Chapter 1: Total Drama Dra

Draven enters on a dock. The camera pans over to him. "Hello there. I'm Draven, your host for the next twenty or so weeks. Anyway, here we are at an airport. Sadly, and yet ironically, we're not using the airport. Instead, we'll be using.... "THE S.S DRA" to cruise around the world and do challenges. As you can see, the boat isn't even here. BUT, we're welcoming the contestants from the airport since they needed to fly here. Except for one person. We're in South Carolina, and one person is in Tennessee. So he can drive here."

"This season, our players will be competing for a grand prize of one million dollars! They'll be going around the world, facing fierce elements on the ship, terrible trials, and some legit food. Anyway, Let's welcome our contestants. Contender number uno, Flaire!" Draven finishes, as he points to an arriving airplane. It lands, and Flaire steps off.

" We actually weren't lied too this time. We really ARE leaving on a boat. Shocker." Flaire says as she steps off.

"Nice to see you like it." Draven laughs.

"I never said that. I just said that you didn't lie." Flaire smirks as she stands on the dock.

"Whatever. Anyway, up next is Bogle!" Draven shouts.

"Hi! I'm-" Bogle snorts. "Sorry. I'm sick. I'm Bogle. Hi!" Bogle sticks his hand out to Flaire.

"No thanks. I'm good." Flaire laughs.

"Up next, we have Lauren. She's the du-preppy girl of the season. Let's give her a firm welcome!" Draven claps as she steps off of the airport steps.

"Hi guys. Have any of you seen my suit case?" Lauren asks as she walks up to Flaire and Bogle.

"You threw it out the window." Flaire smirks.

"She's right." Bogle laughs.

"I WHAT!?" Lauren screams and she jumps into the water and searches.

"...And we have Chris...The Shameless Painter. Yes. He's a painter." Draven says with no remark.

"Bonjour. Je parle français." Chris says as we walks in.

"Wow! Moi aussi!" Bogle says with a smile.

"Vous êtes un idiot." Chris stands next to Bogle.

"I know. I know." Bogle sighs.

"I speak english to you know." Chris walks away.

"Je l'aime" Flaire giggles.

"And after him, we have Chet." Draven says, as Chet walks off of the airport steps.

"Hello." Chet says as he walks up to them.

"YAY! I FOUND MY SUITCASE!" Lauren appears from the water with a fish attached to a suitcase.

"...Thanks for they "Hey" everyone." Chet says as he stands next to Lauren.

"Bonjour Chet." Chris smiles.

"Thanks. Erm....Vous parlez français? La mienne n'est pas si bon." Chet laughs.

"And Bella is up next." Draven says as he points to Bella, emerging from the airport.

"Sup Ya'll." Bella comes in, smiling.

"OH EM GEE SOMEONE NORMAL!!!!!!" Lauren shrieks in happiness and she hugs Bella.

"Erm...thanks?" Bella points to her and looks at the others with a weird face.

"We don't know either." Flaire says to her.

"And we have Saria who seems to be carrying Tod..." Draven stares.


"WOOHOO!" Saria shouts as she runs down to the dock with Tod on her back.

"HELP ME!" Tod shouts.

"No thanks. Anyway, before Tod dies, let's introduce Paige." Draven laughs.

Paige walks down and says nothing.

"No comment?" Chet asks.

"Wow. Someone actually quiet!" Bogle smiles.

"Et je souhaite que tu serais tranquille aussi." Chris laughs. Bogle rolls his eyes.

"Am I late!?" Zach runs in.

"And this is Zach. He lives in Tennessee, so he knows where to go. And he isn't very late at all." Draven says.

Zach runs over and stands next to the crowd.

"Dolly, everyone!" Draven shouts as Dolly walks off of the steps.

"Hello everyone. How ya' doin'?" Dolly asks as she stands next to Bella and Lauren. "You two look nice and cool. Maybe we can be friends?" Dolly smiles, but laughs on the inside.

"Up next we have Kevin." Draven smiles as Kevin walks down.

"Hurry up so I can go cut myself." Kevin smirks as he walks down and stands next to Flaire.

"HOORAY FOR CUTTING!" Saria shouts.

"Hey there." Flaire smiles.

Music is then heard. It is very loud. "It seems Nate has arrived." Draven says as Nate comes out, holding a large speaker.

"HEY EVERYONE!" Nate shouts as he turns off his radio. "How ya doing?" Nate laughs.

"Another one bites the dust." Bella smirks quietly.

"This is gonna be easy." Dolly laughs.

"Je ne sais pas pourquoi je suis d'accord avec elle en ce moment, mais je ne." Chris says as he backs away.

"What's up?" Nate asks as he walks up to the others.

"Same old stuff." Paige finally speaks.

"Yep. Nothin' new." Zach laughs.

Draven stops them all from talking. "Time for me to introduce Sarah." Draven welcomes her.

"Hey everyone. I'm Sarah, as you know. I may be rich, but that doesn't mean I don't play fair!" Sarah throws down a wallet with money in it towards Draven as she walks forward. Draven rolls his eyes.

"Nice. I like her." Lauren laughs.

"Up next is Dalia." Draven points to Dalia as she exits the airport.

"I am Dalia. I am the peace maker, the peace fighter. The winner of the prize." Dalia walks down to the dock.

"Erm...thats awkward." Kevin says. Flaire giggles.

"And we have my reccomendation for the comedy of the season, Dimitri!" Draven says.

Dimitri runs down to the others, laughing. "I got on for free." Dimitri winks.

"Doesn't mean you'll win." Sarah says to him.

"Yeah. We might just vote you off for the laughs." Tod says.

"VOTING!" Saria shouts.

"Kill. Me." Tod says to Dimitri.

"Boyfriend and Girlfriend?" Dimitri winks.

"No. But I'm being taken hostage by a maniac." Tod says to him.

"HOSTAGE!? WHERE? I WANNA SEE!" Saria shouts.

"I'll give you the knife. Just one quick stab." Tod says as he tries to reach over to Kevin.

"Touch my knife and die." Kevin backs away.

"I'M TRYING." Tod shouts.

"And Claire is next. Don't help Tod!" Draven points to Dimitri.

"Oh no. I was pushing him towards Kevin." Dimitri laughs.

"I like you. You've got spunk." Claire says as she pats Draven on the back.

"Thanks. Right back at you." Draven says as Claire walks by.

"Hi. you must be the other contestants." Claire says as she walks over Zach.

"Hey." Zach says.

"Don't get so excited. I'm winning this for sure." Dolly smiles, with an evil smile.

"She is." Lauren smiles with huge, yet strange, joy.

"No she isn't. You don't say that." Bella pats Lauren on the back.

"Up next we have Brandon." Draven points to Brandon.

"Just the tall kid. Just the tall kid. I don't even know why I'm here." Brandon sighs.

"More like the depressed kid. Lighten up." Chet tells him.

"Est-ce important? Vous allez bientôt de toute façon." Chris says to him.

"...Anyone wanna translate?" Brandon asks.

"I said you'll go home soon if you keep it up." Chris says angrily.

"I knew I should have taken French last year." Sarah adds in.

"Sydney is our next person." Draven says.

Sydney steps off and smiles. "Go Blue! I love your hair dude!" Sydney points to Kevin.

"If I give you the knife, you kill me first." Kevin jokes.

"DEAL." Saria throws Tod down and chases after Kevin. Kevin runs.

"Up next is Jessica." Draven shows Jessica exiting the airport.

"Hi everyone." Jessica snorts and her glasses fall off. "Oh no." Jessica bends over to pick them up.

"Hi. I'm Bogle." Bogle picks up Jessica's glasses for her.

She sniffs. "Thanks." Jessica puts them on and walks to the back.

"You say I'll be the first to go? I think she will be." Nate laughs.

"You're mean. You know what right?" Claire says to him.

"The last two contenders are Sam and Danny. I decided to let them out. However, Danny was rejected for Nate's friend. But I don't like lawsuits, so we brought him in instead." Draven laughs.

"Evil." Nate yells.

"Meh." Sam says as he walks to the back.

"ARGH." Danny runs after.

"Hey there. I'm Sarah." Sarah says to Sam.

"Nice to meet you." Sam says as he steps away from Danny.

"Now then. We have everyone here. Before we leave on the boat, I need to take a group shot. Smile!" Draven holds up a camera. Kevin and Saria run past. The camera snaps, and a picture is taken of Saria and Kevin fighting, as everyone else is gasping.

"...Perfect." Draven laughs.

The S.S Dra arrives. The boat is a huge and blue. Many rooms are seen on the Cruise ship.Steps emerge from it, and everyone walks on board.

"Wooden and sturdy? This is nothing like the other shows." Flaire says as she walks off.

"Everyone. Don't go anywhere. I need to explain some things to you." Draven gets Flaire and the others to regroup.

"As of now, there are no teams. We will form teams tomorrow, however. This ship has many places. The first notable room is the confessional room. Yes, its the bathroom. Another notable room is the map room. It tells you where we're headed. Another notable room is the sleeping room or rooms. One is for girls and team one, the other is for boys and team two. Boys and Girls will sleep in the designated rooms I said tonight. They have a sign on them. You'll know what they are. Tomorrow we will form teams and have our first challenge. We will also have the first ever elimination. I bid you goodbye, and goodnight. Have fun, adios, whatever. Go nuts on the ship.

Chapter 1 Written on 9/17/2011.

Author Notes:

Many people quit stories because they think they have no viewers. PLEASE, if you read, comment on the talk page. There are many things to comment on, I'm sure. So please, leave a comment!

Chapter 2: We're leaving on a Boat

The camera opens on Draven, standing on a diving board.

"Welcome back. Last time, we met all of our competitors and set sail. We're heading to our first destination now, but the first challenge will be on the boat. So will the first elimination. So, let's get right to it!"


Bogle and Jessica sit downstairs in a swimming area. Their feet hang in the water.

"Hey Jessica." Bogle says to her.

"Hi...Bogle? Is it?" Jessica adjusts her glasses.

"Yep." Bogle says as he turns from her.

"I embarrased myself so much back there. Dropping my glasses and all." Jessica sighs.


Bogle appears in front of the confessional camera. The bathroom had a busted toilet, and the walls are painted blue. "I like Jessica. She's cool. But I'm not so sure that the others will treat her the same." Bogle sighs.


Sarah, Claire, and Dolly sit together in the girl's room. The carpet is pink, and bunk beds are old and broken. They sit in the floor with nail polish.

"Can you belive them? Bogle and Jessica. Both are a couple of freakin' nerds." Dolly laughs. Claire applies some nail polish to her fingers.

"Don't worry about them. Let's worry about that crazy chick. Sarah, is it?" Claire speaks.

"Its Saria. Not Sarah." Sarah says in an angry tone.

"Oh. I thought we had two Sarahs. Sorry." Claire laughs.

"Whatevs', I just wanna get far." Sarah says as she paints her nails red.

"And you can, and will. If we work together." Dolly suggests.

"Sounds great to me. But what if we don't get on the same team?" Sarah says to Dolly.

"Then we'll align at the merge." Dolly says, conforting them.

"Sounds good." Claire nods in agreement.

"Try not to get kicked off though." Dolly laughs.

Zach walks with Paige along the dock on the top of the ship.

"So...How ya' doin'?" Zach asks Paige.

"Please. Don't walk with me." Paige tells Zach.

"Why not?" Zach asks.

"Look, Zim--" Paige is stopped.

"Its Zach." Zach corrects her.

"Zach. Sorry. Anyway, I don't want you to follow me. I'm strategizing, and I'm pointing out the targets. I don't want you to hear me, or get hurt. Okay?" Paige tells him.

Zach stops walking and Paige goes ahead of him. "...Sorry then..." Zach says in a sad tone.


Back at the boy's room, Nate, Brandon, Sam, and Tod dance to music.

"I'm glad you got on the show. Its relief." Brandon says, laughing.

"Thanks. You know, with me here, I can get you guys far." Nate winks.

"I don't really want an alliance." Sam says. "I wanna play the game fair and square."

"Me too. Alliances are fair. You wanna win this too, right?" Nate says to Sam.

"Of course. But I don't really want to be betrayed in the end. Thats how everything is." Sam tells him.

"He does have a point." Tod interrupts.

"Yeah. Sorry Nate." Brandon tells him.

Nate rolls his eyes and turns off his stereo, and leaves the sleeping cabin. "Did you need to take the beat?" Brandon asks as he follows him.


Nate appears in the confessional. "They don't want to be in an alliance with me? What, am I not appealing? I'm friendly. I have music. I am a partier! How could you..." Nate stops.


Everyone enters the food cabin. Several metallic tables sit inside. Chairs sit around them. Draven stands on the center one.

"Welcome to the eating area. I'll be serving you food each day here. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. As for teams...We will need to do a challenge to decide them. All around the ship are flags. Some red, some blue. Your task is to find a flag and bring it to me. That'll decide which team you're on. Challenge begins after breakfast. Today's menu: Pancakes." Draven points to a large table with tons of pancake plates on them.

"I think we got blessed this time." Flaire gawks at the food.

"No doubt about it." Jessica says. Her glasses fall on the ground. "Crud!" Jessica bends over and grabs them.

Everyone grabs a plate and finds a table.

Chris, Chet, and Saria end up at the same table.

"Crap." Chet says. "Why are you following us!?"

"I'M PLAYING FOLLOW THE LEADER." Saria says angrily.

"Si elle ne s'en va pas, je vais la détruire." Chris says aloud.

"YOU SPEAK SPANISH!?" Saria lets out a loud cheer.

"Sa débile français!" Chris shouts at her.

"WEEWEE!!!" Saria giggles.

"Quelqu'un s'il vous plaît jeter une fourchette dans son dos." Chris face-palms.


"Thank you!" Chris shouts. Bella comes over and takes her seat.

"I know how you feel. I'm voting her off first." Bella says to them.

"No kidding." Chet lays his head down.

An hour soon passes, and everyone is outside. Draven stands next to the door.

Outside, Danny and Saria race to pick up a red flag that is in front of them. "MINE!" They both yell.

Danny dives for it and grabs it. "ARGH!" Danny says in glory.

"DARN!" Saria stands and searches around.

Dolly, Sarah, and Claire look together. "Hey look!" Sarah yells as she runs up to three blue flags.

"One for each of us!" Claire says, happily. Sarah runs up and brings them back to them.

"Yes! Easy win!" Claire shouts.

"Crap!" Sam yells as he runs to them.

Kevin and Flaire look together. They are inside of the map room. A large virtual map sits in front of them.

"I don't think he hid any in here..." Flaire wonders.

"Thanks for helping me...but..." Kevin raises his knife.

"No. Life doesn't need to be so bland Kevin. Live it up." Flaire tells him.

Kevin smiles and puts his knife away. "Look!" Flaire runs over to a table. Two red flags are under it.

"Its our lucky day." Kevin smiles as he takes one.

Bogle and Jessica walk along the dock. "See anything yet?" Bogle asks.

"No. Not ye-YES! I SEE A BLUE FLAG!" Jessica runs up and grabs it.

"Great! Now I need a blue one..." Bogle looks around.

"Hey! I found a blue flag!" Zach yells from afar.

"Your second one?" Nate tells him. It can be heard.

"You hear that? It seems Zach found two! Let's go!" Bogle runs with Jessica to find Zach.

"Oh hey guys." Zach says, as Jessica and Bogle run up to him.

"Can we please have your blue flag?" Bogle asks nicely.

"Sorry. Its Nate's." Zach shrugs.

"Awe!" Bogle runs off to find one. Jessica follows.

Sam and Brandon walk with each other near the pool. Two red flags sit under water.

"I wonder where one could be?" Sam asks.

"No clue." Brandon searches around.

"Oh wait! Look! There are two down there!" Sam points to the water. Brandon nods and jumps in. He swims to the bottom and grabs them. He comes back and hands one to Sam.

Dimitri, Dalia, and Saria walk along the dock at the bottom.

"So...Who want's to swim with the fish?" Dimitri asks as he nudges Dalia's shoulder.

Dalia turns, and lifts Dimitri in the air and slams him into the water. "Do not touch me." Dalia says, as she continues to walk. Dimitri scoots back onto the ship, and notices three red flags positioned in windows. Dimitri grabs them from the water, and runs up to the others.

"I found some red ones!" Dimitri hands out the flags.

"WOOHOO!" Saria shouts as she runs in circles.

"I thank you for your gift." Dalia walks off.

Lauren, Chris, and Chet stand inside the bath cabins. Showers line the tiled walls.

"I'd bet some flags are inside of the here." Chet says as he opens a stall door.

"Find one?" Chris asks.

"Remind me again why I'm following you?" Lauren says to them.

"I really don't know why." Chet says as he opens up another shower stall. "I found one!" Chet takes one in his hand. Chris and Lauren then open up stalls.

"Found mine!" Chris shouts.

"Same!" Lauren holds up a blue flag.

"We all got blue!" Chris says as he looks at Chet's blue flag.

Bella, Paige, and Bogle walk inside of Draven's cabin. It is somewhat empty. Bella walks up, and pulls drawers out of the drawers. "Found a Red one." Bella holds it up. Bogle looks underneath a bed.

"Awesome! Blue!" Bogle snags the flag and runs out.

Paige digs around, and finds a blue flag behind a mirror on the wall. "Awesome!" Paige runs off with it. Bella follows.

Sydney and Tod walk together. "Everyone else is gone. I guess we're the last ones." Tod says as he walks and looks into a window.

"See anything?" Sydney says as she looks into another window.

"Actually....I think I do. I see the last two red ones!" Tod runs inside of the unknown area and yanks the two flags up. "Yes!" Tod yells.

Tod hands one to Sydney, and they run to Draven.

Everyone is gathered around Draven. "Alright everyone. I see them." Draven says as Sydney and Tod run up to him. "Okay. All red members, please stand over there." Draven points to an empty spot. Danny, Flaire, Kevin, Sam, Brandon, Dimitri, Saria, Dalia, Bella, Tod, and Sydney walk over. "As for the rest of you blues, go over there." Draven points to the opposite side. Dolly, Sarah, Claire, Zach, Nate, Jessica, Lauren, Chet, Chris, Bogle, and Paige walk over.

"Team one, with the red people, is named.... "Team Fire." And team two is named "Team Ice." " Draven finishes.

"Epic! I'm on fire!" Dimitri laughs.

"Ice...reminds me of me." Sarah laughs.

"And now, for the sad news. Since Tod and Sydney were the last two to get a flag, they make their team lose. Team Fire will go to elimination. If you will follow me..." Draven leads both teams downstairs and onto the dock. It has a large platform.

"This is elimination. You'll notice the many stumps around you. This is where you sit. As for eliminated players, they will walk the plank. As in, dive off of the ship and never come back on board." Draven says to them.

"Um...excuse me. But what if you can't swim?" Jessica asks. Her team laughs.

"...Swim or die." Dimitri says. Her team laughs louder. Jessica cringes.

"Team Fire's members need to take a seat please." Draven motions them to sit down. Everyone sits.

"Now then. Votes will be cast in the confessionals. I'm sure you all want to know what you'll recieve as an immunity idol. Its a cookie. Yes, a cookie. Go cast your vote on who you want to leave the game." Draven tells them.


Danny appears in front of the confessional. "I really hope they don't get rid of me first, mate. I'm australian. I can't help that I like the accent of pirates. Just don't think bad of me." Danny sighs.

Sydney appears in the confessional. "I think you all know who is getting the boot tonight."


Everyone is now seated, and ready for elimination. "Cookies go too...Flaire...Kevin..." Draven throws the cookies out. "Danny...Bella...Sam...Brandon...Dimitri..." Draven throws the cookies. "Dalia...and Tod." Draven throws the cookies. "So Sydney and Saria are in the bottom two. The final cookie goes too..............



"Tais-toi et accepter crétin!" Chris yells at her.

"What he said." Chet agrees.

"FINE." Saria backs up and falls off, into the ocean. "NO! I WASN'T FINISHED YET!" Saria shouts.

The boat speeds away into the sunset.

"Congratulations. All of you stay for another night. Go to your sleeping rooms. Team Ice will take cabin one. Team Fire takes cabin two." Draven dismisses.

Dolly, Claire, and Sarah walk along the dock. They are isolated. They head to their cabins.

"We need to strategize tomorrow." Sarah says.

"Indeed." Dolly smirks as she walks on.


Dolly appears in front of the confessional. "They really have no idea. When I make the final five, they are out. But I need them now. So, we'll keep them close. This is gonna be fun." Dolly laughs.

Chapter 2 written on 9/17/2011

Author's Notes:

Chapter two took a few hours to write. I worked on it for a long time. Please read and comment! No comments makes me feel like nobody reads. Thank you.

Chapter 3: Bienvenue en France, la ville de l'amour.

Draven stands on the Boat's plank. The elimination area is empty, and everyone is sleeping in their cabins. "Welcome back to Total Drama Dra. Last episode, we had our first challenge and our first elimination. The challenge was to decide the teams by finding red or blue flags scattered across the ship. Syndey and Tod were the only ones to come in last, and were on the same team. So, Team Fire had to eliminate someone. Saria got the boot for being annoying, non-useful, and crazy. Saria is the first person down in loserville! Population: one. Who will win immunity today? Who will go home? Find out RIGHT NOW on TOTAL. DRAMA. DRA!"


Sydney and Tod sit together, down in a lounge area. A sofa sits in the corner next to a TV, and purple chairs are next to a kitchen island. Sydney and Tod sit on the couch.

"We have to do better this time." Sydney says to Tod.

"We will. We may be a target for a while since we made our team lose....but, it'll blow over. We need to try to win immunity for the team, and show them what we can do." Tod replies to her.

"Yeah!" Sydney cheers with a shred of doubt.

Dolly, Sarah, and Claire sit in the girl's cabin. The other girls had headed off to breakfast.

"Go Team Ice!" Claire exclaims.

"Indeed. Now, we need to strategize. Chances are, we might lose. So, if we do, who do we get rid of?" Dolly asks.

"I say either Chris, Bogle, or Jessica. Chris is a bit annoying with his French, but he IS an artist. We could keep him in case of an art challenge. Bogle is just an annoying nerd. Jessica is gonna get herself hurt if she keeps embarrasing herself." Sarah says to the others.

"Jessica is alright. She's not annoying, really." Claire says.

"Then we can vote for Bogle?" Dolly asks the others.

"If Bogle shows improvement as to why we need him, then we'll get rid of someone else. But for now, we vote Bogle." Sarah holds out her hand. The others do the same.

"Here's to the girl's alliance!" Dolly shouts. They raise their hands, and stand to go to breakfast.

Jessica and Bogle walk along the railings of the ship, making their way to breakfast.

"I know I'm going home soon." Jessica sighs.

"Don't say that. You have as fair a chance of winning as everyone else does." Bogle confides.

"They hate me. They look at me funny. I don't care what you say." Jessica sighs as she walks forward.


Bogle appears in front of the confessional. "Jessica is a cool person, okay? She doesn't need to look down on herself. She needs to think right." Bogle sighs.


Sam and Danny walk into the food cabin. They sit down at the same table. Draven brings out oatmeal and serves it to everyone.

"So what made you get interested in pirates?" Sam asks as he takes a bite of his oatmeal.

"More of a fantasy than an interest." Danny says.

"Ah." Sam says as he eats some more.

"Stories. Movies. Whatever. They all got me a bit hooked on the legends." Danny says as he unties his bandanna.

"Woah, you have brown hair! I thought you were bald or something." Sam laughs.

"A LOT of people think that." Danny says, laughing.

Zach stands up and goes over to a small stand. It has chips, muffins, and candy bars. Zach picks some muffins. He returns to his seat and sits down.

"Muffin?" Zach asks Paige.

Paige sighs. "Sure." Paige accepts anyway. Zach passes it over and starts to eat it.

Chris and Chet sit on the other side of them, at the same table.

