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You may have heard of some of TDI's biggest stars. Gwen, LeShawna, Duncan, Heather, and so on. But what about the campers that didn't make it so far? This fanfic is a shout-out to all the Ezekiel fans out there, the Eva fans, the Noah fans, the Tyler fans, and so on. And that's just the start. Filling in the spots of the old stars are completely new campers, with unexplored personalities and unreached potential. No, you are not in a dream. You are in...




(Check out the sequel, Total Drama Infinity!)

The Players

The term "players" takes the place of the term "campers" from TDI. here are the players of TDIn in the order that they arrived at the campsite:

(The names in bold are the newcomers to the TD series)

  • Tyler (Shouting Spiders)
  • Maya (Shouting Spiders)
  • Cody (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Sammie (Shouting Spiders)
  • Katie (Shouting Spiders)
  • Spense (Shouting Spiders)
  • Zeke (Ezekiel) (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Matt Tollin (The italicized words said by Matt are in Japanese, and cannot be understood by anyone other than Zeke and Chris.) (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Eva (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Julie (Lindsay's cousin) (Shouting Spiders)
  • Noah (Shouting Spiders)
  • Beth (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Courtney (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Harold (Shouting Spiders)
  • DJ (Shouting Spiders)
  • Cathy (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Craig (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Halle (Shouting Spiders)
  • Amy (Shouting Spiders)
  • Daisy (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Damien (Murderous Mosquitoes)
  • Danny (Murderous Mosquitoes)

The Competition

(If a player besides Matt makes a confessional, his/her words will be in italics, like this. For Matt, since all of his lines are in italics, confessionals made by Matt will be in bold too)


Chapter 1: Who ARE these freaks?

"Yo! Wassup!" said the host of the show, the one, the only, Chris McClean, who was, for some reason, wearing a helmet. "Chris here. You may remember me from the awesome Total Drama of Total Drama Island. Well, now we're back, and 22 campers, some old, some new, will be competing for a grand prize of... $1,000,000! Here is where the competition will take place, in the Wawanakwa Park! We've got sports fields, a lake, a 100-foot-high cliff, and SO much more! Right here! On Total Drama Insanity!"

Chris got ready to greet the 22 players that would be competing in TDIn. The first bus arrived at the park, and the first of 22 players got off.

"Tyler! Nice to see you again!" Chris excitedly said as the jock got off the bus. Ever since Total Drama Island ended, Tyler had been taking secret workout sessions with "Mr. Hatchet". He is now a full-fledged jock with massive skill, strength, and speed.

"Chris! What's happening?" replied Tyler as he high-fived Chris. Just then, Tyler's bus drove away, and the next bus reached its stop. The camper to exit was...

"Hey! If it isn't Maya herself!" said Chris as Maya got off the bus. Maya had always been a fan of the Total Drama series, and was glad to finally participate in it.

"Nice to meet you in person, Chris!" said Maya. Tyler was pretty glad that there would be new players. He was kinda sick of the guys from TDI, especially Heather. He shuddered with pain as he remembered that time she hit him with a canoe. Ouch! Luckily for Tyler, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the third mini-bus arrive at the park. Leaving the bus was one of Tyler's best friends from the island. Chris too was happy to see this guy.

"Cody! Glad to see you here, man!" said Chris as Cody got out of the bus and high-fived him. Since TDI had ended, Cody developed a strong brother-sister bond with Gwen, and had become more of a cool guy. He didn't lose his brains, though. Cody was every bit as smart as he was before TDI, maybe even more so. Cody was excited to see Tyler there as well. The two of them would often talk in between challenges in TDI, and were best friends at Playa des Losers.

Coming off the next bus was Sammie, a fan of TDI who made it into TDIn. As ususl, Chris greeted her when she stepped off the bus.

"Sammie! Welcome to Total Drama Insanity!"

"Thanks, Chris," replied Sammie. She immediately introduced herself to Maya.

The next one off the bus was Katie. After Total Drama Island, she began to separate from Sadie and became a great person in her own right.

"Katie! Great to see you, alone, for once," said Chris as Katie got off the bus.

"Oh I know, right?" replied Katie. "Don't get me wrong, I miss Sadie, a lot. But now that I got to know all these other awesome people, I actually feel like a whole person, even without her! But still, Sadie is still the sweetest, funnest girl I know, and I miss her more than anything in the world!"

"Yeah, okay then. Thanks for that..." replied Chris awkwardly. Luckily for him, The next bus had just arrived. The person getting off the bus was Spense, a huge TDI fan who made it onto TDIn.

"Wassup, Spense?" said Chris, as usual, as Spense was getting off of the bus.

"Oh, nothing much," replied Spense. "I'm just so PSYCHED to be here! This is going to be an awesome summer! Yeah! Sorry if I'm sounding too much like Owen..."

"Oh, it's cool, dude. Owen was fun," said Chris. Almost as if on cue, the next bus arrived. In it was the now-legendary Zeke. (you know him as Ezekiel) After TDI, Zeke was redeemed for his sexism at the start of the show. He got a shave, ditched his heavy clothes for a cool new look, and wrote a book called Bottom of the Drama Chain about what it's like to be the first one kicked off TDI. But, now, he's back!

"Zeke! What's up?" asked Chris after Zeke got off the bus.

Zeke replied with, "Well, I think I see a bird, eh?" to which Chris and Zeke laughed hysterically. "It's good to be back, eh?" said Zeke with a feeling of excitement in his heart. He craved the Total Drama, but barely even got a taste last season. This time, however, it would be a whole lot different. And this time, there would be someone he actually knew before camp.

On the next bus was Zeke's best friend from back home, Matt. He was a big fan of TDI from the start, cheering on Zeke until his elimination. To Matt, Zeke was more like a big brother, since he was only 10 and Zeke was 16. Zeke was also the only person Matt knew who can understand Japanese, the only language that Matt spoke. Matt also has a huge crush on Gwen, something that Zeke constantly teased Matt about. At last, Matt stepped off the bus.

"Matt! Welcome to Toatl Drama Insanity!" Yelled a happy Chris to Matt.

"Thanks, dude," replied Matt. They high-fived, and then Matt went to say hey to his best friend who he missed so much!

"Zeke!" Yelled Matt.

"Matt!" They hugged.

"Buddy, It's so great to see you again!"

"Matt, I'm sure of it: This is going to be the best summer ever!"

"You could say that again." Matt and Zeke turned around to see that Spense had joined in on their talk. One group-hug later, the next bus arrived. Stepping off the bus was one of the most hated campers of TDI: Eva. Since TDI, Eva has graduated anger management, and instead uses her strength to emerge victorious in many sports. Eva now also carries around a stress ball that she'll squeeze should she get really angry. Despite being crushed by a powerful grip on many occasions, Eva's stress ball still remains good as new.

"Eva, welcome to Total Drama Insanity!" said Chris as Eva got off the bus. Apparently, someone set off Eva's temper before she got onto the bus, so she was in an awful mood. Matt tried to greet her in Japanese, but got pushed down by the iron woman. When she put down her dumbbell-filled suitcase, Cody made sure to move his foot so that it wouldn't get crushed. Good to see that he was learning. Maya and Sammie started to talk with Eva, and they quickly became pals with her.

The next one off the bus was actually Lindsay's cousin, Julie. Julie was much smarter than Lindsay, and took beauty advice from her cousin. Julie had always wanted to be on a reality show, and thanks to TDIn, she finally had her chance. As Julie stepped off the bus, Matt, Zeke, Tyler, Cody, and Spense suddenly stopped their conversation with Matt and looked in awe at Julie.

"Everyone, this is Lindsay's cousin, Julie!" said Chris.

"Thanks, Chris. Lindsay told me all about you," said Julie. She suddenly waved at Spense, who waved back at her. As she walked by the guys to put her suitcases down, every single one of them just looked at her beautiful body and face. Afterward, though, all the guys snapped out of it but Spense, who remained entranced by Julie. Julie walked up to Spense and they had a conversation that caused them to completely ignore the next bus. Coming off of the bus was another TDI veteran and a member of Team E-Scope.

Chris spoke up as he came off the bus. "Noah, welcome back, or just welcome, to Total Drama..."

"Insanity, I know, so shut up," said Noah, cutting Chris off. Jeez, Chris thought, Noah won't do much better this seasson if he continues to act mean and sadistic like that! After placing his belongings with the rest of the suitcases, Noah found Eva, and shared a reunion with her. Eva was always Noah's best friend, as she was the only one who truly understood him. The other returning players groaned at Noah's arrival; since leaving TDI, Noah had not changed one single bit. He was every bit as annoying as he ever was. The new players all got a bad first impression out of him, except for Spense and Julie, who were still talking. That made 11 players. Chris sighed with relief, the intros were half over. Only four veterans left to come, and seven new players. Right about when Spense and Julie's convo ended, the next bus came.

Since TDI, Beth got her braces off and actually became accepted into the popular crowd in her community. She also hooked up with a guy from her town who got his braces off and was accepted into the crowd the same time Beth was. His name was Brady. Even so, Beth happy accepted the chance to return to the Total Drama community for another chance at cash. Unfortunately for her, Brady didn't make the cut. When Beth got off the bus, Chris greeted her, just like with the others, and she caught up with the other returning players on what had happened since they left TDI. She was the most happy for Tyler becoming a real jock, knowing that her friend, and Tyler's girlfriend, Lindsay would be quite impressed. Too bad she wasn't here, Beth thought. When she asked Chris why, Chris told her that since Lindsay made it to the merge, she wasn't allowed on this season. Bummer. However, should anyone refuse the invite, a merge contestant would have to take his/her place. Tyler wondered if anyone did refuse the invite. He'd find out soon.

In the meantime, someone else's came. In it was a former C.I.T.! Since TDI, Courtney calmed down and gained a more friendly attitude. She also took classes in law school and became a lawyer in training. When Courtney got the invitation from Chris, she would have thrown it out, but Chris had written a few things on the back of Courtney's invite: that the new voting system would prevent anyone from tampering with the votes, and that the producers needed a good lawyer, and would hire Courtney as one if she accepted. Since she needed the extra cash, she signed up.

"Courtney! My favorite L.I.T.! Welcome to Total Drama Insanity!" Chris said as Courtney got off of the bus.

"Thank you Chris. Where do I put my bags?" asked Courtney.

"Right with the others," said Chris. Courtney did so. She was actually relieved when she looked around and found out that Duncan wasn't there. She loved him, but without him, the competition wouldn't get to her. She had his number anyway, so they could keep in touch. Without Duncan, Courtney would have been totally lost in TDIn. She joined Maya, Sammie, and Eva in conversation as the next bus arrived.

Harold, since TDI, had apologized to Courtney over the phone for what he did, and asked to start over. As a result, they're friends now. Harold also acquired new mad skills since TDI, and he also won LeShawna back over. Unlike Cody, however, Harold was just as nerdy as he was in TDI. Chris didn't want to send Harold the invite, but he satisfied the TDIn invite condition: to have been voted off prior to the merge. Oh, why couldn't it have been Trent or Geoff or Owen instead? Duncan? DJ? ANYONE BUT HAROLD!! However, Chris had no choice. He also had to pretend to be happy when Harold came off the bus.

Luckily for Chris, when Harold got off the bus, he walked right by Chris, put his stuff down with the rest of the players' stuff, and tried to hang out with Cody and Tyler. (but to no avail) Only one veteran left, and his bus was coming.

Since Total Drama Island, Justin signed many, many modeling contracts and discovered a Justin fan club in his hometown. He was so busy that he could barely find time to do anything else, let alone read the invite. He found time, though, to do so. Thing is, Justin refused the offer! So who would take his place? Chris debated over this for a long time. Going with a camper popular with fans, or really unpopular, would ruin the very concept of the show! Then Chris remembered. DJ!

Since TDI, DJ became a star quarterback in his school, and also founded a charity organization for poor people in Jamaica, DJ's home country. DJ was psyched to receive the invite for TDIn.

"DJ! Good to see ya!" said Chris as the former camper came off the bus.

"Chris McLean! What's happening buddy?" said DJ. The pals high-fived, and then DJ put down his bags with the rest of them and joined Cody and Tyler. DJ was their buddy, after all. However, their other friend Owen would not be joining them on account of getting to far in the game. With DJ here, all the rest of the veterans had arrived. Only newcomers were left. Courtney wondered if there would be another fat guy like Owen. She hoped not. She didn't even LIKE him very much, but he won last season, so yeah. Speaking of Owen, another overweight camper was on her way. Matter of fact, here she was.

Cathy was the head sponsor for TDI and Katie's biggest fan. But despite who she supported, all her friends constantly compared her to Sadie, something she hated so much. At last, the reason behind TDI and its budget came off the bus.

"Cathy! It is an honor to meet such a great contributor to Total Drama Island! Welcome to Total Drama..."

"Insanity. I saw it on the invite. I hope I'm not a laughingstock here like I was before," Cathy said, cutting Chris off. That stank. What was with the sadists? Cathy put her bags down and sulked in the corner, convinced that she'd be ridiculed for her weight. She didn't even try to hang with anyone else there, despite her position as the reason that TDI existed in the first place. Eventually, after receiving some encouragements from Tyler and DJ, Cody went to comfort her, calling her cute and saying that what other people thought didn't matter at all. Cathy appreciated this.

"Looks like I found a real friend here," she said in a confessional.Chris explained all the confessional stuff to the players, until they mastered post-production confessional entries. The confessional room was an old outhouse with the toilet removed. It wasn't the same as the one from TDI though...

Anyway, the next bus contained two people, twin siblings. Both were good-looking, but constantly picked on in grade school, causing them to adopt a mean, tough disposition so that they could hold their own. The dude was Craig, the chick was Halle. Both learned to never trust anyone, except each other, during their rough lives.

"Craig! Halle! Welcome to Total Drama Insanity!" said Chris as they got off the bus, but the pair just walked right by him, ignoring Chris completely. They steered clear of everyone else and began to talk amongst themselves instead. Touchy. Chris was reminded of Gwen and Heather when he saw them. Chris wasn't so fond of either of those two, so it wasn't good for him. Luckily for Chris, he could assign them to separate teams easily. Chris, for obvious reasons, was relieved when the next bus arrived.

Amy had auditioned for TDI in the past, but didn't make it. This season, however, it was different. Amy was chosen by Chris this season because of how fun she was, almost replacing Owen. For Amy, this was a dream come true!

"Amy, welcome to Total Drama Insanity!" said Chris, as usual, as Amy got off the bus.

"Chris! Finally, I meet you in person! This is just SO COOL! YA-HOO!!" yelled Amy, overjoyed to finally be part of some Total Drama. After greeting Chris, she ran to where the other bags were, put hers down, and did some back flips before finally calming down. Then, Amy started talking with Katie about "girl stuff". That made nineteen. The other three buses should have been here by now, as Amy was supposed to be last. The buses were stuck in traffic for a while, but just escaped it. Matter of fact, the next bus was already here! About time!

In every reality show Daisy ever watched, the antagonist (the female one, at least) was always pretty, snobby, popular, and mean, like a queen bee. Time after time, she was offended by this. Daisy was easily the most popular girl in her school, and the prettiest, but was nowhere near mean or bossy or snobby or queen beeish at all. In fact, the entire reason Daisy was popular before was because she was a pretty girl who cared about others and didn't corrupt when in power. Always trying to contribute, Daisy was president of the student council, (by unanimous vote) captain of the cheer leading squad, (and got the spirit award for her team) the president of the yearbook club, (to ban photos of mean kids and to make sure to include only the best shots of everyone if multiple shots are available) and star player on the school's soccer team. (to prove to the world that sexism is a lie) A lot of people from her school looked up to her for all the right reasons, and she hoped that she could bring as much of her spirit as possible to Total Drama Insanity.

When she got off the bus, there were oohs and aahs and "she's hot"s from the people who had already arrived.

"Daisy! What's up?" Great to have you on our show!" said Chris as soon as the admiring sounds were over.

"Thanks, Chris. This is great!" replied Daisy in such a sweet voice that it actually shocked the others, especially those who thought that she'd be just like Heather. As she went to put her bags down, she got hellos and introductions from everyone else, especially the guys, and a sinister, "I'm watching you!" from Halle, who didn't like the fact that Daisy might have been prettier than her, and attracting Craig. Daisy ignored her and started talking with the girls.

The next bus was stuck in traffic for an hour and got a flat tire. Damien was used to bad things always happening to him. Starting with his mom's death when he was young, Damien had always been the victim of unfair treatment. He lived in the shadow of his five older brothers, was constantly picked on in school and/or avoided, and got his heart smashed in half by a girl from his school who he had a huge crush on, who just so happened to be Heather. As a result of his misfortune, Damien put a shell around him and blocked off everyone else from it. He even went so far as to go goth, turning all of his clothes black and quitting trying to make friends, aside from his one younger brother, the only person that was ever nice to him. Damien joined TDIn for another chance at happiness, friends, and a sense of belonging that he oh so desperately craved. When the bus finally arrived at Wawanakwa park, it broke down. Damien considered himself lucky for not getting injured when the bus was rammed into by a truck.

When Damien stepped off the bus, most of the others pretended not to notice. Even Chris just greeted him with a shy, "Hi Damien," and kept his distance. After Damien put his bags down, he sulked in a corner, certain that he'd never make any friends here, even considering going emo and cutting himself. After a little while, Daisy decided that she couldn't take it any more. She left the girls and sat next to Damien in an attempt to be his friend. Damien and Daisy just hung out there, enjoying the company of each other and occasionally talking about whatever popped into one of their heads. Damien actually felt happy, for the first time in so long, in that moment.

The last bus had the last player, logically. Danny was never the brightest person he knew. In fact,Danny was outright dumb. However, despite his thick skull, those he knew were often jealous of him for his optimistic personality and fun attitude, which made him a blast to hang out with.

When Danny got off the bus, he accidentally ran right over Chris, knocking him down, though Chris didn't seem to mind. "And that, Danny," he said, "Is why you always want to wear a helmet." As soon as Danny put his bags down, Chris got ready to start the actual day. "Hello, everybody!" he said, eager to get the season started.

"By now, all 22 of you have arrived at Wawanakwa park, where you'll be competing. Since I put all the rules on the invite, as well, as what's here, you don't need to worry about that. Now, let me take attendance so that you remember each others names and so that I'm sure we have everybody. Let's see, we've got Tyler, Maya, Cody, Sammie, Katie, Spense, Zeke, Matt, Eva, Julie, Noah, Harold, Beth, Courtney, DJ, Cathy, Craig, Halle, Amy, Daisy, Damien, and Danny. yup, everyone's here."

"Excuse me," said Tyler. "But where are we staying?"

"Good question," replied Chris. He pointed to two sets of six cabins each. "You'll be staying in one of those with one roommate. The small ones will be for one person apiece. I will assign the rooms after I assign the teams. Which brings me to the teams. For the first half of the game, there will be two teams, the Shouting Spiders and the Murderous Mosquitoes. For each challenge, there will be a winning team and a losing team, the winning team will receive invincibility and ice cream, the losing team members must fess up their room keys. The night after a challenge, the losing team must meet at the park bench, over there." Chris pointed to a bench in the park, big enough to fit 5 Dannys, or 1 Danny and 10 normally sized people, with elbow room to spare. "Where all but one of you will receive your room key and an ice cream sandwich. The person who doesn't is out, and must walk the street of shame, and ride the bus of banishment to the hut of humiliation, where you will be forced to stay until we are down to two, when all the losers will return to root for one of out finalists. Now, I will assign the teams."

A lot of new friends and old friends were hoping to be on the same team, and for the most part, they were satisfied. Chris took note of new and old friendships in chapter one and organized the teams that way. "I will go alphabetically by first name for each camper. When I get to your name, I will tell you what team you're on. If anyone has a nickname, I would have known of it by now, and the alphabetizing will go by your nickname. Sorry, Zeke." Zeke rolled his eyes when Chris mentioned him. "When I tell you what team you're on, stand near the flag tat represents it," said Chris, pointing to two flags. The flag to the left of the players was orange with a picture of a giant spider in the middle. To the right of the players was a teal flag with a picture of a giant Mosquito in the middle. The players easily put two and two together and figured out which team was which, even Danny. Then Chris spoke up again.

"Amy, you're on the Shouting Spiders. Beth, you're on the Murderous Mosquitoes. Cathy, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Cody, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Courtney, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Craig, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Daisy, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Damien, the Murderous Mosquitoes. DJ, the Shouting Spiders. Eva, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Halle, the Shouting Spiders. Harold, the Shouting Spiders. Julie, the Shouting Spiders. Katie, the Shouting Spiders. Matt, the Murderous Mosquitoes. Maya, the Shouting Spiders. Noah, the Shouting Spiders. Sammie, the Shouting Spiders. Spense, the Shouting Spiders. Tyler, the Shouting Spiders. And last, but not least, Zeke, you're on the Murderous Mosquitoes." The players went to their team flag and high-fived their buddies when they got there.Craig and Halle didn't mind being on separate teams, it meant that they could establish a master plan while in this situation. Besides, pulling a Katie and Sadie would be rather stupid of them and set them off on the wrong foot. They wanted everyone ELSE to do that. "Your next task," piped in Chris while removing his helmet, "Is to find, and by that I mean to have me assign you, roommates. Obviously, your roomie must be on the same team and gender as you. Dudes get the guy cabins to the right, and chicks get the gal cabins to the left. Once I assign roommates, they can pick any cabin they want to provided its in the proper area. Lemme see here... For the Murderous Mosquitoes, the pairings are: Cathy and Daisy, Matt and Zeke, Courtney and Eva, Cody and Damien, Craig and Danny, leaving Beth with her own little cabin. For the Shouting Spiders, the pairings are: Halle and Amy, Julie and Katie, Spense and Tyler, DJ and Noah, Maya and Sammie, leaving Harold with his own little cabin. Get moving!"

The new roommates settled in with little to no problem. Matt realized, upon unpacking, that he left his guitar at home! When he played the guitar, it was like it spoke to people, which was Matt's main form of communication. Without that, he had to speak Japanese all the time! Who would understand him? Man, I hope someone else has a guitar to lend me... Matt said in a confessional. But how am I going to ask someone? Who would believe me? Aw man, Gwen would know what to do. She always does, and with a beautiful fa-- he was cut off before he could finish his statement, which would have been followed by a string of profanities thrown at Trent.

Afterward, the players met at the mess hall. Apparently, Tyler was a great cook, and paid for his lessons with some cooking lessons to Chef. To prove this, the lunch that day, meatball subs, were really good. Even so, many were worried about the first challenge. I have no idea what they'll make us do said Spense in a confessional, but I hope it isn't much. I mean, it IS our first challenge...

The first challenge was in the soccer field. Need I say more? Now that the teams are set, the drama has finally begun! Tune in for another thrilling chapter of Total...


INSANITY!! *signs off*


Chapter 2: One kick for the team

The 22 players of TDIn, divided into their respective teams, met up at the soccer field one hour after lunch just as Chris had instructed. "Hello, players," said Chris as soon as everyone was there. "Your first challenge is one that will test teamwork, skill, and communication: a soccer match. The game will last twenty minutes, divided into halves of ten minutes each. Each team will have a team leader for this challenge who decides who goes where position-wise, and will be the goalie. There are two spots on offense and three on defense, and two people for each spot; one for each half. The team with the most goals at the end wins invincibility and ice cream, while the losing team must hand in their room keys and show up tonight to send someone off the park. Now, pick your leaders!"

As soon as Chris finished explaining the rules, both teams got into huddles, trying to decide on a leader. "Well," said Tyler on the Shouting Spiders, "We need a good goalie and a good, kind person to be leader. Any thoughts?" Suddenly, all eyes on that team turned to DJ. "Fine, I'll be leader," said DJ, much to the pleasure of the other team members. "Now, here's how it's going to work. We need to make it so that we have one really good athlete on offense during both halves. How about... Amy the first half, and Tyler the second half. Sound good?" said DJ, expressing his leadership skills. "Sounds cool," said Spense, "But what about the rest of the spots?" DJ spoke up again. "Of course. Here's how the rest of it's gonna work..."

Meanwhile, the Murderous Mosquitoes were also deciding on a leader. "If no one else minds," said Courtney, "I would like to lead." since no one else wanted that role, they agreed on Courtney. It's good to play underdog the first game, said Craig in the confessional. If you assume leadership and you lose, you lose any kind of dominance during the rest of the game. And if you win, you'll be branded a threat and be voted off in the merge. "Okay," said Courtney, "We need to have someone really strong in the first half to gain a lead on the other team. In the second half, we just need to maintain it. Eva and Craig, you're on offense first half. As for the rest of you..."

When the strategies were decided on both teams, Chris blew the whistle and began the first half of the game. On the Shouting Spiders, Maya, Noah, and Julie were on defense, with Amy and Spense on offense, and DJ as goalie. The Murderous Mosquitoes had Eva and Craig on offense, and Zeke, Beth, and Cathy on defense, with Courtney as goalie. Chris blew the whistle, and the game began. Amy and Spense showed great teamwork at the start, passing the ball to each other while avoiding defense, scoring an easy goal for the Spiders. But then the Mosquitoes got control of the ball, and with Eva on offense, most of the defense became concerned not about the game but rather, about their lives when Eva charged through with the ball, scoring one goal after another. Still, Amy was fast and Spense was strong, and the pair got a few good goals in during the first half. DJ being goalie also helped the Spiders, blocking many would-be goals with his strength. Even so, by the end of the first half, the score was 10-20, Mosquitoes' favor. The players who played in the first half were all worn out and sweaty, and Tori was actually knocked out by Eva's power. For the ten-minute intermission, the players went to take showers and talk strategy for the second half.

"We may be losing," said DJ, "but the worst of it is over. Eva is out of the game now. That means that, just like we planned, Tyler and Katie can win the game for us. Harold, Halle, Sammie, you guys are on defense now. We can still do this!" the team high-fived and got into positions. The Mosquitoes talked their strategy as well, claiming that they only need to maintain it. Unknowingly to Courtney, Tyler would make it just as hard to maintain the lead as Courtney thought is was for the Spiders to take it. The players from the first half watched the game from the sidelines. Spense sat next to Julie and Eva sat next to Noah, which greatly pleased the other person. Ten minutes exactly after the first half ended, Chris blew the whistle, and the second half began. On defense for the Spiders now was Harold, Halle, and Sammie, with Katie and Tyler on offense. On the Mosquitoes' side of the field was Damien and Daisy on offense, and Matt, Danny, and Cody on defense. Game on!

DJ was right about Tyler; he and Katie's athletic ability gave the Spiders one goal after another, completely destroying the defense similar to Eva and the Spiders' defense. But Daisy wasn't the star player of the soccer team at her school for nothing, and did manage to score a goal whenever the ball was hers. She also showed great teamwork (and chemistry, according to some onlookers) with Damien, who was also pretty athletic. To the onlookers, it was a keeping-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-game. The onlookers were captivated by the action that happened right there, weather it was in a flash of pink or red. Goals, blocks, steals, more goals, impressive blocks by DJ, Tyler shooting an airborne ball into the goal perfectly, Daisy faking out DJ and scoring, Sammie stealing the ball from Damien, only for Daisy to steal it right back and shoot, only for DJ to catch it and throw the ball to Tyler. After nine minutes, the score was a dead tie, 25-25. 10 seconds left on the clock, and the ball is in Damien's control. He passes to Daisy. she dribbles past the defense and fires the ball towards the goal. 5 seconds left. DJ was exhausted from blocking balls for both halves, and it looked like the Mosquitoes would win. But just then, Sammie intercepted the ball with her knee and kicked the ball long and high in Tyler's direction. Three seconds. Everyone was on the edge of their seats as the ball flew towards Tyler. Time would run out before the ball would have landed! But Tyler daringly jumped as high as he can and shot the ball at the enemy's goal when his foot was at the same height as the ball. The soccer ball flew toward Courtney and her goal at blazing fast speeds, but Courtney was prepared, so she thought. Chris blew the time-up whistle while the ball was flying toward the goal, meaning that this would decide the game. Then a wind blew the ball just past the goal, to the right! Was the game really tied? No! Right before the ball would have landed, Katie ran up to it and kicked it into the goal and past a confused Courtney! The Shouting Spiders won! The Shouting Spiders won!

"Well, that was an awesome game!" said Chris. "Props to everyone who played! Shouting Spiders, you win invincibility and ice cream! Murderous Mosquitoes, you played a good, game, But I'll need your room keys. Meet me tonight at the park bench for the Ice Cream hand-out!"

The Shouting Spiders celebrated their victory with cheers and high-fives. The rest of the team caught Katie and DJ hugging, and Spense and Julie hugging. Katie and DJ, embarrassed, let go of each other, but Spense and Julie didn't care and hugged anyway. The team then went to one of the park tables to enjoy their ice cream and celebrate. The Murderous Mosquitoes reluctantly handed in their room keys and discussed who should be voted off. The Spiders could hear them at the other table.

"All I know is that we can't vote off Eva. She was our star player. Voting her off would be stupid."

"I say we vote off that weird kid Matt. I can't understand a word he says," said Eva.


"What about me, Matt?"

"He says that he doesn't like you, and that he thinks you're a weak link, eh?"

"I second that!"

"I agree, eh?"

"Well, I, for one, agree with Eva, and I say we vote Matt off. Agreed?"

"No, princess."

"Shut up, Craig! Only Duncan gets to call me that!"

"I agree with you, Courtney."

"Me too."

"Thanks, Daisy and Danny. Damien? Why haven't you spoken up?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Well, It's either Beth or Matt at this point, so keep that in mind."

"I'm begging you, Damien, don't vote off my lil' bro, eh?!"



"He said 'I wish I could get my guitar from home, I need it', eh?"

"I don't think there's any more point in debating. We all know who we want to vote for at this point."

"I second that, eh? And I kinda don't know why we lost in the first place, eh? Eva was so good, eh?"

"Thanks for your support, Zeke. I was worried for a second there..."

"I wouldn't make that mistake two times in a row, eh?"

Then, Eva threw her stress ball at the nearby camera, preventing any more footage of the Mosquitoes' conversation from being taken. Anyway, that night, at the ice cream hand-out..."

The 11 members of the Murderous Mosquitoes sat on the bench. Chris entered, and explained the ceremony to the players. "If you look over there, there's a booth. In the booth is paper, pencils, and a voting box. One by one, vote in there." The players did so. "When I call your name, catch your room key, and come up to claim your ice cream sandwich. The person who's name I do not call must walk across the street of shame, catch the bus of banishment, and leave for the hut of humiliation. Now, let's see..." Chris tallied the votes. "Eva, Zeke, Danny, Craig..." all four of them caught their room keys and took their ice cream. "Damien, Cody, Courtney, Cathy, Daisy..." they did the same. "Beth, Matt, this is the final ice cream sandwich of the evening. The final tasty, cold treat goes to..." Beth and Matt were both scared. For all they knew, everyone could have ganged up on either one of them. And NOBODY wants to be the first to go.

Finally, Chris tossed the last in-play room key of the night to, "Beth." Beth caught her key and took her ice cream sandwich. "Sorry Matt, but I can't say I'm shocked. You can't speak any English. Tough luck, dude." Matt was really disheartened from the news. "私は実際に行って初めてだなんて信じられない。なぜ、みんな、なぜですか?" he said. Zeke translated it into, "I can't believe that I'm actually the first to go. Why, guys, why?" Matt gave Zeke a good-bye hug before walking down the street of shame and getting onto the Bus of banishment, which rode off into the distance, supposedly to the Hut of Humiliation.

"The rest of you, enjoy your ice cream. You're all safe, for now," said Chris to the new Murderous Mosquitoes. Everyone on the new team cheered, as Matt was eliminated, except for Zeke. Zeke just sat there weeping. And above all else, all of them hoped that they'd win the next challenge, whatever it may be. Man, am I glad I wasn't kicked off, said Beth in the confessional. Better Matt than me!

What sick challenge has Chris planned for the players next? Who will join Matt at the hut? How will the Murderous Mosquitoes deal with being one player short? And what do Halle and Craig have up their sleeves? Find out next time, on...



Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 3: Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream

Last time, on Total Drama Insanity, 22 players, some old, some new, arrived in Wawanakwa Park to compete for $1,000,000. Two teams were formed, and a soccer game was all it took to test the teamwork of the two teams. Luckily for the Shouting Spiders, they had the now-super-atletic Tyler, as well as the sweet brickhouse, DJ, on their side, which was enough to defeat Eva's rampage of goals against them. At the first Ice Cream hand-out ever on this show, it was guest star Matt Tollin who was voted out due to speaking only Japanese and leaving his guitar at home - so we think. Will the Murderous Mosquitoes catch up? Will new alliances be formed? Who will be the next one to move to the hut? Find out here, on Toatl Drama Insanity!!

The 21 remaining players were fast asleep. It was 6:30 AM. Wait, did I say 21? I meant 21, except for Zeke, who couldn't sleep due to his best friend being voted off last night. He had been looking forward to working with his old pal so much, and now he's gone. I miss you already Matt!! said Zeke in the confessional. I can't sleep. How am I supposed to know what do do without you, eh? You taught me everything I know about the outside world! Unable to lay still any more, Zeke got up and walked to the mess hall for breakfast and some coffee. As soon as Zeke got his breakfast, Chris woke up the other players with an airhorn and a megaphone, much to their dismay. How am I supposed to recharge my mad skillz in less than 8 hours? complained Harold. I'm an asset to my team now, and this early wake-up time's gonna kill my new mojo! complained Tyler. Due to the time limit of the episodes, the rest of the confessionals about the wake-up time were cut. When the rest of the players got their breakfast and sat down at their respective tables, Chris entered the room and spoke.

"Your next challenge will begin in one hour!" he said.

"Okay, so what is it?" asked Sammie.

"I won't tell you," said Chris, "But no, Noah, it's not Dodgeball."

"Good!" said Noah.

The players met up at the racetrack of the park. It was oval-shaped, looked like an Olympic racetrack, and if you ran one lap, you'd have ran 30 meters. "Shouting Spiders, meet the new Murderous Mosquitoes, without Matt Tollin," said Chris when the players got to the track. No one was really surprised at this. "Today's challenge is a relay race. Each team will have four relay runners. The first runner will carry this baton," Chris held up a baton, "and run one lap across the track. While they are running, the next two people in line to run, one from each team, will get in position. When the runner with the baton completes the lap, the next person should be waiting. The runner will pass the baton to the next person, who will then begin running. Then the person who passed the baton will sit in the middle of the track, where there's just grass, and the next person in line will get into position, and so on. When the last person in line completes his or her lap, he or she will raise the baton up in the air. The first team to complete the challenge wins invincibility and a reward: a hot tub which they can use for the rest of the summer! Pick your four fastest players, and get ready!" and with that, Chris left.

The Shouting Spiders hung out behind Spense and Tyler's cabin to discuss who would be participating.

"I got it!" said Spense. "We got Amy and Tyler right off the bat, they're the fastest ones on the team."

"I'm in!" said Tyler.

"Fine by me," said Amy.

"Well," said Katie, "We still need two more people. I say DJ goes in it too!"

"Me?" asked DJ, "Why me?"

"Because," said Katie, "You're really strong and fast, and the team needs you!"

"I don't know..." said DJ.

"Please," said Katie, "For me?" The rest of the team looked at Katie awkwardly.

DJ sighed, "All right, I'll do it!"

"Great," said Spense, "We need one more runner. Julie, how about you?"

Julie was a little confused, "I'm not that fast, Spense,"

Spense smirked, "Sure you are. We'll be rootin' for you. I'll be rootin' for you. Are you in?"

Julie smiled. "Sure, count me in!"

Oh my god! I am so excited to be running in this challenge! said Amy in the confessional. I would have objected, but Spense was rooting for me! Don't tell the others, but I really like him! said Julie in the confessional. I didn't mind being chosen, said DJ in the confessional. If the team needed me, I was always there to help, just like the first challenge. Besides, Katie's rootin' for me. How can I argue with that? I, um... I said too much, did I?

The Murderous Mosquitoes, on the other hand, had a kinda hard time picking their runners. They hung out behind Daisy and Eva's cabin.

"Well," said Courtney, "Daisy and Eva almost won the game for us, I say we pick them for the race."

"Sure. You can count on me!" said Eva.

"Sure, I'll do it," said Daisy.

"I think Cody should be in the race too!" said Beth. "When we did the 300-kilometer run last season, he was one of the fastest!"

Everyone looked at Cody. He blushed. "Well, I don't think I'm all that fast, to be honest," he said.

"C'mon, Cody!" said Beth, "We need all the help we can get, and we need you!"

"Beth is right," said Courtney, "Cody was pretty fast, I saw him. Please, Cody, please?"

Cody sighed, "All right, I'm in!" Beth and Courtney cheered. "But I say we also use Damien for how well he did last challenge."

"If you want me to," said Damien, "Count me in!" Damien high-fived Cody.

I was psyched to be a runner. I'm pretty fast. Lots of practice from, wait, I already told you last season, said Cody in the confessional. Yeah, whatever. I just hope the team didn't misplace their faith in me, said Damien in the confessional as well. Both teams were informed that the relay starts in ten minutes, giving Craig and Halle enough time to make a plan.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, and keep REALLY close the people who'd be stupid enough to trust you, or desperate enough, said Craig in the confessional. Halle had similar feelings. Never go it alone, she said, Always keep nearby a couple idiots to carry you through the game, reinforce your vote, whatever. Good thing is, on MY team, there are two such idiots. Away from the other players, Craig and Halle met up to discuss their plan.

"I have this plan," said Craig, "To get us to the final two. What we need to do is..."

Halle finished his sentence, apparently knowing what he was going to say. "Find two people apiece to take under our wing and to reinforce our votes. When one of us loses, which will ALWAYS happen..."

"We convince the team to vote somebody off, and we weed the threats out one by one until it's down to us..."

"But we can't let our dummies know about the link between our alliances..."

"And if they do, we kick them out and vote them out!"

"Looks like we're thinking the same thing, Craig. I'm thinking of using Katie and Amy. You?"

"Danny for sure, and I think Damien might be desperate enough to trust me. I mean, look at him. He looks like he never had any friends."

"After the challenge. We'll discuss the elimination for tonight. Deal?"

"Deal. Let's move out!"

With that, Craig and Halle went their separate ways.

Halle approached Katie and Amy, who were comparing nail polish. "Girls, we need to talk," she said.

"About what?" asked Katie, a little confused.

"Look," said Halle, "I want the two of you in an alliance with me. I have this plan to get in the final three with my two best friends in the world! And if you'll just give me the chance to be your friend, those two people will be you two!" Katie and Amy's faces both lit up.

"But, you won't make us do EVERYTHING you say, right?" asked Katie. She didn't want to be suckered like Lindsay and Beth were.

"Oh no," said Halle, her signature convincing smile still intact. "Just hang out with me, and vote with me, that's all I ask. So, are you two in?"

"Oh yes!" Katie and Amy said at the same time. Both girls squealed with happiness.

Meanwhile, Craig was trying to get Danny and Damien to join him. "So, what do you two say?" he asked.

"Count me in!" said Danny. He and Craig high-fived. "Are you in, Damien?" asked Craig.

"I don't know," said Damien. "I don't want to be so quick to trust people."

"It's okay," said Craig, "You can count on us!"

"Then I'm in," said Damien. He high-fived Danny and Craig. Pefect! said Craig in the confessional. Excellent! said Halle in the confessional.

The runners first decided on the order: Tyler, DJ, Julie, Amy for the Spiders, and Damien, Cody, Daisy, Eva for the Mosquitoes. Then Chris fired a shotgun (a blank) and the race began. Damien was fast, but Tyler easily out-ran him, passing his baton to DJ a good thirty seconds before Damien could pass his to Cody. DJ wasn't as fast as Tyler, and Cody was a bit more nimble than Damien. Even so, it still looked like the Spiders were going to achieve a clear win over the Mosquitoes. Most of the Mosquitoes didn't like this, but Craig didn't even care, he just began to think about which Mosquito to boot should the Spiders win, and vice versa. Halle was thinking the same. However, it wasn't quite so obvious, as when Cody passed the baton to Daisy, things really heated up. She was about twice as fast as Damien or Cody, and diminished most of the lead the Spiders had on the Mosquitoes. But most hope of a victory for the Spiders vanished into thin air when Eva took the baton. Amy was really fast, however, and sustained the Spiders' lead for a good minute before getting knocked down by, as Amy called her in the confessional, "Eval Eva". When Eva took the lead for her team, the Spiders had no hope of gaining it back. In almost no time flat, Eva made it around the track and held her baton in the air, meaning victory for the Murderous Mosquitoes! They won the challenge and the hot tub! Hooray!

