This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

Total Drama Fortune is a competition story by Sunslicer2. It takes place in Chris' mansion, with twenty-four competitors trying to win it, as Chris is now moving. Thirteen debut, and those from Total Drama the Unknown must face the challenge of outlasting those who outnumber them.

New Contestants

Boo: Boo is afraid of everything. Well, not all things, but most. He's lucky he's not even afraid of food. He's afraid of his own shadow, he's afraid of pink clothes, and he's even afraid of tall trees. He tries to avoid most of his fears, but due to the fact that some of these fears are found in everyday life, he lives in paranoia of all things around him. He auditioned for Total Drama Fortune to conquer these fears, and because his therapist told him to.

Chester: Chester has annoyed most of the kids in his grades to the point where they barely like it. However, he's managed to get by with a few friends. He has a slight obsession with pigs, and has been dreaming to have one ever since. Of course, this only strengthens the others outcasting him. Despite this, he still remains nice, but if you dare try to insult him, he will get revenge. He will also insult his friends to get higher on the food chain. He joined Total Drama Fortune to get money for a pig farm and become more popular.

Holly: Holly is best friends with the contestant Polly. However, they have a somewhat love-hate friendship, one sided on Holly's side. In their junior year, Polly ran for prom queen. She campaigned so much that Holly felt ignored and rejected. To get back at her, she changed all the votes to the othe runner, and crushed Polly's dreams. Now, she continues to be friends with her, and Polly has no clue what Holly did to her. Holly, however, will always remember, and will never forget. Holly joined Total Drama Fortune to "take care" of her friend, Polly, who also auditioned.

Kelli: Kelli grew up on the streets from the time she was ten years old. Her parents abandoned her for unknown reasons, and she's had to scrape by ever since. She's worked at many stores, and always tries to get the best deals. She never wants to get the short end of things, and gets mad when she does. However, despite her tough appearance, she is simply nice all around once people take the time to get to know her. She joined Total Drama Fortune to be able to get a house, afford money to save up, and some money to donate to help the less fortunate.

Lucy: Lucy is a nice girl, but most people don't know that. She's the token goth at her school, and most people try to avoid her. She is extremely smart, and doesn't mind that people don't really talk to her. She makes do alone, and is fine with that. She is also somewhat of a nerd, loving video games and online games, such as Starcraft. Lucy joined Total Drama Fortune to make some friends and get out of her shell.

Luke: Luke is an all-out athlete, and has the grades to prove it. He spends most of his days working out and talking to girls, not paying much attention to his grades. However, because of his athleticism and being quarterback for the school's football team, his teachers let him pass. Of course, he doesn't realize that he should actually be failing, but even if he did, he wouldn't mind. He believes that in his later life, he'll be a huge sports star, and grades won't matter. He joined Total Drama Fortune to gain some fame for himself so that when he becomes truly famous, he can say he won a contest when he was in high school.

Polly: Polly has always been there for her "bestie", Holly. She did everything with her day and night, but was still very well known for her niceness around school. She decided to run for prom queen, and managed to get most of the votes. However, she completely ignored her best friend. When she heard that she had lost prom queen, her one dream, she ran out, and ate and incredible amount to fill the hole. She joined Total Drama Fortune to gain back her confidence.

Rachel: Rachel loves Total Drama. A lot. She's watched every season and every episode at least twenty times. She's analyzed all the contestants, and loves to pair them up together. At school, she does that same with people in her grade. She watches them, and then tries to find ways to make them become a couple. Most of the time, the two find out about her plan, and get mad, which makes her sad. However, she still has hope that there will be that one couple that she puts together. She joined Total Drama Fortune to force some people together for fun.

Raj: Raj is a computer geek at heart. He plays a lot of games, practices coding, and goes on a lot of online date sites. However, he is usually shy around girls, and while some see this as cute, most see it as irksome. However, he sometimes gets a sugar rush when eating a lot of sugar, and it affects his mind. It makes him smooth, sweet, but he could also be a jerk. The ladies love him when he's on his rush, but when he gets off of it, he realizes that the person that they liked was not him, and he breaks up with them. He joined Total Drama Fortune to learn to talk to them normally.

Ralph: Ralph is plain out rude. He has no regards for others' feelings, and usually likes to toy with them. He finds enjoyment out of making girls cry, and seeing boys get upset when they see the girls cry. But he doesn't care; it's sport for him. And a fun sport at that. He is hated by most of the school, but who needs friends when you've got a whole school for entertainment? He joined Total Drama Fortune for a new variety of "losers."

Red: Red comes from a small town in Alabama, and is usually found working in a café. She works their most of the day, as she dropped out of school when she was outcasted by all of the girls for her habits of stealing their boyfriends. She was upset at this, but was fine. She has the power to make men fall in love with her, so she doesn't need a full high school education. She'd be fine with just working in that café her whole life. She's just waiting for a rich man to walk in, and to be able to sweep him off his feet, and steal his money. She joined Total Drama Fortune to win some money and meet some rich guys.

Tarah: Tarah has many things wrong with her, and she is constantly reminded everyday. She stutters often, and she can't control it. She's a bibliomaniac, meaning she hoards books, and keeps them forever. She feels that with books, she'll never stutter in her mind, because it isn't possible. She treats her inner concious as a friend, as she can talk to it without actually talking. She also has a tendecy to point out flaws in others so she can make herself feel better about herself. She also has impulsive behavior, and sometimes says these flaws to the person's face.

Tommy: Tommy is a star on his school's soccer team, and was on the kid's international soccer team for America. His team usually won because of him, and all of his accomplishments went to his head. While he does deserve bragging rights, he usually brags way too often, and some call him conceited. He doesn't care, as he just says they're jealous. In reality, they aren't, they're just annoyed with him. He joined Total Drama Fortune to show others that he really is good at the things he says he is.

Returning Contestants

  1. Caleb
  2. Eric
  3. Gerard
  4. Grace
  5. Heidi
  6. Marc
  7. Nadia
  8. Pam
  9. Tiago
  10. Regina
  11. Sarah

Killer Spiders

Screaming Ducks

Angry Sharks

Episode 1: Chez McLean

Chris was standing at the front doors of his enormous, marble mansion. "Hello, viewers! Welcome to my casa! It is muy, muy, gorde as you can see!"

An intern whispers to him from off the screen.

"Oh! Grande! Yes, it is very grande!" He smiled, hoping the viewers wouldn't notice his mistake. "And for the next few weeks, twenty-four teens will be forced by contract to live it in! Of course, they would do it without a contract. And even better, we have maids!" He beckoned them over.

Leah and Jahira slumped out of the house, wearing french maid costumes.

"Is this really necessary?" Leah asked.

Chris nodded. "Yeah, we need that male viewership."

Leah spat on the ground and walked back inside. Jahira followed suit.

"Women." He rolled his eyes. "So, so complicated. And touchy."

The cameraholder dropped the camera, and walked away. The camera, however, didn't get damaged.

"Sheila! Wait!" Chris called. The camerawoman didn't come back, so Chris snapped his fingers, and a different intern picked up the camera. "So as I was saying, women are touchy."

The camera nodded in agreement.

"Thank you!" Chris smiled smugly, and turned toward the path leading up to his mansion. "Nadia! Welcome back!"

Nadia replied, "Really? That's all you can say? It's not much of a welcome."

"What do you want?" he said back. "For me to bow down?"

"That would be nice, thank you," she said.

Chris pointed his finger into his house and shooed her off.

Nadia gave him a look, but walked in as ordered.

"Boo! Hey there!"

A large teenage boy stepped cautiously over, whimpering. "H-hi, Ch-Chris."

"Get in," Chris said disapprovingly.

Boo whimpered again, and then walked quickly into the house.

Caleb now walked up to Chris, holding a brand new laptop.

"How'd you afford that Caleb?" Chris asked him. "You lost last season!"

Caleb glared and rushed inside his house, not offering Chris another glance.

Next to walk to the house was Eric, who didn't even look at Chris. He was still upset that Chris let Caleb make it so far, and even bet on him to win last season.

"Okay, ignore me, fine. I'm still cooler than you!" He sniffled a little. "I'm the coolest person I know."

Gerard walked up to him. "You don't get out much, do you?"

Chris stood up straight and tall, standing over Gerard. "I'll have you know I know all of the famous celebrities!"

"You know Oprah, too?" Gerard asked.

"Who?" Chris responded with. Chris stood there with confuson as Gerard shook his head and stepped inside. "Whatever, loser." Chris waited for the next person to arrive.

"Hi, Chris!" she greeted him. She walked up the path, and held out her hand for a high-five, which was not given.

"Hey, Grace!" he replied, looking disgusted at her hand. "Go on in!"

Grace shrugged, and walked inside. "Nice place you got here, Chris!"

Chris smiled at the camera and didn't answer her. "Welcome, Holly!"

A girl walked up to Chris, along with another girl.

"And Polly!"

Polly waved at him. "Hi Chris! I can't believe I get to see you in person!"

Holly made a forced smile. "Yeah, it's really great."

Polly looked her at her. "I know right?"

Holly rolled her eyes while Polly was looking at Chris. "Totally."

Holly then walked calmly into the mansion, and Polly zoomed in after her.

"What great friends!" Chris said. "And here's someone who has none, Lucy!"

Lucy stopped in her tracks. "Screw you, Chris." She kneed him in the coconuts. "I don't need friends, but I'm sure you need those." She grinned, and then walked inside the house.

Chris clutched his jewels, and wasn't able to welcome the next guest.

"Hi Chris!" he said. His name was Chester, and he was smiling at him.

Chris didn't look up from his pain.

"I see how it is. Fine" Chester frowned and walked inside the house.

Chris looked up, his pain finally relieved. "What? Who's there?"

"Oh, just me," said a low, female voice.

"Oh, hi, Kelly. I could have sworn the voice was higher," he said while he looked around.

"Probably that kid that just walked in. He seemed like the type to have one." She waited for him to invite her in.

"Yeah, he probably was. I wonder what his name was."

"Aren't you the host?"

"Yes, and?" He was actually wondering what she was trying to get at.

"I'm going inside."

"Have fun!" he said to her as she walked past him.

"I probably won't." She walked in, and closed the door gently.

"But more people have to get in... Intern!" Chris motioned his hand to call over another intern, who opened the door grudginly.

Chris didn't even bother to say thank you. "Okay, next guest please!"

Marc began to walk over to Chris, but tripped, and faceplanted into the dirt. "Ow."

"Get up! We have a show to run here!" Chris ordered an intern to help him up.

"Uh, thanks," Marc said. He dusted himself off. "Chris, what's your problem?"

Chris was looking in the mirror. "Probably the fact that I cause jealousy."

"Who would be jealous of you?"

Chris gasped. "Who wouldn't?"

Marc rolled his eyes, and walked to the door, but tripped again. "God!" He got up and walked inside.

Next on the path was a tall, blonde guy. "Hey, Chris. What's up?"

Chris looked up to the sky, and then looked back down at Luke. "I didn't think you were that stupid."

Luke's face scrunched up, and he glared at Chris. "I'm not stupid. I was asking how you were!"

"How I was? Like, made? Well, I don't think I can explain that on this show, Luke."

Luke groaned, and then walked inside.

"Okay, so you don't know the word bye? Good luck in school!" He shouted at him from outside. Heidi came up next carrying a bag full of art supplies. "Hey Chris, I'm ready to win this season! I'm not gonna let my friends get in the way anymore!"

"Well then," Chris began, "I guess it's good Leah isn't competing!"

Heidi was bewildered. "She isn't? But she brought the show so much drama! Why didn't you keep her on the show?"

"Oh, she's on the show."

He winked, and Leah screamed from a window. "I am not wearing this thing around the mansion!"

Chris screamed back, "It's in your contract, my little french maid!"

"Your what?" Heidi asked, her eyebrow cocked.

"Nothing, nothing," Chris said pushing her into the mansion. "Nothing."

Pam came up next, clutching his map to his chest. "The map has told me what you're planning. It's sick." He walked in without another word.

"Freak," Chris muttered. "Next person! Now!"

Tiago came bounding up the walkway, still his happy little self. "Hi, Chris! It's really great to be back here with everyone! I mean, not everyone was nice, but some people were! Is there anyone new? Maybe they'll be nice, too. Hey, I rhymed!"

Chris shoved him into the house. "Take a Zanex, kid! Next!"

A guy with long, black hair was walking smoothly towards Chris. "Hey Chris, where's Blaineley? She was better than you."

Chris blinked. "What?"

"Yeah, she was hotter, and funnier. You're just a little... eh."

"I am not eh, you kid!" He stomped over to him. "I have won so many more awards than you can count!"

"Really? Because I can count above zero."

"Get in, now!" Chris shouted. "Go now, Ralph! Now!"

"As you wish, oh stubborn master." He chuckled and walked inside.

"I hope you're the first out, you little punk!" Chris crossed his arm. "Lousy teens. Think they run the world."

A redheard girl came up to Chris now, and said to him, "Hey, Chris. Will we be seeing Blaineley around? I need to see how you two interact more."

"What the hell? What is so nice about Blaineley? She's a horrible person! I'm perfect!"

"Whatever, you say, Chris." She walked inside.

"What was your name again?" He thought for a second. "Oh yeah, Rachel. I'm perfect, Rachel!"

"You are," a girl purred. A girl in a short, red dress, and pure red hair came walking over. She was wearing heels. "I think you really are."

Chris blushed. "Thanks. So, what are you doing tonight?"

She pulled back. "Um, I'm sixteen."

"And I'm single, Red." He winked.

Red's face turn disgusted, and she raced into the house.

"Women. They must fear me." He growled to the camera. "Hey, all you ladies out there. Call me." He winked. "Now."

He waited a moment, and he received no calls.

"I'm waiting..."

Still no calls.

"Okay, fine! Next person!"

Regina strolled over to Chris. "Hey.... Chris? It's good to be here at Blaineley's house! Where is she?"

Chris' eye twitched. "This is my house."

Regina tilted her head. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! Okay! This is my house! Not Blaineley's! I am more famous than her, and I have more money! I'm nicer, funnier, and better than her in every way! Now get out of my face!"

Regina quivered under his rage, and stepped into the house.

The next person that went over to Chris was a large Indian boy. "Hi, Chris. Where are the ladies?"

Chris pointed to the house. "That way, Raj."

Raj nodded, trying to seem charismatic, but then stood still. "Umm, in there?"

Chris pointed again. "Yes! I thought you were smart!"

Raj gulped. "Okay, here I go! This can't be as bad as when your website crashed. Or when that girl spit in your food when you met her that first time. Okay. Let's do this, Raj."

Chris looked at his watch. "We haven't gotten all day. This isn't rocket science, dude!"

Raj looked back at him. "I know, it's worse! At least rocket science isn't scary!"

Chris stared at him, and snapped his fingers.

An intern came over and dragged him into the house.

"No! Wait! No!" He was struggling to break free, but failed. "I'm not ready!"

"Too bad," Chris jeered. "Next!"

Sarah came strutting over, with an iPod in her ears.

"Hey, Sarah! How you doing?"

Sarah had her eyes closed, and was headbanging to the music's rhythm.


She didn't open her eyes.


She still didn't hear him.

"Sarah, if you don't answer now, I will kiss you!" His shout was heard by the entire property.

"What?" asked Jahira, coming out to the balcony. "You're messed up. Blaineley would never do that."

"I'm just gonna go inside, dude," Sarah said, and stepped awkwardly towards the door. Chris watched her as she went.

"Hey, why don't you want me?"

Sarah didn't answer, and just kept looking straight ahead as she walked through the house.

"Fine! Ignore me! Just remember that I control who goes and who doesn- I mean, I know what you do!" He gulped, and laughed nervously. "Edit that out, okay Steve?"

The camera nodded, and then turned to the pathway again.

Up the path came a large girl, nervously scanning the premisis. "H-hi, Ch-ch-Chris! Wh-where d-do I g-go?"

Chris said, "That way, Tarah. Oh, and you can't have those books."

"Wh-what?" She stuttered. "B-but, I n-need them. Pl-please?"

Chris sighed. "Fine, just go."

She smiled lightly, and literally ran into the house.

"Another freak we have here," Chris said under his breath. "Hooray! The last person! Hi, Tommy!"

Tommy, a guy wearing a soccer jersey and shorts walked up to Chris, fist bumped him, and walked inside.

"Hey, that's cool man. Don't say hi! Whatever! I don't care!" Chris followed Tommy into the house, and walked over to the contestants.

"Okay, now that you've all met each other, time to assign teams!" He carried over a wooden basket. "Everyone reach your hand in, and pull out a key! A blue one means you are on the Angry Sharks! A green means the Screaming Ducks! And a red means the Killer Spiders!"

One by one, each guest pulled out a key. On the Killer Spiders was Nadia, Caleb, Lucy, Marc, Tiago, Ralph, Red, and Tarah. On the Screaming Ducks was Gerard, Grace, Holly, Chester, Polly, Heidi, Pam, and Raj. On the Angry Sharks was Boo, Eric, Kelli, Luke, Rachel, Regina, Sarah and Tommy.

"Okay, you all have your teams? Good! Challenge time!"

Everyone gasped at the early timing of the challenge.

"All you must do," said Chris, "is find my hair dryer! I've been missing that thing, and my hair is a mess, now!"

His hair was well-combed and gelled, and looked fine.

"What are you doing, standing there? Go!"

Everyone scrambled around his house.

Nadia told her team to go to the basement of the mansion, thinking Chris had left it there. Her team followed her orders without question, and they all rushed down the stairs. However, Lucy stood still, and let them go without her.

"Idiots," she said.

Meanwhile, the Ducks had gone into Chris' bedroom. They searched under the bed, and in the dresser.

"Nothing!" Chester exclaimed. "Nothing! We're going to lose!"

"Don't be that way," Grace said softly. "We'll do fine. I know we will. Of course, we can't have anyone believing we won't! That could be a jinx." She glanced at him slightly, and then continued to strip Chris' room.

The Angry Sharks, being the only team to do so, split up. Eric and Kelli went to the basement. Luke and Rachel had gone outside. Sarah and Tommy went to Chris' bedroom. Regina and Boo were left to search the rest of the house.

Boo, although, was huddled in the fetal position. "You'll be fine, it's just a house. It's just a house."

Regina crouched down to him. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"I'm just, kind of afraid of large areas."

Regina rubbed his back softly. "It's okay. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine. It's just a house, after all."

Boo shuddered. "Houses can be burned down!"

Regina tilted his chin up to look her in the face. "The house isn't going to burn down, okay? Even if it did, I'm sure we'd be fine! I mean, sure, we could all burn in a fiery pit of flames, but let's not think of that, okay?"

Boo just looked at her, and then began to cry his eyes out. "That isn't helping."

"Umm, Chris, is this it?" Lucy was holding a hair dryer.

"My hair dryer!" Chris rushed over, ripped it out of her hands, and began to cuddle it. "The challenge is over, everyone!" he shouted.

Everyone came back into the foyer, stunned.

"Where did you find it?" Luke asked.

"The bathroom?" Lucy answered. "Where else would a hair dryer be?"

Everyone looked around stupidly, realizing there mistakes.

"So, Chris, do I choose the team that loses?" Lucy snapped her fingers to get his attention.

Chris looked up from kissing his hair dryer. "Oh, no. No one's out today. I just wanted to get my hair dryer. Off you go!"

The teams groaned, and then followed the hallways that led to their living spaces. They knew where they were supposed to go from the blue, red, or green tiles.

"I wonder why he made them these colors," Luke said.

"Why do you think, Lindsay?" Kelli mocked.

"I don't know... And my name is Luke."

Kelli shook her head, and walked ahead of him. "They're these colors because of the teams, smart one."

"Oh..." He still didn't understand, but he decided to let her be happy. "So, I think we're gonna win, guys!"

"Of course we will," Tommy said. "We have me."

"And you're so great?" Kelli asked.

Tommy smirked. "Duh. I'm only one of the best teen soccer players. Surely you've heard of me? Tommy Murner?"

Kelli shrugged. "Nope."

Tommy whined, "But I'm so famous!"

"Obviously not," Kelli said. She walked to her bedroom, and dumped her stuff. "See you guys tomorrow!"

The rest of the team went inside theirs rooms, and unpacked.

Meanwhile, the Ducks were having a worse time with their team.

"Our team is so gonna win!" Polly exclaimed. "We have me, Polly, Grace, Heidi, and Pam! They were, like, super good last season!"

"What about me?" Gerard said.

"Eh, you didn't do anything," Holly answered for Polly.

Polly shook her head, but looked uncomfortable. She was then in the confessional. "I was gonna say that he didn't seem to like his team! Not that!"

"I did stuff!" Gerard shot at her. "I did loads!"

"Well, I barely rememberd you, so oh well." Holly walked into her room, and slammed the door.

Grace looked over at Gerard. "Don't worry. Not everyone could be that mean. Maybe she's just worried. She probably is."

"Yeah, whatever." He opened his door, and slammed the door shut, too.

"You're friends with her?" Grace said to Polly.

Polly nodded.

"Is she always like that?"

Polly shook her head. "Oh no, she's always so nice! I don't know why she's being a little mean!"

Holly was in the confessional. "I'll tell you why. I'm stuck on a team with a kid who does nothing. I'm with Polly, who is so dumb she can't even realize that I hate her. Grace, who got out for being sorry last season, a geeky Indian, and freaking cultist! At least Heidi and Chester seem normal!"

Chester was going into his room, but then something dropped from his bag.

Holly came out of her room to go get something she forgot outside her door, and saw him picking up a pink, pig blanket. She was then in the confessional again. "Okay.... Yeah, forget what I said about him."

Despite the other two teams having trouble, the Spiders were cheery.

"Okay, sorry about blowing that for us, guys," Nadia said sincerely. "But at least it wasn't a real challenge! And good job, Lucy!"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Where else would a hair dryer be?"

Nadia shrugged. "You never know."

Lucy stuck out her tongue playfully. "I guess."

Ralph was in the confessional. "Yay! A goth, a nerd, a klutz, a Tiago, a wackjob, and the scarlet letter! What else could Chris have given me for a teammate?"

Tiago was grinning at everyone at his team until Ralph gave him a scowl.

"What's wrong?" Tiago asked.

"Nothing," Ralph said. "I'm just made at Chris for not making this a challenge." He was then in the confessional. "What do you think I'm mad at? I got the worst team in history!"

"Oh yeah, that was bad!"

Ralph didn't respond, and just walked into his room.

"What's his problem?" Nadia said.

Caleb shrugged, and opened his laptop. "Trust issues, maybe? I don't think he likes us."

"Please," Nadia said. "You nose is so far up in the computer, I don't think you even saw his hair color!"

Caleb didn't look up.

"And there you go." Nadia got up from her seat, and walked to her room.

Red walked over to the chair Caleb was on, and sat on the arm. "So, Caleb, what game is that?" She leaned in close, and breated on his neck.

Caleb still didn't look up. "World of Warcraft. I'm about to finish this raid!"

"Hey!" Lucy interrupted. "I play Starcraft!"

Caleb looked up. "Cool! I play that, too. Just not as often."

Lucy smiled. "We'll have to play some time."

Caleb smiled. "Oh, we will."

The camera was now looking at Chris, standing outside the mansion. "And there you have it! The first day! Everyone is getting cozied up to each other-" a crash was heard inside, "and really getting to know everyone! This was just the first day, and so many friendships. What will the future hold in store? Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 2: Not In My House!

"Last week on Total Drama Fortune, the teams were made, and they were put to the test in their first challenge! Most of them proved to be idiots, but Lucy, who actually had a brain, looked in the bathroom!"

An intern asked, "If you lost it, why didn't you just look there in the first place?"

"Because," Chris said, "I knew where it was. I just didn't feel like getting it. Is there anything wrong with that?"

The intern shook his head.

"Good! Now, let the drama begin!"

Lucy was sitting in an armchair in the living room for the Spiders. "Yes! Yes! I win!"

Caleb scoffed. "Please, I let you win."

"Yeah, right," Lucy said. "I supply blocked you."

Marc sat next to them, staring. "What the heck are you guys talking about?"

Caleb looked back down at the screen, so Lucy told him. "A game. Just a game."

Marc looked at her, and then turned on the television. "Oh guys, look, the last season is airing!"

Caleb didn't look up, but Lucy turned her attention to the television screen.

Chris was welcoming all the contestants.

"Oh, look! There I am!" Marc pointed towards the screen, but the channeled suddenly changed.

"Boring," said Ralph as he sat down on the couch. "What else is on?"

"Hey!" shouted Marc. "That was last season! I was on it!"

"And you lost, so it's really not important. Oh, look, Wheel of Fortune!" He looked at the letters on the board. "That's so obvious! It's so 'flying squirrel!'"

Ralph, Lucy, and Marc watched as the letters were revealed to be flakey saltines.

"Oh, well, that was a hard one."

Tarah, who managed to be sitting there unknown to everyone else said, "R-ralph, the c-category w-was f-foods."

Ralph glared at her. "Liar."

"B-but," Tarah gave up, and then just began to read her book while pouting.

"Yeah, liar." He looked back at the show. "Wow, how did he not get that? Even I got it!"

Nadia walked in. "Got what?"

"Wheel of Fortune puzzle," Lucy answered. "Ralph is failing horribly."

"I am not!" Ralph pointed at her. "She was the one that was failing!"

Lucy put her laptop down. "I was playing a game! Why would I try and solve a puzzle?"

Ralph crossed his arms. "I don't know what goes on in your head."

Lucy rolled her eyes, and then went to the bathroom.

"So, if your so good at this, Ralph, what's this puzzle say?" Nadia sat down, and picked up Lucy's laptop.

Ralph turned the television off. "Oh no! I think the power's out!"

Nadia looked at him. "The lights are still on."

"I don't control the power, okay?"

Nadia shook her head disapprovingly, and then checked Chris' facebook. "Oh look, Chris' status says that we're going to be having a challenge soon."

Red walked in. "Ohh, fun." She sat down near Ralph, and cuddled up to him.

Ralph grinned. "Oh, hey there." He winked.

Red cuddled up to him even more.

Ralph was in the confessional. "Oh yeah, who's the man? I am!"

Lucy walked back to the living room. "Did I say you could use my computer, Nadia?"

