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This is a fanfiction of the Total Drama series. This certain fanfiction parodies the first season, Total Drama Island, replacing Noah with a character Kevin, based off of myself. Many things in this fanfiction will vary. Relationships, friendships, conflicts, the elimination order, the challenges, and so on and so forth. There is a template at the bottom of the page for convenient navigation to each chapter. Upon reading, I'd like to ask you to comment on the talk page, although, you aren't forced to. Please excuse me if there are any typos are other grammatical errors in any of the writing; pointing the mistake out in the talk page would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.


Chapter 1: The Not So Happy Campers

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Chris introduces the series with a smile.

The camera pans across the island of Camp Wawanakawa, then shows TV host, Chris McLean, standing on an extremely unstable dock.

"Yo, what's up? It's Chris McLean! And I'm here to host the hottest thing on TV since That 80's Show!" The scene then cuts to Chris in between two cabins. "Here, 22 totally different campers will compete in challenges and vote each other off in order to win one hundred thousand big ones!" The scene cuts back to Chris standing on the creaky dock. "So, don't touch that dial, and tune in to Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

Chris impatiently looked at his watch. "It's an hour after arrival, where are those twer--" (notices the camera) "Twenty-two campers...!"

Chris was relieved to finally see a boat pull up to the dock.
A boy with an entirely red sweatsuit tripped off of the boat.
Chris put on a fake smile. "Tyler, what's up?"
"Great to be he--" Before he could finish, Tyler tripped on one of the dock's many loose planks, falling face-first.

Before Chris could even pretend to be concerned, another camper arrived. This one was a girl, who was fairly tall, and carried a red and orange surfboard.
Chris looked at his clipboard. "Eva?"
The girl chuckled and stated, "No, I'm Bridgette."
Chris angrily shuffled through his papers and mumbled, "Lazy boat-driving people... never on schedule!"

Another boy, who was creepily overweight, stepped off of the boat.
"How're ya doin', guys!?" He bear-hugged Chris. "Great to be here, dude!"
Chris tried his hardest not to smack him in the face. "That's great... Owen..."
Owen then let him go, and stood next to Bridgette and Tyler, who were already chatting away on the opposite side of the dock.

Two boats pulled up at the same time, and they were apparently racing. Two boys stepped off of the boats, one with oddly-dyed green hair, and the other with auburn hair.
"You obviously somehow adjusted your engine, since the boat's terminal velocity was only 75 meters per second, while yours went 85 meters per second," the auburn-haired one argued while punching numbers in his calculator.
The boy with green hair simply rolled his eyes, grabbed the other boy's calculator, and tossed it into the lake.
Chris intervened. "Duncan, Harold, great to meet you guys..."

Another boat arrived, and two girls dressed identically were dropped off.
"Oh my gosh, Sadie! This is just like Camp Hole in the Wall," the skinnier one reminisced.
Sadie nodded intently. "This brings back soooo many memories, Katie!"
"You introduced yourselves, way to do my job for me," Chris remarked.
The friends simply stated in unison, "No problem."

Chris took a head count. "Only eight campers?" (he notices a cue card behind the camera) "Erm, seven? By now we should be at ten!"
Right then, another boat approached the dock. A girl with lightly-tinted sunglasses delicately stepped off and examined the camp.
"We're staying here? Are you serious?" She stomped toward Chris and pouted.
"You didn't see the picture in the brochure, Heather?" Chris questioned.
Heather snorted and walked toward the other campers. "I'm too popular to be caught reading."

Almost immediately, a boat honked its horn, and left a boy who was slightly tall, with curly hair and headphones. He clumsily walked off the boat and shook hands with Chris.
"'Sup?" The boy waved to the other campers and got no response.
Chris scoffed and said, "Oh, right, you're the normal one on this show. I won't even say your name for you."
The boy was taken aback, and just said, "Uh, okay? I'm Kevin, since I won't get an introduction."

Before Kevin could get to the crowd of campers, a boat reached the dock. A slightly overweight girl struted her way down to the dock.
"Wassup y'all? It's Shawnie!" She carried her leopard-patterned luggage and high-fived Chris.
Chris grinned. "LeShawna, loud and proud!"
She walked over to the rest of the contestants and played around with her phone. Chris, noticing this, began to chuckle, confusing everyone.

Another boat arrived, and a fairly short girl with pink pants stumbled onto the dock.
Chris scratched the back of his head. "Wow, Beth, I didn't know you were that sho--" Her glare stopped him. "...vertically challenged."
Beth got over her anger at Chris and approached the campers.
"Hey guys..." (a boat horn honks, muting out everything she says) "...and I hope you can accept me for who I am." Beth smiled and stood next to Owen.

Another boat drew near to the dock, and in the distance, a girl with blonde hair and a blue bandanna was seen waving to the cast.
Chris waved back. "Lindsay! What's up?"
Lindsay shrugged. "The usual -- blue sky."
After holding back a snicker, Chris gestured Lindsay towards the crowd of campers. Lindsay skipped over to LeShawna, Beth, and Heather and began to comb her hair.

Once Lindsay was settled in, the campers began to pour in at the same time. A boy and a girl arrived in the same boat.
Chris was confused. "What happened to separate boats?"
The girl in the blue jumpsuit bared her teeth. "My boat crashed, so I swam 15 miles until I found another one." She darted her eyes towards the boy, who looked worried.
The boy ran his fingers through his dark brown hair. "She's a little rough, but I guess she's dateable."
After flipping through the papers in his clipboard, Chris concluded that these two were Eva and Cody.

Before Chris could wonder about the remaining 8 contestants, a girl crawled out from underneath the dock wearing an outfit entirely made of dried seaweed.
The girl ran up and shook Chris's hand. "Hey, Chris! Is this a summer camp? I love summer camps! I once went to a summer camp where everyone was always jumping around and stuff and then we all ate marshmallows around a campfire and then one of the counselors went psycho and like, buried two campers alive, but I wasn't one of them so it's okay!"
Everyone's eyes widened and they all slowly shuffled backwards. Chris asked, "Erm... are you Izzy?"
Izzy replied, "How do you know my name? Are you onto me too?" Her eyes darted around and she hid behind Owen.

Chris rolled his eyes to notice another camper, with an over-sized backpack and guitar.
The camper looked concerned and said, "Erm, Chris, is there a reason why there's duct tape under the dock?"
Chris put his finger to his lips. "Hush, Trent, just stand over there."
That didn't stop the other campers from murmuring and peering from underneath the rickety dock.

Another girl arrived, wearing green pants and a gray shirt.
She waved to the rest of the competitors. "Nice to meet you all. I'm Cour--"
Chris snapped, "That's my job. This is Courtney." He winked.
Slightly annoyed, Courtney stepped into the crowd. The campers began to hear slight creaking. Duncan complained, "Dude, this thing's about to bust."

In the distance, loud music was heard from an oncoming boat. There were four boys dancing on it, all of them completely offbeat, with one of them raising the volume on their iPhone.
Chris raised an eyebrow. "What happened to the other three boats?"
A boy in a pink shirt pointed backwards. "The drivers are partying, dude!"
Chris exhaled slowly and recited the boys' names. "You four must be... Ezekiel, Justin, DJ, and Gee-off?"
"Geoff," the boy in the pink shirt stated while putting his hand up for a high-five.
Chris put his hand down and counted the campers.

"21... who're we missing?"
The final boat arrived, and it dropped off a girl with teal highlights in her jet black hair. She glanced at the campsite, then at the campers, then at Chris, and rolled her eyes.
Chris crossed his arms and looked at his watch. "You're late, Gwen, along with the others."
Gwen looked at her watch. "Ahem, someone's neglecting their time zones..."

Embarrassed, Chris led them to the other end of the dock.
"Okay, before I start to talk and you guys pretend to listen, I need a group shot of all of you!"
The 22 campers arranged themselves and Chris began to countdown.
"Three... two... one... darn, low battery. Be right back, getting my boat adapter..." Which, in response, got 22 groans, and a dock which began to shake.
Trent began to worry. Before he could yell, Run!, the dock collapsed and the 22 competitors were soaked.

Heather whined, "My hair!"
Trent cried, "My guitar!"
Kevin complained, "My headphones!"
Izzy exclaimed, "My blood pressure!" She swam back to shore and ran across the campsite, screaming the entire time.

As the campers dried off and gathered around, Chris began to explain everything.
"Welcome to Camp Wawanakawa. You guys will compete in this reality show, for the 100,000 grand prize! How do you win? By voting off your fellow campers in the super-dramatic bonfire ceremonies after every challenge! Which reminds me, you guys'll be split up into teams!"
Chris flipped to the last page on his clipboard.
"Okay, if I call your name... stand over there." Chris pointed to his right.

"Justin... Gwen... DJ... Kevin... Owen... Courtney... LeShawna... Duncan... Bridgette... Eva... and... Trent!"
He threw a green rolled-up piece of paper at Trent. "You guys are the Screaming Gophers!"
Courtney remarked, "What a... creative name..."
Eva bluntly stated, "It's stupid."
"Deal with it," Chris rebutted.

"Now, the rest of you, which are Heather, Geoff, Izzy, Lindsay, Harold, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, and Ezekiel..."
He threw a red rolled-up piece of paper at Ezekiel. "You eleven are the Killer Bass!"
"I don't wanna kill anyone. Yet," Heather said as she scanned her team.
Harold winked. "If you have to, make me last on your list."
"Okay, lovebirds, settle down," Chris mocked.

Chris read his cuecard behind the camera. "Now, you guys are gonna have plenty of feelings to dish out during the course of the season, so you're gonna dish 'em in our bathroom confessional!"
Chris: (confessional) Dish out all of your feelings in here! The other campers probably won't see it....
Izzy: (confessional) This is so cool! I just hope some killer in a hockey mask doesn't attack us at midnight, though. That would be baaad.
Gwen: (confessional) I do not wanna be here. This was a bet between my little brother and I, and unfortunately, I won.

Chris noticed that Kevin was still listening to his iPod and LeShawna was still trying to get a signal. "Heh heh, I hope you two realize that no electronics are allowed on the island..."
The campers all yelled, "What!?"
Chris grinned from ear-to-ear. "You got that right. Everything goes in here." He picked up a basket. "Any camper caught with electronics after this moment will be eliminated immediately."

After collecting everything, Chris announced, "Now, let's show you where you guys are sleeping!" He led them to the cabins.
"There are six bunkbeds in each cabin. One is for the Gophers, the other for the Bass. Guys get on side, girls get the other!"
"Chris, there's only five girls on our team," Courtney whined.
"Same with us, only there's five guys," Harold chimed.
Chris walked away and said, "The extra bunk is for you to decide."
Harold: (confessional) He's pretty good at making drama.

In the Gopher cabin, the girls (except for Courtney) unanimously decided that the extra bunk would be where they would put their extra stuff.
Courtney protested, "So, we're just going to waste a bed?"
Gwen laid down on her top bunk, above Eva. "Pretty much."
Not wanting to seem like a bother, Courtney huffed and walked back to her bunk under Bridgette.
LeShawna, Justin, and Kevin played cards together, in order to pass the time and try to forget about their electronics, which were now gone.
"Wha'cha got," LeShawna inquired, while fluttering her cards.
"Crap, I'm out," Justin frowned, as he dropped five 8s on the table.
LeShawna and Kevin were confused. "How did you..."
Justin erased some marks on the numbers to reveal that he actually had a 6, 8, 9, 3, and 2.
LeShawna moved on to Kevin. "How 'bout you, mister headphone?"
"Full house. Three aces, two kings," Kevin replied confidently, as he put his cards on the coffee table.
LeShawna's expression faded. "That sucks, 'cause I got... a Royal Flush, baby!"
Kevin's jaw dropped. "Whoa!" He pushed the rest of his cheese puffs to LeShawna, and they shook hands.

Meanwhile, in the Bass cabin, the girls began to have a fierce debate over the remaining bunk.
"I brought an entire make-up kit. It's like, big," Lindsay argued.
Heather rolled her eyes. "Of course it is. But I have to alternate bunks between weeks. I have my own bunkbed to myself at home."
Ezekiel interrupted. "Who says you'll even be here for a week, eh?"
"Excuse me!? Did you just question the longevity of my stay on this island," Heather exclaimed.
Ezekiel moved back slowly. "Err, no.. I, uh..."
Heather: (confessional) This. Sucks.
Katie and Sadie began to converse.
"Oh my gosh, I left those cute blue shorts back at home," Katie whined.
Sadie asked, "The light blue ones I bought with you last week, or those cute short ones we got on Wednesday with Tracie?"
Katie cried, "Both!"

Chris pressed the button on a blowhorn.
Gwen poked her head out of a window. "Are you gonna go that everyday?"
Chris shrugged. "Possibly. Now, follow me to the Mess Hall!"
Once they arrived, they noticed a man about six feet tall carrying an 8-inch wide butcher knife.
Chris gestured to him. "This is Chef Hatchet. He's your chef for your time on this show. It's either eat his food or starve, so I suggest you scarf it down."
Geoff raised his hand. "What happened to Chinese Take-Out?"
Chef's butcher knife toss was self-explanatory.

The camera zoomed out, and returned to Chris, who was on the beach next to the dock, which was being repaired by Chef.
Chris smiled to the camera. "Who will be eliminated first? Who's gonna win the million dollar prize? Where did Katie and Sadie get those cute blue shorts? Find the answer to at least one of these questions on the next episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 2: Rock Bottom

Posted on: May 15, 2010

The camera zoomed in on Chris.
He recapped, "Last time, on Total Drama Island! Twenty-two teens arrived at a rundown summer camp, for the chance to win a hundred grand! Tension flared pretty early in the Bass cabin, while the Gophers gambled their feelings around! Who will win? Who will be the first to go? Find out, only on Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The campers were awoken by a loud megaphone, in front of a microphone, connected to an amplifier, connected to an electric guitar.
Heather shrieked. "What the heck is going on out there?"
The campers exited their cabins and gathered around Chris.
"Hope you had a nice sleep! Now, before I get a smart comment from any of you," Chris darted his eyes at Kevin, who shrugged, "I'll explain your very first challenge!"

"You guys are gonna become rockstars for the day! It's up to you to decide who's in the band, who does technical stuff, the whole nine yards."
Heather's hand shot up. "I call band manager!"
Heather: (confessional) I had to take the leadership role. Have you seen my teammates?
Chris continued to explain. "There's eleven of you on each team, but only seven will be needed. The rest of you are the audience. You'll need: One camper on vocals, one camper on bass, one camper on guitar, one camper on drums, one band manager, and two technical producers. You have eight hours to decide who's who and create a song! Best song wins the challenge and immunity for their team, and the losers will determine who gets the boot first! Your equipment is at the camp's amphitheater, a mile walk east! Ready, set..."
Courtney raised her hand. "Chris, we haven't even eate--"
Chris shouted, "GO!"

The campers ran towards the east, through the dense woods and towards the amphitheater.
Trent: (confessional) I've never played an electric guitar before... must feel pretty awesome.
Harold: (confessional) I play a rockin' air guitar. Wanna see? (Harold plays an air guitar, then makes a twang sound) Crud! Broke a string!
Lindsay: (confessional) I'm a great singer. Listen to this! (attempts to hit a high note, but is incredibly off-pitch and cracks the camera lens)

As the campers arrived, they gthered around their equipment.
DJ looked around and asked, "Who wants to be BM?"
Owen wondered, "Doesn't that stand for bowel movement?"
Owen: (confessional) (while munching on a bag of potato chips) It's a long story. (his stomach grumbles) Ohhh, boy... (he puts his hand over the camera lens, several disturbing noises are heard)
"I guess I'll be band manager. I mean, I was part of my own band. I'm also a CIT," Courtney said.
LeShawna crossed her arms. "What about these?" She pointed to the instruments.
Trent gave his opinion. "The classic rock band has a guy on drums and guitar an a girl on bass, and vocals are up to us. I'll cover the guitar..."
"...and Duncan and Bridgette can get bass and drums," Courtney said while giving Duncan a cold look.
Duncan: (confessional) That girl's sass totally creases me. What the heck did I do?
Gwen asked, "What about vocals? DJ and I can't do it, our voices crack too much. Eva's voice is a little... rough..."
Justin cleared his throat. "I'll gladly sing for you guys." He winked. Twice.
After swooning over the female Gophers, he suggested that LeShawna an Kevin be the technical producers due to their love of electronics.
Courtney: (confessional) Everyone here is actually as smart as me. It's pressuring me.

At the same time, the Bass were deciding their roles as well.
Heather clarified her role as band manager once again. "I called band manager a long time ago, so--"
Katie and Sadie simultaneously cut off Heather. "We know!!"
Heather: (confessional) I know that I'm not exactly anybody's BFF, but that's going to get me eliminated once we lose a challenge.
Faking a smile, Heather turned to her teammates. "So, who wants to be the technical producers?"
Tyler and Beth shrugged and volunteered.
Tyler: (confessional) I dunno anything about computers or whatever, but it can't be too hard to do, heh... right?
Harold jumped up. "I can play a wicked guitar!"
Cody also sprung up. "And I'm awesome at the drums!"
Heather continued to sport a false grin. "That's great! Lindsay can play bass, and Izzy can do vocals! Wait, where is that psych-- girl?"
Izzy: (confessional) Hi, world! How ya doin'? I'm Izzy! Everyone here is so totally awesome! Especially that Tyler kid! He's so funny when he attacks the floor!"

The Gophers began to bicker about what the song would be.
"We're a rock band! We need a hardcore song," Duncan explained.
"Hardcore? It's not really necessary," Gwen said in rebuttal.
Duncan was annoyed. "Uh, yeah, it kinda is."
So was Gwen. "Oh, no, it isn't."
Courtney was tired of the back-and-forth. "Let's just vote!"
In the end, the majority of the team sided with Gwen, and they ended up writing a soft rock song.

Heather, realizing her nice act wasn't very effective, took Lindsay and Beth to the side.
"Hey there, guys! Guess what?" Heather asked, with no enthusiasm at all.
Beth gave up. "What?"
Heather, with fake enthusiasm, squealed, "I can take you guys to the final three with me!"
"Ohmigosh, that's so amazing!" Lindsay shrieked.
An excited Beth asked, "What do we have to do to get there?"
Heather smiled deviously. "All you have to do is vote off the same person as I do, and don't tell anyone about this."
Lindsay: (confessional) I can't believe it! Heather's soooo nice!

Chris returned. "Now, it's time for you guys to practice! Get your technical cues ready, and start rehearsing your songs!"
Chris led LeShawna, Kevin, Beth, and Tyler to two separate soundboards. "Here, you guys control all the technical stuff; the volume of each instrument, spotlight positions, fog machines, anything you can think of. As long as you know how to control it."
As he walked back to the campgrounds, he announced, "Oh, and breakfast is served."
Geoff was confused. "Dude, it's 4PM. What the heck?"
"You're lucky I even remembered to feed you," said an annoyed Chris.
Heather spit out her breakfast. "What the hell is this? I asked for egg whites. Make it again!"
Chef's eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth while slowly spinning his butcher knife in his hands.

Beth, Tyler, Kevin, and LeShawna were at hard work on their soundboards, scarfing down flimsy bacon while changing volumes.
By the time they finished, even Harold didn't understand what they were talking about.
LeShawna asked Kevin, "You got spotlight A7 positioned stage right?"
Kevin nodded. "Is bass set to 30%?"
LeShawna made a thumbs-up.
"Beth, where's fog machine 2's position?" Tyler questioned.
Beth crossed her arms. "I already told you, and for the fourth time, downstage left!"
Justin put his hands on his head. "Ah! End the madness!"

It was finally 8PM, time for the performances! The audience consisted of Chris, Chef, Gwen, DJ, Owen, Eva, Geoff, Katie, Sadie, and Ezekiel.
Chris pulled out his megaphone. "Okay! You guys will be judged on three components. The song, the technical stuff, and the overall look! Each component is worth 10 points. Both Chef and I will score you. Team with the higher score wins invincibility! And first up is... the Screaming Gophers, or their alternate rock name... Splattered Darkness. Intense."
As Chris sat back, the lights slowly faded in and a spotlight appeared on Trent, playing his guitar. Another spotlight faded in slowly revealing Justin, who was revealed to not be a very good singer. As a fog rolled across the stage, Duncan and Bridgette began to play the drums and bass, and the tempo picked up quickly.

by the Screaming Gophers
(Trent's guitar solo)
Verse 1:
You know why we're not moving on
Our relationship's dead and gone
And nobody's the one to blame, except for you
We're not going to move forward
What we had before is totally over
And there's nothing else that me or you can do
Cause we're stuck in a crowd
It's crazy and loud
And I don't wanna make the same mistakes as before
Cause we're stuck in a crowd
There's a scream and a shout
And I don't wanna be with you anymore
Verse 2:
I can't stay with you forever
It's gotta be now or never
I don't know why but I can't just stay stuck on you like this
My mind's made up
Don't ask me, "What's up?"
Because I can't stay with you for even one last kiss
Repeat Chorus
Justin: Don't give me puppy dog eyes
Trent: You saw this coming
Bridgette: It was no surprise
Duncan (with noticeably fake enthusiasm): I'm not gonna stay with you
All: Because that's not what I wanna do....
Repeat Chorus

The lights then faded out into a dark blue glow, and then were gone entirely.
Everyone cheered, even the Bass stood up and applauded.
Chris straighted himself up. "Well, that was average... I didn't really get what the song was about. I mean, what the heck does a crowd have to do with anything?"
Trent explained, "It's like they've hit a rut in their relationship and they're stuck in a cro--"
Chris put his hand up. "I don't care, though. Lights were great. but could've been better... I like the rock stereotype with a girl on the bass and the rest are guys... I'll give you a 23. Chef?"
Chef raised a card that said 19 on it.
Chris shrugged. "And that means your total score is a 42! Next up, is the Bass, otherwise known as... The Bass? Lame. Anyways, hurry it up!"
Chris sat down on his chair, and two spotlights shone on Lindsay and Harold. They began to have an intense battle with their bass and guitar. In the end, Harold lost while admiring Lindsay, and Izzy began to sing, with a spotlight appearing on her late.

I Want You On a Silver Platter
by the Killer Bass
Verse 1:
Dinner's ready, gimme something to eat
Imma rock until I'm tired of this beat
It's gettin' hot with this intense heat
I'm gonna have to go on and take a seat
Well, I want you now on a silver platter
So shut the hell up, don't want no chatter
Don't care if you love me, that don't matter
I want you now on a silver platter
Verse 2:
Baby serve it up, now we alone
Now get the hell out and walk back home
It's a long, long way to walk in high heels
Dish it out baby before I get ill
Repeat Chorus
You're so delicious
I need you now
You're so damn vicious
I wonder how
You're so amazing
I will rejoice
Because you're blazing
And it's my choice!
Repeat Chorus (x2)

` The lights then faded out, and everyone applauded.
Chris got up. "Heh, you guys wanna eat Lindsay? And what was up with those lights? I like how you were creative in picking a female voice, though. Hmm... I'll give you a 25. Chef needs to give you 18 points to win immunity. Chef...?"
Chef shrugged and lifted a card which said 20.
"Congratulations, Killer Bass! You're safe from elimination! As for the Gophers, I'll be seeing you at the first bonfire ceremony ever!"


Chris explains what happens at a bonfire ceremony.

The teenagers sat on the eleven logs around the campfire.
Chris dramatically explained what happened at the bonfire ceremony. "You have casted your votes in the confessional, and they've been tallied. The person who does not receive a marshmallow will be eliminated. They will walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave. And not come back. Ever."
He picked up a marshmallow. "The first marshmallow of the show goes to Bridgette. Awesome bass playing!"
Bridgette got up and picked up her marshmallow.
"The next two go to our techno-geeks, LeShawna and Kevin!"
LeShawna glared at Chris, who's eyes shifted away.
"Next up is the audience; Gwen, DJ, Owen, and Eva!"
The four of them got their marshmallows.
"Four campers left, three marshmallows. Which one of you is gone for good? All I know is that it's not Trent!" Trent exhaled and walked up to get his reward.
Chris stared at the remaining three campers. "The second to last marshmallow goes to your band manager, Courtney!" Courtney snatched her marshmallow and tossed it into her mouth.
Chris, annoyed, looked at the two boys still sitting on the logs. "Duncan and Justin, one of you will receive this marshmallow. The one who does not will walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave. The final marshmallow goes to..." He paused, waiting for the dramatic music to play. "Whatever, the new guy forgot his cue, so I guess I'm just gonna give it to you now, Justin."
Duncan was appalled. "You guys kept him over me? Are you kidding me?"
Courtney: (confessional) Not only was he a pain in the butt, he lost the challenge for us. Bye-bye, tough guy.

Chris looked at the camera. "With one camper gone, we've established friends and foes in this camp. Who will be eliminated next? Find out. only on Total. Drama. Island! Now, where's my coffee?"

Chapter 3: Isabelle's Kitchen

Posted on: May 23, 2010

The camera zoomed in on Chris. "Last time, on Total Drama Island! The campers became rockstars for the day! Heather got on some of the Bass's last nerves, but dragged the lovely Lindsay and the bubbly Beth... into an alliance!? In the end, the Bass rocked their way to victory, and the Gophers kicked out their first camper, Duncan! Bye-bye, tough guy! Who will be eliminated next? Find out on this exciting episode of Total. Drama. Island!'

(theme song)

The Gophers were seen walking back to their cabin after their bonfire ceremony. Courtney, frustrated, wrote in a notebook while the others fell asleep.
Courtney: (confessional) I don't want our team to be the underdogs. Do you know how embarrassing that is? We need to be able to work together in order to complete challenges, and obviously, Duncan wasn't going to do that. So, he had to get cut. (makes a scissor motion with her fingers) But we aren't always going to vote together like that, so I need some sure-fire way to get the lackeys out. And I think I know how.

The campers woke up to Chris banging together pots and pans with spoons. Chris cleared his throat as the campers slowly walked out of their cabins. "Morning, you culinary teenagers!"
Lindsay's eyes widened. "Culinary? Like Edward Cullen?"
"No, Lindsay," Chris said in an annoyed tone, "vampires have nothing to do with today's challenge. Unless you feel like cooking one. Today's challenge is making Chef and I our food for the day! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner."
Gwen smirked. "Great, I'll get the poison."
"Ha ha, very funny. You'll have to decide on a head chef, and who's making what, and what what is. Breakfast is due in 45 minutes, just to let you know."
LeShawna put her hands on her hips. "He better not expect anything gourmet."
Courtney quickly yelled, "I'll be head chef!"
Owen crossed his arms, which was quite hard to do due to the size of them. "Weren't you band manager yesterday?"
Courtney's eyes wandered. "Yes, but, I like taking the leadership role. We were great. They were just better."
"Oh, that makes sense," Owen said as he shrugged and walked to the kitchen.

Heather called out, "Head chef!"
Harold took off his glasses and cleaned them. "But you were the leader last time."
Heather faked a sweet voice. "But we won, didn't we?"
"Yeah, but I kinda wanna be head chef," Harold complained.
Heather grew impatient. "Lindsay, Beth, I should be head chef, right?"
They shrugged. "Sure," they both said.
Harold: (confessional) Hmph. I wish I were head chef. I could've made my awesome fiber bagels with non-fat butter. Oooh... (drools)

The teams reached the kitchen, where there were two tables. The food was stored in containers on the tables.
While unpacking food, Courtney pulled Kevin and Trent to the side.
Kevin took her hand off of his wrist. "What the heck? We have 35 minutes left to make both Chris and Chef breakfast."
Trent shook his head. "Yeah, Courtney, totally uncool."
Courtney, annoyed, asked them, "Do you want to win this thing?"
Trent and Kevin looked at each other, then at Courtney, "Of course." Courtney smiled. "Great. All you have to do is help me vote off who doesn't deserve to be here." She darted her eyes to Gwen, then back at the two boys.
Trent asked, "And that's it?"
Courtney shrugged. "Pretty much."
Kevin and Trent high-fived. "Awesome," they cheered.
"Shhhh! Quiet down," Courtney snapped, "We can't let anyone know about this. So just lay low and I'll tell you who to vote for as we go along."

Heather stood on the Bass's table. "Okay, guys, we have 30 minutes to make whatever looks good and'll get a good score! Move it, move it! Eggs and bacon! French toast! Bagels with cream cheese! Anything!"
Ezekiel: (confessional) For breakfast, I took an egg from my chicken in my backyard.
Across, in the Gopher table, Courtney was being extremely specific. "Trent! Make some freshly squeezed orange juice, fill the cup halfway, the ice can make it look full. Gwen and LeShawna! I need you to work on the bacon. That grease is too much for one person to handle. Eva, I need you to cut fruit and put it into a bowl! As for the rest of you, make as many bagels as possible! But we need three plain bagels, two sesame, and one pumpernickel."
Justin yawned. "Can you repeat that?"
Justin: (confessional) Okay, so I'm not the best listener. So what? My looks usually get other people to do stuff for me, so I never really had to do any work. But this is just abuse.

While the Bass were frantically tossing around fruit and bagels, Eva began to cut oranges on the table. She wasn't using a cutting board, and as a result, the table was split in half.
Courtney panicked. "Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no. You idiot! Haven't you ever cut something before!?"
Eva growled, "Of course I've cut something! And if you don't back off, I'll cut something else, off your body!"
Fearing for her life, Courtney ran behind Kevin, who ran behind Trent, who ran behind Chris, who called time.
Courtney and Heather both whimpered.
Geoff sighed. "Chill, we both sucked, so the score barely affects us."
Chris and Chef, displeased at the fact that all they had were half an orange and a bagel scolded the campers.
Chris frowned. "Gophers, Bass, way to suck. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to reheat last night's leftovers?"
The campers' jaws dropped. Chris continued, "Bass. You gave me a bagel, so I'm gonna have to give you a 2/10. Gophers, you gave me half an orange. Seriously? But, it is nutritious, so I'll give you a 5/10 since you tried to keep me healthy. Anyways, lunch is due in four hours. And it better be amazing, or else both teams are gonna be kicking someone off!"
Izzy, upset with Chris, grabbed him by the collar while the other campers wandered back and began to make lunch.
Chris sighed. "Yes, Izzy?"
"Nothing, I've just always wanted to do that!" She flipped back into the kitchen and began to help Geoff make a turkey sandwich.
Izzy: (confessional) Okay, so like, I have a secret ingredient that I know'll get Chris to give us a 10/10! Seriously!

The Gophers are sitting around, wondering what they should make for lunch. Suddenly, Trent jumps up.
"We can make him a Spanish themed lunch!"
Courtney waved her hands around. "We don't need to worry about themes, Trent! And I don't think Chris is going to eat quesadillas for lunch."
Chris poked his head in the kitchen. "Oh, yes he would! Just checking up. You have three hours left, and just letting you know, I'm allergic to meat."
Chris: (confessional) Yeah, right. Is it even possible to be allergic to meat? Wouldn't you be allergic to yourself?
LeShawna crossed her arms. "Allergic to meat? You trippin'."
Chris snapped his fingers in a Z-formation. "No, girl, I'm dead serious. Get crackin'."
Courtney sighed. "Quesadillas it is."
Trent cheered, "Olé!"

The Bass were having an even harder time. Heather muttered to herself, "Allergic to meat? Seriously? Ugh..."
"Hey, Hilary," Lindsay asked, "maybe we could make him pasta!"
Heather rolled her eyes. "You know what Lindsay? Maybe you shou-- wait, that's actually a pretty good idea."
Lindsay: (confessional) Once, for a photoshoot, my photographer said I couldn't eat any red meat or I'd be fired, so I had to eat pasta for five days straight. It wasn't bad, but now I'm pretty fond of tomato sauce.
Heather stood up on the table again. "Okay! Geoff, Izzy! You guys work on the tomato sauce! Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie! Boil the pasta! The rest of you, make as many breadsticks as possible!"
Izzy snickered. "Time for my secret ingredient!" She took out an orange container and shook out some small brown balls into the tomato sauce while Geoff was looking for spices.
Katie and Sadie put the pasta into the pot of boiling water while Lindsay turned on the stove.
"Katie, don't you remember that sleepover we had with Marcie and Jessica and Maddie and Sophie when we ate spaghetti all night?"
Katie squealed. "Oh my gosh, I remember! Maddie got tomato sauce everywhere!" They giggled.

Three hours later, Chris walked in. "Alright, campers. I had to skip breakfast due to some slow brains, so let's see what you managed to scrap up."
Courtney proudly gestured to Evam who walked in with a cheese quesadilla on pita bread, with melted cheese on the side. Owen then walked in with a large glass of iced tea, and Trent played his guitar romantically.
Courtney announced, "Presenting to you, our fiesta-style lunch!"
Chris took a bite of the quesadilla, then made a thumbs up. Chef took a bite, and shrugged. After a few minutes of whispering, Chris said, "Pretty good...we'll give you a 9."
LeShawna and Gwen high-fived. Courtney was appalled. "How could you be happy about a 9/10!? That equals an 90/100, which is an A- , which is a horrible grade!"
DJ patted her on the back. "Don't worry Courtney, we'll get an A+ next time."

The Bass entered. Lindsay whispered to Chris, "The dish is pasta!"
Out loud, Chris said, "Lindsay, the fact that the dish is pasta doesn't have to be secret."
Lindsay protested, "But we added a secret ingredient, so the dish is secret!"
Heather's eyes widened. "You what!?"
Lindsay bit her nails. "Oops."
Izzy: (confessional) If Lindsay put in a secret ingredient, and I put in a secret ingredient... they like, cancel each other out, and... oh, no!
Harold brought out a steaming plate with pasta. It was covered with tomato sauce. Chris examined it, wondering why Heather thought it was so bad. He took a bite, and shrugged. "It's fine, Heat--"
Ezekiel walked over to Chris. "What's wrong, eh?"
Chris pointed to his throat, and mimicked a person slapping his back.
LeShawna rolled up her sleeves. "I'll be happy to."
After whacking him on the back three times, Chris spat out a small meatball.
Chris picked it up. "What the heck!? You tried to kill me!?"
Lindsay pulled out a bottle of hot sauce from the kitchen. "This is what I added! I totally didn't try to kill Chris!"
Izzy tapped her fingers on her face. "Ohhhh, these are meatballs?" She pulled out her orange container, flipped the lid, and realized that she had put it on backwards. "Hmm. Makes sense."
Heather yelled at her. "What!? Thanks to you, we just lost the challenge!"
Geoff interrupted. "We still have one more course!"
Chris put his calculator down. "It doesn't matter. I'm giving you a one. Even if you get a 10/10 in dinner, and the Gophers get a 1/10, you can't win. So, Bass, I'll see you at the bonfire ceremony tonight. Gophers, you can chill."

Eight hours later, it was time for the bonfire ceremony. The campers sat on the logs.
Chris lifted his plate of marshmallows. "Campers, there are eleven of you sitting here. I only have ten marshmallows. I'll give ten of you one of these marshmallows. The camper who doesn't get a marshmallow will walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave. And they will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.... come back."
Chris grinned. "The first marshmallow goes to Tyler!"
Tyler cheered.
"The next two marshmallows go to Cody and Ezekiel!"
They both high-fived and picked up their marshmallows.
"Geoff, Katie, Sadie, and Beth!"
Chris looked at the four remaining campers.
Harold ran up and hugged Chris. "Thank you!"
Chris shuddered. "Anyways... this one goes to Heather."
She walked up and claimed her marshmallow.
"Lindsay, Izzy.... I only have one marshmallow on this plate. The person who--"
Heather interrupted. "You told us at the beginning. Just give out the last marshmallow!"
Chris sighed. "Fine. Here you go, Lindsay. Izzy, time to go."
Izzy shrugged. "Kay, see ya!" Izzy then jumped into the lake and swam away.
Chris scratched the back of his head. "Err.... okay! One more camper's rode off into the sunset. Who's next? Find out only on Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 4: Water You Waiting For?

Posted on: May 30, 2010

Chris was impatiently looking at Chef, who shrugged. "Ugh, where's my light cue?" Finally, a spotlight shone down on Chris, who smiled and faced towards the camera. "Last time, on Total Drama Island! The campers became Chef and I's personal chefs, and they sucked at it. After almost trying to kill me, the Bass sent home the psycho Izzy. Wonder who's getting the boot next? To find out, tune in to this episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The Bass were walking back to the cabins from the bonfire ceremony which had just ended several minutes ago. Heather had her arms folded with Lindsay and Beth at her sides. Cody slowly inched towards Katie and Sadie, while Tyler, Geoff, Ezekiel, and Harold were on the opposite side.
Lindsay tried to open the cabin door. "It's locked!"
Heather sighed, "Lindsay, there's a 'push' sign on the door for a reason." Heather pushed the door open.
Lindsay: (confessional) If it were up to me, we'd have automatic doors! No more push/pull issues ever again!

The next morning, the campers woke up to Chris yelling, "The cabins are on fire!"
After the twenty campers rushed outside, they turned around to see the cabins, which were perfectly fine.
Bridgette put her hands in her sweater pockets. "Chris, the cabins are totally... not in flames."
"But, if they were, what would you do," Chris asked.
LeShawna shrugged. "Try and put the fire out...?"
Chris nodded. "With...?"
Lindsay raised her hand. "I know this! Water!"
"Exact-a-mundo," Chris said. "Today's challenge is all about the lake. You guys are going to have to unlock these here treasure chests on the shore with five keys, which are scattered around the bottom of the lake! There are five green keys, for the Gophers, and five red keys, for the Bass. Only here's the catch: Five people will swim down to get the keys, but they will be blindfolded. Those five people will have water-proof cameras attached to their heads. The other five people on your team will be directing you on where to go from the surface. First team to unlock all of their chests wins! Any questions?"
Courtney raised her hand. "You failed to remember that he don't have gills, Chris."
Chef then walked in with ten oxygen tanks. "You were saying?"
Chris pointed to the shore. "The helmets with the cameras are lined up over there. The monitors are behind the chests. Ready?"
Tyler shook his head. "Not really."
"Not at all," Kevin frowned.
Eva yelled, "LET'S DO THIS!"
Chris waved his hand. "That's the spirit, Eva! Go!"

The campers raced to the shore, where they split up into their teams.
The Gophers huddled into a circle. Courtney quickly asked, "Who wants to dive? Quick!"
Bridgette, Courtney, Gwen, and Kevin quickly raised their hands.
Courtney stomped her foot. "We need one more. DJ! You're superhuman, you're diving in too."
DJ protested, "What? No!"
"Do you want to win the challenge or not," Courtney argued.
DJ: (confessional) I'm terrified of water. Ever since that thing with my brothers at the pool, I couldn't ever get the guts to go back in.
After DJ refused to answer, Courtney said. "I'll take that as a yes. Eva, you monitor DJ. LeShawna, you monitor Kevin. Owen, you monitor Bridgette. Trent, you monitor Gwen, and Justin can monitor me."
Gwen: (confessional) That can be interpreted in so many ways.

The Bass had trouble deciding who would be the divers.
Heather quickly backed out. "My hair'll get wet."
So did Lindsay. "Mine too."
Katie raised her hand. "I'll dive!"
Tyler, Geoff, and Harold also volunteered to dive.
Heather tapped her foot. "We need another person... Beth! You're diving."
"But I don't wanna," Beth protested.
Heather crossed her arms. "I. Don't Care." Realizing how mean that sounded, she added, "We need a smart diver who knows where they've already swam, that way they don't take forever and lose the challenge for us."
Beth smiled. "Okay! But we need people to monitor us..."
"I was getting to that," Heather said. "Sadie, you monitor Katie. I'll monitor Beth, Lindsay can monitor Tyler, Cody can monitor Geoff, and Ezekiel can monitor Harold. Got it?" Ezekiel blinked.
Ezekiel: (confessional) I wonder how I'm gonna do this monitor-thing. Harold might not make it back to the top, eh.

As the campers got ready, Trent helped Gwen put her helmet on.
Gwen blushed. "Thanks, but I'm pretty sure I can do it on my own."
Trent took his hands off. "If you say so."
Gwen fastened on the strap and asked Trent, "How do I know I can trust you with that monitor?"
"Because I have no reason to let you stay underwater clueless," Trent replied.
"And why is that," Gwen asked.
Trent shrugged. "Because you aren't an evil witch who criticizes my every move."
Gwen laughed, "Believe me, if I were, we wouldn't even be having this conversation."

Chris blew his whistle. "GO!"
The ten campers dived into the water and began to swim to the bottom.
The other ten campers were at the surface, speaking into the microphones of their monitors and directing their blindfolded teammates.
Eva used fear to get DJ where she wanted him to go. "Unless you want to smash your face against a rock, you'd best move to the left."
LeShawna simply stated a direction and Kevin followed. "Left! Oooh, I think I see somethin' green! Go lower! Right, left! Lower!"
Owen was amazed at the fish in the sea. "Hey, Bridgette, there's this really cool fish with a huge mouth right next to your head!"
Trent and Gwen flirted through the equipment. "No, you.... seriously? Awww... oh, stop it... you mean it? Really? Nooo... you are!"
Justin had trouble trying to control Courtney. "To the left! ....No, you won't crash into a rock, trust me. You'll crash into two rocks."

The Bass weren't having much luck either.
Sadie asked, "Katie, did you see that pretty shade of blue on that fish? Ohmigosh, I know! No, Katie, it's not magenta... yes, it is blue."
Beth began to frustrate Heather. "Swim faster! You're slower than Owen when he's... doing anything! And stop cleaning your glasses!"
Lindsay confused Tyler even more than he already was. "Uhm, go a little to the left. I mean, right. That way! You don't know which way that way is?"
Ezekiel didn't even try to get Harold anywhere. "Just go where the key is, eh? ...You don't know where it is? Eh, not my fault. Just go."
Cody and Geoff seemed to be the most compatible team. "Alright dude, go to the left! I think I see a key! Lower! Keep going! Nice, swim to the surface!"