The Spiders had to vote someone off that night. Halle gathered Amy and Katie to discuss the vote.

"Girls, as you know, we need six votes for a complete majority, so here's the plan: we talk to Spense, Sammie, and Harold and get them to vote DJ with us!"

"NO! Not DJ! He's like, the best team player we've got!"

"Katie, you have a point, but let's think long-term here. If we get DJ out of the game now, we won't have to worry about him when the teams merge."

"Halle, who thinks that far in advance. And Katie's kinda right. I mean, how will we get them to vote off DJ?"

"I can, you know, Amy and Katie, dump you both and take two other people to the final three with me, if you must defy me..."



"But, you two have a strong point. Why not vote out a more subtle threat? Someone hard to like now, but can win respect later on with potential... Katie, since you know a lot about some of us Spiders, what do you think?

"Good question... let me think - Harold!"

"I second that! He's too awkward and weird."

"Good idea, Katie. Harold it is! Amy, you and I will get Spense and Noah to vote Harold with us."

"What about me, Halle?

"That's too easy, Katie. I've seen the way DJ looks at you, now and last season. Talking HIM into voting off Harold, for you, will be a piece of cake!"

When they finished discussing, Halle's newly formed alliance parted ways, for now. It's so much fun to be part of an alliance! said Katie in the confessional. "Three heads are better than one! I hope Halle can get me with DJ later on. I like him a lot! He's SOO CUTE!"

At the ice cream hand-out that night, the Shouting Spiders handed in their room keys one-by-one and sat down. Then Chris explained the and-out to the Spiders. "If you look over there, there's a booth. In the booth is paper, pencils, and a voting box. One by one, vote in there." The Shouting Spiders did so. "When I call your name, catch your room key, and come up to claim your ice cream sandwich. The person who's name I do not call must walk across the street of shame, catch the bus of banishment, and leave for the hut of humiliation. Now, let's see..." Chris tallied the votes. "Tyler, Sammie, DJ, Katie, Amy..." They caught their keys and happily ate their ice cream sandwiches. "Halle, Spense, Julie, Maya," they did the same, happy to be safe. "Noah, Harold, this is the final ice cream sandwich of the night. Both of you are very disliked. One of you got six votes, one of you got five." If I was wrong about Katie and DJ, my alliance starts off nearly dead. That'd better not happen! said Halle in the confessional. "Noah, you're lazy, sadistic, sarcastic, and generally disliked by everyone. Harold, you switched the votes on Courtney, you're nerdy, awkward, and not too smart. But, you do have many mad skills and great potential." When Chris said that, Noah got pale, and Harold smiled. Oh no, not again. I can't afford to be first one kicked off on my team twice in a row! said Noah in the confessional. But Harold has skills. Skills are more important to most people than smarts. What am I gonna do? Chris paused for a few seconds to let the tension sink in, then tossed the last room key to,

"Noah. you're safe!" Noah's expression changed to relieved as he pocketed his room key and ate his ice cream.

"But why? I have mad skills! You can't vote me out now!" retorted Harold.

"Yes we can, and we just did. Adios, loser!" said a satisfied Spense.

"You took the words right out of my mouth!" said Halle to Spense. Not even the people who voted Noah off seemed to care as Harold was sent to the hut on the Bus of Banishment.

How did the Mosquitoes enjoy their first hot tub party? Will Craig and Halle's new alliance grow or die? Will Harold be the only victim? And who will join he and Matt at the hut? Find out next time, on



Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 4: Both reached for the flag

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, a relay race tested the speed of eight of our players in a baton-passing madwhirl. Tyler's speed set the Spiders ahead, but Eva's rampaging madness gave the Murderous Mosquitoes their first win so far on the show. Meanwhile, Craig and Halle formed an inter-team alliance, suckering in two other players apiece from their respective teams. Halle and her alliance of Katie and Amy convinced three of their fellow Spiders to vote out Harold, who could easily have dominated the entire game with his mad skills. But he didn't, and got booted. Well played Halle, and THANK YOU SO MUCH!! With that little creep gone, with the Shouting Spiders regain their lead? Will Craig and Halle's alliance last? Who will join Matt and Harold at the hut? Find out, in the most thrilling episode, of Total Drama Insanity!

The Murderous Mosquitoes were enjoying their hot tub party the night Harold was kicked off. They were drinkin' pop, eatin' chips, and having a blast.

"Where did you learn these great jokes, Damien? We'd all like to know!" said Danny, still laughing from that last joke.

"The internet. Where else?" said Damien.

"I'd like to call a toast," said Daisy. "To Eva, for winning us this hot tub party! You rock!" said Daisy. The nine players in the tub drank to that. Wait, nine? Oh yeah, Cathy had to use the bathroom. When she came back, she expected to be let back in, but Craig denied her.

"This hot tub is for good-looking people ONLY. Get lost, Cathy. No one wants you here." he said, with an evil grin. Cathy ran away crying. Cody was furious!

"She's on our team, she deserves this as much as we do, why not let her in?" he said. But that question was bordering a raged exclamation.

"Because," said Craig, "Just because. We already have enough fat people in here: one. No offense Danny."

Cody was even more enraged at this point. He knocked the chips and pop right out of his hand and threw them right out of the tub. "YOU SON OF A B****!! Fine, if there's no room left, I'M GOING TO MAKE ROOM!" after saying that, Cody grabbed Craig and threw him right out of the hot tub. Even Eva was shocked, no one had ever seen his temper get set off this much before!

"Dude, chill. I was joking," said Craig in an attempt to be let back into the hot tub.

"If you were joking, you would have SAID so when Cathy ran CRYING!" after saying THAT, Cody threw his soda bottle at Craig, it hit him in the groin, and Craig reeled in pain. Then Cody got out to tell Cathy that there was room. That Cody is going DOWN, or else my name ain't Craig Adams! said Craig in the confessional. Craig could only continue to reel in pain when Cathy and Cody returned with more Chips and pop for them and the rest of the team. (minus Craig) The others were still shocked at Cody's rage before. Wow! I never knew Cody could get so angry! He was never this angry when Gwen was hurt! I'm sensing something here... said Courtney in the confessional. Cody's a true friend. I'm lucky to know him. And don't tell the others, but I think he's cute! said Cathy in the confessional. Cody was the last one to use the confessional about the incident. I don't know what came over me, I don't remember the last time I got this angry! I mean, I guess I can't deny that I really like Cathy, but I liked Gwen last season, and I never got angry over her! he said. Eva's stress ball broke the camera that was watching this, so no more footage of the hot tub party was taken.

The next morning, after brecky, both teams met up in the soccer field as Chris had instructed. The goal nets had been replaced, though, with three cones, containing flags, on each side, and two empty cones on each side. "Hello, players," said Chris. "This is the new Shouting Spiders, without the little twerp Harold, who was thankfully voted out at the ice cream hand-out.

"Today's challenge is here courtesy of Duncan, who called me requesting a game he played in juvenile detention once, called capture the flag. Here's how it works: each team has three flags. The object of the game is to have all of your flags and all of your opponent's flags on your side of the field. Once you capture a flag from an enemy cone, you will put it in one of your empty cones. If you are tagged by a member of the opposite team in 'enemy territory' or on the other team's side of the field, you must go to 'jail'." Chris pointed at two squares on each side, corners marked by cones. "You cannot leave jail if you are in it. You can get out, by being tagged by a member of your team. If you are tagged in this manner, you must put your hands up and walk back to your side. You can't get tagged during your walk back, so don't rush. If you take and enemy flag and get tagged, you must give the flag to a member of the opposite team. You can pass the flag to someone else, or hand it to someone else, on your team, but not after you've been tagged. If you have stolen a flag, and returned to our side, but all the cones on your side have flags in them, raise the flag you're holding up into the air. The first team to do this wins! I'll give you ten minutes to talk strategy with your team before the game starts. Starting... now!" and then Chris walked out, giving both teams time to talk.

"Look, I have an idea and it's a good one," said Spense. "Four of us will go after flags. Those four will team up and go after one flag at a time. That way, we're basically guaranteed the flag. In the process, two of us will be on defense, but mainly focus on saving those four from jail when they inevitably get tagged. Three of us will guard flags and play defense, and then one of us will guard the jail. The only question is who does what."

"That's a great idea!" said Tyler. "I suggest that me, you, DJ, and Maya go on offense."

"Sounds good," said DJ.

"Amy, Katie and I will go on defense. Isn't that right, girls?" said Halle, kind of demanding instead of asking though.

"Um... Okay, sure!" Amy and Katie said together.

"Julie, how about you and me go on rescue duty?" said Sammy.

"Fine by me," replied Julie.

"So we're all set," said Spense, satisfied. "That leaves Noah on prison duty. Noah, are you okay with that?"

"Sure, whatever," said Noah in an uncaring tone.

"You'll be a team player this time, right?"

"Of course. You think I'd be dumb enough to make the same mistake twice?"

"No offense Noah, but yes."

"Very funny. Now let's get into position."

So the Shouting Spiders got ready. Meanwhile, the Murderous Mosquitoes had a hard time deciding what do do. More specifically, what Eva should do. Eventually they came up with a plan.

"Here's our plan," said Courtney. "Cody, Daisy, Zeke, and Craig, you guys go on offense and try to distract the Spiders on defense. Then when the coast is clear, Eva, you charge in full speed and take all the flags, and then run back to our side. Easy win. Damien, Cathy, Beth, Danny, you guys go on defense with me. Got it. Then let's go!" No one objected to that plan, but Craig confessed, (in the confessional) That girl Courtney gets on my nerves. She's a control freak, that's what she is! I dislike her almost as much as I do Cody. Almost, that is.

Both teams got into positions, and Chris blew a whistle, starting the game. Courtney's plan began to work when Cody, Daisy, Zeke, and Craig went onto enemy territory to stall, though Zeke quickly got tagged by Amy when he tripped on a rock. She laughed when she saw Zeke trip and fall. It was funny, said Amy in the confessional. I wasn't trying to be mean.

Meanwhile, Tyler, Maya, Spense, and DJ teamed up on enemy territory and easily outran the Mosquitoes' defense. When Spense took a flag and passed it to Maya, Courtney gave the signal, and before the flag guards even knew what happened, Eva was charging in, full speed, just like Courtney said, and took all three of the Spiders' flags easily. At this time, Maya had passed the flag to Tyler, who was running back to his territory, and DJ had escaped. Spense and Tori were both tagged. Tyler and Eva were both running back to their territory. They just so happened to be running near each other, so Tyler made an effort to get Eva out. It was all or nothing, said Tyler in the confessional, But I knew I had to do it. Eva, believing that she could win the game by getting Tyler out by getting to the other side first, didn't avoid this. Both Tyler and Eva put their hands out in front of them in an effort to accomplish this. They both charged at maximum speed, trying to outrun each other. At last, both made it to the center line, and their hands clashed in the middle. It was so close to the middle that Chris asked both Tyler and Eva to freeze so that he can take a photo of them and see who's out. Chris took the photo, looked at it up close, and then spoke.

"This is very interesting..." he said, "By only a few millimeters, the hand clash between Tyler and Eva was on the Shouting Spiders' side of the field. That means Eva's out!" The Shouting Spiders cheered, while Eva slumped her way to the jail, depressed. She had, in her mind, let her team down. Courtney started to freak out because her plan failed, annoying the rest of the Mosquitoes, especially Eva, to no end. Noah, who was guarding the jail, was especially upset about Eva's getting out. They had a conversation while the rest of the players played the game.

"It's okay, Eva. You did your best."

"My team's entire strategy revolved around me, and I let them down. I deserve to go home."

"Don't say that, Eva. You won your team the hot tub last time, remember? And besides, I'd vote myself off if you went."



They gazed right into each others eyes for a moment, and then suddenly made out. Meanwhile, Julie had saved Spense and Maya, and they, DJ, and Tyler took another flag. Halle, Katie, and Amy tagged Cody, Daisy, and Craig. With Eva out, all the Spiders had to do was keep her out, and they were set. They didn't mind Noah and Eva's making out, Amy just took position as prison guard and that was that. Then Sammie rescued Julie, Maya, and DJ, who were in jail on the other side so they could steal another flag. With this method, the Shouting Spiders had victory in no time flat after Eva got out.

"Shouting Spiders, you guys rock! You win invincibility tonight, as well as a reward: an all-expenses paid trip to Friendly's!" said Chris after the Spiders took the last flag. All of the Shouting Spiders cheered. "Murderous Mosquitoes, you stink! gimme your room keys, and meet me tonight to vote someone out."

After the Shouting Spiders got onto the bus and went to friendly's, Craig had an alliance meeting with Damien and Danny. I LOVE being in an alliance!! said Danny in the confessional. It's SO much fun!! YEAH!! When Danny and Damien met up with Craig, they discussed the voting for that night. Craig started.

"Okay, for who we're going to get eliminated tonight, we're going to vote for..."

"Courtney!" said both Danny and Damien in unison, cutting Craig off.

"I was going to say either Cody or Courtney, preferably Cody for the hot tub incident. But Courtney works too. So I was thinking of convincing..."

"Oh, don't worry about that," said Danny, cutting off Craig again. "Damien and I talked to everyone else. Courtney's undecided, but the rest of us are pretty peeved at her for scolding Eva for losing by a smidgen. We're sticking up for the poor girl by getting Courtney kicked off."

"Okay then," said Craig, clearly impressed by this. "So, we vote for Courtney, and she gets kicked off. Dismissed."

That night, at the ice cream hand-out, after everyone on the Murderous Mosquitoes handed in their room keys, Chris explained the rules again, then passed out the voting box with ballots.

Courtney voted for Zeke. "A fat lot of help YOU were!"

Eva voted for Courtney. "You really hurt my feelings!"

When Chris got back the vote box, he tallied up the votes. "When I call your name," he said, "catch your room key, then come up and claim your ice cream sandwich. Eva, Danny, Craig, Zeke, Damien, Beth, Cody, Cathy...

...Zeke. All of you are safe!" Everyone except for Courtney caught their room key and happily munched on an ice cream sandwich. "Tastes like safety, eh?" said Zeke as he ate his.

"WHAT?!" yelled Courtney, shocked to be voted off. "You guys voted ME off, out of all people! I was a counselor in training! Ugh, screw this! Chris, you can forget about ME being your lawyer! I HATE this show!" and with that, Courtney stormed to the bus and angrily told the bus driver to take her to the hut, and "step on it!" As soon as the bus started, the rest of the team cheered!

So, if there any lesson in this, it's that, well, no one likes a control freak. I've got a real surprise planned next, but I ain't tellin'! I guess I'll see you next time, on Total...


INSANITY!! *signs off*


Chapter 5: Let's see how much you suck!

Note: this episode involves a character that belongs not to me, but to Nalyd Renrut. All credit for His appearance goes to him.

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, the two teams engaged in a brutal game of capture the flag! The Mosquitoes revolved their entire strategy around one person, which wasn't such a good idea. I guessed they figured that out when Tyler sent her to the capture the flag jail! Due to her hurting the feelings of that one person through scolding, it was Courtney who was voted off after the Spiders easily won the game. No Eva, no victory. That's how it works, Mosquitoes. That's how it always works. Ah yeah, didn't I say something about there being a surprise? Well, I lied. Doesn't matter anyway, as I got you readin' this, so don't change the page! Instead, stay right there and read the craziest episode yet, of Total Drama Insanity!

The Murderous Mosquitoes were all eating brecky, all very jealous of The Shouting Spiders' reward the previous day, but still happy that they got rid of Courtney last night. Then, they heard a bus pull in. They all knew who was in it. Coming off the bus were the Shouting Spiders, happy from having an ice cream party the night before, due to their win. The Mosquitoes were all annoyed by the happy cheers of the spiders. It only made them feel worse about losing.

The ice cream party was so much fun! yelled Spense in the confessional. I think Sammie may still be really hyper from the strawberry incident said Maya in the confessional, worriedly. Sammie had always been a bit off-kilter, but that... was wrong on so many levels. "Craig, I got you an ice cream cone. Rocky road, your favorite," said Halle, handing Craig the ice cream cone. "Thanks!" said Craig, eating the ice cream. Once everyone was settled, Chris told everyone to meet at the stage for the next challenge.

When the 19 players met up at the outside auditorium, Chris spoke up. "Shouting Spiders, meet the new Murderous Mosquitoes. Damn it, that's a mouthful! Anyway Courtney was sent to the hut last night for hurting Eva's feelings." The Spiders gasped, not because Courtney was kicked off, but because she hurt Eva's feelings. "I'll give that girl a piece of my mind if it's that last thing I do!" said Noah. "No one hurts my girl's feelings and gets away with it!" suddenly 18 pairs of eyes were set on Noah. Noah's so sweet, said Eva in the confessional. But everyone else seemed a little awkward about what Noah had said. Embarrassed, he sat back down. "Anyway," said Chris, getting back on topic, "Today's challenge is a fan favorite from last season, a talent show! Each team will select three people to perform for the others, and out judge, who will rate the act by a show of fingers, one finger being suckish, 10 fingers being the best of the best. Should any one player get a 10 from him, his or her team will automatically win. Otherwise, victory will be decided by putting together the sum of the three scores on each side and seeing which one is higher."

"Excuse me," said Beth, "But who's the judge?"

"I was getting to that," said Chris. "The judge is none other than the one, the only, Dyl of Total Drama Paradise!" Everyone gasped as Dyl entered the area and took his seat at the judge's table, right across from the stage. Dyl waved at the shocked players. "You guys have three hours to decide who will represent you," said Chris. "Move out!"

The Shouting Spiders held their auditions with Spense, DJ, and Tyler each choosing someone after everyone went. (who wanted to go) First up was Julie. Her talent was dancing. She performed however, instead of a slow dance like swan lake, a funky hip-hop dance. Sammie's talent was speed-eating. To the surprise (and disgust) of the others, she ate five adult portions of ravioli in fifteen seconds. Katie refused to audition, saying that her dance was a flop without Sadie. Noah did algebra in Latin. Maya juggles ten ice cream sandwiches perfectly. Amy did gymnastics, including backflips and cartwheels. And finally, Halle played a beautiful rendition of "She Would be Loved" on the piano. Spense picked Julie to be in the show, DJ picked Amy, and Tyler, after a moment of thought, picked Halle. Afterward, the three picks for the show practiced, Maya left to write a blog on her laptop, Sammie followed and clung to Maya, (much to her displeasure) and the rest watched the three picks practice.

Meanwhile, the Mosquitoes had Cody, Beth, and Cathy judge auditions. Damien twirled fire batons. (and caught them, unlike someone else on their team) Zeke sang a power ballad. Eva lifted 500 pounds into the air with no problem. (and a toothpick to boot) Danny broke the sound barrier with a huge belch. Craig did a roast of the campers from season one who didn't make it onto TDIn. And finally, Daisy sang a song while doing a handstand. When it came time to judge, Cody picked Craig, Beth picked Eva, and Cathy went with Zeke. Afterward, the three picks practiced for the show, and Craig had Danny spy on Julie, who had just went to write an entry in her diary. Everyone else watched the three picks for the show practice. There were two hours to spare before the show.

Meanwhile, Maya was trying to shake Sammie off. "Will you beat it? I would like my privacy for a while." Sadly, Sammie didn't get the hint.

"But you're my bestest friend here! I thought you liked talking with me."

"I do, but not all the time. Now will you PLEASE get off of me?"

"No way! I like this!" after saying that, Sammy clung onto Maya more. That was the last straw.

"What kind of freak are you?!" yelled Maya, running into her cabin and locking the door. What kind of freak is she? The strawberry incident is one thing, but this? said Maya in the confessional.

Meanwhile, Danny quickly got bored with spying on Julie, who was writing in her diary. When she put it away, Danny saw where it was being put and told Craig. Craig told Halle, who took it without being noticed. (Julie and Spense went to run around a bit)

At last, it was time for the show. the six people who were picked waited backstage, while the 13 others, and Dyl, took their seats in thirteen conveniently placed chairs, with five left over for participants after they went, and the judge's table, respectively. Then Chris announced that the show had begun! First up, on the Shouting Spiders, was Julie.

Julie got onto the stage. "My name is Julie," she said, "And I will be dancing to some hip-hop!" Julie danced to the hip-hop song "Celsius", earning applause from the audience and a score of six out of ten from Dyl. After dancing, Julie went into the audience, and took her seat in an empty seat next to Spense.

First up for the Murderous Mosquitoes was Eva. Eva got onto the stage and introduced herself. "I can lift five hundred pounds, and one toothpick, with one hand!" she proudly said. She raised her right hand into the air and put weights onto it until she was lifting 500 pounds, and one toothpick, exactly. Halle, backstage, threw an ice cube onto the massive pile of weights, and it all collapsed. Dyl gave the act a four out of ten, and Noah helped Eva out of the wreckage, and he and Tyler took her to the infirmary. Noah stayed by Eva's side, but Tyler returned to his seat to watch the remainder of the show.

Amy went next for the Spiders. She got onto the stage "Hi, I'm Amy," she said, "And I'll be doing gymnastics!" Amy proceeded to do a number of backflips and cartwheels, making it all look easy. Craig slid some butter onto the stage, and Amy slipped on it and landed on her butt. Even though her butt hurt a lot, though, she didn't stop. She did a couple somersaults in her position, sprang back up, and did one more back flip. The act earned many standing ovations, even from a few people on the opposite team, and earned her team nine more points courtesy of Dyl. Amy then took an open seat next to her pal Katie, who gave her a hug for such a great performance.

Next up on the Murderous Mosquitoes was Craig. "Hi, I'm Craig," he said. He pulled up a seat and sat. "I'm going to be doing a roast of old competitors." Dyl was surprised by this choice of act. Without any further ado, Craig began.

"Now I'm telling you, I've seen a whole bunch of wackos on reality shows like this before. Let's start with the psycho, Izzy. Her name should be a bunch of question marks, because you never know what kind of crazy thing she's going to do next. If she really is 1/87th Cherokee, then I feel very sorry for the tribe. What kind of freak would ask for a poison ivy spa treatment, and laugh when being shocked by electric Eels? No one I know, or want to know, that's for sure. I hear she even changed her name! That alone is just crazy, but what kind of name is 'Kaleidoscope'? It sounds like some kind of Kangaroo! Next thing you know, she'll be having a gender change, and judging by her newest name, Explosivo, that's not that far away!" Even the Izzy fans in the audience laughed. But Craig wasn't finished.

"Now, let's talk about Gwen. Gwen, wearing black does NOT automatically make you a goth! You have to act it, and frankly, all I'm hearing is, 'Oh, I'm sooooo artistic and soooooo misunderstood. Blah Blah Blah.' And hating Heather doesn't make you goth either. EVERYONE hates Heather, what makes yours special? And while we're talking about people that no one can possibly like, let's talk about one of our own, Cathy!" Everyone suddenly stopped laughing. Cathy's face became a deep red, and Cody's was full of shock. He wouldn't! said Cody in the confessional. But, he did.

"Now, Cathy is one of my own, a Murderous Mosquito, so I guess I'll go a little easy on her. She's fat and ugly! Have you ever heard of dieting? Exercise? Makeup? not showing anyone your face? Who would like you even as a friend? Thank you, good night!" Craig got out of his seat and bowed. Dyl gave him a thumbs-down and a score of two. Chris decided to take a break before the final round.

Cathy ran out crying after Craig finished, and Cody ran after her. "What do you want?" she asked.

"I want to tell you that I think what Craig said was complete bull! I don't think that about you at all! I really like you, Cathy!" after Cody said that, he regretted it. There go my chances with her, he said in the confessional. Cathy was shocked at first, but after a second the reality sank in, and she smiled for the first time since getting here. But first she wanted to make sure that Cody wasn't pranking her.

"Are you serious?" she asked him.

"Yes, I couldn't be more serious, Cathy. Just because Craig is like that... He shouldn't have done that. If I could sing, I would sing you a love song right now!" was Cody's answer.

"Cody..." Cody was worried at first, He was never smooth with the girls, even when he tried, and he never tried with Cathy. He didn't play cool or hit on her, like he did with Gwen. He thought that he could never win over a girl without doing all that.

He was wrong.

To his surprise, Cathy ran into his arms and cried. "Cody, you have no idea how much that means to me!" she said to him, tears streaking down her face. Cody's eyes began watering too, just by seeing Cathy cry. That was that last thing he wanted to see. They just stood there, in each others arms, for a while, before Cody finally spoke up again.

"Cathy, how about we go on for a walk together, just the two of us, away from the others?"

"I'd love to, Cody!" answered Cathy, and the new couple walked through the park, hand-in-hand, together. They didn't come back for the rest of the talent show.

Meanwhile, at the talent show, next up was Halle, who went right after DJ ran to use the bathroom. She had a special something in her pocket. Her teammates helped her get the piano onto the stage. She sat at the piano and introduced herself. "I'm Halle," she said, grinning evilly. "I was supposed to play the piano for you, but instead, I think I'll treat you to something... special." She pulled out from her pocket a diary, pink with yellow hearts on it. Julie was shocked and angered. I know Halle's mean, said Julie in the confessional, but this just sickens me. And I should know. that's MY diary!

"So," continued Halle, "Words by Julie, performance by me, here we go. 'Being with him makes me happier than anything else on this crummy park! I try to ignore him, but he's so cute and so funny! I always wanted to find a guy who I'd feel this way about, and now I found him! His name's...'"

Before Halle could say another word, Julie angrily threw a rock at her, knocking the diary out of her hand and into Julie's, who put it away. Halle bowed and walked off the stage, earning a... 0 for her team. Dyl refused to award Halle any points at all for that! Spense was shocked by what he heard. He wondered if she was talking about him. After Julie got her diary back, she started to cry on Spense's shoulder. And then, after all that commotion, DJ came back.

Given the current score, Chris bluntly told the Mosquitoes that Zeke needs a 10 from Dyl to win the challenge. Zeke got onto the stage and introduced himself. "My name's Zeke, eh? And I'm going to be singing a song that I wrote. This goes out to someone special here at the park, eh?

"Oh, you're my entire world!
Someone I can't stop thinking of
You're my entire world
Someone I've been dreaming of
Oh, I don't know why,
But you always put a smile on my face
I don't know why,
But you make me feel this special way!
I just wanted you to know
That you're my entire world

To everyone's surprise, Zeke sang the song beautifully. There were tears in the eyes of almost everyone who watched. Some tried to figure out who Zeke was singing about, but to no avail. And for the Murderous Mosquitoes, the tears turned into cheers when Dyl gave Zeke 10 points, thus winning the game for his team! The Murderous Mosquitoes won! Dyl gave Zeke a thumbs-up, and the Mosquitoes stood up to cheer in victory for Zeke. Even the Shouting Spiders, who lost, cheered. Except for Julie, who was too bust glaring at Halle. Then Chris announced that Dyl was leaving. Everyone said goodbye to the TDP winner before he left. He waved to the players right before he got on the bus and left.

Do you think that what I did was harsh? said Halle in the confessional. Thank you! Do you think I'll be kicked off? Nope. All I need is for five people to vote off Sammie with me. Let's see, Katie and Amy are easy, DJ didn't even see what I did, neither did Noah, and Maya's pissed off with Sammie anyway! Perfect!

That night, at the ice cream hand-out,everyone had gotten an ice cream sandwich except for Sammie and Halle. Chris spoke up. "As you know, one of you will be moving to the Hut of Humilliation tonight. I have here the final ice cream sandwich. The reason that I didn't ask for your room keys today is because, I decided I'll just have the loser give me his or her key on the way out. Anyway, as much as I don't want to give this result, by my contract, I must. The final ice cream sandwich goes to...

Halle. Sorry Sammie, but you're gone!" Halle caught her ice cream sandwich and happily munched on it.

Sammie didn't seem to mind leaving. "Well, we've all gotta go sometime, right? Halle, YOU SUCK FOR WHAT YOU DID!! Maya, you didn't vote me off, right?" Maya didn't answer.

"Sammie, hand over your room key. As they said in TDP, your team has spoken, but I feel that they said some pretty bad curse words this time." Sammy handed Chirs her room key and got on the bus. DJ and Noah shrugged, but glared at Halle when Julie told them what happened.

How will Julie pay Halle back for what she did? Why was Zeke singing about? Who will be next to go? Find out, for the most part, next time! On Total...


Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 6: Take me out to the Drama Game!

Last time, on Total Drama Insanity, the two teams competed in a talent contest, with none other than the famous Dyl as the judge. Some people had strength. Some had music. Some had gymnastics. Craig embarrassed Cathy with his comedy act by making great fun of her, giving Cody his big chance to show her how much he cares. Gwen, if you're reading this, Cody thanks you for giving him advice about this sort of thing. Meanwhile, Halle pulled a Heather when she read Julie's diary to the whole viewing world, revealing that Julie has a crush on someone else here at the park. The Murderous Mosquitoes were saved when Zeke wowed the crowd, and Dyl, with a beautiful love song he wrote for a special someone, putting the Spiders on the chopping block. Halle saved her butt when she convinced a few others to vote off Sammie with her. Well played, Halle. Who was Zeke singing about? What challenge awaits our players next? And who will be the next one sent to the Hut? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

The night of Sammie's elimination, the rest of the Spiders were pissed at Halle for what she did, but only Julie took action. Late that night, when everyone else was asleep, Julie sneaked into Halle's room with a few supplies to prank her with. First, she put Halle's hand into a cup of warm water, making her pee her pants. Julie covered Halle's face with makeup, only all in the wrong spots. I couldn't hold back a laugh when I did that, said Julie in the confessional. She looked worse that"Ugly"! Then Julie rigged the floor with booby traps, and finally, she hung a bucket of cold water over Halle's bed to the ceiling by a rope. the other end of the rope was outside the cabin.

The next morning, at 6:00 AM, Julie was the first one up. She sneaked over to Halle's cabin and tugged on the rope there. The bucket turned over, letting a bucket-full of ice-cold water on Halle. She woke up and screamed, then got out of bed onto the rigged floor below. Big mistake. As soon as she stepped on the floor, she slipped on honey, slid a little, and fell on another booby trap which pored hot tar all over her. She slipped and slid some more on the tar and honey and landed on another booby trap, which covered her with powder and feathers. Halle screamed the whole time, which obviously awakened Katie, who simply left the cabin to avoid being blamed for that. When the whole thing ended, Halle let out a huge scream, awakening all the other players, and making Julie laugh hysterically. When Halle finally came outside the cabin, Julie ran and hid so that she couldn't see her.

Halle got to the mess hall when she finished a twenty minute long shower. At the Spider table, Maya was depressed for voting off her friend Sammie just because she was ticked off at her. I really shouldn't have, said Maya in the confessional. I feel like a moron now, Elsewhere at that very table, Julie was telling Spense about the prank she pulled on Halle for what she did the previous night. "You should have heard her scream!" said Julie, laughing after every word.

"I did. It was awesome!" said Spense, also laughing after every word. The two of them started laughing even harder about the incident.

"By the way," said Spense as soon as they finished laughing, "I hate to bring this up, but who were you referring to in that diary? Whoever it is, he's probably the luckiest guy I know."

"I'd rather not say, it's private," answered Julie. She then looked away from Spense and blushed. How am I supposed to tell him? And how am I supposed to know if he really likes me or not? said Julie in the confessional.

Meanwhile, at the Mosquito table, Cathy and Cody were busy flirting and just enjoying each other's company now that they were a couple. Cody's so sweet! said Cathy in the confessional. I thought I'd never meet a guy like him, ever! The rest of the Mosquitoes were busy pestering Zeke about who his song was for. It got to be unbearable for Zeke, so he threw a plate of oatmeal at Craig and used the distraction to flee from the mess hall. My team is crazy right now, eh? I hate this! My song won the challenge for my team, yes, but it's not worth it! Oh well, eh? It'll be worth it if- right when Zeke was about to say the name of his crush, the confessional broke down. It got fixed almost instantly after, so Zeke was able to finish the confessional. -likes me back. I can dream, can't I?

After breakfast, the 18 remaining players met at a baseball diamond, just as Chris had asked them to. It was slightly larger than one of those baseball fields you see at regular parks. "Today's challenge," said Chris as soon as everyone arrived at the ballpark, "Is a five-inning game of baseball. Since each team has nine members, there are two full teams here to use. Decide who gets what position in the field first. You have ten minutes to do so. The team with the most runs at the end of the five innings wins invincibility. Also, I have a little side-challenge for you: if you can hit a home run in the first inning, weather in-field or out-of-the-park, before anyone else on your team does, you win two of these!" Chris held up a tiki doll. "These are immunity idols. At an ice cream hand-out, after the votes are tallied, but before I announce the results, you may exchange one of these for an ice cream sandwich, with represents safety. You may then either keep the ice cream sandwich for yourself, or give it, and the safety, to someone else. This can either completely mess up the voting, leaving only one vote to count, or simply waste it by playing it. Since the Murderous Mosquitoes won yesterday, they'll be in the field first. Shouting Spiders, you're up to bat first. Now, decide who plays what and meet me back here in ten minutes, starting... now!"

Ten minutes later, the murderous mosquitoes got into the field. Cody was pitcher, Danny was catcher, there was Craig on first base, Cathy on second, Daisy as shortstop, and Damien on third base. Beth, Eva, and Zeke were in the outfield. First up to bat was Halle. Cody's skills with balls (first seen in Dodgebrawl last season) gave Halle two strikes, but Halle carefully timed a curveball and ended up on second. Next up to bat was DJ, who hit a home run off of a screwball from Cody. DJ's homer scored two runs for the spiders, putting them in the lead. Because Halle was on second base at the time, though, she got the immunity idols. Katie gave DJ a hug for his home run before going up to bat and striking out. The Mosquitoes made a good choice making Cody pitcher. Next up to bat was Julie. with some words of encouragement from Spense, she it a triple after getting two strikes, and then Spense hit a single, allowing Julie to score another run for the spiders. However, that all ended when Noah got up to bat. He struck twice, then hit a crappy pop fly as Spense tried to steal third base. Cathy caught it and stepped on second, letting the Mosquitoes go up to bat.

First up for the Mosquitoes was Eva. She glanced at the field. Pitching for the Spiders was Halle, with a depressed Maya as catcher, Julie on first base, Katie on second, Noah as shortstop, Amy on third, and Tyler, DJ, and Spense in the outfield. Eva waved at Noah, who waved back at her. Eva hit a home run off of a fastball, giving her team one run, and giving her two immunity idols. Next up was Beth, who struck out, followed by Danny, who hit the ball way up into the outfield, but was caught in mid-air by Tyler. Damien hit a double, and Daisy managed to hit an in-the-park home run, making the score a 3-3 tie. Zeke stepped up to the plate and hit a hard ball into the outfield. it got to DJ, who threw it to Amy as Zeke was heading to third. But by the time the ball reached Amy, Zeke was heading to home plate. Amy threw the ball to Maya, but she was distracted by thoughts of her old friend Sammie and her own sadness and missed the ball, giving the Mosquitoes another run. Finally, Cathy stepped up to the plate, but struck out. As she sulked to her position on the field, Cody comforted her, saying that mistakes happen to even the best of us, before taking his place.

Throughout the game, many impressive runs and outs have been made. Tyler hit a three-run home run with Spense and DJ on base. Amy hits a fastball, but Cody catches it, and throws the ball to Cathy, who then steps on second base and throws the ball to Damien, who steps on third, causing a triple play. Eva hits a grand-slam home run for her team. Tyler catches three would-be home runs in the outfield. Spense hits a line-drive and gets a triple out of it. DJ seals the deal with a fast grounder, getting him out but tying the game. Julie hugs Spense when he returns to the bleachers. In a show of teamwork, at one point, Katie sprains her ankle on the way to second, but DJ, who hit a powerful ball to the outfield, picks Katie up, and carries her while running to home plate, earning two runs for his team.

By the bottom half of the fifth, and final, inning, the score was 9-7, in favor of the Spiders.

The Spiders have Noah, Maya, and Katie up to bat next. Maya strikes out, still thinking about what she did the previous day and of her good times with Sammie, Noah hits a weak grounder and gets a single, but Katie can hardly run due to her ankle injury. She gets out, and Noah also gets tagged out. After getting out, Katie sat out the bottom of the final inning. DJ sat with her to keep her company. Beth and Cathy quickly got out, but Daisy nearly scored an in-field home run due to DJ's absence. After that, Noah took DJ's position in center field. Next up was Eva. Tyler helped Noah up onto the fence behind the outfield to catch a potential home run from Eva. Halle threw her best screwball, but Eva hit it as hard as she could. It was heading straight for Noah. Had Noah tried to jump and catch the ball, Eva would have gotten out. But Noah was distracted by Eva's grace and beauty when she hit the ball, and it flew right over Noah's head. Noah only came to when Tyler yelled at him for missing the ball completely. He helped Noah down. Finally, Beth struck out. The game had tied.

Chris spoke up after that. "Well, the game ended in a tie. I would go into extra innings, but instead, I decided it'd be more fun to watch BOTH teams squirm. That's right. BOTH teams will have to vote someone off tonight! No one is invincible, no one is safe, except for Halle and Eva who each have two immunity idols. And that's the game! But, since the Spiders had the lead longer, they get the intended reward: a romantic dinner in Amard, where the Fighting Ducks once had their romantic dinner." The Shouting Spiders cheered!

At lunch afterward, both teams were discussing who should be voted off. The Shouting Spiders were pissed at both Maya and Noah for only harming them, not contributing to their nine runs. "At least Katie and DJ scored a run or more," said Halle.

Meanwhile, Craig and Eva both had to use the bathroom. The rest of the team, save Danny and Damien, openly agreed to vote off Craig, with Cody going so far as comparing him to "The Rat". Danny attempted to defend him, but to no avail. Damien didn't even try. Meanwhile, Craig met up with Eva on their way back to the mess hall. Craig had a plan in mind. He had something behind his back.

"Eva, what's up?"

"Oh, nothing. Been lifting dumbbells, still thinking about who to vote for."

"Eva, give me your immunity idols."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't, I'll show this to Noah!"

Craig pulled from behind his back a picture of Eva and Jacob from TDP making out in the woods. It was actually originally a picture of Elian and Jacob making out in Amard in TDP, but Craig edited it so well that you wouldn't even be able to tell what it originally was, and even Noah would believe it. Eva gasped.

"You... you wouldn't!"

"Yes, yes I would."

"But that's fake. I never did that!"

"But Noah doesn't know. And can you tell that it's fake besides the obvious part that you didn't do it? Didn't think so. Give me the idols, and I'll give you the picture. Keep the idols, and I'll end things between you and your beloved Noah!"

"Fine, but you'll pay for this, you son of a b****!"

Eva ran to her cabin to get the idols. Craig took them, gave Eva the picture, and put the idols back in his cabin. Eva ripped up the picture and sighed.

The ice cream hand-out was in late afternoon due to the dinner. Both teams were there. The Shouting Spiders were up first.

Maya voted for Noah. "Aside from Craig and Halle, you're the meanest person here."

Noah voted for Maya. "It's nothing personal, it's for your own good. You'd be able to reunite with your friend Sammy. I'm sorry."

Julie voted for Halle. "Being useless or sarcastic is WAY better than being you! Good-bye, and good riddance!"

Then the two alliances of the Shouting Spiders voted: Halle's and the brother-bond-alliance Spense, DJ, and Tyler formed.

Chris took the ballot box from the voting booth, re-explained the hand-out, and, before anything else, mentioned one more thing. "In the event of a tie, all previous votes against the tied players will be taken into account. If there is still a tie, whoever is least popular in the poll nearby will be out. If there is still a tie, I will personally decide who's to go. Now, would anyone like to play an immunity idol? Remember, only one may be played per hand-out." No one spoke up. "Okay then." Chris tallied the votes. Maya knew a near-unanimous vote against her was quite possible, and most likely, seeing as she was depressed, while Noah was merely sarcastic, and no one would want to break up a couple this early when a girl who's single is up for elimination. Noah knew that in the event of a tie, he'd be the one going to the hut. "Spense, DJ, Tyler," the new alliance caught their ice cream sandwiches and high-fived. Noah got uneasy, but he felt better when Spense gave him a piece of his ice cream sandwich. "Julie, Amy, Katie, Halle," they caught their sweet safety. Julie glared at Halle. Spense put his arm around Julie and promised to sit with her at the dinner, to which Julie thanked him, and resumed glaring at Halle.

Both Noah and Maya were shaking. Noah was so worried that he became pale. Maya's eyes turned strange, scared colors on account of her depression and fear of being voted off. "Now, I would hold the suspense a bit longer, but judging by how worried you guys are, I'm going to hold it a LOT longer!" Noah and Maya glared at Chris, then remembered their position and went back to being scared "The final tasty treat of safety goes to...