"Je parie qu'ils obtiennent ainsi mal. Faut-il faire quelque chose?" Chris winks and laughs at Chet.

"Non" Chet replies.

"What?" Paige asks them.

"Nothing. Nothing." Chris laughs.

Draven walks to the center of the room. "Attention everyone. We're arriving at our very first destination. France, the city of love!" Draven cheers.

"Oui! C'est parfait!" Chris high fives Chet.

"We'll be doing a rather...dangerous challenge. We'll be escorted in a limo to the Eiffel tower. That is all I can say." Draven laughs and leaves.

"What fun." Zach laughs.

Lauren walks with Bella to the outside of the food cabin.

"Why are we out here again?" Lauren asks.

"I don't really know. You just followed me." Bella replies.

"I did?" Lauren asks.

"Well. Make yourself useful and go back inside." Bella laughs.

"...Where?" Lauren asks. Bella laughs harder and walks away.

The ship slows down, and it docks on a dock. "Welcome to France!" Draven shouts to the players, as they all step off of the ship.

"Parlez-vous français?" Chris asks Chet, laughing.

Draven escorts everyone down to a road. It has many lit buildings on it, but no cars.

"A limo will arrive shortly. Today's challenge is to scale the grand tower. On each team, you must nominate three people to go to the top with me and hold the climbers up. If someone falls and dies, its on me. So you need to have a firm grip. The players who make it to the top will then climb back down on the opposing side. At the bottom lies an immunity cookie. Whoever makes it across first wins an immunity idol. I'll explain those later." Draven says.

The limo arrives. "Team Fire will enter this limo." Draven motions the others to get inside. Another limo appears. "Team Ice. You know the drill." Draven enters Team Fire's limo.

They drive off to the tower. Team Fire and Team Ice both have conversations on their way.

"This is awesome!" Nate pulls out a mini radio and turns it on.

"How did you sneak that by?" Dolly asks.

"He has ways." Bogle laughs.

"Awesome. Great to have you on the team!" Zach laughs.

"I'm a bit jealous. They have Nate. They have music because of him. We get to hum crap." Sydney rolls her eyes.

"If we last until merge with him then we can have it." Danny laughs. The limo pulls up at the tower.

Everyone exits, and they stand around the tower. "Nominees, please come forward." Draven says, smiling.

"I'll do it!" Jessica walks up to Draven. Some of the others laugh.

"I will too." Dolly walks up.

"I'll do it too." Zach walks up.

"Me! Pick me!" Danny runs up to Draven.

"I guess I can." Brandon walks up.

"Be strong. I know you can do it." Flaire winks at Kevin. Kevin sighs.

"Fine." Kevin walks up.

"Good." Draven points to a helicopter over on the edge of a lake. They get inside and fly to the top.

At the top, Draven hands them all ropes. "You'll throw these all the way to the bottom. The climbers will grab onto them and climb." Draven tells them.

"BEGIN!" Draven shouts. Ropes fall the the very bottom. People from both teams latch on and climb.

"I didn't expect it to be this heavy!" Brandon says as he backs up with his rope.

Jessica struggles behind him. "You're all too heavy!" Jessica shouts.

"I can't help it!" Bogle shouts as he begins to climb upward.

"You've put on weight Claire." Dolly laughs and winks.

"HAHA. VERY FUNNY." Claire shouts up to her.

"You can do it Brandon!" Sam shouts from below.

"Hang on to me Kevin!" Flaire shouts as she continues to climb up Kevin's rope.

"This is easy. I only have only you climbing on my rope." Kevin says as he pulls them up.

"You're really strong." Flaire says as she reaches the top of the tower.

"Yeah!" Danny says as he pulls up Dimitri and Tod.

Brandon continues to back up, until he bumps into Jessica. Brandon accidentally lets go. "Oh crap!" Brandon chases after it. Brandon falls, and Sam, Dalia, Bella, and Sydney fall to the ground.

Jessica pulls her friends up, and they file in. "It seems that Team Ice is winning. Dolly needs to pull hers up." Draven tells them.

"Tirez-moi maintenant!!" Chris chants out at Dolly.

Dolly pulls them up. "That was a workout." Dolly sighs and gasps.

"Now you guys must climb off the side. Whoever gets there first wins an immunity idol. Brandon, you need to get them up here or your team loses. Everyone else can go down." Draven says. Danny, Kevin, Flaire, Dimitri, and Tod run on.

"Forget climbing!" Danny says. He jumps off of the Eiffel tower. Before he reaches the bottom, he moves over and latches onto the tower's metal bars. Danny then jumps off fully and grabs the idol.

"Yes!" Danny shouts.

"Jerk!" Sarah yells as she reaches the bottom.

"Time is up now. Team Fire loses since Brandon didn't get his people up." Draven says.

"No!" Danny shouts.

"NO!" Brandon shouts aloud.

"Why did you do this to me!? You are SO going home!" Sydney shouts at Brandon.

"Danny, you have an immunity idol. It serves two purposes. One, if you want to be safe overall from elimination, you use it. Or, if you are eliminated, you can use it to eliminate ALL of you votes and eliminate the other person with the most votes. Either one. Serves the same purpose." Draven says to Danny.

"Alright!" Danny says happily.

"As for you guys, I'll be seeing you on the ship." Draven says to Team Fire.


Dalia appears in front of the confessional. "Brandon has no honor. He must go."


Dimitri appears in front of the confessional. "I can't believe he made ME lose. So he is SO out of here."


Team Fire appears in the elimination area. "You have cast your votes. One person here has spent their last night on Total Drama Dra. Danny, will you use your immunity idol?" Draven asks.

"I know who is going home. I'll save it." Danny says happily.

"Okay then. Safe people are...Flaire, Kevin, Dimitri, Bella, and Dalia...." Draven throws cookies out at them.

"...Sydney, Tod, and Danny..." Draven throws cookies at them. "Sam and Brandon remain. Sam didn't do anything wrong, really. But Brandon proved he isn't very strong. And thus........Sam is safe." Draven throws a cookie at Sam.

"Its cool. I guess I deserve it." Brandon sighs and jumps off of the plank and into the water.

"Not very exciting....but oh well." Draven says. "You are dismissed. Dinner will be served in ten minutes." Draven says as he walks off. The boat speeds away.


Sarah appears in front of the confessional. "I like Dolly. But she's ignorant. I will win this. Not her. But I need her right now. Soon, I'll be in the finals. And Dolly will be gone. This is gonna be easy."


Dolly appears in front of the confessional. "I like Sarah. But she's ignorant. I will win this. Not her. But I need her right now. Soon, I'll be in the finals. And Sarah will be gone. This is gonna be easy."

Chapter 3 written on 9/18/2011.

Author's Notes:

Please comment on this chapter. This was very rough to make since I had to look up French phrases.

Chapter 4: Easter Island Heads.

The episode opens as Draven walks along the Ship. He walks onto the dock, and begins to speak. "Welcome back to Total Drama Dra. Last episode, our contenders went to France as their first destination. They had to scale the eiffel tower, and hoist each other in the air. Brandon, on team Fire, dropped a portion of his team mates on their butts. This made his team lose and it costed him the game. As for now, only twenty campers remain here on the ship. Who will go home? Who will stay? Find out now, on this shocking episode of....TOTAL. DRAMA. DRA!

Nate carries his radio around the ship. It plays loud music. He passes by the Ice's boys' cabin. Everyone shouts in anger at him as he passes by. "Turn it off!" Bogle yells out the window. Nate laughs. He contiues on.

He passes by the Girls' sleeping cabin on Team Fire. "Shut it Nate!" Flaire throws her pillow out of the window at him. "Don't disrespect the music!" Nate shouts at her as he runs off.

Inside of the girls' cabin, where Nate just left, Flaire, Dalia, Bella, and Sydney sit, conversing.

"This is terrible. Our team has lost twice in a row." Bella says to them.

"Don't look down." Dalia comforts her.

"How can we NOT look down? They have strong players." Flaire sighs.

"If we all just work together, we can do this!" Sydney says to them.

"Yeah!" Bella stands up and joins her cheer.

Chris and Chet are outside of their sleeping cabin. They are staring off into the ocean, talking. "Ça va être une longue saison." Chris says to Chet.

"It is gonna be fun. We have like, eighteen other people to plow through. We can do this." Chet says with confidence.

"Yeah. But, we still have so many weird people on our team. It is a little shocking that WE haven't lost yet." Chris says back.

"I agree. But we should think of it as a miracle." Chet comforts.

"Meh." Chris laughs.

Inside of Team Ice's Girls' cabin, Claire, Dolly, and Sarah sit down.

"Do we always need to do this? Our alliance meetings are always so early in the morning." Sarah yawns.

"We need this time to strategize." Dolly says to her companions.

"I thought we agreed to get rid of Bogle when we lose next." Claire asks.

"Yes, we did. But I have second thoughts. I say we ruin Chet's dreams." Dolly laughs.

"But Chet is cool. I still say we get rid of Bogle." Claire says to them.

"Fine. But next time, we ge rid of Chet." Dolly tells them.


Dolly appears in front of the confessional. "I really don't know who they think they are. I own this alliance. I PICK WHO GOES. You don't wanna listen to me? Fine." Dolly leaves.


Bogle and Jessica sit down at the pool. Their feet are in the water.

"They want me gone Jessica." Bogle sighs.

"They what?" Jessica asks.

"I overheard Dolly and her so called friends talking. They said they were targetting me." Bogle says to her.

"Then we should plot against them. Use it to your advantage. Vote them off." Jessica says to him. "I'll help."

"I guess we could try." Bogle says back to her.

A voice comes over the intercom. "We are arriving at Easter Island. Be ready to depart folks!" Draven shouts out over it.

The boat sails along the shorlines. They can barely see Easter Island in the distance.

Kevin, Sam, Dimitri, and Danny walk outside of their cabin.

"Great. Time to wake up." Danny walks back inside.

"This sucks. Why can't we sleep later!?" Sam sighs and walks back inside.

"Do you really think he'll change anything?" Dimitri laughs.

Kevin sighs and walks inside.

The ship docks. Everyone gets off of the ship with no breakfast. They stand on a grass area.

"What about breakfast!?" Paige asks.

"That is the challenge, actually. Today's challenge is about knowing your team mates. On this island, there are five stones carved out in the shape of contestant's heads. Those people whose heads are carved will be put on top of the head. Those five people will be giving trivia questions. If you get three right, you eat breakfast in the center of the island. If you get ONE wrong, you are put in the "No-Brekky" pin. Those people will cost their team the win. Whoever has the most players with the right answers will win immunity. Danny, you still have an immunity idol. If you use it now, you have immunity and you cannot do the challenge. If your team wins, the immunity carries over to next week's challenge." Draven finishes.

"Wow! I'll use mine!" Danny says in excitement.

"Very well. Danny will sit out for today." Draven says. He points to five large heads.

"Our heads are.....Flaire....Zach.....Tod....Dolly......and Sydney. Get to climbing." Draven points to everyone.

They go on and climb their heads. "Everyone who I didn't call, you will stand in the middle. Everyone who I DID call, prepare a trivial question. Flaire, you will ask the first person in line a question." Draven reveals the question line.

"Up first is Dimitri." Draven moves so Flaire can see.

"Erm.....What is two plus two?" Flaire laughs.

"Cheese?" Dimitri laughs.

"You're an idiot." Flaire sighs.

"Dimitri is out, and he gets no breakfast." Draven laughs as he points to the pin.

"....I was kidding?" Dimitri stops laughing and walks over in sadness.

"Zach. Now you ask Nate a question." Draven moves away.

"Nate...If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Zach winks.

"....Yes?" Nate asks.

"Indeed it does." Zach says happily.

"Now Tod asks Nate a question." Draven moves.

"Erm.....what was the last song you played on your radio?" Tod asks.

"FIRE AND ICE!" Nate shouts.

"...Correct?" Tod says as he moves Nate on.

"Dolly." Draven shows Nate to her.

"What is three plus five times seven?" Dolly winks.

"Thirty Eight?" Nate asks, confused.

"Good." Dolly cheers.

"Nate gets breakfast! On to Sarah...." Draven points to her.

Danny and Nate sit at the breakfast table.

"Wouldn't it be cool if my team won like, five times and my immunity STILL carried over?" Danny laughs.

"I'd say it was cool if we were on the same team." Nate says to him.

"Yeah. I guess." Danny sits back and watches the challenge.

"HEY! SPARE SOME FOOD!?" Dimitri yells to them.

"No thanks." Nate yells back. Danny laughs.

"Jerks!" Dimitri shouts to them.

Sarah comes and sits down with them.

"Hey." Nate says as she sits down.

"Hi!" Sarah says as she pulls up a plate of waffles.

Bella walks over along with Lauren. They sit down.

"No Lauren. You go THERE." Bella points to the pin.

"B...But.....I want food!" Lauren shouts.

"We aren't even on the same team. Go!" Bella shoos Lauren. Lauren pouts and walks away.

"So immature." Bella sighs.

Back at the challenge, trivia speeds by as only Chris and Sam remain.

"Chris. Final question. What is the sqaure root of nine thousand?" Dolly laughs evilly.

"How in the world do I..." Chris is stopped. Draven sends him to the Pin.

"Okay then. Team Ice has about three players in the pin. Team Fire has two. Sam, if you get this ONE question right, you win this for your team. Who....was....the....first person.....eliminated on TDD?" Draven winks. The others climb off of their posts and walk to the breakfast table.

"Saria." Sam answers.


"Yeah! I told you we could do it!" Sydney cheers.

"Woohoo!" Kevin cheers. Flaire hugs Kevin. Kevin winks.

"As for Team Ice, I'll see you at your FIRST EVER elimination. Think of who you want gone." Draven tells them.


Sarah appears in front of the confessional. "I know they want Bogle gone, but I'm really thinking of eliminating Lauren. She is NOT useful at ALL. She's an IDIOT." Sarah sighs as she leaves.


Zach and Paige walk down the area to the Elimination zone.

"Good luck." Zach winks at her.

"Thanks..." Paige walks further on. Zach frowns.

"One day dude. One day." Nate pats Zach on the back

Everyone sits down at the elimination area. "You have cast your votes. One person is leaving tonight. Cookies go out too....Sarah....Claire....Zach.....Paige...." Draven throws out the cookies.

"Yes!" Zach high fives Paige. Paige lets out a faint smile.

"...Chris and Chet..." Draven throws out the cookies.

"...Dolly...Nate....and Jessica." Draven throws them cookies.

"Bogle and Lauren remain." Draven smiles with an evil grin.


Zach sits in front of the confessional. "I like Bogle. He's cool. I hope Lauren got enough votes."


"The final cookie goes too............Bogle." Draven hands him a cookie.

"I didn't get a cookie!? I didn't get breakfast!!!! Let's just eliminate someone." Lauren sighs.

"...The eliminated person is YOU." Draven tells her.

"WHO IS YOU!?" Lauren asks. The others look at her angrily.

Dolly lifts her in the air and hurls her off of the ship. The ship slowly speeds away.

"YOU WAS ELIMINATED! NOT ME!!!!" Lauren sighs and floats on her back in the water.

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Chapter 5: The Frigid Ices Are Never Too Deep.

The episode begins as Draven walks onto the dock of the ship. "Welcome back to Total Drama Dra!" He shouts. "Last episode, we went to Easter Island and competed in a strange trivial challenge. They were each asked three questions, and if they got them all right, then they got to sit down and eat breakfast. This episode, Lauren lost. Not that they made it a big deal...but their team lost. Lauren showed her dumbness was too much. If they had another trivia challenge, then Lauren would pull them behind. They eliminated her. Who will go home THIS time? Who will stay? Find out NOW on Total. Drama. DRA!"

Dalia, Danny, and Dimitri walk along the elimination area. Danny stares at the water while Dimitri mutters to himself. Dalia simply laughs.

"You talk to yourself too?" Dalia laughs.

"No. Saria talked to herself. I'm making jokes." Dimitri says angrily. He stampers on.

"I am so getting rid of him. He isn't even doing anything." Danny says to Dalia.

"If we lose again, we're getting him out." Dalia walks away.

Claire, Dolly, and Sarah sit in the pool below deck.

"I love that the water is naturally flowing." Claire says with glee.

"Same." Sarah says as she climbs out of the pool.

"We really don't need a meeting, do we? I mean, we agreed to get rid of Bogle." Claire asks Dolly.

"I know. I just think we should get to know each other." Dolly laughs a fake laugh.

"I guess not." Sarah says with a giggle.

The ship suddenly shakes. Ice shards fly on deck. The pool water gets really cold.

"COLD!" Claire shouts as she shivers and sinks to the bottom.

"Claire!?" Sarah shouts as she tries to grab her hand.

In the breakfast hall above deck, waffles and other drinks fly across the room. A wall busts open on one side, and wall pieces and window shards scatter on the floor.

"Que dans le monde?" Chris shouts as he collapses to the floor.

"ICE?" Chet spots a glacier in the distance.


"THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP." Zach shouts angrily.

The ship docks on a large sheet of ice. It is flat and cold. Everyone gets off and Draven stays on the deck. He announces from above, "Today's challenge is simple. Follow my ship's tide until the ice melts entirely. That means, we'll be in a warm area. This challenge will be fast and tricky. You all must survive the water here until we reach the warmer areas. The winner of this challenge will get an immunity idol. Danny, you have immunity that carried over. Do you want to compete for a chance at another one?" Draven asks and stops.

"YES!" Danny shouts as he jumps up and down in happiness.

"Good. If we have a tie, we'll have a tie breaker. If we have two survivors on the same team, nobody gets an idol. If the tie breaker is two on two, two immunity idols will be given. If you fall off into the water, you must follow us by swimming. If you get left behind, good luck. We aren't coming back for you." Draven shouts. The boat begins to sail off. "Good luck!" He laughs menacingly. The sheet of ice begins to move with the ship.

"You don't mess with us, we don't mess with y-" Claire says as she is stopped by Bogle. Bogle screams and runs up to the other team and pushes Dimitri and Bella off of the ice.

"Nice one Bogle." Dimitri says angrily.

"You're gonna get it if we lose!" Bella shouts in fury.

"BOGLE!" Claire shouts angrily. Tod shoves Bogle into the water. Jessica runs to his rescue. "I'M COMING BOGLE!" Jessica dives in.

Dolly sighs and backs up. "This means war." Sam says in an angry smile. The sun beams down on the ice. It begins to slowly melt as it slides into a warmer area.

"ANARCHY!" Tod yells as he attempts to push someone off from the other team. Instead, they step out of the way and Tod slides on his butt into the water. It warmed the ice slightly. It melts further and cracks.

"This isn't good..." Dalia says as she backs up, away from the cracks. Everyone charges the other team but Dalia and Sam.

"Hang on Kevin!" Flaire runs to him as Dolly tries knocking him over. The ice then shatters. Nobody falls in.

"If I fall in, knowing my luck, I'll get sick." Zach says with a sigh.

"Same." Paige slides away from the water. Everyone is now on seperate sheets of ice floating in the water.

Dolly, Sarah, Claire, and Nate are on one. Zach, Paige, Chet, and Chris are on another. Danny, Kevin, and Flaire are on ANOTHER sheet, and Sydney, Dalia, and Sam are one the final piece. "Eight against six. We're losing." Flaire says to Kevin.

"We can still win this." Danny says as he stands. He jumps over onto Zach's sheet of ice. He screams a random noise, and shoves Paige and Zach into the water.

"HEY!" Zach shouts.

"Oh my can see through my shirt........AAAH!!" Paige swims away.

"We know how you feel, girl." Bella says angrily.

Chet and Chris stand up and run towards Danny. The warmth of the sun and of the ways away from Antarctica made the ice crack on that piece, and Chet and Chris fall into the water.

"Easy." Danny laughs as he sits down.

Kevin stands and says in confidence, "Yeah...I can do this too!" Kevin nudges Flaire, and they jump onto Dolly's ice plate. They begin to shove. Dolly stands and kicks Kevin in his groin. He proceeds to fall into the water.

"I'll avenge you!" Flaire shouts as she tackles Dolly. The force on the ice made it crack.

"Be're gonna fall in!" Nate warns.

"Yeah should sto-" Claire tries speaking as she falls in. The cracks made the ice surrounding her fall in.

"Wow......shocke-" Nate falls in as well.

"NO!" Sarah shouts as she sails in another direction. Her ice sheet cracks and Sarah falls in as well.

"MY MONEY...MY CLOTHES...ALL WET!!!!!" Sarah cries.

"We're almost done. Five remain on Team Fire, and one on Team Ice." Draven says over the intercom.

"NO!" Dolly shouts as she jabs her elbow into Flaire's eye.

"Ah!" Flaire shouts in pain as she falls in.

"I'm....NOT....GOING....TO.....LOSE!!!!" Dolly shouts in anger as she leaps from her ice sheet onto Sydney's plate. Sam shouts in fury as he rushes towards her. Dolly steps out of the way, and Sam rams into Sydney and shoves her off on accident.

"HEY! NOT COOL!" Sydney shouts as she sinks into the water.

"Oops....sorry." Sam sighs as he turns around and rushes to Dolly again. She steps out of the way again and shoves Dalia off.

"You have no honor." Dalia says in anger at him. Sam basically threw the challenge.

"Nice." Chris says as he cheers Dolly on.

"This sucks." Sam cries as Dolly tackles him. The ice plate cracks. Sam slides off into the water.

"ONE ON ONE. DANNY. GET OVER HERE!" Dolly shouts as she notices that his ice sheet is far away.

"No!" Dolly begins to think.

Further on, Danny says he has won. "Danny will win if Dolly doesn't do something in ONE MINUTE." Draven laughs.

"YES!" Danny says. He quickly notices his ice piece shrinking rapidly.

"I'm not gonna fail this!" Dolly jumps on other melting pieces and eventually lands on his.

"TEN......NINE.....EIGHT..." Draven counts down.

"TIE BREAKER." Dolly shouts as she leaps towards Danny.

"THREE....TWO.....ONE....AND...." Draven stops counting. Dolly screams. "NO!" The ice cracks and she falls in.

"YEAH!" Danny says in happiness.

"Good job Danny. You DID win....but Dolly fell in when I stopped counting. So we need a tie breaker. BUT, you do get the immunity idol anyway." Draven tosses an idol to Danny.

Eventually, everyone has swam to a landform nearby. Everyone boards the ship. "Our Tie Breaker...I'm thinking of a number between One and Seventeen Million. Guess." Draven smiles and laughs.


"Um...........eight hundred?" Dolly asks.

"It was Fifteen Thousand....but Dolly was close enough. Danny, Team Fire loses. BUT, you still have immunity from last time." Draven tells him.

"Oh.....sorry guys...." Danny says in disbelief.

"Do you want to use your immunity or do you want to hold on to it?" Draven asks Danny.

"I think I'll hold on to it." Danny speaks and rests.

"Okay. I'll see you guys at elimination." Draven says as he walks off.


Flaire appears in front of the confessional. "Even if I could, I really wouldn't. Danny has won immunity for a reason. He is a valuable player to us. Sure, he's a threat in the end, but for now, we need him."

Bella appears in front of the confessional. "Danny is useful and needed for us. I think I'll just vote out who knocked some of our team mates off..."


Team Fire sits at elimination. "Hello there. I have eight cookies here. There are nine of you sitting in front of me. One of you is going home with all but two votes.....and let me go ahead and say this. Dimitri, you have two people who want you out. Just saying." Draven says with a stern voice.

"Wow......meanies." Dimitri says angrily.

"Now then. Cookies shall go too.......Danny, Flaire, Kevin, Dimitri, Dalia, Bella, Tod, and Sydney. Sam, you are OUT." Draven tells him.

"Of course I just figures." Sam sighs as he walks up to the plank.

"Sorry dude." Tod tells him.