Finally, Geoff surfaced with a red key and swam to the shore. He unlocked a chest and found another key, a maroon key.
"Yo, Chris, what's up with the other key?"
Chris remembered, "Oh, right, I forgot, each chest has another key so that you guys can open the last chest, which has five locks. That chest gives you immunity and a prize."
Geoff: (confessional) My high school janitor doesn't even have this many keys.
Minutes later, Bridgette and Courtney both surfaced, both holding green keys. They ran to the shore and opened to chests and got two yellow keys.
Courtney was annoyed. "Seriously, Chris?"
Chris nodded, "Yep. You still need three more."

After another ten minutes, Katie surfaced with a seaweed necklace, and opened a chest.
Geoff was in disbelief. "Do you realize that we could've lost the challenge because you decided to make a seaweed necklace?"
"But we didn't," Katie stated as she picked up a maroon key and walked back to Sadie.
A few seconds later, Beth surfaced, giving a dirty look at Heather, and opened a chest.
Chris then announced that the campers already finished could help the other campers who were monitoring.
LeShawna pushed aside the other Gophers. "I got this, Kevin's gonna be here in three, two, one."
Surely enough, he swam to the shore and opened a treasure chest.
Chris excitedly chanted, "Three to three! Where are Harold, Tyler, DJ, and Gwen?"
Gwen surfaced and spat water out of her mouth. "Ugh, I got attacked by this really ugly-looking fish."
She ran up to the shore and unlocked the fourth Gopher chest.
Just then, Harold shot up from the lake, gasping for air. "My oxygen tank exploded!"
He swam to the shore as quickly as possible and unlocked the second to last chest for the Bass.

Chris impatiently waited for either DJ or Tyler to surface. "It's not like they're dead or anything, right, Chef?"
Chef shrugged. "I dunno."
Finally, Tyler was seen about ten yards from the shore, struggling to carry DJ, who seemed to be passed out.
Chris: (confessional) Seriously? Save your opponent? Tsk tsk.
DJ opened one eye, noticed Tyler still carrying him, and closed it again. Once tyler reached the shore, DJ hopped off, ran to the last Gopher chest, took the fifth green key out of his swimming trunks, and opened the last treasure chest.
The Gophers stared at him in disbelief. DJ innocently asked, "What are you waiting for? Get to the last chest!"
The Bass were equally as shocked, with Tyler clumsily opening the last chest. At the same time, the five Gopher divers were running towards the final chest. Tyler opened the chest and led the other four Bass divers to the Bass chest.
After hearing locks click, the first chest to open was... the Gophers's chest!
Chris clapped. "Congrats, Gophers, you guys have won immunity, and..."
Kevin held up the prize. "A feather boa? A pink one, to be specific."
"Ooooh, that thang looks fabulous," LeShawna said as she admired it.
Chris then led the campers back to their cabins. "Alright. Bass, you know how it goes, cast your votes, and I'll see you in a few."

Heather, Lindsay, and Beth were sitting on their bunks in the Bass cabin.
"Beth, you were pretty horrible in the challenge. You might get voted off by the other campers," Heather warned.
Beth shook her head. "Isn't it obvious enough that Tyler's going home?"
"Um, yes, but, well, you might..." Heather faltered.
Beth shrugged, "So what have I got to lose?"
Heather added, "Being in my alliance."
Heather: (confessional) I'll admit, that made no sense, but all I have to do is sound intimidating, and they listen.

At the bonfire ceremony, Chris spun his plate of marshmallows around. "Campers, there are 10 of you here. I only have 9 marshmallows. I told you about it last time. You don't get one... you're outta here!"
He glanced at Geoff. "Good job, dude. You're safe, along with your partner-in-crime, Cody!"
"Next up; Katie and Sadie! Great teamwork, ladies."
Chris looked at the six campers, then at the five marshmallows. "Harold and Lindsay!"
"Only three marshmallows left! And one goes to Heather!"
"Ezekiel, Beth, Tyler, one of you will be sent home tonight. But that person isn't Ezekiel. Here's your marshmallow!"
"Beth, Tyler, the final marshmallow of the evening goes to..."
"Beth! Tyler, time to go."
Tyler sulked and walked down the Dock of Shame. "This is what I get for being nice?"
Heather called out, "Nice guys never win!"
Chris cracked his knuckles and sighed. "Alright, that concludes the fourth episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 5: Playing Guitar Under the Stars

Posted on: June 6, 2010

"Last time on Total Drama Island! The remaining twenty campers went deep-sea diving for keys! While some locks clicked, some alliances didn't, and it all led up to Tyler's shocking elimination. Who's next? Who will text? Will I ever see a T-Rex? Find out, on this episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

As Heather was closing the door of the Bass's cabin, she noticed a light blue flicker in the Gopher's cabin window. She began to investigate, and walked towards it quietly. As she peered through the window, she saw Gwen... texting someone? Heather smiled deviously. Even though Gwen wasn't on her team, she could save this as encouragement for the merge.
Heather: (confessional) I knew someone had to keep something. I just wouldn't expect it from Gwen. If Gwen could stoop that low, who knows how many other people can be blackmailed into my alliance?

The next morning, as the campers were eating breakfast in the mess hall, Courtney pulled Trent and Kevin aside again.
Kevin sighed, "What now, Courtney?"
"I just want to re-establish my role as alliance leader," Courtney innocently stated.
Trent rolled his shoulders backwards. "We get it already. You tell us who to vote for so that you can take us to the Final 3."
Trent: (confessional) I'm going to pretend that I didn't sound ticked off and rebellious.
Courtney, bothered by Trent's annoyed tone, sat back down.
Meanwhile, at the Bass table, Harold and Heather were busy arguing about why the Bass continued to lose.
Heather confidently stated, "Believe me, we're not going to lose this one. Remember? I was leader for the rock challenge, and--"
"Yeah, you said the same thing for the cooking challenge," Harold interrupted, "and we lost it. Same thing for yesterday's challenge. I really think it's my turn to lead. I've got so much potential!"
Heather put her hands up in surrender. "Y'know what? Fine. But if we lose this challenge, I won't hesitate to go out of my way to get you all nine votes."
Harold gulped. "Err... that won't be necessary. We're gonna win it today, right, team?"
"Whatever floats your boat," Cody shrugged.
Harold: (confessional) I might as well start writing my good-bye speech.

Chris walked in. "Hey, there, final nineteen!"
"Ain't it a lil' too early to start sayin' 'final'," LeShawna questioned.
Chris admitted, "Yeah, but I like saying 'final' because it makes everything sound way more dramatic than it actually is. Anyways, today's challenge is a camping trip!"
Heather was in disbelief. "You mean, outside, with all those disgusting bugs and mosquitoes?"
"Yes, Heather, outside. It's horrible. Anyways, each team will spend the night in the forest at different campsites. The first team to make it back to the Mess Hall by tomorrow morning wins immunity! Any questions?"
DJ raised his hand. "There aren't any... bears... out there... right?"
Justin: (confessional) DJ can cut the nice act; we already know his evil ways from last challenge!
Chris nodded, "Actually, DJ, there are bears in there. And these mutated rabbits. But they don't do anything that we know of. The rabbits, that is. Your camping materials are in these bags." He tossed one bag to Trent and the other to Harold.

The Gophers wandered into the forest, with Owen reading the map. "Alright, guys, it looks like we need to travel one kilometer west. How far is that?"
"A thousand meters," Courtney replied.
Owen blinked. "Err... how far is that?"
Bridgette sighed, "It's a long walk. Kay?"
Owen continued to read, "Once you arrive to your campsite, you must set up your tent. A campfire is optional. You must find your own food. Whoa, Chris, you serious?"
Chris: (confessional) Yes! I knew that'd kill him.
Eva walked off to a tree. "I'll be right back. Doing some business."
Kevin: (confessional) The thought of Eva using the bathroom frightens me.

Meanwhile, with the Bass, Beth read the instructions aloud. "Travel one kilometer east. Ugh, that's so far away!"
"Total bummer," Harold added. Remembering that he was the team captain, he picked up his walking pace and excitedly said, "C'mon, team! The faster we get there, the faster we can chillax!"
Cody inched over to Lindsay. "Heeey... if you're tired, you can ride on my back."
"I'm way too old for piggyback rides, Colin," Lindsay said as she walked beside Beth.
Harold's ears perked up. "Err... anyone wanna ride on my back?"
Sadie jumped up and down and ran towards Harold. "I do, I do, I do, I do!"
Harold's eyes widened. "Oh, my."
The following two minutes could not be filmed due to Sadie knocking down Harold, who toppled over the cameraman.


Bridgette gushes over Justin as they walk away from the group to search for food.

As the Gophers reached their campsite, Owen's stomach grumbled.
"Thanks for the reminder, Owen," Courtney said as she took the tent out of the supply bag. "We need food! Justin and Bridgette; you two go get... anything!"
Justin saluted Courtney, and in a mocking tone replied, "Sir, yes, sir!"
As they walked off, Bridgette said, "More like ma'am, but whatever, you're so perfect, it doesn't matter."
Bridgette: (confessional) He is yummy!

The Killer Bass decided to all get food together.
Heather ordered, "Everyone, go find something to eat!"
"Yeah, find something to eat," Harold echoed.
"You're not very good at this," Heather commented.
Harold: (confessional) One time, at summer camp, I was the cabin leader, and they had to do what I say. But I couldn't say anything because that annoying kid in Bunk #7 always krazy-glued my lips together while I was sleeping!
"Eh! Why don't we go fishing," Ezekiel suggested.
Heather sighed, "Y'know what, homeschool? That's... actually... not a bad idea."
Ezekiel grinned.

Night had nearly fallen, and the Gophers were stuck eating blueberries and nuts all night due to Bridgette and Justin's poor hunting skills.
Eva rolled her eyes as she saw Bridgette and LeShawna ogling Justin. "Ugh, this is so lame. I'm gonna get my own meat."
Courtney was annoyed, and asked, "Excuse me? Where do you think you're going without a forest friend?"
Kevin stifled a laugh. "Forest friend?"
"When I was a CIT last year for a seven-year-old summer camp, no one ever left the group without a forest friend," Courtney said as she ate some of the blueberries.
Gwen complained, "It's getting dark, guys. We should start a fire."
"But how," Justin asked.
Everyone had noticed Owen sleeping, and remembered that he had eaten beans for breakfast.
Gwen smirked. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"If you mean by rubbing two sticks next to Owen's butt, so that when he farts it may ignite a small fire which we can quickly grow by tossing more wood into it, then yes," Courtney replied.
"I was gonna say, 'Leave Owen outside of the tent so that he don't all die of poisonous gas', but that works too," Gwen said.

The Bass were still fishing.
Harold began to chuckle.
"What's so funny?" Heather asked, clearly annoyed.
"I just found it a bit ironic that we're called the Bass, but we haven't caught a fish in hours!" He burst into laughter.
Cody and Beth began to laugh as well. "I get it! It's because Bass are fish! Ha!"
Heather: (confessional) Why must I be surrounded by nerds? I mean, seriously. At this point, a third of our team is dweeb-infested.
Finally, Geoff managed to reel in a fish, which was a fairly large size.
Geoff was ecstatic. "I caught a fish, dudes!!"
"Thank you, Captain Obvious. Now, let's get back to camp before it gets too dark to see," Heather recommended.
Harold: (confessional) Is she trying to make me look like a suckish team captain?
Heather: (confessional) Am I trying to make Geekwad look bad? No, I'm not trying, that comes naturally.

The Gophers had actually set up their fire using Courtney's method, and realized that Eva had not yet returned.
"Girl prob'ly got mauled by bears," LeShawna guessed.
Courtney shook her head. "Told her to go with a forest friend..."
Right on cue, Eva crawled into the tent eating a steak.
Bridgette nearly barfed. "Ew, I'm vegetarian. Where did you get that from, anyways?"
"The woods," Eva replied while chowing down on it.
DJ raised an eyebrow. "It was just... there?"
"Yep," Eva nodded.
Courtney crossed her arms. "Well, I'll be darned. Looks like--"
She heard a faint scratching noise. "What the heck is that?"
The Gophers (except Owen) all wandered outside to notice a small, white baby rabbit rubbing its paw against the side of the tent.
Courtney's tense expression softened. "Aww, it's so cute!"
After adoring it for a few seconds, another rabbit hopped out into the campsite, followed by another two.
"Guessing it's a family," Gwen said.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait," Kevin halted. "Didn't Chris say something about mutant bunnies?"
LeShawna put her hand on his right shoulder. "Calm down, boy! He said they don't do nothin'."
Kevin continued, "...that they know of."

Suddenly, the rabbits all focused on Eva, who had nearly finished her steak.
DJ asked, "Uhh, Eva, I think that's their steak."
"But rabbits are herbivores," Courtney protested. "They don't eat meat."
Kevin added, "Yeah, the unmutated ones."
Right at that moment, a rabbit lunged towards Eva and bit her leg.
Eva dropped the steak, which was pretty much devoured, and yelled, "OW!"
Kevin: (confessional, imitating Courtney) Rabbits are hermit vores... or whatever it is she said... but she was wrong! And now Eva's going to die! Well, probably not, but throughout the rest of her life, she'll be terrified of fluffy white rabbits. Poor girl.
After another twelve rabbits tackled her, Eva collapsed backwards.
She roared, "Don't just stand there staring at these overgrown rodents, help me!"
The Gophers riped the mutant rabbits off of Eva, although they continued to attack her.
Gwen cried, "They won't leave!"
Owen then walked out of the tent, stretching and yawning, and asking why everybody was making so much noise.
"Owen! We need you to fart," Bridgette explained.
Owen laughed, "Really? Well, hang on, these things don't explode at will."
Eva yelled, "You'd better cut the cheese soon, before I--" She couldn't finish due to the rabbits still attacking her.
Frightened, Owen farted, and scared away the rabbits.
Eva: (confessional, tattered from rabbit bites) That... was... interesting.

The Bass were cooking their fish over the fire.
Katie clapped, "It smells so good, guys!"
Harold twiddles his thumbs. "Anybody got a scary story?"
"Oh, please," Heather said. "Scary stories are so... stereotypical. Let's play Truth or Dare."
Beth commented, "That actually sounds fun!"
"What do you mean, actually," Heather demanded.
Beth whimpered, "Well, you can be a little harsh and boring sometimes."
Heather scoffed. "Hmm. Lindsay! Truth or Dare?"
Lindsay shrugged. "Truth?"
Heather smiled, "Am I harsh and boring?"
"Um... a little bit," Lindsay admitted.
Heather rolled her eyes. "I'm not harsh, I'm just... extremely opinionated. And boring is just... wrong!"
Lindsay bounced while sitting down. "Cody! Truth or Dare?"
Cody, realizing he had a chance to impress the ladies, answered, "Dare!"
Lindsay began to think. "I dare you to... act like a bear!"
Cody: (confessional) I've done that before... only, not literally.
Cody got on all fours and began to claw and roar, getting some giggles from the girls.

Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes ended the Bass's game.
Sadie glomped Katie in fright. "What was that?"
A bear lazily walked out into the Bass's campsite.
Beth's eyes widened. "Run!"
Heather backed away from the bear. "Where!?"
"Wherever the bear isn't," Harold suggested.
The Bass ran towards a tree with low and large limbs. They climbed up and nervously peered down at the ground, where the bear was making itself at home in the Bass's campsite.
Heather complained, "Well, this is just great!"
"I guess we can sleep up here," Harold suggested.
Without missing a beat, a thunderclap was heard, and it began to rain on the Bass, and the Gophers, which were two kilometers away.

The next morning, Chris was waiting in the Mess Hall for the first team to arrive.
Chris tapped his fingers on the table. "What do you think is taking 'em so long?"
Chef shrugged. "I dunno. I was gonna make 'em some breakfast, but..."
"Oh, that's why," Chris remarked.
Right then, the Bass entered, with Harold leading them.
Chris jumped on the table. "Finally! Congrats, Bass, you've won!"
And a moment later, the Gophers arrived, and noticing the Bass, they slowly walked back to their cabin.
"Alright. Gophers know the drill, and Bass, you've won a prize! Chef's cooking!"
Sadie yawned. "At this point, anything is edible. We didn't eat anything last night!"

Chris put his head in his hands while the Gophers yawned in the campfire seats.
"Since all of you are obviously tired, I'll just throw your marshmallows to you. Capiche?"
The Gophers slowly nodded.
"First one goes to Owen! Great job scaring away those rabbits, dude."
"Next two, Gwen and DJ!"
"Kevin and LeShawna!"
"Five campers, four marshmallows. And two of these marshmallows go to Courtney and Trent!"
"Bridgette, Eva, the two of you stan-- sit, before me. But I only have one marshmallow. The camper who does not receive this marhsmallow will walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave."
"Without further delay, the final marshmallow goes to..."
Eva stomped her foot. "I knew I was gonna go, but c'mon, if there was a steak in the middle of the woods, wouldn't you take it?"
Bridgette ate her marshmallow. "No, not really."
"Nope," Kevin replied.
"Not really," Gwen said.
Owen joyously said, "Of course!"
Eva crossed her arms. "Whatever." And with that, she boarded the Boat of Losers and left.
Chris was seen snoring on the empty plate of marshmallows. Trent motioned the cameraman to focus on him. "Err... nine Gophers remain! Nine Bass remain! Who will be next? Find out, only on...Total!" Gwen chanted, "Drama!"
And Bridgette finished, "Island!"

Chapter 6: The Time to Climb

Posted on: June 16, 2010

"Last time on Total Drama Island! The two teams went out on an all-night camping trip! And it was a total disaster. Gophers got attacked by mutant bunnies. Bass got raided by a bear. Then it rained. A lot. In the end, the Bass managed to finally win a challenge again, and the evil Eva was no more! Which camper will climb to the top? Which will fall down and crumble? All will be revealed on this episode of... Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The remaining campers were awoken by Chris and his love of megaphones, and as they lazily got ready to exit the cabin, Lindsay shrieked, "Guys, we're in the lake!"
Geoff: (confessional) Did someone like, spike her protein shake?
But Lindsay was right, the two cabins were floating in the water.
Chris spoke into his megaphone while standing on the shore next to a thousand-foot-cliff. "Campers, stand on your cabin porch so I can explain today's challenge!"
Beth became nauseated due to the cabins rocking back and forth, and asked Chris, "How did you get these out here?"
"You don't need to know," Chris replied.
Chris: (confessional) We made them take the cabins out last night and sink them into the lake. Then, we gave them a midnight snack with a little something that... Oh, I don't know, possibly made them forget the events that took place eight hours ago...?
"Anyways, you see this cliff next to me?"
Lindsay nodded. "I see it!"
Chris pointed upwards. "In about an hour, you'll be at the top, because you're climbing it!"
"I'm not climbing that. I might die," Heather complained.
Gwen retorted, "It'd be better for all of us if you did."
"I wouldn't talk, Gwen. That outfit is dead enough," Heather said as she smirked.
Gwen was about to say something else, but Chris made a throat-cutting motion and said, "You're hogging all of my camera time. We have a thirty minute time slot, people!"
Chris smiled as the camera focused back on him. "Okay! You guys will have to swim to the cliff, then climb up to the top. You'll be using harnesses and the countless amount of ledges on the cliff as support, and since there's eighteen of you, I'll only send three of you from each team. And the group of six climbing the cliff is: Justin, Kevin, LeShawna, Harold, Heather, and Cody! You six will put on your equipment now, then get the challenge over with. I'll add up the times that it took each team's participants to complete the climb! Ready?"
"Nuh-uh," LeShawna disapproved.
Heather snapped, "No!"
Harold panicked, "Nein!"

The six campers began to put on their equipment. LeShawna began to put on her equipment, then realized it was too small. "Chris, you got anything bigger?"
"Yeah," Chris said. "Pants size?"
LeShawna mumbled something which Chris couldn't hear.
Chris asked, "Say that again?"
LeShawna reluctantly said, "XXXL..."
Chris held back a laugh, but the look on his face made it obvious.
LeShawna threw a loose plank from the cabin at Chris, who dodged and tossed her the correct equipment size.
LeShawna: (confessional) Surprised that witch Heather hasn't commented. Girl's focused on that challenge!"

Heather and Justin were neck-and-neck swimming, and as they reached the cliff, Justin accidentally hit his left cheekbone on the rough edge of the cliff. "NO! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!"
Justin: (confessional, holding an ice pack up to his cheekbone) Thanks to that challenge depriving me of my facial structure, I've lost at least four modeling contracts! This is something that even my omega-makeup collection can't fix!"
Heather teased Justin of his injury. "Oh, boo-hoo. Why don't you just quit the challenge? I mean, you wouldn't want to risk another injury..."
"Heather, just because I'm hot doesn't mean I'm stupid," Justin said as he began to climb the cliff.


Cody flies off the cliff due to an explosion.

Heather rolled her eyes and also began to climb, and while doing so, kicked a rock off of the cliff, hitting Kevin on the head.

Kevin: (confessional) See that? She can hurt people without even trying.
Kevin frustratedly climbed up the cliff, with Harold and Cody straggling along behind him.
Chris said in his megaphone, "Hey, campers! There's a few... surprises on the cliff."
LeShawna stopped climbing. "Excuse me?"
Right on cue, Cody accidentally triggered an explosive implanted in the cliff, which exploded and sent him flying back into the lake.
Chris asked, "Want another demonstration, LeShawna?"
Nervously looking at the cliff, LeShawna replied, "Uh... I'm good."

Several minutes later, Heather reached the top of the cliff, and proudly shouted, "First to get here! Yes!"
Chris added, "And it took you 13 minutes and 58 seconds!"
Heather stopped cheering. "Is that good?"
Chris ignored her and noticed Harold and Kevin dragging themselves towards him.
"Alright, you two, it took both of you 15 minutes and 23 seconds!"
Harold wondered, "Is that a good time?"
Chris ignored Harold also. Kevin glanced at Heather, shrugged in confusion.
Minutes later, Justin climbed over the cliff. "I have at least three bruises, two scratches, and a deformed face."
Chris smirked. "Just doin' my job. Congrats, Justin, you've arrived fourth in 17 minutes and 4 seconds."
"Is that go--"
Chris interrupted Justin's question angrily saying, "Yes! It's better than our unpaid interns who tested the challenge against their will! Sheesh, calm down."
Justin, Heather, Harold, and Kevin blushed.
"Anyways... we still need LeShawna and Cody," said a Chris who was desperate for a topic change.
Right on cue, LeShawna crawled up and was breathing rather heavily.
LeShawna angrily showed Chris a bite mark on her wrist. "Yo, Chris, I got bit by somethin' and nothin' is happenin'. Am I gon' die?"
"Probably not," Chris dismissively replied as he looked at his watch. "But it took you 17 minutes and 16 seconds to get up here."
LeShawna folded her arms. "And I care because...?"
"Unless you want you and your booty to leave camp, your total team time needs to be less than the Bass's time!"
Cody finally arrived, but tripped on a rather large pile of rocks which were at the top of the cliff. "I'm here! Woo! Did we win?"
Chris looked at his watch. "19 minutes and 24 seconds... Let's add up the times! Gophers... 49 minutes and 43 seconds! Bass... 48 minutes and 52 seconds! Congrats, Bass, you win another challenge!"
The three members of the Bass on the cliff, along with the other six in the lake, cheered with joy. "Gophers, I'll see you at the bonfire ceremony again!"

Courtney combed her hair in the Gopher cabin while talking with Kevin and Trent. "You guys, we have to vote for LeShawna. She lost the challenge for us! She and that monstrous butt have to go."
Kevin protested, "But... LeShawna's my friend! I'd never vote her off, and I never will!"
Kevin: (confessional) Well, I just buried my own grave.
Courtney was appalled. "Excuse me!? How dare you go against what I say! You're so going home tonight!"
Trent spoke up. "Uh, Courtney, there's no way you're going to convince everyone to vote off one of the most friendly people in this game."
"Oh, you're going against me too!?"
Trent backed away. "Well, when you say it like that..."
Courtney stormed out of the cabin, leaving Kevin and Trent alone. Trent asked, "Now what?"
Kevin suggested, "Warn LeShawna and make an alliance with her and Gwen?"
Trent blushed as he heard Gwen's name. "Sounds good."

Kevin and Trent rushed to the dock, where LeShawna and Gwen were swimming and discussing who would be eliminated in tonight's ceremony, and Bridgette was surfing the miniscule waves that Lake Wawanakawa had to offer.
Trent shouted, "LeShawna! Gwen! Wanna make an alli--"
Kevin elbowed Trent and muttered, "Not in front of Bridgette!"
Trent, embarrassed, replied, "Oh... right."
Kevin walked down to the dock and said, out loud, "Hey, LeShawna, did you hear that Courtney wants to vote you off?"
LeShawna's eyes widened. "Nuh-uh, that girl ain't sendin' me home."
Kevin added, "As much as I know you want to vote her off... we need to vote for Owen."
Gwen joined in on the conversation. "Why Owen?"
"Because he's not all that, uh, great at challenges," Trent said.
The two girls had shrugged and Gwen said, "I guess you're right."
Bridgette, however, had heard everything, and ran back to Courtney.
Bridgette: (confessional) Now, I'm not this type of person. But Courtney's my friend, and I think she deserves to know what I know.

Bridgette ran back to the Gopher cabin, where she saw Courtney slowly packing up her luggage.
Courtney sighed. "It's obvious that I'm going home. There's no way I'm gonna be able to vote Kevin off. DJ, Owen, LeShawna, Gwen, Trent, and even you're... his friend. Justin might vote with me, but I'm a goner."
Bridgette walked toward Courtney and told her, "Unpack your bags. They're voting off Owen, not you."
Courtney was shocked. "Owen? It takes a cold heart to vote a guy like that off."
"Yeah, I guess so," Bridgette said. "But we should still try and vote Kevin off... who knows?"
Courtney smiled. "I guess so."

Chris solemnly looked at the nine Gophers sitting around the campfire, and then glanced at the eight marshmallows on his silver platter.
"Gophers, you lost this challenge. Might I add, it was Justin, Kevin, and LeShawna's faults." The three of them glared at Chris.
Chris rolled his eyes. "Anyways, I only have eight marshmallows, nine Gophers, blah, blah, blah... DJ! Bridgette! Justin! Gwen! Trent! Catch! All five of you received no votes at all."
Chris reluctantly gave Courtney one. "You didn't either, but I don't like you."
Chris gave one to Kevin. "You lost the challenge for them, but you're safe."
Chris then focused on the remaining two campers, Owen and LeShawna.
"My big-boned friends, one of you will not receive this marshmallow. That person will walk down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave. Forever."
Chris looked at Owen. "Owen...."
Owen cheered, "Woohoo!"
Chris angrily looked at Owen. " not receiving this final marshmallow!" He then threw the final marshmallow to a relieved LeShawna.
Owen was at a loss for words. "Bu-bu-but... why?"
Bridgette pointed at Kevin. "Because he's a cold-hearted devil!"
Kevin's jaw dropped. "Excuse me!? I wanted something to happen, and it got done. I'm a devil for that?"
Courtney nodded. "Pretty much."
Chris raised an eyebrow and looked at the camera. "Has Courtney gone softer than Lindsay's brain matter? Has Kevin gone harder than the campers' mattresses? Find out, on the next thrilling episode of... Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 7: Dodgeball Dilemma

Posted on: June 20, 2010

"Last time on Total Drama Island! Our campers had to haul themselves up a thousand-foot cliff! The Bass managed to climb their way to victory. The Gophers were a dramatic mess! After Kevin and Trent ditched Courtney's alliance, it was time to send home our three hundred pound friend, Owen. After last week's challenge, who knows who's gonna go next? Find out on this brutal episode of Total. Drama. Island!

(theme song)

The episode began where the previous episode ended, with Bridgette and Kevin arguing.
Bridgette was steamed. "You voted off Owen, and you're planning on voting off Courtney and I!"
Kevin laughed, "I wasn't, but now that you mention it..."
DJ intervened. "Alright, guys, relax. We're all tired, so let's just get some shut-eye. Cool?"
Courtney muttered, "Fine. But don't expect to see me walk that dock tomorrow night."
LeShawna and Gwen rolled their eyes as the Gophers filed back into their cabin.

The next morning seemed very peaceful. Birds chirped, butterflies roamed the island, and the campers were sound asleep.
Heather then woke up, and decided to take a visit to the other team's cabin.
Heather: (confessional) Gwen needs to go. But I'm not on her team, and I am not waiting to eliminate her at the merge.
As Courtney woke up, Heather whispered something into her ear, turning Courtney's worried expression into a devious smile.
Courtney asked, "Why are you helping me? You're... Heather."
Heather clenched her teeth in order to prevent her from firing an insult at Courtney. "You hate her, I hate her. You see the pattern?"
DJ then began to stretch and yawn in bed, causing Heather to run out of the cabin. "I'll talk to you later," Heather said as she ran out the door.
Courtney shrugged and asked, "Hey, where's Chris? He should've shattered my eardrums two hours ago."
Chris opened the cabin door and tossed each camper, awake or asleep, a protein shake and shouted, "Dodgeball court. Three minutes. Be on time, or get disqualified!"
Courtney's eyes grew twice in size as he said "disqualified", and began to wake people up, with DJ doing the same.

Chris was on his way to the Bass cabin when he noticed Heather sneaking back in. He raised an eyebrow, but continued as if he didn't notice.
He kicked down the Bass's cabin door to see Lindsay and Beth exchanging nail polish, and Heather trying to fake being asleep, along with the other six Bass.
Chris blew a whistle and shouted, "Bass! Dodgeball court! Three minutes! Be prompt, or else your team is outta here!"
Heather ordered, "You heard him. Go!"

At the dodgeball court, each team sat on their bleachers, with Chris standing in the middle of the court, explaining the challenge.
"Today, you guys will play the original playground bloodbath - dodgeball. You know the rules. You get hit with the ball, you're out! You cross the center line, you're out! Someone catches the ball you threw, you're out! If you're the person who caught the ball, you can bring someone from your team back into the game. Since there's an even number, with eight Gophers and nine Bass, only five from each team will play in each of the five rounds. Any questions? No? Good! Pick the five people in Round One."
The Gophers huddled and they quickly decided on DJ, Bridgette, Courtney, Gwen, and Trent.
The Bass decided on Heather, Katie, Sadie, Geoff, and Cody.
Chris shouted, "Three! Two! One! Dodgeball!"

The round began awkwardly, as no one wanted to throw first. Finally, Courtney threw a ball at Heather. "Take this!"
Heather ducked, but the ball hit Geoff, who was behind her.
Heather scoffed and threw a ball at Courtney, who was hit.
Courtney sat on the sidelines, away from LeShawna and Kevin, and folded her arms.
Bridgette tossed a ball from hand-to-hand, and decided to aim for Cody. He caught it, eliminating Bridgette and bringing back Geoff.
Katie and Sadie both carried two balls, ran past the center line while squealing, and threw them at Gwen.
Chris blew a whistle. "Katie! Sadie! Gwen! Out!"
DJ and Trent both threw a ball at Cody, who was hit, but at the same time, DJ was hit with a ball thrown by Heather.
Heather smiled with satisfaction, and whispered something in Geoff's ear.
Geoff: (confessional) The lob and bullet strategy... classic!
Heather threw a ball up in the air towards Trent, who considered it as an easy catch. Right then, Geoff tossed a ball at Trent, full-speed, and eliminated him before he could catch Heather's ball.
Geoff threw his hat on the air with excitement. "Alright! 1-0!"
"Relax, party boy," Heather said, annoyed. "We still need to win another two rounds."

The Gophers huddled again. Courtney lead them. "Alright. Justin, LeShawna, Kevin, you three go this round, along with Gwen and Bridgette."
The Bass also gathered together. Heather said, "Homeschool, Lindsay, Beth, and Geoff and I will go this round."
Harold protested, "What about me?"
Geoff chuckled "Do you really want her to list the reasons of why you're not in this round?"
Harold furrowed his eyebrows. "Hey, I've helped us win the rock challenge, camping challenge, and cliff challenge! Gimme a chance! It's just simple physics..."
Heather threw her hands up on surrender. "Fine, you can play in Round Three."
The awkwardness had obviously been thrown out the window, as Gwen wasn't hesitant at all to throw a ball at Ezekiel, eliminating him.
Heather, enraged, threw a ball at Gwen, but it was caught by LeShawna.
Gwen brought in DJ, giving the Gophers six members, with the Bass down to three. Out of desperation, Beth threw a ball at Bridgette, who caught it without a problem. With Courtney in, it was seven Gophers against Lindsay and Geoff.
Heather called out, "Geoff! L.A.B.!"
"Uh...," Geoff said as he scratched his head in confusion.
Seeing this as an opportunity, Kevin threw a ball at Geoff, but Lindsay jumped in front and caught it.
LeShawna dropped the ball she was about to throw. "Oh, dang."
Lindsay brought back in Heather, leaving a jealous Beth in the bleachers.
"Don't worry, Betty, you'll be my next pick," Lindsay assured.
Kevin sat on the bleachers, frustrated, hoping that his underestimation didn't cost his team the round, or even worse, the challenge.
Unfortunately, it did, as with Lindsay's catching and Heather and Geoff's technique, all of the Gophers were eliminated in under two minutes.
Chris announced, "Alright. Bass are up 2-0! If the Bass win the next round, they win the chalknge and its previous reward; invincibility!"

Worried, the Gophers huddled together.
"We need some sort of strategy," Courtney suggested.
Gwen smacked her own forehead. "That's pretty obvious, Courtney."
Courtney crossed her arms. "I wouldn't be so snooty, Ms. iPhone."
Gwen gasped.
Gwen: (confessional) So, yeah, I kept my phone... but Chris doesn't know, right?
Courtney grinned and pointed to herself. "That's right. It's my way," And then, pointing to Chris, "or the highway."
Gwen sighed and asked, "Well, does anyone have a strategy?"
LeShawna's face lit up. "Oooh! I do!"
She then whispered her plan in each of her teammates' ears, and asked, "You clear?"
Bridgette winked. "Crystal."

Meanwhile, with the Bass, Harold stood up and announced, "I'm going this round!"
Heather glared at him. "I know. And so are Lindsay, Geoff, Cody and I."
Harold asked, "Don't you think the Gophers know our plan by now?"
Heather laughed, "Heck no. They're too stupid to realize that."
"Er... I-I-I don't know...," Harold stuttered, worried.

Chris blew the whistle. "Let Round Three begin!"
LeShawna ran just behind the center line, with Kevin adjacent to her right.
LeShawna taunted, "Bring it!"
Heather tossed a ball up to the air, and LeShawna had her hands up, ready to catch. Geoff threw a ball at a distracted LeShawna, but Kevin threw his ball at Geoff's ball, knocking it out of the way. LeShawna caught the ball, eliminating Heather, and bringing Gwen into the game.
Harold jumped up and down from the back of the court. "I knew they knew! I knew they knew!"
LeShawna yelled, "Part two!"
And with that, DJ, Bridgette, and Courtney threw a ball at Lindsay, while Gwen, LeShawna, and Kevin threw one at Geoff.
Chris was leaning forward in his referee chair. "This is good stuff!"
LeShawna yelled, "Part three!"
The Gophers then made their own lob-and-bullet strategy, with Bridgette tossing a ball into the air and the other five hurling a ball each at Cody.
LeShawna cracked her knuckles. "And the finalé..."
Courtney charged and hit Harold with her dodgeball.
Chris blew his whistle. "2-1! Round Four begins in three minutes!"

The Gophers walked back to their bleachers, cheering, while the Bass were wondering how they could compete against their strategy.
Heather complained, "No one did anything after I got eliminated! You just stood there gawking as the Gophers hurled dodgeballs at you! Ugh, you guys are useless!"
Harold sighed. "I guess this round we... retaliate?"
Beth shrugged.

Chris blew his whistle. "Round Four! Three, two, one!"
LeShawna yelled, "Part One... B!"
Harold raised an eyebrow. "You're kidding, right?"
Lindsay asked, "That thing you do with your eyebrows is cool!" She put her finger underneath her eyebrow and pushed it up.
Each Gopher threw a ball at a Bass. Harold and Cody were hit, Lindsay caught it, and Geoff and Heather dodged.
Heather whispered into Geoff and Lindsay's ears, "Throw the ball at LeShawna! She's the leader!"
Lindsay, Geoff, and Heather all threw a ball at LeShawna. LeShawna caught Lindsay's, deflected Geoff's, but was hit by Heather's. Due to catching Lindsay's, she was able to stay in the game.
Heather stomped her foot. "Crap!"
LeShawna yelled, "Part Three!"
In response, LeShawna and Kevin threw a ball at Heather, and Courtney, Bridgette, and DJ threw one at Geoff. The three of them were hit and eliminated from the challenge.
Chris blew his whistle. "Gophers win Round Four! 2-2! Next round decides immunity!"

The Gophers high-fived, but Courtney said, "Guys, I think they're getting used to our plan."
LeShawna assured Courtney, "But they can't do anything about it."
The Bass, on the opposite side, began to strategize again.
Katie and Sadie spoke up. "Ohmigosh, guys!"
Katie began, "How about..."
"Everyone...," Sadie continued.
"...stands together..."
"...and keeps all the balls they get..."
And they both shouted, "...and then we attack at the same time!"
Heather asked, "What do you mean, 'stand together'?"
Chris then blew his whistle, and Sadie quickly said, "Just follow me and Katie's lead. We need you, Heather! And Geoff and Lindsay!"

Chris shouted, "Alright! Round five! The losers of this round will send an unlucky teammate packing. Begin!"
Katie and Sadie ran to the back of the court and stood so close to each other that a stream of air couldn't sneak between their arms. The Bass shrugged and followed the girl's lead and linked arms. The Gophers saw no point in that and each fired a dodgeball at a Bass.
Lindsay panicked. "What now?"
Katie and Sadie faltered, "Uh... I thought you guys could take it from here."
The Bass tried to run from the line, but forgetting that their arms were linked, they ended up falling and each Bass was hit.
Chris said, "Well, that was pathetic. Congrats, Gophers, you finally win! Bass, I'll see you at tonight's ceremony!"
The Bass all glared at Katie and Sadie, who's joyous expressions turned into a worried one.

At the bonfire ceremony, Chris taunted the Bass, who were rubbing their sore arms and legs after getting hit by the Gophers' dodgeballs.
"Alright. If I call your name, I'll throw you--"
Chris was interrupted by the nine Bass's complaints. "No more throwing!"
Chris began to laugh hysterically. "Fine, walk up here and get your marshmallow once I call your name. If you're the unlucky one who's name wasn't called, you'll walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave for good!"
"The first marshmallows go to Lindsay, Geoff, and Cody!"
Each walked up and picked up a marshmallow from the plate.
"Harold, Beth, and Ezekiel!"
They all took a marshmallow.
Chris looked at the remaining three girls. "Heather!"
She scowled as she took one of the last two marshmallows.
"And finally..."
The two friends hugged each other in fear.
Katie didn't go for her marshmallow. "No! Sadie! Why her?"
Under her breath, Heather grumbled, "Because she's a 230 pound deadweight."
Barely hearing her, Beth gasped. "Heather, that was so mean!"
Heather rolled her eyes and turned back to Katie and Sadie, who were sobbing.
Sadie stood up. "It's okay, Katie! Stay strong! I'll be cheering for you at home with Mandy and Lizzy!"
Katie sniffed, "Eating cherry popcorn?"
Sadie began to laugh, "Ohmigosh, that night was so fun!"
Chris impatiently tapped his fingers on his plate. "Sadie, any chance that you're walking the Dock of Shame today?"
Sadie gasped, "Do I have a choice?"
"No," Chris sighed.
As Sadie reluctantly walked down the Dock of Shame, Chris looked at the camera. "And with that, we finish up another thrilling episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 8: Construction Deduction

Posted on: July 9, 2010

The theme song began to play, however, before the camera zoomed down the cliff, Chris interrupted demanding, "Yo! Just because I like drinking my chai tea slowly gives you no right to cut into my closeu-- recap time!"
Fixuating the camera to focus on him, he began, "In the previous episode of Total Drama Island, the campers went back to junior high as they competed in five rounds of the original playground bloodbath - dodgeball. The Bass dominated the first two rounds, but thanks to LeShawna's quick thinking, the Gophers stole the win from the Bass before they lost another member. In the end, the Bass sent home Sadie, leaving Katie BFFFL-less! Will Courtney pull the plug on Gwen? Will Heather's alliance ever do something? Will I ever stop asking you three questions at the end of each recap? Find out the answer to probably none of these questions in today's exciting episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The morning after Sadie's elimination, the campers were awoken by a terrible scream, coming from the Bass cabin.
Courtney opened the Bass's cabin door in annoyance. "Lindsay. After three weeks, I think you'd get used to Heather's face."
Heather opened her mouth to say something, but went back to sleep instead.
Lindsay was crouching on her top bunk, peering at the floor. Courtney looked at the floor, and then at Lindsay. "Well!?"
"I think I saw an ant," Lindsay said, still shakily looking at the floor.
The entire Bass cabin groaned, with the exception of Beth, whose eyes widened. "Where!?"
Courtney facepalmed herself.
Courtney: (confessional) I'm surrounded by moronic losers! I'm about to lose it!
Chris walked onto the campgrounds with a megaphone. He announced, "Campers! Meet me at the bonfire grounds in ten!"
The campers glanced at each other in wonder.

