Welcome to Total Drama Hullabaloo, by Information Box and TDFANFRENCH.


Theme Song

(the tune plays and Chris, Chef, and Johan laugh at auditions of the contestants)

Dear mom and dad I'm doin' fine! (Marcus is swimming in the water)

You guys are on my mind! (Mikey turns Britney blue, and she chases after him)

You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is plain to see! (Oswald is on his skateboard racing Georgia, Hernando then jumps on Oswald's skateboard causing them to crash)

I wanna be famous! (Cassie puts a dress on Jasmine)

I wanna live close to the sun! (Arnold is seen relaxing on a beach, until a shark comes chasing him)

Pack your bags cause I've already won! (Jacee and Chelsea are looking dreamily at Alexander)

Everything to prove, nothin' in my way! (Dakota is sitting on the cabin steps singing, and gets annoyed when Alice walks up and sings with him)

I'll get there some day! (BT is seen setting up a bear trap but Ari walks in instead)

Cause I wanna be famous! (Daisy is seen practicing talking to people with stuffed animals)

Nananananananananananananana! I wanna be! I wanna be! I wanne be! I wanna be famous! (whistling is heard as Leanne and Billy look into each other's eyes at the campfire ceremony, before noticing everyone is looking)

Theme Song Gallery

Chapter One: The Unforgivable Curse

Chris: Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa, we're back for another season of Total Drama! This season I'm bringing 18 contestants in challenges that are INSANE! ACTION-FILLED! And DRAMATIC! This time they'll be sharing a bed with another contestant in a cabin that looks like it got hit by a tornado. Oh wait... it did. They'll also be competing for 10,000,000$. All this and much more on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme songs plays)

Chris: It's about time we meet our contestants. Oh yeah it is about time.... WHERE ARE THEY???!!!

(a large pink boat comes)

Chris: Here are the girls! First up is Britney!

Britney: Hey everyone! Oh, I'm the first one! And the prettiest one! And the smartest one! And the-

Cassie: Maybe where the loser place you come from-

(screen flashes to the mayor of Britney's hometown)

Mayor: HEY!!!!!!!

(screen flashes back to Camp Wawanawkwa)

Cassie: But I am all of those things here!

Jacee: Yeah you are all of those things minus smartest and prettiest!

Chris: Cassie and Jacee! And stepping off the boat is Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hey everyone! Great to be on my favorite show!

Cassie: You think I'm the prettiest, right?

Chelsea: Sure.

Jacee: No, sweetie, look at me. Now you think I'm the prettiest, right?

Chelsea: Yeah!

Britney: She's obviously blind!

Cassie: Or bi-polar.

Jacee: Or she really thinks it's me!

Chris: Drama already! We'll see how much more heats up when Jasmine appears!

Jasmine: Hey 'all!

Britney: Never call me 'all.

Jasmine: Ah, as a actor, I was practicing a character I created, Posiongi Zederzt.

Chelsea: Cool!

Chris: Britney, Chelsea, Jasmine, Jacee, Cassie.... HURRY UP REMAINING FOUR!

Alice: Hi I'm Alice!

Jasmine: Zice zo zeet zou Zalice. Zi zame zis Zjasmine.

Alice: WOAH! A foreign contestant!

Chelsea: She's an actor, she was acting as her character Zjasmine.

Alice: WOAH! An acting contestant!

Chris: And here comes Leanne!

Leanne: I'm pretty, aren't I?

Britney and Cassie: Don't see it.

Chris: And here come our last two females, Georgia and Daisy!

Georgia: Hey Chris! Loved you on Ice skating on ice.

Chris: Thanks. Daisy are you gonna say something?

Daisy: I-I-I. I- I- He-l-lo.

Jasmine: Hola!

Alice: Hey Daisy! Great to have you here, you to Georgia!

Chris: The boy boat has arrived!

(a big blue boat appears)

Chris: First up is Alexander!

Alexander: You can just call me Alex, thanks.

Cassie: Wait is it Alex?! My cousin!

Alexander: Yeah... and you didn't even see Alice.

Cassie: Is she also here?

Alice: Here Cassie!

Cassie: So cool!

Alice: Yay! (hugs Cassie)

Chris: Look it's former intern Billy!

Billy: Great to finally compete. (sees Leanne) Woah.

Leanne: Ah, I have that affect on people.

Chris: And standing a little too close to me is Mikey!

Mikey: I can't belive it! I'm on TV! And I can show of my wizard skills!

Britney: Nerd.

Mikey: Oh yeah? (turns Britney's hair blue)


Mikey: Maybe later.

Chris: Welcome Oswald!

Oswald: WOOHOO! (Rides off the boat on a skateboard) Woah, I expected more good looking people.

Alexander: And I expected someone to crush you by now.

Chris: And next up is Marcus.

Marcus: Hello.

Chelsea: You even got Chris's haircut! You must be a huge fan!

Marcus: Who's Chris?

Chris: And the next guy up is BT!

BT: Wow it's going to a fun game! I just hope I'm not first out.

Chris: Hmm.... Not dramatic enough.

BT: We'll see. You saw my audition tape. I don't take crap.

Chris: And the guy you can barely see behind BT is Hernando, past contestant Gwen's brother.

Hernando: Wuzuppeeps?

Jacee: No.

Chelsea: Uh, yeah, no.

Hernando: Tough crowd.

Chris: Get used to it. And here are the last two. Arnold and Dakota.

Arnold: Hey.

BT: Hey.

Chris: Alright....

Dakota: Smarty shockers in the house tonight! Everybody- Oh hey guys!

Chris: And that's the cast! Now let me pick the teams. Oswald, Georgia, Mikey, BT, Jacee, Billy, Cassie, Hernando and Leanne you are the Daredevils. Marcus, Jasmine, Arnold, Daisy, Alice, Britney, Alex, Chelsea and Dakota you are the Stuntdoubles.

Britney: I'm glad I'm not on Mickey's team.

Mikey: It's Mikey.

Britney: (Grabs Mikey by the shirt) If you don't turn by hair blonde again, I'll kill you.

Mikey: Apoligize.

Britney: I'm sorry! Now turn me back.

Mikey: Fine. (turns Britney's hair back)

Chris: Alright, that was weird. Anyway, go into your cabins! Each of you will be sharing a bed with someone else. For the guys, Jack and Marcus, Oswald and Mikey, Billy and Hernando, and Arnold, Alex and Dakota. For the girls, Cassie and Britney, Jacee and Leanne, Jasmine and Chelsea, and Daisy, Alice and Georgia.

(the contestants walk into their cabins)

(in the boys cabin)

Mikey: Do you like the band Old West Direction?

Oswald: Er.... No. I do like the rock band Boys Like Girls!

Mikey: Who?

Oswald: They are the most popular band of the century! Okay, maybe not the century, but they still really popular.

Mikey: What?

BT: Hey Marcus.

Marcus: Haha, I looked through your bag.


Marcus: I. Looked. In Your. Bag. How much clearer could I have been?

BT: You realize what a jerky move that was, right?

Marcus: Yep. I'm not stupid like you.

BT: You're right you aren't stupid like me. Because if you were, you would be able to see this coming. (punches Marcus)

Billy: This is great so far.

Hernando: Must be rough being an intern.

Billy: It was. But at least I get payed.

(Billy and Hernando laugh)

Hernando: Yeah like one cent a day!

Billy: Don't joke like that.

Hernando: Did I say something?

Billy: Know it's just a bad joke.

Alexander: Alright, how are we all supposed to fit in this bed?

Arnold: You could sleep on the floor.

Alexander: You could sleep on the roof.

(Alexander and Arnold both laugh)

Dakota: I liked both those ideas personally.

Arnold: Excuse me?

Dakota: I'm just be honest. I always am.

Alexander: Great.

(in the girls cabin)

Georgia: Who's your favorite past contestant?

Alice: I liked Courtney, what Gwen did to her was really mean.

Georgia: My favorite is Gwen and Alejandro. Eva and Bridgette not far behind.

Daisy: I liked Courtney as well.

Leanne: I'm the best looking girl on the show.

Jacee: Who decided that?

Leanne: Um, it's kind of obvious.

Jacee: (Pulls out certificate from the president saying she is the prettiest girl).

Leanne: What the?

Cassie: Looking good Britney.

Britney: I know....

Cassie: I was being sarcastic. Maybe if you lost the loserleader outfit, the 1690's hair, and the total overdue make-up, you would.

Brintey: For your information, I only use two pounds of make-up!

Jasmine: Hello sir.

Chelsea: Sir?

Jasmine: I'm sorry I meant your honor. Would you like some tea?

Chelsea: Sure.

Jasmine: There is no tea left I'm terribly sorry.


Britney: We were in here for ten minutes!

Mikey: I counted eleven, but okay.

Chris: First I'd like to show you our confessional cam. Whenever you're feeling like these people are stupid, ugly or all the other things bad about them. Which we all know is a lot, you can go in here.

Marcus: BT thinks it's okay to punch me and get away with it. Well it's not. I'm the villain this time around, and he's going to get played.

Cassie: Britney's totally getting on my nerves.

Alice: Um, Hi!

Arnold: Ahh, it seems good so far. I just don't trust everyone quite yet.

Chris: Alright, also I am going to introduce to you Chef. Chef has been cooking disgusting meals since the first season.

Chef: What I get payed is the definition of disgusting!

Chris: Right.... And I also want to give you my co-host Johan!

Johan: Hey everyone!

Dakota: Nice to meet you.

Chris: Your first challenge of the season will be very special... It's an AWAKE-A-THON!

Britney: An awake-a-what?!

Jacee: No, an AWAKE-A-THON!

Cassie: That means you don't want to fall asleep.

Mikey: Oh easy, I stay awake like all the night during holidays.

Chris: So ready ?

Everyone: YES!

Johan: Go, go, go!

-12 hours later-

Chris: It's been 12 hours and all the 18 campers are still awake.

Chelsea: So easy, don't need to be strong to stay awake.... (falls asleep)

Chris: After 24 hours the Daredevils still doesn't loosed a member compared to the Stuntdoubles who already lost 4 members!

Georgia: I'm sure we will won this challenge, right Oswald... Oswald?

Oswald: Uh? -Fall asleep-

Georgia: Oh no!

Chris: It looks like your luck is going away, haha!

-2 days after-

Johan: So we're down to five competitors,but before let's see who failed during this 2 days. First we had Chealsea, then Jasmine, Britney, Marcus, Oswald, Hernando, Jacee, BT, Alice, Mikey, Dakota, Georgia and Alexander. So still competing are Daisy and Arnold for the Stuntdoubles and for the Daredevils, Leanne, Billy, and Cassie.

Chris: Because you all stayed very longer than I thought, Chef, Johan and me add an idea for making this a little more harder.

Arnold: Come on what know?!

Leanne: Yeah, It's already been two days without sleeping, I think my head is starting to fall.

Chris: A pop-up book about the history of Canada.

Cassie: Oh!

Arnold: This stinks!

Chris: The beavers, symbol of the Canada and ...

-Daisy fall asleep- -Billy fall asleep-

Leanne: No Billy, don't ! (falls asleep)

Chris: So That means anyone can win now, but who will?

Cassie: I... just.... so... can't.... do this anymore.

Arnold: I... same... uh (falls asleep)

Chris: And we have a winner, Cassie for the Daredevils!

Cassie: yeah... (falls on the floor) I want a coffee, now.

-Elimination ceremony-

Chris: Stuntdoubles, welcome to your first elimination ceremony. You each voted for who you think deserves to rides the Rock Of Shame and never EVER, get to come back! I can see your all tired so I'll give you your balloons, if you have one that means your save, Johan.

Johan: The first person I'm gonna call is Arnold.

Arnold: Yes!

Johan: Daisy, Alice your safe too!

Daisy: I-M S-O Happy!

Alice: Yes! I can stay, so cool!

Johan: Alexander!

Alexander: Finally...

Dakota: Um, you should be...

Johan: Dakota your in too, dude.

Dakota: Oh sweet!

Johan: Marcus and Jasmine you are also safe.

Marcus: Phew, I was scared!

Jasmine: Oh Romeo! Thanks!!!

Johan: My name is Johan!

Jasmine: I know, I was just doing juliet from Romeo and Juliet!

Alice:(sarcasticly) L.O.L!

Chris: Anyway, the final balloon of the night and which will save one of the two contestants left is for .... Britney!

Chealsea: Nooooo!

Britney: Yay! I'm safe!!!

Chelsea: But, I was a nice with everyone!

Chris: Yes, but compared to Britney, who is really mean, you fell asleep first so that's why your team voted you off, goodbye!

Dakota: Bye Chelsea!

Alice: Bye, we'll miss you!

Chelsea: Oh the Rock Of Shame is just an amusement park ride? What's the worst it could do? (gets thrown off into the distance)


Chapter One Gallery

Chapter Two: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The contestants were introduced. From spoiled brats to annoying drama queens! The contestants got a little bit of bonding time, some was good, some was. After that we made the teams, the Daredevils and the Stuntdoubles! And then we started the challenge a classic challenge from the first, the AWAKE-A-THON! In the end, thanks to Cassie, the Daredevils got immunity, while the Stuntdoubles voted off Chelsea, who they thought was their weakest link. Now 17 contestants remain, who will win? Who will lose? Who will backstab their teammates? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

Chef: Get over here lousy delinquents, and get your breakfest.

BT: Lousy delinquents? And I don't need that much food.

Chef: I know, I'm just doing it cause it bothers you.

BT: Only because you've looked at it for more than five seconds.


Marcus: I hate that guy too, Chef. Just be happy you don't have to share a bed with him.

Billy: We did good yesterday, I feel bad for Chelsea though. First voted out is rough!

Leanne: Ah, Billy! You are such a nice guy!

Billy: Oh yeah.

Daisy: I-I know we can d-d-do better. This just wa-sn't our ch-alle-lenge.

Dakota: Exactly, we'll definetley win today, right guys?

Marcus: Depends.

Alice: I hope so.

Hernando: Good luck with that, we're on fire!

Mikey: Yeah, it's always been my dream to go on TV! I even burned down a house just to get on the news!

