of a sudden, using the same tactic as Mitchie, Elias pinches his nose and swallows the bug whole.

(Confessional) “I gotta admit, he’s got guts.” says Joshua.

(Confessional) “Do you know how many parasites could be on that cockroach?” says Dorthy, “About a million! He could get sick!”

“Just…. Wow.” Shane says, “ It’s 3 to 2 with the Raccoons winning. Up next, Kaori and Lance.

“Joy.” Lance sarcastically says.

“I know, right?” Shane says, oblivious to the sarcasm in Lance’s voice, “You’re dish is, moldy bread with even moldier butter.”

“Shane,” Kaori says, “I’m lactose intolerant.”

“Well, Lance wins by default.” announces Shane. Zev glares at Kaori. He says,

“You could’ve won for us.”

“Not so fast, Zev!” Shane yells with excitement, “You still haven’t gone so you and Dorthy, come on down!”

“Alright Zev, time to prove yourself.” says Valeria as she pushes Zev to the table.

“Your dish is, one raw octopus.” Shane says.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME! RAW OCTOPUS! WHY DON’T YOU GIVE US BLOWFISH TO EAT!” yells Dorthy, “Crap, I just gave you an idea, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did! Wait right here.” says Shane. He walks away and Zev says,

“Way to go, Dorky, if you could have just kept your mouth shut, we might not be risking our lives!” At that moment, Shane walks out of a tent with some poisonous blowfish sushi. He says,

 “Dig in.” both look hesitant to eat. Finally Dorthy eats a bite and Zev vomits from witnessing her eat the sushi. Dorthy quickly spits out the sushi as soon as Zev barfs and drinks a lot of water from her water bottle. Kaori calls out,

“Why are you wasting such good sushi?” Kaori rushes over and eats the rest of the unwanted sushi. She calmly walks away with no affect.

(Confessional) “That was pretty random.” Dorthy says.

“The Squirrels win again! That has to be some record or something.” says Shane, “There is also an award. The Squirrels will have a banquet with food of their choice.” The Squirrels cheer at the prize and the Raccoons glare at Zev.

(Confessional) “That was the challenge to win! You know, Zev is useless, he is so going home tonight.” says Valeria.

The scene shifts to the soda ceremony. Shane walks to a microphone and says,

“Greetings Raccoons, since you are veterans at this, I’ll just let you cast your votes and be done with it. That sound alright?”

“Why not?” says Nico,

“Alright Nico, go cast your vote. We’re going down the line tonight.

Nico votes for Zev, “Useless.”

Liz votes for Zev, “Why don’t you do something for once?"

Zev votes for Suzy, “You might’ve gotten close to winning the dodgeball challenge, but you’ve done nothing else.”

The scene shifts back to Shane. He tallies the votes and says,

“Alright, the first one goes to, Elias. Good work buddy. The next two go to Valeria and Nico obviously.” The three get up and claim their soda’s. Shane continues, “Liz and  Kaori, get  yours.” The two girls happily claim their soda cans.” Suzy and Zev both look confident dispite not getting a soda.

“The final can goes to…………………………….

……………. Suzy. Zev, your time has come.”

“What? No, that can’t be right. After all I’ve done for you guys. You vote me off. How could you?” Zev asks.

“Easy,” Nico says, “You nearly ruined my sketch book, you blame us for everything, you act like you’re superior, and you aren’t that good of a leader at all.”

“You know what Nico, **** you.” Zev says as he walks down the dock of shame with Shane. As they enter in the boat, Shane asks,

“So Zev, do you know why you were eliminated?”

“No.” Zev answers, “Those losers won’t get anywhere without me. They need me.”

“Well, I agree with them. You were a jerk to them and you can’t force people to change. Overall, you brought this on yourself.” Shane says.

“Yeah right, at least I can relax soon.”  Zev says as the boat drives up to a dock. Three figures are waiting at the dock.

“Zev, remember me?” asks a female voice.

Serene! Is that you? Oh crap.” Zev says

“Oh shut up Zev. Time for revenge.” says a deep voice.

Ilan, please try to be reasonable.” Zev nervously states.

“Oh shut up Zev, you always were talkative.” says a monotone voice.

Randy!?! Crap. This won’t be good.” says Zev nervously.

“We have something in store for you.” says Serene quietly.

“Oh no.” Zev cries.

“Oh yeah. Oh ORVILLE! Someone’s here to see you!” Ilan yells. Orville suddenly appears and hugs Zev saying,

“ZEV! Friend, oh how I’ve missed you. Did you know that some TV characters sang while on top of a plane? Awesome huh? Also I made a new airplane model. Wanna see? Of course you do! Come on, I have so much to tell you.” The rest of Orville’s words are inaudible by Zev’s shouting. Serene, Ilan, and even Randy laugh. Shane can’t help but laugh too.

“Well, I’ve got to get back to the other island, you guys take care now.” Shane says.

“Bye Mr. Oro!” shouts Ilan as the boat speeds away, Shane says to the camera,

“Well that was exciting, will the Raccoon’s ever win, will they finally win something for that matter, and can Zev survive Orville? All these questions and more will be answered on Total Drama Craziness!” As the boat rides away in the moonlight, Zev screams can be heard even when Shane gets off the boat onto the island.

Chapter 7 - Living With A Fear:

Shane walks onto the dock and says, “Last time, on Total Drama Craziness! When we last saw our campers, they were struggling to down some, uh, “food”. Some survived, other, well, blew chunck’s! Ha! Because of him being a jerk, Zev was eliminated. What are they doing this week? Well, I have thought of some scary ideas for them, key word: scary. Find out their deepest, darkest secrets this week, on Total Drama Craziness!”

The scene opens up to the Raccoon’s cabins. It is night time and only one person is out Nico. He is twirling fire on sticks. Liz sleepily walks out of her cabin in her pink night gown. She asks,

“Nico, what’s going on?” She suddenly realizes what’s happening and she screams. All of the other Raccoons come rushing out of their cabins.

“Liz! What’s wrong?” Suzy asks. Liz points over to Nico who is still twirling the firey sticks.

“What are you doing?” asks Elias. Nico then stops spinning the sticks and shakes his head. He looks around and says,

“I guess I spaced out.”

“What were you doing with the fire?!?” Liz shouts.

“I saw this in a movie once. You see, the main dude in the film would twirl fire sticks before a battle and he always won. When he forgot just once, everyone dies but him. He then twirls more fire and he eventually wins back everything.” Nico answers.

“So let me get this straight,” Valeria says, “You’re risking everything and everyone all because you saw in a movie and you actually think we can win if you do that?”

“That’s right!”

“It’s just a movie, Nico, it won’t help us at all.” Elias calmly states, “Let’s go to bed.”

Everyone does so and the moon sets and the sun rises. It’s a new day.

(Confessional) “Remember that movie I talked about? It isn’t real. I just like to twirl fire.” Nico says, “But I’m no pyromaniac! I promise!”

The scene is still at the Raccoon’s place. Liz is up and fixing some breakfast. Nico walks out of his cabin and sits next to Liz, he says,

“Look, Liz. I’m sorry about last night. I love fire and I wouldn’t have twirled it if I knew.”

“It’s alright. You had no idea.” Liz answers.

“So, why are you afraid of fire?”

“I’m not afraid of fire, I just dislike it, very much.”

“What are you afraid of?”


“Oh, I’m afraid of flying. Not heights, just flying.”

“I understand, Owen.”

“Hey, Izzy, it’s completely different.”

“Sure it is.” Liz grabs her breakfast and walks off.

(Confessional) “Fear of flying is so the same as heights.” says Liz.

The scene switches to the Squirrels. Joshua is talking with India,

“Seriously India, please quit stalking me.” Joshua says

“But I’m not stalking you. 7:02, Joshua is saying that I am stalking him.” India replies.

“That IS stalking you freak!”

“You’re cute when you’re angry, Daniel, I mean……, Joshua.”

“You know, India, I think I’m gonna go, uh, over there and I’m, um, and I’m not coming back here. Say put!” Joshua then leaves and India looks at him dreamily. She says,

“I will wait for you Joshie-Poo!” The scene follows Joshua as we walks into camp.

(Confessional) “Joshie-Poo? That’s the worst one yet!” Joshua yells.

The scene shifts to Dorthy who is reading a magazing. She is also talking to Leanna,

“The color that’s in is like, cyan. Oh no!” Dorthy yells,

“What is it, Dorthy?” Leanna asks,

“My hair, it is baby blue. IT NEEDS TO BE CYAN!”

“Dorthy, why can’t you be yourself?”

“I am being myself.”

“Following the latest fads? Dying your hair every 5 days? Is that who you are? The girl who throws away everything just so she has a good reputation?”

“What else can I be?”

“How about being who you want to be. Stay true to yourself. Why do you follow trends that shift every five seconds?” A tear falls from Dorthy’s eyes as she says,

“Before I moved to Toronto, at my old school, I was made fun of because I didn’t follow any trends. They always said I was ugly, that I’ll never amount to anything. I moved here and I decided to try the trends and it worked! Well, at least, somewhat. I’m still made fun of, but it isn’t as bad as it was in Boston.”

“You lived in Massachusetts? Never mind, the point is that, if people can’t accept you for who you are. They aren’t your real friends. Be yourself. We’ll accept you.” Leanna says trying to comfort Dorthy.

“That’s what they all say, but I’ll try it.”

“That’s the spirit! You know Dorthy, I can guarantee that you will leave here with at least one friend, me.”

“Thanks Leanna. I actually believe you.”

The scene shifts to Mitchie and Winston. They’re doing exercises.

“Alright Mitchie, let’s do lunges now.” Winston says.

“Fun.” Mitchie sarcastically says.

“That’s the spirit Mitchie!”

(Confessional) “Losing weight is so much harder than it looks. But Winston makes it easier. I’ve already lost 28 pounds since the beginning!” Mitchie says.

(Confessional) “We’ve won 5 challenges in a row!” Lance says, “That has got to be a record.”

The scene switches to Linda and Jaquenette.

“Where is the good food?” Linda asks.

“We ate it all, Linda.” answers Jaquenette.

“Well make some more! I want more!”

“Linda! I am not your servant. If you want some good food, make it yourself.”

(Confessional) “Okay, Linda is getting on my nerves.” Jaquenette states, “All she does is whine. I hope she’s out next.”

The scene shifts to Grady who is sitting next to Baldwin.

“So, Grady, what happened to your thumbs?” Baldwin asks.

“Well, I was on my tractor and I fell. The tractor ran over my thumbs and I had to get them amputated.” says Grady nonchalantly as if it never happened.

“That sounds, painful.”

“It was very painful.”

“All right campers! Meet me at the docks for your next challenge.” Shane says over the loud-speakers.

The scene shifts to the docks and Shane says to the teens,

“Today’s challenge involves your fears. In other words, time to face your fears!”

(Confessional) “Are you freaken’ kidding me? I don’t wanna look like a fool in front of everyone!” Dorthy says, “Wait, maybe I already have.”

(Confessional) “OH CRAP! I cannot let this happen. I CAN’T!” Elias says.

“Alright, now, everyone is gonna go. For the Squirrel’s, at the end of the challenge, we will randomly choose who’s attempts will matter.” Shane says.

“That doesn’t seem fair.” Lance says.

“Well maybe life isn’t fair. As I was saying, who wants to go first?” Nobody raises their hands, “Well, I’ll choose. The first person going is, Lance.”

(Confessional) “Of course it’s me.” says Lance.

“Lance, your fear is following so you and Mitchie will be doing your dare together because your fears are similar. And Linda get over here. You’re also going because you’re gonna climb a cliff with Mitchie attached to you and Lance will be climbing with you so you’re going to have to lead Lance up the mountain.”

“I’m not doing it!” Lance yells, his team glares at him, “What? It’s life threatening.”

“Darn it! Mitchie and Linda, do you two ladies accept?” Shane asks.

“I do.” says Linda.

“I guess I will too.” Mitchie conforms.

The two girls get ready and Linda starts climbing. She is shaky at first but she manages to scale the cliff. Mitchie also clears her fear too, partly because she didn’t have a choice.

“All right, Elias. You’re up. Your fear is to watch your little brother get beat up. Oh Conan!” Shane yells.

“No! No I won’t let you do it!” Elias shouts. Can I just hang out with Conan for the rest of the day?”

“I guess. Now Suzy, get over here. Your fear is wasps so we’re going to give you a wasp beard.”

“I’ll do it.” says Suzy. After five minutes, Suzy succeeds. The camera then shows a montage of a few people facing their fears. Leanna easily holds a cobra in her bare hands and Valeria watches a movie on clowns. Both Kaori and Joshua face their fears quite easily.

“Nico and Liz, since flying and heights are the same thing, you two will be doing it now. Get on the plane now.

(Confessional) “Told’cha.” Liz says.

(Confessional) “You win this one, Liz.” Nico says.

The two get on the plane and the camera follows. Liz looks out the windows of the plane and starts to shake. She notices Nico who is having an anxiety attack. She puts her hand on his and asks,

“What’s wrong?”

“We’re gonna crash. We’re gonna crash.” Nico says shakily.

“No we’re not. Why do you think that?”

“When I was a kid, I went on a plane and it crashed. No one in my family died but, I haven’t been on a plane since then until now.”

“Don’t worry, just five more minutes.” The five minutes finally were up and the plane lands. As they get out, Nico and Liz realize that the plane was just a prop and they get mad.

“You mean to tell me that I almost died of fright from a prop?” Nico angrily asks.

“And I almost puked from a prop?” Liz angrily asks.

“Yes you did and it was hilarious! Now Grady, time to dine!” Shane says.

“No Shane. I ain’t doing it.” Grady says.

“Alright, more for me! Anyway, almost all of the Raccoons have gone and I think the Squirrels are almost done too. India and Jaquenette, you gals are up next.” India comes up nervously and says,

“I don’t wanna do this! I’m scared. I’m sorry Squirrels. I just can’t!” India runs away crying. Jaquenette says,

“Alright, what do I need to hold?”

“A black widow!” Shane says excitingly.

“Make it quick please.” Jaquenette says as a black widow crawls on her hands.

“All you have to do is hold her for one minute.” Shane instructs.

“Easy enough.” Jaquenette says, at that moment, the spider bites Jaquenette on the arm. Jaquenette quickly wipes off the spider and yells, “Give me medical attention!”  She is quickly wheeled off into the medical tent.

“Alright,” Shane says breaking the mood, “up next is Winston. We have someone here to see you.”

“No! Anything but her, anything!” Winston pleads.

“Here’s Eva!” Eva suddenly appears and says,

“Oh, a tall big buff handsome guy. Eva likey.” She begins flirting with him and all the while, Winston looks terrified.

“All you have to do is kiss her.” Shane says laughing.

“Alright, here goes nothing.” Winston says as he leans in for the kiss. Eva grabs him and they begin to make out, much to the horror of everyone present.

(Confessional) “My eyes may never recover!” Linda yells.

(Confessional) “Grossest thing ever!” Lance says.

(Confessional) “Why me? Why me?” Elias asks.

(Confessional) “Did I really need to see that?” Valeria asks.

After five long seconds of kissing, Winston pushes Eva of and says,

“Never again.” Eva looks sad and walks away.

“Alright, there is one last fear but I will get to that one in a minute. First, let us see who’s attempt’s count.” Shane says, he pulls a slip of paper out, “Linda” he pulls out another one out, “Joshua” he pulls another one out, “Grady” the Squirrel’s groan at that name. Shane pulls out another, “Winston” he pulls out another, “Leanna, and now for the final name. The name is…..

……… Lance. Squirrel’s you lose but first, Dorthy.”

“Yes?” Dorthy says.

“I have a present. You see, this computer chip will give you every single upgrade for the next fifty years. If you take this chip, you are out of the competition.”

“I don’t know. I want to take it, though.” Dorthy says.

(Confessional) “TAKE IT!” Linda yells.

(Confessional) “Just take it already!” Baldwin yells.

“Since your family is in debt, I will give you 100,000 dollars.” Shane says.

“Isn’t that the prize money?” Jaquenette asks.

“I was getting to that. You see, if you take it, I’ll push up the prize to 1,000,000 dollars. You will still vote tonight but you will leave right after and you cannot come back no matter what.” Shane says.


……take it!” Dorthy says.

“Alright, Squirrels. You will be voting someone out for the first time. Right now, think about who you want out. There is an elimination, tonight.” Shane says.

The scene shifts to the Squirrel’s campsite. They are divided into two sides. Lance calls to Dorthy,

“Hey Dorthy, over here.” Dorthy comes over and Lance continues, “Me, Jaquenette, Joshua, India, and Leanna are going to vote for Grady. He’s pretty much useless.”

“I’ll think about it.” Dorthy answers. Dorthy walks outside and Winston calls out,

“Hey Dorthy! Over here!” Dorthy goes over to him and Winston continues, “Me, Grady, Linda, Mitchie, and Baldwin and going to vote out Jaquenette. Her spider bite has made her worthless. Vote with us.”

“I’ll think about it.” Dorthy answers.

(Confessional) “I have the power to eliminate someone from this game. I love this power.” Dorthy says, she thinks for a moment, “I know who I’m voting for.”

Winston votes for Jaquenette, “That spider bite isn’t going to help us much.”

Lance votes for Grady, “For the sake of the team.”

Leanna votes for Grady, “Nothing personal buddy.”

The scene shifts to the soda ceremony. Shane walks out and says,

“Hello Raccoons- I mean, Squirrels, sorry, habit.”

“Hardy har har. Yeah, hysterical.” Lance says.

“Shut up! I was speaking! Anyway, you’ll cast you votes and I’ll pass out soda cans to someone who is safe. Let’s start with Leanna.”

“I’m safe? Yes!” Leanna says as she catches her soda can. Dorthy hugs her and says,

“Awesome! You’re staying here for a bit!”

“Joshua and India. Y’all are safe.” The two catch their sodas, “Can’t forget about Mitchie or Winston can we?” The two catch theirs, “Lance, Baldwin, and Linda, you three are safe.” The three happily catch theirs, “Down to the final two. Jaquenette and Grady. The final soda goes to…….

……………. Jaquenette. Grady, I’m sorry but you’re eliminated. Pack your bags and Dorthy, come with me.”

The trio walk down the dock of shame and board the boat of losers. Along the way, Shane says,

“So, Dorthy, how do you feel about your elimination?”

“I’m a tad sad but I helped my family, and myself.” Dorthy answers.

“Grady, what about you?” Shane asks

“I don’t like it. I didn’t help my team at all, though. But I did my best and that’s what counts, right?” Grady answers.

“Yes it does. We’re here. Thank you for your time here.” Shane says. The two teens get off the boat and the boat drives back to the island. Once there, Shane says, “Well, that was a lot of fun. Tune in next time to see more me! And…. the other contestants. See you next week on Total Drama Craziness!”

Chapter 8 - Juggernot:

“Last time, on Total Drama Craziness, the teens had to face their worst fear. Some conquered, other failed. In the end, the Raccoon’s losing streak was finally over as they won! Due to accepting a stupid chip, Dorthy is out of the game. Grady was voted out at the soda ceremony due to his lack of thumbs. What will happen today? I have no clue except that the contestants today will have to be juggernauts! I mean it, literally. Not the red dude with the weird helmet. Well, time to start the show!” Shane says.

The scene opens up to the Squirrel’s campsite after the elimination ceremony. Many of them are tired and are ready to go to bed. Linda, however, has a different plan.

“I mean like, wow! I can’t believe it.” Linda says, “Grady was finally eliminated. About time if I do say so myself.”

“You just did.” Jaquenette retorts.

“It’s an expression, Jaq.”

“Okay, don’t call me, Jaq! Why can’t you shut up for once?”

“Girls, girls,” Winston says, breaking up the verbal fight, “We all just need a good night’s rest.”

“Agreed.” Mitchie says.

“Fine/Whatever.” the two girls say. They all go into their cabins and the night turns into day. Linda is the first to come out of her cabin. She sits on a log and picks up a twig, she begins to play with it by poking it into the non-existent fire.

Winston then walks out and starts exercising. He notices Linda and walks over to her. He sits next to her and asks, “What’s wrong?”

“Huh? Oh, nothing. Just last night’s events.” Linda says.

“Something’s up. I know it. You’re not acting like yourself.”

“Then what do I act like?”

“Well, for one, you’re quite haughty.”

“Compliments won’t do right now, but thank you.”

“No, not that kind of hot, I mean-“ Winston is suddenly cut off by Linda.

“That I’m a snobby, spoiled brat who whines all the time?” Linda asks angrily.

“Well, um, yeah.” Winston reluctantly agrees.

“You’re right, I am. Jaquenette was rambling about that the entire night! She kept pulling pranks on me like pouring water in my bed, and filling my blankets with shaving cream.” Linda says calmed down.

“Wow! Just to let you know, shaving cream does not taste like whipped cream.” Winston warns.

“Yeah, I learned that the icky way.” Linda says, she makes a face demonstrating what the shaving cream tasted like.

“I wonder where she got shaving cream?” At that moment, a loud yell was hearded saying,


Baldwin.” Winston and Linda say at the same time.

“You know, why does he keep shaving cream if he doesn’t need it?” Linda asks.

“I have no clue.” Winston answers. Leanna suddenly comes out of her cabin, she sit on a log parallel to the one Winston and Linda are sitting on.

“Hey, Linda, hey, Winston.” Leanna greets sleepily.

“Good morning, Leanna.” Winston cheerfully says to Leanna. Leanna growls and Winston looks scared.

“Has Jaquenette woken up yet?” Linda asks.

“Not yet.” Leanna says half-awake.

(Confessional) “Let’s make something clear, I am not a morning person. I don’t understand how people can just get out of bed so easily!” Leanna says angrily.

The scene shifts to the Raccoon’s camp site. Some are sleeping while others are out. Liz and Nico are out gathering fire wood. They suddenly bump into each other.

“Oh! Whoops! Sorry about that!” Liz apologizes.

“No need, it was my fault. I should’ve watched where I was going.” Nico says.

Valeria is watching them from a distance. She sighs.

(Confessional) “Those two make me sick.” Valeria says referring to Liz and Nico.

Elias is on the front steps of the guy’s cabin with Suzy.

“Look, Suzy. I really wanna ask Valeria out but, I don’t know how.” Elias admits.

“Just be yourself.” Suzy says.

“I did that and she hates me now.”

“That was a week ago. I think her opinion of you has changed.”

“I guess.”

Kaori suddenly bursts out of the girl’s cabin. She dances around and sings something in Japanese. She notices Elias and Suzy and says to them, “Oh, are you two going out?”

“No, Kaori. I helping Elias with a girl he likes.” Suzy says.

“Do you mean me? Oh come here you!” Kaori says as she pulls Elias off of the front steps. Kaori begins to make out with Elias. Elias shows signs of struggle.

“NOT YOU!” Elias yells.

“Do you mean, Liz?” Kaori asks.

“No, Valeria. I want to get close to Valeria.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say so? OH VALERIA!” Kaori calls.

“No Kaori, I don’t want her to know about that.” Elias panics.

“Why not?” Kaori asks.

“Because she might hate me.” Elias says.

“Oh come on, she can’t hate you that bad. You just need a push.” Kaori says as she pushes Elias towards Valeria.

Elias trips over the log that Valeria is sitting on. Valeria watches and says,


“Um, Valeria, uh, I have something that I, um, that I want to say.” Elias nervously says.

“Come out with it.” Valeria says.

“I, um, I really like you and, stuff.”

“Oh, well, um, this is awkward.” Valeria awkwardly says.

“Yes, yes it is.” Elias agrees.

(Confessional) “He likes me?” Valeria says, “YES! I really like him too, I’d tell him that but, that was a really awkward moment. Maybe Nico and Liz sicken me because I don’t have a boyfriend. I can’t tell him that I like him yet, I don’t want this to go to fast. Or will it even take off? This is complicated.”

(Confessional) “She said yes! Sorta, um, no, she really didn’t say yes, did she?” Elias asks, he puts his head in his hands in shame.

“Campers! Time to wake up! You have a challenge today so get your butts UP!” Shane says over the loud speakers.

The scene shifts to the beach which has been turned into an obstacle course. The teams look around as they see a cliff, a mile long runway, three walls with four Total Drama Craziness logos, and a finish line. What they don’t see is a bunch of interns hauling around some heavy objects.

“Greeting, campers, I trust that you have a good night’s sleep.” Shane says.

“If you say sleeping in water is good sleeping then yes, yes I did.” Linda says.

“Nobody asked you Linda.” hisses Jaquenette.

“Ladies!” Shane says, Linda and Jaquenette quit fighting or at least, Linda quit fighting. When he has their attention, Shane continues, “As I was going to say. Today’s challenge is an obstacle course!”

“Nice.” Lance comments.

“Shush! Now, the name of the course is, The Juggernaut Course.” Shane says.

“Excuse me, but isn’t Juggernaut that Z-Men character with the red uniform and the really werid hat?” India asks.

“I don’t think so, India.” Baldwin says, “Juggernaut is also a word, it means, unstoppable.”

“Wow! You’re quite smart, aren’t you?” Nico asks.

“Well, I’m on the Honor Roll at my school.” Baldwin says.

“Wow, so interesting. Now turn your eyes toward me! Now, this obstacle course will test speed, strength, endurance, and pain tolerance!”

“Oh no, you don’t mean,” Lance starts.

“Yes, yes I do! You’ll all be dodging things like bricks, boulders, and walls.” Shane finishes.

“But walls don’t move. Even I know that.” Winston says.

“No, but you’re choosing. I’ll explain it to you. You see, one of you will start from here, where we’re standing. Then you’ll run down this slippery runway while interns throw bricks at you!” A lot of the campers look surprised at this, “Then you’ll climb up this cliff without a harness while interns throw real boulders at you, then you’ll come to the final part, you see those logos? Behind those logos there might be one of three things, a wall, a net, or a hole. Only one of those logos have nothing but paper behind them. After that, you will cross the finish line. The team member with the fastest time, wins for their team!”

“This sounds dangerous, stupid, and dumb.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, did you come up with the challenge this morning?” Liz asks.

“Of course not!” Shane lies.

(Confessional) “Hey! It takes a while to think of challenges!” Shane yells.

“Since there are three more Squirrels then Raccoons, three Squirrels will have to sit out.” Shane says.

“No brainer,” Lance says, “Joshua, India, Winston, Baldwin, Leanna, and myself will be doing this since we’re the most athletic.”

“Shallow but a good choice!” Shane compliments.

“Thanks.” Lance says.

(Confessional) “Normally, I’d say something, but I’m still terrified of cliffs!” Linda says.

“Alright, let’s start with the big guy, Winston.” Shane says.

“Alright.” Winston says as he gets into position, a gun sounds and Winston takes off, all of a sudden, a dead Bald Eagle, due to the gun, falls on Winston’s head. Winston trips and falls but quickly shakes it off and starts running again.

(Confessional) “What’s a Bald Eagle doing in Canada?” Mitchie asks.

Winston quickly gets pelted with bricks, thanks to interns, and he slips a bunch, he trips a lot but he finally makes it to the Cliff. He begins his climb and he makes up for a lot of time, until the rocks start falling. He navigates his way up the mountain without getting hurt. He then runs to the three walls. He runs into the second one on the left and he hits a wall, the wall crumbles and Winston advances. He then runs to the second wall, he runs into the third one on the left and he jumps over a huge hole. The campers and Shane look on in awe. Winston runs to the last wall and runs into the second on from the left, he runs through paper and he trips but quickly gets back on his feet. He runs across the finish line and Shane reads his time.

“Your time, Winston, is, five minutes, and twenty nine seconds! Wow!”

“Just give us the win.” India says.

“Not yet, Liz, your turn.”

The camera then shows a montage of the campers going through the course. Liz finishes with no problems but was too slow. Lance get hit in the head with a brick and dropped out. Joshua finishes but runs into the three walls and therefore his time was bad. Kaori falls off the cliff and drops out. Suzy does okay but her time is way too slow, Baldwin tears threw the course and his time was four minutes, and fifty two seconds, a new record. Elias also does very good, he beats Winston’s time, but doesn’t beat Baldwin’s time. India goes super slow and so does Valeria out of concern for her safety. Nico runs through the course without stopping and he makes the newest record, four minutes, and six seconds. It was all up to Leanna.

(Confessional) “After Nico’s run, I didn’t we’d win.” Leanna says with a cast on her leg.

Leanna starts her run strong and makes it to the cliff very fast. At the cliff, as she’s climbing, one of the interns throws a rock at her, she dodges but falls off as a result. She falls down the cliff and lands on her right leg. She screams and Linda runs over to help Leanna.

(Confessional) “There was no way Leanna could’ve survived that fall without breaking something.” Linda says.

“Leanna, are you broken?” Linda asks.

“I think my right leg is.” Leanna says. Linda lifts it up a bit and Leanna screams in pain, “PUT IT DOWN. OOOOOWWWWWWWW!”

“It’s broken. Guys! Leanna’s leg, it’s broken! She needs help!” Linda calls out.

“Why should we believe you?” Jaquenette asks.

“She’s telling the **** truth! It’s broken!” Leanna yells. Everyone runs over and they take her to the infirmary. The camera follows them. At the infirmary, Leanna is signing papers and Linda watches over Leanna.

“Leanna, I’m so sorry.” Linda says.

“You didn’t do anything, Linda.” Leanna says.

“I know but, I feel like I did.”

“Well stop feeling like you did! I slipped, I fell. If anything I should be thanking you for being the first one there to help. So, thanks.”

“You’re welcome, you would’ve done the same for me.” Linda says.

The scene shifts to the challenge field. Shane announces,

“Raccoons win! Squirrels, I’ll see you tonight.”

As the Squirrels were walking back to camp, Lance pulls Joshua, India, Leanna, who is in crutches, and Linda. Lance asks,

“Who should we vote out? We have the majority.”

“We’re voting for me.” Leanna says.

“As much as it pains me to say, we should. She told me that she doesn’t want to be here anymore.” Linda says.

“My leg needs time to heal.” Leanna says.

“Well, okay.” Lance reluctantly agrees.

The scene shifts to the soda ceremony, Shane walks up to a microphone.

“Good evening, Squirrels. Go cast you’re votes please.” Shane instructs.

Jaquenette votes for Linda, “Bye bye Spoiled.”

Winston votes for Jaquenette, “You really hurt Linda.”

Linda votes for Leanna, “I’m so sorry, Leanna.”

“Okay! I have sodas for Joshua, India, Winston, Mitchie, and Winston.” Shane says as they catch their sodas, “One for Linda.” Linda catches hers and Jaquenette growls, “The last one goes to……….


Jaquenette. Leanna, you’ve been eliminated.”

“Very well.” Leanna says as she packs her bags with assistance from Linda.

“I’m so sorry, Leanna, really I am.” Linda says.

“Look, I told you to vote for me. You don’t have to feel guilty at all.” Leanna says.

“Thanks. You know, you’re probably my first true friend.” Linda says.

Leanna looks shocked but quickly recovers saying, “A lot of people take advantage of you, I guess.”

“Yeah, they only want my money.” Linda sadly says.

“Then they aren’t friends. Linda, I want you to be strong. You can do it. I know you can.” Leanna says. Leanna starts to walk down the dock with Linda by her side.

When they get to the dock, Linda hugs Leanna and says, “Thanks.” Leanna gets into the Boat of Losers. Shane asks her,

“So Leanna, do you think your elimination was fair?”

“Completely. I asked them to.” Leanna says.

“How far do you think you could’ve gotten if you didn’t break your leg?” Shane asks.

“I don’t wanna brag but, I think I could’ve made it to sixth place.” Leanna says.

“Why?” Shane asks.

“I’m a lot stronger then a lot of the other girls, plus, I can make friends easily.” Leanna answers.

“That is important. Well, final question. Do you truly respect Linda as a friend?” Shane asks.

Leanna without hesitation says, “Yes.”

“Well, Leanna, it’s been a pleasure having you.” Shane says as Leanna gets off the boat.

“Leanna!” Dorthy says as she runs up to Leanna hugging her.

“Dorthy, hey!” Leanna says.

“What happened to your leg?” Dorthy asks.

“It got broken.” Leanna says nonchalantly.

“Oh my! Well you just rest for a while.” Dorthy says as she leads Leanna away. The boat starts driving back to the island.

“Well I say she’s in good hands.” Shane says, “See you next time on, Total Drama Craziness!”

Chapter 9 - Crazy Karts

Shane walks onto the docks with some instruction sheets. An intern also walks onto the holding something that resembles a maroon car. Shane is holding a steering wheel and the intern looks like he’s about to pass out.

“Ok, so 29 goes here, and 54 goes right here and-“Shane notices the camera, “Welcome back, to Total Drama Craziness! Jimmy, get that pile of junk out of here!”

“Yes sir.” Jimmy says. He struggles to get the car parts out of the picture but he manages.

“Like I was saying-“Shane is interrupted by a loud crash.

“DON’T PLAY WITH THE CARS!” Shane yells. He turns to the camera and hastily says, “Sorry, can’t do a recap. Uh, uh, roll the theme song! Rachel, ROLL THE THEME SONG!” Shane looks over to the left and gasps, “RACHEL, QUIT MAKING OUT WITH JIMMY AND ROLL THE FREAKEN THEME SONG!” Shane walks out of the picture and starts yelling.

The scene opens up to the Squirrel’s campsite. The Squirrels are getting back from the elimination ceremony.

Jaquenette says, “Alright, who voted for me? Was it you, Spoiled?”

Linda answers, “I did not vote for you. I voted for Leanna at her request!

“Can we just get along for one measly minute?” Joshua asks.

“Seriously,” India says, “You’re cutting in to my Joshie time by your constant bickering!”

“In that case, carry on then.” Joshua says as he walks into his cabin. Everyone else walk into their cabins too. However, Linda and Jaquenette are locked out.