At the bonfire grounds were two large crates, one green, and one red. Chris stood on top of the green box, his legs dangling over.
Cody asked, "Chris, what up with the boxes?"
"All will be explained as soon as Ezekiel and Harold end their little thumb war," Chris replied, clearly annoyed.
Harold and Ezekiel tried to pull their hands away quickly, but they forgot to let go of each other, and ended up pulling themselves towards each other, slamming their foreheads together.
Chris asked, "Can I start now, or is anyone else gonna give themselves head trauma? No one? Good. Okay. Today's challenge is to build a treehouse! Your materials are in these crates." He jumped off of the green crate and continued, "I think there's an instruction manual in there... You need to build your own treehouse, then decorate it! Paint it, add furniture, whatever you think'll impress me! You have ten hours to build and decorate your treehouses. Any questions?"
The sixteen teenagers all murmured, while Courtney asked, "Chris, in order to make a treehouse, we need a tree."
"Glad you brought that up, Courtney," Chris said, grinning.
Trent frowned. "Uh oh, he's smiling."
Chris explained, "It's not really a treehouse. It's a house that your team is building in one of these locations!"
He pulled out a hat filled with folded up scraps of paper.
"How professional," Gwen commented.
Chris narrowed his eyes. "Shut it, Ms. Lambert. Pick a location."
Gwen walked up to Chris and picked a piece of paper out of the hat. She unfolded it, read it to herself, and crumpled it. "At the top of the cliff."
"Yes! I was hoping someone would get that," Chris exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air.
Gwen stomped back to her team, where Courtney had her arms folded and her legs crossed, frowning. "Great choice, Gwen."
Gwen: (confessional) Okay, I do not have to take all of this crap from Courtney! I'm seriously ready to quit this stupid frickin' game! (kicks the confessional door open and walks out, showing Heather, who was about to go in, scared)
Ezekiel stood up and walked towards Chris.
"I've got the magic touch, eh," Ezekiel boasted as he unfolded a scrap of paper. He turned it upside-down, then sideways, then turned the paper around. Heather sighed and snatched the paper from Ezekiel's hands.
"'On the Dock of Shame'. Are you serious!? You call that a 'magic touch'?"
Ezekiel slunk back down in his tree stump chair.
Chris began to walk off. "Alright. Green crate for Gophers, red crate for Bass. Ten hours. Ready? Go!"

The Gophers rushed to their green crate, and DJ and Trent began to open it. As the contents of the crate spilled out, Courtney noticed a small pamphlet. She picked it up, but she noticed that the first page was numbered as "17". She threw it to the floor in anger, stomped on it, and looked up to see seven teammates with somewhat worried expressions.
"He gave us the second half of the instruction manual! That little--"
She was interrupted by a loud crash, followed by a "sorry" from Justin.
Courtney sighed and asked, "Anyone know where to start?"
LeShawna suggested, "We can start with a base."
Justin: (confessional) Is that her life motto?
"Seems fair enough," Bridgette said as she took her hands out of her pockets.

Meanwhile, with the Bass, Geoff and Harold were trying to open up the crate.
Harold complained, "I wish we had a first class lever. The fulcrum, being in the middle, would be neutral and the only factor would be the weight on either side of the--"
Lindsay wondered aloud, "Where are Katie and Cody?"
The camera switched over to the Bass cabin, where Katie was sobbing on her bunk. Cody ran his fingers through his hair and approached Katie.
"Hey, I know it's hard to lose a friend, but it'll get better, trust me." Cody tried to put his hand on Katie's shoulder, but she turned around quickly, and his hand hit her bedpost.
Katie sat up in her bed. "You really think so?"
"'Course," Cody nodded.
Katie smiled and hugged Cody. While hugging her, he pumped his fist, accidentally elbowing Katie's back. The two quickly stopped hugging.
Katie yelped, "Ow! What the...?"
Cody rubbed the back of his head. "Uh, there was a spider on your back."
Katie shrieked and rubbed her back repeatedly while jumping in the center of the cabin. "Where!? Where!?"

Back with the Gophers, the base had been made. Bridgette, Gwen, and LeShawna were busy sorting out the materials, while the boys were building the house. Courtney was directing both groups.
"Trent, move that plank to the left. No, lower. More to the left, now set it down... Perfec-- no, it's way too much to the left. Just let someone else do it."
Trent: (confessional) At least we know who to send home if we lose, right?
Bridgette was piling up the planks, and while carrying three of them in her arms, she stumbled on a rock. Being on the cliff, she frantically worried that she would plummet down and die. She dropped one plank on the ground and the other two were beginning to fall out of her hands. She dropped them, both falling to her sides, and she fell face-first on the edge of the cliff.
LeShawna turned around, put her hands on her hips, and complained, "This is no time to be snoozin'! We got a challenge to win!"
Bridgette lifted her head up and realized that she had scraped her leg. Thinking nothing of it, she stood up and tried to walk to the crate, but toppled over in pain.
DJ noticed this and rushed over. "Bridgette! You okay?"
DJ: (confessional) She's on the floor grabbing her leg in pain. Of course she's not okay! (smacks his forehead) Stupid!
DJ carried Bridgette on his back and began to walk down the cliff, but was stopped by Courtney. "Where do you think you're going? There's a challenge that needs completing!"
She noticed Bridgette's injury and jumped backwards.
Bridgette looked at it, then at Courtney, then back at her scrape.
Bridgette: (confessional) I've seen surfers get devoured by sharks. What's she so jumpy about?

The Bass, now with Cody and Katie, were making good progress, with Geoff being the reason.
Katie asked, "Wow, where did you learn to do all of this, Geoff?"
Geoff hopped off of the section of the house he was working on, causing the dock to wobble. "Back home, my buds and I made a 'party house'. We just partied hard in that place all day, everyday, non-stop!"
Cody rolled his eyes. "Don't ya ever get tired of partying all day long? I mean, even once a week is pushing it."
Geoff shrugged and turned around to work on the house. Heather was working on her tan, with Lindsay at her side.
Beth walked to them and unsteadily asked, "Are you guys gonna work on the house?"
Heather removed her sunglasses and shook her head. "Beth, Beth, Beth. We have five hours left."
Beth shrugged and began to sit on Heather's opposite side, but Heather snapped, "What do you think you're doing?"
"You said we had five hours," Beth replied, frowning.
Heather crossed her legs. "That doesn't mean you should stop working. Run along now, go do the dirty work."
As Beth walked back to the house, Heather nudged Lindsay. "And you, stop stealing my sun."
Wondering why there was no reply, Heather removed Lindsay's sunglasses to see that she was sleeping, and feeling sadistic, she left Lindsay's sunglasses on to leave an embarassing tanline.

The Gophers had finished building the house, but they needed to decorate it. Courtney, Justin, and Gwen began to argue.
Courtney explained, "We need to use our team color, green."
Justin shook his head. "Nuh-uh. Green is the fifth most unappealing color on me, according to my stylist. Let's go deep sky blue."
Gwen folded her arms. "We need a color to express how tough we are! Let's use black, guys."
Courtney lightly kicked Gwen. "Ahem... I think that green is the way to go because it's an environmental color, and the environment is being polluted by factories which produce products like iPhones."
Gwen exhaled. "'Scuse me for a sec."
She walked into the house, and after several seconds of thrashing and screaming, she walked out, forcing a smile, and complied, "We'll go green."
Justin, obviously confused, walked away awkwardly towards the supplies.

The Bass, minus Heather and Lindsay, had finished building the house. They weren't very concerned with the color, and decided just to splash a bunch of different colors and hope it made a cool effect.
Heather, noticing them, walked over and asked, "What the heck is this!? Turds gone wild? Don't you know that putting a bunch of colors together makes brown?"
Ezekiel sighed, "Yo, relax for a sec, eh? We've got lots o' more paint!"
He walked over to the crate next to Lindsay, searched the remaining supplies, and took out a can of pink paint.
"You're a girl, right, Heather? So, you'll like pink!"
Heather gasped.
Heather: (confessional) I'm seriously ready to throw him into the lake, shove his ugly little blue-green hat underwater, and keep it there until the bubbles stop rising!
Being a victim of selective-hearing, Lindsay sat up as she heard the word "pink". Ezekiel, startled, jumped backwards and threw the can of paint in the air. The can hit the house, opening it and covering their half of it in pink paint, along with Katie and Beth. The girls shrieked and jumped in the lake to rinse themselves of the paint. Heather stomped towards Ezekiel and pushed him into the water.
"Way to go, home-fool!"
A blare from an airhorn was heard in the distance, along with Chris's voice being amplified by a megaphone. "Campers! Time is up! Drop your supplies and head to the Gophers' cabin for judging!"

The Gophers had not put in any furniture in their house besides a measly sunflower in the middle of the floor. Chris examined the walls an edges carefully, shaking his head at times, and nodding at others.
He walked out and announced, "Out of 10, you guys get a 7.5."
The Gophers shrugged, and Chris asked, "Where are DJ and Bridgette?"
The camera switched to the infirmary, where Bridgette was calmly sitting on a chair with a bandage over her scrape, while DJ, sitting next to her, shivered.
Bridgette put her hand on DJ's shoulder. "Deej, what's with you? It's just a small scrape!"
"I-It's just the way you fell down... It scared me," DJ replied, now folding his hands.
Bridgette admitted, "That was all my fault. I've been to First-Aid 101, I should know not to put weight on the injury."
Bridgette smiled. "Thanks for bringing me here, means a lot."
DJ blushed as Chef walked in with duct tape and a large needle. DJ fainted and Bridgette slowly backed into a corner.

At the Dock of Shame, Chris was taken aback by the Bass house's exterior.
"Is this a vanilla-less Neopolitan bar?"
Lindsay took off her sunglasses. "Do you know how many calories that has? Like, a lot!"
Her tanline was visible, causing everyone except Beth to hold back a laugh.
"What's so funny? I wasn't trying to make a joke," Lindsay said, confused.
Beth whispered something in Lindsay's ear, causing her to snatch Justin's mirror, apologize for doing so, look at herself, hand back the mirror, and run back to the Bass cabin, screaming.
Chris analyzed the inside of the Bass's cabin, tapping a wall here and there. He disproved of how empty the inside was, walked out, and announced, "7 out of 10, the Gophers win it again!"
The Gophers, now with DJ and Bridgette, who was in crutches, cheered.
Chris glanced over at the Bass. "Cast your votes in then confessional, and I'll see you at the bonfire. Again. Fourth time total."

At the bonfire ceremony, Heather yawned while sitting between Lindsay and Beth.
She sighed, "The waterworks shouldn't necessary this time around."
"Hmph," Chris grunted as he hoisted a large bag of marshmallows and placed seven on a plate. As he did so, he explained, "Alright. There's eight of you here, and I only got seven marshmallows! The dude or dudette who doesn't get a marshmallow will walk the Dock of Shame, not run into that crappy house you guys built, board the Boat of Losers, and leave for good."
He tossed the bag of marshmallows to the side. "First marshmallow goes to Geoff."
Geoff pumped his fist and picked up a marshmallow.
"Katie, Beth..."
The two girls squealed and picked up their marshmallows.
"Cody and Harold!"
They high-fived, but then rubbed their hands in pain. They took two marshmallows, leaving two on the plate.
Chris squinted and laughed at Lindsay's cover-up; several layers of blue eyeliner. "Alright, Linds, come get one."
Heather impatiently fidgeted with her nails as Chris built the suspense.
"Ezekiel, Heather, the final marshmallow of the evening goes to..."
Ezekiel began to shake in his seat, as Heather wiped away a fake tear.
"...Heather. Zeke, my man, time to go."
Ezekiel walked down the Dock of Shame, swearing revenge. "I'll be back, eh? Ain't no one gonna stop the--"
He slammed his head against the house in the middle of the dock.
"...Zeke," he finished, as he collapsed on to the Boat of Losers.
Chris tossed Heather's marshmallow into his mouth, after she refused to eat "that factory-produced garbage".
"And with that, the Bass are down to seven! Tune into next week's awesome episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 9: Defy Your Ally

Posted on: July 12, 2010

Chris poked his head out of the window of the Bass's house. "Last time on Total Drama Island! The two teams made one of these each!" He pointed to the house he was in. The camera followed him as he walked out of the house's front door. "Tension between Courtney and Gwen flared, and Gwen lost it! Although they both sucked, I had to give the Gophers the win. The Bass sent homeschool packing! See ya later, alligator! Will Cody and Katie have another corny moment hogging up more screentime? Trust me, you'll find out on today's thrilling episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The camera zoomed into the Bass's cabin, where Lindsay was up particularly early, applying makeup to her tanline in order to hide it.
Heather sat up on her top bunk, noticed Lindsay, and chuckled.
Lindsay turned around. "Heather, what's so funny?"
"I don't know," Heather said, "maybe it's that you look like a circus freak with that blue eyeliner.
Lindsay laughed, "Heather, it's not blue, it's light aquamarine."
Lindsay: (confessional) Sometimes, Heather's a little... (leans into the camera, and whispers) ...dumb. Sorry!
Heather rolled her eyes and got ready for the day.

Meanwhile, with the Gophers, Bridgette and Courtney had switched bunks due to Bridgette's recent injury. Courtney, still thinking she was on the bottom bunk, hopped off of the bed, and landed face-first onto the floor.
LeShawna woke up with that as the first thing she had seen, and laughed hysterically in her bunk underneath Gwen.
Courtney, annoyed, stood up and walked out of the cabin as if nothing happened.
LeShawna: (confessional) That Courtney girl? Hilarious. Only reason she ain't my friend is because she's too much of a "Miss Priss".

Chris shouted into his megaphone, "Campers. Terrible news, the show's being cancelled!"
Courtney sighed. "Chris, you realize the redundancy of shouting into a megapho-- wait, what?"
The campers cheered and evacuated their cabins, only to be stopped by some loud feedback from the megaphone.
"Just kidding, we'd never stop torturing you."
Heather was steamed. "What was the point of that!? Are you just that much of a--"
Chris blew an airhorn in the middle of Heather's sentence. "All will be explained, my impudent child. That lie was to show you that you shouldn't trust me. Can anyone guess what today's challenge theme is?"
Lindsay raised her hand. "Ooh, ooh, ooh, pick me! Ooh, ooh!"
"Ugh," Heather scoffed. ,"if this'll shut her up, the answer's trust."
Lindsay glared at Heather and complained, "You're supposed to wait for Chris to call on you! Besides, the answer is--"
Chris looked at his watch and desperately said, "Alright! Let's move on to the first challenge."

Chris took the campers to the first challenge site, which was a small cliff.
"This first challenge is all about teamwork. Except for one person. And those people are..."
He looked at his clipboard. "Trent and Lindsay!"
Trent asked, "What do we do?"
Chris pointed to the top of the cliff. "You guys need to get up there, and stand on the team symbols painted on the floor."
Chris looked at the other campers as Trent and Lindsay walked up the cliff. "In the meantime, you guys see those trampolines?"
He pointed to the green and red trampolines, about seventy-five meters away from the cliffside.
"There are six - or seven, in the Gophers' case - ropes attached to the trampolines. Each member who is not Trent or Lindsay needs to tie themselves to the rope, and drag the trampoline to the red X on the ground in five minutes, unless you want to kill off a teammate."
Courtney wondered, "Trent never really was of use to us..."
Gwen defended Trent. "Trent's done way more for the team than you've done, all you've been doing is bossing us around and lose challenges for us!"
A flashback was shown of the rock band challenge and the camping challenge.
Heather slowly inched toward Courtney. "Are you going to tell Chris some time this century?"
Courtney whispered back, "Calm down, I've got her in the palm of my hand."

Trent and Lindsay were seen waving down at the other campers, who were tying themselves with the ropes.
Chris shouted to Trent and Lindsay, "Oh, those team symbols you're standing on are actually ejection pads that activate in five minutes. Four minutes and fifty-nine seconds, now, actually. And if you get off of them, your team automatically loses this challenge!"
The two gulped as they reluctantly stood on the pads.
The Gophers began to move the trampoline, but each Gopher headed in a different direction. The trampoline stayed in the same place and the Gophers were pulled backwards.
Kevin complained, "What the heck, guys?"
Courtney eyed Kevin. "Ugh, the trampoline didn't move because we all moved in opposite directions. Everyone, move that way!"
Once Courtney said 'that way', everyone but Courtney moved in the direction she was pointing in, and since she wasn't ready, she was being dragged along underneath the trampoline.

The Bass decided to tie the boys in front of the trampoline and the girls behind the trampoline, because as Cody put it before Katie slapped him, "The chicks push and the guys pull. Common life principle."
As the Bass pushed the trampoline, Beth began to grow tired, stopped pushing, and walked.
Heather noticed this and demanded, "Beth! Keep pushing! You think you're special?"
Heather: (confessional) Well, of course she is, but she's not better than anyone here. In fact, everyone here's better than her. So this ally needs to get a major reality check.
Beth stuttered, "I-I got tired! I'm not exactly the strongest person here, y'know!"
Heather asked, "Physically, mentally, or both? Nevermind, the answer's obviously 'both'."
Beth: (confessional) Geez, sometimes Heather's just so mean! But, don't tell her I said that... Kay?"!

Chris looked at his watch and yelled, "Time!"
The pads ejected out Lindsay and Trent, shooting them up into the sky.
Lindsay was shot up a noticeably longer distance due to her weight, and ended up falling past the trampoline by about ten yards. The dirt on her face smudged the makeup on her face, and she took a mini-makeup kit from her pocket and began to fix herself.
Chris asked, "Err, Lindsay, didn't that hurt?"
"What? Oh. Uh... Ow," Lindsay commented.
Chris raised an eyebrow and looked up to see Trent, who was still ascending. Finally, he began to fall, but the force of his drop sent him straight through the trampoline.
Gwen rushed to him. "Trent! Are you alright?"
Trent forced a smile through the pain. "I'm doing better, now that you're here."
Gwen also smiled and helped him up.
Chris ordered, "Alright. Looks like the Gophers win part one! Part two is this way!"

The scene switched to two large platforms on the amphitheater, each with a microphone.
Chris stood on the left platform, which was painted green. "Like Heather said earlier, today's challenges are based on trust. If you tell someone a secret, that means you trust them, until they blab about it to the world. I won't make you tell any secrets, so chill out. This challenge is a scream-off. I need one pre-picked person from each team to get up here and scream into the microphone. Your scream needs to be fifty decibals or higher in order to stay in the challenge. The camper who maintains their scream over fifty decibals for the longest wins this challenge. And the victims are... Gwen and Harold!"
The two glanced over at each other. Harold winked, while Gwen grimaced.
As they walked to their corresponding platforms, Chris told them, "Fifty decibals is a lotta noise! Scream your throats out!"
Harold clutched his throat in fear, while Gwen adjusted the microphone's height.
Chris blew a whistle. "Scream!!"
Harold and Gwen both screamed as loud as they could. Chris and the campers in the audience all covered their ears.
After fifteen seconds, Gwen collapsed on the floor and began to cough. Trent rushed up ringer similar to how Gwen had previously.
Harold stopped screaming and cheered. "Yes! Those pointless breath-holding lessons I took when I was eleven finally paid off!"
Gwen and Trent both smiled at each other as Trent helped her get up.
Chris sighed. "Ugh, I didn't wanna have to do a tiebreaker challenge, but, guess we have to. Follow me to challenge three!"

The final challenge site were two identical obstacle courses, which looked fairly simple. Chris explained the challenge, "Alright, for your final challenge, one person from each team will navigate through the obstacle course... Blindfolded! Another person will be guiding you vocally. First to finish wins! Question-- wait, since when do I care? Gophers, your people are Kevin and Courtney! Kevin's the blind one."
Courtney grinned evilly. "You have to listen to me."
Kevin sighed, "Great, even though I've been doing the exact opposite this entire competition."
Chris continued, "And for the Bass, Beth and Geoff! Beth's blindfolded, while Geoff guides her."
Geoff: (confessional) Beth's clueless enough without a blindfold, so this'll be tough.


The Gophers glare at Courtney and Kevin for losing the challenge.

The two pairs were ready at the starting line.
Chris blew his airhorn. "Go!"
Kevin walked forwards slowly, and Courtney yelled, "Jump over the hurdle!"
Kevin began to run towards it, but Courtney shouted, "Slow down!"
Kevin rolled his eyes behind his blindfold and continued to run, and then jumped over the hurdle. The Gophers cheered, but he crashed into the next obstacle, a tunnel.
Meanwhile, with the Bass, Geoff was working wonders with Beth.
"There's a hurdle, but chill, it's pretty low. Just hop over it!"
Geoff: (confessional) My strategy? Don't stress the dudette out! That'll just make her go crazy and lose it.
Courtney seemed to need to take Geoff's approach, as she was screaming at Kevin. "It's a six-foot wide tightrope! What are you worried about!?"
"Because I have no idea of where I am!"
Chris blew his airhorn. "The Bass win!"
Kevin removed his blindfold to see Beth at the end, cheering.
He threw the blindfold to the ground and stomped back to his team, who was glaring at both him and Courtney.
Chris turned to the Gophers. "Gopherinos, I'll see you at the bonfire tonight!"

While taking their seats at the bonfire ceremony, the Gophers took their seats while staring each other down.
Chris chuckled, "Ooh, this tension is tighter than the votes you guys placed. I mean, seriously, nearly everyone got a vote. Well, you know the drill. There's eight of you here, and I only have seven marshmallows. The first one, by barely anything, goes to DJ!"
DJ stood up and waved to the others. "Good luck, guys."
Chris looked at his vote sheet. "LeShawna and Justin!"
Justin stood up and brushed his hair to the side, causing LeShawna to stumble slightly.
"Gwen and Trent!"
The two stood up, holding hands, and picked up their marshmallows.
"Down to the bottom three. This marshie goes to Kevin."
He stood up, stuck his tongue out at Courtny and waved goodbye.
Chris looked at Courtney, then Bridgette, then at the one marshmallow on his plate.
"The final marshmallow goes to..."
The two girls held hands in fear of each other's fate.
Bridgette's jaw dropped. "Why? More importantly, how?"
Gwen patted Bridgette on the back. "You're hurt. You can't help the team too much anymore. The camera didn't catch it, but you were wincing the entire time you were dragging the trampoline."
Bridgette frowned. "Guess you're right, it's for the better."
Chris sniffled. "Alright... And with that, we're down to fourteen. Who's next? Find out next time only on... Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 10: Paintball-Istic

Posted on: July 13, 2010

Chris stood on the top of the infamous cliff. "Last time on Total Drama Island, the campers were put through three trust challenges to help 'fix' their issues with each other! To make a long recap short, Lindsay flew, Gwen passed out, Kevin chickened out, and Bridgette got the boot! Will the Gophers crumble under the pressue? Find out on today's thrilling episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The next morning, the camera zoomed into the Gopher cabin as Gwen woke up.
She stretched and yawned, and when she noticed the camera, she shoved it out of the cabin.
As the cameraman fumbled out of the cabin, she muttered, "Videotaping kids while they're sleeping? Seriously?"
The cameraman moved on to the Bass cabin, where no one was awake.
Harold was talking in his sleep, "Take that, Feronkles..."
Panning across the bunks, Heather was seen calmly sleeping with her hair in a ponytail.
Lindsay had two cucumbers over her eyes, and suddenly woke up. She ate one, noticed the camera, and claimed, "What? They're healthy!"

The cameraman exited the cabin, and Chris walked into the campgrounds with a megaphone. He announced, "Campers! Meet me at the bonfire grounds in twenty minutes!"
Courtney, now on the bottom bunk again, hesitantly stepped off of her bed, noticed she was on the bottom bunk, and facepalmed herself.
As the Gophers exited their cabin, Courtney accidentally stumbled over Gwen.
Courtney, slightly angered, asked, "Did you just try to trip me?"
"No," Gwen replied, confused.
Gwen: (confessional) I've got something a lot better in store for her after making me kiss up to her for so long.
The Bass yawned as they walked out of their cabin.
Heather stood on the cabin porch and examined both the Gophers and the Bass, and nodded in satisfaction.
Heather: (confessional) The teams are even now. It's about time. The Loafers [Gophers] are seriously starting to crease me. We'd better win today's challenge...

At the bonfire grounds, Chris was holding a green paintball gun and aimed it at Harold. Harold ran behind Heather, who was shot in the arm by a green paintball.
She wiped the paint off of her. "Ow! Chris, what the heck was that for?"
Chris laughed, "Two reasons. One; challenge hint! Two; that intern who was supposed to give me a massage this morning never showed, so I'm kinda ticked, and I need a punching bag."
Heather suggested, "Then, why not pick on someone who's big enough to be a punching bag, like LeShawna?"
"Don't start with me, honey," LeShawna warned.
Heather continued, "Why are you calling me 'honey'? Oh, right, that's what you stuff your pillow with at night, I guess it's hard to tell, with those ping-pong balls you dare to call eyes."
LeShawna lifted her sleeves. "Bring it, you no-good, skinny, little--"
LeShawna paused, grabbed Chris's paintball gun, and opened fire on Heather.
Heather was covered in green paint, and screamed, "LeShawna! What the heck is wrong with you!?"
"Nothin' at all, honey," LeShawna taunted as she handed Chris back the paintball gun.
Chris clapped. "Thank you, LeShawna, for demonstrating today's challenge!"
LeShawna exclaimed, "I get to do that again?!"
Heather, outraged, asked, "She gets to do that again?!"
Cody tentatively asked, "Mind if I ask, why's Tyler over there?"
The campers all looked to the left to see Tyler, waving at them. They all yelled, "Tyler!?"
Chris suddenly remembered, "Oh, right! Surprise. Tyler's back in the game!"
Heather pouted. "I thought we got rid of him."
"I did too," Chris said, eyeing Tyler suspiciously. "But it seems I miscounted the votes that night. Beth was the who should've been eliminated!"
Beth gasped, and Heather asked, "How?"
Chris shrugged. "I'm not allowed to reveal votes unless I want to. And I don't want to. Anyways, I'd send home Beth, but, I'll tell you what. She can stay, and Tyler gets to join the team of his choice!"
Tyler shrugged and wondered aloud, "If I go with them, they might get--"
"How about you just go on the losing team after the challenge? That way the teams stay even," Chris interrupted, motioning towards his watch.
Chris looked back at the campers, who were still in a sudden shock at Tyler's unexpected return.
Justin stood up. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. In the past ten or so bonfire ceremonies, didn't you always say that once someone was eliminated, they could never, ever, ever, ever come back? Ever?"
Chris smirked. "Guess they can. Now, onto the challenge. You guys will each get a paintball gun, Gophers get green guns with green paint, Bass get red guns with red paint. The challenge is basically just to get everyone on the opposite team shot! Only rule: Once you're shot, you can't shoot back. Simple, right?"
The campers nodded and shrugged, except for DJ who asked, "But... paintballs hurt! Aren't we gonna wear some protective gear or somethin'?"
Chef then walked in carrying a crate of orange-tinted protective glasses.
DJ asked, "...that's it?"
Chris nodded, "Yuh-huh. Now, get your supplies and get to the opposite ends of the forest."

At the Gophers' end of the forest, Courtney explained their strategy.
"We should all go in different directions, and we should never group together. That way, if one of us is spotted, the Bass'll only shoot one of us."
Kevin nodded impressed. "Hate to say it, but nice strategizing, Court."
Courtney: (confessional) Oh, don't play nice with me. You got my only ally voted off, so you'd better watch your back. Courtney's got a little somethin'-somethin' up her sleeve. It only requires that we win today's challenge; we don't need that lackey on our team.
The bass huddled together as Heather explained their technique.
"We'll split up in teams. Lindsay, Beth, Geoff and I will go left, while you three go right. We'll splatter whoever we see together to get a sure shot."
Harold put his hand out. "Good work, Heather."
Heather slowly put Harold's hand down. "Yeah, I know, now get ready for the challenge."
Harold: (confessional) Seems Heather isn't interested in me. I guess that means my next choice is Lindsay. (spits on hand, slicks hair back) Just call us Har-say! Ugh, how do those fangirls think of these couple names?

Chris blew his airhorn. "Play ball! Paintball, that is, heh."
The Gophers scattered in different directions, except for DJ who stood in the same place.
LeShawna noticed this and furiously whispered, "DJ! Get in here!"
DJ worried, "What if I get shot?"
LeShawna replied, "You'll be a bigger target if you just stand in the open like that steak Eva destroyed! Get in the forest!"
DJ ran to LeShawna, and hid behind her as a shield.

The Bass split up into the teams which Heather assigned, and slowly approached the center of the forest.
Katie gasped, "Look!"
She pointed at Justin, who was sitting on a tree stump, drinking water.
She fawned over the sight, and rested her arm on Cody's shoulder. Cody couldn't withstand her shoulder weight, and collapsed, startling Justin, who ran away.
Harold suddenly jumped up, as if awoken from a trance. "Wha-wha-what happened?"
Katie also snapped back. "I... don't remember."

Heather led Lindsay, Beth, and Geoff with her as she walked through the forest.
Heather slowly inched towards Geoff led him behind the group. "Hey, Geoff..."
Geoff excitedly said, "'Sup, dudette?" Heather tried to hide her distaste. "Well, did you know that I could take you all the way to the final four with Lindsay and Beth?"
"No way," Geoff replied, in shock.
Turning his face towards hers, Heather locked eyes with Geoff. "Oh, way."
While doing so, both Heather and Geoff were shot by Gwen, who ran away quickly, snickering.

LeShawna, sick of being used as protection, reminded DJ, "Yo, remember what Courtney said? If we're caught together, we're both dead."
DJ still stood behind LeShawna, who threw her hands in the air in surrender. Just then, the two were shot by Beth.
LeShawna shrieked, "Girl!!"
Beth frowned and waved at them. "Sorry, guys."
DJ clutched the spot where he was shot by Beth, whimpering.
LeShawna: (confessional) Where the heck did the DJ from the swimming challenge go?

Trent and Kevin ended up accidentally running into each other in the forest.
Kevin pulled his paintball gun out, but then apologized. "Sorry, dude, thought you were a Bass."
Trent laughed, "Don't worry, I did too. Hey, have you seen Gwen?"
Kevin continued walking. "Nope, not since we split up at the other side of the woods." He sat down on the same tree stump that Justin had before, while Trent paced around him. "Crap. I really need to tell her something."
Kevin raised an eyebrow. "Dude, you're so falling for her."
Trent was about to say something, but instead he screamed in pain, grabbing his left thigh.
Kevin also yelped and fell off of the tree stump, while Katie, Geoff, and Cody jumped out from behind a bush. They high-fived and cheered, however it wasnfor naught, as all three of them were shot by Courtney.
Trent, in pain, yelled, "Nice job, Court!"

Justin had continued to wander around in the forest, occasionally sitting down.
Justin: (confessional) At this point, I'm willing to get shot by a paintball. Something to let me know that I didn't wander off into Mexico or something!
Justin's wish was fulfilled, as Beth shot him from behind a bush.
Beth realized it was Justin that she shot, and ran over to him. "Justin! I'm so sorry! I thought you were Courtney! You know how masculine she can be at tim--"
Beth was shot by Courtney, who stomped over to her. "I'm masculine?!?"
Courtney turned to Justin. "Am I masculine?"
Justin quickly asked, "If I say 'no', will you help me up?"
Courtney blushed, "I'll do more than that."
"Well, then, no, you're the most feminine person on the show."
Justin: (confessional) I only know that because there was a small blood stain on her blanket last night.

Courtney and Gwen had met up with each other in the forest, but Courtney warned, "Gwen! Beat it before we both get caught!"
Gwen rolled her eyes and turned around, while muttering, "Prissy little bi--"
She was cutoff by a paintball to her glasses.
Lindsay ran towards Gwen and hugged her. "O-M-G, I'm so sorry!"
Gwen detached herself from the hug and assured Lindsay, "No problem, you stopped me from killing Courtney. Then again, that might not exactly be a good thing."
Courtney noticed this and shot Lindsay, but not before shooting a dirty look at Gwen.
Chris walked into the forest and announced, "The Gophers win! Bass, I'll see you at the bonfire ceremony, along with Tyler, who might I add, has invincibility tonight!"
Heather: (confessional) Ugh, great. Ty-loser has invincibility, the person we were all gonna vote off!

The bonfire ceremony was shortly after the challenge, and Tyler proudly sat in the front row.
Chris impatiently went through the procedure. "Eight campers. Seven marshmallows. If you don't get one, leave. Alright, first marshmallows go to Tyler, Geoff and Heather."
Heather gave a thumbs-up to Geoff, while forcing a grin. Chris raises an eyebrow, but continued normally.
"Lindsay, Beth, Harold!"
The three all picked up their marshmallows.
"Katie, Cody, one of you lovebirds are going home tonight!"
Lindsay asked, "Lovebirds? Awww!"
Katie and Cody held hands as Chris announced, "Cody!"
Cody turned to Katie, but she was already at the Boat of Losers.
Katie squealed, "Sadie! I'm coming!"
Chris laughed, "Wow. Nothing feels worse than your girl leaving you for another girl. Anyways, Tyler's back, Katie's gone, and we're back at fourteen! Who's next to go? Find out, only on Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 11: Scareful What You Wish For

Posted on: July 15, 2010

Chris sat on the Dock of Shame, with his legs swinging over the edge. "In last week's episode of Total Drama Island, the competition tensed as Tyler returned! Heather got Geoff in her alliance, and Trent went crazy over Gwen! The Bass lost, and they ended up sending home Katie, the weakest link. Goodbye! With the teams at an even seven to seven, which team will scare out a member? Find out on today's bone-chilling episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The episode picked up where the previous one left off, with Cody sighing at Katie's elimination.
Tyler patted his back. "Don't worry, dude, you deserve someone way better. I hear Lindsay's still up for grabs."
He nudged Cody's shoulder, and managed to get him walking to the campgrounds.
The Bass walked into their cabin, yawning, and crawled into their beds. But a loud scream from Lindsay woke them up again, along with the Gophers.
The campers all groaned in their beds as Lindsay continued to scream.
Heather: The only reason I'm not shoving a sock down her throat is because she's in my alliance, and I need her trust to get me through the game.

Lindsay sat down in her bed and said aloud, "I think I'm never gonna get over my fear of bugs!"
She whimpered as she noticed a small worm in the corner.
"It's okay, Linds. I mean, I'm terrified of clowns! Those things are just freaky," Beth shuddered.
Heather turned her head slightly to Beth and Lindsay, while scoffing. "Oh, please. Those are nothing compared to those dodgeballs we had four weeks ago."
Tyler rolled over on his top bunk and tried to join the conversation, but fell off and landed beside Geoff's bed, waking him up.
"Dude, you freaked me out, that sounded like an explosion of something," Geoff complained. "I'm scared of those."
Tyler stood up and sat on the windowsill towards the back of the cabin. "Well, uh, fire freaks me out. It's, uh..."
Lindsay finished, "Hot?"
Cody turned over in his bunk after he heard Lindsay's voice. "Just like you."
Harold began to write something down in a notebook.
Beth asked, "What's that?"
Harold quickly slipped it underneath his pillow. "Nothing."
Harold: (confessional) I hope no one finds my notebook full of pick-up lines! I'm terrified of being embarassed.
Cody suddenly peered down from his top bunk and became lightheaded. "Whoa, my fear of heights is starting to hit me again."
"Then, why don't we all go to sleep and drop the subject? Knowing Chris, he'll wake us up at five in the morning," Beth suggested.

At the same time, the Gophers were all awoken by Lindsay's scream.
Courtney covered her ears. "Ugh, Lindsay! Next time she does that, someone's getting hurt."
DJ jumped underneath his bunk and screamed.
Courtney began to lift up her sleeves, but Justin restrained her.
Justin said, "Alright, it's late at night, we're all pretty tired, let's just go back to sleep."
DJ stayed crouchig underneath his bed. "I'm scared of loud noises! They freak me out."
LeShawna asked, "What doesn't freak you out?"
DJ began to think while Trent spoke, "You're scared of loud noises too?"
Gwen crossed her legs in her bottom bunk. "I have clautrophobia. Even this cabin is kinda freakin' me out."
Kevin piped up, "Oooh! I have a huge fear of skydiving. I mean, anything can go wrong, y'know?"
Scooting backwards in her bed, LeShawna pleaded, "Oh, don't even mention a plane around me. Them things are scary."
Justin massaged his face. "Can't imagine looking horrible."
Justin got into the fetal position in his top bunk, while Courtney laid down in her bed. "I'm fearless. Now, let's get back to sleep."

The next morning, the campers were assembled in the Mess Hall when Chris walked in.
"Morning, campers. Hope you're not too scared about today's freaky challenge!"
Chef snickered in the kitchen as he threw a dodgeball from hand-to-hand, causing Heather to back away into the opposite corner of the room.
Chris announced, "Thanks to you guys last night, today's challenge is about facing your fears!"
Heather facepalmed herself as Chris began to read off of a purple card. "First to face their phobias are... Cody! LeShawna! Kevin! You guys need to come with me!"
The three of them walked out of the Mess Hall, only to be confronted by an airplane. The three of them began to walk back into the Mess Hall, but Chef stopped them by holding a large butcher knife.
Chris motioned them into the airplane. "C'mon now. Then again, you could back out..."
The three of them nodded as they turned around.
"...and risk losing your team the challenge," Chris finished.
The three of them reluctantly boarded the plane, hyperventilating and all, with Chef piloting.

Chris walked back into the Mess Hall holding his card.
"Next up... Beth and Justin!"
Justin asked, "Uh, Beth, what did you say your fear was?"
Beth, mesmerized by Justin, began to speak gibberish, but finally said, "Clowns."
Justin sighed as he walked with Chris. They ended up at the amphitheater, with a makeup artist sitting on a stool.
Beth asked, "Makeup?"
Relieved, Justin exhaled and thought, "Oh. It's just makeup. I thought they were gonna--"
He was interrupted by a bike horn coming from the curtains. A bugle was then heard, followed by a klaxon and a fog horn. Finally, the source of the sounds revealed itself, a clown with full-fledged white makeup, a large red nose, an extremely colorful outfit, and size 16 shoes.
Beth fainted and collapsed onto Justin, causing him to fall. He slammed his jaw against the floor of the stage, and he knocked out a tooth.
He got on his knees and shouted, "WHY!?"
Chris patted him on the back. "It's okay. Now you look like Harold!"
Justin stood up and walked to the cabins while saying, "I can't do this. I'm getting my tooth recovery kit."
Chris called out to him, "If you do that, you'll risk losing the challenge for yo--"
Justin yelled back, "I don't care!"

Chris, now back at the Mess Hall, the other nine campers were worried about what would happen next.
"DJ, Trent, and... Geoff!"
He brought the three boys out to the shore, which had many speakers ad microphones along it.
He gave Trent and DJ two sets of headphones. "Put these on. Geoff, err, I need you to walk to those speakers over there."
Geoff tentatively took a step, and shrugged. He took another step, and an explosion was heard. The microphone picked this up, causing DJ and Trent to scream.
They put their hands on the sides of their headphones in order to remove them, but Chris stopped them. "Tut, tut, tut! Take 'em off, and you risk losing the challenge for your team!"
DJ and Trent reluctantly kept their headphones on, while Geoff stood in the same place, worried.
Chris threw a walkie-talkie at Geoff, causing him to stumble over to the opposite side, triggering several explosions. DJ shrieked and removed his headphones, running back to the Gopher cabin.
Chris shrugged and patted Geoff and Trent on the back. "Nice job, you scored a point for your team."

Meanwhile, in the airplane, LeShawna was fanning herself in the corner, while Chef threw a parachute at Kevin.
He caught it, and Chef ordered, "Jump in ten seconds!"
Kevin sputtered, "B-twi-twu-twhaaa?"
Chef set the plane on auto-pilot and shoved Kevin off the plane.
Kevin frantically put on the parachute, and yelled, "How do you release this thing?!"
Chef threw an instruction manual back at Kevin. He caught it, opened it up, and yelled back, "This is the instruction manual from the treehouse challenge!!"
Chef shrugged, and Kevin pulled a red string. It released the parachute, and he gently landed on the Mess Hall roof.
He gave a thumbs-up to the airplane, and jumped into the Mess Hall chimney, startling the other six campers sitting down.

Chris walked back into the Mess Hall carrying a bottle of water, and noticed Kevin, covered in soot.
"I won't ask. Now, Harold and Lindsay, come with me!"
The three of them walked out of the Mess Hall, and were confronted by a pool of bugs. Lindsay jumped in Harold's arms, causing Harold to grin.
Chris explained, "Lindsay, your task is to simply jump in, and jump out."
Lindsay nodded, and slowly walked to the edge of the pool.
Chris turned to Harold. "Your challenge is..."
He opened his water bottle and threw water at Harold's pants. "Walk into the Mess Hall, and announce, 'I peed my pants'."
Harold looked at his pants, then the Mess Hall door, then at Chris.
Harold: (confessional) Whatever my pants are wet anyways.
Harold jumped through the door and yelled, "I peed my pan--"
He was interrupted by Gwen, Heather, and Courtney's loud laughter, while Tyler had a confused expression on his face.
Sulking back to Chris, Harold said, "I did it."
Chris laughed and said, "Great, you're tied with the Gophers. Trent and Kevin scored, and you and Geoff scored."
Lindsay ran back into the Mess Hall, where Tyler and Heather groaned.
Heather complained, "Great, you've lost us a point!"
The Mess Hall began to shake as the plane landed beside it. Cody and LeShawna leaped out, and Chris awarded each team a point.
He began to layer the pressure on the remaining four competitors. "The pressure's on; Gwen, Courtney, Heather, and Tyler are the only factors."
Courtney corrected, "Actually, only Gwen. I'm not scared of anything."
Chris grinned, "Oh, we'll see about that."

The scene switched over to the dodgeball court, where Heather was desperately trying to open a locked door.
The other campers began to laugh, but Heather snatched a dodgeball from Chef's hands and threw it at Courtney.
The dodgeball hit her face, and her nose, causing it to bleed slightly.
Courtney shrieked, not out of pain, but because she was bleeding in general.
Heather taunted, "Courtney's a hemophobe!"
Lindsay put her hands on her hips. "Well, that's not nice, Courtney. People should be allowed to like whoever they want!"
Tyler explained, "Lindsay, that's a--"
Chris interrupted, "Okay, I was going to play a flashback of the treehouse challenge, but I'll just say it. Courtney's fear is blood! And since she's not really doing a good job of facing it, she's not getting the point! Heather is!"
Heather folded her arms and menacingly glared at Courtney.
Chris led Gwen and Tyler to the final challenge.

The final challenge was a small closet full of random supplies.
Chris rummaged through them and found some matches.
"Alright, Tyler. All you have to do is light a match. Kay?"
Tyler became wide-eyed as Chris put the matches in his hands.
After five minutes, Chris began to grow impatient as Tyler held it.
Tyler finally said, "I, uh, don't know how to light a match."
Everyone sighed in annoyance as Chris grabbed it from him and lit a match, causing Tyler to run away in fear. Chris sighed, "Looks like Tyler lost this point. Now, Gwen! You're the last one. All you have to do is this."
Chris pushed Gwen into the closet, but Gwen stuck her boot out before he closed it.
She opened the closet and asked, "Chris, what the heck?"
Heather: (confessional, snickering) Gwen came out of the closet. (doubles over in laughter)
Chris stomped one foot. "Darnit, Gwen, I wanted you to give us a tiebreaker challenge. Fine, seems like the Gophers lose this one. Vote in the confessional, and I'll see you at the bonfire. And, as a twist, Kevin, LeShawna, and Trent are safe for being the only ones to complete the challenge!"