Oswald: But you're a magician, couldn't you of just done that to get on TV?

Mikey: I used my magic skills to burn down the house.

Georgia: Hehe.

Chris: All contestants please come outside for today's challenge!

Alexander: This sounds wonderful! As in it's full of wonders that we can do one, considering this show should of been cancelled years ago.

(Jasmine and Daisy giggle)

Britney: I'm not seeing the whole Alexander obsession. I'm looking for a true strategist, not a guy who gets far because of girls who are madly in love with his looks.

Chris: Your challenge for today is a labyrinth.

Jacee: A what?

BT: It's like a maze.

Jacee: A what?

Chris: You need to guide your team out of the labyrinth while avoiding many obstacles! Such as Chef, Sasquatchanawkwa, and much more. And don't expect not to be split up. The first team with all contestants out wins!

Marcus: Obstacles? I got Margini (pulls snake out of shirt) he's my partner in crime, and we've planned an alliance we're going to start. Margini, you are such a little cutie smarty-

Chris: Alright contestants, begin!

Johan: I thought you said I could say begin?

Oswald: Let's win again guys!

Georgia: Definetley, we're all really strong players, we can do it!

Leanne: So Billy, how're you doing?

Billy: Great! You?

Leanne: I was thinking that maybe we could-

Mikey: Wait, shouldn't it be the guy that asks the girl out?

Jacee: Definetley, these people are not true romantics!

Cassie: And they don't have good fashion taste either....

Hernando: Guys, give them a break! They just haven't learned like us.

BT: Guys, I think King Kong is approaching us!

Chris: (Flies in on an helicopter) HAHA!

Daredevils: AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus: Britney, Arnold, Dakota! Psst! Over here!

Britney: What is it?

Arnold: Please don't be a crazy scheme!

Dakota: Please be a crazy scheme!

Marcus: Do you three want to start an alliance with Margini and I?

Britney: Who's Margini?

Marcus: My snake. (pulls snake out of shirt)

Britney: Ewfgsik!

Marcus: We need to start an alliance to pick out the rest of the girls off the team.

Arnold: What about Alex?

Marcus: I said the rest of the girls.

Dakota: So why'd you pick Britney?

Marcus: She's a true strategist, and so are you Dakota.

Arnold: What about me?

Marcus: I am a lot of things but I'm not a liar.

Arnold: Hmph.

Marcus: So what did you say?

Dakota: Oh I'm in!

Britney: Same here!

Arnold: I guess.

Marcus: And if anyone betrays us, Margini comes out.

Alexander: Hurry up guys! Some of us want to win!

Alice: Calm down Alex.

Daisy: I don't know, for all we know they could be scheming over there. Who knows, I still trust them, there is no evidence against them.

Daisy: I didn't studder one bit! SCORE!

Jasmine: ZI zmiss ZChelsea! Zshe Zwas zmy zbestie!

Alexander: If Jasmine doesn't stop, she'll be able to join Chelsea very soon.

BT: Alright, anybody know what to do?

Georgia: Is anyone else a trained sasquatch fighter?

BT: We don't need the sarcasm!

Georgia: I wasn't being sarcastic! Is anyone else a trained sasquatch fighter? Cause I am!

Mikey: Let me handle it! Poopefy! (Sasquatchanwkwa falls down knocked out)

Oswald: You really a wizard!

Leanne: So Billy-

Billy: Do you want to go out sometime?

Leanne: Sure!

Jacee: That's how it should be.

Hernando: Agreed. Of course, I'm a professional, no one can do it like me.

Cassie: The fashion still isn't great though. It's not even okay either. Infact, it's horrible.

Jasmine: To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Arnold: Alright, now I'm annoyed!

Daisy: Apparently so is Chef! He's got a chainsaw!

Alice: Stay calm. My daddy told me always too (gets blown away my Chef's giant leafblower)

Chris: (Flies in on helicopter) Having fun down there guys?

Britney: I'm gonna kill you Chris!

Dakota: I can sing at high pitch! Let me show you! ALABAMA BOYS WE'RE UNFORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chef: ARGH! (blows Dakota away with giant leafblower)

Britney: Don't you even get close to this hair bozo!

Alexander: Yeah, genius idea to call him names! He definetley won't attack us if you do that!

Marcus: Margini, show this guy what we do to people who disturb us.

Margini: SSSSSS! (bites Chef, knocking him out)

Marcus: I see the exit, let's go!

Gerogia: They already got out!

Oswald: But Dakota and Alice aren't there!

Johan: Exactly which means Daredevils win again!

Chris: You know I don't feel like I gave myself enough screen time this episode! I'm so angry I'm making this a double elimination!

(Everyone gasps)

Chris: Just kidding! Heheh, that wouldn't work! More eliminations, less episodes, which means less ratings, and less screentime for me!

(At elimination)

Marcus: So it's clear on who we are voting off, right?

Arnold, Britney, and Dakota: Yes.

Johan: And the first balloon of the night goes to Marcus!

Marcus: Not a suprise!

Johan: Also safe are Jasmine and Arnold!

Jasmine: See!

Arnold: Awesome!

Johan: Not to forget Daisy, Alexander and Dakota!

Chris: And the final balloon of the night goes to................................................................................. BRITNEY!

Britney: YES!

Alice: What, but Alex, Jasmine, Daisy and I all voted off Britney!

Johan: It says you got 5 votes, while Britney recieved 3.

Alice: Aw man! Not the Rock Of Shame! (gets on the Rock Of Shame and gets shot off) TRADER! WHOEVER YOU ARE!

Jasmine: I was going to vote off Britney, but I thought it would improve my acting skills to do a blindside!

Chris: Shocking elimination! Even I didn't see that coming! See you next time on TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOO!

Chapter Two Gallery

Chapter Three: Jump In!

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The contestants were told they had to make their way through a labyrinth. Alliances were made along the way, as they tried to avoid vicious monsters. It was a very close battle with the help of a snake the Stuntdoubles were able to finish first, but missing two teammates. Making the Daredevils the winner. In the end it was Alice who was blindsided even by her own friend who got the boot. Conflicts, friendships, alliances, relationships and much more. It's all right here on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

(in the girls cabin)

Georgia: Fell asleep before I knew who got voted off last night.

Leanne: Same here.

Jacee: I saw, it was Alice.

Cassie: My cousin? I feel so bad!

Daisy: I d-din'-t vo-te her o-o-off.

Jasmine: Studdering much? How can we be sure it wasn't you?

Britney: I voted her off. Not going to bother to deny.

(in the boys cabin)

Mikey: So you guys never said who you voted off last night.

BT: Well Alex's language kind of explains a bit. So I'm guessing Alice.

Marcus: It was Alice. Hehehehehehheheh hhehe.

BT: That Marcus guy is weird. He just tells me he looked into my bag. I didn't ask or anything! I know he's a strategizing but this is getting creepy.

Arnold: We voted her off because she caused us the challenge. She was a weak link.

Alexander: SHUT UP ARNOLD!

Dakota: Watch it Alex, or you're going next.

BT: So Marcus, why'd you just tell me that you looked through by bag.

Marcus: I'm an honest person.

BT: Why'd you look through my bag though?

Marcus: Margini climbed in there, so I had to get him out. I didn't mean to look through it.

BT: Right, so who's Margini?

Dakota: You don't want to-

(Marcus pulls snake out of his shirt)

Dakota: -know.


Chris: Please come onto the campsite for your first challenge for today!

Jacee: First challenge? You mean there are more?

Chris: Yes, today is a two part challenge! To start things out you will be doing Total's Drama first ever challenge. You'll have to jump off the hill, and get into the circle I marked in the water. If you refuse to jump or do not make it in the circle you will be eliminated from the challenges of today.

Dakota: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Chris: Alright first to jump is Oswald.

Oswald: WOOHOO! (makes it into circle)

Chris: Next is Georgia!

Georgia: ALRIGHT! (makes it into circle)

Chris: Leanne!

Leanne: I refuse-

Billy: Do it Leanne! Do it for the team!

Leanne: Oh alright. (jumps but misses)

Chris: Alright Mikey, your turn!

Mikey: I got this in the bag! (jumps but misses)


Chris: BT, you're up!

BT: I can do this. I can do this! (makes it into circle)

Jacee: I refuse, Chris! I refuse!

Mikey: Come on Jacee!

Jacee: No! I will not!

Chris: Johan! Get the chicken hat!

Johan: Here you go Jacee.

Jacee: I'd rather jump than wear this!

Johan: Sorry, it's to late!

Jacee: ERRG!!! (kicks Johan into the water)

Chris: Billy, don't fail for your team!

Billy: I will never! (makes it into circle)

Cassie: As much as I don't want to jump, wearing the chicken hat will ruin me! (jumps but misses)

Hernando: I got this totally! (jumps but misses)

Chris: Wow only a score of 4. That's low. Marcus it's time for you to jump!

Marcus: No problem! (Makes it into circle)

Marcus: I might have many put a little glue right there for when Alex jumps.

Chris: Alex!

Alexander: What the? I feel like their is glue! Err! Aww! (jumps but misses)

Chris: Jasmine!

Jasmine: I deserve a stuntdouble! I'm an actress! I refuse to jump!

Chris: Then put on the chicken hat!

Jasmine: Where are they?

Chris: Johan had them, but Jacee made him fall. And thanks to that, Stuntdoubles win the first challenge!

(Stuntdoubles cheer)

Chris: Oswald, Georgia, BT, and Billy you will be going to part two, along with all of the Stuntdoubles. The challenge is trivia about the past contestants! I'll ask a question if you get it right you'll move on, if you get it wrong you'll get out. Billy! Which contestants have only competed in one season?

Billy: Katie, Sadie, Eva, Mike, Scott, Staci, Zoey, Dawn, Sam, Anne Maria, Dakota, Jo, Lightning, Cameron, Brick, and B.

Chris: WRONG! You forgot every contestant that played the game this season and Mr. Coconut.

Billy: OH COME ON!

Chris: Daisy, who was the first person voted off in Total Drama World Tour?

Daisy: Duncan!

Chris: No, Ezekiel was the first voted out, Duncan was the first eliminated. Marcus, which contestant placed 7th in Total Drama Action?

Marcus: Leshawna.

Chris: WRONG! Owen returned making Justin 7th. Jasmine who placed 5th in Total Drama Island?

Jasmine: My best friend Leshawna.

Chris: Nope, Mr. Coconut debuted making Leshawna 6th and him 5th.

Jasmine: HE'S A COCNUT!

Chris: Arnold, how many new contestants were in Total Drama World Tour?

Arnold: 2!

Chris: WRONG! Sierra, Alejandro, and Blaineley makes three!

Arnold: Aww, I forgot Blaineley!

Chris: BT how many eliminations were there in Total Drama Island?

BT: 24. 23 if you don't count second place being eliminated or if you don't Mr. Coconut as an offical contestant. 22 if you don't count both of them.

Chris: CORRECT! Britney how many people voted for Duncan to win Total Drama Action?

Britney: I want a manicure.

Chris: WRONG! The correct answer is 4. Oswald, how many people voted for Owen as Total Drama Island winner?

Oswald: 18!

Chris: CORRECT! Alexander, who is the only antagonist to win a season?

Alexander: Alejandro, and call me Alex.

Chris: CORRECT! Georgia, how many people competed in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island?

Georgia: 13!

Chris: WRONG! 12, Dakota was a mutant. BT, how many aftermaths have their been?

BT: 8!

Chris: Once again, correct! Alexander, in how many seasons were marshmallows sign of immunity?

Alexander: Call me Alex please, and two.

Chris: INCORRECT! In the final 4 of Total Drama World Tour we used marshmallows, and in Total Drama Island and Revenge of the Island we used them throughout the season. And with Oswald and BT still remaining, Daredevils win! As of Stuntdoubles, I'll see you at elimination!

Dakota: Uh Chris? I was never given a question.

Chris: Fine, who is being voted off tonight?

Dakota: How am I supposed to know?

Chris: WRONG! Now get down to elimination!

Marcus: So it's clear we're voting her off tonight, right?

Arnold, Britney, and Dakota: Yes.

Marcus: And we're called Death Chewers Alliance.

Britney: What?

Arnold and Dakota: Alright.

Johan: And the first balloon of the night goes to....... Arnold!

Arnold: Cool!

Johan: And the next 2 go to Daisy and Jasmine!

Jasmine: Zyes!

Daisy: This is great! And I'm not even studdering!

Johan: And also with no votes against him is Marcus!

Marcus: Not a suprise.

Chris: And the final balloon goes to.................................................................................... BRITNEY!

Britney: YES!

Alexander: Aw come on! First Alice now me! Good luck winning a challenge without me! And Marcus, Dakota, Britney, and Arnold, I knw you're in an alliance! And Jasmine or Daisy, one of you betrayed Alice! I'm out!

Chris: He's gonna have some fun on the Rock Of Shame! (hears a scream coming the Rock Of Shame) Hehehe! See you next time, on Total! Drama! -

Chef: Chris! Where is my paycheck?!


Chapter Three Gallery

Chapter Four: OH! You're Not Gonna Believe This!

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The remaining 16 contestants had to do Total Drama's first ever challenge, jumping off a clift into a marked circle. Four from the Daredevils were able to move onto the next challenge, while thanks to Jacee who got rid of Johan who was holding the chicken hats, all of the Stuntdoubles were able to move on to the trivia challenge. Most failed easily, while a few were able to stay in until the very end. After all the questions were asked BT and Oswald were able to win it for the Daredevils. The Death Chewers alliance were able to get rid of Alexander. Today the contestants are going to be shocked with the challenge! What am I talking about? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

Oswald: I wonder what the challenge is going to be. I hope we can to listen to rock music and ride on skateboards!

Jacee: It's not very likely that's going to happen.

Oswald: A man can dream, can't he?

Leanne: So Billy...

Billy: So...

Billy: Alright. I admit it. Leanne is arrogant, lazy, and annoying. I don't like her. But I can't tell her that!

Leanne: Billy is so awesome, he's like my star but he's changed since we've been going out.

Georgia: I can't believe we've won all 3 challenges so far!

Mikey: Winning the first challenge always helps. You get more people and the other team tries to hard.

