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Welcome to Total...Drama...Explosion!

This is a fanfiction about the mega-finale Season Five of Total Drama!

After four brutal seasons, the thirty-eight veterans return to battle it out one last time

But they aren't alone, two new contestants are thrown into the mix to keep things fresh

Joe- The Outright Villain

Suki- The Quiet Girl

Written by AJ

Playa Des Losers


Chris: "That's right, it's the final season of Total Drama, folks! After last season, I decided to bring everyone's favorite campers back for one more run. This season, thirty-eight veterans and two newbies will be battling it out, not only on Camp Wawanakwa, but at the abandonded film lot and even around the world in my newly rebuilt jumbo jet. This time, the prize is one BILLION dollars. With the stakes raised, the gameplay is raised as well. In this all out brawl, every contestant intends on making it all the way to the final three. With two final additions, things begin to heat up. The gorgeous genius Suki and the villanous Joe both join all our favorites for this last round. Team members begin turning on each other, friendships are pushed to the limit, and an attempt at permanently eliminating someone, if you catch my drift, puts all the contestants into shock. Relationships will end, relationships will form, and betrayal is eminent. At the end, all the contestants, Chef and I will realize we have to stick together, when one of our own takes finding a winner in the finale into his/her own hands which could pull the plug on one of the finalists. Be sure to tune in for Total Drama Explosion!"



Fiery Phoenixs:

  1. Alejandro- The Manipulative Latino
  2. B- The Silent Genius
  3. Bridgette- The Surfer Chick
  4. Cameron- The Bubble Boy
  5. Courtney- The CIT
  6. Dawn- The Moonchild
  7. DJ- The Lovable Jock
  8. Duncan- The Juvenile Deliquent
  9. Gwen- The Loner
  10. Harold- The Nerd
  11. Heather- The Queen Bee
  12. Joe- The Outright Villain
  13. Katie- The Nice Girl
  14. Leshawna- The Sister With Tude
  15. Lightning- The Athlete
  16. Lindsay- The Dumb Blonde
  17. Scott- The Devious Guy
  18. Staci- The Compulsive Liar
  19. Trent- The Hot Musician
  20. Zoey- The Indie Chick

Frozen Foxes:

  1. Anne Maria- The Jersey Shore Reject
  2. Beth- The Wannabe
  3. Blaineley- The Psycho Ex-host
  4. Brick- The Military Cadet
  5. Cody- The Geek
  6. Dakota- The Fame Monger
  7. Eva- The Angry Girl
  8. Ezekiel- The Homeschool
  9. Geoff- The Party Guy
  10. Izzy- The Psycho Hose Beast
  11. Jo- The Take-No-Prisoners Jock-ette
  12. Justin- The Hot Model
  13. Mike- The Multi Personality
  14. Noah- The Smart Alec
  15. Owen- The Chubby Bundle of Joy
  16. Sam- The Gamer
  17. Sadie- The Nice Girl's BFF
  18. Sierra- The Super-fan
  19. Suki- The Quiet Girl
  20. Tyler- The Fail Athlete

Theme Song

Intro music- *Camera flies through wawanakwa, and up the cliff*

Dear mom and dad I'm doing fine- *Izzy dives off the cliff into the water*

You guys are on my mind- *She swims by Scott who is being chased by Fang, and Lightning tries to laugh but loses air in the process, and the air bubbles are followed up which shows Owen in the water with Beth, who looks at him disapprovingly*

You asked me what I wanted to be- *Two speed boats whiz by with Alejandro and Heather racing, and they race past a smaller island where Bridgette is separating Courtney and Gwen, while Trent glares at Duncan who is carving a skull in the palm tree*

And now I think the answer's plain to see- *Duncan angrily throws the knife and the camera follows it to the beach, where Anne Maria is tanning and Dakota and Justin are fighting over paparazzi*

I wanna be famous- *Cody, Sam and Noah are behind a bush, and Cody throws a rock at Anne Maria's hair which harmlessly bounces off with a clang causing those three, Justin and Dakota to laugh. Dakota and Sam grab hands as Anne Marie chases the group*

I wanna live close to the sun- *Anne Maria chases them onto the film lot, where Zoey and Mike are staring at each other lovingly while Cameron is chased by a soaking wet Izzy in the opposite direction, when the word sun is said the camera flies up to the sun*

So pack your bags cause I've already won- *Camera flies back down to the caveman set where Blaineley and Jo are fighting on the ground with bones, and Blaineley mis-swings hitting an unsuspecting Lindsay, causing Suki to run over to help her up*

Everything to prove, nothing in my way- *The bone then flies into the air, hitting a bird that lands in DJ's lap, who is at the Gilded Chris ceremony. He freaks out, while Joe is standing there rolling his eyes and Harold is offering flowers to Leshawna who facepalms*

I'll get there one day- *Scene cuts to the trailers, where Geoff is sitting on the roof smiling while Katie and Sadie look around excitedly*

Cause, I wanna be famous- *Ezekiel walks up to join, causing Katie and Sadie to leave and Geoff to hop off the roof and put an arm on his shoulder*

Na- na na na na- na na na na na- na na na na na na- *Scene flashes to the airport, where Brick is saluting until Eva shows up and growls, causing him to whimper, and the scene goes into the plane flying past Dawn and B, who are surrounded by loving animals*

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous- *Tyler appears in front of the camera and tries to do a flip, falling and knocking out a blabbering Staci and knocking her into Sierra, who pushes her aside in search of Cody, the scene then flies to first class*

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous- *Everyone is together dancing and singing in first class, with Trent on guitar and Alejandro playing an accordian until Chef jerks the plane causing them to fall onto the campfire ceremony*

Whistling to the tune- *Chris is there with a plate of marshmallows, causing everyone to immediately glare at one another as the scene zooms out*

*The Total Drama Explosion logo appears, with all the contestants underneath it still at the campfire cermony*

Chapter 1: Welcome Back to Wawanakwa- Part 1

It's time for the final season of Total Drama, folks! Three months after the completion of the last season, Chris decided to renew Total Drama for one last go. This big bang season would take place not only at good ole Camp Wawanakwa, but also around the world and even back at the abandoned film lot. The prize? One. Billion. Dollars. A giant expensive yacht pulled up to Camp Wawanakwa, covered in a fresh coat of snow. Chris McLean, the "host with the most" is the first person to step off the yacht. He stood on the beloved Dock of Shame, preparing to introduce the season's cast. It took him a while to track down everyone. Ezekiel, now human again, had slunk away to his farm, and Eva definitely did not want to be found. However, Chris being Chris, he managed to round up all thirty-eight old contestants, and even some new ones that would push all the veterans to their limits.

"Welcome to Total...Drama...Explosion!" Chris cheered with his hands in the air, "This season, Chef and I will be pushing our all-star Total Drama veterans to their limits, with two new players joining them!" Chris, wearing a large jacket, paused and shivered. "Yes, this time around we are starting in the winter! Whoever's bright idea that was," explained Chris. "Alright, let's meet our players, we'll be starting out with the beloved veterans."

The first contestants to step off the boat were the contestants who competed in not one, not two, but three seasons. Chris introduced them as they came down the ramp. "And here comes Owen, Heather, DJ."

The three all waved as their name was called.

"I see you brought the walking lard back," said Heather. She tried to push him out of the way but he farted and she passed out.

"Aw for real man? We haven't outgrown that yet?" asked DJ.

"Sorry," said Owen giggling.

"...Gwen, Bridgette, Leshawna, Harold, Duncan..."

The five also waved as their name was called.

Gwen whispered something to Bridgette and Leshawna, and the three laughed and shot a look at Chris. Chris looked at them warily then returned his attention to the yacht.

"...and finally Lindsay, Courtney and Izzy," said Chris, rounding out the all-star contestants, who also waved as they were introduced.

"Did you really have to bring Izzy back?" said Courtney. Izzy was playing with an earth worm she had found.

"It wouldn't be Total Drama without Izzy," said Owen. He looked at her dreamily but she ignored it, putting all her attention into the earth worm. Chris looked at her in disgust. 

"Unfortunately yes, yes we did," said Chris.

"Hey, be careful," said DJ. He ran over, grabbed the worm, and buried it back into the earth.

"No, Phil! Goodbye my friend," cried Izzy. Leshawna and Duncan rolled their eyes, and Lindsay looked on scared. Duncan turned around and grinned at Harold, who immediately cringed.

"What? Scared nerd boy?" asked Duncan.

"Uh, yes," said Harold.

"Hey you better watch it," said Leshawna.

"Oh, what are you going to do, fake cry? Or are you going to go violently beat someone up like in the Alps?" said Duncan. 

"You better watch your back," said Leshawna. She grabbed Harold and walked back over to Bridgette and Gwen. Gwen shot Duncan a look, but he just shrugged. 

Leshawna (CONF): Ok so you lie your way to a reward and throw a challenge to beat up one of the other competitors, so what? I've apologized. Can't a sista get a little slack 

"Alright, those are our veteran all-stars, next up are some more returning favorites who didn't get a chance at all three seasons, but...well just two...Noah, Geoff, Tyler, Justin, Beth, Trent, Cody, and Ezekiel!" The contestants stepped out as Chris said their names as the previous contestants had.

"I'm never signing another contract again," said Noah, with an exasperated tone.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to kick some butt!" said Beth. Tyler, Geoff, and Ezekiel cheered in agreement.

"I'm not, this show did nothing but harm my beautiful facial features," agreed Justin. 

"Oh, stop complaining," replied Gwen, "You only competed in two of these seasons, I was stuck in all three." Leshawna, Harold, Heather, Bridgette, and Duncan, who were all standing behind her, nodded in agreement.

"Whatever," said Justin, as Chris moved on to introducing the next group of contestants.

Justin (CONF): If these "all-stars" think they're all that then they have another thing coming

"Alright, next up are those who only got to compete in one season, so they have some experience under their belt, but compared to the others, not a lot. First, our Total Drama World Tour additions Alejandro, Sierra, and Blaineley!" said Chris. The three stepped off the boat. Sierra's hair had grown back, and Alejandro was no longer a robot. Blaineley was finally out of her full body cast.

"Wait, WHAT?" exclaimed Heather angrily. "Blaineley is back? Does she even count as a contestant? Not to mention she's got a good 50 years on all of us."

"Deal with it, sister," replied Blaineley with a smirk, "Not only am I competing this season, but I am in it to win it!" Heather turned her head away, her ponytail bobbing in Blaineley's face. "And I can't wait for the gossip."

"What? No hello for me?" said Alejandro.

"Weren't you, like, a robot?" asked Lindsay. Alejandro shivered and shot Chris a dirty look. He ignored it because Sierra knocked him over.

"Oh my god, I'm back, I can't believe it, Chris brought me back," said Sierra.

"He brought everyone back," said Noah.

"Whatever Noah," said Sierra, "eeh Cody!" She ran over and was about to pull him into a hug, until she remembered to tone down her crazy. In the meantime, Chris was glaring at Blaineley, still bitter about the remark she made about him back at her elimination in China.

"Well, next up are Katie, Sadie, and Eva!" exclaimed Chris. Katie and Sadie squealed as they ran down the ship's ramp and onto the dock.

"It's SO great to see everyone!" said Katie excitedly.

"So, so great!" followed Sadie.

"Man it's been a while since tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber were in the game," said Duncan.

"Hey, that's like, so mean," replied Katie.

"So, so mean!" followed Sadie. 

"Oh brother," said Duncan, rolling his eyes.

"But that's ok, because we are like, super excited to be back for another season!" replied Katie. The two began squealing.

"Finally, a chance to crush everyone," said Eva, pounding one fist into her other hand. She smirked at everyone as she walked over to join them. "I can't wait." She shot a look at Bridgette, who looked terrified.

Chris covered his ears as he began to announce the next contestants. "Alright these contestants also only have one season under their belt, they are our season four competitors! Anne Maria, Zoey, Dawn, Mike, B, Cameron, Sam, Dakota, Jo, Staci, Scott, Lightning and Brick!" said Chris. The thirteen Total Drama: Revenge of the Island contestants stepped off the yacht as Chris said their name, like all the previous contestants.

"Great, I get to do this... again." said Scott. "As if once wasn't enough." Scott had also recovered from his injuries in the previous season.

"Hey, at least we get to meet all the old cast!" exclaimed Zoey, excited.

"Yeah, woopity doo." replied Scott while rolling his eyes.

"Man, I miss when you were a robot and couldn't talk," replied a white-haired Lightning.

"Who asked you grandpa?" replied Scott. 

"Good luck not getting voted out first," said Zoey.

"Hey, we can probably leave that to scrawny over here," said Jo, pointing to Cameron.

"I'm sorry Jo but do you forget who won last season?" replied Cameron with a smirk. Jo just rolled her eyes. She looked over to Dakota and Sam who had begun kissing, and Jo made a gagging noise.

"Even though you're not a mutant anymore, I am still lucky to have a babe like you," said Sam. Dakota just giggled and the two kept making out.

"Seriously? Do you guys need to be doing that here?" asked Anne Maria. She was putting on hairspray, as per usual.

"Yeah cool it Bridgette and Geoff," said Jo. Some of the contestants chuckled but Bridgette and Geoff just looked embarrassed.

The contestants began walking to the cabin area before Chris interrupted them.

"Stop!" yelled Chris. "Hello, where do you all think you are going?"

"To put our stuff in the cabins?" asked Duncan, holding his bags.

"No. One, you don't even know your teams, and two, we haven't introduced all of the contestants." said Chris.

Harold stepped out in front of the crowd. "36… 37… 38..." Harold counted, "No, that's everyone."

"Thank you Harold, but there are new contestants this season," said Chris. There was a collective gasp throughout the contestants. "You guys ruined my dramatic surprise, per usual."

"Great, more newbies." said Heather sarcastically, "because thirty-eight competitors isn't enough for one season."

"Need I remind you that this is for one billion dollars?" replied Chris. 

"Eeh, Katie, we can make even more friends!" squealed Sadie. Katie squealed in response.

"Heather's right. There are already thirty-eight of us," said Bridgette, ignoring the squealing girls, "isn't that enough?"

"Hush!" said Chris. "First, we have the quiet Suki, who has silently slid through life until finally she stepped up to join you all for your last run," continued Chris. A gorgeous, medium-height asian girl walked off the ship. "Suki may be silent, but she has a few secrets up her sleeve, and I will leave those for you all to discover!" said Chris. Suki appeared among the other contestants without saying a word, startling many of them.

"Hi everyone." she said shyly, waving at all the contestants staring at her.

"Hi nice to meet you!" says Heather, with her "nice girl" face on. "It's nice to have another asian girl in the competition, looks like we'll be sticking together!" Leshawna pushed Heather out of the way.

"Yeah, you don't want to get in that business." said Leshawna, wrapping her arm around Suki.

"Yeah, I've seen Total Drama before, don't worry." said Suki, as she warily looked at all the players. The contestants looked nervous.

Duncan (CONF): These newbies have such an advantage. They've seen all of our past gameplay. They know our every move. Chris is just trying to make it as hard as he can and...I have to give him props

"Next up is our villain! That's right, he is not even trying to hide it a little bit. He is athletic, brilliant, and very persuading, Joe!" said Chris. Joe walked down the ramp, looking extremely confident. He did not say a word to any of the other players, as if he knew he is going to beat all of them and they did not deserve his words. Alejandro, Scott and Heather all immediately glared at Joe.

Alejandro (CONF): A self-proclaimed villain? *rolls eyes* Having to deal with Heather was enough in the third season, now not only do I have Heather, but also the new guy Scott, and now this guy? Ai, Ai, Ai.

Heather (CONF): Hmph, that guy thinks he is all that. He can bring it.

"Alright, so the teams will be determined simply." said Chris. "I chose them to keep things spicy!" The contestants groaned. "Alright, If I say your name please walk to the orange-y red mat on my left. Let's begin, Alejandro, B, Bridgette..."

Bridgette and Alejandro eyed each other as they walked towards the mat, and B just shrugged and followed them.

"I'm glad we get to be on the same team this time chica," said Alejandro, winking. Geoff grunted and turned away. 

"Oh please," said Bridgette, rolling her eyes, "maybe now you won't leave me stranded in the middle of the Yukon." 

"No promises," replied Alejandro.  

"...Cameron, Courtney, Dawn..."

Cameron walked over and high-fived B, while Courtney sized up Cameron and Dawn.

Courtney (CONF): These newbies don't stand a chance

Dawn walked up really close to Alejandro.

"Uh...can I help you?" asked Alejandro.

"I've just never seen an aura like yours before," said Dawn, calmly walking over to stand next to B and Cameron. Alejandro looked on scared.

"...DJ, Duncan, Gwen..."

DJ fist-pounded Duncan and Gwen, before running over and hugging Bridgette. Gwen and Duncan on the other hand, did not look pleased.

Gwen (CONF): Great, Duncan and Courtney

Duncan (CONF): Seriously? Now I'm on a team with Courtney?

"...Harold, Heather, Joe..."

Heather looked at Harold annoyed, then proceeded to size up Joe. 

Heather (CONF): Can there please be a season where I am not on a team with weird goth girl? On top of that I have new the guy Joe, Courtney and Harold, I swear if Leshawna is on this team...

"...Katie, Leshawna, Lightning..."

Heather (CONF):  *screams*

"Yeah, time for the Lightning to strike," said Lightning. He put a hand up for Leshawna to high-five.

"You're cute," said Leshawna, ignoring it. Katie chuckled at Leshawna's comment as Lightning blushed from embarrassment. 

"...Lindsay, Scott, Staci..."

Lindsay squealed and went over to hug Bridgette, DJ, and Leshawna. Their bad experience in World Tour brought the four together. Scott looked at Staci, who had begun blabbering about one of her relatives that "invented teams", and gave Chris an exasperated look.

"Why did you do this to me Chris?" said Scott. He went over to stand with the other Revenge of the Island contestants, and B, Cameron and Dawn were all glaring at him.

"and finally, Trent, and Zoey!"

Gwen (CONF): Seriously Chris? Putting me on a team with Duncan, Courtney AND Trent? I still love Duncan, but I don't know, and Trent and Duncan being together definitely is not helping! And Courtney being on our team is going to make things so much worse...and Heather, Joe, Alejandro and Scott... really... like, really...*blows hair out of her face* I have to admit though, we look stacked

The members of team one were all eying each other as they stood on the orange-y red mat. Heather, Alejandro, Joe and Scott couldn't stop exchanging glares. Duncan was eying Trent, who was busy giving Gwen the stink eye. Courtney in the mean time was still sizing up the new contestants.

Zoey (CONF): B-But what about Mike? That means "Vito" and Anne Maria are on the same team... this is horrible!

Geoff (CONF): *wailing* Bridgette! She is on team one with that jerk Alejandro, what am I going to do?

Leshawna (CONF): Honestly I like this team. Even though Heather, Duncan, Joe, Courtney and Scott are bad news, at least we have the power to vote them out. Besides bless the lord above for giving me Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ and Gwen. Bring it on, Chris!

"Which leaves our other losers, let's get started, Anne Maria, Beth, Blaineley...

Anne Maria gave Blaineley a look, as Beth looked longingly at Lindsay.

"I'll miss you Lindsay," said Beth.

"I'll like, totally miss you too," said Lindsay.

"Good luck with Heather," said Beth.

Anne Maria (CONF): Blaineley or Mildred or whatever has nothing on me, homegirl better watch her back

"...Brick, Cody, Dakota..."

"Yes sir," said Brick, as he walked towards the light blue mat. Cody and Dakota followed.

"Great this little twerp," said Blaineley, staring at Cody.

"I didn't even vote for you back in China, I voted for Sierra!" said Cody, causing Sierra to glare at him, "and regretted that too of course."

"...Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff..."

Eva walked up to Dakota and growled, scaring her. Geoff in the meantime still looked visibly upset he wasn't on a team with Bridgette. Cody put up a high-five, but Geoff walked right past it without noticing. Ezekiel ran excitedly over to his new team. He went to high-five Beth, which she returned half-heartedly. 

"...Izzy, Jo, Justin..."

Justin flipped his hair and looked at Dakota, who just looked away. Jo walked up right in Eva's face, smirked, and walked away, causing Eva to turn red with anger. Izzy laughed maniacally as she ran over and jumped on Brick's shoulders. 

"What's up guy?" said Izzy. Jo was not amused by Izzy's crazy antics, but Brick was enjoying Jo's jealousy. 

"...Mike, Noah, Owen..."

Noah eyed Cody as he walked over to the matt, and Izzy jumped from Brick to Owen as he walked over. Mike looked longingly at Zoey. 

Mike (CONF): Zoey...*sigh*

Jo (CONF): If Mike and Geoff are going to act like tween girls this whole game this is going to be a problem

"...Sam, Sadie, Sierra..."

"Eeh, Cody!" said Sierra, ignoring his comment from earlier. She ran over and scooped Cody into a big hug.

Sierra (CONF): Being on a team with Cody for two seasons?! I am one lucky girl...*swoons*

"No, no no no no no, I can't do this without Katie," said Sadie.

"Oh boy, here we go...," said Noah, rolling his eyes.

"Sadie, you can do this," said Katie. Duncan looked at Katie surprised.

"Wow, impressive individuality," said Duncan, "didn't see that one coming." 

Sadie, still upset but now slightly shocked, walked over to the light blue mat as Chris continued. 

"and finally, Suki and Tyler," said Chris.

The light blue mat held a lot of tension as well, as everyone was sizing each other up. Sam and Dakota were holding hands, and Tyler was chatting with Brick.

"Team one, I deem you, the Fiery Phoenixes!" said Chris, pointing at the orange mat. He then pointed to his right, where the contestants on the light blue mat stood. "You all are team two, or should I say, the Frozen Foxes!" Both teams didn't seem too upset with the team names.

Beth (CONF): Better than being called a Grip.

Anne Maria (CONF): or a Maggot.

Scott (CONF): or a Rat.

Heather (CONF): Does anyone even know what a Gaffer is?

"Alright, so your first challenge will be to get all the way to the top of the cliff!" began Chris. "That's right, it's the opposite of the very first challenge of Total Drama." The contestants groaned, starting what was to become the most intense season of Total Drama...ever.

To be continued in part two...

Chapter 2: Welcome Back to Wawanakwa- Part 2

"Last time on Total, Drama Explosion!" began Chris, "The forty contestants were reacquainted with their favorite place on the entire planet, Camp Wawanakwa! Our two new contestants already stirred up some drama with our favorite villains Alejandro and Heather, and two teams of twenty were formed, man we have a lot of players this time. These contestants need to be ready to bring it for the first challenge of many, if they want a chance to be the ultimate camper and come out on top in Total...Drama...Explosion!"

The first scene showed the giant cliff looming over the bunch of nervous contestants.

Bridgette (CONF): I can't believe Chris is making us climb up the cliff, I mean jumping off wasn't too bad, but climbing up?

Anne Maria (CONF): That's it, now that Chris raised the stakes I gots to get my head in the game! And if Red thinks she is going to swoop in and take my Vito, she has another thing coming. She thinks she "fixed" Mike *snickers* we'll see about that

"Alright teams you ready for your first challenge?" said Chris, earning some glares, "But a twist, like in the first challenge, you can choose not to take the climb and wear a chicken hat. Also, if you fall off the cliff and into the water you are out of the challenge! The team with the most successful climbers wins...oh and GO!" The contestants began sprinting towards the wall, well two of them did. Jo and Eva were determined to carry the Foxes all the way to the top.

"Can you Maggots get a move on?" yelled Jo at her team, as she began climbing the wall.

"Yeah, you don't want to make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry," followed up Eva. Jo shot a brief glare at Eva.

"I'm leading this team soldier, and don't you think for a second otherwise" replied Jo angrily.

"Hmm sorry I don't seem to see your captain's arm band butt-less" replied Eva.

"Guys stop fighting!" yelled Beth from below, beginning her climb. Others began slowly moving toward the cliff as well. Noah began slowly climbing up the cliff, however his lack of arm strength did not play in his favor. Heather and Gwen began climbing as well and were head to head with each other, angrily locking eyes the whole way.

Gwen (CONF): All I want is a season where I'm not on a team with Heather, is that too much to ask?

Noah saw how slowly his team was moving and got an idea.

"Hey, this would be easy for world class gymnast champion…" started Noah.

"Svetlana!!" replied Mike (Svetlana). Mike as Svetlana began bounding up the cliff.

Noah (CONF): I saw Cameron use that trick last season, gotta take what you can get

"Hey that's my thing!" said Cameron, also struggling with his climb. Joe was busy antagonizing the other Phoenixes. "Hello, why do I only see three teammates climbing? They have four already on their way up!" said Joe angrily.

"I don't see you climbing twinkle toes," replied Duncan.

"Ok look. I am not someone you want to mess with wannabe punk rocker," said Joe, "and having a face full of metal doesn't make you cool." Owen's mouth dropped and Courtney giggled. Promptly after this was said, Duncan lunged at him and tackled him to the ground. Duncan rose smirking, and began climbing up the cliff.

Joe (CONF): Hey whatever works. These losers think they know this game just because they have played before. Well I have gotten to watch the whole thing- they know nothing. One by one they will fall, and one by one I will get closer to claiming the prize that is rightfully mine.

In the meantime, Anne Maria decided to begin the climb, as did Bridgette. They began equal, but Bridgette quickly out-climbed Anne Maria. By this point, Jo and Eva had both reached the top. Heather and Gwen reached it right after they did.

"Take that foxes" cheered Heather, "look likes the phoenixes are going to fly right past you. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y." She turned and her and Gwen high-fived. 

"More like B-I-T-C…" started Jo.

"Hey none of that," said Beth, just reaching the top. Mike as Svetlana was not far behind. When Zoey saw Anne Maria climbing and Mike at the top, she was inspired to begin the climb as well.

Zoey (CONF): I do not want Ms. "Poof" up there alone with Vít- I mean Mike. I do believe Mike has gained control of the personalities...really I do! *nervous chuckle*

The rest of the contestants were still debating whether or not they wanted to climb, when the giant cockroach from back in the fourth season returned. This freaked out Leshawna and Lindsay, so Lindsay quickly jumped on Leshawna's back, and Leshawna began to climb frantically up the cliff. "Hello friend!" said Dawn, stroking the cockroach's head. It motioned for her to get on its’ back, and it began taking her up the cliff.

"Well that was odd," said Alejandro, beginning his climb. Courtney followed. Jo and Eva were hollering at the top of the cliff when they realized a lot more Phoenixes were climbing than Foxes. So far there were four Foxes at the top (Eva, Jo, Beth, and Mike) and two Phoenixes (Gwen and Heather). Bridgette, now far ahead of Anne Maria, was close to the top.

"Come on surfer girl, I don't see you rocking this challenge like you did in the first season" said Eva with a glare, "traitor." She then kicked a rock over the side of the cliff, causing Bridgette to lose her grip.

"Bridgette!" yelled Gwen, reaching down to try and grab her hand. She barely missed it and Bridgette fell into the water below, eliminating her from the challenge. Heather turned to Eva, who was being high-fived by Jo.

"Seriously psycho chick, you need to check into anger rehab soon before the crazy police come and catch you in one of those giant nets," said Heather. This prompted an angry Eva to charge at Heather, but when trying to punch her she accidentally hit Mike. This turned Mike into Vito, and with perfect timing, Anne Maria arrived at the top. Vito ripped off his shirt.

"Vito baby!" said Anne Maria.

Anne Maria (CONF): I'm so glad my Vito is back in the game! Mike may have gotten some control over those little characters of his, but Vito loves me too much to stay down *swoons*

"Well hello there," said Mike (Vito), flexing his muscles toward Anne Maria.

"With five Foxes, and only two Phoenixes done with the climb, odds aren't looking good for the Phoenixes," said Chris.

"Oh really now?" said Duncan, arriving at the top. Joe was right behind him. They both smirked at Jo and Eva who began fuming with anger.

"That thing was nasty," said Leshawna, with Lindsay on her back, "but you can't beat the Phoenixes. That's what I'm talking about!" She high-fived Gwen, Lindsay and Duncan as Dawn arrived on the giant cockroach. 

"Great, it followed us up here," said Leshawna, jumping into Duncan's arms. 

"Thanks friend," said Dawn, kissing the cockroach's head. The cockroach crawled away while Leshawna and Lindsay looked on in disgust.

"Too easy," said Alejandro, smirking.  

"How's it feel to be such an inferior team?" asked Courtney, arriving right after him.

"Yeah!" cheered Zoey, who was right behind Courtney, "I mean sorry." Now there were ten Phoenixes done with the climb as opposed to the Fox's six.

"Maybe I spoke too soon," said Chris, "the Phoenixes are now way ahead of the Foxes. Fun!"

"Almost...there" said Noah, breathing heavily. He then lost his grip slightly and began falling to the bottom, "Ahhhhhhhh!!!"

Noah (CONF): *soaking wet* Perfect

"Can you people hurry up. This challenge isn't over until everyone has either climbed to the top, fallen in the water or..." announced Chris, "walked over to the loser bench." He stepped to his right to reveal a bench with Chef's face on it. "This is now available for your sitting pleasure, should you want to give up, or should you fall into the water, like our friends Bridgette and Noah. Bridgette and Noah, both soaking wet, angrily walked over and sat down on the loser bench. Then Izzy, out of no where, began charging towards the cliff climbing and screaming. She bounded up the cliff and was up to the top in about a minute. The remaining contestants on the ground stood there gaping.

Scott (CONF): Alright well she has got to go

Cameron (CONF): Its's times like these where I miss my bubble *shivers*

"Now that Lightning has let the others have their shot, it's Lightning time. Sha-CLIMB!" said Lightning, as he began up the cliff. Others began slowly following him, as DJ, Katie, Sadie, Dakota, Trent, Tyler, Cody and Geoff also started their climb. The contestants standing at the top of the cliff were looking over nervously.

"None of you weaklings better give up," shouted Courtney from the top of the cliff.

"Woo! First place! Sha-LIGHTNING!" said Lightning cheering as he reached the top.

"Uh, I'm not good at math, but he got here after like sixteen people," said Lindsay, "I'm confused, how did he get first?"

"He didn't braniac" replied Gwen, "he just has an ego the size of Eva's thighs."

"Excuse me?" said Lightning, "Last time I checked creepy girl 2.0 we are on the same team!"

Lightning (CONF): The nerve of some people!

"Hmph, whatever" replied Gwen. Next to arrive at the top were DJ and Katie. DJ got to the top first, and just as Katie was climbing over the side, she slipped. DJ was the closest to her, so he dove and caught her hand. Sadie arrived right after the two, and also slipped, but DJ and Katie were too busy looking at each other to notice.

"T-Thanks DJ!" said Katie blushing.

Katie (CONF): *jumping up and down* Eeh DJ is so cute!

Sadie (CONF): *soaking wet* Great, just great

Sadie went over and sat next to Noah and Bridgette on the loser bench. Then, a scream was heard, as Tyler lost his grip and plunged into the water below.

"Seriously guys?" said Jo. Tyler walked over to the loser bench sadly. Soon, Dakota, Trent and Geoff all arrived at the top. Geoff ran over and hugged Bridgette, causing Trent to awkwardly look at Gwen. Cody was still struggling up the cliff, and was coming close to falling over the side. 

"I'm coming Cody," said Sierra, running towards the cliff and beginning to frantically climb up it. Unfortunately for the Foxes, while two were climbing, two others had given up, as Sam and Blaineley- now both donning chicken hats- had gone and taken a spot on the loser bench.

Sam (CONF): Er, climbing isn't exactly one of my strengths in life

"What are you doing?" said Eva, angrily growling at the two.

"Seriously Sam?" yelled Dakota from the top. Sam just shrugged. 

"You think I'm gonna be the first one voted off?" said Blaineley, "that's a joke. This climb isn't worth it." In the meantime, Ezekiel and Suki had also begun to climb up the cliff. Sierra had boosted Cody to the top. Despite her efforts, she didn't realize that by boosting Cody, she was no longer holding on to the side of the cliff, and started plummeting toward the water. She collided head on with Ezekiel, and both fell into the water below. By this point, Cameron had finally reached the top.

"Oh boy I did it," said Cameron, jumping excitedly.

"Good job Cam!" said Zoey, giving him a fist bump.

"How's losing?" mocked Courtney. She then looked down to see Staci sitting on the loser bench with a chicken hat on.

"Sorry guys, my great great great aunt twice removed died from a horrible cliff climbing accident," said Staci nervously. Courtney face palmed.

"Where is that big guy? What is his name? C?" asked Heather. She backed up to look for him and ended up colliding with him. Heather screamed.

"What the- when did you get here?" asked Gwen. B shrugged.

"Alright. who's left?" asked Courtney. Scott stood at the bottom of the cliff.

Scott (CONF): Ok, so I have a slight fear of the water here because of Fang, but I'm not letting those wimps know that

"Hey guys," said Scott, waving from below.

"Come on Scott, climb," said Zoey. 

"You can do it," said Dawn. Dawn's words encouraged Scott to take the climb. He began climbing up, as did Brick and Justin. All three managed to successfully make it to the top, ending the challenge. 

"And we're done!" yelled Chris through his bullhorn, "Looks like the Phoenixes flew above the Foxes in this challenge. Our winners are: the Fiery Phoenixes!" All the Phoenixes began cheering, including Bridgette and Staci from the loser bench below. "Foxes, I will be seeing you all at elimination!." Eva and Jo yelled in frustration.

"My team is absolutely useless!" cried Eva.

"Ha, I actually agree thunder thighs," said Jo.

The scene then switched to the contestants eating dinner in the mess hall, with the Frozen Foxes were discussing who to eliminate.

"I wish my great-great-great Uncle Martin was here," said Staci, with her tray in hand, "He invented elimination." She then walked over to sit with her fellow Phoenixes. The Foxes sat there trying to figure out what she had said, when Jo finally spoke up.

"Alright, I think we should eliminate that bag full of crazy Izzy, I mean, look at her" she said, pointing at Izzy. Izzy's tongue was wrapped around her head and she was laughing hysterically about it.

"No not Izzy!" intervened Owen, "She's so sweet and pretty and..."

He stopped as he realized the team was giving him weird looks.

"And she'd definitely be useful down the line in challenges," said Owen, nervously sweating.

"Team before relationships chubbo," replied Jo.

"Owen's right, Izzy made it up faster than any of us," said Beth, "we want to vote out the weakest link so our team is the strongest." 

"You know nerdette, that actually kind of makes sense, all in favor of voting out Ezekiel?" asked Blaineley. She raised her hand and Tyler and Sadie followed suit. Ezekiel spit out his food.

Blaineley Confessional.png

Blaineley (CONF): I got this game in the bag, these losers aren't going to know what hit them. World Tour was just a warm up, just to get a feel for the tension between the contestants

"Yeah, and like, Ezekiel is like really sexist" agreed Sadie.

"I don't know, I feel bad for the little dude," said Geoff, "I mean, he was a monster for a while because he was first voted out."

"Yeah, why me homie?" said Ezekiel, glaring at Blaineley.

Ezekiel (CONF): I can't believe they want to send me home first again. I mean have a heart, eh

"At least he actually tried to climb" said Jo, turning the heat toward Blaineley and Sam.

In a shy voice, Suki suddenly spoke up. "I agree on keeping a strong unit, we need the strongest, smartest and fastest."

Justin (CONF): I have a feeling this girl is not letting on how smart she is. I like that. I like that a lot.

"But I don't see how eliminating me will do that, eh? It was Sierra who knocked me over," said Ezekiel. Sierra growled at him, causing him to pull his hat over his face in "hiding". "Although we have to cut her some slack, she is a girl after all." Anne Maria started choking on her food and Eva was fuming.

"Not this again homeschool," said Eva.

"Yeah but it was Cody who almost fell off, which made Sierra lose her grip trying to save him," argued Jo.

"Woah woah woah, let's be rational here guys, a lot of people fell off the side," said Cody, "but Sam and Blaineley just gave up." The team broke out into a big argument as the camera panned to the Phoenix's table. They were laughing and having a good time, well most of them.

"Guys, we need to stay focused on the game" said Joe angry, "just because we won doesn't mean that no one should be talking strategy. We didn't come here for 'fun'."

"Well sugar, you should just be happy you are here for another two days." said Leshawna, "If you keep acting like this and we lose, your sorry butt is out of here."

"Loud and proud is right," replied Heather, "your days are numbered psycho." Joe looked annoyed and slunk away.

Joe (CONF): I am on a team full of idiots. Do they not realize this is a competition?...Oh well. They will soon enough *he shoots the camera a sinister grin*

Night fell on Wawanakwa and snow began gently falling. The fire lit the campfire grounds, and the Foxes were sitting there anxiously. The light of the fire exaggerated the fear the contestants had. Chris arrived with his plate full of marshmallows, the first of the season. "Welcome to the dreaded campfire ceremony. One of you will not survive tonight's elimination," began Chris, "and unlike previous seasons, the eliminated camper truly won't return to the game...ever." The contestants gasped.

"Tonight, I have nineteen marshmallows on this plate. These marshmallows once again represent your safety in this game. The first marshmallow of the entire season goes to...Sierra." said Chris.

"Eeh!" said Sierra, as Chris tossed her the marshmallow. She turned to Cody grinning and pointing at the marshmallow. Cody smiled in return. She then looked over at Ezekiel and stuck out her tongue, and he just rolled his eyes.

"The next three safe are Anne Maria, Mike/Vito/Whoever you are, and Geoff." said Chris.

"Awesome!" said Geoff happily, tossing his marshmallow into his mouth. Anne Maria hugged Mike causing him to look confused, but then smiled after realizing he was safe for another two days.

"Owen...Blaineley... Brick... Beth..." said Chris, "You four also may enjoy the pleasure that is safety."

"Woohoo!" said Owen, high fiving Blaineley and farting happily.

"Told you I wouldn't be the first one gone," said Blaineley, brushing herself off, "glad you losers know who's really valuable around here." Anne Maria rolled her eyes.

"Thank you all very kindly," said Brick, saluting his team.

"Also safe is newbie Suki!" said Chris. A smile formed on Suki's face as she silently caught the marshmallow.

"The following are also safe, Eva, Sadie, Sam, Dakota, Noah, Tyler, Cody, and Jo." said Chris. Eva and Jo both sighed in relief, and then quickly glared at each other. Sam hugged Dakota, who at first looked annoyed but then smiled. Sadie squealed and hugged her former teammate Geoff, Noah and Cody high-fived, and Tyler tried to join the high-five but missed and fell on his face. This caused Sadie and Dakota to chuckle at him. "You three all received votes, and the one that is avoiding the bottom two is Justin," said Chris. Justin looked angry as he caught his marshmallow.

Justin (CONF): I didn't see that coming but that's ok because whoever voted for me is so going down. Anyone who tries to harm the beautiful pays the price

"Only one of you is safe tonight," said Chris. Ezekiel and Izzy both looked extremely nervous. "The last marshmallow on this plate goes to…

































………….Izzy!" said Chris. Izzy began clapping as the marshmallow hit her in the face. Ezekiel hung his head sadly.

Ezekiel walking the Dock of Shame

"Sorry dude, you are out first….again…." said Chris.

"We will miss you!" said Sadie, waving.

"You are all a bunch of knobs, well at least I get to hang at that awesome resort, eh?" said Ezekiel. Chris nodded, and Ezekiel walked down the dock to the Boat of Losers. "I'm starting to think you bundle of chicken feet are just plan stupid."

Beth (CONF): Bundle of...chicken feet?

"To the rest of you- congratulations. You have not been voted out first in the final season," said Chris. The Foxes cheered. "But many more of you will experience the dock of shame. This season is going to be tough, so be ready." Chris started maniacally laughing, as the scene zoomed out of the campfire- ending the first episode of Total Drama's final season.

Chapter 3: Capture the Mascot

"Last time, on Total, Drama, Explosion!" began Chris, "Our favorite thirty-eight veterans were brought back along with two newbies, Joe and Suki, and were split into two teams, the Fiery Phoenixes, and the Frozen Foxes! Our contestants had a fun first challenge, well, fun for me to watch, in which the Phoenixes burned down the competition after the Foxes all got annoyed at Eva and Jo. Despite this, it was Ezekiel who got the boot for being deemed the least useful, despite the poor guy actually doing the challenge. This time around our contestants will be pitted against each other in an intense game of capture the masco- I mean flag. Who will win? Who will lose? Will Joe grow a heart? Find out right now on Total...Drama...Explosion!"

The contestants were sleeping soundly when Chris did his thing and blew the ever-popular wake up horn. In the Phoenixes cabin, the boys were not amused.

"Ah I'm so tired of Chris!" said Harold, yawning, "Don't you agree B?"

B nodded in return.

"I mean, it's so irritating, what did you think of him in your season?" followed up Harold.

B shrugged in response.

"Uh...Well what about the other contestants that you competed with?" said Harold.

B shrugged again.

"Alrighty then..." said Harold, backing away.

Harold (CONF): .....Uh?

Harold backed up into Duncan, who put his hand on his shoulder. "Aren't you glad were teammates again buddy?" said Duncan grinning.

"" replied Harold.

"Well you should be, I have a proposal" said Duncan, leading Harold out the cabin door.

Duncan (CONF): Do I like Harold? Meh, so-so, but an alliance is an alliance

Duncan and Harold pass by Scott and Joe, who were whispering about Duncan.

"He has got to go" said Scott. Joe nodded in agreement.

Joe (CONF): The key is to let Scott think he's in control, then blindside him. Easy.

Trent was strumming his guitar on the bed, and DJ and Cameron were listening. Alejandro was walking around trying to get some of the other guys to talk to him, but no one would.

"Come on, you have to believe I've changed," said Alejandro.

"Nope, Lightning ain't that stupid," said Lightning, "sha-liar."

Alejandro (CONF): I can't believe people are still mad about season three, I need to regain their trust if I want to go anywhere in this game

The scene shifted to the girls side of the cabin. Heather, Courtney, Leshawna, and Gwen were going at it.

"Oh no, no no no, I slapped you because you deserved it," said Leshawna, "you were gunning for my girl Gwen." 

"Oh, you mean Gwen the boyfriend stealer," replied Courtney.

"I cannot believe you are not over that," said Gwen.

"And I can't believe that I am stuck on a team with you people, again," said Heather. 

"Trust me, it won't be for long," replied Gwen.

Their squabble turned into background noise as the scene panned to Dawn, Zoey, Bridgette and Lindsay sitting on the bunk beds.

"Just ignore them, they'll get over it eventually," said Bridgette. She and Lindsay didn't seem phased by the fighting, but Zoey and Dawn looked a little scared. 

Dawn (CONF): There's so much negative energy in this cabin

In the meantime, Katie was outside with Staci, who was rambling about something.

"Yeah, and that's how my great-aunt twice-removed cured chicken pox," said Staci.

"I don't think chicken pox have been cured," said Katie, confused.

"Uh-huh, they have, and I would know, because my great-uncle three times removed created the internet, and it's all over it," said Staci. Katie just nodded and backed into the cabin as the scene shifted to the guys from the Fox cabin. Brick was doing push-ups, and Tyler attempted to join but struggled. His arms gave in and he collapsed on the floor, causing Geoff and Cody, who were watching, to laugh.

"Good try dude," said Geoff, offering him a hand up. 

"Yeah I meant to do that," said Tyler, taking his hand. The camera panned over to Noah and Owen who were sitting by the window.

"Isn't it great we're on the same team little buddy?" said Owen.

"Yeah, just great," said Noah, rolling his eyes. 

"Why do I get the feeling that wasn't sincere," said Owen. Sam and Mike were sitting on the bunk bed nearby.

"I just don't get why I lost control again," said Mike, "and not only that, I feel like there's something else coming, something way worse than even Vito." Sam just shrugged.

Sam (CONF): Not gonna lie, Mike's whole personality thing kind of scares me

In the girls side of the Fox cabin, Sierra was outside on the steps with Beth and Suki.

"It's clear that the other team has the advantage," said Sierra. Beth and Suki looked at her curiously.

"Think about it, Lightning, Cameron, Heather, Alejandro, Duncan, and Gwen were all finalists, and on top of that, Zoey, Courtney, Harold, Leshawna, DJ and Lindsay have all done well in almost every season they were in.

"But think about how much Team Victory stunk in World Tour, and they had a pretty good team," said Beth.

"Yeah but that's just because Team Amazon was more stacked, and Team Chris got lucky," said Sierra, "besides, Alejandro caused over half of their eliminations, and he's with them now. Trust me, I'm a certified Total Drama expert."

"So what do we do?" asked Suki, her voice still quiet.

"Well, still working on that," said Sierra, nervously chuckling. The three girls looked scared as Izzy came barreling out of the woods and ran past them screaming. The scene shifted into the girls side, where Blaineley, Anne Maria, Jo and Eva were in a face-off similar to the one in the Phoenix cabin. 

"Come on guys, why don't we just like, work this out," said Sadie.

"How can I come to an agreement with someone who can't come to an agreement with her own eyebrows," said Blaineley, who was up in Eva's face.

"You better watch it sister," said Eva. 

"Or what? You're gonna ugly us to death," said Jo.

"Woah woah woah, that doesn't mean much coming from you sweatsuit," said Anne Maria. 

"Come on guys, cool it," said Sadie, with a little more force in her voice. The four turned and looked at her.

Sadie (CONF): Wow I don't know what came over me, but it was kind of exhilarating

At breakfast, the contestants were eating when a giant bird swooped in through the ceiling and a fox came sprinting through the front doors. Both halted and turned to face the now open front doors. Chris walked in with a big grin on his face. "Hello contestants, It's time for today's challenge. Each of you will have to protect your own mascot, while attempting to capture the other team's! The island is divided in half. The side with the Dock of Shame, the cliff and the beach is Phoenix territory, the side with most of the woods and the cabins is Fox territory. If you get tagged in the other team's territory then you are out and cannot be saved! Hope you got all that.......go!" said Chris.

"Let's move!" said Jo, fox in hand and sprinting out the cabin. The Foxes were following her, and Sierra did not look amused at Jo's orders.

Sierra (CONF): Ok, Jo thinks she knows what she's doing but I'm the one who knows everything there is to know about Total Drama. She's not even a veteran

Sierra scooped Cody up over her shoulder. "There you go best friend, I wouldn't want you to have to run on those tiny legs of yours" she said. Cody looked embarrassed, and Noah chuckled, which was followed by a look of curiosity. 

Noah (CONF): How does Cody put up with Sierra? One more 'lol' and I'll 'kms'

"Let's hurry guys!" said Alejandro to his fellow Phoenixes. B had managed to secure the bird, and they began sprinting out towards the campfire grounds.

"Alright, I propose we split into offense and defense" said Courtney.

"Who gave you the crown your highness?" said Duncan, rolling his eyes.

"No Courtney is right," said Gwen, earning herself a glare.

Gwen (CONF): Ok, I try to support her and she looks at me like I just stole her firstborn child! What am I supposed to do?

"Gwen is being sincere" said Dawn, "Really, I can tell by her aura." Courtney looked confused.

"Uh...alright..." replied Courtney, " I was saying, offense and defense, we'll need some athletes for the offensive team so I say we have Bridgette, Katie, Heather, Lightning, DJ, Alejandro, Scott and myself filling those roles." The eight nodded in agreement.

"Gwen, you take charge of team defense with B, Cameron, Dawn, Duncan, Harold, Joe, Leshawna, Lindsay, Staci and Trent." said Courtney.

Gwen (CONF): She's giving me a position of power? Wow maybe we really are becoming friends again

Courtney (CONF): I only gave her that position so if she loses we can blame her and vote her off. It's all strategy.

Joe (CONF): *chuckles* I can't WAIT to watch goth girl fail and get the boot. But really whichever half fails that's an easy threat gone.

Back at the Foxes in the woods, Jo and Brick were leading the Foxes further into the woods.

"Were lost. Great work," said Noah, rolling his eyes.

"Look scrawny, just cause Man-lady and Brick house are leading us into the depths of the unknown, doesn't mean you have to be all negative," said Anne Maria, spraying her hair. Noah glared in return.

"Ok, let's just chill out" said Geoff, "We will split into teams. I will lead Sierra, Tyler, Mike, Beth, Eva, Dakota, Jo, and Brick on team offense."

Jo looked like she was about to say something in retaliation but a glance from Brick quickly killed it.

"And as much as I hate to say this, Blaineley, you lead Anne Maria, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Sam, Noah, Owen, Sadie, and Suki on defense," said Geoff.

"Fitting I'm made the leader, even if it is by party cowboy over here," said Blaineley.

"We have to focus on defense if we want to win this dudes! We can do this!" said Geoff. He rose a fist in the air and the fellow Foxes cheered, well all of them but Jo.

Jo (CONF): I am captain of this team, if happy-go-lucky thinks he can just charm that position away from me he's got another thing coming.

A montage followed of both offensive teams sneaking into the other team's territories. The camera then zoomed over to the Phoenix's offense. "Alright let's go" said Courtney, whispering to her teammates, "I think I see Sadie over there." Katie began to squeal but Lightning quickly put his hand over her mouth.

"Are you crazy girl?" said Lightning, "Don't you dare blow the challenge for us!"

Katie (CONF): Lightning is like, so right, I have to focus

Lightning (CONF): *face-palms*

On the offensive Foxes team, Geoff was slowly urging his team forward when they came to a split in the path. "Alright dudes, I say we go right to the campfire grounds, that's probably where they are," whispered Geoff.

"No, they are definitely left. The cliff is a much better defensive area than the campfire grounds" replied Jo with a hushed voice.

"Uh well I d-" began Geoff.

"Look muscles, I am captain of this team and I say we go left," said Jo, walking down the left path. The Foxes began following her.

Sierra (CONF): This is what I mean, I mean, I don't remember holding captain elections and if we did she would definitely NOT have won

"Is anyone else worried we haven't seen anyone yet?" said Cameron, biting his nails. The Phoenixes were sitting on the logs of the campfire ceremony and Dawn was holding the bird and petting it.

"I'm sure they are planning a sneak attack," said Harold.

"I have an idea, Why don't we form a circle around the bird all facing out? That way they can't get to it?" said Trent. They all began forming a circle around the bird.

"Good idea Trent!" said Gwen. Trent blushed and Duncan growled at him. Joe had an annoyed look on his face.

Joe (CONF): How am I supposed to take out goth chick with wanna-be pop sensation giving out good ideas? He's added to my list of people to keep an eye on

"So like, what do we do now?" said Lindsay.

"We just sit here and enjoy the breeze," said Trent cooly. The contestants faces slowly shifted from relaxation to paranoia.

Over at the Foxes camp, the defensive team was not getting along well.

"Look sister, Geoff left me in charge, ME! Not you! So keep your bad ideas and your hair spray to yourself," said Blaineley angrily to Anne Maria.

"It's not a bad idea grandma. Foxes enjoy fake tan, and some camouflage would help us win and protect Foxy D here," replied Anne Maria.

"I have an id-" began Suki, causing both Blaineley and Anne Maria to turn and growl at her, "Never mind."

"I don't see why you have to fight, I'm sure we will win this challenge," said Owen happily. This also caused Anne Maria and Blaineley to growl, but this time at him.

"EEEEEEEEH IT'S KATIE!" yelled Sadie, spotting Katie in the distance. This alarmed the fox and caused it to sprint out of Sam's hands and away from Sadie- which happened to be toward the Phoenixes.

"Go go go!" yelled Courtney, prompting the entire offensive team to sprint toward the fox.

"I got it!" said Bridgette, scooping up the Fox in her hands. They turned around and began to sprint away with the Foxes in hot pursuit. The Phoenixes were sprinting away, as Bridgette tripped and the Fox got free.

"Quick grab it!" yelled Heather.

Blaineley quickly came over and tagged Bridgette, eliminating her from the challenge. "That's revenge sister," said Blaineley.

"For what? For you sending me to Siberia where I nearly got crushed in an avalanche and mauled by a bear," replied Bridgette, but she was too late, as Blaineley had already begun sprinting after the other Phoenixes. She managed to also tag DJ and Scott.

"Crap," said Scott, kicking the dirt.

Scott (CONF): After my strategy last season I am so tired of losing. This is not what Pappy would have wanted. But I have a team full of threats so I guess I could still play this to my advantage...

Alejandro charmed the fox into jumping into his arms. Justin attempted to charm the fox back, and the two boys were trying their best to woo the fox- with Alejandro winning. Justin looked a combination of angry and offended.

Justin (CONF): What? This never happens! Me, lose in an attempt to woo a living creature, oh no

"Yes! Good work!" said Heather. He turned to look at her and she blushed. Justin snapped out of his rage and teamed up with Izzy to tag Courtney and Katie, as Alejandro and Heather sprinted away with the fox. They both arrived at the mess hall, fox in hand.

"And the winners are...the Fiery Phoenixes!!" said Chris.

"Crap!" said Blaineley, picking up a chair and throwing it into the wall.

Owen (CONF): And I thought Eva was the psycho angry chick. At least Blaineley likes me...well at least I think...*farts*

"I will see the Frozen Foxes at elimination!" said Chris, this time not only to the campers in the mess hall but also over the intercom.

At dinner, the Foxes are discussing who to eliminate.

"Err I think it has got to be Sadie, she cost us the challenge" said Sam.

"No, I know who it should be" said Sierra, "Her". She scowled and pointed at Jo.

"What? What did I do?" said Jo defensively.

"You lead the offensive team all the way up the cliff! And the Phoenixes were at the campfire grounds just like Geoff said." replied Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): She thinks she knows what she is doing, but she is going down!

The contestants sitting at the Foxes table looked split. Over at the Phoenixes table they are celebrating their victory.

"Thanks for leaving me in charge Courtney, that was actually...really cool of you." said Gwen with a smile.

"Uh...thanks!" said Courtney rubbing the back of her head, "any time!"

Courtney (CONF): Ok maybe I feel a little guilty, but goth girl deserves it for being a boyfriend stealer

"Did you know my great-great-great-great-great twice removed Uncle Eugene invented leadership? Uh-huh, before him, everyone just scrambled around everywhere going AHH" said Staci, throwing her hands in the air. This caused all the Phoenixes to laugh and temporarily broke the tension that was hanging over their team.

"What's so funny?" said Staci confused. This caused all the Phoenixes to stop laughing and look at Staci confused.

Lightning (CONF): Sha-Crazy!

Zoey looked down as the others began talking.

"What's wrong Zoey," said Dawn in her sweet voice.

"I just, I want to make more friends, but I can't stop worrying about Mike and Anne Maria being on a team together." said Zoey.

"I'm sure Mike will keep Vito contained," said Dawn.

"Yeah!" said an eavesdropping Cameron, "Mike likes you a lot Zoey, you don't have to worry."

"Thanks guys," said Zoey with a faint smile. At the elimination ceremony, all the Foxes were looking nervous as ever. The contestants were shivering in the cold of the night and all of them were covered in a combination of snow and dirt from the trudge to the elimination grounds.

"Alright, time for the results!" began Chris, "You have all voted and one of you will be taking the dock of shame and will never come compete in a Total Drama game ever again...ever." The contestants looked around at each other worried. Owen put his arm around Izzy for comfort, and she looked hesitant at first but put her arm around him as well.

"And the first marshmallow of the night goes to...Geoff." said Chris. Geoff happily caught his marshmallow.

"Alright!" said Geoff, fist in the air. Jo just rolled her eyes.

"The next one goes to Suki," said Chris, tossing her a marshmallow.

Suki blushed and nodded gratefully. She began nibbling on her marshmallow as Chris continued.

"The next safe are, Izzy, Beth, Anne Maria, Mike, Tyler, Owen, Cody and Noah!" said Chris. He tossed out marshmallows to all of them, and all but Noah caught theirs. They all cheered happily.

"Wooohooooo!" said Izzy, "Three more days of Izzy-time!"

Izzy got up and hugged Owen, causing him to smile with glee, extending his arm to include Beth, who smiled, and Anne Maria, who groaned, into the hug as well. Noah glanced over at Cody with a smile and Cody smiled in return.

"A place at the table!" said Tyler, putting his arms around Noah and Cody happily.

"Alright, and now marshmallows for Brick, Justin, Blaineley, and Sam" said Chris.

"Woo, level up!" yelled Sam.

"Affirmative," said Brick with a smile. Right after Justin caught his marshmallow he glared at Sadie. In the meantime, Blaineley was glaring at Jo.

"The next two safe are Dakota and Eva," said Chris, tossing them their marshmallows.

"You all are lucky!" said Eva angrily.

"Yay!" cheered Dakota.

"And the person escaping the bottom two is...Sierra!" said Chris, tossing her a marshmallow.

"Smiley face!" said Sierra, catching her marshmallow.

"Jo. Sadie. One of you two is going to be eliminated," said Chris. Jo looked like she was about to boil over and Sadie was profusely sweating and crossing her fingers.

"The person who is receiving this last marshmallow, and is safe for another three days is...
























......................................Jo!" said Chris. Jo calmed down and caught her marshmallow. Sadie teared up, then bolted down the dock of shame without saying a word. She ran straight onto the boat and began crying as it pulled away. Some of the contestants hung their heads. 

"Good thing you guys didn't eliminate me, or some heads would have rolled," said Jo.

"Yeah, yours, right down the dock of shame," said Eva.

"Will Jo ever forgive her team? Will we ever find out Suki's secret? Will Joe end up ruling the island? Will Anne Maria ever let go of her hair spray? These questions answered and more next time on Total...Drama...Revenge of the Island!" said Chris

Chapter 4: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion!" began Chris, "The contestants competed in a capture the flag challenge, but instead of flags they used deadly animals, courtesy of moi. Fun right? Both Jo and Joe seem to be butting heads with everyone, and although Gwen is trying to bury the hatchet with Courtney, Courtney still holds a grudge against her for stealing her boyfriend. In the end, Sadie cost the team the challenge after her excitement to see Katie for the one hundred millionth time caused their mascot to run away, which lead her to being the second voted off the final season of Total Drama. This time, the contestants will be pushed to their limits in another fear challenge. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out right here, right now on Total...Drama...Explosion!!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up with all of the contestants sitting around the fire after the previous night's elimination. Katie was bawling into Leshawna's arms, and the other contestants were talking about their memories from the past seasons.

"I can't believe you ate all that crap, it looked horrible," said Zoey. She was referring to Sierra dominating the food challenge back in China during the third season.

"Yes, that was so gross," said Anne Marie, making a gagging sound.

"Or remember that time Chef ran that psychotic boot camp and made us do a Thriller dance," said Gwen, causing Trent, Leshawna, and even Courtney to chuckle. Courtney quickly cleared her throat, trying to divert attention away from the chuckle.

"Oh yeah that was hilarious," said Bridgette, "and someone got thrown into a fish house."

"Hey, it was pretty nice in there," said Duncan, laughing himself.

"At least you didn't mutate into a giant freakish monster," said Dakota, causing some of the contestants to laugh. Dakota turned red, but enjoyed the attention.  

"That was hot," said Sam, sounding a little bummed that Dakota was back to normal. He got less bummed when Dakota pulled him in for a kiss. He turned bright red and smiled. Bridgette, who was sitting on the ground between Geoff's legs, just snickered.

Bridgette (CONF): I remember Geoff and I's first season competing together *flashes back to Geoff making that crappy piece of artwork, and then Bridgette pulling it out of her pants after being voted off* I'm kind of glad to be back

"So you never talk?" said Harold, still bothered by the fact that B remained silent. B just nodded in response. Harold proceeded to poke him a few times. B still remained perfectly calm.

Harold (CONF): If I was as smart as B which, let's face it, I'm pretty close, I would never stop spouting what I was thinking to people

"He's just shy," said Dawn, putting her arm around him.

"That's gross," said Owen, as Izzy was wrapping her tongue around her head again, "but...honestly a little bit hot." Anne Maria and Jo gag.

"That's crazy because my great uncle Fanny actually invented tongues," said Staci. She showed her tongue and tried to continue speaking but couldn't.  

Owen (CONF): Honestly where does Chris find these people *farts loudly* Ah, there we go  

"Um what?" said Gwen, watching on in disgust, "and ew." She was holding Duncan's hand, much to Trent's chagrin. Courtney couldn't help but notice as well.  The contestants returned to chatting when Chris slowly snuck up to the fire and blew his beloved air horn. The contestants screamed and grabbed a hold of each other.

"Ok Leshawna is starting to get sick of this airhorn crap," said Leshawna.

"I agree with home-girl gone horrid," said Heather, earning a glare from Leshawna.

"You know, what happened to us being friends?" asked Leshawna.

"Do friends jump off of platforms and sacrifice challenges just to beat the living crap out of each other? No, didn't think so," said Heather, remembering their time back in the Alps.

"Quiet you," said Chris, "So you all are familiar with the show not as popular as ours, Fear Factor, correct?" Most of the contestants nodded.

"Well basically, you are going to have to face your fears again...but you thought the first time was bad." said Chris, "this time, you will be facing them at night."

"Ooh," said Duncan sarcastically, causing Gwen to laugh.

"Ha, good thing I got over my fear of flying right guys?" said Owen, laughing nervously.

"Oh, just you wait." said Chris, "And without further ado, let's get started. We will take this a couple at a time, first up on our list...our buddy Owen!" Owen looked extremely nervous.

"Your challenge is that you aren't allowed to eat...for the rest of the night," Chris said. He let out an evil chuckle.

"I'm sorry what?" asked Owen, "No eating? B-but how is that even possible? Did you missed what happened back in Season 2?"

"No, it was hilarious, but you are going to have to survive. You will be watched the whole challenge by Chef, and if you eat one thing, you are out of the challenge." said Chris, "moving on, Cameron, you have a very special date with Izzy, the giant spider."

Izzy began clapping her hands happily, and Cameron looked terrified.

Cameron (CONF): I honestly don't know what's worse, that horrible spider costume or...Izzy *chills go down his spine*

"And Trent, you enjoy mimes? What about not one, but seven mimes copying your every move? And their make-up is water-resistant. All you have to do is stay at the party for ten minutes," said Chris.

Trent (CONF): Crap

Trent was lead into a cabin full of mimes. "You have ten minutes to do this bro, don't mess up!" yelled Chris as he walked out the door. The rest of the contestants looked worried, since the first three fear challenges were so harsh.

"Alright next up on my list is...Bridgette! I'm pretty sure you have a date with the woods. Again. You have to stay in there for six hours, got it?" asked Chris. Bridgette nodded.

"What? How is that any harder?" said Eva.

"Why is this harder you ask? Well two reasons, one it is in the middle of the night, and two the island still maintains some of its' radioactive charm, so survival chances are slim" said Chris, "So Bridgette, have fun!"

"Uhh Awesome!" said Bridgette nervously.

Bridgette (CONF): I am so terrified. Chris is such a jerk

Bridgette started to walk into the woods. She froze as she was about to enter and turned around. She shot Geoff a look of worry, which he returned with a look of pity. The two smiled at each other and Bridgette turned back around and disappeared among the trees.

"Well we have four challenges in the works. This is fun right?" said Chris, "So this time, we won't give Courtney all the pressure, she will get to go now like everyone else!"

"Oh...great!" said Courtney, with fake enthusiasm.

"So you have a hot tub full of green jelly waiting for you, oh and warning, some of the green jelly mutated so there might be a green jelly mutant in there," said Chris. He lead the remaining contestants to a giant pool of green jelly. "Here is your stop!" said Chris.

Courtney looked horrified, when Alejandro came up and put a hand on her shoulder.

"You can do it chica, you are much stronger than a gelatinous desert." said Alejandro. Courtney smiled and slowly slipped into the hot tub.

"My great-great Aunt Matilda invented green jelly," said Staci.

"You have ten minutes, starting now!" said Chris, ignoring Staci's interruption.

Alejandro (CONF): Ideally we won't lose another challenge until the merge, or at least until I rebuild my social game. I couldn't let Courtney cause us a loss and then be sent home; I need my allies. And I also love to see Heather's reactions to when I flirt with Courtney

Heather (CONF): What? I thought Alejandro's little "fling" with Courtney was over? Not that I care...but like...*groans in frustration*

"Alright, we currently have five challenges going. Think that's enough for now?" asked Chris. The contestants all nodded their heads yes. "Good, I didn't think so either!" said Chris. He pulled out his clipboard and went down the list.

"Alright, next up is...Eva! Your challenge? You must be followed around by paparazzi without going crazy and attacking them," said Chris. Eva turned red with anger. "...for the rest of the challenge."

Eva (CONF): Ok, so I wasn't scared about the challenge until now, I mean what do I have to fear but maybe my anger goes a bit too far sometimes

A horde of paparazzi appeared and chased Eva off into the distance. She was screamed as she disappeared into the dark of night.

"Where are my paparazzi?" asked Dakota, "After my poor treatment from last season I should at least get some of the action! If you don't remember I was a monster, a real Godzilla-esque monster, and it took forever for that to wear off!"

"Actually Dakota, that brings me to your challenge. You must stay isolated in a cabin for five hours, with no interaction with anyone. No paparazzi, not even other contestants." said Chris smiling evilly, "it won't even be aired."

Dakota (CONF): Nooooooooooooooo

Some of the competitors started to struggle with their challenges, as Trent ran out of the cabin screaming, followed by Courtney, who climbed out of the pool twitching and covered in green jelly. The two were panting with their hands on their knees when Chris walked up.

"Disappointing, thought you two would do better. That is zero out of two for the Phoenixes!" said Chris. Courtney growled and Trent looked disappointed.

"Come back here," yelled Eva. She was running toward the contestants chasing the terrified horde of paparazzi with a giant log swung above her head like a Roman gladiator. The contestants all stared at her with fear-filled eyes.

"Alright then, looks like Eva loses too!" said Chris.

"What? No way!" said Eva.

"Well you are attacking the paparazzi...with a giant yeah..."said Chris. Eva glared at him and walked over to the "loser" bench, with a soaked Courtney and trembling Trent.

"Alright that's three losers so far...and we've only started seven challenges...disappointed." said Chris, "Let's see how Cameron's date is going." The scene shifted over to the Mess Hall, where Cameron and Izzy were chatting away about spiders. It turns out that was a common interest between the two.

"Oh my gosh I know!" said Izzy, "Tarantulas are soo overrated."

"I agree!" said Cameron, "Ever since you got me over my fear of spiders, I learned to love them, but tarantulas are way more hyped then they should be."

"Alright, well looks like point for the Phoenixes!" said Chris. The Phoenixes still standing with Chris cheered as Cameron went over to sit on the winner bench. 

"While Bridgette chills in the woods, Owen starves, and Dakota experiences the horrors of loneliness, let's get this show on the road. Brick, if you can make it ten minutes in the pitch black of night, all alone, completely by yourself, you will get a point for the Foxes, understood?" said Chris. Brick gulped and saluted at him.

"Yes sir!" he said, walking into the woods.

Brick (CONF): Dark? Seriously? Again? *a sprinkling noise is heard*

"And also let's take a shot at one of our newbies," said Chris, turning over to look at Suki and Joe. "Suki, your biggest fear? Being put on the spot. So why don't you give us a little speech about someone on the island? Anyone of your choosing and...go!"

"" started Suki, turning bright red, "so Chris McLean, he is fantastic and effervescent and the best host reality TV could ask for. His brilliance shines through the challenges and his magnanimous attitude lifts the melancholy spirit of the island."

The rest of the cast looked at her gaping.

Noah (CONF): Ok, Suki used some words that even I don't know

Joe (CONF): So new girl can speak. She's intelligent too. Looks like she is added to my list

The Foxes started cheering and high-fiving Suki while Chris wiped a tear from his eye. She walked over and sat next to Cameron on the winner bench.

"That was impressive vocabulary," said Cameron, raising his hand up for a high-five. Suki blushed and returned it. 

"That was brilliant, really, fantastic," said Chris, "I mean you weren't as scared as I thought you would be, but hey, you rocked it. Point Foxes!" While Chris pondered the next challenge, the scene shifted to Bridgette sitting alone in the woods.

"Come on Bridge, you got this, the only reason you failed the first time was Cody," she said, trying to reassure herself. She heard a growl behind her and turned around. A mutated bear with three eyes and spikes growing out of it's back was suddenly staring down at her.

"...alright, slow and steady Bridgette. I just need to stay calm and-" she began, before the bear started growling, "ahhh!" Bridgette began sprinting toward the cabins, knocking Brick over in the process causing him to scream as well.

He screamed even louder when he saw the mutant bear, and the two ran out of the woods, where Chris was looking over his clipboard.

"I was wondering how that was going," said Chris, "Bridgette, Brick, you both fail." Brick walked over to sit with Eva on the loser bench, while the shaken-up Bridgette went to join Courtney and Trent. In the meantime, Dakota and Owen weren't doing any better.

The camera showed the outside of the cabin Dakota was in, given she had no cameras in her total isolation. "Why me!" she said, "I don't deserve this loneliness. How are my fans going to appreciate my brilliance without being able to see me?" She pulled out her favorite strawberry-scented perfume and spritzed it on. The scent was so strong it could be visibly seen seeping out the window.

"I-is that strawberry?" said Owen to himself from outside the cabin, the worn out, starving boy slowly made his way up the stairs to the front door door, and before Dakota could stop him he busted it down.

"Damn it Owen! All that alone time for nothing," said Dakota angrily, "Owen!" But Owen couldn't hear her, he had gone into his "hunger hulk" phase. He barged back out the door and toward the mess hall, where he began eating everything in sight.

"Wow, you people are pathetic," said Chris, "looks like Dakota and Owen also both lose." Four interns drag Owen over to the bench, and Dakota walks over as well. "So far only Cameron and Suki have scored points. Next on my list of rejects is Lindsay, and I believe you have a makeover waiting." He gestured over to Chef who was standing there with a pair of scissors and an evil smirk. Lindsay began backing away but Heather pushed her forward.

"Come on Lindsiot, take one for the team," said Heather angrily. Chef took a step towards her and she bolted for the woods.

"Alrighty then, no point there, next up is Scott, who needs to face his fear, Fang." said Chris. Lindsay returned and sat next to Bridgette on the loser bench as Scott started to shiver. He went pale at the sound of the name, but then collected himself and stepped forward.

"You just have to hug him," said Chris. Fang stood there, teeth bared, with an evil look on his face.

Scott stepped forward, but Fang made a growl and Scott turned around and made a run for it. He hopped onto the loser bench and hid behind Eva and Brick.

"I'm just going to sit here for a little bit," said Scott.

"Looking pretty manly dude," said Chris, "moving on, we're going to have Beth's challenge. You have to wear braces again for ten minutes."

"No way, I already left loserville Chris, and scored myself a hunk for it," said Beth.

"Come on girl, looks don't matter," said Anne Maria. The other contestants laughed as she pulled out hair spray and began doing her hair.

"Funny you say that Anne Maria, because your challenge is this," said Chris as he threw mud at her hair. Chef quickly ran over and snatched her hairspray. Her hair slowly began to lose it's mold, causing Anne Maria to hyperventilate.

"Give me that back you jerk," said Anne Maria.

"Oh you can have it back," said Chris, "it'll just cost your team the point." He motioned to Chef, who put the hair spray down on the ground. "All you have to do is not pick it up until Zoey and Mike complete their challenges."

"Oh no," said Zoey. Suddenly, Chris's phone began to ring. 

"Excuse me? What do you mean there is no time to finish the challenge? So what if it's just 22 minutes? Mmhm. Fine" said Chris. "Well that was the producers, apparently I don't have enough time to scare the living crap out of all of you so...the Frozen Foxes win!" he said.

"What?" said Courtney angrily, "but we are tied 1-1!"

"Yes, that you are, but you, Scott, Lindsay, Trent and Bridgette all didn't complete their challenges. For the other team, the only ones to fail were Eva, Brick, Dakota and Owen." said Chris.

"That's because we had more challenges!" said Courtney, "besides, what about Anne Maria and Beth?"

"Well technically neither of them failed their challenge," said Chris, "have fun at your first elimination!" The Foxes cheered as the scene cut to the dining hall. At dinner, the Phoenixes were all discussing who to eliminate. Well, more like listening to Lightning rant.

"...and just when Lightning thought Lightning was not on a team of losers," said Lightning.

"Oh shut up, you didn't even have to try and face your fear," said Courtney, pulling a glob of jelly out of her ear.

"That's cause Lightning is scared of nothing!" said Lightning confidently.

"That's not what your aura says," said Dawn, appearing next to Lightning.

Lightning (CONF): Ok maybe I'm scared of Dawn. Sha-creepy

"I say we eliminate Scott," said Zoey, "no offense but you are kind of mean."

"I didn't see you competing in today's challenge little miss perfect," retorted Scott angrily.

"How is that my fault?" said Zoey. 

"Fine, who do you think should be eliminated then," asked Leshawna. Scott began surveying the Phoenix table. 

"Obvious choice, a big threat that can be done without, B," said Scott.This prompted B to spit out his food.

B (CONF): *angrily shakes head*

"No!" said Dawn, sticking up for her friend, "you are the traitor, the liar, it should be you who goes. Alejandro, Joe, and Heather are enough, we don't need any more negative aura on this island." Dawn and Scott locked in a glare.

