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With the sun setting on another dramatic Summer, the moon begins to rise for Autumn. Zac and Mana are back, at a renowned Canadian University to teach the cast a lesson or two on Drama. With a full-ride, $250,000, and bragging rights up for grabs in the third entry of Total Drama Seasons, who will be victorious?

Status: Chapter 19 Posted - July 1st (Happy Canada Day <3)

By: Zac



Zac - Host 

Mana - Co-Host



Chapter One: Orientation Day

The camera zoomed in on a navy truck driving down the busy highway. The driver was buff, his muscles were clearly visible through his green short-sleeve cardigan. “I can’t believe we both got accepted to Toronto DaVinci Education University!” The passenger said excitedly, motioning for them to take the next exit into Toronto. She looked up from the map, putting her hand on her boyfriend’s lap. “It’s time to start the next chapter of our lives, Emmett! It’s going to be great!”

Emmett quickly looked over to his girlfriend. Her brown hair was wrapped in her red bandana. A long beige pattern cardigan hung from her body. His eyes locked on the golden E that hung from her neck, a gift they had gotten each other for their three month anniversary. “It’s great Angel. Honestly, I can’t believe it.” His brown eyes returned to the road. “Only 30 kilometres stand between us and the greatest year of our lives.”

Angel brushed her hand against Emmett’s chinstrap. “Don’t say it like that!” She teased. “Last year wasn’t all that bad!”

The muscular teen let out a chuckle. “What part about being chased by pirates isn’t all that bad Angel.”

“Meeting you.” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Oh my god!” She gasped, turning up the radio. “It’s them!” Angel gushed, tapping her hands against the dash in beat.

“They never tell you how hard it’ll be.” The vocalist sang out, over the sound of a violin. “How hard it’ll be to fly. How hard it’ll be to go on without you. How hard it’ll be to find you again.” Angel sang along softly using her hairbrush as a microphone.

Emmett grinned, “You know if you want to go see him sometime I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He did promise to give us tickets sometime. Plus we’re budds now.”

“They’re just so busy now!” Angel sighed. “I really thought that after Tides we’d all be together. But you’re the only one I really got to see.” She pouted. “And now with university, I just miss them. Do you think that Andre and Dania are doing ok? With the tour and everything?”

Emmett rubbed Angel’s thigh. “Babe didn’t you facetime Dania before we left?”

“Well yeah… but what if something changed since then!” Angel blurted out.

“I’m sure they’re both fine.”

The scene switched to showcase the Toronto DaVinci Education University. The campus crawled out across the southern side of Toronto. The buildings were relics from another time. Stone buildings constructed in the 1900’s, recently refurbished for TDE’s new school year. The majority of the campus watched over Lake Ontario. To facilitate movement between the buildings, sky-corridors were constructed, large glass hallways that connected the campus overlooking the city below. The camera zoomed in to one such corridor where two brothers sat.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come bro? You’re still registered.” The older brother asked, as the pair looked out at the boats ported in the dock.

Fynn,” The older brother paused. “You can’t keep protecting me. It’s been months since it all happened.” He stood up. “You need to give me some space to breath, and for you to grow too.”

The older brother jumped to his feet, and grabbed his luggage. “Sam, first you lost Tides, and then you and Grayson end up living different sides of the country.” Fynn sighed, putting his hair up into a man bun. “I’ve just been worried. I haven’t seen you this… lost in a long time.”

Sam laughed. “Are you sure it’s not just because you’re just too afraid to go off to university?” He teased, as he tried to do up the buttons on Fynn’s sweater. “Besides me and Grayson made it work. He’s going to university to study political studies, and I’m well… I’m spending some much needed time with Viola.”

Fynn swatted his brother’s hands away. “How now! If I cover up, how are the girls supposed to… well y’know.” He winked.

“Fynn!” Sam growled. “Really don’t need those kinds of images in my head.” Sam looked at his watch. “Don’t you have orientation or something?”

“I mean maybe?” Fynn looked at his brother awkwardly. “Since when do I ever pay attention to those kinds of things.”

Sam nodded. “Good point. Well, y’know as much as this was fun and all. Vi’s going to be here soon to pick me up.”

“Oh right! The teaching kids in Africa thing!” Fynn offered his brother a bro-fist. “You know bro. I am really proud of you for that!”

“It’s not too late,” Sam echoed his brother, “You can still come you know.”

“And miss that?” Fynn eye’s grew as a girl walked passed in a knit dress. “Love you or whatever!” Fynn shouted as he chased after the girl.

Sam looked at the space where his brother once stood. “He’ll never change.”

The scene switched to show two guys seated at the window seat in Two If By Sea Cafe, the most popular cafe on campus. They each drank from a mug of hot chocolate, with whip cream on top. “I’m glad your love for sugar is back.” The coloured male smiled, pulling the mug away from his face, leaving a whip cream mustache.

The bright blond haired boy chuckled, dipping his finger into his drink, and painting on a moustache for himself. “There, we’re still twins!” He grinned, as the pair shared a laugh.

“Alternate dimension twin detectives!” Weston pulled out a detective star and pinned it to his friends beanie. “Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten about my promise to you Alfie!”

“I know! We’re going to learn to be the greatest detectives since the Scooby Gang, and then solve the greatest mystery of them all - my memories!” Alfie gave a half-smile, lifting his mug to give cheers. Weston licked up his moustache, and clinked his mug against Alfie’s.

“Oh my god!” A student shouted, pointing at the table. “Is that really you guys!?” She squealed, pulling out her notebook and a pen. “Can I please get your autographs!” She passed the notebook to the pair. The former Total Drama contestants signed, and the girl was on her way.

“That never gets tiring.” Alfie blushed.

“Right!? It’s like being a superhero!” Weston said.

“Or a celebrity!”

The pair gasped and looked dead in each others eyes. “Or a SUPERHERO CELEBRITY!”

“Why did we have to rush to get here again?” A shorter male asked. His dark hair covered up in his beanie. He looked up at his raven-haired sister, the renowned Heather.

“Because I have things. You know things to do.” Heather ruffled her brothers hair. “Being a senior means I have a life you know. I can’t just sit around at home all day.”

Damien looked around confused. “In the library? You have…. Things to do in the library?”

“You’re my legacy here Damien! Don’t question me!” She glared.

“Stop calling me that!” Damien groaned, stiffening.

Heather licked her thumb, and brushed the hair from her younger brothers face. “Aw, what’s wrong Damo, you’re not ashamed are you? Because this isn’t Total Drama. This is University. I’ve made a great name for myself- for you here.”

“It’s just the last time I was your legacy…”

“Oh trust me. I remember, everyone remembers! How you almost single-handedly destroyed an entire kingdom.” Heather gulped. “I’d recommend avoiding the history majors.” She teased. “They still have a bone to pick with you.” A man walked out from behind an aisle and kisses Heather. “Cya squirt! Call me later! Tell me all about your first day!”

“I’m not that short.” Damien sighed, pulling his bag over his shoulder.

“Yes, I am in the being of lost. Please aidez moi?” A blonde girl asked the swarm of students passing by, but no one stopped. “Allo? Pardon moi?” The french girl frowned, looking down at her orange skirt. “Is it too bold? I was in the thinking I was tres cute.”

Damien put his hand on the girls shoulder. “Fleur?”

“Yes, this is me.” She asked, readying her pen to sign another autograph. “DAMIEN!” She shouted as she turned. “I was in the missing of you!” She wrapped her arms around her former competitor. “Is you a studier here to?”

Damien held back his smile, “Yes, I’m a student here too. Communications, you?”

Fleur twirled. “Le fashion!” She giggled.

“Why Canada then?” Damien asked. “No offence, but we’re not well-known for our fashion industry.”

“I know mais, I really loved everyone I was in the talking to on Tides, and I wanted another chance at becoming le Canadian!”

Damien shrugged, “Can’t argue with that logic I guess.” The legacy student looked around, “Do you have that freshmen party tonight too?”

Fleur nodded eagerly. “Oui!” She gasped, “I mean yes.” She smiled and grabbed onto Damien’s hand, “But I am in the munchies now!” She raced off, dragging Damien behind her.

“But you don’t even know where you’re going!”

Fleur giggled, “This is the how you say, fun of the balloon!”

The screen switched to the state-of-the-art gym facilities on the campus. The large gym rested on the third level of the centre portion of the campus. Its glass walls gave the patrons a view to the outside views, where the greens of Summer were changing to the warm tones of Autumn. The camera panned to the stair climber machine. “Rosalie,” the redhead exhaled, out of breath. “Do we,” she paused, pressing the stop button on her machine. “Do we really need to do this? We just got here!”

Rosalie stopped her own machine, and adjusted her long golden hair under her navy baseball cap. “Ivy,” she handed her friend her bottle of water, hopping down from the machine. “That’s exactly why we need to be here!” Her eyes looked around the gym, pausing on a few of the more athletic guys.

“Rosalie!” Ivy face palmed. “Please tell me I didn’t just risk a heart-attack so that you could try and find a new boy!”

The blonde blinked innocently. “What? I deserve something good for once.”

Ivy handed Rosalie her bottle back, as the pair walked over to the change rooms. “You don’t need to be dating someone to be worth something.” She gripped onto Rosalie’s shoulder, “You’re letting that stupid show get to you!”

“It’s not that!” Rosalie gasped. “We’re freshmen Ivy! This is like a complete fresh start for us!” She paused looking at the flyers on the wall for a freshmen bash.

“Oh we’re so going to that.” Ivy grinned, opening her locker and pulling out her clothes. “Shopping trip?”

“Shopping trip.” Rosalie confirmed, the pair giggling.

“That was almost a year ago!” A coloured athlete complained. “You’re really not going to let me join the team because of that?”

The coach looked at the athlete. “With that kind of attitude?” The coach laughed. “It really doesn’t look like anything's changed since then Vishal.” The older man started to walk towards the door.

“It was just a stupid show!” Vishal jumped in the way of the hockey coach. “Please?” He got onto his knees. “You’re my last choice.” Vishal pleaded. “None of the other teams would take me!”

The coach looked down at the begging youth. “I wonder why. You showed you only care about yourself on that show. You turned your own team against themselves for your own benefit.” He shook his head. “But-” The coach exhaled. “We did get less hockey tryouts than what we would normally like.” He paused to think. “Tell you what, if you can get even one person on the team to agree to you joining then you can have a spot-”

“Thank you!” Vishal cheered, gripping onto the coach’s hand prepared to kiss it.

“But!” The coach clarified, pulling his hand away from the teen, “That doesn’t mean I’ll just start you, we’re a merit based team. Show me you’re worth it.”

“Yeah of course! Whatever you say, boss man!” Vishal got onto his feet and rushed out of the office in search of one of the hockey team.

The scene switched to a bedroom in white townhouse in the centre of Toronto. “You’re going to need to get out of bed at some point.” A girl laughed from the other side of the door. “It’s not even like you guys broke up!”

“But he’s going to AFRICA.” A boy yelled from under the covers. “Instead of spending the semester with me, at a super high-end school, that just got renovated? He chose AFRICA!”

“Stop being such a baby Grayson!” His younger twin sister teased. “It’s no surprise that mom and dad left for Europe! Heck, I should have gone with them.”

Grayson jumped from his bed in nothing but his boxers, he peeked his head out of the door, “You wouldn't have!”

“Try me.” She taunted, pulling out her phone and scrolling through her contacts.

“Oh please Payton.” Grayson shook his head. “Do you really want to put up with being compared to me all of the time?”

Payton blew a raspberry at her brother. “To what, my disappointment of a brother, because he decided that he likes dick?” She gasped. “Oh man, you’re definitely right on that one, TERRIBLE idea.” Payton pulled out her camera and started to record her brother.

“Watch where you point that thing!” Grayson mumbled, closing the door and pulling on his clothes. He opened the door. “Hey Payton’s followers, or whatever.”

“They’re not whatever! They’re my elite clique!” Payton corrected.

“Exactly or whatever.” Grayson teased, grabbing an apple off of the counter. “Are you ready for orientation?” He asked, tossing his sister an orange. “I still can’t believe you’re going to the same university as me. Afraid you’d miss me that much eh?”

Payton started to peel her orange, passing the camera to her brother to record her. “So first of all, I was accepted way before you were, because you were off on some adventure with pirates and kings and queens in Floria.” She paused. “Actually I’m still really confused as to how you got accepted despite applying so late.”

Grayson smirked, “I guess they really loved my application.”

“Oh whatever!”

The scene switched to show a duck pond on campus, where another of students had gathered. “And that’s it for the first improv club meeting.” A voice declared. The students dispersing asides from a coloured male who approached a blonde girl.

Twilight?” He asked shocked, waving in front of the girl.

The girl turned to the student, “Kaleb?” She questioned before wrapping her arms around him. “How have you been?”

Kaleb eyed the girl. “Better than you.” He placed an arm on Twilight’s shoulder, “I was really sorry to hear about the Frosty thing, I meant to write but -”

“You were busy with your own life.” Twilight finished. “I can’t just wait around expecting miracles, or for people to save me.”

Kaleb nodded, “I’m glad you understand.” He paused, “You were really good today, with the improv. I’m impressed, I never really thought you were into this domain of work.”

Twilight blinked. “Sometimes it’s just nice to play pretend and forget about everything else. Are you taking drama here too?”

The boy nodded. “Who do you have for DRAM 1010?”


Kaleb groaned. “Samesies! But I hear she’s like a total drama queen - no pun intended.” He waved his hands in the air. “I heard last year a student came late for her class, so she threw a lit match at them, and told them to improvise.”

Twilight gasped. “Is that why they had to do the renovations on campus?”

“So the story goes.” Kaleb stated, wrapping an arm over Twilight’s shoulder. “I’m actually kind of glad you’re here.” The actor sighed. “No one really seems to know who I am, or care who I am.”

Twilight nodded. “Right? It’s almost as if we don’t even exist… It’s kind of nice. Y’know not being the center of attention for once.”

“Oh honey no, it’s terrible! I can feel my life force being drained from me!” He pointed to his forehead. “I can sense the wrinkles coming in already!”

Twilight wrapped her arm around Kaleb as the pair walked towards Nutrient Square, “You haven’t changed a bit.” She teased.

The scene switched to show a brunette as she walked through the extra curricular fair. The sun was shining down on the teen, tents filled the space along either side of the stone path through the main courtyard of the campus. “It’s like picking out my starting skills.” She whispered to herself. She clutched her pink princess peach themed notebook to her chest.

“Do you feel like you’re just a housewife in a man’s world?” A group of girls shouted, handing the girl a flyer for their feminist club.

A guy walked up to her and passed her a small bag with weed in it, and a small flyer for the 4/20 club. “It’s legal now brah! See you there.” The girl casually dropped the bag.

“Protect the ocean! Protect the nation!” A younger couple approached the girl giving her an environmentalist flyer.

The camera followed as the girl walked down the path getting flyers for; the boxing club, the debate club, advanced flirting, improv club, cheer, pottery, and a handful more she barely had a chance to look at. Once she got to the end of the tents she was faced with a swarm of athletes relaxing in their tents. The varsity teams for the school. Her eyes locked onto a brown haired hockey player. She rushed over to where the hockey team was relaxing. “Blake?” She declared.

“Captain Hannah?” Blake mumbled, remembering that voice anywhere.

“Blake!” The girl shouted once more, wrapping her arms around the hockey player. It only lasted for a few seconds before he managed to squirm out of her contact. “You go here too?”

Blake nodded, “It was a decent scholarship, couldn’t say no.”

“Looks like Blakey-Boy already has a fangirl.” One of the other players teased, elboeing Blake.

Blake looked over at his team. “It’s not like that!” But the team didn’t respond, too busy laughing at their joke.

“What’s all that about?” She asked as Blake pulled her away from the tent. “Do they not know who I am?” She paused then looked at Blake. “Do they not know who you are?!” She gasped.

Blake motioned for her to keep her voice down. “People don’t really remember the first boot all that often Hannah. Unless they become infamous like you.”

“But I made it far this time!” Hannah frowned. “I wasn’t a loser!”

The hockey star nodded. “Yeah, you weren’t a loser, but you weren’t a winner either.” Blake motioned back at the team. “They don’t really pay much attention to Total Drama, and I really don’t want to seem like a big loser when I just got on the varsity team as a freshman.” He offered his former team captain a smile. “Do you think you could, y’know keep this between us?”

Hannah blinked. “I don’t get it. Are you saying you don’t want them to know you were on the show… Or that you don’t want them to know we know each other?” The gamer looked into Blake’s eyes as he hesitated to respond. “That answers that then.” She mumbled walking away.

“That’s not it…” Blake sighed.

“Yo Blake!” The team shouted out, “Come on, it’s time for the freshmen party!”

The sun fell drifted behind the skyscrapers, the sky turning a rustic orange. The camera dropped from sky to show the white and maroon “Welcome Freshmen Banner.” Smoke danced through the wind, a roaring fire beneath it. Students from a range of bachelors gathered in the Genesis Courtyard.

The camera panned to the stage where a brunette guitar player took the stage with a blonde violinist. The guitarist pulled out two cream coloured bow ties, as he and his partner tied them onto one another. The crowd started to cheer for the pair. “Andre! Dania!”

The duo took a step towards the microphones, Dania speaking first. “Hello everyone!” She cheerfully announced. “Surprised?” She asked, intertwining her hand with Andre’s.

Andre stopped staring at Dania to speak up, “Trust me though dudes, this is the first of many surprises tonight!” He raised his hand that held onto Dania’s and gave it a kiss. The crowd swooned. “Because this here is the last stop on our Canadian tour.”

“Aca-yeah! If you haven’t figured it out,” She grinned, as their instruments raised from a hole in the stage. “We’re part of the freshmen class this year.”

The pair took another step forward to grab onto their instruments. “This one goes out to all the single lads and girls out there tonight.” Andre winked.

Ivy stared in shock from where she and Rosalie were pouring themselves drinks. “Can you believe that?”

“I mean it’s not that insane. TDE has one of the best music programs in the country, and I know Dania always talked about coming here on Twin It. Her mom came here or something.” Rosalie shrugged taking a sip from her fruity cocktail.

“I guess but still. Four of us? All from Total Drama Frozen?” Ivy pursed her lips after taking a sip from her drink. “This school must be going all out on advertising with us here.”

Rosalie finished chugging her drink and pulled Ivy away. “Come on, enough talk about Total Drama! That’s behind us now!” The former winner began to move her hips. “It’s time to dance, holy trinity style.” She teased.

Ivy gasped dropping her drink. “Don’t look now Rosalie but he who shalln’t be named and she-demon just got on the stage.” The redhead pointed at the stage where Emmett and Angel were reuniting with their friends.

Rosalie’s smile fell. “Something fishy is going on.”

“See!?” Ivy stated. “I told you I had a bad feeling about this place!” She pointed at the camera that filming the duo. “Hello? Can we like help you?” She asked, putting her hand in the way of the camera.

“You don’t think that…” Rosalie stated slowly looking around.

“Impossible!” Ivy reassured her friend. “Right?”

The music cut out, as a spotlight appeared behind the musical duo. Two figures began to rise from the stage. “Oh Andre, you weren’t kidding when you said the surprises are just beginning.” A voice called out. The camera zoomed in, revealing Zac, host of Total Drama Tides. He wore a grey velvet baseball cap. He wore a form-fitting burgundy dress shirt, with white suspenders connecting to his rust coloured khakis. “Miss me Canada?”

The crowd erupted into cheer. The camera panned to the man beside Zac. He had long dark hair. A purple, red and grey flannel covered his torso, with dark grey jeans. “Please don’t raise his ego anymore.” Mana stated glaring at his host.

“Yes Ivy, and Rosalie.” Zac turned to look directly at the pair in the crowd. “It is exactly what you think it is.” He motioned for the pair to join him, Andre, Emmett, Angel and Dania on the stage.

The crowd gasped in shock at the amount of Total Drama veterans. Once Ivy and Rosalie arrived on the stage Rosalie turned to Dania. “Did you know about this?” The petite girl shook her head, as he clutched onto Andre.

Zac rubbed his facial scruff. “Let’s see, who else.” He pointed to where Hannah, Vishal, Kaleb and Twilight were in the crowd. “Come on up, old friends. No need to be shy!” He grinned.

Mana pointed out Fleur, Blake, Alfie and Grayson. “This will be so much easier if you all just came up here.” The co-host sighed. “You know there’s no hiding now.”

The crowd erupted into questions as Damien joined the crowd on the stage. Zac turned to the students on the stage and counted, “We seem to be missing one.”

“What do you mean missing one?” Cherry asked, having brought a lounging chair to the stage. She sipped from her fruity cocktail. “I’ve like been here the entire time?” She rolled her eyes. “It’s totes not my fault if you’re like blind.”

Grayson stared at Cherry. “Aren’t you supposed to be off being rich or something?”

Cherry gasped. “Like and miss this drama fest?” She shook her head. “Never would I ever!”

Rosalie whispered to Ivy. “I heard she lost her winnings trying to bring her coffee chain to Canada.” The pair snickered.

“Save the drama for the show!” Zac stated, “Oh wait, I guess this is the start of the show.” The host grinned, waving to the cameras on the stage and in the crowd.

“What show?” Hannah asked. “I don’t remember signing up for a sequel?”

Kaleb grinned shoving the others out of his way. “My chance at stardom! Finally!”

Damien frowned. “Do we have to?” He looked out at the crowd trying to find his sister. “I really did just come here to study you know.”

Zac raised their contracts. “Sorry, when you registered for your classes you actually agreed to fulfill the wishes of the Student Director.” Zac paused. “And if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s me!”

“Because a crazy person is the greatest person to be head of student affairs?” Vishal laughed, getting a first pump from Andre and Emmett.

Zac rolled his eyes. “After the very generous donations from the studio to help renovate the school they were more than willing to put me into the position.”

Mana added. “And besides, I am a licensed teacher in Canada now, so it’s not like you won’t be learning stuff. The entire first semester will be granted as transfer credits for any first year courses you choose.”

“What about the prize?” Grayson asked. “I’m not about to just let myself be ridiculed for another season without a reason.”

“Glad you asked!” Zac grinned. “The winner of this season will win $250,000, as well as a full ride for the remaining 7 semesters of their degree here at TDE.”

“TDE…” Alfie paused. “Total Drama… Eclipse?” He gasped. “How did we miss this!?” He turned to find Weston, but his friend wasn’t on the stage.

Fleur hugged Angel, and the other girls from Tides. “This is in the how you be saying tres cool!” She giggled kissing her friends on the cheek. Twilight instantly hugged Rosalie. “I hope we’re on a team together this time.”

Rosalie ran her hand through Twilight’s hair. “Me too Twi, me too.”

Zac turned to the crowd. “But one more twist!”

“Really?” The competitors groaned. “Why do you need to have so many twists?”

“For my own pleasure of course?” Zac grinned. “Anyways, as I was saying. This cast isn’t complete. We still need six more freshmen to compete.”

Two flags raised from the stage, on one was maroon with a white venus symbol. The other was navy with a white mars symbol. Mana pointed at the two flags. “Oddly enough TDE doesn’t have any sororities, or fraternities - Until now.” He motioned towards the maroon flag, “The Killer Sororities.” The co-host motioned towards the Navy flag, “The Screaming Fraternities.”

“This is low-key sexist.” Ivy stated glaring at their hosts. “I hope you know that.” The competitors divided themselves into two teams. One all male, the other all female.

Zac pointed at Killer Sororities, “To be clear, that means; Rosalie, Ivy, Twilight, Dania, Cherry, Hannah, Fleur, and Angel you are the Killer Sororities.”

Mana motioned towards the Screaming Fraternities. “Vishal, Emmett, Kaleb, Andre, Alfie, Damien, Grayson and Blake. You’re the Screaming Fraternities.”

The crowd erupted into cheer. Zac turned to the competitors. “You have until midnight to find three more teammates.” The host posted to the sky. “At midnight, we’ll be shooting fireworks into the sky to declare the end of freshmen night. The only restriction is they must be the same gender as the rest of your team, and must be a freshmen here at TDE.”

Mana waved goodbye to the crowd, as he and Zac walked off to get food. “Good luck!”

The Screaming Fraternities gathered around their massive pole. “So this is actually going to happen?” Emmett asked, looking at his apparent team.

Andre walked over to stand beside Emmett. “Ready for round three old pal?” He chuckled. “Maybe this time you’ll actually make the merge.” The musician teased.

Emmett shot Andre a dirty look. “Hush now. Not cool.” The muscular teen grinner looking at the rest of his team.

“So what’s the plan?” Damien asked looking at the two Frozen veterans. “How are we going to pick our new teammates?”

Vishal stepped forward. “Why are we looking to them for guidance first of all? Not to be rude -” The athlete started.

“But you’re going to say it anyways.” Grayson muttered.

Vishal glared at Grayson. “But, they both have the greatest track record. Unlike me, remember I made it to the merge on my first and only season.”

Kaleb rolled his eyes. “Oh trust me, I remember.” The star in the making elbowed Vishal hard in the gut. “And you’re still not forgiven for ruining my chances at stardom!”

The athlete fell to the ground holding his gut. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” He murmured.

“Or, how about I like just hate the player?” Kaleb shrugged. “Like bye felicia?” Kaleb snorted.

Blake looked around confused. “Has anyone seen Alfie?”

“Alfie?!” Grayson shouted, in search of his friend. “How did you manage to lose someone already?!” The prep muttered staring at Andre and Emmett.

Damien sighed. “He’s still lost isn’t he?” The legacy student shoved his hands into his pockets, remembering how Alfie lost his memories on Tides.

“I don't know?” Grayson said, looking out at the crowd trying to find Alfie. “I had my own things to deal with after the show.”

Blake handed Grayson and Damien a pack of skittles. “Do you think this will help? I thought the kid loved candy or something?”

Grayson and Damien nodded, ripping the package open and shaking it around in the air. “Alfie?!” They shouted.

Andre and Emmett looked at each other in desperation. “What do we do?”

The camera panned to the other side of the stage where Fleur and Ivy were holding Angel and Rosalie back. “Why are we not in the being of best friends!?” Fleur shouted over the girls argueing.

“She’s a boyfriend stealer!” Rosalie shouted back.

“YOU LEFT HIM!” Angel screamed, clawing at the air in front of her. “Let me go Fleur! She needs to learn a lesson!”

“Rosalie.” Ivy whispered. “Common you know better than this.” Cherry dropped a handful of popcorn into her mouth. “Best. School. Like. Ever!” She grinned, watching as the scene unfolded.

Dania gasped. “Really?” She grabbed the popcorn out of Cherry’s hand. “You should be more supportive! This is your team now too!”

The winner shrugged. “Dania, right?” Cherry asked, “I like have two rules now. First, don’t like ever touch my food!” She snapped, snatching her popcorn back. “And like second, don’t interrupt my Cherry time.”

“I thought you were supposed to be less self-centered after you lost all of your money?” Dania shook her head in defeat, walking away from Cherry.

“Also like? Hello do you remember what my train wreck of a team was like last season?” Cherry laughed. “I’m really not the person you should be looking to for advice right now.”

Twilight walked over to Cherry. “I thought you changed?” She dropped her head to the ground. “But I guess not. Even after everything you did for Sam and Viola, you’re still just the same old Cherry.” Twilight wiped a tear from her face. “Maybe I shouldn’t believe in people anymore, all they ever do is let you down.”

“UP SMASH!” Hannah shouted. “DOWN SMASH!” The gamer cheered Angel on from the sidelines. “You got this! Don’t forget to block!”

Dania looked at Hannah. “Really?”

Hannah shrugged. “It’s nice to not have to worry about leading the team for once! Let me live a little as the side character, being the hero was so much work!”

A blonde student walked onto the stage. She wore a maroon sweater under a long black trench coat. A emerald green scarf wrapped around her neck. She held her phone up “Smile for the ‘gram everyone!” She squealed, recording the fight.

“Who is she?” Angel and Rosalie both asked, turning at the new arrival.

The newcomer excitedly waved her hand in the arm. “Heyyyyy!” She ran over beside Dania and Hannah and took a selfie with the pair. “Like, I’m Isabella, I’m here for the Lakeside after-party?!”

Ivy coughed and looked over at Cherry. “Is she your nicer twin?”

Cherry glared at Isabella. “Like, I don’t know who you are, but you’re totes ruining the vibe here. Could you like not be a fangirl and like scatter?”

Isabella gasped. “Ouch! That’s so going on twitter!” She paused so that she could tweet. Once she was finished she continued, “Oh right, where was I? Well, after the finale on Lakeside where -” She was cut off by a giant blow horn.

“Sorry Isabella, but Lakeside hasn’t finished airing in Canada yet, can’t spoil the finale!”

Rosalie stared at Isabella. “She was on Total Drama?”

“Her?” Cherry gasped.

Isabella looked up at the flags, “Oh my god! Is this the Canadian Total Drama?” She out at the crowd of students staring up at her. She waved at them excitedly.

Ivy nodded, putting her hand on Isabella’s shoulder. “And looks like you’re officially a member of the Killer Sororities!”

Isabella gasped wrapping her arms around Ivy. “Shut up! Me?” She jumped in place. “I’ve always wanted to be in a sorority! When do we do each others makeup? OH! When do we summon demons with the ouija board!? Has anyone ever told you, that you look like a young, Canadian Scarlett Johansson?”

Ivy blinked a few times before stepping away from Isabella. She quickly walked over to Rosalie. “I may have made a mistake.”

“Alfie?” Kaleb gasped, as the blond climbed back onto the stage with his twin, Weston.

“Yes, we know we fucked up,” Emmett muttered. “No need to remind us.”

“No. It’s Alfie!” Kaleb shook his head. “Stop getting your panties in a bunch.”

“Did he just?” Andre laughed to himself while Emmett glared at him. “Sorry man, K-man’s gotten feisty.”

Emmett walked over to Alfie and stared at Weston. “You can’t just go off like that man. You had us all worried.” The muscular teen stared at Weston. “We’re kind of having a moment, don’t you have a party or something to go to?”

Weston blinked. “I’m with him.” He pointed at Alfie. “Besides my detective’s intuition is saying you could use someone with Total Drama experience.”

Damien fist bumped Weston. “Weston! Long time no see! How have you been doing?”

“Been binge watching Scooby Doo, and Veronica Mars.” Weston blushed, nudging Alfie. “Gotta find some way to help Alfie out y’know.”

The legacy looked over at Alfie, who seemed lost surrounded by his former friends. “Is it getting any better?”

“Sometimes.” Weston sighed. “I think we have a challenge to do for now though right? So how about we just put all of our issues into the past.” The Genesis newcomer looked over at Andre and Emmett. “So what do you say? We let heygones be heygones?”

“I think he means bygones,” Andre murmored.

Emmett looked at Damien, and Vishal and then back at the rest of his team. “What do you guys say? We just forget about our mistakes and just move forward?”

Blake nodded. “Sure. It’s not really like I had any issues with you guys anyways.”

Grayson put his hand into the center. “Plus we have a bigger foe.” He looked over at the ladies. “There’s no way I’m letting Cherry win again.”

“Agreed.” Vishal and Kaleb both grinned, throwing their hands on top of Grayson’s.

Alfie turned to Weston. “That means we’re on a team together!! Just like that one time at the hotel!”

“Twinning for life!” Weston grinned high-fiving Alfie.

“So just two more?” Grayson pointed out at the crowd. “How hard can that be?”

Fynn jumped onto the stage. “Easier if you let me help you out.” He stripped his shirt off and flexed his pecs. “Who wouldn’t want me around?” He winked at Blake.

“You look oddly familiar?” Blake questioned.

“You tell them who I am Grayson.” Fynn grinned.

“He’s Sam’s younger brother.” Grayson shook his head. “Who still doesn’t know how to wear clothing apparently?”

Fynn pulled Grayson in for a hug, giving him a nuggie. “I thought I was being nice, since you can’t stare at Sam’s body all semester the least I could do is give you some compensation.”

Payton rolled her eyes, as she joined the group on the stage. She pointed her camera at Fynn. “And this my elite clique, is the competition. Feel free to boo them.” She turned to Grayson. “You didn’t tell me you were competing again Gray?”

Grayson stared at Payton. “This is just getting even more fun-filled isn’t it.” He blinked. “My twin sister everyone.”

“But you guys don’t look a like at all?” Weston said confused, looking at the pair. Grayson looked at Alfie and then Weston, but chose not to say anything.

“Don’t worry Gray I won’t go easy on you.” Payton teased walking over to join the girls.

“Bro!” Fynn shouted. “You never said your sister was hot?!”

Grayson stared at Blake for support. “Kill me, please?”

Blake chuckled. “That’s not really on my agenda for today, sorry man.”

Kaleb pouted. “Why is it that you’re already the star of the team?” He mumbled glaring at Grayson. “This was supposed to be MY chance!”

“How long have they been arguing?” Payton asked, having joined the Killer Sororities.

Twilight looked at her watch. “Over two hours.”

“Aren’t you guys worried about not having a full team?”

Dania sighed. “It’s no use if we can’t even work together for a few minutes.” She looked over at Rosalie and Angel who were still arguing.

“It’s not my fault that he left you a voice message to break up with you!” Angel screamed.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have been flirting with MY man!” Rosalie shouted back.

Angel glared. “Maybe if you didn’t abandon him every few days?”

“Don’t you dare blame this on me!”

Ivy and Fleur walked away from the bickering duo. “It’s no use.” Ivy pointed at the crowd of students at the party.

“Oui, all the girls are in the hiding from the terror duo.”

“There’s only ten minutes left for this level.” Hannah added. “We’re going to be at a huge disadvantage if we can’t even get a full party!” The gamer looked over at Cherry. “We could use your help here y’know?”

Cherry continued to eat her popcorn, sucking the butter off of her fingers. “You’re all like totes blind.” She shook her head.

“Which one do you think is cuter?” Isabella asked, pointing out Andre and Blake to Dania.

Dania exhaled slowly, and walked over to Andre to give him a kiss. The musician blinked but then kissed his girlfriend back.

Isabella gasped. “Is she always this much of a ho?” Ivy, Fleur and Hannah facepalmed.

The Screaming Fraternity weren’t have much better luck. They had lined up all of the guys and were going down the row. “Too Red.”

“Too Sunny!”

“Does he remind anyone else of a Toad?”

“I think he’s had one Coke too many.”

The team continued down the row of guys. “He’s literally on Fire.”

“Who wears a Space suit to a party?”

The camera panned to the sky where fireworks were erupting. “That’s it.” Zac announced as he and Mana took to the stage. He examined the Killer Sororities. “Interesting picks. Can’t say I’m surprised to see Payton or Isabella.” He paused. “Who else did you find?”

Angel and Rosalie stopped arguing to look at the host meekly. “Uh about that.” Rosalie sighed.

“Was it really three hours?” Angel gasped looking at the ground ashamed.

“Her.” Cherry announced pointing at a gothic girl plucking strands of hair from the boys.

“Who is she?” Mana questioned.

“I don’t know, you said to find a team member, that’s like what I did.” Cherry shrugged.

The camera panned over to the final member of the Sorority. She wore a victorian style gown, with burgundys and blacks. She had long black hair, with a few silver streaks. With large hoop earrings. She waved shyly at the camera that followed her. “Uh, hey there?” She questioned.

Twilight instantly ran over to the girl. “Welcome to the team!”

The newcomer patted Twilight’s head calmly. “Ok?” She looked over at the other girls for clarification.

“The Total Drama Team. Like the competition show?” Ivy explained.

“Oh! Yes!” Salem instantly perked up. “I loved learning all about Floria last season.” She looked down at the blonde. “And you must be Twilight!” She gave the shorter girl a squeeze. “You’re one of my idols!” The girl put her jar full of the boys hair into her satchel.

“So… Not to be that person or anything,” Dania hesitated. “But what are you planning on doing with their hair?”

“Just the basics.” She smiled. “Summoning the perfect boyfriend.” She perkily twirled. “Maybe a beginners potion or two. You have no idea how hard it is to come by strands of cute boys!” She walked over to the other girls, “I’m Salem by the way!”

The other girls shared a look. “I love her already!” Twilight giggled.

Mana walked over to the Screaming Fraternity. “And who did you guys find?”

Emmett and Andre shared a look. “So we may have been a little too picky.”

“What do you mean?” Mana questioned, trying to find their final member.

“Well uh,” Emmett sighed. “We kind of rejected all of the guys.”

“Then who's that?” Mana asked, pointing to the guy at the edge of the stage. The camera zoomed in on the final student for Total Drama Eclipse. He was tall, and pale. His long dark hair messily fell from his face. Large rounded glasses brought the focus to his face. His body was covered in a mishmash of fabric.

The guys walked over to the stranger. “Oh my god!” Alfie gasped, as he watched the man take a close-up photo of a dead bat.

“Please tell me there’s someone else?” Mana coughed, close to vomiting.

Zac wandered over. “What’s all the commotion about?”

The outsider looked over at the group. “Do you think Lark or Ludwig would represent the loneliness the bat felt in its final moments best?” He tilted his head slightly. “You’re right. Black and white.” Zac and the others began to step away from the man. “Perfecto!” He shouted as he finished uploading his photo. He kicked the bat off of the stage, hitting a girl in the head. He walked closer to the guys who continued to take steps backwards.

Payton snickered. “This is great.” She continued to film, as she watched Grayson take a step backwards and fall off of the stage.

“Did you really have to record that?” Grayson muttered as Payton helped him back up.

“What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t?”

“He’s perfect!” Andre declared, offering his hand to the stranger.

“He is?!” Emmett questioned.

“Andre’s finally lost his mind.” Damien sighed.

“I think he lost that when he started writing songs about s’mores, actually, but sure.” Kaleb laughed.

“Of course I’m perfect, I’m Julien.” He flatly said. He gently poked Andre’s hand out of his space. “What exactly am I perfect for?” He questioned, walking towards to the rest of his team. “Bringing out the morbid in all of our hearts?”

Zac gave a weak smile. “Well, that’s… Yeah that’s fine.” The host turned to the camera. “Well, as you can tell, this is definitely going to be a season… or something.” Zac took a step closer to the camera. “We have 22 students ready to compete here on Total Drama Eclipse. If there’s one thing I can promise it’s that the drama is just beginning! Stay tuned for part two of the premier where our two teams duke it out in their first challenge, and we say goodbye to one of our students!”

Chapter Two: Mud Wrestling, or Mud Bath?

The static fades to reveal Zac standing on the stage, the Killer Sorority and Screaming Fraternity standing behind him. “Welcome back to part two of the epic premiere of Total Drama Eclipse!” The host cheered out, walking along the stage. “Last time, we met our 22 students, and followed them around their day-to-day life here on the TDE campus until we dropped the bomb on them! That this isn’t any ordinary campus, this is a Total Drama campus! Tonight you’ll get to see the teams officially move in, and later the first challenge of the season, and the very first vote! Where someone will receive the most votes!” The host turned around to see the students still standing around. “Well you heard me,” He motioned for them to scatter. “Go move in or whatever!”

Mana coughed, “They don’t know where they’re staying your greatness.” The co-host snorted.

“Oh… Yes. My bad.” Zac blushed and then pointed to the two tallest buildings on the other side of the Genesis Courtyard. “There. Those are the latest state of the art dormitories, designed especially for you.”

Mana handed out key-cards to the students. “These will give you access to the building, as well as pay for most things on campus.” Mana continued, “You’ll have to share dorms though, two to a room.”

“What about the other person?” Ivy challenged.

“They get the last room- obviously.” Mana muttered. He’d forgotten how frustrating the contestants could be. He walked away with Zac.

Most of the students headed towards the dorms, leaving Andre, Angel, Emmett and Dania.

“I’m going to kill her Emm!” Angel groaned falling into her boyfriend's arms.

“Kill who?” Emmett asked. “Also, I don’t know how I feel about dating a prison girl, so let’s not do that?”

Dania’s eyes went wide. “You mean you didn’t hear them?” The blonde girl shook her head. “Her and Rosalie were going at it the entire time!”

“Why?” Emmett asked.

Andre chuckled. “Emmett, I’m supposed to be the oblivious one here, not you. Rosalie… Angel… Ex… not ex.”

“Ohhhhh.” The muscleheads eyes went wide. “Just let me talk to her! I’ll get this sorted real fast.”

“No!” Angel shouted. “I don’t need you to fix this for me!” The fangirl gripped Emmett’s hand. “If she wants to be a big baby about this then I’ll just sweat her out until she stops. Trust me. I can wait a long time. Once I waited in nothing but my bathing suit in the middle of a snow storm for Cody to get back to the ski cabin.”

Andre raised an eyebrow. “I oddly feel like Emmett didn’t need to know that.” Dania giggled slightly.

“This is going to be a crazy season.” Emmett decided, trying to push the image out of his head. “Both winners are back, and we aren’t even on the same team.”

The musician nodded. “I guess, but y’know we both we could won last season if it weren’t for… well crazy things.”

“Maybe. But it’s not like we have that all-star life to fall back on if this doesn’t work out.” Emmett sighed, pushing his hands into his pockets.

“Hey now….” Andre started.

Dania giggled. “Look what you did Emmett.”

“You’re an All-Star.” Andre serenaded his friend.

“I’m done.” Emmett groaned, picking up Angel and walking off.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” Angel waved excitedly to Andre and Dania.

Dania waved to her friend then turned to Andre. “We can do this.” She declared. “We can win this. Twin It, and Tides, they both taught us how to be competitors. We can do this.”

Andre nodded. “And even if we don’t-”

“We still have each other.” Dania cut him off, kissing her boyfriend.

The remaining Killer Sororities arrived at their dorm building. “I am in the dibbing of Hannah!” Fleur shouted jumping onto her former captain’s back.

“Me?” Hannah blushed. “Really?”

Fleur beamed. “Oui! You! You are in the bestest of friend! Such pretty and kind!”

Hannah wiped a tear from her face. “You really think so? You don’t think I’m just a loser gamer?”

“Non!” Fleur declared. “Why are you in the thinking of this nonsense!”

Hannah looked towards the ground. “I think Blake wishes he never joined my party.”

Fleur gasped. “True? He is the being of ignored now!” The frenchy crossed her arms as she hopped off of Hannah’s back. “Let’s be in the baking of cakepans!”

“Pancakes?” Hannah asked. “With blueberries?”


Salem followed closely behind the giggling girls. “Making pancakes is almost the same as alchemy.” Her burgundy eyes stared unblinking. “I know a killer,” she paused, “Recipe for maple syrup.”

Hannah and Fleur gave each other a look. The gamer spoke up, “But did you root for me last season?”

“Hannah? The g.oddess of the Hotties?” Salem gasped, “I don’t know a single creature who didn’t.” She pulled on her black cooking apron with white font reading ‘Just a dash of pixie dust’.

“I am in the liking of her.” Fleur grinned, and Hannah nodded.

The scene cut to the washroom, where Ivy and Rosalie were taking off their makeup, and preparing for bed. “I can’t believe the she-devil is here. Or that HE’S here.” Ivy gasped, shaking her head. “It must be a living nightmare for you.”

Rosalie exhaled. “Bad things only happen to people who can handle them. This is the one thing I’ve learnt through my years.” She turned to Ivy and smiled. “Thankfully though, she won’t have Emmett to protect here her.” Her innocent smile turned to a smirk. “She’s in our domain now.”

Ivy nodded, pulling her hair elastic out of her hair. “We’ll just have to solve this problem.”

“Holy Trinity style.” The girls grinned.

“So like, what’s a holy trinity? Also say cheese!” Isabella non-chantantly said as she skipped into the washrooms and took a selfie with the two girls.

Ivy glared at the newcomer. “We were, well you know, kind of having a moment here. Didn’t you see the not-working sign on the door?”

Isabella blinked. “You’re funny! Just like my sisters back home!”

“So… Are you going to stay?” Ivy continued to glare.

Rosalie put her hand on Ivy’s back. “Let her stay. She’s not hurting anyone.”

“Like woo!” Isabella squelled. “It’s so great to be like best friends with girls as strong and independent and powerful as you two!”

“You don’t know our names do you.” Ivy coughed.

“Well, no.” Isabella flashed a smile. “But I do know that I like love your dress! I wish I could pull something like that off.”

Rosalie headed for the door. “Come Ivy, Isabella, we should lock the door to the dorm building. We wouldn’t want anyone dangerous getting in while we’re sleeping!”

Ivy smirked. “I missed you.”

“This one time,” Isabella started, as the girls left the washroom.

Cherry is seen lying under her cherry-red covers in her dorm room. A hot-pink sleeping mask covered her eyes. “Like can I help you?” She groaned.

Payton who was sitting on the other bed, quickly looked away from Cherry. “I’m sorry!” She gulped. “It’s just like, you’re Cherry.”

“Yes. I am. Thanks for reminding me, like I was totes worried I was going to forget for a hot second there.” She turned to face away from Payton.

“Well, you see.” Payton started, “I’m Payton. Grayson’s sister?”

“And like, I care why?” Cherry pulled the covers over her face, trying to drown out her dorm mate.

Payton crawled into her bed. “I just thought we could be friends. Like you and Grayson and Sam were.”

“This is like sleeping time.” Cherry stated. “I would really, like appreciate it, if I could sleep in peace.”

Payton nodded, pulling out her camera. “Well, somehow my lovers, I ended up on Total Drama Eclipse.” She sighed. “But I can do this! No. I will do this.” She waved at the camera before shutting it off and turning out the lights. “Good night Cherry.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The scene switched to show Twilight as she finished unpacking her fairy tales. She walked over to the window and stared out. “One bad thing doesn’t spoil all the good things.” She closed her eyes, placing her hand against the cold glass window pane.

“I brought you blueberry pancakes.” Salem cheerfully said, as she walked into the room. “They’re not bad at all!” She put the plate down on the bed-side table.

Twilight snapped out of it and looked over at Salem, and the pancakes. “Thanks!” She grabbed a fork and began to eat, staring at Salem.

“Try the maple syrup! I made it myself!” Salem excitedly edged the girl on.

Twilight dipped her late-night snack into the Canadian sauce. “It’s wonderful!” She grinned. “Thank you.”

“It might not be as effective as a happiness spell, but emotion spells are a forbidden class.” Salem sighed. “Pity really, could you imagine how many people you could help?”

Salem opened her own suitcase, pulling out her own set of books. The Twilight Saga, The Mortal Instruments, as well the “Encyclopedia of All Things That Hide in the Shadows.”, and “A Guide to the Unknown.” She gently rested them against Twilights. “Do you mind if I keep these here?”

“No! Of course not!” Twilight smiled, as she finished the pancakes. “Those are some… uh, interesting choices!?”

Salem smiled, as she crawled into her bed. “Sometimes you just have to believe in something more than yourself.”

Twilight wrapped herself up in her blanket, “I do believe.” She whispered as she closed her eyes. “Or at least I did.”

Outside the dorm building, things weren’t going to plan. “Why won’t this door open?” Angel groaned, pulling on the handle, and sliding her student card into the slit. The light flashes green, but the door still wouldn’t budge.

“Angel?” Dania asked, having left Andre. “What’s wrong?”

Angel let out a frustrated sigh. “The door. That’s what!”

“Is it a push door?” Dania teased, pushing on the door - but nothing. “Oh.” She gulped. “Is there another door?”

“They won’t budge either. I’ve tried.” Angel groaned, pressing her back against the door and resigning to sit.

“Let’s just go stay with the boys then.” Dania smiled. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind sharing for a night.”

“No.” Angel stated. “We can’t do that.”

“I mean, I think we can. It’s not like i haven’t shared a bed with Andre before? It’s not against the law, and I read the student handbook twice, nothing about it in there either!”

Angel looked up at her friend with a smile. “That’s not it at all. We’re on Total Drama. We can’t do that.”

“They’re on the other team.” Dania gasped.

“They’re on the other team.” Angel repeated. “I know you’re not going to like this but I think we’re going to have to-”

“No!” Dania cut her friend off. “I can’t! I won’t!”

“It’ll be fine Dania!” She pointed at their suitcases. “We’ll just build a fort out of our clothes.

Dania’s eyes twitched. “Nope. You can’t make me!”

“It won’t be bad, I promise. I’ve made impenetrable forts out of far stranger things before!”

“But the bugs… And the bats!” Dania stared at the sky where a coven of bats flew across the moon. “And what if someone sees us in the morning! What will they think!”

Angel took a step towards her friend. “Dania, you know I love you, right?”

Dania nodded. “Of course! Why would you say that.”

Angel flashed a smile, pulling out a cylinder of tightly wrapped posters.

“Don’t you dare Ang-” Dania tried to argue as Angel swung the posters at her.

“It’s better this way.” Angel giggled, pulling Dania’s unconscious body towards the stone wall. “Now I just need to build our fort.”

The camera panned from the two girls camping to the dorm building opposite of them, it ascended the brick wall, stopping on a lit window, and entered it. The walls were already decorated with numerous shots of dead animals, and close-ups of body parts, and screenshots of comments from Julien’s blog encouraging him and his work. Emmett grinned walking into the room, “Uh you work fast.”

Julien stopped pinning the last image to the wall, and turned slowly to stare at Emmett, his eyes unblinking. “I am Julien, aren’t I? Fast is my middle name.”

Emmett raised an eyebrow, “Might want to keep that last part to yourself.”

Julien’s eyes turned to a glare. “Is that supposed to be a joke?”

The musclehead raised his hands in surrender. “Sorry man, didn’t mean to offend.” He jumped onto the opposite bed and cracked open a soda. “What’s with the photos anyways?”

The estranged artist continued to stare at Emmett. “I know this is normally where we bond, and I tell you my deepest darkest secrets. And then we become close, and work together so that we can both compete in this overly-dramatic television series.” Julien stopped, hanging the film from his latest photos to dry. “But let me be clear, I have no intention on becoming your buddy.” He walked towards the door. “You,” he pointed, “Jock. Me,” he turned his finger to himself, “Artist. We don’t mix, and I don’t need some glamourous, or poetic back story for who I am. We can’t all be perfect underdogs.”

Emmett sighed. “That could have gone better.” He pulled off his shirt, and moved to the floor to do push ups. “One. Two. Three.” He started.

The scene switched to show the rec room on the main floor of the Screaming Fraternity Dorm House. Alfie, Fynn, Grayson and Weston had gathered to play pool. “This isn’t the kind of pool I’m used to.” Alfie scratched at his hair, “Why aren’t I getting wet?”

“Is the little guy always so…” Fynn started, “Fluid man?” He turned to his brothers boyfriend.

Grayson glared at him, as he lined up another shot. “It’s complicated. Did you even watch last season?”

Weston grinned as Grayson missed his shot. “There’s nothing wrong with Alfie, except for his memories being gone.” He made a shot, sinking a striped ball. He gave Alfie a high-five. “But we’re going to fix that!”

“Yeah!” Alfie cheered. “I already remember sleeping in your bed Grayson!”

Grayson’s eyes went wide, “It’s not like that!” He facepalmed. “Alfie buddy, you were lonely, you slept with me, AND Sam!”

“Not really helping your case here bro.” Fynn teased, nudging Grayson.

“And you remember who I am.” Weston put his hand onto Alfie’s back. “That’s a start!” “So about Payton…” Fynn asked, turnign to Grayson. “She single?”

Grayson glared at the teen. “I might take your seriously if you weren’t asking in just your boxers.”

Fynn gave a shy smile. “When did I take my clothes off.” He shrugged. “My bad bro.”

Weston blinked. “Do you also have a bad memory?”

“The mystery deepens!” Alfie gasped, as he sank the 8-ball, winning the game for him and Weston.

“No. He just,” Grayson paused, “How does it call it, likes to be free.”

Fynn ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah bro! Think of it like the waves, they’ll crash against the shore, but then they go back to the ocean.”

“Literally makes zero sense. You make no sense, you know that, right?” Grayson shook his head.

“I think he’s funny.” Alfie smiled.

Weston looked at his watch. “Midnight snack time!” He jumped up in place to celebrate before he and Alfie ran off to the kitchen for cookies and milk.

“They’re fun times!” Fynn announced.

“They’re a lost cause. A wound that never healed.” Grayson muttered.

Blake wait up!” Vishal shouted chasing after Blake.

Behind him, Kaleb was also eager to speak with the hockey player. “Hey! I dibbed him!”

Vishal stuck out his leg, tripping Kaleb. “Dip this!” He laughed, as he turned the corner and caught up with Blake. “Hey.” He said calmly, catching his breath.

“Uh. Hey.” Blake said. He stopped to sip from his water bottle.

“I hear you’re on the hockey team, yeah?” Vishal stated.

Blake eyed Vishal. “Yeah? What about it.” The hockey player sat down on the couch in the hallway.

“Well I was thinking-” Vishal started but was cut off when Kaleb tackled him to the ground.

“NO! HE’S GOING TO ME MY SIDEKICK!” Kaleb turned to Blake, still on top of Vishal and offered him his hand. “Kaleb Carriere, future star.”

Blake blinked and watched as Vishal climbed on top of Kaleb. “Vishal, future hockey player!” He shouted over Kaleb’s protest.

“This ISN’T FAIR! You’re like heavy!” Kaleb groaned, trying to get on top.

“It’s called the gym.” Vishal smirked. “Maybe you should try it.”

Kaleb rolled his eyes, and kneed Vishal in the crotch. “It’s called being a jerk.” Kaleb announced, crawling out from under the withering Vishal, and dusting himself off. “You’re still one.” He turned to where Blake was sitting, but the hockey player was gone.

“Where-” Vishal whimpered out. “Where did you hide him!”

“Me?!” Kaleb gasped. “I don’t hide boys in the closest anymore! That was so 2000’s.”

“Wait? Blake’s gay?!” Vishal said in shock, while holding his crotch.

“Well duh. It was all over the news last season?”

The gears in Vishal’s mind were turning, “And… he’s not out yet?”

“Apparently not.” Kaleb shrugged.

Vishal got onto his feet. “Ok great. Thanks.” The athlete walked off. “I’ll show them that I can be a team player.”

Damien is shown waiting by the door for Andre. “Hey.” He said taking a step away from the wall.

“Hey man, long time no see.” Andre chuckled. “You’re not going to tell me that Mother is actually waiting in your dorm room right, because I could really go for some relaxation right now.”

Damien laughed. “No! Nothing like that.” He rubbed his arms. “It’s just…”

“Just what?” Andre asked, as he examined the map of the dorm building.

“Well. How did you get past your legacy?” Damien asked.

Andre raised an eyebrow. “I see. Come on, follow me.” He declared, dragging Damien behind him. The scene sped forward, following the pair through the dorm building until they reached a small stage, a guitar was waiting on stage. “What’s this for?” Damien asked.

“You wanted to know how I got past my legacy. This is how.” The musician walked onto the stage and picked up his guitar. He pulled a pick out from his pocket, and began to play and sing along to ‘Blackbird’ by the Beatles.

Damien sat at the edge of the stage, staring at his former team captain. He clapped slowly when he finished his performance. “That was great.”

“But you still don’t understand, right?” Andre chuckled.

“Not at all.” Damien admitted.

Andre put the guitar down, and put his hand on Damien’s shoulder. “A legacy isn’t who you are. It’s what the world thinks you are. It’s what they expect from you.” Andre walked off. “So just show the world who you really are. Break the expectations, Damien. Just be you!”

The screen faded to black, showing Damien staring out at the empty auditorium.

Like the day before, the Sun rose into the sky, breaking the darkness of the night before. Mana and Zac were met by the students in the Genesis courtyard. Zac raised an eyebrow. “Well this is unexpected.”

Rosalie shrugged. “We know how this works. No sleeping in, right?” The other members of the Killer Sororities cheered.

Mana tried to hide the megaphone behind him. “I mean uh.”

Vishal shook his head. “This season isn’t going to be like before. We’re ready for whatever you want to his us with.” The guys cheered.

Mana and Zac shared a look, before the host spoke up. “But that’s where you’re wrong. This isn’t like any of the seasons before it.” Zac turned around and pointed out the students who were going about their day on the campus.

“This is a real university.” Mana continued. “This is real life.”

Dania pulled twigs out from her hair, desperately trying to apply makeup to hide the black circles under her eyes. “What does that mean though? Won’t they get in the way?”

Zac grinned. “In the way? Of course not!” He lifted his arms into the sky. “This is Total Drama Eclipse! And it is like no season before it! The stakes are real. The drama is real. The people!” He spun around, looking at all of the students.

“Are real?” Ivy mocked. “Exactly!” Zac shouted.

“You keep saying the same thing, over, and over.” Grayson reminded.

“What I mean,” Zac paused. “Unlike any season before, this season you are in the public’s eye. Unlike any season before you don’t have complete control over the game. This season you aren’t tucked away in a forgotten camp, or a forgotten sea, you’re going to be forced to deal with the real world. This season you aren’t just pretending to be students - You ARE students.”

Mana watched as some of the locals approached to get their autographs. “You’re free to do whatever you want, with whomever you want. Want to skip out on our morning class? You can do that. Want to mingle with the locals?” Mana chuckled, watching as Fynn stared at one of the girls. “That’s up to you!”

“So… We’re free?” Blake asked. “I don’t have to be here?”

“Not exactly.” Zac pivoted. “You still need to participate in the challenges, and the eliminations. And before you get any funny ideas about just eliminating yourself and continuing your education here. Any eliminations will prevent you from participating in any extracurriculars on campus. You will lose the ability to socialize with the locals, and other students within this program.”

Damien piped up, “What did you mean when you said we won’t hold all the power?”

Mana gave a soft smile. “That’s more of a surprise for later but, there will be times where the public will have a say in how things play out.”

“Speaking of!” Zac grinned, and pointed to the large structure in the center of the courtyard that was covered in a tarp. “I have something new to unveil. Follow me!” The host walked towards the structure. “On three Mana.” He announced, as he and Mana ripped the tarp off of the structure.

“Is that… Us?” Weston questioned.

Zac pointed to the large scoreboard. “Yes. Yes it is. Every night the rankings will be updated based on the public's voting and ranking of you.” A green line appeared below the 5th spot, and above the 18th.























Ivy and Rosalie shared a look. “Wait what!?”

Zac let out a soft chuckled. “Did we forget to mention? There are live feeds across the campus.” The scoreboard switched to show the video clip of Ivy and Rosalie locking the door, and then Angel and Dania having to spend the night outside.

“That was you!?” Angel shouted.

Rosalie grumbled. “Do I need to remind everyone that she stole my boyfriend? Why am I being painted the villain here?” Emmett sent a look over at his ex.

Mana coughed, “Because you’re acting like one.”

“Spill the tea Mana!” Kaleb shouted.

Payton turned her camera to the scoreboard, “Why am I under the red line? What does that mean?”

“Great question little Cherry!” Zac smugly said. “Anyone above the green line - the top 25%, and below the red line, the bottom 25% will at times, be given an opportunity for an advantage, or participate in a twist. So being a villain isn’t entirely a bad thing here.”

Grayson turned to hosts, “This is going to make me sound jealous, but…” He looked over at Fynn and then the rankings. “How is he in the top?” The flashing of cameras taking photos of the surfer who stood in nothing but his boxers answered his question.

“Sex sells.” Cherry shrugged.

“To help you all with the new concept, there will be no class today.” Mana said, pointing to the large stage that they had met on the night before. “Today instead, your challenge is simple. Get the support of the students here at TDE. In two hours, the students - which before anyone complains have an 50-50 split guys and gals, will vote on which team they support. The team with the most support will win the first challenge, while the losers will face the first elimination, where one of you will be be put on probation.”

Zac looked at the students. “Why are you always just standing around?” He shooed them away. “Go compete or something, I have things to deal with.” He looked at his phone where he was getting a call from Hayden.

The camera zoomed in on the Screaming Fraternity. “This is my chance!” Kaleb shouted. “I can perform a monologue detailing why I’m so amazing!”

Vishal looked up at the scoreboard and then back down at Kaleb. “Or maybe not.”

“I’m still higher than you?”

“Whatever dude.” Vishal growled.

Weston smiled, “I know I’m new to the Canadian version of the show and everything, “But my team never really won back on Genesis when we were fighting.”

Alfie nodded. “I think he’s right! We can’t beat the girls if we can’t work together.

“The little guys are thinking smart.” Emmett added. “So how about you two just split up for now eh?”

“Where’s Blake?” Kaleb and Vishal both asked immediately, noticing the hockey player had vanished.

Andre sighed, “How do we manage to always lose someone?”

“Maybe if we used our eyes better we could find him.” Julien flatly said, taking a close up of his eyeballs. The flash temporarily blinding him.

“Did he just-” Fynn asked, before face palming.

Damien pointed to Andre. “You should perform! You’re really good.”

Grayson nodded. “Agreed.”

“The rest of us can go canvassing around campus trying to get support.” Emmett added.

Kaleb pointed to Fynn. “He should go to the pool.”

“Why?” Grayson asked, before realizing. “Right. Because using his body is the perfect plan.” He groaned.

Fynn winked at Grayson, “Whatever it takes, right.”

The Killer Sororities had a similar plan. “Dania will perform.” Angel decided. Looking at Ivy and Rosalie, unless you think that’s a bad idea?”

“She can perform.” Rosalie mumbled, staring at the scoreboard. “I’ll help you with your makeup.” She added.

Dania looked hesitant at her friend. “Ok.” She grabbed onto Rosalie’s hand and left for back stage.

“Well at least that gets you two separated.” Ivy stated staring at Angel. “No more big fights today?”

“Because it was so, my fault?” Angel rolled her eyes.

Salem searched through her bag for a pink vial. “I could cast a spell on the entire school so that they love us.”

“Is that safe?” Twilight whispered.

“Safer than throwing darts at them I suppose.” Salem happily declared. “But it’ll take a lot of ingredients.” She searched through her notebook.

“This sounds like a quest!” Hannah shouted. “Pick me! I’ll be your party member!” The gamer cheered, jumping to Salem’s side. “Let’s go!”

Cherry took a seat. “Like, find me when this is all over with.” She applied sunscreen to her arms. “This like might be the last chance I have to get a tan.”

Payton turned her camera to herself. “And that my lovers, is the winner of Tides. Don’t ask me how!?”

“By being Cherrylicious!” Cherry shouted, as she closed her eyes and plugged in her headphones.

“You are like, SO cute!” Isabella announced grabbing onto Fleur’s hand. “You like have to tell me where you found your skirt! I’ve been searching for something retro-fall for ages!”

Fleur blushed. “I was in the making of it!”

“Shut up!” Isabella gasped, clapping her hands together. Fleur frowned. “Oh? I be in the being of silent now!”

Twilight giggled, grabbing onto Fleur’s hand. “No, she means that’s awesome!”

“Oh! Thank in you!”

Isabella gasped. “I have like, the greatest plan ever!”

“Makeovers?” Twilight asked.

“Makeovers!” Isabella cheered.

“OUI!” Fleur giggled, as the three girls raced off.

The scene cut to show Andre, Dania and Rosalie behind the curtains to the stage. “Dania.” Andre smiled. “Should’ve known you’d perform too.”

“Andre!” Dania smiled. “It won’t be the same without you.”

Rosalie let out a light laugh. “The last time the three of us were all in one place,” she remembered back to their first day in Lindsay’s Winter Wonderland, “Well, that’s when you were eliminated Andre.”

Dania looked back at Rosalie. “Not really the time.”

Andre wrapped his arm around Dania. “No, she’s saying it’s strange how things have changed since then, right?” Rosalie nodded. “Last time, we depended on Rosalie to help us win the challenge, and I was eliminated because I couldn’t compete at your level.”

Dania looked back and smiled at Rosalie. “But now you can. Now you’re the one your team is depending on!”

“And our team is counting on you.” Rosalie smiled, as she finished applying Dania’s makeup.

Dania flashed her eyelids. “Rosalie, you can’t let Angel and Emmett drag you down. I know you didn’t mean to hurt me last night. But...” Dania looked at Rosalie through the mirror. “I was afraid.”

“I know.” Rosalie whispered. “I know.” She put her hand on Dania’s shoulder.

Dania nodded. “Well, wish me luck!” She cheerfully said, kissing Andre on the cheek before she walked onto the stage.

“She’s changed so much since then.” Rosalie said softly.

“She’s not the one who’s changed Rosalie.” Andre raised his eyebrow. “It’s the rest of us. She’s always been fantastic.” Andre peeked out of the curtains to see a crowd starting to gather and cheer Dania on.

The scene cut to the indoor pool. Fynn is seen swimming laps. The surfer took a break, holding himself at the edge of the pool. “It seems you’re a little wet.” One of the local students blushed.

Fynn looked up at the brunette girl. “It seems you’re a little dry.” He splashed her slightly.

“Are you free?” She asked.

“Right now?” Fynn asked. “Depends, on what I’m free for?” The surfer stretched his arms out, using his legs to keep him afloat.

“Just a little project of mine.” She giggled. Fynn instantly jumped out of the pool, and carried the girl.

“Tell me the way!”

The scene flashed forward to show Fynn in a little bo peep costume, posing in front of a field backdrop. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.” He murmured.

“It’s my fairytale calendar! It reverses the gender roles so little kids don’t feel objectified.”

Fynn frowned, realizing he was letting his team down.

The scene swapped to show Payton eating alone in a cafe. “Great minds think alike,” Grayson chuckled, pulling up a seat next to his sister.

“I just thought I might find people here,” Payton blushed, “But then I got hungry!” She turned her attention back to her bowl of fruits. “And the cafe here is so fresh!”

Grayson stared at his sister. “Really?”

“What? Am I not allowed to eat fruit now?” Payton teased, plopping a grape into her mouth.

“No but,” He pointed at her camera. “You’re still recording, and what was with you on the stage yesterday?” Grayson groaned, stealing one of his sisters cherries. “You’re acting like Cherry, not Payton.”

Payton shrugged, “And?”

Grayson shook his head. “And what? Payton!” He put his hands on top of his sisters. “We both know what happens when you fake who you are on this show. It doesn’t end well. Stop being someone else. Just be you.”

“To be clear. Cherry did win last season, and is one of the fan-favourites. And, for the record you did end up with a boyfriend at the end of last season.” Payton pointed out. “So maybe not the best example.”

Grayson kept his gaze on his sister. “You know what I mean. Besides isn’t being an airhead boring?” He moved his hands off of his sister’s. “Wouldn’t you rather be the sister who filmed who own documentary on the human impact on the city animals in Toronto for your entrance paper?”

Payton got up from the table. “I’ll think about it.”

“Payton.” Grayson muttered.

“Hey now!” Payton smiled. “I said I’d think about it!” She waved to her brother as she found a table of students to talk to.

The scene panned over to show Kaleb on top of one of the tables. “Fear not students of TDE!” Kaleb waved dramatically to the other students. “My name is Kaleb, and as I am sure you ALL remember I host the Totally Dramatic Podcast!” The students didn’t budge to pay attention to the wannabe actor. “Hello?” He shouted, but still didn’t get a response.

Kaleb groaned, kicking a nearby tray of food to the ground. “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

A turkey leg flew over Kaleb’s shoulder. “FOOD FIGHT!” Damien shouted, diving under Kaleb’s table with a grin.

“Did you just!?” Kaleb gasped, pulling the turkey skin from his overalls with disgust. “DAMIEN!” The actor screeched, diving under the table with Damien.

“Why did you do that!? I was having my MOMENT!”

Damien yawned. “If you intended on putting them all to sleep, sure.”

“You don’t know that!” Kaleb groaned, ducking as a cart of jello flew in their direction.

The table lifted, as a beefy security guard looked down at the two students. “You’re both coming with me.” He grunted. “There won’t be any acts of shenanigans, not while I’m around!” He boasted, lifting the two by their shirt collars.

“I can’t leave you two alone for more than twenty minutes.” Emmett sighed, shoving a pie into the guards face, and grabbing onto both Damien and Kaleb. The cafeteria fell into silence as they watched the boys make a run for it. “You guys owe me for this.” Emmett chuckled.

“You could at least put me down.” Kaleb huffed.

“But this is my workout for the day.” Emmett teased.

Damien raised his eyebrow. “Yes, you wouldn’t want to miss that.” He poked one of Emmett’s biceps. “This is already bigger than my head.”


The screen swapped to show Hannah and Salem as they snuck into a lab room. Salem looked at Hannah unsure. “Are you sure we’re allowed to be back here?”

Hannah shrugged. “Think of it like a secret route to the end game.” The gamer put her hand on Salem’s back. “Plus this is the only chance we have at getting the ingredients you need!”

Salem opened a cupboard, only to find it was empty. “Won’t we get caught.” She motioned towards one of the camera’s in the corner of the room. “The live feeds and everything.”

“HE-YA! Moonlit Kick!” Hannah shouted jumping into the air, attempting to kick the camera, only to fall on top of the counter, shattering glass vials.”

Salem ran to the door and snuck a peep outside. “Maybe we should be a little quieter.” She offered. The acclaimed witch tossed a small ball at the camera, upon impact it exploded into slime, covering the screen.

Hannah nodded. “That’s a very valid point.” She stared at the slime that oozed from the camera. “You’ll need to teach me that skill sometime.”

“We need to find frog --” Salem was cut off.

“What are you doing in here?” The same security guard from the cafe growled. “Stupid competition. Do you kids think you can just get away with anything you want?”

Salem and Hannah shared a look. “Fire another slime ball!” Hannah shouted, encouraging her party member.

“I-” Salem gasped, as the guard grabbed onto her. “Don’t have anymore!”

The guard grabbed onto Hannah in his other hand, muttering about kids these days as he exited the room. Down the hall he came face-to-face with Emmett. “You.” He hissed.

“Emmett!” Hannah shouted. “Room for two more?” Emmett looked at his former competitor, and then back at the guard.

“Don’t do it Emm. They’re on the other team.” Damien whispered.

“They’re EVIL!” Kaleb whispered, from Emmett’s other shoulder. “Girls can not be trusted!”

Emmett tossed the two boys he carried across the waxed floor, knocking the guard over. “EMMETT!” The boys shouted.

“What? We’re all part of the same show. Besides, think of the popularity points we’ll get for being the hero!”

Damien, Hannah, Kaleb and Salem ran from the guard towards Emmett. “Let’s go?” Hannah offered.

“Thank you.” Salem curtsied to her savior. “Here.” She handed him a frog eye.

“I think I’ll pass.” Emmett smiled as the group walked away from the security guard.

The camera switched to show Blake skating across the indoor ice rink, alone. The puck danced between his feet, as he brought it from end of the rink to the other. He shot it into the net, scoring applause from the rest of the hockey team that sat on the sidelines.

“We saw you last night.” The captain explained, hopping over the boundary onto the rink. He skated closer to Blake. “When were you going to tell you that you were gay?”

Blake’s face paled. “Never because I’m not.”

“Then why did you get eliminated first?”

“It’s complicated.” Blake sighed, using his stick to get the puck again.

“Doesn’t seem all that complicated to me.” The captain taunted again. “What kind of loser gets eliminated first? And now you’re here instead of competing? What, going for the hattrick?”

Blake stared at the puck on the ice. “This is my team.”

“Says who?” Blake tensed up. “Just wait until coach hears about this. Who would want the biggest loser on their team?”

His blood hitting the ice is what brought Blake’s attention to Vishal. “Hey, I’m Vishal.” He grinned, shaking his hand after he punched the captain. “And this is my buddy Blake, do you have anything else you would like to tell him? Because maybe you should pass it through his secretary first.” He raised his fist again, “Careful though, he’s feisty.”

“The fuck man?” The captain spat out blood, cradling his nose. “Let’s go guys.” He muttered to the rest of the team.

When the other hockey players were gone Vishal offered his hand to Blake. “Vishal, nice to actually meet you.”

Blake stared at the blood on the ice. “Blake.” He muttered.

“I swear I’m not actually a violent prick, but he deserved it.”

Blake nodded. “Yeah, thanks for that.” He sighed, skating to the edge of the rink to take off his skates. “Well, I guess playing hockey is a no-go this year.”

Vishal wobbled to the edge of the rink, barely able to hold his balance. “I wouldn’t say that.” Vishal grinned. “If you had a guy on the team to protect you, you’d be fine.”

“Normally,” Blake chuckled. “The team is meant to protect you from the other team, not your own team.”

“What about any of this is normal?” Vishal countered. “Think about it. For now, we need to get back to the square.” The athlete looked at Blake. “Deal?”


The scene switched to local thrift shop on campus ‘The Jade Sapphire’. A line had formed outside. Twilight waited by the door. “Calm down everyone! You’ll have a chance to see Fleur in action! One at a time please!” Her soft voice shouted out over the crowd.

The camera followed the crowd inside, where Fleur was dressing students. She cut at the fabric, hot glued accents, and stitched the outfits. It was a work of art. “You are how we saw, tres chaud!” Fleur grinned, as she finished sewing the red flannel onto the athletes denim jacket. She dragged a knife across his thighs.

“Woah! Watch the goods would ya!?”

Isabella giggled. “This feels like one of the fashion shows where we help a fashionably challenged kid, and turn them into a rock star!”

“Who are you calling fashionably challenged” The teen muttered back.

Isabella blinked. “Oh! I love that look on you! It’s like so Nick Jonas meets Shawn Mendes.” She squelled, “They would make such hunkasauraus babies!” Twilight fought her way through the crowd. “It’s getting too wild out there! They all want a turn, and it’s almost the end of the challenge. We need to make it back!” She turned back at the hoard of walking dead, er students filling the store. “Is there a back door?”

“Selfie!” Isabella shouted, beamed, using the dogface filter with Twilight. “So cute!”

Twilight and Fleur giggled. “You are in the being of way fun!”

“There!” The model said, pointing at the door. “You guys can leave through there.”

“Awwww. We are the thanking of strong boy.” Fleur smiled kissing his cheek.

Twilight waked goodbye to the students. “Thanks for stopping by for Fleur’s pop-up fashion stall!”

“See you around babes!”

“How did you manage to get us lost?” Ivy sniped, turning to her side where Angel walked with her.

Angel shook her head. “Why do you have to do that?”

Ivy stopped and turned to Angel. “Do what?”

“Hate me because of Rosalie!” Angel shouted. “I hadn’t even met you until yesterday, and you’ve already decided that literally everything is my fault.”

“Because I,” Ivy shook her head. “Unlike you, understand what loyalty is. And I am loyal to Rosalie.”

“Even if the person that you’re loyal to is in the wrong.” Angel laughed.

Ivy stared at the map on the wall. “It’s nothing to do about being right or wrong.” She exhaled. “Rosalie’s my person.” She repeated, “My person. If she decides she hates someone, then you better believe I’ll hate them to.” She turned to Angel. “And right now, we hate you. Because you’re a boyfriend stealer.”

Angel rolled her eyes, turning to walk the other way. “Some Heather fan you are, you’re starting to sound like Courtney.”

Alfie and Weston are seen drinking hot chocolate in Two If By Sea, once again, while signing autographs. “This isn’t what I was expecting when I decided to come to school here.” Weston chuckled.

“Right?” Alfie gasped. “I forgot how mean everyone could be.” The candy lover paused, “Then again, I guess I forgot almost everything didn’t I.” He chuckled.

“Something like that buddy.” Weston teased. “Andre and Emmett seem nice.”

Alfie nodded. “I think so too. I feel… Almost close to them?” He shrugged, sipping from his warm drink. “It’s like I know they’re there, but I just can’t reach them.”

Weston looked out the window, noticing a crow staring back at him. “They’re there, but really there.” Weston nodded. “I know the feeling.”

“You must miss her.” Alfie said, putting his hand onto Weston’s shoulder. “She’ll visit I’m sure - She’s not banned from Canada is she?”

Weston paused, “Not that I can remember. Although I doubt she’ll be happy about leaving her knives…. Axes…. And her chainsaw back home.”

“Is it bad that I’m actually really excited to be on the show?” Alfie asked, his eyes wide.

“Not at all!” Weston grinned giving his buddy a hug. “It’s really exciting! Maybe one of us will win! And then we will have enough money to start our detective business!”

“We’ll need to get a dog!” Alfie barked. “I love dogs!”

The scene cut to show the backstage set again. Rosalie brushed her hair as she sat across from Dania. “He’s really good.”

“He’s perfect.” Dania nodded, her eyes closed as she swayed in rhythm to his song.

“Do you forgive me Dania?” Rosalie asked. “I made you sleep outside like a mutt.”

Dania opened her eyes. “A lady does not hold grudges.” She turned her gaze to the rose that was wilting on the table between them. “She just slowly fades.”

“What does that mean?” Rosalie questioned.

Dania got onto her feet, as Andre’s song finished. “You’re wilting Rosalie. You might not notice it, but you’re not the same person you were when we first met.”

Andre pulled Dania in for a kiss. “How was it?”

“Better than the last, but not quite as good as the next.” Dania teased. Rosalie stared at the pair, speechless.

The scene cut back to Genesis Square. The two teams waited on stage for Zac to announce the winner. The host coughed. “So there may be a slight problem.”

“Of course there is. When isn’t there.” Ivy mumbled.

“Do we both need to send someone home, was it somehow a perfect tie?” Damien questioned.

“Yes- But no?” Zac paused.

“No, but yes.” Mana corrected.

“Translation for those of use who don’t speak Zac?” Vishal stated.

“There was a tie, but there’s still missing votes, so a winner hasn’t been decided yet.” Payton declared. The others stared at her. “What? I studied languages.”

Grayson blinked, “And Zactastic is a language?”

Zac nudged Mana. “I told you Zactastic would catch on.” Mana stared at Zac emotionless. “Anyways, yes. All votes but 2 have been cast, and it is an even 50-50 split.”

Mana pointed at Fleur, Isabella and Twilight. “Your attempts to woo the school with fashion worked and you got a large amount of the female vote tonight.” The three girls shared a hug. Mana pointed at Emmett, “And you beating up the security guard - who might I add is furious with us now, brought a lot of positive attention to your team.”

Zac turned to Andre and Dania. “But it’s you two who will determine who wins.”

“Pardon?” Dania asked.

“Do we get a vote?” Andre asked. “Cause man, I don’t know if you math or not, but that won’t help.”

“No.” Zac paused, “But thanks for thinking I’m an idiot.” He pointed to two teens behind them. “These are your biggest fans here on campus.

“Josie and Alli!” Andre and Dania shouted running over to give them a hug.

“I wouldn’t be doing that.” Mana chuckled.

“Sorry. But our fans want to see!” The two girls looked shamefully at the ground.

“The girls couldn’t decide on which team to support, and so they’ve decided to vote for whoever can win a simple mud wrestling fight.”

The competitors burst out laughing. “Mud wrestling?”

“Yep. They be trippin stange.” Zac shrugged. An inflatable pool filled with mud rose from the below the stage. Cherry was waiting inside of it.

“Cherry!?” The girls asked.

The former winner looked at the others confused. “Like, this wasn’t the mud spa?” She blushed. “Like awkward.” Cherry jumped out of the pool and waited with her team.

Andre and Dania stepped towards the pool. “Don’t go easy on me.” Dania whispered.

“When have I ever gone easy on you.” Andre teased.

“Andre.” Dania stared at her boyfriend. “For real. If you go easy on me, your team will vote you off!”

“I know. Let’s do this.” He whispered as the pair stepped into the pool.

Zac clapped twice. The marching band began to play Eye of the Tiger.

“Nice song choice!” Fynn started to play the air guitar.

“That means go.” Zac shook his head. “Honestly you all need to work on the whole going thing.”

The musical duet locked arms as they began to push each other around the pool. “This is most unpleasant.” Dania said under her breath.

“Reminds me of the time we got covered in jello back in Frozen.”

Dania blushed. “You were adorable back then.”

“You were beautiful back then.”Emmett coughed. “And still are!” Andre quickly corrected.

Dania looked over to Emmett. “Thanks Emm!” She felt her foot slip, losing her ground. Andre’s force pushed her back onto the edge of the inflatable pool.

“Yeah Andre! You got this!”

“I’m sorry.” Dania blushed, looking back at her team as she felt the pool begin to tip.

“You have nothing to be sorry about!” Angel shouted back. “You tried.”

“No. I’m sorry to you Andre.” She winced, kicking her boyfriend in the crotch, spinning him in the mud and then pushing him out of the pool.

The students stood in silence, until the Killer Sorority broke out in cheer. “Way to go Dania!” They crowded around the girl with wet towels to get the mud off of her.

“Girls got balls.” Vishal commented, helping the wincing Andre out of the pool.

“So do I.” Andre winced, holding his crotch. “I love you.” The musician turned to Dania.

“I love you too babe.”

Emmett whispered to Angel. “Please don’t ever do that to me, to win a challenge.”

“We’ll see.” Angel teased.

“And with that! The Killer Sororities win, and the Screaming Fraternities will be seeing me in the dean's office tonight.”

Mana whispered into Zac’s ear. “Masterchef’s on tonight.”

“You’ll be seeing me in the dean’s office right now!”

“That doesn’t give us anytime to plan!” Damien argued.

“All the more interesting!” Zac shrugged, signalling for the boys to follow him.

The scene cut to show the dean’s office - or Zac’s version of what a dean’s office should be. Zac sat at his dean’s desk, that was on an elevated platform at the back of the office. Below, the students sat on long benches. A giant statue of Zac, in the style of lady liberty watched over them from the side. “This is the elimination ceremony.” Zac announced.

“Before you cast your votes, let’s ask some questions.” Mana started, turning to Julien. “You’re the odd one out on your team, for more reasons than one, how does make you feel?”

Julien tilted his head slightly. “Am I the odd one out, or you all just sheeple?”

Zac blinked. “Ok. Blake. You were eliminated first before, and so your plan was to… abandon your team during the challenge. Explain your thought process there.”

Blake blushed. “I just needed some time.”

“Well, if you get eliminated you’ll have plenty of time.” Zac smiled.

Mana looked at Andre. “You’ve also been eliminated first once before, are you worried you might be facing that again tonight?”

Andre nodded. “Honestly, yeah.” The musician sighed. “I let my team down, they probably think I just let Dania win.’

‘Yeah we do.” Vishal shouted, so Emmett through the wooden mallet on his lap at his teammate. “Harsh.”

Zac turned to Fynn. “Rumour has it you got lucky tonight.”

“That’s not a question.” Fynn blushed, pulling off his shirt.

“No, but I wanted your team to know exactly what you were up to while they were trying to win.”

Mana pointed at Weston. “How is this version of the show?”

Weston smiled. “Just as inviting as Genesis was.”

Mana and Zac shared a look. “Is that sarcasm I hear?” Weston whistled innocently.

Zac looked at the students. “Well, ok then.” He lifted a piece of paper from his desk. “In front of all of you will find a directory of the members of your fraternity. Using a number two pencil, fill in the bubble beside the person you want to eliminate tonight.” He turned to Alfie who reached for a pen. “I said! A NUMBER TWO PENCIL!” Alfie gulped, and grabbed a pencil instead.

Mana stopped the students before they cast their votes. “As mentioned at the challenge today, there will on occasion be twists based on the popularity polls. Tonight no twist is in play.”

The scene zoomed forward, showing Mana collecting the votes and inserting them into the statue of Zac.

“And the results are in.” Zac pointed at the statue as it began to glow. The host pointed at the torch as sparks erupted out of it, and a leaf flew out and landed on Weston’s lap. “And Weston you are the first to receive the safety leaf.”

“Did you blow the entire budget on the statue, and couldn’t afford a proper immunity symbol?” Grayson asked.

“You said no one would notice Mana!” Zac hissed, as the students laughed.

Leafs drifted onto Alfie’s, Emmett’s and Vishal’s laps. Alfie and Weston shared a hug, while Emmett and Vishal glared at one another.

Leafs drifted to Julien, Damien and Kaleb. The three awkwardly looked at each other.

Grayson caught his own leaf and turned to Fynn. “Maybe you should have focused on winning the challenge.

Zac looked at Fynn, Andre and Blake. “And we have our bottom three.” The host paused. “Is this the first time that our bottom three were actually all responsible in some way for their team losing the challenge?” Mana nodded.

Another leaf flew out of the burning torch and landed on Blake. He turned to Vishal and nodded his head.

“Fynn. Andre.” Zac sighed. “One of you will be leaving tonight, and tasting some of the greatest coffee in the world, assuming you can keep yourself dry…”

Mana looked at Fynn. “I’m sorry Fynn.”

Grayson looked over at Fynn. “I honestly didn’t want you to go out this way man.”

Fynn nodded. “I get it, I’m not Sam. But first out?”

Mana looked at Fynn. “Huh, no.” He pointed at the leaf on Fynn’s lap. “I’m sorry but you really need to put your pants back on, it’s really starting to creep me out.”

Andre looked at his team. “I didn’t think this was possible, to be honest.” The musician looked at the ground. “The first boot twice. And somehow it hurts more this time.”

“I think that’s just your crotch man.” Damien teased.

“Thanks for the reminder.” Andre blushed.

Emmett got up to hug his friend. “Don’t worry. I’ll keep Dania safe.”

“No.” Andre stated getting up.

“You can’t actually be upset about that still?”

“I was never upset.” Andre said slowly. “But I think she proved she doesn’t need any help Emmett. She beat me fair and square, she might even be able to win this whole thing.”

Emmett watched as Andre took a step closer to Zac. “Andre, you’ve been expelled. Goodbye.” Zac gave a dramatic wave to his former student, as the ground beneath him disappeared. Andre shouted, as he fell to the unknown below him.

“That was rad.” Fynn gasped.

“Is he going to be ok?” Alfie asked.

“Perfectly fine! You installed the ball pit at the bottom right?” Zac turned to Mana.

“Uh…. I think my Mom is calling?” Mana ran off.

Zac turned to the camera. “Well, that’s that. The two-part premiere of Total Drama Eclipse! Kind of sucks that our ratings student was eliminated first, but y’know the show must go on.” He turned back to the other students. “Next time on Total Drama Eclipse, the students will face their hardest challenge yet-” He glared at Damien and Grayson. “Say nothing! And their very first class will be held, will anyone attend?” The guys shared a laugh. “Probably not. Will there be drama? Will another student be expelled? Will Andre survive the plane ride in a crate?” Zac paused, “Most of these answers will be found out next time on Total Drama Eclipse!”

Chapter Three: Battle of the (s)Exes

The black sparked to life, as the screen revealed the aftermath of the elimination. Emmett stared in disbelief at the rest of his team. “That was a mistake. He was a veteran. He knows how to play the game.”

Vishal shook his head. “If he knew how to play the game, he’d still be here. He got played by his girlfriend. We can’t have someone on our team whose mind isn’t even on the team.”

“Besides. I know it might be hard to remember,” Kaleb rolled his eyes, getting up from his seat. “But we’re kind of all almost veterans here.” The star in the making shook his head. “Just because we weren’t on Tides, doesn’t make us any less qualified.”

Alfie tugged on Weston’s hand. “Do you hear that?” He whispered

“Ice cream truck!” Weston nodded, hearing the familiar tune. “We uh, have a case to solve! See you back at the dorms!” Weston cheerfully announced, running off with Alfie in hand.

Grayson handed Fynn his pants. “Could you please. Just for five minutes, keep your clothing on?”

“It’s the stress. Sorry!” Fynn blushed, rubbing the back of his neck. “This is intense, I almost got eliminated!”

“Yes.” Grayson blinked. “That tends to happen to useless people”

“Who is going to tell Dania?” Emmett gulped. “I’m not doing it. This wasn’t my fault.”

Blake shrugged. “I’m heading to the cafe.”

“Samesies!” Kaleb cheerfully announced, following behind Blake.

“Same here, peace.” Vishal turned away from the upset Emmett.

“Damien could you?” Emmett asked, his voice fading.

The legacy shook his head. “Andre was my friend, but.” The teen shoved his hands into his pockets. “I never knew Dania. I just, I don’t know how I’d even tell her.”

“I’ll do it!” Julien declared.

“You will?” Emmett asked, staring at Julien hesitant.

Julien nodded. “It’ll be like telling the kids on my street that their cat is now roadkill.”

“Wha- What?” Fynn spat out, falling to the ground, the shock knocking him off balance while he was pulling on his pants.

Grayson turned for the door. “With that, it’s time I go… do something else.”

The scene cut to the girls shower room. Julien waited patiently for Dania to get out of the shower, his eyes fixed on the drain in the centre of the room. “You know, it’s not proper to be waiting inside the shower room, you could have just waited outside.” Dania pointed out, shutting off the water. “Close your eyes and face the doorway.” She instructed, grabbing her towel, and pulling on her robe. Once she was covered, she approached Julien. “So how may I help you?”

Julien slowly turned to look at Dania. His appearance much like that of a scarecrow, warding off the crows. “Andre’s been hit by a car, and now he’s in a better place.” Dania’s weight being fell against him and sent the pair falling to the ground.

Angel gasped as she raced into the room. “GET OFF OF HER!” She tried to pull Dania up, but she was passed out. “What did you do? RAPE! RAPE!” Angel screeched, trying to get the rest of her team's attention.

Julien glared at Angel. “Is this what it feels like to have a dead body on top of you?”

“DID YOU KILL HER?” Angel started to shake.

Julien blinked. “No. I just told her that Andre got hit by a car and is in a better place. Just because I look like this doesn’t make me a killer.”

Emmett ran into the room. “Angel!? Are you ok?” The musclehead looked down at Julien. “Oh.”

“Oh?” Angel asked. “I yell rape and that’s all you have to say? And Andre got hit by a car?! What happened!?”

Emmett dragged Julien out from underneath Dania, “Maybe you should go now.” The oddball shrugged and walked off. Emmett inhaled deeply. “They eliminated Andre.”


“Yeah.” Emmett sighed, placing Dania’s head on his lap. “What are we going to do?”

Angel stared into Dania’s faded eyes. “To start, telling her that her boyfriend isn’t dead.”


“But then.” Angel brushed Dania’s wet hair from her face. “We’ll push forward like we always do.”

Emmett interlocked his hand with Angel’s. “Together.” “Together.” She responded.

Cherry and Rosalie are seen soaking in their teams hot tub. “You could have helped.” Rosalie stated, sipping from her lemonade.

“We won didn’t we?” Cherry stated, pulling out her gossip magazine.

“No thanks to you.” Rosalie retorted. “How did you even win your season?”

Cherry twitched, lowering her magazine. “Is that a topic you really want to get into?”

The Frozen winner shrugged, playing with the paper umbrella in her drink. “Our team is going to need a winner to lead them. A true winner.”

“Well like then.” Cherry stood, “It’s like great that they have a Cherrylicious one then.”

Rosalie sighed. “Come on Cherry. You know you can’t do this. We won’t win if you lead us. Just let me do this, we know I can.”

“Like you want to know something Rosalie. Like, when I found out that I would be stuck on another one of these totes not amazing shows, I thought it would be like a nice way to relax. I could like be an early elimination, and then like work on my hair, and my nails. And like be Cherrylicious.” She stepped out from the hot tub. “But like, then you just had to go and speak.” She stared at her rival. “Hear me Rosalie. Goddess Cherry will totes be why we win, and will be the reason you go home one day.” Rosalie opened her mouth to speak, but Cherry cut her off. “And like, by the way. I’m like not sure if it’s like your ego, or you’re just a forgetful person. But it took Canada’s most HATED couple, rigging your finale for you to like, win. So before you come after ME for how Cherrylicious my victory was, like take a second to look in the mirror.” Cherry paused. “If you like even can do that.”

“I was wondering when you’d come find me.” Heather teased, looking up from her textbook. She got up and wrapped her arms around Ivy.

Ivy smiled taking a seat next to her friend. “We won the first challenge.”

Heather nodded. “I saw.” She motioned for Ivy to get closer. “Don’t tell Damien, but I voted for you girls.”

“Really?” Ivy gasped.

The true legacy student nodded. “So tell me how is it going. I haven’t kept up on the feeds as much as I really should.”

“Callum?” Heather blushed. “Even I, deserve a boyfriend.” She laughed. “After Al, it took a lot.”

Ivy nodded. “Well, I think our team is going to be a train wreck. Think team Amazon, but… worse.”

“Well, remember I won that season.”

Ivy nodded. “True. True. I don’t know. Rosalie and Angel already started fighting, and Cherry’s a ticking time bomb.”

“And after Andre’s elimination, I really can’t see Dania being in the best of spirits.”

“Andre got eliminated?!” Ivy gasped.

Heather stared at Ivy. “Ok, you really need to get on your A-game!” She handed Ivy her tablet, where Andre’s elimination was trending on twitter. “Think of the season Ivy. Remember, it's ALL live, more or less. Damo!” Heather grinned, as Damien took a seat.

“I can come back later if you want.” He offered.

“No.” Ivy smiled, stealing the apple from his tray. “You eliminated Andre?” She asked, still shocked. “He was one of your strongest guys.”

“I agree.” Damien sighed. “But my vote doesn’t count for everything.”

Ivy raised an eyebrow. “Well, you better work on that. If you’re already losing your friends that means you’re out of the majority.”

Damien exhaled. “How can you just figure that out so fast… But don’t worry I made sure to leave a nice gift for the person who was supposed to go home.”

“She studied the game. It’s simple logic.” Heather paused. “I’m still amazed that you’re my brother.”

“I’m amazed that I made it so far last season.” Damien pouted, shoving his pudding into his mouth.

Heather put her hand on her brother’s back. “You’re not me Damien. You know that. You do things your way.” She turned attention to Ivy. “But you, you already know what you have to do. Even if it hurts. You did it once before.” Heather got up. “Anyways I have a date.” She hurried off, her textbook in hand.

“What was that about?” Damien asked.

Ivy bit into her lip. “Heather giving some friendly advice.”

“Why does it look like you don’t plan on taking it?”

“See you later Damien.” Ivy waved to her friend. She looked over at the table next to them and waved at Cherry.

The screen jumped to show Hannah and Payton as they walked across campus back to their dorms. “So you’re the long-lost unlockable kid sister Payton?” Hannah asked, eyeing Payton. “I thought you would have been more… interesting? You’re basically just a skin for Grayson and Cherry.”

Payton let out a laugh, as she filmed Hannah. “You’re exactly like how Gray explained.”

Hannah blushed. “My former party-mate spoke of me?” The gamer gasped, grabbing onto Payton’s hand. “Did he miss me?!”

Payton gently pulled Hannah’s hand off of her. “He missed all of you.”

“And what about Sam? What happened with the canon couple?”

Payton looked away. “That’s a little more complicated.” She raised her camera. “Say hey to my lovers!”

Hannah awkwardly waved at the camera. “Grayson never said that Cherry was your deity of choice.”

“It’s not…” Payton sighed. “It’s not like that!”

Grayson jumped onto his sister’s back. “And just what are my two favourite girls up to?”

“We were heading back to the dorms to relax, and maybe sleep a little.” Payton explained.

“We need to fully recover our SP and HP before the next challenge.”

Grayson chuckled. “Come on now, where’s the fun in that?”

“The fun comes from when we continue to beat you.” Payton giggled, shaking her brother off from her shoulders.

“Hey now!” Grayson pouted. “Then what am I supposed to do for the rest of the night?”

Hannah pointed at Fynn who was literally trying to pick up a girl. “Maybe it’s your turn to play mother hen.”

Grayson groaned. “Why me?” The two girls ran off giggling. The prep slowly walked over to Fynn who failed to pick up the girl. “What are you to?” “Oh you know bro - do you mind if I call you bro? You’re kind of like my brother y’know? Just from another mother. But since you’re dating Sam and -” Fynn started, but got distracted by a girl walking by.

Grayson slapped his teammate. “Pay attention. And I guess? I don’t know just call me whatever.”

Fynn rubbed his face. “Man your slaps hurt more than Sam’s.”

“We’re getting drinks.” Grayson decided, dragging Fynn towards the “Chosen Wing” pub on campus.

The surfer pulled his shirt on. “We are?”

“We are.” Grayson confirmed.

Alfie, Blake, Kaleb, Vishal and Weston are shown eating their ice cream cones on a blanket in the middle of Genesis Plaza. “Good call on the ice cream.” Blake smiled licking his chocolate delight.

Kaleb eyed the teen. “Interesting way of eating that.”

Vishal elbowed the actor. “Calm down.”

Alfie devoured his triple scoop cone in a single bite. The candy lover frowned. “Now what.”

Weston handed his friend his own cone. “You can have mine! This is what friends are for.”

“Sharing their ice cream?” Blake gave a confused look.

“Only the best friends share their sweets!” Alfie confirmed. “I’m Alfie,” the blond offered his hand to Blake.

Blake patted Alfie’s hand. “Nice to meet you, again?”

“I knew you, didn’t I?” Alfie pouted. Blake nodded.

“Well, I’m Kaleb!” Kaleb signed his name onto Alfie’s shirt. “I know you probably watch me all the time at home, but you don’t need to be shy or embarrassed around me.”

“If only I could forget I ever met you.” Vishal groaned.

Weston stared at Vishal. “You shouldn’t joke about it like that.” He put his on Alfie’s shoulder. “It’s serious.”

Blake handed Alfie his ice cream cone. “Here, let’s start over.”

Alfie smiled. “I’d like that.” He inhaled both Weston’s and Blake’s cones with ease. The shorter boy licked his lips. “Ducks!” He announced, chasing after the ducks by the pond.

“Let’s get them!” Weston shouted, chasing after the ducks with Alfie.

“They’re so… clueless.” Vishal sighed. “How are we supposed to win anything with them both around?”

Blake shrugged, “They both made it further than I did.” The hockey player got up, and walked off. “I’m heading back to the dorms.” He turned to Vishal. “Thanks though, back there with the other guys. Thanks man.”

Kaleb stared at Vishal. “You better not be coming between me and Blake.”

“Between you an Blake?” Vishal chuckled.

“He’s my path to stardom! The world loves him!”

“And he’s my path to the hockey team.”

Kaleb and Vishal stared at each other until Alfie and Weston ran between them, a swarm of ducks behind them. “RUN!”

The screen switched to show Dania hiding under her covers. Twilight is seen sitting on the edge of her bed. “It’ll be ok Dania.” Twilight whispered, rubbing Dania’s back through her covers.

“No.” Dania sniffled. “This is my fault, if I wasn’t so selfish! He could have won the tie breaker, he could still be here!” She threw her fist into her pillows. “I didn’t even go to say goodbye. I didn’t think he would go home. I just -” Dania composed herself realizing she was with Twilight. “I’m sorry, I have no right to complain about this to you.”

Twilight looked at her feet. “No. It’s fine. There was time when Frosty first left when I lost faith.” The believer whispered. “I fell into darkness.”

Dania peeked her head out from beneath her covers. “How did you ever get over that? I honestly feel like someone just tore my heart out, and we didn’t even break up.”

Twilight gripped onto her snowflake necklace. “I looked elsewhere.”

“Where else is there to look?” Dania sighed. “If everywhere I look I see Andre.”

“I just remembered that there might be light in the world. If someone like Santa, and somewhere like the North Pole can exist, and then if a kingdom like Floria can flourish, than things that hide in the shadows must too.”

Dania stared at Twilight. “Are you trying to say that you worship satan now?” The peppy girl reached out for Twilight. “Because I don’t think that -”

“I don’t worship Satan, Dania.” Twilight giggled. “I just learnt to see the light and the dark. Right now you see the dark with Andre’s elimination, maybe you just need to find the light.”

The breeze from the open window push the curtain away, a beam of light shining over Twilight. “The light.” Dania whispered. “Creepy!” She giggled.