Nadia placed it down and shot up. "Oh, sorry! I just needed to check something."

Lucy laughed. "It's fine, I don't care. Just trying to scare you."

Nadia rolled her eyes and sat back down. "Oh, you are so nice. You know that?"

Lucy sat down, too. "I try."

Meanwhile, with the Ducks...

"Morning, everyone!" Grace said as she walked into her team's kitchen. Gerard, Heidi, Chester, Pam, and Raj were eating breakfast. "Where's Holly and Polly?"

"Gossiping in Holly's room," Pam said.

Grace looked at him funny. "Umm, how do you know that?"

"By now," he said, "you should know that."

Grace laughed slightly and sat down next to him. "So, do we make our own food around here?"

Heidi shook her head. "No, during the night they bring trays of food and put them into the freezer. We have to heat them up, though."

Grace went over to the fridge and pulled out a tray of eggs and then one of bacon. "Yummy." She put in the microwave, pulled it out a few minutes later, and then went back to the table. "This looks better than what Chef gave us."

"It is," Gerard said. "A lot better."

Grace scooped up some scrambled eggs, and ate them. "This is great! Where did Chef learn to cook like this?"

Raj said quietly, "Maybe he took classes."

Holly came walking in. "Please, Chef is a horrible chef. Chris probably had his butler or something make the food." She went and got herself eggs. "This is far past the quality Chef could ever make."

"He's still a nice guy," Grace said, not disagreeing with Holly.

Polly got her food and then sat down with Holly. "So, guys, second day in this place! I can't wait to see what the rest of this place looks like!"

Chester said, "Yeah, it's probably big enough to fit twenty elephants!"

Holly took a sip from her orange juice. "Shut it, kid."

Polly looked at Chester sympathetically, but didn't say a word.

"So Holly," Grace said as she went to clean off her dishes. Raj, Gerard, Heidi, and Pam had left. "Where did you learn your great talent at insulting people?"

Holly giggled. "Oh, I don't know." She left the room without looking at Grace.

"Sorry," Polly said. "She really isn't usually like this."

Grace sighed. "I guess I have to believe you."

Polly smiled softly, and then quietly left the room.

Grace finished washing the dishes, and followed her to the living room.

"What's on TV?" Polly asked, sitting down.

"Fear Factor," Holly said, enjoying the woman eating a cockroach on the screen. "It's a good episode, today."

Heidi cringed. "That's disgusting!"

Holly laughed. "It's entertainment."

Heidi gave her a dirty look, and then went to her bedroom.

"Oh, what a wuss," Holly said. She sat back and relaxed, feeling high and mighty.

Meanwhile, with the Sharks...

"This house is huge!" Luke said as he went into the living room.

"Why do you think it's called a mansion?" Kelli replied with an eye roll.

"I. Don't. Know!" Luke exclaimed cluelessly.

Kelli was in the confessional. "Oh, a great team I have. They probably couldn't survive a minute out on the streets."

Kelli, Luke, Eric, and Regina heard screaming.

"Ah! Ah! Help! Help! Ah!"

They all rushed to the noise, which was happening inside Boo's room.

"Oh, okay, whatever." Kelli walked away after finding out. Luke shrugged and followed her. Eric stood there for a minute, and then walked away.

"Nice guys you are," Regina said under her breath. She opened the door and saw Boo sweating under his blanket. "Boo!" She said nudging him a little. "Boo!"

He shot up. "What? What? Where am I?"

"You're awake," Regina comforted him with.

"Oh," Boo said. "It was just a dream?"

Regina nodded, and then smiled.

"Sorry," Boo said.

Regina gave him a sympathizing look. "Oh, it's okay. I understand your afraid of some things. You shouldn't be sorry."

Suddenly, Rachel raced into the room. "Okay, okay. Say that last line again!" She was holding a notepad, and was scribbling down words a mile a minute onto the lines.

"Umm, I forgot what I just said." Regina blinked, and then stepped awkwardly out of the room.

Rachel turned to Boo. "Well? What did she say?"

Boo cowered under her. "I-I don't know, Rachel. S-sorry." He began to sob a little, so Rachel left him alone.

In a short time, the phone rang by the coffee table in the living room, and Eric picked it up. "Hello?"

"Challenge time!" Chris said on the other line.

Everyone got up, and went to the front doors.

"So," Sarah said to Tommy. "You're good at soccer, eh?"

Tommy looked offended. "Not only am I good, I'm the best! Have you seen me play?"

Sarah shook her head. "Naw, sorry. Don't really watch soccer."

"A shame, really." He walked ahead, and left Sarah feeling a little pissed.

Sarah was in the confessional. "Oooh, so I don't watch soccer and I'm suddenly scum? Really? Way to keep up a good attitude!"

When the Sharks arrived at the front doors, they were greeted by Chris and the other house guests.

"Welcome, guests, to the first- ahem, second challenge! Now, please follow me outside!"

Chris led them outside, and they stood in a half-circle in front of him.

"For today's challenge.... Get inside!" He ran to the doors, closed them, and bolted them shut. "Wait!" He called. He opened the doors, and tossed Nadia a stick of butter. "Good luck!" He shut the doors again.

"What the hell...?" Nadia looked at the butter, and then at her team. "What is this for?"

Caleb shrugged. "Probably for winning last challenge. Too bad it has no uses!"

While the Spiders complained about their reward, the Sharks were constructing a human pyramid.

"Okay, guys! Good!" Kelli cheered them on. "Just like that!" She was helping her team form a human pyramid to a window on the second floor.

"Let's copy what they're doing!" Polly suggested.

"We can't," Gerard said. "We don't have enough people. My doctor said I shouldn't be doing that."

"Does your doctor also say to keep a positive attitude?" Grace added.

Gerard said, "Yes, yes she does."

"Well then keep up the good thoughts," Grace said. "How else can we get in? We need your help!"

"I can't risk it," he said back.

The Sharks managed to get to the window, and lift it up.

"Yes! Go us!" Luke screamed.

Chris came over to the window. "Next team to get into the house is also safe! Whichever team does not has to eliminate someone!"

"Why the hell did Chris give us this piece of crap, butter?" Marc shouted. He chucked the butter at Chris, but due to his poor aim, hit a window three windows down.

"Hey!" screamed Jahira from the window. "I'm trying to sleep!" She was about to shut the window, but Nadia screamed at her.

"Wait! Can you open the front door for us first?"

Jahira sighed. "Fine!" She walked down to the front door, and opened it. "Happy?"

The Spiders rushed it.

"Yes!" screamed Marc. He went in for a hug, but tripped, and fell on top of her.

"Get off of me," Jahira spat.

Marc obliged.

Chris walked over to them. "And the Spiders get second place! Ducks, I'll be seeing you in the garden tonight!"

The teams walked back to their respective living areas, and the Ducks all packed their things.

"Well, I guess we weren't really acting like a team," Grace said while looking at Gerard. "But we can still recover."

Holly noticed this, and nodded at Grace. "Definitely."

"But," Gerard tried to plead, "even though you guys may think its my fault, its not like anyone else tried to help! Pam could have used the map to find us a secret entrance!"

Pam sat there, shooting daggers at Gerard from under his hood. He didn't say anything.

"Let's just go." Grace was trying to prevent an argument, so she began to walk to the garden. "Ready guys?" She looked particularly at both Gerard and Pam.

"Ready," everyone said. They all walked to the garden.

Chris stood there waiting. After they all cast their votes, he came over with a tray with seven keys on it. "Now, I only have seven keys, but there are eight of you. One of you will not receive one, but who will it be?"

He tossed a key to Grace, Heidi, Raj, and Chester.

"You guys are safe."

He then threw one to Grace and Polly.

"As are you. Holly."

He threw her a key.

"Pam, Gerard. Only one key left. And the one going is..."




Chris tossed Pam a key, and Gerard stood up.

"Whatever," he said. "I don't need this show. It's not like any of you guys are going to win anyway! Good luck without me, losers!" He stormed off down a path of pebbles, and climbed into a taxi.

"Well, there you viewers have it! Gerard is the first person out! The Ducks are now at a disadvantage, but can they recover? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 3: Mansion on Haunted Hill

Nadia was eating breakfast with Caleb.

"Dude," she said to him, "can you get off your laptop?"

Caleb's eyes were bloodshot. "No! I can't! I'm so close! I can't give up now!"

Nadia slammed the laptop shut. "We need a whole team to win challenges, not a team minus one." She walked out.

Caleb was in the confessional. "Oh, so she thinks that she can control me and my games?" His eye twitches. "She'll have another thing coming!"

Caleb lifted up his laptop and followed her to the living room. "So what puts you in charge?"

"Oh, I believe the magical dragon god or whatever granted me the powers. What do you think?" She said sarcastically.

"He would never grant you any powers!" Caleb put his laptop down on the table.

"I don't need him to be strong," said Nadia. "It's just a game, Caleb. Take a break from it."

Caleb looked at her. "Just a game? We'll see!" He stormed off to his room.

Tarah saw the whole fight from the couch between them. "Wh-why is h-he so a-angry?" She put her book down, but then pulled it back into her arms.

Nadia sighed. "Eh, I don't know. Maybe his sword was shoved up somewhere." She sat down. "Whatcha reading?"

Tarah held up the book to save herself from having to talk.

"Cool," Nadia said, and then she grabbed Caleb's laptop and turned it on. "For someone so obsessed, you'd think he'd have brought this thing with him."

Tarah laughed. "Y-yeah. Y-you d-don't h-have to be s-so in-insistant, th-though. He has a r-right to pl-play when he h-has t-time."

Nadia shot her a look. "Please, I'm only trying to help the team. It's not my problem he takes it the wrong way."

Lucy walked into the living room with Marc. "Hey guys," she said. She sat down, but when back to help Marc up when he tripped.

"Thanks," he muttered. "Anyone seen Ralph and Red?"

Nadia and Lucy shook their heads.

Tarah said, "I th-think they're m-making out in th-the g-garden."

"Oh, how nice." Nadia went outside to search for them.

When she arrived in the garden, she saw Red sitting alone.

"Hey Red, where's Ralph?" She sat down next to her.

Red shrugged. "I really don't know. You'd think he actually liked me? I guess not." She sighed. "This always happens."

Ralph came walking over after swimming in the pool. "Oh, you girls need me to help carry you to the door? We don't want you to have to lift your feet."

Nadia glanced at Red, and then at Ralph. "You're a pig, you know that?"

Ralph grinned. "I've been told that, but most people love pigs." He winked, and then walked inside.

"Sorry about him," Nadia said to Red.

Red sniffled, and then smiled appreciatively. She was then in the confessional. "Ha! Ralph didn't do anything for me. But now," She made a throat cutting motion, "he is so dead."

Meanwhile with the Ducks...

"Chester, get me a towel! Now!" Holly was coming out of the pool, and Chester was helping her to get into an alliance with her. "And one for Polly, too!"

Chester came shuffling over, and handed a towel to Holly. She snatched it, and walked hautilty away to a chair.

"Thank you," Polly said as Chester handed her a towel. "Sorry for Holly."

Chester smiled. "No problem." He was then in the confessional. "Holly sickens me, but hey, she's hot, and I wanna win, so why not team up with her?"

Holly pulled out a magazine, and began to tan. "Chester, lemonade, now!"

Chester groaned, but then went to the kitchen to grab her a glass.

Polly sat down in the chair next to Holly. "You don't have to be so mean, Holly. He's really trying to be nice."

Chester arrived, and gave Holly her lemonade. Holly then reprimanded Chester for not getting her ice, and he went back to get her a whole new glass.

"Because," Holly began to explain, "it's not like he doesn't want to do this. He could stop. Just let him have his fun. I'm even helping him have his fun!"

Polly thought it over for a few seconds and then said, "You're right! You're so smart, Holly."

Holly smiled. "I know."

Pam, Heidi, Grace, and Raj were sitting in the living room.

"Chester is so sweet getting those drinks for Polly and Holly. I wish they wouldn't make him to do it though." Grace sighed. "I guess I can't stop it."

Heidi said, "It's really annoying that Holly thinks she can do that to him. It's like she doesn't even have any feelings."

"She doesn't," Pam said.

Raj chuckled. "You can say that again. Eh? Eh?"

Heidi stared at him. "No..."

Raj frowned. "Sorry."

"Oh, it's okay." Grace put her arm around his shoulder. "Not everyone can make a good joke. You shouldn't be sorry."

Raj didn't know whether he should have taken that as an insult or a compliment.

"I'm gonna go visit Eric," Heidi said.

Normally most people would think that it was for an alliance, but having seen last season, they agreed that Heidi and Eric had a thing.

On her way there, Heidi noticed a shadow coming from behind her, so she turned around. She didn't see anything. "Must have been my imagination..." She walked on, and finally reached the Sharks' living room. "Eric!"

Eric smiled as Heidi approached him, and gave her a hug. "Umm, hi."

"Hey." She sat down, and put her hand in his. "How's the team?"

Eric looked around the room at all of his teammates who were staring at him and Heidi. "Umm, good I think..."

Kelli scoffed. "Not really."

Boo was crying in his room.

"We have Mr. Misery over there, and Forget-Me-Always Blue." She glanced over at Regina, who smiled at her.

"Hi, Kelli!"

Kelli, although annoyed, smiled. "Hi." She was then in the confessional. "Okay, so sure, she annoys me, but the fact that she can put him with this people is a good thing. I respect her for that."

"Regina, why don't you go check up on Boo?" Luke asked. "He seems sad."

Kelli looked at him. She was then in the confessional again. "No, really?"

Regina shrugged. "He's always like that. Better let him get used to being alone. I might be gone soon. You. never. know."

Luke stared in disbelief at Regina's words, and Kelli face-palmed.

Rachel watched their actions and scribbled them into her notepad. She then twitched, and appeared in the confessional. "Milli! Yes! I love it! Love it!" She cackled until she fell from the seat. "Ow..."

Tommy looked at Kelli. "You know that you shouldn't hit yourself in the face, right?"

Kelli facepalmed again, and then went to the confessional. "I hate you, Chris!"

Sarah, feeling a little tension between Kelli and the others, put on her iPod. "Dance party!" She began to rave, and dance around, but then Kelli, Heidi, Eric, and Tommy cast her venomous looks.

She turned off the music. "Sorry." She sat sheepishly on a pillow on the ground, and plugged her earphones in.

Rachel went behind Kelli and pushed her to the ground. "Oh my God! You fell! Luke, you should totally help her up!"

Luke glanced at her uneasily, but still helped Kelli off the ground.

"Thanks," Kelli uttered, dusting herself off. "And Rachel..." She turned around. "What the hell was that?"

Rachel shrugged. "The wind?"

Kelli pushed her. "Bite me."

Rachel pushed Kelli back. "Hey! Maybe I should!"

Kelli recovered, and stood up. "Don't you dare!" She pushed Rachel again, and she fell into the hallway. Suddenly, she was pulled back, and disappeared.

"Rachel!" Kelli rushed after her, and was swept away, too.

"Anyone else wanna run after them?" Eric asked sarcastically. Nobody stepped up.

"Let's go upstairs," Heidi suggested. She was scared, very scared. The Sharks went upstairs, failing to realize that they were being followed.

The Spiders were having the same problem as well. Nadia and Red never returned to the living room.

"I didn't do anything! I swear!" Ralph argued. "Why would I do that?"

"C-cause, y-you're a c-conceited j-jerk," Tarah explained. She immediately regretted what she said, and buried her nose in her book.

"What did you say?" Ralph said. It wasn't a question, it was more of a command to answer. "You're the freak here, not me! You can't even go two words without your stupid stuttering! God! I'm leaving!" He began to walk down the hall, but he was pulled through a door on the side of the wall.

"Ralph!" Marc ran towards the door, but tripped. He heard growling sounds coming from the closet, and Ralph screaming.

"It's just Nadia and Red trying to scare us," Lucy said. She went to go prove her point, and opened the door. She was pulled in to, however, and began to scream.

"Lucy!" Marc tried to get up as the door opened once again, but tripped, and fell to the floor once more. "Go one without me!"

Caleb, Tiago, and Tarah rushed out of the room, leaving Marc to his doom. "Um, I wasn't being serious! Ugh!" He was pulled into the room. They ran all the way to the Ducks' living room.

"Guys!" Tiago shouted. "Our team was kidnapped!"

Holly rolled her eyes. "Please, tell me something that I actually care about."

"I'm not kidding! You have to believe me!"

Holly filed her nails. "I know that. I still don't care."

Polly glanced at Holly and then at Tiago. "You really are serious, aren't you?"

"Yes!" he shouted again. "They got pulled into a closet by something!"

"Okay," Holly said, "that just sounds stupid. Even to me."

Tiago caught his breath. "But I'm telling the truth! Look! I'll open your door!" He walked over to an identical door on the wall, and pulled it open. He was immediately dragged in.

"Run!" shouted Chester. He fled the room with Raj, Grace, Caleb, Tarah, and Polly.

"I'm not afraid of your little joke, Tiago." Holly walked over to the closet. "Nice try, I see y-" She opened the door and got dragged in.

Pam stood there, watching. He walked over to the couch, sat down, and turned on the television. "Aha, silly coyote. You'll never catch the bird."

A shadow figure creeped up behind him, and pulled a bag over his head.

"Do as you must," he said, agreeing to his fate. "I already know how this one ends."

The shadow dragged him across the floor and flung him into the closet.

The ones that had not been captured so far were Caleb, Tarah, Raj, Grace, Chester, Heidi, Polly, Regina, Boo, Sarah, Tommy, Eric and Luke.

Soon, Caleb, Tarah, and the Ducks had stopped at a hallway that turned right and left.

"Ummm, which way?" Raj asked.

Grace, Chester, Polly, and Caleb ran right. Tarah ran left. He decided to go with the majority.

The five running down the right hall had felt the chose the correct path, but stopped running, collapsed into each other.

"The shadow thing!"

The shadowy figure stooped over them, and with the help of two others, dragged Grace, Caleb, and Chester into a room.

"Raj, we have to go before they get back!" Polly shouted. She got up, and began to sprint and scream down the hall.

Raj got up, slowly as he hurt his leg, and looked back to see two shadows coming after him. "No!" He screamed, and was tackled to the ground.

Tarah reached a dead end in the other hall. "Cr-crap!" She looked around, and saw a door. "I g-guess..." She opened the door, and found a wine cellar. "G-great." She walked in, and was followed my Polly.

"Tarah! I'm here with you!" She walked beside her quietly, and Tarah glanced around.

"We h-have to f-find a w-way out!" Tarah looked around, and found nothing. "W-we're st-stuck here!"

Polly picked up a bottle of wine. "We don't have to be!" She grabbed another bottle, and handed it to Tarah. "We each take two, and throw one at the shadow if it comes close! Maybe we can scare it!"

Tarah nodded, and took another bottle. The two went up the stairs back into the hallway.

The Sharks were having even more trouble. Eric and Heidi had disappeared, and they forgot all about Boo.

"Poor Boo!" Regina cried. "He's all alone in his room, and the power's off now!"

Tommy shrugged. "It'll teach him to not be afraid of the dark at least."

"Oh yes," Regina began, "because being in the dark with ghosts would totally not be scary! For sure!" She walked ahead of Kelli, and went down the next staircase.

Sarah followed her, but Luke and Tommy continued upstairs.

While walking downstairs, Sarah and Regina saw Tarah and Polly.

"Guys! Guys!" Sarah rushed over to Tarah and Polly. "Why are you carrying wine bottles?"

Regina approached them. "To scare the ghosts away, probably."

Tarah and Polly nodded, and then heard Tommy scream.

"That's oddly high pitched," Sarah whispered. She was then in the confessional. "Really manly, dude."

"Ahhhhh!" Luke came dashing down the stairs, and pushed the girls out of his way. Three shadows came running towards them, and Polly threw a bottle, but missed.

"No!" She threw another, and missed again. She was tackled, and disappeared.

The next shadow took down Regina, and pulled her away, too.

"Run!" was her last word. Sarah immediately listened, and ran with Tarah towards Luke.

The last shadow came rushing towards them, and pounched Tarah.

"Tarah!" Sarah screamed. She went back for her, but was grabbed by none other than Chris. "Congratulations, Sharks! You win the challenge!"

Sarah kicked him in the shin. "You put us through all that for just a challenge?"

Chris grinned and nodded. "Of course! And the Ducks must go to elimination for having everyone captured first!"

One by one, the rest of the teens came out of their hidings spots. Holly was talking with Grace, Polly, and Heidi.

"Girl's alliance? We get Pam?"

Grace nodded. Polly nodded. Heidi was unsure, but agreed.

"Good, because I think we are way smarter than these boys."

Chester was waving stupidly at Holly, Pam was looking at his map, and Raj was picking his nose.

Holly was in the confessional. "Bye, sorry to see you go... Not really! You've been useless!"

The Ducks were sitting in their chairs in the garden, near a fountain.

"I have only six keys," Chris announced. "And there are five of you. To be honest, I'm a little upset. Two losses in a row? Tsk tsk. You're gonna really need some luck."

He threw a key to Holly and Chester. Then one to Polly and Grace.

"You guys are safe." He tossed one to Raj.

"One key left... It goes to..."



He flung it to Pam. "Heidi, you're out."

"B-but!" She stuttered. "Holly! Polly! Grace! We had a girl's alliance!"

Holly waved at her carelessly while applying lipstick. Polly frowned. Grace glanced at both Polly and Holly. "You tricked us?"

Holly shrugged. "Yep."

"Drama!" Chris said, interrupting that girls that were about to fight. "And high ratings! Heidi's been blindsided by Holly, and shockingly, not really anyone cares! With two losses, can the Ducks pull through? Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA FORTUNE!"

Before Heidi left, Eric rushed over. "I'm sorry you had to leave so early."

Heidi shrugged. "I guess it has to be. Sucks that Holly betrayed me. She probably got all of the new people to get me out."

Eric sighed. "Yeah." He stood there for a few seconds in silence, and then leaned in to kiss Heidi.

Heidi kissed him, and then pulled back. "Bye, Eric." She frowned, and then climbed into the taxi.

Eric waved as she pulled away, and then shot daggers at Holly.

"What? She was right. At least give her props for being smart."

The teams were now sitting in the dining hall, enjoying dinner.

"This food is really good!" Tiago praised.

"I know, right?" Regina chimed in. "But I feel like we're forgetting something..."

Boo walked out of his room, into the darkness. "Umm, hello? Guys? Where are you?" He looked around, but couldn't see anything. "I'm afraid of the dark!" He huddled onto the ground, rocked back and forth, and began to cry and scream.

Episode 4: H2Oar

Marc and Tiago were sitting in the kitchen.

"So," Marc said, "scary challenge, eh?" In truth, he didn't like Tiago. His over the top happiness really got on his nerves.

Tiago nodded quickly. "Yeah! But, we're all safe now, and that's all that matters!"

Marc agreed, and got up. He walked over, cleaned his dish, and walked slowly out of the room to avoid tripping.

Tiago followed him. "Wanna watch TV?"

"No," Marc said with the remote in his hand. "I'm just picking this thing up to control Nadia's mind." He sat down, and turned on Comedy Central.

"No need to be sarcastic," Tiago said with a frown. He sat down next to Marc.

"I wasn't."

Tiago looked at him, and then changed the channel. "I hate this show. It's so mean to other shows."

Marc changed the channel back. "It's funny."

Tiago switched it. "No, it isn't. It's just mean!"

Marc took the remote from him. "No, it is not mean! And for the record, you don't have to watch it!"

Tiago shot him a look and then walked to his room, steaming. Lucy came into the living room with Nadia and Red.

"What was that about?" she asked.

"He was being a baby," replied Marc.

Red slumped down next to Marc on the couch, and put her head on his shoulder. "Some people are just that way."

Nadia sat down in the armchair. "Yep. All they think about is what other people have done to them. It's annoying."

Caleb strutted into the room. "Ten time realm first, right here!" He sat down on a cushion chair near Nadia, but then scooted it over to Lucy.

"Oh, discreet much?" snapped Nadia towards Caleb's actions.

"I wasn't trying to be." He pulled out his laptop, and began to play a game.

Nadia was in the confessional. "Three days so far of him. And around six last time! This just sucks. Why am I always with him?"

Ralph strolled into the room. "I am here! Your lives are now fifty percent better!" He pushed Caleb out of his cushion, and sat down. "Anyone wanna go for a swim?"

Caleb rubbed his head, and got into a chair. "No, not really."

Tarah walked in. "Sure I g-gues."

Ralph shrugged. "Whatever." The two got changed and walked to the pool.

Nadia got up. "I don't want Ralph doing anything to her. I'm gonna go."

Red got up, too. "I'll go, too, then."

Marc shrugged, got up, and got changed, too.

The three walked out soon, and found Tarah in the swimming pool talking to Ralph. They hid behind a bush.

"So, an alliance, eh?" Ralph said. He knew that the three were there. He heard Marc stumble a little. Tarah had no clue, and she was just responding to Ralph's original request.

"I a-already s-said y-yes!" she whispered.

Nadia gasped, and then whispered, "Wow, you were right, Red! Ralph is horrible!"

Red was in the confessional. She was twisting her hair. "Oh, you Red, you don't even have to try anymore."

Nadia, Red, and Marc were sneaking back to the living room. When Nadia reached the doors, she shouted, "Ralph is trying to play Tarah!"

Tiago gasped. Caleb looked up.

The Ducks were having a lot more drama.

"Chester! Food, now!" Holly was lying in bed, reading a book. "And make it snappy!"

Chester came bounding into the room, holding a plate of pancakes and a glass of milk. "Here ya go, Holly!"

Holly didn't look at him. "Thanks."

Chester sat down on the ground. "So, why does Polly stay your friend?"

Holly gave him a look. "Why wouldn't she?"

Chester shrugged. "You're kinda bossy sometimes."

"Well she deserves it for what she did to me!" Holly hissed.

Chester craned his neck. "What did she do?"

Holly whispered, "Close the door and I tell you."

Chester got up, shut the door, and sat back down.

"Good. Now, last year in high school, Polly ran for prom queen, and she ignored me! We were best friends, and she flat out rejected me! Let's just say I'm taking care of that now!"

Chester gasped. "And all you did was be a little bossy?"

