This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
 This is a competition about twelve girls who go to a school for tutoring, but they learn a little different. (This is an old story that I wrote when I was eleven, so don't expect too much. For a more recent still in-progress story by me, see Total Drama Teens.)


Mrs. Courtney (Host)














Chapter 1 "Welcome, Students"

"Hi, and welcome to my teaching show. Courtney's Students." Courtney says. Someone comes up to her and whispers to her. "Oh, I mean Total Drama Failures." Courtney says. "Wait a minute, I get a show but I don't get to name it? Whatever. Turn off the camera for right now I need to get ready to teach." Courtney says. The camera cuts off. It cuts back on. Courtney has glasses, a teacher uniform on and a bun in her hair. "I am Mrs. Courtney teacher of the contestants and host of the show." Courtney says. "This is where I give challenges to twelve girls." Courtney says. Courtney now is in a classroom. A girl is now coming into the classroom. She has brown hair with a shirt that has a star on it. "Oh, and you are?" Courtney asks. "I'm the first? I'm not a nerd. I didn't get here early on purpose. I thought this was late." she says. "What is your name?" Courtney asks. "Edwina, but my friends call me Eddi." she says. "Take a seat." Courtney says. Eddi takes one in the back. A pretty blond girl steps in the classroom. "What is your name?" Courtney asks. "Ingrid." she says. "You may take a seat." Courtney says. Ingrid takes one in the second row. A small red headed girl comes in the classroom. "Sorry I'm late. Oh, nice to meet you, Mrs. Courtney. I'm Maxine." she says. "Nice to meet you too. Please take a seat." Courtney says. Maxine takes a seat in the front row. An tan looking girl steps into the classroom. "I'm Kamie. I don't really need to be here with you losers." she says and takes a seat in the third row. A shy looking girl comes in the classroom. She waves. "Hi. My name is Nanami." she says. "Welcome, Nanami is an exchange student from Japan." Courtney says. Nanami takes a seat in the front row. A pretty girl that is wearing pink and red clothing comes in. "I'm Alisha." she says. "Take a seat." Courtney says. A dark looking girl comes in. "Hi, what's your name?" Courtney asks. "Tarynn." she says. She takes a seat in the back. A girl dressed all in blue with blue hair comes in. "I'm Saphire. Almost spelled like the gem, just with one P. And I love the color blue." she says. She takes a seat in the second row. A tough looking girl comes in the room. "My name is Hartley." she says. She takes a seat in the second row and puts her feet on the desk. A pretty girl wearing a green tank top comes in the room. "I'm Mackenzie." the girl says. She takes a seat in the third row. "Oh my gosh, Mackenzie is that famous new actress!" Saphire squeals. "Okay, calm down, I'm taking a break from acting right now, since I'm here to learn." Mackenzie says. A girl with long hair comes in. "Hi, I'm Skycirca." she says. She takes a seat in the third row. A girl with a blue skirt and hat on comes in. "Hey, guys my name's Yanika. People call me Nikki thoughs." she says. "Please take a seat." Courtney says. "Okay, I will ya think I ain't?" Yanika asks. Yanika takes a seat. "Welcome, Students." Courtney says. "This is really a reality show that you will be competing in for one million dollars!" Courtney exclaims. All the girls gasp. "You will be sleeping in a cabin like house, there's one for each team. You will face a challenge everyday. There is a dramatic ceremony where one of you is eliminated. There is two teams. The Bashful Books are Eddi, Ingrid, Maxine, Kamie, Nanami, and Alisha. The rest of you, Tarynn, Saphire, Hartley, Mackenzie, Skycirca, and Yanika are The Peculiar Pencils. And the confessionals are the bathrooms." Courtney explains. "Now you may go to your cabins. Here is The Peculiar Pencil's key. Here is The Bashful Book's key." Courtney says. "Now go to your cabins. Meet me in the morning." Courtney continues. Hartley takes The Peculiar Pencil's key. Kamie takes The Bashful Book's key. Hartley leads The Peculiar Pencils. She then unlocks the door of the cabin. The Peculiar Pencils go in. The Bashful Books go in their house. It shows The Peculiar Pencils. "I think it would be a good idea if we could get know each other." Skycirca suggests. "First lets just pick bunk mates, okay girl?" Yanika asks. Skycirca nods. "I call Mackenzie!" claims Saphire. "Sky, want to be bunk mates? You seem pretty cool if ya ask me." Yanika says. "Thank you. I will be your bunkmate." Skycirca says. "I guess that means you and me." Hartley says. "Okay." Tarynn says. "So do any of you got siblings?" Yanika asks. "Yes, six younger ones." Skycirca says. "I have a twin sister. Her name is Tarynn." Mackenzie says. "I have an older brother." Hartley says. "I have a younger sister." Saphire says. "I have twin sister." Tarynn says. "Wait. You sayin' Mackenzie is yo' sista'? Ya'll look nothing alike." Yanika says. "Tarynn is that really you, you look different." Mackenzie asks. "Yes. I have changed." Tarynn says. Mackenzie goes up to her and gives her a hug. "I haven't seen you in so long." Mackenzie says. It shows The Bashful Books. "You seem cool you want to be bunkmates?" Eddi asks. "Sure." Alisha says. "Nanami?" Maxine asks. "Sure Maxine." Nanami replies. "I was pretty surprised that I was one of the only people left for bunkmates." Kamie says in confessional. "I call top." Kamie says. "Man." Ingrid says. "Big deal, moron." Kamie says. "What did you just say?" Ingrid asks. "Are you deaf, moron, you should have heard me clearly." Kamie asks. Ingrid looks hurt. "That was mean of her to say that." Ingrid says in confessional. The Bashing Books and The Peculiar Pencils go to sleep. "The first challenge is tomorrow, let's see how these girls do." Courtney says.

Chapter 2 "Let's see if you can stand each other."