Angel smiled as Isabella shared her earbuds with her. “Thanks. I really needed that.” The fangirl pulled the earbuds out. “Everything with Dania was just starting to make me go crazy. Andre’s really gone… Again.”

Isabella nodded. “Wasn’t 5 Seconds of Summer so hot or what? Their lead singer is oh-la-la!” She scrolled through her phone to show Angel a photo of the singer shirtless, lying on the sand.

“That looks like an amateur took the photo.” Angel pointed at the poor angle, and the lack of focused lighting.

“Like wow. You are SO right!” Isabella zoomed in on the photo. “You can barely even see his ab lines.” She pouted. “Well now what am I supposed to stare at?”

Angel grinned. “I still have some photos of Cody.”

“Simpson!?” Isabella gasped. “How?!”

“It’s not hard at all! It just takes a whole lot of duct tape, a push-up bra, three wigs all slightly different shades of blonde, a pair of scissors, and four mini tacos!”

“Are the tacos for when you get hungry?”

Angel shook her head. “No.” She said confused. “They’re to draw the targets eyes to the center of the camera lens!”

“I can honestly say I never thought of that!” Isabella paused, squinting her eyes. “But like, does it work?”

Angel grabbed onto Isabella’s hand, dragging her to the Chosen Wing. “Let’s find out!” When they arrived she ordered four tacos and pointed to where Fynn and Grayson were sitting at the bar. “Now, we just need to get their attention.”

“Easy!” Isabella declared, walking over to the pair of boys. “Let’s take a selfie for my gay friend back home!” The girl announced, pulling Grayson in for a hug and snap shot.

Grayson blinked. “Did I just get used for my sexuality?”

Fynn laughed, as he pulled off his shirt. He punched Grayson’s arm. “That’s a real riot!” His eyes traced Isabella as she walked away. “Is that…” His eyes focused on the four tacos in Angel’s hands. “Tacos.” He murmured starting at the mexican delicacy.

“See?” Angel grinned, high fiving Isabella as she flashed a photo of the drooling Fynn. “Works every time!”

“Can you send me that photo?” Isabella asked, staring at Angel’s phone. “He’s kind of cute.”

“If you’re into the dorky, hotter-than-you type I guess.” Angel giggled, texting the photo to Isabella.

The scene focused on Fleur and Salem as they sat on a teeter totter. “This is a long way from home for you, right?” Salem questioned, pushing her legs off of the ground, as she raised into the air.

“Oui!” Fleur paused. “It is how you be saying long home from far!”

Salem blinked. “I know the feeling!”

“Pq? How in the way?”

“I haven’t been tapped yet.’ Salem frowned, looking up at the moon. “No coven has chosen me.’

Fleur stared at Salem, and the way she dressed. “Are you in the how we call burning woman at cross?”

Salem let out a giggle. “Well, I don’t think that’s quite the way to put it.” She pointed at the moon. “Without a coven, I don’t fully have my powers.”

“Witch.” Fleur paused. “Like uh, Sailor Moon the teenage witch?”

Salem giggled slightly louder this time. “Sabrina.’ She corrected. “And maybe. I don’t really know. But I know I feel like a part of me is missing, like my home.’

Fleur’s eyes went wide. “Oui. I am in this feeling of all time!” She jumped from the teeter-totter, with the intent of going over to hug Salem, but without her weight to balance out the children’s ride, Salem was sent flying into the air, landing in the nearby sandbox. “Ooopsy!” The french girl shouted racing over to Salem, who managed to land on her feet.

Salem brushed the sand off from her dress. “That’s ok. I know you didn’t mean to.”

“How is you not in sand?”

“Magic.” Salem winked.

Zac is shown lying in bed, skyping a student at school in America. “I miss you.” The host whispered, staring into his boyfriend's face.

“I miss you too Zac. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break, because then I’ll get to see you.”

“I mean, Hayden you could just watch me on the show y’know.” The host offered.

Hayden paused. “You’re not wrong, but I don’t have the time anymore. School is so hard this semester. And I didn’t have any time to read anything this Summer. I feel like I’m drowning already.”

“But you don’t even start until Friday!” Zac pouted.

“Right?” Hayden groaned. “I’m dying out here! I’ve gotta head to sleep. Night Zac.”

“Night Hayden.”

The screen faded to show the Sun as it ascended into the sky. The camera raced across campus, zooming in on an almost empty classroom. Mana stood at the front of the lecture hall, wearing a violet dress shirt, white tie and grey slacks. He gave a slight frown as he eyed the numerous empty seats. “Good morning!” He announced.

“Good morning Mr. Manatee!” Alfie shouted back, as he picked the chocolate chips out from his muffin. “You look so cool today!”

Weston nodded, eating what was left of the chocolate muffin. “Definitely a cool look for you!”

Mana sighed. “You’re not the only ones who came… Are you?”

Dania raised her arm into the air. Her makeup had run from her face that was buried in the book on her desk. “I’m here in spirit!”

Ivy rubbed Dania’s back. “She’s taking Andre’s elimination a little hard.” She looked up at Alfie and Weston. “This all could have been avoided if you didn’t vote her boyfriend off first!”

Weston looked at Ivy and then at Alfie. “We voted for Fynn.”

Alfie nodded along excitedly. “So what are you going to teach us today professor Manatee?”

Mana blinked. “Oh right!” He blushed, dropping the chalk. He grabbed another piece and wrote ‘Medieval History’ on the board.

“Really? We’re starting with Medieval History of all things?” Ivy questioned. “Isn’t that a bit… boring?”

As if in response, Alfie and Weston began to duel using their rulers. “There’s no such thing as boring!” Weston challenged as he and Alfie jumped onto Dania’s and Ivy’s desk.

“I stand corrected I guess.” Ivy muttered, looking up at Mana. The camera pans up to the clock, times speeds up, as time moves ahead an hour and a half.

“And that,” Mana paused. “Is King Louis the something successfully defended against the English siege!”

“Awesome!” Weston grinned.


Ivy pulled on the sleeping Dania’s sleeve. “Come on, class is up, let’s get lunch.”

“Can we come?” Weston asked, putting away his and Alfie’s notes.

“Sorry, girls only.” The red-haired girl waved goodbye to the pair, as she dragged Dania’s near-dead body though the doors.

Alfie bowed to Mana. “Thank you professor Manatee!” Weston followed suit as the pair ran out of the building.

The camera switched back to show Dania and Ivy as they ate their spinach salad. “Why are we on different sides.” Ivy questioned.

Dania looked up from her food. “We’re not.” After she finished polishing her spoon, she pulled out her makeup kit and began to quickly adjust her face. “We’re on the same team. We’re in the same sorority.”

Ivy pursed her lips. “But why does it feel like we’re cheating on our friends but doing this.”

“Ivy,” Dania paused. “I can’t control how Rosalie feels. Nor will I say what she is feeling is wrong, but that doesn’t make the way she treats Angel right. I really thought you would know that more than anyone after everything that happened with Jade. You can’t just blame one person for everything. You need to take responsibility. You need to wo-man up.”

“You say that like Angel is innocent.”

“What is she guilty of?” Dania responded.

Ivy put her fork down, her voice getting louder. “Cheating! She stole Rosalie’s boyfriend! How would you feel if Malia and Andre actually started to date on Tides!?”

Dania blinked, remaining calm. “That wouldn’t happen because Andre and I respect each other, and care deeply for one another.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, have you even spoken to Emmett about any of this? Do you know he had to go back to his family’s farm in P.E.I, the middle of nowhere just to avoid the press after Frozen. The media always wanted to know just how Rosalie was doing, or how it felt to be dating the winner of Frozen.” Dania shook her head. “Really, what happened to you Ivy.”

Ivy looked away. “Nothing happened to me Dania. But since when did you stop caring about your friends. You’re the one who taught me to care. You’re the one who showed me there was another way. That I didn’t have to just be like Heather because I wanted to.”

Angel helped Dania up from her seat. “Come on Dania, the challenge is starting soon!” She sent a glare at Ivy. “And just so we can remember history a little, it was Jade who was the real Heather in your case, you were just her puppet.” Dania gave Ivy one final glance as she left with Angel, perhaps she had changed, or perhaps she’d forgotten who her friends were.

The camera switched to show Fynn as he stared at his clothes on his bed. “Why is everything pink.” He muttered. “I could have sworn I just washed my whites.” The surfer paused, “Well I guess I can’t wear any of those today.” He shrugged, leaving his room in nothing but his boxers.

“You know that you’re basically nude right?” Vishal asked, joining Fynn as the pair walked towards Genesis Plaza for their next challenge.

“I guess so. Easier to get the ladies this way though, if you catch my drift.”

Vishal’s eyes grew wide. “Trust me, we all catch your drift. One second.” Vishal ran into his and Blake’s dorm, grabbing a pair of his own sweats for Fynn. “At least put these on. It’s really fricking weird being around you like that man.”

“Sure. Thanks for the pants!” Fynn grinned, jumping in place as he pulled the pants on, his body bouncing with each hop.

“Cover yourself up man!” Vishal groaned.

“All done!” Fynn announced, as he wrapped his arms around Vishal. “Thanks again man! It was starting to get a little chilly.”

“Sure, it’s not like that’s the oldest excuse in the book.” Vishal chuckled, racing ahead of his teammate.

“HEY!” Fynn shouted, chasing after him. “That’s not what I meant!”

Damien rolled his eyes from dorm. “Clearly I need to step my pranking up.” He rubbed his chin. “I will avenge you Andre, don’t you worry.”

The scene cut to Genesis Plaza. Zac waved excitedly to the students. “How was everyone’s night?”

“Do you actually care?” Ivy retorted, high-fiving Rosalie.

“Good point.” Zac nodded.

Mana looked visibly upset. “Your classes started today! And only FOUR. FOUR OF YOU SHOWED UP!” The Brazilian frowned. “That was a major disappointment.”

“Zac did say it was optional.” Grayson pointed out.

Mana rolled his eyes. “Well what Zac didn’t mention was that MY lessons will help in your challenges.” The intern spat back, clearly annoyed. He was promised to be a teacher in Canada after Tides and yet somehow this is where he ended up.

Rosalie stared at the hosting duo. “You mean, we’re now at a disadvantage because we chose not to go to your lesson?”

“Sorry, not sorry.” Mana shrugged.

“Shouldn’t you want us to succeed?” Payton questioned.

“What i wanted, was to be teaching English to a classroom full of wanting students.” His eyes focused. “Instead I have you all.”

Zac beamed. “It only took a season, but I’m glad to finally have you on onboard Mana!” He wrapped his arm around the Brazilian.

“Are we going to joust!?” Weston asked excitedly.

“Not entirely, no.” Zac said. He pointed at the top of their two dorm buildings. Think of it like an elaborate game of capture the flag.”

Vishal gave a confused look. “Not that I was ever the slickest in class but what could Mana have possibly taught today that would have helped with this?”

“How to siege and defend against sieges, in Medieval History.” Ivy glowed, having remembered.

Emmett wrapped both Alfie and Emmett into either arm. “Well we sure are lucky you two both went to class today eh!”

Kaleb let out a soft chuckle. “Lucky might not be the exact word I would use.”

Weston adjusted his posture, to stand straighter. “Hey, I know I may not be the smartest around, but Alfie really is a genius! Certified and everything.”

“And I’m clearly the King of some forgotten kingdom.” Kaleb chuckled to himself.

“Tameron?” Alfie gasped.

Grayson shook his head. “Not cool man.”

Mana pressed a button, as the rankings shuffled.

1 Emmett 2 Dania 3 Weston 4 Rosalie 5 Kaleb 6 Alfie 7 Salem 8 Ivy 9 Damien 10 Angel 11 Fleur 12 Vishal 13 Grayson 14 Isabella 15 Hannah 16 Fynn 17 Cherry 18 Blake 19 Twilight 20 Julien 21 Payton

Zac pointed to the changes. “Clearly a lot of things changed. Rosalie, and Ivy welcome to the top. Don’t forget being in the top 25%, or bottom 25% gives you a chance for a reward.”

“What kind of power up can I get?” Hannah raised her hand.

“None. Because you’re not popular anymore.” Mana shrugged.

The students whispered amongst themselves about the changes in thanking when Zac shot a flare gun into the air, as a plane swerves out of its way. “Get started! The first team to return their opposing teams flag here wins!”

Emmett swallowed a chuckle as he watched Cherry and Rosalie begin to argue over who would lead their team. He and the rest of the Fraternity had begun to jog back to their dorms to plan. “So here’s the plan.” He started, as they made their way across the square.

“Do I need to ask this every time, but why is it that you get to be captain?” Grayson asked, trying to jog away from Fynn.

“He was a great team captain back when we were sailing across the seas in Tides.” Alfie commented. “He always did his best to make sure we were the best.”

“You remember!?” Weston beamed, high-fiving Alfie as the pair ran.

“Thank you Alfie. But you’re not wrong Grayson. Why should I be the captain?” The muscular team shrugged, and pointed at Alfie and Weston. “Today, I’m not the best man for the challenge. They are.” He looked eagerly at Alfie. “Remember back at the volcano, it was our second challenge together and you won it for us. Think you can do it again today?”

Alfie’s eyes lit up. “Are Skittles the best candy or what?”

Fynn looked at Grayson confused. “That means yes.”

Kaleb and Vishal turned to Emmett. “You can’t be serious… Right?” Kaleb asked. “You want them to lead us?”

“They’re just kids.” Vishal agreed.

Blake walked over to shake both Alfie’s and Weston’s hands. “I don’t know, I think they’ll be great.”

“Fine.” The pair muttered.

Weston paused. “We’ll need to split up. Some of us will need to stay here to defend against the girls.” “And some will need to go and attack.”

Julien started to walk off. “I don’t really think my skills are required here.”

Alfie jumped on Julien’s back sending him to the ground. “Of course you are! You’ll attack with me. No one is scarier than you.”

Julien’s eyes twitched as the bright boy smiled at him. “You’re making my soul turn over in its grave. I don’t like it.”

“But you’ll play with us anyways.” Damien commented.

Elsewhere, the girls were having less luck. “This is how this is going to go.” Rosalie stated, trying to force Cherry to back down.

“LIke not?” The Summer Winner shook her head. “You like can’t just snap your fingers and be queen. It like took Zaina an entire season to do that.”

Rosalie turned to her team. “Who do you want to lead you?” She pointed to herself. “Me, the winner who wasn’t actually eliminated.”

“Or me,” Cherry raised her hand. “The winner who spent like a month with the Inca, like a totes brave and scary clan, who knew how to pillage and raid?”

Angel nodded. “For once, Cherry kind of has a point. At least she knows this kind of world.”

Ivy shook her head. “You’re just saying that because she’s opposite Rosalie. And in case you all forgot I attended class today, so me and Rosalie know what’s on the go.”

Isabella walked over to join Ivy and Rosalie. “This feels like a scene right out of my favourite Bring It On movie!” She whispered in Ivy’s ear. “Don’t worry though, like the Sharks won.” She noticed Ivy’s confused look. “We’re the Sharks! We get the hot boy in the end!”

Payton pulled out her camera as she walked to join Cherry. She recorded as the two sides were formed on the team. “Grayson was your friend Cherry. I’ll support you.”

“Like. Why do you keep saying that?” Cherry blinked. “Do you remember when I teamed up with his psycho girlfriend to like destroy his life?”

“I remember when you comforted him when Sam wasn’t there.” The girls coooed.

Twilight and Salem both made their way over to join Rosalie’s side. “I won’t forget Twin It.” Twilight whispered as she passed by Rosalie. “You might have saved me from the darkness, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you.” Salem brushed past Rosalie, as she felt her leader’s cold hands. “It’s an awfully warm night to be cold, isn’t it?” Rosalie gave Salem a curious look.

“Thanks for the support you guys.” Rosalie cocked her head, as Hannah walked over to join Cherry and Angel. “Hannah? What gives?”

Hannah let out a laugh. “What? So now I’m good enough to be in your party?” The gamer hugged Angel. “You know, I spent time questing with Emmett last season, he’s a good hero. A true hero, who didn’t rely on villains to win his game for him.”

Fleur gasped. “Non!” She wrapped her arms around Hannah, silencing her. “You are no bad!! True hero you are! Good friend! Good leader! Good person!”

Hannah blushed, “I know that now.”

Ivy turned to Rosalie. “It’s fine we don’t need her.” She pointed at Dania who was torn between the two sides.

“Dania?” Angel, Cherry, Ivy and Rosalie asked.

The polite girl eyed the two sides. “My answer is no.” She took a step back. “This,” she motioned at the girls. “Isn’t going to work. This isn’t how we bond, this isn’t how we win challenges, and this is not who I am.” Her eyes focused on each of the girls in turn. “And shame on you for putting us- for putting me in this position, after everything that’s just happened. You can do this your way, but I’ll find my own way because I refuse to pick sides again. I’m not going to decide between my friends like I did with Andre and father.”

Alfie, Emmett, Julien, Grayson and Fynn are seen dressed in all black. “This is a new look.” Fynn shrugged, “Not really as colorful as I normally like it though.

“At least you’re wearing pants.” Grayson muttered. “He is wearing pants still, right? I’m too afraid to look.”

“He is still fully clothed.” Alfie confirmed.

Emmett finished pulling on his black toque. “So what’s the plan here Alfie? Are we going to charge them, bust down the doors?”

“Perhaps we can scare them into submission with our chances of landing a decent job after the show.” Julien remarked.

Alfie blinked. “No, and no.” The swimmer began to walk to the small ice cream stand in the centre of Genesis Courtyard. “First, we get ice cream.”

Grayson gave Emmett an unsure look. The muscular teen walked ahead of Alfie. “What about the challenge?”

Fynn jumped. “I could really go for some ice cream right now, honestly.” He rubbed his stomach. “I feel like I haven’t eaten in ages.”

“We will strike when they least expect it.” He pointed up at the Sun. “And if we start the challenge now, I won’t have my chance to try a new flavor of ice cream today!” Alfie happily skipped ahead of the rest of his team.

“At least my roommate is a genius.” Julien said flatly looking at Emmett. “So much so, that I’ll likely finally have a room to myself.”

“We won’t lose.” Grayson commented. “I was on the losing team at the start last time. It’s not happening again.” He looked down at his black attire. “But why are we wearing black if it’s still Sunny out?”

“Alfie said something about agent Cody Banks or something.” Fynn shrugged, as he debated on what flavor of icecream to order.

The rest of the Fraternity are seen watching the Trailer Park Boys in the lounge of their dorm building. “This is so cool!” Weston admitted, “We never get to see anything like this back home.”

“It’s truly a Canadian work of art.” Kaleb added. “They are true actors, masters of the arts.”

Blake rubbed his beard. “They’re not actors Kaleb. That’s just… that’s just how they are.”

Kaleb blinked. “Oh. Well, I guess there has to be some degenerates in Canada.”

Damien arrived, with a bowl of popcorn. He sat down beside Weston. “So what exactly is this master plan of yours?”

Vishal glared at the others relaxing. “Yes. Do tell, because from my seat it just looks like we’re goofing off instead of trying to win.”

“Well uh.” Weston gulped. “Me and Alfie were going to tell you guys earlier, but then the challenge started, and well we never had the chance.” The others looked at Weston confused. “But we were in the elevator, y’know the one that goes all the way to the roof!”


“And we thought it would be fun to press all of the buttons! Like they do when they need to find a clue in all of the movies!” Weston excitedly announced. “Except we didn’t find any clues, and the elevator broke. And we had to wait for Mana to come and rescue us from being trapped!”

Damien paused. “So what exactly does that have to do with the challenge?”

Weston shrugged. “The elevator is broken.”

“The elevators broken!” Blake shouted, as he raced over to give Weston a hug. Kaleb and Vishal shot each other a look, both joining in on the celebration.

“What am I missing?” Damien asked confused.

“The stairs don’t reach the roof, we tried to get there the first day. Only the elevator can get there.”

“The elevators broken!” Kaleb and Vishal shouted, hugging Weston and Blake finally understanding.

“So… they can’t get to the flag?” Damien asked, his jaw dropping. “You and Alfie are geniuses.”

The scene cut to show Rosalie and Salem as they waited inside of their elevator with water guns. “Good find, knowing that the elevator is the only way to the roof.” Rosalie said, as she pumped her shotgun, from memory.

“When the moon calls to you, you find your way to her.” Salem smiled, sliding her water pistols into her pockets. (Yes, her dress has functioning pockets.) Rosalie gave Salem a curious look. “Yes Rosalie, I’m a witch. Is there something you’d like to share with me?”

Rosalie turned away and stared at the elevator doors. “No.” She clenched her jaw. “Just that I think that’s really cool that you’re a witch or whatever.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell.” Salem promised, clenching the locket around her neck. “Some secrets are best kept where the Sun can’t find them.” She stared at Rosalie, expecting a reaction.

The scene cut away to show Ivy, Isabella and Twilight waiting on the rooftop. They watched their flag like hawks. “Is she doing ok?” Ivy asked Twilight, after Dania’s outburst.

“I don’t know.” Twilight paused. “She’s never competed alone before really.”

“She’s not alone though.” Ivy countered. “She has us. We are her friends. Why can’t she see that? We - I care about her.” The redhead slumped against the wall. “Why won’t she just let me repay her for being my friend back on Frozen.”

Twilight let out a soft sigh, as she watched her breath appear before her. “Maybe it’s time we moved on from Frozen. Things aren’t the same anymore.” Twilight replied. Her mind drifting back to the times when Frosty would cuddle her to keep her warm. “It’s almost a year later.”

Isabella gasped. “That’s where I know you from!” She announced. “Like you were on the show with Emmett and Britt? They were total hunkasaurus! Me and my girl squad used to pretend write love letters to each other, pretending to be them! One of them even sent the letters to Britt’s house once!”

Ivy sent a glare towards Isabella. “Maybe silence is the best way to win this challenge.”

“But where’s the fun in that? Did you guys see the finale of Frozen? When Hannah and Saber shot the cannon at Rosalie.” She bit her tongue. “DUH! You guys were there!”

Only a few flights of stairs below, Angel, Cherry, Fleur, Hannah and Payton were preparing for the challenge. “Like step one ladies, is to look like totes fierce!” Cherry announced, as she applied tribal war paint on her face in deep reds. “We must look the part to win.”

“That’s so cool!” Payton declared as she pulled out her camera. “See, this is what a strong, and powerful woman looks like.” Hidden beneath the makeup, Cherry blushed.

Angel grinned. “This is going to be so exciting. I haven’t had to break into anything in so long!” She jumped in place, antsy to begin after completing her makeup. “It’ll be like the good ol’ times!”

Fleur giggled. “Oui, maid, I am in the thinking you are in how I say, crazy past stalker.”

Angel blinked. “I honestly have no idea what you just said, but thanks!”

Hannah finished applying her own makeup. “So how are we going to do this? Raid the front door? You take the back, me and Fleur in the front? A massive charge. Should we cut the power first?”

“Ohhhh!” Angel nodded. “I always did like cutting the power, or dimming the lights just enough so they can still see your shadow as you creep up on them.”

Cherry looked at her team confused. “Like how about we don’t do any of that…” She blinked. “Like I’m starting to remember just how crazy you all are.” She pulled out her phone and started to record her team. “Hello students of TDE. It’s us, the Killer Sorority, and we need your help. In twenty minutes we need anyone willing to swarm the boys dorm building. Like, help us show just us fierce and cherry f-ing liscious we totes are! Let’s make it 2 for 2!” She finished her recording, and instantly tweeted it out. “Now all you need to do is retweet it, sit back and watch as they do the work for us.”

“Isn’t that… cheating?” Payton asked.

Hannah grinned. “No. It’s genius! Like a cheat code, if it’s in the game code, it’s definitely allowed!”

Fleur nodded. “Like Zac say, everything is different this time.”

Angel gave a silent pout. “So I won’t be raiding today?”

Cherry put a hand on Angel’s back. “Oh, we’ll be sneaking in all right. Like when the boys are totes overrun with our army, we’ll sneak into the elevator, and escape to the flag above!”

“Alfie?” Fynn asked, as he watched his leader devour another scoop of ice cream. HIs eyes getting wider as he looked back at their dorm building, where a crowd of screaming girls was forming.

“Alfie?” Emmett echoed.

“Sorry, was just savoring the last bit of it.” Alfie smiled after licking his lips. “What’s up?”

“The enemy seems to have outsmarted us.” Grayson calmly said.

Julien blinked, “Was that even going to be a surprise?”

Alfie pulled out his phone and showed them Cherry’s tweet. “This was expected.”

“What do you mean?” Emmett asked. “You expected this?”

“I saw Cherry tweet it right when the challenge started. So I tweeted that the girls would be doing a autographs in our dorm building, and that we were all sick with the flu.”

“Someone has the flu?” Julien asked, his eyes glowing. “I still need a photo of that for my sickness collection. What does the kneecap look like when its host has the flu?”

Alfie started to walk towards the girls dorm building. “What are you guys waiting for?” He looked back, confused.

“You sure you don’t want more ice cream buddy?” Emmett asked. “You did good.” He said grinning. “You did real good today.”

The camera panned to the crowd where Angel, Cherry, Fleur, Hannah and Payton were having trouble getting through the crowd without getting stopped for autographs. “Maybe this wasn’t the best strategy.” Hannah sighed, as she pushed through another small group.

“It’s not too late to build a rope out of blankets, and scale the side of the building!” Angel added.

“Alfie.” Cherry groaned, reading his tweet. “Payton!” She shouted. “This is up to you now!”

Payton blinked confused. “Me? Why me?”

“Because nobody like knows who you are!” Cherry argued, as she scribbled her name onto someone's arm.

Fleur kissed Payton’s hand. “I am in the giving of good lucks!” Payton’s confused expression didn’t fade from her face as she snuck past the crowd and into the boys dorm building.

“Hey Payton.” Damien waved from where he and the other boys were watching television.

The girl blinked staring at the boys. “Uh. Hey? What’s up?”

“Oh you know, just chilling with Netflix.” Blake shrugged, grabbing a slice of pizza.

Payton pointed towards the elevator. “Well, I’m just gonna… yeah.” She turn and raced for the elevator. She pressed the button, too afraid to look back. Behind her the boys shared a chuckle, as they continued to watch their show.

The scene cut to show Alfie, Emmett, Fynn, Julien and Grayson as the cut the power chord to the girls dorms. “Won’t this mean the elevator won’t work?” Grayson asked.

Alfie nodded and pulled out gloves. “We’ll use these to operate the dumb waiter.”

Emmett raised an eyebrow. “You really thought this through didn’t you.”

“Yeppers!” Alfie grinned, handing Emmett the gloves. “I’ll get inside of the dumb waiter, you guys will lift me up, and I’ll throw the flag down to Grayson, who will run it to the victory line!”

Fynn bumped his `brother` on his back. “You got this bro!”

Grayson nodded. “Yeah, I guess so.”

Julien looked at Alfie blankly. “Don’t worry! I didn’t forget about you!” Alfie pulled out his phone and showed Julien where Dania was hiding inside of their dorm building. “You need to apologize to her.”

“Or I could just jump off a bridge, at least I can physically capable of doing that.” Julien countered.

“You’ll apologize to her.” Emmett growled, standing tall over Julien.


The lights went out in the girls elevator, as the doors close, trapping Rosalie and Salem in darkness. “Well this is cozy.” Salem whispered, taking a seat in the corner.

“Very.” Rosalie said flatly. “The boys are making their move now.” She looked at the roof of the elevator trying to find a hatch to get out with.

“What do you expect to do when you get out?” Salem questioned. “We have a team out there, working to prevent this very thing from happening. You need to have faith in them.”

“You don’t win by just having blind faith.” Rosalie stated, pulling on the lever, opening the hatch. “Could you give me a hand?”

Salem frowned. “Only because you asked so nicely.” The camera followed Rosalie, who with Salem’s help was able to get on top of the elevator. She offered her hand to Salem to help her, but she refused. “I’ll wait here. Because I have faith.”

The scene switched to show Angel who had managed to break away from the crowd outside of the boys dorm building. She finished trying together a sheet, and began to scale the drain pipe outside of the building. “We won’t lose that easily.” She declared, as she pulled herself up inch by inch.

“Where did she go?” Vishal asked, pointing to where Payton once stood by the elevator. “You said the elevator was broken!” Vishal raced to the elevator, where it was clearly still not functioning. “Where is she?” He exclaimed, looking around.

“This could be a problem.” Weston gulped. “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t think this through, I thought it was an easy win!”

“It’s not your fault.” Damien encouraged. “For all we know she could have just left and given up.”

Blake looked around. “Maybe we should check around just in case.”

“I’m with the pretty boy on this one. Let’s find out where she’s gone.” Kaleb decided, running up the stairs.

The camera panned in on the vents, where Payton began her climb to the roof. “Why me?”

The scene switched to show Julien as he opened the door to Dania’s room. “Why does no one know how to knock?” Dania sighed, looking up at the intruder. “What are you doing here?” Julien stared at Dania in silence. Refusing to move a muscle. He wasn’t really sure what he was doing here. He was told to apologize, but for what. “Well? I’m not just some statue for you to stare at.”

Julien nodded, and handed Dania a couple of photos of her when she found out about Andre’s elimination. “These wouldn’t do well on my blog.” He admitted. “Maybe you could have them.”

“Why did you take these?” Dania asked, confused to see the photos of her crying.

Julien shook his head. “Not everything requires an answer.” Much like the question that plagued Julien’s own mind. Why did Andre agree to him joining their team? He pulled out a slightly crumpled photo of Andre, playing guitar for Alfie and Weston. “He seemed happy.” He said, passing Dania the photo. “Maybe his happiness will rub off on you.” Julien walked out of the room.

Elsewhere, Alfie waited patiently as the dumb waiter he waited on was lifted towards the room. Below him, Fynn and Emmett pulled on the rope, bringing him higher and higher. “He’s a happy little guy.” Fynn stated.

“Usually.” Emmett bit his cheek. “Usually he is.”

Fynn nodded slowly understanding. “I don’t know how he must feel being surrounded by people who he once laughed with, but now can barely remember what they look like when they smile.”

“Emmett knows a little something about that. Don’t you?” Rosalie asked, as she approached the pair.

“Rose…” Emmett said looking at his ex.

“Long time, no see.”

Fynn looked at the pair. “This is getting lowkey awkward. He stripped his pants off, trying to relieve his stress.

“Not helping with the whole awkward thing.” Emmett whispered. He turned back to face Rosalie. “Now’s not the time for this.” “Then when is?” Rosalie remarked. “You’re always off with her.”

“Angel.” Emmett corrected. “And when we are both in a good place we can talk about it.”

Rosalie looked to the side. “That’s not fair and you know it.”

“And neither was being your boyfriend.” Emmett flatly said, as he felt the weight of the ropes lighten. He walked away from Rosalie, Fynn following behind him. “Another time Rosalie.”

“You can’t just walk away from me like that!”

“That was cold.” Fynn whispered.

“She’s used to the cold. It doesn’t bother her anymore.”

“Aflie?” Twilight gasped as Alfie crawled out from the dumb waiter.

“Who even put a dumb waiter on the roof!?” Ivy shouted, as she raced towards Alfie to stop him from reaching the flag.

Isabella finished painting her nails. “Alfie? Do you think this colour makes me look old?”

Alfie blinked as he slid under Ivy’s legs and reached the flag. “Nope, just like a loser.” He blew a raspberry at her as he chucked the flag off of the roof and to Grayson who waited down below.

“So now what?” Twilight asked looking at Ivy, Alfie and Isabella.

“Ice cream?” Alfie offered.

“I’d love to!” Twilight grinned as she and Alfie walked towards the elevator.

“The power will come back any second now.”

“Did you just-” Ivy stared at Twilight as she left.

“I think this colour would really make your eyes pop.” Isabella suggested, handing Ivy the vial.

The camera swerved over to show the other rooftop, where Angel and Payton crossed. “What took you so long?” Angel asked, wiping sweat from her climb. “The elevator isn't working! I had to climb through the vents!” Payton gasped, trying to wipe the oil off from her clothes.

Angel handed Payton a parachute made from her blankets. “Well what are you waiting for? Jump!”

“WHAT?!” Payton gasped. “No way! You jump!”

“I’m not heavy enough.” Angel shrugged, and pointed to where Grayson was running towards the center of the courtyard. “You need to do it! Just jump, the parachute will take you there faster than me!”

“Are you calling me fat?” Payton asked, confused. She handed Angel her camera. “Take this. If I die, just watch the first recording and follow the instructions.”

Angel held onto Payton’s hand, “This isn’t your version of 13 reasons why is it?”

“No!” Payton shouted. “And this was your idea!” She muttered, grabbing onto the flag and the parachute. Before she could take the time to think the idea through, Angel shoved her off the edge, recording the entire scene.

Payton glided down towards the center stage where Zac waited. She and Grayson locked eyes. The wind picked up its speed, sending Payton further and further ahead. With her eyes on Grayson she didn’t notice the tree as her parachute tangled itself within the branches of the tree. The camera focused on Payton as she watched her brother win the challenge for his team.

The scene cut forward. Zac waited in front of the two teams. “Clearly that was action packed. But in the end, one team outsmarted the other, and that team was the Screaming Fraternity!” Zac announced. On queue the boys lifted both Alfie and Weston into the air, chanting their names as they marched back to their dorms.

Mana looked at the girls. “Unfortunately your plans came up short. But don’t get too caught up in it…” Mana looked at Payton, trying to not laugh at his own pun. “Uh-hm,” he tried to set himself straight. “Because tonight one of you will be given immunity. After one of rating boosters was sent home in the last episode, we can’t afford to lose another.”

“The rankings?” Cherry gasped, she stared seeing that her name was neither in the top 25% or bottom. “Oh come on!”

Zac shrugged. “Sorry Cherry, but your, I don’t really care attitude, while amusing doesn’t give you much screen time.” He turned to look at Rosalie, Dania, Payton and Twilight. “The four of you may approach.” He offered them a small bag with four pebbles in it. “Inside is a red pebble, and three blue. If you pull the red pebble you can thank Canada because you will be immune from this elimination”

“Come on Rosalie!” Ivy shouted.

“You can do this Dania!” Angel cheered.

“Twilight woo?” Salem gently shouted.

Payton frowned, as no one cheered for her name.

The four girls each reached inside of the bag, and revealed their colours. “And Rosalie is given immunity. Remember tonight you can NOT vote for her. You have an hour before the ceremony. Vote wisely, and remember we’re watching!”

The scene cut to show Rosalie and Ivy in their dorm room.Rosalie hugged Ivy. “Ok. That’s a huge crisis averted.”

Ivy nodded. “Now we just need to decide who goes home. Maybe Angel? She’s not safe, and I don’t think she’s gotten all that many friends yet?”

“No.” Rosalie declared, leaving their room and approached Dania and Angel. “I’m sorry Dania. I let my… feelings for other things get ahead of my friendship with you. And you were right, that wasn’t fair to you.” She opened her arms to hug her friend but Dania didn’t move. Rosalie nodded and turned to Angel. “And I wasn’t fair to you either. I shouldn’t have just… well there’s a lot of things I shouldn’t have done. I’m sorry.”

Angel and Dania shared a look before running over to hug Rosalie. “Thank you.” Dania whispered. “For not making me choose.”

(CONF): Ivy is seen sitting in the guidance counsellors office. “The state of the game changed today. We started today with the lines being drawn from yesterday. Angel Vs. Rosalie. Heather told me I’d need to vote out Rosalie if I wanted any chance of winning, just like I did to Lexi in Frozen. But Rosalie showed us once again why she won Frozen. She mended the lines with Dania, and with Angel. And now the Frozen girls are back together. The Holy Trinity is back. We might not have Lexi, but we have each other and that’s all that matters.”

(CONF): Rosalie stared at the camera. “I have lived through many difficult things in my past. But none harder than apologizing to Angel. But if I want any chance of winning this thing - fair and square I can’t have everyone hating me. I can’t do it. We might not be eliminating the toughest cookie tonight, but I will be sending home someone who is getting too close to the truth.”

(CONF): Dania wiped her tears away. “I don’t have to make a choice this time. This season, this season I’m fighting for my friends. For Andre. I’m going to win, and I’m going to be strong because it’s the right thing to do.”

The scene cut to show the Dean’s Office. Ivy pointed at the giant Zac statue. “Someone’s ego is getting a little big. Did getting kidnapped by pirates not do anything to help that?”

Mana coughed. “It only made it worse!”

Zac shrugged. “Welcome to your first elimination ladies! As you know, this season things are different. For starters you won’t be casting your votes in a confessional, you’ll be writing them down on these scantron sheets.”

“And I’m sure you’ve noticed the other differences while you were competing today. Things are different this season, and only the students who can adapt and learn will come out on top.” Mana added.

“Are you just saying that so we come to class next time?” Payton teased, as Mana blushed.

Zac turned to Isabella. “How does it feel knowing you're not the first elimination this time?”

“She was the first boot on her show?” Rosalie and Ivy gasped. “You made it seem like you got at least to the merge!”

Isabella shrugged. “It felt like I was there forever! But this time I have my girl pals!” She tuned to Ivy and Rosalie and waved. “And like, I feel so empowered.”

Mana nodded. “Dania, we all know Andre’s elimination was going to be a hard one for you, how are you coping?”

Dania smiled slightly. “Today was… a ride to say the least. I got a lot of unexpected visitors, and news.” She clutched the photo of Andre playing guitar. “But it just kept getting better. And better and now I’m back. And I’m ready to compete again.”

“Twilight, it’s still early, how do you choose who to vote for?”

“Whoever didn’t contribute. I know what’s it like to be the weak link on the team, I know it makes you a target.” Twilight said lightly looking over at Salem.

Zac pointed at Cherry. “And what about you Cherry? You’ve won before, what does it take to keep your name off those scantrons.”

Cherry shrugged. “Like, whatever it takes.” She looked at Rosalie and Ivy. “And like sometimes you just have to settle for second place.” Rosalie and Ivy waved at Cherry with smiles on their faces.

“And with that, you may cast your votes.” Mana declared. Once everyone had finished, he collected their votes and fed them into the statue.

“Remember once you are voted off you will, well more than likely never return, unless Canada really likes you.” Zac shrugged. “Anyone feeling nervous.” No one raised their hands. “Then this should be interesting.” He snapped, as the first leaf erupted from the statue and landed on Rosalie.

The former winner held onto the lead and waved at the camera. “Thanks Canada!”

Cherry rolled her eyes. “Luck only gets you like so far.”

“Worked out for you when you won, didn’t it?” Rosalie taunted back.

Two more leafs shot out from the statue as they landed on Twilight and Angel.

Angel shared a hug with Dania. “You’re next, just wait!” She promised.

Twilight cupped the lead within her hands and stared at the small miracle.

Hannah and Fleur both reached up to grab their own leafs, sharing a hug between them. “Hannah! We are in the being of safe!”

“Of course we are.” Hannah turned to Cherry and nodded.

Two more leafs erupted from the flame, as Payton and Isabella both caught their safety icons. Payton filmed herself as she smiled and waved at the camera. “This one's for you.” She whispered.

Isabella grinned. “I always wondered what it felt to get one of these.”

Cherry caught her own leaf. “Like duh? Was there ever any doubt?”

Zac turned to Dania. “Bottom three tonight, are you starting to regret not participating in the challenge?”

Dania looked at the rest of her team. “No. If I go home then I get to be with Andre. But I needed the time today to get over it. I needed the time to mourn with my friends.”

“Poetitic.” Mana smiled. “Salem, why do you think you received votes tonight?”

Rosalie and Ivy shared a look. “I don’t know. I thought I was helping, I really did.”

Zac looked at Ivy. “And you Ivy? Do you think being so loyal to Rosalie could be your demise today?”

“Loyalty is never a bad thing.” Ivy said calmly looking at Angel, Dania, Twilight and Rosalie. “It’s always. ALWAYS a positive.”

Zac watched the final two leafs drifted to Dania and Salem. “Is it now?”

Ivy looked around at her alliance. “What?”

Cherry smirked. “Oh, like oops. Did I vote for you? Totes slipped my mind.” Cherry walked over to stand next to Ivy. “Maybe like when Heather tries to give you a tip, you should listen.”

“I couldn’t vote Rosalie off even if I wanted to.” Ivy said confused. She turned to Rosalie, “I’d never do that anyways! I promise.”

Rosalie nodded and held onto Ivy’s hand. “I know.”

Cherry pulled out her phone, showing Ivy hers, Rosalie’s and Dania’s confessionals. “Like everything is live. Maybe like if you decide to vote off someone, try to keep it like on the down-low next time.”

Angel looked away from the pair. “And I thought I could trust you Rosalie. I thought you wanted to be a better person.” Angel frowned. “But you only care about yourself - Still.”

Ivy looked around. “I still don’t get it. Why?”

“She showed us the clips.” Payton said, getting up. “We can’t just let you guys run the show. We know what happens when that happens. If you want to win, you adapt - you learn.”

Hannah nodded. “But you two just keep trying to play the same game over and over.” She paused as she looked at Ivy. “Without Jade you just don’t understand how to play the game.”

Ivy stepped away, closer to Zac. “I just… I just thought I could do it.”

Zac waved goodbye to Ivy. “Sorry to say Ivy, but you’ve been expelled.” He snapped, the ground shattering beneath Ivy. The girls look at the hole in shock.


Zac casually moved away from the giant hole. “Did I promise you drama or what!? Will Rosalie manage to find some peace in her team or has she finally used up the last of her luck? And what about the boys, will Fynn finally find the girl of his dreams, or will Julien just keep scaring them all away? Find out next time on Total Drama Eclipse!”

Chapter Four: 350 Degrees of Drama

The camera pans out from where Ivy stood only moments ago. Rosalie stared at Dania in disbelief. “I thought we were friends? I thought IVY was your friend. We were both there for you when Andre was eliminated and this is how you treat us - treat her?” The former winner shook her head disappointed. She turned to Isabella and motioned for her to follow. “Come on Isabella, at least I can trust you.”

“Do you think I can use her nail polish now that she’s gone? I really liked that shade of green! It reminds me of this colour I saw Emma Roberts wore to the Emmys.” Isabella followed behind Rosalie.

Once the two girls had left Dania turned to Angel. “What did you do!?” Her eyes were wide. “I thought we agreed to forgive them! I thought we were going to be the better people!”

Angel stood tall. “Dania she was just using us. They were both just using us again. They were playing the game, and I’m here to play the game this time. I can’t just let them push around. They can’t just be given the game.” The fangirl looked to Cherry for support, but the Summertime winner had already left with Payton . “Can we talk about this in our dorm room?”

“No.” Dania said coldly. “I begged you, and I begged Rosalie to not make me choose. You just made a choice for me, a choice that I didn’t even want to make in the first place!” Dania tore the ribbon that Angel had given to her from her hair. “I’m going back to the dorm and getting my things, I’d rather sleep outside than with you.”

“Dania! Wait!” Angel called out, chasing after her friend.

Hannah turned to Fleur, Twilight, and Salem. “Well, it looks like our guild is already expiring and crumbling.”

Twilight got up from her seat. “Sometimes having faith just isn’t enough. Maybe we should do something to try and bring us all together!”

Fleur’s eyes lit up. “Like in the times we were in the having of slumber parties on pirate ship!”

“I wish I could have been there for those!” Salem beamed. “I love slumber parties, think of all of the spells we could cast if we worked together.”

“You don’t have a spell that would make them all stop fighting do you?” Hannah questioned.

“Sadly not. But I do have a really good fire dancing chant-spell-type thing! We could have a bonfire tonight!” Salem exclaimed. “I’d just need to get some ingredients!” She looked up at the clock before grabbing onto Twilight. “Come on! We need to hurry if we’re going to get them all before it gets too dark!”

Fleur jumped up excitedly. “We will be in the finding of the girls!”

Twilight giggled as Salem pulled her away from the group. “This is kind of exciting! Is your magic…. Like Santa’s?”

Salem paused. “Sort of. His magic is powered by believers… Mine is powered by dedication and studying.” The witch looked at Twilight, “Rumour has it though, after people saw you on Frozen his magic abilities soared.”

“R-really?” Twilight asked hesitantly. Salem nodded. Twilight’s face fell, if Santa became more powerful because of her, why would he exile her. Why give up on the girl who believed.

Salem moved her hand to Twilight’s face. “Don’t let the cold embrace of Winter freeze over your spirit. There’s more in the world than what you can see. There’s always more to the story.”

“Trust me. I know.” Twilight looked away from her roommate.

The camera returned to Fleur and Hannah as the pair raced back to their dorms to find the rest of their team. “This will be in the being of awesome!” Fleur excitedly shouted.

“It’ll be just like old times.” Hannah smiled. “Just without the boys, and Vi.”

“Viola.” Fleur mumbled. “I would be in the waking up in the middle of not-day wishing she was around to tell funny joke!”

Hannah stopped to sit on a nearby bench, Fleur joined her. “Where did you go when the show finished Fleur? We lost you.” Hannah turned to look Fleur in the eyes. “After we lost you the first time back at the Sirens Quest, we promised to never lose you again. But then you vanished anyways.”

Fleur blushed, refusing to look Hannah in the eyes. “I was in the going of home.”

“You never called, or texted. We had weekly calls all of us.” Hannah pursed her lips. “I wasn’t close to people back in high school, or on Frozen. Tides was different though. I find my people. You were one of my people. You belonged in our party.”

“I was in the taking of Colin to be in the greetings my family.” The frenchy admitted.

“Colin.” Hannah clarified. “I never thought you were interested in him. Well, I hope that you’re both happy together now.”

Fleur jumped to her feet. “Me too.” She extended her hand out to Hannah. “Let’s be in the finding les girls!”

“Trust me! This will work.” Weston promised holding his hand over where Weston thought his heart was. “Scouts honor!”

Alfie looked at the punching bag hanging in the gym with suspicion. “But won't it hurt?”

“Think about your memories! If you focus on that you won't feel a thing.” Weston grabbed onto the punching bag and started to walk back. “Besides it happens in all of the movies! And the characters never seem to be hurt.”

Alfie nodded. “I never thought about that! Ok I'm ready.” Alfie declared as he protected his pack of gummy bears in his pocket from the incoming impact. Weston let go of the punching bag as flew into Alfie sending him flying across the gym - directly into Blake .

Weston ran over to the pair excited. “Did it work?! Can you remember??” His eyes stayed fixed on Alfie as the blond’s eyes fluttered open.

“I'm ok too. Don't worry about it. Just casually running on the treadmill when BAM! A guy smacks you into the wall. Just another day in Total Drama I guess.” Blake sighed and pulled himself and Alfie up from the ground.

“I still don't remember.” Alfie frowned. He collected his fallen army of gummy bears and walked towards the door, his head hanging down.

“Alfie!” Weston shouted wanting to race after him but Blake stopped him.

“I think he just needs some alone time.” Blake suggested.

Weston watched as the door to the gym revolved and Aflie vanished. “I just don't know how to do it. I don't know how to find his memories.”

Blake wrapped his around Weston. “Maybe instead you should focus on making new memories. Give him something to fill the void.” Blake handed Weston his gym bag. “You’re kind of my size. Go change into my spare gym clothes. Let’s run and talk?”

“Really? Me?” Weston asked, “You want to work out with me?”

The hockey player grinned. “Of course. Comeon, hurry up!”

The camera switched to show Fynn in the pool. His body glistened with the water, his back pressed along one of the sides of the pool while he chatted with two girls. “FYNN!” Alfie shouted as he cannon balled into the water below, covering the trio.

The girls made a face of disgust, and walked out of the pool. Fynn pouted and turned to Alfie. “I was so close this time.” He laughed.

Alfie blinked. “Oh. My bad! I’m sorry! I forgot you don’t have a girlfriend.”

Fynn shrugged. “There’s always more fish in the sea or something you know. So… What can I help you with bro?”

“Do you think that Trixie still loves me?”

“Uh…” Fynn paused, unsure how to answer. “You know, I never really got to know Trixie. That was more of a Sam thing y’know bro?”

Alfie gave Fynn a hug. “I know that! But, he’s your brother don’t you… well I don’t know just know?”

Fynn shook his head sadly. “Not really. But, if she’s still waiting for you, I’m sure that she does.”

“And what if I ran away from her to go to school with Weston, because I was afraid I’d wake up one day and realize that I don’t love her anymore.” Alfie looked up into Fynn’s eyes.

“Oh.” Fynn paused, looking around, and seeing Grayson . “GRAYSON!” He shouted, he was definitely out of his element here. The surfer jumped out of the water, and grabbed Grayson, throwing him into the water to help Alfie. “Thanks!”

Grayson’s eyes lit up with anger as his clothes got drenched. “What?” He paused, staring at Fynn and then turning to see Alfie’s innocent face. The prep pulled off his wet clothes until he was just in his boxers.

“You really are Fynn’s brother!” Alfie teased.

“Don’t remind me- and we’re not related. Not yet at least!” Grayson exhaled. “Mother Hen Grayson, at your service. Please state your problem and I’ll try to assist.” His voice was monotone, and dead.

“I don’t understand your character.” Kaleb questioned, as he put his tray down beside Julien’s and began to eat his dinner. “Are you supposed to be this scary dude, someone with a deep and historic past that we are meant to hate but then realize that we, society are the ass holes? Or maybe you just have a lot of pent up resentment and anger.” Kaleb pulled out his notebook and started to scribble his own notes down. Julien turned his head slowly then barked at the intruder. When Kaleb refused to move he sighed and returned to his food. “Feisty.” Kaleb noted.

“I already have journals full of why I hate myself, do you really need to add to the collection?” Julien questioned.

Kaleb gasped. “No you misunderstood. I think your persona is genius!” Kaleb whispered into Julien’s ear, “And I never say that to anyone that isn’t a mirror!” The actor closed his book. “How is the audience meant to react, should we be upset with you, intrigued, maybe afraid. I just don’t know! But what I do know is that you make my body tingle in ways it has never tingled before!”

“I think they call that puberty.” Damien teased, pulling up a seat. He saw a slight smirk on Julien’s face. “So why are you bothering poor Julien here for this time?”

Kaleb huffed. “I wasn’t bothering him! I was getting inspiration! For my screenplay! It’s about a bunch of students in an abandoned high school - but one of them turns out to be a serial killer.”

Julien tilted his head to Kaleb. “Sounds like a news article my hometown wrote about me.”

Damien coughed up his food. “Pardon?” He scooted ever so slightly away from Julien.

“See!?” Kaleb slowly clapped. “So fascinating, it’s like he always knows the perfect line to say to catch you off guard!”

Damien lifted his food from the plate after Julien took a close-up shot of Damien’s index finger. “I think I hear my sister calling. Uh, cya!”

Kaleb licked his fingers clean from the yogurt. “You’re truly superhuman.”

The camera switched to show Emmett and Vishal on a wrestling mat. The pair wore unitards as they pressed their muscles against each other. “Why did you want to meet me here?” Emmett asked.

“It’s the team.” Vishal stated. “I want it.”

Emmett let out a chuckle, as he pulled back on one of Vishal’s arms and pressed him into the ground. “Did you think I was just going to give you the team? It’s not even my team to give?”

Vishal grinded his teeth. With a quick movement from his legs he slid out from beneath the behemoth known as Emmett. “Well everyone treats it as though it’s your team.” He forcefully pushed his weight onto Emmett’s legs knocking him down. “And now I want it.”

“You still haven’t changed Vishal.” The muscular teen sighed. “You can’t just force your way into running the show. You need to earn their respect. You need them to believe and have faith in you.” Emmett wrapped his arm around Vishal’s waist, switching positions with him. “We’re all supposed to be friends. Why don’t you start by trying to do that.”

“I don’t know why you’re always so high and mighty. You still haven’t made it to the merge!” Vishal shouted as he watched Emmett walk towards the showers.

“And you still haven’t made a friend.”

Payton is seen sitting on the edge of her bed as she watched Cherry apply her makeup. “Why are you like staring at me.” Cherry questioned, as she stopped to look at her dorm mate.

“How can you just do that?” Payton asked. “How can you just be… you?”

Cherry turned to face Payton. “It’s like easy. I just do it.” She eyed Payton. “Is this you coming out to me? Because like that’s like taking brother like sister to the next level.”

Payton blushed. “NO!” She shook her head. “It’s nothing like that.” She got up. “It’s just you’re so sure of yourself, and outspoken! I could never do that!”

“Well like, maybe you should just try it?”

Cherry’s dorm mate pulled out her camera and started to record Cherry. “I don’t know about that. I think I rather just be here. With you. And Grayson! Of course.”

“I don’t know what it is that you’re hiding. Or like what you’re plotting- but I don’t like it.’ Chery eyed Payton. “But like that being said, you’re totes cute, so you can be my minion for now. Until Rosadweeb gets eliminated.”

The camera panned to the dormroom directly across the hall. “I wonder how she does it.” Isabella asked Rosalie, while she was also applying her makeup.

“Right? How is she always one step ahead of us.” Rosalie exhaled. “This shouldn’t be this hard! I shouldn’t have lost Ivy so soon!”

“I mean, how can she manage to keep that pink strip of hair? It must have been months since she first did it, but yet it still looks as fresh as when she first did it!” Isabella sighed. “I wish I could dye my hair like that and have it look so vivid for months!”

Rosalie stared at Isabella, “What are you even talking about? This is our alliance meeting.”

Isabella blinked. “Oh. Yeah, of course it is!” She smiled. “Cherry is terrible, I bet she doesn’t even like the Rascal Flatts!”

“Moving on. If we can win this challenge than we don’t need to worry about eliminating her for now. We need to start to get people on our side. Do you think you can do that? For us?” Isabella nodded. “Of course! I’m a great people person!”

The screen switched to show the the Sun as it began its descent to the ground below. In the centre of Genesis Plaza, Salem and Hannah were sprinkling ingredients onto logs. “I’ve never done it so big before.” Salem whispered. “I don’t know if this is safe or going to work.”

Hannah placed a hand on Salem’s back. “Don’t worry about it! I have plot armor, I’m the protagonist! I can’t just burn to death!”

Salem looked at Hannah confused but nodded. “Ok. All it needs now is a spark, and it will begin.”

“Hear that girls! Our night is just about to begin!” Hannah grinned, turning to face the rest of her team. Most of whom didn’t want to be there.

“Did someone say spark?” Damien grinned throwing a lit match onto the log structure, setting it ablaze. The structure instantly faded, and in its place a dancing flame that faded through the colours of the rainbow.

“It worked?” Salem gasped, before correcting herself. “It worked!” She cheered.

“Who invited the boys?” Rosalie asked, glaring at Emmett.

Fleur blinked. “I was in the thinking it would be big fun!” She offered a weak smile at Rosalie.

Angel jumped onto Emmett’s back. “Hey!” She giggled.

“Hello angel-face.”

Alfie walked over to Salem, and tugged on her dress. “Hello mrs. Salem?” The boy asked.

“Yes?” She replied looking at Alfie’s big eyes.

“Could you…. Do you think that you could bring back my memories? I seem to have lost them.”

Salem nodded. “I can see that.” She pulled out a vial, “I’m sure I could, but are you sure you really want to?”

“It’s all that I could ever want. It almost feels like I lost who I was.”

Salem looked back to where Weston was looking for Alfie. “But are you sure you’re ready to give up everything that you’ve found since then?”

“She needs to know that I love her. I need to know that when I tell her, it’s not just empty words. That they mean something. Just like in the movies!”

“Ok.” Salem nodded, as she plucked some of Alfie’s hair. “I’ll do it. But it’ll take me some time. But I promise, I’ll rescue your memories.”

Weston tackled Alfie to the ground. “Alfie! I missed you! I’m so sorry for making you get with a punching bag!”

“Weston!” Alfie cheered, wrapping his arms around his friend. He looked up to say thank you to Salem, but she had vanished into the darkness. “I’m sorry I ran away…”

Payton raced to find Grayson. “Look! I’m still here.” She teased. “You always said I’d be the first one out.”

Grayson grinned. “Happy you could keep up the family legacy.”

“I try, I try.” She laughed, sipping from her red solo cup.

“I saw the clips.” Grayson explained. “You almost had us last challenge.”

“Almost.” Payton added. “The girls are too busy being girls for us to actually win anything.”

“Isn’t that supposed to be your speciality? Ms. Student council. Bringing people together? Don’t you think I didn’t hear about when you fought so that the girls at your school could go to prom together.”

Payton looked away. “That was for you though Gray. And that’s not the same, the girls don’t care about any of that stuff!”

“Have you tried?”

“Well no.”

Grayson shook his head and walked away from his little sister. “What would mom say.”

Payton held her tongue, knowing exactly what her mother would say. ‘If only Grayson didn’t end up so screwed up, he could have been a wonderful example for you to look up to for advice.’

“I miss you.” Twilight admitted as she and Emmett shared a drink. “You know I didn’t really want to choose a side right.”

Emmett nodded, as he wrapped an arm around Twilight. “You travelled the world with Rosalie. I get it champ.” “We’re still friends though right? Because I feel like we’re miles apart now. We used to be close.”

Emmett looked down at Twilight, “Is everything alright?”

Twilight shrugged. “I don’t know anymore.”

“You know when I was sailing the seas, I’d look up at the night sky with Alfie and point at the North Star to him. He asked about you alot.” He pointed up at the sky to where the North Star should have been if it was darker.

“Why? He doesn’t even know me.” Twilight asked.

“Sometimes you don’t need to know something to believe in it. Isn’t that what faith is?” Emmett asked. “You gave him faith.” He pointed to where Alfie and Weston were looking up at the stars. “He believes he can get his memories back, and a big part of that is because of you.”

Fleur and Damien looked at the other students who had passed out on the grass around the dancing flame. “Why are you still awake?” Damien asked.

“I was not in the drinking of the juice!” Fleur explained.

“Me neither…” The pair looked at each innocently. “Did you by any chance uh, put something in the punch?”

Fleur whistled innocently. “I was in the hoping we could all be in the bonding over laughing at the boys being in the sleep!” She explained.

“And I was hoping I could score us an advantage in the next challenge if you all slept through the class.” Damien face palmed. “Great minds think alike.”

Fleur giggled. “Oui! Are you in the mood for a donut?” She asked, walking away to the nearest Tim Hortons.

“You know what, I really am.” Damien laughed, as he finished drawing a mustache onto Fynn’s face. The pair are shown walking away from the others passed out on the lawn, the sun setting behind them.

The camera zoomed in on the rankings that were digitally updating for the new day.

1. Rosalie

2. Cherry

3. Dania

4. Emmett

5. Alfie

6. Salem

7. Weston

8. Hannah

9. Payton

10. Kaleb

11. Damien

12. Julien

13. Vishal

14. Grayson

15. Fynn

16. Fleur

17. Isabella

18. Twilight

19. Angel

20. Blake

The scene cut to Mana’s lecture. The tables were replaced with counters. The walls were covered in fresh produce. Mana stared at the two students who whistled innocently in the center of the classroom. “What did you two do.” Mana turned to both Damien and Fleur.

Damien shrugged. “I guess everyone just wanted to catch up on their zzz’s.”

Fleur nodded. “Oui, being a student is tres tiring!”

Mana gave a sigh as he locked the door to the classroom. “Well then let’s begin.” He brought out a turkey from the refrigerator behind him. “Today we will learn how to properly serve a turkey dinner, and the wide range of sides you can prepare to go with it.”

“Do you even celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil?” Damien questioned.

“Is this the day you are eating of turkey?” Fleur asked, unsure as to what the holiday is.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday where you celebrate things that you are thankful for, and here in Canada it is being celebrated in a week.”

“So why are we learning how to cook now? Aren’t the challenges related to the lesson?”

Mana looked at Damien. “Yes. And flights are also very expensive around Thanksgiving.”

Fleur’s eyes lit up. “Is this in the meaning I will be in seeing a live turkey!?”

Damien held back a laugh, “I think he means that to fly out our families would be too expensive.”

“My family!” Fleur gasped. “Momma?” She shouted, running to the windows.

“Only the winning team will get to see a loved one.” Mana explained.

“Let me guess, my loved one is Heather.” Damien chuckled. “Because wouldn’t that be convienent.”

Fleur gasped. “You are in the sister of Heather!?”

Damien stared at Fleur. “Yes. Yes I am. Where were you all Summer.”

Fleur shrugged. “Apparently a tres big love triangle. Mes Amis in France are in the saying!”

Mana coughed to bring the attention back to himself. “Anyways. If you take a knife and cut the turkey like so.” He motioned as the camera faded.

The scene swaps to a couple hours later, the students were still passed out on the field. Damien, Fleur, Mana and Zac stood on the stage. “Well this is rather unfortunate.” Zac shrugged, pressing a button as the sprinklers turned on, soaking the students and waking them up.

“What the?”

“Yes, good morning, or should I say good afternoon.” Zac announced, waving at the students. “I’m glad you felt the need to put the production behind schedule. Today is a very busy day.”

“Why are we on the ground?” Rosalie questioned.

“This didn’t have anything to do with your flame right?” Hannah asked looking at Salem.

“No? I don’t think so.”

Payton took a snapshot of Grayson and Fynn cuddling. “Oh Grayson? That’s not the right brother.”

Grayson blushed, jumping off of Fynn. “Sorry.” He muttered.

“Hey no worries. It’s about time we bonded bro.”

“Since you all decided to nap instead of attend class.” Mana shook his head. “You might be needing these.” He passed out fire extinguishers.

“What are these for?” Emmett asked.

“If only you attended class.” Mana shrugged turning away.

Zac spoke up. “Anyways, as you can see the leaderboard has been updated. You’ll also notice the bottom line has been removed.” Zac pointed out that there was only a single golden line after the fifth person. “From now on, only the top 25% most voted for students will have an opportunity at the twist.”

Mana raised his cell phone. “Also, after a very… clever use of this seasons unique atmosphere, you’ll find that your phones now can not access anything that has to do with a confessional, or certain aspects of challenges when needed.”

“Way to go Cherry.” Angel laughed.

“Anyways. Today's challenge is three parts. But before we begin you must pick a team captain, who will be the only one to participate in more than one part of the challenge.”

The Killer Soroties gathered together. “So the challenge is in the being of being thankful!” Fleur explained.

“Like the holiday?” Angel asked.


Hannah grinned, “Well that means Rosalie, Angel and Cherry all shouldn’t be leading today.”

“Pardon?” Rosalie asked, glaring at Hannah.

“When was the last time you thanked anyone for anything?” Rosalie looked away.

“Well I think Isabella should be our captain!” Payton declared.


“Her.” Payton pointed at Isabella who was eating a muffin. “She’s the least biased out of all of us.”

“I second that!” Rosalie decided.

“Fine.” Angel said.

Dania gave Isabella a hug. “You can do this!”

“Do what?” Isabella asked, as she finished her muffin. “Sorry I wasn’t listening.”

“Off to a great start already.” Twilight giggled.

The screen panned over to the Screaming Frat. “I nominate Blake.” Grayson said flatly, after Damien finished explaining it would be a cooking challenge.

“Wait why me?” Blake said.

“Because you can cook man.” Emmett agreed. “You’re the perfect choice.

Weston nodded. “Even I’ve heard about your cooking.”

Julien frowned. “What about me? I can cook too.” He pulled out a batch of burnt cookies from his bag.

“They’re burnt.” Vishal stated flatly.

“Not everything is about appearance bro.” Fynn wrapped an arm around Vishal while eating one of Julien’s cookies. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he passed out on the ground.

“So Blake it is!” Alfie cheered, wrapping his arms around their captain.

“I guess it is true, all the hot gays can cook.” Kaleb gave Blake a wink.

“But I’m not-”

Zac blew a horn getting the students attentions. “Ok! I’m glad that you've decided on your leaders. You first challenge requires three of you, plus your captain.”

The scene cut to show Blake, Grayson, Kaleb and Vishal seated at a large table blindfolded. At the other end of the room Isabella, Fleur, Twilight and Hannah were seated.

“I knew I should have leveled up my night vision skill.” Hannah sighed, as tried to see what was going on.

Mana appeared at the table carrying a plate with a traditional thanksgiving dinner on it. He placed it on the centre of the table, while waiters came out and placed a single portion of the meal on each of the competitors plates. “This challenge is simple. You’ll eat the meal in front of you. Then declare an ingredient you believe is in the meal. If you are correct you get to use that ingredient in the final stage of the challenge. If you’re incorrect… Well you’ll see.”

Blake was the first to take a bite of the meal. From where his team sat they couldn’t hear what the girls had guessed. “Turkey.” He said once he took a bite.

“Good job.”

Grayson used his fork to delicately grab a portion of the meal. “Uh, is it bread? Like in dressing.”

“What type of bread is it, can you be more specific?” Mana taunted.

“Uh… white?”

“No. Sorry that’s wrong.” Mana pressed a button, as the turkey deal flew into Grayson’s face. “You’ve been eliminated.”

Vishal started to argue, “Because he couldn’t tell you what kind of bread was in the dressing?”

Mana nodded. “It’s very important you know exactly what kind of ingredients are used. This is called a blind flavor test. He failed.”

“At least it tastes good.” Grayson sighed, licking his lips clean.

“Whole wheat bread?” Vishal said, but his face was met with the same fate as Graysons. “Really!? Come on!”

Blake turned to where he thought Kaleb was seated, but instead spoke to the wall. “Just forget about the bread! We can still make a meal without it!”

Kaleb laughed, “Or…. 12 grains and spices bread. And before you ask me to be more specific it’s the thick loaf style.”

Vishal gasped. “How?”

“It’s what all the celebrities are eating right now. It’s all over the internet.”

Blake clapped. “Way to go man!” He turned to his own meal and correctly guessed carrots.

“Snow peas!” Kaleb said. As he moved a small pea from his plate and into his mouth.



Vishal stared at the pair as they continues to list out ingredients one after the other. “At least we finally found something Kaleb is good at!”

“Vishal!” Kaleb growled.

Mana shook his head. “No, there’s no Vishal in this meal.” He pressed a button as the food was shoved into Kaleb’s face.

“Oh come on!” Kaleb groaned.

Grayson let out a soft chuckle. “Good teamwork guys. Glad to be a part of the team.”

Blake stared down at his plate. “There can't be that many ingredients left. Sour cream?”



“And that’s the end for the boys! Having correctly guessed 47 of 50 ingredient and spices!” Mana declared as Blake’s plate, now empty hit him in the face.

He pulled off his face mask and looked at the rest of the guys. “Ok. Team huddle!” He grinned giving Kaleb a thumbs up. “You did good man, really good.”

The camera panned to the other side of the room. Isabella, Hannah, Fleur and Twilight were seated in front of the same meal as the boys. “Ok girls, now the boys may have just killed it over there, but now is your chance to do the same! In front of you is a meal, you just need to taste it and tell me the ingredients.”

Hannah put a hand on Fleur’s shoulder. “Didn’t you say this was a challenge where we had to be thankful?”

Fleur blushed. “I was in the thinking? We did be in the cooking of food in class today.”

Twilight giggled. “That may have been helpful to know.”

Isabella gently lifted the plate to her nose before she sniffed it. “No sorry. I don’t do carbs.” She removed her blindful and stared at the meal.

“Didn’t you just eat a muffin like an hour ago?” Twilight asked.

Isabella gasped. “That was way different. I saw Justin Bieber eating a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast.”

Hannah lifted the meal to her mouth. “Is there beef broth?” She asked, having tasted the gravy.

“There is.”

“Uh… Carrots?” Fleur asked.


Twilight sniffed the food, and carefully brought a forkful to her mouth “Sweet potato?”

Mana pressed a button as the plate was pushed into Twilight’s face. “Unfortunately there are no sweet potatoes here.”

“Yam.” Hannah stated.

“There are yams.”

“I knew all those years eating would finally pay off. Who cares if I was the fat party member for a few years.”

“Pepper?” Fleur asked.

“This reminds me of the time when Khloe went to a wine tasting, she was looking so fierce.” Isabella said, as she started eating the food anyways.

“Poppyseed bread?” Hannah asked, having tasted a poppy seed. Her face was soon covered in the food.

“Chicken?” Fleur said, as her face was also drenched in the meal.

“How did you guys miss turkey.” Mana said dissapointed. “It’s called a turkey dinner.”

Isabella gave each of the girls a hug. “I’m really proud of us guys. We found 8 things! We can so make a dinner out of that!”

“How many did the boys get?” Hannah asked looking at Mana.


Twilight frowned. “I really hope the rest of the team does better than us.”

Isabella cheerfully said, “Don’t worry! I got this, I’ll bring us to victory!” Fleur and Hannah shared a scared look.

As the two teams left the building, Grayson and Hannah walked out together. “Your little sister is quite the character.” Hannah said.

“She’s a handful that’s for sure.”

“I don’t know, she seems sweet. But so shy.”

Grayson let out a laugh. “I wouldn’t use shy to describe my sister. She just hasn’t opened up to you yet.” “I miss Sam and Viola.” Hannah admitted wrapping her arms around Grayson. “It’s just not the same quest without them here.”

Grayson hugged his former captain back. “I know. I keep expecting to hear their voices, but they’re never around.” Grayson sighed. “Atleast I have Fynn around, I guess.”

“Warming up to Sam’s other half?” Hannah teased.

“He feels like home.” Grayson admitted.

“You still have me and Payton too.” Hannah assured him. “We’re just across the plaza.”

Grayson nodded. “How did you make it on Tides? Without your friends from Frozen.”

Hannah was taken back by the comment. “You’ve never seen Frozen have you?”

“Not really.” Grayson admitted.

Hannah placed a hand on Grayson’s heart. “I didn’t have friends. There was no one to miss.”

“We have each other then.” The pair shared one final hug before leaving for the next part of the challenge.

The scene cut to show a high-end grocery store. “Welcome everyone!” Zac cheerfully announced, while putting a box of Fruit Loops into his basket. “This is stage two of the challenge. Blake, Alfie, Julien, and Damien will be competing for the boys. While Isabella, Angel, Rosalie and Cherry will be fighting for the girls. Zac handed the two teams a list of the ingredients that their first team secured for them. “You will have one hour to get any of the ingredients on this list - those items are free. After that you have $100 to secure any other ingredients you want. If the items have not been cashed out after an hour, you CAN NOT use them in the third and final part of the challenge.”

“Why is their list so much longer than ours?” Rosalie asked, as the boys unravelled their long list of items.

Cherry turned to Isabella. “Like what happened?”

Isabella smiled, “We just had a small… mishap. Nothing to worry about!”

“We don’t even have a turkey on our list!” Angel gasped.

“Let me see that!” Rosalie shouted grabbing the list from Angel who pulled back.

“I had it first!” Cherry tried to grab the list. “Like let me see it!”

Isabella watched as the boys easily cut their list up into four pieces and began their shopping trip. “Girls?”

“WHAT?” The other three shouted, as their list was torn to pieces.

“Well. I really appreciate this bonding time, but the boys got a head start on us.”

“How are we supposed to read this now?” Rosalie groaned, looking at the few letters on her piece.

“Leave it to Rosalie to tare a perfectly good thing to pieces.” Angel innocently said.

Cherry walked over to Isabella. “Like, give me your gum.”


Cherry grabbed the pieces of paper from the girls, sticking it back together with the gum. She then handed Rosalie and Isabella half, and kept half for herself and Angel. “Ok, so like let’s go. You get the turkey for $50, and we’ll get… like something.”

Rosalie stared at Isabella in disbelief as the pair walked away from the others. “You’re supposed to be getting closer to the other girls, not helping me rage a war on them! You just made Cherry seem like a hero!”

Isabella nodded. “I think I really won over the girls in the first part of the challenge! Girls love me! I swear on my tabloid magazines!”

Elsewhere, Blake and Damien were dropping ingredients into a cart together. “We’ve got this in the bag thanks to you.” Damien said, as he dropped beef broth into the cart. “You really helped us in the first round, you know that right?”

Blake looked away. “It’s not gay to be a good chef.”

“Never said anything about being gay.” Damien cocked an eyebrow. “Are you ok?”

“Let’s just go get the turkey. It’s the last thing on the list anyways.”

“I mean I guess?” The pair turned the aisle to where Angel was waiting in front of the turkeys, wielding a long sausage link in her hands.

“Are you ready for my meat boys?” She grinned, spinning the sausage around.

“What are you doing?” Damien gasped.

“Making sure you don’t have a turkey for your turkey dinner.” Angel winked at Blake who jumped to hide behind Damien.

“Hello? Blake?” Damien groaned, as he raced his cart towards Angel who jumped out of the way and whipped Damien’s butt with her sausage link.

Blake cowered behind the counter, as a group of fangirls appeared trying to get Blake’s attention. “This isn’t happening.” He gasped, inhaling slowly. “They’re just dudes with boobs. No big deal.” He whispered to himself. He looked up over the edge before ducking immediately again. “And pretty eyes, and high voices…”

The scene switched to show Alfie and Julien as they waited at the cash out for Blake and Damien, having found all of their ingredients. “So how does it feel to be empty on the inside?” Julien asked, taking a bite from a cinnamon roll he found on the ground.

“I’m not empty inside.” Alfie frowned. “Just squishy.”

Julien raised his eyebrow. “Well, how does it feel to not remember what it feels like to be in love.”

Alfie poked Julien’s stomach. “See! You’re squishy on the inside too. But scary on the outside.”

“And you look like a bucket of joy.” Julien replied.

“That’s what mom and dad call me every day!”

Julien shook his head. “That wasn’t meant as a compliment.”

Alfie poured a bag full of skittles into his mouth. “Do you want one?” He asked, his mouth full of the sugary delights.

“I’d prefer not to taste the rainbow, no.” The pair stood in awkward silence, while they waited for the rest of their team.

Rosalie charge at Angel. “GIVE ME THE SAUSAGE ANGEL!” The former winner wielded two baguettes, as she and Angel began a duel.

Damien took a can of whip cream, and sprayed the fangirls, as he and Blake raced off to the cash counter. “What was that?” Damien gasped.

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Blake muttered.

“Nothing? We don’t have a turkey now!”

Blake stared at Damien, as he grabbed a nearby broom, snapping off the handle, and found an apple. He used the broom as a stick, shooting the apple across the room, knocking Angel over, as her sausage links went flying past the two girls and into the boys cart. “Well atleast I got us sausage.”

The camera returned to show Rosalie towering over Angel. “That’s what they call karma.”

“Why did you even want my sausage?” Angel groaned. “I was doing a good thing!”

“Why did you even want my boyfriend?” Rosalie shrugged, walking away from the fangirl. “Let’s go cash out, unless you want to shop around for a new boyfriend while you’re here.”

Angel growled to herself as she got up from the floor.

The camera returned to the checkout lines, where both teams had finished cashing out. “Interesting choice boys in not getting a turkey… Hopefully that doesn’t ruin your chances at winning.”

The scene switched to show a large industrial kitchen. On one half, Blake, Emmett, Fynn and Weston wore white aprons. On the other side, Isabella, Dania, Payton and Salem wore black aprons. “This is the final challenge.” Mana instructed. “You have two hours to prepare a thanksgiving dinner. You have 20 mouths to feed, who will then be voting to determine which meal deserves to win.”

Blake instantly stood in front of his team. “We’re down a key member here, without the turkey everything else is just going to have to stand out even more.”

Emmett lifted the sausage into the air. “This meat right here boys. This is how we will the challenge.”

Weston nodded. “Understood, we have to treat your sausage like a god!”

Blake, Emmett and Fynn shared a look before turning to Weston. Fynn held back a laugh, “Let’s not word it that way again.”

On the other side of the kitchen, Isabella was also leading her team - sort of. “Ok, so if you just move in a little closer Dania.” She instructed as she tried to take a team selfie. She finished taking the photo. “See look!” She showed the girls the photo. “Don’t we just like look so fab in our black aprons?” Dania gave a worried expression. “It looks like we just lost ten minutes of time.”

Payton cranked on one of the ovens. “If we start to preheat the oven now, we can still do this!”

“It’ll be just like brewing a potion.” Salem added.

“But what filter should I use?” The other three girls paused, giving a sigh as the handed Isabella a timer.

“Maybe if you could just tell us when this goes off?” Payton asked.


“So I know we can’t have a traditional dinner but-” Blake looked at Fynn who was already wearing nothing but his apron and boxers.

“Not really sure if this is the time for that man.” Emmett chuckled.

“No!” Blake shouted. “It’s perfect.” The hockey player stared at Fynn. “You’re perfect!”

“Bro? You’ve got me confused with my brother, I’m not gay…”

Blake turned the oven off, and cleared off the counter, as he pulled out a grill. “A thanksgiving BBQ! It will be perfect!”

Weston grinned. “Just like the 4th of July.” He looked at the Canadians who were giving him a dirty look. “I mean just like Canada Day …. Eh?”

Blake turned to Emmett. “You seem to know how to handle your meat well, so you can grill the sausage. We want them crispy! But not burnt!” He looked at Weston. “You’re on the cutting! Cut the vegetables like you're on fire! I know Cynthia taught you a little bit about knives.” He turned to look at Fynn, “And you can start by putting your clothes back on, and then cutting the bread into slices and toasting it!” Blake found himself a pot, and started dropping ingredients into it to make a sauce.

On the other side of the kitchen. Payton, and Salem were mashing the potatoes together. “I guess we’re both kind of the outsiders, huh.” Payton smiled looking up at Salem.

“I guess you could say that. We’re both new and all…” Salem turned to look at Isabella who was still trying to figure out what filter to use. “So is she though.”

Payton shrugged. “I think she still thinks she’s at the afterparty for Lakeside.”

“Right?” Salem giggled. “She never seems to know what’s happening.”

Dania walked over, with some turnips for the girls to mash. “Is it just me, or she really starting to worry anyone else?”

“I don’t think we need her for the challenge.” Payton admitted.

“Yeah but… do we even know anything about her?” Dania whispered. “She’s such a wild card.”

Salem nodded. “Like the stars. Always there, beautiful, but out of reach and unknown.”

Dania sighed. “I feel like she doesn’t even care about us? Like she just likes to hear her own voice. Y’know?” The other girls nodded. Dania walked off to begin to the stuffing.

“She’s so tragic.” Salem whispered.

“So tragic.” Payton agreed. “First Andre, then her friend, and now her only other friends are at war.”

“Bless her.” Salem said.

"Bless her.”

On the boys side, Blake was still working with his sauce, having tried a multitude of variations, but deeming none of them quite right. “Do we have any chilli?” Blake gasped. Looking around the kitchen.

“Who would get chilli for a thanksgiving dinner?” Emmett laughed, as he flipped the sausage. “Almost done her boss!”

Weston handed Blake a bag of red chilli. “Don’t forget we have Julien on our team.”

“He’s a real hero!” Blake announced, as he shredded the hot chilli into a bowl of honey and started to add wine and other ingredients. “This will be perfect!”

Fynn started to cut the toasted bread into slices as Blake instructed. “Is it hot in here for anyone else or?”

“NO!” The three boys shouted. “Keep your clothes on!” Emmett laughed.

Back on the girls side. Dania had finished the dressing and was taking it out of her oven. “Does anyone else smell burning?” She asked looking around the kitchen.

“Must be the boys, we would have heard our timer go off.” Payton replied, looking over to Isabella. “Where’s the timer? How much longer until the turkeys done?”

Isabella looked up from where she had just finished posting the team selfie to the gram. “It’s perfect! ‘Aprons are the new black!’” She read out loud, “What are your handles so I can tag you?”

Salem walked over to Isabella. “Where’s the timer?” She repeated.

Isabella shrugged. “It kept going off so I threw it into the trash. It was ruining my mojo!”

“THE TURKEY!” Dania shouted racing to the smoking oven. “It’s dead. It’s actually dead.”

The three girls turned to Isabella. “You had one job.” Paytoin frowned.

“I know, and look, we already have over 200 likes!”

Zac walked into the kitchen, and looked at the two meals presented to him. The boys had prepared sausage and grilled skewers with a honey-chilli sauce, while the girls plated dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and black char. The host looked at the girls disappointed. “Well, we’ll serve the boys dinner, but you’re going to need to go back to your dorm rooms and decide who you’re sending home.”

“You did it!” Emmett grinned squeezing Blake between his arms. Fynn and Weston joined in on the hug.

“We did it!”

Weston stared at Fynn. “Your clothes were literally just on a second ago!”

“World’s greatest mystery - after Alfie of course!” Fynn teased.

Salem walked over to Weston. “Do you think you could give this to Alfie for me?” She handed him a small glowing vial.

“What is it?”

“It’s to bring back his memories. He thought maybe I could help.”

“But I was helping Alfie with his memories.” Weston frowned, putting the vial into his pocket.

“Ok ladies, it’s time for you to leave.” Zac ushered in the other members of the Screaming Fraternity. “Congratulations on your second win in a row!” He motioned for the team to each grab two plates. “There are some people who are very excited to see you.”

The boys started to bring their dishes into the dining room asides from Weston and Alfie. “Alfie?” Weston said stopping his friend, as he handed him Salem’s vial. “What’s this?”

“I thought that Salem could help me remember!” The candy lover grinned. “Is this it?” He looked at the vial in his hand. “She really did it!”

“Alfie, I told you I’d help you. Do you not believe in me anymore?”

“Of course I do!” Alfie said, as he opened the vial. “It’s just I thought she could help too!”

Weston frowned, as he walked away from Alfie. “I never thought you’d turn out to be exactly like my other twin. Always the second fiddle I guess.”

Alfie swallowed the contents of the vial. “Weston wait!” He stopped partway through as he fell to the ground.

Kaleb was the first to serve his guests. Pascal a famous reality show contestant sat at his table with a girl named Sabrina. “Pascal! You’ve finally decided to show up for one my shows!”

Pascal faked a smile. “Of course, anything for you Kaleb. Has nothing to do with my contract with Total Drama, at all.”

Kaleb stared at Sabrina, “I don’t know who you are so if you could leave? Thanks.” He shoved Sabrina out of the chair so that he could talk to Pascal. “You’re one of my idols, I always voted for you ever since your first audition!”

Pascal drank from his glass of water. “I think I have food poisoning. So I’m just going to go now.”

“Wow. I gave THE Pascal, food poisoning.” Kaleb grinned.

Emmett sat down at his table with Youri and Colin. “It’s like a little reunion here, eh.” The muscular teen chuckled.

“Fleur’s not coming is she?” Colin sighed, looking around for his ex. “Figures.”

“You better not give your place up this time.” Youri said pointing his fork at Emmett. “I even made team Emmett shirts!” He took his jacket off to show Emmett.

“You’ve been putting on weight!” Emmett said shocked.

“I started to take your advice.” Youri blushed. “You really do know what you’re talking about.”

Emmett grinned. “Thanks, for the shirts and everything Youi!” The country boy turned to Colin. “Did you two break up or something?”

“I don’t know. She just stopped answering me.” Colin explained.

“I know the feeling.” Emmett put a hand on Colin’s back. “Want me to give her a message for you?”

“Could you?”

It took all of Graysons courage to run back into the kitchen when he saw his mother sitting with Viola. “Your girlfriend is a sweetheart, hun.”

“Huh?” Grayson gasped, setting down the food.

“She cleared everything up for me. I can’t believe people would spread such lies about you. I’m sorry for not believing in you son.”

Viola kissed Grayson’s cheek and whispered. “I had to do something to make her shut up. I’m sorry.”

Grayson blinked repeatedly. “How’s Africa.” He asked, looking at Viola.

“She says it’s great!” His mother said between bites. “They’ve built a school and have been teaching kids English and life skills. Her and that charity case friend of yours. Apparently he has the flu and couldn’t make it. What a shame.”

“My what?” Grayson coughed. He looked at Viola whose eyes were twitching.

“Your charity case friend. You know the one, the blond boy, the one we pray for at church every Sunday.”

“Sam.” Viola corrected.

“No. Not Sam.” Grayson huffed. “My boyfriend. Mother.”

“Excuse you.”

“My boyfriend.” Grayson repeated he grabbed onto Viola’s hand and walked away from the table. “Who loves me. I wish I could say the same thing for you.”

“If you don’t turn around right now Grayson!” But despite the warnings the prep school student kept walking.

Damien stood in front of his table confused by the two people seated there. One was a young woman, with long flowing hair, while the other was unmistakably Harry, Dania’s father. “Hello Damien.” He said.

Damien offered his hand to the woman. “It’s nice to finally meet Dania’s mother.”

The man and woman shared a laugh. “Oh darling, how could you forget your very own Mother.”

Damien’s eyes focused on the familiar eyes. “Hush now, I’m not here to scare you.”

“No. We want to congratulate you. You did a good job winning the challenge, and saving the day in Floria.” Harry smiled as he took a sip of his wine.

“I hear they’re entering the modern era now.” Mother said, her sly smirk returning to her face. “Now where’s this darling sister of yours I’ve heard so much about?”

Blake approached his table where the Incan King was seated, covering the other guest. “Blaaaaaake.” The Incan King grinned shoving the skewers into his mouth. “Food good.” He patted Blake’s head before he took a nap.

“Blake?” A softer voice announced. “Thank god!” A girl appeared from behind the fat king. “I need to apologize!” But the hockey player was gone before she could finish her sentence.

Julien approached his table, where two of the Lost Children were seated. “Figures I wouldn’t have any guest of my own.”

“HANNAH!?” The children shouted.

“She lost. You’re stuck with me.”


“Me.” Julien repeated, taking a photo of one of the children up close.

“My turn!” The kids shouted jumping Julien and taking his polaroid camera. The pair ran around the room taking photos of the guests.

Weston stared at Cody Simpson. “Where’s my guest?”

“The musician pointed at the fit male talking with Zac in the far corner. “Sorry man. But uh… Is Angel here?”

“She’s moved on. Maybe it’s time you do the same.” Weston said taking a seat. “Today’s just not my day.”

The camera panned to the corner where Hayden and Zac were talking. “You can’t just do that Zac.”

“But I missed you.” Zac said, holding onto Hayden’s hand.

“But I was in class when a military escort picked me up from school.” Hayden blinked. “How did you even do that?”

“My brother owed me a favor.” Zac kissed Hayden’s cheek. “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Of course.” Hayden sighed. “Zac, I missed you. Of course I did. But I need to focus on school right now.”

“This is a school.”

“But it’s not MY school.”

“It could be. Transfer. Be with me. Choose me.” Zac pleaded.

Hayden turned to where Weston was sitting alone. “You brought me here to be Weston’s guest. So I’m going to go do that.”

Zac pulled the chain out from under his shirt where two rings hung. He clutched them in his hand kissing it.

“Do I know you?” Fynn asked looking at Britt and the beach bunny seated beside him.

“Top of the mornin to ya’, I’m Britt and this is Monique. She’s a big fan of yours.”

“What kind of name is Britt?”

“What kind of guy doesn’t wear clothes on national television.”

“My type of guy.” Monique winked.

“Time to go!” Fynn waved, Monique clinging to his arm.

“They really do get more and more desperate.” Britt blinked.

Vishal looked at his table where one of his former teammates sat, along with a shorter girl with pointed ears. Vishal threw his plate at his former teammate, knocking him out. And stared at the girl. “Can I help you?”

“Yes. Is Mrs. Twilight here?” The elf blinked. “She hasn’t been to class in a long time, and we’re all so worried about her!”

“Twilight?” Vishal paused and looked down at the elf. “I’ll let her know you were looking for her.”

The screen returned to the kitchen where Alfie was pulling himself up from the floor. He walked into the dining room where Trixie stood waiting for him. “Alfie? I know you can’t remember but I brought you this.” She smiled, handing him a photo album. “It’s some of my favorite times with you on Tides. And some of your friends of course.”

“The food looks good, just like momma’ makes it.” Rhett said from the chair while he ate the food.

Alfie shook his head. “No thank you.”

Trixie blinked. “I made it for you Alfie. To help with your memories.”

Alfie took a step closer to Trixie. “I remember.”

“You do?!” Trixie gasped, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend. “I’ve been waiting for you to say those words.”

But Alfie’s arms were stiff. “I remember everything Trixie. I know now. I know that we shouldn’t be together.”

Trixie dropped her glass, sending it shattering to the floor, drawing the attention of the students and guests. “What do you mean? We love each other.”

Alfie shook his head. “I don’t think so. We broke up what… three.. Four times during Tides?” Alfie looked away. “That’s not good. That’s not right.”

“Alfie? You’re not serious are you.” Trixie gasped.

“I am.” He handed Trixie a white coloured skittle. “You used to be my rainbow, but I look at you now and all I feel is nothing.” Alfie stared at Trixie’s eyes. “I spent months wanting to remember how to love you, but maybe I should have spent that time asking myself why I should love you.” He took a step away from Trixie. “Because I don’t see it now. I don’t. You don’t make me feel like I’m on a sugar rush.”

“What happened to you Alfie.” Trixie sniffled. “What happened.” Weston walked over and helped Trixie to a chair, sending a look at Alfie.

The scene switched to the Dean’s Office. The ten members of the Killer Sorority were seated throughout the room. Mana looked at the girls disappointed. “That’s two in a row. Maybe if you actually attended class this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Or maybe if we actually had a team, this wouldn’t have happened.” Rosalie glared at Angel and Cherry.

Angel laughed. “Why are you so hateful. All you ever do is spew hatred and negativity.”

“Like it’s no wonder Emmett broke up with you.” Cherry rolled his eyes.

“Could you not.” Dania huffed. “Hate each other all you want - just not when I’m around. I don’t want to hear it.”

“Don’t move!” Isabella shouted, “The way the light is hitting your chin makes you look like an Egyptian goddess!” The Lakeside camper took a snapshot of Dania and sent it to her on Instagram. “Don’t worry I found you during the challenge!”

“When you were supposed to be watching the turkey.” Payton added.

Twilight whispered to Salem. “Did you give Alfie his potion?”

Salem nodded. “I just hope he knows what he’s getting himself into.”

“Fleur, it could be said that you cost the team the challenge today, with your misunderstandings.”

Fleur blinked. “I am not in the thinking of this, but I would understand if my team felt so.”

“We love you Fleur. Don’t worry for a second.” Angel declared.

Mana looked at Hannah. “How does it feel not being the captain this season?”

Hannah shrugged. “I’m free! I can focus on the side quests this season, I don’t need to be burdened with trying to follow the main plot at all, I can just kind of do my own thing!”

Mana looked at Dania. “Twitter is blowing up with your icey cold stance on Rosalie Vs. Cherry and Angel. How are you able to stand so indifferent.”

“Maybe ask me a question that actually matters, and doesn’t continue to feed the flames. Like how am I feeling after that devastating loss. Because I’m furious we lost because we refused to work as a team.”

“Spill that tea.” Isabella nodded.

Twilight and Salem shared an awkward look. “Can we just vote now?”

“Sure why not.” Mana decided. After a few moments he collected the scantron sheets. “I can confirm there is NOT a popularity twist at this elimination.” He inserted the sheets into Zac statue.

Unlike the other times, the first 8 leafs instantly shot out of the flames and landed on Angel, Dania, Cherry, Fleur, Hannah, Payton, Salem and Twilight. Mana looked at Rosalie and Isabella. “For the first time this season the vote was unanimous, aside from one vote.” Mana watched as another leaf drifted onto Rosalie’s lap.

“Thank you everyone. For doing what was best for the team.” Rosalie turned to Isabella. “You were supposed to make it so people didn’t hate us. Not make yourself a target for being clueless.”

Dania looked over at Rosalie. “She means to say, that you just didn’t really participate with the team.’

Isabella gasped. “But look at all of the photos I have of us all!”

Twilight shook her head. “I wouldn’t call that participating. We really just don’t know who you are.”

“Well whoever she is, she’s not Cherrylicious.”

Fleur gave Isabella a hug. “Very pretty though.”

“So are you! I love your hair!” Isabella grinned.

“There it is!” Payton shook her head. “You just deflect everything and make it so impersonal.”

Mana whistled awkwardly. “Oh this is going to be awkward.” He watched as the final leaf sparked to life from the liberty torch and fell onto Isabella’s lap.

“What just happened?” Angel asked and looked at Rosalie. “What did you do!?”

“Me? Why don’t you look at her!” She pointed at Cherry. “She’s the one who always finds the loophole!”

“Stop yelling and just let Mana explain.” Dania hushed.

“One of the boys has gone missing.’ Mana coughed. “And so there’s no need for an elimination.

“Who?!” The girls asked.

The scene cut to the airport. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” A female’s voice turned to her male companion. The figures were covered from sight from passengers.

“It has to be. I need it to be the right choice.”

“Ok Gray.” Viola laughed, as the figures moved away showing Grayson and Viola waiting for their plane to Africa. “I never thought you’d actually come to Africa with us.”

Grayson looked at Viola. “I can go without electricity, as long as I get a nice warm shower in the morning.”

“About that….” Viola started to giggle, as Grayson’s face faded to white.

Chapter Five: The Anatomy of a Power Play


I don’t know how to say this, and all I can say is that I’m sorry. I don’t know if you can remember when we were kids and we used to watch those cheesy romance movies. The ones where the guy would mess up, and then in a act of romance fly across the country to see his girl to make it up to him. We used to laugh about it. But y’know Pay, I finally get it. I really do. Life’s not worth living if you’re not living it with the people you love. It’s not. Don’t let them get to you Payton. Just be you. Stop pretending for their sake. Pay, I love you and I love every part of you. I need you to know that, I need you to be able to be you. I won’t be there, instead I’ll be off saving the children of Africa and making out with Sam. Just promise me, promise me you’ll be true to you. I’ve done enough pretending for the both of us.

I’ll see you soon, if I don’t ebola or something, Gray.

Payton’s eyes filled with tears. Grayson’s younger sister crawled into her bed, dragging the cover over her head as she clutched onto his letter. She couldn’t be mad at him, but she couldn’t deny things wouldn’t be the same without him around.

“Like, he was a good brother.” Cherry confirmed.

“What would you know.” Payton sniffled. “All you ever wanted to do was eliminate him or break him and Sam up.” The preppy girl crumpled the note. “If it weren’t for Grayson you wouldn’t have won. If it wasn’t for Sam, or Viola you’d be nothing!” Payton blew her nose into her blanket. “Just go away Cherry! You might think you’re cherrylicious but we all know the truth! You’re just a joke!”

In a quick motion, Cherry jumped from her bed, so that she was standing beside Payton. She removed her covers and quickly slapped Payton across the face. “Like don’t even.” Cherry looked down at her roommate. “If you know anything from last season, it’s like that I totes do not put up with whining!”

Payton looked up at her roommate, her expression confused. “I’m sorry.”

“Like of course you are. Everyone knows that I am the most cherryliscious person to ever walk the face of this cherry-flipping earth. Now stop whining, and help me plot my revenge on Rosalie!” Payton looked up from her small tub of icecream and nodded.

In the dormroom across the hall, Rosalie stared down her roommate Isabella. “We’re going to need to talk about you voting me out.” The former winner finished taking her makeup off for bed, and turned to Isabella, who was lying in her own bed facing away from Rosalie. “I don’t think it was very fair of you to vote me off, considering our alliance and all.”

Refusing to turn around, Isabella spoke up. “But it’s fair for you to vote me out? We’re supposed to have girl power and whatever. That SO wasn’t cool.” Isabella opened up her phone and began to block Rosalie from every medium she could. “Consider yourself dropped!”

“I had to vote for you Isabella.” Rosalie sighed. “Everyone agreed, and it meant that we would work together, so maybe I wouldn’t go home next if they could trust me.”

Isabella turned around, taking a photo of Rosalie before posting it to her social media. “Don’t. Trust. This. B!tch!” She posted. “I actually tried so hard to be your friend, I talked to you about boys, movies, all of my favourite sushi places!” Isabella turned back around. “Did any of that even mean anything to you?”

“What does that even have to do with anything?” Rosalie remarked. “This is a competition. You compete, or you lose. Anything else is irrelevant.”

“Look, all I’m trying to say is that ever since I started to hang out with your my follower count has been dropping! Like crazy! I don’t know what it is about you, but the people don’t like it!” Isabella tried to explain. “And I love the people, the people are my friends. They were there when I was with Christian… They were there when I was puking on New Years, they were there when I went to see Justin Bieber live - the third time! They’ve always been there!”

The scene switched to the duck pond between the two team buildings. Dania and Emmett sat on a bench together, watching the sleeping ducks. “So what’s up?” Emmett asked, looking over at his friend.

“I just wanted, needed.” Dania clarified. “To get away from the girls for a little while.” Her eyes wandered across the grassy field. Students walked the small stone paths that led to who-knows where. “Do you ever feel like we’re just missing the point?”

Emmett raised one of his eyebrows. “What do you mean? Isn’t the point to win the show?”

“Not like that.” Dania paused, worrying if she was just overthinking it. “All of this,” She motioned at the campus around her. “It’s ours too. But I don’t know, I feel like I’m so cooped up. It’s like I’m trapped. We wake up, do something with our team, then usually there’s a special class - just for us to take.”

Emmett nodded understanding. “And after that we have lunch, or maybe the challenge if Zac isn’t moping about Hayden in his office. Then it’s dinner or elimination.”

“And after a few days of random classes, that may or may not have to do anything with our own goals, or the challenge, we have a challenge again.” Dania frowned. “Why can’t we be out there.” She returned her focus to the wandering students. “Why can’t we be them?”

Emmett jumped to his feet and grabbed onto Dania’s hand dragging her off of the bench. “Come on.”

“What? What are you doing!”

“Come on!” Emmett encouraged. “You’re not wrong! This is ours too. There’s reason why we shouldn’t explore the campus. Just because we always have class in the same place, doesn’t mean we can’t just explore for fun.”

Dania’s eyes lit up. “Really? You’d do this with me?”

Emmett chuckled, as Dania finally joined him. “You and Angel are just fighting. It’s not like that means I can’t hang out with you. Besides, you were there for me before, it’s time I return the favor. You helped set me free, I can do the same.”

The camera switched to show Hannah’s dorm room. Blankets were drapped from the walls and the ceiling, creating a blanket fort that encompassed the entire room. “You don’t think that the others will be jealous, or feel left out?” Twilight asked, crawling into the fort. Inside, soft pillows were tossed around, with fairy lights dangling from the top.

Fleur shook her head. “They are not in deserving.” She simply said. “They don’t want to be in the team with us, they don’t want to be in the being of true friends!” She gripped Hannah’s hand.

“Fleur’s right.” Hannah nodded. “They’d only lower the party morale. Besides we have each other, isn’t that enough?”

Angel leaned back, putting popcorn in her mouth, she said between bites, “I mean, it would have been cool if I could have Emmett here.”

“He’s out with Dania though.” Twilight noted.

“Yeah… He’s such a sweetheart.” Angel smiled. “Even if me and Dania are fighting over something so stupid, he’s still there for her.”

Hannah raised an eyebrow. “You mean, you’re not mad at him? It’s so refreshing being around normal, healthy relationships for once.” Hannah stared at the camera. “Love you Samson!”

“Is it true that Colin was here?” Salem asked, looking at Fleur.

“Oui.” The frenchy frowned. She looked at the ground awkwardly.

“Well, did you get to see your boy!?” Hannah questioned. Fleur looked away, grabbing a handful of popcorn from Angel. “This is how you say, uh good?”

Angel raised an eyebrow at Fleur. “What are you hiding?”

“Moi?! Nothing!”

