For the first time ever, fantasy meets reality television as 14 new teenage contestants compete for a prize of $1,000,000! In Total Drama's biggest season yet, host Avery Hall leads the diverse cast of players through a zany enchanted realm filled with castles, pirates, evil witches, and more! Each challenge pays homage to one of the many classic fairytales known to nearly everyone around the world. Though the challenges are tough and the opponents are tougher, one contestant will eventually rise to become the winner of Total Drama Enchanted!

This is the first season of Fire's canon.

Meet The Cast

Allison (The Social Media Master) - "Okay, so before I introduce myself, I just want to let everyone know that I'm, like, not a stereotype. I don't post hourly on Instagram, in fact, I only post once I day. Oh, and my tweets are, like, super relevant! And I definitely do NOT send nudes on Snapchat! That's gross! Anyway, I hope I can share all my social media wisdom with the rest of the cast, and maybe that will make them want to keep me around longer! But if that doesn't work out, I have other strategies, obviously. I'm not stupid!"

Bruna-Maria (The "Friendly" Brazilian) - "Hello, boys and girls, my name is Bruna-Maria. I come from an exotic land very far away called Brazil. Okay, well, it's not that far away. It's in South America. Growing up in the jungle, I have grown used to the harsh conditions of wildlife and picked up many helpful skills along the way. I also consider myself to be very excellent with people. In fact-- Excuse me, cameraman? Why do you smile at me when I say I am good with people? Are you a moron? Is there something I did wrong? Please, foolish cameraman, I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!" 

Charlie (The Aspiring Filmmaker) - "My name is Charlie, and I cannot begin to describe to you how happy I am to be here. I took one look at the set and was blown away. As an aspiring filmmaker and actor, I like to think I have an eye for detail, and that eye is definitely pleased with the amazing work that went into creating this season of Total Drama. I can't wait to meet the contestants. It's so facinating, the idea of 14 induviduals from different lives interacting together, competing, and voting each other out of the game. I look forward to lots of drama, character development, and plot twists!"

Claire (The Quiet Collector)"My name is Claire, and I'd like to keep this introduction short. Why? Because I don't enjoy talking. Calm down, haters, I'm not shy. I just genuinely don't enjoy interacting with other human beings. In fact, I take joy in inanimate objects. They're so interesting, each and every one of them. All constructed out of different materials, found in different places, and most importantly, they don't speak. I hate to brag, but my collection of objects from around the world has become pretty big. So big, in fact that Ariel from The Little Mermaid would be jealous. Ha... ha. Don't you get it?"

Franklin (The Awkward Pushover) - "Um, hi. I don't really know how to start this. Oh, my name, of course. My name is Franklin, everyone. I'm a pretty normal guy. My friends say I'm more on the awkward side, which is okay I guess. They also say that I can be a pushover, but it's funny, because they're the ones who do the pushing-over... haha. Ha. My friends are cool, though. We go out to eat a lot, except they all don't have any money, so I pay for everyone because I'm a nice guy. At least, I think they don't have money. Oh well, it's okay either way."

Joyce (The Painfully Nice Girl) - "What's up, Total Drama fans!? My name is Joyce, if you didn't already know. Well, actually, you probably did know! Sorry about that! Let me start over! My name is Joyce, and I'm just OVERJOYED to be here! Some people say that my personality can be a bit over-bearing, but I think that a reality show is the perfect place for me to spread my sunshine! Afterall, I've been watching the cast, and though they all look absolutely stunning and like GREAT people, things could get dirty! That's where I'll come in! No one is going to get hurt on my watch!"

Lana (The Realist) - "Hi, guys, it's Lana. So, I've taken a good look at the competitors, and I obviously don't expect to win at this point. In fact, my goal is to place solidly in 5th or 7th, and be interesting enough to return for some kind of All-Stars season. I think it's a pretty good plan. My favorite food is pasta, I guess. Yeah, I don't eat a lot of junk food. Um, my favorite color is blue, and..."

"Musky" (The Survivalist) - "Hey, yall. It's Musky here. Uh, I got my tent and tools, and I'm pumped to begin this Total Drama thing! Looking around, some of the contestants are obviously here for the cameras, but, uh, not me! I'm here purly for survival! That's right, I've been camping more time than you can count! I actually earned my nickname, "Musky," on one of my famous camping trips, when I skinned a live muskrat and then cooked it over a fire. It was good eatin', I'll tell you what." 

Patrick (The Fantasy Roleplayer) - "Uh, hey there. This is Patrick, and I have a secret to share with everyone at home. I'm actually a well-known fantasy roleplayer. That's right, my friends and I swordfight, ride horses, and cast fake spells on each other. A lot of people don't expect this from me, however. I mean, I'm a pretty good looking guy, I think, and I work out a lot and have quite a few friends. Regardless, though, I am who I am, and I happen to take pride in this hobby of mine." 

Rex (The Upbeat Athlete) - "Hey, guys, it's Rex! On first glance, I may appear as just a meathead. That may be partly true, considering the fact that I have an undying love for almost every sport under the sun! Speaking of the sun, I love being outside. Whether I'm the field, the court, or the rink, I'm having fun no matter what I'm doing. But my athletic skills aren't the only thing that are going to help me in the game. I'm an A+ student, too! In order to keep my place on all the sports teams I'm on, my parents make me strive for above average grades! Yeah, you could say life is pretty good! I'm blessed!

Sean (The Cynical Survivor Fan) - "My name's Sean, but you can call me Reddy. That's what I go by in-- places. My life is pretty average, honestly, but I'm here to break out of my shell. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to be on Survivor. I didn't even apply for Total Drama, but here I am. Oh well, when you're bromancing with the host, I guess you get perks. I'm pretty short-tempered, I guess, but people really suck, so, I deserve to be on edge. If anyone in this game ticks me off, I won't hesitate to shove their head in a meat grinder. Seriously."

Sid (The Lazy Blogger)"Hi there. My name is Sid, and though it may not look like it at first glance, I am a tough competitor! That's what I have to prove coming out here. Back home, I'm known by friends and family as 'lazy', 'unmotivated', and... well, you get the idea. But, little do they know, I actually run an extremely popular blog on Tumblr. I think I'm so successful at blogging because of how relatable I can be. I have, like, zero friends, I love to sleep, and I don't have a clue what I'm going to do once I graduate high school! If that isn't relatable, I don't know what is!" 

Tori (The Eccentric Disney Fan) - "Hey, there! My  name's Tori, and I love long car rides, cuddling, building pillow forts, and most of all, Disney! I applied for this particular season of Total Drama because of my undying love for everything Disney! I try to make my everyday life feel just like a fairytale! I'm also here to play the game hard! I'm an independent woman and I will sass anyone who tries to stand in the way of my happiness! What do I have going against me? Hmmm... That would probably be my tendency to sing Disney songs outloud at random times. But I can contain myself! And one more thing: I'm always wearing boots! You'll have to blame it on my southern roots!"

Wanda (The Thrill Seeker) - "What's up, guys? The name's Wanda, and I can confidently say that I am going to end up being one of the most interesting contestants on this show. Why? Because I'll do anything to have a good time! Whatever gets my adrenaline pumping, whether it be a brutal hike up Mt. Everest or a dangerous rollercoaster ride, is what you'll find me doing! Some people say I'm stupid, but all I have to say to those people is this: Life is too short to worry about making it to the next day."


Chapter 01:  Who's the Fairest of Them All? (Part 1)

The first thing that could be heard was a voice, which was trembling with fear. "Oh god, oh god, get me off!" Soon, the heavy buzz of a plane engine began to fade in. The screen was still black, as if the camera had not been turned on, but a young man's nervous laughter coupled with the sound of a plane could be heard. 

After a few more second of nothing but black, the screen turned gray, and in just a quick moment, an awkward looking man in his early twenties appeared in on the screen. He was wearing a suit. Behind him, empty plane seats could be seen. "The camera's on," the cameraman said in a deep and emotionless voice.

The suited young man's eyes looked into the camera with terror, and he tried to crack a nervous smile as he waved to the audience at home.

"Uhhh... hello!" he greeted, his voice shaking wildly, "My name is Avery, and I'd like to welcome to the premiere of Total Drama...." Avery's voice began to fade away as his eyes nervously glanced out one of the airplane windows. "Oh my god," he gasped, "We're so high up."

The cameraman grunted, "Just keep going."

These words whipped Avery back into focus, and he began smiling, (in terror, but smiling, nonetheless). "Welcome to Total Drama Enchanted!" Avery announced. "Below..." he began to look back down at the world below, "Are 14 zany teenagers awaiting the adventure of a lifetime!" he paused, as if trying to remember his lines. "Where might this adventure take place?" he continued, "Stay tuned to find out!" 

At this point the camera went black, and the season's theme song began to play. 

Once the theme song had ended, the camera opened back up on a very lush-looking cliff, which hung over a misty ocean. As waves crashed against the rocks surrounding the large cliff, a bulky gray plane landed, and immediately after the engine stopped, a still nervous and most likely airsick Avery rocketed out of the plane and plummeted onto the soft green grass. 