"Wake up, girls. It's time for your challenge. It's where you guys will be in the same house with each other for the whole day. Which ever team has the calmest house wins. The one that loses meets me at the dramatic ceremony." Courtney explains. The Peculiar Pencils are shown. "This seems pretty easy." Mackenzie says. "I'm going back to bed." Hartley says. "I'm not. Look at the beautiful day. Let us sing with the birds and be free." Skycirca says dancing around. She then begins to sing with the birds. She then goes outside. "Oh it's a radio." Yanika says. She turns it on and dance. "You have some moves, Nikki." Saphire says. Tarynn is drawing on her bunk. Mackenzie is putting blush on in the bathroom. She then comes in the bedroom. "Do you guys smell that?" Mackenzie asks. "Yeah, what is it?" Saphire says. "I think it might be Hartley." Tarynn says. Hartley wakes up. "Who said my name?" Hartley asks. "Hartley, why do ya smell?" Yanika asks. "Oh, I don't wear deodorant." Hartley asks. "Ew! That's disgusting!" Saphire says. "Whatever." Hartley says going back to sleep. Skycirca comes back inside. "What's that smell?" Skycirca asks. Everyone points to Hartley. "Oh." Skycirca says. Yanika puts music on. "Well ya guys wanna learn how ta dance?" Yanika asks. The Bashful Books are shown. Alisha pulls out her phone and texts. "Who are you texting?" Eddi asks. "My friends." Alisha says. Eddi tries to look at what she is texting. "What are you texting to them?" Eddi asks. Alisha moves away in annoyance. "Man, I guess I messed up." Eddi says in confessional. Maxine is reading. Nanami is writing. "We can do this! B-A-S-H-I-N-G B-O-O-K-S what's that spell?" Ingrid cheers. "Bashing Books, we are The Bashful Books, idiot." Kamie says. "Oh." Ingrid says. Kamie goes up to drink coffee. Eddi follows her. "Hey, um you want to be friends?" Eddi says. "Sure. Even better we can be an alliance." Kamie says. "Oh that's great." Eddi says extending her arm to shake hands with Kamie then knocks the coffee over on accident. The coffee falls on Kamie. She screams. "Oh I'm so sorry. Here I'll clean it up." Eddi says. "Just forget it." Kamie says. Kamie storms out of the room. Nanami gives Maxine the paper she wrote. Maxine adds onto it and gives it back. "You can do it now." Maxine says. Nanami sings was is written on the paper. "That was beautiful." Maxine says. Nanami bows. "Thank you." Nanami says. Everyone claps. Loud music is heard in the background. "What's that?" Eddi asks. It shows The Peculiar Pencils. They are dancing. "Good jobs, this is the best party." Yanika says. "I'm proud of you, Tarynn I didn't think you would dance." Yanika. "Is that a compliment?" Tarynn asks. "This is an awesome party!" Mackenzie says. "I know, it's so cool!" Saphire says. They are getting snacks at the table. "Great job on your dancing." Saphire says. "Thanks, you weren't bad either." Mackenzie says. Hartley is chewing gum and blows a bubble. "Wow, that's cool." Skycirca says. Skycirca then touches the bubble and it pops. It is all over Hartley's face. "You want me to show you why people call me, 'Hardcore Hartley'?" Hartley asks. Skycirca runs. "Wait, don't hurt her. Besides I bet she doesn't know what bubblegum is." Mackenzie says. "Fine." Hartley says. It shows The Bashful Books. Eddi walks into the room. Kamie looks away. Maxine and Nanami is asleep. Kamie grabs her glasses and hides them. "Hey you should give them back to her!" Ingrid exclaims. "She needs her glasses to see." Alisha says. "I think she has to get contacts." Eddi protests. Alisha gives her a look. Maxine wakes up. And so does Nanami. "Where's my glasses?" Maxine asks. Nanami leads her to Kamie. "Give them back, Kamie." Nanami says. "Only if you join an alliance with me." Kamie says. "Okay." Maxine says. Kamie gives her her glasses back. The Bashful Books and The Peculiar Pencils go to bed.

Morning comes up. "The results are in. And The Bashful Books meet me at the dramatic ceremony." Courtney says. The Peculiar Pencils go back to sleep. "Bashful Books. This how it works. I have hall passes in my hands. When I call your name you get a hall pass. If you don't get a hall pass you are eliminated." Courtney explains. "Alisha, Nanami, Ingrid." Courtney calls. "Maxine." Courtney says. "The last hall pass goes to...

Kamie." Courtney says. Eddi walks sadly to the bus. "That's what you get for messing with me." Kamie says.

Chapter 3 "You can't sing"

"Okay, girls wake up! It's time for your next challenge. You will be performing singing or cheer or dance. Whichever person has the best score wins for their team. The other teams loses. Their will be judges. Whoever has the lowest score will be eliminated." Courtney explains. "I'll do a cheer for our team." Ingrid says. "I can sing with Nanami." Maxine says. Nanami nods. "I can dance better than any of you." Kamie says. "Well I could sing." Alisha says. "I'll dance." Tarynn says. "I can sing." Saphire says. "I'll rap." Hartley says. "I'll dance with Yanika." Mackenzie says. "Alright girl." Yanika says giving Mackenzie a hi-five. "I can fly." Skycirca says. "Everyone practice." Courtney says. The girls do so. "Alisha, its your turn." Courtney says. Alisha comes out and sings. "Thank you, Alisha." Courtney says. The judges write their scores down. "Hartley, its your turn." Bridgette says. Hartley comes out and raps a hardcore rap. "Wow, thanks." Courtney says. "Ingrid." Duncan calls. Ingrid does a cheer for The Bashful Books. "Thank you Ingrid." Courtney says. "Kamie." Courtney calls. Kamie does an average dance onstage. "Okay." Courtney says. "Mackenzie and Yanika." Bridgette says. Mackenzie and Yanika come out and do a group dance. "Thank you." Courtney says. "Maxine and Nanami." Duncan says. The two sing a duet. "Thank you." Courtney says. Saphire comes out and sings but forgets few lyrics. "Okay." Courtney says. "Skycirca." Bridgette calls. Skycirca comes out and spreads her arms out like wings. Then she jumps off the stage and falls face first. "Ow." Skycirca says. "Uh, okay." Courtney says. "Tarynn." Duncan says. Tarynn comes out and dances. "Thanks." Courtney says. "Okay everyone back to your cabins. We are going to get the results." Courtney says. The girls go back to their cabins. The judges write down names and numbers for the contestants. "Okay, let's call them out here." Duncan says. "Okay, girls its time to come back out!" Bridgette announces. The girls come out. "The girl with the biggest score is...Ingrid who had thirty points. So The Bashful Books are safe. The Peculiar Pencils are not. So I'm going to call out the girl with the biggest score to the girl who gets the boot right here." Courtney says. "Mackenzie and Yanika your score was twenty-four. And both of you are safe." Courtney says. "Tarynn you are safe with twenty-three points." Courtney says. "Hartley you are safe with nineteen points." Courtney says. "Saphire you sang but forgot some lyrics. Skycirca you fell face first for your performance. The name I don't call will be eliminated. The person who is safe with nine points is...