“What gives?” Jaquenette yells.

“You two need to work out your differences.” Mitchie says from inside the cabin. Jaquenette storms off into the woods mumbling some inaudible words.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to get close to her.” Linda says. Mitchie opens the door and lets her in.

“Well that was a complete waste of effort.” Mitchie says from inside the cabin.

The moon does down and the sun comes up. Jaquenette comes back from the woods beaten, bruised, and dirty. She walks into her cabin and grabs a few cosmetics, and she walks into the bathroom.

“This is getting so old.” Linda says.

“I agree.” Lance says.

“When did it all happen?” Joshua asks.

“Around when I started to complain about the food.” Linda had a shocked expression on her face, “My stupid habits caused all this.” she concludes.

Winston walks over and puts an arm around her and says, “Don’t let Jaquenette get to you. It’s most likely a personal problem with somebody else.”

“I guess.” Linda says sadly.

(Confessional) “I highly doubt that’s correct.” Linda says.

The scene shifts to Mitchie and Baldwin talking.

“So when did you lose your hair?” Mitchie says.

“Around when I was seven.” Baldwin answers. Mitchie tries to hold in her laughs and Baldwin says, “You can laugh, it’s funny.” Mitchie then falls to the ground laughing. Baldwin can’t help but laugh too.

The scene shifts to the Raccoon’s campsite. All of them are awake. Valeria is talking with Elias.

“So, are we a couple?” Valeria asks.

“I guess.” Elias says while blushing.

“Wow! This is, still awkward. It reminds me of this one girl in my school. She was so awkward.” Valeria says.

“Didn’t she compete in some reality show?” Elias asks.

“I think so, why?” Valeria asks.

“Nothing, I remember watching this awkward girl all dressed in green on some reality show.” Elias answers.

“That’s my Aubrey.” Valeria says.

The scene shifts to Liz and Suzy.

“Suzy, I want to really be with Nico. I’m just scared that someone’s gonna vote one of us off. Can you not vote for me or Nico?” Liz asks.

“Sure.” Suzy assures her.

“Thanks a billion.” Liz says as she walks away. Elias walks over to Suzy,

“Suzy, can I ask you something?” Elias asks.

“Go ahead.” Suzy says.

“Well, can you not vote for me or Valeria?” Elias asks.

Suzy, with a surprised look on her face, says, “Of course I won’t. Why would I?”

“Thank you so much, Suzy.” Elias says as he walks off.

Kaori walks up to Suzy and says, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, honey.” Suzy says.

“Can you not vote for me? With two couples, I’m scared.” Kaori pleads.

“I won’t vote for you.” Suzy says.

“Thank you.” Kaori says.

(Confessional) “Well this is pleasant. Who am I gonna vote for? Myself?” Suzy asks, “Actually, might as well. I just hope that we win a lot more challenges.”

“Morning campers!” Shane says through the loud speaker.

“NO!” Nico yells, “I wasn’t done with my banana yet.”

“You can eat it during the challenge. Anyway, meet me at the beach in ten.” Shane instructs.

The scene shifts to the challenge.

“As you can see, there are fourteen cars behind me.” Shane says.

“Actually, there’s only twelve Mr. Oro.” India corrects.

“Wha? JIMMY AND RACHEL!” Shane yells. A guy intern and a girl intern drive up in two different go-carts. Shane continues, “You two are fired!” The guy intern and girl intern walk away sadly. “As I was saying, there are go-carts right behind me. Each one has your color on it. Like Suzy’s is pink. Winston’s is dark blue and so on. So, who is doing the challenge for Squirrels?”

“Well, we don’t need athleticism so Mitchie, Linda, Jaquenette, Joshua, India, and myself will be doing this challenge. Winston and Baldwin, you can take a break.” Lance answers.

“Alright, time to assign you guys some cars. Suzy has pink, like I just said. Linda has red, Lance has burgundy, Elias has cyan, Nico has blue, India has black, Valeria has purple, Joshua has white, Jaquenette has maroon, Liz has orange, Kaori has light blue, and Mitchie has yellow. Nico and Mitchie, drive to the starting line.” Nico and Mitchie did so. “ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!”

Mitchie started immediately after Shane said go. Nico finally realized what was going on and started.

“No, they have a five second lead on us.” Elias says.

“How is that bad?” Suzy asks.

“You have to go five whole seconds faster than your opponent does just to catch up to them.” Elias answers.

“OH! We’re in trouble.” Suzy says.

“Yes, yes we are.” Elias says.

Mitchie and Nico race around the track. Due to her weight, Mitchie is a little bit slower than Nico but still maintains a good lead. She crosses the finish line and Linda goes. Nico finally reaches the finish line and Elias goes. Elias easily picks up the pace but Linda went fast too. Linda gets to Lance while almost right after, Elias gets to Valeria. Both were neck and neck and both cross the finish line at the same time. Both Suzy and Joshua start at the same time. Joshua, however, goes much faster than Suzy. Joshua easily has the best time as he crosses the finish line and India drives off. Suzy finally gets to the finish line and Kaori goes. Kaori goes much faster than India, but can’t catch up. India tags Jaquenette and Kaori tags Liz.

Nico finishes his banana so he throws it on the track. He isn’t noticed so nothing is done. Jaquenette comes on the final curve and she sees the banana but it’s too late. Jaquenette drives right into it and spins out.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Jaquenette yells as she is passed by Liz at the very last moment. She hits her steering wheel in anger.

“RACCOONS WIN!” Shane says over the loud speaker.  Jaquenette gets out of her car and walks over to Linda. She yells, “I know you had something to do with my losing.”

“Come on.” Linda says as she pulls Jaquenette by the arm and into the woods. When they get there, Linda asks, “What’s up with you? What did I do to you?”

“Nothing.” Jaquenette says.

“So why do you hate me?” Linda asks.

“It’s just, you remind me of my big brothe’s girlfriend. You see, she was rich and spoiled, like you.” Jaquenette says referring to Linda. “One night, my brother was going to propose to her at a restaurant. When they got to the restaurant, his girlfriend dumbed him on the spot because it wasn’t where she wanted to go. That broke his heart. A few months later, he committed suicide due to the sadness.” Jaquenette says.

“Whoa.” Linda says, taken aback. “Jaquenette, you have to realize that I’m not her. I didn’t do it. I think you feel as if it’s your fault.”

“How did you know?” Jaquenette asks.

“Suzy told me. She’s a wonder with body language.” Linda says.

“That she is.” Jaquenette says, “Listen, I’m really sorry about everything, will you forgive me?”

Without hesitation, Linda says, “Of course I do.” the two girls hug and they walk back to camp. Once they get there, Linda walks over to Lance, India, and Joshua. She asks, “Who are we voting for?”

“Well, after tonight, we’ll have complete control of the game.” Joshua says.

“It’s so exciting!” India exclaims.

“So can you answer my question?” Linda asks playfully.

“Well, Jaquenette.” Lance says.

“What! No! I can’t vote her out!” Linda says.

“You have too, if you want to stay in this alliance.” Lance says.

“Then I quit!” Linda says as she storms off to find Jaquenette. She finds her in the girls cabin listening to music. “Jaquenette!” Linda says.

“What is it?” Jaquenette asks.

“They’re going to try and vote you out tonight.” Linda says.

“Let them, I don’t deserve to win.” Jaquenette says.

“Yes you do! Everyone deserves a second chance!” Linda pleads, “Please Jaquenette, please!” Linda says through tears, “I don’t want one of my two, only friends to be eliminated.”

“Who was your other friend?” Jaquenette asks.

“Leanna.” Linda says.

“Linda, I’m sorry, they have their mind made up. I can’t change the fact. Vote with Lance and the others tonight.” Jaquenette says.

“Okay.” Linda reluctantly says. She walks over back to Lance and asks, “Can I get back in?”

“Yes.” Lance says.

“I’m with you for voting out Jaquenette.” Linda says.

“Look, I know you two made up but it’s for the team.” Lance reassures her.

“I guess you’re right.” Linda says with her head down.

The scene shift to the ceremony.

“Alright, go cast your votes.” Shane says.

Linda votes for Jaquenette with tears in her eyes, “I hate this game.”

Jaquenette votes for Lance, “You subjected her to this!”

Baldwin votes for Jaquenette, “You’ve gotten quite mean to Linda.”

Shane walks up to the podium and says, “Hey guys, let’s do this the easy way now. I’ll just give sodas to the people who didn’t get votes. So that’s Linda, Baldwin, Joshua, India, Winston and Mitchie.” The five of them gladly catch theirs, Linda just lets hers fall to her feet. Jaquenette pats Linda on the back. Many of the teens gasp when they see what Jaquenette did. “The last soda goes to………………….

………….Lance. Jaquenette, you’ve been eliminated.”

“No! Jaquenette!” Linda yells.

“Linda, calm down, it’s okay, you can do it. I know you can. Stay strong for me.” Jaquenette says.

“Jaquenette, I’m so sorry.” Linda says while crying.

“Don’t be.” Jaquenette says as she gets her stuff, and walks down the Boat of Losers. Shane follows her.

“So Jaquenette,” Shane asks Jaquenette once they get on the boat, “Why do you feel you were eliminated?”

“I couldn’t control my anger. To myself, and others.” Jaquenette answers.

“Do you think if you kept your anger under control how far do you think you could’ve gone?” Shane asks.

“Well I’m no threat so they’d probably keep me around for a while.” Jaquenette says, “Maybe final five?”

“Maybe. We’re here. Bye Jaquenette.” Shane says.

“See ya Shane.” Jaquenette says. The boat begins to drive off.

“Well that was just plain exciting.” Shane says, “How will Linda react to Jaquenette’s elimination? How will Suzy save herself if her team loses? When will I ever find some good interns? Only time will tell. Speaking of time, see you next week, right here on Total Drama Craziness.

Chapter 10 - Rocking Around the Scary Cliff

The scene opens to reveal a cliff with rope hanging from the top with water underneath. Shane has his back to the audience.

“Go up a little more, a little more, perfect!” Shane says as the ropes are suspended high above the water. He notices the camera and says, “Oh, hi, didn’t see you there. I guess I have to do the whole recap thingy. Well, last time, on Total Drama Craziness. The teens had to race go-carts! Some people did well, while others did horrible. The Raccoons won and the Squirrels voted out Jaquenette. She had it coming, I tell ya that. Find out what happens right now on Total Drama Craziness!”

The scene opens up to the Squirrel’s campsite on the night of the elimination. Linda immediately walks into her cabin with her head down.

Mitchie runs after and yells, “Linda, wait!” Winston puts his hand on her arm.

“Let her go.” he calmly says. “She’s had it kinda rough here. Her two best friends got voted out back to back. That has to be a double whammy to her.”

“You have a point.” Mitchie says sadly.

“Let her cool her jets.” Joshua suggests, “She just needs to calm down.”

“I agree.” India says, “Let’s give her some space.”

The scene shifts to the daytime. Mitchie walks out of her cabin tired and Lance comes out all energized.

“Ah! I love the smell of a new day. Full of chances, choices, and victory!” Lance says.

“Optimist much?” Mitchie asks.

“Hey, it helps.” Lance says.

“That it does my friend, that it does.” Mitchie says.

Baldwin suddenly comes out of his cabin and looks around. He walks over to where Mitchie and Lance are talking. He says,

“Hey, Mitch, we kinda need to talk.”

“Sure.” Mitchie says walking away. Baldwin pulls Lance away and says,

“Dude, I know you’re in an alliance with India, Joshua, and Linda.” Baldwin says.

“So what? We have the majority vote.” Lance says.

“Maybe, but I don’t think Linda’s ready to vote with you again for a while.” Baldwin says.

“You have a point.” Lance says.

(Confessional) “How does, never mind, I know Linda told everyone about the alliance.” Lance says, “She’s a loose cannon. If I need to, I can drop her out of the game no questions asked. She’s just a pawn in this game.”

(Confessional) “If Lance thinks that I’m gonna stay loyal to his alliance, then he has another thing coming.” Linda says.

Linda walks out and starts to make some breakfast. Joshua comes out and sits next to her asking,

“You feeling any better?”

“No, I’m gonna quit the alliance. Lance is just waiting until there are enough people here so that he can have the full vote with only three people. In other words, I know I’m leaving soon.”

“You don’t know that.” Joshua says.

(Confessional) “Lance would never do that. He’s my friend.” Joshua says, he ponders for a minute. “Or, would he?”

Linda gets up and walks away. The scene shifts to the Raccoon’s campsite.

Liz, can I ask you something?” Nico asks Liz.

“Sure.” Liz answers.

(Confessional) “Please let it be what I think it’ll be.” Liz begs.

They walk into the forest and Nico faces Liz. He says,

“Liz, look. I really like you and I want you to be my, um, uh, my-“ he struggles to get the last part out. “My girlfriend?” he finally manages to ask.

(Confessional) “Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.” Nico pleads.

“Of course, Nico. Why wouldn’t I be?” Liz asks.

“So you’ll go out with me?” Nico asks.

“Yes, silly.” Liz says. The two look into each other’s eyes and they lean in for a kiss. They kiss and Nico says,

“That was my first kiss.” Nico says.

“Mine as well.” Liz agrees.

“We should get back to the others.”


The scene shifts to the campsite. Suzy is making a fire and cooking breakfast. Nico and Liz both walk out of the forest smiling. Suzy notices the look and says,

“I see you two finally became a couple.”

“You got that right.” Liz says.

“I can’t believe that we actually liked each other from day one and yet we didn’t know about it.” Nico says.

“I know, we were waiting for it to happen.” Suzy says.

“Y’all were?” Liz asks. Suzy nods her head.

“Wow, I feel so, stupid.” Nico says.

“Don’t worry, these things take time.” Suzy says. Valeria walks out of her cabin with extremely messy hair.

“Stupid crappy hair. Why does it does this to me?” she asks.

“You can borrow my conditioner.” Suzy says.

“No thanks, I’ll tame the beast that is my hair myself.” Valeria says.

“Good morning campers!” Shane says through the loud speakers. “Time for today’s challenge.”

“Not now.” Elias sleepily says as he gets out of his cabin.

“Yes now! Now get your lazy butts to the beach and change into your swimsuits.” Shane instructs    .

The scene shifts to the beach. Everyone is in their swimsuits and Shane walks onto the beach. He says,

“If you guys will look behind you, you will see a cliff.”

“How did we miss that on our way in?” Valeria asks everyone.

“I know! I feel stupid.” Kaori says.

“That’s a surprise.” Lance says. He gets some high-fives and a lot of glares.

“Take that back you stupid workaholic!” Kaori says.

“Never.” Lance says. Kaori growls angrily at Lance. Lance blows a kiss as a taunt.

(Confessional) “That was too much fun.” Lance says laughing.

“Alright! Your contract states, no killing.” Shane says. “Alright, here’s what you’re going to do. We have some ropes suspended over water. All you have to do is stay on them as long as you can. The best part is that they are 4000 feet over the water. Last team member standing wins it for their team.”

“So one of them is sitting out?” Valeria asks referring to the Squirrels.

“You read my mind. You Squirrels, who’s it gonna be?” Shane asks. The Squirrels huddle up.

“Alright, I think Mitchie should sit out.” Lance says.

“Not the best idea. We need people with balance and endurance. Mitchie has endurance.” Linda says.

“Fine, but who’s sitting out?” Lance asks. Everyone is quiet.

“You haven’t sat out once, Lance.” India says.

“True, you should have a break.” Baldwin says.

“Fine, I will.” Lance says. He turns to Shane and says, “I’m sitting out.”

“Didn’t see that one coming.” Shane remarks.

“Me too.” Lance says.

The scene shifts to the campers on the ropes. Shane announces that the challenge has started and a lot of them are calm. Some move around trying to get comfortable.

“You have all been at this for twenty minutes.” Shane says. Still a lot of them are calm. However India begins to slip. She looks down and screams.

(Confessional) “That was a long way down. There were so many rocks too. It was so risky.” India says shaking.

Linda is the calmest of everyone on the ropes. Many are surprised.

(Confessional) “I thought she was afraid of cliffs. Maybe she got over it.” Joshua says.

(Confessional) “Rock on, Linda!” Winston says.

(Confessional) “I thought Linda would sit out. Guess she’s a tough one.” Elias says.

(Confessional) “That was so scary, hearing India scream and being so high up.” Linda says.

Liz is shown shaking. Nico reaches his hand out and says,

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you.” Liz smiles and nods.

(Confessional) “That was so sweet of him.” Liz says.

“You have all been at this for thirty minutes. I think the height is motivating everyone.” Shane guesses.

“You’ve guessed correctly!” India shouts. Suddenly, Joshua slips but India grabs him saying, “No, I will not lose you again!”

“What the heck are you talking about? You’re only gonna use this as an excuse to go out with me.” Joshua says. He kicks India’s hand but she still hangs on.

“No, stop, Daniel. I’m not letting you go! I just can’t!” India screams with tears in her eyes.

“Who the freaken heck is Daniel? I don’t know a Daniel.” Joshua says as he bites India’s hand. When he does that, both he and India fall. Joshua is silent, but India screams all the way.

(Confessional) “That was so frightening.” Liz says. “I heard her scream the entire time! Shane could never go this far! This is really life threatening.”

Valeria is sweating drops and drops of blood.

(Confessional) “When you sweat blood, it means your body is experiencing traumatic stress.” Valeria says.

“Don’t let go, Valeria.” Elias says.

“I’ll try not to sweetie.” Valeria says.

Kaori is panicking silently to herself.

“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. Kaori says. Kaori suddenly slips and she falls silently.

“KAORI!” Suzy yells. The camera follows Kaori as she falls into the water. She shrugs it off as she hits the water. She goes down quite far back makes it back up quickly.

(Confessional) “I’ve jumped of off cliffs higher than that.” Kaori says.

The scene goes back to the people still hanging on. Valeria suddenly falls and the camera follows. As she is falling she screams. She suddenly lands on a rock on her head. The campers on shore, Lance, India, Joshua, and Kaori gasp at what they just saw.

“Nice!” Shane says. “Great for the ratings!”

“Dude, go get her!” Lance yells.

The scene shifts to the people on the ropes. Elias says worriedly,

“Guys, I think she hit her head on a rock! She could be injured, or so much worse.”

“I’ll get her.” Linda says as she jumps from her rope. Many people try to stop her but no one succeeds as she already starts to fall. She dives into the water and looks for Valeria. She spies Valeria lying on the rock with blood everywhere.

(Confessioanl) “I didn’t think she was going to make it honestly.” Linda says.

Linda picks Valeria up and swims back to shore with tears in her eyes. She finally reaches there and she lays Valeria down on the sand. The sand starts turning red.

“DUDE! CALL 911!” Joshua yells freaked out.

“On it.” Shane says. He dials the number and talks to them. He says to the four conscience teens, “They’ll be here in ten minutes.

“TEN! SHE WON’T MAKE IT!” Linda yells.

“Don’t you care?” India asks.

A loud splash is heard and Elias and Mitchie walk out of the water.

“VALERIA!” Elias yells distraught.

“Elias, she’ll be alright.” Mitchie says.

“That’s what they said about my mom and she didn’t make it!” Elias says crying. He runs off.

“I’m gonna go after him.” Linda says. She follows Elias.

Linda runs into the forest and yells, “Elias? Where are you?” She hears the sound of tears and she runs towards it. She finds Elias sitting on a log, crying. “Elias, are you alright?”

“NO!” he yells through tears. “The one girl I loved is going to die tonight.” Elias says calmer.

“Elias, something else is making you like this. Would you please explain?” Linda asks.

“Well, it seems that every time I get close to something, It gets taken away from me. My father walked out on my family. Then, my mom died of cancer.” Elias somehow manages to say. “Now, Valeria, my girl friend, is being taken away from me.”

“Elias, don’t say that. She can still make it.” Linda says.

“How should you know? You’ve had everything given to you! I’ve had to fight to survive!” Elias yells.

“Well, my parents are……. divorced.” Linda says. She continues, “My father had to decide between me and my older sister. He chose me. Two weeks later, there was a car crash and my mother died in it and my sister was in the car but was not found. Two days later, she was found in a mountain frozen to death. I blamed myself for everything. My father also had to go into hiding because of some issues. I’ve been raised by my servants and butler.” Linda says.

“I had no clue. Sorry Linda.” Elias says.

“It’s alright. We should go back to the others.” Linda says.

They walk back and they join the others Linda asks,

“Where’s Valeria?”

“She’s in a helicopter. They said that she’s still alive.” Mitchie says.

“Thank goodness!” Elias says.

“So who’s still up there?” Linda asks.

“Only Liz, Nico, and Baldwin are still there.” Winston says. A loud splash is heard and Baldwin steps out of the water.

“The Raccoons are the winner!” Shane says. Nobody cheers and everyone goes back to their campsites depressed. “Suzy, wait!” Shane calls. “I’m going to give you this cell phone. I’ll call you when I know how Valeria’s doing.”

“Okay.” Suzy says. The scene shifts to the Raccoon’s campsite and Suzy is talking with Shane on the phone.

“Yes, how’s she doing?” Suzy asks, “Yeah, great! See you later.” Suzy runs to Elias and says to him, “Valeria is alright!”

“What about all the blood?” Elias asks.

“She did bleed, but the blood loss wasn’t major. She should be back by tomorrow.”

“Awesome!” Elias rejoices. He rushes off to tell the others.

“Yeah, awesome…..right.” Suzy says. She puts her head down in shame.

(Confessional) “I lied to him….. I couldn’t tell him the truth! This will be a hard day tomorrow." Suzy says. She puts her head down and says, "Why did Shane give me the phone and not Elias? Why?"

“Attention campers. Meet me at the Soda Ceremony. Raccoons, I want you there too.” Shane says.

“Why would we want us?” Liz ponders.

“I don’t know.” Nico answers.

The scene shifts to the Soda Ceremony. The campers are casting their votes.

(Confessional) “This will be a hard one. No one did anything wrong tonight.” India says.

Linda votes for Baldwin, “You did cost us the win, I guess.”

Lance votes for Linda, “Maybe if you stayed up there, we could’ve won.”

Shane walks up and says, “The people getting sodas are, Mitchie, Winston, Lance, Joshua, India, and Baldwin. The final soda goes to,……………………..”

“Wait a second, aren’t I out?” Linda asks confused.

“Shush!” Shane says, “As I was saying…………………………

…………………Linda! You’re safe.”

“Then who’s out?” Nico asks.

“Suzy will tell you.” Shane says.

Suzy walks up and says, “It turns out that Valeria had a severe concussion. She won’t be returning to the game. Valeria is eliminated.”

Elias gets up and runs off. Shane walks over to the dock of shame and says, “Usually I close off but I have something more interesting in mind. I’ll show you guys something better than me talking.”

The scene cuts to Elias in the woods. Linda walks out and asks him, “Need a shoulder to cry on?” Elias nods his head and rests his head on her shoulders. The two look up and see the stars. Elias asks Linda,

“Why did it happen? Why?”

“I don’t know. Just stay strong for her, Elias.” Linda says.

Elias looks out and he starts to choke up. Finally he lets it all out and Linda hugs him. *Signs Out*

Chapter 11 - Midnight Blessings

Shane walks out to the dock and says, “Last time, on Total Drama Craziness. When we last saw our contestants, there were dangling on to a thread! Literally. Anyway, the fell and we laughed until Valeria fell.” Shane pulls out some cue cards. “We put rock under them for laughs. We were supposed to have foam rocks but the producers replaced them with real rocks.” Shane throws away the cue cards. He points at the camera and says, “Suzy lied to Elias by telling him that Valeria was fine. Sucker! Anyway, this week, I hope these teens can see in the dark. That’s all I got to, and afford, to say to you. So sit back and watch some more, Total Drama Craziness!”

The scene opens up to the Raccoon’s campsite. Many of the teens are tired. Suzy was trying to apologize to Elias.

“Look, Elias.” Suzy says. “I didn’t tell you the truth because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Shut it. You hurt them now!” Elias yells. He storms off into the boy’s cabins.

“I’ll try to talk to him.” Nico says.

“He looked quite angry.” Suzy says.

“I know. He’ll calm down soon enough.” Nico says as he walks into his cabin.

“まあ、私はベッドに行くよ。” Kaori says in Japanese.

“May you speak that in English please?” Liz asks.

“Well, I’m going to bed.” Kaori translates.

“Night.” Suzy says.

“Good night to you two.” Kaori says as she walks into her cabin. Suzy sits down near the fire.

“You’re still sad about Elias, aren’t you?” Liz asks.

“Yeah.” Suzy confirms, “I just can’t believe it. I didn’t want to hurt him and yet I did.”

“Well, you’re also hurting yourself.” Liz states.

“What do you mean?” Suzy says.

“Well, my mama always told me that if you always put yourself before others, you’ll never be happy. If you always put others before yourself, you’ll never be happy. Overall, you need to think about yourself and others. You need to find a mix.” Liz says.

“Well, it’s just my personality to put others before myself.” Suzy says.

“Then why are you here?” Liz asks. “What if you make it to the finals and it’s between you and Elias? Are you gonna give it to him? Are you gonna give up?” Liz asks.

“No, I wouldn’t. I think.” Suzy ponders.

“You can’t win a reality show without hurting people.” Liz says. “But you’ll always make some friends here.” Liz says.

“Thanks Liz, I needed that.” Suzy says. She hugs Liz.

“Are you going to go to bed?’ Liz asks.

“Nah, I think I’ll stay out here. We don’t have a challenge tomorrow.” Suzy says.

“May I join you?” Liz asks.

“Sure! The more the merrier!” Suzy exclaims. The two then begin to talk around the campfire. In fact, they’re not even done when the sun comes up.

“And then,” Liz says, “He actually ate the worm with the blood!” Both girls squealed in laughter. Nico, Elias, and Kaori sleepily walk out of the cabins.

“What the heck is going on?” Elias asks.

“Did we keep you guys awake?” Suzy asks.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Kaori says.

“Sorry.” Liz apologizes.

“It’s nothing, really.” Nico assures her.

(Confessional) “They kept me up all night! I can’t believe it, first lying to me about my girlfriend, now this!” Elias yells.

The scene changes to the Squirrels. Most of them are out of bed. Linda is sitting on a log and Lance is sulking.

“What’s wrong, Lance.” Linda asks.

“It should’ve been you. I can’t believe that you are still here.” Lance says.

“Excuse me?” Linda retorts.

“You heard me. You should not be here. If it weren’t for Shane’s stupid idea of real rocks, you’d be out of here.”

“Well, why are you hating me right now?” Linda asks.

“I don’t hate you. It’s just you’re not deserving. You’re already rich and you always get what you want.” Lance says.

“You really think that? Well, I’ll have you know that all of my real family is either dead of in hiding! Can the same be said for you? No! You’re the popular kid who’s smart and athletic. I highly doubt that you actually view Joshua and India as friends.” Linda says.

“I do so! There are my friends!” Lance says.

Linda is about to say something. She lets it go and she sighs. She then walks out of the campsite.

(Confessional) “Taking long walks always sooths me.” Linda says.

Linda is walking on the beach when she sees someone else on the beach. She runs up to them and sees that the person is Suzy. She is doing some yoga.

(Confessional) “Doing yoga always helps me. I can think straight and process in my mind what happened yesterday.” Suzy says.

“Hey Suzy.” Linda greets.

“Oh, hello, Linda.” Suzy says.

“So how is your camp?” Linda asks.

“Absolutely horrible. Elias won’t talk to me.” Suzy sadly says.

“What happened?” Linda asks.

“Well, I got the phone call that Valeria had a concussion and I told Elias that she was doing okay. When I said the truth in front of everybody, he just hated me.” Suzy says.

“Well, I was with him then and he told me that it hurt him deeply when he found out that you lied to him. He thought that he could trust you.” Linda says.

“He seriously said that?” Suzy asks. Linda nods her head yes. Suzy takes a deep breath and continues, “I lied to him because I didn’t want him to be hurt. I guess that was a no matter what situation.” Suzy says.

“I guess so.” Linda agrees. There is a long pause, Linda continues, “You know, Suzy, I admire you. You always put others first. I just find it amazing.”

Suzy asks, “Really?”

“Linda says, “Really.”

Suzy continues doing yoga while Linda just watches the waves. After a while, Suzy stops doing yoga and she picks up her mat. She walks back to camp and Linda walks back to hers.

(Confessional) “That really helped.” Linda says.

(Confessional) “I really needed to hear that.” Suzy says.

Linda walks back and sees that everyone is awake. She walks over to Winston and asks him,

“Did you vote for me?”

“Of course not.” Winston says.

“What about you, Mitchie?” Linda asks.

“Yeah, look, I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do. It seemed better for you. You don’t seem like you want to be here.” Mitchie says.

“Oh.” Linda says.

At that moment, India walks out of her cabin and walks to the logs where Lance and Joahua are. They begin to talk. After about thirty minutes, Baldwin walks out and asks,

“What are they doing?”

“Discussing about which one of us is going home next.” Linda says.

“So, they’re in an alliance?” Baldwin asks.

“Yeah, you know, if we vote together, we can overpower them.” Mitchie suggests.

“That’s not a bad idea.” Winston says.

“Yeah, we should do that.” Linda says.

“I dunno, I think I’ll vote the way I wanna vote.” Baldwin says.

(Confessional) “Of course,” Mitchie says, “someone has the opportunity to get further in the game and they ignore it. I just hope that I don’t go soon.”

The day turns into night. Shane calls out on the loudspeaker,

“Challenge time!”

“Um, Shane,” Baldwin says, “the challenge is tomorrow. Today is our free day.”

“Yeah, right…….. Your contract says that whenever I give a challenge, it’s official. Sp get your butts down here to the beach, NOW!”

“Touchy.” Baldwin remarked.

The Squirrels start to walk to the beach. Mitchie calls over Linda and Winston.

“Look,” Mitchie says, “If we’re gonna succeed, we need to get rid of Lance or Baldwin. Both or threats.”

“I agree.” Linda says.

“Me too.” Winston says.

“I do have a question, though.” Linda says.

‘What is it?” Mitchie asks.

“It’s well, is this alliance going to continue past the merge?” Linda asks.

“Of course.” Mitchie says.

“Alright, good, I need this safety.” Winston says.

The teens then arrive to the beach. They see an old cabin and two tables. Each of the table contains a list. Shane walks out of the cabin and says, “Hello!”

“Yeah, hi.” Elias says, “Can we hurry this up so I can go to sleep?”

“It’ll be over very quickly. Now, this is your challenge. In that cabin, there are six hidden items. There are two of each idem so there are three different idems. Three members of your team will race to the cabin, one at a time, and will try to find one of three items, a bar of soap, a hairbrush, and a bottle of shampoo.” Shane says.

“I know where this is going!” Liz says excitingly, “The winning team will keep all six items!”

“Yes. Now remember, you need to get those three things. Not in that order, though. If someone has a duplicate item, your team is disqualified. You guys ready?” Shane asks.

“YES!” the twelve teen shout in unison.

“In that case, pick your three runners.” Shane instructs. The two teams huddle up.

“So, who’s running?” Mitchie asks.

“Me, Winston, and India.” Lance says.

“I guess that’s alright.” Baldwin says.

Meanwhile, at the Raccoon’s huddle……

“I think that me and Elias should go in.” Nico says.

“I agree, but which one of the girls?” Elias asks.

“Kaori’s out of the question. She has on too long of a skirt.” Nico says.

“Suzy does yoga and we know she is a fast runner, same with Liz.” Elias observes.

“I think Liz should go.” Suzy says.

“I’m fine with it.” Liz says.

“Alright, we have our runners.” Elias says.

“So, who’s your runners Raccoons?” Shane asks.

“Nico, Elias, and Liz.” Suzy says.

“And what about you Squirrels?”

“Lance, Winston, and India.” Joshua says.

“Okay, Lance and Nico, prepare yourself. Remember, no duplicates.” Shane reminds them. Nico and Lance get into a starting position. “Ready, set, GO!” Shane yells. Nico and Lance take off.

Lance has the lead and he gets to the cabin first. He begins to look and he finds the bar of soap quickly. Nico also finds the second bar of soap quickly. Lance easily gets back to the group and he tags Winston signaling him that he can go. Winston zooms to the cabin and Nico tags Elias. When Elias makes it to the cabin, Winston has already found the first hairbrush. Elias quickly finds the first bottle of shampoo and starts running back. Winston quickly tags India and India runs to the cabin. Elias quickly tags Liz and Liz quickly runs to the cabin. Liz is faster than India but India makes it to the cabin first. India looks around and she spots the second hairbrush and she grabs it. Liz just then, runs into the cabin and begins searching. India runs out of the cabin with the second hairbrush which is a duplicate. India trips over something on her way out and Liz catches it. Liz looks at it and gasps. She looks out of the cabin and sees people cheering for India as she lays the duplicate item on her team’s table. Liz runs out of the cabin and yells,


“What?” India asks.

“Was this what you were searching for?” Liz asks as she shows India the second bottle of shampoo. India gasps as she looks at the two hairbrushes on her team’s table.

“Crap!” she yells.

“Well, because of the fact that India brought a duplicate, the Raccoons win immunity and the two brushes, the two bars of soap, and the two bottles of shampoo.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “YES! I ran out of shampoo a week ago!” Suzy says, “This is the best one yet!”

“Thanks India.” Lance says.

“Nice job.” Linda says.

“Really? You couldn’t find anything?” Baldwin asks. Everyone leaves except India. She sits on the ground and cries to herself. Joshua notices her and asks her,

“India, what’s wrong?”

“Daniel, it’s so obvious. I’m going to be eliminated because I grabbed something I wasn’t supposed to.”

“Okay, I’ve had enough of this, Daniel, talk. I’m not Daniel, I’ll never be Daniel! Who is he?” Joshua angerly yells.