"Never... flying... again..." he muttered. Suddenly, Avery glanced up, seeing a group of 14 teenagers looking at him in astonishment. Fortunately for Avery, the red color of his cheeks could barley be seen due to the dense fog. He quickly stood up and composed himself, messing with his hair and wiping off his black pants.

"You okay, man?" one of the teens said, seeming concerned but staying as still as a statue, just like the other 13 contestants. 

Avery rolled his eyes. "Yes, Rex, I'm fine," Avery muttered, "I just don't like flying, that's all." 

"Hey man, I get you," Rex replied thoughtfully, "I don't like flyin' either! Of course, I have to fly sometimes to get to out-of-state basketball games, but---" 

"Whoa, whoa," Avery interuppted the obviously athletic teen. "Save the introduction for just a little bit longer," the host demanded. "What do you people think this is, Survivor?" 

"Hmph, I wish," grunted another contestant who was wearing glasses. "That's what I wanted to apply for."

Avery shrugged. "Thanks, Sean, I really appreciate that." 

Sean: "I wasn't kidding, you know. I really didn't want to be on this show. But, I figured the upside to competing on Total Drama was that I'd get a chance to advertise my amazingly hilarious story Easy, Breezy, Beautiful."

A girl with long blonde hair and very light clothing began to shiver. "So, like, are you going to show us our cabins or something?" she asked, looking up from her pink phone which she had been texting on the entire time, "I'm getting, like, really cold!"

"Well, Allison," Avery responded, "Maybe you should have considered wearing more clothes when you came out here."

The social media addict looked Avery dead in the eye. "Hashtag.... rude," she said slowly, prompting a few odd looks from the rest of the cast.

"Alright, would everyone STOP showing off their personalities!" Avery snapped, "This is supposed to be organized! You're going to introduce yourselves one by one, so we can find out who's the 'fairest of them all'!" Avery paused, waiting for a response to his pun.

The cast remained silent, and after only a few moments, Avery nodded and pointed to Claire, who was standing at the end of the line. "Claire, you're first. Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself." 

Claire glanced down the line of contestants, then back at Avery, and shrugged. "Is... that it?" Avery asked hesitantly. The girl gave no reply. 

Claire: "I already told Avery before this game started that I don't enjoy talking to people. But what does he do? Ask me to fu**ing introduce myself in front of everyone. Oh, excuse my language."

"Okay, welllllllllll, if she's not going to talk, then I will!" Allison announced, stepping forward, putting her closer to Avery than anyone else.

Allison: "I'm a girl who likes to take initiative. Without my desire to be successful in life, how would have, like, reached 1.2 million followers on Instagram? Exactly, I wouldn't have. I'll do whatever it takes to win this game and connect with my fans at the same time."

Avery sighed. "Alright, Allison, go ahead." 

Allison turned towards the rest of the cast and smiled. "Well, hi! My name is Allison, and I'm sure a lot of you know me from Instagram." She paused, waiting for a response of some kind. However, everyone stood still and silent. "You know..." she continued, "That, like, really great website?" Silence. Finally, she rolled her eyes and stepped back. "You're all hashtag uncultured. That's all I have to, like, say about that." 

Avery pointed to the next contestant. "Alright, Joyce, tell us a little bit about yourself."

Immediately upon being called on, Joyce began jumping up and down and giggling uncontrollably. "You have no idea how LONG I have been waiting to speak!!!" She wiped a tear from her cheek and began to stop bouncing. "Ahh..." she laughed, "I was trying to stay silent so you could host this amazing game! Like seriously, this is so cool!" The painfully nice girl turned towards her opponenets. "And you all look like great competitors! I'm stoked!" 

"The Nice Girl," Sean grumbled, "What amazingly original stereotypes you've recruited, Avery." 

Before Avery could rebutle Sean's remark, Joyce responded, "Oh no, Sean! You have it all wrong! I'm very two-dimensional! I think that's what you call it... I'm more than just 'The Nice Girl', promise!" 

Sean looked back at Joyce, and noticed she was still smiling at him. "Right..." 

Just then, a young man sporting a plain brown shirt and camo pants raised his hand. "Hey, Avery," he said, his voice thick and accent southern, "You think I could introduce myself next?" 

"Of course, Musky," Avery answered politely. "See? I can be nice." 

"Right..." Musky's voice trailed off. "Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm gonna try to be the biggest asset possible in all them challenges." Everyone watched as Musky reached into his pocket and held out a pocket knife. "This is just a small look at the tools in my toolbox, everyone."

Sean: "This kid is a complete idiot. What's the point of letting everyone know how big of a threat you are? My plan is completely different. I'm going to lay under-the-radar, and then when the time comes, I'll unleash all my well-thought-out strategic plans. Trust me, It'll be great. ...Trust me. Yep."

"Wow, I'm not sure I can top that intro!" a short, stubby girl with blonde hair said. Oddly, she was wearing silky purple pajamas

"Well, Tori," Avery responded, "Why don't you try?"

"Haha, okay!" Tori giggled, "Well, guys, I'm Tori! I love car rides, long hugs, building pillow forts, watching movies, and all things Disney!" 

"Can I ask why you're in your pajamas?" Musky said nervously. 

Tori turned to him, her face becoming stern. "Is there a problem with a girl being in pajamas? I'm sorry if I'm secure enough with my body to not wear revealing clothes and just want to be comfortable." She turned back to Avery and smiled. "Oh, and I can be sassy." 

Tori: "I was only giving Musky a hard time, and he knows that. He's awfully cute, though."

Allison: "Okay, so this girl is, like a huge threat! I did a little pre-game research before coming out here, and I know for a fact that this season's theme is going to be fairytales. I mean, omg, it's like called Total Drama ENCHANTED! Apparently she's a Disney fan, which could be a huge advantage in, like, challenges!

"Can I pick who introduces next?" Tori asked excitedly.

Avery thought for a moment. "Um... sure!" he said. 

Tori covered her eyes and moved her finger across the line of contestants. This appeared to excite her very much, as she was biting her lip and trying not to giggle.

Finally, Tori's finger stopped, and she opened her eyes, revealing to her that she had stopped on a large young man in a stained brown shirt and unbuttoned jeans. He appeared to be exhausted, most likely from the standing. 

"Alright, Sid," Avery spoke, "It looks like you're up next. Don't..." Avery paused, "Hurt yourself."

Everyone watched as Sid rolled his eyes and grunted. "I could use a chair right now," he moaned. He turned to Avery, who was stone-faced. "Alright, nevermind," Sid sighed. "So hi guys, my name is Sid. I run a blog on Tumblr and it's really popular and it's going to make me tons of money someday and then I'll be rich but right now I'm here and it sucks and I just want to sleep." Rather than the applause he had expected, almost all Sid's opponents appeared to be not only disgusted, but bored by his long, sloppy introduction. However, one girl did seem to be impressed by him.

Allison: "So that blogger kid might be, like, fat, and like, really ugly, but he runs a blog on Tumblr! And if it's as popular as he claims it to be, I could see an alliance forming! Hashtag gameplan, am I right!?"

Of those to be displeased with Sid's introduction, Musky seemed the most unimpressed. "Dude, I reckon the reason you're so tired is because, well..." he paused, causing Sid to raise an eyebrow in defense. 

" don't do anything." Sid angrily turned to the young woman who had finished Musky's sentence for him. Her short black hair was sharp and still, just like her expression towards Sid. "Just being honest," she muttered. 

"Well, Wanda, it appears you're ready to speak?" Avery said, implying that it was the tall, lean girl's turn to introduce herself.

"Haha, sure, Avery," Wanda chuckled. Her attention now off of Sid, Wanda's eyes grew vibrant and excited, and it appeared to everyone that she had a natural zest for life. "Well, guys," she began, "Ever since I was a little girl, it's been my dream to explore the world. I love new things, new people, and anything that gets my blood pumping, ya know?"

Smiles began to emerge from the group, but it was Joyce who spoke first. "Wanda, that is SO cool! Where's your favorite place you've visited!?" she asked excitedly.

Wanda's smile faded into a small grin and her eyes trailed off, as if she was thinking of something unpleasant. After almost a minute of silence, Wanda finally turned back to Joyce. "Probably Paris. That place was cool!" 

Having expected more detail, Joyce nodded uncomfortably, but kept smiling. "That's... cool!"

Tori: "Am I an awful person for thinking that Wanda might be lying? She seems like a nice girl, but I think she's stretching the truth to impress a man. She needs to be an independent woman! I can help her!"

"I understand," Tori whispered in Wanda's ear and patted her back. Wanda turned towards her, smiling in confusion. "You understand what?" she whispered back. Tori winked and turned back to Avery, who had begun speaking again.

The host was looking at a lanky African American boy in a green sweater, who had not made eye contact with anyone the entire time. "Were you planning on speaking, Franklin?" Avery asked mockingly.

