The sequel to Total Pojab Island. 14 competitors. One island. 1 million dollars. Who will win?


  • Brendan (The Jabberjaw) Brendan will not be quiet. Ever. His hobbies include video game tournaments, one-sided conversations and annoying people. Unfortunately, he's oblivious to the fact that everyone hates his constant chatter. He joined because he wants to buy more video games.
  • Drew (The Gangster) Drew is proud to say that he's a street guy. He talks in urban slang, his clothes sorta sag, and he wears baseball caps backwards. Unfortunately, on the inside, he's a total geek, he still likes to trade Pokémon cards and stargaze instead of hanging out in alleyways and beat up people like himself. He joined to get bling.
  • Gina (The Cheerleader) Gina's a fairly pretty girl with a fairly good life. She has fairly honest friends. She is fairly good at cheerleading, and always keeps her options open (hint hint). Her fairly honest friends are fairly jealous of their fairly modest friend's fairly impressive talents, and are fairly bad at keeping it a secret. Gina joined to play a fairly notable game, and even win (fairly, of course).
  • Mat
  • Scott
  • Tyya
  • Winona

  • Aimee (The Autistic Sweetheart) Aimee grew up in a particularly well-off family. She was always a bit awkward, and nobody really understood why. She was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at the age of nine. She felt that this experience would make her less estranged around people.
  • Alyson (The Sk8r gurl) Alyson always was a skater. She grew up in a community almost built around a half-pipe. A lot of guys want to be her boyfriend because of her hotness. She joined to show off her skills.
  • Jake (The Mysterious Guy) Jake is one of those cool kids that nobody really knows about. He's just smooth and natural. But he's really tense all the time and gets awkward quickly. Is he hiding something...?
  • Mira (The Farm Girl) Mira is the sweetheart girl next door, if you live in the middle of Alberta. Being raised in a lonely Prairie township, she has somewhat few friends, but she doesn't really know that many people anyways. Mira joined to prove that not all grain farmers (as in, virtually zero) are backwards technophobes.
  • Natalie (The Stalkerlicious Strategist) To say Natalie is a fan of Total Drama would be an understatement. She got hooked on TPI and has watched nearly every season to date. But of course, nothing can trump her love for Koit. She wants to use donate the money to build a Koit shrine MS charities.
  • "Palkia"
  • Yurian


Episode 1: Agana Again...

A lean 21-year-old girl stands on a white beach.

"Welcome back to Total Pojab Island. Last time, the final three took on the race that was foiled before due to Michael. Clara narrowly beat Laima to the finish line. True friendship showed as Laima was voted out. Some perfect timing took out Michael as well, leaving Clara as the last man standing and the heir of half a million. This time, we're bringing in 14 new contestants to somewhere in Guam, America. What's going to happen? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Guam! Cue the theme!"

A girl with long purple hair and blue clothing steps off a speedboat. "Hey Tara." she says.

"Winona, glad to meet you. Can you stand by that volleyball?" Tara says as she waves.

The girl nods and walks down the dock to the beach.

A girl with bronze hair walks off the speedboat. "Uh... hi." she says nervously.

"Aimee, please stand by Winona." says Tara. Winona smiles and waves.

A fit boy with a white shirt, a blue vest and brown hair steps off the boat.

"Jake, good to see you, man!" Tara highfives the new boy.

Jake smiles and walks down the dock. He winks suggestively at Aimee, who doesn't notice.

A skater girl then walks off the boat. "Hi, I'm Alyson, and I'm going to win." Tara rolled her eyes.

The next person to come off has sagging clothes with sports logos and dark brown hair covered by a Yankees cap. "Yo, Tara," he says. "What's up with the cool pad?"

Tara shrugs. "We're in Guam. Anyways, welcome, Drew." The boy nods.

A short boy with red clothes and blond hair steps off the boat.

"Welcome, Mat," says Tara.

The boy walks past without acknowledging her.

"That was rude," says Tara.

"Shut up, miss morbidly skinny." replies Mat. Tara doesn't say a word.

Tara: What do you expect? He's Julia's cousin.

A girl with a fuzzy green sweater and brown khakis walks off the boat. "Welcome, Tyya," she says.

"It's a pleasure." Tyya replies.

"Isn't that pushing it?" comments Alyson.

"I would know if I was pushing it. Heh heh." Tyya says. Alyson facepalms herself.

The next boy to arrive has a triangular face and black hair.

"Brendan, nice to meet you!" says Tara.

"It sure is warm here," says Brendan.

"That's-" says Tara.

"I think it's maybe 28 degrees. Celsius, I mean. Fahrenheit 28 degrees would be a bit nippy. Oh, that reminds me of something I said when talking to my friend in Hawaii. He was all 'I'm so glad it's cloudy because it's 83 degrees' and I said '83 degrees is boiling, it's a nice 19 over here' and he said 'Yikes that's cold' and I said 'No it's perfect'. Then he told me that he was playing with his racecars..."

"Brendan. Stop. Talking."

Another boy steps off the boat. He is obviously Australian, as he has the national flag tucked in his backpack. He has black hair and glasses, as well as a white brand name shirt.

"Hi, Scott, what's up?" asks Tara.

"Well, I'm excited because I'm in a reality show," he replies.

Tara shrugs. "That's 9 of them. Who are the final five? Who will make it to the final five of the show? The answer to the first one, just after the break."

When the commercials stop, the camera returns to Tara and the 9 contestants. "Glad you're back, we're now revealing the other five contestants. Next up is "Palkia"."

A moderately-built boy with white clothes and odd pink arm braces steps off the boat.

"Guam, eh? I thought you were joking," says "Palkia".

"Unlike my colleague Chris McLean, I don't normally kid," Tara replies.

Mat looks at "Palkia". "Dude, what are those things?" he asks.

"The arms of Palkia, the best legendary Pokemon ever created," he replies. "They're made of steel and papier-mache."

A cheerleader with flowing blonde hair steps off the boat.

"W-A-W-A-N-A-K-W-A! I A-M G-I-N-A! Put it together and... where are we?" the cheerleader asks skeptically.

"We're in Guam!" replies Tara.

"Wow, it's beautiful!" Gina replies, and walks by the others.

A farm girl with brown hair steps off the boat. "Hi, everyone," she says meekly.

"Meet Mira," says Tara.

"Meat Koit!" cheers a tall girl with brown hair in a ponytail and glasses, as she rides a sculpted meat figure of Koit from the previous season.

"Everyone, meet Sierra!" says Mat.

The girl jumps off the figure as it slides away. "All I can justify that with is... you're going down," she threatens.

"This is Natalie, get out of her way," says Tara.

A plain-looking boy steps off the boat.

"Shabby," he comments.

"This is Yurian." Tara says.

The boy joins the others.

"Campers, that is all. You have all arrived. Anyone dropping out?" Tara asks.

Everyone says no. The speedboat sails away.

"Okay, your first challenge is a good old game of duck duck goose. First it will be... Mira. You can tag whoever you want, and if you don't make it back, you're out. Last one standing wins for their team. Oh yes, and Brendan, Scott, Winona, Mat, Tyya, Drew and Gina are one team. They are the Screaming Palm Trees. The rest of you are the Killer Waves. The game will begin in a few minutes. However, you viewers will have to wait until next time on Total... Drama... Guam!"

The contestants begin to form a circle, but fight about who goes where. "This is going to be fun," says Yurian. The episode ends.

Episode 2: Early Plans

"Welcome back to Total Drama Guam!" says Tara. "Umm, yeah. Keep watching."

The teens started to grumble. "Are we really gonna do this?" asked one.

"No!" said Tara. "We actually have another challenge. Screaming Palm Trees, walk over to the green tower. Killer Waves, take the blue tower. Lift the rocks up with a tarp and a pulley to one of your team-mates who will roll them down into a cart. First team to send enough rocks down to get the cart rolling, wins."