BT: You're right.

Hernando: And being AWESOME helps! WOOHOO! OH YEAH!


Cassie: Dork party.

Marcus: So Jasmine, suprised with the elimination?

Jasmine: Oh yes Marcus! Yes I was! Gasp! I now die! How was that?

Arnold: Fantastic.

Jasmine: Thanks.

Daisy: I-I was r-really s-h-hocked.

Marcus: It's called a blindside. You never see them coming.

Britney: You always got to be careful. You never know when it might happen to you.

Jasmine: Hopefully it's not going to happen again!

Britney and Marcus: Yeah ....

Marcus: My plan is to loose again and eliminate all the girls of my team, Britney being on my Death Chewers alliance, she won't be eliminated. For now!

Chris: Today we will have really hard challenges, I'll explain later. First you guys have to run a mile! GO!

Arnold: (running) So, what's our strategy today?

Marcus: (running) I'm pretty sure it will harder that we think, so you Dakota and me will continue to run and Britney, Jasmine and Daisy will walk. Okay?

Dakota: That means we will be 3 vs.9?

Marcus: Yes, but if we are 3 boys against 4 girls and 5 boys we will have more chances of winning! You understand?

Dakota: Oh yes!

Britney: I don't like the idea of getting rid of us!

Marcus: It's for the good of the team, you don't wanna win this time?

Jasmine: I want!

Daisy: Me-T-too!

Britney: Ok...

Marcus: Britney?! No I don't care, she will be eliminated when Jasmine and Daisy are done.

Oswald: Go Hernando, run faster!

Hernando: Uh... uh... I can't (breathe) continue without me!

Oswald: Ok, bro!

Mikey: Jacee?! Why you don't run?

Jacee: Running? Are you kidding me. I don't wanna sweat on TV, duh! Oh Leanne, you should use some makeup to cover that pimple!

Leanne: Zip it! At least I'm trying! (breathes) Oh!

Billy: It's just a run, it's not hard!

Leanne: Yeah... Haha... I was just, joking!

Cassie: Good that I'm not bad in sports, but Georgia you really are a runner.

Georgia: Thanks, It's for the good of the team, so...

Jacee: That's right! It's not helping your look that's for sure!

Georgia: Jacee is really annoying! I know I'm not the pretiest here, but she's not oblige to remind me this all the day!

Chris: So, We have our 10 campers!

Johan: Jacee, Hernando, Britney, Jasmine and Daisy sit on the looser banch, you'll not participate in the second part of the challenge.

Chris: Mikey, BT, Oswald, Leanne, Billy, Georgia, Cassie, Marcus, Arnold and Dakota you'll fight against eachother in a marathon composed of three parts!

Arnold: Peace of cake, right Marcus?

Marcus: Sure.

Marcus: I have no idea if we will win, bit I do know I will not lose.

Chris: First you'll have to drink a bottle of viniger like in Total Drama World Tour, followed by a little quiz and then kissing -


Chris: Not a fish, this time you'll have to kiss something more disgusting, Johan!

Johan: WHAT?!

Arnold: I second That! What?!

Dakota: I'm not doing this!

Chris: Maybe if you had girl that will have helped your team!

Dakota: Thanks Marcus?!

Arnold: YEAH! That was so a Great idea?!

Marcus: Shut up Dakota, you do realize when all the girls are gone you're going next, right?

Chris: Anyway, Mikey and BT will be against Marcus for the viniger, then Leanne, Billy, and Georgia for the quiz against Arnold, and Dakota against Cassie for the kssing thing.

Johan: HEY!

Chris: Ready, go!

BT: (Drinks) Done!

Marcus: (Drinks) Done! but disgusting!

Chris: The Stuntdoubles take the lead! So first question for Arnold, who was the first person to wear a wig in TD history?

Arnold: Um...

Mikey:(Drink) Done! -barf-

Arnold: Heather?

Chris: WRONG! Sadie and Lindsay did! Leanne, Billy, Georgia, who was the last female in season 1, 2 and-

Leanne: Gwen!

Billy: Beth!

Georgia: And Heather!

Chris: Wrong! If you had let me finish my question you'll maybe have it correctly it was season 1, 2 and 4!

Arnold: Gwen, Beth and Zoey!

Johan: Correct, you take the lead!

Chris: Hey! I say that!

Johan: Oops! Too late!

Chris: RRRRR! So..

Dakota: I refuse to kiss a dude!

Britney: Don't make him even more disgusted!

Daisy: Th-they'll -re-t-take- th-the-lead!

Chris: Now Cassie if you wanna win Kiss Johan! Or if Dakota does it first he will win for his-

Cassie: (kisses Johan) ECHGM!

Chris: The DARDEVILS WINS AGAIN! Stuntdoubles you know the routine one of you is going home tonight!

Arnold: So what do we do?

Dakota: Who we vote off?

Britney: Maybe you!

Dakota: Why?!

Britney: You didn't kiss the stupid host, making us loose!

Arnold: I wouldn't have done it either.

Marcus: Same! Anyway Jasmine or Daisy?

Britney: Jasmine! Daisy's to shy, she won't rat us out.

Dakota: I don't know Jasmine kinda has a crush on me, maybe we could use it as an advantage?

Marcus: Hm....

Chris: You know the rountine if you get a balloon that means your safe! The first balloon of the night goes too Marcus.

Marcus: Thanks.

Chris: Also safe is Arnold!

Arnold: Cool!

Chris: Along with Daisy and Britney!

Daisy: Y-yes.

Britney: Give me that balloon!

Chris: Jasmine, Dakota one of you will be going home and the final balloon of the night goes to.....

Jasmine: Please please please...

Chris: Dakota.

Dakota: Phew!

Chris: Jasmine time to say bye bye and take the ROCK OF SHAME!

Jasmine: Wait, before I go, I have to admit that I used to voted against Alice.

Britney: Whoa... I knew it...

Jasmine: Bye, especially Dakota...

Dakota: Goodbye Jasmine! I'll miss you! (kisses Jasmine)

Daisy: S-see- ya, Ja-jas- jasmine.

Jasmine: By-(Take the rock of shame) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Chris: I love that Rock Of Shame! ANYWAY, join us next time right here on TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Johan: ME TOO!


Chapter Four Gallery

Chapter Five: The Dramathon

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The contestants had to run an eighth mile, only ten contestants were able to move on. Some had to drink a bottle of viniger, some had to kiss Johan! In the end once again, the Daredevils were crowned the winners, while the Stuntdoubles had to go to elimination. The Death Chewers alliance were able to vote off Jasmine, making her the fourth contestant eliminated from the game. Will the Death Chewers Alliace prevail? Will Billy put up with Leanne too much longer? Will Chef and Johan get their paychecks? FInd out now on TOTAL! DRAMA HULLABALOO!!!!!!

(theme song plays)

(in the boys cabin)

Oswald: And we win again!

Arnold: No need to rub it in!

Dakota: And we aren't stupid, we already knew that.

Mikey: I kind of want to go to elimination, I'll get more time on the TV!

Billy: But you risk being voted out.

BT: I don't care about the screen time, I just want the money, and to be called the champion.

Hernando: I already am called the champion.

Marcus: Hey BT, I'm sorry for being rude to you on the first day.

BT: I'm sorry for punching you, I just got a little, er, angry.

Marcus: I'm sorry, I just get in that mood sometimes.

BT: I think Marcus really is a nice guy. HAHAHA!

Marcus: I truely am sorry for my behavior, but BT is a good player, and I want him on my side.

(in the girls cabin)

Georgia: Aww, Jasmine is gone? I liked her.

Leanne: I thought she was annoying.

Jacee: Yeah. She's the annoying one.

Cassie: Her clothes were totally unfasionable.

Daisy: I-I l-iked t-them.

Britney: For once I must agree with you Cassie.

Cassie: I rub off on people.



Daisy: Trust me, I wouldn't want to. Wait, was that mean? Are they going to see this?

Chris: Today we are having a DOUBLE elimination!

(all gasp)

Chris: But from now on you are no longer teams!

(all gasp)

Marcus: Daisy thinks she can get away from my wrath now, she's wrong!


Leanne:I didn't hate my team Cassie was pritty cool, but now I get really meet the other guys

Chris: For todays challenge you will have to do a triathalon!

(all gasp)

Chris: Seriously, stop doing that! The first two to get there will be on either the Daredevils or the Stuntdoubles. The next two people to come will be on either of the team. And so on until only two are left. Those two will have to say bye-bye and take the Rock Of Shame!

Chef: I love that!

Chris: So it will be 6 on each team. First you have the run to the lake, then swim to the bikes, and ride up the mountains to the finish line. Ready! Set! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Georgia: This is my challenge! There is no way I'm not making it into the team switch!

Leanne: I really hope I do good! I'm good at swimming and I love biking, but I wouldn't consider myself an athlete.

Oswald: I wish I had my skateboard, I'd proably be ahead of everybody! Except Georgia, she's really fast!

(Hernando trips Oswald)

Oswald: What the helmet was that for?

Hernando: We're no longer on a team, it's every man for theirself.

Leanne: Man? How sexist!

Billy: Yeah! Show some respect!

Arnold: The alliance could split up! This is bad!

Britney: Yet good for Daisy. And I don't like it being good for her!

Marcus: Neither do I!

Dakota: Ah, I just wish we voted her off instead of Jasmine. I really liked her.

Mikey: It seems like we've been running for an hour!

BT: We only just started! You can't be feeling that bad.

Jacee: I can already see the lake and I'm not even running!

Cassie: It looks like Georgia is already there! I MUST FINISH FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy: Almo-st. Th-there.

Britney: I learned this from the jocks at my school. (sprints)

Chris: And seems Cassie, Georgia, and Britney are the only three here! And here come BT and Oswald! You guys better get swimming!

Cassie: Get my clothes wet? I think not! Good thing I have an emergency bikini under here! (takes off clothes)

Hernando: WOAH! Ah- (trips and falls into the water)

Arnold: Time to swim!

Billy: I love swimming!

Leanne: Me too!

Billy: I like Leanne. Then I don't. Then I do. Then I don't. I don't know what to do!

Mikey: If only I remembered how to do the spell to make a bridge! ER!

Jacee: I don't have an emergency bikini!

Dakota: I'll carry you over!

Dakota: I never truely started a relationship with Jasmine. I only kissed her!

Marcus: Not the best move Dakota.

Chris: All the contestants are now swimming!

Georgia: And I am already out!

BT: How does she do that?

Cassie: And I'm out too!

Dakota: Some of us don't have swimwear on, and we have to carry someone!

Billy: WOOHOO! I'm out!

Leanne: Billy! Help me!

Billy: Right...

BT: I've always been a fast swimmer! And biking? Piece of cake!

Daisy: I've always been a fast swimmer as well! But I've never learned how to ride a bike.

(Britney and Marcus laugh)

Arnold: It's easy, let me show you!

Marcus: Arnold has now fallen to the bottom of the alliance food chain. With Dakota in third, Britney in second, and of course me in first.

Marcus: I haven't biked in awhile.

Britney: I learned when I was six months!

Hernando: I learned when I was five months!

Britney: Yeah, into the 8th grade!

Dakota: Come on Jacee, let's get on the bikes.

Mikey: Last to get on the bikes? Oh great!

Chris: The challenge is truely heating up! And here comes Georgia, who will be on the Daredevils once again! And coming not far behind her are Oswald, BT, Billy, and Cassie! Oswald, Stuntdoubles, BT, Daredevils, Billy, Stuntdoubles, Cassie, Daredevils!


Chris: Leanne, Stuntdoubles!

Billy: OH GREAT!

Chris: Arnold, Daredevils, Britney, Stuntdoubles, Marcus, Daredevils, Hernando, Stuntdoubles.

Chris: Daisy has arrived and will be placed on the Daredevils! Now will it be Mikey? Jacee? Or Dakota? It can only be one! And the winner is.................................................................................. DAKOTA! Congratulations Dakota, you will be placed on the Stuntdoubles once again! Jacee and Mikey, you have been eliminated! Time to take the Rock Of Shame!


Jacee: Well, it's been a good run, goodbye everyone. Oh so this is what the Rock Of Shame is? It can't be that- (is flung off) BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikey: Oh make it quick! (is flung off) THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!

Chris: Oh it is! So with the new teams, who will be the allstar team? Who will not? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter Five Gallery

Chapter Six: The Drama-Idol

Chris: Previously on Total Drama, The contestants got a really big surprise. First the teams got broken and then a triathlon composed of a run, a swim and a bike race. Then the first 12 players who crossed the line were didvied into two teams: The Daredevils are know composed of Oswald, Daisy, Leanne, Britney, Hernando, and Billy; The Stuntdoubles are know composed of Arnold, BT, Marcus, Cassie, Georgia, and Dakota, meaning that Mikey and Jacee were the two last contestants and became eliminated in a Double elimination! But this week will be even more surprising! What will happen, uh? If you want the answer watch TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOO!

(theme songs play)

Marcus: So, know that we changed teams my strategy will still the same except that know I have BT, Arnold and Dakota in my alliance! If we loose we will first eliminated Georgia since she's good in sports, then Cassie since she will be the only girl left on the team and then Dakota cause I wouldn't need him anymore...

Cassie: Um Chris?

Chris: Yes?

Cassie: Why are there is 4 cabins now?

Georgia: Yeah, we use to have 2 cabins one for the boys and for the girls.

Chris: Oh since we voted two people yesterday, we had more money to spend so we bought a new 2 new cabins!

Britney: Yay! So cool! Is one of them for me?! THERE SHOULD BE!

Chris: Calm down, princess! Each team will have cabins now, the two ones on left are for the Stuntdoubles the cabins on the right are for the Daredevils. One for boys one for girls, and one for boys one for girls!

Britney: That means I will be sleeping with Daisy and Leanne?

Johan: YES!

Cassie: So cool! I'll be with Georgia!

Georgia: Yeah! I'm glad also Cassie!

Cassie: You are so cool, but your fashion isn't... anyway I'm glad I'll be with a friend!

Georgia: Um... Thanks.

(In the Stuntdoubles boys cabin)

Marcus: Arnold, BT, and Dakota, come here!