"Guys, we don't want to begin a losing streak," said Bridgette, "and if we fight like this then we will."

"Bridgette has a good point," said Gwen, putting her hand on her shoulder.

"No, I think Bridgette has a good point," said Courtney, putting her hand on Bridgette's other shoulder. The two also locked in a glare, with Bridgette stuck in the middle. She sighed as Staci began to ramble off. 

"My great-great Uncle Marshall invented glaring. Before that, if you were mad at someone you had to just punch them in the face. How do you think boxing was invented?" said Staci matter-of-factly.

Scott (CONF): Alright, I need to save my butt, and clearly B wasn't the route to go

"Staci, your lies are getting really irritating," said Scott.

"Lies?" said Staci, looking confused.

"You can't think that we believe all of what you say is true," said Trent. Scott smirked at his result. In the meantime, Leshawna pulled Bridgette, Gwen and Lindsay aside.

"Look y'all, whatever we do we have to make sure it's a new contestant who goes, they need to know who's in charge around here," said Leshawna. The three girls nodded in agreement.

"But do we go with B or Staci?" asked Gwen, "I vote Staci because she's very annoying."

"But like, B could definitely pose a threat later in the game, like he's very smart," said Lindsay. The other three seemed surprised by Lindsay's somewhat smart comment. 

Leshawna (CONF): My girl Lindsay doesn't get enough credit, I mean she's a pretty strong competitor 

At the elimination ceremony, the Phoenixes sat there nervously, particularly Staci and B. Dawn was still glaring at Scott, and Duncan and Gwen were holding hands prompting Courtney to try and unsuccesfully cuddle up with Trent, who just looked confused. This earned her a smirk from Gwen. Bridgette shook her head in disappointment.

"Alright Phoenixes, your first loss. Let's see who is the first person you send to Playa Des Losers! The first marshmallow of the evening goes to Lindsay!" said Chris. Lindsay stood up, walked over to the campfire pit and grabbed her marshmallow.

"Eeh!" she said, as she went to stand beside Chris, "This is so great."

"The next safe are Katie, Trent, and Harold!" said Chris.

"To no surprise," said Harold. Katie and Trent high-fived, and Harold came up and attempted to join the high-five but was too late, causing him to fall over. The three went and joined Lindsay next to Chris. 

"DJ! You are also safe buddy, as are Cameron, Alejandro and Zoey." said Chris. Zoey hugged Cameron and both went to receive their marshmallows, as did DJ and Alejandro. DJ hugged Katie, which earned a thumbs-up from Duncan. 

"Next are Dawn, Duncan, Heather, Leshawna, Gwen and Lightning." said Chris. The six cheered as they walked up to get their marshmallow. Duncan grabbed Gwen's hand and Leshawna came over and hugged Harold. Lightning joined the hug, causing Harold and Leshawna to give him a confused look. Heather just smirked. Scott looked upset as he saw Dawn cheering with the other safe contestants.

"Bridgette, Courtney, and Joe." said Chris. 

"Alright Bridgette," said Courtney, loud enough so Gwen could hear. She gave Bridgette a high-five and the two walked up together. Joe on the other hand, looked upset. 

Joe (CONF): No one better have voted me, if they did they are going down

Cameron (CONF): I hope Joe doesn't realize I voted for him. He is meaner than Jo and Scott put together! I would never let him in my bubble

"Now you three all racked up a lot of votes," said Chris to Staci, B, and Scott, "and one of you is going home tonight. But that person is not.............Scott." Scott let out a sigh of relief, and he smirked at Dawn as he walked up to get his marshmallow.

"Staci, B, I hate to inform you that one of you will be eliminated tonight," said Chris, "and the final marshmallow of the evening goes to...


































.................Staci!" said Chris. Staci smiled and went up to get her marshmallow. "B, sorry bud but your butt has been booted," said Chris. B frowned and walked to the dock of shame.

"Bye bye Beverly" said Scott, waving.

Scott (CONF): Even I didn't see that coming. It must have been due to Heather or Joe. But if those two think they can out-villain me they are wrong, because you think I was bad last year? That was nothing, this time I am showing them whose really boss. Chris thinks he can just bully me with Fang? Well he has got another thing coming, everyone does

Chapter 5: Return of the Film Lot

"Last time on Total...Drama...Explosion!" began Chris, "Thirty-eight competitors were still around for our phobia challenge. We had some success, but lots of hilarious failures. In the end, the producers wanted me to end the challenge due to each episode having to be a 'certain length', so the Frozen Foxes were deemed the winners...finally! The Phoenixes had to boot someone, and although it looked like Staci was going to be the first off her team again, it was Beverly who ended up being the third loser in our final season. This time, a whole new twist will be introduced, adding to the epic-ness that makes this the best season, ever! Stay tuned, on Total...Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song Plays

"Why are we on this nasty bus?" asked Dakota, finding a sweaty sock attached to her back.

"That is the question," said Heather. She made a grossed out face at the sight of the sock.

"I think it's obvious. He's going to take us downtown to an abandoned warehouse and just kill us," said Izzy, "Like in Murder-House Four, when the psychotic reality show host tricked the contestants into following him to the beach before they were viciously murdered one by one." She began chuckling. "Ahh good movie."

"Uh huh, my great-great grandfather invented warehouses, before that people just had to store things in the woods." said Staci.

"No way! But yeah, I saw in my horoscope something bad would happen today," said Izzy, pulling a finger across her throat and making a cutting noise.

Courtney (CONF): Alright, I see why compulsive liar chick was voted out first last time. How did Izzy make it so far in the first season? I'm starting to wish the plane had finished the job back in season three

"Well if Chris has any surprises, he is going to have to deal with me personally," said Duncan. Bridgette pointed out in the distance that she saw something familiar. It was the abandoned film lot.

Bridgette spotting the film lot.

Joe (CONF): Things just got interesting

The bus pulled up and standing there was none other than Chris McLean.

"Welcome contestants!" said Chris.

"Are we switching sets?" asked Suki in a quiet voice.

"Well Ms. 'shy'," said Chris, putting air quotes around shy, "Yes and no. This season, we will be rotating. To get the best of all the seasons, every three challenges we will switch locations. That means..."

"Three on the island, three at the abandoned film lot, and three around the world!" said Beth.

"Correct!" said Chris, "But interrupt me again and a certain nerd will not be making it to the first travel phase! As I was saying, every three challenges, we will change the theme and the cycle will go on. Island, Film Lot, Jumbo Jet, Island, Film Lot, etc..."

"Wow, so innovative," said Noah sarcastically. He rolled his eyes as Chris glared at him.

Justin (CONF): I don't want to be back here! This cursed place almost wrecked my looks. It was so bad I was almost...*gulps*...ugly

Bridgette (CONF): Being back here makes me appreciate the fact that Geoff and I are on different teams. Even if I miss being in his arms and cuddling up to- focus Bridgette, focus

"Our first movie genre will be...adventure flicks! Think Oklahoma Jones," said Chris. He tossed swords to all the contestants and lead them to the a giant mountain set.

"How did we not notice this before?" said Harold.

"This looks just like the mountain course in Mario Kart Swii!!" said Sam.

"I love that game!" said Harold, high-fiving Sam.

"You know, it's nice to have a second nerd around, that way I can diversify my bullying." said Duncan, pulling down Sam's pants and then wrapping him to Harold with Harold's num-yos. Chris ignored the two and continued. 

"Alright, so your guys goal is to get to the treasure somewhere deep insid- I mean on the mountain. There will be lots of obstacles along the way so don't expect this to be easy." said Chris.

"Is it ever?" asked Leshawna.

"What's with the swords?" said Duncan.

"Oh you'll see," said Chris. He laughed his signature 'you don't know what's in store for you' laugh.

"My great-great-great-great-great uncle twice removed invented seeing, before that, people just bumped into each other all the time and went like this," said Staci, sticking out her arms and waddling around.

Sierra (CONF): Ok, so maybe I am not a fan of all the Total Drama contestants...

"And...go!" said Chris. The contestants all ran towards the mountain set and began their trek up. The path quickly came to a split.

"Come on team, we are going left," said Joe.

"Who put you in charge?" asked Zoey defensively.

"Listen Red, you guys need someone who can keep you organized. Courtney, Heather and Ale-whatever are not what this team needs, it needs someone with a brain who is willing to make the tough decisions," said Joe. This prompted a wave of glares and rolled eyes from the team.

The Frozen Foxes decided to go down the right path and charged past the arguing Phoenixes.

"Guys, I think we should like, go right. I mean remember what happened in the Amazon? If they are wrong at least we're both wrong," said Katie.

"Who knew you actually had a brain!" said Joe, "I always assumed that Sadie possessed that part, and while your logic makes sense we are going left, because they are ahead and we need to take a risk." Katie began crying at the thought of Sadie, and Courtney put her hand on Katie's shoulder to comfort her.

Trent (CONF): This guy is a jerk

Cameron (CONF): I feel like some higher being just threw together Scott and Jo and Joe was the result

Leshawna (CONF): If this jerk thinks he can treat us this way, he is gone next vote- but hey, hopefully making us go down this path is his downfall

Katie (CONF): *sobs* Sadie!

The Phoenixes decided to listen to Joe and began running to the left. In the meantime, the Foxes came across their first obstacle. There was a large gap in the set, with a single vine hanging over the ravine.

"Alright, we will have to swing across," said Jo, grabbing the vine, "I will take the lead." She took the vine and swung across the open gap. She tossed the vine back to Eva who also swung across.

"Hmph you call that a swing?" said Jo with a smirk.

"You know what you Sue Sylvester wannabe? I am not someone you want to mess with so lay off," said Eva, fuming. One by one the contestants all swung across. When Tyler stepped up to the vine and swung across, the vine broke and he fell through the set to the ground below. Beth and Izzy both hadnt't swung yet, and looked at each other worriedly.

"Tyler, no!" said Noah and Geoff in unison. The two ran to the side and looked over to see Tyler being dragged away by an unknown source.

"What are we going to do?" said Cody.

"It's ok Cody, I'll comfort you," said Sierra running up and pulling Cody into a tight hug. Cody looked up.

"Sorry, this isn't really best friend behavior," said Sierra. She loosened her grip, causing a slight smile to form across Cody's face.

"What about us?" said Beth, standing with Izzy. "Don't leave me with her!"

She turned to Izzy. "No offense." The two girls looked worriedly at their team.

"We are not leaving them behind," said Brick.

"We don't have a choice, the Phoenixes are already a man up and I am not getting screwed because a bunch of losers wanted to hold hands all challenge," said Blaineley.

"They are people, we gotta respect that and help em out," said Anne Maria.

"We are leaving and that's final," said Jo, and the team reluctantly continued running. After a few minutes, the Foxes heard Beth and Izzy scream.

"We gotta go see if they're ok!" said Mike. Brick nodded in agreement and the looped back to check on Beth and Izzy, only to find that they were no longer there.

Mike gasped and became Manatoba Smith at the site of his missing friends. He ran back to his team.

"Come on Sheilas, we gotta get a move on. Some oogity boogity's out there are out to get our teamies, we gotta get on the move," said Mike in his Australian accent.

"Uh...what's with him?" asked Eva.

"You get used to it," said Jo.

The Phoenixes were not having much more luck.

"Uh I told you guys, I like don't think this is the right way," said Katie. Lindsay nodded in agreement.

"Uh-huh, yeah, I mean this color scheme is all off, that green definitely does not go with that brown, so we can't be going the right way!" said Lindsay. Courtney face-palmed at the blonde's remark.

Courtney (CONF): You know, maybe this could work for me...if we lose, people's votes will probably be split between Staci and Jo, if I could get some people to throw their votes at the dimwitted Lindsay I could get a plurality and blindside Gwen!

Gwen (CONF): I am so glad Courtney and I are beginning to be friends again!

As they continued, they came across a steep downward hill. They began trekking down the hill when Lightning stepped on a switch hidden in the ground. Behind the Phoenixes, a giant boulder dropped down and began rolling down after them. The Phoenixes began sprinting down the hill.

"Uh-uh, Lightning don't do rocks," said Lightning.

The contestants were sprinting down the hill, when Dawn saw that Joe was about to intentionally trip Leshawna.

"Leshawna, look out!" said Dawn, speeding up and tackling Joe.

Dawn (CONF): And I thought Scott had a bad aura. I have had enough traitors for one reality show!

Their eyes widened as they were about to be crushed by the boulder. A few of the Phoenixes turned to see if Dawn was ok, but unfortunately this caused Staci, who was in the back, to trip and stumble over the rest of the contestants. They all tumbled to the bottom of the hill. A ramp suddenly rose from seemingly nowhere and the rock shot off into the distance. The contestants stood up and brushed themselves off.

"Oh that's it, scrawny evil wannabe is gonna get it," said Leshawna, rolling her sleeves up. She turned around to march up the hill, but Joe and Dawn were nowhere to be found.

"Dawn? Dawn?!" yelled Zoey, running up the hill. The other Phoenixes aside from Heather, Scott and Courtney followed.

"We need to get going!" said Scott, "I had a whole season on a losing team, I'm sick of it!"

"It was your fault!" said Cameron in retaliation, "you literally threw the challenges." Scott just rolled his eyes.

"I agree with ginger over there, Dawn gives me the creeps and Joe is just a less suave Alejandro," said Heather snobbishly.

"There's nothing we can do guys, they're either with Chris or dead, we are just going to have to accept that and move on," said Courtney. The other contestants turned to her gaping.

"What! I only said what everyone else was thinking," said Courtney. The Phoenixes reluctantly continued down the path. The two paths merged and led to the entrance of a temple. The Phoenixes and Foxes arrived at the same time.

"Great, we lost our lead, good going guys!" said Jo.

"Get a new hairdo," snapped Blaineley in retaliation.

"What do we do now?" asked Sierra, walking up to the temple door.

"Hey look, something is written on the wall!" said Gwen, running up and dusting off the wall next to the door.

"To open the temple and claim the treasures, you will have to go through extreme measures, Pick your three strongest players and one you can spare, and the door will open so you can go in there." said Gwen.

"Who can we spare?" said Manitoba Smith, "Fattie over there doesn't seem like he could be much of a help." He pointed at Owen.

"Hey!" exclaimed Owen,.

"I agree with Mike," said Jo, "As for our three strongest, I nominate myself, Geoff, and Sierra will go," she said. The three nodded heads and stepped forward.

"Excuse me?" said Eva, "in your dreams."

"Hello? Have we all forgotten that I won season one?" said Owen.

"Dude's got a point," said Geoff, "he schooled all 22 of us back in the beginning, and didn't you get blindsided by Cameron?" He pointed over to Cameron who shied away from Jo's glare.

"No offense little dude," said Geoff.

"That was lucky chubs," replied Jo.

"How about if Owen goes, we let Eva go instead of Jo into the temple?" said Justin.

"Looks and brains, that's my kinda man!" said Anne Maria.

Justin (CONF): *cringing* Ew

"Sounds like a good plan to me!" said Manitoba Smith, patting Justin on the shoulder.

Owen sadly walked toward the temple door.

Courtney (CONF): I know this sounds bad, but hopefully this could end in Owen's elimination, that would make things way easier for the rest of us

"Well it's obvious who is to spare on our team," said Scott, pointing at Staci.

"What?! My Great-Great-Great Aunt Tallulah invented temples! Uh-uh," said Staci, "I would be super helpful with like, layout and stuff."

"No way!" said Lindsay, "That is so cool!".

"As...great as that sounds, you're still the one toots" said Scott, causing Staci to look dejected, "as for strongest, let's pick some people who haven't really contributed to the cause yet, DJ, Zoey and Duncan, you three are going in.

"What? Me?" said Zoey.

Zoey (CONF): I got picked! As a strong player! This is so exciting, I love having friends

DJ and Duncan just shrugged. The eight chosen stepped forward, and the temple door opened. After they entered, the door shut behind them and closed. They began walking toward a giant landslide with two crests above it, one depicted a fox in a blizzard while the other showed a phoenix emerging from a volcano.

"Alright, now what?" asked Eva impatiently.

"Cool it girl, we don't want to anger any temple spirits in here," said DJ, "Been there, done that." He started shivering.

"Look, a sign!" said Geoff, running up to read it. The sign stood between two pedestals.

"Put those you wish to spare on the platform, and see how the path ahead will begin to transform" read Geoff. Staci and Owen stood on their respective platforms, and the floor under them dropped and they disappeared screaming. The path ahead, which was previously blocked by a landslide, was suddenly clear.

"Alright...that was creepy," said Duncan.

"Let's move!" said Jo, grabbing Sierra and Geoff and beginning down the path.

"Yeah guys we have to go!" said Zoey. They ran down the path and came across the treasure room. In the middle of the room stood another sign.

"For the treasure to be revealed, you must compete and do not yield," read DJ.

"Otherwise the one you chose, will soon be filled with saddened woes," read Eva.

"The one you spared will not appreciate, for that is who the loser will eliminate," read Zoey.

"So we're safe!" said Sierra. The six began cheering.

"Poor Owen though," said DJ. Suddenly, platforms began sticking out of the walls of the treasure room all the way to the top where the immunity treasure lied.

"I guess that means we compete to get the treasure, and either Staci or Owen will be eliminated based off of who doesn't get it." said Sierra.

"Brilliant," said Duncan sarcastically.

"Hurry," shouted Eva. The six started bounding up the platforms. Eva and DJ immediately took the lead for each team, with Zoey, Sierra, Duncan and Geoff not too far behind. The six bounded from platform to platform. As they got toward the top, the only other person on the platform was Duncan.

"Help me bro!" said Geoff, "I'm going to fall!"

"Sorry dude, if there wasn't a chance right now to get Owen out of this game," said Duncan.

"I can't believe you!" said Zoey, turning around and jumping back to the platform Geoff was hanging off of. She grabbed Geoff's arm and hauled him up.

"Wow...that was so not cool bro," said Geoff.

"No hard feelings man, just competition," said Duncan. This prompted Zoey to shoot him a dirty look.

"Hey, it's not like when you went crazy you wouldn't have left Cameron in a heartbeat," he continued.

Duncan (CONF): Ok, so what if I feel a little bad about not helping Geoff? It's a game, there's a winner, and winning this thing twice would be killer, especially since I lost the money the first time around

DJ had pulled ahead when he looked down and saw how high up he was, causing him to freeze up.

"Come on DJ you can do this!" yelled Zoey.

But it was too late, Eva had already bounded past DJ and grabbed the treasure, winning the Foxes their second challenge in a row.

"That's how we do it!" cheered Eva, waving the treasure in the air. Suddenly, the temple set began crumbling and the six made a run for it. The scene the flashed to the Gilded Chris ceremony.

"So what happened to Dawn, Joe, Izzy and Beth?" said Bridgette.

"Oh there was a trap door that Dawn and Joe fell down, and Chef kidnapped Izzy and Beth," replied Chris.

"Ok now that's just cruel," said Heather.

"Well, I'm not sure if DJ, Duncan and Zoey conveyed this to you yet, but the one you chose to spare is the one not receiving a Gilded Chris away tonight! That's right, Staci is eliminated!" said Chris.

"B-but...I..." began Staci.

"Walk of shame for you!" said Chris, grinning evilly. Staci sighed as Chef threw her into the Lam-o-sine.

"That's four competitors down, and plenty more to go! What will be next week's movie genre? Will Zoey forgive Duncan for almost letting Geoff fall? Can Cody and Sierra actually be friends without Cody getting a restraining order? All good questions, that probably won't be answered next time on Total...Drama...Explosion!" said Chris.

Chapter 6: Puzzle it Up

*Note: this chapter was written by my assistant writer Jax*

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "Our remaining contestants moved to cycle two out of three, the film lot. They had to face an adventure set challenge, where they continuously lost players throughout the challenge. It was shown that Zoey's grudge against Scott holds strong, and the classic competitors got a look at Manitoba Smith, one of Mike's multiple personalities. Joe and Scott both are gaining lots of enemies. Will they survive long enough to even be classified as villains? Will Owen forgive his team for calling him weak? Will Suki ever speak? You can maybe find this out in this episode of Total...Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song

The campers were seen eating in the mess hall after the theme song ended. Zoey was seen glaring at Scott at the Fiery Phoenixes’ table. DJ, Dawn, and Gwen were all talking and laughing together. A butterfly landed on Dawn’s shoulder and she greeted it. Her facial expression suddenly went from laughing to troubled. “What’s wrong?” asked DJ.

“The butterfly told me that great danger will come to one of you! I don’t want one of my dearest friends to have to endure anything negative!” said Dawn.

“Uh..hey, don’t worry about it. I mean, what would a butterfly know, anyways?” challenged Gwen.

“You would be surprised...” trailed Dawn, worried. A cockroach scrambled across the floor as a transition to the Frozen Foxes’ table.

“Alright, Foxes! There’s one way to win this game, and that’s to play hard, and play dirty! We did a good job of that the past two challenges, and we are going to keep our streak going,” commanded Jo, standing on the table.

"I disagree, Ma'am. The only way to win this game is with integrity and honor. It’s not worth winning if you don't do it right!” said Brick, standing up.

“Yeah wrong. Sit down,” said Jo.

“You are not the leader of this team,” argued Brick.

“Excuse me, General Wet-pants?” retorted Jo. The team began to laugh, and Brick took his seat in humiliation.

“No, Brick’s like...right!” said Dakota, standing up. Brick smiled in approval. “It’s clear that I’m the leader of this team!” Brick’s smile turned to a scowl.

Suki looked like she was about to say something, but before she could, Geoff stood up and said, “C’mon guys! We don’t need a leader. The best team is, y’know, a team. I say we hold a team party in order to get to know each other better.”

“Parties are lame,” said Eva.

“It’s cool. Just an idea,” said Geoff, taking his seat again. At this, Chris made his entrance to the mess hall. “Welcome to day two of the film lot, suckers—I mean, contestants.” he said.

“I like cherry suckers!” said Lindsay.

“Right. Well, meet me at the puzzle movie film lot in 15 minutes, starting…now!” said Chris, looking at his

watch and then driving away.

“Lightnin’s gonna be the first one there!” said Lightning, running out of the mess hall.

“Oh, no, he won’t.” said Eva and Jo at the same time. They glared at each other and followed Lightning out of the mess hall. There was then a cutaway to the puzzle movie lot. Chris was standing by himself. He checked his watch and looked up.

“What’s taking them so long?!” Chris wondered aloud. At this moment, a cloud could be seen in the distance coming towards Chris. When Chris realized the cloud was Eva, Jo, and Lightning in a footrace de began to run too, but it was too late, and Chris got run over.

“Yes! Lightnin’ wins! Sha-booyah!” said Lightning in triumph.

“No way, I won!” yelled Eva.

“It was clearly me. You two were miles behind!” said Jo. They began squabbling until Chris broke them up. The other campers slowly filed in until everybody had arrived.

Joe (CONF): Eva, Jo, and Lightning are all too obsessed with each other and their own physical abilities to even think about the game. This is good. I can exploit that.

Joe walked up to Lightning and pulled him aside. “Listen, Lightning,” said Joe in an innocent voice. “I’ve seen you fighting against Eva and Jo a lot lately, and I always think it’s so unfair to see two against one.”

“Lightnin’ can handle it! He can take anything!” said Lightning.

“I’m sure you can, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an ally?” said Joe.

“Lightnin’ can TAKE it! Did you hear him? Lightnin’ doesn’t need NOBODY,” said Lightning, pushing Joe aside and walking away. Scott was spying on the two the whole time.

Scott (CONF): Crash. And. Burn. (laughs)

“Alright contestants! Ready for your challenge? Good! Today, as you know, will be a puzzle movie theme. Similar to “Outception” or “Sherlock Bones”. Your challenge is a scavenger hunt! Each team will get a list of ten items they need to find around the film lot. At the end, you will use all of your pieces of evidence---items on the scavenger hunt list---to determine the criminal. And yes, the criminal IS one of the contestants! Get going, this challenge starts now!” said Chris. He gave a list to each team.

“Hmm…let’s split up into pairs. Zoey with Trent, Scott with Lindsay, Lightning with Leshawana, Katie with Joe, Harold with Heather, Gwen with Duncan, Dawn with DJ, me and Cameron, and Alejandro with Bridgette,” said Courtney.

“That’s only nine pairs,” said Zoey.

“Well, Cameron and I can take two,” said Courtney. “Let’s go! We are not losing to these stupid foxes again.”

"Wait why do I get paired with nerdling?" asked Heather.

"I happen to be very adept in clue searching, I mean it was basically me who figured out who murdered Chris back in season two," said Harold.

"No actually that was Lindsay," chimed in Trent.

"Whatever, my skills will prove invaluable out on the field," said Harold. Some of the other pairs weren't loving their match-ups as well. Alejandro and Bridgette kept eying each other, Katie looked terrified of Joe, Leshawna kept rolling her eyes at Lightning who would spontaneously burst into some sort of exercise, and Lindsay just looked lost.

"Just deal with it, and let's win this challenge," said Courtney.

In the meantime, the Frozen Foxes were not getting along as well.

“Every man for himself!”

“Buddy system!”

“Throw the challenge! It’s too harrrrrrrd!”

“Let Lightnin’ take it all!”

“FOXES!” yelled Jo. Everybody stopped talking. “Remember what I said at the mess hall. Play hard, and play dirty. Break!”

“Ugh. I don’t do scavenger hunts,” said Dakota.

“It’s pretty easy, princess,” said Noah.

“You think I’m a princess?! Thank you thank you thank you!!” said Dakota. “In fact that reminds me, I think I’ll call the paparazzi right now!” She pulled out her cell phone and called Celebrity Manhunt. Afterwards, she ran off happily.

“Did somebody say paparazzi?” said Justin. Geoff pointed in the direction Dakota ran off and Justin followed. Dakota was shown posing for the paparazzi. Justin arrived, pushed her out of the way, and started posing. The paparazzi started to take pictures of him. He removed his shirt and poured water down himself.

Dakota (CONF): Are you kidding me?! Those are my paparazzi! NOBODY takes my paparazzi. NOBODY. (growls)

Dakota tried to turn the attention back to her, but they were more interested in Justin. Humiliated, she stormed away. She pulled Cody, Mike, and Owen aside while they were looking for items on the scavenger hunt list. She posed before telling them what she was there for. “Listen. As you all know, I am the beautiful and photogenic Dakota, made for beauty and goddess of the camera. I’m giving you three boys a BIG opportunity. How would you like to…wait for it…be in an ALLIANCE with the star of the show?!”

“I don't see Justin?” said Owen.

Owen (CONF): Okay, it slipped.

“No, you tub of lard! It’s ME!” Dakota growled.

“Hey, I’m in!” said Cody.

Cody (CONF): Since CLEARLY the flirting and the I’d-do-anything-for-you didn’t work with Gwen, my new plan is to get with Dakota and make her jealous….then get her when she’s tender! (chuckles) I am SO good with girls. I just hope it doesn't end in Sierra murdering Dakota

“Sure, I’ll do it,” said Mike.

Mike (CONF): I miss Zoey

“Alright! First alliance of the season!” said Owen.

“Good! Your first order of business is to get everyone to eliminate Justin,” said Dakota. The guys looked at each other warily. There was then a cutaway to a montage of everybody finding their pieces of evidence. Afterwards, each team only had to find one last piece: a fingerprint. Everybody was turning the film lot upside-down looking for it.

“C’mon, it’s gotta be here somewhere,” said Blaineley.

“Great observation,” said Noah sarcastically. Dakota pulled Owen aside.

“How’s mission take out the hottie going?” she asked.

“Great! Between me, Cody, and Mike, we have half the team against Justin,” said Owen.

“Good, good. I have Sam as well. My paparazzi will be back to me soon enough,” Dakota said. The camera then showed Dawn and DJ looking together.

“I’m still worried about what that butterfly told me,” said Dawn.

“Maybe he’s just joking around. What’s the worst that could happen? Butterflies aren’t fortune tellers!”said DJ.

“Oh, but they are! Once, when I was in second grade, I—“ said Dawn, before she was interrupted by a cry from the other team.

“Guys! Guys! I found the fingerprint!” yelled Izzy. “C’mon, let’s get it!” The Frozen Foxes ran to get the last piece of evidence.

“Come on! Now the other team is ahead! This is, like, SO unfair,” said Katie.

“Pick it up, men!” said Brick, looking under a couch cushion. Trent picked up his guitar to play a song, when he noticed something stuck to it.

“Hey! I found our fingerprint!” said Trent. “It was stuck to my guitar.”

“Woohoo! You go, white boy!” said Leshawna. Both teams were seen putting together their puzzles, trying to figure out the mystery.

“Hey, where’s Justin?” said Beth.

“Off with MY paparazzi,” said a bitter Dakota.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm! Maybe he just wanted a little time to be famous, too,” said Beth.

“Yeah, well, he didn’t have to take it from me!” said Dakota, angrily storming away.

“Touchy!” said Anne Maria, looking at herself in a mirror, "I don't need paparazzi to know I got the goods."

“I think I’ve got it!” said Suki, surprising everybody.

“What’d you get?” said Sam.

“I think Scott committed the crime!” she said. Suki continued to explain each piece of evidence in turn. This made sense to her teammates. They all nodded in agreement until Noah chimed in. “I think it was Sierra,” said Noah.

“Why? Suki’s idea makes more sense,” said Cody. Noah explained one crucial fact that Suki was missing; however, there were some holes to Noah’s idea, too.

“Hey! My buddy Noah’s always right! Let’s just go with his!” said Owen. The team came to an agreement.

Suki sank into her chair in embarrassment. The other team quickly found Scott guilty of the crime.

"Great work guys," said Courtney.

Courtney: My team is actually strong this season, and I love it- let's just hope they don't mess anything up

“Alright contestants, time to give me your accusations!” said Chris. Each team presented their ideas. “Well, one of you is wrong, and the other is right. Shocker, huh? Anyway, the winner of the challenge is…The Fiery Phoenixes!” The Phoenixes cheered while the Foxes glared at Noah, who looked dismayed. There was a cutaway to the Gilded Chris Ceremony.

“Well, you guys sucked! How’d you get Sierra? That doesn’t even make sense!” laughed Chris. “Well, one of you will be walking the dock of shame, and will never be able to come back. EVER. Fortunately, that person is not Blaineley or Izzy. It’s also not Brick, Cody, Dakota, Jo, or Tyler. Geoff, you’re also safe. Sam, Beth, Anne Maria, Gilded Chris's for you too. Mike, you will also be getting an award. Suki, Eva you’re safe, too. And……Sierra. Owen, Justin, Noah, one of you is going home tonight. That person is not…Owen. Justin, Noah, this is the final Gilded Chris of the night. Whoever does not receive this Gilded Chris will have to immediately walk the walk of shame and never return. Ev-er. The final Gilded Chris Award goes to






…….. … ...

















Noah. Justin, time to go,” Chris said.

“What? But…I’m beautiful!” said Justin.

“Too beautiful for your own good, buster. NOBODY takes MY paparazzi,” growled Dakota.

“See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! Huh huh,” said Sam.

“Bye Justin!” said Beth. Justin hung his head as he boarded the boat of losers.

Chris then closed the episode, saying, “What a shocking elimination ceremony! Who will Dakota’s alliance eliminate next? Will Brick and Jo ever settle their conflict? Was the butterfly Dawn talked to telling the truth? Find out all this and more, next time, on Total! Drama! Explosion!”

Chapter 7: Harry Potter and the Gilded Chris Award

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion!" began Chris, "The contestants had their minds bended in the Puzzle genre challenge. Suki finally tried to benefit the team, but sadly her correct theory about the criminal was rejected by Noah. Despite Noah costing the Foxes the challenge, it was Justin who went home after Dakota got angry at him for stealing her paparazzi. This week in the Wizardry movie genre the contestants will see what it's like when they are truly pushed to their limits. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on Total...Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song

The boys woke up in the guys trailer cramped.

Trent (CONF): Ok, not that I don't love being around my boys, the cabin was a LOT roomier back in Total Drama Action.

Owen was talking to Cody and Mike about their decision to ally with Dakota.

"I feel bad voting off Justin," said Owen, "I mean, that guy is smoking."

"Yeah...uh-huh..." said Cody. Cody had an awkward glance at Noah, but he didn't notice. Mike was too busy staring out the trailer window to participate in the conversation.

Mike (CONF): Zoey...

In the meantime, most of the other guys were watching Scott and Joe go at it.

"I'm new, you're used, get over it," said Joe.

"You know, when you get voted off, and that is going to happen soon, I'm going to throw a party, and everyone will be invited, even scrawny boy Cameron over there," replied Scott.

Cameron (CONF): Woo a party!

Joe (CONF): I don't care what they think, I can wrap them around my finger like that -snaps- I will do anything to win this game...anything

Scott (CONF): Pappy always told me to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but I am keeping that new guy Joe as far away as possible

In the girls cabin, they weren't getting along any better.

"Seriously, you girls are a bunch of fru fru wimps," said Jo. Eva nodded in agreement.

"Look man-ladies, you aren't even on our team, so step off before I make you," replied Heather, one fist balled up.

"Guys, can we please just get along?" asked Gwen.

"Leshawna is sick of you two," said Leshawna, "Y'all are just mad you lost the last challenge."

"Oh really is that it homegirl? You know, two seasons with you is more than enough. Bring it, you are dead," said Eva. Her and Jo began advancing towards the Phoenix girls just as Chris blew the challenge horn.

"Thank goodness!" said an obviously uncomfortable Zoey, rushing out of the trailer. The other girls followed.

Courtney (CONF): One Eva was bad enough, but Jo is just Eva with some social skills, having both them here might make me go insane

Heather (CONF): Man-lady is going down

The contestants walked outside their trailers to see Chris standing there dressed as a wizard.

"Hello Contestants! Today's genre is Wizardy! I'm sure you have all seen the Mary Potter movies," said Chris, before he was interrupted by Harold.

"Oh my gosh are we getting magic powers? Just like in Samurai Sword 4: When Worlds Collide?" asked Harold excited.

"No way you play that? I beat that game like three times!" replied Sam. The two high-fived, and Duncan walked up and gave both of them wedgies.

Duncan (CONF): Hey, twice the nerd, twice the fun

"No Harold, remember we have a budget, and most of it is used on me," began Chris, "anyways, today's challenge will be called Castle of Terror. Your challenge is to look in the haunted castle, used in the Mary Potter movies, to find your team's crest. If any team member leaves the scary castle, they may no longer participate. Be warned though, Chef is in there." The scene shifts and shows Chef dressed as Voldemort standing in the castle. "Don't let him catch you."

"And if he does?" asked Gwen.

"You'll see," said Chris, laughing maniacally, "Alright losers, get ready and...go!" The contestants all ran into the castle.

"Alright I say we go downstairs," said Courtney, "this is Chris we are talking about, he will probably put it in the most cliche spot, the dungeon."

"Good plan Cour-," began Gwen, before she was cut off by Courtney's angry glare. "I don't need your approval Gwen," said Courtney.

"Sheesh," replied Gwen, blowing her hair out of her face.

"Well I also agree with Courtney," said Bridgette. The two shared a smile, and the team headed down the stairs. The Foxes on the other hand weren't having an easy time agreeing on which way to go.

"I say the only way to go is up. It makes sense I end up on top, and like we are winners," said Anne Maria, spraying her hair with hairspray.

"Yeah, because that makes sense," said Noah sarcastically.

"I say we take this hunt systematically," said Suki quietly. The Foxes turned their attention to her.

"We split up, in groups of three to avoid anyone getting captured," said Suki.

"Good idea mousey," replied Jo.

"Actually-" Noah began cynically before he was interrupted by Jo.

"Hey, we listened to you last time and lost the challenge smarty pants, so this time you can keep it quiet," replied Jo.

Noah (CONF): Hmph, Whatever *rolls eyes*

Back with the Phoenixes, they were systematically searching the downstairs when something went wrong.

" is DJ?" asked Katie. The contestants looked around to find DJ nowhere to be found. They split up among the various corridors of the dungeon to try and find DJ, which was a fatal mistake. Voldemort Chef appeared at the end of a corridor where Leshawna and Lindsay were headed.

"Uh huh, Leshawna don't do nose-less freaks," said Leshawna. She and Lindsay screamed as the screen went black.

"This doesn't feel right, the vibe is all wrong," said Dawn as she was leading Gwen and Katie down a different pathway. "I keep getting this 'crest-y' vibe and it's getting in the way of DJ's aura."

"Wait like team crest?" asked Gwen excitedly, "Oh yeah! Lead us there Dawn."

"Not until we find DJ," replied Dawn. Katie looked on jealous.

"Oh yeah well...I can feel DJ's aura too, uh-huh," said Katie. Dawn's eyes widened with excitement.

"You are an aura reader too?" asked Dawn.

"Uh...yeah...sure..." replied Katie. Gwen snickered which earned her a glare from Katie. As Dawn lead the girls down the corridors, something lurked behind them in the shadows. Back up with the Foxes, one team of three, Anne Maria, Blaineley and Tyler were not having much luck finding anything.

"Ugh, I hate this stupid challenge, on this stupid show, on this stupid film lot, in this stupid castle..." ranted Blaineley, as she walked up the spiral staircase.

"Quit complaining blondie," replied Anne Maria non-chalantly.

"Yeah, we are here to win it!" yelled Tyler, "Oh yeah!" The three get to the top of the staircase and enter a room, that turns out to be a maze completely full of mirrors. Blaineley and Anne Maria get distracted by their images, leaving Tyler to trudge on into the maze alone.

"Oh yeah baby, look at all that," said Anne Maria.

"Yeah thanks," replied Blaineley, "quite frankly that should never be seen by anyone who still wants to be able to see." Anne Maria lunged at her and the two began cat-fighting when Voldemort Chef swooped down from the ceiling scooping both girls up in his bag. He grinned, and showed that Leshawna and Lindsay had been caught as well. He held up the number five to the camera, which Tyler saw in one of the mirrors, and left the room searching for more victims.

"Good job fake-tan," said Blaineley.

"Hey, if you hadn't dissed this Jersey goddess I wouldn't have had to teach you a lesson," replied Anne Maria.

"What lesson? That you are certifiably insane? Lesson learned," said Blaineley. The scene shifted back to Tyler standing in the mirror maze alone. 

"Uh oh, this is bad," said Tyler to himself, "He's got my Lindsay!" Tyler begins heading after Voldemort Chef for revenge. Another group of three is also not having much luck.

"...and that is why on my fifth birthday I got banned from Chook E. Cheese's, and..." rambled Sierra, with an annoyed Noah and Cody walking behind her.

"How do you put up with this?" whispered Noah to Cody.

" get kind of used to it," replied Cody in a hushed tone. Noah motioned for Cody to sneak away with him through a different corridor, and Cody first looked at Sierra who was walking away, then at Noah, and decided to join him. Sierra walked a bit further until she realized she was alone.

"AHH!" she screamed, "OMG Chris this is so not cool." Voldemort Chef appears from another door in the hallway, and quickly bagged Sierra. The Foxes were still searching the dungeon, split up among the long corridors of cells. Bridgette walked down one with Heather, Courtney and Joe.

"You think your sooooo cool," said Heather to Joe. He rolled his eyes and continued to ignore her.

"Like for example, you waltz in all 'I'm not even going to pretend I'm a good guy' and expect to make it far. As if, you are so dead," continued Heather.

"Yeah, like what kind of strategy is that?" followed up Courtney.

Bridgette (CONF): Great, this is the group I end up with

They continued down the corridor, when they saw their crest in one of the cells.

"Oh yeah! Phoenixes rule!" cried Bridgette. But before they got too happy, Voldemort Chef stepped out of one of the other cages.

"Great," said Joe, "as if being stuck in this stuffy hallway with Asia McBossy wasn't enough." Voldemort Chef slowly approached the group of four, when the crest suddenly dissappeared. Izzy appeared holding the crest over her head, and began running down the corridor.

"Oh yeah! Izzy wins!" yelled Izzy in glee.

"Izzy that is the wrong team's crest," said Eva.

"Um, excuse me, last time I checked I was the leader of Team E-Scope, not you," replied Izzy, "and the leader of Team E-Scope would never grab the wrong crest." Eva grabbed the crest from her and out of anger chucked it at Voldemort Chef. He ducked, causing the crest to fall into Bridgette's hands.

"Quick let's move!" said Courtney, and the four began sprinting through the corridor of dungeons.

"Thanks psycho!" said Heather as she was running away, "have fun at the Gilded Chris ceremony." Eva went crazy and began bending the bars of one of the cages.

"Eva it's ok, everyone makes mistakes," said Izzy, placing her hand on Eva's shoulder. Eva's fiery eyes died down.

"Uh...thanks...I guess..." replied Eva.

"Team E-Scope?" asked Izzy, holding her hand in the air for a fist bump.

"Team E-Scope," replied Eva, responding with a fist bump.

Eva (CONF): Wow I actually...calmed down...I hope the guys at the gym don't rag on me for it. Who knew nut ball wasn't so crazy?

The contestants re-convened at the front of the castle, after Chris announced over the mega phone that the Fiery Phoenixes won. Standing there already were DJ, Leshawna, Lindsay, Sierra, Blaineley and Anne Maria.

"I still can't believe you only caught six people," said Chris angrily to Chef, "like really man?"

"Hey, why don't you go wander through a dark scary castle looking for a bunch of snot nosed teens, see how you like it," replied Chef angrily.

"Whatever," replied Chris, "So anyways, the Fiery Phoenixes win! Frozen Foxes, I will be seeing you at the Gilded Chris ceremony tonight where someone will be going home.

"Great job new girl," said Jo, "your splitting up was such a great idea." She began advancing towards Suki.

"Hey, let's all just chill out," replied Geoff, stepping in front of Suki.

"Yeah besides, Eva was the one who gave the other team their crest," said Izzy, but she quickly covered her mouth after she realized her mistake.

"Oops," she followed up, "I probably shouldn't have said that."

Eva angrily glared at Izzy.

"Ooh, I love the smell of tension in the evening, well let's go to elimination!" said Chris. At the elimination ceremony, everyone on the stands was tense. Some votes were shown.

"Who gives up the crest?" said Mike, clicking Eva.

"You think you are so smart," said Noah, clicking Suki.

"I don't really want to have an alliance with you," said Cody, clicking Dakota.

"I can't believe you ditched me, and brought my BFFL with you," said Sierra, clicking Noah. Chef appeared carrying a tray of Gilded Chris awards, and Chris walked up to the podium.

"Tonight, there are seventeen of you, soon there will be only sixteen. Whoever leaves will not be coming back...ever, and lose out on the chance at one billion dollars, let's get to the votes. The first Gilded Chris award goes to Tyler."

"Boo-yah!" said Tyler, catching his award, "safe again!"

"Also safe are the show's two least favorite females, Blaineley and Jo!" said Chris. The two caught their awards with glares plastered on their faces.

"Cody, you are also safe for tonight, as are you Anne Maria, Izzy and Owen," said Chris. The four caught their awards with smiles. Owen scooped Izzy into a hug, as Chris continued calling out names.

"They also go to Beth, Sierra, Geoff, Mike, Sam and Brick," said Chris.

"Thank you sir!" said Brick, saluting before he was hit by the Gilded Chris award. Mike was also hit with one, causing him to gasp and turn into Chester. He silently grumbled under his breath about 'old person' problems.

"Oh yeah!" cheered Beth and Sam in unison, they high-fived which earned Beth a glare from Dakota.

"Good job Sam," said Dakota, cuddling up to Sam, "you're safe." She made sure Beth saw, but Beth wasn't bothered by it. 

"Eva, Suki, Dakota, Noah, you four all received votes tonight and one of you will be eliminated from the game. That person will not be Noah," said Chris, tossing the award to Noah. Sierra glared at him in return.

"That will also not be Suki," said Chris, tossing another award to Suki.

"What?! Why me?" asked Dakota. Eva smirked at Dakota.

"The final award of the evening goes to






























...Dakota. Eva, time to go," said Chris. Dakota squealed, but it was interrupted by Eva.

"WHAT? No way!" yelled Eva in anger. "Crazy girl, I am coming after you," she said threateningly. Izzy looked unconcerned with Eva's threats, as she was too distracted with a bird that was flying overhead.

"Oh chef," sang Chris. Chef carried Eva down the walk of shame to the lam-o-sine.

"Another down, that makes six, but we still have a lot more to go, thirty-four to be precise. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Total...Drama...Explosion!" said Chris.

Chapter 8: Remember That Big Plane?

"Last time on Total Drama...Explosion!" began Chris, "our favorite competitors competed in the Mary Potter challenge, with the Fiery Phoenixes coming out on top...again. That's right, the Frozen Foxes are seriously struggling this season. Eva...Eva, Eva, Eva, she managed to get herself voted out pretty early again, due to her temper and costing her team the challenge. Finally one of our villains takes the plunge. This time, we are introducing the third leg of the competition, the world leg. Will Owen's aerophobia return? Will Suki ever be listened to? Will Katie survive any further without Sadie? Find out, right here, right now, on Total... Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song Plays

"We have to go on that giant floating piece of death...again? I was hoping Sierra's bomb cake permanently destroyed this scrap pile," said Courtney, standing at the airport with the other remaining contestants. Sierra looked at Chris worriedly, hoping he didn't still hold a grudge against her for destroying the plane. He tended to mess with the game a bit in favor of those he liked and against those he didn't.

"Don't complain, Lightning don't do complainers, besides, why don't you try running an obstacle course filled with killer mutant animals while wearing grandma glasses," replied Lightning.

"Oh that is nothing!" replied Gwen, "try doing the truth or dare wheel of death, and you will see how lucky you were to have just run an obstacle course."

"Or jumping off a 1000 foot cliff," chimed in Bridgette.

"Or being forced to break into song at various places around the world," added Noah, "in public". This quieted Lightning up, causing him to step back into the group.

Lightning (CONF): They think they better than Lightning, I'll be laughing when I kick their sorry butts off the plane, sha-toodles

"Alright, so as you guys can tell, our third leg is going to represent the world-wide portion of the Total Drama series, so I hope you guys have fond memories of this plane. It's also funny that you mentioned singing Noah, because the third season wouldn't be complete without...

Gwen (CONF): Oh no,

Duncan (CONF): Please don't say it, please don't say it

Heather (CONF): This cannot be happening

Alejandro (CONF): Again, Seriously? Aye Caramba

Courtney (CONF): Woo!!

...some music! This season however, you will be singing popular songs that everyone knows, that way everyone can download them on utunes," said Chris. The contestants all began to groan.

"No way, one whole season of having to burst into stupid musical numbers and now we have to do it again? No way, I'm out," said Duncan.

"Hey, anyone who doesn't sing is e-l-i-m-um, you're eliminated," said Chris.

"Well-" began Duncan, before he looked over at Trent making a comment to Gwen and Gwen snickering. "Fine, whatever."

"That's what I thought, anyways, let's get this show on the road," said Chris.

"Oh my gosh, I get to ride in the jumbo jet with my BFF Lindsay, eeh!" squealed Beth. She and Lindsay begain jumping up and down and squealing. Beth was excited, because she didn't qualify for the third season. Katie frowned.

Katie (CONF): I am like, so happy Lindsay and Beth are best friends...but it really rubs in that like, Sadie isn't here anymore

"Wait...if there has been an Island, an Action, and a World portion, does that mean there will also be a radioactive portion?" asked Zoey worriedly.

"Sadly, I had a bit of a run in with the coppers last season, so no," replied Chris, "the island is completely cleared of radioactivity. You know, probably." The contestants cheered, but their cheer was muffled by the sound of the jumbo jet starting up.

"Well looks like it is time to go! We are going to stay pretty close for our first destination. I hope you all like it. Phoenixes you get first class first for winning the last challenge, have fun in economy Foxes!" The contestants all boarded the plane, worried about their first world challenge.

"Ok that's it, way too many people, I am going to Chris's quarters, I am a host after all," said Blaineley. She began to barge through the door before she was stoped by two interns with Chef standing behind them.

"Sorry sister, you get equal treatment, have fun with all the rats in economy," said Chef. He and the two interns left giggling, and Blaineley was fuming with anger.

"Hey blondie, you need to learn that you are no better than the rest of us," said Anne Maria. Blaineley turned and started charging towards her before she was held back by Brick.

"I am in agreement with Anne Maria m'am," said Brick, "We can't have people thinking they are any better than anyone else. We are a team, we are in this together." His statement ended with a brief glare at Jo.

Jo (CONF): What was that for? I dont't think I am better than everyone else, I just am! They just need to accept that and move on

"Yeah, military guy is right, we need to like all be on the same level so we can finally win another challenge and party!" said Geoff. The others cheered, but Blaineley and Jo both did not look amused. In the meantime, Tyler and Sam were both chuckling, as they made a game out of throwing small wads of paper at Cody. Dakota was sitting on Sam's lap, and Anne Marie was watching with a um what is happening face. In first class things were going smoother. Dawn was sitting with Gwen, DJ and Bridgette in one set of chairs.

"I can't believe I am back at this place," said Gwen, "I loved always getting first class...oh." She then remembered that Bridgette and DJ both rarely got first class in the first season. She quickly apologized, but Bridgette and DJ still looked down.

"It's ok, it was my fault, if I hadn't gotten that animal curse our team wouldn't have been totally destroyed," said DJ.

"You never really had a curse," chimed in Dawn, "when I watched the third season, I could see your aura and it was your own mind that was making the curse come to life."

"Yeah, besides I probably would have fallen for Ale-jerk-dro anyways," continued Bridgette.

"No one is to blame," said Dawn, "I am still worried though." She got up and walked away, leaving Bridgette confused.

"Uh what was that about?" asked Bridgette.

"She thinks something bad is going to happen to Gwen or I, and I am wigged out," replied DJ.

"Don't worry Deej, I am sure it is nothing too horrible," said Gwen.

Gwen (CONF): Sure I am worried too, but I can't have another superstition getting to DJ's head and causing us to begin losing challenges. Besides, last time I checked butterflies do not communicate with human beings

The first destination of the world portion was none other than Arizona's grand canyon.

"So, I have good news and bad news, the good news is that we are right above the grand canyon! We are flying in circles right now to maintain that position, which leads me to the bad news, there is nowhere for us to land. So you will have to each get in your team's raft for our white water rafting challenge! Your challenge is to white water raft all the way to the finish line, and make it there first ok? Fun! Here are your rafts," said Chris. He pointed over to where the drop zone was. Sitting there were two dingy beat up rafts that were big enough for about sixteen people. They were going to have to squeeze.

"What is with you and dropping people off things," asked Beth, "that is not very nice."

"Pssh Lightning can handle big drops," replied Lightning.

"Yeah, piece of cake," added Tyler. Lightning glared over at him, earning a confused look from Tyler.

Lightning (CONF): I cannot believe that Tyler considers himself an athlete, it's sha-barrasing

"Err...I dont do drops very well," said Sam. His face began to turn green.

"Just pretend you are making the jump in Tonic the Porcupine Three: Aerial Battles," replied Harold. The two smiled at eachother, before Joe interrupted the nerd moment.

"Don't help the other team," said Joe, "Idiot."

Harold hung his head and walked over to the raft. "Hey man, only I get to pick on that dweeb," said Duncan. Joe rolled his eyes and walked over to the raft.

Duncan (CONF): Ha, that loser is so gone

Once all the contestants had loaded onto the raft, the floor beneath them opened up. The contestants all yelled in terror as they dropped from the plane in the dingy rafts. Mysteriously, Harold managed to be knocked off of the Phoenix's raft. He began to scream loudly, which caused his team to notice.

"Guys we have to help him," cried Bridgette.

"Harold baby, reach for my hand," said Leshawna. She reached her hand out of the falling raft, but he was just out of reach. The ground below was approaching very quickly, and Harold was not in line to land in the river with the rafts. Thankfully, Zoey reacted to the situation quickly. Realizing she was taller than Leshawna and the closest to Harold, she reached out to grab his hand. At the last second, he was yanked back into the raft by Zoey. The rafts then splashed into the water and began shooting down the river.

"Thanks sugar, I owe you one," said Leshawna to Zoey, "Anyone who helps out my homies is a friend of mine." Zoey blushed in response.

Zoey (CONF): Yes! More friends! But what if I do something wrong? What if I lose them? I hope Leshawna meant what she said

Harold had passed out, so the truth of what happened couldn't be revealed. The contestants were immediately thrust into the challenge. They shot down the river, and both teams were paddling hard.

Bridgette (CONF): Water sports? Right up my alley, this white water rafting challenge is totally cool

Katie (CONF): I wish Sadie was here to share this opportunity with me, DJ is soooo sweet though it almost keeps me distracted

"Stroke, Stroke, Stroke," yelled Jo. She was sitting at the head of the Foxes raft rowing hard. 

"Um, I think it would be better if we took longer, harder strokes," said Suki.

"No, faster is better, full speed ahead soldiers," replied Jo. Suki sank back into her seat on the raft.

"Jo, you have to listen to everyone's ideas, sometimes it is the unexpected ideas that save a squadron's life," said Brick. Jo did not take the feedback well, rolling her eyes at Brick and returning to shouting at everyone to stroke. The Phoenixes had a tense raft.

"Harold is absolutely no use to the team, I mean look at him, he is passed out," said Joe angrily.

"You know, I don't think anyone would notice if we were missing Joe, I vote we throw him off the raft, all in favor?" asked Heather. Most of the contestants raised their hands.

"Come on guys, we can't be dumb about this, as much as I want this jerk off we don't want any sort of challenge penalty," said Trent.

"Yeah, my calculations say the extra strength Joe gives us would benefit more than throwing him off," added Cameron. Joe sneered at Heather, and she returned the notion with a snarl.

Heather (CONF): Did I give that string bean permission to talk? No, no I didn't. Cameron is last season's winner, that could pose a big threat to's time to strategize

The teams were neck and neck, rafting down the river with the walls of the Grand Canyon looming over them. A montage of the contestants rowing and a few of them sweating was shown. Jo continued to shout orders, as did Courtney for the Phoenixes. The result was that each team reached the finish line at the exact same time.

"Well...this is awkward...," said Chris, "I guess we will have to go to our tiebreaker." He brought all the contestants up to the top of the grand canyon. It had changed though, it now had a tight rope stretching across the width of the canyon.

"Oh no," said Cody, "This can't be good."

"I agree," said Beth. She leaned in closer to Cody causing him to lean away.

"Wha-" began Noah and Sierra, but were interrupted by eachother's voices.

"So I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this, we lost a few interns to this tiebreaker, but a fatal injury would be great for ratings so let's do this," said Chris.

"This is like that one time that I was trying to escape from the mental hospital workers across telephone wires!" exclaimed Izzy excited. This announcement was followed with silence. 

"Um, anyways, I will need every member of both teams to cross this tight rope, whoever has the most succesful walkers wins," said Chris. He yelled go and the contestants started across the rope. Cameron was right behind Heather, and was the last contestant to get on the tight rope due to his anxiety problems. Right as he stepped on, the musical chime rang. The contestants all groaned again.

"Dang it, I though he forgot," said Leshawna.

"Danger, Izzy likes danger," said Izzy, "time to bust a move." She began dancing causing the rope to bounce up and down. The contestants began wobbling, trying to maintain balance on the rope and not fall into the canyone below.

"Izzy stop," cried Beth.

"Can someone contain crazy girl?" asked Heather. Izzy ignored the remarks and continued dancing.

"Alright, your song for today will be Edge of Glory, by Lady Gaga, so have fun, and go!" said Chris.


Once the contestants were done singing, a majority of them had already finished. Very few had fallen off. Tyler was the first to fall off, taking Jo down with him. Jo was not happy about that.

Jo (CONF): Headband thinks that he is an athlete, then goes and throws me off a cliff! Not cool

Gwen and Courtney got into another brief fight, causing both to be sent off the side of the tight rope. Bridgette tried to save both of them, but couldn't, and almost ended up falling herself. Thankfully, Alejandro was there to catch her.

"Uh...thanks I guess," said Bridgette.

"No problem, I would never let such gorgeous-ness fall," replied Alejandro. Geoff, who was on the tight rope as well, saw the interaction.

"Stupid Alejandro and his stupid perfect hair and his stupid spanish and..." rambled Geoff to himself. Bridgette shot him a wink, but Geoff ignored it.

Geoff (CONF): I hope Bridge is still as in to me as she used to be, I mean, we don't even make out anymore, ok well sometimes but not always like we used to. It sucks man

Heather put her plan into action when she noticed Cameron having slight issues crossing the tight rope. As he was stumbling, she "helped" him up, but actually knocked him over the side. He screamed as he took the plunge. Everyone else had finished, and since the Foxes had more contestants across they finally won another challenge.

"Way to go scrawny," yelled Heather over the side of the cliff.

"Yeah, way to cost us the challenge," added Joe.

At dinner, the Foxes finally had a chance to kick back and relax, but Jo took this as an opportunity to officially become captain.

"...and I'm smart, and goodlooking, and that is why you should vote me for captain of the Foxes," said Jo. Once she finished her speech, she bowed and sat back down.

"I am pretty sure we don't have captains Jo," said Sierra angrily, "besides, even if we did the choice would be obvious, Cody." Cody blushed, but quickly stopped when he realized that Noah, Beth and Sierra were all staring at him.

" thank you," said Cody.

"Yeah, scrawny couldn't lead a group of kindergarteners to the playground, let alone a whole team," said Jo.

Cody (CONF): I am pretty sure I got third place in a group of seventeen and she got fifth in a group of thirteen...just saying

In the meantime, the Phoenixes were arguing over who should be eliminated. The main names thrown out there were Cameron and Joe. Things seemed to be leaning towards Joe though.

"Hey, at least I helped out in the challenge, Nerdling #1 was passed out the whole time from his accident, and Nerdling #2 cost us the win," said Joe.

"Hey, I got pushed," said Cameron, "Heather."

"I have no idea what you are talking about," replied Heather.

"I still think it should be Joe, I mean if you look up evil in the dictionary there is probably a picture of his face there," said Leshawna. Joe glared at her but she didn't care. Suddenly, the scene cut to the first barfbag ceremony of the season.

"I have seventeen barfbags on this plate, and there are eighteen of you," began Chris, "Let's get the ball rolling, the first barfbag of the season goes to...Bridgette." Bridgette walked up and proudly claimed her barfbag. She remained standing at the front as Chris continued to call names.

"Leshawna, Trent, Lightning, you three are also safe," said Chris. The three also walked up to claim their barfbags. Bridgette high-fived Trent and Leshawna, and they joined her standing. Lightning went for a high-five, but Bridgette didn't noticed so Lightning got angry and went to stand by himself.

Lightning (CONF): I have had enough of these "veterans" thinking they are better than Lightning, Lightning will strike them so hard they won't even know what him them

"Also safe, Zoey, Courtney, Duncan and Gwen," continued Chris.

"Oh yeah!" replied Duncan. He got up to claim his barf bag. Zoey cheered as well, and put one arm around Courtney and one around Gwen.

"I am so glad we are all friends," said Zoey. This prompted Courtney and Gwen to glare at eachother, and for Zoey to back away nervously. They all walked up and joined the other safe contestants.

"The next bags go to Heather, Alejandro, Katie, DJ and Lindsay," said Chris. Lindsay squealed, and DJ wrapped Katie and Lindsay into a hug. Alejandro and Heather hugged as well, but quickly realized what they were doing and stopped.

"The last two vote-less wonders are Dawn and Scott, bags for both of you," said Chris. Both walked up and joined the rest of the contestants smiling.

"Thank you," said Dawn, in an almost mysterious voice.

"Joe, Harold, Cameron, one of you is going home tonight, but that one of you is not Joe," said Chris. He tossed him his barfbag, and Joe caught it with a smirk.

"What? No way!" said Duncan angrily.

Leshawna (CONF): *laughing* I knew Duncan would come through for Harold one day, it's kind of funny to watch him finally realize it though

Duncan (CONF): No, I wasn't upset because dweebling Harold was in the bottom two, it was because Joe wasn't, that guy irks me

"The final barfbag of the night is going to...




























...........Harold," said Chris. Chris tossed a barf bag at the still knocked out Harold.

"What? Why me?" asked Cameron.

"No not cam!" said Zoey, "I'm sorry buddy". She looked at her friend sadly. She walked over and gave him a hug, and Gwen and Sam followed suit. 

"It's simple, you cost us the challenge, toodles," said Heather waving.

"Sha-bye bye," added in Lightning.

"Well bye guys, it was a fun sea-" began Cameron, before Chris pushed him off the plane.

"Man I missed doing that," said Chris, "with one of our four winners gone, are the other ones safe? And what actually happened to Harold? Find out next time on Total Drama Explosion!"

Chapter 9: Vegas Baby

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "Our remaining competitors battled hard during their first world leg of this competition. We visited the sunny Grand Canyon, and the contestants had a ton of fun rafting, crossing a tightrope, and yes, singing. The songs are back! Isn't that exciting? Anyways, things are pretty tense right now with the Phoenixes. The villains seem to be causing a ton of problems for them, with Heather throwing the challenge to boot last season's winner. Bye-bye Cameron! This time, we will be flying to Viva Las Vegas, to see how the competitors manage the world portion of this game, and eachother. Who tried to end Harold? What is Suki's secret? Will Dawn continue to talk to butterflies? Find out, right now, on Total Drama Explosion!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up with the Fiery Phoenixes sitting in Economy class. The loss did not go over well with many of the contestants on the team.

"I'm telling you, I was pushed!" said Harold.

"Harold, we all know you're clumsy, but do you really need to make up a story for it?" asked Gwen.

"Yeah man, I mean that's not cool," added Trent. Gwen blushed at Trent, causing both Courtney and Duncan to shoot her dirty looks.

Duncan (CONF): If Gwen picks that pop sensation wannabe over me...

Gwen (CONF): Great, just what I need, Trent causing both Courtney and Duncan to be upset with me, perfect

"Well I believe Harold," said Leshawna, "I mean, how do you just fall out of a raft? It's not natural."

"Leshawna is right," said Dawn. The other Phoenixes looked at her as if she was going to continue talking, but she returned to her meditating. In the meantime, Katie and DJ weren't paying attention to everyone else. They were sitting in the corner laughing.

"No way, like you really did that?" asked Katie.

"Yeah, momma thought it would be a good idea, but man was she wrong on this one," said DJ. The two began chuckling.

"Excuse me, does this look like happy fun time? Need I remind you that we lost?" said Courtney. The three began fighting aimlessly before it was interrupted by Bridgette.

"Guys, if we want to get back to our winning streak, we need to stick together," said Bridgette. Silence followed, but fighting broke out again shortly. Bridgette sighed and the scene transitioned to Geoff sighing in first class.

"Seriously guys, this is so not a party, we can't have all this fighting," said Geoff.

"Yeah hear that sister? Shut up," said Blaineley. Anne Maria snarled and took a dive at her. The two began fighting before Sierra broke it up.

"Ugh, I am definitely like, uber gen one contestants," said Sierra. Her team turned to look at her with confused looks on their faces.

"I mean I like the first generation cast...duh," said Sierra.

"Hey that's not ver-" began Mike, before gasping. Mike's body began contorting, as his left eye began to shut and his spine began to bend. His face scrunched up and a groan similar to that of an old man's came out. Chester had returned.

"You young whipper-snappers really need to calm down," said Mike (Chester). Chester began aimlessly babbling about how they didn't have fancy airplanes in his day, and how they should go back to the horse and buggy system. In the meantime, Cody was trying his best not to feel uncomfortable. Beth, Sierra and Noah were all staring at him, and Cody was trying to pretend he didn't notice.

"Hey there big boy," said Beth, scooting towards him. She pulled out her chicken perfume and spritzed it on. Cody laughed nervously and scooted away from her.

Cody (CONF): Sure I like Beth, but not like that.

"Not that this isn't...flattering, but don't isnt Brady your boyfriend Beth?" asked Cody.

"He doesn't have to know," said Beth. She proceeded to awkwardly wink at Cody.

"Well this is on national television..." began Cody, but gave up when Beth didn't seem to care. Thankfully, by the time Chris arrived at economy class Mike had reverted to his old self.

Mike (CONF): Why? Why? First Zoey and I get separated, and second my personalities begin to take control again. Maybe it has something to do with Zoey...

"Hello players, please meet me in the mess hall in five," said Chris. The contestants all followed him into the mess hall where the Phoenixes were already sitting.

"What messed up place are you taking us next?" asked Duncan.

"Oh you are all going to like this one, we are going to Vegas, baby!" said Chris, throwing his arms in the air. His announcement was met with silence.

"You do realize that we are only nineteen right? We can't get into any casinos," said Jo.

"Ha. Sucks to be you guys because I am old enough," said Blaineley.

"Oh yeah I forgot you were around when they invented casinos, my bad," replied Jo sarcastically.

"You won't be so hot from the outside of the casino," said Blaineley. She stuck her tongue out at Jo.

"Shush you two, who said anything about going in the casinos? You guys will get to experience the chilly winter nights here in Las Vegas as you complete today's challenge," said Chris, "Vegas attracts some pretty weird people, your challenge today will be to find those weird people and snap a photo with them. Here is a list." Chris handed Bridgette the Phoenix's list and Sierra the Fox's.

"But we are going to start with a song!" said Chris, "Once we land, I want you to give the streets of Las Vegas a performance, something poppy, something techno-y, something hip." The contestants meet this announcement in the usual way, with a groan.

"I think I know just the song," said Zoey, "it's not too mainstream but also not too in the dark."

The plane lands, and the contestants break into the song Titanium.


The song is met with roaring applause from the thousands of people wandering the streets of Vegas looking for night life.

"They love me, they love me!" said Courtney, bowing.

"Eeh!" squealed Dakota, "This is amazing, talk about fame booster. Oh yeah!" She pushed Courtney out of the way and began posing. Gwen went to help Courtney up, but ended up earning herself a scowl as Courtney used Bridgette's hoodie to pull herself off the ground.

"What was that about?" said Bridgette, turning around.

"Sorry, I don'y want goth-itis," said Courtney. She and Gwen broke into another one of their many fights, causing Bridgette to sigh walk away.

Gwen (CONF): I just want to make up with her

Courtney (CONF): I just want her gone

"Alright, and go," yelled Chris through a megaphone from aboard the plane. The contestants all sprinted off the stage and both teams ran off into the crowds on the streets of Vegas. The screen flashed white and changed to the Phoenixes wandering down the Las Vegas Strip, the main street of Las Vegas.

"This is what I'm talking about," said Duncan, looking around at all the casinos and women.

"Well, it fits a pig like you," said Courtney as she picked up a banana peel off the ground and threw it into a nearby trash can.

"So what's first Bridge?" asked Zoey.

"It says someone with a big mohawk, p.s. Duncan does not count," said Bridgette.

"Crap," said Duncan, snapping his fingers.

"Alright, we are in Las Vegas, how hard could it be to find another punk wannabe," said Scott.

"Hey," said Gwen, Duncan and Courtney at the same time. Courtney quickly looked embarrassed, and walked away.

Duncan (CONF): So princess still isn't resisting the D-Man...interesting...I could use that

"Come on guys, we are not losing this, we will fight and we will come out on top," said Alejandro.

"Save it Ale," said Lightning, "we all know your tricks. Even the Lightning isn't stupid enough to fall for the charm."

"Yeah, it's not like we didn't watch Total Drama World Tour," said Joe.

Alejandro (CONF): That is such an unfair advantage! How am I supposed to manipulate people when they know that I'm doing it? Now I can't gain anyone's trust...I am going to have to kick it up a notch

"So Katie, you're still upset about Sadie's elimination aren't you?" asked Alejandro. Katie nodded sadly.

"Well, how about I help you avenge her and we form an alliance," said Alejandro.

"But like...didn't you manipulate all those people two seasons ago?" asked Katie.

"Trust me, I want you to succeeed," said Alejandro, pulling Katie into his arms. She turned red and began giggling.

"Ok," said Katie, swooning. DJ watched the whole thing go down, warily.

"She doesn't actually like him" said Dawn, appearing beside DJ, "she is just playing along, I can tell by her aura." The two looked over and Katie kissed Alejandro.

"I don't want to hear it," said DJ. He out-of-character walked away as Katie stood giggling in Alejandro's arms.

"But..." began Dawn, before she realized DJ was too far away to listen. She hung her head sadly and continued walking with the team. Heather was taking the situation much differently.

Heather (CONF): Excuse me? Did Alejandro just kiss Katie? Oh she is so done, and so is he. Not because that happened, because they are a threat now...seriously...*screams angrily and kicks the confession cam*

"Look over there," said Harold, pointing off to someone walking by with a mo-hawk. Zoey ran over and snapped a photo of the punk before he could notice, then turned around and ran back.

"Got it," she said, as she arrived back to the group.

"Nice job Zoey!" said Bridgette, high-fiving her. That earned a point for the Phoenixes, however the Foxes seemed to be doing this challenge a lot better.

"Alright so we have the mohawk, the couple kissing, the person dressed as a cowboy, and the person wearing a Total Drama shirt," said Beth, "we are so getting first place!" The other Foxes cheered.

"It's thanks to my overwhelming fame, people were rushing just to come see me, I'm sure that made it easy to find all the people," said Blaineley.

"Sure blondie, whatever you say," replied Anne Maria.

"So we have two left," said Beth, "we need someone with bright neon colored pants." She had taken the list for her team and the reigns for this challenge.

Jo (CONF): Sure I don't like it when others lead, but nerd-ette is the only member of our team that has ever reached the final two. That's got to count for something. Besides, if she fails, bye-bye nerd

"There," said Suki, pointing at someone with neon-colored pants. She grabbed the camera from Beth's hands and ran over to the guy with the pants. The contestants watched as she took a picture of him. Suddenly, the guy and his group of friends looked excited to see Suki. One of them took a picture of Suki posing with the group. Once that was over, she warily looked over at her team and returned.

"What was that about?" asked Sierra, as they continued to find the final person on their list.

"Oh it's nothing," said Suki.

Suki (CONF): Alright, I might as well tell the viewing audience, I have a secret...I am sort of an internet celebrity. Only sort of though! I only have like ten million subscribers on my YouBox channel, if anyone else found out though I would be kicked off for sure, besides, I don't have the confidence to be dealing with people in real life. It's much easier responding to comments on a screen

The scene flashed back to the Phoenixes, who hand't made much progress.

"Come on, there has got to be someone dressed as a cowboy," said Bridgette, looking at the list. Right when they spotted someone dressed as a cowboy, Bridgette's cell phone rang. She answered, and it turned out to be none other than Chris.

"Alright, come back to the plane losers, the Foxes are already done," said Chris. Bridgette hung her head and told the rest of her team. They all headed back to the plane to find the Foxes there cheering.

"Foxes rule, baby" said Anne Maria, throwing her hands in the air.

"Oh yeah," said Cody, high-fiving Owen.

"We rock!" he said in reply. Owen gave Dakota and Sam a crushing hug, and Sam gigged with delight.

"I can't believe we lost...again," said Courtney.

"Ha. Sucks to be you guys," said Chris. The scene flashed to the mess hall, where the contestants were eating dinner. The Phoenixes were really tense.

"Easy, I think Ale-jerk-dro needs to go," said DJ.

"I second that," said Heather, immediately after DJ said it.

"No!" blurted out Katie, getting up out of her seat. She quickly blushed and sat back down, and DJ shot her a dirty look.

"Why Katie? Is there something your not telling us?" asked DJ angrily, "Don't pretend you don't know. I thought we were tight." Katie looked away in shame.

"Don't blame the lady DJ, you must act with honor," said Alejandro.

"Oh don't even talk to us about honor buddy, you left me stuck to a the arctic," said Bridgette.

"Yeah, and you are like...really mean," said Lindsay.

Joe (CONF): This is PERFECT! But it is not Alejandro's time, time to put my plan into action

Alejandro (CONF): Crap...

"It's time," said Joe, to a group in the dark.

"Ok," replied a number of unidentifiable voices. The scene then flashed to the elimination ceremony.

"Alright, you know the drill. There are sixteen barf bags on this plate, and seventeen of you. One of you will be going home today, and you will never return...ever," said Chris.

"The first marshmallow goes to...Bridgette," said Chris. She caught her barf bag and sighed with relief.

"Also safe tonight, Courtney, Heather, Gwen, our Amazonians," said Chris.

"Ugh, she is safe...again," said Courtney, referring to Gwen. Gwen sighed, but not with relief.

"DJ, Katie, the lovebirds may celebrate the joy that is safety," said Chris, tossing DJ and Katie their barf bags. That made the atmosphere of the room even more awkward than it was before. Both caught their barf bags in silence, and DJ looked at Katie sadly. She rpelied with another look of shame, and quickly turned away.

"Well...that was anyways, Joe, Scott, Lindsay and Lightning, you four are safe as well," said Chris.

"Sha-booyah!" cheered Lightning as he caught his barf bag. Lindsay squealed and Scott and Joe both had a look that said that they knew they were going to be safe.

