Deadly Dancers
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Wil, 4th place
Lowest Ranking Member Melanie, 18th place
Team Selected By

Chris McLean

The Deadly Dancers is one of the three teams in Total Drama Culture.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Melanie Female 1st 1st "Your voice is like a gentle rainshower on a weak roof." She was too strong, was eliminated by Kunio to win a majority.
Kunio Male 2nd 2nd "You're a monster - in both senses of the word!" He was too well-liked.
Xanthe Female 3rd 3rd "If you just shut up, all of our lives will be much easier." Her love for Wil had gotten out of hand.
Ocean Male 4th 5th "Woohoo, we got... a coin." He cost Diana the challenge, who convinced others to vote him off.
Kaite Female 5th 7th "If he was on another team, he'd so be out now." She was medivac'd.
Wil Male 6th 15th "This is far from over." TBA


The Deadly Dancers is one of the worst teams on the wiki, with only one contestant reaching the merge, and several internal conflicts.

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