...Noah. Congrats!" Noah caught his ice cream sandwich, bud did not smile. Maya began to cry.

"Maya, hand me your room key please," said Chris. Maya was about to do so, when Noah stood up and ran in front of Maya, facing her.

"I'm sorry," said Noah, who had a sad smile on his face, "That it had to be this way. I regret voting you off. You voted me off because I was sarcastic and mean. But I've changed, and I feel as if I must do this. Maya, you need this ice cream sandwich more than I do. Take it and be safe. Make Sammie proud. I'll bet she forgave you for voting her off, and you need to stay strong, for both you and her. Me, I have no one to fight for anymore. I have no friends here on my team. Maya, for you and for Sammie, I'm giving you my safety. I hereby vote myself off!"

Maya was shocked, but she eventually understood what Noah was doing, thanked Noah, and hugged him. Maya accepted the sandwich, and Noah handed Chris his room key.

Noah kissed Maya on the cheek. "Stay strong, my sister." Everyone gasped at that. Noah then revealed to everyone that she was his older twin, which Maya confirmed. As Noah was about to get on the bus, Eva tearfully ran up to him. Noah looked at her and smiled sadly.

"You too, Eva," said Noah. "Stay strong. I'll be rooting for you and Maya both. Farewell, my love." Noah kissed Eva and they hugged. Finally, Noah got onto the bus and left for the hut, everyone else waving him goodbye. Noah really had changed! The rest of the spiders got onto a helicopter nearby. Bob the leprechaun was in it. He took the Spiders to Amard for their reward.

The Murderous Mosquitoes sat down, as they were next. One by one, the Murderous Mosquitoes went into the booth and cast their votes.

Eva voted for Craig. "This probably won't count, but you SUCK!"

Cathy voted for Craig. "This is for last episode!"

Daisy voted for Craig. "Seriously, are you and The Rat related?"

One by one, everyone voted. Chris took the ballot box. "Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?"

"I would," said Craig. He gave it to Chris, who gave it an ice cream sandwich. Craig ate it and smiled evilly.

"Okay, now Craig is safe. No votes against Craig will count. Let's see... Damien, Daisy, Cody, Zeke, Eva, Cathy, Danny, you are all safe."

Beth was shocked. "Why would you guys vote me off?"

"We didn't," said Daisy. "We voted for Craig, he played an idol, he voted for you, you're out. Sorry Beth."

"Beth, hand me your room key." Beth shrugged and smiled. "We all gotta go sometime. I got a call earlier today that Brady's waiting for me at the hut, so I don't mind this. Bye guys!" Beth handed Chris her room key and got onto a second bus. It drove to the hut, fading in the sunset with all the remaining Mosquitoes waving good-bye.

Phew! Two sad eliminations and a shocking discovery on one day! I'm too word out to give a big closing statement, so see you all next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 7: A Dark Shade of Drama

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, the two teams competed in a game of baseball, which didn't work out so well for either team. The Spiders did keep up an impressive lead, but the Mosquitoes tied the game up just in time with Eva's two-run Homer. So I made both teams vote someone off. For the Spiders, they voted off Maya, but Noah actually sacrificed himself to save his... sister? For the Mosquitoes, the vote was for Craig, but when he played an immunity idol that he got from Eva through threat, Beth was the one to go. I gave the intended reward to the Spiders because they had the lead longest. What crazy stuff will happen today? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

The Shouting Spiders were enjoying their reward in Amard, more specifically, the ‘Most romantic restaurant in all of Amard’, a restaurant made of bamboo, that had no roof so the couples could see the sky. Bob the Leprechaun played a harp in the background, just like he did in TDP. When the eight Shouting Spiders entered, they were all happily shocked. Spense and Julie sprang for a table together, Katie walked up to DJ and held his hand, and they got a table together. Maya sat alone at a table, depressed even more due to her brother's elimination, until Tyler approached her table.

"Need a friend?" asked Tyler

"More than you know. Thanks," said Maya back. Tyler took the seat with Maya.

Finally, Halle and Amy sat together, not for romantic or sympathetic reasons, but simply because they didn't have anyone else to sit with.

At Julie and Spense's table was a freshly cooked plate of spaghetti for two for them to share. "Isn't this romantic, Spense?" she said. Spense had a mouth full of spaghetti, so he simply gave her a thumbs-up.

"You're not going to pull a Dyl and not talk, are you?" she asked.

"That depends," said Spense. "Are you going to pull a Belle and make me choke?" Julie laughed.

"By the way," said Julie, " I have to confess something. I was referring to you in the diary entry that IT read to the whole viewing world."

Spense looked at her lovingly. "Just as I hoped. I think I'm the luckiest guy on the island now." he said. Julie looked away from him and blushed. Then they looked right into each other's eyes. They took a bite of spaghetti at the same time, and ended up with the same piece of spaghetti. They kept on eating, looking into each other's eyes, until their lips met in the middle. They glanced at each other, and then started making out until Halle threw a BBQ Rip at them. Then they stopped and continued to eat while lovingly looking at each other, flirting, and glaring at Halle, who simply winked at Spense. Spense threw a meatball, which hit her right in the face. Even Amy laughed, until a glare from Halle quickly shut her up.

Katie and DJ were having a great time as well. Both of them had wanted to be together since TDI, namely the camping challenge, when Katie cuddled with DJ in their sleep. At their table waited an order of lobster to share.

"And then," said Katie, "Justin landed face-first in a mud pile, and I couldn't stop laughing! Sadie might think that I was coming between her and Justin, but really, he's not that great. Only if Justin found out that I really hated him for when he ditched me and Sadie in a cave, I'd ruin Sadie's chances with him for her and then she'll be really pissed."

"So?" said DJ. "How would that affect Sadie? Next time you see Justin, act sweet, then kick him hard, in the... place. The dude deserves it for what he did then. One time, the guy, get this, put a dead cockroach in my fruit salad. I nearly fainted. After I was through with him, though, he locked himself in his room trying to get rid of the bruises on his face."

"Oh, I remember that! YOU did that? That was SO funny!"

"Thanks, Katie."

DJ and Katie gazed at each other lovingly, finally being where they desired to be for so long. DJ had never really been in love before, and Katie never experienced feelings this deep for anyone. She tried to hide it by pretending to like Justin along with Sadie, but she couldn't contain her passion for DJ forever. And as good DJ was at getting other people together, he was never quite able to ask Katie out on his own. But now, now two burning passions finally quenched. They were together, and that was all that mattered. Then something hit Katie's mind, and her smile faded.

"What is it, Katie?" asked DJ.

"Well, I just kinda feel bad for someone in this game who isn't so lucky."

"What do you mean?"

"Damien, that's what I mean. Dude's got his eye on the nicest girl on his team, Daisy. She might like him back, I'm not sure. But I feel sorry for him. I can tell that he wants to be with her, but he can't muster up the courage to ask her out. And if I try to help him, Halle would be ticked at me for helping someone on the opposite team."

"Oh. Well, just remember this, Katie. You gotta do what feels right. Trust yourself. If you think it's right to help Damien, then help him. Don't let anyone else influence that but you."

"Thanks, DJ."

Katie knew that DJ always had the right thing to say, and that he was right. Something made her feel uncomfortable about her alliance with Halle. She didn't know what it was, but she always felt a little tense around Halle. Maybe it was her instinct. But she felt comfortable around DJ.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Maya were sitting together, only because Tyler felt that Maya needed a friend, which she did. Maya went through a lot ever since the strawberry incident. Sammy's elimination, Noah's elimination, she almost felt like going goth again, but she knew that she had to put her past behind her. Tyler was just what she needed: a friend. A friend who listened to her, who never interrupted her or criticized her thoughts. And she knew he was listening, because he was always looking at her with compassion, and she could tell from his eyes that his focus what on her and what she was saying. Afterward, Tyler and Maya quietly ate their meals, until something hit Tyler's mind.

"Lindsay would like this place a lot," he said. Maya noticed that when he mentioned the very name of his girlfriend, his eyes lit up. Lindsay meant so much to him.

"She means a lot to you, huh?"

"Yeah. We've been through a lot, being on opposite teams and all. It was her glistening eyes and sweetness that kept me going. It kept me going even after I was hit with a kayak by Heather. Damn mean chick."

"I feel you. Don't even get me started on the popular girls at my school. They're so mean, they make you look bad in front of the one guy you like, and you can't do anything about it. They're stuck-up b****es, all of them.

"I'm getting the Heather vibe from that chick Halle, too. What she did to Julie was harsh. I'd like to stay in this game long enough to see Halle go down. That'd be nice."

"You bet it would, Tyler."

Afterward, Katie and DJ ended up cuddling and gazing at the stars. Spense and Julie were making out. Maya and Tyler continued to talk, as did Halle and Amy. It wasn't until the next morning that they got back. The Spiders groaned, not wanting to get back to reality. 'Welcome back!" said Chris. "Today's challenge will be a paint-off. Each team must paint a group portrait on poster paper. After three hours, both teams will show their paintings to me. The team with the better poster wins invincibility. But there are a few twists. First twist is that I hid each team's painting supplies in the woods. Second twist is that I hid five immunity idols in the woods as well. Only I know where they are." Chris held up a map. "This map shows where they are, but I'm not tellin'. Third twist is that, get this, the losing team doesn't get to vote someone off!"

"Wait," said Spense. "Then how does someone leave? Is this a reward challenge?"

"No," answered Chris. "The winning team gets to vote!" Everyone gasped at that. Aw man! said DJ in the confessional. If our team loses, I'm probably gone! I can't leave yet!

Chris finished. "You have three hours to find painting supplies and make a painting of your team. Poster paper is at the cabins. The paper and board to paint on in the boys' cabin area is for the Mosquitoes, and for the Spiders, everything you need, minus paint and brushes, is in the girls' cabin area. Get moving!"

"Look, guys," said Damien once the Mosquitoes were gathered. "I can really rock a great painting for the team. First, we need to take a team picture so that I have some kind of base for the painting. Does anyone have a camera?"

"I do," said Cody, pulling out a digital camera. Damien placed it on a branch of a tree (with help from Eva) and set the timer for ten seconds. The team got into a pose, and when the picture was taken, Damien took it down and printed the picture out through Cody's laptop. "Now, everyone, get as many paint buckets as possible. If the bucket itself is too heavy, pour some of the paint into a bowl from the mess hall and bring that to me. Got it? Let's move!"

Meanwhile, Julie revealed herself to be a fairly good painter. She had the "Shouting Brothers" (the name for the alliance made by Spense, DJ, and Tyler) get as much paint as possible, using the same bowl tactic. Halle and Maya decided to go with them. However, Halle wasn't as concerned about the paint as she was about the immunity idols. She met up with Craig, who was thinking the same thing. They snuck up on Chris in his cabin and stole the map from him.

"Awesome!" said Halle. "We'll look for these idols together. I brought my backpack. It's more than capable of holding five idols."

"Sweet!" said Craig. "Let's get moving!"

Meanwhile, the rest of the players on the move focused on getting paint into bowls for their artist to use for the painting. Maya stumbled upon an immunity idol near the blue paint, which she quickly stored in her cabin. (which she had to herself now that Sammie was gone) Then brought the bowl to Damien and continued on the hunt for paint. Eva brought back the entire buckets of black and white paint, which was only about half full, due to the Spiders filling their bowls with it. Zeke tripped over an immunity idol as he was carrying a bowl of yellow paint to Damien. He was mad at first, but quickly became pleased after putting the idol in his room. Luckily, none of the paint spilled from the bowl and he returned it to Damien.

Halle and Craig walked to a cabin nearby to rest, Halle's backpack holding three immunity idols. "I think someone else took the other two," said Craig.

"Of course," said Halle, rolling her eyes. "I have two already, you have one. I'll take one, you take two,"

"Got it," said Craig. They put their idols in their cabins and went for paint.

Meanwhile, Damien proved that he wasn't lying. He had already outlined the players in the picture, painted woods in the background, and was starting to color the players using color blends made from mixtures of the colors brought for him. He really knew what he was talking about. He made sure to get every color on every player perfect, or as close to it as possible, before moving on to the next one. As soon as the Mosquitoes finished collecting colors, they simply watched in awe as Damien worked his magic on the paper, blending colors, being perfectly precise. Over on the spiders' side, Julie was doing just as well as Damien was, that is, until Craig went over to watch, and threw a handful of dirt at the painting, getting some of the painting all gritty and getting many colors everywhere, where they were not supposed to be. Five minutes after Craig did that, the timer went off.

Both teams brought their paintings to the mess hall. Damien's looked professional, but Julie's was still damaged from the dirt Craig threw at it. After a little while, Chris declared victory to the Murderous Mosquitoes! The team high-fived, and the others carried Damien in celebration. "Shouting Spiders," said Chris, "Looks like your fates are in the hands of the opposite team! Looks like one of you is going to the hut, and it'll likely be your strongest player!"

That night, at the ice-cream hand-out, Chris called in the Mosquitoes Mosquitoes to cast their votes. They had thought this one long and hard, and ended up being split almost down the middle.

Craig voted for Julie. "This is for what you did to my sister!"

Eva voted for Tyler. "You're the only one who ever bested me at sports. I respect you, but I need you gone"

Danny voted for Julie. "Sorry Julie, but I'm dead if I vote otherwise. Craig sees the booth clips..."

Damien voted for Julie. "I personally think this is wrong, but Craig insists"

Daisy voted for DJ. "Nothing personal. You're big, strong, nice, your team loves you! This is my big chance"

Cathy voted for DJ. "I know Halle is the sister of the meanest guy I know, but you guys wold sooner vote her off than DJ"

Cody voted for DJ. "I hear the Hut's a nice place to be. Sorry dude."

Finally, Zeke cast his vote.

Chris re-explained the rules of the ice-cream hand-out to the players. "Immunity Idols are useless today, so I'm going right to the handing out of the ice cream! Maya, Katie, Amy, Halle, Spense, Tyler, you're all safe!" The players who were called caught their ice cream sandwiched. Spense and Tyler looked worriedly at DJ, and then Spense looked even more worriedly at Julie. It's either bad or worse! said Spense in the confessional. Either Our new alliance gets wrecked, or I lose my love! Spense was in just as much fear as Julie and DJ. Chris basked in the tension. "And now, the final ice cream sandwich goes to..."

"DJ." DJ caught his Ice Cream sandwich. Spense was in tears. "So you voted off, out of all people," Spense said, in tears. "Julie? How could you?" However, not one Mosquito was to be found, and Spense simply ended up looking stupid.

"Julie, hand me your room key, please," Julie did so. Spense ran to Julie in tears. "I'll miss you babe," he said.

"I'll miss you too!" said Julie, also in tears. The couple shared a kiss before Julie got onto the bus. She waved goodbye to Spense as the bus rode off into the night.

Wow! Two dramatic, saddening eliminations in a row! How lucky am I? See you next time, on Total, Drama, Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 8: Hunt or be Hunted!

Last time, on Total Drama Insanity, an art contest got Julie and Damien painting for their lived when I told them that the winning team would kick off someone from the losing team. Both painters did incredible, but Craig's sneaky tricks gave his team the win! Also, I had a map leading to the four immunity idols left to find, and Craig and Halle stole them and took most of the loot! How sinister of them! In the end, the Mosquitoes removed Julie from the Spiders, saddening her boyfriend Spense to no end! What challenge do I have in store for our players today? Who will be the next one to go to the hut? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

Nighttime. Pretty much everyone was asleep, save for Spense, who was kept up by thoughts of Julie. In the confessional, he was crying. Julie! I... I barely even got to know you, and now you're gone! Why, Mosquitoes, why did you have to vote her off? If this is for the time when I gave Harold a wedgie and poured hot sauce into his underpants, then I'm sorry! said Spense in the confessional, still in tears. Outside of the post-production world, Spense heard a faint noise coming from outside his cabin. He went out to check, and found Zeke sitting outside his cabin, playing his acoustic guitar and singing a love song. No doubt it was for the same person he sang for in the talent show. Spense sat next to Zeke, and spoke up when he finished.

"That was really good, Zeke. Where did you learn to play guitar?"

"Matt Tollin taught me. But what's it to you? I'm just the mean Mosquito who voted out Julie with Craig and co."

"Why did you do that?" Spense said this less mean than Zeke had expected. A part of him wanted to rearrange Zeke's face, but Zeke was sure to have a reason for doing what he did.

"I... I had no choice! If Julie stayed in the game, Craig would have killed me! No one gives the evil eye like him!" Zeke was so sad that his Canadian accent nearly vanished right then.

"Oh, okay. I'm still pissed, but I know that it wasn't ALL your fault. I hope Julie's liking it over at the hut. She deserves it."

"Yeah, she does."

"Zeke, by the way, great singing. But I must ask, who were you singing about?"

"I'd rather not say. For all I know, anyone, everyone else still here could be watching me. I feel alone, afraid, and cold. I can't trust anyone, and trusting someone opposite my team will get me killed by Craig. And then..."

"Look, Zeke, things ain't always as they seem. I'm sure you'll find a friend. Or maybe a bunch of friends. Look at yourself, buddy. You've come a long way. Anyway, I gotta get some rest if I'm going to be of any help to my team tomorrow. 'Night, Zeke."

"'Night, Spense."

Then Zeke and Spense went back into their cabins and got some shut-eye. A few hours later, the wake-up-call-alarm sounded over the loudspeakers, waking everyone up. At the breakfast table, things were about as hectic as usual on the Mosquitoes table. Craig and Damien were arguing about strategic decisions, while Danny tried to keep the peace. Cathy and Cody were flirting and enjoying each other, same as always with them ever since the hook-up. Eva was yelling at Craig for what he did a few episodes ago whole Daisy tried to shut her up. It got so bad that Zeke snuck over to the Spiders table, where things were going quite smoothly. DJ and Tyler were comforting Spense about his previous loss, Halle was counting her immunity idols and feeling proud of her getting them, Amy was daydreaming, Katie was hanging with DJ and helping him and Tyler comfort Spense, and Maya was getting some more sleep in. Zeke took a seat across from Spense, who welcomed his new friend. Zeke told the others about the insanity (pun intended, sort of) going on at the other table. Tyler shook his head in embarrassment over being near such a crazy group of people. Zeke asked if there was any way he could switch teams, to which Tyler said, "Probably not, but I think the merge is coming up. You can wait until then, right?" After hearing that, Zeke banged his head against the table. After brecky, Chris told the players to meet at the woods for the next challenge.

When the 15 remaining players arrived at the woods for the next challenge, Chris spoke up. "Players, today's challenge is another fan favorite from last season: the hunt. The paintball hunt. Except there are no hunters and no deer. Everyone gets a gun, and everyone is a target!" at this, the players gasped, then Cheered. "You'll each get a paintball gun, color matching your team, and a stylin' camo cap. Except for one Mosquito, who will sit out this challenge, but receive invincibility no matter what." Danny volunteered for his team, saying that he'd be an easy target. The other Mosquitoes agreed and let Danny sit out. "There will be a thirty minute time period in which you may go into the woods but not be able to shoot before the challenge. Whichever team seems to have the least amount of paint on them wins invincibility and a reward!" Chris tossed to the Shouting Spiders orange paintball guns containing orange paint, and their camo caps. He then tossed to the Murderous Mosquitoes teal paintball guns containing Teal paint, and their camo caps. He blew a whistle, and the players, now hunters and prey at the same time, ran into the woods to get away from the opposite team before the challenge would officially start.

Thirty minutes later, the 14 players with paintball guns rant to find prey at the sound of Chris's whistle over the loudspeaker. Zeke found Maya and tried to snipe her, but the paintball missed her and hit Daisy, who was trying to find someone to shoot. Zeke apologized, admitting that he's a terrible shot. Maya noticed and tried to flee, but she got sniped by Daisy easily. Zeke shook his head in shame and changed his strategy to avoiding paintballs coming his way. Meanwhile, Tyler was having no trouble picking off targets. He climbed a tree, hid in the leaves to the best of his ability, and fired at any Mosquito that happened to pass, including both Zeke and Daisy.

"Note to self," said Daisy. "Take a long shower after this is over, to get off the paint in your hair!"

Cathy and Cody were concerned not about the challenge, but about each other. DJ found them making out. "Gross!" he said, and shot down them both. He then found Tyler in the tree after a while, and Spense slumping near it. Tyler jumped out of the tree, and he and DJ convinced hin that sulking over Julie's elimination will get him nowhere. Spense looked at them both and smiled.

"To the Shouting Brothers!" said Spense with excitement not heard from him since the elimination.

"To the final three!" said all three "Shouting Brothers" in unison, and then they high-fived. Afterward, Spense went off to find targets, Tyler went back into the tree, and DJ met up with Katie.

"Hey Katie. How goes it?" said DJ.

"Good, except for this stupid hunting thing. Paintballs hit HARD."

"I feel ya. Last season, Owen actually shot me with a paintball gun, twice, It stung bad. I ended up washing it off before he could fire another on at me."

"What's with Owen and shooting stuff hard? Sheesh."

"I know, seriously. Anyway, as long as we're here, why don't we hang out until the challenge is over?"

"Sounds cool to me."

The couple hugged before going off into the woods, together. Zeke walked by, and fired at Halle in the distance, but missed. Tyler heard a scream that was most likely Daisy's. Tyler snickered a bit, then shot Zeke down. Damien had much better luck. He and Craig were still arguing about strategy, and then Damien shot down Halle from a distance with a dozen paintballs.

"Damien, what did you do?!" asked Craig, quite annoyed at his teammate.

"Craig, this is a good thing. I just show down a top player from the other team! Maybe we could get her kicked off! She does lead a rival alliance. Think of the benefits!"

Craig was trying to find a way to convince Damien otherwise without spilling his secret of the two alliances being linked. "She... she's got three immunity idols, I saw her count them at breakfast. Let's go, Damien." Damien was a little annoyed himself right about then.

"Dude, you're not my dad. I'm gonna go off on my own, maybe I'll actually shoot someone with paint." And with that, Damien left, completely blowing off Craig. Craig swallowed his anger and went another way, admitting to himself that Damien was right.

Damien ended up meeting up with Daisy, who had just been hit by a paintball, courtesy of Zeke, which was meant for Maya.

"Daisy, I need some advice," said Damien.

"What do you need?" asked Daisy, a little confused that Damien would come to her before Craig.

"Well, You know that alliance Craig's got me into? Well, Craig's been really harsh to me, about everything. He keeps on threatening me with the threat of getting dirt on me and getting me kicked off if I don't. It's just crazy! Just yesterday I had to fetch him chips because he was too lazy to get off his stupid butt. But If I defy him, I'm dead meat! What do I do?"

Daisy as saddened by hearing this. Craig was that bad? "Well, all I know is, just do what feels right. If you decide to do something, I'll be right there supporting you." what Daisy said made Damien think. Was there a way out of this?

"Thanks, Daisy. Maybe I can confront Craig about it without quitting his alliance. Maybe." said Damien, thinking a bit. However, his train of thought was rudely ended by a teal paintball from Zeke hitting him in the face. Daisy rushed to his aid, but Damien just wiped the paint off and said that he was fine. After that, and right after Damien continued on his train of thought, Chris announced that the challenge was up.

The 14 players with guns and caps reported to the mess hall to hand Chris back the stuff. Chris took a look at both teams after that. Cathy and Cody were covered in paint all over, as they were easy targets during their make-out session. Daisy and Damien had teal paint on them, which counted as paint. Zeke and Craig had a few shots on them, but Eva was completely paintball-free. Spense, DJ, and Tyler didn't have any paint on them at all, Maya had one paintball on her, from Zeke, who finally hit his target, but Halle was covered in it, and Amy and Katie had a few shots. Chris declared victory to the Shouting Spiders, then told everyone to get a shower to get all the paint off of them.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out, Zeke was looking really worried. Many of his teammates had yelled at him for hitting his own team. Zeke panicked a little, but remembered the immunity idol in his lap and smiled.

Daisy voted for Zeke. "It's nothing personal, it's just that your paintballs stung, and they weren't even from the other team!"

Craig voted for Cathy. "You were a big target, and as much as I like to make you squirm, the most I can do now is send you away from Cody."

Damien voted for Zeke. "His paintball stung, and maybe I can rebel in small ways, by voting differently."

Chris tallied the votes. "Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?" Zeke handed him his, and got an ice cream sandwich for safety. Chris gave the rest of the sandwiches to... "Daisy, Danny, Damien, Eva, Craig, and...

...Cody." They caught their ice cream sandwiches. Cody was saddened by the news that Cathy was out.

"Cathy, hand me your room key, please." Cathy did so. Right after, Cody ran up to her and kissed her.

"I'll miss you, babe." he said.

"Oh, I'll miss you too, Cody! You're the only one who ever cared about me!" said Cathy back. Both of them were in tears. Cody's feelings for Cathy surpassed what he ever felt for Gwen. The couple kissed again before Cathy got onto the bus and left. Cody waved good-bye in tears. Craig laughed victoriously. Zeke was nowhere to be found. Craig's laughing ended corruptly when Damien punched him lightly.

How will Cody bear the game with his new love gone? Will Damien go through on his attempt to break from Craig? Will the "Shouting Brothers" last? Find out all that, and more, next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 9: I Just Wanna Dance

Last time, on Total Drama -- ugh! Remind me why I'm doing a recap when the previous chapter is right above you? Anyway, last time, ugh, the players had to Hunt each other, or be hunted be each other, with paintballs. Cathy and Cody were pulling a Geoff and Bridgette in the bushes, despite getting covered in paintballs. Zeke fired at targets, but kept on missing and hitting his own team! Thanks to him using an immunity idol, Cathy got sent to the hut, but not before a warm goodbye moment courtesy of Cody. Now that I got THAT over with, stay on this page for another great episode of Total Drama Insanity!

Cody was mourning the loss of Cathy by crying. A lot. He didn't have an alliance, or really, that many friends on his team, so there was no one to comfort him. "Man, I didn't know that... thing could mean so much to anyone!" remarked Craig. A second later, his groin was in great pain, and Daisy walked away with a smirk on her face. Damien really didn't know which path to take, hers or his. Damien had recently decided to slowly break from Craig, but he had to do so slowly, or else he'd catch on and kill him. And this was only during breakfast the morning after Cathy's elimination. Then Chris came in and announced that the challenge will be a dancing contest. Some players cheered, some groaned, and some (IE: Zeke) fainted. Chris told the players to meet at the race track after breakfast.

Once everyone was there, Chris announced the challenge. "Today's challenge is a freeze dancing contest, well, sort of. You'll be dancing freestyle while dodging paintballs that I will randomly fire into the crowd! Once you're hit, you're out! You will then get a paintball gun from the box of them here," Chris pointed to a box of paintball guns, "and join me in getting your opponent out. The person who lasts the longest without being hit wins invincibility, and his or her team wins a reward: a trip to Amard, where you'll be touring and even spending the night with a real Amard tribe! Hosting the tour will be none other than Cindy of Total Drama Paradise!" The players cheered. "You have thirty minutes before the challenge!"

In that time, some people were practicing their dances, like Cody and Tyler. Spense did too, but his thoughts quickly turned to that of Julie. Craig asked Damien to grab him a bag of chips from the mess hall, which was the last straw for the guy. He tried to break out subtly in the past, but this was crazy!

"NO!" yelled Damien after Craig told him to get him some chips. "I refuse to be your little slave any more! Who do you think you are? A king? Well, you ain't! You're just some big jerk who I won't listen to any more! I quit!"

"Oh yeah?" yelled Craig back. "You know what would happen if you said that. I swear, your life will be even more miserable than it was before! You think I'm mean now? Well just see how BAD I can be!" However, Damien wasn't intimidated at all.

"I'm going to see to it," said Damien, "That your little alliance goes down the drain from here on in! I'm gonna enjoy watching you go down! And guess what? I'm not stupid! Even if out team wins, I can still damage you badly. Just you see, Craig." Damien walked off with a smirk on his face. He knew that he was going to make the little son of a ***** go down, no matter what the cost! Just then, Chris blew the whistle, and announced that the challenge was to begin. Once everyone got onto the track, Chris played the dance music, and started firing paintballs into the crowd. Danny was the first one hit, followed by Cody who didn't even dance, just mope over Cathy. Both grabbed paintball guns from the box and fired at Shouting Spiders. One by one, people got hit, got paintball guns, and tried to hit others.

Eventually, there were only two players left on each team. There was Damien and Zeke for the Mosquitoes, and Amy and Tyler for the Spiders. All four of the players left danced like maniacs, all the while dodging paintballs left and right. Craig purposely fired at Damien to fulfill his promise to his former alliance member, but Damien dodged those too. After a few more minutes, Zeke and Amy were hit, leaving Damien and Tyler. Daisy, realizing that Craig was shooting as his own teammate, stole the paintball gun from him and threw it back into the box. Tyler's athletic skills proved to be a major asset for his team due to him dodging many paintballs. However, He ended up going right into a trap when he dodged a paintball by jumping it, only to be hit by a high-flying paintball. Chris declared the winner of the reward trip to be the Murderous Mosquitoes! Everyone on the team save Cody and Craig congratulated and cheered for Damien for winning it for the team. Cody was still sobbing over Cathy, and Craig not hated Damien, so he refused to congratulate Damien. Daisy even hugged him, and Damien blushed. Craig saw that and realized what was causing Damien to rebel: Daisy. He clenched his fists in anger at Daisy.

"Congratulations to Damien!" said Chris. "Shouting Spiders, you guys have to vote someone off. But here's the catch. I said that the winner would get invincibility, and so, here's the catch: the person being voted off gets to choose someone from the Mosquitoes to be eliminated too! However, you cannot pick Damien." After hearing that bit of bad news, the Mosquitoes gasped. And they thought they'd be getting off easy!

Afterward, Craig confronted Damien. "So how again are you going to damage me now?" Craig asked, somewhat taunting Damien.

Damien had a smirk on his face. "I'll just eliminate Halle, co-captain of a team-transcending alliance with you. I'm not stupid."

"But you can't! She has three immunity idols, and she'll play one!"

Damien knew that Halle was eavesdropping, so he lied. "I'll just get the Spiders to vote her off anyway, idol or not!" Halle smirked and left. Damien also left, smiling victoriously. On the way back to his cabin, where he was headed, he saw Tyler and Spense with Maya, talking.

"Guys," said Damien, "Could you do me a huge favor?"

"Why?" asked Spense, "You're not even on our team!"

Damien rolled his eyes and continued talking. "I need you guys to vote off Katie for me."

"And why should we listen to you?" asked Maya.

"Because," said Damien, "It's for your own good. Halle has three immunity idols. The best way to damage her alliance is to vote out Katie. She knows more about this stuff than Amy. But make it look like you're voting off Halle. In fact, get DJ to vote off Halle, so that he can't vote with Halle's alliance. He'd sooner do that than vote out his girl, and he hates Halle. Thanks a bunch!" The three of them gave Damien a thumbs-up.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out, the Spiders were sitting on the bench with the Mosquitoes standing behind it. Chris called them up one at a time to vote.

DJ voted for Halle. "You're a rotten apple, and Katie's better off without you."

Spense voted for Katie. "Okay, we're listening to you, Damien, but if this is a trick, you're gonna pay!"

Tyler voted for Katie. "I'm sorry, DJ, but it's for the best."

Maya voted for Katie. "No comment."

Halle voted for Spense. "You supported Julie when she pranked me that day, and you will pay!"

Amy voted for Spense. "This is because Halle told me to!"

Katie voted for Spense. "I'm gonna regret this later, if he goes."

Chris tallied the votes. "Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?" Halle gave him hers, and he gave her an ice cream sandwich for safety. "Okay, this is very interesting. We have a tie in the votes, with no past votes or poll votes to break the tie. So I'll personally decide who's to go. Let's see: DJ, Amy, Tyler, Maya." the four players called caught their ice cream sandwich. "The final ice cream sandwich goes to...

...Spense." Spense caught his. DJ looked sadly at Katie, who was leaving. Damien smiled victoriously. He won. "Katie, hand me your room key, please." she did so, then walked over to DJ and hugged him. "I'll miss you." she said. DJ didn't speak a word, he let the moment speak for itself. This was the moment he loved the most, just he and his beloved Katie. He admired Katie from afar for too long last season, but now...

But now, everything was right, if only for a moment. "I love you, DJ," said Katie. "Stay strong. I'll be rooting for you, all the way." Then the couple shared a kiss before Katie walked to the bus, DJ waving to her. "I think you forgot something," said Chris. "Katie, like I said, you get to decide who leaves from the Mosquitoes. Who's it going to be?"

Katie thought about it for a moment, then decided on, "Cody. I want him to be happy, and he'll be happy at the hut, with Cathy." Cody smiled and walked to the bus, handing Chris his room key on the way. The two got onto the bus and rode off into the night. The Spiders headed back to camp, while the Mosquitoes got onto a helicopter, driven by Bob the Leprechaun, except for Damien, who pulled Chris aside.

"Chris," said Damien, "Thanks for deciding on Katie. Here's your twenty bucks, as I promised. It's well worth it." Chris took the twenty, and Damien got onto the helicopter with the others, smiling victoriously.

How far will Damien go with his plan? How was the tour for the Mosquitoes? Who will be next to go? Find out next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 10: Danny in the Middle

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, the two teams competed in a dance-off, but who cares about that? The real heat happened when Damien, in sheer anger, broke all ties with Craig and went on a mission to destroy his former alliance. It proved to be a success for Damien when he pulled some strings to to eliminate Katie to damage said alliance. Katie got to take someone from the opposite team down with her, and she picked Cody to make him happy with his eliminated girlfriend. What kind of drama will take place now? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

The Murderous Mosquitoes had just got to Amard to go on the tour. "Awesome! We're at Amard! We're at Amard!" said Danny with excitement.

"Yeah, this is going to be great!" said Daisy. She noticed that Damien was lagging behind, hanging his head down. Daisy went to talk to him.

"I did what you said, what I felt was right," said Damien, "and now I feel stupid. Katie did nothing wrong, it should have been Halle."

"If you don't like what you're doing, then stop," said Daisy. "Just do what you feel is right, and I'll support you all the way. I promise."

Damien lit up smiling. "Really?"

"Yeah," said Daisy. She put her hand on her shoulder. "Because that's what friends are for." Craig glared at them. He knew that Katie's elimination was Damien's fault, and that Daisy was the motivation behind it. Damien glared back. They most likely would have fought to the death, but Cindy's Amard-accented voice interrupted tham. "Hi, I'm Cindy, and I'll be your tour guide!"

Danny lit up when he saw Cindy. She was wearing traditional Amardian clothing, which happened to look really attractive on her. At least, Danny thought so. "Hi Cindy! I'm your biggst fan! My name's Danny!" he said.

"Nice to meet you, Danny," said Cindy, not seeming put-off at all by Danny's sudden attraction to her. "Let's begin the tour."

The Mosquitoes and Cindy walked by all of Amard, with Cindy pointing out all the landmarks of Amard. "These are the tribe locations: the Fighting Ducks, the Thrashing Rabbits, and the Conquoring Sloths. This is the Challenge Feild." Cindy went on with the tour, with everyone in great interest, save for Danny, who was focused mainly on Cindy. "This is the tribal council area, and this," Cindy became very excited to mention this. "This is something not even Dyl and Elian got to see here at Amard. This is our island's volcano, Mt. Kaliediscope!" the Mosquitoes gasped in awe at such a sight. The volcano was fivety thousand feet high. "It's been asleep for over ten thousand years. It's named after my ancestor, who dicovered the volcano." Danny was especially excited about seeing the volcano. "Wow, it's awesome!" he said.

When the tour ended, the Mosquitoes got onto the helicopter and left, but Danny had to be draggen on, away from Cindy. Cindy rolled her eyes and blushed; she was never in a relationship in TDP, though The Rat threatned to set her up with Lucas once.

Meanwhile, at the park, Spense and Tyler were still comforting DJ by the time the Mosquitoes returned.

"It's only what was best," said Spense. "Katie was under Halle's control and she had an immunity idol. I'll bet that Katie's having a great time at the hut right now!" but what Spense said only made DJ cry even more.

"Dude, chill!" said Tyler. "Everyone's gotta go sometime! Look, here's how I handeled it. Whenever you're feeling blue, close your eyes and imagine Katie next to you." DJ did as Tyler said, somehow making him feel a little better. "Thanks," said DJ. The trio hugged and went to sleep.

The next day at lunch, all eyes were on Damien and Craig arguing intensly, with Danny trying to keep the peace. Well, more like bring it back. Danny was failing miserably. Then Cjris walked into the room and blew an air horn. Everyone jumped in their seats, then turned to face Chris. Once all eyes were on him, Chris spoke.

"Today's challenge is another fan favorite: camping in the woods. The same woods that housed the paintball hunt. Each team will get a map that leads to their camp location, where all of your supplies will be waiting for you. You have to spend one night in the woods with your teammates. Anyone who leaves the woods before tomorrow morning will lose the challenge for their team. The first team to report to this mess hall tomorrow morning wins invincibility!" Chris threw a map to each table. Spense and Daisy caught their team's.

"Don't worry, I can lead us to our place easy," said Daisy. "Compared to the boy's locker room, the woods are like my sister's makeup kit, neat and easy to find stuff."

"I love camping!" said Spense at his table. "This one time me and my friends back home went camping in the woods back home. I think we were eight or something. And I got up in the middle of the night and did my bear impression. My friends ran for dear life! It was great!"

Yay, a camping trip! said Amy in the confessional. I go camping every year with my family. I always wander off, and I always find something really cool! Like, maybe a cool rock, or berries, or a cave. Once I wandered off and found a cute guy that was going camping too! I hope I find a cute guy this time!

The two teams, led by Spense and Daisy respectivly, headed off into the woods to their locations. Damien walked beside Daisy so that he didn't have to argue with Craig any longer.Daisy was pleased to see Damien actually smiling.

"What makes you so happy today?" asked Daisy.

"After arguing with that...thing, even a grizzly would make you happy." answered Damien. Daisy understood. Craig was the meanest guy in the game, mosquito or otherwise. Ugh, I hate to admit, I see what Damien means. That dude is harsh! said Daisy in the confessional. good thing Damien knows it now.

Meanwhile, Spense led his team to their camp with no problem. "Told you I could do it," said Spense.

"No," said Halle. "You said, and I quote, 'A camping challenge! This is going to be awesome! Follow me!' and ran into the woods ahead of the rest of us." Spense glared at her. There was an awkward silence among the spiders for a few minutes. It was eventually broken by DJ softly sobbing. "DJ, what's wrong?" asked Tyler.

"I... I had bad experiances with camping, that's all," said DJ. "Last time I went camping, it was with the Bass. On TDI. When we got there, I realized that Katie was missing. I was so worried, I couldn't sleep or anything until Katie and Sadie got back. Then Katie was voted off, and I was devastated. I'm worried that we may lose someone again this time." Spense and Tyler comforted him. "It's okay, big guy," said Spense. "We're all in this together." When DJ mentioned Katie, said Spense in the confessional, It reminded me of Julie. I never felt this was about a girl before, and then Julie comes along and takes my heart. What I would give to see her sweet smile again. Spense then burst into tears in the confessional. Then Tyler stepped in. I wanted to be a Gopher last season so badly so I could be with Lindsay, he said, She meant so much to me, she would always find a way to cheer me up whenever I was sad. When I went camping with my team, I couldn't slip away and hang with Lindsay without my team noticing and dragging me back. Tyler's eyes began to water. Lindsay, if you're hearing this, I miss you! The drama just isn't the same without you, baby!

Meanwhile, the Mosquitoes had found their camp. Danny went to find food for dinner, and the others just listened to Zeke playing his guitar and singing. He had no idea that anyone was paying attention to him. Damien's eyes watered listening to Zeke's soft songs of love and sadness that he felt since TDIn began. Daisy, who was sitting next to Damien, also was touched. She unconciously put a hand on Damien's shoulder. They looked at each other and smiled, looking into each other's eyes, both lovingly. However, their moment was ruined by Craig, who threw a rock at Damien. The rock hit him in the gut, but not hard, just enough to shatter the moment. Craig smirked.

Meanwhile, on Lake Wawanakwa, a person with a wet guitar paddled as fast as he could on a rubber raft. He saw the woods and paddled towards there.