“Oh, wait, you’re not Daniel.” India weakly says. She begins to cry again. This time, the tears are big and she is crying loudly.

“India?” Joshua asks.

“I guess I should tell you.” India says. Joshua nods, eager to have India tell him why she chases after him. “Well, Daniel is my big brother. He was sixteen and he had his drivers-licenses. There was a mountain range that I always wanted to see but I could never go to since my parents were always on a business trips. We were very close. In fact, me stalking you was a game we’d play. To see who could spy on each other and take the best notes.” India says.

“That’s why.” Joshua comments.

“Anyway, we were driving up the mountain, and everything was great. We got up to where I wanted to go and there was an ice cream place so we had ice cream. Little did I….Know that……that was the….last….happy moment I’d ever have with…..him.” India begins to choke up here. “On our way down, there was this couple. They were joking around and were being a danger on the road. Daniel tried his best, but the couple crashed into us…….I blacked out…….I first saw fire and Daniel handing me to some rescue people……..I screamed for Daniel…..but it….was… late……… The car blew up with Daniel in it………..DANIEL WAS BURNED ALIVE!” India started to cry loudly and she buried her head into Joshua’s shoulder. Joshua was shocked.

“That’s why I love you, you look exactly like him. Except he was bigger, not as in he was fat, just body type. He also sang and so can you. But he was better at it then you.” Joshua frowns at that remark.

“So that explains it. India, would you like to go out with me, as long as you don’t stalk me?” Joshua asks.

“Oh yes! Yes I would!” India eagerly says. The two then walk out of the challenge place, hand in hand.

The next day at the Squirrel’s campsite, they are preparing lunch. Lance, Winston, and Baldwin are getting firewood, Linda is cutting up some fruit, and Mitchie is boiling some water. Joshua and India are talking and laughing.

“So Linda,” Mitchie began, “who should we vote out?”

“As long as it’s not me, I’m fine with who ever.” Linda says.

“Are still mad about me voting for you?” Mitchie asks.

“A little, I thought we were friends.” Linda says.

“We are, I just didn’t know who to vote for.” Mitchie says.

“Oh.” Linda finally says after a pause. At that moment, Joshua and India walk past them hand in hand, talking, and laughing. Mitchie and Linda stare at them and Mitchie asks,

“Doesn’t Joshua hate her guts?”

“I thought he did.” Linda replies.

At that moment, the water Mitchie was boiling started to boil. One of the bubbles got really big and it popped right in Mitchie’s face. A lot of the boiling water gets on Mitchie’s face and eyes. Mitchie yells, “AH! IT BURNS!” Linda takes a cloth and wipes Mitchie’s face off. Mitchie says, “Thanks.” They continue doing what they were previously doing.

Meanwhile at the Raccoon’s campsite, all five of them had wet hair, indicating that they took showers.

(Confessional) “It felt so good to cleanse again.” Kaori says.

“I’m telling you, best reward yet.” Elias says.

“You said it.” Nico agrees.

“You got that right, honey.” Liz agrees.

“You hit the mark on that one.” Kaori says.

“You are correct.” Suzy says.

“You know. What did India trip on?” Kaori asks.

“The second bottle of shampoo.” Liz says.

“So she tripped over what she needed to have to win?” Nico asks.

“Yep.” Liz says.

“Wow, that was not smart.” Elias comments.

“I think maybe she was excited by the thoughts of winning.” Suzy says.

“I guess you’re right.” Liz says.

The scene switches to the soda ceremony. Shane is on a stage while the Squirrels are sitting on bleachers.

“Hello Squirrels! You all know why you’re here.” Shane says. Everyone but Joshua stares at India. India shifts in her chair uncomfortably. “Anyway, go cast your votes.”

Lance votes for India, “You cost us the win.”

India votes for Lance, “You are such a jerk! I can’t believe that I used to vote with you!”

Joshua votes for Lance, “Dude, you’ve played a mean game.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane says. He looks at seven pieces of paper and says, “Well, I have sodas for Mitchie and Linda.” Linda breathes a sigh of relief. “Joshua, Baldwin, and Winston.” The three get theirs. “And the last soda goes to………

…………..Lance! India, your time is up.”

“WAIT!” Joshua yells.

“What is it?” India asks.

“I’ll give her my safety if I get eliminated instead of India.” Joshua says.

“Well, he can do that.” Shane says.

“Josh, you don’t have to do this.” India pleads.

“I know, but I want to do this.” Joshua says.

“Well, okay.” India says. Joshua gives India his soda bottle and India accepts it with some hesitation.

“Thank you India.” Joshua says. “Now you go and kick their butts! Every last one of them, show them no mercy!”

“I won’t Josh.” India says.

“Josh, dude. Boat of Losers, awaits your’ arrival.” Shane says.

“Bye guys!” Joshua cheerfully says. He walks down the Dock of Shame and boards the Boat of Losers. Shane gets in with him.

“So, do you regret giving up your invincibility?” Shane asks.

“Not at all. India needs this.” Joshua says.

“Do you regret being in an alliance with Lance?”

“Yes I do.”

“Well, got any final words?”

“Yeah, I just wanna say, India, you can do it! I want you to get to the finals anyway possible.”

“Well, that was nice. See you later Josh.”

“Bye Shane!” Joshua says as he gets off the Boat of Losers.

“Well, normally I sign of the show but AGAIN we have something better.” Shane says. When nothing happens, he whispers loudly, “Cut to the drama queen’s reaction.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” An intern says.

(Confessional) “Why? Why? Why? Why?” India says, “Why did they take away my only link to Daniel? WHY? That’s it, no more Misses Nice Girl. I’m an actress for freaken’ crying out loud! I came here to act my way to the million, and that’s what I’m gonna do! I’ll take thwm all down, one by one! I will begin to make my move! Nobody will stop me! NOBODY!” There is a noise heard outside of the Confessional booth. India quickly opens the door.

“Who’s there?” she asks. The camera pans out to reveal someone’s shadow. India then smiles puts all her weight to one foot, and smiles and asks, “So, you heard everything, didn’t you?” *SIGNS OFF*

Chapter 12 - Don't Guess That Number:

Shane walks onto the dock and says, “Previously, on Total Drama Craziness, when we last saw our contestants. They were making alliances and trying to find stuff in the dark. In the end, India lost it all for her team by grabbing a duplicate item. She was, in turn, voted out. Joshua, however, gave up his safety to be at the island to India. So instead of the actress being voted out, the child prodigy got voted out. Now, last week we ended the show a little different. Wanna see it? I know I do. So let’s get to it.”

“So,” India says, “You heard everything, didn’t you?” the camera then pans out to reveal Baldwin standing right in front of her.

“Yes I did. Now, what did we do to you? I gotta know that one.” Baldwin says.

“I guess you deserve a reason.” India says, “You took away my only link to Daniel.” India sadly says.

“Well, what is your plan?” Baldwin asks.

“You’ll find out.” India says. She takes her water bottle and she put her finger in it. She wets her finger and she wipes the water on her eyes. She then takes off running. As she gets close to her campsite, she begins to cry. People look up and they see India running with tears in her eyes, really the water India took from her water bottle. She then runs towards Winston and thrusts herself into his arms. She cries,

“Oh, why, why?” India cries.

“What happened, India?” Winston asks.

“I was in the confessional, and I was crying about Josh’s elimination.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Lance sarcastically asks.

“I got out of the confessional and Baldwin was standing there, just laughing and he started to insult me and my feelings.” India begins to cry some more.

“He did what now?” Mitchie asks. At that moment, Baldwin rushes out of the forest and he says to himself,

“Oh crap.”

“Why Baldwin, why would you do such a thing?” Mitchie asks.

“I didn’t, she’s fooling you!” Baldwin yells.

“Oh now your questioning my morals?” India asks. She begins to cry a lot more. Not over-the-top, but enough to look like she’s actually sad. Out of the blue, she smirks to Baldwin. No one but him and someone else sees the smirk. That person walks inside the girl’s cabin. India then runs into the girl’s cabin. As soon as she’s in, the expression immediately changes on her face. She mutters to herself, “Gullible idiots. That had to be my best performance yet.”

“Yeah right.” A voice says.

“Who’s there?” India asks.

“It’s just me, Linda.” Linda says.

“How did you know?” India asks.

“That smirk you gave to Baldwin, I saw it too.” India gasps not realizing her mistake. “I’ll admit, I did believe until then. But now, I can tell everyone that you lied.” Linda threatens.

“Oh, really? You expect them to believe you after what I just did?” India asks.

“No. But hey, it’ll be great for the jury.” Linda says.

(Confessional) “Of course, the jury, this’ll set me back. Wait a minute, if I get Baldwin and Linda out before the jury forms, I can still win this!” India says.

“Right, all I have to do is cry a little more and you’ll be out as well as Baldwin.” India says.

‘I know that. But if you don’t vote for me, I won’t tell a soul. Deal?” Linda asks.

“Deal.” India says, shaking Linda’s hand.

(Confessional) “She won’t keep her mouth shut forever.” India says.

(Confessional) “As if I’m gonna keep it a secret.” Linda says.

The moon goes down and the sun comes up. Only Mitchie is up and she is doing some yoga.

(Confessional) “Suzy taught me some moves.” Mitchie says.

Winston walks out and sees Mitchie doing some yoga. He says,

“Really? Yoga? Why are you doing something so easy?”

“You wanna do it with me?” Mitchie offers.

“Why not.” Winston says. After thirty minutes, Winston is a sweating bullet. He falls over and says, “I give up! This is harder than it looks.”

“Told you.” Mitchie says. Winston walks away.

(Confessional) “Being beaten by YOGA! Are you kidding me?’ Winston yells. “Ugh, the guys at the gym will never let me live it down.”

Meanwhile, at the Raccoon’s cabin. Things aren’t going smoothly over there.


“Hey, I was only trying to help!” Suzy retorts.

“Well, you’ve helped long enough!” Elias yells. He storms into his cabin. Nico comes flying out of the door and he lands on his back.

“Owch.” Nico mutters.

“Are you okay, Nico?” Suzy asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Nico says as Suzy helps Nico up. “Why did you lie to Elias?” he asks.

“I…I…..I don’t know. I didn’t want to hurt him and now I hurt him.” Suzy says.

“Well, I think that you should’ve just told him the truth! He could’ve taken it!” Nico yells.

“Nico!” Liz yells.

“We’re all thinking it!” Nico yells.

“It is true.” Liz sadly admits.

“You should’ve told him! Lying NEVER helps.” Kaori says.

“Well, well-“ Suzy starts.

“Suzy, really, I don’t think what you did was good at all. You should’ve told it to him right away. He could’ve taken it.” Nico says.

“He is right.” Kaori comments.

(Confessional) “It’ll take a miracle for them to forgive me.” Suzy says.

Kaori and Nico walk away from Suzy. Suzy puts her head in her hands and begins to cry silently to herself. Liz walks over and Suzy asks her,

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Maybe. I dunno. I think you’ve lost all respect from Nico and Kaori. Not to mention Elias.”

“Well, I could, no, he’d never accept it.” Suzy says.

“Maybe he will.” Liz says.

Suzy gets up and walk toward the boy’s cabin. She knocks on the door and Elias yells, “Go away, Suzy!”

“Can’t we talk?” Suzy asks.

“So you can lie to me some more?” Elias asks.

“No, I only did it because, um, well, uh,” Suzy begins.

“So you would make me happy, than crush me with the truth!” Elias asks.

“Not at all! You know me. You know I’d never do that intentionally!” Suzy says.

Elias then reluctantly opens the door. Suzy walks in and they begin to talk for a while.

(Confessional) “At that moment, there is nothing else I could’ve done.” Suzy says.

The two then walk out of the cabin. It was evident that Suzy had been crying.

(Confessional) “Some deep stuff was said in there.” Elias says.

“So, we alright?” Suzy asks.

“I guess. Look, I appreciate you respecting my feelings and all but next time, please just tell me.” Elias says.

“I promise I will.” Suzy says. Suzy walks away and Elias walks back into the cabin.

(Confessional) “I guess I forgive her. I told Nico and Kaori that she really only had what she thought was best. Both of them are still mad at her. I guess I still am. At home, I’d be beating her up, but here, I’ve learned some things. I’ve gone through many tests and this was one of them. Over all, I finally let down the walls I had around my heart. I still don’t know if I can ever fully forgive her. I mean, she played with my feelings! That hurts. She tried to help but, she did more harm than good. I don’t know now.” Elias says. He buries his head in his hands.

“CHALLENGE TIME!” Shane yells over the loud speaker.

“Now? We’re having a moment!” Suzy yells.

“In your contract, it says that moments can be interrupted.” Shane says.

“I hate this show.” Elias says.

“Me too.” Suzy agrees.

“Anyway, meet me at the beach.” Shane instructs.

The Raccoons got up and they walked to the beach. Along the way, Nico and Kaori avoid talking to Suzy. Liz glares at Nico and Nico says,


“Quit being like that to Suzy. She’s had enough drama already!” Liz says

“So, she lied to Elias about his girlfriend!” Nico replies.

“If only you knew the whole truth.” Liz says. Nico looks at her confused.

The Raccoons arrive to the challenge site early. Shane notices them and says, “Welcome! You’re a few minutes early, though.”

“May I have your phone for a sec, Mr. Oro?” Suzy asks.

“Sure, I guess.” Shane says as he hands her his phone. Suzy presses some buttons and she announces,

“I want to show you guys why I did lie to Elias.” Shane has a look of horror on his face.

“You don’t have to do that.” Shane says.

“Too late.” Suzy says as she presses a button. Suzy’s voice is heard saying from the phone, “Hello?”

“Hey, Suzy, it’s me, Shane.” Shane’s voice is heard saying.

“Hey, how’s Valeria doing?” Suzy voice is heard asking.

“Horrible, she has a concussion.”

“Oh my goodness! I’ll tell Elias right away.”

“Hold on for a second, tell Elias that she’s doing great.”

“Why the heck would I lie to Elias about her?”

“If you don’t, I’ll eliminate you from the game.”

“So what, I’ll just go to Playa-des-losers.”

“You’ll be swimming there through sharks and snakes if you don’t tell Elias.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would. Besides, it’ll improve ratings.”

“Is that all you care about?”

“No, I care about money and fame too.”

“Okay, anyway, I won’t do it.”

“In your contract, it says that if I ask you to do something, you’ll do it! No matter what it is.”

“Well, uh,”

“You have to do it, Suzy.”


“Good girl, now I’m gonna hang up now. You act as if I’m telling you good news. Okay? Good.” Shane hangs up.

“Okay, uh huh, good!” Suzy says, “I’ll tell him right away.” Suzy hangs up.

“You see, he forced me to do it.” Suzy sadly says, “And I regret ever signing up for this stupid show.”

“Whoa,” Kaori says. “I had no idea.”

“Neither did we.” Mitchie says. The camera pans out to show that the Squirrels are there.

“Squirrels! I’m guessing you heard everything, didn’t you?” Shane asks.

“Yes, we did. I can’t believe you’d do that just to get ratings!” Winston says.

“Well, um,” Shane says trying to think of a way out of his situation.

“Suzy,” Kaori asks, “Um, will you, uh, well-“

“It’s okay, I forgive you. Will you forgive me?” Suzy asks.

“Yeah, we’re all human.” Kaori says. The two hug.

“Same here?” Nico asks.

“Of course! I’m sorry for lying to you, Nico. Can we just go back to being friends?” Suzy asks.

“Sure.” Nico says. He smiles.

(Confessional) “I still question her reason. You always have a choice. Still, I know she’d never do it intentionally.” Nico says.

Shane says, “Aw, redemption. So sweet, listen, we have a challenge to get too.”

“Listen here. I don’t think I want to be here anymore.” Elias says. “Not with a host like you!” everyone nods their heads.

“Look, you guys can’t leave until you are eliminated. Now, WE ARE DOING THE CHALLENGE!” Shane yells.

“Fine, fine.” Lance says.

“Here’s the challenge. Each one of you will get on this stage. I will come up to you one by one. You will try to guess which number I am thinking of, it’s from one through ten. If you guess correctly, you’re out.” Shane explains.

“Isn’t this a merger challenge?” Baldwin asks.

“I was getting to that. After tonight, you will all be at the merge!” Shane says. Everyone screams for joy. “Also starting tonight, everyone who is eliminated from here on out, will be our jury!” There are some more screams of joy heard from the teens. “So is everyone ready?”

“YES!” Everyone says in unison.

“Alrighty, Squirrels, pick someone to sit out.”

“We pick Winston.” Mitchie says.

“Alright, everyone, get on the stage.”

Everyone does so and Shane walks up to Mitchie. Me asks, “So, what number am I thinking of?”

“Um, nine?” Mitchie asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Suzy.

“Two?” Suzy asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Baldwin.

“Five?” Baldwin asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of. You’re out.”

“Darn!” Baldwin yells.

Shane walks back to the start. He asks Mitchie, “What number am I thinking of?”

“Ten?” Mitchie asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Suzy.


“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Liz.

“How about number one?” Liz asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Lance.

“Seven?” Lance asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of. You’re out.”

“Drat.” Lance mutters.

Shane walks back to the front and asks Mitchie, “What number am I think of?”


“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Suzy.

“Six?” Suzy asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Liz.

“Three?” Liz asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Kaori.

“Nine?” Kaori asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of. You’re out.” Shane says.

“Oh man!” Kaori exclaims.

Shane walks back to the front. He asks Mitchie, “What number am I thinking of?”

“Two?” Mitchie asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Suzy.

“Nine?” Suzy asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Liz.

“One?” Liz asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Linda.

“Ten?” Linda asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Elias.

“Five?” Elias asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to India.

“Eight?” India asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Nico

“Four?” Nico asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of. You’re out.” Shane says.

“Man.” Nico says.

Shane walks back over to Mitchie and asks, “What number am I thinking of?”

“Six?” Mitchie asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of. You’re out.”

“Darn it!” Mitchie yells.

Shane moves over to Suzy. “What number am I thinking of?”

“Ten?” Suzy asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Liz.

“Seven?” Liz asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of.” Shane says.

“Aw man!” Liz says.

Shane walks back over to Suzy and asks, “What number am I thinking of?”

“Nine?” Suzy asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Linda.

“One?” Linda asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of.” Shane says.

“DRAT!” Linda yells.

Shane moves back over to Suzy and asks her, “What number am I thinking of?”

“Six?” Suzy asks.

“Nope, you’re still in.” Shane moves over to Elias.

“Three?” Elias asks.

“That’s the number I was thinking of.” Shane says.

“So close.” Elias grumbles.

“Alright! Two left! Now, I will think of a number. It’s either one or two. Suzy, what number am I thinking of?”


“India must take number one then.”

“Fine.” India says.

“The number I’m thinking of is number one. Suzy wins for her team.” Shane says.

“YES!” Suzy yells.

(Confessional) “I hope I made them happy.” Suzy says.

“Good job, Suzy!” Liz congratulates.

“Yeah, way to go!” Elias exclaims.

“Thanks guys.” Suzy says.

“YAY! We won thanks to you!” Kaori happily says.

“Yeah, good job out there.” Nico says. He gives her a thumbs up, showing that he had forgiven Suzy.

(Confessional) “Acceptance!” Suzy exclaims, “It’s awesome that I won and all, but being accepted back into the group was the greatest reward of all.”

“Squirrels, come with me to the ceremony. Raccoons, come too.” Shane says.

“Okay.” Elias says.

(Confessional) “At least we’re not voting for anyone or getting eliminated.” Elias says.

The scene shifts to the soda ceremony.

“Alright, Squirrels, go cast your votes.”

India votes for Baldwin, “Seeing you go down will be fun.”

Baldwin votes for India, “Liar!”

Linda votes for India, “I said I’d keep my mouth shut, I didn’t say a thing about my votes.”

Winston votes for Baldwin, “That was not cool!”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane says. He walks away and comes back with some sodas.

“Alright, I have sodas for all of the Raccoons.” Shane says as he throws the Raccoons their sodas.

“Alright! AWESOME!” Nico yells.

“A toast to our victory!” Suzy exclaims. The raccoons all toast their sodas in their victory.

“Um, guys, I know you’re excited and all but, we’re right here!” Mitchie shouts.

“Sorry.” Liz says.

“We got carried away.” Kaori blushes.

“Anyway, I have sodas for Mitchie and Winston. Congrats, you have made it to the merge.”

“Now you can toast.” Mitchie says.

The Raccoon team looks at one another and Elias says, “We’ll do it after all the sodas have been handed out.”

“Fair enough.” Winston says as he and Mitchie sit with them.

“Alright! The next ones go to Linda and Lance. You two can join the others.” Shane says. Linda and Lance do so with happiness on their faces.

“Um, why are there three sodas left?” Baldwin asks.

“I’m guessing two come back.” India observes.

“Alright, the final soda goes to!” India and Baldwin look confused when Shane says final soda.

“Final?” Baldwin asks.

“You’ll find out in a minute! Now, shush! As the last one goes to……………………………………

…………………….India! Baldwin, you are eliminated.”

“This sucks.” Baldwin says.

(Confessional) “I was cheated out of a million bucks!” Baldwin yells.

“Don’t worry, you’re now part of the jury.” Shane says. The two then walk down the boat of losers. Shane asks Baldwin, “So, how does it feel to be eliminated right before the merge?”

“Horrible! I can’t freaken’ believe it!” Baldwin yells.

“Well, how far do you think India will go?” Shane asks.

“I think she’ll get far.” Baldwin says.

“How do you feel about being on the jury?” Shane asks.

“I guess it feels alright. At least I can hold some power in deciding the winner.” Baldwin says.

“That’s a wonderful feeling.” Shane says.

“I certainly hope it is.” Baldwin says.

“Well we’re here.” Shane says. As Baldwin gets out, Shane gets out with him. “Alright, two of you, come with me! You know who you are!” Two figures walk towards the boat. They wave good-bye to some. Baldwin looks at both of them and he gives both of them a hug. He also tells both of them about India. The two figures then get on the boat.

The scene shifts to the ceremony, where everyone is still there. Elias and Linda are sleeping while Winston does some exercises. Mitchie and Suzy are playing cards and talking, Lance is reading a book, India is just sitting around bored, Nico is drawing in his notebook, Liz is lying on her back watching the stars, and Kaori is writing in Japanese. Shane walks up to them and says, “WAKE UP!”

“Huh?” Elias groggily says.

“Just five more minutes Fernando. Just five more.” Linda sleepily says.

“Okay, remember the two extra bottles of soda? Well, there’s a reason for them. Because two are coming back!” Shane says excitingly.

“I knew it.” India says.

(Confessional) “When they came back, I though, ‘They lost, GET OFF OUR PLAYING FIELD!’” Lance yells.

“Welcome back Serene and Valeria!” Shane says.

“Valeria!” Elias yells! “Wait, didn’t she have a concussion?”

“Yeah, I lied. She was really okay.” Shane says.

“You mean I told Elias the truth?” Suzy asks.

“Yep!” Shane says.

“And I got hated because I told Elias the direct truth without knowing it!” Suzy yells.

“That’s right!” Shane says.

Nico and Kaori look astounded. Valeria looks confused. She asks, “What happened?”

“I was told that you had a concussion and Shane told me to tell Elias that you were really okay. Then, Shane had me come up and tell everyone that you had a concussion!” Suzy says, “We all thought that you were seriously hurt.” Suzy says.

“So, I got mad Suzy because she told the truth?” Nico asks.

“And I yelled at Suzy because she told the truth?” Kaori asks.

“That’s right!” Shane says happily.

“I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” Suzy yells, “You got me hated by everyone because I told the truth when I really thought that she was hurt badly and all you can do is stand there?!? I thought you’d never go that far!”

“Whatever, look. You all have made it to the merge. You are now known as, the Fighting Hawks.” Shane announces.

“Awesome name.” Serene says.

“Oh, hey Serene!” Elias says. He hugs Serene, “Great to see you again.”

“It’s great to be here.” Serene says.

“Well, this has been eventful. Now, go back to your camp. Tomorrow you’ll all be moving.” Shane says. The teens all leave. Some happy, others confused. Shane turns to the camera and says, “Well, that’s exciting! What will happen next week? Who will go home?” And how will Suzy recover from this?” Find out this and more on Total Drama Craziness!”

(Author's note) The italics are for the phone conversation.

Chapter 13 - Maze of Confusingness

Shane appears on the dock and says, “Welcome to Total Drama Craziness! I’m your host, Shane Oro but you already knew that! Anyway, last time, Suzy started feeling the hate as everyone started to dislike her for lying to Elias about his girlfriend Valeria! Anyway, the challenge was that they could not guess the number I was thinking of, if they did, they were out. Suzy won for her team and everyone forgave her and such. As it turns out, India’s a little trickster. She got everyone to hate Baldwin and when they lost, Baldwin was eliminated. Another twist, Valeria and Serene came back and they are all at the merge! Who will win? Who will be eliminated? And who snap under the pressure? Find out this and more, on Total Drama Craziness!”

The scene opens up to the Squirrel’s cabin. India is sitting on the stairs to her cabin with her things all packed up. She is smiling.

(Confessional) “That was so much fun last night! Anyway, Serene and Valeria are back. Well, you know what? Get off our playing field!” India yells.

Mitchie walks out of her cabin also ready to move. “Where are we staying at?”

“I have no clue.” India says. Linda walks out of the cabin with a huge suitcase.

“What’s in there?” Mitchie asks.

“Oh, just some clothes and cosmetics.” Linda says.

“A FEW?” India asks.

“Don’t judge me.” Linda says while blushing.

(Confessional) “Linda makes me sick. She’s so out tonight!” India says.

“Well, either way girls, we finally made it.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, about time.” India comments.

“I can’t wait! I really hope one of us wins!” Linda says gleefully.

(Confessional) “At least, me or Mitchie. India doesn’t deserve it.” Linda says.

Lance and Winston walk out of their cabins all ready to go.

“It’ll be shame if we have to move, this is an awesome place.” Winston says.

“Yeah, whatever, anyway, Winston, you wanna be in an alliance?” Lance asks.

“Nah. I’m good. I wanna win this thing fair and square.” Winston says.

(Confessional) “Like who says that anymore?” Lance asks.

“Anyway, I think I’m gonna go see if I forgot something.” Lance says while going into his cabin. Meanwhile, at the Raccoon’s camp, everyone is up and is packing.

“Wow, Kaori, we’re finally there!” Suzy comments.

“I know, right?” Kaori exciting says.

“You know, it’ll be hard selecting someone to win on the jury.” Suzy says.

“Yeah, um, Suzy, you’re not still mad about the whole yelling at you thingy, are you?”

“Of course not! You’re my friend!” Suzy and Kaori hug.

“You know, I really hope you stay for a while. If you make it to the finals, I know who I’m voting for to win!” Kaori says.

“Thanks!” Suzy says.

“Anyway, are the guys up?”

“I don’t think so.”

Liz runs in the cabins and yells, “Come on! We’re moving in fifteen minutes!”

“Oh, alright!” Suzy exclaims.

Valeria rises from her bed and sleepily asks, “Did I hear right?”

“Yes you did. You better hurry!” Liz says as she runs out of the cabin.

“In that case.” Valeria walks over to her suitcase, picks it up, and carries it out of the cabin.

“Oh yeah, she hasn’t had a chance to unpack yet.” Kaori reminds herself and Suzy.

“Oh yeah….” Suzy says. Serene walks in the cabin and grabs her bandana. She puts it on and grabs her suitcase. She walks out of the cabin silently.

(Confessional) “I know that some people are mad that me and Valeria are back.” Serene says. “This’ll be difficult.”

The scene switches to the boy’s cabin.

Nico, come on, we have to leave!” Elias yells.

“Alright.” Nico says. He grabs his suitcase and walks out the door calmly. Elias runs out and looks for Valeria. Finally he spots her and he runs up to her.

“Hey Elias.” Valeria says, startled by his sudden appearance. “What’cha doing?”

“Sorry, it’s just that I haven’t seen you since the accident.” Elias says.

“I was only gone for six days.” Valeria reminds Elias.

“I know, it’s just….I missed you.” Elias says as he hugs Valeria. Valeria tries to get out of the hug and she succeeds.

“Sorry, it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of hugs. My sister’s very affectionate and it annoys me.” Valeria says.

“Oh, it’s fine!” Elias says.

(Confessional) “That’s could’ve gone better.” Valeria says.

(Confessional) “I guess I understand her……” Elias says.

“Alright guys, challenge time!” Shane says over the loud speaker.

“Now? Where are we gonna sleep?” Liz asks.

“You’ll find out.”

The teens arrive at the challenge with their luggage.

“So, like, where are we sleeping?” Lance asks.

“This challenge will decide where you all will sleep. Anyway, today’s challenge is a fun one!”

“It’s a snowboarding challenge?” Linda asks.

“No, it’s a maze. You will all start at the start of the maze. You will then try to navigate your way out. On your way out, there are six block. They have a message on them. You have to find them and put the blocks with your color in this sack. Then, when you’re out of the maze, put them in the correct order. The maze itself designed to be very confusing.” Shane says.

“And how will this decide where we’ll sleep?” Serene asks.

“Person who win immunity will decide.”

“Fair enough.” Mitchie says.

(Confessional) “Let’s get something straight, Linda goes home tonight.” India says.

“Alright, get ready guys!” Shane orders. The contestants get ready. “GO!” The contestants all run out except Linda, she is walking instead of running. “Linda, what are you doing?”

“I’m taking my time. I don’t wanna get lost.” Linda says. She looks around and while everyone else is getting lost, she walks in one direction and she walks right to a bowl with the blocks. She takes the one with her color. She walks out and whispers to herself, “I get this course. Where there is a pole, there will be a block.” She continues walking.

Meanwhile, Winston is frantically searching and finding nothing. Same with Lance, India stumbles across her block. She sees that Linda has already been there. She is not worried.

“Come on, come on.” Nico says to himself.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find them.” Liz says. She puts her hand on his shoulder and smiles.

“Thanks Liz.”


There is a montage of everyone finding one or two of their blocks. Linda, however, has found five blocks. India has found four by following her. Linda walks out of a pathway and looks around, India is in another pathway and Linda spots her. She walks over to India.

“Have you been following me?”

“No.” India says.

“Yeah, she has.” Says a voice, Suzy walks out and she says to India, “You are totally lying.”

“How did you know?” India asks.

“Your body language, you looked surprised when Linda asked you if you had been following her. That proved to me that you were following her.”

(Confessional) “Linda first, then Suzy.” India says.

“Okay, you got me. But remember, I can and will get you eliminated.” India says. She runs into the pathway that Linda just went in.

“I’m guessing what you told me about her lying to everyone to vote for Baldwin was true.” Suzy says.

“It is.” Linda says.

Well, you might wanna go looking for that last block.” Suzy says.

“How do you know I have five?” Linda asks.

“You went in five pathways and went out of five pathways. It’s obvious.” Suzy says.

“Oh, right.” Linda says. She runs into a hallway and runs out before India gets out. She sees Linda run out and she panics. She runs everywhere but doesn’t find the last block. She looks at the exit and sees Suzy and Elias walk out of the maze. Winston and Lance are next to walk out. India gasps as she walks in every single hallway but the correct one. She looks around a sees Nico and Liz walk out of the maze.

The scene shifts to Linda running to the place to put the puzzle together. She begins putting the puzzle together. Suzy and Elias is close behind. Winston is only a few seconds behind. Lance is next to get the rendezvous. Those five quickly try to put the puzzle together. No one comes close. Nico and Liz are the next to get to the puzzle building place.

The scene shifts to the remaining contestants in the maze. Mitchie and Valeria are shown getting her final piece and Kaori is also shown. Those two run out to the puzzle assembling place. Serene, who has been walking the entire time, has found her final piece and sprints to go build her puzzle. India is alone.

She shouts out, “HEY WAIT! SERENE!” Serene walks over to India and asks her,

“What do you want?”

“Wanna be in an alliance?”

Serene ponders for a moment and says, “Okay.”

(Confessional) “Easy out.” India says

Serene rushes again to go build her place. India continues running around. All of a sudden she looks in the one hallway that she hasn’t yet got in. When she runs in, she finds her last block.

(Confessional) “Of course. The last place you check.” India grumbles.

She rushes to go build her puzzle. No one there has gotten it yet. India dumps all her letters out and she reads them out loud,

“NMUIME, what the heck?” India asks herself.

Valeria is having a similar dilemma. She has some letters correct, but nothing much.

Nico and Elias are also confused. Linda, however, is taking her time. Her eyes widen and she furiously puts the blocks in an order.

“I have it! I know I do!” Linda says excitingly. Mitchie, who is right behind her, looks at it and asks silently to herself,

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

Shane walks over, he checks it out and says, “Well, this puzzle says IMMUNE, and that’s correct. Linda, like the puzzle states, you are immune!”

“YES!” Linda yells.

(Confessional) “I totally needed that. I was so going next.” Linda says.

“Now, what place would you like to go to?” Shane asks.

“Well, I’ve been in each one. While ours have a great fire, a water source, and some other stuff., the Raccoon’s campsite has water, fruit, right by the ocean, and has an outhouse with toilet paper. We’re all going to the Raccoon’s old campsite.” Linda says.

“Now, you have all been given a name. Anyone remember what it was?” Shane asks

“The Fighting Hawks?” Serene asks nervously.

“Yep. Now, head back to camp, or in other words, the Raccoon’s campsite.” Shane instructs.

The scene shifts to the campers getting to the campsite. They all hunker in and talk. India and Serene, however, are talking about the elimination order.

“Okay, we are going to get Suzy out.” India says.

Serene’s eyes widen. “Suzy?” She asks. “What about Winston or Lance? They’re physical threats.” Serene says.