Dakota: So what is our plan?

BT: What plan?

Arnold: Oh yeah, he doesn't know it yet!

Marcus: Let me explain it to you. We have decided to make a guys alliance-

Dakota: Called the Death Chewers, cool uh?

Marcus: Shut it! What was I saying?

Arnold: We made a guys alliance...

Marcus: Yeah, and our point is to loose all the challenges to get rid of the girls on our team, and then we will win and go to the merge, and then we will all be a guy final!

BT: Okay, but that is risky. We might not have a lot of chances winning after we get all the girls off.

Marcus: A team of 4 guys vs. a team of 3 girls and 3 guys can't loose!

Arnold: He makes a point.

Marcus: So, BT do you agree?

BT: I quite share your point of you... so ok, I'm in!

BT: Marcus is sexist? Eh, I guess I should of seen that coming.

Arnold: Cool!

BT: But just one rule we should follow, if someone betrays the alliance, we chew them into death. Meaning we'll get revenge in a less harsh way than it sounds. Deal?

Marcus: I think you and me will become friends! Deal!

Dakota: I don't really like this deal...

Chris: (In a megaphone) Losers? Come all to the theather a surprise is here for you! Hurry up, I hate waiting!

Britney: So What?!

Chris: Hello campers, today's challenge will be about Music.

Cassie: Music! I love singing! THIS IS JUST SO MY CHALLENGE!

Georgia: Did you hear guys? We are so winning this challenge!

Marcus: Yeah, cool...

Chris: Let me explain, the two teams will have to choose two singers in each teams, then we will choose the best singers of each team and in the end the best will win! But for the losing team we will get a little reward...

Marcus: REWARD!? Cool, I enjoy rewards!

Marcus: What is it?

Chris: You'll know it soon, so NOW you have 2 hours for auditions, go!

(The Stuntdoubles)

Georgia: So who knows how to sing?

Dakota, BT and Cassie: ME!

Marcus: So, can we have a little idea?

Cassie: Yes, I'll go first.

Arnold: What are you singing?

Cassie: I'm gonna sing Imagine by John Lennon.

Georgia: Go Cassie!

(song starts)

Cassie: Imagine there's no fashion, it isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for and no cute clothes, too. Imagine all the people living life in ugly clothes. You may same I'm an over-achiever, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one!

(Songs end)

Arnold: Uh?!

BT: Eh, I'm better.


Dakota: Really?! She doesn't sing that good.... Pff!

Georgia: Wow Cassie that was just AMAZING! You should sing!

Cassie: Really? So yeah, I accept!

Marcus: but!

Dakota: My turn now, I'll sing Firework of Katy Perry.


(songs start)

Dakota: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again? CAUSE THAT'S WHAT MY BOYFRIEND MADE ME FEEL LIKE! BABY, HE'S A PIECE OF WORK! HE IS A REAL BIG JERK!

Cassie: 'Cause baby you're a piece of work!. Come on, show 'em what you're worth (gets pushed by Dakota)

Dakota: Make them go "eghg ehgjj ehjs" as you treat me like a fly-fly-fly!

Dakota and Cassie: Baby you're a piece of work-

Dakota: SHUT UP!

Georgia: So we know who will battle for us!

Dakota: Thanks... (look at Cassie angrily)

Arnold: This isn't my kind of music but I have to say that you are both really talented!

Marcus: Yes, that will be bad if you lost your voice before the challenge, I wish you good luck though!

BT: Since we don't have much time left, I won't bother singing. One of you can do it.

Dakota: Amateur you are Marcus. You should of said "Break a leg".

Marcus: Dakota's a better singer. Which is why he shouldn't sing. BT wanted to sing, but he's smart enough to stay back and shut his mouth and let me handle it. Dakota had three strikes, and this time, he's out!

(The Daredevils)

Britney: I should sing for the challenge! I'm a hottie, and I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy: Stop! You don't know how to sing!

Leanne: Yeah, I have to agree with Billy. Even though I hate his guts.

Billy: Errrr!

Oswald: I know how to sing, Plus I can play the guitar!

Hernando: Cool dude, you should do the challenge for us!

Oswald: I don't want your opinion.

Hernando: Why?

Oswald: Oh, I though it was every man for themselves!

Hernando: Oh.... Sorry.... I didn't mean it!

Britney: Anyway, we need another talent. Why not, um, ME!

Billy, Leanne, Oswald, and Hernando: NO!

Leanne: Hang on! Daisy, didn't say anything, do you know how to sing?

Daisy: U-um....

(at the theater)

Chris: Me, Chef and Johan will judge! Daredevils your up!

Oswald: Hi

Chris: What are you going to sing?

Oswald: Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls

Chris: Go ahead!


Hernando: Go, OSWALD!

Oswald: (starts to sing) (link will be added soon)

Dardevils: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Great! That was really nice Oswald!

Chef: This little boy has talent!

Johan: Then it's The Stuntdoubles.

Cassie: Hi!

Chris: What are you gonna sing?

Cassie: Someone Like You - Adele. (song starts)

Marcus: I hate to say this but DANG Cassie's is talented! But not as good as Dakota, which makes it better for me.

Chris: Wow, Cassie you have got an amazing voice, girl! Maybe this time The Stuntdoubles will finally win a challenge, who knows?

Johan: Then we go with Dakota, I think?

Dakota: Oh my god!!! Hi...

Chris: So what's your song?

Dakota: Our Song - Elton John...

Chef: Nice song.

Dakota: (start to sing) (in the middle of the song) I lost my voice!

Marcus: Hehe!

Chris: So.... Daisy, it's your turn.

Daisy: H-Hi.

Johan: W-What- w-wi-will yo-you -sing?

Britney: That was mean.

Leanne: Totally.

Daisy: I'm gonna sing Bulletpoof- Laroux!

Chris: REALLY?!

Daisy (start to sing)


Chef: Wow!

Chris: That was AWESOME DAISY! Anyway, We have to choose to take Daisy and Cassie for the last part! Five minutes to repeat!

Marcus: Eh! Hope you wouldn't loose your voice Cassie...

Cassie; uh, thanks.

Marcus: No problem, oh and GOOD LUCK! ( go away)

Cassie: Oh!

Dakota: DID MARCUS DID THIS ON PURPOSE?! I know he wants to eliminated all the girls but hey! That was too mean!

Chris: TIME IS PRESSING! Cassie, Daisy you'll each sing the same song together then we we'll decide who singed the best, Go!

(Music start) (music ends)

Chris: So we decided and the winners of this singing challenge are THE DARDEVILS! AGAIN! Cassie even though that was fantastic, Daisy was better. But you get immunity!

Cassie: YEAH!


(At the elimination ceremony)

Chris: So Cassie's got immunity so she's safe.

Cassie: So cool!

Chris: The next balloons goes to Marcus and BT

BT: Yes.

Marcus: Like always.

Chris: Then Arnold.

Arnold: Haha.

Chris: The last balloon of the night goes to ....................................................... GEORGIA. Dakota I'm sorry, Rock Of Shame that way!


Marcus: No, I guess it was your tme...

Dakota: That wouldn't end like that, NO WAY! Cassie Gergia, be careful, Marcus, BT and Arnold have maken an alliance to vote all the girls off and you are the next, since I quit this alliance they eliminated me, but I'll get my revenge by watching you being eliminated! (Is taken to the Rock of Shame by Chef) I HATE YOU! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Cassie: Oh!

Georgia: What?!

Chris: Wow! I can feel the Drama over here!

Marcus: The two of them can't stop the four of us! (pulls Margini out of his shirt)

Chris: Really? You shouldn't talk to early ,remember I talked about a reward...

Arnold: Yes? And what is it?

Chris: Please clap your hands for ......... CHELSEA!


BT: Wasn't she eliminated?

Chelsea: I was, but Chris let me come back, and this time I don't care if people like me or not!

Georgia: With Chealsea we are 3 so that means anyone can be eliminated now...


Chris: Will Marcus and his alliance win again? Will Chelsea live up to what she said? And will Johan learn to sing?

Johan: HEY?!

Chris: Find all the answers on TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Chapter Seven: Better Them Than Me

Chris: Last Time on Total Drama: The contestants met their new teammates. The Death Chewers Alliance were able to get BT to join them. It was a singing contest that was a challenge some were good in, and some were not! In the end Oswald and Daisy sung for the Daredevils, and Cassie and Dakota sung for the Stuntdoubles. Marcus spent most of his time stressing Dakota out causing him to forget his lyrics on stage. In the end it was Daisy who won it for her team! At the elimination cermony, it was Dakota who was voted out due to betraying the alliance! The contestants then saw that Chelsea would be returning to the game. Will Billy and Leanne get back together? Will Marcus get his way this time around? Find out now, on Total! Drama! Hullabaloo!

(theme song plays)

(in the girl Daredevil cabin)

Britney: What is that noise?

Leanne: I don't know? Daisy?.... Daisy?

Britney: She's not here....

Leanne: Um.... This is odd.

Britney: Maybe she's hiding! She is really shy you know.

Leanne: I know. Everybody does!

Britney: DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE COPS ARE COMING!

Leanne: The cops? Seriously?

Britney: I had nothing else!

Leanne: She's not here.

Britney: What do we do?

Leanne: I'm running to Billy! He always knows what to do!

Britney: I thought you hated his guts!

Leanne: I-I-I do!

Britney: Right...

(in the boy Daredevils cabin)

Hernando: Hey Billy! Hey Oswald!

Billy: Hey!

Hernando: Come on Oswald! I'm sorry when I said that, I didn't mean it!

Billy: Um.... Hernando, Oswald is not here!

Hernando: Oh my gosh! He's not!

Billy: What do we do?

Hernando: RUN!!!!!!!!!

(in the girl Stuntdoubles cabin)

Georgia: Glad to see you back Chelsea!

Chelsea: Thanks! Hey, where's Cassie?

Georgia: I saw her last night.... This is odd. What should we do?

Chelsea: It's obviously a prank by Chris. We should stay put.

Georgia: You're right.

(in the boy Stuntdoubles cabin)

Arnold: I'm gonna miss Dakota.

BT: I didn't really get to know him that well. You and Marcus did. Wait, where is Marcus?

Arnold: Oh my gosh? I see his snake!

BT: Margini?

Arnold: Yes. Marcus is dead?

BT: I highly doubt it. I'll get Margini (grabs Margini)


Chris: Contestants! Please come outside for your challenge!

(contestants walk outside)

Chris: Assuming all of you have noticed one of your roommates has been captured, I will tell you your challenge. Marcus, Daisy, Oswald, and Cassie, please come out of hiding and join your team. For today's challenge you will need to make a paddle out of wood, and also make a boat out of wood! When you're done with that, you will need to paddle your way down the waterfall and get all of your team to the flag on the land around it.

BT: So why weren't two of our team members with us this morning?

Chris: Oh, I just wanted to freak you guys out!

Johan: It was my idea!

Chris: And GO!


Oswald: I see a tree! But I have no idea what to do.

Leanne: Neither do I!

Billy: Luckily I do!

Hernando: And so do I!

Britney: At least 2 people do.

Daisy: I know as well.

Britney: You do?

Daisy: Yes I do. It's easy-

Billy: You aren't studdering...

Daisy: I k-know.

Billy: And it's gone.

Leanne: Let's get to work then.

Hernando: Okay, first I'm going to, um, uh, yeah I lied I got no idea what I'm doing.

Britney: Alright, let's go team! Oswald go get Chef's knife, we'll need one to cut down the tree! Leanne, get all the leaves off, Hernando, tell me how pretty I am, Daisy and Billy get the boat ready!

Oswald: Chef's knife isn't going to cut down a tree!

Britney: Not a knife.... That thing he is holding behind you right now....



Georgia: What should we do? Any ideas?

BT: If only we were the ones being chased with a chainsaw...

Cassie: I hear an odd noise.

Arnold: Probably just the chainsaw.

Chelsea: It sounds like a snake....

Marcus: I Lord Python knows what it is. Margini! (pulls snake out of shirt) Margini, can you chew down the tree for us? (Margini chews bark)

Arnold: This could take awhile.

Marcus: Well I thought you the creator of the Death Chewers Alliance might have an idea!

Arnold: Deather Chewers was your idea! Right, BT?

BT: To be fair, I joined yesterday, I have exactly no idea.

Arnold: You're right.

Marcus: If the girls think Arnold is the alliance leader, they will vote him off first. But that would be risking me to go next, you may think. Margini and I got a plan to even up the total.


Billy: I got the saw! Let's go! Saw it down! Saw it down!

Oswald: Throw it to me! (catches the saw) It's getting skinnier!

Leanne: Chef is coming back!

Daisy: I know k-kar-at-te.

Britney: THEN DO IT!

Daisy: Vi-ol-ence is n-ever th-the ans-swer!

Hernando: Unless you're in a life threatening situation!

Daisy: He ca-n't act-tually h-hurt us c-can h-e?

Chef: ARGH!

Daisy: HIYA! (kicks Chef in the face knocking him out)

Oswald: I got it down! Billy and Daisy start carving!


Chelsea: I think this might be a bad idea.

Marcus: Margini knows exactly what he's doing.

BT: I'm sure he does.

Arnold: But you don't Marcus.

Marcus: That's it Arnold! I quit the alliance!

Cassie: Well if we don't win the challenge tonight, I think we all know who's going home.

Marcus: But let's not think that way! Let's win!


Billy: And we're done!

Daisy: Let's go!

Oswald: Let's grab the boat and get to the water!

Georgia: We still need paddles, guys.

Leanne: Believe it or not, I built some!

Britney: Where'd you buy them?

Leanne: I didn't buy them I- I found them. Fine. They were in Chef's apron.

Georgia: Okay, well I'm pretty sure the Stuntdoubles might already be there so let's go!


Arnold: Now that Margini has finally gotten the tree down, let's move on!

BT: Now we need to make the boat. And then get more wood. And then make the paddles. You know let's just forget about the paddles! And the boat! Let's get on this tree and go!

Chris: And the teams are now both at the waterfall in a head to head race!

Alll (while riding down the waterfall): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus: Let's go!

