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22 teens are about to have the experience of a lifetime. They will battle the wilderness,  deadly challenges, and each other. Only one will will survive while the rest wil take a dive. Who will win, who will lose? Find out on Total Drama Forest!





















. Clarissa




Chapter One- The Boring Setup Chapter

“Welcome back! Did you miss us? I know you did. Yup, that’s right; Total Drama is back for an all new awesome fifth season! Yeah, I said fifth. We’re getting old. We have 22 contestants ready to compete on Wawanakwa, recently de-toxified, as requested by the tree hugger hippies er- environmentalists. 22 contestants, 2 teams and one million dollars! Find out who will win all this cash on Total… Drama…. Forest” Chris announced loudly.

The first boat arrived at the dock. It was a small, but fast white boat with red stripes on the side. It had the word “S.S Chris” painted on it. A boy of fairly average height, brown hair, and a scowl stepped on the dock.

The boy growled “ What happened to the big boats that brought the original cast? We don’t deserve them? ARE YOU SAYING THAT WE’RE WORSE THAN THEM?” He screamed.

"Woah, calm down Gian." Chris said backing away. "We spent a lot of the budget getting me out of jail and everything."

"Whatever." Gian said walking awy from the host and onto the opposite side of the dock.

"Yeesh. Hopefully our next contestant won't be as nuts-" Chris was cut off by a short girl running onto the dock from a new boat. 

"WHAT! I'm stuck with a bunch of guys! Where are the girls!" The new contestant hollered. 

"Nope, just as nuts as the last one."Chris sighed. "Welcome to the island, Gianna." Gianna scowled.and walked to the other side of the dock.

"Mkay, moving on we have our first sane contestant, Marcus!" Chris announced. A lanky boy with glasses walked onto the dock. " Hey Chris." he said.He looked at the other contestants and said "Hi everyone. My name is Marcus and I-"

"SHUT UP!" The two contestants who had already arrived roared in unision. Marcus cringed and walked to their side of the dock.

"Our next contestant is Rosa!" Chris said as a tall hispanic girl walked onto the dock.

"Don't speak to me. I just came to win." Rosa said, glaring at the remaining contestants. 

Two new contestants ran off the boat."Where's Clarissa? Is she not here yet? She has to be here!" One of them hollered.

The other said " Aww, come here." He opened his arms out for a hug. When she hugged him, she was shocked. The boy snickered and said "Joybuzzer. Works everytime."

"Jerk!" The girl yelled.

"Marissa and Toto, so glad you could make it. And here come our next losers, Nia and uh- G.oddess? Is that a name now?" Chris asked.

The two came running off the boat. Nia asks" So, do you wanna be friends?"

G.oddess ignored the question and said "There was so much orange soda on that boat and I drank all of it! I was the queen of orange soda; QOS!" She said, and started laughing hysterically.

Chris shook his head and said "I have no words. Our next hopefully sane contestant is Tia!"

Tia walks on to the dock in high heels. She surveyed the others and said." Ewwww. Did you guys leave your fashion sense on the boat or something? Did I just see a fly? Gross!" She said running to the opposite side of the dock.

"Okay... our next contestant is-"

"Clarissa, that's Clarissa!" Marissa cried. As soon as the boat arrived at the dock, Marissa ran up to give Clarissa a huge hug. "Don't ever leave me again..." Marissa said, sobbing.

Clarissa rolled her eyes "We were apart for ten minutes." She noted.

"Longest ten minutes ever!" Marissa said, skipping to the end of the dock with her best friend.

"Next up is Laurel!" Chris announced

A short indian girl trotted off the boat. "Hello, I am Laurel. Pleased to make all of your acquaintances." She said walking over to the contestants.

Two boys threw a football on the boat. They both walked onto the dock. 

"Meet Ryan and Conor." Chris said.

"Hi." Ryan said and walked to the other side of the dock.

"S'up Chris!" Conor said and fist bumped with the host. Marissa immediately ran up to him.

"Hi! I'm Marissa and you're hot! Let's go out!" Marissa said, jumping up and down.

"Uhhhhhhhhh......" Conor said and let out a sigh of relief when the next contestant arrived.

"Woah! Wawanakwa again? Is it still radioactive and crazy. Will i turn into, like, a Kelly-saurus?" The new girl said.

"Wawanakwa is all cleaned up now. And also... Kelly-saurus? Really?" Chris said.

Kelly shrugged and said "Hey, you never know."

"Our next contestant is Vidhi." Chris said.

Vidhi walked off the boat and Kelly quickly ran up to her. "Hey, if you had an O at the end of your name, and your last name was camera, your name would be Video Camera!" She rambled. 

"Actually it's spelled V-I-D-" Kelly cuts her off"-E-O-C-A-M-E-R-A! I know how to spell video camera." Kelly says proudly.

"Anyway, our next contestant is Tobi." Chris said.'

"Oh wow! I'm actually on Wawanakwa on Total Drama! There's Chris!" Tobi said excitedly.

"Oh great, New Sierra."  Chris said. 

"I am not like Sierra" Tobi scoffed

The next boats approached the dock. One of the approaching contestants Threw a football towards the dock. "CATCH!" He yelled. Unfortunately, it hit the boy in the boat in front of him in the head, causing him to fall off the boat and faceplant into the dock.

"Are you okay, man?" Tobi asked. The boy gave a thumbs up and stood up.

"Zoren and Evan, whhat's happening.?" Chris said, hi-fiving each one. 

"Well, I almost died." Zoren growled angrily.

"Yeah, get used to that. Next!" Chris yelled.

The next two contestants arrived on the dock. One of them was sketching something furiously. He stopped to look at the island, causing the other boy to crash into him.

"Hey, watch it!" The boy said pushing past.

"Huh? Oh, sorry." The other boy said.

"Justin, Michael, nice of you to join us." Chris said. "And here come our last competitors!"

A girl was chasing a boy around the boat. "To be fair, you do look like Big the Cat! I'm suprised you even knew who he was. You don't seem like the gaming type." The boy said

"I didn't... until you showed me the picture!" The girl screamed

"Everyone should be more informed on the wonderful world of Sonic! SONIC SPEED!"

The boy bellowed, and began to run even faster. Soon, he tripped and faceplanted on the dock.

" Yeah, that's good enough for me." The girl said, while walking onto the dock.

"There they are, Mary and George!. Now that everyone's here, time for your teams!They are... oh would you look at that! Out of time!" Chris said, causing the cast to groan.

"God, Chris! I kate you!" G.oddess yells.

"Tune in next time, on Total...Drama...Forest!" Chris says, signing the episode off.

Chapter Two-Bottom Chef

"Last time on Total Drama Forest.." Chris begins

"What do you mean last time? We just got here!" Mary questioned

"IT'S A NEW EPISODE FOR THE PEOPLE AT HOME, OKAY?" Chris screamed. "Ahem, like I was saying before i was so rudely interrupted.... our contestants arrived."

"That's it? You deafened Mary for that?" Tobi said with a raised eyebrow.

"Who?" asked G.oddess

"It's an artform. You don't understand." Chris said while scoffing.

"So... teams?" Michael reminded the host, interuptting his egotistical rant.

"Oh yeah. Tia, G.oddess, Mary, Michael, Nia, Rosa, Evan, Vidhi, Marcus, George and Conor are the Fighting Frogs. Everyone else is a Battling Bear;" Chris announced.

"How come they get to be awesome bears and we're wimpy frogs?" Evan asked annoyed.

"A frog was the final boss of Super Mario Brothers 2 Of course, it was a redesign of a character from Japanese game Doki Doki Panic but still..." George droned, and likely would have continued if Chris didn't put his hand over his mouth.

"Don't make me get the duct tape. Anyway, let's get straight to today's challenge. This season will be paying homage to the original TDI challenges." Chris said while leading the contestants to their challenge location.

"Meaning blatant ripoffs of the original challenges?" Tobi snidely remarked. Chris glared at the sarcastic boy and continued announcing the challenge "Today will be the reincarnation of the cooking challenge from the original! You will be cooking an appetizer, a dessert, and a main course! I will be the judge of your crappy meals. All the supplies you need are in the kitchen. 3...2....1...GO!" Chris yelled.

The 22 contestants ran into the kitchen and broke off into their teams.

"Alright, here's how it's gonna go. Boys make the food, the girls relax." Gianna announced. 

"WHAT!" The five male bears screamed in disapproval.

"Alright, what should we cook?" Mary asked

"Let's make marshmallows!" Evan suggested

"I'll make the marsh!" Mary said, while rummaging through ingredients.

"I'll make the mallow" Evan said while looking around, presumably for the "mallow"

Rosa facepalmed.

Rosa:(CONF) I am on a team of idiots! Seriously, they think they're jocks and be great at the physical challenges, but they'll end up sucking and still staying because apparently they're "jocks". I am the only strong, smart person on this team. However, people who moan and complain get booted early, so i'll lay low and let the idiots take charge and leave before I make my moves.

"So, what should we make, anyway?" Toto asked

"I suggest,-" Laurel began.

"We don't get to talk to their kind." Gianna said in an extremely condescending tone.

Toto:(CONF) Gianna is insane. Like seriously, was she dropped on her head? Follow-up question, was she dropped on a women's rights banner?

"Alright, I can't find the marsh, so let's try something else. Maybe a burger and apple pie?" Mary said.

"What should we do with the appetizer, then?" Nia asked

"We should do nan bread and curry for the apppetizer!" Vidhi excitedly said.  The frogs mumble in agreement,

"Alright, let's get started!" Vidhi encouraged.

"MOVE! That pizza isn't going to make itself!" Gianna yelled at the boys, while the girls sat and sipped drinks.

"You know, you've done a great job and we would have lost without you. Thank you." Toto states while putting his hand on his heart, and then extending it for a handshake..

"Well, I usually wouldn't, but I feel good today so. what the heck!" Gianna joyfully said and shook Toto's hand.

The joybuzzer in his hand gave her a quick jolt. That caused her to crash into the pizza. Now unable to see, she knocked the mozzerella sticks onto the ground and fell face first into the ice cream sundae.

"Time's up! Time to see what y'all have made!" Chris announced

The two teams walked into the judging room. Chris saw Gianna covered in food and immediately said "Frogs win! Uh, and Bears? What happened?" 

"Toto happened. But I'm pretty sure that won't be a problem for much longer." Gianna cackled with an evil grin.

In the cabins, Vidhi is sitting cross-legged on her bed reading a book.

"Watcha doin'?" Nia asked popping up from behind her.

"Ending world hunger." Vidhi said without looking away from her book.

"What book is that?" Nia questioned.

"The Hunger Games" Vidhi replied

"Oooohhh, I love that movie! Peeta is hot." Nia said, fanning herself.

"I read for the content, not how hot the characters are. Now could you go away?" Vidhi scathingly retorts.

Nia:(CONF) I just wanted to make friends with Vidhi, but she was so mean! I think she's the first person off my potential friend list.(Nia takes out a piece of paper, and makes a line with a pencil.)

Justin and Conor are throwing a football in front of the cabins.

"So who's going on your team tonight?" Conor asked

"Toto, I guess. I want Gianna to leave, but she has the girls against him." Justin stated

"Just get a girl to flip." Conor said while throwing a perfect spiral.

Justin seemed to consider the idea while catching Conor's ball.

"Yes! Only 2 columns left!" Marcus cheered, while writing down something on a sudoku puzzle.

Ryan ran into the cabin "Hey man, we're about to play football, let's go!" Ryan hurried.

"I was almost finished with sudoku...." Marcus trailed off.

Ryan raised an eyebrow. Marcus sighed and walked out with Ryan.

Marcus:(CONF) I would have liked to finish sudoku, but you have to play a good social game, and that includes hanging out with people, even when they're doing something objectionable.

"Campers, I have 10 marshmallows and 11 of you. Someone will not get a marshmallow and go walk the doock of shame and board the boat of losers. I have marshmallows for Tobi and Clarissa." Chris dramatically boomed

The two contestants happily caught their marshmallows.

"Ryan and Justin."

Justin caught the marshmallow in his mouth, which prompted a high five from Ryan.

"Zoren, Laurel, and Gian."

"WAIT, I'M ALLERGIC TO-" Zoren hollered before the marshmallow hit his face which immediately started to redden.

"-Gluten." he whimpered.

"Medic!" Chris called. A few moments later, Zoren was hauled away by Chef in a nurse's costume.

"Marissa and Kelly are also safe." Chris said while simultaneously throwing them marshmallows.

"Yay!" squealed Marissa after recieving her marshmallow.

"Gianna and Toto, you both screwed up the challenge for your team The final marshmallow goes to....


Gianna yells "WHAT!" at the same time as Toto yells "YES!"

"I WAS THE BEST PLAYER! THE BOYS GOT ME DIDN'T THEY! YOU LITTLE DI-" Gianna rants as she is carried off the dock by Chris.

Kelly:(CONF) I was the one that flipped. I always felt like one of the guys and Gianna was being a total bi...g meanie doodoohead! I'm glad she's gone.

"Oooo. tensiony. Will Kelly's decision bite her in the butt? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Forest!" Chris said, signing the episode off.

Chapter Three-Among the Hidden and Seekers

"Last time on Total Drama Forest, our contestants cooked up some drama. While the Frogs had smooth sailing, the Bears were less than successful with Gianna and Toto feuding. It came between the two of them, but in the end, it was Gianna who got the big boot. What will happen this time on Total Drama Forest?"

The Bears were walking back from their elimination ceremony.

"Must have been hard to vote out a loser on this team, considering what you all are!" Mary said, laughing.

"Hey, shut up." Tobi said, glaring.

"Make me!" Mary said, stepping forward.

Tobi cringed, and walked away with the rest of his team.

Mary: I hate people like him! Lording their good grades over everyone, acting superior to everyone else. And when I do it, I get death glares from the Bears! (sighs) It did feel kinda bad, though.

Conor walked out of the bathroom and into the Frogs boy cabin, only wearing a towel around his waist.

"Hi!" Nia said happily.

"AAAAAAAAAHHH!" Conor scrreamed, knocking into walls and shelves. He tripped over Evan's bag of weights and fell onto the ground.

"You know, for such a hot guy, you have a girly scream." Nia noted.

"Wh- what are you doing here?" Conor huffed, between breaths.

"Seeing if I could make friends! Everyone else is outside playing football, though." Nia chirped. She paused for a second and then giggled. "Your abs are shiny after you get out of the shower."

Conor blushed until his face was a deep shade of purple "GET OUT." he said.

Nia happily skipped out of the cabin.

Conor: Nia is so,... like,... I,... just, (he walks out of the confessional.)

The next morning, G.oddess was angrily yelling on her bed.

"God, phone! I kate you!" she screamed.

"What's wrong with your phone?" Ryan asked.

"I have no bars, so I can't go on Wiki Chat!" G.oddess complained.

"Wiki Chat?" Ryan questioned.

"You know, Wikipedia! Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki!" she explained.

"Isn't that kind of loser-ish?" Ryan said.

G.oddess' veins popped out. " DISSING MY CHAT! YOU HAVE MADE MAH LIFE HELL FROM DAY ONE!" she screamed.

"We've only been here two days.." Ryan murmured.

"FORGET YOU! GO HOME GOODBYE!" G.oddess hollered, picking up Ryan and throwing him out of the cabin.

He crashes into Chris, who immediatly brushed him off and announced "Challenge time!"

"Today's challenge is the ancient art of hide and seek" Chris announced.

"Ancient art?" Tobi repeated, with a raised eyebrow

"Hide and seek actually dates back to the 15th century." Marcus noted.

"I'm still scarred from the movie. Chills, chills." George shivered

"Okay, so basically same rules as in TDI. When all of a teams members are shot by Chef's super squirter douser water gun, they lose. So let's get ready to hide and seek!... There's no way to make that sound cool. GO!" Chris hollered, as the contestant ran to various hiding spots.

Michael: You know how some people think the greatest hiding place is plain sight? Well, I decided to try it.

Michael is at the campfire pit, sketching a picture of Wawanakwa.

Suddenly, Zoren dashes in, but trips on a stump and lands it Michael's lap.

"Uhhhhh...." Zoren stood up and brushed himself off, but was immediatly knocked down again by Marissa.

"Did Clarissa go the other way? I have to be with Clarissa!" Marissa exclaimed and ran the other way, steppping on Zoren again, and then crashing into Marcus.

"Ow!" Marcus cried falling on his head. He blinked and then made a realization. "Aw crap, where are my glasses?" he asked while feeling around for them.

"Are they the shiny metal things I just stepped on?" Marissa asked, causing Marcus to put his face in his hands.

"Go! I'll cover for you!" Michael yelled.

"Thanks man!" Marcus said while running away.

“Will you cover for me?” Zoren asked Marissa. “No!” Marissa began to run away, but ran into Chef and was immediately shot, along with Michael.

Chef was about to shoot Zoren, but saw Tobi and Conor from the corner of his eye and went to pursue them.

The two boys saw Chef running towards them, and began to run from Chef. They ran for a while, but Tobi soon bent over, breathing heavily.

Conor ran into a nearby cave, while Tobi was immediately shot down.

Tobi: Maybe I should have done P.E after all.

Inside the cave, Tia sat filing her nails while G.oddess tapped vigorously on her phone. She gasped loudly.

“What’s wrong?” Tia asked.

“They’re getting rid of themes on FC! Isn’t it terrible?” G.oddess dramatically proclaimed.

Tia opened her mouth and prepared to say something, but just sighed and continued filing her nails.

Conor dashed inside the dark, damp cave and said “You might want to leave.”

“Why?” asked Tia.

Chef ran into the cave and shot G.oddess and Conor.

“That’s why.” Conor said through gritted teeth

Tia ran out of the cave, shrieking, as Chef followed her. She continued running until tripping over Zoren.

“Ewwwww! Now my outfit’s dirty!” whined Tia.