Holly sipped her milk. "Nope, I rigged the ballot so she would lose. I'm a lot more capable than you would think."

Chester nodded and smiled. He was then in the confessional. "Golden! Golden! Yes! Haha!"

Chester left Holly's room. "Hey, Polly, I have something to tell you!"

Holly heard him, and jumped out of bed. "Hiyah!" She jumped Chester, and tackled him to the ground.

"What is it?" Polly exclaimed rushing over to the scene. "Holly, why are you on Chester?"

Holly put her hand over Chester's mouth. "It's what he wanted to tell you! We're playing Dogpile!"

Polly blanked for a moment and then said, "Yay! I love that game!" She jumped onto the two, but Holly pulled away, leaving Chester under Polly.

"I have to go the bathroom!" Holly couldn't think of a better excuse. "I hope you two have fun!"

"Wee!" Polly exclaimed. She tried centering all her weight onto Chester. "Isn't this fun?"

"G-gr-al-" was all Chester could say, as he was choking under Polly.

Meanwhile with the Sharks...

"Shut up." Kelli was talking to Luke. "Just shut up."

Luke pouted, but listened. He was just recently talking about a disgusting topic, that cannot be mentioned in this narration of the show.

"Yeah, I mean, I'm all for babies and stuff, but that's just wrong." Regina crossed her arms. "And I know someone who carried her brother's triplets. It isn't as wrong as that."

Luke shook his head. "I've heard of worse."

Regina stared at him awkwardly. "Okay, let's move on!"

Boo walked in. "Hi guys... Is the scary stuff gone?"

"Boo!" screamed Tommy from behind him.

"Ahhhhh!" Boo screamed, cried, and ran off into the opposite hallway.

"What did you do that for?" Sarah asked. "You know how Boo is!"

Tommy shrugged. "It was funny."

Sarah stood up, and pointed her finger at him. "Trust me, I love to have fun, but not at the expense of others! Learns some respect!"

"I don't need your respect," Tommy said, "if I have the whole fan base of the soccer world."

"Well they obviously haven't met you in person then!" She walked off to go find Boo.

"Yeah..." Regina stood up and walked after Sarah.

Eric looked at Tommy. "That wasn't nice."

Tommy shrugged. "Whatever you say. But your girlfriend is gone, so I don't see why your standing so tall."

"A person doesn't need a boyfriend or girlfriend to be strong," Kelli growled. "People can be fine on their own."

Tommy sat down, and put his feet on the table. "Really, because by girlfriend seems to love to-" He was interrupted by a phone call.

"Challenge time!" Chris said as he answered it.

The Sharks, Spiders, and Ducks grouped at Chris' private pool.

"Now, does everyone see those poles?"

Everyone looked up and saw twenty-two poles suspended from a rope above the pool.

"Well, for today's challenge, you must last as long as you can, holding on to them! Everyone go get ready!"

Everyone climbed up to their poles, and got ready.


All the ladders below them collapsed, and they were forced to hang by their hands, or, in Tommy's case, legs.

Caleb immediately fell.

"You'd think after using those fingers for so long they'd be stronger," Nadia remarked.

Caleb stuck his tongue out and climbed out of the pool.

Five minutes went by, and Tarah, Tiago, Marc, Polly, Pam, Raj, Chester, Boo, and Rachel all fell.

"Wow!" Chris exclaimed. "You guys are weak!"

Ralph rolled his eyes. "They are." He then fell. "Shut up, everyone!"

Ten minutes passed. Sarah, Regina, Lucy, and Holly fell.

"Come on guys!" Sarah cheered from the side of the pool. "We got this!"

Grace fell.

"Woohoo!" Kelli, Luke, Tommy, and Eric dropped down.

Red dropped down after them.

"We're safe again!" Kelli yelled.

"Actually," Chris said, "today is a double elimination. I never said it wasn't! So the Spiders are the only team that's safe!"

Everyone but Ralph walked up to Red and gave her a hug.

Holly knew that she had to act fast. She talked to Grace. "So you're okay with that?"

Grace nodded. "I guess. I mean, if you're telling the truth about what they did to you. Then sure. I can't stand people who think they can get away with that."

Holly smiled. "Thanks."

The Sharks went to elimination first for having Boo be the first one to fall.

"Okay! Seven keys, eight of you! I assume you know the jist!" He threw keys to Kelli, Luke, Eric, Sarah, Tommy, and Regina. "Boo or Rachel? Who will it be? The final key goes to...



Boo! Rachel, you're out!"

Rachel shot up. "Wait, what? Why?"

Kelli addressed her with, "You pushed me out of a chair for no reason, and then blamed the wind! What did you expect?"

Rachel frowned. "I was only trying to get you and Luke together."

"If I wanted to be with Luke, don't you think I would have tried myself?"

Rachel sighed. "I guess you're right. But I guess from home I'll have even more time to ship everyone! Over here I had to put up with challenges. Bye guys!"

"What a pscyho... Ducks, over here now!"

The Ducks came over, and the Sharks left.

"You guys plain out suck," Chris said to them. "Really. What are you guys thinking? Anyway, first key to Grace! And then Polly! And then Raj!"

Pam, Holly, and Chester were left.

"Pam! You're safe! The final key goes to....



Holly! Chester, you're out!"

Chester stood up, but wasn't surprised. "Nice one, Holly. But guess what, you can't stop me now! Polly, Holly rigged the ballot so that you would lose prom queen!"

Polly gasped and turned to Holly. "Is that true?"

Holly looked at her. "Really? You actually believe him? He's such a liar!"

Polly thought it over, but then said, "Wait, but how would he have known I ran for prom queen in the first place? You did tell him!"

Holly said, "And what if I did?"

"Well then," Polly said, standing up, "you are so screwed!" She walked over to Chester. "Sorry for voting you off."

Chester smiled. "Oh, it's okay. It's not your fault."

Polly hugged him. "I hope that you return.

Chester chuckled. "Me, too!"

He walked down to the taxi, and got into it with Rachel.

"And there you have it!" Chris exclaimed with a grin. "Chester and Rachel are out, and Holly's true intentions have been revealed. But what will be the result of that? I don't know. But you can find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 5: Things Are Heating Up

Marc and Tiago were sitting on the same couch in the living room. Marc was shooting daggers at Tiago. He was still upset over what happened a while back over the television channels.

Tiago was glaring back at him, too, and was then in the confessional. "Why must people watch those mean shows? All they do is mock the great things in this world! I wish everyone could just get along." He sighs. "But I guess that will never happen."

Tarah was sitting in between the two. She began to giggle. "Wh-why are you g-guys g-giving each o-other f-funny looks?" She was in the confessional. "I l-love p-people wh-who m-make f-funny faces."

Marc looked at her. "We aren't making funny faces! We are giving each other looks!"

Tarah laughed. "F-funny l-looks."

Suddenly, Marc fell out of his chair. "What the hell was that?"

Tiago shrugged. "Must have been the wind."

Rachel, despite being out, was seen in the confessional. "I told you all!" She huffed. "Don't doubt me!"

Back with the Spiders, Nadia, Red, and Lucy were out by the pool, sitting on the edge.

"It's nice to be away from Ralph." Red sighed. "I guess I really shouldn't be complaining about him. It must annoy you guys."

Nadia put her arm around her. "Not at all!"

Lucy stared. "Actually, yes. It is getting annoying. Stop, please?"

Red looked up at her from her fake tears. "Wh-what?"

Lucy repeated herself.

Red began to fake-cry again. "I knew it! You guys hate me!"

Nadia rubbed her back. "Not at all! Lucy is just.... whatever."

"Hmph," Lucy muttered, and walked away.

Ralph approached the two. "Hey, ladies." He clicked his tongue.

"Don't you 'hey, ladies' us! What you did to Red was horrible!" Nadia stood in front of Ralph. "Pig!"

Ralph was in shock. "What? I haven't spoken to her for like, three days! Although, I must thank you for believing it was me who did that. It really is nice."

Nadia looked back and forth between Ralph and Red. "What do you mean you haven't spoken to her? She said that you rejected her!"

Ralph's eyes widens. "Me? Reject a hot chick? Please!"

Nadia turned her attention towards Red. "So, did you lie to me?"

Red looked at her. "Of course not! Why would I?"

Nadia looked at both of them. "One of you is lying, and when I find out who, oh they are so gone!" She marched angrily away, and didn't turn around to look at either of them.

Meanwhile, with the Ducks...

"You are such witch! Why couldn't you just let me have that one thing? Prom queen was all I wanted, and you ruined it! I used to be cute!" Polly motioned at herself. "Now I'm this!"

Polly and Holly had been arguing for most of the night, and Holly was officially bored. Polly kept going on on. She felt betrayed by how Holly acted, and the reasons for why she did it. Sure, she had ignored her a bit, but it wasn't permanent, but what Holly did could have made things in Polly's life go downhill.

"Just give it a rest!" Holly screamed. She walked down the hallway without another word. Anywhere was better than there. On her way down a single hall way, she came across a cracked wine bottle. "Gross." She looked down, and saw a pouch in it.

"Congratulations...You have found the golden key. What the key does is grant you immunity during a vote, meaning all votes cast against you are void..." Holly grinned maliciously. "Oh, am I going to have fun!"

She walked back to her team. "Hello, suckers! Say hello to your queen!"

Pam scoffed. "I don't listen to you."

"No," Holly hissed, "but you would listen to this!" She held up her golden key. "Here!" She slapped the note on the table. "Read it and weep!"

Her team gathered around the note, and they all read it.

"Crap," Polly groaned. "But whatever, we can just flush it out next time."

"But," Holly said, sitting down on the couch, "next time I have the only vote. So, who would like to get me some lemonade?"

Raj walked to the fridge.

"Don't do it, Raj!" Polly exclaimed.

Raj pouted, but opened the door. "I don't wanna go." He poured the lemonade, and brought it over.

Holly gladly accepted it, and drank some. "Why thank you, Raj. Your actions," she glared at Polly, "will be remembered."

Raj was in the confessional. "I've, umm, never really been good with the ladies. You know? I always get tongue-tied or something. I wanna try and get past that..."

Raj went back to the fridge and pulled out some chocolate. "Meh." He took a bite, and then another. And then another. "This chocolate is great!" He finished it all. He strolled over to Holly, and slid onto the couch. "Hey, there."

Holly was watching The Bachelor. "Hey."

He moved closer. "I heard that you're in power, now. That's hot."

Holly blushed. "Yes, well, I suppose it is."

He moved closer. "Don't suppose. Know it. Flaunt it. Because you can."

Holly smiled. "Thanks." She looked at Polly, and then back at Raj. "I like you. Wanna be my new best friend?"

Raj came off of his sugar rush. "Okay!" He grinned stupidly.

Holly's face fell, and then she was in the confessional. "Oh, fun. From dorky to dreamy, back to dorky."

The Sharks were getting along better than the Ducks.

"Boo, come on," Regina pleaded, "don't be afraid!"

Boo had shut himself off in his room because he had fell into the pool the night before and almost drowned.

"I don't wanna!"


Boo finally gave in. "Fine." He opened the door, and walked out.

Regina wiped a tear from his face. "There, there, I'm sure in your next life you'll be really strong."

"Wait, what?" Boo asked, worried.

"Nothing, nothing." Regina lead him over to the couch, and sat him down. She then sat down in a light blue cushion.

Kelli moved over to Regina and whispered, "How'd you do it?"

Regina said loudly, "I don't know. I can't really remember... I'm never good with those things."

Kelli sighed angrily, and then moved back.

Luke looked up at Kelli, "Why aren't you watching the show?" He frowned.

"I don't like Spongebob, forgive me," Kelli said sarcastically.

Luke gasped. "Why not?"

Kelli cocked her eyebrow. "Really?"

Luke looked back at the TV. "It's so funny!"

"It's a kids' show. You're how old?"


"Exactly." She got up and walked to her room in disgust.

Luke was in the confessional. "I don't know why she's grumpy! Maybe she just needs someone to be her friend! I know just what to do!"

Before Luke could take action, Chris called in, signaling the challenge. He told them to gather in the kitchen, and in a short while, all the teams were there.

"Welcome to the kitchen, my guests! For today's challenge, you will be making me dinner!"

"Are you kidding me?" Lucy groaned. "I feel like being that waiter that spits in the food."

Chris chuckled. "Oh, but if you did that your team would lose!"

Lucy grumbled, "Not like I give a crap."

Nadia said, "Come on, Lucy! We need to keep up a winning streak! I don't like him either, but we need to keep ahead!"

"Please," said Caleb, his laptop in his carrying bag. "We don't need luck! We're gonna win this challenge!" He was in the confessional. "And if we didn't Nadia would go!"

"Now, go get your supplies, and begin cooking!" Chris exclaimed.

The teams went into the nearby pantry, and began to discuss what to make him for dinner.

Polly, Grace, and Pam refused to discuss things with Raj and Holly.

"Well," Holly whispered, "I guess its up to us! We have to win this challenge so neither of us goes!"

Raj nodded, and suggested, "How about chicken parm?"

Holly agreed. "Let's get to work!"

"Wait!" Grace came running over. "Despite you being mean last night to Polly and to Chester, I don't think we need to lose another challenge. We're three people down, and the Spiders still have all eight, and the Sharks have seven. We can't afford to lose again. I'll help."

Holly grinned. "I knew you'd see my way."

Grace said, "I'm not seeing your way. I just don't want to lose another challenge."

Holly shrugged. "Whatever you say."

She walked off with Raj to begin cooking, and Grace gathered some of the ingredients.

Caleb was playing on his laptop. "Woohoo! Wow... This game is actually getting boring!"

Nadia was mixing a bowl of dough. "Well then, help us maybe?"

Caleb looked over to her. "I don't really want to help you."

"Well, help your team then!"

"Are you a part of it?"

Nadia blinked. "No, I'm not on your team. I'm just randomly working with your teammates during the challenge."

"No need to get so testy," Caleb remarked. "I'll help, happy?"

"Not anymore, no." She finished mixing. "Go get the sauce okay?"

"What are we making?" He went into the pantry.

"A pizza!" Marc shouted. He went over to wash his hands, but tripped and knocked all the dough to the floor. "Sorry!"

Nadia and Tiago bent down to clean up the mess.

Tiago glanced over at him. "Help, please."

Marc was reluctant, but he did as told.

By the time that they finished cleaning, Holly, Raj, and Grace already had their chicken in the oven. "Good work!"

Earlier, the Sharks had decided to make pasta alfredo.

"Don't worry, I got this," Kelli said. She didn't want to have to work with Luke, the idiot, Regina, the girl who could barely remember her name, Boo, the kid afraid of everything or Tommy, the jerk. She was fine with Eric and Sarah, and the two came over to help her.

"So, making pasta, eh?" Sarah was trying to break the tension.

"I couldn't tell," Eric said, killing the mood, if there ever was on to begin with.

"I'm just trying to get everyone talking," Sarah explained. "You don't have to stop every conversation, you know."

Eric shrugged, but didn't say anything otherwise.

Kelli was finished making the sauce. "Done! You guys done boiling the pasta?"

Sarah nodded, and held the bowl out.

Kelli poured the sauce on, and mixed the two together. "Okay, let's get this to Chris!" She ran over to Chris' table, and placed it gently down.

"Pasta alfredo!" Chris announced. "Looks good!" He put his fork into it, and ate a little bit. "Not that bad! Better than what Chef could ever do."

"Hey!" Chef barked from a room over. He was watching the Powerpuff Girls.

The Ducks had finished their chicken, and brought it over. "Yummy, but the Sharks are still in the lead. I guess it's up to the Spiders to see if they can pull off another win!"

Marc was sitting on the floor, away from the food. Tarah went over to sit with him. "H-hey, d-don't f-feel bad. It's n-not y-your fault!"

Marc scoffed. "Please, it's always my fault. Nothing can change that. I always seem to screw things up."

Tarah shook her head. "D-don't th-think that w-way. L-look at me! I've b-been t-told to j-just g-give up b-before, b-but, I d-didn't l-listen to the h-haters! L-look where I a-am n-now! On m-my f-favorite sh-show!"

Marc smiled gently. "I guess you're right. Thanks."

The Spiders had just finished their pizza, and they brought it over.

"Eww! Disgusting!" Chris spat it onto the table. "I hate parmesan cheese! The Spiders lose!"

Nadia was in the confessional. "Bye, Caleb."

Caleb was in the confessional. "Bye, miss queen, but your time in this kingdom is over!"

Tiago was in the confessional. "Umm, I don't really have anything bad to say about anyone..."

In the garden, Chris had seven keys on a tray. "Your first loss! Four days without losing anyone, and now you gotta kick someone off! But who's it gonna be? Not Lucy, Tarah, or Tiago!"

He threw the three of them their keys. "Yeah, Ralph, Red, here ya go!"

Ralph and Red caught their keys.

Marc, Caleb, and Nadia were the only ones left.


Marc tried to catch the key, but it hit his eye, and he fell over in pain.

"I have one key left," Chris announced, not even bothering to look at Marc, who was now whimpering. "It goes to.......



Nadia! Caleb, you are out of here!"

Caleb grunted. "This has to be a mistake! Nadia should be going."

Nadia waved. "Yes, the girl with less votes should totally go home. Bye now."

Caleb growled, and left in the taxi.

"Ohh, and Nadia wins out in the end!" Chris declared. "The Spiders have had their first loss, and the Ducks finally don't have to vote someone out! Could this be the beginning of a new beginning?" Chris stopped. "No... That sounds stupid..." He thought it over. "Could this be the end of the Ducks' losing streak? Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 6: Paint House

Nadia was sitting smugly in the living room, and Lucy was sitting next to her, looking upset.

"I can't believe I pulled that off!" Nadia put her legs up on the table.

Lucy glared at her. "Me, too."

"What's your problem?" Nadia glanced at her.

"I don't know, maybe you got rid of my friend?" Lucy threw a pillow at her.

Nadia caught it. "Not my fault he didn't help the team." She rolled her eyes.

Lucy threw another pillow. "He may not help, but at least he isn't rude!"

"Please, you didn't have to live with him last season."

Lucy groaned. "You were only with him for, like, two episodes, and then you got out!"

Nadia shrugged. "He was still annoying."

Lucy kicked the table angrily, and then grabbed her foot. "Crap!"

Nadia laughed. "Maybe you shouldn't get so upset."

Lucy stuck her tongue out, and left to talk to some people.

Nadia turned on the TV, oblivious to Lucy's plans.

Lucy walked up to Ralph. "Listen, I know you hate everyone here. So why not help me get out Nadia, who you must hate?"

Ralph was in the confessional. "Nadia is pretty annoying... She's probably good at math, too... To be honest, I hate everyone equally, but Nadia can be more hated."

Ralph and Lucy were seen shaking hands.

"Thanks," Lucy muttered, and then she went to her room.

Ralph approached Red. "Hey, adorable, can I talk to you?"

Red scanned the kitchen, and then nodded.

"Well, I know you're trying to get me out, and I'd just like to let you know Nadia is angry at Lucy... I can get her against you."

Red shrugged, and then walked towards him. "I'm not afraid of you... even if you are strong." She put her hand in his. "Are you strong?"

Ralph gulped. "Umm, I guess a little. I work out, you know?"

Red purred, and then walked to the living room. "Hey, Nadia!"

Ralph realized what was happening, and rushed into the living room. By the time he got there, Nadia was glaring at him.

"Oh, hi there, Ralph." She got up and walked to her room. Red grinned, messed up his hair, and then walked to her room, too.

"I'm screwed..." He shrugged, and then sat down. "Maybe Wipeout is on..."

Holly sat with the rest of the Ducks in the kitchen. "So, Polly, nervous?" She had a shrewish smile on her face.

Polly shook her head. "Of course not, you're gonna lose your idol as soon as we lose again."

"But," Holly waved the idol in her face, "I have the decision of who goes next!"

Polly shrugged. "If I go, I go. At least I'll know it was to get out out."

Holly frowned. "You know, Polly, I actually am kind of sorry about how I've been treating you."

"Really?" Polly didn't believe her one bit.

Holly nodded. "Yeah... I've been thinking, and I've been acting cruel. To prove my point," She walked over to the sink and held out her idol, "goodbye." She dropped it down the drain. "Friends again, please?"

Polly grinned, and ran over to her. "Of course!"

The two hugged, and went to Holly's room to talk.

Pam was in the confessional. "Bull, freaking, crap!"

Raj sat at the kitchen table now with only Grace. "Am I being replaced...?"

Grace said, "Well, if it's to make Holly nicer, isn't it worth it?"

Raj frowned, and then drank his apple juice, and poured his pancake with a large amount of maple syrup. He ate it all. "So, Grace, how are you doing?"

Grace replied, "Good, I guess. I'm worried about Polly. Holly is acting nice, but..." She stopped as she saw Raj winking at her. "Oh..." She blushed.

Raj cooed, "You look great you know."

Grace smiled. "Uh, thanks!"

Raj snapped out of it. "Are you gonna finish that?" He pointed at the pancake with his fork.

Grace's face fell. "No." She pushed the plate over to him, and walked out of the kitchen.

Raj looked suprised, and sniffled. "What did I do?"

Holly and Polly were talking in Holly's room.

"I really am sorry..." Holly pouted.

Polly hugged her tightly. "Oh, I don't care anymore! As long as you're sorry for what you did!"

Holly hugged her back. "I am."

Polly smiled, and walked to the door. "I gotta go to the bathroom."

Holly waved as Polly walked out, and then walked over to her laptop. "Oh, Polly, I really am sorry."

Meanwhile, with the Sharks...

"Just leave me alone!" Sarah screamed.

Tommy yelled back at her, "No! I want to know why you don't think I'm perfect!"

Sarah stopped, and turned back to him. "Really? You're pestering me about you being perfect! Ego, much?"

Tommy grunted. "Of course not, I don't have an ego."

"You actually do," Kelli said bluntly. "And it's pretty annoying."

"Please, even if I do, I'm better than Boo!"

Boo was coming out of his room. He whimpered, and then went back in.

"Great, thanks," Regina grumbled. She went over to his room, and walked in to try and comfort him.

"It's true! Okay? I'm probably better than all of you, too!"

Kelli shot up. "No, you are not!"

Luke stood up hesitantly. "Yeah... You probably aren't the best."

Tommy held out his arm on the table. "Really? Arm wrestle!"

Kelli locked hands, and easily defeated him.

"Well, I'm a soccer player, and you're a she-male! It isn't that unexpected!"

Kelli looked at him. "A what?" She held out her fist, ready to punch him.

"A she-male!" He held out both of his hands, ready to fight.

"You are so dead!" She began to chase him, but he was much faster. "You better hope I don't catch you!"

Regina was talking to Boo. "Come on... It isn't that bad. We're all your friends! Maybe, except for Tommy, but nobody likes him!"

Boo sniffled. "Are you sure?"

Regina smiled. "Yes." She grabbed his hand and led him out.

Boo immediately fainted. Kelli was hacking at the air with a lamp, aiming for Tommy.

Regina was in the confessional. "Why? Why me?"

Chris then called on the phone, and put a stop to the fighting. He told them to gather at the front door for the challenge.

When all teams arrived, Chris told them what to do, as he handed them all paintball guns.

"Now, whichever team loses all of their members first loses, and must vote someone off! Any questions?"

Grace raised her hand. "Umm, Chris, we only have five people... That's two less than the other team. Are you sure you can count?"

Chris grumbled, "Of course I can freakin' count..." He talked more loudly. "Yes, but because you just mouthed off at me, you must stick with that disadvantage!"

Grace was about to say something, but stopped when she received glares from her teammates. She whispered, "I didn't mouth him off."

"Now, begin!"

The teams all looked at each other, and then the firing began.

Kelli fired at Tommy, eliminating him.

Red and Ralph fired at each other, knocking down their team by two. Tiago then fired at Marc, who had tried to fire at him before, but missed and shot Sarah.

"Did we really just lose three people?" Nadia was in disbelief. She took up her aim, and fired at Polly, whom Holly dove in front off.

"Friends forever!" She smirked from the ground, and got up, dusting herself off. "Go Polly!"

Nadia the fired at Polly, who had no defenses.

Boo began firing randomly, afraid of all the gunshot sounds. He hit Lucy, Tiago, Regina, Eric, Luke, Grace, and Pam.

"You got this, Raj!" Grace cheered.

Raj nodded. He knew what he had to do. He lifted up his gun, aimed down his sights at Tarah, and then pulled the trigger.

Before the shot hit her, he was shot by Boo.

"Aw, shucks," he said, dropping his gun.

Chris declared that the Ducks had lost, and then he sent them to elimination.

Holly walked over to Grace. "Help me this one last time. I promise it'll pay off."

The Ducks sat in the garden, with everyone but Holly nervous.

"The first key goes to... Holly!" Holly caught it proudly.

"Next one to Polly... and Raj!"

They both caught their keys.

"One key left..." He pretended to toss it to both Pam and Grace, and then....




He threw it to Grace. "Grace is safe!"

Pam looked down. "I was warned of this. I guess it just wasn't my time, Map." He walked over to the taxi, and calmly walked in.

"Now, Pam is out, Holly and Polly are friends again, and Holly still has her idol! Could Holly manage to win over her team?"

Holly's eyes widened. Polly looked at her. "What did he say?"

Holly laughed nervously. "Oh, um, nothing."

Chris walked over to them. "Holly still has her idol, duh!"

Polly turned her attention to him. "She threw it in the sink drain!"

Chris chuckled. "Oh, silly Polly, she made a fake one! She still has the real one!"

Polly gasped. "Then... No!"

Holly got up, and began to walk away. "As I said before Polly, I'm sorry."

Polly got up, and grabbed her arm, causing her to stop. She pointed a finger to her face. "The first chance I get, you are out!"

Chris got excited from the drama, and decided to end the episode. "Holly and Polly are no longer friends, and Raj and Grace are swing votes! Will the Ducks win, and not eliminate Holly, or will they through the challenge? Find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 7: The Game of Sweet Revenge

Ralph sat on a lawn chair near the pool, talking with his ally, Lucy, and his newly acquired partner, Marc.

Marc laughed nervously at a joke Ralph had just told. "That was hilarious." He was in the confessional, breathing in and out slowly. "Okay, it wasn't, but I don't want to be targeted by him and Lucy!"