Upon hearing his name, Franklin's head whirled up immediately, and he gave Avery a toothy grin. "Of course!" Franklin replied, "I was just unsure if you wanted me to speak... and... I don't know. Sorry!" 

Rex: "Franklin seems like a nice kid. He's shy and all, so I wouldn't want to work him, but I bet back home he's a great kid! Unfortunately, I only work with the physically strong. Someone like Musky would make a great ally."

Sean: "First boot fodder, anyone?" 

The contestants watched in discomfort as Franklin tried desperately to introduce himself. However, everything he tried to say came out in an awkward mesh of "um"s and "uh"s. 

"That's okay," Avery said finally, "Introductions aren't for everyone." 

"Oh, now you say that..." Claire muttered under her breath. 

Just then, an average looking girl who had not spoken shot her hand into the air. "Can I go now?" she asked with slight annoyance. "I feel like this is taking too long." 

"Um, sure, Lana..." Avery replied to the girl, who was wearing a skirt with her hair in the bun, which made her resemble a mini-business woman. 

"Alright," Lana began, "Here's a little disclaimer for everyone: I don't plan on winning this game. It's just not probable. I'm planning on placing solidly in 5th or 7th, because everyone seems to like 5th placers and 7th placers, right?" Everyone looked baffled at the girl's bluntness, and no one answered her rhetorical question.

Tori: "What a little ray of sunshine." 

Sean: "I LOVE this girl." 

Seeing that no one was going to respond to her, Lana ended with a brief closing statement. "So, yeah, I hope this is fun. That's all," she said.

Almost immediately, a thick Brazilian accent screeched out of the crowd of contestants, causing Franklin to jump. "What a MORON," the voice snapped. 

Avery sighed, knowing that the voice came from Bruna-Maria. "What would you like to say, Bruna?

Wanda and Allison were both pushed aside by Bruna-Maria as the muscley Brazilian girl made her way towards the front of the cluster. "I'm just saying that Lana is a moron! We all worked very hard to get on this show, and it is like she does not even want to be here!" The spicy South American girl turned her back to Avery to face the other contestants. "Who is in aggreance with me!?" No one made a sound, except for Joyce, who cheered softly until Wanda looked at her disapprovingly. 

Bruna-Maria: "My social skills are what are going to save me in this game. People appreciate my straight-forwardness, believe it or not! I think if I make it to the final 2, I will have an amazing shot at winning, because everyone will love me!" 

Wanda: "Okay, so Bruna-Maria is disgusting. What a negative vibe, afterall. I was hoping that after her little explosion at the introductions that that muscley looking boy who hadn't spoken would jump in. Maybe he doesn't talk much? I don't even know his name at this point."

While Bruna-Maria continued to talk about herself, Wanda subtly shuffled down the line, until she reached a buff-looking boy with a buzzcut. She quickly scanned him up and down, and noticed that there was a strange emblem on his blue shirt, which was so thin that it outlined his muscles. Wanda smiled weakly.

The thrill-seeking girl was about to nudge the boy, when Avery coincidentally turned to him. "Patrick!" Avery called, are you ready to introduce yourself?"

Wanda: "His name is PATRICK? Wow, that's really hot. I've met some crazy guys. Eurpoean, African, Australian, you name it. But none of them can compare to this hunky slice of meat! Ha! There has to be something wrong with him, right?

"Of course!" Patrick replied, nodding at the host. He turned to the rest of the cast with a friendly smile, causing many of the girls, and Franklin, to quietly swoon. However, Franklin became quiet again when Claire turned towards him and raised an eyebrow. "Sorry..." he muttered. 

Patrick didn't seem to notice the signals of attraction being thrown at him, and began to introduce himself. "What can I say? I love to work out, I'm pretty good at school, I really value family..." He paused. 

Patrick: "I fantasy roleplay. I fantasy roleplay. That's right, once a month, my friends and I cast imaginary spells, sword fight, and ride horses. Everyone here needs to know that. I need to say it!"

"And...?" Joyce said, breaking the silence. Patrick, who had appeared to have been thinking about something, was whipped out of his thoughts and smiled charmingly at Joyce. 

"Anything else?" Avery asked curiously, as if he knew what Patrick was hiding.

After several moments of silence, Patrick finally responded. "Nope, that's pretty much me in a nutshell!" he said happily, a wide smile spread across his face.  

Allison: "That hunk is hiding something. I've been on the internet for a long time, and I know when someone is leading a fake identity. I'm going to, like, find out what he's hiding if it, like, kills me! Hashtag spy games!"

"Ugh, it's so foggy!" Tori whined, taking the subject off of Patrick, which didn't seem to bother him. As Tori swiped the air in front of her, Avery looked around nervously. 

"Yeah... I hope it clears up. I didn't realize it'd be so foggy here..." the host admitted worridely. 

Just then, a previously unheard voice emerged from the group of contestants. "Where are we, anyway?" a young man asked, excitmenet and curiousity tugging at his voice. Everyone looked around in confusion. It was then that a young man in a plain collared shirt and artist's beret, the final contestant, stepped up. 

"Oh, jeez," Avery moaned, tipping his head back. "I promise I didn't forget about you Charlie, I was just..." 

"Do not apologize!" Charlie assured the host, revealing his thick British accent. "I know you were saving the best for last!" he said, winking. 

"Are you a conceited artist or something?" Sean asked Charlie flatly, "Like I said before, Avery, what original stereotypes you have here." 

"Excuse me, sir!" Charlie shouted in defense, "I am more than a stereotype! I am an aspiring filmmaker! If I was just any artist, would I have spent countless hours working at film schools around the globe? I don't think so!" 

Sean scoffed. "So your parents are rich? Congratulations." 

Surprisingly, a smile grew across Charlie's face, confusing Sean. "What?" the snarky Survivor fan asked.

"Nothing," Charlie replied, and then turned to Avery, who looked equally confused. "What an excellent pool of contestants you have selected," the artist said, "I have been listening intently to every single introduction that has taken place today, and..." Charlie turned to the cast, "I am more than excited to be playing with you all!" 

At that moment, Joyce began to clap wildly, causing those around her to reluctantly applaude with her. When the applause reached its highest, Charlie took a bow and stepped back. 

Avery glanced at the contestants, and couldn't help but smile. "Well, wasn't that cute. Don't plan on that lasting forever, though," he chuckled, "Not when you're cutting each others throats."

"Aww," Joyce moaned, "Don't say stuff like that!" Avery shrugged, an uncanny smile still plastered on his face. 

Just then, as if on cue, the thick fog surrounding the cast of Total Drama Enchanted began to lift. The contestants looked around excitedly, and at first, only a lush green field could be seen. It wasn't until a minute went by that Tori spotted the first landmark of the game.

"Oh my GOD," she squealed, pointing at a massive blue castle that sat across the field. "It's beautiful!" 

"It's also your home for the time being," Avery informed the cast, sounding proud. "Enjoy it."

Sean: "I'm not gonna lie... After seeing that castle, I'm really pumped for the game now. It may not be Survivor, but it's still a game where I get to cut throats for a million bucks."

Tori: "My pillow forts could never compare to the size of that castle! It's like a real fairytale. But just remember: This princess don't need no prince."

Lana: "By the design of that castle, I'm going to guess we're in Ireland. Maybe Scottland. Nothing too special, right?"

As the 14 contestants excitedly ran across the field towards the massive structure, Avery turned to the camera and grinned evily. "The contestants have been introduced, but they won't be the same for long! What will the first challenge entail? Who will make friendships? Who will become enemies? Find out all this and more, next time on... Total... Drama... ENCHANTED!" 


Chapter 02: Who's the Fairest of Them All? (Part 2)

The tall stone doors of the sapphire-colored castle grumbled open, and Avery stepped inside the foyer of the massive castle. One by one, the 14 contestants walked inside in a nicely organized line. Most everyone was looking around in awe, admiring the elegant furniture and stained-glass windows. 

Tori: "This castle is even more amazing on the inside than it was on the outside! I wanted to burst into song right when I stepped inside! But I figured doing that would distract all the men here from the truly beautiful room we were in. What can I say? I have some nice boobs! But only I'm allowed to say that! They're mine and I love them as much as I love potato chips and pajamas."

It didn't take long for the line of contestants to casually disassemble into an energized circle of excited teenagers, and it was then that Tori noticed Sid, who was slumped down in a pale blue armchair, scrolling through his phone, a bored look on his face. 

"Typical men..." Tori muttered, and walked over to the lazy teen.

Sid squealed like a disgusted pig as Tori ripped the shiny black phone out of his hands and glanced at the screen. Immediately, a horrified look slapped across Tori's face, and some contestants began to look over. Sid hid his chubby face, which was turning red. 

"THIS is your Tumblr blog?" Tori shrieked in digust, "This is AWFUL."

Now aware of the social media-related drama that was ensuing, Allison ran to the Tori and glanced at the phone that was in her hand. 

"Omg, I'm DEAD," Allison laughed, now looking at Sid, who was so red he could have been mistaken for a tomato. 