Chef shot both of them.

“Great, now look what you’ve done!” Tia complained.

“Ugh…” Zoren groaned and then passed out.

Mary sat on a log while Evan played on his phone.

“Was I too harsh? I just won, and I was really happy and… are you even listening?” Mary rambled.

“Nah. I’m looking up picks of hot chicks on nasty websites.” Evan said and then giggled.

“Gross!” Mary laughed and then threw a football at Evan, bouncing off his head and over a tree, where it hit chef on the head.

He ran through the tree’s leaves and shot Mary and Evan.

Nia saw Chef in the distance and began to climb a tree. She scaled it to the top and saw Gian sitting on a branch.

“Hi!” Nia said happily.

“GET OUT.” Gian declared.

“What!” Nia yelled.

“I WAS HERE FIRST!” Gian screamed.

“Can’t we share?” Nia offers

“NOOOOOO!” Gian hollered while throwing Nia out of the tree. She landed in Chef’s arms, who shot her immediately.

Gian:She was on the other team, so technically I was being good by doing that!

Later, Chris was angrily pacing “This challenge is taking forever!” he yelled to Chef using a walkie-talkie.

“What are you talking about! I caught Clara, Rosie, and Laura like 2 minutes ago!” Chef scremed through the walkie-talkie.

“Clarissa, Rosa and Laurel were caught one hour ago! Not two minutes! That’s it, I ‘m coming out there.” Chris said, while grabbing a water gun and walking out.

Marcus crawled into the girl Frogs cabin.

“What happened to your glasses?” Vidhi asked, putting a book down onto her bed.

“Marissa happened.” Marcus groaned.

“That annoying girl from the other team?” Vidhi questioned. Marcus nodded. “Here, take a seat, Helen Keller.” Vidhi teased while gesturing for him to sit down on her bed.

Suddenly, Chris kicked the door open and shot both. “Huh. That was oddly satisfying. Why do I  let Chef do these challenges? Oh and you’re out.” Chris said. He quickly ran out of the cabin and began speaking over the PA.

“Frogs, George is your last hope. So,… enjoy losing!” Chris laughed.

“Come on George.” Nia said while crossing her fingers.

George is under his blanket, playing Sonic Generations.

“You know, this game does get better the eighteenth time!” he said happily.

Chef then walked in and saw George playing video games. George screamed “SONIC SPEED!” and began to run out of the cabin but crashed right into the door and was promptly shot.

“BEARS WIN!” Chris screamed over the loudspeaker. “Which means the Fighting Frogs will be voting someone off!” The frogs groan and glare at George.

George walked up to Mary and Evan. “Hey, I was wondering if we could form an alliance?” he said.

“Uh,….” Evan trailed off.

“ Sure!” Mary quickly answered.

“Let’s vote Marcus. Without his glasses, he’ll be pretty useless.” George said.

The two jocks nodded and George walked away.

Laurel paced in front of the Bears.

“First off, nice job on winning the challenge. Now, let’s get down to business. I have noticed some unruly behavior on this team. Namely Toto.” Toto’s eyes widened. “If this behavior continues, as team captain, I will see to it that you are eliminated.” Laurel finished, and sat down.

“Since when are you team captain?” Toto asked.

“Since always.” Laurel stated, and walked away.

Marcus: Stupid Marissa. I literally cannot see a thing.

Ryan: I guess I’m supposed to follow Laurel now? Meh, I guess if it’ll keep me in the game.

The Frogs sat at the marshmallow ceremony.

“Yadda, yadda, yadda, pre- marshmallow crap. The first one goes to Tia.” Chris announced

Tia happily catches her marshmallow.

“G.oddess and Mary are also safe.”

The two contestants happily caught their marshmallows

“Michael, Nia, Rosa, Evan, you’re all safe.”

Nia squealed upon receiving hers, while the other three simply caught it.

“Tonight’s final marshmallow goes to………….. Marcus.” Chris dramatically said.

George looked around, mouth agape.

“Eight beats three, sorry man.” Evan said sympathetically.

George sadly walked down the Dock of Shame.

“Well then, that was obvious. Who will leave next? Find out next time, on Total…Drama.. Forest!” Chris signed off.

Chapter Four-Paintballin'

“Last time on Total Drama Forest, Mary had a character crisis! G.oddess continued to be really weird, and Nia and Conor had a steamy bathroom meeting. Our Hide-and-Seek challenge showed that some of our contestants just aren’t meant for this game, ahem George, which is probably why he got the can. We’ve got ten guys, ten gals, and one million dollars! Find out what will happen, right now on Total…Drama…Forest!”

 G.oddess: I’m surprised George went home. He seemed like a stereotypical winner. But, whatevs.

 'Zoren: I kinda liked George. I’m sad the other team voted him out, but hey, as long as it ain’t me.

 Marissa happily skipped to the shower “I know you love me I know you care! You shout whenever, and I’ll be there!” she sang as she stepped in to the shower, her silhouette seen taking off the towel behind the shower curtain. She turned on the water and set it to hot.

“And I was like, baby, baby, baby, AAAAHHHHHHH!” Marissa screamed, jumping out of the shower and running outside in her towel.

Toto cracked up outside until Marissa ran out.

“You rewired the shower to make the hot water knob cold water?”  Marissa asked incredulously.

“Who, me?” Toto asked, mockingly.

Toto: (Stares into the camera with a straight face, and then bursts out laughing)

'Marissa: Prankster, more like Jerk-ster! I can’t wait until he’s eliminated.

 The contestants were gathered at the campfire pit.

“This week’s challenge will be the most brutal yet!” Chris announced

"We’ve only had two.” Clarissa pointed out.

“And one of them was Hide-and-Seek” Rosa said, and rolled her eyes.

Chris ignored them. “We’re playing paintball, folks!” he said dramatically

“Who are the hunters, and who are the deer?” G.oddess asked.

“That’s the fun part; you’re all hunters, therefore,” the host giggled”-you’re also all deer.” Chris finished, handing out deer costumes to everyone. “Take those off, and you’re out of the challenge. Now, go!” he bellowed.

The twenty contestants dashed out to the forest.

“How does this thing work?” Tobi asked, slapping the back of the gun. He threw it down and it shot. Unfortunately, he shot Ryan, who groaned about being covered in paint.

Ryan: I didn’t expect to win the challenge, but I didn’t expect to be first out…or get shot by my own teammate.

Evan sat at a stump, and shot at a tree for no apparent reason. “This challenge is so boring.” Evan complained as he continued to shoot. Suddenly, a small green packet came down from the sky, which Evan caught. “What the-“ he began. The packet instantly exploded.

“Oh, did I mention the paint bombs?” Chris said from a helicopter,  while laughing.

Zoren and Toto hid in the branches of a tree.

“Just wait until some Frog sucker comes in.” Toto said, snickering.

Just as he said that, G.oddess walked right under the tree.

“Now!” Toto whispered. Zoren pulled on a rope which let down a cage on G.oddess

“OMJE!” she screamed. Zoren laughed, but then fell out of the tree both the cage and rammed into G.oddess, sending them both rolling off the cliff, shooting each other.


Nia hung on to Conor, scared. ‘

“Is there any reason you’re acting as my pants?” Conor asked.

“If I was acting as your pants, you’d have to be naked.” Nia said, making Conor blush.

Something rustled in the bushes. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Nia screamed , and ran in circles.

“Are you okay?” Conor asked .

"We’re gonna get shot by the Bears!” Nia screamed.

“Nia, that was a chipmunk.” Conor stated.

“Heh, heh,….well then.” Nia awkwardly said.

The two were then paint bombed.

Nia: I see real progress on Conor when it comes to making friends. First friend of the game, here I come!

“MY NAME IS KELLY! THAT’S MY NAME ! IT’S SPELLED K-E-L-L-“ Kelly sung in the middle of the forest. Before she could finish, she was paint bombed.

“WHY!” she cried.

Kelly: Heh-heh. See what I did there? Cause, it’s spelled K-e-l-l-y, and y and why, and….yeah.

“Clarissa! Clarissa!” Marissa cried.

“Where did you go?” Marissa screamed. She ran to find her but ran into Tia instead.

“You got my dress dirty!” Tia screamed. She then angrily shot Marissa, who gasped and shot her back.

Justin hid behind a tree, waiting for someone to come by.

“Hmmmmm-hm-hm-hmmmmm” some anonymous person hummed.

Justin stealthily tiptoed over to a closer tree. “Crap, I still can’t see who it is.” he complained, sneakily walking to an even closer tree.

The person who was humming was Michael, who was shooting at a tree and putting his hand in it.

“Dude, what are you doing?” Justin asked, and quickly covered his mouth.

“Finger painting. The gun’s paint is really rich and-hey, wait a minute!” Michael said.

Justin shot Michael in the head and yelled “STREET RULES” while running away.

Marcus sat at a stump, bored.

Marcus: I was disappointed that no one rushed me. I’m awesome at paintball. I could’ve taken ’em out in one shot! One!

 Marcus was then paintbombed.

“Well, that was anti-climactic. Bears lead!” Chris announced.

Toto cracked up in a tree.

Toto: Okay, you gotta admit, that was kinda funny! I mean Zoren and G.oddess going off a cliff? Hillarious. I hope they’re okay though. I-(the confessional seems to explode and Toto is covered in paint)

Chris:(bursts out laughing)

Gian angrily stormed over to where the losers were standing.

“What happened to you?”Nia asked

“Let’s just say the bunny population of Wawanakwa won’t give me any awards soon.” Gian grunted. The other contestants inched away from him.

Vidhi also walked back covered in paint “I don’t want to talk about it.” She groaned.

Clarissa sat on a stump, bored.”Hello?” she called. ‘Team? People I can shoot?”

Zoren and G.oddess were still entangled, rolling around.

“WATCH OUT!’ Zoren yelled at his teammate. Clarissa couldn’t move in time, and was accidentally shot by Zoren and also got tangled in with the two contestants.

Laurel sat down on a stump. She shifted her eyes back and forth and then took out a bottle of nail polish. “Just as she was about to paint her nails, she was paintbombed.

Laurel:This is a sign. It’s a sign telling me that I need to be firm to lead, and can’t think of frivolous things like painting my nails. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Mary walked back, covered in paint. “Stupid challenge” she muttered

“Only Justin and Rosa remain!” Chris announced.

“Rosa? Who’s she? Is she even in this game?” Justin questioned, before Rosa swung down from a branch kicked Justin in the head and shot him.

She cleanly landed and said “Name’s Rosa, don’t forget it.” while smirking.

“FROGS WIN IMMUNITY!” Chris yelled. “As for the Bears, tonight will be the last night for one of you sad sacks.  So get ready!”

Justin: Last time George got canned for losing the challenge for his team. I’m pretty sure I won’t, but hey, you never know.

' 'Nia:I’m so happy we won! Rosa is definitely our MVP. Hmmm…do MVP’s make for good friends?

 G.oddess was on her phone.”WHAT!” she screamed.

"What’s wrong?”Marcus asked, sitting down on the stump beside her.

“I have an OTTP edit! I need to be CP! That’’s the winners edit. On top of that, I’m OTTP3! Can’t at least get  four?” The internet obsessed girl cried.

She began to scratch her chin “If I start strategizing, I’ll get CP..” she trailed off.

“Why don’t we form an alliance?” Marcus offered

“STRATEGY! YES! YES! ALLIANCE!” G.oddess yelled skipping around.

Marcus:I was going to ask G.oddess for an alliance anyway, but I guess that’s covered.

G.oddess: At least I’m not INV or worse a…(shudders) Carter.

The Bears sat at the marshmallow ceremony.

“If you don’t receive a marshmallow, you go bye-bye. K, let’s get this thing started. Gian is safe.” Chris said as the angry boy caught his marshmallow.

“So are Marissa and Toto.”

Marissa glared at Toto while he caught his marshmallow.

“Laurel, Clarissa, and Kelly. All aboard the safe train!” Chris said, throwing the three marshmallows

“Ryan.” Chris boringly said as Ryan regularly caught his marshmallow.

“Tobi, for some reason.”

Tobi glared at the host while catching his marshmallow.

“Zoren, Justin. The final marshmallow goes to….Justin!” Chris announced.

“What!” Zoren yelled as he stood up. “He lost us the challenge.”

“You suck more overall, though.” Toto explained.

Zoren sadly walked down the dock of shame, and one of the planks broke, leaving him stuck between different parts of the dock.

“Who will leave next? Find out, next time on Total Drama Forest!” Chris said

Chapter Five-Boot Camp Blues

“Last time, on Total Drama Forest, our paintball challenge showed who ruled, and who got schooled! It was close, but in the end Rosa took Justin out to win the challenge! The first alliance, between G.oddess and Marcus emerged, and clumsy Zoren got sent packing. Who will win this time? Find out, right here, right now on Total Drama Forest!” Chris enthusiastically yelled.

“K, we done?” The camera moved up and down, obviously meaning the cameraman was nodding.

“Finally,” Chris said while walking into his cabin. “Those recaps take fore-WAH!” Chris screamed as he slipped on a magazine and fell into his fridge.

“WHO VOTED ZOREN? WHO DID IT?” Gian screamed at his team while walking back from the marshmallow ceremony.

The group mumbled, and most people said yes.

Gian: Zoren was my friend. Figures they’d get rid of the only cool guy here. Jerks.

Justin: There’s crazy, and then there’s Gian. Psycho.

Gian stormed into the cabin while the girls walked into theirs, and the guys stayed outside.

“Gian has to go next.” Justin said.

“Agreed.” Toto, Tobi, Ryan said simultaneously

Tobi: Thankfully he’s gone at the next elimination. We have Kelly, so that’s a 5-4 vote.

The contestants arrived at the campfire pit, where a giant projector was wheeled on by the interns and turned on, and revealing Chris’s legs.

“Why are we staring at your hairy calves?” Marissa questioned

“I like it. Kinda fre-kay.” Kelly said, causing everyone to inch away from her.

“It’s better than looking at his face, at least.” Rosa snidely remarked.

“I HAVE BEEN DEFACED!” Chris announced dramatically. “As a result, Chef will be hosting today’s challenge. An obstacle course! Er-a boot camp obstacle course! Fun!” Chris announced , snickering. The projector was turned off, and Chef screamed at the contestants.

‘GET TO YOUR OBSTACLE COURSE NOW!” The nineteen remaining contestants dashed to the obstacle course, scared of the booming chef. When they arrived, they were panting and weezing.

“This is no regular obstacle course. This is a BOOT CAMP obstacle course!” Chef screamed.

“What’s the difference?” Tobi asked.


“First, ya’ll climb up the stairs of death. Steps randomly fall out. Then you climbed the oily wall, make it past the monkey bars, where I throw stuff at ‘ya and finally you have to physically, make it past me. Any questions?”

Everyone raised their hands.


The contestants began to race. Mary scaled the steps, as did Evan.

Clarissa began to climb the steps of death, but the step fell out, causing her to fall. Tobi repeated this same mistake.

Gian dashed up the stairs, as did Rosa. Conor also scaled the steps, and Kelly tried, but failed.

“Ouchie!” she moaned.

Gian climbed the oil-slicked wall while Rosa slipped.

“What’s with stairs after a wall, anyway?” Rosa groaned.


Marcus and G.oddess scrambled up the stairs. Mary slipped off the oily wall and itto the mud.

“Ugh!” she grunted. Nia fell off the stairs fairly quickly.

Tobi managed to climb up the stairs on his second attempt, while Gian easily dodged Chef’s ammunition and passed the monkey bars.

“Little guy is tough-” Chef observed “-But not tough enough.” He grinned.

Rosa and Clarissa made it up the wall and stairs, respectively, while Kelly fell of the stairs again.

“Come on!” she yelled.

Clarissa climbed up the stairs, while Nia successfully climbed up the wall and G.oddess slipped.

“Now I’m lying on the cold hard grouse.” She sung. She began to sing the rest of the song. “Ah! Ah! Trouble, trouble, troub-“ She was interrupted by Mary landing on her.

“Frogs, ya’ll suck. Get ready for the marshmallow ceremony!” Chef taunted.

“Not today!” Evan yelled, jumping on the wall and immediately slipping and falling on his face.

Clarissa crossed the monkey bars, dodging Chef’s object throwing. Kelly made it up the steps.

“Finally!” she cried.

Kelly:I’m  an athlete. I should rock at this stuff. I guess I’m just not cut out for boot camp.

“Too easy!” Rosa boasted while crossing the monkey bars. However, her arrogance wasn’t very justified, as she was quickly hit with a rock and fell off.

Conor slipped off the oil-slicked wall at an awkward angle. “My back!” he cringed.

“Frogs, you just get suckier and suckier.” Chef commented.

Rosa did a backflip across the monkey bars. “Come at me, bro.” she said with a smirk on her face.

Laurel climbed the steps, while Clarissa aimed for the finish line. She tried to sneak around Chef.

“That’s sneaky!” he yelled and threw her back.

“Laurel climbed up the wall as Rosa prepared to sneak past Chef. She tried to jump over him, but he grabbed her leg and threw her back.

Kelly slid off the wall. “Poopie!” she yelped while stomping her feet.

Rosa charged at Chef. “Wow. You’re stupider than you look.” He snickered. She slid under his legs and crossed the finish line, smirking.

“But-“ Chef began. “He sighed and said “By a miracle, the Frogs have won1 Bears, I’ll see you maggots at elimination.” Chef said.

“And that is why you need to vote with us.” Laurel said. “Justin lazed around in the challenge, is quite irriKEYating, and overall not helpful.” She told Kelly

“Um…..okay…..” Kelly said, unsure.

Kelly:I’m the swing vote again? Wow, who woulda thunk it? I am kinda worried, though. What if I make the wrong choice?

Justin:I’m so glad Gian’s going tonight. We won’t have to deal with that loser anymore.

Clarissa: I don’t think Justin even knows he’s being eliminated. What an oblivious jerk.