Lucy glanced at the two of them, and shook her head, disappointed in the joke. "No, it wasn't."

Ralph glared at her, but didn't say anything. He couldn't afford losing her. "Anyway, how do we expect to get the numbers? We only have two."

Lucy didn't take her eyes off her computer. "Count yourself, Ralph."

Ralph did the math, and said, "Oh, three."

Lucy rolled his eyes, and Marc nodded. "You're right! I gotta go to the bathroom, though." He got up, and slammed face-first into the cement. "Gah!"

Ralph looked down at him. "You're supposed to keep your head up, idiot."

Marc rolled his eyes, and got up. "Sorry, oh master."

Ralph smirked at the new title, and leaned back and relaxed.

Marc walked angrily away, seriously contemplating his alleigance. However, he decided to stick with Ralph, and felt he should talk to Tarah to get her vote.

Nadia was sitting in her bedroom with Red and Tiago.

"So Tarah's the swing vote?" She asked.

Red nodded.

Tiago looked at the door. "Umm, guys, isn't this a little mean?"

Nadia shot him a look, but said nothing.

Red answered, "Not at all. Ralph broke my heart!"

Nadia agreed, and then said, "Who's gonna talk to Tarah?"

Tiago raised his hand hesitantly. "I guess... It couldn't hurt."

Polly was chasing Holly around the Ducks' area. "You are going to pay!"

Holly stopped. "You know what? Fine! I will throw the freaking idol out!" She walked over to the sink once agian, and chucked it down. "Happy?"

Polly screamed, "Of course not! That was a fake!"

Holly flicked the garbage switch. "No! It wasn't!"

Polly clawed at her. "It wasn't!"

Holly retreated to her room, and slammed the door. "Go die, you fat cow!"

Polly was taken back by those words, and began to cry. "I am a fat cow, aren't I?" She ran over to the couch, and began to spill her tears into one of the cushions.

Grace rushed over to her, and put her arm around her, pulling her face up. "Polly! Don't listen to her. You're better than her! Look how good your doing without her!"

Polly cut off from her loud sobs, and looked at Grace. "Y-you're right." She smiled. "You're right! I don't need the bossy meanie! I can do fine on my own!"

Grace smiled at her, and pat her on the back. "That's the spirits! Now, I'm gonna go to the bathroom." She got up and left.

Raj came over with a smudge of chocolate on his mouth. "Hey, Polly, what's wrong?" He moved close to her.

Polly shrugged. "Holly is just.... ew." She sighed, and then sniffed. "I'm okay, though, don't worry."

Raj moved even closer. "I'm sure you're okay... Maybe even great." He smiled cooly, and put his arm around her.

POlly blushed and was in the confessional. "Oh my God! A boy likes me! EEEEEEE!"

Polly was grinning stupidly at Raj, who leaned in for a kiss. He was inches away before he became normal. He gasped, and fainted.

Polly sighed and got up. "It's always me, isn't it?" She walked away, not even bothering to make sure he was okay.

The Sharks were actually sitting in peace. Everything was quiet, as Sarah was listening to her music with her headphones.

"So..." Eric said awkwardly. "Winning streak, eh?"

Kelli groaned. "You idiot. You just jinxed us!"

Eric shook his head. "Nah, not really."

Kelli shot him a horrible look, and then went back to the television.

Suddenly, the power went off, and the room turned pitch black.

"Heeeeeelp!" screamed Boo. He was heaving and panting. "Heeeeelp!"

Regina rushed over to comfort him, but tripped and scratched his leg.

"Heeeeelp!" he cried again. He kicked at whatever clawed him, and pain shot through Regina's head.

"Gah!" She rubbed her head. "Boo, it's just me!"

Boo was about to apologize, but then the room began to move downwards, through the floor. Just as soon as the room stopped, lights flashed on, and they saw they were in a room with a giant board game.

"Where are we?" asked Nadia.

Chris came out from the one dark spot in the room. "We are in one of my basements! As you can see there is a giant board game right in front of you!"

"S-so, w-we're g-going to p-play a g-game?" Tarah got out.

"Nope!" Chris said. He motioned his hands towards the shadows behind him, and out stepped Gerard, Heidi, Rachel, Chester, Caleb, and Pam.

"They will be battling for a chance to redeem themselves! Each team will pick one of them, and they will play the board game. Whoever wins joins the competitions, and the two losing teams face elimination!"

Ralph gulped.

"Okay, since the Sharks won last time, they pick first!"

Sarah immediately claimed Heidi for her team. "What?" she said when she received looks from her teammates. "She was nice, and Eric likes her, so why not?"

Eric smiled. "Thanks."

"Spiders, your turn to choose!"

Lucy said Caleb's name quickly. "You'll be back in soon!"

Caleb grinned, and struggled to put his computer down. "I'm not sure if I can do it..."

"You'll be able to play later, Caleb!"

Caleb noded, and boldly put his computer down. He stepped up to his color, and Heidi followed.

"Okay, Ducks, choose!"

Polly exclaimed, "Gerard! We choose Gerard!" She was then in the confessional. "Okay, so Gerard is horrible at challenges, so if I choose him, Holly goes home. Bye bye, Holly."

Gerard stepped up to his color, and Chris pulled out a deck of cards. "Okay, so I will draw everyone's card! Your goal is to get into your 'home' base, but you need the exact number to get there! Also, there's a special card in this little deck... First card for Heidi... five!"

Heidi stepped five spaces. Twenty-five more to go.

"Three for Caleb!"

Caleb stepped three. Twenty-seven more.

"One for Gerard!"

Gerard stepped once, and sighed. He was in the confessional. "Yeah, I lose."

"Another five for Heidi!"

Heidi moved five more spaces, and was twenty away.

Caleb got five spaces, too, and was now twenty-two away.

Gerard moved up one. Twenty-eight more to go.

Heidi got a one. "Well, I'm pretty far ahead, so..." She shrugged.

Caleb got a three, and was now tied with Heidi. "Hey there."

Heidi looked away. "I'm still angry at you. What you did last season was not cool!"

Caleb rolled his eyes. "Leah voted for you, I didn't."

"But you caused- You know what? Screw it!" She waited for her number to be called.

Gerard got a two, and was now twenty-six away. "Is this a sick joke, Chris?"

Chris chuckled, and drew Heidi's card. "Four!"

She moved up four spaces, happy to be away from Caleb.


Caleb smugly moved up three. He was now sixteen away, and Heidi was fifteen.

"One for Gerard!"

"Are you freaking kidding me?" He groaned, but moved up. Twenty-five away.

Heidi got a five, and was ten away. "I'm actually going to win!"

Caleb got a four. Twelve away.

Chris drew Gerard's card. "Oh, oh, oh, look what I have here! The 'Apologize' Card! Gerard gets to pick someone to switch spaces with!"

Gerard cheered. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I choose Heidi."

Heidi pouted and switched places with him.

"Heidi, I apologize."

She shot him a look, and just sat down.

"Heidi gets a four!"

She walked forward, now twenty-one away. "Ten to twenty-one... God."

Caleb got a five, and moved up to seven.

Gerard got a three, and moved up to seven as well.

Heidi got a five. Seventeen away.

Caleb got a three. Four away.

Gerard got a two. Five away.

"Remember, Caleb and Gerard, you need exactly the number of spaces until the end to reach the end!"

Caleb laughed as if it didn't affect him.

Heidi got a four, and moved up to thirteen.

Caleb got a three, and got to one away. "Yes! Yes! Next card and I win!"

Gerard got a two. "Three away..."

Heidi got a four, and moved to nine. "I'm catching up!"

Thing were getting intense. Caleb got a two, but couldn't move. Gerard got a two again. Heidi got a five, and moved to four.

Chris pulled up Caleb's card. "Could this be the end?" He flipped it. "Nope, a three." He pulled up Gerard's card. "Gerard got a one! Gerard wins, and the Ducks win with him!"

Holly rushed over to Gerard and gave him a hug. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm safe!"

Gerard grinned. "Your welcome."

"Time for the Sharks and Spiders to eliminate someone! Sharks first!"

Everyone sat in their chair nervously. The most nervous was Sarah, as she picked the person who lost.

Chris, however, tossed her the first key.

"What? I didn't get any votes?"

Chris shook his head, and then threw keys to Boo, Regina, Luke, and Eric. "Tommy. Kelli. One of you is going home... That person is not....



............ Kelli! Tommy, you're out!"

"How?" He threw his bag to the ground. "I'm the best person on this team!"

Sarah laughed. "Now do you see the reason?"

Tommy turned towards her. "What do you mean? It's the truth!"

Boo looked up at him, actually showing some signs of anger. "A person who is the best doesn't need to rub it in. They know it themselves, and others can know it without them having to constantly repeat it. I've been afraid of you Tommy..." He coughed. "But you're out now! One less thing for me to worry about!"

Tommy was about to punch him, but Leah and Chef held him back. The dragged him to the limo, and threw him in.

Regina hugged Boo. "You stood up for yourself!"

Boo didn't say anything back. He had fainted.

"Spiders, time to eliminate someone!"

The Spiders came in, and everyone sat down. Chris threw keys to Tarah, Tiago, Ralph, Nadia, and Marc. "Lucy. Red. One of you is leaving tonight.... It is not...




Red! Lucy, you're out, sorry."

Lucy shrugged. "I guess I should've seen this coming. Friends really can be the downfall for you, eh?" She walked away without saying any goodbyes.

Chris smiled. "Oh, pity the fools. And speaking of fools, for once they actually won! Let's see how they reacted!"

The Ducks' confessionals were shown to the viewers, but not the other contestants.

Grace was sitting in the confessional. "So, we won! For once, my team may actually pull something off! I like them all... but some of them...."

Holly was next. "Yeah, so sucks for my team, I'm still here! And Polly thinks she can get rid of me? Please!"

Raj laughed nervously. "That sugar... Haha. But still, a win! Woohoo! Right?"

Polly was sitting with her legs crossed. "Holly knows that when that idol is gone, she'll be next! Even if I get out, at least I know she'll be coming with me!"

Gerard was shaking his head. "No more mister nice guy. I'm here to win. If I can't do challenges, maybe I'll have to find some people to win them for me."

Chris cut the videos off. "Drama! Will any of these contestants achieve their goals? Probably not! But I guess you'll find out on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!

Episode 8: Terms of Agreement

Nadia was sitting with Tarah in the kitchen, upset. "I just feel like I can't trust anyone. You know?"

Tarah looked up from her book. "Y-yeah. I kn-know what you m-mean."

Nadia sighed. "Ever since I was a kid, I was picked on for being the 'smart Indian girl'. It sucks. I've never felt like I could really trust anyone."

Tarah reached out and cupped her hand. "It's o-okay. Everyone f-feels the s-same at some p-point."

Nadia smiled, and reached for her empty glass. "I'm gonna clean up." She began to wash the dishes when Tiago walked in. "Hey, Tiago."

Tiago sat down without replying. He was then in the confessional. "I swear, this whole team just likes to put everyone down! Marc is so sadistic! And Tarah can barely talk!"

"What's wrong with you?" asked Nadia. She went to go sit down next to him.

Tiago glared at her. "Don't worry. It's just Marc."

As if on cue, Marc walked in. "Well, hello."

He sat down next to Tarah.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Tiago hissed.

Marc chuckled. "If you believe so much in being nice, why are you acting like a jerk?" He smirked.

Tiago shot him a look, got up, and walked out. Marc followed suit to begin an arguement.

Tarah glanced at Nadia. "S-so. H-how about the w-weather?"

Gerard was sitting his room with his whole team. "So, I'd like to talk to you all, about why you voted me out. Holly, you start."

Holly shrugged. "You were useless."

Gerard remained as emotionless as Kristen Stewart. "Okay. Polly?"

Polly twiddled her fingers. "I mean, you were nice, but you couldn't do anything useful..."

"So he was useless," Holly explained.

"I didn't say that!" replied Polly.

Gerard sighed. "You implied it. Moving on, Grace?"

"Same as them, honestly." She frowned. "Sorry for voting you out."

"And I just kinda hopped on the bandwagon," Raj said.

Gerard got up. "Well, okay, thanks for the info." He walked out of the room, and was then in the confessional. "Polly, seriously? I know you were trying to be nice, at least Holly didn't try to sugarcoat things. I hate when people act nice, but are really being mean."

Grace crossed her legs as Holly, Polly, and Raj left. Gerard walked back in. "Hi, Gerard," she said. "I need to ask a favor..." She then went into detail about Holly's treatment of Polly. "She's been nothing but mean to her, and has been mean to generally everyone. I'd say her only friend was Raj, but even that might be a stretch. And I really just want our team to get along." She pulled some hair away from her eyes. "Would you help me?"

Gerard nodded. "Sure, I guess. If Holly really is everything you say she is."

He left the room to go talk with one other person before he decided who to help.

Boo finally got out of his room and was sitting on the couch with Eric, Regina, Luke, and Sarah. Kelli was in the gym lifting weights.

"So, Boo, you really stood up to Tommy!" Eric gave him a smile.

Boo coughed. "Yeah, I guess I did. But what if he returns?" He shuddered.

Sarah grinned. "Thankfully, he won't!"

Kelli walked back. "What's going on guys?" She was in the confessional. "They're probably planning to get me out. I'm really strong, and the merge is coming up. They probably think I'm a threat."

Luke smiled. "Not much. How about you?"

Kelli shrugged. "Just finished lifting weights."

"Cool," Luke said. "I lift weights, too."

Kelli looked impressed. "Really? Let me see what you got."

Luke cautiously pulled up the sleeves of his shirt and sweatshirt.

Kelli reached down and felt his arm. "Not bad." She nodded with a smile, and turned away to go to her room.

Luke stared in confusion. He was in the confessional. "What just happened?"

Luke glanced at Eric and Sarah. "Can either of you explain that?"

Sarah said, "Not really. Maybe she has a crush on you." She giggled at the thought.

Luke looked a little disturbed. "But she's so... man-ish."

Eric stared at him. "Umm... Luke?" He pointed to the hallway.

Kelli was standing there, her eyes misty. She slowly backed into her room and slammed the door shut.

"Smooth," said Eric.

Regina rushed into Kelli's room. "Kelli, it isn't true!"

Kelli looked up at her. "Yes it is, you know it is!"

Regina sat down next to her. "No, it isn't. You shouldn't beli-"

"Challenge time!" screamed Chris over the newly installed intercom.

The teams gathered in a brightly lit room, with a stage that had fourteen cases on it.

"Welcome to Terms of Agreement!" announced Chris, who was standing in a suit with a bald cap on.

Regina looked around. "This looks a lot like Deal or No De-" Chris shushed her.

"That's copyrighted! Shush!"

Regina pouted, but kept quiet.

"I'll explain how this worked." Chris motioned the fourteen models to come down to the contestants.

Ralph whistled.

One model stuck her tongue out at him. "Pervert."

"Now," Chris said, "every round, you will pick a case. Each case has an immunity card in it, except for one that carries a fail card. Whichever team picks the fail card loses!"

The teams quickly understood the rules and grouped up at the stage.

"Well," Polly began to say, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna sit out so we can vote off Holly."

Raj went to go sit down, as he was tired. He had too much chocolate the night before.

Grace agreed with Polly and sat down, too.

"Why is everyone sitting down?" Gerard asked Holly.

"Because they're losers," Holly hissed.

"You can begin!" Chris shouted. "Spiders, then Ducks, then Sharks!"

Nadia picked case twelve for the Spiders. Inside was an immunity card. "Yes!" she cheered.

Holly picked case nine. Inside was another immunity card. "Great!" She smiled quickly at Gerard. She was in the confessional. "Okay, so I figured I needed somebody on my good side, and since Gerard is clueless as to why my team hates me..."

Gerard high-fived Holly. "Nice!"

Sarah picked case two for the Sharks. There was an immunity card inside. "Nice!"

Marc picked five for the Spiders, and got an immunity pass.

Cases one, three, four, six, seven, eight, ten, eleven, thirteen, and fourteen remained.

Gerard picked three and got an immunity card.

Boo slowly pointed at case eight and got an immunity pass.

Ralph pushed his team out of the way. "That's it! I choose now! I pick case thirteen!"

The model opened the case, and revealed the fail card. "Oh, I'm sorry." It was the same model that had stuck her tongue out at him. "Karma really sucks, doesn't it?" She smiled smugly.

"And the Spiders must vote someone off!" Chris announced, despite it being clear that they lost.

The Spiders all sat angrily in their chairs in the garden.

"Well," Chris said, "one of you will be going home tonight." He tossed a key to Nadia, and then to Tarah. "You are safe." He tossed another to Red and Marc. "Tiago... Ralph.... one of you is going home.... That person is...




Tiago! You're out!" He threw the last key to Ralph who caught it graciously.

"How?" Tiago cried. "But Ralph lost us the challenge!"

"And you're a hypocrite," scoffed Marc. "Mr. Nice Guy ain't so nice."

"I'm the nicest person on this team!" He stomped his foot.

"You completely ignored me at breakfast!" Nadia retorted.

"It's tr-true," Tarah stuttered. "You w-were r-really r-rude."

"You guys are hopeless!" Tiago grabbed his bags and stormed to the car.

"Wow, shocking!" Chris exclaimed with glee. "So Marc got his way! Red and Ralph seem to be okay with each other, and Nadia feels like a loner! How will this team work out? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 9: Web Kins

Red and Ralph were sitting in the living room.

Red leaned in close to Ralph. "So, having fun?"

Ralph laughed. "Yeah, almost being screwed over because of you is real fun."

Red chuckled and grabbed for the remote. "Well, if Nadia and Tarah didn't believe my lies, it wouldn't be fun for anybody."

Ralph glared at her and took the remote. "I'm choosing the channel, you've done enough."

Nadia coughed from the kitchen doorway.

Red turned her head sharply in her direction. "Nadia?"

Nadia shot her a look and then retreated back to talk to Marc and Tarah.

Red shot up from the couch and began to run to the door. "Crap! Ralph, help me!"

"Why should I help you?" Ralph scoffed. "You tried to get me out.

Red stopped dead in her tracks. "Because," she said turning around, "if I go, you'll go next. Nadia and Tarah are friends, and Marc will vote with them."

"Fine," groaned Ralph. He got up and followed her through the door.

"Nadia!" Red barged through the door and ran up to her. "It wasn't what you think it was!"

Nadia ignored her.

"Listen," said Ralph. "We were-" he gulped, "LARPing."

Tarah giggled, but Nadia looked confused.

"What's that?"

Tarah stopped giggling and said, "It's l-live action r-role p-playing."

Ralph's face fell and he seemed to be annoyed. "Yes. It isn't funny."

Red was embarrassed as well, but was more so faking it. "So see? Do you believe me Nadia?"

Nadia nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I believe you."

Red smiled and left with Ralph.

Nadia was in the confessional. "I do not believe her! She thinks I would fall for that routine? A day ago her and Ralph were at each other's throats! Why would they be playing together today? Nuh-uh. Not happening."

Holly and Gerard were eating in the Ducks' kitchen. Raj was in his room, and Grace and Polly were in the living room.

"So," Holly said, "what am I going to do?"

Gerard put down his spoon. "Well, you could start with telling me why they hate you. Before I left... you seemed nice? Maybe creepy."

Holly sighed. "Polly hurt me, so I decided to hurt her."


"Well." Holly glanced to make sure the door was shut. "When we were in school, she ran for prom queen, and began to ignore me, and I just felt so alone." She had a touch of sadness in her voice.

"And? Obviously you could get over that."

"I did... but then she started dating someone, and I was even more alone. I had no friends." Holly sniffled. "So... I rigged the ballot so she wouldn't win. I figured if she lost, she would be my friend again."

"And I'm guessing it worked... But why do you still hate her?"

Holly said, "Well she became my friend again... but she said I wasn't supportive, and put the blame on me."

Gerard blinked. "But you did rig it. It was your fault."

"I know it was, but it wasn't because I didn't like her; it was because I was alone and wasn't thinking, and she just said I was the one not being a friend."

Gerard shrugged. "I guess you both did wrong, but you still shouldn't have rigged it. Maybe if you just came clean, you two could be friends again?"

Holly shook her head. "No. Just no. She would never."

But Gerard ignored her. "Polly! Come into the kitchen, now!"

Polly slowly dragged herself into the kitchen, upset that she had to be near Holly. "Yeah, Gerard?"

"Holly has something to tell you." He looked over to her. "Go on."

Holly breathed in and said, "Well, Polly. Remember when you were running for prom queen?"

Polly nodded, unsure of where this was going.

"Well... I felt alone, and ignored. I felt like I had no friends... so I rigged it so you would lose."

Polly gasped. "You what?"

Holly hung her head. "I'm not proud of it, but you were seriously hurting me. A lot."

Polly was angry, but was sad at the same time that she had let her ex-best friend down. "Well, why didn't you just tell me then?"

Holly looked back up at her. "I tried, but you were so caught up with Steve that you were always gone. I barely saw you."

Polly was unconvinced, but still felt bad. "Fine, I guess I'm sorry I treated you that way, but you were horrible while we were here!"

"I know I was," Holly said. "I'm sorry for that. Can we please just be friends again?"

Polly thought it over. "Only... if you give me the idol."

Holly shot up from her chair. "Hell no! I may want to be friends again, but I'm not throwing away my shot at winning this game!"

"Well fine!" Polly screamed. "I guess we can't be friends! You selfish cow!" Polly rushed out of the room and slammed the door.

"So..." Gerard said awkwardly. "Polly next?"

Holly gave him a death glare. "You really had to ask."

Gerard smiled innocently. He was then in the confessional. "Okay, so if I team up with Holly... I get a target on my back, but I also have the idol on my side. All me and Holly need is a third for our numbers, and we can keep the idol until the merge. I guess we have to sway Raj to our side."

However, Grace was already working on Raj. She had just went into his bedroom to talk to him. "So, Raj, how are you feeling?"

"I guess fine, thanks." He moved over on his bed so Grace could sit down. "Why are you here?"

"Listen," Grace said, "we have to get rid of Holly. She is such a negative force on this team, and we'd all be happier without her here."

Raj nodded in agreement. "But she has the idol."

Grace smirked. "That's true, but we could force her to play it. We hint that we're going to blindside her, and she plays it. But instead, we vote out Gerard."

Raj grinned when she finished the plan. "Excellent. Great idea."

Grace smiled at him, and then waved. "Well, I'm gonna go tell Polly. Bye, sweety."

As soon as Grace had left, Gerard came swooping in. "Hey, buddy."

Raj was taken aback by Gerard coming in, but stayed cool. "Oh, hi."

"Would you mind helping me and Holly in the next vote?"

Raj laughed. "Help Holly?"

"Yeah," Gerard said back. "We only need to keep her for one vote. I'll tell her to play her idol, but instead we vote out Polly."

Raj was confused. "Why Polly? She's so nice."

"For exactly that," explained Gerard. "She's so nice that people won't target her. She'll make it to the end easily!"

Raj thought it over and nodded. "You're right. So me, you, and Holly vote Polly. Holly plays the idol, thinking I'm voting her, and we vote her out next?"

Gerard nodded. "Exactly! Gerard winked at him and then left.

Raj was in the confessional. "I don't know what to do... Holly is hot and stuff, but she's mean. Polly is nice... but she could be a threat. Who do I side with?"

Sarah and Eric were sitting in the Sharks' living room.

"So, Eric, you've been without Heidi a lot in these seasons... How are you guys doing?" Sarah asked him.

Eric shrugged. "We're pulling through. We don't get to see each other much, so it's tough, but we don't want to give up on each other."

Sarah smiled. "That's so romantic."

Eric smiled shyly. "I guess so. So, do you have any special someone?" He shifted in his seat.

"No, not really. I used to, but we broke up between this season and the last."

"Why?" Eric asked, not realizing he was intruding.

"I'd rather not say," Sarah mumbled. "It still hurts."

Eric said, "Oh."

The two sat in silence for a little bit, but then Luke walked in.

"Oh, wow, look who it is. Mr. Makes Girls Cry!"

Luke grunted. "How was I supposed to know she had a crush on me?"

"She was feeling your muscles! Seriously!"

Luke frowned. "I just thought she was comparing strength."

"How stupid can you be?" Eric added. "I'm not really big on cues, but even I can tell that."

Luke frowned even more and said, "Well, I'll just leave then, since it seems I'm not wanted."

"It doesn't seem like you're not wanted. You really just aren't wanted," Sarah called to him as he left.

Kelli walked into the room and pouted. "Oh guys, leave him alone. He d-didn't know that I l-liked him." She sniffled and wiped away tears from her misty eyes.

Sarah became upset at that, and practically screamed, "Nobody deserves what you got! He should be ashamed! I swear, if we lose, he's going home."

Kelli sniffled once more, and left without saying anything else. She then was in the confessional. "So, Luke, what's it like being the outcast? Ain't fun is it? But luckily for you, you won't be the outcast for long, since you're going home! Ha! Oh, and when you're watching this from your couch, I never liked you. I was just setting you up."

Boo and Regina sat near the pool.

"Okay, Boo, all you have to do is put your toes in for now." Regina tried pushing slowly.

Boo fought back. "I don't wanna! I don't wanna!"

Regina faced him. "You will put your toes in that water and you will like it! So help me God if you don't!"

Boo quivered under Regina's rage and cautiously put his big toe into the pool. "Hey, that's... nice."

Regina smiled. "I know, right? Now put your foot in!"

Boo shook his head nervously and stuck his foot in. "I'm kinda cold."

"That's because you need to put your head under!" Regina pushed him into the pool and smiled. "Everybody needs a little encouragement."

Boo began screaming. "Help! Help! Help! I can't swim! I can't swim! I'm drowning!"

Regina looked at him oddly. "You can stand."

Boo calmed down and put his feet to the bottom of the pool. "Oh, yeah."

"Cannonball!" Regina shouted and she jumped in, landing next to Boo and splashing him with water.

"Ahh!" he screamed, but he didn't leave the pool.

Regina began laughing.

"Why are you laughing? That was so scary!" Boo pouted.

Regina chuckled. "Lighten up." She splashed him again. "See, it's not scary!"

However, by the time the water had settled, Boo was out of the pool and was running into the house.

"Wuss," Regina muttered.

Soon, everyone was back inside and we're getting ready for the challenge.