Allison: "Remember when I said Sid could be a possible ally in the game? Lol, well I'm taking THAT statement back! His self-proclaimed 'really popular' blog on Tumblr is a female PORN blog! I meannnnnnnnn, I'm not doubting its popularity. If there's one thing that's almost as popular on the internet as silly cat videos, it's porn. Like, people love that stuff. But yeah, I still can't work with him now. I can't associate myself with that kind of blogger! Ewww!"

Sid: "Tori has just made herself my #1 target. Exposing a guy's Tumblr is like... killing off his first-born child. It's spontaneous, it's painful, and it leaves a hole in your heart that you can never recover from. ...Is that being overdramatic? I've never had a kid but I feel like it's the same thing."

Tori: "Sid is a DISGUSTING man. This is what's wrong with America these days! Men think it's okay to run blogs completely dedicated to naked pictures of women! It's disgusting! If I were wearing my cowboy boots right now I would kick him right in the face!"

Eventually, Avery awkwardly shuffled over to the drama that had ensued only moments upon walking into the castle. He didn't say a word though, but rather watched with interest as Tori and Allison called over Wanda and Joyce to look at Sid's Tumblr. 

Still embarrassed and clearly too lazy to get up and try to grab his phone back, Sid glanced up at the host and shot him a look of terror. 

"Aren't you going to do something?" Sid groaned. 

Avery sighed and was about to answer, but was interrupted by Lana, who walked over and showed Avery her watch. Allison and Tori glanced at her, finally distracted from Sid's phone.

"We need to get this show on the road..." Lana said, pushing her small black watch closer to Avery's eyes. "We haven't divided into teams, or started a challenge, or done anything," she motioned towards Sid, "I get you're trying to get some character development done, but save it for later, the rest of us want to play."

Avery looked past Lana at the contestants behind her, all of whom looked confused. 

Rex finally shouted, "Yeah man! Put me on a team! I play best when I'm on a team!" Franklin, who was standing beside him, flinched as Rex grabbed his shoulder aggresively.

Sean: "Somebody doesn't understand the purpose of a reality show..."

Rex: "I really do love being on a team! That feeling of brotherhood, playing for a common goal, and defeating the competition! It's the best!"

"Alright! Clearly we have an eager bunch here today!" Avery announced, unaware that he was stating the obvious. 

Everyone watched as the host walked over to a puffy sofa that was sitting alone in the corner of the room and reached between the cushions.

"Are we doing interior design!?" Joyce squeaked, "That's such a great challenge idea!"

Bruna glanced at Joyce and rolled her eyes as noticabley as possible. "You are a moron!" she snapped in a thick Brazilian accent. Joyce glanced over at her and smiled. 

"No..." Avery responded, still digging his hand into the couch cushions, "We aren't interior designing, we're..." he smiled suddenly, and pulled out a bag full of what appeared to be sparkling crowns, "We're getting into our teams!"

All of the contestants began to cheer, aside from Sid, who was still too embarassed to show emotion of any kind, and Bruna, who was eyeing Joyce angrily.

Bruna-Maria: "Little American moron... I will bash her skull and eat it for breakfast and feed the remains to the wild creatures of the Brazilian jungle..." 

Avery ripped open the bag, and took out two crowns, one colored a hot pink and the other a cool aqua. 

"This better not be boys vs. girls," Tori said, eyeing the pink and blue crowns back and forth, "Because that would be completely and utterly sexist." Sean looked as if he was about to reply, but stopped himself. 

Avery shook his head in annoyance. "No, Tori. The teams are going to be mixed gender. When I call your name, come up and be crowned, then stand by your team. The first team is going to be the Kind Crystals, who will wear blue crowns, and is made up of: Charlie, Musky, Franklin..."

One by one, the three boys walked up and were gracefully crowned by Avery, aside from Franklin, who tripped over a loose floorboard and tumbled onto the floor in front of Avery. 

"Here," the host said, dropping the crown on Franklin's head, "Don't put in too much effort."

"Oh, jeez, thanks. I didn't mean--Sorry," Franklin mumbled, scrambling onto his feet and walking shamefully over to Charlie and Musky. 

"...Also on the Kind Crystals team," Avery continued, ignoring Franklin, "Claire, Sid, Tori, and Allison!" Sid groaned and struggled to get himself out of the armchair, but eventually, with the help of Musky, was able to pull himself up and join his team.

Sid: "I'm not happy with my team at all. Not only is Tori a Kind Crystal, but so is Allison, and those two just got done humiliating me in front of everyone. Stupid girls... And what's with our name? Kind Crystals? I'm not kind, I'm a thug."

Charlie: "My team is brilliant! We have lots of brains, what with Tori and Allison being there! And I assume Franklin is smart, too... We also have the brawn! Musky looks like he could lift an entire city on those arms of his! The only fat our team has... literal fat... is Sid, but he is easily disposable! With my artistic vision, this team will take itself to victory!"

"The rest of you will make up the Evil Embers, who will be wearing pink crowns! Just for clarity, those contestants will be: Joyce, Wanda, Patrick, Bruna-Maria..."

Wanda: "I'm exstatic that Patrick is on my team, dude! I know he's strong and everything, but I also just have the hots for him, and I'm interested to know what he's hiding! He's got some kind of strange symbol on his shirt, so I'm going to have to figure out what it means... That's the best place I can think to start."

Bruna-Maria: "I will use this oppurtunity to banish Joyce from this land! She is truly evil! Her nice and loving attitude is only an act. Behind it she is just a simple moron who wants the worst for her fellow teammates!"

Joyce: "I'm getting such a good vibe from everyone on my team, especially Bruna! What a sweetheart!"

When Allison caught eye of Tori in her blue crown, she grinned and whipped out her phone. 

"Omg, girl, strike a pose!" Allison shouted, snapping photos of Tori doing different poses in her blue crown and silky purple pajamas.

"Do I look hot?" Tori asked Allison, giggling uncontrollably. However, it wasn't Allison who answered, but rather Musky, who had been watching the mini-photoshoot with big eyes. 

"You look kinda cute," Musky said slowly, looking down.

Immediately, Tori glanced at him. When they met eyes, Tori took the crown off her head and redid the top button on her pajama top. "I didn't ask for your input," she replied sternly. Musky silently turned away.

Musky: "Aw, I try to be an honest guy, ya know? But some girls just don't like it when a man tells them they look purdy."

Allison: "The fastest way to make friends with a fellow girl is to make her feel important. I'm going to post this picture of Tori on Instagram and it's going to get, like, 1,200 likes in, like, 45 minutes. If that doesn't make her feel famous, I don't know what will!"

While Tori and Allison chose which picture to post online, Avery walked over to Joyce and Charlie and handed each of them their team keys, respectively.

"Both of these keys fit into the same lock, which can be found in a door hidden somewhere in this castle--" the host began to explain.

Joyce, not surprisingly, was unable to hold back her excitment as she grabbed her team's key, and interuppted, "Where is the door!? What's inside?"

Avery rolled his eyes and looked down. "That's your challenge. You know, that thing your team has WIN? I'm not going to give you the answers."

Understanding the concept of challenges, Joyce nodded slowly and grinned. "Oh, of course!" she replied, "That's so smart, Avery!"

Sean: "I actually, physically can't handle these people."

"As I was trying to explain," Avery continued sternly, "Behind the door is something magical that will lead you to your first challenge. It's very important that you all find it quickly."

"Wait," Patrick said, raising his hand, "Finding the door isn't our challenge? Then what's the point of trying to unlock the door first?" Wanda flashed a smile towards Patrick.

Like a child, Avery huffed loudly, "Let me FINISH explaining before you start asking questions, okay?" He was looking at all of the contestants now, most of whom looked confused. 

"The team to find and unlock the door first using their own key will recieve an advantage in the first challenge. Got it!?" the host announced. Everyone nodded.

"Wait, one more--" Lana began, raising an eyebrow, but she was cut off by Avery, who began running upstairs.

"Save it, Lana," Avery cut her off, "You have your keys. Your challenge begins now!" The contestants watched as Avery ran into a room and shut the door. A lock could be heard from behind the door. Everyone looked around for a moment. 

Lana: "I'm already seeing so many flaws in the set up of this show. Why would Avery just leave us alone like that? We could easily cheat. Hell, one of us could just leave the set! And why wouldn't he answer my question? I was just going to ask what he meant when he said that behind the door is "something magical." Clearly, magic isn't real, so what is he talking about? My guess it's some sort of animatronic fairy or something like that."

With Avery gone, the contestants were now in control of the game. Immediately, Charlie, who held the key for the Kind Crystals, raised his hand into the air.

"Follow me, fellow teammates!" he announced in a goofy, regal-sounding tone. 

"Whoa, whoa, who made you team captain?" Tori snapped, walking over to Charlie and quickly swiping the key out of his hand. "You think just because you're a man that you can control what we do and think? Well, this princess doesn't need a prince."