Nia: I can’t believe we won! I thought we were gonna lose, but we pulled it out in the end! I feel bad for the other team, though.

Mary was sleeping on a bench. G.oddess slowly tiptoed over to her. “WAKE UP!” she screamed.

“AAHHHHHHH!” Mary shrieked. “What-what are you doing?” she asked.

“Waking you up.” G.oddess stated matter-of-factly.

“WHY?” Mary asked.

“Oh- to form an alliance.” G.oddess said.

“I have one with Evan already, we could merge into one.” Mary suggested.

“Great! I’ll go tell Marcus!” G.oddess exclaimed excitedly, dashing off.

G.oddess: (singing) I’mma get a CP edit! And win the game! ‘Cause people with CP edits, win the game!

Chef stood in front of the nine Bears. “One of you maggots is going home. If it was up to me, you’d all go home. Marshmallows go to….Kelly!” Chef yelled.

“Next! Laurel!” Chef screamed.

“You could say it normally, you know.” Laurel commented.


Tobi cringed, and was hit in the face with his marshmallow.KEY



The blonde squealed and caught hers.

“Clarissa!” Chef announced.

Marissa and Clarissa shrieked.

“Toto, what kind of weird name is Toto anyway? Whateva. I don’t believe in suspense, so I’ll just tell you that Gian is safe right now and save all of us a whole lotta time.”Chef rambled, tossing Gian the final marshmallow.

“YES!” Gian pumped his fist.

“WHAT!” Justin stood up in shock. He pointed at Kelly “It was you, wasn’t it? I won’t forget this. I WON’T!” Justin screamed as he was carried to the boat of losers.

“I don’t believe in outro’s. Total Drama Forest.” Chef signed off.

Chapter Six-The Total Drama Chainsaw Massacre

“Last time, on Total Drama Forest, I was M.I.A and Chef took over. Gotta say, it was brutal! The Bears lost, surprise, surprise. While the guys wanted Gian out, the girls wanted Justin, leaving Kelly, the girl that might as well just be a guy in the middle. In the end, she sided with the girls, sending Justin home with a one-way ticket to loserville. Eighteen remain, who will be eliminated today? Find out, on a chilling episode of Total…Drama…Forest!”

G.oddess: I’m basically in control on my team. My alliance will take all the others out; I’m the master of this game. Alright! Cockiness is just another step on the road to a CP edit!

“Alright, is everybody ready for G.oddess’s first alliance meeting?” G.oddess asked dramatically.

The three other members grumbled and grunted yes.

“K, first order of business, power rankings. I’m the captain, Marcus is co-captain, Mary is secretary, and Evan is our goon.” G.oddess said, assigning everyone a role.

“I’m the goon?” Evan questioned.

“I thought peasant was too condescending.” G.oddess continued. “Anyway,-

“Hold up a minute! I have something to say….right after I go pee!”Evan dashed off to the bathroom.

Evan: I don’t like how bossy G.oddess is. She’s rude, mean, and…um, .I doesn’t like her!

G.oddess: Yet! Any CP person has to have enemies, and I made my first one!

“You know what’s weird?” Conor said

“G.oddess?” Evan replied.

“Well, yes, but that we haven’t had a challenge today.” Conor pointed out.

“That is quite peculiar.” Marcus noted.

“Let’s see if he’s outside.” Michael suggested, as the four boys got up from their bunks and walked outside. Everyone else had obviously had the same idea, as all the contestants ended up walking out of their cabins and into the common area.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” From the other side of the campgrounds, a bloodcurdling scream was heard.

“W-what was that?” Nia shivered.

“I don’t know, but I’m gonna check it out.” Evan walked in the direction of the scream.

Michael dashed to catch up with him. “I’ll come! A murder scene, with blood and guts everywhere is something new to sketch!” All the other contestants gave him strange looks.

The two walked off.

“Man, its dark out here. Kind of eerie and spooky. Wouldn’t it be creepy if you just stopped talking, Michael? Michael? Michael?” Evan turned around in distress, and gasped when Michael wasn’t there.

Behind him, he heard a chainsaw revving up. He turned around and was surrounded by a terrifying shadow, and screamed.

“Did you hear that?” Nia shook in fear, and latched onto Conor.

“Whatever it is, I’ll find out.” G.oddess said, running towards the woods.

G.oddess: Despite being a jerk at times, a CP character must always be heroic! Unless you’re CPN, meaning… (A chainsaw breaks through the door)

“Oh no…” Nia jumped up and down. “I have to pee! Someone come with me!”

“’l’ll come.” Conor offered

“Into the girl’s bathroom?” Nia raised her eyebrows.

“I didn’t mean it like…I mean… was…..” Conor’s face reddened as he stuttered.

“I’ll go with her, redface.” Mary said, dragging her to the bathroom.

“Are you done yet?” Mary impatiently tapped her foot.

“I finished five minutes ago. I‘ve just never had the experience of going to the bathroom with a friend!” she squealed.

Mary rolled her eyes and walked into the stall to grab her. However, as soon as she poked her head in, a chainsaw broke through the door.

“This is so predictable. It’s obviously the psycho killer challenge.” Clarissa said lying on a bench.

“But what if it’s not? What if it’s real and we’re all gonna die!” Tobi began to hyperventilate.

Tobi: I’ve been told I overreact and am easily scared. I really don’t see it.

A soft humming noise was heard by everyone. “What is that?” Tobi asked worriedly.

The killer came out with his chainsaw and the thirteen remaining contestants ran to different areas. Only two stayed in place: Clarissa and Tobi. One was too scared to move, and the other was too apathetic to move.

Tobi screamed at the top of his lungs.

Ryan and Marcus panted as they stopped running.

“That was close.” Ryan huffed.

Marcus collapsed onto the ground. “Too close.” He groaned.

Someone tapped Ryan’s shoulder. “What do you want?” he asked the killer. His eyes widened when he realized who it was, and he screamed along with Marcus.

“Tobi? Clarissa? Mr. Happystick?” Kelly called out, hoping someone would answer her. She sighed and leaned on a tree. From behind the tree, the killer revved the chainsaw and attacked. Kelly shrieked.

The killer stuffed Kelly into a bag. She was shocked when she was not the only one inside. “Evan?” she asked incredulously.

“Yup.” He replied. “This psycho has stuffed everyone in their own little bags, probably to kill them later or some crap. Whatever it is, it’s creepy. I guess he ran out of bags to stuff us in, that’s why you’re with me.”

“Serial killers have really fallen from grace.” Kelly noted.

Evan raised an eyebrow. “Serial killers had grace?”

“Nia and Mary have been gone for a while now, don’t you think?’ Conor said worriedly.

“”They’re probably fine.” Vidhi said “They could have been killed by a murder but that’s only like a 25% chance.”

“I’m gonna go look.” Conor ran off towards the bathroom.

“Famous last words.” Vidhi snickered

“Mary? Nia? NIA?” Conor hoped for a reply. Suddenly, the killer grabbed his shoulders. He whipped around and punched him in the nose. He staggered back a little, but then charged the strong boy, tackling him to the ground, stuffing him in a bag, and slamming it against the ground until he was unconscious, then dragging him off.

Chris sat in bed, eating a hamburger “Ah…. What a relaxing day.” He sighed as he took another bite from his burger.

Chef walked in casually “Man, Chris. The guy you got for this challenge is amazing!” he exclaimed.

Chris gulped down another bite. “There’s no challenge today. It’s our day off.”


Chris spit out his dinner. “WHAT! WE GOTTA GO SAVE ‘EM!”

The two men dashed out of the bedroom.

Tia slowly walked around. She took out her phone, but quickly jammed it into her pocket. “K, if you’re gonna put me in a forest with some creepy psycho killer; can’t you at least give me cell service?” The killer looked at her, through his hockey mask. He ran out to attack. He lifted his chainsaw and began to bear down on the valley girl. She quickly reached for her foot, took off one of her high heeled boots and threw it at the killer, temporarily stunning him and giving her a chance to escape.

Tia: And they said it was a waste bring heels to the island.

Tia dashed away from the killer. She hunched over, wheezing and holding her side. The killer approached her once more. She threw a log at him, once again stopping him in his tracks. She sprinted away from the killer.


The killer quickly jumped on Tia and stuffed her into the bag. “Finally!” the killer groaned

Killer: I can’t believe that girl escaped me twice! So glad I got her. Wait, am I allowed to be in here? Is it open? Do I have to have a key?

“Clarissa, where are you? Clarissa?” Marissa called her voice cracking and her herself shivering. She bumped into someone and shrieked.

“Calm down, it’s just me.” Toto said. She screamed again.

“Of all the people to be stuck with, it had to be you!” Marissa complained.

“What do you have against me, anyway?” he asked Marissa.

“You’re mean! You hurt people!” she hollered back.

“Come on! They’re pranks, they’re funny! Why are you so butthurt about it?” Toto replied.

The killer came up behind them and stuffed them both into a bag.

“If y’all don’t want to be captured, don’t randomly scream.” He said

Chris ran into the forest. He desperately looked around to find the kids. He turned and saw Vidhi, and frantically began to tell her something.

“VIDHI!” he screamed. “THIS ISN’T A CHALLENGE! THIS IS REAL-“Both the host and Vidhi were captured by the killer and dragged off.

Rosa sat at the top of a tree. “This challenge is so dumb.” She commented. She saw the killer at the foot of the tree.  “I’m up here. You’re down there. Cry me a river.” she jeered. The killer used his chainsaw to cut down the tree.  “Um…..” Rosa was quickly put in the bag.

The killer slowly approached Gian. “Finally, the last one.” He grinned and ran out of the bushes to attack. Gian whipped around and kicked him in the chest. He then jumped on him and began pounding him with his fists. “AH! MY FACE! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND! THIS WAS NOT WHAT I PLANNED!” he screamed. Gian put him in a headlock. “UNCLE!” the killer screamed.

Later, police boats are seen taking the criminal away. “Well, there wasn’t supposed to be a challenge today, but since we wasted most of the footage, I’ll award the Battling Bears the win tonight.” Chris announced.

The Bears cheered as the Frogs groaned.  “Frogs, we’ll do the campfire ceremony in the morning. I’m pooped.” Chris said.

“You’re pooped from sitting around and watching us die?” Rosa said.

“Yup.” Chris said walking away.

Ryan: I’m glad that we won. Almost dying and then going to elimination would be like the worst 1-2 punch ever.

Evan: I wish I could vote G.oddess off. But without her, I have no alliance so I guess I’ll have to put up with her a little longer.

Tobi and Ryan walked up to Kelly and Gian. “So, guys. Gian since you’re a guy.” Ryan began “And Kelly, you act like a guy,” Tobi continued.

Kelly put her hand to her heart and said “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“Why don’t you join the guy’s alliance?” Tobi and Ryan simultaneously suggested.

“KK!” Kelly happily said.

“Maybe.” Gian grunted and walked away.

·         'Gian: Those guys are such jerks. But if Kelly’s with them, the best I can get with Marissa, Clarissa, and '\

Laurel is a tie, so maybe?

G.oddess talked to her alliance mates. “KK, tonight we’re voting for Michael. He was like the first one captured.” She said.

“Aw, but we’re friends.” Evan said. “Hush, rookie.” G.oddess shushed him. The jock rolled his eyes.

“G.oddess, I think you’re kind of a jerk to me.” Evan said.  “\

“Well, how else are you going to get on our level?”  G.oddess commented. Evan angrily stomped away.

Evan: I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS GIRL! She’s annoying, mean, and just…GAH!

Nia:  Awww, we lost. Well, you can’t win ‘em all. I wonder who we’ll vote off?

Clarissa: I’m glad I won’t go to a marshmallow ceremony tonight. It’s a lot less stressful out here without them.

“So yeah, they want me to flip.” Gian finished.

“Don’t believe them; they just want to give you a false sense of security before backstabbing you.” Laurel stated bluntly.

“You think?” Gian asked.

“I know.” Laurel replied.

Ryan: I saw Gian going into the girl’s cabin. I really hope he hasn’t let them go to his head.

“Who are you voting?” Evan asked Conor as he threw a football to him.

“I’m voting against Michael, with you guys.” He responded, and threw the ball back.

Evan: Is it bad that I kinda wanted him to bring up someone else so I can vote with them?

Tobi: Ryan told me Gian was talking to the girls. That nutcase better not get any ideas.

“Who are you voting?” Evan casually asked Nia.

“Oh, we’re gonna pick off G.oddess’s alliance one by one, so Mary.” Nia revealed, quickly covering her mouth with her hand.

Evan: I should tell everyone, but on the other hand it could be fun to watch G.oddess get shocked when her alliance crumbles before her. Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions.

Toto: Marissa freaked out on me today, it was seriously weird.

Gian: Whatever side I choose is going to have a lot of power.

“Frogs, you’ve voted. And the marshmallows are here. Who they’ll go to is the question. Tia and G.oddess are safe.”

The two girls happily caught their marshmallows.

“Nia and Rosa.” Chris announced, as the two caught their prizes.

“Evan and Vidhi are also safe.” He threw marshmallows at them, hitting Evan in the eye and Vidhi in the nose.

“Conor and Marcus.” The host announced. “And the final marshmallow goes to……


Mary gasped. “WHAT DID I DO?” she screamed at her teammates.

“You joined the wrong alliance.” Rosa said, earning a glare from G.oddess.

“Meh.” Mary said and stomped down the dock.

“Well, another one bites the dust. What will become of G.oddess’s alliance? Find out, next time, on Total Drama Forest!”

Chapter Seven - Are You Dumber Than A Fifth Grader?

“Last time on Total Drama Forest, our contestants were hunted down, one by one by a crazy bonkers creepy psycho killer. No one died, thank goodness. Can you imagine the lawsuits? Yeesh. Would not have been pretty. Evan was tired of being mistreated by G.oddess, so he flipped and sent his own friend, Mary packing. Heh-heh, good times. Will G.oddess be mad at Evan? Will Gian flip to the guys? And who will be exceptionally stupid? Find out on a quizzical episode of Total... Drama…Forest!” Chris said loudly.

The Bears sat outside the cabins. Laurel quietly approached Ryan and sat down next to him.

“Have you ever considered flipping to the girls’ alliance?” Laurel asked the boring child.

“Have you ever considered flipping to the guy’s alliance?” The monotonous boy retorted.

The two teens responded “No.” at the same time.

“Well then, we’re at a stand-still. Goodbye, thanks for playing.” Ryan laid on his side.

“I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. As team leader, I order you to join my alliance.” Laurel said sternly.

“You can’t do that!” Ryan exclaimed.

“Yes I can.” Laurel replied.

“No you can’t!”

“Yes I can.”

“Yes you can!”

“No I can’t.” Laurel covered her mouth as Ryan smirked.

“’Curse your mind tricks.” Laurel said, walking away.

Chris stood in front of the contestants in a suit and tie. There was a game show set behind him.

“Are you ready for Total Drama Quiz?” Chris excitedly asked the contestants. They stared at him in bewilderment.

“Since you doofuses can’t take a hint, today’s challenge is a quiz show! You’ll be paired up at random with a contestant from the opposing team. It’s your challenge to school them in the question and earn a point for your team. First team to 8 takes it!” Chris announced.

Vidhi: A quiz? Finally, something that relates to intelligence and not “Can you run the fastest? Duh-Duh-Duh!”

“First losers to get humiliated due to lack of intelligence, Nia and Kelly!” Chris said, as the two girls skipped up the steps happily.

“Your topic is Science! What is the command central of the cell called?” Chris asked.

Kelly smashed down on a bright red button. “THE NUCLEUS!” she screamed.

“Correct! You didn’t have to destroy my eardrums though,” Chris glared at Kelly “Anyways, next up is Marcus and Gian!”

The two boys took their places. “Are you ready to get reading? Because you know, reading is, like the subject, and….. I don’t have to explain myself! What Charles Dickens book had a Disney movie based off of it?” Chris questioned.

“Oh that’s easy. Oliver and Company.” Marcus said. The podium suddenly let loose a jolt of electricity and Marcus fell onto the ground.

“Did I mention the shocking platforms? Probably should of. Heh-heh.” Chris hardily laughed.

Marcus look disheveled as he stood back up, fixing his glasses. He lightly hit the buzzer again. “Oliver Twist?”

“Correct,” Chris announced. “It’s 1-1. Toto, Tia, come in up!”

“Which one is dominant: brown eyes or blue eyes?”

Toto hit the buzzer. “Brown.” he said quickly.

“Correct.” Chris yawned.

Toto: I guessed, but hey.

“Kelly, Vidhi, you’re next.” Chris gestured for the girls to go up.

“But Kelly went already!” Michael complained.

“But they suck, so they have one less person.” Chris snickered.

“Bite me.” Tobi glared at the host.

“Your topic is Physical Education!’ Chris yelled.

Vidhi gasped, and Kelly pumped her fist.

“How many pawns start on the board in chess?” Vidhi smiled and Kelly was the one to gasp.

Vidhi hit the buzzer and smugly said “Sixteen.”

“Eyup, its 2-2! G.oddess, Laurel, you’re up next!” G.oddess walked up while glaring at Evan.

G.oddess: I’m mad at that lousy traitor for flipping and sending home Mary! (under her breath) Who…..sorry, I had to do that. Anyway, he’s going down.

“You guys have a nice old History question! Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue-“Chris began.

“In 1492!” G.oddess finished.

“Correctumundo! Ryan, Evan come on up!” Chris pointed to the two boys.

“NO EVAN! BOO! HISS! GO RYAN!” G.oddess heckled her teammate.

“Your topic is Music! What famous black pianist caught syphilis?”

“FORTY-TWO?” Evan screamed, and was quickly shocked. “Urgh…….” He moaned.

“Scott Joplin?” Ryan said boringly.

“Correct! Nia, get back up here, with Marissa!” Chris said.