Saphire." Courtney says. Saphire cries in joy. "We'll miss ya girl." Yanika says hugging Skycirca. "The first person voted off on our team was someone nice and cool." Tarynn says in confessional. "Peace, Everyone, peace." Skycirca says. She then hugs everyone on her team. The Peculiar Pencils cry. Skycirca then gets on a bike and rides away.

Chapter 4 "Makeup, Style, and Pose!"

"Wake up! We need to get you girls ready for your next challenge!" Courtney yells. The girls moan. Tarynn wipes her eyes and looks at the clock. "It's three in the morning." She says. "No wonder it's dark out." Saphire says. The girls walk out of their house. They all see two trailers that weren't there before. "What are those?" Alisha asks. "Oh that you will just go in it." Courtney says pointing to the left one. All the girls shrug and go in. The room has ten chairs and it looked like a salon inside. "This challenge is a modeling challenge! First of all you guys have to get makeovers for the catwalk." Courtney explains. "Uh, Courtney I don't need a makeover." Kamie says. "You know, that's dropping out of the challenge." Mackenzie says. Kamie glares Mackenzie and crosses her arms. Mackenzie just smiles. "This is going to be so fun!" Ingrid joyfully says. Yanika sits in a chair and looks in the mirror. Maxine hesitates to sit down. Nanami comes to her says, "It will be fun." Maxine sits in the chair. Soon everyone is in a chair. Ten people work on the girls' hair and faces. "Okay girls go to the next trailer and pick your dresses. Besides I need to work more on the catwalk. I would practice your strut if I were you." Courtney says. The camera is on a high angle the girls going into the next trailer. But you hear Maxine saying, "Strut? What's Strut?" "I know, it's like your walk." Ingrid says. "I definitely have to practice that." Hartley says. The girls pick out their dresses and the girls aren't that visible from the camera's angle. "The catwalks ready! We are going to go by alphabetical order so Alisha you are up." Courtney says. Alisha comes out with blush, mascara, and a red dress on. She walks classy on the walk and poses for Courtney to take a picture. Courtney takes a picture and Alisha goes back. "Next is, Hartley." Courtney says. Hartley comes out with her hair down and purple lipstick and she has a silver dress on. She walks across and poses with an aloof expression. The camera flashes then Hartley walks back. "Ingrid." Courtney says. Ingrid comes out with a orange dress on and orange eyeshadow. She walks and poses professionally. The camera flashes and Ingrid goes back. "It's your turn, Kamie." Courtney says. Kamie comes out with earrings and a yellow dress on. She walks across smiling a goody-goody smile. She poses, the camera flashes and Kamie goes back. "Mackenzie, your time." Courtney says. Mackenzie comes out with a green dress, green nail polish, and mascara on. She struts very well. Then Courtney takes a picture then Mackenzie goes back. "Maxine it's your turn." Courtney says. Maxine comes out. Her acne is all gone, she is wearing contacts and a pink dress, her hair is longer. She has mascara, blush, and pink lipstick, eyeshadow, and earrings on. "Wow, Maxine you look really different." Courtney says. Maxine just walks across. The camera flashes and Maxine goes back. "Nanami, time for you." Courtney says. Nanami comes out with long lavender hair and a beautiful purple dress. Nanami walks across and smiles cutely for the camera. The camera flashes and she goes back. "Saphire." Courtney says. Saphire comes out with her hair curled and blue eye shadow and dress. Saphire poses and whispers to herself, "Blue." The camera takes the picture then Saphire walks away. "Tarynn, you're up." Courtney says. Tarynn has a black dress and mascara along with dark blue eyeshadow. She walks across then poses for the camera. The camera flashes signaling Tarynn to go back. "Last but not least, Yanika." Courtney says. Yanika has a gold dress, no hat, hair down, and pink lipstick. She walks and poses proudly. The camera flashes and Yanika goes back. "Go back to your cabins and I'll decide what team should go to the dramatic ceremony." Courtney says. It shows the Peculiar Pencils. "That was so fun." Mackenzie flopping on the bed happily. "Yeah girl, that was coo' and our funnest challenge that we had so fa." Yanika says. "You know that was pretty fun." Tarynn says. "Agreed." Saphire says. "I think we all did pretty good." Hartley says. It shows The Bashful Books. Maxine is taking off her earrings. "You aren't going to leave those on?" Kamie asks. "No." Maxine says. "Your loss." Kamie says. "Leave her alone." Nanami says. "Fine." Kamie walks away. Maxine and Nanami shake their heads. "You did awesome, Alisha." Ingrid says. "Thanks, so did you." Alisha says. "Thank you." Ingrid says. They both high-five. "Okay The Peculiar Pencils are going to meet at the dramatic ceremony." Courtney says. "Aw, come on." Yanika says. The Peculiar Pencils are at the dramatic ceremony. "I have four hall passes in my hands. When I call your name you get your hall pass. One of you will not get a hall pass. The person who doesn't get a hall pass is eliminated. Then that person will have to get on the car and leave." Courtney says. "Mackenzie, get your hall pass." Courtney says. "Hartley." Courtney says. "Tarynn." Courtney says. "Okay, Yanika or Saphire will be eliminated. The last hall pass goes to...

Yanika." Courtney says. Yanika is surprised and gets her hall pass. Saphire cries. Mackenzie goes to comfort her. Saphire puts her head down. Then Saphire's blue hair falls off and reveal she really has brunette hair. Saphire eyes widen and she runs and cries, "I wasn't dedicated enough!" "It's okay, Saphire. No one's mad at you!" Mackenzie yells. "Really? Thank you." Saphire says and hugs Mackenzie. Saphire then leaves in the bus.