The teams assembled.

"So, how on earth are we gonna do this?" asked Alyson.

"We need to figure out who has average skills, they will be the roller. That way, no strength is wasted rolling rocks, and we can still get the rocks rolling quickly." says Natalie.

"I'm way too weak to lift those rocks," says Jake.

"I'll do it," says Yurian.

The others agree.

The Screaming Palm Trees are looking at the rocks.

"Holy cow!" says Drew, pulling up his jeans.

"All those rocks!" says Tyya. "There must be over 9000!"

Mat looks at her skeptically. "What are you, Gary's sister?"

Brendan rolls his eyes. "Look guys, we actually have to DO something to win."

Winona simply walks up the tower.

Mat quickly takes lead. "Okay, let's get the ball rolling. Gina, Scott, take the left. Brendan, Tyya, take the right. Drew and I will take the middle. Let's go!"

Brendan leans over to Tyya. "I like your ponytails," says Brendan.

"They're pigtails," replies Tyya.

"Pig tails aren't even made of hair, so I say ponytails. Besides, ponytails are more attractive. I know this one girl who wore pigtails one day, and then she got stuck in her locker."

"That's a lie!" argues Tyya.

"Just pull!" yells Scott.

The Waves are having a much easier time managing their rocks.

"Okay, 1... 2... HEAVE!" yells Natalie. Mira, "Palkia" and Jake pull. "Yurian, pick up the rock when you can reach it. Alyson and Aimee, get more rocks ready."

"For an obsessive fangirl, she's smart," says Mira to "Palkia".

"She's going places," replies "Palkia".

Natalie: Yeah. This is too easy. These suckers think my love for Koit consumes me, so they don't expect much. Damn, they have something coming.

Yurian has rolled down six rocks, while Winona has only rolled down one.

"Hurry it up!" yells Mat and Winona at the same time.

Yurian finally starts the cart. "Yeah!" cheer the Waves.

Tyya looks at their ginormous pile. "Guys, we still have 8998 rocks to roll. Get a move on!"

"Too late," says Jake. "We won."

Mat, Tyya, Winona and Scott groan.

"You haven't won!" yells Scott. "We'll be coming back for more!"

Mat and Winona cheer. Tyya chuckles.

Tyya: Coming back for more. Just like all the guys back home.

The Screaming Palm Trees are sitting in their cabin - a tool shed with enough beds for each of them, and no bathroom, just a porta-potty outside.

"This stinks," says Tyya.

"Stinks like a skunk," replies Mat.

"Actually, skunks don't stink. They secrete an odour from sweat glands when they're frightened. The only way to-" Brendan is interrupted.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!" yells Winona.

"Hold on, I have to go to the bathroom," says Mat. He holds up three fingers as he says this. Mat, along with Tyya, Winona and Drew follow, from a distance.

Gina randomly begins cheering, Brendan begins talking to Scott, who is secretly wearing earplugs and nodding every time Brendan finishes a sentence.

The others hide in the porta-potty.

"This is awfully cramped and disgusting for the four of us, yo," says Drew, pulling up his jeans.

"Whatever." Mat continues. "The four of us need an alliance to take out Brendan and Gina. Those two aren't useful."

"Heh heh, useful," chuckles Tyya.

"Focus, Tyya. We are all voting out Brendan because he is annoying, weak and won't shut up. Agreed?"

The others nod.

"Perfect. See you at the campfire ceremony," says Mat. He walks out. The others squirm out quickly. Drew adjusts his baseball cap as he goes to the ocean for a swim.

The Waves are also discussing strategy. Natalie and Yurian both pick Mira for a secret alliance, and they meet at the same place.

"Huh?" say Yurian and Natalie as they see each other.

"I figure this alliance can go three ways," says Mira. "You in?"

The others nod.

"We must stick together, because both of you are gone if we don't," say Yurian and Natalie at the same time.

Mira shrugs. "So it's settled. Our first target?"

"Jake," say Yurian and Natalie together.

"Perfect. Because he's a cool kid wannabe?" Mira suggests.

The others nod.

In the Waves cabin, there are soft queen beds, a kitchenette and even video games and an actual bathroom.

"Palkia" and Aimee are flirting.

"Well, you're nice," says Aimee.

"You are too," says "Palkia".

They smile.

Jake joins them "Hi guys."

"Hi Jake," say "Palkia and Aimee.

"You look hot- I mean great, you look great today... um, Aimee!" Jake says slowly.

"Er..." says Aimee.

"I just remembered, I had a dentist's appointment. Got to go!" Jake runs off.

"Palkia" and Aimee look at each other, confused.

Alyson is playing video games by herself.

Alyson: I should have talked to people instead of goofing off.

The Screaming Palm Trees are at the beach, in front of a campfire.

"Welcome, Palm Trees, to your first ever campfire ceremony. Since we're on a tropical island, I'll give out bags of gummy worms." Tara pulls out six bags of candy.

The Palm Trees look at each other, confused.

"First bag goes to Winona." Tara tosses a bag of candy to Winona.

"Mat, Scott, Gina and Tyya," Tara tosses out more bags.

"Brendan, Drew, final bag. Both of you are annoying. Final bag goes to..."


Drew takes his bag. "I guess you just didn't roll well, dude," he says.

Brendan sighs. "I knew this would happen. I'm sorry guys. From now on, I'll control my jabberjaw." He gets up.

"Brendan, board the Loser Liner." Tara says.

Brendan leaves.

"And that's the second episode, and elimination one. Will the Palm Trees tie the score? Will Drew stop sagging? Find out next time." Tara signs off.

Episode 3: Tiki Time

"Last time, the teams were set, Waves won, Trees lost, Brendan left. What more can I say? I hate introductions." Tara walks off.

"Meh, I'm bored," says Scott.

"Who knew how boring our team is, with Brendan gone?" replies Winona.

Jake: They better have voted off Brendan. That kid is just irritating.

The Killer Waves are sitting around when Jake comes back from the confessional.

"Yo, Jake!" calls "Palkia". "Wanna play some PS3?"

Jake blushes, then nods. "I'll be Player 2."

"Palkia": Is it just me, or did Jake blush when I called him over?

Aimee picks up the third controller. "Let's play some MediumSizedWorld."

"I love that game!" shout the boys at the same time.

"I like dressing up the Plushboys," says Aimee.

"I like making the levels," says "Palkia".

"I like playing them," says Jake.

Aimee moves the controller stick, and her Plushgirl moves towards "Palkia"'s Plushboy.

Aimee: *sighs* I always thought that people with autism have trouble making relationships. But I think "Palkia" likes me, and I like him back. I hope he does like me.

Tara knocks on both cabins' doors. "Challenge time, can everyone meet me on the beach?"

The contestants gathered on the beach.

"Your challenge today is based off of Total Drama: Tiki Jungle. Each team will dress 3 of their members up as contestants from the show, eliminated or still in the game. We will match you against each other. Best 2 of 3 wins." Tara says as she combs her hair.

Natalie raises an eyebrow. Drew pulls up his jeans.

"And... go!" Tara says. The teams rush to their cabins.

Later, Scott, Winona and Mat leave the cabin holding a tarp, in which their teammates walk behind. Natalie, Aimee, "Palkia" and Jake do the same.

Tara whistles. "Okay everybody, send out your first competitor. Remember, you can only say one line."

Drew comes out for the Palm Trees. He is wearing his usual clothes with a pillow stuffed in his shirt. "I am Arthur, and my peanuts are loose." he says.

Alyson comes out for the Waves. She is wearing a green striped shirt, blue jeans and is carrying a Mockingbird book. "I am Helga, and if you eliminate Alyson, you will be emotionally scarred by me."

"Good job both of you. You may return to your teams and bring out the next two." Tara says.

Tyya comes out for the Trees. Her hair is bound in a ponytail, and she is wearing black and white pants with her green sweater. "Meg's my name, and running's my game."