Salem put a hand on Angel’s shoulder. “It’s ok, you can tell us, this is a slumber party, what happens at a slumber party stays at the slumber party.”

The girls sat in silence, no one really knowing where to start until Twilight pulled out one of her fairy tales. She looked at the other girls with tears in her eyes. “I miss Frosty.”

“I don’t think he deserves you.” Angel admitted. “Anyone who would just abandon you like he did. That’s not fair. That’s not right.”

“Bless up.” Hannah commented.

Twilight clutched the book to her chest. “I know, I know.” She took in a heavy breath. “But when I look out at the sky, all I can think about is whether he’ll come back tonight. If he’ll come flying through the sky on Dasher to take me back.”

Salem wrapped her arms around Twilight. “You deserve to be happy.”

“We all do.” Twilight corrected. “We all deserve our fairy tale ending! If only we had a fairy godmother.”

Angel got up. “Well, what if we did?”

Salem shook her head. “There’s no such thing, Star Queens, yes, but they’re rare and don’t meddle in the affairs of mortals.”

“We could be each others.” Angel said, crawling closer to the girls. “We all have something that we can only dream or wish for. Something that we can’t do on our own.” Angel put her hand in the centre of her friends. “I can only wish that Rosalie wasn’t around, that she couldn’t get between me and Emmett anymore.”

Twilight nodded, putting her hand on top of Angel’s. “And I wish that I knew why. I wish that I could understand why Frosty stopped believing in me.”

Salem blushed as she put her own hand on top of Twilight’s. “I’m not sure how this works, or if it’ll work… but I wish that I could be a flow-blown witch. I wish a coven would tap me.”

“But you brought Weston’s memories back!” Twilight gasped. “You are powerful!”

Salem looked away awkwardly, “No. I just gave him a minor sleeping potion, which was way too strong and he was knocked unconscious, if his memories really are back it has nothing to do with me.”

Hannah looked at Fleur before she moved her hand over Salem’s. “It’s my turn to be in love again. I wish that someone could fall in love with me.”

Fleur gasped putting her hand over Hannah’s mouth. “Do not be in the saying of such darkness! You are in the being of loved.” Fleur wrapped her arms around Hannah.

There was a long pause, while the girls looked at Fleur, waiting for her to join. “Fleur, what do you wish for?” Twilight asked.

Fleur paused, looking at the girls sitting around the glowing snow globe. “I wish I never had to leave.”

The scene switched to show Alfie and Fynn eating homemade cookies. “I can’t believe Gray’s mom just gave this to me!” Fynn gasped. “She’s such a sweet lady!”

“They’re so good!” Alfie agreed, dipping the cookies in a glass of milk. He paused and sent a sad look over to Fynn. “I’m sorry that he’s not around anymore.”

Fynn offered a smile. “Don’t even sweat about it bro.” The surfer poured more milk for him and Alfie, as they sat at the kitchen counter in their dorm building. “He’s with Sam now. He’ll be happy.” He raised his glass to give cheers with Alfie. “And if Sam’s happy, that means I’m happy.”

“He was always like a big brother to me back on Tides!” Alfie smiled, splitting a cookie to share with Fynn. “He and Sam would let me sleep in their cabin, and they’d read me bedtime stories. One time, they even took turns guarding my candy stash when I thought someone was going to steal it!”

“You really do remember after all, eh?” Fynn grinned, passing another cookie to Alfie. “I can drink to that!” He raised his glass of milk, clinking his against Alfie’s. “So, tell me, did Sam ever say anything about me?”

Alfie paused, taking a second to think. “He did say he had a brother back home.” He took a bite out of the cookie. “OH! He mentioned that you used to wet the bed until you were -”

Fynn shoved a cookie into Alfie’s mouth. “Never mind that bro.” Fynn looked around nervously. His shirt magically already on the floor.

“He never mentioned that you were a nudist though.” Alfie looked at Fynn’s pecs, “They kind of look like skittles.” The candy lover slowly started to move his hands closer.

Fynn swatted Alfie’s hands away. “THEY ARE NOT SKITTLES!” The surfer covered up his chest with his shirt once more. “Why do you love candy so much?”

“Why are you nude so much?” The pair stared at each other awkwardly, neither knowing the answer. Some mysteries are mysteries for a reason. The two boys shrugged, sharing yet another cookie.

The night changed to day, as the Sun took its place in the sky. In the boys kitchen, Blake was hard at work preparing breakfast for his team. Vishal walked behind him, to get a glass of water. The athlete took a seat at the high-bar, in the middle of the kitchen. “Are you going to explain what that was or what?” Vishal said, staring at Blake as he cracked an egg into the hot pan.

Blake turned to Vishal. “What what was?”

“Don’t play dumb with me Blake. At the last challenge you froze up and hid like a girl.”

Blake glared at Vishal. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Vishal pulled out his phone to show the viral video of Blake diving behind the counter in the grocery store. “Really? Is that the answer you want to go with?”

The hockey star blushed, but refused to say a word. He handed Emmett his morning protein shake, as the muscular teen walked in. “Lay off him Vishal. We all have our quirks.” Emmett put his hand on Blake’s back. “And we both know just how much the media will twist reality.”

Kaleb shook his head, as he drank his very berry smoothie. “That’s a hard disagree. The media doesn’t twist, it just wipes the fog away. It makes everything clear, it reveals the truth.” The wannabe star put his hand on Blake’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Stop.” Blake brushed Kaleb off. “I don’t know what you think you know but I am almost certain you’re wrong.” The hockey star grabbed onto the pan, flipping the egg into the air and letting it land in his mouth. “Now if you excuse me, I have people to see who aren’t going to harass me.” Blake walked out of the room, refusing to look back at the rest of his team.

Emmett paused to look at both Kaleb and Vishal. “When will you guys learn to make friends?”

Kaleb rolled his eyes. “He is my friend. He might not know it, but he’s mine.” Kaleb smirked in Vishal’s direction. “You might have pucks and balls in common, but I have this.” Kaleb gave a wide smile, his white teeth shimmering in the sunshine.

Vishal grabbed a cup of coffee and tossed it in Kaleb’s direction. “I think you might need to get changed.” The athlete grumbled, walking out of the kitchen.

Emmett looked around the messy kitchen, giving a heavy sigh. “We’re in university guys, do we really need to keep acting like children?”

Weston walked into the kitchen, and stared at the coffee on the ceramic tile. He looked up at Emmett. “Since when did you drink coffee? And how did you miss your mouth?”

“I didn’t.” Emmett sighed.

“Then how is there coffee all over the ground?” Weston questioned, pulling out a magnifying glass and examining the spill.

“It’s not…” Emmett shook his head. “Never mind, you come find me when you figure this mess out.”

“On it captain!”

Damien is shown in his dorm room, blasting music as he stared out of the window. “What’s gotten you so… distracted.” Julien whispered into Damien’s ear, having snuck into his room.

The legacy student jumped, falling from his bed and onto the ground. He paused his music and stared at Julien. “When did you get here! And what are you doing here!?”

Julien blinked, and tilted his head. “You looked like you could use a photograph.”

“No?” Damien muttered. “I think I’m good.”

“But they’re potentially my greatest work. I put a lot of effort into this collection.”

Damien stared at Julien. “It’s really not a good time.” He got back to his feet, and walked towards the door, opening it for Julien to leave. “Maybe later.”

“I don’t think so.” Julien declared, shutting the door. “You can not say no to a geniuses work.”

“If I look will you leave?”

“Either that, I’ll cut my ear off and frame it. I haven’t quite decided.” Julien whispered. He pulled out a collection of black and white photographs from his sack. He handed the first photo to Damien.

“This is me…. Like five minutes ago.” Damien said, looking at the photograph of him staring out his window. “They get better.” Julien grinned, passing him a photo of Dania’s father and the woman known as Mother during the last challenge.

“Do you know who they are?” Damien huffed. “Because this isn’t funny Julien.”

Julien blinked. “I’m not trying to be funny. What’s the point in being funny.” He passed another photograph to Damien.

This one showed the same two people being arrested once they left the campus. The next photos were of their mugshots. “What?” Damien gasped. “I don’t understand, what kind of joke is this?”

Julien shook his head. “This is no joke. This is my masterpiece. A true collection of the human emotion.”

“I don’t -”

Julien pulled out his camera, ready to take the final shot of the collection. “I recognized the pair during the challenge. I took a photo, and searched for photos from last season. Once I confirmed they were in fact Harry and Mother, I sent an anonymous tip to the local authorities.” Julien took a photo of Damien’s face as his expression changed from fear to zen. Julien waited patiently for the final photo to print. “A journey of history fear and relief.” Julien sniffed the photograph. “A true work of art.”

Damien wrapped his arms around Julien. “Thank you.” He whispered. Julien’s eyes went wide at the human contact.

The screen went dark, before it returned to show Weston examining coffee beans at the Crows Nest. “Are you sure these are all of the beans you have? They’re definitely not a match.”

“Could I just get a darkened spirit frappe?” Salem asked, looking at the employee who stood behind the counter.

“Sure coming right up Salem.”

“Salem.” Weston whispered, peeking up from behind the counter. “It really is you.” The twin shook his head at the newcomer. “I want you to know that while I appreciate everything you did for Alfie. We are now arch nemeses.”

Salem took a sip for her caffeinated drink, blinking at Weston. “Sorry?”

“You’re my nemesis now! Alfie is different now! And it’s all your fault!” Weston declared.

“I see.” Salem blinked. “Well, as my nemesis I hope you know that I don’t back down.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Weston announced, jumping out from behind the counter. He grabbed an apple, taking a bite out of it on his way out. “You’ll always remember this. This is the day you made an enemy of America!”

Salem blinked. “Are you sure?”

“It sounded better in my head, ok?” Weston frowned, as he awkwardly left the cafe.

The scene switched to show Mana’s lecture hall. More students than usual were seated at the various desks across the room. Payton pulled out her notebook and a stack of coloured pens. She raised her hand. “Is it ok if I record today's lecture?”

Mana raised an eyebrow. “You do realize you don’t actually get graded for this right.”

“Suck up.” Damien teased from the other side of the room. Payton blushed, lowering her hand.

“Today is a lesson into the basics of anatomy.” Mana turned the lights off as an image of a frog appeared on the screen. “Many of you may have dissected frogs back in highschool. Think of this as the next level to that.”

“Are there going to be frogs used in the challenge?” Salem asked, curiously.

“That’s the plan.” Mana smiled. Without hesitation, Damien, Payton and Salem all got up and left the room. Mana looked at the rest of the students, “Was it something I said?”

Weston shrugged. “Salem’s probably just off going to ruin someone else's life. No big deal, i wouldn’t worry about it.”

Julien got out of his seat, to get a closer view of the video of the frog being torn limb from limb on the screen. He slowly moved his hand into his bag of popcorn as he watched with joy. “Is this on our online website?”

“Who the cherryliscous world invited this creep to our class? Is he part of like some murder challenge?” Cherry asked.

“Nah brah, he’s just our MVP.” Fynn winked. Cherry rolled her eyes.

“You do remember when you rejected her back on Tides… Right?” Angel asked, moving her head away from Emmett’s shoulder.

Fynn shrugged. “She’s way less annoying now.” “One could only wish.” Rosalie giggled, looking around but no one joined her.

Emmett sent Rosalie a look. “She’s not that bad Rose.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

Angel shot Rosalie a glare. “Don’t talk to him that way. He’s been put down by you enough!”

Rosalie packed up her things. “There’s enough of us here to get a grasp on the challenge.” She left for the door, not looking back.

“I can handle myself.” Emmett whispered into Angel’s hair, brushing her hair.

“She just gets under my skin. How can she just treat you like that!”

“And people say I’m not a team player.” Vishal laughed, getting a fist-bump from Fynn.

Weston shrugged. “I thought she was a nice person.”

“She is.” Twilight quietly spoke out. “She’s just… lost. It happens to all of us when you join the show. You’ll see, it’ll happen to you too.”

Mana snapped a piece of chalk. Bringing the attention back to himself. “Can we get back to the course material or….” He asked.

The rest of the lecture went on without a hitch. “Anyone want to get coffee before the challenge?” Emmett asked, as he and Angel got up from their seats.

“Will milk and sugar be provided?” Julien asked, after taking a photograph of an abandoned bottle of water on one of the desks.

“Of course!” Angel cheerfully announced. Emmett quickly whispered into her ear. “I mean, no. Just black coffee.”

“I’m in.” Julien declared.

Cherry looked over at the trio. “I have like scheming to do. One of us actually needs to work on getting rid of that like totally rude ex of yours.” Emmett sighed.

“I’m going to go find her.” Twilight decided. “She could really use someone.” She looked up at Emmett. “I guess we all really have changed since back at Lindsay’s Wonderland.”

“Don’t let her get to you.” Angel said, locking her hand with Emmett’s.

Fynn turned to Weston and Vishal. “Wanna hit the gym?”

“I’m down.” Vishal nodded, pulling his gym bag over his shoulder. He looked over at Weston. “What about you man?”

“Really? Me?” Weston blinked.

“Yeah, Blake mentioned you started to hit the gym with him, and since he’s MIA, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on your gains man.” Vishal offered a smile.

Fynn handed the teen a peanut butter bar. “Eat this, it’ll help.”

The scene cut to the genesis courtyard, where most of the other students had gathered to see the daily rankings change. “I just don’t get it. I can be the protagonist too! I’m likeable, I’m cute. I have skills, I’ve been leveling up so much since Tides!” Hannah pouted, as she watched Rosalie remain in first place. “This isn’t fair! It’s rigged!”

1. Rosalie

2. Cherry

3. Alfie

4. Emmett

5. Dania

6. Salem

7. Weston

8. Hannah

9. Payton

10. Kaleb

11. Damien

12. Julien

13. Isabella

14. Blake

15. Fleur

16. Fynn

17. Vishal

18. Angel

19. Twilight

“At least you are in the being of in top half!” Fleur gasped, looking at the red line that seperated the top five from the rest.

“It has to be rigged.” Kaleb declared, walking towards the girls. “There’s no way someone has fantastic as me isn’t in the top.”

Hannah nodded. “Finally, something we can agree on!” She turned to Fleur. “This is Kaleb, he used to be on my team on Frozen.” She paused, “He was kind of useless like me.” “Oh honey, speak for yourself, I was robbed!” Kaleb gasped. The girls stared at him. “Ok, so yeah I was kind of useless.”

Blake sat on a bench, as he looked up at the rankings. He sighed as he watched his rank rise. Fleur frowned. “Why is Blakers being in the alones?”

Hannah nodded. “He seemed so nice back on Tides! Like that one party member you know you can always count on!”

Kaleb shrugged. “There’s the whole closet gay thing he’s working through, plus he kind of stormed out of the kitchen this morning.” The actor gasped. “And then after that there was so much drama!” He looked at the girls. “Tell me the scoop, who’s winning the civil war? Cherry? Angel? Rosalie? I NEED to know!”

“I don’t know.” Hannah admitted. “I never really know anymore, it’s like we’re in our own side mission while they’re having the battle of the century.”

Fleur nodded. “We are in the being of spectating.” The frenchy smiled lightly when she saw Alfie join Blake.

“Hey.” Blake said, as Alfie joined him on the bench.

“Hey.” Alfie smiled. “Do you ever feel… like you made a mistake?”

The hockey player turned to Alfie. “Is this about Trixie?” Alfie nodded.

“You know man. I had a girlfriend once.”

“Just once?” Alfie asked, blinking. “Are you actually gay? Because I honestly thought everyone was just joking about that.”

Blake stared at Alfie and exhaled. “Not gay. Not sure if they’re joking. But moving on with our life.”

“Then why only one? I used to hear Sam go on about how cute you were all of the time! Him and Grayson used to fight about it.” Alfie asked.

“It’s just… complicated.” Blake admitted. “Anyways, I started to feel like she might not have been the one for me, and then…” He pressed his tongue against his cheek. “And then I regretted not breaking up with her sooner.”

“Do you think Trixie will be ok?”

Blake nodded. “She seemed like a strong girl. I’m sure she’ll be fine.” The hockey star wrapped his arm around Alfie, offering him half of his Kit-Kat bar. “Are you going to be ok?”

“He’s so gay.” Kaleb declared.

“Definitely.” Hannah agreed.

The scene cut to show the Dania crying in her room. She stared at the voicemail from her father on her phone, her eyes teary. She had played the message back, over and over all morning. “I don’t get it.” She whispered as she clutched her phone. “I just don’t get it. When am I going to catch a break.”

Isabella is shown in the hallway singing along to Justin Bieber’s latest song when she sees Dania alone in her room. She stops singing and sits on the bed across from Dania. “Has anyone ever told you that you look like this semi famous local performer Dania, from Andre and Dania?”

Dania locked her phone, and sat up to look at Isabella. She tilted her head, and wiped her nose. “No… because I am Dania.”

“That makes so much sense! I always thought it was strange that all of the other girls were jealous of you, and avoided talking to you!” Isabella explained. “You’re like so cool! The coolest really.”

Dania looked at Isabella, “Are you just sucking up because you were almost eliminated, because I honestly really can’t deal with that right now.”

“No!” Isabella gasped. “I’m honestly so over with this reality television thing. I just want some girl time! I feel like ever since I’ve been here I’ve been used. No one ever stopped to ask what Isabella wants. And Isabella wants to talk about how gorgeous you looked in your debut performance in Ottawa!” She paused. “Was it designer?”

Dania eyed Isabella up and down. “What size dress are you?”


Dania started to dig through her closet until she found a purple dress. The very same dress that Isabella was talking about. She tossed it at Isabella. “Well, are you going to try it on or what?”

Isabella gasped. “Really? You’d let me?”

“Andre’s not around for me to impress anymore. When am I going to wear it?”

“Like every day?” Isabella said, as she peeled off her clothes and put on the dress. “This feels so….” Isabella swooned.

“It looks great.” Dania offered a smile. She pointed at the mirror.

“I look hot.”

“You look hot.” Dania agreed. She turned to her phone that was going off, informing her of the new challenge. “Well, fun times over.”

“Do we have to? I feel like I was just starting to have fun!” Isabella pouted, as she slinked out of the dress.

“Come on, challenges can be fun… sometimes.”

Rosalie is seen standing in the girls washroom. The mirrors were all fogged, so her reflection was hidden. “You don’t have to be alone.” Twilight decided as she walked into the room, and gave Rosalie a hug. “They’re wrong. I was wrong too.”

“No.” Rosalie looked down at her shorter friend. “They aren’t. You’re not.” Rosalie exhaled. “I am different. We’re all different. You and Dania both tried to tell me that, but I couldn't’t see it. Everything is so different.” She pulled out her phone where she could see the live feeds of herself. “This is so new, and different from Frozen.”

“It wasn’t fair of me to call you out before. We’re friends. We shouldn’t just give up on eachother.” Twilight said.

Rosalie shook her head. “I needed that. All of it. I needed a reminder that this is a game, and that I’m playing it wrong. And I needed that hug.” Rosalie teared up. “I don’t remember the last time I felt so alone.”

“Some could say it’s been centuries.” Twilight teased. “Santa told me all kind of stories about you.”

Rosalie wiped her tears away. “Oh did he now? I hope they were all good?”

“Most of them, we won’t talk about that time in Paris though.” Twilight giggled.

“I missed you.” Rosalie whispered.

“I missed you too. I miss Frozen.”

“Things were so much simpler back then.” The former winner agreed.

Twilight held onto Rosalie’s hand. “Are you ready for the challenge?”


The scene cut to show Damien, Payton and Salem all awkwardly meeting outside of a lab. Damien looked at the two girls. “So… uh fancy meeting you here.”

Payton blushed. “Yes… what a coincidence that we would all just so happen to end up across campus at the science lab where they keep the animals…”

“I’m just here for a pet frog.” Salem announced. “Every witch needs a familiar. And after I saw Trixie last season, I just knew a frog was for me.”

“You do realize not all frogs are that big… right?”

Payton looked at Salem. “Like… Ribbit was the exception.”

Salem blinked. “What? Are you saying I can’t just ride on any frog I want to?”

“That’s 100% what we’re saying.” Damien nodded.

“Oh. Then I really don’t think my presence is needed here.” Salem shrugged, she started to walk off before turning. “But why are you guys here?” Damien and Payton looked at each other. When neither spoke up Salem did. “If you don’t answer, I’ll just have to cast a truth spell. And then… I could ask anything I wanted, like which boys you both find cute.”

Damien stared at Salem, unamused. “I want to use the frogs to prank Fynn.”

“Real mature.” Payton shook her head, “But good target. He might be my brother… in law in the future, but if he calls me sis one more time. God help him.”

“You turn.” Damien pointed out.

Payton spoke really quickly. “So I just don’t think we should be testing on animals. They’re free creatures and it’s not right for us to treat them like….”

“Like animals.” Damien finished. “I approve of your bad-girl side, didn’t expect that from you.”

“So… can I help?” Salem asked.

“Promise not to cast any spells on us?” Payton asked.

Salem blushed. “So I actually can’t cast any spells…. At least nothing as powerful as a truth spell!”

“Noted.” Damien said, as he rammed into the door to try and bust it now.

Payton shook her head. “Amateur.” She pulled out one of her hair clips, and used it to easily pick the lock. “After you.”

“I’m learning a lot about you.” Salem blinked, as she watched Damien and Payton sneak into the lab. Minutes later frogs were swarming the halls.

The scene cut to show Mana and Zac on the Genesis stage, the students waiting below for their next challenge. “What do you mean you can’t find the frogs.” Zac whispered.

“I mean, I can find them… but they’re all over the campus.” Mana innocently said.

“Why would you let the frogs out?” Zac rolled his eyes. “It’s really hard to get good help these days.”

“I didn’t it was -”

“No excuses! How are we supposed to have a frog race with Ribbit if we don’t have any frogs?” Zac turned to the special guest, Ribbit, the giant frog. “Sorry buddy, we won’t be needing you today I guess.” The giant frog licked both Mana and Zac before leaping away.

“Was that a giant frog?” Isabella asked, looking at the girls around her.

“Sometimes, it’s better to just not question things.” Dania explained.

Zac tapped on the microphone to get everyone's attention. “Ok, so unfortunately there’s been a mishap and today’s original challenge of frog racing is cancelled.” Damien, Payton and Salem shared a fist bump in the crowd.

“Instead,” Mana paused. “You’ll have to search around campus for 6 body parts.”

Cherry glared at the hosts. “Like, I really hope you don’t expect me to dig up a body. Because like that’s totes gross.”

Julien stood at attention. “Oh do go on.”

Zac stared at both Cherry and Julien. “I don’t know which reaction is worse… But moving on with our lives because y’all are freaky. Today's lesson was about anatomy. And so we’ve hidden 6 body parts across the campus in your team colours - Blue for the Screaming Fraternities and Red for the Killer Sororities.”

“Each team will be looking for a head, torso, two arms, and two legs. If you’ve assembled your body on the stage here first, your team will be given immunity. There’s no second place prize here, just another elimination to face.”

“Can we just get some clarification… They’re not actual body parts right? I really thought being away from Cynthia for a little while meant I wouldn’t see spare body parts.” Weston asked.

“No worries, they’re 100% silicone.”

“Alright.” Zac announced. “You guys can start.” The host turned to Mana. “We have lunch to attend, where we are going to discuss Rhonda’s late package.” The host walked away with Mana.

The camera panned over to the Killer Sorority. Angel started to speak up to lead the team. “So I know a thing or two about hiding body parts. Expect to find them in normal places, or buried. Sometimes the most obvious place is the best place to hide them.”

Fleur looked at Angel. “Why are you in the knowing of this?”

“Excellent question Fleur. When you’re as trained in the arts of… being a fan.”

“Stalker.” Rosalie coughed, getting a glare from Angel.

“As I am,” Angel continued. “You learn that hiding body parts to help disguise yourself at a concert venue, or to distract the security team by making them believe there’s a serial killer in the area, really makes it easier for you to sneak around.”

Hannah nodded. “She’s an evil genius.”

“So like, the game plan is totes simple. We split into 6 groups, we each find one body part and like totes win the challenge for once!” Cherry grinned, looking at Rosalie waiting for her to speak up. “Like, no comment from the loser peanut gallery today?”

Rosalie shook her head. “Not like anyone would listen even if I tried.” The former winner started to walk away. “I’ll search on my own.”

“You don’t have to!” Twilight said, but Rosalie had already left.

“I’ll be in the looking alone too!” Fleur decided.

“What?” Hannah asked. “You sure Fleur?”

“Oui! It is in my turn of proving self!” Fleur hugged her friends before she raced off in search of body parts.

Cherry grabbed onto Angel’s hand. “Dibs!” Angel gave Cherry a strange look. “Ok… I guess.” The pair walked off.

Twilight walked over to Dania. “Like the good old times?”

Dania gave a slight smile. “We were never really on a team.” She pointed out.

“Yeah, but I wasn’t basically on your team in Frozen.”

Dania giggled. “You’re not wrong.”

Isabella turned to Payton. “Lab partners?”

Payton blinked. “Sure, what’s the worst that can happen?”

“She could try to burn the kitchen down again.” Hannah teased as she and Salem left to find their own body part.

“That was kind of harsh, no?” Salem asked.

“Tough love, I think Isabella needs it.”

The camera panned over to where the guys were discussing their own plan. Vishal turned to Emmett waiting for him to explain their plan for the challenge. “Why are you looking at me? Aren’t you always annoyed when I take charge?” Emmett asked.

“I can’t deny that it seems to work out everytime. And you did have a perfect record on Tides.” Vishal forced the compliment out. “Figured it’s about time I join the team.”

Damien started a slow clap, that Fynn, Alfie and Weston casually joined in on. “Proud of you man.” He looked at the others. “Thanks for joining, that really made it feel all that much more exciting.”

Vishal glared at Damien. “Thanks. Appreciate it a lot.”

“Oh any time man.” Fynn grinned.

Emmett smiled and looked at the rest of his team. “Based off the events of the past few challenge, myself, Alfie and Blake will all fly solo for this challenge. I think we’ve all shown that we are capable of handling ourselves, plus I think we could all use some time alone after this morning.” He eyed both Alfie and Blake worried.

“Yeah. That’s fair.” Blake said, as he walked off.

Alfie swallowed a gumball and jumped in place. “Ready to go sir!” He walked past Weston frowning slightly before racing off.

“What’s up with you two?” Emmett asked.

“He remembers everything, and he went behind my back to do it. He betrayed my trust, and made me feel like Easton always did.”

“Your brothers name is Easton?” Kaleb asked, blinking. “Interesting.” He held back his laughter.

Emmett pointed at Julien and Kaleb. “You’ll both be a team today, and it’s not because you’re one of the only people who isn’t completely scared of Julien.”

Julien gave a sly grin at Kaleb. “Are you ready to go grave robbing?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Kaleb responded.

“Damien and Fynn…”

“Why me.” Damien muttered as Fynn removed his shirt and it landed on Damien.

“Now I’m ready!” Fynn announced as he and Damien left.

Weston looked at Vishal. “I guess that leaves us.”

“I guess so!” Vishal forced a smile. He looked at Emmett with a questioning look, but the muscular leader just winked as he walked away.

“I’m telling you something is going to be here!” Angel said as she and Cherry entered the Crows Nest. “Every serial killer movie ever has the dead body hidden at the sketchy coffee shop.”

Cherry wrinkled her nose at the coffee beans, as she ran her hand through them. “These are totes like poor quality. Cherrylicious would put them out of business in seconds.”

“Your coffee chain is also only found in the forgotten seas, because of the whole Incan army thing, remember?” Angel pointed out.

Cherry sighed. “I know. But like, you have to admit, it was cherrylicious.”

Angel nodded. “One of the few things I miss about that place.”

“You really, like think so?” Cherry asked.

“Yeah, on the SS TD, it’s what kept us going during our movie marathons.”

“OMG I like, think I found it!” Cherry gasped as she pulled a large chicken drumstick from the barrel of coffee beans.

“Hey! Put my lunch back!” The clerk shouted, throwing muffins at the girls, as they ran out of the store.

“And people call me crazy.” Angel shook her head and giggled.

“Ok but like, let’s totes be honest, you crazy girl.”

“I know.” Angel smiled, as they began to search through the plants outside the shop.

Alfie raced past the two girls, clutching a blue arm. “You were right Angel!”

“How does he always get so lucky?” Angel asked.

Cherry shook her head. “Honestly I don’t think it’s luck. He’s really smart… and athletic. He’s totes a competitor just wrapped up in a tiny… like adorkable body.”

“Well how are we supposed to get back in there?” Angel paused.

“The drama club like totes has some wigs we could borrow!”

“LOVE IT!” Angel excitedly shouted, as they raced off to get disguises.

As Alfie ran to the Genesis Plaza, Ribbit hopped in his path. “Ribbit.” The frog croaked, emotionless.

“Ribbit?” Alfie asked wrapping his arms around Trixie’s pet.

“Rib. Bit.” The frog croaked, hopping away from Alfie.

“Are you mad at me?” Alfie frowned. “I had to do it. We weren’t good for each other!”


Alfie nodded. “I know, she’s great. But she needs someone who… someone who just isn’t me.”


“I’ll miss you too buddy.” Alfie gave the frog a hug, tossing him a bag of skittles. “The tropical ones, your favorite.”

“Ribbit.” The frog croaked, grabbing onto Alfie with his tongue, and placing him on his back, as he brought Alfie back to the Genefis Plaza.

The scene swapped to show both Emmett and Rosalie finding their teams heads in their respected washrooms. It fast forwards to show them waiting on the stage for the rest of their teams. “This is awkward.” Rosalie whistled, trying not to look at her ex.

“Only awkward if you make it.” Emmett replied scanning the field for the rest of his team.

“You cheated and broke up with me… soo.”

Emmett turned to Rosalie. “Stop.” The muscular teen shook his head. “Stop doing that, you keep saying I cheated on you. But I didn’t. I tried to contact you to let you know that I don’t think we could work out and that we needed a break.” Emmett exhaled. “But where were you? Not home cheering me on, but competing on Twin It with Cristen of all people!”

“I couldn’t pass that kind of opportunity up.” Rosalie said, crossing her arms. “It’s not like I wanted to be away from you, it’s not like I chose to not be your girlfriend.”

“But you did Rose. You did. When you chose to go on Twin It instead of supporting me, you made your choice. You made it clear what matters most to you. Just like back on Frozen when you were the reason I was voted off. I should have realized then how little I mattered to you, but I guess it’s hard for you to understand because you just have so much more free time to waste than the rest of us.”

“I loved you Emm. Why are you trying to say I didn’t.” Rosalie whispered.

“Because I don’t think you do, I don’t know if you ever did.” Emmett turned as Alfie and Ribbit joined them on the stage. “Way to go lil’man!”

The scene cut to show Isabella and Payton searching through mystery soup in the back of the cafeteria. “Honestly, what do they even put in this?” Payton muttered, moving her hand through a vat of the soup. “It can’t be edible.”

“If you just think of it like you’re dipping your hand in a big fondue pot of chocolate.” Isabella vomited into the pot.

Payton held her dry hand over her mouth. “Yeah? How did that work for you.” “Should we tell someone?” Isabella asked. “Like I feel like this is how all of my favorite restaurants back home got shut down.”

“Honestly, I think you put more nutrient in there, then there was before.” Payton shrugged. “It was probably a good thing.”

Isabella pulled her hand out, giving up on that pot of soup. She wiped her arm dry. “Ohhh. Oh my.” She said as she slid her hand up and down her arm. “It’s so soft.”

Payton turned to look at Isabella as she began to ladle the soup into a number of take away containers. “What are you doing?”

“Feel my arms! It’s so soft! Like even the Kardashians would be jealous of how silky smooth my arm is!”

Payton blinked at her partner. “Ok… but challenge.”

“Ok… but just feel my arm!”

Payton pulled her arm out from the soup, holding onto a red silicone leg. She used the leg to stroke Isabella’s arm. “Oh. Silky smooth.”

“AH!” Isabella shouted, dropping the ladle, and vomiting into the soup again.

“Come on, let’s go!” Payton shouted. “I don’t want us to be the reason we lose the challenge, we have a lot to prove!”

The scene cut to show Blake searching through the locker rooms. Fleur awkwardly followed her former teammate. “Blake?”

Blake turned to face Fleur, his eyes going wide. “You really shouldn’t be in here.”

“I am in the know.” She said, opening a locker to search for a limb. “But girls would never be in the storing of dead people.”

Blake walked to the opposite side of the room, avoiding having a conversation with Fleur. “Ok.”

Fleur started to search closer to Blake. “We miss you. Tres sorry for voting you off first.”

“It’s fine. I had time to practice Hockey.” Blake responded, again walking to the other side of the locker room.

“Am I in the way of upsetting tu?” Fleur asked, as she searched through a gym bag, finding a used jock strap, she gagged, and instantly dropped it.

“No.” Blake responded, he pumped his fist into the air when he found a blue leg.

“Ok… Are tu sure? Because you are not in the speaking with me?”

Blake cautiously looked back at where Fleur was giving him puppy dog eyes. “I just… don’t talk to girls.” He carefully said. “You should find Emmett though, he has something for you.” The hockey star headed for the door, when he saw the girls hockey team waiting outside of the locker room. “Oh come on.” He growled, looking for another way out.

Fleur blinked. “If you are in the helping of me find missing leg, I will be in the distracting of girls for you.”

Blake shivered at the thought of dealing with the girls outside. “Deal.”

“Shake?” Fleur asked, stepping closer to Blake, but the hockey star jumped back to protect himself.

“This isn’t going to work if you don’t want to work with me.” Fynn said, staring at Damien who was walking a few paces behind him.

Damien stared at Fynn. “I don’t see why we need to work together.”

“Because we’re a team of bros. Bros before hoes, or whatever.”

“And what about Andre?” Damien asked. “You’re here because he’s not.”

Fynn stopped walking, and turned to face Damien. “Really? That’s why you’re so upset with me?” The surfer chuckled. “Not cool bro, not cool.”

“If you hadn’t lost us the challenge, or if you weren’t here to begin with, Andre would still be here. You don’t even know how cool of a guy he is. He deserved to be here, that’s more than I can say for you.” Damien looked away.

“Whatever bro. Just stay here, I’ll win us this challenge.”

The scene cut back to Angel and Cherry who were dressed in ornate dresses and fancy wigs. They were laughing as they walked back to Genesis Plaza. Angel wielded a red limb, while Cherry used a baguette as the pair playfully fought each other. “Like who says blondes have more fun. Clearly it’s old rich people.” Cherry adjusted her white wig.

“Oh, I highly concur.” Angel giggled. The two girls stopped to look at Angel’s wig that had fallen to the ground before they both burst out laughing. “Who knew that you weren’t a b!tch, and were actually fun to be around.” Angel shrugged.

“Like, i would take great offense to that, but like spill the tea.” Cherry smiled as the pair arrived at the Genesis Plaza. The girls added their arm to their teams body, that already had a head and a leg.

Angel looked over at the boys. They still only had a head and an arm. “Good job Payton…. And Isabella.” Angel said, slightly shocked.

“Touch my arm.” Isabella said, still rubbing her arm.

“Just do it, or she won’t shut up about it.” Payton clarified.

Kaleb looked around Julien’s room, while the pale student searched under his bed. “I know I said you fascinate me, but you’re not really my type. And you know it’s kind of a challenge right now….” Julien mumbled from under his bed, but Kaleb couldn’t understand what he said. “Alright… Because that 100% was audible and I can so understand whatever it was that you said.” Kaleb grabbed a photo from the wall. “Is this of Zac crying?”

Julien crawled out from under his bed, holding a blue leg. “It is. It’s a rare sight, I’m thinking of selling it on Ebay.”

“Screw Ebay! Let’s use it to blackmail him!” Kaleb shouted, clutching the photo. “That dork host has it coming after all the stuff he put us through after Frozen ended!”

Julien snatched the photo from Kaleb’s hand. “No. My art is not to be used to make people feel bad. It’s to convey emotion. To bring some hope to even those in the deepest of voids.”

Kaleb blinked. “That says a lot coming from you, the captain of no emotion asides from creep.” He stared at the leg in Julien’s arms. “Also, why was that under your bed?”

“I found it the other day. I thought it was cool.”

“Of course you did. Yep. You continue to amaze me.”

Julien pinned the photo back on the wall. “And while I may seem dead, and cruel and sad. I will one day find the photo that will change my life, and bring me to tears of happiness.”

“Truly touching, powerful. And yet…. Still so creepy with that leg in your arms.” Kaleb chuckled, as he and Julien left the dorm room.

The scene jumped to show Dania and Twilight digging through the gardens. “Are you sure you’re ok doing this?” Twilight asked, looking over at Dania who had switched into a beekeeper's outfit.

“Yes. I need to, for the team, and also for myself.” Dania responded, trying to get comfortable in the outfit.

“I could have looked on my own! I know you have… a thing with nature.”

Dania offered a smile to her friend. “I appreciate it, but I’ll be safe in here, and it’s one step closer to… maybe not being terrified.” She laughed lightly as she used a shovel to dig up the soil.

“So…. I was thinking.” Twilight said, looking over at Dania. “That maybe we could be there for Rosalie?”

“I was thinking about that too.”


“And I think you’re right.” Dania smiled. “I think we need each other more than any of us can even realize now. So many things just keep happening, and I can’t just let my friends go because of a stupid fight they're having, that doesn’t really involve me.”

Twilight ran over and hugged Dania, knocking her to the ground. “I’m so glad you said that! Because I was really starting to worry I was going to lose all of my friends, and that I would be alone again, and I can’t handle that!”

“Oh no, Twi.” Dania teared up. “I could never forget or leave you. You’re too precious.”

“But so are all of the other girls on our team. I just… I didn’t want to be replaced.”

“You’re irreplaceable Twi. Don’t forget that.” Dania smiled, pulling out an arm from under her.

“Lucky hug I guess!” Twilight giggled, helping Dania to her feet.

“The power of friendship.”

The scene quickly flashed to show the current score. With Blake and Fleur making it out of the locker rooms, the boys had gathered 4 of their 6 body parts, and were just waiting on Damien/Fynn, and Vishal/Weston. While the girls had 5 of their body parts and were just waiting for Hannah and Salem.

“If this were a secret detective game, where would you hide the body?” Hannah asked, looking at Salem.

“Probably would have burned it, or fed it to the pigs.”

“Both logical, but not helpful answers.” Hannah noted.

A familiar, yet unfriendly security guard approached the girls. “What are you two doing.”

“Just looking for a dead body.” Salem said, before realizing what she said.

“Is that so?” The man asked, looking at Hannah.

“Well not exactly.” Hannah turned to Salem. “Cast a fire spell! And run!” She shouted, grabbing onto Salem’s hand, as the witch threw glitter into the air to hide their escape. “Sparkly.”

“Sorry, I don’t have a spell that strong yet.”

“As long as it works!” Hannah smiled.

The scene to show Vishal and Weston as they searched the anatomy lab. “I could have sworn I saw Mana hiding things her last night.” Weston said, as he moved chairs around.

“For sure for sure dude?” Vishal asked, opening a cupboard and shuffling things around.

“For sure for sure.” Weston repeated. “I know it.”

“Why were you up so late anyways?” Vishal asked, opening the next cupboard.

Weston frowned. “I didn’t want to look at Alfie.”

Vishal nodded. “That bad eh?”

“It almost… I think it’s worse than when I fought with Easton.”

Vishal walked over to put his hand on Weston’s back. “I get that. You know, back on Frozen… Two of my teammates got into a fight over a girl, and I was kind of a jerk and made it worse for them. But….”

“You’ll help?” Weston asked, his eyes wide.

“I’ll do my best. But I’m not really a people person.”

“Boo-yeah!” Weston grinned, pulling out a blue arm from under the sink. “Let’s go!”

“Sorry for doubting you man.” Vishal said.

“Used to it by now.”

Vishal frowned. “Oh…”

“Does it worry anyone else that Hannah is the one we’re counting on to win this challenge?” Payton asked, as she and the other girls continued their game of go fish.

“She’s not that bad.” Angel said, handing Twilight a 7. “She was only eliminated because she chose it.”

“She is the being with Salem too!” Fleur added. “They make super team!”

Rosalie sat on the edge of the stage, looking out to see where the final members of her team could be.

The camera panned over to where Kaleb was grilling Emmett. “So why did you put Damien with Fynn when he can’t stand him?”

“He has to learn to move past it!” Emmett countered. “We can’t be a team if he’s constantly trying to get rid of one of our own.” He gulped. “Maybe it was a bad choice…”

“No.” Alfie put his hand on Emmett. “It was a good idea, we all need to learn to be friends again.”

The scene cut back to show Hannah and Salem hiding behind some brushes as the security officer chased them. “This isn’t good, I haven’t been leveling my sneak skill.” Hannah admitted. “Any ideas?”

Salem shook her head. “All out of glitter dust.” She paused. “Maybe we talk our way out of it?”

Hannah burst out laughing, before she covered her mouth to prevent them from being heard. “You do know how socially inept I am, right? I don’t think I could talk my way into my own house.”

Salem giggled. “I think you’re adorable.” The witch pushed Hannah out of the bushes to face the officer.

“Uh, hey.”

“I’ve been looking all over for you! And now I’m covered in glitter.” He stared at Hannah.

“So I know you don’t really like us… but -”

“No.” The officer responded. “I can’t stand you.” He sighed. “Sadly, my son is your biggest fan.”

“He is?” Hannah gasped. “I mean, of course he is.” She smiled.

“So I found a red body, I have it back at my office, is it yours?”

“YES!” Hannah shouted giving the glittery security guard a hug. “Thank you!’ She looked at Salem who gave her a thumbs up.

The scene cut to show Damien waiting on a bench for Fynn. “It’s about time.” He muttered as Fynn approached.

“Damien.” Heather said flatly. “What are you doing?”

Damien turned to glared at Fynn. “You brought my sister?”

“You were being a brat.” Fynn shrugged, “And she’s the closest thing you have to a mother around here.”

“You’re a snitch.” Damien huffed.

“Only trying to win the challenge bro.” Fynn awkwardly whistled as Heather took a seat next to Damien.

Heather stared at her younger brother. “Do you want to know why you lost the first challenge, honestly?” She asked.

“Because Fynn was off trying to get with a girl, and was too busy to actually do the challenge.”

“Maybe. Or maybe because Andre let his emotions distract him when he faced off against Dania.” Heather countered.

“We wouldn’t have been in that if he did the challenge.”

“And you wouldn’t have been in that position if I voted for the boys to win. But I didn’t.” Heather retorted. “So stop sulking, and blaming Fynn, when my single vote could have made you win.”

Damien stared at Heather. “I’m your brother, did you actually pick Ivy over me?”

Heather stayed silent for minute. “Damien, Ivy needed the safety you didn't. Ivy’s team is and was a trainwreck waiting to happen, your team is peaceful and calm, or was.”

“She was still eliminated. You couldn’t save her.”

“I know.” Heather sighed. “She couldn’t adapt fast enough. This season might be the toughest in a long time.” Heather looked over at where Fynn was waiting. “Now if you want to win and be safe at this elimination you apologize to him.”

Damien stared at Heather. Heather stared at Damien. Fynn stripped off his pants. Damien sighed, getting up from his seat and walked over to Fynn. “I’m sorry I’ve been blaming you for something that wasn’t your fault.”

“No worries bro, now let’s go bring the torso back to the stage.”

Damien blinked. “That’s it?”

“Yeah, let’s move past it bro.” Fynn walked over to Heather and grabbed the torso from her.

The scene cut to show the stage. “And the winners are the Screaming Fraternity!” Zac announced, as Damien and Fynn finished putting their body together.

“Woo!” The boys cheered.

“Never doubting you again.” Vishal whispered in Emmett’s ear.


“Where are they?” Angel asked, shocked that Hannah and Salem hadn’t made it back yet.

Mana turned to Zac, “Can I go bail them out now?”

The host nodded. “Sorry to break the news to you. Or to my ratings I should say, because what could have been a nail-biting finish to a challenge was ruined by Hannah getting locked up by the local donut eating squad.”

“I’d believe it.” Dania giggled.

The scene cut to show Dania, Rosalie and Twilight sitting together in Rosalie’s dorm room. Twilight grinned looking at her two friends. “I’m just glad that we’re all together again.”

“The Frozen girls are back in action.” Rosalie nodded.

Dania gave her two friends a hug. “And it couldn’t have come at a better time. How do we keep losing these challenges?”

Rosalie pursed her lips. “Cherry.”

“She did help today though…” Twilight started. “Hannah and Salem are why we lost technically.”

“But Cherry does cause a lot of unneeded drama… plus she has a vendetta against Rosalie.”

“But she’s also a former winner, so she kind of knows what she’s doing….” Twilight continued.

“She’s not a true winner.” Rosalie corrected. “One, she returned. And two, we all saw how she won.”

Dania looked at Rosalie. “Let’s not forget that you also won in a curious way.”

“I can’t help it that Britt, Hannah and Saber had a feud.”

“So… Cherry?” Twilight asked.

“Cherry.” Dania agreed.

“It’s for the team, she’s the right choice.” Rosalie finalized.

Meanwhile, Angel, Cherry and Payton gathered in Cherry’s dorm. “I think like, we all know why we’re here?”

Angel looked at Cherry. “You know people are going to question why I’m here and not with my other friends right?”

Payton shrugged. “I think it’s for the best. We need your vote, and we all want the same thing.”

“So you want to vote Rosalie?”

Cherry laughed. “Like not at all.” She pointed at a screencap of the rankings. “Like have you seen how high I’ve been lately?”

Payton nodded. “People are loving her feud with Rosalie. It keeps her ranked high enough for special advantages.”

“But don’t you hate her?” Angel asked, more confused.

Cherry shrugged. “I want to like destroy her with every inch in my cherrylicious body.”

“But it’s not the best move for us, Rosalie has proven she can compete…. While Hannah continues to let us down.”

“Hannah?!” Angel gasped. “You want us to vote out Hannah?”

“Yes.” Cherry stated.

“You’re aware that she’s my friend though… right?”

Payton put her hand on Angel’s back. “You need to see the bigger picture. Sometimes one good thing, can be spoiling the rest of the good things.” Payton blushed. “Hannah’s amazing, but she’s consistently falling behind. And if it’s between her and Rosalie, we need Rosalie.”

“So… Hannah.” Angel gasped, still shocked.

“Hannah.” Payton agreed.

“It’s for the team, she’s like the right choice.” Cherry finalized.

Down the hall, Fleur, Hannah and Salem gathered in Hannah’s room. Fleur looked around. “Where is the being is Angel And Twilight?”

Salem raised an eyebrow. “Angel said she was getting some information from some of the other girls, she’ll meet us at the elimination. And Twilight was making up with Rosalie and Dania”

Hannah nodded. “Hopefully that’s all, and they’re not betraying us in our moment of need.” The gamer looked at her two friends. “This is where we make a power play.” She wrapped both of her arms around either girl. “This is where we make a surgence for the top of the players! We will rise to the top of the populating rankings, like true idols!”

Fleur blinked. “It is in the being of time to make big move?”

“Oui, mon friend. It is time.” Hannah assured her.

Salem nodded. “This is honestly really exciting. So what’s the move?”

“Rosalie.” Hannah stated. “Anything bad that ever happens stems from her! She’s a bad line of code, glitching the rest of us out. She caused Angel and Cherry to team up, she caused Twilight to make up with Dania… She’s why Angel and Dania are fighting. She’s bad code.”

“And it is Angel’s wish… We could start our wish circle.”

“Oui!” Fleur excieteldy announced.

“So Rosalie.” Salem asked.

“Rosalie.” Fleur agreed.

“It’s for the team, she’s the right choice.” Hannah finalized.

Meanwhile the scene cut to show Isabella in the washroom, staring at herself in the purple dress Dania gave her. She made a duckface, and took a selfie and instantly uploaded it to the gram.

The scene cut to the elimination ceremony. The students gathered in the deans hall. “Welcome back. Again.” Zac sighed, looking at the girls seated in front of him. “I swear if my ratings fall behind Rhonda’s new show, you’ll never hear the end of it. You even have TWO winners!” Zac muttered.

“But they have a functioning team.” Payton coughed, looking at Angel, Cherry, Hannah and Rosalie.

“Valid point.” Mana nodded.

Zac looked around the room. “Lucky for you Grayson peaced out last time. I can assure you no one has quit this time, and that there is NO twist this elimination. I hope you’ve prepared enough.”

Mana looked at Isabella. “How does it feel knowing you’re likely to go home today after the results of the last elimination?”

“Just feel my arm!” Isabella gasped, grabbing onto Mana’s arm and making him rub her arm.

“Ohhhh.” Mana gasped. “That is soft. Didn’t answer the question at all, but why am I not surprised?”

“I know we’re not.” Rosalie smiled.

“Angel, you’ve been spending some time away from Dania, and Emmett lately, any reason?” Zac asked.

Angel stared at the host. “Why do you need to try and make everything out to be so much worse than it is. Me and Dania…” She looked over at her friend. “Just need some time to sort things out. And me and Emmett see eachother every day.”

“Boring.” Zac frowned.

Mana looked at Zac, and then at Twilight. “So Twilight, last challenge the winners got to see their own visitor, but also someone else’s… Has Vishal told you who came to visit you yet?”

“No…” Twilight said, her eyes lighting up. “Was it Frosty?”

“Sadly we can’t say.” Zac offered a smile. “Sorry.”

Rosalie looked at Cherry. “To make a power play you need three things. A motive, people won’t vote with you, if there’s no solid reason for them to.”

“You like need authority.” Cherry added. “You totes need some control of the situation to make your moves.”

Hannah added, “And you need loyalty. Without that skill, your party members leave you.” She looked over at both Twilight and Angel who sat away from the wish circle.

“And with that, you have the anatomy of a power play, let’s see which power play comes out on top. You may cast your vote.” Zac announced.

After a few moments, Mana collected the scantrons and inserted them into the large statue of Zac. It didn’t take long for leafs to erupt from the torch and land on, Angel, Dania, Fleur, Isabella, Payton, Salem, and Twilight. “Cherry, Hannah, and Rosalie.” Mana said, “You all received votes tonight.”

Rosalie looked at Dania and Twilight who gave her a reassuring look. Cherry looked at Angel and Payton who gave her a thumbs up. While Hannah looked over at Fleur and Salem. As if on queue, the three turned and looked at Isabella. “Isabella!”

“My arms are so soft!”

“I think the soup really got to her.” Payton admitted. “She seems… a little out of it.”

Zac nodded. “We’ll have her checked out.”

“That being said, she still managed to cast a vote.” Mana pointed at the two leafs that began to drift down.

“Rosalie.” Zac paused. “I’m sorry it’s you. You’ve been expelled. In a 3-3-4 vote.”

Dania and Twilight sighed, giving their friend a hug. “Tell him… Tell him I understand now.” Rosalie got up, and walked towards the platform that would swallow her. She turned back to Cherry and Angel. “Well played, maybe you’ll win for real this time.”

Cherry shrugged. “Like, wasn’t me.”

In her final moments Rosalie turned to see Hannah giving her a smug wave before her vision went dark, and she hit the soft cushion below. “This is my season.” Hannah confirmed, as the girls walked out of the deans hall.

Over at the boys dorm room. The group of boys gathered around the flat screen for movie night. “To all of us!” Emmett cheered, raising his milkshake to the air.

“To the boys!” Fynn grinned, giving Damien a nuggy, despite his struggles.

“To Emmett!” Vishal announced, raising his chocolate milkshake.

“To making new friends.” Weston cheered, as he licked the whipcream off of his shake.

“To remembering!” Alfie shouted, raising his empty glass.

“To becoming a star!” Kaleb cheered.

“To getting Fynn a belt!” Damien chuckled, as he whipped the surfer with a leather belt. The surfer gave the prankster a wink back.

“To finding body parts.” Julien slowly announced.

“To finding body parts….” Blake laughed, raising his own glass. And that night, perhaps for just that night the two dorms were calm.

The scene cut to show Twilight writing in one of her fairytales. “And it was then, that the believer learnt that even when you believe in those closest to you, it won’t always be enough. And sometimes you lose. Sometimes you get left behind. And maybe, just sometimes you get forgotten.”

Chapter Six: Varsity Sports, and Varsity-Level Plays

The black scene jumped to colour as Angel and Emmett appeared. The pair were soaking in the hot tub. The Maple pool behind them was filled with the schools varsity swimmers. “Are you going to tell me who it was, or are you just planning on making out all night.” Emmett teased, as he pulled Angel off of his lap.

The fangirl blushed. “I’m sorry, I just felt like I haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“We literally had lunch… and dinner together.” Emmett chuckled, flicking Angel’s nose. “So come on, who was it? Fleur? Or was it finally Isabella?”

Angel shook her head. “No it wasn’t any of them… It came down between Cherry and Hannah.”

“Really?” Emmett blinked. “Wow. I didn’t expect to see either of them so soon. Hannah always joked if we were to ever compete again that she would smoke me in the finals. Well, destroy my nexus GG, whatever that means.” Emmett grabbed his glass of water. “And Cherry, well man.” Emmett exhaled. “A winner so early? That takes balls.”

“Emmett?” Angel turned to look at her boyfriend. “It wasn’t either of them. It was a 3-3-4 vote. We’re free.”

The muscular teen tilted his head. “What does that mean? We’re free. Free of what?”

“Rosalie.” Emmett’s glass shattered as it slipped through his hands. The glass shards immediately getting sucked into the state of the art vacuum system, designed to protect the pools in scenarios like this. “Emmett?” Angel asked concerned. Emmett grabbed his towel as he stepped out of the pool. He dried his hair and torso off before he lazily dropped the towel on the ground. “Emmett! Talk to me!” Angel said again, her voice more concerned.

“I need to be alone.” He responded, refusing to look at his girlfriend, as he turned for the men's shower room.

Hannah’s head rose from beneath the bubbling water, her eyes locked on Angel. “Ouch, that burns, like the flames from the big-bad dragon.”

Angel yelped, staring at the gamer. “How long - How are. What are you???”

The gamer pulled out her phone. “The only way to hatch the new pokemon was to be submerged under water. And then all of a sudden your legs were here, and I wasn’t just going to pop out and say hello.” Hannah showed her phone to Angel. “But doesn’t it look so fierce?” The pokemon in in question was a strange hybrid between a mermaid and a shark.

“I still don’t get it.” Angel gasped, still trying to piece together how Hannah managed to stay under the water for so long.

Hannah shrugged. “So rough night huh? First you betray your friends, and then you upset your boyfriend by eliminating his ex. This sounds like a japanese visual novel.” She noted.

“If you want to rub it in, go right ahead, but I don’t have to stay here for this.” Angel mumbled, as she got up from the hottub. Hannah grabbed onto her hand. “What? Why would I do that?” She pulled Angel back down into the warm water. “I wanted to tell you that we forgive you. Once a knight of the wish circle, always a knight of the wish circle.”

Angel blinked. “Even after I’d abandoned you for someone clearly more qualified, and a better competitor?”

Hannah squinted her eyes. “Well maybe if you’d stop saying things like that.”

“Thank you!” Angel squealed, wrapping her arms around her friend. “Thank you.” She repeated.

(CONF): Hannah is shown in Mana, the guidance counsellors office. “I’m one of the first ones to use this?” She asked staring at the camera that rested above a portrait of Mana. “I don’t want Angel to turn into me during Frozen. I don’t want her to lose herself.” The gamer showed the camera the pokemon from before that she had now named Angel. “It’s taken me this long to finally convince Canada that I’m not evil, I don’t want her to go through what I did. I’ll keep her moral compass in check. I am the protagonist now, and whatever I says goes- and Angel, is a good person, and an ever better friend.”

It was the lack of steam that confused him. After every swim practice, the showers were filled with steam. Not this time though. This time it almost felt cold, some might say frozen. “Hello?” Alfie asked, his lips shivering from the cold. “If this is where the killer comes out to kill me, I’ll have you know my best friend is a known detective and he’ll catch you!” Alfie shouted. The blond boy walked towards the only source of sound, the showers. Standing still, with all of the shower heads directed at him was Emmett, his soaking wet clothes sticking to his body. “Emmett?!” Alfie shouted, as he tried to tackle his friend out of the freezing shower, but instead only headbutted him. The muscular boy didn’t flinch.

“Emmett?” Alfie repeated. “Come on, what’s wrong?” The candy lover shut off the showerheads, but Emmett continued to stand still. “Did I forget to put my candy away again? Because if so, I’m really sorry! I know you like to sneak a piece every now and then, so I like to leave it around for you!” Alfie pouted. He stared at Emmett, “Well if this is where you want to stay, I have a plan! Just don’t move.” He chuckled at his own joke, as he ran out of the shower room.

“You have to be sneaky.” Damien explained, as he passed a large tupperware container filled with frogs to Weston. “If anyone catches us we’re screwed. Got it?” Weston nodded excitedly. “But didn’t you and Fynn make up today at the challenge?”

Damien tilted his head. “Well, we did.” He opened the door to the staircase that would lead them to the dorm rooms. “But, I still have all of these frogs and I wasn’t really sure what to do with them. So think of it more as a goodbye prank than anything.”

“A goodbye prank?” Weston blinked. “That sounds so cool!”

“Right?” Damien grinned. “Heather used to always tell me that pranks were for kids.”

“Easton used to say that he’d come hang out with me after he got back from his friends, but then he’d always forget.” Weston let out a soft sigh. “But then I found a cooler twin anyways!” Weston looked down at the bin of frogs. “But I guess he didn’t believe in me either.”

Damien raised an eyebrow. “Something wrong man?” He asked, using a copy of Fynn’s card to get into his dorm room. Fynn’s clothes were spread throughout the room. “Figures.”

Weston opened the bin of frogs, as they filled the room with croaks. “It’s nothing. Just a typical day in the life of Weston. Everyone gives up on you.”

“Did he give up on you, or did you give up on him?” Damien asked, putting a hand on Weston’s shoulder. “I don’t think Weston’s mad at you, but you’re making it seem like he is.” Damien opened his own container as the remaining frogs formed a city within the dorm room. The pair raced off, careful to not let any frogs out, and closed the door.

Weston shrugged. “Sometimes you can just tell. You were on the show before too. Don’t you ever just feel like someone’s upset with you?”

Damien chuckled. “I was kind of the villain on Tides, don’t forget.”

“I can’t see it. You’re such a chill guy!” Weston offered his new friend a fist bump.

“Maybe that’s the problem then Weston. Maybe you’re not looking hard enough.” Damien walked away. “When you’re willing to see, come find me.” The legacy sighed. “But until then, I don’t want to see you do what I did.”

The scene switched to show Dania and Twilight at a dance studio. “Why are we here at…. Midnight?” Twilight asked. “Also why are we here at all. Rosalie just got eliminated!”

“She did.” Dania confirmed, as she pulled on her ballet shoes. “Me and Emmett found this place last night. It’s not really popular, but it’s perfect.” She pranced along the floor, leaping over bars.

Twilight gave a concerned look. “Our friend just got eliminated Dania. And you’re busy doing ballet?”

“No.” Dania said as she spun in circles. “I’m calming myself down.” She kicked her leg out, pointing at a group of pillows, with a small notebook and pen resting on it.

“Dania, stop speaking in riddles! What are we doing?”

Dania stood on one leg, as she spun, kicking her arms and legs out periodically. “We are getting revenge. But first we need to calm down.” She bowed to the non-existent crowd. “When I saw Rosalie fall through the floor, all I could think about how that could have been me. That I could have been eliminated Twi.. And then all I could think about was how I would have let Andre down. He was eliminated because of me, and I’ve been too busy sulking around to even try to compete.”

Twilight tilted her head, this was a side of Dania she wasn’t used to seeing. “You had good reasons though… Andre was eliminated, and then Angel didn’t believe in us, and then your dad…. It’s ok to be sad sometimes Dania.”

“Not anymore.” Dania said assertively. “Not now. Now we make it up to our friends that we’ve lost. Now we show Canada that we’re here to play the game.”

“But how?”

Dania plopped down onto the pillows with Twilight. “That, I’m not sure about yet.” She rested her back against the pillows. Staring through the glass ceiling at the stars above.

“Can we start by finding Vishal?” Twilight asked.

“Why him?”

“He knows something, and I need to know what it is.” Twilight sighed. “I think he knows more about Frosty.” Dania pulled the long pink ribbon from her hair out. “Why did you do that? Your hair looked really cute up like that.”

Dania turned to stare at Twilight. “Angel taught me a thing or two about getting information.” She smiled lightly, and jumped to her feet. “So let’s go find the truth.”

The scene cut to show Fleur standing over Isabella’s body at the university's infirmary. “I am in the feeling of sorry that you got in the sickness.”

Isabella’s eyes fluttered opened. “Well at least we know now that all of those tv shows weren’t kidding about cafeteria food being terrible for you.”

Fleur giggled. “Oui!” She wrapped her arms around Isabella. “Also I am in the sorry of voting you out.”

“That’s ok! It reminded me of this one time, on Next Top Model when the nicest girl was almost eliminated but then the devil, who if I might add looked so amazing in prada, was forced to leave because she murdered one of the judges or something. And then it made me realize, that I have amazing style!” Isabella said between coughs.

Fleur gasped. “I am in the remembering of that season! They were in the using of her blood for the next challenge! It was tres romantic!”

Isabella’s face lit up. “You watch Next Top Model!?” She looked at Fleur's outfit. “I should have known! You always look so perfect! The girls back at Lakeside dressed so nice but you’re truly in a league of your own!”

“R-really?” Fleur blushed. “You are in the thinking of this?”

“Of course! I bet you would win Next Top Model! You’re gorgeous! Is everyone in France just as pretty as you are? I would love to go there one day! My best friend back home said we’d go for her wedding, but she’s single… And I don’t think she has a lot of prospects so…. Oh well.”

Fleur looked away. “France is filled with beautiful women…. Mais, Je am in the thinking that prettiest people and kindest people are in Canada.”

“You really think so? This one time when I went to the states, I was doing a wet shirt contest and then all of the boys bought me popsicles! They said that I was one of the nicest they’d seen! I’d love to go back there someday!”

The french girl blinked a few times at Isabella. “When will you be in the able of coming home?”

“One sec!” Isabella said, as she pulled out her phone. She pulled Fleur in for a photo. Within a few minutes she had posted it on the gram, captioning it ‘Leaving the infirmary with my frenchie! Bonne Chance!’ “Let’s go! I hear there’s this sweet new ice cream shop, and I have such a craving for a caramel swirl!” Fleur blushed as Isabella dragged her out of the room.

“What is it Alfie?” Blake asked as Alfie dragged, himself,and Fynn to the showers. “If this is what I think it is, I’m going to run. I’m telling you right now.” Blake murmured. “They tried this back in high school and it NEVER turned out good. Poor Don still has a broken leg.” Blake stopped, as he saw Emmett standing in the showers shivering. His body drenched in cold water. “Oh.”

“He’s been like this since I found him!” Alfie frowned. “I don’t know what’s wrong! I tried to feed him candy but he wouldn’t eat any of it.” The blond blinked, “You don’t think he’s being possessed by a candy-hating demon do you?!”

Fynn instantly tore off his clothes to wrap them around Emmett. “Here you go bro. No need to be cold when I’m around.” He gave Emmett a wink, trying to get a response.

Blake stared at Fynn. “You really need to stop doing that. Didn’t Damien get you a belt?”

“He did!” Fynn pointed to the belt that was still wrapped around his waist, not connected to anything. “Doesn’t seem to be doing a good job though.”

“Come on guys, help!” Alfie said, as he started to hang sheets around the shower room, to make makeshift tent. “What Emmett needs is some good old fashioned bonding bro-time!”

Fynn raised an eyebrow. “In… the shower room?” He turned to Blake and nudged him. “Looks like you’re finally having your fantasies come true.” Blake gently tugged on Fynn’s man-bun. “Just kidding.” Fynn innocently teased.

“Sure.” Blake stared at the surfer and then at Emmett. He pulled out his phone and put in between the four of them, and turned on a fire app. “There! Now it’s perfect.”

Alfie hugged Blake. “See! I knew you were the right guy for the job!”

“Are we just going to wait here then for him to… well y’know not do this?” Fynn asked, gently poking the giant.

Blake shrugged. “He’d do it for us.”

“He never left us behind on Tides! He’s our captain! We need to support him. No matter what!” Alfie nodded. He tossed a pillow to each of the boys, so they could get comfortable.

“So about those girls…” Fynn started.

Alfie and Blake shared an awkward look. “Maybe a different topic.” Blake encouraged.

“So about those boys?” Blake threw his pillow at Fynn.

The scene cut to show Julien silently taking photos of unsuspecting students as they enjoyed their coffee in the Crow’s Nest. Salem joined the messy-looking boy in his booth. “Do you do this every night?” She asked.

Julien slowly turned his head to look at the witch. “Do you spend every night wasting your time trying to build a social connection to someone who feels no need to reciprocate?”

“Do you always feel the need to put yourself down?”

“Do you always need to try and find a greater spirit in everyone?” “Why can’t you just let the Star Queen fill your heart?”

“Because it’s nothing but a dark void filled with nothing but self-loathsome.”

“HA!” Salem giggled. “You didn’t answer with a question, you lose!” The witch waved the barista over, “The usual, on him.” She smiled.

“No problem Salem!”

Julien’s left eye twitched slightly. “Shouldn’t you be out having another slumber party or something.”

Salem stared at Julien. “You didn’t take photos of that too?! Did you?”

Julien shook his head. “A true artist knows his limits.” He scoffed. “I figured you’d know that, you’re an artist yourself.” He pointed at the cloudy images that were hung around the cafe. “To most they’re just burst of colours.” Julien chugged his glass of root beer. “But to a trained eye,” He pointed at the first image where bright oranges were mixed with cold greys. “It’s a portrait of Andre.” Julien traced his finger along the outline of Anre’s jaw.

Salem’s eyes went wide. “I saw his disappointment in himself when he lost to Dania, but I could see the bursts of his happiness, knowing that Dania was strong.” She took a sip from her fresh drink. “How did you know?”

He shrugged. “You said I lost the game of questions, remember?” Julien packed up his cameras, grabbing what was left of his cinnamon roll and headed for the exit, right before he left he pointed at Salem’s latest creation. It was a mixture of bright yellows, faded greens, a splash of red but mostly it was grey. “I can see Andre, Ivy, Grayson and even Rosalie… But who’s this?”

The witch got up, clutching her warm drink. She walked over to join Julien by the door. “I don’t see the future if that’s what you’re wondering. Only the most powerful of witches can even get a glimpse of that.” Salem pointed at the mystery portrait. “But this, well you’ll find out tomorrow night when you eliminate them. They’re the only clear choice.”

The camera jumped to show Vishal wiping down his weights. He turned to see Kaleb dressed in hot pink booty shorts, and a white sweatshirt enter the gym. “You work out?” Vishal asked, his eyes wide. “And you work out in that?”

Kaleb eyed Vishal. “Of course. How else would I get such a movie star bod?” The one-day actor looked at his reflection, and winked at himself. “Why are you still here. Aren’t you normally helping Blake get food ready for tomorrow?”

Vishal shrugged. “I couldn’t find him anywhere so I went late.” The athlete watched as Kaleb instantly moved to the step-climber. “Figures.”

“Don’t judge how I sculpt my work of art, and I won’t question your methods.” Kaleb rolled his eyes. “Speaking of, pulling a Britt and Saber…. Again?” He chuckled and sipped from his lemon-pineapple water. “Granted Alfie and Weston aren’t the brightest, but really? Do you honestly expect that move to work twice?”

Vishal finished wiping down his weights and moved to the step-climber beside Kaleb, and turned it to one speed higher than the actor. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just want to help Weston, he seems lost.”

“Sad, and lost due to misdirection are two vastly differently things. Don’t think I don’t see you pulling strings. If macho-macho-man Emmett wasn’t too busy playing husband he’d see through your act too.” Kaleb turned his climber up two settings. “Believe, me I think I would know a charade when I see one.”

“It’s not a charade. I’ve changed!” Vishal huffed, setting the machine to a notch above Kaleb’s again.

“Gaining six pounds of fat, and calling it bulking doesn’t constitute a level of character change. Just a bigger size of sweatpants.” Kaleb eyed Vishal’s gym look and gave him a wink, as he pushed his machine to the highest setting.

Vishal glared at Kaleb setting his machine to max as well. “You’ll see when I get Alfie and Weston back together again! And I AM bulking it’s -” Vishal was cut short when he missed the step due to the step and fell to the ground. He watched as Kaleb continued his workout without breaking a sweat.

“What was that?” Kaleb asked, pointing to his ears. “Sorry I can’t hear you all the way up here!” He smirked, as he clicked play on his phone and Work Bitch by Britney Spears filled the empty gym.

Cherry and Payton are seen walking into their dorm room. Cherry was clearly frustrated. “I like don’t get it! How did she do it!?”

Payton calmly sat on her bed. “She just had the votes, it happens Cherry.”

“No!” Cherry groaned. “It like totes doesn’t happen to me.” Her eyes focused on the plush version of Strawberry Shortcake resting on her bed. “SHE’S GONE TOO FAR!” She picked up the doll, and threw it out the open window.

“Calm down Cherry. No need to murder anything. I know your past with… Strawberry Shortcake and all but come on now.” Payton held back her laugh.

“Don’t mock me!” Cherry shouted. “She’s like the she-devil!” The former winner fell onto her bed. “Don’t think like I forgot about your act of defiance either!”

“My what?” Payton asked. “I voted with you.”

Cherry rolled her eyes. “Like not against me, you’re clearly my most loyal ally ever, even more so than Alfie or like Damien. Or like even Malia before she went totes crazy.” Cherry poured herself a pumpkin spice latte, and smothered in in whip cream. “I mean like the frogs.”

“Oh.” Payton looked away. “That was nothing. Honest.”

“Totes no. You like have more of a bite than like I first thought.” Cherry sipped from her warm drink. “Why are you like hiding it.”

“I’m not.” Payton said. “It was just a one time thing.”

“Uh-huh.” Cherry smirked. “I’m like totes sure that’s what Grayson said about boys too.”

Payton locked her eyes on Cherry. “It’s nothing.” She repeated.

“Like if you say so.”

The Sun rose once more, bringing new life to the campus of TDE. The camera jumped to show the Screaming Fraternity gathered in the showers. Blake and Vishal had brought a bbq into the showers and were cooking breakfast for the team. “How long has he been like this?” Vishal asked, adjusting the bandages around his legs.

Blake shrugged. “Sometime last night. We think it might have to do with Rosalie’s elimination.” He looked back at where Emmett was still standing, not having moved since the previous night. “Makes sense I guess.”

“Come on Emmett! Wakey, wakey!” Alfie climbed onto Emmett’s back. “There’s no need to be sad anymore. If I’m not sad, you can’t be sad! No more sad boys club! Just the boys club!”

Fynn who at the urging of Damien, was dressing himself spoke up. “Call it’s the Bros Club and I’m in.”

Damien glared at Fynn. “Why can’t you just keep your clothes on?”

“It’s a mystery that even I can’t solve. Not alone at least.” Weston frowned as he looked every at Alfie. Why did he seem to be so happy?

“Did we really all need to eat in the showers? Isn’t that just, I don’t know a bit much?” Kaleb questioned, as he sipped from his bowl of Lucky Charms. “And that’s coming from me!”

Julien looked at his team, and then back at Emmett. He walked towards the muscular teen, and kicked him straight in the crotch. “My work here is done.” The estranged student commented as Emmett fell to the ground, holding his groin.

“Eeeep.” Emmett mumbled.

“Emmett!” Alfie shouted, racing to his friend. “Are you ok?”

Emmett nodded. “Always lil guy.” He turned to the rest of the team. “Thank you for coming here to support me.”

“Anything for our glorious and supreme leader.” Vishal smirked.

“Just when I was starting to like you.” Emmett chuckled, picking himself up from the scent of bacon. “Fill me up baby.” He smirked as Blake passed him a plate full of bacon.

The scene switched to show the Killer Sorority gathered in their waiting room watching television and eating breakfast. The girls sat on three separate couches; Angel, Cherry and Payton sat on the first, Dania and Twilight on the second, Fleur, Hannah and Salem on the third, while Isabella laid on the floor.

“Why is nobody talking?” Isabella pouted. “This is supposed to be when we get to talk about all of the cute boys, or what a hunk Zac Efron is in this movie!” She turned to look at the three sets of girls. “Why aren’t you… Well why are you all being so boring? You remind me of this time I went to my grandma’s funeral!” She turned to the camera. “Love you grams!”

Cherry looked at Isabella and then back at the cup of coffee in her hands, and then back at Isabella before she got up. “Like nope. There like isn’t enough coffee in this cup to make her tolerable.”

“She’s just trying to be friendly.” Angel said as Cherry left the room. “That’s never a bad thing!”

Isabella’s face lit up. “I heard that Emmett gave you the cold shoulder last night, like tell me all the deats!” Angel stared at Isabella and then at the cup of milk in here hand.

“Wait for me Cherry!”

Isabella turned to Dania. “Like look!” She showed Dania the photo of Isabella in her dress on Instagram. “It’s already one of my most-liked photos!” Dania turned to Twilight and then at Isabella. “I’m really glad.” She offered a smile. “But I need to go get ready for today.” She wiped the muck from her face. “Do you want to come Twilight?”

“It’ll be like when we watched Rosalie do her makeup for hours!” Twilight giggled, bouncing behind Dania. She turned to Fleur and Hannah. “Let’s catch up later!”

“Let’s go girls.” Hannah announced as she stood up. Fleur, and Salem joining her instantly. “We have a game guide to review before todays event! We can’t lose again.”

Fleur waved awkwardly at Isabella. “Let’s be in the talking later ok? I wants to know where you found your boots!”

“I have a feeling we won’t need to worry.” Salem noted. “I heard the Star Queen’s whispering last night.” She turned to Hannah. “We will win this challenge.”

Hannah nodded. “I’m glad to hear, but still. I just got on top… I think, I can’t risk it!”

Isabella watched as the remaining girls asides from Payton left the room. “So your brother was kind of a cutie!”

“He’s gay.” Payton got up and shook her. “And also taken.”

Zac’s voice filled the room through the intercom system. “Meet me at Wonderland Stadium in fifteen for your next challenge.”

The scene swapped to show the students gathered in the enormous Wonderland Stadium. The complex was centered around an open football field, but had wings that led to a number of different fields and sports complexes. Zac waved at the students. “Welcome to yet another challenge.”

“Aren’t we kind of flying through these?” Payton asked. “Isn’t there normally a break period?”

Zac nodded. “Definitely, but Thanksgiving is in literally a few days, we needed to get ahead of the holiday.”

“Does he like even have anything to be thankful for?” Cherry asked, “Like asides from me, when I totes saved his life?”

“Technically Sam kind of did. You just snuck in at the last second.” Fynn countered.

“I have a boyfriend. He’s all I need.” Zac stated.

Mana’s eyes went wide and looked at Zac. “Last time it took them until the merge to hate you…” The host glared at his cohost. “Anyways… uh, since we aren’t in Genesis Plaza, I’ll read out the latest rankings. Our top five are eligible for the twist tonight;

1. Hannah

2. Salem

3. Cherry

4. Emmett

5. Weston

6. Isabella

7. Dania

8. Fynn

9. Payton

10. Alfie

11. Damien

12. Julien

13. Angel

14. Kaleb

15. Fleur

16. Twilight

17. Vishal

18. Blake

Hannah jumped in her place. “Perfect score!”

Kaleb glared at the gamer. “Pardon!? Were these votes recounted? There’s no way!”

Zac shrugged. “Get over it Kaleb, no one likes you.” The host slowly spun in a circle. “Welcome to Wonderland Stadium. For the varsity students here, this is where they make their dreams come true.” The host stopped to look at the students. “For you, this is where you next challenge will take place.”

“What about class?” Dania asked.

Mana shrugged. “Cancelled. I don’t think you really need to study for this.”

“Today's challenge is Sports day. You will compete in 1 on 1 battles, in a wide range of sports until one sex is declared victorious.” Blake and Vishal shared a fistbump.

“You don’t see any… Issues with this challenge?” Angel asked. “I’m not trying to say that us girls aren’t made equal or anything, but like… they actual athletes.” She pointed at Vishal the all-arounder, Blake, the hockey player and Alfie the swimmer.

“The challenges have been predetermined. Sorry.”

Twilight put her hand on Angel’s back. “It’s ok. We can do this, you just need to believe…”

Angel looked back at her friend. “It’s still not fair.”

“Neither was Rosalie’s elimination. But I still believe in you.”

“First up, Angel and Emmett in track!” Zac pointed at the track course that encompassed the football field. “I hope you’re ready to go, because you start now!”

Angel and Emmett shared a look before they started to run down the track. “Emmett. Can we talk?” Angel asked, as she matched Emmett’s pace.

“About what?” He asked.

Angel turned to Emmett. “Boy, you know what.” Emmett gulped, trying to pick up his pace. “Sir?!” Angel shouted, running to catch up to Emmett. “You can’t just keep running.” She panted.

“It just feels unfinished.” The muscular teen said, as he and Angel made the first of two turns.

“How can it be unfinished. You broke up months ago!” Angel shouted back.

Emmett looked to his side as Angel kept his pace. “There’s so many things I still want to tell her.”

“Do you still love her?” Angel gasped, her pace slowing down.

Emmett stopped to look at Angel, pulling her in for a kiss. “Of course not. But when someone is constantly the reason why you can’t break through your glass ceiling, you start to have a few things you want to say.” He put Angel back down on the ground. “I love you. It will always be you. But when I found out Rosalie was eliminated.” Emmett closed his eyes. “It was almost like everyone was ready for me and her to just be over, and here I am, still wanting and wish that I could tell her off. And show her that I am strong, and that I was worth more than what she thought.”

“Emmett.” Angel whispered. “I love you.” She giggled. “Even if you’re a big idiot sometimes.” She looked at the rest of the race. “Are you ready to finish this?”

Emmett nodded. “Always!” He prepared himself to race again, before falling over, fast asleep.

“Emmett?” She whispered. “Really?” Angel shook her head. “If you pull an Andre on me, I swear!” She shouted as she raced back to the finish line.

“And the girls score the first point!” Zac shouted. “Mana if you could… somehow drag him back to his dorm room.”

Mana stared at Zac. “He eats my bodyweight for breakfast!”

“Thanks Mana!” Zac grinned as he led the students to the next part of the challenge. At the edge of the football field, two soccer nets were set up. “Cherry and Hannah, you’ll compete for the girls, while Fynn and Weston compete for the boys.” The host pointed at the nets. “One of you will act as a goalie and will defend against three shots from one of the opponents. The other will act as the shooter, and will get three shots on the opposing goalie. The team who scores the most wins a point for the challenge.”

Fynn and Weston walked to the side to talk. “Are you ready for this man?” Fynn asked looking at Weston.

“Yeah, of course! I was born ready!”

“You sure? You’re not still down about the Alfie thing?” Fynn asked.

Weston awkwardly looked away. “No… Why would I still be upset that my best friend thought I wasn’t going to be good enough for him.” Fynn raised an eyebrow as he stripped off his clothes. “Won’t Damien yell at you again?”

Fynn shrugged, “Not this time. This time it was on purpose!” The surfer walked onto the field wearing nothing but his boxers and positioned himself in the net.

Further away, Cherry and Hannah were talking. “So like, here’s the plan, you sit in the net, while I show off my cherrylicious kicking skills.”

“Wouldn’t you rather be in net, with the balls flying at your head?” Hannah tilted her head with a slight grin.

“Like ha!” Cherry rolled her eyes. “Funny, but like no. I’m not about that life. Boys are totes too much work.”

“But you dated Grayson?”

Cherry stared at Hannah. “One, like not at all. We were totes not dating. I was helping Kimmi prove a point. And like two, I wanted to like destroy Grayson for cheating.”

Hannah shrugged. “So another way that I proved to be a higher level than you?”

“What are you like talking about?”

“I kept them together. Grayson and Sam are off being happy no thanks to you… And now Rosalie is eliminated, again, no thanks to you.” Hannah smiled. “Face it Cherry, this is the sequel, and they don’t need your character anymore.”

Cherry glared at Hannah. “Just get in the net.” The former winner walked onto the field taking her position in front of Fynn’s net. “Really?” She asked. “Like, that’s not going to work on me. We’ve totes been through this?” She pointed out his lack of clothes as she scored the first goal, but proceeded to miss the next one.

Fynn waved. “You know what Cherry, I’ll let you get the last on in, as a thank you for helping Sam out. I know you didn’t always see eye-to-eye but what you did for him, it was… amazing.” The surfer stepped out of the goal, letting Cherry score a final goal.

“Like why did you do that, and did you like honestly think wearing… that would help you win?”

Fynn walked beside Cherry and pointed to wear Weston had scored three goals, as Hannah was too busy crawling on the ground trying to reach Fynn's near-naked body. “Not everything's about you babe.” Fynn rushed over to Weston and gave him a hi-five. “Nice man!”

“Teamwork.” Weston corrected.

“And that brings us to one point for both teams!” Zac handed Kaleb and Salem a frisbee. “You’re both up for the next one!” He led the pair to where a net was raised above the grass. “It’s simple. First to get the frisbee through the net wins the point.”

Kaleb stared at Zac, and then at the net, and then at the frisbee in his hand. “Why such an easy challenge?” Kaleb patted himself on the chest. “This is like child's play! How am I supposed to show Canada how superior I am!?”

Vishal walked over to Kaleb, putting a hand on his shoulder. “By actually competing in the challenge.” He pointed at Salem who had already gotten her frisbee through the net.

“HOW!?” Kaleb shouted.

“I have lots of practice with my wrist.” Salem shrugged.

Angel coughed. “Phrasing.”

Salem blushed. “I mean with my magic wand!”

“Phrasing.” Payton repeated.

The witch blushed further. “When I practice my spells, I have a lot of wrist movement!” She corrected herself.

“Either way what you do in your free time is up to you.” Zac forced an awkward smile and led the group to the next part of the challenge. “Last challenge out on the field is between Damien and Fleur.”

Damien and Fleur both moved towards Zac. “We will be in the competiting of what?”

The host handed the pair a golf ball and a club. “Simple. Whoever can shoot the furthest will score a point.”

Damien accepted the club and ball. “Have you ever played?” The prankster asked, looking at Fleur.

“Non. Is this in the way?” She asked, holding the club upside down.

Damien bit his lip. “Not quite.” He stepped closer to Fleur, helping her adjust her grip as he flipped the club. “Try it like this.”

Fleur blushed. “Uh, merci.” She readied herself to hit the ball, but stopped and turned to Damien. “Do you think we could be in the doing of something?”

“What are you thinking?” Damien asked, as he clubbed the ball far into the field. “Like dinner or something?”

Fleur paused. “More in the thinking of big prank!” She blushed. “It was tres fun, the last time.” She hit her own ball, sending it soaring through the sky. It was on track to go further than Damien’s until it collided with Mana who toppled over, sending the ball slightly backwards. “Unlucky.” She shrugged before turning to hug Damien. “Merci again!”

Damien eyed Fleur before walking back to his team. “Getting close with the competition?” Fynn teased.

“She’s cute I guess. If you’re into the girly type.” Weston added. “But she’s no Cynthia.”

“Cynthia!’ Alfie gasped. “I forgot all about her!” The boys all turned to Alfie worried. “No! Not like that! Just forgot about her for a second.”

“Just like you forgot about our friendship.” Weston muttered.

“Never!” Alfie gasped. “How could I ever forget about you.”

Weston turned to look Alfie. “If you really cared about our friendship you wouldn’t have stabbed me in the back. And trust me, I didn’t forget about Cynthia, so I know all about stabbing… And slicing… And dicing… and decapitating.”

“I think he gets it.” Blake whispered.

Zac blinked at the students before he started to walk through a tunnel leading to the next complex. “Moving on, with that win, the boys tie it up at two points for all.”

“Is this where that basketball player got mauled by a bear?” Julien asked, as they arrived in a large basketball court.

“That was never proven.” Zac quickly steered away. “But since you seem so interested, you and Isabella will be competing in this challenge.” He threw the basketball at Julien, who let it bounce off of himself.

Isabella went to grab the ball, but instantly dropped it. “This seems so much easier in the movies.”

Julien stared at Isabella and than at Zac. “How do we determine who wins this arbitrary contest?”

“First to get it in the hoop, playground style.” Zac shrugged.

Julien bent down to pick up the ball, and dribbled it on the ground, until he put too much force and it sprung back into his face. Isabella gasped. “I’ve definitely never seen the players do that before! Where did you learn that move?” She asked as she went to grab the ball herself, but once again dropped it immediately.

The pair fumbled to even get a grasp of the ball for another 15 minutes. “Has anyone ever told you, you have this whole femme fatale, Harry Potter look?” Isabella asked, pulling out her phone.

“NO!” Dania shouted. “Isabella, we’ve talked about this!”

Isabella frowned, putting her phone away. “Right. Challenge time.” She looked at Julien, “As I was saying, my followers would eat you up!”

Julien turned to look at Zac. “I’m done. She can have the point.”

“Are you sure?” Zac asked, he looked at the rest of the boys who were idly watching, trying not to pass out.

“I’m more certain about this, than I have been about the livelihood of any of the dead bodies I’ve photographed.” Julien stated, stepping away from Isabella.

“I did it!” Isabella cheered, but her team was already following Zac to the next challenge. She pulled out her phone and made a story for her followers.

The scene cut to show the students standing beside the pool. “Was this a fair challenge?” Payton asked, as she waited for Alfie and Twilight to get changed.

Zac shrugged. “The viewers really wanted to see Alfie shirtless again.”

“Why?” Emmett asked, having returned from a brief nap. “That’s kind of… strange… it’s Alfie.”

“He’s like an eligible bachelor now.” Cherry pointed out, getting looks from the other girls. “I’m like just saying!”

The camera panned to just outside the change rooms where Alfie was waiting for Twilight. “Can I ask you something?” Twilight asked, as she stepped out of the change room.

“Sure! I’d love to share my skittles with you! THese ones are white, so when they get wet you can’t even tell the difference!” Alfie grinned.

Twilight giggled as she accepted his gift. “Not entirely what I meant…” She paused, unsure how to word it. “Before… You know before you got your memories back. How did you go on? How did you keep going, knowing you might never get that part of you back.”

Alfie blinked before he gave Twilight a hug. “I don’t have to believe in anything else, as long as I believe in myself.” Alfie grinned, and raced off. “I’ll see you in the water!”

“But how do you believe in yourself when everything you touch crumbles….” Twilight whispered as she stepped into the water.

“Don’t worry about this Twilight. We’ll win the next one!” Dania reassured her friend as she looked at Alfie who was zooming back and forth through the lanes while he waited.

Zac turned to both Alfie and Twilight. “If the girls win this that will bring them to 4! Which is one away from securing victory, if Alfie wins, he ties it up!” Just moments after he blew the whistle to go, Alfie was already climbing out of the water. “And Alfie ties it up…”

“So much for fair.” Payton pointed out.

Zac smirked. “Do you want to see fair?” The host started to walk to the next complex. “Here’s fair.” The host zipped his sweater up, as he shivered from the cold. “Payton and Blake, this is your challenge. The first to complete a lap around the ice rink scores a point - putting your team at match point!”

Dania shook her head. “The viewers can’t honestly want to see us get destroyed!”

Weston gave Blake a fist bump. “You got this.”

“Come on Blake!” Vishal grinned, taking a step closer. “Don’t let your…. Condition get in the way.”

Blake nodded, and grabbed onto Kaleb’s hat. “Borrowing this!”

“HEY!” Kaleb shouted. “It’s not even your colour!”

Blake tied his skates, as he walked onto the rink, using Kaleb’s hat as a blindfold. “He’s going to die.” Weston blinked.

Payton tied her skates with ease. “You’re not the only one who knows their way on the rink Blake.” She winked as she slid onto the ice and twirled. “Ice skated since I was three.”

“Take the blindfold off!” Vishal shouted. “You won’t be able to beat her with it on!”

Blake shook his head. “No! I can’t! You know what will happen!”

“What’s wrong?” Payton questioned. “Do I smell?”

Hannah gasped. “Oh my god! He has a crush on you Payton! Talk about a plot twist. Turns out he wasn’t gay this entire time!”

“I don’t have a crush on you.” Blake muttered.

“Go!” Zac shouted.

“Take this off.” Payton mumbled, pulling Kaleb’s hat off of Blake’s face, her fingers briefly touching his face.

“STAY BACK!” Blake screamed, racing forward, spraying Payton with a layer of ice. “Keep your demon hands away from me!”

Payton blinked and turned to her team and mouthed. “What the fuck?” Before she skated after Blake. In a fair race, it would have been a toss up, but with Blake’s lead, and determination to stay away from Payton he pulled out an easy win.

“And for the first time, the boys pull ahead and are in first.” Zac shrugged.

“Rigged.” Cherry coughed.

“It’s not.” Payton huffed. “I should have won that! But… What’s his deal?” Payton looked at the boys who all shrugged and walked off. “That was just freaky.”

Vishal ran up beside Dania. “Looks like it’s just me and you.”

Dania smirked. “Just what I hoped.” “Why do you say it that way?” Vishal asked.

“You’ll see.” Dania waved, running over to Twilight.

Zac stopped in front of the final challenge, a wrestling ring. “Dania and Vishal. This is it. If Vishal wins, the boys win… again. If Dania claims a win over Vishal, we go into a tiebreaker.” Zac waited until Dania and Vishal were inside the ring. “The first to be knocked out of the ring, loses.”

Dania and Vishal looked at each other. The bell rang, as the pair danced around the edge of the circle. “Just so you know, I’m cupped, so don’t even try pulling that move again.” Vishal gently hit his crotch to prove his point.

“I wouldn’t stoop to that level.” Dania shrugged. “But I’m sure you know this, my father, Harry?”

“What about him?” Vishal asked, as she grabbed onto Dania’s arm and pulled her to the ground, placing his body weight overtop of her.

Dania struggled to break free, but managed before Vishal could push her out of the ring. “He just got arrested.” She charged at his legs, bringing him onto the ground.

“Am I supposed to pity you?” Vishal asked, as he easily got back to his feet.

“No.” Dania said, taking a step closer to Vishal who sidestepped. “But he made sure I was taught self defence when I was little.” She whispered as she spun around Vishal, and locked her arm around his neck and forced him to the ground.

“Where’s your rigged now?” Emmett tried to hold his laughter looking at Angel.

“Who knew?” Angel blinked as she watched Dania pin Vishal.

“What the?” Vishal muttered, as his attempts to get Dania off of him failed.

Dania slowly pushed him to the edge of the ring. “You’re going to meet me after today’s elimination in the crows nest. And we’re going to have a little chat. Come alone.”

“Or what?” Vishal taunted, as he felt Dania push him out of the ring.

“Or I’ll come find you.” She whispered into his ear before standing up, as she was crowned victorious.

“Good try.” Blake said, as he helped Vishal to his feet. Vishal looked over at Dania as she received hugs from her team.

Zac grinned. “Just as I hoped! It’s a tie!”

“Anything for the ratings.” Weston pointed out.

“Exactly!” Zac grinned. “Glad to see things aren’t so different in America!” He pushed a button as 6 red balls bounced onto the ground. “This is the el classico, and actually the first varsity sport this university had.”

“Dodgeball?” The teens asked.

“Dodgeball.” Zac grinned. “This is a single match. SIx balls. If you are hit, you are out. If your ball is caught. You are out. There is no coming back. The last team standing wins. The losers will have until after dinner to determine who is eliminated.” The host waited for the two teams to line up on opposite sides of the gym. “Go.”

Fynn and Vishal ran for the balls in the centre, each grabbing one, and tossing a third to Weston. While Angel, Cherry and Payton each got their own balls. “Like, are you going to throw that or what?” Cherry taunted Vishal. “Or like, are you afraid of us girls now?”

Vishal quickly threw the ball at Isabella, who was trying to take a photo. It collided with her torso, as her phone was launched across the floor, shattering. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She yelled, jumping to the floor trying to pick up the pieces.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this upset.” Twilight blinked.

“Right? It is… in the how you say, interesting.” Fleur blinked as she dodged Weston’s throw.

Angel and Cherry shared a look as Angel threw her ball straight up into the air. Fynn took the chance to throw his ball at Angel as his bounced off her arm. But as he stared at the ball in the air, Cherry took her shot at him, eliminating him. “Like, that’s for totes dissing me back in prison!”

Payton threw her ball at Blake. “This is for before!”

Blake casually caught the ball. “Thanks?” He blinked. He used the ball to hit Fleur who had just dodged another shot from Weston.

“Is he asleep?” Dania asked Twilight as she aimed a shot at Emmett, who was lying on the ground. It bounced off his sleeping torso. “Guess so!” Twilight caught the rebounding ball.

Zac blew a whistle.”Techiniacally the ball never hit the ground, and your toss was caught,” Zac pointed at Dania and Twilight. “Sorry Dania but you’re out. Emmett remains!”

Dania blinked at Twilight apologized. “It’s ok. You didn’t know!”

Twilight tossed the ball at Emmett, once again it bounced off of his body, but Alfie caught it. Eliminating Twilight. “Sorry! Again! About the race… and now this!”

The camera panned out to show the guys bench, where Fynn sat alone awkwardly stripping off his pants. It panned over to show the girls bench where Isabella, Angel, Fleur, Payton, Dania and Twilight sat upset. Angel looked Dania. “Are we… good?”

Dania looked at Angel and sighed. “We’re good.”

“For real?” Angel asked. “Because I really miss you, and it’s so weird having a blanket covering your side of the room.”

“For real.” Dania confirmed. “It’s not fair to be mad at you for doing what was best for your game. I see that now.” The two girls shared a hug, which Twilight joined in on.

Twilight sniffled. “I’m so happy you’re friends again!” She turned to look at the game. “If only because we could really use an extra vote.”

Blake, Damien, Julien, Kaleb, Vishal and Weston each had a ball as the six approached the line. On the other side, Cherry, Hannah and Salem waited. Hannah turned to Salem, “Any chance you have a spell for this?”

Salem paused, “No spell… but I have -” She started but the boys took aim on Hannah and launched their assault. “This!” Salem shouted, throwing pixie dust into the air, giving Hannah the cover to dodge the balls, and catching Julien’s.

“Of course. I’d be eliminated because of pixie dust.” Julien walked to the bench and took his seat. “How fitting.”

“I’ll allow it.” Zac blew his whistle. “But no more funny business!”

The three girls each grabbed onto two balls and looked at each other. “So like, now what?” Cherry asked.

“I don’t know, you’re the winner here?” Hannah responded.

“I thought like, I was so last season or something?” Cherry rolled her eyes.

Salem threw one of her balls at the still sleeping Emmett, when Blake went to catch it, she used her other ball to eliminate him as well. “Woo!” Salem cheered.

“That’s it Salem! You show them!” Twilight shouted.

“You are in the being of winning!” Fleur added.

Vishal raced to pick the two balls up, and threw one at Cherry who used one of her own balls to hit it back at Vishal. They both threw their balls at each other again, deflecting the second shots. Hannah took the opportunity to launch her balls at Vishal, eliminating him, and with a lucky bounce, knocking out Damien as well. Vishal glared at the girls. “You might have won the battle, but the war is yet to come!”

Damien blinked. “I feel like I really wasn’t of any use here.” He laughed, giving Alfie a fist-bump. “You got this man. Beat them!”

The six remaining students each held onto a ball; Alfie, Cherry, Hanneh, Kaleb, Salem and Weston. “So what’s the plan here?” Weston asked, looking at Kaleb.

“Clearly this is my time to shine!” Kaleb grinned. “I have been given an opportunity to show Canada just how great, and powerful I am-” Kaleb stopped mid sentence as he looked at the ball bounce off of his leg. “REALLY? I WAS MID MONOLOGUE!”

Hannah shrugged. “Try impressing Canada next time. Maybe with less dialogue.”

Alfie took a step closer to Weston. “Come on! Let’s win this together!” He grinned.

Weston stared at Alfie. “So you have faith in me now?”

“I always -” Alfie gasped as Cherry threw her ball at Weston who was busy looking at Alfie. The candy lover managed to catch the ball, but Salem used hers to eliminate Alfie.

Weston blinked as he watched Alfie and Cherry walk over to their benches, unfortunately for him Hannah got hold of another ball, as used it to him him in the back. “Oh.” Weston muttered.

“SHA-BAM!” Hannah cheered, hugging Salem. The rest of the girls raced over to join in on th hug.

“Rigged!” The girls giggled to themselves.

Zac stared at the two teams. “Well then… not quite how I expected this challenge to end. Ladies enjoy your time off. Guys, I’ll see you after dinner for another elimination.” The boys left the gym without saying a word.

The scene cut to show Blake, Fynn, Kaleb, Vishal and Weston in the gym as they finished their workout. “Surprised to see you join us…” Vishal said looking at Kaleb, “After what happened last time.”

“I can grow as a person too.” Kaleb stated. “Besides, clearly Hannah only became so popular because she made a power play. So that’s what we need to do.” The actor declared stepping closer to the group of boys.

“Who do you have in mind?” Blake asked. “Also thanks for including me guys… Last time I was the one on the other side of this.”

Vishal shrugged, “You showed last challenge that you can compete.”

Blake smiled. “And your encouragement did me a huge solid.” The hockey player patted Vishal on the back, “So I told coach to put you on the team, you should hear from him in the next few days.

“Maybe you really have changed.” Kaleb noted. “But we need to eliminate Emmett.”

“What?!” Fynn gasped. “He’s such a bro. Literally the definition of a bro!”

“He does spend a lot of time with Alfie now…” Weston added.

“Not only that, he also is straight up the reason why we lost…. Twice today.” Kaleb shook his head. “I don’t know about you guys, but when I cost my team the challenge, I was swiftly and rudely, might I add, eliminated.”

“I made the merge.” Weston shrugged.

“Same.” Vishal coughed.

“I was eliminated for being in a supposed power couple with Sam,”

“You made him so happy!” Fynn wiped a tear away, giving Blake a hug, in his boxers.

“I’m starting to see why people think I’m gay.” Blake blinked.

Weston looked at his friends. “So we agree then? We eliminate Emmett?”

“I don’t think we agreed on that.” Fynn stated. “What do you have against him anyways?”

Weston looked away. “That doesn’t matter.”

“Is this about Alfie?” Blake asked.

“No!” Weston coughed.

Vishal put his hand on Weston’s back. “Don’t worry man, I promised you I’ll fix you two, and I will.” He smiled and turned to the others, “If that means we eliminate Emmett, so be it. It’s not like he’ll mind, he’s never made the merge anyways.”

Kaleb blinked. “You… Actually care about Weston? This really wasn’t a Britt-Saber situation?”

“No.” Vishal rolled his eyes. “How many times do I need to say that. I’ve changed.”

Kaleb shrugged. “Good enough for me. Just remember when Canada asks, I came up with the idea!” Kaleb pointed at Weston. “And you, I need you to help me practice my lines!”

“Ok! What play is it?” Weston asked. “Is it Romeo and Juliet? That’s Cynthia’s favorite, I think she just likes watching them all die though…”

“It’s my original play. Kaleb, and his twin Kaleb!” Kaleb declared. “It’ll be a box office hit!” He grinned, as he and Weston left the gym.