Chapter 5 Failures' Houses

"Wake up, girls and come outside!" Courtney yells. All the girls come out of their houses. "These are the things you need to wear." Courtney says pointing to hard hats and safety glasses. "Your challenge is to make with your team, your team's house look better. Then I will tour to see which house is better. Whichever team's house is the worst the owners will have to go to the dramatic ceremony." Courtney says. "Now your tools are in those boxes. There will have to be painters, designers, and carpenters." Courtney explains. All the girls get their hard hats and glasses on. "Ready, Set, Go!" Courtney yells. The girls run off. It shows The Peculiar Pencils. "I'll be the carpenter." Hartley says."I'll paint." Tarynn says. "I will be designin' the rooms." Yanika says. "Well I guess I will paint with Tarynn." Mackenzie says. Yanika grabs a big piece of paper and draws four squares on it and labels them 'Kitchen', 'Living Room', 'Bedroom', and 'Bathroom'. "Kay' I'll draw them good." Yanika says. Everyone nods. Yanika finishes. "I'll start the furniture in the kitchen." Hartley says. Hartley then starts on a table. Tarynn and Mackenzie start painting the kitchen. Hartley and Yanika move the furniture made by Hartley to the kitchen. "One room, is done and three to go." Tarynn says. "Let's do the living room." Hartley says. Mackenzie and Tarynn paint the living room blue. Hartley works on an ottoman and a few chairs. Yanika examines the room. It shows The Bashful Books. "I'll be the designer." Kamie says. "I'll be a painter." Nanami says. "Yeah! I will be a painter too!" Ingrid cheers. "I guess that means Maxine and I are carpenters." Alisha says. "I guess so." Maxine says. Kamie writes out a plan for each room. The girls start with the kitchen. Maxine and Alisha work on a few chairs. Nanami and Ingrid paint away. They then finish up. "Okay, guys let's work on the living room." Kamie says. Alisha and Maxine are making a couch. Ingrid and Nanami paint the living room bright purple. It shows The Peculiar Pencils. "The bedroom is gonna' be the bestest part." Yanika says. Mackenzie and Tarynn paint on the walls a solid color then paint designs on the color. Hartley is making a desk. Hartley carries it in the middle of the room. "Now, the bathroom." Mackenzie says. "I'll work on a shelf for the shower." Hartley says. She begins to work on the shelf and Yanika helps her how it's suppose to look like. Mackenzie and Tarynn paint the bathroom green. They finish up. "We are done." Yanika says. "Wait, we have to clean." Tarynn says. "Oh." Hartley says. "Everyone clean a room." Mackenzie says. It shows The Bashful Books. "Now paint the bedroom this dark pink. And we need to get a dresser in here too." Kamie says. "Fine." Maxine says. "Do it, now!" Kamie yells. "Okay, okay." Maxine says. Alisha glares at Kamie but goes to work. "I'll start on this wall, and you do the other, okay?" Ingrid asks. "Okay, It'll be easier." Nanami says. They paint the walls. After they finish up Nanami says, "We'll do the bathrooms." Alisha and Maxine see on the plan that they didn't need to make anymore furniture. Alisha sits on a bed. Then Kamie grabs Maxine and takes her to the kitchen. "What?" Maxine asks annoyed. "Don't back to me, or you're out." Kamie says. "Out of what?" Maxine says. "The alliance." Kamie says. Alisha is listening to music. And Ingrid and Nanami are still painting. "Whatever, I don't really care! Because I quit!" Maxine says. Kamie looks shocked. "Then will just be Nanami and me." Kamie says. "Do you really think Nanami is going to be in your alliance with her best friend not in it? If you do, you must be pretty stupid." Alisha says. "Stay out of business." Kamie says. Nanami comes up to Kamie with paint all over her hands. "I quit." Nanami says. Then Nanami puts her hand on Kamie's back making the paint all over it. Kamie gasps. "Good job, Nanami. She needed that." Ingrid says. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry no more alliances. Just, please-" Kamie says and starts crying. "Okay, we leave you alone, and none of us will have or be in an alliance." Alisha says. "Alright." Kamie says. All the girls go out of the room and Kamie grimaces. "Okay girls, time is up. I'm going to check The Bashful Books house first." Courtney says. Courtney checks the house then The Peculiar Pencils house. "Okay, I have decided The Peculiar Pencils win. Because there house was beautiful and clean. And The Bashful Books wasn't. And one of the painters messed up and did an ugly picture of me in The Bashful Books house." Courtney says. "Okay, come on Bashful Books you have to go to the dramatic ceremony." Courtney continues. The Bashful Books move on to the dramatic ceremony with Courtney. "Okay, first name I'm going to call is Kamie." Courtney says. "Maxine and Nanami." Courtney says. "Ingrid or Alisha? The last hall pass goes to...

Alisha." Courtney says. Ingrid hugs Alisha and walks sadly to the bus.

Chapter 6 "Trivia or Dare?"