“Well, true, but no one like Lance and Winston is bound to be eliminated soon. Suzy, however, will win if she reaches the final two.”

“Well, fine, I guess.” Serene says.

“Good.” India says. India walks over to where Winston and Lance are playing checkers.

“Check mate.” Winston says.

“Um, Winston, we’re playing checkers!” Lance reminds.

“Really? Oh, I thought it was chess.” Winston remarks. Lance bangs his head on the table in frustration.

“Hi boys.” India says. She is wearing a blue bikini. “I’m just going to the beach, wanna come?”

“Um, um, um, um, uh, uh, yeah, um I-I-I-I-I’d I mean, I-“ Winston stutters.

“We’d be delighted to come.” Lance says.

“Come on boys!” India says. She giggles as she walks to the beach. After she turns her back, she rolls her eyes.

(Confessional) “Ugh, okay, that just showed the shallowness and how stupid guys are. Anyway, I need their votes. Our team is down by two members. I have to work some magic.” India says.

When India, Lance, and Winston arrive, Winston and Lance take off their shirts to go into the water. As they run, India sees Serene in a green one-piece.

“What the frick are you doing here?” India asks. As soon as Serene hears her, she quickly puts down a journal.

“I’m here to read, I just swam and I don’t wanna do it again. I’m quite tired.” Serene answers.

“Oh well, what are you reading?”

“Just some Shakespeare.”

“A little dark much?”

“Maybe, but I like strong novels.”

“Well, I’m gonna go talk to peoples.” India says as she walks to the water.

“Hi India!” Winston says as he pops up from the water.

“Look, guys, I need to ask you all something.” India says.

“Yeah.” Lance says.

“We should vote for Suzy tonight. She is popular, she’ll easily win the jury vote.”

“She has a point.” Lance says.

“I’ll do it.” Winston says.

“Great!” India says as she leaves the two. She walks up to Serene and asks, “Will you vote for Suzy with me, please?”

“Of course,” Serene says. When India is out of hearing range, she adds in, “your Highness.” She rolls her eyes and keeps reading.

The camera shows a montage to India telling people to vote for Suzy. Some disagree, but India reminds them about Suzy’s niceness. That’s where there agree to vote her out.

“So you want me to vote for Suzy?” Linda asks India.

“Yeah. She’s popular.” India says.

“You have a point.” Linda says. “Who else is voting for her?” Linda asks.

“Me, Serene, Lance, Winston, Mitchie, Kaori, Nico, Liz, and you if you vote with us.” India says.

“I’ll consider.” Linda says.

(Confessional) “That girl is not lying!” Linda says.

(Confessional) “Time for a blind side!” India says.

The scene switches to the elimination ceremony. Shane is standing there with the contestants waiting to vote.

“I have a question for you guys.” Shane says.

“Go on.” Liz says. There are some tears in her eyes.

“First, what’s wrong, Liz?” Shane asks.

“Just, tonight’s vote.” Liz says. She wipes her eyes.

“Anyway, should I continue handing out sodas, or should I read out the votes?” Shane asks.

“I think you should continue handing out sodas. I mean, you’ve done all until this point.” Suzy says.

“Okay. I’ll continue.” Shane says. Please go vote.

Liz votes for Suzy, “Listen, please forgive me. I don’t wanna do this but India is right, you’re a threat. Please forgive me Suzy.”

Suzy votes for India, “You don’t deserve this.”

India votes for Suzy, “Listen, the strong, must overtake the weak.”

Valeria votes for India, “I saw you scurrying around camp, that has to mean something.”

“I go tally the votes.” Shane says. He walks off and returns with eleven sodas. “There are eleven sodas on this tray. The one who does not receive a soda must leave.”

“Um, yeah, we know.” Kaori says.

“Anyway, I have sodas for Liz, Valeria, Lance, Nico, Elias, Winston, Mitchie, Serene, and Kaori. Linda doesn’t need a soda because she is immune.” Shane says.

“Don’t remind me.” India says under her breath.

“Anyway, Suzy, India, the final soda goes to……………….

……………..India. Suzy, you’re out of this game.” Shane says.

Suzy looks surprised, indicating that she had not been expecting this. “Why me?” she asks.

“I’m so sorry, Suzy.” Liz says

“I didn’t want to. But you’re a major threat.” Nico says.

“Please forgive me.” Serene says.

“I shouldn’t have voted for you.” Kaori says with some tears.

“Guys, it’s alright!” Suzy says.

“Alright, before I take Suzy away, you can all hug her goodbye.” Shane says. Everyone but India hugs Suzy. Suzy grabs her things and follows Shane to the boat of losers.

“Well, that was weird.” Suzy comments.

“It was surprising to me and I knew the answer.” Shane says.


“Anyway, how was it?”

“With the lying and all the drama, but with my friends that I made, it was all worth it.”

“Got any last words?”

“Yes I do. Hey world! It’s me, Suzy. I just wanna say that I can’t believe I made it this far, and I was voted out since I was a threat. I have to tell you, while it sucks, it’s an honor to be voted out as a threat.”

“That was beautiful.”

“Thanks, Mr. Oro. Oh, and I have a question for you, are you really this mean?”

“No, the producers tell me to act like this.”

“I can tell you’re sincere about that.” Suzy gets out of the boat and boat drives off. Suzy waves and she walks over to some of the eliminated players.

“Well that was fun. India is certainly a little devil in this game. What will happen next week? We don’t know. Anyway, we have a confessional that certainly beats me closing out the episode.”

(Confessional) “That was the hardest thing ever, but I need this alliance.” Serene says, “Baldwin told me everything, so I’ve been taking notes of her every action. I know that Linda knows and I think that Suzy knew. While she was a threat, she also knew India’s secret. Anyway, I just want to say something. I know India, I know what you’ve done. You’ve started to play your cards. Well I’m going to play my deck. India, I can and I will get you eliminated. Even if it means getting eliminated myself to do it. Just you wait India. I’ll get you, and when I do, you’ll be busted.” *Signs Off*

Chatper 14 - One Hit At a Time

Shane walks onto the dock and says, “Last time! On Total….Drama…..Craziness! When we last saw our players, they were packing up and ready to move. They just know where since the challenge winner decided where they would sleep. The challenge itself was difficult as it was a very confusing maze. India attempted to gather vote. Overall, Linda won the challenge and boy did she need it. Anyway, that made India work harder to get someone out. That person was Suzy in a surprising vote. In the end, while India thought she had the last laugh, it was shown that Serene was gonna have the last laugh. She was ready to get India out of the game. How will she do that? What’s gonna happen today? Find out this and more, on Total Drama Craziness!”

Kaori is shown sitting on her bed crying.

(Confessional) “Suzy was the only person on the island that I felt close too. Everyone else kinda avoids me.” Kaori says. A single tear falls from her eye.

Liz walks into the cabin and asks, “What’s wrong, Kaori?”

“Why did we vote for Suzy? Why?” Kaori asks.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m regretting it too. But she was a threat. If she was in the finals, none of us would have a chance.”

“True. Thanks Liz.”

“You’re welcome.” Liz then hugs Kaori and Kaori backs away. “What?”

“What the heck are you doing?”

“I was gonna give you a little friendly hug.” Liz says sounding hurt.

“Oh, sorry, I’m really not used to letting people I don’t know hug me.”

“You let Suzy hug you.”

“Yeah, but I knew her.” Kaori says as she storms off outside. Liz is left looking shocked and hurt at the same time.

(Confessional) “Well, that went well.” Liz says.

As Kaori walks out, Nico and Elias are throwing a football back and forth, Elias accidentally throws the football a little too far and it hits Kaori in the head. She falls over from the impact.

“Oh no.” Elias whispers to himself as he rushes to Kaori’s aid.

“What’s wrong Elias?” Nico asks, he turns around and says, “Oh.” He too, rushes to Kaori.

“Get away from me you crazy Americans!” Kaori yells as she runs away. “What’s wrong with you all!?!” Liz runs out as soon as she hears the commotion.

“Tell me you guys didn’t do what I think you did.” Liz says. Nico and Elias’s football comes soaring back to them and lands at Liz’s feet. “You did!”

“Hey! In my defense, I didn’t see her!” Elias yells.

“Oh, well stay away from Kaori. She’s been acting really weird lately.”

“Isn’t she always?” Nico asks.

“You know what I mean.” Liz says. She walks back into the girl’s cabin.

Nico looks at Elias and says, “Actually, I don’t.” Elias sighs and rolls his eyes. He walks off. “What did I say?” Nico calls after him. When Elias gives him nothing, Nico sighs and walks into the guy’s cabin.

Winston and Mitchie are paying some cards. Well, more like Mitchie teaching Winston how to play cards.

“Winston, you ask me if I have any cards with a number on them or if I have a face card.” Mitchie says.

Winston looks confused and says, “Which one is the face cards?”

“The cards with the face.” Mitchie says.

Winston pulls something out and gives it to Mitchie. “Is this what you mean?”

“Winston, this is a mirror.” Mitchie says.

“But it’s card sized and it shows faces!” Mitchie silently walks away. “I thought we were playing cards!?!” Winston calls.

“We’re playing a new game! The quiet game! You couldn’t possibly mess it up!” Mitchie yells.

“How do you play the quiet game?” Winston asks. Mitchie slaps her head in frustration.

“Just don’t talk. That’s the game!” Mitchie says. She begins to walk away again

“Am I doing alright?” Winston asks.

“You just lost, Winston.” Mitchie says.

(Confessional) “Oh my gosh! He can be so smart, then so stupid.” Mitchie says.

As Mitchie walks away, Lance walks up near to her and says, “You know, I’ve also been frustrated by Winston too.”

“You have? Well, Winston’s a great friend. I just needed to get away.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, but you really want him eliminated.” Lance says.

“What the heck, Lance?” Mitchie yells, she runs off.

“She wants to get rid of him. She’ll be back. She’ll be back.” Lance says. Kaori suddenly walks by him crying. “What’s wrong Kaori?”

“DON’T TALK TO ME!” Kaori yells, she pushes him down to the ground.

“Well.” Lance angrily says.

(Confessional) “What did I do?” Lance asks.

The scene shifts to Linda who is talking walking on the beach.

(Confessional) “It’s getting really hard to stay here. India wants me out and I know she has the numbers. I’m just not ready to go.” Linda says.

Linda stops walking and looks at the ocean. She mutters to herself, “Why is this game so hard?”

(Confessional) “Ever since Linda won the immunity challenge, she’s been acting kinda strange. She’s always walking off somewhere.” Mitchie says.

The scene switches to India and Serene, they are talking about who’s going next.

“I think it should be Linda.” India says.

“Well, what about-“ Serene says before she is cut off by India.

“Great to see we’re on the same page.” India says before walking off.

(Confessional) “Why Linda? I was gonna suggest a physical threat like Winston or Lance.” Serene asks.

“CHALLENGE TIME!” Shane says over the loud speaker.

“Ugh, now?” Mitchie asks.

“Come on, it can’t be that difficult.” Valeria says. The eleven remaining contestants walk out to the beach. They see woven masks made to look like them.

“What the crap?” Nico asks.

“Hello everyone.” Shane says. All the contestants groan, obviously not wanting to see him. “Oh pipe down, today’s challenge isn’t that hard.”

“Then what is it?” Valeria asks.

“Well, you see these giant masks behind me?” Shane asks.

“Yeah, we saw them coming in.” Elias says.

“Well, today I’m gonna ask a question about the eliminated players. You write down what you think is correct and if you are correct, you will take this machete and cut one of the ropes connecting to a battering ram in front of any mask. Now, the masks are made to look like you guys but we put your names on them to avoid confusion. Last person with their mask intact wins immunity. The good thing about this challenge is that the winner will be able to spend tonight in a five star hotel with two others. Those two you pick will also have immunity. You guys will vote when you get there and you will watch the elimination ceremony there. Got it?” Every nods their head except Winston.

“Um, if they’re made to look like us, then who’s the one with the afro?” Winston asks. Mitchie slaps her forhead.

“Great to see we’re on the same page. Now, sit anywhere and we will begin. First question, Who was the first person eliminated?” Shane asks. The eleven contestants write down what they think is correct. “Reveal.” Liz, Kaori, Nico, Elias, Valeria, and Serene all have Orville written down. Winston, Mitchie, and Lance have Randy written down, and India and Linda have Dorthy written down. “The correct answer was Orville. Liz, Kaori, Nico, Elias, Valeria, and Serene will all be able to cut a rope. Think wisely, you can get somebody out together. Serene, you’re up first.”

“Get Linda.” India whispers.

“I have someone else in mind.” Serene says. She walks up, grabs the machete, and cuts one of India’s ropes. India is shocked.

When Serene returns, she asks, “What the heck was that for?”

“So no one will think we’re in an alliance. You know, to throw off suspicion.”

“Good thinking.”

“Nico, you’re up.” Shane says.

Nico walks up and cuts one of India’s ropes. “Sorry India.” He walks back.

“Valeria, you’re up.” Valeria walks up and cuts India’s final rope. The battering ram is loose, hits India’s mask, and the mask is destroyed. “India, you’re out. Come sit over here on this bench.” India with a look of shock on her face walks over to the bench.

(Confessional) “I was not expecting that.” India says.

“Elias, you’re up.” Elias walks up and grabs the machete. He walks over and stops in between Lance and Winston.

“Who to cut?” He asks himself. He cuts Lance’s first rope. “Sorry Lance, not!” Elias says with a smile.

“Hey, you’re next buddy!” Lance shouts.

“Liz, come hit someone’s rope.” Shane says.

“Lance, you know how much I dislike you.” Liz says as she cuts Lance’s second rope with a huge smile on her face. All but Lance laugh at Liz’s joke.

“Kaori, come up and cut a rope. You can get Lance out of the game.” Shane says.

“Tempting, but no.” Kaori says as she cuts Elias’s rope. Elias is very surprised but he shakes it off.

“That was surprising. Anyway, next question. Who was eliminated by injury with no vote?” Shane asks. Everyone quickly writes their answer. “Reveal.” Everyone has Valeria written down. “You are all correct. Valera was the only one eliminated by injury with no vote. Serene, come take a whack and some one. You can eliminate Lance from this game, or cut somebody else’s rope.”

“I’m gonna go with Lance.” Serene says. She cuts Lance’s final rope and the battering ram demolishes Lance’s look-a-like mask.

“Thanks Serene.” Lance sarcastically says.

“Dude, why are you thanking her? She just got you eliminated.” Winston points out, oblivious to Lance’s sarcasm.

“Dude……Never mind.” Lance says.

“Lance, although you are out, you got the answer correct so you can cut somebody’s rope. Decide whom.” Shane says.

“I’m going with mister idiot!” Lance says as he cuts one of Winston’s ropes. Winston doesn’t notice. When he sees what Lance has done, he shrugs it off. Lance walks over and joins India.

“Your turn Nico.” Shane says.

“You know, this is hard.” Nico says while cutting Winston’s second rope.

“Winston, come and cut somebody’s rope.” Shane says.

“Um, I think I’ll go with country girl.” Winston says while cutting Liz’s rope.

“It’s alright big guy.” Liz says.

“Okay, Winston has two hits, Elias has one hit, and Liz has one hit. One more hit will do it for Winston. Come on up and hit somebody’s rope Mitchie.” Shane says.

“Sorry Winston.” Mitchie says as she cuts Winstons final rope. Winston’s look-a-like mask is destroyed and Winston jogs over to the bench and joins India and Lance without a care.

“Now, come on up Elias.” Shane says.

“Sorry Mitchie, but it’s time.” Nico says as he cuts Mitchie’s rope.

“It’s fine.” Mitchie reassures Nico.

“Alright, Kaori, come and do something.” Shane says.

“Time to get my revenge.” Kaori says. She cuts Nico’s first rope.

“Of course……..” Nico mutters under his breath.

“Linda.” Shane says. Linda walks up and silently hits Nico’s second rope. Nico’s eyes widen. He did not expect that to happen.

“Liz.” Shane says.

“Sorry Mitchie.” Liz says as she cuts Mitchie’s final rope. Her mask look-a-like is destroyed.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Mitchie walks over and hugs Liz. Mitchie then jogs over to the bench with India, Lance, and Winston.

“Last but not least, Valeria.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “It doesn’t take a guineas to know that Linda’s next. But still…..” Valeria ponders.

“I don’t know who to pick.” Valeria says.

“Go ahead.” Linda says.

“Okay. Sorry Linda.” Valeria says as she cuts Linda’s first rope.

“Alright! 1 rope left for Nico, 2 ropes left for Elias, Linda, and Liz. Next question, who was eliminated by a computer?” Shane asks. “You gotta think, it’s a hard one.” Shane says. “Reveal.” Serene and Liz have Zev, Elias has Randy, Linda has Dorthy, and Nico and Kaori have Ilan. “The correct answer is Dorthy. Linda is the only one to get it right so Linda, take a pick. You can get Nico out.” Shane says.

“Sorry Nico, but I have to.” Linda says as cuts Nico’s final rope and Nico’s mask is destroyed by the battering ram.

“Thanks Shane.” Nico says as he walks over to the bench with India, Lance, Winston, and Mitchie.

“You are oh so very welcome. Anyway, next question, who was eliminated right before the merge?” Shane asks. “Reveal.” Everyone has Baldwin. “Baldwin was right. Serene, come take a hit at somebody’s rope.” Serene silently cuts Linda’s rope. “Elias.”

“Linda, I’m very sorry.” Elias says as he cuts Linda’s final rope and Linda’s mask is demolished.

“It’s fine.” Linda says.

“Linda, come take your final hit at a rope. You can’t eliminate anyone from the game, though.” Shane says.

“I pick……Liz.” Linda says as she cuts Liz’s second rope. Liz just smiles.

“Liz, you’re up.” Shane says. Liz walks up and stops.

“I wonder…” She says as she hits Elias’s second rope.

“Kaori, you’re up.” Shane says.

“I’ll have my revenge on all of you.” Kaori says as she cuts Liz’s final rope and Liz’s mask is destroyed.

“Kaori!” Liz yells, not expecting Kaori to go for her.

“What?” Kaori shouts back.

“Nothing…” Liz says obviously scared of Kaori.

“Anyway, after that drama, Valeria, you’re up.”

“I know who I’m choosing.” Valeria says. She cuts Kaori’s first rope.

“Alright, next question. Who was the sixth person to be eliminated normally?” Shane asks. “Reveal.” Valeria and Serene have Grady, Elias and Kaori have Dorthy. “Grady is correct, Dorthy never had a vote. Valeria, come hit a rope.” Shane says.

“Someone needs to teach you a lesson.” Valeria says as she cuts Kaori’s first rope. Kaori glares at Valeria.

“Serene.” Shane says, Serene silently cuts Elias’s final rope and Elias’s mask is destroyed.

“Elias, you’re out.” Elias silently walks to India, Lance, Winston, Mitchie, Nico, Linda, and Liz and joins them. “Alright, next question, who gave up their immunity?” Shane asks. “Reveal.” Everyone has Joshua written down. “You are all correct. Serene, come and cut a rope.” Serene silently cuts Valeria’s first rope. “Valeria”

“Sorry Kaori.” Valeria says. She cuts Kaori’s second rope.

“Kaori.” Kaori walks up and hits Valeria’s second rope.

“Alright, Kaori and Valeria have one rope left and Serene has three ropes left. Here is the next question that could be the last. Who was the first jury member?” Shane asks. “Reveal” everyone has Baldwin written down. “You are all correct. Valeria, come hit a rope.”

“Easy enough.” Valeria says as she cuts Kaori’s final rope.

“Kaori, come take one last hit at a rope.”

“Gladly.” Kaori says and she cuts Valeria’s final rope.

“Serene wins immunity and reward!” Shane says.

“Serene was playing?” Kaori asks.

“Yeah.” Serene silently says.

(Confessional) “It helps going under the radar.” Serene says.

“Serene, you get immunity, the five star hotel, and you get to take two people with you.”

“I think I’ll take Valeria.” Serene says.

“Who else?” Shane asks.

“Take Liz.” Valeria says.

“We’ll also take Liz.” Serene says.

“Serene, Valeria, and Liz, your helicopter awaits.” Shane says. A helicopter suddenly appears.

“Um, I hate heights.” Liz says.

“To bad, you’re going.” Shane says. He pushes the three girls in the helicopter and the helicopter leaves. Liz’s screams are heard until suddenly, they stop.

“What happened?” Nico asks.

“My guess, she passed out.” Shane says.

While in the helicopter ride, Liz did pass out. Valeria and Serene were sightseeing. The hotel came into view and the helicopter landed on the roof.

“How cool was that?” Valeria asks, obviously stoked.

“It’s was so awesome!” Serene says.

(Confessional) “Serene and I have really gotten close. I mean, we came back into the game. We’ve hanged out a lot so we really got to know one another.” Valeria says.

Liz finally wakes up. She asks, “Where am I?”

“We’re in the hotel room.” Serene softly says.

“Oh. Hey, is that a shower?” Liz asks.

“Yeah. There’s also free food, a pool, a bathroom, toothpaste and a toothbrush, and a theater! It couldn’t get any better than this!” Valeria says.

“Awesome! First, I’m getting a shower.” Liz says.

The scene shifts to Nico and Elias. They’re playing catch with a football again.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Nico asks.

“I dunno, chick stuff.” Elias says.

“I guess. Is Kaori behind me?” Nico asks.

“No.” Elias says.

“We should vote her out, tonight.” Nico says.

“I guess we should.” Elias says after some thought.

“Then again, Winston and Lance are threats, and Linda is already rich.” Nico reminds Elias.

“You have a point. Let’s vote for Linda. Deal?”


The scene goes back to Serene, Liz, and Valeria. They are eating some food when they get a note. Serene reads it out loud, “Go into the theater and you will vote.”

“It’s the elimination ceremony.” Liz says.

“Who should we vote for?” Valeria asks.

“I know who we should.” Serene says. She whispers into Liz and Valeria’s ears and they nod. They exit out of their room. When they enter the theater, they find three seats reserved for them. They sit on the chairs and they find a phone. There is a vote that says, “Call Shane and say your vote.” The phone suddenly rings.

Liz answers it. “Hello?”

“Hey Liz, it’s me, Shane. You all need to vote now. Tell me who you’re voting for.” Shane says over the phone.

“Is anybody else there?” Liz asks.

“No, it’s five minutes until they come. I just wanna get your votes now so you can watch.”

“Okay.” Liz says. Right before Liz says who she’s voting for, the scene goes back to Shane who is writing down their votes.

“Thank you girls.” Shane says as he hangs up. The contestants arrive.

“Alright, here we are again. You will all vote now. The girls have already voted so now, the others will too. We’ll start with you Winston.

Winston votes for Linda, “Sorry Linda, but you’re already rich. You don’t need this.”

Lance votes for Winston, “Idiot.”

Mitchie votes for Lance, “Sorry, but you’re a threat.”

Linda votes for India, “Like I said, I never said a thing about not voting for you.”

“Alright, I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane says. He walks away then comes back. “Well the votes seemed random. Well, I have sodas for Elias, Nico, Kaori, and Mitchie.” The three catch theirs. “I have another for Winston and Lance.” The two catch theirs. “The final soda goes to…………………

……………..India. Linda, you’ve been eliminated.” Shane says.

“What? But why?” Linda asks.

“You’re already rich, simple as that.” Elias says.

“Well, I guess that’s a good reason. Oh well, by guys!” Linda says as she walks to the boat of losers. She gets in with Shane.

“Linda, why didn’t you expose India?” Shane asks.

“Because, someone else will do it.” Linda says.

“Who?” Shane asks.

“I ain’t telling!” Linda yells.

“Got any final words?” Shane asks.

“Yeah, I know I came into this game a weak person who was mean, spoiled, and dependant on others. I was naïve. Now, I’m not. This game has really helped me. Anyway, I understand their decision. I’m already rich, I don’t need the money. I just came to have some fun. Although I’d like to say that everyone was my friend, not everyone was my friend. India, I really hope you’re ready for karma to bite you in the bite.” Linda says.

“Well that was nice. Anyway, by Linda!” Shane says.

“See ya, Shane.” Linda says as she gets off the boat. She struggles a little with her luggage, but she manages. The boat rides off in the distance.

“Well, that was exciting. I think we should turn to the girls to close out this episode.” Shane says.

The scene shifts to Serene, Valeria, and Liz in their room.

“Wow, I can’t believe that Linda was really eliminated.” Liz says.

“I can.” Serene says.

“I’m with Serene here. Linda was already rich.” Valeria says.

“You have a good point.” Liz says.

“Well, I think we should go to bed. Night girls!” Valeria says.

“Night!” Serene and Liz say in unison. *SIGNS OFF*

Chapter 15 - Greased Eliminations

Shane walks out onto the dock and says, “Last time on Total…….Drama……Craziness! Kaori’s insanity was finally seen as she lost her marbles with Liz, Nico, and Elias. India did some strategizing with her parent in crime, Serene. In the challenge, a pecking order was established when the remaining Raccoon members wiped out the remaining Squirrel team. Serene won the challenge by going under the radar and she brought Liz and Valeria to split the reward with. Linda’s worst fears were realized were she was eliminated. Who will go home? Find out, shut up, and watch the television screen to find out right here on Total……Drama……Craziness!”

Elias is shown eating breakfast with Nico. Elias says to Nico, “You know, I wonder when the girls get back.”

“I don’t know, but I it’s soon.” Nico answers.

“Me too.” The two boys continue eating.

“You know, I hope Kaori gets over getting hit in the face.”

“Shut up about that please, you’re making me feel horrible.”

“Sorry.” Nico says rolling his eyes.

Mitchie walks out of her cabin obviously irritated.

“What’s wrong Mitch?” Elias asks.

“Kaori is driving me nuts. All she does is yell.” Mitchie answers.

“She is psychotic.” Elias says.

“Yep.” Nico agrees. All of a sudden, a helicopter appears. “It’s the girls!” Nico shouts excitingly.

“Awesome!” Mitchie says, Lance and Winston walk outside to see what the sound is.

“What’s going on?” Lance asks.

“I think the girls are coming back.” Winston says as he points to a helicopter.

“I knew that.” Lance says.

“Of course you did.” Mitchie sarcastically says.

The helicopter lands and Serene, and Valeria walk out.

“Valeria!” Elias yells as he hugs Valeria.

“Hey, sweetie!” Valeria says as she hugs Elias

“Where’s Liz?” Nico asks.

“She’s still in the helicopter puking from the heights.” Valeria says. “Apparently she gets vertigo.”

“Then how did she complete her fear challenge with me?? Nico asks.

“She sucked it up.” Valeria answers.

“Oh.” Nico says. Liz walks out of the helicopter. She begins to walk in a very weird fashion.

“Never…….Again.” Liz says. She pukes in a bush and walks to the cabins.

“Is she gonna be alright?” Mitchie asks.

“Yeah, in a few hours.” Serene answers.

India walks up to Serene and pulls her aside. She says, “So, did you find out anything about them?”

“India, chill. Look, I don’t know their gameplay and I really don’t think they are playing the game. So back off.” Serene says. She walks away and India gets furious.

(Confessional) “Something’s telling me she’s not serious about this alliance!” India says.

(Confessional) “Let me just set the record straight, I am in this alliance to not only humiliate India, but to also get my friends farther in the game.

Kaori is reading on her bed when Liz enters the cabin. Kaori looks disapprovingly of Liz when she enters. Liz ignores the glares and runs to the bathroom. Some puking sounds are heard and Liz walks out of the bathroom looking much better.

“Why did you just barf?” Kaori asks.

“I get vertigo really badly.” Liz explains.

“riiiight.” Kaori sarcastically says. Liz walks out of the cabin angry.

(Confessional) “She’s cutting it awfully close.” Liz says.

Elias and Valeria are walking in the woods together. Valeria accidentally trips and Elias helps her up saying, “You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. With you here.” Valeria says. She looks up at Elias smiling.

(Confessional) “Elias is awesome. He’s always there for me.” Valeria says.

(Confessional) “Valeria’s so beautiful. Her personality, appearance, and her heart, she’s a wonderful woman all around.” Elias says.

“Valeria, you know, when I first met you, I thought you were scary, now I know I was wrong. You’re a wonderful beautiful girl.” Elias says.

“And when I first met you, you were angry and full of hatred. But now you’ve grown so much as a human and I love that in you.” Valeria says. The two lean in and kiss for a second. When they back away, they smile. They didn’t see India watching them. She gasps and she runs towards camp.

“Did you hear something?” Elias asks.

“No, did you?” Valeria asks.

“I thought I did. I guess I’m just crazy.” Elias says. He and Valeria laugh.

The two walk back to camp hand in hand. Only India is surprised by them. Not even Serene is surprised.

“You knew about the two?” India asks Serene.

“Yeah, they seemed perfect for each other.” Serene says.


“Can’t really explain, they just……Did.”

“Well we have to get rid of one of them.” India says.

“Wait, what? Why?” Serene says.

“Couples mean votes. We have to eliminate votes.”

“But couples aren’t alliances.”

“But they’ll vote together.”


“You know I’m right. To get far in this game, you have to split up the couples.”

“But you loved Josh.”

“DON’T TALK ABOUT HIM! They took him away from me. I will have my revenge.” India says. She walks away with tears in her eyes.

(Confessional) “Delusional freak.” Serene says. She sighs and rests her head on her elbow on her leg. “I hate this place.”

“Contestants, time for your challenge!” Shane says over the loud speaker.

“Why now?” Liz asks weakly. She holds her stomach as she falls over in pain.

(Confessional) “Vertigo sucks.” Liz says.

“I’ll help you get there.” Nico says. He lifts Liz up in his arms and carries her to the challenge site. Everyone stares in awe.

“Never knew he was that strong.” Winston comments.

“He looks smaller then what he really is.” Lance adds.

“Cut the chit-chat, let’s get this over with.” India says.

The teens arrive to the challenge site and Nico puts Liz down. Shane is shown with a bunch of balance beams and grease.

“What’s with the grease?” Winston asks.

“It has to do with your challenge.” Shane says.

“Well duh.” Valeria says.

“Here’s today’s challenge, you will all have to race on balance beams that are covered in grease. If you fall off of your balance beam, you have to go back to the beginning. Got it?” Shane asks. Everyone nods. “Now Liz, you’re experiencing some not so pretty medical stuff. Do you want to sit out?”

“I’d like to do the challenge, please.” Liz says.

“Okay, but if you barf once, you will be out of the challenge.” Shane says. “Understand?”

“Yeah.” Liz says.

“Alright then. Let’s do this thing.” Shane says. The teens then get into position and Shane says, “Go!” Everyone, but Liz and Winston, starts running and slipping. Liz and Winston are taking it slow. “Everybody but Liz and Winston have slipped. They all have to go back. The balance beam is very slippery.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “Now he tells me.” Nico says.

Winston is pulling ahead of the others. Everyone else is either going to slow or fast. Liz is right behind him. Elias is in third, Mitchie is in fourth and everyone else is falling off their balance beams.

“Winston and Liz reach the halfway point!” Shane announces.

“Good job Liz.” Winston says.

“Thanks, you too.” Liz says.


A montage is shown of every camper, except Winston and Liz, falling down.

Winston and Liz continue going at a steady pace. The finish line comes in sight. When everyone sees Winston and Liz nearing the end, they panic and fall off of their beam. Winston and Liz near the finish line with every step.

“It’s coming down to the wire!” Shane says. Winston then crosses the finish line on his balance beam and he gets off celebrating. “Winston wins immunity!”

“Good job Winston.” Liz says as she crosses her finish line.

“Thank you Liz.” Winston says as he helps Liz down from her beam.

(Confessional) “It felt so good to win immunity!” Winston says.

(Confessional) “I’m a little sad that I lost, but I came in second!” Liz says.

The scene shifts back to the camp where everyone is doing something.

(Confessional) “That challenge sucked. I can’t believe I lost it.” Lance says.

India and Serene are talking about the elimination.

“I say, Elias tonight.” India says.

“Why not a physical threat like Lance or somebody? I thought you hated Lance.” Serene says.

“I do, but I want to humiliate him in the finals.” India says.

“Okay………………..Why are you acting so mean?”

“Mean, how am I being mean?”

“You insult everyone behind their back and you want to break up a couple.”

“They took something from me. They’ll pay! THEY’LL ALL PAY!” India yells as she runs away.

Mitchie sticks her head out of the cabin and asks, “What was that?”

“India being crazy.” Serene says.

“That’s normal for her.” Mitchie says.

(Confessional) “They took something from me, they’ll pay. Every single one of them! I’ll have my revenge! I’LL HAVE IT!” India begins laughing like a maniac. “By the way, how do you like my crazy person act? I’ve been working on it ever since Josh left.” India’s eye begins to twitch. “That……….Was not acting.” India admits looking embarrassed.

India walks over to Lance and Winston.

“Say, you guys wanna vote for Elias?” She asks.

“Why vote for Elias?” Lance asks.

“Why not a physical threat like Lance?” Winston asks.

“Dude, shut up.” Lance says angerly.

“Oh, right, sorry.” Winston says.

“Anyway, Elias and Valeria are in a relationship or how I like to call it, an alliance. We need to break that alliance up.” India says.

“Isn’t that a little mean?” Winston asks.

“All’s fair in love and war.” India says.

“I guess I’m in.” Lance says.

“Sure, why not?” Winston says.

“Perfect, thanks boys!” India says. India walks over to Mitchie. “Hey Mitch, you wanna vote for Elias?”

“Don’t call me Mitch.” Mitchie warns.

“Oh, I won’t then.”

“Why Elias?”

“He’s practically in an alliance with Valeria. We need to break them up.”

“I don’t know……….”

“Trust me. If we don’t stick together, they will pick us off one by one.”

“I guess….”

“Think about it.” India says as she walks away. She walks over to Kaori who is eating some peanuts. “Hey Kaori. Wanna vote with me?”