Fynn turned to Blake and Vishal once the pair was gone. “We’re not actually going to eliminate Emmett are we?”

“Heck no!” Vishal coughed. “If we want to make the merge… We will actually need him.” Vishal made a face of disgust. “Don’t tell him that though!”

“So Alfie.” Blake clarified. “So that way we don’t have to deal with anymore of this Alfie and Weston fighting.”

“Agreed.” The trio decided.

The scene cut to show Fleur and Damien covering Cherry and Payton’s room with toilet paper. “Are you sure she won’t be back?”

“Oui! Les girls are in the being of spa!” Fleur replied as she wrapped Cherry’s bed in the white paper.

Damien grinned. “I never would have taken you for the prankster.”

Fleur blushed. “Non? I am in the loving of this! It’s tres fun!”

“You never did anything like this back on Tides though!’

Fleur walked out of the room, Damien following her. “Mais… Not true. I was in the faking of broken leg one time.” Her face flushed red. “But you can not be in the saying!”

Damien put his hand over his heart. “Your secret is safe with me he chuckled.”

“Good luck tonight.” Fleur smiled as she walked Damien to the door of their dorm building. “I would be in the being of sad if you didn’t come back.”

“Thanks... “ Damien smiled. “For everything.”

The scene cut to the sauna, where Angel, Cherry, Dania, Hannah, Isabella, Payton, Salem and Twilight were relaxing. “Is anyone else shocked that we all fit in here?” Angel asked. “When I tried to sneak into Cody’s saunas his bodyguards always took so much of the space!”

Dania giggled. “You really need to teach me more of your skills.” She admitted. “Like how do you always manage to appear without people noticing?”

“Years of being Cody’s second fiddle.” Angel shrugged.

“That’s so sad!” Twilight gasped. “How did you deal with that?”

Cherry coughed. “She like didn’t. Hence her being totes crazy.” She turned to look at Angel. “In a totes cherrylicious way though!”

Salem looked at the other girls. “This is… nice.” She smiled. “They say saunas are a great way to refresh your mana and regenerate your abilities.”

“But I thought you couldn’t cast any spells?” Payton asked. “Isn’t that why you need to be tapped or something?”

“You’re not wrong… But it’s still nice.” Salem giggled. “It’s just so peaceful.”

Hannah laid back. “This is how it feels whenever I beat a game. It’s sooooo zen.” She turned her attention to Isabella. “Why aren’t you talking more? Isn’t this what you wanted this morning?”

Isabella looked over at her teammates. “I’m in mourning.” She cradled a small box that she had decorated for the remains of her phone.

Twilight put her hand on Isabella’s shoulder. “He’ll be missed.” The eight girls took turns looking at each other before they all burst out into a giggle fit.

The scene cut to Crow’s Nest where Julien was staring at the mysterious portrait Salem had created. “Who could you be?” He asked, as he tried to trace a face into the piece, but to no avail. He turned to the barista. “Did she say anything about this?”

He shrugged. “Only that she felt bad. As if it were all her fault or something.” The barista returned to wiping down the table. “Sorry i couldn’t have been more help.”

“Well that’s what I get for expecting help from a simpleton.”

The scene switched to show Alfie and Emmett as they walked towards the Dean’s Office. “We need to get rid of Vishal.” Emmett said.

“He seems like such a team player though!” Alfie protested. “He was rooting for all of us at the last challenge! He reminded me of my dad at my swim meets!”

Emmett nodded. “But he’s not. This is just what he does. He pretends to be everyone’s friend, but then he turns you against each other.” Emmett helped Alfie onto his back. “Just look at you and Weston. He’s starting already.”

“Weston has been kind of distant lately….” Alfie frowned. “Was that because of Vishal!?”

“Yes. It’s the only strategy he knows. And it always works. We can’t let him keep doing this, or the entire team will hate each other.”

“Not me and you! I’d never hate you!” Alfie grinned as he passed down a chocolate bar for Emmett. “Eat up! It’s good luck!”

“What about you?” Emmett asked, as he put the candy bar into his mouth. “I had skittles!”

“Your favorite.” The muscular teen chuckled. “I should have known.”

The scene cut to the Dean’s Office. The 9 members of the Screaming Fraternity sat at their desks. “You know, for a challenge that you really should have won, you lost hard.” Zac pointed out. “Especially you Vishal.”

“Thanks for reminding me.” Vishal glared.

“She’s tougher than she looks, eh?” Emmett pointed out.

Kaleb nodded. “Dania is a force to be reckoned with. How did she end up an early boot before?”

“Rosalie.” The three Frozen boys said, as they shared a look.

“Creepy.” Julien said. “And that’s coming from me.”

Mana looked at Alfie. “So Alfie… You’ve gotten your memories, and broke up with Trixie… And now what? What’s next for you?”

Alfie smiled. “Thanks for asking! Well I clearly have some work to do with my friends…” He looked over at Weston who turned away. “But I’m here to compete! I was so close last time, and I really think I could have won it all… if it weren’t for well you remember.”

“I do.” Mana nodded. “What about you Damien? What are you fighting for? Now that Mother has been arrested.”

Damien raised an eyebrow. “Well, I don’t need to prove anything about Heather… But I think I made a lot of mistakes last season. This time around I need to show that I’m actually a competitor, and not a villain.”

“Fair enough.” Zac said. “Kaleb?”

“Hello? Is it not obvious? I AM THE STAR!?”

“Don’t know why I bothered asking, honestly.” Zac turned to Blake. “Care to share what that was back at the challenge?”

“Not really no. But thanks for asking!” Blake smiled.

“REALLY?!” Zac shouted. “Can you keep your clothes on for two minutes!”

“It was really warm in here!” Fynn pouted.

Mana shook his head. “It’s like pulling teeth you guys, the girls just open up about everything!” The cohost looked at Weston. “Any last words before you vote?”

“Not really. I think most of us have really bonded lately, and I’m excited to see where all of my new friendships end up!” Weston cheerfully declared.

“Alrighty then, you can cast your votes.” Zac announced.

Mana waited a few moments before he went around collecting the votes. “Ok. Before I insert these into the scantron we have to announce that tonight there IS a special twist based off of the rankings.”

Zac pointed at Emmett and Weston. “As the only two eligible members please step forward.” The host turned to Emmett. “As you are ranked highest you can call heads, or tails. If it lands on that, you will receive the twist.”

“Heads!” Emmett shouted.

“Tails!” Weston added on.

“It was heads.” Mana declared showing the coin to the pair. “Tonight, Emmett, your vote counts twice.”

“What!?” Vishal shouted. “This isn’t fair!”

“Some could say… Rigged.” Kaleb held back his laughter.

“Not helping.” Vishal said glancing at Kaleb.

“If you weren’t so disliked by Canada this might have been a different story.” Zac shrugged as the first three leafs lit up the air and landed on Blake, Fynn and Weston. “No shocks here.”

Mana watched as two more leafs drifted down onto Damien and Julien. “You five all received 0 votes tonight. You should be proud!”

Weston turned to his friends. “We did it.”

“Wait. I received a vote?” Kaleb gasped. “WHO!?”

Damien whistled innocently as another leaf drifted onto Kaleb’s lap.

“I’ll remember this.”

Zac turned to Alfie, Emmett and Vishal. “You all received at least two votes tonight. Alfie, your feud with Weston has proven to be an obstacle for your team, Emmett you clearly cost your team in the challenge, and Vishal you’re just really hard for people to trust.”

“Emmett.” Mana slowly said. “You are safe.” He announced as the leaf fell onto his lap. ‘

“Come on!” Vishal growled. “I’ve changed!” The athlete argued. “Why can’t you see that?” He looked at Emmett. “Not everything is the same as it was back then!”

Zac turned to Vishal. “As you know, Emmett’s vote does count twice tonight.” Zac sighed. “I’m sorry to say this, but Alfie you have been expelled. Even with the extra vote against Vishal it was enough.”

Alfie blinked. “Oh. I didn’t see this one coming. I’ve never been voted out before.” Alfie gave Emmett a tight hug. “Thanks for believing in me, even when I felt lost.” The blond walked towards Weston, who was still facing the opposite direction, a tear running down his face. “Oh… Well ok.” Alfie sniffled. “I get it.” He put his bag full of candy down on Weston’s desk. “I’ll see you on the other side then?” But still no response. It was in silence that Alfie found the darkness beneath the floor.

Emmett walked over to Weston. “Why didn’t say anything?”

“I’m not good with words.” Weston blinked. “How do I say I’m sorry for being a big idiot, and that I wish you could forgive me.”

Vishal sighed. “He knows. Trust me. He knows. But this is for the best. We can all move forward now. And you both see just how much you hurt each other.”

“This was your plan?” Emmett gasped turning to Vishal.

“Yes… They had to see what they were doing to each other!”

Emmett shook his head. “You have changed. You’re an idiot now.” He laughed as he left the room.

The camera zoomed in on Julien who was staring at a photo of Salem’s piece of art. “Bright yellow, because he was a ray of sunshine. Faded greens for Emmett and Ribbit… Red for his former love Trixie and Grey because he was foggy cloud.” Julien blinked. “How did she know?” He questioned, as he traced his finger along Alfie’s portrait.

Chapter Seven: Let's Go Eclipse, Let's Go! -Clap, Clap-

Vishal is shown waiting behind the Crow’s Nest. His back pressed against the stone wall, as he tapped his watch. “Where is she? I swear if she’s still putting on her makeup.” The athlete groaned. “First I almost get eliminated and now I have to wait outside in the cold, waiting for vigilante Dania, in the dark.”

Her shadow grew taller and taller with each step Dania took towards him. The silence was filled with the clacking of her heels. “Vishal.” She said, finally stopping in front of the boy. “Thank you for meeting me.”

“Did I really have a choice.” Vishal grumbled. He eyed Dania, who had swapped from her usual gold colours to a pure black outfit. “You’re not going to kill me are you? There’s cameras everywhere.”

She raised her hands into the air. “I’m not a killer.” Dania blinked. “Calm down.”

“Then why do you need to be so sketch man. I grew up in Brampton, this is bringing up a lot of shady memories.”

Dania tilted her head. “I grew up near there.” Dania took a flowing step towards Vishal, her black gown shuffling in the breeze. “You’re going to tell me who came to visit Twilight for the Thanksgiving challenge.”

Vishal snorted. “That’s what this is all about? You went all scary woman on me to ask that?” The athlete shook his head, as he started to walk away. “If it’s that important to you, I guess you’ll just have to give me something for that information.”

“No.” Dania stated, as she removed the ribbon from her hair. She lept behind Vishal, twirling while she did, encasing him in the black fabric. “You. Will. Tell. Me.” She responded. “She deserves to know the truth. She needs to know.”

Vishal fell to the ground, unable to move from the ribbon. “Whatever. Destroy the camera, and I’ll tell you.” He groaned. “No one can know this ever happened.”

“Deal.” Dania nodded, throwing her hair clip at the nearby camera like a ninja star, shattering it. “Now tell me.”

“One of the elves. I don’t know why. I didn’t ask.” Vishal stated. Dania raised an eyebrow, pulling another hair clip from her hair. Vishal’s eyes went wide and he spat out, “She said she was worried something happened to her.”

Dania pulled on her fabric, unleashing Vishal. “Thank you.” She took a few steps away, tying her hair back up. “But you know, Canada still saw you get beat up by a girl last challenge. I don’t know what me breaking the camera does to help you.”

The scene cut to show Dania returning to her dorm room. Angel was starting to take down the blanket wall the two had built. “Sorry I didn’t wait, but it was getting late.”

Dania flashed a smile, now wearing her regular clothes. “It’s not a problem!” She dropped her polka-dotted backpack on her bed and offered Angel a fresh crescent. “Sorry for being so late! I was studying!”

Angel giggled. “I always knew you were a keener! What are you even studying for! It’s not like we take normal classes anyways.”

“I know, I know. It’s just nice to keep busy… Father always said a busy mind if a calm mind.”

“Your father also said that Andre was a miscreant, and would only tarnish your reputation.” Angel pointed out. “We both put some bad influences in our lives behind us.” Angel smiled, giving Dania a big hug. “I don’t know where I would be without you.”

Dania blushed. “We need to trust each other from now on. We need to tell each other everything, ok?”

“Pinky promise, or I’ll sell all my collectable idols!” Angel promised, offering her pinky.

“Don’t ever change Angel.” Dania fell onto her bed and sighed. “So I should tell you, I’m in an alliance with Twilight, and Isabella… sometimes.”

“And I’m in an alliance with Cherry and Payton.” Angel said she looked over at Dania who seemed upset. “Look, I know we voted off Ivy, and I know it was Cherry’s idea. But she’s not all that bad! I swear! I know bad people! She’s not one of them, she’s a good one!”

Dania raised an eyebrow. “How can you say that when all she ever does is bring drama.”

“This is Total Drama,” Angel reminded her friend. “Drama is everywhere you look. She’s good people, I promise. Just give her a chance!”

Dania rolled over and looked at Angel. “For you. I’ll try. But she’s not very lady like! She constantly does whatever she pleases, with no regards or respect for others!”

“And I don’t?” Angel giggled wrapping herself up in a blanket. “Good night Dania, sleep tight.”

(CONF): Angel is seen sitting in Mana’s office. “I couldn’t just tell Dania about the Wish Circle!” She rubbed her arm uneasily. “Dania isn’t the type of person to believe in that kind of stuff. She’s sweet and a REALLY good friend, but that’s not her kind of thing. And I just got her back again, I don’t want to scare her off already!”

The scene cut to reveal Blake as he led Weston down a worn down pathway. “Where exactly are you taking me?” Weston asked, his eyes scanning the area. “The last time someone took me down a path like this, it was to a cemetery…”

“Hold your horses.” Blake said. “I found this place when we first started classes. It was a place away from the show, where I could relax. Without worrying about the drama.”

“So why are you taking me there?” Weston asked.

Blake turned to Weston. “Look, I know you and Alfie were close, and I know it’s going to be hard to be here without him.”

Weston looked at the ground. “I could compete without Cynthia…”

“I know.” Blake offered a smile. “But… just come here.” The hockey player pushed the door open, causing it to fall from its hinges. “That… wasn’t supposed to happen.” He laughed, picking the door up and leaning it against the wall.

Weston peered inside the building. It was clearly rundown, and without light it was hard to makeout what the building once was. “What is it?” He asked, careful not to walk into a wall.

Blake pulled out his phone, and turned on the flashlight and aimed it above them. “Before Total Drama sponsored the school and upgraded basically everything this used to be the -”

“It’s perfect!” Weston shouted. He offered Blake a fist bump. “My very own security station!”

“Well… Kind of.” Blake said. “I was thinking you could use it for your mysteries.” The hockey player aimed the light at a nearby whiteboard. “I even gave you your first case.”

Weston stared at the board, “Vishal?” The detective asked. “Do you think he’s the one who's been stealing all of the candy from the living room?”

Blake titled his head, he wasn’t entirely sure if Weston was kidding or not. “I need to know if Vishal is just faking it again. I need to know if he’s actually changed or if he’s just trying to do what he did on Frozen all over again.”

“He only eliminated Alfie to help!” Weston said. “If he never did I would have never realized how stupid our fight was!” Weston walked towards the whiteboard and began to scribble his notes down. “I mean, it would have been nice if I had known… So I could have said goodbye the right way… You don’t think Alfie hates me do you?”

Blake shook his head. “I doubt it. I don’t think Alfie is capable of hate.”

“He hates black licorice skittles!” Weston chimed in.

“Well, I stand corrected!” Blake laughed. “But by eliminating Alfie, Vishal now has you for an ally, and he has me by supporting me.” The hockey player sighed. “Maybe I’m just being paranoid.” He turned for the door. “You know what, forget about it, you can keep this place as your detective agency, but don’t worry about the Vishal thing.”

Weston jumped in front of the doorway. “No. I will do it.” Weston promised. “If Vishal really is just playing us, I owe it to Alfie to prove it… Or to prove his innocence to you!”

Blake smiled and continued through the doorway. “I promise I’ll fix the door for you!”

When Blake was out of sight, Weston flipped the whiteboard over. While Vishal was his first case, he had an even bigger mystery he wanted to solve. The detective wrote ‘Blake + Girls ???’ on the board and underlined it.

The screen was filled in by the Sun’s rays as it rose into the sky. It panned down to the Crow’s Nest. Julien and Salem sat opposite each other, neither saying a word as they drank from their morning drinks. A creamy caramel mocha for Salem, and a root beer float for Julien.

“I’m sad it was him, you know.” Salem said, to break the silence. “He was a good guy.”

Julien shrugged. “Was he? I wouldn’t know.” The estranged student pulled out a handful of photos, in each Alfie seemed to be excited and smiling. “He wasn’t the most interesting subject.”

“He felt so sad.” Salem noted. “As if he was a lost dog.”

“Maybe.” Julien shrugged. “We didn’t really talk.”

Salem dipped her biscuit in the warm liquid in front of her. “I think you would have liked him. Maybe he could have helped with your…. Issues.”

“Issues?” Julien stared at Salem. “This isn’t an issue. This is my state of my mind. It’s my life philosophy. Who are you to judge when you believe yourself to be a witch.” Julien cracked his bread, buttering it slightly. “Did you create an alliance just to make your prediction come true?”

“Did you figure it out before it happened?”

The estranged student sighed. “How did you do it?”

“Magic.” Salem stated. “Without a coven, my powers aren’t tamed. They drift through the air and dance to their own rhythm.”

“I win this time.” Julien let out a robotic chuckle. “Ha. Ha. Ha.”

The witch tilted her head. “You need another friend asides from me.”

“Friends aren’t needed when you’re as prolific and curious as I am.” Julien snapped a photo of the dirt beneath his fingertips. “This will be a huge hit.” He placed the photo in his satchel. “And I suppose Damien’s corpse isn’t as dull or draining as the others.”

“Maybe you should find another.” Salem stated sipping from her drink. “Friends will make you stronger. You need people you can trust.”

“I don’t care about the game.”

Salem got up, and handed the barista a handful of coins. She turned back to Julien, “I wasn’t talking about the game.”

“You lost.” Heather declared, as she turned the page of her textbook. She glanced over at Damien. “I can’t believe you lost a challenge again.”

Damien stared at Heather. “Come on, we both know it’s not like you won every challenge either.”

“But I didn’t waste my votes either.” She sighed. “I thought you watched all of my seasons.” Heather pulled out her own notebook where she kept notes on Eclipse. “You could have gotten rid of Vishal last night, or heck Emmett! We both know he’s going to turn into a huge threat this season. Since when did you play like an idiot!”

“That’s not fair sis!” Damien said. “How am I supposed to vote Emmett off, he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“That’s your problem Damo!” His older sister quickly jotted down more notes. “You’re not even trying to win. You’re thinking with your heart, and not your head. What did I teach you.”

“That your heart will only lead to your hopeless demise, and you won’t even see it coming.” Damien slowly said frowning. “But-”

Heather handed Damien a cookie. “But nothing! You know my rulebook, you know how to win.

“We’re different people Heather.”

Heather ruffled her brothers hair. “Good. You understand then.”

Vishal walked over to the pair. “Getting advice before the next elimination?” The athlete moved his hockey stick to his gym bag. “Just trust me man, I’ve got you.”

"You’ve got nothing but a lucky horseshoe up your as-”

Damien quickly moved his hand over Heather’s mouth. “She just means to say that you’ve been doing well.”

“Yeah. I’m sure.” Vishal said slowly, looking at Heather and then at Damien. “You can trust me Damien, honest I’ve changed. I helped Alfie and Weston out, now let me help you.” He took a step away from the pair. “I know you still want to make up for what happened back in the Forgotten Seas. We can redeem ourselves together.”

“He’d rather shave his head, or almost die to a volcano.” Heather decided for Damien, dragging her brother away. “Don’t trust him.”

“I know you hate him because he reminds you of Al… but come on, I know what I’m doing.”

“I know Damien… I know you do.” Heather sighed. “You know how to play the game your way.”

The days came and went, as the students waited for their next challenge. The screen revealed Hannah in the gaming arcade on campus, the Olympic Misfits. She sat in a velvet red booth, as she sipped from her strawberry milkshake. “You got this Fleur!” She cheered her friend on as she played the latest edition of DDR. Britney Spears’ hit song, “Womanizer” played as Fleur jumped up and down, her feet hitting the notes on time. “You’re SO good!”

Fleur blushed. “You are in the thinking?” Her feet were a flurry on the mat. “It is the reminding me of hit game back home, Dance Dance Revolution!”

Hannah held back her giggle. “That’s awesome! You are definitely a worthy party member!”

Emmett slid into the booth along with Hannah. He put his plate of fries covered in sea salt and chilli flakes on the table, as Hannah stole a frie. The musclehead stared at Hannah. “You could have just asked for some, I would have gotten you something!”

“This is way more fun! And plus my inventory is already full.”

“I’ll never understand you.” Emmett shrugged.

“Where are the being of Dania and Angel?” Fleur asked, as she too crawled into the booth and sipped from her lemon water.

Emmett shrugged. “Off who knows where. They’ve been kind of busy lately. Working on some project.”

“Dawwwww.” Fleur coooed. “Is Emmett, in the being of lonely?” The muscular teen blushed.

“But why us.” Hannah squinted, staring the male. “Is this some kind of betrayal? Where you plan on getting close with us girls, only to use our new found friendship to your advantage during the challenge, and then force us to eliminate one of our own?”

“Hannah calm down. You eliminated Rosalie, you don’t need to turn into Jade. Actually, I have a message for Fleur.” He turned to Fleur. “He just wants you to know that he’s rooting for you back in America. He misses you, and he really enjoyed your time together in Paris.”

Fleur looked uneasily at Emmett’s fries, grabbing a handful to put in her mouth. “Shnmnr mrr mhmmmm.” She smiled after speaking.

Hannah held onto Fleur’s hand. “What was that? Why do you always get so weird when we talk about Colin?”

Emmett exhaled deeply, having only eaten a handful of his fries that were now empty. He pulled himself out of the booth. “I think it’s great that you have someone who actually wants you to succeed outside of the show. Trust me, that’s a good thing.” He grabbed onto his empty fries container. “Well looks like I’ll be back.”

Fleur and Hannah shared a smile as Emmett walked off. “What’s wrong Fleur?”

“I… well, I was uh.” Fleur reached for her water, but Hannah stopped her.

“Does he hurt you?” Hannah whispered. “I was watching this show last night, called You, so I know how to stop this.”

“NO!” Fleur gasped. “Nothing in the being like that!”

“Then what is it? Is he secretly a dark mage?”

Fleur shook her head. “I am not in the being of love.”

“Oh.” Hannah blinked. “Well, Salem owes me five bucks.”

Fleur stared at Hannah. “You were in the betting?!”

Hannah wrapped her arm around Fleur. “Fleur, I love you. You are my other half, together we are stronger. And I know a lot about you. Just like how I know you didn’t love Colin. I won’t ask why you agreed to date him, but when you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here.” Hannah’s eyes lit up. “Now what do you say we split before Emmett gets back, so he’s stuck with the bill!” Fleur nodded, giggling as she and Hannah snuck out of the arcade.

The scene swapped to the Genesis Plaza, where cheer tryouts were taking place. “Isn’t this… a little stereotypical?” Payton questioned. She looked down at her maroon and grey cheer outfit with distaste. “Can’t we spend our free time doing something…. Productive?”

Cherry slapped Payton. “Like hello? This is totes productive.” Payton blinked, as she rubbed her face. “This is like the most productive we could be. I’m falling Pay. If I want to rise like the cherrylicious phoenix that I am, I need to be in like the spotlight once more!”

“We couldn’t have just studied hard? Or maybe, I don’t know start a protest?” Payton sighed.

Cherry picked up her pom-poms and threw them at Payton. “One. You like remind me of someone i used to to know before like lost her mind. Two. This is totes a protest.” Cherry flashed a quick pose. “Cheer is the biggest F-You to men all over. It’s like where we prove to them that we are strong, and that we are likes totes perf!”

Payton raised an eyebrow, “By wearing tight clothing, and short skirts.” She shook her head at Cherry. “I’ll that noted.”

“Like. No flipping way.” Cherry gasped as she saw Isabella surrounded by the cheer squad.

“And we just found our latest member! Isabella!” The cheer captain squealed.

“Really? This is just like my cheer team back home, we used to bond all of the time, like this one time we stayed up all night creating a cheer! We ordered pizza and binged Bring It on!” Isabella wiped a tear from her face. “It was perhaps, one of the best moments of my life.” She paused before she hugged her new team. “Of course, second to meeting all of you!”

“EEEEEEEEE!” The girls squealed, as they swarmed Isabella.

“No flipping way.” Payton gasped, as she saw the latest arrival to the field.

Cherry turned to Payton. “Like, I just said that!”

“No. Look!”

Cherry followed Payton’s finger. “Oh come on!” Cherry stomped over to the latest arrival. “Emmett?! REALLY? Like, you couldn’t give us girls this like one thing.”

“Hot boy alert!” Isabella whispered, as the cheerleaders raced over to Emmett. Isabella skipped cheerfully to where Payton waited. “Are you trying out too! The girls are all so sweet. Think of them as your new best friends!”

“Do I look like I want to tryout?” Payton asked, weakly moving her pom poms into the air.

“That’s the spirit!” Isabella beamed. “Go team!”

Emmett managed to crawl out from beneath the swarm of girls carrying Cherry. “Is it always like this?” The muscular teen signed.Pulling on his spandex pants. “This is all so tight.”

“Tell me about it!” Payton groaned lowering her skirt.

Cherry glared at Emmett. “This is a girls only thing. Like go away!” She then turned to Isabella. “Don’t you like have a story to post or something?”

Isabella’s face started to shake. “No…. They can’t replace my phone until after the show…. Isn’t that like the worst thing you’ve ever heard?”

“Trully, a travesty.” Cherry pointed to the local church. “I hear they are all about miracles though.”

“We’ve made up our minds!” The cheer squad announced in synch. “Emmett, Isabella and Payton! You are our new members!”

Cherry’s eyes grew. “But like! We didn’t even try out!”

Isabella skipped over to join her squad. “It’s not about trying out, it’s about showing TRUE spirit!”

Emmett walked over to the cheerleaders, using the pom poms to bounce the girls prying hands away. “Go team!” He chuckled.

“Payton!?” Cherry shouted at the girl as she walked over to the team.

“Sorry Cherry. But I owe Isabella after the soup incident!”

“What the hell!” Cherry groaned as she stomped away.

“Dibs on Emmett lifting me!” One of the girls shouted.

Payton raised an eyebrow at Emmett. “Why did you even try out?”

The musclehead shrugged. “I’m not seeing the type of gains I want in the gym anymore. Figured this would be a new workout.”

Isabella smiled. “I think he’s just lonely.”

The scene switched to show Fynn, Kaleb, Twilight and a group of other improvers finishing up their session in the Hall of Tides. “Great work everyone!” The leader declared. “This will be our last session for a little while we all go home for Thanksgiving.” He turned to Fynn, “Welcome to the group! It was a pleasure having you… and your bits.” He chuckled, pointing at the pantless Fynn.

“Glad to be here.” Fynn casually flexed next to one of the cute girls who giggled and left with one of her friends.

The leader continued. “Fynn, Kaleb, Twilight… I really hope we’ll see you all again at the next session. Try not to get eliminated ok?”

“There’s not even a chance!” Kaleb gasped. “Why would you even say such a thing, I am truly a star, my team knows that!” Kaleb turned to Fynn. “Right?”

“Yeah sure.” Fynn said absent mindedly as he watched the girls leave the stage.

Twilight hugged their leader. “I’ll see you again soon.” Once it was just the three of them left on stage she turned to Kaleb. “You were so mesmerizing today! Where did your inspiration come from?”

“Me?!” Kaleb shook his head. “Did you see the way everyone looked at you once you broke down crying.” Kaleb placed his hand over his heart. “I can’t even cry on demand like that!”

“When you looked at me, I honestly thought you were thinking of ways to murder me!” Twilight added. “I was so scared.” She whispered. “It just reminded me…. Well you know.”

Kaleb wrapped his arms around Twilight. “I know honey. You don’t need to talk about it.” He rubbed her back. “Icecream?”

“Icecream!” Twilight cheerfully added. “Are you coming Fynn?” Fynn looked uncertain. “We’ll tell you all about Jessica.”

“I’m in!” Fynn hopped off of the stage, and turned to help Twilight down. “Do you do this every week?”

“Yeah.” Kaleb eyed Fynn. “It’s a great way to express your emotions, and get things off of your chest.”

“How did I do?” Fynn asked.

“Well, you had everyone mesmerized with your…” Kaleb stopped, and pointed at his cat boxers. “Y’know.”

“I don’t think anyone noticed that you were just trying to flirt with Jessica the entire time!” Twilight added.

Fynn paused, pulling on his pants. “Drama girls are always the hardest.” He turned and started to walk backwards while talking to the pair. “Honestly, they just never seem to get the hint.”

Kaleb chuckled. “It’s hard to get the hint when we’re so used to fake emotion.”

Fynn gasped. “Ouch! What’s that supposed to mean bro?”

Twilight giggled. “You don’t… actually like her do you?”

“Of course not!” Fynn said non-chantely. “I just think she’s hot!”

Kaleb forced a smile. “You’re literally just like Sam, except not gay.”

“I can be a little gay sometimes.” Fynn admitted.


“You know.” Fynn lifted his shirt slightly to show a tattoo of the pride flag on his chest. “Gotta show my bro that I care, y’know?”

Twilight blinked. “Wow. You’re actually kind of a nice guy.” She gasped. “Sorry! I don’t mean it like that but -”

“You come across like captain douche lord, or doucheville.” Kaleb finished.

Fynn blinked. “Oh. Is that why I can’t get with any girls?”

Twilight handed Fynn a seasalt icecream cone. “It’s not all that bad…” She turned to Kaleb. “But we can help!”

“We can?” Kaleb asked.

“You will?!” Fynn grinned.

“Yeah! It will be fun, like a project. Can we make Fynn into the perfect date!”

“Not possible.” Kaleb shrugged.

Twilight looked into Kaleb’s eyes with her best reindeer eyes. “Buuuuuuuut Kaleb.”

“Stop!” Kaleb covered his eyes. “I know what you’re doing! I don’t have to see you to know!”

Fynn did his best otter eyes at Kaleb. “Come on bro. It’ll be fun. You get to spend time with me!”

“Fine!” Kaleb shouted. “Just stop looking at me you’re really creeping me out!”

Across campus the students were notified of their latest challenge and were instructed to meet Mana in Genesis Plaza. “Welcome students!”

“What happened to class?” Dania asked.

“It’s a holiday week.” Mana responded. “You should be happy!”

Fynn yawned. “We’re stuck here for the holidays, when basically every other student has gone home. I don’t really see what’s so exciting about that.”

“Plus, like didn’t we already film a Thanksgiving episode?” Cherry asked. “Are the ratings like that low?”

“And where’s Zac?” Angel pointed out. “He’s always here to announce the challenge.”

“It’s been a week since the last challenge.” Weston noted. “Has Zac gone missing?”

Mana blushed. “Not missing… As of this morning we were able to confirm with the border guards that he crossed into America a few days ago.”

“So Zac gets to go on vacation but we’re all stuck here?” Payton asked. “Typical.”

“Hey! Calm down everyone. Zac is dealing with… personal matters, but I’m here and I have a challenge for you all!”

“Trouble in Zac’s love paradise.” Vishal coughed. “I’m surprised Hayden is still dating him after everything.”


“Chill out Mana.” Fynn suggested, handing him a Mars Bar.

The intern growled. “For the next two days, the campus will mostly be empty. During this time, each team is to design a new mascot, and cheer or performance to hype up the first official men's varsity hockey game of the season.”

Blake raised his hand. “Me and Vishal are playing in that game… Will that affect the challenge?”

“The challenge will be performed at half-time, so no.” Mana clarified. “For the remaining of today, you will be given the opportunity to design, and create the new mascot. Supplies can be found in the Hall of Tides.” Mana announced. “Tomorrow you will have your chance to create a cheer, or performance to showcase the new mascot.”

The camera panned to where the Killer Sorority had grouped up. Isabella quickly walked in front of the girls. “So, I just wanted to say that this challenge seems like a great chance for us all to finally bond!”

Cherry and Hannah stared at each other. “This challenge is another chance for us to show that girls are stronger than boys, even if our class-types are different. We have the higher stat line!” Hannah declared.

Cherry turned her gaze to Isabella. “I like, can’t believe I’m saying this.” She turned to Payton, motioning for her to shoot her. “But we should like… listen to Isabella.”

“What?” Dania asked. “I thought you hated her.”

“Like I do.” Cherry blinked. “But she’s an actual cheerleader. She might be of use.”

Angel looked at Isabella and then at Cherry. “Are we sure that’s a good idea? The last time she tried to lead us… well you remember. I’m all for putting faith into the weird ones every now and then… but we just broke our losing spree.”

Twilight poked the girls and whispered. “She’s standing right there. She can still you.” The girls slowly turned their heads to see Isabella smiling and waving at them.

“Awkward.” The girls all agreed.

Dania hugged Isabella. “I can’t wait to see what you have to offer!”

“As my first suggestion,” Isabella turned to Fleur. “Would you do us the honour of creating our mascot? With Salem of course!”

“Moi?” Fleur gasped. “Really you are in the believing of me?”

“Of course!” Isabella beamed. “I posted some of your designs… well before the funeral, and they were blowing up across the twittersphere! Honestly people were asking me where they could buy those dresses. All of my friends back home were so jealous that I got to meet you!”

“What about me?” Salem asked.

Isabella turned her attention to the witch. “Well, you seem spunky.”

“Spunky?” Salem asked, blinking.

“Yeah, you know! Like you have a cool spirit! I’m sure you’re really creative and everything! And plus I saw Julien’s posts of your art, you’re SO creative.”

“Your art?” Twilight asked.

Isabella nodded. “She makes some amazing sketches, so much colour. It reminds me of the time I went to this Indian festival!”

“Please Salem! Would you be in the helping of moi?” Fleur asked. “It will be in the how you are saying, tres fun!”

“It could be fun.” Salem smiled and gave Fleur’s shoulders a squeeze. “A great chance to bond!”

“I’ll spy on the boys!” Angel grinned.

“You mean spy on Emmett, don’t you?” Dania teased.

“Shhhhhh.” Angel hushed.

“The rest of us will gather supplies!” Hannah confirmed.

The camera panned to the side where the guys weren’t having as much luck. “I think a shirtless dude is the best kind of mascot! Think of it like Hercules, or a greek god.” Fynn grinned. “Or even a shark! Sharks are wicked too!”

“Sharks do leave carnage in their wake. I support this idea.” Julien stated, googling shark attack videos on his phone.

Damien stared at Julien. “Really? Isn’t that a bit morbid.”

“Yes, it is.” Julien said unphased watching a shark chomp a body in half. “If only Chris wasn’t off hosting some other series. We might actually get to see interns die.”

Kaleb jotted down notes. “Isn’t he fantastic?” The actor gasped. “He’s such an amazing inspiration!”

“Some would say crazy.” Blake raised an eyebrow, stepping away from Julien.

“I think he’s great!” Weston cheered. “He reminds me of home.”

Vishal stared at Emmett who was still in his cheer outfit. “Are we just going to skip over the whole you’re wearing more clothing than Fynn thing, yet you look more exposed than he does?”

Emmett took his cheer jacket off, wrapping it around his waist to cover himself. “It’s the uniform. I can’t just change it. Do you want to talk about how you eliminated Alfie for no reason?”

Fynn nudged Emmett. “Do you think you could help a brother out with a cheerleader?”

Kaleb grabbed onto Fynn’s ear. “Listen here! Me and Twilight have a plan for you! It’s time you behave.” Kaleb grabbed a belt from Damien. “Wear this for once in your life!”

“So… the challenge?” Blake asked. “What are we going to do?” He pointed to where the girls were standing moments ago. “We’re kind of falling behind.”

Weston pulled out a photo of a crow. “Why don’t we do this! They’re known for being mysterious, fierce, and kind of creepy. And this is Eclipse afterl.”

“Deal!” Emmett smiled. “Let’s go get the supplies!”

The scene switched to the Hall of Tides. The girls had already ransacked their supplies. Fleur and Salem are seen sketching together. “It is in the being like a Siren! She is strong, beautiful yet commanding.”

Salem sketched out the wings, and how they could manufacture them. “It’s perfect.”

Fleur nodded. “It will be in the winning of challenge!” She pointed at the wings. “What if we are in the making them sparkle in the light?”

The witch pulled out her trust sack of magic dust. “That sounds like the best idea ever!” Salem grinned. She pointed at the guardian angel outfit that Fleur had designed. “Do you really think we can make that in a day?”

“Oui!” She pointed at the flowing silhouette. “It will be in the easy. A few switches here,” She pointed at the sketch, “et here.” Fleur wrapped her arms around Salem. “I am in the hoping you find your cult one day.”

“Coven.” Salem giggled. “It’s a coven, but thank you.” The witch sighed. “You know, the one thing about Rosalie not being around anymore is that she won’t be around to help me.”

Fleur gasped. “She was in the being of a witch too?!” She turned around to look at Emmett. “Was she in the casting of love spell on Emmett!”

Salem shook her head. “No! Nothing like that… She just,” Salem stopped. “She was special.” Salem brushed Fleur’s hair from her face. “We’ll make your wish come true too.” She smiled. “I promise.”

The camera panned to the side where Dania was sticking pin in a long piece of white fabric. Twilight laid on one side, holding it down. “Did you get a chance to talk to Vishal?” The believer asked, looking over at the boy who was goofing around with Fynn.

Dania nodded. “I did, and he sang like one of father’s canary birds.” She turned to Twilight. “An elf came looking for you!”

Twilight’s face paled. “Again? I thought I was finally free.” She looked around uneasy. “Being on the show makes me a walking target!”

Dania finished pinning the fabric, and walked over to Twilight. “No, it’s nothing like that.” Dania promised. “They were worried about you.”

“Worried?” Twilight asked. “About me? Why?”

Dania shook her head. “I don’t know… That’s all Vishal knew. I’m sorry Twi.”

Twilight wrapped her arms around Dania and sniffled. “For what? Bringing me hope?” Twilight looked up through the glass ceiling. “I’ve been having nightmares that Santa was going to come and take me away. Bringing me back to the North Pole and trapping me with Jack.” She whispered. “But if an elf came here worried… For me… Maybe they miss me up there? Maybe it’s all ok! Maybe Frosty will love me again.”


“I know.” Twilight sighed. “I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.”

Dania shook her head again. “No. You should.” Dania lifted Twilight’s chin. “We’re done being sad girls. We’re done letting people decide things for us. And we are most certainly done giving up. If you want to believe that Frosty is going to come back. Then that’s what we will believe.” She smiled at Twilight. “So for now, let’s just show him what he’s missing out on.”

“Really?” Twilight asked, unsure. “You’re not going to tell me to grow up? Or that I’m being naive?”

“Twi, I thought my father was super sketchy for years, and everyone always told me I was wrong. That my father was a good man.”

“And then he tried to take over a kingdom, and enslaved teenagers to do his bidding.” Twilight noted.

“Exactly. If you want to believe in Frosty, I’m here for you.”

“Why didn’t you vote for Alfie, Emmett or Vishal last time?” Weston asked, approaching Damien who was bringing fabric back to their work station.

“Should I have?” Damien asked, raising an eyebrow.

Weston shrugged. “I don’t know. Everyone else did.”

“Why didn’t you vote for Alfie if you were both fighting?” Damien countered.

“He was - is -was…” Weston paused uncertain of his status with Alfie. “He’s my friend. I couldn’t!”

Damien nodded. “Alfie, Emmett and Vishal were all my friends.”

“So you’re just never going to vote for your friends?” Weston asked. “Doesn’t that seem… like a bad idea?”

“I don’t know, maybe.” Damien laughed. “But between you and me, I should have voted for Vishal.”

“Really?” Weston asked, adjusting his detective’s badge. “Why?”

Damien looked around to make sure that no one else could hear. “He’s doing what he did before. He separated you and Alfie.” He pointed to where Vishal was hanging out with Fynn. “And now he’s isolating Emmett. He probably is making Blake trust him somehow too - just like he did with Zaina in Frozen.” Damien sighed. “You can’t expect to just use the same strategy over and over again until it works. People will catch on.”

“Is that why you’re not trying to ruin the show this time?” Weston asked. “You’ve been… kind of quiet this season.

Damien laughed. “Have I?” He shrugged. “I’m just trying to stay out of the drama for once. I’ve had enough of it for a lifetime.”

Weston nodded, finishing taking his notes. “Well, thank you for your time. I’ll get back to you when I find the culprit!” Weston cheerfully declared, as he walked away. Damien shook his head and laughed to himself.

The camera panned to where Angel, Cherry and Hannah were taking a break from the challenge. Angel looked at the two other ring leaders on her team. “So what happens if we lose? Rosalie’s gone now, we don’t have any other threats.”

Cherry glanced at Angel, and then back at Hannah. “Like, let’s not think about that right now. I’m totes trying to enjoy my coffee.”

“Easy.” Hannah decided. “We eliminate Cherry. She has the most experience, and she stole the victory from Sam.” The gamer gave Cherry the side-eye. “You don’t really deserve to be in the sequel.”

“Hello?” Cherry blinked. “You’ve been on the show twice, and like you still haven’t managed to make top 10.” Cherry finished drinking her drink. “Why do you deserve to be here any more than me?”

Angel slowly started to back away. “Nevermind that… Might have accidentally caused world war 3.” She whispered to herself.

“Because I’m the PROTAGONIST!” Hannah exclaimed.

“And I’m Cherrylicious, why does that like matter?”

“Why do you insist on working with me.” Julien questioned, looking over at Emmett who was sewing feathers onto a long piece of fabric beside him. “I thought I’ve made it clear, I don’t particularly seek your company.”

“I get it.” Emmett said. “But Andre wanted you on the team, and I still have no idea why. So garsh darnit, I’m going to figure it out!”

Julien at Emmett. “You’re lonely, aren’t you. Your best friend got eliminated, your other friend was just eliminated, your ex, and now your girlfriend is off all of the time.” The estranged student raised an eyebrow. “Sadly for you, I’m not here for your personal enjoyment.” The teen pierced his finger with the sewing needle, but didn't make a sound. “This is who I am.” He flaunted his finger in front of Emmett who was turning pale at the sight of blood. “That is who you are.” Julien said flatly as he watched Emmett run away to the bathroom.

Kaleb pulled Fynn away from the rest of the team and into a nearby room. “Where are you taking me bro?”

The star shook his head. “If you want to get ladies you need to not look like…” He eyed Fynn’s beach bum attire.”

“Like what? Sam helped pick this out for me.”

Kaleb rolled his eyes. “I can tell.” The actor began searching through the costumes for the latest production the school was putting on. “Peter Pan….” Kaleb sighed. “This might not be the best idea anymore.”

Fynn instantly changed in to Peter Pan’s iconic green tunic, though it was a bit short on the surfer. “I don’t know, I think I kind of like it.” He flexed in the mirror.

“Of course you would.” Kaleb groaned. “Could you maybe not?” Kaleb pulled out a cookie. “Do you want the cookie?”

“Yeah I do!” Fynn grinned reaching for the cookie, but Kaleb lifted it above his head.

Fynn raised an eyebrow, easily reaching above Kaleb and grabbing the cookie. “Thanks man! See you back at the challenge!”

“But!” Kaleb groaned, as he watched Fynn walk out of the dressing room, still wearing the short outfit. “He’s going to be single for life.”

Back at the challenge, Payton and Isabella were constructing the neck piece for their mascot. “How was it on Lakeside?” Payton asked, as she handed Isabella the hot glue gun.

“The girls were great! We bonded, and I met this boy Christian, he was fun!” Isabella cheerfully said. “I wonder whatever happened to him though.”

Payton nodded. “I heard that he-”

“No spoilers!” Mana shouted walking past the girls. Payton rolled her eyes.

“It was only a Summer fling anyways. But boy would i kill for that sweet v-line again.” Isabella giggled, as she accidently burned herself with the gun. “Ouch!”

“Stop distracting yourself.” Payton sighed. “What do you think about us?”

Isabella shrugged. “Sometimes you girls are great! I love bonding with you, but other times I feel like it’s cougar town here. You girls can be so crazy!”

“I guess so.” Payton noted. “They can be a bit much sometimes.”

“I still wonder why the girls from before voted me off…. Or why you guys did! Did I do something wrong? Did I upload a selfie with your bad side?”

“No…” Payton sighed. “It’s nothing like that.”

Isabella turned to Payton. “Do you think… Do you think that you could upload a selfie of us?”

“I don’t have an Instagram account.”

Isabella dove at Payton. “Say what now!? How come! You’re so pretty! Boys everywhere would follow you! Let me see your phone Payton! Let me help you!”

Vishal stared at his teams creation. “This is supposed to be a crow… right?”

Blake tilted his head and squinted his eyes. “I mean if you kind of close your eyes all the way…”

“I don’t think that’s how it works.” Vishal sighed. “How are we going to win the challenge with this!”

“Maybe if it had feathers.” Blake pointed out. “Don’t all birds have feathers.”

Vishal nodded. “Genius!” He looked over at the girls. “Why don’t you go ask one of them for some?”

“Why don’t I just jump into a pit of lava, it’d be easier.”

“Come on bro. It’s not that hard!” Vishal pointed at Fleur. “Try her, she can barely speak English anyways.”

Blake groaned. “It’s not that.”

“Well what is it then?” Vishal asked, raising an eyebrow. “Come on, you can tell me. Don’t you trust me?”

“No.” Blake stated. “To be honest, I really don’t.”

“Is this about Alfie? You know I had to do it.”

Blake walked towards Damien. “Could you go get feathers from the girls? They kind of hoarded them all.” Damien nodded. Blake turned his attention back to Vishal. “You’re just… You’re like the captain of the hockey team. You manipulate people into following you. You don’t care about the middle bits, just the end result.” Blake shook his head. “Can’t you see that?”

“Look man.” Vishal raised his hands. “I get it, you’re upset about something, but come on, give me a chance.” Vishal walked off. “I’ll give you some space.”

The camera panned over to Damien approaching Fleur. “Sup.”

“Damo!” Fleur cheered. “How are you?” She asked, sipping from her pink lemonade.

“Pretty good I guess. Could use some help though.” He pointed back at their mascot. “Kind of missing out on a key component.”

“I am in the seeing of this!” Fleur blushed. “Why would I be in the helping of you though.” She asked, “You’re not being on my team?”

Damien nodded. “I mean, you have a point there. But you know, wouldn’t you rather just win because you had the better design?” He peeked over Fleur’s shoulder to where their completed Siren Mascot was waiting. “Kind of a call back to my old team eh. It looks great.”

“Oui! It was in head of Salem!” Fleur grinned before looking around to make sure none of her team was around to see. “Ok, but this is in the being of secret!” She handed Damien a crate full of dark feathers.


The scene cut to show the completed mascots side by side. The Fraternity had Weston standing next to a completed Crow. It looked menacing, yet somewhat mysterious. Beside it, Fleur stood beside the complete Siren. Whose wings sparkled in the spotlight.

The scene cut to the next day. The Killer Sorority were grouped on one half of the Genesis Plaza. “This is it everyone!” Isabella cheered. “This is where we put on a show! It’ll be just like one of those episodes of Glee! Where we all band together to take the boys down!” She pulled out a stereo and played Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

“Really?” Angel asked. “Not a boy band?” She pouted slightly.

“This is the best way to show off our girl power!” Isabella cheered. She turned to Twilight who was wearing the Siren costume. “How is that fitting?”

“Oh you know! I can’t see at all but it’s fine!” Twilight shouted.


Hannah stared at Cherry who stood on the other side of the group. “Can I take point? I think I’ll make a great lead. My charisma skill might not be the highest, but I have sick moves!”

“Like, if you think falling to the ground and into the dirt is a sick move.” Cherry retorted.

Dania and Fleur both stepped up and began to dance. While Dania twirled and flowed to the beat, Fleur moved in quicker motions. “I love it!” Isabella grinned. “Angel, and Cherry you both follow Fleur’s lead!” She pointed to Salem and Hannah. “You two can take Dania’s lead. It’ll be like both sides of a woman. Fierce, yet delicate!”

“What about us?” Payton asked, pointing to herself and Twilight.

“Pyramid!” Isabella declared. “We’ll lift Twilight into the sky, and she can soar like a bird!”

“You’ll what?” Twilight asked. “And I’ll do what?”

Payton stared at Isabella. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“It’ll be brilliant! Positions everyone!”

Salem took her place behind Dania. “You’ll be fine Twi. I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“You’re like in my space!” Cherry growled, staring at Hannah.

Hannah looked away. “You’re in my play area.”

Dania whispered to Angel. “What happened?”

“I uh… I may have started a fan war? You know like on twitter between Edward and Jacob? Except this time it’s between ego girl 1 and ego girl 2.” Angel giggled. “I think it’s kind of funny.”

“As long as it doesn’t cost us the challenge.”

The screen swapped to the other side of the field where the Fraternity had gathered. “So what’s the plan here?” Vishal asked looking at Emmett.

“Why are you looking at me?” Emmett raised an eyebrow.

“Aren’t you the cheerleader?” Weston pointed out as he waved in the crow outfit.

“Yeah but-”

“So it makes sense for you to lead us here. What do we need to do to win?” Fynn asked.

Blake gave Damien a fist bump. “Good job getting the feathers. The mascot looks hype now!”

Damien nodded. “Yeah, no problem man.”

Julien stared at his team. “We could all pretend to be dead and let the crow pry out our eyes. It could showcase just how blind we really are to the patriarchy of the world.”

“Or not.” Kaleb added. “Let’s just do a normal cheer?”

Emmett looked at the guys. “Would you all be willing to do that?”

Vishal looked at Blake and Fynn and then nodded. “We’re here to win man. We don’t care about that kind of stuff.”

“As long as there’s no girls, I’m in!” Blake nodded.

“It’ll have to do. It will be a great piece to showcase the true face of masculinity.” Julien slowly said, staring at Emmett.

Emmett nodded. “Ok guys, then this is the plan.”

Hours later, Mana appeared on the stage summoning the students from their practice. “Alright! The game takes place in a few hours!”

“Already!? We barely mastered the moves!” Emmett gasped.

“Tough luck! I promised them we would perform!”

Isabella gulped. “We can do it ladies!” She turned back to where Cherry and Hannah were in the middle of a slap fight.

The rankings board raised from beneath the stage. “And here are the most recent rankings! Some minor shakeups from last challenge!” A red light separated the top 4 from the remaining cast.

1. Hannah

2. Salem

3. Emmett

4. Vishal

5. Angel

6. Fleur

7. Kaleb

8. Weston

9. Dania

10. Damien

11. Cherry

12. Fynn

13. Blake

14. Payton

15. Isabella

16. Julien

17. Twilight

Weston looked at Vishal. “Wow. You really moved up a lot!”

“I guess people like it when you make a power move.” Payton added. “Alfie was a huge threat to his game.” Weston gave Payton an odd look before turning back to Vishal.

“What does that mean?”

“If Alfie stuck around you two would have fought, and could have led to me getting eliminated in the cross hares.”

“I thought you eliminated Alfie because you wanted us to make up?”

“I did.” Vishal clarified. “But it also helped me out in the end.”

Mana blew his whistle, summoning the students to follow him to Wonderland Stadium.

The scene cut to show Blake and Vishal playing on the ice. Vishal passed Blake the puck as he scored another goal, giving him a hat trick. The buzzer rang, signalling half time. “You don’t have to do that.” Blake said. “You don’t need to give me all the points.”

“It’s what a teammate does man.” Vishal looked to where the rest of the Fraternity was waiting for them to participate in the challenge, and then back to where the hockey team was heading to the locker rooms. “Why do you go chill with the team? I’ll cover for you. I’ll say you hurt your leg and need to get it checked out.”

“Why?” Blake asked.

Vishal offered his friend a smile. “I’ve changed. Just believe me long enough to see that. You just gave us a 3-0 lead over our rivals, the team will respect you. But if you come and cheer with us…” Vishal shrugged. “I doubt they’ll let you live it down.”

Blake looked between his two teams before walking back to the locker rooms. “Thanks Vishal!”

The two teams walked onto the ice. The boys taking one side while the girls took the other. Mana stood in the centre of the rink. “Welcome back! As you know Total Drama is one of the biggest sponsors for the University this year! I’d like to welcome you all to our 6th challenge here on Total Drama Eclipse! The teams have prepared a new mascot design, and cheer for you today! After the performance we invite you to vote for which team you think deserves to win!” Mana grinned, putting the megaphone on the ground, and then flicking the switch, as Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off filled the rink.

The boys quickly got in formation. “Where’s Blake?” Fynn asked under his breath, as Vishal and Emmett cartwheeled in front of him.

“He hurt his leg on that last play, he’s getting it checked.”

“I hope he’s ok!” Weston whispered, before he somersaulted over Vishal, while wearing the crow mascot uniform.

The camera panned to where the girls had also begun. Dania, Hannah and Salem took a few prances forward alone on the ice, before twilight in synch. They formed a triangle as they danced in form. Behind them, Isabella and Payton carried out Twilight in her Siren costume like royalty. “Please don’t drop me.” She whispered.

Once Twilight was in the center of the girls, Isabella and Payton placed Twilight on the ice, as she began to twirl in synch with the girls around her.

On the other side, Julien and Damien slid across the ice on their knees, while Vishal and Fynn lept over them. Behind them, Emmett cartwheeled.

Angel, Cherry and Fleur took the ice, dancing in quick movements around the twirling triangle. “We like, got this!” Cherry whispered to Angel who nodded.

“It’s amazing isn’t it? I always wondered how Cody felt when he was performing!”

The sang slowed as it came to the end. Both teams prepared to launch their mascots into the air.

“Like back off.” Cherry growled at Hannah who accidently stepped on Cherry.

“Sorry!” She whispered. “Maybe if you weren’t so slow.”

“What did you just say?” Cherry gasped.

“Girls please don’t, we’re ladies, not… missies.” Dania sighed, but the fight was already starting. Cherry and Hannah each grabbed onto one another's shoulders as they wrestled in the middle of their dance troop. It was too late for Isabella and Payton to stop having already launched Twilight into the air. Cherry and Hannah’s fight pushed the two girls to the ground.

Twilight looked down at the ground where no one ready to catch her. She let out a screech, she looked to her side where Weston’s wings caught aflame, and the teen was panicking also. Before she hit the ground, Blake skated onto the ice, and caught the falling Siren. “Blake!” She whispered. But as soon as he caught her, he placed her on the ground, and raced to fire alarm, setting off the sprinklers and putting out the fire engulfing Weston. The crowd was a panic as they raced out of the arena.

Mana stared at the students left on the ice. “Zac’s going to kill me.”

“Did we win?” Isabella asked, oblivious to the state of the arena.

“Sadly, yes.” Mana sighed.

“What?!” Emmett shouted. “Come on!”

Mana turned his head to face Emmett. “Hello? Sir? You do realize your team caused this entire building to evacuate? What was that stunt? Sitting Weston on fire? Talk about dangerous!”

“He wasn’t supposed to! That wasn't part of the plan!” Fynn shouted. “It was almost as if it were a prank…” He stopped and turned to Damien.

“He was the one who found the feathers.” Blake sighed. “Really Damien?”

“I didn’t do this!” Damien fought back. “Why would I sabotage my own team?”

Vishal shrugged, “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

“I’m ok!” Weston announced as he climbed out of the costume. “Thanks Blake!”

“Thank you Blake.” Twilight said, giving the teen a peck on the cheek.

“You really shouldn't have done that.” Payton laughed as she watched Blake race out of the rink to wash his face.

Julien pouted. “I was so close to being able to take photos of new corpses. My followers would have loved it. I could have titled it, death of gender norms.”

Salem raised an eyebrow. “You really need to work on that.”

Mana looked around. “Alright boys, I’ll meet you at the Deans Hall in an hour…. Ladies.” Mana turned to the girls. “Get your shit together.”

The scene cut to Angel, Dania and Twilight celebrating their victory at the Crows Nest. “To another win!” Angel grinned.

“I almost died.” Twilight gasped. “I almost died.” She repeated, still shocked.

“Cherry and Hannah are going to be a problem.” Dania said, clinking her glass against her fellow ladies. “If only they could mellow out. I thought when Rosalie was eliminated that all of the drama would leave with her.”

Twilight shook her head. “It’s Total Drama for a reason.” She sighed. “What are we going to do?”

Angel waved Emmett and Julien over. “For now, we celebrate!”

“Why are you carrying me?” Julien groaned. “I’m not your hostage!” Julien complained, fighting against Emmett’s grip.

“Tonight you are.” Emmett chuckled, putting Julien down at the table with the girls. “I want you to meet my friends and -”

“Girlfriend.” Angel grinned, shaking Julien’s hand. “I hear you’re really creepy, like stalker creepy!”

“We’ve met.” Dania said hesitantly remembering the last time she and Julien interacted. “Thanks again for the photos.”

“Photos?” Twilight asked.

Julien stared at Dania. “It was nothing.”

“Not at all!” Dania blushed, as she opened her locket to show one of the photos that Julien had taken of her and Andre. “It keeps me going!”

“I didn’t take you for the romantic type.” Emmett teased.

“I’m not.” Julien groaned.

“Keep telling yourself that!” Angel giggled. “We know you’re secret you little softie!”

“One marshmallow rainbow late for Jewels!” The barista placed a drink in front of Julien.

“I didn’t order this!”

Twilight giggled. “Salem said it was your favorite!”

Julien groaned slamming his face into the table.

The scene cut to Cherry’s and Payton’s dorm room. Cherry waited inside plucking her eyebrows. She turned when she heard the door open. “It’s like about time you got home! We need to talk about you and Isa-” She stopped when she saw Isabella join Payton in the room. “Like hey!”

“I told Isabella we could do our nails together.” Payton smiled.

“But like, you never want to do your nails!” Cherry gasped.

Isabella grinned. “I convinced her that she would look SO fresh in this new shade of topaz I found at the mall!” She pulled out three vials of nail polish. “I even got this cherry red one for you!”

Cherry gasped. “For me? Like, I like you already!”

“I’m so sorry you didn't make the team! I bet you would have been a SUPER cheerleader, I think the captain was just jealous of you!”

“Totes jealous!” Cherry confirmed, sending Payton a questioning glance.

Payton smiled as she started working on Cherry’s nails. “Who do you think the boys are going to eliminate?”

“Well they already eliminated the only cute one, so like, does it matter?” Cherry sighed.

“Alfie?” Isabella gasped. “You had a thing for Alfie? You two would have been SO cute!” She quickly pulled out Paytons phone from Payton’s jacket and took a photo of Cherry’s nails and tagged it with #freshcoat.

The scene cut to Weston’s detective agency, where Blake had just finished installing a new door. “There you go!” Blake grinned.

“Thanks Blake!” Weston cheered. “And I finished that case of yours!” He pointed to the board where Vishal was written in red marker, the words guilty beside it. “I’ve come to the conclusion that Vishal can not be trusted.”

Blake blinked. “Really?! Why?”

Weston pulled out his notes. “He’s shown that he has only been thinking about himself since he returned to the show. First he worked on splitting me and Alfie apart, and then he tried to undermine Emmett and when that didn’t work he let Emmett take charge. After that, he worked with you to make sure you trusted him.”

“I don’t know.” Blake sighed. “Honestly… I think he’s changed.”

“What?!” Weston gasped. “But you put me on the case!”

Blake took a seat. “I know, and I think that he’s changed now. He really helped me out at the game today.”

“It’s just an act.” Weston shook his head. “We can’t let him fool us!”

“When we were at the challenge today, I really felt like he cared though. Like he wanted to help me succeed.”

Weston sighed. “Then we agree to disagree.”

“We agree to disagree.” Blake nodded, getting up. “I’m glad you’re ok though.” The hockey player said as he left the building.

Weston flipped the whiteboard, and stared at Blake’s other case. He scribbled down Twilight and put a big question mark.

Vishal laid on Fynn’s bed as he shot the small ball through the hoop attached to Fynn’s door. “I thought you two made up?”

“So did I man, I can’t believe he would pull a prank like that on Weston of all people!”

“What’s his deal? First his sister comes at me, and now he makes us lose the challenge.” Vishal shook his head.

Fynn gasped. “You don’t think he’s doing what he did last season do you?”

“I don’t know man. I told him the other day that we could work together to put our pasts behind us, but he’s making it pretty clear he doesn’t want to do that.” Vishal groaned. “Why can’t he just work with us?”

“Honestly bro, maybe we should just cut him loose.” Fynn suggested. “Eliminate him now before he causes any more problems.”

Vishal nodded. “I think that’s our only choice.”

The scene switched to show Damien sitting on a chair alone on the stage in the Hall of Tides. Kaleb walked over to the legacy student. “What are you doing?”

“I’m thinking.” Damien responded.

“Here? Alone? In the dark?” Kaleb countered. “Interesting thought process.”

Damien sighed. “You know, Andre and I talked here before he was eliminated. He helped me take the weight off of my shoulders from last season. He helped set me straight!” Damien looked into his hands. “I wanted to help Weston just the other day, I told him if he kept hating on Alfie that he was going to ruin his friendship with him. And that if he let that consume him he wouldn’t like who he became.”

“So you set him on fire because he didn’t listen to you?” Kaleb blinked. “And I thought I was dramatic!”

“I didn’t set him on fire!” Damien sighed. “I know I’m the prankster! But it wasn't me! I don’t know how those feathers lit up. I just don’t know.” He turned to Kaleb. “You have to believe me.”

“Oh I do.” Kaleb said. “You don’t seem the murdering type. That’s more Julien’s style.”

“So you won’t vote for me?”

Kaleb laughed. “Oh no. I’m still voting for you, I’m a petty bitch and you voted for me last time!” Kaleb laughed again as he left the hall.

The scene cut to show Fleur, Hannah and Salem watching a movie in french. “I don’t understand a word they’re saying! Why are they making out on the swing?”

“Because they are in the being of love!” Twilight hushed.

Salem blinked. “Why are we watching this in french anyways?”

“I thought it would be cool to see what it’s like to be Fleur. I know she can get homesick sometimes.” Hannah smiled, wrapped her arm around Fleur as they laid on their pillows in front of the tv.

“I’m not in the homesick with you two here!”

Salem pulled out a drawing that Weston had made of her getting eliminated. “I don’t think Weston likes me.”

“He is in the blaming of you for Alfie’s elimination!” Fleur pointed out.

Hannah nodded, “But more importantly, if you’re not in love with Colin… Does that mean you have feelings for Damien?” The gamer pressed Fleur.

“No! He is how you say close friend!”

Salem giggled. “A close friend that you spent most of the week with?”

“He is nice boy!” Fleur blushed as her two friends teased her.

The scene cut the Dean’s Office. The eight remaining Fraternity members sat at their desks. Mana walked out from behind the statue. “Welcome.” He looked around, unsure what to say next. “Uh, welcome again, this is your second loss in a row…. Any comments?”

Emmett shrugged. “Every team loses eventually. We’ll just come back stronger.”

Mana looked at Emmett. “Emmett you never lost a challenge back on Tides, are you sure you know how to come back from a losing spree?”

“We’ve got Damien. He knows a little something something about losing. He was on the Sirens after all.”

“Don’t remind me.” Damien groaned. “We were always too busy fighting each other to even try to win!”

Vishal raised his eyebrow. “Glad to see you didn’t bring that trait over from Tides.”

“And I’m glad you don’t use people anymore from Frozen.” Damien countered.

Mana turned to Weston. “How is it knowing that Alfie isn’t around anymore?”

“It’s weird!” Weston said. “I thought I would be a lot sadder… But I have still have lots of friends here! And I really hope that Alfie is cheering me on wherever he is!”

“What about you Julien? How are you doing? You’ve been ranked last, or near last almost consistently since the rankings began.”

Julien stared at Mana with dead eyes. “Popularity is a way for sad people to measure their insignificant impact on the world.”

“Glad to see you see the positive in things!” Mana forced a smile. He looked over at Fynn and gasped. “You’re… still dressed?” Fynn grinned. “Right? It feels so… warm?” He blinked and gave Kaleb a fist bump.

“We’ve been working on his ability to pick up girls.” Kaleb noted. “I thought him actually being able to keep his clothes on would be a good start.”

“Speaking of girls….” Mana looked over at Blake who was still using a washcloth to wipe the spot on his face where Twilight kissed him.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Blake muttered.

“Ok then…. Well you all know the drill. Write down your votes.” Mana shrugged, he waited a few minutes before collecting everyone’s votes. Once he collected all of the votes he inserted them into the statue of Zac and waited.

“When is Zac coming back anyways?” Weston asked. “And did he say hey to Hayden for me?”

Mana blinked multiple times in a row. “Do I look like I know the answer to either of those questions?”

“Aren’t you Zac’s servant or something?” Kaleb asked.

“I hate you.” Mana sighed, as he watched the first leaf land on Kaleb’s lap. “Of course. Even when Zac’s not here his spirit still knows how to annoy me.” Kaleb gave Mana the peace sign.

Blake and Weston caught the next two leafs. Giving each other a nod.

Emmett and Fynn received the next leafs. They gave each other a high-five.

Mana looked at Damien, Julien and Vishal. “For one of you, your academic career here at TDE is about to end.” He watched as another leaf landed on Julien’s shoulder.

“Should this make me happy?” Julien questioned, staring at the host.

“If you don’t want it, I’ll take it.” Vishal offered.

“I’m good. Thanks.”

Mana waited for the next leaf to spit out, but the torch didn’t light up. “What’s happening?” Damien asked.

“Are they both eliminated?” Kaleb questioned.

“That’s not fair!” Vishal groaned.

“It’s never fair for you.” Emmett pointed out.

“No…” Mana quickly skimmed the instruction manual for the statue. “It just means that there was a tie in the votes.” The intern turned to the students. “Ok.”

“So… do we just recast our votes?” Blake asked.

“No.” Mana said, as he continued to read the manual.

“Do the girls get to vote instead then?” Emmett asked.

“Also… No.”

“Then what?” Weston asked, “I really don’t like ties… Or rather they really don’t like my family.”

“The popularity rankings.” Mana said, snapping his fingers. He turned around and watched as all of the names vanished except for Vishal’s and Damien’s. “According to the rules, in case of a tie, the lowest member of the tie according to the most recently updated rankings will be eliminated.” Mana pointed at the board where Vishal was ranked 4th, and Damien was 10th.

The final leaf of the night landed on Vishal’s shoulder. “Shocker. People don’t like it when you let your sister yell at your team, or when you try to murder your own team!”

“I didn’t!” Damien gasped, as he walked towards the platform in front of him. “I didn’t do any of that. I competed on my own, Heather said a lot of things, but I played my own game. I guess if I was boring that’s my own fault, but I didn’t want to cause drama…. Not again.” Damien sighed, and turned to Weston. “I don’t know how the feathers caught on fire. I swear it wasn’t me. I instantly put the feathers on the mascot after I got them from ----” And it was in those moments as Damien fell to the platform beneath the floor that he remembered he wasn’t the only prankster on the show.

Chapter Eight: Think Fast! Pop Quiz!

The screen flashed on, revealing Zac as he sat in his office. He turned to face the camera after he finished signing some paperwork. “Last time on Total Drama Eclipse, our two teams faced off in a test of their creative minds. In the end, the Screaming Fraternity came burning down, and Damien was expelled after he was blamed for his teams loss.” The host stood up from his desk, photographs that were clearly once of him and someone else were cut to pieces on his desk. “It’s been a few days since Damien’s elimination, and the campus is coming back to life with all of our students having returned from holiday. Which team will prove they know their stuff, and which team will be faced to expel one of their own.”

A knocking was heard on the door. “Zac? Is that you? Did you come back?” Mana asked, slowly opening the door. His eyes met Zac’s and instantly lit up. “You came back!”

Zac’s eyes lingered on Mana as he finished sending a text message. “Of course I came back.”

“How was your trip to America?” Mana asked eager to hear how Hayden was doing.

“We have work to do.” Zac said flatly. “The teams are unbalanced. The producers aren’t feeling it. The guys don’t have enough drama, the girls keep stealing all of the screen time. Not only that, this show is meant to be somewhat educational!” The host walked past Mana. “Come on, we need to prepare for tomorrow!”

“But it’s almost midnight! I told the students that we wouldn’t have a challenge tomorrow! I wasn’t sure where you were! You never said -”

Zac’s blue eyes pierced through Mana. “Come on. We need to fix this trainwreck before our show gets cancelled.”

Mana tilted his head confused, but followed behind his boss nonetheless.

The scene cut to the Crow’s Nest. Emmett watched as the barista ornately wrote October 17th onto the blackboard wall. “It’s already midnight?” The muscular teen yawned. “Where did the time go.”

Angel rested her head on Emmett’s shoulder. “Time flies when you’re with your friends.”

“Speak for yourself. All I could think about was how many marbles I could swallow until my body stopped functioning.” Julien groaned, staring at the three friends around him.

Dania laughed. “You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were serious!”

“I am entirely serious.” Julien pointed at the vase filled with marbles in front of them. “I’d guess it’d take about half of that.”

Salem placed a plate with another round of warm drinks for the group on the table. “Really, don’t mind him. He’s just a big sour puss. Who's upset because he hasn’t managed to scare any of you off yet.”

“Why would you want to scare us off?” Angel asked. “Are you actually a celebrity? I remember this one time this famous singer pretended to be someone else on Total Drama! It didn’t end well though… Her fans hated her ever since. I remember Cody telling me about it.”

Emmett raised an eyebrow, and switched topics. “Is anyone else worried for when Zac comes back?”

“Not really.” Dania said. “He’s had the chance to go see Hayden, if anything I’m sure he’ll be happier than ever! Maybe we’ll finally have a nice, relaxing season. Not that it’s any of our business, but I really think Hayden is good for Zac. Did you watch the documentary about them?”

“There’s a documentary!?” Angel gasped, gripping onto Emmett’s hand. “We so need to watch that!”

“Maybe you should go do that now.” Julien stated, eying the door. “You know, away from here.”

Salem giggled. “I think that would be so much fun!”

Dania stared at Julien. “You’re coming too. It’s rude to just uninvite yourself to things.”

Julien looked at Salem with big eyes, “Don’t make me do this.”

“Too late man.” Emmett chuckled, picking up the protesting photographer and putting him over his shoulder. “It’s movie night!”

Angel walked behind her friends with a smile. Remembering the times when it would have been her getting escorted out of her friends and boyfriends rooms. How the times have changed. “Wait for me!”

Blake and Vishal are seen jogging up and down the stairs of the Stadium. “Thanks for believing in me man.” Vishal huffed as the pair sat on the bleachers. He pulled out two bottles of water for the pair.

Blake handed Vishal a bag of trail mix, “Thanks for helping me out.”

“It’s what teammates do.” Vishal decided. “You backed me up against Weston. Now we’re even.”

The hockey star nodded. “It’s kind of my fault.” Blake pulled on his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face. “I asked him to look into you.”

Vishal raised an eyebrow and stared at his friend. “Thank you.”

“Huh?” Blake asked, confused.

Vishal gave Blake a smile as he got up from the bleachers. “You were honest to me. That’s more than I ever was to you.” The athlete turned to Blake. “You know I only wanted to be your friend to get on the hockey team.”

“Well yeah, I thought that was obvious.” Blake blinked. “You’re a good player, and friend. It was a win-win.”

“So you’re not hulk-angry that I used you?”

“You’re not peeved that I didn’t trust you?” The guys shared a long look at one another before shaking hands. They pulled each other close for a few seconds before falling apart, and returning to their run up and down the stairs. It didn’t take long for Blake to trip, and to fall into a giant hole in the staircase. Vishal blinked, and looked down at where Blake, and the hole were. He shrugged and then continued his jog.

The scene panned down to the field, where Isabella and Payton had just finished cheer practice. “You were really… peppy today!” Payton smiled at Isabella as they walked towards the bleachers where Cherry was waiting impatiently.

“Like thanks so much! I tried really hard for this! Without my phone this is one of the last things that I have that can remind me of home!”

Payton nodded, “I feel that… It’s so weird being apart from Grayson. Until he left for Tides I never realized how much he meant to me… And I really thought we were going to spend all season together!” She let out a soft sigh, and turned to Cherry.

“Like, come on! Let’s get going!” Cherry eagerly rushed the girls along. “I like thought we could check out the coffee shop!”

Isabella and Payton shared a look. “Maybe we could shower first? I wouldn’t want the other girls thinking we were… like those weird kids who never shower!”

Payton nodded. “We kinda smell, Cherry. You can join if you want!”

Cherry raised her eyebrows. “Are you like, implying I smell?”

“No!” Payton shouted. “Not at all!” She put her arm around Cherry, who quickly brushed it off. “It’s just I thought we could do something all together?”

“It’ll be so much fun! We can have a bubble war and everything! It’ll be like the great bubble war of ‘86!” Isabella reached for her phone to show photos of a prank from her high school, but remembered her phone was gone.

“Fine, we can shower! Like I need to redo my pink streak anyways.” Isabella and Payton led the way to the showers, Cherry trailing behind them.

Soon, the three girls were each in their own stall as they sang out to “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers together. When the song ended, Isabella and Payton each turned off their shower head, and left their showers, wrapping themselves in a towel. They shared a smile as they left to put their clothes back on. In the third and final stall however, Cherry was missing. Her towel, and clothes still on the bench.

In their living space, Fynn, Kaleb and Weston were having a superhero marathon, in onesies. “This is so freeing.” Fynn chuckled hugging his body in his onesie.

Weston titled his head. “Also magical. Somehow you’re still fully clothed.”

Kaleb turned his head sharply to Weston. “Don’t jinx it!”

The twin blushed, as he ate more of Blake’s pancakes from that morning. “He’s a really good cook! Almost as good as Melissa!”

Fynn drooled at the thought of being able to try Melissa’s baking. “I wish I could have tried some of her baking! It always looked so good.”

Kaleb stared at Fynn. “For someone who has… that kind of body you really do eat a lot of sweets.”

“Runs in the family.” Fynn shrugged, beginning to unzip his onesie. Both Kaleb and Weston instantly slapped their hands over Fynn’s body to stop him.

“Hey---” Vishal said as he walked into the room. His eyes went wide, and turned on his heels and left.

“It’s not what it looks like!” The three boys shouted back.

“Or is it.” Fynn winked.

“You’re a pig.” Kaleb grunted, retracting his hand.

Weston frowned, pulling his hand back. “We need to win a challenge.”

“Can I get an Amen.” Kaleb preached, as the two boys shouted back. “We’re falling behind so quickly. I blame the fact that they had two former winners.”

“Alfie could have won last season!” Weston defended his twin, “He was really strong! And liked!”

Fynn wrapped his arm around Weston, “But he didn’t win.” The surfer paused the movie. “And we did have the people eliminated first…”

Kaleb nodded. “The teams were stacked from the get-go.”

“And they have Salem.” Weston made a face.


“She’s evil.” Weston whispered, in case she could somehow hear him. “She’s a witch!”

“It’s pronounced bitch, Weston.” Kaleb corrected. Fynn snorted out his drink.

“No! She’s a literal witch!” Weston repeated.

“You’re going to need to explain that a little bit more.” Kaleb raised an eyebrow.

Fleur, Hannah and Twilight waited in the classroom for Mana to arrive. But like the days before, he never did. “Why do we even bother anymore.” Twilight shrugged. “Mana abandoned us.”

Fleur stared at Twilight with big eyes. “You are not to be in the thinking like this!” She smiled at her friend. “We must be in the being of happy!”

Hannah nodded. “Fleur’s right. Soon, another challenge will be upon us, and we come here to make sure our stats are ready! We can’t let the boys win. A girl will win this season, again!”

“Hannah?” Twilight turned to the girl. “How come you’ve never… been like this before?”

The gamer raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“You never took Frozen this seriously!” Twilight noted.

Hannah blushed. “That’s because I allowed myself to get distracted from the real game! Those silly side quests only led me to defeat!”

Fleur twirled her hair on her finger. “And then we were in the letting you down in the ocean!” Fleur gasped.

“No!” Hannah gasped. “Never! You, Sam, Grayson and Viola were a level I’d never choose to take back! You all reminded me that there is still love, and good people out there! And that led me to all of you, and the wishing circle questline!”

Twilight smiled. “And we’ve already finished one wish! Rosalie isn’t here anymore so Angel has Emmett all to herself again.” Twilight blushed, “And Dania helped me a little with my wish too!”

“What?” Hannah gasped. “How come you never told us!”

“It’s complicated…. But I think Frosty might miss me!”

Fleur smiled. “Our wishes are in the coming true!” The frenchy turned to Hannah, “Maybe you’ll be in the falling of love too!”

“Better yet, maybe I’ll be free of Cherry.”

Fleur frowned. “Why are you two in the act of fighting?”

“She just thinks that she’s better than everyone! I’m sick of it, I’m sick of people like her who think they’re so much cooler than me because they were nice lipstick, and dress cute!”

Twilight stared at her phone. “Your wish might be granted…” She turned the screen to the other girls. A photo of Blake and Cherry tied together and blindfolded in a dark room was shown.

“Where it all began?” Fleur asked, “Comme, the first night at the party?”

“Well, it looks like Zac’s back. Come on, let’s go!” Hannah grinned.

The scene shifted to Genesis Square. “How many times are you going to change the name of this place?” Payton asked, pointing at the sign that was replaced yet again.

“I’m the dean of student affairs, I can do whatever I want, now hush!” Zac growled. The host looked out at the group of students. “I’m glad that most of you could make it here.”

“What did you to Blake?” Vishal asked.

“Was that who that was?” Fynn scratched his head. “I knew that he looked familiar!”

Mana took a step forward. “Blake and Cherry are hidden away on campus somewhere. To win the challenge you need to find, and rescue your teammate.”

“You do realize how big the campus is…. Right?” Emmett asked. “That’s like finding a needle in a haystack.”

“Or a a haystack with a needle in it!” Isabella added.

“Do you know how big the campus is.” Zac mocked. “Of course I know how big the campus is I designed most of it!” The host rolled his eyes. “To make up for the lack of education that we’ve been giving you, it’s time for a pop quiz. Let’s see how many of you have actually been studying along.”

“The first challenge was marketing based. We had you market yourselves to the student demographic to earn their votes. This campus is unique in the fact that we receive applicants from across the country, and in a way to provide the feeling of home to each and every one of them, we have created dorm buildings for each of the ten provinces.”

“Using your marketing skills, determine which provincial demographic is the least common here at TDE, and you’ll be one step closer to finding your friends - and step closer to being in the top 14!”

The scene jumped to show Blake and Cherry in a dark room. Blake was struggling against the constraints that kept him attached to Cherry. “What is this?” He muttered.

“A challenge.” Cherry sighed. “It’s like another challenge where I’m trapped and someone like needs to rescue me.” She sighed. “Well like, good luck in the next challenge Blake. You weren’t totes terrible I guess.”

“What are you saying?” The hockey player questioned.

“I’m saying my team isn’t going to come rescue me. Like they hate me. I’m like old news to them now.” Cherry shrugged. “Like whatever, they’ll be losing their best player.”

“Why would they get rid of you? You’re the most experienced. When it comes to running a team, you always want the most knowledgeable as captain.” Blake questioned, still trying to break free.

Cherry slipped her hands into Blakes. “Thanks.” She closed her eyes. “Like y’know your hands are totes soft.” Blake closed his eyes, trying to imagine a girl wasn’t holding his hand. “Like why did you stop talking?”

“I… Just… Your hands.” Blake muttered out.

Elsewhere, the not completely strange guys were walking around campus. “How are we supposed to figure this out?” Fynn asked, turning back to the rest of his team.

“By using our sleuthing skills!” Weston cheered. He pulled out his detective hat, and eye glass. “Have no fear, for Weston, the twinning detective is here!” His teammates all shared a look while Weston walked forward and led the team, his eyes peering through the eye glass at the stones beneath their feet.

“Is this really the best idea?” Vishal questioned turning to Emmett.

The musclehead shrugged. “Do you have a better idea?” Emmett turned to Julien, “What about you budd?”

Julien shrugged. “Marketing isn’t something I consider an important part of life.”

“Do you consider anything important to your existence?” Kaleb questioned, ready to write down notes.

“Yes, making sure that Weston doesn’t find….” Julien paused, and then sighed. “Check the admissions records, we can find out how many students were registered from each province.”

Fynn nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”

Emmett gave Julien a pat on the back, “Great thinking!” He walked over to Weston and told him where they were heading.

“Oh come on! I really think I was onto something!” Weston pouted. The camera travelled down the path Weston leading them down, revealing that it led off Campus to the metro station.

Elsewhere, the girls had arrived at the PEI dorm building. “Good call Payton.” Hannah declared as they walked up the stairs to the building.

“It wasn’t that hard to deduce.” She noted, “PEI is tiny, the odds of them sending more students here than any other province is almost impossible.”

“I can sense an uneasy presence.” Salem whispered. Pointing at the glowing eyes that stared at them from the window.

Dania exhaled. “This must be the right place then. Zac wouldn’t make the challenge that easy!” She took a step forward.

“Dania?” Angel whispered. “Since when do you walk towards danger.”

“Since I realized I need to be the strong one.” She replied, pulling the door open. A loud scream forced Dania to the ground.

“What was that?” Twilight gasped, running over to Dania to help her up.

“It came from inside.” Isabella said looking up where the glowing eyes had vanished. “This place is reminding me of a really sketch haunted house!”

“I am in the thinking that this is not the place.” Fleur stepped back, as a hand reached out of the dorm from the darkness.

“AHH!” The girls screamed, as they raced back to the sidewalk. Dania slammed the door on the hand, but it simply went up in a puff of black smoke.

The girls shared a look, “We agree to never speak of this place again?” Payton asked.


The scene jumped back to the dark room. “Why do you do that? Like, why do you jump when my hand touches yours? Like I can totes feel your hair standing up!” Cherry teased.

Blake exhaled trying to find his clam place. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Excuse yourself. If like you’re the last person I’m going to talk to before I get eliminated, you better explain yourself! Besides like, who would I tell?”

“Only if you tell me why you look like you found your outfit at a thrift store.” Blake retorted.

“Like ok, since when were you like zesty?”

“You won the prize money, not me. So where did it all go?”

“I spent it all.”

“On what.” Blake said blankly, still trying to free himself.

“I told you, now you tell me.” Cherry said boldly.

Blake managed to snap the wooden planks of the chair he sat on, as he and Cherry both fell to the cement floor, their constraints coming undone. The hockey player jumped away from Cherry. “I’m afraid.”

The scene cut to the boys going through the archives. “Why are there so many books?” Kaleb groaned. “Who even reads any of this?”

“SHH!” An older woman hissed. Kaleb rolled his eyes.

“We’re never going to find it this way.” Fynn groaned, from his perch on a pile of books.

“Not if you keep talking instead of reading.” Julien remarked.

Weston is shown scanning every page of a rather thick book. “Did you know the campus used to be a cemetery for the English troops?”

“Do you think maybe we’re looking at this all wrong?” Emmett asked, putting down his book.

“Even if I’m the one running around, it would take way too long to go to each dorm building, the campus is way too big.” Vishal pointed out.

Emmett nodded, “I know, but what if there’s a reason that one of the dorms would have less people? Who decides who gets accepted?”

“Zac!” Fynn shouted. “I remember reading about that!”

“And what do we know about Zac?” Emmett questioned.

“Saskatchewan!” Weston shouted. “It’s the province where his ex is from!”

“How do you even know that?” Kaleb asked.

Weston pointed to the tabloid on the table. “I read it!”

“Is Zac petty enough to not accept-” Emmett shook his head. “Yeah ok, you’re right let’s go!”

Meanwhile a very tired group of girls arrived at the Saskatchewan dorm buildings. It appeared rundown, and uninhabited. “Did we actually beat the boys?” Dania asked, looking through the window.

“How?” Payton asked out of breath. “That took us way longer than it should have there’s no way!”

“Let’s just take the win while we can.” Angel took a step closer to the door.

Twilight smiled. “See! When we work together, we can do anything!’

“You mean, when Cherry isn’t here we can do anything.” Hannah coughed.

“I am the thinking she might be deadweight…” Fleur whispered.

Isabella shrugged. “She’s not perfect, but I think she still can be helpful! She has really nice hair!”

“Let’s put our energy into the challenge at hand.” Salem decided, as she pushed open the door. “Maybe we needed Cherry afterall.” The girls groaned seeing that the boys had beat them there.

“Blake!” Cherry shouted.

“Cherry!” Blake shouted back.

“You can’t like just drop a bomb like that on me and not explain yourself!”

“Why don’t you explain where you spent the money then?”

Cherry pressed her back against the wall, and sunk. “Do you like… Remember how I won?”

“How could I forget, it’s why no one ever invites you to the reunions.”

“The what now!?” Chery stared daggers at Blake.

“Nothing!” He quickly said.

Cherry began applying her pink powder to her hair, to give her streak back. “Well, like after I won… My parents weren’t like totes over the moon. Because like suddenly their daughter was like a rockstar, and considered a thief.”

“Yeah…?” Blake questioned.

“So like, when I was talking to Viola one day about like her foster child in Africa…. And then i decided! I wanted to build a school for like the least fortunate africans, and call it Cherrylicious Education! Except like, poor people are scary, and like dirty and hard work was a solid pass for me.”

Blake blinked. “So you sent Sam and Viola to Africa…”

“Like don’t make it sound like a bad thing!”

“But you let everyone think you just wasted the money? Why. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Your turn.”

“Girls.” Vishal smiled. “Welcome.”

“Boys.” Hannah glared. “Hey.”

“So what’s the deal here?” Angel asked, looking at the boys who were standing around doing nothing.”

“We don’t know what to do next.” Emmett sighed, putting his arm around his girlfriend.”

“The next challenge was medieval based.” Salem pointed out. “There must be a secret passage!” She excitedly said, a bit too loud. The boys quickly scattered through the house in search of the next clue. “Sorry.” Salem blushed.

“It’s ok.” Fleur reassured Salem. “We’ll be in the finding it first!” She put her hand on Salem’s back.

“Emmett, why don’t you ever hang out with your team?” Angel asked, as she and Emmett searched the attic.

He flashed a smile. “What do you mean?”

“You’re always with us, and Julien…. Why don’t you spend more time with the guys? And now you’re on the cheerleading squad? What’s happening?”

Emmett pulled Angel in for a kiss. “I’m not questioning my sexuality if that’s what you’re thinking.” He held onto Angel’s hand. “You know after Rosalie was eliminated… And then Alfie… And Andre…. Heck and then Damien… It’s just like everyone I ever cared about is dropping like flies. This season isn’t like the others. The strong competitors, the big characters, they aren’t lasting. I don’t want to sit around wishing that I spent more time with you, or with Dania.”

“Tell me about her?” Angel whispered. “About Rosalie…” She looked into Emmett’s eyes. “What was she like?”

“She was eternal.” Emmett chose his words carefully. “She just always seemed to have an answer for everything. She was never fazed by things, she just kept moving. She was everything, but nothing. I don’t really know who Rosalie was outside the competition.” Emmett coughed. “You know when we were competition I thought she was one of the nicest people, she put her friends first time and time again, but then when you go back and watch the show, you can just see through it all. You can see her as selfish.” He gripped onto Angel’s hand, “Why do you ask?”

Angel shrugged. “I don’t know… it’s just Dania cares about her a lot, and I know you used to at one point… And then there’s Ivy and Twilight. She must have been someone special to have so many people I care for, respect her.” The fangirl smiled at Emmett, and grabbed a trash can lid, and slid down the stairs. “Race you to the bottom!”

In what was left of the kitchen, Dania, Julien and Salem were searching the cupboards for a hidden exit. “I feel like in every novel I’ve read there’s always an emergency exit in the kitchen.” Dania sighed, closing another empty cupboard.

“WOW!” Julien shouted, instantly pulling out his camera to snap a photo of a dead kitten inside one of the cupboards. “It’s so… it’s perfection.” He stared at the kitten that was wrapped up inside of a blanket. “The fight for life and death, it shows even that something cute and precious can come to an end.”

“Or even something dark and mysterious.” Salem noted, putting her hand on Julien’s shoulder and closing the cupboard.

Dania gasped. “This isn’t the time to be taking some of your photos Julien!” She opened the cupboard door, and pulled the kitten out. “We need to have a proper burial for it!”

“But it wasn’t ours.” Julien said, staring at Dania.

“That doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be loved.”

“It won’t even know!”

Salem put her finger over Julien’s mouth. “Even in the embrace of darkness it’ll feel her love.”

“Fine.” Julien sighed, pulling out a shovel, and a small casket from his pocket. “Don’t question it. Just come.”

Dania and Salem shared a concern look as the eccentric photographer walked out to the backyard. “Thank you.” Dania whispered to her two friends.

Hannah and Payton were searching what could have been the master bedroom. “I don’t know why we are even trying to rescue her.” Hannah stated. “It’s not like she was a valuable member of the party.”

Payton stared at Hannah. “I miss her. Besides, us girls do need to stick together. If not the boys will find an opening.”

“I liked it better when you fought for causes I agreed with.” Hannah pouted.

“She did win the show Hannah, I know you might not want to believe it, but she has experience.”

Hannah shook her head. “She cheated Sam and Viola out of their wins. She did nothing to deserve what she got. Don’t believe any of the lies she spills Payton, Cherry can not be trusted, she probably spent all of the money on a Starbucks gift card or something.”

Payton let out a giggle. “That does sound like her.”

“Why don’t you trust me brother?” Vishal asked Weston, as the latter was pushing on every brick in the den, hoping an exit would appear.

“When people trust you, they go home.” Weston stated. “It’s a fact, and it doesn’t take a classically trained detective to figure that out!”

Vishal took a step towards Weston, “Come on, that’s all just coincidence. I really just want us to succeed as a team.”

“Because you’re on the team.” Weston pointed out. “If we succeed, you succeed.”

“No!” Vishal groaned. “Because I thought we were all friends.”

“Alfie was my friend.”

“Look, I’m sorry about Alfie, but sometimes people need to go home.”

Weston put down his magnifying glass to stare at Vishal. “We haven’t won a single challenge since Alfie went home. Are you going to stand there, looking really cool, and tell me that Alfie was the reason why we lost. We lose because the team doesn’t trust each other, and if people don’t trust each other it’s because of you. You’re the bad apple. Hayden always said all it takes is one to ruin the batch.” Weston paused, “I never knew that he actually meant people though…”

Twilight excidely pushed open the closet in one of the bedrooms. “What about this one!?” She pulled out a worn out flannel shirt splashed with paint, and jeans.

“Too hard working.” Kaleb responded.

Twilight nodded. “Good point! What about this?” She tossed out a heavy knit burgundy sweater and chinos.

“Too preppy, we want him to look attractive, and safe, not gay.” Kaleb counted. “And yes, I can say that, they’re my people.”

Fynn blinked as the pair went through closet after closet, throwing clothes around the room and halls. “What about I just keep wearing what I have?”

Kaleb and Twilight stopped, to give each other a look. “That just might work!”

Twilight pulled out white hair band from her pocket. “If you use this for your bun….”

“Hunkaliscious.” Kaleb nodded approvingly.

Fynn flexed in the mirror. “So where are all the girls at?”

Twilight shook her head. “No! Not yet. You’re not at that stage yet!”

Kaleb nodded. “You’re still way too you… You need to be more like Emmett.”

“You mean a sooke?” Fynn chuckled.

“Do you want to be alone for the rest of your life, living in hotel rooms, going from girl to girl until you’re all wrinkled and nobody wants to look at you anymore?” Kaleb asked.


“Way to go Fleur!” Isabella cheered as Fleur pulled out a book, revealing a hidden passageway.

“It was how you say, tres obvious!” Fleur giggled as the two girls skipped down the torch lit path.

Isabella held onto Fleur’s hand. “This like reminds me of the time me and the girls went to the abandoned cemetery and play with the Ouiji board! It said that I was going to meet my demise in a hidden room!”

Fleur blinked. “C’est very specific, non?”

“We were expert Ouiji board users.” Isabella shrugged. “We watched like four tutorials on YouTube!”

Fleur sighed as the two girls came face to face with a wall, filled with chemical equations. On a table nearby, a chemistry set was stationed. “I will be in the going to find someone to be in the helping!”

“But I can-” Isabella started.

“Do not be in the dying! I will be in the backs right!” Fleur shouted, racing out of the hallway.

“But I’m a chem student….” Isabella sighed. She easily read the mess of equations on the board, and went to work on the vials.

Blake sighed. “I used to date this girl a few years back.”

“Pixie?” Cherry asked, “Like the girl from your reward!”

Blake looked away. “Yes. Pixie. It was prom night, and she wanted me to help set up the decorations. She was such a keener.”

“So like, Dania or Payton?”

Blake blushed. “No. She was different. She just wanted to make things fun for everyone.”

“So….. Like what happened next?” Cherry asked, getting impatient watching Blake pace back and forth.

“We were there for awhile, when she took me to get changed in the locker rooms, so that we could look good together, or something.” Blake stated, getting nervous.


“And then, she undressed me, and then I heard their laughter.” Blake dropped to the ground, to hug his knees. “Their snickering. All of them.” He whimpered. “I could see their eyes in the darkness. But I couldn’t move. I just laid there, almost entirely exposed in front of almost every girl in my class.”

“What?” Cherry blinked. “Like that’s all? You’re like totes cute, you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything! If Ignacio could overcome it, so can you.”

Blake pulled out a photograph of himself a few years ago, before he played soccer, before he decently attractive. When he still had bad hair, and braces. “They…. Covered me in glitter and called me their glimmer baby.” Blake looked around, afraid to see them. “I made my parents move. I could never go back there. They had photos of me…. Everywhere.” The hockey player looked up at Cherry who nodded.

“It’ll like be ok.” Cherry decided, pulling out her phone. “I’ll destroy her.” The white girl opened Twitter ready to ruin Pixie.

“No!” Blake gasped, getting on his feet. “No one can know!” He jumped at Cherry, as the pair fell to the ground, Blake laying ontop of Cherry.

“I did it!” Isabella cheered, as the wall collapsed. Behind her Emmett, Fleur, Angel and Fynn and Weston gasped in shock to see Blake on top of Cherry.

“Even scared bro gets the girl before me?” Fynn pouted.

“Nice man.” Emmett chuckled.

Blake instantly removed his hands from Cherry’s chest, and blushed. “It’s not what!”

Cherry dusted herself off and stared at her rescuer. “I like, refuse! ZAC!”

Appearing from one of the dark corners of the room, Zac replied. “Yes?”

“I refuse to go back to her. She like, she’s evil!” Cherry gasped. “Put me on their team!” She pointed at the boys.

“Deal.” Zac announced.

“What?” Everyone else stated.

“Just like that? You’re moving her to their team?” Angel gasped.

“We were in the being of the lead! This is not in the fairness!”

Zac pointed at Blake who was sucking his thumb in the corner of the room. “You get him.”

Weston blinked. “I’m not sure if that’s a fair trade.” The others looked at the normally positive Weston confused. “What? Am I not allowed to say the truth?”

Isabella sighed. “At least we won! So who wants to go watch a movie with me?”

Zac shook his head. “So about that, see since neither team technically managed to rescue their original teammate….” Everyone glared at Cherry. “Today, both teams will be voting one of their own off - and then those two must decide WHICH of them will be going home.”

Cherry innocently waved at her new, and former team. “So like, hey boys!”

The scene cut to the Frat House. “So welcome to the place, I guess.” Emmett said, as the team returned, with Cherry in Blake’s place.

Cherry raised her nose at the sight of the pizza box floor. “It’s like… so… cute?” She fluttered her eyes.

“Don’t get used to it.” Vishal stated. “You won’t be staying long.”

Kaleb nodded. “Like homegirl be crazy, you gotta go.”

“You can say hello to the kitten.” Julien whispered, hanging the photograph of the deceased kitten he found.

Cherry gasped at the photo. “Like what is that!?”

“That’s just how he is.” Weston shrugged. “You kind of get used to it! He’s very homely.”

“What kind of home do you come from?!” Cherry said in shock stepping backwards, closer to the door.

Emmett offered his hand to Cherry. “I’m sorry that it ends like this for you. You were honestly a really strong competitor.”

“Like no! I refuse!” Cherry shouted. “I could like be helpful! I’m a WINNER!”

Fynn bit his lip. “Not really though. You returned to the top half last season, and somehow got lucky enough to make it to the finale.”

“I like worked hard for it! Don’t like take this away from me!”

“You never won a challenge.” Vishal stated. “You’re a huge liability.”

“I played the game, like I won! I did it all on my own. I managed to do like, what none of you ever have!”

“You managed to ride on my brothers co-tails until the finale where you stabbed him in the back.” Fynn turned to walk away. “Tell him hey for me when you see him. I miss him.”

Cherry stared at her team. “I like… I don’t get it… Like I’m useful!”

Meanwhile in the sorority house, Blake was treated like a guest. The girls having brought down a number of pillows and blankets for him to hide under. “He’s not… normally this bad I thought?” Payton questioned. “Like he ran when we kissed him, but I never saw him in the fetal position before.”

“You didn’t see him on top of Cherry.” Angel pointed out. “It was… a sight to say the least.”

Dania gasped. “This isn’t the time nor place for that type of conversation.” She blushed.

“I’ll tell you the details tonight.” Angel winked, and giggled at her friend.

“Well, at least we lost our most problematic team member.” Hannah declared. “She was always going to betray us, I for one am glad she did it sooner than later.”

“I am in the like… of missing her?” Fleur shrugged. “She was… comme trest sweet when she was in the wanting to be.”

Isabella frowned. “Do you think she’s still upset about not making the cheer squad? I can talk to them! I’ll make them reconsider.”

“What are we going to do with…. Him?” Salem pointed at the covers where Blake was shaking underneath.

“Can’t you magic up a spell or potion to help him? If he’s going to be on our team, we’ll need him at full force!”

Dania looked confused. “Aren’t we just going to eliminate him?”

“He probably has immunity.” Payton stated. “They always get immunity when they swap teams.”

Hannah nodded. “This is a common trope. When you get a new team member in any game usually you need to use them for a few levels before they become irrelevant again.”

“Then what do we do?” Isabella asked.

“This isn’t going to be easy. We all deserve to be here.” Dania added.

“I’m sorry Dania.” Angel whispered, as she grabbed a frying pan and hit her friend on the back of the head with it, knocking her out. “So this is what we’re going to do.”

The Sun came and left over the campus. The scene switched to the Screaming Fraternity's Elimination. The students each sat at their own desk, while Mana stood at the podium. “Welcome back boys.”

“And like girl!” Cherry shouted.

“Don’t get used to that part.” Fynn added.

Mana raised an eyebrow. “It seems you’ve already decided who is going from your team. I can confirm that Cherry does NOT have immunity tonight, and can be voted off.”

“Like it’s rigged. My mom’s a lawyer!” Cherry pouted.