The bonfire ceremony began with Chris shouting, "Boo", and getting a shriek from DJ.
Chris laughed, "Never gets old. Now, there are seven of you here, and I only have six marshmallows. The person who doesn't get his marshmallow will walk the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the Boat of Losers, and leave for good."
"The first marshmallows go LeShawna, Kevin, and Trent!"
The three of them high-fived and collected their marshmallows.
He sprang up and picked up his marshmallow.
She walked up to Chris, was about to say something, but decided to stay quiet and took her marshmallow.
"Justin, Courtney, this was a really tight vote. But, one of you got more. The final marshmallow goes to..."
Justin was busy fixing his teeth, while Courtney wore a smug grin.
Justin said, "Great, now the public doesn't have to see this atrocious face."
Courtney: (confessional) Thanks to Gwen's blackmail, DJ being DJ, and getting Gwen to bribe Trent, I got a certain someone voted off. Later, Justin.
Chris looked at the camera and announced, "With the Bass in the lead, it seems that the Gophers are falling apart! Tune in next time on Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 12: Melancholy Magicians

Posted on: July 17, 2010

The camera zoomed into an empty dock, and Chris popped out from the left. "Boo! Hehe. That's what our challenge was in last week's episode! The fourteen campers faced their worst fears. From explosions to dodgeballs, only half of them faced their fears! The Gophers lost, and Courtney got Justin voted off! Will Courtney's alliance strike again? Will Heather's Alliance fall apart? Find out on today's magical episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

In the Bass cabin, Heather was awake, applying makeup to her face.
Heather: (confessional) I've got this game in the palm of my hands. Geoff, Lindsay, Beth and I cover the majority of the Bass, meaning we can vote off any of those three losers. When the teams split, I'll get Courtney and Gwen into my alliance, and we'll dominate until the final six. After that, we spill Gwen's secret, Lindsay, Beth and I vote off Geoff and Courtney, and I can easily take out Lindsay and Beth. This game is way too easy.
Lindsay had also woke up, her tanline now completely invisible.
She stood next to Heather and opened her makeup kit, and had a much wider variety of color than Heather.
Heather grabbed a dark pink shade of lipstick, while Lindsay protested, "Heather! Give me back my lipstick!"
Now applying the lipstick, Heather said, "Really? You're not willing to let your alliance member borrow your stuff? You know, the person that can, oh, I dunno, get you voted off?!"
Lindsay: (confessional) Heather's a really nice person, but sometimes, she's... not.
The others members of the Bass woke up.
Geoff stretched in the middle of the cabin and began a quick pep talk.
"You guys ready to win another challenge?"
Only Tyler replied, "Yeah!"
Geoff sang, "I can't heaaar yooou..."
Heather walked up to him, turned him to his profile, and shouted in his ear, "Yes!"
He began to pick his ears, while Heather walked off in disgust, and Tyler watched in interest.
Heather: (confessional) Out of all the people I choose to be in my alliance, I pick Geoff. Seriously, I mean, seriously!?

As the Bass walked out of their cabin, the Gophers had also finished getting ready for the day.
Suddenly, there was a small explosion in front of the Bass cabin. The campers ran towards it to investigate what it was, but Chris walked out of the smoke, and they all groaned.
Lindsay squealed, "Oooh! We're doing magic because you were all like, 'poof'!"
Heather scoffed, "As if."
Chris dusted himself off while coughing, and said, "Actually, we are doing magic!"
"But magic isn't real," Gwen protested.
Chris shook his head. "Wow, your parents are downers. When you were five, didn't you have a little something called imagination?"
Heather laughed. "Her imagination died along with her care for the human race."
Gwen gasped as she turned to Heather, protesting, "I'm a vegetarian! I'm in at least thirty different recycling organizations! The world is going to die because of all this factory crap!"
Glaring at Gwen, Heather said, "You're right. Factories that make things like TVs, computers, iPhones..."
Gwen's eyes widened as it struck her that Courtney and Heather were allied.
Heather: (confessional) Now that was satisfying.

The scene switched over to the first challenge site, a large platform in the lake which was composed of nine playing cards turned face down.
Chris stood on the middle card, and explained the challenge.
"I call this challenge, The Card Quake! The thirteen of you will all stand on this platform made out of huge playing cards! The cards will do whatever they can to shake you off. The person who doesn't fall into the lake wins the first part of our magical three-part challenge!"
Courtney asked, "Uh, how exactly will the cards 'shake us off'?"
"Oh, you'll see," Chris taunted.
The campers swam from the Dock of Shame to the platform, and all of them stood on the center card.
Chris pressed a large button and shouted, "Go!"
The cards began to shake, causing a few campers to stumble.
Courtney, Tyler, and Lindsay fell on the lower left card, which flipped over and dropped them into the lake.
Lindsay spit some water out of her mouth and commented, "How rude!"

The remaining ten campers were doing well at maintaining their balance, until Chef dragged a cannon out from behind.
Chris jumped in the back as Gwen yelled, "Dodge!!"
Heather asked, "Do you take joy in torturing us?"
Chris admitted, "Yes, yes I do."
While Chef began to load the cannon, the panels began to flip over. A majority of the campers jumped, the minority being Trent. He was tossed into the lake, feet-first.
Chris fired a dodgeball at Heather, who stood in the same place in fear.
Heather was hit in the torso, knocking her off of the platform.
With only eight campers remaining, Chris ordered, "Alright, everyone, stand in the middle of your own card, besides the center one."
Suddenly, the center panel fell. Chris laughed as the campers looked at the newly-made hole in the platform. "Every forty-five seconds, a panel will fall until there's one left!"
Chris fired another dodgeball at Harold as the panels began to shake. Harold dodged it and taunted, "Missed me!"
Chris then aimed a dodgeball at Kevin, who was standing in front of him. The force of the dodgeball knocked Kevin into Harold, causing them both to fall off of the platform.
The panel which Gwen was standing on fell at that moment, leaving five campers on the platform.
Chris tried to fire another dodgeball, but was out of ammo. Chef threw Lindsay into the cannon, and Chris complied. Lindsay was sent flying towards her ally, Beth. The two of them crashed into Geoff, but they were still on the platform.
To make a bad situation worse, the panel that the three were laying upon fell, leaving DJ, Cody, and LeShawna on the six remaining panels.
Cody began to lose his balance, but was slapped in the face by a panel beside him which had flipped sides. He stumbled backwards, dazed, and crashed into LeShawna. The two of them fell off of the platform, leaving DJ as the winner.
Chris clapped. "That was, by far, my favorite challenge this season! Alright, challenge two is this way!"

The second challenge site was at the exact same place; the panels had all turned over to the same side to reveal a scoreboard, darts style.
Gwen asked, "Why isn't Chef taking away the cannon?"
Chris laughed, "Oh, hoho! This plays a huge role in the second challenge."
Lindsay wondered, "What is it?"
"This challenge is called Cannonballed Campers! Magicians always trick people with their fancy levitation tricks, so why not base a challenge on it? Three campers from each team will be the cannonballs for this challenge, while the others aim it to hit the center of that target board!"
Chris pointed to the transformed scoreboard in the middle of the lake, which had five rings, scored as 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.
"And the cannonballs are... Trent, LeShawna, DJ, Beth, Cody and Lindsay!"
The six of them gulped as they stared at the large distance between the cannons and the target board.

The Gophers were the first, and LeShawna was thrown into the cannon, courtesy of Chef Hatchet.
Courtney asked, "How do we fire this thing?"
Kevin silently pointed to the 'fire' button, while Courtney sighed, "Ohhh."
Kevin: (confessional) Geez, sometimes this girl's worse than Lindsay. And that's saying something.
Courtney slammed her hand on the button, sending LeShawna flying through the air.
"Ow!" LeShawna cried as she was smashed against the second inner-most ring.
"Forty points for the Gophers," Chris states.
Kevin sent off their next cannonball, Trent.
The guitarist was shot across the lake, and thumped his head on the '10' sign.
"Fifty," Chris impartially announced.
DJ was frightened to go in the cannon, but was encouraged by Chef to do so.
Gwen pushed the 'fire' button, and DJ screamed as he accelerated through the air.
He landed on the middle ring, and stuck to it for about six seconds. He then peeled off and fell into the lake.
"And with that, the Gophers end with eighty points!" Chris exclaimed. "The Bass need at least ninety to win it, ad send us into the tiebreaker challenge!"

Geoff and Tyler put Beth in the cannon, and Heather pressed 'fire'.
Beth was shot head-first into the number 40.
Chris held his head as his eyes crossed. "Whoa, déjà vu."
Beth fell off as Cody was thrown into the cannon.
Geoff leaned on the side of the cannon, causing it to tilt slightly.
Heather imprudently pressed 'fire' again, and Cody was way off the mark.
Chris laughed, "Still at forty! Lindsay needs a forty to tie, or a fifty to win!"
Lindsay reluctantly positioned herself inside the cannon as Heather aimed her.
Heather began to make small adjustments in order to get Lindsay right on the fifty.
The ret of her team (except for Harold, who was helping Beth out of the water) pressed the button, and Lindsay flew towards the target board.
Biting their nails, the Bass sighed as they saw Lindsay crash into the middle ring.
An indifferent Chris laughed and said, "And the Gophers win the second challenge, meaning the third challenge... doesn't... need to be played..."


Lindsay gets thirty points, falling shot of the Bass's goal of fifty.

"Alright, Bass, seven will become six after you cast your votes! Gophers, you're safe tonight."

The Gophers cheered, while the Bass sighed.
Heather: (confessional) Tonight's vote is really tough. Why? I don't know which of the three nimrods I want to send home!

The elimination ceremony was much later in the day.
Chris spun his plate of marshmallows around in his hand, and the camera quickly scanned across the row to see the campers' expressions.
Heather had a smug grin, while Lindsay and Beth were smiling. Geoff and Cody were solemn, but Harold and Tyler were sweating buckets.
"This vote was a shocker. I mean, seriously, how'd it come to this?"
"Anyways, first marshmallows go to Lindsay and Beth."
Lindsay and Beth squealed as they took two of the six marshmallows on the plate.
"Harold! Cody! Tyler!"
As the three of them stood up to claim their marshmallows, Geoff looked puzzled.
"And the final marshmallow goes to..."
"Done," Heather said.
Thinking a miracle had come upon him, Geoff asked, "With the game?"
Heather scoffed, "No, with filing my nails. They look nice in the firelight."
"Congratulations, Heather. As a reward for finishing, you get the final marshmallow!"
Heather took her marshmallow from Chris's plate and gave it to Lindsay.
Geoff stood up, sighed, and walked down the Dock of Shame.
Heather: (confessional) Wow, getting Tyler to vote with me was a piece of cake. Geoff's popular and decent at challenges; a threat once the teams merge. Tyler sucks in every way possible, nothing to worry about later on. Basic gameplay.
The camera cut to Chris. "Will Heather's super-alliance strike again? Are the Gophers getting back their groove? Will the contestants ever shower before the challenge? Find out, next time, only on... Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 13: Need a Handker-Chef?

Posted on: July 22, 2010

Chris stood on the Dock of Shame, sweating buckets. "Last time on Total Dram-- ugh, y'know what? Geoff went home, roll the episode. It's too hot for this. Sweaty is not how I roll."

(theme song)

Gwen woke up, noticing a small puddle on her bed.
Out loud, she panicked. "I did not pee the bed."
Trent raised an eyebrow and walked over to her.
"Gwen, you were probably sweating in your sleep. It's pretty hot today."
She noticed that Trent was shirtless, and stood up.
"Oh, uh, yeah, I guess you're right," she said, fumbling her sentence around.
Courtney woke up and saw Trent, and was somewhat annoyed. "Put a shirt o--"
The heat wave hit her, and she rolled out of bed.
Gwen looked at Courtney, then walked out of the cabin with Trent.
The other three Gophers awoke, only to go back to sleep.
LeShawna: (confessional) If we didn't vote off Justin, there'd be a puddle of LeShawna on the floor right now.

Lindsay had walked out of the Bass cabin, wearing a sun hat and blue-tinted sunglasses.
Walking beside her was Beth, who was using the immense hat as shade.
Heather noticed them from outside the window and asked, "Lindsay! Come back here. I need shade."
Lindsay pretended not to hear her and continued walking, but Beth nudged Lindsay's shoulders, saying, "Didn't you hear Heather?"
"Yeah, but do you want to walk all the way back there?" Lindsay asked, exaggerating the ten meters they had walked.
Beth shook her head, and the two walked into the Mess Hall.
Heather: (confessional) I'll get back at Lindsay. Another tanline oughta do her some good.
Cody and Harold were in the midst of an intense debate about which brand of computer mouses is better, but Heather broke the two up.
"Look, nerd and nerdier, I'm allergic to sweat," Heather lied. "I need someone to protect me from that intense heat." She faked a stumble and Harold caught her.
He ran over to his suitcase and gave Heather a baseball cap, which had the words "Comet Wars" on the front.
"You can use this!"
Heather faked a smile and gave it back to him. "Thanks, but, do you have something less you?"
Cody handed Heather a plain red cap, and grinned, with the gap of his missing tooth standing out, being surrounded by his perfectly white teeth.
Cody: (confessional) Score one for the Codmiester!

Harold and Cody continued on to the Mess Hall, and got in line for their breakfast.
The line was noticeably long, and Cody asked, "What's the holdup?"
LeShawna, at the front of the line, impatiently replied, "Chef ain't here, the darn fool slept in!"
Suddenly, the door of the Mess Hall was slammed open, and Chef Hatchet walked in, wearing military garb.
He blew the whistle dangling around his neck and yelled, "Teams! Assemble at the bonfire grounds at 0900 hours!"
Gwen and Courtney shrugged as they looked at each other.
"That means now!"

At the bonfire grounds, Chris was already there, leaning against one of the tree stumps.
"Alright, campers, I'm takin' a little break. Today's challenge is getting run by Chef!"
Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, and Lindsay all groaned.
Heather: (confessional) That guy's like a cross between Hell's Kitchen and Samuel L. Jackson. You can't expect anything from that combo.
"Alright, you maggots," Chef began, "today y'all are gonna wish you never knew me."
Heather rolled her eyes. "We already do."
Chef barked, "What was that, toothpick!?"
Not intimidated, Heather sat on a tree stump and crossed her legs. "I am not doing anything in this heat."
Chef grinned, "Oh, you haven't heard the reward yet. Winners of this challenge get invincibility... and an air conditioner."
Heather sprang up and ran towards her team, shouting, "Alright! We can do this!"
"Challenge is boot camp, Hatchet style," Chef laughed. "Last person standing from my three challenges wins the A.C. and invincibility for the whole gang. Now, challenge one is at the Dock of Shame. Meet me there in one minute!"
The campers mumbled and walked over to the Dock of Shame, but Chef shouted, "That's how you address your commanding officer!?"
LeShawna stood up perfectly straight, put her hand to her forehead and replied, "Sir, yes, sir!"
"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Girl's got it goin' on!"

At the dock, the teams stood before twelve boxes, each striped with four different cords, blue, red, yellow, and green.
"First challenge is pretty easy. Each box's got four wires. Two wires disable it, one wire makes someone else's box explode, and the other one makes yours explode. If yours explodes in any way, you're out!"
Gwen asked, "So, are all wires the same? Like, does every red one save you?"
"Naw, that'd be wack, girl," Chef disproved.
Kevin wondered, "You keep saying "exploding". Is it like, a real bomb?"
Chef slyly said, "You'll see."
The campers rushed to their wires.
Chef announced, "On the count of three, break your wire with the pliers next to the box!"
The Gophers mumbled several different colors to themselves, while Chef counted, "One!"
Lindsay had her plier ready to snap the green wire, while Chef continued, "Two!"

Teammate Wire Cut Effect
Courtney Yellow Exploded on her
DJ Blue Safe
Gwen Blue Safe
Kevin Red Exploded on him
LeShawna Yellow Caused Beth's to explode
Trent Blue Safe

Teammate Wire Cut Effect
Beth Red Exploded due to LeShawna
Cody Blue Safe
Harold Yellow Exploded on him
Heather Yellow Safe
Lindsay Green Safe
Tyler Blue Safe

Chef laughed as Courtney, Kevin, Harold, and Beth wiped raw meat off of themselves.
Courtney asked, "Just... why!?"
"Because I felt like it!" Chef yelled.
"You four are eliminated from the challenge! Go wash up and meet me at whatever challenge we're at. Challenge two is at the cliff!"
The four eliminated contestants walked to the cabins, while the other eight and Chef walked onwards.
Courtney: (confessional) It feels humilitating to be the first to go! Mark my words, I will get revenge!

At the top of the cliff, Chef shouted, "Head count!"
He mumbled a few things to himself and then pointed to four large boards to his side.
"Next challenge; land surfin'! Y'all are gonna pair up and slide down this here cliff. Last pair to hit the bottom loses!"
Heather folded her arms and asked, "How are we supposed to land surf?!"
"She's right, friction won't allow it," Cody added.
Chef lifted one board and showed the campers the opposite side, which was metal and smooth.
"Oh, there's a few ramps and obstacles on the way, too," Chef remembered.
Lindsay gasped, "Oh, that's why there were explosives in my way!"
Chef looked at a cue card behind the camera, and asked, "What's that say? No, third line, fifth word. Ohhhh. Okay, y'all are in these pairs. Grumpy chick with lumpy chick, guitar and leotard, bossy with glossy, and red kid with... the other one."
Everyone shrugged as Chef sighed and recited, "Gwen and LeShawna, Trent and DJ, Heather and Lindsay, Tyler and Cody."
"Oh... you could've said that," Trent said, a bit annoyed.

The campers took their positions on the boards, with the Gophers on the far left, and the Bass on the far right.
Chef blew his whistle, "Land surf!"
NOTE: Each pair's actions are going on at nearly the same time, I'm just addressing each pair individually.
Gwen and LeShawna sped through for about ten seconds, then noticed a ramp.
"Let's go for it, girl!" LeShawna yelled over the wind.
They sped straight into it; it was a fake ramp made out of sticks.
Gwen pounded her hand on the ground as the other three pairs zoomed past them.

Trent and DJ, now placing second, behind Heather and Lindsay, were speeding into a wall of rocks.
"Hold on, dude!" Trent shouted, but DJ barely heard him due to his constant screaming.
Trent attempted to turn the board to the left, but doesn't make it in time.
They crash right into... a cardboard cut-out landscape.
DJ cheered, "I'm alive! Hallelujah!"
The two high-fived, and continued to speed down.

Tyler and Cody were neck-and-neck with LeShawna and Gwen, both pairs trying to get the third place slot.
The boys slammed into the girls's board, but that moved them into a ramp.
Gwen's eyes widened, "Oh, no. Not again."
LeShawna tries shifting her body to the right, but they ended up going straight into the ramp.
Only this time, it was a real ramp. They soared into the air and past Trent and DJ, claiming second place.
Gwen called back to them, "Thanks, boys!"
Tyler facepalmed himself while Cody groaned.

Heather and Lindsay drifted down to the bottom and achieved first place.
Lindsay cheered and hugged Heather out of excitement, and Heather quickly shoved her back.
Lindsay: (confessional) Ow! She like, totally popped my personal bubble.
LeShawna and Gwen also crossed the finish line, meaning the boys would have to battle it out for third.
Both boards were inches away from each other, and taking this as an opportunity, DJ kicked Cody off of his board.
Cody skidded on the rough ground, casuing Tyler to stop and pick him back up.
Trent and DJ got to the finish line, and Chef shook his head.
Heather: (confessional) Geez, you'd think Tyler would learn from his first elimination. Helping is so overrated.
Chef ordered, "Red kid and clumsy boy! You're out of the challenge! Leavin' four Gophers and two Bass... do I really need to do these next challenges?"
"Yes, you do! Then again, I'm ready to 86 someone from my team," Heather thought aloud.
Chef rolled his eyes. "Movin' on. Forest, stat!"

For the third leg of the challenge, the remaining six campers stood in front of a series of trees, which were connected by tightropes.
Chef proudly grinned. "I call this, Tightroped Teenagers. Heh."
DJ gasped, while Chef explained, "Your challenge is to make it across this series of tightropes. There are five trees, and four tightropes in between them. If you fall, one minute is added to your total time. The time it takes each person to get to the last tree is averaged out, and the team with the lower average wins."
The campers all raised their hands, but Chef announced, "Guitar Hero! You're up first."
Trent climbed a ladder up to the first tree, which was connected to the first tightrope. Surprisingly thick, he managed to walk across it easily, until Chef began to throw things at him.
The objects varied from apples to toasters, and Trent was pummeled until he got to the fourth tree, where he fell.
He climbed back up on the fourth tree's ladder and walked across the final tightrope. He cheered, but Chef got him in the head with a clipboard.
Trent fell to the ground next to the final tree, and laid face-up, unconscious.
Chef stopped his watch. "Four minutes and sixteen seconds, plus that extra minute for fallin' makes five-sixteen. Next... Gwen!"

Gwen, now terrified of her fate based on what happened to Trent, slowly climbed up the ladder.
Her mind blanked out as she looked at the tightrope, but gulped and walked across.
As she made it to the second tree, Chef tossed a dodgeball at her.
Gwen ran towards the third tree. Realizing that it was quite easy, she taunted Chef.
"Is that all you've got?"
Chef laughed, "Ooooh, she's a fiesty one."
Gwen walked over to the fourth tree, easily avoiding the objects.
Finally, she got to the fifth tree, and was hit by a DVD case.
She fell on top of Trent, and the two shared a kiss.
Trent woke up and blinked repeatedly. "Did I just get mauled by a bear?"
Gwen: (confessional) That's what he thinks my kisses are? Bear maulings? Wonderful.
Heather: (confessional) Gwen and Trent hooked up? So cliche. The sad, lonely, goth hooks up with some huge-headed guitarist. Well, if Courtney plays her cards right, that whole thing might turn around.
Chef clicked his stopwatch and announced, "Three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Respect, girl. Next!"

LeShawna sighed as she climbed the first ladder.
Heather snickered as the rope dropped when LeShawna stepped on it, shouting, "Don't break the rope; you might add a minute!"
Angry, LeShawna ran to the second tree. Chef threw a frying pan at her.
She caught it and threw it back at Heather, who dodged.
"LeShawna! You are so dead!" Heather exclaimed.
LeShawna rolled her eyes and continued to run through the tightropes, getting hit, but not letting it get to her.
She reached the fifth tree and hopped off in triumph.
Stopping his watch, Chef announced, "Four minutes on the dot! Last up for the Gophers, DJ. Make this one count, bra!"

DJ hesitated as he climbs up the ladder, then noticed the tightrope.
LeShawna: (confessional) DJ. You screw Tyler over, you trip Cody, and you tryin' to play us with that? Trippin'. All I can say. Trippin'.
Courtney, Kevin, Beth, and Harold had finished washing up and came back to watch the challenge.
LeShawna whispered something in Kevin's ear, causing him to wink at Trent.
DJ has finished crossing the second tightrope, and Chef sighed. "This is pathetic."
He threw a bottle of hand sanitizer at DJ, and it hit him in the thigh. DJ fell off, and yelled, "Shoot!"
Courtney shouted, "C'mon! Get into the game!"
DJ furrowed his eyebrows and continued to walk across, dodging Chef's throws. He finally reached the end and walked back to his team.
Chef stopped his watch. "Four minutes and fifty-one seconds. Plus that other minute for fallin' makes five-fifty-one. That ain't cool, my man. Bass are up!"

Heather decided to go first, and quickly climbed the ladder.
She ran across the first few tightropes easily, in fact, she ran so quickly, Chef couldn't aim well enough to hit her even once.
He finally got a clear shot as she crossed the final tightrope.
He hit her, but she stopped (in the middle of the tightrope), flipped him off, and finished the challenge.
Chef, in shock, stops his watch. "T-t-t-two minutes and forty-nine s-seconds..."
Heather cheered, "Yes!"

The last camper, Lindsay, climbed the ladder.
"So, do I like, do a runway walk?"
Chef shook his head and threw an oven mitt at her.
She was hit in the face by it, and shrieked, "I'm blind!"
She fell (off of the first tree) and quickly got back up the ladder.
Chef didn't bother throwing things at her, but she got to the third tree and said, "This is so unappealing to my heels."
He threw some headphones at her, but she ducked and reached the fourth tree.
She lost her balance and fell once again, causing Heather to grow impatient.
Lindsay eventually made it to the fifth tree, jumped off, and blew kisses to invisible fans. "Thank you, thank you!"
Chef stopped his watch and read, "Four minutes and thirty-five seconds, plus two falls makes six minutes and thirty-five seconds! Time to average these babies out."
He took a calculator out from his pocket and punches in some numbers. He gaped at the results, and announced, "The Gophers have an average time of four minutes and forty-one seconds!"
"And the Bass have an average of four minutes and forty-two seconds! The Gophers winagain!"
Chef shook his head in disappointment. "Bass. I'll see y'all tonight."
Courtney coughed, "Ahem, aren;t you forgetting our air conditioner?"
"Oh, we lied about that," Chef dismissed.

The bonfire ceremony took place several hours later, and Chef was the one distributing the five marshmallows.
"Y'all sucked. Beth and Harold are colorblind, Tyler and Cody need a driver's license, and Lindsay can't tell apples from oranges!"
Heather and Chef both glared at the other five.
"First one, someway, somehow, goes to Lindsay."
She shrieked and picked up her marshmallow, while Chef added, "Beth, can you get yours without deafening me?"
Beth nodded and gave an unenthusiastic fist pump as she got her marshmallow.
"Harol--, wait, no, yeah, uh..."
The last four campers became confused as Chef flipped through the votes.
"Oh, yeah, Harold."
He got up, snatched his marshmallow, and complained, "You scared me, gosh!"
She got up, her hair now in a pontytail, and took one of the last two marshmallows.
"Now, for y'all two. You sucked. Bad. But, the last one goes to..."
The two boys gazed at the last marshmallow in Chef's platter.
"...Red kid!"
Tyler jumped in the air. "Yes! Woohoo! Oh, wait, sorry, dude."
Cody patted Tyler on the back. "No worries, man."
Chef led him down the Dock of Shame, and threw him into the Boat of Losers.
He suddenly appeared in dead center of the camera and concluded, "That was the episode! Change the channel! Do your laundry! Go exercise! Don't end up like me taking crap from some grumpy old reality TV hos--"

Chapter 14: Don't Be a Pushover

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Chris recapped, "Last time on Total Drama Island, the campers were put through Chef's style of boot camp! Raw meat flew everywhere, Cody was pretty much anywhere, and Heather's alliance sent Cody back to wherever he came from! With the Bass now outnumbered six to five, how will they cope? Find out on tonight's thrilling episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The two teams were sitting at their tables in the Mess Hall.
At the Gopher table, Gwen, Trent, and DJ were sitting across from Courtney, Kevin, and LeShawna.
Gwen and Trent were holding hands underneth the table, smiling at each other.
Everyone had somehow received the news about their kiss, except for Courtney. In the midst of all the gossip last night, she fell asleep.
So, when she dropped her spoon and kneeled underneath the table to pick it up, there was little surprise as to why she gasped and hit her head.
However, strangely, Courtney was pleased to see this.
Courtney: (confessional) Absolutely perfect! Gwen can get Trent's vote easily now, meaning we have the sure majority! LeShawna's been annoying me as of late... Aha!
She pulled Gwen over to the side while the other Gophers began to talk about oversized fruits.
Gwen moaned, "What do you want now?"
"Well, Gwen, I need you to throw this challenge," Courtney explained.
Gwen shrugged, "Easy enough."
Courtney shook her head, "That's not all. I need Trent to throw it too."
"But... why?" Gwen asked.
Courtney put her hand on Gwen's shoulder. "Just trust me."
"Yeah, I should trust you after all the crap you've been putting me through?" Gwen asked, flabbergasted.
Not answering, Courtney simply walked off.

Chris and walked into the Mess Hall and asked, "How're you eleven doing?"
Heather remarked, "Horribly."
Beth shrugged, "Could be better."
Lindsay blinked. "No."
"It wasn't a 'yes or no' question," Chris told her.
"Anyways, follow me to today's challenge!"

The challenge site was a long, narrow platform suspended fifteen feet over a pond, with two bases on each side.
Each base had five sets of protective equipment and random items.
Chris explained, "Today's challenge is simple. But, awesome. Five pairs will be pitted against each other, and they have to knock each other off of this platform using your assigned weapons. The first team to win three matches wins invincibility."
"Alright, the pairs are... Trent and Harold; Gwen and Lindsay; Kevin and Beth; LeShawna and Heather; and finally, DJ and Tyler."
Courtney asked, "What about me?"
Chris laughed, "You'll see."
Chris continued, "Each team will get the weapon I assign to them. Trent and Harold, you guys'll get those huge baton things!"
Beth stomped. "Aw, I wanted the batons! I can twirl them for hours, and hours, and hours, and--"
Heather clamped her hand over Beth's mouth, as Trent and Harold put on their protective gear.

Trent began to put on his gear.
Gwen asked, "Need help?"
"Uhh, sure," Trent replied.
As Gwen fixed on his helmet, she whispered, "Hey, I need you to lose the challenge."
Trent's eyes widened, "B-b-but why? I thought we were supposed to win. Unless I missed some sort of holiday today."
Gwen rolled her eyes playfully. "Just lose, okay? I'll tell you about it later."
Trent grabbed his baton and made his way to the center of the platform, where Harold already was.
He wondered, "How did you..."
Harold: (confessional) Last summer, I went to Chem Camp. We always neeeded to put on full body suits to protect ourselves in case of an acidic reaction. You know how it is.

Chris blew a whistle. "Commence!"
Harold bowed and said, "Please forgive me, my honorable opponent."
"For what?" Trent asked.
Harold swept his baton across Trent's feet, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the platform. "That."
Trent complained, "Yo, Chris! No fair!"
Chris blinked repeatedly as if he had recently awoken. "What? Harold won? Sorry, I blinked and missed it. Heh. Next is Gwen and Lindsay! You two are using... boxing gloves!"
Courtney winked at Gwen and reminded her, "Throw it!"

The girls walked towards each other, and Lindsay asked, "So, uh, what do we do?"
Chris facepalmed himself. "Hit Gwen with the gloves, duh."
Lindsay gasped, "Oh! Okay!"
She punched Gwen, who stumbled and fell, but was still on the platform.
Gwen removed her glove and threw it at Lindsay, but she dodged it.
"Gwen, you tried to hurt me," Lindsay sobbed.
She rolled her eyes and threw her other glove at Lindsay, only this time, Lindsay blocked it with her gloves.
The glove which Gwen had thrown bounced off of Lindsay's gloves and hit Gwen in the face. She toppled over into the water.
Chris clapped, "Two points for the Bass! One more, and the Gophers are sending someone home! Next pair, Kevin and Beth. You guys'll be using... Oh, this is too funny. Some leftover raw meat from last week's challenge!"
Both of them had been victims of last challenge's explosions, so they weren't happy about the situation.

Beth and Kevin had fitted large containers of raw meat to their backs, each container connected to a "meat launcher", which they were holding in their hands.
They approached each other slowly at first, and Kevin shot at Beth.
The meat flew towards her and got stuck in her gun.
Beth gasped, "Oh no!"
She tried to shoot, but hergun malfuctioned and exploded, sending raw meat flying everywhere again.
Taken aback by it, Beth flew into the water, and Kevin cheered.
"Alright, two to one! Kevin keeps the Gophers alive! Next pair; LeShawna and Heather. Interesting. You guys'll use... boat paddles?"
LeShawna shrugged while Heather suited up.

The enemies walked toward each other, confident about a sure win.
LeShawna warned, "Now, Heather. I don't wanna hurt'cha, so--"
She was cut off by Heather's paddle, which slapped her across the face.
LeShawna gasped and also paddle-slapped Heather.
They continued for another minute, and as it was LeShawna's turn to slap Heather, she missed and hit her in the torso.
Heather stumbled and fell in the water, leaving LeShawna as the victor.
Chris leaped out of his chair. "Tie game! Awesome. Last pair; DJ and Tyler! Wonder how this'll work out."
Tyler asked, "Uh, what are our weapons?"
Chef groaned as he pushed a cannon into sight, and gestured Courtney to enter it.
Courtney's jaw dropped. "You're joking, right?"
Chris grinned. "Nope! Hop in!"

Chef threw Courtney in the cannon, and DJ and Tyler had finished suiting up.
The boys approached the center, and Chris told them, "Just try to push each other off normally. Courtney'll come soon."
Tyler had both of his hands on DJ's chest, and pushed his hardest. However, he was stuck running in place.
DJ sighed and walked backwards, causing Tyler to fall forwards.
He was about to push Tyler over, however Chef fired Courtney out of the cannon, and she crashed into DJ.
He fell off the platform and into the water, with her on top of him.
Tyler stood up and shouted, "Yeah! Don't mess with the Ty!"
Chris rolled his eyes and announced, "Bass win, three to two! Gophers, I'll see you at tonight's bonfire ceremony!"

Courtney's new "alliance" met in the Gopher cabin, as Kevin went swimming and LeShawna was taking a shower.
"So, we vote off LeShawna," Courtney ordered.
Gwen protested, "But, LeShawna's my best friend!"
Trent also said, "Yeah, that's bogus."
Courtney said once again. "Gwen, you know..."
Gwen frustratedly sighed and said, "Fine."
"Gwen, are you serious?" Trent asked in disbelief.
"We need to do what we have to do," Gwen reluctantly stated.
DJ shrugged while Courtney nodded in satisfaction. Trent nodded, "Alright, then."

Kevin had finished going swimming, and while walking back to his cabin, he met up with LeShawna.
"Who're you voting for?" he inquired.
LeShawna laughed, "Duh, Courtney, girl's a witch."
"Got that right," Kevin also laughed. "But, there's only two of us. Maybe we can get Gwen and Trent's votes."
LeShawna nodded. "Sounds like a plan. I'll get Gwen, you get Trent."
Gwen and Trent were walking to the confessional to cast their votes, and LeShawna and Kevin caught up to them.
LeShawna desperately tried to persuade them. "Yo, Courtney's gotta go. You in?"
"I'd be glad to," Trent said, "But..."
Gwen lied, "I guess so...?"
Trent raised an eyebrow, but the four continued to the confessional to cast their votes.
LeShawna: (confessional) Gonna have to go for Courtney. Later, girlfriend.
Kevin: (confessional) Sorry, Courtney! Gotta go.
DJ: (confessional) I'm gonna have to vote for LeShawna.
Courtney: (confessional) See you never, Big, Loud, and Proud!
Trent and Gwen: (confessional, they both sigh)

At the bonfire ceremony, Chris had five marshmallows on his plate.
"Alright, you six. I've only got five marshmallows. The person who does not rceive a marshmallow must walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and never come back."
The air was tense as the first two marshmallows were given out. "Gwen and Trent! Good job."
The two picked up their marshmallows and blushed at each other.
Chris continued, "DJ!"
He got up as Chris also announced, "And Kevin!"
With only one marshmallow left, LeShawna and Courtney were the bottom two.
Chris pointed to his marshmallow, "Still on the chopping block; LeShawna and Courtney."
The two glared at each other, as Chris announced the results.
LeShawna gasped, but Gwen cleared her throat.
She asked, "Chris... can I quit in LeShawna's place?"
Everyone gasped, and Courtney denied, "No, no. She doesn't mean that. Bye, LeShawna!"
"No, I do mean it," Gwen clarified. "I'm tired of taking all of Courtney's crap just because I kept my iPhone after you said I could--"
Chris's eyes widened. "You what?!"
Trent, DJ, Kevin, and LeShawna's eyes also widened. "Huh?!"
Gwen nodded and said, "So, I'd like to give LeShawna my marshmallow and leave. I'm not staying with Courtney, even though I have to... leave Trent."
Chris complied, "I guess you can. Are you sure?!"
She assured him, and walked over to Trent. "Trent. I... I don't know what to say except--"
She was interrupted by Trent, who kissed her passionately. "Don't worry. Gwen, that's the most noble thing I've seen anyone do. You really are the most amazing person I know."
Trent walked her to the Boat of Losers, along with LeShawna, Kevin, and DJ.
LeShawna thanked her, "I can't even tell you how much you've done."
Kevin nodded in agreement, and Gwen waved back to them as she boarded and left the island.
Chris finished, "And that wraps up the most dramatic bonfire ceremony ever! Will Courtney survive without her blackmail? How's Heather gonna feel about this? How will Trent go on? Find out in next week's episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 15: One Man's Return is Another Man's Treasure

Posted on: July 27, 2010

Chris sat on a purple fold-out chair, and recapped, "Last time on Total Drama Island! Courtney strategized, and Gwen was mezmerized... by Trent! Yep, the two hooked up two episodes ago. Although, the duo didn't last long. After Courtney convinced Gwen and Trent to throw the challenge to vote off LeShawna, Gwen quit in LeShawna's place! The ghetto glamour queen stayed, and our goth took the Boat of Losers. With Gwen gone, will Trent and Courtney survive on their own? They'd better hope so. Check it out on today's episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

Courtney ran over to the Bass cabin shortly after Gwen's departure.
In the window, she whispered, "Pssst, Heather!"
Heather craned her neck out from her top bunk and noticed Courtney.
"Ugh, what is it? Who got sent home?"
Courtney said, "Well, LeShawna--"
Heather let out a sigh of relief, "It's about time."
"I'm not done," Courtney snapped. "LeShawna was supposed to go home, but Gwen quit in her place."
Loud enough to awaken her four teammates, Heather yelled, "What?!"
Courtney sadly nodded.
Heather: (confessional) No, this is not good. Nope, not at all.

The next morning, Beth woke up and stretched.
She woke up, and hit her head on Heather's foot, which dangled from her bunk.
Beth, her eyesight groggy due to having just woken up, put her hands over what she had just bumped into.
She pulled it, and Heather fell to the floor.
Heather angrily shouted, "What the heck, Beth?!"
Beth's eyesight had cleared up, but, noticing it was Heather, shrugged and walked to the Mess Hall.
Beth: (confessional) I'm really getting tired of Heather. She thinks she can boss everyone just because she has an alliance.

In the Mess Hall, the Gophers were already eating.
Courtney sat on one side alone, while Trent, DJ, LeShawna, and Kevin glared at her from the opposite side.
Annoyed, she told them, "It's not my fault. Gwen's the one who chose to leave."
"Yeah, since you were such a wonderful person," Kevin remarked.
Courtney pointed to him, "Hey, you're lucky I didn't try and vote you off. Gwen wouldn't quit for you."
Kevin, knowing this was true, kept quiet.
Kevin: (confessional) I guess Courtney's right. But it sucks to see Trent so quiet all the time. LeShawna and I need to cheer him up.

Chris walked in and ordered, "Challenge, now."
Harold protested, "But, we've barely eaten a thing!"
Pointing to the moving bread on his plate, Chris reminded him, "You sure you wanna eat that?"
"Good point," Harold stated.
The challenge site was at the amphitheater. Six podiums, all with large red buttons and seats, were aligned on the stage, while five, also with buttons and chairs, were aligned on the ground below it. A larger single podium was facing opposite those, and Chris stood behind it.
Chris gestured, "Everyone, take a seat!"
The Gophers sat on the lower five chairs, while the Bass occupied to above seats.
Lindsay pointed to an empty chair beside her. "Chip, there's an empty seat!"
"Number one, it's Chris," he replied. "And two, Izzy's back!"
LeShawna complained, "Another return?! Wasn't Tyler enough?"
"Hey!" Tyler called out, offended.
Izzy swung in from a vine and jumped into her chair. "Hey, guys!"
Courtney whined, "Great. Now we're outnumbered!"
"Oh, that reminds me," Chris said. "As of now... there are no. More. Teams! You're welcome, Courtney."
Everyone cheered, and Chris announced, "Also, I'm sparing all of you from elimination tonight! This is simply a reward challenge."
The eleven of them cheered louder, as Chris cringed.
"Gosh, I hate making people happy. Anyways, today, you guys'll be answering trivia from this season! I'll ask a question, and the first person to buzz-in and answer correctly gets a point! The first person to reach three points wins. However, if you get a question wrong..."
Chris imitated an umpire. "You're out!"

He cleared his throat as he asked the first question.
"Who got eliminated in the magic challenge?"
Beth buzzed in. "Geoff!"
Chris replied, "Correct!"
The front of Beth's podium had an electronic "1" in front of it, while the other ten campers all had zeroes.
"Moving on! Who was the vocalist for the Bass in the rock challenge?"
Izzy buzzed in, and shouted, "Moi!"
Chris laughed, "Wrong! 'Moi' isn't a camper!"
Suddenly, Izzy's seat ejected her out, and she was sent flying into the bleachers.
Everyone gasped, but Izzy assured them. "I'm okay!"

"Next question. Who fought against Gwen in last week's challenge?"
Trent sniffled as he moaned, "Gwen!"
Chris smiled. "Wrong!"
"But he didn't buzz-in," Kevin defended.
"He answered a question without buzzing in though, didn't he?" Chris asked, knowing the answer.
At this point, even Heather was beginning to question the fairness of the challenge. "Uh, no. He just said Gwen's name because he's a whiny loser."
Chris rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He pressed a button on his podium, and Trent was shot into the bleachers.
Oblivious to the pain, Trent again moaned, "Gwen!"

"Alright. Who were the last three people in the paintball challenge?"
Courtney buzzed in, "Gwen, Lindsay, and I. I mean, Gwen, Lindsay, and Court--"
Chris sent her into the bleachers before she could finish her sentence.
"Ugh! Chris, you are so getting it," Courtney warned.
Chris mocked, "Oooooh, I'm so scared. Anyways, the next question is, what was Geoff's fear?"
DJ buzzed in, "Explosions!"
"Correct! Nice, dude," Chris complimented.
DJ's podium now had a "1" on the front, tied with Beth.