“I guess. Who’s leaving?” Kaori asks.


“Why him? I know he hit me with a football and is out to get me, but why him?”

“Just remember all the times he has hurt you. I’m looking out for you Kaori. I want your best interest and nothing more. I am a friend.”

“Oh, you’re right, but it feels wrong.”

“Just trust me.”

“Okay, I guess….”

(Confessional) “Perfect! I have my numbers!” India says.

The scene shifts to the Soda ceremony.

“Aright you guys. You all have to vote soon. But before that, Winston, would you like to give up your immunity?” Shane asks.

“Of course not!” Winston answers.

“Okay, time to vote. You’re up first Mitchie.

Mitchie votes for Elias. “You’re a great guy, I don’t know why I’m voting for you really, but India wants you gone so, yeah.”

Liz votes for Kaori, “You’ve gone nuts!”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane says. He returns with nine sodas. “If you do not receive a soda, you’ll have to walk down the Dock of Shame and Boat of Losers.”

“Yeah, we know. Get on with it.” Nico says.

“Sensitive much? Anyway, I have sodas for Serene and Valeria.” Shane says as he tosses them their sodas. “Obviously Winston, and India.”

“Finally, I’m not the final soda person.” India says.

“Shush! Anyway, Nico, Lance, and Liz.” Shane says. Elias’s smile fades, Kaori grows tense, and Mitchie gets nervous. “You three look a little nervous.” Shane comments.

“Heck yeah!” Kaori says.

“I don’t wanna go yet!” Elias says.

“What Elias said.” Mitchie says.

“Well, Mitchie, you don’t have to worry. You’re safe.” He tosses Mitche her soda. “Now, Elias and Kaori. This is the final soda.” Elias and Valeria join hands and Kaori begins to sweat a little. “It goes to…………….

………………..Kaori, Elias, you’re out.” Shane says.

“NO!” Valeria shouts, “It can’t be!” Valeria begins to cry in Elias’s arms.

“Valeria, I don’t understand, but it happened. Look, Valeria, I want to win this. Win it for me. I know you won’t let me down.” Elias says.

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too. But stay strong for me babe.” Elias kisses Valeria cheek and he walks to the Dock of Shame. Shane follows him.

“Elias, you seem to be taking it rather well.” Shane says.

“Well, I wanted to be strong for Valeria. It hurts man, it hurts.” Elias says.

“I bet. But you certainly grew, no?”

“I did. And I’m proud of myself.”

“Any final words?”

“Yeah, Valeria, I hope you don’t go crazy after my elimination like India did. I really hope that you continue being yourself and only yourself. I’m sorry Conan that I couldn’t win it for you, but I did my best and I hope you’re proud of that. I wish everyone else the best of luck. I don’t know how or why I was eliminated, but I was and that can’t be changed. That’s one thing set in stone. I really hope that the person who wins this game will be someone who deserves it. Goodbye Total Drama! It’s been fun.”

“Wow Elias, that was beautiful!” Shane takes out a tissue and wipes his eyes. “Anyway, see ya man.”

“Bye Shane.” Elias says while getting out of the boat. The boat starts up and drives back.

Shane looks to the camera and says, “Well that was one elimination ceremony, What will happen? How will Valeria react to her boyfriend’s rather unexpected elimination? Will India and Kaori ever completely go insane? Find out this and more next week, on Total……Drama…………..Craziness.”

Chapter 16 - Head Busters

Shane walks onto the dock and says, “Last time, on Total….Drama……Craziness! When we last left our competitors, they were slipping on grease! In the end, Winston won immunity and India worked her magic, again. In a cruel, twist of fate, Elias was sent home. This week, the elimination will be even more surprising. Who will it be? Will it be the shy girl, Serene? Or maybe it’s the over-achiever, Lance, or could it be the recluse, Valeria? Maybe it’s the day dreamer, Nico, or perhaps the actress, India. Maybe it’s the lovable jock, Winston. Or maybe it’s the independent girl, Mitchie. Maybe it’s the crazy Japanese girl, Kaori. Or lastly, it could be the country girl, Liz. For one of the final nine, today will be their last. Who is it? Find out right now, on Total……..Drama………….Craziness!”

Mitchie is shown in a small cave with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face.

(Confessional) “I found this small cave of sorts. I’ve made it my happy place on this island. Whenever I’m in it, this beautiful piano piece plays in my mind. I drift off to sleep and in my dream, it’s always the same, the song turns into this, gorgeous being. I really cannot describe it more. I…I want to, but I can’t. Unfortunately, two others also found the cave.” Mitchie says. “Those two, Lance and Winston. Winston’s fine, he respects me, but when Lance is in, they go into this huge argument about anything! Yesterday, they argued about what cheese is the best. Cheese? Seriously! I’m lactose intolerant! I don’t know why ANYONE would want anything to do with cheese!”

Mitchie continues having her eyes close, some noise is heard and her smile changes to a frown, she opens her eyes and says, “Could you two keep it down?”

“What are we doing wrong?” Winston asks. The camera pans out to reveal Lance and Winston are also in the cave with Mitchie.

“Look, take your discussion about who’s the best Baseball team anywhere, but here. There is no talky in the cave. No talky!” Mitchie snaps.

“Fine, fine, we’ll go somewhere else.” Lance says, as he gets out, he mutters under his breath, “Your highness.” Winston also walks out with a concerned look on his face.

“You alright, Mitchie?” Winston asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Listen, sorry for snapping, I don’t like it when you and Lance argue about pointless stuff.” Mitchie says.

“It’s alright, but what do you like about the cave?” Winston asks. “I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“I guess it’s just the music in the air. It’s such a beautiful piece.” Mitchie says.

“You play the piano?”

“Yeah, well, I used to. Then we had to move to Canada, we had to curb the piano. I was so sad that day. But I understand their decision, it’s a long way from New Mexico to Canada.”

“You lived in the states?”

“Yeah, I hated moving. Then my sister, Sadie, found Katie. All heck broke loose then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Sadie had a mild form of autism. A lot of people judged her. When she met Katie, Katie didn’t judge her, so the two became fast friends. Sadie sort of depended on Katie, so when Katie left, Sadie had nowhere to turn.”

“Just……….Wow. I never knew.”

“Not a lot do, in fact, it’s a family secret.”

“Um, not anymore.” Winston says as he points to the camera.

Mitchie widens her eyes and runs to the camera. “IF YOU SHOW ANY OF THIS, YOU WILL BE SUED!” Mitchie threatens.

(Confessional) “I can’t believe I just said that, in front of the world!” Mitchie says. She buries her head in her hands and begins crying. “I’m so sorry, Sadie.”

The scene shifts to Kaori in her room. She is unpacking her bags, as she packed them up the night before, in case she went home. As he unpacks, she picks up a picture frame. She looks at it. It shows a family with two children. She looks at it some more. A tear falls from her eye. It lands on the youngest girl.

“Oh, Ayane.” Kaori softly says to herself.

“Who’s Ayane?” Liz asks. Kaori screams in fright, dropping the frame. Liz catches it right before it hits the ground. She gives it to Kaori.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” Kaori says, holding the frame. “To answer your question…..I guess I can tell you. You see…..My little sister, Ayane, she was……She was my light.”

“What do you mean?”

“You see, me and her were really close. My parents were often gone on business trips, so I’d usually look after her. She was really, really awesome. She was so cute and funny.”

“Hold on, was? Were? You’re speaking in past tense, why?”

“I was getting to that, you see, Ayane got cancer when she was only eight. She battled cancer for so long. She battled it for two years. Before……..Before……” Kaori stuggles to get the next part out.

“Oh no, tell me I’m thinking wrong.” Liz says.

“You’re thinking correctly. She died April 4th, 2008. I’ve always felt it’s my fault, even when I know it’s not. I’m just so……Sad, I’ve always felt alone, but Ayane was always there, for me. When my parents were away, I could talk to her. She was more than a little sister to me. She was my friend. I loved her. And then that stupid sickness! I can’t bear to see it, anymore. I hate it when people say they hate their siblings. I loved my sibling. I loved her so much……….Then she had to leave me……..I’ve always felt like everyone’s gonna leave me. Just leave me hanging. That’s why I’ve been defensive. I don’t wanna get hurt, anymore. But now I know that I’m hurting myself, and more importantly, I’m hurting others.” Kaori says tearfully.

“Wow, I never knew. I’m sorry if I ever yelled at you.” Liz says.

“No, you have nothing to be sorry for, I’m the one who should be sorry. I yelled at you. I don’t deserve to be here anymore.” Kaori says. Some tears come to her eyes, she lets them fall. Liz comforts Kaori.

“Listen, Kaori, how about we start fresh? A new beginning?” Liz asks. She sticks out her hand. Kaori looks at it, she suddenly hugs Liz with a smile on her face.

“Thank you.” Is all she can say. Liz also smiles.

The scene shifts to Nico drawing. Mitchie walks by him and asks,

“What are you drawing?”

“I’m trying to draw something. I don’t know what.” Nico answers.

“Want me to help. I have something you can draw.” Mitchie says.

“Go ahead, I’m always open for ideas!”

“Well, how about you draw the challenge? Or somebody?” Mitchie suggests.

“I guess so. Maybe.” Nico says, he ponders a little. “I guess I could do that. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome, buddy.” Mitchie says as she walks away.

The scene switches to Valeria on the beach. She’s sitting down and crying. She looks up and just watches the waves. Serene walks out to the beach and sees Valeria crying. She has a look of compassion on her face.

(Confessional) “I really hate being in an alliance with India right now. I’m done voting out my friends!” Serene yells. “After seeing Valeria today, I have to cheer her up. But how?”

“Hi Valeria.” Serene says.

“Hey, Serene.” Valeria says.

“You know, Elias wants you to be strong for him.” Serene reminds Valeria.

“I know. It’s just hard without him.” Valeria says.

“Well, I think I should you alone. I think I’ll go back to camp.” Serene says. She walks back to camp. Valeria just stays there, sitting. She gets up and wipes the sand off her clothes.

“You know, he wants me to be strong for him. I’ll do one better. I’ll win it for him! But how?” Valeria asks herself. “Wait one second. How did I not see this!?!” Valeria runs back to camp excitingly. When she gets there, she pulls Serene, Nico, Liz, and Kaori aside.

“What’s going on?” Nico asks Valeria.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see this, but we have numbers.” Valeria says.

“Explain?” Kaori asks.

“I know what she’s trying to say. There’s five of us. That’s the majority vote!” Serene says.

“Thanks for saying it Serene.” Valeria says with a smile. “Anyway, I think we should be in an alliance.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. What’ll happen at the final five? What’ll happen then?” Kaori asks. “In other words, I don’t want to be in an alliance right now.” Kaori says as she walks away.

“What now? We don’t have numbers!” Liz says.

“I got that taken care of.” Valeria says. She walks over to Mitchie and Winston who are playing some cards. She says to the two, “Hey guys, wanna be in an alliance with me, Serene, Liz, and Nico?”

“Sure, I guess.” Winston says.

“Why not? All my friends are in it.” Mitchie says.

“Thanks!” Valeria says as she walks away.

“Okay, back to the game, got any 2’s?” Winston asks.

“Look, Winston, I know we’ll go farther in the game with them, but we’ll be at the bottom of the pecking order!” Mitchie reminds Winston.

“I know, we’ll think of something.” Winston says.

“I hope we can.” Mitchie says.

(Confessional) “Well, I wanna be in the alliance with my friends, but I’m already in an alliance with India! Wait, what am I thinking? I hate India.” Serene says.

Lance walks alone in the woods. He stops and looks around.

(Confessional) “I really like the woods. I feel so calm. I also realize that I’ve been a nit of a jerk lately.” Lance says. He laughs a little nervously.

Lance walks back to camp. He puts some rice in a pot and gets a fire going. He cooks the rice. When it’s done, he says, “Rice is ready!”

Everyone comes to the fireplace. Lance hands everyone a bowl of rice, including himself.

(Confessional) “I’m not really a jerk, I’m just a competitive guy. I guess you could compare me to Courtney, from TDI. You see, we both are really nice people in real life. But the game got to us.” Lance says.

India walks over to get her rice. When she does, she pulls Serene over.

“We are voting for Kaori, if she wins immunity, we vote for Lance.” India instructs.

“Okay.” Serene says. When India walks away, Serene smirks.

(Confessional) “I know who’s going tonight!” Serene gloats.

“Challenge time!” Shane says over a loud speaker.

“Come on!” India complains.

“Look, might as well, get it over with.” Lance reasons.

The scene shifts to the challenge area where there is nine small columns. Shane is standing on the beach, waiting.

“Alright, you guys, for today’s challenge, you’ll be balancing these columns on your head for as long as you can. When it falls off your head or you touch it with your hands, you’re out. Keep in mind, these are heavy. Twenty pounds is a lot on your head.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “When Shane said twenty pounds, I though, this’ll be easy! Then he said that they’ll be on our heads.” Lance says.

The teens already have the columns on their heads, “Are you guys ready?” Shane asks.

“If by ready you mean that our heads are hurting, yeah, we’re ready.” Mitchie says.

“Okay, this challenge has begun.” Shane says.

After five minutes, there is some signs of struggling.

“This is harder then it looks.” Kaori says.

“A lot of things are harder then they look.” Lance says.

Winston is the one taking the most. His column is already starting to slide due to his afro. Suddenly, the column bounces off his head, rendering Winston out of the challenge.

“Winston is out!” Shane says.

“Crap.” Winston mutters.

(Confessional) “That was surprising.” Nico says.

(Confessional) “I never expected Winston to be first out of a challenge.” Lance says.

“Go Mitchie!” Winston calls from the sidelines.

“Thanks Winston!” Mitchie calls back. Her column nearly falls off her head. “Whoa!” Mitchie says as she re-balances it.

“Mitchie just lost some concentration but recovers.” Shane says.

Mitchie’s face suddenly turns emotionless. She begins to become perfectly still.

After fifteen more minutes, Shane says, “You guys have been at this for twenty minutes.”

“Great, I needed that reminder!” India says through clenched teeth. Suddenly, the column on India’s head falls off. “CRAP!” India says.

(Confessional) “Yes!” Serene says to herself.

“India is out.” Shane looks around. Waiting for someone else to get out, Liz is struggling, but manages to keep her balance.

After ten more minutes, Shane says, “You’ve been at this for thirty minutes. Impressive.” Just then, Liz and Kaori’s column falls to the ground. “Liz and Kaori, right after I speak, you girls are out.”

“That’s spooky.” Liz comments.

“Sure is, friend.” Kaori says, Liz smiles.

After a few more minutes, there is more signs of struggling. Nico is shown struggling to keep the column balanced. Same with Valeria. Finally, both Nico and Valeria at the same time, lose concerntration and their columns fall of their heads.

“Man.” Nico comments.

“I know. I wanted to win this one. Seemed easy enough.” Valeria says.

“Yeah, it’s so easy.” Lance sarcastically says. He too, is struggling.

After twenty five more minutes, Shane says, “You have all been at it for an hour now. Impressive. Anyway, Serene and Lance are struggling. But Mitchie has no problem. She’s been still for a while now.

“Go Serene!” Valeria cheers.

“You can do it, Mitchie!” Winston yells.

“What? No one’s cheering for me?” Lance asks.

(Confessional) “I guess I’ve been meaner then I though.” Lance says.

Lance’s column suddenly falls off his head. No one cheers, but no one comforts Lance either, as he gets off.

(Confessional) “How pleasant, they don’t like me, and they’re not my friends! What are they?” Lance asks.

“It’s now between Serene and Mitchie. Mitchie looking very calm, while Serene is struggling.” Shane says.

“This is a lot harder than I thought.” Serene says.

“We’ve been saying it all this time, honey.” Liz says.

“Anyway, it’s between you two. This could be the only way to save your butt tonight.” Shane reminds them.

“Thanks for the reminder!” Serene sarcastically says. At that moment, Serene’s column falls off her head.

“With that! Mitchie wins immunity!” Shane says.

“I….I won? AWESOME!” Mitchie exclaims.

“You did great.” Winston says, he hugs Mitchie.

“Thanks, Winston.” Mitchie says, she hugs Winston back.

“Alright, think about who’s going home. You have a decision to make. Think carefully. Now, Mitchie has a one of eight chance at the million. However, for one of you, your game ends tonight.” Shane says. “Now, go head back to camp.”

The scene switches to the campsite. India is talking to Serene.

“Alright, we’re eliminating Kaori tonight.” India says.

“Alright, I guess that’s a logical choice. Hey, how about I try to convince people to vote for Kaori?” Serene offers.

“Sure!” India says.

“Okay.” Serene says, she walks away and when she’s out of hearing range from India, she says, “Sucker!” Serene walks over to Valeria, Nico, Liz, Mitchie, and Winston and says to them, “Tonight, it’s India getting the boot.”

“Why?” Liz asks.

“Easy, remember Baldwin’s elimination?” Serene asks.

“Yeah.” Winston says.

“Baldwin did absolutely nothing. India faked Baldwin hurting her.” Serene says.

“Seriously?” Mitchie asks.

“I was also in an alliance with her. She got Suzy, Linda, and Elias out.” Serene says.

“You voted for them?” Valeria asks.

“Well, I had to. I wanted to take India to the final two, then say all the things she’s done. But, my plans have changed.” Serene says.

“Okay, India it is.” Valeria says with anger. “She will get it tonight!”

At the soda ceremony………….

“Alright, welcome, everybody. I hope you’re ready to vote.” Shane says.

“Oh, we are!” Valeria yells.

“I can’t wait to see who goes home.” India smirks.

“Alright, it’s clear that you guys are ready to vote. Well, it’s time to vote. Valeria, you’re up.” Shane says.

Valeria votes for India, “This one’s for you, Elias.”

India votes for Kaori, “I can’t believe that you’re still here.”

“I’ll go tally votes.” Shane says. Shane leaves then returns with eight sodas. “For one of you nine, the game ends here, tonight. The first soda goes to Mitchie, since she won the challenge.” Shane tosses Mitchie her soda. Mitchie catches it and drinks it happily.

“Thank you, Shane.” Mitchie says.

“You earned it.” Shane says. “Anyway, I have sodas for Nico, Liz, Valeria, Winston, Lance, and Serene.” All six of them catch their sodas. They all drink happily. “Now, for the final soda. The final soda goes to…………

…………….Kaori. India, your time is up.”

“What? No! That’s impossible! Serene! I thought you got everyone to vote for Kaori!” India cries.

“More like you! You don’t deserve it after what you did!” Serene says.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, Baldwin told me how you faked him insulting you. And you got Suzy and Linda eliminated. But most of all, you got Elias eliminated!” Serene yells.

“You don’t deserve to win. Splitting me and Elias up, how could you?” Valeria asks.

“Easy, the same way you separated me and Joshua!” India says.

“Look, we voted for you, then Josh stepped in and took your place. We did nothing. It was all Josh’s decision. We did nothing to you!” Lance says.

“But you would’ve separated me and Josh anyway!” India yells. She walks down the dock of Shame with Shane right behind her. Once on the Boat of Losers, she begins to cry.

“India, are you sad about you losing?” Shane asks.

“It’s not me losing, it’s just, Josh gave up his right to stay in the game for me! And now his efforts are in vain.” India says as she cries harder.

“Any final words?” Shane asks.

“Yeah, I’d just like to say I’m sorry if I hurt anyone. I mean it. And Josh, I’m sorry for losing. You gave up your right in the game for nothing. I’m very sorry about that, Joshua. I am so sorry. That is all.” India says.

“Well, India, time for you to get off.” Shane says.

“Good bye, Shane.” India says. She steps off the boat and Joshua comes running to her. When he reaches her, he gives her a passionate kiss. When Joshua pulls away, India says, “I’m sorry for losing. You gave up your right to stay in the game for nothing.”

“It’s fine India, but now, you and me are together again.” Joshua says.

“I’ll let you two go. Bye India! Bye Josh!” Shane says.

“See ya man!” Joshua says.

“Bye!” India yells.

The boat rides of into the night. Shane looks into the camera and says, “Didn’t I say that it would be surprising? Told you it would be. Anyway, how will the alliance of Liz, Nico, Mitchie, Winston, Valeria, and Serene hold up? Will Mitchie’s fear of the pecking order come true? Find out this and more on Total….Drama…..Craziness!”

Chapter 17 - Car Pullers

Shane appears in a racecar track and says, “Last time, on Total…….Drama……Craziness. Valeria worked up some magic when she made up an alliance with Serene, Nico, Liz, and Kaori. Kaori, however, refused the offer. So Valeria replaced her with Winston and Mitchie. In the challenge, Mitchie won the challenge and immunity. As it turns out, the former queen bee, India was dethroned. Who will go this week? How will they react? Find out right here, on Total………Drama……….Craziness!”

The campers get back from the elimination ceremony, most walk off to bed. Lance, however, stays outside and sits by the fire. Kaori joins him.

“What is on your mind, Lance?” she kindly asks.

“Well, everyone but us, Kaori, are in that alliance Valeria made. You know we’re next.” Lance says.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Kaori says as she takes a seat by Lance.

“What can we do?” Lance asks.

“I do not know, Lance. I do not know.” Kaori says. “To tell you the truth, I hate alliances. What will happen at the final six? What then?”

“I don’t know, Kaori. Most likely it’ll be sweat, tears, blood, and some angry jury members.” Lance says. Lance begins to chuckle silently. “It’s so ironic, I had an alliance. We were in control. Me, Linda, Joshua, India, and Leanna were in it. Then it fell apart.”

“That normally happens. Well, Lance, we should try to make the most of it. It’s quite clear to me that we are next. Shall we try our hardest to win the next immunity challenge?”

“That we shall.” The two get up and walk to their cabins.

“Night.” They say to each other as they walk in their cabins.

The next day, everyone is up. Nico and Liz are at the beach, talking. Mitchie is looking at them.

(Confessional) “One thing that makes me mad is the coattail riders. They just lie on their back, expect to get further in the game, then they win because they didn’t hurt anyone. I also know that those two are not out soon, one of them will win this, and they do not deserve it.” Mitchie says. “Also, it’s no secret that me and Winston are at the bottom of the pecking order of the alliance. I need to think of something fast to save out butts.”

Mitchie walks over to Valeria, who is talking to Serene. Mitchie says to them,

“Hey, girls, can I speak to you two for a sec?”

“Sure, Mitch, what’s up?” Serene asks.

“Listen, I know me and Winston are at the bottom of the peaking order of the alliance, but I think I can say something that will change your minds about that. You see, Nico and Liz are pretty much riding your coattails. When we get to the final five, they will overtake you and Serene, assuming me and Winston are already out and that Kaori or Lance is still in, and vote you two out. Then they will vote out Lance or Kaori and one of them will win. It’s pretty much a foolproof plan unless we eliminate them, now.” Mitchie says.

“You do make a good point.” Serene says.

“I guess you do.” Valeria says. Mitchie walks off.

“Mitchie and Winston were at the bottom of the pecking order in the alliance?” Serene asks.

“I didn’t know either.” Valeria says.

Mitchie walks over to Winston, she says to him,

“Listen, Winston. We are on the chopping block after Kaori and Lance go. We need to think of something.” Mitchie says.

“Didn’t you just talk to Valeria and Serene about that?” Winston asks.

“Well, yeah, but I don’t know if….” Mitchie is suddenly cut off by Winston.

“Don’t worry, have faith in them.” Winston says.

“How can you be so sure?” Mitchie asks.

“Easy, Valeria and Serene are good girls, they’ll do what’s right.”

“But……………….But…………..” Mitchie struggles to find words.

“You know, you will have to trust others, sometime.” Winston says.

“I know that, but, you know…..I just would rather do stuff myself, y’know?”

“I can understand that, I think.”

(Confessional) “Winston is really awesome. He’s always there if I need someone to talk to or to vent my feelings to, but, he also reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Nice guy, but he totally betrayed me. He cheated on me….” Mitchie tears up a little. She continues, “I really would like to trust Winston, but can I trust him, with my heart?”

(Confessional) “Mitchie is one heck of a girl. She’s funny, cute, nice, strong, and overall an awesome girl all around. I just wish she could trust me. I would never betray her. I wish she’d know that. I really do like her. But how do I tell her?” Winston confesses.

Kaori is drawing in a sketch book, she is sketching her late sister, Ayane. She finishes the sketch and looks at it. She smiles softly.

(Confessional) “I like to draw a lot. I really like drawing Ayane. It makes me feel like she’s there right beside me.” Kaori says. She hugs the sketch book, “I love you Ayane, I miss you so much.”

Lance is sitting on some logs, thinking. Kaori looks up from her sketch book and walk toward him. “What’s wrong?” She asks him.

“I’m just thinking about our inevitable eliminations.” Lance sighs.

“Look, like I said, just try to make the most of the time we have left.” Kaori says.

“I know, but, I just really want to win.” Lance says.

“Yeah, I do too, but we can’t win now. Just try to have some fun.” Kaori says.

“How can you not be mad at this?”

“Trust me, I’m angry too. But there’s nothing we can do about it.” Kaori says. She walks away.

“CHALLENGE TIME!” Shane says on the loud speaker.

“Ugh! Not now!” Liz complains.

“It’s fine, Liz, we can get back to what we were talking about later.” Nico says.

“GUYS! TO THE RACE TRACK!” Shane instructs.

“When did we get a racetrack?” Mitchie asks.

“I have no clue.” Winston says.

The contestants all walk to the racetrack. When they enter, Liz asks,

“Okay, how did we miss this?”

“Again, I have no clue.” Winston says.

They continue walking until they see Shane, eight cars, and eight pairs of ten bricks.

“I’m no genius, but I think that this will be a physical challenge.” Lance says sarcastically. Kaori laughs at Lance’s joke. Lance smiles.

“Lance, you are correct. Today, you’ll be racing by pulling cars one lap around this race track. But today is also a strategic challenge. You see these bricks?” Shane asks.

“Yeah, how could I not?” Lance sarcastically says. This time, everyone laughs.

“Alright, Lance, you card you, anyway, you will chose a person to give these bricks to. Each bright is ten pounds, so that’s one hundred pounds you’ll be giving someone. I’ll put them in the truck of the person’s car you decide to give the bricks to. Let’s say Nico gives his bricks to Mitchie. Mitchie will then have to lug around the weight of the car and the extra hundred pounds.” Shane explains.

“How…….Pleasent.” Mitchie says.

“Anyway, think about who you’ll give your hundred extra pounds too.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “Let me just say something, the challenge is gonna suck, I mean, cars are heavy! But one hundred more pounds!?! That’ll be impossible to pull around!” Lance says. “Also, I noticed Winston’s arms, they’re huge! So I thought of a plan to help even out the odds.” Lance says.

Lance looks at Kaori. He gets her attention. Lance shifts his eyes quickly at Winston, as a signal. Kaori gets it and looks at Valeria. She does the same thing as Lance. Valeria then does it to Serene who does it to Liz who does it to Nico.

“Alright, Lance, who do you give your bricks to?” Shane asks Lance.

“I give them to Winston.” Lance says. Winston widens his eyes in shock.

“Okay.” Shane says as he puts ten bricks in Winston’s trunk. “Kaori, who do you chose?”

“Same as Lance, Winston.” Kaori says. Shane puts ten bricks into Winston’s trunk.

“Valeria?” Shane asks.

“I give them to Winston also.” Valeria says. Shane puts ten bricks into Winston’s trunk.

“Serene?” Shane asks.

“I also give them to Winston.” Serene says. Shane puts ten more bricks into Winston’s trunk.

“Liz?” Shane asks.

“Same as everyone else, Winston.” Liz says. Shane puts ten bricks into Winston’s trunk.

“Nico?” Shane asks.

“I give them to Winston, too.” Nico says. Shane puts ten bricks into Winston’s trunk.

“Mitchie?” Shane asks.

“I give them to Lance.” Mitchie says. Shane puts ten bricks into Lance’s trunk.

“Winston?” Shane asks.

“I’ll give them to Lance.” Winston says. Shane puts ten bricks into Lance’s trunk.

(Confessional) “I probably deserved those bricks.” Lance admits. He laughs a little to himself nervously.

“Alright, we’ll help you guys get harnessed onto your cars.” Shane says. The scene shifts to the eight contestants on the starting line attached to their cars. “GO!” Shane yells. The contestants try to walk but to no avail. Finally, Kaori begins to walk a little. Winston and Lance follow.

(Confessional) “Kaori went pretty fast, she’s a lot stronger then he looks.” Lance comments.

Nico and Liz start walking also. Mitchie begins to walk shortly after Nico and Liz start.

“Ugh, this is hard!” Mitchie complains after a few steps.

“Yep, it is, and we just started!” Nico says.

Valeria and Serene finally begin walking. They catch up to Nico, Liz, and Mitchie.

(Confessional) “That was the most brutal thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Valeria says.

Winston, Lance, and Kaori are fighting for the lead. Currently, Kaori is in the lead.

“Wow, when did you get so strong, Kaori?” Winston asks Kaori.

“Easy, I know I’m going if I don’t win this.” Kaori says. Lance begins to move a little faster.

(Confessional) “If Kaori wins, I’m dead.” Lance says.

Winston begins to fall a little behind. Kaori and Lance begin to get a little faster. They are neck in neck.

(Confessional) “I wanted to win. When I wanna win something, nothing will stand in my way!” Kaori says.

(Confessional) “Kaori’s a good friend, but I need to win this one.” Lance says.

Mitchie begins to catch up to Winston. When she does catch up to him, she says,

“Tough challenge, huh?”

“Yeah, normally, I could do this, but six hundred more pounds really makes a difference.” Winston says.

“I totally believe you.” The two walk side by side. Mitchie look ahead and sees Kaori and Lance a little ways ahead. “They sure are strong.” Mitchie comments.

“Yeah, I’m in shock that Kaori is doing so well.” Winston says. “Hey, weren’t you way behind me with Valeria, Serene, Nico, and Liz?” Winston asks Mitchie.

“Yeah, but I kept going. They’re still in, but they haven’t gone far.” Mitchie says.

“Oh.” The two continue walking side by side.

“Winston, I wanna ask you something….May I ask it?”

“Sure! Go right on ahead.”

“Could we…..Uh……Um…..Could we…Uh…..Could we after the show is over…..You wanna….Uh….You wanna go…..You wanna go out?” Mitchie asks.

(Confessional) “That was hard to ask, but I know now that I can trust Winston with my heart.” Mitchie says.

“Of course, Mitchie. I understand why not here. That would be bad if people found out about us.” Winston says.

“Yeah, they’d think we’re in an alliance.”

“Ain’t we already?”

“Yeah, but you know what I mean.”

Liz and Nico are a little way behind Mitchie and Winston.

“You know, Nico, this is awfully hard.” Liz says to Nico.

“Yeah, it is, but come on, we can still do this.” Nico says.

“I guess……”

Valeria and Serene have barely moved at all.

“This completely sucks.” Valeria says to Serene.

“Yeah, I know. I don’t think we can do it.” Serene says.

“Yeah, I wonder if we could drop out of the challenge.”

“I think we could, but let’s not. Let’s just try our best.”

“You wanna talk about strategy?”


“Do you think what Mitchie said to us about Nico and Liz is true?”

“I honestly have no clue. She could be lying to us, or telling the truth.”

“Mitchie would never lie to us, would she?”

“Well the game brings out the worst in us, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah, look at what it did to India. Poor girl.”


The two continued to talk. The scene shifts back to Lance and Kaori, who are literally sprinting.

(Confessional) “As heavy as that car was, believe me, it was heavy. My desire to stay in the game was greater, I had to win.” Kaori says.

(Confessional) “I have learned to things, lesson one: Never underestimate two hundred extra pounds combined with a car. Lesson two: Kaori is a lot stronger than I thought.” Lance says.

Kaori and Lance are almost done with the race. One of them, however, pulls ahead of the other.

“The winner of today’s challenge is……

….Kaori!” Shane exclaims. Kaori unhooks herself and falls to the ground in exhaustion. Lance does the same.

“Kaori, you’re one strong woman.” Lance says silently.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.” Kaori says. Winston, Mitchie, Nico, Liz, Valeria, and Serene, all of them unhook themselves. Winston and Mitchie help Lance up while Valeria and Serene help Kaori up.

“Congratulations to Kaori for winning today’s immunity challenge. You deserve it.” Shane says.

“Thanks, Shane.” Kaori says. “Oh, I don’t feel so good.” Kaori says weakly. She begins to look a little green.

“Is she okay?” Liz asks Shane.

“Yeah, she will be. Her body’s just not used to working so hard.” Winston says.

“Yeah, I’m not made to pull cars.” Kaori says. She puts her hands on her stomach. Her eyes widen and she runs off screen. Barfing sounds are heard as the other contestants, plus Shane, look grossed out.

“She’ll be fine in a few hours, she just needs rest.” Winston reassures everyone.

“I believe the body builder.” Lance says. He too, looks a little green, but he doesn’t barf.

(Confessional) “I really hate barfing.” Kaori says.

“Oh, and before you go back to camp, I have a little twist. Two people will be eliminated tonight. That is all.” Shane says. Everyone but Mitchie, Winston, Lance, and Kaori leave.

“Two people?” Mitchie looks at Winston nervously. Winston just smiles at her.

“Have a little faith.” Winston calmly says. “The right people will be eliminated.”

“Yeah, in other words, me.” Lance says.

“What do you mean?” Mitchie asks Lance.

“Well, I’m the only one not immune that’s not in Valeria’s alliance. Also, I have no friends. Lance says. He looks down at the ground sadly.

“Hey buddy,” Winston says, putting his hand around Lance’s shoulders, “you can always count me as a friend.” Winston says.

“Same here.” Kaori weakly says.

“You can also count me as a friend.” Mitchie says. The four walk back together.