Mira comes out for the Trees. Her brown hair is hidden in a sideways baseball cap, she is wearing a green lightning-bolt shirt, polka-dot underwear, sagging jeans, and the grey baseball cap. "Yo yo, Devin here, that Mira girl is off the charts! We're real tight."

Tara motions them back, and says the same thing she told Drew and Alyson.

Lastly, Gina comes out in pink clothes, wearing pink lipstick. "I'm Amanda. You all suck."

Yurian comes out, with glasses and an orange tee-shirt. "Over 9000.] Can I leave now?"

Tara calls forward both teams. "Both of your teams did pretty well, but round one went to Alyson and the Waves because she tried. Round two goes to Mira and the Waves because Mira went full-force to grasp Devin's personality. Round three goes to Gina and the Palm Trees, because she actually tried. Unfortunately, by that point, the Waves had already won the challenge. Screaming Palm Trees, you will have to vote someone out tonight, and it CAN'T be Gina. See you at the campfire."

The porta-potty alliance groans. Gina smiles.

Natalie calls her alliance together. "We're on a winning streak. But if we lose next time, who's gonna get voted off?"

"Still Jake," says Yurian.

"I thought so too. Majority rules." Natalie finishes the conversation.

The porta-potty alliance returns to the beach.

"This should go without question, Scott goes tonight. He's the only person we can vote off, plus he didn't vote off Brendan." says Tyya.

Everyone agrees. "Let's go to the campfire," says Mat.

The Screaming Palm Trees sit at the campfire.

"As you all know, one of you won't receive a nice, fluffy, chewy marshmallow tonight. One of you will be going home. And you cannot come back. EVER."

Tyya shivers.

"The first marshmallow goes to... Mat." Mat gets his marshmallow.

"Gina." Gina gets her marshmallow.

"Winona." Winona gets her marshmallow.

"Drew, Tyya, Scott. I only have two fluffy cylinders of safety left. One of them, goes to Drew." Drew gets his marshmallow.

"Tyya, Scott. The last marshmallow goes to..."


"You're kidding, right?" Scott says as Tyya gets her marshmallow.

"Nope," says Mat. "We didn't need you. Sometimes, you're not as important or as safe or as likable as you think. Sorry, man."

Scott grumbled something as he went to the Loser Liner.

"That was slightly more dramatic than last time. But that's why they call it Total... Drama... Guam."

Episode 4: Talk to the Hammer

"Last time on Total Drama Guam, the contestants had to imitate Total Drama: Tiki Jungle contestants. The Waves won, but Gina also got immunity, which messed up her team's plans, and the Palm Trees were forced to vote off Scott instead. What will happen now? Find out!"

The Waves walk out of their cabin. "Man, two wins in a row! We're ruling!" says Alyson.

"Don't get cocky," says Mira. "We have 5 more to get rid of before we can say that."

"5 of us or 5 of them?" asks Jake.

"5 of them," says Yurian.

Yurian: Look, we're probably going to the campfire soon, so I've got to get rid of Jake. "Palkia" and Aimee are too helpful to ditch, and Alyson's a valuable swing vote. That leaves Jake, who's basically just a vote for "Palkia".

The Palm Trees are walking out of their cabin as well.

Winona: Actually, I think it was a BETTER move to take out Scott. Gina's a very joyful, skilled and enthusiastic competitor. We need her.

"What do you think our next challenge will be?" says Mat.

"Why should we care, yo?" asks Drew, pulling up his pants.

"Drew, get a belt," says Tyya.

"Belts are fo' geeks," replies Drew.

Eventually, the Palm Trees and the Waves run into each other. Tara suddenly stands between them.

"Funny how you all arrived at the soccer field without even knowing the challenge was here." says Tara.

"So what's our challenge?" asks Mat.

"Before I get to that, for the challenge to be fair, Killer Waves, you must choose two people to sit out of the challenge, BEFORE I tell you what it is."

"I'll sit out," says Mira.

"Me too," says "Palkia".

"Okay, behind this curtain is a big wall with papier-mâché masks with all of your faces on it. I'll demonstrate how it works with Mira and "Palkia"'s masks, because they are sitting out. I'll ask you trivia questions about Total Pojab Island. If you get it right, you can smash ANYBODY's mask, including your own mask, or your teammates' masks." Tara smashes Mira's mask with a mallet until it crumbles. "Two smashes breaks a mask. If you get it wrong, either Mira or "Palkia" will smash your mask." Tara smashes "Palkia"'s mask until it breaks. "Okay, first question. Anybody can answer. How many contestants were eliminated without being voted out by ANYBODY? You must also say who."

Tyya raises her hand. "Four: Keira, Tobias, Minerva, Lynsey."

"Wrong! It was four: Keira, Tobias, Minerva and Michael. Right number, wrong answer. "Palkia", take a swing at Tyya's mask." Tara responds. "Palkia" swings at Tyya's mask, and cracks it. "Next question: Who was at Viva La Moosonee the longest?"

Mat raises his hand. "It was Kyle, as he was the second voted out, and didn't return."

"Correct! Mat, take your pick." Mat swings at Aimee's mask. "Why me?" Aimee says softly. Mat shrugs.

"Next question. Who did Lynsey catch in the communal bathroom shortly after their relationship began?"

Tyya raises her hand. "Ethan and Minerva."

"Wrong again! It was Laima and Angus. Angus was eliminated that same day. Tyya, you are out." Mira smashes Tyya's mask, and it crumbles.

"Next question. Koit was eliminated by a saboteur. Who was it?"

Aimee raises her hand. "It was Rex."

"Correct." Aimee swings at Mat's mask.

"What was that for?" says Mat. "You did it to me," says Aimee.

"Next question: What was the first challenge not inspired by TDI?"

Natalie leans over to Mat. "I hate to intrude, but I think it's The Name Game."

"Sure," says Mat sarcastically. He raises his hand. "I believe it was the Meme challenge."

"Wrong! It was the name challenge. "Palkia", take a swing at Mat's mask."

"Told you," says Natalie to Mat as "Palkia" crumbles Mat's mask.

Mat: Yeah, how am I supposed to know that? Natalie has the intelligence of my little brother.

Natalie: I knew he wouldn't believe me. That's why I told him.

"Next question. Which contestant went by two names during the course of the show?"

"Kate, a.k.a. Katrina," replies Jake.

"Correct! Take your pick," says Tara. "No offense," says Jake as he smashes Winona's mask.

"Next question, which contestant went from the protagonist to the follower to the antagonist over the course of the show?"

"Err... Rex." says Yurian.

"Wrong! It was Lynsey. She was the protagonist to Zuri, a follower of Rex, and antagonist to Laima. Mira, smash his mask."

Mira sadly smashes Yurian's mask.

"Next question: which contestant was allergic to pistachios?"

Gina raises her hand. "Trick question. Tobias was allergic to blackberries, almonds and pecans. All other contestants had no known allergy."

"...Wow. Correct! Gina, take your pick."

Gina smashes Jake's mask.

Winona: See? She's smarter than you think.

"Next question, this one is worth two points. Which contestant had several sisters but no brothers?"

Drew raises his hand. "It's Angus, yo."

"It's actually Ryan. "Palkia", give his mask two whacks."

"Palkia" smashes Drew's mask twice, and it crumbles.

Drew gasps. "Yo, that's not fair."

You got a two-pointer wrong. Them's the rules," says Tara.

"Next question. Which two competitors made an alliance which lasted one night and ended up with both getting eliminated?"

"Kayla and Jordan," says Natalie.

"Correct!" Natalie smashes Gina's mask.

"Next question, worth two points. Which competitor was about to be eliminated when there was an automatic elimination for someone else, then facing the same fate later?"

"Tobias," says Aimee quickly.

"Correct, he was almost eliminated on his first day back when Keira was eliminated instead, but then failed to complete the race on time in a later episode, resulting in his own automatic elimination. Aimee, take two whacks at the masks."