"Dawn, Zoey, Duncan, Trent and Leshawna, you five are also safe," said Chris. He panted and put his hands on his knees. "Man this is hard, there are so many of you."

"Yeah baby," said Duncan, as he caught his barf bag. Dawn and Zoey hugged, and Trent shot a look at Gwen, but she looked away.

"Alejandro, of you is going home tonight, the last barf bag goes to....



























........................................................................Alejandro," said Chris.

A look of confusion swept across the contestants holding their barf bags.

"What?" asked Harold, "but how?" Even Alejandro looked confused. He didn't even catch his barf bag he was so shocked.

Alejandro (CONF): Uh...all part of the plan?

"But....." said Harold.

"How did this happen?" asked Leshawna.

"Yeah, honestly though," followed up Duncan.

"I don't get it," said Bridgette.

"The aura of this situation is all wrong," said Dawn, glaring at Joe.

"Well I guess it was a good run, there is one last thing I need to say, last challenge, I know who pushed me off the raft, it was-" began Harold, before Chris shoved him out the plane.

"Well looks like there is another one gone, good night everybody," said Chris.

-This clip is shown exclusively to the viewers-

Joe (CONF): Ha. Good thing I came prepared with these extra passports, *holds up seven Harold passports* Lightning the halls are clear right? Good. Scott, I want you making sure no one enters through that way got it? *stamps multiple Harold passports and puts them down* I can't have anyone know it was me who tried to push you off, plus you are a threat, plus...I just don't like you, that's right, karma, have fun taking the drop of shame. I know I could have used up these extra passports on anyone, but it was worth it, and now you are gone. The first of many.

Chapter 10: Baby It's Cold Outside

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our competitors got to have fun in Las Vegas, and finally got to have a crowd for their musical performance. Our players navigated through the crowded streets to try and photograph all the weirdos that were on their list. Ultimately, the Phoenixes began to butt heads even more than they were before, costing them the challenge. In a shocking twist, Joe displayed a personal vendetta against Harold, sending him home by rigging the voting system. We probably shouldn't have let that happen but hey, I'm sure ratings are up, not to mention Harold never really paid for what he did to Courtney back in season one. That won't happen again though or someone is going to get it. This time, our players are being taken to the frozen plains of Vancouver for a snow-filled challenge. It's time to finish our first full cycle, who will win? Who will lose? Find out right now, right here, on Total...Drama...Explosion!" said Chris.

Theme Song

The episode began with the Phoenixes sitting back in economy class. Things were not looking any better than they were at elimination.

"I can't believe y'all voted off Harold," said Leshawna angrily.

"Calm down Leshawna, we didn't, we have to be smart about this," said Courtney, "besides, it's not like Harold was that useful anyways." Leshawna stood up, rolled up her sleeves and began walking toward Courtney before Bridgette and DJ held her back. "Also let's keep in mind that he did the exact same thing to me back in Island."

Courtney (CONF): Do I think Harold deserved his fate? Yes of course I do, but I don't want the witch-hunt to turn on me

"Alright enough- if you voted Alejandro, raise your hand," said Gwen. Zoey, Bridgette, DJ, Dawn, Gwen, Courtney, Leshawna, Trent, Lindsay and Duncan all raised their hands. Gwen began counting all the hands.

"Alright, with Harold that makes eleven out of the seventeen votes directed at Alejandro," said Gwen. She glanced apologetically at Alejandro. "Sorry."

"Heather, you didn't vote for me?" said Alejandro, ignoring Gwen's notion.

"Uh...pssh yeah I did," said Heather, slowly and awkwardly raising her hand.

"But you didn't raise your hand," said Alejandro, winking at her. Heather turned bright red, and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Hey!" said Katie, but Alejandro ignored her. He leaned in and kissed Heather. Katie looked hurt and ran out of economy class. DJ looked reluctant at first, but eventually decided to run after her.

"I have a sneaking suspicion what happened..." said Dawn, glaring at Scott, "I thought you had changed." Scott looked ashamed for a brief moment, before he became defensive.

"I didn't do anything nature freak," said Scott, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Well maybe Joe could tell us," said Dawn. Everyone's attention turned to Joe, who was sitting in the corner.

"You know what I find funny? How you guys continously threaten to vote me off, and yet after four eliminations I am still here," said Joe, "You are running out of time, tick...tock...tick..."

"That's only because you are almost slightly useful to the team, just you wait the first chance we get when we don't need you," said Courtney. Joe's face remained emotionless, and the scene flashed to first class where the Frozen Foxes were staying. Blaineley was sitting in one of the chair sets, with Anne Maria, Jo, and Sierra.

"Alright sisters, I need to get far in this game, being the mega popular contestant I am I wouldn't want to displease any fans," said Blaineley.

"I haven't seen any Blaineley fansites," said Sierra quietly to herself.

"I am just going to ignore that, and move on," said Blaineley angrily, "So we are the four strongest females on this team, so I am giving you three the lucky chance of allying with me, Blaineley Stacey O'Halloran."

"Don't you mean Mildred blondie," said Anne Maria. She began chuckling, but stopped when she realized how red Blaineley was turning out of anger.

"Ally? Us four? I don't know," said Jo.

Jo (CONF): I could use some allies, and some people to manipulate into feverishly obeying me...This could work

"Actually, I am in," said Jo.

"Good, what about you two other lovely ladies?" said Blaineley, but Sierra wasn't seceding to her manipulation.

"I don't know, I mean without Cody..." said Sierra.

"You are going to have to move past that sister, have you seen that boy's advances on Noah?" said Blaineley. The scene flashed back to the Foxes sitting in first class in the previous episode. Cody and Noah were both sitting at the mini-bar, and they both reached for the same drink. Their hands stayed their briefly until both pulled back embarrassed. The scene flashed back forward to the ladies in the chairs.

"That boy is playing for the other team," said Blaineley.

"That's not true," said Sierra defensively, "But in case it is, I guess I can join your little alliance."

"I am in too, you guys could use some hotness," said Anne Maria, "And we all know I gots the goods."

The four put their hands in the middle and broke. Beth was sitting with Brick and Tyler at the mini-bar and the three were laughing about some sort of crazy adventure Izzy was talking about. In the meantime, Dakota and Sam were sitting on the couch.

"So er...I never got to officially ask you out, you Dakota, so-" began Sam, before he was interrupted.

"Of course Sam, aside from the paparazzi, and the screen-time, and the popularity, and the..." she rambled.

"Uh is this going somewhere?" asked Sam.

"You are almost the best thing that has ever happened to me on this show," said Dakota.

"I am cool with that," said Sam blushing. They were about to kiss, when Chris's voice boomed over the intercom.

"Meet me in the Economy Class in five," he said. Five minutes later, all the remaining contestants were standing in economy class. Suddenly, the plane started shaking violently.

"Oh no not again," said Leshawna, her voice shaking from the heavy turbulence.

"Sorry, snowy environments do that to the plane," said Chris. Suddenly, the plane landed, jerking all the contestants off their feet. The plane halted to a stop, a couple feet above the ground.

"Alright guys, remember the Yukon, one at a ti-" began DJ, before Lindsay bumped into him knocking him off the plane. One by one, the contestants hopped out the door into the snow, ending in a giant dog pile. The contestants slowly struggled to climb out of the big pile, with Chris watching amused. They gathered around Chris, who had put on winter gear.

"Alright, our coats had to have arrived," said Courtney.

"It's been over a year," said Bridgette.

"Wait, we don't get coats?" said Anne Maria, "that's ridiculous!"

"Didn't you watch last season?" asked Beth.

"No, I didn't watch Total Drama Blama until the end of the third season," said Anne Maria.

"So where are we anyways?" asked Beth, this time directing her question at Chris. He finished sipping his hot coffee very slowly before answering her question.

"Good question Beth, we are in Vancouver," said Chris.

"We haven't even left the western hemisphere yet," said Noah, "maybe if a certain host still had a certain assistant we would be somewhere cooler..."

"Shut it, before I personally kick you out of the game," said Chris angrily.

"Can we get on with it? I'm itching to break out my mad skills," said Tyler.

"Agreed, this cold weather is pumping me up, as long as we don't have to go anywhere...dark," said Brick with a gulp.

Tyler (CONF): It's crazy that I am still the least talked about contestant on the fan blogs. Still. I have less play then all the season four contestants, and they have only competed in one season so far, this is my challenge, I can feel it

"Anyways, back to the challenge..." said Heather.

"Right, the challenge, your challenge today will be a massive snowball fight! That's right, you guys remember dodgeball all those seasons back?" said Chris. The scene flashed back to the dodgeball game. It showed Owen going crazy and throwing a ton of dodge balls, and Courtney, Katie, Duncan, DJ, and Geoff using Duncan's strategy to take out the Gophers. "We will be doing five on five snowball fighting!" said Chris.

"Oh yeah, I am so good at dogdgeball," said Tyler, cheering. This caused the veteran contestants to bust out laughing.

"Good is definitely not the word that I would have used there," said Heather.

"Hey, that was all bad luck," said Tyler.

"Whatever you say," said Heather, "let's just say I'm glad you're not on my team." Chris then motioned for the contestants to follow him, and brought them to a giant battlefield. There were lines drawn out, forming what looked like a dodgeball arena in the snow. Each side had two piles of pre-made snowballs for the contestants to use.

"Alright here we are, I am going to skip the rules, because I am sure you all know them, and during the beginning of the challenge, guess what is going to happen?" asked Chris.

"Crap," said Duncan.

"Yes," said Courtney, at the same time as Duncan's "crap".

"That's right, it is song time, this time you will be doing a mash-up" said Chris. The musical chime rang overhead, and the contestants began their song, Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another.


The song consisted of a montage, which showed three rounds. The Phoenixes sweeped the first round, but the Foxes retaliated and took the next two. In the fourth round, it was Bridgette, Lindsay, Dawn, Scott, and Trent against Tyler, Brick, Jo, Blaineley, and Cody. Tyler immediately scooped up three snowballs and chucked them at Dawn. As they were about to hit her, she side stepped and all three whizzed past her.

"Good moves," said Scott, "but watch this." He picked up two snowballs and lobbed one up in the air. As Tyler ran to catch it, Scott pelted him in the stomach with the second snowball, eliminating him.

"That was a dirty trick, but your aura says your intentions were good so...," said Dawn, and using Scott's strategy took out Cody.

"Ooh, Ooh I want to play," said Lindsay.

"Lindsay, you are playing," replied Trent.

"Yay!" cheered Lindsay. She ran, scooped up two snowballs, and weakly threw them at Jo. They both fell short, prompting Jo to laugh at the attempt. As Jo was laughing, Bridgette launched a snowball at her eliminating her from the challenge.

"Sorry," cheered Bridgette. Her and Lindsay high-fived and the girls retreated to the back of the arena.

"Guys, we are seriously sucking right now," said Blaineley. She looked over at Brick, who was awaiting orders.

"Let's go military man, time to kick some butt," said Blaineley.

"Affirmative," said Brick. He immediately scooped up two snowballs, and hurled them at Dawn and Scott, eliminating the two from the challenge.

Brick (CONF): I didn't want the other contestants to know that I have a powerful arm, all those years at military boot camp really toughened me up, it was all strategy, if the Phoenixes knew at the beginning they would have tried to take me out first

"All right!" said Blaineley, "That is what I call team work."

"You did nothing," said Joe blatantly. This prompted Blaineley to throw a snowball at Joe, who was sitting on the bleachers.

"Hey, he is out, I would never throw it at someone who was on the bleachers," said Heather.

"What about th-?" began Lindsay, before Heather glared at her.

"That was an accident," said Heather, although she obviously didn't believe what she had said.

"Drama diva is out," said Chef, who was refereeing the match.

"What? How?" said Blaineley. Chef glared at her and pointed to the bench. Blaineley stuck out her tongue, but complied to Chef's call and stepped off to the sidelines. Chef glared at Blaineley, remembering the torture he had to endure in Africa due to Blaineley smooth talking him into an alliance. In the meantime, Brick scooped up another snowball and lobbed it at Lindsay, taking her out. This left Trent and Bridgette against Brick. All three contestants were on their toes, squatting, and bouncing back and forth, as if preparing for a volleyball game. Trent was the first to make a move. He grabbed a snowball and chucked it at Brick.

"Take that," he said, as the snowball left his hand and whizzed towards the military man. Bridgette took the opportunity to sneak to the side of the court and throw another snowball from there. Brick easily dodged Trent's snowball, before getting pelted in the side by Bridgette's. Chef then blew his whistle, indicating he was out of the challenge.

"Round four goes to the Phoenixes," said Chef, as two of the rounds were shown in the montage, "This last round will determine the winner." Both teams huddled up and began deciding who to send out for the final round. The Phoenixes huddle was going fairly smoothly.

"If you don't remember, Harold won us this challenge last time, so good job booting him," said Courtney annoyed, "but I say we stick with some Bass members." The other contestants seemed hesitant at first, but eventually nodded in agreement.

"So let's do this, let's send out me, Duncan, Bridgette, Katie and DJ," said Courtney.

"But Lightning is an athlete, I should go too" replied Lightning angrily.

"Overruled," said Courtney. Alejandro, Lindsay, Dawn, Zoey, Joe, Scott, Trent, Heather, Gwen, Leshawna and Lightning stepped off to the bleachers, leaving the five Bass members to take the stage in the final round. The Foxes were also huddled deciding on who to send.

"Obviously we don't send book worm, or couch potato, or sweat band," said Jo, referring to Noah, Sam and Tyler, "but surprisingly quiet girl throws pretty well, so I say we send her."

"Also Owen, he dominated one of the rounds last time, we just have to unleash him," said Cody.

"Alright good, of course I myself will go, but who else?" asked Jo to her team. The huddle looked around nervously at eachother.

"I'll go dudes," said Geoff. Jo glared at the party-er, annoyed how the contestants seemed to like him as a leader more than her.

"Alright, happy-go-lucky can go too, that leaves one, I vote either Cody or Sierra," said Jo.

"I will do it," said Cody and Sierra at the same time. Sierra snarled at Cody, which was returned with a confused look. Cody took a step back and Sierra stepped into the arena.

Sierra (CONF): I'm not going to pull a Courtney and try and throw the challenge. That got like, so badly reviewed on my fan sites, but if we lose today's challenge, this girl is making sure Noah goes home at the next elimination

"You got this guys," said Trent from the sideline.

"Yeah, do it," said Gwen. The two smiled at each other, which distracted Duncan. What Duncan didn't know, is that Chef had begun the round already, and Owen used the opportunity to take him out. Duncan was on the ground rubbing his head, but still looking at Gwen. He went over to the bleachers and distanced himself from both Gwen and Trent.

"Oh yeah," said Owen.

"Come on let's show some effort," said Heather, clapping her hands. Katie and DJ teamed up and took out Owen. Their chemistry seemed better again, but still something was off between them.

Katie (CONF): Ok, so maybe I was like, really not smart for falling for Alejandro, but he is sooo cute, I just want DJ to forgive me though. I like, think it's really hard going without Sadie, but DJ almost makes me forget that...oops, sorry Sadie

"That's what I'm talking about," said Heather. Courtney threw a snowball at Sierra, but Sierra ducked under it. Sierra then fired a snowball straight at Courtney, but Bridgette dove right into Courtney pushing the two out of harm's way.

"Thanks Bridge," said Courtney smiling, "that is how teammates and friends should treat eachother." She shot a glare a Gwen, per the usual.

"Look out," said DJ, throwing a snowball over the two fallen girls and hitting Jo, who was about to take the two out.

"I got this next one," said Courtney, line-driving a snowball straight at Geoff. It nailed him directly in the face, prompting Bridgette to run to the line separating the two sides.

"Geoff," she said, worrying for his well-being. While she was distracted, Suki threw a snowball at Bridgette's side, eliminating her from the challenge.

"Way to go surfer girl," said Heather sarcastically.

"Come on guys stay focused," followed up Gwen.

"Sha-do it," cheered Lightning. 

"It's ok Brianna," said Lindsay, who clearly still was having trouble with names, "I think it's cute." The two shared a smile, and Bridgette went to sit with Leshawna and Gwen on the bleachers.

"Alright Courtney, DJ, Katie it's up to you," said Bridgette.

"You got this guys," cheered Leshawna. 

"Right," said the three at the same time. Katie managed to throw out Sierra, before also getting thrown out by Suki.

"You can do it sister," said Blaineley, "Ra Ra!"

"Oh yeah, you got this!" followed up Anne Maria. A quick montage whirrled past Dakota, Sam, Geoff, Owen, Cody, Noah, Sierra and Blaineley cheering Suki on. 

"Go Suki!" cheered Beth. Suki picked up another two balls and used Scott's strategy to take out DJ.

Scott (CONF): Hm that quiet girl seems to know her stuff, she picked up on my strategy pretty fast, if she makes merge she will have to go

This left Courtney and Suki to duel it out. Things seemed even, as both girls threw, rolled and ducked. It seemed to be going nowhere, before one of the girls made a mistake. Suki tried to use Scott's strategy on Courtney, who was waiting for that to happen and used the opportunity to sidestep and launch a snowball at her from the side. This caught Suki off guard, eliminating her from the challenge and giving the Phoenixes the win.

"And the Phoenixes win our Vancouver challenge," cheered Chris, throwing his arms in the air. The Phoenixes all got up and cheered. The scene then flashed to the mess hall in the jumbo jet, where the elimination was being discussed.

"Alright girls, move one, we take out Beth," said Blaineley. The other three girls looked at her confused.

"Why Beth?" asked Jo.

"Uh duh, she slipped all the way through to the final two last time," said Sierra, pretending to go along with the plan, but she had a different plan in mind.

"We can't take a risk. All the finalists made it to the finals last time for a reason, we need to make sure they are the first to go," said Blaineley, "maybe we can even convince some of the Phoenixes to turn on Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Alejandro and Lightning, but getting rid of Owen and Beth is our job." 

"Alright, sounds good, she is a pimple on our beautiful team anyways," said Anne Maria. The four put their hands in the middle and broke. Despite agreeing, Sierra had other plans. She went off and began trying to convince the contestants to vote off Noah. Cody overheard Sierra talking to Izzy about the elimination, and when he heard Noah's name, he quickly tried to retaliate by finding out who else was being targeted. Blaineley, in an effort to collect more votes against Beth, brought Cody in and told him who they were planning on eliminating her for being a threat.

"Alright," said Cody, agreeing with the plan. He then went to Mike, Owen and Dakota, re-grouping the ex-alliance.

"Alright guys, Beth is seriously creeping me out," said Cody, making up an excuse.

"More than Sierra?" asked Mike.

"More, and besides, she made final two back in Action, if we let her get far, who knows what would happen," said Cody.

Owen (CONF): I'm a little worried because I won the first season, does that mean people will target me?

Things were undecided when Chris called the Foxes into the elimination room. Chris gave them the elimination speech, and told them to make their way to the confessional to cast their vote. A few of the votes were shown to the viewers.

Sierra (CONF): And this is for trying to make my Cody play for the other team *stamps Noah's passport*

Cody (CONF): Please go home, please go home, please go home *stamps Beth's passport*

Geoff (CONF): I guess the little guy really doesn't do much *stamps Noah's passport*

Anne Maria (CONF): Bye-bye pimple *stamps Beth's passport*

Chris then pulled out his tray of barfbags filled with airline-issue peanuts.

"As you know, I only have fifteen barfbags on this plate," said Chris, "so one of you will be taking the drop of shame, and never returning...ever. This time though, that person will not be, Sam." He tossed a barfbag to Sam.

"Sweet," said Sam, looking at Dakota happily.

"Oh yeah that's right, Dakota, you get one too," said Chris, tossing one to her.

"Oh yeah!" she cheered.

"Also safe, Geoff, Brick, Jo, Suki, and Anne Maria," said Chris.

"Alright!" said Geoff, throwing a fist in the air. Anne Maria and Brick followed suit, cheering and putting their hands in the air. Suki just smiled. 

"Figured," said Jo, but she was still smiling. 

"And Sierra, Cody, Blaineley, Owen and Izzy," said Chris. Izzy began chuckling happily and caught her barf bag. Sierra squeezed Cody tight, and Owen wrapped Izzy, Cody and Sierra into one big hug.

"Oh yeah, we get to be together for another two days!" said Owen.

"Whoop-di-doo," said Blaineley, but she was still smiling due to her immunity.

"Beth, Tyler, Noah, the three of you all got votes against today, the only one I can really guess is Tyler, I mean really dude? You weren't exactly the best, lucky for you that didn't seem to matter, because you are also safe," said Chris, throwing him a bag. Tyler sighed in relief. 

"Beth, Noah, one of you is going home tonight, the final barf bag of the evening goes to...



























...............................Noah," said Chris. Beth looked down sadly and Sierra snarled.

"Why me?" the sad nerd-ette asked.

"Threat, sorry girl," said Blaineley.

"I-I am a threat? No way!" said Beth, her sadness turning into excitement.

Beth (CONF): Hear that mom? I got eliminated because I was a threat, that's right, boo-yah! I would be sadder I guess, if I didn't have a big hunk of hottie to go home to, that's right Brady, I'm talking to you *winks at the camera and waves*

"I had a lot of fun, I am going to miss you all though, Tyler, tell Lindsay that I will miss-" began Beth, before she was also shoved out of the plane by Chris.

"Ahh that is always satisfying," said Chris, with an evil smirk, "that is all for this week, tune in next time to find out what will happen, on Total Drama Explosion!

Chapter 11: Lost in Wawanakwa

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," said Chris, "our remaining thirty-two contestants battled it out in a giant snowball fight in Vancouver. The Phoenixes finally got their mojo back, and thanks to Courtney beat the Foxes in three out of the five rounds. Sadly, that meant bye-bye for one of our former runner-ups Beth, who was booted for being a threat. That leaves six out of our eight formal final two members still in the game. Are they safe? Is anyone safe? Were back at the island for thrills, drama, and excitement, right here, on Total, Drama, Explosion!

Theme Song

"So why are we in the cargo hold?" asked Noah, clearly annoyed. Both teams were sitting on the floor of the cold, dark room. 

"Not like it's any worse than that crappy Economy Class, my butt never stops aching," said Anne Maria, rubbing her butt. 

"Thanks for that," said Blaineley, with a straight face.

Blaineley (CONF): Ok so maybe I picked the wrong people to ally with, but I have to stick with them, I am so making it to the end of this loser fest

"This reminds me of the situation in that song, Trapped in Reality by the Metal Crushers," said Gwen, "That song was totally awesome".

"I love that band, I knew them back when they were underground," replied Zoey.

"No way," said Gwen, "that is actually pretty cool." Zoey was about to reply before she was interrupted by Tyler.

"I'm sorry guys," said Tyler loudly, and suddenly, "I didn't mean to do badly in the snowball fight."

"Aww it's ok Tyson, you didn't do that bad," said Lindsay. Tyler blushed and Lindsay kissed him on the cheek.

"Still with the enemy I see," said Heather.

"No it's not what it looks like," said Lindsay, trying to cover it up.

"By the way Linds, Beth said to tell you she says bye to you, and wishes you luck in the competition," said Tyler.

"Uh why?" asked Lindsay. She then realized Beth was no longer with the group, which caused her to scream.

"Didn't you notice her gone?" asked Courtney, "Idiot. Besides, you can't trust that little nerd-ette anyways."

"Hey, that's like, not nice," said Katie, trying to cover for Lindsay, "I know what it's like to have your best friend eliminated." Courtney seemed surprised by Katie's sudden outburst. An awkward silence followed, as Chris walked in the room.

"So I am guessing we are heading back to Wawanakwa right?" asked Gwen.

"Very good Gwen, that is true, we have completed one full rotation, with three island, action, and world stages, congratulations on completing rotation one. After rotation two, there will be a lot less of you sitting with me in this room, nine less to be precise, one of which will be going home today." A montage followed of the previous nine contestants who got eliminated: Ezekiel attempting to climb up the cliff, Sadie helping defend her mascot in the capture the flag challenge, B shocked after he was blindsided, Staci running up the mountain set during the adventure movie challenge, Justin being the victim of Dakota's wrath for stealing her paparazzi, Eva accidentally giving the Phoenixes their crest in the haunted castle, Cameron falling off the tight rope across the grand canyon, Harold chattering about some unknown topic while walking through Las Vegas, and finally Beth lobbing a snowball in the Yukon challenge.

"So why are we in here?" asked Trent.

"Good question Trent, you are in here because- NOW CHEF," yelled Chris. The floor opened up beneath all the contestants and they fell down into the ocean on the far side of Wawanakwa.

"Good luck getting back to camp," yelled Chris from the jumbo jet, that was flying away.

"I hate him so much," said Heather. The contestants were all treading water.

"Ok I am getting serious de ja vu," said Jo. She looked to her left and saw Lightning swimming past her.

"Sha-stroke, sha-stroke," he said, each time he took a stroke.

"Oh don't think you are a faster swimmer than me," said Jo. She quickly darted after him.

"Charge ahead soldiers," yelled out Brick, as he also began the swim. The other contestants soon followed behind, and eventually they all reached the shore.

"Seriously, if Chris makes us swim one more time," said Anne Maria. She was panting out of exhaustion. The contestants were sitting there for a few minutes, before they realized nothing was happening.

"Where is Chris? Where are the mutant animals? Where are the sharks?" asked Gwen, smirking. The contestants all chuckled at Gwen's comment, but eventually those smiles turned into frowns, as they realized Chris wasn't coming for them.

"He seriously meant we were finding our way back to camp?" asked Joe.

"Haven't you watched this show?" asked Trent, already walking towards the woods. Joe looked ready to retaliate, but chose not to and followed behind.

"So what is our plan captain, I mean you are the one with the brains" said Scott, obviously sucking up to Joe. Lightning chuckled at Scott's attempt, but Scott ignored it and looked at Joe.

Joe (CONF): Just because Scott could persuade Zoey and some of those other generation two screw-ups so easily doesn't mean he can manipulate me, but there's no hurt in letting him think I can

"I say we take out Dawn," said Joe. Scott froze, looking a little hurt. He quickly swallowed the paralysis away, and sped up to catch up to Joe again.

"What? You falling for creepy girl?" asked Lightning, "This is a man's game, Lightning's got no time for romance."

"Who even said that I liked her? You're crazy grandpa," said Scott, mocking Lightning's white hair. Both teams seemed to be sticking together, but as they progressed further into the forest the Foxes seemed to be going at a quicker pace.

"Full speed ahead team," said Jo, leading the pack, "we ARE getting back to camp first." The Foxes followed close behind Jo.

Blaineley (CONF): Alright, psycho jock has to calm down, because if she gets booted that leaves me a man down, literally

"How are you doing dude?" asked Mike, putting his hand on Tyler's shoulder. Tyler seemed surprised by this notion, noting he hasn't spoken with many of the new contestants yet.

"Er, good, thanks bro," said Tyler, rubbing the back of his head. The conversation took an awkward turn, since neither had anything else to say, and Mike slowly sped up to walk with Brick. Anne Maria was busy checking out Mike, which was noticed by Zoey, who was leading the Phoenix pack.

"No good, over-tanned, poofy haired..." mumbled Zoey.

"What's wrong?" asked Dawn, appearing next to Zoey.

"I know this is dumb, but it's Mike or I mean, Vito and Anne Maria, I know he can't help it, but I can't stop myself from-" began Zoey.

"I get it, but Mike is gaining control again, after what made him lose control again," said Dawn. The two locked eyes, seemingly having a silent conversation about what had apparently happened to Mike. This was all overheard by Scott.

Scott (CONF): Alright, do I tell Mr. Know-It-All about this new information about Mike? Or do I help Dawn? Not because I like her or anything, that's gross, but you know...for gameplay

"Alright, it's getting dark, I say we set up camp," said Bridgette.

"The other team is getting ahead though!." exclaimed Courtney.

"Bridgette is right, there is no point walking through the dark," said Trent, "besides, we could all use some rest, it has been a long day."

"Well, what do we use as a tent?" asked Zoey. The contestants began to look around for shelter-like materials, as the scene panned to the Frozen Foxes. The Foxes had also decided to set up camp for the night, but they were doing much better than the Phoenixes.

"And that is how the army sets up a tent," said Brick. He had Dakota, Tyler, and Sierra helping him set up a tent from the bamboo and giant leaves surrounding them. The four were looking over their work, when they were distracted by a bright light.

"Fire is ready," said Izzy. She cackled at her job well done.

"Nice work crazy girl, that was surprisingly useful of you," said Jo, who was currently collecting firewood.

Jo (CONF): Eva being gone makes it much easier for me around here, I don't need another person trying to shine in my spotlight, I am leading this team all the way

"This is awesome," said Anne Maria, who was lounging on a log, "This is a nice crib we got goin' on here."

"Yeah, I wonder how our food team is doing," said Jo. The scene flashed to Noah, Suki, and Blaineley. They were walking in the woods, scavenging for any food they could find. Eventually, they bumped into a wall.

"Wait...I know this wall...this is the wall Courtney found back in the special," said Suki.

"She had climbed over it to get that hot air balloon, that means civilization is on the other side," said Noah.

"Civilization? Sounds good to me, let's go," said Blaineley. She lifted up Suki, who lifted up Noah, allowing him to get on top of the wall. He struggled, but managed to pull Suki up, and the two pulled Blaineley up together. While sitting on the top of the wall, they realized they were right next to a fast food place. They hopped over, and began walking towards the restaurant, when a slender, asian man got out of his car. He approached the group excitedly, and speaking poor English asked for an autograph. Blaineley, assuming it was her began to respond to the request, when he pushed his pen and paper to Suki. Blaineley had a look of confusion on her face, and the scene flashed to Duncan there with a confused face.

"Is that a couch?" asked Duncan, indicating the orange couch half-way sticking out of a bush. In the surrounding area were bricks, chairs, and other various furnniture items, almost as if a lobby was destroyed there. A single sign stood, that said "Chris's Bed and Breakfast."

"Another one of Chris's crazy projects I see," said Heather. The two looked on the rubble and established they could use it to set up for the night. They called over their teammates. The contestants approached and began to make work of the area, turning into a fairly nice campgrounds. Bridgette began to work on the tent with Duncan and Courtney, while Leshawna and Heather worked on making a fire.

"Try not to burn down any tents this time surfer girl," mocked Heather. 

"Ignore her, she is a total pain," said Courtney.

"Thanks," said Bridgette, smiling in return. In the meantime, Katie was still trying to make amends with DJ.

"Thanks for like, comforting me the other day," said Katie.

"It's all good girl," said DJ. He put his arm around her, but the look on his face showed he hadn't fully forgiven her yet.

"Aww," said Lindsay, "That is so cute." She was watching the whole thing, as she picked up firewood for Heather and Leshawna.

The scene flashed to the Fox's food team, with Blaineley, Suki and Noah walking back to their campgrounds with their hands full of fast food.

"Hey Suki, why don't you speed up and get to camp quicker? That way they don't worry about us being lost," said Blaineley. Suki nodded her head and quickened her pace. Soon she was out of sight, and Blaineley took this as an opportunity.

"Look scrawny, something is up with that quiet girl, no one goes up and asks a nobody for an autograph, especially with yours truly standing right there," said Blaineley, "the season hasn't even aired yet."

"And you need my help why?" said Noah, in his usual condescending tone.

"I need you to help me figure out this girl's secret, you in or out nerd boy?" said Blaineley. Noah looked like he was about to refuse, before being intimidated by Blaineley.

"In," said Noah, losing his feeling of superiority. Blaineley smirked, and the two continued their walk back to camp. Back at the campgrounds, the Foxes were surrounding the fire.

"No way," said Tyler.

"True story, I almost lost my arm that day," said Brick, revealing a scar on his arm.

"Ew, that is so gross," said Anne Maria.

"Like, totes gross," followed up Dakota. She made a gag noise, that caused the other contestants to laugh, even Jo. Suki was still holding her bags of fast food when Blaineley and Noah arrived. The three rationed out their goods and the Foxes began chowing down.

"Fast food? Thank you," said Owen, his eyes twinkling. He quickly shoved the fast food into his mouth and made a farting noise that made the fire temporarily grow bigger.

"That was totally awesome," said Geoff. He high-fived Owen. "It's like you're a human flamethrower."

"More like a sack of noxious gas," said Anne Maria, looking disgusted.

The Foxes all began groaning as the scene flashed to the Phoenixes, who were having a bit more trouble with food but that didn't dampen their spirits. All of their spirits at least.

"Lightning need protein, this ain't no protein," said Lightning.

"Oh hush up and eat," said Leshawna. She had gone out in the woods with Zoey to retrieve food, but all they could find were some berries.

"I like them," said Dawn, appearing between Lightning and Leshawna. Both their eyes widened, as Dawn continued nibbling her berries.

"Alright men and women of our mighty team, when the sun comes up tomorrow, I suggest we run to the finish, catch those rodents off guard," said Alejandro, using his "inspirational speaker" voice. The contestants began laughing.

"Look dude, we aren't going to fall for your 'we are one' act, I watched World Tour," said Zoey, giggling.

"Yeah, and don't forget most of us were in that season," said Gwen.

"Yeah, and you're the reason a lost of us lost that season," followed up Leshawna. Courtney and Bridgette nodded.

"Yeah I can't believe I was so dumb," said Courtney, "after watching that season air back home, I almost couldn't show my face at the Girls for the Future club, but since I'm the president..."

"No, I think that is actually a good idea," said Trent. The contestants looked at Trent shocked, particularly Gwen. Alejandro grinned. Joe sat in the back watching the whole discussion. He decided laying low in this challenge was his best bet. There was enough conflict already planted from the previous four seasons that if he stayed out of it he would make it far enough to truly start executing some power plays. He motioned that Scott come over and join him, but Scott, who was now sitting next to Dawn, pretended not to see him.

"Look creepy girl, I shouldn't be telling you this, and it is purely gameplay, but-" he began, before Joe came and dragged him away.

"What do you think you are doing?" said Joe.

"What do you mean?" said Scott, trying to sound innocent.

"What did I tell you about feelings? You cannot let them get in the way of the game," said Joe. Scott ignored him and walked back to the fire, which caused anger to visibly take over Joe.

Remember, stay low, thought Joe to himself. The scene flashed to the other Jo, who looked equally as angry.

"You ate the rest of our food?" said Jo, anger seething from her voice. The rest of the contestants were all shooting Owen a nasty look except for a few.

"Look how big the guy is, what do you expect?" said Geoff, "it's just one night."

"But I didn't eat the rest of the food I promise," said Owen. He then burped, which definitely didn't help his case.

"I believe Big O, I mean one time, I was being chased by the RCMP right? And I had to live off of berries for like, three straight days, and when I finally found food I chowed down, but the restaurant owner got mad at me because I 'couldn't pay', but I..." rambled Izzy.

"And how is that related?" asked Tyler.

"Well Owen didn't eat that food either!" said Izzy.  

"But...he wasn't with you?" said Sam. The rest of the contestants stood there looking confused, trying to comprehend Izzy, when Anne Maria broke the silence. 

"You are so dead you tub of lard," said Anne Maria, glaring at Owen. The contestants all settled down to go to sleep, as did the Phoenixes. In the early morning, Duncan woke up and woke the rest of the Phoenixes up.

"It's time, let's do this y'all," said Leshawna. The scene flashed to all the Phoenixes standing in a line and stretching.

"They are so going down," said Gwen. Bridgette smiled back.

"Let's do it!" yelled Zoey, and the contestants all began sprinting in the direction of the camp. They sprinted right through the Fox's campgrounds, waking up all the Foxes. In a startled state, the Foxes got up and began sprinting as well. It was an all-out foot race, but the path to camp was incredibly long, causing Owen and Leshawna.

"Come on you got this Leshawna," cheered Gwen.

"Girl, these thighs were not built for this much running," said Leshawna, but she began to pick up the pace. The rest of the Phoenixes had found the campground, and were cheering Leshawna on.

Izzy in the meantime jumped on Owen's head, causing him to collapse to the ground.

"Go Owen!" cheered Izzy.

"Owen is trying his hardest," replied Owen.

"Anne Maria or Dakota, do you have any flavored perfume?" asked Tyler. The Foxes had all finished as well. Dakota grabbed some fruity-scented perfume, but it was too late. Leshawna had already bolted to the finish line.

"And the Phoenixes win!" said Chris, raising his hands in the air. "Foxes, see you at elimination," he followed up. The day continued as the Foxes all discussed who to eliminate. There was a montage of different alliances speaking (namely Dakota's and Blaineley's), as well as other contestants nodding their heads and speaking about elimination. Finally, night fell, and the elimination ceremony was held.

"Alright, as you all know, I have fourteen marshmallows left on this plate. There are fifteen of you, and one of you will be going home tonight. Our first safe is, Dakota," said Chris. He threw the marshmallow to Dakota, who caught it.

"Booyah!" cheered Sam, and Dakota blushed.

"Thanks for that Sam," said Chris sarcastically, "and sadly you are also safe."

'Double boo-yah!" cheered Sam again. He caught his marshmallow happily.

"Jo, Brick, you two faux love-bird enemy couple whatever you are, you are also safe," said Chris. Both looked ready to protest, but stopped when Chris continued.

"Blaineley, sadly you are also safe, as is Anne Maria," said Chris, tossing the two ladies their marshmallows.

"That is what I'm talkin' about, gimme that," said Anne Maria, arms stretched as she caught her marshmallow. Blaineley just sat with her legs crossed, smirking.

"Tyler, Cody, and Noah, you three are also safe," said Chris.

"Yes!" cheered Cody.

"Oh yeah!" followed up Tyler. Noah just smiled as the marshmallow landed in his lap.

"Sierra and Geoff, our resident giraffes, are safe as well," said Chris.

"Sweet," said Geoff calmly. Sierra grabbed her marshmallow and then rushed over to give Cody a crushing hug. Cody was suffocating, causing Noah to chuckle.

"Mike, you are the last of those who didn't receive votes, congratulations," said Chris, throwing Mike his marshmallow.

"Yes! More time to spend with Zoey," said an excited Mike.

"Typical," said Anne Maria, blowing the hair out her face.

"Suki, Izzy, Owen, the three of you all received votes tonight. Lucky for Suki, she didn't receive enough to be in the bottom two, here is your marshmallow," said Chris, tossing Suki a marshmallow. She had transformed from visibly nervous to calm once Chris announced that.

"Owen, Izzy, one of you two is going home tonight. The final marshmallow is going to...
























...................................................Izzy," said Chris.

"Not Owen?" asked Izzy, upset.

"Wha-, Why?" said Owen, clearly in shock.

"You ate all of our food bud," said Mike, "we didn't have much of a choice. Besides you coming in last kind of cost us the challenge." He put his hand on Owen's shoulder.

"Even you guys voted against me?" asked Owen, directing the question to Dakota and Cody.

"Sorry," said Dakota, only half interested.

"B-but I didn't even eat the food," said Owen. Blaineley sat there smirking at Owen.

"It- It was you?" said Owen.

"Me? That's ridiculous," said Blaineley.

"You stole the food, it was you," accused Owen.

"He's crazy," defended Anne Maria.

"I-" began Owen, before Chris, Chef and three interns took him down the dock of shame.

"I didn't get to say my goodbyes! Goodbye Izzy, I'll miss you! And my little buddy Noah, and Mr. Coconut, wherever you are, and-" rambled Owen, as he was tossed into the Boat of Losers. "Oh come on this is so unfair. I want to compete!"

"I'll miss you big guy," said Noah, standing at the edge of the dock with Izzy, Brick, Tyler, Mike and Geoff.

"Sorry dude, you definitely will be missed," said Geoff. Izzy just waved, as the boat took the first ever Total Drama winner off into the distance. It began to snow heavily, so the contestants were brought back to the cabins.

Blaineley (CONF): Yes! *punches fist in the air* My plan worked, I am so owning this game. Beth and Owen gone, easy as pie. Cameron is gone from the other team too. That just leaves Lightning, Duncan, Heather, Gwen and Alejandro. Anyone who made it to the final two is obviously who you go for first. Goodbye suckers *waves at the camera*

Chapter 12: The Blizzard

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our remaining campers were dropped off in the middle of the forest with no supplies, only each other. Their goal was to find their way back to camp. Lucky for the Foxes, they found our secret wall, someone is going to have to pay for that, but anywho that means they got food, also the Phoenixes found my construction site, so they hit the jackpot as well. In the end, Blaineley framed our buddy Owen for the disappearance of most of the food they had retrieved, causing our first ever Total Drama champion to walk the dock of shame for the first time. Now, with a quarter of our contestants gone, things are going to be stepped up, will our contestants make it? Find out right now on Total Drama...Explosion!" said Chris. He was standing outside of the cabins, bundled up in winter clothes, as a brutal wind whipped snow everywhere.

"I can't believe this is the last Total Drama season, in the back of my mind I always figured there would be more, ever since Total Drama Action," said Trent, "it's totally a bummer." He was sitting on one of the bunks in the guys side of the Phoenix cabin. 

"A bummer? Ha. It's a bummer I'm cramped up in this cabin with you people," said Scott.

"Feel free to go outside then," said Lightning, opening the window. A squirrel completely encased in ice flew through the window and hit him in the face. As it hit the ground, the ice broke, and the squirrel scampered back outside. Lightning tried to close it, but couldn't due to the intense winds, so DJ, Joe and Duncan went to help him out.

"This is ridiculous," said Duncan, pulling down on the window with all his strength, "I already won a season." Finally, the boys managed to close the window.

"But didn't you end up using all your money on that Brittney case?" said Trent, snickering.

"Don't even," said Duncan. The scene flashed to the girl's side of the cabin, with Zoey holding up Leshawna's bra.

"Um, I am guessing this is yours," said Zoey, holding it by the tip and covering her nose with her other hand.

"Thanks homegirl," said Leshawna, grabbing it and stuffing it into her suitcase with her other clothes.

"Duh it's hers, Leshawna's the only one who could fit her junk into that giant bra," said Heather, "that could be a hammock for any of us other girls."

"Don't be jealous of all this," said Leshawna, pointing to her chest. Courtney, Gwen and Bridgette all snickered as Heather turned red.

"Heather, I really think it's time you stop being mean to LeFawnduh, like, it's like, really mean," said Lindsay.

"Shut it, Lindsiot," said Heather. Lindsay looked discouraged, but Bridgette put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't listen to her, she is just bitter that she lost her money from World Tour to Ezekiel," said Bridgette.

"Don't even bring that up," said Heather, immediately turning around after hearing Bridgette's consolence, "That money was mine, I won it, for once fair and square."

"She is genuinely upset, I can tell by her aura, let's just focus on getting along and not losing any more challenges," said Dawn. The girls came to a silent agreement, as the scene flashed to the girls in the Fox cabin.

"And three and four and..." said Jo, as she was doing jumping jacks.

"Why are you working out psycho?" asked Anne Maria, "aren't these ridiculous challenges exercise enough?"

"Well let's see, you got what place in the competition last time? Yeah, that's what I thought," said Jo. Dakota was sitting on her bed texting, and Sierra was typing a tweeter update on her laptop. Izzy was there cackling at something unknown. 

"Chris let you bring a laptop?" asked Dakota, surprised, "last season, he took everyone's electronics."

"Err well, he doesn't really know it's here," said Sierra. The scene flashed to Chris sitting in the warmth of his cabin. His phone buzzed, as he had wired all tweeter mentions of him to go directly to his phone.

Sierra (Tweeter Update): Chris McLean doesn't even know my lap top is here. LOL. Wish me luck guys. #TeamCody

"Sierra..." said Chris, his face steaming red. Back at the girl's side of the Fox cabin, they are sitting there talking when Chef burst through the window. He grabbed Dakota's phone, and Sierra's laptop, and sprinted back toward the window. Izzy tried to stop him with a karate chop, but Chef avoided the swing with a somersault and dives back outside.

"Well, those didn't last very long," said Izzy. She began laughing hysterically, and the other contestants looked worried. "No, not long at all."

Sierra (CONF): I love Izzy and all, I mean if it wasn't for her allowing me to swap teams, I totally wouldn't be BFF's with Cody right now, but she really freaks me out sometimes

"So what is-" began Dakota, before abruptly stopping as the earth shook. Suddenly, the lights and heat went off in both cabins. A montage of the contestants looking around their cabins for the source of the problem was shown, but none of the contestants came up with anything.

"Lightning don't do cold, it makes my muscles stiff," said Lightning, frantically rubbing his muscles.

"Yeah this is not cool," said Trent, wrapping his arms around himself. Duncan pulled out his lighter and started a small fire in the middle of the room.

"Ooh nice job delinquent boy, now we'll all burst into flames," said Joe, stepping on the fire. The fire was crushed under Joe's shoe.

"Hey, nobody messes with my fire," said Duncan, standing up. He dove at Joe, but DJ and Trent came and separated them.

"Y'all need to calm down," said DJ, "let's just go figure out what is up." The Phoenix boys walked out of their cabin and over to the girl's side. By the time they got over there, they were all shivering violently, with pale blue faces.

"What happened to y'all?" said Leshawna.

"Don't go outside," replied Trent.

"Chris won't actually leave us here to die will he?" said Bridgette.

"He came close with that radioactive mine," said Zoey.

"Good point," replied Bridgette.

The Fiery Phoenixes huddled together for warmth, but it wasn't helping their scenario.

"Alright, I say we go get the Foxes," said Courtney.

"What? Let those losers handle themselves," replied Heather.

"No she is right, I can sense their auras, they are in danger as well," said Dawn. She was curled up next to Scott, who seemed to constantly switch between enjoying it and warily eyeing Joe, who openly dissaproved. The scene flashed to the girl's side of the Fox's cabin. The boys on the Frozen Foxes had a similar idea to the boys on the Phoenixes, as they had come over to huddle together for warmth on the girl's side as well.

"Can I just say our team name is really ironic right now," said Sam. Dakota was huddled up next to Sam on one side, and Izzy was on the other side.

"Thank you captain obvious," replied Noah. He was next to Cody, grabbing onto eachother with Sierra grabbing onto them both.

"I gotta see Bridge," said Geoff, "I can't die without seeing her again."

"No way soldier, too risky," replied Brick.

"I agree with our resident sprinkler over there, no way jose," said Jo.

"I have to," said Geoff through chattering teeth.

"I agree, I have to see Zoey," said Mike.

"But you have me here baby," said Anne Maria, snuggling closer to Mike.

"I have-" began Mike, before he was interrupted by another shake.

"What the?" said Suki. As she said that, Blaineley shot her a look, which Suki was oblivious too.

Blaineley (CONF): I will figure out what she is up to, it's just a matter of when

"Alright contestants," said Chris, coming over an intercom system, "I don't have much time, as you can tell, the power is out, this intercom is running on our one back-up generator, it is for emergencies, and the loving audience of Total Drama hearing my voice is definitely an emergency. This is not a challenge, you are-" The intercom went silent. The scene flashed to both teams looking at the silent intercom speaker in their respective cabins.

"Was that straight up?" asked Leshawna.

"I can't tell, I am not near enough to Chris," replied Dawn. A third shake followed.

"Alright it is settled, we are going to get the Foxes," said Courtney.

"And who decided that princess?" asked Duncan. Courtney immediately turned and got right in his face.

"If you think you have any right to call me princess you are strongly mistaken," said Courtney. Gwen looked on with a look of guilt on her face, and Heather looked on with a smirk.

Heather (CONF): I have to say I love the Gwen-Courtney-Duncan whatever, because it is always a great way to shift the tension from me

"Alright guys let's just take it easy," said Bridgette. She began to walk over to them, but tripped and fell on top of Alejandro.

"Well hello," said Alejandro, who was holding Heather in his arms. Heather stared angrily at the surfer girl.

"Oh don't even," said Bridgette, quickly getting up and sitting over by Lindsay. Heather closed her eyes happily, but suddenly realized it was Alejandro she was cuddling up to and jerked away.

"I think Courtney is right, like, what if I don't get to see Beth before I die," said Lindsay.

"Beth is eliminated, remember?" said Trent. Lindsay had a sad look in her eyes, so Trent halted any follow up comments.

"Beth is gone, Tyler is gone, this is horrible," said Lindsay.

"Tyler is still in," replied Gwen.

"Wait, I'm confused," said Lindsay.

"I can't take it! I would rather freeze to death then sit here with you people," yelled Joe. He got up and stormed outside. Courtney got up and motioned for the contestants to follow. As they were walking outside, they saw the Foxes walking towards them.

"Bridgette!" said Geoff, in unison with Mike.

"Zoey!" said Mike, in unison with Geoff. The two ran over and hugged their respective girlfriends. Tyler came over and hugged Lindsay, who had a puzzled look on her face, but then remembered it was Tyler and smiled.

"Tyson!" said Lindsay, "I am so glad you returned to the game." Anne Maria ran up and hugged Mike and Zoey. The two looked angry, but Anne Maria was not going to let the two have a moment.

"Alright, why is she in our alliance again?" whispered Sierra to Jo.

"Your what?" replied Noah.

"Uh...nothing," said Sierra, "oops." Jo face palmed, and Sierra walked over and hugged Cody nervously.

"Help me," she said, with Cody tight in her arms.

Cody (CONF): Ok, so sure Sierra is creepy, a stalker, and kind of weird, but she has always been there for me, so if she needs help I am willing

"So please fill me in more about this little alliance of yours," said Noah, stepping up to Jo.

"As if I'm going to tell you scrawny," replied Jo. Noah turned around, as if preparing to make an announcement to the whole team until Jo picked him up by his collar.

"Alliance or not, you spill this to the team and I will make sure you are the next to go," said Jo. Noah whimpered, and reluctantly motioned he would keep his mouth shut. The contestants all formed one big huddled as the blizzard intensified and the temperature shot down.

"Alright we have to h-help them," said Chris, from inside the craft servies tent. His eyes were locked on the thermometer. He was huddled with Chef and a few interns.

"Since w-when do you care?" said Chef.

"I d-don't, but I don't want little miss l-lawsuit to strike again," replied Chris. The two reached a silent agreement and headed out into the storm to save the contestants.

"Alright as a CIT I know exactly what to do in t-this situation," said Courtney. She began drawing in the snow a gameplan for them, that surprisingly made sense.

"S-since when did you actually know what you were doing?" said Leshawna.

"O-oh this was in a horror movie, what we need to do is form a r-ring facing out, not only for warmth but in case whatever is causing that shaking c-comes a-after us," said Gwen.

"Let's do it," said Bridgette, in Geoff's arms. She took a deep breath and stepped out of Geoff's arms. Zoey soon followed. The two coralled all the contestants into a circle. DJ kept the smallest contestants, Cody, Suki, and Noah, close to him, since he had the most body warmth. The huddle, slowly but surely following Courtney's plan, and headed towards the craft services tent.

"Why don't we just go back to the cabin?" asked Noah.

"Because w-we don't want to die there," said Lindsay.

"Blondie is right for once, we need to find Chris and demand he h-help us," said Courtney.

"Look over there," said Scott, pointing to a huddle approaching in the distance.

"Thank g-god you are alive," said Chris.

"Thanks," replied Lindsay.

"Not you, C-courtney, I wasn't about to have another lawsuit," said Chris.

"Feeling the love Chris, feeling the love," said Jo. The giant huddle of all the TD cast slowly moved back towards Chris's quarters. They stumbled upon a luxurious cabin, that had power. They all quickly rushed through the door and immediately ran to the fireplace.

"Your place had power?" said Brick, "Why didn't you share any? It was dark."

"Well about that, I had Chef set off some bombs to destroy the generator's connection to your cabins, and redirected it to mine so I would be warmer, and your challenge would be harder," said Chris.

"Well then why did you come and save us?" asked Heather, smirking. Chris looked stumped by this question, so he moved on.

"Anyways, since it was Phoenix's that created and executed the plan that got you out of the blizzard, they are tonight's challenge winners," said Chris. The Phoenixes all cheered except for Joe, who was looking forward to putting his alliance into action and voting off one of the stronger Phoenix members like Courtney, Gwen or Heather.

"That's how we roll," said Leshawna, hugging Bridgette and Gwen. She looked over and saw Zoey by herself, so she pulled her into the hug. Eventually, it lead to a group hug with all the Phoenixes except Scott, Joe, and Lightning.

"Ew, way too mushy for us manly men," said Lightning.

"Agreed," said Joe. Scott looked over and saw Dawn happily between Courtney and Alejandro in the hug and looked a little upset.

"Isn't that right Scott?" asked Joe.

"Yeah, yeah super mushy," said Scott. The cabin shook again.

"Wait then what's all this shaking been about?" asked Leshawna. Chris just shrugged. In the meantime, the Foxes had time to discuss elimination.

"So it's gotta be Sierra," said Noah, who was sitting with Cody by Chris's fireplace. "She clearly has some sort of alliance going."

"It can't," said Cody, with a surprising amount of force in his voice.

"Why not? Is your little crush becoming something more?" said Noah jokingly.

"I don't want to be in this game without Sierra," said Cody. Noah seemed a little upset, and the two made awkward eye contact.

"Pssh whatever, we can go for Anne Maria then, it seems like she is in on it too," said Noah. Cody grinned at him but Noah walked away.

"Yo Tyler," said Noah, "Help us?" As Noah worked on Tyler, Cody went to his former allies Mike and Dakota. They agreed on Anne Maria.

"Alright, it has to be Sierra," said Blaineley, to Jo and Anne Maria.

"You're right, if she goes blabber-mouthing about our alliance we are screwed," replied Anne Maria.

"Oh Brick," said Jo, turning around and walking away from the three ladies. Anne Maria went to talk to Izzy as Blaineley went to work on Suki.

"So girlfriend to girlfriend here, who are you voting for tonight? Because I heard that Sierra is trying to eliminate you," said Blaineley, putting her arm around Suki.

"U-uh I was thinking Anne Maria actually," said Suki.

"Ha. That's funny, Anne Maria was the one who told Sierra to not vote you off," said Blaineley, "just think about it." Blaineley walked away leaving Suki something to think about. The scene flashed to that night at the elimination ceremony. The blizzard had finally lightened up, but snow was piled high.

"Toasty," said Chris, finishing a cup of hot cocoa.

"You know what goes well with hot chocolate? Marshmallows, and I only have thirteen of them right now on my plate. Too bad that there are fourteen of you," said Chris, "but lucky for Brick and Jo, you two are safe." He tossed the two marshmallows.

"Thank you sir," said Brick.

"Cody, Noah, Suki, you three are safe as well," said Chris. He tossed the three marshmallows, and Suki seemed confused.

Suki (CONF): Blaineley had to have been lying, good thing I voted the way I did, if she had been telling the truth I would have at least been in the bottom five or six

"Tyler, Geoff, Mike, you three love birds are safe," said Chris.

"Yes!" all three cheered in unison. They had a group high-five and walked up to claim their immunity.

"Dakota, Sam, Izzy, you three are safe as well," said Chris. The three caught their marshmallows exicitedly.

"Finally Blaineley, sadly you get one of these," said Chris. Blaineley smirked and caught her marshmallow.

"You aren't getting rid of me anytime soon McLean," said Blaineley, lounging back and tossing the marshmallow in her mouth.

"Anne Maria, Sierra, one of you is going home tonight, the final marshmallow of the night goes to...


























.............Sierra," said Chris.

"What?!" said Jo, Anne Maria and Blaineley in unison. All three had gotten up off their stumps at the same time.

Sierra shot Cody a grateful look, but the looks Blaineley and Jo were shooting her were definitely not grateful looks.

"Why are you guys so surprised?" asked Sierra, but the three girls ignored her.

"Looks like you are out girlfriend," said Chris.

"Goodbye Vito," said Anne Maria, running and jumping in Mike's lap.

"Come with me," she said.

"As if," said Mike. He stood up causing her to fall out of his lap.

"Well it's been fun everyone," said Anne Maria. She walked down the deck and hopped in the Boat of Losers.

"I will take boat over catapult any day," said Anne Maria, as it pulled away.

"Well that was a lame elimination, way too peaceful," said Chris, "but will it stay that way? Find out next time on Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Chapter 13: The Great Sled Race

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our contestants got all mushy and 'worked together' to save eachother from the blizzard, well most of them. Boring. Sure they managed to get out of the blizzard alive, but hey, a couple of casualties definitely would have boosted our ratings. Our only casualty was Anne Maria, as the Foxes voted her off sending her down the Dock of Shame. Will these happy times continue on? Of course not, or I wouldn't be Chris Mclean. Find out right now on Total Drama Explosion," said Chris.

Theme Song

The scene flashed to the contestants standing at the top of the cliff. Snow was piled high due to the previous blizzard, and the contestants were all shivering.

"Why, why do you have to wake us up early," said Leshawna.

"Because, it's fun," said Chris, "so are all of you guys ready for today's challenge?"

"Yes. Woohoo," said Noah sarcastically.

"Glad to hear it," said Chris, ignoring the sarcasm, "Remember that bike racing challenge all those seasons back? That ended up booting the beautiful Lindsay?"

"Yeah that wasn't very fun," said Linday.

"Well we will be recreating that challenge, however this time we are using sleds. See your teams? For this challenge they are no longer," said Chris.

"So like, we are merging already?" asked Lindsay.

"No, no we aren't, I said for this challenge, got it Lindsay? You will return to your team in the next challenge should you still be in the game," said Chris. She nodded her head.

Lindsay (CONF): Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I made the merge *squeals*

"Lightning don't get it, so we aren't merged, but we don't have teams just for this episode? That's just dumb," said Lightning.

"I think Chris is running out of ideas," said Gwen, "next thing you know we will all be voting for a Head of Household." Trent snickered, but stopped abruptly when he realized Chris and Duncan were both staring at him.

"Anyways, you will be building a sled, and racing it down the cliff. Last person to cross the finish line, regardless of the team, get's eliminated. If you get first you get a special reward," said Chris.

"So like, a merged reward?" said Lindsay. Chris face-palmed and just continued.

"You will be using the parts from this junk pile, good luck," said Chris. He motioned to a large pile of junk behind him, and the contestants headed towards it to start building their sleds. Duncan however, had a different idea.

Duncan (CONF): These losers are all taking their time with their sleds. Hello? Why not just grab something flat and go

"See ya," said Duncan, running towards the hill. He jumped up, slid the sled under him, and shot down the hill. He didn't make it very far, as he immediately crashed into a tree. Courtney burst out laughing as Duncan trudged back up the hill, head to toe in snow.

"Excuse me, did I say go?" asked Chris.

"Whatever," said Duncan, walking past a chuckling Courtney.

Zoey (CONF): There are so many people in this individual challenge, and I don't want any of the Phoenixes to go home. Well except maybe Scott or Joe. Or Heather or Alejandro. Or maybe Lightning. Anyways what worries me the most though is, what if Mike loses?

"Need help Zoey?" said Mike. He was holding two boards, some rails, and a rudder that lookes like it could be used for steering.

"Don't you need those?" said Zoey.

"No, you can use them," said Mike. Zoey blushed and took the supplies.

"See Zoey, you had nothing to worry about last season," said Dawn.

"Well you don't either, I saw you with Scott," said Zoey. Dawn seemed taken aback by the comment.

"I don't know what your talking about," said Dawn. She immediately gathered some junk lying nearby and walked away. Zoey sat there with a friendly grin, but then went back to building her sled. In the meantime, DJ was approaching Katie.

"Wanna team up for this challenge?" said DJ, walking up to Katie.

"Is that like, even allowed?" said Katie, with a hint of hostility in her voice.

"He never said it wasn't," said DJ. The two continued working, but Katie seemed held back.

Katie (CONF): I am like, so ashamed. I ignore my like BFFFL's elimination for DJ, then ignore him for Alejandro, and I'm now accepting his help. This is like, so not what I wanted to happen

Leshawna was helping Lindsay with her sled. "Look girl, we need to ally up," said Leshawna.

"How do I know you won't use me like Henna did," said Lindsay. 

"Because that was Heather, and Heather is evil, and that is why we need to ally. Sooner or later she will be gunning for both of us- she knows we're both good players," said Leshawna, "and she is the least of our worries, we are on a team with Joe, Alejandro, Duncan, Scott and Courtney. I wasn't worried before because we had such a big team, but we are already four members down, and Harold and Cameron both would have been our our side."

"We can be like, the best alliance ever!" said Lindsay. The two fist-pounded. "Don't we need like, more people though or something?"

"See girl, I knew there was a brain up there, easy, we just need enough to take out one of the five villains on our team," said Leshawna, her voice still lowered to a whisper. In the meantime, some of the Foxes were teaming up as well.

"This is so sweet of you," said Dakota. She was sitting on a rock as Sam built two sleds.

"Anything for my lady Dakota," said Sam. Dakota blushed, and Jo gagged.

"Please, be a little more gross," said Jo. She was assembling a super-sled. Blaineley in the meantime, was trying to find someone to build her sled for her.

"Look scrawny, we need to be on one sled so we can spy on Suki," said Blaineley. She was trying to find an excuse to not have to build a sled.

"How dumb do you think I am?" replied Noah. He walked away and continued building. He blushed as he saw Cody working on building a sled next to him.

Blaineley (CONF): Noah and...Cody? What? There are so many juicy secrets waiting to be uncovered on this team. This game is more fun than I thought. I love it!

Suki in the meantime, was easily building her sled. It was fairly large, slick, and looked built for high speeds.

"Ok how have those losers not voted out asian chick yet?" said Scott, talking to Joe. The two were building sleds side by side.

"Why?" said Joe, seemingly uninterested.

"She is a genius, athletic, and likable," said Scott.

"Well, you seemed to have missed this last time, but you need those players if you want your team to win. The more you put your own team at risk, the better chance you have of getting eliminated yourself. Even if you made merge, the chances the other team would ally up and take you out would be high. Your strategy was so flawed last season," said Joe.

"I...I had my plan, hey I got fourth," said Scott.

"That was pure luck, you were lucky for that team switch. You were lucky Dawn didn't out you before she got eliminated. You were lucky Lightning didn't win that car racing challenge, because then Mike, Zoey and Cameron would have easily taken you out," said Joe. Scott didn't seem to have a reply, and the two went back to building their sled in silence. Lightning, who was near the two, heard the whole thing.

Lightning (CONF): That Joe guy is harsh, I mean sure Scott is a jerk, but sha-dang, Joe says it how it is

"Ha, I know right," said Izzy, interrupting Lightning's train of thought. He looked over to see the crazy ginger seemingly talking to herself. Her sled looked like a death trap.

"Uh look crazy girl, you do know there is no one else over there?" said Lightning.

"Oh yeah I was talking to the sled," said Izzy, "yeah, one time, I was sled racing, and my sled started talking to me. It was like that movie with the talking car but with a sled. It was so cool."

Lightning (CONF): There are some people I just can't WAIT to be eliminated *begins counting on fingers* both Jo and Joe, Bossy brunette, Bossy asian, Crazy girl...

"So need help? Because if you're lucky I will help you out," said Heather. She was walking up to Alejandro. She had her sled under her arm. Like Suki's, it was slick, but not as big or impressive.

"Ha. As if," said Alejandro. He went back to building his own sled.

"Come on, you know you want to," said Heather, placing her sled down next to his.

"What so you can vote for me again? Or maybe push me down another volcano?" said Alejandro.

"Hey I didn't even get my million thanks to Ezekiel," said Heather, "I am so glad homeschool is already out of here."

"Hey Alejandro, why don't you come help me with my sled," said Courtney. She waved. Heather laughed, as if the idea was impossible, but Alejandro smirked, stood up, picked up his sled, and walked over to Courtney.

Heather (CONF): Oh no. This means war

"Sure Trent I'll help you," said Heather, loudly enough for Alejandro to hear.

"With what?" he replied, confused.

"Oh you are too funny," said Heather. A look of confusion swept over Trent's face, but he went back to building his sled. Gwen eyed the two, causing her to blow the hair off of her face, and Duncan noticed as well.

"I know you are worried babe, but it's nothing," said Bridgette. Geoff was following her as she walked to the junk pile for more sled parts.

"But he is just so...good looking," said Geoff.

"What exactly do you want me to do?" said Bridgette.

"Vote the jerk off," said Geoff, "I mean it was his fault you got booted back in the Yukon."

"But we have bigger problems," said Bridgette.

"Like who?" said Geoff. His usually laid back features seemed tighter, and his facial expression seemed almost as if it did back when he hosted the Total Drama Action aftermaths.

"Well, Joe is like Alejandro but without any sort of heart, then add Scott on top of that, and Heather," said Bridgette, "besides, he is useful to the team."

"Oh so now you are on his side," said Geoff, starting to tear up.

"I am not on anyone's side," said Bridgette, but it was too late. Geoff had walked away.

Bridgette (CONF): Why doesn't he understand? The only person he has to deal with is Blaineley. I didn't realize dating in the game was so hard 

"Alright everyone, it is time," said Chris, "everyone line up." One by one the competitors placed their sleds on the starting line, which was a line drawn in the snow with a stick.

"Remember, first place gets a prize, last gets the boot. There has never been an individual challenge with so many competitors before so...good luck," said Chris, "and go!" The contestants all ran and jumped on their sleds. They shot down the hill, but some didn't make it far.

"Oomf," said Tyler, running into a tree almost immediately. "Stupid wildlife." He got back on the sled and shot down after the others.

"Oh yeah," said Courtney, who was in the lead. She stopped cheering though when she looked to her right and Suki shot past her.

"What the-" began Courtney, before running head on into a tree.

"Hurts doesn't it princess?" said Duncan, zipping past her. Alejandro skidded his sled to a stop and helped her up.

"Thanks," said Courtney, brushing herself off.

"Try not to get eliminated," said Heather, riding past Alejandro. Alejandro scowled, and hopped back on his sled to follow. Courtney hopped back on as well. 

"Mike this is so awesome," said Zoey. The two were in the middle of the pack, shooting down the hill side by side.

"I know righ-" said Mike, before a stick caught his shirt, tearing it off. He gasped, quickly becoming Vito.

"Yo, where is Anne Maria?" said Vito, "And what am I doing on this piece of junk?"

"It's just a character, keep it together Zoey," murmered Zoey to herself. She then had an idea.

Zoey (CONF): I remember Cameron said something about me being in danger

"Help Mike," said Zoey, faking a cry the best she could. Vito quickly snapped back into Mike.

"What's wrong?" he said, barely managing to maintain balance on his sled.

"Oh nothing, it's better now," said Zoey. The two locked eyes lovingly, before quickly realizing they were in the middle of a challenge and re-focused on the hill. Dawn whizzed past the two, and Scott whizzed right after her.

"Come on aura girl, show me what you got," said Scott. He leaned forward and sped up, so that their sleds were side by side.

"Your aura is a white-ish color right now, probably because you are going to eat my snow," said Dawn. She also leaned forward and sped up. She wasn't paying attention though, and ran into a mutated squirrel scampering across the hill. She quickly halted to a stop and got out.

"I am so sorry," said Dawn, "you poor creature." She held the mutated squirrel close.

"Dawn, you are going to get eliminated," said Scott, who had also stopped his sled.

"I deserve it, look at the poor thing," said Dawn. The squirrel had comical x's across its' eyes.

"That is ridiculous," said Scott, "don't you need the money for some nature foundation? Why stop because of just one animal when you could be helping millions."

"You are right," said Dawn. She got back on her sled, and the two continued down the hill. Joe had witnessed the whole interaction.

Joe (CONF): Our plan was to get rid of Dawn anyways, why would Scott help her? Do I have to do everything around here?

"This is just like SSX Swii Edition," said Sam. He was giggling as he weaved through trees.

"I know right," said Tyler, who was next to him, "level up." He leaned forward and went faster. Sam laughed harder and also leaned forward.

"Video game fan I see?" said Sam.

"Totally, sports games are my thing," said Tyler.

"Come on dorks, I don't want any Foxes getting eliminated," said Jo. She shot between Sam and Tyler. 

"For once, I agree with her," said Brick, who was right behind Jo. Jo growled back at Brick, but Brick ignored it.

"No man left behind," said Jo. Her and Brick nodded at eachother and continued down. The scene flashed to Sierra, who was towards the beginning of the pack.

"OMG," yelled Sierra, ducking below a branch. She was weaving in and out of trees, when she spotted Cody ahead.

"Eeh Cody," said Sierra. She sped up to be next to the computer geek. Cody blushed, but matintained focus on the slope ahead.

"Good job little dude," said Trent, who was on the other side of Cody. Sierra, Cody, and Trent weaved in and out the trees, and suddenly crossed the finish line.

"Congratulations, you three tie for first place" said Chris throwing his arms up in the air.

"First place," squealed Sierra, pulling Trent and Cody into a hug.

"I never thought I would win a challenge against so many competitors, sweet," said Cody.

"Oh yeah," said Trent, fist-bumping Sierra and Cody. "That doesn't make sense though. Weren't Suki, Alejandro, Heather, Courtney, and Duncan ahead of us?"

"I am sure they will finish soon," said Cody. Suddenly the three were blinded by a spray of snow.

"Done," said Leshawna happily.

"Oh yeah," said Lindsay, who was right behind her. The the two hugged.

"Best allia-" began Lindsay, before Leshawna hushed her. Trent nodded, as if he knew what the two were talking about, but Sierra and Cody looked confused.

Sierra (CONF): The Phoenixes has so many strong competitors, if they ally up after the merge it could be dangerous for me and my Cody

"Five safe, twenty-four to go, this should be interesting," said Chris. He had a giant parka on and was sipping hot-chocolate. Meanwhile, the scene flashed back to the mountain.

"What is that?" said Geoff, pointing to what looked like a pile up. He was racing down the hill alongside Dakota. 

"Not sure," said Dakota, "it def doesn't look good though." The scene flashed back to the bottom of the mountain.

"Woo-hoo," said Geoff, pounding a fist in the air as he crossed the finish line.

"I would like to thank the little people," said Dakota, already starting her victory speech as she crossed the finish line.

"How did everyone get so spread out?" asked Cody, "this doesn't make sense." The scene flashed back up to the mountain, where Jo and Brick were standing by two broken sleds.

"I can't believe you made us stop," said Jo.

"We had to help Suki, and we did," said Brick.

"Yeah, you also managed to help Duncan and Courtney, who happen to be on the other team. Oh and not to mention you also broke our sleds in the process," said Jo. There was a brief flash back to Courtney, Duncan, Alejandro, Heather, and Suki getting into a huge crash. Brick noticed, and asked Jo to stop. She refused, so he slammed his sled into hers and they went over. He dug out Suki, Duncan and Courtney, but Alejandro and Heather weren't in sight. The scene then flash forwarded to the present.

"Well Chris never said snowboarding was illegal," said Brick. There were some long stretches of wood, "No man left behind remember?" Meanwhile, back at the bottom of the hill...

"Sick, high-score," said Sam, crossing the finish line. Tyler and Gwen crossed soon after.

"Wow, I actually didn't die, and that was actually kind of fun," said Gwen. Tyler reached up for a high-five, but Gwen just looked at it.

"Let's not go too far," she said. She went to go stand by Leshawna. Leshawna and Lindsay seemed to be talking to Gwen about something, which Sierra noticed further, with Cody beginning to catch on too. 

"Alright let's see," said Chris, counting the contestants, "that is ten, looks like we are waiting on nineteen contestants. Come on Chef you call that a foot massage?" Chef was massaging Chris's feet.

"What is that for?" said Leshawna.

"I caught Chef helping Blaineley with her sled."

"Seriously, you tried to cheat again?" said Trent.

"These ungrateful little..." mumbled Chef under his breath.

"Awesome ride dude," yelled Bridgette, as she crossed the finish line.

"Oh yeah girl, you go," said Leshawna. The two high-fived, and Gwen gave Bridgette a hug.

Gwen (CONF): Without Geoff in the picture, Bridgette is back to being pretty cool, let's just hope she doesn't kiss anymore poles

"Done and done," said Duncan. He finished right behind her.

"Alright did we seriously lose to scrawny over there?" said Duncan, referring to Cody.

"Don't you talk about Cody like that," said Sierra. She began menacingly approaching Duncan as the scene shifted back to the people on the mountain. 

"Look we are lost, admit it," said Alejandro. He and Heather were walking down the hill, but seemed to go diagonal so lost where they were going. The two were cold, and it was hard to walk through the snow.

"We are close, I can smell Chris's nasty McLean brand hot chocolate," said Heather.

"Have any contestants not passed us?" said Alejandro, as Blaineley and Noah slid by.

"I haven't seen Izzy, Scott, Dawn, Mike or Zoey. But thanks to someone's awful steering, everyone else seems to be ahead of us," said Heather.

"Are you crazy? It was you who ran into me," said Alejandro. The scene flashed back to something causing Suki's sled to become off balance and knock into Courtney's, which then knocked into Duncan's, Heather's and Alejandro's.

"Whatever," said Heather, the two continued walking down the hill. The scene flashed to Izzy, who was by herself in the back of the pack.

"Oh I know, those were the good days, but then I had to return to the game because Chris said I was a 'fan favorite' or something," said Izzy, "crazy I know." She was talking to a family of beavers that were trying to hibernate in a tree.

"I should probably get going, bye," said Izzy, hopping back on her sled and continuing down the hill. The scene flashed back down to the finish line.

