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The second season in my TDI series! Twenty-one teens come to a film lot recently built on an island in Micronesia, ready (or not) for the challenges thrown at them. A whopping 1.5 million dollars is up for grabs, and these teens will have to beg, lie, and maybe even make out to earn it. 1.5 million, 21 people, and Total Drama!



Chris McLean (Host)

Courtney (Team Captain, Challenge Assistant to Chris)

Heather (Team Captain, Challenge Assistant to Chris)




Alejandro (from Total Drama World Tour)




















Episode 1: Back to the Past

Chris sat on a beach chair on a beach. The waves were coming in and everything was relaxed.

"We're on," The cameraman said.

"Alright!" Chris removed a pair of sunglasses. "Previously on our last season, we had a theme of all those medieval stereotypes. Sword in the stone, sword-fighting, horse-riding, jousting, the good old lawsuit, chariot racing, stuff like that. It was Total Drama Kingdom! Some stuff had nothing to do with the theme, like a talent competition. What was I thinking? I don't know. Anyway, we were narrowed down to a final two - Ruby, the returning rambunctious one, and Kelly, the annoying one. In the end, Kelly pulled it off. This season, we've got eighteen new contestants. Where are the other three? They're Alejandro, a past Total Drama contestant, and Ruby and Terrence, who were given a chance to return." Chris got out of his beach chair. "This season, we have challenges based on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and some of our own. Are you dreaming? No. You are about to witness Total Drama Flashback!" Chris started the show.

After the theme song played, Chris sat in a harbor. "All right! Here's some last-minute info before our contestants arrive. We're on a remote island in Micronesia where they built a film lot. Don't know why, but they did." Chris came to an abrupt stop as the first contestant arrived.

"So this is the place?" A brunette stepped off of a motorboat with her luggage. She looked around, and dropped her duffle bag. "I'll be sure to make the most of it."

"Welcome! You must be Cara. Nice to meet you," Chris said.

"Yeah. You're right. And you're Chris Mclean. And you look nice today." Cara winked and walked over to the seats labeled "Contestants That Have Already Arrived".

"Uh, you left your luggage." Chris pointed to the duffle.

"Don't you have interns for that?" Cara asked.

Chris blinked. "Uh...yeah." An intern came out and carried the duffle bag away.

"Uh...what do I do?" Cara asked.

"You wait. Here comes our next contestant!" Chris announced as a motorboat approached.

"Oh, yeah! This is awesome! Can't wait!" A blonde girl with pink polka-dots walked off the boat.

"Um..." Chris stared. "You must be Marien..."

"Uh, yeah! And this will rock, and I'll win. You'll all see." Marien smiled and walked over to the section where Cara was. Cara looked annoyed. Then, an intern came and grabbed her luggage.

"You irk me." Cara glared at Marien.

"Your point? Nothing bothers me, don't try," Marien said back.

"Have it your way," Cara said, bitterly. She rolled her eyes.

"Girls, comes a boy," Chris told the two.

"Is he hot?" Marien and Cara asked in unison.

"Let's see." Chris smirked. The motorboat came back with a guy wearing braces and a shirt that mimicked the design of the French flag.

"I was mistaken," Marien said to herself.

"Bonjour! Je m'appelle Gabriel. J'ai dix-sept ans, et je suis tres amusant!" The boy introduced himself while everyone just stared awkwardly. A caption read, "Hello! My name is Gabriel. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm really fun!"

"...What's your name?" Cara asked.

"Je ne comprends pas." The boy looked confused. A caption read, "I don't understand."

"Dude, English, please," Marien told the boy.

"Je ne comprends pas," The boy repeated. The caption read the same thing. Then, someone arrived on a boat.

"Who are you?" Chris asked.

"His translator. His name is Gabriel, he's seventeen, he's very fun, and he doesn't know English," The man explained.

"Got it," Chris said. The intern came and took Gabriel's luggage. The translator whispered something to Gabriel, who then nodded and went to the contestants section.

"Next, please. And be interesting, I beg you." Marien looked at the sky. "Your wish is granted, I suppose," Chris said. Another boat arrived. A red-head guy wearing a yellow hat stepped off.

"I've heard that this place is dangerous and stuff. I really don't care though. I'm in it for moolah." The red-head dropped his luggage and walked over to the contestants section.

"I take it that you're Jackson," Chris said.

"Yeah," Jackson smiled. "And these ladies look mighty fine."

"...You know, I do kinda want to flirt with you. But I can resist," Marien commented.

"Good, I've got a girl back home," Jackson told the two girls.

"I could care less now! Look!" Cara pointed to an incoming boat.

"He's...beautiful," Marien stared.

"What's so great about him?" Jackson asked to himself.

"Hey," A guy in a red jacket stepped off the boat.

"Hey, Alejandro!" Chris greeted.

"Long time, no see, C-dog." Alejandro walked past Chris.

"Why, thank you. I see you've recovered," Chris said. "But there's no time for flirting. Here come...who are you?"

"Glory and Gladys Ginsert, pleased to make your acquaintance," A short girl said.

"I'm Glory, as you can see by my shirt," The tall girl said. "And that's Gladys."

"Hey, y'all. We're gonna be the final two and split the prize!" Gladys explained her fantasy.

"Yup. What she said." Glory marched over to the contestants section.

"And that's all she wrote...for now." Gladys followed Glory.

"Okay! Here comes our returning contestant and our returning failure contestant!" Chris announced. A boat arrived, and sounds of bickering were heard.

"Nobody cares!" the first voice said.

"Yes, I do!" The other voice said.

"Well, I don't! So shut up!" The first voice said.

"Ruby! Terrence! Snap out of it!" Chris clapped his fingers loudly.

"Uh...I'm Terrence," Terrence introduced himself.

"And I'm Ruby," Ruby walked over to the contestants section. Terrence was about to follow, but Chris stopped him.

"What?" Terrence asked, trying to push through.

"Give them up," Chris told Terrence.

"Give what up?" Terrence asked.

"Oh, you know." Chris smirked.

"...Fine." Terrence took a PSP and a bunch of games out of his pocket and tried to continue.

"All of it," Chris told Terrence.

"Party pooper." Terrence gave Chris a Nintendo DSi and some games.

"And if you get out first, I dump them into the water. Understand?" Chris glared at Terrence. "We lost many ratings last year because of you!"

"You suck." Terrence went to the contestants section.

"Next!" Chris said as a boat arrived. A guy dressed almost entirely in gray got off. Only his headband, which was blue and read "Elliot", wasn't gray. The guy was frowning.

"By your headband, I'm guessing that you're Elliot," Chris noted.

"And you're right..." Elliot walked over to the seats.

"Weirdo," Chris said under his breath. "Anyway, next boat."

"And this place is...strange." A short blonde walked off the boat. She was brushing her hair. "Anyway, I'm Mikayla. And you better not touch my hair."

"Um...okay," Chris said.

"Do not touch my hair, any of you," Mikayla told the people in the contestants section.

"Wasn't planning on it," Alejandro commented.

"What hot guy said," Marien stared at Alejandro.

"Je ne comprends pas," Gabriel looked at his translator. His translator whispered something in Gabriel's ear, and Gabriel nodded.

Soon, another boat arrived, this time with a stereo with the person. It was a male, who was quite fat.

"Hey. I'm Cedric, but I really want to be called Duncan," The boy introduced himself.

"Someone watched too much TV," Elliot commented.

"Oh, shut up." Cedric rolled his eyes.

"Lovely," Elliot said sarcastically. Suddenly, twelve interns came and picked up lots of dropped luggage. They went away with it.

"...Okay," Chris said. "Next!" A boat arrived with a somewhat familiar-looking red-head.

"OMG, IT'S IZZY!" Cedric screamed.

"Oh, no, haha, Izzy's my cousin! I'm Annica! Her cousin! Haha! Whoo!" Annica ran to the seats.

"Great, all this show needs is another psycho. And look! We got one," Jackson commented.

"Be quiet, loser! This is my forte!" Annica said.

"!" Chris said. A boy wearing cyan sandals got off a boat.

"Hey, did you guys hear about Mario Party 9? Can't wait!" The boy walked to the stands. "I'm Lucks, gamer extraordinaire!"

"I'd love to bet," Terrence said.

"I would too, but the rules prevent us from completing the bet, don't they?" Lucks said.

"Yeah, but no one cares." Terrence rolled his eyes.

"Shut up! Next!" Chris told them.

"Hey, everyone!" A brunette with a yellow-orange shirt walked off. "I'm Petal, and I'm really nice! Anything you want that's sensible, I'll do it!"

"Hello, Petal. Welcome to the Total Drama series! I'm Chris Mclean, your humble host," Chris introduced himself.

"Hello, Chris. Pleasure to meet you." Petal turned to the other contestants. "And you guys, too!"

"Thanks, girl!" Glory said.

"You seem really nice." Gladys smiled.

"Okay, niceness over. Next contestant," Chris said. Another boat arrived and dropped off a buff blonde boy.

"Hey, guys. How's it going?" he said.

"Hey. My guess is that you're Connor," Chris assumed.

"You guessed correctly. Nice to meet ya." Connor walked over to the seats. "Next." Chris wanted things to move fast.

"Oh, hi." A girl dressed in pink with pink hair on a pink boat with pink luggage said. "I'm Blue!"

"But you're obsessed with pink." Terrence said with an awkward look on his face.

"I never got that part." Blue walked over to the stands.

"It must have been your parents," Elliot said.

"Their names are Emmy, which is short for Emerald, and then my dad's named Yellow. It's a colorful family," Blue explained.

"Explains it. NEXT!" Chris shouted. A boat arrived.

"Hi, people." A guy with a long neck stepped off the boat. "I'm-" He was about to say his name, but didn't get the chance.

"Haha! Giraffe!" Cedric laughed.

"...It's my nickname," The boy said. "I work in the circus."

"Interesting. So can I call you Giraffe? I think it's kind of cute," Cara asked.

"Sure, fine, whatever." Giraffe sat down. The interns came and claimed all the luggage.

"So much luggage. Speaking of luggage, NEXT!" Chris kept it moving.

"What does that have to do with luggage?" Lucks asked.

"I don't know, now quiet!" Chris was getting irritated.

"Hi, everyone! I'm Savanna!" A blonde with freckles stepped off of the boat.

"You're kinda cute." Giraffe smiled. Savanna ignored him.

"Hi, Savanna," Chris was a little nervous.

"Hi, Chris. I have a question, will there be any math challenges? Because I could make my team win!" Savanna smiled.

"Heh...heh...I'll have to...rethink it..." Chris blushed. Savanna ignored it.

"Hey," A voice said.

"Oh, another person!" Chris snapped out of his trance.

"I'm Roy. I've been to all different countries, but never to Micronesia, so that's why I'm here!" The guy explained.

"Welcome, Roy. Go sit over there," Chris directed.

"Thanks." Roy went over and sat down.

"Hi," Blue greeted.

"Um...who are you?" Roy asked.

"I'm Blue," Blue introduced herself.

"Interesting." Roy took out a notepad and wrote some stuff down.

"What the heck are you doing?" Elliot asked.

"Early strategizing. You should give it a try," Roy responded.

"I'll pass," Elliot said.

"Next...oh, this is our last guy," Chris said. A guy with a weird face stepped off of the boat.

"What's wrong with your face?" Alejandro asked.

"Well, you're rude. It's a medical condition," The guy said.

"You must be Sam," Chris said.

"Yeah. Pleasure to meet you." Sam walked over to the seats.

"Mind if I call ya Weirdo?" Cedric asked.

"Won't make a difference," Sam said.

"Okay," Everyone said in unison.

"So my new name is Weirdo?" Sam asked.

"Yes," Everyone said in unison again.

"Oh, brother." Weirdo sighed.

"Well, we've got all the contestants. Now, we're going to have a simple luck challenge," Chris explained. "This will decide our team captains."

"Cool," Weirdo commented.

"First," Chris said as an intern wheeled in a wheel with seven green squares and fourteen red squares, "you spin this wheel. If you get a green square, you stay in. If you get a red square, you get out. Final three are the captains. Clear?" Everyone nodded.

"Can I go first?" Alejandro asked.

"Sure, why not?" Chris said. Alejandro spun. He got green. "Now, form a line. Alejandro, get on the end."

"Got it." Alejandro got on the end.

Roy spun. Green.

Mikayla spun. Red.

Weirdo spun. Green.

Jackson spun. Green.

Elliot spun. Red.

Marien spun. Red.

Petal spun. Green.

Connor spun. Green.

Annica spun. Red.

Ruby spun. Green.

Terrence spun. Green.

Cara spun. Red.

Lucks spun. Red.

Gladys spun. Green.

Glory spun. Red.

Giraffe spun. Red.

Blue spun. Green.

Savanna spun. Red.

Gabriel, after getting instructions from his translator, spun. Green.

Cedric spun. Red.

"First round is over!" Chris announced. "Alejandro, Roy, Weirdo, Jackson, Petal, Connor, Ruby, Terrence, Gladys, Blue, and Gabriel move on. Let round two begin!"

Alejandro spun. Green.

Roy spun. Green.

Weirdo spun. Green.

Jackson spun. Red.

Petal spun. Green.

Connor spun. Red.

Ruby spun. Red.

Terrence spun. Green.

Gladys spun. Green.

Blue spun. Green.

Gabriel learned from his translator that he moved on. He spun. Red.

"Second round - finito! Alejandro, Roy, Weirdo, Petal, Terrence, Gladys, and Blue, spin again!" Chris announced.

Alejandro spun. Green.

Roy spun. Red.

Weirdo spun. Green.

Petal spun. Green.

Terrence spun. Red.

Gladys spun. Green.

Blue spun. Red.

"Third round is over! Alejandro, Weirdo, Petal, and Gladys! First one out is NOT a captain!" Chris explained.

"There are three teams?" Petal asked.

"Is there a problem?" Chris asked in response.

"Nope," Petal said, meekly.

"Then step right up," Chris said.

Everyone spun a green.

"What luck..." Roy commented.

"Got that right," Glory agreed.

Alejandro spun. Green.

Weirdo spun. Green.

Gladys and Petal spun...

...and Petal got red.

"Gladys, Alejandro, and Weirdo are our captains!" Chris announced. "Now pick the teams so we can settle in."

"Someone's crabby," Marien said under her breath.

"Got that right," Annica and Cedric agreed.

"Now...uh... We're doing alphabetical order for who picks when. Go, Alejandro," Chris directed.

"Giraffe," Alejandro picked.

"Glory," Gladys picked.

"Jackson," Weirdo picked.

"Blue," Alejandro picked.

"Mikayla," Gladys picked.

"Terrence," Weirdo picked.

"Roy," Alejandro picked.

"Lucks," Gladys picked.

"Cara," Weirdo picked.

"Annica," Alejandro picked.

"Gabriel," Gladys picked. Via translator, Gabriel learned what he had to do.

"Savanna," Weirdo picked.

"Connor," Alejandro picked.

"...Bleh, Cedric," Gladys picked.

"Be quiet, fat girl." Cedric walked over to Gladys's section. Gladys gave him a glare.

"Elliot," Weirdo picked.

"Ruby," Alejandro picked.

"Marien," Gladys picked.

"That leaves Petal," Weirdo finished.

"Okay, we're done. Giraffe, Blue, Roy, Annica, Connor, Ruby, and Alejandro - I christen you the Nifty Nostalgia!" Chris announced. The Nifty Nostalgia cheered. "Glory, Mikayla, Lucks, Gabriel, Cedric, Marien and Gladys! You are the Vital Visions!" The Vital Visions cheered. "This leaves Jackson, Terrence, Cara, Savanna, Elliot, Petal and Weirdo to be the Melancholy Memories!" They cheered. "The teams have been decided. I'll see you at the challenge field tomorrow for challenge numero uno. Here's a map." Chris tossed a map and a compass to each team. "Find your trailers and set up."

"Got it." Weirdo started studying the map.

"At every campsite as well as many places dotted around this film lot and/or island are confession cams. That's where you spill the secrets," Chris explained.

"Nice," Cedric commented.

"Now go set up and send someone to notify me that you've done it. I'll be near the yellow square on the map," Chris explained.

"Anything else?" Jackson asked.

"Nope. That's all you need to know." Chris finished. "And before you go, let me say: Welcome to Total Drama Flashback!"

The teams arrived at their directed campsites. The captains sent Annica, Gabriel (via translator, of course), and Cara to notify Chris.
"Well, we now have all the basics are laid down. Teams, campsites, and directions. They've got a surprise coming tomorrow as the first challenge and the first elimination will take place! Who will win? Who will lose? Wo will lose their shot at the big bucks? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Flashback!" Chris signed off.

Episode 2: Conceal and Hunt

Chris sat under a tree. "Last time on Total...Drama...Flashback... The twenty-one suckers-I mean, conestants, arrived at our remote island the McLean Explorer Company discovered. We built a film lot and voila! Total Drama Flashback! Anyway, I rushed the contestants through a luck challenge to decide the captains. Weirdo, Alejandro, and Gladys are the captains! We now have everything for an epic season! Stay tuned to watch who goes home on Total...Drama...Flashback."

"J'aime mon lit. C'est très confortable! Et toi?" Gabriel spoke to Cedric, who didn't understand.

"Huh? What did you say, frenchie?" Cedric said rudely.

"He said that he loves his bed. It's really comfortable and how's yours?" Gabriel's translator explained.

"Oh. Well, I guess it's okay," Cedric responded. All of a sudden, singing emerged from the shower.

"Stop ta-ta-talking that blah blah blah!" Mikayla emerged from the shower with a towel around her.

"Aw, I HATE that song! Make it stop!" Lucks complained.

"Fine, fine," Mikalyla said. She grabbed a hairbrush and stood in front of the mirror. "I think today, I'll put the poof in the back."

"I think today, I'll put the poof in the back," Lucks mocked in the confessional.

"J'ai soif. Je voudrais du limonade." Gabriel said to his team.

"He said, 'I'm thirsty. I would like some limonade.'" Gabriel's translator explained.

"Oh, I've got some." Gladys gave some to Gabriel.

"Oh, not lemonade. Limonade," Gabriel's translator took it from Gabriel and gave it to Gladys.

"There's a difference?" Glory asked.

"Yes," Gabriel's translator confirmed.

"Morning, everyone!" Petal woke up.

"Hey, Petal!" Cara greeted.

"Morning!" Savanna smiled.

"Ugh," Elliot in the confessional, "their emotion creeps me out."

"How can you guys be so happy?" Elliot asked.

"How can't you?" Cara asked back.

"Touche." Elliot walked away.

"That guy...he's cute, but he's a little emo," Cara said in the confessional.

"Does he have a problem?" Savanna asked.

"Maybe, but he seems like a nice guy," Petal responded.

"Ah, the shower. The 100˚ water feels so good," Jackson said from inside the shower.

"" Savanna asked, weirded out.

"Don't know, don't care." Terrence was still in bed.

"Lazy bum," Cara commented under her breath.

"Cara's kind of mean, y'know?" Petal asked the world in the confessional.

"Peace needs to be made in here..." Weirdo commented.

"Annica, hurry up with my lotion!" Ruby shouted.

"I'm not your servant, freak." Annica threw lotion at Ruby from the bathroom.

"You irk me. At least I've got this," Ruby said as she took out an outfit colored cyan and red. "Perfect for the flavorful dresser, me!"

"She's such a jerk," Annica said in the confessional.

"Ladies, ladies..." Alejandro entered and removed his top. The two girls were immediately in a trance. "Quit fighting, we have to stay a team."

"O...k..." Annica said peacefully.

"What you wish..." Ruby smiled.

"Good." Alejandro put his top back on and walked away.

"Guess what, guys?" Connor said as he came inside from a run.

"What?" Giraffe asked, irritable.

"I had this vision where we were all dancing and flowers were all around and we were all happy," Connor explained.

"Great, now let's get a move on with it," Giraffe said as he put on his collared shirt.

"If only I had a machete right now...that neck is so LONG! It'd be fun..." Annica plotted in the confessional, unaware that murder was against the show's rules.

"Contestants, please come to the forest set," Chris said via loudspeaker. "Your challenge is ready."

"Ooh, yay, challenge!" Connor ran out.

"Weird person." Giraffe followed.

The three teams gathered at the forest set.

"Hey, McLean!" Blue said.

"Yo, Chris man!" Jackson followed.

"Hello, Blue and Jackson. And everyone else." Chris looked around. "Your first challenge is a classic from season one. Hide and seek, and then Chef squirts you."

"Cool, very cool," Alejandro said in a calm voice.

"Can't wait," Savanna said in anticipation.

"Good to see you're all pumped. Like originally, you hide. But this time, Courtney comes and finds you. If you can get to the lifeguard chair-" Chris pointed to the lifeguard chair, "-before Courtney squirts you, you are allowed to go hide again. This is unlike last season! The first team to have all their members out goes to the elimination ceremony. You see, three teams makes things easier," Chris finished explaining. "Now go hide."

"Got it!" Terrence ran and hid. So did everyone else, and, thanks to Gabriel's translator, Gabriel did too.

"Your ten safety minutes are UP!" Chris exclaimed. "Here comes Courtney!"

"AW, CRAP!" Cedric screamed.

"Found ya!" Courtney made her first appearance on the show.

"DOUBLE!" Cedric ran out, tripped, and Courtney squirted him.

"Idiot," Courtney muttered. She went off to find more contestants. All of a sudden, she heard the sound of a page flipping, like a book.

"Interesting," Roy whispered. He then heard rustling. "Shoot!" Roy ran out.

"Gotcha!" Courtney squirted, but missed.

"Missed me," Roy smirked and kept running.

"Only once..." Courtney squirted and missed again. Roy eventually reached the lifeguard chair, and went to hide again. Courtney, by the rules, had to blindfold herself while he hid.

"Oh...darn...not afraid!" Jackson saw Courtney and said to himself.

"Heard a noise." Courtney looked around. She then saw a tall tree. She kicked it.

"Huh?" Jackson fell.

"Gotcha." Courtney smirked.

"I'm not afraid of you." Jackson stood his ground, but got squirted.

Eventually, Glory, Gladys, Cara, Savanna, Petal, Weirdo, Giraffe, Ruby, Connor, Gabriel, and Marien got squirted.

"Still haven't been caught yet. According to the sign on this door, Courtney's not allowed to stalk the outside of here, but I'm not allowed to take shelter in here either," Blue explained her predicament in the confessional.

Courtney was stealthily going around until she heard some humming.

"Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally..." Mikayla was singing to herself.

"Some prey." Courtney smirked and went over to a bush. But no one was there. Only a tape recorder. "They're smart."

"HIII-YA!" Roy jumped on Courtney, but got squirted in the face. "Crud."

"You do realize that could earn you a penalty, right?" Courtney asked.

"No." Roy blinked.

"Well, you're got, so no penalty. But next time..." Courtney went off.

"Nice one." Alejandro came out from behind a tree and high-fived Roy when Courtney was out of sight.

Courtney came across a tree with pink sprayed on it, along with pink aerosol cans on the ground. "I know you're there."

"Really?" Blue poked her head out from behind a tree, but got squirted. "Shoulda' known."

"Yeah, really." Courtney went off again.

"Still remaining are Elliot, Alejandro, Terrence, Ruby, Annica, Giraffe, Lucks and Mikayla!" Chris said over loudspeaker. Suddenly, a squirting noise was heard, and a voice yelled something about colorful clothes being ruined. "Not Ruby anymore."

"He's got a good ear." Ruby stared into space.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm off," Courtney said to Ruby. She went off.

Soon, the only five remaining were Elliot, Alejandro, Giraffe, Annica, and Mikayla.

"I'm the only one left on my team...I can do this..." Mikayla said to herself in the confessional.

"I'm the only one left on my team...I can do this..." Elliot said to himself in the confessional. "Wait, never mind, it's hopeless."

"I see ya!" Courtney yelled, hoping for someone to emerge. Giraffe emerged.

"Ack!" Giraffe kept running, and Courtney cracked up. She squirted Giraffe. "What's so funny?"

"I never saw you, I just tricked you!" Courtney kept laughing. Another chuckle was heard.

"That was hilarious..." Mikayla said to herself.

"Hey, it's blondie!" Courtney shouted. Mikayla ran out.

"" Mikayla started running backwards.

"I actually saw you that time. All right, game on!" Courtney kept squirting, but Mikayla kept dodging.

"You'll never get my hair wet! EVER!" Suddenly, Mikayla tripped on a rock and rolled over. Courtney shot her hair.


"Sorry, I'm getting paid." Courtney took out a phone. "Chris, all of the Visions are out."

"The Vital Visions will be meeting me at the elimination ceremony!" Chris said over loudspeaker.

"YES!" Alejandro cheered.

"Vic-tor-y!" Weirdo cheered.

"SAFETY! YAYZ!" Annica danced.

"Whoop-de-do, I live another day," Elliot shrugged off his win. He didn't really care.

Back at camp, Glory and Gladys were discussing.

"Who goes home?" Gladys asked.

"Not you, and not me. I heard they're having a theatre challenge soon!" Glory responded.

"I love the theatre!" Gladys smiled.

"Back on topic; I think Mikayla," Glory stated.

"I suppose. It was her stupid hair obsession that caused her to get squirted, and she's having an emotional breakdown," Gladys agreed.

"OHHHH! AHH! MY HAIR!" Mikayla cried loudly. Glory and Gladys didn't see her, they heard her.

"Exactly," Glory finished.

"So she goes," Gladys said.

"Yep." The two parted.

"I think we should send rude goth dude home." Mikayla looked at Lucks and Marien.

"I was thinking Glory. Separating them would be epic!" Lucks explained.

"Well, that is a good idea. So we should get some peeps to vote her out. Don't tell Gladys!" Mikayla explained.

"Okay," Marien said.

"Not!" Marien said in confessional. "Lying is an essential part of this game; plus, Mikayla wouldn't be very fun at a party anyway. Ced-ced would, though!"

"Translator?" Gladys called. Gabriel's translator came over.

"Yes?" he responded.

"Tell Gabriel that I want him to vote out Mikayla," Gladys told him.

"Okay..." the translator walked off.

"Score." Gladys smiled.

"Hey, Ced!" Lucks called.

"Yeah, Lucks?" Cedric responded.

"Vote Glory out - I'll explain later," Lucks said.

"Sure, whatever." Cedric walked off.

At the elimination ceremony...

"Okay! Welcome to Total Drama Flashback's very first elimination ceremony - and yours too!" Chris welcomed.

"Hello, Chris." Glory sat down.

"Hello, Glory," Chris said back. "Anyway, this is how it works. Come up to the stage and press the button to the person you want when I call you up. The computer will tally the presses for each button, and give me results. You will then receive a stick of cotton candy if I call your name again. If you don't get one, you get handcuffed and thrown into the Smart-car of Losers. It'll drive you to the harbor, where your luggage and ride will await you. Capiche?"

"Yeah, yeah, get on with it," Cedric told Chris.

"Fine! Come up and vote within the next two minutes," Chris finished.

Marien voted for Mikayla. "No fun, and a party bum."

Lucks voted for Glory. "Breaking them up will be a piece of cake."

Mikayla voted for Glory. "Buh-bye, tall girl."

"I'll go get the results." Chris pressed a button, and a piece of paper printed. "I've got the results, and six sticks of cotton candy." Chris pressed another button, and a table with a box of cotton candy rose. There were six sticks as promised.

"Get on with it, please," Gladys asked politely. "I have to have my beauty rest."

"I was about to start. Anyway, first one...Lucks. One for Cedric, one for Gladys." Chris threw them the cotton candy. Mikayla and Glory started to look worried. Gabriel had no clue what was going on. "Gabriel." Via instructor, who was late, Gabriel learned what was going on. Gabriel nodded and got his cotton candy.

"Only one left..."

"Glory!" Chris finished.

"Yes!" Gladys cheered.

"What? Why you...why?" Mikayla asked.

"Oh, you know." Lucks threw his cotton candy at Mikayla's hair.

"Ack! More stuff in my hair!" Mikayla screeched.

"Ha ha!" Glory laughed. Then, everyone but Gabriel threw their cotton candy at Mikayla, who screamed all the way to the smart-car. She was handcuffed by Chef, tossed into the car, and driven away.

"So, Mikayla was the first one booted," Chris told the team.

"No duh, sherlock," Cedric said rudely.

"Try not to end up back here again. I got a good laugh out of that - now head back to your trailer," Chris finished.

"So, Mikayla got the boot. I wonder what she'll do with her hair? I dunno, but tune in for the next and even better episode of Total...Drama...Flashback!" Chris signed off.

Episode 3: So You Think You Can Flashback?

Chris sat next to a boombox. "Last time on TDF, we had our first official challenge-hide and seek. Courtney hunted down the contestants, one by one, until every Vital Vision was done for. We sent them to the elimination ceremony, and they deemed Mikayla too much to handle with her hair obsession. What will happen next? Will Glory and Gladys be separated? Will Terrence regain sanity without video games? Will Elliot become normal? Find out tonight, possibly, on Total Drama Flashback!"

"You okay, girl?" Gladys asked to Glory at the Vital Visions' trailer.

"Uh-huh," Glory responded.

"Then why you sittin' here sulking?" Gladys asked.

"They targeted me, that's all," Glory explained.

"Aw, come on, Mikay's gone. She was the one who targeted you! And you're still here," Gladys tried to cheer Glory up.

"You're probably right, Glad. I guess I'll see you in the morning." Glory walked into the trailer.

"Girl's hurt because she was targeted. We gotta win today, or she'll be out before I can say antidisestablishmentarianism," Gladys said in the confessional.

"I have a feeling..." Cara sang in her trailer. She finished the song, and everyone clapped.

"Nice," Petal complimented.

"Don't know, don't care." Terrence was reading an issue of Flintendo Power.

"Talk about rude," Petal said in the confessional.

"That was good," Savanna said.

"Who wants to go next?" Cara asked.

"I do," Savanna said. She raised her hand.

"Okay, then. What're you gonna sing?" Cara asked.

"Vanilla Sunset," Savanna responded.

"Okay. Savanna, get on up," Cara invited.

"'Kay. The stars leaned down to love you, and I sat awake and shoved you. I wish that I could take a trip through time..." Savanna sang. She finished the song.

"Epic," Weirdo applauded.

"Nice," Jackson said.

"Thank you all," Savanna thanked.

"All right, team," Alejandro talked to his team in their trailer, "we've gotta talk strategy. Just because we won this time does not mean we'll always win."

"But we will, I'm certain," Giraffe commented.

"That's our goal here. We want the final seven to consist of us," Alejandro explained.

"The chances are slim...are you sure?" Blue said while applying pink nail polish.

"You do realize that there's a huge chance of us losing today anyway?" Connor asked.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes... I get it. We can still pull it off, though, via teamwork." Alejandro flashed his girl-attracting smile.

"This is a dream when I'm awake..." Ruby gawked.

"We...have to...discuss...challenge we can win it..." Annica said dreamily.

"" Blue smiled dreamily.

"Thank you." Alejandro stopped smiling and started to get serious. "I've speculated that today is a horror movie challenge. And it's a pretty nice speculation if I must say so myself."

"How?" Roy asked.

"Well, Bridgette came in tenth in TDI during the hide-and-seek challenge. DJ came in tenth in TDA during the horror movie challenge. Make sense?" Alejandro asked. All the girls nodded, but the males weren't so sure.

"Um...they wouldn't pull anything like that. Too predictable," Giraffe gave his opinion.

"Really, long-neck? Really?" Alejandro asked sarcastically.