Charlie looked confused, and didn't bother trying to take the key back. "I did not think I was implying that you need a prince, Tori. I was simply trying to use my artistically superior vision to lead our team to the victory." He paused, seeing Tori was not going to give the key back. "But if you are confident in your own abilities," Charlie said, "Then lead the way, princess." 

Tori watched as Charlie took a step back, putting distance between the two. Claire, Allison, Franklin, Musky, and Sid stared at Tori, waiting for direction. 

Tori: "I didn't really have a plan of what I wanted to do at that point... All those eyes staring at me made me just want to crawl into a pillow fort and go to sleep! I love cuddles!"

Charlie: "I will be waiting patiently for Tori to crack under the pressure she puts on herself. What a fool."

Claire: "I'm so glad I'm not one of the big personalities in this game. There's too many of those. I'll just hang back, and when the time comes, I'll strike. ...Maybe. I might just continue to hang back."

While The Kind Crystals waited for Tori to say something, the Evil Embers stood in a huddle, like members of a football team.

"Alright, team!" Rex said with energy, "Let's make a gameplan!" The sporty boy glanced at Sean, who had barely managed to fit into the huddle. "What do you think, Sean?" he asked with a smile.

Rex: "The best teams are the ones where everyone feels involved! For the most part, we have a pretty positive bunch, except for Sean, who sticks out like a sore thumb. I want him to be confident in his decisions! I bet he's got a lot of awesome stuff up in that head of his!"

All eyes shifted to Sean, who looked nervous. "Well..." he mumbled, "...Historically speaking, challenge advantages don't usually impact the outcome of a challenge in Survivor, so--"

"What is Survivor?" Bruna asked flatly, interrupting Sean. 

He stared at her blankly. "Whatcha mean...?" Sean asked, his voice trailing off. He glanced around at his teammates' faces. Everyone looked lost.

"Haven't any of you seen Survivor?" Sean questioned everyone. No one responded. 

"Not sure where this conversation is going, but it sounds like you're saying we don't need to win the challenge advantage. That sounds like a load of crap to me," Lana said, breaking the tension a bit. Sean shrugged.

"Aw, come on, man! We need some positive advice!" Rex said, "But it's okay! Thanks anyway!"

Sean: "I don't fit in with these people. I feel like this is high school all over again. I'm sitting in the cafeteria, alone, watching everyone else eat with their friends and have fun. Nobody here gets me."

Rex: "Not sure what's up with Sean, but he wasn't being very supportive of our goal! We need that challenge advantage! Let's go for it! Whoo!"

"Alright," Rex began, taking charge again. "Here's what we'll do, team: I'll take the key, and we'll go in a group. We only have one key, so we all need to be together just in case one of us finds the door. Sound good!?"

Everyone nodded uncomfortably, except for Joyce, who clapped wildly. Bruna shot her an angry look.

"Awesome!" Rex cheered, "Let's head out! 'Evil Embers' on three! 1... 2... 3..."

On three, everyone in the huddle shouted Evil Embers and ran out of the foyer into a hallway. Sid, who was sitting in a lump on the floor, was the first to notice the opposing team leave to look for the door.

"Can we figure out what we're gonna do!" Sid snapped, "The other team is already searching!"

"Omg, I have an idea!" Allison exclaimed. Before Sid could react, Allison grabbed his phone out of his hands and held it up. "Sid and I both brought our phones," she said, "So we can split up into two groups! Whoever finds the door needs to text the other group where they are! It's perfect!"

Tori nodded, happy that the attention was off of her. "Great idea, Allison!"

Allison handed Sid her phone. "Her, put your number in so I can text you." Sid looked at her, winked, and licked his lips, causing Allison to cringe. "I'm deleting it after the challenge is over, fatty," she snapped. 

Sid handed the phone back, and Allison pulled up Sid's contact and added a cheeseburger emoji next to his name. "For clarity. I know a lot of people named Sid," Allison said, showing Sid the cheeseburger emoji. He grumbled something under his breath. 


The camera flashed to The Evil Embers, who were moving down a dark corridor in a group. When it became too dark to see, Wanda reached into her pocket and pulled out a tiny flashlight. Despite being small, the flashlight created a bright ray of light that shot down the hallway and made it much easier to see.

"Nice, Wanda! You came prepared!" Patrick said as he walked next to Wanda. 

"I always come prepared," Wanda replied confidently. "You never know what kind of situation you're going to be in."

Wanda: "June 2012. I explored the Smoo Caves in Scotland, and there was a pretty bad cave in, which would have put me and my group in total darkness, had it not been for me and my flashlight. This baby is extra powerful, there's no other flashlight like it. We managed to escape the cave within three hours. I'll never forget it."

Suddenly, Wanda shined the flashlight across Patrick's shirt, illuminating the strange-looking emblem that she had been curious about earlier.

"What's up with the light...?" Patrick asked, squinting his eyes at the bright light that was shining in his face. 

Wanda chuckled lightly. "Well, what's up with that thing on your shirt? It looks familiar." 

Suddenly, Patrick seemed to be panicking, and gently pushed the flashlight away. "I'm not sure," he responded quietly, "I just bought the shirt cause it looked cool." Wanda nodded slowly.

Wanda: "Mhm. Sure, Patrick."

Patrick: "The emblem on my shirt is the Warlock symbol for 'competition.' Yeah, I speak fluent Warlock... I learned it on World of Warlords, or WOW for short... I know it's really stupid. I'm not even sure why I wore the shirt in the first place. I kind of have a thing for Wanda, so I'd rather not tell her about my obsession with a nerdy game like World of Warlords. I mean, that would definitely ruin any chance I'd ever have of getting with her."

"VICTORY!" Bruna-Maria shouted as the team reached the end of the dark hallway, where three wooden doors were spread out on the walls that surrounded them. 

Lana covered her ears as Bruna began to screech loudly and dance around uncontrollably. Moments later, Joyce joined in, and began to screech at an even higher pitch. 

"STOP," Lana shouted, causing Bruna and Joyce to freeze in place. "You were making my ears bleed. I'd rather be voted out than medically evacuated on the first day. Thanks."

Bruna raised an eyebrow and frowned. "I was performing an ancient Brazilian dance of good luck," she said sternly, "You're an uncultured moron, Lana."

Lana didn't reply, but rolled her eyes and turned towards Rex, who was holding the team's key. "Let's try these three doors, Rex," Lana said, "We didn't come all the way down here for nothing."

"Of course!" Rex replied with pleasure, and stuck the key inside the first lock. "I feel one of these doors is definitely the hidden door! I just have a feeling, man!" he said as he tried each door.

"Absolutely," Lana responded flatly, rolling her eyes.

Lana: "I'm not at all worried about being percieved too negatively by the rest of my team. Why should I? At least I'm being realistic. Rex is the one who should be worried. His positivity is extremely annoying, and it's the annoying people who are eliminated first. He has my vote to go, anyway."

Rex stuck the key into the last keyhole and tried to turn, but the door didn't unlock. "Well crap," he sighed, "What now, team?" No one responded. 

Eventually, Sean raised his hand. Rex stared at him blankly. "Anyone else...?" he mumbled. 


The camera flashes to four of the Kind Crystals, (Sid, Franklin, Claire, and Musky), who were searching in an upstairs hallway for a door that looked different from the others. 

"What if the hidden door looks just like all tha' others?" Musky suggested, "Huh? Ever think about that?"

Sid, who was sitting down on the ground, wiped drops of sweat from his face, and replied, "I doubt it. The door probably looks old or special, or something. Once we find it, we just have to text Allison an--"

Just then, Franklin sat down next to Sid and glanced at his phone. Sid's beady brown eyes stared at Franklin uncomfortably. "Can I help you?" he asked Franklin. 

"Um... question..." Franklin said, trying not to stutter, "Can you, um, help me make one of those?"

Sid frowned. "One of what?" he asked condescendingly. "A what? A Tumblr?" Franklin nodded quickly. Sid raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Sure, we can do it now if you want..."

"...Come on, y'all!" Musky snapped, motioning for the two boys to get up, "We're mid challenge, and you're sitting around!?" He shot a look at Claire. "Don't you agree, Claire!?" he asked aggressively. Claire looked down and shrugged, then walked down a different hallway.

Claire: "I'm trying to stay out of conflict as best I can, but it's hard, because I can get really angry sometimes. Especially when people put me on the spot, because, like I said before, I'm not the best at talking. I'm more of an observer. I collect things... See this big sweater I have on? There's all sorts of stuff inside these pockets, you'll see!"

Sid stuck out his tongue at Musky, which appeared to be pale, slimey, and slightly hairy. Musky winced. 

"Franklin is just trying to make some friends!" Sid said, patting a chubby hand on Franklin's bony back, "Isn't that right, Franks?" Franklin nodded uncomfortably.

Musky was about to reply, when Claire's voice could be heard yelling from down another hallway. "Down here!" she shouted, "I think I found it!"

It didn't take long for Franklin and Musky to meet Claire. In front of her stood a door that looked completely different from the others. Instead of being pale blue and made of wood, this one was the color of purple velvet, and appeared to be made of a cold metallic material. 