Aimee whacks Winona's mask, crumbling it, then Gina's, crumbling it.

"And there are no more masks for the Palm Trees, so the Waves win. Again. Go back to your cabins, campers. Palm Trees, see you tonight."

Mat gathered his alliance one more time. "It should be obvious who we're voting for tonight." Everyone nods. "Okay, goodbye."

The Palm Trees gather at the campfire. Gina sits alone, while the alliance sits together.

"We all know why you're here. Winona, for not sucking, here's a marshmallow."

Winona gets a marshmallow.

"Mat, Drew."

The boys get their marshmallows.

"Gina, Tyya. The last marshmallow goes to..."

"...Gina. Tyya, your time is up."

"But why?" asks Tyya.

"Okay, what happened?" asks Mat.

"No time for questions. Tyya, time to go. Bye!"


Tara pushes Tyya onto the Loser Liner, and it zooms away.

"That's it. What will happen next? Find out next time!"

Winona: I simply convinced Drew to vote with me. That's all I did. Oh, and I asked Gina too. Ciao, Tyya! Nice knowing you!

Episode 5: X-Treme Dodgeball

"Last time, the competitors took trivia questions to the face. Tyya was eliminated, even though everyone was sure that Gina would be going home. Yikes. What now? I don't know. But you will soon!"

The Screaming Palm Trees sit in awkward silence in their cabin.

"It sure is quiet without Tyya saying 'That's what she said' every hundred seconds," says Winona.

"I miss her," says Mat.

Meanwhile, the Killer Waves are partying.

"Woo! Three episodes without losing a member!" cheers Alyson.

"Yeah! It's so great to be together," replies Aimee.

"We're a great team!" says Yurian.

"Palkia": It's great and all, being together, but there's already a sturdy alliance. I can feel it! We need to convince Alyson to vote with us.

"YMCA!" yells Jake.

Everyone looks at him with a puzzled expression.

"What?" Jake says.

Tara calls together the contestants. "Today's challenge is a twist on an old favourite."

Tara: In other words, we ran out of ideas.

"Dodgeball?" Yurian says.

"Yeah... but with platforms above the ocean!"

"What a tweest!" says Jake. Everyone laughs.

"Whatever. Each camper gets five dodgeballs. If you're knocked off your platform, goodbye. Last one standing wins." "Easy enough," says Winona.


Aimee throws a ball at Mat, and hits.

Drew knocks off Yurian and Natalie.

Mira knocks off... herself? The ball rebounds off Winona's post and hits Mira in the face.

Jake misses Gina.

Gina hits "Palkia".

Jake misses Gina again.

Gina hits Jake.

Alyson hits Gina, who gets hit by Winona.

Aimee hits Winona.

Drew stares at Aimee. "Prepare to be defeated, yo," he says as he throws a ball at her.

Aimee throws a ball, and they both hit and fall down.

Drew throws another one at Aimee. She catches it but falls off anyways.

The Screaming Palm Trees cheer and hoist Drew off the platform.

"And the Screaming Palm Trees win! Killer Waves, you're off your game. Hopefully you won't be next time, becausse you'll have to vote off your weakest link."

Yurian: Our alliance is so confident, we don't need to discuss anything. Bye bye, Jake!

Jake is sitting beside the confessional, and hears Yurian's confession. He gasps, and runs to tell "Palkia" and Aimee.

The Screaming Palm Trees are sitting around the campfire.

"I wonder who's going home," says Winona.

"I hope it isn't someone important," says Mat.

"Me too," says Gina.

"It's really tense, yo," says Drew.

"It shouldn't be, because we're actually SAFE!" yells Winona.

The Palm Trees cheer and go back to their cabin.

The Killer Waves come to the campfire. Tara arrives as well.

"Just as well," she says. "I know your votes, so let's get on with it. Marshmallows go to all the girls!"

Mira, Aimee, Alyson and Natalie cheer.

"Except Alyson." Alyson pouts as the others get their marshmallows.

""Palkia", Alyson, you two are safe." The two get their marshmalllows.

"Jake and Yurian. Jake, you consistently failed your team, and Yurian, you're bland and people don't like you. The last marshmallow goes to..."


Jake raises an eyebrow. "How?"

Tara shrugs. "We have a video that might explain it."

Mira is crying. Yurian walks over. "Mira, what's wrong?" he says.

"Someone drew on my favourite shirt," she sobs. "It was a pink marker."

Yurian looks thoughtful for a second. "Only Aimee has markers, so it must be one of those three."

Mira sniffs. "I want to vote off Jake, then."

Yurian smiles. "Definitely." The camera pans to show Alyson hearing the whole conversation.

The video ends.

"Wh-wha? Who would DO that?!" says Jake, shocked.

"One of you guys! You're always so mean!" Mira sobs.

Jake sadly walks to the Loser Liner.

"Jake, wait!" shouts "Palkia". "I need to tell you something."

Jake turns around.

"Why were you acting so weirdly around me?" asks "Palkia".

"I... have a crush on you," whispers Jake.

"Palkia"'s eyes get wide. "So, you like me?"

"Yeah," says Jake softly.

"I won't tell anybody, except Aimee. But between us three, it's our secret. Take care, man." "Palkia" says.

"I will," says Jake as he gets on the Loser Liner.

"And that concludes today's episode. What will happen next? Will the Palm Trees get cocky becasue they won? Will the Waves lose hope? Find out next time on Total Drama Guam!"

Mira: If any of those people were smart, they would've seen a connection between that video, the fact that I wear an overall slash skirt, and the onion rings I made for the team. Yurian, you are a genius.

Episode 6: Confusion Castle

"Last time on Total Drama Guam, we took dodgeball and added high platforms and shark-infested water. We didn't tell them that, though. Drew's wicked dodgeball skills cut the Killer Waves' winning streak short, and some crafty manipulation by Yurian sent Jake home. Who will win this time? Who will be frustrated over defeat? Will "Palkia" and Aimee make out? Find out next, on Total Drama Guam!"

The contestants are eating breakfast.

"I never thought I'd get sick of Rice Krunchies," says Mira.

"We've only had to eat them for like, one day," says Alyson. "Besides, we had pancakes three days in a row."

"But those are yummy," whines Mira.

Alyson, "Palkia" and Aimee glare at her. "Something suspicious is going on," says Alyson.

"I've got my eyes on you," says Aimee.

Natalie: Oh crap, they're on to us.

The Screaming Palm Trees are enjoying their pancakes, but still feel pretty crummy.

"We're really getting whooped," says Drew. "Those Wavers better watch their back, because I'm not taking it easy anymore."

"Yeah, this isn't a fluke, we're really going to win again," says Gina.

"I wish the merge will come soon," says Winona.

"It will!" says Tara, who is suddenly sitting next to Mat. "Want me to announce the next challenge?" asks Tara.

The Palm Trees nod.

"Okay. Campers, the next challenge involves a giant bouncy castle. Everyone must enter, and find their way through the incredibly confusing maze. First one out wins a reward for their team, last two out are eliminated. And everybody is recommended to go alone."

"So can we go now?" says Yurian.

"Sure, why not," says Tara.

40 minutes later...

Tara is using a megaphone. "Okay, everyone can enter the now-fully-inflated castle in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... now."

The contestants scramble in the castle.

Everyone goes every which way, constantly crawling past each other, climbing past each other or sliding past.

"Did I neglect to mention that there are lots of loops and circles in the castle?" Tara says into the microphone.

"No wonder I went through the purple tunnel three times," says Alyson as almost everyone else moans.

Winona walks out. "Easy," she says.

"Winona has already made it, and the Screaming Palm Trees win the reward. Seven spots for the next episode remain."

"Arrgh! I can't get down this slide!" yells Aimee.

"That's because you're going the wrong way!" yells Yurian, trying to get past her.

"You're one to talk," retorts Aimee.