Mana looked at Emmett. “How does it feel knowing you had the opportunity to be on a team with your girlfriend, but here you are still stuck here.”

“I’m not stuck.” Emmett said. “This is my team.” He looked at the other guys, before stopping on Vishal. “We might not always see eye-to-eye, but we’re a team. And you don’t abandon your team.” He shot a look over at Cherry.

“Weston, how do you feel about losing Blake?”

Weston scratched at his invisible beard, “It will make things much more difficult to solve!”

Mana turned to Fynn. “Looking good by the way, is it a new look?”

Kaleb grinned. “He’s turning into a fine gentleman, if I do say so myself!”

“Thanks brother, I’ve been trying!”

“And Julien? How do you feel about your team?”

The photographer blinked. “They don’t entirely make me wish I was drowning in a coffin.”

“Well that’s a plus… right?” Mana asked. He shrugged. “Anyways, you know the drill, vote for the student you want to send home - The only difference is tonight after this elimination they will face off against who the girls chose to send home, and the two students must decide who leaves.”

After a few moments, Mana retrieved all of the votes, and put them into the scantron. “Let’s get this started.” Mana grinned, as the stone torch erupted into sparks, sending leaves to Fynn and Emmett.

The two muscular teens shared a fist bump.

Two more leaves were sparked to life, and drifted down to Vishal and Kaleb. The two shared an uneasy stare. Another leaf drifted to Weston. “Cherry and Julien, you are the bottom two.”

Cherry crossed her arms. “Like, you’re all idiots. I’m CHERRYLISCOUS! I’m like a winner. I’m totes more useful than him!” She pointed at Julien who was taking a photo of the dirt under his fingernails.

“Your team agrees.” Mana blinked, confused as the final leaf drifted to Cherry.

The boys shared glances, while some were shocked others seem to be fully aware of what just took place. Julien looked around at his teammates. “I understand, my time has come.” He stood up, and followed Mana into the room behind the Deans Office.

“What just happened?” Emmett asked, looking at Vishal. “What did you do?”

Vishal smirked at Emmett. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

The scene flashes back an hour to Blake meeting up with Vishal. “I have one favor.” The hockey played said, as they got burgers.

“Which is?” Vishal asked.

“Save her.” Blake said, staring at Vishal.

“Pardon?” Vishal coughed up pieces of his burger. “Our team already decided she was going home.”

“Do it for me.” Blake stared. “I… Just don’t get rid of her yet.”

“Is this about what people saw? Are you two… a thing now?” Vishal raised an eyebrow.

“No!” Blake grunted. “It’s not that… It’s just she’s… She’s not what people think. Give her the chance to prove that to people.”

Vishal nodded. “Fine. But only because we’re teammates on the ice - and I will ask you for something eventually.”

“Ok. Just do it.” Blake nodded, half smiling.

The scene flashed forward to the Killer Sororities elimination. While the Dean’s Office was in use, Zac held the ceremony in Genesis Square, by a bonfire. “Welcome ladies.”

“This is how you say, tres retro!” Fleur giggled as she sat on a stump.

Dania rubbed her head. “I’m sorry that I passed out guys… I must just have been more tired than I thought.”

Twilight looked at Angel with a frown. “It’s ok Dania, you can sleep tonight.”

Dania nodded. “Yeah! I can already feel the plush pillows under my head.” The prep cooed.

Zac looked over at Blake. “Is this your biggest dream or what, all alone with a bunch of girls!”

“More like a nightmare…” Blake whispered, taking the set furthest away from his team. “Sorry girls.” He briefly looked over at his team.

“No offence taken.” Payton shrugged. “This is going to be an interesting team now though.”

Isabella nodded. “It’ll be like the one year we went on a trip to Ottawa and Benji was the only boy who came!”

“What happened to him?” Blake asked.

“He was gay too! So don’t worry about it.” Isabella grinned. “You’ll fit right in!”

“I’m not gay.” Blake muttered.

“Salem? How are you feeling tonight?” Zac asked.

“Moved.” Salem responded. “By all counts, I am simply moved, by the friendship on my team. They remind me each and every day what sisterhood is all about. Who needs a coven when you have friends like this, am I right?” She giggled.

“Hannah? You’re more quiet than normal? Is something wrong?” Zac asked, looking at the gamer who was staring at Angel.

“I just don’t think this strategy is the best approach to solve the level.”

“Well, let’s see how it works out! You have all cast your votes for elimination, and I want to say I am shocked to say none of you voted for Blake?” Zac tossed the only boy a marshmallow.

“We could have voted for him?” Dania asked.

“Of course!” Zac shrugged.

“Salem, Twilight, you are also both safe!” The host tossed the pair their sweets also. The girls shared a hug.

“Fleur, Isabella!” Fleur took a selfie with Isabella, and posted it to her social media, after Isabella attached a number of hashtags to the image.

“Payton and Hannah!”

“What?” Dania gasped, looking to her side where Angel looked away nervously.

“Dania…” Angel tried to explain. “It’s the best choice. It’s not over yet!”

“Angel! I thought we told each other everything….” Dania whispered.

“Dania.” Zac tossed the final marshmallow.

“Angel, your team has chosen to send you to the elimination.”

“But why?” Dania asked, looking at the others, but none would return her gaze.

“They’re going to vote off Emmett.” Angel said. “This way I can say goodbye to him… And so none of us go home.” Angel sniffled.

“You’d use your relationship to keep us safe?” Dania whispered disappointed.

Before Angel could reply, Zac ushered her off to the Dean's office where Julien and Mana were waiting. “Wait, where’s Emmett?”

Mana spoke out. “The fraternity decided it was Julien’s time to go. You have ten minutes to decide amongst yourselves who will be leaving. Whoever that is just needs to jump into the hole - pushing the other person will instantly eliminate yourself.”

Zac and Mana left the room setting a timer on the desk. “We’ll be back.”

“I’ll go.” Julien said.

“What?” Angel said, still confused about what was happening.

“I’ll go home. You still have friends here. You have a boyfriend. You have people who care about you.” Julien explained. “All I have are my photographs.”

Angel shook her head. “That’s not true. You have me.” The fangirl offered a smile. “And Dania… And Salem… And, and Emmett.” Her voice trailed off.

“Why are you here?” Julien asked, confused as to how Angel would have been voted off.

“I thought they would eliminate Emmett.” She whispered. “Emmett would never let me go home… He’d eliminate himself before that.”

Julien raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound like you.”

“I know… It sounds like…”

“Rosalie.” Julien whispered.

“I’ll do it.” Angel decided. “I’ll go home. I need to. I wanted to use Emmett just like she did… I was going to-”

“No.” Julien shook his head. “I’m going home. If it wasn't for you… and your meddling friends, I’d still be…”

“Alone.” Angel whispered. “Why do you think she did it?” Angel asked, looking at the timer as it ticked down.

“Did what?”

“Use Emmett.”

“People do reckless things when they want to protect those they care for.” Julien pointed at the three cats watching the pair. “Today we found a dead kitten that didn’t eat enough to survive, it looked just like they do.”

“Do you think I’m like her?” Angel asked. “Like Rosalie?”

Julien shrugged. “I don’t know. Are we really friends?” He looked into Angel’s eyes, and she nodded, grabbing onto his hand.


The scene cut to black, and showed Mana and Zac opening the door to the Dean’s Office. Zac turned to Mana, “You owe me five bucks.”

The scene cut to the Frat house. Zac walks up the stairs, and enters the front door where the team was waiting. “I’m sorry to say that Julien has been eliminated.”

Cherry shrugged, “Ok! Like time for my beauty rest.”

“Shouldn’t we pack up his things… Or something?” Emmett said. “This just… it feels wrong.”

Fynn put a hand on Emmett’s shoulder. “That would be nice.” The boys went up the stairs to where Emmett and Julien shared a room.

“How could you sleep in here?” Vishal asked, staring at the various strange photos of dead animals on the walls.

“You get used to it… to him.” Emmett sighed. “He was a good guy.” He pulled down Julien’s tapestry on his side of the wall and gasped.

“Is that… us?” Weston asked, pulling out a magnifying glass to inspect the photos. “I can confirm it is us.”

“It’s photos of us… Smiling.” Kaleb blinked. “Here’s one of Emmett and Angel sharing an icecream cone.”

“And there’s one of me kissing a girl!” Fynn shouted.

“Right before she like kicked you in the nuts.” Cherry coughed.

“And there’s one of me and Alfie at the cafe signing autographs!” Weston pointed out.

Emmett turned to Vishal. “He at least cared about his team. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from him.” The muscular teen pushed his teammates out of his room. Emmett took each of the photos down, one by one, reading Julien’s comments on the back of them. “And you thought you were too dark and strange to make friends.” Emmett chuckled a tear falling onto a photo of Julien posing with a statue.

Elsewhere at the Sorority house. The doorbell rang. “Angel!” Dania shouted, racing down the stairs. “She did it!” She shouted again, getting the attention of the rest of her team. She excitedly pulled the door open. “If you ever do something like that to me again, I just.. I don’t know what I’ll do!” Dania tearfully whispered.

Mana looked at Dania whose face drained of its colour. “I regret to inform you that Angel has been eliminated.” The intern handed Dania an evelope. “Angel had some words to share with you."

“GET OUT!” Dania screamed, slamming the door.

“Dania! It’ll be ok.” Twilight whispered, trying to put her hand on her friends back, but Dania swatted it away.

“You all lied to me.” Dania shook her head racing up the stairs to the room that she once shared with Angel.

Blake blinked. “The boys were never this dramatic.”

“Well, welcome to sisterhood.” Payton shrugged. “It gets a little loud sometimes.”

Twilight sniffled. “I lost two friends….”

Hannah stared at Blake. “Welcome back to the team.”

Isabella blinked. “Should we go check on her?”

Salem shook her head. “I think we should all just be alone for now.”

Fleur nodded. “Salem is in the being of correct. Let’s all take in deep breathes and talk in the morning.”

The scene cut to Mana and Zac walking back to their house. “How did you know they’d both eliminate themselves.” Mana asked turning to Zac.

The host looked at Mana. “Angel is worried that she’s becoming too much like Rosalie. She’s worried she’s going to hurt Emmett, so there’s no way she would stick around… And Julien well, he’s a creep, who knows what he’d do.”

“Do you think Angel is going to make amends with Rosalie?”

“I hope not. I need their drama to keep this season going.”

“Why did you let Cherry swap teams with Blake?” Mana asked. “I just don’t get it, you come from seeing Hayden and suddenly everything is different… Are you ok?”

Zac stopped and looked at Mana. “Never better. I’m not being held back by anyone anymore. If you thought things got intense and dramatic today… Just you wait because I’m not holding back anymore.”

Chapter Nine: The Darkness Within

“Last time on Total Drama Eclipse!” Zac’s voice is heard over the black screen. “We kicked the drama up a notch! With Blake and Cherry swapping teams, and Angel and Julien electing to go home things got a little unpredictable!” The screen flashed to show Zac seated on an orange sofa eating strawberry ice cream. “But it wasn’t the challenge or the elimination that brought the most interesting dynamic of the night- no! That goes to Blake and Cherry who revealed their darkest secrets to one another - and then the aftermath of the eliminations.” Zac’s face turned to a grin. “But oh boy, I never thought this would happen!” The scene cut to show Emmett’s dorm room where his bed was empty. It flashed to Dania’s where her bed was also empty, and on Angel’s bed two letters both sealed sat. It flashed to Salem’s and Twilight’s where neither of the bubbly girls were in sight. Payton’s bed is shown to also be unoccupied. Vishal’s bed is shown to be empty, beside it Kaleb’s bed was also empty. It jumped to show Fleur fast asleep in her bed, but Hannah nowhere to be seen. “Oh and one last thing - This is all after the events of today’s challenge. By the end of this episode all but one of these beds will be filled.” Zac smirked at the camera. “But which student will willingly give up their place at TDE.” The host clapped his hands together. “Turn back the clock 24 hours!”

The screen rewinds to show Dania alone in her dorm room. The preppy girl was laying on a mess of Angel’s belongings that she had thrown across the room. “Why.” Her fingers tightened on Angel’s hair scrunchy. “Why not give me the chance to say goodbye.”

Dania stood up, composing herself. “I thought we agreed no more secrets.” She stared at her own reflection in the mirror. “I know I wasn’t honest with you about what I was doing with Vishal… But eliminating yourself? I just… I just want people to be honest for once.” She picked up Angel’s belongings from the ground as she tidied the room. She put Angel’s letter to her onto Angel’s now vacant bed, refusing to read it.

“I came into this season with so many people. Andre, Ivy, Rosalie, Angel… And they’re all gone now.” Dania returned her gaze to mirror, as she tied Angel’s hair scrunchy into her hair. “Emmett… Twilight… Salem, you better not leave me too.”

“She’s going to regret that.” Payton whispered, as the camera switched back to the entrance hall where Blake, Fleur, Hannah, Isabella, Payton, Twilight and Salem stood around, still in shock from discovering Angel had been eliminated. “She’s going to regret sending herself home.”

“I think she did what anyone would do. She was always looking out for us.” Twilight whispered. “Up until the very end.”

Isabella nodded. “She really took the sorority vow to heart, til’ death due us part.”

“I am in the thinking it’s time for a Hotties tradition!” Fleur announced.

Hannah looked over at Fleur. “Do you mean?”

“Oui! Comme a vikings funeral! Let us be in the gathering of our items that are in the reminding us of her!” Fleur smiled trying to raise morale.

“That was one of the my favourite moments from last season.” Salem admitted. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved!”

“Well…. I didn’t really know her, so I’m just going to go?” Blake decided, heading for the staircase. “Can I just take any empty room or?”

Hannah tackled the boy to the ground. She blinked, surprised she was able to do that. “Wow, my athletic skills really have been leveling up.” Blake stared in horror as Hannah laid ontop of him. “This is exactly why you need to be here for the parting ceremony! So that you can get to know us… get to know her. Last time we were on a party together we didn’t get to do this… I want the sequel to be better!”

“She deserves better.” Twilight whispered to Salem. “She didn’t need to go home. But none of us were willing to do what she did. None of us were willing to sacrifice everything for each other.”

Salem put her hand on Twilight’s shoulder. “Do you want to talk?”

Twilight’s eyes lit up, but she shook her head. “No… It’s nothing.”

“I will be in the seeing of you all the half of le hour!” Fleur announced as she ran up the stairs to find something of Angel’s to share.

Isabella looked at Payton, “This is like tres cool! I’ve never been to a viking funeral, but my best friend Stephanie used to go to them all of the time, and she says they’re like a blast!”

Payton tilted her head. “I’m sorry for her losses.”

Isabella blinked. “I never thought about it that way…” The cheerleader paused, “You know she says they always have the best roast!”

Elsewhere, the boys were doing things their own way… The scene switched to Mother’s Pub, one of the bars on campus. “He was kind of tragic.” Emmett sighed, putting his empty glass of beer on the bar. “Back home, it wasn’t often for me to meet people like Julien.”

Weston ordered himself a glass of root beer. “He reminded me of Cynthia.” The twin frowned. “When you competed before did you ever… Miss home?”

Emmett picked up his now full glass, and turned to Weston. “All the time… I think I was luck on Frozen because I met Rosalie. Well lucky at the time anyways. And then on Tides I was focused on winning that I never really thought much about what I was missing.” He tapped his glass against Weston’s. “Are you missing home?”

“Not home exactly… Just my people.” Weston looked across the pub, looking at each of his teammates. “Last time it felt I was never truly alone. I had Easton… sort of, and Melissa and Cynthia… And Vance, and Kalino… But here it’s like everyone just… it’s like they don’t care?”

Emmett’s brows narrowed. “I know what you’re saying. And you’re not wrong.” The muscular teen finished off his drink and got up from the high bench. He turned to where Vishal and Fynn were shooting darts. “Some people are selfish Weston. And remember this is the third season for some of us... We know a lot more about each other now then when we started last year. All of our actions have impacted each other more so than we’d care to admit.”

Weston pointed at where Cherry and Kaleb were drinking milkshakes together in a booth, and then at Fynn and Vishal, and finally back to himself and Emmett. “So that’s why the people who know each other don’t talk?” Weston tilted his head. “You were on a season with Kaleb and Vishal… well with most of the guys but you barely spend any time with them… Instead you’re with me.” Weston blinked. “Which is super cool! But wouldn’t you rather catch up with the others? The people you already know.”

Emmett chugged a final drink. “I don’t know what happened after Genesis Weston… But after Frozen… and more so after Tides we split off into our own groups. Something about the show just pulled us all apart. When I look over at Kaleb all I can see is someone who would use the other competitors to push his own stardom forward, and looking at Vishal? Someone who wants nothing more than to win, even if it means tackling the competition out of the way- I don’t see friends.”

Weston gave Emmett a quick hug. “I hope that you manage to figure things out then. I learnt on Genesis that running from my problems got me nowhere.”

The camera panned over to Fynn and Vishal who were shooting darts. “Why did you change your mind to keep Cherry?” Fynn asked, looking at Vishal. “I thought she was the target, but then five minutes before the elimination you changed it all?”

Vishal collected his darts from the board, and took steps back, joining Fynn at the line. “It’s a calculated play.” The athlete shot his first dart as it landed on the bullseye. “Julien was in Emmett’s pocket. If Emmett gets his way I’ll be going home sooner rather than later.”

“I just don’t get why he can’t get over it.” Fynn shrugged, “You’ve always been looking out for the team, why does he think that’s so bad?”

“You watched last season, didn’t you?” Vishal stated, shooting his second dart - another bullseye.


“What happened when people tried to lead Emmett’s team?” Vishal questioned.

“They fought with Emmett….” Fynn blinked. “He doesn’t like it when anyone tried to take control!” Fynn paused. “He’s tried to take charge basically every challenge so far…”

“And who was the leader on his team on Frozen?” Vishal questioned.


Vishal nodded, as he shot his third and final bullseye. “Ain’t that ironic. Eh.”

Fynn looked over to where Cherry and Kaleb were talking. “So then they’re the flip votes?”

“Now you’re catching on.”

“So why aren’t we over there talking to them?” Fynn questioned. “Wouldn’t that be the right move?”

“Is that what your brother would do?” Vishal asked.

Fynn burst out laughing. “Sam trying to make friends for their vote? No way!”

Vishal raised his eyebrows handing Fynn his pants. “At least try to keep this on next time yea?” Vishal put on his leather jacket and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?”

“To bed. We have a challenge to win tomorrow.”

The scene switched to show Cherry and Kaleb as they drank their milkshakes. “Why didn’t you chase after any guys after Grayson?” Kaleb asked. “Asking for a friend - clearly.”

“If your friend is Fynn, let him know he like better think again.” Cherry laughed, drinking her coffee flavored milkshake. “Like I still haven’t forgiven him for what he said to me in prison! He’s like a pig.”

Kaleb shrugged watching as Fynn walked past the pair, still pantless. “I don’t know, I think he’s pretty chill. Every gay needs that one straight friend you know.”

Cherry laughed. “Like so you can fantasize about?”

Kaleb blushed. “No!” The actor shook his head. “I’m not Sam, Cherry. I have taste. Besides we’re talking about like YOUR man candy situation, not mine.”

“I like don’t have a situation! I’m Cherrylicious just the way I am!”

“Ok yeah, but you’re lonely and bitter.”

“Like excuse you!”

Kaleb stared at Cherry. “You do realize you refused to go back to your own team - almost eliminating yourself from the show in the process.”

“I’m like not bitter.”

“Then why aren’t you trying to find a boy?” Kaleb repeated. “It’s not like Zac isn’t biased and only casts super attractive people? You fell for Grayson after all…”

“Ok like I’ll stop you there. I didn’t,” Cherry rolled her eyes. “I didn’t fall for like that. It was like Kimmi’s plan to reveal that like he was a cheater. And it like worked.”

Kaleb finished his milkshake. “And then we discovered that Kimmi was actually - and I don’t say this lightly because I look up to a lot of clinically insane people- but that girl was batshit crazy.”

Cherry shrugged. “She like knew was she wanted.”

“There you are! You’re doing it again! Why don’t you just at least when you’re around me show some kind of vulnerable side?”

“So like you can use it for your next skit, or web show when you leave this place? Yeah like that’s going to happen.”

Kaleb squinted at Cherry. “You’re going to reveal yourself sooner or later! Everyone fell in love with you during the last few episodes last season when you actually revealed you’re a real person with emotions.”

Cherry got up. “Like I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She flashed a smile at Kaleb, putting down a five dollar bill and left.

“What is going on in that head of yours?” Kaleb whispered watching as Cherry left the pub.

The scene switched to Twilight knocking on Dania’s door. “Dania?” When there was no response, Twilight pushed the door open to see Dania lying on the floor, her makeup a mess. “Will you come with me? There’s something I want to show you.”

“I don’t want to move.” Dania whispered.

“I know… Really I know. But this will help. I promise.” Twilight grabbed onto Dania’s hands, and forced her to her feet.

Dania tried to stop but Twilight kept dragging her. When they were in the hall they were met with Cody Simpson’s voice as the radio played “That’s What Love is All About.” Dania looked at Twilight. “What is this?”

“You’ll see.” Twilight offered her friend a smile. The lights flickered off. Their path down the stairs were lit by white candles. The camera zoomed in on Dania’s face. Her makeup a mess, her eyes watery. It panned out slowly showing her as she took steps down the staircase, Twilight leading the way outside.

The roaring bonfire caught her eye first, and then her teammates singing along to the song. “What is all of this?” Dania sniffled, letting go of Twilight’s hand as the pair joined the circle around the flame.

“Angel was there for all of us. She was one of the sweetest people ever on the show, and we wanted to do something to show her that her sacrifice wasn’t in vain.” Payton said. “It was Fleur’s idea.” Dania looked at Fleur with round eyes and mouthed thank you.

Twilight pulled out a letter Angel had written to her after the Twin It disaster. “I don’t know why… Or how really, but she was…. Clever.”

“You can say professional stalker.” Payton teased.

Twilight giggled. “Well so be it. But she sent me this letter after Twin It finished filming, and she helped me move forward… Even just a little bit. It was so hard for me to get out of my room for so long, but her words, from someone I had never even met… Well they helped a lot.” She offered a final smile to the letter before tossing it to the flames.

Payton threw in a cd of behind the scenes of Tides. “So much happened last season. With Grayson… He changed a lot. And I know there are so many people to thank for that.” She gave a nod to both Hannah and Blake. “But the show didn’t show everything. I know that once they were eliminated that Angel helped Grayson back to his feet. I’ll never forget that.”

“She wasn’t on my team last time.” Hannah said. “But she made this team the best that it could be… Even if she did cause some conflict. She put us all first over and over.” Hannah whispered. “I don’t have any of her loot but she was really something special.”

“She reminded me so much of one of my besties back home! She was so funky fresh! Like that one Taylor Swift phase! It was like she was a disco ball reflecting light onto all of us!” Isabella cheerfully announced, as she tossed a selfie she had printed of herself and Angel into the flames.

Fleur walked towards the flame and dropped a pair of headphones in the flame. “These were in the being of hers back on Tides. Malia was in the giving of them to me before the show ended. She promised that even if all of us were in being of seperated, that the music of our hearts would find each other.”

Salem wrapped an arm around Fleur. “I never knew that you were friends.” Salem pulled out a small pouch from her pocket. (Yes, her dress has pockets and it’s the greatest thing.) “When Angel left… I well I was shocked. I’ve watched all of the new-gen seasons, and someone quitting like that… You see it happen but you never think it’ll happen for you- or us.” The witch looked over at each of her friends. “Angel showed me that you don’t need to always be chasing after your dream- sometimes your friends will chase after your dream for you.” She threw the pouch into the flames, causing an instant reaction. The flames turned to a bright pink, as a halo of white smoke formed, and rose slowly into the sky.

“That’s….” Dania rubber her tears away, messing up her makeup further. “That’s beautiful… Everyone really.” Dania squeezed Twilight’s hand. “All of this, she would have loved it.”

“She’s not dead-” Payton coughed. “I’m sure she’s watching from wherever the eliminated students are.”

Dania nodded. “I know but still.” She took a step towards the pink flames, undoing Angel’s hair scrunchy from her hair. “From here on out, we’ll do things together. For the first time, we’ll be a team. No more drama. No more fights. From now on we’re a true sorority. No secrets, no lies. Just love.” Dania asserted.

“For Angel.” The other girls declared, as Dania threw the scrunchy high into the air.

A pebble launched the scrunchy to the ground, keeping it safe from the fire. Blake walked over, dropping his hockey stick on the ground, and returned it to Dania. “Keep it. She would have wanted you to.” The hockey player nodded, and walked back to the dorms.

The girls looked at each other before sharing in a giggle. “He hates himself right now.” Payton laughed.

“To be burdened by ones true fear.” Salem nodded. “It’ll be tough.”

And like the day before, the Sun rose into the sky, for the world does not have time to mourn it just keeps moving.

The scene cut to Mana’s classroom. “Glad to see you all could make to today!” Mana cheerfully announced. Emmett raised his hand, “Yes?”

“Angel’s not here.” Emmett pointed out.

“Julien either.” Salem said.

Mana eye’s widened. “I see… Clearly you all have some catching up to do with one another.” Mana blinked as he quickly ran out of the room and locked the door.

“Emmett.” Dania put her hand on his shoulder. “Angel was eliminated.”

“No… Julien was.” Fynn corrected.

“Mana told us that Angel chose to go home last night.” Payton stated, putting her notebook and pencil away. “Well if class isn’t happening.” She got up ready to leave.

“And just where do you have to be?” Vishal questioned, staring at Payton.

“Some of us actually are active in school life you know.” She forced a smile. “Not all of us can just get by on our athleticism.”

Cherry shook her head. “Pay, go easy on him, you’re like a totes triple threat! Smarts, Looks and like totally fit!”

“Stop downplaying yourself like that!” Isabella teased slapping Payton’s shoulder. “You’re a hot cheerleader, super star hockey player, and like leader of three clubs!” Payton blushed.

“Sounds like a competition threat if you ask me.” Vishal stated staring at Payton. “I’ve got my eye on you.”

“Eyes on you.” Fynn repeated, having lost his pants.

The camera panned over to where Dania and Emmett were in the corner talking. “Why would she do that?” He asked. “Without a goodbye.”

Dania gulped. “I… I don’t know.” She lied. “She loved you Emmett I know that.”

“I know. It just…” Emmett huffed. “It sucks. Everywhere I look my friends are dropping out, or getting eliminated. It shouldn’t be this hard.”

“I know.” Dania frowned. “I thought for sure we were all going to make the merge. We had so many friends here.”

Emmett exhaled. “The merge is coming. We have each other. We just need to make it there.”

The whiteboard transformed to a digital screen, where the latest rankings were revealed.

1. Hannah 2. Cherry 3. Blake 4. Vishal 5. Salem

6. Fleur 7. Emmett 8. Kaleb. 9. Dania. 10. Isabella 11. Weston 12. Fynn 13. Twilight

Twilight blinked in shock. “I’m… hated?” She asked out loud.

Kaleb walked over to his friend. “I highly doubt that.” He pointed at Blake and Cherry being at the top. “More likely has to do with the editing of the most recent episode. Those two were off on their own the entire time....” Kaleb’s eyes went wide. “They totally made out!”

“Like ew! Kaleb! Don’t even try that like hush!”

“Oooooh lala.” Fleur teased. “Is Cherry in the feelings of smoochie smoochie?”

The camera turned to Blake who was trying to open the door to no avail. “Of course it’s locked. Why wouldn’t it be locked.”

Vishal walked over to Blake. “You should have just told me that’s why you wanted to keep Cherry around man! Way to score bro!” He offered Blake a fist bump but he dropped to his knees instead.

“Nothing. Happened.” Blake groaned.

Hannah jumped out of her seat and then jumped onto Mana’s desk. “Warrior queen Hannah is back friends! And don’t you forget it! My level exceeds all of yours, and my skill checks are on point!”

“We get it Hannah, Canada loves crazy.” Vishal coughed.

Weston turned to Fynn. “Do you ever feel like we’re just background characters?”

Fynn shrugged. “If Canada doesn’t love all this.” He pulled off his shirt. “Then they’re crazy bro.”

Weston blinked. “I think I rather keep my clothing on.”

“You do you man!”

The twin paused. “Do you think that they actually made out?” He asked, looking over at Cherry and then Blake.

“No way man.” Fynn decided. “Blake has better taste than that. I think… Or maybe he’s into guys, honestly I don’t remember a thing about the guy.”

Weston nodded. “Yeah, it’s like he’s done everything in his power to avoid the show.”

The camera drifted to show Fleur and Isabella. “At least we are not in the being of the bottom.” Fleur offered Isabella a smile.

“Agreed. You know, sometimes I kind of forget I’m on a show!” Isabella admitted. “I’m just having so much fun here with all of my girl pals!” She grinned pulling Fleur in for a selfie, using Fleur’s phone.

“Oui!” Fleur grinned.

The ceiling opened, as Zac jumped onto the school floor. He untied the ropes attached to his back, and waved to his students. “I see you all have seen the most recent rankings.”

Weston raised his hand. “Why can’t I find anything about what happened with Blake and Cherry online?”

“A true detective.” Zac nodded. “Good observation.” He waited for the other students to check their own phones. “Our latest system has been installed onto your phones. It’ll automatically block out anything that myself, or the producers have declared to be a potential spoiler, or information that would give you an unfair advantage. THis is more or less an update to the confessional blocker we installed previously.” Zac turned to Blake and Cherry. “So don’t worry your secret is safe.” He gave the pair a wink.

Mana unlocked the door, and returned to the classroom. “Blake, Hannah.” He motioned for the pair to follow him out of the room. “For today’s challenge we needed an even number of students one each team. For being at the top of the rankings for your team, and since your team has an additional two members you are being treated to a day out in Toronto.”

“What?” Cherry shouted. “Like that’s not fair!”

Salem looked over at Cherry. “You chose to leave the sisterhood.” Her eyes held no sympathy.

“Today’s challenge.” Zac announced once Blake, Hannah and Mana had left the room. “No classroom will help prepare you for. Today you will be facing your biggest phobias. We’ve been watching most of you for almost a year now, and we’ve gather more than enough information to pin-point what makes each of you break down.”

Vishal raised his voice. “Some of us have already faced our fears on the show before.”

“Thank you for reminding us.” Zac grinned. “Not only will you be facing your fears today, you’ll be… building trust.”

The girls shared a look of relief. “For Angel.” Isabella whispered, and the other girls nodded.

“With the opposite team.” Zac clarified.


Emmett took a step forward. “How is that going to work?”

Zac handed every one a switch with three buttons. Each of the buttons was labeled from 1 to 3. “I think it’s easiest if we show you how this works, rather than me explaining it.” Zac headed for the door. “So come on everyone, let’s begin. The first challenge is somewhere I’m sure none of you have visited yet.” He turned back to Dania. “It’s a shame you wore your nice clothes today.”

Dania’s eyes went wide. “What does that mean.” She whispered to Emmett.

“I don’t know.” He gritt his teeth. “It can’t be good.”

The scene jumped to the Mall. Blake and Hannah sat on either side of Mana at a long velvet table. Behind them, a humongous pile of boxed Funko Pops of both Blake and Hannah. “Come get your limited edition Total Drama Seasons Funko Pops signed!” Mana shouted.

“Why does mine have Cherry’s lipstick on his cheek.” Blake groaned staring at Mana.

“I think mine looks super cute! It probably raises all of your stats by 10!” Hannah stared at her miniature self, holding a gold medal.

Mana shrugged. “They wanted to test the waters for Funko Pops for this season, and these were fan designs after recent events. They were perfect for a limited edition run.”

“I rather be back there competing.” Blake stated.

“You mean smooching Cherry.” Hannah punched Blake’s shoulder. “I should have known!”

“We didn’t--” Blake started before diving under the table when an army of teenage girls carrying posters of a shirtless Blake charged at the table. “Help.” He whispered.

Hannah giggled, waving the girls over. “Hello!”

“I hate you.” Blake stared at Hannah who pulled the boy back up to sign things.


Hannah blinked, as an endless line appeared in front of Blake, but none in front of herself. “What?” She turned to Mana.

“I thought I was the most liked!”

Mana shrugged. “The rankings are a weighted average. The most recent rankings hold a higher weight… but it’s still an average you’ve been near the top for awhile now, while Blake hasn’t.” Mana turned to Hannah. “Blake is trending all over the city right now.” He pointed at one the clothing shops behind them where black sweaters with #IStandWithBlake printed on them were for sale.

“What happened yesterday?” Hannah gasped, staring at the world around here. “Is this the alternate world level?”

The scene cut to the Forgotten Forest. Zac turned to the twelve students waiting for his direction. “Welcome to the Forgotten Forest. Somehow when I designing the additions to the campus this forest managed to evade getting torn down.” The host shrugged. “Luckily it provides a great backdrop for challenges. And today Halloween’s come early.”

Dania gripped tightly onto Emmett’s shirt. “No thank you.” She decided.

“Come on, Dania. At least try.” Emmett whispered. “You don’t even know what the challenge is.”

“I’m not going in there.” Dania clarified. “It’s not clean. It’s not meant for ladies like me!”

Zac pointed to the glass cube. “Emmett your challenge awaits inside of that.” He motioned for everyone else asides from Dania to back away. “Dania.” Zac calmly said as she lashed out at the host. “Your challenge is just over here.” He pointed at a nearby tree, with rope ready to tie her up.

“Let’s go Dania!” Twilight cheered her friend on.

“Angel told me about how she tried to help you with your fear!” Isabella shouted. “We’re all here for you, just like when my friends back home held their intervention for my love of my phone!”

Payton blinked and looked at Isabella before shaking her head. “You can do this Dania.”

Dania looked at Emmett as he walked into the glass box. He gave her a reassuring smile. “Ok.” She slowly walked over to the tree where Zac tied her body to the rough bark.

“The challenge is simple. Last here for 30 minutes and you’ll score a point for your respective teams.” Zac declared.

Salem pointed at Emmett. “What’s that box supposed to do? Isn’t this kind of unfair?”

Zac gave a sly smirk. “I wouldn’t say that. Dania has a fear of the forest after her… incident, but Emmett isn’t so easily scared.” The host started to lead the students away. “Emmett’s fear is tied to Rosalie, he’s afraid of being used again.”

Weston held up his remote. “But what are these for?”

“An excellent question - as always Weston!” Zac continued explaining the challenge. “This challenge is two-sided. On one side it’s about facing your fear, but on the other it’s about how much you can trust your opponent, by pressing the buttons on the remote you make your opponent’s fear… more invasive.” Zac turned back to where both Dania and Emmett were locked in place. “Unfortunately those two friends won’t be making this any more interesting for us.” The host led the remaining students to the next part of the challenge.

Meanwhile inside Emmett’s box a recording from the previous day was playing. “If you vote for me, when I go up against Emmett he’ll choose to send himself home.” Angel’s voice played on repeat inside the box.

Emmett’s eyes went wide. “Dania!?” But the glass was sound proof. While the muscular teen’s ears were being tormented, he watched as the wildlife crept closer to his delicate friend.

Dania held her breath. Each passing second brought them closer. This wasn’t her world. It wasn’t her choice. It was just what she had to deal with. Angel’s face came rushing back to her. Their first night at the university when they were locked out of the dorms, and they had to sleep outside. She was able to make it through it then, why not now? Maybe it was the increase in animals and wildlife… Or maybe it was because, she looked over to where Emmett was trapped inside of a glass box yelling. Maybe it was because she was alone now.

Elsewhere Zac had brought the remaining students to their next challenge. It was in the middle of Genesis Plaza. A large eight by eight metres glass cube was stationed. A glass wall split the cube into two equal parts. “We call this a battle of fire and water.” Zac explained. He motioned for Vishal and Fleur to step forward. “This is your challenge.”

Fleur turned to Vishal with wide eyes. “This will in the being of tres fun!”

“Will it though? Will it really.” Vishal remarked taking a step closer to side with his face on it. “What’s inside of here?” He asked, as he tapped on the glass. Zac gave a bright smile. “Well that’s the surprise!” The host motioned for the two to enter the chamber.

Vishal pulled Fleur to the side. “We keep it easy. Alright? No funny business!”

Fleur nodded. “Oui oui! It will be in the easiest!” The frenchy agreed, walking over to her own side of the tank.

On the count of three both teens entered the chamber and were instructed to sit on a plastic chair in the middle of the chamber, elevated off of the ground. With a snap of Zac’s fingers, Vishal’s chamber slowly began to fill with water and snapping turtles, while the area beneath Fleur caught ablaze.

Payton grabbed onto Zac’s arm. “That can’t be safe! She could burn!”

Zac shrugged. “The interns turned out fine!” He whispered. “After a week in the infirmary.”

“Is this in the being of special effect lighting?” Fleur asked, staring down at the fire.

Zac shook his head. “Nope! It’s real!”

Fleur’s eyes went wide, she immediately looked out at her team for support. “It’ll be ok Fleur!” Twilight shouted out. “The fire is too low to reach you! You can’t get burnt!”

Vishal hugged his knees close to his chest, making sure the snapping turtles in the water below him couldn’t reach. “Come on man! Not cool, not after last season!”

Zac gave a sadistic grin. “It’ll make great television though! To score a point for your team today, you just need to stay in there for 30 minutes!” Zac brought out a demo remote, “And don’t forget you can turn the tide in favor of your team with a simple press of a button!”

Fleur and Vishal stared into each other's eyes with fear. “Non, I am in the being of ok!”

“Same!” Vishal repeated, as he watched in horror as one of his shoes fell off and was quickly devoured by the turtles below.

“Why isn’t anybody being any fun today.” Zac groaned, motioning for the students to follow him to the third match.

Fynn slammed his hand on the glass, “Don’t worry man, you got this.” He gave Vishal a wink before he walked off with the rest of the students.

“Fleur?” Vishal called out, as he sat above the pool of snapping turtles. “How’s it going?” Fleur blinked. “It is how you say little hot.” She fanned herself with a paper fan.

“Yeah I bet!” Vishal smiled. The two sat in an awkward silence. “How about we both throw down our remotes? That way this doesn’t get any worse?”

“This is good idea! But I will be in the thinking of it ok?” Fleur offered a smile.

“What’s there to think about?” The athlete countered. “We can both score a point for our teams!”

The scene cut to show a delicate tea party set. Cherry and Isabella stared at the pastel coloured plates and cups. “We just have to…. Have a tea party?” Isabella questioned.

“That’s like what Zac said.” Cherry muttered staring at dark beverage.

Isabella skipped happily over to the tea. “This is just like back home when me and the girls would go out for brunch!”

Cherry growled. “How is this like even fair? You like, like tea!? Where’s the challenge!?”

“I’m not really sure.” Isabella admitted, taking a seat. “Come on, join me!” Isabella took a sip of her tea. “It’s really good!”

“Like no thanks.” Cherry pulled out her remote and instantly pressed on the third button.” The room that the tea party was set in rippled, as the pixels in the walls and floors swapped to reveal their true surroundings - or lack there of.

“AH!” Isabella yelped, jumping out of her seat. She stared down in disbelief as what was once a wooden floor was now nothing more than glass, set 30 stories above the ground.

Cherry smirked. “Now this is the entertainment I came here for. Like woo!” The season two winner waved. “Like do you want to join me over here? Where it’s like…” Cherry jumped up and down in place. “Solid?”

Isabella stared at Cherry and then at the tea party. She took a deep gulp. “It’s… fine?” She put on a large smile. “My team is counting on this!” Her perky demeanor swapped to one of annoyance. “And like by the way, that was so rude! And uncalled for!”

“It’s called a competition. I’m glad that you’ve finally decided to like show up for it.”

“I’ve been here!” Isabella countered. “I’ve SO been here!”

Cherry pulled out her phone. “Oh? Like have you? So… like you haven’t been on this the entire time?” She taunted Isabella with her phone.

Isabella gulped her eyes following the phone, drool slowly escaping her mouth. “Is that a…. Phone?”

“This thing? Like yeah.” Cherry sighed. “Like after I won, I was able to get a second phone, but like now I really don’t need it.” Cherry wandered over to the edge of the rooftop. “I guess maybe I should just…. Like toss it over.”

Isabella gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

“Like try me.”

The scene returned to the mall where Hannah and Mana had restrained Blake to his chair so that he would sign autographs… Except things didn’t go as they were expecting. “BOOO!” The crowd shouted, throwing their burgers and fries at the pair. “FREE BLAKE!” Someone else shouted.

“We’re doing this for YOU!” Hannah shouted back, takin cover under their booth. “He won’t sign otherwise!” Hannah turned to Mana. “This is like when the mob betrays you in Mafia underworld!”





Mana’s eyes widened. “What have we done.”

Blake whimpered for help. “Guys!? Hannah?”

“Like you need our help right now!” Hannah scoffed. “Mr. Popular!”

“GUYS!” Blake shouted louder, as the mob raised Blake’s chair into the air, and began to carry him away from the pair.

Mana peeped over the booth. “Oh no. Oh no Oh no!” Mana ducked down again. “Zac’s going to kill me!”

Hannah turned to Mana, “You’re so over dramatic.” She looked over the booth to where Blake was no longer in view. “Oh… Well I mean, he won’t kill you. Right?”

“Do you remember Ollie and Pixie?” Mana whimpered.

“Should I?”

“Probably not because the last intern lost them just before Tides began filming… and just last month guess whose funeral I went to?”

Hannah’s eyes widened. “Ok. So think of this as like the side mission for me, or in your case the MISSION FOR YOUR LIFE!” Hannah stood up and pointed to the conveniently located water gun shop behind them. “Let’s gear up!”

The scene cut to show the other students and Zac in the food court. “We’re going to be taking a break here, while the first three pairs finish the challenge.” Zac announced, as he got himself a bowl of soup and sat down at a table far away from the students.

Fynn, Kaleb and Twilight got a batch of nachos and sat down together. Kaleb grabbed the first chunk of nachos. “Ok, so here’s the next step in your quest for a relationship.” The actor declared. “Give Twilight your phone.” He paused, “Wait first scrub your phone of any… little nasty photos of you.”

Twilight’s eyes went wide. “People actually do that?”

“Oh honey.” Kaleb rubbed Twilight’s back. “Everybody except for you.”

Fynn pulled out his phone and got to work. “So what is this for man?”

Kaleb stared. “Did I say you could ask questions?” kaleb turned to Twilight who was shaking her head. “That’s what I thought now get to work.”

Fynn shrugged. “Alright but give me a hot minute or two.”

“You’re worst than my people.” Kaleb teased.

“Your people?” Twilight asked.

“The gays Twilight. I mean the gays.” Kaleb shook his head. “You’re so precious.”

Twilight smiled. “That’s me! Precious little Twilight…”

The camera panned over to where Payton, Salem and Weston had sat down for lunch. Weston locked his eyes on Salem, while Salem stared back at the teen.

Payton coughed to break the silence. “So what do you guys think your fear is going to be?” She waited for one of the two to answer, but was met with silence. “Well I think mine might be something to do with Grayson? I would hate to lose him.” She turned to Salem and Weston. “No? Nobody else? At all? No? Ok I guess.” Payton sipped from her soda. “Is there like something I’m missing or?” “She put one of her voodoo curses on Alfie and then he got eliminated.” Weston declared shoving a frie into his mouth.

“It wasn’t a voodoo curse. I cured him of his memory loss. Honestly I didn’t think it would have been that big a deal? You’re his friend aren’t you?”

Weston kept his eyes on Salem while he took a chug of his milk. “His best friend.” Weston corrected. “Well at least I was.”

Payton turned to Salem, “But didn’t you say that you didn--”

Salem put her hand over Payton’s mouth. “That I didn’t wash my hands before eating. You’re right I should get to that, want to come?”

Payton blinked. “Alright?” She reluctantly got up and followed Salem to the restroom. “You didn’t have anything to do with Alfie’s memories though… So why are you…”

“He needs someone to blame.” Salem shrugged. “It’s all in good fun. He’s harmless.”

Payton nodded. “I guess.” She laughed. “Boys and their inflated egos.”

Salem giggled. “You’re right.”

The camera panned back to the trio eating nachos. “Ok so we’ll use this photo as your main picture for your profile… and a bio like… Surfer by day, trained actor by night.” Twilight declared.

“He’s not an actor.” Kaleb narrowed his eyes.

“You’re coaching me bro remember!”

“That doesn’t make you trained.”

Twilight tickled Kaleb’s side. “Lighten up, it’s for the greater good!”

“Fine. We’ll call him a trained actor for now.” Kaleb decided, pulling out his own phone. “So then all you need to do is swipe like -”

“Oh my god.” The trio gasped, they turned around and saw Zac staring intently at his phone and then returned their gaze to Kaleb’s phone where Zac’s face was staring back at them.

“What’s happening?” Fynn whispered, confused.

“You just focus on swiping!” Twilight hurried Fynn, while looking at Kaleb. “Does that mean that he and Hayden aren’t…”

“Or that Zac is just a two-timing ho who needs a little sugar on the side while his bae is miles away.”

“I think the apps broken.” Fynn announced, “Everytime I swipe I get a match!”

Kaleb rolled his eyes. “Ah yes, hot boy problems.”

Twilight giggled. “That’s good Fynn! See it shouldn’t be hard to get you a real girlfriend soon!”

“How do I send them a photo of me in my boxers” Fynn asked as he started to undo his belt.

“NO!” Kaleb and Twilight both yelled.

The scene cut back to the forest where Dania stared in horror as a fly landed on her hand. “Meep.” She whispered. This wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened she thought. She could have had to deal with Andre’s elimination again… Or Angel’s. Her eyes locked onto Emmett’s. She can’t let it happen again. The four of them would make it together. Her, Emmett, Salem and Twilight. They might not have the best track record. But they had each other.

Emmett could feel his tears. “If you vote for me, he’ll send himself home.” Angel’s words haunted him. She did it to herself. She eliminated herself. Angel chose to save her friends…. She chose to put them ahead of herself. No. She chose them over him. She thought she could save all the girls and eliminate him.

“Emmett?” Zac questioned as the glass box opened up. “Congrats you scored a point, as did Dania.” He pointed at the silent Dania who was following behind the crowd.

Emmett walked silently to where Dania was. “We need to talk tonight.”

“We really do.” Dania confirmed.

The scene moved forward to where Vishal was swimming in a pool of snapping turtles, biting at him every chance they could. While on the other side Fleur sat innocently above a fire. “Help!” Fleur shouted. “Please be in the helping of Vishal! My remote fell and the button must have gone off!” She explained.

Vishal coughed up water as his tank flooded along with the turtles. “She- She-” He coughed.

“I am thinking he needs the infirmary!” Fleur responded when she was let out of her own challenge.

Emmett lifted Vishal over his shoulder and walked away. “Owww! Be careful man!” Vishal whimpered.

“That must have been so scary to watch!” Twilight whispered.

Fleur nodded. “I will be in the having of nightmares.

“Now that’s what I was hoping to see!” Zac grinned turning to Dania, “Why can’t you be exciting like that?” Dania blinked but didn’t respond. “Well both Vishal and Fleur scored. It’s 2-2.”

The scene swapped to the third pair. “Get a little closer.” Isabella said, calling the cameraman over. “Yeah that it’s. Just like a selfie.” She forced a smile while sipping from the tea. “Just don’t look down.” She whispered between her sips.

Cherry glared at Isabella who had completed the challenge. “Well no phone for you then,” She tossed the phone over the edge. The camera cuts to show Vishal getting hit in the head by a flying phone.

“Well, that’s.. A shock.” Zac blinked. “The first out beats a winner.”

Cherry coughed. “It wasn’t like even fair. Who like drinks tea anymore!? This was totes rigged!”

“Lame man.” Fynn shook his head. “Now we’re behind. Even Vishal scored a point and he’s in the infirmary.”

Weston stared at Cherry. “Are you even trying?”

“Like excuse you!?” Cherry gasped.

“Well are you?” Dania asked. “Better competitors than you have left and you’re still here. Why are you here really? It’s not like you need to money you already won $100,000 last season.”

Cherry huffed. “Like I’m done with you right now.” She walked towards the stairs.

Zac looked at Fynn and Payton, “Well it looks like you’re both up next. “For a battle of the siblings! This is your chance to bring it back for the boys Fynn!”

“Yeah Fynn. it’ll be just like when we play darts back home.” Payton teased, as she pretended to throw a dart at Fynn. “What’s the record for us again Fynn?”

“1-14.” Fynn mumbled.

Zac led the pair down a number of flights of stairs until they arrived at two rooms. “You know the drill. 30 minutes if you can make it. Fynn your challenge is on the left, Payton the right.” Fynn and Payton nodded as they both walked into their rooms.

“What did you do to your brother?” Payton’s mother hissed. “What couldn’t handle Grayson being good at something that you convinced him to leave the show? What kind of sister are you.”

Payton blinked. “Me?”

“Yes you! Payton! I expected more from you. I can’t believe you’d brainwash your brother into thinking that he was…”

“That he was what mother? Happy?” Payton could feel her face getting heated.

“No. One of the ones he,” She looked to the sky, “Forgot about.”

“Oh.” Payton laughed out loud. “It’s about that now, again?! Grayson’s gay mother. And the sooner you start to understand that, the sooner we might be able to be a family again.”

The slap was unexpected. Payton recoiled, her hand rubbing her cheek where her mother slapped her. “Don’t you dare speak such hateful words about your brother.”

“Gay.” Payton spat back, spitting on her mothers shoes. “What’s wrong with being gay mother? I even thought about it, y’know there’s all kind of pretty girls here.” She puckered her lips. “I wonder what their lips might taste like. If they’re soft, or rough like the boys.”

Her mother grabbed a nearby lamp. “Stop this right now.”

“You know mother. For a long time I couldn’t understand why Grayson left. Just what was worth leaving the show - me behind. But now I can see why.” Payton shook her head, and turned for the door.

“PAYTON! Come back her this moment. Do not turn your back to your mother. If you walk out that door your family won’t take you back. We took you back after your last blow up. We moved across the country for you. But this. This we will not forgive.”

Payton turned around, and blew a final kiss to her mother. “Ta-Ta mother. If the girls here have taught me anything, it’s that you can choose your own family.”

Meanwhile on the other side, Fynn was met with an assortment of women in lingerie. “He’s gross isn’t he.”

“Like do you see his nose?” One of the girls laughed.

“This isn’t happening.” Fynn muttered, as he felt himself being forced into the corner.

“Look, now he’s hiding from us. Pathetic.”

Fynn felt around for the doorknob, and escaped… into Payton’s room. “Fynn!? Is that you?”

Payton’s mother smiled, and rushed over to pinch the boys cheeks. “You would never believe the day I’ve had!” She pulled out a box of cookies. “I brought your favorite.”

“Mrs. Bentley. I’ve got to go.” Fynn muttered.

“Fynn, don’t leave me. You know you can trust me. Like last Summer.’

“Mrs. I know what you said about my brother. I think it’s best you keep your cookies to yourself from now on.” Fynn stated walking out of the room.

“And that’s the first double knock out!” Zac cheered. “The producers will love this!”

“She’s terrible right?” Payton muttered.

“Actually satan.” Fynn nodded. “I’m sorry you have to live with her.”

“About that….” Payton swallowed. “Do you think I could crash at your place after the show?”

Fynn wrapped his arm around Payton ruffling her hair with a wink. “I’m sure my bed can sit two.”

Payton laughed. “I hate you.”


The scene cut to show Kaleb and Twilight in a large snow globe. “Well Kaleb, if you can’t win this here your team loses, or if Twilight completes the challenge your team also loses. Just in general no pressure. But y’know good luck!” Zac laughed as he pressed a button, letting the snow fall in the globe.

“This is so pretty.” Twilight whispered sticking her tongue out as the snowflakes melted. “It’s just like…”

“There.” Kaleb asked?

“Like there.” Twilight confirmed. “You know I've been afraid of the snow ever since. I used to think it was a miracle. Something magical. But then the snow turned on me, forced me away.” She spun slowly before falling back into the snow giggling.

“Mrs Twilight!” A number of high-pitched voice excidely shouted, as four elves jumped out of the snow and onto Twilight. “We missed you Mrs!”

“Flake! Aura! Dash! Blitz!” Twilight lit up as she stared at her former students from the North Pole.

“Where did you go! We’ve been looking all over for you!”

Kaleb stared at the kids. “Hello, it’s me, Kaleb star in the making?” he turned to Twilight. “Who are the munchkins and why don’t they know who I am?”

“They’re… they’re from the pole.”

“They’re what now? I thought they wanted to exile you for not having the pointy ears.”

“Hey!” One of the elves pouted. “Not all of us have pointed ears! And some of us are really embarrassed about it!” Flake pulled his hat further over his head to hide his ears.

Twilight pulled his hat off. “Be proud of your ears! Isn’t that what I taught you?”

“But Mrs! Why aren’t you proud of who YOU are?”

Kaleb stared in disbelief. “Is this some children's pep show now?”

“I am proud of who I am!” Twilight defended.

“Then why did you leave us? Peppermint told us all about how you felt like you didn’t belong and that you ran away with Frosty!”

“No listen here you little… things. She was banished! Your big pappa smurf decided he didn’t want any humans in the little smurf village anymore!”

“What! No! Santa’s been looking everywhere for you and Frosty!”

“Yeah, to steal Frosty away from her! Like he did!” Kalebn shook his head angrily. “Like what have you all been doing?”

“Frosty is still missing!”

“No. Frosty went home with Santa in Paris.” Kaleb rolled his eyes. “Twilight, come on tell them!”

“He’s right.” Twilight exhaled. “Frosty chose to go back to the North Pole, it was too hard for him to be away from you all.”

“Frosty’s not there!”

“This all feels like a soap opera to me.” Kaleb turned to Twilight, “And I refuse for my acting debut to be on a soap opera!”

“I saw Frosty leave! I know he went back. I know you guys must miss me, but I can’t go back.”

“Here!” The elves handed Twilight a small locket shaped as a star. “When you’re ready just make a wish on this! And we’ll come get you!”

“And that’s time!” Zac announced. Walking into the globe as the elves vanished. “Surprisingly you both passed which means the girls win.” Zac frowned I guess I should go stop Weston and Salem then.”

The camera followed Zac to where Salem was tied to a cross that was about to be tossed into the lake, and Weston was in a cage with a giant robotic pterodactyl. “Sadly the best part of the challenge won’t happen.”

Payton blinked. “The show must have great insurance.”

“The greatest.” Zac nodded. “Someone get him out of there, and untie her.”

The scene switched to show Hannah and Mana as they finished putting on their swim suits and loading their water guns. “I’m locked and loaded, and ready to rescue what about you pappa-tee?” Hannah asked, turning to Mana who was adjusting his scuba goggles.

“Ready to rain on their parade Underlord9000!” Mana announced. “What about you Blake?” Mana turned to Blake who was also in a swim suit.

“Blake!?” Hannah and Mana shouted. “When did you get here?”

“How did you get here?”

“After the girls took me, I signed a poster or two, ran like the wind saw you guys were getting ready to go swimming and figured I’d tag along.

Hannah frowned. “I was really hoping to use these.” She put down her water bazooka.

“It’s not over yet.” Mana whispered, pointing at the incoming crowd of girls, we still need to get him out of here.

“What do you-” Blake gasped when he saw the horde of girls. “Can’t we just use the back door?” Blake pointed to the door that was clearly marked exit.

Hannah pouted. “Fine.”

The scene cut back to Genesis Square where all of the students waited for Zac and Mana to announce the results of the challenge.

Blake looked at Vishal who was wrapped up in bandages. “What uh.. What happened”

“Snapping turtles.” Fynn said. “A lot of snapping turtles.”

Vishal’s eyes went wide as he mumbled but the bandages covered his mouth.

Zac slammed the mic to get the students attention. “Well. We all know the girls won the challenge. So uh…”

Blake turned to Vishal. “I hope you have a plan for this.”

“But due to the double elimination last time, there is no elimination today! I hope you all enjoyed conquering your fears today, and Mana will see you tomorrow for class!”

The group of students erupted into confusion, and excitement. Dania stared at the host and the intern. “So you just tortured us for the ratings?”

“Sounds about right.” Kaleb groaned. “You’ve got to hand it to him, he’s pretty smart.”

Zac’s voice over from the start of the episode played again. “But oh boy, I never thought this would happen!” The scene cut to show Emmett’s dorm room where his bed was empty. It flashed to Dania’s where her bed was also empty, and on Angel’s bed two letters both sealed sat. It flashed to Salem’s and Twilight’s where neither of the bubbly girls were in sight. Payton’s bed is shown to also be unoccupied. Vishal’s bed is shown to be empty, beside it Kaleb’s bed was also empty. It jumped to show Fleur fast asleep in her bed, but Hannah nowhere to be seen. “Oh and one last thing - This is all after the events of today’s challenge. By the end of this episode all but one of these beds will be filled.” Zac smirked at the camera. “

The clock fast forwards until the sky was dark, and the moon was high. Salem is seen inside the Crow’s Nest drinking her coffee alone when five girls dressed in black take the empty seats. “Salem.”





“Yep. You got me, that’s my name.”

“You’ve been tapped.”

Salem’s eyes went wide. “Wait what?”

“We’re tapping you to join our coven. Pack your things. We’ll be waiting in the forest.” The group of girls got up from their seats and vanished into the shadows.

“Do you want a refill?” The barista asked. “On the house, for my best customer.” He smiled, but Salem’s face was… even more pale than normal.

The scene cut away to where Dania and Emmett sat on a bench feeding the ducks. “You wanted to talk?” Dania asked.

“Did you know.” Emmett stated. “Did you vote for Angel.”

Dania bit her lip. “I didn’t know. The girls only told me last night about the plan. I wanted to tell you but.”

“But the challenge.” Emmett nodded. “I understand that.”

“Would you have… Would you have eliminated yourself?”

Emmett turned to Dania. “I would have.” Emmett clutched his hands. “I can’t believe she was going to do that to me.”

“I know it’s something that Rosalie would have done.” Dania admitted.

“Is that what it’s like to want to win? Is that what it takes to be crowned?”

Dania put her hand on Emmett’s shoulder. “No. It doesn’t have to be like that. We don’t need to betray each other, or our friends. Us, Salem and Twilight. We can do it. We’ll win this differently.”

“Do you think it’s possible? Rosalie only won after she eliminated me, and then bullied Britt and Jade out of the competition. And we don’t even need to get started on Cherry and how she won.” Emmett stood up, “Good people don’t win Dania. They just don’t.”

“We can try.” She decided. “I have something you should see.” Dania said. “I woke up to a letter from Angel. I haven’t had the heart to open it, but maybe with you there I could.”

Payton is seen in her room packing up her things. She opened Grayson’s letter to her and stared at the flight ticket to Africa. “Maybe you were right after all. And if you weren’t then just send me a sign brother.

The scene cut to show Twilight and Kaleb sitting on the rooftop of the boys dorm. “You’re not going to do it are you?”

Twilight turned to Kaleb. “What if they’re telling the truth?”

“What if they’re not.” Kaleb countered. “Kids lie all of the time.”

“You’d be able to help Fynn out on your own.” Twilight said. “He needs a lot of work, but I think you could do it.”

“Stop. Twilight you’re not leaving.” Kaleb decided. “I need you. Have you met the others? They’re all crazy.”

“And we’re not? I moved to the North Pole by sneaking onto Santa’s sleigh, and you made a YouTube channel where you dissed all of your other competitors and wonder why people don’t like or trust you.”

“It’s not just me Twi who needs you.” Kaleb pointed down to where Dania and Emmett were sitting. “They need you. They’d be all alone without you.”

“But what if Frosty needs me?”

Kaleb got up. “Twi, just promise me you’ll wait. Wait until at least tomorrow before you make up your mind. Talk to Dania. Talk to Emmett. Heck, talk to Salem about it first.”

Twilight looked up at the sky, where she could see the North star. “Ok I promise. I won’t go anywhere until at least tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Kaleb gave Twilight a hug.

The scene flickered to show Kaleb crawling into his bed.

The scene cut to show Hannah rolling Vishal around in his stretcher. “I know you can’t talk but I’ve been hearing rumours about one of my Hotties.”

Vishal tried to fight back, but the bandages and restraints were too much. He blinked his eyes at Hannah.

“So tell me. Is it true.” Hannah looked down at Vishal who was blinking. “Oh right… Sorry. Blink once if one of my hotties is a cheat. Blink twice if I’m wrong.” Vishal blinked once. “Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.” Hannah stopped rolling Vishal, as he began to descend down a hill. “I just can’t believe it.” She sighed as she walked back to her dorm and crawled into bed. “What am I going to do with them?”

The scene flashed back to the runaway Vishal who was speeding down the hill, until he crashed into the other runaway, sending Payton and her things across the grass. “What the?” She muttered picking herself up from the ground. She looked around to see what hit her, and found Vishal lying the ground next to her unable to move. “How did you end up here.”

Vishal tried desperately to wiggle away from the girl, (not having much luck with them today) but was unsuccessful as Payton lifted Vishal onto the stretcher and began to push him back up the hill. “Talk about a sign.” She laughed. The scene cuts forward showing Payton putting Vishal into bed, and then as she crawled into her own.

Dania and Emmett are seen walking into Dania’s dorm room. “I thought you said you had one letter.” Emmett asked, pointing at the two letters on Angel’s bed.

“I only had one this morning.” Dania said uneasy. “No! No! No!” She shouted jumping for the second letter. “It’s not too late we have to stop her!” Dania felt the tears start to fall from her face as she ran for the door, but Emmett’s strong arms stopped her.

“There’s nothing we can do now. She’s made her choice.”

The scene cut to the forest where Salem approached the four dark figures. With each step more and more specs of colour appeared around them, like an army of fireflies. The witch in training stopped to look at her watch as it ticked to midnight. “It’s been said that the coven picks you, and only when you’re in a coven can you perform the miracle of magic.” Salem calmly said as she took another step to the glowing lights. “But my coven’s already chosen me.” Salem whispered as she waved her hands into the air, causing a meteor shower to appear in the skies above.

“And so she has chosen.”

“And so she has chosen.” The other voices echoed. The camera cut to show Salem, Dania and Emmett crawling into their beds.

Twilight is seen alone on the rooftop staring at the swarm of shooting stars above her, in her hand she clutched the charm. “And I wish that we could start over, and be together. I wish I could have my happily ever after.” The familiar sound of reindeer hooves against the rooftop made Twilight turn around.

“We’ll find him.” The rosy cheeked man promised, helping Twilight into his sleigh. “We’ll fix all of this.”

Chapter Ten: Hexposed Racing 

Zac is scene seated on the soon-to-be iconic staircase of the Saint’s Lecture Hall. “Last time on Total Drama Eclipse! Our two teams faced their fears in what was one of the most boring challenges yet. Talk about a snore fest! But just when things were looking grim, DRAMA arrived! After the teams discovered it was a non-elimination challenge, things started to heat up with the majority of the cast of the verge of leaving the show!”

Mana whispered into Zac’s ear. “Only Payton and Twilight even thought about leaving…”

“Hush now.” Zac muttered, taking a few steps down the stairs. “Dania and Emmett finally came to the realization that it takes a heck of a lot more to win than just having friends, when for the uptenth time someone close to them left the competition. Weston continued his one-sided feud with Salem - who was offered the chance to join a coven, but turned it down to stay with her own coven! Fynn and Payton bonded over their hatred for Payton’s family, and when things looked grim for Payton a runaway Vishal knocked her into her senses. Being at the top of the rankings, Blake and Hannah were treated to a getaway to the local mall where they signed autographs - but in a shocking turn of events Blake was treated like a god and kidnapped, and Mana and Hannah were forced to rescue. Cherry faced off yet again with Isabella, where Isabella proved her savviness and Cherry’s pettiness. Kaleb and Twilight continued to try and make Fynn into an eligible bachelor, but in the end even that wasn’t enough to keep Twilight in the competition, when she was faced with her past she chose to leave to find answers.” The host took a chug of his water. “Stay hydrated kids. Stay tuned for more Total Drama Eclipse, because things are just starting to heat up!” The camera panned in on a lone snowflake that had fallen onto Zac’s nose.

“Vishal’s coming back today right?” Weston asked Emmett as the pair returned to their dorms from their morning jog.

“That’s what the rumor mill is saying.” Emmett responded throwing his towel soaked with sweat into a hamper. He emptied his bottle of water into his mouth. “Guess that means there’s another challenge today.”

Weston nodded. “A three day break was nice.” The twin looked up at Emmett. “I really enjoyed just hanging out with you.” He eagerly sat on the staircase, catching his breath.

“Why do you say it like that?” Emmett asked, tossing his slimmer buddy a bottle of water.

“Well if the competition is starting up again, you won’t want to spend as much time with me anymore.” Weston frowned. “But that’s ok. I get it! We need to win.”

Emmett raised an eyebrow, remembering his conversation with Dania. “Things are going to be different now Weston, we’re going to win together - as a team.”

(Conf): Weston is seen talking to Mana in his office. “It’s really cool that Emmett wants to make a change, and that we can win together and stuff but I don’t… I don’t know if he can do that?”

The scene cut to show Cherry exiting a tanning bed. Kaleb waiting on the bench for her. “Do you really do this every week? You know you’re one of the tannest people here already right?”

Cherry stared at Kaleb. “Like I don’t do it to be the tannest.” She scoffed, pulling on her cherry red silk robe.

Kaleb followed Cherry as she made her way out of the gym. “Then why bother doing it?”

“Isn’t it like, totes obvi?” Cherry said, pulling on her sunglasses before she pushed open the doors to the outside world. “I do it like for myself.”

“That’s your answer for literally everything.” Kaleb exhaled. “Do you do anything for any other reason?” He asked, watching the former winner signing her autograph, and posing for photos with fans.

“Like why would I need to?” Cherry lowered her shades slightly. “Are you like going to be my puppy dog now that Twilight’s gone? Because it totes doesn’t suit you.”

Kaleb sighed. “Well I’m glad you’re back to fully Cherry capacity.” The actor in training went to sign his own autograph but the fans had already wandered off. “Have you thought about showing your vulnerable side at all since we spoke last?”

“Have you?” Cherry countered. “Look if you want to be Trixie and preach about how I can be better, like you better do what you like frickin’ preach.” Cherry shook her head. “You hide behind like a mask more than any of us.”

The actor stared at Cherry. “I’m an actor. That’s kind of the point?”

“It’s like reality television sweet cheeks, not broadway.”

Fynn is seen pushing Vishal in his wheelchair towards the dorm building. “Bro, how much are you packing?”

Vishal glared at Fynn. “It’s muscle. Can you hurry up this is embarrassing as is.”

The surfer stared at the stairs into the dorm. “Well how is this going to work?”

“Lift me!” Vishal shouted. “Bro! Arm day isn’t until tomorrow.”

Vishal glared at Fynn once more. “I’m not that heavy!”

“How much have you been stress eating.” Fynn groaned as he lifted Vishal and the wheelchair up the small set of stairs into the dormitory.

“I don’t stress eat!” Vishal shouted again. “Get me a burger would ya’?”

“Sure you don’t man! Sure you don’t.” Fynn chuckled as he walked into the kitchen, where the other members of his team were waiting.

“Fynn.” Emmett stated.

“Emmett?” Fynn asked, looking over at the beefcake.

“We need to like talk.” Cherry declared. “We’ve like decided that Vishal is dead weight.”

Fynn shook his head. “No? He’s definitely alive! A dead person wouldn’t want to eat a burger.”

Kaleb put his hand on Fynn’s shoulder, “No we mean… Well that he’s going to be more of a hinderous in the challenges than help.”

“You’re just saying this because you’ve wanted him out since the start!” Fynn defended, as he put the raw patti in the hot pan.

Weston stared at Emmett silently. “I thought we were going to do this as a team from now on?”

“This is how we do it as a team.”

Vishal wheeled himself into the kitchen. “What’s taking so long? Oh.” He paused, looking at the rest of his team. “What’s going on?”

“Like nothing! Just talking game for like the next challenge!” Cherry explained as she left the room, with a bowl of cherry ice cream.

“You guys were talking game without me? But invited her?” Vishal asked, his voice low.

“It’s nothing personal,” Kaleb smiled. “She was just here, and she had some good ideas.”

Vishal exhaled deeply. “She’s not even a real teammate. She didn’t even try last challenge!” Vishal moved his body abruptly and recoiled in pain.

“Are you ok?” Fynn questioned concerned. “We’ll continue this conversation later.” Fynn decided as he rolled Vishal out of the kitchen.

Weston looked at Emmett. “So much for us all being in this together.” The twin sighed and left the kitchen.

Kaleb raised an eyebrow at Emmett. “What was that all about? Talk about being a drama king.”

“It’s nothing. I’ll get it figured out.”

“Well you better. I’m done having to deal with Vishal. This is our only chance to get rid of him!”

Fynn ran back into the room, grabbing the burger. “Sorry! Forgot this!”

The scene cut to show Isabella following Payton around campus. “I can’t believe they cancelled cheer practice! Now what are we supposed to do all day?”

Payton looked over at Isabella. “The actual competition?”

Isabella pouted. “Well that’s no fun!” Her face lit up, “Do you want to go shopping!?”

“I have more important things to do.” Payton replied.

Isabella gasped. “What’s more important than shopping?! I saw this totes cute polka dotted dress that you could look so hip in!”

“Look.” Payton said. “I have some important things to do before the challenge. So if you want to go shopping you should go do that.”

“... Shopping… Alone?” Isabella was taken back. “Who even does that? Back home we go shopping in packs, so we can pounce on a hot deal together!” She turned her gaze to Payton. “So what’s more important than that?”

Payton muttered under her breath. “Anything.” She spoke louder. “I just… Just hurry up.” The pair walked across campus until they arrived at their destination.

“These people look so... meh?” Isabella gasped looking around at the group of feminists, protesting the men's soccer team.

Payton handed Isabella a sign. “Are you coming or what?”

“What’s wrong with having hot soccer players?” Isabella asked. “What’s wrong?” Payton bit his tongue. “The women’s soccer team budget was cut to almost nothing but the men’s team saw an increase in budget - when the girls team won their league last season and the guys barely qualified!” Isabella was too distracted by the captain of the soccer team stripping into his uniform to reply. “I knew it was a mistake bringing you.” Payton sighed.

“No! I can do it!” Isabella snapped back to attention, raising her sign into the air.

The scene cut to Fleur and Hannah in a fitting room in the mall. “Thanks for helping me with my clothes.” Hannah smiled, as Fleur handed her friend another outfit from the other side of the curtain.

“Non! Thanks you for letting me be in the dressing of you!” Fleur gasped when Hannah came out in a trench style coat, made of denim and lined with burka. Under she wore a pink hoodie with Peach’s crown on it, and white jeans. “Tres cute!”

Hannah blushed. “You’re amazing!” The pair paid for the new outfit and then went to get coffee. “Fleur? Can we… Can we have girl talk? Like one of those ultra secret unlockable cutscenes?”

“Ohhhhh! Oui!” Fleur responded,

“So… it’s been bothering me a lot.”


“Why… Why did you agree to date Colin if you didn’t like him? I know I said you could tell me when you were ready but… I just. I need to know.”

Fleur looked down at her drink and then up at Hannah. “I was in afraid of being alone… far away from mes amis, and forgotten. Colin was tres nice! And he was in the wanting of being with me!”

Hannah blinked. “Yeah he was. Fleur, he really cared about you, like one of the characters in Monster Prom. He really liked you!”

“Je.. I know.” Fleur whispered. “After the show my parents had me go back to Paris et I broke up with him!”

The gamer stared at Fleur. “Fleur… But you said that after the show you didn’t talk to me or Sam or Viola because you were busy with Colin.” Hannah pursed her lips. “So… Unless there’s a plot twist to this game I don’t know of, you can’t be dating someone and not dating them at the same time.” Hannah stared at Fleur, putting her hands on the Frenchy’s hands. “Your wish, you wished you never had to leave, but all you did after last season was leave. You left us ALL. Do you.. Do you just not like us?”

“Why would you be in the saying of that?!” Fleur shouted, wiping her eyes of tears. “Of course I am in the loving you all!” The french student ran away from her teammate.

Hannah stared at Fleur’s drink. “Then why are you always running away from us.”

Dania and Salem are seen in the Crow’s Nest sharing breakfast. “You turned the coven down?!” Dania gasped. “But… why?”

Salem blushed. “Because I already have a coven! All of you girls… and Emmett.” She giggled. “You’ve all been so nice to me, when people used to just point and stare! You’ve made me all so happy, and I’ve never felt so included!” She giggled. “Speaking of Emmett… Are you two… ok?”

Dania tilted her head. “What do you mean?”

Salem raised her eyebrows. “It’s obvious that you’ve both been stressed lately, and with Angel, Julien and Twilight all going home after each other?” Salem put her hand on Dania’s. “Don’t stress, you still have me.”

Dania smiled. “Thank you. Really.” She exhaled. “It was hard. But we read Angel’s and Twilight’s letters, and if there’s one thing we know now it’s that they wouldn’t want us to just give up. We at least owe to them to try.”

“Really!? We’re going to actually compete now!” Salem gasped, clapping her hands. “I’m so ready to try out all of my new spells!” She cheered as she levitated her mug to her mouth to sip her drink.

Mana slammed down an updated contract on the table. “Speaking of,” Mana said handing Salem a pen. “You need to sign this. It states that any use of magical, or otherworldly, or cultist, or eye magic… or whatever it is that you do. That gives you an advantage will result in an immediate disqualification.”

Salem frowned. “But I just got them!”

Mana stared at Salem. “Sorry but you’re going to need to wait to play with all your new shiny toys.”

“Fine! But there’s nothing against…” Salem snapped her fingers as her signature appeared on contract.

Mana eyed Salem curiously. “I’ve got my eyes on you.” The intern walked off leaving the girls to their drinks.

“It’s not like I could do anything big anyways.” Salem shrugged. “I still have so much to learn! But it’s so exciting!”

Dania grinned. “I’m just… I’m just so happy that we’re all finally happy. Usually the show only pulls people apart but for the first time I feel like the show is actually helping me.”

Salem reached over to hug Dania. “I’m just so happy that I finally got to meet all of you! I’ve watched the show so many times and here I am… finally?”

“I think this is the most I’ve ever heard you talk.” Dania admitted.

Salem blushed. “I guess I’m just… I don’t know ahaha.”

The scene cut to Blake walking into Weston’s detective agency. “Weston?” Blake called out, trying to find his friend. Blake ducked and stepped over the strings that connected the walls of the room. “What has he been up to?” Casting photos of everyone on Eclipse were spread across the walls. Detailed sticky notes hung from the strings that connected the students. “What… What is all of this?”

Weston peeked out from behind his desk. “I’m finding out the truth!” Weston announced. “About everything!” The twin crawled below a number of strings.

“What truth exactly?” Blake asked, walking closer to Weston, being careful to not step on any of the strings.

“About you… And Emmett! And Angel! And the whole drama with Vishal.” Weston pointed at their images and the strings connected to each of them.

Blake maneuvered himself under the strings so that he was sitting on Weston’s desk. “Ok… So let’s assume that everyone is hiding something, what’s the point for it? Why would we keep everything a secret from each other?”

“No one trusts anyone anymore!” Weston explained. “After Frozen that cast just lost touch, and after what Zac did to them all in the aftermath…” The twin pointed to the tall tower in the centre of the room with Zac’s face pinned to it. “And the people from Tides… Well they’re always bickering with each other.”

“Weston… Come here. Just take a break.” Blake whispered, outstretching his arms to the young P.I. “Take a deep breath.” The pair shared a hug. “Why does any of this matter West? Common, you can tell me. I might be on the other team, but we’re still buddies. Right?”

Weston looked into Blake’s eyes. “On Genesis we were all friends. Almost nobody here sees the others as their friends… If I could just show them that they’re wrong… That we can win challenges together instead of just fighting…”

Blake rubbed Weston’s back. “Tell you what, let’s go get some icecream, and I’ll tell you about my fear.”

“REALLY!?” Weston shouted excitedly. “You’d tell me!? I’ve spent so long trying to figure it out!” The twin ran to his white board, where he had gathered a number of articles about Blake. “But none of my leads led anywhere….”

Blake chuckled. “Sure. Why not.” The hockey player looked down at his smart watch. “Rain check though, ok? Team meeting!”

“Look at you being a team player!” Weston teased. Blake looked back at Weston who was smirking before running off.

The scene cut to the girls dorm, where the sorority members slowly piled into the slumber party chamber. Payton stared at Dania who stood in the centre of the girls. “This better be important. I was doing something actually worth my time.”

“Like it was SO cool!” Isabella added. “Lots of hotties. There was this one that you would have liked Dania, he was tall, dark and handsome… So dreamy.”

“She has a boyfriend.” Payton reminded Isabella.

Blake exhaled. “And that’s my queue to leave.”

“You’re staying.” Hannah stated, stretching her body over the only doorway. Blake recoiled and bolted for the open window. “Stop him Fleur!”

“I am in the being of sorry!” The frenchy said throwing a giant stuffed rabbit at the athlete, knocking him to the floor.

Isabella casually took a seat on the giant plushy. “It’s oddly toasty!” Blake sighed.

Salem stood beside Dania and waved to the other girls. “So we were talking over lunch!”

“Ok, but we all talk over lunch.” Hannah raised an eyebrow. “It’s the only time we can fill our hunger stats, and social stats at the same time.”

“Ok, but today we realized something!” Dania added. “We’ve never really done anything… Together.”

“Non! We were in the being of sleepover tout le time!” Fleur pointed out.

“No… You were.” Payton corrected. “You, Hannah, Angel… Twilight and Salem. The rest of us weren’t really invited to those.” The prep’s eyes went wide. “Do you think that’s why we keep getting rated so low on the rankings?” She turned to Isabella. “Are the producers not giving us any screentime?”

Isabella gasped. “Do you think I’ve lost followers over this!?” She reached into Blake’s pockets searching for this phone.

Blake blushed. “Not… my phone.” He shivered, passing his phone to Isabella.

“Oh… Ooops!” Isabella giggled, searching herself up on her social media platforms. “CHRISTIAN UNFOLLOWED ME?! After everything I did for him?”

“You… made out with him and then got eliminated.” Payton responded.

“That’s more than I’ve done for anyone here!” Isabella bent down and winked at Blake who hid his face behind one of the bunny’s giant ears.

“We’re going to have a girls night fashion show!” Salem blurted out, not being able to contain her excitement.

Everyone turned to Salem. “Since when are you… so vocal.” Payton asked, confused.

“I’ve just been so nervous around all of you!” Salem blushed. “I have all of you in my sticker book! I spent a whole year getting the full collection!”

“She is in how you being saying tres cute!”

“If you know how to say it, you don’t need to ask.” Hannah reminded her french friend, who blushed.

Dania turned to Fleur. “Do you think you could design an outfit for each of us before tonight!”


“Meet me at the Forgotten Forest in ten for the next challenge!” Zac’s voice called out from their electronic devices.

The screen faded to black, and then flashed to the Forgotten forest where the Screaming Fraternity, Zac and Mana were waiting impatiently for the girls to arrive. After half an hour, they show up, each with a coffee. Blake stops talking with Emmett and joins the other girls. “Tardiness wasn’t in your contracts.” Zac reminded.

“There was a line!” Hannah frowned.

“Like that didn’t stop me.” Cherry said smugly. “Like, and I arrived totes on time.”

“Thanks for your input, Cherry.” Payton rolled her eyes.

“Anyways, today your challenge is simple.” The host pointed to the forest behind him, that looked perfectly typical.

Kaleb coughed. “Was there something we’re supposed to be looking, or did you just want to advertise your wood to the country?” The other teens burst out laughing.

After a couple minutes pass by. “Funny.” Zac growled, while Mana hid behind a tree trying to contain his laughter. “Today’s challenge is a marathon relay! Each member of the team will be responsible for a different section of the race.” The host smirked and turned to the girls. “Since your time is clearly more precious than mine, rather than having one of your members sit out, two of you will compete in the first leg of the race, and the third member can only begin their part once the first two both complete the leg.” The girls grumbled amongst themselves.

The host snapped his fingers, as an electronic panel rose from the ground. The panel contained the most recent rankings. 

1. Kaleb 

2. Vishal

3. Salem 

4. Hannah 

5. Dania 

6. Blake 

7. Fleur 

8. Weston 

9. Cherry 

10. Fynn

11. Payton

12. Isabella

13. Emmett

Kaleb gasped, and jumped to his feet. "Canada is finally, FINALLY learning who the real star is!" He grabbed onto Hannah's drink and casually splashed it into her face. "Out with the old and wrinkled, and in with the NEW!" He raised his arms high into the sky, as Weston threw leaves over the actor, like confetti. "Thank you, thank you." The actor bowed. 

Hannah's eyes twitched, as Dania and Salem held her back from jumping onto Kaleb. "This is not over!" 

Cherry smirked. "Please, like tell me you got that on camera!" 

Mana nodded. "It'll probably make it into the behind the scenes version of the episode. Doesn't fit Hannah's hero narrative." 

Emmett sighed. "And just what is my edit? Last... again?" 

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better Sam still has you ranked in the top two for hottest boys on the show!" Fynn brought out his phone to show Emmett his brother's rankings. "Second to Grayson of course." 

Dania put her hand on Emmett's back. "The rankings don't mean anything. You know that." 

"Except for the whole advantage thing. Don't forget that." Vishal pointed out from his wheelchair. "Maybe whoever is in last will get an instant elimination soon."

Zac took down notes. "Great idea." Emmett glared at Vishal who flashed a smile. 

Mana managed to contain himself and walked out from the forest. “Today we won’t be telling you what the different legs of the race are. Just know there are six portions of the race, and the first team to complete it will win immunity, and the losers will need to eliminate one of their own. You have five minutes to discuss your strategy.”

The fratenity split off to one side. “So.” Emmett began, he looked at each of his teammates before pausing on Vishal. “Clearly we’re at a disadvantage here.”

“We’re not leaving him behind!” Fynn decided. “He doesn’t deserve to get eliminated because of his injury.”

“You promised we’d do this together.” Weston reminded.

“Like I don’t know how we’re supposed to win a race when sir jocks a lot can barely wheel himself to the restroom.” Cherry countered.

Fynn blushed. “You can get to the washroom yourself? You mean I don’t need to lift you!?”

Vishal blushed even more. “No…”

“Oh my god.” Cherry laughed.

Kaleb stared at Emmett. “You were saying? What’s the plan oh great one?”

Emmett chuckled. “We win together. If we get an early enough lead than Vishal might be able to manage to win the last leg.”

“Really!?” Weston and Fynn cheerfully announced.

“Really?” Cherry and Kaleb groaned.

“Really?” Vishal asked, slightly confused looking at Emmett.

“Really. We win - or lose together.” The fraternity split off, most following Mana to their own legs of the race, while Vishal stayed behind with Emmett.

The pair stared at each other in silence, before they shared a fist bump.

Meanwhile the girls had their own plans. “Fleur should go last.” Hannah decided, “She can spend more time designing our outfits for tonight that way!”

Isabella nodded. “I’ve always wanted my own Fleur outfit! I’ve been following her on the gram since like sub 100 followers!”

“Is it true?” Fleur asked, blushing.

“Oh yeah! Me and my friends back home used to try and recreate your looks! The one with the black sequin zebra print shorts made us gag!”

Dania shrugged. “That’s a good idea.”

“I think you should go later on Dania.” Salem offered. “Maybe by then the challenge won’t be in the forest.”

“No.” Dania decided. “I’ll go first.”

“Uh.” Blake gulped. “Look girls, I know I’m not… one of you, but we don’t need to throw the challenge.”

Dania stared at Blake. “I can do it.”

“I’ll do it with you!” Payton decided. “The forest brings back memories of when I tied myself to a tree, and Grayson would sneak out to bring me food.”

“Is he single?” Isabella asked.

“He’s gay.” Everyone laughed, before they split off to their own parts of the challenge.

Zac gathered Dania, Payton and Emmett for the first leg of the race. “For this leg, it’s simple. You just need to climb the tree to where your next member is waiting.” The host pointed at the girls. “Remember you both need to be at the top for the next leg to begin.”

Payton looked at tree, “Just how tall is this?”

Zac shrugged. “I don’t know we had them imported from the tallest forest in BC.”

Dania and Emmett shared a glance and a nod to each other. “Good luck.”

“GO!” Zac shouted, as the birds flew away.

Emmett instantly began his ascent up the tree with his teams colour. “Just like back home when I was setting the traps.”

Payton jumped onto the tree using ribbon to help support herself. “Are you sure you can do this Dania?”

Dania gulped. “Yeah.. It’s just… really tall.”

Payton nodded offering her hand to Dania. “I know, but you can do this, you flew across the globe on Twin It!”

“But there weren’t any bugs… or animals!” Dania gasped and fell from the tree when a chipmunk jumped onto her branch, luckily she was only a few feet off the ground.

Payton sighed and whispered to herself. “This definitely wasn’t a mistake.”

The camera panned upwards… And then upwards some more… And then more, to where Weston and Hannah were waiting on a wooden platform built around a handful of trees. “What do you think we’re going to need to do?” Weston asked, examining the area around them.

“Either we’re jumping down into a pool, or we’re going to climb back down.” Hannah said. “So… How are things?”

“Pretty good! Emmett finally decided that we get to compete as a team!”

“That’s cool.” Hannah smiled. “You guys might have some killer party synergy!”

Weston nodded “Just like in Team Fight Tactics!”

“What rank are you!?” Hannah gasped.

“Plat!” Weston’s eyes went wide. “Do you play?”

“Top 100 here!” Hannah boasted.

Weston bowed to Hannah. “I am no worthy!” He chuckled.

Hannah blushed. “So… Weston.” The gamer bit her lip. “Is it true that you’re kind of like a detective?”

He nodded, pulling out his badge. “Sure am! I passed the online test and everything!”

“Can I ask you about someone?”

“For you?! Anything! But you need to teach me to play like you!”

Hannah offered her hand and the pair shook. “Deal.”

“Dania! He’s out of sight.” Payton explained, trying to get Dania up higher than the first branch. “We’re going to lose if you can’t do this!”

Dania looked up at Payton. “Ok. I can do this!” She gulped grabbing onto Payton’s hand as she pulled her to the next branch. “Just tell me more about your life back home?”

Payton looked down at Dania who was visibly afraid. “Ok.” The prep lifted Dania to another branch. “Grayson and me lived with our parents. Before Tides happened. I’ve applied to be on the show for years! Anytime a reboot was even mentioned I applied…” She laughed, “And then of course Grayson got on, his first try! But that’s Grayson for you. He can do anything, and he can do no wrong.”

“Sounds… familiar.” Dania whispered.

“Yeah. Well, unfortunately for me, I could only ever do wrong.” Payton grabbed onto the branch above them, pulling herself up. “We both went to prep schools, I went to an all girls school, and Grayson and all boys.” She motioned at her uniform. “Hence the clothes.”

Dania nodded. “I hated my uniform too. I always wish I could just… redesign it or something.”

“Tried that.” Payton admitted. “School wasn’t happy, parents were really not happy. So I fought against it.” She let out a laugh. “The school would say my uniform was inappropriate, my parents would have a talk with me, buy me a new one, and then I’d adjust it again.”

“I wish I could have that courage.” Dania laughed. “I hid in fear of everything for so long. I was so naive.” “Don’t mistake it for courage Dania.” Payton said. “I was afraid. Afraid that if I didn’t do something to stand out that my parents would completely forget about me. We can’t all be a star like Gray can.” She shrugged her shoulders. “When Grayson left for Tides I was so happy! I thought finally, I’ll be seen, but no. My parents spent every waking minute watching. They just had to know how well Gray bear was doing! And when he and Sam became a thing…” Payton wiped a tear, careful to not let Dania see. “Well that’s when it was my fault. Because clearly Sam was just his friend, and that I shouldn’t say otherwise because that’s just lying. And that I just wanted attention. That I was just trying to smear my brother.”

Payton reached up, feeling the wooden platform, and helped lift Dania to the platform where Mana and Hannah waited. Dania hugged her partner. “Well, just remember that you’re still here, and Grayson’s not.”

“Took you guys long enough!” Hannah shouted, jumping onto the rope as she swung to the next platform.

“Grayson would still be here if he wanted to. Mom just scared him off.”

Dania shook her head. “She tried to scare you off too. Don’t forget that. She was afraid of what you’d do. That you might embarrass her. That you might just do something reckless, but you chose to keep fighting. “You have courage Payton. And a lot of it. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

Mana stared at the girls. “You really better hope the boys fudge up somewhere because eep.” He turned to Emmett who looked at the pair.

“How long?” Payton asked.

“Ten minutes I think?” Emmett shrugged.

“They got this.” Dania promised. “I know it.”

The scene cut to the beach where Blake and Fynn waited for their team. “So have you found a boy yet?” Fynn teased.

“Have you found your pants yet?” Blake chuckled.

Fynn looked around, before realizing he was wearing his swim trunks. “Hey! I’m not supposed to be wearing any pants right now.”

Blake raised his hands in his defence. “Oops you caught me.”

“How’s your romance life going?”

Fynn paused. “Well, I haven’t made out with anyone since…” Fynn blinked. “I don’t remember the last time I made out with someone was.” The surfer stared at the ocean in shock. “Kalen and Twilight are breaking me.”

“What do you mean?” Blake asked.

“They’re teaching me how to be a real man.”


“Like you know, go on dates and things. None of the girls I ever see want to go on a date.” Fynn shrugged.

“Well did you ever ask one?”

“No, why would I do that?”

Blake raised an eyebrow, before Weston came crashing into the pair after somersaulting off of the rope. “WOOOO!” Weston shouted, jumping to his feet, and slapping Fynn;s hand.

Zac turned to Fynn. “The next leg of the race is to swim out to that platform, 100 metres in the lake where the next leg will begin.

“Good talking you Blake!” Fynn shouted as he stripped off his trunks and dove into the water in the buff.

“Do you think he knows he’s nude?” Weston asked, watching as Fynn swam through the water like a dolphin jumping in and out.

“Definitely not.” Blake laughed.

The scene cut back to Hannah who was halfway through her leg. “How many more of these are there? This is like frogger, except instead of care it’s trees, and instead of respawning if you hit one… Well I probably just go splat.” She looked at the trees in front of her. The gamer grabbed onto the rope, got a running start and jumped.

The scene cut to Cherry who was too busy staring at the nude Fynn in front of her to continue the race. “Like what are you doing!” She shouted dumping her coffee into the lake, and using the cup to cover Fynn’s delicates.

Fynn blinked, looking down at himself. “Oh man! Not again.” He chuckled. “What’s wrong Cherry, I thought you wanted to be one of the boys.”

Cherry stared at Fynn in disgust before jumping in her kayak. “Anything to get away from… like whatever that was.”

Isabella looked at Fynn who winked at her.

(CONF): Isabella is seen soaking wet in the Mana’s office. “Like… I didn’t come here to find love or anything. But Fynn is way hotter than Christian ever was, and he didn’t unfollow me. Like who even does that? Talk about rude!”

The scnee cut back to show Fynn and Isabella making out on the floating platform.

The camera panned to the shore where Hannah finally arrived. “Tell me they’re not making out.” Hannah groaned making a barfing sound, as she slapped Blake’s hand.

“I won’t tell you then…” Blake turned to Hannah.

“Did you… not flinch?”

Blake blinked. “I… didn’t?” The hockey played blinked again. “Wow.”

“LEVEL UP!” Hannah giggled, passing Blake her ribbon from her waist. “You might need this equipment when you get there… to protect your eyes.”

Blake nodded. “Good call.”

The scene cut to reveal Cherry struggling in her kayak. “Just like kayak back to campus.” Cherry mocked. “Like it totes won’t be hard. HAHA I’m Zac and I talk in a sarcastic tone at all times HA GAY!” Cherry rolled her eyes, and slapped her paddle on the water. “Because like this is supposed to be easy!”

The scene zoomed forward to the campus shore where Kaleb and Salem were playing go-fish, using Salem’s special witch deck, filled with oddball cards. “Do you have any eye of newt?” Salem asked cheerfully.

“HOW!” Kaleb groaned, tossing the card to Salem. “How do you always know what I have!?”

“Some call it magic.” Salem giggled. “I call it an immediate advantage.”

“I call it cheating!” Kaleb glared at Salem. “What’s taking them so long?”

Salem shrugged. “Who knows it’s Cherry and Isabella we’re talking about here.”

Kaleb groaned. “Oh dear lord.” The actor motioned across his body. “Please put an end to this misery.” He picked up his cards. “Any black cats?”

“No.” Salem pouted. “My dad thinks they’re bad luck! But what’s so unlucky about a cute fluffy familiar?”

The actor stared at Salem. “They’re disgusting animals.”

“You’re a disgusting animal!” Salem countered. She blushed. “Wait no! You’re adorable, and really clean! Do you really take two showers a day?”

Blake is seen pulling himself onto the dock, and shoving Fynn off of Isabella and into the water. “Ok Isabella, we need you to row, to win this challenge. “

“What happened to the cute boy?” Isabnella asked. “Did you at least get a photo to post on the gram! I need to make him jealous!”

Blake stared at Isabella while handing her the paddled. “Just row. And no, why would I post a photo of a nake surfer to my account?”

“All your gay followers would love it!” Isabella shrugged, getting into the wooden vessel. “How does this even work?” Blake exhaled deeply, before using his hands on top of Isabella’s to show her how to paddle the kayak. “Are you sure you’re not straight?” She fluttered her eyes. “Because you’re kinda sorta cute!”

Blake shoved his head into the water and screamed.

The scene jumped back to the shore where Kaleb and Salem were cheering both Cherry and Isabella on, as the pair arrived at the same time. “Where’s our lead!?” Kaleb shouted as Cherry slapped his hand.

“Like you try paddling!” Cherry huffed. “I need a drink!”

Salem handed her a coffee. “Here!”

Cherry sniffed the drink. “Double pumpkin spice?” She sniffer further. “With a dash of cherry cream?” Her eyes went wide as she devoured the drink in one gulp. “WHo are you, and like when did you join the show?

“Don’t mind her.” Isabella laughed, hitting Salem’s hand. “She’s kinda forgetful and if you aren’t so cool, she ignores you.”

“Ok, like rude. True, but like rude.” Cherry responded.

Mana pointed at the campus in front of them, and then down at the red tiles that led through the campus. “I hope you know how to parkour!”

“Par what?” Kaleb asked

“Parkour!” Salem giggled, as she ran towards the first obstacle, jumping over the fence to the campus, and then pulled herself onto the small red-roofed shed. “It’s like you’re not even trying Kaleb!”

Cherry shrugged. “Like she said it, not me.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” Kaleb groaned, as she slipped on the fence, landing face first on the other side.

“Like how was I supposed to paddle! DEAL WITH IT!” Cherry shouted.

The scene cut to where Fleur and Vishal were waiting at the final leg. “So like how are you in the being?” Fleur asked approaching Vishal.

“Stay back!” Vishal shouted, trying to wheel away from Fleur. “I don’t know how or why, but you made my challenge harder on purpose!”

“Non! I would never be in the doing of this!”

Vishal wheeled further away from Fleur. “Just don’t talk to me.”

“But I was in the being of honest! You are strong competitor! It was in a how you say…. Honour to compete with you!” Fleur responded, frowning.

The students who had completed their legs waited along with Zac at the finish line. “What’s taking them so long.” Zac groaned.

“Do you have someplace to be?” Payton asked.

“Like Zac has anything else to do, where would he like be going? On a date?” Cherry laughed.

Zac blushed.

“Oh my god. WHAT?” Hannah gasped. “Tell us the details! Who is he!”

Dania looked at Hannah. “Ladies, ladies.” She tried to calm them down. “Better question - what about Hayden?!”

Emmett eyed Zac. “This explains a lot actually.”

“Why ever since Zac came back he’s been pushing for more drama and danger.” Weston noted. “I should have seen it sooner!”

Zac stared at the students. “Go bug each other about your love lives, leave mine out of it!”

Isabella grabbed Blake’s phone again, and opened Zac’s Instagram page. “He recently started following this guy!” She passed the photo around, sharing the image of a tall lumberjack.

Zac blushed even more. “DING DING DING!” Fynn laughed. “Found him!”

“Look! Kaleb and Salem are at the end!” Zac announced pointing to where both Kaleb and Salem managed to jump from the roof a small house to the ground and were running towards the final pair at the top of the hill.

“Oh my god.” Payton gasped.

“What? Let me see!” Dania said, zooming in on her phone. “Oh… My”

“RUN!” Emmett shouted, getting everyone out of the way just in time before Vishal came crashing down the hill and rocketed himself and his wheelchair past the finish line and into the wooden shack they were waiting by.

“VISHAL!” Fynn shouted, chasing after his friend.

Zac blinked at the students, and then turned to the camera man. “Did you get all of that?” The camera nodded. “Alright! Go waste time… Girls you lose… and assuming Vishal is capable of continuing in the competition you will be eliminating someone tonight.”

The scene cut the girls fashion show. “The show must go on!” Fleur said, as she handed the girls their outfits.

Hannah nodded as she walked away from Salem. “It must! She picked up her specially designed outfit from Fleur. “Thank you for making this.”

Dania pulled all of the girls, and Blake together. “Thank you everyone! I wish we could have gone out with a win, but… at least whoever goes home today will leave with a happy memory.”

Payton blinked, looking around. “I think today… For the first time… We all actually got along?”

“That includes you Blake.” Hannah teased, elbowing the only boy.

“Yes, because I didn’t try to drown myself today.” He chuckled.

“You only tried to once, that’s a solid improvement!” Salem giggled. She turned to Isabella, “Glad to see you’re over Christian.”

“Who?” Isabella blinked.

The scene cut to the waiting room at the campus clinic. The Fraternity waited patiently for word on Vishal’s condition. Emmett stared at Kaleb. “What happened?” Kaleb stared at the wall, speechless.

“You don’t think he pushed him… Do you?” Weston gulped. “I thought we were just starting to get along!”

Cherry stared at Kaleb. “Do you think… Like do you think he pushed him? Like I know they weren’t the closest.” The former winner eyed the actor. “He’s like been totes strange lately too!”

“It doesn’t matter bros… and broette?” Fynn paused looking at Cherry. “Can you be a bro if you’re a chick?” Fynn looked impatiently at the door to Vishal’s room. “He’s going to be alright… Right?” He turned his attention to Emmett.

“Braaaaaah.” Emmett coughed. “That’s what you can call Cherry.” He paused. “But uh, yeah. I’m sure he’ll be fine! This is Vishal! He survived a hoard of snapping turtles! This is nothing.”

Two doctors walked beside the students. “I can’t believe you got in on that surgery! It’s the first in the country right?”

The students gave each other questioning looks.

The scene flashed to the Dean's Office where Zac and the Killer Sorority had gathered. “Nice to see you all.”

“Is he ok?” Dania asked, concerned.

“He has to be ok right?” Hannah doubled. “No one ever gets hurt on Total Drama…”

Salem looked at Hannah, “Well not on Seasons, but Dakoto… Scott… Alejandro… I think there’s quite the list. It’s no wonder why Chris isn’t the host anymore.”

“Are we voting or?” Payton asked.

Blake looked around at the girls. “Zac? What’s going on.”