"I hope you DO realize that the only boys on your team now are Kevin, Danny, Tod, and Dimitri. You guys are slowly getting rid of the guys. But oh well. Bye Bye." Sam says goodbye and dives off of the ship.

"See you all at dinner tonight." Draven walks away.

In the food hall, everyone sits down, eating hamburgers.

"He is such a good cook." Chris bites into one.

"I wonder what his secret is?" Chet asks loudly as he bites into his.

"Well, we did good. And we're doing good. I imagine merge is soon too. But whatever. I'm gonna hit the hay early. Goodnight all." Dolly says as she stands and walks to her Team's girls' cabin.

"Night." Chet tells her.

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Chapter 6: Double Down Under

Draven approaches the dock on the ship slowly. He talks into the camera as he approaches a stopping point. "Welcome back to Total Drama Dra! Last episode, we sent Sam home for ruining his team's chance of winning. I don't really feel like recapping. We're just going to skip on to the show!" Draven speaks, and he walks away.

Bella sits on the front dock of the ship, tanning. "It got hotter." Bella shifts in her seat.

Dalia walks by her and speaks to her, "There is a reason why it got hotter. We're heading to Australia."

"How do you know that?" Bella asks her.

"I've been here before; smell the place from a mile away. I was there, fighting an army of mantis men. I shall never forget that wonderful place." Dalia walks away.

"...I'm gonna pretend she never spoke to me." Bella turns around and tans some more.

Bogle and Jessica sit inside of the pool, waiting out the ride of the ship.

"I can't wait until we reach our next place. It will be so much fun!" Jessica shouts in excitement.

"No doubt. I just hope we can win some more so I can stay in the game." Bogle sighs.

"Bogle, we need some more voters with us. Then, we can stop Dolly's alliance." Jessica confides in Bogle.

"Hmm...Good idea. I just wonder if its worth it." Bogle thinks to himself while the ship grows closer to their destination.

In the breakast hall, Everyone but the few outside sit and eat pancakes.

"Pancakes remind me of Trees. Is that just me?" Dimitri asks the group of people at his table. Dimitri is sitting with Chet, Chris, Paige, and Zach.

"No...Its just you." Chris tells him.

"Thought so. What do pancakes remind you of?" Dimitri asks with a slight laughter.

"I never think about what foods remind me of. Its stupid." Paige scorns.

"Pancakes are my favorite. I eat these all the time back home." Zach bites into his pancake.

"I'm not a huge fan of them." Chet slides his plate away.

"Pancake hater." Zach scolds.

The ship docks outside on land nearby. Draven walks out onto the flat area, and everyone follows behind.

"Welcome to Australia! We have some good and some bad news. The good news is that our challenge involves racing on kangaroos!" Draven pauses to let them cheer. They don't.

"...The bad news is that we will be sending TWO people home tonight." Draven says to them. They sigh in sadness. "Some better news is that the two people in last will be eliminated. Not much strategy in thinking of who you want out. Good luck. Just hop onto one of them and race to that finish line." Draven points to a large line made of tape.

"Seems easy enough." Flaire nudges Kevin. Kevin sighs but walks over and gets onto a kangaroo. Soon enough, everyone is on one and ready to race.

"GO!" Draven shouts. They all begin to race forward except for Bogle's Kangaroo.

"Move it you stupid Kangaroo!" Bogle hits it on the back. The Kangaroo throws him on the ground and hops in the opposite direction of the finish line.

Dolly, Sarah, and Claire's Kangaroos speed in first.

"This is awesome! We need to stay together, though." Claire shouts over the sound of feet pounding on the ground.

"Yeah. It looks like Bogle isn't doing so good." Dolly speaks the same way as Claire did. Jessica speeds by them and heads for the finish.

"Come on buddy, we can't lose now!" Sarah encourages her kangaroo. It hops faster and passes Jessica.

"Why won't it stop!?" Sydney screams as her kangaroo hops faster and much more unsteadier.

"Why isn't mine going faster!?" Tod shouts. His kangaroo isn't moving fast at all. He's only about ten feet ahead of Bogle.

"This sucks!" Bogle shouts in sadness. He knows he'll lose.

Nate rides by Danny, who is slowly making his way forward.

"Good luck to ya'!" Nate shouts as he speeds by.

"Why won't this stupid thing go faster?" Danny scolds his kangaroo who is hopping very slowly.

Dolly, Sarah, Claire, and Jessica arrive at the finish line.

"Hurry, Bogle!" Jessica shouts loudly.

"I'm trying!" Bogle jumps onto his kangaroo and slaps its back again. It gets angry and runs forward at a very fast rate. "Yeah!" Bogle shouts.

"Crap." Dolly says to herself. Bogle runs by and jumps off of his kangaroo.

Dimitri and Nate ride by at the same time. "Epic." Dimitri says.

"Only Flaire, Kevin, Danny, Dalia, Bella, Sydney, Zach, Paige, Chet, and Chris remain." Draven shouts.

Kevin rides by with Flaire at his side.

"We made it! We get to stay!" Flaire jumps off and hugs him. Kevin winks.

"Of course I get the crappy Kangaroo." Sydney kicks her kangaroo in the butt. It gets furious and takes off running with her on its back.

"NEVERMIND!" Sydney screams in terror. She passes the finish line, but keeps going.

Zach rides by with Paige. "I love this!" Zach yells.

"Same!" Paige shouts aloud.

"Now only Chris, Chet, Bella, Danny, and Dalia remain! Two of them will go home! Who will it be!?" Draven asks them with joy in his voice.

"NOT ME! I QUIT! I'M USING MY IMMUNITY!" Danny shouts out at Draven.

"Oh...Yeah....I forgot he had that....Nevermind then. Only Chet, Chris, Bella, and Dalia remain." Draven says. He's dissapointed now that Danny used his immunity. Danny walks his way down to the finish.

"Please...I have to win this!" Bella yells to the top of her lungs. She urges her kangaroo on. It moves forward a bit faster. Dalia passes her. Dalia passes the finish line.

"We only have one chance! Dalia made it by....One of us is going to be eliminated!" Chris shouts in sadness.

"No!" Bella says. Her kangaroo picks up the pace and rides further along. Chet and Chris file in side by side.

"I might as well do this. Since Claire, Jessica, Dolly, and Sarah arrived at the same time, I'm giving the immunity to Bogle. Bogle can use it on someone else or keep holding on to it until his team loses." Draven smirks.

"WHAT? We at least deserve a tie breaker." Dolly says in anger.

"Yes! This is awesome!" Bogle cheers.

Bogle appears in front of the confessional. "I know I should keep my immunity, but I really wanna save someone to get them on my side." Bogle smiles.

Bella rides by with her kangaroo. "Yes! I win!" She cheers.

"Not entirely. Bogle can use his immunity on someone, and thus that would make them immune and YOU and another person would be the last two." Draven winks.

"No! We lost!?" Chet frowns.

"Hmmm....I do want to save someone...but I don't want Bella to leave either....Hmm...I know what I'll do! I'll just give my immunity to Danny!" Bogle says with a cheer.

"You're gonna WHAT?" Danny asks.

"They're on the opposing team!" Claire scolds him.

Bogle appears in front of the confessional again. "Danny will be a good ally if I can befriend him. This immunity will really help me in both ways." Bogle leaves.

Draven stands still with his mouth dropped. "...Okay then....Bogle gave his immunity to and're out."

"NO!!!!" They both yell at the same time. Everyone boards the ship except for the two, and they sail away.

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Chapter 7: The Trials of the Pyramid

Draven walks along the ship's deck. "Welcome to Total Drama Dra! In this exciting new episode, we will have our players venture into an all new and vast location! Last time, we had a race with some kangaroos in Australia. Happily, it went well and Chet and Chris were sent home. Bella happily made her way in to the finish line before she was eliminated instead. Bogle won immunity, and then handed it over to Danny. Danny now has had immunity carry over for him for a long time! Let's see how it goes tonight, on Total...Drama...DRA!"


Dolly, Claire, and Sarah sit in the girl's cabin like normal, having their alliance meeting.

"So, we've gotten along good so far. We're in the final sixteen!" Sarah shouts with joy.

"And we still haven't fallen through with a single plan. We have tried and tried to get Bogle out, but this time he's taken it too far. He gave immunity to someone on the opposing team!" Dolly shouts at her alliance.

"Calm down, Dolly. We'll need to try harder this time." Claire reassures her. Dolly grunts.


Bogle appears in the confessional. "I think it was a well played move, giving Danny the immunity and all. For being some pirate geek, he's actually a really strong player. If I make it to the merge, I could allign with him."


"We have to work together to win." Sarah talks to Dolly.

"I understand that. But what I don't understand is why we can't pull together and get Bogle out? I like how our team is winning and all, but he is weak." Dolly says to them.


In the breakfast hall, everyone is sitting down at a table, eating oatmeal and drinking milk.

"We're getting close to the finals!" Zach exclaims to Paige.

"Yeah..." Paige looks away from him.

"I can't wait. I can smell the million already!" Zach exclaims.

"We've only been here for seven episodes." Paige tells Zach.

"That's seven more episodes into the finals than before!" Zach exclaims.

"I wonder where we're headed next." Dimitri asks.

"I've got a feeling that it's Egypt, for some reason." Tod answers.

"Ooooooh....Egypt! I love Egypt!" Dimitri exclaims.

"I hope we don't lose this time. We're lucky they lost two players from their team in the last episode. They've only been to one elimination and we've been to three." Sydney confides.

"I'm sure we'll do great. The teams are at an even state. Eight on Team Fire, and Eight on Team Ice." Danny says to the group.

"Lucky you. You got immunity. It's gonna' keep carrying over until our team loses again. And, you don't even have to use it until you feel threatened." Flaire chimes in.

"Which you shouldn't feel that way." Kevin does the same.

"Don't worry. I'm thinking of using my immunity on someone on this team if we ever go to elimination. I don't have any enemies here, so it's kinda' hard to choose." Danny tells them.

"Immunity goes to the most peaceful in that situation." Dalia speaks.

"Good point." Danny thanks her with a nod.

Draven's voice comes over the intercom. "Welcome everyone, to another exciting day on the ship! After this episode, we will have a very special event coming up! It will be explained after tonight's elimination. We're heading to Egypt! The challenge will be explained there. The winner will recieve Immunity. Once we dock on some land, we'll head into the desert! Get ready!" His voice shouts.

"Awesome! I was right!" Tod exclaims.


Claire appears in the confessional. "I've noticed that we're abiding by Dolly's rules only. I know we're in an alliance with her as our captain, but we need to contribute too. I don't wanna' become a slave to Dolly..."


The ship docks on a small dock near a town. Everyone gets off of the ship. Draven walks in front of them, and he gathers them. He walks them into the desert nearby to them. They make their way to a huge pyramid.

"Welcome to the Pyramid! This challenge is called, 'The Trials of the Pyramid'. We'll be running through the pyramid, solving puzzles and finding the right way to get out on the other side. If you get out on the other side, your team wins a point. The team with the most people out of the pyramid in one hour wins!" Draven motions them to the Pyramid entrance.

"Begin!" Everyone runs inside of the pyramid. They walk up to a section with three doors.

"I guess we have to pick one and hope its the right path." Dolly says aloud.

"I pick this one!" Sydney shouts. She walks into a doorway.


Eventually, everyone has chosen a doorway. Team Ice and Team Fire have chosen to stick together entirely.

Team Ice walks through a small corridor. They walk up to a wall. It reads, "Welcome to the pyramid. To escape this, you must seperate and solve a trial." After they read it, the wall rides in on them, and it seperates them into three groups. The same happens to Team Fire. They walk into different rooms.

Dolly, Sarah, and Claire walk into one room. A note tells them to move some statues around to correct positions. They do so, and an exit opens up for them. They walk outside, and their team wins three points.

Flaire, Kevin, and Sydney are in another group. They get the same puzzle, and they do the same thing. Team Fire gets three more points.

Eventually, both teams end up with six points, with two contenders from both teams still in the pyramid.

Inside, Bella and Dimitri try to manuever their way out. The same with Bogle and Jessica.

But Bogle and Jessica come across a weak wall. Jessica pushes it over, and they find a skeleton. A ring drops into Jessica's finger. She cheers with joy on the beauty of it. Bogle urges her on, and eventually they make it out before Bella and Dimitri.

"Team Fire loses again!" Draven shouts.

"Dimitri! Bella!" Sydney scolds.

"I'm so sorry I let my team down..." Bella sighs.


At elimination, the other team watched with hilarity. Cookies are distributed to everyone but Bella and Dimitri, who of course, got the most votes.

"Who will it be? Dimitri or Bella?" Draven asks the crowd.

"Can you give it to Bella already?" Flaire asks him.

"QUIT SPOILING THINGS!" Draven yells. He throws a cookie to Bella.

"B...B...But....why me? Why not her? She failed two challenges in a row!" Dimitri shouts.

"They only brought you in this game so you can bring in some comedy. You aren't very useful. Sorry." Sydney tells him.

"I will have my revenge on you!" Dimitri shouts. Dolly runs over and pushes him off of the plank.


"And so ends another episode of T.D.D. Find out what happens next on the next episode of Total...Drama...DRA!" Draven shouts into the camera.

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It was fun writing this chapter. I really enjoyed it. Comment please!

Chapter 8: Bridge Over Troubled Magma

Draven walks across the dock of the ship, and looks directly into the camera. "Welcome to another exciting episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, we sent our competitors to Egypt, where they battled it out in the pyramid. They were to scale through it and find their way out. In the end, Bella and Dimitri lost the challenge. They both went to elimination, and the their team voted out Dimitri, for not being too important. Who will go home? Who will come a step closer to winning? Find out now, on...TOTAL. DRAMA. DRA!"


Claire, Sarah, and Dolly sit together in the pool on the bottom deck area.

"So, this time, we need to stop trying to get Bogle out. It just isn't working. We have to try harder, or get a new person. I nominate Nate. He just likes to party and he doesn't do anything special." Dolly reccomends to her alliance.

"Dolly, I was thinking last night, couldn't we all go in together and strategize? It just seems like we're using your ideas only." Claire suggests with a smile.

"Nonsense! I'm not an idiot! You'll betray me if I let you think freely!" Dolly shouts at her.

"No! We wont!" Claire shouts back.

"I know you will." Dolly scorns. She pulls herself back from Claire, and she goes back to a calm state.

"Claire..." Sarah looks at Claire. Claire exits the pool.


Claire appears in the confessional. "I've had enough of her." Claire leaves, and Sarah comes in.

Sarah sits down in the seat. "Dolly messed up. I'm still going to follow with her, which I hope Claire does too, and I'm going to keep listening to her. Once we get into the finals, we can get Dolly out. Claire and I will stay strong."


Bogle and Jessica walk along the edges of the boat, like they normally do.

"We've been doing great!" Bogle exclaims.

"Yeah!" Jessica agrees.

"I have a feeling that they aren't trying to do anything to me anymore. Maybe Dolly's alliance left me alone!" Bogle says to Jessica.

"Hopefully." Jessica nods. Draven's voice suddenly comes over an intercom.

"Hello there, final fifteen! I wanted to send you all a quick message before we arrive at our next destination! The first pare of our message, is that the boat is running a bit low on oil and fuel. So, we might have to stay in...Hawaii for a few days." Draven pauses. The ship cheers for a dream vacation.

"Aside of that, the next challenge will take place on a volcano!" Draven stops speaking. The cheering stops.

"You'll learn more once we arrive. But let me tell you this, your teams will not last long. The merge is coming up, as there will be eleven of you remaining. The eleven contestants will be given a special prize and they will be introduced to something new. I'll explain more then, but for now, wait for the island to arrive!" He finishes.


Flaire, Danny, Kevin, and Sydney sit together at a table in the breakfast hall.

"We have to win. We're losing." Kevin says to them.

"Agreed." Sydney agrees.

"I still have that immunity. Whenever I want to use it, it'll be used on someone. But I don't think anyone will vote for me, as I've gotten immunity a ton of times." Danny says to them.

"You should save it for a friend, or until merge. Others will see you as a threat." Flaire tells him.

"Thanks for the advice." Danny says.

"As for Bogle, I don't know what he was thinking." Flaire laughs.

"Better for us." Sydney laughs with her.

"I'd bet he wants you as an ally or something." Kevin says to Danny.

"Maybe." Danny stops and thinks.


The ship docks on a dock on Hawaii. Everyone gets off of the boat, and Draven walks in front of them. Everyone stops to listen.

"Today's challenge is simple. There is a large bridge built on top of the great volcano. The first task is to cross it. But, be careful. There are a few alarms set on some planks. If the alarm is set off, the magma in the volcano will rise. We're going to make sure nobody dies though. The second task is to climb a rope downwards until you reach an opening. The third task, is to exit the opening and make your way outside to me. Your team will win one point for each survi-I mean, person, who makes it to me. The opening is NOT on ground, so you'll need to jump out of the exit." Draven exclaims. They walk together into the woods of an area, and they make their way to a volcano.

"Looks dangerous." Nate gasps.

"Be at one with nature." Dalia whispers.

"We're gonna' die." Tod gawks.

"Here, we have a lift. The lift will raise you high up to the volcano's opening. Let's get started." Draven tells them. Everyone steps onto a yellow lift, and Draven pulls a lever. Everyone rises up to the top of the volcano, where they find a bridge.

"Ladies first." Zach says to Paige.

"No, no. Please, I insist." Paige nudges Zach forward. Zach mumbles and he runs across the bridge. He steps on a few planks that break off and fall into the volcano. He also crosses through the hidden alarms, and the magma in the volcano rises.

"Just run across!" Sarah shouts to everyone. They all start to run forward.

Bella jumps into the lead behind Zach, and she knocks some boards loose. Bogle is in the very back, and he is trying to scale the bridge while avoiding large holes made by the loose boards. Eventually, everyone makes it inside.

"Now we have to climb this rope." Tod says.

"Me first! I want out of here!" Bella shoves Sarah and Jessica off of the small area they stand on. They scream as they fall into the magma below.

"We're gonna' die!" Jessica screams. Sarah screams. They hit the bottom, and bounce off of the magma.

"It..It isn't real! It's just a trampoline!" Sarah stands up and begins to jump.

"Awesome!" Jessica says.

Above them, Bella hurries down the rope. "Did Jessica and Sarah...die?" Dolly asks.

"He said nobody could die..." Nate responds. The rope begins to snap above them.

"Too much weight!" Kevin shouts. The rope begins to snap more, and it begins to wave rapidly.

"I'm gonna' fall!" Flaire shouts. Flaire falls off of the rope, but she grabs onto Dolly and pulls her down with her.

As of now, Bogle is the highest up, coming in last place. Bella is first, as she is close to the exit. The waving rope causes Nate to fall off, along with Claire and Tod.

"This is insane!" Bella shouts. She climbs down to the exit, and she jumps off and falls flat on the ground outside. She jumps up and runs to Draven.

"The first point!" He shouts.

Inside, Kevin and Dalia fall off the rope, The rope snaps more, and it starts to throw everyone off.

"Paige! Zach! Hang on tight!" Bogle shouts downwards.

"We're trying!" They both shout. Danny and Sydney get out of the volcano, and they run to Draven.

"Team Fire has three points!" Draven shouts.


Bella appears in the confessional. "Finally! I won a challenge for once!"


"That was everyone. Team Ice only has three people in there, and we only had us three. Everyone else fell off." Danny tells him.

Inside, Zach and Paige hang on tightly. Bogle attempts to climb down, but the rope collapses instead. Everyone falls down onto the "magma" trampoline.

The trampoline lifts everyone up into the air by another lift at the bottom of the volcano. Everyone is tossed out of the volcano by force.

Outside, Draven stands next to the three victors. "Team Ice has lost!" He announces.

"No! This is your fault!" Dolly shouts at Bogle.

"No it wasn't, Dolly! It was nobody's fault! The rope couldn't hold us so we fell!" Claire shouts at Dolly.

"SHUT UP!" Dolly shouts at Claire.

"However, Since Bella got out first, she wins immunity. Her immunity can be used when she wants to use it, much like Danny. I'm going to give someone on Team Ice immunity too. I'm thinking of a number between one and ten. The closest will win immunity." Draven says.

"SEVEN!" Dolly shouts.

"...Wow...That was it! Dolly wins immunity!" Draven exclaims.

"YES!" Dolly cheers. "I'll use it for this elimination."

"Okay then. Danny and Bella, you have immunity that will carry on. Team Ice, you'll vote someone out tonight. Dolly is immune." Draven says to them.


Team Ice sits in front of Draven on the ship. "As the ship is out of fuel, we cannot leave. So, the eliminated contestant will remain on the ship, but they will be locked in a room until we leave. The cookies for tonight go to....Dolly, who was safe. Sarah, Paige, and Zach are also safe." Draven finishes speaking.

"Nate and Jessica are also safe." Draven throws everyone their cookies.

"Bogle or Claire? Who will be the one to go home?" Draven asks. He looks to Team Fire who is watching the elimination.

"The final cookie will go to..................Bogle." Draven throws a cookie to Bogle.

"No....No!" Claire shouts.

"Yes! Yes! Never go against me again." Dolly says to Claire. Danny gets angered at Dolly.

"I use my immunity on Claire." Danny shouts.

"You....You what?" Claire asks.

"You....You what?" Draven asks him.

"YOU....YOU WHAT?" Dolly shouts.

"You....YOU WHAT?" Bogle asks.

"You heard me. It's time I stand up and help some people." Danny says to them.

"But...But I gave you the immunity!" Bogle tells Danny.

"Big Mistake." Dolly says to Bogle.

"We stopped trying and THEN Bogle goes home." Sarah whispers in Dolly's ear.

"Well then, Bogle, it's time to go." Draven grabs onto Bogle's arm and begins to drag him away.

"No! Bogle!" Jessica runs up to Bogle.

"You can win this, Jessica! Do it for me!" Bogle says to her. Draven drags him away from view.

"I'll miss you..." Jessica sits down on the ground.

"You're lucky. Very lucky." Dolly says to Claire.


Claire appears in the confessional. "So, I ask to do something freely and she tries to eliminate me? Game on."


Draven stands in front of a locked door. "Well, this has been another episode of Total Drama Dra! See what happens on the next episode, as our final fourteen take on a new challenge!" Draven waves to the camera.

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Another day, another chapter! I added in the shock factor this time. It's time to see Danny show his true side! We also only have a few more episodes to go until the winner guessing contest ends. Vote now before it's too late!

Chapter 9: The Scavenge

Draven sits down in a chair on what looks to be a beach. He sips milk from a coconut, and speaks. "Welcome back to Total Drama Dra! As you know, last time, we had the volcano competition where Claire broke away from her alliance. And, as soon as they stopped trying to get Bogle out, Bogle got out by DANNY, who received immunity from Bogle, so you'd think he'd use it on Bogle another time. But he didn't. So now, we're stuck in Hawaii with no fuel for our ship. We will still have a challenge, and we will still have an elimination, but what will the challenge be? Who will go home? Find out now, on Total. Drama. Dra!"


Dolly and Sarah sit on the beach near the ship. They have bathing suits on, and they prepare to go swimming.

"I can't believe that idiot saved Claire." Dolly throws some sand into the water.

"Dolly, with that out burst, everyone is gonna' target you. You aren't so safe anymore." Sarah confides to Dolly.

"We have three more episodes until Draven merges us. Once we merge, we'll try to get someone new in our alliance." Dolly scorns.

"Dolly, open your eyes. Without immunity, you will go home. Jessica hates you for targeting Bogle, Claire is furious at you for trying to eliminate her, Nate probably knows what you said about getting him out because of Claire, and Zach and Paige will probably just go with the flow. Zach, Paige, and I are the only ones with nothing against you." Sarah says.

"Then I--I mean, we, need immunity." Dolly begins to think.