"Thank you so much DJ," said Katie, wrapping DJ in a hug, "I like, can't even thank you enough."

"No problem girl," said DJ. The two were standing by their sled on the other side of the finish line.

"Wait you two rode together? Is that even allowed?" said Duncan.

"Eh, I never said it wasn't," said Chris.

"You really have to work on your rules," said Courtney, who was getting off of her sled.

"And you really need to work on not being such a stickler to them," said Chris, causing Duncan to burst out laughing. Gwen looked angry at Duncan for laughing, and Trent looked angry at Gwen for looking angry. Bridgette sighed at the situation.

Bridgette (CONF): This whole love square is getting old, I guess I understand how people felt with Geoff and I

"Alright fourteen of you are done, fifteen of you left," said Chris. "I really should have put more cameras on the mountain." Chef was giving Chris a shoulder massage now.

"Mama always says you get what you deserve," said DJ.

"Just wait mama's boy, just wait," said Chef under his breath. He dug really deep into Chris's shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain and the contestants to laugh. The scene flashed back to the hill.

"Alright this isn't working," said Lightning. He was stuck at the top of a tree, and coudln't seem to get down.

"Think Lightning, think, trees make steak, Lightning eats steak, so maybe Lightning eats the tree?" said Lightning.

"Your stupidity is physically painful," said Joe, who was on the branch next to him.

"Maybe if you hadn't spent all that time sabotaging that asian girl, you could have built our sleds better," said Lightning. There was another flashback, to the building on top of the cliff. Joe loosened some of Suki's bolts, as well as damaged some of the parts she hadn't put on yet. It then flashed to the crash scene, showing Suki's wooden bolts loosening causing her to cause a huge crash. Back in the present, Heather and Alejandro finally spotted the finish line.

"It looks like almost everyone is there," said Heather, "looks like one of us is going."

"Dibs not," said the two at the exact same time.

"You won the other season," said Alejandro.

"Fine," said Heather, seemingly giving in. Alejandro grinned at his victory, and warily began taking the lead towards the finish line. Suddenly, Heather shoved him to the ground and began running.

"Sorry, but I told you I lost the money," said Heather.

Alejandro (CONF): Heather has betrayed me...again, Jose is going to shove this in my face just like last time

"Yes, looks like you are eliminated Ale-jerkdro," said Heather. Alejandro crossed the finish line and sighed.

"Uh, hate to burst your bubble here, but there are still twelve people that need to cross," said Chris.

"Oh," said Heather, awkwardly chuckling. "Yay."

"Yes," said Alejandro, throwing his hand in the air, "Uh Chef...what are you doing?" Chef was now giving Chris a hand massage. Instead of giving him an answer, Chef just shot him a look.

"Looks like you guys are stuck with me for another two days," said Scott, as his sled rode across the finish line. Dawn's followed right after. The day went on, and the only others to cross were Mike, Zoey, Brick, Suki and Jo. That left Joe, Lightning, Izzy, Blaineley and Noah. Suddenly, as night fell, and Blaineley and Noah came soaring past the finish line.

"I can't believe you," said Noah, angry at Blaineley for unknown reasons.

"It's a TV show, the audience will eat this up," said Blaineley. Noah looked unamused. Cody shot him a smile, but Noah ignored it.

Suki (CONF): Those two look like nothing bad happened to them, and their sleds seem totally what took them so long to finish?

"Finally," said Lightning, who was walking with Joe, "the finish line. Looks like we are the last two. Sha-later." Lightning began running, but Joe tripped him.

"Hey that is unfair," said Lightning from the ground.

"I didn't say anything about being fair," said Joe. He ran to the finish line, upset to see Suki there.

"I...can't...believe you...sha-cheater...," said Lightning, panting.

"You people seriously need to learn to count, you two weren't the last two," said Chris.

Lightning (CONF): Note to Lightning, don't trust people with the name Joe

"Which means," said Chris, as Izzy finally crossed, "Izzy is out of here."

"Out of where?" said Izzy, "Sorry for costing us the challenge guys, time to vote someone out."

"No, not time, this was an auto-elimination remember E-scope/Izzy/Explosivo? You are gone," said Chris. A couple of the contestants cheered silently, which Izzy was obvlious too.

"Oh, bummer," said Izzy, "it's been fun everyone." She screamed and ran into the woods.

"Is that normal?" asked Zoey.

"You get used to it," said Gwen. Her and a couple other contestants were waving in the direction she ran. 

"Am I upset Izzy is eliminated? No! So what did Trent, Sierra and Cody win? Find out next time on Total Drama Explosion!" said Chris, "faster Chef." The camera zoomed out as Chef was giving Chris a piggy back ride back to the cabin.

"I hate this show," said Chef, as the screen faded to black.

Chapter 14: The Revengers

"Last time on Total Drama," said Chris, "I temporarily busted up the teams for a crazy sledding challenge. Some did well, while others didn't- particularly Izzy, who got herself eliminated by being the last to cross the finish line. Relationships were strengthened, others weakened. Trent, Cody and Sierra ended up securing the top three spots, earning them an awesome prize, and we are back at the movie set for our fifth game phase. Who will be around long enough for the sixth? Find out right now on Total Drama Explosion."

Theme Song

"Great, I forgot it was movie set week," said Duncan, who was sitting in the back of the bus with Geoff and DJ, "why did I agree to do this stupid show again."

"Better than crappy old camp," said DJ.

"True," said Duncan, "but don't forget I spent a whole season here."

"I love the movie set, I need to get used to it for when I reach mega-stardom," said Dakota. She opened a compact and began checking her make-up. She was in a seat with Sam.

"You already are my mega-star," said Sam, blushing. Despite the awkward-ness of the statement, Dakota squealed with delight and pulled him into a hug.

"This bus is headed to barf city, population me," said Jo. She rolled her eyes and made a gagging noise.

"I think it's cute," said Brick. He turned to Sam and Dakota.

"That is definitely not cute," said Jo, motioning towards the two. Sam and Dakota had begun making out.

Bridgette (CONF): I feel bad for Dakota and Sam, rookie mistake, relationship are too complicated in the world of Total Drama, I just hope Geoff is starting to get the hint that we need to chill out until the show is over

"Yeah girl, it happened," said Leshawna. She was in a seat next to Gwen, and the two bust out laughing. Bridgette and Courtney were sitting across from the two. Courtney heard Leshawna and Gwen laughing, and began a loud, fake, laugh in return.

"Bridgette you are too funny," said Courtney, nudging her.

"I don't know what you're talking about," replied Bridgette.

"Ha. Stop it hurts," said Courtney, continuing the laugh. Leshawna and Gwen looked over, and continued talking about whatever they were talking about.

"Smooth," said Heather, from the seat behind Courtney. She was sitting by herself.

"Don't listen to her Courtney, she just is upset she doesn't have anyone to sit with," said Alejandro, who was sitting with Tyler.

Alejandro (CONF): I can't help but focus on Heather, which includes making her jealous. Courtney is still wrapped around my finger, I don't know how, but hey, I'm not complaining.

"...and that's when I learned I could read auras," said Dawn. She was sitting next to Zoey, but Zoey was busy staring out the window.

"What's wrong?" said Dawn.

"I don't know, I miss Mike I guess," said Zoey.

"But he is still in the game," said Dawn.

"But on a different team, it's not the same," said Zoey.

"Well we never know what's going to happen with Chris as host, he switched Brick over, Scott and Jo too, even I can't predict his actions," said Dawn.

"Thanks, I guess you're right," said Zoey.

"Alright everyone listen up, time for me to tell you today's challenge," said Chris.

"So what's our prize?" asked Sierra excitedly, rising out of her seat. Cody shot her a let him talk look, and she sat back down.

"Patience my child, you will see. So anyways, today's challenge is the superhero genre," said Chris.

"Haven't we already been there done that?" said Duncan.

"Yeah, that is when y'all turned my boy Harold against me," said Leshawna, referring to Duncan, Courtney and Harold voting Leshawna off back in the second season.

"Strategy," said Courtney, who was typing away at her PDA.

"Why do you let her have a PDA, but not me have a cellphone or Sam have his video games?" said Dakota.

"Because, Courtney is still laser focused on the game with it, you two get distracted," said Chris, "anyways, Frozen Foxes, you all will be the villains, Fiery Phoenixes, you will be the heroes."

"Oh yeah, team villains," said Jo.

"They are the heroes," said Blaineley, who burst out laughing.

"Hey, they are ratings heroes, as opposed to you boring group of losers," said Chris.

"Wait, I'm like, confused" said Lindsay.

"Shocker. Alright so today's challenge is simple, follow me to the city set," said Chris, ignoring Lindsay. the scene flashed to the city set back in the first episode of the first season. It was upgraded though, with all the buildings larger, more building-like, and a giant skyscraper looming in the middle. It was real as opposed to the flat cardboard cut outs that represented the other buildings.

"What up with the upgrade?" asked Duncan.

"It's sick," said Tyler. he was staring up at the skyscraper as they walked, and ran into one of the cardboard tree cut outs.

"It's for today's challenge," said Chris.

Zoey (CONF): Ok, does anyone else find it suspicious where Chris gets all this money from? Enough money to build a skyscraper, a sports car, a mansion, and get all those crazy animals he uses in the challenges.

"Heroes, your mission is to break into that building and get all the way to the top floor to save the damsel in distress," said Chris. He pointed to the top of the skyscraper, where Chef was wearing a little girl's outfit and waving a tissue at the competitors below.

"No season is complete without Chef cross-dressing," said Chris, "villains, your goal is to stop them. You will find your 'powers' in this pile." A giant pile was next to Chris, with assorted weapons such as a marshmallow gun, a plastic sword, a bow with plunger arrows, and boxing gloves. "It's first come first serve, you have ten seconds to get your powers. Go!" The contestants all sprinted for the pile. A montage was shown of a few of the contestants weapons. Zoey managed to snag the bow with plunger arrows, and Jo grabbed a foam bat. Duncan got a water gun filled with glue, and Brick got the marshmallow gun. The scene flashed to the contestants standing in a clump around Chris again, with their 'powers' in hand.

"All right," said Chris, "Heroes, you must start at the outskirts of the set. Once you hear the horn, you may begin. Villains, do your best to stop them. If you can protect the damsel you have kidnapped for fifteen minutes you win the challenge." The scene flashed again, this time to all the heroes lined up on the outskirts of the city set.

"Let the battle begin," said Chris, blowing the air-horn. The heroes began running towards the skyscraper in the middle of the "city".

"Take this," said Leshawna, who hit the unsuspecting Tyler over the head with a rubber chicken.

"No not Tyson," said Lindsay, running to his aid.

"Lindsay, focus," said Leshawna, swinging her rubber chicken at Mike, "This is actually kind of fun". Mike ducked, gasped and became Svetlana. He bounded back in the building, leaving the other contestants confused.

Scott (CONF): That is so unfair. Svetlana basically has superpowers. Mike shouldn't be allowed to have a weapon

"This is so cool, I feel like I am in Call of Shoot-y," said Sam. He had a machine gun, but instead of bullets it was loaded with little smoke pebbles.

"Take that noobs," said Sam, jumping out of the entrance of the skyscraper and shooting pellets all around. That left a smokescreen surrounding most of the skyscraper.

"You're going to have to do better than that," said Courtney, pulling out a giant fan.

"That is your weapon? A fan?" said Duncan, cracking up.

"Focus on the challenge Duncan," snapped Courtney, "at least I cleared the fog."

"That you did princess, and I applaud you," said Duncan. Courtney made a face at him, and Gwen began to get angry. She took her rubber duck cannon and shot angrily toward the door, knocking out Tyler for a second time.

"Lightning strike," said Lightning, running past the unconscious Tyler and bounding up the stairs.

"Take that," said Mike (Svetlana). He bounded up the stairs past Lightning and landed a kick square in the chest.

"No fair," said Lightning. He shot a brief bolt of electricity from the weakly powered taser he got. It hit it's mark, and shocked Mike (Svetlana) back into Mike. "Sha-sweet." He barreled up the stairs and took out Mike like a linebacker. Meanwhile, there was still a brief war going on outside the skyscraper.

"Take cover," said Dakota. She pulled the pin off one of the stink grenades she got and threw it at the Phoenixes.

"That's right," she said, as it exploded. Courtney immediately retaliated with the giant fan again, giving Duncan time to shoot glue at the feet of a few of the Foxes.

"No fair," said Tyler. He was about to strike an unsuspecting Bridgette with his plastic sword, but Leshawna jumped in the way with her rubber chicken causing Tyler to shriek and curl up into a ball.

"Thanks," said Bridgette.

"No problem girl," said Leshawna, and the two fist-pounded.

"Let's do this guys," said Zoey. She shot a plunger arrow up to one of the open windows.

"Where did you learn to do that?" asked Dawn.

"That last season did some weird things to me," said Zoey. Her and Dawn began climbing up the rope towards one of the upper levels of the skyscraper.

"Alert, alert," said Sam, his feet still glued to the ground. Jo looked out the window from the top of the skyscraper.

"What is it soldier?" she asked.

"Zoey and Dawn are climbing up the rope," said Sam, "and I am all out of ammo."

"I'm on it," said Jo. She popped her head back in the window where Sierra, Blaineley, Suki, Cody, Noah, Brick and Geoff were standing.

"Nerd boy and party guy, you two go stop those intruders," said Jo, "Quiet asian chick and stalker, you two take care of jockstrap who is charging up the stairs."

"Got it," said the four. In the meantime, Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Alejandro, and Trent had managed to catch up to Lightning, while the rest of the Phoenixes were behind, making sure they didn't get ambushed from the back or sides. Zoey and Dawn were almost at the top of the line Zoey had shot.

"Sorry dudes," said Geoff, appearing in the open window. He used his scissors to cut the rope the two were climbing.

"Seriously Chris? Scissors?" said Zoey. The two girls began falling before Dawn pulled out her weapon, a propellor attached to a leafblower allowing them to boost up.

"How is that even possible?" said Cody, as the two shot past the window and to the top of the skyscraper.

"Oh no, this isn't good," said Geoff, "we have to warn Jo." The two began running up the stairs, when they heard a scream.

"SHA-LIGHTNING," said Lightning, using his weakened taser to stun the two boys.

"Sorry amigo," said Alejandro, using his rope to tie up the two.

"That was surprisingly useful," said Bridgette, giving Alejandro a high five. Geoff looked annoyed at first, but then Bridgette kneeled and gave him a quick kiss.

"Man are you lucky," said Cody, as the Phoenixes continued on. "Bridgette is such a babe."

"Yes, five minutes to spare," said Courtney, as their team reached the top. The unsuspecting Foxes began arming themselves.

"What happened to Suki and Sierra?" said Blaineley. The scene flashed to Sierra frantically untying Cody as Suki watched trying to urge her to move on and try and stop the Phoenixes.

"Cody, my poor Cody," said Sierra.

"Sierra, shouldn't we be trying to stop the Phoenixes?" said Suki. Her voice was timid, but there was a hint of agression lying underneath.

"Not until we save my Cody," said Sierra.

"Hello dudes, what about me?" said Geoff.

"Cody," said Sierra, ignoring Geoff's pleas. The scene flashed back to the top of the tower.

"You guys are outnumbered," said Duncan.

"We are still in this," said Jo.

"Get ready soldiers," said Brick. Suddenly, Dawn and Zoey appeared behind the three Foxes. They were now surrounded, with the damsel in the middle.

"So Courtney, are you going to just blow them away with your fan?" asked Duncan.

"Why?" asked Courtney, "Why do you insist on driving me crazy. Don't you hate me?"

"Yeah Duncan," said Gwen, "I thought you hated her."

"Look babe, you know I'm done with Courtney," said Duncan.

"Look," said Gwen.

Gwen (CONF): I hate to do this, I hate to, sorry to all those Gwuncans out there

"We can't do this anymore," said Gwen.

"What? Why?" said Duncan.

"For Courtney," said Gwen. Everyone the top of the building gasped, including the Foxes.

"He-" began Brick, before being stopped by Jo.

"Let them waste time," she whispered.

"Kissing you while you were dating Courtney was wrong," said Gwen, "it's plain and simple."

"Yo-" began Duncan, before being interrupted by Gwen.

"I'm sorry, there is no changing my mind," said Gwen, "it's so obvious there's still a connection between you. We're just too alike, you like how Courtney is able to push your buttons." She walked over to Courtney, and Courtney looked bewildered.

"Are you crazy? You have Duncan all to yourself and you just throw him away like that?" said Courtney.

"Look, I know you still hate me for what happened back in Greece, but maybe there's a chance we could still be friends?" asked Gwen in a hopeful voice. Courtney looked hesitant, and shook Gwen's hand without making eye contact.

Trent (CONF): No. Way.

"This is crap," said Duncan. He charged at the Foxes, knocking the three over. He quickly grabbed Chef, and began yelling for Chris out the window.

"Sorry," said Chris, who jet-packed in through one of the other windows, "but check the time." The giant scoreboard read 00:00.00.

"Foxes win, finally," said Chris. The Foxes cheered, including the ones glued to the ground back at the base of the tower and Geoff who was still tied up while Sierra was clutching onto Cody and Suki was gleaming.

"Phoenixes, I will see you at elimination," said Chris.

"Please," said Duncan. The scene had flashed to Gwen and Duncan sitting on a bench outside the craft services tent. "You are like, the coolest chick I know."

"You are meant for Courtney," said Gwen, "You always had feelings for her didn't you?"

"No of course I didn't," said Duncan, his face turning bright red.

"I knew it, I couldn't date someone who had so much baggage," said Gwen, "besides, Courtney would have come after me with an angry mob of lawyers eventually. I had to retaliate." The two laughed, and Duncan sighed.

"Well this sucks, I'm going to m-" said Duncan, before being interrupted by Gwen kissing him.

"Save the pookums," said Gwen, winking. The two walked back into the craft services tent, where elimination was being discussed.

"Alright I say Katie is the next to go, she probably wants to be with Sadie anyways," said Heather.

"No," said Katie immediately. So immediately that the rest of the Phoenixes turned to her in surprise. "Not that I don't like, love my BFFFF Sadie, but I so want to stay in this competition. Besides I've totally rocked in all the challenges."

"Girl has a point," said DJ.

"Like you're opinion counts you two are practically together," replied Heather.

"I think it's time," said Joe, "we eliminate aura reader."

"What? Why me?" said Dawn.

"You can read auras, you know how much of a threat that makes you?" said Joe, "come on Phoenixes, Dawn is the obvious choice. Just like how the Foxes should get rid of Mike for his Svetlana personality." Dawn looked pleadingly at Scott, who looked like he was about to protest, but he couldn't manage to spit out any words.

"You guys can't be seriously considering this? It's Joe's idea," said Zoey.

"I don't know it makes sense to me," said Leshawna. Duncan, Gwen and Courtney nodded. Suddenly they heard Chris over the intercom call them to the elimination ceremony, and began heading to the Gilded Chris area.

"I hate to say it, but jerk-face is right," said Leshawna, who was walking with Lindsay and Bridgette, "Dawn is kinda spooky too." The two girls nodded, which worried Dawn who was walking behind them with Zoey.

Once the Phoenixes had reached the Gilded Chris area, something surprising awaited them. Standing on the stage were Trent, Cody and Sierra.

"What are they doing here?" asked Heather in her I am disgusted by their presence voice.

"They won last episode remember?" said Chris, "and their prize, is that they are the only ones who get to vote on who goes home."

"What?" said Joe, in sync with Scott who yelled "yes".

"And you didn't tell us," said Bridgette, speaking to Trent.

"Chris said I couldn't," said Trent.

"So without further ado, the first one safe today is Katie," said Chris. Katie squealed with delight, and caught the Gilded Chris award.

"Also safe, Heather and Courtney," said Chris.

"Yes," the two said in unison, as they caught their awards. They quickly glared at eachother, as Chris continued. "This game is mine." They looked at each other again.

"Alright this is getting annoying," said Courtney.

"Bridgette, Lightning, Scott, Alejandro, you four are also safe," said Chris.

"Sha-oh yeah," said Lightning. Alejandro and Bridgette both caught their awards. Scott's award hit him in the face, because he was too busy waiting for Chris to call out more names, hoping Dawn would be one of them. Fortunately for him, he was right.

"Dawn," said Chris, "Zoey, you two may enjoy the delight that is safety. Obviously Trenty-boy here too." He tossed the three their awards, and Dawn gasped loudly in relief.

"DJ, Lindsay, Leshawna, Gwen, you four are safe as well," said Chris. Leshawna and Gwen high-fived while Lindsay hugged DJ. Then DJ expanded the hug to include Leshawna and Gwen too. Gwen chuckled, but didn't take her eyes off Duncan.

"Alright, that means either Duncan or Joe is going home tonight," said Chris, "and the final award goes to...





























.................................Joe." said Chris. A collective gasp came from the Phoenixes sitting in the bleachers.

"Ha." said Joe.

"You guys booted Duncan over Joe?" said Courtney, standing in outrage.

"I didn't know you cared," said Duncan.

"Aren't you upset that you are leaving?" said Courtney.

"Eh, I already got my million, I knew I had it coming sooner or later," said Duncan.

"How can you be so calm about this?" said Courtney, "You just lost your chance at one billion dollars."

Gwen (CONF): Oh my god, this is the second time I broke up with my boyfriend and he got eliminated in that episode, this is getting ridiculous

Sierra (CONF): It wasn't too hard to convince Cody and Trent to eliminate Duncan, but I had to keep Blaineley happy and she's still on that eliminate all the finalists rampage. Cameron, Beth, Owen now Duncan, only four to go now

"That you did, sorry dude," said Chris. He snapped his fingers and Chef came over and helped him drag Duncan down the walk of shame. Duncan made a "call me" sign to Courtney, who blushed at first, but quickly made a face once she realized the others were watching.

"We're gonna miss you Duncan," said Gwen, waving.

"Adios amigo," said Alejandro.

"See you guys," said Duncan, as the lame-o-sine sped away.

"That was a surprisingly calm elimination, especially since it was Duncan. Boring. Well, looks like another one bites the dust, who's next? Find out next time on Total Drama Explosion."

Chapter 15: Escape from Horror Mansion

Part 1:

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "our remaining competitors competed in a superhero challenge, with the Phoenixes acting as the heroes and the Foxes acting as the villains. Chef played our damsel in distress, and the heroes had to rescue him. Sadly, they failed their mission after another Duncan and Courtney throwdown. Despite that, the elimination was a toss up since last week's winners Cody, Sierra, and Trent got to pick the person going home. Even though it looked like the team was gunning for Dawn, it didn't matter since they chose the delinquent and despite being a power player in previous seasons, he was totally blindsided. Sucks right? Who will get booted next? Find out right here, right now, on Total, Drama, Explosion."

It was night-time on the film lot, and the contestants were getting ready to go to bed. "It's kind of weird being here without Owen, Duncan, Justin, or Harold," said Trent, who was sitting on one of the bunks in the boys trailers. "They made it so far in this season."

"Yeah well tubbo only made it far because he got brought back, pretty boy because he was on a team full of so many losers that there was always one to eliminate, and nerd boy because he happened to be on the winning team," said Scott.

"I was the captain of that 'loser' team," said Trent.

"Yes, that you were," said Scott, ignoring the resentment in Trent's voice.

"So, Gwen's single huh?" said Cody, nudging Trent, "you going to tap that?"

"I don't know man," said Trent.

"At least she is on your team," said Mike, sighing.

"Dude, Zoey is on the other team, we get it, now get over it," said Joe.

"Hey back off," said Tyler. He walked up to Mike and put a hand on his shoulder. "It's ok dude I feel you. Linds hasn't been on my team ever, and we have been in three seasons together."

"Thanks," said Mike.

Mike (CONF): I have a good team. Sure I'm sad Cameron is gone, but I have Brick and Tyler, and don't have *begins counting on fingers* Scott or Joe or Heather or Courtney or Alejandro. I just miss Zoey

The scene flashed over to the girls cabin. It flashed to Gwen looking out the window, and sighing hard.

"Nothing good ever comes out of the film lot," she said, to Bridgette who was on one side and Leshawna who was on the other.

"I agree, I mean I got voted out first here, you know how embarassing that was? The guys back home still never let me forget it," said Bridgette.

"Mmhm, I know right girl, I mean my home-girls back in the projects wouldn't let me forget my whole 'crying for the reward' ploy. Like they would have done any different," said Leshawna.

"Yeah, and first I lost Trent here and now Duncan," said Gwen.

"You did end it both times though," said Bridgette.

"Yeah I guess, I don't know, I like them both a lot, I just don't even know sometimes," said Gwen, "boys suck." Their conversation was interuppted by a loud squeal. The three turned around to see Lindsay in the corner of the room, her face pale. She was pointing to the other window, but nothing was there.

"Calm down," said Zoey, "what did you see?"

"There was a masked man in the window," said Lindsay, "and his fashion sense was horrible."

"I'm sure it was nothing," said Heather, filing her nails. "Do you not remember in Season One when Chris had Chef run around in a hockey mask?"

"Do you also remember there being an actual serial killer?" said Gwen.

"She has a point," said Jo, "and honestly, as the seasons go on Chris just gets crazier. You never know what will happen next."

"I sense a negative aura," said Dawn, feeling the walls, "all around the film lot. Normally I can't feel auras from far away, but I sense a large negative energy in that direction." She was pointing towards one of the walls.

"So what's next? Do we like, investigate?" asked Katie.

"You go sister, I prefer my beautiful bod in one piece," said Blaineley.

"I think we should all go, strength in numbers," said Courtney. Gwen looked at her, but Courtney avoided making eye contact. Suddenly, they heard the guys scream and run out of their cabin. The girls ran out to see what was wrong.

"What's wrong? The darkness getting to you?" said Jo, taunting Brick.

"No, there was someone at our window," said Brick. He curled up into a ball and began rocking back and forth.

"Some military man," said Jo, "Alright here's the deal. I say we go towards whatever Dawn was feeling back in the trailer."

"What do you mean?" asked Geoff.

"Dawn said she felt a negative energy coming from that direction, I say we follow it, fifty bucks says it is Chris," said Jo. The contestants began to follow Dawn to the source of the energy.

"Urgh, I hate horror flicks," said Sam, "I really hope this isn't horror movie week."

"I agree," said Brick.

"Oh man up you two," said Jo. Just then, an owl cawed and Jo, Brick and Sam all jumped.

"This is like, so not ok Chris," said Dakota, "and no one can see my looks in the dark, and the lighting for my paprazzi is all off."

"There aren't an-" began Noah, before being blinded by various camera flashes. He screamed in terror as Dakota shoved him out of the way and started posing.

"Alright, well that was interesting," said Noah. His hands were stuck out in front of him, and he was stumbling into the others.

"We're here," said Dawn, approaching a giant house.

"Ok, how did we just miss these in the second season? First a sky-scraper, now a giant mansion," said Leshawna. The contestants approached the two giant doors, and immediately they swung open. Lindsay screamed, as did Brick.

"Welcome contestants," said Chris, who hopped out wearing a vampire costume, "to our Halloween special!"

"Wasn't Halloween like, two monthes ago?" said Jo.

"Yes," said Chris, "but I've always wanted one, so deal with it. Brick and Sam were right, your genre this week is horror flicks! Your challenge is to escape from this mansion, but it is haunted."

"Won't we know how we got in?" said Courtney.

"Not if you are wearing these," said Chris, pulling out blindfolds from his cape. "First team to get their entire active team out of the mansion, wins today's challenge."

"What do you mean 'active'," said Geoff.

"Active as in still on the team right? Not active as in like, dead," said Katie.

"Active as in still with the team, and not captured," said Chris. The contestants all took a step closer together in fear. "Or dead."

"Ha, cheap trick Chris, next thing we know lightning will strike and someone will disappear," said Heather, "this isn't some Halloween movie from the 90's people, we are all perfectly safe." Suddenly, lightning flashed and the porch lights went off. When they flickered back on, Heather was gone.

"One down," said Chris, giggling maniacally, "oh and by the way, you have all been assigned costumes to wear, since it is Halloween." He passed out costumes to the remaining contestants.

"Why am I an apple?" said Joe.

"Better than mine," said Trent. He was dressed as Chris.

"This is awesome," said Sam. He was dressed in a Call of Shoot-y four army outfit.

"Good luck," said Chris. He threw a can of knock-out gas, causing all the contestants to collapse. "Yeah I lied about putting blindfolds around them." He began laughing, as he and Chef dragged the contestants into the mansion.

"Where are we?" said Noah, rubbing his head. He, Cody, and Sierra all awoke in a dark room.

"Mike? Tyler?" called out Noah, but he didn't receive a reply.

"I guess it's just us three," said Cody. Sierra was dressed similarly to how she was in We Built Gwen's Face back in Sweden, Noah as a nerd, and Cody as a giant piece of candy.

"Perfect," said Noah sarcastically. Suddenly, the door across the room creaked open.

"Hello?" asked Noah, the fear in his voice apparent. They approached the door, and it slammed shut again. The viewers could see something standing in the shadows in the corner of the screen, as the three inspected the door.

"Alright, well who wants to open it?" asked Cody.

"I uh can't, I am allergic to doorknobs," said Noah, rubbing the back of his head. Cody chuckled, and Sierra looked angry.

"I'll do it," she said, marching to the door. She opened it, and there was nothing on the other side.

"Well, that's creepy," said Cody. Suddenly, it went from dark to pitch black, causing Sierra to scream. She grabbed onto Cody as the scream became Zoey's scream, and the scene shifted.

"This is so scary," said Zoey. She had ended up with Mike and Dawn. Zoey was dressed as a Native American princess, Mike as a race car driver, and Dawn as a vampire. "I mean, that's what you all think right?"

"This was the source of the negative aura," said Dawn. She was even paler than usual. She looked through Zoey and Mike, as if she was staring at something behind them. Her eyes were struck with fear.

"Why did I end up with you two?" said Mike, "we are on different teams. I mean, not that I'm complaining."

"That is pretty weird," said Zoey, "so let's try to get out of this nightmare." The three of them figured out they were in the attic, which was at the very top of the gigantic mansion.

"There's the door to the mansion, I guess we need to venture inside," said Dawn, pointing at a hatch in the middle of the floor.

"Ready?" said Mike.

"Ready," said Zoey and Dawn in unison. The three opened the door and continued into the mansion. The scene then shifted to four dark figures looking at a different door.

"This is horrifying," said Tyler. He was dressed as a football player. "I guess this leads to the rest of the mansion."

"I agree," said Lindsay, who was dressed as a cowgirl. "Like, sometimes I just don't get why Chris is so mean." Suddenly, lightning struck causing Lindsay to scream.

"So what do we like, do next?" asked Katie. She was dressed as Sadie, so as herself. Suddenly the three heard a scream. They turned to see DJ, who was pale.

"What is wrong?" asked Tyler, "pull yourself together dude."

"I-I can't," said DJ, "there's something there man. There's something there." The chef-costume wearing jock pointed to the corner of the room. Lindsay, Tyler and Katie turned around to see what DJ was pointing at, but there was nothing there.

"Come bro, stay strong for Katie," whispered Tyler in DJ's ear.

"You're right, I can do this," said DJ. The four turned back around and opened the door. Suddenly, a giant quake shook the entire room, and all the mansion's lights went out. A collective scream was heard.

"Chris you are so dead," said Jo, who was in Brick's arms. The two had ended up with Suki, and were walking out of the room they had started in. Jo donned a Sue Sylvester costume, Brick was a flashlight, and Suki wore a bee costume.

"Quiet girl if you tell anyone about what you just witnessed you are so dead," said Jo.

"Be nice soldier, she is our teammate," said Brick.

"I won't tell anyone," said Suki shyly.

"But I might," said Blaineley, stepping out from the other side of the door. She had started there alone, and was dressed like a witch.

"Hello, we are allied," said Jo, "also appropriate costume choice."

"Yeah the witch costu- wait you are what?" said Brick, stepping away from Jo.

"Oh nothing," said Jo, she turned back to Blaineley, "you wouldn't dare."

Suki (CONF): There is an alliance on our team? That concerns me. Maybe lying under the radar isn't the most potent strategy

"Wouldn't I?" said Blaineley, "you know how I love drama."

"When I get my hands on you," said Jo, slowly approaching Blaineley.

"Girls calm down, we are all on the same team, we need to get out of here. Right Suki?" said Brick. He turned to see that the shy girl was gone.

"Suki? Suki?" called Brick, "we can't leave a man behind."

"Forget about her, what about us," said Jo. The walls of the room they had been standing in began closing in. The two doors were locked. In the background, a figure was seen standing in the shadows, but the three were oblivious to it.

"What the?" said Blaineley, "You are dead McLean." The three began screaming, and the scene shifted to what looked like a library. It was still pitch black, as Lightning, Leshawna and Alejandro awoke. Leshawna was dressed as a spider, Alejandro as a police man, and Lightning as a ghost.

"Ew, a library? Lightning don't do libraries," said Lightning.

"Yeah, and Leshawna don't do dying, so let's get out of here," said Leshawna, "and of course I get a spider of all costumes.Does Chris not remember the phobia challenge back in season one?" The scene flashed back to Leshawna being chased by Chef dressed as a spider back in season one.

"I agree," said Alejandro. There was something off about the normally-perfect stance and facial expression the latino normally had.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Leshawna.

"So dark, and so-so cold," said Alejandro.

Alejandro (CONF): Ever since Chris shoved me in that stupid robot, I have hated the dark. Of course I couldn't let my competitors know that. Why give them the upper hand?

"It's nothing," said Alejandro.

"Whatever you say," said Leshawna.

"Let's move," said Lightning. The three headed towards the door when a scream was heard. The scene flashed back to DJ, Katie and Lindsay.

"Where is Tyler?" said Lindsay, "he got eliminated again?" She let out a cry of disappointment. 

"No Linds," said DJ, "I'm sure he's fine."

"He was like, just standing here," said Katie. The three competitors began inching closer together, as they continued on through the mansion. The scene flashed to a master bedroom.

"This just screams lawsuit," said Courtney. Gwen and Trent were on the floor next to her. Gwen and Courtney were dressed as each other.

Gwen (CONF): Ok, of all people to end up with, it's Courtney and Trent? And I look ridiculous.

"Wait what's that?" said Trent, pointing to the door. There was a body that was halfway through the frame of the door. It was lying on the floor, non-moving.

"I think that's Sam," said Gwen. The three approached the body, and right when they got there it got yanked away. Suddenly, the two doors slammed shut and a click was heard.

"What is going on?" said Trent. He ran to the door Sam had just been pulled through, and it was locked. Courtney ran to the other one which was also locked. Gwen checked the window, which wouldn't budge. The three gathered together to formulate a plan.

"Alright, we need to get out of here, not just to win the challenge, but knowing Chris, to live, what's the plan?" said Gwen.

"I say we bust down one of those doors. It's Chris were talking about, the locks can't be that nice," said Courtney. The three proceeded to search around the room, as the scene flashed back to Zoey and Mike.

"Dawn, Dawn," called out Zoey.

"Dawn's been gone for a while now, I don't think she is coming back," said Mike.

"That's two teammates gone, first Heather and now Dawn," said Zoey.

"The only two that you know of," said Mike. Zoey shot him a look. "Sorry, not helping." The two were walking down a long hallway, when suddenly, a giant spider dropped from the ceiling and shot a web directly at the two. Mike gasped.

"And flip," said Mike (Svetlana), as he flew over the web. Unfortunately, this left Zoey vulnerable and she got caught.

"Well done crazy," said Scott. He stepped into the hallway, with Dakota and Joe behind him. He wore a rat costume, and Dakota was dressed as Dakotazoid. Joe had ditched his apple costume, and instead dawned a trench coat.

"Scott? Where did you come from?" said Zoey, "and Joe what's with the costume change?"

"There's no way I was going any longer looking like an apple," said Joe.

"And what's more important is that Mike over there just ditched you," said Scott.

"He didn't ditch me, Scott I'm not falling for your tricks anymore," said Zoey. "I know you're just a jerk. I don't know what Dawn sees in yo- crap." She quickly put her hand over her mouth.

"What?" asked Scott and Joe at the same time.

"That explains everything," said Joe smirking.

"Oh no," said Zoey. Suddenly, Mike came running back down the hallway.

"So are you normal Mike or unfairly advantaged Mike?" asked Joe. The trench coat looked much more intimidating than the apple did.

Dakota (CONF): I am so glad I am on the Frozen Foxes, if I was on the Phoenixes I wouldn't get any spotlight because they are all crazy

Dakota began to sneak away from the group, when suddenly she screamed.

"Dakota?" called out Scott. Mike freed Zoey, and the two and Scott started searching for her.

"Why do you care? She is on the other team," said Joe, "we need to get out of this mansion before we're next." The group continued down the hall, when the spider returned, they all screamed as the scene switched to Geoff, who was dressed as a mummy. He woke up with Bridgette, who was wearing a black cat costume.

"Bridge babe, where are we?" asked Geoff.

"I think we are in some sort of kitchen," said Bridgette.

"We are alone you know, and it's dark," said Geoff.

"No, I can't," said Bridgette, "we are on different teams, if we get caught one of us will for sure be eliminated."

"It's not like our relationship is a secret," said Geoff.

"Let's just get out of here," said Bridgette. Suddenly, knives from the knife rack began flinging at the two. The two began swiftly avoiding the knives. "These can't be real knives. That would be crazy." Suddenly, a giant knife came flying at the two. Geoff pushed Bridgette to the ground, and the knife barely zipped above both of them. Suddenly, all the cabinet doors opened, and then shut at the same time.

"That was too-" began Bridgette, before the floor opened beneath Geoff and a hand dragged him through. Bridgette looked scared, as the scene flashed to the library, where Lightning, Leshawna and Alejandro still were.

"Alright, Lightning hates libraries, isn't this where like, nerds come to die or something?" asked Lightning. Leshawna and Alejandro both looked at him with confused looks. "What?"

"This is hopeless," said Leshawna.

"Maybe one of these books is a switch," said Alejandro. The two began pulling out books when they heard Lightning scream.

"We're not in here alone," said Alejandro.

"Duh, that jock with the big ego is with us," said Leshawna.

"Not anymore," said Alejandro. The two turned around and Lightning was gone. A shadow moved from the far aisle of the library. Suddenly, the house began to shake, and every door in the entire mansion flung open. The contestants began sprinting out of their locations towards the foyer. The two doors were wide open, where Chris was standing grinning. The contestants all reconvened in the foyer, and just as they moved for the front doors they slammed shut. Chris's face turned pale. Standing with him outside were Lightning, Suki, Dakota, Sam, Geoff, Tyler, Dawn and Heather.

"The aura in that house has darkened," said Dawn. The scene flashed to inside the foyer.

"What do we do?" asked Cody.

"It looks like we are down eight players," said Courtney, "let's try not to lose anymore." Bridgette was crying due to Geoff's dissapearance, and Lindsay was still looking for Tyler.

"Tyson," called Lindsay, "Where are you?"

"Look there is nothing we can do now," said Gwen, trying to comfort Bridgette. Suddenly, the foyer lights flickered on, and there was a hooded figure at the top of the staircase.

"Goodnight," said the hooded figure. The floor beneath the players dropped, and they fell through two floors to the second basement.

"Where is Blaineley?" asked DJ, "I am freaking out."

"And Cody," said Noah, "Cody is gone."

"How? Weren't we all here when we fell?" asked Trent. The other contestants nodded. "Well I guess we have to figure out how to get out of here."

"We have to get them out of there," said Chris. He was on the phone with one of the producers. "This was not planned. This could be great for ratings, but horrible for lawsuits."

"You mean our friends are stuck in there?" asked Geoff. He wailed Bridgette's name. Dakota and Sam hugged and Suki looked horrified.

"This is literally insane," said Heather. The camera panned to Dawn who looked extremely worried.

"This is not good," she whispered, as the scene faded to black.

Part 2:

"So what do we do?" asked Bridgette.

"I say we get out, as fast as possible," said Brick, he was shaking because of the dark.

"Pull it together, we will need everyone if we want to escape this creep-fest," said Jo. Suddenly the hooded figure appeared again, amongst the contestants.

"Good begins," said the figure. The already dark room got even darker.

DJ screamed at the top of his lungs.

"I am seriously freaking out," said DJ, "Chris if this is a joke this is not funny."

"I think I found stairs," said Lindsay. The sound of heels going up stairs was heard, and the contestants followed it. The contestants trekked up the stairs, careful to watch their step, and all of them had made it out except for Leshawna and Brick, when another disaster struck.

"Good work Lindsay," said Leshawna. Suddenly, she screamed, and her and Brick went tumbling back down the staircase. It is revealed that the staircase had become a ramp, and the door slammed shut. The last thing the contestants saw was the look of pure terror on Brick and Leshawna's faces. Katie grabbed DJ's hand, and Sierra began to hyperventilate.

"We're going to be fine," said Scott, "this is obviously a trick." Suddenly, a little child's laugh was heard, and a small shadowy figure ran amongst the contestants before dissapearing into another room.

"Do I have to bring up the psycho killer with the hook that tried to kill me again?" asked Gwen. She shivered at the memory.

"Goth girl has a point, we don't want to take any chances," said Courtney, "So we know that twelve players are gone, four of them disappeared after what appeared to be a lockdown of the mansion. That leaves fifteen of us left."

"Fourteen," said Trent. "I only count fourteen."

"Let's see, me, goth chick, dumb blonde, poser, surfer chick, momma's boy, jerk squared, little miss CIT, red head, stalker chick, BFF, that spanish dude and Mike," said Jo, "Where is braniac?"

"How long did it take you to come up with that list," said Joe, rolling his eyes.

"Noah?" called out Katie, "Noah?" The others continued, but their cries were unsuccessful.

"How did that even happen?" asked Bridgette, "I swear we were all here a second ago."

"Everyone pair up, and do not lose your partner's position," said Courtney, "that way no one ends up alone at any point." The groups were Mike and Zoey, Scott and Joe, Katie and DJ, Bridgette and Lindsay, Courtney and Alejandro, Sierra and Jo, and Gwen and Trent.

"This is solely because there was no one else to pick from," said Gwen.

"I'm fine with that," said Trent.

"Alright, so do not lose your partners position," said Jo, "ever."

"Um, like has anyone seen Bridgette?" asked Lindsay. The contestants looked around and Bridgette was gone. Courtney face-palmed. The lights in the area flickered on temporarily, before shutting off again.

"Great, thanks hooded one, take one of the only sane ones left," said Courtney to the hall.

"Lindsay, join DJ and Katie, let's move guys before anyone else get's taken," said Gwen. The thirteen contestants found themselves in a maze of halls in the basement. Suddenly, a loud scream came from behind the contestants.

"What was that?" asked Mike.

"What was what?" asked Zoey.

"Didn't you hear that?" asked Mike. The other contestants nodded in disagreement. "I swear I heard a scream coming from behind us." The contestants turned to see an empty hallway.

"Should we investigate?" asked Sierra. She was gripping onto Jo tightly, which Jo did not seem to appreciate.

"Let's do it," said DJ, "In case it's one of our friends."

"Mama's boy grows a spine, that's a new one," said Scott. The scene flashed to the contestants who were outside with Chris.

"You have to connect me to what is going on in there," said Chris over a walkie talkie. There was a TV in front of them all, but it was static.

"This is bad, this is very bad," said Dawn. She used an ominous voice that freaked out the other contestants.

"My Lindsay is in there," said Tyler.

"And Bridgette," continued Geoff.

"Hey on the bright side, it looks like we are the final eight," said Lightning, "Sha-boo yah!" The other contestants shot him a glare. "What?"

"This is so unfair, why do they get all the attention?" asked Dakota. Suddenly, the TV flashed on before anyone could answer.

"Yes," said Chris, "we are saved."

"Um, how are we saved?" said Sam, "They are still trapped in there."

"Now if anything bad happens, at least we will have a ratings booster," said Chris. Suki looked scared, but the other contestants reacted as if Chris had told them something totally normal. The screen showed the thirteen contestants walking along.

"Thirteen? We are definitely missing some," said Chris, "Let's see, Blaineley, Bridgette, Cody, Noah, Brick and Leshawna are all gone."

"No, not Bridgette," said Geoff, "No!" He fell to his knees.

"Oh calm down, this is Chris were talking about here," said Heather, before pausing "Oh that is concerning. At least Blaineley is gone."

"Are they seriously stuck in there?" asked Suki.

"This isn't good," said Dawn. She still had a trance-like look on her face.

"Six contestants, gone," said Chris.

"What's that?" asked Sam. He pointed to one of the TV screens. An evil looking red face had froze on the moniter, causing the contestants to scream. The scene flashed back to inside the mansion, where the contestants were searching for the origin of the scream Mike had heard.

"Nothing over here," said Alejandro. Him and Courtney were searching one of the bedrooms towards the end of the hallway.

"This is like, empty too," said Katie. Her and DJ had been looking across the hall. They were holding hands, but the other contestants didn't seem to notice or care. The rest of the players were standing in the middle of the hall, waiting for their two scout teams to return.

"Why are we listening to him? He has multiple personalities for heavens sake, there is no way his sanity is completely in check," said Joe.

"Hey, back off," said Zoey.

"Yeah, we would trust his word over yours any day," said Trent.

"Hmph, whatever," said Joe. He began walking down the hallway by himself.

"Guys we have to stick together," called out Gwen, "Scott, do something." Scott was frozen with fear for an unknown reason. Gwen decided not to ask further.

"Good luck on your loser hunt," said Joe, ignoring Gwen's comment. He dissappeared at the end of the hallway.

"Great," said Gwen, "this is like the horror challenge all over again. I don't even have Duncan and Leshawna here with me this time." Trent looked hurt by the comment, but Gwen ignored it.

"Let's go," said Alejandro, "Lindsay, your with Scott now, let's keep moving. We need to find the others." Right as Alejandro said that, a TV screen fell from the ceiling. On it was none other than the hooded figure. In the background, the kidnapped contestants were shown tied up with ropes.

"Help," screamed Leshawna, "I'm too beautiful to die." She was right behind the hooded figure.

"Give it up Chris," said Alejandro.

"We know it's you," followed up Mike.

"Do you know?" asked the hooded figure, "you have twenty minutes to find me, or one of your own will be eliminated...permanently." The screen faded to black.

"A few years ago, I always wished I was in a scary movie...yeah I take that back," said Gwen. The remaining twelve continued walking along the path. Courtney looked like she was in deep thought.

"I think he's in the attic," she said finally.

"Why?" asked Sierra.

"Cobwebs, brown background, far from where we are, it makes sense," said Courtney. "If you don't remember, it was I who figured out Chris's message back in the second season."

"Yeah, that was back when Chris wasn't completely insane," said Gwen.

"She's right, it is the attic, that's where Zoey, Dawn and I started," said Mike.

"Wait, why wasn't Joe with the other contestants?" asked Scott.

"He wasn't?" asked Zoey, "that could be a problem."

"Look a ladder," said DJ, "Finally we can get off this creepy floor." The contestants walked over and crawled up the ladder to the main foyer back where they had fallen.

"Alright, we don't have much time," said Courtney, "are we sure everyone is here?"

"Were down another blondie," said Scott, almost too casually.

"Scott, you were Lindsay's partner, you were supposed to make sure she made it here ok," said Trent.

"Hmph, what's it to you pretty boy? I'm surprised you care, it's not like goth chick got stolen," said Scott.

"Break it up," said Mike, "This isn't a challenge on the line, this is someone's life." All of a sudden, the chandelier fell from the foyer's ceiling, and the contestants all dove out of the way. Unfortunately, the glass sliced up DJ, and Mike's shirt got caught on one of the shards, so when he pulled out his shirt ripped off.

"Yo, what's going on?" asked Vito.

"Oh no, not now," said Zoey, "Mike, you have to snap out of it." She grabbed his shoulders and began shaking him, in the meantime, the other contestants were tending to DJ. Katie was crying, right by his side.

"I'm fine," said DJ, "just a little cut up."

"Omg, that is so not cool," said Sierra.

"That must of been a sign we need to hurry up," said Jo, "according to my watch it's been ten minutes." Jo's voice shook uncharacteristically. She was concerned for Brick, and the feeling of fear was foreign to her, causing her to shiver.

"Crap," said Alejandro, "Let's get moving then." The contestants walked up the main stairs, which lead to a hallway. Once again they were faced with a maze of halls.

"We don't have time for this," said Gwen, "we need to get them out of there."

"Tick tock," said a voice from an unknown location. The contestants looked around but could not identify the source.

"Was that over an intercom, from nearby, or have I just completely lost it?" asked Jo.

"I think it came from through here," said Courtney. She lead the contestants into a bedroom. Suddenly, the floor dropped from underneath Gwen and she fell down a few floors. She screamed, but her screams were muffled, and the sound of her being dragged away resonated throughout the room.

"Gwen, no," said Trent. He ran over to the hole in the floor but it had closed. "This is your fault. It's you isn't it?" He pointed at Courtney. "You hated her so much you were willing to sacrifice her."

"Are you crazy?" said Courtney.

"You did like, lead us in here," said Katie.

"You guys actually think I would do this? I am not heartless, maybe a little ruthless, but definitely not heartless," defended Courtney.

"Guys, stop pointing fingers, we need to find Bric- I mean the attic," said Jo.

"Look, a chord is hanging from the ceiling," exclaimed Alejandro. DJ ran over and pulled it, causing another ladder to drop down.

"Let's hurry," said Courtney. The remaining ten climbed up the ladder, to find their captured friends.

"I see you made it," said the hooded figure, "congratulations."

"Give us our friends back," said Trent. He looked over to see Gwen had joined the group of tied up contestants.

"Maybe..." said the hooded figure. "Or..." He pulled a scythe out from under his robe.

"Who carries around a scythe?" asked Jo. Suddenly, the mysterious figure lunged forward and swung his scythe, causing the rescue group to duck. Suddenly, they split up and a fight ensued. The mysterious figure kept swiping at the contestants, however the scythe was long and awkward, and the contestants were so used to the crazy challenges that they dodged the scythe without fear.

"Don't you hurt my Cody," said Sierra. She jump kicked the hooded figure.

"This is for Gwen," said Trent, following behind Sierra, he took a swing at the hooded figure.

"You messed with the wrong people," said Jo, picking up the figure, and throwing him at DJ.

"And now you're done," said Mike, "Joe." He pulled off the hood, but the figure was not Joe. Joe was in fact with the contestants but tied up in the back. His face immediately darkened. The hooded figure was none other than the psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook.

"You again?" said Gwen, however it sounded more like "Phew Fafain" through her gag. DJ and Katie worked on freeing their friends, as Jo interrogated the hooded figure.

"What is wrong with you?" asked Jo.

"I...I am so ashamed," said the killer, putting his hands over his face. He accidentally poked himself with his hook, causing him to cry out in a mixture of pain and embarassment. The scene then flash forwarded to everyone standing outside the mansion, with the police carrying away the psycho killer.

"And with that, the Phoenixes win," said Chris. He raised his hands in the air.

"What? The challenge isn't cancelled?" asked Jo.

"Why would the challenge be cancelled?" asked Chris, "The show must go on!" Despite Chris still having his usual grandeur, it was obvious he was shaken up.

"He tried to kill us all," said Jo.

"," said Chris.

"Well why did they win?" asked Mike.

"Because, I said however many could successfully make it out of the mansion, successfully as in not get captured by me, or a psycho killer, that left seven Phoenixes and only you, Jo and Sierra for the foxes" said Chris.

"That's crazy," said Cody.

"Well...too bad," said Chris. The scene flashed to dinner, which was just piles of halloween candy. Cody was practically in heaven. Joe in the meantime, was still angry from the accusation. He decided to try and take action.

"It's the only thing that makes sense," said Joe, talking to Blaineley "Mike's Svetlana is an unfair advantage, what if he learns to bring her out at will? At the merge, we will be screwed."

"Juicy," said Blaineley, "I'm in, but I'm going to need a little favor in the future." She whispered something to Joe and he smirked and walked away. Blaineley called her allies over.

"Alright Sierra, Jo, our next target is Mike," said Blaineley. Her two allies nodded, and began working on turning the team against Mike. Outside the craft services tent, Mike and Zoey were sitting under the stars, still in costume.

"That was brave what you did back there," said Zoey, "pull off the killer's hood like that. I would have been way too scared."

"No way," said Mike, "anyone sane who can shoot arrows at chef without getting killed is definitely brave. I'm sorry we haven't gotten to spend much time together."

"It's ok, we are on different teams," said Zoey, "besides, now I've made some more friends. Speaking of which, we should probably go back inside." Suddenly, Mike leaned in and kissed Zoey.

"Our first kiss," said Mike, "perfect." Zoey blushed, and the two stood up.

"Try not to get eliminated," said Zoey, as she entered the tent. Mike chuckled and walked back over to his table.

"Code red," said Cody, approaching Mike just as he walked in. Although the two weren't in an official alliance anymore, they still looked out for each other. Dakota and Sam walked over as well. "News from Dakota says that people are throwing your name under the bus."

"What, why me?" said Mike.

"Your personalities," said Sam, "People think Svetlana is kind of unfair."

"I can't control that," said Mike. "What do we do?"

"I say we take out Sierra," said Sam, "she is a pretty big threat."

"No," said Cody and Dakota at the same time.

"I get why you care," said Mike, motioning to Cody, "but why do you Dakota?"

"Sierra runs like, the most succesful fan blogs ever, if I can get in good with her my popularity will skyrocket," said Dakota, "how about Blaineley? She is pretty unpleasant."

"Yeah, agreed," said Cody, remembering back to the camping challenge. Him and Noah had been briefly holding hands, he wasn't quite sure how it started, but it abruptly ended once Blaineley intervened upon the two. "Blaineley can be done without. Besides, I like living, and she will kill us eventually." Suddenly, the Gilded Chris music started playing and the contestants rushed to the Gilded Chris area. Chris was standing there dressed as a vampire, and all the Gilded Chris awards were dressed as vampires too.

"Welcome losers, I have eleven awards on this plate, and there are twelve of you," said Chris. "Our first one goes to Jo." He tossed the award to Jo.

"That's right, first!" she said. She threw a fist in the air.

"Brick, Suki, you two are safe as well," said Chris.

"Thank you sir," said Brick, catching his award. Suki caught hers silently, per the usual.

"Sierra, Noah, you two may enjoy safety as well," said Chris.

"Eeh," squealed Sierra.

"Meh," said Noah.

"Sam, Dakota, Tyler, here you go," said Chris, throwing the three their items of safety.

"Oh yeah," said Tyler. He threw his arms in the air. Sam snorted happily, and Dakota seemed to find it cute.

"Cody, you received some votes, but not enough to get you kicked off," said Chris, throwing an award at him. "Which leaves Blaineley and Mike. One of you will not be surviving the night, this last award goes to...































...............................Blaineley," said Chris.

"What?" said Mike, clearly surprised by the elimination.

"Sorry," said Blaineley, "had to be done." She was filing her nails, and didn't even look up when speaking to Mike.

"Can I at least say goodbye to Zoey?" asked Mike.

"Hm let me think about," said Chris, "Chef!" Chef came over and dragged a protesting Mike into the Lame-o-sine.

"Cody, watch your back bud, and tell Zoey I miss her," said Mike, as he was being thrown into the Lame-o-sine. It sped away, and the scene flashed back over to the elimination ceremony.

"So what was up with all those shadowy figure Chris?" said Jo.

"And that face," said Sam.

"And the child laughing," followed up Brick.

"I don't know what you are talking about," said Chris, "I'm sure it was nothing." The contestants returned to their trailers, and Chris returned to his luxury cabin. He held in his hand the tape to the footage on the various monitors. In various scenes, there was a shadowy figure in the background, and the film ended with a face popping up on the screen causing Chris to squeal with terror. The scene flashed back to the mansion, and as it zoomed out, a figure passed by the window and the scene faded to black.

Chapter 16: You Can't Stop the Heat

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "Our remaining castmates fought it out in our Halloween special! That's right, our first ever Total Drama holiday special. So it wasn't Halloween, so what? The contestants still got the chance to undergo chills and thrills, each of them even got their own costume! Their challenge was to escape the haunted mansion, but it was brought too far when our friend the psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook came back to permanently take out the contestants. Mike upset Joe when he accused him of being behind the murderer, causing him to turn around and get the Foxes to take out Mike for his unfair persona, Svetlana. Sadly for him, Joe was succesful and Mike got the boot. This week, let's see how our twenty-six contestants do to win the grand prize of one billion dollars. Don't miss Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Theme Song

The scene started out with the girls in the girls trailer.

"No, no way, not again," said Zoey, her hands on her head. She was sitting on the bottom bunk, upset about Mike's elimination. "I thought things were going to be great this season, we were going to make merge. Anne Maria wasn't even in the picture! I was ecstatic she was eliminated a few episodes back"

"It's ok," said Bridgette, trying to console her.

"No, it's not ok," said Zoey, "Joe's going to pay." She punched her fist, and Bridgette nodded in agreement. 

"Elimination is bound to happen, I mean only one of us is going to win," said Jo.

"How would you feel if Brick got eliminated huh?" snapped Zoey.

"I would celebrate, because there would be one less weenie for me to beat," said Jo. The tone of Zoey's voice was beginning to anger Jo.

"Guys let's take it easy," said Bridgette.

"Yeah, we'll all be eliminated at one point, genius observation, well season three winner over here, so ha," said Heather, sticking out her tongue.

Zoey (CONF): I don't know if I want to go on without Mike, but I know I have to, for Cam, for us

In the meantime, Sierra was analyzing the game with Suki.

"According to my fan blogs, this season is the hardest ever, because everyone knows eachother's gameplay. The polls say that now that Mike is gone, Zoey is bound to go soon," said Sierra.

"Why?" said Suki.

"Easy, something I like to all 'Just-Lost-My-Partner-Crazy-Syndrome', happened to Gwen in Total Drama Action, Bridgette in Total Drama World Tour, Zoey in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, it's bound to happen to her again," said Sierra.

"Hm, I didn't realize you could psychoanalyze the Total Drama franchise in such a way, I guess you could cross reference elimination patterns with various strategies and figure out everyone's playing style," said Suki.

"Interesting," whispered Blaineley to herself, who was sitting on the bunk to the left of the one Suki and Sierra were on.

Blaineley (CONF): Quiet Asian girl act isn't fooling me anymore, psychoanalyze? What does that even mean?

"He was a good soldier," said Brick, as the scene transitioned over to the guy's trailer.

"Hello, he cheated, he had that Svetlana persona at will," said Scott, "it was like he got superpowers."

"Er I wouldn't call that at will," said Sam, "besides, Mike was so cool."

"Whatever," said Scott.

"You know, Dawn wouldn't appreciate that," said Sam. Scott immediately jumped Sam and put Fang's tooth to right under his chin.

"What do you mean gamer boy?" asked Scott.

"I may be a gamer, but I have played Harvest Sun and Animal Glossing, I have courted many women in those games," said Sam proudly, "they like it when you give them gifts, and be a gentleman."

"...Yeah ok," said Scott, backing away, "so maybe you aren't completely useless."

"Thanks!" said Sam, more excited than one probably should have been. In the meantime, Trent was sitting with DJ, Cody and Tyler.

"You have to go for it man," said Cody, "Duncan is gone."

"Yeah, it's time to go in for the kill," said Tyler.

"No, Gwen wouldn't go for it, I went totally crazy in Total Drama Action, I don't know what went over me," said Trent.

"Yeah, what was with that sudden nine obsession, you didn't have it in Island," said Cody.

"Yeah, you went a little crazy," said DJ.

"I don't even know man," said Trent, "I don't even know." Joe was on the bed above the one the four were sitting on, and he scoffed.

Joe (CONF): This is ridiculous. These contestants spend more time trying to match eachother up than competing in the stupid game. Hey, makes it easier for me.

Joe jumped off the top bunk and began walking to the door when suddenly, Chris yelled at the contestants through his megaphone loudly.

"Seriously, I don't know why I agreed to a second round of this," said Alejandro. He was trying to regain the ability to hear in his left ear.

"Good morning contestants! You are going to love today's genre, please meet me at the alien movie set in five," said Chris. The boys and the girls groaned and walked over. The screen suddenly flashed to black, and then flashed to the contestants standing outside the alien movie set. "So since I know you guys love breaking out into song, this week's genre is the musical genre!"

"The second world phase is like, next, couldn't you wait one more episode for a song?" said Heather.

"And why are we at the alien set? Lightning don't get it," said Lightning.

"Shocker," said Noah.

"You wan't a piece of this scrawny?" said Lightning. Noah squealed and backed away from a growling Lightning.

"Ah Lightning, so good at making friends, and Heather then one of you would have to miss out," said Chris, "wouldn't want that now would we?"

"So like, what exactly do we have to do?" asked Katie.

"I haven't said that yet, but interrupt me again and maybe you won't be the one making it to the next phase," said Chris.

"Hey man, chill," said DJ. Chris glared at him, causing DJ to immediately back down and add a timid "sorry."

Katie (CONF): It has been a long time since I have like, seen Sadie, BFFFFL's need to be together or else we like, die. But I have to do this

"So anyways, before I was so rudely interrupted, back to today's challenge. Your challenge is hide and seek. The Phoenixes are seeking, and the Foxes are hiding. Every ten minutes, the music chime will ring, and you will all have to sing a song. There are hidden cameras in each set, so we will see who is singing and who isn't. If you don't sing, you're out. Your lines in the song must reflect the theme of the set that you are at." said Chris.

"So how do we win?" asked Jo.

"You guys need to hide through three songs," said Chris, "So thirty minutes."

"What do we do if we find them?" asked Zoey.

"You have to tag them, thanks to our hidden video cameras, we will send over a team of interns to escort the player away," said Chris, "fun right?"

Bridgette (CONF): Oh no, not another hide and seek challenge, please don't let there be skunks. I am staying away from the animal buddy set

"So how are we all supposed to sing the same song if we are on different sets?" asked Courtney.

"You guys ask way too many questions," replied Chris, "you parody the song to fit the area you are in. Got it?"

"Wait bu-" began Lindsay, before she was interrupted by Chris with a loud "GO!" The Foxes all sprinted away and the Phoenixes all closed their eyes and began their count. Once three minutes had passed, the Phoenixes were off and the challenge had begun. A few of the Foxes had made their way to the Wild West set.

"Hm, that's weird, we don't have any Total Drama Action contestants left on our team, they were a bunch of losers anyways," said Jo.

"Um, excuse me? I competed," said Geoff.

"Oh you don't count," retorted Jo quickly. She began making kissy noises causing Geoff to turn red.

"Don't listen to her, I think you did fine," said Brick. Geoff smiled, but Jo just scoffed.

"I think I hear someone coming," said Jo. The three hid behind a mechanical bull.

"I think I heard some footsteps this way," said Bridgette, who was walking with Leshawna and Lindsay.

"Bridg-" began Geoff, before Jo quickly covered his mouth.

"Are you stupid? Come on party boy," whispered Jo.

"Woah, heavy," whispered Geoff, "let's just chill out. I just wanted to see my babe."

"Well your 'babe' is trying to eliminate you from the challenge, so wait until later big guy," whispered Jo.

"What are we going to do?" whispered Brick. Leshawna, Bridgette and Lindsay were all standing right in front of the mechanical bull.

"Idea," said Jo. She flipped the ON switch of the bull, causing it to go crazy. It startled Leshawna, Lindsay, and Bridgette, allowing time for the three foxes to slip away. They kept running, and ended up at the prison set. They ran through the courtyard, dodging obstacles left and right, and straight into the prison, where they found Sierra and Dakota.

"Really, this is such a good hiding spot Sierra, like wow," said Dakota. The two were crouched behind a table.

"Uh thanks?" replied Sierra.

"What's up guys," said Geoff.

"Like, Gwen and Trent ran through here earlier, but we haven't seen any other Phoenixes since," said Dakota, "there better be hidden cameras here so the audience can see my brilliant strategizing."

"Yeah, brilliant," said Sierra, the sarcasm in her voice apparent.

Dakota (CONF): Getting in good with Sierra is hard, I mean, can you say psycho? But she could be that popularity boost I need for total stardom!

Suddenly, Gwen and Trent came back, this time with Bridgette, Leshawna and Lindsay. The five Foxes dove back under the table, as the scene shifted to the Kung-Fu movie set.

"So why are we following quiet girl?" said Noah. 

"To figure out all her juicy secrets," said Blaineley, "that girl is hiding something, and Blaineley Stacy Matthews O'Halloran always finds out."

"Oh, yeah that clears things up," said Noah sarcastically.

"Besides, you don't want me sharing your little secret do you?" said Blaineley.

"No thank you," said Noah nervously.

"Then let's move scrawny, we have a secret to learn," said Blaineley. The two followed Suki from a respectable distance. Every so often she would turn around and suspect someone was there, but shook it off and kept walking. Suddenly, Lightning, Scott, Zoey and Dawn came shooting out from behind a tree. Blaineley and Noah dove into the bush, but Suki wasn't so lucky.

"Oh yeah, Lightning strike!" said Lightning, tagging the startled Suki.

"Crap," whispered Blaineley from behind the bush. Suddenly, a group of interns scurried onto the scene, scooped up Suki, and scurried away. Cody suddenly popped up between the two.

"What's up guys?" said Cody.

"What are you doing here pip'squeak?" asked Blaineley.

"Well, not only am I hiding from the Phoenixes, I'm hiding from Sierra, I think she is going crazy again," said Cody, "so here I am."

"Well now that you're here," said Blaineley, but the scene was cut off and it switched to the mystery movie set. Tyler was crouching alone as six Phoenixes searched the perimeter.

"I swear I saw Tyler over here," said Courtney.

"Why do we need all six of us for one person?" said Heather.

"No one is forcing you to be here," said Alejandro.

"You all are a disaster waiting to happen," said Joe, causing the three to glare at him.

Heather (CONF): New guy clearly does not know how things work around here...

Courtney (CONF):...he totally thinks he rules this game, hello can you say....

Alejandro (CONF): ...wrong? What a poser

"Guys I think I see something," said Katie. She pointed over to behind a bush where red was sticking out.

"Good work amiga," said Alejandro. The Phoenixes ran over, but it turned out to be a chicken.

"A wild chicken? In Muskoka?" said Courtney.

"That gives me an idea," said Alejandro. Suddenly, the musical chime rang overhead. Chris's voice boomed throughout the film lot.

"Your song parody will be of the summer hit Call Me Maybe," said Chris, "remember, it has to reflect the area you are in."


"Bridgette," said Geoff, calling from his cell.

"What did I say about calling for Bridgette," said Jo, "if she comes here, we lose."

"I think it's sweet," said Brick.

"Hmph, whatever," said Jo. Suddenly, the five heard footsteps, and dove to the ground. The four Phoenixes ran by, but missed the Foxes who were on the ground of the cell.

"You are so lucky," said Sierra.

The scene flashed to the Mystery Set, where Courtney was holding Tyler by the arm triumphantly. DJ came up and gave Courtney a high-five. 

"You're welcome team," said Courtney.

"Thanks," said Heather sarcstically, "you found Tyler, real challening."

"Hey," retorted Tyler, but Heather ignored it. Suddenly, a group of interns sprinted in, knocked over Courtney, grabbed Tyler, and sprinted away.

"What is up with the staff of this show," said DJ, "Mama always said it's not nice to plow into strangers. Where to next?"

"I think this set is clear," said Joe.

"Yeah, let's move," said Courtney. The six jogged away, as the scene flashed to the Beach set. Where Blaineley, Noah and Cody had just entered.

"It's not even a r-real beach, and it's f-freezing in here," said Cody.

"Yeah, I know you two h-have eachother to cuddle up, but I don't do freezing," said Blaineley.

"This is k-karma for sending poor Bridgette to Siberia," said Cody.

"Whatever," said Blaineley. The three hid behind the fake pool, when Dawn, Scott, Zoey and Lightning entered.

"I swear I heard them come this way," said Zoey.

"Their aura is present," said Dawn, "this way." She pointed to the area around the fake pool.

"Nice work Dawn," said Scott, "those loser Foxes make it too easy."

"Yeah creepy girl," said Lightning. Suddenly, there was a sharp temperature drop in the room. Lightning ran to the nearest door to find it locked.

"What is up with Chris and cold this season," said Zoey. The four contestants huddled together, as did Noah, Cody and Blaineley behind the fake pool. In the meantime, the five Foxes had finally managed to break out of the cell.

"See we're out, did you really need to freak out?" said Geoff.

"I will show you freaking out if we don't win this challenge," said Jo. Suddenly, Bridgette's voice was heard faintly in the distance.

"Did you hear that?" she asked Leshawna.

"I think it came from over here," said Trent. Footsteps began coming down the hall, approaching the five Foxes. They quickly turned and bolted out of the jail, running towards the disaster movie set.

"Quick, into the submarine," said Jo. The five hopped in and Jo locked the hatch.

"Perfect," said Chris, who was sitting in the control room monitering a ton of screens. With him were Tyler and Suki. He pressed a button that caused the submarine to begin filling up with water. The five foxes began to panic.

"OMG, I totally remember this happening in season two," said Sierra, "does like, anyone have any bendy straws?" The five patted their clothes but each had nothing. Sierra, Brick and Jo tried yanking at the hatch, but it wouldn't budge.

"I really hope that hatch up there is open," said Jo, the five looked up to see the hatch above.

"I guess we'll find out," said Geoff, as the water began to float the contestants slowly towards the top. Suddenly, the musical chime rang.

"Seriously?!" said the five at the same time.

"Ha, I love this game," said Chris, he pressed the button that turned on the intercom "You all will be singing the song No Air."


Once the song was over, Bridgette, Lindsay, Gwen, Trent and Leshawna had reached the beach set. Leshawna tried to bust the door open, but it wouldn't budge.

"That's sketchy," said Gwen, "also, the song choice has to mean something, No Air, like, as in, water?"

"Sweet observation Gwen, let's investigate," said Trent. Gwen blushed, and the five began going around the outside of the building, looking for a way in.

"Guys, I like think I found something," said Lindsay. There was a stack of crates that lead to a small window that was wide-open.

"Good work Lindsay," said Leshawna. The five began climbing up the crates, as the scene switched to the submarine. The water had nearly reached the top.

"Ok, I am seriously starting to freak out," said Geoff.

"Don't be ridiculous, Chris wouldn't let us die," said Jo.

"Um hello? Obviously you didn't see season two episode ten, Chris almost let them die there," said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): I am like, Total Drama's biggest fan, being on the film lot is absolutely amazing, these newbies though...

"Alright, well what do we do?" said Dakota, starting to hyperventilate. As the water rose, fear swept over the contestant's faces.

"So, so dark," said Brick, trembling. He grabbed Geoff and pulled him into a tight hug. Sierra and Dakota joined in on the hug too.

"Ick, lovey dovey stuff," said Jo. Despite that, Geoff pulled her in anyways. Suddenly, the light stopped flashing, and the water went down to the bottom. In the control room, Chris was laughing hysterically. This time, he actually could control the flow of water, and wasn't actually going to let them die. The hatch of the submarine popped open. The five sprinted out of the submarine, getting as far away as possible. Eventually they ended up at the Rock n' Rule set, back where the guitar competition took place. Suddenly, the two traveling groups were both running towards the set from each side, and Lightning, Zoey, Dawn and Scott had joined them.

"How did you guys do?" asked Courtney.

"Three more down," said Scott. The scene flashed back to the other Phoenixes chasing down and capturing the freezing Noah, Cody and Blaineley.

"We just need to get them before the last song end-" said Courtney, when suddenly, the musical chime rang overhead.

"Crap," said Heather, "Let's find them, quick!"

"You will be singing the classic You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray, good luck Phoenixes, if you don't find them by the end of the song the Foxes win," said Chris.


"And the Foxes win!" said Chris, raising his hands in the air. Geoff pulled Brick and Sierra into a hug, and Jo and Dakota both cheered.

"About time," said Jo.

"Phoenixes, I will see you at the Gilded Chris ceremony tonight," said Chris, "the last one before we move on to the next phase."

"Come on guys, we could hear them singing and we still didn't find them," said Heather.

"Well, we still like, had to sing," said Katie.

"Thanks for the memo, I wasn't aware," said Heather.

"Guys, the challenge is over," said Bridgette, "let's all calm down." The scene flashed to the craft services tent, where the contestants were enjoying dinner.

"I am telling you, I will lead this team to victory," said Jo.

"What are you trying to accomplish? You realize if you are captain and we lose, you would be to blame, can you say elimination?" said Sierra, "it's simple Total Drama logic."

"Which is exactly why we want her captain," whispered Cody into Sierra's ear. Noah, who was on the other side, heard Cody's statement to Sierra.

"Hmm, I didn't know there was a brain up there," said Noah playfully. Cody blushed, and Sierra growled. Nevertheless, she agreed, and stopped protesting about Jo's requests.

"That settles it, if no one opposes the idea, I am officially team captain," said Jo.