Chris called them outside into one of his many backyards. Each team was face to face with a giant spider's web.

"What do we have to do?" asked Eric.

"I was just getting to that," Chris said angrily. "Now, if you will let me," he shot them all looks showing that they have to let him, "for today's challenge, you must climb through these webs. But after the first person goes through one of the openings, the opening closes." He motioned his hand to the camera, and one of the web's openings closed shut with a metal door. "Now, ready, set, go!"

The Spiders rushed quickly to the small web, and were trying to get people over.

The Ducks had Grace keep her hand in the web as the others climbed through.

The Sharks were using the same method as the Spiders.

In a short while, Nadia was the only one over for the Spiders, so she called to them. "Guys, try and copy the Ducks!"

The Ducks already had everyone through except for Grace who was climbing through now.

"Guys, faster!" Kelli was lifting her team over, and had thus far gotten Sarah, Eric, and Regina over. "Boo, don't be afraid! Seriously!"

Boo shuddered, but let Kelli grab a hold of him. She threw him over, and Eric and Sarah caught him.

Grace was now through, and the Sharks and Spiders were battling for second place.

Red and Ralph were now through.

"G-get, through, M-marc!" Tarah exclaimed. She was holding open the door for him, and he was climbing through. Just as he was almost through, he hit Tarah's hand, and she retracted it, causing the door to slide onto Marc's leg.

"Augh!" He fell through, but his leg was bleeding, and he was curled up on the ground.

"The Spiders and the Ducks are both safe! Sharks, you'll be sending someone home!"

At the elimination ceremony, all of the Sharks were nervous. Chris was holding the tray of keys, and Luke was shivering from nervousness.

"Now," Chris began, "someone will be going home tonight." He began to toss the keys. One to Regina. One to Kelli. One to Sarah. One to Eric. The bottom two were now Luke and Boo.

"Wait," Luke exclaimed. "There's two keys left!"

Chris nodded. "Yes, there is. Because both of you are safe!"

He tossed them both their keys.

"I don't understand, though," Luke said.

"Shocking," Sarah muttered. Eric laughed along with her.

"Well," Chris said, "someone is going home, but that someone is Marc!"

Marc came limping over with his broken leg. "I'm out because I my leg got infected from the metal." He groaned.

Chris smiled at Marc's disappointment. "Yep, Marc is out, and all of you are safe!"

Marc limped over to the limo, and waved goodbye.

Chris turned his face to the camera. "Well, Marc is out! How will the Spiders get along with their team split in two? Who will Raj side with on his team? And who would have gone home tonight if Marc didn't go? Find out the answer to all of these questions but the last one on the next TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Chapter 10: Pole-ish

Nadia was sitting alone in her room, thinking about the game. She then left her room to go to the confessional. "So, I'm on a team with Ralph and Red, who I cannot trust at all at this point. And Tarah... She's nice, but she doesn't talk much. She tries to avoid doing it." She sighs. "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to shake things up." She grins, and leaves the confessional.

Ralph was in the kitchen, eating eggs. Soon, Nadia walked in.

"Hey, Ralph," she said as she sat down. "I noticed... Red seemed really upset at you, but then you guys were playing a game. How did you manage to get her to forgive you?"

Ralph laughed nervously. "Oh, I just kinda apologized to her. You know, really nice-like."

Nadia smiled and stared at him. "Aww, that's so sweet of you! You must be a really nice guy, eh?"

"Well," Ralph blushed, "I guess so."

Nadia leaned into him. "That's so cute... Especially since you're a liar." She smacked him and walked away. "Tarah, come to my room!"

Ralph sat at the table, stunned. "What just happpened?"

Nadia was pacing in her room while Tarah sat on the bed. "Wh-what's wrong, N-Nadia?"

Nadia stopped pacing and faced her. "Well, Red is a liar. I'm guessing she was never mad at Ralph in the first place."

Tarah looked confused. "What d-do you m-mean?"

"I think," Nadia sat down next to her, "Red manipulated us. I think Ralph was just trying to save himself and her, because he knew he would be going next."

"S-so, we have to g-get out R-Red?" Tarah paused. "Or R-Ralph?"

Nadia smirked. "Both."

Gerard was in the living room with Grace and Polly. He turned the TV off and looked at them. "Listen, you two. I can help you guys get Holly out."

Polly rolled her eyes. "Please. You're her friend!"

Gerard laughed. "I was. Up until she told me what she did to you. I'd never be friends with someone that mean."

Polly smiled. "Oh, thanks for seeing how mean she is. So, how can you get her out?"

"Holly still thinks I'm her friend," he said. "If I tell her not to play the idol, and saying Raj is voting with us, we can get out her and the idol."

"Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Polly hugged him and squeezed him tightly.

"Are you sure that will work?" Grace asked. "What if someone slips?"

"I'll just keep reassuring her," Gerard said, "that no one is voting her tonight. I'm sure she'll believe me."

Grace high-fived Gerard, and Gerard left, signaling he was going to go talk to Holly. He knocked on her door. "Can I come in? It's Gerard!"

Holly opened the door. "Sure. What do you want to talk about?"

Gerard sat down in a beanie chair and said bluntly, "Don't play your idol tonight if we lose."

"Are you kidding me? Do you want me to get out?" She screamed.

Gerard shook his head. "Of course not. I have a plan that will let you keep your idol and still get Polly out. Just get Raj in here."

Holly stormed out of her room and dragged Raj in. "Okay, now talk."

"Raj, you're voting Polly tomorrow right?"

Raj nodded his head. "Yeah, I guess. In the merge I could be a target if I side with her."

"See, Holly. Now, us three will vote Polly and you can keep your idol!"

Holly glomped Gerard. "Thank you so much!"

Gerard was in the confessional. "So who should I side with? Decisions, decisions..." He grinned sinisterly.

Luke was being outcasted at the Sharks' living quarters. Nobody would talk to him except for Regina, who felt that everybody deserves a chance until they do something to her. Then, of course, she'd ignore them.

"How could you not know she liked you, though?" Regina muttered.

Luke frowned. "I don't know! And I've tried apologizing! But she just doesn't wanna forgive me! And Sarah is just being mean, too!"

Regina grasped his shoulder and looked at him.

Luke looked up at her, frowning. "Why does everyone hate me?"

"Because," Regina began, "you are a jerk."

Luke whimpered.

"But," she said, "you aren't a total jerk. Just a partial one. And not all partial jerks are jerks."

Luke was extremely confused at this, but didn't voice it, as he didn't want to lose any more friends.

Eric was having a conversation with Sarah in his room.

Sarah yawned. "I got like no sleep last night. How about you?"

Eric shrugged. "I was fine, I guess. Why didn't you get to sleep?"

"Listening to music... Dancing... Just stuff." Sarah began to think of what she did before she crashed on her bed.

"Well, that's descriptive," said Eric.

Sarah laughed. "It sure is." She stared at him, and he began to feel uncomfortable.

"I... gotta go. Bye." He rushed out of them room.

Sarah sighed. "Of course."

Chris called all three teams to his enormous gym. "Welcome, house guests! For today's challenge all you have to do is keep your feet on a pole." He smirked. "A pole that's thirty feet in the air."

Boo gasped and then fell to the ground unconcious. After he had gotten back up, every contestant got up on the pole and stood there.

"Anyone wanna get down?" Chris yelled up to them. Grace and Polly dropped.

"Tired?" Chris asked them.

"Yeah," Polly said. She then turned and giggled with Grace.

"Boo, it's okay if you wanna drop," Regina said. "Everybody's fine with it."

Boo shook his head nervously. "No, never. I'm too afraid!"

"You're afraid of heights?" she replied.

Boo nodded his head and bent down to clutch the pole with his hands.

Soon, Gerard, Raj, Regina, Luke, Sarah, Eric Tarah, Red, and Ralph all fell.

"Damnit," Luke mumbled. He was then in the confessional. "If my team loses, I'm going home for sure! I don't know what I'm gonna do... I just don't know..."

Kelli then dropped down. "My legs... hurt so much." She crunched down into a ball to massage her calves and feet.

"So now," Chris began, "only Boo, Nadia, and Holly are left on their teams!"

"You're screwed," Eric whispered to Luke.

Boo slipped.

"No!" Luke shouted.

Boo fell downn about half of the pole, but then gripped his fingernails into the wood. Just as he was about to lose his grip, Holly fell down.

"Crap!" she exclaimed.

"And the Ducks are going to the elimination ceremony!"

Outside in the garden, Holly, Grace, Polly, Gerard, and Raj were sitting in lawn chairs.

"I have four keys," Chris stated. "One of you will not be receiving one. Now, if anyone has an immunity idol, now would be the time to play it."

Holly didn't do anything, but looked around nervously.

"Okay then, I'll give out the keys... Raj! Grace!"

Polly and Grace high-fived.

"Holly is finally out!" Polly cheered.

"Next key goes to Gerard." Chris tossed him his key.

"Now, Polly... Holly... the Katie and Sadie of this season... You will be separated tonight. This final key goes to...















Polly smirked.


Polly put her hand up for the key, but then fell out of chair. "Um, what? But there were three votes for Holly! Me, Grace, and Gerard!"

Gerard coughed.

"You lied to me!" She screeched. "Why the hell would you keep that bitch in the game over me?!"

Gerard smiled. "Well, frankly, I felt like it."

Polly slapped him across the face and ran to the limo, crying.

"Well, well, well," Chris said. "What a shocking elimination! Polly is gone, and now Holly is in control! Who'll go home next? Will Luke be forgiven? Will Nadia manage to get Ralph or Red out? Find out on the next Total! Drama! Fortune!"

Episode 11: The Water Key

Everyone on the Spiders was sitting in the kitchen, trying to enjoy breakfast. They were all eating scrambled eggs and orange juice.

“So,” Nadia began, “what’s it like being complete liars?” She turned her face to Red and Ralph. She basically tried to force her anger into them with her eyes.

Red coughed casually. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Ralph told me about you two yesterday,” she replied. She didn’t like being played for an idiot.

Red spit out her milk. “You what?” She looked at Ralph. “Why?”

“So now, you two have to turn on each other. Tarah and I have two votes. That’s half of the votes for our team.” She smirked, and stood up from the table.

“Well, Miss Princess,” said Ralph, “what if me and Red team up?”

Nadia blanked. She wasn’t expecting for them to team up at all. “Well, um… I don’t really know.”

Red smiled at Ralph. “Into an alliance?”

“I certainly am, Miss Red.” He grinned back at her. He shot a quick, sinister glance at Nadia.

“Fine then,” Nadia said. “Tarah, come with me, now!”

Nadia walked up to the kitchen door, but then noticed Tarah wasn’t going with her.

“I d-don’t want to g-get out, N-Nadia…” She frowned. “Sorry.”

Nadia grunted and then left the room. She began to walk down the halls of the house and walked into a wine cellar, and began to cry. “I’m out, once again. Bye these newbies. I’m a returnee from the last season, and I’m out before the merge! I guess I see how Caleb, Marc, and Tiago feel now…” She grabbed a bottle of wine and tossed it at another bottle, leaving them both cracked.

She walked over to the wreckage, thinking she saw something in the mess. “No… It can’t be.”

She cleaned away the glass shards and looked down. “Holy crap! Yes!”

Holly was sitting smugly in the living room, watching reruns of the show, “Friends.

Gerard came in and sat down next to her. “So, how great am I?”

Holly smirked. “Amazing! I can’t believe Polly is finally out!”

“Finally!” exclaimed Gerard.

Grace was in her room, talking to Raj. “Listen, Raj, I know that we were against each other last round, but I really need your help. I’ve been so nice, and Holly just puts people down. Why do you want her to stay?”

Raj shrugged. “In the merge, people would target her before me. I’d stay in a little bit longer.”

Grace frowned. “I know that, Raj, but there’s so much more deserving people! Polly really deserved to survive last round, but she went home. Do you want me gone now, too?”

Raj shook his head. “No, Grace… I just want to make it far as I can. You know that, right? I’m not playing for anyone but myself… Sorry.”

Grace sighed. “I get it. Just please, think about it.”

Raj nodded and left her room quietly.

The Sharks were all playing Truth or Dare in their living room.

“So, Luke, truth or dare?” Regina asked him.

“Dare,” he said.

Regina giggled. “I dare you to kiss Eric!”

Luke's eyes widened. “Umm, I don’t know about that.”

“Well, you could always flash us if you really want to.” She smirked.

If somebody didn’t perform a dare or answer a question, they decided the punishment would be to flash everyone who was comfortable with it.

Luke gulped, but then said, “Fine.” He leaned in to Eric and quickly kissed him on the cheek.

“On the lips!” Regina exclaimed while cackling.

“You didn’t say that!” Luke shot at her.

Regina stopped laughing and glared at him. “Do it!”

Luke frowned, and then kissed Eric on the lips. He immediately rushed over to the sink and began to clean his mouth with soap.

“Wow, thanks,” Eric mumbled.

“Aren’t you going to wash your mouth?” Sarah asked.

“Eh,” replied Eric. “I don’t really mind. It’s just Truth or Dare.”

Luke walked back and sat down. “Okay, Eric, truth or dare?”

After thinking it over for a minute, he said, “Dare.”

“I dare you to…” Luke looked around the room. “Kiss Sarah.”

Eric shook his head. “No. No. No. I have a girlfriend.”

“Well then, drop your pants.” Luke could barely hold his laughs in.

Eric, not wanting to betray his girlfriend’s trust, stood up, and pulled his pants and boxers down. “Happy?”

Boo screamed and hid his face.

“Oh, now you’ve gone and scared him!” Kelli shouted. “You should have kept your junk locked up!”

Eric blushed and sat down.

Sarah looked at him. “I thought that was brave.” She was in the confessional. “Okay, so I know Eric has a girlfriend, but he’s so cute! I mean… I feel so bad.” She threw her face into her hands. “I’m such a bad person.”

Eric shook his head in disappointment and walked to his room.

“Since Eric is gone, could I take over?” asked Regina.

Everyone nodded, except for Boo, who was shuddering in disgust.

Regina looked at Kelli. “Truth or dare?”

Kelli crossed her arms, acting tough. “Dare.”

“Well then. I dare you to forgive Luke.”

“Nuh-uh! No way!” shouted Kelli.

Regina smiled. “Then entertain us, Kelli.”

Kelli groaned, and faced Luke. “I forgive you for calling me… what did you call me again?”

“I don’t know!” Luke exclaimed.

“Why are you still mad if you forgot why you were mad?” Sarah asked. She was starting to get suspicious of Kelli, as was Regina.

“Well, I have to go to the bathroom. Be right back!” She rushed off to the bathroom, trying to avoid them. She ran into the confessional. “They’re on to me! I really have to fix things fast, but how?” She sat in the confessional. “Is it even safe to go out?”

Chris then called the three teams for their final challenge before the merge. They arrived in his pool area to discover he had transformed it into a small beach. There was white sand surrounding the pool, with pink and yellow shells scattered around on the ground.

“Welcome, house guests! For today’s challenge you will be diving into the pool to retrieve a key at the bottom of the pool! When you get back up, you will unlock a bag of puzzle pieces, and then solve the puzzle at your respective puzzle stations! There are three bags, but everyone will be competing on each team! Everyone ready?”

Everyone nodded.

“Go!” Chris screamed.

Kelli, Luke, Eric, and Holly had jumped into the pool before everyone else. Kelli was already at the bottom, and was untying a blue key.

She arrived at the top of the water and was soon followed by Eric. The two rushed to their team’s bags, and unlocked the bags from cages. They let the bags drop and jumped back into the pool.

Holly soon came up from the water and ran to her bags. She unlocked one of them and ran back to the pool.

Luke came up from the pool and freed his team’s last bag.

“The Sharks can begin on their puzzle!” announced Chris.

Luke and Boo, being the only two above water, began assembling the puzzle.

Nadia shot up from the water, and climbed up the ladder. She ran over to her bags and unlocked on of them from its cage. She dashed back to the water and dived in.

Gerard soon came up with Grace, and the two unlocked the Ducks’ two bags, allowing them to start on the puzzle.

Ralph rushed up from the water and got his team another bag. By now, the Sharks were almost done with the puzzle, but it was still anybody’s game.

Nadia brought up the final key and unlocked the final bag. Ralph and her began to work on the puzzle.

“Hurry, Ralph!” she shouted. She was quickly trying to assemble to puzzle. She felt she was in the most danger on her team, and didn’t want to be put into that situation.

“We’re almost done!” shouted Kelli. She fit the last puzzle piece in, showing the completed puzzle to be a picture of Chris smiling.

“Are you kidding me, McLean?” Kelli asked.

Chris chuckled and announced that only one more team would be safe.

Nadia and Ralph struggled to complete the puzzle, but before they finished, Holly had stuck the last piece in for the Ducks.

“And the Spiders are going to elimination!” Chris shouted through a megaphone so that the whole house could hear it.

“Crap!” Nadia exclaimed. After fighting so hard to stay in, she felt as if she was out. Or, at least, she wanted it to seem that way.

Red frowned at her. “Oh, what’s wrong? Sad that your bad attitude is getting you out?”

Nadia ignored her and stormed away to her bedroom to pack her things.

“Bye, loser!” Red shouted from behind her.

“Now, I want everyone at the elimination ceremony tonight. Even the Ducks and the Sharks! Now move along!”

After ten minutes had gone by, everyone was gathered around Chris in the garden who was holding three keys. “Now that everyone has voted, if you have an immunity idol, you can play it now.”

Nadia glanced up at Chris. “Is this an idol?”

Red gasped. “No! You didn’t!”

“But she did,” Chris said after examining the idol. “I’ll give out the keys now. Obviously, Nadia gets a key.” He tossed her a key and she smirked at both Red and Ralph.

“Now, Ralph is safe.” He tossed him a key. “Surprisingly, there was a tie. One vote for Tarah and one vote for Red.”

Nadia turned swiftly at Tarah. “You voted for Red?”

Tarah nodded, but then stopped to stare at her. “You voted for me?”

“Well…” Nadia looked away sheepishly. “I felt betrayed by you, so I targeted you. But I think we have a revote, right?”

Chris shook his head. “Oh, no, we have something even more fun!” Chris snapped his fingers and two pedestals rose up from the ground. He motioned for Tarah and Red to go behind one.

“For this challenge, I will ask five questions! Best three out of five wins the tiebreaker and gets to stay in the game! Any questions?”

Both girls shook their head, although Tarah seemed a lot more nervous about doing so.

“First question. Who placed fifth in Total Drama Island?”

Red buzzed in. “LeShawna!”

A red light went off and shocked Red. “What the hell was that?”

“Oh.” Chris laughed. “If you get a question wrong you get shocked. Your answer, Tarah?”

“Mr. C-coconut?” she asked with complete uncertainty. A green light went off for Tarah.

“The score is now one to zero!” Chris said. “Next question. Who is Courtney’s only friend during her time on the show?”

Red buzzed in first once again. “Bridgette!” Red’s light turned green, showing that she had gotten it right. She silently cheered for herself in her head.

“Third question!” exclaimed Chris. “What food did Izzy use to get Owen to win Total Drama Island in the finale?”

Tarah buzzed in. “Br-brownies!” She was sure that this was right, and smiled slightly as Chris confirmed her thoughts.

“Tarah is winning two to one! Fourth question, now… How did Owen get out for the second time in Total Drama Action?”

Red buzzed in and screamed, “He was fired!”

“Correct!” Chris exclaimed. “The score is now two to two, with Tarah in the lead! Fifth question! What did Sierra name her baby condor in Total Drama World Tour?”

“C-cody Junior?” Tarah squeaked. However, Chris didn’t say yes or no.

After about thirty seconds, Red realized why and hit the buzzer. “Cody Junior!”

The green light flashed. “And Red wins the tiebreaker! I’m sorry Tarah, well not really, but you’re out.”

Tarah pouted. “Th-that s-sucks!”

“Yeah, it does. But too bad.” Chris waved his hand behind him and two security guards came forward to escort Tarah to the taxi.

“W-well, b-bye g-guys. It’s b-been f-fun.” She calmly walked to the taxi and got in, waving from the backseat.

“Hey, Chris, why are we here?” Eric asked.

Chris beamed at all of the contestants. “Well, today, you will be one team! You’ll all live together starting tomorrow, and I’ll give you tonight to pack every thing up. Any questions?”

Luke raised his hand, but Chris ignored him.

“Great!” Chris said, still ignoring Luke, who was no mumbling something to Regina. “Now that the teams have merged, who will go home next? Will someone rise to the occasion and gain power? Will new relationships be formed? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!” He paused. “And one more thing. Rachel and Chester are back!”

“What?” shouted the Sharks and Holly.

Chris laughed evilly, and the screen faded to black.

Episode 12: Super Splash Brothers

All of the fifteen contestants were walking back on the same road to their respective rooms. Right when they were about halfway along the dirt road, four large silver walls rose from the ground, trapping them all inside.

“What the hell is this, Chris?” shouted Nadia.

Chris walked up to the wall, and took out his megaphone to make his voice louder. “Well, this is a challenge! The first two people to get out both win a reward!”

“And how do you expect us to get out?” asked Eric snidely.

Just as Eric said this, Holly was making Raj lift her out of the wall. She stepped one of her feet on Raj’s head.

“Crap!” He felt backwards and crashed onto Sarah, trapping everything but her head underneath him.

Before she could fall, Holly had gripped the top of the wall, and then pulled herself over. “Suck it!” she screamed at them. She hopped over and dropped down on her feet. She rushed over to Chris, who handed her an egg.

“That’s it?” Holly complained. “An egg?”

Chris nodded and said, “You’ll thank me later.” He winked at her and then turned his attention back to the wall.

Boo and Regina, feeling that they didn’t need to win the reward challenge, lifted Luke over the wall, allowing him to come in second. “Woohoo!” he exclaimed. He dropped down, and Chris handed him his egg.

As soon as Luke was handed the eggs, the metal walls sunk back into the ground as if they were never there in the first place.

“So, can we go back to our rooms?” inquired Ralph.

Chris shook his head. “Nope, we’re going back to the elimination ceremony!”

Grace gasped. “Why?”

“You’ll see.” Chris smiled, showing all of his sparkling, white teeth, and then led the contestants back to where they had just left. Everyone took a seat, and Chris told Holly and Luke to stand up.

“Now, smash your eggs open.”

Holly threw the egg at the ground, and Luke squashed it in his hands. A note was revealed to be in the eggs, and both read through their slips of paper.

“We’re team captains?” Luke asked.

“Obviously,” shot Holly. “So, who picks first?”

“Since you got out of the trap first, you pick first, Holly. We’re doing a schoolyard pick, so good luck.”

Holly looked at Raj. “Get here, you big lug.”

Raj smiled and ran towards Holly, embracing her in a hug.

Holly mimed puking, but then grinned. “Okay, that’s enough Raj.

“I pick,” Luke gazed over his first team, “Regina.” He was then in the confessional. “Regina’s really been the only one nice to me, so I wanna have her with me at all times from now on.”

Regina walked over to Luke and high-fived him before standing to his right.

“I’m gonna have to pick Red. She seems normal.”

Red smirked and strode over to Holly’s side.

“Boo, get over here!” exclaimed Luke.

Boo timidly approached Luke, smiled at him for a second, and then stuck close to Regina.

Luke frowned at Boo’s fear of him, but decided that Boo was just that way, and that he shouldn’t take it personal.

“I choose Gerard,” Holly said coolly.

Gerard walked over to Holly, grinned, and then stepped off to the side. “Great choice,” he whispered to her and she laughed.

Raj glanced over at Gerard and Holly and turned back towards the other contestants with what looked like a sour face.

“I pick…” Luke frowned at the rest of the choices. Almost everyone hated him for what he did to Kelli, so he wasn’t too happy about his choices. “Rachel.” He sighed.

Rachel leapt over to him and gave him a huge hug. “Don’t worry, Luke. I don’t hate you!”

Luke gave her a small grin, and then glanced back at the other contestants, who seemed to be upset about how little Rachel cared.

Holly immediately pointed towards Nadia who walked slowly over to Holly’s team. Nadia was then in the confessional. “Well, early on in the game, Holly seemed nice, but annoying with Polly. Lately, it seemed like her team hated her, so maybe she’s actually a bitch.”

“I’m gonna have to pick Ralph,” Luke announced. He was then in the confessional. “Well, Ralph seems to be pretty cool, so why not?”

Holly grinned sinisterly and then said, “Chester.”

Chester gulped and walked over to her. “Why did you pick me? I hate you!”

“Free vote,” Holly sneered.

Chester frowned, but then looked angry. “Well then!” He tried to storm off, but Chris ordered the guards to drag him back to the mat, where they held him down.

Rachel whispered into Luke's ear before he made his next decision.

“Are you sure?” muttered Luke back to her.

Rachel nodded eagerly.

“I choose her.” Luke pointed at Kelli.

“What? Me?” Kelli was blatantly shocked that Luke would choose her. She thought that maybe he wanted her to forgive him fully, but she didn’t really care about that.

“Now,” Chris began, “since Eric is the only guy left, he goes to Luke's team automatically!” He turned to Holly. “Holly. You must choose between Grace and Sarah. Who do you want to be the last person on your team?”

“Grace, ever since Polly got out, I have been waiting for you to get out so I could savor every moment of it. I’ve hated you since day two, especially your little miss perfect attitude. So now, I bid you,” her lip curled, “adieu.”

Grace glared at Holly, and proceeded to reply. “You have been such a bitch ever since you and Polly stopped being friends. I hope that you get out soon, and that everyone sees how much of a horrible person you are!” She flipped her off as she stepped silently into the taxi. “Bye Chester! Good luck with that witch!”

Everyone gaped as Holly stood there, completely stunned.

Chris was extremely happy about what just happened. He was beaming with joy as he dismissed everyone back to their rooms where they all went to sleep immediately.

The next day, they were all awakened by a loud alarm on the clocks in their rooms.

“What the hell?” Holly rubbed her head as she walked out of her room in her pajamas.

Chris was speaking over the loudspeaker. “I want everyone at the pool in exactly twenty minutes! And bring your bathing suits!”

After fifteen minutes, everyone was on his or her way to the pool.

“I’m so glad Sarah isn’t on our team!” Eric exclaimed. Luke was walking beside him.