"Great job, Claire!" Musky cheered, "Sid, text Allison! We need tha' dang key!" Musky turned around, but Sid was nowhere to be found. 

"Um... Guys," Sid called from the spot where he was still sitting, "I have a problem!" 

Musky, Claire, and Franklin found Sid where they had left him, but he was now sprawled across the floor, his eyes filled with tears. "My phone has a virus..." he moaned weakly. 

"Dang-nabbit..." Musky grumbled, and grabbed Sid's phone. He looked at the screen and shuddered, covering his eyes immediately. "These are porno ads, Sid," Musky said. 

"They're called pop-ups!" Sid said with disapproval, "They won't go away! I tried turning off the phone and everything."

Franklin crept closer to Musky, who was holding Sid's phone. "Can I... see?" he asked quietly, causing looks of disgust from Musky and Claire. "Nevermind..." Franklin said.

Franklin: "It's not what you think, I just... I, uh... uh..."

Musky: "The kind of things Sid looks at are disgusting. This is why, back home, I don't have a computer. I spent time in the quality, great outdoors! No internet, no cable, no nothing! My momma' does have a Hulu subscription, but I only use that to watch the first few seasons of Duck Dynasty." 

"DAYUM!" Musky shouted, startling Claire. "We need to hurry and find Allison!"

"You guys go..." Sid said, "I'll just stay here... and suffer..."

Claire rolled her eyes and kicked the lazy blob that was Sid. Musky handed him his phone back. "Musky and I will go find Allison," Claire said, "Franklin, watch Sid. If he starts to go into cardiac arrest, just let him be." Sid frowned.


The Evil Embers returned to the foyer of the castle, disappointed that they hadn't found the hidden door in the dark corridors. Just then, Claire and Musky ran down the staircase and stopped in front of The Evil Embers.

"Have you seen Allison and Tori?" Musky asked urgently. 

"Why would we tell you?" Lana asked, but was immediately followed by Joyce who happily told Musky and Claire to check the kitchen. 

Lana stared at Joyce in disbelief. "Why would you help them find their teammates?"

"I dunno," Joyce shrugged, "It just seemed like they really needed to find them!"

"What a moron!" Bruna boomed, pointing at Joyce, "She is sabatoging our team! The Evil Embers!" Lana nodded in agreement while Joyce looked upset. 

"What are you talking about?" Joyce squeaked innocently, "I was only trying to be nice..."

At that point, Lana, Joyce, and Bruna began to break out into an argument, which was quickly stopped by Rex, who was starting to run up the stairs. "Come on!" he said, "If they came from up here and they're looking for their key, it means the door must be somewhere up here!" 

Their confidence in winning the advantage now restored, Lana and Bruna followed Rex upstairs with the rest of the team, except for Joyce, who hung back, seeming upset.

Joyce: "I really don't mean to do what I do. You don't think I know that I can be too nice? I'm well aware, but I can't help it. I just... I just like to see people smile! Some of my teammates don't seem to get that!"

Eventually, Joyce went upstairs, and found the rest of her teammates running around wildly, looking at all the doors and trying to find a member of The Kind Crystals. Wanda and Rex led the charge, and looked like they were going to destroy anything in their paths. 

Wanda turned a corner and found Sid sprawled across the floor, tears stained on his face, with Franklin sitting next to him, staring at Sid's phone in wonder. Instead of asking questions, Wanda shoved the two boys aside and ran in front of a shiny purple door. 

"Rex," she shouted excitedly, "I found it!"

It wasn't long before Wanda heard footsteps around the corner, but she was shocked to see it was Allison and Tori.

"Oh no you don't, gurlie!" Allison said, gripping a key tightly in her hand.

"Girl power!" Tori shouted, using Sid's massive belly as a platform to leap into the air and crash into Wanda. The two girls slammed into a corner while Allison rushed down the hall and stuck the key inside the lock.

Rex came around the corner, looking baffled at the scene in front of him. Wanda and Tori jumped up from the floor while Sid rolled onto his side and groaned. Franklin was hiding in a corner. 

Allison madly jiggled the key into the lock, until it finally turned and the door swung open. One by one, Tori, Allison, Franklin ran inside. Just then, Claire, Musky, and Charlie ran around the corner and made their way down the hallway. Claire and Musky entered the hidden room, while Charlie grabbed Sid's arm and dragged his body inside. Everyone was inside the team began to cheer. 

Tori: "We used girl power to win that challenge! I mean, sure, Musky did a lot, but so did Allison, Claire, and I! We're Disney princesses who don't need no prince! This is awesome! On the flip side, thouhg, the deadweight on our team is clear. It's Sid. He had one job: Use his phone to contact Allison, and he couldn't even do THAT!"

Sid: "Tori stepped on me. The b**ch stepped on me. Oh well, hopefully that counts as a contribution to my team winning."

Eventually, both teams were inside the room, and The Evil Embers looked extremely disappointed, notably Rex.

"It's okay, guys," Sean said, attempting to be supportive, "Like I said, historically speaking, we can win the challenge without the advantag--"

"It's not about the advantage," Rex grunted, frowning. Sean glanced at him worridley. "Nevermind, sorry," Rex said.

Rex: "Man, I just hate losing! It really hurts when you put your whole heart into the game and the game just chews you up and spits you out like you ain't worth it! And Sean wasn't helping, honestly. The two of us have very different ways of looking at the world, that much is clear."

Sean: "I don't think Rex likes me that much. I think the two of us just have different ways of playing this game, and if we both make it to the merge, I think my way of playing will reign superior. I can't wait to put his ass on the jury-- Well, wait."

The hidden room appeared to be an attic, which was mostly empty, aside from lots of dust floating around, and a tall, powerful-looking mirror that stood in the center of the room. The glass on the mirror looked especially shiny and clear, as if there were another world living inside of it. Lana stared at it curiously.

Suddenly, Avery walked out of a dimly lit corner. Most everyone was surprised, signaling that the host hadn't been noticed by anyone.

"How did you get in here, man?" Rex asked, seeming irritated. 

"He's the host," Lana stated, "He probably has trapdoors and secret tunnels running through this entire castle."

Avery grinned and wiggled his finger at Lana. "You're sharp, Lana."

"So is that the special item that will give us access to our first challenge?" Tori asked. She realized that her question sounded odd outloud. "Your words, not mine," she added confidently.

"Yes," the host nodded, motioning towards the mysical looking mirror, "This mirror has the ability to transport you to magical realms, which we will be visiting throughout the season."

"O hmy gosh!" Tori exclaimed, jumping up and down and clapping, "Are we going to visit The Little Mermaid? I LOVE that one," she said, and began to hum the tune of "Under the Sea."

Tori stopped humming when Avery responded with, "No, but we'll visit some pretty amazing places. Like in our first challenge, which will take place tomorrow."

Multiple groans of disappointment emerged from the group of contestants.

"Tomorrow?" Wanda said, "I was in game-mode! I want to travel to a new world!" she laughed.

Wanda: "Not sure if Avery is being serious about this whole 'travelling to magical worlds' thing, but it's still travelling, regardless. And that's my favorite thing to do."

Lana: "I'm still trying to figure out how this is going to work. We're not seriously going to step inside of a mirror and be transported to another world. That's ridiculous. Still, though, I'm baffled on how this season will pan out."

"Your bedrooms are in the hallway across from this one," Avery said, "The sun is almost setting, you should probably unpack." He grinned. "It looks like some of you are already ready for bed," he joked, referring to Tori's silky purple pajamas. 

Tori, however, didn't find the joke as funny. "What's that mean, Avery? Don't be a creep."

As the contestants mingled and exited the room, Avery turned to the camera. "Well, there you have it! Tomorrow, the eliminations begin! The drama gets bigger and crazier! Stay tuned to find out exactly what happens with this crazy bunch, here on Total......... Drama...... Enchanted!"

Chapter 03: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!

The next morning, the contestants were awoken by an intense banging on the door of the castle. Everyone got up excitedly and ran downstairs, except for Sid, who continued to lay down in hopes that he could fall back asleep.

The rooms were comfortable and well-decorated. In the Evil Embers' room, pale pink walls enclosed a space full of elegant pink beds and silky curtains that hung on a large window. In the Kind Crystals' room, nearly everything was identical, except for the colors were different shades of blue. 

Tori: "The rooms. Are. Heaven. It's like sleeping in Aurora's room from Sleeping Beauty! Except... I'm not in a curse of eternal sleep, hahahah! Aurora is also known as Briar Rose. Fun fact."

Sid: "Our bedrooms are so girly. Everything is so silky, and my mattress is nothing like the one I have back at home. See, I've created a large crater in my mattress back home due to my... um... large body, and my back is used to sleeping on that kind of mattress. These ones are just uncomfortable!"

The contestants gathered in the foyer in front of the door. No one was willing open it, until Musky stepped up and grabbed the doorknob. Slowly, the massive door creaked open, and everyone was shocked to see a plump pigeon dressed in royal clothing flying in place in front of them, a medium-sized carboard box in its talons.