"Which BFF was eliminated first? Katie, or Sadie?"
Lindsay buzzed in. "Melanie?"
Chris stopped before he pressed her eject button. "That's just sad."
He then pressed it, and Lindsay crashed into Courtney.
Courtney removed Lindsay and complained, "Get off of me, you anorexic blonde!"
Chris read the next question. "Who came up with the awesome dodgeball plan for the Gophers?"
Kevin buzzed in, "LeShawna!"
Chris nodded, "Point for Kevin! Next question. Which two people added secret ingredients to my food in the cooking challenge?"
Heather buzzed in and answered, "Lindsay and Izzy, duh."
"I'd eject you for the 'duh', but I'm feeling nice this round," Chris told her.

"Hmmm, seven of you left, and three of you don't have points."
He eyed Harold, LeShawna, and Tyler.
"Name the two people who returned this season!"
Tyler buzzed in, "Oh! Izzy and I!"
Realizing his mistake, his head sank as Chris shot him into the bleachers, beside Trent and Izzy.
"Next. The first person to arrive on the island was...?"
Harold buzzed in, "Tyler! Followed by Bridgette, then Owen, and--"
Chris made a talking motion with his hands. "Too much info, super-nerd!"
Harold flew into the bleachers, and he complained, "Don't mock my photographic memory!"

"Which three people climbed up the cliff for the Gophers in episode six?"
Heather buzzed in, "Harold, Heather, and Cody?"
Chris shook his head. "Geez, Heather. With all your blabbering, you never seem to hear anything. I said Gophers. See ya!"
She desperately shouted, "Wait, wait, no!"
However, Chris ignored her and she was shot into the bleachers, beside Lindsay and Tyler.
"Alright. Who was the fifth person to be eliminated?"
Kevin buzzed in. "Katie!"
Chris laughed, "Nope, it was our huge friend, Owen!"
"Oh, great," Kevin sighed as Chris shot him out of his chair.

"And we're down to the last three! Next question. Who was Cody paired with in the key-finding challenge?"
Beth buzzed-in, "Geoff!"
Chris awarded her another point, leaving her with two, DJ with one, and LeShawna with zero.
"Next question. Who got the first marshmallow ever?"
LeShawna buzzed in, "Bridgette!"
Chris asked, "You sure?"
"Uhm... no? Yeah, it might've been Trent," LeShawna replied.
"Too bad, it was actually Bridgette!" Chris laughed.
LeShawna scowled and mouthed "I hate you" as Chris ejected her out of her seat.

"Alright, last two, Beth and DJ!"
The other nine contestants cheered them on, except for Courtney and Heather.
The two non-cheerers said in unison, "I should be up there! What? No, you shouldn't. Stop copying me! Ugh!"
Chris asked, "Who was the first person eliminated from this challenge?"
DJ buzzed in, "Izzy!"
"Ooooh, two to two! Perfect!" Chris joyously said.
"The tiebreaker question is..."
Beth and DJ's hands hovered over their buttons.
"...How do you spell my last name?"
DJ buzzed in, "M-C-L-E-A-N. McLean!"
Chris shook his head. "Nope!"
Everyone except Beth's eyes widened. "Huh?"
Chris said, "Beth, you get the same question. If you get this right, you win the challenge. If you get it wrong, nobody wins the reward!"
Beth answered, "Uppercase M, lowercase C, uppercase L, lowercase E-A-N!"
Chris clapped. "Bravo! Beth wins the reward; a trip to a five-star hotel for the night!"
She cheered, "Eeeeeeeeeee!"
"She can also bring two friends!" He added.
Beth glanced over at the other ten campers. "Lindsay, and..."
Heather: (confessional) Why is she taking her time picking me?
Beth: (confessional) Sure, Heather's my alliance leader, but Trent needs some cheering up! Have you seen him lately?
Heather: (confessional) What?! (removes toilet seat, tosses it outside)
Chris announced, "Alright! Beth, Lindsay, Trent, pack up your stuff! The boat'll be here to pick you up in ten minutes! As for the rest of you... you're all losers! Since there's no more teams, girls get the Gopher cabin and guys get the Bass cabin. You'll have new roomies!"
LeShawna jerked her finger at Heather. "I need to sleep in the same room as her?"
Heather scoffed. "It's not like I'm too chipper about it too, you land whale."
"Oh, no you didn't!" LeShawna yelled.
"I think I just did," Heather sarcastically responded.
Chris cut in the middle of the camera, blocking out LeShawna and Heather's catfight. "And with that, the teams are no more! Izzy's back and crazier than ever. Who will crack under the pressure? Who will make it to the top? Find out next time on Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 16: Hide and Shriek

Posted on: July 30, 2010

"In last week's episode of Total Drama Island, the teams became one, and it's officially a free-for-all competition! Izzy came back, bringing our head count back up to eleven. With the game's intensity at its peak, how will they manage? Alliances? Manipulation? More alliances? Find out on our totally awesome sixteenth episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The episode began with everyone, except Heather, gathered on the Dock of Shame, eyeing each other as they waited for Beth, Lindsay, and Trent to return.
Izzy was the only one with an upbeat mood, and splashed into the lake. "C'mon guys!"
She flipped over underneath the water and shouted, "Look! I'm a shark!"
She surfaced and snapped her "jaws", making DJ, Tyler, and Kevin laugh.
Izzy: (confessional) I love entertaining people. It's like, what I do best, after being a professional manhunter. (takes out a piece of paper from her pocket which reads, "Certified Manhunter") Look! I passed training in two hours. I'm a pro.
The blaring horn in the distance caught everyone's attention, and Lindsay waved from it.
The boat reached the dock, and the three campers stepped off.
Beth and Lindsay chatted non-stop as they walked back to the Gopher (now the girl's) cabin.
They opened the door, and the devil herself was filing her nails.
Lindsay gulped as the door was shut by an intern.
Heather paced around the cabin, and finally asked, "So, Beth. Why didn't you pick me? Huh? Why'd you pick the Elvis wannabe?"
Beth: (confessional) Lindsay and I prepared a script at our resort getaway for this moment. We spent more time reading it than relaxing. Would've made sense to do it on the boat ride...
Clearing her throat, Beth began, "Trent was feeling gloomy about Gwen quitting, so I thought that it would be a good idea to cheer him up.
Heather pointed out the window, where Trent was seen in the fetal position on the roof of the Mess Hall. "Does that look cheerful to you?"
Beth nudged Lindsay, who monotonously replied, "I guess our plan didn't work. Oh no."
"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote you off!" Heather threatened.
"Because you need us for a vote and you don'thave the social skills to convince anyone," Beth bluntly stated.
Heather gasped at the truth, and sighed.
Heather: (confessional) Ugh, she's so right. My alliance right now is me, Dumb and Dumber, Tyler, and Courtney. We need one more person to get a sure majority... none of the Gophers would dare to ally with me... Harold's not exactly my biggest fan... that leaves... Izzy!
She dismissed Beth and Lindsay and resumed filing her nails on the bed.

The former Gophers, lacking Trent and Courtney, were going for a swim.
As they dried off on the dock, LeShawna whispered, "Yo, we need to keep a close eye on Courtney and Heather. Wanna make an alliance?"
DJ and Kevin looked at each other, then at LeShawna, and shrugged.
LeShawna continued, "Good. DJ, I need you to convince Lover Boy to get in our alliance. Kevin, you need to get Harold. I'll do the real challenge; Izzy."
The three split up, DJ going to the Mess Hall, Kevin to the boys cabin, and LeShawna to the washrooms.
DJ managed to hoist himself on the roof and whispered, "Hey, Trent, how ya' doin'?"
"I'd be better if Gwen were here," Trent weeped.
"Don'cha wanna get revenge on Courtney for making her quit?" DJ tempted him.
Trent sniffled. "The thought did cross my mind..."
Meanwhile, in the boys cabin, Tyler was sound asleep while Harold was fidgeting with a Rubix cube.
Kevin walked in and noticed him. "Oh, I love those things!"
"Uh-huh," Harold dismissed.
"So, Harold, what's up?" Kevin asked, his tone of voice making it sound like a left-field question.
Harold snorted, "The ozone. Duh."
Kevin nodded, unsure. "Yeah. Well, just wondering, is there anyone here in camp that you just can't stand?"
"Right now, you," Harold said as he took his attention off of the Rubix cube and onto Kevin.
Kevin: (confessional) Okay, time to lay down the law.
"Look," Kevin started, "I need you to join my alliance to get Heather and Courtney out before it's too late. If they make it to the final seven or so, who knows what kind of power they'll have?"
Harold put his Rubix cube down, now completely solved. "I guess you're right. I'll join... if you leave me alone!"
"Sure, whatever," Kevin laughed as he walked out of the cabin, giving DJ a thumbs-up from across the campgrounds.
In the washrooms, LeShawna found Izzy with cucumbers all over her body.
"Uh, girl, those only go on your eyes," LeShawna awkwardly told her.
Izzy laughed, "No way! They tickle when they're like this. Oooh, cucumber number seventy-eight is getting fiesty!"
An airhorn was heard in the distance, as LeShawna stomped her foot. "Ugh, talk to you later girl."

Chris summoned the final eleven to the Dock of Shame, where Chef stood, with a paintball gun.
Chris began to explain the challenge, however barely anyone listened, as they were too busy eyeing Trent, now moaning on the dock.
"So, today's challenge is a good ol' game of hide-and-seek. But, this is no ordinary game. You'll have ten minutes to hide before Chef, a professional manhunter--"
Izzy squealed, "Oooh! Oooh! I'm one too!"
"...will hunt you down until you're shot by a brown paintball," Chris finished, glaring at Izzy.
"You can hide anywhere on the island. You can win invincibility in two ways. Being the last one to be found, and helping Chef find someone! Your ten minutes starts... now!"
Everyone made a mad dash except for Trent, who laid motionless on the dock.
Chef shot him without further delay.

The ten minutes had passed, and Chef began to search the island.
He walked into the washrooms, where he noticed a dripping faucet.
He put his finger underneath it and tasted the water. "Someone's just left."
Turning around, he saw the door close and an orange hair on the floor.
He scowled and kicked the door open, shooting wildly.
In the process, he knocked LeShawna off of the Mess Hall roof, and Tyler out of a tree.
The two fell and rubbed their backs in pain.

The trio split up, LeShawna searching the girls cabin, Tyler searching the boys cabin, and Chef searching the Mess Hall.
LeShawna looked under the beds, inside suitcases, in blankets, however no one was found.
She walked out of the cabin to see Tyler, who sighed and said, "No luck."
Chef walked out of the Mess Hall grabbing Kevin by the collar, and shot him.
He collapsed and moaned, and LeShawna rolled her eyes. "No, no, no. You are not going Trent on us."

They moved on to the Dock of Shame, where Trent still was.
Chef leaned over the Dock and stuck his head in the lake, then shrugged.
However, Trent pointed behind the small crowd of eliminated campers and groaned, "C-c-c-courtney!"
Chef shot Courtney while she was in mid-run, and she fell.
Courtney: (confessional) Ugh, great. I've been eliminated from the challenge, and Mr. Cries-a-Lot has invincibility for the night!
Kevin patted Trent on the back, and tries to lift his spirit. "Hey, at least you're safe for another night!"
Trent: (confessional) ...another night separated from Gwen! (has a crying fit)

Heather, hiding in a canoe beneath the Dock of Shame, sighed in relief once she stopped hearing footsteps.
She reclined in the canoe, only to be startled by a small squeal.
Beth walked over to her and waved, "Hi, Heather!"
"Ugh! Wait, Beth, did you get caught already?" Heather questioned.
Beth shook her head. "No, not..."
She was interrupted by Chef, who patted her on the back.
She turned around and finished, "Yet."
The two were shot, leaving DJ, Izzy, Lindsay, and Harold in the challenge.

While walking through the forest, Heather shouted and pointed behind her.
"I think I see DJ!"
Surely enough, DJ moped as he was shot by Chef, although the real pain was the fact that Heather was now immune.
Heather: (confessional) Ha! I'm safe. But, I need Crazy Girl's vote before the bonfire... Lindsay's still in, hmm...
While walking in the back end of the group with Beth, Heather pulled her over to the side.
"Look," she whispered, "We need Izzy to vote with us, and we need to get to her now before LeShallow does."
"So, what do you want me to do?" Beth inquired.
"You need to convince Izzy to come vote with us. If I leave the group, everyone'll notice. People always forget about you, so you're fine."
Beth rolled her eyes and pointed out, "How am I supposed to find Izzy? I mean, she's the experienced manhunter. Not me."
"Just find her before it's too late!" Heather commanded.
Heather walked back to the group, and Beth left, and it was revealed that Chef had shot Harold off-screen.
Harold: (confessional) I guess placing third in the challenge is great out of eleven, but Lindsay's still in. Lindsay!

Beth walked into the washrooms, where she Lindsay taking a shower, and Izzy sitting underneath a sink.
"Um... guys?"
Lindsay poked her head out from the shower and shrieked, "Hey, Beth!"
"Shhhhh!" Izzy demanded. "No one finds Agent 008."
Beth corrected, "Uh, Izzy, it's 007."
"I think I know my agent number, okay?" Izzy replied, irritated.
Beth approached her and whispered, "Well, I need you to vote with me, Lindsay, Heather, Tyler, and Courtney."
Izzy rushed, "Fine! Whatever gets you away from here; you're blowing my cover!"
Smiling, Beth shrieked, "Oh, Chef Hatchet!"
Busting the door down, Chef shot Izzy, and then noticed Lindsay in the shower.
He announced, "Pretty chick wins the challenge, mean girl, ugly girl, and sob story have invincibility for finding other people. Rest of y'all gonna vote someone off!"

In the Gopher cabin, Beth reported back to Heather.
Heather nodded in satisfaction as Beth finished the story. "Wow, you actually did it. For someone like you, I thought it'd be a lot harder."
Beth put her hands on her hips. "What's that supposed to mean?"
"Oh, please," Heather chuckled, reclining on her bed. "It's not like you're exactly the most popular girl around."
"I'll have you know that I have plenty of friends at my school!" Beth argued.
Still laying down on her bed, Heather joked, "Real, imaginary, or neither?"
Furious, Beth shot back, "I should ask the same!"
Heather gasped, "Hey! You'd better watch what you say, before I kick you out of my alliance!"
"It's too late, I've already kicked myself out!" Beth shouted, before slamming the door.
Heather: (confessional) She'll be crawling back to me in under ten minutes.
Heather turned to Courtney. "Alright, now, we need to decide on who we're voting off. We've got four options."
"It's would've been five if Mr. Waterworks didn't notice me," Courtney growled. "That Kevin really got on my nerves when we were on the same team, so, I guess we can vote him off. We've got the dominate alliance, so it really doesn't matter."
Heather shrugged and went to tell Tyler, Lindsay, and Izzy who to vote for.


Heather can't figure out how the votes played out.

At the bonfire ceremony, the campers sat in two groups; Heather's alliance, and LeShawna's alliance.
Beth was notably in the middle of the two, and Chris began, "Alright. There's eleven of you here, but I only have ten pieces of fluffy safety! The person who does not receive a marshmallow must walke the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and never, ever, ever, ever, come back."
"The first marshmallows go to our invincibility winners of the week, Heather, Trent, Lindsay, and Beth!"
He tossed a marshmallow to each of them, leaving six.
"Next two; Tyler and Harold!"
They high-five each other, despite being in different alliances.
"LeShawna, DJ!"
The two caught their marshmallows in delight.
He threw her marshmallow at her, but she let it fall on the ground. "It's Agent 008."
"Whatever, you're safe. But Courtney and Kevin are still on the chopping block! And, the final marshmallow goes to..."
Courtney had a smug smile on her face, while Kevin fidgeted around.
He stood up and began to walk towards the dock, then realized he was safe. "Whoa, cool!"
Courtney's jaw dropped, and she began to argue with Chris, while Heather wears a confused look on her face.
"This is impossible! Recount the votes!" Courtney demanded.
Chris shrugged. "Six for Courtney, five for Kevin. What am I supposed to do?"
Beth burst into laughter in her chair, receiving a deathly glare from Heather.
Chris signed off, "Finally, we're at the top ten! Will Trent get over Gwen? Will Izz... Agent 008 get any crazier? Find out, only on Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 17: Ski You Later!

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Chris stood proudly on the Dock of Shame, and began, "Last time on Total Drama Island, the remaining campers played a game of Hide and Seek with the lovable Chef Hatchet. In the end, some way, somehow, Lindsay won invincibility, as well as Heather, Trent, and Beth. Geez, I need to stop giving these kids so many chances. Anyways, Heather pushed Beth over the edge, and Beth voted for Courtney that night! Ouch! Will Heather win Beth back before her alliance is done for? What challenge do I have in store for our final ten? Find out the answers to these questions, and a lot more, on this episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The girls were taking their showers in the communal washrooms.
Izzy finished and announced, "I'm still so sweaty!"
From another stall, Heather shrieked, "Ew!!"
Beth had finished, and walked over to a sink. She began to slather lotion all over herself, while Izzy stared in awe.
Finally noticing, Beth asked, "What?"
Izzy blinked and apologized, "Oh, sorry. With all that white stuff and your brown hair, you looked like an ice cream cone."
LeShawna had finished taking her shower, then said, "Uh, no she don't. Ooooh, can I get some of that?"
Beth handed the bottle to her. "Sure! It's apple scented."
LeShawna: (confessional) See, it's tough being the leader of a pretty much all-boy alliance. When you got a girl, you better stick to her harder than Krazy Glue sticks your weave to your head.
Finally, Heather finished her shower, and noticed Beth sharing her lotion with LeShawna. "Way to kiss up to your new ally, traitor."
"Oh, you just jealous you can't keep a friend for more than two episodes," LeShawna chuckled.
Heather eyed LeShawna. "Oh, shut it. I have plans anyways. You should really keep an eye on those boys in your alliance."
Beth laughed, "Do you even have any?"
"Uh... I think so. What's his name, Terry?" Heather wondered.
From the showers, Lindsay called out, "It's Tyler!"
Heather nodded, "Yeah, Tyrone."

The boys were still in their cabin, yawning.
Tyler hopped out of bed and jumped in place. "Alright, dudes. Let's get ready for this challenge, alright? I've been doing pretty great lately, if I do say so myself."
A montage of clips showed Tyler trying to push DJ off of a platform, but then falling, flying into the bleachers, and falling out of a tree.
DJ, Harold, and Kevin nodded, snickering.
Trent, still in his bed, had a collage of pictures of Gwen beside him on the wall.
Tyler noticed it and walked over to Trent.
"Dude, I know it sucks, but... she's gone."
From the bunk above Trent's bed, Kevin said, "She got eliminated, she's not dead, Tyler."
Trent yelled, "She's dead!?"
He then buried his face in his pillow, while Tyler, DJ, and Harold groaned at Kevin.
Kevin: (confessional) It's not my fault Trent's going emo. I hope he stops soon, though. We've eliminated someone for being too annoying before, and we can do it again.

Suddenly, a boat motor was heard outside.
The campers gathered around the source of the noise, which was an actual boat motor beside the Dock of Shame.
There were five motorboats, numbered on the side, all next to each other, with Chris sitting on a boat, numbered as three.
Chris welcomed, "Hello, final ten! Welcome to today's challenge; water-skiing!"
Chef then walked over, with five ropes, and five sets of skis.
Izzy cheered, "Woohoo! Finally, something fun!"
"The ten of you are getting split up into five pairs. One person's the driver, while the other person skis! The challenge? A race around Camp Wawanakawa! You'll make one lap, starting here, going counter-clockwise.

The first team to cross the finish line first wins invincibility!"
Heather sighed and asked, "What else is new?"
Chris perked up, "This is! The last place losers get one extra vote against them in tonight's bonfire ceremony!"
Everyone gasped, as Chris laughed. "Isn't this fun?"
They all shouted back, "No!"
Chris ignored them and read a cue card. "Okay. The five pairs are Tyler and Trent, who are getting boat one, Kevin and Izzy, who are getting boat two, DJ and Lindsay, who are getting boat three, LeShawna andHarold, who are getting boat four, and Heather and Beth, who are getting boat five!"
Heather and Beth glared at each other, and Heather complained, "Can I please get another partner?"
"Nope! The producers paired you guys up just for kicks!" Chris laughed.
Kevin worriedly looked at Izzy, who was staring at him intently.
He finally asked, "Uh, are you okay?"
Izzy didn't answer, and leaned closer, causing him to lean backwards and fall.
She leaped in joy. "Haha! It works!"
Chris clapped. "Alright! Focus, people! Trent, Izzy, Lindsay, Harold, and Beth are the drivers. The rest of you are skiing! You'll have to tie your rope from the back of the boat to your skiers. Then, start the boat and race! Any questions?"
Everyone raised their hand.
"Alright, no one. Go!"

The pairs ran over to their boats, and began to tie their skiers.
Beth wrapped the rope around Heather's torso and pulled it rather tightly, causing Heather to squeal.
She complained, "Ugh! Don't get testy with me, four-eyes."
Beth smiled, "Sweetie, I'm the one who can drive you into a tree."
Heather's eyes widened at the comment, while Beth snickered.
Beth: (confessional, laughing hysterically) Did you see the look on her face? Like I'd actually do that! (continues to laugh, falls off of the toilet)
Tyler had fixed the rope on himself, and then asked, "Yo, Trent, can you tie the rope to the boat?"
There was no answer, and Tyler sighed. "Fine, I'll do it."
Trent: (confessional, with his guitar, playing unmelodic noise) Gwen! You're awesome! You're not an oppossum! I miss you a lot! 'Cause you're like, kinda hot! I'm gonna win it for us by the end of this month! And, uh.... nothing rhymes with month.
LeShawna asked, "Yo, Harold, help me tie this around myself?"
Harold stuttered, "Oh, uh, sure..."
He grabbed the rope and tied it, and as he walked around her to get back to the boat, his hand accidentally brushed against her butt.
She grabbed him and kicked him in the groin, causing him to collapse in pain.
Realizing it was an accident, she atoned, "My bad! It's a reflex! Forgive me?"
Harold managed to wheeze out, "Yes."
Harold: (confessional, still in intense pain) I think I just got a free sex change.
Each pair managed to tie their skier to the boat, and started their engines.
As they left the shore, Chris called out, "There's a few surprises in the water! I'd watch out if I were you!"

Every boat was doing decently, all within five yards of each other.
Suddenly, they encountered a series of jagged rocks on their way.
Lindsay yelled, "Omigosh! How am I supposed to--"
DJ yelled, "Go left!"
"My left, or your left?" Lindsay wondered.
"Lindsay, the question only works if you're facing a different direction," DJ explained.
Turning around, she hollered back, "I'm facing a different direction now, right?"
DJ was about to say something, but then looked in fear at the jagged rocks, which were now approaching them.
Izzy shouted, "Agent 008 knows a shortcut!"
Kevin's eyes widened. "No, she doesn't!"
Izzy made a sharp ninety-degree swerve, sending Kevin flying into Harold and LeShawna's boat.
Their ropes tangled together, and Harold, LeShawna, and Kevin were following Izzy's path.
Izzy took them around the rocks, while DJ, Lindsay, Heather, Beth, Tyler, and Trent maneuvered around the rocks.

Trent sighed and rested his head on the steering wheel, and the horn blared him back into the challenge.
Tyler yelled back, "You okay, bro?"
"Uhhh, yeah, better, I think," Trent assured.
Tyler: (confessional) Finally!
Heather and Beth were now in last place, as Heather's rope had tangled itself with a rock.
"Ugh! If we lose this challenge, you are so dead!" Heather swore.
Beth stomped her foot. "Do you have to be such a jerk 24/7!?"
Heather gasped, "What did you say?"
DJ and Lindsay heard this, and their eyes widened.
"You're so mean and bossy all the time! And then you wonder why nobody likes you!"
"That... that's not true," Heather lied.
"No, it is true! And I'm tired of you always thinking you're better than everyone, because you're not!"
Heather, at a loss for words, looked at DJ and Lindsay, whose jaws had dropped.
She shook it off and commanded, "Get me out of this mess!"
Beth sighed and unraveled the rope, and the two continued on.

Meanwhile, Kevin and LeShawna were still tied together, and the next obstacle was approaching. A wide ramp, which stretched from the shore to nearly five miles outward, was placed in front of the contestants.
Harold asked, "Izzy, any shortcuts here?"
She sighed. "No. We'll jump it! Hehe!"
Trent and Tyler were directly behind them, and LeShawna worriedly said, "We might get a third member up in this rope-a-thon, y'all."
The other three looked behind, and Harold and Izzy tried to speed up.
Tyler yelled, "Go faster!"
Trent slammed on the gas, and the three boats were now neck-and-neck, and as they zoomed over the ramp, Tyler and Trent flew past them.
All three boats hit the water again, and Tyler cheered, "Wooooo!"
Kevin groaned, and Izzy whispered back, "Don't worry, I have a makeshift nitro tank!"
"Uh, what?" Kevin asked once again, bewildered. "We're still tied to Harold and LeShawna."
Izzy laughed. "No matter!"
She stood with one foot on the gas pedal, managed to open the front of the boat up, and stuck the nitro tank inside.
Leaning back, she shouted, "Olé!"
Kevin, LeShawna, and Harold yelled in terror as Izzy drove them to the finish line.

DJ and Lindsay, in fourth place, only in front of Heather and Beth, began to approach the ramp.
Suddenly, DJ and Lindsay's boat stopped, and Heather and Beth zoomed past them.
DJ asked, "Lindsay! Why'd we stop!?"
Lindsay slurred, "I nee' 'oo pu' a' cha'ti'!"
"You need to look at plastic?" DJ asked.
With a clear voice, Lindsay yelled, "I need to put on chapstick!"
DJ exhaled. "You put us in last place because you needed to put on chapstick!?"
Lindsay nodded. "Mm-hmm! But, I'm done now. Let's go!"
DJ: (confessional) Now, Lindsay's a nice girl and all, but sometimes, you kinda just wanna-- (confessional cuts off)

Heather and Beth managed to catch up to the second and third placing teams, Kevin, Izzy, Harold, and LeShawna.
Kevin noticed and warned, "Beth and Heather at six o' clock!"
The other three turned around, and Heather noticed that the two boats were tied together.
Heather: (confessional) They make this too easy.
She yelled, "Beth! Step on it, I've got a plan!"
Reluctantly, Beth followed Heather's orders.
Heather continued, "Now, make a sharp turn on whichever side!"
Beth made a quick right turn, and Heather was slingshotted between Izzy and Harold's boats.
She ripped the ropes and yelled, "Later, losers!"
LeShawna and Kevin, now isolated, fell into the water.
"Ugh! What are we supposed to do now!?" LeShawna demanded.
From the shore, Chris spoke into his megaphone. "LeShawna and Kevin! Swim back to your partner's boats and race from there on! Heather, not cool!"
The two swam to their boats while Heather stuck her tongue out, claiming second place.

DJ and Lindsay sped past Kevin, Izzy, Harold, and LeShawna, and cheered.
Trent and Tyler crossed the finish line, with Chris applauding.
"Great job, dudes! You two win invincibility."
Trent: (confessional) Alright! Back to normal. Or as normal as it gets. (waves to the camera) Hey, Gwen!
Heather and Beth crossed, but Heather folded her arms.
"Second place?! Great!" Heather complained.
Chris told her, "At least you're not last."
Heather: (confessional) Ugh! I'm so gone! Wait a minute...
As DJ and Lindsay claimed third place, Heather walked over to Tyler and ordered, "You need to give me your invincibility!"
Tyler asked, "Uh, why?"
"Because no one's gonna vote for you, they'll vote for me, and you need me to guide the alliance," Heather explained.
Hesitantly, Tyler finally caved in. "Alright. Yo, Chris!"
Chris asked, "Huh?"
Tyler slowly managed to say, "I... want to give Heather... my immunity."
DJ, Beth, and Trent all gasped.
Chris dismissed, "Yeah, sure, whatever. After Gwen quitting, anything seems possible these days. Now, who are the last place losers?"
As an answer to Chris's question, Kevin and Izzy reached the finish line, seconds before Harold and LeShawna.
Harold and LeShawna sighed as Chris pointed to them. "You two get an extra vote against you in tonight's bonfire ceremony! Don't you just love this game?"

In the boys cabin, LeShawna's alliance met up.
LeShawna asked, "Who are we gonna vote off? Choices are Tyler, Lindsay, or Izzy."
Kevin tentatively requested, "Can we not eliminate Izzy?"
"Why?" DJ asked, foldin his arms.
"Because she's cut-- not a threat," Kevin lied.
Trent whispered, "Nice save."
LeShawna raised an eyebrow. "Kay. That leaves Lindsay and Tyler."
"I say Lindsay," Harold suggested. "She's the only one that Heather fully has under her wing."
The others nodded, except for Beth.
"But, I like Lindsay! She was by best friend when I was with Heather," Beth protested.
Annoyed, LeShawna confronted, "You wanna lose out on a hundred grand 'cause of friendship?"
Beth sighed and replied, "No... B-b-but, I really just... can't vote for Lindsay!"
"Well, you better try. 'Cause if you don't, you the next to go," LeShawna menaced.

At the bonfire ceremony, the final ten took their seats.
Beth sat on the far left, looking at LeShawna, then at Heather.
Chris noticed this, then asked, "Alliance trouble? Nothing better than that kind of trouble! Anyways, you guys know the drill. I've got nine marshmallows, ten of you, blah, blah, blah, Heather! Trent! Tyler! Izzy! Kevin! DJ!

Harold! Beth! Marshmallows for all of you."
LeShawna glared at Lindsay, then at Beth.
Lindsay, worried, clenched her teeth.
Chris held the last marshmallow in his hands. "Ladies, I only have one marshmallow left in my hand."
The two looked at the marshmallow, hoping it would go to them.
"The final marshmallow goes to Lindsay!"
LeShawna gasped, "Beth! How could you?"
"Becase she's got common sense, birdbrain," Heather called out.
Chris asked, "Is anyone gonna quit for LeShawna again? No? Alright."
Beth jokingly said, "Well..."
"Don't even think about it," Heather ordered.
LeShawna walked down the Dock of Shame, while Harold, Kevin, DJ, and Trent waved goodbye.
Heather: (confessional) Getting Beth to vote with me again was a piece of cake. Now, we've got the majority again. The hardest thing left is to choose who to vote off next episode!
Chris wrapped the episode up. "Whoa! Didn't see that one coming. That ends another great episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 18: Ridiculous Relay

Posted on: August 4, 2010

Chris rode a purple motorboat in the lake while doing the recap. "Last time on Total Drama Island, the final ten went water-skiing. And man, was there a lot of chaos! Izzy's nitro boost, Beth totally losing it on Heather, and Lindsay's lips made the whole challenge a lot more enjoyable. Tyler and Trent won the challenge, but someway, somehow, Heather managed to steal Tyler's safety. Way to go, dude. Anyways, LeShawna got sent home after Beth had another mood swing. Will Beth be the deciding vote for yet another elimination? Will Trent stay positive about Gwen? Will Tyler ever realize that the rest of his alliance is full of girls? My guesses; No, No, and No. But, find out on this exciting episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

Heather woke up in the girl's cabin, and yawned.
She then playfully asked, "I wonder who we're voting off next, huh, Beth?"
Beth glared at Heather, who nodded. "You're right, we should vote off DJ."
A shriek from the washrooms got the girls moving, and they walked over to find Lindsay, staring at herself in the mirror.
"Look at these!" she cried.
Beth, Heather, and Izzy all inched closer to see what Lindsay was referring to.
Izzy suddenly jumped backward and pointed to Lindsay's eyes. "Oh! You have like, eggplants underneath your eyes!"
"Lindsay, you just have bags under your eyes," Beth explained. "We all do, thanks to Chris's tight schedule."
Heather added, "I bet he spits on newborn babies."
"Even you're not that mean, Heather," Izzy laughed. "Oh, oops."
Heather: (confessional) Ugh. As much as I'd like to vote off Izzy, she's in my alliance. Besides, she's not a threat compared to DJ.

The guys were still asleep, save Tyler, who began to do jumping jacks.
He swung his right hand into the top bunk beside him, and yelped in pain.
His yell woke up the other four boys, who all groaned.
Tyler encouraged the guys, "C'mon! Chris is gonna wake us up for the next challenge in like, three minutes, so you might as well get ready now!
Trent and Kevin hoisted themselves out of bed, and Tyler began to shake Harold and DJ.
Harold: (confessional) Ugh, it's like having the boot camp challenge all over again. Except the host is a lot more annoying!
Kevin: (confessional) Tyler's such a... ugh, whatever. Anyways, I don't know what we're gonna do without LeShawna. Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Izzy, and Tyler outnumber us five to four, unless Beth pulls another stunt and sides with us. Or I could get Izzy... she's not exactly the most committed person, y'know.
Outside, on the porch, Tyler began to do sit-ups.
Struggling, he counted, "One, two, three, four..."
Lindsay and Beth passed by, and they waved, "Hi, Tyler!"
Tyler grunted, "One hundred sixty-seven, one hundred sixty-eight..."
"Omigosh, you're so like, buff and stuff!" Lindsay admired.
"And tough and rough," Beth added.
From inside the cabin, Trent joked, "Not tough enough!"
Heather demanded, "Stop with the rhyming! Who do you think you people are, Dr. Seuss's offspring!?"
Over the loud speaker, Chris announced, "Alright, you guys, gather in the Dock of Shame so I can explain today's challenge!"

At the Dock of Shame, the nine competitors stood before Chris, who was carrying three sticks, one green, one yellow, and one orange.
Chris showed the sticks to the campers. "Final nine, today's challenge--"
Tyler excitedly pointed and shouted, "Dudes, those are relay batons! We're probably gonna hve a relay race! Awesome!"
Angrily, Chris continued, "Yes, Tyler, thanks for totally stealing my intro. Today's challenge is a relay race around part of Camp Wawanak--"
"Excuse me, but, relay race? We're not ten," Heather insulted.
Annoyed, Chris sighed, "Can I finish a sentence without one of you interruptin--"
"Where's LeShawna?" Lindsay noticed.
Chris held his hands up in surrender and dropped the relay batons and clipboard, and from behind the camera, a producer whispered, "Pssst! Chef! Go host!"
Grumbling, Chef walked over and picked up Chris's dropped supplies.
Without any enthusiasm, he read the clipboard's lines. "Alright girls and guys, I'm splitting you up into three trios to do this here relay. The orange team, raise orange relay baton-- oh, I'm not supposed to say that. The orange team is Heather, Lindsay, and Tyler. The yellow team Beth, DJ, and Harold, while the green team is Izzy, Trent, and Kevin."
The nine campers shuffled around and arranged themselves in their teams, and Chef handed Lindsay, DJ, and Kevin their team batons.
Continuing to read the clipboard, Chef resumed, "Each person that I just gave the baton to is starting off the race for their team. The rest of you are gonna station yourselves at the other two meeting points. The first section is a simple race on the shore from here to the base of that huge cliff-thing that we use for challenges, like, every four episodes. The second section is a hike from the bottom of the cliff to the top of the cliff, then jumping off, landing in the safe zone, and while you're fallin', throw the baton to your partner, who's at the shore. From the shore, the third teammate needs to hop on a motorboat and get back to the dock. First team to finish wins invincibility. Y'all got it?"
They all shook their heads, and Chef threw three large potato sacks at Lindsay, DJ, and Kevin.
Confused, Kevin looked in the potato sack. "What the heck are these for?"
"You didn't think I'd let the first set of people do a normal little race, did ya?" Chef laughed, while the three victims groaned.

Lindsay, DJ, and Kevin were standing side by side, each holding their relay batons.
Suddenly, Chris walked back and announced, "Go!"
The three were confused, but began anyways.
Chef rolled his eyes. "Good-for-nothing pretty boy..."
Lindsay, DJ, and Kevin were making good progress, with DJ in the lead, Kevin in second, and Lindsay in third.
As they hopped across the shore, Chris drove a motorboat alongside them while an intern threw dodgeballs at them.
One ball knocked Kevin square in the face, and he sprawled to the ground while Lindsay hopped past him, and DJ gained a larger lead.
He got back up, with a purple bruise on his left cheek, and continued on.
Lindsay turned around and gasped. "O-M-G. That's like, three bajillion times worse than the bags under my eyes!"
"Thanks," Kevin muttered.
The intern continued to throw dodgeballs, aiming at DJ.
The balls simply bounced off of DJ's body and rolled away in the sand, and he reached his next teammate, Beth.
He handed her the yellow baton and took off the potato sack, while Lindsay approached a fretful Tyler.
Tyler took the orange baton and ran up the cliff, while Kevin was still behind.
From the cliff, Trent yelled, "C'mon man! We gotta win this!"
Kevin: (confessional) We don't actually need this win. The two of us aren't exactly friends with Heather, but she's not gunning for us.
Finally, Kevin reached Trent and handed him the green baton.
Trent cringed. "Eugh! What happened to you?"
"Just get to Izzy!" Kevin ordered.

Beth, Tyler, and Trent jogged up the cliff, with Beth in the lead after DJ's performance, and Trent stuck in last.
They had jogged up a quarter of the cliff when Chris's helicopter became visible.
Tyler shielded his eyes from the sun as he glanced upwards. "What the heck?"
On his megaphone, Chris yelled, "Just lettin' ya know, there's some TNT scattered around the cliff! So, uh, yeah! Haha!"
The three slowed down, and Chris pressed one of six buttons on a remote control.
An explosion went off in front of Beth, sending her flying behind Trent, and her baton rolled down the cliff.
Beth: (confessional) So much for winning. Going home won't be so bad.
Trent, now in second, called out to Tyler, "You okay, bro?"
Tyler turned around, his eyes bloodshot, gasping. "Yeah, why?"
Tyler: (confessional) Okay, so... I don't like explosions. 'Cause they make fire. And fire's baaad. (shudders)
With Beth still at the quarter-mark, and Trent and Tyler reaching halfway, Chris hit two buttons at the same time.
Two explosions went off right underneath Trent and Tyler, but once sent Tyler flying backwards, and the other sent Trent flying forwards.
Both of them crashed into trees, while Beth continued to run.
Tyler was now in last, at the quarter-mark, Beth was at the halfway point, and Trent was three-fourths of the way through.
While they were still jogging, Chris shrugged and said, "Aw, what the heck?"
He hit the remaining three buttons.
Two explosions were far from anyone, but the last one sent Tyler straight into the air.
"Whoooooooa!" Tyler yelled in terror, as he plummeted twenty feet.
He then hit the ground, flat on his face, with his mouth full of grass and dirt.
Trent had reached the top of the cliff, and remembered the instructions. "Jump off, throw to Izzy oin mid-air. Got it."
While Trent hopped off, Beth panted as she collapsed at the peak.
She called out to Chris, "Can I just drop it to Heather or something? Hopefully it hits her on the head!"
From the shore, nearly a thousand feet away from her, Heather shouted, "I heard that!"
Beth turned around to see Tyler approaching, and jumped off.
When he was only fifty feet from the safe zone, Trent threw the green baton at Izzy, who was making an extravagant sandcastle.
It landed on the top of the sandcastle, and Izzy complimented, "Nice throw, Trent! It's like, the perfect flag."
In the water, Trent called out, "Izzy! Boat!"
Beth was seconds away from the water, then threw her baton, but it missed and hit Harold on the head.
"Oops! Sorry!" Beth apologized.
In the sand, Harold coughed, "No problem."
Tyler had finally reached the top of the cliff, and shouted, "Woo! Finally, somethin' to test my physical-ity-ness!"
He hopped off in delight, then, seconds later, threw the orange baton at Heather, who caught it.
His helicopter now meters away from the water, Chris announced, "Alright. Third section, Heather, Izzy, and Harold, race to the Dock of Shame! First to get there wins invincibility!"

Izzy had already cranked up the engine of a green motorboat, and cheered, "Woo! Drivin' again!"
Heather ran over to the orange motorboat, while Harold hopped into the yellow one.
With a good headstart, Izzy started accelerating before Heather and Harold could even start the engine.
Heather: (confessional) I can't lose. Sure, my alliance is dominate, but Beth's still untrustworthy. I came here to win a hundred thousand dollars, not to feel accomplished about getting to the final nine.
With a good lead, Izzy called out to Heather and Harold, "Hasta la vista, baby!"
Harold and Heather both began at the same time, neck-and-neck.
Running along the shore with the other two from the previous challenge, Tyler called out, "Aren'cha gonna throw somethin' at 'em?"
Chris seemed shocked. "Do you really think I'm that uncaring?"
The racing and watching campers both replied, "Duh."
"Well, you're right!" Chris laughed. "I came up with this obstacle myself."
Suddenly, the helicopter dropped off a torpedo into the water, which rammed into the back of Heather's boat and sent her flying forwards, right in front of Izzy.
Heather gave a thumbs-up. "Way to go, Chris!"
Harold, beside Chris in the water, grumbled, "Yeah, way to go."
"Don't worry, my child. I have one for you as well," Chris assured.
The second torpedo fell, and Harold cried out, "No! The chances of Heather's incident are slim to none. The chances of it happening again--"
He was cut off by a huge crash, and the yellow team's motorbot sank into the water.
From the shore, Beth sighed.
Beth: (confessional) Aaaand, hello, farmland.
Heather, just yards in front of Izzy, was approaching the Dock of Shame.
"Sacre bleu!" Izzy yelled.
Suddenly, Heather's engine gave out.
She kicked the inside of her boat. "What the heck?!"
Izzy sped past her, and from the helicopter, Chris shrugged, "Once a motorboat's hit by a torpedo, I think it's gonna take some damage."
Chris dropped the last torpedo, which was aiming for Izzy.
Noticing this, Izzy made a sharp right turn, and crashed right into the Dock of Shame.
She hopped out and met up with Kevin and Trent on the shore. "Woohoo! I did it!"
The three high-fived, and Chris announced, Kevin, Trent, and Izzy have all won invincibility from tonight's bonfire ceremony! The rest of you might be going home tonight!"