"Well, it's a possibility..." Giraffe succumbed to the pressure.

"Good, then. I think we're unified here. Annica's the scariest, so she'll scare everyone. Okay? G'night." Alejandro got in bed.

The next morning, Chris woke everyone up at 10:00 AM as opposed to 6:00 AM. "Get up, dancers!"

"Dancers?" Ruby asked, getting out of bed.

"Might be a dancing challenge." Connor got out of bed.

"Nah, he's trying to fool us." Alejandro got out of bed. He then appeared in the confessional. "If my team figures out I'm wrong too early, I'm toast if we lose. And we can't let the antagonist go, can we?"

"Dancers...?" Lucks asked wearily.

"Might be a party challenge," Marien suggested. Everyone stared at her. "What?"

"That doesn't make sense. Then he'd call us partygoers," Lucks explained.

"Good for him, then." Marien walked off, ticked.

"Ooh, yay, dancing, fun!" Savanna said, cheerfully.

"Yep! Let's get it on!" Petal cheered.

"Whatever." Elliot got out of bed.

"Elliot needs to shape up, or we'll ship him out of Micronesia and back to Connecticut," Petal commented in the confessional.

"Dancing's my specialty, I'm sure we'll win," Cara commented.

Everyone gathered at the challenge field. There was a stage.

"Welcome to day three!" Chris welcomed.

"Same to you, Christopher," Petal welcomed back.

"Thank you, and call me Chris, please," Chris said back.

"Sorry," Petal said back.

"Now that we've got everyone here, let me welcome you to...the Total Drama Flashback Dancing Competition Extravaganza!" Chris explained.

"'s not a horror movie?" Connor asked.

"No, what made you think that?" Chris asked. Connor pointed to Alejandro, who chuckled. "Well, whatever. Today, you'll pick two members from your team to compete in the Total Drama Flashback Dancing Competition Extravaganza. Then you'll go over a routine with them, and they'll do a dance that represents your team. We have Chef to judge on the Chef-O-Meter. And finally, worst dancing routine goes to the Cotton Candy Giveaway to see who's going to leave second! Ready?" Everyone nodded. "Then go, I say, go, go, go! You have fifteen minutes to decide your dancers. Now go decide and whatever!" Chris finished.

"Okay, I think that Cara and I should go," Savanna volunteered.

"Sounds pretty logical to me," Cara agreed.

"That's just because you want to dance," Elliot commented.

"And it's most likely true, but you can dance," Terrence agreed.

"Sure. And for being the captain, I make the decision. They're dancing!" Weirdo confirmed.

"Yes!" Savanna and Cara ran off to tell Chris.

"I have a feeling we made a mistake," Elliot said to himself.

"Let's do something logical here. Ruby and...Connor are dancing. No ands, ifs, or buts." Alejandro walked away to tell Chris.

"That was stupid of him. I can't even dance," Connor complained.

"I don't dance," Ruby agreed. "Wrinkles the threads."

"What do you wear, linen?" Giraffe asked sarcastically.

"Actually, yes," Ruby responded. Giraffe was silent.

"Glory, wanna do it?" Gladys asked.

"Oh, no, I've got some sweet dancing skills! You and me, Marien! Let's rock!" Cedric randomly shouted.

"Um...okay," Marien uneasily agreed.

"Can we do it?" Cedric asked.

"Fine," Gladys said stubbornly. She went off to tell Chris.

"Okay, the groups have been decided! Now go discuss what you're gonna do!" Chris announced via loudspeaker.

"Let's dance to Blah Blah Blah," Marien recommended.

"That one by Ca$ha featuring 4OH!4? I hate that!" Cedric spat back.

"Okay, then...ChiK ChoK!" Marien said back.

"Alright, fine..." Cedric mumbled.

"I'll go tell the Chris-meister..." Gladys went off.

"You two will be dancing to Lightningbugs." Alejandro went off to tell Chris.

"Ooh, my favorite song!" Ruby and Connor said in unison.

"Okay, then..." Giraffe said slowly.

"How about we dance to..." Cara started to think.

"Be My Landscape?" Savanna recommended.

"Sure!" Cara smiled.

"Okay, then, go tell Chris!" Savanna told Weirdo.

"Got it." Weirdo went off.

Everyone went to the stage.

"Welcome to the TDF Dancing Competition Extrava-" Chris was interrupted.

"We get it!" Cedric shouted.

"People are so rude these days," Chris mumbled. "Anyway, time to present our first act! Savanna and Cara!" A few people clapped.

"Rude people..." Cara said under her breath.

"I know, right?" Savanna said back.

"You clap for stuff like this," Cara said back.

"You're singing to Be My Landscape, right?" Chris assured.

"Yeah, Chris," Savanna responded.

"Music on!" Chris said. Music came on.

"First, spin!" Savanna directed.

"Okay, now what? Jump?" Cara asked.

"Yes," Savanna directed.

"Next?" Cara asked.

"Do as I do," Savanna told her.

After the performance, Chris came back on.

"Let's see what the Chef-O-Meter has to say about that!" Chris announced. "And it's a...six!" Chris announced.

"We didn't do very well..." Cara said.

"Next...Ruby and Connor to Lightningbugs!" Chris announced.

"This'll suck," Roy commented.

"Right..." Ruby assured.


After they danced, they got a four.

"We're so dead!" Ruby worried.

"And finally, Marien and Cedric. ChiK ChoK on!" Chris told Chef.

"How do I start?" Cedric asked.

"Just randomly dance for now." Marien started to dance. After about twelve seconds, Marien said to jump.

"I can't!" Cedric said back.

"JUMP!" Marien said out loud.

"I CAN'T!" Cedric shouted.

"Do it!" Marien told him again.

"Fine!" Cedric jumped, but he fell.

"Get up!" Marien demanded.

"I can't! Too heavy!" Cedric struggled.

"Then...uh...roll!" Marien told him. She got on the ground and rolled. By the time the song was over, Cedric was on the ground and Marien was hurting.

"Let's see what Chef says!" Chris said. No meter appeared. Instead, a big fat zero came up on the screen.

"Um...Vital Visions lose...again," Chris confirmed. The other two teams cheered.

"The antagonist scores again!" Alejandro said in the confessional.

"Vital Visions, meet me where we met last night in three hours." Chris left.

"Who do we vote out?" Marien asked.

"You," Gladys responded.

"Why me?" Marien asked.

"You sucked," Glory explained.

"But it was-" Marien stuttered.

"No buts." Glory and Gladys left. Marien was in tears.

"I'm safe tonight, right?" Cedric asked.

"Yeah, you are. No need to worry," Lucks said.

"Oui," Gabriel assured. Via translator, he had picked up everything that had happened this episode.

"You're staying, dude," Gladys said.

"Thanks, guys!" Cedric walked away.

"I actually have to say, no lie there. He's safe tonight, and Marien's gonna be blindsided," Gladys said in the confessional.

At the elimination ceremony...

"Welcome back, double Vs!" Chris welcomed.

"Sucks to be here again," Gladys said as she sat down.

"You said it." Marien sulked.

"Marien, after your failure today, do you still feel safe?" Chris asked.

"Duh, no!" Marien shouted.

"And you, Ced?" Chris continued.

"Yep!" Cedric smiled.

"Glory, do you feel safe after what happened last night?" Chris asked.

"Sorta..." Glory sighed.

"Um...well...okay. Sorry if you feel dismal, but come on up here. It's time to vote!" Chris announced.

Cedric voted for Marien. "No choice."

Marien voted for Cedric. "No choice."

"I'll tally the votes!" Chris repeated the process from the previous night. "Cotton candy goes to Gladys. And Glory! Lucks, and Gabriel!" No one looked surprised. "The final stick of double-c goes to..."

"Marien!" Chris finished. Everyone was shocked.

"You are all liars!" Cedric shouted.

"It's the game, boy," Glory laughed.

"What can I say?" Lucks said.

"Who voted for me?" Cedric asked. Everyone rose their hand. "Traitors! You'll never succeed without me!"

"Cedric, the team has spoken," Chris said.

"What is this, Survivor?" Cedric angrily stormed off.

"So, rude dude is off to his home! Not surprising, but I really thought that Marien would go home tonight. And I know none of the questions I brought up were ever answered, but who cares? I said maybe people, maybe! There are nineteen people left in the game. Will the Vital Visions vote someone out again? Find out next time on Total...Drama...Flashback!" Chris signed off.

Episode 4: tdfmovie

Chris sat at an animation studio.

"Dude, we're rollin'." The cameraman whispered.

"All right, then. Previously on know, this is boring. Why do we need a recap? Just watch the last episode or something! Seriously!" Chris protested.

"Fine, we'll just show a movie." The cameraman put on a movie showing the dancing, and Cedric's elimination.

The Vital Visions returned to their trailer after voting out Cedric.

"Whoo! That boy was a pain in my fanny!" Gladys commented.

"He was in everyone's," Glory said back.

"Je n'aime pas Cedric. Il est mechante," Gabriel said. The caption read, "I don't like Cedric. He's mean."

"Hey, Gabe's learnin' a little English!" Glory commented.

"Oui," Gabriel said proudly. The caption simply read, "Yes."

"That boy is a cutie. Although we might have to vote him out do to his lack of English...he can understand it, but not say it..." Gladys explained in the confessional.

"I'm just glad fat punk wannabe's gone..." Lucks commented.

"You ain't so pleasant, either, honey," Gladys said back.

"Whatever. I'm gonna go read 'bout Mario Party 9." Lucks went into the trailer.

"That boy needs to get a LIFE," Gladys commented.

"Totally..." Marien agreed.

"Just keep winning, just keep winning, it's all good." Blue was painting her nails.

"No, we need SOME effort from this team. We only win because the other teams suck. The Vital Visions are more likely to win this time than ever before." Alejandro was coaching his team.

"No, we can Upolong them!" Annica suggested.

"One, it's Ulong. Two, you mean Koror them. Three, FAT CHANCE." Giraffe was apparently cranky.

"Someone's mad's an instinct," Connor said, then quickly apologized.

"Guys...this is Micronesia! What can they do to us?" Roy questioned his team.

"Make us dance," Ruby replied.

"Everyone shut up, just think while you sleep and come prepared for anything," Alejandro commanded.

"Look, kid, we do not care about winning. I say we do this every man for him or herself," Annica said.

"Are you bipolar?" Roy asked.

"Maybe," Annica responded.

"Are you?" Roy asked again.

"Yes," Annica said in a shameful voice.

"It's not that embarrasing...I mean, I have OCD." Blue was now applying her purple lipstick.

"That explains the pink," Giraffe commented.

"Guys!" Alejandro yelled.

The Melancholy Memories were relaxing.

"Guys, did any of you sneak any electronic devices here?" Terrence asked.

"No," The entire team said in unison.

"I could have, though. I'm not afraid to deny that Chris guy any less than the next guy," Jackson commented.

"We need to talk strategy to win next time," Savanna said.

"We don't even know the challenge, happy girl," Elliot said monotonously.

"Are you ever happy?" Petal asked.

"No," Elliot said.

"Well, as the captain of this team, I say we try our hardest to win this game. Final seven, all double M!" Weirdo cheered.

"Get to the challenge field, people! It's 0600 hours! Get up!" Chris yelled through the loudspeaker.

"Meh...why did I sign up for this?" Elliot got up.

"You wanted money," Petal responded. Elliot was silent.

"Getting up, getting up," Glory said to herself.

"Must sleep more...must sleep-" Lucks said to himself before getting interrupted.

"GET UP!" Gladys yelled. Everyone was out of bed in the next twenty seconds.

"Remember the plan." Alejandro led his team out.

"Hello, teams," Chris welcomed.

"Hey, CM," Cara said back.

"As you see, Cedric was voted out last night." Chris showed the other teams the new Vital Visions team.

"Yay..." Elliot was happy, but didn't exactly show it.

"Adios, fat dude," Jackson smiled.

"Anyway, today, your challenge is to make a video for UlongTube that will become an internet meme, like this one," Chris explained. A TV came down out of nowhere, and it started playing a video consisting of trees and people getting hit by trains. Everybody (except Elliot, Alejandro, Gabriel, and Jackson) was on the ground. Laughing.

"You will each get your own studio for this," Chris continued. "Once it is done, show it to me by 1800 hours and we'll go and get pizza." Everyone cheered. "Then we'll get to the showing, then the voting...let's start."

"A video of randomness..." Alejandro wondered. Ruby came over, seeing Alejandro was having trouble thinking.

"Get Annica to do it! You've seen how she acts!" Ruby whispered to Alejandro.

"Yeah, but no one likes her. She could break the whole set!" Alejandro whispered back.

"Maybe, but our team is too serious," Ruby commented.

"Well, there's you, Connor, and Blue left..." Alejandro scanned.

"That's over half," Ruby said to herself.

"Get Connor and Blue," Alejandro spoke aloud.

"Connor, Blue! Front and center!" Ruby yelped. They came.

"What is it?" They asked.

"You have to make the video for us!" Ruby told them.

"Um...okay," Connor agreed. Blue nodded.

"If we team up for this, we can win it!" Savanna consoled.

"I'll say...go as wild as possible!" Jackson cheered.

"Idea seminar!" Cara clapped. Everyone gathered in a circle.

"Everybody, think of a random concept." Petal looked out over her team.

"Exploding bagels." Weirdo's face lightened.

"That works," Cara confirmed. "Now we need someone who draws well..."

"I draw well." Elliot was looking at the floor. Savanna and Cara looked at each other, then looked at Terrence, then at Jackson, and then the rest of the team.

"Okay," Savannah said, "you can draw it. We'll script it."

"Ooh, I'm great with vids! I made this one vid where-" Lucks was ranting, then got interrupted.

"Shut. Up. We don't care." Glory was looking over him.

"Let him share his ideas. I'm the captain." Gladys looked at Glory.

"Fine," Glory said reluctantly.

"I made a video where every time the phone rang, someone appeared with a bowl of popcorn, then said 'Doctor Triangle! BLARG!'" Lucks explained.

"NO WAY! That was you?" Marien asked.

"Yes. Any other concepts?" Lucks asked.

"I took Lucks for granted, but he's really a good guy! We should listen to him more often," Glory said in the confessional.

"J'ai un idée." Gabriel was in the back. Suddenly, his translator came in.

"He says, I have an idea. Now, Gabriel, tell me what your idea is." His translator bent down. Gabriel whispered in his ear, then the translator spoke again. "His idea is..."

"Time's up!" Chris yelled.

"Hey! It's only 1759 hours!" Terrence protested.

"Wait." Chris waited five seconds. Terrence looked at his watch and frowned.

"Gimme the pizza!" Annica yelled.

"I lied," Chris said with a smirk.

"You people are seriously stupid if you expect him to be nice," Alejandro said.

"Yeah, really." Ruby rolled her eyes. She then was in the confessional. "Um...I guess I'm a follower now."

"Let's see the vids," Chris said.

"Here," Jackson gave him a video.

"Here you go, CM," Lucks have him a video.

"Here it is," Connor said. Blue handed Chris the video.

Vital Visions

(Author's Note: The videos will be presented in script form.)

Person 1: Hey, kid.

Person 2: What?

Person 1: Take this cheese.

Person 2: (eats cheese) Mmm.

Person 1: (explodes)

Person 3: I like your apple.

Person 2: What?

Person 3: (points)

Person 2: Gah! (notices apple on head)

Person 3: (explodes)

Nifty Nostalgia

Christopher Columbus: This is America!

Person 1: Look! A beetle!

Person 2: Knife.

Christopher Columbus: PINK!

Person 2: Firefly!

Person 1: Lady BlahBlah!

Doctor Squaroctopus: Doctor Squaroctopus! BLARG!

Melancholy Memories

Person 1: It's a bagel!

Person 2: Where?

Bagel: (explodes)

Person 1: It's Sparta!

Person 2: Bagel army!

Bagels: (explode)

(Author's Note: End script form.)

"Um..." Chris had a confused look. "Nostalgia...yours had no purpose. I'll be seeing you tonight."

"Yes!" Glory cheered.

"Invincible!" Jackson danced.

"We lost...?" Alejandro was astonished.

"There goes final seven." Annica was crying.

"Oh, well..." Blue sulked.

"We win! Finally! Woohoo!" Lucks cheered in the confessional.

At the elimination ceremony...

"Wow..." Alejandro came in and sat down.

"This is a fail." Roy sat down.

"We were so cocky...but so good...why now?" Connor said.

"Quit sulking. Time for questioning," Chris said.

"Yay," Annica said sarcastically.

"Where did you go wrong, Alejandro?" Chris asked.

"Letting Ruby make a choice," Alejandro said.

"Not a mistake! Blame them for making it suck!" Ruby protested.

"Not us!" Connor retorted.

"Blame Alejandro for letting Ruby's idea pass!" Blue agreed.

"Well...conflicting sides, I guess." Chris drank the moment down. "And you, Giraffe. In the middle of it all. What is your take?"

"Glad I stayed out. Let me keep my life...which is hard, with this neck." Giraffe pointed to his neck, which originated the nickname of Giraffe.

"And you, Roy...your take?" Chris asked.

"They're not that smart...but this is Micronesia. Anything can happen," Roy explained.

"Oh! And me!" Annica raised her hand. "It was fun! I was like...Columbus!"

"Okay, then. Well, let's vote. Giraffe, you're up." Chris let them come up.

Giraffe voted for Blue. "Pink? Really? Nice move, OCD girl. Sorry for being offensive to you, but...well...there are way better cases of that. I'm getting off-topic."

Alejandro voted. "It was a mistake letting you do that. Adios."

Blue voted for Ruby. "You blame me, you go out. We tried!"

Ruby voted for Roy. "This vote will go nowhere tonight. You're right...anything can happen."

Chris got the votes. "Double-c is right here. Your only QUALITY food. So...Giraffe. Connor. Ruby. Blue." Just like that, they were down to three. "Roy." And down to two. "Wait...we're out of double-c."

"WAIT!" A voice yelled. Suddenly, Rick Astley ran up to the stage. He threw some cotton candy that hit Alejandro's face. "Sorry, I thought this was the 1980's music star awards. I saw the cotton candy, and thought..."

"We get it. We get it. So get out. And nice threw it to the right person." Chris smirked.

"Oh, okay then." Rick left.

"So I'm OUT?!?!" Annica yelled.

"Yes." Chris walked down and handcuffed Annica.

"Wha..." Annica was thrown into the smart car and was driven away from Micronesia.

"Far, far away," Roy said. "For good."

"Finally." Blue stared into space.

"And...a blindside. But another step closer to finding a winner. Tune in next time to Total...Drama...Flashback!" Chris signed off.

Episode 5: Mad Campers

Chris sat in a tent, with only a candle for sight. But, the show went on. “Last time on TDF,” he started the recap, “we took a leaf out of the internet for a competition of randomness. Internet memes provided a fun time. However, one team did not have a fun time at the elimination ceremony as the Nifty Nostalgia voted out Annica.” Chris got out of the tent. It was actually light outside. “Today, we’ll delve deep into Micronesia and pull up our roots, so to speak. Find out who gets the boot right now on Total…Drama…Flashback!!!”

The Nifty Nostalgia were going back to their trailer.

Alejandro was in the confessional. “I wonder, though I almost left, was Annica really the right choice?”

Roy was in the confessional. “I didn’t need to come to Micronesia for insanity and randomness! I came for culture! And Annica? Why was she here anyway?”

Giraffe was in the confessional. “Of course I voted for Alejandro, but fat chance will he ever know.”

“I dunno, Annica may have had some good pink stuff with her,” Blue said in the confessional, “but was Alejandro the right choice? I should have voted him, really…”

Ruby was in the confessional. “I voted for Roy. Because we can’t trust him. Because he’s a threat to Alejandro. To me, and why didn’t I vote for Alejandro!?!?!” She quickly changed subjects. “He is my only roadblock! I’m winning this time! Runner-up is an insufficient position! I feel like Courtney now…hey, that color would be good for a hairpiece…”

“Why couldn’t it have been Al?” Connor said in the confessional. “Why? Annica was my mental BFF!”

After everyone conveying their thoughts, they went to bed, save Alejandro. He kept planning Roy’s elimination after thinking he could be a traitor. But he didn’t like losing. “Roy…as soon as we lose…you…are…o….ut…” He drifted off into an evil slumber.

Once again, it was karaoke night with the Memories. “So, how was I?” Petal asked. “Dunno.” Elliot had his back turned.

“Don’t care,” Terrence said. He was reading his magazines.

“Meh,” Jackson grunted.

“It’s pretty good,” Weirdo said. He was the only one caring. “Awesome!” Savanna clapped.

“I need that song for my cPod!” Cara cheered.

“Thanks, guys.” Petal sat down.

“Why can’t we do something productive, i.e., strategize?” Terrence asked. “I saw this maneuver in a video-“

“No,” Everyone said in unison.

“We don’t even know what the challenge’ll be anyway,” Petal said.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…” Jackson groaned.

“Does fearless have a fear now?” Elliot asked.

“No…it’s nothing. I just need to step outside…for a moment,” Jackson said, uneasy. “Just for a moment!” He ran out and threw up, but came inside and told no one.

“Hey, what’s that?” Cara noticed something outside the trailer when the door closed.

“Wanna go check?” Weirdo asked.

“No, silly, you should do it,” Cara said in a flirtatious sort of way.

“O-okay.” Weirdo blushed, and went outside. He brought in everything you need to survive on a camping trip.

“I’m guessing that the challenge will be camping.” Weirdo put the stuff down.

“Everyone, go to bed! We won, so let’s keep it that way!” Glory shouted at her team. They followed. “Psst! Gladys! Come outside,” she then whispered to Gladys. So she did.

“Wake up, campers!” Chris yelled via the many megaphones scattered on poles. “We were right!” Weirdo said to himself.

Everyone came to the challenge area. “Everyone,” Chris wavered towards the Nostalgia, “get your first look at the Nostalgia team. Annica voted out last night.”

“Izzy’s cousin…” A lot of people whispered.

“Now shut up!” Chris yelled. “Thank you. As you can see, the Memories have a box with things in it. That was their reward for keeping a team of seven so far. Therefore, they don’t need to compete in today’s pre-challenge challenge. You’re competing—Visions versus Nostalgia—for good camping tools. You’re going camping!”

Many cheers of “All right!” and “Yes!” and “Whatever.” and “Aww, come on!” were heard.

“The winners of this obstacle course win medium quality camping tools, and the losers get the cheapest ones money can buy,” Chris explained.

The Visions lost, and they started to head out.

“You’ll find points along the way that’ll show your camping trail. Or bears. Lots and lots of bears,” Chris chuckled. “Go!”

“I’m not afraid of bears,” Jackson bragged.

“We kinda UNDERSTAND that,” Elliot retorted.

“Well, you’re supposed to be an emotionless jock…that’s what it said on the pamphlet when I was coming here on the boat!!”

“Well, excuse me. Maybe it shoulda said pessimist, and for you, weird, jerky, obvious little-“

“Guys, let’s keep it clean here.” Weirdo turned around.

“Grr.” The two guys complied.

“Hey! It’s a marking point! We’re going to be okay!” Marien cheered.

“Not really, this is just one marking point…we’ve got roughly…” Gladys tried to pull out the map, but it ripped in half. “UGH!” She threw it on the ground, and then a bird swooped down and took it away.

“Cette oiseau est bête,” Gabriel said. The captions read, “Stupid bird.”

“Whatever that means, let’s keep going!” Lucks encouraged.

“Yeah! We can, like, party when we get there!” Marien shouted.

“Here we are,” Alejandro said. He felt professional.

“Greeeat.” Roy set his stuff down.

“We have to set up right away! Lemme see what food is in here…tortillas and butter.” Connor looked disappointed.

“Well, I’ve got cheese in my bag…” Ruby took out some half-stake cheddar cheese.

“It works…now start setting up and…food making thing! Go!” Alejandro proceeded to build a hammock.

“I enjoy this spare confessional they provided here,” Alejandro said after setting it up. “A hammock is the perfect way to escape those losers.”

“I know what Al’s up to, and I won’t take no for an answer. I’ve seen TDWT, I know what’s going on!” Roy aired his thoughts in the confessional.

In the morning…

“UGH! I got rained on all night!” Alejandro confessed. “I blame Roy.”

“UGH! I got rained on all night!” Roy confessed. “I blame Alejandro. He probably took a stake out, and made our rain tarp fail! He’s going to get it when we LOSE! Yes, I said lose.” “Good morning everyone.” Petal got up.

“We’ve been up for an hour.” Lucks was standing, along with everyone else.

“I’m a heavy sleeper!” Petal said in the confessional.

“Sorry!” she said to her team. “Wait, where are we?”

“The middle of the trail. We put you on some fabric and carried you. Now get up and let’s go!” Weirdo confirmed.

“Blur…blagh…blax…haaaaaaaaaah…” Jackson muttered.

“Is there something wrong?” Petal asked.


“He’s drooling!” Cara shouted.

“Medic!” Weirdo called. “AAAAAH!” Elliot and Terrence screamed. They ran down the trail. “We can’t just leave him! Do something!” Savanna shouted. “I don’t know what to do!” Weirdo shouted.

“You’re the captain! You should know!”

“Well, I don’t, okay?”

“Huff…huff…is everything all right?” A medic came.

“No!” they all shouted.

“Balsghfkuddjf…mon…aaaaaaah….blurja…cchhh…” Jackson was still drooling.

“He’s having a seizure…quick, hand me that blue bag!”

“O-okay…” Weirdo did as instructed.

“I need to insert this liquid into him!” The medic said. “I need someone to hold his mouth open!”

“I can’t!” Weirdo shouted.

“Why…ugh, I’ll do it!” Petal complied.

After ten seconds, the medic stood up. Jackson was asleep.

“We need to get him back, now. He’ll be okay upon wake-up.” The medics started back with them.

“Wonder what all that noise was about…” Gladys wondered. Everyone except Jackson’s team was at the finish.

“There’s the exit!” A voice shouted. The Melancholy Memories emerged from the forest.

“We LOST? This doesn’t make it any better for Jackson!” Petal said.

“Uh, yeah. Where have YOU been?” Elliot said. He and Terrence had ran to the finish.

“Medical emergency. Jackson had a seizure.” Savanna said.

“Um…wow. That’s bad.” Chris said, surprised.

At the elimination ceremony...

“Welcome, all!” Chris said at the elimination ceremony. Jackson was awake.

“I can’t believe it. I had a seizure, and we lost.” Jackson looked sad.

“Tough break, man, but we won’t vote you out,” Weirdo said.

“Well, it’s time to decide who you do,” Chris announced. “Savanna, you’re up.”

Savanna voted for Weirdo. “Bad captain. Resigning would be a MUCH better option.”

“Ya scared me silly. Buh-bye.” Terrence voted Jackson.

“I’m afraid of the future.” Jackson voted.

“Hey, come up to get cotton candy! If your name is called, that is. If it isn’t, then you’re out.” Chris got out the cotton candy.

“Finally, quality food.” Terrence looked happy.

“Yes, which is exactly why Terrence is up first. Then it’s Savanna, and then Petal, then Cara. Now, Elliot. And last but probably least…

Weirdo.” Chris finished.

“What? No!” Jackson complained.

“Sorry, but we can’t risk another medical emergency-I mean, they voted you out. Tough luck, dude.” Chris said.

“I understand. My team was just looking out for me.” Jackson proceeded to be handcuffed. A medic followed him into the smartcar.

“Okay, then. Tomorrow will be an even bigger day. Good luck, good night, don’t come back here again.” Chris told them goodbye.

“I have something to admit. Jackson...well, he didn't get voted off. Weirdo did. But we couldn't risk another medical thing, or we'd get sued. It's a...hidden shame. Well, I have no time for a sign-off. So good night and come back for more Total Drama Flashback!” Chris signed off.

Episode 6: A Puzzling Switch

“Previously,” Chris started the recap, “on Total…Drama…life-threatening Flashback!” Chris chuckled. “Camping is our favorite Total Drama pastime. So, why not deliver it to you? Again? Exactly. The three teams went camping. Lines were drawn, and it became clear that Weirdo is not the best leader ever. Seriously. The kid has no idea what to do! Especially when Jackson had a seizure. That was a sad moment.” Chris took a few seconds to frown. “Anyway, after Jackson recovered, the team voted Weirdo out. But, we had to evacuate Jackson, so we shielded him behind that. What will happen now?”

“Well, you said the teams were-“ An intern started.

“Shush!” Chris yelled. “You’re fired. See what interns I’ll fire next on Total Drama Flashback!”

“We finally get a streak, then lose, and lose Jackson of all people.” Savanna was in the confessional. “Weirdo shoulda gotten the boot.”

“I’m safe…I’m safe!” Weirdo was cheering in the confessional. “Adios, Jackson!”

“Yes…no more Jackson…yay!” Terrence said in the confessional, awkwardly.

“I don’t think we should have won,” Alejandro said in the confessional. “I really wanted that power-stealing Ruby out, or maybe that annoying Blue girl.” He sighed.

“We keep winning like this, final six will be the Nifty Nostalgia!” Ruby cheered in the confessional.

“We keep winning like this, final five will be the Vital Visions!!!” Glory cheered in the confessional.

“We keep losing like this,” Cara said glumly, “and final eleven is not us. None of us. None.”

“This is torture! I cannot keep missing Outlaster: Iceland. It’s so hard! I’m missing all of the drama, and when I get my HTD Sarya phone back from Chris, I’ll get all the spoilers! SPOILERS! I hate spoilers. But whatever,” Lucks ranted in the confessional.

“I don’t get it,” Elliot said in the confessional. “We lost for the first time, and Cara breaks out into tears.”

“I wanted to have a perfect team.” Cara sniffled. She was in the confessional.

“I guess she wanted to have a perfect team,” Elliot said in the confessional.

Chris announced the occurrence of a challenge over the megaphone, and everyone came to the challenge area.

“Welcome, final seventeen!” Chris announced.

“Hey, Mclean man! What’s up?” Gladys asked.

“I’m doing just fine, thank you.” Chris smiled. “Now, I have an announcement, and it involves last night’s vote.”

“Who got voted out?” Alejandro asked.

“Weirdo. But we had Jackson leave instead due to medical emergencies.” Chris responded. “Justice is served!” Savanna said.

“But he’s not gone.” Elliot stared at her.

“Oh, well…” She said.

“Chris?” Ruby asked.

“Yes, Ruby?” He answered.

“Why are there black and white mats out? Neon would be so much better, in fact, I would take it to make a-“ Ruby started but was interrupted.

“We are splitting into two teams!” Chris announced.

“I think I know what this means!” Savanna smiled.

“Weirdo, since we need to divide the people left and kill the remainder, we thought that you should leave because you should have left.” Chris chuckled.

“So that means…” Weirdo started to say something, but just left to get his things and go to the smart car.

“Now, then,” Chris said while smiling. He gestured to the mats. “We have something to get to. Now, introducing your team advisors! These two former Total Drama competitors will lead your team but not participate in challenges or votes. They will be living in their own personal trailers with AC, and they will also wake you up and so all sorts of stuff that I normally do.”

“Who are they?” Terrence seemed like he was going to explode.

“Introducing the two most hated competitors ever on this show,” Chris smirked. “Courtney! And Heather!”

“What?” Giraffe shouted.

“Que?” Alejandro said.

“Who?” Petal asked innocently.

“It’s not like I said Blaineley or anything, people!” Chris said. “Courtney, your team will be called Team Courtney!”

“Like that’s a surprise.” Alejandro seemed like he was irritated.