Back with the Spiders, Tyler and Spense had returned to the campsite with food. They've been sent to find some while the camera was focused on the Mosquitoes. Thanks to Spense's pocketknife, they killed buck, much to the pleasure of the rest of the Spiders. "Rocking the venison tonight!" said Amy, watching the venison roast on a spit that Spense crafted, over a fire made by Spense. "Dude, you rock!" said DJ, patting Spense on the back. Owen, eat your heart out! said Spense in the confessional. Wait, you probably would, wouldn't you?

Meanwhile, Danny hadn't found food at all despite looking for it for half an hour. Ugh, this stinks! said Danny in the confessional. Maybe I'll have better luck with fish. Danny walked to the lake at the edge of the woods. He didn't find food. Instead he found the shady guy lying on the ground, panting with exhaustion. He still had his guitar on him, and a backpack that seemed to be stuffed with something. When Danny approached him, the shady guy sprang on his feet in a fighter's stance, but dropped his stance when he saw Danny. Danny immediatly recognised him as,

"Matt Tollin?!"

Matt spoke very tiredly, panting after every sentence. "Yes, that's me. Whew! Who knew paddling on a raft two miles from the Hut to here would be so tiring? But, I made it! YES! By the way, Harold could teach language like nobdy's buisiness. In a week he got me talking English, how sweet is that! So, how've you been, Dan?"

"Okay, oh who am I kidding, we're doing a camping challenge, I was sent for food for the Mosquitoes and I can't get anything, Zeke's crushing hard on lord-knows-who, and Damien and Craig are having this war or something that I don't understand! You left at the right time!" said Danny back, still in shock from seeing Matt return. Danny voted for Matt, yes, but it was that or Courtney would have brained him with a lamp post! The pals shared a hug, and then Danny carred Matt on his back all the way back to the camp.

When Danny finally got back, things with the Mosquitoes had gotten worse, and everyone was hungry. But Danny had a smile on his face. "Look what the cat dragged in!" he said with excitement "It's Matt!"

The rest of the Mosquitoes gasped. "Wait a minute," said Craig, "Didn't we get rid of you're annoying face a few weeks back?"

Matt got off of Danny's back and glared at Craig. "Yeah, but those days are over! I'm back, baby!"

"You learned english? Sweet!" commented Daisy.

Matt blushed. "Thanks."

Then Craig noticed Matt's guitar. "Wait, how did you get that back? I thought it was gone forever! I threw it in the lake and watched it sink! I..." Craig realized that everyone was glaring at him.

"You son of a b****!" yelled Matt.

"Yeah, Cody beat you to that punch about twice," said Danny.

Matt smiled when he remembered something else a few seconds later. "Oh yeah, and I brought dinner. I got ravioli. Lots of it!" The rest of the Mosquitoes cheered! Dinner! Zeke ran over and gave Matt a bear hug. "Good to have you back," he said, "Welcome back."

Matt prepared the ravioli with no problem. "I learned how to prepare ravioli from a friend of mine. Her name's Sunshine and ravioli is her expertise," he explained, serving the ravioli to his team mates one by one. When it was Craig's turn to recieve dinner, Matt looked at Craig's ravioli and ate it. Craig, infuriated, startedto beat him up, but then Damien pulled him away and gave Craig a right jab right in his nose, to which Daisy giggled. Zeke gulped down his ravioli and stood up. "I'm going to go on a walk," he said before heading off into the woods.

Meanwhile, the Spiders had just finished their venison. It had recently gotten dark out, So Spense started a campfire and the team exchanged stories. About halfway through Tyler's, DJ noticed something really odd. "Hey, has anyone seen Amy?"

Amy had wandered off into the woods, looking for something cool, like blueberries or a cool rock. After thrity minutes she heard a noise in the woods, sounding like music. Amy followed the sound with joy. The sound was actually a guitar, more specifically, Zeke's. He was sitting on a boulder, playing a beautiful songthat he recently wrote. Amy walked over and sat beside him, but Zeke was so immersed in his music that he did not notice until his song ended and he looked up from his guitar.

"Oh, h--hi Amy," Zeke stammered, as he had no idea that Amy was there.

"Hi Zeke." Amy was cheerful, like always. "I loved your song, Zeke. It was amazing."

"Thanks." Zeke smiled.

"What are you doing away from your team?"

"Oh, Danny found our old partner Matt, and the commotion is crazy! So I came here to get away from it all. And I could ask you the same question, Amy. Matter of fact, I will."

"I always like taking walks during camping trips. It's fun going off looking for something in the woods."

"Not always. You can never tell what you find. You look for food, for all you know, you could end up finding a ten-year-old celebrity."

Amy giggled. "By the way, Zeke, I don't mean to be nosy, but who are all your songs for? Everyone wants to know!"

Zeke didn't want to say who. It could spread like wildfire, gossip like that, so he never feeds it. "I'd rather not say," he said, "but I'll tell you this: she's on your team."

Amy blushed. I hope it's me!said Amy in the confessional. "Okay. I won't tell anyone," said Amy. "I gotta go now,otherwise my team will be pissed at me. Bye!" Amy got up and left, waving to Zeke before dissapearing into the woods. After Amy left, Zeke sighed happily. But his mellow moment was interrupted rudely when Matt found him.

"Zeke, you sly dog you!" said Matt annoyigly. "I never thought you'd score with a girl like Amy, nice!"

Zeke flashed him a dirty look. "Shut up, Matt! I don't like her!" Zeke got up and headed back to his camp.

Matt followed him. "Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!" their arguement lasted all the way back to the campsite, when it rained. No, it poured! The Mosquitoes' tent got soaked and collapsed, so that left the Mosquitoes to sleep under the rainclouds. The Spiders did equally bad. "I guess Chris had to use these crappy tents!" commented Tyler.

The next morning, Damien woke up with Daisy cuddling him in her sleep. He blushed and embraced the feeling that suddenly came over him. It was a feeling that he hadn't felt since the day he met Heather. The feeling washed over Damien like a wave crashing down on him, lying down on wet sand, and Damien liked it. But something was holding him back from embracing this feeling completely. A part of him simply refused to go there. Damien knew it well. It was the part of him that shown since day one here, that had taken over Damien completely since Heather's rejection. This part of Damien didn't want to go back to the feeling. It feared rejection again, as it was rejection that plunged Damien into darkness in the first place. Damien struggled against his own darkness in his mind for a few minutes.And then Daisy woke up. Damien looked into her green eyes for a second, and before he knew it, Damien was completely immersed in this feeling he experienced. His negativity vanished, and for the first time since Heather rejected him, Damien smiled, his eyes tearing with happiness. Daisy saw what she did in her sleep, but didn't retract from Damien, didn't deny it. She couldn't. Damien was special, there was no denying that for her. He was very special. She looked into his black eyes and saw a soul that had been tortured with injustice at the hands of another girl. But then she looked again and saw almost a completely different soul, one that was full of happiness and joy and love. For a moment they just stayed there, lost in each others eyes, until Damien spoke.

"Good morning, beautiful," he said, his voice softer and sweeter than Daisy ever heard a voice be, especially not Damien's. Daisy realized that she was the cause of this, that she was the one who changed Damien. Daisy smiled.

"Good morning, my dear," she said back. Damien stroked Daisy's long blond hair. Then, suddenly, they kissed. Damien felt that he was finally in complete control of himself and his feelings. The new couple got up and suddenly realized that they had to get to the mess hall as fast as possible, as the rest of their team left without them. Damien and Daisy ran after the Murderous Mosquitoes.

By the time the Mosquitoes got to the mess hall, Damien and Daisy had caught up with them, but the Spiders had already got there first. "The Shouting Spiders win!" said Chris. Then he noticed Matt, who was on Danny's shoulders. "Didn't I see that Tollin kid get on the bus before?" he asked.

"Please," said Zeke and Danny, in perfect unison, "Please don't sent our little buddy away!"

Chris sighed. "Fine. You guys can keep Matt," the Mosquitoes cheered! "But, Matt will not be competing!" the Mosquitoes sighed sadly. There goes their numbers advantage. "He can stay, but he cannot participate in challenge, cannot receive rewards, and cannot vote! Matt Tollin will leave when we're down to four people, and not a day later! Do you understand?" Matt nodded, and Danny shrugged. At least their old friend was back.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out, Damien and Daisy had sat next to each other, as a new couple. Craig glared at Damien while Chris explained the rules.

Craig voted for Daisy. "I know you're the one behind Damien's new attitude, so it's time to go!"

Damien voted for Danny. "Ha! I know you've got an immunity idol, Craig, so I'm taking no chances."

Chris tallied the votes. "Would someone like to play an immunity idol?"

"I would," said Craig,and handed it in for an ice cream sandwich.

Then Chris gave the rest of them to, "Daisy, Eva, Zeke...

...Daisy. Danny, hand me your room key, please."

Danny shrugged and handed it in. Craig glared at Damien as Danny rode off into the night.

I'm tired now, no time for a closing statement. See you next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 11: Comeback Kid

Last time, on Total Drama Insanity, the two teams spent a night camping in the woods. Danny went looking for food, and found instead, Matt, the same guy who was kicked off on day one. In a moment of sheer awe, courtesy of Daisy, Damien suddenly recovered from a past incident of rejection. Needless to say, they hooked up. The Spiders won the challenge, and you saw Danny take the walk of shame, but what you didn't see was Craig sucker Zeke into his alliance, on the detail that he neglected to tell Damien and Danny: that Halle and Amy are in this too. So our eleven finalists are now officially in the merge. Finally, things are going to be good! What will happen? Find out, on Total Drama Insanity!

The eleven finalists returned to camp cheering, not about Danny's elimination, but about Matt's non-competitive return and the fact that all of them were finally in the merge, or the halfway mark in the game. They all headed to bed with smiles on their faces, even Craig, who was mad at Damien for seeing through his immunity idol plan and kicking off Danny.

The next morning, at breakfast, the finalists found a surprise: there was no breakfast.

"What's this about? Where's breakfast?" asked Daisy, though to no one in particular.

"Don't worry, Chris says you'll get plenty to eat later," answered Matt in a chef's apron. Matt read the expression of shock on Daisy's face and answered that with, "Oh, Chris decided he might as well hire me as his assistant with Chef as long as I'm still here." Matt explained this to everyone else as they came in. Once everyone was seated, Chris came in and started explaining.

"Congrats to all of you for making it to the halfway point in the game!" everyone else cheered. "After one more challenge involving teams, you'll all be flying solo. But for now, two new teams will be used: boys against girls. Today's challenge is the same as it was on TDI, a gross food eating challenge. Each course, out of nine, will be timed. Whichever team has more members eat the dish when the time is up receives a point, five points means victory! And victory means a trip to Playa des Losers for the weekend!" everyone cheered again.

"Wait a minute," said Daisy, "The teams aren't even!"

"I was getting to that," said Chris. "Today one of the eliminated girls is returning to camp for another shot at the million bucks!" A bus arrived in front of the mess hall. "We thought long and hard about who this 'comeback kid' should be," The bus's door opened. Everyone's eyes were on the bus and the person getting off. "And Matt and I eventually decided on

Julie!" Julie got off the bus. Spense's expression turned to sheer joy and happiness when he realized that his girlfriend was back and that this was not a joke. Spense and Julie ran to each other and hugged in sheer happiness, Spense even lifting her into the air in excitement!

"Great to see you again, babe," said Spense after putting Julie down.

"You have no idea," said Julie back. Everyone else, except for Craig and Halle, awed at the couple's warm reunion, which got broken by Chris.

"Hey!" he said, "We have a challenge to do here! Girls sit at this table, guys at that table. Let's MOVE!" Spense and Julie glared at Chris at they took their seats.

It's SO great to be back! said Julie in the confessional. Time to show this camp what I'm made of!

"Everybody get ready for the challenge!" said Chris. "The first dish, inspired by "The Rat", is dead rat soup!" Chef and Matt passed out the bowls of soup to everyone on both teams. Zeke took one look at it and turned green. "Here goes," he said, picked up the bowl, and ate the entire soup in ten seconds. Over on the girl's table, Amy applauded Zeke, and he waved at her. Amy waved back and blushed.

"This is no time for romance!" said Halle, annoyed at Amy.

"I've had worse foods for dessert!" said Julie. She grabbed the bowl and quickly ate all the soup, actually enjoying herself. Halle looked at her in disbelief. Zeke, who had watched the whole thing and was now green, ran outside to puke. While Craig was laughing at Zeke for puking like that, Damien put all of the rats in his soup into Craig's soup and simply drank the broth. "Take that, Simon Thadeus Dorkson!" victoriously said both Julie and Damien. Spense put all of his rats into Craig's bowl while he wasn't looking and drank the broth.

"Well?" taunted Spense, "Are you going to eat your soup, Craig?"

"I don't think I had this many rats in mu bowl when the challenge started. No way, no how!" said Craig back.

DJ and Tyler blindfolded themselves and simply ate the soup without any kind of complaint. Meanwhile, Daisy ate one of the rats, and then went outside and puked. I have a very weak stomach she said in the confessional. Halle ate the soup, not even blindfolded, enjoying every moment of it. "The rats are very well prepared," said Halle. "I'm impressed." a few seconds after she said that, she ran outside and barfed! Amy looked at the soup and said, "I can't do this!" Right after she said that, a timer went off and Chris spoke up. "Time's up! The winners are the guys!" The guys cheered. "That's how we rock!" said Tyler, who hi-fived DJ, Spense, Zeke, and Damien, but pushed Craig into his bowl of rat soup.

"Okay," said Chris, "Time for round, I mean, course two: This one in honor of Sammie, Total Drama Paradise's Sam, and a little ravioli chef I know: Ravioli!" Chef and Matt served plates of Ravioli to the twelve finalists. "But before anyone takes a bite," said Chris, "I want to warn you that THIS ravioli is filled with something special: super-hot sauce!"

Hot, eh? said Amy in the confessional, It reminds me more of Zeke! Oops, was that out loud?

Tyler poked at the ravioli. "Maybe Chris is lying to us," he said, popping a piece of Ravioli into his mouth. No sooner did he do so then steam started coming out of his ears. "AAH! I'M BEING BURNED ALIVE!" yelled Tyler, running around in circles.

"I've had that happen to me before," said Craig. "Just turn it into anger and take it out on something, and I have just the thing." Craig pulled out a live chicken from under the table.

"Where did you get that?" asked Spense, "And why did you bring it here?"

"Just in case," replied Craig, smirking. He threw the chicken at Tyler. Tyler's widened eyes turned to a glare at the chicken in fiery anger. No one knows why he hates chickens, but they disgust him to no end. As the chicken flew toward Tyler, the athlete swung his fist at it, knocking the chicken out instantly and ridding Tyler of the hot sauce sensation. Tyler sat back down and poked at his ravioli. "No way I'm eating any more of this," he said adamantly.

Craig ate it, enjoying every moment of the heat, but no one else touched it.

Over on the girl's side, Julie closed her eyes and ate the ravioli, not even feeling the heat of it.

"The trick is to think of someone who can take over your entire thought process, or something," she said. Amy closed her eyes, thought of Zeke, and ate the ravioli. "Thanks, that really worked," said Amy. Daisy thought of Damien and did the same thing with the same results.

"Craig's my brother, he doesn't have that effect on me," said Halle. Maya poked at her ravioli. "No chance, and besides, I don't like anyone," she said. She looked to her right and saw Eva using Julie's tactic. "Thinking of Noah?" Eva nodded.

Back at the guy's table, Spense and DJ looked at their ravioli in disbelief. "It's evil!" Spense said. DJ nodded in agreement.

"Oh, stop being such wusses, guys," said Craig.

"I think Spense's right," said Damien, also scared of the "evil" hot-sauce ravioli. Then Damien remembered his confidence from the other morning with Daisy. The confidence and ability poured back into Damien, and he ate the entire dish. Spense and DJ looked at him in disbelief.

Then the timer rang. "The girls win!" declared Chris, "So the score is now 1-1! The next course is based off of "Ugly"!"

"That can't be good," commented Spense.

"The course," said Chris, "is Mud Pie! With some.. coloring"

Chef and Matt served the dish. The coloring made it so hideous that DJ threw up as soon as he saw it.

"I don't think I can eat something this hideous," said Spense. "Besides, it's real mud!"

"For once," said Craig, "I agree. Let's try closing our eyes and imagining that we're eating something better."

"Oh, like we're gonna trust you!" said Tyler.

At the girl's table, Halle had an incredible idea.

"If we all blindfold ourselves," said Halle, "And imagine that we're eating real, delicious pie, we can do this!"

"Nice plan," said Maya. "I have six blindfolds still in my pocket from back home. Let's use them!" Maya got six blindfolds out of her pocket and blindfolded her entire team and herself. The girls began eating the mud pies.

Meanwhile, at the guy's table, Damien had already finished the mud pie, but no one else had even taken a bite yet.

"Not happening, no way," said DJ. "I saw a worm in that ugly mud pie, and I hate worms!" Then the timer rang.

"The winners are the girls!" said Chris. The girls cheered. "Score is now 2-1 in favor of the girls! The next course is pizza!"

"All right!" said Tyler, "Pizza's my favorite!"

"Is that so?" said Chris slyly. "This pizza is topped with the following items: live cockroaches, earthworms, live anchovies, and finally, mosquitoes! Enjoy!" Tyler's smile vanished as Chef and Matt passed pizza slices to the finalists.

"What's the matter?" asked Chef when he gave Tyler his pizza, "I thought you liked pizza!" Chef laughed. Tyler poked at his pizza, shrugged, then ate the pizza in one bite. Spense's jaw dropped in shock.

"That was awesome!" he said.

"I told you, I like pizza!" said Tyler back. But Spense didn't hear; he was eating his pizza. "It's not that bad," he said, his mouth full. "You just gotta imagine it's topped with real food!" Then Spense swallowed, and burped. Half of an earthworm came out of his mouth when he burped, which made him run outside and puke. When he got back, Damien and Craig's plates were empty, and they were blindfolded.

"That wasn't so bad," said Damien, taking off his blindfold. Craig nodded and removed his.

"No way, I can't eat that! It's not even food!" said DJ.

"It's just pizza," said Tyler, "Let me help you!"

"Count me in," said Spense.

Meanwhile, No one at the girl's table was willing to eat it. "I don't even like pizza!" said Maya. Julie had already eaten it, but the other girls just poked at the dish until the timer rang.

"The winners," said Chris, "Are the guys!" the guys cheered. "That makes the score even at 2-2! Time for your next dish!"

The teens had to go through five more crazy and gross dishes. Chef took all the stuffing out of a life-sized stuffed Dyl doll sent to the park, put soy sauce on it, and served it to the finalists. After that, Chef served the finalists roasted Wolly Beaver steak from Boney Island, complete with trimmings -- and fur. For dish number seven, Matt served old, cold coffee with expired milk (expired about a month before) and sweetened with tar. Number eight was frog meat; need I say more?

"And the girls win round eight!" said Chris. The girls cheered. "For your final dish, we have prepared dolphin dogs, like from last season. Enjoy!"

Matt and Chef served the dolphin dogs. Over on the guy's table, Craig ate it and enjoyed it. "Take that, freaks of nature!" said Craig after eating it.

"Not bad," said Tyler, holding a half-eaten dolphin dog in his hand. He popped the rest of it into his mouth. "Not bad at all."

Spense actually enjoyed it. "Who says dolphins are gross? It's just a normal hot dog, but with dolphin!" Damien ate the dig, but not the dolphin dog roll. "I like to eat it separately," he said. The other guys stared at him awkwardly.

At the girl's table, Julie ate it and liked it. "Yummy!" she said, "I LOVE hot dogs!"

"You're sounding kinda like your cousin Lindsay right now," said Eva.

Julie shrugged. "Your point, Eva?" Eva was about to say something, but stopped and ate her dolphin dog instead.

Halle took a bite, but spat it out. "It's disgusting!" she said, "I never even liked hot dogs, but this is horrible!"

On the guy's table, DJ refused to eat it. "Dolphins are my friends, I'm not eating this!" he said. While Chris wasn't looking, Damien swapped his and DJ's plates. "There, Deej, just eat the roll," he said. The other guys gave Damien a thumbs-up. DJ ate his roll, and Damien ate the dolphin dog presented before him with no complaint. Then, the timer rang.

"The winners of today's challenge," said Chris, "Are THE GUYS!" The guys cheered. They won! There were high-fives, chest bumps, fist bumps, and man-hugs all around. DJ gave Damien a pat on the back. "Thanks, man," he said. Outside waiting for them was the bus that would take them to the cruiser that would take the guys to Playa des Losers for the weekend. "Rock on!" said Spense. "We rule!" The girls sulked their heads in shame. Before leaving, Spense went up to Julie and gave her a kiss. "Welcome back, babe," he said softly in her ear. Then he joined his friends, and Craig, on the bus that would take them to luxury for the next two days!

See ya' next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*

Chapter 11.5: At Playa Des Losers

Last time, on Total Drama Insanity, the eleven finalists were joined by Julie, who returned to the game. Split into teams of guys verses girls, the finalists were faced with a gross food eating challenge, including dishes like hot sauce filled ravioli, dolphin dogs, and rat soup. Working as a team, the guys were able to win the challenge and a trip to the luxury resort Playa Des Losers for the weekend, while the girls got away without voting anyone off. How will Halle deal with her old foe returning? How will Spense and Julie's relationship work out? What surprises wait in store for our teens? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

Playa Des Losers. Once upon a time, this luxury resort represented defeat and separation from the chance to win cash. Now, for the six guys that won the trip here for the weekend, it represents just the opposite: paradise and victory. Spense, Craig, Damien, Tyler, DJ, and Zeke, after winning the challenge, took a speedboat to this amazing island.

"Well, we did it!" said Spense. He was in the hot tub with the other five guys. "We may have had to eat gross stuff to get this, but we're sitting on the lap of luxury for two whole days!" Spense lifted a bottle of soda into the air. "To our victory!" The other guys lifted their bottles of pop. The bottles clinked and the guys drank.

"This rocks!" said Craig, "I don't think I felt this good since like, ever!"

"I told you this place rocks!" said Zeke, "And I would know. I was put here for an entire summer. Rock on!"

"You said it," said Damien. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to have some fun!" he tagged Tyler. "Tag, you're it!" Damien and Tyler leaped out of the hot tub, Tyler chasing Craig around the place.

"Well," said DJ, "I'm just gonna relax. Wake me up when we have to go, okay?" DJ stretched and began to nap.

"Hey, check this out, guys!" said Spense. He got out of the hot tub and climbed the diving board. He began to jump on it. "One for the money, two for the show, three to get Craig soaked and cold," Craig glared at Spense. "Four to go!" Spense jumped off the diving board. "CANNONBALL!" Spense proceeded to do the most awesome cannonball that anyone there had ever seen, creating a splash so big that it drenched everyone else. DJ woke up in shock. Tyler and Damien stopped running. Zeke who was walking near the pool, tripped and fell into it. Everyone was silent for a few seconds, then everyone suddenly started cheering!

"Dude," said Tyler, "That was AWESOME!"

"Thanks," said Spense, "I've been working on it."

Damien was smiling from ear to ear. "That was AMAZING!" he said.

"That, my friend, was the best I've ever seen!" said Zeke. He swam up to Spense and high-fived him.

Later, DJ went back to his nap, Craig joined Tyler in chasing around Damien, and Spense and Zeke started just swimming around. "Dude," said Zeke, with a little worry in his voice, "I need your help."

"Okay," said Spense, "I'm listening."

"You're really good with getting in a relationship, I noticed, and I need your advice."

"Thanks, I think. So, I take it your crushing on someone? You really have come a long way, Zeke."

"No time for mentioning what I said. If she finds out, I'm done for!"

"So who is she?" Spense was a little puzzled.

Zeke took a deep breath and said, "It's Amy."

Spense nodded. "Okay, so you like Amy. I take it she's the one you sang for at the talent show?"

"Yup," said Zeke, "She's also why I'm voting with Craig and Halle. Craig threatened me, and if I leave them, he'll tell Amy what I said, and my chances with her will be crushed!"

"Well," said Spense, "Just be yourself. I saw her giving you the standing ovation after your song at the talent show, even with tears in her eyes. I'm pretty sure she likes you, Zeke. Don't push her away by pretending to be someone you're not, and don't push yourself to ask her out either. Zeke, all you have to do is be yourself. Maybe go out of your way to talk to her or hang out with her. Then it'll all happen from there. Trust me, I know this stuff."

"Thanks, Spense," said Zeke. He and Spense high-fived and went back to swimming. Later, Spense got out and onto the diving board. "One for the money, two for the show, three to rock on, and four to go! CANNONBALL!" Spense did another cannonball. This one was even greater, waking up DJ again, and stopping everyone in their places. But this time, the impact got water on the cameras, causing them to break, and so no more footage of the guy's relaxation at Playa Des Losers was shown. *signs off*


Chapter 12: A Trip to Remember

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, the Shouting Spiders and the Murderous Mosquitoes were abolished in favor of two new teams: girls against guys in a gross food eating contest! Julie returned to the game to help the girls, but in the end, the guys won a trip to playa des losers for the weekend! While there, our friends had the time of their life partying, I swear I even saw Craig smiling! However, it wasn't all fun and games when Zeke confided a dark secret to his pal Spense; turns out he was crushing on Amy all along! And I got it on tape too! The sucker! Now I'm killing the teams, so how will out finalists survive on their own? Who will be next to go? And most importantly, will my massage budget ever recover? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

While the guys were away, the girls just sat around, bored. Maya and Amy played cards, while Eva and Daisy played a simple game of catch. Julie just sat around, thinking of her boyfriend Spense and how great it is to be back. Halle looked at Julie from afar for a few minutes, then walked over and sat next to her. Julie's smile changed when she saw her enemy.

"What do you want, Hal?" asked Julie, very annoyed.

"Look, Julie, can we cut the trash talk? This is serious," said Halle. Julie heard the sincerity in her voice, so she nodded.

"Julie, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about everything, I'm sorry I read your diary, I'm sorry my brother got you kicked off, and I just wanted to ask if we could... start over, as friends?"

Julie looked uncertain. Halle sounded sincere, and Julie wanted to believe her, but something in her told her to stay far away from this one.

"Okay," Julie finally said, smiling. But then her smile vanished and she warned Halle, "But if you pull anything, if you try to backstab me, if you try to make me look bad, and if I catch you THINKING about stealing Spense from me, you're going to regret the day you ever met me, got it?" Too late, said Halle in the confessional. "Sure, not like I would do any of that," said Halle out loud.

"Okay, bye!" said Julie, friendly again, and left. Halle waited until Julie was out of sight, then smirked and said, "Excellent!"

By that time the girls heard a bus pulling in. Out of one of the windows, Zeke waved at Amy. Amy blushed and dropped her cards by accident. "Sorry Maya," she said and picked up the cards.

On the bus, Spense punched Zeke lightly on the shoulder and said, "I told you Amy likes you, buddy." The bus came to a stop. One by one, DJ, Tyler, Craig, Spense, Zeke, and Damien got off of the bus. "That was awesome!" said Tyler.

"Man, you should have seen Spense do his cannonball! You would have loved it! I swear, even the cameras got drenched!" said DJ, feeling awesome from the two days he spent relaxing at Playa des Losers.

"You said it, Deej," said Spense, also feeling awesome, "That was one trip to remember!"

"Please don't brag about it," said Halle, annoyed. "Maya threw up three times in the past two days trying to get rid of the gross food. It was disgusting! I swear I saw a rat run out of the puke that wasn't there before."

"Excuse me," said Maya, and ran off. The others could hear her puking. Halle rolled her eyes and said, "I rest my case." Then suddenly, Chris walked in out of nowhere. "Hello, finalists. Congratulations to Tyler, Maya, DJ, Halle, Amy, Craig, Damien, Spense, Daisy, Eva, and Zeke for making it this far in the game. And welcome back, Julie!" Maya returned just in time to hear Chris. Everyone cheered, and Spense held Julie's hand. She looked at him and they both smiled. Chris ruined the moment by snapping his fingers in between those two.

"Hey! I wasn't done!" he said, rather annoyed. "Anyway, now all teams are abolished. Now it's everyone for themselves!" Spense shrugged; now he wouldn't have to compete against Julie like last chapter. "Today's challenge is a canoe race. Everybody pick a partner. The canoes are over near the hut. Once everyone is there with a partner, I'll explain the challenge." Chris left, leaving the others to pick partners.

Tyler and DJ approached Spense. "Hey Spense," said Tyler, "If you don't mind, me and Deej are going to be partners."

Spense smiled. "That's cool. I've got my partner right here." DJ and Tyler high-fived him and they went their separate ways. Julie looked at Spense. He returned her gaze and they smiled and headed toward the canoes.

"Let's partner up, Craig," said Halle, "So we can talk strategy." Craig nodded and they walked off.

Zeke looked at Amy from a distance. He gulped. It was now or never, Zeke said in the confessional. He slowly approached Amy.

"Hey, um... A-Amy?" Zeke started. Amy turned around and blushed. "Zeke... I didn't see you there," she said.

Zeke continued. "I was w-wondering if y-you'd like to be mu um, canoe partner." he stammered through the whole thing, blushing the entire time. Amy's face lit up. "Sure, Zeke!" she said, and they walked towards the hut where the canoes were

Eva had Maya on her back, running for the canoes. "Are you sure about this, Eva?" asked Maya.

"Yup," said Eva back, "I can get us to the hut in no time flat!"

They ran past Damien and Daisy, who were walking to the canoes hand-in-hand.

Later, everyone was at the hut with their partners. DJ was with Tyler, Spense with Julie, Halle with Craig, Maya with Eva, and Damien with Daisy. By the hut, there was a bed of water that stretched out into lake Wawanakwa, and six canoes. Chris was waiting for the finalists. "Today the twelve of you, in six teams," he began, "will canoe your way to, for some of you, your old stomping grounds, Total Drama Island! First team to arrive there can win invincibility, and by can, I mean can, because who gets there first has nothing to do with who wins! So take your time. Now then, everybody pick a canoe." The teams picked the canoe closest to them, and set it into the water. "And, go!" The canoes started heading towards Total Drama Island.

Damien and Daisy paddled at a slow rate, they were in no rush. "So, you're really going through with the rebellion thing?" asked Daisy.

"You bet," said Damien. "I talked to DJ, Tyler, and Spense, and I got them to join our cause. Spense still isn't too fond of Halle for what she did a while back."

"Well," said Daisy, "I got Eva and Maya on our side, easily. Everyone hates the Adams twins. But, I'm not too sure about Julie, she said that she made amends with Halle, but she's not voting with them."

Damien smiled. "I'll tell her we're targeting Craig first, no one likes Craig,"

Daisy smiled. "Cool." She turned around and saw that Damien was gazing at her. "What are you looking at?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing," said Damien, "Just your hair. You should see it flow in the wind, it looks beautiful."

Daisy blushed. "How great is this, Dame? Just us, riding slowly, the wind in our faces..."

Damien cut her off. "Since when did you start calling me 'Dame'?"

Daisy blushed. "You don't mind if I call you that do you?"

"Nope. Not at all." Damien and Daisy paddled on.

Spense and Julie were having a great time in their canoe, bonding even more.

"I remember going canoeing with my big bro once," said Spense. "It was awesome, just me and my bro against the sea! We used to do that weekly before..." Spense held his head down in sadness.

Julie looked worried. "Before what?"

"Before he got sent to military school. That was the worst day of my life. I thought I'd never see him again, and truth is, he hasn't come back yet. I still miss him."

I kinda can't believe I actually told her all that. said Spense in the confessional. I haven't trusted anyone outside of my family like that! But When I'm with Julie, I don't feel worry that it'll spread or anything. I feel like I can really trust her.

"I know the feeling," said Julie, sadly. "My big sister Hannah taught me everything I know about so many things, gave me advice on so much stuff, she was like a role model to me. Then she left on an acting scholarship. I was devastated! I think about her every day. Then I got a call from her. She told me that she still thinks about me all the time and that she misses me. So I bet your brother's thinking about you too."

Spense smiled. "Thanks, Julie. That means a lot to me." Spense and Julie hugged, and then went back to canoeing.

Meanwhile, Tyler and DJ didn't talk at all; they had nothing to talk about. Maya and Eva simply gossiped.

Amy and Zeke just couldn't start a conversation at all. Amy looked behind her and saw the Zeke was staring at her, smiling. She blushed. "What are you looking at?" she said playfully. Zeke blushed.

"N-nothing. Just staring off into space and thinking," he said. Amy giggled.

"What are you thinking about? C'mon, you can tell," she said playfully. Zeke sighed.

"You'd probably laugh at me."

"No way! I'd never do that! Just tell me, I can keep a secret!"

Zeke sighed again. "I was thinking about you. Amy, there's no other way I can say it. I really like you."

Zeke looked at Amy and saw a smile from ear to ear. "Oh Zeke! I... I have to tell you something too. I really like you too!"

Zeke's face lit up. His eyes started glowing. "Really?"

"Really. I had dreamed that it was me you sang for at the show, and we'd go walking through the forest, just the two of us!"

"Well," said Zeke, a soft smile on his face, "You don't need to dream any more."

Zeke and Amy leaned in towards each other and kissed for a long time. When they finally let go, they just looked at each other and smiled as the couple paddled on.

That was the best moment of my life! said Zeke in the confessional. Finally, the one I love is right there by my side. said Amy in the confessional.

When all of the canoes arrived at Total Drama Island, Chris was waiting for them. "Wait, how'd you end up here so fast?" asked DJ, confused.

"I have my ways," said Chris. "Now, it's time to test how much you know about Total Drama Island! Time for a little challenge we like to call, Total Drama Trivia! I'll pick one pair at random and ask that pair a question about TDI! If they get it right, they stay in the game. Should a team get a question wrong, I'll ask another team the same thing. If they get it right, the first team is out. If they get it wrong, they are out and the first team is saved. Understood?" Everyone nodded. "Begin!"

"Okay, this one's for DJ and Tyler: who won the talent contest for his or her team?"

Tyler answered. "Harold."

"Correct! For Zeke and Amy, who was the first person eliminated after a challenge where Chef was in control?"

Zeke and Amy thought about it for a little bit, and then Zeke spoke up. "Courtney!"

"Correct! Eva and Maya, who's dare got Heather eliminated?"

Eva and Maya thought about that. "I didn't watch TDI," said Maya softly to Eva.

"Then we'll guess," said Eva back. To Chris she said, "Noah's?"

"Wrong!" said Chris. "Spense and Julie, same question."

"Lindsay's!" said Spense and Julie at the same time. They smiled at each other.

"Correct! Eva and Maya are out! DJ and Tyler, who won the second hunting challenge?"

"I don't know that!" said DJ. "Um... Heather?"

"Wrong! Zeke and Amy, same question."

"Gwen!" said Amy fast. Zeke put his arm around her.

"Correct! DJ and Tyler are out!" DJ gave Spense a thumbs-up, who returned it.

"Damien and Daisy, name the three people who got eliminated entirely because of one person."

"Courtney," said Daisy.

"Lindsay," said Damien.

"And Duncan!" said Damien and Daisy together.

"Correct! Craig and Halle, who was the only person to be eliminated more times than be safe from elimination?

Craig and Halle looked at each other. "Noah?" Craig said, very unsure.

"Wrong! Spense and Julie, same question."

"Eva." said Spense.

"Correct! Craig and Halle are out! Three down, three to go! From now on, if you get a question wrong, you're out! Daisy and Damien, who won Trail by Tri-armed Triathlon?"

"LeShawna and Duncan!" said Daisy.

"Wrong. You're out! Zeke and Amy, same question!"

They thought about this for a while. "Heather and Owen!" said Amy finally.

"Wrong, you're out!" said Chris. "Spense and Julie, get this right, and you win!"

Before Julie can stop him, Spense spoke up. "There was no winner; all teams got one point."

"Ding-ding-ding! Correct! Spense and Julie, you two win invincibility AND a trip to the Wawanakwa amusement park, where you'll be spending the night! That means neither of you can vote tonight, but you'll find the reward well worth it!" Spense and Julie hugged and got onto a helicopter that Chef was landing.

"Next stop, Wawanakwa amusement park!" Chef said, as the helicopter took off again.

"The rest of you," said Chris, "Meet me tonight to vote someone off!"

During dinner, Zeke, Amy, Craig, and Halle sat at one table, while everyone else sat at the other.

"Look," said Tyler, "We got to vote out Craig now, with all of us. If Spense and Julie were here, we'd be bale to split our votes, but they're not, so Craig's gotta go!"

"That's what I was going to say!" said Damien. "Works for me." said DJ. "I want to crush him for what he did!" yelled Eva.

"Relax," said Daisy. "Voting him off will be plenty."

That night, at the ice cream hand-out...

Eva voted for Craig. "I HATE you!"

Damien voted for Craig. "This is for everything!"

DJ voted for Craig. "You're evil!"

Tyler voted for Craig. "Maybe if you weren't so damn mean, you wouldn't be going to the hut tonight!"

Chris tallied the votes. "Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?"

"I would," said Craig. He gave Chris the idol, and Chris gave him his ice cream sandwich.

"When I call your name, prepare to catch your ice cream sandwich of safety. Tyler, Maya, Halle, Damien, Eva, Amy, Zeke," they caught their ice cream sandwiches. "The final ice cream sandwich of safety goes to...

"Daisy. DJ, sorry dude, but you're out! Hand me your room key, please." DJ tossed Chris his room key. He high-fived Tyler and hugged his buddy.

"Miss ya' pal," said DJ.

"See ya' buddy," said Tyler. "I'll tell Spense the bad news when he returns."

Then DJ boarded the bus of banishment and rode off into the night.

That's all for now! See you next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 13: Into the Woods and Out of the Woods to Vote Somebody Off!

Last time, on Total Drama Insanity, the now merged campers paired off into teams of two for a trivia challenge. Many couples paired up for the challenge, including the newest one, Zeke and Amy. That's right; Amy and Zeke are now officially a couple! Despite many valiant efforts, it was the team of Spense and Julie that won invincibility and a trip to the Wawanakwa amusement park! Meanwhile, DJ was voted off when Craig saved himself through an immunity idol. What kind of Drama's going on right now? Who will be next to go? And how can I secure my job as the host of next season before my pure evil cousin does? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity! Well, except for that last part.

The campers were at their normal activities. Tyler just sat there, bored, since DJ was out and Spense was on his trip with his girlfriend Julie. Amy and Zeke sat and watched the clouds roll by, Amy’s head on Zeke’s shoulder, his arm around her, both smiling. Craig and Halle were talking strategy, but not even the camera cared. Damien was practicing tricks with a yo-yo, while Daisy took a nap. Eventually Tyler got up and walked toward the soccer field. He stopped by Eva who had just finished playing cards with Maya on the way there.

“Eva, wanna have a catch?” asked Tyler.

“Sure, Ty,” said Eva. She got up and went with Tyler to the field to have a catch with Tyler’s football, autographed by Total Drama Paradise runner up and national football star Elian Strong. When he and Eva arrived at the field he started talking, as soon as he threw the ball. Eva and Tyler threw the football back and forth as they made conversation. “Eva, you’ve seemed kind of glum lately,” said Tyler. “Why is that?”

“I’ve just been thinking about Noah, that’s all,” said Eva back.

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but what do you see in Noah?”

“I could ask the same thing about you and Lindsay, but anyway, Noah’s smart and funny, and he’s really nice and caring and sensitive to the people he really cares about, like me and his sister Maya. You don’t know him as well as I do. He was a totally different person at Playa des Losers than the guy the gophers kicked off. I… I think I love him.”

Tyler smiled. “I think Noah feels the same way. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, talks to you, and yes, I’ve seen him make out with you too. After how he saved Maya, I totally believe you about Noah. I would know. I see in Lindsay things that someone like Noah might never.”

“What do you mean? Noah’s very understanding.”

“Not to people like Lindsay, he’s not. Sure, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she’s beautiful, and…”

Eva cut him off. “You must be shallow then, to only like someone for looks.”

Tyler continued. “She’s more than that, though. She’s kind and sweet and caring. Lindsay always listens to what I have to say, and she truly understands me. It’s like I could really be myself around her, and not around other people. When Chris came to Playa des Losers, Lindsay played a little game where she pretended to forget who I was and ask others if they were me. It was so fun to watch! Lindsay’s really funny. If you got to know her as well as I do, you’d understand.”

Eva smiled. “Wow, it’s like we’re more similar than we thought. We’re both athletic, we both are in love with people others don’t understand, and we both had to go a long way to get to where we are now…”

Tyler cut Eva off. “I thought you were always athletic.”