Cassie: Let me get my emergency bikini- AH!

Chelsea: It's too late. The Daredevils just won.

Georgia: OH COME ON!

Chris: Once again it's the Stuntdoubles who are going to elimination!

Girl Stuntdoubles and Arnold: Awww!

(At the elimination ceremony)

Chelsea: The girls and I decided if Arnold leads the alliance, it is him who should go.

Arnold: BT, I'm going home! I know it!

BT: I'm not voting you off! I'm voting off Cassie.

(After the contestants all put in their votes)

Johan: And the first balloon of the night goes to.... Georgia! Um, why is she laying down?

Marcus: No idea, she looks hurt.

Marcus: I had Margini bite her! She'll be so ill, she won't be able to compete!

Johan: BT and Chelsea!


Chelsea: Not first voted out this time!

Johan: And next is... Cassie!

Cassie: I'm so close to the final 10 now!

Chris: And the final balloon goes to................................................................................................. MARCUS!

Arnold: Aww man. It's been a nice ride. Thanks BT for being the only one not to vote me off. I hope you learn not to trust Marcus. So the Rock Of Sha- (is shot off) AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Chris: Will Georgia wake up? Will Marcus be able to survive with just BT? Will I escape the angry Chef and Johan asking for their paycheck? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

Chapter Eight: Chris Help Me Now Part One

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The contestants were fooled by thinking some of their teammembers were gone! But I just wanted to have a little fun! For the challenge the contestants had to make their own boat and paddles out of wood. The ones who had a bigger challenge, were able to do it. The ones who did not, were not able to do it. In the head to head race down the waterfall, the clear winner was once again the Daredevils. At the elimination Arnold was sent packing, thanks to Marcus's backstabbing behavior. Was Marcus's descision a good one? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

Leanne: They must of had a double elimination last night.

Hernando: What makes you think that?

Leanne: Arnold and Georgia aren't there.

Billy: Eliminating Georgia was a bad descision.

Leanne: No one asked for your opinion, Billy!

Oswald: I think Chris would have mentioned a double elimination.

Britney: HEY LOSERS! The double elimination won't affect your team at all, you stunk anyway!

Cassie: Oh shut up! We didn't have a double elimination! Arnold was voted off, and Georgia is in the infermery! She is unconcious for some unknown reason.

Marcus: Yeah, no clue why she's in there.

BT: I hope she's okay, even though she would be a threat if the merge happened.

Chelsea: Well if she's not okay, it looks like we have our final 10!

Daisy: I-I c-can't be-lieve I m-m-made it this f-ar.

Marcus: Neither can I.

BT: This food is horrible!

Chef: The same as what your face will be when I'm done with it.

BT: Not really afraid of your cereal bowl throwing technique.

Britney: Hehe.



Oswald: What was that?

(all the contestants run outside)

Chris: I got bored of telling you to come outside, so I decided to do that. After checking on Georgia in ther infermery, it has been decided due to her illness she has been eliminated from the game.

Cassie: OH NO!

Chelsea: I feel so bad for her!

BT: Our team just got worse, along with someone's life!

Marcus: That life obviously isn't mine, I'm still wondering if I'm in Heaven or not!

Chris: Because of that, you will not vote anyone off tonight!

(all contestants cheer)

Johan: But I had an idea! May I, Chris?

Chris: I'd say you may, but it sounds lame. So just get it over with.

Johan: Each of you will make a video about who should win, the eliminated 8 contestants will vote one of you off!

(all contesants groan)

Marcus: Oh God.

Chris: So each of you will be given a few minutes to make a video! First up is Hernando!

Hernando: So I think I should win because I have played the game fairly. Except when I said it was every man for themself. I really screwed up there. But come on, we all make mistakes. My mom is single, she needs the money! My sister was so close to winning in the first season but she lost to Owen! If I win I'm going to give her some of the money, she rocks. I also need to go to college! I'm super smart, you don't want to see all this go to waste! Or do you? Well if you do, you're a hater! So you don't count! I also think I should win because I have been through a lot! Yeah, I've been beaten up before! You're probably thinking how an uber-muscular guy like me could get beaten up, right? Well when I was little I wasn't like this! I was only half this! Which is still REALLY good, but there was this really ugly kid who was jealous with me! Yeah, I would of beaten him up, but I wasn't expecting it! So yeah! Wait, shouldn't I be saying why I shouldn't be voted off instead of saying why I should win? Yeah, I'm smarter than Chris and Johan combined with Albert Einstein! OHH!!!

Chris: Next is Chelsea!

Chelsea: Maybe people think I shouldn't win because I was first out and then I returned. But I'm a changed person. I know how to play the game. It's almost like I debuted, not returned. I realized that it was about me. My descision. I was a follower, but now I am who I want to be. I am nice, fun, funny, and a lot of other positive things. Wait is that arrogant? Being arrogant is wrong! I am so much better than that! That's why you shouldn't vote me off! I am a good person. Okay, right? Yeah, right! That's who I am! I have met so many friends here, and even if I don't win, I'll keep in touch with! Maybe. Do I know them enough to ask personal information like their phone number? What if they don't have a phone, they'll feel offended maybe! Or sad! But I won't do that to people! I am a nice girl! A girl that is nice! Wait, those mean the same thing, right? Oh sorry, I'm just under pressure! I mean, yeah, not because you guys make me uncomftorable! And sorry for calling you girls, guys! And if you guys don't like being called guys, I'm sorry too! Wait what if you girls do like being called guys! I don't know, but I know I deserve to stay in this game because I know respect!

Chris: Oswald! Where's Oswald?

Oswald: Sorry listening to my iPod.

Chris: No electronics! (throws iPod in the ocean)

Oswald: I may not be the smartest guy. Or the strongest guy. Or the fastest guy. Or the best looking guy. Or the toughest guy. Or the best dressed guy? Or the most athletic guy. Or the coolest guy. Or the best historian. Or the fastest reader. Or the best signer. Or the best drawer. Or the best painter. Or the best dancer. Or the best dancer. Or the best tech-guy. Or the best partier. Or the best nerd. Or the most devious guy. Or the best author. Or the best director. Or the best producer. Or the best teacher. Or the best strategist. Or the dumbest guy. Or the weakest guy. Or the slowest guy. Or the worst looking guy. Or the- Okay, I could do this forever, so I'm gonna cut it short. I am none of the things I mentioned. Which is why I said I wasn't. But I am the ultimate survivor. Don't vote me off because I am skilled, I will do good things with the money, because I am a good person. And so will you if you don't vote me off. Because I am the hardest working guy. I will do anything to win aslong as it won't hurt anyone. I am a good player, that's why I should stay.

Chris: Next is-

Johan: Can I do this one?

Chris: FINE!

Johan: D-a-ai-is-sy-y!

Daisy: Okay.

Daisy: I'm really shy. But I'm really nice. Please don't vote me off, I got a lot of potential! I know a lot of people are coming in here and start talking about their life. But I'm to shy, I can't d-do it. I'm s-sor-rry. Now I am s-tudd-der-ring! Goodbye!

Chris: That was quick. Next is Marcus! I can't wait to see this one!

Marcus: I do not deserve this. I was a horrible person. Just vote me off, I don't deserve it, I'm not worthy! Dakota and Arnold you two are probably the only people who are going to vote me off. And I don't balme you for that! Alice, Alex, and Jasmine, you may vote me too. I'm sorry, I truely am. I want you to vote me off, because I don't deserve this. Oh I can't do this! This is not how I feel! Alice, Alex, and Jasmine you should not vote me off! Britney did the same thing! We were in an alliance we wanted to make it far! We thought you were in an alliance! We thought we were outnumbered! And Arnold and Dakota, I truely do feel sorry! What I did was wrong. Dakota you are a great singer, Arnold you are a pretty cool guy. So do what you want, but I will get revenge if I get out. Don't forget about Margini!

Chris: Cassie and Britney the fans wanted us to do yours together!


Cassie: OH SHUT UP!

Britney: Here is why I shouldn't be voted off: (smiles and flips her hair and then walks out)

Cassie: Why shouldn't you vote for me? I'll save the unfashionable! That's right, everyone is going to be fashionable! Of course not as fashionable as me, that's not possible! Now bye!

Chris: BILLY! Get in there!

Billy: I have been an intern on this show for two seasons! Watching everyone trying to win and compete for money! Well I was jealous! I wanted to win! But I just stood there and did my job! Now I think I deserve to move on because I am a worker! And I haven't made any enemies in this game! Well maybe Leanne, but I'm not quite sure. So I really want to win Total Drama Hullabaloo, I have also had fun competing either way, so thanks for helping me have a good time!

Chris: BT!

BT: I've always been a huge fan of the show! I love reality shows, especially elimination reality shows. I am very strategic but I haven't got a chance to do much strategy yet. I think I played a clean game so far, I'd love to move on to the next round! It's so awesome! As much as I want the money, I also want to be called the champion of the season! Please let me move on, I think I deserve it. Thank you.

Chris: And last and totally least is Leanne!

Leanne: I'm not one of the best campers here, but I have been abused by a boy named Billy! So vote Billy of, he's going to break girls hearts just like he broke mine! I need the money for my family, while Billy needs the money so he can do bad things!

Chris: And that's all for this episode! See you next time on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

Chapter Nine: Chris Help Me Now Part Two

Chris (on cellphone) Well it is supposed to be a two part episode, it may be short but- FINE! (puts phone in pocket)

BT: What was that about?

Chris: The producers think that this episode is going to be to short. So I have to throw in another challenge! Hide and Seek! Winner gets immunity for the vote and for the next episode, and runner-up gets immunity for the vote! Chef will be looking for you! If he finds you and shoots you with his watergun, you're out!


Oswald: What if I hide on the roof!



Hernando: WHAT?!

Chef: FOUND YOU! (shoots both of them with a water gun)


Hernando: SORRY!

Leanne: Chef wouldn't dare go into those bathrooms over there! But neither would I.... Oh I got to do it! (walks in) Hello?

Billy: Hi. (throws up because it smells so bad)

Leanne: (holds nose) BILLY! ER! (walks out but waiting at the door is Chef who shoots her with his watergun)

Chef: Anyone else in there?

Leanne: Only Billy!

Billy: AHH! (runs out of the bathroom but is shot by Chef's watergun)

BT: I've always been a great swimmer! I'll hide in the water! Er, but that's where the winner was last time, he might figure someone would be there. (looks into water and sees Chef who shoots him)

Daisy: Maybe if I walk behind Chef he'll never n-notice me.

Chef: (whistles and doesn't notice Daisy behind him)

Britney: I get get my clothes dirty in anyway!

Cassie: These are 1,800,200$ clothes!

Britney: Not anymore! (Chef shoots Cassie while Britney is able to dodge for a while but then gets hit)

Chris: 3 remain, Chelsea, Marcus, and Daisy!

(Chef slips on the water and falls onto Daisy)

Chef: What the heck is that? (gets up) Sneaky teenager! (shoots Daisy)

Chris: Chelsea and Marcus are both safe from the vote!

Chef: I hear something moving in the tree!

Chelsea: (falls out of tree) AHHHHHHHH!

(Chef shoots Chelsea)

Chris: Marcus is the winner! Marcus show us your hiding spot!

Marcus: I never moved, I stayed here while everyone else walked off.

Chris: Alright contestants, here they are! Alice, Alexander, Jasmine, Jacee, Mikey, Dakota, Arnold, and Georgia!

Alice: Hey everyone!

Alexander: Call me Alex!

Jasmine: Chelsea, girl!

Chelsea: JASMINE!

Jacee: I'm rooting for you Billy!

Leanne: HE'S MINE!

Billy: I am?

Arnold: You're going down Marcus!

Dakota: It's time for you to pay!

Chris: Actually, Marucs and Chelsea both have immunity!

Georgia: They figured out I was bit by a snke! Who has a snake here? Oh yeah, Marcus!

Marcus: There are many snakes on this island! You can't prove it was me.

Marcus: I'm not lying, I'm being honest, she can't prove it was me, and there are many snakes on this island.

Chris: Time to vote, remember you cannot vote Marcus or Chelsea. Alice you're up!

Alice: I vote Britney! She was a bit rude to me.

Britney: At least I know how to play the game!

Chris: Alexander!

Alexander: Call me Alex, and I vote Britney as well.

Chris: 2 votes for Britney!

Jasmine: Since Dakota is voting BT, I vote him as well!

Chris: So 2 votes for BT, 2 votes for Britney!

Mikey: And I vote Britney as well!

Chris: That's 3 votes for Britney! Hold on I'm getting a phone call! (talking on phone) Okay, alright, fine, we'll do that! (puts phone away) the producers want the fans to get to choose who gets voted off!

BT: HAHA! IN YOUR FACES! LOSERS! Not the fans, Dakota and Jasmine, just so we're clear on that.

Chris: Alright, send in your votes! Wow, 3,000,000,000,000,000,542 already! ALright in third place with most votes against them is..............................................................................................LEANNE!

Leanne: At least I'm safe.

Chris: FOR NOW! And next in second with the most votes is...........................................................BRITNEY!

Britney: Loser fans.

Chris: And with the most votes against them and the person being eliminated is.............................

Chris: BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Johan: The fans don't think that!

BT: SHUT UP JOHAN! And you Dakota, just because you are an idiot doesn't mean you have to take it out on me! And Jasmine, get a razor, your legs aren't going to shave themselves! AND YOU IDIOT FANS! GET A LIFE! SERIOUSLY! I HATE ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED FOR ME TO BE ELIMINATED!

Leanne: Bye BT, we'll miss you!

BT: Of course you will! I'M AWESOME, AND SO ARE YOU! I WILL BE BACK!!!!!

(gets on Rock Of Shame and is flung off)

Chris: WHAT A MELTDOWN! Will more of those happen? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOO!

Chapter Ten: Deep In The Heart Of Camp Wawanawkwa

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: We had a very special episode. The contestants competed in a Hide and Seek challenge, some were found early, one was not found at all! In the end Marcus and Chelsea got immunity, making them not being able to get voted off by one of the past contestants! Though, after getting a call from the producers, they wanted to have the fans vote someone off, causing BT to get sent packing! But it wasn't easy! More shocks will be coming! Stay tuned for TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

Chris: Alright campers, now that you have all finished eating your food, I must inform you that the girl Stuntdoubles cabin has been destroyed, along with the the boy Daredevils cabin.