“And Heather…” Chris said.

“Team Heather?” Heather herself came out and just walked onto the black mat.

“Um…Courtney? You wanna come out and onto the white mat?” Chris asked.

“With pleasure. Chris.” Courtney emerged.

“I really hoped he didn’t put me on Team Heather.” Alejandro said in the confessional.

“Alejandro, you will be on team Heather.” Chris pointed to Alejandro, then the black mat.

“Of course, he put me on Team Heather.” Alejandro sighed.

“Giraffe will be on Team Courtney.” Chris continued.

“It’s better than Heather,” Giraffe said as he walked to the white mat.

“Savanna?” Chris asked.

“Yes?” She asked back.

“Come pick a tile from my bag.” Chris responded.

“Okay,” Savanna picked a white tile.

“Team Courtney!” Chris announced. “Now, Cara, would you like to be on Team Heather?”

“No.” She replied.

“Welcome to Team Heather!” Chris said.

“I get what you’re doing,” Alejandro whispered to himself. “Um, Chris, I’m so psyched that I’m on Team Heather! I love it…so…much!” Alejandro managed a smile.

“Okay, then you can stay there,” Chris said. Alejandro frowned.

“Now, everyone not on a new team, you will get a small bag of puzzle pieces.” Chris gestured to, believe it or not, actually small bags of puzzle pieces. “As you form the puzzle, you will see the face of a captain. First face to be recreated all six times wins that captain’s team immunity and eight bunches of bananas.”

“We get bananas every morning.” Savanna stated.

“But do you get lunch, snacks, or dinner?” Chris asked.

“Yes,” Savanna pointed out.

“Not anymore!” Chris shouted with his sadistic glee. Savanna stepped back.

“Get to your puzzles!” Chris instructed.

“Go, Team Courtney!” Savanna cheered.

“Heather’s team all the way!” Alejandro cheered.

“Chris!” Roy yelled.

“What? I’m enjoying my vanilla latte!” Chris said back.

“I have my face!” Roy said. Chris came over to confirm. He had Courtney’s face.

“Roy has Heather’s face!” Chris announced. “Go stand on the gray mat.”

“Why gray? I thought there were only two, white and black.”

“…Right.” Chris noticed the absence of a third mat. “Get a third mat over here! Make it gray!”

Within five minutes, Roy was standing on a gray mat for reasons unknown.

After it all resolved, Courtney’s face had been remade by Connor, Terrence, Marien, Lucks, and Gabriel.

Heather’s face had been done by Roy, Elliot, Gladys, Glory, and Ruby.

“It is Petal for Courtney’s face and Blue for Heather’s face!” Chris announced.

“Come on, Petal!” Roy cheered.

“This is kinda hard!” Petal complained.

“You idiot! I should have gone to Gabon instead with my sane family…” Roy sighed.

“Do you want to lose and get voted out?” Petal asked.

“No.” Roy backed away.

“Good. Sorry, but I’d like encouragement rather than demands.” Petal continued on her puzzle. “Petal! Petal! Petal!” Gladys and Glory were cheering.

“She has a chance, unlike nice girl over there…” Alejandro whispered to Connor.

“Isn’t that a little mean? I mean, I think she has goodness in her heart,” Connor replied. “I can’t say the same for you, though.” “Grrr…” Alejandro grunted.

“Chris!” A voice rung out. “I have the face!”

Chris walked over to Petal. She had Heather’s correct face.

“Okay, okay!” Chris announced. “If you made Courtney’s face, go to Team Heather!”

“What?!” Heather was astonished. “These people are the smart ones! Why should I let them go?”

“Alejandro gets to stay, if it means anything, which I know it does.” Chris smirked.

“That’s not fair!” Heather stomped.

“Well, yes it is, because Savanna, Giraffe, and Cara have to stay put…” Chris stated. “Anyway,” he continued, “if you made Heather’s face, go to Team Courtney.”

“Does Team Courtney get immunity, then?” Courtney asked. “Because, well, we made the puzzle more than them!”

“No, I clearly stated at the beginning that the most frequent face’s team wins immunity. Gotcha!” Chris laughed.

“Augh!” Courtney was mad.

“I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.” Heather was in the confessional. “I lost the smart people but win immunity. And bananas.”

At the elimination ceremony…

“Welcome, one and all! And Courtney.” Chris welcomed Team Courtney.

“So, Blue? How was it?” Chris asked.

“What do you mean?” Blue asked.

“The swap.” Chris glared at her, though he was the bad question asker.

“It was sad! My team and I were all so…tight and happy!” Blue looked down.

“No, you weren’t! We wanted your annoying pink hair outta there! You were next!” Roy blurted out. He then gasped and covered his mouth.

“Is this true?” Chris asked. “Because…” Chris wavered towards a TV that an intern was bringing over. He was airing a confessional.

“Roy is next. I think I’ll keep Blue around for a while.” Alejandro had said.

Roy gasped.

Blue was wide-eyed.

Everyone was pondering.

“So, Savanna, what are you doing now?” Chris asked.

“We don’t know who to vote out. Roy or Blue? We want to act like the swap never happened…” Savanna responded.

Giraffe chimed in. “Being a former Nifty Nostalgia member, I know that I’d want to keep the train going. I guess the vote depends on who picks who’s side.”

“Okay, okay,” Chris received. “Now, Ruby—Oh, man!” Chris looked worried. “We are running out of time! This is supposed to be half an hour! Vote! Vote! NOW!”

“Go with the flow.” Blue voted Roy.

“Go with your gut.” Roy voted Blue.

“You make no sense, why did you sign up for this?” Ruby voted for Blue.

Elliot yawned. He voted Roy and walked away.

“I’m sorry, but if we keep you around, it’ll get bad.” Savanna cast her vote.

“Glory’ll back me up on this one, hon.” Gladys voted for Blue.

“Gladys’ll back me up on this one, globe-y.” Glory voted for Roy.

“I know that we are young, and a million and a half dollars at this age is like giving a hammer to a destructive toddler, but you can’t escape this.” Giraffe cast his vote.

“All right, you’ve all voted! If you get a piece of cotton candy, you’re safe, if you don’t, get out of Micronesia, stat!” Chris said the well-known rules.

“Savanna, Giraffe, Glory, Roy, Gladys, Elliot, Ruby.”

“Blue.” Chris gave her the cotton candy.

“Wait, that’s all of us!” Gladys realized.

“Yeah!” Savanna agreed.

“Since Weirdo left earlier today, we don’t need another eliminated contestant this episode. Plus, you tied, so...yeah. Grab your stuff and go to the Vital Visions trailer. We painted it white and it says Team Courtney on it. Courtney, walk one-hundred paces right of it when facing the writing to reach you and Heather’s trailer. Good night!”

“Ha! I got you viewers at home!” Chris chuckled. “Though the smart ones probably realized what I was doing…next time, we’ll actually eliminate someone the normal way! See you next time on Total Drama Flashback!” Chris signed off.

Episode 7: Around the World in 30 Minutes

Chris stood next to an airport runway set. “Welcome back to Total…Drama…Flashback!” Chris started the recap. “The show where now sixteen teenagers compete in Micronesia for one million five hundred thousand dollars! Let’s recap up until now…” Chris winked. “Roll the film!” He said to the cameraman.

"Mikayla was a member of the Vital Visions team, until she cost them the first challenge to protect her hair. Then they voted her out." Chris snorted. "...Did I just do that on camera?" Chris asked the cameraman. The cameraman nodded. "Ugh! Well, Cedric was an uber-fan. Of Duncan! He never really got to show his true colors, though, and he was voted out by the Vital Visions for screwing up the dance competition. Then, we had a cousin of Izzy. Her name was Annica, a contestant from the Nifty Nostalgia. We made a viral video contest, and Annica's slight outburst at the elimination ceremony cost her the game. That's why you don't have someone yell 'Pink!' in the middle of a viral video. They thought it was Blue. but after that, the targets were on her and Alejandro. But I digress."

"You think?" The cameraman said.

"You annoy me," Chris mumbled. "Anyway, we revisited camping challenges after that! Melancholy Memories member Jackson's revealed epilepsy caused us to evacuate him under the cover of an elimination ceremony. Then, we actually eliminated the one supposed to have been gone - Weirdo - the next morning. We had a team switch, and no one was voted out. What will happen today?"

Team Heather was shown consulting Chris.

"Where do we go?!" Heather demanded.

"It's nighttime and you never told us where to go to sleep." Lucks complained.

"So? Too bad." Chris shrugged.

"You tell us now." Alejandro held up a fist.

"O-okay! Okay!" Chris succumbed to their request, despite his sadistic principles. "Go to the Melancholy Memories trailer. Sleep there. Now go away." Chris set off a smoke bomb and disappeared.

"But there's only seven beds...?" Petal said.

"There's only seven beds," Blue said upon Team Courtney's return to their trailer.

"Whatever. Home turf!" Glory got in one of the beds.

"What she said," Gladys got into a bed.

"I'm a little annoyed with Glory," Gladys said in the confessional. "She thinks she can do whatever she wants. But we're sistas and BFFs. No one can take that away!"

"I'll sleep on the floor," Elliot said in a monotonous tone.

"You would do that?" Savanna asked. Elliot nodded.

"You are SO nice." Ruby hugged Elliot.

"Please," Elliot asked, "get off of me." He had a bit of tone in that sentence.

"Mr. Grumpy Pants should be your name," Giraffe commented.

"Grumpy... Pants..." Ruby said to herself. "Quick!" She shouted, "Does anyone have a sewing machine or something?"

"I think I might..." Gladys rummaged through her bag. She took out a sewing machine.

"Is that the battery powered one?" Glory asked. Gladys nodded.

"Thank you, thank you!" Ruby grabbed it. She took out some fabric. "Does anyone have batteries?"

"That's what she said," Giraffe whispered to Roy.

"I do, they're for my globe." Roy had ignored Giraffe.

"May I have them?" Ruby asked.

"Mmhmm." Roy handed them over.

"What do we do about the sleeping situation?" Petal asked her team on the way back to their new home.

"Je vais dormir sur le plancher. J'ai apporté une couverture." Gabriel took out a blanket.

"Meaning...?" Terrence asked.

"Je vais dormir sur le plancher. J'ai apporté une couverture!" Gabriel laid down on the floor and put his blanket over his body, save his head.

"Oh...he was offering to sleep on the floor!" Connor confirmed.

"Aww! Nice boy. You're coming to my party when I win!" Marien clapped.

"All right, everyone! Get in beds. We win again tomorrow!" Alejandro got in his bed.

"...You're not the boss of me." Cara whispered as she got in bed.

"I wish Heather were here," Cara said in the confessional. "She'd put the Ale-whatever guy in his place."

"WAKE UP, EVERYBODY!" Heather barged in to Team Heather's trailer. She then slammed the door.

In the Team Courtney trailer, a song came out of nowhere.

"What's that sound?" Glory asked.

"My alarm clock I set for you guys." Courtney walked in and put it on snooze. "Now come on, challenge time!"

"Welcome, two teams!" Chris welcomed as Heather and Courtney led their teams to the challenge area. "This challenge was put together by you team captains. Be prepared to go around the world!"

"Really!?" Roy was ecstatic.

"No. It's a hypothetical journey," Chris answered. Roy frowned.

"Allons-nous pour participer à divers défis sur la base Total Drama World Tour?" Gabriel asked.

"English." Chris rolled his eyes. Gabriel took out a pager.

"Why does he get to have that?" Lucks asked.

"To call up his translator," Chris explained.

"Allons-nous participer à divers défis sur la base Total Drama World Tour?" Gabriel whispered into the pager.

A voice came out, "Are we going to participate in various challenges based on Total Drama World Tour?"

"Yes, yes you are!" Chris responded. "First, you have to choose a sarcophagus out of five of them. The one with the key moves you on to Paris, where you have to go through the Louvre to find a model of the Eiffel Tower." Gabriel clapped after that statement. "Following that, you have to dig a hole three times in our Jamaica portion to try and find gold chains. If you fail, another person has to do it. I forgot to mention that one person does each challenge. It's a relay race. After Jamaica, you jump ice floes in Switzerland to get to China. Eat the five-pound wonton to get to the final portion - Hawaii. You will have to replicate half of the season three finale challenge - so make that dummy out of wood and pineapples and give it to our unpaid intern next to an airplane. He'll let you in. Have it take off and you parachute out of there to win the challenge."

"Too long." Terrence folded his arms.

"So is life," Chris retorted. "Start!"

"Okay, Gabriel!" Alejandro commanded. "You go to the Paris portion. I'll take Hawaii. Cara will take Egypt, Lucks will take Jamaica. Petal will take China. Clear?"

"I don't want to eat a five-pound wonton...but okay." Petal walked to her section. So did everyone else.

"And Connor, Switzerland! I almost forgot!" Alejandro told him.

"Who wants to take Egypt?" Glory asked.

"I will." Gladys walked over there.

"I'll take Paris." Giraffe volunteered.

"Jamaica is mine!" Roy said.

"Switzerland, for me?" Blue asked.

"Yeah, now go." Ruby told her. Blue did as she was told.

"Hawaii for me!" Glory walked over there.

"I guess I'll take..." Ruby gulped. "China..."

"I guess Savanna, Elliot, Terrence, and Marien will sit out." Chris observed the teams. "Hey! Team Courtney is on Egypt already! Now both teams are!"

"I'll pick...this one!" Cara picked the right sarcophagus.

"No!" Gladys saw that Cara was through Egypt. She opened all five sarcophaguses until she found the key.

"Both teams are, Gabriel's done with France. Team Heather is ahead! ...Until now." Chris was trying to narrate.

"I can get ahead!" Roy dug three holes quickly. He found the chains. Lucks dug, but failed. Terrence succeeded his failure.

As Connor started the floe jumps, Blue had finished. Ruby started the feast of the wonton. She was in the middle of it by the time Petal got there.

"I'm a fast eater. you see," Petal said in the confessional.

"Petal and Ruby finish at the exact same time! Wow!" Chris narrated.

"It's up to me." Alejandro took off building his dummy.

"Imma win this!" Glory took off.

"Glory is done with her dummy and is heading for the airplane!" Chris announced.

"What? It only has one leg!" Alejandro complained.

"It's a cripple! Get over it!" Glory entered the airplane, had it take off, and parachuted out.

"Team Courtney has won the challenge!" Chris announced. Team Courtney cheered.

"Dang..." Alejandro stared at his finished dummy.

"Where does that plane go?" Cara asked Chris.

Chris shrugged. "Somewhere."

"I can't believe we won!" Roy was telling Blue.

"Yeah, I know!" Blue said. Suddenly, they were knocked out and dragged away.

At the elimination ceremony...

"Welcome, Heathers!" Chris welcomed. "Get to the vote. We don't have much airtime left."

"No problem." Alejandro smirked.

"So, so, so, SO bossy. Plus, no one likes you." Cara voted for Alejandro.

"Everyone on this team is really stupid, but you're stupid-er, so you get my vote." Alejandro voted.

"Okay! The votes are in!" Chris received the votes.

"The cotton candy goes to Lucks, Gabriel, Petal, Cara, Connor!" Chris threw the cotton candy and everyone caught it. "Marien, too!"

"Last but not least...yet..."

"Terrence." Chris threw the last one.

"Um, Chris, you forgot me." Alejandro looked mad.

"No, I didn't." Chris chuckled after saying that.

"You were too bossy," Cara explained.

"Now get out of here." Lucks stuck his tongue out.

"Pwned!" Terrence fist pumped.

"I hate you people." Alejandro stomped his way into handcuffs. He was thrown into the smartcar and left.

"Oh, don't go!" Chris told them. Everyone was starting to leave.

"Why?" Lucks asked.

Suddenly, a strong-looking intern dragged in Roy and Blue.

"Hey, you two! Wake up!" Chris yelled.

"Huh...?" Roy was dazed.

"Where am I?" Blue was, too.

"Team Heather will vote one of you out right now." Chris pointed to the team.

"What?" Blue asked.

"You were last night's bottom two. If not for my fear of ratings dropping, one of you would have left. But introducing it as a surprise twist makes it fun," Chris explained.

"Cheapo," Roy commented.

"Now vote!" Chris told Team Heather.

"Too smart." Marien cast her vote.

"Too annoying." Lucks cast his vote.

"Just plain weird!" Terrence cast his vote.

"I'll read the votes, because one piece of cotton candy is not exciting." Chris took the vote sheet. "Roy, Blue, come up here." They did as instructed.

"First vote - Roy."

"Second vote - Roy. That's two votes Roy."

"Roy. Three votes Roy."

"Blue. Three votes for Roy and one vote for Blue."

"Roy, it's time to go." Chris handed Roy the vote sheet. "Read it and weep."

"Cheapo." Roy left.

"Everyone, leave and go back to where you sleep," Chris instructed.

"Tomorrow, it hopefully gets more intense. Find out next time when you tune in to get more of this." Chris smiled.

Episode 8: The Worst Show on Earth

Chris appeared in a tiger cage, holding on to the top for dear life. Three tigers were below him. “Last t-time on Total Drama F-Flash…b-b-back… We went around the w-world in j-j-just a few minutes!” Chris was starting to cry. “From E-Egypt to H-Hawaii t-t-t-to Switzerland, T-Team Courtney won immunity!” Chris was shaking. “Team Heather voted Al-Alejandro off, th-then, in a s-surprise t-twist, R-Roy and B-B-Blue were brought in to be voted out… Roy was-s-s voted out. Who will be-Aw, forget t-this!” Chris took out his cellphone. “Tell the contestants where I am and tell them to rescue me, stat!”

“I cannot believe we voted out Alejandro,” Cara told her team on the way back from voting out Roy and Alejandro.

“I can. You were the one who told him he was bossy, anyway…you told us to vote him out!” Terrence was confused.

“You do have a point…” Connor was drawing in a notebook. It was pocket-sized.

“Where did you get that notebook?” Cara asked.

“I brought it to the elimination ceremony. I just never took it out.” Connor showed Team Heather how it fit in his pocket.

“Whatcha drawing?” Marien peeked over.

“Nothing special…” Connor didn’t let Marien see the notebook.

“Gee, fine, be a party pooper…” Marien quickly became nonchalant.

“Hey, Terrence…” Petal walked over to Terrence. “You received the last cotton candy, meaning you got a vote… Why did Alejandro vote for you, do you think?”

Terrence shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe he thought I’d already had my chance on Kingdom.” Terrence was then shown in the confessional. “Ruby has gotten three! Unfair advantage!”

“So did he,” Petal pointed out.

“Why did you join, anyway?” Lucks asked.

“Oh, you know... More video games.” Terrence looked embarrassed.

“I joined so I could get the entire Planet Ware laptop set and the Bone Candy earbud set. They’re a lot of money on iBay,” Lucks explained.

“I’m here to add more to my mind and daydreams,” Connor chimed in.

“I’m here to find party people! Whoo!” Marien cheered.

“I’m here to meet new people, and to get the money for charities,” Petal explained.

“I’m here to…find true love… Cheesy, right?” Cara explained in the confessional. “But that’s not what I’ll tell them.”

“I’m here to get more money for gym classes.” Cara told the others.

Gabriel cleared his throat. “I am want money…?” He had just spoken English. Petal clapped.

“You spoke English!” Cara congratulated.

“Nice, man,” Lucks told him.

The members of Team Courtney were in their cabin.

“Where are Roy and Blue?” Ruby asked. “I finished Roy’s Around-the-World hoodie.”

“I have some pink stuff to give Blue that I found in my bag,” Savanna continued.

“Where are my homies?” Glory asked.

The door opened. Blue walked in.

“Hey, guys!” Blue got in her bed.

“Where’s Roy?” Ruby asked.

“Probably on his way out. Team Heather voted him out,” Blue explained.

“Surprise twist?” Elliot asked. “Figures.”

“Well, we are talking about Chris here…” Giraffe agreed.

“This will be an interesting season if we’ve had surprise guests, a team change, a seizure and an early double elimination so far. It’s only the final fourteen!” Savanna summed up the show’s quirks.

“That’s one-third of the way through,” Blue reminded her.

“Whatever. Let’s just have some fun!” Savanna said.

“Agreed. Night, everyone.” Glory went to bed.

“Wake up!” An intern yelled through a megaphone. “Especially Courtney and Heather!”

“Wake up time…” Elliot said dryly.

“Where’s Chris?” Petal asked the intern at the challenge area.

“No time! We have to run, he’s gonna die!” The intern panicked.

“Yeah, right. I’ve been on this show before,” Terrence commented.

“Do I need to show you his screams?” The intern asked. The teens nodded. He opened up his phone and played Chris’s message.

“Where do we go now?” Heather asked.

“Am I gonna keep this job if he dies?” Courtney asked.

“No time for answers! Follow me!” The intern did not move.

“…To where?” Elliot asked.

“I said, FOLLOW ME!” The intern yelled to the left. Another intern drove up in a chain of golf carts.

“Sorry, didn’t hear the cue. Get in!” The driving intern said.

The teens drove to a circus tent.

“Circus time!” Giraffe did a back flip.

“But why is Chris screaming here?” Cara asked.

“Fear of clowns?” Lucks wondered. A loud roar was heard.

“TIGERS!” Giraffe yelled.

“We better go in!” Petal told the rest.

“Yeah. Of all people, I should know a tiger’s roar!” Giraffe sprinted in. So did everyone else.

“Oh, thank g-goodness you’re here!” Chris was still latched onto the top of the cage.

“Did you climb up there?” Lucks asked.

“I have mad skills. Now get these tigers out!” Chris told them. “Challenge part one, I guess!”

“Well, if you put it that way…” Giraffe walked on over to the tiger cage smoothly. He opened the door, but then the tigers went at him.

“No, no, no, no, no!” Giraffe closed the door.

“Well, that’s great. He’s the only one with any circus experience, and he’s afraid of the tigers!” Ruby ranted in the confessional.

“Got any ideas?” Lucks asked his team. He got a bunch of heads shaking.

“Wait! Lucks!” Chris realized something.

“Epiphany moment!” Marien cheered.

“Have that intern give you his phone. There’s a tiger roar recorded on there.” Chris pointed to the intern, but started to slip. “Play it and throw it in the corner. I’ll drop down on the other side. Giraffe, you open the door and get me out!”

The plan worked.

“Well, this challenge was supposed to be a two out of three challenge, but both teams helped equally, so…you each have one point,” Chris told them. The contestants cheered. “Until now!” Chris had an evil smile.

“What do you mean, until now? My team has to win.” Courtney was acting superior.

“There is no more ‘your team.’ Courtney, Heather…” Chris started.

“Hey, Chris! I’m sorry, and Imma let you finish, but I think I was really good opening that tiger cage door!” Giraffe declared.

“What was that?” Ruby asked in the confessional.

“Umkay. Now, as I was saying, Courtney, Heather, I’m sorry, but we are back to three teams!” Chris finished.

Everyone was in shock.

“You will go back to your old teams,” Chris explained. “Nifty Nostalgia, Vital Visions, Melancholy Memories.”

“But we’ll be down by three members!” Connor observed.

“Soon to be four,” Chris chuckled. “Your contracts said that any interrupted during team phase challenge instructions lead to automatic elimination ceremony for that team. See you there!” Chris walked away.

“Unfair!” Giraffe said in the confessional.

“Who wrote that contract?” Blue ranted in the confessional.

“Are they designed to annoy us?” Connor said in the confessional, talking about the contracts.

“That will NEVER happen again. And I will make sure it doesn’t. Giraffe, prepare to be assimilated into the sane society!” Ruby ranted.

“So…did we win?” Lucks asked.

“Yeah, did we?” Cara asked.

“No,” Chris’s voice echoed out of nowhere.

“Do I lose my job?” Courtney asked.

“No,” Chris’s voice came again.

“And me?” Heather asked.

“No, now stop asking me questions!” His voice was echoing louder. “Oh, and pick a team captain. That is all.”

"Who should we pick for a captain?" Petal asked her team.

"How about we vote on it?" Savanna asked.

"Sounds great," Cara followed up.

"I vote for flower hair girl." Elliot was trying to get to sleep.

"I vote for Petal," Terrence said.

"I vote for Savanna," Petal said.

"I vote for Elliot," Cara said. Everyone stared at her. "What?"

"It's up to you, Savanna." Petal pointed at Savanna.

"Elliot!" Savanna voted. Everyone stared at her.

"And I don't get voted for? Wow..." Terrence said in the confessional.

"Why?" Cara asked.

"He needs something else to go for besides money in this game," Savanna explained the nature of her vote.

"Gee, thanks. True, but still..." Elliot said, muffled through his pillow.

"I nominate myself as captain." Ruby pointed to herself.

"I second that." Connor was in bed.

"I don't," Giraffe rolled his eyes.

"I don't really care," Blue was applying pink nail polish. She looked up. "Hey, what about me?"

"No." Giraffe got in bed.

"I'm captain, then!" Ruby cheered.

"Who should be captain?" Lucks asked his team.

"Je ne sais pas," Gabriel said. The caption read, "I don't know."

"Does that mean, like, IDK or something?" Marien asked.

"Well, I was a good captain. Who seconds that?" Gladys asked.

"I do," Lucks said.

"Well, doesn't it make sense that Glory should be captain, then? I mean, she's bound to be good," Gladys complimented her.

"Sure, why not?" Marien agreed.

"I'm cool with it," Lucks agreed.

"Moi, aussi," Gabriel said. The caption read, "Me, also."

"Okay, then. Glory, the new captain!" Gladys celebrated.

At the elimination ceremony…

“Welcome, Nifty Nostalgia!” Chris welcomed the team.

“Great to be here,” Giraffe said sarcastically.

“We’ll be a trio before you know it,” Connor observed.

“Sadness…pink?” Blue said to herself.

“Okay, we’re voting now,” Chris stopped the conversation. “Ut-cay he-tay onversation-cay.”

“Meaning…?” Giraffe asked.

“Quiet! Vote!” Chris commanded.

The teens voted.

“Now, I’ve got the three cotton candies here. The first goes to Connor.” Chris threw a cotton candy. “Then Blue,” Chris continued.

“But finally, Ruby,” Chris finished.

“And not me?” Giraffe asked. “Why not her? She is a dictator!”

“How would we know?” Connor asked.

“Hello? Total Drama Kingdom! Am I the only one to have watched it?” Giraffe asked.

“I think I saw maybe one or two episodes. No one really watched it,” Connor remarked.

“Time to leave, Captain Longneck,” Chris instructed.

“Fine. But mark my words! Watch out for sewing fanatics!” Giraffe had been handcuffed already. An intern was about to throw him. “Please, don’t throw me.” He pointed to his neck. He walked into the car and left.

“He’s not Noah, he should get over himself…” Ruby and her team left.

“Buh-bye!” Chris smiled.

“Well, hopefully you tuned in to get more of this. But if you didn’t…Stay tuned to see someone else get voted out on Total…Drama…Flash! Back!” Chris signed off.

Episode 9: Endurance...of Your Fears

Chris stood next to a dolphin tank next to a machine labeled “Earthquake Simulator”. “Previously…” Chris took a long pause. “On!” Chris shouted. “Total Drama Flashback… I trapped myself in a tiger cage by accident.” Chris’s face was red. “Heh..heh… I still have skills. Anyway, Team Courtney and Team Heather released me, only to find out that we were back to three teams. Surprise twist! Giraffe apparently didn’t read his contract, because his outburst caused his team to have to vote someone out that night! Guess who it was? Well, it was Giraffe. What will happen tonight? Stay tuned.” The Total…Drama…Flashback jingle went off.

“We made a good decision.” Ruby high-fived Connor. The Nifty Nostalgia was coming back from voting out Giraffe.

“I feel strange, on a team with two quirky girls…N-Not that I’m sexist or anything!” Connor said in the confessional.

“Tonight, we make our move,” Ruby told her team.

“Meaning…?” Blue asked.

“We need to send someone to spy on the challenge area. No doubt they’re setting up for tomorrow now. We can get an advantage!” Ruby told her remaining teammates.

“That could mean trouble if we didn’t read our contracts,” Connor remarked.

“You could be right…or wrong. I’m going, regardless of what you say,” Ruby declared. She ran off.

“Her choice, I guess,” Blue said.

“We could dominate now,” Savanna told her team. They were in their trailer. “We’re tied with the Vital Visions, and the Nifty Nostalgia is down by two.”

“Well, we need the direction of our team captain as to what we should to do,” Cara remarked.

“I say we sleep now and think later,” Elliot said. He was in his bed. “I want rest.” He put a pillow over his head.

“Okay.” Cara shot a glare at Savanna. She had voted for Elliot as the deciding vote.

“I agree with captain dude, and all that jazz over there,” Terrence yawned.

“Come on, Elliot. Propel yourself.” Petal bent down.

“No,” Elliot grunted.

“Well, let’s sleep.” Savanna got in her bed.

“I have the strangest team.” Terrence was in the confessional. “Elliot’s a depressed jock, Cara’s a gymnast who flirts with everyone, I can only play video games, Petal’s too nice, and Savanna’s only good at math. The odds aren’t too good.”

“We have got to win the next challenge. To, y’know, get a bigger lead.” Glory and her team were all in bed.

“Agreed,” Gladys agreed.

“I think one of us should go missing,” Lucks said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Marien asked.

“Je suis fatigue.” Gabriel’s captions read, “I’m tired.”

“Whatev…” Marien responded. “But what does the missing thing mean?”

“I don’t know, I’m tired. I act like this at four in the morning when I’m playing Call of War: World at Duty,” Lucks explained.

“Is that good or bad?” Marien asked in the confessional.

“Go to sleep, peeps.” Glory seemed mad.

“WELCOME TO TODAY’S CHALLENGE!!!!!” Chris yelled via megaphone.

“Are we there yet?” Connor asked.

“I couldn’t find any sort of challenge evidence…” Ruby grumbled.

“Connor! You are the first contestant on Phobia Factor, Take Two!” Chris announced. “You must come to that big purple-leaf tree to hear some very loud noises. Unless you want to cost your team a point.”

“Go, Connor! We have three members! We need all the points we can get!” Ruby told him. Connor left.

“I think she really is a dictator…” Connor whispered to himself.

“Glory and Gladys, you will compete together on Phobia Factor, Take Two! Glory, we will lock you in a room without Gladys in it until the challenge is over. To escape, press the red button. Now step outside.” Chris was directing everyone to conquer their fears!

“Bye, girl!” Gladys told Glory.

“Ruby, can you prove your innocence on Phobia Factor, Take Two? Come to the challenge area. We have a courtroom all set up,” Chris directed Ruby.

“No, I can’t,” Ruby said to herself.

“What happened to us needing all the points we can get? Go, Ruby!” Blue inspired her to go.

“Blue, we invite you to a completely pink-free house where you will receive an anti-pink makeover on Phobia Factor, Take Two!” Chris instructed Blue. “Come to the challenge area.”

“Fine…” Blue left.

“Terrence, you conquered your fear already by just being here on Phobia Factor, Take Two. The Melancholy Memories have one point,” Chris explained. “On the other hand, Terrence will come to Blue’s special house to experience all the gizmos and gadgets you can think of without power.”

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Lucks shouted. He stepped outside. “I REFUSE!” He yelled.

“Okay,” Chris said. “The Vital Visions will be missing out on one point. Marien, step outside and we will drive you to prison,” Chris explained.

“I’d rather not,” Marien explained. She walked out and flipped off the truck driver. The truck drove away.

“Um…wow. Powerful actions here on Phobia Factor, Take Two. Next, we invite Elliot to our Earthquake Simulator. Jog to the purple-leaf tree to find it,” Chris explained.