They squeeze past one another.

"Palkia" walks out. "Done," he says.

Alyson follows. "Simple, in retrospect."

Natalie and Aimee exit. "Why didn't I think of going OVER the green chute?" protests Natalie.

Drew and Yurian sprint for the green chute.

"That's Winona, "Palkia", Alyson, Natalie and Aimee. Three spots left."

Yurian races out, followed by Drew.

"Yurian and Drew are out. Gina, Mat and Mira. Two of you will be eliminated. Hurry!"

The finished contestants shout encouragements randomly.

Eventually someone walks over the green chute. The person walks down the stairs, around the bend...

Mira walks out of the maze. "That was hard," says Mira.

"Mat, Gina. To exit the maze, climb up the red rope tower, go on to the green chute, and walk out. Speed doesn't matter, you are the slowest two, the Loser Liner awaits. Winona and Drew, the remaining Palm Trees, will visit the Tuck Shop for their reward."

Mat gropes out of the castle. "I had this season in the bag," he moans.

"What are you talking about?" says Winona. "You were next to go."

"WHAT?" yells Mat.

"We need Gina more than we need you. Gina would follow you, leaving Winona and I alone. It's perfect how it turned out," Drew explained, pulling up his pants.

"O-U-T T T! O-U-T is ME!" cheers Gina as she walks out.

"She sure takes it lightly," snickers Natalie.

"Not really, I'm pretty bummed out," says Gina. "I just really like cheering."

The two losers walk to the Loser Liner and get on.

"And that's it. What will happen next time on Total Drama Guam? Nope, no hints today! Find out next time!"

Episode 7: Courtney

"Last time on Total Drama Guam, we had a rather brief bouncy castle challenge. The last two out were eliminated, which happened to both be Screaming Palm Trees. Mat and Gina were sent home. What will happen next? Find out right now, on Total Drama Guam!"

Winona and Drew are sitting down and griping.

"Arrgh, why are we losing so much?" says Drew.

"We're like the Killer Grips," says Winona.

"Only cooler, yo," says Drew.

Tara pokes her head in the cabin. "Ready to try to win again, Loser Palm Trees?"

"Oh crap," says Winona.

The contestants gather at the field.

"Today's challenge is simple. Try to knock the others out of the jelly. The losing team will vote someone off. Oh yes, and next time's the merge, so don't try to vote off the weakest link on your team. Oh, and everyone is blindfolded. GO!"

The contestants trudge around the green jelly.

Yurian bumps into Natalie.

"Oh, hey, who is this?" says Yurian.

"Natalie," she says.

"Oh, okay," says Yurian. "I'm throwing the challenge so we can vote off Alyson. She's too popular and athletic."

"Ditto," says Natalie.

The two walk out of the green jelly.

"Yurian and Natalie are out," says Tara.

Mira overhears her alliance and steps out.

"Mira's out. Three versus two left. Oh, and Waves, you can't talk to your teammates still in the game."

Aimee walks out. "Oops, I'm out? Darn blindfold."

Winona bumps into Alyson. Alyson smirks, grabs Winona and drags her out of the jelly.

"Let GO of me!" shrieks Winona.

"Make me," replies Alyson. The two fall out.

"You are so lucky you're a Wave, becausee if you were a Palm Tree, you would be gone," threatens Winona.

Tara gets out a microphone. "Drew and "Palkia" are the last ones standing. If one falls, the other wins for their team."

Drew shoves "Palkia" out. "I love the tuck shop," he says.

"Too bad, because the winners get no reward this time. Killer Waves, it's time for the Campfire Ceremony."

"Palkia" walks up to Alyson a short time later.

"Hey Alyson, I should tell you something," says "Palkia".

"And what might that be?" says Alyson.

"The others are trying to vote off either you, me, or Aimee. We have to vote off Mira."

"But we'd only tie them," says Alyson.

"Yeah, but Mira's not the strongest. We could easily beat him in some absurd tiebreaker," says "Palkia".

"I don't trust you," says Alyson, as she turns away.

"It's either that, or one of them wins a million dollars," calls "Palkia".

Yurian: Hee hee. Alyson came and told us their plans, so we can easily destory it. Not like there's a need to.

The Killer Waves sit down at the campfire.

"Weak, people. Despite a huge numbers advantage, you end up coming here twice in a row." Tara says. "Natalie, you are safe." Tara passes Natalie a marshmallow.

Alyson slices her neck with her finger, while staring at "Palkia".

"The next marshmallows go to Yurian and Aimee." The two get their marshmallows.

"Next one goes to "Palkia". The last one goes to..."

Alyson looks stunned. Mira bites her nails. Both watch as Tara gives the marshmallow to...


The farm girl gets her marshmallow.

"Bye, skater girl," says Natalie.

"How did this happen?" says a shocked Alyson.

"You should have voted with us," says Aimee.

"It was a 3-2-1 vote split," says Yurian. "We voted for you, you voted for "Palkia", the couple voted for Mira."

Alyson simply stomped to the Loser Liner.

"Good riddance of you tools!" cried Alyson as the Loser Liner sped away.

"That was a shocker," says Tara. "What surprises will the merge bring? Who will I bring back? Is Drew really a gangster? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Guam!"

Episode 8: Hanging by a Thread

"Last time, everyone walked in jelly. Yadda yadda yadda, Alyson got blindsided. What next? Find out!"

The Killer Waves are sitting around in their cabin.

"Halfway point already?" says Yurian. "That was really fast."

"Well, we only had 14 to start," says Mira.

Winona walks in the room.

"Winona, what are you doing in here? Get out!" yells Mira.

"This is the girls' cabin now," says Winona. "It's the merge, remember?"

"What about me?" says "Palkia".

"You and Yurian will go to our old cabin with Drew," explains Winona.

The boys set out of the cabin, annoyed.

"Okay Winona, there are three rules here in the girls' cabin you must remember," says Natalie. "Number one, no going through other people's stuff, even if they ask you. Number two, first one to MediumSizedWorld gets to be first player. Number three, NEVER go on someone else's bed, unless you are asked for a good reason. Got it?"

Winona shrugs.

In the boys' cabin, the three are settling down nicely.

"So, which bed is mine?" says Yurian.

Drew shrugs. "Which one do you want?"

"Whoa, we can CHOOSE in this cabin? That rocks!" cheers "Palkia". He high fives Yurian.

"Why you soundin' like oppressed people?" ponders Drew, pulling up his pants.

"Those girls made us remember WAY too many rules!" says Yurian.

"Palkia": A whole constitution! Now I can believe one rule, like don't hog the shower or something, but those girls have rules about who SITS in which chair!

Yurian and "Palkia" plopped down their bags on beds on either side of Drew.

"We should get along just fine," mutters Drew as the three boys start playing MediumSizedWorld.

Meanwhile, the girls aren't having so much fun.

Winona goes to sit down on the couch.

"That's my spot," says Mira.

"So?" says Winona.

"I sit there, nobody else does," says Mira.

"I can sit wherever the heck I want," counters Winona.

Mira sits on Winona's lap. "Now do you still wanna sit here?"

"Ugh, get off me!" yells Winona, shoving Mira off.

"That's a demerit point for unnecessary contact," notes Mira, writing something down.

"It was so totally necessary!" yells Winona.

"No it wasn't!"

"Prove it!"

"I'll prove it, all right!"

Mira slaps Winona in the face.

"Demerit point, Mira!" Natalie says.

Winona: Demerit points? These girls are psycho!

"Challenge time!" announces Tara on the P.A.

"Oh no," groans Yurian.

A few minutes later...

Everyone is dangling above the ocean, with six strings on their harness.

"You must now answer a question about an eliminated contestant, by holding up a coloured card. If you get it wrong, a string is cut from your harness. First one in the ocean is eliminated. First question. Brendan has switched schools how many times? Hold up a red card for once, a yellow card for twice, a green card for thrice, and a blue card for never."