Marcus: Do you mean...?

Oswald: No way!

Chris: Yep, it's the merge people!

Johan: And you'll get a little surprise soon...

Chris: Anywho, put your stuff in your new cabins and join me in 20 minutes. Oh wait, your stuff was smashed!

(in the girl cabin)

Cassie: Can you believe only 9 of us are left, Daisy?

Daisy: Yes I-I c-can.

Cassie: It's so awesome! I hope we will go even farther, it will be cool to be in final with you.

Daisy: R-rea-really? Li-i-ke really?

Cassie: Yes of course!

Britney: Don't be so sure of it Cassie, you'll get eliminated next!

Chelsea: Why are you so sure of that?

Britney: Remember? Marcus and I made an alliance, and we're either going to eliminate Daisy, Chelsea, or you.

Leanne: I think you should have kept your secret cause now we can make an alliance to vote you off, since Marcus has immunity.

Britney: Sometimes I should really not talk!

(in the boy cabin)

Hernando: Final 9 so cool! Right Oswald?

Oswald: Yeh...

Billy: This sucks! The girls out number us! They'll vote us off one by one!

Oswald: I don't think so, have you noticed how they always fight?

Hernando: I'm sure they want to eliminate each other first. What do you think Marcus?

Marcus: I don't care, I got immunity! I'm safe! It's awesome to have immunity during the merge!

Billy: How do you know we won't vote you off when your immunity ends?

Marcus: I don't. But are you?

Billy: Yes! After Leanne sure!

Oswald: Weren't you two in love?

Billy: It's um, complicated....


Chris: So Hello Final 9. How are you all?

Daisy: G-good.

Chris: That was a joke. Like I wanna know if you are good. Anyway, today you will work in pairs, Leanne and Britney, Billy and Marcus, Cassie and Daisy, Hernando and Oswlad and -


Chris: Hold on Chelsea! You do have a partner!

Chealsea: Huh? But who?

Chris: Welcome............. ARI!

Marcus: UH?

Britney: WHAT?!

Hernando: WHO?!

Ari: Hello, I'm Ari and I won a contest who was supposed to let a fan enter in the game at the merge, so here I am.

Chelsea: Cool! I like this idea, nice to meet you.

Ari: Same.


Ari: Thank you Cassie, but you are better.

Cassie: I think I'm gonna like you.

Chris: Listen to me now! The winners will get immunity, since Marcus already won immunity, he's not in danger! And neither is Billy, because tonight, you're voting off a pair!

Oswald: OH-

Leanne: NO!

Chris: First part of your challenge is to get first to Boney Island! Get on the boats and go!

(on the boats)

Billy: So, um Leanne?

Leanne: What do you want?

Billy: I want to apologize for-


Leanne: Ugh! Don't yell at me Britney, I'm coming.

Cassie: I hope we will win, that will be so COOL!

Daisy: Less talking more rowing, Cassie!

Hernando: OSWALD I SAW THE SHORE! We are going to be FIRST!!


Hernando: Why are you mad at me?

Oswald: Cause you did something mean to me and I don't like traitors...

Hernando: I already said sorry, we are friends, no?

Oswald: I will not answer for the moment.

Billy: Marcus! Can you at least help me!

Marcus: No.

Billy: WHY?!

Marcus: I don't care if we lose or not, I'm safe and so are you!

Billy: Okay, don't worry you'll pay soon...


Ari: YAY!

Chealsea: WOOOHOOO!

'Ari: Only not even an hour that I'm here and I've already won something! I'm so lucky. 'Like a leprechaun!

Chris: You get a special reward for second part.

Chelsea: A dress? Why a dress?

Chris: Yes the second part will be a fashion challenge.


Chris: You have to make an outfit and make your teammate look awesome! You have 1 hours then you'll have to do a walk down the runway!

Marcus: Which is?

Chris: The sand.

Johan: Don't be late!


Ari: So... um, who should wear the dress?

Chealsea: Cassie said you have a good fashion and your the first person she's ever said that too! Since she's a fashionista, I think that means you should wear it!

Ari: Okay, now do the make up, cupcake!

Chelsea: Cupcake?

Ari: Hehe.

Oswald: I'll be the model.

Hernando: Ok, what are you going to wear?

Oswald: A suit.

Hernando: I do the make up?

Oswald: NO NO NO NO! No make up, okay?

Hernando: Okay I wasn't really going to, it was just to ask....

Marcus: No way! I refuse.

Billy: OK! FINE!

Marcus: Really?

Billy: I'll say it to Chris that you didn't do the challenge on purpose!

Marcus: And?

Billy: If you read the rules it says you have to do the challenge!

Marcus: Oh...

(1 hour later)

Chris: Let's see what you go! So first is Oswald and Hernando!

Hernando: Oswald is wearing a black suit with a new fashionable haircut, I call it the Flawswald!

Chris: Nice.... Next?

Chelsea: Ari is wearing a white dress with her hair down and a little of make up, I call it The Reward Look!

Chris: Why not? Billy you're next!

Billy: Marcus is wearing his own clothes with his own haircut but we added a little of fashion, a flower!

Chris: (sarcasticly) Wow.... How is it called ?

Marcus: Eh Voilà Look!

Britney: That sucks!

Marcus: We did the challenge! We have immunity anyway!

Chris: Alright.... Britney, you're up!

Britney: I'm wearing a dress made of leaves I found! I will call my outfit The Amazon Look.

Chealsea: I like your make up! (laughs)

Britney: What?

Leanne: You should look in this mirror.

Britney: OMG! What did you do?! I LOOK HORRIBLE!

Leanne: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Amazon Look! (laughs)

Chris: Finally Cassie and Daisy, what did you do?

Cassie: Daisy is wearing a dress made by me! My dress, my makeup, my flower, and by shoes!

Chris: What's it called?

Cassie: Fenimine Style by MOI!

Chris: So I guess we have our winners! Cassie and Daisy!

Daisy: YAY!


Daisy: I LOVE YOU TOO! (hugs Cassie)

Cassie and Daisy: (sing) We won the challenge! We have immunity! We are going to the finals!

Cassie: I like your looks now!

Daisy: Aww thanks, now I found a friend!

Cassie: And good fashion!

Chris: Britney, Leanne, Oswald, Hernando, Chelsea, and Ari you are in DANGER!

(at the elimination ceremony)

Chris: The first balloons go to Daisy and Cassie!

Cassie: YES!

Daisy: So cool!

Chris: Marcus and Billy also get balloons!

Johan: Chealsea, Ari, you are both safe as well!

Chealsea: Phew.

Ari: Yes!

Chris: And the final balloons go to....................................................................................OSWALD and HERNANDO!


Leanne: Oh no! I needed the money for my family! Now I lost all my chances!

Billy: You may have lost the game, but you haven't lost my heart! (kisses Leanne)

Leanne: I thought you didn't like me.

Billy: I didn't, but now I do! I love you Leanne!

Leanne: Aw that's so beautiful Billy! I love you too! (kisses Billy)

Chelsea: That is so beautiful!

Oswald: Awwwwwwww.

Cassie: Even if it's Leanne...

Britney: I hate you all! (gets on Rock Of Shame and is launched off) ESPECIALLY YOU LEANNE!!!!!!!!

Leanne: (Gets on Rock Of Shame) Goodybye everyone! (is flung off) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Chris: Will Billy be able to fight without Leanne? Will Cassie do a new makeover? And will Johan keep trying to take my job? Find out next time on TOTAL! DRAMA HULLABALOO!

Chapter Ten Gallery

Chapter Eleven: Billy Bonka and the Drama Factory

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The contestants all thought they had made it to the final 9! Until they saw that a debuter would be competing witht them. As I announced the teams had merged, they devided into pairs! They each got in a boat and went to Boney Island! Chelsea and Ari got there first causing them to have an advantage in the fashion show! Some people had fashion, some people did not. In the end, Cassie and Daisy won immunity, while Leanne and Britney lost the game! DRAMA! ACTION! CRAZINESS! Those are only a few words to discribe this episode of TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

(in the girl cabin)

Chelsea: It's nice to have you here Ari!

Ari: Thanks!

Cassie: We did great Daisy!

Daisy: Th-thanks!

Chelsea: I was thinking, what about a girl alliance?

Cassie: That's a great idea! I'm in!

Ari: Me too! Though I'm not sure how I feel about the guys yet.

Daisy: I'm in.

(in the boy cabin)

Billy: So Marcus is out looking for food apparently. So I was thinking, how about we form an alliance to vote him off?

Oswald: That snake is scaring me....

Billy: Margini? I don't see why we don't just eat that.

Hernando: Marcus told me he is able to communicate with snakes. It's called Parselmouth.

Billy: Yeah right!

Oswald: I don't know....

(Marcus walks in)

Marcus: Hello Margini! Were you a good boy while I was gone? What's that? Billy is trying to start an alliance? To do what? Get me out? Did Oswald and Hernando accept? No? Smart descision.

Oswald: Oh my God, he really can speak to snakes!

Hernando: And we totally didn't accept!

Marcus: So Margini was definetley telling the truth. Not that he has ever lied to me. I trained him better. But Billy hasn't been trained at all! Poor, poor, Leanne-

Billy: SHUT UP!

Marcus: If you love her so much, just quit so you can be with her.

Billy: I wasn't raised a quitter!

Marcus: You weren't raised at all!!!



(contestants walk outside)

Cassie: Why are you screaming so loud?

Billy: And where's Chris?

Johan: That's the challenge! Where is Chris! You have to find him! And once again you'll be in pairs-


Johan: It's double elimination, not two elimination. Seriously, what's wrong with you? And no, you will just DO the challenge in pairs. Not vote of in pairs.

Ari: Oh, oh, oh, okay!

Marcus: Really? Teamwork is not my thing!

Johan: For this challenge you will be looking for him in the Drama Factory!

Chelsea: What's that?

Johan: It's right over there!

(all contestants frown)

Johan: It's like a paradise island without the paradise island part! Now for pairs! Oswald and Cassie, Billy and Daisy, Hernando and Ari, and Marcus and Chelsea!

(the contestants walk to the factory)

Marcus: Some paradise this is!

Chelsea: Let's not complain, let's just get this done with.

Marcus: Complain? This place rocks!

Billy: Hey Python, some of us are trying to look!

Marcus: Then why are you shouting, Mr. Bonka!?

Billy: How'd you know my last name?

Marcus: Ask Margini.

Billy: Psst! Daisy! Want to join an alliance to get Marcus out?

Daisy: I-I d-don't kn-ow.

Daisy: I'm in an alliance with the girls right now, I don't need another alliance. I think Billy might have to be eliminated next.

Hernando: Hey Ari!

Ari: Hey Hernando!!!!!

Hernando: I realized that we have so much in common!

Ari: Yeah we do! Wait what do we have in common?

Hernando: We both like to have fun.

Ari: Fun! I like fun! FUN! FUN! FUN!

Hernando: Oh my gosh, she is so my type!

Oswald: Do I have good fashion, Cassie?

Cassie: No not at all. All wrong! Unlike me, I have amazing fashion! I'm the only one here that does actually.

Oswald: You said Ari did.

Cassie: I needed an alliance member.

Oswald: You are using her!?

Cassie: Not entirely, her fashion is great, just not amazing.

Oswald: So were you using her or not?

Cassie: I would never do such a thing!

Billy: This factory is huge! Where could Chris be?

Daisy: N-not over h-here.

Billy: Not in the pipes.

Daisy: M-maybe J-johan was trick-ing us.

Billy: What do you mean?

Daisy: Maybe he's n-not h-hidng in the fact-tory.

Billy: I think you are right! That's something Chris would do! Let's go!

Hernando: Do you want to take a break? I'm getting tired.

Ari: SURE!

Hernando: So what is your favorite number?

Ari: 66!

Hernando: Really? Mine is 67!

Ari: What a coincidence, rightright?

Hernando: YEAH!

Cassie: Did you guys have any luck finding him?

Hernando: Nope. We looked almost everywhere!

Oswald: We don't where he is either!

Billy: So if Chris isn't in the factory, where would he be? Wait, PYTHON!

Marcus: We had the same idea!

Chelsea: Yeah, nothing wrong with that, right?

Billy: It depends on what Python over here thinks? I'm fine.

Marcus: So am I! Hey look I see Chris!

Billy: WHERE? He's gone! He fooled us!

Oswald: Maybe we should stick together!

Cassie: You can do that, the other two groups are down there looking for them, I'm going to go with them! And by the way, he's not behind the McLean statue.

Oswald: I guess I'll go too. And he's not infront of the McLean statue either.

Hernando: I'm staying.

Ari: Me too. Let's keep looking!

Hernando: Wait, we've checked all the hard places! What about the easy places!

Ari: Like the entrance with the big sign in the corner! Maybe he's behind that!

Hernando: Huh, he is!

Chris: Congratulations Ari and Hernando win! Th rest of you need to go vote someone off!

(at the elimination ceremony)

Daisy: I s-say we el-imin-nate Billy.

Cassie: Oswald.

Chelsea: Billy.

Ari: I vote Marcus, but I guess it's Billy.

Chris: And the votes are in! Today, we're revealing the votes! Chelsea voted for Billy. Oswald voted for Marcus. Marcus voted for Billy. Cassie voted for Billy. Ari voted for Billy. Billy voted for Marcus. Hernando voted for Marcus. And Daisy voted for................................................................................................................BILLY! With 5 votes against him, Billy is going home tonight!

Marcus: Hernando and Oswald. You're going down.

Billy: OH COME ON! Stupid Python! (gets on Rock Of Shame) CURSE YOU MARCUS THE PYTHON (is flung off)

Chris: Another one down, 7 to go! See you next time on TOTAL! DRAMA HULLABALOO!