“Why?” Luke asked. “I thought you guys were friends!”

Eric chuckled. “We were. Until she started hinting that she had a crush on me. God, it was so awkward.”

“Well, I guess it’s good she’s gone now. Anyone else you like?” Luke winked and nudged Eric’s side.

Eric blinked. “Umm, well I’m dating Heidi. You remember her, right?”

Luke gasped. “Oh yeah! I remember her! And didn’t she get fourth in the first season, too?”

Eric looked puzzled.

“It’s airing right now. The final three episode is tomorrow.”

“Oh, well yeah.” Eric said. “But she quit to save me. I felt so bad… Caleb screwed with all three of us.”

Luke nodded. “I feel bad for you, dude. But I guess it’s okay since you could win this season!”

Eric frowned. “But Heidi can’t.”

Luke remained silent, and just chose not to respond. He was then in the confessional. “Only Eric could make things like that weird. I tried to be positive, but it’s just so hard sometimes when I’m around him. But he’s still a nice guy, so don’t get me wrong.”

Rachel bounded towards Luke. “Hey, Lukey! What’s up? I noticed you and Eric were talking about Heidi, and she is so nice! Her and I got along really well and I wish you had met her! You probably would have liked her. Then again, you may have not. Or maybe you wouldn’t have liked her. I guess it doesn’t matter because you won’t see her until you get out. That is, if you get out. By the way, what would you do with the money if you won? I know I would probably use the money to fund my own talk show so I could interview all of my favorite actors, authors, and musicians. That would be really cool! Maybe you could be a co-host with me! I would ask one of my other friends, but I don’t really have many friends.” She glowered as she said this. “Not many people like me because they say I’m a ‘stalker’ or that I talk too much. But I don’t really think that? What do you think, Lukey?”

She turned to face him, but he was gone.

“Oh okay, you probably went to the bathroom or something. Maybe you went to use the confessional, too. Maybe I should use that soon. I have a lot to talk about ever since I’ve been gone. I could talk about Heidi's descriptions of her and Eric’s dates; Chester's complaints about his old team; my mother finding a guy on eHarmony. Well, that didn’t turn out that well I guess. He turned out to be some guy living in his mother’s basement, who was so addicted to World of Warcraft he tried to force my mom into joining, and even got a little violent, but the cops caught him after he tried to get away, so I’m sure that he’s in jail now or something. They said he was carrying a bucket of fried chicken with him, which makes no sense. If I were trying to escape something I’d carry a gun to protect myself, not food. Maybe I could talk about Kelli not actually liking Luke, and that she was just using her team. Oh I don’t know! There are so many things to talk about!”

Kelli stopped walking, wide-eyed. She appeared in the confessional. “Crap! That girl is going tell everyone what I did! But luckily,” she smirks, “nobody will stop to listen to her.”

Rachel was in the confessional. “Okay so I totally knew that Kelli was behind me. I just wanted to scare her. Do you think I managed to scare her? I know that she doesn’t get scared very easily which is why I’m so skeptical. I was also skeptical about one of my mom’s boyfriends, who turned out to be an ex-clown who was in a lot of debt, but that’s for a different confessional. For now, I must focus on… Who was I talking about to begin with? Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

All of the contestants were standing at the foot of Chris’s pool, which now held a giant wooden platform.

“For today’s reward challenge,” said Chris emphasizing on the reward, “everyone will be on the dock, and the last member standing wins for their team. Now, what the win will be revealed after the challenge is finished. Before you get ready,” he tossed an egg to Holly and an egg to Luke, and they both crushed the eggs.

“Screaming Dogs.” The contents egg showed a picture of a female dog barking. Holly glared at Chris, and said sarcastically, “Nice one, McLean.”

Luke looked at his picture, which was a mouse. “Killer Mice. Whatever.”

Chris assembled the teams and told them to line up on the platform. Once everyone had settled onto the platform, Chris blew a whistle and everyone got started.

Raj charged at the opposite side, knocking off Regina and Rachel, along with himself.

“Go Raj!” Holly cheered excitedly. Chester and Gerard gave her puzzling looks. “Oh,” she said. “I mean, whatever.” She glanced off to the side to avoid Gerard’s side-looks, and failed to notice Kelli, who pushed her over the edge.

“See you later, scumbag.” Kelli dusted her hands off, but was sent flying off the platform as Boo was running away from Gerard. Boo then tripped, and fell of the platform right after Kelli.

With Kelli and Boo off the platform, only Luke, Eric, and Ralph were left for the Mice. Nadia, Gerard, Chester, Red, and Sarah were left for the Dogs.

Ralph rushed up to Red and threw her off the side. She tried to grab onto him to pull him over with her, but he slipped his arms away before she could get a good grip on him.

“Hell yeah!” exclaimed Ralph. He began to dance a little in celebration.

Nadia tiptoed behind him and pushed him off. “Who’s laughing now?”

Chester lunged at Luke, trying to force him off, but Luke was much stronger than him. Luke picked him up by his bathing suit and simply dropped him off the side. Chester landed in the water with a huge splash.

Gerard saw his chance so he ran straight towards Luke. However, Luke turned around just in time to see Gerard and react, so he held out his arm, grabbing onto Gerard’s swim shirt. As Gerard knocked him over, he was pulled down as well.

Nadia beckoned for Eric to come for her. “Bring it, Eric.”

Eric put his hands up. “I don’t really like fighting. Sorry.” He walked to the edge and did a cannonball into the water.

Nadia blinked. “Okay. That’s good. So, Sarah.” She smirked. “Ready?”

“Ready,” Sarah replied. The two charged at each other, both trying to bring the other to the ground. Sarah quickly overpowered Nadia and began to drag her to the edge. Nadia's back was to the ground, and Sarah was on top of her, pushing her to the edge. Right before she was pushed off, Nadia saw her chance. She used her feet to kick Sarah in the stomach, and then flipped her off of her body and into the water.

“Yes!” Nadia exclaimed as she got back up.

 Nadia wins reward!” announced Chris. Nadia immediately jumped in and swam back to him, eagerly awaiting her prize.

 Nadia, you have been given a very special reward. You have the power to send one person from each team into the Shed!”

Nadia looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“From now on, we will have a reward challenge and an immunity challenge! The winner of the reward challenge can choose two people to live in the Shed where they can only eat Chef’s oatmeal, sleep on cots, and share a bathroom. No beds, TV, couches, or tables.”

Nadia gasped. “That’s so cruel!”

“And you have to choose who to send,” Chris said slyly. “So, who do you choose?”

Nadia was in the confessional. “Well, on my team, Holly seems like an obvious choice, but it seems like she has the power. I don’t really wanna upset her, so maybe I should try and work with her. I don’t know… For the other team, I should send…” She smiled. “I should send the player who would react the most to this.”

Chris was tapping his feet as Nadia arrived back from the confessional. “Well? Who do you choose?”

Nadia cleared her throat. “I choose to send Kelli and Chester!”

Kelli pulled up her shirtsleeve. “You are going to pay!” She marched towards her, fuming.

Nadia stood up to her, face to face. “Pay? I’d like to see you try! I’m not afraid of you, and I never will be!” Nadia noticed she had put her index finger to Kelli’s face, and instantly recoiled it.

Kelli snickered. “I thought so.” She walked off to the Shed angrily, but knowing that she had won that battle.

“Well, I guess its fine that you sent me, Nadia,” Chester said. “You had to choose someone. I just don’t get why it wasn’t Holly.” He walked off slowly, pausing to wave to specifically Luke, and then left.

Luke gawked at Chester. “Does that kid even know my name?”

Rachel was about to begin talking, but Eric hushed her. “Not now, Rachel.”

She frowned, but stayed silent.

“And there you have it!” exclaimed Chris. “Grace is gone! Kelli and Chester are in the Shed, and Rachel and Chester are already making impacts on the competition! Who will get out next time? Who will win? Find out on the next, Total! Drama! Fortune!”

Episode 13: Heard it Through the Grape Vines

Red was sitting in the living room with Raj. She was sitting particularly close to him, just enough so that they were touching, but not feel uncomfortable. She smiled up at Raj. “So, Raj, what’s up?”

Raj was looking at the TV, seemingly ignoring Red. However, he said to her, “Not much. What about you?”

“Well,” she moved a little closer to him, which he didn’t seem to notice. “I’m just feeling lonely on this team. Holly and I don’t see eye to eye. Nadia doesn’t like me, and I don’t really know Sarah that well.”

Raj glanced down at her. “Well, that sucks.” He frowned. “I’ll be your friend if you want.”

She snuggled up to him. “Thanks, Raj. It means a lot.” She pushed a little more into him and lied down.

Raj didn’t want to be rude, since he thought she had no friends, so he let her.

Holly walked into the room and gasped. Raj didn’t notice her, so she walked quietly up to him. Then she screamed at him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Raj? I thought you liked me!”

Raj cringed. “I do, but Red said she was feeling lonely, and that she had no friends, so I didn’t want to be rude!” Red had gotten up from lying down.

“That’s complete b-s!” Holly screeched. “I tried to talk to her earlier and she snubbed me off!”

Red scoffed. “Please. I did no such thing. In fact, I tried to talk to you! You just called me some choice words!”

“That is so not true!” Holly turned towards Raj. “You believe me, right?”

Raj didn’t answer. In fact, he looked away awkwardly.

Holly glared at him. “Well, I see how things are. Goodbye, Raj.” She turned around and stormed out of the room

“Well now I feel bad,” Raj sighed, “maybe I should go apologize.”

Red grabbed his arm, stopping home. “Oh come on Raj, it’s not like she was ever really nice to you.” She paused. “Well, she wasn’t nice to you up until around two days ago. Why are you so quick to forgive someone like that?”

“I guess you’re right,” Raj replied. He took one more glance at the hallway, but then sunk back into the couch and started watching the TV again.

Holly went to go look for Gerard, who was playing cards with Sarah and Nadia.

“Gerard, we have to get out Raj next.” She sat down next to him.

“Why?” asked Gerard, not taking his eyes off of his hand.

“He chose Red over me.”

Nadia chuckled, but stopped when Holly shot daggers at her.

“I’ll help if you want,” offered Sarah. “Red doesn’t seem very nice if she stole Raj.” She stared at Holly for a bit, but then shook her head furiously. “But then again, neither are you. But… I’ll help you over Red.”

Sarah was in the confessional. “I really hope I didn't just scew myself over."

“Will you help me?” Holly said to Nadia.

Nadia smiled, and was then in the confessional. “Finally! Finally!” She was then out of the confessional, facing Holly. “I’m not going to help you. In fact, I’m going to help get you out.”

Holly gave her a dirty look, and then left to go hide in her room. She was in the confessional. “I’ve never been screwed this bad… I can take not being liked, but I’m being screwed over when someone else is doing horrible things. I just can’t stand for that.” She smirked and pulled the idol-necklace from her shirt. “And neither can this little guy.”

Everyone on the Killer Mice was gathered in the kitchen, and Rachel was standing on the table. She was fixing her hair until Ralph said, “Can you get this over with, you ginger?”

Rachel bent down and smacked him. “Now I can. I’ve gathered you all here to tell you something very important!”

“Well, thank God,” Ralph sneered. “I thought it was going to be stupid. Oh wait… It is.”

“She hasn’t even said anything yet, dude,” hissed Eric.

“And why is that such a bad thing?” Ralph jeered with a smile. “She talks so much, sometimes I hear a ringing in my ears.”

Rachel frowned, but went on with her news. “Kelli is a liar! She never had a crush on Luke!”

Everyone gasped, except Ralph, who looked confused.

Regina tried filling him in. “A few days ago, Luke called Kelli a he-she or something, and-“

“Alright man!” Ralph cheered, reaching out his hand for a high-five.

“If you don’t want to know, I won’t tell you,” Regina explained.

Ralph rolled his eyes. “Go on, Blondie.”

Regina ignored his mocking and said, “Well, as I said, he called her a he-she, and she began to cry. Basically, she had crush on Luke, and then tried to get him out.”

“Ah!” Rachel exclaimed. “But she didn’t have a crush on Luke! She pretended to!”

“How do you know?” Luke questioned eagerly, trying to be cleared of what he did.

“I’ve been out. I get to watch everything that’s going on in this house!”

“Or maybe she just stalked us all,” Eric whispered to Boo, who screamed after hearing this.

“I don’t wanna be stalked!” He wailed as he ran out of the room, trying to get away from Rachel.

Rachel blinked. “What was that about?”

Eric shrugged. “No idea.”

“So, is everyone in on getting Kelli out next?” Rachel began hopping up and down, excitedly, and the table began to shake.

“I’m fine with it,” Eric said, grasping the table to stop it before Rachel could break it.

“Eh,” Ralph said. “I don’t care about what Kelli did. Doesn’t affect me no matter what.”

Luke glared at him. “You’re the only non-Shark. You should be happy we’re saving you for this elimination.”

Ralph realized Luke was right, and grinned sheepishly. “I guess you’re right. Shocking, actually.”

Luke smiled, thinking it was a compliment, and then exclaimed, “Hey!”

Ralph sniggered, and then left the room to watch TV. Eric followed him.

“I’m gonna go calm down Boo,” Regina said. “I’m really starting to get annoyed with this kid.”

She walked to his room and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” he uttered from the other side of the door.

“Regina,” she responded. He opened the door and let her in. She sat down on his bed, and motioned for him to do the same.

“What is it?” he asked.

Regina sighed. “Boo, you really have to work on dealing with your problems. I know that you’re afraid of a lot of things, but it’s way too blown out of proportion. And why are you afraid of so many things anyway?”

For once, Boo didn’t look scared. Instead, he seemed a little saddened by the question. “Do you really wanna know?”

Regina nodded.

“Well, when I was seven my mom left me in a BuyRight…”

“That’s it? Really?” Regina wasa little annoyed. “That’s why you’re so afraid of everything?”

Boo shook his head. “No. You see, when I was all alone, a man tried to kidnap me.”

Regina gasped. “Did anyone stop him?”

Boo shook his head once again. “No, he managed to get me out of the store. But when he was driving away with me, I tried stopping him, and he crashed into a tree.”

“Did you get hurt?” Regina felt bad now, as she could see why he could be afraid of some things now.

“No… I didn’t. But the man… Died. He died. Because of me.”

Regina’s eyes were getting misty. “It wasn’t your fault! You were just trying to get free!”

“That’s what the police told me,” he said. “But I still feel bad. And I don’t want to hurt anyone, and I can’t trust anyone either. I don’t like being out in the public because I feel like I’ll be kidnapped wherever I am, so everything sets me off.”

Regina leaned in and hugged Boo. “Everything’s gonna be fine, though, because nobody here wants to hurt you.”

Boo smiled at her. “I know, but it’s just hard to actually face it.”

“I know, but I’ll help you.”

“Thanks,” Boo said. “It means a lot.”

In the Shed, Kelli had pushed the two beds together, forcing Chester on the floor.

“Could I please have my bed back, Kelli?” He begged from her.

“Haha, no.” She laid down and spread out, trying to show Chester she needed more room than him.

“Wow, you’re worse than Holly. She at least gave me a bed.” He shot her a look, and then went back to carving words into the floor.

“What did you just call me?” She sat up, holding up a fist.

Chester didn’t figure out that the held up fist meant she was going to punch him. He didn’t even have any idea she was threatening him. “I said you were worse than Holly! Which you are!”

Kelli shot up from the beds and stomped dauntingly towards Chester. “You’re gonna pay for that, you little rat!”

Chester, finally realizing that Kelli was going to hurt him, blocked his face with his arms. However, Kelli chose a different target. Chester fell over, clutching his groin in pain. “Suck an egg, Kelli.”

“Grow some,” Kelli said, trying to taunt Chester, but he stayed on the ground.

The door opened after Kelli’s insult, and Chef walked into the Shed. “I’m here to tell you that you guys won’t be competing in the immunity challenge, blah, blah, blah.” He looked down at Chester.

“What happened to the shrimp?”

Kelli shrugged. “Playing with himself and he got hurt.”

Chef’s face showed his discomfort, and he backed slowly out of the room. However, he stopped before he closed the door, and tossed Chester and Kelli eggs.

“Were you reading my mind, Chef?” Chester said, laughing a bit.

Kelli threw a rock at him, which he barely dodged.

Chef rolled his eyes, and slammed the door shut. “Stupid kids,” he grumbled while walking away.

Kelli smashed the egg and read the note. “Hell yeah!” She exclaimed. She got up from the bed, and began to search through the Shed.

Back in the house, Chris had called everyone to one of his gardens for the challenge. In front of the contestants was a forest with vines hanging from the branches.

Chris began to tell everyone about the challenge. “For today’s challenge, you must enter the jungle and find vines with grapes on it! Everyone will be carrying a bucket, and you must fill the bucket with grape juice! The first team to fill up all of their buckets wins! Oh, you also aren’t allowed to give someone you’re bucket.” He looked sinisterly at Boo and laughed to himself. “And once you bring your bucket out of the jungle, you aren’t allowed to go back in. Now, go!”

Everyone rushed into the jungle, each team having groups in it. Holly went into the forest with Gerard. Nadia, Red, Sarah, and Raj all formed the other group.

On the Mice, Rachel was going with Luke and Eric. Regina was going with Boo, and Ralph was going in on his own.

Holly and Gerard found their first vine, and Holly was squeezing the juice into her bucket. “Gerard, I think I’m going to play my idol tonight if we lose.”

Gerard nodded in agreement. “I think you should, too. But who will you use to get it out?”

Holly thought it over. “I don’t know. Maybe even…“ she frowned, “…Raj. I’ll never be able to be with him ever again after what happened.”

“I see what you mean, but you may have to pretend to like him so we can have numbers.”

Holly smirked. “And then I can crush his feelings as soon as we can vote him out.”

Gerard shrugged. “Whatever floats your boat.”

Nadia was discussing plans with Red, Raj, while Sarah had decided to tag along to hear the plans. “So, we’re voting out Holly tonight, and then Gerard next if we lose?”

Everyone nodded, though Raj seemed a little hesitant.

“Wait,” Red said, “what if Holly has an idol?”

Nadia looked at Raj. “Does she? I mean, if anyone would know, it would be you, right?”

Raj nodded. “Yeah, but she doesn’t have one. In fact,” he paused, and then finished his sentence with, “I have it.”

Red grinned and exclaimed, “Perfect!”

Sarah slipped away to go tell Holly of Nadia, Red, and Raj’s plans to get rid of her. On the way there, she came across Ralph, who was alone.

“Why are you alone?” Sarah asked him.

“I should ask the same about you,” he replied.

“I was just going to find one of my friends,” lied Sarah. “But you’re collecting grape juice alone.”

“Well, apparently I’m the only non-Shark, so my team hates me. But they’re all losers anyway. Everyone on the Sharks is a loser.”

“Oh, well, nice.” She walked away bitterly, and Ralph was left confused about what he said wrong.

Before Sarah could find Holly, Holly had left the jungle, having finished her bucket. Gerard soon followed her.

Eric was talking with Luke as he squeezed some grapes. “So, Luke, now that you’re innocent, how do you feel?”

“Great, I guess,” Luke answered. “Glad to know Kelli’s gonna be gone.”

“She wasn’t that bad, though,” Eric replied.

Luke looked at him angrily, but didn’t say anything.

Rachel was sneaking behind Luke and Eric, copying down what they said so she could blog about it later. “The tiger is approaching its prey, getting ready to pounce,” she said. “She smells the air, trying to get a good hint at her prey’s exact points. She tastes the air, finding out their speed. She eyes them down, about to make a move-“

Eric stopped walking. “Rachel, if you’re going to do your whole hunting routine, could you please talk more quietly?”

Rachel groaned. “How did you hear me?”

Eric turned around, facing her. “Rachel, you’re about two feet behind us. We could hear your footsteps, not just your voice.”

Rachel snapped her fingers. “Damn, well, I already filled my bucket, so I guess I’ll see you guys later.” She waved to them, and then left the jungle.

“Are we getting her out after Kelli?” Luke mumbled to Eric.

Eric nodded. “I hope so.”

Boo was panting furiously, but kept walking in the forest with Regina.

“See, Boo, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” She squeezed some grapes into Boo’s bucket, as she had already filled her own.

“Roar!” screamed a loud voice from behind Boo. He shrieked, and ran with his now full bucket out of the jungle as fast as he could.

Regina turned towards the voice. “Ralph! What the hell was that?”

Ralph laughed. “Aw come on, you know that was funny!”

“Maybe if he wasn’t trying to get over his fears! If it were anyone else like Eric or Luke, then hell yeah it would be funny! But not Boo!”

Ralph kept laughing, and walked towards the exit of the jungle. Regina groaned, but followed him.

As soon as Regina exited the jungle, Chris exclaimed, “The Killer Mice win!”

“Hell yeah!” shouted Regina happily.

Everyone but Sarah had gotten out of the jungle, so when Sarah had finally trudged out of the forest, she felt she had disappointed her team.

“The Screaming Dogs will be going to elimination tonight!” Chris announced as Chester and Kelli came over. Kelli smirked, while Chester frowned.

All of the Screaming Dogs went back to their part of the house to pack their things and discuss whom they were going to get rid of.

Holly sat with Gerard and Sarah.

“Can you guys vote for me? I’ll use my idol and choose who I want to see gone.” Holly said.

Gerard and Sarah nodded, and the three got up to get their stuff ready.

Red was sitting the living room with Nadia, Raj, and Chester. “Everyone good?”

Everyone told her that they were, so they all got their stuff ready, and the Dogs walked to the garden together. After voting, Chris held the platter of keys up. “There are six keys. One of you will not be getting a key tonight. If anyone has an idol, now would be the time to play it.”

Holly smiled and pulled out her necklace. “How does this look, Chris?” She handed him the idol, and he grinned widely.

“Amazing,” he said. “I’ll hand out the keys now.” He threw a key to Holly, Raj, Gerard, Sarah, and Nadia.

“Red, Chester. One of you will not be getting a key tonight. But the person who will get the final key is….

Red! Chester, you’re out!”

Chester gasped. “But what did I do? I was gone; I didn’t do anything!”

Holly shrugged. “I don’t like you. Bye.”

Chester gave her a dark look, but left without a word. “Bye, Holly. I hope you get screwed over.”

“Wait!” shouted Nadia. “I wanna know why Raj told us Holly didn’t have an idol.”

Raj blushed. “Well, I couldn’t do that to Holly. I like her to much.”

Holly smiled, and turned away, trying to hide her happiness.

Red and Nadia stared furiously at Raj, who shrugged reunited with Holly with a giant hug.

“Okay, Raj, let me down.”

“There you have it!” Chris began. “Holly finally used her idol, and she and Raj are back together again. Will Red win Raj back? Will the Screaming Dogs lose again? Will Holly become nicer under the influence of Raj?”

Holly shouted, “I don’t think so, Chris!”

“Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!”

Episode 14: Crushopedia 

Nadia was sitting with Sarah and Gerard in the kitchen. Holly and Raj were making out by the pool, and Red was tanning.

"Listen, I know you two are sided with Holly, but she has a tight alliance with Raj. If you side with her, and we lose again, they can overpower you two. But if you join me and Red, we can get rid of Raj and Holly, and I'll easily turn on Red if need be." Nadia was trying to convince Gerard and Sarah to vote out Raj, but was having a hard time.

"I... I don't know, Nadia. I'll think about it." Sarah sighed. "I just don't know."

"What if we made a veteran alliance? Us three to the final three? And when we get to the merge, we can team up with Eric and Regina."

"That actually sounds like a good idea," Gerard said. 

"I'll think about it." Sarah abrubtly left the table and went into the confessional. "Okay, I just don't know what to do. Holly is a horrible person, but she's also a better player. She somehow outlasted a bunch of people even though everyone hated her."

Holly had finished making out with Raj, so she went over to talk to Red. "Red, how about we form a newbie alliance?"

Red took off her sunglasses and looked towards Holly. "No."

Holly was in the confessional. "I hate that girl so much, but I think after last night, I may not be in the safest spot. A gir's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

At the Killer Mice portion of the house, Eric and Luke were hanging out by the pool with Rachel, who they gave up on. Boo and Regina were in the kitchen, and Kelli and Ralph were fighting.

"They're seriously getting on my nerves," Luke said. "She's a psycho, and he's a jerk."

Eric nodded, but didn't say anything.

"I agree!" Rachel exclaimed. "You know, us three, we could make, like, a really good alliance."

Luke and Eric exchanged glances, and Eric appeared in the confessional. "Gosh... I don't wanna just reject her, but I don't really like her either. I have no idea."

Rachel kept waiting for their response. "Soooo? How about it?"

"We'll get back to you on that," Luke replied. "We gotta think about it first."

Rachel laughed. "Oh, that's right. Silly me." She gave them a smile, and then walked away. She was then sitting in the confessional. "Oh no, they did not just do that to me. I know when people are trying to blow me off, and trust me, I do not like it."

"Come on, Boo... You don't have to do this!" Regina pleaded. "You have to be strong... For you... your friends... your family..." She sat in the confessional. "Boo wants to quit. This is just horrible! I know that he's afraid of everything, but how can you conquer your fears if you run away from them?"

The teams were called to the challenge.

"Welcome, houseguests," Chris said unenthusiastically. "For today's challenge, you'll-"

"Wait!" Boo screamed. "Chris, I need to say something."

"Boo, don't do this!" Regina squeaked. "You don't have to!"

Boo sighed. "But I do have to." He turned to the other contestants. "I can't do this anymore. I just can't live in this constant fear..." He looked at Chris. "I quit."

"Woah, woah, woah!" Luke exclaimed. "Come on, buddy, don't quit! Nobody wants to see you go out that way."

Boo frowned. "I can't do this anymore." He took out his key and gave it to Chris. "I have to leave."

Chris didn't say anything. He pointed to the exit, and Boo rejectedly walked away. 

"Anyway, moving on," said Chris. "For today's challenge, you'll be led to my personal library. There, Chef will meet you with a cannon. Your challenge is to avoid the books he's going to be firing at you."

"Don't you need the books to read? Oh wait, you can't read," Holly spat. She laughed at her own joke, and then scowled when nobody else did. The two teams then walked awkwardly to Chris' library, met by Chef and his cannon.