“Um…okay…?!” Elliot left his trailer.

“Brave boy,” Petal complimented.

“Petal, why don’t you participate in Phobia Factor, Take Two? We have an apocalypse ready for you. Step outside,” Chris instructed Petal.

“Apocalypse? Thanks, but no thanks,” Petal said.

“Petal’s not showing up, so…Gabriel! On Phobia Factor, Take Two, we’re instructing you to ride dolphins. Go to the purple tree,” Chris instructed.

“D’accord,” Gabriel said. The caption read, “Okay.”

“Let’s call up Savanna for Phobia Factor, Take Two. We have a test for you to take. An unpaid intern will slide it under your door. Take it and slide it back out,” Chris said.

“This isn’t a fear, this is a talent!” Savanna said to herself.

“Hey, Cara? Last but not least on Phobia Factor, Take Two, I need you to step outside. Oh, and take off your shoes and close your eyes,” Chris told her.

“I don’t see what this has to do with my fear of blood…” Cara opened her eyes. She stepped outside. “What’s this liquid I’m standing in? …Oh, no…” Cara opened her eyes. She was standing in red liquid. “Blood…” Cara whispered. She screamed.

“Relax, it was just red water. You know, food coloring…” Chris told her.

“You scared me silly!” Cara pouted and walked inside.

“Okay, the challenge is over. Everyone come to the challenge area,” Chris told the contestants and hour after Cara’s instructions.

Everyone arrived at the challenge area.

“It’s time to rank your teams,” Chris told the contestants, in person this time. “Nifty Nostalgia… Connor! You handled the loud noise well. One point. Blue! You didn’t leave the house or put on any pink. Two points. Ruby! You endured the lawsuit. Three points. The Nifty Nostalgia is on the board with three points!”

“Yay!” Blue cheered.

“Melancholy Memories… Savanna. Here’s your test back.” It had an F on it.

“Not like this goes towards my grade,” Savanna handed it back.

“Okay, one point,” Chris declared. “Elliot, you were very nonchalant in the earthquake simulator. Two points. Terrence, three points. Cara, you failed. Three points. Petal, you also failed. Three points. The Nostalgia and Memories are tied at three points each.”

“Sorry, guys…” Petal told her team.

“It’s okay,” Cara said.

“Visions! Marien. You flipped off an intern! No point for you. Gabriel. You loved those dolphins! One point.” Gabriel looked confused. “Gladys, you requested to see Glory, and Glory pressed the red button to get out. No points. Lucks ran out of the building, too. One point.” Chris suddenly got a call. “Hold on.” Chris opened the phone. “What? He wasn’t afraid of dolphins? It was the dauphin? As in, the prince? UGH!” Chris hung up. “Zero points. You’re eliminating someone tonight! Stupid French language…”

“Tu es mechante!” Gabriel shouted.

At the elimination ceremony…

“What are your opinions on tonight’s vote?” Chris asked the team as the entered.

“It’s a blank vote, Chris,” Glory explained.

“We vote for whoever we feel should go home,” Gladys followed up.

“Okay, I guess enough has been said already. Go vote!” Chris commanded. The team voted.

“Okay, the cotton candy goes to Lucks, Gladys, and Glory.” Chris threw the sweet treat, and the three team members caught it. “The final stick of cotton candy goes to…

“Marien.” Chris threw the final one.

“Ne quittez pas…” Gabriel took out some notecards. “Why… me?” He read.

“You're French. Tu es Français. You would have caused confusion, as shown by today’s challenge. Dolphins…psh!” Lucks explained.

“D’accord, I agree, whatever,” Glory agreed.

“Mais, je suis sportif!” Gabriel plead his case.

“Time to go, Gabriel,” Chris told the French teenager.

“Bonne chance!” Gabriel said as he became handcuffed. He was tossed into the smartcar and high-tailed it out of Micronesia.

“Who will be voted out next?” Chris asked the camera. “Find out next time on T…D…F!” Chris paused. “I don’t know what that could stand for, if not flashback. Maybe flashbang?” Chris gasped. “War theme!” Chris takes out a notepad labeled “Season 3” and writes something down.

Episode 10: Burn Notification

Chris Mclean was sitting inside the camera surveillance area. “Previously on TDF…we found out what everyone was afraid of. Then we had them endure it in a pretty relaxing day. Eventually, the Vital Visions had the least amount of brave people, so we sent them to an elimination ceremony where the last straw was had for Gabriel.” The scene of Gabriel’s departure was shown. “Now, we’re nearing the inevitable. Which team will be prevalent at the merge? Which team will lose today? Win today? All these questions except the first one will be answered on this episode.”

The theme song played.

Petal was in her trailer with the rest of her team. “I gotta wonder who the Visions could have voted out.” Terrence shrugged.

“Probably that happy-go-lucky Gladys or her predecessor…” Elliot coined his opinion.

“I think it was Marien. She cannot still be here after all that’s happened to her. From what I’ve observed, everyone hates her…” Cara chimed in.

“I don’t know, probably Gabriel, you saw what happened to them with the dolphin concept,” Savanna reasoned.

“Yeah, they seemed a little miffed about that,” Terrence spoke.

“Hope everything goes over well with them!” Petal was optimistic.

The camera switched to the Vital Visions’ home.

“Some people just annoy me repeatedly,” Gladys stated, talking about Gabriel.

“I thought Gabe was a sweet kid, but he would be better off on Outlaster: France.” Glory was digging through her bag.

“What are you looking for?” Marien inquired.

“A map I obtained while taking a walk yesterday. It could lead to some treasure!” Glory was excited.

“Ooh! I want in!” Gladys grabbed her hand and took off out the door.

“Wait for me!” Marien ran after them.

“Okay, that’s fine. You can leave me alone…” Lucks mumbled.

The scene then moved to the Nifty Nostalgia’s trailer.

“We all need to get savvy here, people! Dress for success!” Ruby awakened her team and threw hand-sewn outfits to them.

“What in the name of…Ruby? I-I can’t see why I’m expected to wear skinny jeans labeled ‘WE WILL WIN’ to help us win,” Connor asked.

“This isn’t pink,” Blue protested. “I refuse to don this blasphemous outfit.”

“Pink-ism? That’s new…” Connor said in confessional.

“I am Pink-ist. I only wear things that are pink, encourage pink, and support breast cancer…mama…” Blue was somewhat crying in the confessional. “I don’t want to sound selfish, but I believe that I have to tell some lies and fib here and there. All of this money is going to help the cure of breast cancer…”

“Come on, people! Dress for success in Ruby’s…uh…” Ruby couldn’t think of another rhyme.

“Mess?” Connor laughed.

“I’ll mess you up, like I did that stupid Marshall last season!” Ruby was enraged. Connor whimpered.

“I want to keep Ruby around. I could take her to the finals, but that might be hard. If I pair with Ruby, I’d have a huge target on my back. Also, she’s really annoying! Temper, temper…” Connor explained his views in confessional.

“Good morning, Flashback-ers!” Chris shouted via megaphone. “I have a new mission for you guys!”

“A mission? I can’t even…what?” Cara was in confessional.

“I need you guys to get to the challenge area, quick. There’s a problem!” Chris explained.

“Oh, boy…” Lucks got out of his trailer.

“Ladies! Let’s get there first!” Glory departed. The scene then switched to her in the confessional. “I never did find that treasure…I’m a little mad. Could have been something to help us once we merge. And trust me, honey, I’m going to the merge.”

When the three teams arrived at the challenge area, Chris was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s our hosty-host?” Marien asked.

“Connor want challenge!” Connor grunted with humor. A few laughed.

“Get your butt over here!” Terrence shouted to the sky.

“It is over here,” Chris whispered.

“Where? I don’t see you…” Petal was looking around.

“Look behind you.” When Chris said these words, there was a moment of awkwardness in the air. Everyone turned around.

“Oh my goshums! You scared me!” Blue chastised her host.

“Now that you see me, let’s get to today’s challenge,” Chris announced. “You will each be responsible for yourself. But you are not merged. Stay undetected. This is only round one of this task.”

“Lolwut?” Lucks asked.

“Ugh, follow me…” Chris led the teams to a maze. “Courtney and Heather will be trying to find you. If they find you, they will capture you and bring you back to the surveillance building. You will then be a hostage. After a while, if you are not yet a hostage, you will participate in round two.”

“Simple enough,” Marien commented.

“Right…now get in there! In five minutes, the femme fatales will be in that maze, hunting you guys down!” Chris shooed them into the structure.

Savanna and Elliot were walking with Cara.

“Guys, isn’t this a bad idea?” Savanna proposed. “If we’re all together, if we’re noticed, then that’s a triple play.”

“Triple kill!” Terrence yelled.

“TERRENCE!” Cara whispered, although raspy.

“What?” Terrence asked.

“You’re going to get us caught!” Elliot joined in.

“Well, sor-ry…” Terrence walked away.

The scene went to Glory and Gladys.

“Here’s how you don’t get caught, lil’ sister,” Glory spoke to Gladys.

“How?” Gladys asked.

“You just go in a little corner and stay there. But there’s two of us, so we need to split up.” Glory looked around for the aforementioned hiding spot.

“Shh!” Gladys covered Glory’s mouth with her hand.

“What?” Glory asked.

“I hear footsteps,” Gladys responded.

“You got that right!” Heather grabbed Glory, and Courtney grabbed Gladys.

The scene switched to the hostages. Along with the two Visions, Petal and Blue were also there.

“I got another one!” Courtney dragged Elliot in. Following her, Heather brought Savanna.

“Now our safety relies on a gymnast and a video game addict…” Elliot commented.

“Great. Just amazing,” Savanna was clearly upset.

“Just make the most of it!” Petal tried to cheer them up.

“How?” Ruby asked.

“Well…” Petal pondered.

The scene switched to the traveling couple of Terrence and Connor. “Won’t we get caught if we travel together?” Terrence asked. “We’re in a duo.”

“True, but we’re on differ-“ Connor stopped mid-sentence as they were interrupted.

“Hello! You guys have survived round one!” Chris Mclean announced.

“How do we get out?” Terrence yelled.

“Follow the yellow, lit-up path.” Lights came on the floor.

The remaining six players went out of the maze. Chris led them to another building.

“Your next challenge is to make it through some secret agent stuff, like lasers and defusing,” Chris announced.

“Explain better, please.” Terrence was giving Chris attitude.

“Just get in there with your convenient partner.” Chris opened the door.

“Fine,” Terrence responded. He walked in the room with Cara. The others followed.

“First, you get a bouncy ball, and a toothpick.” Chris pointed to a box containing these.

“I thought this was spying…” Lucks commented.

“It is. Your first task is to solve this fingerprint puzzle,” Chris explained. There was a touch pad on the wall.

“Okay…” Marien said, “I’ll do it.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention! Only one person can do each task!” Chris added.

“What?” Lucks yelled.

“Yeah, I said that.” Chris smiled.

“I’ll take care of this.” Terrence walked up to the touch pad. Ruby also did so.

After a few minutes, a secret door opened for the Nostalgia and the Memories.

“Get that lock undone!” Lucks yelled.

“I’m sorry!” Marien wailed.

“Next, you’ve gotta take out a security camera,” Chris dictated. The same teams did so. Their doors opened.

“Hurry up!” Lucks yelled.

“I can’t do it!” Marien complained.

“Why not?!” Lucks queried.

“Because I didn’t know the lock would be an eighteen-destination path code!” Marien responded.

“What the heck is that?” Lucks asked, infuriated.

“Ask the producers, I don’t know!” Marien retorted.

“You can stop fighting, because you’re out of this challenge,” Chris announced.

“Ugh…” Lucks shook his head.

“Memories! Nostalgia! Advance to the next room,” Chris announced.

“What is this?” Ruby asked.

“Retrieve that case at the other end of the room. Inside is your complimentary giant marshmallow.” Chris smirked as he said this.

“There are probably lasers here,” Cara deduced.

“Correct-o!” Chris laughed. The lasers became visible.

“I can maneuver my way through, I’m a gymnast,” Cara said to Terrence. She winked.

“O-okay…” Terrence blushed.

“I made heat-proof vests!” Ruby donned a blue jacket and started to walk her way through the lasers.

“NO!” Cara moved her thin figure through the array of lasers as fast as she could.

“Too late!” Ruby reached for the case.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING BACK TO IMMUNITY!” Cara shoved Ruby into the ground.

“Yeah, we are.” Connor grabbed the case.

“WHAT?” Cara shouted.

“The Nostalgia win safety tonight!” Chris announced.

“Wait…do two teams go to elimination?” Terrence asked.

“Yes. You’ll see.” Chris laughed afterwards.

“I still think that you’re full of idiocy,” Lucks stated to Marien.

“Lucks is just so mean! I need him out of here, stat!” Marien said in the confessional.

At the elimination ceremony…

“Welcome to the elimination ceremony!” Chris welcomed two teams.

“Not glad to be here,” Lucks said. He stared at Marien.

“So, here’s how it’s going to work. The Visions vote someone out, and the Memories vote someone out. Then, the two people become nominees. Then you all vote. Got it?” Chris explained.

“I guess.” Elliot shrugged.

“Good. Now go vote,” Chris commanded.

“I think you’re an incompetent loser who’s here for popularity. Goodbye, good luck, and good riddance,” Lucks cast his vote.

“It wasn’t really anyone’s fault that we lost. I’m just voting for you because you’re past your prime on this show,” Terrence cast his vote.

“Savanna, Terrence. Lucks, Marien,” Chris mumbled.

“What does that mean?” Marien asked.

“Just let us re-vote!” Terrence said.

“Okay! The two nominees of the night are Marien and Savanna!” Chris announced.

“What!?” The two girls asked.

“Yeah. Now go vote again,” Chris commanded.

“I think you might crew up my merge, so I’m seizing this opportunity.” Someone cast their vote.

“Never liked you, never wanted you on my team, never wanted you. Bye.” Someone else casted their vote.

“Here’s the cotton candy, folks!” Chris brought out the immunity treat. “Lucks, Petal, Elliot, Cara, Terrence, Glory, and Gladys all get some.”

“Yeah, buddy!” Glory shouted.

And the last cotton candy goes to…

Savanna.” Chris tossed the treat.

“Who voted for me?!” Marien got up and looked at the voters in a fit of rage. Everyone but Terrence raised a hand. “We decided that you may screw up our merge plans,” Elliot said monotonously.

“What?” Marien was shocked. “None of you are coming to my parties. EVER.”

“Leave. Now.” Chris handcuffed her and shoved her in the limousine.

“Now that we’re one contestant further into this game, let’s see who else will bite the dust! The drama continues! Total Drama Flashback!” Chris Mclean signed off.

Episode 11: Flatiron Chef

Chris stood in a kitchen, cooking something. “Last-a time on Total Drama Flash-a Back-a…” Chris started the intro in a fake Italian accent.

“This isn’t, like, Cupcake Boss or anything, Chris!” Courtney barged in and cleared her throat. “Previously on Total Drama Flashback, our three teams were once again fighting each other – this time, spy movie style! These men—and women—in black had to avoid captivity and sneak into a high-security room to claim immunity. Cara’s flexibility and gymnast skills couldn’t conquer Connor and Ruby’s teamwork, and the Nostalgia won the challenge. But, because only one team won immunity, both the Visions and the Memories went to elimination. The Visions nominated to get rid of Marien, the bane of immunity in that challenge, and Savanna, who was ‘past her prime’ in Terrence’s eyes. In a revote, all but Terrence kicked out the party girl.”

“Hey, that’s my recap!” Chris was annoyed.

“And you think we care?” Heather walked in. “Find out tonight on Total! Drama!” Chris pushed Heather out of view.

“Flashback!” Chris, Courtney, and Heather kicked off the show.

“Did we just become a three-man team?” Lucks asked his teammates.

“I think so…” Glory said sarcastically.

“I still believe that Marien should have left before Cedric,” Lucks said.

“Either way, they were both dead weight,” Gladys chimed in.

“Mikayla would have gone farther, but it’s brains over…well, hair,” Lucks said in confessional. “Cedric would have gone farther had he not put so much pressure on himself to live up to his idol, and Gabriel was Gabriel. Had we not had that misinterpretation, I’d be sitting next to him at the final. Because that’s where I’m going!” Lucks was confident.

“I know that Gladys and I are going to the final, because I’ll save her head, and vice versa. We’re like a package,” Glory said in the confessional.

“I’m generally more likable than Glory. Though she is the older sista, I’ve always been more social. Those peeps better support me at that final elimination!” Gladys spoke her feelings, also through a confessional.

“The Vital Visions are under the radar right now. I just need to win, splurge all of the money at the ElectroStore, and live life. Three-way? Final three Visions?” Lucks continued his confessional.

“My lil’ sis is smart, cunning, and social. But she’s like Gloria O. Andrea’s second coming: Gladys O. Andrea. And frankly, you can’t have Gloria without Glory, which is me,” Glory continued.

“Describe Glory? Well, everything needs a rough draft before the final product,” Gladys continued.

The scene switched to the three Nostalgia.

“So we took out Alejandro, Roy’s gone, and there are no abnormally long necks around here.” Ruby calculated the team’s odds.

“Or mini-insanity drones,” Connor referred to Annica. “She’d be a good story character…” Connor drifted into thought.

“And now we can be the final three!” Blue exclaimed. She then switched to confessional. “If I can get to the merge, I can for sure win safety every day, and win people over with a sob story if I must. Of course, I could leave with my dignity if I really needed to. I miss my little puppy…”

“Whoa, there,” Ruby said.

“We can’t assume anything yet!” Connor snapped out of his daydream.

“True, but….agh…” Blue was speechless.

“I guess we could just stick together until the end, but that’s been done. Then we’d have to pick each other off, I suppose…” Ruby tried to cheer her up.

“Let’s form an alliance soon. Now, good night.” Connor went to sleep.

The scene went to the Memories.

“I feel a little distant from my team. They threw me under the bus! Why me?” Savanna vented in the confessional.

“So, Terrence. Care to explain your annoyance with me?” Savanna asked Terrence.

“No, I’m fine, thank you,” Terrence responded.

“Not funny, yellow shirt! Explain, now,” Savanna responded with rage.

“Well, I just think you’re too likeable. Nothing personal,” Terrence responded.

“I am?” Savanna asked.

“Well, no. No one cares about your sparkly six-inch heels and your pastel dress. If you’re that rich, why are you here? You’re past your prime. Right now, you’re sailing with us. What have you done to continue in this game?” Terrence left Savanna speechless.

“Terrence is a bully. Social outcast, yes, but also a bully. He just told me I was worthless to him. What kind of-“ Savanna’s confessional was cut off. Chris then appeared on screen.

“In order to keep this show on the air, we need to censor this clip to have it family-friendly. Thank you for understanding.” The screen then cut back to a challenge.

“Get yourselves in here! I’m on a schedule!” Chris yelled to the contestants outside a small building.

“This looks like my pink house from the fear challenge…” Blue commented.

“It is,” Chris assured.

“Why is it here now?” Elliot asked.

“So you can cook! Welcome to your next challenge!” Chris announced.

“From the very first season, right?” Lucks asked.

“Very good!” Chris rolled his eyes. “You will be preparing a three course meal for Courtney and Heather to taste test blind.”

“So that they don’t rig it, right?” Lucks assumed.

“Do you want to end up like Giraffe?” Chris asked. There was a moment of silence. “Glad I shut you up. Now, before you can cook, three members of your team will be sent to the shores of this island to get in a raft. You will need to take the raft out to your respective buoy to get bags of possible ingredients. You then will come back here and prepare your meal. First team to finish their meal gets to eat it afterwards.”

A collective “Yesss!” from everyone came out.

“We’ve been living off of bananas and coconuts for the past—well, I don’t even know how long!” Cara cheered in confessional.

“After Courtney and Heather eat, they will decide which of each course they like the best. You can have a salad, an appetizer, an entrée, a two-part entrée, a dessert, anything. As long as you have at least one entrée and two other courses, you qualify. The winning team will also choose the team that goes to elimination, effectively deciding tomorrow’s merge standings. You will also get all unclaimed meals.” Chris finished describing the game’s standpoint.

Another “Yesss!” came out.

“Okay! The Visions and the Nostalgia are three-person teams, so they all head out. Meanwhile, Cara and Petal will sit here wile Terrence, Savanna, and Elliot get ingredients.” Chris announced.

“And how do you get to decide our fates?” Cara asked.

“Because I can!” Chris smirked. “Now, go!”

The Nostalgia arrived on the scene first.

“Get in the boat! We’re going for…uh…” Ruby was already paddling the raft.

“Spices and seasoning!” Connor pointed to a buoy labeled as such.

“Got it!” Ruby turned the boat in that direction. They grabbed one of three bags.

“There’s a note in here!” Blue took out the note. “You have seized the spices and seasoning. You may now choose two more items, as you’ve grabbed the cursed bag.”

“Great…” Ruby groaned. “Just head for the meats, I guess. Then the vegetables.”

“I’m personally vegan, but I had no problem going for the meats. Of course, I won’t be eating any, so I hope we win and get the other team’s meal.” Connor spoke his mind in confessional.

“I see the rafts!” Savanna made a leap of faith onto the raft.

“Is that a long jump record?” Terrence asked.

“This isn’t the Olympics. Now I guess we head for…” Elliot mumbled mid-sentence.

“The sugary items!” Savanna announced. “Dessert is a winner where I come from. I can make a mean chocolate cheesecake!”

“I gotta wonder where she comes from,” Terrence said in the confessional. The Visions were then shown.

“Where are those rafts?” Glory complained.

“To our right!” Gladys was already running towards the green-colored raft.

“That’s like, a sherbet green. I’m not sure I want to get in there,” Glory yelled.

“Look at my shirt! Now come on!” Gladys yelled. Lucks was with her.

“I guess Gladys likes yogurt colors.” Glory was in confessional.

“Do we have a GPS or anything?” Lucks shouted while they were paddling.

“Don’t need one!” Glory responded.

“Well, why not?” Lucks retaliated.

“Because I’m the designated captain of this team!” Glory shouted.

“Well, aren’t you superior…” Lucks mumbled. The camera moved to the Memories.

“After we get the desserts, we should go for the vegetables and then the meats,” Elliot recommended. “Then seasoning, if we have time.”

“Salad, steak, chocolate cake!” Savanna rhymed. “It rhymes!”

“Woohoo…” Terrence said with sarcasm.

“Will you just shut up?” Savanna was in confessional.

“No.” Terrence was also in confessional. “I’m only here to get this new game console. So why not poke fun with it?”

“Get everything!” Glory shouted to her team.

“That’s going to take too long!” Lucks responded.

“We need the best meal. OR ELSE.” Glory looked menacing. Lucks whimpered.

The Nostalgia were back at the kitchen with their bags.

“Let’s start by importing fine china.” Ruby recommended. “And by importing, I mean asking Blue where the plates are.” Blue went and got the china plates.

“I think we should have our entrée be a BLT. We have the meats and veggies.” Connor unpacked some food.

“No bread,” Ruby reasoned.

“Oh, you haven’t seen my BLT. It’s monstrous.” Connor went off in his own section.

“Okay…um, let’s use the rest of these vegetables to make a salad.” Ruby unpacked the rest of the greens.

“Spice it and season it, I guess!” Blue got out the spice jars. There was another roll of paper in the paprika. “You’re using paprika, I see. Well, here’s a second chance. Go back to the beach, get your raft, and get another bag. Only you, though.”

“What are you talking about?” Ruby asked.

“A second note…” Blue handed her the note and went back to the beach. She returned shortly after the Memories with a bag of breads.

“Panini, anyone?” Ruby laughed.

“Petal, and Terrence, prepare the steak and, toss the salad. Savanna and Cara, I’m leaving it to you to make the cheesecake. I’ll help,” Elliot dictated.

“Got it,” The Melancholy Memories responded together.

“So, Cara, how’d you get into gymnastics?” Elliot asked while making the cake.

“Oh,” Cara twirled her hair, “I just had a passion for flips and stuff after I saw my sister’s routines.”

“That’s cool, I guess.” Elliot went back to the cake.

“Say what you want, I’m in love.” Elliot was in the confessional. He was speaking in a glum tone.

The Visions burst in. “Get ready for the meal of your lives!” Glory yelled.

“We already made it!” Connor said. Chris walked in.

“I guess you can keep your meal…” Chris announced to the Nostalgia. They cheered. “But that doesn’t mean you’re safe.”

“We know!” Ruby cheered.

“You’ll have to wait until after judging to eat, though,” Chris told them. Their hearts sank.

“We’re almost done with our meal,” Petal announced. “Does that earn us anything?” Chris just turned his back and walked away.

Three hours later, the judging was taking place.

“Welcome, teams!” Chris smiled as the three meals arrived.

“First test!” Chris announced. “The first course!” The Visions handed over a grilled chicken salad. The Nostalgia handed over a Romanian-style salad. The Memories handed over their house salad.

“Mmm!” Courtney expressed liking for the cuisine while Heather was silent.

“How was it?” Chris asked.

“I vote for the chicken.” Courtney nodded to Heather.

“I vote for the Romanian,” Heather announced.

“The Nostalgia and Visions are on the board! Send in the second course.” Chris motioned for the teams to give the food to the judges. The Nostalgia gave them their BLT…thing. The Memories dished out the steak. The Visions had their spiced fried chicken.

“I vote for the steak! Mmmm!” Heather went first.

“I’m a spicier person. The fried chicken was clearly superior.” Courtney took another bite.

“The Vital Visions are in the lead with two. Everybody else has one. Now for the third course,” Chris announced. The Visions gave them mini cupcakes. The Memories handed over their cheesecake. The Nostalgia gave out the Panini.

“Interesting…I did indeed enjoy the mini cupcakes.” Courtney took some more.

“As did I!” Heather snacked on the dessert.

“The Visions win the challenge!” Chris announced. The trio jumped around. “Not only do you get the Memories’ meal, you also get to pick who to send to elims.”

“Considering the merge coming up, I think the Memories need to go back there.” Lucks smirked.

“The Memories it is!” Chris announced. “Now get your food and head back to your homes.”

At the elimination ceremony…

“Isn’t it good to be back? After so long?” Chris asked.

“No.” Terrence was irritated.

“Well, I can see how you feel about yourselves tonight,” Chris laughed. “Now go vote.”

“Wait, Chris!” Savanna got up.

“What?” Chris asked.

“May I quit?” She asked.

“No. Now get to the vote.” Chris stepped away from the voting device.

“Terrence, if I’m making your life worse, this should make it better.” Savanna voted for herself.

“Just to annoy you, I think I should keep you around longer.” Terrence voted for himself.

“I could care less about this vote, but our merge standings are controversial at this point, and we’re such a tight five alliance that we don’t need to vote someone off. But we will.” Elliot cast his vote.

“Who will get cotton candy? Who won’t? Let’s find out!” Chris took out the delicious treat.

“First up, Petal. Then Cara. Then Elliot.” Chris threw three sticks. “Last but not least…”

“Savanna.” Chris threw the fourth and final stick.

“Wait, what?” Savanna asked.

“As I wasn’t sure of your motives behind quitting, in order to further annoy you, I decided to remove myself from this game. You’re welcome.” Terrence walked down to the vehicle which would take him away.

“Wait.” Chris demanded.

“What?” Terrence asked.

“Take this set of keys,” Chris told him. He tossed a key ring with a few keys on it. “You’re the first member of our jury. You’re not going home, you’re going to a hotel.”

“Sweet!” Terrence dove into the smartcar. He opened up the sunroof and yelled, “Guys! There’s my video games in here!”

“Well, Terrence basically just commited suicide through that tactic,” Chris voiced his opinion. “But was it correct? I don’t know, but tune in next time to Total Drama Flashback!”

Episode 12: Mergers vs. Aliens

“Last time on Total Drama Flashback…” Chris started the episode. “The three teams competed in the final team-oriented challenge, a cook-off! The Visions proved that slow and steady wins the race, and after I informed them of the merge, they took the Nostalgia with them to Immunityville, but not Reward City.”

“Your puns are lame,” the cameraman commented.

“…You’re fired!” Chris grew angry.

“And you’re out of interns,” the cameraman retorted.

Chris’s eyes grew wide. “I am…?”

“Yeah. See you in Toronto, cheapo!” the cameraman dropped the camera and ran away. “YEEEEEEEE-AAAAAAA!”

“…” Chris was silent. He took out his cell and dialed a number. “Bring in the second set of unpaid interns, I fired the first set.”

The scene moved to the new Nostalgia team, having “voted out” Terrence.

“Did we just vote out Terrence?” Petal asked.

“I tried to quit to get away from him, but he took it wrong, I guess. He thought I hated the game, so he voted himself off,” Savanna explained.

“He voted for himself. Now our odds are 1/21st better.” Elliot sounded monotonous as usual.

“Elliot, why are you always so sad?” Cara asked. Petal nodded.

“Well, you see…” Elliot started. He then took a deep breath. “My mother divorced three men and dragged me along with her for all three. She’s separated from a fourth man, and now I just don’t know whom I can trust anymore. My relationships with step-brothers and sisters are the only things I’ve got, and those weren’t the best.”

“Oh my god. I don’t know-“ Cara stopped.

“Hey, it’s fine. I ran away to a boarding school, where I got an athletic scholarship. I didn’t get in with the best group of friends, but I’m over that now. I just choose not to show any emotion anymore, so I’m not let down by anyone.”

“It’s good to know where you’re coming from.” Petal hugged Elliot.

Cara was in the confessional. “Elliot just confessed his life story to me. And you know what? I think he’s in to me. Although, this could be a nice time to break hearts. …But, no.”

“I love Cara.” Elliot’s confessional was short-lived.

The scene went to the Visions.

“Wonder who’s out?” Glory asked.

“Probably Elliot. Seems as if there’s an all-girls alliance over there,” Gladys deducted.

“It’s true, I mean…where did all the boys go from that team?” Lucks asked.

“Where did all the boys go from this team?” Glory asked.

“Home,” Lucks started, “and I voted for them all.”

“I feel as if you’re trying to get it in with the female species,” Gladys commented.

“We’re a species? We’re humans! Derogatory…” Glory seemed mad.

“It’s a figure of speech. I mean, do you have a social life?” Lucks was derogatory himself.

“Maybe we need to erase the males from this team, too!” Glory said in confessional.

The scene went to the Nostalgia.

“Merge tomorrow, guys!” Ruby cheered.

“Yes!” Connor cheered. “More potential story personalities!” The other two looked at him like he was nuts.

“From where I see it, unless a girl went home last night, there are probably three boys left in this game. Perhaps we could… I like that idea.” Blue conspired in the confessional.

“Only way for there to be four or five guys left is for someone like Giraffe to return. And I don’t want that happening,” Ruby commented, out of confessional.

“I don’t want any returnees! They had their shots!” Blue shouted.

“Whoa, there. Whoa, there.” Ruby held the palms of her hands facing Blue. “The only reason I’m here is because of returning, last season. Same with Terrence.” Ruby’s eyes went wide. “TERRENCE!”

“What about him?” Connor asked.

“He probably went home last night! Yes!” Ruby began to dance.

“WAKE UP! IT’S TIME TO MERGE!” Chris walked to the individual cabins and shouted the words through the door.

“Ack! I think I busted an eardrum!” Cara said in confessional.

“Welcome to your new merged team!” Chris welcomed the teams to their challenge. “Now, you must decide on a name.”

“How about ‘Team Losers’?” Elliot suggested.

“’Team Ruby’!” Ruby cheered.