Eva shook her head. “No. For the longest time I was skinny and weak, bullied often, tempered but with nothing behind it, and then my big brother agreed to help me. We spent eighteen hours every day either with him training me, us working out, or buying exercise equipment. I went from a scrawny nerd to who I am now, and I owe it all to Ronald, by big brother. Ty, we all start out somewhere, in fact, I saw myself in you, a little bit, when we met. It’s almost… scary.”

“Wow, we do have more in common than I thought. Thanks, Eva. Say, what do you think the next challenge is going to be?”

“I honestly don’t know, but I hope we can take that scum-sucking son of a b**** Craig down tonight!” Eva began to squeeze the football she was holding.

“No! Don’t break that!” yelled Tyler.

“Sorry,” said Eva back. She threw the football back to Tyler, and the two of them headed towards the mess hall for breakfast.

During breakfast, the campers heard what sounded like a helicopter coming in. Seconds later, Spense and Julie stepped into the mess hall, smiling. Spense was holding two cones of cotton candy. “We’re back!” he said happily. “And we got cotton candy for our buds DJ and Tyler!” Spense handed one of the cotton candy cones to Tyler.

“Where’s Deej?” asked Julie, a little puzzled. “I’m kinda confused right now. I think I’m having a Cousin Lindsay moment.”

“I RESENT THAT!” yelled Tyler. He calmed down, then looked down and said, “DJ was voted out last night when Craig played an immunity idol on us.”

Spense looked down. You could see tears falling to the ground. Tyler said, “DJ told me to wish you luck on his behalf. He’s really sad he couldn’t say it himself.”

So sad, said Eva in the confessional. I feel bad for Spense. I swear, Craig’s REALLY going down this time! Damien, from outside the confessional, said, "Hey! I was going to say the same thing!"

Spense looked at his cotton candy still in his hand, and then around at everyone. He walked to Halle and gave her the cotton candy. “Here, have some cotton candy,” he said with a smile. Halle took it and blushed.

Craig would be pissed if I said this, said Halle in the confessional, But I think I like Spense. He’s caring, nice, and kinda cute. Too bad Julie got to him first… Think like a mastermind, Hal: how can a girl like me steal a guy like him from a girl like Julie?

Then Matt came into the mess hall. “I see you found out that DJ’s gone,” said Matt. “Anyway, Chris told me to tell you guys to meet him in the woods in one hour.” Matt saw Amy sitting on Zeke’s lap. “Zeke, you sly dog you!” said Matt slyly before leaving the mess hall.

If only I could get that lucky with Gwen, said Matt in the confessional.

After breakfast, Julie and Eva hung out in Julie’s cabin, comparing lucky charms they brought with them.

“I brought my lucky boulder,” said Eva. She showed Julie the huge rock, which had Eva’s fist mark in it. “It was the first boulder I ever lunched and made a mark in. I brought it to give me strength.”

“Cool,” said Julie, She got out five cards and placed them in front of her. They looked like trading cards.

“These are my lucky charms,” said Julie. “My cousin Lindsay introduced them to me. They’re called destiny cards, and they bring you luck based on their picture. These are super-rare, but my cousin Lindsay and I got lucky.”

“Cool,” said Eva. “What do they mean?”

“Should I explain all five?” Eva nodded. “Okay,” Julie pointed to the first card. On it was a picture of a boy and a girl, their arms around each other, watching a sunset. “This is the Card of Cupid’s Will. It says, ‘Your special someone won’t be that far away. You will meet this someone when you least expect it, with this card in your possession. Soon your life will never be the same, as this person will never leave your life after you two meet.’”

Eva smiled and wiped a tear from her eye. “That’s beautiful,” she said.

Julie smiled. She pointed to the second card. On it was a picture of a man hanging on to the edge of a cliff. “This is the Card of Prevalence. It says, ‘You will struggle, but you will prevail. You will experience major success and major failures, but when a failure may cost you something truly important, in the short term or in the long term, you will receive a second chance and prevent yourself from losing that important thing that’s at stake. However, it isn’t what you may think it is.’”

Eva smiled. “Sounds like you all right. You got voted off and would have lost your chance at winning the money, but that card brought you back so you can win the cash.”

“I don’t know,” replied Julie. “Something tells me that the money isn’t why the card brought me back. I think it has more to do with something here that I already have, like, a possession, or a good attitude, or,”

Eva cut Julie off. “Or a boyfriend,” she said. Julie raised an eyebrow. Eva continued. “I think someone’s trying to steal Spense from you, and this card brought you back to keep that from happening.”

Julie nodded. “I better keep a close eye on the other girls then. Maybe I can narrow it down. Amy loves Zeke; they’ve been acting like lovesick puppies lately.”

Eva nodded. Julie continued. “Daisy loves Damien, I can see it in the way she looks at him all googley-eyes. I know you love Noah, so that leaves Maya and Halle.”

Eva raised an eyebrow. “A single inanimate card is telling you that Maya or Halle might be after your man?”

Julie nodded. “The cards never lie. My Cousin Lindsay’s destiny card seemed to tell her on TDI to keep a close eye on the other team, and now she has Tyler. I can’t let Spense slip through my fingers!”

Suddenly Matt’s voice was heard through the loudspeaker. “Everyone, meet me at the entrance to the woods for today’s challenge.” Julie shrugged and put the cards into her back pocket. “I’ll tell you about the others later, okay Eva?” Eva nodded, and the two left.

Eva and Julie saw Maya at the entrance to the woods. “Hey guys,” said Maya. She noticed the suspicious expressions on Julie’s and Eva’s faces. “What?”

“Do you happen to like any of the guys here?” asked Eva.

Maya shrugged. "No, not really, why?"

“Because,” said Julie, “Eva and I suspect that someone’s trying to steal my boyfriend Spense from me.”

Maya looked at Halle, who was talking to Spense.

“Hey Spense,” Halle said. “What’s up?”

Spense shrugged. “I’m sad DJ’s gone, but the trip with Julie was worth it!”

Halle gave him a flirty glance. “I wonder what the challenge is going to be.”

Spense shrugged again. “Hopefully one that won’t take a lot out of us.”

Halle nodded. “I hope so too,” she said.

I hope that wasn’t what it was supposed to be, said Spense in the confessional. Heck, I don’t even like Halle as a friend, but I think I should watch my back. She has her ways… Spense shuddered in the confessional.

Maya looked back at Julie and said, “Do you still suspect me?”

But Julie was already red with fury. “How dare that witch try to steal Spense from me!” she said, pure hatred leeching out of her voice. “That two faced, backstabbing, lying little…” Eva put her hand over Julie’s mouth for a few seconds. Murmurs that were probably curses were heard. When Eva pulled her hand away after a few seconds, Julie said, “…Is going down, no matter what!”

The trio saw Spense walking towards them. When he got to Julie he put his arm around her. Julie smiled, as did Eva and Maya.

“Hay Jules, ready for the challenge?” asked Spense.

“Yeah,” said Julie back. “How long’s Chris going to keep us here?”

“I don’t know,” Spense said, “But I hope it starts soon. This park might have gotten to my head. I sure hope that flirty tone Halle used was by accident, because if not, it would be kind of creepy.”

“I knew it!” said Julie. “You should stay away from Halle, Spense. You’ll never know what she’ll pull next.”

Right about then Matt arrived, dragging eleven horses with him. “Ready for the challenge?” he said.

“YEAH!” said Julie. Her face lit up. “I love horses! My cousin Lindsay and I used to go horseback riding together. I loved the feel of the wind in my face when the horse went full speed! My Cousin Lindsay once tried to tell her horse where to go, but she made a wrong turn and the horse threw her right into a lake! She was so concerned about her hair being wet that she had no idea there was a piranha on her! She can be a real idiot sometimes!” Julie started laughing. Tyler’s face was a dark red.

“YOU!” he yelled, pointing at Julie. “Watch it! You insult Lindsay any more, I'll mess you up, I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE!” Everyone gasped.

Julie looked down. “Sorry, Ty. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. It was funny, but, if she means that much to you, I’ll stop.”

Tyler’s face returned to its normal color. “Thanks, Julie. Sorry for bursting like that.”

Then suddenly Craig ran up to Tyler. Tyler could tell that he was really excited.

“Dude!” said Craig. “How do you suddenly get so angry like that? I need to know! Tell me!”

Tyler simply smiled, and along with everyone else, awkwardly backed away slowly.

That was creepy, said Amy in the confessional.

“Guys,” said Matt, “Let’s just get back on track here. Your challenge is to ride one of these horses all the way to the other side of the woods, where Chris will be waiting for you. First place gets invincibility and a reward, second and third place get invincibility but no reward.” The horses were numbered 1-11 and placed facing the woods. “Guess I’ll go with number seven,” said Spense. “It’s my lucky number.” He got onto horse #7. Julie saw Halle get onto horse #8 and waved at Spense. Spense didn’t do anything in response. Julie got onto horse #6.

‘’So I can keep an eye on Hal,’’ said Julie in the confessional.

Maya got onto horse #5 so she could talk some sense into Julie. “Girl, what’s with the jealousy? We both know that he doesn’t like her.”

“The entire reason I came back was to keep Hal from getting her way!” said Julie.

“So?” said Maya “You’re going to let one trading card control your feelings?” Julie nodded. “Whatever,” said Maya. Amy helped Zeke onto horse #11 before getting onto horse #10 herself, next to Craig on horse #9.

Tyler hopped onto horse #1. “This is going to be great!” he said.

“I could outrun this horse any day,” said Eva, on horse #2.

Damien stroked the fur on horse #3. The horse neighed, and Damien felt the entire horse vibrating a little. Damien smiled.

Horseback riding takes me way back, said Damien. My mom took me horseback riding when I was a little kid. It was so much fun! Those were happy times. Sometimes a reward comes after a challenge, but I say that today, the reward IS the challenge!

Daisy, on horse #4, said, “This is gonna be so much fun!”

Damien nodded. “This takes me way back.”

Once everyone was on their horses, Matt spoke up. “Is everybody ready?” he asked. Everyone nodded, except for Halle, who was busy gazing at Spense. “Go!” All the horses except for horse #8 ran off. Suddenly Halle realized that the challenge started, and took off into the woods.

When Halle caught up with Spense, she said flirtatiously, “You know, there’s a shortcut up ahead. I’m taking it; you can join me if you want to.”

Spense shook his head. “Why not?” asked Halle.

“Wow,” Halle could hear Spense saying. He was looking at Julie riding her horse, confident and happy, having the time of her life, her hair flowing in the wind. She saw that Spense was gazing at her and waved at him. He waved back, and she blew him a kiss. Spense blushed very deeply. Julie’s horse then picked up the speed, so Spense made his horse go faster so he can catch up. Halle sped up her horse to catch up with Spense. Julie looked back at Halle, and began thinking. Halle smirked took a tennis ball out of her pocket. “Think fast!” she threw it at Halle. The impact knocked her off her horse, which kept on running. Halle pouted.

Just when I thought I’d have a chance to take Spensie! said Halle in the confessional. It’s not fair!

Meanwhile, Damien and Daisy raced side-by side with Craig, the former and the latter trying to outdo each other’s speed. “Take this!” said Damien. His horse sped up.

“Take that!” said Craig back. His horse sped up and passed Damien’s. “And take this too!” Craig ran his horse over a mud pile. Damien ducked, and the mud flew past him and hit Daisy in the face, covering her eyes. The mud hit her horse too, which kept on running and ran straight into a huge boulder, knocking out the horse but leaving Daisy unharmed. She wiped the mud from her eyes and saw that Damien and Craig had raced ahead of her. Daisy just shrugged and headed back to camp.

Zeke and Amy rode their horses at a mildly fast pace, concerned not with winning the challenge but with each other. Zeke had his horse move up right next to Amy’s horse.

“I love times like this,” said Amy. “I love horses. This is a perfect moment, wouldn’t you say, Zekie?”

Zeke smiled even wider. “You said it, babe,” Zeke put his arm around Amy. She put her arm around him. “Fresh air, riding horses, bright sunshine, and you right by my side,” Amy blushed. “Doesn’t get any better than this.”

Amy closed her eyes and breathed deeply to get all that fresh air. “No it doesn’t, Zekie, no it does not.”

Meanwhile, Eva was lying on the ground, in pain. Horse footprints are seen ahead of her. “That horse is strong,” said Eva weakly. Maya lay next to her in similar pain, with horse footprints ahead of her as well. “And it’s feisty, too. I hate this game.”

Eva picked herself up and helped Maya up. “C’mon, I’ll carry you back,” said Eva.

“In the condition you’re in?” said Maya. “I’ll walk.”

Eva raised an eyebrow. “No really, I insist. You’re about as light as a feather.” Eva picked Maya up, put her on her shoulders, and ran back.

Tyler’s horse had caught up with Spense’s and Julie’s. “’Bout time you showed up,” said Spense. Spense’s horse was now side-by-side with Julie’s and Tyler’s horses.

“Well,” said Tyler, “You guys were going too fast!”

Spense smiled and pat Tyler on the back. “That’s what you gotta do if you want to win!” Tyler smiled and nodded. Suddenly Tyler saw ahead a rock big enough for Spense’s and Tyler’s horses’ to trip and send the two flying. “Look out!” Tyler yelled, pointing ahead. In a daring move, he pushed Spense onto Julie’s horse, saving him while Tyler was sent flying by his horse’s tripping on the rock.

“We gotta catch him!” said Spense, pointing at Tyler. Julie nodded. She rode faster to catch Tyler. Tyler slammed right into a tree. He hung onto a branch for a few seconds, until the branch broke and sent Tyler falling. Luckily, he fell right onto Julie’s horse. “YES!” said Spense.

“Thanks,” said Tyler. “I’ll head back now.” Tyler jumped off of the horse, landed on his feet, and headed back to camp.

Julie’s horse caught up to Damien’s and Craig’s, who were in the lead. The three horses raced to the end of the woods, which was now just ahead, neck-and-neck. No real advantage one way or another, with the finish line so close! All three horses crossed the finish line simultaneously, and a photo finish was taken. Chris, who was waiting for them, presses a button and the horses suddenly stopped.

“Electric fence for the win!” said Chris happily. “Congratulations to the three of you, and Spense,” Spense glared at Chris, “For actually finishing!” an intern gave Chris the photo. Chris looked at it. He then walked over to a microphone that was connected to the loudspeakers. “Attention campers,” said Chris over the loudspeaker. Daisy, Tyler, Eva, and Maya, who were in their cabins, listened. “I have the results. The winner of invincibility and the reward is.................................................................................................... DAMIEN!” Daisy, Eva, Maya, and Tyler cheered!

Chris showed Spense, Julie, Damien, and Craig, who had by then gotten off of their horses. Chris showed the four of them the picture. Damien’s horse hit the electric fence mere milliseconds before the other two did.

“So this means that he’s invincible and receives a reward: invincibility from the elimination after this one as well!” Damien groaned. Chris continued. “Since Craig and Julie tied for second, this means that they are invincible for tonight. See you guys tonight for the vote!” Chris turned off the microphone and headed towards his cabin. Spense, Julie, Damien, and Craig went to the mess hall for lunch.

During lunch, Craig, Halle, Zeke, and Amy sat at one table, as usual, while everyone else sat at the other.

“Guys,” said Halle, “I say we vote Daisy tonight.”

“Good call,” said Craig, “If we get rid of her, Damien’ll be a mess again!” Halle and Craig high-fived.

“I don’t see why you’d want to kill a good relationship,” said Amy. “They make people happy. Just look at me and Zekie.” Zeke kissed Amy on the cheek.

“That’s the point,” said Craig. “They make people happy and able-minded. We don’t want that from our enemies.” Halle nodded. Zeke and Amy shrugged. “I guess so,” said Zeke.

Meanwhile, Damien spoke up for his friends. “Since Craig’s invincible, I say we vote Amy tonight,” he said.

Julie looked puzzled. “Why not Halle?”

“Because,” said Daisy, “They think we’re going to vote for Halle, so she’ll play an immunity idol and pick one of us off.” Tyler nodded in agreement.

“I don’t know,” said Spense, “I got a bad feeling about keeping Halle around.”

“I agree,” said Julie.

“Look,” said Eva, “We have plenty of time to talk about this. Personally I agree with Spense and Julie, but I trust Damien.”

“Thanks, Eva. That means a lot to me,” said Damien.

That night, at the ice-cream hand out…

Spense voted for Halle. “I have a bad feeling that if we keep you around, something bad is going to happen.”

Julie voted for Halle. “Before you can take Spense from me!”

Halle voted for Daisy. “When there’s a problem, eliminate the source.”

Craig voted for Daisy. “Since the D-word’s immune, this is the next best thing…”

Chris tallied the votes. “Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would,” said Halle. She handed in her idol and got an ice cream sandwich in return.

“Okay,” said Chris, “Votes against Halle will not be counted. When I call your name, catch your ice cream sandwich. Damien, Julie, Craig, Zeke, Eva, Maya, Tyler, Spense.” Amy became nervous. Zeke put his arm around her, and she smiled and hugged him. Damien put her hand on Daisy’s shoulder, and she smiled.

“The final ice cream sandwich of sweet safety,” said Chris, “Goes to…

“…Daisy.” Daisy caught her sandwich and began happily eating it. Amy became sad, her eyes became misty. Zeke’s did as well.

“Amy, it is time for you to go. Hand me your room key, please,” Amy gave her room key to Chris. As she was about to get on the bus, Zeke stood up.

“Amy…” said Zeke, “I love you!” Spense smiled. Zeke had done it.

Amy and Zeke ran to each other and hugged. “Baby,” said Zeke sadly, “I’ll miss you babe,”

“I’ll miss you too, Zekie,” said Amy. Tears fell from the cheeks of both Amy and Zeke. They shared a kiss before Amy let go and headed for the bus.

“Amy!” yelled Zeke again. Amy turned around. Zeke started to sing.

Oh, I don't know why,
But you always put a smile on my face
I don't know why,
But you make me feel this special way!
I just wanted you to know
That you're my entire world

Amy smiled. “I’ll never forget you, baby!” she said. She blew a kiss to Zeke and got on the bus, which rode into the night.

Zeke dropped to his knees and cried. Spense walked over to him and knelt beside him. “You did it, buddy,” he said, “You did it.” Spense helped Zeke up and they walked back to camp with everyone else. Zeke caught up to Craig and kicked him in the shin.

“I’m sick of your games,” said Zeke. “I’m sick of you playing your little games to keep me under your control. I quit your alliance!” Zeke walked back to his cabin, and for the second time this season, lay in bed wide awake.

That’s all for tonight! See you next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 14: Circle of Insanity!

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, something weird started going around when Halle started hitting on Spense, leaving Julie as Jealous as well, a girl whose arch rival is trying to steal her man from her! A new challenge throws some people off, but others, like Damien, ride their way to victory! After a shocking vote, it was Amy who ended up without any ice cream, leaving only ten people left in the game! What sick challenges await our players today? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

It was another normal breaky for the final ten. At one table sat Spense, Damien, Daisy, Julie, Zeke, Tyler, Eva, and Maya, while at the other table sat just Craig and Halle. Everyone except Zeke began eating, but Zeke just sat there with his head down.

“Yo Zeke, what’s the matter?” asked Damien.

“What’s the matter?” answered Zeke. He looked at Damien with sheer anger. “Why don’t YOU tell ME when the one you LOVE gets voted OFF?!” Zeke shook his fist angrily to show his anger even more.

“Dude,” said Spense, “Chill out. It’s not like you’ll never see her again.”

“You don’t understand!” said Zeke. “Amy was my whole world! She was my reason to keep fighting in this stupid game! And now that she’s gone, I am left as an empty shell of a person, ripped to shreds, alone, and afraid.”

“But you’re not alone!” said Damien. “You have us! Now that you’re on our side, you have true friends to stand by you.”

“Thanks buddy,” said Zeke. “That means a lot to me.”

Meanwhile, Craig and Halle sat alone.

“So, who’s our next target?” asked Craig.

“Julie,” said Halle. “We vote for Julie. If one of us wins, the other will play an immunity idol. If neither of us wins, we’re screwed.”

Craig nodded. Then suddenly, he heard Tyler’s voice shouting, “FOOD FIGHT!” Tyler then threw one of his eggs at Maya, hitting her right in the face. Suddenly, the entire table erupted in chaos, with eggs and toast flying everywhere.

It was crazy! Said Spense in the confessional. I had no other choice! Spense squirmed his way out of the Chaos at his table and walked to Craig and Halle’s table with his food. “Mind if I sit with you two?” he asked. “The other table’s crazy today!”

“Sure,” said Craig. Spense sat next to Craig. Halle giggled. When Spense looked at her she gave him a flirty wink.

On second thought, said Spense in the confessional, Maybe the chaos would have been better than sitting across from Halle. Spense sighed and started eating.

“Dude,” whispered Craig into Spense’s ear to that Halle couldn’t hear. “I think she likes you.”

“You think?” whispered Spense back sarcastically.

“You better watch your back.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Spense rolled his eyes.

“Okay, Hal wants to vote out your girlfriend next!”

“Why do you care?”

“Because,” said Craig, “You’re like, the only friend I have here besides Halle, now that Danny’s no longer here, and so I want to warn you. I’ll try to talk Hal out of it, but I need you to win invincibility today so that Julie would be safe.”

“And then who will go?” Spense looked puzzled. This could cost Craig the game, and yet he still tells Spense this.

“Halle,” whispered Craig. “I’m sick of her thinking she’s the brains of the two of us, but she does. She thinks she’s better than me, and she’s going to try to prove that by taking you from Julie and replacing me with you!” Spense gasped!

“How do you know this?” asked Spense.

“Because,” said Craig, “I overheard her plotting all of this last night. What can I say? I’m a natural spy.”

Spense and Craig fist-bumped, and Spense silently ate at that table. Then Chris walked into the room. “Hello, final ten!” said Chris. “Congratulations to Tyler, Maya, Spense, Zeke, Eva, Julie, Craig, Halle, Daisy, and Damien for making it to the final 10!” Everyone in the room cheered!

Chris continued. “Meet me at the field in twenty minutes!” he said, and left.

I can’t believe I made it this far! Said Maya in the confessional. It would be awesome if I actually won this thing! I know I’m probably not the strongest player here, but it’s usually the underdogs that win this anyway. Besides, I have to! Sammie and Noah are counting on me!

Twenty minutes later, the final ten headed over to the field. Standing before them was a single top hat.

“Hello, players, it is time for your challenge!” said Chris. “Since Damien won invincibility for today as well as yesterday, he gets to sit out this challenge.”

Yeah! Said Damien in the confessional. I had a bad feeling about this challenge anyway.

Chris continued. “As for the rest of you, our panel has come up with ideas for challenges today.”

“What’s the panel?” asked Maya, confused.

“The panel,” said Chris “Is a group of eleven people who will decide the fate of the final two. The panel consists of the eleven beloved campers of mine from Total Drama Island who is not either competing now or at the hut. Well, except for Sadie, that is.”

“So,” said Damien, “HEATHER is in the panel?”

“That’s right, Damien,” said Chris.

“What’s the big deal?” asked Daisy. “Heather’s just mean. It’s not like you know her personally or anything.”

“But I do,” said Damien. “About a year ago I met Heather at my school. I think I fell in love with her, or something. Then one day I mustered up the courage to ask her out. She shot me down, and I’ve been a Goth ever since.”

“Oh,” said Daisy. She looked sad.

“It’s all fine now,” said Damien, “Because now I have you, and that’s all that really matters to me.” Daisy smiled and hugged Damien.

“I don’t mean to sound insensitive here,” Said Eva, “But can we get on with the challenge?”

“Thanks, Eva,” said Chris. “Anyway, Damien will reach his hand into the hat and pick out a sheet of paper. That paper will contain the name of one of the members of the panel. I will announce the challenge that goes with that panel member. Understood?” Everyone else nodded.

“Okay then,” said Chris. Damien reached his hand into the hat. He pulled out a slip of paper. Damien read out loud what name was on the paper.

“Gwen,” said Damien.

“Hey,” said Spense and Halle at the same time, “Gwen was my favorite!” Spense and Halle looked at each other. Halle waved at him. Spense rolled his eyes. Spense looked to his left and saw Julie clenching her fist in anger. Spense put his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t take it that way, Julie,” said Spense, “You know that you’re the only girl for me.” Julie smiled and hugged Spense. Halle glared at Julie.

I swear, said Halle in the confessional, That before this day is done, Spense WILL be mine!

“Gwen, then,” said Chris, “Gwen’s challenge is a poetry contest. Three of you will write a poem with exactly nine sentences. I will judge the poems. The best poem’s writer wins invincibility! Meet me at the stage in thirty minutes with your poems!”

“Wait,” said Eva, “Which three?”

“I will decide,” said Chris, “But since none of you know, all nine of you will write it!”

Everyone, save Damien, spent the thirty minutes writing.

“Well,” said Maya after finishing her poem, “It’s finally done!”

“Oh is it?” said Halle, who had also finished. She took Maya’s poem, crumbled it up, and threw it as far as she could away from Maya.

“Not funny!” said Maya. Right about then, Chris’s voice was heard on the loudspeaker.

“It’s time, players! Get your writing butts down to the stage area!” Everyone headed to the stage, where Chris was waiting for them in the very seat Dyl sat in when he judged the talent show.

“I see you guys are all ready to go,” said Chris, “First up is Julie.”

Julie got onto the stage while the others sat in the audience. “I call this one, ‘Thief of the Night’.

“You sneak up from behind
When no one suspects
Then you try to steal from me
What you like the best
But you never will win
This endless fight
For you are only
A thief of the night!”

The others applauded, except for Halle, who simply glared at Julie. Julie left the stage and sat down.

“Okay,” said Chris, “Next up is Tyler.”

Tyler got onto the stage. “My poem,” he said, “Is called, ‘The End is Never’.

“When the world seems black and the air is filled with grief
And you’re ready to accept defeat
Just remember that no matter what goes on
Just fight until the end, just stay strong
All you need to remember
Is that the end is never!”

“Rock on, Ty!” yelled Spense, standing up and clapping for his buddy. He was joined by Eva, Julie, and Maya.

“Why are you clapping, Maya?” asked Chris, “You’re up next!” Maya sighed and got onto the stage.

“I did write one,” said Maya, “But Halle took it from me and threw it off of the cliff!” Everyone gasped.

“Okay then,” said Chris, “In that case, Tyler wins invincibility! That’s all for today! Meet me tonight to vote somebody off, besides Tyler or Damien.” Everyone headed back to camp.

I have the perfect plan, said Halle in the confessional, I just need to get Spense alone for it to work, and I know just what to do to solve that problem!

After lunch, Halle went to her cabin and took out a sheet of paper, and started forging Julie’s handwriting. She wrote,


Meet me in my cabin, there’s something important I have to tell you.



Meanwhile, Julie was taking a walk in the woods. I love taking walks in the woods, alone, said Julie in the confessional, It makes me feel so relaxed!

Halle placed the note in Spense’s cabin, and then snuck over inside Julie’s cabin, waiting. Craig, out of the corner of his eye, saw Halle entering Julie’s cabin. “Oh no,” he thought out loud, “I gotta tell Julie!” Craig ran right into the woods to tell her.

Meanwhile, Spense went into his cabin to chill out, when he found the note. He read it out loud, “’Meet me in my cabin, there’s something important I have to tell you, love, Julie.’ Awesome!” Spense smiled and headed over to Julie’s cabin, not knowing the trap that lay in store for him. When he entered the cabin, it was really dark. Spense shut the door and said, “Hello? Julie? Julie, are you here?”

“Julie’s not here,” said a voice, more specifically, Halle’s voice. She turned on the lights. “It’s just you and me now!” Spense gulped. She’s insane! Said Spense in the confessional. That girl Halle drives me crazy!

“Why, Halle?” asked Spense, “Why did you do this?”

“So I can make you mine!” said Halle. She walked towards Spense, who backed away from Halle until she had him cornered. “Because Julie doesn’t deserve you after what she said.”

“Whoa, hold on there,” said Spense, “What did she say?”

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” said Halle, “But only because you’re cute. You see, I had made amends with Julie a little while ago, and then she started sharing her secrets with me, so,”

Spense cut her off. “Just get to the point already.”

Meanwhile, Craig was running frantically through the woods, looking for Julie. “Julie?” said Craig, “Julie! I need to warn you about something!”

Back to Halle and Spense, Halle listened and went right to the point.

“Julie told me after Amy’s elimination, Spense, that she thinks that you’re nothing but a wannabe, and that she’s actually just using you and stringing you along to get her further in the game.”

“Wait a minute,” said Spense, “This is that trick Heather used on Trent! How do I know that you’re not lying?”

“Wow,” said Halle, “You are smart, here you go.” She took from her back pocket what looked like a page ripped off of a diary. Halle wrote it, in forged handwriting, saying just what Halle claimed Julie said a few minutes ago. Spense looked at it and gasped. Tears started to form in his eyes. He dropped the sheet of paper and started crying.

“NOOOOO!!” yelled Spense, crying. “I loved Julie, and the entire time she was stringing me along! What a sucker I was! I thought we had… something special!”

Craig continued running in the woods, and finally found Julie. "Julie!" yelled Craig.

“Way to break the quiet,” said Julie, “Did you know that my cousin Lindsay can’t solve any math problems unless it’s 100% silent?”

“That’s not important,” said Craig, “What IS important is that by now, Halle probably succeeded in stealing Spense from you through lies and deceit, and we have to hurry if we want to fix this mess. She’s in your cabin!”

“Then what are we waiting for?” asked Julie. “Let’s go!” Julie and Craig ran back the way they came, heading for Julie’s cabin.

Halle put her hands on Spense’s shoulders. This is when a heartbroken Spense looks up and sees me, said Halle in the confessional. And then it becomes the sight of love! And that’s what I was aiming for! But Spense didn’t even look up. “Julie made me so happy,” said Spense, “but I guess it was too good to be true. Thank you, Halle, for opening my eyes to the truth.”

Suddenly Craig kicked the cabin door open. “I knew it!” he said. “Halle, you dirty little…”

“You stay out of this, Craig!” said Halle. “We both know that whatever you were about to call me, you’re WAY worse!”

Julie ran into the cabin. “So Craig was right! What kind of bull did you pull this time, Halle?”

“Bull? Me? No way!” said Halle, acting innocent, “I just opened up Spense’s eyes to the truth!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Julie sternly.

“This!” said Spense angrily. He picked up the paper that he dropped and handed it to Julie. “Let’s see you get out of this one gracefully!”

Julie took the paper and read it. “I didn’t write this,” she said.

“And how am I supposed to believe that?” asked Spense.

“I knew I’d have to bring this along,” said Craig. He tossed Spense Julie’s diary. “Sorry, Julie,” said Craig, “But I knew I’d need that.”

Spense took the paper back from Julie. He saw that the left end of the paper was torn, as if someone tore it out of a diary. Spense looked at the paper, than at the diary, than at Julie. Julie nodded to him, as if allowing him to read the diary. I knew that for someone like Julie, said Spense in the confessional, The only way she’d let me read her diary was if something really important to her depended on it. I realized from the expression on her face that she was telling the truth. Spense looked at Halle from the corner of his eye. She looked very worried. And that sealed the deal, seeing Halle like that, because I knew from her expression that she overlooked that detail. Spense looked again at the paper, at Julie’s diary, and at Julie. After a moment, Spense smiled and handed Julie the diary.

“You’re not going to read it?” asked Julie as she took her diary back.

“Nah,” said Spense, “I know that if you’re that desperate for me to think that you’re telling the truth, you are telling the truth. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.” Spense and Julie hugged and kissed.

Craig put a finger to his mouth as if pretending to puke. “Vomit, puke, hurl!” he said.

“Hey Craig,” said Spense, “Thanks. We owe you one.”

“Totally,” said Julie. “If it weren’t for you, I would have lost the best thing in the world to that… thing.”

“I can’t believe this!” yelled Halle suddenly, pouting. “I was so close to having Spensie for myself! So close! It’s not fair!” Halle ran out of the room.

Craig smiled at Spense and Julie. “You owe me one? Now we’re speaking my language. Look, I hear that the winner of a challenge during the merge can request special conditions for elimination, as long as they don’t give the person requesting it an unfair advantage. If you can convince Tyler to request this…” Craig whispered something into Spense’s ear, and then into Julie’s ear. “Then we’d be even.”

“Deal,” said Spense and Julie simultaneously. They looked at each other, smiled, and left hand in hand.

At dinner that night, the two alliances were discussing elimination.

“So I talked to Chris about it,” said Tyler, “And he said okay. So, we’re good to go!"

“Great!” said Julie.

“Since we outnumber Craig and Halle by this much,” said Damien, “We can actually split up the voting. I have a plan. Julie, Spense, Maya, and Tyler, you guys vote for Halle. Daisy, Eva, and Zeke, you guys vote Craig with me. Then we simply see which one of them goes.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Julie.

“After voting with Craig this many times,” said Zeke, “It almost feels weird to be voting him off now.” Damien nodded.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out,

Spense voted for Halle. “You disgust me!”

Julie voted for Halle. “This is for everything!”

Damien voted for Craig. “About time I got to see you suffer!”

Daisy voted for Craig. “You make me sick!”

Halle voted for Julie. “I HATE YOU!!”

Chris tallied the votes. “Due to request from the victor of today’s challenge,” said Chris, “Tonight, no one can play an immunity idol, which means that for once, all the votes will be counted!” Halle gasped. Craig smirked at her. “What I call your name, heads up, you know the drill. Damien, Tyler, Spense, Maya, Eva, Daisy, Zeke, Julie.” Craig and Halle simply looked at Chris, waiting for the results. I counted on Damien not ganging up his entire alliance on me, said Craig in the confessional. In retrospect, that was a mistake.

“The final ice cream sandwich of the night goes to...

…Craig.” Craig caught his sweet safety and smiled. He high-fived Spense and Julie.

“Sorry, Halle,” said Chris, “But it’s time for you to go!”

“DAMN IT!!” yelled Halle. “I came so close to getting what I wanted! Spense, I wanted you more than anything!”

“Sorry Hal,” said Spense, “But I’m with someone who actually tells the TRUTH! Good riddance!”

“By Craig,” said Halle. “Good luck on your own, bro.” Craig and Halle hugged. “See you, sis,” said Craig and Halle walked to the bus of banishment.

“Heads up, Chris!” yelled Halle, and tossed her room key to Chris before getting on the bus of banishment and riding off into the night.

“Finally!” said Julie. “She’s finally gone!”

Yeah, I voted for Halle, said Craig in the confessional. I was pretty sick of her bossing me around and thinking that she's the big leader of our alliance. And besides, it was either her or me, so I just had to make sure that it was her and not me.

Wow! What an awesome elimination! See you guys next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 15: Eye of the Paintball!

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, some major friction sparked between three people when a huge crush leads to disaster! Tyler's amazing poem won invincibility for himself, while Halle's sneaky tricks and lies almost stole her crush from her worst enemy! Luckily for Julie, Craig, who had overheard Halle plotting to replace him with Spense, found out about this plan as well, and with the help of Julie, stopped it. Karma played a big part when, that night, Halle was sent to the hut, a major victory for Damien and his alliance. Will Craig follow his sister? Will anyone else threaten Spense and Julie's relationship? Who will be the next to go? And, most importantly, when will Heather call me back about my offer for her to be my right hand girl? Seriously, the more mean, the better! Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

The players, now the final nine, were returning to camp after Halle's elimination. "About time she left!" said Julie.

"Yeah, seriously," said Spense, "Now I can sleep at night."

"I never did like her," said Tyler. "Am I glad she's gone!"

Craig was sulking behind the others. Tears fell from his face and hit the ground with every step he took.

I can't fricken believe I voted my own sister off! said Craig in the confessional. What an idiot I was! Now I have to brave it alone, and I've never been separated from Halle! I... I don't think I can go on.

Damien walked beside Craig, for no other reason than to piss him off. "About time that girl left!" said Damien. He nudged Craig with his elbow. "If only we could get rid of you this easily!" he laughed. Craig glared at him.

Damien's come a really long way, said Daisy in the confessional. At the beginning, he did nothing but mope around. Now he's making jokes, having a good time, and really making the most of his time here. I'm really proud of him. It's like... It's like the old Damien suddenly left and this guy suddenly shows up in his place.

"Look," said Craig, "You could have thrust your entire alliance against me. Why didn't you?"

"Because," said Damien, "I wanted to make your life as miserable as possible, for what you did to me."

"Hey! I didn't vote out Daisy, so how's kicking off Halle making things fair?"

"Because, you made my life miserable by sucking me into that alliance of yours, and now I'm simply returning the favor!"

"You make me sick!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth, bub!"

Zeke, who was walking beside them, said, "Wow, you two sound like an old couple." He laughed and walked away. "Kidding, guys!" he said.

Craig's jaw dropped. Damien's followed. Craig walked over to Zeke and punched him in the face, knocking him down.

"That's for insulting me like that!" yelled Craig. Damien walked over to him and helped him up. "Sorry, Zeke," he said. "I can take a joke." Damien's smile faded. He pointed at Zeke and said, "Never do that again!" before walking off.

Touchy, said Zeke in the confessional.

The next morning, Maya found Eva outside her cabin. Maya walked up to her and sat down.

“What’s wrong?” asked Maya.

“Bored, that’s all,” was Eva’s answer.

“Gin Rummy?”


Maya shuffled the deck of cards she brought. She dealt ten cards to Eva and ten cards to herself. The girls talked as they played cards.

“Eva, I noticed you’ve been kind of glum lately. Why is that?” Maya took an ace of hearts from the discard pile and put it in her hand. She put the 8 of clubs on top of the discard pile in the old card’s place.

“No reason really, just thinking about Noah.” Eva drew a card from the deck. She added it to her hand and placed the 7 of diamonds on the discard pile.

“Must be great liking someone so much, who likes you back, am I right?” Maya took the seven, added it to her hand, and placed the jack of spades on the pile in its place.

“You are right, but you say that like you never liked anyone.” Eva drew a card and placed it on the discard pile. It was the jack of hearts.

“I don’t need love.” Maya took the jack of hearts, added it to her hand, and threw the deuce of hearts onto the discard pile.

“For a second there, you sounded like a, like a, oh forget it, it’s not possible.” Eva drew a card, added it to her hand, and placed the nine of clubs on the discard pile.

“Go on, say it!” Maya drew a card, added it to her hand, and threw the nine of spades onto the discard pile.

“Like a... Goth.” Eva took the nine of spades, added it to her hand, and placed the seven of clubs onto the discard pile.

“Well, it’s about time you figured me out!” Maya took the seven, added it to her hand, and put a card face-down on the discard pile. “Gin!” she said coldly.

“So,” said Eva, while Maya collected the cards, “You’ve been a goth this entire time?”

“Not exactly,” said Maya, “You see, I was a Goth when I was little. Then I changed, but everyone I know still thinks of me as a Goth. New clothes didn’t help, a new attitude didn’t help, and nothing else did. I just want to put my past as a Goth behind me, but lately, it’s been hard. Since I got here, I had to deal with a lot. Sammie, Noah, and the fact that there are no cute guys here that I’m interested in make me want to go Goth again. Eva, it’s hard. I need someone who went through all this, who knows just what to do, who can give me advice.”

Eva thought for a minute, and then snapped her fingers. “You need Damien,” she said. Maya nodded. Suddenly the loudspeaker tuned in.

“Breakfast time!” said Chris through the loudspeaker. Maya and Eva got up and headed to the mess hall for breakfast.

At breakfast, Craig sat alone at one table while everyone else sat at the other. Craig wept at his table. I hate being this alone! Said Craig in the confessional. I miss Halle!

Suddenly, Damien stepped into the room, a big smile on his face. He wasn’t wearing the same gothic clothing he usually did. Instead, he wore a red shirt with dark blue jeans and brown sneakers. Everyone gasped, as no one had seen this side of Damien before. He sat next to Daisy and started eating.

“What’s the big deal?” asked Damien.

“What ever happened to gothic depressed soul?” asked Eva.

“Who are you and what did you do with Damien?” asked Spense. Julie giggled.

“Oh, you mean the clothes,” said Damien. “It’s a long story. Anyone want to hear it?” Everybody nodded. Craig got up and moved to Damien’s table. “This I got to hear!” he said excitedly.

“Okay,” Damien began, “Before my mom died this was the kind of clothing I wore. You know, before my life started going downhill. Even after she died, I kept on wearing bright, cool clothes like this to remind myself to stay on the positive side of my life. I gave up on this after Heather rejected me and started wearing the black stuff. But since I got here, I... I’ve been seeing the good side of life again, and last night I realized that the only thing holding me back was my old clothes. I didn’t intend on bringing these to camp, but my little brother Simon packed them while I wasn’t looking. So... here I am, this is the real me, this is the real Damien!” Everyone at the table applauded.