"You chumps ready for this?" Chef barked. "On your mark.. get set..." He didn't wait for go. He shot one immediately and hit Kelli.

"What the hell! You didn't even say go!" She went after him, but he shot another book at her face and laughed. He then turned his cannon at Holly, and shot her in the stomach, knocking her over.

"Holly!" Raj yelled. "Are you okay?" Chef fired at him, and received an angry glare. 

Nadia, Gerard, and Sarah were hiding behind a bookshelf. Red was there with them, spying. 

"Raj next, right guys?" Nadia whispered. 

"Yeah," Gerard said. "Holly and Red would never work together, ever. So if we can get rid of Raj, we'll be fine."

Sarah nodded in agreement. 

Red snickered. Thinking quickly, she pushed over the bookshelf that they were hiding behind, letting Chef see them. Chef immediately started firing at them, successfully hitting Red and Sarah. Gerard and Nadia had dodged the books, and ran over to a different shelf.

"Annoying little brats," Chef muttered. He turned towards Eric and Luke, and shot at them. Luke was hit, but Rachel jumped in front of Eric and saved him from getting shot.

Eric stared at her, impressed. "Rachel, I misjudged you... Thanks." He bent down to help her up, and then got smacked in the head by a book. Chef was in the confessional. "Ha." He chuckled.

Chef turned towards Regina. "You'll be joining your boyfriend, too." She squealed, but he fired a book at her, and Ralph laughed. "Think it's funny, do you?" Chef asked. "Well, let's see how you like it." He furiously fired at Ralph, hitting him at least three times.

"And the Dogs win immunity!" Chris announced, walking into his library joyfully. "Mice, you'll be voting somebody off tonight."

Regina was in the confessional. "This sucks. I lost Boo, my best friend, and now we lost. This day... just isn't working out for me."

Eric was sitting in the confessional. "I wanted Rachel out, but you know, she's loyal, and even though she's creepy, she's nice."

Rachel was in the confessional. "I jumped in front of Eric today to gain his trust. And when he puts all of his trust in me, I'll crush him like the bug he is. Nobody tries to pull the wool over my eyes!"

The Mice were gathered around the garden sitting in their chairs. 

"I have your keys here," Chris said. "One of you will not receive a key. The first key goes to... Regina."

She smiled and caught it. 

"Next, Eric, Rachel, and Luke."

Kelli and Ralph glares at each other.

"The final key goes to....

















..... Ralph. Kelli, your time is up."

Kelli jumped out of her seat. "You losers! You worthless pieces of crap! You're going to pay! You're all going to pay!" Chef walked in, and carried her to the car. "You'll pay for this!" She screamed. 

"And there you have it," Chris said. "After, what, a year... You got another episode of Total Drama Fortune! But how will Regina fare next week without Boo? Will Ralph finally get along with people? Will Rachel make any friends?"


"Tune in next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 15: Cake Bosses

Chris McLean stood in front of his enormous house. "Welcome back to Total Drama Fortune! Last week, you witnessed somebody quit, and a big player get voted out! And this week, don't expect anything less!"

In the Dogs' portion of the house, Nadia, Sarah, and Gerard were sitting in the kitchen, while Holly and Raj were making out in the living room. 

"Are you guys really sure that we should stick with Holly and Raj?" Nadia asked. "I mean, like, they're a strong pair. If we take one of them out..."

Red walked in. "Like Raj?" She strode over to the counter, and sat down on the stool facing them. "If we cut out Raj, who can Holly turn to? Nobody likes her. Nobody wants to like her."

"Gerard likes her," Sarah said matter-of-factly. "I think."

Gerard shrugged. "I don't know. I mean, she isn't the worst person I've ever met."

He received looks from everyone in the room, though Red was just doing it for the sake of making a point. She didn't actually care whether Holly was bad or not, just that she could get rid of her. 

"And who exactly is?" Nadia rebutted. "I don't suppose you've met a terrorist."

Gerard shook his head. "No, no, I haven't. But I mean, if everyone wants to, I guess I will vote Holly out. I'd rather be in the majority than cause a tie."

Sarah nodded. "Same for me." Sarah was then in the confessional. "I know I told Holly that I would side with her earlier, but like, I just can't. She's just too mean. I have to take what's best for me, and right now, Holly's not looking too good."

In the Mice's domain, everything was calm. With Boo, who panicked every second, and Kelli, who fought every second, both being gone, there was almost no conflict. Except, of course with Ralph.

"You're so anti-social!" Ralph screamed at Regina, who was locked in her room. "You don't wanna talk to anyone because your little boyfriend is gone! Are you gonna quit just like him?"

Regina suddenly snapped open the door. "I am not going to quit. I am not going to yell. And I certainly am not going to put up with your bull for the rest of this game!"

Eric, Luke, and Rachel walked over to see what was happening.

"You sound like you're yelling to me," Ralph mocked. "Look, you brought in a crowd."

Regina glanced at Eric, Luke, and Rachel, who quickly decided to walk back to the living room.

"Get out of my face."

"Why should I?" Ralph laughed. "I thought you were supposed to be a nice girl."

"I am. But sometimes I don't play nice. I'm not a pushover." She tried closing the door, but Ralph forced it open.

"Why don't we see what's lying around in your room?" He began going into the drawers and pulling out Regina's clothes.

"Stop it!" She yelled. "Stop!" She tried pulling him away, but he was stronger. Eric and Luke rushed in with Rachel, who gasped. Eric and Luke instantly came to Regina's aid and restrained Ralph, forcing him out of the room. 

"Sorry about that," Luke said, scratching the back of the head.

Rachel sat down on Regina's bed, and pulled her in for a hug. "If it makes you feel any better, I'll go to Ralph's house and look through his stuff."

Regina pulled back from the hug. "You know where Ralph lives?"

"I know where everyone lives," Rachel replied, giving her a confused look. "Don't you guys?"

Eric and Luke backed out of the room slowly.

"Challenge time!" Chris announced over the loudspeaker. Regina groaned, but Rachel led her too the challenge arena.

The two teams met in a giant circular room filled with hundreds of cakes. The room was divided into sections with a certain amount of cakes in each section.

"For today's challenge, all you have to do is find a key in the cake!" Chris grinned. "And before anyone makes a horrible joke, the cake isn't a lie, nor will it ever be. The winning teams wins immunity and a giant cake to bring back to their kitchen!"

Everyone cheered, and Chris ordered them to the first section. There were ten cakes, and eleven people.

"Everyone will find a key, except for one person. We keep going like this until everyone but one person is eliminated, or a whole team is eliminated. You guys ready?" He smiled at the camera and winked. "I know I am." He started checking himself out.

"Chris, can we start, dammit?" Holly spat. "I have to do my hair soon."

"Ugh, fine! Go!"

Everyone immiedately lunged at a cake. Sarah, Red, Nadia, Raj, Eric, Luke, Regina, and Ralph all found keys. The final cake was between both Holly and Rachel. 

"Get out of my way, stalker!" Holly pushed Rachel to the ground and jumped for the cake, but her leg was grabbed by Rachel. Rachel slammed her to the ground and grabbed the key.

"Suck it, you witch!" She did a small little dance, and accidentally kicked Ralph in the head. "Sorry!"

He shrugged. 

"Aren't you going to defend me?" Holly shouted. 

"You did kind of push her."

"I can't believe you!" She flipped her hair, and stormed out of the room.

"Next round!" Chris shouted.

The next person taken out was Gerard, and then Nadia. Raj was taken out when the bottom two were him and Red, and he let Red take the key. Red lost the next round, however, and Sarah was the only person from the Dogs still in.

"You got this, Sarah!" Nadia cheered. "You can win this!"

Sarah kept searching the section for a cake, but couldn't find anything. Finally, she found the last cake, and faced Regina for it.

"Well, time for the pushover to say bye," Ralph murmured.

Regina heard him, and smirked. "Go ahead, Sarah. I don't need this." She waved at Ralph as she walked to one of the benches, and couldn't help but smile ever more when Ralph stood there dumbfounded. 

"That's not fair!" Ralph screamed. "She's throwing it!"

"She's allowed to," Eric said. "After what you did to her, I'm fine with it."

"Same here, dude," Luke said. "That just wasn't cool, like, at all."

"I know where you live."

One by one, Luke, Eric, and Rachel let Sarah take the last key. The final round was between Ralph and Sarah, and Ralph was sweating. Sarah wasn't nervous by any bit. She had just gotten a free ride to the final two, and knew she could do this. She ran towards the cake, but so did Ralph. The two collided, and started to wrestle for the key. Ralph,  being the weakling that he was, started losing. So, he did the only thing he could. He pantsed Sarah.

"What the hell!" She screeched. She kicked at him, but he dodged it. As Sarah recovered her shorts, Ralph grabbed the key.

"Haha, I win!" His grin faded as he looked at all of the looks he was receiving. Even Holly was giving him the stink eye.

"Not cool at all," she said. "You've got some serious problems."

Ralph shrugged. "At least I won. You're the one going home tonight."

Regina frowned, but then had an idea. "Chris, can the Mice give up immunity?"

"I don't know," Chris responded. "Lemme call the producers." He flipped open his phone and dialed the phone number. "Uh-huh. Yeah. Of course. Got it." He hung up. "Yeah, no. Mice win immunity!" He coughed. "Even though that was pretty low, man."

"Payback's gonna be a bitch," Sarah threatened. She glared at Ralph as her and the rest of the Dogs walked out of the arena and to the garden. After they had all voted, Chris came over with the keys.

"I have five keys on this plate. And well, there's six of you. One of you is going home. Bye-bye. Shalom." He started thinking. "Shalom means goodbye, right? Well, whatever. There's gonna be one less of you. First key goes to... Nadia! Gerard! Holly!"

Holly's eyes widened. "I didn't get any votes?"

"Yeah, I'm surprised, too. Anyway, Raj, Red. One of you is out of here. The final key goes to....






















.....................Red! Raj, see you later!"

"I'm sorry, what?" Holly screeched. "What the hell did Raj ever to do you? He's been freaking nice and sweet to all of you! What the hell!"

Raj gripped Holly's arms, restraining her from attacking and murdering her team. "Holly, listen. They did this to get under your skin. You can't let them win. Just do your best to beat them. Don't let them beat you." He kissed her on the cheek, and then walked into the car. "Bye, Holly."

"Well, there you have it!" Chris exclaimed. "Raj is out, and Rally is broken up. That's what they're calling it now, right? Or maybe it's Hoj... Either way, what will happen now that Holly has no friends whatsoever? Will Ralph finally get what's coming to him? Or will he take over this game? Find out when the teams merge in the next episode of TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!"

Episode 16: Don't Treadmill on Me

Chris stood in front of his house, waving halfheartedly at the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Fortune! After a long hiatus," he grumled "stupid network" under his breath, "we're finally back and better than ever! The teams have merged, and now it's every man for himself!"

Suddenly, Jahira stormed down the stairs and marched outside. "McLean! I am sick and tired of wearing this damn maid costume! I quit!" 

Chris chuckled, and wasn't even trying to hide it. "Oh JahiraJahiraJahira, you can't quit. Now, why don't you go upstairs and polish the bathtubs? Huh?"

She flipped him off, and remained where she was. "Not a chance in hell. I'd rather spend a day massaging Chef's hairy feet than clean."

"Tsk, tsk." He snapped his fingers. "Guards! Bring her upstairs!" He began to think. "Hey, you know... Chef has been asking me for a massage lately. Maybe Jahira could help me out on that!"

The camera panned to Chef sitting in a lawn chair sipping a martini. "Nuh-uh, Chris. You lost the bet. You're gonna massage me."

Jahira gasped, and tried to run away, but two oversized men came after her, dragging her through the doors and up to Chris' private bathroom.

"Goddammit, McLean! It smells terrible in here! Oh God! Oh God! What even is that?"

Chris smiled at the camera. "Well, moving on! Let's get back to our contestants!"

Sarah was sitting on the couch with Eric and Luke. "It's finally good to be back with... not terrible people." She took a quick glance towards Holly and Red, who were eating breakfast in silence. 

"Yeah, well now you get to be with Ralph," Eric groaned. "Holly may be a bitch, but Ralph is..."

"Ralph is what?" 

Ralph ran into the room, chasing Regina. "Whatcha gonna do, Blondie? Huh? Huh?"

"Hey!" Luke shouted. "Dude, leave her alone!" He stood up, and was nearing Ralph. 

Ralph stopped and smirked. "Make me."

"You just stopped," Sarah pointed out. "He literally didn't even have to." She was still pissed off at him for pantsing her, but she was trying to hide it. She didn't like holding grudges on account of her easygoing attitude, but she was having a hard time forgiving him. 

"Please," Ralph said. "Like I'd listen to anyone here. You all pretty much suck at life."

Sarah was shocked. Eric, however, was starting to get mad. "You're kidding me, right? We suck at life? For the past few weeks, all you've done is torture innocent people. If anything, you suck at life. Get over yourself, Ralph. You have no friends left."

"Hmph," Ralph grunted. He then appeared in the confessional. "Listen, everyone at home... I didn't come here to make friends. I came here to win some money, and I'm going to squash any little bug that gets in my way." He looked at a butterfly that had flown in from the window. "Hey little butterfly, you're so cute!" He glanced back at the camera. "Oh, I uh, I mean..." He tried to squash it, but didn't have the heart. "Okay, okay! I'm not that cruel!"

As Ralph walked away, Luke turned to Sarah and Eric. "So, uh, guys, who are we gonna vote off? Ralph?"

Eric shrugged. "I mean, it'd be a lot easier to vote him off, but what does he really do before terrorize people? It's not like he's really gonna win anything."

"That's true," Sarah said. "Plus, Holly's a lot more strategic. She's also not as personal. I mean, sure, she's really nasty, but at least she doesn't follow you around and try to hurt you."

"Sounds like you want Ralph to stay, though," Luke replied. "I mean, is it really that bad having someone who's not as horrible? I'm pretty much sick of Ralph right now..."

"Guys, let's just talk about this later," Eric whispered. "Nadia's walking by." However, Nadia was heading towards the kitchen, where Holly and Red were.

Holly stirred around her eggs. "Red, I know we got off on the wrong foot... But we need to work together. If we don't, we'll pretty much be screwed in this game."

"Ha." Red stood up and gathered her plate and utensils. "I'm not the one that's screwed, that's you. And maybe you should have thought of that before your little parasite Raj got sent packing. As of now, I have the power, and you can't stop me."

Nadia walked in. "Please. If anyone here has the power, it's me. You two are hated by pretty much everyone. Nobody's gonna listen to you, while most people trust me."

"No, we pretty much hate all three of you." The words came from the cabinet. 

"Who is that?" Holly asked. "Gerard, if that's you, stop it."

"I am not Gerard. I am a voice. A conscience. A mastermind, of sorts. If you do not do what I say, you three will find yourselves in deep trouble that will be impossible to overcome!"

Red was shaking her head. "Rachel, get the hell out of the cabinet right now." 

"Fine." Rachel crawled out, hissed at the three girls, and scampered out of the kitchen. However, just as Rachel was leaving, Gerard was entering.

"What was that?" He asked. "Was she...?"

"Just ignore her," Holly said. "She's a nutjob. Although, she isn't as delusional as Nadia and Red, here."

"You better watch your back, Holly." Red finished washing her dishes and skirted towards the door. "You never know when someone's gonna be there to stab it." She winked, and left.

Holly sat there, her jaw ajar, while Nadia just shrugged. "Eh."

Somewhere else in the house, Regina had ran into a bedroom. "Thank God, I'm finally safe!"

"Oh, joy," said Gerard. He was sitting on his bed reading a book. "It's so dangerous in here, isn't it?"

"Well, uh, no, but..."

"Exactly." He went back to reading his book.

"But, uh, Gerard?" Regina closed the door. Gerard looked up at her, and she said, "Why were you so attached to Holly?"

Gerard shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I figured she could carry me to the merge. Right now, I know I'm not in any trouble whatsoever, so I'll be fine for a little bit. I don't really need to do anything."

"Oh, well, just let me know if you want any help."

Gerard shrugged, and tried to read his book again, but Chris' voice went over the loudspeaker. "Okay you tub of lards, today's challenge is going to get you into shape!"

"You really need that," Ralph said to Sarah, who simply threw a pillow at his face.

"Head to the gym, maggots!" Chef screamed. "I wanna see you sweat!"

Everyone groaned, but went to the gym. When they got there, there were ten treadmills placed in a row, each with a name of one of the contestants.

"For today's challenge, all you gotta do is stay on your treadmill the longest. Simple enough?"

Everyone nodded.

"Okay, well, crank it up to five miles per hour, and let's get this thing started." 

All of the contestants clambered onto their treadmills, and pressed the start button. Almost immediately, Gerard fell off. 

"Crap," he muttered. "Slipped."

"Of course," Ralph said. "Definitely had nothing to do with you sucking at anything athletic."

Gerard glared at him, but remained silent. However, Regina spoke up. "Ralph, leave him along. You're nothing but a bully."

"And you're nothing but a moron, but we all accept you for what you are. Well, except me, I hate you."

Regina rolled her eyes, and tried ignoring Ralph. Soon, Regina, Holly, Red, and Nadia had all fallen off. Only Eric, Luke, Rachel, Ralph, and Sarah remained. 

"I don't think I can do this anymore, guys. I'm getting way too tired." Sarah was sweating profusely, and was beginning to cough. 

"It's fine, Sarah. I mean, it's not really like your life depended on this sort of thing." Rachel smiled. "Unless of course you tripped or something on your way down and split your head open. But yeah, nobody's got an hard feelings!" 

Sarah stared at her and climbed off really carefully. Rachel, as a result, chuckled. Her chuckling soon turned into cackling, and she lost control of herself. She flew off the treadmill, falling butt first onto the floor. She continued laughing throughout the whole ordeal.

Eric was in the confessional. "Well, uhh... She's very... tough... I guess."

After about ten more minutes, Eric had fallen off. It was down to Luke and Ralph. 

"You're going town Blondie #2." Ralph laughed. "You're probably as stupid as Blonde #1, too."

"Really clever," Nadia chided. "I wonder how you managed to come up with such creative names!"

"Thanks, Nadia," Ralph said back. "I'm glad someone finally appreciates my genius." He really had no idea that she was being sarcastic. 

"I- oh, nevermind," she said. "Just go on." She started shaking her head in disappointment, and walked off doing so. She was then in the confessional. "I really do not know how Ralph manages to function in this world. I really do not know."

Ralph, trying to prove he was stronger, cranked up his treadmill to 6 mph. However... that was a mistake. In about thirty seconds, Ralph had fallen off. "Crap! Damn it! You all freaking suck!"

Sarah couldn't help but laugh. "What a loser."

"What a tramp," he said back.

Everyone gasped.

"You're gonna pay..." Sarah said. She stormed off.

Due to the tension, Chris was a lot happier than usual. "Luke wins invincibility!" Chris shouted. "For the rest of ya... You're gonna be voting someone off."

Nadia was in the confessional. "So... I'm in trouble tonight. But, I think I know how to save myself." 

After Nadia, Luke was in the confessional. "So, uh, I'm invincible tonight! I can't be voted out! Woohoo! I really don't know what could make this night better... Maybe Holly going home?"

Nadia immediately rushed over to Red, Ralph, and Holly. "Guys, why don't we form a Villains' Alliance? Sure, we all hate each other, but they," she said pointing at everyone else, "hate us more. If we vote as a pact, we can vote off whoever we want."

"Why the hell would I wanna side with you? You're a bitch, you know." Holly chuckled. "I could easily just vote you off now."

"Yeah, but then you'll be next," Nadia said. 

Red nodded. "She's right. As much as we hate each other, we're going to be voted off right away unless we work together. But, who do we target?"

"I know just the person," Nadia said.

Chris held a plate of keys in the garden ceremony. "I have 9 keys... One of you.... will not receive one. Luke, of course, gets one." He threw a key to Luke. "The next key goes to.... Sarah." He threw a key to Sarah, and then to Eric, Regina, Red, and Ralph. The next keys went to Rachel and Nadia. Gerard and Holly were last.

"The final key goes to....









................... Holly! Gerard, you're out for the second time!"

"I don't understand! How? There were supposed to be, like, 4 people voting Holly at least. Eric, Luke, Regina, Sarah... I voted Holly..."

Sarah frowned. "Uhh... I... I voted Ralph."

"Same here," Regina said. "I think we just got fed up with him. I'm really sorry Gerard."

"Whatever." He waved to them and left.

"Well, wasn't that dramatic?" Chris smirked. "Will the Villains take over the Heroes? Will the Heroes continue to be annoyingly nice? Or maybe a dark horse will arise and defeat both sides from a predictable end-game?Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!

Episode 17: Get to the Chopper!

Chris stood once again in front of the camera with a smile on his face. “Last time on Total Drama Fortune, Gerard was voted out for…. Well, the Villains decided he had to go! Can’t blame him, that kid was uh-noy-ing.”

Chef coughed. “Now understand why you almost got fired, McLean?”

“Shut it, Chef,” Chris retorted. “The producers wouldn’t know a good host if it hit them in the face!” Suddenly, his phone rang. He reached for it, put it to his ear, and instantly regretted it. His face shriveled up as the person on the other end yelled at him. “Okay, okay, sorry Mother.” He looked back at the camera. “Anyway, moving on… What will be in store for us tonight? Find out on this episode of Total Drama Fortune!”

Red, Nadia, Ralph, and Holly sat in the kitchen, trying to strategize. Red and Nadia tried to think of some plans, while Ralph and Holly well, fought.  

“Listen, guys, we need a game plan!” Nadia hissed. “It’s four against four, and they’ll probably beat us in a tiebreaker challenge!”

“Just leave that to me,” Red said. She winked at Nadia, and then left the table to find her alliance’s enemies: Eric and Luke.

Red sat in the confessional. “I figured that if I could manipulate Eric and Luke to, uh, be enticed by me, then I could get rid of Rachel, who they both seem to hate.” She shrugged. “Foolproof plan, in my opinion.”

Eric and Luke were playing cards in the living room, and Luke was failing miserably.

“Cheater!” Luke screamed. “That wasn’t my card! You switched them!”

Eric sighed. He grabbed Luke's card from the ground and held it up. “ Luke, I didn’t switch them. You put the wrong card down.”

“Oh,” he replied, scratching his head. “Well, then, uh, you win, I guess.”

“I guess I came at a good time, then,” Red said. She sat down seductively on the couch next to then, and smiled. “I’m glad I’m not interrupting anything.” She winked.  “If you guys have nothing else to do…”

Luke smiled at Red, but Eric simply looked at her with disdain. He then appeared in the confessional. “I’m with Heidi, and I know that Red likes to… charm people, but she won’t charm me. I think.” He frowned. “I hope.”

“Would you boys mind if I join in?” She scooted closer to Eric, who had back up against the edge of the couch. “After all, three’s better than two.” She winked again after she said those last words, and Eric rolled his eyes.

Just as Eric was about to fall off the couch, Rachel came bouncing into the living room. “Hey guys!” She plopped down next to Red, grinning ear to ear. “Hey Red.”

Red rolled her eyes in the confessional. “If these boys don’t wanna play my game, I might as well try and get Rachel to flip sides. She sucks, but maybe she’ll suck enough to flip.”

“Hey Rachel,” she said with a grin. “How are you doing?” She winked, and Rachel backed slightly away.

Rachel sat cross-legged in the confessional, her arms crossed. “I know what Red is trying to pull, duh. I mean, how stupid does someone have to be to not see that Red is trying to take over my spot as the journalist of this game? If somebody’s gonna go snooping around, it’s me! Got it, Red? I’m the reporter, you’re just the… the… red girl!”

Luke got up from the awkward gathering of Red, Rachel, Eric, and himself, and began his way to the bathroom. On his way there, he bumped into Nadia, and the two fell over, with Luke hitting his elbow on the wall.

“Dang it!” he shouted. He started rubbing his elbow, and his face contorted in pain.

“Sorry!” Nadia exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to!” She tried helping him get up from the floor, but Luke refused to get up.

“No, no, it’s not your fault.” She tried helping him get up again, but he wouldn’t budge. “I’m just gonna… lay here for a while.”

Nadia pouted and squatted to bring herself down to him. “Are you sure?” He nodded. “Well, I’ll just sit here with you until you’re better.”

“So,” Nadia began, sitting in the confessional, “I accidentally hurt Luke, and while I do feel bad for it… It might be better in the long run. If he’s injured, in any way, he won’t win the next challenge, and we can possibly send him home. Of course, even if I do want him out I’m not gonna leave him bawling on the floor. I’m not that coldhearted.” She chuckled. “I’m not, right?”

Regina and Holly were sitting in the kitchen, with the former starting breakfast and the latter finishing it. No words were spoken between the two, and when Holly got up, she left her dirty plate behind.

“Excuse me, Holly, but where are you going?” Regina asked. She raised an eyebrow, showing her disdain for Holly’s laziness.

“The bathroom, you bimbo,” Holly spat. “You know, to wash up after eating like most people.” She chuckled. “I don’t know what I expected from a blonde.”

“Well, what I expect from everyone,” Regina said, emphasizing the last word, “is to clean up after themselves. I don’t care how much garbage you spread around the house, you can at least clean up the garbage you leave on a table.”

“Why don’t you do it, Reggie?” Holly walked back to the table, and pushed her dirty plate towards Regina. “Go ahead.”

Regina stood up, and pointed a finger in Holly’s face. “I will never clean up after you. I will never help you. I’m a nice girl, but if you’re gonna be rude, then I’ll be rude right back.”

Holly slapped Regina’s hand, her face growing red. ”Don’t you dare point your finger at my face.”

“As long as you’re still in this game, I’ll always point my finger at your face,” Regina retorted. With that, she picked up her plate, put it in the dishwasher, and walked out. Holly was left alone, disgruntled and angry.

“You’re gonna regret that, Reggie. You’re really going to regret that.” Holly reluctantly put her plate in the dishwasher, and then stormed out to go talk with Ralph.

“Challenge time!” Chris announced over the loudspeaker. “And this one’s a doozy! Come to the backyard immediately.”

All nine contestants gathered in the backyard to see nine wooden posts, with a doll resembling each respective contestant hanging from three ropes. Underneath each doll was a small bonfire, ready for the dolls to face their deaths.