Franklin scratched his head. "Wha--at?"

Joyce began to squeal with pleasure. "Oh my GOODNESS! It's so cute!" She immediately ran outside and embraced the pigeon in a tight hug, causing it to flap its wings in panic.

Joyce: "I have a pigeon at home! His name is Lemon Head! I used to have to two pigeons, but I put them in the same cage, and Lemon Head had a sharp beak, so he pecked out the other pigeon's eye, and he bled to death. Lemon Head is a true warrior, and I know he regrets what he did!"

Wanting to help the animal that Joyce was suffocating in a hug, Tori walked over and gently pushed Joyce aside. She grabbed the package out of the pigeons talons and it flew away slowly. 

"Bye!" Joyce said solemly, waving to the pigeon as it flew into the foggy morning sky, "Come back soon!"

Tori looked at the tag on the package and read it outloud. "For Lana," she said, and immediately handed it to Lana, who seemed confused. 

With the host still nowhere to be found, the contestants took it upon themselves to gather in the kitchen and watch Lana open the package. While she attempted to rip open the top with a knife, heavy footsteps could be heard coming down the staircase outside of the kitchen. 

Sid stepped inside the kitchen. He was in the same clothes as yesterday, but now his shirt was stained with drool, and his hair was messier and greasier than before. He looked like a fat zombie. 

"Oh goodness," Charlie laughed, "That's quite the image." Sid shot him an angry look. 

Charlie: "I appreciate this game and how it brings people from different walks of life together. But, my goodness gracious, I would never show my face in the state that poor Sid did this morning. When I wake up, I immeidately shower, make my herbal tea, and sit in front of an open window and ponder the mysteries of life. It's quite relaxing."

"Well?" Joyce pestered, "What's inside the package!?"

"I'm working on it," Lana said sternly as she finished ripping open the lid of the package. 

The first thing inside was a small note, which Lana took out and unrolled. She held it up into the light and read. The note stated that the package was a Contestant Care Package, which was given to Lana by the viewers of the show. 

"A fan-vote?" Allison exclaimed, "What a fab idea! 10 out of 10! I love it!"

Allison: "This Contestant Care Package thing could not be any better for me! Nobody in this game has more fans than I do! All I have to do is post a link to the fan-vote on my instagram, and the votes will pile up like dead soldiers in a gruesome war! Haha! ...Too far? Yeah, not really sure what dark part of my mind that metaphor came from."

Allison's excited smile quickly faded into a disappointed frown. "Wait, why did Lana get the package?" she asked bluntly. All eyes were on Lana. 

"What do you mean by that?" Lana asked defensively, "I'm an interesting player, which is exactly what I came here to be!"

This caused Allison to break out into a squeaky, high pitched giggle. "HA!" she laughed, "Interesting? You're about as interesting as Claire has been so far!" Claire looked down and sighed. 

Ignoring Allison, Lana reached into the package and pulled out a blank book with a black cover. Looking disappointed, she opened it up and flipped through the pages.

"It's a journal," she said, looking up at everyone. "How fun."

Patrick: "I'm not going to underestimate these Care Packages. I assume that we're going to be sent things that relate to our lives outside of the game. I know that Lana likes to write in her free time, and I also know that she intends to be a major strategist. I need to keep an eye on her, and if I can, get my hands on that notebook. On another note, I hope I don't get a Care Package, I would hate to see what's in mine. It coud be my spellbook from home, or one of my wooden swords..."

Lana: "Honestly, I'm a little surprised I won the Contestant Care Package. Back home, I'm not the most popular person. I don't even have close friends. My personality just doesn't... attract people. But that's how reality is. It may hurt sometimes, but it's always crystal clear. And that's why I like it."

There was an uncomfortable silence among the contestants, until it was broken by Avery, who ran downstairs and into the kitchen. It appeared that he had just rolled out of bed, as his hair was a sticky mess and he still had a glazed look on his face.

"Nice look, man," Sid joked, giving the host a thumbs-up.

"Awesome, Lana, thanks for opening the Care Package without me!" Avery said, rolling his eyes. "You people just love to rush this game, don't you?"

Rex raised his hand. "Uh, Avery, sorry, man," he said thoughtfully, "We're all just really pumped to get to the challenge! We want to see what our teams are made of!" Multiple contestants nodded in agreeance, and Joyce cheered lightly. 

"Speaking of the challenge," Lana added, "Can we get to that?" She stood up from her seat and tossed the cardboard package and the note in the trash bin. "The package was lame anyway."

Joyce: "How could Lana say that her present from the viewers was lame!? I would be honored to be given a gift from fans! I mean, I hope I have fans! That would be so much fun! Hey, guys!"

"Hah!" Avery bursted into laughter, and eyed the camera. "You think I'm gonna host the challenge looking like this?" he said, "I just need to get a little washed up. Nothing major."

With that, the host happily stepped back up the staircase, leaving the contestants alone again, looking confused. 

"Anyone want to help me get into the shower?" Sid asked, breaking the silence. 


The camera flashed to the attic, where the contestants were assembled on one side of the dim, dusty room, the alleged "magical" mirror still standing proudly in the center of the room. On the other side of the room, directly across from the contestants, Avery stood with a bitter frown.

The host continously glanced at back and forth between the watch he was wearing, and the contestants that stood in front of him. He had showered, and was now wearing a black button-up short-sleeved shirt with a white tie. 

"You look super classy, Avery!" Joyce squeaked, attempting to put a smile on the clearly annoyed host's face. 

Avery glanced at her, and flashed a half-smile. "Thanks, Joyce..." he paused for only a moment, "Does anyone know where Sid is? He's had over an hour to finish getting ready." 

"No, I don't think any of us have seen him for the last half hour," Lana spoke up, "But it'd be awesome if we could get to the challenge. You know, the challenge? That thing we're supposed to be doing."

Just as Avery was opening his mouth to sassily snap back, a blobby figure tumbled into the attic, nearly running into the magic mirror. Flashing everyone a smile, Sid dropped to the ground, and began panting and shaking his head. 

"Sorry..." Sid apologized between breaths, "I fell back asleep after we all went upstairs, and then I..."

"I don't CARE," Avery interuppted sternly, "Please, take a place next to the rest of the contestants." 

Sid rolled his eyes and chuckled, clearly not caring that he had upset the host, and picked his body up to take a place next to the rest of his fellow castmates. He stood next to Rex, who immediately began to sniff Sid. 

"Wow!" Rex said, his eyes lighting up, "You smell great, Sid!"

Clearly flattered, Sid lifted up his armpit. "Thanks, dude! I used some really swaggy body wash in the shower this morning. I got the bottle for Christmas and was saving it for a special occasion." Sid glanced toward the rest of the contestants. "Anyone else want a smell?" he asked. 

"Casting really screwed up with you," Lana mumbled, eyeing Sid. 

"SO!" Avery announced, clapping his hands together and ignoring the fact that Joyce was now cheerfully sniffing Sid's armpit, "I know you all are extremely eager to get to get to your first challenge!" The host motioned toward the mirror that stood in front of him. "Who wants to take the first step inside?" 

"ME!" Joyce shrieked, jerking her head away from Sid's swaggy-smelling armpits. "I want to! Me! Choose me!" The girl stuck her hand in the air, and jumped up and down wildly. 

Seeing that the rest of the cast appeared to be skeptical, Avery pointed at the excited Joyce. "Come on up, then!"

Joyce stepped up, and Avery grabbed the mirror and adjusted it so it was facing Joyce's body. She continued to squeal with excitment, causing Bruna-Maria to jam her plump Brazilian fingers into her ears. 

"Some smash that moron's face into the mirror!" Bruna barked, "I don't care if it is magic or not!" 

However, the squealing finally stopped when Joyce took a leap of faith directly into the mirror. Multiple gasps arose from the group of contestants when Joyce's tiny body slipped seamlessly into the reflection of the mirror. In an instant, she was gone. 

"Incredible..." Tori shuddered in awe. Even Allison, who was normally glancing up and down from her phone, let it slip out of her hands and onto the wooden floor below. The sound of Allison's phone frightened Franklin, who was standing next to her. 

Allison: "I was, like, seriously shocked when I saw Joyce literally ENTER the mirror. It was such an #OMG moment. Like, for real! Oh, and my phone is fine, by the way, for those of you who were concerned! I have a really strong case, so, like, it was super safe!"

"Lana? Dude? Are you okay?" Wanda asked in panic, grabbing Lana as she began to collapse onto the ground. 

"This... this isn't possible..." Lana mumbled, before completely passing out in Wanda's arms. 

Wanda looked up at the host with concern. "She passed out! What do we do?" 

"I vote we leave her," Sean suggested sternly, "After all, we have a challenge to win. Right, Rex?" Sean awkwardly winked toward the tall athletic boy, who didn't seem impressed. 