Geoff (CONF): Man, things are getting so heavy, electing a captain? I bet the Phoenixes aren't this crazy

"Yes, it is you who should be going home," said Heather demandingly, as camera panned to the other side of the tent where the Phoenixes were eating.

"Why?" responded Courtney, "you are the one who is prone to making people hate you."

"You are the one who lead us astray in the challenge," said Heather.

"I agree with Courtney, it shouldn't be her," said Bridgette, earning her a rare smile from Courtney. DJ nodded in agreement. 

"Did you hear that Heather? My good friend Bridgette thinks that it should be you going home," said Courtney.

"Well that's not exactly what I-" began Bridgette, before Courtney shot her a look.

"Sorry girl, but for once, I agree with Heather," said Leshawna. Courtney shot a look at Gwen, a sort of you owe me one look. Gwen looked away at first, but eventually turned and faced the arguing girls. She was about to say something when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to see Dawn.

"You don't want to get involved with the negative aura," said Dawn, "it will lead to unforeseen consequences. I don't want the butterfly's omen coming true." DJ, who was on the other side of Dawn jumped a little.

DJ (CONF): Alright, Dawn seems really chill, but her talk about this omen is giving me the creep outs. I've had enough animal related curses

"So like, who are we voting for?" asked Katie.

"I don't know," said DJ, "well let's see, we want to keep Bridge, and Leshawna, and Lindsay, Dawn, Zoey, and Trent, do you think it's time we try and boot Joe?" Scott perked up right as DJ said that.

"I will help," said Scott. DJ and Katie looked at him with confused looks on their face. "Just trust me." Katie and DJ both looked skeptical, but agreed to trust him. Suddenly, the Gilded Chris music started playing, so the contestants walked over to the Gilded Chris area.

"Alright, everyone grab your electronic voting devices," said Chris, "you know what to do." All the contestants put in their votes.

"The votes are in," said Chris, "the first Gilded Chris goes to Bridgette."

"Sweet dude," said Bridgette, catching her award.

"The next ones go to Leshawna, Zoey, Trent, and Lightning," said Chris, "enjoy the reward that is safety." Leshawna and Lightning high-fived, while Zoey and Trent both caught their awards. Trent shot Zoey a thumbs up and she smiled. 

Zoey (CONF): Total Drama is giving me the confidence I need, maybe I can do this without Mike, everyone clearly wants me around, me

"Alright, next, let's hit up Gwen, Lindsay, DJ, and Katie with their safety," said Chris.

"I like the lingo Chris, it really makes you seem cool," said Gwen. She snickered as she caught her award. Lindsay was squealing in the background and ran to join DJ and Katie's embrace.

"Anyways, Alejandro, Dawn, and Scott are all safe as well," said Chris, tossing the three their awards. 

"You three all got some votes," said Chris, referring to Heather, Courtney, and Joe, who were all sitting there without awards, "shocker noting how popular you three are...anyways Joe didn't get enough to send him home...again. Really people?" Joe smirked as he caught his reward, and DJ shot Scott a look. Scott returned with an I didn't know look, but DJ still seemed annoyed.

"Heather, Courtney, Total Drama's famed alpha females, one of you will be eliminated tonight," said Chris, "and that person will not be...































......Heather," said Chris, "Courtney, time to go."

"What?" said Courtney, "this can't be right."

"Sorry, but it is, bye-bye, no law suit can get you out of this one," said Joe.

"Sorry girl," said Bridgette, "I'm really going to miss you." She and Courtney hugged, and once Bridgette walked away, Gwen walked up.

"You know what gothie? I forgive you," said Courtney. Everyone on the stands gasped, since Courtney just showed an act of kindness. "And I pity you, I mean, if I looked like that I would want to get anyone who liked me too." The contestants all exhaled, since that was the Courtney they knew.

"Thanks, kind of," said Gwen, "but hey, you get to see Duncan at Playas Des Losers, go get him tiger." Courtney smiled, and her and Gwen fist-pounded.

"Bye-bye Courtney, don't let the door hit you where-" said Heather, before she was cut off by Chef, who covered her mouth.

"Watch it girl," said Chef.

"Bye Colleen," said Lindsay, waving.

"We'll like, miss you," said Katie. In the meantime, Joe just sat there smirking. The lame-o-sine drove away, and the contestants returned to their trailers, all but Joe and Scott.

"You owe me," said Scott, "I saved your butt, Katie and DJ are liked by all these losers, they could have easily gotten you booted, so you know the terms, you don't boot Dawn."

"Hmph, whatever," said Joe, "but everyone has to go eventually. Courtney was too full of herself, that was her downfall, don't make the same mistake. But now I know someone who is targeting me, bye-bye DJ."

Chapter 17: Sydney or Bust

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," said Chris, "our remaining players got a chance to shine during our musical genre challenge, rounding out our second film lot phase. The Frozen Foxes had the whole set to hide from the Phoenixes- the twist was that they had to spontaneously burst into song while remaining in hiding. They narrowly dodged the Phoenixes during the last song, giving them another win. Scott proved to be the same old guy, when he sold out DJ to Joe, saving Joe from elimination. In a shocking twist, power player Courtney got sent packing for the last time, and no amount of law suits will bring her back. Finally we get to go back on the plane, my personal favorite, and we are taking the contestants to Sydney, Australia. Let's see how our contestants hold up on Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Theme Song

The episode opened with the Phoenixes sitting in Economy Class.

"I can't believe you guys voted off Courtney," said Bridgette, "I mean sure she's annoying, but she was a valuable player."

"She was also Type-A crazy," said Heather, "besides, she has had enough time on Total Drama."

"By that logic, so have you," said Leshawna, "you won for crying out loud."

"Let's not forget that Ezekiel went all psycho and threw my money into a volcano, I do not call that winning," said Heather.

"Ladies, ladies, calm down, I'm just glad it was Courtney and not one of you," said Alejandro, "and we are not losing to those stupid Foxes one more time." Heather rolled her eyes.

"Give it up," said Heather, storming off. In the meantime, Zoey and Dawn were talking to DJ and Gwen.

"So has this mysterious butterfly talked to you again?" said Gwen.

"No," said Dawn, "but I fear something bad is coming. I can't feel exactly when, but you and DJ are in danger."

"What is she talking about?" asked Zoey. She returned from the bathroom and sat down with the three. 

"Dawn thinks we are going to experience something traumatic," said Gwen. She motioned a choking noise and fell over, which caused Zoey and Dawn to chuckle, but DJ was not amused.

Gwen (CONF): We do not need another curse going through DJ's head. This could be bad.

The group was interrupted by Chris, who was speaking from the intercom overhead. "Our next destination will be the lovely, Sydney, Austrlia," said Chris, "We will be landing in a few."

"Who is Sydney?" asked Lindsay, causing the Phoenixes to groan as the scene transitioned to first class.

"It's about time we were back in first class," said Blaineley, "I require a lot of special treatment."

"You know, I just came to a giant realization," said Jo sarcastically, "I don't like you."

"Wow, thanks," said Blaineley, in a Blaineley-esque manner.

Geoff (CONF): The girls on our team really need to chill out, and I thought Courtney was uptight, I miss my Bridgey-bear

"Yeah that was the coolest part!" said Tyler. He and Sam were talking about a recent game they had played. Sam chuckled, causing him to snort a little which made Dakota giggle.

"I know right? Who knew Kink, the Legend of Melda could have another great swii game?" said Sam.

Sam (CONF): It's nice to have someone to relate to on my team, and it's even nicer to not have Scott or Lightning on it

Blaineley (CONF): Ok, everyone knows friends is just another word for allies in all reality television shows, if Tyler, Sam and Dakota went three-strong that could threaten my chances of getting my money...hmm...

Blaineley pulled Noah into the hallway outside of first class.

"Alright, let's get straight to the point scrawny, I know about your little thing for Cody," said Blaineley, "and I am right now down an ally, with Anne Maria out of here, so you get the blessing of joining me in an alliance."

"Err..." said Noah rubbing the back of his head.

Noah (CONF): I'm not stupid, I know my lack of allies is what got me eliminated so early in previous seasons, so, what the heck? She will think she is playing me but I will be playing her

"Hmph, whatever," said Noah, shaking Blaineley's hand.

"Alright, competitors, we are now landing in Sydney, Australia," said Chris over the speaker system. The scene flashed to the remaining competitors, Chris, Chef, and a few interns standing at one end of the Sydney Bridge. Chris was dressed in what looked like an Indiana Jones costume.

"What's with the get-up?" asked Dakota.

"Did you get lost on the way to a rodeo?" asked Gwen, causing the contestants to chuckle.

"Actually, Chris loves to-" began Sierra, before she saw Chris was turning red with anger.

"Do we want a repeat of New York? No, didn't think so, anyways, your challenge will be to climb over the Sydney Bridge, and make it over to the opera house. There, the two teams will put on a performance to be judged by none other than moi and my lovely assistant chef. We will give you a score out of ten. The first team across the bridge gets an extra three points added to their score."

The contestants all lined up at the starting line and each assumed a track-like starting position. Chris shot a starting gun and the contestants were off. Suddenly a bird fell from the sky and hit Chef in the head.

After approximately ten minutes, the contestants hadn't made much progress, having not even reached the halfway mark of their upward climb.

"Catch me if you can," said Brick. He, Jo, and Lightning had pulled ahead of the pack, and as usual were all competing for that coveted number one spot.

"No one is faster than the Lightning," said Lightning, as he strode past Brick.

"Yeah, no one is more annoying either," said Jo, as she ran past the two. "Let's do this Brick."

"Yes m'am," said Brick. The two both began pushing harder, and their pace increased causing them to start to distance themselves from Lightning.

"Hey, what?" said Lightning, confused. Behind those three, were Bridgette, Alejandro, Heather and Sierra.

" with...all these physical...challenges," said Bridgette, panting. Alejandro looked as if he was about to give words of encouragement, but Heather shot him a look.

"Chris is like, uber annoying," said Sierra. Her long legs proved to give her an advantage in the climb.

"Come on surfer girl, we are not losing another challenge to these losers," said Heather.

"Let's do it," said Bridgette. The two girls smiled at each other and with Alejandro began to bound past Sierra. She was getting angry so increased her pace as well. 

"Hey!" replied Sierra angrily, but Heather ignored it. The camera panned to the next batch of contestants, which consisted of Noah, Tyler, Suki, DJ and Katie.

"This is...exhausting," said Noah.

"I gotchu dude," said Tyler, scooping Noah over his shoulder. He continued bounding ahead, with Noah trying not to fall off. Suki chuckled, and managed to keep pace with the jock.

"This is like, so pretty," said Katie, looking over the side of the bridge as she ran.

"I know right," said DJ, "you know who it reminds me of?"

"Who?" said Katie, blushing.

"Momma," said DJ, admiring the view. Katie immediately turned red and looked away for assuming it was her. Jo and Brick managed to reach the top first.

"This is awesome," said Brick, looking over the side.

"Yeah, it's great," said Jo, but nothing in her tone indicated she actually enjoyed it. "Let's get moving before Jockstrap comes. I think I lose brain cells when he is around." The two began on their journey back down, with Lightning not far behind. After another fifteen minutes, the rest of the contestants were on their way down as well. Behind the beginning bulk of contestants were Dawn, Zoey, Trent, Dakota, and Joe. Their pace was much slower than that of those ahead.

"Running is so mainstream," said Zoey. She looked over to see that Dawn wasn't tired at all. In fact, her feet were almost levitating."Uh Dawn?"

"Yes Zoey," said a startled Dawn, her feet immediately returning to the ground. Zoey gave her a look and increased her pace. In the meantime, Joe was running silently, plotting in his head revenge against DJ. Dakota was looking at Joe's evil face scared. Behind them, were Cody, Lindsay, Gwen, Scott and Blaineley.

"This is just like the good old days eh?" said Cody, who was running between Gwen and Lindsay, "I'm brought back to our marathon around Lake Wawanakwa."

"Right, that's what they were, the good old days" said Gwen.

"When was that?" said Lindsay, confused. Scott laughed at Cody, causing Gwen to turn and glare at him.

"Good job dork," said Scott, hitting Cody as he increased his pace and sped by him. Blaineley chuckled as she also passed him.

"Seriously? Why are you all in such good shape," said Gwen. Rounding out the group was Leshawna and Sam, who were both struggling.

"Leshawna don't do running," said Leshawna. Despite Leshawna's exhausted appearance, she was in much better shape than Sam, who had begun crawling.

"Level four, level five," muttered Sam as he crawled. Leshawna looked back with a scared look, but Sam ignored it. Another fifteen minutes passed and everyone had finished but Leshawna and Sam. They were on their way down the bridge. Both teams were cheering their contestants along, but it was Leshawna who managed to take the win for the Phoenixes.

"Congratulations contestants," said Chris, appearing in front of the exhausted players. All of them were dripping in sweat and panting, "you just ran over the Sydney bridge. And for twenty-four of you it meant nothing!" Heather and Leshawna shot Chris a look, but he continued.

"Your performance tonight is a good one, it will be Firework by Katy Perry, and you probably want to prepare for this one," said Chris. In the meantime, Chef was passing out the lyrics to everyone.

"Wow, we actually get the lyrics?" said Gwen, "that's a step up."

"What can I say? I'm feeling kind today," said Chris. Next, Chef came through passing out ridiculous costumes. "Or maybe not." Chris snickered, and Gwen groaned at the sparkly outfit she was holding in her hand.

"Uh-huh, Lightning don't want to look like no fairy princess," said Lightning.

"Oh man up It's just a costume," said Leshawna, "we all know about the man under it." She winked at him, causing him to look confused, then blush, then eventually begin to put on the costume.

Leshawna (CONF): Wow, I just used flirtation as a gameplay move, and it actually worked. Your girl's got game

"Nice," said Bridgette quietly, and the two girls fist-pounded. Lindsay and Gwen both shot Leshawna thumbs up from the other side of Chris.

"Oh this is perfect," squealed Dakota, hugging her outfit.

"Yeah, perfect, that was the word I was looking for," said Noah sarcastically. Eventually, once all the contestants had their costumes on, the rehearsal began. They were practicing the choreography for the song.

"Thank the lord little miss 'CIT' isn't here," said Scott.

"Hey, that's not cool," said Bridgette, who was standing in the line in front of him. She tried to do a spin but ended up running into Scott.

"Hey, you did that on purpose," exclaimed Scott.

"I tripped," said Bridgette, and the two exchanged a glare. 

"Question," said Cody, "why aren't we performing in the Sydney opera house?"

"I don't want to talk about it ok," snapped Chris. Cody silently returned to trying and following the steps.

Cody (CONF): Hostility...

In the meantime, Suki was performing excellently, with Chris having given her a big part. She looked as though she was a natural performer.

"You are like, really good," said Katie.

"Yeah girl, you got it going on," said Leshawna.

"Oh it's nothing," said Suki. Her face turned bright red. Everyone nearby was startled by the fact that she talked, nothing that she hadn't done so in a while. Noah witnessed the whole interaction, and shot Blaineley a look, silently asking for confirmation if she had seen it as well. She nodded 'yes' in return.

Blaineley (CONF): Autograph, natural performer...Nothing evades the queen of gossip, I am co-host of a talk-show for crying out loud. Did Sakura Yamimato, famous Japanese pop singer, really think she could just slip past me? Ha. Now how to use this against her...

After half an hour of performing, Chris had returned. By this point, the sun had gone down, but the town was still lit up with lights, particularly the spotlights coming from the Sydney opera house.

"We have a little surprise," said Chris. He pointed to a bunch of boats on the river, where various interns were preparing a fireworks display. One the interns took a misstep and set off a firework, which caught onto another intern's belt loop sending him high into the air. 

"Is that safe?" asked Trent.

"No, no it isn't," said Chris, "but awesome." The contestants were given mics, and suddenly, a crowd had started to form.

"All these people, here to see me?" said Dakota. She squealed, as the other contestants got nervous.

"Total Drama was huge in Australia," said Chris. Suddenly, the music started playing. It was soft at first, but slowly built as the contestants all ran out onto the makeshift stage in front of the Sydney opera house. The first firework was shot, causing that boat to catch on fire and sink, the panicked intern hopped overboard and began swimming to shore, and the song began.


By the end of the performance, there was a large crowd in front of the stage, cheering.

"The name is Dakota Milton, remember it," said Dakota, winking as she signed someone's paper pad.

"I can't help that I'm so popular," said Heather, talking to three awe-struck girls, "it just comes naturally. Some people have it, some don't. Like I can tell you, you don't." The three ran away crying, but Heather didn't seem to care. Not all the contestants could handle the temporary fame.

"Friends!" said Zoey. She was excited for the attention, but it began to stress her out. "So, much, mainstream." She began slowly slinking to the ground, and as she was being mobbed by more fans, the scene shifted to Brick.

"No, the dark doesn't scare me, that was a rumor," said Brick, sweating. A group of girls was giggling as they continued to taunt him.

"Hey, hop off," said Jo. The girl in the front seemed surprised that Jo had stepped in. "That's right, shoo."

"Yeah, I bench 225," said Tyler, as the camera panned over to him flexing for a group of people. Suddenly, a giant bear ran through the audience, causing the whole crowd to flee in a frenzy. In the meantime, the competitors re-grouped at the entrance of the plane.

"Aww come on, you couldn't have give us like three more minutes? I was like, totally rocking it," whined Lindsay, blowing a kiss to the frenzied audience.

"I'm ready to leave, this isn't some stupid popularity contest. It is a contest, for a prize, and the longer we are here, the longer it takes to get into the elimination room and kick off another one of my loser teammates," said Joe.

"Oh lighten up man," said Geoff, putting his hand on Joe's back. Joe scowled, causing Geoff to back away slowly.

Geoff (CONF): Man these new guys are intense. Scott, Jo, Lightning, other Joe *counting on fingers* It's hard to keep track of

The scene flashed to all of the contestants seated in the cafeteria of the plane. 

"After some long deliberation, we would like to announce the winning team now..." said Chris, "The Fiery Phoenixes!" They cheered as the Foxes groaned.

"What? No way!" exclaimed Jo.

"Sorry, despite Suki's excellent delivery, their three point bonus gave them the edge over you," said Chris.

"You are dead gamer boy," said Jo. Sam, cowered back in fear. At dinner in the plane's mess hall, the contestants were all discussing elimination.

"He lost us the challenge," said Jo.

"So? Like, we have all lost some challenges," said Dakota. She was trying to protect Sam, but wasn't doing a very good job. In the meantime, Blaineley pulled Noah and Cody aside.

"Alright you two, I have other plans as to who is taking the drop, hear me out..." she began, as the scene shifted back over to the table. It had gone from a calm discussion to a full fight.

"It's not my fault I can't run," said Sam.

"But what if we have another physical challenge? How are you going to help our team?" asked Jo.

"I think that he deserves a second chance," said Tyler, "Come on man, lighten up."

"I am a girl," snapped Jo, right in Tyler's face.

"Chill he knows, it's just what headband says," said Geoff, putting his hand on Tyler's shoulder. The contestants broke out into another argument as to whether or not to keep Sam, when Blaineley, Cody and Noah returned to the table. Cody whispered something in Sierra's ear, which made her go quiet. Noah in the meantime, whispered something in Suki's ear, which made her face turn pale.

Suki (CONF): How did they know? Crap...

The contestants were in such a heated debate, that they didn't notice Blaineley pull Sam and Dakota aside.

"Look, I am going to help you save your butt, but your going to have to do exactly as I say, this is how the voting is going to go..." said Blaineley. The scene switched to the barf bag ceremony. Chris walked out with ten barf bags on his plate.

"Hello contestants, and welcome back to the elimination room," said Chris, "may the voting...begin!" A montage of the contestant stamping people's passports followed. Then, it switched back to all of them sitting back in the bleachers.

"Alright, time for the results," said Chris, "this first barf bag will be going to...Dakota." She was too nervous to be excited that she was in the game for another three days. She couldn't take her eyes off the barf bags, hoping one of them was going to be passed to Sam. 

"Jo, Blaineley, Noah, you three are also safe," said Chris.

"Obviously," said Jo, as she caught her bag. Blaineley and Noah rolled their eyes at the jock-ette.

"Cody and Sierra, you two may enjoy safety," said Chris.

"Sweet," said Cody. Sierra squealed, at the oppurtunity to stay with her favorite people longer. Cody reluctantly hugged her, but soon smiled. 

"Suki, Brick and Tyler, you three are also safe," said Chris. He tossed the three of them their items of safety. The scene panned over to Sam and Geoff, both looking extremely nervous.

"Geoff, Sam, one of you will be going home tonight, and that person will not be...































......Sam," said Chris.

"What?" said Geoff, "how?"

"Sorry dude, you got the most votes," said Chris, "by one." The gamer boy sighed in relief.

"Sorry bro," said Sam, putting his hand on Geoff's shoulder.

"Can I at least say good-bye to my Bridge?" said Geoff.

"Of course you c-" said Chris, before suddenly shoving a parachute in Geoff's hands and shoving him over the side.

"Bridgette," cried Geoff, as he fell, "bummer man."

Blaineley (CONF): Ha. There we go. If there was a jury vote, Geoff would definitely win, and it was a matter of time before Geoff's little grudge against me for *putting up airquotes* sending his girlfriend to siberia *putting down airquotes* would come to pass and he would try to eliminate me, so bye *winks at the camera* 

Chapter 18: It's a Merry Chris-mas Day

Chris was sitting in the pilot seat next to Chef in the jumbo jet. Chris was wearing a santa outfit, while Chef was dressed as a reindeer. A bunch of interns were milling around the control room, dressed as elves, each of them performing different tasks, from useful ones such as manning controls and decorating, to trivial ones such as drinking hot chocolate.

"Last time, on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "our remaining players were brought to Sydney, Australia, to make me money for their performa- I mean for their challenge- I mean compete in their challenge. Anyways, thanks to their edge in part one, the Fiery Phoenixes burned through to victory, sending the Foxes to yet another elimination ceremony. Despite the general idea it would be gamer boy getting the boot, it ended with faux host Geoff taking the Drop of Shame, thanks to Blaineley after the Queen of Horrible determined he was a threat. Sorry big guy, but there's only one host with the most, and you can see him in action right here, on Total...Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song

The scene shifted to first class, which was fully decorated for Christmas.

"Someone is sure in the holiday mood this year," said Heather, slapping away an intern who tried to put reindeer antlers on her. She was sitting in one of the sets of chairs with Dawn, Gwen and Scott.

"I hate Christmas, all the cheery-ness, the warm fuzzy feeling you get, it's gross," said Gwen. Dawn looked at her with a quizzical look. She looked as if she was about to say something, but held it back.

Dawn (CONF): Her aura clearly states she likes this time of year, you can tell by the purplish pink, I don't know why she would want us to believe different, I hope this isn't related to the great disaster that could befall DJ and Gwen...*puts her hands on her temples*

"Pappy used to get me the coolest knives for Christmas," said Scott, "but nothing as cool as this." He pulled Fang's tooth out of his pocket.

"You kept that?" said Gwen, "didn't that shark almost kill you? Was that not traumatizing?"

"Well it's cool," said Scott, who was admiring it.

In a different set of chairs sat Leshawna, Bridgette, Lindsay and Zoey. Zoey had donned a christmas sweater given to her by one of the many interns milling around first class, while Lindsay, Bridgette and Leshawna all sported holiday outfits as well.

"Yeah," said Bridgette, "and then he asked for another 'accident'." The four girls bust out laughing as Bridgette continued to recall her time in the Yukon. The confessional was also decked out for Christmas, with garland surrounding it and holiday decorations scattered around. 

Bridgette (CONF): Things get easier when you laugh at yourself, I learned that from...Geoff *begins to briefly cry but stop* Get it together Bridge, you can do this

"The best part was when you couldn't speak at your elimination," said Leshawna, laughing. Bridgette began to mock the event, babbling as if she had a pole stuck to her tongue. 

Bridgette (CONF): I almost feel free-er now that Geoff is gone, I- I *begins to cry* miss him so much

"It's ok girl, at least you didn't vote yourself off," said Leshawna, nudging Lindsay.

"I like, don't remember that happening," said Lindsay, causing the other three to laugh again.

"Hey didn't your audition video say you were terrified of getting eliminated by a jock? And didn't Lightning eliminate you?' said Leshawna, to Zoey.

"Hey! I couldn't do anything about it," snapped Zoey. There was an undertone of anger in her voice, similar to commando Zoey. Leshawna looked as if she was ready with a retort, but held it back.

"Hey let's just calm down," said Bridgette.

Leshawna (CONF): If homegirl is going to freak out like that, I don't know if I want her as one of Leshawna's homies

Zoey (CONF): With Mike gone, I find it harder to laugh at things, I really gotta work on that, at least Dawn seems to be helping though

At the mini-bar sat Alejandro, Joe, and Lightning. Lightning's white hair fit with his Santa Clause outfit.

"Amigos, brothers, we are the strongest three players in the game, if we could-" began Alejandro.

"No," said Lightning and Joe in unison.

"Lightning aint falling for your tricks," said Lightning. Despite talking to Alejandro, he was looking through him to Leshawna.

"I can help you win over the lucious Leshawna," said Alejandro, "especially with Harold gone."

"Really?" said Lightning, getting up out of the stool. He was quickly pulled back down by Joe.

"Calm down lightning dolt," said Joe, "gameplay first, and we are not trusting this guy."

Alejandro (CONF): Ever since World Tour, no one trusts me, sure I told a few lies now and then, and maybe betrayed a couple people, and got most of the World Tour cast eliminated, but I mean...forgive and forget right? Jose is probably sitting at home laughing at me right now 

Economy class was also decorated for Christmas, and also had many "elves" roaming about. Dakota was sitting on Sam's lap, much to the disgust of Jo.

"I definitely don't want that for Christmas," said Jo.

"My polls say that you are bitter just because you crave a partner but can't find a man," said Sierra, "just saying." She was hugging Cody, but not as stalker-tight as she used to. A friend hug, which made Cody smile due to the warmth, and made Noah uncomfortable. Sierra shot Noah a haha Cody is mine look, but Noah just rolled his eyes.

"I can too get a man, anytime I want," said Jo. She awkwardly tried to sit on Brick's lap, who seemed startled by the attempt.

"Um hello soldier," said Brick, "may I ask what you are doing?"

"Oh forget it," said Jo, getting off Brick's lap and storming away. Tyler was chatting with Noah and Cody, and Blaineley was sitting with Suki.

"I hate Christmas, it's just a bunch of losers celebrating some fat old guy," said Blaineley, "where's the fun in that? Where is the juicy gossip?"

"I like-" said Suki, but she was cut off since Blaineley began to continue.

"I mean, what is so special about giving everyone gifts? I give everyone gifts too! The gift of knowing me!" said Blaineley.

"Yeah but-" said Suki, before she was cut off again.

"Here is how it works shy girl, I know your secret, so you vote with me, kapeesh?" said Blaineley. Suki just nodded, having given up on trying to say anything. Chris walked into Economy and told the contestants to meet him outside. They did as they were told, and found out that the plane had landed in New York City again.

"New York? Again?" said Heather, "can't you do anything original Chris?"

"Hey, don't complain, it was either this or Siberia, you guys got lucky," said Chris. They were at Battery park, a park in southern Manhattan.

"I am like, so not complaining, we can finally go shopping," said Lindsay, squealing.

"I am like, so happy I get to be on this season," said Katie, "I was so jealous when you guys got to like travel the world. And now I'm in New York City! With my new friends" She squealed and Lindsay joined in. DJ grabbed Katie's hand and Katie blushed. Scott nudged Joe.

"You know, if you wanted to get your flirt game on you could attempt to steal Katie from DJ, I mean, she is a babe," said Scott.

"Oh yeah, I'd hit that," said Joe.

Joe (CONF): With my car

"Hey, it's strategy, you saw how easy she fell for Alejandro, and everyone knows he's evil," said Scott.

"He is not evil, he is just pathetic," said Joe, scoffing in the oblivious Alejandro's direction. Chris continued on with the New York challenge.

"Alright, your challenge is to collect stamps from three major land marks. The first is the five-story Macy's, the second is Rockefeller plaza, and the third is Times Square. You must do so in that order, got it?" said Chris. The contestants nodded, and Chris tossed Heather and Jo stamp cards. "Good luck with your tasks, go!" The contestants all sprinted down the subway, to catch the subway headed towards Macy's. It was about a ten minute journey, eventually, the contestants got out at the subway stop a few blocks down from the giant Macy's.

"Let's go amigos," said Alejandro. The contestants had trouble weaving in and out of the massive crowds. Carolers and gift-shoppers were everywhere. The Phoenixes seemed to be faring better, especially when a group of Japanese tourists mobbed Suki.

"We love you," screamed one of the girls from the crowd.

"What is going on?" asked Tyler.

"Oh nothing," said Blaineley, scooting her team along, "probably just, uh, her family." Blaineley dove into the crowd, and viciously pulled Suki away.

Blaineley (CONF): I can't have the team find out her secret just yet, how am I supposed to use it to manipulate a vote if they know?

Heather and Alejandro had managed to reach the Macy's first. It was completely decked out for Christmas as well. The Foxes had gotten caught behind waiting for Blaineley and Suki, so the Phoenixes were the first full team to arrive.

"Like, now what?" asked Lindsay.

"Over there, an intern," said Gwen. She pointed to the middle of the store where one of Chris's interns stood staring at them. The Phoenixes ran over, and managed to all get there before the Foxes arrived to the Macy's.

"Welcome Fiery Phoenixes," said Chris. He was speaking through a speaker that was planted on the intern's chest. "Your first task will be to find the Christmas present with the Phoenix stamp hidden in it. It is somewhere in this store, good luck." The speaker cut off and the intern ran away before the Phoenixes could ask anything further.

"Great, this store is huge," said Bridgette,"and packed. Where are we even going to start?"

"Easy," said Dawn, "I can sense Chris's negative aura from the package, follow me friends."

"Way to go Dawn," said Zoey, "we are going to crush those Foxes!" The contestants followed Dawn up the stairs as the Foxes arrived on the scene.

"Over there," said Cody, pointing at a different intern. They received the same message from Chris about finding their first stamp somewhere in the Macy's.

"Well this is a problem," said Sam, "how are we going to find it?"

"Leave it to me," said Jo. She climbed up one of the clothes racks, and yelled for everyone in Macy's to be quiet. The entire store immediately hushed.

"Hey, you all know Blaineley from Celebrity Manhunt right? You want a chance to get her autograph? Find a light blue present somewhere in this store and that is just what you will get," said Jo. In the meantime, Dakota was sneaking behind Jo posing, while an embarrassed Sam attempted to drag her away.

"Hey, that's cheating," said Brick.

"Did Chris say 'no exploiting Blaineley's confusing popularity?' Didn't think so," said Jo. The store broke into a frenzy, looking for the turquoise present. Blaineley looked flattered, and Suki just rolled her eyes. The Phoenixes, who were on the third floor, looked over the railing.

"Crap," said Heather, "why do so many people care about Mildred?"

"Great question," replied DJ, "then again, mama loves the Puppy Bachelorette."

"Do you not remember she sent me to Siberia," yelled Bridgette over the railing, but she was ignored by the crowd. They were laser-focused on finding that present and getting that autograph.

"Got it," said Dawn, who was sliding out from under a clothes rack, with a fiery orange present in hand.

"Way to go creepy girl," said Lightning, grabbing the package and ripping it open.

"Here," said Leshawna, grabbing the stamp card from Heather and tossing it to Lightning. He quickly stamped the first slot on the card, it was an outline of Macy's with a Phoenix overtop of it.

"Now how are we going to get through that?" said Bridgette, pointing to the mad rush of people below.

"Leave it to me," said Zoey. She grabbed a large spool of ribbon that was part of the Christmas decorations, and using an empty wrapping paper roll and a string made a makeshift bow. She grabbed Fang's tooth from Scott, tied ribbon to one end, and shot it across the store. It stuck in the wall, and gave them a zipline straight to the exit.

Lightning (CONF): Sha-what?

Zoey took charge and slid down the line using a belt from the belt's section The other contestants followed suit, and the ones without belts held onto those with them.

"This is actually kinda fun," said Leshawna, as she held onto Lightning and zipped down over the crowd below.

"Look out below," cried Gwen, gripping onto DJ with Katie and Bridgette. 

"You know, maybe you aren't such a loser," said Heather. She had stolen the belt from Alejandro's pants and used it for herself.

Once all of the contestants reached the end, they dashed out the door and began heading towards Rockefeller plaza. In the meantime, someone had finally found the present.

"That is how you do it soldier," mocked Jo at the visibly uncomfortable Brick, "let's move team." The Foxes ran out of Macy's and also began heading towards Rockefeller Plaza. It was hard for the Foxes to manuever the crowds, especially with various people trying to stop them for autographs, notably Suki and Blaineley. About twenty minutes passed until the Phoenixes reached the Rockefeller Ice Rink, the location of their next stamp. Standing in the middle of the rink was another intern with a speaker attached to her.

"Hello Phoenixes," boomed Chris.

"Where did that come from?' said Gwen. The contestants all looked around confused until they finally found the intern in the middle of the rink. "To earn your second present, containing your second stamp, you must have a team of two boys and two girls succesfully beat a team of skaters in a 4 x 4 relay. I told these guys not to go easy on you so...good luck!" The intern motioned to the starting line, where four experienced skaters were standing. They were stretching, and grinning at the Phoenixes. They looked much more intimidating than the rag tag group of competitors wearing Christmas apparel.

"Alright so who's going in?" said Heather. She pulled the Phoenixes into a huddle.

"I'm sure Alejandro's eigth cousin twice removed was a speed skater," Leshawna, mocking Alejandro's constant mentioning of his relatives in the third season.

"Actually I-" began Alejandro, before he was cut off by Heather.

"Save it, you're going in. Who else?" said Heather.

"No one beats the Lightning," said Lightning.

"Alright that's two boys, which two girls?" said Heather. The girls looked around nervously at each other.

"You all have seen how clumsy I am on land," said Bridgette, "Why don't you do it Heather?"

"Ugh do I have to do everything myself? Fine, I'm in, who's with me?" said Heather. Katie shyly raised her hand.

"Like, I-I can do it," said Katie, "Sadie and I skate all the time." Without Sadie by her side, Katie was having trouble being as confident as she usually was.

"I don't know, I think Zoey would be the safe choice," said Gwen, "no offense Katie, but I never really took you as the athletic type." Katie seemed hurt by this comment, but refrained from saying anything.

"Hey Katie was a huge asset back in the dodgeball challenge in season one," argued DJ.

"I could, but I don't want to let everyone down," said Zoey.

Dawn (CONF): Not only is Zoey showing mood shifts, she also is suddenly caring differently about how others see her. Instead of wanting them to like her, she wants them to view her as a..."hipster?" I can tell by her aura. I hope this newfound popularity doesn't go to her head.

"Well, Katie it is," said Bridgette, "you can do it." She put her hand on Katie's shoulder and received a smile in return.

Lightning was first, and right as Chris blew the air horn he took off. By this point, the Foxes had arrived. They were told the challenge by means of another speaker, and had to wait until the Phoenixes were done with their first try before they got a shot at it. With Lightning speed-skating in the background, Jo decided to pull her team into a huddle to decide their four racers.

"Alright, obviously I will go in," said Jo, "but which one of you girly-girls is with me?" Suki was beginning to raise her hand, but Sierra interrupted before she could.

"I can do it," said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): *squeals* Ice skating in New York City on my favorite TV show ever. I love this show!

"So which males want to step it up?" said Jo.

"I will," said Tyler.

"No," replied the Foxes in unison. By this point, Lightning had tied the first skater, leaving Heather neck and neck with the second skater.

"You're going down freak," shouted Heather as she skated as fast as she could.

"We have to consider our options. Gamer boy is out," motioning to Sam, "neither are the useless twins," motioning to Noah and Cody, "which leaves us with headband as our only choice," said Blaineley, "assuming wets his pants is going in."

"I'll do it for the team," said Brick saluting, and ignoring Blaineley's comment.

"That makes it me, Jo, Tyler and Brick," said Sierra.

"If you mess this up," said Jo, getting in Tyler's face. Cody sighed.

Cody (CONF): You know, it's times like these I miss Geoff. Times when I feel like Jo is going to personally murder each and every one of us

"Go Henna!" cheered Lindsay, with the scene switching over to the Phoenixes watching Heather race.

"Go!" cheered Gwen. Heather barely inched ahead of the skater, when she used her skate to spray ice in her opponent's face. This gave Alejandro a brief lead, and Alejandro proved early on to be a strong skater. Alejandro was seemingly doing well, however one of his skates twisted him causing him to come crashing down to the ground.

"That's right!" cheered Jo, throwing a fist in the air.

"You're going down Ale-mean-dro," said Sierra, grabbing onto the railing and leaning over slightly. By the end of the lap, Alejandro left Katie with quite the gap to close. Katie proved to be an excellent skater, almost immediately closing the gap between her and the final speed skater.

"What?" said many of the Frozen Foxes in unison, as Katie sped by them, accidentally showering ice over the gang. At the very end Katie inched ahead and ended up clearing the challenge for the Phoenixes.

"First try," said Bridgette, "that's awesome!"

"Way to go girl," said Leshawna, high-fiving Katie. She was bright red, and exhausted.

Heather (CONF): Who knew Katie was so valueable? I guess it's been a while since she has played, and her performance in the dodgeball challenge was impressive- but without Sadie, Katie could prove to be a good ally...or a threat

The intern walked over and stamped the Phoenix's card, a stamp of Rockefeller Plaza with the skating rink emphasized.

"You did awesome," said DJ, scooping Katie up into a hug, earning an 'aw' from Lindsay. A montage followed of the Frozen Foxes skating against the group, now angry due to their gap growing larger. The Phoenixes headed to Times Square to attempt their final challenge. The montage switched between the Jo, Tyler, Sierra and Brick skating, the Phoenixes running, and the rest of the Foxes cheering on their competitors.

"You better not screw this up," shouted Blaineley from over the railing.

"Take it easy," said Noah. He meant to say it to himself, but unfortunately for him Blaineley overheard.

"Excuse me?" said Blaineley, turning to Noah.

"Ha-ha nothing," giggled Noah nervously.

Thankfully, the sound of the other Foxes cheering drowned out Blaineley's following insults, as Brick had just inched out the last skater and cleared the challenge for the Foxes. Noah turned away from Blaineley, cheering for Brick with the rest of the team, and hoping that would provide a distraction for the hot-headed ex co-hostess.

"Let's get a move on," said Sierra.

"Sierra is like, so right," said Dakota. She inched closer to Sierra, and Sierra gave her a confused face.

"Purple hair is right, we are not losing to those loser birds again," said Jo. The Foxes arrived at Times Square at the same time as the Phoenixes.

"I told you we shouldn't have stopped," said Heather, "you all are hopeless." Chris suddenly jet-packed down from the sky in front of all of the contestants, still sporting a Santa costume.

"Hello players, did you enjoy your tour of New York City?" asked Chris.

"It was great," said Bridgette panting.

"Well I have a surprise...Merry Christmas," said Chris, throwing his hands in the air. Unfortunately, the announcement was rather anticlimactic.

"...and?" said Gwen, "no mutated animals? No psycho killers with a chain-saw?"

"Very close Gwen!" said Chris. The jumbo jet released a herd of reindeer that looked less than friendly. They began roaming all throughout Times Square. 

"Really? Reindeer?" said Leshawna. Her and Gwen busted out laughing. 

"It's so cute!" said Lindsay, "Eeh!" She walked over to pet one but it growled and pounced on her. Lindsay screamed and rolled out from under it. It angrily began chasing her in circles around the group as Chris continued. 

"Yeah they are fun alright!" said Chris, "your final task is to find the reindeer that has my face shaved on it's stomach! Be warned though, there is a reindeer with Chef's face out there. Find that one, and you are all in for a very special surprise. But before you guys start  I am looking forward to your musical performance."

"What musical per-" began Gwen, before she was cut off by the sound of the musical chime. Chris began laughing hysterically at their situation and flew away. The contestants sang Extraordinary Merry Christmas.


A few moments after the end of the song, the contestants scattered throughout Times Square looking for the reindeer, with little success.

Jo (CONF): Chris is losing his edge...or mind...or both

"Come here," said Gwen. She dove after one but it trotted away with ease. She blew the hair out of her face and chased after it. "I hate Christmas"

"Come here little buddy," said DJ. He found a carrot and was luring a little one over when it pounced taking him down. "Seriously?!" 

DJ (CONF): *covered in bruises* At least I'm not cursed *reindeer appears in the confessional, grinning evilly. DJ looked on scared*

"This is ridiculous," said Bridgette, chasing after another. She tripped knocking one into Jo. It growled at Jo and began chasing after her.

"You're going to get it surfer girl," yelled Jo as she ran away. Brick laughed and walked over to high-five Bridgette. Tyler tried to tackle one but ended up tackling Lindsay.

"Ooh sorry Linds," said Tyler. She didn't respond, as she was captivated by a giant designer store right in her line of vision. She slowly began walking towards it.

"Lindsay no!" shouted Zoey. She dove towards Lindsay, knocking her to the ground again. Dakota was running after a reindeer when she bumped into Sam, and the two started kissing.

"Woah there Bridgette and Geoff, let's take a breather," said Blaineley. Bridgette, who was nearby, glared at her, but shed a few tears remembering that Geoff was now out of the game. Suddenly, a large groan was heard. Trent showed the stomach of the reindeer he caught, and on its' stomach was a picture of Chef's face.

"I got it!" said Dakota. Revealing she had found the Chris reindeer. Chris flew in on a jetpack.

"Too bad, the Chef one was found first, thank you Trent, which means that no one is safe from elimination tonight. The teams will have to work together to decide on one unlucky contestant to send home!" The contestants groaned, with a lot of them shooting Trent a dirty look. The scene shifted to dinner, where all the contestants were sitting at one big Christmas themed table. 

"So I think we should like, all agree on someone to eliminate together," said Lindsay. The rest of the table bust out laughing.

"Hey Lindsiot has a point," said Heather, "there are way more of us, if we team up against Blaineley she is so gone."

Heather (CONF): This is perfect. A chance to eliminate the Queen of Mean during the team stage? And I'm not even on her team? Yes, yes yes! *throws fist in the air*

"Alright minions," said Blaineley. She was talking to Noah, Suki and Cody, who did not appreciate the new nickname. "Heather, Bridgette and Alejandro are all on the opposing team, which means yours truly is at risk, which is why we need to make sure their vote is split so we can come in and pick off one of the Phoenixes."

"Which one?" asked Suki.

"Here's what I'm thinking," said Blaineley, and she began whispering.

"So ...what's the plan teammies," said Jo. She and the other Foxes were ignoring Blaineley's conversation with Noah, Cody and Suki. Jo didn't want to draw attention to her ally's planning.

"We have to stay as a team," said Brick, "I think it's that weasel Scott's time."

"I think we can take out a threat, an un-likable one, like Alejandro or Heather," said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): This is the first time in Total Drama history everyone has voted together during the team stage, eeh I'm making history on my favorite show ever!

Blaineley pulled Scott, Joe and Lightning into the hallway, and the three began whispering about an unknown subject. This was noticed by the Phoenixes at the table.

"That cannot be good," said Leshawna.

"I say we stick together against Blaineley," said Bridgette. Despite her kind-hearted nature, there was still a sliver of grudge left from her forced expedition to Siberia. She put her hand in the middle of the table. Alejandro, Heather, Katie, DJ, Lindsay, Leshawna, Dawn, Zoey, Gwen, and Trent put their hands in as well.

Dawn (CONF): I have a bad's coming *rubs her temples*

The scene shifted to the elimination ceremony.

"You guys know the drill," said Chris, "stamp the passports blah, blah, blah." The scene shifted to various contestants in the confessional, stamping their choice.

"Interesting," said Chris, "very interesting, well it's barf-bag time." Time fast-forwarded, and everyone had a barf bag in hand except Joe, Blaineley, Gwen, Trent, Heather, and Lightning.

"Lightning, you are the next one safe," said Chris. Lightning let out a squeal, a manly squeal, and grabbed his barf bag.

"Trent, Heather, you two are staying as well," said Chris.

"About time," said Heather, as she caught her barf bag.

"Sweet," said Trent. His confidence didn't back up his voice though. He was still nervous for Gwen, who had yet to receive her sweet bag of immunity.

"Joe, somehow you manage to stay in this game yet again," said Chris, "which leaves Blaineley and Gwen." Both looked extremely nervous, and Blaineley periodically shot glares at Noah and Cody. Chris drew out a brief silence, before continuing his announcements.

"Well, I guess the only thing left is to hand out the final barf bag, and it's recepient will be...


























.................................................................Blaineley," said Chris.

"No. way." said Bridgette and Leshawna in unison.

"What?" said Gwen, "it's over?"

"Friend," said Dawn. She ran over to Gwen, hugged her, and handed her a small Christmas present. "I'll miss you."  Gwen opened it and it was a picture of the Phoenixes from the first day, playing in the snow. In the picture, Joe and Scott looked annoyed, Courtney had thrown a snowball at Harold, with Duncan watching and laughing, B was shooting a thumbs-up in the back, with Cameron sitting on his shoulders, Dawn, Zoey and Leshawna were building a snowman, Gwen and Bridgette were sledding down a hill, and DJ had tackled Katie to the ground and the two were laughing. Lindsay was making a snow angel face-down, while Heather was rolling her eyes at Alejandro who was trying to woo her with a snow flower he made. Trent was running from Staci who was rattling off "fun facts."

"Thanks, that's actually pretty cool," said Gwen. Bridgette and Leshawna ran and wrapped Gwen in a hug.

"Girl I'm going to miss you so much," said Leshawna.

"Totally," agreed Bridgette. In the meantime, the emotional Lindsay burst into tears, realizing this will be the last time she is competing with Gwen.

"Well I guess my time on Total Drama is over," said Gwen, "before I go..." She turned to the Phoenixes. "Be careful, the worst has yet to come, I can feel it." She shot a look at Scott and Joe, who were sitting there smirking. Everyone left in the game, even Heather, aside from Scott, Joe, and Blaineley went and wrapped Gwen in a giant group hug. Tearfully she pulled away, and as she was about to jump Trent rushed over to the door.

"Wait, Gwen, I need to-" said Trent, before he was cut off.

"Not now," said Gwen, "just...not now." With tears bulging in her eyes, she jumped out of the plane for the last time.

"Gwen, no," said Trent. He stuck his head out the window to see Gwen plummeting to the ground.

"Sorry dude," said Chris, "but it's great for ratings, so actually not that sorry." He lead the contestants into first class where there was a Christmas party waiting, with all their names on various presents throughout the room.

"I'm sorry did you do something nice for us?" asked a shocked Leshawna. 

"Hey, it's Christmas of our last season," said Chris. They opened their presents, and there were some good ones among various Chris memorabilia. Everyone laughed and enjoyed themselves as hot chocolate was handed out. A tear rolled down Trent's face as he looked at the present that had Gwen's name on it, that would remain there unopened. Bridgette, Leshawna, Dawn, Zoey and Cody came and consoled him as the camera zoomed out and cut to black. 

Chapter 19: Turn Up the Heat

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, sitting in the pilot's cabin of the Jumbo Jet with Chef, "our remaining twenty-four competitors fought it out in the big apple for our Christmas challenge. In the end, as a Christmas present, I temporarily merged the teams, giving them a chance to vote anyone out, and no one was safe. The vote was close between our new queen of mean Blaineley and loner Gwen, and Dawn's prediction came true and Gwen got voted out. What does that mean for DJ? I guess we'll find out, right here, on Total Drama Explosion!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up with all of the contestants sitting in economy class.

"Why couldn't we have all gotten first class?" said Noah, "I've spent enough time in this trash hole." He was talking to Cody, but Cody wasn't listening. He couldn't stop thinking about Gwen's elimination. Noah put a hand on his back and Cody smiled.

"Look bro, you should probably be glad Gwen is gone, that means Trent can't win her over. Face it, they were on the same team and they had a history," said Noah.

Noah (CONF): Am I upset Gwen is gone? Of course not. Not for Cody but she was a huge threat...really, not for Cody *wipes brow*

"I don't think that is a good plan," said Zoey. She was talking to Dawn, Bridgette, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, DJ and a visibly upset Trent.

"I don't know how safe it is to carry Joe, Lightning and Scott much farther in this game," said Leshawna.

"But throwing the next couple challenges to eliminate them?" inquired Bridgette, "that seems pretty risky."

"Yeah, and what happens if we lose after that?" asked DJ.

"We still have Heather and Alejandro as scapegoats," said Leshawna, "you guys can all vouch, four seasons with Heather is more than enough."

"I've read Scott's aura, he isn't that bad," said Dawn. The other Phoenixes turned to her inquisitively. "Really, it's a green, much better than Joe's black."

"I don't even care anymore," said Trent, "I have never been in the game without Gwen. It just doesn't feel right."

"This is the first time I've outlasted Geoff, you can do it," said Bridgette, putting a hand on Trent's shoulder. Trent smiled at her, and Leshawna nodded at Bridgette.

"But didn't she like, break your heart?" asked Katie.

"Look man, you cannot give up, the last thing you want to do is quit," said DJ.

"Oh yeah? What about Total Drama Action DJ?" said Trent. DJ was surprised by Trent's sudden outburst, and looked a little upset. "I'm sorry dude, that was uncalled for."

"Yeah, for real," said DJ.

"Look, we all have someone who we miss that's not in the game anymore. Mike, Geoff, Gwen, Sadie whatever. But that shouldn't be used as an excuse, it should be used as motivation," said Zoey, "motivation to crush anyone who gets in your way." She pounded a fist against the palm of her other hand.

"Exactly, with Geoff gone, it's almost like I want to avenge his elimination by crushing those Foxes into the dust," said Bridgette, "they are the ones that voted Sadie, Geoff and Mike out, and the reason Gwen got eliminated too, them and Joe, Lightning and Scott, which is why we should get rid of them too."

"I don't know," said Trent. He got up and walked away.

"What is with him," said DJ, "anyways, what if when we throw the challenges we don't have numbers going into the merge?"

"Like of course we will silly," said Lindsay, "we'll always have numbers." The other Phoenixes looked at her strange too.

"Like one, and seven, and sixty-three," said Lindsay.

Zoey (CONF): Lindsay seems really sweet, but I think I may be losing brain cells by talking to her

"But what about challenges? As much as I hate to say it, aside from DJ here, Scott and Lightning are our best athletes. You can tell by their fiery red tints in their aura. There are a lot of us left, what if the merge doesn't come?" said Dawn.

"Honey, I know you got your aura thing but I don't think they could hold a candle to Alejandro, or even Heather, I'm sure we'd be fine," said Leshawna. They continued pondering what to do as the scene panned over to Jo sitting with Blaineley and Sierra on the other side of economy class.

“So you’re saying we finally need to replace tan in a can?” said Jo, "why didn't we do that- oh I don't know- back when she got eliminated? Like a hundred episodes ago."

Jo (CONF): Blaineley thinks she is running this game, but that’s good; let her think that, everyone knows who’s really running the show, yours truly

“The end is nearing faster than you think, we need numbers,” said Blaineley, “the key in loser games like this.”

“Loser games?” said Sierra, "Total Drama is not a loser game".

“Oh did I say loser? I meant winner,” said Blaineley, her voice blatantly insincere.

“So which of these losers is left to add?” asked Jo, “obviously not the nerdlings or headband.” The already red Sierra was on the verge of fuming, but managed to maintain her composure.

Sierra (CONF): I don't know why I am allied with the two worst people in Total Drama history. I could easily ally with Cody and Noah and get rid of them. They need me way more than I need them, I mean, hello, Total Drama expert here.

“And Suki is way too smart for her own good, kind of a like a girl Cameron,” said Blaineley.

“We can definitely eliminate love birds as a choice, well, seems like Brick house is our last option,” said Jo, “what a shame, I’ll go talk to him now.” Jo quickly got up, but Blaineley pulled her back down.

“Are we sure? I don’t know if Brick is all into the strategic part of this game,” said Blaineley.

“Yeah, a poll on my website showed that 78% of people thought that Brick was going to be one of the first three eliminated,” said Sierra, “and like, I totally see that, he doesn’t have the skills like Cod- I mean, the other players.” She giggled nervously, and Blaineley and Jo ignored it.

“What does your blog say about me?” said Dakota. She had just walked back into economy class from a trip to the bathroom, and picked up on the end of the conversation.

Dakota (CONF): I really need to step up my game and get in better with Sierra. That is like, way more important than winning. Ok maybe not, but still she would totally jump start my trip to stardom

“I don’t really know, I don't check it very often because nothing really happens,” said Sierra. Despite not intending to upset her, Dakota definitely was upset by the remark.

“Nothing happening for me? The great me?” said Dakota in disbelief.

“Well you did get booted pretty early last time,” said Sierra, “but you and Sam are tots a power couple. You two are adorable!”

“Really?” said Dakota, “aww thanks!” The two girls were interrupted when Chris walked into economy class.

“I hate to interrupt, but I’m going to anyways. We have arrived at our next destination, Death Valley.”

“Oh, great, going to place with death in the name,” said Heather, “I see you’re no longer even trying to hide the fact that you are trying to kill us.”

Anyways, your challenge, follow me,” said Chris. The contestants walked outside to see a giant obstacle course. At the end was a pile of rocks that each were a little bit bigger than the size of a bowling ball. “I need each team to pick their strongest male, and their strongest female.”

“Well that’s a no brainer, captain tinkle you’re with me,” said Jo. Her and Brick walked up to Chris.

“Obviously the Lightning,” said Lightning.

“Um hello, have you seen DJ?” said Bridgette, “the guy is huge.”

“Well my grandfather was a-“ began Alejandro before he was cut off.

“We know, a fifth generation blah-blah-blah,” said Leshawna, “I’ll go for the girls, and I think Lightning should come with me.”

“Score,” said Lightning. The two stepped towards Chris.

Lightning (CONF): It’s nice to be appreciated, especially by the gorgeous Leshawna

Leshawna (CONF): Easy, we lose, Lightning is a scape goat

Alejandro (CONF): I am so sick of being treated like a joke. I need to change my strategy, but how?

“Alright, follow me,” said Chris. He led the contestants to the beginning of the obstacle course. There were two platforms raised about twenty-feet off the ground. There was a single hole in the middle of each platform. Through that hole was a rope that connected to a giant basket underneath the platform. On the top of the platform, the rope split in two, allowing for two people to hold on. “You guys will be responsible for holding up your team’s basket.”

“Piece of cake,” said Jo.

“Not when the basket is continuously being filled with rocks,” said Chris, “the rest of each team will be racing through the obstacle course to retrieve the rocks. Once they go through the entire course and retrieve their rock, they run along the outside of it back to the start, where they dump the rocks into the opposing team’s basket. Once they drop their rocks into the basket, they must re-run the course and do it all over again. First team to drop loses, got it?”

“It’s so hot,” said Lindsay. The camera panned to all of the contestants sweating, and the sun shining so bright that heat waves were visible.

“Another brilliant observation from Lindsay,” said Chris, “good luck you guys. You drop out from dehydration and that could cost your team the win. Everyone, take your positions.” Leshawna and Lightning each got a steady grip on their rope, while Jo and Brick did the same for theirs. The rest of the contestants lined up at the obstacle course. The course started with an army crawl under a net, followed by climbing over a giant wall, diving through hanging tires, crossing over a series of balance beams, using tire swings to get over a giant mud pit, climbing up an angled wall, and finally ended by sliding down the other side to the giant pile of rocks.

“Go!” yelled Chris. The contestants all set out on the course, with Bridgette, DJ, Alejandro and Heather pulling ahead during the army crawl portion. Sam was struggling, taking up the rear with Dakota, who didn’t want to work up a sweat. The contestants were all almost immediately exhausted due to the extreme heat.

“You can do it guys,” yelled Leshawna to our team.

“Lightning will not accept defeat,” followed up Lightning.

“Go maggots go,” yelled Jo. A montage of the obstacle course followed. Scott helped Dawn over the wall next to a struggling Tyler, while Zoey, Sierra, Katie and Cody were crossing over the balance beams. Dakota and Lindsay were swinging from tire swing to tire swing. Blaineley and Heather were diving through the tires, and Alejandro, Bridgette and DJ were sliding down the angled wall. They were the first to reach the rocks, and each grabbed two and headed back to the start of the course.

“You can do it guys,” yelled Brick. Both Jo and Brick solidified their stance when Bridgette, DJ and Alejandro hoisted their rocks into the Fox’s basket. Suddenly, Sam collapsed while trying to climb over the wall.

“I can’t- go on,” said Sam. He passed out, and Chris deemed him unfit to continue the challenge.

"That's pretty lame dude, you didn't even make it one run," said Chris. 

“Are you serious?” said Jo, “you are literally an oxygen thief.”

“Hey, don’t talk to him like that,” said Dakota. She made sure Sierra heard her; unfortunately the distraction caused her to fall off the wall.

“Pay attention,” said Jo. Heather and Blaineley had both returned with rocks and heaved them into the baskets. Sweat was pouring out of the contestants, the opposite of what they have been facing throughout most of the season.

“Hurry up,” said Joe. He was referencing Lindsay being confused as to how to get through the hanging tire.

"I don't get it," said Lindsay, "are we supposed to like, climb it?"

"Just watch," said Joe. He gracefully ran up to the tires and dove through. An exhausted Heather was right behind him.

Heather (CONF): Joe is more athletic than he is letting on, interesting

“This is brutal,” said Trent, unloading his pile of rocks into the Fox’s basket.

“Thank you,” said Chris, “I thought of it myself.” As the challenge went on, the Phoenixes seemed to be faring a lot better than the Foxes. They had a one up in numbers, and physical abilities, especially since Jo and Brick were burdened with the task of carrying the basket.

"You know, I'm pretty sure we could sue Chris for this, where is Courtney when you need her," said Noah as he was struggling to climb over the wall.

Another montage followed of the contestants sweating through the intense heat. Lindsay and Noah were trying to get over the wall, and both passed out and fell backwards. Zoey, Joe, Sierra and Katie were slowly crawling across the balance beams, and Cody and Scott were stuck in the tires. Bridgette and DJ had fallen into the mud pit, Heather was trying to push her way up the angled wall, and Dawn and Tyler were collapsed at the other end, too tired to move.

"This sounds like the perfect time for a song,” said Chris, “how about some P!nk up in here?” The scene switched to Chef grumbling and flipping some switches in the command room of the jumbo jet. Blow Me One Last Kiss started blasting across the course.


The contestants were even more worn out from the number.

Leshawna (CONF): Alright, time to put Operation Luscious into action

Leshawna tried to make eye contact with one of her allies down below, but they were all hyper-focused on going through the obstacle course. I have to do this, thought Leshawna to herself. Suddenly Leshawna thrust her body towards Lightning. Lightning was caught off guard and was almost thrown to the ground, but he managed to still be able to hold the weight of the basket.

"What's wrong?" said Lightning.

"I think I saw a- AHH" screamed Leshawna. She jumped to the corner of the platform.

“I'll protect you,” said Lightning. He jumped defensively in front of Leshawna, but he didn't realize while doing this he let go of the rope causing the Phoenix basket to come crashing down to the ground. Suddenly, Chris's voice boomed across the obstacle course.

"And the Foxes win," said Chris. The Foxes all cheered from their different spots throughout the course, with Sam weakly cheering from Chef's makeshift hospital on the side.

"I thought I saw a spider," said Leshawna.

"A spider? I was trying to protect you from a spider?" said Lightning, "that's ridiculous."

"I am deathly afraid of spiders," said Leshawna.

"Oh you have sha-GOT to be kidding me," said Lightning.

“What happened?” yelled Bridgette from below.

“I don't know,” said Leshawna, "the basket just dropped."

“Yeah,” said Lightning nervously, “I could handle the weight but it was too much for Leshawna, so she made up some story about a fake spider.”

"What?" said Leshawna, "that spider was real, and if you hadn't dropped your rope we wouldn't have lost the challenge."

Lightning (CONF): Leshawna wants to mess with this? I don’t care if she is a pile of bodacious beauty, she is about to get struck by the sha-LIGHTNING

The scene then flashed forward to dinner that night. Sam was still passed out on the floor, and the other contestants were all exhausted as well.

"Hey, if you guys barely got through this challenge, none of you are fit for the finale,” said Chris.

“Alright well Lightning thinks it’s obvious who should go home, bye Leshawna,” said Lightning.

“Hey, spiders totally freak me out,” said Leshawna.

“So? You cost us the challenge,” said Lightning, “You are going down.” Leshawna suddenly burst out “crying”.

“I’m so sorry y’all, I just let the fear come over me,” she said, wrapping Lightning into a hug. Lightning looked confused, and didn’t know what to say.

“Oh save it,” said Heather, “we all know your tricks.”

Leshawna (CONF): Everything according to plan

“Hey if it was a sumo wrestler you would have bailed too,” said Leshawna.

“Whatever,” said Heather. She rolled her eyes and continued eating. Joe pulled aside Lightning and Scott.

“Alright, looks like aura girl gets to stay longer, we have to boot Heather,” said Joe. Scott and Lightning looked confused.

“It’s simple logic, now Leshawna will be scrambling to stay in since she cost us the challenge,” said Joe, "if we have Leshawna's vote, we have Bridgette's as well, which will lead to a chain reaction. Besides, none of them like Heather."

“Alright, but how do you plan on doing that?” said Scott. He was confused, but happy that the plan didn't involve cutting Dawn. "They don't exactly like you."

“They also don't exactly like Heather,” said Joe. The scene flashed to him whispering something to Leshawna and Bridgette, the two nodded, and he walked away. Leshawna and Bridgette went over to talk to Dawn, Zoey, Trent, DJ, Katie and Lindsay.

“The deal is sealed,” said Joe, returning to his allies. Scott and Lightning looked confused, but decided not to say anything. "Goodbye Heather."

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony.

“Alright you guys, you know the drill, one of you will be going home,” said Chris, “barf bag yadda yadda alright, let’s start. The first barf bag goes to Katie.” Katie smiled and caught her barf bag.

“DJ, Alejandro, Lindsay, you three are safe as well,” said Chris. The screen split into three showing all three catch their bags happily.

“Bridgette, Dawn, Zoey, you three also get the gift of safety…tonight,” said Chris. Bridgette, Zoey and Dawn all hugged and caught their bags.

"Oh joy," said Dawn.

“Trent, Scott, and somehow yet again Joe, you three also are safe,” said Chris. Joe and Scott smirked, and Trent still had a tint of sadness in his eyes from Gwen’s elimination.

“Which leaves Heather, Leshawna and Lightning,” said Chris, “but Leshawna is safe.”

“What? No way!” said Heather, “you guys kept Leshawna over me?”

“Shut it Heather, the last barf bag goes to…

... ...























.......................Heather,” said Chris.

“What?” said Joe and Scott at the same time.

"Yep, and you all know what that means," said Chris.

“You,” said Joe in a sinister fashion. He rose and pointed at Leshawna, “I underestimated you.”

“Wait…what?” said Lightning, finally realizing what had happened, "but why?"

"You cost us the challenge," said Leshawna.

"Yeah, you did like, drop the rope," said Katie.

“Sorry bro, but you are g-o-n-e,” said Chris.

“Oh you are all going to sha-pay,” said Lightning, jumping out of the jumbo jet.

“Another one down, who will be next?” said Chris, “find out next time on Total…Drama…Explosion!”

Joe (CONF): I didn’t know any of these losers were capable of a blind side, I need to step up my game, I am not letting this rag tag group of weirdos outsmart me, that million is mine

Chapter 20: When Pillows Collide

“Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our remaining players battled it out in Death Valley, closing out our second rotation of stages. Joe thought he had the team under control, and that he could easily get rid of big threat Heather, but Leshawna proved to be craftier than Joe, blindsiding his ally Lightning. We are now going back to the island to start our third rotation. What’s going to happen next you might ask? Find out right now on Total…Drama…Explosion!” said Chris.

Theme Song The episode opened up with the contestants sitting in the cargo hold of the jumbo jet.

DJ (CONF): The fact that Gwen is gone really scares me. Maybe what Dawn said was true, something bad happened to her that means I’m next *a fly runs into the side of DJ's head and he jumps* Momma!

"Let’s take a moment to reflect on this past rotation,” said Chris, walking in. A brief flashback occurred, showing the previous nine eliminated contestants: Owen building a shelter with his team, Anne Maria shivering because of the blizzard, Izzy racing her sled down the hill, Duncan knocking over the Foxes to rescue the damsel, Mike falling into a trap in the horror mansion, Courtney leading a group of Phoenixes through the film lot, Geoff climbing the Sydney Bridge, Gwen pouting in the Christmas themed first class and finally Lightning sweating as he is attempting to hold up his team's basket in Death Valley.

“Alright enough of that, with nine more down there are now twenty-two of you left, just like good old Total Drama Island,” said Chris, “and I’m still not sure how some of you are here, but hey, congrats.”

“So exactly why are we in the cargo hold?” asked Zoey.

“Good question little miss bipolar,” said Chris, “this is always where we sit on the way back to Camp Wawanakwa.”

“Yeah, so, follow up question, why?” asked Zoey.

“So that I can do this,” said Chris. He pulled a cord and the floor opened from underneath the contestants per the usual, causing all of them to fall into the water below.

“Typical,” said Heather.

“Gotta stick with what works,” yelled Chris from the open cargo hold hatch. The contestants were given time to go back to their cabins and change into their swim gear. They returned to Lake Wawanakwa to see a giant circular platform sitting in it. On it, were two cushions that were each shaped like Chris’s head. There were two straps on the back of each, a place to put both of one’s arms.

“What’s up with the extra narcissism?” asked Noah.

“It’s part of today’s challenge,” said Chris, ignoring the remark.

“This doesn’t feel good,” said Dawn.

“Right as usual tree girl,” said Chris, “you will be battling one on one, trying to use my face to push the other contestant off the platform and into the water. Whichever team gets the most points throughout the eleven rounds will win!”

“I wish I could fight Leshawna,” mumbled Joe under his breath.

“Be careful what you wish for scrawny,” said Leshawna, rolling up her sleeves.Bridgette and DJ held her back yet again, but this time she almost overpowered the two. "One day, one day."

Heather was standing next to Joe. "She really means it," said Heather, leaning over. Joe just scoffed causing Heather to scoff in return. Alejandro eyed the two as Chris continue. “Alright, this first match up is going to be a good one,” said Chris, “Heather is up for the Phoenixes, with Blaineley going for the Foxes.”

“Oh this is going to be good,” said Heather.

“Bring it sister,” said Blaineley.

“Go!” said Chris. Heather and Blaineley lunged at each other, locking in combat.

“Take this you witch,” said Heather, pushing with all her might. This knocked Blaineley off balance but didn’t knock her over the edge of the platform.

Blaineley (CONF): Hey Shawn, yeah, remember when I called you a brainless pile of muscle with a unibrow that could work part-time as a boa constrictor? Yeah, I didn’t mean it. Your work outs really helped

Blaineley suddenly charged at Heather. Heather took a swing but missed, and Blaineley got behind her, pushing her off the platform and into Lake Wawanakwa.

“That’s how you do it,” said Blaineley, with the Foxes cheering in the background.

(Foxes: 1 Phoenixes: 0)

“Alright our next match up is going to be a bit of a rematch, pitting Cody against Alejandro,” said Chris. Alejandro grinned while Cody shivered with fear. The two geared up, with Sierra yelling ‘Go Cody!’ loudly in the background.

“I’m sorry little buddy,” said Alejandro. Cody just nodded in return. Alejandro charged at Cody, which caused him to curl into a ball. Alejandro tripped over him and landed in the water.

“What? No way?” said Alejandro, “I want a rematch.”

"Oh yeah, go team," said Cody, doing a lame victory dance.

“No can do,” said Chris, “our winner is Cody! It was really lame, and the dance was even lamer but hey, he got a point. That is two points for the Foxes and the Phoenixes have zero. Next we are pitting Zoey against Brick, let’s see how that plays out.”

(Foxes: 2 Phoenixes: 0)

“But he’s my friend,” protested Zoey.

“Exactly,” said Chris. It was followed by an evil laugh.

“It’s ok Zoey, I get it’s just a challenge,” said Brick.

“Thanks Brick,” said Zoey.

“Alright, go!” said Chris. The two charged at each other and were locked pillow to pillow, with Brick soon gaining the upper hand. Suddenly he accidentally slipped and knocked Zoey over. She hit the ground fairly hard.

“Sorry,” said Brick.

“Don’t be sorry, be hungry for victory,” yelled Jo from the shore.

“How could you knock me over?” said Zoey, “I thought we were friends.” The commando-Zoey aura tinted in her eyes again, the same one from New York.

“It was an accident,” said Brick, “we are friends.” Suddenly, Zoey popped up and struck Brick right off the platform in one fell swoop.

“That’s right,” said Zoey, “for Mike.”

“That doesn’t even make sense,” said Brick, swimming back to shore.

“Way to go loser,” said Jo. Brick seemed upset as he climbed back onto shore to rejoin the Foxes.

"What is going on?" asked Brick, but Chris ignored him and continued.

(Foxes: 2 Phoenixes: 1)

“Alright that was…interesting,” said Chris, “let’s see some more of these match ups.” A montage followed of the contestants battling. Bridgette squared off with Suki, managing to pull off the win. Noah battled Scott, with Scott easily overpowering him, and Sierra was up against Lindsay, managing to easily defeat her. Trent battled Tyler, winning another point for the Phoenixes, and Jo battled Dawn, winning another point for the Foxes. Dakota managed to get the upper hand on Katie, but DJ easily overpowered Sam. Katie and DJ shared a brief kiss after DJ’s win, causing the other contestants to gain suspicion as to how far their relationship was getting. Joe and Leshawna both didn’t get to compete, due to imbalance in numbers.

“Alright that’s five points for each team,” said Chris, “meaning this battle determines it all. Each team may choose someone to compete.”

(Foxes: 5 Phoenixes: 5)

“Leshawna hasn’t done anything,” said Heather, “and she still has to make up for her performance in the last challenge.”

“Fine, bring it,” said Leshawna.

“Alright, that’s Leshawna for the Fiery Phoenixes, who for the Foxes?” said Chris. Jo had pulled the Foxes into a huddle.

“Alright, so Sierra, Cody, Dakota, Blaineley and I all won our matches,” said Jo, “But Cody’s was obviously a fluke, and Dakota’s was against Katie, so I think we can safely nix those two as choices.”

“Hey, I can totally win this," said Tyler. This caused some of the other contestants to snicker.

"Sorry soldier, but I think you need to be on a leave of absence for this last match," said Brick.

"No, I can do this," said Tyler.

"Hey let headband go," said Jo, "makes him an easy target if we lose." She shot Tyler a stare and he gulped. 

"It's on," said Tyler. He dove in the water and swam over to the platform, where a confident Leshawna was waiting for him.

"Alright you two, you know the rules," said Chris, "try not to lose this for your team. Go!"

Suddenly, Tyler charged at Leshawna. She quickly stepped left but not far enough to get out of the way and Tyler rammed directly into her.

"Curse my luscious curves," said Leshawna. She managed to avoid the edge of the platform and encircled Tyler. 

"I am not losing," said Tyler. He took a second charge at Leshawna, but this time Leshawna managed to dodge. Before he could get back up she crouched and began pushing him towards the water. He quickly rolled out of the way and popped up.

"Good job sweat suit," said Jo, "hit her with everything you've got."

Leshawna (CONF): So the thought of throwing this challenge too ran through my mind, but I don't want to take the risk of having another challenge loss blamed on me. I love Tyler and all but sorry bro

Leshawna charged at Tyler who tried to get away but slipped due to his clumsiness. He stumbled towards the edge of the platform, and Leshawna took one large swoop at Tyler. He managed to barely escape the attack, and in a moment of gloating he was caught off guard and Leshawna trucked into him, sending him over the side and into the water.

"Well looks like we have a winner," said Chris, "the Fiery Phoenixes! Again!" 

"You have got to be kidding me," said Blaineley.

"That's what you guys get for sending in Tyler," said Noah. 

"Er good try dude," said Sam, as Tyler was just arriving back to the group.

"It was a cheap shot," said Tyler.

"It's called a win honey," said Leshawna. She also just arrived back, receiving high-fives from Katie and Bridgette. The scene flashed to later that day, where Sierra, Noah and Cody were sitting on the edge of the dock of shame in their bathing suits.

"I need your guys help," said Sierra, "Dakota like obviously wants to get in good with me because of my blogging stardom, but it's starting really annoying."

"So you want us to help you vote her off?" said Cody.

"Duh," replied Sierra.

"Wouldn't you rather keep her as an ally? If she's trying to get your attention she would never vote against you," said Noah. 

"As a Total Drama expert I already considered that possibility," said Sierra, "but her loyalties totally lie with Sam, they are like, mega-cute and she would side with him over anyone. Kind of like me with Cody." Cody looked embarrassed and Noah seemed a bit thrown off by the remark. 