“Your next topic is Math! What is 6x7+4-6x0-4+6x5-4?” Chris smirked as the two girls gaped at the problem.

“4?” Nia asked hopefully, and was promptly shocked.

“0?” Marissa prepared to be shocked, but was shocked when she wasn’t.

“Correct!” Chris yelled. Conor and Rosa were also seen getting their answers right.

“Its 5-4 folks, Tobi, Michael it’s your turn!” The two boys walked up to the podiums.

“In science, what is the code for your genes called? Chris questioned.

“Genotype!” Michael hit the buzzer quickly.

A montage showed the contestants answering questions.

“Static character!” Clarissa yelled.

“Subject-verb agreement.” Laurel said.

“Applesauce!” Marissa screamed.

“Pablo Picasso!” Michael squealed. “Best artist ever!”

“Fried chicken.” Vidhi answered.

“Alright, it’s time for our final round. Gian, Rosa, let’s go!” Chris happily announced.

The two contestants walked to the podiums and glared at each other.

“Your final topic is Total Drama Trivia!” Chris read off a cue card.

“Could you make that any less obvious?” Rosa asked, annoyed.

“It’s a game show. Got to show the cheesiness and low-budget. Anyway, who got 19th in Total Drama World Tour?” Chris asked.

“Ezekiel.” Rosa said confidently. The podium then shocked her, causing her to fall to the ground.

“DUNCAN!” Gian screamed as a bell rang throughout the stage and confetti fell from the ceiling.

“CORRECT! THE BATTLING BEARS WIN!” The Bears celebrated “As for the Frogs, looks like you guys want to become the Bears in terms of suckiness. One of you is going home tonight. Decide who it is by the campfire ceremony.” Chris walked away, as the Frogs looked at each other, unsure who would go.

Nia: We lost again, I wonder who’s gonna get voted out? I hope it’s not me, though we seem to be in the majority.

Clarissa: We won again! This is a pretty great feeling, knowing you’re safe and can’t go home.

Marcus filled in squares on a notepad as Evan laid upside down on his bed.

“We’re voting for Rosa.” Marcus said. “YES! Finished my Sudoku puzzle, finally.”

“Man, I’m not sure.” Evan admitted.

“You have to vote with us! If Conor can get Nia, we’ll have majority! Come on, man!” Marcus urged.

“She hates me, though.” Evan pointed out.

“If she’s not dumb, she’ll vote with us and not betray her own alliance.” Marcus stood up, and put his hand out.

Evan sighed and shook his hand, as Marcus pumped his fist.

Toto went up to Clarissa who was reading a book on the front steps.

Toto opened his mouth. “If you were thinking of asking me to flip, it’s not happening.” Clarissa said, without looking up from her book. Toto closed his mouth and walked away.

Clarissa walked into the cabin. “OMG, Clar-Clar, we were just about to paint our nails!” Marissa squealed as her best friend walked in.

“And that’s my signal to leave. Goodnight everybody.” Kelly walked out of the cabin.

“What about you, Laurel?” Marissa asked, rummaging through her bag to find nail polish.

“What’s the point of putting harmful chemicals on your nails?” Laurel questioned.

“To make them look pretty!” Marissa yelled while smiling.

“Well, you can’t argue with that.” Laurel snidely remarked.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Marissa pleaded.

Laurel sighed. “Okay.” she said, finally giving in.

Marissa and Clarissa simultaneously squealed.

“So, it’s Evan tonight, right?” Tia confirmed.

“Yes.” Rosa replied.

“Aren’t we outvoted, 5-4?” Tia observed.

“Yes, but I have a plan.” Rosa began to laugh manically.

“Ew, evil laughter. So tacky.” Tia commented, earning her a glare from Rosa.

Rosa grabbed G.oddess and pulled her behind the cabin.

“What are you doing? STRANGER DANGER! “G.oddess began to shout.

“What? Anyway tonight we’re voting for Evan, I know how much you-“Rosa was interrupted by a skipping G.oddess, who was cheering.


“Shhhh! We don’t want him to hear!” Rosa shushed the girl, who pranced to the confessional.

G.oddess: I’m so happy! But….getting rid of Evan might not be such a good move. He’s, ya know, in our alliance. He’s an annoying traitor, but an annoying traitor that I’m allied with. (She sighs) I have no clue what I’ll do.

“Welcome to elimination! Cast your votes, and send some loser home!” Vidhi stood up and walked to the confessional.

Vidhi: Evan, nothing personal, just gotta do what I gotta do.

Rosa: Hopefully this works.

“Kay, let’s get this started. Tia and Marcus are safe.” Chris threw marshmallows at the two.

“G.oddess, you’re safe too.” Chris announced, throwing her the marshmallow.

“Colon, capital D!” G.oddess yelled, getting her many odd looks from her other teammates.


The artist’s marshmallow hit his glasses and fell into his mouth.

“Vidhi is safe.” Chris threw the marshmallow carelessly.

“Conor and Nia, our lovebirds.” Chris made kissing noises as he threw them marshmallows.

“Rosa, Evan, the final marshmallow.” Chris stared dramatically as the fire crackled.

Both contestants smirked at the other, confident they would stay.

“The final marshmallow goes to………Rosa.” She smiled at G.oddess who winked back.

“What? But, I wait, no, uh…” Evan mumbled as Chris pushed him into the boat of losers.

“Well, that’s a wrap folks. Will the Frogs get off their losing streak? How will G.oddess’s alliance react to her betrayal? And can this show get any more dramatic? Find out next time on Total…Drama…Forest!”

Chapter Eight- Eat Your Heart Out

“Last time on Total Drama Forest, our contestants competed in the craziest quiz show known to man. It was zapping, shocking, electrifying! And the Frogs were certainly shocked when they had to go to elimination. G.oddess perfected the act of bliiiiindside, and took out her ally, Evan. Now, we have the most amazing twist in Total Drama history! Who will survive? Who will take a dive? Who will get hives? Find out, right here, right now, on Total Drama Forest!”

The 16 contestants stood at the dock of shame as it rained, shivering.

“Might there be a reason we’re out here at 6 am?” Rosa groaned.

“Ya know, if you keep running your mouth, I’ll take longer. Anyway, the reason we’re here is to have some old friends,” Chris snickered “rejoin you. Welcome back, Zoren and Justin!”

“Who?” Tia asked.

“Mary.” G.oddess replied.

“They were on the season, before! You know, Zoren! And Justin!” Chris put on a fake smile.

“Nope.” Tia said.

Justin walked off a boat that had just arrived at the dock. He stood next to his old teammates, who all looked uncomfortable.

“Um, where’s Zoren?” Chris asked.

Zoren emerged from the water, gasping. He grabbed onto the dock and pulled himself up. “I missed the boat.” He panted.

Chris sighed. “Pathetic. Anyway, Justin will re-join his old team, the Bears, while Zoren will be switching teams to the Frogs.”

“Hi guys!” Zoren ran to his tribe, but randomly fell into the water.

Chris shook his head. “Now returnees, go play with your new teammates.” Chris walked away as the teams walked towards the cabin.

Marcus and Nia pulled Rosa away from the group.

“You getting’ mugged, foo!” Nia yelled. Marcus and Rosa blankly stared at her. “Oh, we’re using the second plan…..”

“So, would you consider joining us?” Marcus asked. “I mean, with you we’d have a 5-4 advantage, counting Zoren with them.”

“Hmmmm. Interesting plan. I’ll think about it.” Rosa replied.

Rosa: No I won’t. Marcus’ little desperate act is awful, and I’m not falling for it. He’ll go down with the rest of his alliance. As soon as I get Zoren.

Marcus: I really don’t want to ally with Rosa. But, I can have her as a friend or an enemy, and I sure don’t want her as an enemy.

The Bears were also walking back to camp.

“So backstabber, I mean Kelly, how are you doing?” Justin put on a sarcastic smile.

“Look Justin, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad!” Kelly pleaded.

Justin put his hand on Kelly’s shoulder. “All is forgiven.” He warmly smiled.

Justin: Yeah, right. In my head, I was saying “I’m gonna screw you aaaand Gian.

Kelly: I don’t trust Justin, and I’m sure he doesn’t trust me. And there’s no doubt he’s gonna take charge of the guys alliance again. And if he’s in the guy’s alliance, I just might re-consider the girls….

“Alright, are you ready? You have the plan, right?” Rosa asked.

Tia looked up. “What? I was just looking at these fashion magazines. You go Jennifer Lawrence, break those stereotypes!”

“You’re a stereotype.” Rosa rolled her eyes. “We’re going to get Nia and Conor to join us, to give us a clear majority.”

Rosa: With all the flippers on this team, you need to have a solid majority. Nia and Conor are the easiest targets, because they’re joined at the hip. If Nia is voting one way, Conor is too. It’s like a two-for-one deal.

Rosa gingerly smiled as she walked to Nia and Conor, with Tia trailing behind. “Hey buddies.”

Conor raised an eyebrow. “Since when are we buddies?”

“Since Rosa decided she needs new alliance salv-“ Rosa slapped Tia, causing her to collapse.

“There’s dirt on my dress!” Tia complained.

“Shut up!” Rosa said through gritted teeth. “Guys, I was wondering if you want to come to a more organized and calm alliance.”

“How is our alliance not organized and calm?” Conor questioned.

“Have you seen your leader?” Rosa said.

G.oddess is seen on the ground, surrounded by four rocks. She picked up a stone and said. “And the winner of Firevivor: Wawanakwa is….G.oddess!” She dropped the pebble, jumped up, and began to celebrate.

“Okay, you have a point there.” Conor admitted. “But we aren’t flipping.”

Rosa sighed as Nia and Conor walked away.

“People didn’t trust YOU? Shocker!” Tia commented from the ground.

“I have no objections to stepping on you.” Rosa replied.

Laurel walked up to Ryan. “Hello.” She greeted.

“Um….what happened to your face?” Ryan cringed. Laurel’s face was a mess of colors. She seemed to have different shades of every kind of make-up known to man.

“Marissa and Clarissa gave me a makeover. I believe I look quite pleasant, don’t you?” Laurel posed.

Laurel: I guess I’m becoming “one of the girls” as they call it. I mean, I try my best to be stern and strict, so my team has a solid leader, but those two girls are so upbeat and cheery, it’s unhealthy. They bring out an irrational side in me. I actually said “gonna” last night. Look how wild I’ve become!

“So, the girls alliance needs members, and we want you to join us.” Laurel said.

Ryan intensely stared at Laurel.

“Good, I’ve caught his attention.” She quietly reassured. “We want you to join us. I can promise you a spot in the final 4. Deal? “

“Huh? Oh, um, cool.” Ryan answered dismissively.

Ryan: I didn’t hear anything she said. I was just staring at her face. I mean, look at her make-up! It was so….weird!

The loudspeaker suddenly screeched, and Chris’s voice came through, scaring many birds away.

“Campers, come to the mess hall. Now!” Chris announced through static.

“Breakfaaaast, breaaaaaaaaaakfast, it’s the most important meal of the daaaaaaaaay!” Kelly sung.

“I never got how they determined that. Did they take a survey on which meal is most important or something?” Nia scratched her head.

The contestants walked into the mess hall, which had podiums in the middle of it, each with a covered plate on it.

“Welcome contestants to your…..GROSS FOOD EATING CHALLENGE!” Chris maniacally cackled as the contestants simultaneously groaned.

“We are at Wawanakwa, it’s not like the gross food will taste any worse than the normal food.” Justin said.

“Oh hush, you got to eat gourmet at the loser resort.” Marissa rolled her eyes.

“Here’s how it works. Each round, you’ll have a different “delicacy,” Chris puts air quotes around the word. “to eat. You’ll be paired up into match-ups. First up, Gian and Nia!” The two contestants walked to their respective podiums.

“Go Gian!” Marissa cheered.

“Come on Nia!” Conor yelled.

“Remove your covers!” Chris announced. Gian and Nia both took the tops off and saw a nlue creature with beady eyes and sharp teeth staring at them.

“Is that a shark?” Nia gulped.

“Yup!” Chris cackled.

“Shark is actually eaten in Trinidad and Tobago for-“ Clarissa began.

“Hush.” Chris interrupted.

Nia took a bite. “Not bad!” she complimented.

“What?” Gian said, not touching his.

Nia quickly devoured the rest. “Done!” she beamed.

“Nia takes round one!” Chris announced. The team logos cane up on the screen, with the a 1 next to the Frogs symbol and a 0 next to the Bears.

“Next match-up is Ryan vs Conor!” Chris announced, as the two boys took their places. “Reveal!” he ordered.

“Are these…feathers?” Conor asked, picking one up.

“Yup!” Chris beamed. “Chicken feathers, to be exact.”

“How do you even eat these?” Ryan cringed.

Chris shrugged. “Go!”

Conor stuffed feathers into his mouth. “Mfffmffmmfmf” he said.

“Because that was understandable.” Tobi rolled his eyes.

Conor loudly swallowed. “Done!” he announced.

“The Frogs take round two!” Chis clapped. “It’s 2-0. Bears, step your game up.”

Conor coughed and a soft “Bacaw!” came out of his throat. He looked at Nia, concerned.

“Justin, G.oddess, you’re up!” Chris gestured the two to the podiums.

“Are we eating 12 Manatee’s? Or Balut? Or 80 gaming toads?” G.oddess guffawed. “I crack myself up.”

“You don’t crack anyone else up.” Justin muttered.

“You’ll be eating…. Um, she was right. Balut.” Chris stammered. “Go!”

G.oddess began randomly screaming at her food. Justin just looked on in awe.

“I have nothing to say to this.” Justin muttered. G.oddess then stuffed the balut into her mouth.

“It’s 3-0!” Chris announced. “Bears, you need to pick up the pace.”

“Chris, you need to shut up.” Justin grumbled.

“Oh really? Well, why don’t you go again? Against Michael, maybe?” Chris chuckled.

“I hate you.” Justin said.

“Who doesn’t?” Chris laughed. “By the way, you’re eating deer antlers.”

“Ew.” Michael said.

“Come on, Michael!” Nia cheered.

Michael gagged. “I….I don’t think I can do it.” He admitted. “I just need some psyching up.”

“Then psych yourself up! Just eat the stupid antlers!” Rosa screamed.

Michael began to…“psych himself up.”

“Try to be best, cause you’re only a man, and a man’s gotta learn to take it.” Michael sung.

“What is he doing?” Ryan whispered.

“I have no idea.” Toto replied.

“You’re the best around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down, you’re the best around!” Michael continued.

“Whatever works, I guess.” Vidhi sighed.

“Alright, I’m ready!” Michael cheered.

“Justin finished five minutes ago.” Chris stated. “It’s 3-1!” The Frogs glared at Michael.

Michael: I can’t be the only one who sings Karate Kid to psych himself up, right? …. Right?

“Marcus, Toto, let’s hurry this up.” Chris handwaved. The two boys lifted their dishes to reveal long, razor-sharp, and hard materials.

“Bear claws.” Chris explained.

“Won’t that like, cut my throat?” Marcus asked, concerned. Chris shrugged. Marcus just stared at his, as Toto shoved them down his throat.

“Toto takes it! It’s 3-2.” Chris announced. “Michael, you’re back up, with Clarissa.”

“What are we eating?” Clarissa asked.

“Tarantulas!” Chris smirked maliciously. “Go!”

“Can I pass this two another teammate?” Michael questioned.

“What show do you think you’re on?” Chris asked.

Clarissa gagged, and then swallowed. “D-done…” she stammered.

“It’s all tied up, 3-3. Our final round, is between Rosa and Toto!” The two walked up to the podiums.

“Actually, for this round, you aren’t using podiums. You’ll need a whole table, ‘cause you’re eating…..a full-sized moose!” Chris laughed, diabolically.

“ARE YOU CRAZY?” Toto and Rosa both screamed, simultaneously.

“You know what they say, go big or go home.” Chris shrugged.

“I’m pretty sure the person who made that expression didn’t have to eat a moose.” Toto grumbled.

“GO!” Chris blew an airhorn, and the two began to viciously eat their moose.

S hours later…….

“We’ve entered…um….hour….y’know……..5….of this….shocking…….challenge.” Chris said, trying not to doze off which most of the contestants did.

“Toto’s strategy to stick his head in….and, um…eat from the inside…..” Chris muttered.

Conor picked up the prankster’s head from the moose. “I think he fell asleep.” Conor said.

“Well….that leaves….um… opportunity for Rosa……who’s……rapidly…..approaching victory by eating from the bottom up.” Chris mumbled.

“She fell asleep under the bench.” Clarissa said. Chris’s face reddened, and he kicked the wall.


“Hell breezy.” G.oddess whispered.

Zoren sat on the cabin steps, which randomly broke, causing Zoren to fall in.

“Urgh….” He moaned. G.oddess approached him.

“Hi Zoren!” G.oddess said, smiling.

“Hi. Can you help me?” Zoren asked, trying to get out of the rubble of the steps. G.oddess pulled him up.

“You got it, dude.” G.oddess said, and then laughed at her own joke. “Anway, I need alliance members. You won’t win, since you returned, but a good edit will help give you like a 0.1 percent chance of winning. If you help me, you could get a CPP? How ‘bout it?” G.oddess asked.

“..I have no clue what most of that meant, but sure?” Zoren confirmed, hesitantly.

“YAY!” G.oddess yelled, and put her hand to her heart. “Less than three.” She said.

Zoren awkwardly walked off.

The guys alliance sat in the Bear’s cabin.

“So, what’s up with the strategy? How do things stand?” Justin asked.

“Gian’s the swing vote between us and the girls.” Toto explained.

“What?” Justin screamed. “I don’t want to have to work with him!”

“Aw, does Shirley just wanna stay in this group, and never socialize, and get picked off one by one?” Toto mocked.

“….shut up.” Justin turned his head around, refusing to admit Toto had a point. “Fine. But I’m not talking to him.’