Sarah appears in the confessional. "I'm not stupid, I know what Dolly wants. Dolly wants me out eventually. And I'm not letting it happen. Dolly is going to get out of this game when she has no immunity."


Jessica stands inside of the ship, next to the door Bogle was locked in.

"How is it?" Jessica asks Bogle.

"It sucks! I'm so gonna' get Danny if I get out of here." Bogle shouts.

"Look, Danny did nothing wrong. I didn't like him getting you out, but he used it on Claire because he knew what was happening. He didn't want Dolly to get the upper hand in this competition." Jessica tells Bogle.

"It's still the point! He should have saved it! I gave him that immunity!" Bogle shouts. He throws something at the door, and the door dents.

"You'll be fine. Trust me." Jessica says to Bogle.


Claire and Danny sit in the lounge area of the ship. They sit on the purple couch, and talk to each other while drinking smoothies.

"Thanks for everything, really." Claire smiles.

"You're welcome. I saw what Dolly was doing." Danny says to Claire. He sips his smoothie.

"It was really sweet." Claire nudges Danny. They both smile. They lean in to each other and---Sarah runs in.

"Claire!" She runs over to Claire.

"Yeah?" Claire moves away from Danny.

"As you probably know, Dolly wants you out. If you're in to voting her out, I'm in it with you. All we need to do is tell Nate about Dolly's little plan, and then we have to get Jessica on our side. We'll be able to give her the boot!" Sarah says with joy.

"Agreed! Let's do this!" Claire jumps up. Draven's voice comes over the intercom.

"Everyone! Outside! We've formulated the next challenge!" He stops speaking. Everyone goes outside to the beach area.


Draven stands in front of everyone. "I call this challenge, 'The Scavenge.' We have scattered out different gas cans around the area here. Your goal is to find them all and bring them to me. We used the fuel as a challenge this time, which gave us extra time to formulate challenges. So, for every gas can collected, your team will win one point. There are only thirty cans, so hurry! The losing team will have the least cans given to me. The person who brings me the most cans will win an immunity idol. Danny, you no longer have immunity. If you win this challenge by bringing in the most gas cans, you win ANOTHER immunity idol which you can use at any time. Go!" Draven shouts.

Everyone scatters across the area. Bella and Danny race together into the woods surrounding them. Flaire and Kevin run across the beach nearby to them. Everyone splits up.


In the woods, Bella and Danny run together in the direction of the volcano.

"Good luck!" Bella jumps over a log. Danny nods and he jumps ahead of Bella. Bella turns around to see Zach rushing towards them.

"Crap. It's one of the ice members. Danny!" Bella calls out to Danny. Danny stops running, and he turns.

"Hi there!" Zach hops over the log. He climbs a tree, and he begins to hop across the area---from tree to tree.

"How did he learn to do that?" Bella asks in surprise.

"I lived on a farm for a while. I learned to do this while hunting for game." Zach hops away.

"We can't let him win!" Danny shouts. Danny and Bella run off towards him.


Kevin and Flaire wander around the beach. Kevin finds two gas cans. "Found some gas." Kevin looks to Flaire.

"Good job. Now we only need twenty eight more." Flaire looks around. Kevin walks forward. He sees Nate, carrying five gas cans. Kevin runs up to him and trips him.

"Hey! Not cool!" Nate regains his balance. Kevin quickly grabs Nate's cans, and he makes a wobbly escape.

Back at Draven's area, Kevin throws down the eight cans he collected.

"Good job! Team Fire has eight cans so far! Kevin is in the lead!" Draven announces. Kevin turns and runs back to Flaire.


Tod and Dalia wander in the forest, behind Danny, Zach, and Bella.

"We shoudn't be doing this. Using earth's resources as a game is not a way of life. We must fight agains this!" Dalia runs into some trees. She picks up a gas can and smashes it on the ground.

"Dalia! No!" Tod sits down on the ground with his hands in Dalia's direction.

"I found a ton!" Zach runs across the land area, holding ten cans.

"Come back!" Danny chases after him. Zach reaches Draven, and he announces the score.

"We're losing by two points." Tod stands up. He runs over to another area in the woods. He finds two gas cans sitting side by side. He picks them up and runs off.

"You shouldn't be playing with mother nature." Dalia walks behind him.


Dolly and Sarah walk with each other in the woods. "This is stupid. We may be winning, but this gas can idea is stupid." Dolly kicks a rock.

"Dolly, lighten up." Sarah says to her. Claire jumps in front of them, and comes to a halt.

"Oh, it's you. Come on, Sarah. We're leaving." Dolly walks by Claire. Claire holds out a gas can and she hands it to Sarah. Sarah turns to Claire, nods, and then she runs away.

"Sarah? Where are you going?" Dolly asks. Sarah doesn't respond.


"Team Ice is winning thanks to Zach bringing in ten cans!" Draven shouts.

Paige runs by, holding three gas cans.

"Team Ice is still in the lead!" Draven announces.

"Yes!" Paige cheers. Kevin and Flaire run to him, with each person holding two cans. Zach runs away.

"Only four cans remain! Team Ice can still win this!" Draven announces.

Jessica runs by holding three gas cans. Zach runs up to her with the final can.

"It looks like Team Fire lost...again." Draven says to them all. "But, Zach, you brought me the most cans. Since your team won, your immunity will carry over. Whenever you want to use it, just say so."

"Sweet!" Zach cheers.


On the ship, everyone is gathered around Draven, waiting to see who is eliminated. The ship is moving across the water, and they have left Hawaii.

"I miss that place..." Tod sniffs.

"Hush. I have seven players in front of me, and I have only six cookies. The cookies will go too...."

"Good luck nature girl." Tod says to Dalia with an angry face.

"Tod...Sydney....Flaire...and Kevin..." Draven throws four cookies at them.

"Yes! I didn't get any cans, but I'm safe!" Sydney shouts.

"Danny, you are also safe." Draven throws a cookie to Danny.

"Bella and of you will be going home....The final cookie goes to.....Bella." Draven throws the final cookie to Bella.

"You will all regret that!" Dalia shouts.

"Tod told us about you destroying that can. We could have won." Flaire scolds Dalia. Bogle walks out from behind a door, and Draven pushes both of them off of the ship.

"Bye, Dalia." Sydney waves goodbye.

"I'll miss you, Bogle!" Jessica shouts from behind them.


"And so ends another epic episode of Total Drama Dra! See you next time!" Draven waves goodbye into the camera.

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Chapter 10: Crash and Burn

Draven walks along the deck of the ship. "Welcome back to Total Drama Dra! Last time, we sent our contestants along the small coast line of Hawaii to find gas cans. Zach won immunity, and Dalia went home for being stubborn and losing the challenge. Now, only thirteen remain. We've watched them go through a ton so far! Let's see right now who goes and who stays! Let's go now to....Total. Drama. Dra!"


Paige and Zach sit together in the lounge area, across from Claire and Danny.

"Why did you bring us here?" Paige asks.

"To talk to you. It's about Dolly." Danny says to them.

"What about her?" Zach asks.

"She's evil. That's what." Claire tells him.

"Is this about the whole elimination thing?" Paige sits back in her seat.

"Dolly got Sarah and I in an alliance with her. She told us a plan on getting Bogle out. I didn't like the idea, as I kinda' liked Bogle. But she insisted we follow her. After we stopped trying, Bogle got out, and I stayed in. She told me about a plan to get Nate out. And I think she's going to purposely try to lose. We need you in an alliance with me to get her out." Claire explains.

"I don't know..." Zach thinks aloud.

"It'll be a good choice to say yes. If you say no, I'll understand." Claire says to them.

"Once the teams merge, we can form a bigger alliance against her." Danny says. Flaire walks in the lounge to see them talking.

"Why are you talking to the other team?" Flaire asks.

"It's about Dolly." Danny looks to her and says.

"Oh! Dolly! Lemme' join in." Flaire laughs and she sits down next to Danny.

"We're talking about forming an alliance to get her out." Danny says to Flaire.

"Count me in." Flaire slams her hand on a table.


Jessica sits alone in the pool.

"I miss Bogle...I have nobody to talk to anymore." She sighs. She waits for a few moments, then the ship crashes into an ice berg. A railing on the other side of the ship flies over to Jessica's side, and it smashes into a board. The board cracks.

"What the-" Jessica pauses.


The ice berg plows through the front end of the ship, destroying the sleeping cabins. Luckily, everyone is out of them.

"My room! My clothes!" Claire shouts in sadness. The boat shifts quickly, and they turn away from the ice berg. The ship flows in all directions. Everyone's stuff falls to the ship below, so they got to keep everything. The ship smashes into an island within minutes.

"Nevermind! The ship is...destroyed...sadly. Another setback, another challenge!" Draven shouts. He exits the ship, and everyone follows behind.

On the strange island, everyone stands on a sandy beach.

"Well....we're stuck here. We have a lot of food on the ship, and we have some extra sleeping cabins below deck. We'll survive. If we can get a new ship sent out to us, it'd be wonderful. I'll just have to contact some rescue helicopters. But anyway, we're trapped." Draven explains.

"Is this a challenge?" Jessica asks.

"No...sadly. But, we'll be out of here in no time." Draven runs back on the ship.

"We're going to die here." Kevin sighs.

"No we won't." Flaire hugs Kevin. Draven runs back out.

"No connection..." Draven says with sorrow.

"Maybe we will." Flaire lets go of Kevin.

"Give me time to think of something..." Draven puts his head down. He walks back on to the ship. The others sit outside in awe.

"What are we going to do?" Sarah asks. They hear a sudden scream of terror. A HUGE wolf jumps out of the ship, carrying Draven by the neck. Everyone screams.


"Run!" Danny shouts. Everyone scatters in the forest. The wolf runs by and snatches Zach. He screams in terror, but Paige runs by him. The wolf drags Zach into a small hut on the island.

It drops Zach on his back. He sees Draven, alive and well. He is holding a remote control, and he is staring into a TV.

"Welcome to the loser hut! I made him grab you first since you have immunity. You can use it now and be safe, or you can save it and lose." Draven says to him.

"I guess I'll go ahead and use it...what's going on?" Zach asks.

"The ship didn't actually crash. It was all just a ton of cleverly placed props and green screens. The ship is fine. This challenge is a horror challenge. The last person standing wins the game for their team." Draven explains to Zach.

"I have this mutt patrol the forest until I hear someone. I make it hide, and then I let it pounce and take the player to this camp site." Draven presses a button on his controller, and the wolf rushes out of the tent.


Danny and Claire walk together in a misty fog.

"Okay...So, our host is dead..." Claire thinks aloud.

"And we're left to die." Danny says. The giant wolf runns across the ground in front of them. They see its shadow.

"...You saw that too, right?" Claire mumbles.

"Yep..." Danny shakes in fear. The mutt pounces on Danny, and it drags him away. Claire runs in away in fear.

"Claire! Help me!" Danny screams. Claire ignores him. She runs further into the woods.

She runs up a lare tree, and she sits down to rest. A mangled dummy of Danny falls in front of her. She screams, and the mutt pounces on her from the tree top.


Flaire and Kevins sit on the broken down ship.

"This is...terrible. I never thought we'd die like this..." Flaire holds onto Kevin.

"We're not going to die...we have to survive!" Kevin says with confidence. The wolf jumps from behind them and tackles Kevin and Flaire at the same time.

"CRAP!" Kevin shouts in agony.

It drags them back to the old hut. It drops them off.

"Well, two more losers. Team Fire is going to lose if they keep this up." Draven announces.

"We're...not dead!" Flaire shouts in excitement.

"Thank goodness." Kevin stands up.


Sarah and Dolly walk together in the fog where Danny and Claire were attacked. They sit down on the ground, to rest.

"What if this isn't a challenge? What if we're really going to die?" Sarah asks.

"Shut up, Sarah. You know this is a challenge." Dolly rolls her eyes. Paige walks up to them.

"Guys? You're alive!" Paige runs up to them

"Oh, Hi, Paige." Dolly says to her.

"I found Danny....he's dead..." Paige sits down next to them.

The mutt jumps from behind them, and it jumps on Dolly.

"Get it off!" She shouts in terror.

"No! Dolly!" Paige runs up to the mutt. She kicks it, but it smacks Paige away. It takes off with Dolly.

"No!" Sarah throws herself in her direction. The mutt quickly returns. It grabs both Sarah and Paige in its mouth. It drags them off.


Jessica, Nate, and Sydney walk together. They go inside of a small barn with a radio inside.

"Look, we need to call a truce. Draven is dead and we are going to die too if we don't let go of the prize." Sydney says to them.

"Agreed." Nate sighs.

"Poor Bogle...he's going to live out there and we're going to die." Jessica begins to cry.

"We should party before we die." Nate pulls out a CD and he puts it in the radio.

"Nate! No! It'll attract that thing!" Sydney scorns. Nate presses play, and some music comes on the radio.

"NO! TURN IT OFF!" Jessica scolds. Tod runs inside.

"Stop playing that radio!" He shouts. The mutt runs inside and drags Tod away. Bella runs inside and smashes the radio with a branch.

"Bella!" Sydney hugs her.

"Sydney!" She hugs back. The mutt returns and smacks Sydney and Bella away. It grabs on to Nate and pulls him away. It comes back moments later, and drags Jessica away before she could escape.


"Well, Team Ice has lost." Draven says. By now, everyone is in the tent. "Like I said before, this was all fake. The ship is just fine. This challenge was to test your team work...but there wasn't Team Ice can vote someone off except for Zach."


The boat sails away, and Team Ice sits by the elimination area.

"I have seven players in front of me, but only six cookies. The cookies go to....Dolly..." Draven throws a cookie to her.

"You're lucky we kept you here." Nate says to her.

"...Claire...Zach, of course....Paige...and Sarah. Jessica and of you is going home." Draven says to them. He pauses.

"The final cookie goes to...........Jessica." Draven throws the final cookie to Jessica.

"Why me!?" Nate begs.

"You finished us off. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have lost." Dolly throws her cookie at his head.

"Forget you." Nate jumps off of the plank, and the ship sails away from him.


Draven sits by a small fire. "And so, the next episode has concluded. Who will go home next time? What will the challenge be? Find out next time, on Total. Drama. Dra!"

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Author's Notes:

This chapter was a bit odd to make. Remember to comment!

Chapter 11: You Can Lead a Camel to Water, But Can You Make It Drink?

Draven walks along the dock of the ship, to yet again, welcome us to Total Drama Dra. "Welcome to another exciting episode of---you know it by now---Total Drama Dra! In the last episode, we pretended that the ship had crashed on an island. We tested their teamwork skills, which untimely failed. Team Ice lost, and they voted off Nate for losing the challenge in whole for them. And now, with the remaining twelve contestants, we will go to a new destination with a whole new challenge. Can they do it? Find out now on Total Drama Dra!"


Team Fire sits together in the breakfast hall. They are eating cereal.

"At least we're ahead." Danny speaks up.

"It doesn't really matter anymore. I'm sure the teams will merge tomorrow." Bella says.

"I'm probably a huge threat." Danny says back.

"Nah. As far as I'm concerned, you're a friend." Flaire nudges him.

"Thanks." Danny nudges back.

"I'm a bit surprised I made it this far, to be honest." Kevin says to them.

"I'm not. You're a good player." Sydney encourages him.

"I'm not. I've been here for a while, and I've stayed so quiet." Tod pushes his bowl away.

"We're all capable of winning this." Sydney confides.

"Thanks for the kind words, but I don't think I'll last very long in the merge." Tod sighs.


"She is going down!" Dolly shouts to the rest of her team mates.

"Claire did nothing but speak her mind." Sarah attempts to calm Dolly down.

"She isn't supposed to be here right now!" Dolly jumps up from her table and leaves.

"Calm down!" Claire shouts to her.

"Just sit down. You aren't going home any time soon. She'll go before you." Zach tells Claire.

"She's insane." Paige pushes her bowl of cereal away from her.

"No kidding." Zach agrees.

"Well, at least we can live in peace without her. Should we try to lose this challenge JUST to get her out?" Jessica asks.

"It wouldn't be a bad idea." Zach finishes off his bowl of cereal.


"Attention all sailers! Congratulations on making it to the final twelve! We will be going back to Egypt today, for another challenge. Once we arrive, you are expected to leave the ship. Good luck today! This is the final episode before we merge!" Draven shouts over the intercom. The boat eventually arrives in Egypt. Everyone gets off of the ship at a dock.


Draven walks in front of them all. "I hope you had a good morning. Today's challenge is simple. Your team will board a camel. You will need to lead your camel to an oasis. At the oasis, you'll need to collect some water in a bucket. Bring the water to me, and your team will win the challenge. To find the oasis, you just have to hope. Don't get lost!" Draven shouts. Danny and Claire grab buckets, and they and their team mounts their camel.

"This is stupid." Sydney says as their camel rides away.


Team Fire's camel rides off to the desert. They begin to roam in circles.

"This camel is an idiot." Danny smacks it on the butt.

"It keeps going in circles. If we want to win this, we need to make it go forward." Flaire says.

"It won't work. We're going to lose." Danny sighs.

"Shut up! We are going to win this!" Sydney shouts. The camel suddenly walks forward.

"See!?" Sydney says.


"Stupid Camel!" Dolly shouts. The camel walks forward.

"This is fun." Jessica sits back on the Camel. The camel walks forward on.

"I wonder if we can win this time." Zach says. He suddenly spots the oasis ahead. Palm trees sway around it.

"I see it!" He shouts. They ride onward until they reach it. Team Fire wanders up behind them. Dolly jumps off with the bucket. Tod jumps off with his bucket. He run up and shoves Dolly in the oasis, and he fills up his bucket. He boards his camel once more, and they ride off. Dolly regains her composure, and she fills up their bucket too.


Team Fire and Team Ice race at a close rate.

"We can do this!" Zach shouts.

"We're gonna' win!" Tod announces. Team Fire's camel arrives at Draven's area, and they jump off with their water.

"Team Fire wins! Team Ice goes to elimination!" Draven announces.

"Crap!" Dolly throws her bucket of water on Claire.

"Ugh! You are such a.....Forget it. I hope you know you aren't immune. You are going home tonight." Claire stomps away.

"We'll see about that." Dolly says to her.

"We will." Sarah walks in Claire's direction.

"So, you're gonna' side with her now? I see how it is!" Dolly shouts.


On the ship, Draven stands in front of Team Ice. "Since nobody won immunity, I'll just tell you who is eliminated, since the votes were all on one person. Dolly, you have been eliminated." Draven announces. He throws cookies to everyone.

"I can't believe'm going to kill you. One day! One day!" Dolly is pushed off of the plank by Draven.


"And so ends another episode of Total Drama Dra. See you next time!" Draven shouts.

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Author's Notes:

Sorry about the shortness and the cheapness of the chapter. I got really tired and I wanted to get it done.

Chapter 12: The Great Merge

Draven walks along the dock to welcome everyone to a new episode. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This is Total. Drama. Dra! Last time, we had the remaining competitors return to Egypt for another competition. However, Team Ice lost and Dolly was finally sent home...Teehee...But, as expected, there will be two returning cast members! Find out who they are and much more on...Total. Drama. Dra!


Jessica sits with her team in the lounge.

"I hope Bogle is the one who returns!" Jessica cheers.

"I don't care who returns, I just hope it isn't Dolly." Claire rolls her eyes.

"Who knows? It might be nice to have Bogle or Lauren back." Sarah smiles.

"We don't exactly get to vote, but if we could, I'd vote Bogle back in. He didn't deserve to go." Zach confides.

"Yeah. Agreed." Paige agrees.


Flaire sits with her team in the pool.

"I kinda' hope that Sam or Brandon comes back. Those two seemed the least irritating of the other eliminated players." Flaire says.

"It'd be nice to have Dalia back. She was...odd...but she wasn't crazy." Kevin says as he begins to swim around.

"I, personally, don't want any of them back. They were eliminated for a reason." Sydney says. She goes underwater.

"We'll just have to see." Danny says.

"I want Sam back. He was kinda'" Bella giggles.

"You thought he was hot!?" Tod laughs.

"I kinda' thought he was. It'd be nice to have him back." Bella rolls her eyes.

Draven's voice suddenly comes over an intercom. "Attention all crew members! Welcome to the middle of the competition! You are the remaining eleven members of Total Drama Dra! Congratulations to: Claire, Sarah, Jessica, Zach, Paige, Sydney, Danny, Flaire, Kevin, Tod, and Bella! Meet me at the elimination area. We have a lot to discuss."


At the elimination area, Draven stands next to a large screen. It has all of the contestant's names on it, including two empty spots. The names all have zeros by them.

"What's that?" Sarah asks.

"Everyone take a seat." Draven instructs. Everyone sits down on the stumps around them.

"What's this about?" Danny asks.

"Since there are no more teams, we are now splitting the line. Every crew member for themselves. Remaining dudes, you'll sleep in Team Fire's boy cabin. Girls, you'll sleep in the Ice's girl cabin. Simple enough." Draven explains.

"Sweet!" Zach gives Danny a high five.

"I'm sure it's relief, Zach. You've been stuck on a team with all girls for a while." Draven laughs.

"Yeah..." Zach looks at Paige. She looks back and smiles.

"Anyway, now to explain this board. Up here, is the................point board!" Draven exclaims.

"The what?" Tod asks.

"The point board. As there are no more teams, we will go by a point system. All challenges from now on will involve points. The people with the lowest scores will go to elimination." Draven explains.

"Ah...perfect." Danny says.

"You have to try your best now! As for the returning cast members...let's welcome..." Draven pauses for a dramatic effect.

"No...please don't be her." Claire says with shock in her eyes.

"Returning from Team Ice...." Draven pauses once more.

"It' can't be!" Sarah shouts.

"...Let's welcome......Dolly!" Draven shouts.

"No!" Claire throws herself to the ground. Dolly walks out from behind a doorway behind them.

"That's right. I'm still here." Dolly says with fury.

"You brought her back after we eliminated could you!?" Sarah runs up to Draven.

"The producers liked her. Also returning is..." Draven pauses.

"YES!" Bella shouts as she turns around.

"Sam!" Draven exclaims.

"What's up?" Sam says. He walks out of the doorway and walks over to the competitors.

"Sam!" Bella hugs him.

"Okay then..." Sam pats her on her head.

Dolly and Sam's names appear in the empty spaces on the score chart.

"Now then. Today, there will not be a challenge. We will be evaluating you on your past challenges. First of all, you will recieve twenty points for each time your team won a challenge. Remaining Team Fire players, you each have won eighty points. Team Ice's members, you have each won one hundred." Draven says.

"Yes! In the lead!" Paige cheers.

"In the episode, Double Down Under, each person was to cross the finish line. So, you will recieve fifty points for crossing first, fourty for second, thirty for third, twenty for fourth, and ten for everything else. Finally, the person who brought the most in, The Scavenge, will recieve one hundred points. Zach, you have the highest score now." Draven says.

"Yes!" He cheers.

"Oh yeah! I forgot. For every time you were safe from elimination, you will recieve fifty points. Danny, you recieve three hundred points. Zach, you recieve one hundred. Dolly, you recieve fifty. Now, Danny has the highest score." Draven says.

"Awe." Zach frowns.

"The scores now stand with Danny at three-eighty, Zach at three hundred, Flaire at one-twenty, Sydney at one-ten, Bella at one hundred, Tod and Sam at eighty, Kevin at one-twenty, Sarah, Claire, and Jessica at one-fifty, Paige at one hundred, and Dolly at two hundred." Draven says.

"The five people with the lowest scores will go to elimination. Since there was no challenge today, you'll just have to vote for someone who you don't like. So, everyone, you can vote for: Tod, Sam, Bella, Paige, or Sydney." Draven says. "People who are not up for elimination, you can stand up and go vote in the confessionals.

"B...But I just got here! I couldn't have those points because I wasn't here!" Sam says.