"How could we leave a fellow teammate, Sean!?" Rex said, walking over to Wanda and grabbing Lana from her arms. Everyone watched in confusion as Rex slung the unconcious Lana over his back and ran toward the mirror. "Let's win this, TOGETHER!" Rex shouted, jumping through the mirror's reflection. 

Stunned, Wanda, Patrick, and Bruna followed Rex, the apparent team leader, into the mirror, leaving Sean as the only remaining Evil Ember. 

"Unbelievable..." Sean mumbled.

Sean: "I tried to connect with Rex, I really did. I mean, I'm self-aware enough to realize when my social game needs some polishing, and it definitely does. But at this rate, Rex is going to cause me to have a #SurvivorBreakdown. Come on, Sean, keep it togehter..."

"Aren't you going to join your team?" Avery asked Sean, seeming concerned. 

Sean glanced around at the Kind Crystals, who were staring at him with blank faces. "Guess so," he said, and walked into the reflection of the mirror. 

"Okay, it's our turn now!" Tori exclaimed, grabbing Musky's hand and running into the mirror. Immediately after, Allison grabbed Franklin's arm and Sid's ear and began dragging the two boys. 

"Come on, losers!" she giggled, ignoring Franklin's nervous quivers and Sid's moans of pain. 


When Lana's eyes finally opened, she could only see a clear, deep blue sky that was filled the puffiest, whitest clouds she had ever seen. She turned her head slightly and squinted in pain as a bright rays of sunshine shot into her eyes. 

"Ow!" Lana shouted, sitting up quickly. She was shocked to see a freckled face only inches close to hers. He was smiling. 

"She's awake!" he shouted, offering Lana a hand to stand up. However, Lana declined his assistance, and stood up herself, intensely rubbing her eyes. 

"What happened...?" she groaned in confusion. Lana's surroundings were still blurry, but she could now see multiple figures moving all around her. While they all varied in weight, most of the figures were short and colorful, like children dressed in animal costumes. 

Suddenly, Lana felt a sharp jab in her back, causing her to fall back to the dirt ground. She whirled around to see the same freckle-faced boy she had woken up to standing above her with a sharp wooden sword held in her direction.

"Who are you?" she asked weakly. 

From somewhere in the distance, Lana heard Joyce's voice. "THEY'RE CALLED THE LOST BOYS!" Joyce shouted happily, "AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTEST."

Lana whirled back around to see her fellow castmates tied up around the base of a large tree, multiple boys in animal costumes marching around them. 

"We aren't cute! We're warriors!" a slim boy in a fox costume snapped at Joyce, holding a dull-looking sword to her neck, "Just wait 'till Peter gets a look at you pirates! You'll be run right out of Neverland!"

"How long have we been here?" Lana called out to the other captive contestants. 

Tori was the first to reply. Her voice sounded excited. "Only a few minutes! Right when we landed here, the Lost Boys found us and tied us up! But it's okay, because we're going to meet Peter Pan, and I just know he won't let anything bad happen to us!"

Joyce: "When I was in middle school, I would babysit my neighbors' kids a lot, and the Lost Boys remind me a lot of them! Except... possibly more murderous! Hehe!"

Tori: "Right when we landed in that lush jungle, I knew exactly where we were. Neverland. See, I'm not a normal girly girl, and I would much rather spend a day in Neverland fighting pirates than at some boring princesses' ball! But, no... I'm not a lesbian. In fact, I have the biggest crush on Peter Pan. Blame it on my roots!"

"Um, okay," Sean said, wiggling uncomfortably under the tight ropes that were strung around him, "Is anyone else understanding that we're tied up? We're captives. We're in actual danger." 

"Not for long!" Tori shouted suddenly, pointing into the clear blue sky.

The contestants and the several Lost Boys who were scattered about looked into the sky to see two male figures soaring above them. One of the boys, who was flying at a much quicker speed than the other, was wearing an outfit that seemed to be made entirely of green cloth. On his head, he wore a small cap with a red feather poking out of the top. 

"It's... Peter Pan..." Tori swooned, completely ignoring the fact that she was still being held captive by Peter Pan's friends. 

"Hey, Peter, do you have an Insta!?" Allison shouted from below, "I want a selfie with you before this is all over!" Sid rolled his eyes.

As Peter Pan landed gracefully on the ground below, Avery tumbled through the air and landed in a bush that was sitting alone in the corner. The host sat up and brushed a few leaves out of his hair. 

"Flying probably looks fun," Avery grunted, "but it's totally not." Peter outstretched a hand to Avery, and he grabbed it, and was pulled up by the famous fairy tale character. Immediately upon regaining his balance, Avery was shocked to see several boys in furry animal costumes gather around him. 

"Pan, who are all these strangers?" one of the Lost Boys asked his leader. "They're pirates, right?"

Peter Pan laughed wildly and took out a dagger. "Of course they're not pirates, Cubby!" He walked over to the large tree trunk that the 14 contestants were still bound against, and slashed his dagger swifty through the ropes, releasing everyone. "They're our friends!" he finished.

Tori threw the loosened ropes off of her body and bolted toward Peter, embracing him in an excited hug. 

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" she giggled wildly, opening her nostrils and breathing in Peter's presence. Suddenly, she pulled her head away and covered her nose. "Oh... you smell awful." 

"That's because I don't take bathe!" Peter announced proudly, and swept Tori up into his arms. He ascended slowly into the sky with Tori in his arms, her face red. 

Tori: "I just want to clarify something: Peter Pan is the only man who is allowed to pick me up! Period. Don't be a creep!"

Sid: "See, I'm not the only one who thinks taking baths is a waste of time!"

Uninterested in what was unfolding between Tori and Peter Pan, Wanda and Patrick walked over to Lana, who was sitting on the ground again, her face buried in her bony hands. 

"You okay, girl?" Wanda asked with concern, "You fainted right in my arms!"

Lana shook her head and spread out her fingers, so Wanda and Patrick could see her eyes. "This is insane..." she whispered, "How are we in Neverland? This isn't possible."

"Aw, I'm sure there's some explanation. But who cares? We're safe! And this will be fun!" Patrick said, attempting to be supportive. He didn't notice Wanda, who was staring at him dreamily.

Wanda: "Patrick has such an adventurous spirit... I wish I was adventurous as he is... Ahem. I mean, I am adventurous as Patrick! And that's why we'd make the perfect couple! Still, I want to know what the emblem on his shirt means..."

Patrick: "Yeah, I could totally see Wanda staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I know she's crushing on me, and I won't lie, I have a thing for her, too. But she can't know who I really am. She'd be disgusted! I've been through this before, hundreds of times: These really pretty girls think I'm the perfect man, nice, athletic, and charming, but then they find out that I'm just a loser who spends most of his time roleplaying and playing World of Warlords. No girl wants a guy like that..."

"Alright, everyone, gather around!" Avery announced, flailing his arms in the air, "We have a challenge that we need to get to!" 

Patrick grabbed Lana's hand and helped her up, and the two, along with Wanda, joined the rest of the group in front of Avery.

"Peter, can you please put Tori down?" Avery asked in irritation, staring at the Neverland boy as he flew around with Tori in his arms. 

"Can't I just stay up here?" Tori giggled. 

Peter nodded aggressively. "Yeah, can't she stay up here? I like her! Hey Lost Boys, what do you say to making Tori our new mother!?" 

Below, every Lost Boy began to cheer in support of the idea. However, Tori looked horrified. 

"Maybe you should put me down," she mumbled. Just as Tori wished, Peter Pan dissapointedly set Tori back on the ground, and she joined the rest of the cast. Musky glanced at Tori and grinned nervously. She didn't seem to notice.

Musky: "Back where I'm from, we don't have a lotta' girls like Tori! I guess she wants ta' show everybody that she can take care of herself, which is fine an' all, but how am I supposed to impress her if she won't let me show of somma' my skills!?"


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     Name: This contestant was on the Evil Embers team.
     Name: This contestant was on the Kind Crystals team.
     WIN: This contestant won immunity for this episode.
     SAFE: This contestant did not get enough votes to be eliminated
     OUT: This contestant was eliminated from the game.


Confessional Count

  • Below is the number of confessionals each contestant has received throughout the season thus far.
    • Tori: 11
    • Sean: 10
    • Allison: 8
    • Wanda: 7
    • Rex: 5
    • Lana: 5
    • Sid: 5
    • Joyce: 5
    • Patrick: 4
    • Bruna-Maria: 3
    • Claire: 3
    • Charlie: 3
    • Musky: 3
    • Franklin: 1


  • Some contestants are based off or inspired by people in the author's life, or contestants on other reality shows.
    • Sean is based off of Reddy, a user on the wiki.
    • Tori is based off of a girl the author went to high school with.
    • Bruna-Maria is an overexagerrated hybrid of Bruno, (a user on the wiki), and Abi-Maria Gomes from Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Cambodia.
  • Some contestants originally appeared in the author's past, failed stories.
    • Joyce's character originally appeared in Total Drama Mars and went by the name Hannah Banana.
    • Charlie originally appeared in Total Drama Circus
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