“Neither am I.” Toto said.

“What we need is someone so boring, so bland, so unbelievably without a hint of personality that not even a loose cannon like Gian wouldn’t find anything to yell at him about.” Tobi inquired.

“Why are you all looking at me?” Ryan asked.

Ryan approached Gian, who was punching a tree.

“Why are you eve- I mean, hey Gian!” Ryan corrected. Gian grunted something back. “Look, the guys really need another alliance-mate. Plus, if you side with the girls, once all of us guys are gone, the teams gonna be super-weak. So, give it a chance?” Ryan pleaded. Gian grunted again.

Ryan sighed. “If you wanna join us, vote for Marissa.” The boring boy walked away.

Gian: Ryan makes good points….but JUSTIN IS A JERK, A MEATHEAD, AND AN OVERALL D-

The Bears sat at the campfire ceremony.

“I’ve got, 8 tickets to safety, let’s take them you and me!” Chris sung.

“Can we stop the theatrics and send someone home already?” Tobi asked, annoyed.

“Fine. Vote.” Chris huffed.

Marissa: Justin, you’re a jerk, and you didn’t deserve to come back.

Ryan: Marissa, if Gian isn’t stupid, it’s you.

“Alright, we’ve got to fit two of these into this episode, so let’s make it quick. Marshmallows for Kelly, Laurel, Tobi, Gian, Ryan, Clarissa, Toto, and……………………….…..Justin!” Chris announced.

Marissa gasped. “Gian…why?” she asked. Gian guiltily stared at the ground.

“Clarissa, you have to win!” Marissa exclaimed, and hugged her best friend.

“I-I’ll miss you.” Clarissa said.

“So will I.” Laurel chimed in. Marissa walked on to the boat and waved.

“Um, it’s not leaving yet, soooooo…..” Chris said. Marissa blushed and put her hand down.

“Anyway, Bears, get out. Frogs elimination time is now.” Chris ordered, as the Bears walked back to their cabin.

The Frogs walked into the marshmallow ceremony and sat down.

“Alright, we’re short on time, so-“ Chris began.

“Excuse me? Could I say something before the vote?” Rosa interrupted.

“Just said we were short on time, so-“ Chris was interrupted once more.

“Zoren, we know you’re the swing vote. And I know right now that you’re on G.oddess’s side. But think about it. The last two people sent home were from G.oddess’s alliance. Who’s been sent home from my alliance? Nobody. So I sincerely suggest you vote with us, against G.oddess. Thank you.” Rosa sat down.

“Wow….drama! Love it, now go vote.” Chris pointed to the confessional.

Rosa: With you gone, I can take over this game. Goodbye, G.oddess.

G.oddess: Rosa, you have made my life hell from day one! Forget you, go home, goodbye!

Zoren: I’ve done a lot of thinking, and G.oddess, I think it has to be you tonight. Sorry.

Zoren tripped out of the confessional. “Alright, votes are in, marshmallows are about to be given out. First one goes to Tia!”

Tia caught the marshmallow and asked, “Is this diet?”

Chris shrugged. “Michael, Nia, Vidhi, Marcus, and Conor. You all live another day.” Cheis said, throwing marshmallows to the five of them.

“Zoren is safe too!” Chris yelled, throwing a marshmallow to the boy that was still on the floor next to the confessional.

“And tonight’s final marshmallow goes to…………………………….” Rosa and G.oddess glared at each other.

“………..G.oddess.” Chris threw the marshmallow to the girlR, who sighed in relief.

“What? Zoren!” Rosa yelled.

“I voted for G.oddess!” Zoren yelled. The confessional then fell on him.

“Bye Rosa.” Tia smirked and waved.

“…you? You SNAKE!” Rosa yelled, as Chef hauled her to the Boat of Losers.

“Well, that was a shocking one, huh? Expect all this action, drama, and more, on the next Total…Drama…Forest!” Chris dramatically signed off.

Chapter 9- Shark Weak

"Last time, on Total Drama Forest, our campers were shocked when their dear friends...or enemies Zoren and Justin came back to the game! G.oddess and Rosa continued their alliance war, and both tried to rope in poor little Zoren. Meanwhile, Justin decided to be Mr.Bitter to Kelly. In the eating challenge, Toto and Rosa's suckitude sent both teams to elimination! Harsh. Tia decided to bite the hand that feeds her, and send Rosa packing! Gian, despite hating the boys with all his might, sided with them to send Marissa home! It was dramatic! 16 remain. Who will get the axe next? Find out, this time, on Total...Drama...Forest!”

“Man, that was PERFECT.” Toto chuckled while the Bears were walking back to their cabins.

“She didn’t even see it coming.” Ryan said.

Justin: Sorry Marissa, but you went with the girls instead of the boys, and that was a fatal mistake. *laughs*

“So, who’s going next?” Tobi asked.

“Kelly, duh.” Justin said, rollling his eyes.

“But Kelly is strong.” Ryan pointed out.

“Do I look like I care?” Justin asked.

“Actually, it’s kind of hard to see you in this lighting.” Ryan said. Justin backhanded him.

Behind them, the girls were walking. “M-Marissa…” Clarissa whimpered.

Laurel put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay.”

Clarissa: GIAN flipped on us. What a jerk!

Clarissa wiped the tears from her eyes. “Whatever. Justin and his whole dumb alliance WILL pay for this.”

“That’s the spirit! We can beat them! We’ll chop em up and eat ‘em!” Kelly yelled, pumping her fist.

“Something tells me you don’t give many motivational speeches.” Clarissa said, adjusting her glasses.

The Frogs, like the Bears, were walking back to the cabins.

“She’s gone, she’s gone, she’s finally gone! She has left, she’s finally gone!” G,oddess sung.

“I’m happy she’s out too, but you don’t have to sing.” Marcus said.

“I can’t hold it any longer! I just want to…” G.oddess walked right into the cabin.

“Watch where you’re going next time?” Conor asked, while walking into the guys cabin. “Goodnight.”

“‘Night!” Nia called. She and G.oddess then walked into the girls cabin.

“So...Nia.” G.oddess said.

“Yes?” Nia replied.

“How would you feel about getting rid of Conor?” she asked. Nia gasped.

“I’m not voting Conor!” Nia exclaimed.

“But he’s a THREAT!” G.oddess whined.

“He’s in your alliance, and he’s nice!” Nia responded.

“Hmm. You OBVIOUSLY don’t have that killer instinct. Maybe it’s you next. Or I could drag you to the final two as a goat.” G.oddess said.

Nia looked confused and shocked. “What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you? Reluctance to make big moves makes you a blonde UTR pre-merge boot.” G.oddess said.

“I have black hair…” Nia murmured.

G.oddess: I’ve realized, by being nice, I won’t get a CP. I’ll have to be mean, backstab. I’ll have to get the coveted...CPN.

Nia: G.oddess is kind of scaring me. She’s so intense about strategy. She said she might vote me out...right to my face!

In the morning, Chris creeped silently into the guys’ cabin, and began to throw fish at them.

“What are you DOING?” Tobi asked.

“Gettin ya ready, mateys! Arrrgh!” Chris replied.

“That fake accent actually hurt me physically.” Tobi said.

“It was not that bad!” Chris scoffed. “Anyway, come outside for the challenge while I annoy the girls.” Chris said, and walked out. A scream of “AAAAARGH” was heard coming from the other cabin, and another of “I’m gonna kill you, Chris!”

“Welcome contestants, to the final 16!” Chris said, making jazz hands.

“We were here before you brought Zoren and Justin back.” Vidhi pointed out.

“Gosh, why are you people so CRABBY today? Did you find the way I woke you up a bit….FISHY?” Chris said.

Kelly began to crack up. “Get it? Cause’ he threw fish at us! Remember! A few minutes ago! Fish!” Everyone else stayed silent. “I don’t think they got it.

Chris facepalmed. “Anyway, today’s challenge will be a great adventure out at sea! You’ll be fishing!”

“I went fishing once.” Ryan said. A moment of silence followed.

“What happened?” Toto asked.

“Nothing.” Ryan replied.

“Oh.” Toto said. Everyone stood in awkward silence

“ANYWAY, you’ll each be given a decent sized boat, and sent to go on your merry way about the sea. The team that catches the most fish in three hours wins immunity! The losers are sending one of their members packing, possibly for the second time!” Zoren gulped and Justin smirked.

“Your boats are by the harbor. There’s bait and stuff in the boathouse! Get moving, people!” The two teams ran off.

“LET’S GO TEAM! HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE! WE ARE NOT PLAYING FOR LAST!” G.oddess screamed at her team as they entered the boathouse.

“What’s with her?” Zoren asked.

“No one knows.” Tia sighed.

“Grab that, Justin. Put that down, Ryan. Toto, mooning me is not a good idea when there’s a fish hook right next to you. Take the net, Clarissa. Alright, that’s all we need. Let’s go.” Laurel said, calmly.

“Who died and made you queen?” Justin grumbled.

“Marissa.” Laurel said, and walked off.

“You just got owned.” Tobi snickered.

“Shut up.” Justin replied.

Laurel: I’m not just going to let the boys walk all over us. We can compete too, and I want to show them that.


“Yes.” Vidhi replied.

“With that kind of attitude, no wonder we’re on a losing streak! Get it MOVING!” G.oddess yelled.

“We’re walking to a boat. It is not that serious.” Tia rolled her eyes.

“Who’s the wackjob?” Justin whispered.

“No clue. Just be glad she isn’t on our team.” Toto muttered. The Bears got into their boat, and set off, as did the Frogs.

“Alright, has anyone here actually ever been fishing?” Justin asked.

“Me.” Ryan said.

“What do you do?” Justin asked.

“I don’t remember.” Ryan said. Justin facepalmed.

Justin: THESE are what I call allies…

“So, no one knows how to fish.” Justin confirmed. Everyone sat in silence. Justin sighed.

“Alright, it can’t be too hard. You just put the worm on the hook, and…” Just as he was doing that, Kelly shrieked, causing him to lose his focus and cut himself.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Justin screamed.

“Oh. I thought I saw a flying fish. But it was a seagull. Sorry.” Kelly said. Justin glared at her and began to suck his thumb.

“Manly.” Tobi snickered.

“You know I’m the one carrying a box with sharp objects in it, right?” Justin said, through gritted teeth.

The camera flashed to the Frogs’ boat, where G.oddess was yelling. “LET’S GO! LET’S GO! ROW, ROW, ROW!”

“If you’re attempting to cheerlead, you’re doing it badly. If you’re trying to annoy us, you’re doing great.” Tia complained.

“This boat does not have SASS written on the side of it! Row WITHOUT the attitude! We are on a LOSING STREAK, people!” G.oddess hollered.

“I liked her more when she talked about things no one knew about.” Conor whispered. Marcus nodded.

“Guys...I think I see a fish!” Michael said. Conor rushed to the other side of the boat.

“Woah, it’s gigantic.” Conor commented.

“THROW THE FISHING LINE IN, DUH!” G.oddess shrieked.

“Calm down.” Michael said, throwing the line into the water, and immediately getting yanked into the water.

“What the--” Conor began.

“What is that thing?” Nia asked.

“I have no idea.” Marcus said.

Michael opened his eyes underwater, and saw a humanoid shark in front of him. It smiled, and there was one tooth missing. His eyes widened and he began to swim away, but the shark followed.

On the Bears boat, Kelly sung. “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the streeeeam! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a--”

“STOP.” The rest of the Bears said in unison.

Kelly frowned. “How RUDE.” she said.

“Is all fishing this boring?” Tobi asked, rolling his eyes.

“I’d rather have a boring challenge than a life-threatening one.” Clarissa chimed in.

“Eh, true.” Tobi said, putting an oar in the water.

“Hey, I think I caught something.” Toto called. Justin rushed to that side of the boat as Toto began reeling it in, a minnow flopped out of the water into the air.

“Wow. It’s a big one.” Clarissa snarked.

“CATCH IT!” Gian shreiked, as the minnow fell directly into his open mouth. His face turned green.

Justin chuckled. “Okay there, buddy?” he snickered. Gian threw an oar at him.

“He’s choking, you imbeciles! I’d do the heimlich maneuver, but I promised my father I wouldn’t touch any men on reality television.” Laurel said, sticking up her nose.

“I took CPR in eighth grade.” Ryan said, monotonously.

“Help him, then!” Clarissa yelled.

“I switched out.” Ryan said. Clarissa facepalmed.

Kelly picked up an oar and wacked Gian in the back. The fish flew out and hit Clarissa in the head.

“Yay! Gross, but yay!” Clarissa cheered.

“YOU GUYS TOOK THAT LONG TO HELP ME? I SWEAR, I SHOULD…” Gian began before Fang jumped up above the cast, holding Michael.

“Help….” he whimpered before the shark dragged him back into the water.

“..You know, our problems don’t seem so big now.” Gian said.

“Yeah.” The rest of the Bears agreed.

Chris sat in a lawn chair on a giant speedboat, with Chef next to him. “Ahh...this is the life. On a boat, torturing kids without even doing anything, does it get better than this?” Chris said.

Fang then jumped onto the boat, still carrying Michael. The Frogs and Bears rowed up to the giant speedboat.

“Heh….nice...mutated….shark.” Chris gulped. Fang picked up Chris and turned him upside down. A dollar fell out of his pocket, and Fang grabbed it and jumped back into the water, Michael in tow.

“I hate thiiiiiis!” Michael cried as he was dragged back into the water.

“No.” Chris said, shocked.

“What?” Kelly asked.

“That dollar...wasn’t just any dollar.” Chris said.

“Was it like, a thousand dollar bill? Do they make those?” Kelly asked.

“It was my MILLIONTH dollar!” Chris screamed. The whole cast gasped

“Did you COUNT every dollar you made until you reached a million?” Clarissa asked.

“Don’t JUDGE me!” Chris said, indignantly. “Anyway, that dollar is VERY important to me. Change of plans. Instead of fishing, your challenge is to get me my dollar!”

“Our challenge is to get a dollar a shark already digested? It’ll be gone in stomach acid by now! Do you know how…” Laurel began.

“Well, the shark never actually ate it. We just saw him grab it and went into the water.” Marcus said.

“Well, if it’s been in the water, it’ll probably be all crinkly.” Kelly noted. Everyone looked at her. “It’s a valid statement!”

“We don’t have all day here, people!” Chris shrieked. “Go, go, go!” Both teams began to row away.

“If I were a super-intelligent mutant shark, where would I be?” Conor muttered.

“In Vegas, beating people up in the streets and gambling?” Nia suggested.

“What makes you think that’s what I would do?” Conor asked.

Nia shrugged. “You seem like that sort of guy.”

“What sort of-- nevermind.” Conor said, sighing

Fang jumped in the air, above the Frogs, still holding Michael. “CATCH IT!” G.oddess shrieked.

“How?” Conor yelled.

“Punch it in the nose! That’s the number one way to defend yourself from sharks!” Marcus suggested.

“I’m not punching a shark!” Conor yelled.

“You are if you want to win! Come on, tough guy, do it!” G.oddess screamed.

Michael punched the shark in the nose, however his lack of energy caused it to be more of a light tap. The shark began teething on his hand.


“You’re just having a bad day, huh?” Nia said, sympathetically.


“SHUT UP!” Vidhi yelled at G.oddess.

“Am I the only one that’s realized how long it’s been just hanging in the air?” Marcus noted. G.oddess slapped him.

“NOT THE TIME!” she screeched.

“Is that...the shark?” Ryan pointed out.

“It is!” Laurel gasped. “Row, row, row our boat!” she commanded to her team.

“Not even going to comment on how cheesy that is!” Tobi said, as the Bears rowed towards the Frogs.

Fang fell back into the water, causing a wave of water to wash over the frogs. When it cleared, Michael was gone.

“Huh? Wasn’t the shark just…” Tia began. A blood-curdling scream was heard. Fang was then seen right behind Michael, both swimming for their lives.

“HEEEEEELP!” Michael screeched. Kelly threw an oar at Fang.

“What were you attempting to accomplish with that?” Clarissa asked.

“It was worth a shot.” Kelly shrugged. Fang dropped Michael, who began sinking. Fang then began to swim towards the Bears.

“Did you promise your mother you wouldn’t get eaten by a shark on reality television? Because you might have to take that one back.” Tobi noted. Laurel hit him with an oar.

“How many people have been hit by an oar today?” Ryan muttered.

Fang swam closer to the Bears, until he finally jumped above them, preparing to come down and attack. All of the Bears screamed.

Clarissa chucked the net over the shark’s head, trapping it. “That one was for you, Marissa!” she yelled.

“DUMB SHARK, TRYING TO KILL US!” Gian screamed. He kicked the shark in the stomach, and it coughed up the dollar.

“They got it….they got it….THEY GOT IT! THE BEARS HAVE MY DOLLAR! THE BEARS WIN IMMUNITY!” Chris yelled, and jumped into their boat. He then hugged his dollar.

“My bab--eww….it’s sticky.” Chris said, and dropped it into the ocean.

“WHAT?” the Bears all screamed, outraged.

“We almost died for that!” Ryan yelled.

“It’s just a DOLLAR, man. Chill out.” Chris said, jumped back onto his yacht, and drove away.

Later, G.oddess sat with Marcus and Nia in private. “So, are you guys on board with the Conor blindside?”

“Nope.” Nia said.

“Not one bit.” Marcus added.

“Ah, trying to create doubt because there’s no alternate boot target. Clever.” G.oddess smirked.

“We’re not trying to create “doubt”, we’re friends with Conor and don’t want to vote him.” Nia said.

“Suuuuuuuuuuuure, that’s what they all say.” G.oddess began to cackle, and Marcus and Nia inched away from her.

At the campfire, the Frogs sat in front of Chris. “Welcome to the elimination ceremony! You’ve all cast your votes, and….huh. I remember more of you still being here than this.”