In the girl's cabin, Heather met up with the rest of her alliance, with Tyler peeking out through the window.
"So," Heather finished, as the camera didn't catch the rest of her speech. "That's why we need to vote off DJ."
Izzy yawned. "Ah, you bore me. This whole show is boring, I need to spice it up!"
Heather glanced at Beth, who was staring at Izzy in doubt. In the boys' cabin, Kevin asked, "So, we're voting off Heather, right?"
Harold laughed, "Did you even need to ask that question?"
Trent and DJ nodded, while Tyler entered the cabin.
Receiving four glares, Tyler whistled as he walked back outside.

The bonfire ceremony took place an hour later, and Chris yawned.
"Alright. Nine of you here, eight marshmallows. Nothing's changed since last time, so, I'll just hand 'em out."
The nine campers all nodded, while Chris began, "Trent, Izzy, and Kevin! Winners of the challenge."
The three of them caught their marshmallows, satisfied.
Chris held another three marshmallows. "Lindsay, Beth, Harold!"
Lindsay caught her marshmallow, then threw it over her shoulder, hitting Harold.
"Oops, sorry, Tyler!" Lindsay waved.
Right next to her, Tyler corrected, "Lindsay, I'm Tyler, he's Harold."
Chris threw one of the last two marshmallows at Tyler. "And the final marshmallow goes to..."
DJ became nervous, while Heather confidently held her head high.
Everyone asked, "What?"
"Since we have a tie," Chris sighed.
Heather stood up and argued, "You can't send us both home, that's... illogical! How'd we get a tie, anyways?"
Izzy: (confessional) Told you I'd spice things up! (flashback to her vote, which she cast on herself)
Chris motioned her to sit back down. "Cool your jets, you and DJ are gonna be facing off in a sudden-death challenge!"
DJ and Heather's eyes widened, and Chris waved his arm over into the woods.
"You two, follow me. Rest of you can come along and watch."

The sudden-death challenge was the same place as a previous challenge; there was a large, skinny platform, with two oversized batons on the bases.
Heather gasped, "We're doing this challenge again? So unfair, DJ's like, the Hulk!"
"Hmph. Thanks," DJ muttered.
Chris motioned the two to the opposite bases and ordered, "Get your protective gear on! Once I blow the whistle, you'll have to knock each other off using the batons you have. Whoever falls into the water gets eliminated!"
As Heather put on her protective equipment, she nervously looked at DJ, who was tossing his baton from hand to hand.
"Go!" Chris blew his whistle.
DJ walked over to the center, while Heather shuffled, unsure of what he might do.
Finally, Heather swung her baton at DJ, but he wasn't fazed.
Not trying to hurt Heather, DJ swung at Heather's head with barely any force.
Heather sprawled onto the platform in intense pain, and coughed. "Ow! DJ, h-h-help me!"
DJ's eyes widened and he kneeled down to help her. "Are you okay?"
Heather evilly grinned, then swung at DJ's head, with all of her strength, and he fell over, head-first into the water.
Everybody gasped as Chris unsteadily said, "I'm not sure how she did it, but Heather got DJ eliminated! Too bad, bra."
Filled with sorrow, DJ walked through the woods and to the Dock of Shame, where he boarded the Boat of Losers and left.
Chris blinked repeatedly, then asked, "That didn't just happen, right?"
The camera bobbed up, then down, and Chris's eyes widened. "Well, then. Tune in next week to watch more Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 19: Disgust or Bust

Posted on: August 4, 2010

Chris juggled three multi-colored relay batons, then noticed the camera and hid them in his back pocket. "Last time on Total Drama Island, the final nine were split into trios to participate in our extreme relay race challenge! While Kevin managed to get slugged in the face, and Beth learned how to fly, Izzy caused a tie in the votes, making DJ and Heather participate in our first ever sudden-death challenge! In the end, thanks to Heather's... Heather-ness, DJ got sent home. Check out the most stomach-churning episode yet, of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The final eight were all in the Mess Hall, picking at Chef's paste.
Trent's bowl suddenly began to inch away from him.
Harold pointed to it and unsteadily mentioned, "Trent, your bowl is moving."
"I know," Trent whispered. "Just let it go away."
Trent: (confessional) I have a weak stomach. And Chef's food doesn't help that issue. So, I've decided to not eat! How great is that?
Harold and Kevin, on the opposite side of the table, pushed their plates away.
"We're outnumbered buy an even larger scale. How are we suppposed to stay alive?" Kevin asked.
Chris walked in. "By not eating Chef's food!"
Lindsay laughed, "We know that already."
Chris folded his arms. "Well, it'll be hard to live by that rule, seeing as how today's challenge is..."
From the kitchen, Chef yelled, "Eat or be eaten!"
Everyone gasped, as Chris nodded. "You guys are gonna be facing off tournament style, eating Chef's delicious food. The person who eats less food in the allotted fifteen seconds will move on to Round Two."
Beth was confused. "Isn't it the other way around?"
"Nope!" Chris replied, beaming. "Also, there are no more vote-offs! Every challenge as of this moment is sudden-death!"
Heather gasped, while Kevin, Trent, and Harold cheered.
Beth raised her hand. "That still doesn't answer my question."
"Fine," Chris sighed. "The four losers of Round One will move on to Round Two. The two losers of Round Two will move on to the sudden-death round; Round Three. The loser of Round Three is eliminated!" Trent asked, "So, uh, who's up against who?"
Chris pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket, which was folded into sixty-fourths, and opened it up.
"Check out for yourselves!"

  Round One Round Two Round Three

Harold and Kevin glanced over at each other.
Tyler waved to Trent, who sheepishly looked away.
Heather glared at Lindsay, while Lindsay braided her hair.
Beth looked for Izzy, but she was nowhere to be seen.
She raised her hand again. "Uh, Chris, my partner's gone AWOL."
Izzy then burst throw the window, shattering the glass. "I'm back!"
"From doing what?" Tyler asked.
Izzy dismissed, "Ah, y'know, agent stuff. Oooh, tournament!"
Chris gestured, "Alright. Get into your pairs, two at each table, and Chef'll hand out your first dish!"
Heather whispered, "Lindsay, I need you to throw the challenge for me."
"But, then, I'll go to Round Two," Lindsay rebutted.
"And you'll be against Izzy or Beth. Do you really think they stand a chance against... you?" Heather replied, cringing as she said the last word.
Lindsay shook her head, and Chef placed a two plates in front of them, covered by a metallic dome.
Chris fidgeted around with his watch, then found the timer setting. "Alright! When I say 'go', each person needs to take off those plate-cover things and eat as much of whatever food there is as they can!"
Everyone looked at their plates, then at Chris, who shouted, "Go!"

Chris then ordered the camera to focus on him. "Yo, viewers, the next few scenes are all going on at the same time, so don't get all timer-y on me! Kay? It is actually fifteen seconds!"
Heather and Lindsay uncovered their plates.
On both of their plates were hot dog buns, which were stuffed with worms and ketchup.
Both gasped, "Ewwww!"
Holding her nose, Heather picked up the hot dog.
She took a small bite, then gagged, and spit out a worm.
Lindsay fainted, and Heather cheered.

On the opposite side of the table, Izzy and Beth were taking off their plate covers.
Their dish was a sandwich. The bread was represented as pig feet, and the inside was baby food.
Izzy squealed, "Oh! I ate something like this when we were on Mission #08B1, and we were short on supplies!"
She took a bite out of the sandwich in delight, while Beth poked hers.
With her mouth full, Izzy asked, "Are you gonna eat yours?"
The disgusting view Beth had was enough to make her throw up on her sandwich.

Kevin and Harold took their metallic domes off.
They had a bowl of cereal, which was actually pieces of moldy bread floating in cow saliva.
Harold vomited in his, and the sight caused Kevin to vomit in his.
Chris walked by and laughed, "You have to eat that, with your vomit in it, now."
Both of them, wide-eyed, looked at their bowls.

Tyler and Trent uncovered their domes, and held their hands over their mouths.
Their plates each had a slice of cheese pizza, which had maggots crawling on it.
Poking it hesitantly, Tyler commented, "This has to be illegal."
"No doubt," Trent added, still covering his mouth.
Tyler managed to take a bite of the pizza which wasn't maggot-infested, and coughed.
Trent pushed his plate forward. "I can't do this."
Chris called, "Time! Let's check the scoreboards to see how you all faired, huh?"

  Round One Round Two Round Three
   Harold Pass  
 Kevin Fail  
 Trent Fail
   Tyler Pass  
   Heather Pass  
 Lindsay Fail  
 Beth Fail
   Izzy Pass  

"Alright," Chris announced, unimpressed with the results. "Looks like Harold, Tyler, Heather, and Izzy are safe! You four can go brush your teeth, now."
They all ran outside of the Mess Hall, and into the washrooms.
Chris then looked at the remaining four competitors. "As for you losers, after this round, two of you will be safe, and the other two will advance to our sudden-death challenge in Round Three! By the way, you've got thirty seconds this time around."
They all nervously looked at each other, and took their seats as Chef handed out four more plates of "food".
"Aaaaaaaaaaaand.... go!"

Lindsay sniffed and shrieked, "Ewwwwwwwwwww!!"
Chris rolled his eyes. "What else is new?"
They uncovered their plates, which had six truffle-shaped items on it.
Beth clapped. "I love Belgian chocolate!"
"Girl's crazy," Chef laughed, from the kitchen.
Beth looked closer, and saw that it was indeed a chocolate ball, but the inside was full of grasshoppers.
In unison, Lindsay and Beth cried, "Ewwwwwwwwww!!"
The two reluctantly picked one up and took a small bite.
Grasshoppers began to fly out of it, causing them to squeal in terror.

Trent and Kevin's dish was a plate of soup.
"Phew, it's only soup," Trent sighed. "It's probably just extra hot or something."
Both Kevin and Trent put their spoons in.
But the fluid was of a higher viscosity than what they originally thought.
Kevin lifted his spoon, and the fluid dripped slowly from it. "What the heck is this?"
Chris walked over and asked, "Do you really wanna know?"
Trent nodded, "I think we deserve to know what we're about to eat."
Leaning into their table, Chris whispered, "Harold's snot."
Both boys jumped backwards and cringed.
Kevin jumped backwards a bit too far, and slammed his head on the wall.
He stumbled forwards, and tripped over a chair.
He fell, and his head landed in the "soup".
Lindsay, Beth, Trent, Chris, and Chef all laughed, while Kevin lifted his head and screamed.
Kevin: (confessional, wiping his face) Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew...
Chris called out, "Time! Let's see the stats now!"

  Round One Round Two Round Three
   Harold Pass  
 Kevin Fail  
   Kevin Pass  
   Trent Fail  
 Trent Fail
   Tyler Pass  
   Heather Pass  
 Lindsay Fail  
   Lindsay Fail
   Beth Pass  
 Beth Fail
   Izzy Pass  

"And Beth and Kevin are safe! You two, especially Kev over there, can go brush your teeth and/or face! Heh."
They exited the Mess Hall, while Lindsay and Trent were still sitting down.
Chef turned the lights off, and when he turned them back on, the final dish appeared in front of them.
"Oooooh, scary," Trent sarcastically remarked.
Chris eyed him. "You two are now participating in the sudden-death round. The first person to eat half of their meal wins! You've got as much time as you need."
Lindsay looked at Trent and tried to imitate Heather. "Trent, I need you to throw the challenge for me."
"You're kidding, right?" Trent laughed.
Lindsay: (confessional) How does Heather do it? She's so good at it!
The two removed their metallic domes, and looked in awe at the final dish.
It was a muffin, but it had three craters inside of it.
In each crater there was a different bug, one had a worm, another had a grasshopper, and the last one had a cockroach.
They both gulped and looked at the muffin, and neither of them took a bite.
The camera then zoomed out, where a sun-moon cycle took place four times, before zooming back into the Mess Hall.
Chris walked inside, and noticed that both of them were sleeping on the tables. "Oh, come on!"
Lindsay turned around in her sleep, and her face landed on the muffin.
She shrieked and ran out the door, while Chris shrugged. "Her face is in a muffin. Does that count as her eating it?"
A few mumbles from behind the camera were heard, and Chris nodded. "Trent, time to go, bro! Trent?"
Trent was still asleep, and Chef picked him up over his shoulder.
Chris walked with Chef and Trent to the Boat of Losers while doing the sign-off.
"And with that, we're down to seven! Will Trent wake up before we get to the Dock of Shame? Will Lindsay stay dumber than a pebble? Find out on the next thrilling episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 20: Mini-Game Massacre

Posted on: August 10, 2010

Sitting in the Mess Hall, Chris recapped, "Last time on Total Drama Island, the final eight's challenge was to shove Chef's grotesque food down their throat to evade elimination! Yep, there are no more vote-offs, kiddies! It's crunch time, but for the bottom two, it was lunch time! After a few days of hangin' around at the Mess Hall, Lindsay managed to eat Chef's Muffin Surprise, and Trent was sent packing in his sleep! Tune into today's chaotic episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

Picking up directly from the previous episode, Lindsay ran straight into the washrooms.
Inside were five out of the other six campers, all ferociously brushing their teeth.
Harold was the first to notice Lindsay's entrance and dropped his toothbrush. "Trent got eliminated!"
Beth, Tyler, and Kevin gasped, while Heather smiled in satisfaction.
Kevin wondered, "Hey, where's Izzy?"
The camera zoomed out of the washroom window, where Izzy was crawling around the cabins on all fours, holding a makeshift gun.
Izzy noticed the camera and pointed to it, faking shooting noises.
Heather peeked out of the window and called out, "Hey, looks like Iziot's playing Cops and Robbers with herself."
Everyone except Kevin and Lindsay laughed.
Kevin: (confessional, frowning) Well, that was totally uncalled for. But, it's Heather, what do you expect? Especially at the final seven. It's getting rough out here, and I don't know how I'm gonna survive.
Heather: (confessional) I made it to the top seven. Am I surprised? Please. They might as well just write my name on the check now, it's pretty obvious that I'm making it to the top.
Beth: (confessional) The final seven? Wow! I didn't think I'd make it to the fifth episode. I just hope I do okay in challenges, because the only thing that's stopping me now is myself.
Harold: (confessional) It's little wonder why I'm here. After getting to know everyone on the first day, I made a prediction of the elimination order. If everyone here had common sense, Heather would've been gone in the cooking challenge.
Tyler: (confessional) Woo! Fifteen down, six to go, baby! I had to come back to the game to get this far, but, it's cool! My athleticism'll get me through all of these challenges.
Lindsay: (confessional, squealing) This is so amazing! Being here has made me realize how much I've been judging all of those horrible restaurants. Chef Axe, is like, so mean.
Izzy: (confessional, is doing a handstand) Whoa! Almost flipped over, haha! (flips back into a normal sitting position) Everyone here is awesome! Well, except for Heather. But, like, everyone else is better than a sixty-thousand volt electric chair on a rainy day!

Two airhorns were simultaneously blown outside, and the final seven investigated.
Chris beamed, sitting next to Chef in a foldout chair. "Challenge time!"
"You can't be serious," Beth questioned.
Heather ranted, "Two challenges in one day? What is wrong with you? Do you enjoy watching us take part in your little "games"?"
"Yes, yes I do," Chris admitted. "But, this time, you'll actually be participating in games!"
Harold pulled a twenty-sided die from his pocket and grapsed it tightly. "Awesome!"
Chris shook his head. "Not that kind of game..."
He pulled out a case of a game entitled, "Mario Party - The Ultimate Collection" and set it down. "The mini-games inside this eight-games-in-one case! My all-time favorite video game series."
Chef picked the case up and flipped it over, which had a list of "Mini-Games - The Greatest Hits" on the back.
"You seven'll be playing these mini-games on this list. Only, they'll be changed up a bit to, uh, fit reality," Chris explained.
Heather asked, "So, how do you pick a loser?"
"Wow, you're testy today," Chris stated, a bit annoyed. "The person who does the worst overall out of the seven mini-games gets eliminated."
"Ooooh! Seven finalists, seven mini-games!" Tyler excitedly pointed out.
Patting him on the head, Chris complimented, "Nice job, Sherlock. Your first mini-game awaits you!"
Everyone groaned, but Chris encouraged, "C'mon, guys! Just Grin and Bar It!"
Beth blinked repeatedly. "What did you just say?"
"It's the title of the first game, cut me some slack here," he replied.

Grin and Bar It took place at the amphitheater, where a large rope was draped across the stage.
After staring at the rope for a minute, Heather impatiently badgered, "So, what are supposed to--"
The rope began to rotate, flipping around, and Beth clapped, "It's jump rope!"
"We're sixteen, Chris," Kevin said, in disbelief of the challenge.
"Well, take out the second part, and you're six, alright!?" Chris replied, exasperated. "Now, as you've already noticed, your first game, out of seven, might I add, is basically a jump rope competition. But, after every five jumps, the rope gradually speeds up. So, by the fifties, you'll probably be considered as part frog. If you trip over the rope, it won't stop, so I suggest you high-tail it out of there, unless you wanna get slapped across the face another ten times."
Everyone gasped as an intern demonstrated the less-preferred option, and as the rope slowed down, the intern stumbled off of the stage.
Chris blew a whistle. "Àndale!"
The seven of them lined up, in alphabetical order, with Beth on the far right, and Tyler on the far left.
The rope began to spin at a decent speed, everyone jumping over the first five.
After the rope sped up slightly, Tyler was noticeably the last one to jump.
Approaching thirty jumps, Harold asked, "Tyler, are you okay?"
Tyler was hit in the stomach by the rope and was thrown backstage, where he assured, "I'm okay!"
The remaining six began to drop like flies, after Kevin and Harold tripped over the rope and fell off the stage.
Harold: (confessional) What can I say? Jump rope is not a game for males! Which means Heather should be out by now. Ooh, I'm so bad!
But just as Harold thought, Heather was the fourth person eliminated from the challenge.
She gave up and jumped out of harm's way, shrugging. "I placed... middle-th in this challenge. I'm not in the danger zone."
Kevin: (confessional) Yet.
The rope, now at sixty-two jumps, became fast enough to break the sound barrier.
Beth jumped without any issue, smiling in the process.
Beth: (confessional) I'm a country-wide jumprope champion! I can handle a rope pretty well.
Izzy was also fairing well, but jumped out voluntarily. "That was boring, Chris! Gimme a real challenge."
Chris worriedly looked at Izzy, but then shook if off. "Lindsay and Beth, our last two!"
Lindsay was sweating, and the makeup on her face began to drip. She gasped and stopped jumping, and was then hit by the rope.
The rope stopped and Beth leaped off the stage in joy.
"Alright," Chris said, "Looks like the winner of our first challenge is Beth! And Tyler'd be eliminated now, so, watch it, dude!"
Harold and Kevin looked over at Tyler, who was still digging his way out of the backstage equipment.

The next challenge site took place right in front of the forest, where seven different entrances were.
Chris began, "Next challenge is a race through the forest, on the cleared path, avoiding any obstacles in the way!"
Worriedly, Beth wondered, "What kind of obstacles?"
Chris dismissed, "Oh, the typical... hurdles, construction cones, rabid squirrels..."
The final seven gasped at the third item on the list, while Chris chimed, "Doesn't that sound like a Fun Run?"
Through her teeth, Heather answered, "I'm thrilled."
Heather: (confessional) Lamest. Challenge. Ever.
Chris blew a whistle dangling from his neck. "Go, go, go!"
All seven teenagers began to dart through the woods.
Beth encountered a hurdle, and chuckled. "Too easy!"
She jumped over it easily, but on the other end, there was a pit.
She fell in, and shrieked, but then noticed that it was only two feet deep.
Lindsay approached a hurdle and cheered, "Yay, limbo!"
Leaning backwards and approaching the hurdle slowly, she went under it.
Lindsay: (confessional) Okay, so, I didn't know you go under a hurdle. Can you blame me? I mean, who's supposed to know that?
Harold ran towards the first hurdle, and tried his hardest to jump over it.
He crashed into it, then fell into the pit which followed.
Kevin, being somewhat athletic, jumped over the hurdle with ease, and bypassed the pit.
Kevin; (confessional) I don't get why everyone's so whiny about challenges. They're either too "good-looking" (clips of Heather and Lindsay are seen), or too "out-of-shape" (clips of Harold, Beth, and Tyler are seen), or too... not even here (clips of Izzy randomly appearing just before the challenge are shown).
Heather walked around the pit and hurdle, outside the paved path, and walked slowly.
She muttered to herself, "Never sign up for a reality show again."
Suddenly, she yelped in pain. A small insect had bitten her ankle, and she ran forward in terror.
Tyler full-speed, but then tripped over his own shoelaces.
He skidded across the ground and crashed into a hurdle, then fell into the pit.
From the pit, he crawled out and kept running, sneakers in hand.
Izzy sighed. "Another boring challenge. Time to pump it up!"
She leaped and caught onto a tree, then swung from tree-to-tree monkey bar style.
Letting out a Tarzan-like cry, she hung upside-down and noticed one of the rabid squirrels Chris had mentioned.
"Oh, hey, little guy?" Izzy cooed. "You're so adorable! You're a rabid little one, aren't'cha?"
The squirrel, obviously annoyed, tried to bite Izzy, but she kicked it away.
"Your cuteness has no effect on me!" is what she yelled as she ran onward.

Beth finished crawling out of the pit and encountered a squirrel.
She gasped and pleaded, "Don't kill me!"
The squirrel, feeling pitiful, hopped away to a different path, while Beth sighed, but then fell into another pit.
Lindsay found two squirrels in front of her, one from her path, the other from Beth's, which had wandered away.
"You guys would like, look cuter with a nice pink shade of eyeshadow, and some lipgloss to hide that white foam," Lindsay observed.
She picked up the squirrels, which surprisingly didn't harm her.
Harold narrowed his eyes, and noticed a squirrel blocking his path.
He took a stance. "You have no chance against the amazing Harold!"
Chris, watching the seven competitors in a secret room, sang, "Someone needs an ego check..."
Kevin found a squirrel nibbling on a random bone which a dog would normally be chewing on.
He tip-toed slowly, trying not to disturb it, but then stepped on a twig.
The squirrel's head turned towards him, and Kevin ran in circles with the rabid animal chasing him, then ran forwards, still being chased.
The squirrel bit the heel of Kevin's sneaker, not harming him, but then dug up his pant sleeve. Kevin ran faster, jittering around while doing so.
The scene switched to Heather, who had managed to get her squirrel to sleep.
However, she was talking as if the squirrel had been listening. ", Beth's like, a total loser, Lindsay's dumb enough to burn water, Izzy's just plain crazy..."
She finally noticed that the squirrel was sleeping, then stomped off.
Tyler, running, stopped dead in his tracks once he saw the squirrel.
He hesitantly threw one of his sneakers at it, but it missed.
The squirrel attcked him and bit his ankle, while Tyler screamed.
Tyler: (confessional, grasping a casted ankle) That wasn't what I had planned...
Izzy reached the finish line, and Chris high-fived her, while Kevin ran towards them, yelling, "There's a squirrel in my pants!"
"And I thought Harold needed an ego check," Chris disapproved.
While Kevin jumped around, Heather and Lindsay reached the goal, with Lindsay carrying two nearly-pink squirrels in her hands.
Chris pointed to the squirrels and laughed, while Izzy admired them. "They're like, little scoops of strawberry ice cream!"
Both squirrels wiggled their way out of Lindsay's palms and hopped back into the forest.
Lindsay cried, "Jacob! Edward! No!"
Tyler finished, then collasped as he pointed to the squirrel attached to his ankle.
"Chef! Kid got bitten," Chris called.
Chef walked over to Tyler, holding a large needle.
He injected it into Tyler's leg, and the squirrel almost instantly detached itself and ran away.
"Whoa! What'd you put in him?" Chris asked, astonished.
Chef shrugged, while Tyler stood up, then collapsed on Heather.
"Eugh! Get off of me, you overgrown toddler," Heather insulted as she pushed Tyler off of her.
Tyler mumbled, "Alright, Jessica, but only if I win on Monday."
Heather, Lindsay, Izzy, Chris, and Chef all blankly stared at Tyler while Kevin continued to run around chanting, "There's a squirrel in my pants!" while running in the background.
Beth panted as she reached the end, then demanded, "Whose idea was it to put the squirrels in here?!"
Chris blushed, while Beth marched over to him.
"What's wrong with you?!" Beth complained. "We all could've died!"
In a desperate attempt to change the topic, Chris pointed beyond the finish line. "And there's Harold!"
Harold held his hand against his chest and coughed, then managed to wheeze out, "How far of a walk was that?'
Chris shrugged, then began to walk away. "Follow me to game three!"

The third game took place on a large platform beside the shore.
Surrounding the platform were four smaller platforms, each with one intern on them, carrying a bag of objects that bulged out of it.
Chris grinned. "This one's my favorite! The seven of you have gotta stand on that platform for as long as you can. Our unpaid interns will try their hardest to knock you off of it using hammers! This game's called Hammer Spammer!"
Heather scoffed, "Hammers? You can't be serious."
"I'm not," Chris admitted.
The final seven breathed a sigh of relief, which was quickly taken back, as Chris snickered, "There's a lot more stuff in there."
They all arranged themselves on the platform, then glanced at the interns, who glared at them in anger.
Beth nervously whispered, "Why are they so mad?"
"Because they dropped their bacon in the doorknob," Tyler answered.
Everyone blankly stared at him again, but the trance was broken after Chris blew his whistle.
The interns began to throw whatever they had; hammers, candlesticks, plastic bowls, and threw them at the final seven, who were scrambling around on the platform.
Harold stood with his hands behind his back, swiftly darting from side-to-side.
Harold: (confessional) It's a simple calculation of projectile motion. (snorts)
Lindsay paced around, then caught a plastic bowl which was thrown at her. "Do I win?"
"No, actually, you're out!" Chris proclaimed.
"Awwww!" Lindsay moaned.
Beth panicked and jogged in place, while the closest intern frowned. "This is just sad."
The intern threw their hammer at her lightly, and as it gently hit her arm, she fainted.
She collasped on Tyler, who fell over and was hit by a computer mouse. "You're so light! It's like, the opposite of an elephant."
With only Izzy, Kevin, Heather, and Harold remaining, the interns began to throw their items at a faster pace.
Kevin and Izzy ran into each other.
"Oof! Oh, sorry, Iz," Kevin apologized.
"No worry! For I am invincible!" Izzy yelled. She hopped across the platform and landed next to Heather, who jumped and fell off the platform in fear.
Noticing her mistake, Heather shook her fist at Izzy. "Why, I oughta--"
She was interrupted by a potato which hit her square in the forehead.
Harold continued to easily evade the objects, while Izzy performed to her "normal" standards.
After a long ten minutes of dodging, Kevin was finally hit by a hammer.
He collapsed, and Izzy waved to him. "Awww, he's like one of the sixty-eight assassins I've drugged!"
The interns took advantage of Izzy, and all four of them threw their entire bag of items at her.
"Quadruple teaming me, are ya?" Izzy said as she threateningly glared at Chris.
She was hit, and Harold hopeed off the platform in victory.
Chris held a small index card in his hands and read, "Well, wasn't that a shocking outcome? Huh? I bet you guys just want to bolt into your cabins and hit the hay, huh?"
Heather rolled her eyes, annoyed. "Cut the cheesy puns and take us to the next challenge! It's nearly sunset, and we're not even halfway through."

Chris led the teenagers to the fourth mini-game, which took place nearly a mile away, on the shore.
There were seven small platforms, side-by-side, which resembled that of Dance Dance Revolution.
Harold jumped on one. "I rocked this when I was thirteen!"
Suddenly, Harold yelped in pain. "Ow! Did I just get... zapped?"
"My bad puns weren't obvious enough?" Chris chuckled. "Well, mini-game number four is called... Shock Absorbers! Bzzzzt!"
Nervous, Beth whispered to Harold, "How bad did that hurt?"
Chris answered, "Oh, don't ask him that, the remote control setting was only on 0.25. Once you guys make a mistake, the level's at five!"
Harold: (confessional, writing on a notepad) Based on the volume of my yell, I can estimate that about thirty volts went though my body. At level five, that's... six hundred volts!
"It's six hundred volts of pain!" Chris joyfully said.
Harold stomped in the sand. "I did all of that math in the confessional for nothing?!"
Tyler, who was attempting to make a "sand-angel", stood up and nuzzled his hair on Harold's face.
Harold cringed, and the campers took their stances on the platforms.
"Alright. When one of the five buttons on your platforms lights up, you need to step on it. If you don't, you'll get an electric shock, and you'll be eliminated from the challenge! Beware; if all five of your buttons lights up, you'll have to jump to avoid a 1200 volt shock! Ouch! Also, the pace gets faster and faster as the challenge progresses."
Chris had his finger over his remote and asked, "Ready...?"
Tyler kneeled down on his platform and gave a thumbs-up.
"Errr, okay. Go!"
The top-right button lit up, and everyone except Izzy and Tyler tried to hit it.
Izzy tempted, "Hit me with your best shot!"
Tyler looked at the light in awe. "Pretty... pretty... shiny... shiny..."
Both were zapped by the platforms, and Izzy complained, "Get some real voltage."
The lower-right button lit up, and the five remaining contestants all succesfully hit it, followed by the top-left, and the center button.
Suddenly, all five buttons flashed on and off three times, and Lindsay and Beth, startled, shrieked while the other three jumped.
Lindsay and Beth were eliminated from the challenge, and only Harold, Kevin, and Heather were left.
Heather taunted, "Aw, c'mon, Chris, you can't really think this challenge is hard, can you?"
Chris laughed, "That was the first round. Second round..."
He paused, and Harold folded his arms. "Well, what about the second round?!"
"...starts now!" Chris hit his button, and while Harold was distracted, he was shocked off of the platform.
Heather and Kevin were hitting the buttons normally, bottom-left, center, top-left, top-right, and all five buttons blinked once again.
They both jumped, and Heather commented, "Ugh, you're way too good at this..."
Kevin blushed. "Aw, nah, you're good too."
Still hitting buttons, Heather sighed. "It's just a shame that I'm better."
Kevin nodded at Heather, then took a double take. "Wait, what?"
He was then shocked by the platform for missing a button, and Heather waved, "Later!"
"And Heather wins the fourth challenge," Chris yawned. "Challenge five's over here!"


Tyler falls off of the platform, and is a second away from hitting the water.

The fifth challenge took place in a familiar looking platform with nine panels, and each had a random number from six to nine.
Beth pointed to it. "Hey, didn't we use that in the magic challenge?"
Chris complinted, "Good observation, Beth. We'll be using this for our next game..."
He played the air guitar and screeched, "The Final Countdown!
"Awesome!" Harold approved, and played an air guitar beside Chris.
Chris shoved him out of the way and clarified, "But, we aren't rockin' out again, even though that challenge was awesome. Your challenge is to stay on that three-by-three platform for as long as you can. You see the numbers on the panels? With every second, they'll decrease by one. Once the panel hits zero, it'll open itself up, and anyone standing on it is gonna take a plummet! After another second, the panel will close up again and go back to nine."
Beth had her hands on her hips. "It's nearly nine o' clock! Just end the challenge here!"
Chris shook his head. "Nuh-uh. We need seven mini-games to get a clear evaluation of who did the worst. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can do whatever you need to in order to get your opponents off the platform. Slap, kick, totally abuse..."
"Huh?" Lindsay asked.
"I said 'sing the blues'," Chris covered up.
They all swam to the platform, and Chris said into his megaphone, "Go!"
Each panel began to countdown, the numbers varying.
Everyone scrambled around, standing on the largest numbered platforms.
Eventually, all seven of them were standing on the same panel, and Heather pretended to stumble.
"Whoops!" Heather faked, crashing into Beth and Tyler.
The two stumbled off of the panel and were standing on a panel which had just hit zero, and they fell down into the water.
Most of the panels were reset back to nine, except a few which were at eight or seven.
Lindsay wandered off to a corner of the platform and waved to Beth, who was sitting at the shore. "Hi, Belle!"
"My name's Beth!" she called back.
Lindsay leaned in. "What did you say?"
Beth, frustrated, yelled back, "My name's--"
She leaned in even closer. "Whaaaaaaaa--"
Lindsay fell off of the platform and swam back to Beth. "What did you say?"
"My name is Beth. Not Belle," Beth corrected.
"Oh, okay," Lindsay nodded.
She then realized that she was no longer on the platform, and gasped. "I lost!"
From the platform, Heather mocked, "What was your first clue?"
Lindsay held her hand to her chin and thought, but Heather rolled her eyes.
Although, Heather noticed that the panel she was standing on has hit zero, as well as Harold's.
The two fell into the water, with Heather's cries getting muffled in the water.
With only Kevin and Izzy remaining, the panels begin to countdown faster, and a panel began to hit zero with every passing second.
Izzy hopped from panel to panel, and commented, "This is way too easy!"
Kevin, however, began to grow exhausted from all the running, and finally gave up.
He sat down on a panel which was at one, then waved good-bye to Izzy.
Izzy frowned. "You're leaving? Aww. Okay, see ya!"
Izzy: (confessional) Too bad he had to go. He was so nice!
From the shore, Chris announced, "And Izzy wins her second game! Nice! Oooh, it's getting late, We oughta do this next mini-game now, huh?"
Beth stuttered, "Mini-game, a-a-at night?"
"You aren't scared, are ya?!" Chris laughed. "Anyways, good night!"
"Huh?" everyone wondered.
Two cans were thrown at the campers, sending them into a deep sleep.

They all woke up in different sections of the woods, and Chris's voice was heard through the loudspeakers.
"This is your sixth game, called Ghost in the Hall. Your challenge is to find your way back to camp using the flashlights in your pockets! Beware, there are a few traps laid out for you on your way back. If you encounter a trap, it's suggested you choose a different route. There's a bunch of forks in your pathway, so, you'll have to backtrack a lot. Begin!"
Heather: (confessional) First, two challenges in one day, now, he expects us to get back to camp using a dingy flashlight?! At midnight?!
Heather held her flashlight and trekked through, flashing in all different directions. She muttered, "Stupid Chris and his lame challenges..."
She spun around and saw a faint, white glow behind a tree.
Curious, she walked over to it, and noticed it was a floating circular object, with fin-like objects sticking out of its sides.
"Uhhhh, hello?" she unsurely asked.
The object turned around and made a strange noise, it's fang-like teeth baring.
Heather screamed and ran back to the path.
Harold was doing a good job, as he hadn't run into a trap after three forks in the path.
Harold: (confessional) I've always had a keen sense of direction!
He reached another fork in the path, and as he thought, the same white creature appeared before him.
"Ah, Chris. Your special effects never cease to amaze me," Harold dismissed.
Choosing the left path, he continued.
Kevin walked through the paths slowly, looking left and right with each step.
He heard a twig snapped, and jumped backwards.
The same white, floating creature appeared before his very eyes, and he fainted.
It made a strange noise, then disappeared into thin air.
Lindsay reached a fork in the road and shouted, "Chris! Which way do I go?"
Through the loudspaker, in an ominous voice, Chris replied, "You need to choose for yourself, it's a fork in the road."
Lindsay scratched her head. "I don't see a fork... maybe you mean a spoon?"
Chris was heard facepalming himself through the loudspeaker.
Beth yawned and walked slowly, then collapsed and fell asleep.
She snored, then opened her eyes, and saw the white object.
She dismissed it as a dream and fell back to sleep.
Tyler, still somewhat crazy, skipped through the paths and chose without hesitation.
As he skipped into the right path, he fell into a ditch.
From inside the ditch, he sang, "I'm not walkin' on sunshiiiiine..."
Izzy ran straight across, only stopping to choose a path, or catch her breath.
After going left, she stopped dead in her tracks as she noticed the ghost-like creature.
She approached it slowly, then karate-kicked it.
Her foot went straight through it, and she laughed. "Oh, cool!"
At the other end of the forest, Chris looked at his watch. "Where are those kids?"
Chef shrugged. "Gotta admit, two challenges in a day is pretty wack."
"Oh, you're siding with the kids now?!" Chris asked in annoyance.
Chef held his hands up. "Hey, you're mad at them, not me."
Harold and Izzy both arrived at the same time, with Izzy laughing hysterically.
Chris glanced at her, and she collapsed, crying tears of joy.
"Okay, what the heck is so funny?" Chris demanded to know.
Izzy stood up and dusted herself off. "Oh, nothing."
Tyler skipped out of the forest and waved to Chris and Chef excitedly.
Chris whispered, "Can you like, reverse this?"
Chef grunted and injected Tyler with an antidote.
Tyler blinked repeatedly, then asked, "Why do I have a huge wedgie?"
Harold: T.
Izzy: M.
Chris: I!
Heather ran, screaming. "There's a huge white balloon chasing me!"
Chris pressed a button on a remote control, and the white creature disappeared.
Heather turned around and pointed, with her eyes shut in fear.
"It's right there! It's chasing me!"
Harold tapped Heather on her shoulder, and she opened her eyes, then saw that it was gone.
She stuttered, "B-b-b-b-but-t..."
In a fatherly voice, Chris said, "It's okay, it's okay."
Lindsay calmly walked out of the forest.
Lindsay: (confessional) All I did was follow the pretty white basketball!
Beth then slugglishly finished, yawning. "Can I go to sleep now?"
Chris shook his head. "We've still got out last mini-game! And Kevin needs to finish!"
A small title in the middle of the screen read "Two Hours Later..."
Finally, Kevin was dragged out by two interns.
He was passed out, and Chef barked, "Get up, you useless piece of teenage trash!"
Kevin woke up, and mumbled, "Golden ponies get rode on by gladiators..."
"Oh, not you too!" Izzy cried. She slapped him out of his trance, and he thanked, "Oh, I needed that."
Izzy pointed to herself. "That's what I'm for!"
Chris yawned. "Alright, you seven! Let's head over to our last mini-game before everyone passes out."

The seventh mini-game took place right in front of the cabins.
Both cabins had oversized padlocks on them, and five interns dressed in black clothing guarded them.
Chris explained, "This last challenge is called Key-pa-Way!"
Heather yawned. "Oooh, you're clever."
Chris continued, "The challenge is to unlock your cabins without letting the guards take the key!"
"Well, that's easy," Kevin shrugged. "We'll just put the key in our pocket."
Chef walked in lugging an extremely large key, and threw it at Lindsay. "Here's ya key."
Everyone's eyes widened in shock. Chris complained, "I asked for a big key, not an anchor!"
Chef mumbled as Lindsay struggled to carry the key.
"Well, Lindsay," Chris stated, "Looks like you're the one carrying the key!"
"Oh, uh, great," she nervously smiled.
Chris warned, "If any one of the bandits gets the key, you'll all be forced to stay up until tomorrow! Except for the person who gets eliminated, though. Hehe. Go!"
Heather ordered, "Harold, Kevin, Tyler, Beth and I are all gonna distract the guards. Izzy, you protect Lindsay."
"On it!" Izzy shouted as she gave a thumbs-up.
Heather and the other four people which she assigned tried their hardest to distract the guards.
Tyler asked, "So, you, uh, play sports?"
Getting no response, he muttered, "Cool, cool..."
Kevin and Harold both took the stereotypical approach and did random acts in order to distract the guards, such as making strange noises and weird faces.
Beth and Heather were bad-mouthing each other to death, the guards listening intently, however.
The camera jumped in the middle of Heather's conversation, "...then she ditched my alliance and voted off Courtney with LeShawna..."
Then to Beth's conversation. "...she's was getting so mean and bossy that I just got tired of it, and then..."
Izzy shouted, "Unlock the door, Lindsay!!"
Lindsay opened the lock to the boys cabin, but Izzy's loud voice caught the guards' attention.
She turned her head to the girls cabin and said, "Lindsay, get there as fast as you can. I'll handle the guards."
Lindsay nodded and struggled carrying the key, while Izzy asked, "You wanna mess with Agent 008? Huh?"
The guards snickered, but Izzy kicked one square in the chest.
"Want four more demonstrations?" Izzy asked, winking.
The guards ran away, while Kevin, Harold, and Tyler looked at Izzy in awe.
Lindsay opened the lock to the girls cabin, and cheered. "We did it, guys!!"
The campers all ran inside their cabins and rushed to their beds.
However, before they could get to sleep, two cans were thrown through the windows of each cabin, releasing a gas.

The final seven woke up at the bonfire ceremony, Chris grinning and holding a plate with six marshmallows.
Heather shuddered. "My privacy's been violated twice today. By Chef!"
Chef rolled his eyes as Chris began, "I'll be giving you marshmallows in the order of most well done, to the suckish loser! The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must walk the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers!"
Heather: (confessional) Nervous? As if.
Lindsay: (confessional) I was like, amazing in the challenges, right?
Harold: (confessional) Wow, I've used this thing a lot today. Anyways, I'm definitely safe.
Beth: (confessional) I might possibly be sorta safe.
Tyler: (confessional) Aw, man, aw, man! That injection totally threw off my game! I'm dead.
Kevin: (confessional) Besides the sixth challenge, I think I did pretty good.
Izzy: (confessional, doesn't say anything)
Chris threw the first marshmallow at Izzy. "Nice job! You're safe, and you did the best out of everyone in our mini-game challenges!"
He threw the next two at Harold and Kevin. "You two did a good job as well! You're safe."
Harold and Kevin high-fived, although their marshmallows smashed against each other, getting their hands sticky.
"Well, that wasn't smart," Chris said as he threw the next marshmallow to Heather.
Heather scoffed. "Fourth best? Whatever, I'm safe."
With Tyler, Lindsay, and Beth yet to receive a marshmallow, Chris built up the tension. "The next marshmallow goes to Lindsay."
Lindsay caught her marshmallow and squealed, then noticed that Beth had yet to receive one.
"And the final marshmallow goes to..."
Tyler sighed as Beth bit her nails.
"...what the heck does this result card say, Chef?"
Chef leaned in and read, "Tyler - 6th place."
Tyler jumped out of his seat and pumped his fists in the air. "Yeah! I'm safe!"
Heather also cheered alongside Tyler. "Beth's gone! It's about time!"
Kevin: (confessional) Gotta admit, it's nice to see Ms. Alliance Hopper leave.
The only person not enjoying Beth's elimination was Lindsay.
"Beth! Oh, no!"
"Don't worry, Lindsay. Make it all the way to the top," Beth encouraged.
Chris interrupted. "Ahem, we are not having another Katie and Sadie moment. Beth, time to go!"
Beth boarded the Boat of Losers and sailed across Lake Wawanakawa, while Chris grinned, "And with that, seven's down to six! What'll become of our remaining campers on the next episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 21: Crash-in to Fashion

Posted on: August 15, 2010

In his own private suite, Chris held a video game controller and was playing vigorously against Chef, but he then noticed the camera and pressed the pause button. "Uh... oh, right. Last time on Total Drama Island, our final seven competed in my favorite challenge yet! We recreated seven of my favorite mini-games from my favorite-er video game, the Mario Party series! A bunch of these mini-games sent our campers over the edge... literally! Tyler went totally loco. Even Izzy was weirded out by the guy, that's sayin' something. In the end, since she sucked, Beth got eliminated, leaving us with our top six finalists! What'll happen in the sexiest challenge yet? I can say that on TV, right? Kay. Find out, on this episode of... Total. Drama Island! Oh, Chef, you little cheater!"