The girls wake up in chairs. Lights light up. A big sign that reads, "Trivia or Dare?" lights up. Girls are startled. "Ah!" Maxine yells. "Have we been kidnapped?" asks Tarynn blindfolded. "Why are you blindfolded?" Mackenzie asks. "I really think she know." Yanika says. "I know." a nerdy voice says. "Who was that?" Kamie asks. "It sounds familiar." Alisha says. "We just need to get out of here." Hartley says. "Why is Tarynn blindfolded?" Nanami asks. "Because I'm Harold host of this game show, and she is the first contestant." the voice says. "How you play I ask you trivia and you answer it. If you answer correct you go to the next round. If you don't you will have to do a dare. If you do the dare you can go on to the next round. If you don't you can't go to the next round." Harold explains. "Tarynn who was first voted off in Total Drama Island?" Harold asks. "Ezekiel." Tarynn says. "Correct you are still in." Harold says. "Nanami. Who won Total Drama Action?" Harold asks. "You?" Nanami smiles. "No, Duncan did. You do not get to do the next round unless you sing The Leshawna song." Harold says. "I don't know it." Nanami says. "Sit out please." Harold says. "Yanika, who was the first voted off The Bashful Books?" Harold asked. "Sky." Yanika says. "Not the Peculiar Pencils, you're out unless you lick the floor." Harold says. "No way I doin' that." Yanika says. "Okay, sit out." Harold says. "Alisha, who won Total Drama Island?" Harold asks. "Owen." Alisha says. "Correct." "Hartley who was the runner-up?" Harold says. "Eva?" Hartley asks. "No okay, you have to dye your hair blond." Harold says. "No way!" Hartley says. "Okay you have to sit out." Harold says. "Kamie, who was the runner-up of Total Drama Action?" Harold asks. "Gwen! I knew it!" Kamie yells. "Nope, you have to smack yourself in the face." Harold says. Kamie crosses her arms and sits down. "Mackenzie, what place was I in Total Drama Action?" Harold asks. "Fifth place." Mackenzie says. "Correct. Maxine who had a crush on me that had a boyfriend?" Harold asks. "Beth." Maxine answers. "Yes, next round. The people in this round are Maxine, Mackenzie, Alisha, and Tarynn." Harold says. "Whoever wins this round their team wins. The other team loses and the people that are on that team that didn't make it to this second round will compete. Whoever loses out is eliminated." Harold explains. "Tarynn, who is my number one enemy?" Harold asks. "Heather?" Tarynn says. "No please sit out." Harold says. "Maxine what is my middle name?" Harold asks. "I don't know." Maxine says. "Sit out." Harold says. "Mackenzie how many names do I have?" Harold asks. "Nicknames?" Mackenzie asks. "I'm asking you the question, sit out." Harold says. "Alisha is left so The Bashful Books are safe." Harold says. "Hartley and Yanika stand up for me please." Harold says. "Whoever answers this question right first is safe. The other is eliminated." Harold says. "Who is the new girl coming on Total Drama World Tour?" Harold asks. The two girls hesitate. Yanika raises her hand. "Yanika." Harold says. "Sarah?" Yanika says. "Close enough. Hartley you are eliminated." Harold says. "What?" Hartley yells. She kicks Harold in the crotch and then leaves.

Chapter 7 "Prank'D"

"Girls there is no challenge today, and Yanika and Kamie please report to my office." Courtney says. Yanika and Kamie come out from their houses and walks to the school. They then appear in Courtney's office. "What?" Kamie asks. "Girls, sit down." Courtney says. They sit down. "There is a challenge today, but you are both need to listen. The challenge is you guys prank the other person's team. Whichever is the best prankster wins, and the team they pranked have to go to the dramatic ceremony. But both of you are going to be safe" Courtney says. Yanika and Kamie go in a secret door to the houses that Courtney had shown them. It shows Yanika. She takes a bucket and fills it with water. She then gets a rope and ties it on top of the door. She then puts on phone on the floor. Yanika then hides Nanami's sketch board. Yanika then sneaks out of the cabin. It shows Kamie. "Only two people I have to prank. Ha! Easy." Kamie says in confessional. Kamie rummages through drawers and hides Tarynn's acne cream. Then she writes a letter to Mackenzie. "Dear, Mackenzie you just aren't working out now. Sorry but we are going to have to fire you." Kamie writes. She then slides it under the front door. Kamie runs outside and meets with Yanika. Kamie goes back inside and steals one of Tarynn shirts. She then hangs it on the flagpole. The Bashful Books are shown. Nanami goes in to find her sketch board. "Where is it?" Nanami asks. "What?" Maxine asks. "My sketch board is gone." Nanami says. Maxine and Alisha help her. "Well it can't just walk off like that." Alisha says. Alisha's phone rings. She picks it up. "Hello." Alisha says. "How did ya get my numba'?" "Excuse me? I don't even know who you are." Alisha says. "Yeah right. Just don't go skiin' without me." "What?" Alisha asks. "I think you have the wrong-" Alisha is hung up on. Yanika is seen closing her phone. "Who was that?" Maxine asks. "I don't know. They were rambling about and then they hung up on me. Which I don't really get." Alisha says. "Something weird is going on here." Maxine says. "Oh someone check the bathroom, it might be there." Nanami says. "Okay." Maxine says. "I'll check the kitchen." Alisha says. Maxine is shown. She walking towards the bathroom door. She opens the door and sees the sketch board. "I-" Maxine is cut off by a bucket of water spilling on her. "Oh, my goodness!" Maxine yells. The bucket hits the floor. "What was that?" Alisha asks. Maxine then gets up and steps on the phone pressing buttons and getting water into it. "Oh, man." Maxine says. The phone calls someone and that person answers. "Uh, hello?" and old lady says on the phone. Maxine picks up the phone. "Sorry wrong number." Maxine says hanging up. She grabs the sketch board out of the bath tub and gives it to Nanami. "Thank you." Nanami says. "What happened to you?" Alisha asks. "It's a long story." Maxine says. It shows The Peculiar Pencils. Tarynn goes into the bathroom and starts putting mascara on. She then opens a drawer where her acne cream should be. And it's not there. "Hey, Mackenzie?" Tarynn calls. "Yeah?" Mackenzie asks. "Do you have my acne cream?" Tarynn asks. "No." Mackenzie says. "Huh." Tarynn says. Tarynn looks out the window and sees her shirt on the flagpole. "What the-" Tarynn says. She runs outside and climbs the pole and grabs her shirt off of it. She comes back inside to Mackenzie crying. "What's wrong?" Tarynn asks. "I'm fired." Mackenzie says. "What?" Tarynn asks. Mackenzie gives Tarynn the letter. Tarynn reads it. "That's a fake. I know, trust me you're not fired." Tarynn says. "Thanks." Mackenzie says. "Okay, girls that was your challenge for today." Courtney says over the loudspeaker. "What?" some girls say. "Yanika and Kamie were to prank you. The team that got pranked the best was The Bashful Books. They were pranked by Yanika. Kamie pranked The Peculiar Pencils. Since The Bashful Books were pranked the best they have to go to the dramatic ceremony. And Kamie has invincibility." Courtney explains. The Bashful Books report to the dramatic ceremony. Courtney begins. "Kamie you are safe." Courtney says. "Nanami." Courtney says. "Maxine or Alisha? The last hall pass goes to...