Aimee holds up a red card, Drew and Mira hold up a yellow card, the rest hold up blue cards.

"The correct answer is twice. Aimee, Natalie, "Palkia", Winona and Yurian lose a string. Next, which contestant dreams of becoming a doctor? Red for Brendan, yellow for Tyya, green for Jake, blue for Alyson."

Aimee and "Palkia" hold up red, Drew and Winona hold up yellow, and the rest hold up green.

"The correct answer was red... and yellow. Mira, Natalie, Yurian, down you go. Next question, Jake has run for class president. Which party did he run with? Red for the Liberals, yellow for the New Democratic Party, green for the Green Party, and blue for the conservatives."

Drew and Natalie hold up red; Mira, Winona and Yurian hold up yellow, and "Palkia" holds up green.

Aimee doesn't hold up any card.

"Aimee, where's your card?" asks Tara.

"It's a trick question," she answers.

"Correct. Jake ran for vice president with the Liberals. Everybody who held up a card loses a string. Next question, what is Tyya's favourite colour?"

Everyone except Natalie and Drew holds up green. They hold up red.

"The answer is red. Everyone who said green loses one."

"But she always wears that green sweater," says Mira.

"It's not her favourite colour," answers Tara.

Aimee has four strings, Drew has five strings, Mira has three strings, Natalie has three strings, "Palkia" has three strings, Winona has three strings, Yurian has two strings.

"Next question, Mat's cousin is from Total Drama: Tiki Jungle's final four. Who is it? Red for Arthur, yellow for Chrissy, green for Julia, and blue for Nic."

Everyone holds up yellow, except for Drew and Yurian. They hold up green.

"The answer is green. Everyone loses a string except for those two. Next, who did Alyson have a crush on? Red for Yurian, yellow for Drew, green for Mat, blue for nobody."

Everyone except Drew and Winona hold up blue. They hold up red.

Yurian blushes.

"Wait, Yurian, you blushed!" exclaims Aimee.

"So?" says Yurian.

"I've never seen you express emotion before! I mean, wait-" Aimee stops.

"Awkward..." interjects Winona.

"Anyways, the answer is blue. Everyone is safe, except for Drew and Winona. Next question, Tyya wears her sweater because... red because it's soft, yellow because it looks nice on her, green because she feels like it, or blue because she got hypothermia when she was nine and is afraid of being cold."

Everyone except Mira holds up red. She holds up green.

"The answer is red. Mira loses a string. Next question. Ice cream on french fries is the favourite food of who? Red for Brendan, yellow for Scott, green for Jake, or blue for Mat."

Aimee, Natalie, "Palkia" and Yurian hold up yellow. Drew, Mira and Winona hold up green.

"The correct answer is yellow. Drew, Mira and Winona lose a string. Next question. Oshawott is the preferred starter-" Tara is interrupted by two loud splashes.

Mira and Winona surface, soaking wet.

Everyone is let down out of the harnesses.

"Looks like we have two losers!" announces Tara. "And since you two tied, you BOTH get sent home!"

"No way!" cry the girls.

"Yeah way! It's time for you two to go. Also, Aimee and Drew win a trip to the tuck shop for having three strings left, compared to two for the rest of you."

"I don't want to go to the tuck shop two times in a row, yo. Can Aimee pick who goes with her?" asks Drew nicely.

"Sure," Tara says.

Aimee picks "Palkia" and they and Tara get in her car.

From the front seat, Tara says, "And that's it for episode eight. Who will go home next? What's the secret to the boys getting along so well? And how will the girls cope while their numbers went from three to two? Find out next time on Total... Drama..."

The camera moves out of the car as it speeds away. Drew, Natalie and Yurian wave.

Drew nods to Natalie and Yurian. "Find out next time on Total... Drama... Guam!" they cheer.

Drew's pants fall down. "Aw, c'mon, yo!"

Episode 9: E. T. (Extra Tiring)

"Last time, we had an unusual challenge. Don't feel like talking, bye Winona and Mira."

The contestants are sitting in their cabins.

"Hey Natalie, do you mind if I go to the boys' cabin for a bit?" asks Aimee.

"Sure, why not?" says Natalie.

Aimee runs out of the cabin.

"Palkia" rushes out. "Aimee! You came!"

Aimee smiles, and kisses him right on the lips. "Palkia"'s eyes widen, then close.

Tara is seen in a studio. "Finally!" she exclaims. "This was SO much easier last season."

Aimee pushes herself off of "Palkia". "That... was..."

"Amazing?" suggests her boyfriend.

"Impossibly," says Aimee.

Yurian walks outside. "'Palkia', you left your socks on the mantel again."

"I'll put them in the machine in a minute," says "Palkia".

"Okay, just- Wait a second! Are you KISSING her?"

"Well, she's my girlfriend," says "Palkia".

Aimee blushes.

"This is SO not allowed!" yells Yurian, and he storms into the girls' cabin.

"Yurian, what are you doing here? You have to knock first," says Natalie.

"Emergency! Aimee and "Palkia" were kissing outside, in broad daylight. We HAVE to take them down."

Natalie is taken aback. "Why didn't you stop them?"

"Who cares? We are voting "Palkia" tonight," says Yurian.

"Fine, whatever," says Natalie, cleaning her glasses.

A voice comes on the loudspeakers. "What time is it?" says Tara.

"Adventure time?" asks Natalie hopefully.

"Wait, what? No! It's challenge time!"

"How did she hear me?" Natalie asks the air.

"Anyways, meet me at the main field."

The contestants meet up with Tara.

"Your challenge is simply to walk across that bridge. If you fall onto the grass, you're out."

The contestants easily walk over a thin plank connecting two hills.

"Now, go back," says Tara.

The contestants walk back across.

"Now, you run across it, and then run back on this other one. Keep running until only one of you is left."

"You're joking," says Aimee.

"Nope," says Tara.

The contestants start to run.

Drew's pants sag, he trips over them and falls down.

Aimee stops in her tracks when she sees him, while Yurian leap-frogs over her and walks on Drew.

"Oww," Drew moans. He falls, Yurian loses his balance and lands on his side. He falls over in pain.

Tara takes away one of the planks.

"Wait, what are you doing?" asks Natalie.

"Keep going," says Tara.

Aimee: What kind of challenge is this?

Natalie crosses safely. Aimee and "Palkia" walk in opposite directions towards each other, and run into each other, kissing again.

"I love you," says "Palkia" softly.

Aimee awkwardly jumps off.

"What did I do wrong?" says "Palkia".

Natalie shoves him over.

"And Natalie wins!" Tara yells. Everyone groans.

Natalie crosses her arms and smiles. "So when do we vote someone out?"

"You don't," says Tara. "The final five get to vote an eliminated contestant in. Also, you viewers at home get to vote someone in. The two will battle to get a spot back into the competition. Next time, that will happen on Total... Drama... Guam!"

Poll closed. 1 vote Brendan, 1 vote Tyya, 1 vote Kayla.

Episode 10: How High?

The eliminated contestants, plus Kayla, Kyle and Rex are sitting on twelve chairs.

"Last time on Total Drama Guam, the final five did something. Nobody left. Somebody WILL leave this time. But who?"

Mat was on his cell phone, talking to his cousin Julia.

"Hello?" he says.

"WHAAAAT?" came the reply. Mat held the phone a foot away from his ear to avoid becomng deafened.

Mat kept talking. "Are you having fun at the loser resort? ... If it sucks, then you must be in the game still? ... Final two? That must be awesome! Wait, with [[[Arthur]]? Ha, that must suck. Anyways, I'm waiting for Tara to reveal who returns to the game. ... Yes, of course it's gonna be me. Or Tyya."

Tara points to a screen. "As you can see here, Brendan, Tyya, Jake, Winona, Mira and Kayla all received votes from either the contestants or the audience. The others will be shot from ther chairs back to the loser resort."