(theme song)

The campers were still sound asleep at noon, everyone snoring loudly.
The girls cabin was silent except for Lindsay's abnormally loud snoring.
Heather woke up, dazed, and noticed Lindsay, then frowned and cover her head with her pillow.
Heather: (confessional) So much for the "princess" act.
In the boys cabin, Harold, Kevin, and Tyler were sound asleep.
Harold drooled, mumbling elements of the periodic table.
Kevin slept face-down, with his head completely buried in his pillow.
Tyler was twitching in his sleep, still feeling the effects of Chef's injection from the challenge.
Suddenly, Chris' voice was heard through the loudspeaker. "Bonjour, six finalistes!"
They all remained asleep, except for Heather who purposely ignored him.
Annoyed, Chris increased the volume and shouted, "Bonjour, six finalistes!!!"
All of them jumped in their beds, startled, then groaned as Chris continued, in a bad French accent, "Meet moi in the amphitheater in quinze minutes! That means fifteen, ahem, Lindsay."
Lindsay: (confessional) Everyone thinks I'm so, like, not smart, but I'm a genie! (from outside the confessional, Heather shouts) It's genius, you twit.

At the amphitheater, the final six all yawned, and Chris was nowhere to be seen.
Growing impatient, Heather asked, "Ugh, where's that sad excuse for a host?"
Chris strutted from backstage, not wearing his usual blue shirt-khaki pants combo.
He was sporting a red T-shirt underneath a white, unzipped jacket; a bland pair of jeans; and red and white sneakers.
Kevin: (confessional, muttering) Wannabe-teenager-lookin fool...
Chris responded to Heather's question. "I'm here, and fashionable, if I do say so myself."
Lindsay pointed to his sneakers. "Those are so last week. So is that sweater."
Chris rolled his eyes and began to explain the challenge. "Today, the six of you are gonna get all dolled up for a little runway show!"
Harold, Tyler, and Kevin all cringed. "Runway show?"
Chris nodded. "Yep! You'll pick your own wardrobe, and strut down the runway for our fashionista challenge! The three judges'll score you from zero to ten. The person with the least amount of points, out of thirty total, at the end is eliminated!"
Kevin was confused. "Three judges? You, Chef, and--"
"When did I say Chef and I were judging?" Chris slyly said.
Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.
He gestured backstage. "Please give a warm welcome to your three judges, Courtney, Cody, and LeShawna!"
Heather gasped, "No way! LeShawna's just gonna give me a zero!"
"As much as I wanna do that, Chris made us agree to keep our scores as unbiased as we can," LeShawna explained.
Harold: (confessional) Chris made a challenge fair? The end is near, my friends.
Kevin glanced over to Izzy, who was sitting quietly on the lower level of the bleachers. "Hey, you've been awfully quiet today."
From behind him, Heather snapped, "And we'd like to keep it that way!"
Courtney smirked at Heather's reply and shook her head.
Courtney: (confessional) Heather hasn't changed a bit since my elimination, which was her fault for riling up Beth! And she's lucky she was just eliminated. I found a loophole in Chris' agreement, letting me be as biased as I want.
Izzy smiled and winked, confusing both Heather and Kevin.
Chris asked, "Well, what're you waiting for? Clothes racks are in your cabins. Get dressed!"
"What style do we need to dress in?" Lindsay wondered.
Chris shrugged. "Whatever you think'll score points."

Harold, Tyler, and Kevin were walking back to the boys cabin.
Tyler: (confessional) This challenge is lame, how am I supposed to know what the "in-style" is when I haven't been near my buds in six weeks?
Harold: (confessional) I've never paid much attention to fashion, I mean, as long as you're wearing clothes, it's okay, right?
Kevin: (confessional) Just another average challenge... Hmm, I wonder what Izzy thinks fashion? The girl's wearing leaves, I mean, c'mon. Then again, there's nothing wrong with that. (smiles)
They entered their cabin was a huge clothing rack, which split the cabin in half, and every color of every type of clothing was hanging on it.
"Whoa," the three of them all said.

The girls were on their way, with Izzy still silent.
Heather: (confessional) I've got this game in the bag. Lindsay's a lost cause, I've seen four-year-olds more athletic than Tyler and Harold, Izzy's too crazy to focus on the challenges, the only person who's got me stumped is Kevin, but he's easy to get around. Remember last time with those Dance Dance platforms? He's a goner. Why are they putting me through another five episodes of these morons?!
Lindsay: (confessional) This is the best challenge ever! I'm like, fashion-istic, so, this is gonna be fun!
Izzy: (confessional, is still silent, spells out "waffle cones" in sign language, then laughs hysterically)
Izzy opened the door of their cabin and was taken aback by the extraordinary amount of clothing was on the racks.
Heather folded her arms. "I have twice as much clothes in a dusty broom closet in my basement."
Lindsay squealed and ran towards the pink clothing, then removed all of it and tossed it on her bunk.

The boys were giving little to no effort, most specifically Tyler.
"So, who do you think is going home tonight?" Harold polled.
Tyler and Kevin said each other's names, then glared at one another in shock.
At the same time, they said, "You think I'm getting eliminated? Duh. Seriously? Okay, this is getting weird."
Harold chuckled and picked another piece of clothing out from the racks.
Heather and Lindsay were at hard work deciding on their outfit's colors, designs, patterns, and so on.
Izzy picked out random items and put them on, satisfied.
Izzy: (confessional, forms a rainbow with her hands)
Twenty minutes later, Chris poked his head in and yelled, "Time's up! Get your outfits on and head over to the runway!"
"Which is where?" Heather asked.
Chris winked. "Just follow me."

The runway was a long, narrow platform attached to the Dock of Shame.
At the Dock of Shame was Courtney, Cody, LeShawna, and Chef, all sitting behind a white table.
"That's the best you could do?" the six contestants asked.
"Hey, would you rather be bungee-jumping off the cliff?" Chris threatened. "Alright, one by one, you'll all walk down the runway, and walk back. And avoid the sharks."
"What?!" Kevin shrieked.
"There's sharks in these waters, and they'll jump in mid-air from one side of the runway to the other!"
A shark demonstrated, all of their teeth gleaming during the split-second that they surfaced.
Chef shrugged. "I ain't put those in there."
Chris randomly pushed Izzy towards the dock. "You're first, Silent But Deadly."

Izzy wore a green cutoff bra and a long green skirt, with her regular shoes.
She walked down the runway calmly, with Courtney, Cody, and LeShawna scribbling notes on their clipboards.
As Izzy turned around to go back to the dock, a shark surfaced.
Izzy sighed, "If ya know what's good for ya, stay in your aquatic wonderland."
The shark sank back into the water and Izzy returned.
The three judges all mumbled to each other, then Courtney called, "Next!"
"What, I don't get my score!?" Izzy demanded.
Chris shook his head. "Wouldn't be suspenseful, would it?"
Cody: (confessional) To tell the truth, I'm only here in case someone wears a swimsuit. Preferably a girl. I'm just giving Courtney and LeShawna random feedback!
Harold slowly paced over to the runway, wearing the exact same outfit as Chris.
Chris frowned. "Hey, I understand that I'm a role model for teens everywhere, but c'mon, dude!"
Harold shrugged and walked down the dock.
"Is that the best you can do?" Courtney called out to him.
Harold's hands balled up into fists as he turned around.
A shark snapped at him, but he turned to it, removed his glasses, and glared.
The shark swam away, leaving the others in shock.
Tyler: (confessional) Uh, what just happened?
Lindsay: (confessional, blinks repeatedly) That was so scary!

Heather was wearing nothing but a red-hot bikini, with extremely loose straps.
Cody leaned in and smiled from ear-to-ear.
Heather: (confessional) Boys are so easy.
She strutted down the runway, somewhat posing with every step.
A shark surfaced as snapped at her.
She shrieked and flung her hands up in fear, her thumb getting caught in one of the straps.
Her left breast was exposed, causing her to gasp and run back to the cabins, covering herself.
Everyone gasped except for Cody, who had fainted.
Recovering from the shock, Chris stuttered, "W-W-Well, I think Kevin's up."
He wore a black wife beater with a dark green button-down shirt over it, unbuttoned. He also wore dark jeans and black sneakers.
LeShawna cheered, "Ooooh! You remind me of Big Tony, y'know, that kid who got shot at the corner for bein' in a gang?"
Kevin stopped dead in his tracks, and with a confused look on his face, yelled, "What!?"
LeShawna mumbled something then wrote on her clipboard.
Kevin reached the end of the runway, where a shark eagerly waited for him.
It bit the edge of the runway off, casuing Kevin to stumble backwards, then ask, "Chris, you can't actually let these things kill us, uh, right?"
Chris: (confessional, obviously reading a piece of paper) The Total Drama staff has tested and modified each challenge to make sure that any fatal incidents will not be encountered. (snickers)
Kevin managed to kick the shark away, then walked back to the dock.
"Respect for dealing with the shark, my man!" LeShawna applauded.
Kevin blushed. "Aww, well..."
Izzy noticed them and furrowed her eyebrows, then ran over to Kevin and flipped her eyelids over. "Look at what I can do!"
Kevin screamed, "Ah! That freaks me out!"
"What doesn't Izzy do that doesn't freak you out?" Courtney insulted.
Izzy was saddened and walked away.
Kevin: (confessional) I feel bad. Izzy's crazy, yeah, I know. But no one deserves to be treated like that... Except, maybe Heather. But she's been humiliated enough for today.

Lindsay was next, wearing an elegant pink sequinned dress and pink high heels.
Courtney rolled her eyes and muttered, "Great. Now all she needs to do is fill herself with plastic and she's a life-sized Barbie doll."
Lindsay spun around and the end of the runway, and Courtney added, "But based on the size of that chest, I can say she's halfway done."
Cody and LeShawna gasped, then laughed.
Lindsay reached the dock again and smiled.
"Wait," LeShawna halted, "What was that girl wearin', again?"
Cody began to say something, but then stopped. "I... I don't remember."
Courtney smirked. "I think it was some sort of pink blanket."
The other two shrugged as Tyler approached them.
He wore a tuxedo, complete with red bow-tie, top hat, and cane. He also had on black slacks and jet black dress shoes.
Chris raised an eyebrow. "Well, James Bond, strut your stuff so that we can see who gets sent home!"
Tyler calmly walked over to the end of the runway, where the shark who had bitten it was now hungry, once again.
Desperate, he threw his hat at it.
The shark ate it, then coughed it out as he ran back to the dock.
"That... was freaky," Tyler panted.
Chris shooed the campers away. "Head over to your cabins to change into your normal clothes, and come back here to see your scores!"

The final six changed and returned to the dock, where Courtney, Cody, and LeShawna all had six cards in front of them.
Chris explained, "The three of them have all scored you individually from one to ten. The final score is all three of them added together, out of thirty. The person with the lowest score is eliminated!"
Everyone gulped as Chris stated, "First score is Tyler!"
The cards lifted were a six from Courtney, a nine from Cody, and an eight from LeShawna.
"And your total score is twenty-three!"
He shrugged walked back to the group, as Heather was next.
Courtney raised a three, Cody raised a ten, and LeShawna raised a six.
"Nineteen! That's the score everyone needs to beat to stay safe."
Heather scowled and returned, and Kevin stood before the three.
All three of them raised an eight.
"And Kevin's score is twenty-four, meaning Heather's still in danger!"
Kevin smiled and returned, and Harold stepped up.
Courtny raised a five, Cody raised an eight, and LeShawna raised a nine.
"Twenty-two! Heather, you should go get your bags, now," Chris taunted.
Lindsay skipped over to the judges, where Courtney raised a three, Cody raised a nine, and LeShawna also raised a nine.
Chris eyed Courtney. "I thought I said no bias! Whatever, Lindsay's score is twenty-one, if Izzy gets twenty or higher, Heather's a goner!"
Izzy hopped over to the judge's table.
Courtney raised a seven, Cody also raised a seven, but LeShawna raised a six.
"Twenty!! Heather, time to go--"
LeShawna interrupted, "Wait, did I raise a six for Heather? My bad. That was a nine, it was upside-down."
LeShawna: (confessional) Now, you thinkin', "Girl, Heather coulda gone home!" But, Heather hasn't got what's coming yet. Karma needs to slap her upside the head!
Chris stuttered, "Uh... Okay... That means Heather's score is a twenty-two, and with Izzy's score of twenty, she's eliminated!"
Izzy and Kevin both gasped.
Kevin hugged Izzy. "You're so, uh, different and awesome!"
Not sure if it was a compliment, Izzy said, "Thanks?"
She shrugged, ran to the end of the runway, jumped on a shark and yelled, "Giddy up!"
The shark swam away with her on it, leaving everyone in shock.
Unsteadily, Chris ended, "And we're down to the final five! Heather, Harold, Tyler, Lindsay, and Kevin! Tune in next time for another great episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 22: Losers Can Be Choosers

Posted on: August 17, 2010

Chris was still in his outfit from the previous episode as he recapped, "Last time on Total Drama Island, our campers became models as they strutted down our makeshift runway! Which was surrounded by sharks! Haha! Courtney, Cody, and LeShawna all returned as guest judges for the challenge, scoring our six models. In the end, after LeShawna changed her score, Izzy got eliminated! Today, we'll be giving our final five a break, and take some time to find our other seventeen losers! We'll find out how they've been spending their time after elimination, and who they think deserves to win the million dollars. So, sit back, and watch today's episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The episode began with the sight of a large resort-like building, as Chris pulled up to the dock on a jet ski.
He hopped on the dock and paced along it, and began, "This place is called Playa de Losers, where we send the eliminated contestants to! Here, we'll talk to all seventeen of them and find out what they've been up to!"
The scene switched to the in-pool bar, where Cody, Katie, and Sadie were sitting.
Cody inched closer to Katie and whispered, "Wanna go some place quiet?"
Katie ignored him as she spoke with Sadie.
Sadie gasped, "You had a build an entire house?"
"I know, right?" Katie replied, shaking her head.
Irritated, Cody waved his hands in front of her face. "Earth to Katie?"
Katie grabbed his wrist and sighed dreamily. "Your wrist is so soft."
"Uh-huh..." Cody nodded, slightly creeped out.
Katie then grabbed it tighter and pushed him into the pool.
He spat out water. "Hey, what was that for?"
She scoffed as she turned around in her stool. "I saw you eying Heather when you were judging that challenge!"
Cody muttered, "Well, who wasn't?"
Katie gasped as Sadie ferociously slurped her drink in anticipation.
Chris walked over to them as Katie pounced Cody in the water.
"Uhhh... I'll go check what Courtney's up to."

Courtney was sitting in a beach chair alongside the pool.
She spoke to the camera, "Ugh, I can't believe I got voted off. It was nice making a guest appearance, but, come on!"
She exhaled, then scowled. "And it's all Beth's fault! How hard is it to stick to one alliance? Once I find her..."
Beth hid behind the beach chair beside Courtney, where Duncan was sitting.
He leaned back further, accidentally hitting Beth.
"Whoa, what the...?"
Beth crawled out without him noticing and he grumbled, "Can't even get good treatment at a resort..."
He stood up and dragged his beach chair to a corner, underneath and umberella.
He then noticed the camera and sighed, "Well, I had this place to myself for six days. Only advantage of being eliminated first."
"Six?" Courtney asked. "But, someone gets eliminated every three days."
Duncan shrugged. "I dunno who got eliminated after me."
In disbelief, Courtney folded her arms. "You didn't watch the show?!"
"Why should I? I'm not in it anymore, am I?" Duncan retorted.
"Ugh, you people are unbelievable!" Courtney said, exasperated as she walked away.
Duncan shrugged, leaned back, and sipped a glass of lemonade.

At a barbeque grill, LeShawna was flipping burgers, hot dogs, and steaks.
She listened to it sizzle then laughed. "Oooh, my, oh, my! LeShawna, you have outdone yourself yet again."
She noticed the camera and was startled.
"Y'all can't just sneak up on me like that! Anyways, I'm just makin' us a nice little barbeque so we can, y'know, get together and all..."
Owen's hand creeped up from the bottom edge of the camera, but LeShawna swatted it away.
Annoyed, she asked, "Can't you wait 'til it's finished?"
Owen blushed. "Sorry, LeShawna. It's just smells soooo good!"
"Awww, thanks, honeybear," LeShawna patted him on the back.
"So, uh, can I have one?" Owen desperately said.
LeShawna puts her hands on her hips, then threw a raw hot dog at him.
He caught it in his mouth and swallowed it immediately, burping right after.
"That went right through me!" Owen chuckled.
LeShawna shook her head. "Boy, nothing can go right through all of that mass you got.
Owen shrugged as Chris walked over to the two of them.
Owen gasped, "I don't wanna do a challenge!"
He began to run, but then slowed down. "Ohhhh, stomach cramps."
Chris assured, "Relax, buddy, you aren't participating in a challenge. I'm just here to check what's going on with the eliminated contestants!"
LeShawna doubted, "Mmhmm."
From the pool and poolside, Cody, Katie, Sadie, Courtney, and Duncan all glared at him.

The silence was broken after Justin dived into the pool from nearly forty feet above.
Katie and Sadie ogled him. "He's... so... perfect."
Justin winked and swam over to them, with Cody now holding an ice pack over his head.
With false concern, Justin asked, "What happened to him?"
Sadie explained, "Katie tackled him after he got all dreamy about Heather."
Katie elbowed Sadie and smiled, "No, I didn't, Justin."
Sadie rubbed her arm and moaned, "Yes, you did!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
Justin and Cody looked at them back and forth as if they were at a tennis game, then swam away.

Meanwhile, in the hot tub, Bridgette, with a healed leg, and DJ, were relaxing.
Suddenly, Bridgette shrieked.
"What, what, what?" DJ panicked.
She jumped out of the hot tub. "Something brushed up against my leg!"
From the poolside, Duncan called out, "Oh, great, did you get another injury? The first one wasn't even that bad."
A flashback showed Bridgette's scrape once again, and everyone realized how miniscule the injury was.
DJ stuck his hands into the water and pulled out a blue-green toque.
A hand shot out from the water and grabbed the toque. "Huh? What the..?"
Ezekiel surfaced and walkedout of the hot tub, with Bridgette and DJ both just stayed in place.
Chris walked over to them. "What's up?"
Bridgette folded her arms. "Nothing. Just go away, we've been eliminated! We don't need another challenge."
"Sheesh," Chris said, walking away. "Now I know why I didn't choose you to return."

Trent and Gwen were sitting on the edge of the pool, talking.
They were holding hands and whispering, giggling every now and then.
Gwen, laughing, asked, "So, you had to jump off a cliff and throw some stick at Izzy?"
"Hey, it's not as easy as it sounds," Trent chuckled.
Courtney glared at them, and Trent took notice.
"Uh, can we help you?"
Courtney nodded. "Yes, you can. Take your little love-fest somewhere else, because it's driving me insane!"
Gwen snickered. "I thought you already were insane."
From the pool, Geoff laughed. "Oooooh, snap!"
Courtney rolled her eyes as Trent and Gwen walked away.

Eva stomped about in the resort, leaving her footprints in the concrete.
"I can't believe I got eliminated fourth! Fourth!"
She passed by Beth, who pointed out, "Well, you sort of got eliminated second since Izzy and Tyler returned."
Eva removed the beach chair that Beth was hiding under and tossed it into the pool, hitting Geoff.
"Don't sass me!"
Beth scurried away, and ended up crashing into Izzy, who was milling about.
Izzy gasped, "I think you killed him!"
Beth rubbed her forehead. "I killed who?"
Izzy then ran away, sobbing, when Beth shrugged at the camera.
Chris popped from the lower-left corner and began, "Well, guess we know how everyone's been enjoying their time in Playa des Losers. But, who do they want to win? And who do they think deserves to join them here?"
Immediately, everyone yelled in unison, "Heather!"

Back at the in-pool bar, Katie and Sadie were back-to-back, with their arms folded and legs crossed.
Chris walked over to them and greeted, "Hello, ladies!"
Both of them, still not looking at each other, greeted back, "Hi, Chris."
Pretending to not notice the tension, he quizzed, "So, out of the final five, who do you want to win?"
Again, in unison, they replied, "Lindsay."
They turned around and faced each other.
Still in unison, they exclaimed, "You want Lindsay to win? Me too! I'm sorry! BFFFL's! Eeeeeeeee!"
Chris sighed, unimpressed.
Cody and Justin surfaced, and they were holding their breath underwater to avoid Katie and Sadie.
"How about you guys?"
Cody shrugged. "I dunno, Tyler?"
Justin also shrugged. "I think I should be the winner, but... I guess... Kevin?"
Chris facepalmed himself. "No wonder none of you made the merge."

He moved over to the hot tub, where Bridgette was now sitting on DJ's lap.
Ezekiel sat on the opposite side with a swollen cheek.
"'Whoa, what happened to you?' That's what I would've asked if I cared. Anyways, who would you guys like to win the hundred grand?"
Bridgette was lost in DJ's eyes, but Chris snapped several times and she stuttered, "What? Oh! Uh, Lindsay."
DJ gave a thumbs-up. "Lindsay all the way! And Harold. And Kevin, And Tyler."
"Way to exclude Heather, eh," Ezekiel chuckled.
Chris had his hands on his hips. "How about you, homeschool? Any choices?"
He held up five fingers, then put two back down. "A girl can't win, 'cause, the show would lose ratings, y'know?"
Bridgette gasped and tried to attack Ezekiel, but DJ restrained her.
Ezekiel continued, "Tyler and Harold aren't the most fit, eh? I'mma go with Kevin!"
Chris nodded. "Fair enough."

LeShawna threw a T-bone steak at Owen, which he caught in his mouth.
She shook her head. "Nuh-uh, calorie city right there, boy."
Owen burped out the bone into Chris' hands.
Chris dropped it, put his elbow on the buffet table and drummed his fingers. "You know the drill."
Still flipping burgers, LeShawna thought aloud, "I'm going with Kevin, 'cause he was tight with me in the whole competition."
Owen frowned. "As 'tight' as he is, he got me voted off! I'm gonna vote for Harold."
Chris sighed and walked over to the poolside.

"Trent, Gwen, Geoff? Who do you guys think deserves the grand prize?"
Gwen and Trent both said, "Kevin!"
They blushed, and Trent explained, "'Cause he's the only one from our team left! Go Gophers!"
"Except Courtney," Gwen added.
From the pool, Geoff called out, "I don't care too much, but, Tyler was my pal, so, I'm going for him!"
Chris, frustrated, shouted, "Is anyone gonna drama-tize this place?"

He moved over to Courtney, with Beth hiding behind her.
"So, Courtney, who do you think should win?"
She scoffed. "No one! I should still be in the game if it wasn't for Beth!"
From behind Courtney's beach chair, Beth gasped, and Courtney turned around.
"You little...!"
Courtney stretched her arms to try and attack Beth, but two interns held her at bay.
Chris quickly asked, "Well, Beth, for the few seconds you have left alive, answer this question: Who do you think should win?"
Beth fumbled, "Uh... uh.... Lindsay!"
She then ran away with Courtney pursuing her.
Chris walked over to Duncan, who wasn't too far away.
"How about you, Mr. First-To-Be-Eliminated?"
Duncan laughed, "As if I care? I don't know, Anyone but Harold. Dweebs don't deserve that hundred grand."
From the barbeque, LeShawna laughed hysterically. "And you do? I'd rather shove the suitcase with the prize up my--"
Chris interrupted, "Moving on!"

Izzy had fitted on her swimsuit, and was about to jump in the pool, but Chris called, "W-w-wait!"
Izzy shrugged and dived in, soaking Chris.
He stomped, "Ugh! Forget it!"
Izzy surfaced and yelled, "Get back here, Mr. Grumpers! Wooo!"
Chris sat down on a chair, then realized he was still being filmed.
"And that's everyone!"
In the background, Eva shouted, "You didn't ask me!"
Chris crossed his legs. "I already have a bunch of lawsuits, I don't need to pay for a destroyed resort!"

Later that day, the eliminated campers all gathered around the pool.
Owen had an oversized cheeseburger in his hands with LeShawna sitting next to him, panting.
Cody pointed to it. "Whoa, dude, where'd you get that from?"
"I made it for him 'cause he kept stealin' my hot dogs!" LeShawna complained.
Owen shrugged. "Sorry. Got any more ketchup?"
LeShawna then pulled out a bottle of ketchup from nowhere and handed it to Owen, who squirted some in his mouth.
Chris arrived and announced, "Alright! I've got a little surprise for you!"
Courtney folded her arms. "Haven't you 'surprised' us enough?"
"Your point? Anyways, you guys are going to vote to let one of the final five join you here as a one-day getaway!"
Everyone murmured as Chris continued, "So, cast your votes in our makeshift confessional!"
Beth: (confessional, breathing heavily) Maybe Courtney won't find me in here... uh, I vote for Lindsay!
Bridgette: (confessional) Oh, hey, Beth! (Beth scurries out) Okay, then. I vote for Lindsay.
Cody: (confessional) Lindsay, girl's smokin'!
Courtney: (confessional) I have to choose someone? Fine, I guess, Heather. Just because I know she won't get it.
DJ: (confessional) I can't decide! Eeny, meeny, miney.... (mumbles something) Alright, Kevin!
Duncan: (confessional) I hate choosing, But, if I have to, I'm gonna go with Tyler.
Eva: (confessional, shouting) Get me out of here!! Ugh! What?! You're asking me questions now?!?
Ezekiel: (confessional) Kevin, eh. Fellow boys!
Gwen: (confessional) Trent. I mean, Kevin.
Geoff: (confessional) I'm going with my camp-bro, Tyler!
Izzy: (confessional) I'm voting for Kevin, he's the sweetest guy I know! Well, after I committed cannibalism in South Korea, that guy tasted sweet.
Justin: (confessional, looks at self in camera lens reflection) This lighting makes my eyes look like pearls.... oh, and I vote for Kevin.
Katie and Sadie: (confessional) Linds-eeeeeee!
LeShawna: (confessional) My homeboy, Kevster!
Owen: (confessional) Harold's awesome. (squirts more ketchup into his mouth)
Trent: (confessional) Gwen. I mean, Kevin.
Chris announced, "And with seven votes, Kevin's gonna come and visit you guys here at Playa des Losers for the night!"
Gwen, Trent, LeShawna, and Izzy all clapped as a boat pulled up to the dock of Playa des Losers.
Kevin stepped off with a suitcase and smiled. "Thanks, guys!"
Chris smirked. "Actually... Kevin's gonna stay with you guys a little longer."
"Really? Wow, cool!" Kevin cheered. "How much longer?"
Chris shrugged. "Oh, I dunno. Maybe... the rest of the competition?!"
Everyone gasped as Chris snickered, "Yep, he's been eliminated!"
Kevin narrowed his eyes. "Yeah, thanks, guys."
"And with that, the final four awaits at Camp Wawanakawa! What's in store for them? Find out in the next episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 23: Cavern Curators

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Riding on a jetski, Chris yelled over the motor, "Last time on Total Drama Island, the final five were given a break as we checked up on our previously voted off campers! Yep, they were all chillin' in Playa des Losers. We've learned that everyone's stayed the same, especially Courtney. Chick's rough! After polling on who they wanted to win the million dollars, they all voted on who they wanted to spend a night with them for a one-day getaway! In the end, Kevin won the resort trip, and elimination! We're down to the final four. Tyler! Heather! Lindsay! Harold! Who will win? Find out in tonight's adventurous episode of Total. Drama. Island! Roll the theme song!"

(theme song)

The final four were all sitting in the Mess Hall.
Suddenly, Tyler noticed that they were short one contestant.
"Yo, where's Kevin, huh?"
From the kitchen, Chef told him, "Last episode was some sort of loser pow-wow, they all voted for him to spend the night at some resort."
Heather stabbed her fork into the table. "They didn't vote for me?"
Heather: (confessional) Ugh, when I win, I'll have enough money to buy a resort inside a resort.
Lindsay, determined, continued eating her cereal with a fork.
"Hold up, I didn't make no cereal," Chef pointed out. "Where'd you get that from, girl?"
Heather eyed the cereal. "Where did you get that from?"
Lindsay fidgeted around in her pocket, then pulled out a small packet which read, "Cereal On the Go! Just add water! Spoon not included."
Chef: (confessional, grumbling) Dumb kids with their new age crap...
Harold pushed his plate of oatmeal forwards. "I'm done, there's no way I can keep--"
Chef picked his teeth with a large butcher knife, then scowled at Harold.
"--digesting such a wonderful amount of food," Harold assured.
Tyler whispered, "Nice save."

Chris crashed into the Dock of Shame, and his jetski kicked forward and sent him fluid straight through the Mess Hall door.
He was furious. "Ugh! I am not a stuntman! Stupid jetski! Stupid dock in my way!"
The final four and Chef blankly stared at Chris, who was muttering random insults.
Finally, Heather asked, "So, challenge?"
Chris rubbed his head and sighed, "Aren't you gonna ask what happened to Kevin?"
Harold nodded, "Yeah, where is he?"
Chris cleared his throat. "He's been... eliminated!"
Tyler, Harold, and Lindsay gasped while Heather yawned. "Shocker. Now, what's the challenge? The quicker you tell us, the quicker someone else is eliminated, and the closer I am to my hundred thousand."
"Ehhh, wrong, Heather," Chris smiled. "This is a reward challenge!"
Heather folded her arms. "At the final four?"
"We needed to fill another episode, okay?" Chris impatiently replied. "Your challenge is a journey into our Cave of Treacherous Terror, which is a hop, skip, and a jump through the forest! Once you get there, you've gotta get to the end avoiding all of the set up booby traps. At the end, a treasure awaits discovery. The person who brings the treasure back to me in the Mess Hall wins the reward!"
Heather sighed, "Which is..."
"A secret!" Chris grinned. "Now, are you gonna sit here and stare at Chef's oatmeal of doom or get that treasure?"

The remaining four walked out of the Mess Hall where an arrow pointed to a path in the forest.
Harold, Tyler and Lindsay walked over to it, but Heather pulled Lindsay's arm.
In a low voice tone, Heather told Lindsay, "Guess what, if we don't stick together the boys are gonna try and get us kicked off the show, and I think they're going for you next."
Lindsay gasped, but Heather covered her mouth.
Heather whispered, "So, you and I need to stick together for these next two challenges and get Harold eliminated."
Lindsay nodded, and Heather removed her hand.
Heather: (confessional) Easy strategy. Get the second biggest threat to help eliminate the bigger threat, then betray them. (notices a pink smudge on her palm) Ew, she got lipstick on me.

The four of them reached the cave, where several growls were heard.
Harold laughed nervously. "So, who wants to go in?"
He looked at Tyler, who was biting his lip, then Lindsay, fixing the lipstick that Heather had removed, then at Heather, who impatiently looked back at him.
Harold sighed and walked into the cave.
"I-I can't see a thing!" he said, occasionally tripping over a rock.
Tyler began to enter the cave, and Heather nudged Lindsay's arm.
Lindsay skipped in front of Tyler and stalled, "Wow, Tyler, you're so much stronger than Harry."
From inside the cave, Harold corrected, "I think you mean Harold Norbert Cheever-- whoa, the walls are fuzzy!"
"Fuzzy? What are you talking about?" Tyler doubted.
Harold moaned, "It's so soft..."
Suddenly, a loud whack was heard, and Harold flew out of the cave, crashing into Tyler and Lindsay.
Heather stood beside them and shook her head.
Harold: (confessional, with claw marks on his face) Maybe my technique wasn't the best.
"Alright," Tyler sighed, "I think we're all gonna have to work together to get the treasure."
Heather sat on a large rock and filed her nails. "You do whatever you want. I'm not risking death for a reward challenge!"
A large growl was heard directly behind Heather, and she ran straight to the cave.
"Now, what was it that you said?" Harold taunted.
Heather pouted as the four of them held hands, entering the cave.

Almost immediately, Lindsay shakily complained, "Ewww, it's so sticky and wet!"
Tyler was on the end, holding her hand. "Don't worry, I'll protect ya, Linds!"
Lindsay: (confessional) Isn't Tyler just the sweetest? He's so anorexic, too. (pauses) I mean, athletic.
After another ten minutes of walking, Heather stopped.
"Didn't Harold run into a bear or something?"
Harold gasped, "That was a bear?"
Heather: (confessional) I'm surrounded by idiots! If Kevin stayed, at least he could've been able to tell left from right.
A growl was heard, again, directly behind Heather.
"I think that answers your question," Harold shouted as he ran, stringing along Lindsay and Heather, while Tyler was being dragged on the floor.
Heather panted, "I can't see a thing, how do you know you're not going to crash into a wall?!"
Harold admitted, "I don't." He then took a sharp left turn.
Harold: (confessional) My sense of direction strikes again!
Finally, Harold stopped, with everyone wheezing in the pitch-black cave.
Lindsay looked up and asked, "Do caves get the chicken pox?"
"No, why?" Tyler replied.
Lindsay pointed to the ceiling where hundreds of red dots were.
Heather shrieked, "Bats!"
Tyler frowned. "I don't have a baseball glove."
"Just follow me!" Heather ordered, running to the nearest exit as the bats swarmed.
Lindsay, Heather, and Tyler all collapsed on the cave floor in exhaustion.
Lindsay noticed, "Where's Harold?"
Heather gestured to the thin air beside her. "He's right here."
Lindsay tentatively touched the air beside her, and a scream from the room they were previously in all caught their attention.
"W-W-What was that?" Tyler shook.
"That… I think... was Harold," Heather slowly gulped.

Tyler, Lindsay, and Heather continued to trudge through the cave.
A large splashing sound was heard, and Tyler whispered, "Shhhh! Is that water?"
"No, it's maple syrup," Heather joked. "Of course it's water!"
Suddenly, the three of them plummeted down a trap door, and landed in some sort of cave-lagoon.
Tyler spat out water. "Where are we?"
A shark jumped out of the water and snapped, while Lindsay gasped. "Run!"
Tyler corrected, "I think you mean 'swim'."
Lindsay opened her mouth to reply, but she was suddenly pulled underneath the water.
Tyler's eyes turned into the size of golf balls. "Lindsay! No!"
Heather was halfway to the exit. "Are you gonna stay there so that you'll get caught, or swim with me?"
Heather: (confessional) Normally I wouldn't give a (censored) about him. But there are booby traps in here, and they're bad enough to take someone out of the challenge each time. So, I'll make it to the end!
Tyler swam over to Heather, who put on a fake smile, grabbed his hand, and the two continued on.

Heather and Tyler noticed a faint glow.
Tyler pointed to it. "What's that?"
"The treasure!" Heather cheered.
They ran over to it, neck-and-neck.
Suddenly, a metal door began to slowly close off the exit, from the top.
Heather yelled, "Hurry!"
The two continued to run, but Tyler's headband got caught in a rock which jutted out from the cavern wall.
He ran as far as he could, but the strength of his headband prevailed and pulled him backwards.
He called, "Yo, Heath, wait up!"
Heather continued without addressing Tyler and slid underneath the metal door just as it slammed shut.
The treasure was a large blue box with a black ribbon tied around it.
Heather shrugged, grabbed it, then asked aloud, "Where do I go now? The door's shut."
Another trap door activated from underneath her, sending her into an underground camera room where Chris, Chef, Harold, Lindsay, and Tyler all awaited her.
"Good job, Heather," Chris smiled. "You win today's challenge!"
Heather nodded, "I know, now, my reward?"
Chris pointed to the box in her hands. "That's it. You get to keep whatever's inside."
Heater mumbled some words then unwrapped the present.
She took a small pink bottle from the box. "Perfume? Are you kidding me?"
Chris was confused. "Perfume? Uh, I mean, yeah, perfume."
Chris: (confessional) Perfume. Not raccoon urine. Ha. Hahaha... (bursts into maniacal laughter)
Chris had yet to exit the confessional, so Chef signed off.
"Alright, y'all, come watch next time on Total. Drama. Island!"

Chapter 24: The Shortest Yard

Posted on: August 28, 2010

Chris walked past the Cave of Treacherous Terror and began the recap. "Last time on Total Drama Island, our final four went on a cave expedition to retrieve a hidden treasure. One by one, they all disappeared except for Heather, the winner of the challenge! Which, by the way, was a reward challenge. But today, someone's leaving the camp and three will remain. What'll happen in this action-packed episode? Sit down, grab a drink, and watch this episode of Total. Drama. Island!"

(theme song)

The final four all woke up at the same time, and the camera zoomed into the girls' cabin.
Heather glanced at her perfume bottle reward, then slid it over to Lindsay.
Lindsay picked it up. "Heather, don't you want it?"
"Oh, please, I've got rubber bands worth more than that," Heather scoffed.
Lindsay shrugged and sprayed some perfume on her, then covered her nose.
She cried, "Ew, what is this?"
"I don't know, but get rid of it!" Heather ordered, the smell intoxicating her.
Lindsay tossed it out the window and panted as she took her hands off her nose, but fainted immediately.

Tyler and Harold both woke up, stretching.
Harold whispered, "So, we've got to try and get Heather eliminated!"
"That'll be hard, dude," Tyler discouraged. "I mean, she won the last challenge."
Harold shook his head. "We've just got to try. Sabotage every way possible!"
Harold: (confessional) I'm usually not one to strategize. Okay, who am I kidding? I always am. And Heather needs to go before she gets to the final two.

Chris blew a whistle. "Ten hut!"
Lindsay whined, "Boot camp again?"
"No, but I wish!" Chris chortled.
Heather glared at Harold, who shot a dirty look back at her.
She pulled Lindsay closer to her and stuck her tongue out at the boys, who gasped.
Tyler: (confessional) I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know that Heather's teamed up with Lindsay! I've gotta snap her out of it.
Chef threw a football at Chris, who caught it and tossed it to Harold.
Tyler grinned. "Alright, sports!"
Chris nodded. "You'll be paricipating in team sports, two versus two, but the teams'll change each time! The two people with the least amount of victories at the end of this challenge will face off in the final challenge!"
Lindsay hugged Heather. "I wanna be with Heather first!"
Heather forced a smile and added, "And I'd love to be with Lindsay."
Chris looked at his clipboard. "Well, too bad! The first groups are Tyler and Lindsay against the H-bombs, Harold and Heather."
Harold and Heather growled at each other, as Chris continued, "The first game is doubles tennis! First team to win a one-game set wins!"
Harold pointed out, "You do realize that a standard tennis match consists of five six-game sets."
"It's like you speak another language," Chris sighed. "Onto the court!"

The tennis court was standard, or so it appeared to be.
Chef gave each competitor a tennis raquet, and Chris held the ball in his hands.
He shifted his eyes at both teams, then warned, "Beware, there are a few surprises on the tennis court, but, you should be fine. Oh, and I suggest that you don't get too close to the net..."
A seagull calmly flew over the tennis court, then rested calmly on the net. It was electrocuted and its feathers turned black.
An electrical technician began to leave and Chef high-fived him, chuckling.
Chris threw the tennis ball at Harold. "Your serve!"
Harold served cross-court to Tyler, who returned it. Heather swatted her raquet, but missed.
Lindsay cheered, "We got a hundred fifty points, Tyler!"
Harold shook his head and served to Lindsay, who, still distracted, didn't try to return the ball.
"Service ace! 15-15! Serve goes to Lindsay!"
Lindsay squealed and grabbed the ball, then served to Harold.
He swung and purposely missed. "Whoops!"
Heather gasped, "You did that on purpose, you moron!"
Harold shrugged as Chris updated, "Service ace, 30-15!"
Lindsay served again, this time to Heather, who returned it to Tyler.
Tyler hit it back over to Harold, but Heather, not wanting to lose, dove in front of Harold and returned the ball, landing in a small trap door in the process.
"What the heck?"
She crawled out of it and was hit square in the eye by the tennis ball which Lindsay hit back.
Chris and Chef both laughed hysterically, and Chris managed to wheeze out, "40-15, Heather's serve!"
Heather, now with a swollen right eye, served over to Tyler, who was staring at her black eye in awe.
The ball went right past him, bringing the score to 40-30.
Still Heather's serve, she hit it over to Lindsay.
Lindsay managed to hit the ball over to Harold.
Harold did nothing, and pointed to the ground in front of him. "Want to take another dive, Heather? I'm sure the ground misses your face."
Heather groaned as the ball zoomed past Harold and Chris announced, "Game; Tyler and Lindsay!"
The two cheered and high-fived each other, and Harold nodded in satisfaction.