"Well better get going," said Sierra.

"Why, off to that alliance of yours?" asked Noah. Sierra turned around shocked.

"You're in an alliance?" said Cody.

Cody (CONF): Sure Sierra is a mega-stalker, but to think that Sierra is in an alliance that I am not in is kind of scary. She's the only reason I made it to the final three in season three

"No, I don't know what Noah is talking about," said Sierra, the aggravation in her voice apparent, "Omg what is that?" She pointed at something in the distance but neither Cody nor Noah looked. She turned red and walked off with the two boys chuckling. She arrived at the girls cabin where Blaineley and Jo were talking.

"Alright, so Tyler it is," said Jo.

"Yeah, Tyler," said Sierra chuckling nervously, "sounds like a plan."

"Time to go to work then," said Blaineley. She walked outside where Suki was sitting and reading a book.

"So, 'shy girl'," said Blaineley, emphasizing the air quotes around 'shy girl', "ready to hear our next target?"

"Our?" asked Suki.

"That's how blackmail works sister," said Blaineley, "we are voting Tyler." 

"Alright," said Suki, obviously wanting to return to her book.

"And look girlfriend, you can hide the whole 'shy girl act' around me, I know your secret, emphasis on the word secret, and trust me, as a gossip legend I know how to make things get around," said Blaineley. Suki didn't seem that phased by the threat at the time, but once Blaineley walked away she shivered in fear a little. The scene flashed forward to dinner that night.

"Alright so I think we should make this fair and decide together who to vote, we stuck together to take out Gwen," said Brick.

"I like that idea," said Sam.

"I think we should vote Dakota," said Sierra, but quickly realized her mistake. Blaineley and Jo both shot her looks.

"Hey, why me?" said Dakota, "it was Tyler who lost us the challenge. Cody, you're my ally, defend me." She sat back down waiting for Cody to take action. Sam looked relieved she didn't ask him to try and defend him.

"I'm pretty sure we stopped being allies back when Mike and Geoff got eliminated," said Cody, "besides, you already paid me back by helping us get Gwen, so technically this alliance is over."

"Hey, none of you guys could beat Leshawna, have you seen her?" said Tyler, "it's like trying to wrestle Chef."

"Or what about Jo?" said Dakota, "like who put her in charge? We could do fine without her." Sam and Tyler nodded in agreement. 

"Dakota is right, Jo doesn't even do very much for this team besides bully us," said Sam.

"Woah hold up, did you two just throw my name under the bus?" said Jo, "Tell them Brick." There were three obvious lines drawn: Dakota, Sam and Tyler for Jo, Blaineley, Jo and Suki for Tyler, and Sierra, Noah and Cody for Dakota.

"Uh, er," said Brick. He began to sweat profusely. 

"I'm waiting," said Jo. Brick tugged on the collar of his shirt as the scene transferred to the elimination ceremony. Everyone had received marshmallows except for Jo, Dakota, Suki, and Tyler.

"Shy girl, you get the next one," said Chris. Blaineley mouthed 'you're welcome' to her, but she ignored it, not understanding what she meant. "This means that Jo, Dakota, or Tyler will not be returning to camp tomorrow. Let's hope for the safety of the campers it's not Jo." All three of the contestants shot Brick a look.

"Well let's get down to it," said Chris, "the person going home tonight will be...




























..............................................................................Dakota," said Chris.

"What?" said Dakota, "no way."

"This sucks," said Sam. Brick looked away with a look of guilt which Dakota noticed.

"Aww don't blame yourself," said Dakota. She shot a look at Blaineley and Jo, falsely assuming it was them behind her elimination. Both didn't notice though, they were too busy eying down Sierra. 

"You are the coolest chick I know," said Sam.

"That's so sweet," said Dakota. Dakota kissed him on the cheek and he turned bright red and began giggling.

"You two are so adorable," said Sierra.

"Well I'll miss you guys," said Dakota. She blew a kiss at the camera, winked at Sam and began walking down the dock of shame. 

Cody (CONF): I couldn't have Dakota going around thinking we were in an alliance, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to send her home because it would look like it was Blaineley and Jo's doing, but after seeing her and Sam separated I feel really bad

"Well that's it for this episode," said Chris, "be prepared though, because next time something is coming that no one expects." This gave the Foxes a worried look on their faces.

"That's right, be scared," said Chris, "see you all next time on Total Drama Explosion!"

Chapter 21: The Big Switch

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris McLean, "The beginning of our third rotation brought lots of drama, and the contestants lunged at the chance to beat each other with pillows that poured attractive...uh...ness. After Leshawna's sneaky move, Joe has gone full on revenge mode. That dude is scary without a motive, so this should be fun. Unfortunately for fame-monger Dakota, Sierra was getting tired of the constant nagging and teamed up with Noah, Cody and surprisingly Brick to take her out. Now it's time for a big game changer, and trust me, it's a good one, so stay tuned right here on Total...Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song

The episode began with the contestants eating breakfast in the lunch hall. Per the usual, drama was stirring at the Phoenix table. The contestants were eating peacefully when Joe decided to change that.

"You all think you're so smart, teaming up against Lightning," said Joe, "but just you wait."

"Listen up scrawny," said Leshawna, "who are your allies now? Ginger? Anyone else? This is a numbers game, and numbers are something that you don't have."

"Woah, woah, woah, I wouldn't call us 'allies'," said Scott, eying Dawn.

"That's not what I've seen," said Dawn, taking another sip from her cup of tea. Scott tried to avoid the looks of his teammates, particularly Joe, as Joe continued.

"You need me more than you think," said Joe. He got up and walked away, leaving the other contestants confused.

"That guy is messed up," said Bridgette.

"Like, totally," said Lindsay.

In the meantime, DJ and Katie weren't paying attention, and talking to each other about their mishaps on previous seasons.

"Like at least you made three seasons," said Katie, "I only made one, and was the fifth eliminated."

"Were you watching World Tour? The way I beat up all those poor defenseless animals, and the way I let Alejandro trick me," said DJ, "it probably would have been better for me not to make that season." The two started laughing, and the camera panned over to Heather making a face.

Heather (CONF): Relationship. Another word for ally. Cody and Sierra were hard enough to deal with on World Tour, I've got to make sure those two don't get too close

Zoey (CONF): I don't know what came over me last episode *a flashback to Zoey viciously knocking Brick over the side plays* I hope Brick still likes me, what if that made no one like me? Breath Zoey, breath

Thanks to Jo, the Foxes were discussing team strategy.

"We are three men down people," said Jo, "clearly something has to change. I think I should be elected as official team captain..."

"Here we go again..." said Cody.

"...and here is why. I am stronger than all of you. Faster than all of you. Smarter than all of you. Better looking than all of you," rambled Jo.

"More annoying than all of you," said Noah, impersonating Jo. This caused the contestants to chuckle, but Jo did not appreciate the remark.

"Listen bookworm, I could eat you for breakfast," said Jo. She got right up in Noah's face which startled him.

"Calm down soldier," said Brick, pulling Jo back. He sat her down, and she was so mad one could almost see the steam coming out of her ears.

"Next time Captain Tinkles won't be here to protect you," said Jo. She pulled her hand across her throat and made a cutting noise. Noah gulped. 

"I think we should all chill out," said Tyler.

"I think that the little show Jo put on demonstrates why she shouldn't be the leader," said Blaineley. 

Jo (CONF): What Gossip Queen doesn't understand, is that I am the head of the alliance now, or at least whatever is left of it, so she should not be questioning my authority like that

Everyone went silent when they heard a loud sigh. They look over to the door and see Sam just walking in. When Chef piled a glob of mystery breakfast on his plate, Sam sighed again loudly. He came over to the Foxes table, sat down, and you guessed it: sighed loudly. 

"What's up with you tubby?" asked Jo.

"I can't believe Dakota is gone...again," said Sam, "and just when things were going well. She was my world, well my world outside my gaming world"

"Aww," said Sierra and Suki in unison. 

Sierra (CONF): Ok so maybe I feel an eensy bit bad for eliminating Dakota, but there's one rule about Total Drama, no relationships, unless it's me with Cody

Suddenly, Chris burst through the door and in a panic yelled run. The contestants all bolted out the door screaming and didn't stop until they reached the elimination ceremony.

"Dang I didn't think you guys that far..." said Chris, weezing as he just caught up to them.

"What was that about?" asked Zoey.

"Oh nothing, I just thought it would be funny," said Chris, "so for today's challenge, you will not be competing as Foxes or Phoenixes."

"A merge? Already?" said Alejandro. The contestants began to cheer before Chris cut them off.

"Woah, slow your roll, there are still twenty-one of you, a merge will come soon enough. As none of you seemed to notice, it's New Years Eve, happy new year! New year, new team," said Chris. He was met with dead silence.

Joe (CONF): Yes! *throws a fist in the air* This is exactly what I needed, a chance to get away from those losers

DJ (CONF): What? No way. What if Katie and I get separated? I can't handle that, uh-huh

Scott (CONF): Am I worried Dawn and I will be on different teams, of course not...*nervously chuckles* 

"So here is how this is going to work, you will be separated into three teams, and I am picking captains based on who I think has tried the hardest in the challenges: Zoey, Sierra and Tyler," said Chris. All of the contestants burst out laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" said Tyler.

Tyler (CONF): I will show them, I am the most athletic one here

"You picked Tyler? Over me?" said Jo. She couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"I picked Tyler because he tries," said Chris.

"We all try," said Leshawna, wiping away a tear from laughing so hard, "it's just the rest of us actually succeed." Everyone started laughing again before they were cut off by Chris's airhorn. 

"Final decision, alright, we will pick school yard style, and alphabetically, meaning Sierra will pick first, Tyler will pick second, and Zoey gets last, you're up Sierra," said Chris.

"Hmm...this is har- CODY," squealed Sierra. He walked over and she squeezed him into a big hug.

Cody (CONF): I'm kind of relieved I'm on Sierra's team, the thought of being alone in this game is scary, especially with players like Jo, Heather and Alejandro still in the game

"I finally get the chance to have the prettiest girl here on my team," said Tyler.

"Oh stop it you," said Blaineley.

"Lindsay," said Tyler. Lindsay squealed and jumped into Tyler's arms.

"This is like, so great," said Lindsay. 

"I pick Scott," said Zoey. Everyone's mouths dropped. 

Brick (CONF): Did Zoey just choose for Scott to be on her team? Stupid throw challenges Scott?

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer," said Zoey, giving Scott a glare, "I can't vote you off if you aren't on my team."

"Bring it sister," said Scott playfully.

"Alright that brings it back to Sierra," said Chris. 

"I pick my BFF, Heather," said Sierra.

"What?" said Heather, surprised she got picked, "someone picked me? I mean obviously someone picked me." She walked over to stand by Cody and Sierra.

"I pick my bro Alejandro," said Tyler.

"Excellent," said Alejandro, trying to hide the fact he was dissapointed to be separated from Heather. He walked over and high-fived Tyler and Lindsay. 

"Alright my turn," said Zoey, "I pick Dawn." Dawn smiled and walked over to Zoey, and the two hugged.

"DJ," said Sierra. DJ went over to join his new team, nervously awaiting someone to pick Katie. 

"Bridgette," said Tyler.

"Right on," said Bridgette. She walked over to join her new team. Her and Lindsay hugged, and she glared at Alejandro. 

"Hmm...Trent," said Zoey.

Trent (CONF): It's nice to have someone else be captain for a change, but the picking teams part just reminds of Gwen...

"I am going to pick Suki," said Sierra. Suki smiled and ran over to stand with Sierra.

"Brick," said Tyler.

"Thank you Captain Tyler," said Brick. He saluted him and the two high-fived. Bridgette and Lindsay began to introduce themselves to Brick as the team choosing continued.

"I pick Leshawna, if you're ok with that," said Zoey. 

"I'm totally cool with that," said Leshawna, "give me some fist." They fist-pounded and Zoey smiled.

"Hello, if you losers haven't noticed yet I am still unchosen," said Blaineley.

"Wonder why," said Noah sarcastically.

"I haven't seen you get picked," replied Blaineley. The two were interrupted when Sierra chose her next teammate.

"I pick Sam," said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): I have to help protect Sam, I mean look at him

Sam sighed loudly and walked over to Sierra's team.

"I'll pick...Jo," said Tyler.

"It's about time," said Jo. She turned to Brick. "Couldn't get away from me that easy." Brick blushed, causing Jo to as well, but her blush quickly turned into a scowl. 

"Noah," said Zoey.

Zoey (CONF): Was I about to pick Joe? No way. There's one thing keeping Scott close to boot him, but Joe scares me

Sierra (CONF): Yes! Noah is on a different team

"I guess I'll pick Blaineley," said Sierra. 

"You chose correctly," said Blaineley, strutting over to Team Sierra.

"Wait does that mean...," said Tyler.

"Chris, are inanimate objects able to be chosen?" said Alejandro. "You know what, we will even take being a man down. Macho guys like us can handle it."

"Nope, sorry you guys but Joe is now on your team," said Chris. All of Tyler's team groaned.

"Don't sound too excited," said Joe as he walked over to his new team.

"I was last pick?" said Katie.

"Come here girl, I am psyched to have you on our team," said Leshawna. Katie smiled and skipped over to her new team.

"What? Separated from Katie? Aw man," said DJ, the realization just hitting him.

"Alright, so we have Sierra, Cody, Heather, DJ, Suki, Sam and Blaineley, you guys are deemed Team World," said Chris. They put their hands in and yelled "Team World" in unison. "Tyler, Lindsay, Alejandro, Bridgette, Brick, Jo and Joe, dang it Tyler why do you have to have both Jo's, well you guys are Team Action." Tyler's team also threw their hands in the air. "That leaves Zoey, Scott, Dawn, Trent, Leshawna, Noah and Katie, you all are Team Island," said Chris. 

"So time for our New Years challenge, Team Island, Team Action, and Team World, are you guys ready?" said Chris.

Noah (CONF): I am the only former Fox on Team Island, does that concern me? I'm not stupid. My only hope is that their dislike for Scott overpowers their loyalty to their team

Bridgette (CONF): Joe? Really? Come on, of all people, he could ruin Team Action

Heather (CONF): Is it just me or is Chris running out of ideas? Hello. Sure it was contestant's choice, but wouldn't something prevent almost half of Team World being already together on Team Amazon, haven't the viewers had enough of Sierra constantly groping Cody?

The contestants nodded, and Chris continued. "You guys have a fun one today."

"As long as I get to prove my skills to my new team, I'm game," said Tyler.

"Thank you for that helpful interruption," said Chris, "anyways, in seasons one and two, for those of you there, the episode where the teams were formed involved a cliff."

"Oh no, Leshawna has had it up to here with cliffs. We've jumped off them, sled down them...blindfolded, climbed up them, and dragged movie equipment up them, sled down them again, what more could that stupid cliff possibly have?" said Leshawna. 

"Oh don't worry there is still plenty," said Chris, with an evil smirk, "this challenge is a bit of a combination of challenges. Like back in the tri-armed triathalon, which unfortunately only Leshawna and Heather know the pleasure of, you will be your entire team. Good one right?"

Joe (CONF): You have got to be kidding me, handcuffed to these losers for a whole challenge?

"So your challenge will be to trek up the cliff, and jump off of it, hoping to land in the safe zone. If anyone refuses to jump, either sucks for the team or sucks for them, depending on if it's the truck DJ not wanting to jump or say, the twig Lindsay. I will also give each captain the skeleton key. If they choose, they may unhandcuff one member from the chain, but doing this will cost them, but I'm not going to tell you how. Have fun everyone," said Chris. The scene flashed to the three teams handcuffed together and standing at the starting line. 

"How on earth did we end up on the same team?" said Blaineley.

"Good question," said Heather. The two glared at Sierra.

"What? It's not like I wanted Blaineley," said Sierra, "she isn't even like, a Total Drama competitor. Not like my best friend Cody."

Cody (CONF): Ok so I'm relieved that I'm on Sierra's team, but man, I can slowly feel crazy Sierra coming back and it's almost as scary as the thought of playing this game alone

Out of the blue, Chris blew a starting horn and the contestants began up the cliff. Almost immediately Team Island sped ahead of the pack.

"That's right y'all," said Leshawna. She was handcuffed in between Trent and Noah.

"Go Team Island," shouted Zoey. Scott was handcuffed in between Zoey and Dawn, and eyed Dawn as she laughed and cheered with the rest of the team. 

"This is too cool," said Trent, "we can't even see the other teams. He was in between Dawn and Leshawna.

" that like, a good thing?" said Katie. She was on one end handcuffed with Noah, while Zoey was the other end.

"Katie has a good point," said Zoey, "are they not there because they are so far behind, or because we are going to wrong way?"

"There is only one way," said Noah, "up." The team tredged on, with Team World right behind them. Suki was dead silent as the rest of her team bickered.

"You ran me in to that tree on purpose," said Heather. She was rubbing her head and pulling a twig out of her hair. 

"And if I did?" said Blaineley, "What are you going to do about it?"

Sam (CONF): My new team scares me

"Y'all need to calm down," said DJ, "let's win this challenge."

"Oh and risk Team Island losing and your precious Katie going home?" said Blaineley. Despite the remark meant to be an insult, DJ really processed it. "Oh but don't even think about throwing it for us, or I hope you like chilling with Eva, Ezekiel and the other losers at loser world."

"Any Total Drama expert knows that throwing the challenges is completely stupid," said Sierra. Cody, Suki and Sam nodded in agreement.

"That's why I didn't even make it to level merge in last season," said Sam.

"Level merge?" said Heather, "great, I go from the unstoppable Phoenixes to the easily stoppable gaming nerd."

Sierra (CONF): Sure Heather can be a bit of a morale killer, but one thing that is totally perf is that her and Alejandro are separated. Those two are a power duo, separated they are weaker

"Or do you just miss Alejandro," said Cody, making kissing noises. That caused DJ to chuckle.

"Oh shut it nerd," said Heather. The scene flashed to Team Action, who was taking up the rear. Fortunately for them they were gaining ground on Team Island. Jo and Brick were mindlessly quarrelling, which annoyed all the other contestants.

"Can you two just drop it? It's pretty obvious you two like each other," said Bridgette. 

"Woah surfer girl, when you are on my team I quarrell with whoever I want," said Jo. Bridgette rolled her eyes as Jo continued. "Noting that I am physically superior to you, as well as mentally, it's only fitting that I take control of the team."

"This is what I mean," said Brick, "you just go after Bridgette, one of the sweetest contestants for no reason, you really need to learn respect." Tyler and Lindsay were ignoring the whole fight, and just letting it sink in they are on the same team together for the first time. Joe was just getting annoyed by everything.

"From one dysfunctional team to another," said Joe, "at least my other one was good at challenges."

"Question, why is he still in?" said Jo.

"Good question," said Bridgette, "Look, Team World!" Suddenly, Team Action came together and slowly closed the gap between them and Team World. 

"See, this is your fault," said Heather.

"How is this my fault?" said Blaineley.

"If you weren't so annoying we'd already be off this stupid cliff," said Heather. Suddenly in the distance, cheering was heard. The scene flashed to Team Island standing on the edge of the cliff.

"Newbies, any objections to jumping?" said Leshawna.

"Let's do it," said Zoey.

"Whatever," said Scott. Dawn silently nodded yes, in an almost ominous manner. Leshawna chose to ignore it and move on. 

"What about you white girl, think you can do it?" said Leshawna, referring to Katie. 

"I'm like, so ready," said Katie. Suddenly, Leshawna lunged off the cliff, with the sheer force pulling her six teammates with her. Zoey and Noah grabbed hands, effectively turning their chain into a circle. The seven landed directly in the safe zone.

"That was so awesome," said Trent. Him and Noah high-fived, and Team Island cheered as Chris pulled up in his boat. "Team Island is our winning team," said Chris through a mega-phone. Team Island cheered again. Suddenly fighting was heard at the top of the cliff, causing Team Island and Chris to look up. Standing there were the members of Team World.

"We literally just have to jump DJ," said Heather, "we are right here."

"Uh huh, I don't got my floaties," said DJ.

"DJ, you will jump off this cliff right now or so help me your butt will be booted out of this game so quickly you won't even know what happened," said Heather. DJ looked really offended by the comment. 

"Um, I don't think that your yelling tactic is an effective way of beating this level," said Sam. He went over to talk to DJ as Team Action waddled past the group and without words went bounding over the side of the cliff. While they were in the air, Alejandro winked at Heather right before his team plummeted into the safe zone, sending Team World to their first campfire ceremony.

"And Team Action is safe," said Chris. Bridgette, Lindsay and Tyler hugged while the other four celebrated winning, "which means Team Island will be voting someone out...tonight." The scene flash forwarded to dinner that night. Team Action and Team Island were sitting together, while Team World was figuring out who they were going to eliminate.

"I think the choice is obvious," said Heather, "DJ."

"What happens if a strength challenge?" said Blaineley, "I like our chances with him better than scrawny over here."

"Don't you even think about eliminating Cody," said Sierra.

"Wha-?" said Cody, just realizing his name was being thrown under the bus. 

"Sorry Cody, you're cool but I think DJ's strength will turn out better in the long run," said Sam awkwardly. 

"We need DJ's strength," followed up Suki, with an assertive-ness that hasn't been seen with Suki before.

"You can talk?" said Heather. She had not been with Suki the whole game and had rarely heard her speak. Blaineley immediately shot Suki a look. It was seemingly split between Heather, Cody and Sierra, for DJ and Blaineley, DJ, Suki and Sam for Cody. 

Blaineley (CONF): Some people just don't understand the term "blackmail"

The scene changed to the elimination ceremony. Sitting there with marshmallows were Blaineley and Heather, and both were grinning.

"Sam, somehow you are also safe," said Chris. He tossed a marshmallow to Sam, who caught it happily. 

"You too Suki," said Chris. Suki didn't react, and caught hers with a blank stare on her face, as if she was deep in thought.

"Sierra, you also avoid the bottom two tonight," said Chris, tossing her a marshmallow. She didn't catch it, as she was too busy focusing on Cody, and waiting to learn whether or not he was safe tonight. 

"DJ, Cody, one of you two is going home tonight...the final marshmallow goes to...


































......................Cody," said Chris. DJ looked crushed.

"What? For real?" said DJ. He looked hurt at Suki, and she looked away.

"Sorry big guy, but your time on Total Drama is over," said Chris.

"Can I say bye to Katie?" said DJ.

"No can do my man," said Chris, "you can say goodbye to those who just eliminated you though."

"Well I'm gonna miss you guys," said DJ. He pulled Heather, Cody, Sierra, Suki, Blaineley and Sam into a giant hug. "Hope to see you guys soon." As DJ walked the Dock of Shame sadly, the scene shifted to behind one of the totem poles, where Katie was standing. She was crushed, and silently bawling. Bridgette, Leshawna and Lindsay saw her as they were walking back to camp from a night swim on the beach and pulled her aside. Suki looked over to see Katie breaking down as she was being pulled away by the three girls, and shed a tear, with no one else noticing. 

Suki (CONF): My whole "remain unknown and be silent" strategy has got to end, especially with Blaineley in control, poor Katie, and more importantly poor DJ

Katie (CONF): *sniffling* First Sadie and like, now DJ...I don't know if I can go on *continues bawling*

"Well that was fun wasn't it?" said Chris, "will Katie find the will to go on? Find out next time on Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Chapter 22: Trust or Bust

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," said Chris, "there was a shocking twist, with the remaining twenty-one contestants being evenly distributed into three teams: Team Island, Team Action, and Team World. Creative, I know. In the first challenge, people tied together race, the contestants fought fiercly to protect the small numbers of their new teams. Unforunately, Team World took the fall when gigantor DJ refused to jump, causing him to be eliminated. Will Katie make it in the competition without Sadie and DJ? Will the new Team World ever come together as a team? Find out, right here, on Total...Drama...Explosion!".

Theme Song

"Ugh," groaned Heather at the sight of seeing Blaineley already awake and doing early morning yoga. She was rubbing her eyes as she woke, with a scowl imprinted on her face.

Heather (CONF): It's annoying, because DJ is one of the contestants I don't dislike, and now he left me here with Blaineley...seriously, soon she is going to mysteriously disappear

"Good morning to you too," said Blaineley, the sarcasm in her tone blatantly apparent. Slowly, Suki and Sierra woke up as well. 

"It is eight o' clock, do you two really have to fight," said Suki. The other three girls look at Suki curiously, and Suki quickly left the cabin.

Suki (CONF): This whole "shy girl" act is getting harder and harder, and I have to be super careful around Blaineley. Ok I'm a Japanese pop star? So? Blaineley has her own freaking show!

Suddenly, a horn blared that calls all of the contestants out into the field in front of the cabins.

"I am seriously getting tired of these early mornings," said Leshawna, "Leshawna ain't no early bird, she don't want no worms." The other contestants looked at her quizzically.

"Sorry, early mornings bring out the ghetto in me," said Leshawna. Katie in the meantime had tear stains on her face. She had trouble getting through the night after the elimination of DJ, especially without Sadie. Leshawna, Dawn and Zoey looked exhausted as well after a night of comforting her.

Zoey (CONF): I'm so glad I have friends that can lean on me, at least, I think they are my friends, maybe they don't like how nosy I am? Maybe they think I'm selfish? 

"So emotions have definitely been running high recently," said Chris, "so it's the perfect time to exploit all your dysfunctions! Today we will have another trust challenge, similar to Total Drama Island, where you will compete in three challenges. One person from Team Action and Team Island be sitting out this challenge, but you don't get to pick who...I do. I have paired you up into the most trusting pairs I think that I could find. So let's bring you to your first challenge." The contestants followed Chris through the woods, where he brought them to a rather large obstacle course, with three large platforms at the beginning of it.

"Similar to Niagara Falls back in Season Three, one member of each pair will be blindfolded, while the other will be directing their partner through the obstacle course. First team to cross the finish line scores a point for their team. Here are the partners: Blaineley, Bridgette, and Scott will be the callers for team World, Action and Island respectively. Going through the course are Heather, Alejandro and Zoey. I'll give you some time to prepare." The scene flashed to a blindfolded Heather, Alejandro and Zoey standing at the starting line. Blaineley, Bridgette, and Scott were each perched on one of the platforms.

"And...go!" yelled Chris.

"Go straight," called Bridgette. Alejandro went straight and immediately tripped on an obstacle. Brigette chuckled, but her team didn't look amused.

"Come on soldier, revenge later, win now," said Jo. Bridgette nodded and began trying to get Alejandro through the course.

"Left, left," yelled Blaineley.

"Well maybe I want to go right" said Heather.

"Well maybe I want to win," said Blaineley. 

"Hmph, well I'm going right," said Heather, "I can feel it." She turned right and fell into a giant pit of mud. Blaineley burst out laughing. 

"Oh you can feel it sister, feel the sting of your loser-ness," said Blaineley.

"Go right Zoey," called out Scott.

"Why should I trust you? How do I know you're not just trying to throw the challenge?" said Zoey. Despite this, she followed his command.

"Because, that was old Scott, new Scott would never do such a thing," siad Scott, "quick, two steps forward then one leap." 

"Ok new Scott," said Zoey, putting air quotes around new, "how do I know new Scott won't screw me over? He alligned himself with Joe." She followed Scott's commands and flawlessly bounded over one of  the obstacles.

"Come on Alejandro," cheered Bridgette, "just grab the rope in front of you and swing."

"Ok beautiful," said Alejandro. Bridgette rolled her eyes, and Heather's face turned red with anger. She managed to continue the challenge regardless. 

"Blaineley, what am I doing," said a frustrated Heather.

"I told you, take three steps to your left then straight, you were too busy being jealous to listen," said Blaineley.

"Jealous of what? Bridgette?" said Heather. She let out an obviously fake laugh. "That's completely ridiculous, I'm not jealous at all."

"Just do as I say," said Blaineley, surprisingly able to keep her cool. Despite Blaineley's command, Heather was still struggling and quickly fell behind. Zoey and Alejandro were neck and neck, and a montage followed of Scott and Bridgette commanding their respecitve partners. Also included in the montage was an enraged and confused Heather wandering aimlessly, with Blainelely trying hard to get through to her. In the end, Alejandro passed the finish line just before Zoey could.

"And Team Action scores a point," said Chris, thrusting his hands in the air. Bridgette and Alejandro hugged with Alejandro making a face at Heather. Lindsay, Tyler and Brick all hug, with Brick pulling Jo into it as well. Joe on the other hand looked extremely annoyed.

Joe (CONF): Do they really need that much celebration? We literally just won one part of the part

"Next up to play are Sierra and Suki for World, Lindsay and Jo for Action, and Noah and Leshawna for Island. Your event will be to find one of the few mutant animals left on the island. The twist is, you will be hand-cuffed together. Undo the hand cuffs, and you lose the oppourtunity to get points. You hear?" said Chris.

Leshawna (CONF): Figures Leshawna gets the challenge with mutant animals

Lindsay (CONF): Yay I get to play with the yeti again! *squeals*

"Alright blondie, here's how this is going to work, I'm going to lead the way, you're going to follow and alert me to any danger alright? Alright. I'm glad we had this talk," said Jo. Lindsay just nodded and the two headed into the forest. 

"You ready?" said Leshawna.

"Might as well get it over with," said Noah. The two began to talk into the forest. "I love nothing more than a morning full of Chris and mutant freaks. Oh yeah and the mutant animals as well." Leshawna snickered and the two were soon out of sight.

"You ready Suki?" said Sierra, "because I don't want to lose, and have the risk of losing my Codykins, got it?" Suki held back a comment and nodded, and the two were the last to go into the woods.

"Alright campers, while those six have fun on that adventure, let's move to our next challenge," said Chris. The contestants followed him into the kitchen.

Trent (CONF): Nothing good ever comes from this kitchen, I taste that blowfish to this day *shivers*

"Alright, so here's the deal campers, there are three tables. Each one filled with the grossest foods Chef could find. That's right. The grossest foods that Chef could find. So you can be assured they will make you want to upchuck all over our lovely camera crew. One of you will start eating, while the other watches. At any time, the eater may tag out, however, the watcher may refuse to tag in. This means one person could actually just watch this whole challenge...but that could cost you the win." said Chris

"This sounds like, gross," said Katie.

"Yes Katie, it's like, gross," said Chris, "and you will be competing, along with my good buddy Trent." Trent sighed and stepped forward.

"I can eat first," said Katie. She had a new look of determination in her eyes. Trent looked at her surprised, as did the rest of Team Island. 

"That's pretty cool of you," said Trent. Katie blushed and stepped up to the table.

"Oh thank the lord I already did a section of the challenge," said Alejandro. He still maintained the ideals his body was a temple not to be tainted by the horrible concotions Chef offers them.

"Well lucky for you, Team World's representatives will be, Brick and Tyler," said Chris. Alejandro sighed as Sam and Tyler high-fived and stepped up.

"Alright, I got this," said Tyler. He stretched and stepped up to the table. 

"Sounds good soldier," said Brick, "I'll be here where you need me."

"Cody and Sam, you two are the only ones left to compete for Team Action, so compete you will," said Chris. 

"I don't do so well with foods," said Cody.

Cody (CONF): I would have to mark China as the worst day in my season three experience, not only because Sierra drugged me with Asian tea, but also that horrible eating challenge

"Err neither do I," said Sam, "I couldn't even play Cooking Papa Three. But hey what do I have to lose?" He stepped up to the table.

"You've got one billion dollars to lose blubber beast, so don't lose it for us," said Blaineley. 

"You always knows just the right thing to say," said Heather, "but seriously Sam, we need this point." Sam turned red and started to sweat, not taking the pressure well.

"Alright ready, set-" began Chris, before the scene flashed to the woods.

"Where are we supposed to find some sort of mutant animal," said Leshawna.

"Let me just get out my mutant animal tracker app," said Noah. Leshawna looked over at him and he quickly backed down.

"Let's just get this over wi-" said Leshawna, before she was interrupted by lightning be shot right in front of her face. It melted the snow on the tree right in front of her, getting her wet. 

"Oh, pikachu gonna pay," said Leshawna. She began rolling up her sleeves and bolted after the animal. Noah was being dragged alongside her, squealing and squirming. The scene flashed to Lindsay and Jo.

"...and that is why Grenda dumped Michael in the tenth grade, I agree that Grenda was being a total priss," said Lindsay. Jo was motioning various methods of self-inflicted harm as Lindsay babbled on, but chose not to say anything in reply, "And then Ilan told Mickayla...what is that?" Lindsay pointed in the bushes where there was some sort of tentacle sticking out. Jo smirked and inched towards it.

"Oh this is too easy," said Jo. Just as she was about to jump the scene shifted to Suki and Sierra.

"So do you care about the other Total Drama contestants?" said Suki.

"Of course I do, I am the Total Drama super fan, clearly someone isn't if they didn't know that," said Sierra. 

"But you only obssess over Cody, I watched World Tour, I analyzed your gameplay" said Suki, "I think you could have had a better strategy than frustrating Chris and terrifying Cody, actually, I think you can have a better one this season."

"Ok since when could you even talk?" said Sierra.

"I'm starting to get tired of playing the quiet girl," said Suki. She looked as if she was about to follow up with something but remained silent, and the two walked on in dead silence.

Sierra (CONF): Play the quiet girl? Oh well, no one questions my loyalty to Total Drama and all of it's contestants

The scene flashed back to Katie, Tyler and Sam chowing down the nasty food. Katie was in the lead, with a gleam of determination in her eye. Tyler and Sam were moving much slower.

"I'm...ready to switch now," said a disgruntled Tyler.

" keep going for a little," said Brick.

"No way man, I need to switch," said Tyler.

"Sorry soldier," said Brick. He looked away in shame.

Tyler (CONF): I thought Brick was chill, but did he not notice that I was dying in that challenge

"Brick, you are being ridiculous," said Joe.

"Come on you two work together," called out Bridgette, "Brick, switch with him." An image of Jo yelling at him for costing them the challenge appeared in his head, and he tagged out, peed himself a little, and began catching up to Katie.

"Whenever you need me Katie," said Trent. Katie shoved one last tentacle-covered mystery food item in her mouth and ran over to tag Trent. Trent hopped in her place and began widening their lead again. Sam was starting to pick it up, when all of a sudden he passes out.

"Uh...Chris, we have a man down," said Cody.

"Looks like you're going to have to pick up his slack, enjoy your meal," said Chris. He laughed maniacally as Cody gulped and stepped up to the table. He had to step over a groaning Sam, who was lying in a lifeless heap. Cody begin eating maniacally. An image of Sierra and Suki in danger inspired him to pick it up. While Cody began speeding up, Trent began slowing down, diminshing the lead Katie had set. 

Trent (CONF): Too bad Geoff or DJ, or even Duncan are here to help me with the eating challenge this *shakes* 

"Come on Trent you can do it," cheered Katie. The other contestants gave her quizzical looks, surprised at Katie's newfound strength. 

"Pick it up pretty boy," said Scott.

"You can do it Trent," followed up Zoey. She looked as if she was about to follow up with something but stopped herself, twitching in the process.

Zoey (CONF): We...have... to win *shakes*

Trent looked ready to pass out when he ran over to tag Katie. She jumps back in and gets in on the action. 

"Looks like Katie is pulling ahead again," said Chris, "but Cody and Brick aren't far behind."

"I'm ready bro," said Tyler. Brick gladly took the chance and tagged out Tyler, with Joe, Bridgette and Alejandro shootng him looks. After another ten minutes, the three are neck and neck, with the feast almost finished. Sam is still proven useless, as he is lying on the ground. Suddenly, Jo and Lindsay return with a tentacled beaver.

"That's right Chris, one mutant," said Jo. She high-fived Lindsay. "You actually weren't useless blondie."

"Uh...thanks?" said Lindsay, trying to decipher Jo's comment.

"And Team Action wins the challenge," said Chris, throwing his hands in the air. "Now let's see who goes to elimination, will it be the already man-down Team World or the seemingly strong Team Island."

As Chris called for Leshawna, Noah, Sierra and Suki to return from the mutant hunt, Cody faced off with Katie, since Tyler and Brick opted out of the challenge after knowing their team won. Leshawna and Noah are the first to return, both electrified after their encounted with the mutant squirrel, and join Dawn, Trent, Zoey and Scott in cheering on Katie.

"Come on girl you can do it," said Leshawna.

"Whoop whoop," called Noah.

Leshawna (CONF): What happened to weepy girl Katie? Not that I have a problem with this

Suddenly, Sierra and Suki return, with Sierra rushing inside to cheer.

"GO CODY," yelled Sierra over and over again, causing the other contestants to glare at her. This caused Sierra to consider what Suki had said earlier about her obsession with "Total Drama" that is only shown through her affection towards Cody.

Everyone is cheering loudly for their respective competitor, each down to a moldy turkey they have to eat.

"You sure you can do this Katie? I can sub in," said Trent.

"I can like, do it," said Katie. Gaining confidence, she pulled ahead of Cody and secured safety for Team Island, sending Team World to elimination for a second time.

"And looks like Team Victor- I mean Team World will be going to elimination...again," said Chris cheerfully. 

"Seriously guys? I mean, seriously?" said Blaineley.

"It's not like you got us a point Milly," said Heather.

"Ha yeah thanks to you, too busy gawking over Alejandro," said Blaineley. She mockingly made loving eyes at Alejandro causing Heather to charge her. Fortunately, she tripped over Sam and ended up on the ground.

"See you all at the campfire ceremony," said Chris. At dinner that night, each team occupied a table. Team Action was celebrating their victory.

"Hey Heather, how does it feel to lose twice in a row huh? Sucks doesn't it," said Jo, "Taunting can be so fun."

"I'm sorry for today's challenge," burst out Brick, "I should have switched with you Tyler."

"Yeah, you should have," said Joe, "but no you had to go be a little baby and pee yourself. Tyler needed you."

"Woah Joe hold off," said Bridgette. In the meantime, Team World was discussing elimination.

"Suki," said Heather, at the exact same time Blaineley said Sam.

"Why me?" said a now conscience Sam.

"Well you did pass out," said Sierra.

"So? It's not like either of you guys won your challenges either," said Sam.

"And why me?" asked Suki.

"Yeah why her?" further questioned Blaineley, who wanted to keep the victim of her blackmail in the game.

"She's smart, too smart," said Heather.

Sam and Suki looked at each other with a solemn expression, knowing they were going to have to vote for each other and never really having a problem with each other. The scene flashed to the campfire ceremony, where Sierra and Cody are standing next to Chris grininng, each with a marshmallow in hand.

"The next two go to our very own divas, Blaineley and Heather," said Chris. The two girls walked up and received their marshmalllows graciously, but not without a bit of a stare-off.

"Sam, Suki, one of you two is going home tonight, I think the reasons have been made clear, the person receiving the last marshmallow is...
















Heather (CONF): Sorry but you're too smart for this game, bye Suki










Blaineley (CONF): Nothing against you, but you're the weakest link and I have to keep Suki in the game














Cody (CONF): Err, you definitely didn't help me in todays challenge, sorry Sam












Sierra (CONF): There is definitely something up with you...but you are useful...ugh this is too hard 











........Suki." Sam frowned.

"Well guys, it's been a fun ride," said Sam. He walked down the walk of shame, and to his delight, Dakota was sitting in the Boat of Losers. The two embraced and began to make out, grossing out the remaining five Team World members.

"Thank you," said Sam, as the boat pulled away. 

"Well that was gross," said Heather.

"The four of us are seriously going to have to work together," said Suki. Sierra was about to counter Suki when Cody stepped in.

"She's right, we've already lost one of our strongest guys, and one of our nicest, we can't afford to lose any one of us without the rest of us being doomed." said Cody.

"Will Team World break their losing streak? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Explosion!" said Chris. 

Chapter 23: The Thirsty Games

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our new teams battled it out in a remake of the trust challenge. While some, like our pole-kisser Bridgette and Ale-hunk-dro, shined, others like Brickhouse and Tyler couldn't seem to find common ground. In the end, Team Action pulled ahead after Jo and Lindsay won the animal hunt portion of the challenge. Jo and Lindsay? Who would have thought those two worked well together. Now we are back at the movie set, where The Hunger Games are about to come alive, it'll be fun, right here, right now, on Total Drama...Explosion," said Chris.

Theme Song

"Ok we seriously have to figure something out," said Heather, who was sitting next to Alejandro on the bus.

"What is there to figure out?" said Alejandro.

"Well since you screwed me over by not being on my team, we need to find a way for both of us to stay in this game," said Heather. 

"My bad, I forgot that I purposely let Tyler pick me solely to get at you," said Alejandro with blatant sarcasm.

"Look, we are the strongest players in this game, World Tour proved that, with Cody and Sierra we'd be unstoppable, the problem is we need all four of us to make the merge," said Heather, "it's no secret no one else would ally with us except for maybe Duncan who's already out". The two looked at each other deep in thought when Lindsay and Bridgette pop up in the seat behind them.

"Hey there love birds," said Bridgette. She and Lindsay chuckled. Heather angrily pushed Alejandro out of the seat. Alejandro in retort winked at her, and went over to sit with Tyler who was alone. 

"I'm peeved, I can't believe Brick wouldn't trade with me, it was like he was in a trance or something," said Tyler. The scene flashed back to Tyler frantically trying to get Brick to come in and eat the food so they could win the challenge, but Brick wouldn't budge. 

Alejandro (CONF): Don't get me wrong, Brick is a nice guy, but I could use Tyler's dislike of him to my advantage, espeically with that weasel Joe on my team

"I agree, and we should take action," said Alejandro, before lowering his voice to a whisper, "at elimination." Tyler nodded, but looked at Brick as if he regretted telling Alejandro.

Tyler (CONF): I still like Brick, he's a cool dude, I didn't mean for him to be eliminated

In another seat, Noah and Cody are chatting and laughing.

"So what is up with crazy stalker girl?" asked Noah. The two looked over to Sierra, who had joined Heather and was rattling off on some story about one of her blogs.

"I like her, she protected me back in World Tour," said Cody.

"Oh..." said Noah, dissappointed.

"Not like that though," said Cody. He trailed off as the camera panned to Dawn and Zoey in another seat.

"Something is wrong, you're aura is unusually gray," said Dawn, "what's wrong Zoey."

"I can feel comando Zoey coming back, without Mike, it's hard to remain grounded," said Zoey, "I don't want to snap."

"You're stronger than her Zoey, Mike took control of his multiple personalities, he had to deal with four you only have one," said Dawn, "well more like none."

"I guess..., I just want people to like me," said Zoey, "and without Mike it's hard."

"People like you," said Dawn, putting her hand on Zoey's shoulder. Zoey smiled as the scene shifted to Chef driving the bus, with Chris talking to him through a walkie talkie.

"Time to begin," said Chris. Chef smirked and turned around to the contestants. "Alright maggots, does anyone here know the movie The Thirsty Games"

"Eeh that is like, my favorite movie ever," said Sierra.

"Well today, you will be playing. Last one standing wins. First team to be completely eliminated is sent to the Gilded Chris ceremony, but there's a twist...last one standing also wins a special reward. Don't be afraid to turn on your teammates," said Chef ominously, "because you're going to have to eventually." He continued driving and dropped every contestant off by their loading room. In each one was a tube, that was to bring the contestants into the arena. Also in each loading room was a weapon. Heather approached to find a paintball gun.

"Oh yeah, this is going to be good," said Heather, putting on her Team World uniform and loading her gun.

A montage of other contestants arriving, changing, and receiving their weapons was also shown. Dawn was given a mister that misted out paint, to fit her non-violent nature. She was barring a Team Island uniform. 

Dawn (CONF): I feel someone's aura is darkening, but I can't tell who

The scene shifted to Joe, standing with two boxing gloves that were not only covered in paint, but had a hidden supply in each for long distance attacks and to replenish his stash. He also was wearing a Team Action jumpsuit.

Joe (CONF): Finally I can let out my frustration on these losers

Suki was shown next, her Team World jumpsuit and a small mechanical device.

Suki (CONF): This quiet girl act is over, time to make a move

Suddenly, a flashing red light goes off in all of the loading rooms. The scene shifted as it showed, Lindsay, Brick, Alejandro, Katie, and Trent looking up at the light and stepping into the loading tube. It then shifted to Zoey, who took one last glimpse of her loading room before the tube slowly began to rise, as Chris counted down from ten.


Bridgette gulped, and looked at the bow in her hand, with arrows that exploded with paint on impact.


Tyler adjusted his sweat band, with a fierce look in his eyes.


Leshawna rolled up the sleeves of her jumpsuit, equipped with paralyzing darts.


Noah frantically looked around the environment that was beginning to unfold.


Katie reached the arena, and looked around, making eye contact with her fellow contestants.


Blaineley spotted the Chris-u-copia, filled with extra supplies. She eyed it, and then Suki, sending a threatening look.


Cody looked at Noah on the platform next to him, then re-focused on the Chris-u-copia.


Chris maniacally laughed, enjoying the psychological torture he was giving the contestants.


The remaining nineteen contestants looked around, anxious to start the run to the Chris-u-copia.


A montage of sweat beading down various contestant's faces was shown.

"Go," stated Chris over the intercom. Everyone bolted towards the center to try to get the upperhand with the better weapons.

"Don't hit other World members ye-" began Cody, before getting shot in the back with a paintball gun by Heather.

"Seriously Heather?" said Cody. 

Cody (CONF): We are already two men down in this challenge, did Heather really think it was a good idea to eliminate me first?!

A cannon sounded, and the ground opened up beneath Cody and he dissappeared. Suddenly, a loud groan was heard, and Trent was lying on the ground, with Joe standing over him with an evil grin.

"Trent?" said Katie, running over to help him. 

"Look out," he yelled. She turned around to see Joe swinging his boxing glove towards Katie. She rolled out of the way just in time, which unfortunately put Trent back in the line of danger. Joe punched a few more times, startling Katie.

"Calm down dude," said Trent. He pushed Joe off of him. Another cannon sounded, and Trent fell through another hole in the ground. Joe slowly turned around and looked at Katie.

"Come on girl," said Leshawna, grabbing Katie's arms and bolting into the woods. Over her shoulder was a backpack that she managed to snag. Heather in the meantime, was having a grand old time shooting her fellow contestants with paint.

"Take this," she said, firing a shot at Lindsay. Fortunately for Lindsay, her weapon was a shield, and managed to block the shot, before snagging some paint grenades and fleeing the scene.

"I feel so alive," shouted Lindsay, throwing her hands in the air and running into the woods. Bridgette, Jo and Brick bolted after her.

"Who wants some," said Heather, firing another shot towards Zoey who was bolting into the woods with Dawn and Scott in tow. She barrell rolled out of the way and continued running.

Heather (CONF): If only Gwen and Courtney were still in the game, then I'd be having some real fun

Alejandro walked up behind Heather causing her to jolt and turn around. She was about to fire when he threw his hands in the air, putting down his smaller paintball gun. 

"Finally we can crush these losers," said Alejandro. By this time, they were the only two left in the open part of the arena, with all the supplies left in the Chris-u-copia to themselves. "This is going to be fun."

The scene shifted to Bridgette, Lindsay, Jo and Brick sitting in a circle in the woods. Suddenly Tyler appeared causing Bridgette and Lindsay to scream. The scream prompted Tyler to fire his blow tube at Jo, which hit her square in the face.

"Oh you are so going to pay fo-" began Jo, before the ground opened up beneath her and another cannon fired. 

"Soldier what was that about?" said Brick.

"S-sorry I panicked," said Tyler, shaken.

"Well now we're another man down," said Bridgette, "now the real question is, what do we want to do with Alejandro? Join him or take him out?" She looked around at her fellow Team Action members.

"Joe too," said Brick. 

"They are both too dangerous with whatever individual prize they could get," said Bridgette. She put her hand in the middle, and Lindsay, Tyler and Brick followed. The scene shifted to Zoey, Dawn and Scott trudging through the woods. 

Scott (CONF): I'm torn, creepy gir- I mean Dawn, could easily predict anyone coming, which will win her this challenge if she makes it to the end, but I can't eliminate her...yet

"Look buddy," said Zoey, turning to Scott, "if you want to continue traveling with us we have to set some guidelines." Zoey also donned a bow she picked up from the Chris-u-copia, an upgrade of Bridgette's. She pointed it threateningly at Scott. "Give us any suspicion that you are going to turn and eliminate us from the challenge and we'll take you out." Dawn appeared behind her and nodded.

"Chill out redhead," said Scott, "I'm not turning on anyone here." The camera shifted and showed Scott crossing his fingers behind his back. Suddenly, a scream was heard as the scene shifted to Suki who was with Sierra.

"What?" said Sierra. Suki pointed to the distance where Blaineley was charging, with her fake paint-splattered battle axe raised.

"She's on our team she's not going to-" began Sierra, before Blaineley struck her in the back. Paint splattered all over her, eliminating her from the challenge, and the ground opened up beneath her as another cannon fired.

"Now that crazy stalker chick is gone, let's talk," said Blaineley. The scene shifted to Heather and Alejandro making a fire as night fell. They looked in the sky to see the faces of the fallen: Cody, followed by Trent, followed by Jo, followed by Sierra.

"Sierra? And Cody?" said Heather, "Ugh my team sucks."

"Aren't you the one that eliminated Cody?" said Alejandro.

"Whatever," said Heather, rolling her eyes.

"So, can we agree and take out Team Island first, that way our teams have a better chance of winning?" said Alejandro, "it's a brilliant strategy, anyone with extensive knowledge of war plans could figure it out."

"Oh sorry, forgot to brush up on my war knowledge before coming," said Heather, "but I like it." She grinned, and the scene shifted to Noah, who was sleeping up in a tree.

Noah (CONF): So I'm alone...I'm not scared *rubs the back of his neck nervously*

Suddenly, the brush rustled beneath him. It startled him, causing him to climb higher into the tree. Once he got towards the top, he settled, but didn't know what was in the brush. Morning came, and he was climbing down the tree, when suddenly he was punched in the face with a boxing glove.

"Take this smart alec," said Joe. It shifted to Noah's view of Joe on top of him, and as he swung a punch towards Noah's face the camera switched to the whole arena, with Noah's screaming filling the air. It was abruptly cut short with cannon fire, and one more contestant was out.

"That makes fourteen left," said Leshawna, "whoever that was."

"I think it was like, Noah," said Katie. She sat down and started to cry.

"What's wrong girl?" said Leshawna.

"I just, it's times like these I miss Sadie, and now with DJ gone, I just," she said, through tear filled eyes.

"You have us girl," said Leshawna, "Bridgette, Linds and I have your back, I'm sure Zoey and Dawn do too. Phoenix girls stick together." Katie looked up at Leshawna and smiled.

"Thanks," said Katie, "it means a-" she was cut short. Alejandro had fired a shot that hit her right in the side. Leshawna tried running, but ran straight into Heather. Leshawna managed to hit her in the leg with a paralyzing dart before Alejandro appeared behind her. She rolled out of the way and threw another dart, hitting Heather in the other leg. She got up and began to run, dodging Alejandro's shots before he full throttle threw a paint-covered grande at her. She screamed and two cannons fired, as the floor opened up beneath Leshawna and Katie.

"I- I can't move my legs," said Heather.

"Well I can't have you slowing me down," said Alejandro.

"What do you mean?" said Heather, anger rising in her voice.

"I'm really sorry," said Alejandro, shooting her in the leg with the paintball gun.

"Oh, you are going to pay, you think we're better now? Oh you are strongly mistaken,said Heather. The ground opened up beneath her and she fell, cursing the whole way. Another cannon shot sounded. 

Alejandro (CONF): I'm so stupid, I shouldn't have shot her- what am I saying? I'm Alejandro, I'm a winner, and there is no way I am letting Jose ridicule me for letting Heather play me for a second time...he was just...he's not my brother

Alejandro started walking away, and the scene shifted to everyone's activites throughout the day. Lindsay, Bridgette, Tyler and Brick started back towards the Chris-u-copia to see if there was anything that Heather and Alejandro didn't take. Zoey, Dawn and Scott were collecting water from a river, and bringing it back to a camp they had set up. Blaineley and Suki were traversing the woods, keeping an eye out for any other competitors, and Joe was on the hunt. Night fell, and nothing else important happened. The names of the fallen appeared in the sky: Noah, then Katie, then Leshawna, then Heather.

"Heather too?" said Blaineley, "that leaves me and you squeaky."

"Maybe if you hadn't taken out Sierra," said Suki, angry.

"I am not afraid to swing sister," said Blaineley, raising her battle axe.

"Yes you are, you need me, if I am eliminated then you are the only one who can win the challenge for us. You think you can take Joe on your own?" said Suki, "you have no idea what he is capable of."

"And you do?" said Blaineley, curious.

Blaineley (CONF): Suki is just always full of surprises, ahh gossip! This season has really warmed me back up to this show

Morning came, and there was a montage of the contestants waking up. 

"Ahh," screamed Dawn. Zoey was a few feet away collecting firewood. She came back to see Scott towering over her. 

"What are you doing?" said Zoey.

"Nothing," said Scott, innocently hiding his foam baseball bat behind his back. He had picked it up from the Chris-u-copia and not told the two girls.

"That's it," said Zoey. She grabbed her bow and without thinking shot Scott right in the chest with a paint arrow, that exploded all over him. Scott looked up at her scared, as the ground opened up beneath him and a cannon shot fired.

"I-," began Zoey, before she was interrupted by Dawn.

"He was going to eliminate me," said Dawn, "thank you."

"All I want is people to like me," said Zoey, "and sometimes I get so frustrated when they don't that...I don't know, I guess we all saw it last season when I went bat-poop crazy."

"I don't think you went crazy Zoey," said Dawn, "I think the shock of losing Mike, combined with your inability to mesh auras with the remaining other five last season caused you to lose it. It happens, your aura is one of the prettiest in the game."

"Thanks Dawn," said Zoey. Suddenly, Joe bursted from the brush that surrounded their camp.

"Don't make me," said Zoey. notching another arrow on her bow, but Joe was too fast, and had grabbed Dawn. He was holding a paintball gun to Dawn's head.

"Sure the gloves are fun, but this could be a lot more," said Joe, "I wonder how much a paintball gun would hurt from this close."

"Stop Joe, that could kill someone," said Zoey, "put down the gun." A grin came across Joe's face. Not a crazy grin, a cold grin, a calculated grin, a grin meant to strike fear into Zoey. A grin that was doing its' job. 

"I'm sorry," said Zoey, releasing the arrow. It exploded not only on Joe, but Dawn too, eliminating both of them.

"What have you done?" said Joe angrily, as the ground opened up beneath him and Dawn. Two more cannon shots fired.

"Alright quiet girl, time to take action," said Blaineley. The scene had shifted to her and Suki sitting in the woods by the Chris-u-copia. Suki pressed the button on her mechanical device that turned it into a paint grenade launcher. She launched a grenade towards the unsuspecting Team Action members.

"Take cover," said Bridgette. She dove into the Chris-u-copia. Lindsay raised her shield, and Tyler got away, but Brick wasn't so lucky.

"Brick," said Bridgette. Running to help him when the ground opened up beneath him and sucked him down, as another cannon shot fired. Bridgette, with Lindsay and Tyler in tow, began charging towards the brush where the grenade came from. Suki tried firing again but it was only loaded with one grenade.

"Well that's not helpful," said Blaineley, before grabbing Suki's arm and running. Bridgette, Lindsay and Tyler stopped right on the edge of the field, and turned back towards their new safehaven. They set up a fire as night fell, and the faces of the fallen appeared in the sky: Scott, then Dawn, then Joe and finally Brick.

"Wow," said Bridgette, "no Joe."

"That's wicked," said Tyler, high-fiving Bridgette and kissing Lindsay.

"Our chances just got a lot better," said Bridgette.

"I'm like, so ready," said a grinning Lindsay. The scene shifted to Suki and Blaineley about to go to bed.

"Well, no more Joe," said Blaineley, "looks like I don't need you." Suki ran and Blaineley didn't pursue.

"It's a matter of time," called Blaineley. She climbed into a tree and fell asleep. Suki was still on the move the next morning when she bumped into Zoey.

"Suki?" said Zoey.

Zoey (CONF): Sometimes I forget Suki is in this game, I rarely see her, and we've never been on the same team

"I'm really sorry Zoey, you seem nice," said Suki. Zoey looked at her confused, and Suki dove and grabbed her bow and arrow, firing one straight at Zoey, eliminating her. The ground opened up beneath Zoey and she fell through as another cannon sounded. 

"And Team Island goes to elimination," announced Chris over the intercom, "have fun battling it out final six."

"I guess that means that red head girl is out," said Lindsay. 

"Which probably means Alejandro got to her," said Bridgette.

"We have to get to him before he gets to us," said Tyler. The three gathered their supplies and headed into the woods.

Alejandro, Suki and Blaineley were all individually on the move as well. Searching for the other competitors and ready to claim that individual prize now that they were all safe from going to the Gilded Chris ceremony that night.

"This is getting boring," said an angry Chris, who was sitting in a control room with Chef and the other thirteen contestants who were already eliminated.

"Watch this," said Chef, grinning as he flipped a switch. The scene shifted back to the three Team Action members that were still sticking together. Suddenly, the bear appeared from behind a tree.

"Seriously? I mean, the bear? Again?" said Bridgette. The three began running, and they collided with Alejandro, who was running from a raccoon. They turned and ran out into an open field, where Suki and Blaineley were as well, both being pursued by their own furry creatures. By the time they were all there, it was evening. 

"This is so not what I signed up for," said Blaineley, brushing her Team World suit off. "Well, looks like it's time for us to face off." She grinned and turned for Suki, lunging at her. Immediately Bridgette fired an arrow at Blaineley's leg taking her out. 

"Oh figures it was you blondie," said Blaineley.

"Man that felt good," said Bridgette. The ground opened beneath Blaineley and another cannon fired.

"Well how do you like this," said Alejandro, appearing right behind Bridgette and shooting her point blank in the back. Bridgette winced in pain.

"Seriously dude?" said Bridgette, holding her back in pain as the ground opened up beneath her and another cannon fired. Lindsay and Tyler looked on scared. They held onto each other as Alejandro approached. Night fell, and the faces of the fallen appeared: Zoey, then Blaineley, and finally Bridgette.

"Take this," said Suki, firing a barrage of paralyzing darts she had found towards Alejandro. He dodged, and they were heading straight for Lindsay when Tyler jumped in the way.

"No, Tyler," said Lindsay, as Alejandro struck him with a paint-covered foam mace. The ground opened up beneath him and a cannon sounded, with Tyler's face appearing in the sky.

"You killed Tyson," said Lindsay.

"Lindsay, he's not dead," said Suki, trying to explain, but Lindsay was already crying hysterically. Suki, feeling bad, gently rubbed paint on Lindsay eliminating her, and the ground opened up beneath her.

"Great job scarring Lindsay Ale-dumb-dro, haven't you realized that you need her?" said Suki, "she's the only one nice enough on your team that would keep you around."

"That's an impressive mouth you have," said Alejandro. He began trying to charm her, executing his season three techniques on this new competitor. 

"That's not going to work on me," said Suki.

"Or is it," said Alejandro, winking. The two were still circling each other. Suddenly, Alejandro dove towards Suki. Suki rolled away and threw a dart at Alejandro, paralyzing him.

"It's over," said Suki, striking him with his own paint-covered foam mace, and eliminating him from the challenge.

"And Suki is our winner," said Chris, "as well as Team World! They surprisingly take home the gold." Suki grinned, and the scene changed to the mess hall the next night, where tensions were high after that intense challenge.

"I can't believe you shot me point blank," said Bridgette, "as if leaving me to freeze in the Yukon wasn't enough."

"And you killed Tyler!" said Lindsay.

"I'm right here," said Tyler.

"Who are you?" said Lindsay quizzically.

"Oh great," said Tyler, "here we go again." Bridgette and Brick chuckled, but Jo did not find this amusing.

"Way to eliminate me first soldier," said Jo.

"It was an accident," said Tyler, "I swear."

"We could have won, I could have beaten any one of these competitors in combat," said Jo.

Team Island was having their own problems as well, especially when it came to elimination.

"The answer is obvious, Scott," said Zoey, "he turned on Dawn, we could have been prepared for Joe's attack had Scott's double cross not shaken us up."

"Oh please, you guys need me in challenges, I think we should take down scrawny over there, he literally does nothing," said Scott, pointing at Noah.

"Oh sorry Mr. Challenge god, how do you know I wasn't throwing them? Since you seem to think that's a brilliant strategy," said Noah.

"Come on guys, let's just calm down here," said Trent.

"You weren't in that challenge for long, you don't know how scary it was," snapped Katie, everyone looked at her surprised.

"I agree with Katie, that challenge was messed-up," said Leshawna.

"Sure I wasn't, but this fighting will get us nowhere," said Trent. Suddenly, Scott was pulled away by Alejandro. The rest of the team watched as he talked to Scott, but they couldn't hear what he was saying. Scott nodded, and returned to the table.

"What was that about?" said Zoey. 

"Something is off about your aura," said Dawn, "it's an unusual blue."

"Are you ok man?" said Trent. But Scott didn't reply. Later he approached Dawn, Zoey and Noah.

"I'm really sorry for what I said," said Scott, "I need you to help me with something. He began to explain as the scene cut away to elimination. The screen split into seven parts showing everyone clicking in a vote. 

"Well, this one was a real shock," said Chris, "even for me. Surprisingly, our first gilded Chris award goes to Scott." He grins, loving the feeling of immunity.

"Next, Zoey and Dawn," said Chris, "Noah, Katie, you two as well." Noah looked surprised to already be safe, and Zoey hugged Katie and Dawn. The bottom two was Trent and Leshawna.

"What?" they both said simulatenously.

"How did we end up with the most votes?" said Trent.

"This is twisted," said Leshawna.

"The last gilded Chris award goes to...





























.........................Trent." said Chris.

Leshawna looked shocked.

"There is no way, I'm fabulous," said Leshawna, "y'all seriously voted for me?" Zoey and Dawn looked away ashamed.

"Well, it was fun you guys," said Leshawna, "this season, I actually liked my team." She hugged Zoey, Dawn, Trent and Noah before taking the walk of shame sadly.

"Le-leshawna?" called Katie, running after her. "I'm going to like, really miss you."

"You too sugar," said Leshawna. She scooped Katie into a big hug. "You turned out to me much more than an annoying squealy girl." She got into the Lame-o-sine.

"Just watch your back girl, I didn't see this coming at all, I don't want you to get hit hard like this, because it's totally ratchet," said Leshawna. Katie nodded as the Lame-o-sine pulled away, taking Leshawna out of Total Drama forever. 

"Well, there is one big personality we just lost, how it was her? I have no idea, and I'm the host," said Chris, "well, goodnight everyone, I am off to give Suki her reward."

The scene shifted to Chris approaching Suki.

"Here you go Suki," said Chris. He pulled out an immunity idol, the famed Chris Head, and placed it in her hand. She grinned and put it in her pocket.

"This should give you an advantage," said Chris. The scene shifted to the guys trailer, where tensions were high as everyone was preparing for bed. Scott eyed Alejandro, and Trent looked at him scared, as did Noah. Alejandro didn't notice because he was too busy eying Joe. 

Scott (CONF): How did Alejandro find that out? And why did he want Leshawna gone?

Alejandro (CONF): I can't believe Joe would manipulate me like that, me, me, king of manipulating, I just, and why Leshawna? 

Joe (CONF): *laughing maniacally* Remember when you blindsided Lightning? One of the few dolts I actually enjoyed in this game, well looks like you got what you deserved, hope there aren't any spiders at Playas des Losers. Don't worry, your friends will be there soon

Chapter 24: Stolen

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our remaining competitors took part in our Hunger Games challenge, having to 'fight to the death' in the arena. Tensions were high, as some competitors couldn't quite pull the trigger while others didn't have a problem beating the snot out of their fellow campers. In the end, Suki won the games, finally earning a win for Team World. Leshawna ended up getting the boot after Joe made some shady deals with both fellow villains and former alliance members- Alejandro and Scott. Will he retain control over two of our most notorious villains? Or will our heroes manage to vote him out of the game once and for all? Find out right here, on Total...Drama...Explosion!" said Chris.

Theme Song 

The tension from the previous night was still pretty heavily in the air of the guy's trailer. Alejandro hadn't slept all night, he just stared at the side of the trailer. When the sun passed the horizon, he got out of bed and walked out of the trailer without saying a word. 

Joe (CONF): After watching the third season, everyone knows of Alejandro's bad relationship with his brother, Jose, I just dug a little deeper

Joe woke up smiling. 

Cody noticed that Alejandro walked out of the trailer and decided to follow him. Noah noticed, and followed Cody, leaving just Joe, Brick, Trent, Tyler, and Scott in the trailer. Scott and Joe made direct eye contact and held it, while the other three guys watched.

"Alright dudes let's just chil-" began Tyler, before Trent and Brick covered his mouth and sat him down.

"You don't want to get in the middle of that war soldier," whispered Brick. 

"Yeah, Joe's on your team, you don't know what he's capable of," said Trent.

Trent (CONF): What worries me about Joe is that he did his research before coming here. He knows all of us, all of our dark twisted secrets, and everyone has one. Honestly our only hope is Suki

Suddenly, Alejandro and Noah burst through the door.

"Someone took Cody," said Noah frantically. The scene shifted to the girls trailer. Bridgette was comforting Katie.

"Look I know it's hard to lose Leshawna, she was my good friend too, but you have to keep fighting," said Bridgette.

"I like, can't, no Sadie, no DJ, now no Leshawna, everyone I become close to gets voted out," said Katie in between tears.

"We all have someone we miss," said Bridgette, "I didn't think I'd be able to go on without Geoff, or even Courtney and Gwen, but look at us, we're in the final eighteen! Out of forty!" Katie smiled at Bridgette. The scene shifted to Jo, who was watching the two. 

"Seriously surfer girl just let her leave, one less competitor for the rest of us," said Jo. The comment made the weak-hearted Katie cry again.

"Seriously dude?" said Bridgette. 

Blaineley (CONF): These brats need to grow up, 'boo-hoo my friend got eliminated', hello? It's a contest, we're all going to get eliminated 

The scene shifted to Lindsay walking out of the bathroom after freshening herself up. She was humming off key when a pair of expensive heels shot out of a nearby bush.

"Ooh, those are so this season," said Lindsay. She started towards them, but they were yanked away.

"That's weird," said Lindsay, "alive shoes? I'm confused." She followed the heels off into the distance. The scene shifted yet again to Dawn meditating alone in the woods. Suddenly, some threw a bag over her head and pulled her off-screen. Back in the trailer, the girls were disrupted by commotion outside. The scene flashed to the guys trailer. 

"What do you mean missing?" said Trent.

"I followed Cody out of the trailer, after he went after Ale," said Noah, "but someone hit him over the head and dragged him away."

"Why were you following Cody?" said Tyler, confused.

"Er, no reason" said Noah, nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"That's beside the point," said Trent, "since Joe is here we at least know he's not responsible."

"Of course, something bad happens, let's blame Joe," said Joe.

"What is going on?" asked Heather, standing in the doorframe, "some of us are trying to sleep." The boys followed Heather outside, where the rest of the girls were standing.

"Cody was kidnapped," said Trent.

"Hello? Haven't you seen this show? People get kidnapped all the time, why is this so important," said Heather.

"After everything that's happened with that scumbag, princess" said Scott, pointing at Joe, "there's no such thing as too careful." 

"Has anyone seen Lindsay?" said Bridgette, "did she ever make it back from the bathroom?" 

"Dawn's gone too," said Zoey, emerging from the woods at a running pace.

"Great, what twisted challenge do we have in store for us this time," said Heather, "one of these days he's just going to make us stand there and let him throw things at us." Suddenly, Cody's scream was heard from the middle of the woods. Everyone warily eyed Joe.

"Well don't just stand there," said Sierra, "Cody is missing!" She charged into the forest towards the source of the scream. Suki immediately ran after her. 

"Are you ok?" said Suki. 

"My Cody is at risk, what do you think?" said Sierra. Joe was standing behind the two.

Joe (CONF): It doesn't take a genius to know that Sierra's weakness is Cody. The solution is simple, amp up her crazy factor so that he gets scared and tries to push her away, thereby taking two players out at once

"He could be hurt," said Joe, "that scream didn't sound good." Sierra increased her pace.

"I'm coming Cody," she shouted. A little bit behind those three were Zoey and Scott.

"Do you think Dawn is ok?" asked Scott nervously.

"Why do you care?" said Zoey. She was smirking a little bit.

"I don't care," said Scott, trying to play it off. 

"You so care," said Bridgette, running up alongside the too.

"Scott and Dawn, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g," said Katie chuckling. She had run up alongside the group too. Scott turned red, lest it be with anger or embarrassment, and sped off. Suddenly, they heard Lindsay's scream coming from a different area of the woods. The contestants froze and didn't know what to do, aside from Sierra who kept going towards Cody.

"Come back," yelled Heather after her, but she didn't listen. Joe just smiled knowing his success. Suki looked at the two groups, and decided to follow Sierra.

"Come on Heather, Cody is from Team World, it's likely we have to find him for the challenge anyways," said Suki.

"Ugh," said Heather, following Suki and Sierra. Blaineley followed as well.

"Thanks for including me too cream puff," said Blaineley. Suki gave her a are you kidding me? look, and continued after their purple-haired teammate. The other two teams ran towards Lindsay's scream, when suddenly Dawn's scream came from a different direction.

Bridgette (CONF): I can handle the challenges, but these contestants sound like they're in pain...Chris is getting harsher and harsher

"Let's go team," said Zoey, "we have to follow Dawn's scream. Maybe she'll find her knight in shining armor." She turned mockingly towards Scott, but he had already taken off in Dawn's direction. Zoey just smirked.

"Come on red just move," said Scott.

"I guess that's us," said Trent, and he notioned towards Katie and Noah and the three ran after the ROTI contestants. After a little bit of running they caught up, and the group sat down and decided their next course of action. 

"This is obviously a challenge," said Trent, "charging towards the scream isn't going to be the solution."

"You should know more than anyone lover boy, that we need to just save her," said Scott.

"Scott's right Trent, we can't waste any time, Dawn could actually be in danger, worse things have happened on this stupid show," said Zoey. Commando Zoey was taking over again, this time more fiercly than in the past. She managed to calm it and continue talking. "You guys are my friends, Scott and I need your help, we have to work together."

"We're a team, obviously we work together," said Noah. Everyone turned towards him angrily, but his smirk revealed he was kidding and the six laughed, breaking the tension. 

"Let's go get Dawn," said Trent, and the scene flashed back to Team Action still pursuing Lindsay's screams. 

"Faster scrawny," said Jo. She was right behind Tyler. "Left, left, left right left." Tyler was pouring sweat.

"Come on Tyler," said Bridgette, "we have to get to Lindsay." Tyler nodded and they pushed ahead. Alejandro took the lead while Bridgette and Brick took the rear. They wanted to keep Joe in the middle.

"Come on headband faster," said Jo, "we haven't lost a team member and I intend to keep it that way." She was running next to Tyler. "And you call yourself an athlete."

Suddenly, the screen split showing the three teams, and all three froze and came to a halt as three separate TV screens rose up in front of them. The same message appeared on each of them, spoken by Chris McLean. 

"Hey there campers! Today is our Taken movie genre challenge. Obviously, three of your teammates are gone. Weird that in season two we had a similar challenge featuring two larger contestants, the lucious Leshawna and lovable Owen who aren't with us anymore, anyways, the task is getting your teammate back, but it's not going to be easy. First team to retrieve their player wins, last place team will be voting off one of their own."

"Great, let's get the twerp and get this over with," said Blaineley, as the scene flashed back to Team World. Cody screamed again and his teammates started running towards the sound.

"We're coming Cody," called out Sierra. 

All of a sudden, the members of Team Action came across a door.

"What's this?" asked Bridgette. Lindsay's scream was heard from the inside.

"We have to save dimwit, I say we bust it down," said Jo.

"Brilliant," said Joe. Jo glared at him and started approaching him when Brick stood between the two.

"Not the time soldiers," said Brick, "we have a man down, and I am not leaving a man behind." 

"I have an idea," said Alejandro, and Joe, Bridgette, Tyler, Jo and Brick gathered into a huddle as Lindsay continued to scream for her teammates. The scene shifted to Team Island traversing the jungle.

"Is Cody ok?" asked Noah.

"Does it really matter?" said Scott, but he was cut off by Zoey before Noah has a chance to reply. "I'm sure he's fine," she said. Zoey shot Scott a look and Scott tried to avoid eye contact but the fire in her eyes froze him there like a deer in headlights. 

Zoey (CONF): Our team is finally acting as one, I am not letting Scott get in the way of that

Suddenly, the members of Team Island came across the mountain adventure set, and Dawn's screams were heard from the top of it.

"Great, we get to traverse this mountain of fun again," said Noah, rolling his eyes. They began up the mountain, as the scene shifted back to Team World who was traversing the various movie sets. Cody's screams could be heard the best outside the alien flim set.