“...Wait, where’s Michael?” Tia asked. Everyone’s faces turned into a look of panic.

“Ohhhhh craaaaap….I’m going to go fish a teen out of a lake, be back in a second!” Chris grinned, and ran out of the elimination ceremony.

“Alright, here’s where we stand. Michael is not dead.” Chris said. The Frogs cheer.

“Buuuut, he’s too jacked up to continue to compete.” Chris explained. The Frogs frowned.

“So he’s out?” Tia asked.

“Yup!” Chris exclaimed.

“Which means….no elimination tonight, THAT’S why there was no alternate boot target! Hah! My CPN-ness is working!” G.oddess said.

“Are you laughing that one of our teammates is too injured to compete?” Vidhi asked.

“Yeah. Oh, if I’m CPN, I better go leave a confessional on how I’m the best player ever now.” G.oddess said, standing up.

“Not so fast. I never said someone ELSE wasn’t going home. And the person who’s going home just happens to be you, little miss insanity!” Chris chuckled.

“...WHAT? THAT MAKES NO SENSE! Wait...Laura went at Shamar’s boot...and Izzy and DJ….GAH! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! I FEEL LIKE SUCH A FOOL! THIS IS SUCH A NON-COOL WAY TO GO OUT!” G.oddess shreiked.

“We’ll miss you!” Nia said, and her whole alliance waved.


“Two more teens down, 14 to go! Who will get axed next? Find out, next time, on Total...Drama...Forest!” Chris signed off

Chapter 10- Cliffhanger

Chris stood on the dock, grinning. “Last time, on Total Drama Forest. our contestants were sent out to sea, to do an american classic: fishing! But when a RUDE mutant shark ate my dollar, the challenge turned into a hunt for Fang. There were thrills, chills, and a LOT of spills, one big enough to take Michael out of the game! In the end, the Bears won, surprise, surprise, and G.odddess got sent home for being more of a p.sycho. Who will get the boot next? Find out, today, on Total...Drama...Forest!”

Laurel, Clarissa, and Kelly sat in their cabin, “We need to win today!” Laurel declared.

“Why?” Kelly asked.

“..Because if we don’t, one of us is going home?” Clarissa said, with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, that.” Kelly said.

Laurel: My alliance’s fate rests on these next two challenges. If we lose, one of my alliance is going home. if we win both, then we can all make the merge and join up with the other team. It’s all here, in my strategy notes.

Laurel held up a piece of paper that then unfolded and stretched all the way down to the floor.

Laurel: I take strategy very seriously.

Laurel walked out of the confessional, and right into Nia, who was on her way there, with tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Laurel asked.

“I had to vote out a member of my alliance yesterday, and it was so hard, and…” Nia began to sob.

“Wow, you didn’t strike me as the backstabbing type.” Laurel said, nonchalantly. Nia began to cry louder.

“Oh! I mean...there’there.” Laurel awkwardly patted Nia on the back.

“Th-thanks.” Nia said, sniffling.

Nia: Ugh, I feel so terrible. I finally, finally make some friends, and I have to betray them? It just….sucks.

“Campers, please report to the 1000 foot cliff. Immediately.” Chris said, over the loudspeaker.

“Oh god…” Marcus muttered.

Marcus: I like jumping off cliffs in video games. In real life...not so much.

The fourteen contestants stood on the top of the cliff in their bathing suits. “I didn’t tell you to change into your bathing suits…” Chris said.

“Well, it’s obvious we’re jumping off the cliff. You guys do this every year.” Clarissa said.

“What? No we don’t!” Chris pleaded.

“You kind of do.” Ryan said.

“Oh yeah?” Chris glared.

“Yup, In season one the first challenge was to jump off the cliff. In Action they had to jump off a diving board on a horse in the cowboy challenge. In World Tour they had to jump off the cliff in Jamaica. Technically the only season where we didn’t do it was Revenge of the Island, but does anyone really like that one anyway?” Clarissa stated.

“I...well...I NEVER…” Chris stammered. “Whatever. Today’s challenge, as some--”

“All.” Tobi interjected.

Chris shot a death stare directly at him. “of you predicted, is jumping off the cliff.”

Marcus gulped.

“However, one part challenges are so Total Drama Island, so this one will have a second part!” Chris grinned.

“Actually, when this exact challenge was used on Total Drama Island, it had two parts.” Clarissa noted.

“Okay! I get it! Shut up!” Chris yelled. “After jumping off the cliff, you’ll have to find a key underwater. The first team to get three keys wins the challenge. Got it?”

The contestants nodded. “Okay, who wants to go first?” Chris laughed.

“I will. Nothing down there could beat me.” Justin smirked.

“It’s your funeral.” Clarissa said.

“But we’re not burying anyone?” Kelly said, confused.

“It’s an expression.” Clarissa said.

“Oooooooooh.” Kelly said.

“Let’s go!” Justin yelled, and jumped off the cliff. Ryan, Toto, and Tobi cheered.

“Yeah! It’s not that hard, it’s just--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Justin shrieked, as he leaped out of the water with a snake biting his bottom.

“Oh, I mentioned there are obstacles in the water, right? Well, there are obstacles in the water.” Chris smiled.

“OWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Justin cried, quickly grabbing a key and getting onto land. As soon as he stepped onto the beach, he collapsed.

The camera cut back to the top of the cliff, where Chris was cracking up. “...and then the snake, it bit him, and, oh, that’s CLASSIC. The Bears score!” The Battling Bears cheered.

Clarissa: It was kind of fun seeing Justin get hurt, actually. Makes up for being on the bottom.

“Well, Frogs, one of you’s gotta jump. Who’s it gonna be?” Chris asked.

“Not me.” Tia said. Vidhi then pushed her off the cliff. Everyone stared at her.

Vidhi: I consider that revenge for flipping on our alliance earlier.

“That was random.” Ryan said.

“And out-of-character.” Tobi said.

“Not like she has a character anyway, she’s just an UTR slightly N presence tbh.” MrE said.

“Wow fourth wall breaks, how original.” SG said

“Hey! You can’t break the fourth wall without my permission!” Rhonda frowned.

“” Chris said. “Let’s pretend that never happened?” Everyone nodded.

Tia shrieked as she fell down the cliff. When she finally hit the water, a large boulder shot over her head.

“What the heck? Are you trying to kill me?” Tia asked, angrily.

Chris hesitated. “Not necessarily…”

“Ugh!” Tia groaned, and swam to the beach without even trying to get the key.

“No point for the Frogs, thanks to Tia not being able to handle a little life-threatening danger. What a wimp!” Chris chuckled.

“This is only my fourth cutest swimsuit! If I die, it’ll be in something pretty!” Tia called from the bottom of the cliff.”

“Lame.” Chris said. “Who’s next?”

“Sure!” Kelly said. “YOLO, right? Well, unless you’re a zombie. Or if there really is reincarnation after death--”

Chris pushed her off the cliff. “Geez. Why are you people so ramble-y?” Chris asked.

Kelly belly-flopped into the water. “That...hurt…” she groaned. She was then hit by a giant foam star.

“Ow! What is this even for?” Kelly asked, holding it up.

“Our scrapped, ‘Total Drama In Space’ challenge. It would have been a hit.” Chris frowned. “We had scale models of the planets, and we were gonna throw things at you guys, and get a giant vaccum to be a black hole...we had to scrap it due to “budget cuts”. What even are budget cuts! I swear…”

Kelly stood on the beach. “Um, I got a key.” she yelled up to Chris who quickly stopped rambling.

“Kelly scores for the Bears! Who’s next?” Chris asked.

“So guys, who wants to go?” Zoren asked, turning around to his team. Marcus shuffled behind Nia who shuffled behind Conor, who shuffled behind Vidhi, who said “no.”

Zoren sighed. “Here goes nothing!” he said, and jumped off the cliff. In mid-air, Chris threw a star at him, sending him flying right into a key that was hanging from a rock.

“Wow! I guess my accident-proness can help at times!” Zoren grinned. A random piano then fell on his head, and he dropped the key into the water.

“No point!” Chris grinned. The frogs sighed.

“As the team’s leader--” Laurel began.

“Actually, I’m the leader.” Justin interjected.

“No, I am the leader.” Laurel said, sternly.

“, I’m the leader.” Justin said.

“No, I’m the leader.” Laurel said.

“No, I’m the leader.” Justin said.

“No, I’m the leader.” Laurel said.

“No, I’m the leader.” Justin said.

“No, I’m the leader.” Laurel said.

“No, I’m the leader.” Justin said.

“GET ON WITH IT!” Chris hollered.

“ANYWAY, as leader, I’ll go next.” Laurel said, and jumped off the cliff gracefully.

Chris then grabbed a bucket and dumped it out onto Laurel’s head. “Are these mice? That’s so unsanitary!” Laurel shrieked. She dove underwater and grabbed a key, before swimming back to shore.

“LAUREL SCORES! THE BEARS WIN!” Chris yelled. Everyone cheered.

“So, what’s part two?” Conor asked.

“Getting the keys WAS the second part.” Chris said. “Bears win, that’s it.”

“What are the keys for, then?” Conor asked.

“I dunno, they were just laying around.” Chris shrugged.

“That’s not how two part challenges work!” Conor said.

“That’s how two part challenges work in Total Drama!” Chris grinned.

“Yes, Total Drama, throwing away all resemblance of logic in it’s challenges.” Tobi muttered.

“Your team won! I can take that away, you know!” Chris said. “Geez, so ungrateful.”

Marcus sighed in relief. “At least I don’t have to jump.”

“ do you think you’re getting down?” Chris chuckled. “See you at elimination tonight!

Marcus looked down the cliff, and his eyes widened.


Later, Nia, Conor, Marcus, and Tia sat outside. “So, who should we vote?” Conor asked.

“Hold on, Conor! Today is Tia’s first time going to one of our alliance meetings! We have to sing the welcome song!” Nia grinned.

“Aw, you don’t have to.” Tia said. “And by that I mean please don’t.”

“So, as I was saying before...that, who should we vote?” Conor asked.

“Vidhi. She pushes people off CLIFFS.” Tia said, eyes widened.

“True, but Zoren sucks at life.” Conor insisted. “He’ll just slow us down.”

“Conor! You’re going to oppose our new member?” Nia said, gasping. She put her arm around Tia, who quickly scooted away.

“Marcus, do you have anything to say about this?” Conor asked.

“Cliff….so….high…” Marcus muttered, in the fetal position.

“Fine, let’s take a vote on this. Who votes to send Zoren home?” Conor asked. He raised his hand and so did Marcus.

“And you guys want Vidhi to go?” Conor assumed. The two nodded.

“So….we’re tied, great.” Conor sighed.

The Frogs sat at the elimination ceremony. “Welcome, Frogs. Since this place is no stranger to you, I’m just gonna let you vote.”

Tia: Bye bye, psycho nerd girl.

Nia: Should I vote with my new best friend, or Conor and Marcus...

Zoren: If it isn’t me, it’s you. Sorry.

Marcus: Sorry, man.

Conor: You’re our bad luck charm. Time for you to go.

Vidhi: Useless.

“And the first marshmallow goes to…Nia!” Chris said, throwing the marshmallow at the friendless girl.

“Yay!” Nia cheered, hugging Tia, who’s eyes widened.

“Conor and Marcus, also safe.” Chris said, throwing marshmallows to both boys, who hi-fived each other.

“Tia.” Chris threw a marshmallow at the girl, who quickly dodged it.

“Too much fat.” she said.

“And our bottom two. Vidhi, you’re a boring character who pushes people off cliffs. Zoren, you suck at everything. And the final marshmallow goes to….” Both teens looked nervous.

“...Vidhi!” Chris grinned, throwing the marshmallow at the bookworm, who smirked and caught it.

“Damn.” Tia muttered.

“I’m sorry new best friend! Don’t start hating me!” Nia cried.

“Eh, it’s okay. They both kinda suck.” Tia said. “Plus I didn’t expect you to vote with me instead of your boyfriend.” Nia looked flustered, as did Conor.

“Zoren, dock of shame time!” Chris grinned.

“I’m really glad I got to come back and play some more. To my new team, no hard feelings, and I wish you all--” Zoren was then hit by a meteor.

Chris chuckled. “That one didn’t even make sense! And now we’re down to 13! Will Vidhi survive? Will Nia and Conor finally start going out? And will the Frogs WIN a challenge? Find out, next time, on Total...Drama...Forest!”

Chapter 11- #ChaosKindergarten

Chris stood on the dock. “Last time, on Total Drama Forest, our contestants--” Chris was interrupted by his phone ringing.

“Ugh.” he moaned.

“What.” he said, picking up the phone. “Oh, that was today? I’m kinda filming.” Chris said.

A loud scream is heard from the phone. “Geez! Calm down, I’ll find a way to do it. Later.” Chris closed the phone.

“Where was I again? Anyway, Zoren left, blah, blah, blah, Total Drama Forest!” Chris grinned.

“Campers, please report to the dock, immediately.” Chris said over the loudspeaker.

“Wonder what this challenge will be?” Marcus said, walking to the dock.

“Whatever it is, it’ll be dangerous.” Toto muttered.

“And life-threatening!” Nia chirped.

“Well, today’s challenge will be arriving in 3...2…” Chris began.

Chef drove up on a boat with crates. From inside the crates, you could hear giggling.

“That’s creepy.” Tia said.

“...1!” Chris yelled, and the crates opened to reveal small children.

“...were you keeping children in crates?” Clarissa asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Um….” Chris began. “….”

“How were they inside the--” Laurel began.

“SHUSH. Anyway, my sister runs a nursery.” Chris said.

“I know someone with a sister who’s landlord’s son runs a nursery.” Ryan said.

“...what?” Conor said.

“Anyway, she has jury duty today, and I promised I’d watch her kids for her,’s challenge is to watch these little cuties!” Chris grinned. 

“Aww, how adorable!” Kelly said, pinching one of the children’s cheeks. She then began to cry.

“Wow, we haven’t even started the challenge and you’re messing up.” Vidhi commented.

“It’s a hobby of hers.” Tobi said.

“ANYWAY, time for you to go take care of these little munchkins!” Chris smiled.

“Why are you pawning your responsibilities on us, anyway?” Clarissa asked.

“Because I can!” Chris grinned. “Now, it’s time for you to go--”

“How does this challenge work?” Nia asked.

“Whoever takes care of them better wins.” Chris said. “Just don't leave them unattended. My sister gets all weird and rage-y;”

“How do you measure who takes care of them better? That’s kind of vague.” Laurel commented.


“Wh-which ones do we take…” Nia muttered.

Chris sighed. “The ones wearing green clothes for the frogs, ones wearing red clothes for the Bears.”

“You color-coded children?” Conor asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes. Got a problem?” Chris asked. Conor opened his mouth. “Oops, I don’t care.”

“Can we just start?” Tia asked, exasperated.

“We WOULD have started if your friends didn’t ask a million questions. Anyway, go!” Chris yelled. Both teams ran to their respective cabins, which were decorated to look like nurseries, the kids following behind.

“Go in.” Laurel said, sternly to the children.

“You can’t talk like that to them! You have to be calm, and nurturing.” Kelly said.

“Go in.” Laurel said to Kelly. Kelly frowned and walked inside.

Laurel: I’ll admit I’m not the best of kids, but as the team’s leader, I must show leadership qualities and not back down.

“Come in, little guy.” Vidhi said at the other cabin.

“No!” a small boy yelled and ran off.

“Why did we get stuck with the bratty ones?” Tia groaned.

Conor: As if winning challenges wasn’t already hard enough for us, our children hate us. Great.

“Blegh. Someone take care of them, I don’t like em.” Justin groaned.

“Don’t talk to them like they’re objects.” Kelly said. “You have to be calm, and nurturing.”

“Get out.” Justin said. Kelly frowned and walked outside the building.

“Hey little guy, what’s your name!” Nia said, leaning down to talk to one of the children.

“Shut up!” the boy said.

“Aww, is someone a little cranky? Do you need….a tickiling?” Nia grinned and began to tickle the boy, He punched her in the face.

Nia: Apparently he DIDN’T need a tickling…

“What do we do? I don’t know how to entertain children.” Toto shrugged.

“I’ll read them a story. My mom used to read this one to me all the time.” Ryan stated.

“Okay kids, it’s story time!” Clarissa said. They all cheered and sat down.

“Once upon a time, there was a village, filled with people who were normal. They did normal things, and acted very normally.” Ryan said.

“Oh, I wonder if it has a message about creativity and stuff?” Kelly, who had walked back in said to Clarissa.

“Then they all got well-paying jobs, eventually grew old, and died. The end.” Ryan said.

“...evidently not.” Clarissa whispered.

The kids were silent. Ryan walked back to his team. “You never specified it was supposed to be a happy story.” he said.

“It’s kind of implied.” Tobi said.

“Why don’t you try to entertain them?” Laurel asked.

“Uh...okay..” Tobi said.

Tobi: I’m not that good with kids, but I had a strategy to keep them entertained.

Tobi put his hand on one of the kid’s backs. “Tag, you’re it. No tagbacks.” Within minutes, the cabin was a mess of running children.

“GREAT IDEA, IDIOT!” Gian screeched.

“Do you have any better ones?” Tobi asked.

“Don’t unleash a swarm of children running in a small cabin?” Justin said.

“Who’s side are you on?” Tobi asked.

“Gian’s.” Justin said. He then shuddered. 

Justin: I agreed...with Gian…what’s going on….what is happening….

“Okay, does anyone else have an idea?” Tobi asked, as a child ran into Kelly.

“Not...this…” she moaned.

Tobi sighed and stood at the front of the cabin again. “Hey kids, let’s play the quiet game! No talking or you’re out! Ready….go!” he said. All of the children were silent.

“I’m impresed.” Clarissa said.

“Don’t doubt me.” Tobi said.