Daisy put her arm around Damien and said, “I knew that there was a great person inside all that anger and frustration.” She kissed him on the cheek. Everyone laughed when Damien’s face lit up, and his face turned red. But it was a friendly laugh.

“Dude, it’s good to have the real you here with us,” said Spense.

This is the guy who can help me! Said Maya in the confessional. EEEEEEEEE!! I’ll talk to him after the challenge.

Midway through breakfast, Matt stepped into the mess hall. “Hello, players,” he said. “Congratulations to Tyler, Maya, Spense, Zeke, Eva, Julie, Craig, Daisy, and Damien for making it to the final nine!” everybody cheered at that news, as usual.

“Final nine baby!” said Spense. “Rock on, dudes!”

“Yeah, we rock out loud!” yelled Damien happily. He high-fived Spense.

Matt smiled. “Ready for the challenge?” he asked. He saw heads shaking. “Good. Meet me at the woods in thirty minutes for your next challenge.”

“Why is it, Matt,” asked Tyler, “That whenever you show up to announce the challenge, it’s always at the woods?” Matt shrugged and left.

After breakfast, the final nine headed to the woods for the challenge. On the way there Maya ran up beside Damien and asked, “Damien, I need your help with something important.”

“Sure, what’s up?” asked Damien.

“Promise not to tell anyone?”


Maya spoke softly when she said, “I’m a recovering Goth. I was a Goth way back when, but I quit before I came here. Problem is, no matter what I do, everyone at my school still treats me like a Goth even though I try my best to put it behind me. And since I got here, with Sammie’s elimination, being my own fault, and Noah sacrificing himself for me... I think I might go back to being a Goth, but I don’t want to. I need some advice.”

“Listen,” said Damien, “All you need to do is find a reason to be happy, and dwell on it. As long as you stay happy, for whatever reason, you’ll stop feeling at all like a Goth. And once that happens, no one will think of you as a Goth ever again. Trust me, I know this stuff.”

“That’s why I asked,” said Maya. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” said Damien.

When the final nine arrive at the woods, Matt was waiting for them with nine paintball guns. “Hello, final nine,” he said.

“Paintballs?” asked Julie, “Been there, done that.”

“Well,” said Matt, “You’ll have to be there and do that again because today’s challenge is a game of Hunt or be hunted! Each of you will get a paintball gun with fifteen paintballs in it. Your challenge is to hit your competitors with paintballs while avoiding being hit yourself. Once you get hit by a paintball, you’re out and must return to camp. The last person paintball-free wins invincibility and reward. Here are your paintball guns.”

The final nine took their paintball guns.

“Okay,” said Matt, “For thirty minutes you can go into the woods and gain some distance between you and the others. When you hear a whistle blow over the loudspeaker, you know it’s time to start shooting. And... Begin!” The final nine ran into the woods.

“This is going to be so much fun!” said Spense, walking alongside Julie and Tyler. “Good luck, you two.”

“Thanks,” said Tyler, “We’re going to need it!” Spense, Tyler, and Julie laughed.

Meanwhile, Maya climbed a tree in preparation for the challenge. Damien hid behind a bush. Spense and Julie just walked together. Daisy hid behind the very tree Maya climbed. Eva simply walked around, looking for targets. Zeke hid behind a different bush, and Craig silently stalked Eva until the challenge was to actually begin. Suddenly, a loud whistle blew over the loudspeaker. The challenge had begun. Craig immediately sniped Eva from behind.

“Not fair!” complained Eva.

“Life isn’t fair. Get over it!” said Craig.

Eva groaned and headed back to camp. Craig quickly dodged a paintball coming from a bush, and fired one of his in the direction of the bush.

“Ow!” complained Zeke. He got out of the bush.

“Man,” said Craig, “That paint on your face makes you look like a freak!” Zeke glared at Craig and headed back to camp. Craig laughed evilly.

Meanwhile, Daisy slowly stepped out from behind the tree to see if anyone was there. “I think the cost is clear,” she said softly to herself. Before she even knew what hit her, there was green paint in her hair.

“Sorry about that,” said Maya, “But I had to get you before you get me!” Suddenly a red paintball hit Maya from above, causing her to fall off the tree she was on and land flat on the ground.

“How ironic,” said Tyler, who had shot the paintball from the above branch, “You dodge a bullet and run straight into a landmine!” Maya grunted and headed back to camp with Daisy. Tyler heard rustling in a nearby bush. He looked to the right of that bush and found Spense and Julie making out. I should have known, said Tyler in the confessional. Two blue paintballs coming from the bush, flying at lightning speed, hit Spense and Julie and knocked them both down.

“Next time there’s a challenge like this,” said Spense, rubbing his head, “Remind me to fly solo.”

“Agreed,” said Julie. They headed back to camp.

Tyler shot at the bush, but Damien leapt out of the bush with perfect timing.

“He’s good,” muttered Tyler. A black paintball hit Tyler right in the face. He fell out of the tree and landed on his back. “Ouch,” he groaned.

“One to go!” said Craig evilly after stepping out of another bush. He and Damien glared at one another fiercely.

“Two hunters,” said Damien.

“One will leave clean,” finished Craig. The two fired a paintball at the other at exactly the same time. Tyler, who was still there watching, knew that a paintball to the face would be lethal to Damien, so he grabbed his paintball gun and knocked Damien out of the way with a red paintball to the side. Meanwhile, Damien’s paintball hit Craig in the face instants later.

“The winner,” Matt announced over the loudspeaker, “Is Craig! He wins invincibility and the reward of being the only one to be able to vote tonight!” Tyler and Damien gasped. “Yup, Craig will have full power over who goes tonight! No immunity idols, no strategy, none of that, except for one thing. Damien, being the last person to be eliminated from this challenge, wins invincibility as well, meaning that Craig must choose between the remaining seven people up for elimination. Meet me tonight, everybody!”

Craig laughed evilly. “Yes! Now I’m in control!” he sneered.

At the mess hall during mealtime, Craig sat at one table, as usual, with an evil smile on his face. The others, at the other table, looked worried.

“What do we do?” asked Maya.

“We just go with whatever happens, I guess,” said Damien.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out...

Craig stood where Chris usually did. “You guys know the drill,” he said, “So I won’t waste your time. One for me,” Craig ate one of the eight ice cream sandwiches on the plate there. “One for Damien, because he’s invincible,” Craig threw Damien his ice cream sandwich. Damien caught it in his mouth.

“Good boy, stay.” Damien glared at him. “Back to safety: one for Julie, one for Spense, one for Maya, one for Zeke, one for Tyler. That leaves Eva, and Daisy.” Eva and Daisy looked at each other worriedly. “The final ice cream sandwich must go to someone. While I would love to just eat it and send you BOTH away, I can’t, so...

...Daisy, think fast!” Craig threw the ice cream sandwich at Daisy. It hit her in the face, covering it with ice cream. Craig laughed hard. “Classic! Eva, it’s about time we sent you packing!” Eva sadly got up and threw her room key at Craig. It hit him and knocked him down. “Touchy,” he said.

“By everyone,” said Eva. “Maya, good luck with your trouble.” Maya gave Eva a thumbs-up. “I gotta go now, Noah will be very happy to see me at the hut. NOAH! I’M COMING FOR YOU!!” Eva ran as fast as she could to the hut, into the night. The intern driving the bus quickly shut the door and ran at her, but Eva outran the bus all the way to the hut.

“About time I got my way,” said Craig softly. “Halle would be proud of me.” The memory of Halle caused Craig to shed a single tear. The others went back to camp, and eventually, Craig followed.

That’s all for tonight! See you next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 16: White Flag of Victory!

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, Maya struggles with her former Goth status, and tries to get help from Damien, who got a complete makeover in the outfit department, showing his true recovery from his Goth status. A hunting challenge takes place, requiring strength, ruthlessness, and a willingness to show no mercy! So basically, it was custom made for Craig, who, just as I predicted, won the challenge! He got the right to choose anyone he wanted to and eliminate that person, and he chose Eva, one of his biggest threats. Nicely played, Craig. What challenges await our final 8 this time? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

The final eight, now without Eva, headed back to camp after her elimination. Craig laughed evilly. “So long, sucker!” he said. Damien walked up to him and tripped Craig, who fell face-first onto the ground below.

I hate that kid, said Craig in the confessional. Craig got up, spat out a mouthful of grass and dirt, and ran up to Damien to get his revenge, but when he caught up with Damien, Damien tripped him again.

Craig spat out another mouthful of grass and dirt, pointed at Damien, and said, “You’re despicable!”

“Thank you,” said Damien, and walked off.

Spense and Julie walked back arm-in-arm. “Too bad Eva had to go this way,” said Julie.

“Agreed,” said Spense, “There goes the only person who’s tougher than Craig.”

Julie looked at Spense flirtatiously. “But don’t you go anywhere, mister!” She said.

“Don’t worry,” said Spense softly, “I won’t. I’ll never leave you alone in this game. I promise!”

“I promise the same thing!” said Julie. They kissed and went into their respective cabins.

Maya slumped behind everyone else, her head down. Tears fell behind her as she slowly walked to the cabin. Whenever I find hope, she said in the confessional, I’m always right back on square one. Sammie, Noah, and now Eva are gone! On the way back, Tyler ran back to walk with Maya.

“Need a friend?” asked Tyler. Maya looked up and saw a compassionate smile on his face, like he really wanted to help her.

“More than ever. Thanks buddy,” said Maya back.

“I just want you to know, Maya,” said Tyler, “That if you ever need a helping hand, or a friend, or someone to talk to, you can count on me!”

“Thanks,” said Maya. She smiled. Tyler saw the tracks of her tears as she smiled. “That means a lot to me!” Tyler and Maya walked side-by-side back to the cabins before going their separate ways and going to sleep. Tyler’s the best friend anyone could ask for, said Maya in the confessional, It’s people like him who make this world a better place. Lindsay probably doesn’t even know how lucky she is.

The next morning, Zeke got up early. For the record, said Zeke in the confessional, I always do this. Back home, I got up before my parents and five little brothers so that I can have some peace and quiet in the morning. He tiptoed outside and took a deep breath of fresh, crisp morning air. “Gotta love it!” he said out loud. He walked over to the mess hall, and found Chris enjoying a cup of coffee at one of the tables. Zeke went in, got some coffee, and sat next to Chris.

“”Morning, Chris,” he said.

“Good morning, Zeke” said Chris, “Good to see I’m not alone!”

“Same here,” said Zeke, “Who knew this place could have such good coffee?”

“I did,” said Chris. He and Zeke laughed. “After all, this is high-quality stuff, reserved only for anyone who can get up before six in the morning, like us!”

Zeke looked up at the clock. It was five thirty. Zeke smiled. “How long until you rudely awaken the others?” he asked.

“About two hours,” said Chris, “Take your time. By the way, I got some letters from the hut today. One of them is for you.” Chris handed Zeke one of the letters. Zeke opened it and read it out loud.

“Dear Zeke,” he read, “I miss you already! Things at the hut are great; it’s actually more of a resort than some lame hut. I think about you every day, and as much as I want you here, next to me, I want you to do your best in the game and win, for both of us! If you ever feel alone, just close your eyes, I’m right there by your side. Love always, Amy.” Zeke smiled and shed a single tear. “Thanks for sharing, Chris,” he said.

“Anytime,” said Chris, taking a sip of coffee.

“By the way, what’s the challenge today?” asked Zeke.

“Well,” said Chris, “I was thinking of having a challenge where you each have to protect a flag while stealing other people’s flags, and the last person standing wins.”

“Sounds cool,” said Zeke. “Say, whatever happened to Chef and Matt?”

“Matt’s not awake yet, and Chef’s on a vacation.”

“Nice! I never did like Chef.”

Chris laughed. “To be honest, neither did I!”

Zeke laughed and drank some more of his coffee.

Two hours later, Chris blew his air horn into the loudspeaker, waking everyone else up. I hate Chris so much! Said Daisy in the confessional.

Before breakfast, Zeke met up with Spense and Tyler, behind Zeke’s cabin. “Why did you bring us here?” asked Spense.

“Because,” said Zeke, “I think the all-out war against Craig is over. Think about it, Spense. You and Julie are friends with him, and Damien no longer bears a huge grudge or severe hatred against him. I think Damien wants to bring Craig as far as possible into the game before taking him down. HARD.”

“Your point?” asked Tyler.

“I see where you’re going with this,” said Spense. “You want us to revive the shouting brothers’ team, me, you, and Tyler, taking down everybody else one by one.” Zeke nodded.

“Sorry to disappoint,” said Tyler, “But to succeed in this, we need to get the majority vote. And the only way that’ll happen is if we get two people on our side, or one for an even matchup. I don’t want to play secret agent.”

“I know,” said Zeke, “Besides, we need someone ruthless on our side, someone who is guaranteed to help us take down the girls, and Damien. If you two don’t get the hint, we need the only guy with an immunity idol.”

“Craig,” whispered Spense and Tyler at the same time.

“I don’t know,” said Tyler, “Right now, Maya needs my help in overcoming her loss. I can’t just get into a guy’s alliance and eliminate her right away!”

“So we won’t target Maya,” said Spense. He shrugged. “We’ll talk to Craig about this over brecky. I’ll convince him. He trusts me after I blew off the H-word a few weeks back. Afterward I’ll show you guys a perfect demonstration of a bull’s-eye on a dartboard, with a picture of Hal’s face on it.

“Cool,” said Tyler. We better go. I don’t wanna miss brecky, and since we’re probably eliminating one of the Ds today anyway, we gotta make sure that one of us wins invincibility so that it can happen.” Zeke and Spense nodded and the three headed for the mess hall for breakfast.

This is the most risky thing we’ve done, said Spense in the confessional, But the Shoutin’ Brothers are back, baby! And this one’s gonna be for DJ! We’re also fighting for Katie, Danny, and Amy, Damien’s four victims. Yeah, I know I’d be better off fighting for Harold, Courtney, Sammie, Beth, and Cathy, Craig’s victims, but we’ll take care of Craig after we can get the majority vote without him. And if he uses his idol now... Heck, Craig’s done for! Spense let out a maniacal laugh in the confessional. I can’t believe I just did that! He said.

At breakfast, Craig was fairly surprised to see Spense, Tyler, and Zeke joining him at his table. “Welcome,” said Craig, “I have a sinking feeling that this means...”

Spense nodded. “Yup. Craig, the three of us want an alliance with you. Not the kind where you dictate and we follow. The kind where we all work together to achieve a common goal. We want to revive the Shouting Brothers team.”

Tyler spoke up next. “We figured out that we need someone ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to win to help us avenge DJ and claim victory for the Shouting Brothers once and for all.”

Zeke was the last to talk. “Also, I know that we all have the same goals in mind anyway. We all want Daisy and Damien to go down soon.”

Craig thought for a moment. He smiled. “Count me in!” he said. The four high-fived and began eating.

Later, Chris stepped into the room. “Hello, final eight!” he said. He glanced at Craig’s table. “Looks like Craig has some new friends here!”

Damien glared at Zeke. “Benedict Arnold!” he growled, pointing at Zeke. Then he looked at Spense and Tyler. “The new Dannys,” he grumbled under his breath.

Chris spoke up again. “Congratulations to Tyler, Maya, Spense, Zeke, Julie, Craig, Daisy, and Damien for making it to the final eight. From here on in, all of you will be required to make at least one confessional for every challenge about your status in the game and stuff, including the answer to one question each week. Don’t be worried about that now, though, I’ll remind you eight of that after this season ends and we get to post production. Today’s challenge is a game of capture the flag on an individual level. You’ll each be given a single small flag representing you. You cannot lose it! If someone takes it from you and returns it to me, you’re out! Last person with their flag wins invincibility and the right to set conditions for tonight’s elimination, just like Tyler did two weeks back. I will be here, in the mess hall. While in here, your flag is safe. I will give you each your flag and you will have thirty minutes before the challenge starts. Starting now!”

Well, I did it. I made it to the final eight! All right! Said Spense in the confessional. What is my shot of winning? I say it’s decent, I mean, there are people who deserve to win more than me, but hey, if I do win, I’d be one happy camper! One happy, filthy stinkin’ rich, camper!

Final eight. And I owe it all to Daisy, said Damien in the confessional. It’s like she took out a magic eraser and undid all of my pain. I love her so much! I’d say my odds of winning are pretty high now that I’m superior to Craig. As long as I keep one-upping him, I’ve got no problems at all!

I’ll be honest here, I have no idea I made it this far! Said Maya in the confessional. Now that I’m in the final eight, I can actually think about winning! So many people are counting on me! Sammie, Noah, and Eva! I can’t let them down. For them and for myself, I know that one way or another, I HAVE to win!

Well, it wasn’t easy, but I’m in! Said Tyler in the confessional. After all I’ve been through, it’s like victory is calling out to me. This is my shot at redemption, and I will win! It’s not about the money, mind you, though the cash is nice. It’s for the triumph over my own weakness that keeps me going!

I shouldn’t even be here, said Julie in the confessional, My destiny cards that my cousin Lindsay introduced to me brought me back to stop Halle. I don’t know if I’m also destined to win this game, but I’m about to find out!

I honestly can’t believe I made it this far! Said Zeke in the confessional. Maybe I can win this thing. For Amy...

I’m in! Final eight! Said Daisy in the confessional. And I KNOW that me and my baby, Damien, are headed straight for the top! Yeah!

Can I believe I made it this far? Asked Craig in the confessional. The only thing that surprises me is that Damien is here too. And that Halle isn’t. I’m doing fine without her, I HAVE a brain you know, and being ordered around by her was insulting. But now, I have my very own alliance. Spense, Zeke, and Tyler finally saw the light, I guess. Will I win? DUH!! Hear me out, now! I will win this game, even if it means making Damien leave due to injuries... caused by my fists of steel!

On their way out, everyone collected their flags. Tyler’s was bright red, Maya’s was green, Zeke’s was a darker red with a black, “Z” on it, Spense’s was blue, Julie’s was hot pink, Craig’s was a sinister dark purple, Daisy’s was regular pink, and Damien’s was white. Damien smiled when he got his flag. “White,” he muttered to himself as he left the mess hall. “The color of shining glory.”

Maya hung out at her cabin. Tyler caught up with her and sat beside her. “Um, Maya?” he asked.

“Yeah, Ty?” asked Maya back.

“We may be on separate alliances,” Tyler began, “But we’re still friends, right?”

Maya smiled. “Of course.” Tyler smiled and left to go into his cabin.

Damien and Daisy walked alongside each other. They had their flags in their front pants pockets. “I can’t believe those three traitors would just join Craig like that!” said Damien. “It drives me nuts! And I thought Spense was my friend, too!”

Daisy shook her head. “They probably were too worried about Craig winning invincibility and being targeted that they ended up joining the very evil that they once sought to destroy.”

Damien stared at her, shocked. “How did you know that?” he asked.

“Easy,” said Daisy, “I watch a lot of movies. This kind is my favorite!” Damien smiled.

“So,” he said, “Who’s our next target?”

“Craig,” said Daisy, “I think he’s out of immunity idols, and in the case of a tie, he has the most previous votes against him.”

Damien smiled and nodded. “Agreed,” he said.

Suddenly, the air horn came again over the loudspeaker. “Begin!” boomed Chris’s voice.

Craig snuck around like a spy until he found Maya. He crept along, behind her cabin, and behind bushes next to it. “Steady,” he whispered to himself, “Steady,” he reached out his hand to the flag in Maya’s back pocket. “Steady...


Aw forget this!” he said loudly. Maya turned around and saw Craig’s hand rush back into the bush. Before Maya even knew what was happening, a green paintball hit her in the face, knocking her down, and her green flag flew out of her back pocket and into Craig’s open hand. “YES!” he said, and ran to the mess hall to hand in Maya’s flag. Maya got up and went to the stalls to wash off the paint. She saw herself in the green paint. “Lookin’ good,” she said, and washed it off.”

“Maya is out!” boomed Chris’s voice over the loudspeaker. As Maya left the stalls, she heard a faint crying noise coming from Tyler’s cabin. She ran as fast as she could to the cabin. When she got there, the sound of Tyler crying drowned out every sound. Maya felt her heart pounding against her chest. I hope he’s okay! Said Maya in the confessional. When I heard him crying, I knew I had to help! Maya slowly opened the door to the cabin and found a broken Tyler, his face covered in tears, holding a cell phone. Maya entered the cabin and sat next to Tyler, on his bed. “What’s wrong, Ty?” she asked.

Tyler pressed a few buttons on his cell phone. Playing voicemail, said the machine voice of the phone. Maya and Tyler heard Lindsay’s voice on the phone.

“Hi Tyler!” said Lindsay on the voicemail. “It’s me, Lindsay. Look, I’m really sorry, but I don’t think this is going to work out. I’m going to have to move to England with my dad for some reason, and no matter how much I try to avoid it, my dad’s not changing his mind. Not only that, but he took my cell phone, too! Tyler, I’m really sorry, but we’re going to have to break up, and this is the last,” Lindsay’s voice started to cry, “The last time you’ll hear from me until I can get a new cell phone! I’m sorry, Tyler, I miss you already, but it’s over. You’ll find somebody else; don’t worry, any girl would be lucky to have you! Good bye, Tyler!” Lindsay started bawling until her voice was cut off. Tyler closed his cell phone and started crying even harder. Maya put her hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Tyler,” said Maya. “Cry on my shoulder if you want to, if it’ll make you feel any better.” Tyler did so.

Craig peered into the cabin. “Sorry to disturb you,” he said, “But may I have Tyler’s flag?” Tyler took the flag out of his pocket and threw it to Craig. Craig caught it and ran to the mess hall. Maya held the still-crying Tyler.

“There, there, it’ll be okay Ty, She’s thinking about you every day. It’ll be okay. Shh, It’ll be okay,” she said softly.

For the record, said Maya in the confessional, We’re just friends! That was my um... my, motherly side talking there! Yeah, my motherly side! Maya blushed in the confessional, Oh who am I kidding? I just hope he likes me back!

“Tyler, Julie, and Zeke are out!” said Chris over the loudspeaker. Zeke and Julie went into the stalls, both with green paint on the back of their heads.

Meanwhile, Craig pointed his paintball gun at Spense. “Hand it over,” said Craig menacingly, “Or I will be forced to shoot you down!” Spense looked at the flag sticking out of Craig’s pocket. He took out his own flag and walked towards Craig slowly. When Spense was right in front of Craig, he knocked the paintball gun out of Craig’s hands, grabbed Craig’s flag, and ran.

“Sweet!” said Spense, running toward the mess hall. He got knocked down by a green paintball to the back of his head, and his and Craig’s flags flew inside the mess hall.

Craig blew the smoking mouth of his paintball gun. “I AM a good shot, aren’t I?” he said to the camera.

“Craig and Spense are out!” said Chris over the loudspeaker.

“Damn,” said Spense and Craig at the same time.

Damien and Daisy were sitting outside of Damien’s cabin. “You know what this means,” said Damien.

Daisy took the flag out of her pocket and handed it to Damien. “Just win this already,” she said.

“On it,” said Damien, and ran for the mess hall

“The winner,” said Chris over the loudspeaker, “Is DAMIEN!!!!” He wins invincibility today! Let’s go, Damien! I’m going to have to give props to Craig, though, for using that paintball gun.” Craig smirked, “So I’m going to give him invincibility for next week if he survives this one! McLean out!”

Damien ran back to the cabin and hugged Daisy. “I won!” he said excitedly, “I WON!”

Maya, still comforting Tyler in his cabin, whispered, “The challenge is over. Do you feel better?”

Tyler nodded. “Thanks, Maya,” he said. Maya closed her eyes and smiled. Tyler blushed while Maya had her eyes closed.

Maya’s the best friend anyone could ask for, said Tyler in the confessional, She was there for me when I needed her the most. Lindsay’s right; I’ll find another great girl. Tyler blushed. I think I already did. I just hope Maya likes me back...

Tyler left his cabin and headed to the corner of the street of shame where the rest of the shouting brothers were. As he knew, Craig, Zeke, and Spense were all waiting for him.

“About time you showed up,” said Craig. Spense pushed him down.

“Tyler,” said Spense, “What happened?”

Tyler looked down. “Lindsay dumped me,” he said. Spense could see a few tears falling from Tyler’s cheek to the ground.

Spense gave Tyler a few pats on the back. “You’ll find another great girl soon,” he said, “I hear Maya likes you!”

Tyler’s face lit up. “She does?” he asked.

“Now you get the spirit!” said Spense.

“Enough of this!” said Zeke, “I overheard that Damien and Daisy are targeting you next, Craig.”

Craig rolled his eyes. “Tell me something I don’t know,” he said.

“Craig, if you play your immunity idol,” said Tyler.

“And we vote for Daisy,” said Spense.

“We’ll have a guaranteed victory!” said Zeke.

“Deal, then,” said Craig, “Daisy it is!” He high-fived Spense, Zeke, and Tyler, and the new shouting brothers team headed to the mess hall for lunch.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out...

Zeke voted for Daisy. “We may never get this chance again, and if Amy’s right about the hut, I’m doing you a favor.”

Chris tallied the votes. “Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?” he asked.

“I would,” said Craig. He gave Chris his immunity idol and got his ice cream sandwich.

Perfect! said Spense in the confessional.

“Okay,” said Chris, “No votes against Craig now count. Here we go! Damien, Maya, Tyler, Spense, Julie...

...Zeke. Daisy, hand me your room key please, you’re outta here!”

Daisy got up and gave Chris her room key. She started for the bus. “Wait!” Daisy looked behind her. Damien ran up to her and kissed her.

Damien hugged Daisy. “I’ll miss you,” he said, “You got me through the pain. I don’t know how I can go on!”

“You’ll know,” said Daisy, “You always do. Just believe in yourself, and stay strong. I didn’t make you like this, you did that on your own. Stay strong, and remember, I’m right there beside you!” Daisy kissed Damien and got onto the bus. As she rode off into the night, she waved at everybody. Everybody, except for Craig, waved back. Damien started to cry

When the bus was out of sight, Daisy turned around and started to cry. Damien cried at the park bench.

“I love you,” they both whispered at the same time, despite being so far away. “I always will.”

I’m speechless, my good friends! Tune in next week for another, Total, Drama, Insanity! *signs off*


Chapter 17: Feeling Lucky?

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, Craig went crazy with a paintball gun and sharp reflexes, and shot down everybody in sight to win some challenge. Lindsay broke up with Tyler, and I dare you to guess who was there to comfort him! It was Maya, one of Tyler’s best friends, for now... What sick challenges await out final seven today? Who will go to the hut? And why... oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Daisy was eliminated. Boo-hoo, sob, cry, sob sob. Now that I got that over with, let’s see what happens here, on Total Drama Insanity. And if you change the page now, I’ll find you!

The final seven walked back to camp after Daisy’s elimination. Walking behind the others was Damien, his eyes filled with tears.

Daisy... Said Damien in the confessional, I promise, I will not be weak. I swear, I will NOT fall! I WILL do everything I can to win this game and avenge your elimination! Daisy, no one ever meant so much to me as you do. I was a broken man, and you fixed me. And I swear, by the name of Dyl Shutup, that I will come through and win!

Damien started to cry. Spense, walking arm-in-arm with Julie, looked back at him. “We shouldn’t have done that to him,” he said, “I thought I was above that level.”

“Spense, like I always say,” said Julie, “If you don’t like where you’re going, stop and take another path.”

“No matter what path I take,” said Spense, “At this point, if I’m not the next one out, somebody I care for will be eliminated instead. We’re down to the wire in this game, and now,” Spense hesitated, thinking of how to say it, “And now, every move is going to hurt. I wish it weren’t this way.”

“Spense,” said Julie, “I guess you’re right. We’ve reached that point. But just to let you know, At least I’ll always be there, by your side. I promise.”

Spense smiled. “And I promise the same thing.”They kissed.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Maya walked beside each other back to camp.

“Hey Maya,” said Tyler, “What do you suppose the next challenge is?”

“I don’t know,” said Maya, “Hopefully something fun, that doesn’t involve paintballs.”

“Agreed,” said Tyler. Their hands moved closer together, almost automatically, until they touched. Tyler looked at Maya, and she looked back. They smiled, lost in this moment...

Craig had been sneaking up behind them, ready to strike. When Tyler and Maya became lost in each other’s eyes, he leaped in front of them and started mocking them.

“Maya and Tyler, sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!” Craig laughed. “First comes –“

Craig fell to the ground, out like a light. Tyler, with his fist out from the punch, smiled. He turned to Maya. “I’ll meet you in the woods tomorrow, before brecky,” he said. Maya nodded.

“See you then,” she said, and went to her cabin. “Wow...” Tyler sighed happily, and went back to his cabin.

I think love is in the air for Tyler! Said Spense in the confessional, Good for him!

Damien walked by Craig and looked down at him on the ground like that. “Fail,” he said, and headed back to his cabin.

The next morning, Zeke got out of bed and looked outside. The night was pitch-black. Zeke smiled and went outside.

I love getting up early! Said Zeke in the confessional. It makes me feel really good about everything.

Zeke stretched and headed to a wide-open field. He lay on his back on the field and gazed upwards at the stars.

“Peace and quiet,” said Zeke, out loud, “You just don’t get that before seven.”

Zeke heard footsteps coming toward him. He looked and saw Matt, who lay down beside him.

“Good morning, Zeke,” he said.

“Good morning, Bro,” said Zeke. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I had a nightmare.”

“What was it about?” Zeke smiled. “You can tell me, bro.”

“Okay,” said Matt. “In my dream, I saw a bunch of people coming in and out of some eerie, creepy darkness. It’s like, it was Wawanakwa Park, but it wasn’t. And then the host came and laughed evilly. I woke up before I could figure out who he was, but he wasn’t Chris.”

“Chill out, Matt. It was just a dream. Maybe looking at the stars will help. Do you remember where the big and little dippers are?” Matt nodded and pointed at the constellations.

“Thanks, Zeke. I kinda feel better now.”

“Hey, why don’t you get some more shut-eye, Matt,” said Zeke. Matt nodded and headed back to his room.

I hope that dream Matt talked about doesn’t mean anything, said Zeke in the confessional. It sounded creepy...

A few hours later, Chris blew his airhorn on the loudspeaker, rudely waking everybody else up. I can’t believe I’m saying this, said Tyler in the confessional, But I was looking forward to morning. Now to find Maya. Tyler leapt out of bed and ran into the woods to find Maya, just as they had planned.

And now, the moment I’ve been waiting for! Said Maya in the confessional, I can finally tell Tyler how I feel!

Tyler ran right into the woods, and started looking around for Maya. “Hey Maya! You here?” asked Tyler.

Maya got up and ran out of her cabin and into the woods as fast as she could. “Tyler!” she yelled. “Tyler! You here?” Maya looked to her left and to her right as she ran, and Tyler just walked in a random direction, hoping to find Maya. After a minute, Maya finally ran into Tyler, literally. Tyler and Maya both fell to the ground from the impact.

“Owies,” said Tyler. Maya giggled. Tyler jumped up and reached down at Maya. Maya grabbed his hand and pulled herself up.

“About time I’d find you here,” said Maya.

“So we’re finally alone,” said Tyler.

“Nobody listening,” said Maya.

“Nobody watching,” said Tyler. They walked towards each other, taking a step for each thing they said.

“Tyler, there’s something I wanted to tell you since the first day here when we met...”

“Maya, Lindsay breaking up with me made me realize, all along...”

“I just couldn’t get the words out, afraid that others could hear and see what I was saying...”

“It made me realize that Lindsay isn’t the one for me after all and that the one for me was here all along...”

“But I couldn’t hide the feelings forever, I knew I couldn’t. But I didn’t feel I could trust anybody, even the confessional...”

“I guess what I’m trying to say, Maya, is that...”

“So I’ll just say it now, Tyler...”

By now, Tyler and Maya were up against each other. Each had their own story to tell, each listened to the other’s story. But their stories both ended with the same three words. They said those words in perfect unison.

“I love you.”

Tyler looked at Maya and smiled. She looked at him and returned the smile. Lost in each other’s eyes, both Tyler and Maya saw nothing else but each other. The woods around them seemed to vanish, until it was just the two of them in a pitch-black world. But they shined. Out of passion and love, Tyler and Maya suddenly grabbed each other and kissed. Lost in each other’s embrace, Tyler and Maya gave in to the passion, the love, the heat that washed over them like a tidal wave.

When they finally let go, neither Tyler not Maya said a word. They let the moment they had just shared speak for itself. After a few minutes, Tyler finally spoke up.

“So, does this mean we’re a, you know, a couple?” he asked, though he knew that they both knew the answer.

Maya nodded. “Yeah,” she said, “If you want.”

Tyler smiled. “I wouldn’t have it any other way!” The new couple hugged. Suddenly, Chris’s airhorn blew over the loudspeaker, and the forest around them suddenly reappeared. “Breakfast time!” said Chris. Maya sighed and headed to the mess hall. Tyler ran up to her and took her hand. Maya smiled and they headed to the mess hall together.

I’ve never felt this happy in my entire life! Said Maya in the confessional, Screw being a Goth, I’m too happy!!

When they got there, the rest of the final seven were already there and were already eating. “What took you so long?” asked Julie. Then she looked at Tyler and Maya’s holding hands. “Wait,” she said, “I know the answer.”

“HA!” said Craig, “I knew it!” Tyler flashed him a cold glare. Tyler and Maya went their separate ways, Tyler sitting with Spense, Zeke, and Craig, Maya sitting with Damien and Julie.

“Congratulations, Tyler, “said Spense he high-fived Tyler.

“Thanks,” he said. Tyler looked to Craig. “Who’s our next target?”

Craig looked at Tyler as if Tyler was a three-year-old. “Isn’t it obvious?” he asked.

“Yeah,” said Tyler, “I just like messing with you.”

“Agreed,” said Spense and Zeke at the same time. Craig sighed and ate.

“Wow,” said Julie to Maya, “Congratulations!”

Maya smiled. “Thanks,” she said.

“Too bad our alliance is down,” said Damien, “Unless we can pull something fast, one of us is going to the hut.”

Suddenly, Chris came into the room. “Hello, final seven! Congratulations to Tyler, Maya, Zeke, Spense, Julie, Craig, and Damien for making it this far! For today’s challenge, we’ll simply be playing a game of luck. Meet me at the field in ten minutes!” Chris walked out of the room.

Yeah, final seven! Said Spense in the confessional. Chris asked me who I’d root for if I was kicked off next. My answer would have to be either Tyler or Julie. Probably Julie.

I can’t believe I’m actually in the final seven! Said Tyler in the confessional. After I was made a laughingstock last season, it’s good to know I’m on top of my game. If I were eliminated now, I’d root for Spense to win, because he’s my best friend and we’ve been through a lot together. He’s like the brother I never had... But if he goes, then Maya for sure!

So, final seven, said Maya in the confessional, And I feel really great! If I were eliminated, Tyler would have my vote for sure. He’s the best!

Final seven, woop-do, said Craig in the confessional. I’m not going anywhere, but if I were, my vote would go to Damien, out of respect. He’s the only one to ever best me in anything. It takes a winner to pull that off!

Final seven, and I’m feeling fine, said Damien in the confessional, Even though Daisy’s gone and... Damien burst into tears. Oh who am I kidding! I miss you, baby!! I guess I’d have to pick Maya to win if I was voted off because she stayed on my side.

I never thought I’d make it this far, said Julie in the confessional, And since it’s pretty likely that I’m headed to the hut next, I’m going to give all of my support to Spense when I go!

Holy **** on a **** sandwich with **** on top!! Said Zeke in the confessional, I’m in the final seven! If I lost, Dyl forbid, I’d give my support to Tyler and Spense, because they’re my friends!

In the ten minutes the final seven had before the challenge, Maya went to her cabin, and locked the door. On a table stood her lucky charm, her immunity idol. Maya picked it up and cradled it in her arms as if it were a wee baby.

“Thank you,” she said, “Thank you, lucky idol, for getting me with the man of my dreams!” She kissed the idol, placed it back on the table, and ran outside to get to the field.

“I wonder what the challenge is today,” said Julie.

“It’s probably a game of luck,” said Spense, “Which means that I’m going to win for sure, given the luck I have!” Spense put his arm around Julie. She giggled.

Once everyone arrived at the field, Chris showed up. In front of him lay five boxes. “Hello,” said Chris, “Today’s challenge, like I said, is a luck game. Each of you will choose one box. You will pick up that box, and when I say go, you will open that box. One of the boxes is... rigged. Open it and you’re out. Last person standing wins invincibility and reward! Because I had you guys make your confessionals this morning before brecky, I know who you all picked to win. But that doesn’t matter. Craig, you have invincibility from before. You may sit out of this challenge. Damien, you’re invincible too, because Craig said that he’d root for you if he left!”

The others gasped. Craig shrugged. “I respect him,” he said. Damien and Craig stepped aside and sat down.

“Now,” said Chris, “Choose your box!”

Spense chose the far left one, with Julie holding the mid-left box, Zeke at the middle, Maya holding the mid-left box, and Tyler holding the box at the far right.

“Now,” said Chris, “open your box!”

Everybody opened their boxes. When Spense opened his, he got squirted by a water gun rigged to it.

“And with that,” said Chris, “Spense is out! Moving on!”

Over the course of the game, Tyler got squirted, then Maya, by their boxes.

“Okay,” said Chris. Julie held the box to the left, and Zeke held the one to the right. “Time to open your boxes!”

Julie and Zeke opened theirs at the same time. Zeke reached into his box and found a ticket of some kind. Julie opened hers and got soaked.

Chris laughed hysterically. “That just never gets old! Anyway, Zeke wins invincibility and a reward: a trip to tonight’s Rawhide rock concert, where you will get a backstage pass for all of the action! And you will be staying overnight at an unnamed luxury resort!”

“Awesome!” said Zeke. “Yeah!”

“Aw man,” said Julie, “I wanted to see Rawhide tonight!”

“Oh well,” said Chris, “Instead you’ll be voting somebody off!” A helicopter arrived at the scene.

“I’m here for the winner,” said Chef, who piloted the copter. Zeke got on and the helicopter flied off.

“Meet me tonight for the vote!” said Chris. Everybody left, except for Craig. “Chris,” said Craig,

“Yo,” said Chris.

“Since I have invincibility. I’m allowed to make a request for tonight’s elimination conditions, am I right?”

“Correctamundo,” said Chris.

“Good,” said Craig.

Later that day, Spense, Tyler, and Craig met up at the street of shame, where they met last time.

“Since Damien has invincibility,” said Craig, “One of you will have to vote for your girlfriend if we’re going to stay in this.”

“No way!” said Tyler, “I am NOT voting out Maya! We just hooked up!”

“Point taken,” said Craig. “Julie it is!”

“What?!” yelled Spense, “You just take Tyler’s word for it without even letting me talk?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” said Craig.

“Forget this,” said Spense, “I’m outta here! Screw this; this ain’t the shoutin’ brothers anymore! It’s an organized mess!” Spense stormed off in a random direction.

Meanwhile, the girls, and Damien, hung out behind Damien’s cabin. “Look,” said Damien, “Craig and Zeke are invincible, which means that one of your boyfriends will have to be targeted. I’m sorry Julie, but Spense has more past votes against him, so we’re voting for him.”

“Agreed,” said Maya.

“What?!” yelled Julie, “You’re just going to jump to a conclusion and stick with it like that? Have you any freaking idea how much Spense means to me!”

Damien shrugged. “We don’t have much of a choice.”

“Ugh!” Julie stormed off in a random direction, away from Damien and Maya.

Spense and Julie ran into each other along the way. “Oh man,” said Spense, “Those guys are brutal! Craig and Tyler are targeting you!”

Julie sighed. “And Damien and Maya are targeting you.”

Spense smacked his forehead. “We gotta vote together. Maya has a lot of past votes against her from the time Noah saved her. We can stay in the game if we eliminate her. Tyler will kill me, but I’ll make sure you don’t get any trouble from him.” Julie nodded.

“Thanks, Spense,” she said.

“I’ll make sure we don’t part again,” said Spense. They hugged.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out...

Spense voted for Maya. “Sorry, but it has to be this way.”

Julie voted for Maya. “Sorry girl, but I have no other choice.”

Maya voted for Spense. “I hate it when we have to vote off out friends...”

Damien voted for Spense. “Traitor!”

Craig voted for Julie. “It has to be this way, girl. But thanks to me, if I’m right, you’ll go happy. I know it.”

Tyler voted for Julie and shed a single tear.

Chris tallied the votes. “Would anyone like to play an immunity idol?”