Episode Eleven Gallery

Chapter Twelve: TD-Club 7

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: We were down to our final 8! The contestants had to try and find me in a factory! Some were fooled, some were not! In the end the two who were not fooled were able to pull of a win. The girls alliance and Marcus were able to vote off Billy who revealed he had a picture of Leanne! Will another secret be revealed? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(themes song plays)

(in the girl cabin)

Ari: Listen, 7 of us remain, and the girls are dominating!

Cassie: And we might be the final four!

Ari: Please do not interupt me Cassie!!!

Cassie: Sorry I was exited....

Chealsea: We need a plan to get rid of Marcus!

Daisy: He-he-he's- E-e-evi-il !

Cassie: Totally evil, because of him Georgia got eliminated.

Daisy: She- w-wa-was- s-so-n-i-ice.

Chealsea: Yeah... but we have to find a plan.

Ari: I think if we all help out, we'll win!

Cassie: Good idea!



(all walk outside)

Marcus: So?


Marcus: You don't need to yell, WE ARE RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU?!


Ari: Chris! I think Cassie is deaf, she can't hear anything!

Oswald: How could that happen all of a sudden?

Marcus: Poor her....

Chris: Not my business. Today's challenge will be a little bit like challenges you already had before but they will be mixed up.

Hernando: Cool.

Oswald: That rocks!

Chris: You'll have each one hour to wrote a little song of why you should win, and then sing it, the best song and the best singer will win immunity, and then they'll have to sing it to past contestant and now judge, DAKOTA! : YOU HAVE 2 HOURS!


Dakota: Hello all, Marcus....

Marcus: This is totally UNFAIR for me!

Chris: Exactly.

Cassie: Uh?! Why is Dakota here? He's coming back?




Daisy: Keeping the secret of the girls alliance is going to be hard with Cassie around.

(1 hour left)

Chris: So time to judge.

Oswald: Really? But we didn't finish writing yet!

Cassie: We didn't finished our songs.

Hernando: I only made the chorus!

Chris: Are you all snails?

Chealsea: It's been 2 hours!

Chris: 2 HOURS? I said 1 not 2.

Marcus: Oh? We all tough you said 2.

Daisy: Ooops.


Chealsea: Your idea is awesome Oswald!

Oswald: Thanks.

Cassie: Hey, don't talk with the enemies!

Daisy: She-is-ri-i-gh-t!

Ari: Calm down girls!

Marcus: (looks at Cassie's song) Oh boy!

Marcus: CASSIE IS GOING TO BEAT US! HER SONG IS PERFECT! I have to do something....

Chris: Challenge time! First up is Cassie!

Cassie: (start to sing) Happiness, hit me like a train on a track. Coming to finals! There is no turning back. send me to cry, yell and hide under beds, but now no more kisses and no more alliances. The dog days are over, the dog days are done! Cassie is comming so you better run! I run fast for my mother, run for my father, run for my cousins and my sisters and my brothers. Leave all my friends and my love behind. Can't let anyone kill me, if I want to survive! The dog days are over! The dog days are done! Can't you hear Cassie? Cause here I coooooome!

Chris: Nice! Really nice Cassie! Fashion and songs are your good point, I think!

Cassie: Thanks, hopefully now I can hear you better.

Chris: What did you think Dakota?

Dakota: I have to agree her song was really amazing.

Chris: Well, I don't think anyone will do better.

Marcus: Wait a minute!

Dakota: What?!

Marcus: Sure Cassie's song was nice and all but wasn't the song supposed to be about why we should win?

Chris: Yes, and?

Marcus: Cassie didn't say one time in her song she wanted to win, she just made allutions...

Chris: So...?

Marcus: Since she didn't said this in her song that kinda mean she didn't done the challenge, and not doing the challenge is banned by elimination, right?

Chris: Yes.

Marcus: So that's why I think we should stop and Cassie should be disqualified from the challenge.

Dakota: Yes, but what do we do about the immunity!?

Chelsea: Yeah?

Marcus: I should be given the immunity since I discovered what Cassie did...

Cassie: But I did that on purpose!

Ari: You are so dead Cassie! You lied to us!

Chealsea: Yes we were supposed to work together! Not sing a song about leaving the alliance!

Chris: I'm going to have to give the immunity to Marcus.

Dakota: No!

Marcus: Bye, bye Dakota!

(Elimination ceremony)

Chris: Tonight I have no ballons so I will just call your names and if you hear your name come over to me. Marcus!


Chelsea: Yes!

Chris: Oswald, Hernando.

Oswald: WOOHOO!

Chris: Ari.

Hernando: High five Ari!

Ari: Yeah! *high fives*

Cassie: This can't be possible!

Chris: And the last person of the night who I am gonna call is ............................................................ Daisy!

Daisy: No! Why Cassie, why her?!

Cassie: (starts to cry) It's so unfair!

Daisy: But I've been with Cassie since the merge! We're best friends! She can't be going!

Cassie: Daisy, listen to me! You can do this. You are strong and beautiful. Plus you're like the funniest girl I know. You have to it for both of us!

Daisy: I'll miss you Cassie!

Cassie: I'll miss you, too! (takes the Rock of Shame)

Chris: So, that was maybe one of the saddest elimination yet! Will Daisy win for her friend Cassie? Will Marcus get the immunity again? And where is Johan? All the answers next time on TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOO!

Marcus: I am so winning this game!

Chapter Twelve Gallery

Chapter Thirteen: X-Treme Drama

Last time on Total Drama: The contestants had to write a song about why they should win in 1 hour. Apparently, they thought I said 2, so I gave them another hour! Teenagers these day! The contestants had to perform their song to past contestant Dakota. Not the one who got mutated. After Cassie sang her song, Marcus pointed out that she did not say once that she wanted to win. Since Marcus pointed this out, I gave him immunity. Cassie betrays the girl alliance causing her to get voted out. Will the girl alliance lose another member? Will anyone else go half deaf? Will the producers stop complaining about the episodes being too short? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!

(theme song plays)

(in the girl cabin)

Chelsea: I can't believe Cassie! How could she do such a thing?

Ari: What a backstabber! ARGH, backstabbers! ARGH!

Chelsea: Um....

Daisy: Sh-she was my b-best fr-fr-iend.

Ari: Yeah, she was. What a traitor! I'm glad she's gone. And I thought I could trust her.

Chelsea: She wasn't on any of our teams now that I remember, we can't blame ourselves for not knowing. And to sing a song about it is low.

(in the boy cabin)

Marcus: So, why'd you two vote me off?

Oswald: Billy messed with our heads, he said you were trying to feed us to the snake!

Hernando: He did? I don't remember that-

Oswald: Yes he did! He said that, you most of dozed off or something, I don't know.

Marcus: You dare lie to Lord Python?

Oswald: N-no. It was Billy's cover story for us if you found out. He forced us into it by-

Hernando: Wait, cover plan? How long was I out for?

Oswald: Billy knocked you out! He said if I didn't get you to vote Marcus out and vote him off myself, he knock me out as well!

Marcus: I'm sure that's true.



(all contestants walk outside)

Chris: Today we have a 5 part challenge! The winner of the first challenge has immunity! Same with the winner of the second, third, fourth, and fifth challenge. Once you win one challenge you will not need to do another. Once we are down to 2, the winner is safe, while the loser is going home!

(all gasp)

Chris: So if you don't win the challenge, you lose the game! The winner of the first challenge also gets immunity until the final 4!

Marcus: I gotta win this!

Ari: I may be knew, but I think I got this in the bag!

Chris: The first challenge is hurdles! You will have to run and jump over the obstacles, if you hit the obstacle you're out! BEGIN!

Hernando: Ari, if you need any help, ask me! This is easy, look, I'm going to jump over this big log! (jumps but hits the obstacle)

Chris: Hernando is out!


Chris: Well, it seems Chelsea, Oswald, Daisy, and Marcus disagree!

Ari: Er, I can do this! I can do this! (jumps but hits the obstacle)

Chris: Ari, you're also out!


Chelsea: Full concentration. I made it past 3 of these. I can do it! (jumps bit hits the obstacle)

Chris: OUT!

Chelsea: Maybe next time, I know I can do it!

Chris: Oswald falls behind while Daisy and Marcus run head to head!

Daisy: Marcus, I must say I could see us in the final w.

Marcus: Really? (Daisy trips Marcus)

Daisy: Sorry, I just really wanted to win! (crosses the finish line)


Marcus: Oh whatever!

Chris: The next challenge is swimming! But first you will need to jump off the hill! If you don't make it into the marked circle you are out! If you do, you can continue swimming! Alright, jump!

(all make it in except Hernando and Ari)



Chris: Okay.... Chelsea is far behind, while Marcus is far ahead.

Marcus: I am the best swimmer, they think I might be part water snake!

Oswald: You didn't do that great in the other swimming challenge.

Marcus: Don't show off your stong points right away Oswald.

Chris: And Marcus has crossed the finish line!

Marcus: Not such a hot-shot now, are you Daisy?

Daisy: Remember the pass to the final 4? I got it! So yeah, I do f-feel l-like a hot-sh-shot.

Marcus: I'm sorry, it's just you are a really strong player, I'm just anxious to do better than you.

Marcus: Time to get on Daisy's good side. She is definetley a strong player, I'm going to need her. Deather Chewers strike back!

Chris: This challenge involves biking! You will be racing, but everytime you see a yellow flag you must do a stunt. If you don't, you're out! GO!

Hernando: Here comes a stunt! (begins to do one but Oswald knocks him over)

Chris: Hernando, you're out!

Hernando: Oswald!

Oswald: I thought it was every man for themselves! (cackles)

Ari: That was mean!

Oswald: It was payback time! Oh not another trick! (Ari knocks him off his bike at the yellow flag)


Chelsea: I know I can do this! COME ON! COME ON!

Chris: Ari and Chelsea are now in a head to head race! Chelsea now takes the lead! Ari is falling far behind! And Chelsea misses the stunt! Ari is moving on!

Chelsea: I must say I'm feeling a little bit worried now.

Chris: The next challenge is to dodge Chef's watergun.

Chelsea: Where is Chef? (gets hit with water)

Chris: Chelsea is out! Who will be joining her? Oswald or Hernando?

Hernando: Oswald! Run! (Oswald runs into Chef and gets hit) Hernando: I tricked you! It is every man for themselves, right?

Oswald: ERR!

Chris: It's between Oswald and Chelsea! Whoever finds Johan wins!

Oswald: I'm worried- Oh Johan! You're in here! I'm not going home tonight!

Oswald: I found him!

Chris: Oswald wins! Which means Chelsea, it's time to ride the Rock Of Shame!

Chelsea: Not again! At least I proved myself worthy. I'm gonna miss you guys. Bye!

Ari: Bye Chelsea!

Daisy: You played a g-good game!

Chelsea: Thanks. (gets on Rock Of Shame and is flung off) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter Fourteen: I Didn't See That Coming

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: The contestants competed in 5 challenges. Grudges were kept, conflicts were made, and lies were told!

Marcus: I DON'T LIE!

Chris: Don't ruin my cool intro!

Marcus: Oh I will! The people incharge of the theme song know their cue, right?

Chris: Yeah....

Marcus: Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO!


(theme song plays)

(in the girl cabin)

Ari: Now the girls aren't dominating. I can't believe it.

Daisy: We'll be okay. Hernando won't v-vote you off w-will he?

Ari: Oh yeah. But what if we don't vote anyone out like last time?

Daisy: Chris wants drama, voting brings drama, so C-chris will have us vote.

Ari: So it's either Marcus or Oswald. I kind of want to get Oswald out. Hernando does too. Then we'll get Marcus. And then we'll be the final 3!

Daisy: What if one of them gets immunity?

Ari: I didn't think of that.

Daisy: M-marcus is a r-really g-good player.

Ari: He thinks you're a really good player.

(in the boy cabin)

Marcus: Where's Hernando?

Oswald: He went to go practice his "moves".

(screen flashes to Hernando)

Hernando: Hey there Ari. Wuzzup? How are you? Doin' good? Speak Spanish?

(screen flashes back)

Marcus: What moves?

Oswald: Beats me. I'm glad he's gone. I hate that guy.

Marcus: So do I.

Oswald: Want to make an alliance to get him out?

Marcus: Yeah but we'll need to get Daisy to vote him out.

Oswald: Good luck with that.

Hernando: (opens door) Hey guys!

Marcus: Hey!


Marcus: Now, now, now, Margini. Calm yourself.


Chris: Please report outside for the challenge!

(all contestants walk outside)

Chris: For today's challenge you need to find a golden egg! 5 will be hidden, but only 1 belongs to you. Your name will be on it! If you find someone elses, you can do what you want with it. Once you find your egg, you must throw it at Sasquatchanawkwa! If you miss, you lose your chance at immunity! GO!

Hernando: I don't know why, but I got a feeling I could win this!

Ari: This challenge could lead to sabotage!

Daisy: If Marcus finds my egg, I'm dead!

Marcus: I need to find Daisy's egg, and give it to her. Then she'll trust me!

Oswald: Hernando's going down.

Marcus: I hope I can win this challenge!

Oswald: I hope Hernando can lose this challenge!

Ari: What is your problem with Hernando?

Hernando: Yeah! I apoligized!

Daisy: Can we n-not fight p-please?

Marcus: Yeah, let's just focus on the challenge and stop the hating.

Oswald: Hernando started it!

Hernando: And tried to end it!

Ari: Watch your behavior Oswald, or we'll vote you off tonight!

Marcus: Guys, calm down!

Ari: We can easily vote you off too!

Marcus: I'm leaving! You people are mean!

Hernando: Since the guy who had their stupid snake bite Georgia.

Marcus: Oh you wouldn't go there? It's one thing to acuse me of something, but it's another to insult Margini! We'll be back Hernando! We'll be back!

Marcus: I'm gonna kill that kid!

Daisy: I'm going too!

Oswald: Same here!

Ari: Now I feel all bad about myself. But no one should mess with Herny!

Oswald: Where would an egg be hidden? Maybe up in that tree. If only I was tall enough!

Marcus: Margini, can you go look up there? See if there is one?

Margini: SSSSSSSS!

Marcus: Thanks!

(Margini climbs up the tree)

Marcus: He's got one! Who's is it? It's Daisy's! I'll go give it to her! *winks*

Marcus: Where is my karma? I'm really curious why I'm getting all this luck!