“I am not in the wantinging of saying goodbye to one of mes friends!” Fleur said gripping Salem’s and Hannah’s hands.

Isabella looked around. “I don’t think I packed any black. I can’t go to a funeral! I’ve never been to one of those before!”

Zac stared at the students. “I’m glad all of your hearts in the right place. Regardless we will be voting. Usually we ask questions but the producers have something different in mind. So feel free to go vote.”

The scene sped up, as each of the students took turns casting their votes. “Ok.” Zac grinned, “The votes have been cast. But before we reveal the results, let’s see how everyone voted!” Zac clapped as a screen appeared behind him.

A video of Isabella strutting down the runway, dressed in a black and white gown. The camera zooms in to reveal the fabric is actually black and white images pulled from her Instagram account. Isabella’s voice is heard as she twirls and walks back. “I never really expected to make it this far! When the producers told me there was a Lakeside after party in Canada they never really mentioned the whole competition thing… but like I think I’m slaying it?”

Dania’s voice takes over, and the image switches to Dania in dark denim jeans. A white denim jacket, with frilly lilac top. “The plan has to work. I can’t see anyone else leave. No more of my friends are going to leave! Whatever it takes, I’ll do it. This time. This season it’s going to be one of us winning!”

Payton is seen marching down the runway in a torn and distressed version of her school uniform. When she reached the end of the runway, she jumps in place, shedding the uniform, and reveals a stunning black feathered gown. “I think if I learned anything today at the challenge, it’s that it takes great courage to compete here… It takes a lot to really be yourself.”

The image cut to show Blake as he walks down the runway in nothing but a black tie and tight black boxer briefs. Glitter was thrown across his body. His teammates blowing whistles at him as he struts. “It’s not… It’s not what I thought to be on this team. It’s different. The guys were great but there was so much power struggle. The girls know what they want to do every elimination and they just do it.”

Fleur walks down the runway. Every few steps she twirls, shedding her dress to reveal another. “It is how you say tres hard! I am not in the wishing of voting any of mes friends home!”

Hannah is seen walking the runway in a dress that looks very similar to Peach’s. “It’s weird. I never thought when the teams were revealed at the start… That this is how things would end up? Was I a bad leader… Did I lead my team to failure, did I lead you to failure?”

Salem floats above the runway in a pastel blue gown. With the help of her own magic, she creates an illusion of clouds drifting across the dress. “We all agreed. I’m so sorry. But you didn’t leave us any choice.”

The girls and Blake looked around at each other. “What was the point in showing us that?” Payton asked.

Zac shrugged. “The producers thought the viewers would eat it up!”

Dania looked at her teammates. “Vishal isn’t coming back… Is he.” She said softly.

“You’re making it sound like he died!” Zac chuckled.

“Well you haven’t told us anything!” Blake countered.

Fleur wrapped her arms around Hannah. “He will be in the being of alright! Right?”

Hannah gently pushed away Fleur away. “I hope so. But it’s not my healing skill getting checked.”

“Did anyone get any photos of me for my gram? I looked STUNNING!” Isabella gushed.

Salem looked at Zac. “Did you show that to try and cause drama? Because you didn’t even reveal the votes…”

Zac turned to the students. “Good point. Questionable choices by the big guys in my ear.” He shrugged, as Mana rushed into the room and whispered into Zac’s ears. “Oh. I see.”


Zac looked at the students. “It looks like Vishal went into a coma.” His said slowly.

“Oh my god!” The students gasped.

“Quoi….?” Fleur asked, wiping her eyes.

“I’m just kidding!” Zac laughed. “You should have seen your faces!” He snapped as the torch came to light, and leaves landed on Dania, Blake and Salem. “You three, like Vishal are safe… for tonight at least. It looks like after a few nights of recovery Vishal should… recover.”

The students stared at Zac in silence. “Not funny.” Payton coughed.

The host shrugged and snapped again as both Hannah and Isabella received their leaves. “Payton. Fleur.” Zac said, looking at the pair. “One of you received one vote tonight, the other received the rest.” Zac watched as the final leaf sparked into existence and drifted past Fleur to land on Payton’s lap.

Fleur blinked to stare at her teammates. “I am, in the being of how you say, confused?”

Salem stood up and walked over to Fleur. “I saw Vishal fly down that hill Fleur! There's no way someone in their right mind would do that to themselves."

Blake got up and walked towards the exit. “And the guys say that you pressed the button in the last challenge, and made Vishal suffer.”

“I’m sorry Fleur.” Dania said. “But the video of you rigging the cheer challenge so that Weston caught on fire was sent to me this morning.”

Isabella looked around and shrugged. “I still really like, super loved the dress! Any chance I can keep it?”

Payton frowned. “If it counts for anything, I’m sure you had a good reason.”

Hannah walked over to Fleur. “I talked with Weston today. He’s like a detective, sort of at least. Kinda like Phoenix Wright!” Hannah blushed. “You know, he knows a lot about all of us!” The gamer whispered into Fleur’s ear. “I know you’re not everything you say you are."

Fleur’s eyes welled up. “I just…” She gulped. “I didn’t want any of us to leave!” She turned to her teammates in turn. “Weston was the only one who could bring his team together! I thought… I hoped if I could get rid of him that maybe the boys would just fall apart! He wasn't supposed to fall!" Fleur moved close to Hannah “But that didn’t work! And then I knew Vishal would do anything to win! And if I got rid of him maybe then they would lose!” She wiped the tears from her face. “I didn’t want anyone to get super hurt! I just.. I just… And then he was ok! Mais... But today... It was.. I-"

“You didn’t want to lose your friends.” Hannah said carefully. “I know. We all know.” Hannah pointed at Blake. “He’s new, and he’s a dude, but you know Fleur his class? He’s a paladin. He’s soft spoken but he’s strong and brave.” She turned to Dania. “She’s like a cleric! She’s always supporting whoever is around her, even if it means hurting herself.”

“Hannah… I’m sorry!” Fleur gasped.

“And Isabella. You know she’s kinda strange, but she’s clutch, and she gets the job down. She’s an archer. And don’t let me forget about Payton! She’s grown up hidden and put down, but she stands for what she believes in, because she’s a knight! And I mean, Salem is obviously a witch! Me? I’m a pirate, clearly. But Fleur you.” Hannah exhaled. “I never thought you to be an assassin. Sneaking around, lying. Spying and cheating. How could you lose us Fleur, when we don’t even know who you are.” Hannah snapped her fingers as the ground beneath Fleur collapsed.

“Excuse you? That’s my job.” Zac groaned.

“Not today. Zac. Not today.” Hannah said flatly walking out of the office.

Isabella frowned. “She seemed so nice.”

“She is nice.” Blake responded. “Just… lost.”

“Very… Very lost.” Dania confirmed.

“It wouldn’t be Total Drama without someone making a silly mistake.” Payton sighed. “Hannah should know that more than anyone.”

Salem looked around at her teammates. “Than why did we vote her off? We know she didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. She was just trying to keep us all in the competition.”

Dania shook her head. “When Hannah makes her mind up about someone. She makes her mind up about them. There was no convincing her.”

Payton nodded. “And she wasn’t all wrong. Fleur did lie to us. How can we trust her after all of that.”

The host turned his attention back to the students. "Also I would like to clarify. Despite some of Fleur's previous sabotage attempts. She had nothing to do with Kaleb deciding to rush down the hill in todays challenge to secure the victory."

The girls shared a solemn look as they left the ceremony.

Zac is seen eating dinner with a man. He paused mid meal to look at the camera. “Stay tuned for more Total Drama Eclipse! Will the guys be able to bounce back after almost losing Vishal? And will they continue with their new teamwork mentality!? And how will the girls regroup after losing what many would consider to be the heart of the team!”

Chapter Eleven: A Day in the Life

The scene flashes to colour, as Zac is seen in his own bed cuddling a stuffed duck. “Delete this footage.” The host hissed. The scene cut forward to Zac fully dressed sitting at the edge of his bed, while Mana ties his shoes. “Last time, our teams faced off in a race to test their athleticism. While some students competed at full strength,” video footage of Emmett quickly climbing a tree, and Salem easily completing her parkour section, “Others seemed distracted.” Clips of Dania and Payton bonding, and Fynn and Isabella making out are shown. Zac got up, while Mana glared at him. “In the end though, it came down to a feat of bravery by Vishal that ended up winning his team the challenge - and putting him in the infirmary… again.” Vishal is seen rolling down the hill in his wheelchair and then crashing.

“You say bravery, I say idiocy.” Mana coughed, taking off. “In what shocked most, Fleur was sent home by the girls once they pieced together that she had been sabotaging the boys in recent challenges to keep her team together. Hannah went OFF!” Mana replayed the clip of her lecturing Fleur, “Revealing she knows who Fleur really is, and that she can’t trust her any longer.”

Zac yawned. “You need to work on your public speaking.” The host pushed Mana to the side. “But the twists and turns are just getting started! Who will be the next student to be expelled?”

“And who will be the next unlucky guy to go on a date!” Mana coughed. “Find out now! On Total Drama Eclipse!” Mana ducked as shoe flew over his head.

Isabella is seen searching through Payton’s closet. “Where do you keep your cheer outfit!?” She said impatiently, while tucking an emerald green top to the side. “Ohhhh this is cute! Mind if I borrow it sometime?”

Payton rubbed her eyes from her bed. “Wha-” She blinked. “Isabella?” She asked, sitting up in her bed. “What are you doing?”

“You’re going to be late for cheer practice!” Isabella responded. “Plus we need to go pickup Emmett!”

“Pick him up?” Payton responded, stretching her arms out. “With what? We don’t have a car.”

“Stop asking so many questions and just put this on!” Isabella threw Payton’s cheer uniform at her and waited patiently for her to get dressed.

Payton stared. “Do you mind?” Her eyes locking with Isabella’s.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” Isabella teased. “We’re gal pals!”

Payton let out a loud yawn. “It’s too early for this.” She threw on the skirt and top, and pushed Isabella and herself out of her room. “How did you even get in my room anyways?”

Isabella used her pom-poms to hide the fact that the door knob was taken off of the door. “Let’s just go get Emmett!”

The prep shook her head in defeat. “Fine. But you’re coming to the charity dinner later.” Payton blinked in shock. “I sound like my mother!”

The scene cut to reveal Blake and Dania awkwardly hiking the lakeside trail. “Why did Emmett think this would be a good idea.” She asked, ducking and weaving as flies got close to her.

Blake used a water gun to spray the flies and shrugged. “Something about wanting his friends to not be alone.” Blake chuckled. “Oddly enough I don’t remember being friends with Emmett.”

“Everyone is a friend to Emm!” Dania countered.

“Tell that to Vishal.” Blake coughed.

Dania eyed Blake who was being careful to keep his distance from her. “Ok, but Vishal doesn’t count.”

The hockey player paused. “Good point.” The pair continued to walk in an awkward silence. “So…”

“Yeah.” Dania replied.

“How about them Maple Leafs?” Blake asked.

Dania shook her. “Good try, but let’s not do that.” She paused, “What are you thoughts on the rain in africa?”

“Did you just quote a song title?”

She blushed. “I don’t know what I’m doing! This is so awkward!” Dania turned to Blake who had a look of horror on his face. In the following moments Dania tripped on root and falling backwards into a puddle of mud. Blake jumped to try and grab her, but ended up falling in with her.

“AHHHH!” Dania screeched, as she tried to crawl out of the mud, only to slip back in, as a chipmunk jumped onto her face. “Why does the world hate me.” She asked, standing up, looking like the monster from the lagoon.

“Well, not everyone hates you!” Blake pointed at the chipmunk that licked the mud out of her eyes.

“GET IT OFF OF ME!” Dania waved her arms frantically in the air, mud slinging onto Blake.

Blake hesitated looking at the girl in front of him. “Uh… “

“BLAKE!” Dania shouted, slinging more mud through the air as the chipmunk climbed into Dania’s hair and buried an acorn. “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEAR RIGHT NOW”

“You might not, but I do!” He shouted back, as he sprayed Dania down with his water gun, clearing the mud off of her.

Dania let out a heavy sigh, her makeup dripping off her face. Her new chipmunk jumped at Blake’s water gun, biting his hand and making him drop it. “Blake!” Dania yelled. “I am so sorry, I don’t know why he did that!”

“Atleast he’s gone now.” Blake groaned out, wrapping his hand in his shirt to stop the light bleeding.”

“Let me.” Dania said instinctively, taring part of her cardigan off to act as a bandage and wrapping it around his wound. “Sorry about before… I have.”

“Issues.” Blake teased, slipping his hand out of Dania’s. “Thanks though… And I guess this whole day wasn’t entirely terrible.”

“Just mildly.” Dania added, as the pair chuckled and started to walk back to the campus.

The scene cut to Hannah wrapped up in a Legend of Zelda blanket sitting on the porch of her dorm building. “Get off my yard!” The gamer shouted, shoving another spoonful of cereal into her mouth. The children playing with their frisbee looked at Hannah confused, as she flung spoonfuls of cereal at them. “LEAVE! SHOO!”

“Whatever weirdo!” The kids retorted, stomping away.

Salem walked outside to see the depressed Hannah. “Uh Hannah?” The witch asked, as she pulled herself up to sit on the porch railing, letting her legs dangle. “What are you up to.” She teased.

Hannah didn’t look up from her bowl of cereal. “What good is building a relationship level with someone if they’re just going to betray you in the second act, like a poorly scripted AI?”

The witch swayed her legs in the wind, as drifting leaves got caught in her dress. “I wouldn’t say she betrayed you.” Salem paused, “She lied, yes… but betray?”

“They’re the same thing.” Hannah jammed the spoon into her mouth. While chewing she continues, “Lying is betraying my trust. That’s a deep layer of betrayal. For not just Eclipse, but all of Tides.” The gamer shot her head around to stare at Salem. “Fleur betrayed us all.”

“I don’t know…” Salem tried to reason with Hannah. “She seemed to have her reasons.”

Hannah laughed. “And I had my reasons when I shot that cannon full of water to ruin Britt’s chances of winning Frozen.” She jumped out of her rocking chair. “Doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t make it fair.”

Salem grabbed onto Hannah’s hand. “What about the wishing circle! It’s just us left!”

The gamer looked at Salem with wide eyes. “And your wish came true already. What more do you need from me.”

“Hannah? Come on, you don’t mean that!” Salem pulled Hannah in for a hug. “I know you don’t.”

Hannah sniffled as she felt her eyes fill with tears. “How can you be so calm about it. Why aren’t you upset!”

Salem whispered into Hannah’s ear, running her hand through her hair. “Being mad doesn’t accomplish anything.”

“I’ll feel better if I’m bad. It’s like the Sims.”

“Do you feel any better?” Salem asked.


“Do you know what I think might make you feel better?”


Salem pulled out a sparkling vial from her pocket. “Do you want to see an instant rainbow?” The witch asked, as she poured the vial out. A rainbow sprouting from the ground, and reaching high into the sky.

Hannah tightened her grip on Salem’s hand, letting out her tears while watching the rainbow spread across the morning sky.

The scene cut to reveal Fynn spotting Weston as he bench pressed weights. “You got this West. Just a couple more reps! Push bro!”

Weston’s eyes seemed as though they were trying to jump out of his sockets. “I’m pushing.” He whispered out, as he completed another rep. With one final push, and loud grunt Weston pushed the bar back onto its resting place. “So…” He huffed. “A deals a deal, tell me about this girl.”

“Ok!” Fynn eagerly said, as he swapped to the pull up station. “So I don’t know bro. She’s just… She’s been on my mind ever since yesterday… There’s just something different about her. I can’t believe I didn’t see her sooner!”

Weston nodded. “So does this have anything to do with… what happened yesterday?” The young detective questioned, trying to figure out who he was talking about.

Fynn nodded. “It has everything to do with that!” The surfer grinned, as he easily spun his body around the bar. “It was just like BAM! And now it’s all I can think about!” Fynn jumped down and grabbed onto Weston. “You have a girlfriend! What do I do?!” Fynn shook Weston wildly.

The taller student paused, gently pushing Fynn off of him. “Well, let’s see… I like to give her roadkill I find. Cynthia really likes it when it’s fresh! Or when it’s really old…. Well no, i think any roadkill to be honest.” The twin thought more, “For our three month aniversary I got her a real life skull! I think? Alfie found it at some candy shop. They called it a sugar skull, but it looked real!”

“Julien used to have a bunch of roadkill hidden in his room!” Fynn shouted eagerly. “Do you think Emmett would have thrown it away?”

“There’s only one way to find out-” Weston started to say until Fynn picked him up and raced out of the building.

The camera panned to Vishal’s room where he was wrapped in tight bandages. His wheelchair had been upgraded to an electronic version, including a keyboard with audio keys for communication. At his request, Cherry was sitting on the other bed in his room. With quick hand movements his chair spoke, “So. About. Saving. You. It. Is. Time.”

Cherry looked at Vishal. “Ok like. No? Let’s not even play that game.” The former winner pulled out a vial of polish to paint her nails with. “Like there was no saving me. Like I’m too cherryliscious for anyone to even like think about offing me. Besides, I’m a totes asset to the team.” She looked at Vishal in disgust. “Like have you looked in the mirror recently?”

Vishal’s hands moved in a flurry. “No. Body. Wants. You. Here. No. One. Likes.”

Cherry burst out laughing. “Oh like hun! Stop, don’t like tire yourself out telling me something like I already know!” She shrugged. “But like I think that’s where you’re wrong! By my totes strategic, and not at all like accidental or by chance planning,” Cherry clarified. “Angel… Rosalie… Like even Andre and Alfie the people who like may not have liked me. Are like gone. And if I do like say so myself, I’ve been pretty under the darn cherryliscious radar since!”

“Don’t. Be. A. Bit-” The electric chair cut off as Cherry’s polish ‘accidently’ short circuited the wires.

“Oh. Like oops!” Cherry laughed. “But like don’t worry Vishal. I’ll totes keep this, and you not voting me off that, like one time in mind when it comes to it.” She waved goodbye to Vishal. “But like remember, I’m here to win this time. If Rosalie reminded me of anything, it’s that like I’m a winner baby, and what’s a better way of rubbing it in her face than to like do it twice?!”

The scene cut to Kaleb signing autographs in the cafeteria. “Thank you friends! Thank you!” He shouted. “I’ll never forget this!”

Mana coughed as he approached the desk, scattering the students. “How you doing Kaleb?”

“I’m doing FANTASTIC! Have you seen the rankings!? I’m on cloud9! I checked my podcast earlier and my subcount has already doubled since I’ve been here.”

Mana held back a comment about how it wasn’t hard to double how few subs he had. “Ok… So what is all of this?”

“I’m just giving the people what they want.” Kaleb posed dramatically, allowing a few stray fans to take a photo. “They wanted a star, and I’m here to give it to them!”

The cohost nodded along. “Yeah uh huh. Sure.” Mana smiled. “Just don’t forget this is a competition.”

“Yeah of course!” Kaleb grinned as he signed another polaroid of himself. “Ohhhh where did you take this, I love it! Can you send me a copy?”

“Oh boy.” Mana chuckled as he grabbed his sub from the counter and left to go eat.

Meanwhile, the camera cut to the guys dorm. Where Isabella had just finished smashing the door knob off of Fynn’s room. “Fynnnnn!” Isabella lightly whispered walking towards his bed. “Guess who!” She turned to the empty bed. “Fynn?!” She gasped, realizing he wasn’t here. “He must be playing hard to get…. But no guy has ever played hard to get.”She blinked, flustered. “It must be a Canadian thing.”

The camera panned down the hall. “Emmett?” Payton asked, knocking on his door. “Are you ready for cheer?”

Emmett yawned, and opened his door. “You know it’s early right. I could still be napping.”

Payton’s eyes went wide at the muscular cheerleader in nothing but his boxers. She used her pompoms to cover him. “OK! Maybe a warning! Not everyone signed up for a tour of the family jewels!” Payton coughed, still shocked.

Emmett chuckled. “Sorry.” He closed the door, and quickly threw on his cheer pants and top before opening the door again. “It’s all good now. No need to alert the media.”

“Thank you.” Payton sighed and walked in. She looked behind her, where Isabella had vanished. “Of course she’s leave.” She shook her in disappointment. “Let’s go get Emmett together for cheer practice!” Payton looked around the room. “I’m glad that went to plan!”

“Hate to break it to you but.” Emmett let out a chuckle again.

“She just used this as an excuse to try and find Fynn to make out again.” Payton sighed. “I’m really more upset with myself than her for not seeing it. To be honest.”

Emmett nodded. “Well, we can still go to cheer practice if you want?”

“Do we have to?” Payton groaned. “Like, there’s only so much boy talk, and talk about the like the best place to get your hair done in town, that I can take.”

“Thank god.” Emmett let out a sigh of relief. “I don’t know how Isabella can manage it.”

“Because she’s a GIRL! She loves it!” Payton shook her head. “You know I don’t know how you and Dania managed it on your seasons. How did you keep talking to everyone, none of us have ANYTHING in common! It’s like a sick twisted social experient for the viewers entertainment!”

Emmett sat on the bed opposite Payton. “That’s because it is, for one. And for two, me and Dania were both really early outs...So I don’t think we’re a good example.” He shrugged. “Hannah now, she’s a good example.”

“But she’s crazy!” Payton shouted. “You have no idea what she’s like! You’ve never been on her team! She’s delightful, but I swear she lives in a fantasy world.” Payton looked around Emmett’s room. “Is that Youri’s black belt?”

Emmett nodded. “It sure is! He leant it to me for goodluck when he came to visit.”

“Why couldn’t I have interacted with you and Dania sooner?” Payton questioned. “Dania seems so… similar to me? Her family life just reminds me of home. And seeing how she’s turned out now, it’s just wow!” The muscular teen started to laugh. “Why are you laughing?!” Payton asked.

“It’s just I sent Blake and Dania into the forest to bond because I was worried that she was going to be alone on her team. But clearly she’s done a better job at bonding than we thought.” Payton shrugged. “When she’s not busy crying, or moping around about everything going wrong for her she’s pretty fun.” Payton got up. “You should really take note.”

“What?” Emmett asked shocked. “I’m fun!”

“Tell that your popularity rankings!” Payton retorted, as their competition-issued watches lit up with Emmett’s name and ranking at 12th.

“I can be fun.” Emmett doubled down. “I’m fun!” He said again, trying to convince himself.

Payton paused. “It hasn’t done that before… right?”

“No. Maybe Zac’s just trying something new.” Emmett shrugged.

“When does Zac trying something new just for fun?”

The scene cut to the girls showers where Dania was washing the mud off of herself. In the stall beside her Hannah was just drying off. “You think you need my help… but baby you don’t.” Dania sang as the water splashed around her.

“You have a gorgeous voice.” Hannah shouted, startling Dania, causing her to drop her soap. The two girls both bent down to pick up, as they brushed hands. Hannah burst into a light laugh. “This is like something cheesy rom-com dating sim.”

“What?” Dania asked, turning off the water and wrapping herself in a towel to talk with hannah.

Hannah did the same, as she walked to the sauna, Dania behind her. “You know, two girls casually brushing hands in a shower! It’s like the first scene in every lesbian romance!”

“What’s a dating sim?”

Hannah gasped. “What do you mean!” Hannah searched through her bag for her laptop. “What do you do after you go home alone from the bar?”

“I mean I have Andre so I don’t really go home alone… But before? Well I didn’t really go to the bar…”

The gamer opened her laptop and quickly loaded up ‘Total Drama: Seasons of Love’. “You’ve never seen this before?”

“No? What is it?”

Hannah looked at Dania excited. “You have no idea but you just made my day! So something Zac never mentioned as being in our contract but we gave them the rights to our likeness for games, and the first game they released after Frozen was this!” She pointed at the screen where the introduction video was playing, showing the main character walking down the halls with animated versions of the Frozen cast in the hall.

“Is that me!?” Dania asked pointing at a character with a cute bun who was playing the violin in the lounge.

“It is! You’re like super hard to date!”

“Am I?”

Hannah nodded. “There’s a whole side quest with your father! It’s pretty challenging!”

“Wait so… you play this? What do you do?” Dania asked, still confused.

“Well… Uh… not all of us can be as pretty or likable as you, so for some of us…. This is the closest we’ll ever get to dating someone.” Hannah casually shrugged.

“You dated Britt AND Saber.” Dania retorted. “And you made a huge scene out of it too if I recall…”

Hannah trying to change topics pointed at the screen where Andre was seen singing on a stage. “LOOK! It’s your boyfriend!”

“They even got freckles on his nose! So… what do I do?”

“You try and date him! Duh!” Hannah paused, “Or any of the other boys…. They just released the Tides DLC! With the exchange students!” She pointed at the screen where Hannah quickly input the starting options for gender and name for Dania. “See, now it wants to know if you want to be in class A, which has a lot of the popular kids like you and Rosalie, class B, which is a lot of weirdos… and me! Or… Class C which is new but it has a lot of the exchange students.”

“Which one is Andre in?”


“Well then I want B!”

The scene cut forward to show Dania yelling at the screen. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON’T GO TO PROM WITH ME ANDRE! I’M YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” Dania turned to Hannah. “Tell it I’m his girlfriend!”

Hannah turned red. “Sorry Dania… I can't… Uh see.” She watched as the prom cutscene continued to show Andre and Malia dancing together. “You weren’t able to woo Andre away from Malia.”

“But… what virtual me!? WHY isn’t she with Andre!?”

Hannah clicked around the menus trying to find more information. “After Rosalie was transferred to another school, virtual you couldn’t get over it and was seen moping around most of the semester and no one wanted to be around you….”

“So what you’re saying is that I’m sad and alone?”

“You said it, not me.” Hannah defended.

“I don’t want to be sad and alone!” Dania repeated, and clicked on the restart button. “Who do you usually date in this?”

The gamer blushed. “Does it matter?”

Dania looked at Hannah, “Come on. It’s just us girls here.”

“Emmett…. BUT only because he has this really cute cutscene where he takes you to the football field during prom to watch the stars!”

“Awwwww, Emmett! Don’t worry I won’t tell him…. Or Rosalie… or Angel.” Dania giggled. Her face lit up. “We might not be able to have you date Emmett but I’m sure we can find you a boy here somewhere!”

“Really? You’d do that… For me?” Dania smiled and nodded, taking Hannah’s hand.

“Fynn?” Emmett asked as Fynn ran into his room out of breath. “Is there a fire? What did I tell you about running to me for fires, just pull the alarm!”

“It’s not a fire!” Fynn rolled his eyes.

“And what did we say about your pants Fynn.”

“Ok! Dad! I get it. This is about a GIRL!”

Emmett shook his head. “Ah yes, I heard all about yesterday. Speaking of her, I’m pretty sure Isabella snuck into your room to find you.”

“What? Isabella? No I’m talking about Hannah!”

Emmett coughed up his protein shake. “Hannah?”

“Yeah? Did you see the video of her going off on Fleur? Man that’s gone viral! And oh boy! I just realized that Hannah is everything a guy could ever want! She’s fierce, a little crazy, honestly really kinda sweet, if you heard the way Sam spoke about her… and like I mean have you seen her?!” Fynn whistled.

“I’m sorry can we just slow down for two seconds here.” Emmett stared at Fynn to make sure he wasn’t drunk. “We’re talking about Hannah? From the show?”

Fynn shook his head in disappointment. “That right there isn’t cool man. It’s guys like you who look down on girls like Hannah who make them insecure about themselves. That’s shady bro. That’s shady!”

Emmett blushed. “That’s… not what I meant. Well. I mean… Ok, Fynn just let me process this!” Emmett dropped to the ground and did ten push-ups before jumping back to his feet. “Ok so why are you here?”

Fynn grinned. “Well, i was talking to Weston at the gym - By the way he finally his 110lbs bench press!”

“What?! Really?”

“I know man right? We’re great coaches.” Fynn shared a fist bump with Emmett. “CRAP Focus Fynn! FOCUS! Anyways! He said how his girlfriend LOVES to get roadkill, and we know that Julien used to have a bunch of road kill… soooo ...”

Emmett stared at Fynn stunned. “Did you lose your brain with your jeans?” He picked up an inflatable baseball and bonked Fynn on the head. “Weston’s dating a potential serial killer! Of course she likes road kill!”

“Well Hannah did try to kill Britt that one time…” Fynn rubbed his head. “And that hurt!”

“Go get her flowers!” Emmett looked at Fynn who was looking out the window at the garden in the yard. “From a FLORIST Fynn.” Emmett quickly added.

“Ok! Thank bro!” Fynn shouted eagerly as he raced out of the dorm room.

Emmett blinked over and over again. “Hannah… Huh.”

The scene cut to the Crows Nest where Salem was getting her daily dose of caffeine. Weston casually sat in the barstool next to hers. “Weston.” Salem smiled.


“We prefer the term, magically inclined. The wicked witch of the west really put a damper on the term, and then the witch trials. Just bad memories you know.” Salem teased.

Weston nodded. “Apologies. I get that. My people have gone by all kinds of names.”

Salem’s eyes went wide. “Oh my god, that’s not what I was-”

“I mean the twin thing.” Weston corrected. “Sorry didn’t mean to confuse you. Usually I’m confused on though… I liked it the other way.” He paused. “Anyways.”

“Yes. How may I help you detective Weston?”

“Ah, my title precedes me.”

“It does.” Salem nodded. “All the great magically inclined people of this university are aware of your prowess. And to what do I owe this great honor.” The witch lightheartedly asked.

“Sucking up will do you know favors!” Weston clarified. “However I have a proposition. If I end my crusade of vengeance against you-”

“Is that what you call eating all of the whip cream before I get here, so I have to use milk?” Salem asked shocked.

“Yes, but if I end my crusade will you… conjure up a potion to heal Vishal?” Weston asked, slumping in his seat. “It’s just not the same if he’s not with me at the gym… and I heard his coach talking about cutting him from the team and he doesn’t deserve that. I realize I was wrong. He has changed.”

“And you promise not to hog all the whipcream anymore?” Salem paused to think about the deal. “You know I promised I wouldn’t use my abilities to further my own game.”

“On my badge!” Weston declared, putting his hand over where he thought his heart was. “And this would be doing the opposite! It would be hurting your game because Vishal is a super competitor!”

Salem raised an eyebrow. “This is true. Vishal is tough competition… but I do really, really like whip cream with my coffee.” After a long pause, Salem offered her hand to Weston. “Deal!”

Weston eagerly shook her hand while jumping up and down. He looked at his watch where Dania’s ranking at 12th flashed. “That’s… different.” Weston paused scratching his drawn on beard.

“Yeah it did the same thing an hour ago for Emmett.” She pointed at the clock on the wall that showed it was 11 AM.

“Interesting… Very…. Interesting.”

The scene cut to Cherry and Kaleb for their daily brunch. “You didn’t!” Kaleb gasped when Cherry told him about what she did to Vishal.

“Oh like hunty I did!” She gasped. “He like totes deserved it though!”

Kaleb shrugged. “I don’t know about that anymore. You saw what he did last challenge just so we would win! He might have ...” Kaleb’s face paled. “Changed.” He gagged.

“People like don’t change. Not like on tv!” Cherry shook her head.

Kaleb gave her the look. “You saying that you haven’t changed Cherry? You’re not the same Cherry who was in the unholy trinity anymore.”

“That like brings back memories.” She yawned. Cherry shrugged. “It’s not like… I’m nice now.”

The actor gave her another look. “Rumor has it you had a heart to heart with Blake.”

Cherry blushed. “No way! Like no! He like can’t even be in the same room as a girl!”

“Rumor has it he got his hands on your Cherries if you know what I’m saying.”

“It was an accident!” Cherry shouted. “He like fell on me!”

“So it did happen! What about Alfie then… I also heard a rumor that you said he was cute…”

Cherry looked away. “I’m like not here to date.”

Kaleb shrugged. “Maybe but it seems like you’re not the same Cherry from before.”

“And like what if I’ve changed?” She gulped.

The actor put his hand over Cherry’s hand. “Then I’m here for you… And then MAYBE just maybe Vishal’s changed too.”

“You like… want me to apologize to him don’t you.” Cherry groaned, while Kaleb nodded.

Elsewhere Blake just finished hockey practice when Isabella uncasually bumped into him. “Oh. Hey there! I didn’t see you.” She gasped. “Oh hey Blake!” Isabella forced a smile. “You look good, hitting the gym hard lately, huh?”

“Are you ok? Blink twice if a guy is stalking you.” Blake said, looking around for a creeper. (Little did he know he was looking at her.)

Isabella batted her eyes. “You haven’t seen Fynn anywhere have you?”

“Nope! All the guys are kinda all over the place today with no challenge and all.” Blake casually tried to walk away but Isabella chased after him.

“So…. what your saying is he could be anywhere?”

“Not anywhere. He’s definitely NOT here.” Blake hinted.

“Look at that boy lover Blake with a girl!” The hockey captain wolf called, with the rest of the hockey team.

“Not again.” Blake groaned. “Your not helping here.”

Isabella turned to look at the hockey players. “Blake doesn’t like boys! He was all up on Cherry a few days ago!” She shouted. She gave Blake a wink. “I got you.”

The boys howled louder, pounding on the lockers as they left. “That’s not helping.” Blake groaned.

“And you’re not really helping me! So we’re even.” Isabella pointed out. “All I’m saying is you could be a good wingman to me AND Fynn if you just told me where he’s hiding!”

“I don’t think he’s hiding…” Blake muttered, “But maybe he should be.”

“Well! All I’m saying is I am definitely shipping the Blarry ship!” Isabella winked as she skipped away. “Don’t forget to mention me at the wedding!”

Blake shook his head. “Honestly what is with the girls today.”

“Hey Vishal!” Fynn shouted as he raced past Vishal who was walking around outside, free of any cast. Just like in an old animated cartoon, Fynn is seen backpedaling to where Vishal was. “Vishal? Is that really you? Shouldn’t you be…. In bed? Or the chair? Or the infirmary?”

Vishal shrugged. “Maybe… Probably? But I woke up from a nap and now I just feel… Great? Never better actually.”

“Well that’s awesome and all! Super happy for you! But I gotta go! Bye!” Fynn shouted, trying to run off but Vishal grabbed onto his shirt pulling him back, while Fynn ran in place. “Why aren’t I going anywhere - Oh.” He paused looking at Vishal, and stopped running.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping take care of me before.” Vishal smiled.

“Well thanks for winning us the challenge but I REALLY need to go!”

“Where you going?” Vishal asked looking at Fynn who seemed frantic and in a rush. “Don’t tell me you have a date!”

“I do!” Fynn paused. “Well not yet! I hopefully will!” He pulled out the florist receipt. “I have to get the flowers in a couple of hours, and the lady said I should get a dinner reservation.”

Vishal shook his head. “Since when do you actually… go on a date?” He asked shocked.

“Kaleb and Twilight.” Fynn admitted. “They really helped a lot. And the flowers were Emmett’s idea!”

“You really miss a lot when you’re in crutches.” Vishal laughed then pointed at Fynn’s lack of pants. “But Fynn maybe get some pants first?”

“Adding it to the list!” Fynn smiled.

“Who's the lucky girl by the way?” Vishal asked, as Fynn started to run off again.

“Hannah!” Fynn shouted.

“I really did miss a lot.” Vishal gasped.

The scene jumped to Dania, Hannah and Payton at the arcade. “Thanks for taking me.” Hannah smiled. “I really needed it.”

Payton grinned while she watched Hannah on the DDR machine. “You seemed like you needed it after last night.”

Dania smiled at her two teammates. “I’m going to go back to the dorm to get some me time. But we’re gonna find you a boy for the halloween dance” She promised, as she left the arcade.

“A boy?” Payton asked, eyeing Hannah. “What’s this?”

Hannah blushed. “After Dania got rejected by Andre she promised to help me find a boy.”

Payton didn’t bother to ask. “Any prospects yet?”

“Nope.” Hannah shrugged. “That’s why we’re here.”

“You know there was a kinda cute boy in my green earth club!” Payton pointed out, pulling out her phone to find his instagram. Hannah jumped off the DDR pad to take a look. “Oh… well he might actually be gay. Awkward.” Payton blushed as she scrolled past a photo of him kissing his boyfriend.

“Yeah. Not dating another gay guy.” Hannah joked. “The first one left me for my friend… And then I got eliminated because of it all. Talk about a plot twist!”

“To be fair you eliminated yourself.” Payton corrected.

“They would have done the same thing.” Hannah shrugged.

“I don’t know about that.” Payton blinked. “Grayson might be a team player but he’s not that much of a team player.”

“Did you… Did you know he was gay before the show?” Hannah asked.

Payton looked away. “No. It was a shock. I guess there were always the signs though. Like he refused to come to the LGBT meetings with me, but I just thought that was just Grayson. He never really cared much for anything besides himself.”

“Don’t say that.” Hannah growled.

“It’s true! He never once defended anyone before the show! It was always about him and his wants. Don’t let the narrative of Tides and his love story confuse you.” Payton laughed. “I love him, and he’ll always be my brother, but he is so selfish!”

“How can you say that about your own brother?” Hannah said shocked. “This isn’t some game where your brother betrays you for bonus points, it’s real life!”

“You can defend him until the moon is purple. But unless you really take the time to think about him… and everyone else from your hotties team you’re gonna keep getting shocked.”

“What are you trying to say.” Hannah asked.

“I’m just saying you seem to forgive everyone who was on your team last season for all of their flaws, but when it becomes an issue NOW all of a sudden it’s the worst thing ever.”

“Fleur betrayed us.” Hannah repeated.

“And Grayson probably would have too. It’s a competition Hannah! Stop living in your own world and play! Where’s the Hannah that eliminated Rosalie?”

Hannah’s watch lit up with Fynn’s name and the number 10. “She’s still here. I haven’t left.”

“Then start acting like it.” Payton shook her head. “I don’t want to be mean but Hannah it’s a competition don’t let it bring you down so much!”

Elsewhere Vishal finally managed to find Emmett who was cuddling with the dogs in the doggy lounge. “Never really expected to find you here.” Vishal teased. “What happened to the macho man Emmett?”

Emmett looked at Vishal shocked to see him out of his room. “Well I think I threw that out the window when I joined the cheer squad.” He laughed. “But how are you?”

“Great! It’s a miracle or something!” Vishal laid down as a pile of dogs jumped him with kisses. “What’s this about Fynn… and Hannah?”

“Oh thank god. I thought I was the only confused one.” Emmett said as he brushed the pom on his lap. “He’s asking her out on a date tonight, I think.”

“Yeah he said something about dinner.” Vishal shrugged. “Kinda proud of him.”

“I’d be more proud of him if he wore pants.”

Vishal laughed. “When Hell freezes over.”

“One could only hope.” Emmett and Vishal stared at each other awkwardly. “So… we good?”

“We good.” Vishal cemented. “I think we might have a problem though…”



“Yeah.” Emmett sighed. “I was really hoping she would just fade into the background.”

“VISHAL!” Weston shouted as he jumped into the cuddle dog puddle. “It worked! I mean you’re cured!”

Vishal raised an eyebrow. “Yeah… Doing pretty good. Bones aren’t liquid anymore. I think the days going pretty good!”

“And Emmett?! Does that mean that…”

“We’re cool now.” Emmett nodded.

“YES!” Weston grinned. “It’s about time that we act like a team.” The twin pulled off his watch. “Speaking of! Did you notice the rankings?”

“Dead last. As always.” Emmett groaned. “No need to remind me.”

“Where am I?” Vishal asked, curious.

“Not sure yet, just the bottom three have been revealed. But another ranking appears every hour.”

Emmett looked at Weston. “What is your little head thinking?”

“It’s a challenge.” Vishal gasped.

“Or something! If it continues we’ll know who is ranked 1 at 9. Maybe they pick who to eliminate?” Weston started. “And based off of the rankings from before that means it’s probably going to be….”

“Hannah!” The three guys shouted. As if on queue, Cherry’s name and the number 9 flashed.

“Sucks to suck.” Vishal chuckled to himself.

“Blake. Do you hate me?” Hannah asked, turning to Blake who just got back from practice. “Do you think I’m a bad person?”

“Huh?” Blake asked, confused, as he put his gym bag down. “What are you saying.”

“Do you think I’m a bad person! Or stupid. If I want to be the protagonist of my own game, I need to be aware of my weaknesses. Do you think I’m naive?”

The hockey player jumped onto the couch, taking a seat beside Hannah who was wrapped in her Zelda blanket again. “I don’t get it. What’s wrong?”

“Why does something have to be wrong! I’m just asking a question!”

“You aren’t normally so… uh emotional.” Blake coughed.

Hannah stared at Blake. “FIRST of all, I know you’re still not used to girls, but you can’t just say that!” Hannah crossed her arms to look away. “Second of all, it’s been brought to my attention that I might be a little blind when it comes to people's motives.” Hannah threw her blanket into the air, revealing an ornate replica of Link’s sword. “DO YOU THINK I’M NAIVE BLAKE! I won’t ask again!”

“Nope! Not at all!” Blake quickly said, as he jumped off the couch. “I’m gonna… uh go shower.” He said, walking out of the building and walking towards the guys dorm. “And people wonder why I have a phobia!”

Hannah grumbled to herself. “Well he wasn’t any help. Boys are useless.” She joked.

Kaleb and Vishal are seen walking back to the dorms together. “I’m sorry that I’ve kind of been an ass to you.” Vishal admitted.

“Kind of? More like a mega ass.” Kaleb responded. “But like it’s fine! Every star needs a hater!”

Vishal sighed. “I’m trying to have a moment here.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be crippled? I’ve been trying hard not to insult or make fun of you for a whole week because you were crippled. If you’re not crippled than that makes you fair game again, and I’ve been saving some juicy comments!”

“Oh have you? Because so have I!” Vishal stopped walking. “Ain’t nobody wants to watch a washed up has-never-been on television like you!”

Kaleb gasped. “Some people might think you’re two-faced Vishal, but neither of them are cute, so I don’t really care!”

“What does that even mean?” Vishal chuckled, as a crowd started to form around the pair.

“Let’s go Kaleb!”

“Vishal! Vishal! Vishal!”

Vishal raised an eyebrow and Kaleb nodded, trying to get Vishal to continue. “Rumor has it you were cast on Tides but then they realized that they needed vets who could actually be on the screen for more than five minutes without saying something offensive.”

“Pardon? People love me! I’m the star of the people! At least after Frozen people remembered me, you weren’t even good enough of a villain… Hannah took that role from you.” Kaleb turned to the crowd. “And like, have you met her?

“And yet I remember you calling me day after day to be a guest star on your podcast. Too bad I always said no.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” The crowd howled.

“That’s right. But at least people called me. Asides from me, no one wanted anything to do with you.”

“Kaleb…. People calling you to ask you to stop harassing them doesn’t mean they were your friends.” Vishal teased.

“I think we have a winner!” Someone in the crowd shouted as the crowd hoisted Vishal into the air and carried him away.

“Did I just get out dissed… By Vishal?” Kaleb gagged. “That better not make into the episode.” Kaleb glared at the camera man. “Don’t think I don’t know where you sleep.”

“HELP ME!” Dania shouted from inside her dorm room.

“Dania!?” Payton shouted as she burst open the door. “What’s wrong? What’s going on!?” She held a bat in her hand, ready to swing.

“It came back! And brought friends!” Dania whispered poking her head out from under the bed.

Payton tilted her head. “What are you talking about?”

“The w-w-window.” Dania whispered.

“Lord have mercy!” Payton gasped, diving under the bed to join Dania. “Why are there so many!?” She looked out once more to stare at the window that was covered with a hoard of chipmunks.

“I don’t know!” Dania said, flustered as she crawled further underneath the bed. “What do I do! What if they want to eat me! Or make me their ruler! I’m not ready to rule! A lady doesn’t rule! And a lady doesn’t get eaten alive by chipmunks!”

Payton let out a deep breath. “Ok, well how about first we take a deep breath. Because.. Well I don’t really know what else to do! They don’t train us for this is in first aid!” The prep stared at her friend who was inhaling and exhaling. “Ok good! Good.” A crack was heard from the window.

“THEY’RE COMING!” Dania screamed racing out from under the bed, as she stared in horror as the chipmunks used their teeth to try and break the window. “What do we do!”

Payton slapped Dania, “We calm down!”

Dania slapped Payton back. “How am I supposed to calm! There’s a giant family reunion of chipmunks outside my room trying to EAT ME!”

“We don’t know they’re trying to eat you!” Payton shouted back. “WHY ARE WE YELLING?”

Dania blushed. “Sorry, I yell when I get scared.” The window cracked further.

“What is up with your hair?” Payton asked, looking at the dirt and twigs in it.

“I fell in the mud when the chipmunk buried its nut in my hair, and then when I wanted to shower Hannah was really upset and distracted me…”

“Dania? Is the nut… still in your hair?” Payton asked, turning back to the window that looked like a spiderweb at this point.

“Oh my god!” Dania searched her hair frantically. “IT IS! What do I do!?” She handed Payton the nut.

“Don’t worry. I got this.” Payton tossed the nut into the air before slamming it with the bat, sending it flying through the window, scattering the chipmunks.

Dania instantly wrapped her arms around Payton. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Payton offered a smile. “It’s what friends would do. And I’m sure you’d do the same for me.”

Dania paused. “Maybe! But I don’t think a lady can use a bat like that.”

The scene cut back to the Crows Nest. “A second drink already?” The barista asked as he handed Salem another coffee.

“It’s been a long day!” Salem explained. “I had to brew one of my first potions!”

“Oh yeah, you’re one of those magically inclined folk, I’ve been hearing about around campus.” Salem nodded. “Right on, good for you!”

“SALEM! FINALLY!” Isabella shouted as she ran into the coffee shop, and pulled up a seat next to Salem. “Heyyyyyy!” Isabella flashed a smile, and fluttered her lashes.

Salem raised an eyebrow, “Hey Isabella.”

“That’s such a cute dress you have, is it DeLa Fleur?” Isabella asked, rubbing the material, while trying to catch her breath.

“No….. It’s walmart, from their Halloween section.”

“Oh…..” Isabella pressed her lips, unsure how to continue. “So, is it true you can brew potions? That’s really cool! None of my gal pals back home could do that!”

The barista chuckled as he walked away. “What do you want Isabella?” Salem teased.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Isabella exhaled, with a giant smile. “So I've been trying to find Fynn all day! After we made out, i just wanted to do it again, but he’s nowhere to be found!”

“So you want me to brew you a locating potion?” Salem asked, thinking about it. “I’d need something close to him, for it to work.” Isabella casually handed Salem a pair of his boxers. Salem gagged, “Pardon. Why do you just have these?” She said shocked, tossing them back to Isabella.

“I got them when I broke into his room.” Isabella shrugged.

“Are you sure he’s not just hiding…. From you?” Salem quickly added.

Isabella giggled. “You’re funny! He’s just playing hard to get! It’s a Canadian thing! So will you do it or?”

Salem look at Isabella. “Sure. Why not. She waved her hands at the pair of undergarments, causing them to glow faintly.”

“They’re moving!” Isabella shouted, as the boxers began to tug their way out of the cafe. “Thanks Salem!”

Salem turned back to her drink. “I think I might need a shot.” The witch teased the barista.

“It’s on the house.” He smiled. “Ollie by the way.” He said as he placed a purple shot next to her.


“I know.” Ollie chuckled. “I’ve seen the show. You’re doing good.”

“Thanks!” Salem smiled. “Sometimes I worry that people don’t really get me.”

Ollie shrugged. “Just know you’ve always got a fan in me.” He pointed at her watch. “Is that a new challenge?” He asked, as Blake’s name appeared with a number 8.

Salem shook her head. “Just the rankings getting updated.”

“Aren’t they usually updated on a board all at once?” Ollie asked.

“I mean… yes but…” Salem paused. “Oh… Oh no!” She chugged her shot, and put a couple bills on the counter. “I’ll see you tomorrow… Ollie, thanks!”

Elsewhere in the Fraternity showers, Blake was just finishing up when Cherry walked in, in nothing but a towel. “Blake?” She asked. “Like what are you doing here?”

“I had to shower.” He said, drying off his body behind the glass mirror.

“But like, this isn’t you team anymore!” Cherry gasped, trying to cover herself.

Blake shrugged. “I guess, but I rather shower here than with all of the girls back on my team, could get awkward…. Why don’t you shower there?”

Cherry blushed further. “The guys give me a time to shower everyday, it like works for us!”

“Have you…. Told anyone about what happened when we were trapped?” Blake asked, as he walked out of the shower, wearing his towel. “What the f-” He gasped looking at Cherry who was just wearing a towel also. “Why aren’t you in a shower!”

“Because like you distracted me!”

Blake blushed and turned around. “I won’t look, just hurry and get in there.”

“And like, of course I didn’t tell anyone your little secret… Or my like my secret, or like … our secret.”

“There is no us.” Blake corrected. “It was an accident.”

Cherry growled. “Ok, that's like not what I meant! And fudge you! Like everyone would want to date me!”

“Any guy would be lucky to date you.” Blake said quietly. “But not me. I’m not… I can’t do that.”

Cherry took a step closer to Blake. “You’re like… not coming out of the closet right now… Right? I’m not ready for that emotion.”

Blake turned around to look at Cherry who was just a few feet away. “What no?! I’m straight!” He raised his hands into the air. “Why does everyone question that!”

“Then like prove it.” Cherry whispered taking a step closer.

The pair stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Blake stepped forward and placed his hands on either side of Cherry’s face before giving a short kiss. Cherry put her hands on Blake’s sides and kissed him back. Both of their watches lit up, with their respected teams calling them.

“I gotta go.” Blake said as he quickly threw his clothes on and ran out of the showers.

“He’s straight… Like actually straight.” Cherry blinked. “Who knew.”

The scene cut to the Sorority where Salem had gathered all of her teammates. She looked around at her teammates; Dania who seemed scared, Payton who was still in shock, Isabella who was desperately trying to hide the boxers, Hannah who still wrapped up in her blanket, and finally Blake whose face was a deep crimson. Salem blinked. “Ok… well I don’t really know what’s going on with all of you…. But I think there’s an elimination today.”

“Zac didn’t mention anything.” Dania pointed out.

“And there weren’t any classes today,” Payton added. “That was an awkward hour of sitting and waiting.”

Hannah looked around. “We just had an elimination. It’s not like Zac to have so many so soon.”

“So… Is the meeting over? I kind of have placed to go.” Isabella clung onto her purse that was trying to jump from her hands.

Blake looked around awkwardly. “Does that mean one of us could be eliminated?”

“Maybe. But probably not. Every hour we’ve gotten another ranking on our watches.” Salem paused. “I’m willing to bet whoever is ranked first gets to pick someone to go home.”

“Or the team with the higher average wins.” Dania suggested.

“Zac has said the rankings will play a role in the season.” Payton nodded.

Hannah exploded out from her blanket. “Then we have nothing to worry about, because the people love me!”

“Exactly.” Salem grinned. “Just don’t do anything today guys that would make people not like us! And we’re golden!”

Blake blushed further. “I kissed Cherry!”

The five girls all stopped to look at Blake. “You what?”

“My arch rival? You kissed her?!” Hannah asked, her eye twitching.

“Don’t be like that Hannah.” Dania whispered. “When… and… why.”

“In the showers and… she. Uh…” Blake gulped. “She said to prove I was straight!”

Isabella blinked. “Does that really work?” She shrugged, “Well I would love to bond more, but my boys waiting for me!” Isabella waved as she skipped out of the room.

“What boy?” Dania asked confused.

“She made out with Fynn yesterday, I think she thinks they’re a couple now.” Payton shrugged.

“Ok back to Blake!” Salem said. “You kissed her? On the lips? We need details!”

The four girls sat on the floor in front of Blake. Payton looked up at him. “Classy. You kissed her in the shower.”

“Not in the shower. We were both in towels!”

Dania’s eyes went wide. “Your FIRST KISS WAS ALMOST NAKED?!” Dania looked away in fear that she was about to be struck by lighting. “Did your mother not teach you manners?”

“You kissed my rival….” Hannah repeated. “And then what. Did you tell her all of our secrets?”

“Then I came here!” Blake responded.

Dania gasped, standing up, and slapping Blake. “You kissed her- almost nude, and then ditched her!?” She shook her head. “I’m disappointed in you Blake.”

“You kissed my rival!” Hannah got up and slapped Blake also.

Payton stood up and slapped Blake across the face. “You can’t just leave us hanging like that! We need more information! You can’t just kiss and not tell!”

Salem got up and lightly slapped Blake also.

“What was that for?” Blake asked rubbing his cheek.

“Everyone else was doing it….” Salem giggled she looked down at her watch where Isabella and the number 7 flashed.

Meanwhile at the Fraternity, they were having a similar meeting- minus the slapping. Emmett and Vishal stood in front of their four teammates. “There’s a challenge going on right now.” Emmett said.

“Weston has reason to believe it’s based on the rankings, and right now it’s not looking good.” Vishal sighed.

Weston spoke up. “We have Emmett, Fynn and Cherry all, ranked already in the lower portion.”

Kaleb shrugged. “Well have no fear, for the biggest star is HERE!” The actor grinned taking a bow for his teammates. “Allow me to carry use to victory!”

Fynn was still busy staring at both Emmett and Vishal. “Are you two…”

“Friends?” Weston added. “I know it’s a miracle! A real… halloween miracle!”

Vishal laughed as his watch lit up with Kaleb and the #6. “So much for being our biggest stat there Kaleb.” He teased.

Kaleb blushed and sat back down. “I was famous for my 15 minutes.” He whispered. “And now I NEED MORE!”

Weston pointed at Vishal. “That just leaves us two. And you’ve been injured a lot so I don’t know if you’ll be ranked all that high.”

“Maybe some weirdo has a thing for that.” Vishal shrugged he turned to Cherry. “Why are you so silent. You’d never miss out on an opportunity to make fun of us.”

Cherry looked up like a deer in the headlights. “I like… uh” Cherry paused.

“She kissed Blake!” Werton gasped.

“Bro she what?” Fynn asked, staring at Weston.

“It’s all over twitter!” Weston showed his phone to the others, where a photo of Blake and Cherry in the showeroom kissing was seen.

Emmett and Vishal shared a look. “When… How… Why?”

“Let her kiss who she wants!” Kaleb declared. “It’s not like you haven’t made your way around with the girls before Emmett!” The star defended his friend. “And besides, Blake is kind of a hottie. I’m proud of you!”

“It was like. A one time thing!” Cherry clarified. “It’s like.. Not happening again!”

Fynn blinked. “Cherry… and Blake are dating before I even asked Hannah out!” The surfer gasped. “I need to go bros… and Cherry.” As Fynn ran out of the building to find Hannah.

“What is he like talking about?” Cherry asked, watching as he left the building without pants. “And like please tell me he isn’t about to ask a girl out without pants!”

“Still!?” Emmett, Weston and Vishal all sighed.

Vishal shrugged. “Fynn’s got a thing for Hannah.”

“Ok but like, why?” Cherry responded quickly. “You’ve seen her right? Like… he’s met her? He knows that she’s kinda crazy?”

“The heart wants what the heart wants, clearly Blake has a thing for you.” Vishal pointed out.

Cherry gasped and slapped Vishal across the face. “Like don’t ever diss me again!” She turned to Emmett and slapped him as well. “And that’s for being… Like for being you!” She looked at Weston. “Like I could never slap you, that would be like slapping a five yearold!” She instead spun around and slapped Kaleb. “That’s like his slap.” Cherry huffed and stormed out of the room.

Weston blinked. “Is anyone else confused?”

“Welcome to women Weston.” Emmett chuckled.

The scene cut to Dania and Emmett eating dinner. “The plan worked.” Dania grinned. “We did it!”

Emmett nodded. “And no one thinks you threw the challenge?”

Dania shook her head. “Not at all! Payton actually… Well she kinda likes me now? But do you feel bad about it… Fleur went home because of us.”

The muscular teen shrugged. “You don’t know that. You may have lost the challenge either way. Besides, this is how we keep our friends around. This is how a good player will win the shower.”

Dania nodded. “The girls think that there’s an elimination today.”

“So do the guys.” Emmett sighed. “I think Hannah’s going to pick who to eliminate… Do you think you could…”

Dania put her glass of water down. “Already did Emm. Don’t stress. Trust me when I sat I wouldn’t be shocked if she eliminated Blake or Cherry.”

Emmett chuckled. “Also yeah. They kissed? What even!”

“Right!?” Dania shook her head. “I’m still trying to get over the mental image of that.”

“At least you didn’t see the real thing!”

Dania giggled. “I mean they are both cute. Maybe they’d be a cute couple.”

“Is anything with Cherry cute?” Emmett raised an eyebrow.

“She’s not all bad.” Dania pointed out. “If you spend the time to get to know her, you might like her.”

“Maybe.” Emmett shrugged. He looked down at his watch Isabella was shown to be ranked 5th. “It’s getting closer.”

Elsewhere Fynn was seen hiding behind a planter. While Cherry played on her phone. “Can you get rid of her?” He asked pointing to Isabella who was searching the garbage for him.

Cherry looked up from her phone at Isabella. “Now, like, why would I do that?”

Fynn paused. “I’ll tell you about who saved you from elimination when Julien went home.”

Cherry shrugged. “Vishal already like took credit for that.” She went back to staring at photos of nails.

“Yes. But WHO made him.” Fynn raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you want to know?”

“Well duh, it’s obvious?” Cherry scoffed. “Everyone would like want to save me, I’m an icon!”

Fynn peered out from behind a leaf. “Do you want to know or not?”

“Why don’t you just like, tell Isabella you don’t want to see her.” Cherry asked, “Wouldn’t that be like easier than hiding from her voodoo underwear Salem made her?”

Fynn paused. “Her what now?”

Cherry shrugged. “Like, it’s probably better you don’t know. Ohhh like she's getting closer!”

“It was Blake!” Fynn whispered. “He made Vishal keep you around!”

Cherry stared at Fynn. “This like, stays between us.” The former winner got up, and walked over to Isabella before casually pushing her into the fountain. “Oops!” Cherry looked back to see Fynn running away.

“HEY!” Isabella groaned. “What the heck!” She paused…. “Wow deja vu.”

“Oh my god, like Isabella! I’m so sorry!” Cherry gasped, helping her out from the water.

“I totally didn’t see you there. Like oh my god. Oops.” Cherry said shocked. “Like let’s go get you dried up and in new clothes!” Cherry looked down at her watch to see Weston get ranked fourth, followed by Vishal in third.”

“Finally! Fynn!” Kaleb gasped for air. “Why didn’t you tell me.” Kaleb put his hand on Fynn’s back who was watching Hannah as she fed ducks. “Why didn't you tell me you were asking Hannah.” He wheezed. “I need to work on my cardio.” He let out a final gasp of air. “Why didn’t you tell me you were asking Hannah out.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise. Like a thank you gift.” Fynn looked back and smiled. “You and Twilight made all of this happen.” He showed Kaleb the Daisy bouquet, it’s flowers named after one of her favorite people. “I never said anything about flowers.”

Fynn nodded, “It was Emmett’s and… kind of Weston’s idea.”

“Wow. You really mean it eh.” Kaleb gasped. “You’re really going in!”

The surfer nodded. “Vishal helped me book a reservation at the Arcade. We have the whole place to ourselves. THey said the foods on them too, anything for Hannah.”

Kaleb gave Fynn a hug. “I’m proud of you. You’ve really grown.” Kaleb pulled out a pair of jeans from his bag. “Here. You’ll need these.”

Fynn gave Kaleb a bear hug. “You’re the best!” He quickly put his pants on, while Kaleb sprayed him with body spray.

“You got this.” Fynn nodded and took in a deep breath, and walked off towards Hannah.

“So… how about them ducks.” Fynn asked, holding the bouquet behind him.

“They’re ducks.” Hannah shrugged. “What’s up with you? Why are you smiling like that?” The gamer paused. “Is there something on my face?”

“No!” Fynn gasped as he watched Hannah look at herself in the waters reflection. “You look great!” He pulled the flowers out from behind him. “I got you Daisy’s.”

Hannah looked confused. “Thanks?”

“I was… wondering…” Fynn pulled out the piece of paper that the guys had helped him write. “I was wondering if you were free tonight, if you’d want to go to the arcade with me. I have it reserved for us. We can have as many milkshakes as you want, and the manager said you could test out their new VR headset.” Fynn folded the paper up and put it in his back pocket. “Like a date.” Fynn paused. “Well, not like a date. Like an actual date!”

Hannah blinked. “Oh.” She turned to her watch that lit up revealing Salem in 2nd and Hannah in first. Both of their watches immediately called with Zac’s voice tell every student to meet him in his office. “We should probably go.” Hannah smiled.

“Yeah! Of course.” Fynn smiled, as Hannah took hold of the flowers and walked gently to the elimination ceremony.

The scene cut forward to all of the students sitting in the Dean’s Office. “Welcome! As many of you figured out, today there will be an elimination based on the rankings.” Zac motioned for Hannah to join him at the podium. “As the current top performer, you’ve been given the sole vote tonight, and can eliminate anyone from either team.”

The other students gasped. Blake and Cherry who sat on opposite sides of the room shared a look.

“What’s wrong Canada! Why don’t you love me anymore!” Kaleb dramatically shouted, falling to his knees. “I just want to be loved!”

“Maybe it’s when you poured coffee all over Hannah.” Dania shrugged. “Just an idea.”

Fynn is seen desperately trying to evade Isabella’s glances, while smiling at Hannah.

“While you think about your options Hannah, I have a few questions for our students.” Zac smirked, and looked at Emmett. “You’ve been near the bottom of the rankings for awhile now, are you just not as interesting without a girl?”

“That’s a little uncalled for.” Payton shook her head.

“It’s fine Payton.” Emmett said. “There was a lot of drama when I got her, I’ve been lucky enough to be outside of it for awhile now.”

“Boring. Next.” Zac looked at Cherry. “What, not sitting next to your boy?”

Cherry blushed. “He’s like… not my boy.”

Blake frowned slightly. “We’re not dating. It was just one time.” Hannah stared at both Blake and Cherry.

“Vishal, how does it feel knowing Weston gave up his rivalry with Salem so she would fix you injuries?” Mana asked.

“What?” Vishal asked looking at Weston. “You did… For me?”

“It’s what friends do.” Weston smiled. “We’re friends here. We’re a team, and we’re a better team with you in it.” Hannah stared at Salem in shock.

“So Hannah? Who is it. Who are you sending home.” Zac asked.

Hannah nodded. “Ok. Well, thank you Payton.” The gamer looked to her teammate. “You reminded me today that i can’t be naive.” She stared at Blake, Cherry and then finally Salem. “And that I can’t just expect everyone to really mean what they say or do.” Hannah closed her eyes. “And that’s why I can’t let myself be deceived. I refuse to. I need to remember that we’re all here to play the game, and Fynn your game is over.”

“What?!” The guys shouted.

“Hannah?!” Kaleb gasped. “He just asked you out, and this is what you do?”

“He asked her out?” Isabella gasped. “Oh… That explains so much.” She tossed Fynn’s underwear back to him. “Next time just say something!”

“Wait he asked you out Hannah?” Dania asked.

“Yep. he did.” Hannah stated as she watched Fynn walk towards the elimination chute. “He asked me after we all figured out how the elimination was going down. I’m not letting another person use me my trust and my weaknesses against me. You thought you could get close to me so i wouldn’t eliminate you. But I know about Isabella! I know how you kiss everyone you can.”

Fynn looked up at Hannah still in shock while the floor below him vanished, sending him to his elimination.

The guys were still in shock. Emmett shook his head. “And that Hannah is why you don’t get good guys. He spent all day trying to get the perfect date for you.”

“He even wore pants!” Weston added. “He never wears pants!”

Isabella blinked. “Well… I kinda feel bad now.” She walked over to Hannah. “I think he actually liked you.” He was avoiding me all day..

Kaleb shouted. “Of course he liked her! Until that bimbo jumped him yesterday he hasn’t kissed anyone in weeks! He was trying to be ready to go on a first date, for real!” Kaleb glared at Hannah. “And that’s how you repay him!” Kaleb slammed a chair against a table, shattering it. “Not cool Hannah. Not cool.”

Vishal grabbed onto Kaleb. “Come on. Let’s go. Let’s get you a drink.” Kaleb nodded as Vishal led him away.

Zac’s face lit up with joy. “I can taste the ratings.” He gave Hannah a hug. “I love you and your delusions!” The host shrugged and turned to the camera. “And how about that twist! Stay tuned next week for the final episode before the merge!” The screen cut to black.

The screen cut back to reveal Hannah alone in the arcade, playing Total Drama: Seasons of Love on the VR set. The screen switched to show Hannah on a virtual date with Fynn dancing the night away on a DDR mat. The screen cut back to Hannah’s face, where tears are seen dripping down her face.

Chapter Twelve: The Haunt Begins

Zac is seen standing in front of a giant jack-o-lantern. “Last time on Total Drama! We put the challenges to the side and let the students live their lives for once! Sort of. True to our word that your standing in the rankings will have a drastic impact on your standing in the show, Hannah who was at the top of the rankings would be given the opportunity to eliminate any one of her choosing.”

Mana is seen using a blowtorch to light the inside of the jack-o-lantern. “The shocking twist,” the professor rolled his eyes, “Left many students feeling at risk. With Blake and Cherry having had the hottest makeout session of the season, leaving Hannah feeling betrayed. While Hannah’s arch rival Vishal was cured by Salem’s witch craft. To top it all off, Fynn finally got the courage to ask Hannah out, but due to his past with Isabella, she had a hard time trusting him and sent him home.”

The host who clearly had the most turned to watch the flames light up the pumpkin. “Today things start to get spooky, and with how Hannah left things last time, I'm sure things are bound to get interesting!”

The remaining Screaming Fraternity members are seen gathered at the bar in Mothers Pub. Emmett ordered another round of shots for his team. “Does anyone know what just happened?” The musclehead blinked, still shocked that Fynn was just eliminated.

Kaleb who had perhaps one too many by now, slurred. “Yeah, that traitorous gamer girl, showed her true colours. Eliminating the only person capable of loving her. ALL that work. Everything we did for him! FOR HER! For nothing.” Kaleb downed another shot, and reached for another, before Vishal cut him off.

“I know man. I know it sucks. We lost a team player. We lost… Well we lost Fynn.” Vishal sighed, sipping from his beer. “Really goes to show that none of us our safe anymore.”

“Just when we all started to get along.” Weston frowned, reaching for a shot.

Cherry grabbed the shot from Weston’s hand. “Aren’t you a little young for that?” She gulped the shot, before turning the guys on her team. “Since when did I end up the manliest one here? Like suck it up? People get eliminated, like that’s kind of totes the point of the show!”

“You don’t need to be a heartless c-”

“I’m like going to play that off as you being white girl wasted. But like I’m not heartless. I’m just being realistic. Let’s like not forget that we’re here to play the game.”

“She can’t be heartless if she kissed Blake.” Emmett teased, getting a slight chuckle from the boys. “Are you going to tell us about that or?”

“Like UGH! It was totes a one. Time. Thing.”

“Hannah looked like she wanted to kiiiiiiiilllllll you! At the elimination.” Kaleb mumbled.

Weston nodded. “It doesn’t take a detective to know she wasn’t happy that you and Blake canoodled.”


“Naked in the showers.” Vishal coughed. “But yeah, you just kissed no biggie.”

“Like I hate you all.” Cherry groaned.

“I think you’re nice!” Weston shrugged.

Vishal put his beer down. “No matter what, I think we can all agree on one thing.” He raised his beer.

“That Hannah needs to go.” They all said in somewhat unison, if you weren’t listening and tilted your head just right.

Kaleb stumbled to his feet. “Finally something we can all agree on!” He said before falling over, lucky for him Vishal was there to catch him.

“I think it’s time we call it a night.” Emmett declared.

“Agreed!” Weston cheerfully said. He grabbed his milkshake to go, and hopped down from the bar with the rest of his team.

While the guys were getting their drink on, the girls were dealing with a problem of their own. “What are we going to do about that.” Payton asked, pointing to Hannah through the window of the arcade. “She hasn’t moved in hours.”

“I feel like this all could have been avoided if I just knew he wasn’t into me.” Isabella blinked.

“You think?” Dania shook her head. “There are ways to be a lady, and stalking and making out with guys you don’t know are not included.”

“Go easy on her. It’s not like she did this on purpose.” Salem turned to Isabella. “You didn’t right?” Isabella shook her head. “See? She’s innocent mostly.” Salem giggled.

The girls turned to Blake who was silent, as per usual. “So what do we do?” Dania asked.

Blake looked shocked. “Me? Why me?”

Payton shrugged. “You were on a team with her in Tides.”

“You’re all on her team now!” Blake countered. “I’m not good with girls! Or emotions! Or tears!” He pointed to the rash on his arm. “SEE? Deathly allergic! This is not a good plan!”

Salem grabbed a bottle of ointment from her dress pocket and tossed it to Blake. “It’s for the rash!” Her teammates looked at her confused. “Oh, I usually give it to Emmett, the cheer uniform gives him an irritation, it’s a whole ordeal to get rid of.”

“Are we planning on doing something for her? Back home when my gals would get sad we usually ate icecream and watched sad movies together until one of us broke down crying, and then we all just had a cuddle puddle.” Isabella offered.

“There’s a great alternative vegan ice cream parlor on campus! Amazonian Cream!” Payton suggested. “So we leave Blake to deal with Hannah, while we go get ice cream, then meet back at the house for a movie?”

“Loving it!” Isabella beamed.

“Make sure to use just a little of the ointment, it’s very powerful, I made it myself!” Salem shouted as she joined Payton who was walking away.

“Just treat her how you’d treat Cherry!” Dania offered Blake a smile before shoving into the arcade. “GOOD LUCK!” She shouted behind her, as she raced to catch up to the girls.

Blake inhaled deeply. If there was one thing he had learnt about his captain the past year it’s that you should never get on her bad side. The hockey player pushed open the door to the arcade. He hesitated, as he watched Hannah crawled under a table. “Go away. This is a private event.” Ignoring his teammate, Blake walked over, pushing a chair out of the way and joined Hannah on the ground, saying nothing.

“Are you here to judge me for what I did? I made my choice. Let me live with it. The game changes with every choice! And I just made one to put me closer to the best ending.” Hannah sniffled, wiping her wet nose with her sleeve.

Blake pulled off his denim shirt, and hung it over the side of the table, to give them more privacy. “Did you judge me when I was still running from girls.”

“A little.” Hannah admitted.

“Not really helping with my point, but ok.” Blake flashed a smile. He hesitated as Hannah crawled onto his lap, but he put his arm around her nonetheless.

“What do I do now?” Hannah whispered.

Blake slowly rubbed Hannah’s back, coasting her off of him. “You show them you made the right call.”

Hannah paused. “Show them I made the right call?” She jumped up, banging her head on the table, but ran out the door, ignoring the pain. “Thanks Blake! I’ll be in touch with your next quest!”

  (CONF): Blake is shown in Mana’s office. “I… I don’t really know what I did. But at least she’s not on a rampage to kill me, and she’s not trying to touch me, and she’s not crying anymore. So mission accomplished?”

And so the days and nights came and went. Until it was Hallows Eve. For once, all of the students gathered in the classroom while Mana began his lecture on prop building. “And so you take the hammer and nail in the nail to the wood like so.” The professor raised the hammer, but lost his grip sending it flying, before it lodged itself into the ceiling. The class erupted into cheers.

“Leave it to Mana.” Emmett chuckled, sitting with Dania.

“At least he tried.” Dania whispered back.

Mana sighed. “Well that’s… well that sucks.” He turned on the projector. “Moving on I guess. As you all know tomorrow is Halloween.”

Weston cheered. “Only the best holiday of the entire year!”

Salem who sat on the other side of the room smiled. “Right?!” She giggled. “It’s when all the dark and spooky's come out to play!”

Mana nodded. “I guess to some it can be a fun holiday.” He shrugged. “Anyways Halloween is the biggest event here at TDE. The entire campus, as I’m sure you’ve seen goes all out.”

Cherry rolled her eyes. “That like explains why the halls are filled with cobwebs.”

“Oh.” Kaleb frowned. “I thought they were finally adapting my screenplay ‘The Star Gets Spooked’ into a film.”

“There’s more to life than being a star.” Payton rolled her eyes. “And also, you’re already on TV.”

Vishal coughed. “But he has to share the screen time with the rest of us here.”

“I don’t share.” Kaleb squinted.

Isabella tried to pass a pink note to Hannah, who tore it to pieces. The local sighed, and began to work on another note to send to the gamer. Mana stared Isabella down. “Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?”

“No!” Isabella winced.

“She just wants to apologize for making me think that Fynn was only using me, and for making out with Fynn.” Hannah bluntly stated. The rest of the class paused to look Hannah who had been missing the past few days.

Dania turned to Blake. “I thought you said you fixed it?”

Blake gasped. “I thought I did?”

Mana blinked. “Well that’s nice. Thanks for sharing… Isabella.” The teacher shook his head as he looked at the time. “Well class is almost over… and since you’re all here I’m sure you’ve figured it out that today’s a challenge day.”

Weston jumped up and down. “Is it a Halloween challenge? Please?!”

“It is!” Zac announced as he entered the classroom.

“YES!” Salem and Weston both shouted, before turning to each other awkwardly. “Friendly rivalry?” The witch asked, twirling in her dress.

“Deal. Loser dresses up as whatever the winner wants.” Weston declared. The pair approached each other, and shook on it.

The host walked to the front of the classroom. “The challenge is a two-parter!” Zac turned to wink at the camera, “Because we know our viewers have been missing them lately.” He snapped as the projector switched to show the rules for the challenge. “It’s honestly simple. You have 12 hours to turn your dorm buildings into a haunted house, supplies have been provided. Then at 10 PM tonight, three members from each team will enter the other teams house. Whicher team lasts the longest in the opponent's house will be crowned the halloween kings and queens, and will be safe from elimination.”

“There’s like not some spooky island kingdom dedicated to Halloween that we’re actually going to rule is there?” Cherry asked, remembering Floria.

Mana shook his head. “Not that we’re aware of.”

Zac stared at the students. “Ok, but actually? Why are you all still here?” The host rolled his eyes. “Go do the challenge or something.” The students raced out of the room, Mana following them.

Zac took a seat on the window ledge, looking out as he saw the students make their way towards their next challenge. He danced his fingertips along the window. “A whole university full of guys but none of them are the right one.” He groaned as he pulled out his phone and deleted tinder. “How is a host supposed to be excited when they’re all alone.”

The Screaming Fraternity gathered outside of their dorm building. Weston stood in front of a white board. He scribble Spooktober at the top. “Ok! Give me ideas friends! How are we going to spook the girls?”

Cherry yawned. “This is like boring. What kind of challenge is this.”

Vishal raised an eyebrow. “After being on Tides you’d think you’d be thankful for such a tame challenge.”

She rolled her eyes. “Like who even celebrates Halloween anymore.”

Weston jumped down from his perch, and pointed his ornate pumpkin staff at Cherry. “What did you just say?”

“I don’t like, like Halloween. Sue me.” Cherry shrugged.

Kaleb jumped behind Cherry, “Boo!” He shouted, as Cherry jumped into Weston’s arms. The actor chuckled. “Do you not like Halloween, or are you just a big old scaredy cat?”

“Like shut up.”

Emmett smiled lightly. “Well at least we’re back to working as a team. Thanks to you Weston.” The muscular country boy grinned, wrapping his arm around Weston’s shoulders. “I think you should lead us this challenge.”

Vishal coughed. “I think he was going to do that anyways.”

Weston nodded. “Yea. This is so up my alley! I’ll bring us a win again!” The twin motioned back at the board. “Back onto the task at hand!” He cheerfully declared, before turning back to Cherry. “We’ll sort you out later.”

“Fake blood! Lots of it!” Kaleb grinned! “We’ve been preparing all kinds of it in my intro to theatre course!” Kabel scrunched up his face. “I still can’t believe they put me into an INTRO course. ME?”

“Awesome! You can be in charge of preparing for your first task!” Weston eagerly wrote it onto the board. He turned to Emmett and Vishal. “Since you’re both strong! We’ll have you guys start to tare up the walls! We need to make this dorm building look abandoned!”

Vishal raised his hand. “You want us…”

Emmett tilted his head. “To destroy our dorms?”

Weston paused before nodding. “Yes! It’ll be great! This will be the greatest haunted house the world has ever seen!”

Vishal whispered to Emmett. “Lowkey regretting our leadership choice.”

Emmett smirked. “It’ll be fine… What’s the worst thing he can have us do?”

Weston turned back to Cherry. “That leaves you with me!”

“Like woo?” She groaned.

“We’re going to the bio building! For spiders!” Weston decided.

“Like pardon?” Cherry blinked. “You want what now?”

“Live spiders! For the cobwebs!” Weston announced, grabbing Cherry’s hand and dragged her towards the bio building.

“What’s the worst that he can do eh?” Vishal teased.

Meanwhile the girls were trying to plan their own haunted house. “Just tell me what you want me to do so I can go.” Hannah flatly said.

Salem frowned. “I was thinking you and Dania could start on the costumes!”

Dania’s expression turned to fear as she looked over at Hannah who only glared back. “Yeah… I guess we could do that!”

Hannah walked to Dania. “Let’s get this over with.” She said as she pulled Dania to a work station further away.

(CONF): Hannah is seen in Mana’s office. “Eliminating Fynn was a huge mistake. Bigger than picking charmander over squirtle.” The gamer sighed. “But if I want to work my way out of this, I need to make my team thinks I’m still upset about it!” She paused. “If they think that I’m not thinking straight they’ll make sure they win the challenge because they’ll be too afraid of what I’ll do!”

“Great job cheering Hannah up by the way.” Payton teased Blake. “It worked out super well.”

Blake shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you. It’s not my thing.”

Isabella blinked. “Maybe she just needs a girls night! We can do each other nails, and post about it on the grams!” Isabella sighed. “Well you guys can… be sure to tag me if you do!”

Payton looked over at Salem and sighed. “None of us are mad at you. And I doubt that Hannah is either.”

“I betrayed the girl code section E, article 4 though!” Isabella countered.

“Yeah no one knows what that is except for you.” Payton flatly said.

Salem smiled and turned to both Isabella and Payton. “You two will be in charge of painting! All of the walls on the first floor will need to be redone!”

Isabella nodded. “I can do that.”

“Easy!” Payton agreed.

Blake starred in fear of Salem. While he had mostly gotten over his fear of girls, Salem was a whole other beats. “That leaves us…”

Salem grabbed on Blakes hand and jumped. “Yes! We’re going to work on decorating!”

Kaleb is seen alone in his teams kitchen. He started to mix cornstarch, gelatin, water and red colouring together. “Me at the bottom of the rankings? Hello Canada?” He muttered. “What’s not to love about me?” He slammed a wooden spoon into the mixture. “I’m decently attractive! I’m loud! I’m FUN!” The star in training laughed. “I’M A STAR CANADA!”

Mana sat on the countertop beside Kaleb. “So… uh how are you doing?”

“FINE!” Kaleb snapped, slamming the mixture onto the table. The force sent the mixture spilling over Mana. “OH MY GOD!”

Mana blinked and stared at Kaleb. “Yeah. Fine. You sure are doing fine.”

Kaleb blushed. “I’m sorry. It’s just hard. I thought I was doing so good! With the rankings and stuff this year, but-” He sighed.

“You’re still just hiding in someone else's shadow.” Mana acknowledged. “It happens. It doesn’t help when you spend so much of your time alone.” The cohost pointed to the fact that Kaleb was alone in the kitchen. “It’s hard to get any screen time when you’re not interacting with your team.”

“I guess. But I have to do the challenge!” Kaleb said, passing Mana a wet cloth.

“And so does everyone else on your team, but they’re out there with each other.”

Kaleb paused. “So what you’re saying is I should just hurry up, and go help the rest of my team?” The star in progress blinked. “You’re a genius!” He hugged Mana and then quickly dug around the cupboards, pulling out five mixers and bowls. “PROGRESS!” Kaleb announced.

The camera swapped to show Isabella and Payton inside the girls dorm building as they painted the walls to their entrance. “It’s not your fault that Fynn got eliminated.” Payton said, turning to Isabella. “Hannah’s her own person. She made her own choice.”

“But… I could have done something!” Isabella paused. “Or better yet I should have done nothing!” She took a step forward, accidently stepping on the paint tray, sending it flying all over her and Payton.

“No need to get so upset.” Payton laughed, staring at Isabella who had splashes of black pain all over her clothes.

Isabella giggled. “No laughing at me!” She fell to the ground to contain herself. “Look at you!” She pointed. “You look like you just came out from a paint gun war!”

Payton paused, before pulling out her phone. “Smile!”

Isabella gasped. “Are you doing what I think you’re doing!”

“It’s nothing really.” Payton clarified, as she uploaded the image to her instagram account.

“Can I see!” Isabella gasped. Reaching for the phone.

“Fine.” Payton sighed, slightly embarrassed.

“Wait!” Isabella gasped again, pulling Payton down to sit with her. “You have over 100,000 followers!?”

“I guess so.” Payton said. “It’s no big deal. I used to vlog.”

“No big deal?! That’s a huge deal!” Isabella countered. “Why don’t you blog anymore?”

Payton exhaled. “That was a totally different person. I used to talk about girly stuff, and makeup.” She laughed. “But grayson helped me see I’m a lot more than that.” She pulled a second phone out from her pocket. “Speaking of.” She handed it to Isabella. “This is for you. I use it for my volunteering around campus, but if you promise to help out with that, than I guess you can use it.”

Isabella’s eyes lit up as she tackled Payton into another bucket of painting. “THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!” Isabella quickly snapped a picture of the pair on the floor, logged in to her instagram account and uploaded it. Her smile fell shortly after. “Stop being such a selfish b!tch.” She read out the comments from her last post. “Talk about letting her entire team down.”

Payton’s eyes went wide as she reached for the phone, but Isabella kept it out of reach. “Don’t read that! They don’t know what they’re talking about!”

“Isabella should have left a long time ago! How can her team even put up with her at this point?” Isabella tried to wipe tears from her eyes, but only spread the paint covering her cheeks. “How she managed to not be the first boot again is a true Canadian miracle.” Isabella sniffled, dropping the phone. “I’m going to go get cleaned up.”

“Isabella wait!” Payton shouted, trying to chase after Isabella, but instead slid into the wet wall. “Really?” She groaned, falling to the ground.

Back at the Screaming Fraternity’s dorm house, Emmett and Vishal were taking a sledgehammer to the walls. “Is it just me or do we have an audience.” Emmett blushed looking behind him at the girls, and a few guys who had taken the time to watch the pair.

“That’s what happens when you decide to do it shirtless.” Vishal shrugged. “I swear you’re worse than Fynn was!”

“It was getting way too hot!” Emmett countered. “Besides it’s not like you didn’t follow suit.”

“Sue me.” Vishal groaned, slamming the hammer into the wall. “How do we know when to stop?”

Emmett paused. “When the entire thing comes falling down?”

Vishal chuckled. “I think that means we’ve gone too far.” The athlete shrugged. “Weston better know what he’s doing.”

“Has he ever led us wrong before?” Emmett pointed out.

“He thought the barista was a werewolf, remember when we had to stalk him back to his dorm room just to make sure he didn’t bite anyone?” Vishal said.

“Ok. So maybe one time he let his imagination get the better of him.”

“Ok, what about when he thought I was just using him and Blake?” Vishal said.

Emmett stared at Vishal. “Uh huh.”

“Ok. So maybe I was using them a little.”

“Uh huh.” Emmett turned to Vishal, his hammer high in the sky.

“I just wanted to win!” Vishal shouted. “But it’s different now. We can win a different way.” He paused. “As a team.”

“For now atleast.” Emmett said, slamming the hammer into the wall, sending quakes down the dorm.

“What do you mean?” Vishal asked.

“The merge is coming. We won’t be a team for much longer.” Emmett pointed out.

“It’ll be your first merge!” Vishal said, “You must be excited.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” Emmett turned to Vishal. “It’s not the merge yet.”

“There’s no way you’ll go home.”

Emmett raised an eyebrow. “If we lose, who would go home then?”

Vishal paused. “I.. I don’t know.”

“Then let’s focus on destroying the dorm building first.” Vishal nodded.

The screen jumped to show Blake and Salem as they dug through the junkyard for decorations. “You’re very interesting to me Blake.” Salem said, pushing through the junk.

Blake’s eyes went wide. “Thank…. You?”

Salem’s voice got high. “OH!” She shouted, jumping to a skeleton in the junk. “If we clean it up a bit it’ll be perfect!” She lifted her find to show Blake.

“It’s not… real is it?”

“Of course it’s not real.” Salem shook her head. “I think.” She paused to look at it again. “Yeah of course it’s a fake!” She faked a smile, tossing it to their small collections. She turned her attention back to Blake. “Last season you were one o my picks to go to the merge!” She paused again, “And then well you went home first, but like, that can happen to anyone!”

“Well it didn’t.” Blake said. He lifted an old conch shell and tossed it to their collection. “The guys back home never let me live it down either. Getting eliminated because everyone thought I was dating a dude.” Blake shook his head. “I don’t know what was worse. Getting eliminated first or-”

“Having the nation think that you’re gay?” Salem piped up, shoving a handful of rusted nails into her pocket for later.

“No.” Blake shook his head. “There’s nothing wrong with being gay.” The hockey player groaned. “But having my team go on to do so well without me?” Blake sighed. “Sometimes I wonder how far I could have gotten if I made it past that first elimination.

Salem nodded. “Interesting.” She happily dragged a rotted cadaver back to their collection of things. “Is that why you’re dating Cherry now? So you can go further in the show?”

“What no!” Blake quickly spat out.

“So you admit to dating Cherry!” Salem grinned jumping in front of Blake.

“No…” The hockey player groaned. “It’s complicated.”

“Love always is.” Salem pointed out.

“I’m not saying I’m in love.” Blake responded.

“But you’re not saying you’re not.”

“We should get back.” Blake said, pointing at their collection of things.

“Whatever you say lover boy.” Salem winked.

“There’s just no winning with you, is there?”


The camera jumped to show Cherry and Weston exploring the halls of the Biology building. “How can you not love Halloween?” Weston asked. “Both Alfie and Easton love it!”

Cherry stared at Weston. “Ah yes. Like your real twin, and your candy loving fake twin.” The former winner shook her head. “Like totes great examples of real people liking Halloween. Keep going.”

“Think of all the scary movies you get to watch!” Weston grinned then frowned slightly. “This would have been Cynthia’s and mine’s first Halloween together! We were going to watch all of her favorite killer movies.”

Cherry blinked. “Yes, psycho like killer girlfriend, cute.” She forced a smile. “Can we just like get the spiders and go?”

“Ok so just because you don’t like scary movies, doesn’t mean you can’t like the candy! That’s Alfie’s favorite part!”

Cherry stared at the twin again. “Do I look like I like to eat candy?”

Weston paused. “Good point you’re too bitter to like sweets.”

“Like what now?” Cherry gasped, tugging on Weston’s shirt collar. “What did you just call me?”

“Bitter.” Weston shrugged. “Like the crazy single person who lives down the straight from home.”

“I’m not bitter.” Cherry scoffed. “And I’m not single!”

Weston’s eyes went wide. “So it IS true!” Weston grinned hugging Cherry. “I knew you and Blake were the perfect couple! And I knew he wasn’t gay! Despite all the evidence pointing towards it! My detectives hunch really is a thing!”

Cherry growled. “I didn’t like… UGH!” She pushed open the door to the spider sanctuary. “He hasn’t like, said anything to me since we kissed.” Cherry admitted.

“Oh.” Weston blinked. “He’s probably just scared.”

“Of what.” Cherry snapped.

“Nothing!” Weston quickly replied. “Let’s just get the spiders and head back!” He cheerfully decided.

Dania and Hannah appear on the screen. The pair are busy matching clothing garments together to create their costumes for the challenge. “Hannah?” Dania asked turning to her friend.

“Dania.” Hannah responded.

“Are you ok?” Dania put her hand on Hannah’s back. “You’re worrying me.”

“I’m fine.” Hannah said.

“Ok well.. If you ever want to talk about Fynn I’m here.” Dania smiled.

Hannah turned to Dania. “Do you think I made a mistake?”

Dania grabbed onto both Hannah’s hands. “I think you did what anyone would do. Fynn was a known flirt. He almost the first person eliminated because he was trying to hook up with someone.” Dania paused. “But now that you know the whole picture… Would you still eliminate him?”

The gamer stared at Dania’s hands. “I don’t know.”

“Well you know what I know?” Dania asked.

“That I’m crazy.” Hannah let out a soft laugh.

“That you really cared about Fynn.” Dania smiled, squeezing Hannah’s hands. “So I say instead of trying to isolate yourself, or trying to defend your choice, or moping around, you win this for him.”

“Is that what you’re doing?” Hannah asked. “For Andre?”

“And all my other friends that got eliminated so that I could still be here.” Dania smiled. “It’s about time I show everyone just what I’m capable of!”

“Dania?” Hannah asked.


“Why is there a squirrel in your hair?”

“NO!” Dania screeched, frantically racing her hand through her hair. “It came back!?”

“Came back?” Hannah laughed. “What do you mean?”


The camera zoomed in on the squirrels evil grin. “I think it likes you!” Hannah teased.

“Well I don’t like it” Dania groaned. “It’s the rat of the forest!” The squirrel took his acord and smacked it against Dania’s head in response.

Hannah giggled. “I don’t think it liked that!”

Dania glared at Hannah. “You’re enjoying this too much.”

“Maybe a little.” The gamer giggled. “Comeon, it’s lunch time! I’m sure mr.squirrel is hungry too!”

“Don’t encourage its disrespectful behavior!”

The scene cut to the Crows Nest. Ollie, the barista pulled up a seat by Salem. “If you guys keep this up, they’re going to need to expand.” He pointed out. “It’s never been this busy until you guys started coming here.”

Salem giggled. “It’s the best place on campus for dinner.”

“Are you sure it has nothing to do with the service?” Ollie gave Salem a quick wink.

“Hmmm.” Salem teased. “Maybe.”

Ollie took a sip from his water. “So what’s the challenge today? Everyone’s been wondering.”

“THE BEST EVER!” Salem exclaimed. “We get to design our very own haunted house!”

“That does sound pretty awesome!” Ollie filled Salem’s drink with whip cream. “So I was thinking. If you’re down for it.” Ollie bit lip.

“Yes?” Salem asked.

Ollie sighed. “Well if you’re free- and haven’t somehow gotten eliminated by tonight, that you’d want to come to my roommates halloween party. It’s not a big deal if you’re busy but-”

“YES!” Salem shouted, getting the attention of the other students. “I’ve never been to one before!”

“It’s a date then!” Ollie winked, getting off of the bench. “Anyways, I’ve got to get back to work, but I’ll pick you up tonight.” He smiled, handing Salem another drink.

Salem turned in shock to Dania who instantly hugged her. “SALEM!” Dania giggled. “Oh my! Talk about hunky!”

“He just… And then I… And now we’re…” Salem gasped still shocked.

“I’m so proud of you!” Dania whispered. “He’s a lucky guy!”

“And then I said…” Salem blinked.

“You sure did.” Dania giggled.

Hannah fed the squirrel in Dania’s hair a couple of fries. “Who's a good little pet. I wonder what level you are!”

“What did I say about rewarding him.” Dania turned slowly to Hannah who put her hands up innocently.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s definitely no fries in your hair right now!” Hannah flashed a smile.

“She’s going to kill you when she finds out.” Payton shook her head. “But I’m glad to have you back Hannah.”

“Me too. The whole moody and upset thing is so Frozen Hannah!” The gamer shrugged. “Just look at how cute he is!” The squirrel flashed a smile.

Blake snacked on his poutine. “Where’s Isabella by the way?” He asked.

Payton raise an eyebrow and swung around to look at Blake. “Since when do you care about… a girl?”

“She’s just usually around. And we still have a challenge…” Blake shrugged.

Payton nodded. “True enough… Well she found out how Canada felt about her.” She pointed to the corner where Isabella was stuffing her eight bowl of icecream into her mouth. “She’s not taking it that well.”

Blake held back his laughter. “I can see that.”

“I’ve got this.” Hannah declared. Getting up from her seat.

“Are we sure this is a good idea?” Dania looked at her teammates who shrugged. They watched as Hannah walked over to Isabella with a bowl of icecream.

“Hey Hannah.” Isabella sighed.

“Hey!” Hannah grinned, as she pushed the icecream all over Isabella’s face.

“HANNAH!” The rest of her team shouted.

“Ok, now we’re even. So stop moping around and come join us for dinner.” Hannah offered a hand to Isabella who looked up and gladly took it.

“Let’s get you washed up.” Payton blinked, taking Isabella into the washroom.

“Hannah?” Dania asked.

“What? She needed that!” Hannah blushed. “Plus it was really fun.”

The camera panned over to a booth, where the Screaming Fraternity sat. Kaleb and Vishal shared a smile as Ollie finished handing them their food. “Enjoy!”

“Is it just me, or is this one of the calmest team phases ever?” Emmett pointed out. “I feel like usually by now the teams are bursting at the seams”

Vishal shrugged. “I don’t know the misfitz weren’t that bad.”

Kaleb glared at Vishal. “Because you were controlling and using everyone.”

“But we weren’t fighting!” Vishal pointed out.

The actor rolled his eyes. “I guess.”

“We didn’t hate each other back in Genesis… not that much at least.” Weston added. “A lot of us were really close! And the Playa Des Losers was so much fun!”

Cherry shrugged. “I think my team was like totes tight.”

“In getting eliminated.” Vishal coughed. “Talk about team victory.”

“I like won, didn’t I?”

“After returning….” Emmett added.

“I still like won!” Cherry said, as she dipped her fork into her pasta. She screamed as her fork came into contact with an eyeball. The former winner jumped out of the booth and raced over to Blake.

“Yep. Definitely doesn’t like him or anything.” Kaleb laughed, fist bumping Vishal.

“Nice plan.” Vishal grinned.

Weston laughed. “Trick or treat! The best part of Halloween!”

Blake coughed awkwardly. “Uh hey.”

“Like hey. This doesn’t mean anything like ok?” Cherry stated as she shivered gripping onto Blake’s arm.

“Yeah. Of course.” Blake nodded, and coughed. “Kinda losing circulation though.”

Cherry’s eyes went wide as she let go, and returned to the booth. “Like, I hate all of you!” She crossed her arms before laughing with the guys.

“Do you want to see your face?” Kaleb asked pulling out his phone where he recorded the whole thing.

Cherry nodded. “But like this doesn’t mean I like Halloween!”

“Of course!” Weston turned and smiled at Emmett.

Ollie rang a bell and pointed at the chalkboard behind the bar. “At Zac’s request here are the rankings after last episode.” A red line separated the top three from the rest.

Blake Cherry Vishal Salem Kaleb Payton Hannah Emmett Weston Isabella Dania

Kaleb groaned. “How am I still not at the top!?” The actor slumped in the booth. “Do I need to make out with someone to top the rankings?” He turned to the other guys at this table who all looked away and whistled innocently. “None of you of course! You’re not my type anyways.”

“How am I even at the top?” Vishal blinked. “What did I even do?”

“We made up.” Emmett shrugged. “It’s the only explanation.”

“They like don’t even matter!” Cherry rolled her eyes. “They’re just there to make us like try and start drama!”

“Except for when they do count like last time…” Weston said looking up at his low rank.

Kaleb grinned realizing that Hannah finally fell in the rankings. “Well it serves her right.” He lifted his drink.

“Cheers to that.” Vishal nodded, as the rest of the team raised their glasses.

Isabella and Payton returned from the washroom. “See everyone does hate me.” Isabella groaned, looking at her low placement. “I must really be a selfish bitch!”

Dania looked in shock at Isabella. “Are you ok?”

“I’m doing dandy. Why aren’t you more upset about being placed in last?” Isabella grumpily sat with her team.

“I haven’t done anything lately to make people vote for me.” Dania said. “They aren’t voting for her they dislike the most, it just means that I wasn’t as popular last week as Blake for example.”

“Then what about all the comments on my gram!”

Hannah burst out laughing. “Do you think that we don’t get hate comments all the time?”

Payton looked confused. “What do you mean? It’s not just Isabella?”

“Of course not.” Blake sighed. “Usually you don’t see it until after the show but since we get to use our phones this time.” The hockey star shrugged and showed his own feed where he received a mixed bag of comments. “For every person out there that loves you, someone is bound to hate you.”

Isabella blinked. “But I don’t want to be hated.”

“It just happens.” Salem nodded. “I remember reading about Rosalie’s fan account after Frozen and Twin it. It’s like half her fans stuck around while the others turned on her. Fans are crazy.”

“Very.” Hannah confirmed. “But you get used to it.” She finished eating her food. “I think we have a challenge to go finish?”

The girls nodded, Dania waited behind, “I’ll catch up, I just need to… uh pee!” She smiled, walking to the washrooms and gave Emmett a wink.

“Alright boys, I gotta wizz, but I’ll meet you back at the dorms!” Emmett grinned and met up with Dania in the washrooms. “So what’s the plan?”

“The girls can’t lose.” Dania admitted. “I don’t know what’ll happen if we lose. I could go home!”

Emmett pursed his lips. “Same. The guys are actually bonding really well… even Cherry - AND Vishal!”

“So what do we do?” Dania gasped. “This plan was supposed to make it so we didn’t have to eliminate any of our friends.” Emmett nodded and pulled the panicking Dania into a hug. “Who knew that people would actually get over their feuds.”

“Emmett!” Dania sighed. “Who loses! Who do we send home.”

“Do you have the votes on your team?” Emmett asked.

“Maybe. I could probably get Payton’s vote, and maybe Blake’s but Hannah’s a wild card…. And Blake is too honestly. You?”

Emmett bit his lip. “I’ll figure something out.”

“Thank you.” Dania whispered.

“We got this. A good person is going to win this time!”

The scene swapped back to the Screaming Fraternity where they were doing the finishing touches on their haunted house. Cherry, Vishal and Weston were letting the spiders loose through the maze of cobwebs. “Why does it have to like, be so creepy?” Cherry asked, dodging as a spider tried to land on her.

“Because that’s the challenge genius.” Vishal teased.

“Well, maybe I don’t like the challenge.” Cherry groaned.

“SHHH!” Weston shouted as he clicked the play button on the stereo. As spooky music filled the halls. “It’s perfection!”

“It’s creepy and like I don’t love it!” Cherry groaned.

“Come on,” Vishal offered Cherry a hand. “It’ll be fine, the challenge is almost over anyways.

“Fine!” Cherry grabbed onto Vishal’s hand but it came unattached. “AHH!” Cherry winced, running to cower behind Weston. “I like hate you all!”

Vishal winked briefly at Weston. “Sorry just wanted to lend you a hand!”

“Like I’ll lend you a hand!” Cherry raised a hand, ready to slap Vishal.

“See! Halloween can be so much fun!” Weston grinned, turning to Cherry. “Tell me you love it!”

“Who would love getting scared to death!” Cherry shook her head. “Like what crazy person!”

The camera panned upstairs where Emmett and Kaleb were getting changed. “You need to loosen up man.” Kaleb said.