"Looks like we're at our challenge," said Blaineley, "let's get him and get out, this place is creepy with a capital C."

"Aw is little Blaineley scared of a wittle awien?" said Heather. Suki and Sierra snickered from behind Blaineley. Blaineley turned around and shot them a look and both shut up.

"You know, it'd be a shame if we lost this challenge, I'm sure it'd be a toss-up of who went home," said Blaineley. This left Heather silent. "That's what I thought, you don't have the power, Queen Blaineley does, and it's time to go rescue one of her subjects." Heather growled at Blaineley, but that only furthered Blaineley's enjoyment of the moment. The scene panned away as the four Team World members entered the alien set studio. It shifted to Alejandro standing with the door on the ground.

Alejandro (CONF): Ah, the chance to use my engineering skills to impress my team, perfecto

"Wow, you actually did something not useless," said Jo. Bridgette just rolled her eyes as Alejandro soaked in this small victory for Team Action.

"Good job bro," said Tyler, punching Alejandro on the shoulder. The two's friendship was starting to rebuild, now that Lindsay was kidnapped. Another asset to Alejandro's game.

Bridgette (CONF): If Alejandro thinks he's getting any farther than this team stage in this game he is wrong, I'm doing this for my Geoff-y bear

The team entered the door, and it turns out it was a back entrance into the prison set. 

"How did we get here?" asked Bridgette.

"Does it matter? We have to save Lindsiot," said Jo.

"Woah there Heather," said Bridgette. Jo growled in return.  

Jo (CONF): There is no way anyone could compare me to Heather, I mean, hello, I'm much better of a player. Sure she won a season, but I wasn't in it

"Chicas, let's get moving," said Alejandro, "Lindsay needs our help." 

"But do we really need Lindsay? Maybe if we're lucky, we could leave her there and she'd get eliminated," said Joe. Bridgette gave him a look of disgust, and that excited Alejandro. Tyler was furious, but- being Tyler- didn't do much to retaliate besides a meek "Hey!" Brick just looked uncomfortable so he forged ahead, starting through the obstacle course that lead to the entrance of the 'prison'.

"Come on guys, this way," said Brick. He started walking, and accidentally tripped a switch that released a herd of wild dogs from behind the group. 

"Great job dilweed," said Jo running past him. Bridgette squealed and jumped into Alejandro's arms. She quickly dropped herself out and the group began running through the obstacle course as the scene shifted to Team Island running from a giant boulder.

"Seriously? I mean, is this real?" said Noah. He was panting.

"Come on Noah," called Zoey. She scooped him onto her back and dashed sideways into a crack in the set, where Scott, Trent and Katie already were.

"How did you know this was here?" said Noah.

"I remembed Gwen pointing it out to me when we evaded this boulder the first time," said Zoey. Noah looked around and saw four Phoenixes staring back at him. He hadn't truly grasped the idea yet that he was the only Fox left and that could leave him in a precarious position.

"Well good job guys," said Noah half-heartedly.

"So like, what do we do now?" asked Katie.

"We find Dawn," said Trent.

"Thanks pretty boy," said Scott, "obviously she meant what are we going to do next." His voice was starting to get frantic. 

"It's alright man, we'll get her back" said Trent, putting his arm on Scott's shoudler. Scott growled at first, but then accepted Trent's condolances.

"Let's go guys, we're wasting time," said Zoey. She peeked out the crack and saw a cave at the bottom of the hill that hadn't been there back during the adventure movie challenge. "Let's go." The five started running and ran into the cave as the scene shifted to the alien set. 

"This place is giving me the creeps," said Blaineley, looking around. Off in the distance, four interns dressed as alien guards were swarming the area, looking for the unsuspecting Team World members. Cody screamed for help just as two alien guards bumped into the four.

"Don't. You. Hurt. My. Cody," said Sierra. She charged towards the guards and in one swift kick knocked both of them out. 

"Good job stalker girl," said Heather, walking over to Sierra.

"Should I be worried?" said Suki to Blaineley.

"Yes," said Blaineley. Both looked on nervously as the group walked towards Cody's screams. The scene shifted to Team Action bursting into the prison, and Brick closing the door just before the dogs got to them- leaving three dog shaped dents in the "metal" door (but it's Chris so who knows what the door was actually made of).

"So where's-" began Jo, before she was interrupted by Lindsay's screaming, which was coming from above the group.

"Guys, up here," called Lindsay. Everyone looked up to see Lindsay in a cage that was dangling from the ceiling. Multiple chains were wrapped around the cage, with one lock holding them all together. There were a series of platforms that were now jutting out of the side of the prison set, that lead up to Lindsay's cage.

"Well, let's get going people," said Jo. She ran over and grabbed the key ring and started up the platforms.

"Yes m'am," said Brick.

Brick (CONF): Sure Sergeant Jo can be a huge pain, but when she just takes command like that 

The scene swapped back to Team Island, who had found Dawn. Unfortunately for them, she was on a small island in the middle of an "underground" set. She was tied to a pole with the same chains that had tied Lindsay together. Without saying a word, Scott grabbed a rung of keys hanging on the wall and dove into the lake to swim to Dawn. Unbeknownst to him, there were three sharks that began heading towards Scott.

"What do we do know?" asked Katie.

"Zoey, you go help Scott, Katie and Noah, stick with me, I think I have a plan," said Trent. Zoey nodded and using her inner commando abilities, dove in after Scott and worked towards catching up to him, to alert him to the danger. Trent had found a pile of stones, that he planned on using against the sharks.

"Come on guys, let's let them have it," said Trent. He chucked a stone but it missed. Forunately, Katie had an excellent arm, as seen back in the dodgeball challenge in season one, and managed to connect with the first shark.

"This is kind of fun," said Katie, cheering. Noah grabbed a stone, and attempted to throw it, but it went about a foot.

"Oh brother," said Trent.

"What? So I don't have arm strength, sue me," said Noah. Trent rolled his eyes, and him and Katie went back to trying to get the shark's attention. Just as it was starting the work, the scene shifted to Team World finding Cody in the boiler room of the alien set, where all the alien eggs were. He was tied to the main set of machinery also by a set of chains with a giant lock. Unfortunately, the alien guards had regained consciousness, and rallied their two alien buddies to guard Cody.

"Come on, let's get to it," said Heather, smirking and grabbing an alien egg. Suki and Blaineley smirked and got Heather's idea, each grabbing an egg for themselves. Sierra was too busy trying to figure out where the key ring was to help, but the three girls started barraging the guards with the alien eggs. 

"Let's do this," said Suki. 

The screen split into three, as the teams worked feverishly to save Dawn, Lindsay and Cody. On the left strip, Sierra was trying to find the right key to fit into Cody's lock while Heather, Suki and Blaineley continued to lob alien eggs at the guards. The middle strip showed Scott and Zoey making it to the island, and attempting to un-chain Dawn from the pole. The right strip of the screen showed Jo frantically trying to unlock the cage, while Bridgette was encouraging her. 

"Looks like our winners are...Team World," said Chris over an intercom that blasted throughout the entire abandoned film lot. The left strip of the split screen took over the whole screen, and showed Sierra squealing and hugging Cody.

"Can't. Breath." said Cody, but Sierra wasn't listening. 

"You didn't do too bad Milly," said Heather. 

"Ha," said Blaineley, unamused, "I would say the same, but..."

"And next to finish are Team Island!" announced Chris. The scene panned to Scott and Zoey talking to Dawn, who was shaking.

"I was so happy when I felt your auras," said Dawn, "Thank you for working so hard to save me." Zoey hugged Dawn, and reluctantly pulled Scott in too. Katie, Noah and Trent waved at them happily from the shore, as the three dove in and began to swim towards them. The scene panned to the shore, with Katie, Noah, Trent, and a mysteriously dry Dawn.

"Like, how did you-" began Katie, before she gave up and hugged Dawn.

"Thanks friends," said Dawn.

"Great job blondie," said Jo. The key rung was on the ground far below, and Tyler was working on retrieving it. 

"I'm pretty sure you were the one who dropped the keys," said Bridgette.

"Well if you hadn't been distracting me, I wouldn't have," said Jo. Bridgette looked away annoyed, as the scene shifted to Team Action sitting in the craft services tent, discussing elimination.

"I think it should be Jo," said Bridgette.

"Well I think it should be Alejandro," said Jo.

"What?" said Alejandro, "why?"

"Easy, you're a threat," said Jo. She nudged Brick, and he nodded in agreement.

"Soldier makes a good point, you made it all the way to the finals the first time you played, and you were up against some tough players, some of whom had two seasons out on the field," said Brick. Jo smiled at him, but quickly caught herself and stopped. 

"I like, think it should be the girl who looks like Sue Sylvester," said Lindsay.

"It's Jo," said Bridgette.

"No, that's Joe," said Lindsay, pointing at Joe.

"No, that's the male Joe," said Brick.

"I'm confused," said Lindsay, and Jo facepalmed.

Joe (CONF): Looks like I'm gonna be a pretty crucial vote, and these idiots haven't even thrown my name out there yet, this game is too easy

Suddenly, the Gilded Chris music started playing, and Team Action walked over to the Gilded Chris ceremony to determine who would be the first voted off their team.

"Well, you guys had been doing so well, what happened?" asked Chris.

"Jo happened," said Bridgette.

"Whatever clumsy," said Jo.

"Well, let's get to the vote," said Chris. A few of the votes were shown.

"I'm still confused," said Lindsay, clicking on Jo's face.

"Sorry girl, but you lost us the challenge," said Bridgette, clicking on Jo's face.

"Remember when we were allies?" said Joe, clicking on Alejandro's face.

"Alright guys, let's figure out which one of you losers is going home," said Chris. Chef, sporting his signature pink gown, walked out with a plate of Gilded Chris awards. The seven Team Action members looked at eachother nervously. 

"The first award goes to Brick," said Chris. Brick saluted. Unfortunately, he should have used his hands to catch the award as it made contact directly with his face.

"Bridgette, Lindsay, Tyler," said Chris, "you three are also safe." He tossed the three their awards. Tyler kissed Lindsay, who squealed with delight.

"Joe," said Chris, "somehow you've earned yet another item of safety." Joe smirked at Alejandro as he caught his award. Alejandro looked nervous, but Jo didn't seem the slightest bit concerned.

"The final award goes to...































.........................Alejandro," said Chris.

"What?" said Jo and Joe in unison.

"You dimwits voted me off?" asked Jo, "how do you plan on winning any more challenges?"

"Sorry, soldier," said Brick. He walked over to hug her but she walked away.

"I don't need this show, I like Playas des Losers," said Jo, but it was blatantly obvious she was lying.

"Bye Sue," said Lindsay, "we'll miss you." She waved.

"Whatever," said Jo, as she entered the lame-o-sine. She poked her head out the window. "Hey, captain sprinkler, I'm kind of going to miss you." Brick saluted her as she rolled up her window and the lame-o-sine pulled away with the first one eliminated from Team Action. Brick maintained the salute as the limo pulled away, shedding a single tear.

"Sorry bud," said Tyler, putting his arm on Brick's shoulder. Brick smiled at Tyler, as the camera zoomed out of the Gilded Chris ceremony.

Joe (CONF): What? How didn't Alejandro get eliminated? I could have sworn I had gotten Tyler's vote...maybe my blackmail game is getting off...doesn't matter, because these players underestimate my influence in this game, and that's going to be the downfall of each and every one of them

Chapter 25: When Zombies Attack 

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "our remaining contestants battled it out in our kidnapping genre challenge. Dawn, Lindsay, and Cody were all taken to three different sets, with Cody being the first one saved due to Sierra's obsessive crush on him. I don't get it either. Anyways, Lindsay was the last to get saved, sending Team Action to their first elimination. Things were split between the devious Alejandro and the quasi team captain Jo, with Jo ending up taking the Walk of Shame despite Joe's attempts to sway Tyler. This week is gonna be a good one, so don't change the channel, and stay with us right here on Total...Drama...Explosion!"

Theme Song 

The episode opened up with the boys sitting in their trailer. Brick was fiddling his thumbs and looking down sadly.

"It's alright bro, I mean, Lindsay got eliminated pretty early in my last season, and that was harsh," said Tyler, "and then in our first season together, I got booted sixth while she made it to the final seven."

"Thanks Tyler," said Brick, who smiled back at him, "she's not a team player, and she's rude, annoying, and just plain mean, but I can't help but like her."

"Hey I hear you there," said Trent, who was strumming chords on his guitar.

"Hey, Gwen is none of those things," said Cody. He was playing poker with Noah and Alejandro. While Cody wasn't looking, Alejandro peeked at Cody's cards and grinned deviously.

"I know," said Trent, "but Duncan is, and she left me for him."

"Can't argue with you there," said Cody, who turned back and continued playing cards.

"Alright boys, why don't we make this interesting," said Alejandro, "on this hand, why don't we wager something bigger than these snacks we snuck from the craft services tent."

"Like what?" asked Noah, "it's not like we have a lot to choose from."

"How about information," said Alejandro. Noah and Cody looked at eachother nervously.

"What kind of information?" said Cody. He then awkwardly laughed.

"Any kind, the other two competitors have to tell some of their secret information to the winner of this hand," said Alejandro. Noah just rolled his eyes but Cody was sweating.

"Not like we have anything to hide, right Cody?" said Noah. Cody looked at his cards, which wouldn't win him anything without bluffing. Noah's cards weren't good either. They both nodded at Alejandro, and the game continued, with Alejandro winning the hand.

"I expect you to turn in the information you owe me by the end of the day," said Alejandro. He got up and walked out of the tent grinning.

Alejandro (CONF): Just the leverage I need- with Noah on Team Island and Cody on Team World I could blackmail both of their votes. It may only be one per team, but you know me, I'll figure out something *winks at the camera*

The camera then showed Scott and Joe still sleeping, then panned over to the girls cabin.

Heather (CONF): This is perfect! Eva, then Beth, then Gwen, then Courtney, and now Jo! Sure I kind of like Leshawna now, but even she isn't here to get in my way, now all we need is Mildred or whatever to go home and I'll be golden. In other news, Katie's crying has gotten a tad bit annoying

The scene shifted to Katie crying, and Bridgette comforting her.

"It's just like, I've been without Sadie for so long," said Katie, "I want to go to her and all our friends at Playes des Losers."

"Shh," said Bridgette. She covered Katie's mouth with her hand. She hurried Katie over to the booth and sat her down. "Don't talk like that, or you're gonna get eliminated. Come on Katie, do it for DJ and Sadie, it's what they would want. You saw Sadie in the first season, she kept fighting for you. I've lost people too- Geoff, Gwen, Courtney and Leshawna are all out. You're not in this alone." Katie nodded.

Katie (CONF): I like, have to stay strong, she's right *starts to cry but abruptly ends* no, strong

The camera panned to Blaineley talking to Sierra and Suki.

"So it's agreed that if we lose, it's Heather, right?" asked Blaineley. The two nodded in agreement. "Good, I'm glad we're on the same page." She smiled at Suki, who returned with a glare. 

Sierra (CONF): Ok, so something has totally been going on with Blaineley and Suki, and now that numbers are dwindling, I like, need to figure it out- and I am very good at figuring things out

The girls were interrupted by a scream from Lindsay. 

"What is it?" asked Suki.

"D-d-d," stuttered Lindsay.

"Out with it," yelled Blaineley.

"Dakota," shouted Lindsay, "but like, all gross." 

"Oh boy were we go," said Heather, "Tyler is in, Dakota, is not in- you're welcome for clarifying, everyone carry on." Suddenly their door was barged down as the guys all ran in. "Oh joy, the rest of the ladies are here."

"Didn't you see?" asked Trent. He pointed out the door as a zombified Eva, Dakota and Ezekiel limped by.

"Seriously? Eva?" said Heather, "why couldn't it have been a bear, or a lion, or that psycho killer with the 'chainsaw and the hoook.''" Suddenly, a large helicopter lowered a ladder in between the trailers. At the top was Chris, waving at the seventeen below.

"Do we go for it?" asked Trent. Suddenly, a zombified Geoff and Owen stumbled onto the scene as well. The five ex-contestant zombies slowly began to approach the trailer, as other zombified past contestants and interns began to rush in out of the blue, beginning to fill the area between the contestants and the ladder. . 

"Yep, I vote yes, let's go," said Lindsay. She screamed and made a run for it, making it all the way to the ladder and up in almost record time. "Zombies are like, really ugly. I don't want to be one."

"Alright guys, who's next?" asked Bridgette. Just then, an Anne Maria and Izzy zombie stumbled onto the scene as well.

"We have to hurry," said Alejandro. He grabbed Bridgette and made a run for it. Zombie Geoff made a face at him as the two also made it up the ladder. Bridgette blushed, and the Geoff zombie scowled even more. Heather, Blaineley and Sierra were right behind them.

"Good job ladies," said Blaineley, high-fiving the two. Cody and Noah were the next two to go. By the time they reached the ladder, a Sam, Staci, and two intern zombies were there as well.

"This is great," said Joe, "As if I'm going to die with you people." He and Tyler made a run for it, but Tyler stumbled and tripped.

"Tyler," called Lindsay, as the Owen zombie pulled Tyler into the forest. A scream from Tyler was heard, but then cut off. The other contestants tried to look to see what happened, but they couldn't. Zoey, Dawn and Scott also managed to make it up the ladder succesfully. Brick and Suki were the next to go, and Brick started whimpering when he saw the Jo zombie stumble towards him.

"Come on Brick, it's too late," said Suki, "you have to come." She grabbed his hand and pulled him up the ladder. "No soldier left behind." 

He smiled at her, saluted her, and the two climbed up. 

"Well, let's do this Katie," said Trent. He held out his hand and the two made a run for the ladder when Katie stopped dead in her tracks. A Sadie zombie had stumbled out of the boy's trailer.

"Sadie," called out Katie. Sadie turned towards her and started running after her.

"Katie, come on," he said, trying to yank her a long, but she wasn't budging. Zombie interns were appearing out of bushes and beginning to walk towards the two. "Come on. We don't know if that's even Sadie anymore."

Katie was frozen speechless. Trent looked at the ladder then back at Katie, then scooped her into his arms as he made a run for the ladder. She still wasn't talking, and he attempted to climb up, but couldn't handle the weight so Katie was pulled away and also dragged into the forest- namely by the DJ and Sadie zombies.

"Katie, no," called out Zoey right after Trent narrowly made it into the helicopter. Chris shoved the helicopter ladder over the side.

"We won't be needing this anymore," said Chris.

"Is it bad I'm kind of hoping this isn't a challenge?" asked Cody.

"Yes, it is," asked Noah.

"Zombie apocalypses are like, totally a thing now," said Sierra. Lindsay shook her head. 

"I stand by the fact that zombies need moisturizer," she said.

"Well two of our friends are gone now, without a trace," said Bridgette, "what's with all the horror challenges Chris? The Halloween episode? Thirsty games? Now Zombies?"

"Keeps things interesting," said Chris, "now anyways, as you have probably all figured out, this is your challenge, last man standing wins for their team." 

"Another individual challenge?" asked Heather, "perfect."

"How are they going to get us up in this helicopter?" asked Tyler.

"Excellent question Tyler," said Chris, "hit it Chef." Nothing happened, so Chris walked up to the cabin of the helicopter to find it empty, with a chef balloon as the pilot. The scene switched to Chef parachuting down to the ground, grinning at the camera.

"Oh he's going to get it for this one," said Chris. Suddenly, the helicopter began violently spinning towards the ground, and contestants were being thrown out of the side left and right, scattering across the span of the film lot, with Chris being the only one left when the helicopter hit the ground. The screen cut to black, and re-opened with Trent awakening with Scott.

"Oh great, you again," said Scott.

"Aren't we kind of friends now?" asked Trent. Scott just scoffed in return. "Alright." A grumbling was heard from the bushes right next to the two.

"Contestant or zombie?" asked Scott.

"Maybe it's Fang," teased Trent. Scott walked over and hit him fairly hard.

"Never joke about Fang," said Scott. Trent looked in Scott's eyes and saw the fear that remained from his interaction with Fang last season.

"Sorry man," said Trent, "so what do we do now?" Scott shrugged as the scene switched to Dawn, who was awakening next to Lindsay.

"Like, where are we?" asked Lindsay. 

"We're on the top floor of the alien set, I can tell by the aura," said Dawn, "it's in- look out!" Dawn dove and tackled Lindsay down one of the grates dropping them deeper into the set. Above an Anne Maria and Izzy zombie stumbled by.

"Aren't we on different teams?" asked Lindsay.

"Your aura is pure," said Dawn, 'now let's go." Dawn got up and began wandering the set looking for a way to take out the zombies. A confused Lindsay followed. Then, the scene switched to Brick. He was wandering the Kung-Fu set looking for a good hiding spot.

Brick (CONF): I hate zombies, any good soldier does

Suddenly, a bush nearby started shaking. Brick dove into the bush to reveal Heather.

"Seriously?" said Heather, rubbing her head. 

"Sorry m'am," said Brick, "I thought you we're going to be another zombie." Brick looked stunned as a Leshawna zombie came up behind Heather.

"What?" asked Heather. 

Brick (CONF): Seriously? Of all people to end up with it's Heather, and now I have to choose whether or not to save her?

"Run," called out Brick. Heather didn't question him and ran towards him. She ducked as Brick threw a punch taking out the Leshawna zombie. 

"You helped me?" said Heather, "Cute, nice, but naive." That's all she said as she walked away leaving Brick dumbfounded.

"Where are you going?" called out Brick.

"Away from Leshawna," said Heather, but she didn't stop walking. Brick started after her, as the scene switched to Bridgette waking up with Alejandro and Zoey.

"Great it's you," said Bridgette.

"Don't pretend you're not happy chica," said Alejandro winking. 

"Oh trust me, she's not," said Zoey. She was brushing herself off. Bridgette chuckled but Alejandro wasn't amused. The three ended up in the adventure set. 

"Let's just hope no one get's stuck to a pole and slows us down," said Alejandro walking away. 

"Where was that again? The Yukon? Lots of ice, you had a pretty good experience with an ice cube didn't you?" said Bridgette. Zoey laughed, and the two followed Alejandro, figuring that they needed some strength in numbers.

"So where are we going?" said Zoey.

"I don't know where you are going, but I'm going up, as far away from the zombies as I can get," said Alejandro. Bridgette and Zoey shrugged and followed him up the set as the scene switched to Cody, who was waking up with Blaineley and Suki in the city film lot, back where the Superhero challenge took place.

Blaineley (CONF): I could not have gotten luckier! I woke up with my minions, Suki and Cody 

Cody (CONF): Seriously, Blaineley, I mean...seriously

Suki (CONF): I would have rather woken up with a bear, or even Joe...ok maybe not Joe but you get the point

"This is awesome," said Cody, "I've always wanted to be in a zombie apocalpyse." 

"Me too," said Suki.

"Oh my god do you watch The Roaming Dead?" asked Cody.

"Only all the time!" replied Suki. The two started rambling about zombies. Blaineley rolled her eyes. 

"Ok you two listen up, you will protect me with your lives, no questions asked, sound good?" said Blaineley. The two looked at her annoyed. "Good, I'm glad we're on the same page." Suki spotted a Sam and Dakota zombie stumble by and began concocting a plan, as the three began wandering looking for a place to hide from the zombies. The scene shifted to Sierra walking with Noah on the other side of the city film lot.

Noah (CONF): Seriously life, Sierra?

"And like, when Cody told me we were BFF's I was like OMG," said Sierra.

"Yep, saw that, national television," said Noah.

"It was like, so great, I really felt the connection there. I could tell from his heart that he wanted more than that, I can't wait until we get more time together off-screen," said Sierra.

"Yeah, you two could blog together," said Noah sarcastically. 

"Eeh I could show him my Cody fan-sites!" said Sierra, not picking up on the sarcasm. Suddenly, a bush nearby rustled. Sierra continued rambling on but Noah put a hand over her mouth. The scene shifted back to Trent and Scott, they were on the run from a Staci zombie. They found a bush and dove in as the Staci zombie raced by.

"Ok there is- no way- real Staci could run that fast," said Scott, out of breath. Trent nodded in agreement. 

"Where do you think Dawn is?" asked Trent.

"Why should I know?" replied Scott, "I barely know the chick." He scoffed and started walking in a random direction.

"I think we should get to high ground, I doubt anyone else will be thinking the same thing," said Trent. Scott moaned and started following Trent as he headed toward the adventure set. Noah and Sierra began following the two from a distance, and the scene shifted to Alejandro, Bridgette, and Zoey, who were ironically also climbing the adventure set. Things had been going fine until crisis struck. 

"You have to go on without me," said Zoey. Her foot was stuck in a crack and no matter how hard they tried they couldn't pull it out.

"What about you?" said Bridgette.

"I'll be fine," replied Zoey, "it's just a challenge."

"What if your team loses and votes you off? I can't lose another friend," said Bridgette. Zoey's face lightened when Bridgette called her a friend.

Zoey (CONF): *throws a fist in the air* Score!

"I'll be fine, you think they are going to get rid of me before Scott?" said Zoey.

"She has a point," said Alejandro. Bridgette sighed and started walking away when Zoey screamed. An Ezekiel zombie, who looked oddly similar to feral Ezekiel, pulled Zoey through the crack and her scream was muffled.

"Well that was terrifying," said Alejandro, "but hey, maybe it's time we work together against those new players."

"As if I'm going to work with you over Zoe-," began Bridgette, before she was cut off by Joe who emerged from behind a nearby tree.

"Well look who it is," said Joe.

"Seriously, we lose Zoey and get Joe in exchange," said Bridgette. She ran over to the crack. "Take me too Ezekiel."  Suddenly, Ezekiel appeared back in the crack, with a love-struck look in his eyes. "Nope," said Bridgette and she ran back over to Alejandro and Joe. 

"Am I interrupting your alone time?" said Joe, making kiss-y noises. 

"No but you're interrupting our sanity," said Alejandro, as Bridgette glared at Joe.

"I have a boyfriend," said Bridgette.

"Oh the famous 'I have a boyfriend line'," said Joe, "I was waiting for that to be broken out." Bridgette looked embarrassed.

"I-I don't always say that," said Bridgette. That caused Joe to laugh.

"Oh really now?" he replied.

"What do you want?" asked Alejandro. He didn't seem angry, just annoyed. "Because we could always just throw this challenge and vote you out."

"I know both of you are too smart for the Scott strategy," said Joe. Bridgette and Alejandro continued to glare at Joe as he continued. "I just wanted some company, these zombies are scary." Bridgette and Alejandro looked at each other with doubt. 

"Fine, come with us," said Alejandro.

"What?!" said Bridgette, turning to him.

"Remember what Heather said, keep your enemies close," whispered Alejandro to Bridgette. She sighed again, nodded, and continued up the mountain. Joe and Alejandro followed as the scene changed to Lindsay climbing out of the alien set with Dawn.

"We're free," said Lindsay, running away with glee. 

"Help," said Dawn. Lindsay turned around and Izzy and Anne Maria were trying to pull Dawn back into the alien set.

"I'll save you," said Lindsay. She pulled a mirror out of her skirt and ran towards Dawn. She hit Izzy in the head sending her into the alien set below, but Anne Maria was staying strong. Instead of hitting her with the mirror, Lindsay showed the Anne Maria zombie her reflection. She made a grossed-out face and dropped into the alien set below. 

"Wow, that was smart of you friend," said Dawn.

"Her skin was like, so ashy, I knew she would freak," said Lindsay, "now what do we do?"

"I say we head up," said Dawn, pointing at the adventure set that was nearby. The two began walking when a Harold zombie and a Beth zombie appeared behind them. 

"Oh my god Beth is back in the game!" said Lindsay. She squealed and started running toward Beth. Just as Beth and Harold were about to grab her, Dawn ran over as fast as she could and pushed her out of the way, letting them take her instead.

"What's going on?" said Lindsay.

"Just go Lindsay, go to the mountain set, I feel your aura, something is supposed to happen there," said Dawn. Harold and Beth began dragging her away. Lindsay shrugged and started running toward the mountain set when she collided with Heather and Brick. 

"Oh great, first I get stuck with the sprinkler tinkler and now Lindsiot, perfect," said Heather, "and honestly if I see Leshawna zombie's weave one more time it's over, I quit."

"Hey Lindsay," said Brick, pushing Heather out of the way. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah but like, Dawn isn't," she said. Brick looked over and saw a now unconscious Dawn being dragged away by the Harold and Beth zombies. Brick tried to run over and help, but it was too late- they had left the scene by the time Brick, Lindsay and Heather had gotten there.

"What do we do now?" asked Brick.

"Dawn told me to climb up the mountain," said Lindsay. She scratched her head and began walking towards the adventure set. Brick looked at Heather, shrugged, and the two followed her. They arrived at the base of the mountain set at the same time as Trent, Scott, Noah and Sierra.

"Hey you guys," said Lindsay.

"What do you mean you- what? How long have you guys been following us?" said Scott. 

"Ask the stalk-master over here," said Noah. Sierra was too busy searching to see if Cody was with their group, and was disappointed when he wasn't. Noah was doing the same, but was much more subtle about it. Heather was eying Scott.

"Why so frantic ginger?" said Heather.

"Is Dawn with you guys?" said Scott.

"Nope," said Brick sadly. He filled Scott in on the incident with Lindsay, Beth and Harold, which caused him to glare at Lindsay.

"How could you let them take her?" said Scott.

"I like-," began Lindsay, before she was interrupted by Scott again.

"Like seriously, who would be so stupid?" said Scott. 

"Woah calm down," said Trent, putting a hand on Scott's shoulder. Scott turned around and shoved Trent, which caused him to trip. Then- out of the blue- a Mike zombie grabbed Trent from behind and dragged him away. The group still in took pursuit, but Mike quickly transformed into Svetlana and bounded away.

Lindsay (CONF): Ok Scott is so mean

"No- stop I actually like him," called Scott, to no avail.

"Gee, thanks," said Noah.

"Let's just get this challenge over with," said Scott. The group began up the adventure set, with Scott still giving Lindsay the stink eye.

Brick (CONF): To say the near-death experience has made Scott emotionally unstable is a huge understatement

Heather (CONF): Seriously what is with these new contestants, half of them are screwed up *begins counting on fingers* Commando-Zoey, Joe the criminally insane, Scott...

Alejandro, Bridgette, and Joe had taken a break, after having to run from a B and Dakota zombie.

"I am- very- out of breath," gasped Bridgette. She was leaning against a tree. She took a few steps forward, tripped on a rock, and fell into Alejandro's arms.

"Why hello," said Alejandro. Joe rolled his eyes as Bridgette just glared at him and stood back up- dusting herself off. "Seems like you can't get your arms off of me."

"I-" began Bridgette, before she was interrupted by Joe.

"-have a boyfriend," imitated Joe, "but I will still kiss poles, and hot spanish dudes, and-" He got cut off when Bridgette threw a rock at him.

"Not cool dude," said Bridgette.

Bridgette (CONF): Ok how is Joe still in this game, his intimidation strategy is awful, I mean, I'm not scared of him...*shivers* I'm not!

The scene shifted to Blaineley, Cody and Suki walking towards the mountain set. They had seen Noah and Sierra come this way, and Blaineley's strategy was to try and get Noah eliminated from the challenge so that they could bring Sierra into their group and maintain numbers. She didn't care about Heather's safety though. Suddenly, a Gwen zombie, a Courtney zombie, a Duncan zombie and a Geoff zombie appeared by the group, surrounding them. 

"You girls go on, I'll distract them," said Cody. He screamed and ran at Gwen. Duncan ran after him and swung at him, most likely for revenge for the hit he took in Greece during season three. He ended up hitting Gwen, which took those two out of commision, and caused the Courtney zombie to chuckle. Unfortunately for Cody, Geoff and Courtney still managed to subdue him and drag him off as Blaineley and Suki ran.

"We have to help Cody," said Suki.

"No we don't," said Blaineley, "we have to make sure all three of us don't get eliminated, leaving us with just Heather and Sierra left in the challenge- assuming those losers haven't already been eliminated." Suki sighed knowing that Blaineley was right.

"So now that we're alone, I'd like to offer you a trade," said Blaineley, as the two girls started to trek up the adventure set.

"A trade? What about blackmail? I know you know my secret," said Suki.

"To show that I trust you as an ally," said Blaineley, "you're one of the few losers in this freak show I put up with, why do you think I bother trying to lobby for your vote so much?" Suki didn't know what to say in return, so she allowed Blaineley to continue. 

"I'd like to trade you some information I know about our fellow contestants, that you could also use to further yourself in the game, should you follow my excellent strategy," said Blaineley, "and in return, you will protect me from the vote- every vote- for the rest of the team stage." Suki looked at Blaineley and nodded.

Suki (CONF): She thinks she's losing her leverage over me, I'm not complaining

"It's a deal," said Suki. She shook Blaineley's hand, as Blaineley began to reveal her dish on Noah and Cody, one of the biggest secrets in the game next to Suki's own. The scene shifted to Sierra, who spotted Bridgette, Joe and Alejandro sitting on a rock.

"Great the rest of the gang is here," said Joe, rolling his eyes. 

"Who's been taken from your group?" asked Alejandro.

"We've lost Dawn and Trent," said Scott bitterly, "what about you?"

"Zoey," said Bridgette, "but lucky for us we got Joe in return." 

"Run," yelled Blaineley. Behind her a horde of zombies, a mix of the past contestants and interns. The charge was lead by Katie, Zoey, Tyler, Cody, Dawn and Trent zombies. 

"Let's go," said Heather. The group began running, but the horde overtook a few of the members. Joe was first after Scott turned around and pushed him into the horde.

"Oh you're going to get it," said Joe as he was dragged away. Scott then proceeded to trip Heather causing her to stumble into Sierra, with the two getting dragged away as well.

"Seriously dude, those are our friends," said Brick. 

"They are also on the other teams," said Scott, "am I the only one trying to win the challenge?" Bridgette glared at Scott for his cheap strategy. Unfortunately, her clumsiness showed as she tripped on a branch and fell into the zombie horde as well. This left Scott, Brick, Noah, Blaineley, Suki, Lindsay, and Alejandro as they reached the top of the mountain. Scott was blindly trying to push contestants into the horde, with Brick being caught in the crossfire and stumbling in. 

"No, amigo," said Alejandro, as he angrily hit the Izzy zombie in the face. This caused the Owen zombie to get angry, and grab Alejandro, dragging him into the horde, mumbling a word that sounded a lot like revenge. 

"Blaineley, help," said Suki. She was getting taken away by two intern zombies.

"Sorry sister," said Blaineley, "I'm the only one left we can't risk-" She was interrupted by the Geoff zombie tackling her. The two stumbled into Suki and the two zombies dragging her, knocking all of them into the horde.

"Team World loses," said Chris over the intercom, "let's see whose going to get first class." Scott, Lindsay, and Noah were nearing the edge of a cliff leading to the side of a mountain. They were back to back as the zombies approached them- edging them toward the edge of the cliff.

"This is getting good," said Chris from the control room, he was eating popcorn and staring at the screen intensely.

"Oh the irony," said Noah, as he got dragged into the horde by the Duncan zombie, "you can do it Scott."

It was just Scott and Lindsay on the cliff when the horde of formerly eliminated contestant zombies charged. Hands and feet we're flying everywhere, when suddenly a scream was heard. All the zombies stopped, Chris stopped, time stopped as Lindsay plummeted toward the ground.  

The crowd parting leaving one person in the wake- Scott. Sirens pierced the air as the screen faded to black.  

The screen opened back up with the contestants standing in between the trailers. 

"So is she going to be ok?" asked Bridgette.

"She'll make it, and has chosen to remain in the competition, she should be good for the next challenge, thankfully she fell into water. Didn't help much, but saved her life, which clearly wasn't someone's top concern." He glared at Scott.

"For the hundredth time, it wasn't me," defended Scott.

"So Team Island loses the challenge right?" said Cody, "they have to."

"Unfortunately dude, Team World still loses, however- I am giving the win to Team Action, you know, for not trying to kill anyone," said Chris, "that's extremely uncool dude." Scott looked ashamed as Dawn and Zoey stared at him, Dawn looking heartbroken.

Dawn (CONF): I sent Lindsay to the mountain, this is my fault, I was blinded by my personal feelings, it blocked out Scott's troubled aura

The episode flashed forward to the contestants at the elimination ceremony.

"I told you guys this was going to be the hardest season ever, and boy was I right," said Chris. Heather sat there angry, praying the elimination ceremony wasn't going to go how she thought it was. Blaineley winked at Suki, who smiled back. Sierra sat in Cody's arms. She liked Lindsay, and was especially shaken up by the attempt at her life. 

"What are you going to do about that murderer?" asked Sierra suddenly.

"Scott's punishment will be dealt with in the next challenge, don't worry," said Chris. The scene flashed back to Chris on the phone with a producer.

"Yeah he needs to be punished," yelled Chris, "it was Lindsay! I mean, sure Heather or Alejandro fine whatever, but Lindsay, I want this punishment to be good." Chris yelled in anger.

The scene returned to the elimination ceremony.

"It's time for the vote," said Chris, "one of you will be leaving the competition tonight- forever." The scene showed everyone clicking in their votes. 

"This is a shocker," said Chris sarcastically, "Safe tonight are Suki, Sierra and Cody." He threw them their delicious safety, with each of them smiling.

"The final award of the night goes to...





























........................................................Blainel-" said Chris, before he was interrupted by Suki.

"Wait," she said, standing up. She pulled an immunity item out of her pocket. 

"What are you doing," growled Blaineley.

"I'd like to use my immunity idol for Heather," said Suki. Heather looked shocked. "Blaineley, your days of bullying, blackmail, and cruelty are over."

"Didn't see that coming," said Chris. He was smiling with delight. "Suki's immunity idol nullifies the four votes against Heather, leaving her safe, which means Blaineley, time for you to go."

"What?! I am going to get you for this," said Blaineley, "I am so going to get you." She yelled as Chef dragged her down the walk of shame towards the lame-o-sine. Just as she was about to be shoved in, she pushed Chef back and ran towards the group.

"Before I go, Suki isn't who she says she is, she's-" began Blaineley, before Chef cut her off and threw her into the lame-o-sine. It sped off into the distance. Heather was still sitting in shock in the bleachers.

"Blaineley's eliminations are always fun," said Chris, "man, a lot happened this time. Will Scott be forgiven for his momentary moment of moral blindness? Will Suki's secret be found out, or will she reveal the secret given to her? Find out next time right here on Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Chapter 26: Aloha, Drama!

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion, our competing contestants fought our eliminated contestants in a zombie challenge that brought out the best- and worst in some of our competitors. Our resident jerk Scott tried to permanently eliminate the beautiful Lindsay to no avail, leaving a lot of the contestants in shock, and Dawn feeling guilty. Suki betrayed Blaineley by protecting Heather, sending the Gossip Queen to Playa des Losers, while managing to snag some interesting information about the scrawny Noah and Cody. This time, our contestants are going back to Hawaii, who will win? And who will be eliminated with their dreams of being a billionaire crushed? Find out right now on Total Drama Explosion!" said Chris. 

Theme Song 

"I'm gonna knock his face off," said Tyler. He made a fist and punched his other hand with it. "He's going to pay." He was sitting in a set of chairs in first class with Brick, Bridgette and Alejandro. 

"I don't get it," said Brick, "I mean, sure Scott's evil, but actually trying to kill someone, that's going a little far. There's got to be some other factor."

"What other factors could there be?" asked Bridgette. Alejandro motioned to Joe, who was sitting on the mini-bar sipping away at a drink, as if nothing had happened in the previous episode. Tyler got up and was about to storm over before Alejandro grabbed him and pulled him back down.

"Woah amigo, accusing him isn't going to get us anywhere," said Alejandro, "we need to get the information out of him somehow, assuming there is information." Lindsay was in the plane's infirmary being cared for by Chef, she has yet to speak since the incident, although granted she had been unconscious for quite a while. 

"Well what's our plan guys?" asked Bridgette.

"Easy, we throw the challenge and vote off Joe," said Brick.

"We are not doing that strategy," said Alejandro, "did you watch the fourth season?"

"Soldier, this has become an issue of safety, clearly Joe did something to mess with the unstable Scott causing him to go as far as trying to push Lindsay off the," said Brick. He gulped before continuing, "cliff."

"He's right," said Bridgette, "we can't let this happen again. Lindsay's our friend."

"But we're not sure Joe had any role to play in this," said Alejandro. Bridgette and Brick slowly nodded in agreement. Tyler wasn't listening to the conversation, he was just staring at Joe angrily. The camera panned back to economy class, which housed Team Island and Team World. Dawn was sitting on the seat meditating, with Zoey sitting next to her.

"It isn't your fault," said Zoey, trying to comfort her friend.

"It really isn't," said Scott, walking up to the two girls, "it was mine. You guys have to forgive me, you don't know the full story."

"Then tell us the full story Scott- Lindsay almost died, and you got very lucky," said Zoey.

"Guys stop," said Dawn, with surprising force. "It is my fault. I told Lindsay to go there, feeling that something was going to happen. I didn't know if it was going to be good or bad, but it was something. I should have been more careful, I understand if you want to vote me off at the next elimination."

"Dawn-" began Scott, before she cut him off.

"That doesn't mean what you did was ok. I can't believe you would do that to our friend," said Dawn, "she was our teammate for the first twenty episodes, but also our friend. Her aura is a soft pink color, I can't believe you would do something evil." Scott looked extremely guilty.

Scott (CONF): I swear on my pappy's life there is more to this than the audience is seeing

Dawn got up and approached Scott, trying to be intimidating despite the fairly large height difference.

"I thought you were different than people said," said Dawn, "but maybe I just read your aura wrong." She walked over to the infirmary to check on Lindsay as the scene shifted to the other people sitting back there. Katie was talking with Trent, Noah and Cody, seeming to branch out despite her best friend and "boyfriend" being eliminated. Sierra and Suki were watching them from across economy class.

"I can't believe you turned on Blaineley," said Sierra. Her voice sounded angry, which intimidated Suki. "That was awesome! I didn't think a new generation like you could pull that off. Like omg, this is seriously going to be talked about on my 'newbie' blog for like, ever." She then eyed Katie, Trent, Noah and Cody. Katie was telling a story that caused the three boys to laugh. Suki was watching Sierra.

Suki (CONF): At least I'm not the only one in this game with a secret. Sure, I'm a pop star, but in Japan, does that really count? And so what I have a really high IQ, so do Noah and Alejandro...that doesn't mean I'm going to tell anyone my secret, but Cody and Noah's? I'm not so sure

Heather walked over to the two girls from the hall. "I just want to thank you for making the brilliant decision of keeping me in the game," said Heather, "especially over grandma Blaineley."

"It wasn't to save you- Heather," said Sierra.

"Whatever, I'm just trying to thank my good friend Suki here," said Heather. The two girls didn't look like they bought it. She cleared her throat. "Look, I know I come off as mean and scary but I'm glad you have my back. There I said it ok?"

"Hey girlfriend, you know I have your back," said Sierra, "Come on Heath, bring it in." Heather just shot her a look and walked away, leaving Sierra and Suki sitting there confused.

Heather (CONF): Don't get me wrong, I am glad my butt was saved and Blaineley is no longer here to annoy me to death, but I'm still worried my team isn't exactly the strongest of the bunch...

Chris called all the contestants from Economy Class into the mess hall, where Team Action was waiting for them. 

"Alright passengers," said Chris, "today we are flying back to Hawaii." That news received very mixed reviews among the contestants. "Also, Lindsay is back and ready for action, I know three days is a speedy recovery, after such a cruel act-" Chris glared at Scott "-but she's ready." He pointed over to the door where Lindsay appeared on crutches. All the contestants clapped, as Dawn and Scott looked away. 

Dawn (CONF): I can't believe I took that risk, I thought maybe something great was going to happen to her but I couldn't read the vibes correctly 

Lindsay smiled and waved as she crutched over to the group. Bridgette ran over and hugged her, as did Tyler.

"Alright guys, so just FYI, since Lindsay suffered a traumatic experience, she is immune from the vote tonight. Speaking of immunity, now that our friend Suki has played her immunity idol to get rid of Blaineley, and thank god for that, there is another one in play. In fact, you will be competing for it!" said Chris. A couple of the contestants eyed Suki, having not heard about how Blaineley got eliminated in the last Gilded Chris ceremony.

Noah (CONF): Oi, why couldn't Suki have used that idol to eliminate Sierra. *in a mocking voice* Status Update: Eliminated from the competition, but not eliminated from Cody's heart. LOL *back to his normal voice* Ugh

The scene shifted to all of the contestants wearing their swim wear, as they stand on the Hawaiian beach. Chris announced that three challenges would take place, one during the day, one during the evening, and one at night. One of those challenges would be for the immunity idol, so it wouldn't be a secret who had it. One would be to send one of the three teams to the elimination ceremony. The other would be for first class. 

"Alright so I need you to split up into three groups of two," said Chris, "or in some loser's cases, two groups of two."

Heather teamed up with Suki, while Sierra obviously ran over and pulled Cody into her signature death grip. "Eeh partners," squealed Sierra. Noah rolled his eyes as he walked over to pair up with Trent. Zoey paired up with Dawn, leaving Scott with an upset Katie. 

Katie (CONF): Scott is like, really scary

Bridgette chose to team up with Lindsay, wanting to keep an eye on her. Tyler also wanted to team up with her, but Bridgette told him they needed his strength on a fully able team. He teamed up with Brick, leaving Alejandro and Joe.

"Alright," said Chris, "one pair of you will be competing for an immunity idol. So sucks to be you if you don't get that challenge. One will be competing to spare their team from elimination- the other will be competing for first class. For my first challenge I will need three pairs."

Bridgette and Lindsay, Scott and Katie and Heather and Suki stepped forward.

"Congratulations, you picked the challenge for the immunity idol," said Chris. The other contestants groaned.

Joe (CONF): What?! This isn't fair. I need that idol more than any of those losers

"But first..." said Chris, as the musical chime rang in the background.


"Alright, so you six aren't competing in pairs, you are competing individually for the idol. Your challenge is simple, first one to reach the idol in the heart of the volcano wins it. You are going to have to find the secret entrance on the side of the mountain, and survive various booby traps to find the idol, which is located in the middle of a pool of boiling lava. Fun right?" said Chris. Alejandro shivered at the word lava.

Alejandro (CONF): I want that idol, but I am glad I am not competing in this challenge, not like I'm still bothered that the love of my life betrayed me on the top of a volcano resulting in me being trampled, covered in lava and stuck in a robot for seven months...*shivers* 

All the competing contestants began to head to the starting line.

"But a twist," said Chris, "the players not competing in this challenge may choose to help whomever they like find the idol. It could even be someone from the other team, but they don't get it."

"I think we should find the idol together," said Lindsay cheerily to Bridgette. She nodded her head in agreement and the two set off from the starting line.

"That's like, not a bad idea," said Katie. She turned to Scott but he was already off running as well. "Or not." Heather and Suki also headed out, with no intention of working together. Sierra ran over to help Suki, and dragged Cody with her. Noah also followed the group. Tyler went to help Lindsay and Bridgette, as did Brick. Alejandro chased after Heather, and Dawn, Zoey and Trent went to help Katie. Scott was left with no one, and Joe just sat down.

"Shouldn't you be helping your ally Scott?" said Noah as he was walking away.

"Shouldn't you be minding your own business? Or maybe someone else's business?" said Joe with a sneer. Noah looked away nervously and scampered over to Suki, Sierra and Cody. 

"What's the deal dude," said Chris walking up.

"None of those nobodies deserve my help, I need that idol, it's quite simple," said Joe. 

"Fine, just watch out for bears," said Chris.

"In Hawaii?" replied Joe. Chris replied with an evil laugh and walked away. A growl was heard fairly close to Joe, prompting him to run towards the volcano.

The scene flashed to Lindsay, Tyler, Brick and Bridgette who were headed up the mountain talking about strategy. Bridgette was trying to get Lindsay's minds off last episode's events, while Brick and Tyler were trying to talk about strategy.

"C'mon guys, I think it's time we get rid of Joe," said Brick.

"What about that jerk Scott? He tried to hurt Lindsay," said Tyler. He pulled Lindsay into a hug but the mention of the events in the last episode made her quiet. "Sorry Linds."

Tyler (CONF): *hits himself in the forehead* Why can Bridgette and Brick cheer up Lindsay, but I always say the wrong thing

Lindsay (CONF): .............

"I think it's win-win, Team World loses and we get rid of Heather, we lose and we get rid of Joe, Island loses and Scott is sure to get the boot. We just have to make sure we get control of that idol," said Brick. The other three nodded in agreement. Behind them were Alejandro and Heather, the latter not wanting the former to be there.

"What do you even want?" said Heather.

"Why are you so insistent on rejecting me?" said Alejandro, "it's obvious to everyone that you want me."

"And this is exactly why I don't," said Heather. She scoffed and hurried her pace, as Alejandro raced to keep up. He grinned at the camera. Behind them were Sierra, Noah, Cody and Suki, and they were beginning to catch up.

"And then in tenth grade when DJ favorited my tweet I was just like OMG," rambled Sierra. She was latching onto Cody as the four trekked along. Noah was walking behind the two with Suki, and just kept eying the pair. Cody was giggling at Sierra's comments, but was clearly uncomfortable.

"Wow that's super interesting," said Cody.

"Ikr?" replied Sierra.

"Wait, what's that?" said Suki, pointing to the side of the volcano. It looked like a secret door, but with no handle or means of opening it. "That must be where we're supposed to go." 

"Good work Suki!" exclaimed Sierra. The two girls walked over as Noah pulled Cody aside. Suki glanced behind, knowing to keep Sierra distracted.

Suki (CONF): I like Noah and Cody, we all strengthened our bond thanks to Blaineley being a grade-A witch

"Where's Cody?" said Sierra.

"I think I found the switch!" said Suki, distracting her. The scene shifted to a small clearing where Noah and Cody were standing.

"So I see your relationship with Sierra is blossoming nicely," said Noah. He snickered and Cody playfully pushed him.

"Hey if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have gone nearly as far last season," said Cody, "besides- I didn't see you in the final three." Noah rolled his eyes. The two continued talking as Katie approached, with Zoey, Dawn and Trent behind her. She noticed the two and began approaching just as Noah pulled in Cody for a kiss. She looked stunned, and waited for her group to catch up.

"What's up guys?" said Trent, approaching the two.

"Oh hey," said a flustered Cody.

"Any luck yet?" asked Zoey.

"I feel something," said Dawn. She walked towards where Sierra and Suki were and felt a bump in the ridge that opened a secret door. 

"Nice work Dawn!" said Zoey. The group rushed in, with Sierra clumsily hitting a trip wire causing arrows to shoot out from either side of the wall. They quickly ducked, but Cody tripped and set off a switch plummeting them into a pit trap that had been dug there.

"I think Chris went a little overboard with the booby traps this time," said Cody, getting up and wiping himself off. Katie, Suki, Sierra, Zoey, Trent, Noah, and Dawn were brushing themselves off as they heard a voice overhead.

"What's this?" said the voice. It got closer, and finally Scott stuck his head over the side of the pit.

"Oh hey friends," said Scott.

"Help us!" said Zoey.

"I'm really sorry but I need that idol," said Scott, "if I want to gain your trust."

"If you want to gain our trust you should let us out," said Noah. Scott was gone though, and approached the pool of lava. He jumped from rock to rock until he reached the golden idol in the middle. Suddenly, Chris's voice came over intercoms set up throughout the entire volcano.

"And Scott wins the idol," said Chris, "good work guys."

Tyler groaned and Bridgette and Brick hugged Lindsay. The contestants re-gathered at the beach, and as the sun set Chris announced the next part of their challenge. 

"Alright contestants, so now that you stupidly let Scott win the immunity idol, it's time for part two of our challenge. I will need three new pairs to compete," said Chris.

"Let's do this," said Tyler, he high-fived Brick and couldn't stop looking at either Scott or Lindsay. Brick saluted and stepped forward with him.

"Looks like it's us dear Cody," said Sierra. She dragged him forward. Katie, Suki and Noah were the only ones to react to this, none of whom did visibly. Cody high-fived Sierra, causing her to faint.

Cody (CONF): I thought Sierra was normal now, guess that is officially out the window

"What about Team Island?" said Chris.

"Sure, whatever," said Noah. Him and Trent stepped forward.

"Alright, so follow me," said Chris. He lead them to another part of the beach where a huge obstacle course of bamboo was set up. 

"Oh great," said Noah, "because I need more physically straining challenges."

"This is going to be fun," said Chris, "so both partners are going to be blindfolded as they go through the obstacle course."

"I'm sorry did he say both partners?" said Brick.

"Oh we haven't even gotten to the fun part yet," said Chris, "Chef and some of my intern friends are going to be shooting flaming marshmallow arrows at you like back in season three's finale!"

"Finally, we will be tying you together!" said Chris.

Suki (CONF): How has this show been running for five seasons? Chris is literally insane

Trent, Noah, Cody, Sierra, Tyler and Brick stepped up to the starting line, and immediately Chris blew the starting horn. Sierra scooped up Cody and rushed forward, flawlessly jumping over the first obstacle but ramming straight into a tunnel. Brick and Tyler were working well together, taking it step by step. Noah and Trent were in last, but keeping pace.

"Let's do this Codykins," exclaimed Sierra. She ran into a tire, backed up, and dove through it- with Cody in tow.

"Oh brother," said Cody. A flaming arrow narrowly missed Sierra's head as they proceeded. All of a sudden, Tyler got hit by a burning marshmallow arrow. Tyler kept pushing forward regardless.

"Come on soldier," said Brick, "let me take over."

"No way dude," replied Tyler, "I'm totally fine. I can do this." He collapsed, and Brick scooped him over his shoulder and proceeded. Immediately after, Noah got hit by an arrow.

"Trent I need your help," said Noah.

"What do you want me to do?" replied Trent.

"I don't know, anything would be nice," replied Noah, his voice blatantly sarcastic. Trent tried to carry Noah, but couldn't support his weight.

Trent (CONF): That little guy is packing some pounds

Noah (CONF): Trent couldn't even carry me, and I actually weigh less than air

"Come on Trent you can do it," cheered Zoey.

"You got this," followed up Katie. Suddenly, Sierra and Cody crossed the finish line.

"And Team World advances to the final round and avoids elimination!" said Chris. As he's saying this, Brick and Tyler cross the finish line as well. "Well, looks like Team Island is heading to elimination this round. Start thinking about who you want to eliminate, and if you aren't figuring out a way to eliminate Scott, you are doing it wrong."

"Good work guys!" said Bridgette, high-fiving Brick and Tyler. Tyler went over to hug Lindsay but she didn't respond.

"It's ok chica," said Alejandro. He put his arm around her, and she accepted the hug.

Tyler (CONF): Ok seriously, why can everyone comfort Lindsay but me? I'm her boyfriend! And she actually remembers me! 

Night had fallen over Hawaii as Chris boated the contestants out to a platform floating out in the ocean. It was lined with torches, looking suspiciously familiar. 

"Alright, so it looks like we're up," said Alejandro. He went to shake Joe's hand but Joe just scoffed. The boat pulled up and Alejandro and Joe jumped off onto the platform, as did Chris.

"Alright, Heather and Suki, I need you two for Team World since Sierra and Cody competed in the last part of the challenge," said Chris.

"Oh great," said Heather. 

"We got this," said Suki. She grinned at Heather, and surprisingly, Heather didn't react negatively to it. Chris smirked evilly and tossed the rods used by Cody and Alejandro in season three's finale to the four.

"This couldn't have worked out better, the final two from our challenge here and our two newcomers dueling it out, the rules are simple, stay on the platform. Last team on the platform wins." said Chris. He motioned to Chef, and Chef shot a flaming arrow to light all the torches. Chris yelled go and the four rushed into combat.

"This is for what you did to me here," said Alejandro, swinging hard on Heather. She ducked, but this caused him to hit Suki. Suki almost was knocked off, but grabbed onto Joe's rod and pulled herself back on. 

"Bring it," said Joe. Suki swung high but missed, and Joe struck low knocking her off her feet. Heather turned around and saw Suki in trouble, so she ran over, and with one hard swing knocked Joe off-balance. In the meantime, the contestants on the boat were cheering intensely except for the members of Team Island. Zoey, Trent, Katie and Noah were discussing elimination, while Scott was talking to Dawn in the background. Zoey kept eying them, and it looked like Dawn was getting upset.

"Come on you can do better than that," said Joe, who was back on his feet. He swung at Suki, and this time connected sending her flying off the platform. 

"And Suki is out for Team World, it's up to Heather now!" said Chris.

Alejandro and Joe grinned as they approached Heather. Alejandro charged, but Heather side-stepped and turned around with a hard swing, knocking Alejandro into the water.

"Still can't get the best of me," said Heather, checking her nails. This distracted her as Joe approached. He was about to swing right when Sierra interrupted. 

"Heather, duck right and swing low left," shouted Sierra frantically. Heather obliged, knocking Joe off the platform.

"What? She's not even in the challenge that's not fair," said Tyler.

"Well, too bad, Joe is not on the platform anymore meaning Team World wins today's challenge!" exclaimed Chris. Sierra, Cody and a wet Suki jump on the platform and run to hug Heather. Heather makes a grossed out face, but eventually warms up to the hug. The scene flashed to elimination, where Chris was standing with a plate of five barf bags filled with airline issue peanuts.

"Well, only five of you will be staying in the game," said Chris, "but before I hand these out, anyone want to play the Chris head?"

"I would," said Scott. 

Scott (CONF): I'm not using this to bluff, I need to survive this elimination to explain to Dawn what happened...wait...these idiots better not vote Dawn

"All votes for Scott are safe, and let's see how many people voted for Scott..." said Chris. He sifted through the passports. "None! Way to waste the idol!" Scott looked shocked.

"We knew you were going to play it, why waste votes?" said Zoey. 

"So let's hand out those marshmallows, first goes to Scott!" said Chris. He threw him a barf-bag and it hit him in the face.

Scott (CONF): It's got to be you, you can be so annoying, as long as it's not me...

"The next one goes to our friend Zoey," said Chris. He tossed her a bag and it hit her in the stomach. 

Zoey (CONF): I'm really sorry, but you didn't perform well in the challenge 

"Next goes to Katie," said Chris. He tossed her a barfbag lightly, and Katie caught it, causing Scott to scowl at Chris.

Katie (CONF): Like, I realize I have to play for me now, ugh this is so hard

"Finally one goes to Dawn," said Chris. He handed her one, and no one saw her catch it but it mysteriously ended up on her lap.

Dawn (CONF): This doesn't feel right...something is off here

"Noah, Trent, one of you two is going home, the last barf bag goes to...
























...................Noah," said Chris. Noah sighed with relief as he caught his barfbag, and Trent looked shocked.

Scott (CONF): What?! Trent is one of the only losers left in this whole game that I actually like

"What? I thought we had decided on Noah?" said Trent, quickly turning to Noah "nothing against you dude."

"You like, didn't do very well in the challenge..." said Katie, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Sorry Trent," said Zoey. She put her hand on his shoulder.

"At least I get to see Gwen, and make sure that creep Duncan is out of the picture for good," said Trent. Dawn, Katie, Noah and Zoey all hugged Trent. Once they were done, Scott walked up and shaked his hand.

"I didn't hate you," said Scott.

"Thanks?" replied a confused Trent, "well I'll catch you guys later, I had a blast." He sadly jumped out the door. 

Scott (CONF): I didn't do anything to Lindsay, I'm a villain not a killer

Dawn (CONF): *holding her head* There is so much off about this group

The episode ended with Noah sneaking up to meet Cody in first class. Suki notices but doesn't say anything as the scene cuts to black. 

Chapter 27: The Tragic of Disney

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "our remaining contestants traveled to Hawaii for an epic three-part challenge, resulting in Team Island with a loss, Team World with a win, and Scott with an immunity idol. Unfortunately thanks to Scott's immunity, our buddy Trent was sent packing after his poor performance in the beach obstacle course challenge. Poor dude, but at least now Trent, Gwen, Courtney and Duncan will be at Playas des Losers, so that'll be fun right? This time, we are headed to Disney World to continue to test our contestant's limits. Who will crack? And who will be the next to get hurled out of a moving plane? Find out right here, right now, on Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Theme Song 

"I can't believe they didn't vote out Scott," said an angry Sierra. She was sitting in the chairs with the other three members of her team. 

"He had immunity, obviously they couldn't vote him off," said Suki. 

"Still, they didn't even try, any expert would know that Scott could have easily taken a risk and not played it, getting to save it for later," said Sierra. Suki looked perplexed at first, but quickly understood. 

Suki (CONF): There are so many layers to this game, and Sierra is actually helpful at unlocking them for me, as long as my secret remains safe, I can definitely go all the way

"This is so weird," said Cody, unrelated. He was flashing back to the times in first class that were milling with people from the Frozen Foxes. He imagined Blaineley and Jo pretending to get along sitting on the couches, with Beth in between them talking aimlessly about Brady. Tyler and Brick geeking at something while Anne Maria was checking her hair. Geoff laughing at something embarrassing Owen did, with Izzy swinging in and doing something even weirder. Mike watching Sam and Dakota in disgust, and most importantly Noah being there.

"Now it's just us," said Sierra. She put her arm around Cody and pulled him close.

"Guys, what's going to happen after the merge?" said Suki.

"That's assuming you make it," replied Heather. Sierra and Cody just laughed which reassured Suki.

Heather (CONF): I am in an awful position, one loss and it's clear I'll be the one going home, I just have to make sure we don't lose

"We should stick together," said Sierra. Heather looked surprised at the proposition. "You need a core group to build off of, you just don't make it obvious. And no one would think anyone would ally with Heather."

"Gee, thanks," said Heather. 

Cody (CONF): Sometimes it's easy to forget Sierra is a super fan, with her being obssesed with me and all, but she actually does know what she's doing

"I'm in," said Suki. Heather and Cody nodded as well. They put their hands in, and broke as the scene transferred to economy class.

"I can't believe you guys voted off Trent, he's the only normal person left in this game," said Scott. Dawn shot him a look, and Scott just banged his head against the wall.

Scott (CONF): I just keep digging the hole deeper and deeper, this sucks

"You're just lucky you're still in," said Bridgette. She had her arm around Lindsay, who wouldn't even look in Scott's direction.

"Yeah, one finger on my Lindsay and," began Tyler, before changing to a cutting noise and sliding a finger across his throat. Scott didn't look scared, but when he saw Bridgette's glare he did.Tyler turned to put his arm around Lindsay but her and Bridgette were talking about something. Tyler sighed, and Brick put his arm around him.

Tyler (CONF): Why is it so hard to comfort Lindsay? I'm not awkward!

Tyler turned to Lindsay again. "Lindsay, you still look super hot even after the injuries," said Tyler. Brick face-palmed and Bridgette gave Tyler a what the heck? look. Lindsay however, smiled regardless, which made Tyler happy. Dawn was talking to Scott, with Zoey trying to eavesdrop, but she was too far away to hear what they were saying. 

Zoey (CONF): I don't like Dawn talking to that scumbag, I mean what if he targets her next? I wish Mike were here, he would know what to do *sigh*

"What are you doing?" said Alejandro, who came and sat next to Zoey.

"N-nothing, just you know, sitting here," said Zoey. She chuckled nervously. 

"Well, if you need someone to sit with, I'll be here," said Alejandro. He stood up and walked back to sit with Brick and Tyler.

Zoey (CONF): What is up with that guy

Alejandro (CONF): I need to get back in this game, and flirting is the only way I know how, flirting- which clearly has lost it's charm for some reason- or...sabotage *grins evilly*

Katie in the meantime, couldn't stop watching Noah, who was just whistling away.

Katie (CONF): I like, can't believe what I saw- do I tell anyone? I totally have some power in this game now *squeals* I feel like I can keep going now even without Sadie and DJ!

The mood for Team Island was generally lower without Trent, especially with the recent events. Suddenly, Chris's voice came booming over the intercom. "What's up players?" said Chris. The scene shifted back to economy class with Heather rolling her eyes.

"Today we are going to...and this is a good one...Disney World!" said Chris. The contestants all cheered. "Hey, it's the last season, might as well torture you guys in fun places."

"How thoughtful of you," said Alejandro sarcastically. 

"Everyone please meet me in the cargo hold so I can explain today's challenge," said Chris. The scene flashed to all the contestants sitting in the cargo hold, with Chris and Chef standing there dressed as Mickey and Minnie respectively. "Alright, so for today's challenge, you will be split up among the different parks trying to find the key to the master treasure chest." 

"Easy enough," said Bridgette.

"Wrong," said Chris, "we've thrown in plenty of obstacles along the way. Once you find your key, you may head back over to Epcot, where there will be a treasure chest hidden somewhere within the park. Also guarded by traps." Chris started laughing, and Lindsay gulped.

"This is gonna be good," said Chef, grinning.

"Yes it will," agreed Chris, "so Team Island, you guys will be finding your key in the Animal Kingdom, and boy do a lot of surprises await you there." The scene flashed to the Animal Kingdom, where the bear, yeti, and Fang reside. 

"As long as there aren't any sharks," said Scott, trembling. Chris smirked and moved on.

"Team Action, you guys will be searching Magic Kingdom for your key," said Chris. Bridgette, Lindsay and Brick all nodded at each other, while Joe just sat in silence. "And finally, Team World will be in Hollywood Studios searching for their key."

"Yes! Hollywood!" said Sierra.

"Studios genius," replied Heather. 

"Whatever," said Sierra, "at least I'll be with Cody! Eeh!"

"Also another catch," said Chris, "there will be a unique elimination system tonight, so prepare for it." The contestants looked nervous, and the scene flashed forward to a split screen of the three teams arriving at the front of their respective parks. Suddenly, the musical chime rang. The contestants all groaned.

"Seriously? Already?" said Bridgette.

"You guys will be singing a disney song, so good luck!" said Chris. The contestants all groaned again, and the song began. 


After the song ended, the split screen with Team World in at Hollywood Studios enlarged.

"What the," said Heather, as another horde of asian people swarmed Suki like they did back in Vegas. "Is this season of Total Drama even airing yet? How do they know you?"

"Sakura!" exclaimed one of them, "Sakura!" 

"Sakura...?" said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): Why does that name sound so familiar?

Cody, Heather and Sierra looked at Suki perplexed, but Heather quickly snapped out of it, charged through the crowd and pulled Suki out.

"Thanks," said Suki, bright red. The three didn't reply, and they trekked together toward the giant wizard mickey hat. Suddenly, an intern approached them.

"Here's your clue," said the intern. He handed them a piece of paper.

"Childhood," read Sierra. There was a silent pause after it. "That's all we get?!" The intern shrugged and walked away, leaving Team World there confused.

"Well," said Heather, "that was useless."

"We should go to the Toy Tales ride!" said Cody, "I love it- I mean loved it as a kid!" Suki, Sierra and Heather just shrugged and followed Cody as the scene shifted to Team Action, who had just come across their intern in Magic Kingdom.

"What is 'Future' supposed to entail?" asked Alejandro.

"Has anyone ever been here?" asked Bridgette.

"Eeh, like one time, I went on this ride that like spun around really fast in the dark, it was like so fun," said Lindsay. Bridgette and Tyler smiled at the fact that Lindsay seemed to be coming back, but Joe just rolled his eyes at Lindsay's poor description.

"Space Mountain!" said Brick and Tyler at the same time. They high-fived.

"I loved that ride!" said Tyler, "it's so extreme, just like me!" He pointed his thumbs to himself, then flexed. 

"And it's in Tomorrowland, so future makes sense!" said Bridgette, and the team started towards their key. Joe pulled Alejandro behind after Lindsay, Bridgette, Brick and Tyler walked away.

"You know the agreement- Bridgette," said Joe.

"I don't understand why," said Alejandro.

"Don't question it, you know what I know, and you know that it might happen to you next," said Joe. Alejandro just shot Joe a look and went to catch up with the others.

Joe (CONF): Easy: Leshawa, Trent, Gwen- threats, I don't get why people keep the likable people in, if Bridgette and Lindsay aren't the next to go they will become dangerous, and my control over Alejandro and Scott should assure this *laugsh easily, but chokes on a bug*

The scene shifted to Team Island arriving in the Animal Studios. The intern swung in on a vine, ran directly into Noah and then ran off. 

"Oof," said Noah, lying on the ground. A piece of paper was lying on the ground next to him, and Katie picked it up.

"Vehicles," read Katie.

"Gee, Helpful," said Noah.

"What could this mean?" asked Zoey.

"I know, that safari ride, there could be vehicles there!" said Scott. Dawn and Zoey just gave Scott a look, and Katie and Noah awkwardly nodded their heads. "Oh come on it's a good idea." Without saying a word, Dawn, Zoey, Katie and Noah started towards the safari ride, with Scott sighing and following them.

Dawn (CONF): I just wish I could be sure about what happened to Lindsay, something is still off about Scott but I don't know what

The scene flashed back to Team World in line for their ride, when Cody spots something.

"Look, by Mr. Potato head!" said Cody. He pointed to a box with instructions on it, that read: Receive a high-score to receive the key and your clue.

"Let's do this!" said Sierra, loading onto the ride next to Cody.

Sierra (CONF): Total Drama is so much more fun this year!

"Does anyone think this is suspiciously not dangerous?" asked Heather. Her and Suki were on the other side of Cody and Sierra's ride vehicle. The lights cut to black and a growl was heard, causing the four to scream as the scene transferred to Team Action about to get on Space Mountain. 

"This is going to be like, so fun," said Lindsay. Her and Bridgette got in the first car. Tyler was about to join them in the third seat, but tripped and ended up in the car right behind them, giving Brick the spot instead. Alejandro and Joe joined Tyler in the back, causing Tyler to gulp.

Tyler (CONF): I just keep messing up with Lindsay, and now I'm stuck in the back with Joe, Ale is still pretty cool though

Alejandro was whispering something to Tyler as the instructions for the ride appeared. The instructions to the ride told them that they would have to find the key somewhere inside of the ride, even though it was pitch black.

"How are we supposed to find something if it's pitch black?" asked Bridgette.

"I'm sure complaining will help," said Joe, rolling his eyes. 

"You know, you don't have to be such a jerk," replied Bridgette.

"Oh I don't? Wow thanks that really opens up my possibilities! I could be a princess!" replied Joe.

Bridgette (CONF): Joe is being extra...Joe-y today, wonder what's up

Joe (CONF): I can't have Alejandro whispering to Tyler, I have a great set-up, but a fragile one

Scott (CONF): I can't wait to eliminate Joe, I hope he makes merge just so I can be at the elimination ceremony where his grin is wiped off his...dumb face

The scene switched to Scott, Katie, Zoey, Dawn and Noah in a safari vehicle for the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride. 

"Like, look!" exclaimed Katie. She pointed to an angry looking rhino that had a key and a clue tied around it's neck.

"Perfect," said Noah, "alright nature girl, it's your time to shine." Dawn hopped off the car and the other contestants followed suit.

"Hello friend," said Dawn, as she stepped forward and stroked the rhino. The rhino smiled at first, but then growled and began charging towards Scott, Katie, Zoey and Noah. Noah squealed as the contestants ran in four different directions. 

"We have to get it off by force," said Katie. 

"I'm on it," said Zoey, and began climbing a nearby tree. Unfortunately, the rhino spotted her doing so and began eying it. "Guys I need a distraction!"

"Over here stupid face," said Scott, whistling towards the rhino.

Dawn (CONF): Scott just put himself on the line to get rid of the rhino, that's so sweet but are his intentions true?

"Hey, like, bring it!" said Katie, coming from a different direction. The rhino charged targets and charged towards her.

"You know, you don't even have to charge because your ugliness is already sending people running and screaming," said Noah. The rhino couldn't decide where to direct its' next attack, giving Zoey enough time to jump out of the tree and onto the rhino's back. Right as she did so, the scene transferred to Team World exiting Toy Story Mania with their key. They all looked extremely beaten up.

"Ok what was that," said Cody. Suki just shrugged and groaned in return.

"I swear Chris- one of these days- it's so over," panted Heather.

"The boat to Epcot!" said Sierra, pointing at a ferry about to pull away. The four ran over to catch the ferry, but the driver had closed the door. He was about to pull away when he spotted Suki.

"Oh Sakura!" exclaimed the boat driver, immediately opening the door for Team World. Heather and Cody looked at Suki confused, but something in Sierra clicked.

Sierra (CONF): I got it!

As the ferry chugged along the river, the scene switched the Team Action manuevering around the inside of Space Mountain. They had jumped off their ride car, and were now working on avoiding other ride cars while trying to find the key. 

"Hey guys loo-" began Alejandro, before he got nailed by a rollercoaster car and sent to a lower bar. Joe started laughing which Alejandro didn't appreciate.

"Aleburrito!" exclaimed Lindsay. Bridgette and Brick began working towards Alejandro to see if he was ok.

"It's alright," said Alejandro, "better than the lava." 