“’Team Jackson!’” A voice yelled.

“Team WHAT?” Gladys shouted.

“That’s right, you guys!” Chris announced. “Jackson’s medical insurance paid for a lawsuit against our show.”

“He knew he had epilepsy!” Petal commented.

“Yes, but I think we may have caused it with our challenge. So, Jackson’s in the game again.” Chris smiled as the new mergers groaned.

“I christen this team the ‘Fearless Flashbacks’!” Jackson walked in.

“Hey, I like that!” And with that, Chris welcomed the Fearless Flashbacks to their first individual challenge. “Step on to the bright orange mat, please.”

“I feel new again!” Blue shouted.

“This is really…wow.” Jackson commented. “I’m in the game again.”

“And you’ll be out soon. You’re temporary.” Ruby was filing her nails.

“You’ll stay in your original trailers as if you were still on teams, okay?” Chris asked.

“Okay.” The eleven-membered merge team nodded.

“Today’s challenge is the alien movie encore!” Chris announced.

“Woo. Hoo.” Lucks said sarcastically.

“I love alien movies!” Jackson was excited.

“What don’t you love?” Ruby asked.

“You.” Jackson stuck out his tongue. A bee flew on it, stung it, and flew away. “I am unfazed.”

“…Great. So, Jackson has automatic immunity tonight, and he’ll try and stop you as you collect alien eggs, which are really just Micronesian ostrich eggs. First person to bring me back their egg wins immunity along with Jackson and cannot be voted off tonight,” Chris finished. “Now follow me to the alien set!”

“Where could those eggs be?” Elliot was looking around.

“Around this corner, maybe.” Cara was walking with him.

“Or this one,” Petal commented. She was walking with them too, along with Savanna, simulating a Melancholy Memories chat group.

“Maybe we should form an alliance to get to the final four,” Petal suggested.

“If we include Jackson, we could make it five. That could overrule everything. We’d have half the votes,” Savanna suggested.

“So…maybe we should discuss who to vote out tonight?” Cara asked.

“Did you just hear stomping?” Elliot asked. Jackson appeared in an alien costume, and he chased the four off into the distance.

Lucks was walking alone.

“These female supremacists, walking around together like they’re queens of the world…four to six! They can pick us off, one by one.” Lucks was so busy rambling off sexism that he fell into a hole. “Are these the eggs?” Lucks inhaled. “That’s rank, dude! I think so!”

“Did someone just find the eggs?” Connor was walking with Blue.

“I don’t know, let’s follow the sound!” Blue grabbed Connor and ran. “Come on!”

Ruby walked with Glory and Gladys.

“So, girls. How was your journey getting here?” Ruby asked.

“It was nice, yeah…” Gladys was quiet.

“I loved it! The twists, the turns-“ Glory was interrupted.

“I don’t want a movie script.” Ruby rolled her eyes. She was then in confessional. “So I try to form a final three cross-former-team alliance, and guess what? My irritability gets in the way. I need my calmness sweater…” Ruby whimpered.

“Hey! The eggs!” Glory pointed.

“Great! Let’s grab some!” Ruby was excited.

“Not before I do!” Jackson appeared out of nowhere.

“You don’t scare me.” Ruby stood firm while Glory and Gladys ran off.

“But…RAHHHH!” Jackson yelled.

“You’re getting saliva on me.” Ruby pushed Jackson out of the way and grabbed an egg.

The scene switched to Connor, Blue, Ruby, and Lucks racing to get out of the movie set. Jackson chased them.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Jackson tackled Lucks.

“Nooooooooo!” Lucks crawled to get his egg back. Jackson got up off of him and cracked open Connor’s egg.

“Aw, man…” Connor looked disappointed. He them smiled and grabbed Ruby’s.

“What?! Connor! Get back here! How could you?” Ruby charged after him. Lucks was back in it, too. He passed the broken-hearted Blue, whose egg had been stolen by Jackson.

“I only wanted to paint it pink!” Blue complained in the confessional.

“I got an egg!” Savanna yelled as she was within earshot of the competitors.

“And so do I! It’s Connor’s!” Chris announced. He picked up a megaphone and turned it to maximum volume. “GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE, WE HAVE A WINNER. YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR JACKSON OR CONNOR TONIGHT.”

“Connor! Yes!” Savanna cheered. “I was going to align with him!”

“We all were, he’s so nice!” Cara agreed.

“Me, too,” Elliot chimed in.

“I think we all were,” Petal laughed.

“I think we got our fifth!” Cara smiled.

“We should tell him to vote Lucks. I heard him rambling on some sexism earlier,” Savanna suggested.

“Good idea,” Elliot said.

“I can’t tell when Elliot’s serious or not. But let’s hope Operation: No Sexism plays out well,” Cara said in the confessional.

At the elimination ceremony…

“Welcome to the first individual immunity-oriented elimination ceremony!” Chris announced as the mergers entered.

“And me!” Jackson smiled to the group.

“Yes, and we welcome Jackson to his first elimination ceremony where he won’t go home.” Chris made a notion towards the fearless teen.

“A simply stated, ‘Welcome, Fearless Flashbacks!’ may have sufficed. But that was okay, too,” Savanna commented.

“Are you getting sassy with me?” Chris asked.

“No,” Savanna retorted.

“Aren’t you just the most ambivalent girl ever!?” Lucks gave Savanna a mean-hearted look.

“I do regret my sexism earlier, if you’re watching this. I’m just afraid of an all-girls conspiracy.” Lucks was in confessional.

“Well, this may be the biggest vote we have, because it’ll define the lines of the merge.” Chris was trying to be logical.

“Nuh-uh. Things can go awry here, you never know.” Cara wagged her finger.

“True, true,” some others agreed.

“Well, whatever. Get to it. Like I said, you cannot vote for Connor or Jackson,” Chris restated.

“Alliance rules,” Savanna voted for Lucks.

“Ambivalence drools,” Lucks voted for Savanna.

“The results are in!” Chris printed out the sheet of votes. “The first stick of merged cotton candy goes to…Cara. And now Glory, Connor, Elliot, Ruby, Blue, Petal, and Gladys.”

“And me!” Jackson raised his hand.

“And Jackson.” Chris had one stick left.

“Here you go, Lucks.” Chris tossed the last treat.

“What?” Savanna asked.

“The fact that you wanted to get rid of Lucks meant you assumed that you were the automatic leader of our alliance. So, now you don’t have an alliance,” Cara explained.

“Did you even tell Connor?” Savanna asked.

“I voted for Lucks…” Connor commented.

“So did I!” Savanna moped.

“Don’t worry, we all have our blind side that we can’t see at times. This just happened to hit yours. You’ll have better opportunities,” Chris cheered Savanna up.

“Really?” Savanna smiled.

“Nope,” Chris laughed. “Here are your jury keys. You’re the second member of our jury.” Chris waved the blonde goodbye.

“She was becoming a monster,” Gladys whispered to Glory.

“So, now you’re at ten people. Let’s see what happens next!” Chris then told the Flashbacks to leave.

“Let’s go, guys!” Jackson led the people.

“And so, we are merged. And you are more sucked in to the drama that is Total! Drama! Flashback!” Chris signed off.

Episode 13: Blue's Anatomy

Chris wore a surgery mask. “Last time on Total Drama, we merged. Alliances were made, alliances were broken, suspicions were made, and Jackson sued us. He came back. Yeah. Guess he should have taken epilepsy meds with him, but we got great ratings, so he’s Ratings Gem 2.0, following Courtney. Will I fire any interns today? We’ll see. It’s Total Drama Flashback!”

The former Melancholy Memories traveled back to their trailer, with Jackson.

“I survived my first night back in the game! Not that I was afraid, but still! I did it!” Jackson was in the confessional.

“Why exactly did we vote Savanna, again?” Elliot asked.

“Because she tried to be strategic. That’s not allowed. We pick someone, and we go with them,” Cara explained.

“But is that not strategy?” Elliot inquired.

“You have a point, but still. I didn’t like how she assumed leadership of the alliance,” Cara offered her rebuttal.

“Does this mean you want to be leader? Because you wanted to vote her out?” Elliot had her backed into a corner.

“Oh, give me a break!” Cara said with a tint of rage to her voice.

“I love Cara, don’t get me wrong. But eventually we’ll have to go against each other, or get separated. So asking her out isn’t a great idea. I don’t know if I can trust anyone here,” Elliot explained in the confessional.

“Just…don’t get mad, okay? We can get Jackson in on the alliance to keep our numbers!” Cara then approached Jackson.

“Whatcha need?” Jackson seemed happy-go-lucky.

“Your allegiance. We have everyone’s here, but you. You in?” Cara asked.

“No, I’m not. I’m a free agent, and no one can stop it,” Jackson said with confidence.

“I respect that, I respect that,” Cara responded.

“I don’t respect that at all,” Cara appeared in the confessional. “He just turned down an alliance with the people he sleeps next to at night. He should pack his things, because tonight, we make the move to eliminate that guy.”

“Cara is becoming the new Courtney-Heather-Alejandro hybrid. Antagonist, if you will. But she voted out Savanna for doing the same!” Petal explained in the confessional.

“There are definitely lines of division among everyone sleeping in the yellow team’s trailer tonight. Except me, and you.” Elliot was now speaking directly with Cara.

“I suppose so, Elliot. But I can’t help but shake the feeling that this alliance is just for show.” Her tone of voice was weary.

“You look tired. Don’t go on any more tirades tonight,” Jackson commented.

“He is rude as heck!” Cara was in the confessional once again.

In the morning, the former Visions and Nostalgia resided at the challenge area, while the former Memories were running late.

“I had some time today to discuss with Glory about our final three scenario, and we need one more person.” Gladys was talking with Connor.

“And that’s me, isn’t it?” Connor asked.

“You read my mind!” Gladys laughed. She then appeared in the confessional. “Except he didn’t read my mind. He’s next, because he won yesterday. If he keeps winning, he goes to the finals. And he’s the most likeable person on the planet!”

Connor was seen writing in a journal. It read: Everyone wants me in an alliance. It’s great! If I get to know more people, I can be more social, write better, etc.

Lucks approached Connor as he talked with Gladys. “Hey, all!”

“Are you happy?” Gladys asked.

“Yes, I am!” Lucks seemed cheerful.

“Why?” Connor asked.

“Because I survived last night in the bottom two. This means that y’all want to keep me around!” Lucks was getting arrogant.

“That’s not the case, honey. Savanna was strategizing with others. She seemed like she led an alliance, and they would have picked us off!” Gladys explained.

“I was in it, and I thought you were gone, man,” Connor commented. “But after that, who knows, I could go tonight!” Gladys then held back a smile.

The former Memories finally arrived.

“You’re late!” Lucks commented.

“What can I say? I got caught up!” Cara laughed.

“Caught up in a closet with Elliot,” Glory whispered to Blue. Blue laughed, and some other surrounding people within earshot laughed as well.

“How many seconds were you making out?” Ruby commented.

“Shut up, you guys! We were attacked! By lions!” Jackson lied.

“Lions don’t live in Micronesia, Roy told me that!” Blue smiled.

“Then it must have been…a lion-plus-tiger hybrid!” Jackson pondered.

“A liger?” Elliot said with no emotion whatsoever, a rare occurrence at that point.

“No, no…a Tion!” Jackson shouted. Everyone there did a facepalm.

“Actually, ligers do live in Micronesia!” Chris entered the challenge area. “Today, we’ll be going to the medical movie set!”

“For what?” Blue asked.

“I don’t know, what do you think?” Chris asked.

“A medical drama?” Petal asked.

“Yes!” Chris smiled. “Now come along!”

The ten arrived at the “hospital”.

“You challenge today is to put on nurse clothing, which you will steal, and successfully steal a hospitalized Heather or Courtney out. Once you do so, you will need to re-enter the set, place a fake dummy there, which I’ll give you, return into your normal clothing, and escape. The two people who do this win, one for Heather and one for Courtney. Our interns will act as other nurses to be the security guards. Any questions?” Chris finished.

“Yeah…what?” Jackson didn’t understand.

“Steal clothes. Steal villainess. Replace body. Escape. Don’t get caught.” Chris talked in a slow voice.

“No need to insult my intelligence, thank you very much!” Jackson gave Chris more attitude.

“Now if we all get it…go!” Chris signaled for the ten finalists to enter the set.

“Courtney, Courtney…wherefore thou art Courtney?” Ruby entered an empty room. An intern entered, but Ruby grabbed her and took the nurse clothes.

“Is that Heather?” Connor peeked into a room. “Room 10…okay, got it.” Connor searched for a nurse to steal the clothes off of.

“So, Elliot, where should we look first?” Cara seemed really attached to Elliot.

“I don’t know, Cara. I kind of want to do this on my own…” Elliot mumbled.

“O-okay…bye, I guess!” Cara skipped off.

“She seems really happy lately. In fact, everyone does!” Elliot mumbled again.

“This way!” Glory entered a room.

“No, this way!” Gladys entered another. Suddenly, an intern came up, grabbed them both, and started to drag them out.

“I was NOT going to let that go, honey!” Glory said in the confessional. The scene went back to the aforementioned opportunity – she shoved Gladys and the intern in a room.

“What are you do-“ Gladys started to protest, but Glory knocked her out, along with the intern. Glory exited the room with a nurse outfit on.

“Is that Courtney?” Ruby approached the former contestant. She grabbed the rollaway bed and proceeded to confiscate her.

“Ruby has a person!” Jackson whispered to himself. He entered a room, waited for Ruby to come by, and then tackled her into another room. He exited wearing nurse clothes, and proceeded to help the escape of Courtney. Behind him was Connor with Heather.

“I saw Connor and Jackson with people to help escape. Unacceptable! I need to win tonight so that I don’t leave tonight!” Lucks said in the confessional, which was a hospital bathroom.

“If I win tonight, I can win anything!” Petal was also in the confessional.

“I need immunity!” Blue was also in the confessional.

“I don’t feel safe at all!” Cara joined the aforementioned three in the procedure of confessional-ing.

“I have this in the bag!” Glory had her nurse outfit on in the confessional.

“That lying, cheating, big sister!” Gladys complained to herself after waking up. She got out of the room, but the same intern was waiting for her. She ran of the “hospital”.

“Chris! I have Courtney!” Jackson exited the set and alerted Chris of the situation.

“Mmmhmm, I see. Here’s the dummy.” Chris tossed Jackson a figurine of Courtney.

“Yes!” Jackson ran inside. Connor came out next.

“I have precious cargo!” Connor gave Heather to Chris.

“Thank you. Here’s the dummy,” Chris told Connor. He got a dummy.

“This ain’t over yet, honey!” Gladys tackled Glory and dragged her into a room. They traded clothes.

“Is that… oh, no.” Connor’s eyes were filled with fear, and he casually entered another room. Gladys entered the same room.

“You’re mine.” Gladys shoved Connor in a closet and took the Heather figurine.

“Tonight, I feast!” Jackson placed the Courtney dummy on the corresponding bed. An immunity pass fell out. “Yes!”

“You need to change clothes, just so you know!” Gladys peeked into the room and held up another pass.

“I still need to get my old clothes on! Dang!” Jackson searched the rooms for his normal clothes. In one of the rooms, Connor knocked him out and took the pass.

“Chris! I have an immunity pass!”

“Okay, I guess Glory wins today! Who else will win?” Chris asked to the camera. Gladys ran out of the set, panting.

“I was robbed! Of immunity! By my own blood!” Gladys was clearly frustrated.

“Clearly.” Glory fanned herself with the immunity pass.

Connor and Jackson wrestled for immunity.

“I deserve it more than you!” Jackson argued.

“I need it more!” Connor argued back.

“If you don’t get out now, neither of you get it!” A shadow stood behind them. The boys exited the room.

“Chris, they told us to leave!” Jackson said upon his and Connor’s exit.

“Okay.” Chris didn’t care.

“And?” Connor responded.

“Well, Connor has the immunity pass, so he wins,” Chris explained.

“What!?” Jackson yelled.

“I told you, you had to be secretive!” Chris made the remark with rage in his face.

“Fine!” Jackson stomped away.

Chris took out the megaphone from the previous challenge. “YOU ALL NOW LIVE IN MALE TRAILERS AND FEMALE TRAILERS. CONNOR AND GLORY WIN. THAT IS ALL.”

Blue was in the confessional. “I feel like I’m pretty safe tonight, but I can’t be sure. I need to keep my mom proud by playing a fierce game!”

“I think Blue could potentially win with a sob story, guys,” Petal started to talk to her alliance. “I mean, I’d vote for her to win.”

“She told me about her mom and how this is for cancer curing.” Cara started. Then Blue walked in.

“Hey, girls!” Blue was cheery, as per everyone else on this particular day.

“Hey, Blue!” Ruby greeted. “We were thinking we could make a girls alliance.” Ruby glared at Cara and Petal’s confused faces.

“Yeah! We thought we should rid ourselves of Lucks tonight. He should go, anyway,” Glory continued.

“Well, I was just checking in to say hi! I’m going to go run for a bit.” Blue exited.

“What an awkward day! Everyone is too happy! It makes no sense!” Cara noticed the oddity.

“Maybe we have good feng shui.” Glory was doing her nails.

“Maybe we should actually go with the girl’s alliance plan. It would be effective if the guys didn’t know what to do!” Petal coined her idea.

“I just don’t know anymore!” Cara was beginning to break down.

At the elimination ceremony…

“You’re merged now, guys! Let’s get deeper in!” Chris welcomed the final ten.

“That’s awkward wording if I’ve seen it,” Jackson commented.

“Well, you know what, Mr. Fearless? I. Don’t. Care. Now vote!” Chris instructed.

“I have nine sticks of a common carnival treat right here. Because someone won’t get one. And then you’ll leave without returning.” Chris smirked.

“This isn’t my first rodeo.” Ruby rolled her eyes.

Chris grunted at Ruby, then continued to throw the cotton candy to the group. “Glory, Connor, Gladys, Ruby, Elliot, and Petal.” Chris had two left. Jackson, Blue, and Lucks sat in fear.

“Jackson! And Lucks!” Chris tossed the last two.

“W-w-what? Why?” Blue was confused. “Pink?”

“You could have won us over with a sob story about your mom…sorry,” Glory explained.

“Don’t you guys care? My mom died of breast cancer. I wear this pink to advocate that people should be more aware. But it doesn’t look like y’all care.” Blue continued to exit, but not before getting her keys and becoming the third jury member.

“No, Blue! We do, it’s just…” Petal’s voice trailed off as Blue exited. She sighed.

“Well, it looks like we had more reasons for people on this show than just fame and fortune. Heartbreaking, I know. But perhaps next episode will be bigger, better, and more! On Total Drama Flashback!” Chris signed off.

Episode 14: Hawaiian Lunch

Chris was seen eating the leftovers from the cooking challenge. “Wait! I’m not supposed to be seen eating this! No! No!” The camera was dropped. The screen then read:


When the show returned, Chris is wading in his hot tub, sipping a Pina Colada. “That’s better.” He cleared his throat. “Last time on Total Drama Flashback…these people cracked under the pressure, and everyone became so cutthroat, that they voted out the only one who wasn’t cutthroat. Blue became the third member of the jury after it was perceived that she could win the jury over in the end because of her dead mom. She definitely will have raised awareness for her cause, though. I guarantee it!” Chris gave his classic wink-and-smile. Another message popped up on the screen:


The females had broken off into their separate alliance groups while walking back from elimination.

“Cara’s going cutthroat on everybody. I really think she wants to win this,” Petal said in the confessional.

“Petal needs to step up her game. She can’t play nice girl for long,” Cara said in the confessional.

“I’m really confused!” Ruby complained in the confessional. “Last season I was so in the loop! Now I’m just a regular contestant!” She grunted.

“Glory?” Gladys asked.

“What’s up, sister?” Glory responded.

“I feel like we need to strategize more,” Gladys explained.

“Not you, too!” Glory complained. She was then in the confessional. “Everybody is too cutthroat! I’m under the radar! I’m lucky because I’m aligned with the right people.”

“What do you mean, not me?” Gladys asked.

“This whole thing is making me so sick!” Glory said.

“Boooooo!” Gladys jokingly gave a thumbs down. The two laughed.

“I think the sisters are too close to each other, Cara. We need to separate them,” Ruby told Cara.

“They’re good for numbers. When the numbers whittle down, they’re the first to go,” Cara explained.

“Cara is, like, the MASTERMIND of this game!” Ruby commented in the confessional. “She calls the shots. And that’s what my job is supposed to be!” Ruby held up a sweater that had “I CALL THE SHOTS” embroidered onto it.

The men walked back to trailers after elimination.

“Why can’t I stay with my alliance?” Elliot asked in the confessional. “Now I’m living with these people, who I don’t even know. Can life get worse?”

“Am I, like, a leper to these people? No one accepts me anymore!” Jackson was also venting in the confessional.

“Lucks, man! You seem to be on the outs,” Connor commented.

“I know I am,” Lucks answered. “In fact, you just lost major jury points for me. You’re talking to me after voting me twice.”

“That is some major viciousness you’re harboring there.”

“It’s been bottled up for a while,” Lucks responded. He was then in confessional. “Everyone here is so fake. They vote me, and then they decide that I’m going to be another number in this situation.” He sighed. “Why can’t I just be home with my headphones on, listening to the newest song by Skit-L?”

“I didn’t mean to treat you like a piece of dirt.” Connor looked around, then spoke quietly. “I was thinking I could get you, me, and Elliot together to vote out Jackson. We could get the girls in on it as well.”

“Good thought, I’ll take it. Anything that keeps me alive,” Lucks laughed.

“I think,” Jackson started, “that Connor is a major threat. If we throw the challenge for the purpose of him not winning immunity, then we can take him out and proceed with the game.”

“Jackson…” Elliot sighed. “No one really wants you here. We’re all thinking it.”

“I know.” Jackson looked down. “I think my only fear is not being accepted.”

“I didn’t mean to throw you under the bus like that, it’s just…I guess it’s my M.O. You’re the next to go on everyone’s list, except your own.”

“Not necessarily.”

“Meaning?” Elliot reverted back to monotony.

“The girls are anti-Lucks. That’s obvious,” Jackson noted. They chuckled.

The scene switched to the girls.

“I was thinking that we should throw the challenge to make sure none of the guys win,” Ruby proposed to her alliance.

“I was thinking we disband this alliance,” Petal chimed in. There was a moment, of silence, then everyone laughed.

“You’re such a joker, Petal!” Gladys chuckled.

“But it’s tearing us all apart.” Petal was serious.

“No, we just hate the guys,” Cara commented.

“Well, most of ‘em,” Gladys noted.

“True. True.” Cara and Petal nodded.

“Well, you only live once, so let’s make this worth it!” Ruby smiled.

“That’s the motto!” Glory added.

“Yolo!” Petal seemed to be past her former idea. However, everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

“Uhhhhhhh, no.” Gladys had an attitude.

“Well…” Petal sighed.

The scene switched again, to the guys.

“Let’s make a chart.” Lucks took out a notepad, and drew a table with the girls’ names on them. “Who’s gonna throw the challenge to rid us of Jackson?”

“I think Cara will, she’s broken hearts before,” Connor predicted.

“What about Ruby?” Lucks asked.

“I saw Kingdom, she played pretty cutthroat. But she seems to have lightened up,” Connor explained.

“Well, maybe she won’t…you know, then again, maybe she will.” Lucks drew a question mark next to Ruby’s name.

“What about Petal?” Connor asked.

The scene switched to the challenge.

“Welcome to your next immunity challenge!” Chris announced.

“What is it?” Jackson asked.

“Another food challenge!” Chris announced.

“Food? Seriously?” Ruby asked.

“This time, you eat it. Welcome back to the brunch of disgustingness!” Chris smiled as the final nine groaned.

“May our stomachs rest in peace,” Gladys said in the confessional.

“For all the weak-stomached people, we’ve brought in some pizza. If you choose the pizza, you are out of the challenge.” Chris signaled for Courtney and Heather to bring in the pizza cart. “Who’s sitting out?”

Jackson raised his hand.

“I see that you’re not afraid that you’re leaving tonight,” Chris commented. Jackson nodded. “You may also choose to eat pizza at any time during the challenge, but there’s no going back to the challenge.”

“Bingo,” Glory whispered to Gladys.

“You’ll sit down at a table while my two co-hosts serve you your food. Grab a seat over there.” Chris motioned to a table.

“Gee, I’m super excited,” Elliot said sarcastically.

“Tell me about it…” Cara frowned. The contestants all took a seat at the table in the middle of a field.

“Here’s the food!” Courtney and Heather wheeled in another cart, this time with various dishes on it. “And one more thing: no vomiting.

“Your first meal is…raw pig skin!” Chris smirked.

“Chris, I’m vegetarian.” Ruby backed away and went over to the pizza.

“This is so weird to chew!” Lucks spit out a tooth.

“This…tastes…so…” Glory then vomited.

“Yuck!” Gladys gagged.

“Looks like six move on to the next food!” Chris analyzed the remainder of the contestants.

“I don’t really feel like pizza after that…” Glory gagged once more.

“Your next meal…rice with various insect wings. Enjoy!” Chris laughed as the “meal” was served.

“In the middle of Micronesia, in a challenge field with a house, a circus tent, an earthquake simulator, and…a lot of other things, I’m sitting there eating insect wings. Why did I sign up for this show?” Petal asked in the confessional.

“Remember, this leads to your spot in the final eight!” Chris supervised as the contestants ate the rice and wings.

“Ughhhhhh…. I feel like crap…” Lucks threw up. “Dang it!”

“Lucks, you’re out!” Chris called the gamer out on his upchuck.

“I’d gladly eat pizza at this point,” Lucks commented.

“Final five eaters!” Chris started. “The next meal features…a plate of nachos!”

“There’s a catch, I know it!” Cara seemed adamant about this.

“Yeah…the meat on it is made from platypus. Sorry.” Chris had a smug look on his face.

“Oh. My. God. Chris. Look at that meat. No way!” Gladys walked over to the pizza.

“I like it! It tastes pretty decent!” Connor finished the last of his, while Petal looked over and gagged.

“How can you like thaaaaaaaaaat…” Petal vomited during the word “that”.

“And we’re down to three!” Chris announced.

“Oh, joy.” Elliot rolled his eyes.

“The next meal features the recent meal, in a way,” Chris explained.

“Great, man. Just great,” Elliot said with attitude.

“Stop it with the attitude!” Chris shouted. Elliot became quiet. “Anyway, this is your next meal. Eat a raw platypus egg.”

“That’s a little too far, Chris.” Elliot backed away and ate some pizza.

“That’s how you feel, man? Is that really how you feel?” Chris asked.

“Yes, it is.” Elliot continued with the pizza. “Now you can just be quiet and let those two foodies battle it out.”

“Got it, man,” Chris said with sarcasm. “Now, this could be the deciding meal!”

“What is it?” Connor asked.

“Eat a rat. You can spit out the bones, by the way,” Chris laughed.

“I’m digging in! Right, Connor?” Cara was trying too hard.

“I’m not stopping this. Money talks, and this could be worth a lot of money in the long run,” Connor explained.

“Don’t talk stupid, now.” Cara had finished her rat, although gagging.

“Wasn’t that good?” Chris asked.

“Yeah!” Cara winced.

“Next up, eat fried lip balm. Topped with a bit of seaweed, anyone?” Chris asked.

“Oh, I love seaweed! I eat it at home all the time!” Cara exclaimed.

“No, not Japanese seaweed. Micronesian seaweed.” Chris’s voice got low. “From the sea.”

“Um…yay!” Cara ate her lip balm.

“This is a treat.” Connor ate his.

“We’re running out of dishes!” Chris worried. “I can almost guarantee that this one will decide the winner.”

“Bring it!” Cara said in between gags.

“A live tarantula!” Chris laughed maniacally.

“Are you okay?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah.” Chris went back to the topic at hand. “Oh, they’re not poisoned anymore. They were specially bred that way, don’t worry.”

“Really?” Cara glared at Chris.

“Yes, really!” Chris whined.

“Are you sure?” Cara asked.

“Yes, I am!” Chris was getting mad.

“Are you super duper one hundred percent ten out of ten sure?”

“Yes, now will you stop asking?” Chris was enraged.

“Sure. But I ain’t eating this.” Cara walked away.

“Connor, all you gotta do is eat the tarantula. If you back away, we go to the final dish,” Chris explained.

“Can I get a runner?” Connor asked.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Chris asked.

“Can someone eat it for me?” Connor asked.

“No! This isn’t teams anymore! EAT SOMETHING!” Chris was teeming with rage at this point.

Connor shrugged. “Okay.” And he ate the tarantula.

“Connor wins…again!” Chris announced. Connor then barfed.

“Why, Cara? Why?” Petal asked.

“I didn’t think he’d eat it…” Cara admitted.

“It’s okay.” Elliot came over to comfort her. She then kissed him.

“What was that?” Elliot asked.

“I love you, Elliot!” Cara made out with Elliot.

“At first, I was surprised,” Elliot started in the confessional. “Then I realized, I wanted this all along. My life is complete now.”

“Get a room, lovebirds.” Lucks walked back to their trailers with everyone else.

The scene switched to the men in their trailer.

“Guys, I just had an epiphany,” Jackson started. “Ruby has experience.”

“Yes. We know.” Lucks rolled his eyes.

“Wouldn’t it make sense to blindside her? She’s already played the game once. She’s smart!” Jackson lobbied.

“Well…I guess, but…” Elliot started.

“Cara told me about her plan to rid the game of Jackson, so I don’t know what to do about Jackson’s plan. Sounds good, but…” Elliot trailed off in the confessional.

At the elimination ceremony…

Chris oversaw the arrival of the final nine.

“Welcome back!” Chris welcomed.

“Can we vote now?” Lucks asked.

“Someone’s feisty. Sure, humor me!” Chris motioned for the contestants to vote.

“Off with your head.” Glory voted for Jackson.

“The cotton candy has been transferred to plastic bags. Save the trees, you know?” Chris explained.

“Tell me if I’m safe or not!” Lucks was anxious.

“Okay, then, eager beaver!” Chris was annoyed. “Petal, Cara, Elliot, Connor, Lucks, Glory, and Gladys.” The girls started to smirk, as did the guys.

“Jackson is safe tonight!” Chris announced.

“I am?” Jackson received the final bag of cotton candy.

“Yeah, we thought your plan was pretty valid,” Connor explained.

“What? Elliot!” Cara was mad.

“It was about time you got blindsided,” Jackson rebuttaled.

“Whatever!” Ruby exclaimed. “This game annoys me now. I’ve played it way too much!”

"Better you than me, girl. Better you than me," Glory watched Ruby leave.

Ruby became the fourth member of the jury.

“And that brings us to a close! Tune in next time!” Chris signed off.

Episode 15: GLOR-E

Chris Mclean was in a spacesuit, floating in an outer space simulator. With an echo, he began the recap. “Previously on the Flashback, we resurrected the food eating challenge for a third season. It worked especially well this time, because ratings magnet 3.0, Connor, won another immunity. Our female fan base is going wild. Ruby was finally eliminated from the show when the guys decided to orchestrate the first of their blindsides. The female alliance is imploding, the male alliance is nonchalant, and the challenges are getting insane! Cara and Elliot started and possibly ended a partnership, but who knows? Who will over-strategize and leave next on Total Drama Flashback?”

“I cannot believe this. I trusted Elliot! The world fell on his shoulders to protect my allies and he threw it away,” Cara wept in the confessional.