“I am loose!” Emmett retorted.

“You’re on reality television and you’re boring the viewers. Just loosen up a little, for once!” Kaleb said.

“Are you… hitting on me?” Emmett asked, blinking. “Because I’m seeing Angel.”

“I’m not hitting on you, you big dummy.” Kaleb laughed. “I’m trying to help! You want to be higher in the rankings right? Then stop worrying about what everyone will say.”

“I don’t get it.” Emmett shrugged. “I can only be myself.”

“Then be yourself, but turn it up a notch… or ten!” Kaleb shook his head, as he grabbed onto part of Emmett’s mummy costume and unraveled him. “Shed a little skin. Because that’s like, all you’ve got going for you right now.” Kaleb smiled and then walked downstairs. “Live a little!” He shouted.

Emmett stared at himself in the mirror. “Live a little? Huh.” The muscular teen looked at his muscles peeking through the white mummy wrap.

The scene cut to the Killer Sorority. “I’m doing it!” Salem declared as she plugged the lights into the outlet. Their black haunted house came to life. The witches coven theme filling every room. Salem turned to her team who were all dressed as witches. “My very own coven.” She smiled. Blake coughed. “And warlock.” She corrected.

“And not a single animal was harmed in the making of it!” Payton grinned. “Thank you Salem.”

“A leader listens.” She pointed out. “So what do you guys think?”

“It’s magical!” Hannah gasped. Staring at the witches glass ball and tarot cards. “Like a scene from a video game.” Hannah pointed at the squirrel in Dania’s hair, who had tied stands together to make reins. “Looks like he wants to go explore!”

“OW! OW! OWWWW!” Dania groaned as the squirrel guided her into the dorm building.

“He’s like your biggest fan.” Isabella giggled, taking a video for her followers.

“We’ll win right?” Salem grinned. “Because I still have that date… thing to go to.”

Blake nodded. “We’ll win. Promise.”

“Look who finally decided to join the team!” Payton flicked Blake’s nose slightly.

“Oh hush.”

Salem pulled her teammates in for a group hug. “We got this!”

The scene flashed forward to show the outside of the Screaming Fraternity. Blake, Dania and Salem had been selected to explore the haunted house. Zac smiled at the selected three. “As a reminder the challenge is simple. Just make it through their haunted house. The team that does so, the fastest will win the challenge, and immunity. Fleeing the house in terror will instantly put your team into the elimination.”

“I’m ready to get spooked!” Salem said, dragging her teammates into the abandoned house. “Ohhh! Great use of lighting!” She pointed to the lit candles.

Dania spun around as the door slammed behind them, and the gentle humming of a little girl started. “Totally normal.” The squirrel on Dania’s head motioned for her to go further. “I’m going to evict you. I know many lawyers!”

Blake blinked. “I don’t think that’s how you should speak to a squirrel living in your hair.”

“Well maybe he shouldn’t be living in my hair!” Dania responded. “She pointed to the holes in the walls. “The boys really went all out huh.”

Salem shrugged. “They’re just cheap gimmicks. They didn’t even use real blood.” She pointed at the sink filled with the red liquid.

Dania’s eyes went wide. “Well, did we use real blood?”

“No! Of course not!” Salem replied. “That would be insane.” The sound of furniture falling from the other side of the wall got their attention. “It’s just another cheap gimmick. Emmett probably just knocked something over.” She turned back to her teammates. “Let’s go.”

The next room looked like a typical living room, if you could look past the spider webs and bone chilling cold. “Why is there always spider webs.” Blake groaned, pushing the web out of his way.

“It’s not just the web.” Dania muttered as a spider tried to jump on her, only to be flung away by the squirrel.

“Looks like you’ve got a built in pest control.” Blake teased, while Dania rolled her eyes. The faint giggling was heard again.

“I will admit live spiders is a nice touch. Well played Westy boy. Well played.” Salem said as she admired his work throughout the room. “The couch being toppled over probably means someone is under it, so let’s just not go there.” She turned around, but only saw Dania. “Wait. Wheres Blake?”

“What do you mean where’s Blake. He’s right-” Dania stopped. “Oh… Where is Blake?”

“That’s what I asked you!” Salem gulped. “Let’s… keep going.”

The pair entered the final room. The coldness still filled the air. With the webbing gone, nothing seemed out of place in the final room. It was a regular dining room. Seated along at the table was Vishal. “This is… interesting.” Salem noted as she continued towards the exit door.

“Maybe they just forgot to change the last room?” Dania said.

“No. Weston is better than that.” Salem said as she opened their exit door.

“AHHHH!” Dania screeched, as Vishal's head was lifted from his body and sent flying onto the floor.

Dania started to run, but Salem grabbed onto her. “You can’t.”

“But his head.” Dania blinked.

“It’s a dummy.” Salem flicked the string that connected the doorknob to Vishal’s ‘head’. She pointed at Vishal's actual head bent over in his shirt. “Good try boys but this is an easy win for the girls.”

“Maybe.” Vishal shrugged. “But where’s your third?” He smirked turning to wave to the girls as they left.

The scene sped backwards, back to when Blake was still with Dania. Cherry appeared behind Blake, and covered his mouth in a flash. Her gentle humming filled the air that Blake once stood in. She led him to the staircase where she turned him around. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Blake responded. The pair stared at each other for a minute before they started to makeout on the staircase.

The scene swapped to where the boys were about to enter the girls haunted house of horrors. Emmett, Kaleb, and Weston waited outside of the house. Mana finished explaining the rules and sent the trio into the challenge.

“This is easy. Just think rationally and everything will be ok.” Weston promised his teammates. He turned back to look at Emmett whose mummy outfit had a distinct lack of mummy cloth.

“Glad to see you listening.” Kaleb smiled.

Emmett bit his lip and looked around the first room. It was set up as witches tarot shop. “Can’t say Salem didn’t stray far from her own ideas huh.”

Weston nodded. “But where’s the scare?” He paused, and looked around. “Let’s take a look at our future?”

“Shouldn’t we be trying to… I don't know, leave?” Kaleb offered. “Just a suggestion though.”

“Where's the fun in that?” Weston said, taking a seat at the tarot table. Payton nodded at Weston, and drew three cards, placing them in front of him.

“The first is the twin.” Payton spoke in a calm and airy voice. “The second,” she flipped, “The wolf. And finally, the sheep.” She said handing the three cards to Weston. “Do with them as you please.”

“I still don’t get the spooky factor.” Weston shrugged as he got up from the seat and put the cards in his pocket. As he did that Isabella, with fangs approached Emmett who ran out the front door screaming. “Huh?”

Isabella blinked. Then cheered. “Do we win?!”

Kaleb looked at the front door, and then back at Isabella. “What just happened?”

Hannah walked in from the next room. “We won?” She blinked

“We won!” Payton confirmed.

“How?” The girls all said staring at each other.

Kaleb and Weston left the haunted house to find Emmett who sat on the front steps shaking. “VAMPIRE!” He moaned.

“You were afraid of Isabella with fangs?” Weston asked, still confused.

“She was… a vampire!” Emmett gasped, as he jumped to his feet and shook Weston. “Protect your neck!” He gave Weston what little cloth he had left to cover his neck, leaving himself naked.

Kaleb went wide eyed. “Emmet…” The actor coughed. “Kinda nude right now.”

Emmett gasped. “I am!” He dove into the bushes to hide. “Thanks for pointing that out!”

The girls left the building giggling. “Suckers!” Isabella teased.

The scene cut to Cherry and Vishal waiting around their haunted house. “You’re going to vote with me today.” Vishal said.

“Who says like we’re losing?” Cherry asked.

Vishal shrugged. “Call it a mergers hunch.”

“Ok. Like why would I vote with you?” Cherry responded.

Vishal paused. “Because I kept you around before, so you owe me this one.”

Cherry responded. “Ok, so like…. I will IF.”

“If?” Vishal asked.

“IF you let me know if Blake ever talks to you about me.”

Vishal raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, you definitely don’t like him eh.”

“Is it like a deal, or?” Cherry smiled.


The scene cut to Zac, and the other students approaching the Sorority dorms. “Well with a time of 30 minutes, the sorority finally escaped the haunted house.” The host turned to Blake who blushed. “Someone was a little slow.”

“I got lost.” Blake coughed.

Dania licked her thumb and wiped the lipstick off from his face. “I can see that.” She teased.

Salem turned to the others. “How did we do?”

“Ask Emmett!” Weston said upset.

“There… There was a vampire!” Emmett said looking around.

Dania sat beside Emmett and rubbed his back. “He is deathly afraid of vampires.” She added. She looked up at his teammates. “Just give him a minute.”

Zac shrugged. “Well if that’s the case the girls win!’ The host exhaled and motioned for the boys to follow. “To my chambers, guys.”

The scene cut forward to the elimination ceremony. The Screaming Fraternity waited inside the Dean’s office. “As you all know, you lost. More specifically, you lost.” Zac stared at Emmett.

“We all have our fears.” Weston shrugged. “I guess.”

“Im sorry!” Emmett gasped, as he curled up into a ball. “It was.. Just I wasn’t expecting it.”

Zac turned to Kaleb. “What do you think about this sudden revelation?”

Kaleb gulped. “Well… I think I may have accidentally caused it.”

“Do tell.” Zac pressed. “We do have a drama quote we need to fill.”

Kaleb looked at Emmett who seemed confused. “I told Emmett that he had to let loose a little.” The actor coughed. “I think he might have done the drugs.”

Zac raised his eyebrow. “Interesting.”

Vishal looked at Emmett. “If this man doesn’t take the roids, I doubt he’d take drugs.”

Cherry looked around. “Like are we going to vote, or like are we having a therapy session?”

“I’m not on drugs.” Emmett muttered.

The host nodded. “I can confirm that Emmett is not on drugs, we would have been notified the second he did.” Zac looked at Cherry, “Rumor has it someone had another makeout session.”

Cherry looked away. “I can like neither confirm nor deny.”

Vishal laughed. “I’ll confirm that for you all.”

Kaleb joined in, as he tossed a spider to Cherry. “She’s a real catch!”

“WHY LIKE ME?!” Cherry gasped, jumping out of her seat.

Weston frowned. “I just wanted Halloween to be fun for us all!”

Cherry looked at Weston. “Don’t ever repeat this, but I liked spending time with like you all today.”

“Really?!” Weston gasped, staring at Cherry with wide eyes.

“Yeah like, sure.”

Zac turned to Emmett. “So how do you plan on coming back from this scare?”

Emmett tilted his head as he crawled out from his blanket. “With my teammates. Because we’re stronger together and we have a united enemy.”

“Hannah.” Kaleb hissed.

“Hannah.” The others repeated.

“Well, I guess you guys can vote or something.” Zac announced. The scene flashed forward allowing the team to vote.

Zac snapped his fingers, as the statue of himself lit aflame. “You all know the drill. It’ll shoot out some fancy leaves, and if you don’t get a fancy leaf, you’ve been expelled.”

The first leaf floated down to Weston. “Despite your poor leadership, clearly your team still supports you. For some reason.” Zac smiled.

Weston frowned. “I thought I did a good job!”

“You did.” Vishal confirmed. “That’s why no one voted for you.”

Zac paused. “The rest of you all received at least one vote.” He watched as the second leaf drifted to Cherry. “Somehow people choose to keep you around. I’m still not really sure why though. You’re a pain in my side atleast.”

Cherry blew Zac a kiss. “It’s like… called having an alliance.”

“An alliance?” Emmett said, turning to Cherry. “What alliance?” Cherry smirked in response.

The third leaf drifted to Vishal. “I really am starting to question this teams decision making.” Zac admitted.

“It’s all about the alliance.” Vishal smiled.

Kaleb stared at Cherry and Vishal. “Since when were you two in an alliance?”

Cherry shrugged. “Since we needed to group our votes.”

“Did you know about this Weston?” Emmett asked turning to Weston.

“No.” Weston frowned. “Did nobody trust me?”

Zac turned to Emmett. “You clearly cost your team the challenge today, and Kaleb… Well you’re Kaleb so honestly again how have you made it this far?” The host snapped his hands as the final leaf landed on Emmett’s nude body. “Now please go get clothes before attending the halloween festival. I don’t need the police called.”

Kaleb looked around at his teammates. “Wait what? I was a star! I WAS THE STAR!?”

Emmett looked shocked. “Cherry and Vishal are working together?”

Weston stared at Vishal. “I thought I could trust you?”

Vishal nodded. “We’re doing this FOR you. Kaleb.” The athlete promised, as he watched Kaleb step closer to the hole of shame. “The merge is guaranteed to be next. And we need to keep the strongest around so we can eliminate Hannah.” Vishal blinked. “I thought you’d be happy?”

“I wanted her eliminated, but I didn’t want to be eliminated for it!” Kaleb shouted turning to look at Cherry. “I thought we were friends!”

Cherry got up and started to walk away from the elimination. “And like, I think I can win this whole thing twice. So like, byeeeeee.”

“Thank you.” Emmett looked at his teammates. “Thank you for keeping me.” He stood up, mooning the others.

Cherry rolled her eyes, tossing her trench coat to Emmett. “At least clothe yourself.”

“Good call.” Emmett said.

Weston watched as Kaleb vanished into the hole. “I don’t understand how you guys didn't vote for Emmett. He was the weakest link in the challenge.” The twin looked up at Emmett. “You're a good guy, but it’s your fault.”

Emmett nodded. “I get how you feel.” The musclehead sighed. “But this isn’t Genesis. We all know each other. We know who is capable of what. And Kaleb just wasn’t capable of helping us.” Zac quickly snuck out of the office, escorted by guards. “That’s a little susp.”

“I WILL GET MY REVENGE!” Kaleb shouted from deep beneath the floors.

Cherry left the room. “Now that’s like spooky!”

Vishal walked over to Weston and put a hand on his shoulder. “The merge is coming. We had to be prepared.”

“I… Don’t get it.” Weston sighed walking off.

The scene cut to the girls sitting around a campfire at the Halloween festival. “Who do you think is going?” Payton asked.

Salem shrugged. “Probably Emmett. He’s the reason they lost.”

Dania looked sad. “You don’t really think that, do you?” The prep looked at the others on her team. “He’s such a good competitor!”

“It’s almost the merge. So that’s probably why they’ll eliminate him.” Hannah shrugged. “Rosalie and Britt steam rolled Frozen, I doubt anyone wants that to happen again.”

Isabella smiled at Dania. “I’m sure it’ll be ok! Worst case you’ll have us still! Just like the girls back home!”

Dania nodded. “But he was my partner.” She sighed. “He was supposed to be here with me the entire time… after Andre left.”

Isabella turned to Salem. “Don’t you have a big date?!”

Salem blushed, “I do… Any minute now actually.”

Blake nodded, as he pushed the logs around in the fire. “That’s pretty exciting…”

“When are you going to ask Cherry out?” Hannah asked, nudging her teammate.

Blake blushed. “What do you mean? I thought you hated her…”

“But I care about you….” Hannah shrugged. “So that’s all that matters.”

“Dania!” Emmett shouted racing over to the fire and lighting his friend up.

“You’re still here!?” Dania gasped hugging Emmett. “I was so worried!”

Salem grinned at Weston who was wearing a detective costumer. “I’m glad it fits!”

“Thanks for not making it something… weird.” The twin smiled.

Cherry, after being pushed by Vishal sat on Blake’s lap. “Like hey?”

“Uh. Hey.” Blake blushed awkwardly trying to get out from underneath Cherry.

“Kaleb’s gone?” Hannah asked shocked.

“Kaleb’s gone.” Vishal confirmed. “Twice now I ended up eliminating him, kinda feel bad about it.” Vishal frowned. “But you do whats best for the team.”

Speakers across campus went off with one message, as bells rang in the distance. “This is a red alert. This is a red alert. Get to safety. This is not a drill. Don’t let them close to yo-” The announcement cut off as the sound of moaning replaced it.

Chapter Thirteen: After the Drama, but Before the End

The darkness was replaced by a rather large frog. “Ribbit!” It croaked as its massive tongue attacked the camera, leaving its wet slobber on the lens. A tall teenager slid off of Ribbit’s back, somersaulting in the air before landing in front of her pet.

“Howdy! Bet y’all didn’t expect to see me again, hey?” Trixie waved at the camera. Her curly ginger hair bounced out from beneath her cream cowgirl hat. A denim jacket with the image of Ribbit embrowed on the back, kept her warm from the cool breeze. “Sorry to cut the tension from last episode, but it sure it better than cutting the cheese!” Trixie glared at the camera. “Really? I don’t even sound like that!” She groaned, choosing to ignore the teleprompter. “We’re here at Playas Des Losers, which this season takes form as the Loser Campus!”

“Ribbit!” The frog cheerfully croaked, pushing open the door to the loser dormitory.

“Ready or not! Here we come!” Trixie announced. “Today we take a look back at the losers who didn’t quite make the merge!” Within seconds of walking into the dorm building she was shocked by the smell. “Is that.. Cookies?” She scratched her head, following the scent to the kitchen.

“Trixie!” Angel cheerfully announced. She put her bowl of cookie dough down, to rush over to hug her former teammate. “It’s been so long! How are you! OMG I LOVE the new look! Is it custom made!?” Angel gasped when she saw Ribbit behind her. “IS THAT RIBBIT!?” She charged at the oversized frog. “I’ve missed you boy!”

Trixie waved. “Yes! It really has been too long. Not since Malia’s birthday right?” The aftermath host asked.

Angel nodded. “Yeah! That was way too much fun!” The fangirl brought a cookie over to Trixie. “Do you want one? They’re witch themed!” She pointed at the witch hat shape. “They’re devilishly good!” Angel offered her pinkie. “Pinky promise!”

Taking the cookie from Angel, Trixie smiled, taking a bite. A hint of coffee beans filling her mouth. “Tasty! Anyways! Why don’t you meet me in the theatre room in like half an hour for the aftermath show!”

Angel nodded. “Got it!” She turned to the cupboard behind her, before grabbing onto Trixie’s hand. “Come on! Let’s go… somewhere else!” She flashed a smile.

“No that’s ok…” Trixie raised her eyebrow slightly. “I can go find the others on my own, you go on ahead.”

“Uh… sure!” Angel smiled, as she, Trixie and her oversized friend left the kitchen.

The cupboard doors opened, as Alfie snuck out. “PHEW!” He exhaled. “That was a close call! Good thing Weston taught me how to hide like a real detective!” He dove for the freshly filled cookie jar. “And now for lunch!” He excitedly snacked on the freshly baked cookies while leaving in the opposite direction of Trixie.

The scene flashed back to show Trixie in the living room. Julien stood awkwardly his arms outstretched while Fleur was working away on his clothes. “We’ll be in the getting of this fit perfect juste pour you!” The french stylist smiled.

“This seems like such a waste of time.” Julien groaned as Fleur accidently pricked him with a pin.

“It will be in the being of ok! If you are in the acting of still!” Fleur promised.

“What’s happening here?” Trixie asked, slightly confused.

“Trixie!” Fleur shouted. “I was in the helping of style!”

“What she means to say, is she was pinning me to death so she feels less guilty about what she did on the show.” Julien coughed, taking the pins out of his clothes. “I like the way I look. But thanks, or something.” He took a few steps before sinking into the couch.

Fleur blinked. “I was just in the wanting to be helpful!” The blonde frowned before joining Julien on the couch. The former looked to make sure she wasn’t armed with more pins.

“It’s a show. People get over it. Just move on. Everyone else has.” Julien flatly said.

Trixie paused. “Never really thought I’d see the day Julien was the one cheering someone else up, but ok.” She laughed. “Meet me in the theatre in 30 for filming!”

“I wasn’t being helpful!” Julien defended. “Just speaking the truth.”

Fleur hugged Julien. “You’re, how they say. Bestest?”

Julien’s eyes went wide. “That’s not what they say. That’s really not.”

“Ok! Well see you soon!” Trixie shouted, as walked into the next room.

The camera followed Trixie as she walked into an oversized library. “Hello?” She shouted, seeing if anyone was here.

“Shhhh!” Andre hushed, from behind a wall of books.

“Yasmin?” Trixie asked, confused. “I think you’re on the wrong show? They’re filming the Christmas special back in Floria hun.” The host approached the wall of books.

Andre pushed open a slight hole, so that his face could peek out. “It’s Andre, Trixx. Common now, can’t even remember your own captain?”

Trixie blinked, shocked. “Hey now! That’s not fair to say! Honestly, what are YOU doing here? Of all places?”

The musician coughed then broke into a light chuckle. “What does it look like?” He held up a notebook filled with notes. “Now that I’m not competing I can focus on my studies. Or did you forget that this is an actual university, cause basically everyone else did.”

Trixie stared at him wide eyed. “Yeah… True enough I guess. Just never saw you as the studious type.”

“Never know when my career might go under. Need to be prepared for the worst broski.” Andre shrugged. “Besides after Total Drama, what’s a few textbooks… and exams… and essays… and quizzes…” The musician's smile faded and he fell into his books. “When’s the next season?” He groaned.

“You’re funny!” Trixie laughed. “You got this!” She put a hand on his back. “If anyone can do it, I’m sure that it’s you!” Mimicking his owner, Ribbit licked Andre’s face, bringing his smile back. “Now meet me in the theatre in 30 for the special!” Andre nodded.

The scene cut to the gym where Ribbit politely waited in the pool while Trixie approached Damien and Fynn who were lifting weights. “Is this the heartbreak club? Because can I join?” She teased.

“Too soon man. Too soon!” Fynn groaned, remembering his own elimination.

Damien flashed a smile. “Hard to be in the heartbreak club when I’m not single.” The prankster flashed a peace sign.

“With who!?” Trixie gasped.

“Fleur. Duh!” Damien put down his weight so he could better talk. “After her elimination we sat down to talk… And well like basically everyone else I had to forgive her. People forgave me after all. And I almost got everyone killed.” He laughed.

“Don’t remind me.” Fynn coughed. “Watching Sam almost get murdered wasn’t very hype man. Not hype at all.”

Trixie blinked, staring at Fynn. “Weren’t you just wearing clothes?”

Damien laughed. “You get used to it… Sadly.”

Fynn winked at the camera. “Serving you straight sexy since my elimination.”

Damien rolled his eyes. “If you give no attention he shuts up eventually.”

“HEY!” Fynn groaned. “You know you love me!” He pulled Damien for a bear hug.

“NOT COOL! Put clothes on you dummy!” Damien laughed.

Trxie laughed. “Well I’m glad you boys are still going strong! Meet me in the theatre in 20 for the special!” She announced. Ribbit jumped out of the pool, shaking, drenching both Damien and Fynn in water.

“HEY!” They both groaned.

“That’s for not letting me join the lonely hearts club!”

“There is no club!” Fynn laughed.

“Bye!” Trixie shouted back.

The scene cut to Ivy’s and Rosalie’s bedroom. “Can I come in?” Trixie asked knocking on the door.

“Yeah!” Ivy replied, getting up from her bed to open the door for Trixie.

Trixie’s eyes went wide as she saw pictures of the students across the walls with notes. “What…” She tilted her head looking at Ivy and then Rosalie. “What’s all this?”

“We’re studying.” Rosalie stated. “What do you think?”

“I think you might want a new decorator, but that’s just my opinion.” Trixie moved her hands in a strange gesture

“The fact that you’re here means that our studying wasn’t in vain.” Ivy pointed out.

“How… so?” Trixie asked.

Rosalie used her phone to turn on the large flatscreen television in the middle of the room. Jasper and Ness, two high-profile contestants from Total Drama Genesis appeared on their YouTube channel. The video was titled ‘So you got eliminated… What’s next?’. Rosalie spoke up. “Ivy and I never really got eliminated on our season so we needed all the help we could get.”

Trixie raised her eyebrows still confused. “So… you watched clickbait youtube videos?” The farm girl tilted her hat to hide her giggling. “Aren’t you like best friends with Heather?”

Ivy nodded. “I am but we don’t have contact with the outside world. This is the next best thing!”

Trixie nodded, trying to understand. “But you guys both made it far in Frozen, why not just trust yourselves?”

Rosalie let out a deep exhale. “That’s what got us here in the first place. Clearly the game has changed.”

The host moved to sit on Rosalie’s bed with her. “Look. We all know the strongest three girls in Seasons history are in this room, ignoring Cherry.” Trixie blinked, “I still don’t understand how THAT happened.”

“Same.” Ivy and Rosalie laughed.

“But- From what I saw on Eclipse you guys didn’t play how you played in Frozen, like at all. Ivy, you went from having a powerful alliance, making deals and scheming your way to the finale, to falling to the wayside and getting eliminated because.. Hannah?” Trixie let out a laugh. “Because Hannah of all people created the majority alliance.”

Ivy looked away. “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Clearly.” Trixie stated. Turning her attention to Rosalie. “And while Ivy had to scheme her way to the finale, you bonded with your allies against her… and Jade, winning challenges and proving yourself as a member of the Holy trinity.” Trixie clapped her hands together. “And what did you even do this season? Go to the mall, and have a few drinks? Where’s the fire that you used to have?”

Rosalie looked away ashamed. “I’ll do better this time. I just need a second chance.”

“You need more than just a second chance. You need to wake up.” Trixie stated. “The aftermath is in the theatre in ten minutes. Be there.” Trixie left the room, leaving Ivy and Rosalie alone in their silence.

The scene cut to the theatre covered in darkness. A bright light flashed as Trixie walked onto the stage with Ribbit following behind her. “You’ve followed their journey for five weeks now. From the formations of their teams, to the Thanksgiving special, to the SHOCKING rise of the Hannah dynasty. Every day- and every night, YOU, the viewers of Canada have voted for your favorites, for the first time in Total Drama history! We gave YOU the power to influence the game.” Trixie climbed the lifeguards post, while Ribbit hopped into a small inflatable pool that barely contained him. “And now today, we take a look back at the first 12 to be eliminated!” The theatre was filled with darkness again, as the crowd erupted into cheer.

The screen cut to a video montage. Andre losing his mudwrestling fight to Dania, followed by his elimination where Emmett promised to keep Dania safe is shown. Clips of Heather giving Ivy advice, and subsequently choosing to follow none of it leading up to her elimination at Cherry’s hands. The crowd erupted into cheer as Ivy fell into the ball pit, and Cherry blew her a farewell kiss. A video of Viola hugging Grayson goodbye as he started his adventure on Total Drama Eclipse, followed by Grayson telling off his mother at the family visit, and choosing to eliminate himself. Payton reading Grayson’s goodbye letter is shown. Candles are seen in the audience swaying in respect for Grayson.

Trixie’s voice is heard over the darkness. “With our first three eliminations we saw Emmett take responsibility for Dania, Cherry stepping up her game, and Grayson lending some advice to his sister. Yet none of that could prepare us for what came next.” Images of Hannah, Cherry and Rosalie gathering votes on their team are shown, ending with Rosalie’s elimination. Clips of Alfie breaking up with Trixie are shown, followed by Weston and Alfie fighting, and then his elimination. A loud cry could be heard in the audience. Clips of Damien and Fleur pranking each other are seen, followed by Fleur giving the flammable feathers, and then Weston catching aflame. The video ends with Damien’s elimination, after a close tie.

“After Rosalie’s elimination it became clear the students were in the game to play. Hannah formed a majority alliance on her team, Vishal started to show his old ways eliminating Alfie, and Damien was caught in the crossfire of Fleur looking to keep her team safe.” Clips of Cherry refusing to go back to the Sorority are shown, followed by her and Blake forming a friendship, and then their team swap. Angel and Julien are seen eliminating themselves, neither willing to let the other take the fall for them. Twilight magically leaving the competition to join the elves in their search for Frosty is seen, paired with ‘Find out more, on the Christmas special COMING SOON!’.

“Angel, Julien and Twilight leaving the competition only made the race for the top that much tighter, while making Dania feel alone. Clips of Dania and Emmett making a pact to get each other to the finale, and to throw challenges when needed are shown. Weston’s detective agency is shown with Hannah and Weston talking, followed by Fleur’s elimination. Hannah’s viral clip of her denouncing Fleur is played in full. Clips of Fynn preparing to ask Hannah out are shown, as well as Hannah’s other viral clip where she turns Fynn down and eliminates him. The montage ends with Cherry and Vishal coming together to vote out Kaleb.

The lights in the theatre return, revealing most of the eliminated students seated on couches on either side of the room based on what team they were on. Trixie waves at the audience that breaks out into cheer, throwing stuffed versions of Ribbit onto the stage. Ivy turns to Rosalie and whispers, “Did they come for us, or for the frog?” She and Rosalie share a laugh.

Trixie motioned for the audience to calm down. “Thank you! Really! Thank you! Before we continue with the aftermath, I’m sure you’ve noticed some faces missing.” Trixie pointed at the wall behind her. It was covered in televisions, each showing a different location on the TDE campus. On queue they came together to form one giant video.

Grayson is seen running from a lion in Africa. “PLEASE! If you get this! Send help! THE LIONS HATE ME!” The prep runs around in circles while Sam and Viola and a handful of african students point and laugh.

The audience gasps. “No. Grayson was not eaten by lions.. Maybe a tiger, but that’s neither here nor there! After leaving to Africa to help build a school, he hasn’t had the time to return to film so… yeah.” She returned her focus to the screen where an image of Twilight and a snowman were shown. “While we don’t have the rights to air a video of Twilight, thanks to the seasons holiday special…” Trixie forced a smile, squinting to read the teleprompter. “Where you can watch your favorites celebrate the holidays, and discover things the true meaning of the holidays! Coming this December! I can confirm she is still doing ok, but again she’s a little busy for the show.”

“What about Kaleb!?” Someone in the audience shouted.

Trixie looked around uneasy. “We don’t know…”

Fynn looked at Trixie. “What do you mean you don’t know where my dramatic teach is?”

“After he fell down the loser hole the producers weren’t able to locate him.” Trixie shrugged. “I’m sure he just went off to some gig.”

“Or Mother found him.” Damien muttered.

Trixie threw a lasso at Damien, entangling him. “Mother is no longer an issue. Do not bring up her name again.”

“Yes ma'am!” Damien gulped.

Exhaling Trixie returned her attention to the crowd. “Tonight we’re going to dive deep into the thoughts of our eliminated students, catch up with what they’ve been up to, and most importantly take a look into the future, and what they think might happen!” Ribbit jumped in the kiddie pool excitedly. “Make sure to stay tuned until the end because your rankings will give one student a huge advantage, not only in the next challenge, but could have drastic implications on the rest of the show!”

The camera panned to the left where the former members of the Killer Sorority sat; Angel, Fleur, Ivy and Rosalie. It panned to the opposite side of the stage where the members of the Fraternity sat; Alfire, Andre, Damien, Fynn and Damien. “Don’t worry, I don’t believe in weird drama, rating gaining stunts.” She reassured the students. “Angel, Rosalie come on up!” She motioned for them to take seats on the inflatable ribbit lounging chairs. Rosalie rolled her eyes. “Too bad you don’t feel the same way about stunts to increase your brand.” She coughed poking the inflatable.

“Come on! You know we all did the same thing.” Angel teased. “Well you guys did.” Angel shrugged. “I didn’t have enough of a brand to build on.”

Trixie smiled at the girls below her. “With Angel’s elimination she came to a realization that she may have misjudged you Rosalie, have you two bonded since her elimination, or what’s up?” Emmett’s former girlfriend and current bae stared at each other.

Rosalie spoke first. “When she first got eliminated, she started to sneak into my room, or watch me through the windows.” The Frozen winner raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t forget going back and watching every scene with you in it in Frozen!” Ivy added.

Rosalie nodded. “But we did sit down to talk… Eventually.”

Angel bounced onto Rosalie’s back who awkwardly shook her off. “I apologized for taking Emmett, and she apologized for being a bit of a b-” Rosalie stared deep into Angel’s soul.”A pain.” Angel giggled, petting Ribbit's face. “In the end I think we came to understand each other more.”

“Ribbit!” The frog croaked, using his tongue to pull the girls in for a hug.

Rosalie smiled lightly. “Finding out that Emmett felt betrayed, and held back by me…” Rosalie looked at the ground. “It just reminded me that something are timeless, and some things eventually die.”

Trixie nodded. “I know the feeling.” She looked over at Alfie who was still dodging her eyes. “Do you think you and Emmett will be able to make it work after you almost tried to have him eliminate himself?” Trixie asked, returning her attention to Angel.

“I hope so.” Angel frowned. “Sometimes the game just gets the better of you.”

“Amen.” The other students agreed.

“I know he will.” Rosalie put her arm around Angel, and smiled. The pair returned to their seats.

“Speaking of romance!” Trixie announced excidely, “What’s this I hear about you and a certain boy Fleur!?”

Damien and Fleur both shyly walked to the middle of the stage, taking seats on their inflatables. “This is the being of comfy!”

Damien laughed. “It is. It really is.” He offered Fleur a hug. When he wrapped his arms around his partner she was zapped. “GOT YOU!” He teased revealing a small device on his palm.

“Non! I am in the being of getting you!” Fleur giggled, watching as Ribbit licked the fly syrup that she had poured down Damien’s back off of her boyfriend.

“Well aren’t you two the cutest.” Trixie cooed.

“Cute is a very wide term.” Andre coughed. “Try living with two pranksters.”

“You never know when you might be walking into your doom.” Julien added. “It adds to the life experience. A true tale of what is important in life, and what is just a luxury.”

Trixie blinked. “Yeah. Sure?” She turned to Damien. “So how… How did this happen?” An audience member that looked suspiciously like the host of the rival show, dressed in purple booed. Throwing rotten fruit at Fleur before being escorted out of the building.

Fleur blinked as the rotten fruit that just managed to miss her. “Were they in the trying of feeding me? I was already eaten the lunch, thanks!”

Damien smirked slightly. “That’s exactly what they meant to do.” He wrapped an arm around Fleur. “When I first got eliminated, I was really confused. I thought me and Fleur had something going, and she basically is the only reason why I’m here.”

The french student looked away. “But I was in the being of true sorrys!”

“She was!” Damien smiled. “Once she was eliminated we talked things over. We talked a lot actually.” The prankster looked at Fleur. “But in the end who can stay mad at her, and it’s not like she did it out of hate.”

Trixie smiled. “Well I’m glad Total Drama brought you two together… But I do have one more question for Fleur. When you were eliminated Hannah had a lot of choice words for you… Do you have any thoughts?”

Fleur looked at Damien for reassurance. He gripped onto her hand. “I am… In the being of telling truth now.” She closed her eyes and sat in silence for a moment. “I am not in the being of France. Je suis Canadien.” She stated, getting gasps from the audience. “When I was in the process of being style star on the interspider, I said I was from France so people would be in the interest of me!” Fleur said quickly. “But then I was brought into the show, and I could not be in the stopping or my fans would be leaving!”

Damien tightened his grip on his girlfriend's hand. “When she was with Colin it was because she didn’t know how to turn him down without hurting him… And then he wanted to visit her in France and… well that wasn’t possible so she cut him, and everyone else out because she was afraid of what they would say.” Alfie and Angel jumped from their seats to give the frenchy a hug. “We still love you!”

Trixie stared at Alfie. “Thank you Fleur, Damien. It’s Alfie’s turn now.”

Alfie’s eyes went wide, as he tried to dive under the pool to hide, but bounced off the inflatable pool. “Owwwy!”

“You know what I’m going to ask. It’s the only reason I agreed to come host this whole thing.”

Alfie was entangled in Ribbit’s tongue who raised him to Trixie’s height. “I... “

“Why did you break up with me Alfie?”

“Trixie…” Andre said quietly.

Rosalie looked at Andre. “She deserves to know.”

“What about remembering me… and everything in Tides made you want to break up with me.” Trixie asked again, wiping a tear from her face.

Alfie gulped, and shoved starbursts into his mouth before speaking. “After Tides, the only person I could really remember fully was Weston. We started to talk all of the time! Like a brother… Like a twin I guess. He even applied to the same school I did!” The candy lover reached for more candy to shove into his mouth. “And I felt good! I felt like I mattered, and that I was finally smart or good enough. We both got accepted! And we bonded a lot! But I never… I never felt like I wasn’t good enough, or that I couldn’t give him everything he needed.”

“Are… Are you gay?” Trixie gasped.

“NO!” Alfie shouted. “No! That’s not it. I just felt with Weston that we clicked. Without hesitation.” For the first time he looked Trixie in the eyes. “When I got my memories back… When I could remember you. I was so happy at first. You make me happy.” Alfie sniffled. “But then I remembered every time I failed you. Every time when I wasn’t good enough. Or that I could have done more, but couldn’t.”

The crowd clapped. “KISS!” Someone shouted.

“Alfie…” Trixie said quietly.

“I just didn’t want to hold you back anymore.”

Trixie looked at the cameras filming them and then back at her ex. “We’ll talk later.” Alfie nodded, as Ribbit lowered him back to the ground. “Isn’t that.. A lot.” Trixie sniffled, forcing a smile for the cameras. “Andre. Julien, you’re up!”

The two boys walked to the middle of the stage. “Hit me with your worst!” Andre teased, trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh, for you? Only the hardest.” Trixie stuck out her tongue.

“Is this where we reveal our darkest secrets? Like the dead body I left inside my mattress? I wonder if it’s started to decompose yet.”

Everyone in the theatre except for Andre stopped to stare at Julien. “He’s kidding. He just doesn’t understand sarcasm.” Andre laughed, patting his friend on the back. “Right?”

“Sure.” Julien tilted his head slowly to look at Andre.

“Barring discussion of potential murder. You both didn’t have a lot in common, but Andre you decided to take Julien on as your teammate, and had you not been eliminated claimed you wanted to take him under your wing… Why?”

Andre paused and looked at Julien with a smile. “Being eliminated first - twice now, really reminds you just how vulnerable you are. I honestly didn’t expect to go so soon this time? I thought I had proved I was useful after Tides, but I guess not. But being eliminated so early, and everything I went through on Tides, really showed me you can’t just a book by their cover. Some of the best teammates, and friends can come in strange shapes… You just have to give them a chance.” Andre put his hand on Julien’s back. “I’m glad that my friends decided to give him a chance… eventually.” He chuckled.

Trixie nodded. “I guess… Who would have thought that any of us on the Sharks would have gotten along… But I guess you and Emmett to some degree brought us together....” The cowgirl looked at Julien. “Speaking of Emmett, and Dania by default because they seem to be inseparable as of late. Julien, you were one of their most recent allies to be eliminated, how do you feel about their current strategy of throwing challenges for each other?”

Julien shrugged. “Those who cheat death meet a death far more gruesome.” He licked his lips. “I can’t wait to taste it.”

“I really don’t know what I was expecting.. Andre can share some thoughts?”

“I think you need to understand what it’s like to be on your second… and third for Emmett season, and never having made the merge.” Andre said. “It’s rough. Honestly being an early boot really messes with your head. Plus they’ve lost a lot of the people they’re close with” Andre coughed. “But I don’t know. I don’t like it.”

“You don’t?” Trixie said shocked, “Emmett and Dania were your closest allies. And you don’t agree with their gameplay?”

The musician shook his head. “I can’t say too much because lord knows someone will clip it and edit it into something worse than I mean, but. They want each other to go far because they’re good people, but their actions don’t match their thoughts.”

Trixie understanding Andre’s silence on the topic, summoned the final two guests. “Ivy. Fynn.” Once the guests had swapped placed. Trixie continued. “I think it’s fair to say fan reactions to both of your eliminations have been on two extremes.”

Ivy stared at Trixie. “What are you trying to say?”

Trixie bit her lip. “Just that you might not have had the best reaction this season. With many fans citing yours and Rosalie’s actions and personality seeming cocky and meangirlish. While everyone loves Fynn… and his apparent lack of clothing.”

“That’s because girls like hot bodies. I can do that too!” Ivy said flatly stipping off her dress so that she was in nothing but a swimsuit.

Fynn’s eyes went wide. “You didn’t have to do that! Holy smokeros! Bro!” He handed Ivy her dress back. “Cover up!”

“Why don’t you cover up? Or are you afraid you’ll lose your fans.”

“I don’t do this on purpose. It’s not for the fans!” Fynn laughed. “Although it IS nice to have some support!” He winked at the crowd, as they erupted into cheer.

Trixie looked down at Fynn, “Then why DO you do it?”

Fynn shrugged. “I’d love it if you could tell me! Been to lots of doctors, and therapists. No one can seem to figure it out.” Ivy rolled her eyes.

“One question for both of you then, if you could do anything differently would you?”

Fynn shook his head. “Easy no.”

“But you got eliminated by asking Hannah out, if you don’t do that you make the merge. Hello?” Ivy said annoyed.

“I didn’t join the show to win. Heck I didn’t even mean to join the show! I came here for school! Hannah deserves to know she’s a catch… I just hope she realizes that before we meet again, so that she says yes the next time I ask her out.”

“You’re a good guy.” Andre said from the side. “She deserves someone like you.”

“She eliminated you! In cold blood!” Ivy shouted.

“The sooner I got over that, the sooner I was happy.” Fynn winked. “Maybe you should try it.” “What about you Ivy… Anything you’d change?”

“Everything. Rosalie and I would take over the game. Get rid of Hannah first, so the misfits can’t team up.”

Angel coughed. “I don’t know if that would work.”

“It has too.” Ivy stated. “It was the only option.”

Trixie played a voiceover of Heather, “You need to eliminate Rosalie if you want to go far i n this season.”

“Looks like the queen of total drama thinks otherwise.” Trixie looked annoyed as someone spoke in her earpiece. “Sorry, with Zaina around I can’t call Heather the queen anymore.”

Ivy got up and walked back to her seat. “Whatever. Just tell us how we can go back to the competition.”

“That’s why you came here, isn’t it?” Rosalie asked.

Trixie shrugged, “I don’t know. Is it? Why don’t you just stay put and let me continue? We’re almost done anyways.” Trixie climbed out of her lifeguards nest, as Ribbit removed the props and replaced them with a beanbag chair for Trixie. “The final segment of the show is superlatives. Using your phones, the nine of you will vote for one of the remaining students for each of the following.”

The screens behind them flashed with the question. “Who is most likely to be the winner of Eclipse.” After a few moments the screens swapped to reveal a colourful bargraph. The faces of the final 10 lined the bottom, while blocks made up of the eliminated students created the bars.

“And the results are in! With Four votes, Hannah has been voted most likely to win Eclipse! Dania and Vishal are runner ups with two votes each, followed by Emmett and Weston with one a piece.” Trixie turned to Ivy. “Despite everything you’ve said tonight you voted for Hannah, why?”

Ivy scoffed. “I don’t have to agree with how’s she playing to think she might win. The people left aren’t trying, she’s just going to run away with it all.”

Trixie turned to Fynn. “You voted against Hannah, and for Vishal, what has he done that makes you think he has what it takes to go all the way?”

Fynn shrugged. “When i first got here a lot of people warned me about Vishal, that he can’t be trusted, but I think he’s shown more than anyone that he knows what he is doing, and he can easily beat Hannah in most challenges.”

“Fair enough! Next is, most likely to be eliminated next.” A few moments later the screen swapped to an updated graph. “In almost a clean sweep, Isabella takes the win with six votes, followed by Hannah with three. Damien, what about Isabella makes her such a clear target?”

“The merge is usually where the floaters get used as leverage, and there’s a lot of people coming for Hannah and her misfits right now, plus it’s Isabella… She’s clueless.” The others nodded in agreement.

“Next! Who is most likely to be homecoming queen?” The screens flashed, until it ended on a graph with Cherry having eight votes, and Hannah with one. Fynn blushed, realizing he was the only one to vote for Hannah. “I think we all know why Hannah got one vote, but Fleur… why did you all choose Cherry?”

“Is this a true question? Have you been in the watching? Her and Blake are all in the rage!” Fleur giggled. “Best couple!”

“She’s right.” Rosalie shrugged. “It’s all anyone talks about on the radio, their spark is everywhere!”

Trixie blinked. “I might live under a rock. What about homecoming King?” The screen immediately flashed to show a full sweep for Blake. “I guess they really are the latest thing huh.”

The scene sped forward, with Vishal winning most likely to win an Olympic medal, Isabella being the most likely to go viral, Payton most likely to be valedictorian, Weston most likely to get a job in his field, and Emmett as most likely to return next season. “Finally, the winner of most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse is….” Trixie frowned at the lack of a drumroll. She pulled out a gas mask, and announced. “Salem!”

“Why do you have a gas mask?” Fynn asked immediately.

“A what now, I can’t hear you over the toxic gas we’re pumping into the studio!” Trixie shouted.

The eliminated students faces lit up with panic. It was too late, the gas had already been processed through their bodies as they fell over one by one unconscious. Trixie waved at the camera, walking over to where Ivy and Rosalie were. “Well you both wanted to know how you could come back into the competition right?” Trixie turned to the camera. “Be sure to vote for which one of the CURRENT students you want to give a MAJOR advantage in the next challenge, trust me! It’s a power that has never been seen before, in ANY version of Total Drama across the globe!”

Trixie pulled off her mask, as the gas fled the room. “And be sure to watch the next episode where we find out who really is most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse!”

Chapter Fourteen: It's the End of the World

The advertisement faded. In its place the following message, “Any outbreak depicted in this episode of Total Drama has been contained, and is no longer at risk of infecting the world. It was a manufactured outbreak to increase the stakes of this episode. We repeat, you are SAFE. There is NO outbreak. Total Drama will not be held responsible for any person harming another under the impression they might be the undead. Thank you.”

The scene back to where it left off. The top ten students sat around a bonfire enjoying the warmth. Speakers across campus went off with one message. Alarm bells ringing in the distance. “This is a red alert. This is a red alert. Get to safety. This is not a drill. Don’t let them close to yo-” The announcement cut off as the sound of moaning replaced it.

The students stopped their laughter, giving each other a knowing look. Payton groaned. “Why is it that there’s always a challenge when we are just starting to relax?”

Cherry rolled her eyes, adjusting herself ontop of Blake. She clung to his body, “Isn’t it obvious, because like Zac hates all of us. He’s totes lonely and bitter.” She snapped her fingers, “Ratings.” She reminded the others.

Blake stared at Cherry blank-eyed, unsure of what to do. “If it’s a challenge, wouldn’t we have heard something about it by now?” The hockey player carefully got up, as Cherry slid off of his lap. “Just seems a little too… strange?”

Isabella gasped holding her phone out for the others to see. “Guys? Are… Are we 100% sure this is just a challenge?” A short clip from the local news station played. It showed a college student being chased by pale students. Eventually they caught up to him, and mauled him. A few minutes later he’s seen getting up, pale like the others. “This seems like… legit.”

“Clearly it’s not. It’s just the second part of the Halloween episode.” Hannah stated. The gamer got up, and started to walk away. “It’s like the chainsaw killer episode from Island. Or like a side mission in any game. We’ll be fine.”

Emmett coughted. “But there actually WAS a chainsaw killer back on island… Besides this seems really high budget… doesn’t it? For Zac? He usually takes the easy way out of things.”

Dania gave Emmett a worried look. “Back in Frozen there were the frozen zombies… And those were definitely real.” The preppy girl stood up, motioning for Emmett to join her. “I can still hear Lexi’s screams of terror when I close my eyes.”

Unlike the others, Salem’s eyes lit up with a spark of interest. “Real… Zombies?” The witch paused. “I mean, like do you really think its possible?” She jumped to her feet. “If witches are a thing, then you know… Zombies might be!”

Payton placed her hands on either side of Salem’s face. “Yes, hello. Just a reminder that you’re talking about zombies, the things that like to eat brains. Specifically OUR brains, and you’re talking about it in a GOOD sense?” The legacy student shook her head. “That is, if we believed in those types of things! But we don’t! This is 100% just a challenge!” Payton looked around at the others, “Right?”

Vishal turned to Weston. “What do you say boy detective?” The athlete questioned. “Are they real, or is this just another one of Zac’s schemes for more ratings.” Vishal asked, finished putting mustard on his bun, as he bit into a sausage. The others gave him a look.

Weston got up from his place on the bench. He pulled out his notebook, and cellphone. “I think all the evidence points towards this being another challenge. Rhonda did something similar back at the hotel! With a creepy old woman killer person!”

“Then how do we win?” Vishal asked again. “If it’s a challenge, how are we supposed to beat it?”

As if on queue, each of their Saint. Production phones lit up. Weston held his phone up and started to read. “Attention Students of TDE. If you are reading this, you’re not infected. Nice job! We have set up a safety zone at the Wonderland Stadium. We will be locking it in four hours.” Weston looked up from his phone - “I think it’s time we go!” He gasped, pushing Vishal to get up.

“Why?” Vishal asked, looking up from his phone. “Oh sh-” He gasped, jumping up. “GUYS!”

The other students paused their reading. Through their discussion they managed to miss one key element. The moaning had gotten louder - gotten closer. Only a few feet away from Cherry, Blake laid on the ground, a small zombie having snuck up on him.

“Bla-Blake? Like why is it always when I find one cute they end up gay like or a zombie!” Cherry gasped.

Isabella grabbed onto Cherry’s hand. “Less crying, more running!” She shouted, as she raced off with a motionless Cherry in the opposite direction. “If it’s just a challenge than he’s fine… on the inside!”

“BLAKE!” Cherry shouted. “If it’s just a challenge… then he loses.’ Cherry blinked reaching her arms out to the reanimated Blake who was now standing staring at the other students.

“Vishal?” Weston repeated. “Let’s go!” The twin repeated, grabbing onto Vishal who was still in shock staring at Blake. With some effort Weston was able to drag the athlete away.

Emmett jumped to his feet. His first reaction to run to grab Blake. Dania’s voice stopped him. “Don’t! Emmett! Be smart!” The muscular teen turned to Dania and nodded.

“Right. You’re right.” Emmett looked around. Zombies were starting to close in on them. With Blake between him and Dania. He looked at Dania with regret in his eyes.

“I know! It’s fine!” She shouted back. Dania held up Payton’s hand. “I have Payton!”

“And I have…” Emmett looked around, noticing the only person left was Hannah… “I have Hannah…” He gulped.

Payton looked at Dania, and then back at Emmett. “You know we can both still hear you… Right?”

“Like aca-excuse you. Maybe not the best time to be sassy!” Dania shook her head, as nuts fell out of her hair. “Oh no…AH!” She shouted, as the squirrel pulled on her hair, reminding her of his residence. “Don’t you get started too!”

Emmett scooped Hannah into his arms. “Are you going to say anything or…”

“Blake.” Hannah gasped. “Blake.” She repeated. Her gaze was locked on nothing in particular, just the void in front of her.

“So what’s the plan Dania?” Payton asked, as she pointed out the lack of an escape route.

Dania smiled lightly. “I was hoping you’d have one?”

Payton rolled her eyes. “Of course you did.”

“Well, was I right?”

“No.” Payton shook her head. “I think we’re screwed.

“Oh.” Dania said in a high voice. “Oh…” She repeated, as she took a step back from Blake who was eerily walking towards them. “What about now?”

“It’s been like five seconds Dania.” Payton coughed. “WAIT!”

“Yes?” Dania looked at Payton with hopeful eyes.

“JUST RUN!” Payton shouted, grabbing onto Dania’s hand.

“Well I’m glad you came up with something.” Dania laughed. The camera followed their figures as they ran past the incoming zombies. Their screams blending in with the mass groans.

The light from the bonfire slowly faded as it turned to embers and then ash. While the students may have been competing all day, the night of the living dead had just begun.

“Pick up!” Salem panted, as she ran across campus to where the house party was supposed to be happening. “Ollie! Pick up!” She pleaded, using a broom to smack the zombies that dared block her path. Despite her pleas, the barista didn’t pick up. “This can’t be happening. Like REALLY?!” Salem shouted at the moon above her. “On my FAVORITE day? You just had to do the whole zombie thing?” Salem used the broom to smackdown another zombie. “Couldn’t it wait until tomorrow? Until after my very first date?”

The scene cut to the inside of the icecream truck in Genesis Plaza. “Is Blake a…” Vishal said, his eyes still wide.

“A zombie?” Weston answered. “More than likely.” The twin peeked out through the window, the undead had begun to fill the plaza, though their location was still undetected. “It’s ok though! Me and Alfie made this!” He pulled out a notebook from his pants. Scribbled on the cover was ‘In Case of the Apocalypse’.

“Has that.. Always been in your pants?” Vishal raised an eyebrow. “Man that can’t be sanitary… Or comfortable.” Vishal adjusted his pants. Weston shrugged and offered Vishal the book. “No thanks man, you can hold on to that!”

“Fine.” Weston said, flicking to the second of many bookmarks. “In case the zombies arrive during the merge challenge.”

“How do you know it’s the merge though?” Vishal asked. “And just how many chapters are there? What do you and Alfie do in your free time man?”

Weston stared at Vishal. “Do you want to ask questions, or do you want to survive the zombie apocalypse?”

“Fair enough!” Vishal raised his hands in defeat.

“This is something me and Alfie had been working on for ages! We watched hundreds of zombie flicks, read countless comics and came up with endless plans to make it out ....”

“Except?” Vishal asked, waiting for the other foot to drop.

“They all include both him and me….” Weston looked away.

“Of course they do.” Vishal exhale. He reached into his pants, where his phone lit up with a message from Zac reading ‘Top Secret’. “How about you try and figure out a way to adjust those plans for me instead of Alfie, while I… See if I can contact the others.”

Weston nodded. “Sounds like a plan!”

Vishal turned his attention back to his phone. ‘Top Secret. For being the top-rated student leading into the merge you have been granted an advantage like no other. Click on the attachment below for your award.’ The athlete scrolled down, and clicked on the link. It opened up his map app. Icons of the eliminated students appeared across campus. “Any student that makes it to the quarantine zone is safe. Regardless of their current status.” Vishal read to himself. He shoved his phone into his pocket, and looked over at Weston who was headfirst in a vat of icecream. Confident that the twin didn’t see the message he let out a sigh of relief. “How’s the plan coming budd?”

“I uh…” Weston pulled his head out of the ice cream. “Got distracted… but ice cream is food for your brain! So…” Weston paused, as he clutched his detectives badge. “I’ve got it!” Weston jumped into the driver’s seat, and cranked up the ice cream trucks music. “Are you ready!?”

“Aren’t we supposed to be… discrete?” Vishal paled, as he peeked out the window, and saw the zombies start to turn their attention to the pair.

“Trust me!” Weston grinned.

The scene cut to Isabella setting Cherry down on a bench. “Ok! Full disclosure, if we make it out of this, I need to start hitting the gym!” The local girl collapsed on the bench. “I wasn’t made for this kind of running! Thank god the challenges aren’t actually physical here.”

Cherry snapped out of her daze. “Wait.. Did you like just say challenge?”

“Of course! Was I not supposed to?” Isabella repeated.

“You… Like you actually know you’re on a competition show?”

Isabella blinked. “Well duh! What do you think I am, stupid or something!”

Cherry stared at Isabella and blinked. “So… like where are we?”

“Say you’re sorry.” Isabella grumbled, crossing her arms and turning away from Cherry.

“Excuse-you? Cherry doesn’t like apologuze to anyone, and like what for?”

“Calling me dumb is BEYOND rude! I’d tweet about it, if I wasn’t so exhausted!” Isabella retorted. “And to think I was going to HELP you!”

Cherry let out a high-pitched giggle. “Help me? Like girl, no. You’ve been irrelevant this entire time. Like let’s get real here, you sharing screen time with me, is me helping YOU!” Isabella refused to speak, keeping her arms crossed. “Ok, be like a small child. At least tell me where we are.”

“This is Yasminia Hall. This is where all of us chem majors hang, and where the chem labs are.”

“You’re like a chem major… Like actually?” Cherry blurted out. Isabella rolled her eyes and pointed to the photo of her on the wall. “You’re the Chemistry Club Captain?... And a cheerleader?” Cherry blinked. “AND you knew this was a competition the entire time?”

“Forgive me for wanting to have a little fun.” Isabella scoffed. “Now do you want to help me barricade the building so i can engineer a cure for Blake or what?”

Cherry blinked again. “You’re like… full of surprises tonight.”

“AND?” Isabella stared daggers into Cherry’s soul.

“I’m like totes sorry for being so Cherrylicious and lowkey insulting you all night… and season, and well ever since I met you to be like honest. But to be totes fair, you kinda deserved it.”

Isabella tilted her head and put on a smile. “Close enough!”

The scene cut to the Screaming Fraternity’s dorm building. Emmett had carried Hannah through the light crowd of zombies to the safety of his dorm room. He put Hannah down on his bed. Emmett chose to search his closet for a bat. As he adjusted his grip on the weapon Hannah came back to reality. “This is… happening. It’s not a game?” The gamer blinked. “Blake is an actual… zombie?”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Emmett said, looking out his window. More and more zombies seemed to be crawling onto the campus. “It’s still more than likely a challenge… Which means.” He started.

“It’s just one big game!” Hannah gasped. “And I know how to win at zombie games!” Hannah began to search through Emmett’s belongings. “Boxers, cheer uniform, photos of cows…” Hannah stopped and looked back at Emmett who was glaring at her. “Hey?” She asked before she continued to dig through his things. “Necklace full of garlic… Barbell… Yeah i can’t move that.” She stopped as Emmett lifted her smaller figure and tossed her back onto his bed.

“What are you doing?” Emmett asked, his eyes wide. “What part of zombie challenge makes you think digging through all my stuff is the best course of action?”

Hannah adjusted herself on Emmett’s bed. “Well in every zombie game the first step is always scavenging for supplies! Except your closet really doesn’t have any high-grade loot.” She frowned. “We’re doomed.” She buried her head in Emmett’s pillows. “And the only member of my party is YOU?”

“What’s that even supposed to mean?” Emmett grumbled.

The gamer motioned for Emmett to join her on his bed. “Well in terms of character abilities, you’ve lowkey proved you’re one of the weakest. She pulled out her phone to reveal the mobile Seasons App. She flicked through the menus until Emmett’s face and profile appeared. Below it, were his star rankings for numerous stats. While his leadership and charisma were high, his other stats were well below average.

Emmett blinked. “What even is that?” The muscular teen questioned, grabbing onto Hannah’s phone. “Determination, one out of five stars?” Emmett gasped. “Who even decides these things!?”

Hannah shrugged “It’s voted on by the audience, with former players having their votes weighed more heavily. “Last season you chose to eliminate yourself so you’re not really seen as much of a threat… and then this season you’ve shown that you're a friendly guy and can lead a team but you’re not cut throat.”

“And you are?!” Emmett grumbled, handing her phone back.

“I seem to recall your ex going home because of me.” Hannah winked. “You’re welcome for that by the way.”

“I have what it takes.” Emmett grumbled, gripping his bat. “I just -” He caught himself before he revealed his and Dania’s plan. “Look Hannah. Let’s ignore the stats and focus on winning this challenge for now. The stadium is on the other side of campus, and we don’t have all night to get there.”

Hannah giggled. “And so you brought me the opposite direction?” The gamer pointed at Emmett’s thought-processing skills.

“We needed supplies!” Emmett argued. Emmett turned his attention to the door. “SHH!” He demanded clamping his hand over Hannah’s mouth. The sound of moaning could be heard on the other side. The pair shared a look before they both turned to the window.

“Where are we?” Payton asked, as she and Dania managed to get out of sight from the zombies. “Where did you lead us?”

“I don’t know! I panicked!” Dania shouted back, before lowering her voice. “Sorry!” She looked around the building they had entered. Photos of the students were tacked on the walls, threads leading between them.

“It looks like a crime scene.” Payton whispered, ducking below the threads.

“An investigation.” Dania repeated. “Into us?” She asked. She walked over to her own photo, flipping it over. “Naive. Demanding. Polite. What does this even mean?” She pointed at Payton’s photo. “What about yours?”

Payton followed, reading her own photo. “It just has question marks all over it.” The legacy student spun around the room. “Who would put all of their energy into something like this?”

Dania raised an eyebrow. “That’s the easy part. Weston, the true detective… in training… The real question is why.”

Payton wandered around the room, stopping in front of the white board. “Someone is lying.” She read out. “What does that mean?”

“Someone is lying?” Dania repeated. “Maybe Weston thinks that someone is lying… I don’t know. We shouldn’t think too hard about it…. It’s Weston after all.”

“He’s smarter than he looks.” Payton reminded. “But you’re right. We have bigger things to deal with first.” She looked past the blinds at the zombies that waited in the streets. “What do we do about all of them?”

Dania shook her head, as more nuts fell from her hair. “Of course I wouldn’t lose this guy.” She groaned, as her squirrel friend climbed down onto her shoulder and threw an acorn at Payton.

“I mean... “ Payton started. “No nevermind.” The squirrel threw another acorn at the girl.

“Speak up Pay. I believe in you!” Dania encouraged. “We’re not with our parents anymore. We can speak freely. We can act freely.”

Payton rolled her eyes. “Good to know, but I just mean… I don’t know if you’re willing to do this….”

“Do what?”

Payton pointed to the sewer ducts on the road. “Chances are they lead everywhere on campus… even the stadium.”

Dania’s eyes twitched…”Se-sewers?”

Payton put a hand on Dania’s shoulder. “We can do this right, we can act freely.” Dania’s face paled.

The scene cut back to show Salem marching through the streets. Her destination was in her sights - but the screams of terror made her worry she may have been just slightly too late. Without hesitation she jumped on her broom, kicked off from the ground and soared through the sky. Riding above the hordes of zombies she crashed through the window on the upper level of the party. “OLLIE!?” She shouted, trying to call out to her crush.

“Salem?” Ollie whispered, pushing open the closet.

“You’re not… coming out of the closet are you, because that would make all of this really anti-climatic!” Salem slouched against the wall.

“No.” Ollie chuckled. “I had to hide in there when everyone at the party started acting crazy! They were playing spin the bottle and it started out pretty chill for awhile…”

“Spin the bottle?” Salem tilted her head. “You were playing Spin the bottle?”

Ollie shook his head. “Priorities Salem! And at first the kissing was normal but… then people started biting each other and then the groaning… and then I ran up here!” He pointed at the door that he had barricaded with the dorm room furniture. “Talk about being fashionably late by the way.” Ollie winked, teasing Salem.

“Sorry!” Salem blushed. “Me and the others were having a bonfire when all of this started.” She collapsed against the wall, catching her breath.

Ollie looked at the window that had been destroyed when Salem and her broom came crashing in. “Don’t tell me you were riding that thing!”

Salem blushed further. “I don’t know how it happened! I just knew you were in trouble and I wanted --- had to help!”

The barista stepped closer to Salem, placing his hands on her face. “Well, I can’t say I’m not happy you showed up.” He leaned in to kiss her when Salem kicked him away. “AH!” He groaned, “What was that for!?”

Salem blinked. “Zombie!” Salem pointed at the zombie that was about to bite Ollie.

“Oh… thanks.”

“Save the rest of that for later though… Ok?” Salem blushed, as she regained her energy and grabbed onto Ollie’s hand. “On three?” She smiled as the prepared to jump out the broken window.

The scene cut to reveal Blake and his new zombie friends. Strobe lights lit up the stage on Genesis plaza while he and the other zombies danced along to Thriller. Blake turned to the other zombies while they danced. “Braaaaaaaains.” He groaned with a slight frown.

“Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.” The others chanted back. The familiar sound of an ice cream truck broke up the dance party. The zombies stopped and looked at each other before they began their slow chase after the magical truck.

The camera zoomed in on the truck, where Weston was driving. “Bonus points for destorying things right!?” Weston chuckled as he aimed for a a small flower garden

Vishal threw his hands onto the wheel, steering the truck away from the crowd. “Weston! Focus on getting us home safe!”

“Well how else am I supposed to have any fun?” Weston frowned. “But you know,” Weston paused, as he steered away from a group of zombies. "I wonder if the zombies can feel anything... It's zombie challenge, Zac would have to predict some of us might... get violent."

Vishal paused. “Ok good point!” The athlete loosened his grip as Weston did wheelies, gently crashing into a group of zombies. “Ok high-key that’s awesome!”

“RIGHT!?” Weston cheered.

“You said you had a plan right?” Vishal asked. “What… was it?”

Weston perked back up. “Oh right! If we can disguise our scents, maybe the zombies won’t be able to smell us anymore!”

Vishal peered at the map on his phone quickly, coming up with a plan. “What about the pool. It’s on the same side of campus as the stadium, and the chlorine is sure to mask our scent.”

The twin nodded. “I like the way you think!” Weston spun the steering wheel, causing the truck to turn on its wheels. “Let’s go for a swim!”

“No. No way! That’s so… dirty!” Dania gasped, as Payton prepared for their dive by tying her hair into a high ponytail.

Payton shrugged. “That’s your choice then.” The sibling grabbed onto a spare board. “But I feel like if this is a challenge then you need to make it to the quarantine zone - and if it isn’t than good luck dating Andre!” Dania’s eyes lit up at her boyfriend's name. “Typical.” Payton groaned. “Not everything needs to be about a boyfriend you know. Look at me, I’m single, and I’m doing things!”

Dania eyed Payton. “We can do different things and still be happy. We don’t both need to worry about the same things you know Payton.”

Payton walked towards the entrance. “Fair enough, I just thought that after everything with your dad you wouldn’t let another guy dictate your life.” She reached for the door handle but Dania stopped her.

“Aca-excuse you?” Dania shook her head. “You can’t just say something like that and then walk away. Aca-xplain yourself.”

“What are you majoring in Dania?” Payton asked without turning back around.

“Music studies.” Dania replied without hesitation.

Payton nodded her head, still not turning around. “If that’s what you really want to do in life than I’m sorry. Maybe I misunderstood things.” She turned the handle. “But right now, we don’t have time to debate the merits of your choices. Right now we need to jump into the sewers, so are you coming or are you too much of a daddy’s girl to do what it takes?”

Without saying a word, Dania stripped down to her undergarments. She walked past Payton, kicking down the door. Her squirrel partner jumped back into her hair to nap. “Don’t just assume things about me. You don’t know me.” Dania declared.

The scene swapped to show Cherry outside of the laboratory. The camera panned to show a horde of zombies slowly breaking down the defences that blocked the hall. “Like this is it. Our last stand!” Cherry shouted. She peeked inside the laboratory where Isabella was hard at work. “You better be worth it.” She whispered thinking of Blake.

The former winner armed herself with packages of her Cherryliscious branded coffee beans. She tossed a couple at the entrance where the zombies were about to break through. She opened her makeup kit, applying her signature red colour in two streaks below her eyes. She lit a match, causing the sprinklers in the hall to open, raining down on the zombies that had broken into the hall. Cherry pulled down the gas mask, allowing her to breath clean air. She pointed at the zombies that instantly became drowsy. “Like funny thing. The reason my coffee empire in Floria wasn’t able to expand to like the rest of the globe was because the beans react strange to water here.” She pointed at the zombies that were having a difficult time walking. “Usually it’s like a major downer but I guess it has its perks.” With a quick motion, Cherry grabbed onto a large broom and began sweeping the zombies away.

“Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.” The zombies mumbled as they were swept out of the hall.

“And like THAT.” Cherry beamed as she wiped her hands clean and walked back to her post. “Is why I’m the most recent winner.” When she doesn’t paying attention, the doors on the opposite side of the hall had also been broken. Her eyes went wide as a smaller army of zombies marched their way towards her, and her cure. Cherry raced into the lab. “We’ve got a problem.”

Isabella gulped. “It’s not done yet!”

Cherry bit her lip. “Well like, how much longer is it?”

Isabella shrugged. “I… don’t know I just need more time. But if we don’t have any than… I’m sorry Cherry. I really thought I could do it.”

Cherry looked at Isabella than back at the hallway. She handed Isabella her cherry-red lipgloss. “Like I’ll buy you time.” Without look back the former winner raced into the hallway, yelling at the zombies to get their attention. Satisfied she had gotten all of their attention she ran in the opposite direction. The race for her - and Blake’s life was on.

“Jump!” Ollie and Salem shouted. Without hesitation the pair jumped into the bushes that waited below.

“OW!” Hannah grumbled as the pair crashed on top of her and Emmett.

Emmett grumbled as he rubbed his head. “Really? What are the chances.” He chuckled giving Salem a hug. “Happy you’re still safe.”

“Likewise!” Salem giggled, blushing. “You know Ollie…” She looked at her friend awkwardly.

Hannah tilted her head. “The barista?!”

Ollie grabbed onto Salem’s hand and kissed it. “You can call me Salem’s date for the night.” Salem blushed further.

“Oh… You found a boyfriend.” Hannah said slowly. “Proud of you.” She whispered, looking away.

Salem wrapped her arms around Hannah. “Thanks… but I wouldn’t say he’s my boyfriend just yet.”

Ollie nodded. “Definitely don’t want to put a label on it just yet. But saving me from a zombie apocalypse does make a pretty sick first date, I gotta admit.”

Emmett fist bumped Ollie. “Smooth.” He chuckled.

“Is our cutscene over yet?” Hannah sighed. “I always hated the unskippable ones.” The gamer turned back to her friends. “Or do I need to remind you that we’re still in the middle of the end of the world?”

“No reminder needed.” Ollie gulped as he watched a group of zombies encircle them.

“This could be a problem.” Emmett added. He reached for his bat. “Of course I’d leave the bat in my room.” He hid his face in his hands, “Anyone else have any ideas?” The silence was answer enough.

“Hold hands everyone.” Salem commanded, offering her hands to Hannah and Emmett. “This might not be the best time for prayer.” Emmett raised an eyebrow.

Ollie turned to Salem. “Best. Girl. Ever.” He beamed, grabbing both Hannah’s and Emmett’s hands. “No offense Hannah, you’re pretty chill too.”

“I’m used to guys not finding me awesome. Don’t worry about it.” Hannah smiled.

Emmett looked at Hannah with a frown. “You know that’s not true.”

“I’m single aren’t I? We can’t all just jump from relationship to relationship every season Emmett.” Hannah countered.

“We’ve both dated the same amount of people on the show.” Emmett sighed.

Salem stared at both Emmett and Hannah. “Now’s not the time.” She calmly said exhaling and inhaling. She closed her eyes, as light began to emit from her and her friends. It was faded at first but slowly it expanded, and grew brighter. “Close your eyes!” She commanded. A few seconds later a blinding light radiated from the group, blinding the zombies that were about to finish them. “Let’s go!” Salem shouted, leading her friends away from the hoard.

“Babe.” Ollie whispered.

The scene cut to the sewers where Dania and Payton were trenching through the questionable liquid in silence. “You know you didn’t need to strip down to come in the sewers.” Payton commented. “Honestly you probably shouldn’t have… it’s not really clean if you know what I mean.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Dania muttered, regretting most of her life choices that led her to this point.

“I thought that was two of my favorite ladies I heard!” Fynn winked from where he was restrained against the sewer wall. “Mind helping a guy out?”

“Fynn?!” Payton gasped.

“Fynn?” Dania repeated, also confused by his appearance.

“Happy to see I’m not the least dressed for once!” Fynn teased, looking at Dania’s lack of clothes. “Missed me that much eh?” He chuckled.

“I barely know you!” Dania gasped, using her hands to cover herself.

“Sorry just trying to lighten the mood. You both look like it’s the end of the world or something.” Fynn shrugged.

“It may as well be.” Payton muttered. “Zombie challenge. And the zombies are… real?” Payton paused. “So why are you here?”

“Was hoping you would tell me.” Fynn said.

Dania and Payton turned to each other. “So what do we do?”

Dania turned back to Fynn. “The zombies won’t be able to get him down here…”

“So we leave him? I agree.” Payton said.

“I don’t agree!” Fynn argued. “Come on guys! You can’t just leave a guy hanging… literally.”

“It’s probably the merge challenge.” Dania noted. “I made the merge.” She repeated. “Wow. About time.” She laughed.

Payton gave a silent applause. “You think he could be one of the returnees?”

Dania looked back at Fynn who was giving the girls his best puppy dog face. “Probably.”

“So we should definitely leave him. If we don’t untie him, he doesn’t have a chance of making it to the quarantine, and will be eliminated.” Payton said with ease. “Easy math here Dania. Let’s go.”

Dania shook her head and walked back to Fynn, untying him. “Thanks Dania.” Fynn stared at Payton. “I’ll remember this though.”

Payton stared at Dania. “I thought we agreed?”

Dania took out her phone, taking a photo of Fynn, and sent it to Hannah and Vishal with a message an angel emoji. “If Fynn’s here, that means others could be here, or elsewhere on campus.” Dania explained.

“Definately. We ALL were knocked out at the aftermath.” Fynn added.

“All?!” Dania and Payton gasped. “As in everyone?”

“Yep!” Dania smiled. “So my friends… they could all be out there?”

“Probably!” Fynn nodded, shedding his clothes. “See! There now you don’t need to feel so awkward.”

Dania blushed. “Not helping Fynn.”

Payton “So the final ten just… might turn back to the final 20?” She groaned. “This just got a lot messier.”

The prep shook her head. “Think smaller Payton. We saved Fynn.”

“Ok and?”

“I’m awesome?” Fynn cheered.

“Sure?” Dania laughed as she started to walk ahead of the duo. “More importantly Hannah and Vishal will be excited to have you back. Which means they might return the favor… Or see it as a merge present.”

“You’re really out here playing chess when the rest of us are playing checkers.” Payton gasped.

“I don’t get it.” Fynn said, as the two girls laughed ahead of him.

“I always seem to misjudge you.” Payton shook her head. “Figures that I would be the one limiting you, not Andre.”

Dania offered her hand to Payton. “I honestly think you’re overvaluing me right now. But I trust you.” She smiled. “You’re open and honest with me. Alliance?”

Payton shook Dania’s hand. “Alliance.” She took off her jacket and offered it to Dania to cover her a little.

“What about me?” Fynn cheerfully said as he ran to catch up to the girls.

“What about you.” Payton teased.

The scene switched to show Cherry running from zombies. “Like think! What would Sam or Viola do?” Cherry muttered to herself while looking around for an escape route. “THINK Cherry!” She muttered. “They like wouldn’t be in this position.” Cherry stared at her reflection in the fountain. “Not true.” She responded, seeing her war paint running down her face. “Like they would totes do whatever it took to save their partners.”

“But like… Is Blake… Is he my partner?” She paused to catch her breath. She looked up. “BLAKE!” She shouted as the zombified hockey player came into view. The former student was playing tag with his zombie friends. “Of course, like of course zombies play tag.” Cherry dove into a nearby brush so she could keep an eye on Blake, while hiding.

The students phones lit up with another message. “One hour until the quarantine zone is locked off.”

Weston and Vishal are seen taking a brisk swim in the pool. “Do you think this will work?” Weston asked, as he got out of the pool wearing his swim trunks.

“Even if it doesn’t, the stadium is only a few tunnels away.” Vishal noted. He started to dry off then looked at his phone. He saw the message from Dania. “Fynn!” Vishal shouted, showing Weston the image of Fynn.

“He’s back!?” Weston cheered before realizing he had to keep his voice down. “Sorry.” He whispered. “That’s awesome!”

Rosalie shouted to get the boys attention. “You don’t need to worry about keeping your voice down in here.”

“Rosalie?” Weston asked looking up at the lifeguards seat where she was restrained. “Since when were you a lifeguard?”

Vishal blinked. Unsure how to respond to Weston. “Rosalie.” He stated looking up at the former winner.

“Shocked?” Rosalie teased. “I know I can be a lot to handle sometimes, but mind untying me so we can talk a bit more?”

Weston nodded, racing up to untie the student. “Glad to see you.”

Rosalie smiled at Weston. “You too! I hope we can get to know each other more this time around.” She turned her attention back to Vishal. “So Fynn was rescued too? Anyone else?”

“Not that I’m aware of.” Vishal replied.

“There’s others?” Weston asked.

“Basically everyone who was eliminated.” Rosalie explained. “I think we’re all spread out on campus.”

“Alfie!” Weston shouted racing out of the pool and back towards the icecream truck.

“Weston wait! It’s too late!” Vishal shouted, trying to get Weston to come back.

“It’s no use.” Rosalie said as she began to walk towards the stadium. “Some people value their friendship more than anything.”

“Some people?” Vishal questioned, as he turned to Rosalie. “Weren’t you the one who was fighting for your friends back in Frozen?”

Rosalie shrugged. “That’s before I was cheated on, and betrayed.” She stopped to look at Vishal. “During Frozen we were working against each other. How about we try something new this time around. I’m sure I have information you’d find valuable.”

“We have a common enemy now.” Vishal noted.

“Hannah.” They both stated, shaking hands.

Elsewhere Hannah, Emmett, Ollie and Salem were preparing a rescue mission. “Are you sure this is going to work?” Emmett asked looking at Hannah doubtful.

“Every zombie game that’s worth anything has a sick music cutscene.” Hannah responded. “Are you all ready?”

Salem and Ollie looked at each other unsure but nodded. “On three?”

“On three.” They all agreed. The four students pressed play on their phones. Thriller played as the group danced along. Slowly making their way into Violia Hall. To their amazement, the zombies seemed to ignore them.

“Hey Listen!” Hannah’s phone rang out, cutting the music up. The zombies stopped what they were doing and looked at the source.

“Braaaaaaaaaains!” They moaned as they made their way towards the dancing troupe.

“That’s are queu to run!” Emmett shouted leading the group towards the lab. Once they were all inside they blocked the doorway.

“Hello?” Isabella said blinking at the group. “How did you find me?”

Salem showed Isabella her Instagram feed. “You only posted about ten times since the challenge started.” She teased. “She pulled up a picture of Isabella with a syringe. “This one is my favorite. You have a nice smile!”

Isabella blushed. “You’re so sweet! Just like the girls back home!”

“So… what are you doing here anyways?” Emmett asked. “ Not really the place I’d expect to see you.”

Ollie chuckled. “Clearly you don’t know each other all that well.” Ollie walked over to Isabella. “She’s the club leader for the chemistry club on campus.”

“What?” Hannah, Emmett and Salem all gasped.

“Since when?” Emmett asked.

“Ok, what is with everyone and saying such rude things today?” Isabella pouted.

“Fynn!” Hannah gasped, as she pulled out her phone. “It’s Fynn!” She showed everyone his picture. “He’s back…. Oh no.”

Ollie put his hand on her back. “Trust me when I say this Hannah, but he’ll forgive you.”

Salem looked at Ollie. “How did you know that Isabella was in the chem club?”

“He delivers coffee and donuts to us every week.” Isabella said. She pulled out a small vial and syringe. “I did it! Well I think I did!”

“Did what?” Emmett questioned.

“I made the cure! We can save Blake!”

Emmett blinked again. “So we just find out you’re actually a chem major, and now that you’ve invented a cure to the zombies?”

Isabella blinked. “I guess so.”

Hannah looked over at Isabella. “Honestly we should have seen this coming. The weakest characters at the start always get strong if you level them up.”

“Thanks!” Isabella smiled.

“So now we just need to find Blake… in half an hour AND make it to the stadium.” Salem gulped.

“Do we have enough time?” Ollie asked.

“We’ll make enough time.” Hannah decided.

“Ok but first problem.” Emmett pointed at the zombies that were breaking through the baricade.

“We have the cure, it’s fine.” Ollie said, looking at Isabella. “Right?”

“Only one dose… Sorry.”

“The vents it is!” Emmett said, pushing the desks closer to the vents. “Ladies first.” He offered, as he pulled off the vent cover.

The scene cut to the stadium. Mana and Zac sipped from their milkshakes, enjoying the silence. “Did you catch Masterchef last night?” Zac asked.

“Addison was robbed.” Mana mumbled. “How did she go home?! Her cupcakes looked so good.”

“Rigged.” Zac commented. “All the producers know it.”

Dania, Fynn and Payton climbed up through the sewers. “You’re kidding… Right?” Dania said as she looked at the hosts. “We’re spent this entire time evading zombies and you’ve been drinking milkshakes?”

“And pizza!” Mana grinned, pulling another slice.

“And we have our final three!” Zac announced. “Make yourselves at home, and enjoy the show!” He pointed at the monitors in front of them, that were following the students every move.

“Final five!” Mana corrected as Rosalie and Vishal walked into the stadium. “Unusual duo though.” He whispered and Zac nodded.

“Fynn!” Vishal grinned racing over to his friend.

“Dania!” Rosalie shouted waving at her former friend. “I’ve missed you so much!”

Payton turned to Mana. “Man, I know how you must feel all the time now.” She teased, as she stood alone.

“That’s rude.” Mana coughed.

“That’s the Payton we like to see!” Zac grinned.

Dania and Vishal shared a nod as they each embraced their friend. “Rosalie.” Dania smiled. “It’s been so long!”

“I know! You made it further than me this time around!” Rosalie put her hand on Dania’s shoulder. “I’m proud of you! Honest, we’ve been watching along - me and Ivy. You’ve done us proud.”

Dania blushed. “I had help.”

Rosalie pulled Dania in for another hug. “Every winner does.” She whispered with a wink.

“Well come on, give me your praises!” Vishal boasted, looking at Fynn who was eating pizza.

“Somethings just don’t change.” Payton laughed, patting Fynn on the back. “Honestly don’t ever change. You make me look good.” She teased.

Fynn looked over at Vishal cheese dripping from his face. “Sorry man, I was honestly too distracted with all the food they have at the losers dorm!”

Vishal blinked. “I hate you sometimes.”

“C'mon! You don’t mean that!” Fynn laughed, walking over to hug Vishal, his hands covered in cheese and grease, while still being mildly underdressed.

Vishal ran away from Fynn’s embrace. “Nah brah, I think I’m good right now.”

Elsewhere on campus, the brady bunch had just finished crawling out of the vents. “There’s no way we can find Blake in time AND make it to the stadium.” Emmett decided. “The stadium is still a ten minute run from here.”

“And we have 15.” Hannah said. “We have the time to find him!”

Salem grabbed onto Hannah’s hand. “We don’t. I’m sorry. Really Hannah I am.”

Hannah’s eyes started to tear up. “I can’t…. I let Fynn go, I can’t lose Blake too.” The gamer sniffled.

Isabella nudged Ollie. “Ever feel you got accused of stealing another persons look on the gram? That's def. how I feel right now!”

“Same?” Ollie laughed.

Emmett wrapped his arms around Hannah. “It’s ok Hannah. It’s going to be ok.”

Salem gave a soft ahhhh. Seeing two of her favorites share a hug. She slipped her hand into Ollie’s as she watched.

“Why are you being so nice to me.” Hannah blew her nose into Emmett’s sweater.

“Because I know how it feels to lose - over and over again. And just when you think you have it figured out you lose again. I think we have a lot more in common than either of us care to admit. Like sheeps and goats back on the ranch.”

“Or Mario and Sonic?” Hannah asked, drying her tears.

“Or like Sario and Maric.” Emmett nodded.

“He’s clueless.” Ollie laughed.

“It’s cute!” Salem jabbed Ollie with a giggle.

Isabella looked around. “Ok, so let’s start the running thing now?”

“Deal.” Emmett and Hannah agreed.

The scene cut forward to the stadium. “And now we have a final nine!” Mana cheered as Emmett, Hannah, Isabella and Salem joined the group in the stadium.

“What about Ollie?” Salem asked. “He’s a student too… Does that mean -”

Zac looked at Ollie and then back at the other students. “This wasn’t something we predicted happening to be honest.” The host turned to Mana. “Call the producers we need a verdict. For now, enjoy pizza!”

Ollie looked at Salem. “You really think I could be on the show?”

Emmett patted his back. “You’d be a great competitor!”

Isabella nodded. “You’re decently cute.”

Rosalie walked over to the group, while Dania tackled Emmett. “Long time no see. Emmett. Isabella…. Hannah.” Rosalie smiled.

“Rosalie.” Emmett gulped.

Isabella and Hannah shared a look as they snuck off to the milkshake machine. “She’s scarier than I remember.” Isabella whispered.

Hannah nodded. “Every game needs a villain to return.”

Fynn handed Hannah a strawberry flavored shake. “Mind if we talk?” Hannah lost all colour in her face but nodded.

The scene cut to Weston frantically driving around campus in search of Alfie. His phone slowly counted down to the lockdown. “STOP!” Cherry shouted as she jumped in front of the icecream truck.

Weston just barely managed to swerve out of the way. He jumped out of the truck and looked at Cherry. “What are you doing here?” Weston asked. “Shouldn’t you be at the quarantine?”

“Like shouldn’t you?” Cherry responded.

“Alfie is out here somewhere…” Weston sighed, looking at his phone. They were down to five minutes.

“Blake’s still a zombie.” Cherry sighed pointing to where Blake was using a bat to hit a pinata.

“That looks like fun!” Weston said, slowly wandering towards the colourful figure.

Cherry grabbed onto Weston’s hand. “Do you like… think you could help me?”

“With what?” Weston asked, his eyes still locked on the pinata.

“Nothing major… Just like a small little thing.”

Weston raised his eyebrows, as he watched Blake miss the pinata.

The scene cut to the stadium. Where the icecream truck crashed through the almost finished barricade. The familiar sound alerting the others to its presence.

“Weston!” Vishal grinned as the truck came to a stop.

“Ten seconds!” Cherry shouted at Isabella, while opening the freezer at the back of the icecream truck, revealing Blake who was tied up in pinata ribbons.

“Don’t do it.” Rosalie whispered. “The last thing you need is a power couple in the game.”

Isabella looked back at Rosalie and rolled her eyes. “Something changed between Frozen and now, and it’s not for the better.” The local girl walked to Blake injecting the zombie with her homemade cure. In moments his eyes returned from their bright red to a forest green.

“Blake!” Cherry said kissing the student.

“Cause this is thriller….” Blake hummed.

“It might take a couple minutes for him to fully return to normal.” Isabella added.

Zac looked around at the students who made it. “And that brings us to our final….” He did a quick count. “Final eleven!”

“Twelve actually!” Kaleb announced, as he jumped out from behind the bleachers. “Have no fear for I am here, and this is my grand entrance!”

“HOW!?” Everyone said shocked. “Shouldn’t he still be tied up somewhere?” Vishal gasped.

Kaleb walked closer to the group, revealing his zombie disguise. “Unfortunately for you, no Vishal.” The drama king rolled his eyes. “Unlike them.” He pointed at Fynn and Rosalie, “When I fell down the hole os losers - which is WAY spookier than I expected! I managed to use my overalls to get a grip, and climb back up!”

He continued to explain while staring at Cherry and Vishal. “None of you are very discrete when it comes to hiding and running from zombies, so I was able to figure out the challenge fairly quickly. Then it was just a matter of finding a way to get from point A to B, and as a drama student, acting like a zombie wasn't anything too hard.” His turned his gaze away from Cherry and Vishal. “But I’ll admit, even I couldn't tell that you were just acting to be my friend.” The star frowned. “I guess some of us never learn eh.”

Weston who was wearing the pinata as a hat, in honor of Alfie gave Kaleb a hug. “Well I’m glad you’re back.” Kaleb smiled giving the detective a hug in return.

Zac shrugged. “Ok Final 12 then!”

Payton did her own count. “But there’s 14 of us here?”

Ollie frowned. “That means I don’t get to compete eh?”

The host nodded. “Not this season. You’ve been added to the cast for Total Drama Blossoming. So have no fear!”

Salem gave Ollie a tight hug. “Hopefully I’ll be on it too!”

“That’s still one person missing…” Payton continued looking at Blake and Isabella. “Are you sure your cure worked?”

“It like… Wasn’t fast enough? Were we totes too late?” Cherry gasped gripping Blake’s hand.

“You’re never too late for me Cherry.” Blake smiled, pulling her in for a kiss. “It was worth it, if only to know you feel the same way about me.”

Cherry blushed. “I… I do.”

“And this surprises no one.” Kaleb shook his head.

Zac shook his head. “Actually no. Blake is in the final 12.” He walked to the center of the group. “One of you broke your Total Drama contract and the only option for this is disqualification.”

The students looked around at each other nervous. “Well who did it?” Rosalie asked.

“Salem. I’m sorry.” Mana sighed. “Unfortunately when you saved Ollie, and then saved Hannah and Emmett you used magical abilities to aid you in a challenge which goes against your contract… It’s the only fair option.”

Salem gave Ollie a kiss on the cheek, and gave her friends a hug. “I know.” She giggled.

“Then why did you do it?” Hannah frowned.

“We could have figured another way out!” Emmett added. “You didn’t need to DQ yourself!”

Salem gave the pair a funny look. “Coming from you two? I thought you’d understand.” Ollie wrapped his arm around Salem as she finished explaining. “Sometimes knowing that your friends can still prove something is worth more than finishing it yourself. What more is there for me to do? I made the merge, I found my own coven, a cute boy! I made all kinds of friends… AND I lived out my zombie fantasy!” She squealed, gently hovering off of the ground.

“Please follow me.” Mana said, as he led Ollie and Salem away.

“Bye Salem!” The other students shouted. Emmett and Hannah shared a look of trust as they waved good bye to their friend.

"Wait!" Weston shouted chasing after Salem. He grabbed onto her hand while handing her his pinata hat. 

Salem smiled putting the hat on Ollie's head. "Weston!" She beamed 

"I... I'm really sorry that I was your rival for nothing. I know you were only trying to help Alfie with his memories." Weston mumbled kicking the ground. 

The witch rruffled Weston's hair. "You know I've always seen you as my younger brother." She winked. "I never took offense. Don't worry." 

Weston blinked. "I've always wanted an older sister!" 

Salem reached into Ollie's hat for a kitkat bar, splitting it between her and Weston. "Well, I'll always be around. Besides it almost feels like we were both two sides of the same coin you know?" 

"Like we share a mom out there somewhere?" Weston nodded. "Definately!" 

Zac looked at the others. “As for the final 12, as I’m sure you’ve realized. It’s the merge! Welcome!” The students let out a cheer. “Things are only going to get tougher from here on, so I hope you’re all prepared. Enjoy the pizza and shakes, and…” He snapped his fingers,as the screens morphed together, and blankets and pillows fell from the ceiling. “Enjoy a movie night… morning?” Zac paused, “Whatever, on me.” The host left, following behind Mana.

The camera panned over to where Fynn and Hannah sat together. “You don’t need to be scared with me.” Fynn said, offering Hannah his hand. “I meant it when I asked you out.”

Hannah blushed. “But why me -”

“No.” Fynn shook his head. “Never ask that.” The surfer pulled her in close. “It doesn’t matter why. As long as the feelings are true. Asking why ruins it.”

Hannah looked away. “I don’t want to just be another girl.” She looked over at Blake and Cherry who were sharing another kiss. “I didn’t feel right with Britt or Saber… I don’t want to rush into anything.”

“Whose rushing?” Fynn asked, with his innocent smile. “Let’s hold hands, share a shake, and watch a movie together.”

The gamer looked into Fynn’s eyes and nodded. “It’s a date.” Hannah smiled resting her head on his shoulder.

Kaleb joined Isabella who was posting photos of her and the others to her ‘gram. “Busy as per usual?”

“Something like that!” Isabella smiled. “Loved the entrance by the by! Very theatre kid meets Carrie! Gave me the shivers! Reminded me of this one production my friends put together back home of Sleepy Beauty, except with vampires…”

Kaleb laughed. “Sounds like quite the show!” He paused sending a like to Isabella on the photo of the two of them. “There’s a rumor around campus you know?”

“Ohhh? A rumor? I love them! Tell me!” Isabella grinned, as she typed away on her phone.

“Rumor has it, you’re not quite as oblivious as you let on.” Kaleb stated.

Isabella shrugged. “What’s wrong with having a little fun here and there?”

“That’s not the entire rumor though.” Kaleb paused, sending another like on one of Isabella’s photos. “You would have been eliminated a long time ago if it wasn’t for Grayson quitting. Rumor has it that’s when your hashtags started to change.”

Isabella put her phone down and looked at Kaleb with a grin. “So you cracked the code?”

Kaleb liked a third and final photo on Isabella’s account. “Just had to open my eyes.”

“Honestly pretty happy that you were the one to figure it out!” Isabella grinned giving him a hug. “So it’s an alliance then?”

“It is.” Kaleb looked over at Cherry and Vishal. “And I know our first target.”

Blake and Dania ran into each other as they got pizza. “You two are really cute… oddly enough.” Dania smiled. “It’s nice to see you both happy.”

Blake blushed slightly. “Glad to see you’re bonding now too…” Blake chuckled as the squirrel in Dania’s hair nibbled on her crusts.

“Surviving a zombie apocalypse can really bring people together. His name’s Chester.”

“I like that.” Blake laughed. He turned his gaze to where Rosalie was talking with Emmett. “So she’s back.”

Dania grinned. “She is!”

“What are the odds of her wanting to work with Emmett?” Blake asked.

“Almost zero.” Dania shrugged. “But she’s still my friend.”

Blake nodded. “I guess so… Hey Dania?” He said turning back to his friend. “Thanks for everything you did for me when I was on your team. I won’t just forget about it now that it’s the merge.”

Dania handed Blake a slice of cheddar and broccoli thin crust pizza, “It’s Cherry’s favorite.”

“Thanks…. Now you should probably take a shower before the movies.” Blake teased.

Dania blushed remembering her lack of clothes, and sewage smell. “OH MY GOD!” She ran off to the shower.

Payton and Weston sat together as Weston handed her some of the candy from the pinata. “Sooooo how are you?” He asked.

“I’m doing good.” Payton smiled accepting some of the candy.

“Nice weather we’re uhhh having?” Weston asked.

Payton looked up at the ceiling to the stadium. “Definitely. Not a cloud in sight!”

“See any good movies lately?” Weston asked.

Payton turned to look at Weston, “If you’re wanting to ask me to be in an alliance, the answer is yes. You don’t need to beat around the bush so much”

“Good.” Weston sighed with relief. “You’re the only person I trust here… You’re the only one whose completely upfront.”

“About that… I think me and Dania were in your office? What’s all of that about?”

Weston stared at Payton. “Things just don’t add up… The challenges recently. They seem… wrong. The votes feel wrong. Something isn’t adding up.”

Payton nodded…”Someone’s lying. You’re trying to figure out who it is.”

The twin nodded. “I need to. I don’t know who to trust anymore.”

“We’ll figure it out then.” Payton smiled, popping a skittle in her mouth.

“Things like just got a lot more complicated.” Cherry rolled her eyes. “Fynn we can like handle, but Rosalie AND Kaleb? That’s like expired mocha cream. Bad news.”

Vishal nodded. “I wouldn’t say that… Rosalie will help us I’m sure.”

“And like what makes you say that?” Cherry asked.

“She’s desperate. Who else will work with her?”

Cherry laughed. “And just like, why should we work with her?”

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Vishal offered. “We both know she’s tough competition, and we can use her ability to win challenges.”

“Ok but like… Do we need her?” Cherry questioned.

“Can’t hurt to keep her around. The merge just started.” He looked over at Blake who was talking with Dania. “Do we even know where our people stand?”

“Blake? He’s fine. Don’t like worry about it.” Cherry pointed at Fynn who was getting close with Hannah. “That’s like the bigger issue.”

“Nothing a vote can’t fix.” Vishal smirked casting a glance over at Hannah. 

“The last time we talked like this I said I loved you, and you said I didn’t.” Rosalie said not breaking her gaze from Emmett.

“I didn’t believe you then, and I won’t believe you know. Choose your words carefully.”

Rosalie shrugged. “I don’t need to choose my words Emmett, Angel chose them for me.”

“What do you mean?” Emmett said staring at his ex.

“Emm, think back to the car ride here. Remember how excited we were to see Andre and Dania again. That’s how I feel now waiting for you! But this time, I want you to go all the way! Use Rosalie. We’re cool now. She’s a strong ally. Make it to the end, for us.” Rosalie read from a small note she kept inside her hat. “Thoughts?”

Emmett blinked and stared at Rosalie unsure what to say. “I… I…”

Rosalie smiled. “Don’t worry I’ll give you time to think about it.” The former winner walked away from Emmett. “But hey. Emm, just know we got to watch a lot more of the feeds than the other students, so when you go to Dania to tell her about this, make sure to mention that I know everything.” She threw a ball to Emmett. “See, I know how to throw too.” She laughed. “Maybe I can join your club?” Emmett caught the ball, as his face paled.

(CONF): Blake sat in Mana’s office. “The merge! From first out to the merge… and I have… a girlfriend? Of all things.” The hockey player scratches his beard. “Honestly this semester has been a blur so far. Everyday something new happens! Really I don’t know what to think anymore… At least I’m not alone anymore, I guess.” He laughed.

(CONF): Cherry spun Mana’s globe as she walked around his office. “Things like just got real spicy! Rosalie’s back, so I can really show her which of us is the better winner! And like then there’s Blake….” She blushed. “I never thought I was like that kind of girl? But he just makes me feel so…” She turned to the camera. “Like cut that out.”

(CONF): Dania hugged herself. “It feels good to be clean!” She looked back at the camera. “As for the merge? WOW! I made it? Me and Emmett both did… Honestly when we started our little alliance I didn’t see this happening. It was just a pipe dream, but we can do it now. I have faith. Just ten more to go.”

(CONF): Emmett’s face was pale while he sat in Mana’s office. “Things just got complicated. Do I trust Rosalie? She had the message from Angel… but she could have just made it up… And if she knows about me and Dania.” Emmett gulped. “Our whole plan might just burn us.”

(CONF): Fynn is seen in Mana’s office as he posed for the camera. “I’m back!” Fynn shouted. “Honestly that’s a shock! But I’m hyped to be back! You don’t get second chances often, and this time around I’ll make sure Hannah feels special… and you know win a challenge or two!”

(CONF): Hannah sat in Mana’s chair. “I always wondered what therapy would be like. My parents tried to sign me up, but I always just snuck off and games with the other kids instead.” The gamer shrugged.

(CONF): Isabella pulled out her phone. “When I was almost eliminated, I realized that I was about to make a fool of myself again.. After Lakeside I couldn’t let that happen. I made sure I was always just useful enough to not get eliminated, but also stayed away from the drama.” Meanwhile she showed her recent photos. Images of her at every elimination where she tagged who everyone voted for, as well as secret messages asking for alliances were seen buried in the taglist. “I knew someone would figure it out eventually! I was SO worried when I lost my phone though! But then Payton and everyone kept lending me their phones so like phew! And Kaleb’s the one! Isabella waved at the camera. “This is for my girls back home! When I get back we’re having a girls night!”

(CONF): Kaleb glared at the camera. “First Vishal betrays me in Frozen, and then I somehow let him convince me it wouldn’t happen again! But the first chance he gets he sends me home! HELLO? How dumb can I be!” The star slapped himself. “But this time he’ll be the one made out to be the fool!”

(CONF): Payton smiled. “I did it Grayson. I did it by being myself. The merge! Just like you.” She gave a thumbs up at the camera. “If only mom and dad were watching, we could show them just how awesome we can be when we’re allowed to be ourselves.” Payton tore her uniform, giving it a more grunge look. “Lookout world because Payton’s here to play now.”

(CONF): Rosalie winked at the camera. “I hope you’re ready Canada because things just got ten times more interesting.”