"They aren't going to eliminate you, trust me." Bella pats him on the back.


Flaire appears in the confessional. "Well...I don't have a grudge on anyone, and I like everyone here except for Dolly. But...I guess I can vote out him for being too soft."

Zach appears after Flaire leaves. "You see, Paige is...or will girlfriend. So, I'm not voting her out. I guess I'll vote out someone from the former opposing team. I know how it feels to be in love...and it seems like Bella likes Sam. I wanna' give them a chance. Sydney or Tod..." He thinks.


At elimination, Draven holds out cookies. "I have four cookies, and five crew members in front of me. The first cookie will go to the person with the fewest votes, at zero. Paige, you are safe." Draven throws a cookie to Paige.

"Another person who is safe.........Sydney." Draven throws a cookie to Sydney.

"Whew." Sydney eats her cookie in a cold sweat.

"The next person to be safe....Sam." Draven throws Sam a cookie.

"Bella and Tod. One of you will be eliminated. The other will stay. The final cookie goes too................Bella." Draven throws Bella the cookie.

"B...B...But...why?" He asks.

"Too soft." Flaire says.

"I thought we were friends..." Tod gawks. Draven pushes him off of the plank, and the ship sails away. The score board changes and Tod's name is erased.

"Cookies will have a value each day. Today's cookie value was a simple ten points. Your score is changed if you got a cookie." Draven walks away after finishing his thoughts.

"'s game on. All the people who sucked are gone, and now we're left. We have to vote out friends now." Flaire hugs Kevin.

"Don't worry. Me and you will be in the final two." Kevin pats her head.

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Author's Notes:

The chapter is finally done! The point system is now added and we have two returners! Congratulations to them! Also, the winner guessing contest will close soon. Make your guesses now before it gets closed from voting!

Chapter 13: What Lies in The Lion's Den?

Draven walks along the main deck to welcome us to another episode. "Welcome to the next episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, we merged teams and brought in two returning competitors! Now, Dolly and Sam are in the game. We lost Tod for being too soft, though. But now, we have twelve contestants remaining. The competition is hot! Who will go home? Find out now on Total Drama Dra!"


Jessica wakes from a tiresome sleep inside of a small cage. Inside, Flaire and Sam sit in an idle, asleep.

"What in the..." Jessica moves. She looks outside to find other cages with other people in them.

"Huh...?" Flaire nudges herself awake.

"I think we've been kidnapped!" Jessica shouts.

"What?" She asks. A lion walks in front of their cage.

"Lion!" Jessica shouts. Everyone suddenly awakens in their cages.

"Lion?" Dolly asks.

"It's a lion!" Jessica screams. A helicopter flies over them. It appears to be Draven. He holds up a megaphone and rolls down a window.

"Welcome to Africa! We got you here in your sleep. Today's challenge will be like in the past challenge, Easter Island Heads. Breakfast is served on the ship, you just have to get there. Your cages are surrounded by lions. You have to find a way out of your cage without being mauled to death. You'll find your way to the ship eventually. Whoever makes it there before sunset will win seventy points. The first person to make it there will win an immunity idol. Good luck! don't die!" Draven shouts. He flies away.

"That sucks." Sam says.

"The cage door is locked." Jessica says as she tugs on the cage door.


Sydney, Danny, and Claire are all together in one cage.

"How do we get out?" Claire asks.

"Dig!" Danny says. He jumps to the ground and starts clawing at the ground. Some fake grass pieces fly around the cage. Danny scratches a hole in the ground, and he finds a tunnel being blocked off by a piece of loose concrete.

"The grass! It's fake!" Danny announces.

"That's great!" Claire says. She sticks her hands down and removes the concrete. They jump into a hole and they run through a small sewer. Everyone soon follows.

"Thanks, guys!" Sarah announces. They run through the sewer area.

"We have no idea as to where we are. How do we know if we're going in the right direction?" Kevin asks.

"Just follow the trai-" Flaire stops. Four different sections have opened up in front of them.

"I guess we have to pick a place and hope it's right." Paige says. She walks down the one on the farthest to the right. Zach nods and follows her.

"Good luck." Dolly lies. She runs down the one in front of them.


In one section, Zach, Paige, Jessica, Kevin, and Flaire walk together in murky waters.

"This is gross." Flaire says as she trudges through the water.

"We'd better be on the right path." Zach says. He suddenly drops off and begins to swim through the water.

"Drop-off point. Looks like we're swimming out of here." Zach announces.

"Great..." Kevin says. A pipe beside Zach busts open, and water begins to flow in.

"I think we made it....if not, then we're gonna' drown!" Zach shouts. More pipes bust and more water flows in.

"I don't wanna' die!" Jessica screams.


In another section, Dolly, Claire, Sarah, Bella, and Sam swim together in the same place the others are, but in another place.

"I think I see a door." Dolly says. She swims over to a metallic door.

"We made it!" Sarah says.

"I made it." Dolly scolds. She opens the door, while wading in the water. More water flows out.

"We're gonna' die." Sam says.


Soon, everyone is inside of a huge water area. The water is rising very fast. They all try to swim to safety, but they don't. The roof above them suddenly opens up, and the water brings them to the top. It stops flowing, and they exit the water.

"At least we didn't die..." Sydney gasps.

"We need to keep going." Danny says. He stands up and runs forward into another grassy area. A sign stands stalwart on the ground. It reads, "Want some extra points? Look for bottle caps on the ground. Each cap is worth ten points. If you don't, press onward!"

"Epic!" Danny runs forward, ignoring the request. Sarah reads it, and starts to look around for bottle caps.


Danny runs up to a pier. The SS.Dra is there. Draven stands there, holding an immunity idol. "Yes!" Danny yells. He speeds forward, while panting for breath. He reaches Draven, and he grabs the idol.

"Immunity once again!" Danny yells.

"Danny, you have won seventy points. Congratulations!" Draven congratulates Danny. Sarah arrives with eight bottle caps in her arms.

"Sarah! With eight caps, you have won one-hundred-fifty points. Congratulations!" He says to her. "There were only ten caps, so two remain out there." Draven finishes.

Dolly runs up with two caps. Everyone else follows behind.

"Dolly, you have won ninety points. Everyone else, you have scored seventy points." He says to everyone.

Everyone boards the ship behind Draven.


At the elimination area, Draven announces the losers.

"The five people with the lowest scores will go to elimination. Sam, Paige, Bella, Kevin, Sydney and Flaire. Kevin, Sydney, Flaire, and Bella all had a tie with one hundred and ninety points. So...with the tie, you will not go to elimination. A twist!" Draven announces.

"We'll pick up after the tie. The lowest scores after them--with three to go---are, Claire, Jessica, and Dolly. So, you'll vote for either Paige, Sam, Claire, Jessica, or Dolly." Draven finishes.

"You better not vote for me." Dolly says with anger.


Flaire appears in the confessional. "I got out of it! I feel so lucky! As much as I want too....I can't. I wanna' vote for the screamer."


"I have five sailers in front of me, and four cookies in my hand. Three of you are safe at zero votes: Claire, Sam, and Paige. Dolly and Jessica, you are the final two. The person with the most votes is not.......Dolly. Jessica, you got eliminated by one vote." Draven throws cookies to everyone but Jessica.

"B...B...But....Why!?" Jessica screams.

"You're just too annoying!" Dolly shouts at her. Jessica stands up.

"Shut up, Dolly! You are a no good and self little brat! Nobody here likes you!" She yells.

"Apparently, they do. They kept me instead of you." Dolly says. Jessica grabs Dolly and jumps off of the dock with her. A ladder is cast down into the water.

"You little brat! You deserve to be eliminated!" Dolly shouts. She climbs the rope and gets back on the ship.


Draven stands in front of the camera. "And so ends another exciting episode. Find out what happens next time on Total Drama Dra!"

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Author's Notes:

This was really fun to write. You can thank the amazing race for being on. Can't wait until tomorrow when I can write the next portion!

Chapter 14: The London Bridge is Falling Down...

Draven walks on the dock of the ship to welcome us to another episode. "Welcome to the next exciting episode of T-D-D! This time, we'll be putting our crew members to the max in a distance challenge! And, last time, we sent someone home. Go back and watch to find out who it is. We're going to get started now. See who goes mad and who gets out tonight on this special episode of Total Drama Dra---right now!"


Flaire, Kevin, Claire, and Danny sit together in the lounge. They all have breakfast in front of them that they took down there.

"So, what I propose to you, is an alliance." Flaire says.

"I don't know...there's seven others left in the game. If they find out about us they can band together to eliminate us." Claire says.

"If we work together, we can do this." Kevin says to her.

"Well..." Claire thinks.

"Our first target is Dolly." Danny confides in her.

"Count me in." Claire instantly says.

"I thought you'd say yes. Now, listen closely. We can't let anyone know about this. These challenges will most likely be endurance challenges, so we won't be able to stick together much. We just need to do what we can while we can do it. Our alliance needs to stick together until the finals." Flaire explains.

"I'm in." Claire says.

"Same." Danny agrees.

"Yep." Kevin finishes the agreement.

"May the alliance begin!" Flaire says. She says.


Sam and Bella walk together along the docks of the ship, gazing into the waters below them.

"They look so beautiful...just like yo-" Bella is stopped by Sam.

"Why did you drag me out here?" He interrupts.

"I want to talk to you." Bella says to him.

"About what?" He asks.

"Sam....I like yo-" Bella is interrupted once more, this time by Draven's voice. It comes over an intercom above them.

"Hello, final eleven! Welcome to the midway point in the competition! For this, you will be given a prize! Meet me in the lounge in ten minutes." Draven finishes.

"Let's go." Sam says. He turns and leaves. Bella frowns behind him.


Back in the lounge, everyone gathers around Draven. Draven stands on a brown table in the middle of the room. He raises his hands to silence the campers, and then he speaks.

"Since you guys are the final eleven, you will be given a prize. You will all vacation in London--" Draven pauses. Everyone cheers around him.

"---But, our next challenge will be there as well. We will stay in London for three days. But, the winner of today's challenge will get to take two other friends with them to a fabulous hotel where they will have immunity for the other two challenges. We will stay in London and do three challenges in the three days. The three people with immunity will not participate in them. Since they will have immunity for two days, they will recieve an immunity point gain. You will know more once we reach London." Draven says.

"Epic! I hope I win immunity!" Zach shouts.

"I hope I do!" Paige says, happily.

"Of course, I'll be the one to win it." Dolly smiles.

"No, that'll be me." Sarah confides in herself.

"We'll see." Dolly says with anger.


The ship rides down a small canal, and they arrive in the city of London. The ship docks on a small docking area, and everyone gets off of the ship. Draven stands in front of them.

"Have you ever heard the song, 'The London Bridge is Falling Down'?" Draven asks.

"Yeah." Paige responds.

"Today, we will do a parody on that. You will get on a life-size bridge made custom to our 'needs'. I have a remote here, and it will activate a disaster. Your goal for today's challenge is to 'survive' a bridge collapse. Water is below, where your mates will land and be out of the contest. There can be only one person to make it to me, which is a far distance. If there is a tie, we will have a tie breaker. You will meet many troubles in your path, such as saving a member of the crew while letting others fall. While the people who fall into the water will be mad, you will earn fifty points for saving someone. The saved person will earn twenty. So, being in last isn't bad. My remote here will control when and how things break apart. I can pause it at any time." Draven explains. A mini van arrives near them. Everyone gets inside, and they drive off to a secure location.

In this area, there are no buildings. There is only concrete and water. There is a huge bridge, with red on the metal that supports it. Several stone casings hold up the very bottom of the bridge. They all exit the van and board the bridge on a small section at the starting position. Cars and trucks line the area around them, giving them obstacles to overcome. Draven runs across the bridge very quickly. Once he reaches the other side, he yells.

"Start!" He shouts.

"Is this safe...?" Sarah asks before they begin. They all trample past her.


Sam and Bella run their way to first place. They hop over a few cars.

"This is easy...didn't he say the bridge would collapse?" Bella asks. Suddenly, the ground shakes below them.

"Yep!" Sam stops in his tracks. Cracks appear in the ground, and a support beam from the side of them falls onto the bridge. The ground then begins to seperate and fall into the water below them.

"Go!" Bella shouts. They run and jump over a large hole in the ground. A large moving-truck moves in front of them. A ladder is on its side.

"We have to climb it." Sam starts to climb on the ladder.


Flaire and Kevin run directly behind Sam and Bella. A support beam falls over, and destroys a car next to them. Claire runs by them.

"Claire! Wait for us!" Kevin shouts.

"Forget that! I'm getting out of here!" Claire says. A car slides from the ground below them, and it bashes into her. It slams her into the support railing beside her, and the support railing falls off. Claire grabs onto the ledge of the ground, and the car slides off into the water.

"Claire!" Flaire shouts. She runs up and grabs her by the hand. She pulls Claire up from her incapacitation.

Draven shouts a reward to them over his megaphone. "Both of you get the survivor rewards. You each now stand at one-hundred-seventy points."

Danny runs by them since they stayed to help Claire.

"Thanks." Claire thanks her friends. The ground from the starting position instantly collapses into the water below.


Paige and Zach sit at last place. They are jumping through the rubble with caution.

"This is crazy..." Zach mutters.

"We have to go faster!" Paige says to him. The cars behind them fall with the crumbling ground. Support beams behind them fall over, and they destroy the place entirely. Tons of ground bits are destroyed in front of them, and they are trapped.

"It doesn't look like we're going any farther..." Zach sighs. The ground beneath them collapses, and they become the first two players to lose.

"Crap!" Paige yells from the water below.


Dolly pushes past Sarah and Sydney. The support beneath them crumbles down, and the ground falls once more. Sarah loses her balance, but Sydney keeps on going.

"I will win this! I will!" Dolly shouts. She jumps over a large car in her path, and makes her way to the truck where Sam and Bella climbed over it. Sydney runs up behind her, and climbs onward. Sarah falls to the water below as the ground has fallen.


Across the truck where the contestants had to climb across, Danny and Bella are put together in a sticky situation. The ground in front of them has collapsed entirely. They have to climb on the support beams to get across.

"I think we should get going...the ground won't last for very long." Danny grabs onto one part of the support beams. Wires begin to snap off of the area above and aside of them. Sydney runs up in front of them, and grabs onto the bars. She hops ahead of them, without taking any caution. The wires on the bridge snap, and wrap themselves around Danny, Bella, and Sydney.

"Gah! Help me!" Sydney shouts in terror. Sam runs up to the area.

Draven shouts to Sam over his megaphone. "Sam, these wires are constricting your mates. You must choose one person to go on, and you will let the others fall."

A truck slides by Sam's backside, and blocks off the other contestants from getting to him.

"Um...I choose...." Sam thinks aloud.

"Pick me! Please!" Bella begs.

"Fine...Bella." Sam says. A wire swings over with Bella on it, and it lets her go. Danny and Sydney fall into the waters below.

"Sam, you and Bella have won the survival points." Draven shouts over his megaphone.


Dolly, Kevin, Flaire, and Claire run by with each other. They reach the support beams. They climb across with Sam and Bella. Flaire reaches a loose beam, and it falls over with her. She screams and hits the water.

"I'm gonna' win this for us!" Kevin speeds his climbing up. He reaches the other side first. The ground beneath him begins to rupture on an instant. Dolly reaches it behind Kevin. The others jump down on it at the same time.

Dolly turns around to see the place behind them collapse into the water below. "Holy crap! Run!" Dolly shouts. They run onwards into the rupturing bridge.


Sam and Bella run together towards Draven. They can see him ahead. They aren't far from the finish line. The ground beneath them collapses, and Sam and Bella barely miss the fall.

"That was close!" Sam says. Dolly runs up and jumps over the gaping hole. The ground beneath her collapses, and Sam, Bella, and Dolly grab onto the ledges of the area that is still in tact. Kevin runs up to them, and grabs Sam instantly.

"Kevin and Sam have won survival points." Draven announces. Bella and Dolly fall into the water after they slip and fall.

"We're almost there!" Sam announces. Kevin shoves Sam into the hole. He lands in the water.

"Sorry! I had to do it!" Kevin jumps over the hole. He lands on the ground, and he runs forward. Claire runs behind him, and she gets caught in the finale of the collapse. The ground ruptures entirely, and she becomes the last person to fall.


"Kevin wins immunity!" Draven announces. The other players swim over to a ladder. They climb out of the water, and they stand behind Kevin and Draven, shivering.

"Kevin, you have won the grand prize. You will recieve immunity for the next two challenges. You can also give immunity to two other people, who will stay with you in the hotel while the others do the challenges. Pick two people." Draven says.

"Hmm....I'll pick Sam, since I owe it to him for knocking him off. And I'll choose Flaire for obvious reasons." Kevin says.

"Good. Sam and Flaire, you both also have immunity for the next challenges. You have three immunity point gains. You each recieve one-fifty points a piece." Draven announces.

"Crap!" Dolly shouts in anger.

"The eight of you will go to elimination. Only four of you will go to elimination and recieve cookies. Cookies will be worth ten points tonight. Once we get on the ship, I'll explain more." Draven says. Everyone walks forward with Draven.


On the ship, everyone sits around Draven on the logs except for Kevin, Sam, and Flaire.

"The four people with the lowest points are...Paige, Claire, Sydney, and Bella. You will vote between them tonight. Go to the confessional and vote." Draven says to them.

"Again!?" Paige asks.


Sam enters the confessional first. "She's kinda' annoying...she's always wanting to talk to me."

Sam leaves, then Dolly enters.

Dolly sits down, and stares into the camera. "I'm going to ruin you for leaving our alliance!"

Once Dolly exits, Zach comes in. "Paige, you are the best person ever. are okay. Sydney...well...Sydney hasn't done much...and Claire is okay..."


Draven stands in front of the four losing contestants.

"The first cookie of the night goes to....Paige." Draven throws Paige a cookie.

"Yes!" Paige says.

"The second goes to...Claire." Draven throws the next cookie to Claire.

"Sydney and of you will be going home. The final cookie goes to.....................Bella." Draven throws the last cookie to Bella.

"Okay....why me?" Sydney asks.

"You aren't doing very much. You ran through the challenge, which cost you the game." Flaire explains.

"I don't know. I closed my eyes and voted." Sarah says.

"Well then....goodbye..." Sydney sighs.

"Wait! Don't jump off of the boat. You'll be locked in a room while we stay here for the next three days." Draven drags Sydney to a room where the contestants can't see her. He locks her in, and he leaves.


Draven takes the remaining contestants to a small hotel.

"Welcome to the hotel of luxury. You will stay here for the remaining three days. Kevin, Flaire, and Sam will stay here and do stuff for the next two days. Go inside and get your room keys. Go find your room, and then sleep. Easy. Goodnight!" Draven says to them.


"And so ends another episode of Total Drama Dra. Find out what happens next time by tuning in!" Draven announces to the camera.

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Another episode! Read and comment!

Chapter 15: Quick! Send a Flaire for rescue!

Draven walks along the dock of the ship, and greets us to another episode of Total Drama Dra.

"Welcome to another episode of Total Drama Dra!" Draven stops, as he is interrupted by Flaire.

"Last time--" She stops. Kevin steps in.

"We were all put through a horrible challenge on a bridge. The bridge collapsed under our feet! While a lot failed, I won! I chose Flaire and Sam to join me in a resort for two more days, while the others compete and eliminate other players!" Kevin stops and Sam walks forward.

"While the challenge was brutal, we did have one major failure. Sydney, who was doing the challenge fast, epicly failed when she fell into the water on accident. She was eliminated for her great performance, and now the players seem to be looking at Danny because of his major immunities. Can he survive the days that are coming? Find out now on...." Sam says.

"Total!" Kevin shouts.

"Drama!" Sam and Flaire shout.

"Dra!" Everyone shouts into the screen, including Draven.


Nearby to the huge resort they are staying at, Claire and Sarah sit on some chairs out in a forest type area.

"Dolly has got to go." Claire says.

"Agreed...but I also think it's Danny's time. I mean, he got a ton of immunities during the team phase. I think he needs to go if Dolly gets immunity." Sarah responds.

"Hmm..." Claire says aloud. Kevin peers his head over by a tree, to hear everything they are saying.

"So...They want Danny or Dolly out? This is gonna' be fun." Kevin whispers.


In a small hotel room, Danny sits on a large bed, reading a book. Kevin walks in without knocking. He leans against the white wall.

"Hey...Kevin." Danny says. He puts his book down.

"You might like to hear this. Claire and Sarah are plotting to get you out." Kevin whispers to him.

"No! Thanks for telling me...I think." Danny says. Kevin nods and leaves the room.


In Kevin's room, he sits on a bed nearby to the door. Flaire and Sam sit inside on some chairs.

"This is awesome. Thanks for choosing me." Sam laughs.

"I've stirred up a bit of drama with Danny and the two rich girls." Kevin adds.

"Oh! What happened?" Flaire asks.

"They wanna' get him I told him." Kevin winks.

"Great, now we get to deal with this. Oh well. Two more days of safety." Flaire says.

"This will be fun." Kevin laughs.


Outside, Draven holds out a megaphone. "Last night's winners, please report outside!" He shouts. In a few moments, Flaire, Sam, and Kevin step outside.

"We're gonna' have a cooking challenge today, and I need you three to be taste testers. Stay out here until we're ready." Draven says, and he walks inside. He announces the cooking challenge inside.

"Today, you will prepare a dish for the three winners. This dish will be rated from one to ten by them. Your rating adds up and adds to your points. The three lowest scores will go to elimination. In the kitchen of this resort, you will prepare your food. Only one dish. You have THIRTY MINUTES." Draven announces to everyone who is gathered around him.

"Thirty minutes? That isn't enough time!" Bella says.

"Nobody cares." Draven walks away. They walk into a kitchen area, and find that there are tons of boxes with food around them. They all grab random items and find a stonve or microwave.

"I'm just gonna' make one of those microwavable pizzas." Danny laughs.

"I'm gonna hand make a pizza!" Bella runs to a random box to look for crust, pepperoni, cheese, and other items.

"This is so stupid." Dolly says.

"I'd like to make a vegatable platter!" Claire walks over to a stove with a pan. She turns on the stove...

...and then the building goes up in flames.

"What the heck!?" Claire shouts as she is blown back into a wall. A sudden wall of flame covers the kitchen. The players gather in a corner and cower. The wall behind them collapses, and they run outside.


Once outside, everyone stands in awe.

"The's on fire..." Zach sighs.

"That's horrible....I guess we'll sleep on the ship tonight." Draven sighs again.

"What's the challenge now?" Paige asks in worry.

"Um...I don't know..." Draven says.

"Well....shouldn't we be concerned with the other people inside the resort?" Zach says, scared. A woman suddenly falls out of a window, and grabs onto the edge of the window sill.

"Help!" She cries.

"Hey! She's in trouble!" Zach runs over to the woman in peril, and climbs up a set of bricks.

"Go, Zach! Go!" Paige cheers him on. Zach grabs the woman, and climbs with her inside of the room that is on fire.

"We have to get out of here!" Zach says. He leads her through a clear area, and he finds a set of stairs that are knocked out.

"We have to climb down!" The woman says.

"I guess so..." Zach says. They both grab onto some remaining wood from the steps, and they slowly make their way down. Fire swarms them, and they get trapped.

"We'll have to run through it..." Zach mentions.

They both grab hands and run through the fire...and surprisingly come out alive!

"Zach!" Paige runs up to Zach and instantly kisses him.

"....Paige..." Zach winks.

"Well...let's just say Zach has the say-so tonight. He saved a woman from certain CHOOSES who goes home. Zach?" Draven asks.

" don't like Dolly....but I also think Sarah and Claire are still in a group with, why not kick Sarah?" Zach says.

"WHAT!?" Sarah shouts. Draven grabs her by the arm and carries her off to the ship.

"YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER. I WILL KI-" She is stopped from talking and thrown into the ship.