Alisha." Courtney says. "Sorry, Maxine you have been eliminated." Courtney continues. Maxine hugs Nanami and Alisha and glares at Kamie. Maxine then leaves in the bus.

Chapter 8 "A Merge Reward"

"Now we are at a merge. The Bashful Books move into The Peculiar Pencil's house. Then get dressed for the challenge." Courtney says. Kamie, Nanami, and Alisha go to The Peculiar Pencils house. Mackenzie and Alisha bond quickly. "You can sleep on the top bunk." Mackenzie says. "Thanks." Alisha says. "I'll sleep down here." Nanami says. "Okay." Tarynn says. "I guess I get a bunk all myself!" Kamie says. "Uh, girl, I'm still here." Yanika says. "I don't ant to share a bunk with you because I've heard you've been low twice. So I don't want your loserness go on to me." Kamie says. The girls gasp. "Oh, don't worry 'bout that. You ain't sleeping near me. You can sleep outs." Yanika says. Kamie mouth drops. "Whatever as long it is away from you loser." Kamie says pointing to Yanika. "And you blondie." Kamie says pointing to Mackenzie. "And you dandruff." Kamie points to Tarynn. "And you two, Chinese girl and Ms. Popular!" Kamie yells pointing at Nanami and Alisha. She slams the door. The girls shake their heads. But all of them get ready for the challenge. The six girls come out of the cabin. There is a stage and six doors on it. "Girls, each of you will be going into a door. Each of you go through one it that is your challenge." Courtney explains. "That's easy." Kamie says. All the girls race to the doors and open them. A boy is what each door reveals. "It's a date challenge!" Courtney says. It shows Alisha's date. "I'm Elijah." Elijah says. "I'm Alisha." Alisha says. They sit down and eat. "You are very pretty." Elijah says. "Thank you." Alisha says. "What kind of grades do you get?" Alisha asks. "I guess good ones." Elijah says. "You're funny." Alisha says. They then both kiss. It shows Kamie's date. "My name's Alex." Alex says. "My name is-" Kamie is cut off. "Yeah your name is Kamie, whatever." Alex says. "You're a jerk." Kamie says. "I know we both are." Alex says. "Shut up." Kamie says. Alex then kisses Kamie. Kamie blushes. "What was that?" Kamie asks still blushing. "A kiss." Alex says. "Want another one?" Alex asks. "A quick one." Kamie says. Alex quickly kisses Kamie on the cheek. Alex then blushes. "Okay." Alex says. It shows Mackenzie's date. She sits down. Her date pushes her chair in. "Thank you, Luke." Mackenzie says. "Oh, it's the least I can do Mackenzie. But can you sign here." Luke says. "Okay." Mackenzie says. She signs a piece of paper. Luke takes out a camera and takes a picture of Mackenzie. "Ow, my eyes." Mackenzie says. "Perfect." Luke says. "You're the paparazzi. I can't believe it!" Mackenzie laughs. "So you will date me?" Luke asks. "No thanks." Mackenzie says. It shows Nanami's date. Nanami is sitting. "Me-kun is Tim." Tim says. "Anime me-kun love- kun you too-kun?" Tim asks. "What?" Nanami asks. "You speak English?" Tim says. "Yeah." Nanami says. "So you Chinese?" Tim asks. "No, I'm Japanese and forget it." Nanami says walking away. It shows Tarynn's date. "My name is Kevin." Kevin says. "Mine is Tarynn." Tarynn says. "What do you like to do?" Kevin asks. "Painting and filming pretty much." Tarynn says. "You are very interesting." Kevin says. "Thanks. You're unique in a way." Tarynn says. Tarynn and Kevin kiss. It shows Yanika's date. Yanika and Erik are sitting at a table. "So what 'bout yourself?" Yanika asks. "Well, I never had a girlfriend before." Erik says. "Excuse me, so ya' neva' been kissed by a girl befo'?" Yanika asks. "Yes." Erik says. "Here." Yanika says. Yanika then kisses Erik. Erik blushes. "There short stuff." Yanika says. "You like me?" Erik asks. "Yeah." Yanika says. "Okay the dramatic ceremony has come. All girls come to the dramatic ceremony. "The elimination will be based on how your date went." Courtney explains. "Alisha you are safe." Courtney says. "Tarynn and Kamie." Courtney says. "Yanika." Courtney says. "Mackenzie or Nanami? The last hall pass goes to...

Mackenzie." Courtney says. Nanami waves good-bye to everyone. Then Nanami walks to leave on the bus.

Chapter 9 "The Five Scary Fears"

"Wake up, girls. Congratulations on making it to the final five." Courtney says. "Today, you guys will have to face your fears." Courtney says. "But how would you know them?" Kamie asks. "You signed them on your application you had to to get in." Courtney says. "Now, whoever does not face their fear will be eliminated." Courtney says. "But if more than one person doesn't face their fear, we will have a dramatic ceremony." Courtney says. "Let's go in backwards alphabetical order so Yanika, here is your present." Courtney says. "I get a present?" Yanika asks. She opens the box that Courtney gave her. A little kitten jumps out of it. "Ah!" Yanika yells. "You're scared of cats?" Kamie laughs. "It's not funny, Kamie." Alisha says. "Yeah." Tarynn says. "Yanika, just pet it, it will become your friend." Mackenzie says. Yanika bends down pets it. The kitten purrs and Yanika smiles. "Yanika, you have to spend the whole day with the cat. At the end of the day you can decide to keep it or not." Courtney says. "Okay, I'll name her Frida." Yanika says. "Tarynn, your turn." Courtney says. Courtney lights some candles near Tarynn. Tarynn's eyes enlarge and she starts to sweat. "Run around this room near the fire." Courtney says. "No. I'll burn to death because the fire will touch me somehow and then it will grow." Tarynn says. "Okay. Mackenzie your turn take a step in that box right there." Courtney says. Mackenzie goes into the box and Courtney locks the door on it. "Stay in there for five minutes." Courtney says. "Kamie, it's your time to face your fear." Courtney says. Everyone is excited including Frida but excluding Kamie. "Climb up that diving board and jump off into the pool." Courtney says. "Fine." Kamie says. Kamie climbs up the diving board's ladder. But Frida comes along. She jumps on Kamie's head. "Ow." Kamie says. Frida gets on the diving board. Then Kamie gets up on it. "Wait a minute with my clothes on and not my bathing suit?" Kamie asks. "No." Courtney says. Kamie sighs. Frida then pushes Kamie off. Kamie falls into the pool back first. She hits her back hard. "Ow! You evil cat!" Kamie yells. "Frida ain't evil ya' are." Yanika says. Frida then jumps off the diving board and Yanika catches her. "Good job." Alisha complements both Yanika and Frida. "Wow, that cat is pretty cool actually." Tarynn says. Kamie comes out of the pool and she is soaked. "If I wasn't so soaked I would slap you, Yanika." Kamie says. "Wow, calm down." Alisha says. "Yeah, take a chill pill." Tarynn says. Kamie opens her mouth then crosses her arms. "I've decided to keep Frida." Yanika says. Frida happily meows. "Now, Alisha we are going to turn off the lights for one minute." Courtney says. Courtney turns off the lights. Alisha counts to sixty to calm herself. Courtney turns the lights on. "Now we have to get Mackenzie out of the box." Courtney says. Courtney leads the girls to the box where Mackenzie was held. Courtney opens the box and Mackenzie comes out. "That was more than five minutes." Mackenzie says. "Looks like Tarynn is eliminated." Courtney says. "Okay." Tarynn says. Tarynn hugs Mackenzie, Yanika, and Alisha. Tarynn just shakes her head at Kamie. Tarynn then gets on the bus escorted by Kevin. And they sit together on the bus.