“I would,” said Maya. She handed Chris her lucky idol, with a kiss mark on it, and got her ice cream sandwich in return.

I knew, I had a feeling I’d need it tonight, said Maya in the confessional, That idol served me well.

Julie gasped. “How’d, wha...”

Maya smirked. “I got it during the painting challenge so long ago. It’s been my good luck charm for a while now, and now it just saved my butt!”

“Okay,” said Chris, “No votes against Maya will count tonight. Here we go! Craig, Damien, Tyler...

Me!” Chris popped the ice cream sandwich into his mouth. “Julie, Spense, you BOTH are out! I love surprises!”

“What?!” yelled both Spense and Julie simultaneously.

“Let me explain,” said Craig, “I knew it’d be like this, so I requested that the bottom TWO be eliminated instead of just the bottom. That way, neither of you would have to face your fears and part.”

“Smart,” said Tyler, “very smart,”

“Spense, Julie,” said Chris, “Hand me your room keys, please.” Spense took Julie’s room key and gave both to Chris.

“I’m glad it had to be this way,” said Julie, “Because now we can remain together!”

“We made a promise to each other,” said Spense, “That we’d never let each other fall alone. Now we can keep that promise! Tyler, before I go, I need to tell you something.”

Tyler looked confused. “What?” he asked.

“Tyler, stay true to who you are. Bro, you got a lot going for you. You’re the last of the shouting brothers. Forget about Zeke and Craig, they never were one of us. Ty, you gotta do what feels right.” He looked at Maya, and then back at Tyler. “For yourself and for Maya!”

Julie smiled. “Shall we?”

Spense bowed. “Of course!” Spense took Julie’s hand, and the two walked toward the bus together. When they got onto the bus, they ran to the back and waved good-bye to their friends. Tyler, Maya, Craig, and Damien waved back as the bus rode off into the night.

I LOVE double eliminations! Tune in next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*

Chapter 18: Déjà vu, Anyone?

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, a game of chance, where no one is guaranteed victory. What better challenge can there possibly be than this one? Well, I don’t know, but it was fun! After squirting, humiliation, and the like, Zeke won invincibility and a trip to a rocking concert! Ultimately, two people were eliminated last time! Julie, for the second time, and Spense, for the first time. A few fans wanted this moment to come since Halle’s elimination. Now, it’s time for some more, Total Drama Insanity!

The final five, minus Zeke, walked back to camp after witnessing the elimination of Spense and Julie. You did well, said Craig in the confessional, You did well. Spense and Julie are happy now, together at the hut, and with any luck, Halle will stay far away from them.

“Wow, final five!” said Tyler to the others. “This is awesome!” everybody started cheering!

I never thought I’d make it this far, said Maya in the confessional, But it feels so good! Final five, baby!

“Wow,” said Maya out loud, “This is amazing!”

“It sure is,” said Damien, “Out of everyone, we’re the ones that made it. It’s crazy!”

“Yeah,” said Tyler. He grabbed Maya’s hand and smiled at her. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

“Me neither,” said Maya.

“By the way,” said Tyler, “Why did they both go?”

“That was me,” said Craig. “I didn’t want one to grieve at the loss of the other, so I requested that the two people with the most votes goes to the hut. And I knew about Maya’s idol.”

“You’re all right,” said Tyler.

“But I kind of feel bad for Spense,” said Craig, “After all, he was my friend, and he did deserve to make it this far. Too bad he had to miss out on the celebration.”

Tyler smiled. “Don’t worry about him,” he said, “He’s happy as it is. Now, we better get a good night’s sleep if we want to do well in the next challenge!”

“Agreed,” said Damien. He, Maya, Craig, and Tyler went off into their cabins and drifted off into a happy sleep.

The next morning, at breakfast, Maya, Tyler, Craig, and Damien all sat at one table, eating happily.

“You know,” said Damien, “I say we should just abolish the alliances altogether. It’s more fun when you just let the chips fall where they may.”

“Agreed,” said Craig. “So, are we friends?” Craig reached out his hand to Damien. Damien shook it.

“Of course we are,” said Damien.

“Yay, a happy ending!” said Maya.

“I love happy endings,” said Tyler.

“Me too,” said Maya. She put her head on his shoulder. Tyler smiled.

“You shouldn’t do that in front of Zeke,” said Craig, “It’ll remind him of Amy.”

Just then, Chris and Zeke walked into the room. ‘Hello, everybody!” said Chris.

“What’s up, guys?” asked Zeke.

“Let’s get right to business,” said Chris. “First of all, Tyler, give me back the phone you borrowed.”

“Huh?” asked Maya.

“Lemme explain,” said Chris. “I lent Tyler my phone that allows me to contact the panel. Tyler used it to keep in touch with Lindsay. Then, well, you know the rest, Maya.” Maya nodded. Tyler got up and gave Chris back the phone.

“Very good,” said Chris. “As you can see, Zeke, Spense and Julie left us last night. Now, you guys behave yourselves, I have to go to the Hut of Humiliation today. The producers want there to be a loser visit every final five. Bye!”

Damien rolled his eyes. Chris left and boarded a nearby bus.

“Come along,” said Chris, “Don’t you want to see how the losers have been doing? Well, I do too! Let’s go!”

When the bus arrived at the hut, Chris got off. “This is it,” he said. He pointed at a giant hotel. “I only called it the Hut so that the losers wouldn’t vote themselves out. Smart, huh?”

Chris opened the door to the hotel and walked in. The room was empty. There were elevators in a hallway, like a regular hotel. “Oops,” said Chris, “I’ll try the back door.”

Chris left and entered through the back door. The back room was just like Playa Des Losers, except the whole thing was inside. Chris walked in. Everybody who was previously eliminated was there!

“I’m just going to let the many cameras show you what’s going on,” said Chris.

Cathy and Sammie were sunbathing near the pool.

“This is the life!” said Cathy. “No rules, no contests, just paradise.”

“I’m starting to get worried about you, Cathy,” said Sammie, “You sound like someone’s watching this. All the cameras are at that poor excuse for a park.”

“Since when were you a complainer?” asked Cathy.

“Just looking out for a friend!” said Sammie.

“CANNONBALL!” yelled a male voice. A huge splash was made, almost hitting the girls. Danny emerged from the pool, laughing.

“Hi Cathy, Hi Sammie!” said Danny. “WOO-HOO! This place just gets better every day, huh?”

“You too, Dan?” asked Sammie. “Wait, is someone watching this?”

“Who cares?” asked Danny. “Not me!” Danny swam away.

“You know, he’s a pretty good swimmer for his size,” said Cathy.

“So true,” said Sammie. She smirked. “Loser says what?”


Sammie laughed. “That just gets funnier every time!” Cathy groaned.

Spense and Julie relaxed in the hot tub, cuddling. “Getting voted off,” said Spense, “Was the best thing ever!”

“I couldn’t agree more!” said Julie.

“If you two make out, I’m going to puke!” said Harold, who was outside of the hot tub.

“Why don’t you beat it, dweeb?” asked Spense. Harold nodded and walked away. Halle got into the hot tub next to Spense.

“Spense!” she said, “Great to see you again!”

“Oh great,” said Julie, “It’s her .”

“Shh,” said Spense, “Just relax. She can’t harm us.”

“Spense,” said Halle, “I just want to be with you! Can’t you get that?”

Spense nodded. “And can you get that I don’t date liars, or cheaters?”

“Augh!” screamed Halle and got out of the tub.

“Hey Spense, Julie,” said DJ. “Mind if I join you?”

“Sure, Deej,” said Spense. DJ got in and relaxed. Katie got in after him, and they started cuddling.

“Oh great,” said Noah, from outside the tub, “It’s the Cuddling Couples Central.” The four people in the hot tub glared at Noah.

“Sorry,” said Noah, “I just couldn’t resist. By the way, you guys should find another place soon, when Zeke gets here, that tub’s going to be overcrowded.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, Noah,” said DJ.

“Well put,” said Katie.

“And has anyone here seen Eva? I can’t find her anywhere. Today’s our six month anniversary, and I got her a gift and everything, but I can’t find her.”

“Have you checked the gym?” asked Courtney, “She’s usually there.”

“Thanks,” said Noah, and headed for the gym. Courtney walked off.

Meanwhile, Cody sat at the in-pool bar, having an iced tea. Beth was there too, drinking a coke.

“Ever feel like you’re experiencing Déjà vu?” asked Cody, “Because this place feels oddly like Playa Des Losers.

“I don’t care,” said Beth, “Because I just like the fact that we’re here. This place is so cool!”

Daisy swam up to them, and sat on one of the bar stools. “This indoor pool is perfect for swimming!” she said. “It’s so warm, and so much fun!”

Cody grinned. “If only Damien could see you now...” he said. Beth snickered.

Daisy glared at them. “Shut up, it’s not like the two of you don’t have your relationships,” she said.

Cody sighed. “Yeah,” he said, “But I just couldn’t resist.”

“Woah!” said Daisy. She was looking behind the pool bar.

“What?” asked Cody. He looked where Daisy was looking and saw Amy doing back flips like a pro.

“She’s good!” said Cody.

“Yuh-huh!” said Beth.

“If only Zeke could see me now...” said Amy.

The camera cut back to Chris. “Now you know how this set of LOSERS is doing. Now time to find out what they think of the final five, and who they want to win. And remember, if you change the page on me, I’ll send clowns to TP your house and hit you with expired pies, so stay tuned!”

“Hi guys,” said Chris, “Now, it’s time to see what everybody thinks of the final five, followed by a surprise at the end that you all probably saw coming. First to discuss, Damien.”

Amy, Daisy, Cody, and Beth were sitting at the in-pool bar.

“What do I think of Damien?” asked Beth, “I’d say he’s okay. I’m proud of him for how much he grew since he got here!”

“That makes two of us,” said Cody, “Damien’s pretty cool. I’ll never forget the way he told Craig off like that. I’ve heard that before, but I can’t remember what it was...”

“Ahem,” said Beth.

“Oh, right.” Cody laughed.

“I never liked Damien that much,” said Amy, “What did I ever do to him that made him eliminate me so hard? He’s not worth the praise, he’s just mean. About as mean as "The Rat". Maybe meaner.”

“Damien’s the best!” said Daisy, “At first, he was just a shell, a black, hardened shell, but when that shell came off, it revealed a great man inside! Damien’s sweet, fun, caring, smart, and cute! He’s the best man I ever met!” Daisy’s green eyes shined as she spoke.

“Aww,” said Beth, “Looked like someone’s in love!”

“Oh you should talk, Beth!” said Daisy. “I’ve seen you DROOL over Brady!”

“Shut up!” said Beth.

“Ladies, chill,” said Cody, “There’s nothing wrong with love. Nothing at all!”

Meanwhile, Sammie, Cathy, and Danny were splashing each other in the pool.

“I never got to know Damien that well,” said Sammie. “But judging by what I’ve seen on TV, he’s all right.”

“I never knew him that much either,” said Cathy, “He was always more like one of Craig’s minions than anything else.”

“You didn’t watch Episode 9?” asked Danny.

“Nah, I don’t watch any of it,” said Cathy. “Sorry.”

“Damien’s my pick to win,” said Danny, “We’ve been the best of friends for the entire game. Besides, he tells the best jokes!”

“Now,” said Chris, “Let’s see a never-before-seen confessional by Damien, taken right after episode 9!”

I won! Said Damien in the confessional. He wore his old, gothic outfit. I won! Craig, you better watch out, because I’m going to make sure that your little alliance goes down! One by one, you’ll all fall at my hands! That’s right, Craig, this has just become WAR!!

Danny, Cathy, and Sammie all looked freaked out.

“Awesome, isn’t it?” Chris laughed, “Now, let’s change the subject here and talk to some others.”

Chris walked over to the hot tub, where Spense and Julie were relaxing, and so were Katie and DJ. Eva and Noah were in there making out.

“Guys,” said Chris, “Could the six of you give me your take on Maya?”

“Sure,” said Spense, “She’s the second-coolest chick I’ve ever seen, the first being Julie, of course. She’s a great friend, and an awesome team mate. Of course my vote to win goes to Tyler, but if he were voted out, then I’d root for Maya to win!”

“You took the words right out of my mouth!” said DJ, “Except Katie’s the coolest chick I’ve ever seen. No offense Julie.”

“None taken, DJ,” said Julie. “Maya was one of my best friends back at the park. I totally think she should win!”

“Maya’s an awesome sister,” said Noah, “She’s definitely my vote to win.”

“I agree big time!” said Eva. The two resumed making out.

Halle walked to the hot tub. “Spense,” she said, “If you won’t take me, then could you at least hook me up with someone else? I don’t care who, I’ve never been in a relationship before, and I really want that feeling of having someone who’s as close to you as... as you are with Julie.”

“Sure,” said Spense, “Maybe after Chris leaves or something like that. I can’t now, though, Chris is here. CHRIS.”

Halle nodded and walked off.

“How about a never before seen confessional from Maya?” asked Chris. The couples inside the hot tub nodded. “This one’s from the first episode, after Maya arrived.”

So I got off of the bus, said Maya in the confessional, And the first thing I saw was Tyler! It was love at first sight! Tyler is the most amazing boy I have ever met, even after the five minutes we’ve spent together, I think I’m in love! But how am I supposed to compete with Lindsay? How am I supposed to be with him? And if you air this confessional, I swear, I will kill you!

“She sounded like she meant it,” said Spense, “Why air it?”

“Maya gave me permission to air it, after she hooked up with Tyler,” said Chris. “Pretty sweet, huh?”

“Yeah,” said Katie. Chris walked off.

“Time to talk about another finalist!” said Chris. “Let’s see some of our little friends and ask them about our buddy, Zeke!”

Chris found Harold, Courtney, and Halle. They were at the buffet.

“Hey guys,” said Chris, “May I ask for your opinion on Zeke?”

“Sure,” said Harold, “I think Zeke’s really cool. Way cooler than he was before, and he was cool then too. Zeke is totally my pick to win!”

“For once,” said Courtney, “I agree. Zeke’s my pick to win, simply because the others are lame and because Zeke finally saw the light.”

“Personally,” said Halle, “I think Zeke’s just a pawn. He’s not good enough to be in the final five in my opinion. I’ll catch you losers later.” Halle walked off with a plateful of cookies. Harold shrugged and grabbed a steak.

“Wait a minute,” said Chris, “I have to show you a never-before-seen confessional made by Zeke! This one is from episode 14, after Amy’s elimination!”

Amy... Said Zeke in the confessional, I miss you already. Now I have to put up with Craig without you! I can’t be here without you, baby! You were my reason to stay positive, and now, now I’m left with nothing. Yeah, thanks a lot, Damien.

“Okay,” said Chris, “Let’s go back to Cody and the others to hear their opinion on Tyler!”

“Tyler’s really cool,” said Cody, “He wanted to become a real jock, and he did. Tyler’s my pick to win, no contest!”

“Tyler’s my pick to win, too!” said Beth, “I’m so proud of him!”

“Wait,” said Daisy, “Didn’t you say that about Damien?”

“I’m proud of all of the final five!” said Beth, “Except for Craig.”

“I think Tyler’s really cool,” said Daisy, “He’s just not AS cool as Maya or Damien.”

“Tyler’s cool,” said Amy, “He’s athletic. I like that. Zeke’s my pick to win, but Tyler’s my second favorite.”

“Good to know,” said Chris, “Now I’m going to brush the four of you aside for a never-before-seen confessional by Tyler! This one’s from episode eight!”

I feel pretty bad for Spense, said Tyler in the confessional, He seems pretty messed up after Julie left. I’d hate it if Lindsay left me...

“I can’t believe we didn’t air that!” said Chris. “Now I’m going to talk to some others about Craig. Bye!”

Chris walked over to the pool, where Halle was hanging out with Danny, Sammie, and Cathy.

“Hey girls, and Danny,” said Chris, “What do you think of Craig?”

“He’s a pretty cool dude,” said Danny, “We were always good friends.”

“Agreed,” said Halle, “He’s an awesome bother, and a cool person, I don’t care who thinks otherwise!”

“Yeah,” said Sammie, “I never knew him that well. Maya’s my pick to win. GO MAYA!! Maya, if you can hear me, don’t worry about me! I’m supporting you all the way!”

“I hate Craig,” said Cathy, “He just made my life miserable for no real reason.”

“That’s what he does,” said Chris, “And I have no never-before-seen confessionals to prove otherwise, so instead, enjoy this ever-before-seen confessional by Craig from episode 15!

I can't fricken believe I voted my own sister off! Said Craig in the confessional. What an idiot I was! Now I have to brave it alone, and I've never been separated from Halle! I... I don't think I can go on.

“There you have it,” said Chris, “Now, just one more thing to do.” Chris walked over to the front of the room, and pressed a button. Chris’s voice came on the loudspeaker. “Attention, losers!” said Chris, “As a twist that half of you probably saw coming, you’ll be voting somebody off Total Drama Insanity! I’ll be passing around a ballot box. Write the name of the person you want to see voted off, and place it in the box. Also, whoever stole my hair gel, give it back, now!!” Chris passed the ballot box around. The camera suddenly shut off.

So the scene cut to the ice cream hand-out!!

“Hello, final five,” said Chris, “Good to see that you cast your votes. Well, they don’t count! The losers voted someone out, and their votes count instead! So, you know the drill, so here we go! The first ice cream sandwich goes to... Maya. Next, is Tyler, followed by...

...Damien. The final ice cream sandwich goes to...

...Craig. Looks like Zeke is out!”

“YES!” said Craig. “I’m safe! Thanks, sis!”

“Oh please,” said Maya, “You probably got seven out of the sixteen votes.”

“But that’s not eight!” said Craig. “So I’m in!”

“I’ll miss you, Zeke,” said Chris, “Now I’ll have to spend my mornings alone!”

“Sorry, Chris,” said Zeke, “But I want this. Amy’s waiting for me. At last, my love, we are reunited! So long, suckers!”

“This seems vaguely familiar,” said Tyler.

Zeke gave Chris his room key, and got onto the good ol’ bus of banishment, which rode off into the night.

That was so much fun! I’ll see you next time, on Total Drama Insanity! *signs off*

Chapter 19: The Wire Beneath the Wire

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, I decided to take a little visit to the Hut of Humiliation to see how the losers were doing. The Hut turned out to be a true paradise! We had everybody talk about the final five and who they’d like to win, and then we had the losers vote somebody off the show. It turns out that they voted for Zeke for reasons unknown. And by reasons unknown I mean bribing, by me! Yeah, I want to spend my mornings alone, thank you very much, so I bribed half the losers to eliminate Zeke. Who will leave this time? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

The final four, Damien, Maya, Craig, and Tyler walked back to camp after witnessing the elimination of Zeke.

“Wow, this sure went by fast,” said Craig.

“Agreed,” said Damien, “It’s like only yesterday I got here in the first place!”

“True that,” said Tyler, “And in just three more weeks, only one of us will be left standing!”

“It’s a lot to think about,” said Maya, “I just want to focus on the here and now.”

“Agreed,” said Tyler. He took Maya’s hand. “After all, I have you here with me. Things can’t possibly get any better than that!” Maya smiled.

“I just want this game to end,” said Damien, “So I can see Daisy again. And when I win, I’ll use the prize money to move to her neighborhood and away from Heather.”

“Whoa, wait a second,” said Craig, “How are you so sure you will win?”

Damien smiled. “Strong hunch,” he said.

Maya rolled her eyes. “Whatever,” she said, “You’re a long way from there. You still have us to compete with.”

“I know,” said Damien, “Sorry about that. I’m just feeling strangely confident tonight. After all, tonight Zeke left us. Zeke was the last of Craig’s followers, meaning that for once, he’s all alone in this game.”

“I heard that!” said Craig, “Didn’t we agree that we’re all friends now?”

Damien just nodded. “It just gives me a feeling of satisfaction, that’s all,” he said.

Craig smiled. “I understand,” he said.

“Good night, guys,” said Maya.

“’Night,” said the three guys in unison, and the final four went into their cabins for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, at breakfast, the final four all sat at the same table.

“Man, what a great meal! I’m stuffed!” said Tyler.

“What made you do hungry all of a sudden?” asked Maya.

“I don’t know,” said Tyler, “But we’re down to the wire beneath the wire now! We need all the strength we can get for the next challenge!”

“True,” said Damien, “But I never saw you so hyper. Are you okay, Ty?”

“I’m fine,” said the happy jock, “I’m just psyched that I actually made it this far!”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Okay, big boy,” she said, “But I’m becoming a little worried about you.”

“This looks like a good time to interrupt!” The final four looked in the direction of the door. Chris was there, with a smirk on his face.

“Ready for today’s challenge?” asked Chris.

“No, not really,” said Craig, “Why?”

“Because,” said Chris, “Your challenge is right now! For starters, you will need to divide into two teams of two for the sake of the challenge. This would be so much easier if we still had more than one girl...” Maya sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Anyway,” continued Chris, “Instead, I’m going to give Tyler the honor of choosing his partner, because he’s the only one left who was on Total Drama Island previously.”

“Maya!” said Tyler in excitement as soon as Chris finished talking. Maya and Tyler hugged.

“Very well,” said Chris, “Tyler and Maya will be one team, leaving Damien and Craig as team number two!”

“High five, teamie!” said Damien. He and Craig high-fived.

“It’s kind of like the teams from the beginning of this season!” said Chris, “The Shouting Spiders and the Murderous Mosquitoes! Anyway, there’s a helicopter waiting, all of you get on it. I’ll explain the challenge once we get to our destination.” The four teens got onto the helicopter, and it took off to the place of the challenge.

When the helicopter got to the destination, the final four got off and got onto a dock. Tyler and Maya stood next to each other, and so did Craig and Damien, so that each of them could remember the teams. Chris got off and the helicopter flew away.

“Wait a minute,” said Tyler, “This place, it can only be one place...”

“That’s right,” said Chris, “Today’s challenge is on Total Drama Island! I figured we’d do something different.”

“Why not Boney Island?” asked Craig.

“Because we can’t!” said Chris, “There’s another reality show taking place there as we speak, and my stupid cousin Mike is hosting it! They think that a competition at Boney Island will boost ratings. Besides, I don’t like Boney Island. Too scary.”

“I see,” said Craig, “So what the heck is our challenge?”

“Your challenge,” said Chris, “Is a scavenger hunt! Each team will be given a note. That note contains a clue as to where the next clue is. I’ve already placed the notes in their proper places, so all you need to do is find them! The clues will eventually lead to a note that says, ‘You win!’ Whichever team finds that note first wins invincibility! Then we will return to the park for voting. Here are your first clues.” Chris took two notes out of his pocket, both folded in half. He gave one to Tyler and one to Damien.

Sweet, a scavenger hunt! Said Craig in the confessional, I used to do those with Halle when I was a little kid. But then a bunch of older kids would come and torment us! A year later, they ended up in body bags. Fists of steel sure are convenient!

“Begin!” shouted Chris, and walked off. The two teams walked off in separate directions.

Damien opened his envelope and read the note. “’Put the pedal to the medal if you want to win, but to get the pedal, come here.’ Is that supposed to rhyme?”

Craig shook his head. “Nope. But I do know where the next clue is. It’s at the arts and crafts center!”

Damien smiled. “You’re good at this,” he said.

“Thanks,” said Craig. The team ran to the arts and crafts center.

Meanwhile, Tyler was reading the note to himself and Maya.

“It says,” He began, “’to proceed to must find the pen. That is, the pen of fear.’ This had better not be what I think it is, Maya.”

“And what would that be?” asked Maya.

Tyler gulped. “The chicken pen. I’m terrified of chickens!” Maya started to giggle.

“It’s not funny!” he yelled, “Stop laughing at me!”

“I’m not,” said Maya, “I was laughing at the drawing that Chris made on the back of the note!”

Tyler turned the note around and saw a drawing of him getting attacked by Chickens. “That dude’s got some nerve!” he said. He turned the note back around.

“I have to ask,” Said Maya, “Why chickens?”

“When I was a little kid,” Tyler began, “My parents took me to a petting zoo. There were cows, horses, and lots more, but I was more amazed by the chickens. So I went to the cage where the chickens were, and started to pet one of them. My parents left to get some snacks, but I didn’t come. I was too happy petting the chicken. And then I squeezed through the bars of the cage to be closer to the chicken. As soon as I got in, a whole bunch of chickens surrounded me and started pecking at me furiously! By the time my parents found me, I was so badly hurt that I had to go to the hospital! I’ve been afraid of chickens ever since.”

Maya put her arm around Tyler. “It’ll be okay this time,” she said, “Trust me.” Tyler looked at her and nodded. The couple ran to the chicken pen.

Damien and Craig had found the next clue on the arts and crafts center. “Three times a day, bad food comes our way,” read Craig, “They complain, they say, ‘hey!’ but the food’s here to stay.” Craig shuddered. “Worst rhyme ever!”

“Agreed,” said Damien, “Let’s just go to the mess hall and get our clue!”

Maya and Tyler were at the chicken pen. Chickens walked around everywhere; the pen was filled with them. At the center of the pen was the clue. “You can do this,” said Maya.

“O-okay,” said Tyler, nervously. He jumped inside the pen and walked towards the note. As he walked, Tyler felt the stares of the chickens on his back. His mind raced back to that time. Surrounded by chickens, pecked at from all around, never stopping, going to the hospital, all of these memories rushed through Tyler’s head. They haunted him. These memories that Tyler desperately wanted to forget, just never went away. With every step Tyler felt worse. He was shaking all over. He felt the glares of the many chickens on his back, he saw them everywhere. All of them reminded him of that day when the chickens nearly killed him. At last, Tyler was in front of the note. He bent down, trying to push those horrible memories out of his head.

At last, Tyler picked up the note. When he got back up, a chicken was staring him right in the face, but there were no more flashbacks, no more agony, no more stares on his back. Tyler smiled and walked back out of the pen.

“I did it,” he said.

“My hero!” said Maya. She instantly ran up to him and hugged him. Tyler blushed deeply.

I was scared out of my wits! said Tyler in the confessional. But after I got the note, it’s like, all the fear just went away. It’s like that horrible day never happened. This must be what happened to Damien.

Tyler opened up the note and read, “In this camp, marshmallows represent life.” Tyler smirked. “It’s the campsite. Let’s go! Tyler and Maya ran to the campsite.

Craig and Damien had already gotten their clue at the mess hall.

“That was too easy!” said Craig.

“You said it, bro!” said Damien. The team high-fived.

For the next couple of hours, the two teams found clues in all sorts of places. Tyler reached under the bed that used to be his in TDI and found a clue. Damien found a clue in one of the urinals in the communal bathrooms.

“Never again!” he said, disturbed to a major degree.

Maya and Tyler found a clue in the vat of green jelly. Damien jumped off the 100,000 foot high cliff into the safe zone, where his clue was. Maya found a clue in the hot tub, built by the Screaming Gophers team. Craig found a clue on one of the ramps from the waterskiing challenge. Tyler found a clue inside Gwen’s old diary.

“What would Gwen think?” asked Tyler.

“Not much,” said Maya, “Look. The Diary is completely empty. This probably isn’t even Gwen’s.”

“Let’s just read the next clue,” said Tyler.

Tyler read the clue, “You’re almost done, but for immunity...”

“...You must look where you least expect the final note to be,” finished Craig, with Damien at the mud ramps. “Weird.”

“So,” said Damien, “Where do we look?”

“Where we lest expect the clue to be,” though Craig, “Wait a minute! I’ve heard of these before! The clue was with us all along!” Damien, do you still have that first clue?”

But Craig and Damien’s voices were interrupted by Chris’s voice on the loudspeaker. “Maya and Tyler win!”

Maya and Tyler, by the pen, high-fived. “How did you know that the immunity pass was in the chicken pen?” asked Maya.

“Simple,” said Tyler, “I would never look there!” They hugged.

“Everybody get on the copter!” said Chris, “Maya and Tyler, you two will get to decide who to vote out tonight. Choose carefully!” Tyler and Maya looked at each other and nodded.

That night, at the ice cream hand-out...

Damien voted for Craig. “It’s been fun, Craig. But now, who will I have to torment?”

Craig voted for Damien. “It’s been fun, Damien. But now, who will I have to torment?”

Chris tallied the votes. “Obviously,” he said, “Maya and Tyler are both safe, as they won immunity.” Chris threw ice cream sandwiches to the winners. Tyler caught his and ate it happily. Maya did the same.

“And now,” said Chris, “The final ice cream sandwich, and the final spot in the final three, goes to...

...Damien. Craig, your time here is up, so see ya’!”

Craig shrugged. “I knew this would happen,” he said. “Nobody likes the fists of steel. I get that. It was fun, guys, it really was.” Craig tossed Chris his room key. “I just have one final favor to ask of you guys.”

“What’s that?” asked Damien.

“Before I go,” said Craig, “I want to make a real dramatic, villain-like exit. I know this sounds lame, but I love acting, and I was evil to you guys before.”

“Sure!” said Maya.

Craig cleared his throat and began. “You may have won this battle, punk!” he shouted, pointing at Damien, “But I swear, by my very soul, I will win the war! You haven’t heard the last of me! All of you, I promise, you will rue the day you ever met Craig Joseph Samuel Adams!! You hear me? You haven’t seen the last of me!!”

“That was amazing, Craig!” cheered Damien. Craig smiled, bowed, and got onto the Bus of Banishment, which, as usual, rode off into the night.

Chapter 20: Three Finalists, Two Spots, One Loser

Last time on Total Drama Insanity, we went to Total Drama Island for the challenge: a scavenger hunt. There was some pretty sweet drama going on there, too. It’s good to be back! Anyway, I hid clues in the best of places so that our final four can find them, and for a pack of losers, they did pretty good. Tyler finally got over his fear of chickens with the help of his girlfriend Maya and Craig took the one-way trip to loser paradise. That leaves, Tyler, Damien, and Maya. Who will make it into the final two? Who will be the odd man out? Find out here and now, on Total Drama Insanity!

The final three, consisting of Tyler, Damien, and Maya, walked back to camp after witnessing the elimination of Craig.

“It had to happen,” said Damien, “I’m just glad it wasn’t me.”

“You think we’d vote you out?” asked Tyler, “Instead of Craig? You’re nuts! Craig’s insane!”

“Tell us something we don’t know,” remarked Maya.

“Just think,” said Tyler, “In the beginning there were twenty-two of us, right? So out of everyone, it’s hard to believe that we’d be the final three.”

“I can believe it!” said Damien, “But I kind of wish Daisy was still here.”

“I’m sure she’s rooting for you,” said Maya, “I know she is. And you can’t forget it. Even when your friends aren’t right next to you, they’re still by your side, cheering you on!”

“Thanks, Maya. That means a lot to me,” said Damien.

“Of course,” said Tyler, “If you don’t win invincibility, you’re screwed. No offense.”

“None taken,” said Damien, “I understand.”

“Cool,” said Tyler.

“Let’s get some shut-eye,” said Maya, “We got to be ready for tomorrow’s challenge, you know.”

“Agreed,” said Tyler and Damien at the same time. The three went into their separate cabins and started thinking about what the next day would bring.

The next morning, the final three stood in line to get breakfast.

“Don’t rush me!” barked Chef, “You punks think makin’ waffles is easy? Well, it isn’t! Here you three maggots go, a waffle breakfast for making it this far, blah, blah, blah.”

“Yay, waffles!” cheered Tyler. He took his plate and sat down.

“It’s good to get a decent breakfast after what we’ve been eating,” commented Maya. She took her plate and sat down, next to Tyler.

“Agreed,” said Damien, after sitting down with his plate of waffles. The trio began pigging out.

“Disgusting!” said Chef, and walked away.

A few minutes later, Damien, Maya, and Tyler all slouched in their chairs, full after eating every single waffle Chef prepared.

“Now that was a good meal!” said Tyler.

“Best since I got here,” said Maya.

“Hello, final three!” three heads turned to face Chris, smirking.

“This can’t be good,” remarked Tyler.

“For today’s challenge,” continued Chris, “I’ve decided to do something to avoid a biased elimination. The challenge has two parts. In the first part, all three of you will compete for a spot in the final two, and there will be one winner. For the second part, the two losers will face off for the second spot in the finals. This is a trick designed to prevent two people from ganging up on the third person. The challenge begins in one hour! Meet me in the field then!”

“I had a feeling,” moaned Tyler.

“Right after a waffle buffet, too,” complained Damien.

Maya rolled her eyes. “I’ll be in my cabin, writing,” said Maya, and left.

I love being in the final three! said Tyler in the confessional. It’s just me, my pal, and the love of my life!

Maya sat in her cabin, writing in her diary. I sure am glad Halle didn’t find my diary! said Maya in her confessional. She held up her prized journal. I write in it all the time. My pal Dyl encouraged me to get one. He says that it’s good for the soul. I would agree. Diaries for the win! And while I’m here, I’d really glad I made it this far, with Tyler. I finally found the man of my dreams! And Damien’s pretty cool, too.

Wow. This is incredible! said Damien in the confessional, The final three, and I’m in it! Two of my closest friends are here with me as well, so I’ll be happy no matter what happens next. Daisy would be so proud!

Chris’s voice boomed over the loudspeaker. “Get your butts over to the field, now!” Chris said. The final three made their way over there.

“The first part of today’s challenge,” said Chris, when the others had arrived, “Is another talent contest. This one will be judged by me, will take place right here, and will have no rehearsal time. First up is Maya. Let’s see what you got!”

Tyler and Damien walked over to where Chris was. Maya stood in front of them, nervous.

I was so nervous, said Maya in the confessional, I had no idea what I was supposed to do!

“You can do this, Maya!” cheered Tyler. Maya smiled at her and began to sing.

Oh, you’re my whole world
You’re everything I know
You’re my whole world
And you know it’s so
Who knew that despite all the odds
We’d make it through?
Who would’ve guessed that out of everyone
It’d come down to us two?
Well, I just want you to know
You’re my whole world!

As soon as Maya finished singing, Tyler ran up to her and embraced her. “That was wonderful!” he said. Maya could hear the emotion in his voice. “That was beautiful!”

“Thank you so much, Tyler,” said Maya. She looked at Tyler and saw the tears in his eyes. Maya, too, began to cry. Tyler held Maya in his arms as they both shed tears of pure emotion.

That was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard! said Tyler in the confessional, Maya’s so amazing!

Damien simply stood there, applauding Maya and wiping tears from his face.

“Impressive,” said Chris, “I think Damien’s up next.”

Maya and Tyler walked back to where Chris was, as Damien sighed and stepped forward. Damien smiled and started break dancing.

Tyler’s smile faded. “Is this dude broken?”

“I think so,” said Maya, “But either way, this is very disturbing.”

“Agreed,” Tyler nodded.

Damien jumped to his feet after break dancing and frowned. “You guys don’t like my break dancing skills?” Tyler, Maya, and Chris all shook their heads.

“Let’s see if we could get some actual talent here from Tyler!” said Chris. Damien and Tyler switched places.

“Here goes,” muttered Tyler. “I’m going to need a basketball for this,” he said out loud.

Chris blew a whistle, and Chef threw a basketball at Tyler from a distance. “Thank you,” said Tyler, catching the ball.

Tyler kneeled down and dribbled the ball really low to the ground, like a pro. He dribbled a circle around him this way, and then did another one. Then, Tyler leaped up and dribbled his basketball under his legs, then behind his back. Tyler finished the act by twirling the ball on his finger.

“Impressive,” said Chris.

“Thank you,” said Tyler.

“Okay,” said Chris, “The winner of round one, and the first member of the final two is...

Maya!” Maya started to cheer.

Holy crap! said Maya in the confessional, I made it! I made it! The final two! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Congratulations to Maya,” said Chris, “However, the game isn’t over yet. Maya may have a spot in the final two, but Tyler and Damien have to fight for the other one. The challenge is a quick draw, using paintball guns. You must stand twenty steps away from each other, and you each get one paintball. When I say, ‘Fire,’ then you both will fire your paintball at your opponent. The person to get hit first will go home with the bronze, while the other person will win the second and final spot in the finale!”

Tyler ran up to Maya and embraced her. “Congratulations, Maya!” he cheered.

“This is awesome!” yelled Maya.

“Did you hear one single word I just said?” yelled Chris.

“Yes,” said Tyler, “I understand the challenge. Now, let’s have those paintball guns.”

Chef approached Tyler and Damien and gave them each a paintball gun. The two walked away from one another, ten steps apiece, and turned to face one another.

“Ready the photo finish!” ordered Chris. Chef placed a large camera in front of Tyler and Damien.

“Camera’s set to go off the instant someone touches a paintball, blah, blah, blah,” said Chef, and walked away.

“Ready!” said Chris. Tyler and Damien nodded.

“Aim!” Damien and Tyler aimed their paintball guns at each other.

I was really nervous, said Damien in the confessional, Just one millisecond can decide my entire fate!

“Fire!” Damien and Tyler pulled the trigger on their paintball guns, and the paintballs came flying out. A red paintball shot out of Tyler’s gun, while a black one shot from Damien’s. Both fired at the targets, the other finalist, at lightning speed. Tyler and Damien both got knocked down by the other’s paintball simultaneously, and a bright flash consumed the footage. The camera was doing its job.

Chris smiled and clapped. “That was awesome!” he said, “What a way to end this! Well, actually, it’s only the end for one of you. Let’s find out whom!”

Chris walked over to the camera and pressed a button. A picture ejected from it. Chris grabbed the picture and looked at it.

“Interesting, very interesting,” he said, “Everybody, come with me to the street of shame. The bus waits.”

Tyler and Damien nodded and walked to the street. Maya joined them.

I was really nervous at this point, said Tyler in the confessional, I had no idea whether I had made the cut or not.

Chris, and the final three, met up at the Street of Shame. The Bus of Banishment was right in front of them.

“I saw the results,” said Chris, “And it was actually very, very, close. The person who will join Maya in the final two hit his target with the paintball mere nanoseconds before his opponent hit him. Best of luck to you both. The person who will be joining Maya in the final two is...

Tyler.” Chris showed Tyler and Damien the picture. Chris was correct; Tyler’s red paintball hit Damien, as shown in the shot, while Damien’s black paintball was mere nanometers from Tyler. Tyler and Damien both smiled.

“Congratulations, Tyler,” said Damien, “You deserve it. Best of luck in the finals, both of you.” Damien nodded to Tyler, and then to Maya.

“It’s time I bid farewell to the park that changed my life,” said Damien, “I will never forget this place, or any of you.” Damien waved farewell to Tyler and to Maya and got on the bus, which promptly rode into the night.

On the bus, Damien smiled solemnly. “I’m glad I leaned,” said Damien softly, “Tyler deserves the money more than I do. I was never in it for the money. My destiny on the show was fulfilled. I’m coming, Daisy.

Meanwhile, at the street of shame, Tyler had embraced Maya and lifted her up into the air. “We did it!” shouted Tyler, “We made it! We’re the final two! We did it!”

“This is awesome!” shouted Maya, “We actually made it!”

Chris smiled. “This looks like cause for a party!” he said happily.

Tyler put Maya down. “Sounds good to me!” he said. The new final two: Tyler and Maya, and Chris, headed back to camp for one awesome party! *signs off*

Chapter 21: There Can Only Be One Champion

Ah, peace and quiet. You can hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the leaves, the current of the lake. I’ve been yearning for quiet at this park for weeks, and now that we’re down to just two people left, I got it! After Damien was automatically eliminated, only Tyler and Maya remain. Who will emerge victorious? Who will have to live with second place? What final challenge do I have planned? Find out here, on Total Drama Insanity!

Tyler and Maya had just headed to the field after witnessing the elimination of Damien. It was broad daylight, which wasn’t usual for them after witnessing elimination.

Tyler gasped when he saw what awaited them at the field. “It’s set up for a huge party!” he said in awe at the music, loud speakers, and food that lay around him.

“This is so cool!” said Maya.

“I promised a party,” said Chris, “And I don’t break promises. That’s why I never make them! And serving as out deejay today, it’s Chef Hatchet!”

Chef groaned behind the boom-box.

“LET’S PARTY!!!” shouted Tyler. Chef pressed a button, and music started playing. Tyler and Maya ran to the center of the party and started dancing.

Chris asked us to give our final thoughts in the confessional, said Tyler in the confessional.

And now Chris says we have to waste our time on a confessional mega-confession, said Maya in the confessional.

I had an awesome time here, said Tyler, It was lots of fun! So much better than last year!

What was it like being here for a summer? Asked Maya in the confessional, It wasn’t as bad as I first expected. It was pretty cool, I guess. But I wouldn’t recommend this for anybody I know.