"Well....that went well." Paige hugs Zach.


"And that was the next...erm...interesting episode of TDD! Join us next week for more action!" Draven says, as the show closes.

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A chapter for the new year! Enjoy!

Chapter 16: The Scavenge - Part 2

Draven sits on the dock of the ship, which is barely floating. He stands up and looks at the camera.

"Welcome to another episode of T-D-D! We have nine sailers remaining in the game! They've competed very hard throughout this competition! Let's give a huge hand to Zach, Dolly, Paige, Kevin, Sam, Bella, Danny, Claire, and Flaire! Our final nine players are now preparing to depart from London. However, we have one last challenge to do here. Who will win and who will lose? Find out right now, on Total Drama Dra!"

On the plain nearby, Flaire, Kevin, and Sam gather around in a small huddle.

"This is our last immune day. We better make it count." Kevin says.

"Yep." Flaire whispers.

"We should form an alliance. We seem to work good together." Sam reccomends.

"I don't know...Bella could find out. She seems to like you." Flaire says.

"Well, it couldn't hurt." Kevin says.

"Thanks. If you agree, Flaire, we can plot someone's demise. I mean, we'd be the only strong alliance. Claire and Dolly are broken up. If Bella does like me, she will vote with me, Paige and Zach aren't a threat at all, and Danny seems to trust you, Flaire. We'd be so strong that we can go to the final three in no time." Sam says.

"Good thinking, I guess." Flaire says.

"It's only true. We can do this!" Sam says.

"I like his thinking..." Kevin stops to let Flaire decide.

"...Fine. I'm in." Flaire says to Sam.

"Same." Kevin says.

In the confessional, Sam sits in front of the camera with a smug smile.

"Getting out early was not my plan. But now that I'm far, I know what to do. Teaming up with the strongest players is the way to go."

Nearby to them, Claire stands near Dolly.

"You won't be so lucky this time. I'll make sure you lose this challenge." Dolly scorns.

"Look, can't you put the past behind you?" Claire asks.

"Never." Dolly stamps away.

"What was that about?" Zach asks. He walks up to Claire with Paige.

"She seems happy." Paige says sarcastically.

"Yeah. She's SO happy." Claire responds.

"Everyone, listen up!" Draven shouts from the ship. "It's time for....THE SCAVENGE!---Part two. You will do the same as before, but this time, there are only fifteen gas cans to find. They've been scattered about the area here. Flaire, Kevin, and Sam, you will compete this time. It isn't dangerous and it is for challenge reasons. You cannot go up for elimination today, however. Each can is worth fifteen points, so get to moving!" Draven signals the challenge easily.

"Well, here we go...again." Zach turns with Paige and runs off into the area around.

Everyone else scatters.

In a few bushes nearby to the hotel that caught fire, Sam and Kevin wander around. Flaire abandons them and runs towards the old hotel.

"There's one!" Sam runs up and grabs a can.

"Fourteen left...." Kevin scans the area.

"There's one, Kev." Sam says. He points to one on a trunk where a tree used to be. Kevin runs to get it and scans around for more.

"Thirteen. Come on!" Sam urges Kevin to go with him to turn in the cans.

In the hotel ruins, Flaire finds two cans. "Wow! Imagine that." Flaire winks to herself. She picks them both up.

"From what I can tell, there are eleven to go." Flaire turns to run off.

Zach and Paige run off into a small brush of forestry. Paige trips over a big rock and lets out a huge scream. Zach quickly lifts her up before she can fall.

"Crap! I think I just sprang something!" Paige shouts.

"Are you okay?" Zach asks.

"No! I think I sprang my ankle!" Paige shouts again.

"No need to shout. Here..." Zach picks her up.

"Thanks...are you sure you can carry me?" Paige asks.

"Sure." Zach walks off with her into the forestry.

"There!" Paige points to a can.

"Our first one!" Zach rushes over to grab it. He picks it up and they run from to brush to turn it in.

When they arrive at the ship, they throw their can down.

"This is Paige's." Zach says. Paige smiles towards Zach. He smiles back.

"Very well. Ten to go!" Draven announces. They run back towards the brush.

"Why did you do that?" Paige asks.

"I have a big score. You seem to be up for elimination a ton. I'm gonna' get you a big score so you can be safe." Zach says, kindly.

"...Thanks....That's so sweet." Paige says. As they enter the forestry, Zach sits Paige down on a big rock.

"I need a break..." Zach pants for breath.

"...You know, Zach. You're really sweet. I think I may have misjudged you on the first few days." Paige smiles.

"Really? You think so?" Zach stands up to her level. He sits down on the rock as well.

"You're giving me points that I don't need. You're thinking of me instead of helping yourself. You're carrying me around with a sprung ankle instead of leaving me there to die. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done." Paige says to him.

"Wow....thanks..." Zach says. They move in closer. They touch lips, and have a kiss.

Before it can end, a single can falls in front of them.

"Give it up, Lovebirds. We have a challenge to win." Bella says from the opening of the forest. She is holding two cans, herself.

"Bella!" Paige exclaims.

"I've heard a lot. Now pick up your belongings. We've got a challenge to complete." Bella runs off with her cans.

"Thanks!" Zach shouts to her. He lifts up Paige and the can, and they race towards the ship.

When they arrive, Zach drops off the can, and again, gives it to Paige.

"Only seven left!" Draven announces.

"..You know what? I think I have plenty of points for today," Bella says, "And I want you two to stay in the game. Give my fifteen to Paige as well."

"Wow! I feel loved!" Paige laughs.

Danny and Claire run together out in the brush as well.

"See anything yet?" Claire asks.

"Nope!" Danny sighs.

"But I've found a huge stash!" Sam laughs. He runs out with three...count them, three, cans.

"Get him!" Danny shouts.

In an instand, Sam trips and Paige and Zach collect their belongings.

"Nice trap." Paige says with a giggle. They run off to the ship, where Paige earns thirty more points, and she lets Bella have fifteen more.

"Four to go!" Draven announces. "Let's make this interesting! You have one minute to find the remainders! These will be worth double points!

"Awesome!" Paige says. Everyone scatters.

"There!" Danny says, pointing to the plain. Two cans remain there. Claire and Danny take one a piece. They return to the ship.

And, with only a few seconds to go, nobody locates the final two. "Everyone come back to the ship!" Draven shouts through a megaphone. Everyone gathers on the ship. After an hour, gas is put into the ship's tank, and they take off. Before elimination, they dunk in the past two players eliminated.

On the eliminations dock, everyone gathers around.

"The four people with the lowest scores will go to elimination, and leave the others to decide your fate. The first person up is....Bella..." Draven says.

"Awe!" Bella cries.

"And Paige, despite Zach and Bella's efforts." Draven says.

"Oh well. At least they tried." Paige hugs Zach.


"No!" She shouts.

"And finally...Dolly!" Draven announces.

"What!?" She stamps.

"You did nothing. Let me show you your scores before elimination." Draven points to the score board.

It reads:

Flaire: 220
Claire: 260
Danny: 480
Bella: 240
Sam: 225
Kevin: 285
Paige: 255
Dolly: 290
Zach: 370

"So, Claire, Bella, Dolly, and Paige. You are up for elimination. It is time to decide, everyone else." Draven says.

In the confessional, the players begin to vote.

"Paige is awesome. So is Bella, and Claire is a nice essence to us. So, I say Dolly." Flaire says.

"Bella is kinda' annoying to be" Danny votes.

"Dolly can help me if she makes it far enough. I choose Claire." Sam votes.

"To be honest, completely, Dolly is terrible. But, she could help us in some situations. Think of her as bait. So, ridding the game of Claire would get her on our side, possibly..." Kevin votes.

"Paige is my girlfriend now. So I have to go with either Claire or Dolly..." Zach votes.

At elimination, Draven prepares the cookies.

"One person did not recieve a single vote. Paige, you have the first cookie." Draven says.

"Yay!" She exclaims.

"And, the next person who only got one to two votes,....Bella." Draven throws a cookie to her.


"And the final cookie is between Claire and Dolly...." Draven says.

"This is it..." Claire says, unsure of her immunity.

"Goodbye, Nitwit." Dolly says to Claire.

"...She's right. The final cookie is Dolly's." Draven throws the cookie to Dolly.

"No! This can't be! How could you do this to me!?" Claire asks for an answer. Before anyone can respond, Draven throws her off board.

"Well, that went well. This is the final moment of this week's episode! See you next time on Total Drama Dra!" Draven finishes the show off.

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A long chapter! I wrote it like this to make up for the huge delay in writing! Please comment!

Chapter 17: The Tiki Challenge

The episode begins with Draven sitting on the dock, staring into the camera.

"Welcome to the next exciting installment of T-D-D! Last time, we had to send home Claire after a big challenge involving the Scavenge. Now, only eight people remain on this ship. Who will win this? We're about to find out! Stay tuned to see who won't win at all right now, on Total Drama Dra!"

In the pool on the front deck, Zach and Paige sit inside, with Paige on Zach's lap.

"This is nice. We're on a cruise ship in the final eight of a competition. I met my first boyfriend in London, too." Paige says.

"I'm your first boyfriend?" Zach asks.

"Well...yeah." Paige says. She kisses Zach's cheek.

"Am I your first girlfriend?" Paige asks.

"Well...yeah. Actually." He responds.

"That's nice....You know, if we can make it to the final two, I want you to win." Paige changes the subject.

"Nah. I think you deserve it more." Zach says to her. She giggles. They don't even notice Dolly standing behind a wall that leads to the dorms.

In the confessinal, Dolly sits in front of the camera with an evil smile.

"Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Looks like I need to crush something. This is going to be fun." Dolly says.

In the boy's room, the guys sit down and talk.

"This is going good." Kevin says.

"It sucks that we've lost our immunity." Sam sighs.

"Not too bad. But it is kinda' sad that us three plus Zach are the ONLY boys in the competition." Danny says.

"How could that possibly suck?" Kevin says.

"...Good point." Danny laughs.

"But in all honesty, girls are like sisters. Once they find out we're only four and they are only four, they'll band together to get us out." Sam says.

"I smell an alliance." Danny says. Kevin and Sam wink at each other without Danny noticing.

Kevin and Sam appear in the confessional.

"We both have decided to lure Danny into our alliance, and get him out A-S-A-P. He's a threat." Kevin says into the camera.

"And we will start by making a friendship." Sam winks.

In the girl's cabin, Flaire and Dolly sit on opposite sides, on their beds.

"...So...." Flaire mutters.

"So." Dolly says, confidently looking at Flaire.

"This is boring." Flaire says.

"It's better than staring at Zach and Paige make googly eyes over each other." Dolly says.

"Agreed." Flaire says. Suddenly, an alarming sound blares into the room.


"Here we go again." Flaire jumps from her bed, and leaves the room.

Outside, the ship is on a huge beach. Draven is on the sand, and the contestants are walking off of the dock.

"Welcome. Does this seem familiar?" Draven asks.

"No, why?" Bella asks as she reaches the bottom.

"Ladies and Gentlemen..." Draven starts. "Welcome to camp Wawanakwa!"

"Wow!" Paige exclaims.

"Amazing!" Zach says with her.

"Today's challenge will take place on the island entirely. In my hands," Draven says, pointing to a small tiki head made from wood. "Is a tiki. Your challenge is a simple game of keep-away. I will throw this tiki into the island somewhere. Your goal is to find it. Once found, you must keep it away from any players. It has a sensor on it, and knows when it has been picked up. Once it is lifted by a player, it will begin counting from one. Whoever makes it back to me with the tiki will win that point amount. However, they can only keep half of the points. They must give half away to the others to make some balance. So, good luck." Draven laughs. He throws the tiki high into the air, and it lands somewhere in the wawanakwa forest.

"Go!" He announces.

"To the forest!" Zach shouts. He and Paige make their way there.

"Follow them!" Kevin orders Flaire and Sam, his alliance. Soon, everyone has ran into the forest.

In a small patch, Kevin's alliance searches the area.

"So, It's agreed. The winner will split the remaining points between us." Sam says.

"Yep." Flaire says.

"I just hope we actually win. My score is terribly low." Sam says.

"Same here." Flaire says.

"I think I see it..." Kevin says. He runs up to a small hole. There lies the tiki.

"That was way too easy!" Sam says. Kevin lifts it up.


"What was that?" A voice is heard asking about the noise.

"One. Two." The tiki is saying aloud.

"Someone has the tiki!" The voice shouts. From beside them, emerges Dolly.

"Run!" Sam exclaims. Kevin runs towards the ship with the tiki in hand.

"Ten. Eleven. Twelve."

"Shut up!" Kevin says. He reaches the ship. He's about to throw it to Draven when he stops.

"We should hide to let it build up points." He says.

"Good thinking!" Flaire says with happiness.

"Kevin has it! He has the tiki!" Dolly shouts aloud.

Rustling is heard in the bushes nearby.

"We have to go! They'll be looking for us, soon!" Kevin says. They run for the old camp grounds from Total Drama Island.

"Twenty seven. Twenty eight."

"This will take a long time..." Kevin sighs. They run inside of one of the cabins that the gophers had.

"Smother it! Do something!" Flaire shouts at Kevin. He picks up a pillow from the ground and shoves the tiki underneath.

"Thir-----fi---" It is faintly heard.

"They went this way!" Danny's voice is heard.

"Duck!" Sam says. They duck down and crawl under the beds of the cabin. Bugs crawl everwhere underneath.

"Check the cabins!" Someone says.

"We're screwed." Sam sighs.

"Maybe not. If they don't hear it they can't find it." Kevin says. Bella opens the door and walks inside.

"Fif--" It mutters from the pillow.

"I hear you, Tiki. Where are you...?" Bella asks. She bends down under the bed where Sam is.

"Where's the Tiki!?" Bella yells at Sam. Kevin jumps from the bed and runs outside. Zach jumps in front of him, still carrying Paige since she has her sprang ankle.

"Crap!" Kevin trips. The tiki lands in Paige's hands.

"So long!" Paige laughs. They run into the brush nearby, and dissapear from view. Before they leave, "Sixty Nine." is heard.

"It's up to seventy by now! Those points are mine!" Dolly runs off.

"Good luck!" Sam shouts to her. He runs into the brush as well.

Near the mountain where the first challenge on Total Drama was, Zach and Paige rest on a rock.

"We've gone so long." Zach smiles.

"And look at what it's up too!" Paige exclaims as she holds up the tiki.

"One hundred." It says.

"We're gonna have so many points. Let's hide out and let them build up." Zach says. He sits on the dirt beneath him. Paige sits on a rock.

"This island isn't so bad." Paige crosses her legs.

"You'd think it would be, after all that torture." Zach says to her.

"...Torture? You just gave me an idea!" Paige exclaims.

"What?" Zach asks.

"The Chinese Water torture as I've been told. Bury the tiki in sand under water!" Paige smiles.

"Won't that short circuit it?" Zach asks.

"Hopefully not. Try it." Paige says. Zach takes the tiki to the water, and digs a small sand hole. He throws it in, and nothing happens.

"T--eig----eigh--" Is heard from the water. He buries it, and no more noise is heard.

"We just have to remember where we hid it." Zach says.

"What's our story gonna' be if they find us?" Paige asks.

"Someone ran through here and took it." Zach winks.

"Good idea." Paige smiles.

Nearby to them, Danny and Sam sneak up.

"There they are." Sam smiles.

"Charge!" Danny exclaims. He charges straight into their view, and Zach and Paige get startled.

"Where's it at!? Where is the tiki!?" Danny asks with an angered tone.

"Someone came by and snatched it from us!" Zach says.

"Where did they go!?" Danny asks.

"They swam away." Paige says. Danny jumps into the water, and rushes through it. He trips over the tiki's resting place. His feet sink in.

"...You hid it!" Danny shouts. He reaches down and pulls it back up.

"Five hundred sixty seven." It says.

"This is amazing! Ha-ha!" Danny jumps from the water and runs up the mountain. Sam runs out, and Zach follows behind.

"You can't have it!" Danny reaches the edge of the mountain.

"Hand it over and you won't be eliminated. I'll give the points to you." Sam encourages him.

"...No! You're lying!" Danny says.

"It's the same either way! I get half you get half!" Sam puts out his hand.

"...n...No!" Danny dives off of the cliff. He lands in the lake below.

"Danny!" Sam jumps in as well.

"Zach!" Paige yells from below.

"I'm coming!" Zach shouts back. He runs down and grabs her. Danny and Sam are slowly swimming towards the island.

"Here they come." Zach says.

"We can do this!" Paige smiles.

"No! Go away!" Danny shouts. He reaches land and slowly makes his way out.

"Now!" Zach charges him and lets down his arm to grab the tiki from him.

"Nine hundred and seventy. Nine hundred and seventy one." It counts.

"No!" Danny cries. The tiki lands in Zach's arms. Together, he runs with Paige to the ship's area.

"Follow them!" Sam exclaims.

At the ship area, the tiki counts more.

"Nine hundred and ninety nine. One thousand. Limit reached."

"Yes!" Paige exclaims.

Together, they run up to Draven with the tiki.

"It looks like we have a winner!" Draven announces.

Zach throws it to Draven.

"Zach is the winner of this challenge!" Draven crowns him the victor.

"Yes!" He exclaims.

Soon, everyone gathers around the ship.

"Before elimination, Zach has to give away five hundred points. He has half, bringing his score up from three-seventy to eight-seventy." Draven says.

"Well, Paige's score is very low. I'll give her two hundred." Zach smiles.

"Thanks!" She smiles.

"Three to go." Draven says.

"Well, I'm good friends with Bella. I think she deserves one." Zach smiles.

"Wow! Thanks!" Bella cheers.

"And I'll give the remaining two hundred to....meh. I'll give it to Paige as well." Zach laughs.

"Wow!" Paige exclaims.

They all go up to the dock where elimination occurs. The score board is on.

"Here are today's scores." Draven says. It reads:

Flaire: 220
Danny: 480
Bella: 340
Sam: 225
Kevin: 285
Paige: 655
Dolly: 290
Zach: 870

"And, in case you didn't notice, cookie scores no longer exist. They were stupid. Anyway, there are only eight people. So, from now on, only three will go to elimination. Those people are...Flaire, Sam, and....Kevin!" Draven says.

"What!? No!" Flaire shouts.

"Our...." Sam sighs.

"....No...No!" Kevin cries out.

"Everyone, it's time to decide." Draven says.

In the confessional, everyone lines up to vote.

"Sam is a return. I say we kick him." Danny says as he casts his vote.

"I have to choose between them...? This sucks! They're all great friends! But...I think I have to go with you...sorry." Bella sighs.

"Paige and I want to vote together. We've decided on one person. And that person is goth." Zach winks.

"Well, I would choose Flaire. But I have to choose this guy..." Dolly says as she casts her vote.

"Wait! I wanna change my vote!" Paige runs back in with Zach when Dolly leaves.

"I thought we were voting together?" Zach asks.

"I know, we will next time. But I really don't think that one should go yet!" Paige says.

At elimination, Kevin, Flaire, and Sam sit at the pit.

"One of you is going home. I have two cookies here on my plate." Draven says.

"Crap..." Kevin is shaking.

"The safe person is..."

"Please, be me!" Sam cries out.

"This sucks so much! I have to watch one of my friends go home!" Kevin shakes worse.

"Kevin, don't have a nervous break down. You are the safe one." Draven throws a cookie at Kevin.

"But that leaves...." Kevin looks at Flaire.

"No....Please!" Flaire begins to shake.

"Please be Flaire..." Sam crosses his fingers.

"The final cookie...." Draven holds up the last one.

"Sam!" Draven announces.

"Yes!" Sam jumps up. Flaire cries into her hands.

"Yes, Yes, Yes!" Sam cheers.

"Let me finish! Sam! You are NOT the safe one!" Draven throws the cookie at Flaire.

"What!?" Sam exclaims.

"What!?" Flaire asks.

"Yep! Goodbye, Sam!" Draven throws him off of the dock.

"No!" Bella runs over to see him land into the water.

"Sam!" Bella cries out.

"Goodbye, guys!" Sam waves from the water.

"Sam! This is for you!" Flaire says. She throws a bag to him.

"My stuff!" Sam smiles.

"Goodbye!" Flaire frowns.

"...And so ends another thrilling episode! Tune in next time on Total Drama Dra!" Draven announces.

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Author's Notes:

A very long chapter. Enjoy reading! Don't forget to comment on the epic voting twist!

Chapter 18: The Bermuda Triangle

Draven stands on the ship's main dock. The camera shifts towards him.

"Welcome to another thrilling episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, we had a small challenge involving tikis and points...much like the others, actually. We had to kick of Sam, which in turn, shortened the alliance of Kevin and Flaire. Now they are deep in trouble since some people want them both out. Can they pull it together? Can Paige and Zach stick it out until the end? Can Bella forget about Sam? Can Dolly stop being so evil? Can Danny win immunity? It's time to find out, right now, on Total Drama Dra!"

On a small, deserted island. Sam sits on the edge of a sandy area, with his feet in the water.

"I'm on a deserted island...and I'm all alone. I'm so scared..." Sam sighs.

"Food!" A voice shouts from behind him.

"Wha--?" Sam turns around. Bogle and Jessica run into view.

"Oh my gosh! It's Sam!" Jessica cheers to his presence.

"Jessica? Bogle?" Sam asks to himself.

"Sam! You have to come back to the village with us!" Bogle exclaims.

"Village?" Sam asks. They both lift Sam up into their arms.

They carry him off into a forest like area.

They carry him into a small area. A path is made from gravel and dirt, and some buildings made from logs are supported around it.

"Where am I?" Sam asks.

"Welcome to our village." Bogle doesn't answer.

"What?" Sam asks.

"Sam! We've found Sam!" Sarah runs out from the village. She has on a torn up jacket and blue jeans.

"Sam!" Nate runs up. He has a small coconut in his hands and a ripped up shirt.

"Is this where everyone goes once they get kicked off!?" Sam asks.

"Apparently so. We've all landed in the same place." Sarah says with a smile.

"So...what did you do with Saria?" Sam asks.

"Come. We'll show you." Bogle says. They carry him into a small shack. Saria is chained up by iron chains on a wall.

"IS THE PIZZA DONE YET!?" She screams.

"Where did you get the iron?" Sam asks.

"We found some dead guy chained up. He was all bone so we just tore him apart and used him for bait for wolves." Sarah sighs.

"...That's morbid." Sam says.

"I heard that we've found Sam?" Tod walks into the room.

"Hi, Tod." Sam says. Tod has no shirt on, and is wearing leaves around his legs.

"We've been here for months upon months. But its been fun." Tod winks.

"Guys! I see a camera...!" Chet's voice calls.

"Chet!" Sam jumps from Bogle's arms. He runs outside, and sees Chet staring at a camera.

"...Did he know we were going to be dumped here!?" Chet asks.

"Chet! You abandoned me." Chris walks up to him.

"Sorry. I just ran away because I saw a wolf." Chet says.

"That's what we're looking for, idiot." Chris walks away.

"When do we go back to the game?" Lauren walks up to them.

"Next week." Chet assures her.

"Okay." Lauren walks away.

"We've told her that a million times now." Chet laughs.

"I bring food!" Brandon calls from the forest. He walks in with Bananas and Apples.

"You're our hero!" Claire shouts to him. She runs up and hugs him. He hands everyone some fruit.

"Hey, Brandon." Sam says. He eats an Apple.

"Did you not come here when you got kicked off the first time?" Bogle asks Sam.

"No. I froze up in an iceberg, and they found me and thawed me out." Sam says.

"Oh, that explains a ton." He responds.

"Sam! We have another survivor!" Claire hugs him.

Dalia walks out of a small shack made from leaves and wood.

"New survivor?" Dalia asks.

"She's the one with nature. She hasn't eaten in days." Jessica says.