The next sport was volleyball, which took place along the shore.
Everyone was in their bathing suits as Chris blew his whistle. "Alright, you guys know how to play volleyball. It's basically tennis with your hands! Now, the pairs this time are Harold and Lindsay versus Heather and Tyler! First to three points wins this challenge."
Heather: (confessional) Producers, if you're watching this, I'd like to let you know that I absolutely, positively, with not a single doubt in my mind, hate your unmerciful guts. It's a miracle that this show's made twenty-four episodes and hasn't gotten cancelled!
Tyler hopped in place. "Let's do this!"
Harold coughed uncontrollably and Lindsay commented, "You should see a doctor about that cough."
Harold continued to cough, and Tyler finally got the message.
Tyler gave Harold a thumbs-up, and Heather noticed. "You're going to sabotage me too?!"
"Ohhhhh, I thought he meant give him cough drops after the challenge. But, that works," Tyler laughed.
Heather facepalmed herself as Chris handed her the volleyball. "Serve's up, one-eyed Willy. Oh, and, there's a few surprises on this court too."
Heather hit the ball over to Harold, who knocked it over to Tyler.
"Well, at least it's sand," Heather said as she dove to hit the ball, as Tyler stood in place.
Tyler: (confessional) Doing nothing is awesome! I can't even get hurt! And chicks are pretty much throwing themselves at me! Did ya see Heather?
Lindsay hit the ball back as Heather got up from her dive.
She looked up to see the ball coming right at her, slamming her in the face.
Heather coughed, and then noticed a small object shine in the sand.
She looked closer and saw that it was a tooth. Terrified, she used her tongue to scan her mouth and noticed that she had lost a tooth.
Chris and Chef were, again, dying of laughter. "Harold and Lindsay lead, one to zip!"
Heather: (confessional) I have never felt more humiliated in my life. Black eye? Missing tooth? On national TV? What's next?
Harold was next to serve, sending it straight to Tyler.
However, Heather, now knowing what to expect, ran over to Tyler beforehand and returned the ball just over the net.
Lindsay charged forward and slammed it back into Heather's side, brushing her hand against the net.
An electric jolt was sent through her body. "Whoa! It's exactly like Starbucks!"
Heather had returned the ball and scored.
She glared at Tyler. "Look, all you're doing by sabotaging me is letting Harold get what he wants. And we don't want that."
"Why not?" Tyler asked, holding the volleyball due to it being his serve.
"Well, uh, because...," Heather stammered.
Tyler served over to Lindsay, now full of energy, and shot it back over to Tyler, who jumped out of the way.
Heather snarled, "Way to go. Scared of it now?"
"Did you even see how fast that went?" Tyler gasped.
"Uh, no, I didn't even see it," Heather huffed.
Tyler nodded, his eyes widened. "Exactly." he shuddered.
Chris glanced over to Lindsay, now spinning and jumping in place, and unsurely said, "2-1..."
It was Lindsay's turn to serve.
"Uh oh. N-n-no...," Heather nervously blubbered, due to Lindsay's recent "boost".
Lindsay pelted the ball over to Heather, who caught it, not knowing what to do.
"And Harold and Lindsay win! Currently, Heather has two losses, Harold and Tyler have one, and Lindsay's got a clean slate! Onward to our next sport!"
While following Chris, Heather pulled Lindsay to the side. "Look. We've got to win this next challenge. Promise?"
Lindsay nodded uncontrollably and ran back to the rest of the group.
Heather: (confessional) Please tell me Lindsay's not in their little sabotage plan.

The next sport was at a boxing arena, on the cliff's peak.
Chef threw a pair of boxing gloves at Heather and Lindsay, and the other at Harold and Tyler. "You guys need to decide on who's fighting. Then, they're gonna duke it out, tagging in their partner whenever you need to. You know the rules, staying on the ground ten seconds is a K.O! Can't stay out of the arena for ten seconds, either. Also, only one person from each pqr can foght at a time! And... Uh... It all gets fuzzy after that, so I'll just make those the only three rules."
Heather folded her arms. "Nice job putting the boys against the girls in boxing."
Chris ruffled her hair. "Any time."
"Are there any deathtraps in this sport?" Harold jokingly asked.
Chris nodded. "Thanks for reminding me, Harold."
The same seagull from before rested itself on the top rope of the arena, and suddenly caught on fire.
Again, the electrician exited the challenge site while Chef high-fived him.
A bell was heard in the distance. "Ding ding! Let's go!"
Heather and Harold stood at opposite ends, and Heather swung at his head.
His glasses flew off and skidded to Heather's corner, next to Lindsay.
Harold gasped, "My glasses! Uh, time out!"
Chris shook his head. "Yo! When did Mike Tyson sat 'time out'? Never!"
Harold tagged in Tyler, then walked over to pick up his glasses. Noticing he was alone with Lindsay, he whispered, "Hey, I need you to mess up the challenge so we can get rid of Heather. You in?"
"But... I promised Heather I would win," Lindsay remembered, the effects of her previous shock wearing off.
Harold asked, "Did you pinky-promise?"
Harold: (confessional) A pinky-promise means everything! Without a pinky, a promise is just a contract full of loopholes.
Lindsay thought for a second, but Heather tagged her in and she couldn't respond.
Heather glared at Harold. "Shoo! This isn't your corner."
"At least I'm not going home tonight," Harold smiled.
Heather scowled as Lindsay and Tyler fought.
Tyler continued inching backwards, and his shirt brushed against the ropes.
"Whoa! Someone extinguish me, bro!"
He jumped out of the arena and ran around in circles.
Chef whipped out a fire extinguisher and blasted Tyler with it.
Chris looked at his watch and pointed to Heather and Lindsay. "The girls win the challenge!"
Harold's jaw dropped. "But Tyler was on fire! Wait, not like that! He was literally burning! There should be an exception or something!"
"Alright, if Tyler can get in the ring by the time I finish saying this sentence, sure!"
Tyler pointed to his chin and upper lip. "I'm Santa Claus, hehe."
Harold facepalmed himself as Chris led them to the next sport.

Chris led them to the final sport of the challenge, which had two archery boards, three meters away from each other with five different colored ring-sections.
Lindsay raised her hand eagerly. "Ooh! Are we playing Twister?"
"No, but wouldn't that be awesome?!" Chris chuckled.
"Awww, man," Tyler frowned as he stopped stretching.
Chris rolled his eyes and pointed to the boards. "Alright. Each pair - which, by the way, are the same ones as the second challenge - will have to shoot four arrows at these archery boards and be as precise as they can. The rings' scores range from fifty, the inner-most ring, to ten, the outer-most ring. The team with the most points after two shots each wins!"
Harold: (confessional) Alright, Tyler needs to throw this challenge so he and Heather can be the bottom two! Unless Lindsay's just that bad. (snorts)
Heather and Tyler both stood behind a white line painted away from the target boards.
She whispered, "Look. I don't like you. You don't like m--"
Tyler gasped. "You don't like me?"
Heather: (confessional) It's no use. I'm better off with Lindsay on my team!
Tyler aimed an arrow and released it, but it dropped on the ground in front of him.
Harold have a thumbs-up from the other side. "You're good at this sabotaging stuff."
"I was trying!" Tyler whined.
He shot again, this time hitting the twenty ring.
He cheered, "Alright! Who's awesome? I'm awesome! Go Tyler! Yeah!"
Heather took hold of the bow and notched on an arrow.
She drew it back, then it sailed through the air and hit the forty ring. "Ha!"
Pulling it back a second time, she hit the forty ring on the opposite side. "One hundred points! Beat that, Harold!"
Harold shot the first arrow straight into the bullseye, then did the same with the second arrow.
Heather, Tyler, and Lindsay stared at him in awe.
Chris gave Lindsay the bow. "If you can get at least ten points, you win the challenge for you and Harold!"
She aimed and also hit it directly in the bullseye.
Everyone stared at her in awe, similar to how they did earlier to Harold.
Chris tallied the scores. "Lindsay's safe with no losses! Harold's also safe with two losses. Tyler and Heather, with three losses each, are participating in our final challenge!"
Heather: (confessional) Looks like Harold's plan has backfired! Me against Tyler? Semi-finals, here I come.

The sudden-death final challenge took place, again, at the cliff. However, the boxing arena was now gone.
Harold and Lindsay were at the shore, all the way at the bottom of the cliff.
In the water, there was a target zone, which was a boxed area.
Heather and Tyler were in their bathing suits once again.
Chris suddenly jumped. "Gah, all this tension is killing me! The last challenge is to jump into the target area and land as close to the center as you can. The person farthest from the center is eliminated! Also, if both of you are the same distance away, or either of you land outside the target zone, you're automatically eliminated!"
Tyler: (confessional) No biggie. I jumped this cliff a few episodes back, I'll do it again!
Chris pointed to some red items sticking out of the cliffside. "After rummging through some of our old tools, we found some explosives left over from the cliff climbing challenge and the fear facing challenge, and since I'm not a fan of wasting..."
From the shore, Harold pointed out, "If either of them get affected by the explosion, they'll head outwards and fall far from the target zone."
Lindsay pinched Harold's cheeks. "Oh, I knew that, silly beans!"

Tyler jumped off the cliff, flipping in mid-air. "Yee haw!"
An explosion went off beneath him, as Harold shouted, "Curl into a ball!"
Although confused, Tyler did so, and went straight through the explosion, landing thirteen feet away from the center.
He swam over to the shore and asked, "Whoa, Harold, how'd ya know?"
Tyler: (confessional) Now that I think about it, what doesn't Harold know?
Heather looked over the edge to see the smoke from the explosion clearing up. "Alright, how close to the middle to I have to be?"
Chris answered, "Twelve feet or less."
Heather nodded, then jumped off, with perfect form.
An explosion went off almost immediately after she jumped, and remembering Harold's advice to Tyler, she curled herself into a ball.
She went straight through the explosion and laughed, "Have fun at Playa des Losers for me!"
Lindsay shouted, "Heather, your hair!"
The end of Heather's long hair had caught on fire due to the explosion, and she panicked. "Get it off!!"
She crashed into a buoy, then fell into the water, the fire getting put out.
"Ouch," Tyler chuckled.
She quickly swam to the shore and examined her hair, over three-fourths burned, and the ends of her strands were disintegrating into ash.
She hollered at Harold, "What the heck?! Why didn't Tyler's hair catch on fire?!"
"I knew you'd eavesdrop in. Tyler has short hair, so, it didn't matter for him," Harold proudly stated.
Heather frustratedly looked at Chris, who was in a helicopter which drifted down to the shore.
She then grinned. "At least Tyler's eliminated."
Chris shook his head. "Actually, you were twenty-nine feet away from the center, meaning Tyler's safe and... you're out."
Heather gasped and pulled Chris to her by the shirt. "No, no, no, no. This can't be. Measure again!"
"We measured four times! Heather, I know the other twenty-one contestants are waiting for me to say this... it's time to walk the Dock of Shame!"
Harold and Tyler high-fived, while Lindsay frowned. "Bye, Heather!"
Heather snapped, "Don't talk to me you blonde twit!"
Everyone except Lindsay and Heather gasped, while Lindsay laughed, "Oh, guys, she's just playing around."
Heather began to say something, but Chef clamped his hand over her mouth and dragged her to the Dock of Shame.
"And with that, we are down to three! Tune in next week to see which of our semi-finalists gets eliminated, only on Total. Drama. Island!"
From the Boat of Losers, Heather shouted, "Don't watch it! Who cares who wins? It's not me, so just watch some other...!"
Her voice trailed off as the credits began.

Chapter 25: Trial and Terror

Posted on: August 28, 2010

Chris was boxing with Chef in the boxing arena at the cliff's peak, and Chef did nothing as Chris punched his hardest while recapping the previous episode. "Last time on Total Drama Island, the final four were put through the ultimate sports test! Tyler and Harold buddied up and tried to sabotage Heather. Which by the way, totally worked, giving her a black eye and missing tooth in the process! When our bottom two came down to Tyler an Heather, after Harold's trusty advice, over half of Heather's hair was in flames! And to top it off, she got eliminated! Nice job, super-nerd. We're down to the top three contestants. Tune in to the most nail-biting episode yet, on Total. Drama. Island!"
Chef knocked him out as the theme song began.

(theme song)

Lindsay woke up in her cabin, now alone.
Harold and Tyler also woke up and high-fived each other.
Harold: (confessional) Heather's finally gone! And it's about time. I was ready to vote myself off.
Tyler: (confessional) The grand prize is in my hands now! Ha! I hope I can get to the final two with Lindsay, that'd be awesome.
Lindsay: (confessional) Aww, I can't believe Heather's not here anymore. I hope everyone can stay okay without her!
Tyler: When I win, I'm gonna run a heavy-duty workout camp so thy everyone can be as toned as I am. (punches the confessional door) Yeow!
Harold: (confessional) If I had to face either Lindsay or Tyler in the final two... that's a really tough decision...
Lindsay: (confessional) I hope Tyler and I get to the finals! Harry's too smart, even smarter than me.
Harold: (confessional, still thinking)
Tyler: (confessional) Harold and I are definitely the final two. And I totally deserve the prize... right?
Harold: (confessional, still thinking)
Lindsay: (confessional) Chris told me to keep talking in here. Uhhh... do you like my shade of lipstick?
Chris: (confessional) These kids are terrible! No trash talk, no manipulation... Geez, makes me wish Heather stayed instead of Tyler.
Tyler: (confessional) Hey... I heard that!
Harold: (confessional, still thinking)

The scene switched over to the final three behind three podiums, and Chris standing in front of a large circular spinner with twenty-three different sections, each with a screenshotted image from an episode of the show. The arrow was pointed upwards.
Chris grinned, "Hello, semi-finalists! How're ya doing?"
Harold was still thinking, clenching his hair tightly. Lindsay pointed to his hand. "That can cause, like, serious hair damage."
Tyler shrugged and asked, "What's the challenge, Chris-o-rino?"
Chris' eye twitched. "Ew. And, the challenge is a spin-the-bottle challenge-a-thon!"
Harold gave up and then smirked. "Challenge-a-thon?"
"Yep!" Chris nodded. "Each of these sections has a picture of one of the previous challenges. You'll have to perform a modified version of that challenge in order to continue. The first person to give up, or perform the task incorrectly, is automatically eliminated! Dock of Shame's hungry for another loser!"
The three of them gasped, as Chef complained, "Stop taking so much air! Someone gets eliminated, what's new?"
Chris eyed him. "Stop killing the tension that I'm purposely creating! Anyways, one person gets up to the spinner and spins. Once they are assigned a challenge, they can either do it themselves and get a 'Get Out of Challenge Freebie', or make someone else do it!"
Harold: (confessional) See, I don't know who I want to go against in the finals, so, I don't know who to eliminate.
Chris gestured to the three contestants. "Who's going first?"
They all looked at each other nervously, then Tyler stood up. "Let's do this!"
He stood up and spun, but stood too close and the spinner and it hit his face, landing on a picture of Lindsay, with her face in a large muffin.
Chris snickered, "Oooh, eating challenge! Tyler, you can either take the challenge yourself, or dare one of your fellow semi-finalists."
Rubbing his head, he asked, "Can I see the dish first?"
"What do you think this is? Total Drama Opportunity? No, you can't see the dish," Chris snapped.
He shrugged. "I... dare Harold."
"After I got Heather eliminated for you? Gosh!" Harold frustratedly said.
Chef wheeled out a cart with a silver dome. Harold uncovered it and found a large chocolate ice cream sundae.
Tyler's eyes widened. "Huh?!"
Chris explained, "Some of the challenges aren't as bad or as good as you think, so, it's pretty chancy."
Lindsay held her head high. "Good thing I didn't get that dare. That's like, 830 calories."
Harold, now with chocolate all over his face, burped and dropped his spoon into an empty bowl. "Can I have another one?"
Chef pulled him back to his seat as he made wild grabs for the bowl, then gave him a freebie.
Lindsay got up and spun, landing on a picture of Izzy holding a microphone stand and singing into it.
"Our band challenge! Wanna do it, Lindsay?"
She thought for a second, then nodded.
Chef walked in with a video game guitar and handed it to her.
Chris pointed to a screen that slowly dropped down from the ampitheater. "Your task is to play the guitar's buttons with the corresponding ones that appear on the screen. Get 'em all and you pass!"
Lindsay asked, "Can I get this guitar in yellow? It's totally clashing with my outfit."
Harold pointed to the screen and shouted, "Lindsay, look!"
Lindsay hit the buttons while looking at Chris and complained, "I really can't be seen clashing! Brown top and an orange guitar? Ewwwww!"
The buttons on the screen ended, and the words "Passed - 100%!" appeared.
Lindsay: (confessional) My brothers make me play some Guitar Villian game all the time! That was a piece of pie-- cake! Really, really unhealthy cake.

Harold walked over to the spinner and wiped his face. He then spun, and landed on a picture of Trent getting thrown into the bleachers.
Harold pumped his fist in the air. "Alright! Trivia! Piece of cake. I'll take it."
Chris read an index card aloud. "What color were the shorts that Katie and Sadie forgot to bring?"
Harold's eyes widened. He almost said something, but them remembered the strict rules of the trivia challenge and kept quiet.
"They were on your team, your problem, man," Chris shrugged.
Harold gave Chris his freebie. "I'll freebie out of this dare."
Chris grabbed the freebie and sighed, "Even I remembered that they were blue, dude. And I couldn't care less about you guys!"
Harold mumbled something as Tyler got up to spin.
The arrow landed on a picture of Trent crashing through a trampoline, and Chris grinned, "It's the trust challenge!"
Tyler stood on the same ejection pad that Trent had in the episode, and noticed that there was now a target area. "Your challenge is to land in the target area. That's it. The catch? The ejection pad's springs are going to send you flying fifteen feet past it. You'll have to try and increase your weight to make it shoot you a shorter distance. How much weight? That's up to you, bra!"
Behind Tyler, Chef dropped a large pile of objects and panted, "Use this crap, g'luck."
Tyler glanced over at the variety of objects, then picked up a cinderblock. "Let's do this!"
Harold and Chris glanced at each other and shrugged.
Tyler was shot out into the air, and he noticed that he began to fall a bit short of the target area.
He flapped his arms desperately, trying to move a little further.
Tyler began to fall, and seven birds flying in a V-formation flew underneath him for a brief moment.
He was caught by the slight updraft they were making and was moved slightly, and landed just inside of the target area.
"Alright!" Tyler cheered. A sandbag then fell from the cliff and hit him on the head, while Chef carried the other items. "My bad."

Tyler sat back down while holding another freebie, as Lindsay spun, crossing her fingers and chanting, "Not fear-facing, not fear-facig, not fear-facing..."
The spinner landed on a picture of Justin, on his knees, yelling.
Lindsay stared at it, drooling. "Is Justin coming back?"
Chris rolled his eyes. "No, Lindsay, it's the fear-facing challenge!"
She pointed to Harold. "You do it!"
Harold noticed he had no freebies, and sighed.
Chris whispered something in his ear, and Harold defied, "No way! I-I can't do that!"
Chris gestured to the Dock of Shame. "Are you sure? The Boat of Losers awaits!"
Harold frowned. "Fine, I'll do it."
He walked over to the camera and looked directly into the lens. "I am Harold McGrady the Sixth, and... I have a collection of glass unicorns on the shelf above my bed at home."
Tyler, Chris, and Chef all laughed hysterically, wiping tears from the corners of their eyes.
Harold angrily glared at them, then grabbed a freebie from Chris' hands.

Harold walked up to the spinner and spun with all of his strength. After two seconds of spinning, it landed on a picture of Heather diving in front of Tyler to hit a volleyball.
"Last week's challenge? But, I hate sports! I want Tyler to do it," Harold ordered.
Tyler put his hands in the air and yelled, "Extreme! Woo!"
Chef threw a tennis ball at Tyler, and he caught it.
Chris then threw a freebie at Tyler, which hit him on the head and knocked him down.
Harold's jaw dropped. "That was the challenge?"
"Remember what I said before? They're not what'cha expect!" Chris reminded Harold.
Tyler stood up and spun, then it came to a stop at a picture of five members of the Killer Bass holding hands.
"What the heck?" Tyler wondered, scratching his head.
"Dodgeball," Chris clarified.
Tyler snickered while Chris added, "I know, right? Anyways, take it or give it?"
Tyler answered, "I'll do it! Dodgeball's like, my four-tays!"
Harold facepalmed himself. "Forte."
Chef pushed out a large machine, with a cannon-like object portruding out from it. He then emptied a bag of sphere-like objects into the back, while Chris explained, "Your challenge is to avoid the dodgeballs shooting out of this machine thingy for fifteen seconds. Do that, and you get a freebie! Savvy?"
Tyler nodded, "Cool. Let's do this!"
Harold: (confessional) Please hit him on the head! Not only will he get eliminated, but it might knock some sense into him.
The dodgeballs began flying out of the cannon in all different directions, one hitting Lindsay in the face, another knocking over Tyler's empty podium, as Tyler successfully dodged the few that were aimed towards him.
Fifteen seconds later, Chris called, "Time! Someone stop that thing!"
Tyler jumped out of the way as Chef and some interns began attacking the machine with large bats.
Chris gave Tyler his freebie, and The cycle continued.

A title appeared in the middle of the screen, reading "Thirty challenges later..."
The final three were all panting, Harold and Tyler with no freebies, and Lindsay with six.
Chris pointed to Harold. "You're up, dude!"
He spun, and landed on Trent getting thrown into the bleachers again.
"Trivia again? I want Tyler to do this one."
Chris built up the tension. "Tyler, you used your last freebie a few rounds ago, so, you have to get this right to move on."
Tyler gulped, "Alright."
"Who was paired with Ezekiel during the scuba-diving challenge?"
Harold's eyes widened, and he slammed his head against his podium several times.
Tyler thought again.
Chris pointed to his watch. "C'mon, dude."
Lindsay gave Tyler one of her freebies. "Here, Tyler! I don't like soda, anyways."
Tyler sighed in relief, and hugged Lindsay. "Thanks, Lindsay."
Chris imitated a buzzer "Ehhhh! You're out!"
Tyler laughed, "No, I'm not, I'm using the freebie Lindsay gave me."
Harold explained, "The trivia challenge had those ridiculously strict rules, and since you said Lindsay before you used your freebie..."
Chef grabbed Tyler and walked to the Boat of Losers.
Over Chef's shoulder, Tyler yelled, "What? No way! Come on, man! Please!"
Lindsay frowned and waved goodbye, while Harold began to dance around on his podium.
Chef threw Tyler into the Boat of Losers, ignoring his cries of protest, and Chris signed off, "Well, lookie here at our final two! Brainiac and brainless! Who will win the grand prize? Tune in next time for the dramatic finale of Total. Drama. Island! This is gonna be a good one!"

Chapter 26: How to End a Season

Posted on: September 1, 2010

Confetti poured over Chris, who was standing on the Dock of Shame, beaming. "Last time on Total Drama Island! Our semi-finalists competed in possibly my favorite challenge yet; the challenge-a-thon! What is a challenge-a-thon, you ask? Pretty much the best thing ever! A huge series of our modified versions of our previous challenges kept 'em busy, and it was hilarious! Tyler turned on Harold, but in the end, it sent our wannabe jock into Loserville, population, twenty! Now, we're down to the final two, Lindsay, our blonde bombshell who can't tell a foot from a hand, and Harold, our geek with enough info to fill up a library! Which one of them is gonna win our grand prize? Preferably neither, but, tune in to our most exciting episode ever... of Total. Drama. Island!. I'm gonna miss saying that."

(theme song)

Chris was seen on the Dock of Shame, picking the pieces of confetti out of his hair.
He picked up from where he left off. "Yep, this is gonna be an intense episode! Before we go to our final challenge, we asked our final two to give their thoughts about their time on the show in the confessional."
Lindsay: (confessional) It was so fun being here! Except for the mosquitoes, and bugs, and bears, and challenges, and-- (cuts off)
Harold: (confessional) This place couldn't get any worse, but, I had some fun times. (pauses) Yeah, this place sucked.
Lindsay: (confessional) I just wish the food was like, more healthy and stuff. I think I gained like, fourteen ounces! That's like, more than thirteen ounces!
Harold: (confessional) The food was as terrible as it gets! (vomits in mouth, opens confessional door, retching noises are heard)
Lindsay: (confessional) Everyone was like, super-nice and stuff! Especially Heather... and Beth... and, um, Tyler? I think that was his name.
Harold: (confessional) Everyone here wasn't exactly the best person you'd wanna meet... at least I made some friends. (clips of DJ, Izzy, LeShawna, Kevin, Gwen, and Trent are shown)
Lindsay: (confessional) What is everyone gonna remember me for? Um... (clips of Lindsay's worst moments are shown) ... my positivenessity?
Harold: (confessional) What'll I be known for? (clips of Harold's worst moments are shown) ... I'll get back to you on that.

The two finalists were now standing on both sides of Chris, and two large sets of bleachers were unoccupied behind him, one with a flag of Harold's face, and one with a flag of Lindsay's face.
Chris pointed to his right. "We've invited all of the previously eliminated contestants to watch the final challenge with you guys!"
They all walked in, in the order in which they were eliminated in, with Duncan first, and Tyler last.
Chris continued, "You guys can choose which person you're supporting during this final challenge!"
On Lindsay's side, Duncan, Tyler, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Justin, Cody, Courtney, Beth, and Heather all sat down on her set of the bleachers.
On Harold's side, the others sat, which were Owen, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, DJ, Gwen, Trent, LeShawna, Kevin, Izzy.
Heather, now with her hair in a small ponytail, took a seat beside Courtney.
From the opposite side, Gwen and LeShawna snickered.
Heather glared at them and snapped, "Yeah, because blue hair and weaves are just so attractive."
Trent corrected, "It's actually teal, her sixth favorite color, after midnight blue, forest green, emerald, silver, and maroon."
"You know me so well!" Gwen smiled.
Heather rolled her eyes. "Freaks."
Heather: (confessional) My eye's fine, now, and I can get a replacement tooth as soon as I get back home. But... ugh, my hair! Harold is going to pay.

Lindsay waved to her supporters, with Katie, Sadie, and Beth eagerly waving back.
Harold looked at his supporters, who nodded back at him.
Chris then told them, "Alright, you two, you've gotta tell the peanut gallery what you'd do with the money if you won, and why you deserve it. Lindsay?"
"Well, um," Lindsay began, "I think I deserve it because I was really nice, and, uh, I was smart about the game strategy and stuff?"
Heather burst into a hysterical fit, with everyone staring at her.
She stopped laughing, then demanded, "What are you looking at?"
Lindsay resumed, "And if I win, I'm going to... hmmm... what would I do with a hundred thousand dollars?"
Courtney suggested, "You can give a certain someone half."
"No, silly," Lindsay laughed, "I think I'll just buy Italy. That's enough money, right?"
An awkward pause occurred, then Harold broke it. "Well, I think I deserve to win because I'll prove that brains beats braun every time!"
"As if, you're lucky weren't on my team, loser," Duncan insulted.
Harold shot back, "I'm the loser? You're the one who got eliminated first. Anyways, if I win, I'd probably spend a bunch of the money on funding for science labs for every school in Canada, then, I'd just blow the rest on cool stuff."
Chris shrugged. "Good enough. Anyways, the final challenge is the Rejected Olympic Race! The event was sent to the committee, but, it got turned down."
"Why?" Harold asked.
"I'm not obligated to answer that," Chris immediately responded. "Anywho... Harold, you have to wear this cow... hat... thing... same with you, Lindsay, only it's a chicken thing."
The two caught the hats thrown at them, and as Lindsay fitted it on her head, she muttered, "These hats are a worldwide fashion crime!"
Chris pointed to two poles in the distance, one with a blue flag, one with a yellow one. "You guys are gonna have to shimmy up one of those poles to retrieve a flag. Next, run over to the six-hundred foot deep gorge and travel over one of the three-hundred meter beams to the other side, while carrying an eagle egg."
"...Eagle egg?" Gwen questioned.
"You'll see," Chris slyly said. "Then, once you cross the gorge, you'll race back to finish line, a.k.a., here!"
Harold looked at Lindsay. "Good luck."
"Uh-huh," Lindsay dismissively nodded.
Chris then looked at the peanut gallery. "Oh! I almost forgot. You guys can run along with your fellow finalist if you'd like to help them out at any time."
Lindsay and Harold took running positions as Chris counted, "Three... two... one..."
"Go, go, go!"

Harold and Lindsay took off, with Tyler, Bridgette, Courtney, Heather, Izzy, Kevin, Eva, and Geoff trailing behind them.
Tyler encouraged, "C'mon, Lindsay, you can do this!"
On her opposite side, Bridgette nodded, while behind her, Courtney and Heather continuously shouted at her, "Go! Get a move on!"
Harold's support mostly came from Eva, who growled every time he slowed down his pace.
Kevin and Izzy ran side by side, chatting, while Geoff ran on Harold's side, opposite Eva.
Lindsay reached the pole, and clapped, "Oooh! I've got this!"
She clung to the pole and inched upwards, with Courtney shouting, "Let's go, Lindsay! Hurry it up!"
Harold began to slowly climb up his pole, then asked, "Ugh, why is this so sticky?"
Eva shouted, "That's a good thing, you idiot! Get climbing!"
He groaned and continued to inch up the pole.
Harold and Lindsay both reached the top, and grabbed their flags.
"Got it!" they both said, simultaneously.
Lindsay slid down the pole with ease, while Harold struggled due to the pole being sticky.
He complained, "Ugh, gosh, who did this, anyways?"
Courtney: (confessional, whistling, notices a bottle of glue popping out of her pocket) Oh, I wonder who put that there? Harold's going down!
Lindsay began to run to the gorge, and Geoff shouted, "Dude! Let go! We'll catch ya!"
"You sure?" Harold said, staring at the drop.
He nodded. "Totally!"
Harold let his hands go, and at that moment, Eva's cellphone rang.
She walked away from Geoff, Izzy, and Kevin, who failed to catch Harold properly and sent him onto the ground, while Eva spoke, "I'm on that crappy show you signed me up for, not now! I said not now! Did you just hang up on me?!?"
She crushed her cellphone in her hands, then turned back to the group. "Oh, sorry."

Lindsay, now at the gorge, took one of the eagle eggs.
She peered over the edge of the cliff, then stuttered, "I, uh, um... oh, uh..."
Heather folded her arms. "Well? Move it!"
Courtney, Tyler, and Bridgette took the alternate route to the other side of the gorge, while Heather impatiently tapped her foot. "Get on with it!"
Harold approached the gorge, with Geoff, Izzy, Eva, and Kevin behind him.
They all stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the gorge. "Whoa."
Lindsay mustered up the courage to take her first steps on the beam, and started walking across it.
Harold grabbed the other egg and began to walk on the other beam, his supporters already on the opposite side, cheering him on.
Kevin encouraged, "Go Harold! You've got this!"
Kevin: (confessional) LeShawna's alliance with Harold, DJ, Trent, and I is what made Harold get this far. So, uh, hopefully he'll recognize that and give us a little somethin'-somethin'? (winks)
Suddenly, a loud screech was heard, and a brown object swooped between Harold and Lindsay at an incredible speed.
Harold wobbled. "Whoa, oh-oh, ah! What was that?"
Lindsay continued walking normally.
Lindsay: (confessional) I was the captain of my school gymnastics team in Grade 7. Nothing can make me lose my balance!
On the opposite side, Izzy waved to the eagle. "Hey, eagle, eagle! Caw! Caw, caw!"
The eagle halted, then flew away.
Chris stared at Izzy, then angrily asked, "What did you just do?"
Izzy laughed, "I told him that he had nice wings in eagle-ese!"
Kevin and Geoff exchanged clueless glances.
Lindsay made it to the end of the gorge, with Harold nearly done.
Lindsay and her support group began to run to the finish line, while Eva growled, "Harold, get on with it! You're gonna lose!"
"I know that, Iron Woman!" Harold yelled back, inching closer to the end.
From the bleachers, Katie and Sadie shared a pair of binoculars, and announced, "O-M-G, Lindsay's leading! Eeeeeee!"
LeShawna gasped, "We gotta do somethin'!"
DJ shrugged. "What can we do? She's pretty much got this game in the bag!"
Owen, halfway done with a burrito, burped and nodded, but then rushed to the confessional. "Ohhhhhhh!"
Owen: (confessional, covers the camera lans, grunting is heard, followed by a toilet flush) Hmm, place might need to be barricaded off for a while.

Harold managed to finally reach the other end of the gorge, then placed the egg in the nest.
"C'mon, man, you've still got a shot!" Geoff encouraged.
Harold frowned, but began to run to the finish line.
Lindsay, now with a healthy lead, continued to run, with Courtney behind her, shouting, "Faster! Faster! Mush!"
Annoyed, Bridgette snapped, "She's not a sled dog!"
Courtney rolled her eyes, still running, and Lindsay began panting.
Harold continued running also, with Geoff and Kevin cheering him on by his sides, and Izzy running beside Kevin. Eva ran behind Harold, growling, "Move it! My grandma could move faster than you, and she's only got one leg!"
Kevin muttered to Izzy, "That's because she considers steroids as the fourth meal of the day."
"Oooh! I have a fourth meal! Wanna know what it is?" Izzy excitedly asked.
"Um, sure," Kevin shrugged.
Harold begged, "Please, guys, this is not the right time to have a conversation!"
Harold and his group continued running, while Lindsay's group had begun to slow down dramatically.
"So... tired... need... decaf...," Lindsay panted.
Heather noticed Chef in the distance and ordered, "Decaf coffee! Chop chop!"
Chef didn't move at all.
"Stat?" Heather desparately asked.
"What do you think this is? Barstucks?" Chef scoffed.
Stomping, Heather frustratedly asked, "Where are we supposed to get a decaf coffee from?"
Harold's group was catching up to Lindsay's, and Courtney took notice.
She screamed, "Ruuuuuuuun!"
Tyler and Bridgette hauled Lindsay over their shoulders and began running to the finish line.
Seconds later, Tyler began sweating. "Ooooh, ugh, oh... Lindsay, how much do you weigh?"
Over Bridgette's shoulder Lindsay mumbled, "Mmmm, uh, ninety-two?"
Tyler sighed, "Oh, one ninety-two, explains a lot..."
"No, I said ninety--"
Harold and Lindsay's groups were now neck-and-neck, beads of sweat on all ten of their faces, save Eva, who "refuses to sweat".
At the finish line, Chris grinned. "They're coming!"
The twelve members of the peanut gallery all stood up on their bleachers, anticipating the person who would cross first.
Chris continued, "Two not-so-worthy competitors, neck-and-neck in the final challenge for the hundred thousand dollars! Talk about a ratings boost. Chef, you up for a pool session after this?"
Chef noticed everyone staring, blushed, and shrugged.
Suddenly, the red fabric across the finish line snapped.
Everyone gasped, as Chris announced...

"...Harold wins Total Drama Island!"
Tyler and Bridgette were seen in the distance, on the floor, panting, with Lindsay on top of them.
Harold looks down. "I won? I... I won! Alright!"
His supporters all clapped and cheered, and Harold pumped his fists in the air. "Awesome!!"
"No!" Heather shrieked. "No way! Ugh!"
From the bleachers, LeShawna winked, "More like yes way, honey."
Heather scoffed and turned around.
Lindsay, now passed out, was being dragged along by Eva to the finish line.
Harold continued jumping up and down at the finish line, with everyone surrounding him and cheering along.

The final bonfire ceremony took place later that day.
The twenty-two campers were all present, save Harold, some sitting, some standing.
Lindsay was still passed out, sleeping on two tree stumps, while Tyler watched her, worried.
Chris walked in, with Chef next to him holding the hundred thousand dollar check.
"After eight, long, hard, grueling weeks... it is my proud pleasure to announce... the winner of Total Drama Island... Harold!"
Everyone, except for Heather, Courtney, and Duncan cheered him on as he accepted his check.
He laughed, "Woohoo! I won! Thanks to everyone who got me here."
Kevin's eyes widened, and he crossed his fingers.
Harold counted, "My thanks to LeShawna, DJ, Gwen, Trent, and Kevin! You guys rock!"
The five of them gave him a thumbs-up, and Harold continued, "So, I'm inviting you guys to a special littel shindig over at my house after the competition!"
The five of them cheered again, while the other sixteen teenagers sighed.
Harold shrugged. "Aw, fine, you're all invited!"
Geoff hopped up on his tree stump. "Party time! Wooo!"
"Even you, Heather," Harold reluctantly said.
"R-Really?" Heather gasped.
Harold folded his arms. "Don't make me change my mind."
The twenty-two teens then gathered on the Dock of Shame, standing behind Chris and Chef, as Chris concluded, "And that ends pretty much the awesomest show ever. Harold wins, and that's the end of... Total. Drama--"
Chris' cellphone rang.
He picked it up impatiently. "What, what, what?!"
"Oh, really? Uh-huh..."
Tyler asked, "So, uh, aren't you gonna like, sign off or something?"
Chris hung up. "Not just yet."
Everyone glanced at each other with confused looks.
"Your contracts all state, in the fine print, that over half of you are eligible to compete in... Season Two!"
They all gasped.
Harold: (confessional) Second season? Just another hundred thousand in my pockets!
"And it's for... one. Million. Dollars-ah!"
Another wave of gasps occurred.
Heather raised an eyebrow. "So, how do we know who's in Season Two?"
Chris picked up his cellphone and started hitting some buttons while explaining, "Our producers sent in stats of our fan-favorites, and who'd be able to boost our ratings."
While Chris looked through his text messages, Chef reminded, "I think y'all wanna be in Season Two. It's a cool mil, and you get to skip school."
Once again, the twenty-two of them (except Lindsay) all gasped, and began murmuring.
Finally, Chris closed his phone. "Alright! They sent me the text with the participants. And the people in Season Two are..."
Courtney: (confessional) I have got to be in Season Two.
LeShawna: (confessional) That million? My pockets, honey!
Kevin: (confessional) It'd be nice to get a second chance, huh?
Ezekiel: (confessional) If I'm in, I'm going all the way to the top, eh?
"... Lindsay! Cody! Gwen! Owen!"
The four of them except Gwen cheered.
"... Harold! Izzy! Trent! Beth!"
Gwen glanced over to Trent, who smiled, while Harold, Izzy, and Beth exhaled.
"... Tyler! LeShawna! Geoff! Courtney!"
Once again, the four of them exhaled slowly in relief.
"... Heather..."
Heather stuck her tongue out at the rest of the Season Two participants.
"And finally... DJ!"
The eight names which were not called, Duncan, Ezekiel, Eva, Bridgette, Kevin, Justin, Katie, and Sadie, all gasped in shock.
Chris grinned, "Yep! You fourteen are all in Season Two, a.k.a., Total Drama Action!" The fourteen of them all clapped and celebrated, while Chris turned to the other eight. "As for you rejects, you'll be watching Season Two from the sidelines!"
Kevin frowned. "How am I not a fan-favorite? How am I not a ratings booster?!"
Chris ignored him. "In one week, our fourteen contestants will all head to an abandoned film lot to compete in challenges based off of movie genres! So, write it on your calendars, type it on your PDA's, something to help you remember to tune in to the first episode of Total. Drama. Action!"

Elimination Table

Total Drama Island...? Elimination Table
Place Contestant Team 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 151 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 231 24 25 26
3 Tyler Bass IN WIN IN OUT Returns in Paintball-Istic IN2 WIN IN LOW WIN IN IN WIN7 IN IN LOW IN IN IN LOW OUT TDA
6 Izzy Bass IN WIN OUT Returns in One Man's Return is Another Man's Treasure IN5 IN IN WIN IN IN OUT9 TDA
22 Duncan Gopher IN OUT TDA


     Gopher: Camper was placed on the Screaming Gophers. (Chapters 1 - 14)

     Bass: Camper was placed on the Killer Bass. (Chapters 1 - 14)

     TDA: Contestant moved on to Total Drama Action.

     TDA: Contestant did not move on to Total Drama Action.

     WINNER: Won the competition.

     RUNNER-UP: Received second place.

     WIN: Camper won team invincibility for that night. (Chapters 2 - 14)

     WIN: Camper won invincibility for himself/herself/their team for that night. (Chapters 2 - 14; Chapters 15 - 26)

     IN: Had their name called at the Bonfire Ceremony.

     LOW: Received the final marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony.

     LOW: Was supposed to be eliminated, but something happened that made him/her safe.

     OUT: Voted out or eliminated in this episode.

     QUIT: Voluntarily quit in this episode.

1 | Non-Elimination Episode.

2 | Tyler returned in Paintball-Istic, and was awarded invincbility, even though he was on the losing team.

3 | Chris awarded LeShawna, Trent, and Kevin invincibility due to being the only ones on their team that faced their fear.

4 | LeShawna was supposed to be eliminated due to having the most votes, but Gwen quit in her place.

5 | Izzy returned to the competition in One Man's Return is Another Man's Treasure.

6 | Beth won the main challenge, and she chose Trent and Lindsay to go to the five-star hotel with her.

7 | Tyler originally won the challenge with Trent, but he gave Heather his invincibility.

8 | Heather and DJ tied in the votes, and the had to compete in a sudden-death challenge in order to determine the loser. DJ lost, and was eliminated.

9 | Heather was supposed to be eliminated due to having the lowest score, but LeShawna changed her score, leaving Heather safe and giving Izzy the lowest score.


  • This fanfiction was made by Kgman04.
  • Most challenges are similar to, or the exact same, challenges for Total Drama Island.
  • Notably, Harold has played a key role in the success of each of the Bass's wins.
  • Chris eliminating campers for giving answers like, "Izzy and I" in One Man's Return is Another Man's Treasure is a reference to games of Truth or Dare which I play with other people in the IRC, where people would get eliminated from it by giving correct answers, but then getting eliminated due to extremely specific loopholes.
  • A quote from this fanfiction has won Featured Quote.
    • Katie didn't go for her marshmallow. "No! Sadie! Why her?"
      Under her breath, Heather grumbled, "Because she's a 230 pound deadweight."

Title References


  • In Rock Bottom, when Chris is explaining the bonfire ceremony to the Gophers, he only has nine marshmallows despite the fact that ten people would be safe.
  • In The Time to Climb, Chris states that they only have a thirty minute time slot, however the standard time for the actual show is twenty-two minutes, due to commercials.
  • As seen in the recap for Construction Deduction, Chris knew that Gwen had an electronic device in the campsite. This means that Chris did each recap after the show was over, because if he had done it while the show was still in progress, he would have had to eliminate Gwen by then.
    • However, in the recap for Defy Your Ally, Chris pokes his head out of the Bass's house which they had built in the previous episode, meaning the recaps were most likely filmed during the show.
      • The house could have also been kept there until the end of filming in general.
    • Even though Izzy destroyed the dock at the end of Ridiculous Relay, in the next episode, Chris does the recap on a fully-repaired dock, giving further hints that the recaps were recorded after the show.


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