“In this challenge, I’ll ask you all an opinionated question about your fellow houseguests. The correct answer is whichever answer appears the most. You get it right, you get to chop one rope. Last person with ropes remaining wins! Any questions?”

Everyone shook his or her head.

“Good!” Chris proclaimed. “Then let’s begin!”

The contestants stood in line, facing Chris and holding up a small whiteboard and marker. Holly was glaring at Regina, who stood on the other end. However, Regina was staring off into the distance, most likely at a wayward butterfly.

Chris smirked, enjoying that the dolls were hanging over fires. “First question… Which houseguest needs a reality check in life?”

Everyone wrote down their answers. Almost unanimously, everyone said Holly, except Holly, who put Regina.

Holly groaned. Chris, with a smile on his face, said, “Okay, Luke, you’re up first.”

Luke walked over to Holly’s ropes, and cut one. After Luke, Eric followed suit and brought Holly’s count down to one. Red winked at Luke, and then cut his rope. Nadia, frowning, cut one of Luke's ropes, too.

“Sorry,” she said, avoiding eye contact with Luke. However, he seemed unfazed.

“It’s a game,” he said. “I’ll deal with it. Just do your thing, Nadia.”

“Eww,” Ralph said. He walked over to Regina’s rope, wound up his arm, and then swung down as hard as he could. “Score!”

Regina frowned, and then walked over to Ralph’s ropes, cutting one of his own. Sarah, while smirking, walked right after Regina and cut a second one of Ralph’s ropes.

Regina then appeared sitting in the confessional. “I’m usually not this petty, but I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Huh. Whatever.”

Rachel bounded over to Red’s ropes, cut one, and then shot her a death glare. “You’re next,” she said. She smiled at Eric, and then walked back to her spot.

“Okay,” Chris said. “Next question… Who is the most annoying houseguest?”

Holly and Ralph said Regina, while Regina and Sarah put Ralph. Eric, Luke, and Red wrote down Rachel. Rachel and Nadia put Holly.

“Well, this round will be fun,” Chris said. “By a 3-2-2-2 answer, Rachel was the correct response.”

Rachel gasped. “How am I annoying?” She frowned. “I’ve just been trying to be nice. How can I be that bad?”

“Dude,” Luke said, “it’s not that, like, you’re bad, you just get annoying with the stalking stuff, you know.”

Rachel sighed. “Not everyone gets me, I guess. People are afraid of my quest to get to know them better. Or maybe it’s my red hair.” She picked out a few strands. “It is pretty intimidating.

Eric sat in the confessional, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, that’s it.”

“ Luke, once again, you’re up first,” Chris instructed. “Go ahead.”

Luke walked up to Nadia's rope. “Payback’s a bitch,” he said, laughing. He cut down on it, bringing Nadia's total down to two.

“How sweet,” Red muttered. She walked up to Eric’s ropes, and cut his first one.

“I’ll take a page out of your book, Luke,” Eric said. He chopped down on Red’s final rope. “There we go.”

“And Red is out!” Chris announced. “She won’t be safe at the bonfire ceremony tonight! Next question! Which houseguest has the best shot of winning?”

Luke, Sarah, Rachel, and Regina wrote Eric, while both Ralph and Holly wrote themselves. Eric and Nadia, herself, wrote down Nadia.

Chris sighed. “ Luke, stop getting these right. You’re first again!” He grumbled something under his breath, and then motioned for Luke to hurry up.

Luke went straight for Holly’s rope, knocking her out of the challenge. Sarah walked up and cut Ralph’s rope, while Rachel and Regina cut Nadia's.

“And with that, Nadia, Ralph, and Holly are out!” Chris proclaimed. “It seems that the self-proclaimed villains have no shot at winning invincibility!”

“Screw you, McLean,” Holly said. She walked off and sat down by the pool, ignoring the fact that Ralph was trying to talk to her.

“Next round!” Chris said. “Which houseguest could use the money the most?”

Eric, Luke, and Sarah said Regina, while Regina and Rachel said Eric.

“Once again, you’re up first, Luke,” Chris whined. “We want unpredictability, bro. Stop ruining the suspense!”

“Well, sorry,” Luke said, disgruntled. He immediately walked towards Rachel’s ropes, cutting the first one. Sarah and Eric mimicked him, and Rachel was left shocked that she had been eliminated in just one round.

“Rude,” she said, walking off to sit by Nadia, fighting back tears. Nadia looked at the camera and shrugged.

Luke was in the confessional. “Okay, so, that might have been sort of a mistake. We’ve kinda pissed Rachel off a lot, and like, I think she’s catching on that we aren’t really big fans of her.”

Nadia appeared in the confessional. “The boys are being jerks to Rachel, and that’s basically the perfect opportunity for me. If I can manage to flip her to the villains, we might not be in such a huge hole. The only problem… Red wants Rachel out.”

“Another day, another round!” Chris joked. Cricket sound effects were played in the background. “Dammit, Chef! That’s not funny!” He looked back at the contestants who were giving him confused looks. “Okay, okay, let’s continue. The next question, which houseguest does not deserve to be here?”

Regina wrote Holly, Sarah wrote Rachel, and Eric and Luke  wrote down Rachel as well.

“What did I even do to you people?” Rachel cried. “I’ve just been doing my job, and everyone just hates me, gosh!”

“Shh, Rachel, it’s okay,” Red cooed. She reached over, bringing in Rachel for a hug. “It’s just boys being boys, don’t take it personally.”

She then sat in the confessional. “Actually, please do take it personally. Very personally.”

The challenge continued, with Eric and Luke cutting Regina’s ropes. Sarah then cut Eric’s second rope, leaving Sarah with three, and Luke  and Eric with one each.

“Next question,” Chris said. “Which houseguest would you never invite to dinner?”

All three wrote down Ralph.

“Listen, Luke, “Eric said. “There’s almost no chance that we beat Sarah, so why don’t we just end it here and give her a win?”

“Fine with me,” Luke agreed. “Sarah, are you cool winning this way?”

She nodded, and smiled excitedly. “Thank you so much. I owe you two big time!”

“Nah, it’s cool,” Luke replied. “Just considering it a friendly gesture.” He walked over and cut Eric’s rope, while Eric cut Luke's.

“And Sarah wins invincibility!” Chris announced. “I’ll give you all an hour to talk things over, and then I’ll see you in the garden.”

Rachel was sitting with Luke and Eric in the kitchen. In the room over, Red and Nadia were trying to eavesdrop.

“Rachel, we’re like… sorry,” Luke choked out. “We didn’t mean to upset you.”

“But you did!” She sobbed. “You called me the most annoying person here! Over Holly! Look at her!”

Holly was rummaging through the fridge, tossing out drinks and plates of food alike. Glasses and plates shattered; Holly didn’t even look back to see how much carnage she had caused.

“We know, but… You’ve just been on us lately,” Eric said. “We are sorry, though.”

“Sorry? When I was crying you didn’t even look over, it was Nadia who comforted me! Why weren’t you sorry then?”

“It was the heat of the moment,” he said, nearly inaudibly. “We just weren’t thinking at the time, if you know what I mean.”

Rachel sighed. “I know exactly what you mean. Just give me time to think this over.” She got up and left, but got pulled to the side by Red.

“How would you like to take one of them out?” She smiled. Rachel smiled back.

Rachel appeared in the confessional. “Everyone’s treating me like a little pawn, and honestly, I’m tired of it. It’s time I show these people that I’m not a pushover. I’ve done my job; I’ve discovered the truth. Now I need to put that truth into action.”

All nine contestants gathered around Chris, who stood before them bearing his tray of keys. “Dramatic challenge, today, huh?”

Nobody responded.

“Fine. Let’s get on with this vote. The first keys go to… Sarah, Holly, and Ralph.” The three of them caught their keys, with Sarah being the most worried. She reached over and grabbed Eric’s hand, holding it.

“You’re gonna be fine, don’t worry.” She smiled meekly at him, and he just stared forward towards Chris.

“Next keys go to… Rachel, Nadia, Regina and Luke.” The four of them caught their keys with little effort, though Rachel almost dropped hers.

“Red, Eric… One of you will be going home tonight. One of you received 4 votes, the other, 5… The final key goes to…

…… Eric! Red, you’re outta here.”

“Wh-what? How?” She looked around and finally settled on Rachel’s shy smirk. “Rachel… What the hell?”

“I don’t like being played. Luke and Eric may have been jerks but at least they were genuine with me.”

“Well,” Red stood up, “I can’t say that I’m not shocked. Good play I guess.” She shrugged. “Hard to really play this game when the guys are either gone or too stupid to really want to manipulate.”

“Really? Not even a goodbye?” Ralph spat.

“Uh, no, you suck.” She rolled her eyes and climbed gracefully into the car. She waved goodbye, and the car drove off.

Chris chuckled. “Well that was FUN! Wasn’t it? Will Rachel’s new position give her some trouble, will Eric and Luke recover from their mess-up, and will the villains manage to crawl out of their own graves?  Find out next time on Total! Drama! FORTUNE!”  

Episode 18: 500 Days of Bummer

“Last time on Total! Drama! Fortune! Nadia admitted her intense love for Luke!” Chris smiled brightly at the camera, a speck of spinach lodged in his white teeth. “Regina started pointing fingers, and Holly made sure that those fingers were out of her face! Or at least tried to!Then Mike and Eric decided to throw a challenge and brutally crush Rachel’s spirit! Will they work through their problems? Will Regina wave some more fingers? Will I finally get some respect? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!” When he finished speaking, Chris winked and Chef rolled his eyes from behind the camera.

“You ain’t foolin’ anyone, McLean.”

“What do you mean?” Chris raised his eyebrows and glared at Chef. “Is there something wrong?” “Nah,” Chef said, beginning to laugh. “Your teeth are looking a little green, though.” As he walked off laughing to himself, Chris furiously scrubbed his teeth with his fingers.

“Cut to the kids! Cut to the kids! CUT! TO! THE! KIDS!”

The screen went black, and then flashed to the kitchen. Rachel sat down idling her fingers, flanked by both Regina and Nadia. Holly and Nadia were eating bowls of cereal while glancing shiftily at Rachel, who looked anywhere but at them.

Holly: That idiot flipped on us. She literally went with the boys who made fun of her over people like US. We’re good people, we don’t try to make anyone feel bad, it just sort of happens. And frankly, it disgusts me that she would even consider going with someone like Regina.

Regina walked into the room, and was instantly yelled at by Holly. “Get out of here! You’re not welcome here, you skank!”

She rolled her eyes and sat down at the table. “Rachel, I just wanna say thank you for sticking with us. I realize the guys were being jerks, but,” she reached across the table and held Rachel’s hand, “I’m not like that. You know me.”

Regina: Luke and Eric screwed up but I’m not going to just sit here and be like, “Oh! The boys are villains so let’s just get them out!” No. They may be stupid, but they’re not evil. People like Holly and Ralph are… Say, this room is kinda weird if you think about it… We just kinda sit and talk to ourselves and badmouth people. Is it really that entertaining? And on a toilet, too-

“I know.” Rachel smiled at her. “You’re nice, Gina, I know that. I mean, I pretty much had a fanblog about you during the first season. But I had a fan blog about everyone so I guess that really doesn’t mean much, huh?” She frowned when Regina gave her a confused look. “What I’m trying to say is, I know you guys mean well. I know.”

Regina smiled at her one last time, and after giving Holly a look, left the room.

“Wow, what a jerk!” Holly exclaimed. She began cackling. “Can you believe she tried that good person crap? Please! She just wants to use you.”

Nadia: *sighs* Don’t we all?

Regina walked back to Sarah and Luke. “Where’s Eric?” she asked.

“Taking a leak,” Luke responded. “Had a bit too much water, I think.”

“Too much information, Luke,” Sarah said. “We don’t really need to know why he’s using the bathroom, just that he’s there.”

Luke shrugged.

“Anyway, Rachel is still upset.” Regina sat down on the floor next to them, watching as they played the card game War. “Holly and Nadia are basically holding her hostage. Holly tried chewing me out when I walked in, but yeah, she doesn’t scare me. She’s as harmless as a German shepherd.”

Holly: Yeah, I’ll bit her arm and rip a piece off. Don’t mess with me.

“Holly tries her hardest to be a tough girl, but really, she’s just kind of a tryhard.”

“How eloquent,” Eric said. He smiled at Sarah and sat down next to her. “Really, a great choice of words.”

“Whatever,” she said. “You better hope Rachel doesn’t flip on us, because then the villains are gonna get their way.”

“Come on guys,” Luke said. “Villains never win. We know that. The good guy always conquers!”

Suddenly, Ralph stormed into the room. “Yeah, villains never win? Sure. I hope you guys remember that crap when I’m crowned the winner.” “That’s never happening.” Regina rolled her eyes. “The only thing you’ll win is a biggest jerk contest.” “Funny,” he said. “Must have taken you all day to come up with that one. Whatever. I’ll be the last one laughing! Ha!”

“The deranged do laugh a lot,” Eric retorted. “Doesn’t get them out of their straight-jackets. Sure won’t help you.”

“You guys suck.”

Nadia: For heroes, those guys are just as rude as Ralph is sometimes. Well… Eric is sarcastic and I guess that’s not too bad. I don’t think Luke is smart enough to even realize he’s being annoying, but who cares if you’re annoying if you’re hot- I… I mean… Annoying. He’s annoying.

“Listen,” Holly said to Rachel. “Regina is just using you. Like she used Boo. Don’t let her do the same to you. Drive you to quit… She made Boo have all those meltdowns…”

Rachel raised her eyebrow. “Yeah. How horrible of her.”

Rachel: I’m not stupid. I know Regina would never drive Boo to do that! Boo was just kind of a loser. Oh, uh, sorry Boo.

Ralph strutted into the kitchen. “Now who’s gonna make me a sandwich?” He pointed towards Holly. She glared at him. He pointed at Nadia. She glared at him. He finally pointed at Rachel. She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.

“Nice going, halfwit! We’re already down two people, we need her to force a tie!” Holly walked to the counter and slammed her hand down. “I can’t do this. All of you suck! You all suck so much!” Her complaints continued as she marched down the hall to her room. “SUCK!”

Luke walked in. “Why is Holly, like, insulting her job? Is she gonna quit it or something?”

Nadia shook her head.

Nadia: The cute ones are always dumb… Always.

“Sooooo, Luke...” Nadia motioned for him to sit down next to her. She batted her eyes and smiled. “How are you doin’?” He sat down and frowned. “Oh, I don’t know. I mean, I thought this whole game would be really fun but, like, it’s just been all messed up with people like Kelli and Holly. Did you know Holly, like, actually didn’t like Polly?” He fell back into his chair. “Crazy stuff.”

Ralph stared at him. “Are you-” He paused. “Are you braindead?”

“No!” Luke shot him an angry look and pouted. Then, his eyes went up into his head in thought. “At least, I don’t think I am…”

Chris’s voice rang over the loudspeaker. “CHALLEEEEENGE TIIIIIIIME!”

Holly stormed out of her room, walked to the loudspeaker, and ripped it from the wall. “Not today, McLoser.”

All of a sudden, the teens heard grumbling from the bathroom. “Lousy teenagers making me get all up out here…” Chef stomped into the kitchen. “Now are you brats gonna come quietly or am I going to have to get out…” he grinned, “the tennis ball gun?”

The eight teens followed him in a single file line. After about five minutes of walking, they arrived in a dark room where Chris was waiting for them, holding a lantern. “Welcome house guests! We have a fun one for you today… TURN ON THE LIGHTS!”

Chef mumbled and groaned, but walked to the giant light switch. He flicked it on, and sure enough, the lights illuminated the challenge: eight hanging, giant popsicles for the contestants to hang on to. “Throw me in the crapper, why don’t you?” Holly said. “Really, just flush me down.”

“Aren’t you used to hanging on to large sticks?” Sarah asked. She stifled her laughter as Holly shot her a look.

Rachel: So, uh… Why are the heroes being so mean? Like I get it, Holly’s a bitch, but she hasn’t done much to them… in the past hour, at the very least.

Chris coughed. “Well, if you guys are done… Get ready!”

Each teen clambered on to their respective popsicles and gripped on for dear life. Ralph and Regina, however, were struggling right off the bat.

“Now, if you guys are ready, the popsicles will start spinning and we’ll start shooting- I mean, we’ll wait until everyone but one drops down! Houseguests ready…. GO!”

The popsicles began to spin around the track, with the speed increasing over time. Almost instantly, Ralph fell.

“Darn sweat.”

“Well, I guess I’ll be fine then!” Holly said. “I don’t sweat.” She looked directly at the camera. “Ever.”

“Woah!” Rachel fell off her popsicle and landed butt-first onto the floor. “That… wow.”

Rachel: Okay, so like, I’m SUCH a huge fan of this show that losing this challenge was SO much better. I mean, every little kid can say “Oh Mommy, look I’m holding onto a popsicle!” but what teenage girl can say she rode a popsicle and then fell off? Almost none! Wait... Wait a second…

“Oh! Oh!” Regina was slipping down the popsicle, clawing through the fabric. “Wait-” she fell. But on the way down, she landed crushingly on her wrist. “Ow!”

“DOCTORS!” Chris screamed. “Get some doctors in here!”

A team of medics rushed into the scene, carrying with them luggages of medical equipment. One doctor took out an AED, and screamed “CLEAR!” much to the concern of the other contestants. However, a limp hand slapped the AED out of his hands.

“I’m not unconscious!” Regina sat up, trying to nurture the broken wrist turned slap weapon in her other hand. “Seriously.”

The medic frowned.

Medic: I NEVER get to use that! I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to shock someone back to life? I had to at least try.

“Well?” Chris said. “Is she outta here? Can she stay? Let us know, man!” He gripped the medic’s shoulders and began to shake him. “Let us know!”

In all of the mayhem, Nadia, Ralph, and Sarah all fell down. Only Holly, Luke, and Eric remained.

The medic shrugged. “Don’t know. We do wanna do an X-ray on her, though, so for now… We’re gonna have to take her to a hospital.” “Oh okay. See ya.” Chris smiled at the rest of the contestants as Regina was literally dragged by her other wrist towards the exit. “Who’s ready to keep competing?”

Eric dropped. “Crap.”

“Luke! You got this!” Sarah yelled. She looked at Eric. “He’s so screwed.”

“Oh come on,” Rachel said as she walked up. “If my research on Holly has proven anything, it’s that she gives up. A lot. Even if she is on a giant stick.” Eric raised an eyebrow. “Research?”

“Oh no!” Rachel’s eyes darted around the giant room. “Just the normal stuff. Nothing creepy. Only physical prowess, height, weight, ethnicity, address, high school…”

“You know where I live?” Nadia looked at the camera in fear.

Nadia: How does she know where I live? Seriously? I didn’t even tell the show that!

“Don’t worry about it!” Rachel grinned at her. “I won’t tell anyone it’s yours.”

Rachel: I did however use it as my location for fan mail when I signed up… I guess Nadia's gonna be a little confused when all of her mail is addressed “Dear Rachel.” Huh. Probably should have thought of that!

“You should just drop now,” Holly hissed at Luke. “I mean really, do you think you can win?”

“Yeah. I hold on to stuff all the time!” Luke’s fingers pushed even further into the popsicle’s fabric. “Plus I’m scared of heights and I don’t want to fall…”

Holly rolled her eyes. “I meant you’re not going to win this game. You, like, suck at everything. And life. You suck at life, too.”

“Oh…” Luke frowned, but shrugged it off. “Well, that’s your opinion! I, however, have my own, even if my some of my teachers would like to disagree.”

“Don’t listen to her, Luke! You may not be the brightest, but at least you’re nice! She’s just plain rude and clearly not smart. Otherwise she’d be smart enough to be nice!”


Holly: You don’t need to be nice to win this game. It’s a fact. Maybe a sad fact for some people. But I am smart, let me tell you that. And if people are going to challenge that, then they need to go.

For fifteen minutes, Holly and Luke clung to the sticks for their lives. Nothing could put a halt to their determination, and neither one was willing to see the other succeed. Over time, the other contestants could see the sweat dripping down their arms and necks- well, the sweat dripping down Luke’s arms and neck, since Holly didn’t sweat.

Eric cheered from down below. “Come on, Luke! Win this!”

“Knock her on her butt!” Sarah yelled. “You deserve this!”

Holly: I know people don’t like. They never have. And I never let that get to me. But people act like being nice will get you somewhere. Spoiler. I used to be nice, and people still treated me like crap. So now, I’m not going to take anything from anyone!

“Luke, if you drop, I won’t vote you out.”


“No!” Sarah screamed from down near the other contestants. “Don’t listen to her!”

“You’re safe,” Holly said. “I promise. I don’t want you out. But if I don’t win this, I go home. I’m the underdog.”

Luke pondered the thought. “Luke don’t think about it!” Eric exclaimed. “She isn’t the underdog! She’s the villain! Everyone hates her!”

“What if I’m the good guy, though? Holly screamed as the popsicles whirled around in a circle. “The bad guys will hate the good guys, won’t they?”

Luke: Then that would make be the bad guy… Right?

Holly pouted. “Please.”

Luke dropped from the popsicle.

“Holly wins invincibility!”

Holly fell triumphantly from the popsicle stick as the machine slowed down and smiled brilliantly at the other contestants. Only Ralph smiled back, and he responded with a hearty thumbs up.

Eric: Great, now we have to vote out Ralph. I mean, I don’t like him, but he’s not that strategic anyway.

Nadia: If I want the villains to succeed, I just have to pull in Rachel. I can easily beat Holly and Ralph in the end, and now that Rachel might betray the heroes, I can beat her, too. This really is shaping up to be great. Everyone will vote for me to win, it’s actually kind of weird.

Rachel sat awkwardly on the couch between Holly and Sarah. Eric and Mike were currently tanning by the pool, Nadia was in the confessional, and Ralph was missing in action for unknowable reasons. So, that left the three girls alone.

“So,” Rachel said, wanting to break the tension.

Sarah coughed.

Sarah: I can’t stand Holly. I don’t understand why Rachel would even consider joining up with her. She has no redeemable qualities.

“Say, Rachel, wanna go tan with the guys?” Sarah turned her body a bit to face Rachel. “We could get hot. Well, attractive. And hot from the sun, too, I guess.”

Rachel blinked. “Uh, I kind of want to stay inside.”

“With Holly?” Sarah shot up from her seat. “Rachel, be serious. Why do you want to work with Holly?”

“Because,” Rachel stood up and faced Sarah, “I know everything about everyone. And Holly is more than what she seems.”

Holly stared at the camera blankly.

Rachel: In my extensive research for her fansite, I learned that Holly never had any friends growing up. And not because she was mean. At least, that’s not what her third grade math teacher said. Holly was nice, but she was also a little bit weird. She happily did homework, sang a little bit during class, and talked to the teacher a good deal more than everyone else. Basically, she was a teacher’s pet, and so her only friend was her teacher. Every other kid was mean to her because they hated the teacher. It sucks, and so I guess she became mean in self-defense. Then… that turned into offense. She transferred schools and became the queen bee, probably because it was a position of easy power. Polly was probably her only true friend.

“Listen, Rachel.” Sarah sat down and pulled Rachel with her. “Holly may seem like she has good in her deep down, but really, this game she’s been nothing but mean. She’s mellowed every good vibe we’ve had. She is the definition of a party foul.”

Rachel nodded.

Holly: I am actually a joy at parties, thank you very much.

“So if you vote her out, imagine how fun this game can be. Everyone will get along.” She paused. “Well, everyone but Ralph. But this is a game. Let’s have fun with it.”

Rachel nodded again.

“I’m sitting right here!” Holly hissed. “Hello!”

“Just consider it.” Sarah touched Rachel’s shoulder, smiled, and then went to go join the guys. “I’m going to my room,” Rachel said. “I just need to think.”

Before Holly could object, Rachel leapt from the couch and darted to her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

Holly sighed.

Luke: You know, I know I tanned a lot today, but like, I really don’t feel sunburned at all. I know I’m safe, too, so it’s like a win-win!

The seven contestants sat in garden chairs in a half-circle centered on Chris McLean. He was holding a tray of keys, each one embellished with a contestant’s picture.

“I have six keys here tonight. One of you will not be going back inside with us tonight.” He stopped and stared at each teen. “One of you will be eliminated, and will have to exit to the Taxi of Shame.”

He threw a key to Holly.

“You’re obviously safe.”

He tossed one to Nadia, and then hurled one at Rachel, hitting her head in the process.

“Ow!” She said, rubbing her temple. “Not necessary.”

He threw another key to Eric.

“I have one key left.” Chris looked at Luke “You fought hard in the challenge today, and Holly promised to keep you safe.” He turned his attention to Ralph. “You’re just a jerk. The final marshmallow goes to…

…… Ralph.”

He tossed the final key to Ralph and then frowned at Luke. “Sorry, buddy, you gotta go.”

“But, Holly, you said-”

“It wasn’t my call.”

Luke looked around, and then finally settled on Rachel, who slunk back into her chair as her face reddened. He stared at her coldly, then got up and walked to the taxi without saying goodbye.

“Exciting!” Chris strolled to the camera, making sure to take up the entire frame. Luke is gone! Rachel has officially backstabbed her old allies! Holly somehow managed to survive another round! Will people finally get sick of her enough to take her out? Will Eric and Sarah finally hook up? Will they even survive this game? Who knows! Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! FORTUNE!”

Elimination Table

First Teams Second Teams Merge Finale
Place Guests 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
24th Heidi SAFE IN OUT

     - This contestant is on the Killer Spiders.

     - This contestant is on the Screaming Ducks.

     - This contestant is on the Angry Sharks.

     - This contestant had immunity and won the reward for the episode.

     - This contestant did not win immunity, but did not go to the elimination ceremony.

     - This contestant went to the elimination ceremony, but had no votes against them.

     - This contestant was in the bottom two, but was safe.

     - This contestant was in the bottom two, and was eliminated.

     - This contestant quit.

     - This contestant played an immunity idol, granting them safety for the episode.

     - This contestant was eliminated because of a medical evacuation.

     - This contestant was sent to The Shed.

     - This contestant won the immunity challenge and sent two people to The Shed.

     - This contestant lost the immunity and sent two people to The Shed.


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