"I feed from the leaves." Dalia says.

"Oh wow." Sam laughs.

"Meet Wilcox, my coconut." Dimitri walks up to Sam.

"Hi, Wilcox!" Sam exclaims, staring at Dimitri as if he was crazy.

"He's my only friend..." Dimitri walks away slowly, while staring at it.

"...Is he okay?" Sam asks.

"No." Jessica says.

A small boat arrives on the sandy shore. A camera crew and Draven step out of it.

"Welcome to the Bermuta Triangle! The island where we send our eliminated contestants!" Draven exclaims into the camera.

"Food!" Bogle runs down to the shore.

"Nope, not food. Nevermind....again." Bogle says once he reaches Draven.

"Welcome, Bogle!" Draven says. He, and the camera crew, walk up to Bogle, and follow him back to their village.

Once they arrive, Draven has everyone line up.

"I'm making this short and quick. You survivors are doing more than the original contestants. Thus, you will be given an easy task from me in a few minutes. But please, allow me to interview you." Draven smiles.

"You jerk! You left us here to die!" Sarah shouts in fury.

"This is the Bermuda Triangle, my friends." Draven says.

"The WHAT!?" Brandon exclaims.

"Yep. Welcome!" Draven laughs.

"Well, this sucks. We're going to have a ton of crazy things coming for us, Aren't we?" Sam asks.

"Definately. But, I must ask you something. If you could have one cast member from the game to come here, to torture or to have fun and comfort, who would it be?" Draven asks. Everyone from the village, except for Saria, steps forward.

"Someone to torture? Dolly, of course." Sarah laughs.

"One point for Dolly." Draven smiles.

"We'll lock her up with Saria and not feed her." Bogle says.

"Oh, yeah, I agree." Jessica says.

"That's three." Draven laughs.

"I'll paint a picture of her staring." Chris smiles.

"I wouldn't be so cruel...but I do choose Dolly. She's a person, guys." Chet says with a straight face.

"It'll be a party with her here." Nate says with an evil intention.

"I'm sure everyone will say it, so, Dolly." Tod smiles.

"Dolly is the one who must be pure." Dalia says.

"Wilcox and I choose Dolly." Dimitri laughs with insanity.

"This is wonderful! Dolly!" Claire says.

"Same." Sam smiles.

"Same here." Sydney says.

"I have the final vote, so it doesn't matter. Dolly." Brandon says.

"Well, everyone chose Dolly. So...without further ado..." Draven turns to the forest. Dolly is running inside of the area with a panther chasing her.

"Help me! Some freak through me overboard!" Dolly shouts.

"Yeah, he was paid. Everyone just chose to eliminate you." Draven says.

"What!?" Dolly screams in anger.

"Sorry." Claire lies. Draven walks away, and jumps back on the small boat with the camera crew.

"Wait! Don't leave me here!" Dolly runs back out to the water.

"And so ends another thrilling episode of T-D-D! Tune in next time for more!" Draven announces into the camera.

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Congratulations! You got to see the eliminated contestants! Another long chapter, as well. Expect them to be this long from now on. We're nearing the end, people!

Chapter 19: Unusual Acts of Kindness

Draven walks up to the camera on the dock. "Hello, and welcome to yet another episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, we visited our eliminated 'friends' on a deserted island in the Bermuda triangle. I had them choose someone to be kicked out of the game, and they happened to choose Dolly, who they seem to want to torture. Today, the final six contestants will be facing another brutal challenge, but they will also be finding out who they really need to team up with. And now, the next episode of, T-D-D!"

In the breakfast room, Flaire and Kevin sit together. Its empty inside, everyone else is outside somewhere.

"This won't be easy at all. We're up against Paige and Zach who will work together no matter what." Flaire says to Kevin.

"I know. We have to get one of the odd-ones-out on our side. Danny or Bella." Kevin says.

"Well, we could try Danny. He might join in with us." Flaire says.

"Bella seems to like Paige, so maybe we should get Danny." Kevin says.

"We'll try." Kevin says.

Zach and Paige sit in the pool on the front dock.

"So, how is it going?" Paige asks, while sitting on Zach's lap.

"Better. How's your ankle?" Zach asks.

"Much better." Paige smiles.

"Can you walk?" Zach asks.

"I've tried, and it still really hurts." Paige says.

"Hey guys." Bella walks up and walks into the pool.

"Hey, Bella." Paige says.

"Listen, I've been thinking. We could work together to get out one of the other three. We're the final six." Bella says.

"That's not a bad idea--'" Paige stops. Draven comes across the intercom instantly.

"Everyone, please report to the elimination deck. I have a surprise!" Draven announces. Zach picks up Paige, and everyone exits the pool.

At the elimination dock, everyone stands around the logs.

Draven stands on one. "This is the final stage of the game. The final six players. We have to switch up elimination for the last time. If three went to elimination, three would be voting. Each could vote for one, and we'd have a tie. If two went to elimination, four would vote, and they could vote two with two, and we'd have another tie. So, at the end of the day, the player with the most points will be the eliminator. That person chooses someone to kick off of the game. Plain and simple." He announces.

"Wow...this won't be fun." Danny says.

"No, no it won't. We're heading to the Amazon rain forest right now. Our challenge will be there. All points will be shook up soon to assure drama." Draven winks.

"What's gonna' happen?" Flaire asks.

"From now on, points can NOT pass one hundred!" Draven announces with joy. The score board suddenly changes. It reads:

Flaire: 22
Danny: 48
Bella: 34
Kevin: 28
Paige: 65
Zach: 87

"So now, Zach is first, Paige is second, and Danny is third. Flaire, Bella, and Kevin can catch up during this challenge. If Zach prevails, he will be today's eliminator." Draven says.

When the ship docks on a small wooden platform, everyone jumps off and onto the flat land.

"Welcome to the Amazon! Today's challenge will take place in the treetops, where you will be hunting six items. There are six cases hidden around the forest, and each one is worth a certain amount of points. From one to ninety nine. When I say go, you will race through the forest and search. Good luck." Draven says.

"Awesome." Danny says.

"Go!" Draven shouts. Everyone spreads out into the forest.

In a small patch of trees, Kevin and Flaire work together.

"We don't need Danny anymore." Kevin says.

"Yeah. We just need a case with a small amount of points." Flaire says.

"Why? We want the ninety-nine one." Kevin says, confused.

"Points don't go past a hundred. I'd end up with twelve points. You'd have twelve too." Flaire says.

"Good point---hey!" Kevin shouts. He points to a bush with a small case in it. He runs up and grabs it.

"Epic! Maybe there is one around here..." Flaire looks around.

"Good luck, Flaire." Kevin runs away.

"Oh, there we go." Flaire begins to climb a tree to grab a case. She reaches it and gets it, then climbs down and runs away.

At the ship, Kevin and Flaire hand in their cases.

"Kevin your case is worth..." Draven opens his case.

"...sixty-eight points. You now have ninety-six points." Draven says.

"Yes!" Kevin shouts.

"Flaire...." Draven opens her case.

"...thirty-two points. You now have fifty four points."

"Neat. I hope you get to be the eliminator." Flaire smiles at Kevin.

In the forest, it begins to rain water from the treetops. Zach carries Paige into an open spot.

"I'm not seeing anything." Paige says.

"Me either. I hope we're not in last place." Zach says with a sigh.

"Wait! There!" Paige exclaims. She points to the top of a tree. A nest of birds is at the top.

"Oh crap. You wait here. This is yours." Zach puts Paige down on the ground. Zach climbs up the tree, and grabs the case. The birds fly out and peck at his face. He falls off and lands on the ground with a loud thud.

"Zach?" Paige asks.

"I'm NOT okay..." Zach says. She crawls over and swats the birds away.

"I should be fine..." Zach sits up. He stands up and picks up Paige. He takes her to the ship. On his way, he crashes into a tree. A case falls to the ground.

"Neat." Zach grabs it. He takes Paige to the ship.

At the ship, he turns in the two cases.

"Paige, you have one point...sadly. Now you have sixty-six points. Zach you have fifteen. Sadly, it brings you to two points." Draven says.

"Oh, great." Zach sighs.

Scaling the tree tops, Danny and Bella work together.

"We're the final two who aren't working together, you know." Bella says.

"Oh wow." Danny says.

"What?" Bella asks.

"Trying to strike up an alliance when we're probably the last two to find a case." Danny laughs.

"How mature." Bella scorns. She finds a silver case in the bushes below.

"Aha!" Bella jumps from the tree and lands in the bush. She picks it up and runs.

"Great..." Danny smirks. He keeps going until he finds one himself.

At the ship, Danny and Bella turn in their cases.

"Bella, you earned ten points, leaving you with forty-four points. Danny, you got ninety-nine points..." Draven says.

"Yeah! Ownage!" Danny cheers.

"..Which brings you down to fourteen." Draven winks.

"Crap!" Danny scorns.

"Well, we're done. Everyone get on the ship and prepare for elimination." Draven says.

On the ship, everyone gathers around the elimination area. Everyone is seated on the logs.

"Everyone, you all know that the eliminator has the most points of the day. And alas, that is Kevin, with ninety-six points. Kevin, you have a few minutes to think about who you want to kick off. Everyone will recieve a cookie who remains after this." Draven says.

"Crap. I thought it'd be me." Paige says.

"Well, I think it's decided. I already know." Kevin says.

"Really?" Flaire asks.

"Yeah." Kevin stands up.

"And I choose......."

Silence occurs. Nobody breathes at all.

"Danny. I want Danny out." Kevin smiles.

"Me!? Why!?" Danny shouts.

"You are a threat, simply." Kevin says. He pushes Danny off of the dock.

"And so ends the next episode of Total Drama Dra. Tune in next week for another thrilling episode!" Draven announces.

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Another long chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 20: One Last Shot at Freedom.

Draven appears in front of the camera. "Welcome to the next episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, our competitors were sent to the Amazon to compete in an unrelating challenge! They won, they lost, and eventually they lost Danny. So now, only five remain! Let us congratulate Bella, Flaire, Kevin, Zach, and Paige for sticking it out this whole time! And now, what you are waiting for, the next thrilling episode of Total Drama Dra!"

In the confessional, Flaire and Kevin sit together.

"This season has been fun. I'm excited, and I hope I win." Flaire smiles.

"This season has taught me to not be so emo about my life. Now that I've found Flaire, everything is good." Kevin says.

"I loved it this time. I expected horrible food, but it was really good, actually." Flaire says.

"Really? I thought it was okay. Not really good. The challenges are kinda' weird more or less." Kevin says.

"Agreed. But hey, we must be doing good at them since we're here." Flaire laughs.

"You should talk. I have ninety-six points. And as thrilled as I should be...well, I'm not. If I gain any more points I'm likey to go back to zero." Kevin says.

"Well, I'm sure whoever the eliminator is tonight will know who to get out." Flaire says.

"And we're striving for one of them. We want Bella here. Team Fire for the win!" Kevin says.

"Team Ice is gone except for the two love birds. We can do this." Flaire says.

Later, after Flaire and Kevin leave, Zach and Paige come into the confessional.

"This season has been a joy. I'm just happy I'm here to spend the finals with Zach." Paige smiles.

"Same here. I'm happy with my place. And if I get out now, its fine. I made some new friends and that's really all that matters, right?" Zach asks.

"The food here was great." Paige says.

"Agreed. It was great. The challenges were odd, and most of the eliminations were shocking to me." Zach says.

"Yeah, especially when Bogle got out. It was really unexpected." Paige says.


Bella comes in after them.

"Well, I'm alone right now. No alliance. Paige and Zach are working together, and its obvious Zach and Kevin are. This is my final day here. So I don't have a thing to say." Bella says.

On the ship, everyone gathers in a small room with a dim light.

"Why did you bring us here?" Bella asks to Kevin.

"We brought you here to discuss our eliminator goals. To find out who we can and can't trust." Kevin says.

"Oh, wow." Bella says. She stands against the wall.

"Now, before we begin, I'd like to say that it's been fun working with you all. But in the end, there can only be one winner..." Kevin pauses.

"Paige." Zach smiles.

"You see Zach, that's what's going to get you out. You are way to nice." Kevin says.

"So?" He responds.

"So, you need to stop being nice." Kevin scorns. Before Zach can rebuttle, Draven calls them all to the main deck.

At the main deck, Draven surrounds them with the past eliminated contestants.

"Um...what's this?" Bella asks.

"Your challenge. Yesterday, I forgot to mention. The Rainforest was your final destination. Today's challenge will center on the ship. The eliminated contestants are going to be chasing you around this ship. As weird as it seems, they will be. And trust me, they're mad. They will be chasing you through the ship. If you jump off into the water, you lose all of your points. If they catch you and return you to me without having you escape, you lose half of your points. If you can manage to shove off a contestant, you'll recieve ten points. This goes on until everyone is off the ship who was out before. Simple, yes?" Draven says.

"No." Zach says.

"Whatever. Contestants, prepare to run...." Draven says.


The players still in the game run to the back of the ship, and the eliminated take off after them.

On the back deck where elimination takes place, Dolly chases down Flaire.

"Prepare for payback!" Dolly runs up. Flaire jumps out of the way and Dolly jumps off of the ship on accident.

"Flaire!" Sam shouts. Flaire turns to his voice to see Sarah running towards her.

"This is for leaving us on an island to die!" Sarah runs up to Flaire.

"Run!" Sam shouts.

Flaire jumps out of the way, and Sarah does as Dolly did.

"Sam? Why are you helping me?" Flaire asks.

"We can still work together. No matter what." Sam stands back-to-back with Flaire.

"Pain!" Jessica shouts. She runs across to them. Sam picks her up and tosses her off of the ship.

"That's for you." Sam winks.

"We can't do more than this. We can do one more before I end up losing my points entirely." Flaire says.

In a small boiler room, Kevin hides out behind a boiler.

"This sucks...." Kevin says. Bogle bursts into the room with Chris and Chet.

"Where are you? I know you're in here." Bogle says with a slight laugh.

"Kevin? Flaire?" Chet asks.

"Great...." Kevin whispers to himself.

"What was that?" Chris asks.

Kevin sits still.

"There!" Bogle points to the boiler. He runs over and grabs Kevin's arms.

"You lose half of your points, buddy." Chet brings Kevin back with Bogle.

Zach carries Paige to the elimination pit. He sits Paige down on a log. Saria runs up with fury in her eyes.

"I LIKE CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!" She shouts. Zach runs up and jabs her chest with his arm. Saria falls off of the edge of the boat.

"Help me!" Kevin shouts.

"Crap!" Paige says.

"We have two more!" Chris shouts.

"Ignore them!" Chet says. All of them run towards Draven with Kevin, eliminating him from the game.

"Swimming!" Lauren jumps off on her own.

"You are an idiot!" Bella shouts to her.

"No, that's you." Tod says. He runs up and shoves Bella off of the ship.

"No!" She cries out.

"Attention all players, there are two players out. Bella and Kevin. Zach, Flaire, and Paige remain." Draven says.

"Oh Joy." Sam says to Flaire.

"There she is!" Nate runs up.

"No, no!" Sam cries. Behind Nate is Brandon and Sydney.

"Three enemies." Sam says.

"Here we go!" Sydney runs up to Flaire. Flaire grabs onto Sydney and falls off of the ship with her.

"Flaire!" Sam shouts. Brandon runs up and accidentally tackles Sam, which pushes off them both.

"Correction, only Zach and Paige remain." Draven says.

"Well, one of us might be the eliminator." Zach smiles.

"It's gonna' be Paige." Claire whispers.

"Crap!" Zach shouts. Claire shoves Zach off of the edge.

"It's nobody." Danny says. He picks up Paige and tosses her off of the ship.

After a small while, the eliminated contestants are all dumped off of the ship, and everyone else is ported back up to the ship.

"Since Kevin was the only one to actually keep any points, he can be tonight's eliminator. Again." Draven says.

"Nah. Let's give it to Paige." Kevin winks.

"Kevin? What are you doing?" Flaire asks.

"Its a test." Kevin winks again.

"" Paige says.

"Well?" Draven asks.

"Well, Kevin and Flaire are really nice, considering I just got the ability to end someone's game...and I could never eliminate Zach. But Bella is a nice friend too...." Paige sighs.

"Who is it going to be?" Draven asks.

"I'm sorry...but I pick....."


"It's okay, girl. You go on and win this." Bella says with a grin.

"Thanks for understanding..." Paige says with a frown.

"It's fine. Good luck out there." Bella smiles. She walks over and jumps off of the dock.

"And so the episode ends, with a tragic loss of Bella. Now, there are four. Kevin, the emo. Flaire, the goth chick, who both seem to have lasted longer than normal. Zach, the country kid. Paige, the sophisticated one. All of them will go head to head tomorrow in the exciting new chapter of the game. The finale begins! Check in next time on Total Drama Dra!"

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Author's Notes:

Amazing! Bella is gone and four remain. Tomorrow, one more will go and the final three will be decided. The finale is just beginning! Watch out for the next chapter to see the thrilling and shocking elimination of (INSERT NAME HERE) ;)

Chapter 21: Trivial Pursuit

Draven stands in front of the camera. "Welcome to the final four episode of Total Drama Dra! This is the beginning of the quarter finals, and our finalists are liking it. What's funny, is that both the goths and the normal ones are together in some way! Flaire and Kevin are great friends in an alliance, and Zach and Paige are together in a relationship! These next few days are going to be brutal on them! We'll be losing two more people before the finale occurs. Will Zach and Paige stay together? Will Kevin and Flaire remain friends? Will it be boy versus boy or girl versus girl in the finale? So many questions and so little time, let us begin our next episode of Total Drama Dra!"

The contestants gather in a small room with four chairs. They are tied to a lift-like platform. It's dark.

"Where are we?" Paige asks. Zach sits her into one of the chairs.

"Draven told us to meet here. Maybe its the next challenge?" Zach says.

"Possibly. I don't know. I also don't like the look of it." Kevin sighs.

"I'm sure it's something strange. I mean, we're the final four. It is tough at this point." Flaire says.

"Indeed it is." Draven says. He slides down from a pole in the center of the room.

"What is it?" Kevin asks.

"It's mainly a trivial game. I apologize for not giving you mingle time this morning, but we must jump straight into it if we want to get to the final three sooner." Draven says.

"Okay then...what do we do?" Kevin asks.

"Take a seat everyone. Today I will ask you a series of questions based on this season. You will have to answer every single one correctly to win quickly. Every time you answer correctly, you win ten points. Today, if you reach One Hundred, you will win the spot as the eliminator. Your points will be set at ninety-nine from then on. The game now is getting hard, so the questions will be something you probably have never even seen or heard of." Draven says. Everyone sits down in a chair.

"Every time you answer a question right, your chair will move upwards and you will match your score on a height scale. Touching the roof will result in you winning. Kevin, with fourty-eight points, we'll round it to fifty and rise you up halfway." Draven says.

Kevin's chair is lifted up high into the air. Draven reaches to a microphone to speak.

"May the games begin!" Draven announces.

"If you know the answer, buzz in on your buzzer on your chair." Draven points to Paige, who then looks at a red button on the chair arm.

"First buzzer answers it. Sometimes, I'll throw in bonus points for a certain question." Draven says.

"Let's go." Flaire laughs.

"First question. Who was eliminated seventh this season?" Draven asks.

Kevin buzzes in. "Dolly."

"Incorrect. She got seventh place, but was not eliminated seventh.

"Oh!" Flaire says. She buzzes in. "It was Bogle! I remember that!" Flaire says.

"Correct! And Flaire rises ten points!" Draven announces. Flaire rises up from the floor.

"Next question. Where was the second location we ever visited?" Draven asks.

Zach buzzes in. "Easter Island."

"Correct!" Zach rises up ten points.

"Bonus question! What was the answer to Nate's math problem in Easter Island's challenge?" Draven asks.

"Wasn't it like, twenty?" Flaire says after buzzing in.


Paige buzzes in. "Thirty Eight."

"Correct!" Paige rises twenty points.

"Now then, who were the three people to gain immunity during London's venture?" Draven asks.

Kevin and Flaire buzz in at the same moment.

"Hm, it seems Flaire got it in first. Who were they?" Draven asks.

"Me, Kevin, and Sam." Flaire says.

"Oh....It was you three? I thought it was Sam and the two nerds." Draven says.

"No, you're thinking of the alliance between---'" Flaire is stopped.

"STOP! That could spoil a question." Draven says. Flaire rises ten points.

"Next question. When did Dolly finally get eliminated?" Draven asks.

Flaire buzzes in. "During that episode when you went to the Bermuda Triangle."

"Correct. Ten more points to Flaire's score." Draven says. "From now on, questions are worth twenty points. I'll go in order asking you the questions. Getting it wrong takes twenty points from your score." Draven says.

"Kevin, when did the bridge fall down?" Draven asks.

"Oh, I see what you did there. During the bridge falling challenge in London. The London Bridge is Falling Down." Kevin says.

"Correct. Kevin ends up with seventy points." Draven says. "Zach, when did Paige spring her ankle?"

"During the Scavenge part two." Zach says.

"Correct. You now have thirty points. Paige, where were we when Nate was eliminated?" Draven asks.

"Another weird question. Nobody was sure since we were trapped on a fake island." Paige says.

"Well, it wasn't fake. But I'll accept that. Forty points." Draven says. "Flaire, who won first in the Easter Island challenge?"

" think that was Nate." Flaire says.

"Correct, you have forty points. Kevin, where were we when we had the first scavenge?"

"London." Kevin says.

"Incorrect. You are now at fifty points. Zach, where were we?" Draven asks.

"Weren't we in France or something?" He answers.

"Incorrect again. Ten points. Paige?" Draven asks.

"Easy. Hawaii." Paige says.

"Finally. Sixty points." Draven says.

"Bonus question. Flaire, this is worth fourty points. What color are Brandon's eyes?"

" was here for such a short time...." Flaire thinks to herself. Beside her, she notices Paige is mouthing something to her. "Brown!" It looks like she is mouthing the word, Brown.

"Um...Brown?" Flaire asks.

"....Yes! Flaire has eighty points!" Draven cheers. Flaire turns to Paige and smiles.

"Kevin, which of the following names were eliminated in Anterctica? Lauren, Brandon, Bogle, Sam, Sarah, and Dolly."

"Oh, that was Brandon. I remember that." Kevin says.

"No." Draven says.

"What!?" Kevin gawks.

"You now have thirty points. Zach?" Draven asks.

"Sam." He answers.

"Yep! Zach now has thirty points!" Draven announces.

"Paige, who was in an alliance with Dolly?" Draven asks. Paige thinks slowly.


Flaire returns the favor. "Claire and Sarah!" She mouths.

"Um...Claire and Sarah?" Paige asks.

"Yes. Paige, you now have eighty points." Draven says.

"Flaire, you have eighty points. If you get this right, you will become tonight's eliminator. How many places have we visited throughout this entire season?"

"Well.....I think we've gone to twelve places in total." Flaire says.

"....Correct. We did go to twelve places in total. We stayed in Hawaii for two days, and London for three. Flaire is the eliminator!" Draven announces.

"Congrats'." Kevin says. The chairs lower to the ground, and everyone gets off of them.

"Head to elimination, you three. Flaire, you have a few minutes to decide. When you're ready, head over to elimination." Draven says.

At the elimination area, Flaire walks over with a sad look on her face.

"Paige? You were a really good friend throughout this game to me. Zach, you were also really nice. Kevin, you've been my best friend in this game, and you've been in an alliance with me for a long time now....but alas, someone here can't remember details about this game, which could be vital in the ending..." Flaire sighs.

"What...?" Zach asks.

"And I'm sorry for this..." Flaire turns to Zach. "But I want to play this fair and square. I want to win this on my own." Flaire frowns.

Silence occurs between the three competitors.

"And as much as it PAINS me to do this. I have to let you go..." Flaire turns around.