“Aw, I hate this game. It’s so boring. Kids, let’s play tag again!” Kelly said, as the kids began to run around and destroy the cabin once more.

Justin glared at Kelly. “Really?”

Justin: I knew she was stupid, but I didn’t think she was this stupid.

Kelly: What? It’s more fun.

“Can you stop this?” Toto asked, as a child ran into his leg. He punted it across the room.

“Sure! Let’s play Hide and Seek, kids!” Kelly yelled.

“WE ARE IN A TINY CABIN!” Justin yelled extremely loudly.

In the other cabin, the Frogs were confused. “What was that?” Marcus asked.

“Shut up!” one of the kids yelled at him.

“Uh…I’m getting a sinking feeling they might dislike us.” Marcus said.

“Shut up!” he yelled again.

Tia picked the boy up by his collar. “Listen, you little brat, shut your mouth or I’ll--”

“Shut up!” the kid yelled.

“TIA!” Nia yelled, taking the kid from her hands. “You can’t treat him like that. He’s just a little--”

“Shut up!” the kid yelled.

“Okay little boy, I think it’s time for you to sit in time-ou--” Conor begadn.

“Shut up!” The kid yelled.

Marcus sighed. “Maybe we should just stop talking, no matter what he’ll say--”

“Shut up!” The kid yelled, and threw a toy at Marcus’s head.

Marcus: Was I this mean as a child?

“FOUND YOU!” one of the children in the Bears’ cabin shrieked.

“NUH-UH!” The other kid yelled.

“YEAH!” The first kid yelled.

The two kids then began fighting.

“Wow, who knew hide and seek got so dramatic!” Kelly muttered.


“Hey kids, look!” Kelly said, walking to the front of the room. She grabbed a cowboy doll and pressed its chest.

“There’s a snake in my boot!” it said. The kids gasped.

“They LIKE this?” Justin said, dumbfounded.

Kelly pressed it again. “There’s a snake in my boot!” it repeated. The kids clapped.

Kelly continued to press it, and the kids stayed enamored.

Laurel: Hmph. This new generation is quite simplistic. When I was four, I was doing eighth grade math!

“So, what should we do?” Marcus asked.

“They don’t seem very...what’s the word…” Conor said.

“Happy?” Tia muttered.

“Yeah, that.” Conor said.

“Let’s play games! Kids love games!” Nia grinned.

“These kids don’t love anything.” Conor muttered.

“Don’t be such a Debbie Downer, Concon!” Nia said.

“Concon?” Conor asked.

“New nickname.” Nia said. She then turned around to the kids. “HEY KIDS, WE’RE PLAYING A GAME!”

Later, Nia stood up while the kids were in a circle. “Duck,” she said, patting someone’s head. ”Duck,” she patted someone’s else head. “GOOSE!” she yelled, beginning to run around the circle. The child she patted stayed sitting down.

“Don’t you know how the game works! The goose chases me, and…” Nia said.

“No.” one of the kids said.

Nia sighed and sat down. “I guess I won’t have any kid friends.”

“In two years it’d be illegal for you to have them, anyway.” Marcus said.

“True.” Nia said.

Back in the Bears cabin, the kids continued to rampage and run around.

“This challenge sucks!” Justin complained, as a kid ran into his leg and he kicked it off.

“Maybe you would be having more fun if you stopped punting the children.” Clarissa commented.

“Where did Toto go?” Gian muttered.

“...yeah, now that I think about it, where is he?” Kelly asked.

“I’ll go look.” Tobi said, walking to the back of the cabin. “You handle the children.”

“Okay.” Laurel said.

Tobi opened the closet in the back of the cabin and saw Toto. “What are you doing in here?” he asked.

“Hiding, this challenge is terrible.” Toto said.

Tobi paused. “Yeah, it kinda is.”

“There’s room.” Toto winked. Tobi shrugged and got into the closet.

Things were still going badly in the Frogs cabin. “Wanna play tag?” Nia asked the kids, smiling.

“No, you suck!” One of the kids yelled.

“Come on guys, you must want to do something!” Marcus said.

“Die!” One of the kids yelled.


Marcus: *thumb sucking*

“You’re a very scary person.” Conor said.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I was watching the trailer for The Thirsty Games Bluebird and they were bothering me.” Vidhi grumbled.

In the Bears cabin, Justin was the only one left with the kids running around.

“Where did everyone else go?” he asked angrily.

Tobi banged on the closet door, and Justin went back and opened it. He then saw all of the Bears there.

“Hey.” Ryan said.

“How’s it going?” Clarissa asked.

“Crazy challenge, huh?” Toto chuckled.


“SHUT UP! THE KIDS MIGHT HEAR YOU, IDIOT!” Gian yelled. The kids turned around.

Justin shot a death glare at Gian, and then chuckled awkwardly. “Heh heh, sorry, there’s a BIG MONSTER BACK HERE! IT’S VERY SCARY!” The kids shrieked and went back to their games.

“Can I come in here too?” Justin asked.

“No. Chris said if you leave the children unattended, you lose.” Laurel said.

“Fine, fine.” Justin grumbled. “Have it your way.”

“Stupid team. Leaving me out here with these stupid kids. Stupids.” Justin grumbled. “And I have to pee.”

Justin suddenly grinned. “Chris doesn’t have cameras in here, right? Maybe if I just snuck out, no one would notice…”

Back in the Frogs cabin, the kids were dead silent. “So kids, want to play some games?” Nia asked, smiling.

“Will the scary girl yell at us if we do?” A little girl said, looking scared.

“No, the SCARY GIRL is going to STAY QUIET if she wants to stay in the competition.” Tia glared at Vidhi, who gave her the middle finger.

“You know there are children in the room, right?” Marcus said.

“Calm down, guys. Me and Nia will get the games.” Conor said, and walked to the closet in the back of the cabin.

“Since when did these cabins get closets?” Marcus whispered.

“Since it became useful to the plot.” Vidhi rolled her eyes.

Nia and Conor were at the closet. “So…can I feel your muscles?” Nia asked.

“No! Why are you so weird?” Conor asked.

“We’re friends.” Nia said. “Aren’t friends supposed to be weird with each other? Or was that friend guide wrong? Or…are we not friends?”

“Why do you have a friend guide?” Conor asked. “And we’re friends. You’re probably the person I’m closest to here.”

“Like, friends close? Or distance close?” Nia said.

“Why would I mean distance close?” Conor said, grabbing a game.

“We need more than one, duh!” Nia said, jumping up and trying to grab one but fell down onto Conor. The two smiled and Conor kissed her.

Nia: Oh….my…..god…..

Conor: Oh….my….god….

“Can you two hurry it up?” Tia grumbled.

"Yeah!" Nia said.

"We just..." Conor said.

"It was like..." Nia said.

"Woah!" Conor and Nia both put on their best fake smiles. Tia looked at them strangely.

Tia: Hmm...interesting

In the Bears cabin, Justin was gone, and the rest of the team was in the closet.

“Where did the fun people go?” A little girl said.

“I don’t know!” Another boy said.

“Wait, it sounds like there’s no one supervising them…” Kelly whispered.

“Justin! I knew we couldn’t trust him.” Laurel groaned.

“Just be quiet. We don’t want the kids hearing us.” Clarissa ordered.

Kelly shifted in her seat.

“There’s a snake in my boot!”

The kids heard the doll and came running to the closet.

“SERIOUSLY?” Toto said.

“It was whimsical!” Kelly said, as the kids began running around and fighting over the doll.

Chris blew an airhorn. “Challenge is over! Come out with your children!” Both teams walked out, the Frogs with unhappy, frowning children and the Bears with happy, smiling ones.

“Welp, the choice here is pretty obvious, the Bears take it, and the Frogs are going to elimination…” Chris said. The Bears cheered and the Frogs frowned.

“...IS what I would say, if the Bears didn’t leave their kids unattended, which was literally the only rule in this challenge. Nice one.” Chris chuckled. “The Fighting Frogs, for once, win!”

“Yes!” Marcus pumped his fist and the whole team cheered.

“Bears, I’ll be seeing you at elimination tonight. What a change of pace, eh?” Chris said, chuckling, as the Bears glared at Justin.

Kelly, Clarissa, Laurel, and Gian sat in the cabin. “What’s he doing here?” Laurel asked.

“I invited him. With his vote, we can force a tie.” Clarissa said.

“Well yeah, but he said he’d vote with us last time but didn’t.” Kelly added.

“Do you have any better plans?” Clarissa asked. Kelly and Laurel shrugged.

“Vote Justin tonight.” Clarissa said.

“YES! I HATE HIM HE’S SUCH AN AS-” Gian yelled.

“This show is rated TV-PG. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your grandma.” Chris said, from over the loudspeaker.

Tobi, Ryan, Toto, Justin, and Gian stood outside. “So, tonight’s vote should be obvious. Kelly messes up the challenge, Kelly goes home.” Justin said.

“Actually, you messed up the challenge by leaving when we told you not to.” Toto said.

“You’re supposed to nod and agree.” Justin said.

“Oh yes, sorry master, shall we lick your feet too?” Tobi rolled his eyes.

Gian: The vote choice tonight is obvious. I mean, it’s 5-3. How much easier can you get?

The Bears sat at the marshmallow ceremony. “Haven’t seen you lot here in a bit, eh?” Chris said. “What happened?”

“Some people don’t understand the words DON’T LEAVE.” Laurel said, glaring.

“And some people don’t know how to not hide in a closet during a challenge.” Justin glared.

“To be fair, that challenge sucked: you said it yourself.” Ryan added.

“Shut up!” Both Laurel and Justin said simultaneously.

“I sense a lot of tension, soooo...I’m just gonna say go vote.” Chris said.

Justin: As much as I’d like to vote for Laurel, we agreed on Kelly, so bye bye.

Laurel: Justin, I would say it’s been a pleasure, but it really hasn’t.

“Alright, the votes are in, and they’re juicy. Toto, Tobi, Clarissa, Ryan, you’re all safe.” Chris threw marshmallows at the four.

“Also not going home: Gian, and Laurel.” Chris threw marshmallows at both.

“Kelly and Justin, you both messed up the challenge, big time. But who’s safe? The final marshmallow goes to…” Both looked nervous.

“...” Chris said. A faint voice from Playa des Losers could be heard saying “PJ!”

“Can you get on with it?” Justin asked.

“Fine. Justin.” Chris said.

“Yes!” Justin cheered, as Kelly frowned.

“You’re eliminated!” Chris chuckled, as he threw the marshmallow to Kelly, who immediately perked up.

“WHAT?!” Justin yelled.

“I had to do what was best for my game.” Toto, Ryan, Tobi, and Gian all said simultaneously.

“Wait, did we all flip?” Toto asked.

“Yep, it was unanimous. Nice one.” Chris chuckled

Gian: Okay I know I said I was voting against Kelly, but Justin’s just SUCH A JERK! PLUS, YOU’RE JUST A CAMERA! WHY ARE YOU QUESTIONING ME! WHY I OUGHTTA-- *Chef hauls Gian out of the confessional before he can punch the camera*

“You all suck, I hope you know that.” Justin said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell it to the other losers.” Chris said, as he shoved Justin into the boat of losers.

“Pre-merge returnees, not such a good idea huh? 12 are left! Who will go home next? FInd out next time, on Total...Drama...Forest!” Chris signed off

Chapter 12- Total Drama Kart- Dozen Dash

“Last time on Total Drama Forest, we found out why our 13 competitors aren’t babysitters. The Frogs had to deal with bratty children, while the Bears got happy children, which THEY weren’t very happy about. Miserable teens. Nia and Conor got steamy in the closet, while all of the Bears hid in the closet. All except Justin, who went to pee, losing his team the challenge, and himself a chance at a million dollars. Only 12 are left, and it’s time for the game to change. It’s merge day on Total...Drama...Forest!”

A loud horn blew over the loudspeaker.

“Ugh...I hate this show.” Tobi complained.

“Don’t we all?” Toto said, getting up and walking outside.

“I need my BEAUTY sleep.” Tia muttered, and laid in bed as everyone else walked outside.

“Why did you wake us up so early?” Conor asked Chris, who was standing in front of the teens outside.

“I’ll answer that in a second.” Chris said, walking into the Frogs cabin and up to Tia.

“Hey…” Chris whispered. “...just sleep, okay?”

“Really?” Tia muttered, still half-asleep.

Chris blew an airhorn in her ear. “Nope!”

Tia walked out of the cabin, looking displeased. Nia opened her mouth.

“Do not ask.” She said, looking angry.

“Alright, now that you’re all here, I suppose I should tell y’all that teams are done! You’re officially merged!” Chris said. The teens cheered.

Laurel: Merge day means we’re free of the guys alliance. And that’s DEFINITELY worth celebrating.

“Bears girls, you’re moving into the Frogs cabin. Frogs guys, you’re moving into the Bears cabin. Get your stuff, get settled in me, and meet me in 3 hours for your first merged challenge.” Chris said.

Clarissa sighed. “Do you think the girls will like us?” Clarissa asked, looking scared.

“I hope so.” Kelly frowned.

“Girls have never liked me. I think they’re intimidated by my intelligence.” Laurel said, putting clothes into her bag.

“I think you just creep her out. You creeped us out when we first met you.” Toto said, from the other side of the cabin.

“She still creeps me out now.” Gian muttered. Laurel glared.

“I don’t think you’re creepy.” Ryan said.

“Thank you, Ryan. You seem to be the only mature one on that side of the cabin.” Laurel said. Ryan blushed.

Ryan: Okay, so...I have a crush on Laurel. It’s not big or anything! When I saw her in that make-up on the day of the eating started. And she’s so strict and filled with personality...what a woman…

Conor and Marcus were packing in the Frogs cabin.

“I feel bad for you guys.” Conor chuckled. “You have to deal with a bunch of catty girls.”

“I’m sure they won’t be more catty than Tia and Vidhi.” Nia smiled.

“Hey!” The two girls said at once.

“We get to go with the guys. It’ll be like a party everyday!” Conor grinned.

“I hope it’s not a party EVERYDAY. This game moves so fast. I still haven’t finished my sudoku puzzle from the first day.” Marcus frowned.

“You’re such a nerd, dude.” Conor chuckled.

“Awww, your friendship is so cute!” Nia gushed.

“I know what else you think is cute about them.” Tia smirked. Nia threw a shoe at her. “Ow!”

Tia: I’m a popular girl. I know when people are hooking up, and Nia and Conor are definitely a thing. And I’m pretty sure neither wants anyone knowing that they’re a thing. This could be fun.

Alright, see ya!” Kelly said, as her Clarissa and Laurel walked out. Ryan waved, blushing. Toto looked at him awkwardly.

“Aww, I’m gonna miss you guys!” Nia said, hugging Conor and Marcus.

“We’ll just be a cabin over.” Conor said.

“Yeah but I can’t go into the guys’ cabin! You guys all walk around naked and stuff!” Nia said.

“...Where did you get THAT idea?” Conor asked.

“‘How To Make Friends With Guys’.” Nia said holding up a book and then opening it. “Oh no, it says you should GET naked to make friends with...oh, I don’t think the book is promoting the type of friends I’m looking for.” Conor rolled his eyes and him and Marcus walked out of the cabin as Clarissa, Kelly, and Laurel walked in.

“Hey!” Kelly said!

“Oh my gosh, new friends! Hi, I’m Nia, that’s Tia,” Nia pointed to the girl who was painting her nails and reading a magazine, “and that’s Vidhi!” Nia pointed to the other girl, who was reading a book.

“You guys aren’t those catty girls who pretend to like people to their face then talk about them behind their back, right?” Clarissa asked.

“Nope! Except for Tia.” Nia said.

“What?” Tia said.

“Anyways, welcome to our cabin! It’s fun, don’t worry.” Nia smiled.

“I’ll take your word for it.” Clarissa said.

Clarissa: I was surprised by how...non-catty everyone was. I guess gender stereotypes don’t always ring true!

Conor and Marcus walked into the Bears cabin.

“We’re ready to party!” Conor exclaimed.

“Without any influential substances!” Marcus added.

“I didn’t take it.” Toto said.

“Who did then?” Gian screamed.

“I dunno, the watch fairy? It wasn’t me!” Toto yelled.

“STOP LYING!” Gian yelled.

“I’M NOT LYING!” Toto yelled.

“Um, hi?” Conor said.

“SHUT UP!” Gian and Toto said at once.

“Welcome to hell.” Tobi said to Conor and Marcus.

“Laurel…” Ryan said, smiling. Tobi rolled hios eyes.

Suddenly, Chris came over the loudspeaker. “Campers! Meet me at the mess hall in 5 minutes. Today’s challenge is bringing the pain!”

The 12 contestants all stood in front of the mess hall.

“How were your new bunkmates? Ours were awesome!” Nia whispered to Conor.

“They’ve been arguing for 4 hours straight.” Conor whispered back. Nia looked alarmed.

“Um, Chris, what’s with the go-karts?” Ryan asked.

‘ “They’re for today’s challenge, Total Drama Kart!” Chris grinned.

Marcus: Yes! Dario Kart is like, my favorite game ever! And a challenge called Total Drama Kart? It’s almost too good to be true.

“The rules are basically Dario Kart.” Chris said.

Marcus: *hyperventilating*

“There’ll be four rounds. Y’all will have to race around the track 3 times in each round. You get 12 points for 1st, 11 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, and so on and so forth. The person with the most points at the end of four rounds wins the challenge! While one of the losers will go bye bye tonight at elimination. Capiche?” Chris asked. The contestants nodded.

Later, the contestants stood with their carts near the starting line. “I took Drivers Ed. This shall be easy.” Laurel smiled.

“Please. If anyone’s winning this, it’s me. I’ve been around cars since I was little. Pulled some pretty sweet pranks with them too.” Toto chuckled.

“I’ve been riding Go-Karts since I was four. It was the only thing I could do at the amusement park without vomiting.” Tobi bragged.