“Well, Cara’s raging because I took out her ally,” Elliot explained to his teammates back in the guys’ trailer.

“Aren’t you going out with her?” Jackson asked.

“Besides the point…” Elliot continued, “It wasn’t even my idea. Was it really my responsibility?”

“Well, it was the chivalrous thing to do.” Lucks flicked an ant off of his arm. “And you failed.”

“Well, I’ve never had a girlfriend before! Give me a break…” Elliot mumbled.

“Come on, dude. Even I’ve had one,” Lucks chastised.

“Same. I’ve still got one, too!” Connor commented.

“So, I get no support from my team of lover boys and daydreamers. I love this game,” Elliot was in the confessional. He rolled his eyes.

The scene switched to the girls in their cabin. Cara was crying her eyes out.

“It’s okay, girl, no need to-“ Glory was trying to console Cara, but was cut off.

“It’s OKAY? OKAY? You don’t know what it’s like to be backstabbed by your boyfriend. At all!” Cara cried.

“You didn’t really get backstabbed, girlfriend! You just misinterpreted the rules of love,” Gladys explained.

“There are no rules! Just heartbreakers!” Cara wept even harder.

“Better her than you,” Gladys responded.

“You didn’t even like Ruby!” Glory added.

“I know I didn’t!” Cara stopped. “Wait…”

“Yeah…” Petal said.

“And here I was thinking it was Petal!” Cara laughed. The rest of her trailer groaned.

“You’re kidding, right?” Glory’s eyes were wide open.

“I’ve just been really tired lately.” Cara got in her bed. “Night, all!”

“She is the most confusing girl I have EVER met,” Glory explained in the confessional.

“Give her a break,” Petal started, “she’s been on the tip of the iceberg so far in this merge.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gladys asked.

“That she’s so strategic, and so in love, she’s taking all of these blindsides by surprise. She’s gone stir crazy,” Petal explained.

“…What?” Glory was confused. “Awkward…”

“Just…deal with her. It’s just a phase,” Petal told them.

“You sound like my momma!” Gladys said in the confessional.

“This trailer is really, really awkward and dysfunctional. We’re gonna die,” Petal confessed.

The scene switched to the guys again. Elliot and Jackson were taking a walk in a forest trail. Unbeknownst to them, a camera followed the conversation.

“…And that was how I saved the relationship. That help your spirits any?” Jackson had just finished a story.

“I guess so…” Elliot shrugged.

“Dude, you’ve been so down about everything lately,” Jackson commented.

“I know I have!” Elliot seemed distraught. “Just…get off of this subject. I’m about to explode.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Jackson started. “Just…hold your head high. Be strong. I will seriously give up an immunity for you.”

“Really? You would?” Elliot’s expression brightened up.

“Well, it depends on the circumstances. But don’t be wrought about it,” Jackson consoled. “Only if it comes right down to it.”

Chris was watching everything from the camera room.

“No, you will not give an immunity up! What is this, Outlaster: South Pacific?” Chris did a facepalm.

“Give them a chance, Chris. This whole thing seems to be producing so much more drama than before…” The camera zoomed out to reveal Courtney.

Heather was there, too. She rolled her eyes in the middle of Courtney’s sentence. “Drama? Please. Me kissing Alejandro produced more ratings than this!”

Chris laughed. “Exactly!” His eyes were bright. “That was the biggest ratings booster, ever!”

“How did we get this job, again?” Heather looked at Courtney. She shrugged. “Whatever.”

Chris glared at Heather. “I’m about to fire you. You can easily be replaced by someone with more pep, like Bridgette. Maybe even Ruby!”

“Oh, please, no. She annoyed the heck out of me,” Courtney fretted.

“You’re on thin ice, too, miss CIT.” Chris turned to the camera. “Are you still filming this?”

The scene switched to Jackson and Elliot’s talk once more.

“Let’s talk strategy, now,” Jackson started.

“I think we should take out the biggest threats, first. Glory won an immunity,” Elliot suggested.

“Well, she won AN immunity. Not three.” Jackson stopped. Not even a second after did Elliot do the same.

“Connor.” Elliot looked into Jackson’s eyes, and they both nodded.

“But what if he wins?” Jackson asked. They continued walking.

“Then I’ll quit. My apology to Cara,” Elliot said.

“Dude, no…” Jackson looked on worriedly.

Elliot shot Jackson a serious look. “What else am I supposed to do!?” Jackson looked down.

“You need to win the challenge, then,” Jackson finished. The camera focused once again on Chris as he watched the cameras. He grinned as he rubbed his hands together. “That’s what I’m looking for, boys.” Suddenly, his watch beeped. “Challenge time!”

The scene switched to the next challenge.

“Welcome, one and all!” Chris announced.

“One and eight is more like it,” Connor commented.

“How so?” Petal asked.

“SILENCE!” Chris shouted, “Remember what happened to Giraffe?” Everyone reminisced when the long-necked teenager interrupted Chris and was subsequently eliminated that night.

“You can talk. We’re sorry,” Petal apologized, albeit meekly.

“Thank you. Finally, someone who respects me!” Chris complained.

“We respect you. But you don’t respect us, fool!” Glory responded.

“You’re disqualified. Leave!” Chris directed Glory away.

“Don’t talk to my sista’ like that, boy!” Gladys stepped in.

“Fine, stay in…” Chris rolled his eyes, and then continued talking. “Anyway, for today’s challenge, you will be participating in two events from Total Drama Action.”

There was a long pause. “…Explain, please,” Jackson said.

“Okay, I will.” Chris glared at Jackson. “You’ll first go into the vomit comet! You’ll have to survive as long as you can until you puke.”

“What’s with all the anti-puking challenges lately?” Elliot asked.

“We decided that the less you throw up, the less we clean up!” Chris turned to the camera. “Patent pending.” He turned away. “Anyway, the people who don’t puke within three minutes move on to round two, where you’ll take turns on a rollercoaster. Afterwards, the person with the steadiest heartbeat wins immunity. Make sense?” The final eight nodded their heads in unison. “Great! We’ll begin.” Courtney and Heather wheeled in the “vomit comet”. It was a futuristic-looking pod attached to two cylinders. There was a door, which had a circular window at the top.

“Get in, Cara.” Chris smirked. Cara nervously walked towards it.

“Eww! This smells like…” Cara stopped. “Have you cleaned this out yet?!”

“Nope, the vomit’s been there since season two!” Chris laughed. “Now get in there, gymnast! Show em’ what you got!”

“Fine.” The centrifugal ride closed, trapping Cara inside. As it started spinning, Cara vomited immediately.

“Ooohh. Tough.” Chris watched as Cara emerged from the Vomit Comet, her feet drenched in vomit.

“Not amused,” Cara said in an angry tone of voice.

“Next! Connor!” Chris directed Connor to the mechanism.

“Just close your eyes. Just close your eyes,” Connor chanted to himself.

“Yeah, good luck with that!” Chris chuckled as Connor entered the Vomit Comet.

As it started spinning, Connor opened his eyes and placed his hands on the window. “Oh, crap.” The machine went out of control, as it had in season two.

“Get me out of here! Now! Please!” Connor’s screams were muffled by the whirring sound made by the Vomit Comet.

“Not an option. You puke or you spin,” Chris laughed. After three minutes went by, Connor banged on the door to the pod.

“It’s been three minutes! Let me out!” said Connor.

“…Fine.” Chris, with a bored look on his face, took out a remote with one button on it. He pressed it. An explosion went off in the background. Chris’s face went red. “Heh. Heh. …Wrong one. My bad.” He took out the intended one and pressed the button.

Connor came flying out of the pod. Upon hitting the ground, he vomited. “I still survive, right?” Chris nodded. “Good.” Connor vomited once more before re-joining the other contestants.

“Dude, you reek,” Jackson laughed. Connor brushed the comment off, and took out a journal.

“Next!” Chris raised his finger, and then pointed at Elliot. “Elliot.”

The gray-clad jock approached the Vomit Comet. “How long do I have to do this for?”

“Three minutes,” Chris repeated. Elliot shrugged as he entered the Vomit Comet.

Ten minutes go by, represented by a timer speeding up. Elliot’s face remains straight.

“Dude…how does he do that?” Petal whispered to Cara.

“Okay, I’m tired of waiting!” Jackson forced the door open.

“What are you doing, man?” Chris looked on in horror.

“I can’t take it anymore!” Jackson shoved Elliot out and put himself in the Vomit Comet.

“O-okay…” Chris blinked. “Elliot moves on.”

“Power this baby up!” Jackson seemed really excited.

“As per your request.” Chris smiled as the machine began whirling and twirling.

“Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man…” Jackson was nauseous.

“Want out?” Chris asked.

“No, no, I’m-“ Jackson stopped.

“Puking, I see.” Chris grinned.

“No, no,” Jackson said. “I swallowed it back down.”

“Gross!” Glory and Gladys shouted in unison.

“That is so disgusting,” Cara commented.

“I’m not the one covered in barf, though!” Jackson laughed at Cara.

The three-minute mark was hit. “It’s been three minutes!” Chris announced. As soon as he said this, Jackson vomited.

“That’s why they call it the Vomit Comet, eh?” Jackson walked out of the machine without a worry.

“Yes, yes it is.” Chris watched Jackson rejoin his cast mates. “Gladys!”

“My turn already?” Gladys asked.

“Yeah, yeah…” Chris watched Gladys enter the vomit-covered machine.

“Let’s go!” Gladys shouted. Various scenes were shown of Glory, Gladys, and Petal failing.

“Lucks, my man. Moment of truth,” Chris said.

Lucks scoffed. “Get real, man. My dad owns the company that makes these.”

“He does?” Chris asked.

“Yes,” Lucks responded.

“That means that if you get hurt, I can sue your parents,” Chris explained.

“What! Really? You jerk!” Lucks shouted.

“Whatever.” Chris flipped his hair. “Get in.” Lucks was shown failing on the spot.

Covered in vomit, Lucks appeared in the confessional. “Okay, so I don’t have the strongest stomach. I don’t actually ride them at my dad’s office! I just view them.”

“The Vomit Comet has served its purpose!” Chris looked over at Petal, Jackson, Cara, Glory, Gladys, and Lucks who all had some sort of vomit on them. “However, only Connor, Elliot, and Jackson will be riding the coaster.”

“All right!” Connor shouted. Elliot shrugged.

“But this,” Chris started, “is a special challenge.”

“Oh, no,” Elliot said under his breath.

“All three of you win immunity, tonight.” The three cheered. “But the steadiest heartbeat decides who goes home tonight.”

“Whoa, dude!” Lucks started. “That’s…”

“Scary,” Petal remarked.

“Exactly,” Chris chuckled. “Anyway, you three live to see another day. But the steadiest heartbeat after the Chris-Coaster gets to choose one of the unlucky five to take eighth place tonight.”

“I have to win this,” Elliot started. “I can take out that annoying brat, Lucks, or those annoying ‘sistas’, or maybe even Petal, who we all know is super fake!”

“People back home say I’m fake,” Petal started in the confessional. “But I’m not! I’m genuinely a nice person. I even got smiley-face stickers in preschool!” She held up a collection. “See?”

The scene showed the three coaster riders, sitting in the first row of the Chris-Coaster.

“The Chris-Coaster is meant to induce fear into your hearts!” Chris laughed. “It starts out with the slowest incline, ever. And then down! And up! And down! And around! And down! And up!”

“Let me guess,” Elliot started, “and then down?”

“Hey, no cheating!” Chris whined. “Anyway-“

“Wait, Jackson. Don’t you have epilepsy? Isn’t this a little intense for you?” Connor asked.

“Don’t worry, I brought my pills with me when I came back. I’m all set.” Jackson gave a thumbs-up.

“Yes! No lawsuit!” Chris whispered. “Anyway…” Chris walked over to a lever. “Let’s begin the incline.”

Elliot closed his eyes as the safety bar descended upon the trio. Chris’s voice came through an intercom. “Please keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Do not fiddle with the safety bar, and keep your hands in the air at all times. This is the Chris-Coaster, and thank you for visiting Total Drama Flashback. Have fun!” The coaster stopped.

“What’s going on?” Connor asked. The coaster began its steep downhill slope. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Oh, no. This is bad,” Elliot’s eyes were wide open.

“Aww, dang it!” Jackson leaned over the side of the coaster to vomit. His hat fell off in the wind. “My hat! Noooooo!”

“Dude, it’s just a hat. Live without it.” Elliot was talking in an as calm voice as possible.

As the coaster made its turnaround, the trio was screaming at the top of their lungs. Chris and the other five watched from a helicopter that followed the car.

“Wow.” Glory looked on in horror.

“Glad I threw up,” Petal commented.

“Me, too.” Lucks’s eyes widened.

As the ride came to a stop, the helicopter descended. Chris approached the three competitors with a heart monitor. “Heart rate time!”

“Oh…my…god…that…was…” Connor gagged, and then finished his sentence. “AWESOME!”

“Glad you thought so,” Chris said. “Now let’s take your heart rate.” Connor, then Elliot, and finally Jackson’s heart rates were taken.

“Well?” Jackson asked.

“It seems that Connor has the closest heartbeat to the normal one, beating the two of you by six beats per minute.” Chris took out a megaphone. “CONNOR WINS IMMUNITY! …AGAIN!”

“Was that really necessary? We’re right here.” Lucks stood with his arms folded.

“Don’t question me!” Chris snapped.

At the elimination ceremony…

“First off,” Chris said as the competitors came to the ceremony, “I’d like to say that this episode was AWESOME!”

“Can I just eliminate someone, please? I have someone in mind,” Connor interrupted.

“No, you may not. I need to finish this speech.” Chris cleared his throat. “You guys endured the ultimate thrill test. We amped everything up from season two by at least ninety-nine percent. Great job, you guys. Congratulations!”

“I’ll take the congratulations, Chris,” Connor started, “now let me do my thing.”

“Fine, then, eager beaver! Gosh!” Chris stopped. “I’m becoming Harold.”

“Give me the bags of cotton candy, man.” Connor walked up to Chris.

“Fine. Take them!” Chris ran off into an adjacent room.

“Okay. I’ll hand the first two to my buddies, Jackson and Elliot.” He tossed the treats. “Next is…” Connor pondered. “Glory. And Gladys.” The sisters got their treats. “Um…Petal’s next…” Connor threw one to her. “And I shouldn’t forget myself.” He tore open a bag and ate what’s inside.

“The suspense is killing me. You’re so unprofessional! Just end it already!” Chris yelled from nearby.

“Fine!” Connor threw the final bag to…


“Me? Really?” Cara asked.

“You made Elliot depressed for the whole next day. Not cool!” Connor glared at Cara.

“I… I didn’t…” Cara shed a tear.

“You know what?” Petal stood up. “No. I cannot watch this happen.”

“What?” Connor was surprised.

“I can’t stand to see a couple break up. And who knows when it’s going to happen to me?” Petal asked.

“Probably tomorrow,” Elliot commented.

“No. Tonight. Chris, Connor, Courtney, Heather, whoever…I quit. This is madness.” Petal walked over to Connor.

“Can she do that?” Connor called in Chris’s direction. The camera switched to a scene, depicting Chris falling asleep in front of a TV.

“I can, and I will. I’d like those jury keys!” Petal stomped on Connor’s foot.

“I knew it! She is fake!” Elliot shouted.

Petal looked at Elliot. “This is an act of selflessness and kindness, mind you. I don’t think I’m fake.”

"Okay, you can leave, then." Glory shooed her.

"We don't care all that much," Gladys explained.

" really don't have to do this..." Cara was at a loss for words.

"I do. Patch things up with Elliot, fast. I can't see you like that. Goodbye, all." Petal turned to everyone, gave a wave, and left as she became the fifth jury member.

The episode ended abruptly, with no signing off from Chris.

Episode 16: Newfoundland Shore

Chris Mclean emerged from a tanning booth. He stretched his arms and sighed. “That’s better.” He faced the camera. “Last time on…wait, why are you in here?”

“I don’t know,” the cameraman replied.

“Get out! This is my beauty time! You’re fired!” The camera hit the ground. The scene reopened with Chris in a hot tub, newly tanned. “Okay, let’s try this again. Last time on Total Drama Flashback…! Wait…” Chris paused. “I…I don’t know what happened. I was asleep.”

“You’re an idiot,” the cameraman said.

“You’re fired!” Chris shouted. The camera dropped underwater. “Gee, I need better interns” was heard as the camera became waterlogged. Connor, standing next to Chris, reopened the scene.

“I got this, man,” Connor assured Chris.

“You’d better!” Chris was clearly agitated.

“Last time on Total Drama Flashback, I won immunity.” Connor walked away.

“Is that it?” Chris shouted. No response was heard. “Ugh! There was a space challenge, the contestants took a rode on the vomit comet, then on a roller coaster, Connor, Elliot, Jackson won, Connor eliminated someone. I was asleep.” Chris turned away from the camera. “Get back here!” He stomped away. “I’m serious!”

The scene reopened once again with Connor, tied up in a chair. “Fine! I eliminated Cara, but Petal quit in her place. Is that good enough for you?”

“Petal quit?” Chris yelled from off-screen. “She QUIT?!”

“Yeah, man, she quit. Now, may I go?” Connor asked.

“I strictly said NO QUITTERS!” Chris moaned.

“You did?” Connor asked.

“Yeah, when Savanna tried to quit, I told her she couldn’t,” Chris said.

“I wasn’t on her team,” Connor explained.

“But Petal was!” Chris whined. “She is NOT coming back for an all-star season!”

“All-star season?” Connor perked up. “Can I be in it? Please?”

“Be quiet!” Chris scolded.

“I’ll write a book about you, then, telling you how bad you’ve been to us. You’ve made us vomit, you gave Jackson a seizure, you won’t let people follow their own desires, and you disqualified my team for interrupting you… You’re a jerk!” Connor was furious.

“No! No, you will not write that book, because I’m going to pay you ten thousand! Deal?” Chris raged.

“Deal, man.” Connor smiled and nodded.

“Okay! Problem solved!” Chris’s eyes widened. “Is that the camera?”

“Well, we were redoing the recap of last time. Can I please just go?” Connor asked.

“No, you can’t!” Chris shouted.

“Then I can write another book about how you kept me hostage and bribed me to not tell. Criminal offense, mind you,” Connor commented.

“Agh! Just…just go! Be an all-star. Get ten thousand dollars.” Chris cut the ropes off of Connor’s chair. “On second thought, is one thousand good enough for you?” Chris asked.

“Don’t pay me at all. Just be happy with the money you’ve got and I’ll do the same.” Connor got up and slowly walked away. “I’m still an all-star, right?”

“… Just go.” Chris turned off the camera.

The scene resumed after Petal departed, the night before.

“Petal…” Cara sat down in shock.

“She would have gotten her heart broken, anyway. The backstab was inevitable,” Jackson said.

“The backstab?” Elliot asked.

“Don’t question my way with the words,” Jackson responded.

“Guys, Petal just quit to keep me here. I deserved to go…” Cara was evidently still in shock.

“She didn’t really do that great of a thing,” Elliot commented. “You both would have gone home, soon.”

“Is that true?” Cara asked out of worry.

“…Yeah.” Glory and Gladys nodded.

“I mean, if it were up to me,” Connor started, “which it was.”

“Oh, get over it. It’s fine, dude. You still got an elimination out of it,” Elliot said.

“Yeah, true. I should put this frustration into writing, anyway. See y’all later.” Connor walked away.

“…She didn’t have to do that…” Cara whimpered.

“You care WAY too much! Lighten up!” Elliot grumbled.

“It wasn’t you she sacrificed a cool mil-and-a-half for, you know! I doubt you would have cared in the first place, you little…” Cara stopped.

“Everyone’s looking at you, girl,” Glory noted.

“It’s not like this is the confessional,” Jackson laughed.

“If we knew you were going to go off like this, we would have brought popcorn,” Lucks commented.

“Really, stop griping. It won’t get better, trust me.” Elliot looked away.

Cara rolled her eyes. “I don’t want to hear about your life story.”

“Oh, really?” Elliot looked up, with a tear in his right eye. “Yours just involves money and trampolines! And boys!”

“Yours involves no care in the world for what others do for you! All you do is do your little jock stuff and mope about the negatives!”

“I am seriously THIS close to attacking you!” Elliot stopped.

“Ooh.” Jackson cringed.

“This is about to get abusive,” Gladys whispered to Glory.

“That’s not funny, girl.” Glory patted Gladys on the shoulder. Gladys blushed.

“This isn’t a relationship, at all, whatsoever.” Elliot shed another tear. “You got mad at me for eliminating your ally, and I wasn’t even a part of the plan! Where in the contract of love does it note that I must protect your friends?”

Cara stomped. “If you want to beat me up, go for it, but I can just flip out.”

“Look, I didn’t really mean that part, I just…”

“You didn’t mean it? Then why did you say it?” Cara started to cry.

“Because you think I’m, like, the almighty ruler in this ordeal! Ruby was your problem, not mine…” Elliot mumbled on.

“I guess I can forgive you, but I don’t think I can. Those were hurtful words.”

“Oh, those were hurtful words?” Elliot continued, “So, you not caring about me having 3 ex-stepfathers and a disabled brother isn’t mean?”

“That’s a sob story! You probably just made it up, anyway!” Cara was in tears.

“I ran away from my freaking house! I don’t know who to trust anymore!” Elliot screamed the latter sentence at the top of his lungs. He looked around, and everyone but Lucks had left.

“I think this is a legit argument,” Lucks stated. “The only ones I usually have are with my friends about which headphones are better for music.”

“Get out, please…” Elliot shooed him away with his hand.

“I’m sorry, Elliot…it’s just…ugh… I’m always the dumped one in relationships, and I lash out at that. I’m fifteen! I still have immaturity left in me! I’m a little…” Cara stopped.

“Over reactive? Impulsive? Quick to anger?” Elliot suggested endings to her sentence.

“Something like that. But I feel like I can’t find a perfect foothold in life.” Cara opened her mouth to continue, but it became occupied by Elliot’s lips.

The scene switched to the next day’s challenge.

“Welcome to the final seven!” Chris announced.

“Yes!” Glory fist pumped.

“Great thinking, Glory!” Chris started.

“Oh, no…what?” Gladys asked.

“You fist pumped.” Chris smiled.

“I think I know where this is going,” Lucks commented.

“Where is it going, Lucks?” Chris asked.

“To the… I can’t even say it.” Lucks looked away.

“This is going to the Jersey coast, isn’t it?” Jackson looked on, worriedly.

“Bingo! This is about the reality show, Jersey Coast.” Chris laughed.

“I seriously hate you right now, Chris.” Glory’s face was red.

“Why? Is this your guilty pleasure?” Chris asked.

“No, it’s mine.” Everyone stared at Jackson. “What?”

“…Awkward.” Chris continued, “Anyway, the first part of the challenge is…the tan.”

“The tan? Honey, I’m already pretty dark-skinned…” Glory asked.

Chris sighed. “Which is why you don’t need one, I guess. Trying to get the ‘family show’ aspect out of this.”

“Sorry, audience.” Glory rolled her eyes.

“So you’ll be getting a tan. Afterwards, we’ll take you to your new house, which will be your living quarters from the remainder of the game.” The cast cheered. “After two hours of living there, you’ll go to a club with two hundred die-hard-but-over-eighteen-years-old fans of the show.”

“That would have compelled Petal to be fake, I guarantee it.” Elliot was in the confessional.

“No alcohol, right? Because that’s one of my tics for a seizure, and-“ Jackson was interrupted.

“No one here, except yours truly, is over twenty one, nor are they twenty one. Again, family show. Family…show,” Chris said.

“I apologize, audience…Glory, I get your vibes now.” Jackson laughed.

“Ayo!” Chris clapped his hands. “Listen up! We’ll review the footage we get from our cameras, and whoever stirs up the most drama wins immunity. Got it?” Everyone nodded. “Good. Now, follow me.”

“To where, exactly?” Lucks asked.

“To studio 2, the spa set.” Chris pointed north of where they were.

The scene switched to the cast at the tanning salon.

“We’re getting fake tans?” Cara asked.

“Yep! Because real ones would be oh-so-boring to wait around for.” Chris smirked.

“And what about a spray-on? I’m claustrophobic, mind you,” Elliot said.

“Dude, those make you completely ORANGE!” Chris pointed to a poster in the background, with a clearly doctored picture of orange skin.

“Do I still have to get into that machine?” Elliot asked. Chris nodded. “Fine.”

“And to assist you with this…” Chris smiled wide. “Please welcome the other fourteen contestants that you’ve had a hand in voting out. They’ll also be present at the club.”

“How do they ‘assist’ us?” Lucks asked.

“We made them into tanning experts. They know how to do this right, man. Isn’t that right, my homies?” Chris fist pumped.

“…No. Not at all,” Alejandro commented.

“Shut up! You’re just here as extras!” Chris intimidated the fourteen losers.

“And what about us?” Glory and Gladys asked.

“Well…family…show. If you want, we can do some work on your hair,” Chris proposed.

“Yeah. Red is SO not your color,” Mikayla told them.

“Def not in this season,” Ruby added.

“SILENCE!” Chris shouted.

“No need for violence,” Connor said.

“No need for poetry, writer boy. Now, proceed with the tans!” Chris kicked off the tanning. “We’ll be right back.”

The scene reopened just as the tanning mechanisms opened.

“They look just like new!” Glory commented, who now had black streaks in her hair.

“I know, right?” Gladys’s hair was fully down, not in a ponytail.

“My finest work,” Mikayla complimented.

Chris observed the new-and-improved contestants. “Mmhmm. The winner of this challenge is Lucks.”

“Wait, what?” Connor asked.

“I never said he won immunity,” Chris started, “just that he looked the best. He gets first dibs on the new bedrooms.”

“Wait…Lucks, hon. Take your shirt off.” As Cara said this, Elliot raised an eyebrow.

“YOU HAVE ABS?” Glory exclaimed.

“Yeah, why?” Lucks was quickly cut off.

“I just thought you were one of those tech nerds who never sees the light of day,” Glory explained.

“I use the Qinect, that exercise game thing to keep fit. I also watch yoga DVDs in my spare time,” Lucks admitted.

“Dang, girl. That is one hot six pack.” Glory was in the confessional.

“Enough gawking, we need to proceed. Losers, go to the club and set up for me.” The losers left upon Chris’s command. “As for the rest of you, to the new house!”

The losers are shown arriving at the “club”. In reality, it is a large, gray-colored room with multiple boxes of many sizes in the center. There is a note that says “Set up for me, or I won’t consider you for season four.”

The scene changes to the contestants opening the door to their new house. As the door opened, on the left was a hallway and on the right was a staircase.

“Yes! We’re here!” Cara threw her purse up into the air.

“Dude, that bag is like, ten thousand. Why is she on this show?” Lucks asked Jackson.

“It’s one of those Bricken bags. My sister has one,” Jackson said.

“You’re rich, too?” Lucks asked, louder than he intended.

“No, my sister’s rich friend gave it to her.” Jackson rolled his eyes. “Duh.”

“Ah-ah-ah! I get first dibs on a room!” Lucks grabbed his bag and walked down the hallway, looking at all the rooms.

“When will he realize that the bedrooms are upstairs?” Gladys asked Glory. The two snickered.

Lucks walked back down the hallway with a bag of chips. “The bedrooms must be upstairs.”

“Where’s the food? I’m starving!” Connor rubbed his hands together.

“In the kitchen.” Lucks proceeded up the stairs. He came back down not even a minute later.

“Can we pick our rooms now?” Cara asked.

“Absolutely, positively, yes!” Lucks laughed.

“What’s got you so happy?” Elliot asked.

“Well, for one, there’s a computer in one of the rooms. And two, there are seven bags, each with one of our names on them. Guess what was in mine?”

“Let me guess, your video games?” Elliot said, sarcastically.

“Even better!” Lucks took something out of his pocket. “My HTD Sarya!”

“So, in other words, your phone,” the fearless redhead said.

“Yeah, whatever. You’re just jealous.” Lucks wandered off into an adjacent room.

Cara walked up the stairs. “Guess I gotta see what’s in my bag!”

“I guess we should, too” and “Yeah, bro, totally” were muttered among the others as they followed Cara.

Upon entering the room, Connor dashed straight for his bag. “My novel!”

“Your what?” Elliot asked.

“I was writing a book before I came here,” Connor explained. “I get to keep at it!”

“Great, now what’s in my bag?” Cara walked over to hers, which was especially big. She gasped as she opened it.

“What are they?” Glory inquired.

“Six inch heels! With the red soles! I wanted these soooooo badly!” Cara hugged her new shoes.

“My sister has those.” When Jackson said this, everyone stared at him. “Her rich friend gave them to her.”

“Let’s see what’s in here. Whoo hoo.” Elliot opened his bag. He then appeared in the confessional. “My mom sent me dehydrated water in a can. This is just air. I’m over this competition…”

Chris walked up behind the contestants. “Just like Christmas morning! …Or Hanukkah. Family… Show.”

“What’s with the sudden urge of kindness here, Chris?” Glory and Gladys removed makeup kits and magazines, respectively.

“The producers said we needed attractions to get people interested in auditioning for the next few seasons, so I made this happen. You’re welcome!” Chris left.

The contestants were seen hanging out in a main living room. Connor was writing away, Glory was applying makeup, Lucks was playing games on his phone, Elliot was sleeping, Gladys was reading, and Cara was walking around with her new heels. She fell repeatedly.

“What could be in here?” Jackson sat with his bag.

“Just open it, dude.” Lucks refused to look away from his phone.

“Yes, but…” Jackson sighed.

“Thought you were fearless.” Cara fell once more.

“Whatever.” Jackson opened the bag to reveal a note. “Go outside.”

Some people followed Jackson as he walked to the door. He opened it.


“My cat!” Jackson picked up the cage it was in.

“Aw, it’s soooooooooooooooooooo cute!” Cara gawked.

“Jakie!” Jackson hugged the cage.

“Jakie?” Glory asked.

“Don’t hate.” Jackson took the cat upstairs.

“Did we ever claim our rooms?” Gladys asked.

“No, I don’t believe so. Only Lucks,” Connor commented.

“Well, someone wake Elliot up, and go claim our rooms!” By the time her sentence was finished, everyone was upstairs. Cara sighed, and walked over to Elliot.

“WHAT THE-“ Elliot shouted.

“Sorry!” Cara had fallen on Elliot.

“You…ugh, I can’t stay mad.” Elliot smiled, and held her hand as they proceeded upstairs.

“Yay!” Cara slowly made her way up the stairs.

“But, you are taking those heels off. I can’t risk another fall for you, because it might hurt your beautiful face. Or knock the flower out of your hair,” Elliot complimented.

Cara appeared in the confessional, this time located in an expensive-looking bathroom. “Elliot isn’t acting himself. Is this for me, or for the challenge?”

“I have to keep in mind that there’s a challenge going on while we do all of this,” Elliot started in the confessional, “so I was thinking that I could enlist someone to ‘fight’ over Cara with me.”

Lucks was then seen in the confessional, playing a game on his phone. “So, Elliot comes up to me and asks me to pretend to crush on Cara. While this is a challenge, I don’t know about that. It might require effort.”

“Get out of here!” was heard coming from a nearby room while Connor was writing. He looked up, and walked around the corner.

“Anyone there?” Connor asked.

“No, you leave! It’s my magazine!” Gladys was seen getting shoved out of the room.

“Yes, but I need to know which nail polish to order! The OPA line isn’t going to last forever!” Glory’s voice was more defined than before.

Gladys reentered the room. “You might want to give that back if you value your place on this show!!!”

