Label Team Episode Eliminated
FlaireHead The Goth Chick Team Fire Winner!

Flaire was a really gothic girl when she was little.

However, she found the strength to go onto a

reality show and show off what she could do. She

applied for Total Drama Dra and was accepted.

When she arrived, she didn't like it much.

However, she met Kevin who could relate to her.

They made an alliance. Soon, Sam and Dolly

returned to the game shortly after being

eliminated. She teamed up with Kevin and Sam.

In the final four, Flaire betrayed Kevin and got

him out.

BogleHead The Nerd Team Ice Bridge Over Troubled Magma

When Bogle was just a little child, he always enjoyed playing

games with his parents. He got interested in Scrabble, which

was one of his favorite games ever. He was planning on going

to a championship in Colorado, but alas, he did not have the

money to fly there. He wanted to win Total Drama Dra for

the money to go to it. When he arrived, he quickly

became Aquainted with Jessica, another nerd of

the season. When he was eliminated, he vowed revenge on

Danny, who is now his worst enemy.

LaurenHead The Dumb One Team Ice Easter Island Heads

Lauren was a severe outcast when she was little. This held onto

her as she grew older. Her naive ways have driven her to become

mad about her treatment by her friends. On Total Drama Dra, she

arrived to win some money to go to a government base

for testing to make her smart again. She did not make many friends

during her venture.

Chris The Artist Team Ice Double Down Under

Chris was always interested in art. Nothing artistic happened on the

show, sadly. Chris wanted to win the money to go to an art school

in California to become a professional, which untimely failed him. His

only friend on the show was Chet, who could speak French and

understand half of what he said.

Chet The Normal Male Team Ice Double Down Under

Chet is egyptian, and he loves to play games. When he was at his

home, he saw an advertisement for a video game competition in the

Yukon, which would be a 'perfect' place to play a game. As stupid

as it was, Chet decided to attend. He failed, but realized he wanted

to make games for a living. He was on Total Drama Dra to earn

the money for college.

BellaHead The Sweet One Team Fire One Last Shot at Freedom

Bella was really sweet throughout her lifetime. She was nice and

she had polite manners...

...until Total Drama Dra. She called Lauren an idiot, but found

a small attachment to her in the game. While Lauren lasted, Bella

was really her only 'friend', if you would. After Lauren got out, Bella

set a goal for herself to win the game entirely. This failed for her,

but she did manage to make friends with the finalists before

her departure.

Saria The Insane One Team Fire We're Leaving on a Boat

Saria was troubled as a child. Her father was a demented serial

killer who used a knife. He carved tallies into his body which

symbolized how many people he killed. Saria was affected as a little

one. Her mother couldn't take care of her, so Saria was put up for


...In the Insanitorium. Saria went insane one day at school, and harmed

everyone in her class. Poor Saria never stood a chance. She came

to Total Drama Dra to try to regain her sanity, and go home to

her father and confront him for his awful deeds.

TodHead The Marshmallow Team Fire The Great Merge

Tod was one of those preps at school, who did everything right. He was

always nice, and let women go into doors first. If anything was in trouble,

he was there to help. He came to T-D-D to help people, and see how far

niceness went.

PaigeHead The Sophisticated One Team Ice The Savior

Paige was very wealthy back home. She loved sitting in gardens and

listening to peaceful music. When she came on the show, she hoped

to meet some new friends and even make an alliance. She didn't want

the money, since she had it back home. But she did like knowing

she could be in a competition of the matter. She paired up with Zach

a while after not liking him. She sprang her ankle. In the final three, she

was eliminated for not being able to move much on her own without

being carried.

ZachHead The Sweet Country Kid Team Ice Winner!

Zach was from Tennessee who moved to Kentucky at fourteen. He

wanted to come to the show for the money prize, and to meet some

friends. On the show, he fell for Paige, who finally fell back during the

second Scavenge. She then was carried around by Zach, who is

now in a relationship/alliance with her. In the final three, the two

remaining Ice members are going against Flaire.

DollyHead The Villain Team Ice

You Can Lead a Camel to Water...

The Bermuda Triangle

Dolly was always the queen bee of her groups at school. She did

the same thing here in Total Drama Dra. She gathered the two other

richer kids into an alliance, and continued on in the game with them

until it was time to drop them. And now, after going through so

much in the game, she is residing in the Bermuda Triangle,

waiting to eat her next meal in the chamber with Saria.