Mat doesn't hear it, but Julia does. "I just heard you weren't returning! Ha ha!" says Julia.

"Wait, what?"

One half of the chairs shoot up, sending their occupants flying through the air. Mat screams, and Julia hangs up, laughing.

"Yikes," says Kayla.

"And now for your votes. Brendan, you received one vote from the viewers, and none from the final five."

Brendan shrugged.

"Tyya, you received one vote from the viewers, and one from the final five. You're still in the running. Brendan, sorry, but you don't have enough votes to return.

Brendan frowns. "That sucks, I really wanted to join." He gets catapulted.

"Jake, you received no votes from the viewers, and only one from the contestants. Goodbye!" Jake is shot into the air, screaming.

"Winona, same as Jake. Goodbye."

Winona crosses her arms. "I do not concede. This was obviously faulted. This cannot be the end of Winona Christina Wilkerson."

"You better believe it," says Tara, sending her flying.

Kayla laughs.

"I wouldn't laugh, you had the same votes as Brendan, and with one vote, you're outta here!" Kayla is shot into the air.

"Mira, you received no viewer votes, and..."

"...two contestant votes. It's a tie! Tyya and Mira will compete in a tiebreaker in the pool."

The two candidates follow Tara after changing.

"The challenge is to hop over these barriers without falling in the pool. You cannot see how well the other is doing, and last one standing wins. And... GO!

Both girls easily step over the one-inch barriers.

"Crank it up!" yells Tara. The conveyor moves to a speed just short of making someone have to jog.

The barriers get higher. Eventually, both girls get a bowling ball thrown at them.

Mira smirks, pretends to fall down, then throws the ball into the water to make Tyya think she fell in.

Tyya jumps into the pool, knowing she won.

"And the winner is... Mira!" exclaims Tara.

"Huh?" says Tyya.

Mira jumps off her conveyor. "Gotcha," she says.

"So Mira's returning. Tyya, however, you will be coming with her to the campfire ceremony to cast a vote, and then you will take the Loser Liner with the person voted out."

Everyone gathers at the Campfire Ceremony.

"We didn't even have a challenge today, why is there a ceremony?" says Yurian.

"Tyya and Mira had a challenge." says Tara. "As a result, Mira won, making her rejoin the competition..."

Aimee frowns.

"But Tyya will still cast a vote tonight."

The contestants walk around talking to each other. Then they vote.

"Let's see, there are five bags of gummy worms. Remember then, Drew and Tyya? If you don't get one, you will join Tyya to go home and have fun."

Tyya giggles.

"That's not even funny!" says Natalie angrily.

"Now we know why you were voted off," says Mira. Tyya begins to cry.

Drew hugs her. Tyya smiles.

"Okay, the bags go to Drew, Natalie and "Palkia". the last one goes to..."


"Why?" says Aimee. "Who could have voted me off?"

Tyya covered her mouth. "Oh my gosh, I just got tricked into voting out someone innocent. So sorry, Aimee."

Aimee began to cry, and ran to the Loser Liner.

"Jerks!" yelled Tyya, grabbing an extra bag of gummy worms from Tara, and running after Aimee.

"I'll miss you!" called "Palkia" into the darkness.

Inside the boat, Tyya sits beside Aimee and offers her a gummy worm.

The two hold hands for a moment.

Tyya realizes what they were doing, and starts laughing hysterically.

"And that's all for tonight," says Tara. "How will the others cope with Mira's return and Aimee's elimination? Do I like doing these recaps? Hint, I don't. Find out the first question next time!"

Episode 11: Guam FC

Tara is tapping the top of a megaphone. "No, I'm sick of doing recaps, so I'm getting straight to the action."

"WAKE UP!" she yells into it.

Everyone walks out of the cabins groggily.

"Can we at least get dressed first?" moans Mira.

"Sure," says Tara, shrugging.

A bit later, everyone gathers.

"Your challenge is a soccer shootout challenge."

"But I haven't eaten yet," complains Drew.

"Athletes play better on empty stomachs," says Tara.

"That's not tr-" starts Yurian.

"Whatever. Everyone will pick the matchups. The winner of that matchup will progress to the next one. This continues until somebody gets immunity."

"Palkia": I can't win immunity. Because if I do, then the alliance will only vote off Drew, and then I'm a goner next time. If Drew wins, I go home. If one of the alliance wins, Drew and I can target one of them, and one of us will win the tiebreaker.

Drew: I gotta get immunity, yo. Or else either "Palkia" and I is leavin'.

"Palkia" and Mira decide to do the first matchup.

Mira kicks the ball right in front of "Palkia", who misses it.

"Palkia" kicks the ball above the crossbar.

"Mira wins round one."

Drew glares at "Palkia". "Did you throw that?"

"For strategy," was the reply.

Drew raised an eyebrow.

"Next round, Mira and Natalie."

Mira kicks it past Natalie, and does a victory dance.

Natalie kicks it high, but it lands short of the net.

"Mira wins. Next, Mira and Drew."

Mira kicks the ball towards Drew, who catches it.

Drew kicks it towards a post, but Mira slides in the way.

"Ooh, tie." says Tara.

Mira kicks it at Drew, who gets hit in the face, but still saves it.

Drew kicks it to Mira's left, who slides the wrong way.

"Drew wins."

Mira: I may have lost, but that felt soooo good.

"Next, Drew and Yurian."

Drew kicks it between Yurian's legs.

Yurian smirks and purposefully kicks it short of the net.

"Drew wins immunity! Have breakfast and meet me here after lunch."

Yurian: That was too easy.

Yurian takes a voice recorder off of a shelf in the confessional, and leaves.

The alliance listens to the recorder in the girls' cabin, and grin at each other.

Tara sees them all at the campfire ceremony.

"Hello, campers." she begins.

Drew interrupts. "Wait, can I say somethin', yo?"

Tara shrugs.

"I give up my immunity for "Palkia"."

Tara shrugs again. "So nobody vote for "Palkia".

The votes are cast.

"Let's see, the gummy worm bags go to "Palkia", Yurian and Natalie. The last one goes to..."


"Drew, you idiot!" exclaims "Palkia". "We didn't need immunity."

"Whoops," says the gangster as Mira receives her bag. He sadly walks to the Boat of Losers.

"And there goes the last of the Palm Trees. What will happen next? Will "Palkia" leave next or will the alliance crumble. Find out next time on Total... Drama... Guam!"

Episode 12: One More Before Sure Victory

"Last time on Total Drama Guam, the contestants played soccer. The alliance stayed strong, and the minority had some... tussles. Drew won immunity, but gave it away and got eliminated. Who will be next eliminated? Find out right now on Total Drama Guam!"

"Palkia" is sleeping in, and Yurian is poking him with a pencil.

Yurian: What? I'm bored. Besides, we all know he's out.

Natalie and Mira are sitting on their beds.

"I sure hope Yurian doesn't get so full of himself, now that we only have one person left against us," says Mira.

"Knowing him," says Natalie, combing her hair, "we're in trouble."

The scene moves to the contestants after lunch.

"What are we gonna do now?" says Natalie.

Tara snickers. "Okay. The four of you will have to go into a trivia competition of Total Pojab Island, this season so far, Total Drama School, the first section of Total Drama: Tiki Jungle, and the beginning of Total Drama: Paradise Beach. The questions can be obscure, but they WERE aired. Ready?"

"NO!" yells everyone.

"Okay, first question. Describe Arthur's salted snack."

"Huh?" says Mira.

"Loose," says Yurian.

"Correct. Five questions are needed to win. Okay. Ethan and Minerva both live in which political body? It can be state, province, nation, or even continent."

"Easy. Canada," says Natalie.

"Correct. Next, which two contestants on ANY of the shows I mentioned are sisters?"

"Meg and Amanda," says Yurian.

"Nope!" says Tara.