Alejandro (CONF): I've become pretty pain tolerant ever since that time Chris let me burn in lava, oh and let's not forget the fact that I got trampeded by every contestant. Including Owen and Sadie. 

"Hey guys I think I found something," said Tyler from the other side of the ride. He jumped down a bar and snatched the key and the clue. He went over to join Brick and Bridgette, who were helping Alejandro get up. Lindsay and Joe were approaching as well. 

"You ok? Or you need me to get another robot," said Joe, smirking. Alejandro looked like he was about to say something, but held his tongue.

"No, I won't be needing a robot thank you," said Alejandro. The other four Team Action members looked on confused, and they hopped on the next car to exit the ride. They ran to the tram and got on, beginning their trek towards Epcot as the scene switched to Team Island.

"That was so cool!" said Katie, high-fiving Zoey. The five were walking towards the exit of the Animal Kingdom after Zoey had gotten the key and clue from around the rhino's neck. They hopped onto a bus and were also headed towards Ecpot. The camera panned to the front gate of epcot where all three teams arrived at the same time.

"Oh just great," said Heather, "first Chris sends mutant- whatevers after us, and now were all tied. This is just great."

"It's nice to see you too chica," replied Alejandro, but Heather just rolled her eyes. Team World began to run through the park and the others followed suit.

"Ahh just like the good old days," said Cody, remembering back to the end of the third season. The teams distanced themselves, and opened their clue.

"Third," read Suki, Zoey and Brick all at the same time.

"Pfft," said Noah, as the camera zoomed in on Team Island, "this is so easy. Let's go guys." He began jogging away, but none of his team had followed.

"Um yeah, super easy," said Scott, then he giggled nervously. 

"Third, like third season right?" asked Katie. 

"No that's not it yo-" began Noah, "wait you're right. Impressive, so there are some brains up there." Katie wasn't sure to take that as a compliment, or an insult.

"I still don't get it," said Scott.

"World Showcase! Around the world! Ok this all makes sense," said Zoey. The team began heading towards it. The other two teams on the other hand, were completely lost.

"Third like, a silver medal?" asked Lindsay. Alejandro face-palmed, but Bridgette motioned for him to stop since they didn't want anyone messing with the emotionally fragile Lindsay.

"Could it be third like, the third ride ever built here?" asked Brick.

"I guess that kind of makes sense," replied Bridgette. The team began researching which rides were built in which order as Team Island ran past them. 

"Let's just follow them," said Joe, "duh." Team Action began following Team Island, as the scene switched to the isolated Team World.

"Third season!" exclaimed Sierra. Cody had been pacing back and forth, and Suki and Heather had been sitting on the ground.

"Noah would have figured this out faster," muttered Cody to himself. The three girls turned to look at him, but he just looked away.

"Oh, like around the world, world showcase!" said Suki, "it all makes sense."

"Yeah I guess, if you're crazy," said Heather, "but then again, Chris probably came up with these so not impossible." Suki chuckled, causing Heather to grin. 

Heather (CONF): See, people like me, I'm likable! I'm totally a fan favorite

They headed to world showcase to see Team Island and Team Action there.

"Seriously guys," said Noah, "we can't stay apart for like ten minutes."

"I just love you all!" exclaimed Sierra. The other contestants just looked at her confused, and Joe just rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Oh god here we go, this shouldn't be called Total Drama it should be called Total Psycho," said Joe, "let's split up." Team Action and Team World headed left as Team Island headed right.

"Ok which countries did we visit that are here," asked Bridgette.

"Well for you, just Japan because you were like, the first eliminated," said Joe.

"Fourth thank you very much," said Bridgette.

"There was like, Japan, and Paris, and London, and China," said Lindsay. 

"I'm impressed soldier," said Brick, patting her on the back.

"Yeah dude that was so cool," said Tyler. He immediately regretted saying dude, because it caused Lindsay to tune out as the contestants headed towards the Paris part.

"Well the finale was in Hawaii, so should we go to the America?" asked Cody. 

"Let's do it!" said Suki, and the four began running towards America. Suddenly a montage flashed of the contestants searching some of the countries. It showed Bridgette and Lindsay looking around Paris, and Joe pushing Alejandro in the fountain. Brick and Tyler tried not to laugh, but they couldn't help it. It also showed Sierra, Cody, Heather and Suki searching the America place, but not having any luck. The scene then flashed to Team Island.

"Japan was visited on the third episode right?" asked Zoey, "let's do that!"

"Great idea Zoey!" said Dawn. The team ran to Japan and began looking around. At the top of one of the temples, the treasure chest gleamed. 

"Oh yeah," said Scott. The five began climbing up the side of the tower.

"Guys look," said Bridgette, pointing at the temple. They noticed five figures climbing up it, and put a coin in one of the binocular machines to see Team Island climbing and the chest at the top.

"We have to hurry," said Alejandro. The six began running over. Team World had noticed too, and had joined the run towards Japan. Suddenly, an explosion was heard and Zoey and Noah were sent flying off the tower. This distracted Scott, Dawn and Katie, giving the other two teams some time to catch up.

"Hey, I said it was booby trapped," said Chris. Suddenly, a bear stuck it's head out a window and swatted at Katie, who was in the lead at that point. Sierra, Brick, Heather and Alejandro had caught up to Dawn and Scott, and the four were progressing up the tower, with everyone else close behind. Alejandro held Team Action's key, Heather held Team World's, and Dawn held Team Island's. 

"You got this Alejandro," said Bridgette, who along with Lindsay and Suki were right behind the big pack.

Bridgette (CONF): Never thought I'd be cheering for that jerk, but hey, it's immunity

Right as she said that, another explosion went off sending Dawn and Brick hurtling down to the ground. In midair, Dawn turned and tossed the key up to Scott, who caught it.

"It's up to you," said Dawn. Heather suddenly overtook Scott near the top of the tower, when an angry raccoon jumped from the top latching onto her and distracting her, giving Scott time to pass her. 

"Immunity, here I come," said Scott, sticking their team's key in the hole. It popped open and in it were five mickey mouse ears, the nights immunity item.

"LIke oh yeah!" cheered Katie. Team Island cheered as Chris returned on his trademark jetpack.

"Good work guys, I'm actually pretty impressed," said Chris, "I'm looking at you Noah, Katie, Zoey." The three grinned.

"So about tonight's elimination..." said Chris. As he trailed off, the scene switched to all of the contestants sitting at the bottom of the temple. "Here's what going to happen. Everyone on Team Action and Team World is eligible for elimination." The contestants all groaned. "To keep things interesting, the first immunity item goes to Joe." He tossed Joe a pair of mickey mouse ears. 

"But we haven't even voted yet," protested Heather.

"I'm getting there," said Chris, "now Joe gets to pick the next person safe, and so on and so forth, until one person is left. That person will be our lucky loser today!"

Bridgette (CONF): Well the plus side to Joe having it is our whole team is safe now

"Heather," said Joe, tossing her a pair of mickey mouse ears. She looked surprised, but didn't complain. 

"What?" exclaimed Alejandro.

"Sorry, but you're becoming a risk to my plan," said Joe. The other contestants looked inquisitively at Joe. "Doesn't mean you're eliminated."

"Come on soldier, now it's going to be someone from our team going home," said Brick.

"So? It's not me," said Joe.

"Why did jerk-face get immunity anyways," said  a confused Linsdsay.

"Because, it makes things more fun," said Chris.

"Sierra," said Heather, tossing her a pair of ears. Sierra squealed and ran up to hug Heather.

"Um this is really har- CODY!" yelled Sierra. She tossed him a pair of ears.

Noah (CONF): Pfft, still doesn't bother me *chuckles awkwardly*

"I guess I'll keep our team together then and give it to Suki," said Cody, tossing her a pair of mickey mouse ears.

"Oh yeah!" said Suki as she caught them. She walked over and hugged her team.

"Yuck, what's with all the love," said Chris, "anyways, looks like it's going to be a member of Team Action going home, and you guys can thank Joe for that!". Suki ignored him and moved on.

"I'm gonna give it to Lindsay," said Suki smiling. She tossed a pair of ears to Lindsay, who squealed in delight. She still wouldn't even look over at Team Island as she went up to get another pair of ears to give out, in case of any eye contact with Scott.

Lindsay (CONF): I'm like, still not ok from that zombie episode, that was like really scary, scarier than the time they ran out of my favorite shoe brand on Black Friday

Tyler looked extremely confident he was going to get the next one, until Lindsay called out Bridgette's name. Bridgette smiled and hugged Lindsay. 

"I pick Brick," said Bridgette, tossing a pair of ears to Brick.

"Thank you m'am," said Brick, walking up to the front of the elimination section. This left Tyler and Alejandro in the bottom two, with one of them having to leave Total Drama forever. Both looked extremely nervous. 

"Well, I have to keep my head out of this one and pick strategically," said Brick, "so I pick...




































..............Tyler of course," said Brick. Tyler sighed with relief, and Alejandro stood up in outrage. Tyler ran over and hugged Brick. 

"You," said Alejandro, pointing at Joe, "you did this to me. Our whole team could have been safe!"

"Yeah well it wasn't, and now you're out, I would say I'm sorry," said Joe, "but I'm not that sorry."

Alejandro (CONF): Joe is pure evil, and I thought Jose was a bully

"Heather?" asked Alejandro.

"What," said Heather, trying to hide her disappointment. Alejandro noticed that Heather was slightly red and she gulped.

"You care that I'm eliminated," said Alejandro, "that's all I need to know."

"Pssh I don't care," said Heather, but she wasn't doing a very good job of lying. 

"Oh just make out already," said Cody. Alejandro ran over to Heather and kissed her. She pretended to make a grossed out face, but then smiled.

"See you at Playas Des Losers," said Alejandro.

"Oh no you won't," retorted Heather. She blushed, but then looked sad.

Heather (CONF): I actually...*gulp* that Alejandro is eliminated...ew ew ew 

"Before I go, I've got one last thing to say about Joe," said Alejandro. As he was about to begin, Chef threw him into a sack and ran off, ironically like how Bridgette and Leshawna got pushed off the plane when trying to expose Alejandro before their eliminations back in the third season.

"Watch your backs," said Alejandro from the bag as he was carried off. The contestants noticed that Chris had set up a party for them to attend, and even though it wasn't the nicest (because let's not forget it was Chris who made it), they still got some time to kick back as fireworks went off.

Bridgette, Katie, Lindsay, Zoey and Dawn were all eating snacks with their Mickey ears strapped on. Brick and Tyler had found a video game section of the Japan store and were freaking out over it. Joe was talking to Scott, which Dawn couldn't stop watching, and Heather, Cody and Noah were just sitting there watching the fireworks. The three were talking, and Cody made a comment causing Heather to playfully push him in return. Katie is shown watching the three, still contemplating what to do with the information she had. A "dweeb" was heard from Heather as the scene switched to Sierra pulling Cody and Heather aside. She dragged them to an area near where Joe and Scott were talking.

"Guys, I found something out that's really important," said Sierra.

"Why isn't Suki here?" asked Cody, sweating. He already knew her secret, and was worried that Sierra was going to reveal it to Heather. 

"So I like found out..." began Sierra. She began explaining, as Joe began eavsdropping. Scott was still talking, and didn't notice Joe was not paying attention. Suddenly, his smile changed into an evil grin. The scene switched to Joe approaching Suki, who was eating snacks alone at a table. 

"Hello Sakura," said Joe. Suki looked startled as the scene cut to black.

Chapter 28: Sucks to be in Santorini

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," said Chris, "our competitors hashed it out in the magical Disney world. There were winners, like Team Island- finally- and there were losers, such as Alejandro, who had become so non-evil that it actually isn't that dramatic he's out of the game now. What was dramatic, was Heather's reaction. I mean can you say gross? Anyways, here we are in Santo-... um... Sanotor-... um...Greece! And one more contestant will take the plunge rounding out our third round. Crazy right? Well stay tuned for what's next, right here, right now on Total- Drama- Explosion!"

Theme Song 

The episode opened with a scene of Team Island in first class. 

"Finally!" said Zoey, kicking her feet back, "it's so nice to be in first class for a change. This is the first time since we've gotten a luxury since we were on the Phoenixes." She was sitting in a set of chairs with Dawn, Katie and Noah.

"This is very pleasing to my aura," said Dawn, "I can feel my soul being refreshed." An intern came over with a plate of cookies and they all took one. "And full."

"Agreed this is so awesome," said Katie enthusiastically. She looked at Noah for a response, but he was looking out the window.

Katie (CONF): I really don't know what to do about this gossip I have

"What's wrong Noah?" asked Zoey. Noah snapped out of it, and was brought back into the conversation.

"What? With me? Nothing," said Noah, "I don't know what you're talking about. Stop staring." He got up and walked away, leaving the three girls confused. Scott walked over and filled the chair where Noah was sitting.

"What was up with that?" asked Scott, but Zoey, Katie and Dawn didn't reply, and instead he was met with glares. Scott just rolled his eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell you that it wasn't me," said Scott. He looked at Dawn with pleading eyes, and she couldn't avoid his gaze. 

Dawn (CONF): I have to find out if what Scott did was true, and what did Alejandro have to reveal about Joe before he took the drop of- well kind of drop of shame? *puts her fingers to her temple* The game is so much harder this time around, sure aura reading helps but some people's auras just blind me

An awkward silence followed, and Scott just growled and got up and walked away.

Scott (CONF): I want to give them proof that it wasn't me but I can't, I'll be eliminated in a heartbeat, or worse- Dawn will take the plunge. Ugh my pappy would say to let someone take the fall for me, and don't get me wrong I would, but I can't let that person be Dawn

Dawn was walking by outside Scott's confessional and managed to catch the tail end of it, causing her to blush and walk away. She walked over to Zoey and Katie and began an intense conversation as the scene shifted to the other two teams sitting in economy class.

"Good old economy class," said Cody.

"What's with all the nostalgia recently?" said Heather, referring to his comment back in Disney, and his remembrance of his time in first class with the Foxes.

"Me? Nostalgic? No I'm just really happy to be in the game!" said Cody. He suddenly hugged Heather, causing her to make a grossed-out face. He let go and walked over to Sierra.

"Hey Sierra, how are you today?" asked Cody.

"Eeh I'm great Codykins!" said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): His charm get's me every time *swoons* Wedding bells!

Suki (CONF): Sierra won't be happy should she figure out why Cody's so happy- it's getting to the point in the game where this information could really help me- or just destroy me. But now it's my only leverage since- ugh- Joe knows

In the meantime, Suki couldn't stop eying Joe. He just smirked at her, pretending to listen to his team. 

"Seriously though cadet, even though Alejandro's a jerk he was a jerk that was good at challenges, and on our team," said Brick, "you could have saved him!"

"Yeah like, Avagadro is like so cute too," said Lindsay, "not as cute as Tyler. I miss Tyler." Tyler's face lit up at this.

Tyler (CONF): Lindsay is finally acknowledging me again!

"I'm right here," said Tyler. He happily raised his hand, but Lindsay was just confused. She made eye contact with Joe, which made her shiver.

Lindsay (CONF): I don't really know what happened up there, but that fall was really really scary, and Tyler's not even here to comfort me

"Let's do this thing!" said Chris, walking into economy class. Team Island was walking behind him.

"Hey, I snuck you guys some cookies," said Zoey, slipping one to Bridgette and Lindsay. 

"Thanks girl," said Bridgette. 

Bridgette (CONF): Zoey seems really cool and all, but why did she sneak us cookies? But hey, I'm not complaining

"Today's challenge will be in..." said Chris, turning to point to an intern. The intern wasn't paying attention, prompting Chris to hit him.

"Santorini, Greece!" said the intern. The contestants just looked at Chris confused. Katie frowned.

Katie (CONF): Last time I was here was with Sadie...come on Katie, keep it together

"Haven't we already been to Greece?" asked Cody.

"We went to Athens," replied Noah, with a snarky tone. He tried to maintain his I'm smarter than you face but smiled at Cody.

"Yeah, or was it Rome, Chris?" said Heather, referring to the time Chris accidentally almost took them to the wrong destination.

"One more comment like that and I will kick your butt all the way to Rome," said Chris, "anyways, today's challenge is a fun one." The scene shifted to the contestants standing at the bottom of the cliff-like town. The town consisted of all white and tan buildings sloped on a cliffside that led to the sea. The water was crystal clear, and it was dusk so the entire town was lit up.

"Wait- we must be in the wrong place, I mean what's going to kill us here?" asked Noah.

"This water is amazing," said Bridgette. Dawn nodded in agreement.

"Yes friend, this is beautiful, this is why we must save nature!" said Dawn.

"Ok enough tree-hugging," said Chris, "today's death defying challenge includes a race up this slope to the top where you will find a GPS and parts to build a boat. Once you build your boat, you will turn around and run back down, making sure to keep said boat in one piece, because you will be using it to race out to a spot that is indicated on your GPS. You will then dive into the water to try and find your chest, but it has to be opened on the boat. Also this time you can't follow each other because you are in different spots. First team to get their treasure chest gets immunity, but better yet, the person to open the chest gets the reward inside. Fun right?"

"This doesn't sound dangerous enough," said Cody, "who are you and what have you done with Chris?"

"Not enough danger huh?" asked Chris. Movement was seen along the entire slope, movement that included bears, the yeti, raccoons, and all the other fun animals Wawanakwa had to offer.

"Excellent," said Suki.

"Well what are you waiting for? Go!" yelled Chris. The contestants began bolting up the stairs up the cliff. Team Island quickly took the lead.

"This is a piece of cake," said Zoey. Suddenly, a bear popped out of a window and swatted at her, causing her to tumble into her teammates and send them all crashing back down to the start.

"Piece of cake huh?" said Scott, pushing Katie and Zoey off of him. "Come on let's move, we aren't losing this challenge." Team Action had also suffered a setback when Joe provoked one of the raccoons.

"I don't get why you losers are so scared of this little thing," said Joe. He tapped it with his foot, and it grabbed him by the foot and slammed him into Bridgette and Brick. They were knocked to the edge of a roof. The three seemed stable until Bridgette tried to regain balance and clumsily tripped into Brick sending both tumbling down to the roof below. 

"Go we'll catch up!" yelled Brick, prompting Joe, Lindsay and Tyler to continue running. Bridgette and Brick worked on trying to figure out how to get to the nearest set of stairs as Team World began nearing the top.

"Come on team let's go," said Heather who was in the lead. Suki was right behind her, with Sierra holding Cody over her shoulder in the read.

"You know I have legs," said Cody.

"Whoops, sorry," said Sierra. She giggled shyly and set him down.

Cody (CONF): You know, I'm still glad Sierra is in the game with me, no matter how crazy she is

Team World did indeed reach the top first and began working on building their boat.

"I wish I could just basket weave a boat," said Sierra, trying to jam two pieces together that didn't fit.

"Well no one give Cody the tools, he might build Gwen's face again," said Heather.

"Hey, you build Gwen's head one time..." said Cody. Suki however, was making quick work of the boating supplies. 

"You sure you know how to do this?" asked Cody.

"Yeah, trust me," replied Suki. Sierra, Heather and Cody eyed her warily, but let her continue.

Heather (CONF): Ha, trust her? After what we just found out- no way, at least I won't be the next eliminated on my team, that's for sure

Bridgette, Brick, Zoey and Dawn ended up at the bottom of the cliff again when the yeti found them and decided to give them a setback. He threw them against the ground.

"You ok?" asked Dawn, reaching her hand out to Bridgette. Zoey was helping up Brick.

Bridgette (CONF): Ok Dawn's being extra nice to me too, I guess maybe they're just really nice girls

"Let's get to the top together to help our teams!" said Zoey. The four began up the stairs, and by that point Noah, Scott, Katie, Joe, Lindsay and Tyler had reached the top.

"Let's go," yelled Joe. He began assembling parts, but Lindsay and Tyler were completely lost.

Joe (CONF): This helped me realize that without Bridgette and Brick, my team is completely useless

"Hurry up!" called Joe to the two remaining members of his team. Scott on the other hand was doing pretty well with the supplies.

"This is just like building a tractor back on the farm," said Scott.

"It is?" asked Katie.

" hey this can't be too hard," said Scott, putting together another two pieces. Noah was trying to figure out the GPS so they wouldn't have to later. He pressed a few buttons and it sparked to life- startling him. In the meantime, Team World was nearly done. Cody had already figured out the GPS, and was staring at the water trying to figure out where they were supposed to go. The three girls were making quick work of the boat building. The other two teams were falling behind, until Bridgette and Brick arrived back to the top.

"Let's do this," said Bridgette. She quickly began assembling pieces, with her aptitude for water she was making quick work of the boat building. Brick on the other hand was great at taking directions, and Joe was doing pretty well himself. They began gaining on Team World, when Zoey and Dawn finally reach the top and began helping Team Island.

"Ugh, there goes our advantage," said Heather. She went back to working on the boat when Joe walked over.

"What do you want," asked Heather. Joe grabbed one of their pieces and chucked it over the side.

"Oh nothing," he replied, "right Suki?" Suki just glared at him in return.

"Nope, nothing at all," she said, forcing a smile. She got up, and ran after the piece he threw.

"What was that for?" asked Cody. Him, Sierra and Heather approached Joe with scowls plastered on their faces.

"Nothing," he replied innocently, and walked away.

"Look guys, we have to protect Suki's secret," said Cody, after pulling Sierra and Heather into a huddle.

"We need her for the vote," said Heather.

"And she's our friend, Heather," replied Sierra. Heather just rolled her eyes, and by this point Suki had returned with the piece that Joe had thrown.

"What's up guys?" asked Suki. 

"Oh nothing, let's get to work," said Cody. The four began working on their boat again, but by this point Bridgette and Brick had already finished building Team Action's boat, and Team Island was close. Team Action bolted down the cliff in an attempt to keep their lead. 

"Let's do this guys," called Bridgette. Joe, Bridgette, Brick and Tyler were carrying the boat while Lindsay was running alongside it. 

"C'mon guys let's pick it up," said Heather. Right as she said that, Team Island ran by, with Scott sneering at her. Heather just rolled her eyes, and continued to try and piece together the boat. 

"Real mature," said Zoey. She, Scott, Katie and Noah were carrying the boat, with Dawn running- almost floating- alongside them.

Noah (CONF): Ok I'm sorry but that Dawn girl is creepy with a capital urgh

"What's wrong?" asked Dawn, inquisitively. 

"Oh nothing," said Noah, turning the other way.

Noah (CONF): Creepy

"Come on guys we're getting close!" said Zoey. They were approaching Team Action, who was very close to the water. Team World was just finishing their boat, and began heading down as well. A few minutes had passed, with all teams getting in the water, with Team Action still in the lead, but the margin was a lot smaller.

"This is a perfect time for a song," said Chris. He smirked, and rang the musical chime.

Zoey (CONF): Those poor world tour contestants

Sierra (CONF): *making an 'I'm not amused' face*

Heather (CONF): *making an 'I'm not amused' face*

Cody (CONF): *making an 'I'm not amused' face*


By the end of the song all three teams had made it out to their respective diving portions. Chris flew in with a jet-pack and tossed them all some beat-up scuba gear. "Here ya go contestants. Try your best not to- er- die."

Now that it was nightfall, all the masks were equipped with flashlights, but it was still very difficult to see. Team Action were the first to strap on their gear and dive down, with Joe choosing to stay behind and operate the GPS. He noticed all of Team Island dive in, as well as Team World, causing Joe to smirk. He dove over the side and swam over to each boat, each one having not chosen anyone to stay behind and guard the GPS. He grinned as he chucked both in the water, and swam back to the Team Action boat. It wasn't long before Team World re-emerged from the water- empty handed.

"Let's check the GPS," said Cody, "we know it's around here somewhere." Sierra had already gotten on the boat and searched the whole thing.

"It's gone," said Sierra. She frantically looked around and then saw Joe and pointed at him. "You." Joe shrugged.

"Not my fault you didn't leave anyone to guard it." said Joe. Sierra was about to lunge in Joe's direction but Suki and Cody held her back.

"Come on we don't have time," said Cody, "we can't let them win now." He dove back over to Heather who was already in the water and the two dove back down. Suki and Sierra followed. Team Island emerged seconds later.

"Guys why are we wasting our time looking at the GPS," said Scott.

"Because we're lost," replied Zoey, "and clearly we haven't found the treasure yet." Scott was searching the boat, and again couldn't find the GPS. He saw Joe standing there with a smirk and just rolled his eyes.

"You little-" began Scott.

"What's the GPS say?" called Katie from the water.

"It's gone thanks to someone," said Scott. The four Team Island members in the water turned to Joe, who just innocently shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry, it's strategy." Before Team Island dove back in, Team Action rose to the surface asking to look at the GPS.

"Sure, you can look at our completely functional GPS," replied Joe, still looking over at Team Island. Zoey just looked annoyed, and motioned to her team to dive back under. Bridgette and Brick looked confused by what was going on, but just read the GPS and motioned for Lindsay and Tyler to dive back down- following suit. 

Underwater, Team World's chest was in a sunken submarine, but they didn't notice due to the lack of GPS, so were circling the area. Suki noticed and began trying to break into the submarine, as the scene flashed to Team Action, who was trying to figure out how to distract the shark that was guarding their chest. 

Bridgette (CONF): What is with this show and sharks

Bridgette waved frantically at it causing the shark to burst in her direction. Brick gasped, accidentally breathing in water so having to return to the surface, leaving just Lindsay and Tyler to retrieve the chest and help Bridgette. Tyler grabbed the chest but Lindsay wasn't strong enough to help him. The shark lost interest in Bridgette, and began heading towards Tyler and Lindsay. The two freaked out and parted ways, and the scene shifted back to Team Island. 

Zoey (CONF): With no GPS, how on earth are we supposed to find this chest? 

Zoey motioned to Katie and Noah, pointing to a giant wrecked pirate ship. Noah nodded his head and swam inside, with his team members right behind him. Suddenly, Fang appeared, grabbed Scott's leg, and pulled him away. Dawn's eyes widened, and she motioned for Zoey, Katie and Noah to keep swimming. She turned to see Scott now without an air tank, and frantically trying to get to shore.

Dawn (CONF): Even though Scott is a dirtbag, I have to save him from Fang, the poor creature is so full of rage

Dawn swam over and got Fang's attention. Unfortunately, he wasn't interested, and was interested in toying with his favorite enemy Scott. Little did Fang realize, Scott couldn't breath underwater. Dawn swam toward him and placed her hand on Fang's forehead. He let up and released Scott, who went shooting up to the surface. The scene flashed to Noah, Katie and Zoey inside the ship. After a while of swimming, Noah pointed at what looked like a chest and the three went over and began working on getting it out of the wreckage. Unfortunately, the ship was like a giant maze so they were completely lost.

Katie (CONF): This was actually like, kind of fun

Noah (CONF): I hate Chris

The scene then flashed back to Team World, who were now all helping Suki trying to get into the submarine. They couldn't figure out a way in though. Heather had an idea. She smashed open a tiny window of the submarine, ripped off Cody's airtank, and threw it inside. Sierra flipped out, and frantically began breaking open the submarine. While she was doing so, a confused Cody just calmly swam to shore as there was nothing binding him down. Suki chuckled, but Heather's plan worked and Team World got into the submarine. The began working on getting their chest out, but the hole was barely big enough for them to go through so they worked on making it bigger. Sierra frantically went to return Cody's air tank.

Cody (CONF): I guess she didn't realize that I could breath, but hey, it worked

The scene flashed back to Team Action. Two more sharks had come, and Brick had returned. The three sharks were circling the chest. Lindsay sparked up, and took off Brick's shoe and tossed it at the sharks. The smell knocked them unconscious. 

Lindsay (CONF): I never ever ever forget smelly shoes or bad fashion, two things that Cement was awesome at last season!

The four swam to their chest and began swimming it to surface. The other two teams had freed theirs as well, and now it was a race to the top. The camera zoomed out, and showed all the competitors (minus Joe) racing for the top. Team Island is the first to emerge from the water, and Dawn and Scott climb onto the boat. Zoey, Noah and Katie begin lifting the chest up. Dawn warily looked at Scott as she opened the chest, but before she could Scott checked her out of the way and opened it himself, earning Team Island the win and himself the individual reward. 

"I need this reward, so I can have enough time in this game to prove to you that I didn't hurt Lindsay," said Scott. Dawn however, was fuming.

"And to think we were trying to help you," said Zoey from the water. Scott looked at Dawn, who looked away disappointed. Scott reached in the chest, and it was a one-time individual immunity pass, only usable in the next vote. Scott gruffed.

Scott (CONF): That's the individual reward I got? *facepalms* And now Dawn is mad at me all over again

Team World and Team Action emerged at the same time. Because Joe was already on the boat, Team Action had the advantage, being able to toss the chest to him first. Unfortunately for them, this also gave Joe the opportunity to open the chest. Brick groaned.

"Ahh we forgot that there was an individual reward," said Brick.Tyler and Bridgette both groaned as well. 

"Ooh, ooh, I didn't forget!" said Lindsay.

"Then why did you let Joe open it?" asked Bridgette.

"Oh whoops," replied Lindsay.

Joe smirked as he also pulled out an individual immunity pass, good for the next elimination ceremony.

"And this means that I will be seeing Team World at yet another elimination!" said Chris, flying in on his jetpack, as Sierra opened up the chest for Team World, earning her individual immunity as well. Chris flew over to Sierra.

"Oh yeah, that pass isn't good for this elimination ceremony, so if you get eliminated tonight...well sucks!" said Chris. 

"I can't believe we lost, again," said Heather. Cody still didn't seem too upset, as he was still smiling. "Ok seriously what is your problem."

Suki followed Cody's trail of sight, and it led to Noah. Sierra was still gleaming about the individual immunity, and wasn't noticing.

Suki (CONF): As a super-fan of Total Drama, she sure doesn't pay attention to some of the other contestants enough for her to even notice the potential of Cody and Noah

The scene flashed to dinner that night, where Heather was sitting with Cody and Sierra.

"We agree we can't trust Suki right?" asked Heather. 

"I mean she did help us eliminate Blaineley," said Cody.

"Yeah, but she's also an international pop-star that's been hiding her identity for the entire competition," said Heather, "and I'm pretty sure that's grounds not to trust someone." Heather walked away, and Suki pulled Sierra aside.

"I have some valuable information for you, if you can help me stay safe at tonight's elimination," said Suki. Sierra didn't look interested, until Suki added "it's about Cody..."

The scene flashed to the elimination ceremony.

"You guys know the drill, go ahead and cast your votes," said Chris. No one could ignore the plate he was holding, only holding three barf bags filled with airline issued peanuts.

Heather (CONF): It's not that we don't like you, we just can't trust you *stamps Suki's passport*

Suki (CONF): It's either you or me *stamps Heather's passport*

"And the votes are in," announced Chris. "The barfbags go to..."


Cody grinned as he caught his barf bag.

"and Sierra"

Sierra was also gleaming.

"Unfortunately, we have a tie, so we are going to need a re-vote." said Chris. Cody and Heather both looked shocked, and turned to Sierra. Sierra mouthed help me to Cody.

Sierra (CONF): I couldn't tell Codykins why I needed his help, to get information about him, but I'm sure he'll help me without knowing the reason...*begins profusely sweating while holding a big smile*

"Alright, the votes are in again, and the first barfbags go to Cody and Sierra," said Chris. They weren't paying attention, to anxious as to what was going to happen next. "And the final barf bag goes to...



























"What!?" exclaimed Heather. She turned and looked at Cody and Sierra, who looked away. "No!"

"Sorry Heather, but you are e-lim-i-nat-ed," said Chris. Heather began fuming.

"Sierra what happened to us sticking together," said Heather angrily. Sierra looked away.

Sierra (CONF): I actually kind of liked Heath, I feel kind of bad

"Heather, it's time to go," said Chris. She angrily accepted a parachute, and jumped the drop of shame.

"You're gonna regret this," she yelled as she fell.

"Alright everyone, come on in," said Chris. Zoey, Dawn, Scott, Noah, Katie, Bridgette, Brick, Tyler, Joe, and Lindsay walked in and joined Sierra, Cody and Suki.

"Congratulations- welcome to the merge," said Chris. Everyone began celebrating.

"Oh come on," shouted Heather as she fell, as she heard him say merge, "seriously? One episode away?" 

"No way!" said Bridgette, hugging Lindsay. Brick and Tyler high-fived, and Joe held an evil grin. Scott eyed Joe, and Zoey and Dawn were cheering together as well. Sierra put Cody in a death grip, and Noah and Katie were pulled into a hug from Suki. 

"Take that as you will," said Chris, "and be prepared to visit some old friends." The contesants looked quizzically at Chris, as the scene faded to black. 

Playa Des Losers

Chapter 29: Revenge of the Losers

"Last time on Total Drama Explosion," began Chris, "in the last challenge of our second team stage, the contestants were thrown into Santorini, Greece, where they had to build a boat and dig for treasure. Lindsay was still shaken up from psycho-Scott's attempt to throw her off a cliff- something I'm still not happy with- and Suki seems to be an information hub now. After Team World lost yet again, Sierra and Cody turned on Heather and voted her out, choosing to spare Suki in exchange for some new information. Will Suki's deal get the best of her? Is Scott really behind Lindsay's "fall"? Will Bridgette and Katie go on for another episode without Geoff and Sadie? Find out right here, right now on Total, Drama, Explosion!"

Theme Song

The episode opened up with all of the contestants in first class celebrating the merge. It showed Joe sleeping on the couch, then panned over to Bridgette. 

"First Owen, then Duncan, then Courtney, then Gwen, then Leshawna, then Alejandro, and now Heather? I can't believe so many good players are out," said Bridgette, counting the names on her fingers. She was sitting in a set of chairs with Katie, Noah and Lindsay, who was sitting on Tyler's lap.

"Yeah, like who would have thought that we'd make the merge over them," said Katie. Lindsay was playing with a strand of hair, and was so focused on it that she fell onto Noah.

"Hey!" exclaimed Tyler, "hands on your own girlfriend!"

"Oof. Couldn't agree more Katie," said Noah, boosting Lindsay back over to Tyler then brushing himself off. The scene shifted to the other set of chairs, where Dawn, Zoey, Brick and Cody were sitting. 

"So guys, how was this season compared to last," asked Cody.

"Last season was ridiculous," said Zoey, "I mean, mutant animals on a radioactive island? I'm lucky I didn't end up like Staci, or Scott, or Lightning, or Dakota, or Chris- yeah I think you get my point." The four of them laughed.

"But this season has easily been harder," said Brick. "I just can't believe I'm still in, sitting here next to two people who have made it to the end of one of these crazy boot camps." Cody and Zoey blushed.

Brick (CONF): And one step closer to my dream of being the world's best fashion- I mean...*nervously sweats*

"The hardest time is still ahead," said Dawn ominously.

"Can you really just...predict the future? Doesn't that mean you know when everyone goes home?" asked Cody.

"No I just feel the aura of the earth around me," said Dawn, "it gives me hints."

"So any hints pointing to who's the next to get booted?" asked Cody. The other two looked at her inquisitively. Dawn shrugged.

"Maybe it'll come to me," said Dawn, assuming the lotus position. Cody and Brick looked scared but Zoey just chuckled. The scene transitioned to Sierra and Suki, who were sitting at the mini-bar.

"Ahem, I believe you owe me some information," said Sierra. Suki glanced at Noah, who had walked over and was laughing with Cody. Turbulence knocked him off his feet and onto Cody's lap, causing both to immediately blush and Noah to quickly hop off.

"Oh well, you see..." said Suki, before she was cut off by Chris, who had just entered.

"What's up losers! Time for our tribute to the past rotation's fallen contestants," said Chris.

Suki (CONF): *wiping sweat from her face* Saved by the bell

The scene flashed to Dakota overpowering Katie in the pillow fight challenge, DJ refusing to jump off the cliff while handcuffed to his new team, Sam chomping down gross food in the trust challenge, Leshawna throwing darts in the Thirsty Games, Jo struggling to unlock Lindsay's cage, Blaineley looking shocked after Suki dramatically revealed her idol, Trent messing up the obstacle course in Hawaii, Alejandro running with his team through Epcot, and finally Heather trying to build the boat in Santorini.

"But what's even better than giving a tribute to the fallen competitors?" asked Chris.

Suki (CONF): Oh no, I hope this isn't going where I think this is going

"Visiting them! That's right, in honor of the merge this challenge is going to be the losers special. You guys will go and catch up with all the old competitors, but watch what you say- they will be picking one of you to join them," said Chris. He grinned, and was met with mixed reactions.

Zoey (CONF): Yes! I get to see Mike and Cam! And there's no way they would pick me to be eliminated. *nervously chuckles* Right?

Katie (CONF): Eeh, I get to see Sadie! and DJ! *squeals*

Lindsay (CONF): *in the confessional with Tyler* Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot wait to see Tyler! *Tyler makes a confused look*

Joe (CONF): I knew there'd be a challenge like this, but at least I have individual immunity for this elimination *grins and holds up the immunity pass* But let's see if they remember

Scott (CONF): *profusely sweating* At least everyone believes it wasn't me who pushed Lindsay off *nervously burps and falls over* But hey, I have invincibility so at least the worst they can do is physically harm me *nervously chuckles*

Cody (CONF): Leshawna got screwed last time Chris did a loser challenge, I don't wanna get jipped like she did, especially now that I'm so close to the end

"After this challenge, there will be only one rotation left that will leave us with a final three. Those three will face off in the greatest Total Drama finale ever!" said Chris, but he was met with silence. 

Sierra (CONF): Everyone knows that when Chris says better, he means more dangerous

Bridgette (CONF): I have never ever made it this far, this is absolutely crazy! And now I get to see my Geoff-y bear? This is totally awesome!

Noah (CONF): It's about time I've outperformed these losers. After my less than stellar performance in my previous seasons, I finally proved that I'm clearly the smartest one here

Tyler (CONF): Oh yeah, final thirteen baby!

Dawn (CONF): I can feel the end of the competition coming, but I also feel something bad coming...*closes eyes and rubs temples* 

The scene flashed to Playa des Losers, with the jumbo jet landing on the end of the dock. A montage showed some of the eliminated contestants looking over curiously. 

Brick (CONF): I can't tell if I'm happy or nervous to see Jo again *nervously laughs*

Cody (CONF): This feels like World Tour all over again, but even better because Sierra isn't as crazy and I don't have to share the plane with Ale-jerk-dro anymore, it's kind of weird though, I almost miss Heather, who woulda thought?

Chris lowered the ramp of the jumbo jet down to the dock, and the contestants walked off. 

"Oh hey there, traitor," said Heather, walking up to Suki.

"I second that," said Blaineley.

"Yeah, because you two would never back stab someone," said Gwen, rolling her eyes.

Cody (CONF): I think Suki is definitely underestimated in this game, I mean she took out Blaineley and Heather, both of whom would gladly and easily eat me for breakfast

"Bridgey-bear," cried Geoff, from the back of the crowd of former players.

"Geoffy-poo," replied Bridgette. The two ran at each other and began making out. Eva and Duncan, who were standing nearby, just rolled their eyes. This time though, they separated, and Bridgette returned to the group of competing players.

"Wow, for once everyone doesn't have to deal with your sucking face twenty-four seven," said Chris, "sweet. What's up losers? Today, our contestants' challenge is to hope you guys aren't too bitter about being voted out and having absolutely zero, and I mean ZERO shot at the billion dollars!"

"Is this supposed to have a point," said Anne Maria.

"Shut it Snooki, it's because tonight, you all will be ending one of their Total Drama experiences. Dramatic right?" The eliminated contestants all cheered.

"I think I know who I'm going to choose," said Heather, shooting a glare at Suki.

"I'll be back tonight for your decision," said Chris, returning to the jumbo jet. Immediately reunions started happening. Gwen and Leshawna walked over to see Bridgette. Lindsay ran over and hugged DJ. Mike and Cameron were waiting to see Zoey. Suddenly, an extremely large squeal was heard.

"KATIE," squealed Sadie, as she powered through the contestants and tackled her friend, trampling Izzy and Cameron in the process.

"Eeh," squealed Katie, "oh my gosh, it is so good to see you."

"So, so good!" replied Sadie, "I miss you so much!"

"I miss you more," replied Katie.

"I miss you infinitely more!" replied Sadie.

"Eeh!" squealed the two together.

Sierra (CONF): Wow, you kind of forget how annoying Katie is with Sadie, especially since Sadie got the boot way back in the second episode

"I miss you even more than your infinitely more," said Katie. The two girls started hugging and squealing again.

Zoey (CONF): Is this what they were like in the first season? No wonder they didn't last that long...sorry was that mean?

The scene flashed back to DJ and Lindsay, who were now joined by Leshawna, Gwen, Trent, Geoff, Duncan, Courtney and Bridgette.

"So what's going on in the game?" asked Geoff.

"That jerk Scott is," said Bridgette, shooting a look in his direction

"Oh girl please don't tell me you let another boy play you," said Leshawna.

"Yeah especially that poser Scott," followed up Courtney.

"He pushed Lindsay off a cliff in an attempt to kill her," said Joe, walking by, "and I'm guessing no one here told you?" He looked at Trent. This caused the eliminated contestants to gasp.

"I'm sorry did you know this?" asked Gwen.

"I didn't want to stress anyone out, it was all over, besides, there are some people who don't think Scott did it," said Trent, looking back at Joe who had now walked away. "Besides, you guys were there in zombie form weren't you?"

"Yeah but we didn't have a clue what was going on, once that horn sounded it was all kind of cloudy from there," said Gwen. The scene flashed back to sleeping gas being sprayed over the horde of zombies right as the incident was occurring.

"So Chris put you guys to sleep?" asked Bridgette.

"Or maybe it was Scott," said DJ.

"Or that Joe guy, he's a jerk," said Gwen.

"Yeah I definitely wouldn't put it past that turd, he's pretty hardcore even for me," said Duncan. There was still a tinge of discomfort between him and Gwen, not to mention Courtney and Trent, but the present situation eased the tension.

"That's pretty heavy stuff, anything else?" asked Geoff. Duncan, Courtney, DJ, Trent, Leshawna and Gwen turned to Bridgette and Lindsay.

"Noah and Cody is happening," said Bridgette. The seven gasped. "Yeah, Zoey told me, but you know who doesn't know." She motioned towards Sierra.

"She would totally freak," said Gwen, "but Cody pined over me for three very long seasons, I definitely didn't see that one coming."

Bridgette chuckled. She looked at her group of friends, and couldn't believe it was her and Lindsay still in out of all of them. "What about here? Anything crazy happening at Playa des Losers?"

"Well, that's actually something we wanted to talk to you about," said Gwen, as the scene transitioned to Heather, who was sitting in the hot tub with Sierra, Cody, Suki and Blaineley.

"I can't believe you losers are still in, but I'm stuck here on loser island," said Blaineley.

"Tell me about it," said Heather, "and don't think for one second you aren't getting my vote tonight traitor." She was staring directly at Suki.

"Let's not forget I saved you with that idol," said Suki.

"Which reminds me, don't think you aren't getting my vote either," said Blaineley. Suki face-palmed.

"Oh and don't think I forgot about what you owe me missy," said Sierra. Suki looked at Cody, who had started profusely sweating.

"What could that possibly be?" asked Cody. Even though the question was directed at Sierra, he was staring at Suki.

"That's why you kept Suki over me? For gossip?!" asked Heather, "Oh come on!" Sierra nervously chuckled.

"Ooh gossip," said Blaineley, "my favorite." She was playing along even though she already knew. The four stared at Suki as the scene shifted to Harold, B, Cameron, Mike, Zoey and Dawn, who were sitting poolside. B, Mike, Cameron and Harold were nodding along as the other two filled them in about the past events.

"Yeah someone knocked us out towards the end of that challenge, we woke back up here at Playa des Losers," said Cameron.

"I can't believe someone would do that," said Mike. Zoey nodded.

"These calculations don't seem to be adding up though," said Harold, "I mean, if the horde of zombies was attacking both Scott and Lindsay. How would he have broken free and pushed Lindsay over the side."

"He has a good point," said Cameron, "as much as I don't trust Scott, it seems pretty illogical." B nodded in agreement.

"He does pretty avidly deny it was him," said Zoey, "but who else could it be?"

"That Joe guy is a serious jerk-wad, he's the reason I'm here in the first-place," said Harold, "gosh it's so unfair."

"Um to be fair you did the same thing to Courtney back in season one," said Cameron.

"Whatever," replied Harold, "that was because I was being tormented by Duncan."

"But how would Joe have done it? I don't remember, were people out of the challenge with the zombie horde on the cliff?" asked Cameron.

"Yeah I least I think I was," said Zoey, "the end of that challenge is kind of a hazy memory to be honest.". Dawn was just listening and concentrating.

Dawn (CONF): Maybe I was right about Scott all along, that he is a good guy, but after already accusing him...mother nature is giving me really confusing signs

"Besides we have to be careful with blindly throwing accusations at Joe, we were wrong about him in the Halloween challenge," said Mike. The scene flashed back to Mike saying Joe's name as he pulled off the hooded figure's hood, only to reveal the deranged psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook.

Now that the competitors had some time to interact, Chris sent the camera crew to go around and talk to the eliminated contestants about which of the final thirteen they wanted to win the competition. In the meantime, the final thirteen were brought to another room to talk among themselves. The camera first went to Eva, who was doing squats in the weight room. Sadie was sitting on a nearby bench watching.

"That Joe guy is pretty messed up," said Eva, "and I don't want any of those back-stabbing low-life traitors to win, especially my former Fox teammates. And I will never forget what Bridgette did back in the first season."

"What like, exactly did Bridgette do to you again Eva?" asked Sadie.

"She told me I needed anger management courses. MY ANGER IS COMPLETELY IN CHECK," yelled Eva.

Sadie was now on the other side of the gym, hiding behind one of the treadmills

"I'm like, pretty sure that was Courtney," said Sadie, "and besides, I like think the vote was unanimous."

"WHAT?" exclaimed Eva, as the scene shifted to Staci who was sitting at the pool bar with Courtney and Izzy.

"I totally want Katie to win because she reminds me of my second cousin Ingrid, who has this best friend-" said Staci.

"No one cares Staci," quipped Courtney, "it's obvious that Bridgette should win. She's played a pretty error-less game. No broken violins, burned tents or incidents with poles. I'm not sure who I want to vote for though, I'll probably just go with who I believe has performed the worst."

"Yeah Bridgette's totally nice. I would also vote for Dawn, that girl freaks me out, it's so fun!" said Izzy. She started cackling. 

"Yeah, she's the freaky one," said Courtney. Izzy had gotten a drink, pulled out the ice cubes and put them in her bathing suit.

"What? I'm roasted," said Izzy. Courtney and Staci looked on confused. "Alright I'm out." Izzy rolled off the stool and dove down into the water. The scene shifted to Gwen, who was hanging out with Geoff and Leshawna poolside. The three look confused as Izzy lurks by like a shark.

"Definitely one of my girls Bridgette or Lindsay," said Leshawna, "Katie's pretty straight-up too. As for who we're voting's being discussed."

"I agree, I support Bridgette, or maybe Dawn," said Gwen.

"Bridgette babe, wherever Chris took you, I know you'll win this," said Geoff.

"You know they're just inside, right? said Gwen.

"Yeah they're sticking around til we vote one of them off," said Leshawna.

"Oh," said Geoff, looking confused, "radical." The scene switched to Ezekiel, Beth, and Anne Maria lounging on the chairs.

"Lindsay definitely has the best fashion sense of the people left," said Anne Maria, "not as good as mine obvs."

"I want Brick to win because he's the nicest," said Beth. 

"Boring," said Anne Maria, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, Beth and Lindsay were nice enough during the first special to pair with me so I want Lindsay to win, and she's a total hottie, eh?" said Ezekiel.

"Aww," said Beth, as Anne Maria started to gag. Trent, DJ, Blaineley and Cameron were in the lounge chairs next to the pool.

"Gwen broke my heart-" began Trent.

"On national television, in front of all your friends, family, and the entire viewing audience, which could very well mean the United States," interjected Blaineley, "not to mention she started dating the anti-you."

"...thank you for clarifying," continued Trent, "but I still want what's best for her. So for me, I'm pulling for her or Scott. I know everyone think's he almost killed Lindsay, but deep down the guy's a good guy, and I don't think he did it." Blaineley nearly spit out the drink she was drinking.

"I'm sorry did you say almost died?" said Blaineley, "wow that's horrible...and exciting! Why did no one tell me?"

Cameron (CONF): She's kidding right?

"I want Zoey to win, or Dawn, maybe even Tyler, or honestly I think Cody and Bridgette are really ni-" said Cameron.

"In my expert opinion," interrupted Blaineley, "I think it should NOT be Suki."

"I think you've made that pretty clear," replied DJ. Blaineley ignored him, took a sip of her drink, and continued.

"And for who I want to win, no one," said Blaineley.

"I just want to know who lets you out of your cage at night," said Trent, prompting Blaineley to growl and DJ and Cameron to chuckle.

"I want my girl Katie, or Bridgette or Lindsay. Look man, they stood by me even with my animal curse, now that's friendship," said DJ.

"Well isn't that sweet," said Blaineley sarcastically. The scene transitioned to Jo, who was grilling steaks on the grill, and Heather, who was eating next to the grill with Owen, Alejandro, Duncan and Harold.

"I refuse to answer who I want to win," said Heather, "but if it's not Cody or Bridgette, I'm suing. Especially if one of those psycho second or third generation contestants win. I wouldn't mind any of those losers joining us, although I know where my vote is going...conniving little-"

"Anyways!" said Owen, quickly interrupting, "yeah I think it's pretty obvious I want my buddy Noah to come out on top. Although there is this rumor circulating about him and Cody, which would be really weird." Harold, Heather, Alejandro, Duncan and Jo shot him a look.

"But like I'm totally ok with it really! I love gay people!" said Owen, turning red. "Well I mean don't love them like I'm in love with them. Just love like a friend. You know? Like how I love my buddy Duncan." He puts his arm around Duncan.

Duncan stares at him until he starts nervously sweating and removes his arm.

"I'm just gonna pretend that didn't happen," said Duncan, "but I think Bridgette and Lindsay have done a bangin' job this season."

"You are disgusting," replied Heather.

"No no not like that, really they've done pretty well so far. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tyler win," said Duncan, "as for who I'm voting tonight, I think I have an idea."

"Yeah you do, Suki," said Heather.

"No I think I'm gonna vote for-"

"Suki," said Heather, this time more forcefully. Duncan rolled his eyes.

"I kind of what Suki to win," said Alejandro, smirking at Heather.

"What's that? I couldn't over you over your fourteenth place finish which was, oh yeah, behind me," said Heather, "again."

"Ooh that was brutal," said Duncan, chuckling. Alejandro just looked annoyed.

"I definitely want my plutonic friend Brick to win," said Jo.

"Emphasis on the plutonic friend," said Heather. Jo growled and Harold hid behind his tray.

"And I'm voting for Eva," said Jo.

"You realize she's out right?" asked Harold. Jo just shrugged.

"I do what I want," said Jo.

"I am definitely Team Cody again," said Harold, "and I can't wait for him to kick Joe and Scott's butt." He tried to karate chop the table but missed, causing Duncan to laugh hysterically. Finally, it showed B, Mike, Lightning, Dakota, Justin and Sam all at a swanky indoor lounge.

"Lightning thinks that Lightning should win," said Lightning.

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response," sad Justin, "I think it should be the prettiest person - Lindsay. And I think the ugliest person should be voted out, Sam." He shot a look at Dakota.

Flashback to Dakota waving goodbye to Justin after voting him out at the film lot

"Hey!" exclaimed Sam, "I'm out and you know it. I want Tyler to win, he's the only one who understands the true beauty of the Swii."

"Aww," said Dakota, "I love it when you talk games." Sam awkwardly giggled and the two kissed again, causing Mike to look appalled and Justin to gag. The camera panned to B. It sat there for a few seconds, awkwardly silent, and just shrugged. It continued to Mike.

"I think I want Cody or Tyler. Honestly though as long as it's not Scott or Joe I'd be happy," said Mike. Suddenly, he twitched. "But they are at wimps so who really knows." B, Lightning and Justin shot him a confused look, and even Dakota and Sam stopped making out, confused.

"But they're all super...nice?" said Mike, his voice sounding a little off.

The scene transitioned to all forty contestants surrounding the pool at night. Chris told them that they would be going into the confessional to cast a vote for the person they want to join them. That person will be left there when the boat ships off for the remaining twelve to enter the last cycle of the game - the hardest cycle.

"Oh and one last twist to keep things interesting," said Chris, "Scott and Joe are immune tonight" He looks to Scott and Joe, each holding a pass with a marshmallow on it."They won it in Santorini." A lot of the contestants groaned.

As people got up one by one to vote, there was some talking among those sitting at the pool.

"You know the plan right?" asked Cameron, looking pointedly at Gwen. She nodded.

Gwen (CONF): I feel really bad about this...but we need you here, no one else can get hurt and you're our best bet

Gwen looked over at Leshawna and DJ, who nodded.

"Let's just hope no parrots screw anyone over," said Leshawna, trying to ease the tension.

Leshawna (CONF): We really had no choice

Katie and Sadie were grabbing onto each other, both nervous about Katie's position in the game.

Sadie (CONF): I know you told me to be strong but...I just can't do this without you anymore *begins wailing* I vote for Katie *another loud wail* I'm so sorry

Suki kept trying to avoid it, but Heather and Blaineley were both intent on trying to hold eye contact.

Heather (CONF): Traitor

Blaineley (CONF): Bye loser!

Ezekiel was with Beth, and the two looked nervous.

Ezekiel (CONF): This is pretty scary, eh?

Beth (CONF): I hope this isn't too mean

Dakota was sitting on Sam's lap, next to Mike and Zoey.

Sam (CONF): Honestly Heather kind of scares me so I think I'm just gonna vote how she wants me to

Dakota (CONF): My vote is for you only because this vote can't be for that dirtbag Scott

"You know, I think it's going to be nice when you're here with us Suki, we can hang out all the time," said Blaineley, "it'll be just like old times! Maybe our good buddy Noah will be next." Noah, who had been staring at Cody, snapped back into attention.

"Yeah of course like old times sure," said Noah.

Justin was checking himself out in the reflection of the pool prompting Dakota to kick it and splash the water in his face. Unfortunately, that just caused him to take off his shirt causing Katie, Sadie, Owen, Anne Maria and Beth to be mesmerized.

Anne Maria (CONF): Forget Vito, this guy is H-O-T-T, anyways, my vote is for that Suki girl, she is so shady

After Courtney, the last person to vote, returned to her seat, Chris came out with a plate full of twelve marshmallows. The final thirteen separated from the rest of the group, and went to sit on thirteen pool chairs designated for them to sit on. He reluctantly tosses two to Scott and Joe.

"Alright you two are safe, because in a weird twist of fate, the two most hated people are immune from the vote," said Chris, "but the next person escaping elimination at the fate of those they eliminated, after coming so far, and being one cycle away from a life-changing amount of mone-"

"Just get on with it," yelled Eva.

"If you weren't out I would so kick you out again," said Chris, "but the first person safe tonight is Tyler!"

"Tyler? Where?" asked Lindsay.

"Hell yeah," said Tyler, throwing a fist in the air.

"Oh there you are," said Lindsay, blushing. When Tyler returned to his seat with immunity in hand, the two kissed.

"Ew I hate mush, but unfortunately, Lindsay, you also will be getting a marshmallow tonight," said Chris. Lindsay squealed with delight, running up to claim her prize.

"Bridgette, Noah, Sierra and Cody," said Chris, "you four also didn't piss people off enough for them to vote for you, congrats."

Noah and Cody hugged, which Sierra quickly interrupted by forcing Bridgette into a weird group hug with the four of them.

"Katie, Dawn and Brick, you three will also be escaping the bottom tonight," said Chris.

"Yay," said Sadie, obviously really upset. But regardless, Katie squealed and hugged Lindsay before going up to claim her marshmallow. Upon her return, she fist-bumps Bridgette.

"Suki, Zoey, one of you two received the most votes tonight," said Chris.

Zoey (CONF): Wait what? Me? But...I thought I had friends now

Suki (CONF): *crossing her fingers*

"The last marshmallow of the night goes to...

















Suki sighed loudly with relief.

"Me?" asked Zoey, looking extremely hurt. Immediately, Gwen and Cameron went up to hug her. Cameron whispered something in her ear, and she suddenly looked concerned.

Zoey (CONF): Ok look I get it...but...this was one billion dollars that they just took away from me, like that is totally unfair

Cameron (CONF): Yeah of course I feel bad about robbing Zoey's chance of the money, but at the same time, things are getting bad

"Damn, even I didn't see that coming," said Chris, "well whatever reason you had for voting off Zoey, I hope it was a good one." Mike went over to put his arm around Zoey, but she still looked extremely hurt.

"And with that, we enter the last cycle of the team phase, who will make it out on top through the hardest ten challenges Total Drama has ever seen? Stay tuned to find out, right here, on Total...Drama...Explosion!

Chapter 30: Boo!

"Last time on Total...Drama...Explosion!," began Chris, standing on the dock, "our final thirteen flew to Playa des Losers to hang out with some of our favorite, and least favorite, losers from this season. After getting the chance to hang out and polling someone of the eliminated contestants on who they wanted to win, they got to pick someone to vote out, shockingly choosing sweet Zoey because they needed help with some issue that seems to be going on there. I'm really not sure." Anyways, we are down to our final twelve, and with the stakes raised, I'm sure our competitors will get nasty with each other. But there's only one way to find out, right here, right now on Total...Drama...Explosion!

Theme Song

"Wow, the stuff going on at Playa des Losers seems pretty heavy," said Bridgette, talking with Lindsay on the girls side of the cabin. Lindsay had nearly fully recovered from the cliff incident, but still teared up around Scott.

Bridgette (CONF): Look, Scott is a skeeze but...Mike was on top of the cliff when it happened so that's not possible

"Yeah but like, we need to focus on the game girl. We are so close!" she said, squealing.

Lindsay (CONF): I'm not going to let Scooter being a jerk get in the way of the money. I mean think about it...I could finally buy France *squeals*

In the meantime, Suki was sitting with Sierra, Katie and Dawn.

"Look missy, you know what you owe me," she said. Katie just snickered and Dawn looked nervous.

Dawn (CONF): Poor Sierra...I don't see this going well

"I...lied," said Suki. Katie and Dawn looked at her curiously. "It's not about Cody it's about me."

" can't are dating my Cody?" said Sierra, "but...but how I mean do you run thirty-eight fan blogs, and know what kind of toothpaste he likes?"

"No it's not like that," said Suki.

"I mean seriously, I collected locks of his hair, I practically carried him through season three-"

"No you don't understand it's-"

"I should have voted you out you dirty traitor. You're worse than Gwen the boyfriend stealer because you are stealing my husband. I mean sure it was a sham marriage from a challenge that I let get carried away but I think the principle is-

"I am NOT dating Cody, I'm the famous singer from Japan, Sakura," yelled Suki, a little louder than she intended. Not only did that shut Sierra up, it caused Bridgette and Lindsay to look over and Noah and Tyler to appear in the doorway.

" are Sakura?" asked Tyler, "I fricking love her! She does all the soundtracks to the Mortal Fighting series.

"And didn't you just go like double-platinum with your newest record or something?" asked Noah, "I mean not that I would know because Sakura's music is for teenage girls." Suki nodded her head.

"Oh you are so eliminated," said Sierra.

Sierra (CONF): How did I not see it? I mean sure she had a different hairstyle but I made sure to intensely study her and Joe's facial structure for when I put their drawings up on the blog

"I'm sorry I lied, it's just, I'm famous and I thought I would be more of a threat if you guys knew the truth," she said. Everyone remained quiet. Upset, Suki walked out the front door. Joe, Brick and Cody, who were sitting on the steps of the cabin, watched as she ran off. Joe smirked.

Joe (CONF): *waving* Bye Sakura! There's an easy threat...gone, now just to figure out a way to keep Scott in the game so people see him as more of a villain than me

Suki ran down to the dock where she was joined by Scott.

"So you're an outcast too huh?" asked Scott. Suki looked reluctant to answer, but after a few moments of awkward silence spoke up.

"Looks like it, I'm the famous singer-"

"I know," interrupted Scott, "I've known for a while, I've been preparing different blackmail strategies for if you made the merge"

"But how?" asked Suki.

"Pops is big on Japanese pop music...yeah it doesn't really make sense to me either," said Scott, "the haircut wasn't enough to prevent me from recognizing one of the faces plastered all over our farm house."

Suki (CONF): I guess that's kind of an odd way

"Why don't we have each others backs?" asked Scott, "I don't vote for you, you don't vote for me."

"But what you did to Lindsay," said Suki.

"I didn't do it," said Scott, before she could finish. The camera zoomed out to show Dawn watching the two from afar. It showed Scott say something and Suki laughed.

Dawn (CONF): *crying* I blew it...I really blew it, I knew what the aura was telling me but I was so blinded by my anger that...

The scene flashed to dinner. Bridgette, Lindsay and Katie were eating with Sierra, Cody, Noah and Tyler, Brick was with Dawn, Suki with Scott, and Joe alone. Still no challenge had been called, as it grew darker and darker. Katie asked the others, with a worried tone in her voice, if they thought it was going to be another night time challenge.

Cody (CONF): This definitely can't be a good sign

As if on cue, the sound of the air horn reverberated through the dining hall. The contestants met Chris outside, who had an evil grin on his face. He told them that for today's challenge, they would be split into teams of two by him. They were completing a nighttime scavenger hunt around the island that included - a brownie from Chef's kitchen, a ruby from the graveyard in the woods, a gold doubloon from a treasure chest buried on the far beach, a little Chris statuette from the mines, and finally an egg from the nest at the tallest tree at the top of the cliff. He told them the first pair to retrieve all five items was safe from the vote, and everyone else would be up for elimination. He told them no one wanted to go home after making it so far.

"So for your teams," he announced, "I hand picked them to keep things interesting." He winked.

"Let's start...Suki, you are with Sierra, Bridgette's with Scott, Cody's with Noah, Lindsay's with Dawn, Brick's with Katie and Tyler is with Joe.

Sierra (CONF): Wait I'm sorry why is Cody with Noah? And why is that interesting? I mean yeah sure there are tons of fan theories but my Cody is as straight as my Cody hair I saved from season three

Tyler (CONF): I'm not super happy about these teams, I'm not gonna lie, Joe scares the crap out of me

"And with that, let the games begin," said Chris, blowing the air horn.


Elimination Table:

Team Phase 1 Team Phase 2 Merge
Episode 1/2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Place Player Status
36th Justin IN IN WIN WIN OUT
37th Staci WIN WIN LOW OUT
39th Sadie IN OUT
40th Ezekiel OUT
  • Note: Yellow indicates that the contestant received at least one vote in that episode, white indicates the person did not receive any votes in that episode
  • Note: Lime indicates that the contestant did make the merge 
  • Note: In Episode 9, Alejandro received the most votes, but thanks to Joe's tampering, Harold was eliminated
  • Note: In Episode 13, Izzy was automatically eliminated, not voted off
  • Note: In Episode 25, Heather was supposed to be eliminated but Suki used her immunity idol to protect her. Blaineley was eliminated instead.
  • Note: In Episode 27, there was a special elimination that substituted for voting, since no one from Team World got eliminated they were deemed safe


  • The list of songs performed in the season are as follows:
  • This is the first time the new generation and the old generation competed together.
  • Katie is the female, and overall contestant, who went the longest without competing. This is the first time Katie has competed since The Sucky Outdoors back in the first season.
  • Geoff is the male who has gone the longest without competing. This is the first time Geoff has competed since Alien Resur-eggtion, which was the second episode of season two.
  • With this being the final season, Heather and Gwen, and Harold and DJ have been on the same team in every season (not counting the fourth, where none of whom competed).
    • Trent and Lindsay have also been on the same team in every season they competed in: (Screaming Gophers, Killer Grips, and Fiery Phoenixes)
      • This changes when the teams are changed, placing Trent on Team Island and Lindsay on Team Action
      • Also, in every season both contestants competed in, Lindsay beat Trent. 
    • Every team Bridgette has been on has also had Harold and DJ (Killer Bass, Team Victory and Fiery Phoenixes)
    • Every team Beth has been on has also had Trent, Owen and Izzy (Screaming Gophers, Killer Grips and Frozen Foxes)
  • Ezekiel is officially the contestant who has competed in the least amount of episodes, with three.
  • Staci is officially the female who has competed in the least amount of episodes, with five.
  • This is the third season in which a male is the first eliminated, and the third season in which that male is Ezekiel.
  • Although Izzy has been eliminated six times, she has only been voted out three times, once in Total Drama Island and twice in Total Drama Action.
    • She was chased away by the RCMP in the first season, in her first elimination.
    • She was eliminated due to injury in Total Drama World Tour.
    • She didn't compete in the fourth season.
    • She was automatically eliminated in the fifth season
  • This is the first season in which Courtney, Bridgette, Noah, Tyler, Leshawna, and Lindsay outlast Duncan (counting Duncan's return in Total Drama World Tour).
    • This is also the first time Duncan hasn't made the merge, in a season he was competing in.
  • This is the first season in which Bridgette and Geoff are both competing, and Bridgette outlasts Geoff (unless you count the fact that in Total Drama Action, Geoff stepped into the Lame-o-sine before Bridgette, technically eliminating him first)
    • This is also the first time Bridgette outranks Gwen, Courtney, DJ, Heather, Leshawna, Owen and Izzy. 
  • This is the first season in which Lindsay, Bridgette, Noah, Tyler, Cody and Sierra outrank Alejandro.
  • As of Cameron's elimination, Lightning is the second contestant to have beaten all of the Revenge of the Island cast
  • As of Lightning's elimination, Zoey is the third contestant to have beaten all of the Revenge of the Island cast.
  • This is the first season that Katie, Tyler, Brick, Noah, Suki, Joe, and Dawn make the merge phase.
  • These are who were eliminated first from each respective team (in bold is who was actually first):
    • Total Drama Island
      • Killer Bass: (Male: Ezekiel, Female: Sadie)
      • Screaming Gophers: (Male: Justin, Female: Beth)
    • Total Drama Action
      • Killer Grips: (Male: Justin, Female: Beth)
      • Screaming Gaffers: (Male: Harold, Female: Gwen)
    • Total Drama World Tour
      • Team Victory: (Male: Ezekiel, Female: Leshawna)
      • Team Chris: (Male: Owen, Female: Izzy)
      • Team Amazon: (Male: Cody, Female: Courtney)
    • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
      • Mutant Maggots: (Male: Cameron, Female: Anne Maria)
      • Toxic Rats (Male: B, Female: Staci)
  • These are who ranked the best from each respective team:
    • Total Drama Island
      • Killer Bass: (Male: Tyler, Female: TBA)
      • Screaming Gophers: (Male: TBA, Female: Lindsay)
    • Total Drama Action
      • Killer Grips: (Male: Trent, Female: Lindsay)
      • Screaming Gaffers: (Male: DJ, Female: Heather)
    • Total Drama World Tour
      • Team Victory: (Male: DJ, Female: TBA)
      • Team Chris: (Male: TBA, Female: Izzy)
      • Team Amazon: (Male: Cody, Female: Sierra)
    • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
      • Mutant Maggots: (Male: Brick, Female: Zoey)
        • Including all of the team switching: (Male: TBA, Female: Zoey)
      • Toxic Rats: (Male: Scott, Female: Dawn)
        • Including all of the team switching: (Male: TBA, Female: Dawn)
  • AJ calculated a contestant's ability to play the total drama game by taking their highest ranking and their lowest ranking (in proportion to how many contestants were competing in that season) and averaging the two.  For example, Duncan's best rating was in Total Drama Action with 1st, his worst Total Drama Explosion with 28th (1/14 + 28/40 = .7). It's something a little fun, and it will be updated as people get eliminated, so far here are the standings based on highest and lowest rankings (this is from best to worst):
    1. Duncan
    2. Lightning
    3. Gwen 
    4. Courtney
    5. Owen
    6. Leshawna
    7. Cameron
    8. Beth
    9. Izzy
    10. DJ
    11. Sam
    12. Dakota
    13. Mike
    14. Harold
    15. Geoff
    16. Anne Maria
    17. Justin
    18. Sadie
    19. Eva
    20. B
    21. Staci
    22. Ezekiel

Elimination Details 

Elimination Reasons

  1. Ezekiel - Ezekiel was eliminated for being deemed the least useful on his team, and failing to succesfully climb the cliff in Welcome back to Wawanakwa- Part 2
  2. Sadie - Sadie was eliminated because she cost the team the challenge by startling their mascot once she saw Katie, causing it to run to the other team in Capture the Mascot
  3. - B was eliminated for being deemed a threat early in the game for his genius prowess. His elimination was lead by either Heather or Joe in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
  4. Staci - Staci was elimnated because she was chosen as 'least useful on the team', and that person was automatically eliminated if the team lost in Return of the Film Lot
  5. Justin - Dakota rallied Cody, Owen and Mike to help her eliminate Justin after he kept stealing her paprazzi due to his good looks in Puzzle it Up
  6. Eva - Eva was eliminated after Izzy slipped that in an angry rage, she tossed the team emblem to the Phoenixes costing her team the win in Harry Potter and the Gilded Chris Award
  7. Cameron - Cameron was eliminated because Heather made it look like he lost them the challenge because she thought he was a threat since he had won the most recent season in Remember that Big Plane?
  8. Harold - Harold was eliminated because it was supposed to be Alejandro, but Joe tampered with the votes because Harold annoyed him, and was also a threat in Vegas, Baby!
  9. Beth - Beth was eliminated by Blaineley's alliance, because they thought if they didn't take action against previous finalists now they would slip to the finals again in Baby it's Cold Outside
  10. Owen - Owen was also targeted by Blaineley's alliance, also because he was a finalist, so she framed him for eating all their food causing his frustrated teammates and former allies to vote him off in Lost in Wawanakwa
  11. Anne Maria - Anne Maria was eliminated because Cody and Noah targeted her because they figured she was in "Sierra's" alliance in The Blizzard
  12. Izzy - Izzy was eliminated because she was the last to cross the finish line in an auto-elimination sled racing challenge in The Great Sled Race
  13. Duncan - Duncan was eliminated because only Trent, Sierra and Cody got to vote- as a reward for winning the last challenge- and all three have a dislike for Duncan in The Revengers
  14. Mike - Mike was eliminated because his teammates were scared of Mike winning all the individual challenges in the merge phase thanks to his personality Svetlana in Escape from Horror Mansion
  15. Courtney - Courtney was eliminated because she led the team astray in the challenge, and Heather used that as an opportunity to get her eliminated in You Can't Stop the Heat
  16. Geoff - Geoff was eliminated because as the team was in a fight, Blaineley took people off one by one and told them to vote Geoff for his likability that will most likely be a threat later in Sydney or Bust
  17. Gwen - Gwen was eliminated because everyone voted, and the Foxes stuck together and managed to turn a few Phoenixes against her in It's a Merry Chris-mas Day
  18. Lightning - Although normally opposed to it, Leshawna threw the challenge and framed Lightning to eliminate him after realizing they need to get rid of Joe's allies to weaken him in Turn Up the Heat
  19. Dakota - Dakota was eliminated because there was a three-way split between her, Tyler and Jo, and Brick was the swing vote, choosing to go with him over the others for being his friends in When Pillows Collide
  20. DJ - (Original Team: Fiery Phoenixes) DJ was eliminated because he ended up costing his new team the challenge because of his fear of water in The Big Switch. 
  21. Sam - (Original Team: Frozen Foxes) Sam was eliminated because he was deemed the weakest link on the team, and Blaineley had to protect Suki who was being targeted for her brains in Trust or Bust
  22. Leshawna - (Original Team: Fiery Phoenixes) Leshawna was eliminated after Joe turned her team against her as revenge for throwing the challenge and eliminating his ally Lightning back in Death Valley in The Thirsty Games
  23. Jo - (Original Team: Frozen Foxes) Jo was the first member booted off her team for costing them the challenge after not being able to unlock Lindsay's cage in Stolen
  24. Blaineley - (Original Team: Frozen Foxes) Although Heather was voted off, Suki used her idol to protect her, and Blaineley had the next highest amount of votes against her in When Zombies Attack 
  25. Trent - (Original Team: Fiery Phoenixes) Since Scott couldn't be eliminated due to his immunity idol, the team went based off the challenge and Trent performed poorly in Aloha, Drama!
  26. Alejandro - (Original Team: Fiery Phoenixes) Alejandro was sent packing because of the special elimination, and Joe chose not to save him and no one else would in The Tragic of Disney
  27. Heather - (Original Team: Fiery Phoenixes) Heather was voted off due to Sierra double-crossing her after being promised information on Cody from Suki in Sucks to be in Santorini
  28. Zoey - (Original Team: Fiery Phoenixes, Second Team: Team Island) Zoey was voted off because the losers believed they needed her help in figuring out what was wrong with Mike in Welcome to Loserville
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