"...Kevin." Flaire frowns.

"What!? We had a deal! We were going to the finals!" Kevin shouts in rage.

"I know. I know. And I'm sorry. But I have to let you go now. I want to win this without help. It's been fun, but I have to win this without you being in the finals. It won't be easy for me to win with you there." Flaire says.

"You think you'd win!? Ha! You would so lose! You're pathetic." Kevin shouts in rage.

"You tried to get Sam and I to string along Danny and Bella until we got here. Then we'd kick them out." Flaire says.

"And!? That's strategy!" Kevin yells in anger.

"I'm so sorry, Kevin." Flaire turns around.

Kevin smirks at her and then jumps off of the ship.

" gave up your alliance member when you could have kicked one of the Ice members off." Paige says.

"The way you helped me..." Flaire whispers.

"At least we're still here." Zach says. Clouds cover the skies above. It thunders.

"Our first rain storm of the season." Draven says.

"We should go to our cabins now." Flaire says.

"Yeah." Paige agrees. Zach carries Paige with Flaire to the girl's cabin. He puts her in a bed, and then walks out.

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Author's Notes:

It's sad to see Kevin go, but alas, the game is almost over! This shocking elimination has lead to the semi-finals! Keep watching out for the next chapter!

Chapter 22: The Savior

Draven stands in front of the camera with Paige, Zach, and Flaire.

"Welcome to the semi finals of Total Drama Dra! This season is almost over, and a new challenge awaits our finalists! Tomorrow will be the finale, and then a winner will be chosen! Will it be Paige, Flaire, or Zach? All three have fought really hard to get this far, and only one can win! So, without futher ado, let's begin the episode!"

In the boys cabin, Zach sits alone in his bed, reading a book. It is raining hard outside. The ship is soaked and thunder brews around them.

"Hopefully this weather will stay. I love rain and this is the only way I can have some peace." Zach says.

Draven comes over the intercom. "Attention all cast members, a tornado warning has been cast on the sea radio. Be prepared to hide in case of one. Lock your doors, and find a safe spot in your room to hide from the winds. This is in effect until the winds pass by." He warns.

"Great." Zach says.

In the girls cabin, Flaire and Paige sit on opposite sides of the room, doing nothing.

"Welcome to the finals." Paige says.

"I know, right?" Flaire laughs.

"Yeah, this is kinda' boring. I miss hearing the girls yell at Dolly." Paige says.

"Or having someone to talk to besides each other." Flaire says. Flaire looks out of her cabin window, and sees Draven walking outside on the ship.

Outside, Draven walks along the ship, picking up a few objects here and there. A bolt of thunder strikes in front of him, busting apart the ground. The pump of the ship and its engine is visible now.

"Now, that's a fire hazard." Draven says. He looks over the edge of the flooring, and sees the machines pumping and moving the ship. Lighting strikes again, and it strikes the engine.

And a part of the ship explodes with the engine. Draven flies back from the explosion, and crashes through the floor. He lands in a small room that he didn't know about. The food room collapses above him, and encases him in the room for good.

Flaire, Zach, and Paige come out of their rooms to see what happened. As they come out, they find a giant gap in the ship. Zach peers over the edge, and notices the boat slowly going down into the water.

"Um...guys, not to panic, but THE SHIP IS SINKING." Zach worries.

"What!?" Paige exclaims.

"Oh gosh...where is our host!? Did he die!?" Flaire asks.

"No!" A mumble comes from beneath them.

"Draven?" Zach asks. He bends down to the ground to hear inside the room below him.

"Yes! Listen, I'm trapped in some room down here, and the doorway is locked from both sides. I don't have a key to open it, and I don't seem to know where I am. I need you to get down here and help me!" Draven exclaims.

"Yes sir!" Zach says.

"What's he saying?" Paige asks.

"He's trapped in some room. We have to go find him." Zach says.

"Below deck? Wouldn't we need keys to get through Draven's office and to the maintenance side of the ship?" Paige asks. Flaire puts Paige down on the ground.

"Oh, that's right! My keys are in my office, the door should be unlocked!" Draven says from below.

"We have to hurry. This ship is sinking and our host is in trouble." Zach says. He lifts Paige up into his arms, and they all run together to the 'poopdeck'. They see the door to Draven's office. It has a window on it. Zach attempts to open it, but to no avail. Locked from the inside.

"What!?" Paige asks.

"The winds probably shut it. Draven must have left the door open while it still had the keys in it, then the door shut and locked everything out." Zach says.

"What now!?" Flaire exclaims.

"Well....look!" Zach points to an air vent nearby to the door.

"Yeah, so?" Paige asks.

"I can crawl through it and unlock the door! Then we can get down to the maintainance section." Zach says. He pulls off the air vent, and crawls inside.

He reaches his office. A ladder leads from a hole in the ground down to the next floor of the ship, which by now is almost underwater. He grabs Draven's keys, and unlocks the door. Flaire and Paige run inside.

"You have to take her from me, my arms are getting tired." Flaire says. Zach nods and grabs Paige. He throws the keys on the ground. Flaire picks them up. They each climb down the ladder.

Now, below deck, they feel the ship slowly floating downwards, and backwards. The winds were pushing the weakened ship from side to side. The roof above them is the floor for them above the area here, so water is beginning to leak through from all the rain.

"We have to find him." Zach says.

"Hello!?" Flaire calls out. No response. They walk forward. Just as they make it a bit further, the area behind them falls in. More lighting has struck the ship, and now its beginning to catch fire.

"Crap!" Paige says with terror.

"It shouldn't spread...." Zach says with worry. They run further on, and reach an iron door. Flaire opens it with the keys, and finds nothing inside but some storage and an air vent.

"Draven, if you can hear us, let us know!" Flaire calls out. She hears some faint banging on the walls.

"Great. He's nearby." Flaire says. They walk out of the room to see the area behind them falling apart from fire damage. Winds are heard above.

"I think we're going to have a tornado!" Flaire exclaims.

"Crap!" Zach exclaims.

"Kids!" Draven exclaims loudly in his chamber. Flaire faintly hears it from the walls.

"Draven! Where are you?" Flaire asks to the wall.

"I don't know! You're really close! The door was just blocked off by some rubble! I think one of the cabins collapsed and the beds are broken into pieces. You'll have to get in here through the air ducts." Draven says.

"Alright. I hope Paige can crawl." Flaire says. They run backwards to the supply room, and they each lift up into the air duct inside. They crawl further on, until they reach a dead end.

"Maybe we took a wrong turn?" Paige asks.

"This ship isn't that big! We're going to die soon if we don't---'" Flaire stops. The vent collapses under their weight, and they fall into a small room with a glass window looking into another room.

Draven's room.

"Draven!" Zach exclaims into the window pane seperating them.

"Zach! Paige! Flaire! You have to bust this open!" Draven bangs on the glass. Zach starts punching at the glass. Flaire and Zach back up together to the wall, and they charge forward. The glass instantly shatters. The three reunite with the host.

"What is this place?" Zach asks when he regains stability.

"I don't know....but I think it could be a decompression chamber. We dry off in here if we go scuba diving. The pressure destroys the water vapor which travels back into the air through the duct. But if the pressure rises to much we could all die." Draven says.

"Let's hope pressure isn't on." Flaire says.

"We have to get out of here. We're about to sink entirely." Draven warns. Zach runs out and grabs Paige.

"We can bust open this window." Draven points to a window that is shrouded by water.

Outside, a helicopter flies around the almost sunken ship.

A woman stands inside. "The new show on Television, Total Drama Dra, or TDD, has been put to a halt. Camera men are filming the entire thing, but if nobody survives, the show will end and the film will be deleted. The ship has sunk now from dangerous winds and lighting, and it doesn't look like anyone is coming up."

"Wait! I see them!" Someone shouts.

"Amazing! They are alive!" The woman looks out of the plane.

Draven, Flaire, Paige, and Zach are at the surface of the ocean.

"Fantastic! There are survivors! Lower the plane down, let's get them in here!" The woman says.

Soon after, everyone is in the helicopter drying off. A camera man is flying everyone to the Bermuda Triangle before sending the news anchors back to the U.S.

"Why are we going there?" Flaire asks.

"It's where we'll finish the show. As much as we've gone through tonight, one of you is going home. Still." Draven sighs.

"What!?" Paige asks.

"No worries, I'm not tossing you into the ocean. I'm sure you all know what it's like to be dunked now, don't you?" Draven laughs. The helicopter flies over to the small island. The contestants and the host get off, and the copter flies away.

"They have a village set up this way." Draven leads the cast to the village of losers.

"Flaire!" Kevin runs up to Flaire and hugs her.

"...Kevin?" Flaire asks.

"We heard what was happening from the radio we scavenged from an old airplane wreck. The news was everywhere. I thought you were dead..." Kevin says.

"No...I'm alive." Flaire says.

"I'm so sorry I yelled at you like I did. I realize my mistake. Please, forgive me!" Kevin cries.

"It's alright...why are you crying?" Flaire asks.

"Because I'm in love with you, Flaire. I am." Kevin says.

"You're...what?" Flaire asks.

"Flaire!" Sam runs up to her as well.

Zach and Paige reunite with the other members that were kicked off of the show.

"Contestants? We still have to kick someone off. Someone needs to be the eliminator." Draven says.

"Make it Flaire!" Sam cheers.

"Okay then, first name I heard was Flaire. Flaire, pick either Zach or Paige to go." Draven says.

"Oh...yikes. Paige, you are a great friend, and Zach, you are a hero. But....I want this to be fair. And Paige, you can't walk since you've injured yourself." Flaire says.

"It's fine. I got hurt to late in the competition. I see what you are saying." Paige cries a bit.

"Don't worry Paige. If I win this I'll split my earnings with you." Zach winks.

"No, there's no need to do that. I'm just a little crushed that I never made my goal of second place..." Paige says.

"Well guys, there you have it! Flaire and Zach are our final two players in the game! Stay tuned for the final episode of the season, on Total Drama Dra!" Draven announces. Zach and Flaire hold hands for a moment, and gulp.

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Author's Notes:

This was a fun and exciting chapter to write. I've always loved those "Sneakin' in" games and scenes in movies where you have to sneak through vents and such to get to your goal. So I put that in there. Congratulations to Zach and Flaire!

Chapter 23: The Final Countdown

On the sandy shore of the Bermuda Triangle, Zach and Flaire stand next to Draven.

"Welcome to the final episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, we had an issue with the ship which caused it to sink. So, we didn't do much since I don't even know what happened. But I do know this, Zach and Flaire are the final two of the season!" Draven announces.

Clapping is heard from the other contestants.

"We've gone through a ton of stuff, and tonight is the final night of this show. Will Zach or Flaire win the game? Find out now, on the season finale of Total Drama Dra!"

Draven stands with the final two on a large deck made from wood.

"Congratulations to Zach and Flaire on making it this far. But alas, we must thank those of you out there who have gone through it all with them. And we also have to thank all of the contestants for being in the game! Saria, the crazy chick. Brandon, the tall one. Lauren, the idiot. Chris and Chet, the duo. Dimitri, the funny one. Bogle, the nerd. Dalia, the...well, we don't know. Nate, the partier. Tod, the soft one. Jessica, the nerd-ette. Sydney, the blue obessesed. Sarah, the rich girl. Claire, the not-so-rich girl. Sam, the helper. Dolly, the female dog. Danny, the pirate kid. Bella, the nice chick. Kevin, the emo. And Paige, the sophisticated one."

Cheering comes from the crowd.

"Now listen up, we will be going through a series of three challenges. The first, Flaire and Zach must pass through an obsticle course to get to the other end of the island. There, they will assemble the elimination order of the season using wooden totems of the cast members. Then, finally, they will race to the ocean, where they will have the melon blasting challenge, that will be explained when we arrive. As for the eliminated people, you will go with the camera crew to a small waiting section. Flaire's head will be placed on a stick---'" Draven stops.

"WHAT!?" Flaire asks.

"No, not literally. A totem of your head, will be on the stick. Same with Zach's. Wait by the contestant's head of who you want to win. More supporters will give an advantage to that person." Draven says.

At the waiting section a few minutes later, everyone stands by their chosen victor.

By Zach's totem: Lauren, Chris, Chet, Dimitri, Nate, Tod, Sydney, Dolly, and Paige. Everyone else is at Flaire's. Leaving Flaire with fifteen supporters, and Zach with nine.

At the obstacle course beginning, Flaire and Zach stand on top of wooden platforms above a large pool with green water.

"Here, you must swim across the lake without being murdered by the lake leeches. Supporters have been sent to me, and Flaire, you get a fifteen second head start. You got fifteen supports, and Zach got nine. Signs will tell you what to do if you ever get stuck. Good luck. Flaire, go." Draven says.

"What? Why didn't I get more supports?" Zach asks.

"I don't know." Draven says. Flaire dives into the water, and swims quickly to a vine. She latches onto it, and climbs up it. Zach is told to follow after her now. He starts swimming, and leeches attach to him quickly.

"Have fun, Zach!" Flaire climbs upwards and reaches a treetop platform. A set of vines hang between the tree. Zach climbs up behind her, just as she takes off. She swings from vine to vine and makes it across to the other side. There, Flaire sees a few pillars up in the treetops. She looks at a sign next to her.

"Jump to safety!"

She jumps on one of the pillars, and readies herself to jump again. Zach follows up behind her, and jumps across rather quickly. He leaves Flaire in the dust, and makes his way to the next obsticle. He finds a pole nearby, and he jumps onto it and shimmies down to part two of the challenge. Flaire follows behind.

They run up to two tables with random heads of the other contestants on them.

"We have to assemble them apparently." Zach says.

"Indeed." Draven walks up to them.

"Well, let's go." Flaire says. He starts stacking up the tiki heads. Zach does the same.

"I can't remember, did Dimitri get out seventh?" Zach asks.

"I think it was sixth..." Flaire says.

By the end of it, Flaire has assembled: Saria, Brandon, Lauren, Chris, Chet, Dimitri, Dalia, Bogle, Nate, Tod, Jessica, Sydney, Sarah, Claire, Sam, Dolly, Danny, Bella, Kevin, and Paige. Zach copies her.

"Both of you have a small mistake." Draven says.

"Where!?" Flaire asks. Draven nods. Zach changes around Danny and Bella, and Flaire changes around Dalia and Bogle.

"Flaire has it right. Zach, fix yours." Draven says. Flaire runs on and Zach copies Flaire's design. They run out to the ocean area, where two platforms are raised high above the water. Flaire and Zach climb above and onto the platforms. There on their platorms are metal rods with watermelons on both ends.

"The Watermelon Challenge!" Draven announces.

"Here in this challenge, you will fight each other with the watermelon rods. You are trying to knock the other person off of their platform with the pole you have. The person standing will win the money and the fame of Total Drama Dra!" Draven announces.

"Go, Flaire!" Kevin cheers.

"Go Zach!" Paige cheers.

They both lift their pole into the air. The platforms are connected, so they can walk around freely.

"This is it." Zach says.

"The final showdown." Flaire says. She swings her melon pole at Zach. It misses, and Zach dodges. Flaire swings again and misses.

"This won't be easy, you know..." Zach swings and hits Flaire. She falls backwards. He barely lands near the edge of the platform.

"Sorry!" Flaire jumps up and hits Zach in the chest with her pole. He lands on the edge, his head dangling.

"Goodbye, Zach." Flaire jabs him again, and he falls....

But grabs onto the ledge once more. He begins to pull himself up, even though he's dropped his rod into the ocean below. Flaire swings to hit his head, and misses. She then realizes that both of his hands are on the platform, pulling himself up.

"Where did your pole go?" Flaire asks.

"Dropped it..." Zach climbs back up.

"I'm not fighting you unevenly." Flaire says.

"It's okay. I only came on this show to meet some friends, and to meet someone like Paige. You deserve this money. Hit me." Zach says.

"No!" Flaire throws down her pole on the platform.

"Why not? Do you not want to win?" Zach asks.

"I do. But I'm not winning unfairly and going home feeling like I cheated!" Flaire runs up to Zach. She trips over the pole an accidentally tackles Zach.

"Crap!" They both yell. They fall off of the platform, and hang onto the edge with only one hand.

"Someone has to win this!" Zach says, as he begins to slip from the edge.

"You should..." Flaire says.

"No! You should! You deserve it more!" Zach says.

"No! I'm not letting you fall for me!" Flaire says. Zach slips, and Flaire quickly grabs his arm before he can fall any further.

"You're too heavy!" Flaire shouts.

"Let me go!" Zach shouts.

"No!" Flaire shouts. She slips and they both fall into the ocean.

"...What?" Draven asks from the shore. The others look at them in awe.

"Both of you fell at the same time..." Draven says.

"What now?" Kevin asks.

"...I'm sick of this!" Draven pulls out a cell phone. He calls someone.

"Hello? Ryder? Write a check for two million." Draven says.

"...What!?" Zach asks with joy.

"You mean..." Flaire says.

"Yes! Everyone, behold! The winners of this season, Flaire....AND Zach!" Draven cheers aloud.

"Woo!" Kevin cheers.

"Congrats, Zach!" Paige cheers. Zach and Flaire run over to their supporters.

"Well, that's it! We're done! All we have to do is get out of here." Draven says. He calls someone again and asks for a plane ride.

"We're gonna be free soon." Flaire smiles.

"This might be the last time we see each other." Kevin says.

"Yeah..." Flaire hugs Kevin. Just as she does, a plane appears in the distance.

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Author's Notes:

Congratulations! The final two won! So Paige finally got her second place like she wished for. The End.

The Final Countdown -- Alternate Ending!

On the sandy shore of the Bermuda Triangle, Zach and Flaire stand next to Draven.

"Welcome to the final episode of Total Drama Dra! Last time, we had an issue with the ship which caused it to sink. So, we didn't do much since I don't even know what happened. But I do know this, Zach and Flaire are the final two of the season!" Draven announces.

Clapping is heard from the other contestants.

"We've gone through a ton of stuff, and tonight is the final night of this show. Will Zach or Flaire win the game? Find out now, on the season finale of Total Drama Dra!"

Draven stands with the final two on a large deck made from wood.

"Congratulations to Zach and Flaire on making it this far. But alas, we must thank those of you out there who have gone through it all with them. And we also have to thank all of the contestants for being in the game! Saria, the crazy chick. Brandon, the tall one. Lauren, the idiot. Chris and Chet, the duo. Dimitri, the funny one. Bogle, the nerd. Dalia, the...well, we don't know. Nate, the partier. Tod, the soft one. Jessica, the nerd-ette. Sydney, the blue obessesed. Sarah, the rich girl. Claire, the not-so-rich girl. Sam, the helper. Dolly, the female dog. Danny, the pirate kid. Bella, the nice chick. Kevin, the emo. And Paige, the sophisticated one."

Cheering comes from the crowd.

"Now listen up, we will be going through a series of three challenges. The first, Flaire and Zach must pass through an obsticle course to get to the other end of the island. There, they will assemble the elimination order of the season using wooden totems of the cast members. Then, finally, they will race to the ocean, where they will have the melon blasting challenge, that will be explained when we arrive. As for the eliminated people, you will go with the camera crew to a small waiting section. Flaire's head will be placed on a stick---'" Draven stops.

"WHAT!?" Flaire asks.

"No, not literally. A totem of your head, will be on the stick. Same with Zach's. Wait by the contestant's head of who you want to win. More supporters will give an advantage to that person." Draven says.

At the waiting section a few minutes later, everyone stands by their chosen victor.

By Zach's totem: Lauren, Chris, Chet, Dimitri, Nate, Tod, Sydney, Dolly, and Paige. Everyone else is at Flaire's. Leaving Flaire with fifteen supporters, and Zach with nine.

At the obstacle course beginning, Flaire and Zach stand on top of wooden platforms above a large pool with green water.

"Here, you must swim across the lake without being murdered by the lake leeches. Supporters have been sent to me, and Flaire, you get a fifteen second head start. You got fifteen supports, and Zach got nine. Signs will tell you what to do if you ever get stuck. Good luck. Flaire, go." Draven says.

"What? Why didn't I get more supports?" Zach asks.

"I don't know." Draven says. Flaire dives into the water, and swims quickly to a vine. She latches onto it, and climbs up it. Zach is told to follow after her now. He starts swimming, and leeches attach to him quickly.

"Have fun, Zach!" Flaire climbs upwards and reaches a treetop platform. A set of vines hang between the tree. Zach climbs up behind her, just as she takes off. She swings from vine to vine and makes it across to the other side. There, Flaire sees a few pillars up in the treetops. She looks at a sign next to her.

"Jump to safety!"

She jumps on one of the pillars, and readies herself to jump again. Zach follows up behind her, and jumps across rather quickly. He leaves Flaire in the dust, and makes his way to the next obsticle. He finds a pole nearby, and he jumps onto it and shimmies down to part two of the challenge. Flaire follows behind.

They run up to two tables with random heads of the other contestants on them.

"We have to assemble them apparently." Zach says.

"Indeed." Draven walks up to them.

"Well, let's go." Flaire says. He starts stacking up the tiki heads. Zach does the same.

"I can't remember, did Dimitri get out seventh?" Zach asks.

"I think it was sixth..." Flaire says.

By the end of it, Flaire has assembled: Saria, Brandon, Lauren, Chris, Chet, Dimitri, Dalia, Bogle, Nate, Tod, Jessica, Sydney, Sarah, Claire, Sam, Dolly, Danny, Bella, Kevin, and Paige. Zach copies her.

"Both of you have a small mistake." Draven says.

"Where!?" Flaire asks. Draven nods. Zach changes around Danny and Bella, and Flaire changes around Dalia and Bogle.

"Flaire has it right. Zach, fix yours." Draven says. Flaire runs on and Zach copies Flaire's design. They run out to the ocean area, where two platforms are raised high above the water. Flaire and Zach climb above and onto the platforms. There on their platorms are metal rods with watermelons on both ends.

"The Watermelon Challenge!" Draven announces.

"Here in this challenge, you will fight each other with the watermelon rods. You are trying to knock the other person off of their platform with the pole you have. The person standing will win the money and the fame of Total Drama Dra!" Draven announces.

"Go, Flaire!" Kevin cheers.

"Go Zach!" Paige cheers.

They both lift their pole into the air. The platforms are connected, so they can walk around freely.

"This is it." Zach says.

"The final showdown." Flaire says. She swings her melon pole at Zach. It misses, and Zach dodges. Flaire swings again and misses.

"This won't be easy, you know..." Zach swings and hits Flaire. She falls backwards. He barely lands near the edge of the platform.

"Sorry!" Flaire jumps up and hits Zach in the chest with her pole. He lands on the edge, his head dangling.

"Goodbye, Zach." Flaire jabs him again, and he falls....

But grabs onto the ledge once more. He begins to pull himself up, even though he's dropped his rod into the ocean below. Flaire swings to hit his head, and misses. She then realizes that both of his hands are on the platform, pulling himself up.

"Where did your pole go?" Flaire asks.

"Dropped it..." Zach climbs back up.

"I'm not fighting you unevenly." Flaire says.

"It's okay. I only came on this show to meet some friends, and to meet someone like Paige. You deserve this money. Hit me." Zach says.

"No!" Flaire throws down her pole on the platform.

"Why not? Do you not want to win?" Zach asks.

"I do. But I'm not winning unfairly and going home feeling like I cheated!" Flaire runs up to Zach. She trips over the pole.

"Crap!" They both yell. She falls off of the platform, and into the ocean.

"Flaire!" Zach exclaims.

"No!" Kevin shouts.

"Congrats, Zach!" Paige cheers.

"Zach has won Total Drama Dra!" Draven announces. Draven walks over with a huge check for one million dollars.

"Sorry, Flaire." Kevin apologizes.

"It's fine..." Flaire hangs her head down in shame.

==Chapter 23: The Final Countdown==
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