“So who should we vote out?” Kaori asks.

“Nico and Liz!” Mitchie exclaims.

“But Liz is my friend……I could never do it to her.” Kaori says.

You could just vote for Nico. Don’t worry, if Serene and Valeria vote with us, they will go together, and I think I can convince Valeria and Serene to vote with us.” Mitchie says.

“Okay, then. Go tell them.” Lance says.

(Confessional) “Although I know I will be voted for tonight, I’m not worried. Coattail riders never deserve to win. Besides, Mitchie can make quite a forceful point.” Lance says. He chuckles silently to himself.

Mitchie runs back to camp. She sees Nico drawing in a sketch book and Liz sleeping in a hammock.

“Valeria, Serene, may I speak to you two?” Mitchie asks Valeria and Serene.

“Like I said earlier today, what’s up?” Valeria asks Mitchie.

“I was talking to Winston, Lance, and Kaori, and we’re thinking about voting for Nico and Liz. What do you guys think?” Mitchie asks Valeria and Serene.

“We’ll think about it.” Serene says.

“Okay.” Mitchie says, she runs off to Winston, Lance, and Kaori.

“Think we should vote with Mitchie and the others?” Serene asks Valeria.

“I don’t know. Either we could be saving our butts, or falling into a trap.” Valeria says.

“True, true.”

At the soda ceremony…………………

“Alright, now, like I said, two people are going to be voted out, tonight. Now, Kaori, do you want to give up your immunity for anyone?” Shane asks Kaori.

“No, I think I’ll keep it.” Kaori says.

“Alright then, Liz, you’re up.” Shane says.

Liz votes for Lance, “Good bye Lance.”

Mitchie votes for Nico, “Sorry Nico, but it’s time.”

Lance votes for Liz, “Bye country girl!”

“Alright, I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane walks off. He returns with six sodas. “Remember, if you do not get a soda, you are out. First one goes to Kaori for winning the challenge.” Shane says as he throws Kaori’s soda to her.

“Thank you, Shane.” Kaori says as she catches her soda.

“No problem, anyway, Winston and Valeria will get a soda. So will Mitchie and Serene.” Shane says, giving the four their sodas. “Now, Lance, Nico, and Liz. Are you feeling nervous?” Shane asks them.

“Heck yeah.” Lance says.

“I am too, I don’t wanna lose Liz.” Nico says.

“I don’t wanna lose Nico.” Liz says.

“Well, for two of you, you’ll be leaving. The final soda goes to………………………

…………….Lance. Nico and Liz, you’ve been eliminated.” Nico and Liz just sit there, shocked.

“I…..I don’t believe this.” Liz says.

“W…Why?” Nico asks.

“You two were threats to say the least.” Mitchie says.

“Well, at least we were threats.” Nico says. He and Liz walk to the Boat of Losers. Shane follows them. Once they get on, Shane asks them,

“So, why do you guys feel like you were eliminated?” Shane asks the two.

“Well, we were planning on voting out Lance tonight, then voting out Mitchie and Winston, then vote out Valeria and Serene, then vote out Kaori, then one of us would win.” Nico explains.

“Mitchie figured out that plan.” Shane says.

“She did?” Liz asks.

“Yeah, she also thought you two were riding coattails.” Shane says.

“Maybe we were a little.” Nico says.

“But we were planning on winning, we just said our plan, and now, because we appeared lazy, none of us can win it now.” Liz says.

“Any last words? Liz first.” Shane says.

“Hey guys! It’s Liz. I didn’t go all the way, and while I’m a little sad at that, I have had an incredible time. This experience has taught me so much in life and now I have a beau. Oh, and mom, I can’t wait to see you again.” Liz says.

“Now it’s Nico’s turn.” Shane says.

“Hi world! It’s me, Nico. Yeah, I know, I lost. I wish I won, but I met so many great people, and now I have a girl friend. I had a great time, I wish I could’ve gona all the way, but you can’t win them all.” Nico says.

“Thanks guys, and thanks for playing.” Shane says as Nico and Liz walk off of the boat and onto a dock.

“You’re welcome Mr. Oro.” Nico says.

“Bye!” Liz yells. The two wave to the leaving boat.

“Well, that was exciting. You know, I wonder how Lance and Kaori are feeling right now? Who will win? How many other relationships will form? Find out next week, on Total…..Drama…….Craziness!”

Chapter 18 - Puzzled Minds

Shane walks out onto the dock and says, “Welcome to Total Drama Craziness! When you saw us last time, Lance and Kaori were trying to save their butts. Mitchie overheard Nico and Liz talking about a strategy that was fool proof. She told Valeria and Serene about Nico and Liz’s plans and they didn’t know if they should believe her. In the challenge, It was a duel to the finish between Kaori and Lance. Turns out, Kaori won, with a side of, ugh……Puking.” Shane looks a little green when he says puking. He continues, “Oh, and I revealed a twist, there would be a double elimination. In a twist of fate, Nico and Liz were BOTH eliminated. Who will go home tonight? I hope not too many people will cry about this person’s elimination. Because the final six are pretty much fan favorites. Anyway, find who will go home and if you will cry. Let’s find out? Shall we?”

The scene goes to the final six getting back from the elimination ceremony. Lance calls Kaori over.

“I can’t believe it! I’m still here!” Lance excitingly says.

“I know, no offense, but I thought you were leaving or there would at least be a tie.” Kaori says.

(Confessional) “After Nico and Liz’s eliminations, I was shocked. I know I voted for Liz to go, but still, it was quite shocking to see them both go.” Mitchie explains.

“Well, time to hit the hay.” Winston says, stretching. He walks into the cabin with Lance right behind him.

“Dude, I can’t believe I’m still here.” Lance says, once he gets in bed.

“Yeah, I thought there would be a tie.” Winston says.

“I think everyone did, Kaori said the same thing.” Lance says.

“Mitchie told me that she did think that there would be a tie. I guess Valeria and Serene are the only ones who didn’t expect a tie.”

“I guess so.”

“Well, good night, Lance.”

“Good night, Winston.” The lights then go out.

Meanwhile, the girls are still up……………

“I cannot believe the outcome!” Mitchie says, half incoherent due to her laughing.

“I know, right?” Kaori asks.

“So, Valeria and Serene, what caused you to vote for Nico and Liz with us instead of voting for Lance, Winston, or Me?”

“Well, we decided that Nico and Liz did have that possibility of overthrowing our alliance.” Valeria explains. Kaori’s smile turns into a frown at the mention of the word, alliance.

(Confessional) “While the other three girls were talking about their alliance, I was like, ‘Hello! The only girl in this game not in that alliance is right here! Don’t you know that?’ I mean, I know that me or Lance is next if we don’t win immunity.” Kaori says. “I really do regret not being in that alliance right now, but, alliances rarely work. They always fall apart, the pecking order makes many of the people mad, and members of the alliance rarely win. It’s rare to see members of an alliance win.”

“So, what do you think of the guys? I think Kaori has a little something for Lance.” Mitchie says, teasing Kaori.

“What!?! I so do not!” Kaori defends herself.

“Right, and why are you two always talking to each other?”

“Hello, we’re the only two people not in your guy’s alliance! And I wouldn’t be talking. You and Winston are always hanging out. Do you have something to tell us?”

“Of course not!”

“Look, Mitch, we know of your relationship with Winston, and it’s fine. We’re not mad or anything.” Serene quietly says, reading a book.

“Oh, why would you be mad?” Mitchie asks Serene. Serene doesn’t respond due to her being engrossed in her book. “Um, Serene?” Mitchie asks after a little bit. After about twenty seconds of silence, Valeria breaks the silence.

“What book are you reading, Serene” Valeria asks Serene.

“Oh, sorry, The Pit and the Pendulum is just a wonderful story.” Serene says, unknowingly answering Valeria’s question.

“Isn’t that a little dark?” Kaori asks Serene.

“Some might say, personally, I love the darker stuff.” Serene says.

“So, do you like Twilight?” Valeria asks.

“Ew! No! What would make you think that?” Serene ask Valeria with disgust in her voice.

“You said you like the darker stuff.” Valeria says.

“Well, I like darker stuff that isn’t full of romance, or fangirls.” Serene answers.

“Wait, you don’t like Twilight? I love Twilight! The main character is so hot in the movies!” Kaori says.

“Yeah, dead bodies controlled by demons, so hot.” Serene sardonically says.

“Hey! No need to get sarcastic!” Kaori yells.

“Hey, I like what I like. I have no desire to go with the flow.” Serene says. Valeria smiles at that.

“That’s right! No need to follow trends.” Valeria says, Mitchie high fives Valeria.

“Well, I’m gonna turn it. Night, girls.” Kaori says.

“Night.” The three say in unison. The lights go out.

The next day, at the crack of dawn, Winston and Mitchie walk out of their cabins at the same time. The two look at each other and laugh.

“Wow, we got up at the same time.” Winston says.

“Yeah, I was thinking about maybe running on the beach.” Mitchie says.

“Hey! I was just about to do that.”

“Well, I guess we should go together, then.” Winston and Mitchie both run to the beach. While running, Mitchie says to Winston, “Have you thought about the game any since yesterday?”

“Yeah, you know, it’s gonna be hard to vote out Kaori or Lance.” Winston says.

“I totally understand that. It will be, I mean, Kaori is my friend.”

“And Lance is my friend.” The two continue running for a while, letting their minds pull themselves together.

“You know, I can’t wait for this game to end.” Mitchie says, breaking the silence. “I want to see my family again.”

“Yeah, I’d kill to see my dad.”

“I think I’d like to see Sadie.”

“Really? In the beginning, you said you wanted nothing to do with her.”

“Well, I realize now that I need to be there for her, I actually know now that I love her.”

“That’s sweet.” Winston says, he pats Mitchie’s back. “You know, we should start heading back.”

“Yeah, that would be a good idea right now.” Mitchie and Winston turn around and begin to run back.

“You know, Mitchie, you’ve grown a lot, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I mean, you’ve lost nearly all your original weight, you’re beginning to love your sister, and you captured a dude’s heart.”

“Yeah, that dude is awesome.” Mitchie says, laughing. Winston laughs too.

“I’d like to meet that dude.” Winston says, he and Mitchie laugh again. The run back to camp, talking the entire way, once they finally get to camp, everyone else is awake and is sitting by the fire.

“Well, had a good run?” Kaori asks Mitchie and Winston.

“Yeah.” Winston says.

“We talked about who we want to see once we’re off this island.” Mitchie says.

“Who do you want to see?” Lance asks Mitchie.

“I would love to see Sadie. I have realized that I love her now, and I need to be there for her.” Mitchie says.

With teary eyes, Serene silently says, “That’s beautiful.”

“Well, what about you, Serene?’ Mitchie asks.

“Well, I’d like to see my father, but I know that I can’t. I don’t even know what he looks like, the only thing I know about him is his name, Craig.” Serene says with tears in her eyes.

“Wait, what? You’ve never seen your father?” Valeria asks, wide-eyed.

“Well, I’m an illegitimate daughter. That means my parents divorced while my mother was pregnant.” Serene says, wiping a few tears from her eyes.

“That’s horrible!” Lance exclaims.

“Not really, a lot of kids are illegitimate.” Serene explains.

“Well, it’s still wrong.” Lance says.

“I guess so, but hey, my mom does the best she can.” Serene says, “Alright, enough about me, what about you, Lance?”

“Me? Well, I think I’d like to see my younger sister, Hannah. She’s very sweet.” Lance says.

“Aw!” Kaori exclaims.

“She’s a cutie, too.” Lance says, laughing. “What about you, Winston, who did you say?”

“I said that I’d like to see my dad. He’s always supported me. I feel really loved when he’s around.”

“That’s a good thing.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, it is. What about you, Valeria? What family member do you wanna see the most?”

“Well, I guess my mom.” Valeria says, “Kaori, it’s your turn.”

“Well, I’d love to see Ayane, but that’s not possible. Anyway, I think I’d like to see my dad. Whenever we get some time to be together, we sit down and think of ideas for his show. It’s a lot of fun. We also goof off with the recording stuff. Like I’ll say something, and dad will make it so that my voice sounds extremely stupid or like a man’s!” Kaori says, laughing at the thought.

“That does sound funny.” Lance says.

“It is, it’s more fun done then said.”

“Everything is.”

While the campers were chatting, Shane yells over the loud speaker, “GET TO THE BEACH AMD GET IN YOUR SWIM SUITS! IT’S TIME FOR THE CHALLENGE!”

“Okay…………………….” Mitchie says, uncomfortable.

Come on, let’s go to the beach.” Lance says.

The scene shifts to the challenge site, the six contestants are all in their swimsuits.

“Are you guys ready for today’s challenge?”

“Yeah!” Kaori exclaims/

“Come on! I can’t wait!” Mitchie says.

“You might want to win this one. Trust me, the reward will be a good one.” Shane says.

“Immunity?” Winston asks.

“I would think so.” Lance says.

“Well, yeah, immunity and something else. You guys talked about it at camp, today.” Shane says.

“Um, what did we talk about? I forgot.” Valeria says.

“I know! Please tell me that our reward will be a family member coming to see us!” Serene exclaims.

“It is, Serene. The person who wins today’s challenge will not only win immunity, but they will get to talk to their loved one for an hour.” Shane says.

“Oh my goodness!” Mitchie exclaims.

(Confessional) “I want to win this one!” Mitchie says.

“Well, Mitchie, I think you said you wanted to see Sadie?” Shane asks.

“Yes. Yes I do!” Mitchie excitingly says.

“Well, Sadie, come on out!” Shane yells. Sadie comes running out and hugs Mitchie.

When Sadie and Mitchie pull away from each other, Sadie observes her surroundings and says, “Like, OMG, this looks just like Total Drama Island!”

“It’s the same place, sister.” Mitchie says. She and Sadie embrace again.

“Alright, Sadie, go walk over there.” Shane says, Sadie does so. “Alright, Winston, you wanted to see your dad? Well here he is. Tom! Come on out!”

A big, muscle bound guy runs out and tackles Winston. He pulls Winston up and says, “Winston! My buddy boy!”

“Dad, it’s so great to see you!” Winston says as he hugs his father.

“Alright, Tom, go walk over where Sadie is.” Shane says. Winston’s father does so. “Alright, Serene, you said that you wanted to see your father?”

“You mean? I can see him?” Serene says, her eyes begin to shine.

“Well, I’m sorry, he’s not here, but your mom is. Lexi, come on out!” Shane says, An attractive woman runs out and hugs Serene.

“I’m sorry I can’t be your father, sweetie.” Serene’s mother says.

“It’s fine, I’m just glad you’re here!” Serene says. Tears of joy run down her face.

(Confessional) “My father coming out here would be an impossibility. But I was really glad to see my mom.” Serene says.

“Lexi, go walk over to the other family members.” Shane says, Serene’s mother walks to where Sadie and Winston’s father is. “Kaori, here’s your father, Yoshi.”

“Father!” Kaori yells as a tall, lean man runs out and hugs Kaori.

“Oh, Kaori! My sweet little angel!” Kaori’s father says, hugging Kaori.

“Dad! I’m so glad to see you!” Kaori says.

“Alright, Yoshi, I need you to go stand with the other family members.” Shane orders, Kaori’s father does so. “Lance, you said you wanted to see your little sister, Hannah?”

“Oh, more than anything right now! More than anything!” Lance says.

“Well, Hannah, get out and see your big brother!” Shane says. A cute looking, pale blonde haired little girl runs out and literally tackles Lance.

“Big brother!” Hannah yells.

“Hannah! Hey! I see you’ve been working on your wrestling.” Lance says.

“Yep! And brother, I’m so proud of you right now!” Hannah says. Lance’s eyes begin to tear up at Hannah’s words. “Big brother, are you okay?”

“Yeah……………I’m………I’m fine.” Lance says.

(Confessional) “Hannah means everything to me, and to hear her say that, it just…..Impacted me so hard.” Lance says, he begins to choke up. “Oh, here comes more water bombs. I’m just so happy to see her, I don’t want to let her down by losing, but by my position in the game, that’s impossible.” Lance says, wiping his eyes.

“Alright, Hannah, go stand with the others.” Shane says.

“Okay!” Hannah says as she skips over to the other family members. She says to Sadie, “Hey, you’re that girl from TDI!”

“I am, thanks for noticing!” Sadie says.

“Alright, Valeria, we didn’t forget about you. You said you wanted to see your mother.”

“No way, no way!”

“Yes way, Caryn, come on out!” Shane says as an average looking woman runs out of the forest and hugs Valeria.

“Oh my little Valeria! My sweet little Valeria!” Valeria’ mother says.

“Mom! I’m so glad to see you!” Valeria says.

“I am too, Valeria. I am too.”

“Alright, Caryn, please go walk over to the other family members.” Shane says, Valeria’s mother does so. “Alright! You know the reward, it’s a one hour talk with your family member. So, time to get to today’s challenge.” Shane says.

“Finally.” Valeria says.

“For today’s challenge, you will all have to swim out into the ocean and find some puzzle pieces. You only need one bag. Keep in mind that the bag is heavy. Once you have your bag, bring it to shore and assemble the puzzle. First person to solve the puzzle wins immunity.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “I’m alright with puzzles, maybe I can win this one!” Valeria says.

“Get ready, go!” Shane yells. The teens dive into the water, each going for a separate bag.

“GO SERENE!” Serene’s mother yells.

“Come on Winston, you got this!” Winston’s father yells.

“Come on Mitchie! You can do it!” Sadie cheers.

“You can do it Valeria!” Valeria’s mother cheers.

“Come on, Kaori!” Kaori’s father yells.

“Come on big brother! Do it for me!” Hannah cheers.

(Confessional) “When Hannah cheered for me, the beast inside of me came outside!” Lance says.

“Lance is suddenly going faster! He already has his bag of puzzle pieces!” Shane commentates.

Lance quickly returns to shore and unties his puzzle. Valeria, Serene, Winston, Mitchie, and Kaori also grab their bags and return to shore. Once they’re there, they begin to work on their puzzles.

“Well, I can say that it’s pretty even now.” Shane confirms.

Valeria and Lance are going pretty fast. Serene is right behind them. Mitchie, Winston, and Kaori have no clue what’s going on.

(Confessional) “In my mind, I was thinking, ‘This isn’t a physical challenge, you can win this!’” Valeria says.

Valeria continues working on the puzzle. She says to Shane, “I think I have it.” Shane checks the puzzle.

“Valeria, you are correct! Valeria wins immunity!” Shane says.

“YES!” Valeria yells.

“Now, you also win reward. I hope you have a good hour talking with your mom.” Shane says, “For the rest of you, one of you will be eliminated. Also, you will each get a last hug with your loved ones.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t win, Hannah.” Lance says.

“It’s okay, my love for you isn’t performance based, You’re my big brother and I love you!” Hannah says. She, and the rest of the family members, except Valeria’s mother, walks away.

“Mom, I can’t believe it, I won the challenge!” Valeria exclaims!

“Honey, I’m so proud. I love you so much, I hope you know that.” Valeria’s mother says.

“I so, mom, I do. So how’s Sarah doing?” Valeria asks.

“She’s doing alright, she is very sorry and she hopes that you can forgive her.”

“Let her know, that I do.” Valeria and her mother continue to talk about random things, after the hour is up, Valeria returns back to camp.

“Hey guys.” Valeria says.

“Hey Valeria.” Winston says.

“Where’s Kaori and Lance?” Valeria asks.

“They’re in the cabins, we can talk out here.” Mitchie says.

“Well, then, who should we eliminate?” Valeria asks.

“I really don’t know.” Winston says.

“I say Lance, he’s a physical threat.” Serene says.

“And Kaori’s not?” Mitchie says.

“Well, Lance is a bigger threat. But Kaori can win in a jury vote. Trust me.” Valeria says.

“So is it Kaori, or Lance?” Serene asks Valeria.

“I say, it should be Lance.” Mitchie says.

“I agree.” Serene says.

“Then it’s settled.” Valeria says.

Meanwhile, in the cabins.

“Lance, it’s either me, or you.” Kaori says.

“I am well aware of that.” Lance says.

“What can we do?”

“I don’t know if we can do anything but win immunity from here on now.”

At the soda ceremony…………….

“Alright you guys, we are at the final six. Tonight, one of you will be eliminated. Now, Valeria, would you like to give up immunity and give it to someone else?” Shane asks Valeria.

“No, I’d like to keep it.” Valeria says sadly.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just that we all have gotten really close. It’s gonna be a lot harder to vote someone out now.” Valeria says, she begins to cry a little. Lance rubs her back and says,

“It’s okay.”

“Well, it’s time to vote, Valeria, you’re up first.” Shane says.

Valeria votes for Lance, “Listen, friend, I’m so sorry, but it’s just your time. I’m very sorry, truly, I am.”

Lance votes for Serene, “Sorry Serene, I don’t know why I’m voting for you, I just am.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane says. He leaves and returns with five sodas. “Alright, sodas represent life, and your passage to the final five. Now, one of you will not get a soda. That person must walk down the dock of shame and ride on the boat of losers.”

“I think we know that by now.” Winston says.

“Yep.” Serene says.

“Alright, Valeria gets a soda because of winning immunity. Good job, you earned it.” Shane says as he gives Valeria her soda. “Now, Mitchie and Winston, here’s your soda.” Shane says as he tosses them their sodas. They catch the sodas, but have a sad expression on their face. “Kaori, you’re safe.” Shane says as he tosses Kaori her soda. Kaori doesn’t even bother to catch her soda. “Now, Lance, Serene. One of you will be getting this final soda. The final soda goes to…………………

………….Serene. Lance, you have been eliminated.” Shane says. Everyone looks extremely sad. Kaori even cries.

“Guys, it’s alright. I’m proud to have made it this far, and also, I’m very sorry for hurting any of you if I did. I was mean and I tried to take control of things. I was a control freak, and I’m sorry.” Lance says.

“Dude, it’s fine.” Winston says.

“Yeah, I totally forgive you for it.” Mitchie says.

“Thanks you guys.” Lance says. He hugs each of the final five before leaving. Shane follows Lance to the boat of losers, once there, Shane begins to ask some questions.

“Alright, Lance, what went wrong? You had a great alliance, than it all went downhill. What happened?” Shane asks Lance.

“Well, I was a control freak. I wanted it my way. During my last week here, I realized that I didn’t need to control everything and everyone.” Lance says.

“Got any final words?”

“Yeah, Hannah, I’m so sorry that I got so close but then lost it. I left this game with some regrets, but I also left it with some real friends. I am sorry if I hurt anyone, especially you, Linda. You didn’t deserve me to be so cruel to you.”

“Thanks for playing, man.”

“Hey, thanks for letting me play.”

“You’re welcome.” Shane says. Lance gets off the boat and waves good bye. As the boat drives away, Shane continues, “Well that was exciting. What will happen next week? I have no clue. How will Winston do being the only guy left? How will Kaori fare against the alliance of four in the final five? Find out this and more on Total Drama Craziness!”

Chapter 19 - Blast From the Past

Shane walks out to the dock and says, “Welcome back, to Total….Drama…..Craziness! It’s finally here, the final five. Five teens you have been following. Two of them, Valeria and Serene, were originally eliminated, but they came back. You have also followed the emotional journey of one Japanese girl, Kaori, as she battled her emotions. You also followed the budding relationship of Mitchie and Winston. These five have outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted everyone else. Overall, these five have it all, but only one can win, we’re only three episodes away! But, we have to eliminate three more contestants before the final two. One of them is going tonight. Who is it? Find out right here, right now, on Total…Drama….Craziness!”

It’s a brand new day, the sun is shining, can you feel it? Does it brighten up your day? Anyway, the final five are shown sitting around the fire. They are silent, as they’re thinking about the new day, Finally, Kaori speaks up.

“Well, we’re here. Final five! How awesome is that?” Kaori asks.

“Very.” Mitchie replies.

“I’m surprised I’m even here!” Serene says.

“So am I.” Valeria says.

“Um, Valeria, I think we’re all surprised that you’re here, alive and well.” Winston explains.

“Yeah. I think so too.” The final five just sit there, again, in silence. The silence speaks for itself. They know that they’ll have to vote someone out tonight.

(Confessional) “It’s always hard to write someone’s name down. However, it’s gonna be even tougher tonight.” Mitchie explains.

(Confessional) “Well, the numbers are not in my favor. It’s four, against one. What chance do I have?” Kaori asks. She sighs sadly, “But I’ve had a great experience and made many amazing friends. I can be proud of that.”

Finally, Serene gets up and walks to her cabin. Kaori follows. Kaori opens the door and sees Serene crying.

“Why? Why her?” Serene silently says to herself over and over again.

“What’s wrong, Serene?” Kaori asks.

“Well, it’s just the vote tonight. I don’t wanna do it.” Serene says through tears. Kaori suddenly smiles.

(Confessional) “No one wants to vote out anyone, well, maybe I can use that to my advantage!” Kaori excitingly shouts.

“Well, I know it’s me, but you don’t have to vote for me. Vote for someone like Winston. He’s a huge threat.”

“Well, I know, but still, our alliance must remain strong, I’m sorry Kaori, I really am.” Kaori’s smile drops.

(Confessional) “Great, she’s loyal.” Kaori says, she places her elbow on her leg and sits in a thinking position. She sighs, “Ugh, well, I’m not going down without a fight! You can be sure of that!” Kaori shouts.

Kaori walks outside and sees the other three just sitting there. Winston turns his head, but sees Kaori. Winston quickly turns his head back to the fire.

(Confessional) “They’re loyal, but don’t wanna vote me out. What’s a gal to do?” Kaori looks surprised when she says, “gal” she continues, “Wow, I hanged around Liz too much while she was still here.”

Winston, Mitchie, and Valeria sadly stare at the fire. Mitchie is struggling to hold back tears, Valeria isn’t trying to hold back tears at all. Every one of her tears look like diamonds in the sky. Winston is just looking sad.

(Confessional) “Yes, the viewing audience knows by now that the alliance will stay strong.” Winston says. He is silent for a while before saying, “Dang you alliance.”

(Confessional) “Kaori’s my friend, but it’s her time.” Valeria sadly states. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want her to win immunity, but I’m NOT letting her win the challenge.” Valeria exclaims.

Serene walks out of the cabin and grabs Valeria’s arm. She pulls Valeria aside.

“Hey! What the heck?” Valeria exclaims.

“Look, don’t think I’m unfaithful to the alliance, but I don’t wanna vote out Kaori, maybe a bigger threat, like perhaps Winston?” Serene asks.

“Well, that’s a good idea, but what will happen if Kaori gets to the final two? And besides, Mitchie would hate our guts.”

“I know she would, but I just don’t want Kaori to go.”

“Trust me, I don’t either. But you do realize that we can’t turn on this alliance. At least not now, we’d be endangering ourselves and our chances at the million.”

“I know, but we should take a chance, live on the edge! We can bring us, and Kaori to the final three, vote out Kaori, then one of us would win!”

“I like your plan, but what if Kaori, Mitchie, or Winston wins that immunity challenge?”

“Then whoever is in the jury, will vote for the person in the final two.”


“Like, let’s say that I’m eliminated and you’re in the finals. I’ll vote for you to win. But If you’re in the jury, and I’m in the finals, you’ll vote for me to win.”

“I like where this is going. Okay, I’ll accept your offer. However, Kaori does have to go. I’m sorry, Serene, she’s my friend too, but you’ve got to understand.”

“Okay…..I do.” Serene says. A few tears begin to escape Serene’s eyes. Valeria puts her hand on Serene’s shoulders.

“Don’t worry, it’s hard, but we’ll have to vote out everyone, at some point. It’s a game, besides, I know Kaori knows. She’s expecting it.” Valeria says.

“Yeah, I know, so let’s prove her wrong.”

“I thought you understood.”

“I do, but you know.”

“I do, but listen, it’s hard for me. I want to keep her here, but this will be the last of our alliance. After tonight, the tribe that dominated, will have to start slicing each other’s throats.”

“Okay…………That’s just gross.”

“I probably shouldn’t have used that metaphor…”

“I agree.”

Meanwhile, back at the fire.

“Wow, Winston, we’re here. Finally.” Mitchie says.

“I know, it’s been hard, but it’s also been fun.” Winston says.

“Yep.” The two just sit in silence. Kaori joins them.

“Hey guys, I was wondering, Valeria and Serene are playing this game hard, they are bound to stick together. Why not vote for them tonight?”

“Well, they’ve been keeping us.” Winston says.

“Yeah, but you’ll both be accused of riding coattails.” Kaori reminds them.

“Well, we have really been discussing strategy with them quite a lot. In fact, I saved your and Lance’s butts the day that Nico and Liz were eliminated.” Mitchie explains.

“Oh…” Kaori gets up and walks away

(Confessional) “I’m doomed.” Kaori sadly says.

“IT’S CHALLENGE TIME!” Shane yells over the poudspeaker. “MEET ME AT THE BEACH!”

“Oh joy, challenge time.” Valeria sarcastically says as she and Serene rejoin the group.

(Confessional) “How did I forget? This challenge could very well make it, or break it for me!” Kaori says.

The scene shifts to the challenge site. Shane and the contestants are there.

“Alright, let’s get to the challenge.” Shane says. “This challenge will be a blast from the past. You’ll be competing in challenges that you’ve already done. The first four people to complete the first challenge will move on. The first three to finish the second challenge will move on and so on. You guys get it?”

“Yeah, basically, one of us will be eliminated with each challenge.” Mitchie says.

“Yep.” Shane confirms. “Your first challenge is the capture the flag challenge. You will have to race to the old Insane Squirrel’s camp site. There are five flags. Bring them back. The run is a good mile so don’t go to fast, but don’t go to slow.” Shane says.

“Let’s do this thing!” Winston says. The five teens get into position.

“Ready, GO!” Shane yells. The five teens take off running. Winston and Kaori pull into the lead, Mitchie, Serene, and Valeria are a little ways behind them, but not too far back. The five continue to run for a while. Finally, they come across the flags.

Winston grabs his flag rejoicing, “Yeah!” Kaori silently grabs hers. Mitchie, Serene, and Valeria grabs theirs right after them.

“Alright! Someone’s already back, and it’s Winston! And Kaori is right behind!” Shane exclaims.

“ALRIGHT!” Winston exclaims and he carries his flag over the finish line. Kaori does too and Winston hugs her in glee. Once Winston realizes what he’s doing, he puts her down with an awkward smile. Kaori just looks surprised.

“Here comes the other three girls, they’re neck and neck!” Shane commentates.

(Confessional) “As we neared the end, I just thought to myself, ‘this’ll end well.’ Safe to say, it didn’t.” Valeria says.

The three girls crossed the finish line at the same time. Shane takes a photo and observes it.

“Valeria and Serene move on!” Shane says.

“Darn it!” Mitchie exclaims. She sits down on a bench.

“Alright, the next challenge is gonna be explained with one word, sushi. Remember that sushi that Dorthy wouldn’t eat? Well it’s back, except you have to eat five of that blowfish sushi.” Shane says.

“AWESOME!” Kaori exclaims.

(Confessional) “Mama loves her sushi!” Kaori says.

The four teens get in position.

“Ready, set, EAT!” Shane yells. Immediately the four pop sushi in their mouths. Winston chugs it down. He quickly shows Shane an empty tongue. “Winston’s moving on!”

“Awesome!” Winston celebrates. After a while, no one has moved on yet. Valeria and Serene are disgusted with the sushi, while Kaori is enjoying herself.

“Kaori, finish it. You’re almost done.” Shane says.

“I know, but it’s just so good.” Kaori says with her mouth full. She finally shallows the sushi. She shows Shane her mouth. “There, happy now?”

“Kaori’s moving on! And yes, yes I am.” Shane says. Serene looks like she’s about to barf. Finally she runs to the bushes and pukes in one of them.

“I guess I’m out. Serene sadly says.

“Yep, oh and Valeria, even though you didn’t finish your sushi, you’re still moving on.” Shane says.

“Cool.” Was all Valeria could say. She then runs to a bush and pukes.

“Valeria’s still moving on.” Shane says. An intern comes and cleans up the puke.

(Confessional) “Never get a job under the name, Shane Luke Oro. You’ll regret it every time.” The intern says.

“Anyway, the next challenge is simple, it’s the juggernaut obstacle course.” Shane says.

“Oh no! I am not doing that again!” Winston says.

“Me neither.” Kaori says.

“Count me out!” Valeria exclaims.

“Come on! You just have to run a mile with interns throwing bricks at you.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “Shane is not good with encouraging.” Valeria says.

“Fine, whatever.” Kaori sighs.

“Alright then, top two times move on to the next round. Valeria, you’re first.” Shane says. Valeria gets in position. “Ready, GO!” Valeria sprints.

(Confessional) “As soon as I realized that I was running into bricks, I thought, ‘what the heck am I doing?’ Yeah, I should’ve just dropped out.” Valeria says.

Valeria continues to run, dodging the bricks. She finally finishes her mile.

“Alright, ten minutes, two seconds, weak. Anyway, Winston, GO!” Shane yells.

Winston bolts into his mile. Bricks bounce off of him as if he were made from steel. Kaori and Valeria look amazed as he tears through the course. Winston finishes his mile fairly easy.

“Wow, Winston, two minutes and eleven seconds. You are definitely moving on to the final round.” Shane compliments.

“Awesome!” Winston says.

“How did he do that?” Valeria whispers to Kaori.

“I don’t know, but he’s clearly a human juggernaut.” Kaori says.

“Anyway, Kaori, your turn.” Shane says.

“Good luck, Kaori.” Valeria says.

“Thanks, Valeria.” Kaori says. Kaori gets into position.

“GO!” Shane yells, Kaori runs off. Instead of running, she is more doing handsprings and flips to dodge the bricks. She finishes her mile with a back flip.