As Yurian gapes in disbelief, "Palkia" buzzes in. "Lana and Darceline," he says.

"Correct. Next, Which contestant was voted to join the show by one viewer and one contestant?"

"Tyya," said "Palkia".

"Correct. Which Internet meme was one of the teams in Tiki Jungle named after?"

"Um...over nine thousand," says Mira.

"Over nine th- damn it," says "Palkia".

"Correct, Mira. What episode was the first episode in TPI which showed the contestants' breakfasts?"

"That musical chairs one," guessed Yurian.

"The Dodgeball one," says "Palkia".

""Palkia" is correct. Next, which contestant said 'she really loves Total Drama'?"

"Definitely not Julia," chuckled Natalie.

"Keira," says "Palkia".

"Correct. Next, who had a fake personality on their show? Three answers are acceptable."

"Rosi," said "Palkia".

"Correct, the othher two were Keira and Trey. "Palkia" wins immunity! The rest of you, you're at risk."

The night came rather quickly.

"Okay, everyone's voted," says Tara. "so gummy bags go to "Palkia", and Mira."

Yurian: I convinced "Palkia" to vote with me, so Natalie should leave. She thinks she's the leader and owns everything. Ha ha, right.

Natalie: I sure hope Mira voted with me. I think Yurian's trying to kick me off.

"Palkia": I just want to end this experience. I don't deserve to go any farther.

Mira: Nobody knows where my vote came from! Ha HA!

"Oh, and "Palkia", did you mean to vote yourself?"

"Palkia" somberly nods.

"Ooookay. The last bag goes to..."


Yurian smirks.

Natalie shakes her head. "Why me? I got so far, and now I have to leave?"

Yurian simply shrugs. "I couldn't risk you getting in my way."

Natalie walks to the Loser Liner.

"Wait, before you go..." says Tara. She discreetly gives Koit's biggest fan a gummy bag.

"Huh?" she says.

"Yurian, time to go." says Tara.

"Goodbye," says Mira.

"B-b-but-" Yurian protests.

"Go," says Tara.

"But isn't Natalie out?" says Yurian.

Natalie shows him her candy bag, and she and Mira carry him to the Loser Liner, and dump him in.

"And there goes the antagonist. What could possibly happen now? Find out next time!"

Episode 13: None's Fair in Money and American Dependencies

The final three are sitting in the girls' cabin.

"So..." says Mira awkwardly. "final three."

"Yes..." says Natalie.

"Can't believe it..." says "Palkia".

"This is too awkward," says Natalie.

"Umm," says Mira.

The contestants quickly begin doing their own thing.

"Is this maaaade uuuup, or TRUE LOVE..." Mira sings along to her iPod.

"No! This Striens just won't be caught!" yells "Palkia", who is playing Pokémon Moon.

Natalie is writing a poem about Koit.

The three look at what the others are doing. "Typical," they say in unison.

Tara opens the door. "Ready for the final challenge?"

"NO," comes the unanimous response.

"Too bad, you don't run the show. Pack up and meet me at the challenge site in two hours with your stuff."

The contestants later gather.

"So, why..." says "Palkia".

"Seriously," says Natalie.

"The final challenge will be a slushie eating contest."

"Seriously?" says Mira.

"Um, we ran out of ideas..." says Tara. "Anyways last one to finish becomes the final member of the jury."

"There's a jury?" says "Palkia".

"Yep. Winona, Aimee, Drew, Yurian and the unfortunate loser. GO!"

The contestants begin slurping. After a few minutes, Mira finishes her blue slushie. A minute later, "Palkia"'s red slushie and Natalie's green slushie only have a thin layer of juice left at the bottom...

and the red one is finished first.

"Yeah!" cheers "Palkia".

"So close," says Natalie with a frown.

"Natalie, you are the final member of the jury. Come with me, all of you." Tara begins walking.

Natalie is led to a soft corner couch with room for five. The jury fills every seat, and Natalie is left with the back corner of the couch.

The final two gets an even softer loveseat.

"Welcome, jury," says Tara. "I think you all know the finalists well enough to make your decision. If not, please raise your hand and you will be able to ask the finalists a question or say a statement."

Winona, Drew and Natalie raise their hands.

"Winona, you may address the finalists."

"Okay, final two. I've been watching your games closely, so, here's your question. What was your strategy this game?"

"Umm, I didn't have one. I just tried to keep my friends in and ignore my enemies. I just sat there." "Palkia" scratches his arm as he says this.

"Well, basically, I just took out any threats and always tried to be in power. And my alliance managed to stay intact to the final four." Mira smiles.

"Okay, this is going to be tough." says Winona.

"Drew, your turn," says Tara.

"Yo, guys, I'm real happy for you, so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet." Drew says, pulling up his pants.

"Devin was the best Total Drama contestant of all time," mocks Yurian.

"Shut it. Anyways, what would you do for ME if you won?"

"OF ALL TIME," interjects Yurian.

"Well, this is my money, but you'd get a nice hundred for being on my side, wink." "Palkia" smirks.

"An ice cream afterwards," says Mira, blushing.

"Hey look, it's Beyonce," says Yurian.

"Jerk," says Mira.

"Hey, I'm voting for you," says Yurian.

"O...kay. I've got my vote in mind." Drew finishes, pulling up his pants.

"Look, you're both awesome..." begins Natalie, "but I ddon't know who deserves the money. So, in order to win, you must tell me the best joke."

Mira shrugs. "Okay. Three guys are working on a high rise tower, eating lunch. The first guy opens his lunchbag and finds a bologna sandwich. He says, 'I hate bologna sandwiches. If I get a bologna sandwich tomorrow, I'm gonna throw myself off the top story to my death.' The second guy opens his lunchbag and finds lasagna. He says, 'I hate lasagna. If I get lasagna tomorrow, I'm gonna throw myself off the top story to my death.' The third guy opens his lunchbag and finds a kiwi. He says, 'I hate kiwis. If I get a kiwi tomorrow, I'm gonna throw myself off the top story to my death.'

"The next day, the first guy finds a bologna sandwich in his lunchbox, so he kills himself. The second guy finds lasagna in his lunchbox, so he kills himself. The third guy finds a potato in his lunchbox and says, 'I almost forgot that I packed my own lunch!'"

Natalie chuckles. ""Palkia", your turn."

"Palkia" takes a deep breath and says, "Pete and Repeat sat on a wall. Pete fell off. Who was left?"

"Repeat," says Natalie.

"Pete and Repeat sat on a wall. Pete fell off. Who was left?"

"You know what, "Palkia", forget it. My vote has been cast." Natalie adjusts her glasses, and sits down.

"And that's it! Jury, cast your votes."

The jury casts their votes.

After reading the votes, Tara clears her throat. "With a 3-2 vote, the winner of Total Drama Guam is..."

"Just say it," says Yurian.

"NO," says Tara with a blaze in her eyes.

"..."Palkia"! Congratulations!"

Everyone except Yurian hoists "Palkia" onto their shoulders and sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow".

Yurian mumbles to himself.

"And that's a wrap. Be sure to tune in next season, where 22 new faces face off against the odds... and zombies. Also, a few from this season will eventually compete in an all-star season. Keep tuned in!" yells Tara, wearing a party hat.

Drew pulls up his pants.

Elimination Table

Contestant Team
Mat Palm Trees IN IN IN IN WIN OUT
Tyya Palm Trees IN IN LOW OUT
Scott Palm Trees IN IN OUT
Brendan Palm Trees IN OUT

*Drew gave his immunity to "Palkia", and then was voted out.

     This contestant is a Screaming Palm Tree.

     This contestant is a Killer Wave.

     This contestant was eliminated in this episode.

     This contestant was on the winning team in this episode. (Episodes 2-7)

     This contestant won individual immunity. (Episode 3, 6, and 8 onwards)

     This contestant received a marshmallow that was not the last one.

     This contestant received the final marshmallow.

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