KevinHead The Emo Team Fire Trivial Pursuit

Kevin was very disturbed as a child. He came to the game to--

hopefully--regain his ability to go on in life without cutting or

anything. So in the beginning, he found a close relationship with

Flaire. He went along with her to form an alliance with Sam.

When the game got far, Sam got out. Kevin relied a bit on Flaire,

which in the end was his downfall. Flaire got him out, and now

Kevin hates Flaire with a passion....or does he?

NateHead The Partier Team Ice Crash and Burn

Nate loves to party, he does. When he was at home in his

highschool, he was the talk of the school. The best partier in history.

He wanted to give this season some livelyhood, so he brought

along his radio and a few CDs. He wants the money to be a

professional DJ in clubs around the world. However, his dreams were

crushed after being eliminated.

Sarah The Rich Kid Team Ice Quick! Send a Flaire for Rescue!

Sarah was rich when she was at home. Her father, who works for

the government, and her mother who is a lawyer. She gets tons of

money just for being good at the house, and double that for A's and B's

on her report cards. She's here on the show to gain money to

give to charity instead of being selfish and keeping the money for

herself. She also wants to know that she can earn money without

her parent's help. But, why is she here to donate money, you ask?

Because her parents don't want her to donate. She is not

abiding by her parents' rule.

DaliaHead ... Team Fire The Scavenge

Dalia's past is unknown, actually. She's good with nature, and she

likes peace and meditation. She's a teenager, but nobody has seen

her at a school in her entire life. Dalia is also said to be an old woman

aged fifteen thousand years old. Her spirit lives on in her family, as it is

said. Nobody knows about her other than her wereabouts on the show.

Now, in the Bermuda Triangle, she resides with the plants,

meditating softly.

DimitriHead The Funny One Team Fire Trials of the Pyramid

Dimitri was always the funny bone at home. His parents didn't laugh

though. His friends did, but Dimitri never believed them to tell the

truth. He wants to go to a fancy school to become a comedian for

his hometown. Now, he's in the Triangle, hoping to escape sometime

in the future, and steal the money away from the people who

win it...

ClaireHead The Nice One Team Ice The Scavenge Part 2

Claire was rather wealthy when she was born into her family. However,

unlike Sarah, she didn't get any share after turning ten years old. From

then on, she relied on money from other people. Sure, she ate, but

when she wanted money for something she had to do odd jobs for

it. She came to T-D-D to win the money to keep herself supported for

a few years so she doesn't have to beg.

BrandonHead The Tall Guy Team Fire Bienvenue en France, la ville de l'amour

Brandon was one of the tall kids when he was in elementary. He was

about 4'9 in third grade. Now, as a teen in high school, he's huge. At

6'5, he's really tall and able to do tons of things people could never do before.

On Total Drama Dra, he hopes to win the money and show that being tall

has its perks, and that he is NOT a freak. However, he didn't prove

a thing after getting out second. But in the Bermuda Triangle, he has

proved to be really nice and not a freak by getting food from the trees.

SydneyHead The Blue Girl Team Fire The London Bridge is Falling Down

When Sydney was really small, she learned about Blue. Blue was always

her favorite color from then. Knowing she had blue eyes, she devoted her

style to Blue. Her hair is now blue. Her shirts and pants are now blue. She's

really only on the show to broadcast her love for Blue things, and to win

the money for fun.

JessicaHead The Nerd-ette Team Ice What Lies in the Lion's Den?

Jessica and Bogle are just alike. Jessica was popular back home, however.

The popular kids didn't mind her being around them, and the nerdier kids

called her dumb, but she didn't care. However, she came to the show to

prove her worth to the popular kids. That's she's just as epic as they are.

However, this didn't reign true since she got out sooner than expected.

SamHead The Friendly One Team Fire

The Fridgid Ices are Never too Deep

The Tiki Challenge

Oh boy, Sam. Sam was always the helper and the deciever. He would help

some friends do something one minute and talk them out of twenty bucks

the next. He wanted to change his ways after being caught by his friends. He

came to T-D-D to show he can change. Upon arrivial, he sucked. However,

after returning, he teamed up with Flaire and Kevin. However, shortly after

returning, he was kicked right back off.

DannyHead The Pirate Boy Team Fire Unusual Acts of Kindness

Danny had a weird obsession with pirates at a young age. This kept up with

him up until now. However, this got him far in the competition somehow.

He got a lot of immunities before his time came. He came to the show to

earn the money to purchase a ship and sail across the seas to discover

tons of new things and islands.

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