(Confessional) “I was trained in martial arts since I was four.” Kaori explains.

“Well, in an amazing display of skill, Kaori finishes her mile in four minutes and fifty two seconds. You are moving on to the next round, Kaori.” Shane says.

“Nice job, Winston and Kaori.” Valeria says as she sits next to Serene and Mitchie.

“Anyway, this is your final challenge. Remember that game where you had to answer questions and when you did, you’d hit a rope with a machete?” Shane asks.

“Oh yeah, that was when Linda got eliminated.” Winston says.

“Yep, that’s the challenge, except this time, you’re gonna just be answering questions. Everytime you answer a question right, you get a point. First person to three points, wins immunity. If you both have three points, we will go into sudden death. First person to get one wrong in sudden death, loses. Got it?” Shane asks.

“Yeah, I do.” Kaori says.

“I think I do. Winston says.

“Alright!” Shane says as he hands out journals and pens for Kaori and Winston. “First question, what was the first challenge?” Kaori and Winston both write something down. “Alright, reveal.” Kaori and Winston both have elimination volleyball written down. “Correct. One point for both of you.”

“Alright!” Kaori says.

(Confessional) “Maybe I can beat Winston in this!” Kaori excitingly says.

“Next question, who was the first person to drop out of the game?” Shane asks. Winston and Kaori both write something down. “Reveal.” Shane says. Kaori and Winston both have Dorthy written down. “Correct, that a point for both of you.”

“Well, one more point, and then sudden death.” Winston says.

“Yeah, kind of exciting!” Kaori says.

(Confessional) “I hope we don’t go into sudden death. I hate it when that happens.” Winston says.

“Alright, next question. Who was the first person eliminated after the merge?” Shane asks. Winston and Kaori write something down. “Reveal.” Shane says. Kaori has Baldwin written down and Winston has Suzy written down. “Well…..You both answered a different answer…..And Winston is correct! Winston wins immunity!”

“How? Baldwin was the first person eliminated after the merge.” Kaori says.

“Baldwin was eliminated right before the merge. He was the first member of the jury, though.” Winston says.

“Oh.” Kaori says. She sulks back to camp.

“Anyway, I’ll see you all at the elimination ceremony tonight.” Shane says. He walks away.

Back at camp, Kaori is packing up her stuff. When she picks up a picture of her and her little sister, Ayane, she begins to cry. Valeria walks into the cabin and sees Kaori crying. She walks out of the cabin solemnly.

(Confessional) “Why didn’t she take my offer? She wouldn’t have been in this situation.” Valeria says. She buries her head in her hands. “I have to do it, though. This alliance has gone too far to eliminate one of its own.” Valeria says.

The scene shifts to the soda ceremony.

“Well, campers, I see that you are all looking a little sad, why?” Shane asks.

“You’ll find out.” Mitchie, nearly inaudible, mumbles.

“We will, but first, Winston, would you like to give up your immunity for someone else?” Shane asks. Kaori looks up at Winston with tears in her eyes.

“No….I can’t give it up.” Winston says. Kaori looks back to the ground.

“Well, Winston’s keeping it, Serene, it’s time to vote and you’re up.” Shane says.

Valeria votes for Kaori, “I don’t want to do this, but I have no choice.”

Kaori votes for Valeria, “This vote won’t mean much, but I feel that you’ve played this game the best so this is a respect vote.”

“I’ll tally the votes.” Shane says. He walks off and returns with four sodas. “The votes have been tallied, and I have four sodas here. The first goes to Winston.” Winston catches it silently. “The next one goes to Serene and Mitchie.” The two girls don’t even try to catch theirs. “The final soda goes to………..

……….Valeria. Kaori, I’m sorry to say that your time is up.” Shane says.

“Well, guys, this I goodbye.” Kaori sadly says. As she leaves the area, she hugs each of them goodbye. She finally leaves and Shane follows her. Once on the Boat of Losers, he asks,

“Kaori, how are feeling right now?”

“I feel sad, but I’m happy I got as far as I did.” Kaori answers.

“Did you even try to save yourself?”

“Yes, I did. I made it clear that I knew that I was going next. I hope that they would notice me and would change their minds about voting for me. In other words, I tried to play the guilt game.”

“And it didn’t work.”

“Nope.” The two go for a while before saying anything. Finally, Shane breaks the silence.

“You got any final words?” Shane asks.

“Yes. First off, Ayane, I’m sorry for losing. I know I could’ve done better, but I didn’t, and I failed you. I’m very sorry. As for my friends back on the island, congrats for making it to the final four, I have no hard feelings for you. I really hope that the person who deserves to win, wins. I am proud to say that I am leaving this game with my head held up high. So, yeah, that’s it.” Kaori says.

“Well, thanks for playing, Kaori. See ya.” Shane says.

“Bye Mr. Oro.” Kaori says as she walks out of the boat onto a dock. Suzy runs out and hugs her. “I’m sorry I didn’t win.” Kaori says.

“It’s okay. I missed you, Kaori. Although I wish you weren’t eliminated, it’s still great to see you, friend.” Suzy says. Kaori smiles.

“Well, bye ladies!” Shane says as the boat drives off.

“Bye Shane!” Kaori yells.

“See you real soon, Mr. Oro!” Suzy yells. The scene shifts back to the boat.

“Well, that was fun. Anyway, only three more episodes before we have a winner! I’m excited! Anyway, what will happen to the final four? How will they react to having to turn on each other? Who will go home? Who will win? Find out next week on Total……Dama……Craziness!”

Chapter 20 - Swimming n' Puzzles

Shane walks out onto the beach and says, “Welcome back to Total Drama Craziness! When we last left our campers, it was the final five. Serene pulled Valeria across to assure her safety. Kaori tried to play the guilt game on the remaining players. In the challenge, Winston dominated and Kaori was sent home. Now it’s down to the final four. Mitchie, Winston, Valeria, and Serene. It’s down to them. Who will win big? Who will lose big? Find out right here on Total….Drama….Craziness!”

The scene opens to Serene sitting on a log. She is reading a book with a smile. She looks up from her book and her smile widens.

(Confessional) “I’m here, I’m finally here.” Serene says. “It feels great to be here.”

Serene looks around. It’s a beautiful day. Birds are singing, sun is shining, and not a cloud in sight. Serene breathes in deep. She continues to read.

Valeria walks up of the cabin and walks to Serene. She pulls Serene aside and says, “I need to talk to you.”

“Okay……Sure….” Serene mumbles.

“Look, I need you to assure me that you’ll take me to the final two.”

“Done and done.”

“Also, I do have a plan. You see, let’s say you make it to the finals and I’m on the jury. I’ll vote for you to win. If you’re on the jury and I’m in the finals, you’ll vote for me to win. That sound alright?”

“It does. It’ll guarantee at least one vote for one of us just in case Mitchie or Winston wins the final three challenge.”

“We just have to hope it doesn’t happen.”

“That is true.” The two just stand there, silent. They look around and see Winston and Mitchie up and hanging out at the fire. Valeria and Serene walk over to them.

“Morning girls.” Winston says.

“Morning.” Serene and Valeria say in unison.

“Well….We’re here. Final four!” Mitchie celebrates.

(Confessional) “FINAL FOUR! YES!” Mitchie yells. “You know, we were all in an alliance, but now we have to turn on each other…….Maybe Kaori was the smart one.”

“So…..” Winston begins.

“Yes?” Serene asks.

“What was your favorite moment in this game?”

“Easy! Getting Nico and Liz out.” Mitchie says.

“That was fun….I must admit.” Valeria says. “But not my favorite moment. Mine was meeting Elias. He’s a great guy. I wish he was here.”

“But he sparked the alliance.” Mitchie reminds Valeria.

“That he did….That he did.”

“My favorite part was winning yesterday. That challenge was too much fun.” Winston says.

“Don’t remind me……” Valeria says looking green.

“Still upset about the sushi?” Mitchie asks.


“Well……..My favorite part was probably getting rid of India. That girl caused one too many eliminations.” Serene says.

“That she did.” Mitchie says.

The four continue to stare at the fire in silence. Finally, Winston breaks the silence.

“What so you think is gonna happen today?” Winston asks.

“I dunno, maybe the challenge will be in teams?” Serene suggests.

“Maybe……I really have no clue.” Valeria says.

“Well, whatever it is, I’m pumped. I just can’t wait.” Winston says.

“From those words, I’m guessing you joined for the challenges.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Winston says. The three girls laugh. “I’m being serious you know.”

“I know, it’s just…..Funny.” Serene says.


“I don’t know…..It just is.”

The four again just stare at the fire. Suddenly, Shane is heard from the loud speaker.


“Well, that was abrupt.” Serene states.

“Yeah. Might as well get ready now.” Valeria says as she enters her cabin.

The scene shifts to the beach where Shane is standing. He yells, “Come on in, guys, or should I say, girls and guy.”

“Funny, funny.” Winston says sardonically, glaring at Shane.

“You’re not a girl, eye daggers don’t work if you’re a dude.” Shane reminds Winston.

“He’s got a point.” Mitchie says.

“Anyway, it’s time to get to the challenge. You’ll be split into teams-“Shane says before he is cut off by Serene.

“Told you guys.” Serene says, interrupting Shane.

“No more interrupting please, thank you! Anyway, you’ll be split into team of two. One person will be the swimmer, another will be the puzzle builder. The swimmer will swim out to sea where there is a crate with your color on it. When you get to your crate, dive down and unclip a bag of puzzle pieces. You will then swim back and give the bag of puzzle pieces to the puzzle builders. Once the puzzle builder is done, you will ring a bell, indicating that you are done. Once that is settled, you and you team member will run to a platform, and a ladder. You two will have to climb up the ladder. Once you and your team member is up, you will ring another bell signaling that you have won the challenge. Simple enough?” Shane asks the teens.

“Yeah.” Serene says.

“Winston, since you won the last challenge, you will pick your team member. Who is it?” Shane asks Winston.

“Easy, Mitchie.” Winston says.

“Okay then, pick your swimmer and your puzzle builder.” Shane instructs.

After a few minutes, it was all decided.

“Alright! For Valeria and Serene, Serene is swimming. For Mitchie and Winston, Winston is swimming. Ready…..Set……….” Shane says.

“HURRY UP ALREADY!” Serene yells.

(Confessional) “I hate it when people exaggerate the countdown.” Serene says.

“Fine, go.” Shane says. Serene and Winston take off running to the beach.

“GO WINSTON!” Mitchie yells.

“Winston takes an early lead but Serene is coming up from behind quite quickly!” Shane commentates.

“Come on Serene, show him who’s boss.” Valeria cheers.

Serene and Winston reach their crates at the same time, they both dive down and unclip the bags. Winston surfaces first but Serene is close behind.

“Serene passes Winston for the lead!” Shane commentates. “Serene is at the shore and she gives Valeria the bag!”

(Confessional) “I don’t think anyone would’ve expected a little gal like me to beat a big jock in anything.” Serene says. “I know I didn’t.”

Winston finally comes onto shore. He tosses Mitchie the bag. Both Valeria and Mitchie try to untie the bag.

“Valeria is using her teeth to untie the knot and it works! Valeria is doing the puzzle. Mitchie is having a hard time getting the bag open, though.” Shane commentates.

Valeria begins working on the puzzle. Her hands are going fast while working on the puzzle.

(Confessional) “She went quite fast. It looked like she had eight hands instead of two.” Serene says.

“Valeria’s getting closer, and Mitchie finally has her bag open.” Shane commentates.

“Ginally.” Mitchie says.

“Ginally? Don’t you mean finally?” Winston asks Mitchie.

“It’s an internet meme.” Mitchie explains.


Mitchie begins to work on her puzzle, however, Valeria is already done. She rings the bell and Shane checks it.

“You’re good!” Shane yells. “Now get running!” Valeria and Serene begin to run to the platform. The reach it and climb up the ladder. Mitchie stops working on her puzzle and lowers her head in shame. Winston puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

“Valeria is up on the platform, and Serene is too!” Shane yells.

Valeria rings the bell and exclaims, “YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!”

“Valeria and Serene win immunity!” Shane yells.

Valeria and Serene grab hands and look each other in the eyes and scream for joy. They dance around on the platform hugging and tackling each other. Mitchie watches them with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Winston.” Mitchie says.

“Don’t be…Don’t be at all.” Winston whispers in Mitchie’s ear. They continue to watch Valeria and Serene’s celebration.

(Confessional) “I….I can’t believe it.” Mitchie says, crying. “I let Winston down. I know I did. We were neck and neck….And I couldn’t get a stupid bag untied…..” Mitchie buries her head in her hands and cries some more.

(Confessional) “I can’t believe I let Mitchie down. I’m not the strongest swimmer, but I had to do it. I had too…Why did this challenge have to involve water?” Winston asks.

Back at camp, Valeria and Serene walk into their cabin while Mitchie and Winston stay outside.

“You did awesome!” Serene says.

“Hey, you were awesome too! You beat Winston, at a sport!” Valeria says.

“Yeah….I thought he’d obliterate me at swimming.” Serene says.

“Yeah….Well….Fun’s over, we gotta decide who to eliminate.”

“Yeah, I think we know who.” Serene says. She whispers into Valeria’s ear.

“Yep, that’s the one I was thinking of.” Valeria says.

“We’re on the same page, that’s good.”

(Confessional) “No matter what happens, we’ll be hated by Winston and Mitchie.” Valeria says.

The scene shifts to the soda ceremony.

“Welcome, people.” Shane says.

“Hi.” Winston says.

“Hello.” Serene greets half heartily.

“Great to see you again.” Mitchie says sarcastically.

“Why do we have to be here?” Valeria asks.

“To vote someone out.” Shane answers.

“Whoopdi-doo.” Serene sarcastically says.

“Anyway, Valeria and Serene, I couldn’t help but notice your celebration.” Shane remarks.

“Yeah…..Sorry if it seemed like we were bragging. We were just happy. Very happy I must add.” Valeria says.

“Boy could we see it from a mile away.” Mitchie says rolling her eyes.

“Hey! You’d do the same thing!” Valeria snaps.

“GIRLS! Fighting gets us nowhere. Look, Mitchie, sorry if we offended you.” Serene says.

“It’s cool, I guess.” Mitchie says rolling her eyes. Serene glares at Mitchie.

“Well….Serene, Valeria. You can both give your immunity away. Do you want to?” Shane asks.

“No, not at all.” Valeria says.

“I’m keeping it.” Serene says.

“Well in that case, it’s time to vote. Serene, you’re up.

Mitchie votes for Winston, “I don’t have a choice, I’m sorry.

Winston votes for Mitchie, “I’m sorry I let you down.”

“I’ll go tally the votes.” Shane says. He returns with some sodas. “You all know what this means by now. So I’m not explaining. Valeria and Serene, here you girls go.” Shane says as he tosses Valeria and Serene their sodas.

“Thanks…..” Serene says sadly. Valeria is silent, but her tears show her sadness.

“I hate this place……” She finally says.

“Well……Mitchie, Winston, what are you guys feeling?” Shane asks.

“Well…..I’m feeling like crap. I let Winston down.” Mitchie says.

“You didn’t, honey. I let you down.” Winston says.

“No you didn’t.”

“Okay, both of you, feeling confident right now?” Shane asks, annoyed by their talking.

“No.” Winston and Mitchie say in unison.

“Well. This should be interesting. The final Soda goes to………

………Mitchie. I’m sorry, but Winston. You have been eliminated.” Shane says.

“Winston! No!” Mitchie says as she hugs Winston, crying.

“Babe…..It’s meant to be. Listen, I’ll be rooting for you on the jury.” Winston says. He forces a smile.

“I’m sorry Winston. It just….Had to happen.” Valeria says.

“You were the bigger threat, I hope you understand.” Serene sadly says.

“It’s fine, girls.” Winston says, hugging Valeria and Serene.

“Winston, it’s time to go.” Shane reminds Winston.

“I know.” Winston says. He gives a final hug to Mitchie and walks out. “Bye girls!” He cheerfully yells.

“Well. It’s down to the final three. All girls. This is a first. Well, we know that a girl will win this season. Tomorrow is the day we decide the winner, but it’s still a final two. Remember someone will be eliminated tomorrow. Grab your stuff, head back to camp, and see you tomorrow.” Shane says. The three girls do that. Shane walks to the Boat of Shame.

“Winston, it was time. What are you feeling right now?” Shane asks Winston.

“A lot of guilt, I feel like I could’ve done better in the challenge today.” Winston says.

“Well, who do you want to win?” Shane asks.

“The girl who I had to vote for, Mitchie.” Winston says.

“I understand that. Anyway, what do you think of the final three?”

“No offense to them, but it’s an unlikely final three.”

“Oh, I’m very surprised at the final three.”

“So am I. Serene and Valeria shouldn’t even be there. They got voted out.”

“Yeah, but hey, it was a fun twist.”

“It was.”

“Got any final words?”

“Yes. Mom, Dad, I’m sorry, it just wasn’t meant to be. As for the final three, good luck to you. I really wish I was still in it. Heck, I wish a dude was in the final three, but the Amazons overpowered the guys. Mitchie, I hope you win it all. I will vote for you in the jury to win so you have my vote. Oh, and Mitchie, just to let you know, I love you. I wish I did better in the challenge so that we can stay together.”

“Nice, Winston. Well, we’re here.” Shane says.

“Thanks Shane, for that awesome experience.” Winston says as he gets out.

“Well, see ya, Winston. Well, that was exciting. The final three is not what anyone might’ve expected, but it’s the final three! Only one more elimination until the finals. I’m excited, I hope you are too. And what will happen tomorrow. Who will be in the final two? Valeria and Serene? Serene and Mitchie? Or maybe Mitchie and Valeria. Who knows. But whatever it is, find out next week, and Total…..Drama……Craziness!” Shane says as the episode ends.

Chapter 21 - Roll, Roll, Roll Your Dice

Shane walks onto a dock and says, “Welcome back, to Total….Drama…..Craziness! Where it is fricken crazy I can tell you that. You’ve witnessed three girl’s journeys in this game. Mitchie, the girl no one thought would go far has defied the odds. Valeria, the girl who fell on a rock, has returned to the game, and has played hard to earn her spot in the final three. And lastly, Serene, the shy girl who also came back to the game and has played hard. Over all, these three girls were the most unlikely final three. Even I can’t believe it. Anyway, for one of these girls, it’s all over for them this episode. Who will go home? Who will win? Find out right here, right now, on Total….Drama…..Craziness.”

The three girls have just come back from the elimination ceremony. All three walk into their cabin. They are silent for a while, Mitchie breaks the silence.

“Well…..Why’d you guys eliminate Winston?” Mitchie asks.

“It’s simple really, he was a huge threat.” Serene answers.

“Oh….Hey! You saying I’m no threat!”

“Not at all, not at all.” Valeria says. “Listen, Winston’s like, a human juggernaut. None of us could beat him in a challenge this late into the game.”

“Valeria’s right. None of us could beat him. Listen to reason.” Serene says.

“I guess….” Mitchie mumbles.

“Look, you’re a threat too, but face it. Do you really wanna go into the finals with him? The guy would beat us, you have to understand that none of us could beat him in a jury vote.” Valeria asks.

“I guess that makes sense.”

“It’s better for all three of us, believe me.” Serene comforts.

(Confessional) “I’m no Sherlock Homes, but I know I’m next unless I win the next challenge, or make them doubt their alliance. I know it’s obvious, but I think I can pull something off.” Mitchie says. “I think if I go into the finals with Valeria, I could win. But she’ll never stand down. Serene, on the other hand, I have a slim chance at beating in the finals, but she’s weaker in the mind area. But if I win, I know who I’m taking along with me.”

“Hey, girls, I’m gonna get ready for bed. Be back in a bit.” Valeria says walking into the bathroom. When the door shuts, Mitchie talks to Serene.

“Listen Serene, you know if you and Valeria go to the final two, you’ll be accused of coattail riding.” Mitchie says.

“But I haven’t rode coattails.” Serene says.

“I know that, you know that, but they don’t know that.”


“Trust me, if you take me, you’ll win. Just trust me.”

“I guess….” Valeria walks out of the bathroom. Serene walks into the bathroom.

Mitchie whispers, “Hey, Valeria.” To Valeria.

“Yeah?” Valeria whispers back.

“You do realize that if you take Serene to the finals with you, you don’t stand a chance. She’s so nice, that’s something that’s hard to beat.”

“It is….But I’ve been nice too.”

“I know you have, but you’ve been a loner until what? Final five? Most haven’t seen your out-going side.”

“You have a point…….”

“If you take me, I’m sure you’ll beat me. I realize that I haven’t been the nicest to the people on the jury. You very well know that you can beat me. Take me and it’s a surefire win for you.”

“I guess…..” Serene then walks out of the bathroom.

“Well, I think it’s time for bed, night.” Mitchie says as she turns off the lights.

“Night” Valeria and Serene say simultaneously. They don’t see Mitchie smirking while in the dark.

The next day, it’s just before the sun comes up, Serene is reading a book on the steps of the cabin. Shane walks up to her and taps her shoulder. Serene suddenly kicks Shane out of fright.

“Oh my goodness, Shane, you startled me.” Serene says breathing deeply.

“It’s fine, it’s fine….Ow…..Wow you’ve got a kick.” Shane exclaims, getting up.

“I’ve been taking martial art for eight years. Anyway, what the heck are you doing here?”

“I was gonna tell you, but first you gotta wake the others up.”

“Okay.” Serene walks inside, she yells, “GET UP! SHANE IS HERE!”

“Five more minutes mom…” Valeria sleepily says.

“Not now, Serene, in happy place, no touchy.” Mitchie sleepily says.

“Guys, there’s pizza in the doorway.” Serene lies. Mitchie and Valeria shoot up from their beds and run to the door to find Shane.

“Thank you Serene.” Shane calmly says.

“You’re welcome Mr. Oro.” Serene

“Where’s the pizza?” Valeria asks.

“I lied about that so you all would get up.” Serene answers.

“Darn….I wanted some.” Mitchie sadly says, she notices Shane’s face and is about to say something, but is cut off by Shane and Serene.

“Don’t ask.” They say in unison.

“Okay………” Mitchie says freaked out.

“So…..What’s up?” Valeria questions.

“Well, to answer your question,” Shane starts. “I need to let you girls practice.”

“Practice what? Kicking?” Serene asks.

“No…I think you’re good in that department Serene.” Shane answers scared.

“Bow and arrow?” Mitchie asks hopefully.

“A puzzle?” Valeria asks.

“No and no. It’s rolling a number dice.” Shane answers.

“Dice?” All three girls say in unison, obviously disappointed.

“Look, we’re gonna have two rounds. The girl with the highest roll is safe.” Shane begins before he is cut off by Mitchie.

“We know we know. Whoever has the highest roll wins immunity and chooses who goes to the final two.” Mitchie says interrupting Shane.

“That’s not what I was gonna say.” Shane says.

“Oh, well….Carry on.” Mitchie says.

“Anywho, after the first round is complete, the two girls with lowest roll will roll again. The girl with the highest roll goes to the final two along with the winner of the last round.”

“So basically, all that we have worked for, is coming down to chance?” Valeria asks.

“That’s right.” Shane says.

(Confessional) “This kinda backfires my plan. Oh well, I’ve been kinda lucky, I think I can do it.” Mitchie says.

(Confessional) “I haven’t been the luckiest girl on the planet in this game, I hope I don’t lose. If you all haven’t seen it by now, I’m horribly unlucky.” Valeria admits.

(Confessional) “Man, I don’t like the looks of this. I might lose because of a number! No one wants to come all the way to the final three just to be eliminated because of a dice.” Serene says.

“Well girls, I’ll see you at noon. Then, we will do the challenge. Someone will be eliminated then. After that, the final two players will come back here and tonight will head off to to elimination ceremony where the jury, plus the person eliminated at noon, will vote for a winner. Sound good?” Shane asks.

“So….Today’s the last day?” Valeria asks.

“Yep. I’d suggest packing. I’ll leave you girls be, oh, and congrats on making it to the final three.” Shane walks away. The three remaining girls stare at each other in disbelief.

The three girls begin to pack. While packing, Serene says, “It’s finally here, the last day!”

“I know, right? It’s finally over!” Mitchie says.

“Not yet, tonight it will be. Although in three hours, it will be done for one of us.” Valeria reminds Serene and Mitchie.

“True…..The dice challenge idea sucks. I didn’t come all this way to be eliminated by a cube with numbers on it!” Mitchie exclaims.

“Hey, it does. But no matter what, I’ll still look back on this and laugh. This has been a heck of an experience.” Serene says.

“You got that right.” Valeria says.

“Yeah, we’ve all changed since the start. I’ve let down some walls in my life, and I learned that I can’t do everything by myself, I do need some help every now and then.” Mitchie says.

“Well, I’ve opened up a ton more. I mean, I’m actually happy! I’m actually laughing at stuff and enjoying life! I haven’t been able to do that in, like, forever!” Valeria says with her eyes shining.

“I’ve also opened up, in the real world, I wouldn’t even be close to hanging out with anyone, yet I’m doing it right now. I’m actually not socially awkward!” Serene says.

“And that is good.” Valeria says. The three girls continue to pack silently.

Finally, it’s challenge time. The three girls get their stuff together and walk to the beach for a final time. Shane is waiting for them.

“Welcome to the final immunity challenge.” Shane says.

“Couldn’t you think of anything better than CHANCE?” Serene remarks.

“No. Anyway, I explained the rules to you this morning so I won’t go over them. Anyway, it’s twelve O’ clock in the afternoon. In other words, it’s noon. Unusual for an elimination to occur this early, but it must happen. Anyway, it’s time for the challenge to begin. Valeria, you’re first.” Shane gives Valeria a dice. “It’s interesting to note, you haven’t been very lucky, how are you feeling about this?”

“I’m as confident as far as I can pick up Elias and throw him.” Valeria answers. Valeria rolls the dice and gets a one. “Figures.”

“Well, Valeria rolled a one. Serene, you’re next. You just have to roll a two to beat Valeria.

As Serene shakes the dice in her hands, she chants to herself, “Roll a high one, roll a high one, roll a high one.” Serene rolls the dice and gets a four. “Awesome!”

“Serene, you rolled a four, Valeria, this means that you are up for elimination.”

“That’s a shocker after my high roll.” Valeria says sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“Anyway, Mitchie, you need a five or a six to beat Serene and ensure safety, think you can do it?” Shane asks Mitchie.

“I think I can.” Mitchie says. She blows on the dice and rolls a five. “YES! FINAL TWO HERE I COME!”

“Well Mitchie…..You rolled a five. Nice job.” Shane congratulates Mitchie. “And with that, you are in the finals. Nice job.”

(Confessional) “Not the way I thought I’d get to the final two, but who cares! I’M IN! WOO-HOO!” Mitchie celebrates.

(Confessional) “Crap! Either me or Valeria is gonna be eliminated. This sucks!” Serene yells.

(Confessional) “Of course, it’s me versus Serene. Return versus return. This’ll end well.” Valeria says sarcastically.

“Anyway, Serene. You will now roll.” Shane says as he give Serene a dice.

“Valeria, I’m sorry.” Serene says with tears in her eyes as she prepares to roll the number dice.

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. Just roll the best you can.” Valeria says.

“Well……Here goes nothing.” Serene says as she rolls the dice. It lands on a five. Serene looks like she’s about to cry.

“Don’t you dare cry, Serene. That’s a great roll and be proud of it.” Valeria comforts Serene.

“Valeria, what the heck are you doing? You haven’t even rolled yet!” Shane says.

“Fine, most likely I’ll get a one or a two.” Valeria says. She takes the dice from Shane. She rolls it and everyone gasps.

“No…Frecken….Way.” Mitchie says wide eyed.

“That’s….Impossible!” Valeria says surprised.

“Valeria….You rolled a……….


“Please, do hurry up, those pauses get annoying, truthfully.” Serene says.

“Fine fine. The audience loves this stuff. Anyway, Valeria, with a roll of six, you are in the finals. Serene, I’m sorry, but you have been eliminated.

“It’s fine. I’m cool with it.” Serene says.

“Serene, I’m sorry.” Valeria says as she hugs Serene with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t be.” Serene says, while hugging Valeria. “Valeria, I will be rooting for you on the jury. I promise you that I will try to get you to win. I promise you that.”

“Thank you Serene.” Valeria says smiling. She is sad, but happy at same time.

“I’m sorry Serene.” Mitchie says. She hugs Serene.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Serene says.

“Well, Serene. You have been eliminated. For it to be official,” Shane says, he tosses Mitchie, then Valeria sodas. “you will not receive a soda.”

“I figured as much.” Serene chuckles.

“Valeria, Mitchie. You girls are in the final two. Serene will now take part as a jury member. Valeria, Mithcie, tonight, one of you will win the million dollars. Good luck.” Shane says.

“Well, see you tonight, Shane.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, see you.” Valeria says, waving to Shane and Serene.

“Serene, you will not go to Playa-des-Losers. Instead you’ll be with me until tonight.” Shane says.

“Coolio, I guess.” Serene shrugs.

“Anyway, Serene. What’s it like to be eliminated a second time?”

“It sucks, especially when it was decided by chance.”

“I can see that. Anyway, who do you want to win? Valeria or Mitchie?”

“Valeria, duh.”

“Got any final words?”

“I do. Well, mom. Sorry I couldn’t do it. I was close. I even got a second chance, but it just wasn’t meant for me to win. Oh well. Anyway, Valeria, Mitchie, I hope you two aren’t too much yelled at by the jury. Anyway, the last thing I really wanna say is, V stands for victory. I hope the audience knows what I mean.”

“I sure do. Thanks for playing Serene. It was an honor to have you.”

“Why thank you Mr. Oro.”

“Anyway, folks. This is it! The final two! Valeria and Mitchie! One will win, one will lose. Who will it be? I know who it is. You guys don’t but I do! Anyway, tune in to see the winner next week on Total….Drama…..Craziness!”

Chapter 22 - Valeria vs Mitchie

Shane appears on a dock and says, “Welcome one and all, for the final episode of…..Total…..Drama….Craziness!” Shane lifts his hands in the air screams for joy, “WHOO-HOO! Any who, now that has been settled, time to tell you all what you all already know. Last time on Total Drama Craziness, Serene was eliminated, leaving Valeria and Mitchie in the final two. In one corner, we have Valeria, an emo girl who was evacuated for medical reasons. She came back and played hard, although, she really shouldn’t be here, but she is. We just can’t get rid of her now, can we? In the other corner, we have Mitchie, the girl who defied the odds. She was the underdog and everyone knows it. Even I’m surprised that she’s still here. I thought she’d be out long ago. That basically covers it. I think it’s time that we get on to the epic, heart breaking, crazy, and the totally truly dramatic final episode of….Total….Drama….Craziness!”

Valeria and Mitchie are walking back to camp from the previous challenge that eliminated Serene.“

You know what? That challenge just plain sucked.” Valeria says.

“I know, right?” Mitchie answers.

“Serene should totally be here right now, um, no offense.”

“None taken.”

(Confessional) “Actually, I’m a tad glad that Serene was eliminated, I don’t think me or Valeria would’ve had a chance against Serene. Reason? Three words: Far too nice.” Mitchie explains.

“I just can’t believe that ten minutes ago, walking to the challenge site, Serene was here talking to us. Now she’s gone.” Valeria says.

“They’re all gone.” Mitchie reminds.

“I know they are, it’s just, I don’t know, it’s just that we had a connection.”

“I understand that completely.” The two girls go for a while without talking.

“You know, we’re the final two. In like, eight hours or something, one of us will have won.” Valeria says, trying to pick up a conversation.

“Yeah, it’s funny. Valeria, you do realize that we are perhaps the most unlikely final two? No one, not even ourselves thought we’d be here.” Mitchie says.

“I know, right? I totally agree with you.” “Yeah, I highly doubt the jury thought we’d be here.” “It’ll be interesting tonight. It’ll be very interesting. They don’t even know that Serene was voted out just a few minutes ago. Let alone that we’re the final two. She’s not going to Playa-des-Losers, so they have absolutely no clue who was eliminated.”

“I cannot wait to see their faces."

“Me too, Mitch, me too.” The two girls arrive at camp and put their packed items inside their cabin. They stand on the steps to the cabin and just talk, remembering their time at Craziness.

Suddenly, Shane walks into their camp.

“Hey girls!” Shane says waving at them.

“Hey Shane.” Mitchie greets.

“Yeah, hey.” Valeria says, not that happy to see him.

“Listen,” Shane says ignoring Valeria. “You two will head off very soon. As soon as the sun goes down, walk to the elimination ceremony. Along the way, you will come across a picture of your eliminated, former competitors. Say something about them, and move along. From the sun’s position now, I think you’ll be leaving fairly soon.” Shane says.

“Good! I can’t wait to get out of this craphole.” Valeria says, exasperated.

“Alright, glad to see such enthusiasm.” Shane says, completely ignoring Valeria again. Shane leaves the perimeter of the campsite and Mitchie turns to Valeria.

“That was awkward.” Mitchie says.

“Agreed.” Valeria says.

The two girls just sit on the front steps talking. Finally, the sun goes down. Both pack up their things. Valeria gets done quickly and rushes out the door. Mitchie, instead, takes her time. When she is done, she takes one final look at the cabin.

Valeria sticks her head through the window and says, “COME ON! The sooner we leave this place, the sooner we get to the ceremony, the sooner this crappy game can win.”

(Confessional) “Trust me, spending this much time away from home, is torture. I just wanna go home, I just wanna get the whole jury thing done.” Valeria explains.

“Fine fine.” Mitchie grumbles. Mitchie finally gathers her gear and walks out the door. Once she does, she sees Valeria holding her stuff in one hand, and a burning stick in other. “What are you about to do?” Mitchie asks.

“Burn this place.” Valeria answers.