Chapter 10 "Blind Fight"

"Wake up, girls it's time to do your challenge!" Courtney says. The girls wake up. All the girls go outside. "You girls will be fighting but with blindfolds. You get points by knocking people down. Whoever gets three people down first wins the challenge. You will vote who to get eliminated." Courtney says. "Ya' know fightin' blindfolded seems kinda hard. Cause it probably like ya' gotta listen but you deaf." Yanika says in confessional. "Okay start right now." Courtney says. The girls start. They get blindfolded. They don't fight at first since they're trying to find each other. Mackenzie feels Kamie's left hand and grabs it. "Ha!" Mackenzie says. "Ah!" Kamie cries. Kamie then grabs Mackenzie's hand and tries to flip her over. Then Alisha grabs Kamie's right hand and pulls it. Then Yanika pushes Kamie over. "Ow!" Kamie screams. "Kamie is out. The rest of you, have one point so go ahead and fight." Courtney says. She pulls Kamie away. Kamie then takes her blindfold off and crosses her arms. "Not fair." Kamie says. Courtney shrugs. Mackenzie pushes Yanika causing her to fall onto Alisha. Alisha then falls over. "Alisha you're out." Courtney says. Alisha takes her blindfold off and sits to watch the fight. "Marco." Mackenzie says. Mackenzie puts her hands behind her. Then to her sides then to her front. "Come on, Yanika." Mackenzie says. Yanika takes her foot and sweeps it under Mackenzie. Yanika's leg hits Mackenzie's feet. Mackenzie then trips. Yanika takes her blindfold off. "Are ya' kay Mackenze?" Yanika asks. "I'm very sorry I don't mean to hurt ya'." Yanika continues. "It's okay, Yanika." Mackenzie says. Kamie rolls her eyes. "You don't get it." Alisha says. "You shouldn't mess with me. So shut it." Kamie says. "What happened to your teeth?" Alisha asks. "What are you talking about?" Kamie asks. Kamie feels her teeth and screams. "What's goin' on?" Yanika asks. "Whoa, Kamie gosh, what happened to you?" Mackenzie asks. "I'm missing a tooth." Kamie says. "You must have got it knocked out when you fell." Courtney says. "No!" Kamie yells. "It's all your fault, Blondie, Loser, and Pop Queen!" Kamie says. Kamie then tries to slap Mackenzie. Frida then bites Kamie. "Ow!" Kamie yells. "Stupid cat!" Kamie calls. "She ain't stupid you are." Yanika says. "You need to calm down." Alisha says. "How can I calm down? I missing a tooth that I shouldn't be!" Kamie says. The girls walk away from Kamie. "You all are losers!" Kamie yells. The girls shut the door on her. "Now, look I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win." Kamie says in confessional. "Time to vote girls." Courtney says. Everyone writes down who they want eliminated. "Kamie voted for Alisha." Courtney says. Kamie smirks at Alisha. "Mackenzie voted for Kamie." Courtney says. "Yanika voted for Kamie." Courtney says. "And Alisha voted for Kamie." Courtney says. "Looks like Kamie is eliminated." Courtney says. "What?" Kamie gasps. "The bus will take you straight to the dentist where you'll have to get a fake tooth." Courtney says. "A fake tooth? Still this all their fault they don't deserve to be in the final three! They don't!" Kamie yells. Courtney snaps her finger then some security come up. Courtney then snaps her finger again and points to Kamie then the bus. The security grabs Kamie and puts her in the bus. "I deserve to win! I deserve to win!" Kamie yells. Her screams then get drilled out by the sound of the bus motor. The bus quickly drives away. "Finally, she is gone." Alisha says. "Now we got a break." Yanika says. Frida meows in agreement. "About time she went home." Mackenzie says. "Well Congratulations, girls getting into the final three." Courtney says.