“You might want to leave this room is you value yours, Gladiator!” A tearing sound was heard.

Weeping came from one side of the argument. “You never should have done that, gory Glory!” It was revealed to be Gladys.

“Don’t call me that!” Glory shouted, her voice now raspy.

Gladys exited the room voluntarily. “Don’t call me Gladiator, then! Have fun with your stupid ripped magazine!”

Glory appeared in the confessional, painting her nails. “It’s funny, because I always seem to win these arguments. In fact, I already have that nail polish! She’s so stupid.”

Connor followed Gladys out of the room. “Hey, you okay?” They sat next to each other on a bed.

“Yeah, it’s just… Glory is the worst big sister ever!” Gladys sobbed.

“Y’know, you could always write about it. That’s what I do when my big bro’s a jerk,” Connor said.

“You think that’ll help? It’s just writing.” Gladys wiped her eyes.

“Um… Your mascara’s running,” Connor pointed out.

“Don’t remind me!” Gladys stopped. “Sorry. Where were we?” She forced a smile.

“Writing. It’s better than screaming, let me tell you…” Connor laughed.

“Do you have any paper?” Gladys asked.

“Are you kidding?” Connor smiled. “Tons. Be right back.”

The camera switched to Elliot and Cara.

“I love you, like, so much,” said Cara, in between kisses.

“Me too,” Elliot responded. Suddenly, the footage paused, and Chris was revealed to be watching it from the studio.

“The only things going on here are love, and more love. Boring!” Chris stood up. “But, it’s party time. Time to hit the club!”

Lucks was shown in the club. “Time to pick up a couple of ladies,” he said as he looked at the crowd of fans.

“Remember the plan,” Elliot said as he passed Lucks.

“Glory got you down again, huh?” Connor asked Gladys, whose mascara was running.

Gladys nodded. “It’s hard being the victim.”

“Did you write anything?” Gladys handed Connor some papers. As Connor flipped through them, a look of amazement surfaced on his face. “Wow, Gladys…this is amazing.”

“You think so?” Gladys asked.

“Yes, really! Get this published after the show, or something! This is…” Connor looked at Gladys.

“Amazing.” They leaned in for a kiss.

A random fangirl walked up to the couple. “Are you guys going out?”

They stopped kissing. “I don’t know, are we?” Connor asked.

“I guess,” Gladys responded.

“Oh. Cool.” The girl walked away.

“No one should bother us anymore.” Gladys continued to make out with Connor.

The scene switched to Lucks and Elliot.

“I’m already dating her!” Elliot shouted, louder than he would have liked.

“Maybe she doesn’t love you. She might love me, you know!” Lucks shouted back. Cara’s head turned in their direction.

“Then why did she ask me out first?” Elliot asked.

“Because… Well, just maybe, she’s had her regrets!”

“Like what?”

“As I quote, you wanted to attack her last night.”

“That was low, dude! Don’t bring that up again!”

“Why not?” Lucks stopped. There was a crowd of people surrounding them, one of them being Cara.

“Lucks?” Cara asked, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“No! Not until I’m done with this guy!” Lucks lunged for Elliot with a punch.

Elliot was in the confessional. “Judging by the fact that I lost my molar with that punch, I’d say he really does like Cara.”

“Elliot!” As the scene resumed to the present, Cara was by Elliot’s side. “Why, Lucks? I hate you!”

“I’m just trying to get you a more dedicated guy!” Lucks ran off.

“Oh, no. You are not leaving this scene!” Cara kissed Elliot. “BRB, hon.”

Elliot smiled. “Yes. It worked.”

Cara was backing Lucks into a corner.

“Look, I’m sorry! I just… I love you, Cara!” Lucks had to keep this lie going.

“Really? Then why would you punch my boyfriend?” Cara asked. “It’s not like I’m going to cheat on him with you!”

“It’s too bad, really. I wouldn’t have threatened to punch you.” Lucks went into a smooth-talking voice.

“So, instead of punching me, you punched Elliot. Dating tip: respect significant others!” Cara stomped away.

Lucks smiled. “Yes. It worked.”

Chris was watching the footage in the studio. “Well, we should probably cut that out.”

“Yeah, this is a family show. No abusiveness.” Courtney was adjacent to Chris, as a zoom-out on the camera revealed.

“No, I mean the part where they talk about how it’s fake. This is golden!” Chris was jubilant.

Heather, who was behind the camera, started to talk. “We can just rate it PG.”

“Whatever. My lawyers can fix that,” Courtney said.

“So can mine. Now, let’s move on. Plot twist time!” Chris picked up a box labeled “Sleeping Gas” and left.

The camera switched to the club. Cara was talking with some fans.

“I mean, it was just so unorthodox. That’s not supposed to happen in my life!” Cara was crying.

“We know, girl. We know.” Leshawna was revealed to be one of the guests.

The scene moved to Jackson.

“Whooo!” Jackson was shirtless, dancing wildly. “This is great!”

“Jackson!” a girl’s voice called out. “I love your six-pack!”

“I love yours, too!” Jackson yelled.

“I don’t have one!” the voice yelled back.

“Well, then I love mine, too!” Jackson picked up a plate of nachos.

“Jackson!” a voice cried, this time a male. “Hit me up with those nachos!”

“Nah, man, these are mine! These are the bomb!” Jackson threw the plate in the air, and caught some nachos in his mouth. The rest hit the floor.

Glory and Gladys were now shown. “This club is on and popping!” Glory was dancing with some guys.

“Lovin’ it!” Gladys was surfing the crowd. “Connor, honey, this is for you!” Suddenly, a spraying sound was heard. A purple cloud engulfed the club as everyone fell asleep.

“Love…this…challenge…” were Glory’s last words before she dozed off.

At the elimination ceremony…

Chris oversaw the delivery of the seven sleeping cast mates. He took out a vuvuzela. “This should be fun.” He blew it.

“What was that for!?!” Glory yelled upon awakening.

“To wake you up. Tonight, there are seven of you.” Chris took out cotton candy.

“Wait, what? Where’s our party?” Cara asked.

“This was still a challenge. Surprised that you didn’t remember,” Chris explained.

Connor looked at Gladys, with sleepy eyes. “Hey.” She smiled back.

“Hey.” Gladys stretched her arms.

Chris smiled devilishly. “There’s a plot twist tonight, guys.”

“What?” Elliot asked.

“First and foremost, Lucks caused the most drama tonight. Congrats.” Chris tossed Lucks some cotton candy. “Or, more formally…” Chris took out a megaphone. “CONNOR LOSES IMMUNITY!”

“Rude.” Connor rolled his eyes.

“Now, for the twist.” Chris took out an envelope. “Inside of this envelope is the twist. If you are eliminated as a result, no ands, ifs, or buts, you leave.”

Jackson nodded. “Great. More twists.”

“No attitude! It’s three in the morning. Can’t take it.” Chris opened the envelope. “The person who I decide caused the least drama, judging by the footage we got, is automatically out.”

“And who would that be?” Connor asked.

“You. Connor, you are now the sixth member of the jury.” Chris tossed him a set of keys.

“WHAT? Connor?” Gladys began crying. “No…”

“Your relationship was boring as heck. At least Gladys crowd-surfed.” Chris tossed the envelope aside. “Connor, goodbye.”

Interns came out to drag Connor away. “Gladys!”

“Connor, no!” Gladys ran up to kiss Connor. She barely planed one on his cheek before she was pushed away.

“Bye, Gladys!” Connor entered the Smart-Car of Losers.

Chris looked irritated. “Gladys! Get back here. It’s a double elimination tonight.”

“Seriously?” Glory asked.

“I still have four cotton candy bags left.” Chris looked at the final six. “You can vote now.”

Jackson cast his vote. “I saw what went down. You, my friend, are on some thin ice.”

Chris had the results. “One of you gets to join Connor on the jury tonight!”

“Please let it be me…” Gladys whispered.

“The cotton candy goes to…” Chris paused. “Glory, Jackson, and Elliot!” Chris tossed three bags. “There’s only one left.”

“And Cara…” Chris said.

“Yes! Connor, I’m coming!” Gladys got up.

“…is out. Gladys is safe.” Chris tossed one to Gladys.

“Can I quit, then?” Gladys asked.

“What, is a triple elimination okay now? Heck, no! Get back to your trailers,” Chris ordered.

Elliot was crying. “Cara…”

“I know you didn’t vote for me. I guess it’s okay.” Cara sighed, heavily. “Win for me, okay?”

“You know it.” Elliot kissed Cara, who became the seventh jury member.

“Bye…” Elliot whispered to himself as tears streamed down his face.

“…Connor…” Gladys was also weeping.

Chris reappeared to sign off. “This was so sad! Two separations. I even feel bad. This is…guilt? Can I really feel this emotion?”

Episode 17: Ocarina of Drama

Chris stood in the middle of an intersection, ready to recap the previous episode. "Last time," he began, "we took it to the coast. The contestants participated in a challenged designed for ratings inspired by Jersey Coast! They got tans, moved into a new house, and partied until the sun came up. Then, we took Connor out of the game because he was boring. The contestants then voted Cara out. Did I mention Connor and Gladys hooked up? Yeah, we had two heartbreaks." Chris tossed a tissue box off screen to a sobbing sound. "See what happens this time on Total Drama Flashback!"

Gladys and Elliot were crying on each other shoulders.

"What did he do wrong? I swear, Chris does this on purpose..." Gladys sobbed.

"It's okay, Gladys. I know what you're going through." Elliot patted her shoulder.

"You do?" Gladys looked up. Her mascara was running.

"Well, no, but we broke up once," Elliot said.

"I guess that's okay..." Gladys sniffled. "I just want Connor back."

Elliot sighed. "I want Cara back, but that's not possible right now."

"Why not? Why can't we live in a perfect world?" Gladys asked in a dramatic sob.

"Look!" Elliot stood up. "You're in the final five. That's not even a week left. And he's on the jury! What's better?"

"Me there with him."

The scene switched to Jackson and Lucks. They were playing cards.

"Do you have any threes?" Lucks asked.

"Nope, go fish," Jackson responded. Lucks drew a card from a pile in the middle of the two.

"I got a three!" Lucks exclaimed.

"Okay, we need to do something else." Jackson dropped his cards. "I'm extremely bored."

"We need to win the rest of these challenges. I'm not going home empty handed from this game. Otherwise, I'd have wasted time I could have spent watching Outlaster: Protagonists vs. Antagonists." Lucks was in the confessional.

"This game isn't scary anymore. Ever since I returned, it's like the game's easy." Jackson was talking to Glory, outside.

Glory glared at him. “Would you like a cookie with that?”

“Yeah, you got any?” Jackson and Glory laughed.

“I wish.” As Glory finished her sentence, a silver parachute dropped from the sky.

“What is that?” Jackson asked. There was a sphere at the bottom of the parachute.

Glory picked it up. “I don’t know…” The ball popped open. Inside was a cookie with a note:

“You call that a scene? – C”

Jackson ate the cookie. “Gee, we should ask for cookies more often.”

The scene switched to Elliot and Gladys’s moping.

“We had just…started…” Gladys sniffled.

“We had, too. We had, too.” Elliot patted her.

“But what if I get voted off tomorrow? I can’t avenge him properly,” Gladys said.

“Don’t worry. We’ll…” Elliot stopped.

“We’ll what?” Gladys looked up.

Elliot sighed. “I guess we could vote off…Lucks or something.”

Gladys was in the confessional. “Elliot recommends we vote Lucks off. I don’t know, though. Tempting, though. That man has good ideas.”

“To be clear,” Elliot started, “this will not become a relationship.”

Gladys nodded. “I would never leave my Connor.”

“I’d never leave my little gymnast.” Elliot shed a tear.

Chris walked up to the house, after checking his watch. It read 7:00 AM. He took out a vuvuzela. “This should be fun.”

Inside, the camera shows Lucks waking up. “Calm yourself, Chris!” The buzz of the vuvuzela can be heard.

Chris stops. “I’d rather not, thank you.”

“Stupid boy.” Glory emerged from their house.

Once everyone was outside, Chris began explaining the challenge.

“Lucks should know what this challenge is.” Chris smiled.

“Is it a little video game challenge?” Jackson asked in a mocking tone.

Elliot’s face reddened. “Hey, leave him alone.”

Chris cleared his throat in a loud manner.

“Sorry,” Elliot said.

“Thank you.” Chris continued, “Today’s challenge is indeed a video game challenge.”

“Ha,” Jackson laughed.

“What you’ll be doing is based on The Zelda Tales: Ocarina of Time.” Chris smirked. “According to this application, it’s Lucks’s number one game.”

“My first and my favorite,” Lucks said proudly.

“The second half of the game involves going around to different…er, Temples, to gain… elemental medals?” Chris squinted. “…Yeah. You’ll be going to your assigned temple and completing the tasks in order to get the medal that resides there. First one back wins the challenge.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Jackson said.

“No, dude, it’s not.” Lucks shuddered.

“Well, I’ll leave that to you all to decide.” Chris takes a bag out of his pocket. “When I call your name, come up here and pick a scroll. It will have a message dictating your respective temple.”

“How would we get there, exactly?” Elliot asked.

Chris blinked. “Uh…” He took out a cell phone and dialed a number. “Courtney, get me a method of transportation. No, I don’t care if you have to take it from a nearby island. What do you mean this wasn’t in your contract? Fine, just take Chef’s.”

“Wow. Just wow,” Gladys said.

“As I was saying, when I call your name, come up and get a scroll. Because Lucks won immunity last time…”

“I’ll pick the-“ Lucks was interrupted.

“…he will pick last. Gladys will pick first!” Chris finished.

Gladys walked up to Chris and reached in his bag. She opened her scroll. “A burning desire, of heat you will tire, the Temple of Fire is the one you seek.” She tossed her scroll aside. “So very creative.”

“I know, right?” Chris continued, “Glory goes next.”

Glory was shown with her scroll. “If you look behind you, you’ll see it.” Glory looked behind her. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s the Shadow Temple,” Chris explained.

“It gave me nightmares. Watch out for skulls in the wall.” Lucks shuddered.

Glory rolled her eyes. "Child, you need to get outside more..."

“Elliot picks next,” Chris announced. Elliot walked up to the host and grabbed a scroll violently. “In this temple, you’ll climb trees. To escape from traps, you’ll beg and plead. You’ll encounter all of these in the Forest Temple. Cool breeze.”

“I loved the cool breeze part at the end, didn’t you?” Chris asked.

“My dog writes better poems.” Elliot walked back to where the other contestants were.

Chris glared at Elliot. “Rude.” He shook his bag. “Only two left! Jackson, pick a temple!”

“Actually, I think Lucks should go. I don’t care if I get the last one,” Jackson explained.

“Very well. As you wish,” Chris agreed. “Lucks?”

Animated more than a bunny on caffeine, Lucks rushed up to Chris before he could even blink. “I’ll pick…”

“I hope I don’t get that really hard and annoying one. I think it was…” Lucks’s confessional was cut off.

Lucks was seen opening his scroll. His face went pale. “It surrounds us, it’s rain. It’ll leave you in pain. It’s sink or swim, unless your sanity is dim.” He shed a tear. “The..the…Water Temple.”

“What’s so bad about it?” Glory asked.

“Only a gamer would understand. Hopefully I won’t need iron boots to do it…” Lucks said the latter phrase under his breath.

“That reminds me, you’ll need these iron boots.” Chris tossed a shoebox in Lucks’s direction.

Lucks let out a very long “No”, followed by, “Is this the end of me?”

“Jackson, come get your temple.” Chris motioned into the bag.

Jackson approached the bag and took out a scroll. “I couldn’t think of anything that rhymes with spirit. You get the Spirit Temple.”

“Riddles weren’t the best option, were they, Chris?” Courtney had arrived in a dilapidated van.

“Insults weren’t in your contract, either.” Chris shoved Courtney out of the van. “Get in!”

The scene then became Chris driving the final five to their locations. He held up a white medal.

“This was the leftover option from the Light Temple. You’ll get this medal when you complete your temple, except it’ll correspond to the temple’s theme. Also, whoever wins gets to read a final scroll, detailing something.” As Chris finished, people were already yawning.

“I’m not a gamer. I don’t do this,” Glory complained.

Chris’s face became red. “Do you want lots and lots of money?” Glory was quiet. “I thought so.”

“Is the final scroll something like, ‘You won, but now you’re out of the game because I’m a complete and utter…” Elliot’s last word was bleeped out.

“Calm yourself. If you didn’t want heartbreak, you shouldn’t have gotten a girlfriend.” Chris turned back to the road, where he was heading for a tree.

The scene switched to a tow truck bringing the contestants to the first temple. “Okay, whoever got the Forest Temple…which is Elliot…get out.”

“Mmkay. Can I get like, rope or something?” Elliot asked. “You know, for climbing trees?”

“Uh…” Chris looked around the truck. “Here.” He threw Elliot some barbed wire, which he dodged.

“Cheapskate.” He walked into the temple without the wire.

Chris drove for about ten seconds before stopping. “Gladys, exit now.”

“This my temple?” Gladys looked at the temple. It looked like a volcano from the outside.

“Yeah.” Chris opened the door.

The scene immediately switched to Lucks entering the Water Temple, which was just a lake.

“He gets a lake? Why can’t we get simple temples?” Glory asked.

Lucks sighed. “Did you play the game at all? The entrance is at the bottom.” He took off his shoes and put on iron boots. “Wish me luck!”

“No, I have a social life. I never played this game.” Glory rolled her eyes.

The scene showed Glory entering the Shadow Temple. It was a re-used prop from the previous season, Total Drama Kingdom, a castle-like column painted purple. In front was a graveyard. Afterwards, Jackson enters the Spirit Temple, which appeared as very outlandish. The entrance was a snake’s mouth.

The scene immediately showed Jackson in the temple. There were many snake and cobra statues all around. Jackson was then in the confessional. “So I’m in this temple thing, and there are snakes and stuff all around. I’m like…the heck? Who comes up with these challenges?”

Lucks was in the Water Temple. The camera’s position caught him just as he came up for air. He looked around. “There’s like…a million and one rooms in this place. How do I…” He gasped. “And then I thought, can I exploit a glitch in real life?”

“Ouch!” Gladys had entered the Fire Temple, only to be greeted by embers jumping at her. “Chris! I can sue you if I die by fire!” An intern, who was sleeping by the door, woke up. “Who are you?”

“Just sign here. If you don’t, I can eliminate you.” The intern winked at her. “Just says that if you burn, it’s not our fault.”

“What did I get myself into?” Gladys signed and looked ahead of her. “These little brick things? Is it, like, jumpin’ or something?”

Elliot was already in the Forest Temple, clinging to a tree. There were interns dressed as skeletons climbing up it. “Oh, god, what do I do?” As the interns drew closer, he noticed they had swords, and panicked even more. He just jumped down.

“So I jumped on them. That’s allowed, right?” Elliot was in the confessional.

Jackson’s Spirit Temple venture was shown in a montage. This included interns throwing pots at him, climbing onto a statue’s hand, and holding a mirror to sunlight. After the reflection, a door opened. “Is it the end yet?” He walked through the door to a library. “Is that the medallion up there?” He began to climb a bookshelf.

Glory was looking through a magnifying glass that had been tinted purple. “What does this even do? I can’t do anything in here!” She threw it on the ground, and it shattered. “That’s it.” She stomped out of the temple.

“I thought this challenge was stupid. It was just Chris praisin’ Lucks, or something. It was freakin’ annoying! Ain’t doing that again,” Gladys said in the confessional.

“What is that? Some demonic painting?” Elliot saw a painting of four ghost-like figures. “Whatever.” He ran down a staircase, and through a door. It closed behind him. As he looked around, more skeleton-dressed interns appeared. “Oh, come on!” He kicked the both of them in their respective legs.

“Ow! I just sprained my ankle earlier! Inconsiderate little-“ The intern was kicked in the crotch before he could continue.

“Now are you doing to let me through or not?” If looks could kill, the other intern would be dead. He gave Elliot the medallion. “Thank you.”

Gladys was seen picking up a hammer. “What is this? Some weird thing, I guess.” She hit the wall with it, and the wall shook. “I’m gonna love this thing.”

Lucks was seen throwing things at a swimming intern. “If you can’t get me, no medal thing for you, gamer boy!” The intern taunted him.

“I have to win this!” Lucks threw more at him. “Can’t I just go back and get…more…stuff?” Lucks appeared in the confessional. “I feel like I’ll be lambasted if I tell someone I used a glitch…but like, in real life. So I just…ugh.”

“Didn’t you play the game? Once you’re in this room, there’s no way out.”

“Forget this.” He jumped in the water and took the medallion from the intern.

“That’s against the-“

“SHUT UP!” Lucks stormed out in the same fashion as Glory.

“…rules.” The intern sighed.

Jackson was seen running back to where Chris was, with a compass and medallion in hand.

“I think I’ll be safe tonight!” Jackson had a wide grin on his face. He then heard Elliot running behind him. “How did you know where to run?!”

“I looked for debris of where Chris would have drove the van. He hit a lot of things, I’d assume!” Elliot began to sprint past Jackson.

Lucks had taken another route. “That was kind of fun, I’d say.” He heard Chris talking to Glory about her dropping out of the challenge. At this point, the camera was on them.

They were talking in a forest clearing. Chris was the one being vocal to her. “But why, though? You’re, like, not in the running for fan favorite or anything anymore! That’s a ratings plunger! If we accept cowardly people like YOU,” he pointed to her, “then we lose major credibility!”

“…So can I, like, go back to the house and get some sleep?” Glory yawned. Chris’s face turned red.

As Gladys was shown using her hammer on a switch, the medallion dropped down. She was on a large brick platform, surrounded by lava and elevated from that level. The room’s walls were painted red. As she picked it up, an intern tapped on her shoulder. She swung around, nearly hitting him with the hammer.

“Whoa, there!” The intern backed off.

“What do you want?” Gladys asked.

The intern checked his phone. “The challenge is over. Someone won.”

“But I just got the…” Gladys pointed to the Fire Medallion.

“Come on, now. Let’s go.” The intern took her hand and dragged her out.

Back at the forest clearing, Chris looked at Jackson, Elliot, and Lucks. “Well, the footage sent to my phone says that Lucks arrived first.”

“Yes! Boo-yah!” Lucks cheered.

“This challenge was made for you, after all. Thanks for the five thousand dollars.” Chris smiled. “Anyway, I guess you…”

“What?” Lucks asked.

Chris took a phone call. “Chris here. What? That’s impossible. Seriously? Wait, we made it like that? So, what you’re saying…got it.” Chris hung up. “Lucks, you didn’t win. You cheated.”

“Oh, come on! You probably only have enough footage to show entrances and exits. Me abusing that glitch in that room doesn’t matter! It doesn’t have to be shown!” Lucks was irritated.

“Yeah, but your failure to get the little chain hook thing…”

“The hookshot? Get your facts straight!” Lucks rolled his eyes.

“Look, your foul. You jumped in the water to get the medallion. That’s also cheating. So, Jackson and Elliot win immunity today.” The two winners high-five. “See you tonight for the cotton candy ceremony.”

“Wait, that’s it? You just get a call and take away my win?” Lucks shouted.

Elliot put a hand on his shoulder. “Calm yourself.”

At the elimination ceremony…

Chris took out four cotton candy sticks. “You all have voted…” Chris yawned. “Sorry, I didn’t get my latte this morning. I just don’t have that Mclean cheapness or pep today.”

“Thank god for that!” Elliot commented.

Chris stared daggers at him. “You’re lucky you have immunity tonight.” He walked down from his podium and gave the challenge winners cotton candy.

“Thanks, man.” Jackson bit into his.

“The next one goes to…well, how about I just read your votes?” Chris asked.

“It’d be a change-up,” Glory said.

“It ain’t a bad idea, boy,” Gladys agreed.

Chris looked at the two. “Okay, I swear you’re related to Leshawna.” He took out a sheet of paper with the voting results. “One vote for…” He yawned.

“Lucks, Lucks, Lucks, Lucks, Glory. I think Lucks is out now.”

“Seriously, guys?” Lucks turned to the others.

“Not only did you inspire this boring challenge…” Glory started.

“You cheated. Twice.” Elliot shrugged. “Makes the most sense to vote you out, because you don’t deserve to be here anymore after that.”

“Fine, be that way. I’ll just go develop my own computer and make millions like that!” Lucks stormed into the Smart-Car of Losers, without even being handcuffed.

“BYE!” Glory shouted.

Lucks could be heard shouting, “Forget all of you!” as he was driven off.

Chris stood in front of the final four. “I don’t know what to say right now, I’m too tired.”

“Just re-use something from Outlaster,” Elliot said.

Chris blinked. “Couldn’t hurt… Well, it appears tonight was a blindside. No one is safe. Go back to your little house thing, good night.”

Episode 18: Misplaced

Instead of a recap, Chris is seen signing papers. There are buff-looking men in white suits surrounding him. As the camera zooms out, it is revealed that they are in a tent.

“We just need you to sign there, and then you’ll be good to go,” one said.

“We’ve paid for airfare for you and your associates,” A second said before taking the clipboard from Chris.

Chris frowned. “But what about my cast members? I still have four people living…” He pointed in a direction. “Somewhere over there!”

“Oh, they can stay. They’re minors, right?”

“Uh… Give me a second.” He began one of his famous phone calls. “Heather? Yeah, it’s me, Chris. Before I tell you to leave, I need you and Courtney to do something for me.”

Jackson, Glory, Gladys, and Elliot were still gathered in the elimination area.

“I never realized how much this looked like the Total Drama Action set,” Glory said. dd “Me neither. I’m just mad we didn’t get no theater challenges. That’s what I heard, anyway!” Gladys rolled her eyes.

Jackson was in the confessional. “Their conversations actually bore me, a lot. It’s like watching two Leshawnas on television. And that’s a whole lotta booty.”

“I just wish I won that one reward challenge earlier in the season…not sure when it was but I really wanted to win. I’d get more of that sweet credibility!” Gladys said.

“What does she even mean by credibility? She sucks at life! She can’t play a game to save her life!” Jackson ranted in the confessional.

“And then that cookin’ thing…mmm mmm mmm!” Gladys continued.

Jackson rolled his eyes. “Wasn’t there, don’t care.”

“You are getting on my nerves, honestly. I don’t even know why we didn’t vote your butt off the first chance we got,” Gladys responded.

“It’s because people actually like me. And when have you won immunity, again?” Jackson folded his arms.

“Um, did you see us KILLIN’ those challenges earlier?” Glory stepped in.

"Nope…but don't worry, Glory! Losing immunity isn't going to hurt your popularity..." Jackson said.

"What the heck, Jackson? Are you throwing shade?" Glory asked.

"Um, no, Glory, I wasn't..."

"Well, it really sounded like it to me!" Glory was mad by this time. "You know what, Jackson? I've had it with your bullstuff! I know what the elephant in the room is, and it's not Gladys!"

"Hey!" Gladys snapped.

"It's the fact that your game ended when I won the reward challenge! Now go back to episode four when you were evacuated. Because there's only room for one powerhouse player in this final four!"

"I couldn't agree more!" Gladys chimed in.

“Well, I’m the powerhouse player you speak of. To be honest, your games suck. If it’s a jury vote, I’m winning ten to zero.” Jackson smiled.

Glory and Gladys exchanged looks. “Well, considering Chris is tellin’ them voted off people that they’re on the jury, any right minded fool could guess it’s a jury vote,” Gladys said.

“Word, girlfriend.” Glory fist bumped her sister.

“Whatevs. I’m going back to our house thing.” Jackson got up and left.

Gladys appeared in the confessional. “Why is he still here? I am gettin’ some bad vibes from the boy.”

The scene switched to Chris in a hotel, sleeping. He got a call on his cell phone.

“Yo, it’s Chris…” he said sleepily. “Wait, we left the final four there? Oh, phew, I thought we didn’t. ‘Kay, so just give them a map…”

The scene showed the sun rising over Micronesia. The camera angled lowered to show the generic looking home in which the final four were sleeping. The scene switched to the front door, which opened. Eight interns were carrying the final four out of the house, and towards what looked like a plane crash.

Chris appeared in the confessional. “It’s not a real plane, don’t worry….heh…heh…”

A curled up Jackson was snoring in the grass next to the plane. The bubble going in and out of his nose was visible. A bunny hopped over him and licked his nose.

“Aw, hi there little bunny…” Jackson looked around, followed by a scream.

Gladys was in the confessional, wearing a facial mask. “So I was just getting my normal zs, like any sista’ ought to. And then this doofus screams out ‘cause we was next to a plane.”

“Where are we?” Elliot asked.

“I have no idea, but it doesn’t look good.” Glory shuddered.

Jackson got up, and wiped the dirt off of his hands. “Chris? Chef?”

“Courtney?” Gladys yelled. “Surprised that uptight girl isn’t around when you need her.”

Suddenly, a familiar red helicopter graced the presences of the final four.

“Attention, castaways! Today’s challenge involves escaping from this very island,” Chris yelled from a megaphone. “You will team up in teams of two, and I’ll give each team a map. There are two locations on the map. One has a compass, some food, a backpack, and a bow and arrow. The other one is the airstrip on this island.”

Glory’s eyes widened. “Wait, we’re leaving?”

Chris sighed. “Yeah, yeah, we got what we could from your stuff…”

“Oh, okay, good. I needed my magazines and stuff.” Glory chuckled.

“Anyway, first team to board the plane waiting for you wins immunity and is safe at the next elimination ceremony. Ready?” Chris smirked, and let out a laugh. “Go!”

As the helicopter left, two maps fell to the ground. One was labeled “JACKSON + GLADYS” while the other said “ELLIOT + GLORY”.

Jackson lunged for the map with his name. He opened it up. As described, there was a dot that said “YOU ARE HERE” as well as the other locations Chris had mentioned.

“This reminds me of that movie, The Thirsty Games. It’s gonna be awesome,” Jackson said.

Elliot grabbed Glory’s arm. “We need to get moving.”

“Hey!” Glory shouted, “HEY!”

“Excuse me?” Elliot grunted.

Glory managed to pull herself away from Elliot’s grip. “We haven’t even talked about where we’re going!” Glory pointed to the green pine trees next to them. “Look! We’re in the middle of a random grassland with forests and planes!”

Elliot raised his eyebrows. “And, your point would be?”

Glory sighed, and took out their map. “Look, we have two options. We can run to this…” Glory peered into the map. “Cornucopia? Or, we can just head straight to the win.”

Elliot shrugged. “I say the airstrip. We don’t want to risk losing.”

“But, then they can get the compass and stuff!” Glory pointed back at the plane.

“Who can?” Elliot snickered.

“They…?” Glory turned around. Jackson and Gladys were gone.

The scene switched to Gladys and Jackson walking through the forest.

“So, you’re sure you weren’t throwing shade?” Gladys asked.

“NO!” Jackson shouted.

“Sure? Promise?” Gladys held out her pinky finger.

Jackson grabs her pinky, and yanks it down. “For the millionth time, I was NOT throwing shade!”

Gladys made a “mmmm” sound. “You sure you ain’t scared o’ me?”

Jackson laughed. “No. No one is scared of you. Not even Harold from season one. Nobody.”

Gladys appeared in the confessional. “Have you seen me fight? I pull some mean hair. I call that pretty threatening.”

Jackson appeared in the confessional. “She won’t even tell me what shade is! I can’t wait to vote her off…”

Elliot and Glory are running frantically through a grassy field.

“WHERE ARE WE?” Glory yelled.

“You have the map, genius…” Elliot responded.