“Wow, I’m so jealous.” Tia rolled her eyes. Suddenly, Chris came in on a monster truck.

“SUP GUYS?” He yelled. Everyone looked shocked.

“I thought this was go-karts!” Clarissa yelled up to Chris.

“It is! But I’m the host, I can do what I want! Welcome to Chris Circuit, your first race of the day! This is gonna be awesome!” Chris laughed. “By the way, pick up those item boxes! They’ll help you weaken your opponents!”

Everyone got into their carts, while Chef came out wearing what looked like a pit crew member’s outfit and holding a stoplight. The stoplight flashed red, then yellow, then green, and everyone except Laurel raced off.

“Hands at 10 and 2...mirrors are fine, I have enough gas...normally I’d go at 15 miles per hour, but since this is a race, I’ll go wild and crank it up to 20. Let’s go!” Laurel said, driving off slowly after everyone else.

Tia drove off in first. “Eat my dust!” she chuckled.

Kelly grabbed an item box and smashed it against her cart, and it was a blue mushroom.

“Ooh, what does this do?” Kelly asked, grinning.

“It’s an absorbing mushroom. You can take an item from someone using it. Unfortunately, no one else has an item, so it’s basically useless.” Marcus said. Kelly sighed and threw it away.

Laurel continued to drive extremely slowly. “Wow...I’m in last...I guess I have to go wild and go to 25.” Laurel accelerated slightly and began to move moderately faster.

Chris grinned. “Time for some fun!” he said, pressing a button that released many robotic mushroom-like creatures.

Laurel reached a fork in the road everyone else had gotten to already. “Hmm...I guess I’ll take the right lane.” she shrugged, and began to drive down, but was attacked by dogs.

“What the?” she screamed.

“Keeping it interesting.” Chris chuckled.

She began to drive away, leaving the dogs behind. She then came out from the right path, and saw everyone else behind her.

“That must have been a shortcut! I’m winning!” Laurel grinned.

Everyone passed the finsh line and began their second lap.

“What the...I’m in last?” Gian growled. He slammed on the gas, causing him to pass in front of everyone else.

“Everyone has gone around once more and finished their second lap! Gian’s leading, Laurel’s in second, Tia’s in third, and everyone else is basically failing.” Chris chuckled.

Everyone began to go downhill at the start of the third lap, and Tobi quickly cut everyone off to get into 1st. “Alright!” he said. “Beat that!”

Ryan grabbed an item box and cracked it against his cart. “Please be something good…” he muttered. An egg with pink spots came out.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” he complained, as the egg suddenly exploded and flipped his cart over.

Chris chuckled. “Not that!”

Tobi drove onto the right path. “Alright, I’m winning! Nothing can stop me now!” The same horde of dogs that attacked Laurel came out of nowhere and began to attack him. “Oh, come on!”

Conor began to overtake everyone else on the left path. “Yes!” he cheered.

“Can you help me?” Tobi yelled from the other path, while he was still being attacked by dogs.

“Uh...sorry.” Conor said, driving off in first place.

Tobi: I thought he was supposed to be the nice, perfect guy! Whatever happened to that!

Conor: I felt bad, but hey, it’s a race.

Conor approached the finish line in first place. “I’m gonna win!” he grinned.

Tobi kicked the dogs off and jumped back into his cart, driving towards everyone else.

Vidhi gabbed a turtle shell and threw it at Clarissa. “Ow!” she said, as it hit her in the back. The turtle then came out from the shell and bit her. “OW!”

Conor drove past the robotic mushrooms, which Tia crashed into.

“Hey!” Tia said.

“What? I’m not helping you.” Conor muttered.

“Um, well I know what happened between you and Nia, so unless you want your relationship floating around the house, I’d suggest helping me.” Tia said. Conor’s eyes widened.

Conor: She knows? I thought she was just some stuck-up girl! I didn’t know she could actually think!

Conor sighed and backed up to push Tia out of the mushroom swarm. Kelly and Laurel drove past the two.

“Hmph! And my teacher said I drove too slow.” Laurel scoffed.

“I took Driver’s Ed. In my first driving lesson, I stopped for McDaisys. Apparently you’re not actually allowed to do that. Who knew, right?” Kelly chuckled, as she passed the finish line first, followed by Laurel. Conor pushed Tia into third then drove into fourth behind her. Gian got fifth, while Marcus got sixth, looking dissapointed. Vidhi, Clarissa, Toto, and Nia drove in after, and Ryan, who’s face was charred from the explosion and Tobi, who had multiple dog scratches on his body, drove in last.

“Great first round, everyone! Explosions, dog attacks, abandonment, blackmail. Nice way to get us started.” Chris said, revealing the scoreboard that read…

Kelly- 12 Laurel- 11 Tia- 10 Conor- 9 Gian- 8 Marcus- 7 Vidhi- 6 Clarissa- 5 Toto- 4 Nia- 3 Ryan- 2 Tobi- 1

Marcus: Sixth? I’m a gigantic Dario Kart fan, the biggest fan ever, and I get sixth in the race? No way! Next round…I’ll destroy everyone. *evilly laughs*

“Thanks for the boost, Conor. Think you could keep it up?” Tia grinned.

Conor sighed. “Fine.”

“Ryan, what happened to you?” Laurel asked, looking appalled.

“One of the item boxes exploded.” Ryan sighed.

“Are you okay?” Laurel asked.

Ryan stared at Laurel and smiled. “I’m great, actually.”

Toto: Ugh! Laurel is the worst thing that’s ever happened to Ryan. He’s all happy and interesting now, it’s gross. That couple definitely needs to head to splitsville. Immediately.

The 12 contestants are then seen standing in front of a giant shopping center. “Welcome to Mango Mall, your next race course!”

“Can we do actual shopping inside?” Clarissa asked, excitedly.

“Please!” Tia said. “I’ve been rotating through TEN outfits. Do you know how little that is? It’s a fashion crime!”

“No shopping inside the mall. Way to be stereotypical, guys. Your race will take you through the mall though, for many mall related wipeout antics.” Chris chuckled as everyone got in their carts, “Ready...set...drama!” Chris announced.

“What?” Vidhi said.

“It’s a new tagline? Not good?” The contestants looked at Chris awkwardly. “Just go.”

The 12 contestants quickly began to drive. “Conor and Ryan have taken an early lead! Everyone else is kinda sucky.” Chris chuckled.

“This is for Laurel!” Ryan declared.

“This is to get away from Tia!” Conor declared.

Both Conor and Ryan began to ride up the escalators.

“W-w-w-we were n-n-never t-t-taught th-th-this in dri-Dri-vers Ed!” Conor commented, stuttering due to the escalators steps.

“Think of this as a more advanced Driver’s Ed. Drama’s Ed, if you will.” Chris chuckled.

“N-n-not funny!” Ryan yelled.

Conor and Ryan both grabbed item boxes and smashed them against their carts.

“Mushrooms? What are we supposed to do with mushrooms?” Conor asked.

“Put em in the glove compartment!” Chris instructed.

Conor shrugged and did what Chris said, causing his cart to speed up. Ryan did the same, and he sped up as well.

Conor drove past Ryan. “Sorry, dude!”

Conor: Why was I going so fast? Because I had one goal: get away from Tia. I don’t particularly enjoy being blackmailed, and you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind!

Marcus growled as he saw Conor and Ryan in front of him. He then slammed on the gas and blew past both of them.

Marcus: If I lost a Dario Kart challenge, I’d never be able to show my face on any online forum again. I NEEDED to win.

A fountain appeared in front of Conor, and he drove right into it. “Seriously?” He then reached more escalators. “Seriously?”

Conor passed Marcus and reached the exit point of the mall. “Conor’s in first! Can anyone catch up?”

Clarissa and Laurel were in last. “Laurel, you know I love you, but can we PLEASE go faster?” Clarissa asked.

“Slow and steady wins the race!” Laurel said, as she and Clarissa exited the mall after everyone else. “If we go slow, we’ll easily beat the others because we won’t be tripped up by obstacles!” Suddenly, a car came out of nowhere and knocked Laurel off-screen. Clarissa gasped.

“Heh heh, awesome.” Chris said.

Nia drove into fourth place. “Hey, Conor!” Nia yelled. Conor ignored her. Nia looked displeased/

Nia: Um, he kisses me and then just stops talking to me! What’s his problem!

Conor; Ignoring Nia was tough, but I just want to focus on winning, I can’t be distracted.

Everyone crossed the finish line and began their second lap, with Laurel and Gian in last.

Gian growled. “WHY AM I LOSING!” he yelled.

“Because you’re driving slowly?” Laurel commented.

“SHUT UP!” Gian yelled.

Laurel: I’m not sure what’s wrong with Gian, he’ll be nice one day, and then a giant jerk the next day. I think we’re aligned, but honestly, I don’t know.

“Um, CONOR?” Nia said, angrily. He continued to ignore her.

“Ugh!” Nia cried.

“Men.” Clarissa said.

“I know, right?” Nia said.

“Everyone’s done with their second lap, meaning now it’s down to the wire!” Chris announced.

Laurel grabbed an item box and cracked it against her cart, revealing a golden mushroom. She put it in the glove compartment and raced past everyone else, giving her the win. Marcus, Ryan, Conor, Clarissa, and Nia soon followed, and everyone else did, with Gian coming in last.

“Nice race, guys.” Chris chuckled. “Here are your scores!”

Laurel- 23 Conor- 18 Marcus- 18 Kelly- 14 Clarissa- 13 Tia- 13 Ryan- 12 Vidhi- 10 Nia- 10 Toto- 9 Gian- 9 Tobi- 7

Laurel cheered. “Congrats!” Ryan smiled.

“Thank you!” Laurel smiled back.

Laurel: I do think Ryan is very nice, but he seems to be looking for a relationship, and there are many statistics proving people who date on reality TV will more often than not have a horrible break up. I do like him, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

Hmmm, Conor, you seem to have FORGOTTEN something...or SOMEONE last race.” Tia glared at Conor.

“Heh-heh...I never saw you, sorry.” Conor scratched his head.

“Because you were driving at 100 miles per hour to get away from me, maybe?” Conor awkwardly laughed.

“What are you talking about, I’d never do that.” Conor awkwardly laughed.

“Okay, sure, whatever. I expect help in the next race.” Tia warned, and walked away.

Conor: Ugh, this sucks. And the worst part is I have to ignore Nia.

“Alright, time for our last race!” Chris announced.

“Didn’t you say there would be four?” Nia asked.

“The third one was apparently ‘too dangerous’ and having teens do it was ‘immoral’. Pfft, the FCC is such a drag.” Chris frowned. “And now we have all of these left over crocodiles that I have NOTHING to do with--”

“Um, challenge please?” Vidhi asked.

“Fine, follow me.” Chris said.

The 12 contestants later stood on a platform, with a giant rainbow road bouncing up and down below them.

“Welcome to Ultraviolet Alley!” Chris announced.

“Isn’t it Rainbow R--” Marcus began.

“Copyright issues. It’s the site of your last race, where the 12 of you will all race, to see who gets immunity!” Chris grinned.

“Actually, considering the current point configuration, there are some people who literally can’t win immunity.” Laurel commented.

“Fine. In this round, all points will be multiplied by 2. Happy, Laurel?” Chris asked.

“Not really, you just lessened my chance at invincibility.” Laurel replied.

“IT WAS RHETORICAL!” Chris yelled.

“Can we start driving now?” Clarissa asked.

“Oh yeah. Go, or whatever.” Chris said, as the 12 contestants sdrove off in their carts.

Vidhi quickly raised into the lead. “Alright!” she cheered.

“Conor!” Tia called. Conor braked, and sighed. “Knock Vidhi off for me?”

“I don’t like this one bit, I hope you’re aware of that.” Conor muttered, as he accelerated straight into Vidhi, knocking her off the road.

Laurel: They didn’t teach us about THAT in driver’s ed.

“Ah, this is so relaxing!” Kelly grinned while driving. “The wind in my hair, going fast. the--” A bug flew into her mouth and she began to gag.

“Here comes Laurel! Very...very...slowly.” Chris said, as Laurel was still driving at 20 miles per hour.

“Better to be safe then sorry!” Laurel grinned.

Tobi drove into first place and grabbed an item box. “Alright!” he grinned. and cracked it open. Inside was a bomb, that immediately blew up and sent him flying backwards.

Tobi: *deep sigh*

“I’ll win this one for you, Laurel!” Ryan yelled, determined. He then smashed into Vidhi sending her flying off the road.

“Are you okay, dude?” Toto said, driving up to Ryan.

“Yeah, I might be a little lovestruck, but I’m good.” Ryan grinned.

Toto: A little lovestruck? A LITTLE?

“Whee!” Nia cheered as she drove. “This is fun!”

Conor sighed as he continued to push Tia. “How long are you going to make me do this?” he asked.

“Maybe for less time if you’d stop sassing me.” Tia commented.

Nia grabbed an item box and cracked it open. It ended up being a bomb, which blew her sideways, casing her cart to fall off the track, and she herself barely holding on by the tip of her finger tips.

“Nia!” Conor cried. He then sighed and continued to push Tia. “I want to save her, but...I know how these things work.”

“Oh, go save your girlfriend.” Tia said.

“Wait, what?” Conor asked.

“I’m not gonna stop you from saving her from falling off a 100-foot platform. I’m not evil.” Tia rolled her eyes.

“Thank you, thank much. You’re a good person.” Conor smiled.

“Um, if you’re gonna save me, can you do it quickly!” Nia yelled.

Conor grabbed Nia off the ledge, and the two passionately kissed.

“Gross.” Tia said, and drove away.

Marcus grabbed an item box. “Banana.” he said, and threw it behind him, causing Kelly to slip.

He grabbed another box. “Mega Mushroom.” he said, as he put it in his glove compartment and his cart turned gigantic and ran over Clarissa.

“...ow.” She muttered.

“Marcus is DESTROYING everyone! If this continues, he’s gonna take it!” Chris grinned.

Ryan drove up next to Marcus. “I’ll win this..for love!” Ryan grinned. Toto then drove in front of him and reversed, slamming into Ryan’s car and sending them both backwards.

“Oh, no. I’ve accidentally reversed. Look at that.” Toto said nonchalantly. He then braked and Ryan was sent flying into Laurel’s car, adn the two fell on top of each other.

“Heh heh...sorry.” Ryan said.

“It’s fine.” Laurel smiled.

Toto: Oh, come ON!

“It’s Marcus and Kelly! Everyone else is in the dust!” Chris yelled.

“Sorry about this Kelly. Eh, no I’m not.” Marcus shrugged and grabbed an item box. revealinga boomerang. He threw it backwards into Kelly’s face.

“Ow!” she cried.

“Well, guess what I have? This!” Kelly said, grabbing an item box, revealing a giant box with the word “pow” on it. It immediately exploded.

“Why does he get the cool stuff?” Kelly frowned.

Marcus grinned and drove towards the finish line. “Victory is mine!” he grinned.

Kelly began to drive again and crashed into an item box. “Oh, come on!” She angrily picked it up and she cracked it against her cart. She gasped.

“Marcus is almost at the finish line! He’s gonna win it!” Chris said.

Suddenly, Kelly’s cart flew from behind, with giant bursts of flame coming from the engine.

“Bullet Bill? NOOOOOOOO!” Marcus cried, as Kelly rocketed past the finish line.

“KELLY WINS IMMUNITY!” Chris cheered.

“What about the POINT CONFIGURATION!” Laurel yelled.

“Eh.” Chris said. “As for the rest of of you is going bye bye! Figure out who it is.”

Laurel stood with Tia in the girls cabin. “So, vote for Tobi?” Tia asked.

“Yes.” Laurel confirmed. She then walked outside to Clarissa, Kelly, and Gian. “The Frogs are voting for Tobi. We’ve got the votes.”

“So, vote for Laurel?” Conor asked.

“Yes.” Toto confirmed. He then walked outside to Tobi, Ryan, and Gian. “The Frogs are voting for Laurel. We’ve got the votes.” Gian grunted.


“HEY!” Gian yelled at Laurel, Clarissa, and Kelly who were in the girls cabin. “COME OUTSIDE!”

“What do you WANT?” Clarissa asked, until she saw Toto, Tobi, and Ryan.

“Ewww, you guys.” Both groups said at once.

“OKAY, YOU GUYS ARE DUMB!” Gian yelled.

“Great conversation starter.” Tobi said.


“You know, in a psycho sort of way, he’s right.” Clarissa commented.

“Yeah, he kinda is.” Tobi shrugged.

“So, should we like, decide who to get rid of as a group and stuff?” Kelly asked.

“I know exactly who.” Ryan grinned.

Chris stood with the 12 contestants. “Campers. In this game, marshmallows represent your li--”

“Get on with it!” Tia rolled her eyes.

“Fine! Kelly, Vidhi, Clarissa, Toto, Gian, and Ryan are safe. Are you happy now?” Chris asked.

“Someone’s on edge.” Tia whispered to Nia. Chris threw the tray at her.

“Oops. I must have accidentally grabbed the platter instead of the marshmallows. How unfortunate.” Chris chuckled. “Nia and Conor are also safe.”

“Now, our bottom 3. Laurel, you drove at approximately 2 miles per hour during the challenge. Marcus, you were scary during the challenge. And Tobi...I don’t really know WHY you’re here. Which is probably why you’re safe.” Chris threw a marshmallow at him.

“And the final marshmallow goes to……” Both looked nervous.

“...Laurel!” Chris grinned. She let out a sigh of relief and caught her marshmallow.

“I deserve to go home. 2nd place. I’m a disgrace to all Dario Kart fans.” Marcus frowned and sadly walked to the boat of losers, head hung down.

“Weeeeeeeeeirdo. Eh, whatever. That leaves us with eleven. Who will go home next? Find out, next time, on Total...Drama...Forest!” Chris signed off.

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