“Fine by me.” Mitchie says, backing away from the cabin. Valeria proceeds to light it on fire. The two girls then leave the place while the cabin burns.

“I hated that place.” Valeria says.

“I can tell.” Mitchie says. The two girls walk for a while. Finally, they come across a picture with Orville on it.

Valeria stops and picks it up. “Orville, you were funny, but extremely annoying.” Valeria says.

“A tad mean, no?” Mitchie asks.

“You didn’t have to like with him for three days.”

“That is true.” The two continue to walk for a while. Finally, they come across an Ilan picture. Valeria, again, picks it up.

“Ilan, I regret voting you out. You were a strong guy; you just looked like you were lazy.” Valeria says.

“I for one am glad that he was eliminated. He was a major physical threat.” Mitchie says. She and Valeria laugh at Mitchie’s comment. The two begin their walk again. They come across a picture of Randy.

Valeria picks it up and says, “Randy, at first, you were a stone. But when I went to Playa-Des-Losers, you were kinder. Still a tad emotionless, but you were better than you were before.”

“I have no comment, didn’t get to know him.” Mitchie says. The girls again continue their walk. They come across a picture of Zev. Valeria immediately smashes the picture with her foot. “I’m guessing you didn’t like him very much.” Mitchie observes.

“I didn’t, no one did. Let’s just keep walking.” Valeria says. The girls continue their walk. They come across Dorthy’s picture. Mitchie picks it up and says,

“Oh sweet, sweet, Dorthy. You are so sweet, and she really grew as a person. She was able to realize that she should be confident in what she likes. Not many people can do that.”

“I’ll say. Let’s move on. I barely remember her.” Valeria comments.

“You’re in a rush.”

“Hey, I only want to leave this island. The sooner, the better.” The two girls continue to walk. They come across Grady’s picture.

Mitchie picks it up. “Grady, you were….Um…..Uh……..You know, truthfully, I don’t remember him at all.” Mitchie admits.

“Neither do I. Moving on, now.” Valeria says. They continue their journey to the ceremony. The tension is rising for both, each hoping that they will be the winner. They come across a picture of Leanna. Mitchie picks it up. “Okay, her I somewhat remember.” Valeria comments.

“Leanna, you were kind, and purely awesome. It’s too bad your leg was hurt. If you weren’t eliminated, I think you’d be standing here instead of me. You’re a tough girl, Leanna. You’re very tough.”

“Plus, you looked awesome in that mauve dress of yours, Leena.” Valeria adds.

“Um, her name is Leanna.”

“At least I was close.”

“That you were.” The two again continue to talk. They come across Jaquenette’s picture. Mitchie says, “Jaq, you were a heck of a girl. I am surprised on how quickly you and Linda made up.”

“I’ve been wondering, how the heck did her parents think about naming their child Jaquenette? Why not something better like Julia or something?” Valeria asks.

“I am not her parent, so I have no clue, but I totally agree with you.” Mitchie says. The girls continue to walk, they finally come across Joshua’s picture. Mitchie picks it up. “I am sorry Josh, for how much India stalked you.” Mitchie says.

“Joshua, you seem like a great guy. I wish I got to know you better.” Valeria says. The girls start walking. They come across a picture of Baldwin.

Mitchie picks it up. “Baldwin, you had the opportunity to be in an alliance with me, but you declined. Your loss. At least you’re on the jury.” Mitchie says.

“Yeah, I wish I could’ve known you better.” Valeria says. Mitchie looks at the sky. Mitchie says,

“We should keep moving, it’s almost dark.”

“After you.” Valeria says. The girls continue their walk. They come across a Suzy picture. Valeria’s eyes begin to cry as she picks it up. “Suzy, you are the nicest, sweetest girl I ever meant. Although I know what you did, you were trying not to hurt Elias, even though it failed. You look for the good in everybody, and I greatly admire you for that.” Valeria says, tears streaming down her face.

Mitchie looks at the picture and says, “Suzy, I wish I have gotten to know you, but I wasn’t able too. When we merged and for one day, when we lived in the same area, I was amazed at your kindness, thank you, Suzy.”

“She was like that sister I never had.” Valeria says, tears streaming down face.

“Why are you crying?”

“I just wish she stayed longer. She really helped me come out of my shell. My growth as a person is mainly because of Suzy and Elias, mostly Suzy.” The two girls start walking again silently. They then come across Linda’s picture.

“Linda,” Mitchie begins. “I got to see you grow. And I am proud of you. I want you too know that.”

“She was pretty cool.” Valeria comments. Valeria and Mitchie start walking again, they come across Elias’s picture. Valeria begins to cry again. “Elias….” Valeria starts out, clutching the picture. “You are awesome, you really progressed as a person, and I love you. Never forget that.” Valeria says.

“Elias, you were pretty cool.” Mitchie says. The two start walking again. They come across India’s picture.

Valeria stomps on the picture and says, “That’s for splitting me and Elias up.” Mitchie and Valeria continue walking. They spot a picture of Nico and Liz in the same picture. Valeria says as she picks up the picture. “Nico and Liz, you two are my friends. I hope you’re not mad at me, most likely you will be.”

“Why would they be?” Mitchie asks.

“For stabbing them in the back.” Valeria answers.

“That’s a good reason for being mad.”

“Yep.” The two start walking again. The sun gets lower, and the ceremony is in sight. They come across Lance‘s picture.

Mitchie says, “Lance really grew as a person. He showed he could be a good guy. I hated having to vote him off.”

“I did too.” Valeria says. “He was great. That’s, kinda all I have to say.” The two start to run instead of walk, wanting to get to the ceremony faster. They reach Kaori’s picture. “Kaori, at first, I thought you were mentally insane. But now I know that you were internally struggling. I totally forgive you for anything that you might’ve done to me, and I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way.” Valeria says.

“Um….What you said.” Mitchie says. “Anyway, come on! We’re almost there!” The girls start running again. The excitement is growing in their hearts. They know they’re close. The adrenaline is coursing through their bodies. They reach Winston’s picture next. Mitchie says, “Winston, you have broken so many walls in my life. You have shown me that I cannot do it all alone. You have been my rock in this game. I love you and I hope you know that.”

“You know, Winston. You were one awesome jock. The nicest one I ever met” Valeria says. They continue to run. They spot Serene’s picture. Valeria says, “Serene, you were a heck of a girl. You were always fun to be around, and I really do wish you were in the final two with me.”

“Thanks.” Mitchie says, glaring at Valeria.

“Hey, I’m just being honest.”

“Anyway, Serene, you were an awesome gal. I’m glad I got to know you as long as I did.” Mitchie says. “Now let’s hurry up and get to that dang ceremony!”

“Agreed.” Valeria says. The race to the ceremony, Shane is already there.

“Ah, there you two are, I’ve been waiting for you, and so has the jury.” Shane says. The jury comes out, one at a time in order of elimination. Baldwin, Suzy, Linda, Elias, India, Liz, Nico, Lance, Kaori, Winston, and Serene walk into the ceremony in that order. They sit down on a stump. “Alright, I’ll explain the rules here. Tonight, the jury will ask you questions, you must answer. If you’re honest or not, that’s fully up to you, we’re gonna go in order of elimination, so, Baldwin, you’re up first.”

Baldwin gets up and faces Mitchie and Valeria. “Mitchie, Valeria. Congrats on making it this far. Now, before I ask my question, I am going to say some statements. First, Valeria, you were eliminated already. Theoretically, Mitchie should’ve won by now! She’s outlasted everyone at least once. You should not be there, Valeria. I don’t believe that there should be any second chances in reality shows. Now, after that, Valeria, why should I give you my vote?” Baldwin asks.

“Well, you should give me your vote because I played this game. I’ve played it as hard as I can.” Valeria answers.

“Maybe you did, but it’s up to the jury to decide that.

Anyway, Mitchie, you stabbed me in the back. We had an alliance. Why the heck would you just turn on me like that, and now I’m supposed to give you my vote? Madness, madness. Anyway, why should I vote for you?”

“First thing, we never had an alliance. We never did. I asked, but you refused. So, I never stabbed you in the back.” Mitchie explains.

“Uh huh, Right….” Baldwin says doubtfully.

“Baldwin, thank you for your question, please sit down now.” Shane says. Baldwin does so. “Suzy, it’s your turn. Please speak.”

Suzy stands up and says, “First thing first, congrats you girls. You two deserve it. First, Valeria, I have seen you grow. You’ve blossomed into a truly, beautiful girl. Mitchie, I’m sorry I did not get to know as well I should’ve. Now, for my question, how have you changed as a person? Mitchie, you first.”

“I have broken a lot of walls in my life because of Winston. I’ve learned that I can’t do everything by myself.” Mitchie says.


“I’ve really, really opened up. I’m not longer sad or depressed. I still hate being in the center of attention, though. I also learned to forgive my sister, which means a lot to me. I realize that she only wanted to help, but I pushed it away.” Valeria says.

“Thank you both for your time.” Suzy says.

“Alright, Linda, it’s your turn.” Shane says.

Linda walks up to Mitchie and Valeria and says, “Alright, it’s obvious why I was eliminated, I was already rich. My question is simple, what would you do with the money?”

“Easy.” Mitchie says. “I’d buy a car and save the rest.”

“Okay, Valeria?” Linda asks.

“Well, my family is in debt, I’d give the money needed to pay off the debt. I’d save the rest for a rainy day.” Valeria says.

“Thank you, and congrats for getting this far.” Linda says as she goes back to her seat.

“Alright, Elias.” Shane says. Elias gets up and walks over to the final two, he says.

“Congratulations on making it this far, I really don’t have a question, because you all know my vote. I have to vote for Valeria, I’m sorry Mitchie. You’re awesome, but I need to vote for Valeria.”

“I understand.” Mitchie says. Elias returns to his seat.

“India.” Shane says.

India walks over to the final two. “Congratulations to you both, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, to the point. You both got here. Now, time to talk some trash about the other. State three reasons why the person sitting beside you does not deserve the million dollars, Valeria, you first.” India says.

“I think Mitchie should not win because she was a coattail rider. She rode me and Serene’s coattails. Another reason is that she wasn’t that nice to you guys. Third reason, she didn’t exactly do well in challenges.” Valeria says. “Sorry, Mitchie.”

“Hey,” Mitchie says. “It’s totally fine. Anyway, I think Valeria shouldn’t win because she voted all of you out. Another reason is that she never really interacted with you guys. Third reason is that she stabbed people in the back, namely Nico and Liz.”

“Thank you, in my opinion, I should be there, but I’m not. Anyway, good day, ladies, good day.” India says, sitting back down on her seat.

“Anyway….” Shane says a little disturbed. “Come on up, Liz.”

Liz stands up and faces the jury. She holds back tears. She points at Valeria. She says through sobs, “You…..I thought we were friends……But yet……I guess I was just naïve……Valeria……Why should I give you my vote? After……” Liz buries her head in her hands and cries. She regains her composure and finishes. “Why should I vote for you win? After stabbing me in the back?”

“Well, I’ve played this game to the best of my ability. I am truly sorry for stabbing you in the back; it’s just that you and Nico were a threat. Please, please don’t cry. It’s a game.” Valeria pleads.

“Right, it’s such a game. You cheated me out of a million bucks! Once you lose this game again, then you’ll understand it.”Liz says. She returns to her seat.

“Nico.” Shane says. Nico faces the jury, his face looking solemn than anything.

“Ladies, I have one question for you. What was your biggest blunder in this game?” Nico asks.

“It was definitely voting out Linda. I could’ve used her vote.” Mitchie says.

“It was definitely stabbing you and Liz in the back. Although you were threats, I am truly sorry for that. I truly am. I hope after all of this we can still be friends.” Valeria says.

“Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Anyway, thank you for your time, and congrats to making it this far.” Nico says, sitting back down in his seat.

“Alright, Lance, come up.” Shane says Lance walks up to Mitchie and Valeria.

“Alright, I don’t have questions, just statements. Valeria, some people are angry at you. I, for one, am not. You’ve played this game to the best of your ability. I think you fully deserve it. Also, I think it’s fair to say that people in glass houses, should not throw stones. Now, onto Mitchie. There’s one word that describes your strategy, coattail. Coattail describes your strategy perfectly. You would not be there if it weren’t for Valeria.” Lance says. “Thank you girls for listening, and congrats for making it this far.” Lance sits back down.

“Alright, Kaori, please come up.” Shane says. Kaori faces the final two.

She says, “Well, congratulations for making it this far. I’m gonna start out by saying this: I think that a lot of the people in the jury are jealous of your position. I think it’s obvious. Whatever you two did, was better than what they did. I think they’re mad at that. Anyway, I have a question. What person do you want sitting there beside you? One person, no explanation.”

“Serene, definitely Serene.” Valeria says.

“It’s Winston for me.” Mitchie says.

“Thank you for listening, and good luck.” Kaori says as she sits back down.

“Alright, Winston, come up and speak.” Shane says. “Will do.” Winston says. He walks to the final two and says,

“Congrats on making it far, I have no questions as you all know my vote. I am voting for Mitchie, she’s my gal, I have too because I love her. Thank you for your time.” Winston says, he sits back down at his seat

“Alright, final jury person. Serene, come steal the show.” Shane says. Serene walks to the final two. She says,

“Congratulations on making it this far into the game you two. Now, this question is only for Valeria, so Mitchie, you’re through with questions. Now, Valeria, onto the question, we made a deal that we’d try our best to make it to the final together. I, honestly, wavered in that deal. When Mitchie told me that they’d accuse me of coattail riding, I got a little afraid, truthfully, I did. My question is, did you or did you not waver in our deal?”

“Truthfully, yes. When Mitchie told me about how they would vote for you because of how nice you were, I began to waver. That is the complete and full truth.” Valeria answers.

“Thank you for your honesty.” Serene says as she sits down.

“Alright, it now time to vote.” Shane says. “Everything you’ve been playing for has been up to this point. Jury, you will be voting for someone to win. Not voting for someone to lose, got it? Hope you do. Baldwin, you’re up.

Baldwin votes for Mitchie to win, “Valeria shouldn’t even be there.”

Liz votes for Mitchie to win, “Valeria, you do not deserve to win this after back stabbing me. I hope you win this, Mitchie.”

Lance votes for Valeria to win, “You earned this, buddy. I hope you win.”

Serene votes for Valeria to win, “I’m a woman of my word, you’ve played this game great, I hope the jury sees that.”

Shane says, “I’ll go tally up the votes for the last time.” Shane walks away and comes back with a bowl full of paper. “I will read the votes one by one now, to increase the drama.”

“What is with you and drama?” Mitchie asks. “Hello, Total Drama! Anyway, first vote….Mitchie. that’s one vote Mitchie, zero votes for Valeria.” Shane says as he pulls out another vote. “Valeria, that’s one to one, we’re tied with one vote each.” Shane pulls out another vote. “Mitchie, two votes Mitchie, one vote Valeria.” A smile forms on Mitchie’s face. Valeria also smiles in nervousness. “You girls concerned at all?” Shane asks them.

“A little.” Valeria admits.

“Just hurry up, I wanna see who wins!” Mitchie says.

“I think we all do.” Shane says, he pulls out another vote. “Valeria, we’re tied at two, need six to win this.” Shane pulls out another vote. “Mitchie, that’s three votes Mitchie, two votes Valeria.” Shane pulls out a vote and says, “Valeria, we’re once again tied, three to three.” Shane pulls out another vote. “Mitchie, that’s four votes Mitchie, three votes Valeria.” Shane pulls out a vote. “Valeria, we’re tied, four to four. Feeling confident?” Shane asks Mitchie and Valeria.

“Nope.” Mitchie says.

“Not at all. It’s close, it could go either way.” Valeria says.

“Let’s get to the other votes, shall we?” Shane asks. He pulls out a vote and says, “Mitchie. That’s five votes Mitchie, four votes Valeria.” He pulls out another vote, Mitchie and Valeria both are focused on Shane’s hand. For Mitchie, it could mean her winning. For Valeria, it could mean her having a chance at winning. “Valeria, we are tied, five to five. It takes six to win. Valeria, Mitchie, what are your takes on this?”

“If I win, great! If I lose, okay, Mitchie wins. I don’t mind losing to Mitchie. I hope I don’t lose, but I don’t mind losing to her.” Valeria says.

“Ditto for me, Shane.” Mitchie says.

“Alright then, this is the final vote.” Shane says. He pulls out the final vote. “The winner…..Of Total Drama Craziness is….

………….VALERIA!” Shane proudly yells, showing the final vote that says, “Valeria” written in big letters. Valeria immediately faints and Mitchie catches her. Valeria looks shocked and happy at the same time. Mitchie looks a little sad, but tries to put on a smile. The jury comes out of their seats. Winston hugs Mitchie while Suzy and Elias hug Valeria. The rest high-five Valeria. “Yo! Valeria!” Shane calls out.

“Yeah?” Valeria asks.

“Here, it’s the final soda, you’ve earned it.” Shane says, tossing Valeria the final soda. Valeria drinks it happily. Shane looks into the camera and says, “There you have. Like that, the game is over. Overall, it’s the most unlikely winner ever, but Valeria did it. She lost, but came back and she won it. You just can’t vote her off, can you? However, it’s time to say goodbye to these twenty two teens, and it’s time for twenty new teens. Overall, goodbye Total Drama Craziness, hello Total Drama: The Production. See you then, folks! Until then, good bye!”

The episode ends there.

Theme Song

(Will do later. I don't people to be friends in the song but be hating each other in the story.)

Elimination Chart

Place Episode 1* 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
15-1 Valeria In Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Out Back Safe Win** Safe Safe Safe Win Low Win Low WINNER
2 Mitchie In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe  Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Low Win RUNNER-UP
22-3 Serene In Safe Safe Out Back Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Low Safe Win Out
4 Winston In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win Out
5 Kaori In Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Low Low Win Safe Out
6 Lance In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Low Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Low Out
8-7 Nico In Low Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Out
8-7 Liz In Safe Safe Safe Low Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe Win** Safe Safe Out
9 India In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Low Low Low Low Safe Out
10 Elias In Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Out
11 Linda In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Low Safe Safe Win Out
12 Suzy In Safe Safe Safe Safe Low Win Win Win Win Win Win Out
13 Baldwin In Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Out
14 Joshua In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Out
16 Jaquenette In Win Win Win Win Win Low  Low  Out
17 Leanna In Win Win Win Win Win Safe Out
18 Grady In Win Win Win Win Win Out
19 Dorthy In Win Win Win Win Win Out
20 Zev In Safe Safe Low Safe Out
21 Randy In Safe Low Safe Out
23 Ilan In Safe Out
24 Orville In Out

Light Brown means the Insane Squirrrels team.

Silver means the Rabbid Raccoons team.

Blue mean the Fighting Hawks team.

Yellow means that this person or team has won the challenge.  

Lime Green means that this person was safe at the soda ceremony.

Orange means that this person was low for the week.

Red means that this contestant was voted out at the soda ceremony.

Cyan means that this contestant got back in the game.

Purple means this contestant left the game due to injury.

.* Episode 1 was a non-elimination chart.

.** means that although Valeria and Liz didn't win the challenge, they were selected by the winner (Serene) to share the reward and immunity together.

Full Vote Count

That's right folks! You can see the full vote here.

Spike It:

Elias votes for Liz. "I can't freaken' understand what your saying, and this will totally corrupt Nico.

Nico votes for Orville. "Sorry dude, you're annoying and you're not much help."

Valeria votes for Orville. "You annoy me, go."

Serene votes for Elias. "You big jerk!"

Orville votes for Nico. "We would've won if it weren't for you.

Kaori votes for Nico. "If you would've stayed in you right mind! Maybe we coulda won!

Zev votes for Orville. "Get a life kid, or at least stay away from me.

Ilan votes for Nico. "Sorry man, I hope you stay here but you did cost us dearly.

Randy silently votes for Nico.

Liz votes for Orville. "Sorry hon. But I won't let anyone take my Nico from me."

Suzy votes for Orville. "This is what my heart is telling to vote for. I'm very sorry, for real."

1 vote for Liz, 5 votes for Orville, 1 vote for Elias, 4 votes for Nico. Orville is eliminated.

Victory in One Hand, and a Bamboo Stick in Another:

Elias votes for Ilan, "After what I just heard about you, what good will you be to us in the future?"

Nico votes for Ilan. "Wow! And I thought that I was the spacey one!"

Valeria votes for Zev. "Dude! We're a team. That means we do this together and I HATE the macho thing."

Serene votes for Randy. "You scare me."

Kaori votes for Ilan. "You should at least try."

Zev votes for Ilan. "Dude! You need to at least try!"

Ilan votes for Randy. "A lot of help you were!"

Randy votes for Zev. "You need to shut your mouth."

Liz votes for Ilan. "Sorry partner, you need to try harder. Here, and in real life.

Suzy votes for Randy. "I'm sorry but you show no emotion. It's making me a little paranoid.

2 votes for Zev, 5 votes for Ilan, 3 votes for Randy. Ilan is eliminated.

That's Just DiVine:

Elias votes for Serene, "Look, I'm sorry for everything. I hope you can come back for the merge."

Nico votes for Zev, "You nearly gave me a heart attack! I hope you never come near my sketch book again!"

Valeria votes for Serene, "I'm sorry Serene. I really don't feel like you truly want this for yourself though."

Serene votes for Zev, "I wish you were going home!'

Kaori votes for Serene, "Shy lady go by now!"

Zev votes for Serene, "You cost us the win. You deserve to go home!"

Randy vote for Zev, "You need to calm down."

Liz votes for Zev, "Nobody messes with my Nico!"

Suzy votes for Serene, "I know you didn't want to go but I will respect your wish."

4 votes for Zev, 5 votes for Serene. Serene is eliminated.

Dodgeball Mania:

Elias votes for Randy, "You give me the creeps"

Nico votes for Randy, "I'd rather see Zev go home, but you freak me out."

Valeria silently votes for Randy.

Kaori votes for Zev, "I'm tired of your talk."

Zev votes for Liz, "You should've tried harder! We were so close!"

Randy silently votes for Liz.

Liz votes for Randy, "You scare me more then Kaori!"

Suzy votes for Randy, "You scare me still!"

5 votes for Randy, 1 vote for Zev, 2 votes for Liz. Randy is eliminated.

Just Eat It:

Elias votes for Zev, "And I thought I could be mean."

Nico votes for Zev, "Useless."

Valeria silently votes for Zev.

Kaori votes for Zev, "You are the worst leader ever."

Zev votes for Suzy, "You might've gotten close to winning the dodgeball challenge, but you've done nothing else."

Liz votes for Zev, "Why don't you do something for once?"

Suzy votes for Zev, "I'm very sorry but you've been nothing but mean this entire time!"

6 votes for Zev, 1 vote for Suzy. Zev is eliminated.

Living With A Fear:

Leanna votes for Grady, "Nothing personal buddy."

Mitchie votes for Jaquenette, "You kinda useless now."

Joshua votes for Grady, "No thumbs, no service."

Winston votes for Jaquenette, "That spider bite isn't going to help us much."

India votes for Grady, "Joshie's voting for you so I will too!"

Linda votes for Jaquenette, "You're getting really mean. Leave, now!"

Lance votes for Grady, "For the sake of the team."

Baldwin votes for Jaquenette, "I don't see how you can help us anymore."

Jaquenette votes for Grady, "I might be biten by a spider, but you can't grab anything! At least I can grab stuff."

Grady votes for Jaquenette, "You aren't much help."

Dorthy votes for Grady, "I've made my desision, Jaquenette will be more help to the Squirrels than you."

5 votes for Jaquenette, 6 votes for Grady. Grady is eliminated.


Leanna votes for Jaquenette, "You 've been a jerk lately. To bad you're not going."

Mitchie votes for Jaquenette, "Jerk."

Joshua votes for Leanna, "Not the best choice."

Winston votes for Jaquenette, "You've been a real jerk to Linda lately."

India votes for Leanna, "If you're sure."

Linda votes for Leanna, "I'm not at all sure about this."

Lance votes for Leanna, "I still think we should vote for Jaquenette."

Baldwin votes for Leanna, "Not much help. Sorry."

Jaquenette votes for Linda, "Bye bye Spoiled."

1 vote for Linda, 3 votes for Jaquenette, 5 votes for Leanna. Leanna is eliminated.

Crazy Karts:

Mitchie votes for Jaquenette, "You lost for us."

Joshua votes for Jaquenette, "You really have to calm down."

Winston votes for Jaquenette, "What is your problem?"

India votes for Jaquenette, "You aren't that nice anymore."

Linda votes for Jaquenette with tears in her eyes, "I hate this game."

Lance votes for Jaquenette, "I'm sorry but you're not much help to us.

Baldwin votes for Jaquenette, "You've gotten quite mean to Linda."

Jaquenette votes for Lance, "You subjected her to this!"

7 votes for Jaquenette, 1 vote for Lance. Jaquenette is eliminated.

Rocking Around the Scary Cliff:

Mitchie votes for Linda, "You did something very noble. It may have cost us the win. I'm sorry."

Joshua votes for Linda, "I disagree with Lance, but I need this alliance."

Winston votes for Baldwin, "You cost us the win. Maybe."

India votes for Linda, "Sorry, Lance's orders.

Linda votes for Baldwin, "You did cost us the win, I guess."

Lance votes for Linda, "You're a loose cannon. Can't have you risking everything."

Baldwin votes for Linda, "Maybe if you've stayed up there, we could've won."

5 votes for Linda, 2 votes for Baldwin. Valeria is evacuated due to injury therefore saving Linda.

Midnight Blessings

Mitchie votes for India, "Next time, think before you act."

Joshua votes for Lance, "Dude, you've played a mean game."

Winston votes for India, "Sorry girl, but as long as you're here, I can never get a good sleep."

India votes for Lance, "You are such a jerk! I can't believe that I used to vote with you!"

Linda votes for India, "You know, I feel bad about splitting up you and Josh, but it's for the best."

Lance votes for India, "You cost us the win."

Baldwin voted for India, "I hope you're happy about losing for us!"

2 votes for Lance, 5 votes for India. Joshua saves India by giving her his safety therefore Joshua is eliminated instead.

Don't Guess That Nimber:

Mitchie votes for Baldwin, "Seriously?"

Winston votes for Baldwin, "Not cool dude!'

India votes for Baldwin, "Bye bye Baldie!"

Linda votes for India, "I said I'd keep my mouth shut, I never said anything about my votes."

Lance votes for Baldwin, "You really need to be nicer."

Baldwin votes for India, "You little trickster!"

4 votes for Baldwin, 2 votes for India. Baldwin is eliminated.

Maze of Confessingness

Lance votes for Suzy, "You're a threat, nothing personal."

India votes for Suzy, "Listen, the strong must overtake the weak."

Suzy votes for India, "You don't deserve this."

Elias vote for India, "You're up to something."

Liz votes for Suzy,"Listen, please forgive me. I don't wanna do this but India is right, you're a threat. Please forgive me Suzy."

Nico votes for Suzy, "This is the hardest thing I've ever done."

Valeria votes for India, "I saw you scurrying around camp, that has to mean something."

Serene votes for Suzy, "As much as I want to vote out India, I have to stick with her. Don't worry Suzy, I'll avenge your elimination.

Winston votes for Suzy, "Sorry girl."

Mitchie votes for Suzy, "You're a great girl Suzy, but it's time."

Kaori votes for Suzy crying, "Forgive me, friend."

Linda votes for India, "Get out of here."

8 votes for Suzy, 4 votes for India. Suzy is eliminated.

One Hit At a Time

Lance votes for Winston, "Idiot."

India votes for Linda, "You won't keep your mouth shut for long."

Elias votes for Linda, "Sorry Linda, but you're rich. I hope you understand my decision.

Liz votes for Linda, "Sorry Linda. But I think someone who needs the money should win."

Nico votes for Linda, "Two words: You're rich."

Valeria votes for Linda, "Look, you're already rich. I'm sorry but if you win, the money will just go to waste. I hope you understand."

Serene votes for Linda, "India's orders."

Winston votes for Linda, "Sorry Linda, but you're already rich. You don't need this."

Mitchie votes for Lance, "Sorry, but you're a threat."

Kaori votes for India, "Something's up. Oh well, most likely it's me!"

Linda votes for India, "Like I said, I never said a thing about not voting for you."

7 votes for Linda, 2 votes for India, 1 vote for Lance, 1 vote for Winston. Linda is eliminated.

Greased Eliminations

Lance votes for Elias, "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!"

India votes for Elias, "Elias, I am dreadfully sorry, but couples are a threat and all possible threats must be eliminated."

Elias votes for Kaori, "Um, I don't know what to call you, nuts, or crazy."

Liz votes for Kaori, "You've gone nuts!"

Nico votes for Mitchie, "I'm sorry, Elias, Liz, and Valeria, but I just wanna apologize to Kaori for what happened, I hope you guys understand. I just can't vote for her now. I am very sorry."

Valeria votes for Kaori, "No one, and I mean no one yells at my boyfriend!"

Serene votes for Kaori, "I cannot let Elias go, I just can't! Valeria is my friend!"

Winston votes for Elias, "Sorry buddy, but is had to be done."

Mitchie votes for Elias, "You're a great guy, I don't know why I'm voting for you really, but India wants you gone so, yeah."

Kaori votes for Elias, "Ya, hitting me with a football isn't the best strategy."

5 votes for Elias, 4 votes for Kaori, 1 vote for Mitchie. Elias is eliminated.

Head Busters

Lance votes for India, "Sorry, but it's the majority."

India votes for Kaori, "Honestly, I don't know why you're still here."

Liz votes for India, "Wow, you need to see a doctor."

Nico votes for India, "Now I know that I'm eliminating the right person."

Valeria votes for India, "This one's for you Elias."

Serene votes for India, "You're overall a crappy person."

Winston votes for India, "FYI, I did not vote for Joshua the night he was eliminated, I voted for you. This time, I'm sure this vote will count."

Mitchie votes for India, "You're some kind of crazy!"

Kaori votes for India, "Good bye, so long, farewell to you and you, goodbye!"

1 vote for Kaori, 8 votes for India. India is eliminated.

Car Pullers

Lance votes for Liz, "Bye country girl!"

Liz votes for Lance, "Good bye Lance."

Nico votes for Lance, "Sorry dude, I know you're a great person, but it's the end of the line for you."

Valeria votes for Liz, "Honestly, I really don't know if Mitchie was telling the truth, I hope she is, because I do not want this vote to go in vain."

Serene votes for Nico, "Sorry dude, I'm glad I got to know you when I did."

Winston votes for Liz, "I am sorry, but this isn't my idea."

Mitchie votes for Nico, "Sorry Nico, but it's time."

Kaori votes for Nico, "I can never vote for Liz, never."

3 votes for Liz, 2 votes for Lance, 3 votes for Nico. Nico and Liz are eliminated.

Puzzled Minds

Lance votes for Serene, "Sorry Serene, I don't know why I'm voting for you, but I am."

Valeria votes for Lance, "Listen friend, I'm so sorry, but it's just your time. I'm sorry, truly I am."

Serene votes for Lance, "This sucks, I don't want to vote for you, but it just needs to be done."

Winston votes for Lance silently, he wipes away a tear as he votes.

Mitchie votes for Lance, "You've really grown as a person, and I can see that. I really wish we were in an alliance so I wouldn't have to do this."

Kaori votes for Lance, "I just gotta do it, I don't want to, but I half to."

1 vote for Serene, 5 votes for Lance. Lance is eliminated.

Blast From the Past

Valeria votes for Kaori, "I don't want to do this, but I have no choice."

Serene votes for Kaori, "This....This is the hardest vote I've ever had to cast. I don't want to do this, but I really don't have a choice."

Winston votes for Kaori, "I'm proud of your progress, but you just alienated yourself from the group, and that's not good."

Mitchie votes for Kaori, "I love you as a friend, and I hope you know that. I wish you best of luck in the world."

Kaori votes for Valeria, "This vote won't count much, but I believe you have played the game the best so this is a respect vote."

4 votes for Kaori, 1 vote for Valeria. Kaori is eliminated.

Swimming n' Puzzles

Valeria votes for Winston, "You're the bigger threat, I am sorry."

Serene votes for Winston silently with tears in her eyes.

Winston votes for Mitchie, "I'm sorry I let you down."

Mitchie votes for Winston, "I don't have a choice, I'm sorry."

3 votes for Winston, 1 vote for Mitchie. Winston is eliminated.

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Dice

There is no vote as the elimination was all by chance.

Valeria vs. Mitchie

Baldwin votes for Mitchie to win, "Valeria shouldn't even be there."

Suzy votes for Valeria to win, "Valeria, You probably didn't play this game as honestly as you probably should have, but your my friend and I want you to win this."

Linda votes for Valeria to win, "You have a better purpose for the money, and you played this game better."

Elias votes for Valeria to win, "Sorry Mitchie, but Valeria is my girlfriend. I hope you win this, Valeria, I hope you do."

India votes for Mitchie to win, "Yeah, Valeria played the game so much better than you, coattail rider. This is just a pity vote."

Liz votes for Mitchie to win, "Valeria, you do not deserve to win after back stabbing me. I hope you win this, Mitchie."

Nico votes for Mitchie to win, "You don't really deserve to win, Valeria, but Mitchie does."

Lance votes for Valeria to win, "You earned this, buddy, I hope you win."

Kaori votes for Valeria to win, "You remember my vote for you to be eliminated? Well, that was a respect vote. This, is a vote for you to win, Valeria. I hope you win, you truely played this game the best."

Winston votes for Mitchie to win, "You're my girlfriend, of course I'm gonna vote for you!"

Serene votes for Valeria to win, "I'm a woman of my word, you've played this game great, I hope the jury sees this."

5 votes for Mitchie to win, 6 votes for Valeria to win. Valeria wins Total Drama Craziness.

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