Glory stopped. “Oh.” She took off her hat, and the map fell onto the grassy ground. A bunny hopped onto it.

“Oh, hey, little bunny…” Elliot reached down to pet it. Suddenly, a snake slithered through and ate the bunny, along with their map.

“Well, we’re screwed.” Glory sat down.

Elliot looked at Glory with a funny look. “Why so down?”

“We’re gonna lose! We don’t even know where to go!” Glory cried.

“You honestly cannot be serious,” Elliot said.

“No, b-but I am!” Glory sobbed.

“What’s next, a quit? Are you honestly that much of a sore loser?” Elliot reprimanded.

“You know what?” Glory stood up and pushed Elliot. “You are getting on my LAST nerve!”

“I’M getting on your last nerve?” Elliot pushed back.

“YOU KNOW WHAT?” Glory shoved him to the ground. “YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE HELL FROM DAY ONE!”

“We’ve been on the same team for less than half the game!” Elliot responded.

Glory put her foot on his mouth.

“FORGET YOU. GO HOME. GOODBYE.” Glory stormed off.

Elliot rubbed the back of his head. “Um…ow?”

Glory was shown cackling in the confessional. “Wasn’t that a good show? Gladys is always doing some dumb play, so while I practice my dance, I gotta listen to her. The way I pushed Elliot to the ground? Priceless!”

Elliot was shown in the confessional. “You know, if some bozo like her can push me to the ground…and keep me there? I’m just thinking, you know, I might as well become a woman.”

Jackson and Glory are still bickering.

“That’s a terrible word.” Jackson pouted.

“What? Shade?” Gladys repeated.

“Yes! What does it even mean?” Jackson asked.

“Well, it’s like, when you purposely insult someone publicly and they’re right there. That’s called throwing shade,” Gladys explained.

“Why is it even called shade? Do I, like, control the sun? Do I decide where shade is? No!” Jackson argued.

“Well, shade is like, dark, so it’s not good!” Gladys argued.

“That makes absolutely no-Oh my god.” Jackson stopped.

Gladys opened her eyes wide. “It’s…the Cornucopia…”

“It has steak, Gladys. Cooked. And…lobster…and…cookies…” Jackson rushed over to the scene.

“I always thought cookies would make this game better,” Gladys commented.

“And these plates…they’re white!” Jackson touched it.

“It’s smooth and shiny…” Gladys licked it. Jackson gave her a weird look.

“This beats Chef’s nasty wood tables any day. Come on, let’s eat.” Jackson pointed to a table in the distance.

As they were eating, they were also having a somewhat peaceful conversation.

Gladys swallowed a bite of steak. “Why is it even called the cornucopia? It’s just a pile of food and a compass.”

“Who cares?” Jackson stuffed a full lobster tail in his mouth. “Free food! And it’s hot!”

“Don’t eat too much, now, or we won’t be able to finish the challenge without blowing up chunks.” Gladys left the table.

Jackson had just swallowed another bite. “’s so good…oh, my god…”

Gladys grabbed the compass and a backpack. “Come on!” She grabbed Jackson and ran.

Glory is relaxing in the sun. Upon zooming out, she is seen at the airport with the airstrip. Chris walks up to her.

“What the heck? How did you get here so fast?” Chris asked.

“Chef drove me.” Glory chuckled.

Chris glared at Chef, who was parking his car by the airplane. “Oh, Chef…I have something to ask you…”

As soon as Chef noticed Chris, he got back in his car and drove off.

Chris sighed. “Employees these days.” He turned back to Glory. “Where’s Elliot?”

“He was being a little son of a-“

“FAMILY. SHOW.” Chris scolded.

“Sorry.” Glory rolled her eyes. “I left him behind after he bullied me to no end.”

Chris smiled. “Yes! This should make for some amazing drama in editing! Better call the producers, have we got something for them…”

“Classic Chris McLean,” Glory laughed. “Always money hungry.”

The scene switched to Elliot, walking along a path in the woods. He was the in the confessional. “I have no clue where I am, so my plan is to just walk everywhere I can and hope I find that airport.”

Suddenly, he heard rustling in the bushes. He immediately leaped behind a large tree. “Who’s there?” He grabbed a big stick and approached the bushes. Something emerged from them, and it was the other team.

“Elliot? What…what…?” Jackson was dumbfounded.

“Where’s my sista’?” Gladys asked.

“She was being little a son of a-“

“Elliot, family show.” Jackson snickered afterwards.

“Whatever. Anyway, she was being really annoying. She tried to quit the challenge, and then she raged at me and gave me some speech about me going home,” Elliot explained.

“Wouldn’t it technically be daughter instead of son?” Jackson asked.

“I’m not sure. Anyway, she left me behind to rot.” Elliot sighed.

“Oooh, that girl gets on my nerves too.” Gladys shook her head.

Jackson looked at her in surprise. “She does? I thought you were like, peas in a pod or something.”

“We are,” Gladys started, “but she’s always cramping my style. Being a big sista’ isn’t always the best thing for her.”

“Cramping…your…style?” Jackson raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, forget it. Hey, listen…if we let you come with us to the airport, as long as you let us win, we’ll vote Glory off!” Gladys suggested.

Elliot’s face lit up. “You would? Oh, thank you! Thank you!”

“No problem! That jury HATES you, anyway,” Gladys explained.

“No, I mean, thanks for voting her off! I can’t take another day of her.” Elliot put his big stick down.

Gladys reached into her backpack. “Here, want a cookie?”

Elliot grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth. “Oh my god, it’s so good…”

The scene switched to Glory at the airport. She had sunglasses on, and her hat over her eyes. She heard rustling.

“Huh?” She got up and removed her sunglasses. “Who could this be?”

Chris walked over, with yet another timely arrival. “Looks like this is the other team. And, they have Elliot!”

Glory looked stunned. “ELLIOT?”

Chris looked annoyed with Glory. “Yeah, didn’t you hear me the first time?”

“Oh, shut up.” Glory got up.

The scene moved to the three other contestants. “Now, we’ll run onto the airstrip first, and you come along only after we’re there, okay?” Jackson explained.

“Remember our deal,” Gladys said as she winked.

“Yeah, yeah, I got it.” Elliot appeared in the confessional. “I usually don’t honor deals, but this is an exception.”

Gladys and Jackson walked over to Chris and high-fived him. “Gladys and Jackson win!”

Glory walked over to Gladys and hugged her. “You’re keeping me, right?”

“Of course, girl! I can’t think of any reason to leave that ratchet depressed boy around.” Gladys responded.

Gladys was shown then in the confessional. “If I vote Elliot off tonight, I can still get Glory’s vote on the Jury if Jackson wins the final challenge. I just hope the tiebreaker isn’t too rough. If I vote off Glory, I probably don’t get her vote. She’s known for her bitterness over things back home.”

Glory walked over to Elliot. “Why didn’t you screw them over?”

“They made a deal with me. And last time I checked, I don’t owe you any favors.” Elliot walked away.

“That little son of a-“

At the elimination ceremony…

Chris, Glory, Gladys, Jackson, and Elliot were all on the plane. It was a replica of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet used in previous seasons.

The contestants were sitting where the “Drop of Shame” was taken.

“Welcome to your next elimination ceremony! Usually, I would be throwing you out of the plane, but I need you for the jury. Ready?” Chris said. “I think so! Head right here,” Chris pointed to a platform with a tissue box and four tissues accompanied by a pen, “to cast your vote!”

Glory is seen writing Elliot’s name down.

Elliot is seen writing Glory’s name down.

When Gladys goes over to write, when she starts, the tissue rips. “Uh, Chris? My tissue ripped in half…”

“So? Use it.” Chris shrugged.

After the votes were cast, Chris took the tissue box and pulled out the votes. “Elliot. That’s one vote Elliot.” He pulled out the next vote. “Glory.” He tossed it to the side. “Glory. That’s two votes Glory, one vote Elliot. I’ll read the last vote.”

“Sixteenth person voted out of Total Drama Flashback and the ninth and final member of our jury…Glory.” Chris finished.

“You’re really on this Outlaster kick, aren’t you?” Elliot asked.

“Why, yes, I am. Anyway, Glory, time to get in the second class seating, since our final three will be facing the jury tomorrow!” Chris exclaimed.

“What? We ARE?” Gladys gasped.

Chris laughed. “Yes! We are flying to Australia, the location of the loser hotel, for the Jury questioning and the final vote! Budget cuts are brutal, man.”

“Gladys! How could you!” The camera panned to Glory.

“Glory, you have obtained a status of irrelevance that I cannot begin to describe. Get out of here. Please.” Gladys high-fived Elliot.

“Annoying backstabbing idiots! You’ll get what’s coming to you!” Glory stormed off.

Chris was shown in the airplane’s confessional. “Well, I think the budget speaks for itself: with Glory fresh off of her blindside, I’m sure we’ll get great television moments from her scathing jury speech! Can’t wait to see just how scathing these people can be! Tune in for the finale of Total… Drama… Flashback!”

Finale: 9 Angry Jurors

Chris sat in the passenger seat of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet replica. “It’s been a long season full of strategy, love, heartbreak, failure, and most importantly…drama!” Chris started to do jazz hands. “Eighteen contestants fell to the wrath of the elimination ceremony, where their fellow teammates voted them straight out of the game. Now, three remain to claim the one million five hundred thousand dollar prize!

“Gladys, the younger sister of Jury member Glory, has played the game with her mouth and her mind! After recovering from an…incident, Jackson returned to the game and made it all the way here to the final three! And Elliot, the jock with a troubled past, might have to get over his issues to deal with this Jury.

“We’re being…um, politely asked to leave Micronesia, so we’ve gotta fly to New Zealand for the finale! Who will win? Who will lose? And who will be brutally maimed by the nine-person Jury? All of these questions – and more – will be answered tonight on the finale of… TOTAL! DRAMA! FLASHBACK!” Chris finished.

Gladys, Jackson, and Elliot sat in the first class seats of the airplane.

“We made it, boys!” Jackson shouted. Gladys glared at him. “And girl.”

“There’s actually only one guy here besides you, so addressing the two of us as ‘boys’ was kind of-“ Elliot was cut off.

“Ah, whatever. We’re here, aren’t we?” Jackson asked.

Gladys rolled her eyes. “Can I just sleep?”

Jackson laughed. “Is someone a little cranky about voting out their sister? Is there a little Gladys somewhere crying about their sister being voted off?”

“Honey, I voted for her, so you can be quiet now, ‘kay?” Gladys said.

Jackson smiled. “We all did,” he whispered into her ear.

Gladys appeared in the confessional, which was the bathroom of the airplane. “I’m tired as heck, hungrier than you will ever know, and I have this big ball of obnoxiousness to deal with for a few hours. HOURS.”

“You’re so fun to harass,” Jackson giggled.

“I can probably sue you for that after I win, babe. Try me another day!” Gladys left the scene.

“You really need to be nicer to her,” Elliot said.

“Nice? It’s not like she’ll be on the jury, right? What’s the point, man? I can’t be the only one who’s been secretly loathing her, right?”

“You really shouldn’t live in fear and loathing all the time…”

“Fear? What’s fear?”

Elliot sighed. “Never mind.”

Gladys came back with a soda. “I’m having a diet cola because y’all are stressing me out.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Elliot replied. He then appeared in the confessional. “Jackson is really being a negative force here. People say I detract from the mood of things, but Jackson is just being a complete and utter jerk to Gladys.”

“You don’t even know what it’s like to have the love of your life voted off, do you?” Elliot asked Jackson.

“Of course I do! I was so heartbroken after…um…what’s her name again…” Jackson stuttered.

“See, honey! You failin’!” Gladys laughed. “Come on, Elliot. We gon’ get some airplane food.”

Elliot gagged. “I don’t know if I’d rather get airplane food or if I’d stay with Jackson. Both are equally abhorrent,” he said in the confessional.

“Come on, I heard this plane has STELLAR food!” Gladys said.

“It’s Chris’s plane, what do you expect?” Elliot joked.

Gladys smiled. “Only the best, right?”

Jackson chimed in, “You know, you remind me a lot of that girl…Leshawna, was it? She was on the first Total Drama season.”

“Oh, I know,” Gladys started, “When I was at the casting call for this season, the casting director revealed to my sister and I that we both filled the ‘sassy sister’ role perfectly. We were typecast, hon. That’s why there were twenty-one contestants.”

“Total Drama does that?” Elliot asked.

“Apparently!” Gladys replied. “Now, let’s go get some airplane food.”

“Please, no…” Elliot and Jackson said in unison.

Gladys walked away. “You guys drive me crazy…”

Chris re-appeared on screen. “And that’s the kind of drama and production secrets getting leaked that we LOVE to see on Total Drama! It’s still gonna be a few hours until we get to New Zealand, so why don’t we take a look and see what happened at the Jury house!”

The screen showed a luxurious mansion as well as a “7 weeks ago” subtitle.

Terrence entered the house. “I’m still pretty mad,” he said in a mock confessional. “I can’t believe they’d keep that unbearable Savanna girl over me.”

“OH MY GOD!” Terrence exclaimed as he ran over to a bag with his name on it. “MY GAMES!” He turned to the camera with wide eyes. “THEY’RE HERE!”

The house was now shown again, except with a “6 weeks ago” subtitle. The Smartcar of Shame was shown pulling up to the doorstep as familiar red boots stepped out of the door.

Savanna walked into the room where Terrence was. “Remember me?”

“Oh my god, you’re here?” Terrence groaned.

“Can’t get away from me!” Savanna said happily.

“So what happened? Did they come to their senses about how terrible you are?” Terrence chastised.

Savanna smiled. “Just the opposite! Cara got very jealous of me being the leader, since I’m so smart and all. So, here I am!”

“You’re a lot more mean than I remember. What happened to the nice, smart, country girl?” Terrence asked.

“Country girl?” Savanna snickered. “You barely know me.”

The house was now shown with a “5 weeks ago” subtitle. The same thing happened – the Smartcar pulled up, and a pair of pink shoes stepped out.

“I’m here!” Blue exclaimed as she entered the house.

“Blue!” Savanna shouted. “Oh my gosh! This was really unexpected. What happened?”

“You know, I can’t really remember,” Blue giggled.

“Was it because of that thing…?” Savanna asked.

Blue sighed. “Probably.”

Savanna appeared in the mock confessional area. “It’s kind of sad how serious Total Drama can get sometimes. Blue doesn’t even have a mom. She was voted off because they thought she could win with it. If I got voted off because of that, I’d get really sad.”

Blue walked over to the bag with her name on it. “Oh, cute! More pink stuff!”

The subtitle changed to “1 month ago” as the Smartcar pulled up with a new Juror.

Ruby walked into the house.

“I hear someone…” Savanna remarked. Her and the other Jurors were on a big bed playing cards.

“It’s me!” Ruby said as she entered the bedroom.

Terrence’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Nope!” Ruby said. “The guys got their senses together.”

Savanna’s jaw dropped. “My alliance!”

“That’s history, girl.” Ruby took out the bag with her name on it. “Oh, neat!”

“What’s your luxury item?” Blue asked.

Ruby took out a big box. “My sewing machine.”

“Cool!” Savanna remarked.

The Smartcar pulled up to the house once again along with the new “3 weeks ago” subtitle.

Petal walked through the doors of the house. “Hey hey!”

Savanna’s jaw dropped. “Petal! No!”

“Nice girl? What happened to you?” Terrence asked.

“Well, I actually quit. You see, Connor won the challenge and had the right to eliminate someone with his sole vote. He voted off Cara, which made Elliot very sad. So, I stood up and quit while Chris wasn’t around as an act of kindness!” Petal explained.

“Wow, you’re an idiot!” Terrence laughed. “Who would EVER do that?”

Blue had a mock confessional. “Terrence’s actions in this Jury house are inexcusable. I can’t wait for the viewers to see this…”

Terrence had a mock confessional. “Every girl eliminated so far except Petal has turned into some mega-mean girl with so much bitterness about how they were eliminated. Get the heck over it! It’s a GAME.”

The Smartcar pulled up to the house with the new “2 weeks ago” subtitle. This time, another car pulled up behind it. Two eliminated contestants got out.

“Hey, guys,” Connor said as he entered.

Ruby was sewing something. “Oh, what was that?”

“Someone’s here,” Blue commented.

“It better be a guy this time, I don’t want any more of these bitter girls coming in,” Terrence said in a mock confessional.

“You’ll never guess why I’m out,” Connor said as he walked into the backyard where everyone was.

Ruby was shocked. “How?”

“Because I was boring and Chris was concerned about ratings,” Connor explained.

“Oh, so like what I did to Jessie last season?” Ruby said.

“What?” Connor asked.

Ruby’s eyes widened. “Nothing!” She returned to sewing.

Cara walked in behind him with a tear in her eye. “Uh, hey, guys…”

Everyone got quiet.

“Am I hated or something…?” Cara asked.

“No…oh my god, no…” Blue got up and hugged her.

“I really miss Elliot. You don’t even know…” Cara said.

Petal hugged her too. “We know.”

The subtitle changed to “1 week ago” as the Smartcar pulled up with the eighth Juror.

“WHAT UP, WHAT UP?” Lucks yelled obnoxiously as he entered the Jury house.

“Ew,” Cara said.

“Ugh…” Blue scoffed.

“Why would you do this to me, karma?” Ruby asked.

“Loving the warm reception!” Lucks smiled.

Terrence was the only one smiling. “Oh, hey, dude.”

“I’m still superior to you.” Lucks walked right past him.

The scene changed to Chris in the cockpit. “And that’s what’s been going on off-camera for the past couple months! Juicy, right? I know! The Jury house was MY idea! Anyway…”

Courtney came on screen in a flight attendant suit. “We’re landing in approximately—“

The plane landed on a runway. It spun out of control and stopped in the middle of a soccer field.

“…now.” Courtney left.

“WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?” Elliot yelled.

“Sorry about that!” Chris shouted back. “Not!”

The scene switched to Chris and the final three in the middle of the field. “Well, I guess we can do Jury here…”

“You need the Jury first, child!” Gladys remarked.

“They’re already here.” Chris watched as a helicopter flew in. The door opened, and Heather pushed each of the Jurors out with a jetpack.

“Where’s Glory?” Gladys asked.

Glory got out of the plane wreckage. “I’m here, boo.”

All eight other Jurors hit the ground.

“What the heck, Chris?” was among the many complaints coming from the Jury.

Chris laughed sadistically. “Glad you could make it!” Chris cleared his throat. “Now, I just need that bus…”

“I thought we were doing Jury here?” Jackson asked.

“Yeah, we’re not. Sorry!” Chris laughed.

“That guy makes no sense. He says he’ll do one thing and then he goes and does another thing all the time,” Elliot said in a mock confessional area.

“Here it is!” Chris exclaimed. A dilapidated tour bus pulled up to the middle of the soccer field. The driver got out and looked horrified.

“What? What’s wrong? Is it my hair? My teeth? Do I have a pimple? Tell me!” Chris worried.

“There’s a plane in the middle of the field!” The driver shouted.

Chris’s face went red. “Oh, that.”

The scene changed to the bus pulling up to a random amphitheater. “Stop! We’re here! Stop! Stop! Stop!” Chris said.

“I heard,” the driver said. The door opened, and everyone got out.

“Final three, you can take a seat,” Chris pointed to the stage of the amphitheater, “on those chairs over there.”

They did so. “These are really uncomfortable,” Elliot remarked.

“Shut up, I’m talking!” Chris barked. “Anyway, the Jury can sit on these bleachers. Now, we can get started!”

“Oh, joy,” Jackson moaned.

“First up is Terrence! Grill this final three!” Chris instructed.

Terrence stood up. “Okay. Which one of you deserves it the most and why?”

“Me,” they all said.


“I’m just better than the other two,” they all said in unison.

“Jackson. Why are you better?” Terrence asked.

“I overcame so much to get here. Dude, I’m fearless,” Jackson explained.

“Yeah, but you had to return to get here,” Elliot said.

“I wasn’t voted off,” Jackson rebutted.

“You could have been voted off during the time from when you got eliminated to when you returned. Too many uncontrollable variables. You just suck at this!” Elliot said.

“Whatever. I’m still better than them,” Jackson said.

Terrence turned to Elliot. “Now, Elliot, tell me why you deserve to win. Not why Jackson doesn’t.”

“I don’t,” Elliot said.

“Fair enough.” Terrence sat down.

“Hey! What about me?” Gladys asked.

“You’re not getting any votes,” Terrence said.

Chris cleared his throat. “Savanna, go at them!”

“First of all,” she cleared her throat, “get it, Elliot!”

“Thanks?” Elliot was confused.

“Gladys, you obviously used your sister to get this far,” Savanna started.

“False,” Gladys started.

“Shut up, I’m talking,” Savanna said. “Anyway, you just didn’t play the game very well. You didn’t play at all. It was just you and your sister being loud the entire time.”

“You don’t know me! You weren’t even in the game for that long!” Gladys replied.

“Do you even understand-“

“You can sit down. I have nothing to say to you, girl,” Gladys continued.

“Whatever,” Savanna said. She sat down.

“Next up is Ruby. Go for it,” Chris said.

Ruby stood. “Okay. Well, first, before we do anything, what does everyone think of my new outfit?”

“Um…” Elliot started.

“I used a bunch of fabric scraps that were laying around the Jury house! I knew I was going to have to come up with something fabulous to wear today, and I think my work paid off!”

“That’s cool and all, but…” Jackson said.

“You see, my luxury item at the Jury house was a sewing machine. I used it effectively, obviously. To be honest, I should get a Nobel Design Prize! Is that a thing? Well, it should be, because this outfit deserves one!”

“You can sit down,” Gladys said.

“Girl, I’m standing up for this one.” Ruby cleared her throat. “Anyway, this game is full of two things-“

“Next!” Jackson said.

“I AM TALKING.” Ruby continued, “This game is full of idiots and really smart people. Gladys and Jackson are the idiots. Elliot, you’re the smart people. And, I believe that in this game, the idiot should ALWAYS eat the smart person.”

“Wait, what?” Elliot asked.

“But then the smart person sees how amazing the idiot’s clothes are and eats the idiot from the inside out so that it can wear the clothes without even having to put them on!” Ruby explained.

“Your analogies make me cringe,” Gladys said.

“So does your outfit. Glad I’m Gladys? Seriously? I’m done with you three,” Ruby said as she sat down.

“Next up is Blue,” Chris said.

Blue stood up. “I want each of you to tell me what you’re gonna do with the money, starting with Jackson.”

Jackson cleared his threat. “I’m going to spend it all on building a skate park in my name. It’s gonna be RADICAL.”

“Not even the cure to epilepsy? Epilepsy medicine? Are you for real?” Blue asked.

“Nope, that won’t be a problem,” Jackson said.

“Okay…” Blue looked at Elliot. “Elliot.”

“Probably invest it. I don’t have any plans,” Elliot explained.

“Sounds good,” Blue said. She sat down.

“What about me, boo?” Gladys asked.

“You’re not getting any votes,” Blue explained.

“Girl, you can sit down,” Gladys repeated.

“I am sitting down, ‘boo’,” Blue replied.

Gladys appeared in the confessional. “This Jury is SO bitter. They’re bein’ rude, crude, and I ain’t gonna stand for that.”

“Petal, you’re next,” Chris continued.

Petal stood. “I have nothing to say to most of you. Elliot, I just want to ask…what are you thinking right now? How many votes will you get? Are you gonna win?”

“Zero votes, honestly,” Elliot replied.

“Everyone’s been bashing Gladys and Jackson, though. You’re the only one bashing you,” Petal stated.

Elliot shrugged. “I don’t deserve to win. That’s all.”

“Whatever, you’re probably getting my vote,” Petal said. “Thanks for your time.”

Connor stood up.

“Hey, I never called you!” Chris said, annoyed.

“Oh, sorry,” Connor replied. He sat down.

“Connor, you’re next,” Chris said.

Connor stood up again. “Hey, guys. Gladys, I love you, and I can’t wait to see you win.”

“Thanks, boo!” Gladys smiled.

“Unfortunately, that means I can’t vote for you,” Connor said.

“Oh, ya-Wait, WHAT?” Gladys’s eyes widened.

Connor laughed. “I just can’t! I can’t vote for you just because you’re my girlfriend. I want to vote for the person who deserves to win. You don’t…” Connor frowned.

“Yes, I do…” Gladys trailed off.

“I wish you did.” Connor sat down.

Chris glared at Cara. “Don’t. Stand. Up.”

Cara looked terrified.

“Cara, you’re next,” Chris said.

“Thanks!” Cara stood up. “Elliot, baby, I love you and you’re getting my vote regardless of what happens.”

Elliot smiled. “Love you too.”

“I missed you SO much at the Jury house and I’ve been DREAMING of this moment for weeks. Love you,” Cara said as she sat down.

Chris stood up. “Lucks, before you speak…if you don’t have anything bitter to say, don’t say it at all!”

Lucks stood. “You didn’t even have to ask! Jackson, you’re a bully and a jerk. I literally want to see you lose so badly. If you were up here against Savanna, I’d vote for Savanna just to see you lose. It’d make GREAT TV. You’re Level 100 annoying.” He turned to Gladys. “You did less than Jackson. You’re delusional and you’re not getting any votes. Elliot, congrats on winning.”

“You can sit—“

“Shut up,” Lucks said. He sat down.

“Glory, finish this out,” Chris said. He smiled evilly.

Glory stood up. “Gladys.”

“Love you, boo!” Gladys replied.

“I don’t. You robbed me of an opportunity to win. You’re annoying, evil, manipulative, and you played me.”

“You’re annoying as heck!”

“You don’t even deserve to be there, I do. I’m the older sister. I need to win. You’re giving me your winnings. You can’t not give me your winnings. WE LIVE TOGETHER!”

“I’m moving out, honey.”

“Oh, no, you ain’t. You ain’t even gon’ win.”

“Then why are you talking about my winnings, girl?”

“Assumin’ you do win. Not like you will!”

“You make no sense!”

“YOU make no sense!”

“Your sentences look like you just vomit random words!”

“Look? You’re reading me?”

“Of course I am, boo! I’m the analyst. I am in the final three. You aren’t. Hugs and kisses, peace and blessings, sit down, go home, goodbye,” Gladys finished.

“Whatever. I deserve a freaking apology,” Glory said.

“No, you don’t. Sit down.” Gladys spat on the ground.

Chris entered the conversations. “Wow, drama.”

“Indeed, hon,” Gladys commented.

“It is now time for final voting!” Chris handed took out a touch screen voting device. “Just simply touch the face of the finalist you want to win!” He handed it to a cameraman who placed it on a table. “We’ll be recording your voting, so be sure to say something if you want attention!”

Terrence voted. “Good game, bro.”

Savanna voted. “This is mainly because I just don’t like the other two.”

Ruby voted for Elliot. “He diserves it.”

The cameraman can be heard mumbling “…diserve? Isn’t it deserve?”

Blue voted for Elliot. “You’re the pinkest one out of the three. Jackson’s ungrateful and Gladys is irrelevant.”

Petal voted. “Love you!”

Connor voted. “I can’t vote for my girlfriend, so you’ll have to do.”

Cara voted for Elliot. “I hope you get four more!”

Lucks voted. “You suck, but the other two suck more.”

Glory voted. “It’s funny because I don’t actually hate my sister at all. She’s a cool girl.”

Chris retrieved the voting device. “Let’s see who everyone voted for!”

Everyone clapped.

“I’ll touch the face of a Juror. That will trigger the response of who they voted for. ‘Kay?” Chris explained.

“Let’s hurry it up!” Lucks complained.

Chris glared at Lucks. He touched Terrence’s face.

“Terrence voted for Elliot!” Chris announced. The Jury clapped ferociously.

Chris touched Savanna’s face.

“Savanna voted for Elliot!”

Chris touched Ruby’s face.

“Ruby voted for Elliot!” Chris continued.

He touched Blue’s face.

“Blue voted for Elliot!” Chris said. “It takes five votes to win!”

Chris touched Petal’s icon.

“Congratulations, Elliot!” Elliot’s face appeared on the screen. “You are the winner of Total Drama Flashback!”

All three finalists were stunned.

“Bitter,” Jackson said. He got up and walked away.

“Losers,” Gladys said. She walked away.

“I don’t even…” Elliot started to speak, but Cara ran up to him and kissed him.

Chris got out a briefcase. “Here’s your cash prize!”

Elliot grabbed the briefcase. “This is really a million and a half dollars?”

“Yes! No gimmicks,” Chris confirmed.

“I…what…” Elliot couldn’t form a sentence.

“You won!” Cara shouted.

“I know, I just…what…” Elliot blinked.

The camera panned to Chris. “Congratulations to Elliot, the winner of TDFlashback! Who knows where we’re going next? We’ll find out next time, I guess. Until then, I’m Chris McLean, signing off – and this has been Total Drama Flashback!”

Elimination Chart and Jury

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant123456789101112131415161718Finale
1st ElliotC2 Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Win Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Win Low WINNER
2nd/3rd GladysC1 Win Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Low Safe Win 0 Votes
2nd/3rd Jackson Safe Win Win Win Out
Returns in Episode 12
Safe3 Low Low Win Safe Win Win 0 Votes
4th GloryC2 Safe Low Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Low Out
5th Lucks Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Low Low Safe Safe Win Out
6th Cara Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Low Out
7th Connor Safe Win Win Safe Win Win Safe Safe Win Win Safe Win Win Win Win Out4
8th Petal Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Out
9th RubyC2 Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Low Win Win Safe Safe Safe Out
10th Blue Safe Win Win Safe Win Low1 Low2 Safe Win Win Safe Safe Out
11th Savanna Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Win Safe Win Low Low Out
12th Terrence Safe Win Win Win Safe Win Low Safe Win Safe Out
13th Marien Safe Safe Low Win Win Win Safe Safe Low Out
14th Gabriel Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Safe Safe Out
15th "Giraffe" Safe Win Win Safe Win Safe Win Out
16th Roy Safe Win Win Safe Win Low1 Out2
17th AlejandroC1 Win Win Win Low Win Win Out
18th "Weirdo"Cx Win Win Win Win Low Out
19th Annica Safe Win Win Out
20th Cedric Safe Safe Out
21st Mikayla Safe Out

Jury Votes

Juror Vote
Terrence Elliot
Savanna Elliot
Blue Elliot
Ruby Elliot
Petal Elliot
Connor Elliot
Cara Elliot
Lucks Elliot
Glory Elliot


     This person is/was on the Melancholy Memories team.
     This person is/was on the Vital Visions team.
     This person is/was on the Nifty Nostalgia team.
     This person is/was on Team Courtney.
     This person is/was on Team Heather.
     This person is/was on the Fearless Flashbacks (merged team).
     This person/team won that episode's challenge.
     This team did not win a challenge, but did not go to an elimination ceremony.
     This person was still in the game at the end of the episode.
     This person was in the bottom two at the elimination ceremony but was safe.
     This person was eliminated in that episode.
     This person was eliminated from the game for other reasons than being officially eliminated.
     This is a Jury Vote.
C1This person was a captain before the Courtney-Heather phase.
C2This person was a captain after the game returned to three teams.
CxThis person was the captain of their team upon eliminaton.
1 There was no elimination that night, because "Weirdo" had already been eliminated.
2 Roy and Blue, being the bottom two from the previous night, were brought to Team Heather's elimination ceremony in a surprise twist where the aforementioned team would vote one of them off.
3 Jackson received Immunity for the first vote following his return.
4 Chris eliminated the person who performed the weakest in the challenge before the vote.

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