Marcus: Hey Daisy! I found yours!

Daisy: My egg?

Marcus: Yep! Well I didn't find it, Margini did. He's not so stupid after all, is he?

Daisy: No, no he's not. Thanks for finding my egg.

Marcus: Also thank Oswald, it was his idea to look in the tree. Now I'm going to go look for Oswald's egg.

Daisy: What about yours?

Marcus: I'll find it later.

Daisy: Am I dreaming?

Ari: That bear has an egg!

Hernando: I see an H, it's mine!

Ari: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, now we need to get it away from the bear.

Hernando: I got this in the bag!

(walks over to the bear and tries to beat it up, but gets all his clothes ripped off, but manages to get the egg)

Ari: Wow I like the design on your boxers!

Hernando: Thanks.

Oswald: I see an egg in the water!

Marcus: Really? Where?

(Oswald pushes Marcus in)

Marcus: Pushing me in the water is low Oswald! Pushing me into the water off a clift is lower. But backstabbing me and pushing me off a clift into the water is the lowest!

Oswald: HAHA!


Marcus: Really the joke is on you Oswald! Because there is an egg down here! And it's yours! HAHAHA!

(Oswald jumps off)

Marcus: Actually I just said that to have you jump in!

Hernando: I see Sasquatchanawkwa! Wait, we should find yours!

Ari: no, I insist! And if you don't throw the egg at him, I'll vote you off!

Hernando: Alright, but only because you insisted! (throws egg at Sasquatchanawkwa)

Hernando: YES! I WIN! I WIN!

Chris: Actually, that egg says it's Marcus's so he wins immunity!

Marcus: YES!

Hernando: But I see an H on it! H Marcus? What the?

Marcus: I told you I'd get back at you! I know I could of won the challenge, but I decided to make it a bit more fun!

Chris: Alright, I'll see you guys at elimination!

(at the elimination ceremony)

Marcus: Daisy, I'm sorry about the way I acted today. I was fed up, Margini means a lot to me, and I felt very used by Oswald.

Chris: And the first balloons of the night go to Marcus and Daisy! The two immunes!

Marcus: Haha, nice job Daisy!

Daisy: You too!

Chris: And the next balloon goes to Ari!


Chris: And the final balloon goes to.......................................................................................HERNANDO! Oswald, you're done!

Oswald: Oh come on! I am worthy! You gotta be kidding me! And the Rock Of Shame, oh great! (gets flung off) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Well I saw that coming. Not as exciting as I had wished for. I feel so down. See you next time on Total Drama Hullabaloo.

Chapter Fifteen: Two by Two They Will Go Down

Chris: I don't have time for it! I need to do my pedicure now, so play the theme song!

(theme songs plays)

Ari: Do you realize were in Final 4?

Daisy: Yes, this is so cool, but that was quite easy for you since you weren't there from the start....

Ari: You make a point but I think I diserve to win, too.

Daisy: Yeah, We all diserve to win, don't you agree, Marcus?

Marcus: Sure ladies I totally do! I'm sorry but I need to go out for some minutes, hope you will forgive me....

Daisy: (in love) Oh go, g,o we forgive you!

Ari: She's Totally in LOVE!

Hernando: Oh, I feel so bad for Oswald...

Daisy: He deserved it! He helped eliminate my best friend.

Hernando: As if! I will win for him and for Ari too!

Ari: Oh Thanks Hernando, if I win I'll win for you too!

Daisy: I think The best final will be Ari Vs Me or Marcus Vs Me!

Hernando: HEY!

Ari: That will be so cool it will be the first time 2 girls are in final!

Daisy: Yeah.

Chris: Campers how was your breakfast?

Hernando: Like always... disguting


Daisy: Disgustingly Delicious, uh HERNANDO!

Hernando: Yeah... yeah haha....

Chef: That's better....

Chris: So! Where is Marcus?

Marcus: I was in the bathroom, sorry.

Marcus: Being a nice guy is actually fun.

Chris: Okay, today since I feel a little love in the air... I decided to make a LOVE CHALLENGE!

Ari: YAY!

Daisy: SO COOl!

Marcus: What will be the reward?

Chris: A place in Final 2!

Marcus: Finally, a great reward.

Hernando: That means?

Chris: That means the two people who win will be in Final 2, and the two others will be eliminated, no Campfire cermony!



Marcus: This game finally gets interesting!

Hernando: What is the "LOVE" challenge about?

Chris: Two couples will be formed, the challenge will be in one part, the first couple to find the dress, the ring and the immunity card will have to cross the finish line and they will win!

Ari: The couple who loses is eliminated?

Chris: Yes!

Ari: That means no girl fianle!

Chris: Yes! it will be a boy vs. girl like usual.

Daisy: Oh well good luck Ari...

Ari: Yeah....

Chris: Daisy, you get the first pick!

Daisy: I pick Marcus!

Marcus: Sweet!

Chris: Ari, Hernando you will work together, ready? Go!

Hernando: So first we need to find the dress...

Daisy: It's easy, use your brain where would a dress be hidden?

Ari: Oh! I know! (runs to her cabin)

Hernando: Wait! (runs after her)

Ari: I got the dress! We are in first place! Now time to find the ring!

Daisy: Where could my dress be?

Marcus: It's on the roof of the boy cabin! Margini, go!

(Margini climbs up and gets it)

Marcus: Good boy!

Daisy: We're tied! Now we need to find the ring!

Marcus: I have an idea I will find the ring, and you'll try to find the immunity card! We will have more chances of winning!

Daisy: Good idea!

Chris: Wait, wait, wait! You must wear your dresses now, oh and if you come dirty, you'll be disqualified....

Daisy: REALLY?!

Ari: (throws mud at Daisy) She's dirty! She's eliminated!

Daisy: NO WAY!!!!

Chris: Sorry but -

Daisy (pushes Ari in the mud) She's dirty too!


Chris: So since you are both dirty, you can't participate now! You'll have to wait for your "husband" to find the rest of your items....

Hernando: I got the ring, babe!

Ari: Babe?

Hernando: Ooops!

Hernando I meant Ari, haha...

Marcus: I got it too!

Hernando: Their is no way I'll let you win, I will find the immunity card and I will be the first to cross the line!

(2 Hours After)

Daisy: Oh I will wait for Marcus at the finish line.

Ari: I'll stay here! I don't wanna follow you!

Daisy: Fine!

Hernando: I got the immunity card! Yes Yes yes!!! Now I have to run fast! (runs)

Daisy: Oh no! Marcus hurry!

Marcus: I got the card too!

Daisy: Run! run! run!

Hernando: (pushes Marcus) I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Marcus: (crosses the line) OH NOOO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!

Ari (run to the finish line): What happened?

Hernando: We won!

Ari: YAY!

Chris: Wait! You were supposed to cross the finish line with all the items!

Hernando: I did!

Chris: The dress was on the girls, and when you crossed the line Ari wasn't there, but when Marcus crossed the line, Daisy was already there so.... They win and they will be our final 2!



Ari: Well, I had a good time here bye! (hugs Daisy)

Daisy: Sorry it was the competition, I didn't meant to push you. (hugs Ari)

Ari: Same.

Hernando: Well, bye GUYS...

Marcus: Bye....

Ari: Hernando do you wanna wait for me please?

Hernando: Sure, babe! (kisses her)

Daisy: Aww so-

Chef: Disgustingly delicious?

Daisy: Yeah!

Chris: So see us next time with our two finalist!

Hernando and Ari: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (get flung off the the Rock Of Shame)

Johan: Daisy and Marcus! Right there on TOTAL DRAMA HULLABALOO! (pushes Chris)

Chris: HEY!

Johan: Yeah! I'm back!

Chapter Sixteen: The Final Battle

Chris: Total Drama Hullabaloo! 19 contestants, only 2 remain! They all competed in challenges that they didn't expect. Every contestant met their doom in this order: Chelsea, Alice, Alexander, Jasmine, Mikey and Jacee, Dakota, Arnold, Georgia, BT, Leanne and Britney, Billy, Cassie, Chelsea again, Oswald, and Hernando and Ari! Daisy and Marcus will now compete for the 10,000,000 dollars in the hardest challenge yet! Who will be the champion? Will it be Daisy? Will it be Marcus? Will BT go rambo and steal the money? Find out now on TOTAL! DRAMA! HULLABALOO! FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(theme song plays)

Chris: Daisy and Marcus! Now that you have both eaten your meal, I would like to show you something.

Marcus: Is it the past contestants? I can't wait to see them again! Especially BT!

Chris: Way to spoil the suprise! Here they are!


Chris: If you are going to name everyone, that's my job! Here is, Ari, Hernando, Oswald, Chelsea, Cassie, Billy, Britney, Leanne, BT, Georgia, Arnold, Dakota, Mikey, Jacee, Jasmine, Alexander, and Alice!



Marcus: Wow, my fanbase is small.

Daisy: Don't let that bother you!

Marcus: You're right!

Chris: If anyone else wants to say anything, say it now.

Mikey: Chris, I think the fans would rather have you put the camera on me!

Leanne: Billy and I are a happy couple!

Ari: So are me and Herny!

Chris: Alright, that's it. For your challenge you need to put on a cloak and grab a wand.

Daisy: Why?

Chris: So you can look stupid while doing the challenge!

(both put on a cloak and get a wand)

Chris: If you drop your wand, I'm sorry, but you will be DISQUALIFIED!

(all gasp)

Chris: Uhuh! First you need to get past Chef who will be trying to knock the wand out of your hand! After that you will need to run up the hill! Once you get to the hill you will need to tightrope over the water, and if you fall, you'll be landing in chemicals!

(all gasp)

Chris: YEP! Once you're done with you will need to run to the money! Nothing is stopping you now! BEGIN!

(Chef starts throwing plates at them)

Marcus: Don't worry Daisy, I'll guard you!

Daisy: Don't you need to focus on yourself?

Marcus: Oh, right....

Arnold: Marcus is in the finals, he can stop the nice act now!

Marcus: I'm just so used to being nice now. And I kind of like it.

Daisy: I don't think so Chef! I know karate!

Marcus: And I have an 8 foot snake!


(Marcus throws snake and Daisy kicks Chef in the chin)



Daisy: Speed would help me now! I'm not that fast!

Marcus: Hold on to me! I'm super fast! (runs up hill)

Daisy: We're here! WOAH! (falls off)

Marcus: I'm coming for you Daisy!

Daisy: Focus on winning the game! Don't help me! I'll be fine!

Marcus: Are you sure?

Daisy: I'm sure I'm sure!

Marcus: Alright! But I'll at least wait for you!


Marcus: Oh fine!

Daisy: GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus: I'm also a great tightroper! This is my challenge!

Dakota: MARCUS!!!!

Marcus: Is that you Daisy?

Dakota: NOPE! Look behind you!

(Marcus looks behind him and sees Dakota who throws a rock at him)

Marcus: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy: Finally I'm up the hill! Marcus is already gone?

Dakota: No he's swimming in the water!


Dakota: Oh yeah..... I forgot.


Marcus: I AM NOT DEAD! AND I AM NOT MARCUS! I AM LORD PYTHON! (Marcus is now bald and his skin is white)


Chelsea: Who's that?

Mikey: One of the 3 most powerful wiccans! And the most evil!


Daisy: MARCUS!

Lord Python: I'm not Marcus! I'M LORD PYTHON!

Mikey: What to do! What to do!


Lord Python: Yes, that is right. DAKOTA WILL GO FIRST! But let me get the money, now! What's the spell again? Oh yeah, PACCIO MONEY! I WIn! I HAVE THE MONEY!

Chris: Actually you still need to cross the finish line! But it seems Daisy is running ahead of you!

Marcus: OH COME ON! (runs) I'm right behind you now Daisy!

Jacee: How do we defeat him?

Mikey: Well if we were a really powerful wiccan, we could probably do it the easy way, but since we're not, we have to do it the hard way. We have to find something he really cares about and threaten to destroy it.

Alice: We have to destroy the money?

Billy: If we did that I think he would just get more angry. We need to make him less evil.

Georgia: I think he cares about Daisy!

Mikey: Then let me do my work! Chexspellpeefarmpus!

Daisy: (gets hit with a red light) Ow. OW. OW!

Marcus: Daisy? (transforms back) Daisy are you okay?

Daisy: I'm fine! But you're back! I can't believe you're back!

Marcus: I got my karma after all. But that's not enough for what I did. Take the money and cross the finish line. You deserve it more then anyone else.

(Marcus and Daisy kiss, which causes all the other couples to do the same)

Chris: Okay, nobody cross the finish line already!? I need to go change my pants!

(Daisy crosses the finish line)



Marcus: Congratulations! You deserved it!

Chris: We're not done yet! Daisy, you get the golden balloon!

Daisy: YES!

Hernando: So who says we throw a party!?

All: YEAH!

Chris: Well, it's been a great season! Next time, we're having auditions for season 2! Yep, 22 newbies!

Johan: You said I could say that!

Chris: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, you're fired!

Johan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Chef, take him away!

(Chef comes and carries him off)

(screen goes black)

Margini: Now that I've been mutated I can speak! MWAMAHAHANHAHA!

(screen goes black)


Britney belongs to Britneys2

Georgia belongs to EvaBridgetteGwenRocks

Daisy belongs to Teddy74

Jacee belongs to Breakingmikey and was made by TDWT25

Alexander belongs to TDFANFRENCH

Mikey belongs to Breakingmikey

BT belongs to Information Box

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Arnold belongs to TDWT25

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Alice belongs to TDFANFRENCH

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Elimination Table (Before The Team Switch)

Contestants 1 2 3 4
Arnold IN IN IN IN
Marcus IN IN IN IN
Jasmine IN IN IN OUT
Alexander IN IN OUT
Alice IN OUT
Chelsea OUT

Elimination Table (After The Team Switch)

Contestants 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Ari Enters in Episode 10 WIN IN WIN IN OUT
Chelsea Returns in Ep. 7 IN IN WIN IN IN IN OUT
Arnold IN IN OUT
Dakota LOW OUT
Mikey OUT
Jacee OUT
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