What did I think of the others, he asked, said Tyler, I thought everybody was really cool! Everyone except for Halle, that is.

While I was here, said Maya in the confessional, I met some of the best friends I’ll ever know! I mean, I even have a boyfriend now!

What would I be remembered for..., said Tyler, I hope I’m remembered for my personality.

I’d totally be remembered for my personality, said Maya, that is, I hope so.

“Best party ever!” yelled Tyler. He started to break-dance.

“Won’t you get sick or something?” asked Maya, a grin on her face. Tyler suddenly jumped up, landed next to Maya, and put his arm around her. Maya giggled.

“Ah, summer love,” commented Chris, “It’s true what they say. Love does conquer all.”

“You said it!” said Maya and Tyler together. The couple continued to party.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me,” said Maya, “I don’t care how corny that sounded.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” said Tyler, “You’re the most amazing girl I ever met!”

“I was thinking,” said Maya, “How about we make things more interesting tomorrow?”

Tyler looked uneasy. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“The winner,” continued Maya, “Has to kiss the loser.”

“Deal!” said Tyler. Tyler and Maya shook hands. A slow song started to play, so Maya threw herself into Tyler’s arms, and the pair slow-danced.

That night, Tyler and Maya walked back to the cabins hand-in-hand. They stopped when they got to the cabins.

“Hey Maya,” said Tyler, “I made you something.” Tyler reached into his pocket and pulled out a necklace. The necklace had a heart with a picture of Tyler and Maya, arm-in-arm, on it. Tyler held it out to Maya, and she took it and quickly put it on.

“It’s beautiful!” said Maya in awe, “It’s perfect! Thank you so much, Tyler!” She ran up to Tyler and kissed him.

“I knew you’d like it,” said Tyler. “Good night, beautiful.”

“Good night, Tyler,” said Maya. The two walked into their respective cabins to sleep, for the final time.

The next morning, Tyler was abruptly awakened by the sound of an air horn over the megaphone. I really hate that Chris, said Tyler in the confessional. Tyler got up, changed into his clothes, and walked outside. He headed for the mess hall, where Maya was already eating breakfast.

“How’d you get up so early?” asked Tyler.

“I couldn’t sleep much last night,” said Maya, “I was thinking too much about today.”

Tyler got his breakfast and sat down with Maya. “Yeah, so did I,” he said, “It’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” said Maya, “And scary, too.”

“I know. I completely forgot about the million dollar prize until just today. I wonder what the challenge will—“

“Whenever someone says that, Chris always comes!”

Chris then came into the mess hall. “Hello Maya, Tyler,” he said, “I was waiting for somebody to say that line. It never fails me!”

I really hate that Chris, said Maya in the confessional.

“You two follow me,” continued Chris, “We’re going to a place that we’ve never been before!”

Tyler and Maya nodded and followed Chris to an unknown area of the park. There was a large field, with two sets of bleachers. One set had a flag with a picture of Tyler on it. The other set had a flag with Maya’s picture on it. Most of what lied ahead was blocked by a giant rock wall.

“As the finalists,” said Chris once they got there, “You two will have to compete in a final race to the finish. The rock wall is the first part of an obstacle course you two will have to take. But before that, let’s welcome back our 22 Losers! Each one will take a seat at one of our two bleachers. The one chosen will determine who that loser is rooting for the finale. So, without any further ado, here we go!”

Matt walked into the scene. “Hi, guys!” said Matt, “You two are both awesome! But, I’ve been a big fan of Tyler’s since I watched Total Drama Island. Ty, you rule!” Matt proceeded to take a seat in Tyler’s section.

Harold arrived next. “Hi guys,” he said, “I’m supporting Maya, because Tyler tormented me at Playa Des Losers. GOSH!” Harold walked over to Maya’s section.

Maya glared at Tyler. “What?” asked Tyler, “He was leaving his stuff all over the place. Somebody had to teach him a lesson.”

Courtney walked in next. “Hi,” she said, “I’m supporting Tyler, because after how much he grew as a person since Total Drama Island, he deserves it.” Courtney sat in Tyler’s section.

Tyler smiled. “I knew you’d understand,” he said.

I too have been working hard since TDI ended, said Courtney in the confessional, I worked hard on being a nicer, less bossy, more understanding person. So I really understand Tyler’s hard work at becoming a true jock.

Sammie came next. “Hi Maya!” she said. Maya and Sammie shared a hug.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” asked Maya.

“You bet!” said Sammie. She skipped over to Maya’s section.

The best part of the entire day was seeing my pal Maya again! Said Sammie in the confessional, It was like a family reunion! We were like sisters before I left the show!

Noah walked in next and immediately sat in Maya’s section. “Hey sis,” said Noah, “Good to see you again.” Maya’s eyes watered up with tears.

All of my best friends were coming! Said Maya, It was such an emotional moment! Maya began crying in the confessional.

Tyler put his hand on Maya’s shoulder. “Are you okay, babe?” he asked.

“Yeah,” said Maya, “It’s just... I haven’t seen these guys in so long and I’m just... so happy to see them again!” Tyler nodded.

Beth went next. “This choice is obvious for me,” she said, “Because I know Tyler really well, and I never got to know you, Maya. No offense, of course.”

“None taken,” said Maya. Beth smiled and sat in Tyler’s section.

Julie walked in and sat in Tyler’s section. “Hi all!” she said, “I’m cheering for Tyler, because any friend of Spense’s is a friend of mine!” Tyler gave Julie a thumbs-up.

Cathy and Cody walked hand-in-hand over to Maya’s section.

“Go Maya!” said Cathy.

“Rock on!” said Cody.

Katie sat in Tyler’s section. “Bass friends forever!” she said, and gave Tyler a thumbs-up. Tyler returned the gesture.

Danny walked in next. “Hi guys!” he said, “I don’t know either of you that well, but I’m supporting Maya because, well, I don’t know. Uh... bye!” Danny ran over to Maya’s section and awkwardly sat down.

DJ walked in and gave Tyler a high-five. “Hey, Ty!” said DJ, “Long time no see!”

“You said it!” said Tyler. DJ sat in Tyler’s section.

Amy and Halle walked in side-by-side. Both sat in Maya’s section without saying a word.

Eva walked up to Maya and hugged her. “I see you’ve gotten better,” said Eva.

“You bet,” said Maya.

“Now,” said Eva, “What was that you said about not needing love?”

“No comment,” muttered Maya. Eva smiled and walked over to Maya’s section.

Daisy walked to Tyler’s section, followed by Spense. Then suddenly, Spense jumped out of his seat and ran up to Tyler.

“What’s up, buddy?” asked Spense. He and Tyler hugged.

“I’m doing just fine,” said Tyler, “Good to see you again.”

“Likewise,” said Spense. He ran back up to his seat.

Zeke sat in Tyler’s section without saying a word. He was followed by Craig.

“Tyler for victory!” yelled Craig. Finally, Damien sat in Maya’s section. “You two both rock,” said Damien, “And no matter who wins, I’ll be happy. But I still want Maya to win.”

“Okay!” said Chris, “Enough with the sappy stuff! We have a finale to do! Tyler, Maya, I see you each have ten supporters. That means that it’ll be pointless to use the backpacks. You two sure are lucky! Anyway, for the challenge, the first thing you must do is climb that rock wall. Once you get to the other side, you’ll find a creek with stepping stones. You must hop across the stones, after which you will find a dirt road. You must follow the road until it ends, and then you will run the rest of the way, back here. First one back wins. Do you understand?”

Tyler and Maya nodded.

“Good,” said Chris, “Then in that case, go!” Tyler and Maya ran to the rock wall and started climbing.

“Um, Tyler,” said Maya during the climb.

“Yeah,” said Tyler.

“I’m scared of heights!”

“Climb in front of me! If you fall, I’ll catch you!”

“Thanks, Tyler!”

So Maya climbed ahead of Tyler and got in front of him. The two climbed all the way up to the top with no difficulties. When they got to the top, Tyler jumped down; Maya stood there, a worried look on her face.

“I can’t do it!” said Maya in fear.

“Don’t worry,” said Tyler, “I’ll catch you, I promise!”

Maya nodded and jumped. Tyler held out his arms and caught her. The couple looked at each other and shared a kiss.

“Thanks, Tyler,” said Maya.

“Anything for you, my dear,” said Tyler, grinning, “Except for throwing the challenge.”

“That’s what I thought,” said Maya, “Let’s go!”

Maya and Tyler arrived at the creek that Chris mentioned. Just as he said, there were stepping stones on the creek, leading off in an unknown direction. Tyler looked at Maya, and Maya returned his glance. They nodded and started off.

“This is harder than it looked,” commented Tyler. He was jumping from one small stone to the next, struggling to keep his balance each time.

“Don’t be such a wimp,” said Maya. She was right behind Tyler, jumping from stone to stone with relative ease.

“And this is coming from the girl who can’t stand heights!” remarked Tyler.

“It’s a common and rational fear,” said Maya.

“Sorry,” said Tyler, “I had to say that.” Tyler continued jumping from one stone to the next. Maya caught up and started to get ahead of Tyler, when Tyler started losing his balance.

“Woah, I can’t stay on!” yelled Tyler. Right as he was about to fall, Maya grabbed him and helped him back up.

“Thanks, Maya,” said Tyler.

“Anytime,” said Maya back. The two continued jumping from one stone to the next. At last, they reached the dirt road.

“About time that ended,” said Tyler, “Now for my strong suit, running!”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” said Maya, “I’m faster than I look.”

“Odd,” said Tyler, “You looked pretty fast to begin with.”

“Thank you.” Tyler immediately started running, with Maya close behind.

The road had a lot of twists and turns, and it was hard for Tyler to run fast and make the twists and turns at the same time. It was really hard, said Tyler in the confessional.

Tyler ran down a straightway, and quickly jumped over a log. Still running, Tyler slowed down a bit to take a sharp turn. “Gotta follow the road,” he said quietly to himself.

Meanwhile, Maya ran as fast as she could in order to catch up to Tyler. She dared not stop, no matter how tired she was getting. It took all of my energy to pull this off, said Maya in the confessional.

Running as fast as she could, Maya jumped over a log that Chris probably put in her path on purpose. Maya felt the sweat on her forehead as she made a sharp right turn. On the straightway, she saw Tyler in the distance, catching a breather. Maya put all of here energy into catching up to Tyler.

Once she finally reached him, she put her arm around him. “Hey Ty,” she said.

“Hey Maya,” said Tyler. “Just catching a breather. This road is rough!”

“Try saying something I don’t already know,” said Maya.

“I’m probably not smart enough,” said Tyler. “Ready?”

Maya wiped some sweat off of her forehead. “I think so,” she said. Tyler and Maya started running again. Luckily, the rest of the road was just a straightway. Maya smiled. Even though she was behind, with Tyler’s lead increasing every second, she was having the time of her life. All of a sudden, she tripped over something and fell down.

“OWWW!” Tyler heard Maya’s scream and stopped in his tracks. The road was ending, and he saw the bleachers in the distance. So I thought to myself, said Tyler, I could just cross the finish line and win the million bucks, or I could help Maya. In retrospect, I regret even thinking about that one.

Tyler ran back down the road as fast as he could until he found Maya. She was on her knees, crying.

Tyler kneeled beside her. “Maya are you okay?” he asked.

Maya looked up and saw Tyler’s compassionate smile. She smiled. “Tyler,” she said, “I can’t go on. Go on without me. You can do this. The million is so close.”

“But you’re closer,” said Tyler. “Now, what happened?”

“I tripped and twisted my ankle,” said Maya, “I don’t think I can walk on it. I’m hopeless. I let my friends and supporters down.” Maya started to cry again.

Tyler put his hand on Maya’s shoulder. “You didn’t let me down,” he said, “You never will. Now get on my back. I’ll carry you to the finish.”

Maya smiled. “Thanks, Tyler,” she said. Tyler got up and turned around. Maya got up and got onto Tyler’s back. Maya put her arms around Tyler’s neck, and Tyler put his hands over hers.

“Hold on!” he said. Maya nodded. Tyler walked forward.

“Hey,” said Spense. He pointed in the distance, “I see something!” That sight in the distance turned out to be Tyler, slowly carrying Maya on his back.

“It’s Tyler!” yelled DJ.

“And Maya, too!” yelled Damien. Suddenly, everyone in the bleachers started cheering, as Tyler, with an injured Maya on his back, stepped across the finish line.

“You did it,” said Maya, “You won!”

Tyler smiled. “What’s more important is that you’re where you belong, Maya, with your friends.” Tyler gently put Maya down on one of the bleachers, and ran to the others for some celebration.

That night, at the stage...

Everybody was sitting in one of the seats at the stage. Tyler and Maya sat next to each other, hand-in-hand.

Chris got onto the stage. “It is my honor,” said Chris, “To present you with, the winner of Total Drama Insanity,

Tyler! Get on up here, Ty!” Tyler got up and ran onto the stage.

“At this time,” said Chris, “I’d like to present Tyler with the ultimate symbol of victory. It’s only fitting, as he never got this before. Tyler, I present you with, the final ice cream sandwich!” Chris handed Tyler the final tasty treat.

“Thanks, Chris,” said Tyler, “But there’s someone else out there who I’d like to give this to. Someone who deserved to win as much as, if not even more than, me. Maya, get on up here.”

Maya smiled and walked onto the stage. Tyler gave her the ice cream sandwich, which she happily devoured.

“Now, Tyler,” said Chris, “As the winner, what do you have to say?”

Tyler looked at everybody in the audience, and then at Maya. Tyler stepped forward.

“I say,” said Tyler, “Let’s party!” *signs off*


“One year ago exactly, a jock won a million bucks and threw a party. That was the last we’ve seen of our 22 lovable players from Total Drama Insanity. Where are they now? What have they been doing since the show ended? Find out the answers to all of these questions, and more, right now, on Total Drama Insanity!”

Brady looked up from his note cards and smiled. He was on the very stage on which Tyler was crowned the winner one year ago. Behind him, from left to right in order of elimination, the 22 former players of Total Drama Insanity, all here for the reunion. The crowd went wild as an instrumental version of “I Want to be Famous” played in the background.

“Welcome, all of you,” said Brady, “To a little show we like to call, Reunion’d!”

“Why is it called that?” asked Damien.

Brady turned to face him. “Quiet until your cue,” he hissed. Damien rolled his eyes.

“Anyway,” continued Brady, “Here we will ask questions that you, our loyal fans, have submitted to us, to our players! They must all answer all the questions truthfully. So, with that in mind, let’s begin! Players, come on down!”

Brady moved to his right to make way as the 22 former players walked downstage in unison by about 5 steps. Brady approached Matt first.

“So, let’s start with you, Matt,” he said.

“Before we go any farther,” said Spense, “Do you mind telling us where Chris is?”

“Chris retired after he finished another totally dramatic season of total drama, called Total Drama Reality,” explained Brady. Though, he may come out of retirement sooner than you think.”

“Ah,” said Spense.

“Yup,” said Brady, “Anyway, Matt, what was it like being the youngest player, and the first one voted out of the game?”

Matt was wearing a black leather jacket, zipped, and black jeans. “It was kind of sad. I mean, I felt out of place with the older guys and gals while I was there. Being the first one out was tough until I got to the Hut of Humiliation and realized what a fantastic place it was!”

“Interesting,” said Brady, “Why did you go through so much effort to come back, if the hut was such a great place?”

“Good question,” said Matt, “I did it because I got a call from Chris. He said that if I can get back to camp, he’d hire me as assistant host. The paychecks were huge, by the way! But since the buses were out of order, I had to go the long way.”

“Wow,” said Brady, “Cool! One fan wants to know if you’ll ever speak English.”

Matt rolled his eyes. “What language do you think I’m speaking right now?” he asked, rather annoyed.

“Good point,” said Brady, “Moving right along.” Brady walked over next to Harold. He was wearing a tuxedo with a bowtie, and shades. “Harold, it’s your turn.”

“Bring it on,” said Harold, quickly removing his shades for dramatic effect.

Brady rolled his eyes. “Whatever,” he said. “Harold, do you really have mad skills?”

“Well duh!” said Harold, “Did you see Total Drama Island, where I won the dodge ball game and the talent show for my team?”

“I believe we all did,” said Brady. “How are things with LeShawna?”

“We broke up before the show and never made up,” said Harold. Tears began to form in his eyes. “I still miss her.”

“That’s so touching,” said Brady. “But I have orders from the producers not to care. So, we move on to Courtney!”

Brady walked next to Courtney, who was wearing a purple dress reminiscent of a fairy tale princess’s dress.

“Hello Courtney,” said Brady, “How are things since the show ended?”

Courtney shrugged. “Pretty good. I won 50 cases as a lawyer in the past year, including Duncan’s.”

Brady looked shocked. “That’s what you call pretty good?” he asked.

“Well, I lost one case,” said Courtney.

“Oh. That explains it,” said Brady, with sarcasm. “So, one fan wants to know if you will ever calm down.”

Courtney sighed. “You don’t get it, do you?” she asked, “I’m a lawyer. Lawyers don’t calm down. If we were calm, we’d lose cases. It’s all about getting in the jury’s face!”

“Okay then,” said Brady. He slowly backed up a few steps. “Why do you think you were eliminated so early?”

Courtney shrugged. “I guess it’s because I was really angry at Eva for letting the team down during the capture the flag challenge. In retrospect, it was insensitive of me to do that. Eva and I made up when she got to the hut.”

“How touching,” said Brady, “But once again, I’m not supposed to care. Moving on to Sammie!”

Brady approached Sammie. She was wearing a blue dress that matches her hair. “Hey Sammie,” said Brady, “How are you doing?”

“Pretty well,” said Sammie, “Now, on with the questions!”

“Okay...” said Brady, awkwardly. “How did one dip into blue paint make your hair all blue?”

Sammie shrugged. “I have no idea,” she said, “My scientist dad’s been trying to figure it out for years. But I really like my hair.”

“Yes, so do we,” said Brady sarcastically, “A lot of fans want to know what the strawberry incident was, exactly.”

“Oh that?” asked Sammie, “That was hilarious! I was on a sugar high after eating so much ice cream, so I started to go and started pulling pranks on people. So I ordered a bunch of strawberry ice cream and threw some of it at a ceiling fan. It got all over everybody, but I still wasn't satisfied. So I grabbed some strawberry ice cream and threw it at people's faces and down their shirts. People started freezing and yelling at me! I got kicked out, but I took my strawberry ice cream with me. To this day, I laugh whenever I think of it!”

“Um, okay...” said Brady. He inched away from Sammie and approached Noah. “Moving on to Noah!”

“Hey Brady,” said Noah. He was wearing a black suit and tie, and dress pants.

“So Noah,” said Brady, “You got a LOT of questions from our fans. Should I ask all of them?”

“Three words, Brady,” said Noah, “Bring it on!” The audience started cheering.

“Good answer,” said Brady, “Let’s begin. What’s your favorite book?”

“Eragon, by Christopher Paolini,” said Noah, “It’s a good read.”

“Interesting,” said Brady, “How is your relationship with your sister Maya?”

“A month before the show,” said Noah, “We started fighting all the time, and almost started to hate each other. Now, though, we’re practically inseparable.”

“Also interesting,” said Brady, “Are you proud of Maya?”

“God, are all of these questions about Maya?” asked Noah, a little peeved. Brady said nothing.

“Anyway,” continued Noah, “I’m really proud of her. She played a great game and got runner-up.”

“Thanks, bro!” said Maya. Noah gave her a thumbs-up, and she returned the gesture.

“Anyway,” continued Brady, “Why did you feel the need to leave the competition?”

“Good question,” said Noah, “For one thing, I REALLY didn’t want to be there in the first place, but according to my contract, I had to, so I took any chance I had to leave. Second, I knew from looking at the people that voted for Maya, that they voted for her because they felt bad for her, and it was me they hated. For another thing, I knew that Maya needed to stay. She had potential there, while I didn’t.”

“That’s deep, man,” said Brady, “Too bad I’m not allowed to care. Anyway, how far do you think you would have gotten if you had stayed?”

Noah shrugged. “Probably, not that far. Maybe second. I’d epically fail at the race. I’m not that strong.”

“Agreed,” Brady smirked. Noah glared at Brady. “I have one more question, but we’ll wait on that, since it’s both for you and for Maya. Moving on to Beth!” Brady walked over to Beth and kissed her on the cheek. Beth smiled. She wore a pink dress. She no longer wore glasses, revealing green, dot eyes.

“Hey babe,” said Brady.

Beth smiled sweetly. “Hey Brady,” she said.

“Hey, can we cut the romantic crap and get on with the questions already?” asked Craig. Everybody glared at him. “What?” he asked.

“Fine,” said Brady, looking peeved, “Do you feel sad about your elimination?”

“Kind of,” said Beth, “On one hand, it was disappointing that the only reason I was voted out was because IT,” Beth glared at Craig, “Pulled a fast one on me. But on the other, I knew that you were waiting at the hut, so I wanted to go so I can see you again!”

“That’s so sweet!” said Brady. The two hugged.

“So,” said Beth, “Any more questions?”

“Sadly, no,” said Brady, “Real shame, too. Oh well. It’s Julie’s turn!”

Brady approached Julie. Julie wore a red, strapless dress.

“Hey Julie,” said Brady, “Ready for the questions?”

“Sure,” said Julie.

“Okay then,” said Brady, “Julie, have you forgiven Halle?”

“Oh god no!” said Julie.

“I saw that coming,” muttered Halle.

“Next question,” said Brady, “How’s Lindsay doing? I think Tyler wants to know.” Tyler nodded.

Julie looked down. “Lindsay’s having a terrible time. She’s not herself there. She misses all of us. She met this jock who likes her, but she refuses to date him because he reminds her too much of Tyler.”

Suddenly, what sounded like a ringtone started sounding inside Julie’s dress. She reached into an inner pocket, and took out a cell phone. “Be right back,” she said, “Sorry.” Julie ran backstage.

About a minute later, she returned to the stage. “Never mind,” she said, “She’s dating the jock.”

“It figures,” muttered Tyler.

“Why am I not surprised?” asked Brady. “Thank you, Julie. Moving on, to Cathy!” Brady approached Cathy. She looked significantly skinnier and wore a purple dress.

“So Cathy,” said Brady, “How did it feel when you were eliminated?”

Cathy sighed. “It stank, big time,” she said, “I lost the million and was separated from Cody.”

“Understandable,” said Brady, “Are you and the Codemeister still going strong?”

Cathy giggled. “Yeah we are!” she said. “My dad got a job transfer, and I had to move, so now I’m like, next door to Cody! It’s so awesome!”

“Cool,” said Brady, “By the way, I see you’ve lost weight.”

“Yup,” said Cathy, “I lost fifty pounds!” The audience started cheering.

“You look beautiful, babe,” said Cody.

Cathy blushed. “Thank you!” she said.

“It’s Katie’s turn!” said Brady. He approached Katie. She wore a black, strapless dress.

“Hey Katie,” said Brady, “Ready for the questions?”

“You bet I am!” said Katie happily.

“Then let’s begin,” said Brady. “Katie, do you miss Sadie?”

“Yeah, I miss her a lot,” said Katie, “It was kind of scary being alone at first, but then when I met friends like Amy and Halle, as well as my boyfriend DJ, things got less scary for me. Sadie and I are still pen pals, though, and we ALWAYS hang out at the mall.”

“Which brings us to our next question,” said Brady, “Are you and DJ still together?”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Duh,” she said.

“Right,” said Brady. “Moving on. Cody, what’s up?” Brady approached Cody, and the audience cheered. Cody wore a black tuxedo.

“Hey Brady,” said Cody.

“So Cody,” said Brady, “Do you think your elimination was fair?”

“Not really,” said Cody, “but I’m glad it happened.”

“Good to know,” said Brady, “How did you feel when Katie picked you to be eliminated, especially when she could've picked Craig?”

“To be honest,” said Cody, “I couldn’t thank her enough. It was awful being on there without Cathy. There was no other point in competing. I’m already super-rich.”

“How’s life with Cathy next door?” continued Brady.

“Awesome!” said Cody, “Cathy means so much to me, and she’s just a minute away! We’re inseparable.”

“Interesting,” said Brady, “I can relate to that.” He looked at Beth and smiled. Beth smiled back.

“Anyway,” said Brady, “It’s time for Danny to take his turn! Brady walked over next to Danny. He wore a black sports coat with a white T-shirt underneath.

“Hey Danny,” said Brady, “Ready for your questions?”

“You bet I am!” said Danny.

“Too bad,” said Brady, “Because only one person was kind enough to submit one for you.”

“DAWW!” complained Danny.

“Indeed,” said Brady, “Have you gotten smarter?”

“Actually, I have!” said Danny, “Cody and I are really tight, and he started mentoring me. Now I’m almost as smart as he is!”

Brady looked at Cody. “Is that right?” he asked.

Cody smiled and nodded. “Yup!” he said, “Danny’s a quick study. I’m proud of him.”

“Thanks, dude!” said Danny.

“That’s great!” said Brady. “Oh yeah, that’s right, I can’t care. Sorry guys. Moving on, to DJ!” Brady walked over next to DJ. He wore a black tuxedo with a bowtie.

“Hey Brady, what’s up?” he said. Brady gave him a high-five.

“Doing great,” he said, “But this is about you guys. It’s time for your questions! DJ, what’s your record for bench pressing?”

“250 pounds!” said DJ excitedly. The audience cheered.

Brady applauded DJ. “That’s awesome!” he said, “Now for your final question: how’s Bunny?”

DJ looked down and shed a single tear. “Dead,” he said, “He got run over by a truck one day. I still miss him.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry I asked,” said Brady.

“Didn’t your producers tell you not to care?” asked DJ.

“This is major,” said Brady, “Really major. I’d love to stay, but I’m afraid I have to move on to Amy now.”

“It’s cool,” said DJ.

“In that case, let’s continue!” said Brady. He walked over next to Amy. She wore her green gymnastics uniform.

“Hey Amy,” said Brady, “Ready?” Amy nodded.

“So,” said Brady, “Are you and Zeke still together?”

“Of course we are!” said Amy, “Zeke's my forever!”

“That’s so sweet,” said Brady, “Also, are you still doing flips?”

“Yeah,” said Amy, “Gymnastics is my passion!”

“Cool,” said Brady, “Halle, it’s your turn!” Brady walked over nest to Halle, as the audience started booing. Halle rested her head in her hands. She wore a dark purple dress.

“Shut up!” yelled Brady at the audience. The audience quickly shut up. “That’s better.”

“Thanks,” said Halle.

“No problem,” said Brady. “So, do you regret your actions regarding Spense, including the fact that your relationship with Spense cost you the game?”

Halle rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that costing me the game thing was regrettable. Who comes up with these stupid questions?”

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that,” said Brady.

“Seriously, though,” said Halle, “I regret nothing! I should have been with Spense, not that phony, *****y girl Julie!” the audience, and everyone on the stage, gasped.

“You’re one to talk,” said Julie.

“Shut up,” snapped Halle.

“Wow,” said Brady, “Tell us how you really feel.” Halle rested her head in her hands again.

“Should we ask you another question?” asked Brady.

“As long as they don’t involve my love life, sure.” said Halle.

“That eliminated about 10 more questions,” said Brady. Halle groaned. “Here’s a good one. Where did you learn to play the piano so wonderfully?”

Halle smiled. “My mom taught me when I was just a little, innocent girl,” she said.

“You were innocent once?” asked Brady. Halle glared at him.

“That’s all for you,” said Brady.

“Finally,” muttered Halle.

“I agree,” laughed Brady. He walked over next to Eva, who wore a green dress for the occasion.

“Hey Eva,” said Brady, “Ready for the interview?”

“You bet I am!” said Eva confidently.

“Good,” said Brady, “Because it’d be really bad if you weren’t. So, were you happy with the outcome of the competition?”

Eva nodded. “Yeah,” she said, “I’m really proud of Tyler for winning. He came a long way from his wannabe days in TDI, that’s for sure. I’m a little disappointed that Maya didn’t win, but her coming in second is pretty awesome. I’m just sad that I couldn’t be a bit farther in the game, just because of Craig.”

“Understandable,” said Brady, “What’s your record for bench pressing?”

“One ton,” said Eva calmly. The audience started cheering and applauding Eva. She blushed.

“That’s just... wow,” said Brady, “Anyway, are you still with Noah?”

“I’d never leave him,” said Eva. Noah smiled.

“Touching,” said Brady, “Too bad we’re out of questions for you. Moving on, to Daisy!” As Brady walked over next to Daisy, the crowd started cheering.

“I see you’re a fan favorite,” said Brady.

“Thank you all!” said Daisy to the audience. She wore her usual clothes. She looked around, a bit uneasily.

“We were supposed to dress up and stuff for the reunion?” hissed Daisy to Brady, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Brady simply shrugged.

“Nobody’s calling you out on it, so let’s ignore it, shall we?” suggested Brady. Daisy nodded.

“Good. Now for your first question. Did you ever feel like you were being TOO nice?”

Daisy simply laughed. “No,” she said, “But it’s a funny question. I didn’t let anyone manipulate me, if that’s what you’re asking. But that’s not being nice, that’s being dumb and gullible. No offense to Danny, Amy, Katie, and Zeke.”

“No offense taken,” said the four in unison.

“Interesting perspective,” said Brady, “Let’s move on to your next question. What did you see in Damien?”

“It’s a long story,” said Daisy.

“We got time,” replied Brady.

“In that case,” began Daisy, “Well, I kind of always knew that, even though Damien was all gothic and depressed and stuff, that there was a happy boy inside his heart. I fell in love with that boy. When Damien abandoned his Goth-hood, he became that boy. He's cute, and fun, and funny!”

Damien blushed. “Thanks, Daisy,” he said.

“You’re welcome baby,” said Daisy.

“Ahem,” coughed Brady.

“Right, sorry,” said Daisy, “Next question?”

“Thank you,” said Brady, “Have you ever met a mean person in your life? If so, how do you talk to them?”

Daisy rolled her eyes. “I’m not naive,” she said, “My school is full of mean people. I try to be nice to them, but if they start getting all mean at me, I simply ignore it. That usually works.”

“As they say,” said Brady, “Ignorance is bliss. Thank you for your time. On to Spense.”

As Brady walked over to Spense, the audience started cheering again. This time the sound of girls squealing was also heard. Spense wore a black tux and tie.

“Hey Brady,” said Spense, “Glad to see you.”

“Feeling’s mutual, bud,” said Brady, “I see you’re popular with the ladies tonight.”

“I can see that too,” said Spense, with a confident smirk.

“Anyway,” said Brady, “Time for your questions. How are you and Julie?”

Spense smirked. “How many people asked that?” he asked.

“Dozens,” said Brady, “A lot of people are hoping you’re single again.”

Spense laughed. “Julie and I are going great,” he said, “Better than ever, actually. Julie transferred a month after the show, so now we go to the same school. It’s awesome!”

“That’s great, dude!” said Brady, “Anyway, on to your next question. It says here that you’re undefeated in wrestling at your school. Is that true?”

“At my school, yes,” said Spense, “But I was defeated once. You can’t win all the time, right?”

“So true,” said Brady. “We have one final question for you. If you could go back in time and change one thing on the show, what would it be?”

“Now there’s food for thought,” said Spense, “I guess I’d keep Craig from ruining Julie’s masterpiece during the art challenge. We would have won, and Craig would have left. Everything would have gone differently from there.”

“Interesting decision,” said Brady, “Thank you for your time. Now I present, Zeke!” Brady walked over to Zeke. He wore his signature outfit.

“Hey Brady,” said Zeke.

“Hey Zeke,” said Brady, “Time for your questions. How did it feel to NOT be the first one voted off for once?”

“It felt really good,” said Zeke, “I actually had a chance this time, instead of just being that forgotten character that was voted out first, you know what I’m saying?”

“Yup,” said Brady, “How did you learn to play guitar?”

“I self-taught it, to myself,” said Zeke.

“Department of redundancy department. Still, it’s impressive,” said Brady, “How did your parents feel about your transformation?”

“To be honest,” said Zeke, “They were disappointed in the new me. But it’s alright, because my cousin Micky appreciates me! To tell you the truth, they kicked me out of the house after my transformation, and now I live with my cousin Micky.”

“Ouch,” said Brady.”

“I know,” said Zeke.”

“That’s all the questions here,” said Brady, “Moving on to Craig!” Brady walked over to Craig. He wore a black suit and dress pants. The audience started booing as loud as they could.

“Shut up!!” yelled Craig.

“You SUCK!” yelled a voice from the audience. Suddenly a baseball was thrown at Craig. He caught it.

“Take this!” yelled Craig. He threw the baseball back into the crowd.

“AAH! MY FACE! MY FACE!!” yelled the same voice from the audience. “AAH ****!! YOU LITTLE ******* ************!!! YOU SON OF A ******* *****!!!”

Two tough-looking security guards dragged the guy who was yelling out of the area. Craig gave a sigh of relief.

“Glad that’s done,” he said, “Am I really THAT hated?”

“Apparently,” said Brady, “On to the questions?”

“Of course,” said Craig.

“Good,” said Brady, “So, are you friends with anyone from the show?”

“Yeah,” said Craig, “I’m still pals with Danny. And of course, Halle.”

“Why did you pick on Cathy, Cody, and pretty much everyone else from the show?” asked Brady.

“Well,” said Craig, “It's my nature. I get joy out of the torment of others. And I could torment Cathy with some cheap fat jokes. But I regret nothing! And I voted out Halle because I feel she betrayed me by trying to replace me with Spense. It still hurts.”

“Did you expect to have been targeted early?” asked Brady.

Craig nodded. “I’m the mean guy; of course I saw that coming. I knew right off the bat that I and Halle were targets.”

Brady nodded. “Smart. Let’s move on to Damien!” Brady walked over to Damien, and the audience started cheering again. Damien wore a black suit and tie.

“Wow,” said Brady, “You sure are popular.”

“Thanks,” said Damien, “Bring on the questions!”

“Very well,” said Brady, “I’ll give you the first two at once. How are you and Daisy doing? Why did you pick Daisy?”

Damien smiled. “We’re doing great,” he said, “We don’t live as close as we’d like, but we do talk on the phone or via E-mail almost every day. And to answer your second question, I fell in love with Daisy because she's really nice and sweet, and really cares about me. And the fact that she's hot helps to.” Daisy blushed.

“Very touching,” said Brady, “Next question: Why did you and how did you become friends with Craig?”

“Good question,” said Damien, “Well, after a while, I stopped caring about what Craig did. So I let go and made friends with him! It’s that simple.”

“Cool,” said Brady, “Damien, one person found you to be a bigger jerk than Craig towards the end of the show. What do you say to that?”

Damien and Craig both broke out in laughter. “That’s a good one!” said Damien.

“I’m dead serious,” said Brady.

“Well, in that case,” said Damien, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, so he has every right to think that. I’m not offended at all.”

“I am,” said Craig, “I refuse to be out-jerked by you!”

“Craig, calm down,” said Damien. Craig sighed.

“That was an interesting piece of information,” said Brady, “Moving on to our winner of the silver, Maya!” Maya smiled as Brady walked over to her, in between her and Tyler and the audience cheered.

“Hey Maya,” said Brady, “I think I’ll start with the question for both you and Noah. What was it like growing up with so many siblings? How did it affect your personally, and your twin relationship?”

“Good question,” said Maya, “It was really difficult, because we were always living in the shadows of our older brothers and sisters. It’s why I was a Goth in the first place. But it only made me appreciate Noah more, because he was beside me, not in front of me.”

“Wow,” said Brady, “Noah, anything you’d like to add?”

“Not really,” said Noah, “She said it all.”

“All right,” said Brady, “Let’s continue with your questions, Maya. Who do you think you’re biggest enemy is?”

“That’s a tough one,” said Maya, “I don’t think I HAVE any enemies here, to tell you the truth.”

“I would agree,” laughed Brady, “What did you think of Tyler’s selfless act during the final two race to victory?”

Maya smiled. “It was really, really sweet of him,” she said, “He risked losing the million dollars, when he pretty much had victory, just to help me when I was in pain. That’s why I love Tyler. He’s always thinking about others!” The audience started cheering.

“Thanks, babe,” said Tyler.

“No, thank you,” said Maya. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Tyler smiled from ear to ear.

“Can we cut the romantic crap and finish this?” asked Craig.

“Sure, whatever,” said Brady, “Finally, we have out big winner, Tyler!” The audience cheered again. Tyler wore a black Tux and tie, but still had his signature headband on.

“Tyler, my man, you’re a huge fan favorite,” said Brady.

“That’s what you get for working hard in this game,” said Tyler.

“Indeed,” said Brady, “So, on to the questions. How did you feel when Lindsay dumped you?”

“Dumped,” said Tyler, “Devastated, especially at first. But it happened for a reason. If it weren’t for that, I would have never realized how awesome Maya is!” Maya blushed.

“How true,” said Brady, “Tyler, have you and Maya stayed strong after Insanity? I mean, the fact that only one of you won didn't make an impact in the relationship?”

“We’re better than ever!” said both Tyler and Maya at the same time.

“Sweet!” said Brady, “That’s awesome! Anyway, for the final question, that everyone wants to know, what DID you do with the money?”

“I was hoping you’d ask that,” said Tyler, “First, me and my family moved. My school still thinks of me as just a wannabe, so I knew that I needed a fresh start. Now I live right next door to Maya!”

“It’s awesome!” said Maya.

“It sure is, babe,” said Tyler, “After that, I bought a car. I always wanted my own set of wheels. It’s a really fuel-efficient car too. It gets 50 miles to the gallon! I’ve had my license before TDI, but never a car.”

“That’s awesome!” said Brady. “It appears we’re out of time. Thank you all for coming! I’m going to need to see eight of you backstage, you know who you are. And now, to answer your question Damien, here’s why it’s called Reunion’d!” The music in the background was replaced by “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

“You rick rolled us?” asked Damien, really annoyed. Everyone glared at Brady.

“Um,” stammered Brady, “We’re out of time! This is Brady Astley, signing off!” *signs off*

Theme Song

Dear mom and dad I'm doing fine, (Eva and Noah are walking in the woods)

You guys are on my mind. (Noah playfully pushes Eva. Eva pushes Noah down playfully and picks him up)

You asked me what I wanted to be (Danny and Damien, in his Gothic outfit, are laughing together. The camera then shows Craig sneaking up behind them and Halle watching Craig)

And now I think the answer's plain to see. (Craig jumps up and scares off Danny and Damien. He shares a laugh with Halle, while Julie walks by them and rolls her eyes)

I wanna be famous! (Cathy and Cody are laying down in a field, cuddling and watching the clouds roll by)

I wanna live close to the sun. (Harold is building something while Courtney shouts instructions to him)

Well pack your bags because I already won! (Zeke is giving Matt Tollin a piggyback ride)

Everything improved with nothing in my way, I'll get there one day (Zeke trips and Matt gets sent flying. He lands on a pillow and laughs. Amy and Katie giggle)

I wanna be famous! Na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na na na na! (Beth is shown on the street of shame twirling a fire baton. She tosses it up and DJ catches it and runs)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! (DJ tosses it to Spense. Spense runs and tosses it to Tyler. Tyler does a running jump)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! (Maya and Sammie are talking, Tyler falls on his face in front of them while the fire baton flies past them. Maya and Sammie help Tyler up)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! *whistling starts* (Damien, in his non-gothic outfit, approaches a field at night. Daisy runs up to him, and they hug. The camera zooms out to show everybody else laying down in the field)

Special Mentions

While Total Drama Insanity is, no doubt, my work, there are some people that helped make it the way it is. So I'd like to thank those people here now:

  • I'd like to thank Nalyd Renrut for allowing (and supporting) the use of Dyl and Cindy as cameos in certain TDIn chapters. Also, Nalyd Renrut correctly guessed the final three of Total Drama Insanity!
  • I'd like to thank Sprinklemist for coming up with labels for my characters.
  • I'd like to thank Copper5 for filling in the Beth and Cody character pages for me.
  • I'd like to thank Kenzen11 for making me a sweet TDIn image!

Elimination Table

(Warning, this contains spoilers for elimination

Player 1 2 3 4 5-6 7 8 9-10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 FINALE
Harold WIN OUT
Matt OUT


  • Orange: Shouting Spiders
  • teal: Murderous Mosquitoes
  • Brown,, orange name: Merge player, once Shouting Spider
  • Brown,, teal name: Merge player, once Murderous Mosquito
  •      Won invincibility
  •      Eliminated
  •      Received an ice cream sandwich
  •      received the final ice cream sandwich
  •      Received benefits of an immunity idol
  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
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