Chapter 11 "Three Meals, Three People"

"Wake up girls! Meet me in the cafeteria at the school." Courtney says. All the girls wake up. The girls walk to the school then to the cafeteria. "I can't believe I'm in the final three!" Mackenzie cheers in confessional. "Okay girls, you will have to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for, Owen." Courtney sighs. "I'm not such a good cook, hopefully he will like it." Alisha says. "You do fine, girl." Yanika says. Owen is sitting at one of the tables sleeping. The girls are entering the kitchen. Alisha decides to make french toast. Mackenzie starts to make homemade pancakes. Yanika chooses to make waffles. Frida sneaks up in the kitchen and sleeps. The girls stir up ingredients for their foods. Owen wakes up. "Oh boy, I'm hungry." Owen says. The girls finish up and serve the dishes they have cooked. First up is Alisha's dish. Owen happily eats and burps afterwards. "It's was yummy!" Owen says. "Thank you." Alisha says. Mackenzie dish is next. Mackenzie sits it on the table and he eats it. "Tasty it twas." Owen says. "Okay." Mackenzie says. The waffles that Yanika have cooked were next. Owen eats up. "Delicious Waffles!" Owen yells. "Thanks." Yanika says. "Okay girls, your breakfast seems pretty safe." Courtney says. "Okay, you better start on lunch." Courtney instructs. "Okay." the girls say. Alisha chooses to make a hamburger. Mackenzie starts to make spaghetti and meatballs. Yanika decides to make a pineapple salad. "Okay, girls time to serve your lunches." Courtney says. First up is Alisha's hamburger. Owen eats. "Thank you." Owen says. Mackenzie's spaghetti comes out next. Owen eats it. "Thank you also." Owen says. Mackenzie nods. Yanika's salad is next. Owen strangely looks at it but eats it anyway. "Thank you." Owen says. "Okay, girls start on dinner." Courtney says. Alisha makes a pizza. Mackenzie chooses to start on some lobster. Yanika cooks fried vegetables. "Time for dinner." Courtney says. "Yay!" Owen shouts. Alisha gives Owen the pizza. Owen eats the pizza. "Thank you." Owen says. Mackenzie puts her lobster dish in front of Owen. Owen eats the lobster. "Thank you." Owen says. Yanika comes out with her fried vegetables. Owen eats them. "Thank you." Owen says. Owen then burps. "We will have a dramatic ceremony tomorrow, that will decide the final two and who gets eliminated. So you girls should get some rest." Courtney explains. The girls go into their house and sleep. The next day they eat their breakfast. "Please report to the dramatic ceremony, immediately." the loudspeaker says. The girls walk to the dramatic ceremony where Owen is. "I'll be announcing who gets eliminated and why. The person whose name I call will have to drive away in the bus. The other people will be in the final two." Owen explains. All the girls look worried. "The person leaving us today is...

Yanika." Owen says. "Your breakfast was okay, but for me the lunch and dinner were a little too light for me, I'm sorry but you did do good." Owen says. "Thank you." Yanika says. Yanika hugs Mackenzie and Alisha goodbye. She congratulates them both on getting it into the final two. Mackenzie and Alisha then cry. Yanika leaves with Frida on the bus. "Congratulations, guys making into the final two is a big thing. I remember when I was. Well I wish you both good luck." Owen says.

Chapter 12 "Think, Run, and Vote"

"This time on Total Drama Failures, we will be facing the final two. Who will win? Alisha, The Cool Girl, or Mackenzie, The Actress?" Courtney explains. "Okay girls wake up! Eat your breakfast, so we can start the challenge." Courtney instructs. Alisha and Mackenzie both wake up and eat in the cafeteria. "First is your mental challenge, then the physical and if we need it the vote." Courtney says. "Here the mental challenge is two questions. Who are in the final two right now?" Courtney asks. Courtney hands the two girls the test. Alisha and Mackenzie quickly write the answer on the test. "Next question write the elimination order so far in this competition from the first person voted off to latest person eliminated." Courtney says. Alisha hesitates and then puts the answers down one by one. Mackenzie puts her answers down at an average speed. After they finish their tests Courtney picks them up and goes over them. "Okay, both of you got the first question right. The elimination order is Eddi, Skycirca, Saphire, Ingrid, Hartley, Maxine, Nanami, Tarynn, Kamie, and Yanika. Which means Alisha got the question right but Mackenzie got it wrong so Alisha won the mental challenge. Time for the physical challenge." Courtney explains. "Now let's go to the gym, once we'll get there I'll explain more." Courtney says. Mackenzie and Alisha follow Courtney to the gymnasium of the school. "Okay, so this is a race. First you have to climb up the rope, with a few obstacles; of course. Then crawl across the beamers. Then go into the air vent where you should find a piece of paper. Whoever is the first to get the paper wins this challenge." Courtney instructs. "Ready, set, go!" Courtney yells. The two girls race to get on the rope. Mackenzie climbs up first with Alisha behind her. Mackenzie gets smacked in the face by a dodgeball. "Hey!" Mackenzie says annoyed. Mackenzie slid down a little. Alisha was now in the lead. Mackenzie started to climb the rope more quickly to catch up. A dodgeball hit Alisha's back, knocking the breath out of her. Alisha slid down a lot. She waited to regain her breath before climbing up the rope. Alisha started to catch up, but soon Mackenzie was on a beamer. Mackenzie crawled on the beamer, slowly and sweating. Alisha caught up and cautiously got on the beamer. Mackenzie got into the air vent. Then Alisha crawled inside the air vent. Mackenzie grabbed the piece of paper and got out of the air vent. She crawled across the beamer biting the piece of paper. Alisha sees that Mackenzie has the paper so she decides to follow her. Mackenzie slides down the rope. Then Alisha slides down. "Mackenzie, you are the winner of this challenge so that means we need a tiebreaker." Courtney says. "Come with me." Courtney instructs. They followed Courtney to the outside fountain. "Come on out girls." Courtney says. Eddi, Skycirca, Saphire, Ingrid, Hartley, Maxine, Nanami, Tarynn, Kamie, and Yanika come out behind a curtain out of nowhere in order. "The tiebreaker is these young ladies voting. They will write down who they want to win. Whoever has the most votes wins. Total. Drama. Failures." Courtney explains. "Here girls vote now." Courtney says. Alisha and Mackenzie discuss this whole experience. "Okay everyone has voted. The winner of Total Drama Failures will be announced! The winner of Total Drama Failures is...

Alisha." Courtney says. Alisha hugs Mackenzie. They both cheer and dance. "Congratulations Alisha! You just won a million dollars!" Courtney yells. "I'm so happy." Alisha says. "Thank you so much!" Alisha says. All the girls hug and congratulate Alisha. "Alisha, is my first reality show winner." Courtney says then begins to cry. Duncan goes over to her to comfort her. "I can't believe I won!" Alisha says. Elijah greets her. They both hug and kiss.

Elimination Chart

Place Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
10 Saphire NE WIN LOW OUT
11 Skycirca NE WIN OUT
12 Eddi NE OUT
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