(CONF): Vishal sat on Mana’s table, while flipping a coin. “The odds are in my favor this time around. In Frozen, my allies were the weak ones, and I played my cards too early. I used everyone around me. This time some of my allies are my actual friends. Blake, Weston, they’re good people. Cherry owes me for saving Blake, and yes Canada. To clarify, when I went to the swimming pool, I was going to save Rosalie.” He showed the map advantage where Rosalie’s face appeared over the pool. “Fynn would have been a great ally, but he’s crushing on Hannah, and isn’t the most useful… Where Rosalie’s enemies are my enemies, and she’s won before. I picked who would give me the higher odds of winning.”

(CONF): Weston is seen using his magnifying glass to examine the various wares in Mana’s office. “With Payton’s help I’ll be able to solve the mystery of whose lying! For you Alfie! I’ll solve this case!”

The scene cut to the back of the stadium where Dania was drying off her hair. Emmett joined her. “We need to talk.” He said.

“We really do!” Dania gasped. “So much has happened.”

“Everything has changed!” Emmett agreed. “I think we’re in a bad spot.”

“Weston is onto us!” Dania whispered.

“Rosalie KNOWS.” Emmett added. The pair stared at each other in silence.

“Fleur and Kaleb were eliminated because we agreed to throw challenges.” Dania frowned. “And now people are starting to figure it out. This is bad.”

“I know.” Emmett gulped. “We had good reasons though. We only threw the challenge when we thought one of us was at risk.”

Dania nodded. “But we were too obvious.”

Emmett shook his head. “No, just me. No one realized you threw when you were having you freak out climbing the tree. I screwed up my last challenge. I made it way too obvious.”

The pair shared a look. “What do we do?” Dania asked.

“What we’ve always done.” Emmett decided. “We push through.”

Dania nodded. “If Weston asks, remember you’re afraid of vampires. OK?” The prep stated. “Maybe we can buy ourselves some time to get the numbers back on our side.”

“So it’s a race against Weston and his ability to crack the case, and Rosalie and how long she thinks she needs our votes.” Emmett sighed. “It’s going to be close.”


Chapter Fifteen: Shuffling in the Stars

The screen is filled with bright flashes of colour, as the night sky lights up with fireworks. Zac is seen on the rooftop of one of the dorm buildings. “Welcome to the merge!” The host offered a wink at the camera. “We’ve watched our 22 students fight it out over the past few weeks, and we’re down to our final 12!”

The host tossed a rose off the roof, and watched it drift slowly to the ground below. “Honestly it’s been more hectic than normal! Just two days ago we released a virus that spread across the campus, giving our students the opportunity to survive a zombie apocalypse! With Fynn, Kaleb and Rosalie all returning to the competition, the drama levels are at an all-time high!” Zac grinned. “With Salem having been eliminated, the drama is sure to continue to ramp up. And just to keep things spicy our final 12 have begun to move into new lofts across the campus! Stay tuned to see who will miss out on the top 11, and just where everyone's allegiances really lie!” As the camera faded, Zac looked down at his phone where he had another missed call from Hayden.

The screen cut to show the Wonderland Gym. A statue of Lindsay lifting shopping bags on a barbell stood proudly in front of the state of the art facilities. The camera shifted upwards to the residential loft. The camera explored the loft. A lounge including a small bar, television and large sectional; a fully functional modern kitchen, a roomy washroom, equipped with the works, and a balcony with a hot tub. The scene rolled back to the first of the four doors that led to a dorm room. ‘Vishal - Pyhsio’ was printed neatly on the door.

Emmett pushed against Vishal’s door with his back while he and Vishal carried in a box of books and weights. The pair dropped the box just inside the door. Vishal reached inside his Redbull styled minifridge and tossed Emmett a bottle of water. “And we’re done! That’s all of my stuff, yours and the girls!” Vishal grinned.

Emmett squeezed every last drop of fluid from the bottle. “Mmm. That’s the good stuff right there!” He crushed the bottle in his hand, aiming for the basketball net shaped trashcan - and missing. Terribly.

“How can a guy like you not be good at sports!” Vishal laughed, using a hockey stick to launch Emmett’s trash into the net. “I mean c’mon, you can probably bench all of the guys - at once!”

“Never had the time for that kind of stuff.” Emmett shrugged. He looked around Vishal’s room. It was clearly based around a multitude of sports. One wall was dedicated to his many trophies and awards he had won throughout highschool. Beside each was a photo of him alone with a coach. “Is that your dad?”

Vishal tilted his head, and walked over to look at the photo Emmett was pointing at. “Oh!” Vishal laughed. “Nah that’s Beast Man Coach! He helped me practice, and train for everything!” Vishal collapsed onto a soccer ball styled beanbag, tossing a tennis ball at Emmett, that bounced off his forehead. “Fuck. Sorry man! Thought you’d catch it! What do you mean you didn’t have time to play sports? What else would you do after school? Or for fun! Don’t tell me you were a gamer!”

Emmett chuckled and shook his head. “Closest game I played was running from the chickens.”

“Farm boy!?” Vishal said, shocked. “Actually? Wouldn’t be able to tell. You’re pretty normal.”

“Thanks. I think?” Emmett motioned for Vishal to follow him. “Come on, I’ll show you!” The jock led Vishal next door to his own dorm room. ‘Emmett - Cultural Studies’ was printed on the door. Emmett’s room used dark greens and browns as opposed to bold reds found in Vishal’s.

“Rustic.” Vishal said as he stared at the real wood furniture throughout the room.

“It’s home.” Emmett admitted, as he dove into the bed and rolled around on his mom’s hand-knit quilt. “It’s been a long time.”

“You miss home, huh?” Vishal asked, taking a seat on an oak rocking chair in the corner of the room. He looked around the room, photos of Emmett and a variety of animals, and family members covered the walls.

Emmett nodded. “I never expected everything to happen so fast?” He stared at a photo of him waving goodbye to his family back at the ranch. “That’s the last time I really saw them. When I left for Frozen… Almost a year ago now.”

Vishal stared. “What? Really!?”

“Yeah.” Emmett said slowly. “After Frozen I ended up doing a press tour with Rosalie for awhile. And then Tides happened, and after that I went on a road trip with Angel until school started.” Emmett’s smile faded. “They probably hate me by now!”

Vishal put a hand on Emmett’s back. “I doubt that! You’re probably making them super proud! You were one of the guys my parents always talked about when I was home.”

Emmett tilted his head, but decided not to pry. “Wanna hit the gym?” Emmett asked, reaching for his gym back.

“Sounds like a plan! Meet you there in five.” Vishal grinned. He walked back to his room and stared at the photos of him and his coach. “I’ll make you proud again. Then I’ll make my parents proud. I won’t be the poster boy for spoiled athletes this time around. This time I’ll win.”

(CONF): Vishal is seen sitting in Mana’s office. “Honestly having Emmett around is a bit of a relief. He was my biggest opposition when the season started but we’ve gotten a lot closer lately. It’s nice to have a friend to support you.”

The scene swapped to show the girls of the gym loft. Dania and Rosalie are seen laying on their backs, their heads opposite each other, staring at the ceiling of Rosalie’s dorm room. Her room was heavily influenced by the Victorian age. Dark, ornate furniture filled the room. “Where are all the photos of your family?” Dania asked, as she looked around the room.

“None of us are photogenic.” Rosalie shrugged. She reached her hands out to hold onto Dania’s. “I’m really glad that you’re still here! In Frozen I got to go through the merge with Ivy, and now I get to do it all over again with you!”

Dania locked her hands with Rosalie’s. “I know it’s really exciting!”

They held hands in silence for a while until Rosalie broke it. “How are you holding up though Dania? You can be honest with me.”

“I don’t know how you did it.” Dania admitted. “How do you deal with losing your friends over and over again. It’s like I lost you, Angel, Ivy… Twilight… Andre. Now Salem.” She shook her head. “It’s just not even fair!”

Rosalie offered a friendly smile. “You push Dania. You just keep pushing, you distract yourself and you make more friends. I hear you and Payton are close now.”

Dania nodded. “Yeah I guess. But it’s not the same! I don’t have the kind of history that I have with you with the others here.”

The winner let out a soft laugh. “Dania, that’s because you’re just starting to meet them. Give them a chance! I’m sure that they’ll surprise you.” Rosalie jumped to her feet, and offered Dania a hand, “Come on I want to see your room!”

Dania grabbed onto Rosalie’s hand as she was pulled to her feet. “It’s nothing special! Just a couple of things from home.” The prep pushed open Rosalie’s door, where ‘Rosalie - Family Studies” was written. She walked a few steps over and pushed open the door to her own dorm. ‘Dania - Music Studies’ was written on the door in cursive.

The pastel colours were the first thing Rosalie noticed. Dania’s room was soft, almost fragile. Light coloured wood fixtures, and a large vanity made up the majority of the room. Photos of her and her mom, and dad were taped to the vanity mirror. “You don’t talk about them much anymore.” Rosalie noted.

Dania laid on her queen size bed, cuddling a plush version of Andre. “She died when I was young, and well… I’m sure you’ve heard about my dad.” Dania looked away. “How can someone go from being the perfect father to…. That.”

Rosalie crawled onto Dania’s bed, wrapping her arms around her friend. She began to run her hands through her hair, braiding it like she would back during Frozen. “I don’t know.” She admitted. “I’m sure he had his reasons.”

“Every villain does.” Dania mumbled. “Doesn’t make it right.”

Rosalie paused, letting her hands flow through Dania’s hair. “I’m sure every villain does.” The former winner continued. “I don’t blame you for what you and Emmett have done. You did what you thought was for the best for yourselves.”

Dania sighed. “I… Don’t know if we did. Maybe you’re right. Maybe if I tried to get to know the others more, I would have realized they could be good people too. Instead I…” She looked over at a photo of her father. “I failed her.”

“Don’t say that. You were alone with Emmett. You both made a choice. And you can still fix it - OW!” Rosalie yelped, pulling her hand from Dania’s hair. Chester growling at her. “Why is there a squirrel in your hair?! And why did it bite me!?”

Dania giggled lightly. “OH! That was so rude of me!” She tapped her hand, as Chester hopped on to. “This is Chester, Chester this is one of my first friends on Total Drama, Rosalie.” Chester launched an acorn at Rosalie’s face. “He has trust issues.” Dania admitted.

“Clearly.” Rosalie said, staring at the rodent. “I’m going to go wash up…” She walked away, giving a final stare at the squirrel. “I’ll meet you at class?” Dania nodded in response.

(CONF): Rosalie is seen sitting on Mana’s desk. “Honestly I know I should be just as upset with Dania as I am with Emmett for the whole throwing of challenges thing… But it’s Dania.” Rosalie shrugged. “What’s the worst that she can do?”

The camera zoomed off across campus to the Crows Nest. It followed the ribbon on the stairs, to the second loft. Designed similarly to the first, with the exception of the dorm rooms. The screen paused on a door ‘Fynn - Philosophy’ before it cut to show Fynn and Blake inside. Fynn’s room was designed to mimic the beach. Waves painted on the walls, surfboard themed furniture spread throughout the room. The faint sound of waves played from a media player.

“We’re not going to have one of those really cheesy emotional moments are we?” Blake said cracking a can of beer open, and handing it to Fynn.

“Not going to happen!” Fynn nodded. The surfer hopped onto one of his surfboards and pretended to ride the waves. “Man I miss the feeling of the water on my body!”

Blake stared in disbelief at Fynn, who had already managed to lose his pants. “HOW!?” The hockey player shook his head. “Literally, how does that always just happen?”

Fynn winked at Blake. “C’mon bro, can’t say you don’t like the view.”

Blake glared at Fynn. “I’m leaving.” He shook his head, as he walked towards the door.

“Wait!” Fynn shouted, jumping onto Blake’s back to stop him. “You know I’m just messing with you broski!”

Blake’s eyes went wide. “Please tell me that’s your phone and not…”

Fynn jumped off of Blake. “Not my phone!” He announced as he pulled a chocolate bar out of his boxers. “Want a piece?”

“No. No I don’t.” Blake shook his head. “Honestly how are you a real person?” Blake stopped to look at a photo of Sam and Fynn together. “Sometimes it’s hard to remember that you're Sam’s brother you know… But then I remember that you’re both just thirsty and loud, and a bit out there.” Blake shook his head, taking a chug from his beer. “Honestly you’re both crazy.”

“It’s what the ladies love about me!” Fynn flexed.

Blake made a questioning face at Fynn. “Yes. I’m sure it’s your personality that they all love.” The hockey player laughed, as he walked to his own dorm room. ‘Blake - Nutrition’ was printed on the door. Fynn chased after Blake into his room, but ran into Blake’s arm holding a pair of sweats. “If you want in my space you gotta follow my rules man.”

Fynn narrowed his eyes. “Fine.” He pouted, pulling on the black sweats. He looked around Blake’s room, which was designed to mirror the ice rink. “Cool space bro. Get it cool, because ice?” Fynn punched Blake’s arm and laughed.

“Ok leave. That was just plain bad man.” Blake said, shaking his head in disappointment.

“We still haven’t talked about Hannah or Cherry!” Fynn whined.

Blake shrugged. “Maybe next time!”

“Why do you gotta be such a stick in the…. Ice.” Fynn cracked a smile.

Blake groaned jumping onto his bed. “Get out.” He laughed.

“Fine!” Fynn chuckled. “But we WILL talk about our girls! When you let me out of the penalty box!”

“Out!” Blake shouted, trying to hide his laughter.

(CONF): Fynn is seen laughing in Mana’s office. “Being back is great! Seeing everyone again is awesome! And I get my do-over with Hannah finally! And this time I’m going to make sure she says yes to the date! Plus who else would tease Payton and Blake if I wasn’t here?”

The scene cut to the next dorm. ‘Cherry - Marketing’ was marked on the door in cherry-red lipstick. “I like guess this sort of makes us like roommates again!” Cherry said from her seat on the tree stump.

Payton stared in disbelief at Cherry’s room design. “I thought the rooms were meant to be designed based on our interests and personalities.” The legacy student stared at the walls that were digital screens showing a vibrant rainforest. The serene sound of birds chirping could be heard. “This… no offense is kind of one of the last things I’d expect from you. Did you take up camping after you lost all of your money? How did you lose the money by the way? I never really… asked.” Payton continued her word vomit. “I know Rosalie lost hers when the penguins ran off with it, but I never saw anything like that on the news with you?”

Cherry handed Payton a cherry cocktail. “Well like, you never asked.” The former winner shrugged, as she took a sip from her drink.

“I think I’ll pass on the cocktail… Classes DO start back today.” Payton reminded her former teammate, as she set the drink down on a side table. She continued wandering around the room, looking at the photos of Cherry and her friends back home.

“If you want to totes be in the know, you like need to take a hot seat, and start sipping.” Cherry said sternly, handing Payton her glass once again.”Besides like with the new look, I thought you would totes be so down for living on the edge.” Cherry teased, pointing out Payton's more rugged and punk school uniform.

Payton let out a loud sigh. “Fine. But just this once! And only one!”

Happy with Payton’s response, Cherry took a seat opposite Payton. “Ok, so like after the show. My parents were getting all kinds of hate mail! Like it was crazy! Apparently like everyone thought I totes stole the money from Sam and Viola!”

Payton swallowed the candied cherry that rested on her drink. “Yeah…. I wonder why. But continue.”

Cherry rolled her eyes. “Ok, like no comments from the upper-middle-class. Anyways as I was like saying! My parents like didn’t want me to stay with them, so they sent me to live in Vancouver with my aunt, or uncle Bob, or something, except like they weren’t there!” Cherry continued, taking another sip from her drink. “So I was totes alone, but then I like saw Sam at the beach one day! And like I know, the Sun is kinda bad for my complexion, but like I was totes bored, and what was I supposed to do with all the money asides go to the beach and buy fancy drinks!? Like but we caught up and stuff… and it was lowkey like super cool? He was totes chill about the whole him being a major loser, and me being a superstar winner! Turns out like Viola was staying with him for awhile, and so like we spent some time together.”

“Grayson never mentioned seeing you.”

“Ok, well yeah, like Grasyon was lowkey bitter because I ended up sending his boyfriend to Africa.”


Cherry refilled Payton’s glass. “So like, as I was saying! We all started to spend time together, and like Viola shared some photos of this like poor child in Africa she was sponsoring! And like it totes reminded me of my Incan family back in the Forgotten Seas! So like I wanted to help! We worked together to design the Cherryliscious Education Center! A totes amazing business school in Africa to help them expand their like horizons! Except I’m totes allergic work, so like Sam and Viola actually went to go do all the work, with like the money!” Cherry walked over her desk, then handed Payton photos of her, Grayson, Sam and Viola planning the school, and then photos of the latter three in Africa with the kids. “See, like totes worth it!”

Payton chugged hers and Cherry’s drinks. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No.” Cherry shrugged. “Like but then I realized I had no money, and like my parents weren’t going to help so like I had to buy my clothes from like….” Cherry whispered trying to not set off the mics, “The bargain centre!”

“And here I was thinking that you wasted it all on something stupid like coffee.” Payton said, staring at the wall. “Instead you’ve been doing more for the world than I have.” She poured herself another drink. “I really need to stop judging people.” She blinked.

“Anyways like, enough about me! Let’s see your room!” Cherry said excitedly, grabbing her drink, while pushing Payton out of the room.

Payton slowly walked to her own room, ‘Payton - Non-For-Profits’ written neatly on the door. “This… Well this is my room.” Payton said, as she took a seat at her neatly organized desk, and took another sip from her drink.

“It’s like very…” Cherry paused. “Simple.” She looked around the room, at the bookcases, desks and typical bedroom furniture. The most exciting part of the room were the walls covered in newspaper articles about her family. “Oh!” Cherry said as she found Payton’s video camera. “Like do the things!” She tossed Payton her camera. “I haven’t seen you vlog in like EVER!”

Payton caught the camera and put it on her desk. “I never really got all that many viewers.” She sighed. “Can’t make a difference in the world if you can’t even capture an audience.”

Cherry shrugged. “I watched them.”

“You did!?”

Cherry nodded. “Some of them… were like a little #boring, but like of course. I thought we were like friends. Grayson, Sam and Vi taught me that like friends support each other.”

Payton picked up her camera. “Yeah… I guess. Boring?” She groaned.

“Just stop trying to be like perfect all the time!” Cherry teased. “Anyways like, if I don’t get my caffeine fix, I’m totes gonna be uber sad today!”

“Be less… perfect?” Payton said, staring at her camera. “Boring?... Cherry being nice and a good person?” She grabbed what was left of the alcohol and chugged it. “Where did I wake up today.”

(CONF): Cherry is seen in Mana’s office. “It’s like totes weird to be back with a girl… After living with like the guys for so long! It doesn’t like smell like sweat anymore for one, and like its totes nice to have someone soft and like sweet again!”

The camera zoomed out from the arcade loft. It followed the stone path across Genesis Plaza to the campus arcade, the Olympic Misfitz. A green mario pipe surrounded a ladder that went to the upstairs loft. It had a very similar living space to the other lofts. It approached the first of the four dorm rooms. ‘Kaleb - Theatre Studies’. Was written on the door.

“I can’t believe we get to live above an arcade!” Weston said excitedly as he jumped on Kaleb’s extremely plush bed. “That’s so cool!”

Kaleb stared in awe at his room. Famous movie posters were hung from the walls. “It’s like my own theatre.” He gasped staring at the large television on the wall. “I can watch any star! I will learn from the very best!”

Weston picked up a dvd box set. “Mary Poppins? Never heard of it!” The twin said, putting the movie down. “Do you have any sci-fi? Or adventure!?”

Kaleb put his hand on Weston’s shoulder. “My poor child. You have not been educated in the world of theatre.” The star motioned for Weston to take a seat. “We’ll need to spend some time teaching you the ways of film!”

“Popcorn!” Weston shouted excitedly as he raced over to the popcorn machine. “What kind of toppings do you have?” He asked, looking around for his favorite - Peanut Butter and Jelly.

“Butter.” Kaleb stared at Weston. “You know what, how about we go see your room!” The star slowly pushed Weston out of his room. He looked around to make sure nothing was broken or covered in Weston’s greasy fingerprints.

“Alright!” Weston announced as he pushed the door to his own room open. ‘Weston - Criminal Justice.’ was neatly written on the door. His room was decked out similar to Kaleb’s. With the exception that his walls were covered in horror movie posters. Throughout the room, were costumes that he and Easton had designed together.

Kaleb stared in disbelief. “This is… familiar.” The star said as he walked around the room. He looked at photos of Easton and Weston, and then photos of Alfie and Weston.

Weston grinned. “They’re great aren’t they!” The twin pointed at a photo of him, Alfie and Easton together at Canada’s Wonderland. “You would have liked them I bet!”

“I met Alfie.” Kaleb pointed out. “He was good people, I guess.”

Weston hopped on Kaleb’s back. “Yeah! See that’s the spirit man! We could have all been the dream team! We already have so much in common!”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Kaleb said as he stared at the costumes, and horror movie props around the room. “Horror is like… The lowest ring on the movie ladder. It’s the lowest budget, lowest contract value, lowest ratings…”

“But look at what they can create on such a low budget!” Weston said, as he pointed to the movie screen where Halloween was playing. “The movie still gives me chills! And all it took was a simple mask, and music.” He pointed to his and Cynthia’s costume they had made together for this Halloween. It was a genderbent Freddie and Nancy from a Nightmare on Elm Street. “I forgot that we made these!” Weston said racing to the costumes. “Easton was going to be Quentin, and Alfie would have been Jesse…” He ran his hand over the fabric.

“AHH!” Kaleb screamed, jumping into Weston’s arms, as someone was stabbed on the movie screen. “HOW CAN YOU WATCH SOMETHING LIKE THIS! Much less enjoy it.” The star groaned.

Weston gently put Kaleb down. “Haha! Come on Kaleb! It’s not that bad.”

Kaleb brushed himself off. “This is why nobody cares about horror movies! They rely on cheap gimmicks, and jump scares!”

Weston frowned. “Only if you don’t understand them.” The twin shrugged. “After a while you learn to understand it I guess. It’s really not all that scary, it’s more of a thrill. It’s like a ride that you get on, you know you’re going to go over some spooky turns but the payoff is always worth it!” Weston shrugged. “It’s no different than a drama really. You know the main couple is going to break up, and then get back together again at some point.”

Kaleb shook his head. “They’re not the same at all! In a drama you have S tier actors using a range of emotions to tell a story! No axes, or claws required!” Kaleb stormed off. “If you can’t see how dumb horror movies then… UGH!” He slammed the door behind him.

“Bye Kaleb…” Weston whispered, before diving into the extremely large popcorn machine. “I wonder what’s gotten into him.”

(CONF): Hannah is seen sitting idly in Mana’s office. “I’m the last member of the wishing circle.” She blinked. “I’ve never been the last one before… In Frozen I was out so early, and then Tides my team did really well… And here I am now. The last one. Thank you Angel, Fleur, Twilight and Salem.” Hannah kissed the locket around her neck. “If it weren’t for all of our wishes I may never have found Fynn.”

The camera panned to Isabella’s room. ‘Isabella - Chemistry’ was written clearly on her door. “Did you hear that?” Isabella asked, looking around for the source of the bang.

Hannah nodded. “I… Don’t know where it came from. Maybe there’s a secret level in your walls!”

“There’s not.” Isabella said rushing to protect her walls, before Hannah tried to dig through them. Isabella’s walls were covered in photos of herself, and her friends. Even the furniture continued the theme. Her desk had a display panel that scrolled through her Instagram feed. “I’m glad that we can be friends now!” Isabella said cheerfully. “Like speaking of, Insta pic!” She announced pulling Hannah in for a quick photo. “My followers will love to see us making up!”

Hannah blushed awkwardly. “No one’s ever asked me to be on their instagram before…”

“What’s your account, I’ll like tag you!”

The gamer looked away at the ground. “I uh… Don’t have one. I never unlocked that skill.” Hannah frowned, worried that Isabella would tease her.

Isabella gasped. “Well then here!” She grabbed onto Hannah’s phone. “Let me unlock it for you!” She declared as she downloaded the app onto Hannah’s phone. She hummed a strange musical beat to signify it was unlocked. “Here!”

“I unlocked the secret skill tree!” Hannah blinked, staring in disbelief. “Now I will become unstoppable!”

“Yeah! Totally. Whatever you say Hannah.” Isabella giggled. “I’m SO happy that we can be friends, even after the whole Fynn situation…”

Hannah nodded. “He explained it to me. You were just one of those side characters who wanted attention and went for the hottest guy around. Like a siren singing to their prey.”

Isabella blinked, staring at Hannah. Choosing not to respond. “Well we’re basically roommates now! So that’s exciting! Right?”

“Yeah... Do you think that you could uh.” Hannah awkwardly grasped for the right words. “Well Fynn’s taking me out for lunch before the challenge and I…” She looked at herself in the mirror. “I don’t know what to wear… Or what to do with my makeup… Or…”

Isabella’s face lit up. “Like leave it to me!” The social media lover put a sheet over the mirror, and began to work on Hannah’s look. After ten or so minutes Isabella removed the covers, revealing Hannah’s new look.

Hannah stared at her own reflection. “I… I don’t understand. I’m still the same?”

Isabella shook her head. “That’s not true! I cleansed your face a little. You’re like so beautiful Hannah!”

“You didn’t… change anything though.” Hannah repeated, still confused.

“There’s no reason to change something that’s already perfect!” Isabella responded. “Now go on that date with Fynn and glow!”

Hannah nodded. “Thanks Isabella… You’re oddly a really nice side character.” The gamer smiled, as she left the dorm room. She put her hand on the knob to her door. ‘Hannah - Game Design.’ But Fynn’s voice caught her off guard.

“You ready Hannah?” Fynn asked, handing her a bouquet of various power-ups from Mario.

“It’s… so me.” Hannah gasped.

Fynn winked. “Of course.” He offered her his hand. “Let’s get going.”

The scene cut to Mana’s Auditorium. He looked out at the small amount of students that had gathered for his TDE lesson. “Really guys? Only the three of you?” The professor groaned. “You already figured out that the challenges relate to the lessons… so why does no one ever come?”

Blake shrugged. “No offense Mana, you’re great and all… but I mean the lessons almost never help us in the challenges. Maybe a bit, but it’s never anything major.”

Payton hiccuped while drinking a cherry-red liquid from her bottle. “Honestly, if I wanted an advantage in the competition I would just go to the gym or something. At least then I’d be more fit… But I’m already one of the most fit girls here sooooo.” She shrugged.

Weston nudged Blake who sat beside him. “Is she ok?”

The hockey player stared at Payton. “Maybe… Maybe not. Not even gonna lie here Weston, I know nothing about women.”

“Honestly same.” Weston sighed. “The only one I could ever understand was Cynthia and she’s not here anymore.”

“Wait did you guys break up?” Blake said stunned.

“Oh. Nonono! I just mean she’s not… you know here.” Weston motioned around him.

Payton pulled out her camera. “So my world savers! This is like my- HICCUP.” Payton belched, as she started to film Weston. “My secret alliance partner while we try and discover whose been behind the recent eliminations!”

Weston stared at Payton in disbelief. “Payton!”

“Ooops! Did I just say that out loud?” Payton gasped as she walked closer to Blake. “Blake won’t tell anyone… Right Blake?” She blinked at her friend. Payton misplaced her footing and tumbled into an empty desk. “Ohhh.” She mumbled. “I think I lost where I was going!”

Blake got up, and offered Payton his hand. “Do you need help?”

Payton shook her head. “No, no. I think I’m good. Really good, you know what? I’m just going to take a nap right here! Thank you for your service Mana!”

“Call it a detective’s hunch, but I think she might be drunk.” Weston laughed, taking off his sweater to cover his friend from the cold.

“You might be right there.” Blake chuckled. “So what’s this about an alliance?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Hello?” Mana grumbled. “Please remember this is A CLASSROOM!” The professor shouted at his students as Blake and Weston nodded to each other to continue their conversation later. “At the end of todays class, all of my material will be stored in your new challenge app. By attending the classes you’ll NOW receive useful information for the upcoming challenge.” Mana snapped his fingers together as the auditorium went black. “We’re going to be going over the solar system today. And as much as Zac would like to argue it, the centre of the universe IS in fact the Sun - not him.”

Blake and Weston both nodded, ready for their lecture. “There are many things you should understand about our solar system. The first is that there are 8 defined planets. They can be grouped into two categories. The gas giants; Jupiter and Saturn are made up of well you guessed it, mostly gas. The Ice Giants, Neptune and Uranus…” Mana stared at Weston who was giggling. “Are made up a number of things, but get their name from the fact they hold a large amount of liquids that freeze, such as water. The final classification of planets are the terrestrial planets; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These planets have a mostly solid, and structured base. They have a surface, unlike the giants.”

Mana continued to go into detail about the 8 planets, and various other entities in the solar system, while they appeared as holograms above the students.

The scene cut to the coffeeshop where Isabella and Kaleb were seated. “Honestly I could NOT BELIEVE the nerve he had! Trying to tell me why horror movies weren’t all that bad, and that me and HIM!? Were… SIMILAR?” Kaleb gasped, slamming his coffee cup down, as it spilled all over the table. “Sorry. I just have a lot of emotions right now!” Kaleb grabbed a towel and began to wipe up the mess. “After he voted me off, he just expects us to be good?! Not on my watch hunty!”

Isabella nodded while slurping from her vanilla shake. “Who exactly are we talking about?”

“WESTON!” Kaleb said, raising his arms to the sky.

“Oh yeah… Him.” Isabella nodded. “I don’t even know if I’ve ever spoken to him before. He’s kind of cute if you’re into the whole might actually be a manchild kinda thing.”

“He has a girlfriend - and trust me you don’t want to mess with her.” Kaleb quickly corrected her. “Besides, I’m trying to have a moment here! Less about you and your fling slash ho life, and more about me and my first world struggles!”

“I mean, let’s maybe not go that far.” Isabella said. “And how do you know that Weston even voted for you? It’s possible he didn’t. He seemed pretty shocked that you went home if you checked his snap stories.” Isabella pulled out her phone. “I’d say the odds are that someone else betrayed you. Maybe Emmett. His feeds have been pretty dry lately. Maybe he’s trying to hide something.”

Kaleb stared at Isabella. “Honestly since when were you smart?”

“Like wow, honestly since when were you so rude!” She glared.

“Cherry… Emmett AND Vishal. Each and every one of them betrayed me!” Kaleb growled.

Isabella rolled her eyes, turning her focus to her phone. She snapped a selfie and sent it out to her cheer team. ‘I’ve made a mistake D::’

The scene cut to the Sirens Swimming Pool. The largest outdoor swimming pool on campus. It was designed to match the shape of a siren. Fynn gripped onto Hannah’s hand as he led her to their date destination. “Are you ready?” He asked, reaching for her blindfold.

“I mean, I guess so! Is it a secret level!?” Hannah asked. She wondered just where she could be. The dating simulator only had a couple of options for dates with Fynn, but none of those were possible here on campus.

Fynn removed Hannah’s blindfold. Revealing the outdoor pool. A small picnic was set up on the side wooden patio. “Don’t worry! Blake did all the cooking.” The surfer laughed. “I wouldn’t want to poison you!”

Hannah stared at the date setting. It was different. But also unexpected. Even Fynn was dressed for the occasion. His boxers sporting a tuxedo pattern, with a single black bow tie around his neck. “Cute.” Hannah said blushing.

“Thanks!” Fynn grinned. “Blake picked it out for me… he said since the odds of my pants coming off were pretty high…” Fynn caught himself, when he noticed Hannah’s expression turn to panic. “Not like that! Well, you know I just have a tendency to lose my pants!” Hannah’s face regained its colour. “So he thought it would be a good idea to at least dress the rest of me up.” He laughed.

Hannah nodded. “Makes sense, though I’m not sure how much armor or resistances they provide you.” She teased, as she splashed Fynn with some of the pool water.

Fynn grinn. “Come on now! No need to get me wet!” The surfer grabbed onto an Animal Crossing themed surfboard, and put it on the water. He took a step on it, balancing himself. When he was steady he offered a hand to Hannah. “Come on, let’s dance.”

Hannah’s eyes went wide. “You want us to dance… on a surfboard… on water?” She shook her head. “Nope! Not happening! My dancing skill, let alone my surfing skills aren’t that high to do a combined skill!” “Come on,” Fynn motioned for her to come closer. “Don’t you trust me?” He flashed a smile, as Hannah took a step closer to him.

“Fynn…” Hannah said as she stepped onto the surfboard. “I trust you.” She admitted. “I don’t know why, but I do.”

Fynn smiled, as he pulled Hannah closer. He used his leg to push the board away from the edge of the pool. Slowly he spun and took small steps along the board with Hannah. “Maybe at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter why. It just matters that we trust each other.” He pulled one of her hands up to kiss.

Hannah blushed. “I guess you’re right.” She giggled. “Who would have thought that I would find another boy in my third season… After the whole Britt and Saber thing.” She paused. “Actually no, I’m wrong.” Hannah jumped onto Fynn’s back, as the two collapsed into the water. “You’re not just another boy.”

“And you’re not just another girl.” Fynn promised, interlocking his hands with hers. The pair leaned in for a kiss, but Fynn shook his hair out to dry like a dog. The pair shared a laugh.

The scene cut to the gym where Cherry, Dania, Emmett, Rosalie and Vishal were running side by side on treadmills. “This isn’t going to be like aca-awkward right?” Dania said as she looked at the pairs on either side of her.

“It better not be.” Vishal stated, staring at Cherry, Emmett and Rosalie. "No drama!” He confirmed.

Emmett nodded. “Me and Rosalie have an understanding.” He looked over at his ex. “Don’t we.”

Rosalie smiled. “Of course! The game is more important than who cheated on who!”

Cherry spat out a mouthful of her coffee. “Yep. Like we’re totes the best alliance ever. No drama like, AT ALL!” The former winner.

Dania raised the speed of her treadmill slightly, as the others followed suit. “We have two former winners! Honestly I think we’ll be unstoppable!”

“One.” Rosalie grumbled under her breath staring at Cherry.

“So like, you’ve finally like decided that your win was totes bogus?” Cherry responded, glaring at Rosalie.

“Ladies.” Vishal said. “This isn’t going to work if you can’t even respect each other.”

Emmett increased the speed of his treadmill. “Cherry won fair and square. As much as it was a shock to everyone - no one gave her an unfair advantage.”

Dania put her hand on Rosalie’s. “How could Rosalie know that Hannah and Saber were going to pull a stunt like that?”

Cherry and Rosalie glared at one another. Vishal turned off all of their treadmills. “So we agree to disagree on that. That’s fine.”

“Where’s Fynn?” Rosalie asked. “Shouldn’t he be here?”

“Why wasn’t I allowed to bring Payton?” Dania added.

“Also what about Weston?”

Cherry grumbled. “Like Blake belongs here.”

Vishal sighed. “I thought you guys were supposed to be smart at the game.” The athlete groaned as he moved to the dumbells. “We can’t have EVERYONE in our alliance. Because then what’s the point? Everyone here is like the A team, we’re the starters for the alliance.”

Dania frowned. “Then what about our other friends?”

“They’re the b-team…” Rosalie said. “Makes sense. We use them for their votes, and in an emergency they act as a backup member.”

“But like, we’re the final five?” Cherry said. “Like I can deal with that… For like now at least.” She glared at Rosalie once more before moving to the stair master.

“Same.” Rosalie said, and looked over at Emmett. “Do you think you can manage to look at me until then?”

Emmett stared at Rosalie and then at Dania who gave him a nudge. “Fine.”

“So it’s a deal then. We’re the final five.” Vishal nodded,

“We’re the final five.” The others agreed.

The group split into three groups for the remainder of the workout. The camera panned to where Dania was practicing yoga, while Vishal was lifting weights. “I… Well I wanted to apologize to you.” Dania said looking at Vishal.

“For what?” He responded staring at Dania.

Dania put on her prettiest smile then whispered. “For when I beat you up in the wrestling challenge, then went all creeper killer mode on you in the back alley.”

Vishal’s eyes went wide. “That wasn’t just a fever dream I had?”

She shook her head. “No. And you know it keeps me up at night sometimes. I went too far to get what I wanted. I don’t know what came over me.”

Vishal shook his head. “It’s fine! Just don’t bring it up again. I’ve got my rep to maintain y’know?”

Dania shook her head with a light giggle. “Whatever you aca-say Vishy.”

“Don’t call me that!” Vishal groaned.

(CONF): Dania is seen in Mana’s office. “I think I need to talk to Emmett. I never realized it before but… us throwing the challenges, and me being more assertive, and the way I go about things… It’s.” She paused and frowned. “It’s something my father would do.”

Elsewhere in the gym, Emmett and Rosalie were tossing a medicine ball between themselves. “I take it you’re keeping your secrets to yourself?” Emmett asked, eyeing Rosalie.

“If you keep working with us. We’re unstoppable when we’re together.” Rosalie responded. “And no - I’m not trying to get back with you.”

“Didn’t think you were.” Emmett coughed awkwardly.

Rosalie whistled. “Well that’s awkward.”

“Yeah… because that’s what awkward about this whole thing. Not the you blackmailing me to work with you, or that we’re exes in an alliance, or that you and Angel are close now!?”

Rosalie laughed. “Hey! That’s not my fault, she’s pretty chill. She’s a good girl for you.”

Emmett tilted his head. “Thanks… I think.”

“Anytime.” Rosalie smiled.

(CONF): Emmett banged his head against the wooden desk. “Why does everything on this show have to be so complicated? If I was back home the most complicated thing was figuring out if the cows were eating too much or if they were pregnant… Here I feel like I’m getting homesick, or lonely and then Rosalie of all people starts to make me feel… Ok? What’s wrong with me?”

In the corner of the gym, Cherry can be seen eating a bowl of icecream with a Cherry on top. Vishal glared at her. “Really? That’s how you choose to spend our time training?”

Cherry shrugged. “What if the challenge has to do with like icecream?! I’m just totes covering all the bases here.”

Rosalie laughed. “You chose her to be in the alliance.”

Dania shook her head. “She’s smarter than she gives off.”

Emmett paused, “Is she though? Is she really?”

“She won somehow… Let’s hope that part of her comes back.” Vishal sighed.

“Because I am what?” Cherry asked, but no one responded. “Cherryliscious! Come on guys! Like get with the program here.” The others stared at her before breaking out into a laugh.

The scene cut to Wonderland Stadium. The seats in the stadium were jampacked with students from the university. Zac and Mana are seen in the announcers box. “Welcome everyone! To the second challenge of the merge! Before we continue or welcome our students to the building we’d like to thank you all for your dedication in the last challenge. As promised by willingly injecting yourselves, or getting bitten you’ve all received passing marks in all of your courses! For this semester!” The audience broke out into cheer.

“We can do that?” Mana asked, staring at Zac.

“Yeah, I’m the dean of students, I can do whatever I want!”

“You’re undermining the entire education system.” Mana repeated.

“It’s fine!” Zac laughed, as he continued his speech. “As for the second part of the deal, all challenges from now on will be performed in locations where we can house a live audience! And you’re all invited for the small fee of $150 per challenge!” The crowd erupted into cheer again.

“I told you having a realistic zombie challenge was going to be expensive.” Mana said, shaking his head. “But what do I know?”

“Without further or do, let’s welcome our students based off their adjusted rankings. As a reminder you can vote once a day for your favorite students, helping them climb the ranking ladder! The more recent votes hold more weight, and those at the top will often be given advantages!”

Mana took over the mic. “At the top of the rankings, our most recent winner. Cherry!” The professor waited for the audience to calm down. “Coming into the season with something to prove Cherry has worked hard…”

“Debatable.” Zac added.

“She’s worked hard to ensure her name has stayed out of elimination!” Cherry is seen walking into the stadium waving to the crowd.

Zac took back the mic. “In second place we have a Frozen veteran. Vishal!” The crowd erupted into cheer. “After tarnishing his reputation Vishal has spent this season proving he’s more trustworthy than he’s let on in the past!” Vishal ran into the stadium, pumping up the crowd.

Mana continued. “In third we have Dania! After poor finishes in Twin It, and Frozen Dania came back to compete with her friends, and boyfriend - but has slowly lost them over time. To make it to the merge Dania’s proven she is strong enough with or without her friends.” As Dania danced into the stadium the crowd erupted into cheers again.

“In fourth, we have Genesis and American veteran Weston! Proving that even without Cynthia he can make it to the merge - and proving that Americans have a place on Seasons!” The crowd erupted into cheer again as Weston walked into the stadium.

Mana looked at the list in shock. “And uh… In fifth we have… Isabella? Resident first boot of Lakeside, she’s managed to stay under the radar… and I guess somehow gain the love of the viewers?” The professor looked at Zac who shook his head. Isabella is seen live streaming her entrance as the crowd erupted into cheer.

Zac laughed. “And TIED for Seventh, we have Rosalie and Emmett! While Rosalie has just returned to the competition, Emmett has led the Screaming Fraternities to the merge.” The crowd burst into the loudest cheer as the pair walked side by side into the stadium.

“In eighth we have… Hannah.This gamer started her climb to the merge when she set in motion the plan to eliminate Rosalie… and later Fynn.” Hannah ran into the stadium, still dripping wet from her date. The crowd cheered.

The host continued. “Blake takes ninth. After seemingly getting over his fear of women, and falling for Cherry, this hockey star has pushed through to the merge!” The crowd swooned as Blake waved to the audience.

Mana pulled the mic away. “Payton comes in at tenth!” The crowd cheered, then stopped when Payton wobbled into the stadium and proceeded to face plant into the grass. “Uh… Payton usually is a level headed member who has helped her team keep things in check… Will she surpass Grayson’s record?”

Fynn rushed onto the stage to help Payton to her feet. “And in eleventh we have Fynn! Who is fighting to keep up his family's tradition of making it to the finals!” The crowd cheered and whistled as the wet Fynn winked.

Zac finished off. “In last we have Kaleb! The final returnee! Having made it to the merge for the first time, just how far can he go?!” The crowd started to cheer until Kaleb walked out and starting demanding a recount. The crowd swapped to laughter. “Don’t ever change Kaleb!”

A tall woman approached the 12 students who waited in the stadium. Her raven black hair is her most notable feature. “To really get the merge on the roll, we’ve invited Total Drama Alum, Heather to say a few words to top 12!”

The alumni waved at the audience and then at the merged students. She waited for the crowd to calm down before she spoke. “Hey!” She shouted, as the crowd cut to a dead silence. “Honestly, I shouldn’t have to wait so long.” She laughed. “I’ve met some of you before.” She looked at Rosalie in particular, “and many of you may know me as Damien’s older, and much cooler, and WINNING sister.” She teased. “He’s not here so he can’t even defend himself.”

“I LOVE YOU HEATHER!” Someone in the crowd screamed.

“Of course you do.” Heather laughed. “Anyways.” She turned her attention back to the top 12. “Don’t listen to Zac. No matter what you all made it to the top 12 - to the merge! You all have something special, and all have the same chance to win.” She looked at Cherry and Rosalie. “Just because you were eliminated once, doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t deserve to win. The merge is a clean slate. You all come to it on equal footing.” She turned her focus to Dania, Emmett and Vishal. “Whatever you did to get here, that doesn’t matter. Just clean it up, and make sure it doesn’t bite you, or might need to know a really good wig maker.” The teens laughed. She looked at Fynn and Payton, “Don’t do what Damien did, play your own game - you don’t need to prove anything to your siblings, so do things YOUR way….” Heather looked at Payton. “Is she drunk? Like actually?”

Blake and Weston who were helping keep Payton standing shook their heads. “She’s just a little sleepy!” Blake quickly spat out.

“Yeah! She had a long night… studying.” Weston grinned.

Heather blinked. “Ok… Cool I guess. What I’m trying to say is that you all have the same chance here. Stop thinking someone else has more of a chance. When you do that, that’s when you get eliminated. Keep your head in the game and play.” Heather declared. She stepped back and waved to the students. “Anyways, that’s all from me! Good luck!” She winked as she walked over to the crowd to take her seat in the VIP section.

“The views and ratings have been ASTRONOMICAL this season!” Zac announced. “Honestly they’re really OUT OF THIS WORLD!”

“Please stop.” Mana groaned.

“I’m on a roll here.” Zac muttered.

“Just start the challenge before I text Hayden for you.” Mana grinned as Zac’s eyes went wide.

“FINE!” Zac growled. “Welcome to the second challenge of the merge!” The host flicked a switch as the stadium went dark. A hologram of the Sun appeared towards the end. It was surrounded by three rings, each with a different point value. 50, 30, 10 starting from the center going out. “Welcome to shuffle board… but IN SPACE!”

The crowd erupted into cheer once again as the stadium took on the appearance of the milky way, barring the planets. “Beautiful isn’t it.” Mana added. “Today’s challenge is split into two parts. The first part determines who gets to participate in the second.”

“Before any of that begins, Cherry as the top ranked student, you have a choice to make. Will we go in order of highest to lowest ranked, or backwards. In the first portion of this challenge you all get one shot.” Zac announced.

“I’ll like go first!” Cherry decided.

Mana nodded. “Alright, on your phone you will find a new app. Called Shuffle Board in Space.”

“Creative.” Rosalie laughed.

“Open the app up, choose which of the 8 planets in our system you want to use, and then using the touch screen on your phone, fling it towards the end screen. The hologram around you will reflect what is happening on the app.”

Cherry nodded, pulling open the app. “This one is red!” She announced clicking on Mars. She used her finger to fling the planet towards the points at the end.

The camera swapped to show the system, as Cherry’s Mars planet soared through the starry sky into the right side of the sun, landing in the ten point zone. “Like fuck.” Cherry muttered.

“It’s ok Cherry.” Blake put a hand on her shoulder. “I think there’s a lot more to this challenge than meets the eye.”

“Alright Vishal, that means you’re next!” Zac announced over the speakers.

Vishal nodded. He quickly clicked on Uranus, one of the biggest  planets. “This should make things easy.” He mentioned. The athlete looked at his phone as he pulled the planet back and slung it towards the Sun, and the valued rings. With its larger size, and higher density it made its path towards the Sun much slower than Cherry’s. As it got closer, the planet began to melt and evaporate. Vishal stared at the Sun in shock as his planet vanished. “What just happened?”

Mana laughed. “Maybe if you actually came to class sometime you’d understand! Sorry Vishal, without a planet on the board you have no chance of making it to the next round. Please take a seat in the losers section.” The stars lit up an empty section of bleachers. “Dania! It’s your go! As a reminder we may have taken some creative liberties…”

Dania nodded. She looked at her phone screen. “I don’t know anything about the planets.” She groaned. She put an X over Uranus. Knowing that planet wouldn’t work. “I’ll with Mars as well!” She decided, clicking on the smaller red planet. The camera focused on her planet as it soared towards the end of the stadium. It landed on the 10 point section directly in front of the Sun. “At least it’s still there.” She said.

“Weston it’s your go!”

Weston first opened up the Challenge App, Mana had described during his lecture. He scrolled through the information about the 8 planets before deciding on Earth. The largest of the terrestrial planets. Using his phone he flung the planet towards the Sun. It stopped on the opposite side of Cherry’s in the 30 point ring. He high-fived Blake as he walked over to join Cherry and Dania.

“Well, I guess Earth it is!” Isabella said as she opened the app to take her turn. She flung the planet as it slid beside Cherry’s also landing in the 10 point zone. “It’s not as hard as it looks I guess. Planet Earth selfie!” She cheered pulling Weston in for a quick photo.

“Emmett, Rosalie since you both tied you can go at the same time.” Zac announced. The pair shared a look. They both locked in their own planets. While Emmett played it safe with Earth, Rosalie chose Venus. The pair shot their planets into the end together - surprisingly neither hit any planets on their way. Both landing in front of the Sun, just behind Dania’s in the 30 point ring.

“Thanks.” They both said looking at the other.\

Hannah opened the app next. “Jupiter is the biggest planet, which means I have the highest chance of landing in the area.” She flung the planet back and then stared in awe as the majority of the stadium turned into the hologram of Jupiter. “It’s massive.” She gasped.

The planet very slowly made it’s way to the Sun. Due to its size and mass it was unable to make it all the way, with a portion of it covering Dania’s planet in the 10 pts zone. “Don’t worry Dania your planet is still there.” Zac added.

“Hannah’s planet is a gas giant, so most of it is actually ‘hollow’ for the challenge.” Mana declared.

Blake got up to take his turn next. He looked at the list of planets before choosing to go with Earth. He flung his planet forwards as it crashed into Hannah’s sending it inching towards the sun. His planet stopped at the very edge of the 10 point ring. Hannah’s continued its slow descent into the sun, pushing Dania’s into the 30 point ring, and pushing both Emmett’s and Rosalie’s closer to the sun. Once Hannah’s planet touched the edge of the Sun, it exploded into a variety of fireworks.

“WHAT just happened?” Hannah gasped as her planet vanished, but the others remained in tact.

“Sorry Hannah.” Blake said. “I had to test my theory. Your planet was made up a lot of explosive gases… Turns out you get them too hot and it all goes boom.”

Hannah nodded. “I get it.” She smiled and walked over to join Vishal in the losers section.

“Sucks to lose don’t it.” Vishal asked.

“Right. I knew I should have gone to the class… it’s free exp.” Hannah sighed sitting next to Vishal.

Payton excitedly opened up her phone. “WEEEEE!” She cheered, clicking on earth and launching it mindlessly into space. It bounced off of Cherry’s planet first, knocking her Mars out of the point system, and then hit Rosalie’s planet knocking it closer to Emmett’s in the 30 pts zone. “I did it!”

“She’s so drunk.” Blake groaned to Weston.

“I think she’s more fun this way.” Weston shrugged.

“Like no more daytime cocktails for you!” Cherry shouted, as she made her way over to join Hannah and Vishal.

“What’s going on with Payton?” Vishal asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Mid-competition meltdown.” Cherry said flatly.

“Ohhhh.” Hannah and Vishal both nodded. “Happens to the best of us.”

“Alright Fynn! You’re up!”

Fynn nodded as he chose one of the bigger planets, Neptune. “Let’s go!” He shouted as he pulled the planet back and watched it soar into space. However much like Vishal’s it melted before it had the chance to reach the scoring rings. “Lame.” He pouted. The surfer walked towards the loser section and high-fived his friends there. “Who do you think is going to win?” He asked.

“Whoever went to class.” Hannah said. “Did anyone even go?”

“Blake did.” Cherry responded.

“Ok Kaleb! You got this! You can do it! Just need to get some points!” Kaleb said to himself to psych himself up. The others shared a laugh at his expense. The actor clicked on Earth, and then launched the ball into the solar system.

His planet crashed into Blake’s which then flew into Rosalies which in turn knocked Emmett’s. Explosions lit up the hologram as the force of one explosion moved other planets around.

Zac’s voice was heard when the fireworks calmed down. “And the six moving into the final stage of the challenge are….” The host looked at the screen where Weston’s and Isabella’s ball were safe from the carnage on either side of the Sun. “Weston and Isabella…. And.” He pointed at Rosalie’s and Emmett’s planets that had both exploded due to the Sun. “Hmmm.” Zac sighed. “That leaves… Blake, Dania, Isabella, Kaleb, Payton and Weston!”

Emmett and Rosalie nodded as they walked over to join the losers. They shared a look with Cherry and Vishal as they looked back at Dania, their only alliance member left.

“I guess we’re all losers today.” Hannah pointed out to Rosalie.

Rosalie stared Hannah down. “Don’t speak to me. You eliminated me without even giving me a chance to prove anything to you. You also turned my victory against Britt into a petty revenge episode for you.” Rosalie took a seat as far away from Hannah as possible. “You might have grown as a person since then, but deep down you’ll always be the same Hannah who cheated on Britt, and us all against him.”

The other losers stared in silence at Rosalie and Hannah. Fynn held onto Hannah’s hand who just nodded. “I understand your feelings but I hope you learn to change them.”

Cherry slurped loudly from her cherry flavored slushie.

“Really Cherry?” Fynn laughed.

“Sorry, like not sorry!” The former winner laughed.

The hologram above the students reset. This time a number of additional features appeared; multiple planets appeared to make the path more difficult to reach the Sun, as well as smaller moons, and the addition of a deep black circle towards the middle of the board.

Mana took over the microphone. “Much like in round one, you will all be allotted one planet. In this round you will be using planet Earth. The student who ends up the closest to Earth will win Immunity and be safe from the first vote of the merge.”

A spotlight appeared on Cherry, as Zac’s voice called out. “You still can decide whether we go highest ranked; Dania, Weston, Isabella, Blake, Payton, and Kaleb, or in reverse.”

“It’s about who you want to screw over more, Kaleb or Dania.” Vishal pointed out.

“We know nothing about how the second round works.” Emmett added.

“We’ll go in reverse.” Cherry sighed. “Like sorry Kaleb.”

Kaleb rolled his eyes. “Fine! It’s about time I show all of Canada, and the world how much of a star I am anyways!” The star pulled Earth back, and aimed it straight down the center, avoiding the other planets.

“Unlucky.” Blake and Weston both muttered as they watched his planet get sucked into the black dot in the middle.

“LIKE WHAT!?” Kaleb shouted. “What just happened?!”

“Black hole.” Blake said.

“It absorbs anything that gets too close.” Weston added.

“Well how was I supposed to know that?” Kaleb crossed his arms, and walked towards the losers section. “Thanks Cherry. Glad to know I still have room in my back for another knife.”

“I -” Cherry started but Vishal gave her a look. “Like never mind.”

“My tuuuuurn!” Payton said, while wobbling back and forth. She aimed her ball towards one of the planets on the side. As it soared towards the planet, it was pulled into its gravitational pull, not having enough force to leave. “Well ooopsies!”

Mana’s voice could be heard over the intercom. “The first part tested your knowledge of the planets, this time you need to have an understanding of space itself…”

Blake was next. He carefully aimed his planet between the black hole, and the planets on the side. When it was launched it drifted through the orbits of the side planets, and the black hole, making it into the Sun's orbit where it began to loop around the Sun. He looked out towards the audience where Cherry was sitting and gave her a thumbs up.

“Isabella you’re up!”

Isabella nodded. She tried her best to shoot her planet along the same path that Blake did, but aimed too close to the black hole. She watched as her planet vanished like Kaleb’s. “Well atleast I tried.” She shrugged. Isabella pulled out her camera to take another selfie before moving towards the losers.

Weston was next. He stared at his phone trying to come up with the best way to avoid the pull of the side planets, and the blackhole. In the end he ended up launching his ball in a similar motion to Blake’s. It dodged both the black hole, and the side planets but ended up crashing into Blake’s planet as the two exploded leaving no trace. “Wait what?”

Blake blinked. “When the planets hit each other last time they acted like pool balls…”

Zac’s laughter could be heard. “That was the last challenge. Do you really think two planets crashing into each other would just be a small bump in the road? Sorry boys you’re both out.”

Weston frowned as he and Blake both joined the other losers. “Sorry Blake. I didn’t meant to!”

Blake smiled and rubbed Weston’s head. “Don’t even sweat it buddy!”

Dania stared at her phone. “I just need to make it to the Sun to win!” Chester ran down to her phone and pointed out the best route for her planet. “You’re a smart little guy aren’t you?” She teased, handing him an acorn. She looked back at her alliance in the bleachers who were cheering her on, and then at Payton who had crashed and was taking another nap. “Ok!” She grinned, as she launched her ball into space.

The audience grew silent as they watched her planet soar. It dodged Payton’s, but slid too close to the blackhole and was absorbed. The crowd gasped, as a hologram of the sleeping Payton appeared, the word ‘Winner’ underneath her.

Dania looked down at Payton with a smile, and woke her friend up.

“SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!” The crowd shouted as Payton rubbed her eyes and got to her feet.

Payton’s mind was still cloudy as a microphone appeared in front of her. She glanced around at the confetti that was falling around her, and the trash that the audience had thrown onto the area. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU!?” She shouted. The crowd went dead silent. The other students stopped to stare at Payton. “This is 2019! Our planet can’t handle this!” She picked up some of the confetti. “Where do you think this goes? HUH!?” She shouted staring at one of the students as they threw more confetti. She glared at them until they jumped into the stadium and began to pick up some of the confetti. “YEAH! That’s what I THOUGHT! We can’t keep going on like this! Stop celebrating ME! What did I do? Win a challenge?” Payton scoffed. “Why don’t you cheer for Cherry?! She’s making a difference in the world!” Payton spun around to look at the rest of the audience. “IS THIS the world you want to live in?” She pointed at the trash around her. “Do you want to live in trash? IN FILTH?” She watched as more students jumped out of their seats to pick up the trash. “That’s what I thought! We need to make a difference! We’re the generation of change! We CAN CLEAN THIS UP!” She announced, as more and more of the audience came down to help clean up. “Thank you!” She said, dropping the mic, and walking towards the losers.

“That was RAD! Pay! Graybear would be proud!” Fynn said, fistpounding her. Payton responded by vomiting over the losers.

“AHHHHH!” They all screamed.

“Yeah… We’re not cleaning that up.” Ollie laughed, waving bye to his friends as they ran off to get showered.

“Like note to self, Payton can’t handle her liquor.” Cherry said as she pulled off her sweater, and used it to wipe the vomit off of Payton’s camera.

“Take an hour to shower, and get ready! Meet me in an hour!” Zac announced.

The losers made their way out of the stadium. Weston raced over to catch up with Emmett. “Hey Emmett!” He said excitedly before revealing fangs, “I want to suck you blood!”

Emmett stared at Weston confused. “Come on buddy, we’ve got to shower, stop playing!”

Weston stood still as Emmett continued to walk away. Blake, who was carrying Payton with a blanket, as to not have to touch the girl, stopped behind Weston. “What’s wrong budd?”

“Follow me!” Weston said, as he led Blake and the sleepy Payton back to his detective headquarters.

Blake stared at the space. “You’ve really done a lot since I fixed the door.” The hockey player noted as he looked around the area.

“It’s Emmett.” Weston declared.

“What’s Emmett?” Blake said, staring at Weston.

“The liar!” Payton said, starting to regain her senses. “He’s the one?”

Weston nodded. “He has to be! I always knew when we lost the halloween challenge it was weird. He said he was afraid of vampires, but then just now I spooked him with a vampire look.” He pointed at his fangs, “But nothing!”

“So… he threw the challenge?” Blake asked. “Why? Why would anyone throw a challenge?”

“Emmett was the leader of your team, usually right?” Payton said, “Maybe he knew he was safe.”

“So he was protecting someone?” Blake said, staring at the strings that were connected to Emmett.

The three looked at each other. “Dania!”

Payton’s eyes went wide. “How long… How long do you think they were working together?”

“If they were working together that means there’s a good chance they’re working together now.” Weston paused.

“It explains why Dania wanted to bring back Fynn so much.” Payton gasped. “He was one of Emmett’s allies…. And Vishal’s.”

Blake’s face paled. “You don’t think they’re all in an alliance do you?”

Weston paused. “If they are, Cherry probably is too. She was in on the scheme to eliminate Kaleb.”

“She never said anything.” Blake said. “What’s happening! I thought I knew what was happening in the game but… this is… This is blowing it all open.”

“It’s like Heather said, the merge is a whole new ball game.” Payton added.

Dania and Emmett are seen sitting on a bench outside of Zac’s office. They were both still wet from their shower. “I don’t know if I can do it.” Emmett said. “I don’t think that I can vote for Hannah.”

Dania put her hand on Emmett’s. “You two started to get close didn’t you.”

“I don’t know if close is the right word.” Emmett shook his head. “But during the last challenge, I think we finally started to understand each other. We spent Tides at ends. We didn’t agree with how to run our teams, or how to play the game. Then we were on different teams here, but the last challenge…”

“It finally clicked.” Dania nodded. “I know. I do. She’s really something special. Whatever you decide, I'll vote with you.” Dania promised. “But Emmett… I think we need to come clean about what we did.” She gulped.“It weighs on me. Every challenge that we do, anytime I look at the girls from my team.” Dania frowned. “I did something my father would do… Something a monster would do. That’s not me!”

Emmett stared at Dania. “Did you throw this challenge to Payton?”

Dania looked away. “That was different!”

“So you did.” Emmett nodded.

“She doesn’t have a big alliance like we do!”

“I know Dania. I know.” Emmett said exhaling. “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

The scene cut to Isabella’s dorm room, where she and Kaleb were sitting. “Did you apologize to Weston yet?” Isabella asked.

“Yes….” Kaleb frowned. “It wasn’t his fault. He just wanted to be my friend.”

“And what did he say?”

“I don’t know he hasn’t responded yet.”


“Sorry!” Kaleb said, hiding behind one of Isabella’s pillows. “What do we do about this vote?”

“We vote for who's pulling all the strings.” Isabella shrugged. “It’s not like one of us is in danger.”

“How do you even know that?”

Isabella opened up snapchat and showed Kaleb the other students on the snap map. Fynn, Rosalie, and Vishal were together; as were Dania and Emmett; Blake, Payton and Weston; and Cherry and Hannah. “Do any of these groups seem like they’d be targeting us?”

“No…” Kaleb said. “No one else has thought to use that…. How did you.”

Isabella stared at Kaleb. “Don’t even finish that sentence! How many times do we need to go over the whole be nice to me thing! We’re friends now!”

Kaleb nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry! But can we please take a second to talk about how I’m LAST in the rankings!?!” Kaleb gasped. “LIKE EXCUSE YOU?! I’m way more fun and popular than someone like Payton!”

“Then show them that. Stop pouting. It’s not as cute as when Vishal does it…. He’s single right?”

“Oh no you don’t!” Kaleb gasped. “We’re voting him off!”

“What are the odds of us even having enough votes to get rid of him… He’s kinda cute.”

“Isabella!” Kaleb shouted. The girl giggled in response.

Fynn, Rosalie and Vishal are seen walking towards the elimination ceremony. “How much do you trust Emmett?” Rosalie asked.

“Enough.” Vishal said. “He hasn’t betrayed us yet. He led our team to victory over and over.”

Fynn nodded. “He’s a good guy! I can see why you used to date him.”

Rosalie snarled, and Vishal punched Fynn in the gut. “Don’t mind him. Sometimes he forgets he can say things inside his head.” Vishal chuckled.

“Noted.” Rosalie stared at Fynn. “How’s Hannah doing lately?”

“Really good! It’s weird the last time I saw her she seemed so lost and angry with the world! But now she seems good again. She seems happy.”

Vishal nodded. “Getting a boyfriend can do that to you.” He nudged Rosalie. “Hint hint.”

“I’m not dating you.” Rosalie said, staring into Vishal’s soul.

“Not what I meant!”


“I don’t think I could ever do what you did though.” Fynn said looking at Rosalie. “I don’t think I could ever vote Hannah out. Even if it’s the best game move.”

Rosalie and Vishal shared a sigh. “I get that.” Rosalie nodded.

“Yeah, somethings are more important, right!” Vishal frowned as he and Rosalie walked ahead of Fynn.

Cherry and Hannah are seen sitting in the Dean’s Office waiting for the others. “You know that like, you’re a target right?” Cherry said staring at Hannah.

Hannah looked over at Cherry and nodded. “I assumed as much.” The gamer shrugged. “I guess I just have faith in my party members.”

Cherry stared at Hannah. “Like, how? Why would you trust them to keep you around?”

Hannah paused. “Because we’re friends. We’ve developed our support levels. It’s what we do for eachother.”

“I’m like happy for you.” Cherry said. “It’s like hard to stay optimistic in this game. Like last season I lost faith in myself…”

“So did I.” Hannah nodded, and looked at Cherry. “And look at us now! We both have amazing guys by our sides!”

Cherry nodded. “We like really do.” She smiled as Blake took a seat next to her, and handed her a coffee. “Like my two favorite things.” She shared a kiss with Blake. Hannah smiled at her friends being happy together. The other students piled into the Dean’s office.

Zac and Mana arrived. “Welcome everyone, to the first vote of the merge!”

“Woot woot!” Fynn cheered, prompting Blake and Vishal to respond with their own cheering. Cherry blushed and looked away from Blake.

“Anyways Rosalie! You’re back.” Zac said, smiling at one of the former winners. “How does it make you feel if you win, you’d also be returnee winner, the very thing you despise Cherry for.”

“Shots fired.” Isabella gasped.

Rosalie bit her lip. “It wouldn’t be the same. I’d deserve my win.”

Cherry glared at Rosalie. “Says like who! And I totes deserved my win.”

“Tell that to Canada.” Rosalie mumbled.

Zac grinned. “Moving on! Dania! This is the furthest you’ve ever made it! How does it feel?”

Dania smiled. “Honestly it’s a shock every day that I’m still here. You know for so long I thought I wasn’t able to do anything, but it turns out I can do a lot more than I think.”

“What about you Kaleb? I mean even if you just returned, you must have your own thoughts?”

Kaleb snapped as his interns put a spotlight on him. “I feel like the true star now! And Canada will see that soon!”

“Who are these people Kaleb?”

“My production team! If you won’t give me the edit I deserve than I’ll give myself the proper edit!”

Mana chuckled. “That’s not really how this works.”

“Fine.” Kaleb groaned signalling for his team to leave. “But it’s nice to make it to the merge, I guess. Maybe someone will make a doll of me now!”

Cherry squeezed Blake’s hand. “I mean like Blake has an action figure and he was the first out.”

“Blake also has a maniacal liar for a girlfriend.” Kaleb forced a smile and waved at Cherry. Blake stared at the pair, but chose not to say anything.

“Speaking of Blake…. You and Cherry eh?” Zac raised an eyebrow. “You do know most couples break up during, or after the show right?”

“What kind of question is that?” Blake gasped.

“Honestly that’s a little rude.” Payton shook her head. “Grayson and Sam are still together.”

“But they also broke up once or twice on the show.” Hannah added.

“And once or twice after.” Fynn added. “They’re a little dramatic.” He chuckled.

“Truth.” Payton added.

“How did you even make it this far?” Zac asked, looking at Isabella who was snapping her friends back home.

Isabella put her phone down and looked at the host. “I don’t know, ask them!” She pointed at the girls who were on her team.

“Ok valid point.” Zac nodded. He turned to Weston. “Anything you want to add before we begin our votes?”

Weston looked at Blake and then Payton. “I do.” The detective looked at Emmett. “Emmett’s been lying and deceiving us all. I don’t know why entirely yet, but I know he’s thrown at least one challenge, to keep Dania safe, and who knows what else he’s done.”

Emmett shared a look with Dania, before Vishal spoke up. “What are you even on about? Emmett is one of the most trustworthy guys around.”

“I mean he did cheat on me.” Rosalie added.

Payton nodded. “Emmett what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I…” Emmett looked around at everyone staring at him. “I just did what I thought was best for Dania. She deserved to make it to the merge!”

Dania blushed. “Thank… Thank you Emmett.”

The others stared in silence. “Well I guess it’s time to cast your votes!” Mana decided. “You all know the drill, write the name of the person you want to be eliminated on your test. The one with the most will be eliminated and will NEVER return to Eclipse!”

“For real this time!” Zac added.

There was silence in the room while the students cast their votes. After a few minutes Zac went around to collect the votes. He inserted them into the statue of himself.

“That’s still around?” Rosalie whispered to Dania. “Honestly expected someone to destroy it by now.” Dania giggled.

“I’ve missed you.”

Zac looked around at the students. “For one of you this is the end of the line.” He watched as leaves burst into flames and drifted to Payton, Dania and Weston. “You both received no votes today. And Payton you won immunity… somehow.”

Mana smiled as he watched two leaves drift to Cherry and Blake. “Even couples get a chance to grow in the Fall. You both received no votes.” The pair shared a kiss, as the others rolled their eyes.

Zac nodded to Fynn and Kaleb as they also received their leafs. “Sometimes returning has its perks. None of you were a target tonight.” The pair shared a high-five.

“Isabella.” Mana announced as another lead drifted down to her. “You also received no votes tonight.”

Zac looked at Emmett, Hannah, Rosalie and Vishal. “The four of you all received at least two votes tonight.” He turned to Emmett first. “Weston’s discovery could easily explain the votes cast for you tonight.”

Mana looked at Hannah. “You’ve been one of the highest-rated students throughout the season, and you could be seen as a threat for that.”

“As for you Rosalie, you’ve won before, and it’s not like you came back trying to make friends.” Zac added.

“Finally Vishal, you’ve been a key player for your team before the merge, you could be seen as a physical threat.”

“Sucks to be like a Frozen returnee.” Cherry whispered to Blake who nodded.

“Vishal… Rosalie you’re both safe.” Zac declared as two more leafs drifted to the pair. “That means Emmett, or Hannah your education stops here.” “Not really.” Mana quickly added. “You can still attend online courses while at the losers resort!”

Zac watched as the final lead drifted onto Emmett’s head. “I’m sorry Hannah but you’ve been eliminated and have placed 12th.”

Hannah blinked her eyes. “Again?” The gamer frowned. “Honestly I’m starting to think I’m cursed! 12th in Frozen, 12th in Tides… and now 12th here.” She let out a sigh. “At least I’m consistent.”

Fynn pulled Hannah in for a hug. “I’ll kiss you when I win this thing.”

The gamer blushed, “You better!” She smiled. She walked towards the Drop of Shame. “No hard feelings everyone!”

Cherry stared at Hannah. “What… Like what?”

Rosalie shook her head. “Her head wasn’t in the game anymore.” She looked at Fynn. “She got what she came for, and then she kind of stopped.” The former winner frowned. “I was hoping for more of a fight.”

“I guess this is game ov-” Hannah started to say before the floor collapsed underneath her.

“Over.” Fynn sighed. He turned to Weston. “Did you say you have a popcorn swimming pool?”

“YOU BET I DO!” Weston grinned, as he and Fynn ran to Weston’s dorm.

“If you like, do that when/if I get eliminated, like I’m breaking up with you.” Cherry poked Blake’s chest.


Zac stepped away from the students, and turned to the camera. “And that’s it for this out of this world episode!” The students groaned. “Hush!” He grumbled. “Anyways we saw romance, we saw drama but most importantly we’re starting to see the actions during the team phase have an impact in the merge!” The host snapped as music played in the background. “I hope the students aren’t all dueled out because next episode they’ll face in the most melodic duels they’ve participated in yet! Find out who gets eliminated next time on, TOTAL. DRAMA. ECLIPSE!”

Payton looked down at her phone. "What the? Why do I have 100,000 new subscribers! 120,000! What's happening?!" 

Cherry whistled innocently as she pulled Payton away for coffee.

Chapter Sixteen: Legit, Sing for Your Life! Pt.1

Follow along here

The screen lit up, as Zac got up from his barbers chair. “Thanks for trim.” He grimmed, handing the barber a couple bills of cash. “Now that I’m back to looking Zactastic!” The host struck a pose. “It’s time we get YOU!” He pointed at the audience back into the drama! “Last time we said a tearful farewell to Hannah whose heart was distracting her mind. Since then! Mana’s class has been full of students! Although their recent lessons seem to have them confused as to what the next challenge could be.” The host chuckled to himself. “But you know what, let’s take the suspense away for a bit!” He dialed every student, as their phones automatically answered. “Why hello there! Today is challenge day, and I hope you are all energized for it!”

The students stopped what they were doing across campus to listen to the challenge instructions. “Today anytime your phone starts to play music you must SING - and PERFORM along!” The host grinned. “I hope you’ve all been paying attention to Mana as he’s gone over the most popular and innovative songs of the decade.”

“And the top performances throughout the year!” Mana added in.

“Every performance will be live streamed to every student on campus, and if the majority decide that your performance wasn’t enough, you’ll be X’d out, and eliminated from the challenge. When we have our final two they will put on a single performance at Genesis Plaza, with the winner receiving immunity.” Mana and Zac walked out of the barber’s shop, as it lit up with stage lights, singing along.

Oh baby, take me high - high

Red wine - Hey!



Red wine


Cherry’s dorm room appeared on the screen. The blinds were shut tightly. Clothes spread throughout the room. Blake walked into the room with nothing but his pants and Cherry’s fluffy bunny slippers on. He stretched his arms out, and put the two cups of Cherry’s coffee down on her desk. “How late are you planning on sleeping in for.” He laughed as he sat on the edge of her bed. “You heard there’s a challenge, right?” The hockey player bent down and began to roll up the blanket and pillows that he had used when he slept on the floor. “Thanks for letting me sleep over, Fynn and Weston were just so loud.” He groaned, cracking his neck. “Honestly sometimes I forget they’re our age.” Blake felt his phone vibrate, as music streamed from it. His eyes lit up. “Really?! Now?”

Woke up on the right side of the bed

What's up with this Prince song inside my head?

Hands up if you're down to get down tonight

Blake began his performance singing softly, trying not to wake Cherry. Red X’s began to flash across his phone. He nodded, jumping onto Cherry’s bed and raising his singing voice. He sang loudly towards Cherry. He snapped his fingers along to the beat, and pointed towards his girlfriend.

Cherry was less forgiving, as she instantly slammed a pillow into his face, knocking him off of her bed. “Like shush! It’s totes too early for this!” Blake groaned, but jumped back on his feet and continued to dance awkwardly around the room. His phone was lighting up with both green checks, and red x’s. He stared at Cherry’s phone as it began to play a very different song, but Cherry didn’t budge. While performing, Blake began to hit Cherry with a pillow - still nothing.

With no other option, Blake grabbed onto Cherry pulling her out of the comforts of her bed. He planted a kiss on her cheek, while continuing to sing, and pointed to Cherry’s phone.

Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone. What's going on, on the floor? I love this record, baby, but I can't see straight anymore.

Cherry groaned, as she groggily sang along to her song. She walked around the room, in search of her makeup. She sat in front of her mirror, singing as she applied her lipstick. Behind her Blake continued his awkward dancing.

Cherry shook her head in disappointment. She walked beside her boyfriend in nothing but her nightie. While singing she waved her finger in disappointment. She bent over and began to twerk wildly at Blake.

The hockey player blushed, seeing Cherry do that so close. As he paused his performance, Cherry slapped his booty, and motioned for him to twerk with her. Blake shook his head wildly, but then Cherry gave him her signature glare. Blake gulped and bent down and did his best attempt at twerking. Unsatisfied with Blake’s poor performance, Cherry grabbed onto his hips from behind and began to shake him wildly while the pair continued to sing their own songs.

The door to Cherry’s room opened. “What’s going on in here? Do I need to use my rape whistle?” Payton asked, before she saw what Cherry was doing. “Uh wuh. Oh.” She blinked and turned around instantly. “I don’t even want to know.”

Blake and Cherry looked at each other both with a red face. Their phones both stopped playing music, and lit up green. Blake tackled Cherry into her bed as they started laughing. “I’m never twerking again!”

“You’re like dating the queen of twerking! YOU like totes need to learn how!” Cherry countered.

The hockey player blushed. “Dating, eh?” He teased.

“Oh like hush!” Cherry said, turning away from Blake, as he pulled her in for a hug.

Elsewhere on campus Payton, Vishal and Weston were hiding from a mob of fans. “I can’t believe Cherry uploaded a video of you yelling at the entire school to clean up garbage.” Vishal said, shocked. “How did she even get your account info?” He pushed through the bushes when the crowd of students were gone.

“Just when I thought they were getting used to us.” Weston said. “But at least you’re doing something good with all of your views!” The twin looked around. “I’ve never seen the campus look so clean.”

“I was drunk! I would never yell like that!” Payton gasped. “What did I even say?”

“You haven’t watched it?!” Vishal asked, pulling out his phone. “It’s all over the internet! You’re the latest meme… I mean sensation!” He corrected himself.

Payton looked at Vishal’s phone through her fingers. “This is so embarrassing!” She groaned. “Why didn’t anybody stop me!”

Weston looked away. “You were finally having a little fun. I didn’t want to be the fun police! I’m not licensed!” The twin stopped and looked directly at Vishal. “Do you believe us about Emmett?”

The athlete shrugged. “He had a reason for it. No harm no foul.”

“Huh? He admitted that he rigged at least one challenge.” Payton pressed.

“Yeah, and it’s no big deal.” Vishal clarified. “He values Dania’s company enough to try and keep her safe. Either way Kaleb wasn’t useful to the team.” Payton and Weston shared a disappointing look, realizing that Vishal was for sure a part of the alliance.

Vishal stopped at one of the outdoor boutiques and handed Payton a pair of black sunglasses. “Here, it should help you blend in.” He took off his letterman jacket and helped Payton into it.

In the comforts of her dorm room, Isabella gasped having seen the live story of Vishal helping Payton into his jacket. “This has to stop!” She declared, putting on her jacket and rushing out the door. Vishal’s eyes locked onto his phone as it began to play music.

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but you

The athlete grabbed onto Payton’s hand, pulling her in close. As he sang along to the song, he led Payton in a ballroom dance. He waltzed across the stone path with Payton in his hand. Grabbing a bunch of flowers from a nearby brush and handing them to his dancing partner.

Somewhere Zac grinned evilly as he pressed Payton’s button. The prep stopped dancing with Vishal as she noticed her own song.

Oh don't you dare look back

Just keep your eyes on me I said you're holding back

She said shut up and dance with me

As Vishal started to dance away from Payton, she stopped him with her voice. Using her arms she motioned for him to come back. She began to dance much closer to Vishal, matching the rhythm of her song. For every drastic step she took, Vishal matched it in a much smoother, and softer step.

Weston sat on a nearby bench, eating from his two ice cream cones. He held onto Vishal’s and Payton’s phones as they both stopped playing music and flashed green. “You’re done!” He announced tossing their phones back to them. The pair gave each other a fistbump, and caught their phones.

“That was…” Payton exhaled.

“Something else.” Vishal finished.

“I’m not into you!” They both spat out instantly.

“Talk about awkwa-” Weston started, but before he could finish his phone lit up and began to play music.

Can’t you see that!

Boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass

Yeah that's that super bass

Saying "Ayo! Baby, let's go!"

Weston stared at his two friends awkwardly, unsure of how he was meant to dance along to Nicki Minaj. He stood still singing the lyrics for a few moments before an idea clicked. He tossed the icecream cones into the air, trying to juggle them. One of the cones instantly landed on his head, giving Weston a new hat.

Payton and Vishal both instantly broke out laughing, falling to the ground. “He’s not actually…” Payton looked over at Weston to confirm what he was doing.

“He’s great.” Vishal laughed, wiping away his tears of joy.

Weston continued to sing and dance along. Every now and then tilting his head down to lick some of the ice cream that was seeping through his shirt. Eventually his performance came to a conclusion, as his phone turned green, and the crowd that had formed around the trio left. “Now I need more icecream.” Weston sighed, pulling off his shirt. In the distance a group of girls could be heard whistling.

Payton handed Weston Vishal's jacket. “Here, I think you need it more than I do.” Weston nodded.

The boy detective turned to Vishal and cuffed him. “For lying to me, and then conspiring in an alliance against your former teammates, I find you - guilty. On all charges of being evil!”

“You’re coming with us.” Payton nodded, pushing Vishal forward.

“Wait what’s happening?” Vishal shouted. He struggled to get free or look at his captures, but they stood too far back.

Dania and Emmett appeared on the screen. The pair were practicing ballet in the Incan Dance Studio on campus. “This was a good idea!” Dania commented, as she twirled around Emmett. “I could really use the relaxation. Especially after that elimination.”

Emmett adjusted his tights. “These are a lot tighter than I remember.” He muttered. He sat on the ground, stretching his legs out. “I was more thinking it could be helpful with the challenge.”

“You’re definitely not wrong.” Dania nodded. “Finally a challenge I might be good at!”

“You probably would have won the last challenge if you didn’t throw it.” Emmett raised his eyebrow. He reached out to his feet, continuing to stretch his body out. “Are we going to talk about the whole Weston situation or?”

Dania stopped mid-jump. “We probably should. Why didn’t you say I was throwing challenges too!” The blonde shook her. “You shouldn’t take the fall for everything like that! You know I wanted to come clean!”

Emmett jumped to his feet, adjusting his tights again. He put his hands on both of Dania’s shoulders. “You shouldn’t be weighed down because of things that I did. One of us - one of the good guys still needs to win.”

“Are we even the good guys anymore?” Dania asked looking away.

“Of course we are! We didn’t set into motion the things that got them eliminated. Even if we didn’t throw a challenge or two, they still would have gone home eventually. We just made sure that WE.” Emmett bent down to look into Dania’s eyes. “Didn’t. If you really thought we were the bad guys, you wouldn’t have thrown the challenge to protect Payton.”

“They’re all going to hate you now!” Dania whispered. “You shouldn’t have to go through that alone.”

“Let them hate!” Emmett laughed. “Honestly, it’s fine Dania.” The pair looked at their phones that had begun to play the same song. “Would you like to dance?” Emmett asked Dania, offering her his hand. She nodded in response as the pair broke out into a ballet routine.

So we’ll piss off the neighbours!

Make it alright

Need a little sweetness in my life

Your sugar

The pair strut their way across the dance floor. Every step in sync with the others. For every jump Dania took, Emmett followed. The muscular teen lifted Dania, spinning her on one hand. He tossed her into the air, catching her with both hands. Chester is seen in a smaller tutu breakdancing in Dania’s hair.

A red splatter of paint smeared the dance floor. As paintball, after paintball were shot into the studio. Dania and Emmett looked for the source, while continuing to sing and dance. They looked up to see Rosalie reloading her sniper. For every shot that Rosalie took, the pair twirled, ducked or leapt to dodge it. The shooting stopped once Rosalie’s phone lit up with its own music. Dania’s stopping as it flashed green.

Let's do this one last time

Can't stop

Were higher than a motherfucker

Rosalie jumped down from the balcony, while singing. She raced into Emmett’s face. Dancing close to his body. She used her fingers to signal one last time, moving her face closer to Emmett’s. In two quick motions, she had wrapped Emmett in both of her arms, pulling him in tight. To get out of her grip, Emmett collapsed performing a split while still singing. His tights tearing in the back.

“Emmett your cheeks!” Dania gasped, grabbing a pillow and rushing to Emmett’s behind. She carefully used the pillow to block the camera's view of his behind.

Rosalie continued her chase of Emmett until their songs came to an end. Both of their phones flashed green. Emmett instantly turned to Rosalie. “What the fuck was that about?”

Rosalie smirked. “What? You don’t like it when people start to mess with your game?”

“What are you even talking about?” Emmett grumbled, his face getting red. Dania still followed behind him trying to preserve his dignity.

“What was that stunt you pulled with Weston? You told him about you throwing the challenges so what, you wouldn’t have to be in an alliance with me anymore?” Rosalie puffed, getting close to Emmett’s face. “Am I really that much of a monster that you can’t work with me at all?”

“YOU BROUGHT A SNIPER RIFLE TO A SING-OFF!” Emmett shouted, stepping closer to Rosalie. “How can you think that YOU’RE the innocent one here?”

“It was just paint.” Rosalie rolled her eyes. “I refuse to get eliminated before that Cherry-loving maniac!” The former winner shouted. “So why did you do it?! Why did you give yourself up?”

“He… We didn’t.” Dania said, picking up the paint gun. “Now both of you, step away from each other.” Her face was red with panic and fear, she hadn’t seen her friends get so close to fighting before.

Rosalie turned her head to look at Dania. “What are you doing?”

“I said step away!” Dania shouted again, while Chester reloaded the gun for her. “This isn’t how we behave! We’re supposed to be better than this! We’re veterans! We had our chance to fight it out on Frozen!”

Emmett raised his hands into the air and stepped away from Rosalie. “She’s right.” Emmett exhaled. “I need to go cool off.” He walked away from the pair, mooning them in the process. “But Rosalie. I don’t hate the real you. Whoever this is though.” Emmett shook his head disappointed. “I don’t even know who this is.”

Rosalie looked away while Emmett left the building. She turned her attention to Dania, calming down. “I just… I can’t be humiliated again.” She fell to the ground, tears erupting from her eyes. “Dania… I can’t. Losing Emmett. Losing on Twin It… Being such an early out here.” Rosalie sunk further onto the ground. “I can’t do it. I can’t let Cherry perform better than me. It would be the last straw!”

Dania threw the paint gun at the ground in front of Rosalie. “You forgot to add losing what was left of your friends.” She turned away from Rosalie, while Chester blew raspberries at the former winner.

“Dania… Please.” Rosalie sniffled. “Don’t go-.” She was cut off by the sound of the door slamming.

(CONF): Dania stared at Mana’s desk. “I just… What do I do? Rosalie is clearly hurting but she’s taking it to the extreme. I know if she really wanted to, she could have hit us with the paint gun.” She buried her face in her hands. “I just… What do I even do? How do I help her when she’s so aggressive? What happened to the Rosalie who cared about the people around her. This one only cares about winning.”

The camera swapped to the Saint Fountain. The campus’ largest fountain. “Thanks for taking me out for ice cream.” Fynn said looking at Isabella and Kaleb. “It means a lot to a bro like me.”

Isabella took a snap of her tower of assorted flavors. “Honestly it was no big deal! You really looked like you could use something to smile for! It’s kind of like this time back home, where me and the girls took Jessica out for ice cream because her boyfriend got murdered.”

Kaleb stared at Isabella in awe. “I don’t know about that Felecia.” Isabella shrugged, licking her icecream. “I feel kind of bad because I helped you get with Hannah in the first place.” Kaleb admitted. “And now she’s gone…”

Fynn frowned as he stuck his tongue inside his bowl of icecream. “Honestly it’s weird. I only just started to see her but… It’s like the waves are lower now.”

“That is SO adorable!” Isabella declared. “Honestly I was shipping you both the entire time.”

“Didn’t you makeout out with Fynn?” Kaleb laughed.

“Well yeah, I mean wouldn’t you?” She lifted Fynn’s shirt and motioned to his six-pack.

“You told her man?” Fynn said, shocked. “It was just one time! He was wearing a wig I couldn’t tell!”

Kaleb blushed. “I didn’t.”

“You guys did what?!” Isabella asked, her eyes growing wide. “This is a story I need to hear!”

Fynn shrugged. “It’s no big deal. What’s a couple of smooches between friends, right?” The surfer pulled Kaleb in for a hug. Fynn jumped to his feet. “You know what, I’m already starting to feel better!”

“That didn’t take much.” Kaleb coughed.

“Can’t let it keep you down, y’know broski! What would the world do if the Sun just decided one day that it wasn’t feeling it?”

“That’s deep.” Isabella blinked. “So Fynn… You’re close with Vishal right?”

“Oh boy. Here we go again.” Kaleb groaned, staring at his phone hoping for it to go off.

“Yeah! Vish and me are tight. Like the sand and the ocean!” Fynn nodded, “Why, you into him?”

“I haven’t fully decided yet. He could help fill the empty void inside of me.”

“I didn’t know you felt so lonely!” Fynn gasped, pulling Isabella in for a hug. “Don’t worry as my new bro….ette? I’ll be your wingman!”

Kaleb shook his head in agony. “She’s not looking for love, Fynn.” He muttered, but Isabella’s phone let up and music started to play before Fynn could respond.

There's no going back. (Hey!)

Are you ready for, ready for (Hey!)

A perfect storm, a perfect storm (Hey! Hey!)

Isabella ran to the fountain, where her former cheer squad were relaxing. She began to do the ever-so popular Renegade dance. In seconds the rest of her cheer team followed behind her, dancing and singing along. The group of girls giggled while they performed.

Kaleb stared in disbelief. “Is that even allowed?”

Fynn pointed at Isabella’s phone that was bursting with green checks. “Looks like it!”

“Shouldn’t be a surprise that she knows how to do a tik-tok dance. She spends all her time on her phone.” Kaleb raised his arms to the arm. “Let me at her Zac!” The actor shouted. “I’m ready to eliminate a ho!”

Fynn blinked. “I thought you guys were friends?”

“We are. But my stardom is the line here!” Kaleb responded glaring at his phone.

Elsewhere Zac is seen shrugging, as he pressed Kaleb’s button. “Better not disappoint.”

Kaleb raced to join Isabella, as his phone began to play its own music. A crowd had started to form around the trio.

'Cause once you're mine, once you're mine

It's a love story, baby just say

"Yes" Rah rah ah-ah-ah!

Ro mah ro-mah-mah

Gaga ooh-la-la!

Kaleb stood on the edge of the fountain, singing along to words well mocking a prayer to god. In seconds he fell backs into the fountain, while continuing to sing. He used his arms to splash water on the girls in front of him. The group ran off screaming after getting soaked, leaving just Isabella and Kaleb splashing around in the fountain.

Isabella turned around shocked at Kaleb. The actor continued to dance quickly in the fountain, splashing water around. To counter him, Isabella jumped into the water. Splashing back at the star, but in her heels she lost balance and fell into the water. Her performance ended when her phone flashed red and the music stopped. “What was that for?” She stared at Kaleb. “I thought we were working together, if we both go further in the challenge, there’s a higher chance of us getting immunity.” She gasped. Fynn started to help her out of the fountain - before his phone began to play music and he dropped her back in. “FYNN!” She groaned, standing up and drying her clothes out. “This is not cool guys. Expect lots of emotional tweets!” She stormed off, as the boys laughed.

I got new rules,

I count 'em

P p p poker face, p p p poker face

P p p poker face, p p poker face

Fynn stood in front of the fountain, as he sang his song. Slowly he pulled his clothes off, layer by layer. Sensually dancing along to the beat. His hips moving back and forth. He pulled one of the bystanding girls in to dance with him.

“Hannah.” Kaleb coughed between his lyrics

Fynn’s eyes went wide, as he instantly shoved the stranger into the fountain and continued to dance on his own. The surfer used his clothing that he had taken off to rinse water over top of himself.

Isabella watched the show from a distance. “Honestly, where’s Vishal.” She looked down at her phone. Vishal’s image appeared alone on the far side of campus. “What are you doing over there.” She paused, looking back at Fynn’s show. “You can wait.” She said watching the water drip down Fynn’s muscles.

The crowd started to get wild as Fynn continued to pull clothing off. Before things could go too far, both his and Kaleb’s phones flashed green, and stopped playing music. “That’s what we call star power!” Kaleb cheered for himself, getting out of the fountain. A random fan handing him a towel.

“Thanks for reminding me about Hannah.” Fynn said. “That was a close one!” Kaleb shook his head. “I shouldn’t need to remind you man!”

“I’m just not used to the whole dating thing. Y’know?” Fynn frowned. “Man it’s gonna be so tough!”

Kaleb laughed, handing Fynn his pants. “For starters you should probably put your pants back on.” He pointed at the crowd of girls taking photos of Fynn in nothing but his soaked boxers.

Fynn snapped his fingers. “That’s why I keep you around! You’ve got relationship smarts!”

“Some would call it common sense.” Kaleb sighed.

(CONF): Fynn is seen sitting in Mana’s office. “Honestly everything feels so… backwards now? I only just left but all the guys are pulled apart, and every one seems so jaded! Where did all of the fun go?”

The scene switched to the backroom at Weston’s makeshift detective’s agency. The lights were dimmed. Vishal is seen sitting in the corner on the cement floor. Payton sat on a chair in front of the athlete. She watched him carefully, neither saying much.

“What exactly is going on?” Vishal raised his hands together as they were still cuffed. “What crimes did I commit?”

Payton stared at Vishal. “Are you in an alliance with Dania, Emmett and Rosalie are not?”

Vishal looked away. “How do you know-”

The former prep sighed. “Honestly Vishal. I was starting to think we could be friends, you know.”

“Why are you getting upset with me about an alliance?” Vishal replied. He struggled against the cuffs, twisting his wrists in every direction. “It’s part of the game.”

“They don’t have to be.” Payton stood up. “Alliances only create drama. Do you always do things because that’s just how things are supposed to go?”

Vishal looked away. “I don’t. This is Total Drama!” The athlete argued. “You do whatever it takes to win. I thought you’d understand that more than anyone! Aren’t you still here to shove it in your mom’s face? To show that you can be better than your brother?”

“Grayson has nothing to do with this!” Payton argued. “I want to make a difference! I need to make a difference.” She corrected herself.

“So it has nothing to do with your parents? With Grayson?” Vishal asked, not believing Payton. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re not still competing to prove them wrong. To prove that you’re just as good as Grayson. Tell me that you’re not jealous that he’s off saving the children of Africa and you’re here… Saving the green lawns of campus.”

Payton kicked her chair away. She took a few steps towards Vishal, lowering her body before she was staring at him face to face. Only a few centimetres separating them. “I’m here for me.” She whispered. The athlete stared back into Payton’s eyes. “What about your Vish? Why are you here? If you were only here to join a team again, you’ve done that already. What’s your plan? What’s YOUR goal?”

Vishal looked away. His phone lit up just in time as it began to play music. He used all of his force to jump to his feet. In front of him, Payton’s phone also lit up.

Because you know I'm all about that bass,

'Bout that bass, no treble

The pair performed as they walked slowly in a circle. Neither breaking their gaze with the other. Their so-called performance continued as their phones flashed between green and red. In the end both phones stopped on red. Vishal shook his head. “Really make a difference out here Payton. You know I have an alliance, and you just threw away your chance to win the challenge to what, stop me from winning?”

Payton blushed. “You never answered my question Vishal. What are you doing here? You’re so determined to win. Why?”

Vishal shrugged. “Call it a competitive spirit.”

“No.” Payton decided. “I don’t believe you.” The preppy twin walked out the door, locking it behind her. “Maybe you can use this time to rethink your answer.”

“Payton!?” Vishal shouted. “What are you doing?” The athlete shouted, struggling against his restraints again. “You can’t just leave me here!” He groaned, returning to his seat in the corner. “Man, what’s with the girls and being so extreme this season.”

The scene cut to show Isabella hiding behind a tree. She looks at her phone, an anime version of Weston’s face flashing just in front of her on the map. She peered out from behind the tree to see Weston walking. “Just what have you done with Vishal.” She whispered. Weston looked around awkwardly.

“I’m just going to leave this really cool looking prop for a instagram photo here.” Weston said innocently as he ran and hid behind a bush. He peeked out waiting for his prey.

Isabella gasped seeing the floral crown resting perfectly on the sidewalk. “It’s so cute! The girls will love it!” She shouted, racing for it.

“AHA!” Weston shouted, jumping out from behind the bushes. “I knew you were following me!” Isabella screamed. “Wait! No! Don’t scream!” Weston quickly said, “I was just confused as to why you were following me is all! You’re not in trouble I just-”

“No I mean, these are fake!” Isabella frowned, throwing the crown away. “Who uses fake flowers in their crowns anymore? That’s way lame.” She puffed. “How did you know I was following you anyways?”

Weston grinned, and pulled his phone out. “You were streaming it!”

Isabella squinted. “I really need to stop doing that.”

“Maybe. But at least you looked good while doing it?” Weston tried to cheer her up. “So uh… Why were you following me?”

“I’m looking for Vishal.” Isabella said. “I have a feeling you might know where he is?”

Weston nodded. “How did you know?”

Isabella fluttered her eyelashes. “Girls gotta have one or two secrets!”

The boy detective pouted. “I guess that’s fair.” Weston’s phone flashed as it started to play music.

“Not cool! You can’t just start a musical-styled performanced without answering my questions!” Isabella whined.

Ooh, look what you made me do

Look what you made me do

Look what you just made me do

Look what you just made me

Show me the lights

That stop me turn to stone

Weston started to sing along. While awkwardly grooving along to the music. His phone instantly began to flash red. In his panic he grabbed onto Isabella and began to spin her above his head. Using his free hand he would casually pound on his chest.

“HELLO?!” Isabella shouted. “What’s happening!? I don’t remember signing up for this!” Her reaction was likely what caused Weston’s phone to begin to flash green. “Wait are you using me for the challenge?” Isabella blinked. “I mean, I guess that’s pretty smart - AHHH!” She shouted as Weston began to casually shake Isabella like Godzilla. Eventually the song came to an end, and Weston’s phone flashed green. “What kind of dance was that?” Isabella asked, as Weston put her back on the ground.

Weston blinked. “I don’t know, it’s how Cynthia and I dance back home. She says it soothes her soul.”

“Ah yes. The killer girlfriend.” Isabella blinked. “Perfectly normal girl things!” She forced a smile.

“She’s not actually a killer! There’s been no charges laid against her.” Weston clarified and flashed a thumbs up at the camera.

“Yeah ok.” Isabella smiled as she took large, slow steps backwards. “Hard to press charges when you’re dead.” She whispered while nervously waving bye to Weston.

“See you around Isabella! It was fun dancing with you!” Weston beamed while continuing on his quest to find Emmett.

Cherry and Kaleb are seen in line at the cafeteria. “So like, we’re cool now right?” Cherry asked, smiling at Kaleb. She scooped some of the caesar salad onto her plate.

“The coolest.” Kaleb forced a smile. “You only voted me off and broke my trust. I’m here now… So it’s like it never happened!”

Cherry grinned. “Like, I am totes happy you see it that way!”

Kaleb tried to hide his twitching eye. “I’m SO happy there is finally a challenge that I can slay!” He admitted. “I was born for the drama!”

Cherry nodded. “Like sames! No one can out twerk this booty!” Cherry placed her hands on the counter and began to twerk. Kaleb eyed her booty, or lack-there-of.

“Totally. It’s really amazing how you can make it jiggle like that, when there’s nothing really there to jiggle.” Kaleb pointed out.

“LIKE SHUSH!” Cherry gasped. “It’s like not my fault that like nothing I eat goes to my butt!”

“Maybe you should have used some of that prize money on implants. They’re all the rage right now. Every celebrity is getting them! Some even say Tom Holland had some work done.”

Cherry shook her head and turned away from Kaleb. “Like not cool! My booty is mine! And like I’m not going to change it for anything!”

“Totally has nothing to do with you not having the prize money anymore… Right?” Kaleb teased.

“Like this is why you get eliminated!” Cherry scorned. “At least I can like always look forward to the cherry-flavored ice cream sandwich.” She said in awe staring at the freezer at the end of the line.

Kaleb looked up to see Rosalie biting into the very same dessert. “Oh no. Not again.” Kaleb winced, remembering the food fight at the start of the semester. He grabbed onto a spare food tray to prepare.

“What was that?” Cherry asked, looking at Kaleb.

“Nothing.” Kaleb quickly said. “I was thinking maybe you’d want to skip dessert today and get it at the cafe instead?”

Cherry stopped to stare at Kaleb. “You like know this is part of my like daily routine. I can’t like just skip it! Do you like, skip breathing?” Cherry gasped, shocked that Kaleb would even suggest such a thing.

“No but… I just think that maybe you could…” He quickly spat out the rest of his sentence. “Could do without the extra calories.”

“LIKE FIRST YOU CALL MY BOOTY SMALL! AND NOW YOU’RE TELLING ME I NEED TO LIKE EAT LESS?” Cherry shouted, as the cafeteria went silent. “Well, like thanks for your concern, but like I’m not worried. I’ve been like hitting the gym lately with Emmett and Vishal.”

Kaleb tilted his head. “Interesting.” He whispered.

Cherry reached for her desert still facing Kaleb. The camera zoomed in on her hand trying to grab at the icecream delicacy that was no longer there. “Kaleb.” Cherry blinked. “Like please tell me, this like isn’t happening.”

Kaleb shrugged. “Ok I won’t.” He said, tiptoeing away from Cherry.

Cherry turned around in anger, looking at the horde of students. “WHO DID IT! WHO ATE MY-” She stopped as her eyes locked onto Rosalie’s. “You!” She hissed.

Rosalie waved at Cherry. “Fancy seeing you here. Have you tried these? They’re really good!”